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Warner 1977

God Of The Sun
Slow Down
Don't Cry Baby
Now She's Gone
Political Poachers
Sergeant Darkness
Are You There
These Brown Eyes
Down To The Water

This album reached #21 in March of 1977. Three singles were released:

  • God Of The Sun / Down To The Water
  • Don't Cry Baby / Monster
  • Slow Down / Sarah

  • Those of you who own the vinyl album may notice the words "Harry Goes Surfing" inscribed near the inside hub of the album. "Harry Goes Surfing" was a working title for this album based on the feeling that America had when they arrived in Hawaii for a month. The guys all sort of felt like tourists in paradise (i.e., "Harry")! Gerry and Dewey learned to scuba dive there and everyone had some tourist-like distractions such as learning to surf etc. The guys made patches for their tour jackets with a guy on a surfboard and used the aforementioned phrase to describe any silly attempt to seem like a local!

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