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The Last Unicorn

Virgin (Germany) 1982

The Last Unicorn
Man's Road
In The Sea
Now That I'm A Woman
That's All I've Got To Say
The Last Unicorn Part 2 (Reprisal #1)
Forest Awakens (Instrumental)
Red Soup (Instrumental)
Red Bull Attacks (Instrumental)
The Cat (Instrumental)
The Tree (Instrumental)
Haggard's Unicorns (Instrumental)
Bull-Unicorn-Woman (Instrumental)
Unicorns In The Sea (Instrumental)
Unicorn And Lear (Instrumental/Reprisal #2)

All of the songs on this soundtrack were taken from the family video "The Last Unicorn" which was released in 1982. The first three songs and the two reprisals feature America.

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