Live In Central Park
Pioneer 1981 (Laser Disc/VHS/DVD)

DVD Screen Shots

Gerry tells the filmmaker that he's no longer intimidated by New York City, while Dewey prepares to get a word in edgewise.

David Dickey gets the fans clapping as Dewey and Gerry start the opening riffs of "Only Game In Town".

A close-up shot of Dewey.

No, Woodz isn't looking for the time... He doesn't even have a watch! He's just showing off while playing the neck of his guitar on "Only Game In Town".

David Dickey puts in some backing vocals.

Gerry gets out that high note in "I Need You".

An interesting perspective of Gerry and Dewey performing "I Need You".

Gerry seems quite satisfied "Foolin'" around on the stage.

These fans seem to know all the words to every song... Let's get their bio on the America Fans page!

Gerry thinks he's messed up as he wraps "Another Try". The fans roar their disagreement.

Dewey races Gerry in the desert in a car with no name.

The group enjoys a little "desert fun".

Gerry and Dewey amble along the Walk of Fame in Hollywood on their way to cut their next hit record.

Years before there were Milli Vanilli, Dewey and Gerry lip-synch to "Here" in the Capitol studio. Dewey looks like he's spotted something on the ceiling.

Tom Walsh's energetic playing of the xylophone gives "Hollywood" an air of mystique.

Hidden behind his massive drum set, Willie Leacox often gets overlooked by the camera crews. Here's one of the few good scenes of his expert handiwork.

Classic Woodz, hamming for the camera. The band is known for its fun, easygoing style on stage, just one of many reasons why America's fans keep coming back.

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