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Van Go Gan/Go Man Go
(The Van Go Gan Remixes)
Deluxe 2 Disc Edition

Human Nature 2020

Disc 1
Van Go Gan
House Of Cards
Sunrise Sunset
Goodbye Highway
One Day's Duning
Only A Kid At Heart
Playing God
What Happened
I Need You
Now Sue
Kiss Of Life
Hard To Sleep

Disc 2
Van Go Gan (In Aries We Can All Breathe)
Goodbye Highway (The Sporty Remix)
I Need You ('72 Vintage Reissue)
House Of Cards (The Parsons Mix)
Van Go Gan (Oil & Water Mix)
What Happened? (And Then What Happened?)
Now Sue (What It Ain't And Is)
Location, Location, Location (Hollywood Hills w/Vu)
Sunrise Sunset (Coming Home)
Gliss (Just Gliss)
Kiss Of Life (98% Sure Remix)
Hard To Sleep (Insomnia Variations)
Van Go Gan (Ravi MacTaggart Fife & Drum Corps Mix)
Daisy & Di (The Bells Of Albriston)
Bonus: Tuesday's Child (1974 Demo)
  [Working title for "One Day's Duning"]

Last Revised: 6 May 2020