Single / Flip Side (ALBUM) Pop Adult
A Horse With No Name / Everyone I Meet Is From California (AMERICA) - -
A Horse With No Name / Sandman (AMERICA) 1 (3 wks)
went Gold
I Need You / Riverside (AMERICA) 9 7
Ventura Highway / Saturn Nights (HOMECOMING) 8 3
Don't Cross The River / To Each His Own (HOMECOMING) 35 23
Don't Cross The River / Till The Sun Comes Up Again (HOMECOMING) - -
Only In Your Heart / Moon Song (HOMECOMING) 62 -
Muskrat Love / Cornwall Blank (HAT TRICK) 67 11
Rainbow Song / Willow Tree Lullaby (HAT TRICK) - -
Green Monkey / She's Gonna Let You Down (HAT TRICK) - -
Green Monkey / Rainbow Song (HAT TRICK) - -
Tin Man / In The Country (HOLIDAY) 4 1 (1 wk)
Lonely People / Mad Dog (HOLIDAY) 5 1 (1 wk)
Sister Golden Hair / Midnight (HEARTS) 1
went Gold
Daisy Jane / Tomorrow (HEARTS) 20 4
Daisy Jane / Woman Tonight (HEARTS) - -
Woman Tonight / Bell Tree (HEARTS) 44 41
Today's The Day / Hideaway Part 2 (HIDEAWAY) 23 1 (2 wks)
Today's The Day / Amber Cascades (HIDEAWAY) - -
Amber Cascades / Who Loves You (HIDEAWAY) 75 17
She's A Liar / She's Beside You (HIDEAWAY) - -
God Of The Sun / Down To The Water (HARBOR) - -
Don't Cry Baby / Monster (HARBOR) - -
Slow Down / Sarah (HARBOR) - -
California Dreamin' / See It My Way (CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' SOUNDTRACK) 56 -
Only Game In Town / High In The City (SILENT LETTER) 107 -
All My Life / One Morning (SILENT LETTER) - 48
All Around / 1960 (SILENT LETTER) - 45
You Could've Been The One / Catch That Train (ALIBI) - -
One In A Million / Hangover (ALIBI) - -
Survival (ALIBI) / Only Game In Town (SILENT LETTER) #1 in Italy
Survival / Catch That Train (ALIBI) Charted in Germany
Right Back To Me / ?? (ALIBI) Charted in Mexico
You Can Do Magic / Even The Score (VIEW FROM THE GROUND) 8 5
Right Before Your Eyes / Inspector Mills (VIEW FROM THE GROUND) 45 16
Jody / Inspector Mills (VIEW FROM THE GROUND) - -
The Border / Sometimes Lovers (YOUR MOVE) 33 4
The Border / Sometimes Lovers (YOUR MOVE) #1 on the Canadian Contemporary Adult singles chart
Cast The Spirit / My Dear (YOUR MOVE) 185 -
Special Girl / Unconditional Love (PERSPECTIVE) 106 15
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby / Fallin' Off The World (PERSPECTIVE) - 26
Last Two To Dance (Italian record - not on an album) - -
Young Moon (HOURGLASS) - -
Hope (HOURGLASS) - -
From A Moving Train (HUMAN NATURE) #1 in
7 (Radio&Rec)
25 (Gavin)
Wednesday Morning (HUMAN NATURE) Charted in Spain
Moment To Moment (HUMAN NATURE) Charted in Europe
Winter Wonderland (HOLIDAY HARMONY) - 26 (Radio&Rec)

Mark Cole discovered the Cash Box Top Singles web site at (warning: sometimes it takes a while for the page to load). This is what he had to say about the web site.

It contains all the old Cash Box singles charts from the 50s through 1996. Cash Box was a rival to Billboard in publishing national singles charts. I believe it actually started publication before Billboard and was a major source for national singles chart information from the 50s on through the 70s. (Webmaster's Note: Billboard began publishing in the late 1800s and first published a best-selling singles chart in 1940, two years before Cash Box came into existence.) During the 70s Billboard became the dominant chart publication. Up until the late 70s Cash Box based their charts strictly on singles sales rather than airplay. In the late 70s they switched to a combination sales/airplay formula similar to Billboard (this was probably in reaction to Billboard becoming the dominant publication). Cash Box's influence and readership continued to decline through the 80s and 90s and it eventually ceased publication in 1996. But in its heyday in the 50s, 60s and early 70s it was as widely read as its rival Billboard, if not more so. I enjoyed looking through some of the old charts. It jogged the memory with songs that I had totally forgotten. You may enjoy going through it.

Steve has America's Billboard chart information on the America Fan's web site (both the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts). Here's how America's songs did according to the Cash Box charts, there is not a lot of difference in most of the songs, since you would expect that the songs that received the most airplay would also sell the most. The biggest differences are: Don't Cross the River, which only managed to make it to 35 on the Billboard chart but went to number 20 on Cash Box, Muskrat Love which peaked at 67 on Billboard but was a top 40 hit on Cash Box (perhaps the fact that it was released as a single several months before the Hat Trick album was released boosted the sales of the single which was what Cash Box was based on), and Amber Cascades which hit 75 on Billboard but barely cracked the Cash Box chart at 99. Also Dan's All Things Are Possible only hit 95 on Cash Box but made it to 78 on Billboard.
A Horse With No Name1 (3 weeks)
I Need You8
Ventura Highway8 (2 weeks)
Don't Cross The River20
Only In Your Heart58 (2 weeks)
Muskrat Love33
Tin Man6
Lonely People10 (2 weeks)
Sister Golden Hair2
Daisy Jane27
Woman Tonight42
Today's The Day24
Amber Cascades99
California Dreamin'62
Dan Peek - All Things Are Possible95
You Can Do Magic7
Right Before Your Eyes49
The Border34

Last Revised: 24 July 2020