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Warner 1975

Daisy Jane
Half A Man
Bell Tree
Old Virginia
People In The Valley
Woman Tonight
The Story Of A Teenager
Sister Golden Hair
Japanese Import CD Bonus Track
Simple Life

This album reached #4 in 1975. It eventually went Gold. Four singles were released:

  • Sister Golden Hair / Midnight (reached #1 on June 14, 1975 - went Gold)
  • Daisy Jane / Tomorrow (reached #20 in 1975)
  • Daisy Jane / Woman Tonight
  • Woman Tonight / Bell Tree (reached #44 in January 1976)
  • Notes: Sister Golden Hair was translated into Spanish and released as a 45 single in Spain. It was called Con Tu Pelo Tan Dorado. Simple Life was also released as a 45 single in Japan and the arrangement is different than the CD release.

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