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Sigma Sound
Studios 1972

All Access 2015

I Need You
Submarine Ladies
Don't Cross the River
The Winter Of Our Love
Three Roses / Comin' Into Los Angeles
Living Isn't Really Giving
The Rain Song
A Horse With No Name
How Long Must This Go On
California Revisited

This CD was released 4 September 2015. It features a live FM Broadcast from Philadelphia in February 1972, before their debut album was released. As well as 9 tracks that would appear on the first album and Homecoming, there are covers of Arlo Guthrie's Coming into Los Angeles and the old Broadway hit Winter of our Love. There are also two songs which were soon dropped from their set, and have not appeared on any of their albums until now - Living Isn't Really Giving, and How Long Must This Go On. You can listen to this album on YouTube at

Last Revised: 26 January 2017