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Message: 10224 Posted: Tue Feb 29 23:58:22 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Concert playlist.

Kevin, so well said indeed. AMERICA's work covers the span of some 3 decades & is heading into it's 4th. This length of time has allowed them to create a tremendous amount of depth, breadth & diversity of musical artistry. Everything released is a vital birth among many songs conceived but never released, so you are only hearing the best of the best, those reaching final recording & the cuts. Think of all the songs shelved that never made the final cut. The point is they are all so good, it's tough to play favorites. Of course if they want to play SARAH (w/oboe) & WHOLE WIDE WORLD that's ok w/me.

Message: 10223 Posted: Tue Feb 29 23:54:11 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Stat Time Again

Songs nominated: 105
Songs with more than one vote: 63
#2 Song (I think we all know #1): "Young Moon"
Amount of time I've spent counting votes: A LOT!

Message: 10222 Posted: Tue Feb 29 22:07:56 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Concert playlist.

All this discussion about what to drop, what to play, whether to go on or not to go on, etc., just underscores that America could do a three or four hour show and would still be guilty of leaving off great songs that we'd like to hear. For every classic gem from the 70s that wasn't a hit which I'd love to hear added to the playlist, I could name an equally great song from the 80s or 90s. Which only means one thing. There are no losers in this whole "pick some new stuff for the playlist" deal America is decent enough to allow its fans to participate in. If we get to hear two or three songs that they have to dust off, even if the dust is a few years old or a few decades old, it's still going to be something amazing. I don't know about anybody else, but it's kind of like picking which five of your 190 children you like the best. If I e-mailed Steve a list every day, I bet I'd change every song every time.


Message: 10221 Posted: Tue Feb 29 21:42:29 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Norman?

I heard it in 1979, I think.... I was still in college and the song (accompanied by Gerry's clarification as to who Norman was) sent me to ( where else?) the Library. I read a few books by NBG I recall his autobiography "Miracle in the Evening was well written , funny touching and entertaining. He had a book called "Horizons" too Conceptual stuff, If my memory isn't as fuzzy as I think it is!

I hope Norman will be relaesed on the box set. I remember really liking it live.

Message: 10220 Posted: Tue Feb 29 21:04:28 2000 By: richm
Subject: songs to drop

I would drop: Woman Tonight (I'm sorry but I really dislike this song)
Never Be Lonely (Good Song, but its hardly a classic)
Things We Said Today

As to the new / old song thing, I saw them play a medium length set in 1997 where, as I recall, they only played one song (Survival)written by Gerry or Dewey after 1975. The post-75 songs were California Dreaming and YCDM. This was very disappointing. I now try to see them only if I think they will be playing a long set. I understand that all the hits (essentially History and YCDM) have to be played, but they have so much good material (new and old) that could be substituted in place of much of the current set list.

Certainly, I don't think you notice this if you see them once or twice, but I've seen them 15 or 20 times since 1985. I get much more out of hearing the rarely played songs then the standard set list.


Message: 10219 Posted: Tue Feb 29 21:02:44 2000 By: Marshall
Subject: Re: Live Analysis of Gary's concert

Another way of looking at Gary's Concert list...

From America's Greatest Hits albums:
History (1975): 11 of 12 of these songs were played live. All except Muscrat Love
Encore, More Greatest Hits (1992): Everyone I meet..., You Can do Magic, are on this. (They also played Another Try in concert in Orem.)

So, from Gary's concert list 13 of 20 are from the two greatest hits collections. There's seven left.
Two from the first album: Riverside, Three Roses from America (1971)
Two covers (California Dreamin', Things we said....)
Two from Human Nature (Pages, Wheels)
Never Be Lonely

There is this core of about 14 songs they pretty much always play in concert. That takes about 60-70 minutes. What else we get to hear depends on the length of the show and what else they want to play.

I appreciate Dewey and Gerry's interest in variety to their concert list. It must be boring for them to play the same 14 songs day after day, year after year, now for up to almost 30 years on some of the songs. And at least 18 years for all of them. They have varied the arrangements on some of them to liven it up a bit, but they are still the same (albeit great!) songs.

Message: 10218 Posted: Tue Feb 29 19:10:20 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: songs to drop

My least favs in concert are:
Don't Cross the River
Woman Tonight
Lonely People
ShariL <><

Message: 10217 Posted: Tue Feb 29 18:21:23 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: 71-75 Songs

Tough call. Have to go with axing Don't Cross the River, Things We Said Today and Only in Your Heart.

Message: 10216 Posted: Tue Feb 29 18:15:46 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: RE: BLW CD

thanks...from the guy who asked

Message: 10215 Posted: Tue Feb 29 17:38:17 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: 71-75 Songs


Ok, I am going to assume that the guys will replace three songs in the current set with three differnt songs that the fans voted on. So for discussion purposes, let's assume that it will be a twenty song set, with three songs thrown out.

Here are my selections:

Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Things We Said Today

Gary H

Message: 10214 Posted: Tue Feb 29 17:21:16 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: 71-75 Songs

I think seventy percent of the songs are from the 71-75 albums because that's where the majority of the hits are from. I think it was Gerry who said they play the hits for the majority of the concert goers who want and expect to hear them. I believe he went further to say that it's a tough situation to not play the hits and to play something new because the hits are expected. It's kind of a no-win or Catch 22 situation for Gerry and Dewey.

With all of this talk about new songs verses old ones, for discussion purposes only, I'm curious to know what songs each of you think could be eliminated from the current playlist and substituted with "newer" material (see Steve's post from a day or two ago for the list). I'll keep a tally; it should be interesting to see the results. Let's limit the cull list to 5 songs. Maybe by the end of the week or the beginning of next week, we can get a good idea provided that a good number of folks participate.

Message: 10213 Posted: Tue Feb 29 16:43:30 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Norman?

Forgot to ask...Has anyone ever heard "Norman"?



Message: 10212 Posted: Tue Feb 29 16:27:17 2000 By: Nina
Subject: RE: BLW CD

Don"t know if this will help...but last week when I ordered Gerry's "Van Go Gan" CD, the guy at Thoughtscape told me that Gerry"s remix
(Go Man Go) will be out in March...and the new BLW in "a couple months".

Hope this helps the guy who asked!


Message: 10211 Posted: Tue Feb 29 16:02:51 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: LiveStuff.

It's really interesting that 45% of America's playlist comes from the first two albums. I've always noticed that they were real heavy on the very early years too, although I never quantified it.

But I've been wondering something for a long time. Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

America has always seemed to be reluctant, maybe almost defiant, to return to that very early sound of theirs. By the band's own admission, that's not where they wanted to be. Their reason for leaving Ian Samwell was due to creative differences, their wanting a more full, Beatlesque sound.

Doesn't it seem odd, then, that 45% of their playlist, some 30 years later, would consist of material they produced during a musical period they wanted to get away from? It always seems conflicting to me.

As far as why they don't play anything in concert from Perspective, that's obvious. Listen to it. Although I would really love to hear them play Falling Off The World. With Willie smacking down the drums, and Brad on the real bass. finally that song would be performed with some balls. What an smoker that would be live.


And yes, it will suck if the three box set is a bunch of different versions of the same old songs that every other company is rehashing and selling as a Best Of America package. Rhino is much to smart to do that. I hope.


Message: 10210 Posted: Tue Feb 29 14:44:32 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Just three CDs?

I agree. The more "new" (previously unreleased stuff) the better.

Message: 10209 Posted: Tue Feb 29 14:06:24 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Just three CDs?

I've tried throwing CD compilations together, and I'll tell you, three CDs doesn't cover much material when you consider fourteen full-length studio albums (not including Van Go Gan), and a handful of greatest hits compilations and live albums. That's why I think the box set should focus on rarities and demos, since three CDs can't do a full-scale America anthology justice.


Message: 10208 Posted: Tue Feb 29 12:38:54 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Live Analysis

Great analysis!!! I vote for one concert marathon where they play all the songs (ok they could have a break or two)!!!!! I'd travel anywhere for that! Gary's analysis also makes me wonder about a "three"-cd box set. It sure would be missing a LOT! Anyone besides me want a "complete" box set?

Message: 10207 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:57:10 2000 By: Janice
Subject: just a minor change of subject..

anyone out here in Atlanta that knows Gene Murrell (he has a link to the page here)..his band (the Lawn Jockeys) is coming here this weekend..send me an e-mail if you would like to go or would like info.

Message: 10206 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:53:30 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Gary's Analysis..

That was a very long post Gary, and you didn't lose me for a second..very interesting..I was picturing you..surrounded by albums, cd's, etc..checklists..calculators..keys humming while you compiled those stats. Thanks. I feel informed. :-)

Message: 10205 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:44:04 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Votes

Personally, I love the 70's stuff, which is what I voted for.
Like Pigeon song (just kidding)LOL. CYA,HL

Message: 10204 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:24:58 2000 By: Pete
Subject: America songs

I would like to see America produce a new CD each year with all new songs as they did Human Nature. All their past songs are great and always will be great.

Message: 10203 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:23:59 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: MIA: The last two decades

Hear! Hear! I agree that we need more of the recent songs. Personally, my votes were largely for '80s and '90s material, such as "Young Moon", "Survival", and "The Border". Perhaps even "Hope" or "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" could find their way into an occassional concert.


Message: 10202 Posted: Tue Feb 29 11:10:57 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Live Analysis



I need to make a math correction to my previous post.....duhhh

I stated that there was only 20% of songs being played spanning nine albums (a period of 13 years). That should be period of 23 years. (1975-1998).

Gary H

Message: 10201 Posted: Tue Feb 29 10:52:44 2000 By: gary
Subject: Live Analysis


The recent "March Madness" contest has stirred a considerable amount of discussion concerning America's live shows. There seems to be one segment of America Fans that prefer to hear the early 70's stuff and or course all the hits. There is another segment that have been fans since dirt, and have heard these songs several times over the years and are now interested in hearing something different. Personally, I probably fall into the latter category however, it does not necessarily mean that I don't like the early stuff or the hits. I am just ready for something different. I think being able to vote on some new live songs is a very fresh idea on the part of the band. I am very glad to have the opportunity to participate. I did an analysis of the current set list and would like to share my findings. I will use the last show (Mohegan Sun, two weeks ago) as my model.

There were twenty songs performed at this show.

Nine of the twenty were songs from the first two albums, 1971-1972 (Horse, Riverside, Sandman, Three Roses, I Need You, Ventura, Don't Cross the River, Only in Your Heart and California Revisited.

There are no songs from Hat Trick, 1973

Two songs are from Holiday, 1974 (Tin Man, Lonely People)

Three songs are from Hearts, 1975 (Daisy Jane, Sister, Woman Tonight)

There are no songs from Hideaway, 1976

There are no songs from Harbor, 1977

There are no songs from Silent Letter, 1979
(however as Steve mentioned, Gerry has been known to encore with a short version of All My Life)

There are no songs from Alibi, 1980

Two songs are from View From the Ground, 1982 (Magic and Never Be Lonely)

There are no songs from Your Move, 1983

There are no songs from Perspective, 1984

There are no songs from Hourglass, 1994
(however Mirror to Mirror has been performed on some occasions, like Orem, Utah)

There are two songs from Human Nature, 1998 (Wheels, Wednesday)
(however Pages and FMAT have been played recently)

Two songs are cover songs (California Dreamin' and Things We Said Today)


45% of the live songs played are from the first two albums

An astounding 70% are from the first five albums, 1971-1975

There are only two songs (10%) played from albums dated 1976-1984
(this consists of eight albums)!!!!!

Only 20% of the songs performed live (4 songs) are from albums later than 1975!!!

So, when you break this down it becomes very interesting. I guess the question begs to be asked "Why are there only 4 songs being performed live that span nine albums!!!??? ( a period of thirteen years) It can't be because Dan is not there. Is it a technical thing? Can these songs not be performed live with the current personnel?

Just wandering (again)

Gary H

Message: 10200 Posted: Tue Feb 29 10:01:18 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Campaigning for Votes

This report just in off the wires:

Last Two to Dance has announced that if elected, we have a promise of: NO NEW TAXES!

Meanwhile also on the campaign trail, Goodbye Highway promised a balanced budget, coupled with more money directed towards maintaining our federal interstate system.


Message: 10199 Posted: Tue Feb 29 09:33:23 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Box Set

Has anybody voted for "Norman" to be played in concert??

Yes (but it's one of the 48 that are tied for last place).

Message: 10198 Posted: Tue Feb 29 09:21:11 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: The Box Set


If you want little information we do know regarding the box set, you may want to read messages 9497 and 9504 from early January. Also, if you have any information which you may think Rhino Records should have, such as release dates, sessions players, maybe even suggestions for material to be included, check out message 10021 from February 18.


P.S. Has anybody voted for "Norman" to be played in concert?? ;)

Message: 10197 Posted: Tue Feb 29 08:19:41 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oldies

Here are four songs each that I'd like to hear Dewey and Gerry cover. If I could think of two more oldies each, I'd follow the "H" theme and name the CD, "Hiding Under The Covers".

"Mr. Tambourine Man"
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
"Good Morning Starshine"
"You're Going To Lose That Girl"

"Light My Fire"
"Live For Today"
"He Ain't Heavy"

Message: 10196 Posted: Tue Feb 29 08:13:31 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Live

Ok, here's the deal. They pick HatTrick. They pick someone from the audience at every venue to sing Dan's part! (C= That way, they can sing the song and make someone REALLY REALLY happy at the same time!!!!! You gotta figure that everyone there has GOT to know the words and melody....

Ok, ok. I'm being a feu-lish wench.....but it IS a nice day dream, eh? (c=


Message: 10195 Posted: Tue Feb 29 06:12:55 2000 By: Pete
Subject: America Song

Would like to see Garden Of Peace.

Message: 10194 Posted: Mon Feb 28 23:03:12 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Nightly Stats

Here are the voting statistics as they stand right now...
Songs nominated: 103
Songs with multiple (2 or more) votes: 55
First place song so far: "All My Life"
Last place song so far: 48 songs tied (LOL)

Message: 10193 Posted: Mon Feb 28 22:02:34 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Voting

Still pondering..guess I have until Saturday to cast my votes..been off again for glad to see you are back and feeling better Steve..(not that you ever took a break even when not feeling well).

Message: 10192 Posted: Mon Feb 28 19:27:19 2000 By: richm
Subject: Hat Trick Live

I agree that Hat Trick presents some logistical problems -- length, who sings Dan's part, etc. But I agree with Kevin and Andy -- Hat Trick rules!!! Its classic America -- great harmony, great guitar, mysterious yet universal lyrics by Dewey and heartfelt singing by Gerry. With Go Man Go and the Box Set coming out I expect 2000 to be a great year. Adding Hat Trick to the set would be a very special bonus.


Message: 10191 Posted: Mon Feb 28 18:15:20 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Live.

Kevin, you are correct in stating that the #1 song won't necessarily get on the playlist. Gerry and Dewey will pick 2 or 3 songs out of the "Elite Eight" in the contest. They have to have some flexibility because some songs can't be performed live the way they'd like to perform them because of arrangement issues, etc. We all know they won't do it if they can't do it to perfection (well, almost). I'm sure they also want to have an even mix of ballads and up tempo songs. Even though they will pick out of the Elite Eight, I figured we might as well go all the way and vote for a #1 to let them know what our choice would be.

Message: 10190 Posted: Mon Feb 28 16:56:45 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Live.

When I read Stephan's plea, I thought "who would sing Dan's part?" I love that song too. I am glad to see you vote for Green Monkey, too Kevin.

I love the live version of Hat Trick Howard shared with us.

Message: 10189 Posted: Mon Feb 28 16:55:23 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Live.

I guess the cat's out of the bag, because I voted for HAT TRICK. To me, it stands out, even by America's standards. Also, I think that it's the only song where all three original members were given credit in writing. (I might be mistaken).


Message: 10188 Posted: Mon Feb 28 16:11:59 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hat Trick Live.

Actually, Stephen's suggestion about making Hat Trick the number one pick is a great one. That's a nine-minute song. Let's find the second longest America song and vote that number two. That way we get a whole lot more America.

(Yeah, I know, I know. The reality is, songs they add mean songs they lop off. So voting Hat Trick in doesn't mean we get to hear nine more minutes of America, it just means we lose three other songs. But it's the thought that counts.)

Also, Steve Lowry, correct me if I'm wrong, but Dewey and Gerry aren't necessarily going to select the top vote getter. They're going to select a couple of songs from the top five or six. So just being #1 doesn't really mean it gets on the playlist. Right?

Still, all in all, making Hat Trick #1 is a great idea. (Hey, I got an idea. Maybe they can get Dan to come back and sing his part of the song.) I'd love to hear Hat Trick live. Even though I forgot to vote for it in my list of five I sent to Steve. I voted for Cornwall Blank, Inspector Mills, Monster, Hell's On Fire and Green Monkey.


Message: 10187 Posted: Mon Feb 28 14:03:48 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Make Hat Trick # 1 - Please

Hi All,
I haven't been on the folder for a long time but I enjoy reading everyones' comments about our boys. I was very excited to hear the good news this morning that Gerry and Dewey were asking us to give them some input for adding some songs to their live playlist. I have been a fan of America since 1975 and would very much like the new songs to be from their 70's repertoire. While I can't tell everyone how to vote I will make a plea for any TRUE America fan to vote for the only song that SHOULD be #1 by far ,that would be HAT TRICK.I understand that America's music has changed with the times but as an older America fan ,their vintage classic America sound has transformed from their material from the first 6 albums. PLEASE EVERYONE-MAKE HAT TRICK # 1

Message: 10186 Posted: Mon Feb 28 14:01:52 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Has anyone seen?

Tx for the info on 3 Dog Night.

Message: 10185 Posted: Mon Feb 28 13:37:14 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: BLW

Has anyone heard an update on the Beckley, Lamm, Wilson release?

Message: 10184 Posted: Mon Feb 28 13:16:09 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Has anyone seen?

Yep, I saw Three Dog Night at Riverfest in Waukesha, WI, in July 1998. Excellent performance, very much loyal to the "old sound" from the 1970s. The playlist basically matched the group's greatist hits album. By the way, America played at Riverfest in July 1996, and Kansas did the same in 1997, so the venue has been kind to 1970s rock fans.

Message: 10183 Posted: Mon Feb 28 12:21:52 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: boxed set

Rhino records is supposed to be working on a 3 CD box set for America. It is supposed to be released sometime this summer. I have heard nothing about what songs it will contain. Hopefully it will contain some previously unreleased songs and alternate versions.

Message: 10182 Posted: Mon Feb 28 11:59:30 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Cover songs

Thank you Andy. I can see you are a true music connoisseur or is it dinosaur. (Ha)

Message: 10181 Posted: Mon Feb 28 11:51:30 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Has anyone seen?

I would like to know if anyone has seen 3 Dog Night or REO Speedwagon recently in concert. Can they still deliver the goods live? Also, maybe Brian Wilson could write one more masterpiece for America to record. 3 somes I'd like to see happen:

Stevie Nicks & America
Timothy B. Schmit & America
Brian Wilson & America

Take care all.

Message: 10180 Posted: Mon Feb 28 11:48:08 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: boxed set

Hi all,
I'm a newcomer to this chat folder, so excuse the undoubtable redundancy of this question. John Corbett mentioned there has been discussion of an America boxed set, possibly to be released this summer. I could use a quick summary, or perhaps a polite point to where I can find the info in the archives (with a keywork or two to help my "find" function find the proper posts).

Message: 10179 Posted: Mon Feb 28 11:40:30 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Cover songs

Red Oak,
Those songs that I recognize on your list(which is most of them) are all really excellent!!


Message: 10178 Posted: Mon Feb 28 11:36:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Reverse Covers

The post by Red Oak regarding songs that America should cover got me thinking about what AMERICA songs other artists should cover. So far, this comes to mind:

1.)SARGENT DARKNESS...performed by JEWEL

2.)LONLEY PEOPLE......performed by NATALIE MERCHANT/10,000 Maniacs

3.)CAST THE SPIRIT....performed by PAULA COLE

4.)TALL TREASURE......performed by SARAH McLACHLAN (I had to slip her


Message: 10177 Posted: Mon Feb 28 10:00:42 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: AOL Leap Chat Tomorrow

Just a reminder that AOL subscribers can join a live chat tomorrow night February 29th 9-11 E.T. / 6-8 P.T. in the private chat room "VGG". The regularly scheduled Internet chat will take place Thursday night from 9-12 E.T. / 7-10 P.T. I won't be able to join in because I'll be playing basketball again, but I trust that many of the rest of you will. Happy chatting!

Message: 10176 Posted: Mon Feb 28 09:49:15 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: "Under The Covers"

I thought it was very good, & I'm glad America was included, these guy's have done such a vast body of work, it would be hard to fit everything in, in just an hour program. So, I guess my only complaint would be that it could of been alot longer, maybe a couple of 2 hr. programs, I could have listened to these stories all night!

Message: 10175 Posted: Mon Feb 28 09:33:22 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Cover songs

Have been thinking about what songs America could cover very good and have posted my list below. While I agree that many America songs are timeless, I can't help but think they could remake other songs and possibly be reborn on the airwaves again. Here in Denver I only hear HWNN and Ventura Highway. Oh well, time passes by and good music is forgotten. There still is nothing better than America outside during the summer. Still see no dates for Colorado on the concert list. What a travesty not to be able to see and hear legends of pop music.
Hopefully, arrangements for concerts in Colorado will be forthcoming.
Here are some of the songs I would like to see America cover:

In the year 2525 - Zager & Evans
Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft
Monday Monday - Mamas & Papas
God Only Knows - BB's
Pieces of April - 3 Dog Night
I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles (record with Tim Schmit)
Mama Don't Dance - Loggins & Mesina
Bend Me, Shape Me - American Breed
Cherish - Association
Along Comes Mary - Association
Out in the Country - 3 Dog Night

Just a few of my fav's. What do you think?

Message: 10174 Posted: Mon Feb 28 08:35:23 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Voting Update / March Madness

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah on the "March Madness". I've missed it!
I always love to get frustrated seeing my favs disappear (ROFL)!!! Anyhooo, THANKS Steve for bringing it back! (C=

Message: 10173 Posted: Mon Feb 28 07:59:53 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Under The Covers"

Saw it and loved it. Kind of made me feel like I was back in HS again. America's segment is near the end, in the last 15 minutes. The rest of the show was very interesting too.

Message: 10172 Posted: Mon Feb 28 07:51:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Thanks Gary

Thanks Gary for the info on the re-broadcast of "Under The Covers". It's worth recording on the VCR especially America's portion. Did any of you others see the show? If so, what did you think?

Message: 10171 Posted: Sun Feb 27 22:36:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Voting Update / March Madness

Wow! The votes have been pouring in today. I hesitate to give away too much information because I don't want to sway anyone's vote. However I will share a few tidbits. So far 89 different songs have been nominated and 41 of those songs have more than one vote. Currently, 2 songs are tied for first place and I'm even going to tell you what they are: "All My Life" and "Young Moon". I've also decided how the final voting is going to take place. I will continue to tally the incoming votes through Saturday, March 4th. Sometime during the day (or evening) of Sunday, March 5th, the official voting will begin. Since we'll be in the month of March, I figured that a little March Madness would be appropriate (for all of you NCAA basketball buffs). We're going to hold a 64 song tournament with the 64 top songs that you all voted on. Each song will be seeded according to the number of votes that it got and the highest seeds will be paired up against the lowest seeds. Once the tournament begins, everyone will be able to vote for their favorite song in each pair and the winning song will move on to the next round. After 3 rounds we'll be down to 8 songs (64 to 32; 32 to 16; 16 to 8) and we'll let Gerry and Dewey pick the 2 or 3 songs that they'll add to the playlist from those 8 songs. However, the tournament will continue (just for fun) to an elite 8 round, a final 4 round, and a championship round so we can see which song the fans pick as their number one choice. The voting for the first 3 rounds will take place for 5 days per round, and the final 3 rounds will take place for 4 days per round. In that way, the guys will have their list of 8 songs by midnight March 19 and a champion song will be crowned at midnight on March 31. This should be a lot of fun! Thanks for all of your participation.

By the way, you don't have to be registered on the chat folder to vote. Simply send me a mail message at with your list of 5 songs and the word "Vote" in the subject line.


Message: 10170 Posted: Sun Feb 27 20:39:09 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Backside of The "Hat Trick" Cover


I read that the show would be re-broadcast on March 4. I am not sure of the time.

Gary H

Message: 10169 Posted: Sun Feb 27 17:54:45 2000 By: richm
Subject: Live Playlist

Upon re-reading my prior posting, I think I was a bit too negative. What I should've said (and would like to say to Gerry and Dewey) is the following:

First: Thanks for giving us fans the chance to vote on additional / substitute songs. It shows you care and will hopefully lead to some good discussions in this folder.

Second: Consider adding more than two or three additional / substitute songs. Based upon the reaction to the newer songs in concert and upon comments in this chat folder I think your fans would really enjoy this. You have a wealth of great songs from Hourglass, VGG, Alibi and Silent Letter and plenty of hidden gems from the Warner years that rarely get played in concert. You're obviously considering adding a few of these to your "long" concert list. Add more than a few. You've got a lot of great songs that don't get played in concert. I bet both casual and diehard fans would love to hear more of these.


Message: 10168 Posted: Sun Feb 27 12:29:50 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Live Playlist

Speaking for myself, although I differ from your opinion regarding some 90s versus 70s material, I was not bothered or offended by them. I'd venture to guess that nobody around here was. Obviously, my opinions are no more valid than yours, or anyone else here.
I haven't sent in my list yet, but I remain very partial to the 70s material. I guess it's because I never knew of America during their first wave of success in the 70s. I never knew of them when they were a threesome, with Dan. I feel like I missed out on something very special.
To this day, I have never had the priviledge of hearing CALIFORNIA REVISITED played live. I could never get enough of that song. Both Dan AND Dewey do such a magnificent job of singing it. As for NEVER BE LONLEY, I'm way too sentimentally attached to that song to ever want to see it put on the shelf.
Sure, sometimes I wish that they could sneak in a few extra "non-greatest hits" into the set, but usually I am hoping for rare stuff from Hat Trick, Homecoming, or even Harbour. One song that I will vote for is on the SILENT LETTER CD.
Anyway, hope everyone's weekend has been good so far.


Message: 10167 Posted: Sun Feb 27 11:01:02 2000 By: richm
Subject: Live Playlist

I think it is great that Gerry and Dewey have asked for fan suggestions about what songs they should add to the playlist. I saw America in July of 1999 and the band seemed much more energetic and the show was more lively than some other recent shows I've seen. I think one reason for this was that they played all five "Human Nature" songs and the Last Unicorn. I hope they add 4 or 5 of the fan selected songs (not just 2 or 3) - I think this would make their shows even better than they alrweady are. They have so much good, new material from the 90s that I wish they would play. I know this comment will upset some people, but do we really need to hear "Woman Tonight" or "Never Be Lonely" or "California Revisited" 500 times? These are all good songs, but what about "Hope" or "Garden of Peace" or "Goodbye Highway" or "Last Two to Dance"? I love the old classics but I think of America as a forward looking band that continues to create vital music. I hope Gerry and Dewey keep playing the Human Nature songs, I applaud them for caring about their fans enough to ask their opinions and I really hope thay add 4 or 5 different songs to the concert mix. I hope the tone of this posting doesn't seem too negative. I love their shows, but would love them even more if they shook up the set list a little more.


Message: 10166 Posted: Sun Feb 27 10:52:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Backside of The "Hat Trick" Cover

I just realized that the "picture" that Dewey, Dan, and Gerry are holding on the back of the "Hat Trick" album cover, isn't a picture at all. It's actually a mirror and that's actually the moon's reflection as mentioned by Henry Diltz last night. All these years, I thought it was a picture. In one of the shots from the program, I recall Dan bent over what looked like a stream. Well, it's water anyway. Dan's holding this mirror in the water like he's panning for gold with it. He tilts the mirror and you can see Dan and someone else's reflection in it. The other person is standing up. It might have been Henry.

At the end of the hour-long program, you can see the "Homecoming" album cover on the table. Does anyone know of a re-broadcast of the show?

Message: 10165 Posted: Sat Feb 26 23:24:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: I'm With Ya TZ!

TZMac, I'm with ya baby...big time on "Last Two To Dance"!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 10164 Posted: Sat Feb 26 23:21:44 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Under The Covers"

Thanks, Johnny, for that great recap (especially for those of us -- maybe I'm the only one -- who don't have cable TV).

Message: 10163 Posted: Sat Feb 26 23:13:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Under The Covers"

Two hours ago, I finished watching Henry Diltz and Gary Burden's, "Under The Covers" on TLC that Eddy first informed us about. What a great show it was with Henry and Gary talking about the album covers they worked on, the artists, and the stories behind each one of them.

Unfortunately, America's portion was way too short for us hardcore fans but we're grateful for what we can get, right? For those of you who didn't have the good fortune of seeing it, I jotted down the conversation between Gary and Henry as they talked about the "Hat Trick" album cover and the album shoot.

The scene began with "Three Roses" playing in the background. Gerry and Dewey are each shown riding horseback with their names appearing on the television screen. Unfortunately, there was no shot of Dan on horseback nor was his name shown at any time. What a shame, I think.

Gary: "On another cover that we're really not dealing with here that was a great adventure, was going to the desert with America. The funny thing is that we went out there...we built this big raging bonfire and we got ready to cook the steaks and realized we had nothing to cook them with. (Gary and Henry are laughing a whole lot as Gary's telling this) We had no frying pans. We had no grille to put them on...nothing! (More laughter) It was just a fire. So, people were going crazy inventing all these making skillets out of tin foil or sticking sticks on their steaks to hold them over the fire. (A great shot shows Gerry cooking many strips of bacon wrapped around a stick over the open fire. Gerry then smells the bacon. It still looked limp and raw to me.) It was amazing. (Lots more laughter) Oh...gosh!"

Henry: "Well, this is the side that everybody really likes." (Henry's talking about the backside of the "Hat Trick" cover)

Burden: (Interrupting Henry and grabs the cover and flips it to the first side) "Well, actually, I think that is the side everyone really likes."

Henry: (Talking about the front side as he grabs it back from Gary and flips it over) "Because it's a lot more graphic. Now, I mean this is like some vegatation and a shot. You can't even tell the difference. (The backside of the Alibi album cover is visible on the table as Henry and Gary debate) But here...I mean here this is...look at it. (Talking about the picture Dewey, Dan, and Gerry are holding on the backside of "Hat Trick") That's the moon coming up there (Henry points to the moon on the picture "The Guys" are holding) and the sun setting there (talking about the right portion of the backside). And this was just by accident. This one here (flipped to the front side), this was contrived."

Burden: "The thing is...the thing is Baby...this one, (talking about the front cover) now, you're looking at the ground obviously but there's a hole in that reality and there's those people (talking about Dan, Dewey, and Gerry) back there. How did the f@$# did they get there? Whoa!"

Message: 10162 Posted: Sat Feb 26 23:09:11 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Helping You Vote

I have been asked for the current playlist so that people would know what songs NOT to vote for. Therefore, I have included the complete playlist below. Please remember that the guys don't play all of these songs at all of the shows and Gerry has been known to surprise a few audiences with an additional encore of "All My Life". If there is a song below that they haven't been playing at the concerts that you've attended (because they had to play the short set) and you'd like to hear it, then I guess it would make sense to vote for it. Otherwise, it would be best to vote for songs that aren't listed below.


1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross the River
5. Daisy Jane
6. Mirror to Mirror
7. Another Try
8. Moment to Moment
9. Three Roses
10. I Need You
11. Wednesday Morning
12. Pages
13. Wheels Are Turning
14. Tin Man
15. Woman Tonight
16. Only In Your Heart
17. California Dreamin'
18. Lonely People
19. Things We Said Today (Beatles cover)
20. From A Moving Train
21. Never Be Lonely
22. Sandman
23. Sister Golden Hair
24. Horse With No Name

Message: 10161 Posted: Sat Feb 26 22:59:33 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Campaigning for Votes

Now we've all got our favorite America songs, most of which have been heard in a concert tour at some point throughout the years.

How about voting for a couple of great songs that we haven't heard ............... Goodbye Highway and Last Two To Dance!

Opportunity is knocking!


Message: 10160 Posted: Sat Feb 26 18:50:40 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: For Fun Only

Dewey covering Warren Zevon's "I'll Sleep when I'm Dead"

Gerry covering Lauren Wood's classic, "Fallen"

Just picked up the new Zevon ( for those Zevon Fans out there) About to give it a listen, HE COVERS the Winwood classic "Back in the High Life again" Should be interesting!

Message: 10159 Posted: Sat Feb 26 17:09:15 2000 By: Marshall
Subject: Re: For Fun Only

Dewey singing "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young. This song has historical significance since Horse w No Name bumped it off the #1 position in the music charts in 1971 and everyone thought America was Neil Young.

America by Simon/Garfunkel (also covered by the group Yes)

Any song of the Eagles. Gerry/Dewey would do a great job covering them, like "Take it Easy", "Desperado", "Already Gone", "New Kid in Town", "One of these Nights", etc.

Message: 10158 Posted: Sat Feb 26 16:03:27 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: One More Face / Voting

Johnny sent me another photo and short bio to add to our list of named faces. The latest addition is Brad Council. Besides the photo of Brad and Dewey I think you'll enjoy Brad's idea of Gerry in his youth.

Regarding the voting, it's still quite early but here's some information about it. So far 57 different songs have been nominated and 24 of those have multiple votes. All of the nominated songs have been written and/or performed by Gerry, Dewey, or Dan.

Message: 10157 Posted: Sat Feb 26 15:37:02 2000 By: Bones
Subject: To add or subtract - what is the answer

Gary, that is a good question. I hope what ever the fans vote on will be added and nothing will be taken out of the songs that they play now. I look forward to the day where I can go to a nice concert hall, sit back in a nice seat and listen to 2 hours and 59 minutes of great music from America. I would hope that they would play for 3 hours but I'm affraid that I might fall asleep. Not getting any younger, you know!!!!!

Message: 10156 Posted: Sat Feb 26 12:54:57 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: For Fun Only

Gerry lead: Yesterday (McCartney) or Longer (Fogelberg)
Dewey lead: Your Mama Don't Dance (Loggins & Mesina)

Message: 10155 Posted: Sat Feb 26 10:58:49 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Johnny

That's correct Johnny, I think "Tucson Az" would be a good fit...I love the acoustic guitar on that song. I think it's referred to as a classical guitar on the album.

Message: 10154 Posted: Sat Feb 26 10:28:54 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Votes

Gary, I don't know the answer to your question so I guess we'll just have to keep wondering...

Message: 10153 Posted: Sat Feb 26 10:06:50 2000 By: gary
Subject: Votes

That is really cool of the guys to let us (the fans) pick some songs to be performed at upcoming shows. I was just wondering. Are the two or three songs that get picked going to be additions to the existing set or will they be replacements? If they are replacements, do we get to vote on which songs are removed?

Gary H (just wondering)

Message: 10152 Posted: Sat Feb 26 09:43:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: For Fun Only-addendum

Um, but they can keep the tube socks on their feet!!!! (C= LOL

Message: 10151 Posted: Sat Feb 26 09:40:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: For Fun Only

Under The Bridge-Chilies

Message: 10150 Posted: Sat Feb 26 08:14:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Regarding "Just For Fun"

Jeff, "Tucson AZ" by Fogelberg, right? Good choice. Yes, Bones! "Secret Agent Man" with Dewey on lead vocals would be very, very cool!!!

Message: 10149 Posted: Fri Feb 25 23:53:42 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: For Fun Only / Steve

Thanx!, I'd like to ask which one......(to get more votes! VGG)
But, I guess I'll go on my own, THANX AGAIN for the info, There's so many GREAT tunes I'd LOVE to hear live, it's kinda hard to pick which one's! But I'm working on it! Take Care!

Message: 10148 Posted: Fri Feb 25 23:04:47 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: For Fun Only / Steve

Eddy, I suppose that Van Go Gan is fair game. One of the leading vote getters right now is from Van Go Gan.

Message: 10147 Posted: Fri Feb 25 21:40:47 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: For Fun Only / Steve

God Only Knows- (Gerry lead vocal)
Also, Steve: Are we able to pick Van Go Gan material? I'd love to see a couple of those tunes Live! THANX!

Message: 10146 Posted: Fri Feb 25 20:42:02 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: tin man

thanx, we'll see what we can come up with here in podunk Peo. Il. Dan

Message: 10145 Posted: Fri Feb 25 20:38:24 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: for fun only

Dewey singing: Secret Agent Man, by I believe Johnny Rivers?

Message: 10144 Posted: Fri Feb 25 20:21:31 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: California Rock: Under the Covers

Sorry if this has already been posted, here goes just in case:

On Saturday 02/26/00 at around 9pm, the Learning Channel (TLC) is showing California Rock: Under the Covers. It features the work of Henry Diltz, AMERICA's famous fotografer. As you may know, a cd-rom of the same name was released some years ago & featured a bunch of AMERICA LP's that Henry Diltz had fotografed. Hopefully some AMERICA LP's will be featured, but who knows. The Wall Street journal weekend section gave the show a nice complementary review.

Message: 10143 Posted: Fri Feb 25 20:21:31 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: California Rock: Under the Covers

Sorry if this has already been posted, here goes just in case:

On Saturday 02/26/00 at around 9pm, the Learning Channel (TLC) is showing California Rock: Under the Covers. It features the work of Henry Diltz, AMERICA's famous fotografer. As you may know, a cd-rom of the same name was released some years ago & featured a bunch of AMERICA LP's that Henry Diltz had fotografed. Hopefully some AMERICA LP's will be featured, but who knows. The Wall Street journal weekend section gave the show a nice complementary review.

Message: 10142 Posted: Fri Feb 25 18:57:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: tin man

I bought mine at the Virgin Mega Store in Burbank....Very nice. Interesting to see the dynamics of the band at that time.

Message: 10141 Posted: Fri Feb 25 18:12:33 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: tin man

I bought my copy of the DVD at Media Play so if you have one of those in your area (or other large CD/DVD franchises) you could probably pick it up or order it there.

Message: 10140 Posted: Fri Feb 25 18:10:15 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: tin man

I have seen it listed at various times at Amazon but I think more likely to be found at places that specialize in DVD's such as DVD Express, I think is the name. I would buy it while it's still available, it is a true classic of AMERICA, - forever stored in time in digital media. Done in 1975 coinciding w/the release of the smashingly successful HOLIDAY LP.

Message: 10139 Posted: Fri Feb 25 17:52:07 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: tin man

How and where can I purchase this DVD??? Thanks for your help. Talk of overlooked Santana albums, I'm listening to one right now called "Oneness, Silver Dreams Golden Reality" from 1979. Very underrated in my opinion. Just e-mailed my top 5 picks to Steve. Got my fingers crossed. Dan

Message: 10138 Posted: Fri Feb 25 17:22:16 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: for fun only

Johnny, if I sat down and thought about it awhile I might say something the top of my head I'd like to hear TUCSON, ARIZONA with Mr. Bunnell doing lead vocals. I'd like to pick one for Mr. Beckley but you said "a song" so I won't....

Message: 10137 Posted: Fri Feb 25 16:54:11 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: For Fun Only

I've given it some deep thought and have decided this: If Gerry and Dewey are thoughtful enough to let us submit our top five picks, perhaps we better stick with songs strictly performed by America. There are so many great ones. Who needs to go beyond their songs for a great list of five, right?

Just for entertainment and discussion purposes only, however, what one non-America song would each of you like to hear "The Guys" perform? I'm curious.

Message: 10136 Posted: Fri Feb 25 16:41:22 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To The Triv Question

Here is the answer to this morning's trivia question.

When I'm talking about country music performers and America, you know it has to be tied to "Hope" and The Martell Foundation. Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Little Texas, and Travis Tritt (as well as Lorrie Morgan who I didn't mention) all sang a line or two of "Hope". Each one of these performers also sang an entire song of the Eagles. The proceeds were to benefit Henry David Thoreau's famed retreat at Walden Pond. It was called, "The Walden Pond Project". If you're an Eagles fan as well as a country music fan, you'll love this cassette/CD. It's called "Common Thread: The Songs Of The Eagles". Here is a list of the songs and the performers:

"Take It Easy" Travis Tritt
"Peaceful Easy Feeling" Little Texas
"Desperado" Clint Black
"Heartache Tonight" John Anderson
"Tequila Sunrise" Alan Jackson
"Take It To The Limit" Suzy Bogguss
"I Can't Tell You Why" Vince Gill
"Lyin' Eyes" Diamond Rio
"New Kid In Town" Trisha Yearwood
"Saturday Night" Billy Dean
"Already Gone" Tanya Tucker
"Best Of My Love" Brooks & Dunn
"The Sad Cafe" Lorrie Morgan

Message: 10135 Posted: Fri Feb 25 16:39:16 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Vote For New Live Songs

I'm fairly certain that they are America songs, but.... who knows what Gerry and Dewey will do if enough people pick a particular song by another artist. Remember, we're only voting on our top 5 or 6 and they will choose 2 or 3 from that list.

Message: 10134 Posted: Fri Feb 25 12:04:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Vote For New Live Songs

Cool Steve! Thanks Gerry and Dewey!!! Are these five songs America songs only or can they include songs originally performed by another artist such as "Penny Lane" by the Beatles?

Message: 10133 Posted: Fri Feb 25 11:47:49 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Vote For New Live Songs

Gerry and Dewey had a great idea which was passed to me today and I'm sure you'll all be as excited about it as I am. They want to know what additional songs you, the fans, would like to see included in their concert playlist. They have commissioned me to set up a poll to determine the most popular 5 or 6 songs and then they will choose 2 or 3 of those songs to start playing. This is a great chance for us to give our input.

This is how I'm going to do the poll. Initially, I'll accept mail messages from America fans with up to 5 songs that you would like to hear played live. Please limit it to one message/vote per person (duplicates will be deleted). I'll compile all of the votes between now and midnight on March 4 and then we'll have a contest to vote on the top 15 or 20 entries. I'll give occasional updates on this chat folder so you'll know what the top vote getters are.

To cast your vote, send a mail message to with "Vote" in the subject line. As I mentioned above, you can list up to 5 songs with your vote. If you list more than 5 I'll ignore the vote.

I'm really excited about this and I know it's one more way that Gerry and Dewey are showing how much they appreciate their fans and are willing to listen to their input. So everyone, cast your votes!


Message: 10132 Posted: Fri Feb 25 11:33:10 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: GERMAN DVD

Here's a link to the German DVD page so that you can read all about it and see what songs are on it.

Message: 10131 Posted: Fri Feb 25 11:26:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Live Performances

Jimnak, the live performances of "Green Monkey" and "All My Life" from Ecuador...superb!

Message: 10130 Posted: Fri Feb 25 11:20:07 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: GERMAN DVD

Actually SANDMAN is not on it, perhaps sliced for TV purposes. It is a great live rendition by AMERICA, as close to a live studio setting as we will ever get.
And Dan Peek's lead guitar playing is quite evident as is DEWEY & GERRY's vocal attributes - live ! WIND WAVE & RAINBOW SONG live !!!

Message: 10129 Posted: Fri Feb 25 11:09:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Pairings

Beechlady, talking about "Bell Tree", I like it a lot. I'd like to hear Gerry and Dewey perform it live after all these years.

Kevin, I've thought the same thing about America teaming up with someone hot. The problem is...not that America isn't willing, in my opinion, but what benefit would it be for that "hot" performer? A very strange pairing that I recall from the past is country music superstar George Jones teaming up with several pop/rock singers. I can remember only two at this moment. They are Knofler of Dire Straits and James Taylor. I, personally, think McCartney would be ideal for Gerry and Dewey. Especially with the George Martin connection from the past. A remake of "Things We Said Today" would be tremendous. All three could share the lead vocals.

(For ShariL...thanks for the info regarding Christina Ag.)

Message: 10128 Posted: Fri Feb 25 10:45:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: remakes

In all seriousness, what about Kid Rock doing Sandman? Yeeeoza! (C=

Message: 10127 Posted: Fri Feb 25 10:44:50 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: remakes

I'd LOVE to hear Sheryl Crow do Bell Tree.....

Message: 10126 Posted: Fri Feb 25 10:43:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: grammy's/Brian

I think Brian Wilson should get a lifetime achievement award.....(he might even appreciate it more).....

Message: 10125 Posted: Fri Feb 25 10:42:41 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Grammys/phickle phor phun

I agree with you! Also, the more segmented the music populice gets genre-wise, the more RIDICULOUS some of the acts in certain catagories are......Now, don't get me wrong on this next point, K? As much as I love the *new* latin sounds (i.e. new-NOT)how long do you think it'll be before they start whacking away at all the Latin catagories? They went whacky on New Age about 10 years ago and added oh, about 5 or 6 catagories for them THEN......It's like you have to have a program and a score sheet to keep track. Also, broadcasting the Latin Grammys (which S. Floridians were MIGHTY PEEVED not to get in their own back yard ((i.e. Dade or Broward County)) because of the population)I think will be a whim that will be dropped like a hot potatoe as soon as the next "wave" hits......Just a thought......

P.S. I LOVE Tito Puente!!!! (C=

Message: 10124 Posted: Fri Feb 25 10:19:06 2000 By: Brian
Subject: Re: grammy's

I'm shocked to learn that the Beach boys have never won a Grammy. With so many great songs you would think that they would have won several. I recall Steve posting that Jeff Larson was working with Hank Linderman for his upcoming project. This should produce some really good results. I'm hoping for another unreleased America tune like "Annabelle" or perhaps a cover of an old one. If you haven't seen Brian Wilson on his recent tour you should. He is playing a couple of dates in LA at the Roxy for a live CD. Jeff Foskett is the band leader and his vocals are just great. Don't forget to watch the Beach Boys mini-series this Sunday and Monday nights and Henry Diltz on TLC 9pm. Saturday. Back to my lurking.

Message: 10123 Posted: Fri Feb 25 09:16:08 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Grammys.

Hey, America should take a cue from Santana. Not just a cue, hell, they should steal the entire script. Get together with someone who's hot right now and release some songs with them. It's probably their only route to airplay. And not someone lame like Celine Deone, or someone even further removed from glory than they are, but someone hot now like the Wallflowers or Fastball or Sheryl Crow. Not only did Santana ride that pony to the top this year, but Michael Jackson did it in the early 80s. His duet with Paul McCartney certainly helped relaunch his career, leading the way for the megabest selling Thriller. Even Paul McCartney did it with Elvis Costello.

And speaking of the Backstreet Boys--having five daughters, I've listened to that CD more times than I care to admit. It's incredible harmonizing to well crafted love songs performed to cheesy programmed drums and computerized bass. Hmmmmmmmm.


Message: 10122 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:26:12 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: remakes

I think there is a wealth of material on America albums that could be hits if redone right. Some candidates:

Three Roses
She's Gonna Let You Down
Another Try
Old Virginia (would make a great country hit)
Bell Tree
Today's The Day
Watership Down
And Forever
All My Life
Inspector Mills
Young Moon
Wednesday Morning

Message: 10121 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:24:02 2000 By: Howard Lieboff

Does that DVD have Sandman on it?
Just curious.hl

Message: 10120 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:21:55 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: tin man

Jimnak beat me too it. I think America's remake of Tin Man on the Horse With No Name CD is better than the orignial.

Message: 10119 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:20:35 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Grammys

I have to agree with Spurs. The grammys have a tendancy to favor older acts that put out material. I thought the 8 grammys for Santana was overkill. The grammys seem to have lost alot of credability as far as I'm concerned.

Message: 10118 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:14:30 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: tin man

The 1975 German based DVD of AMERICA features a jazzed up intro to the smash hit TIN MAN. Very interesting & DEWEY really rocks on the opening riffs. That DVD is a definite must have - live studio like setting, no audience, it was done for German TV. Very intimate.

Message: 10117 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:10:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Question

Talking about America and the Eagles recently, here's a trivia question for you all. What do America and the Eagles have in common together with the following country music stars: Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, and Little Texas?

Message: 10116 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:09:31 2000 By: msmith
Subject: tin man

nanse, i can't imagine any redo of 'tin man' being better than the original.

Message: 10115 Posted: Fri Feb 25 08:04:57 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: One of America's Songs

I saw that commercial again that features "Lonely People" on it. The commercial played a snippet of "L. People" and showed the "Hearts" LP cover (wrong LP as we all know). The two cassette or two CD collection of 70s songs is called "Seventies Feelings". I can remember only three other artists besides America. They are Ambrosia, Carly Simon, and Seals and Crofts. If anyone's interested (Howard, you might be), the toll-free phone number to order is 1-800-851-7711.

Message: 10114 Posted: Fri Feb 25 07:12:57 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Message to John Corbett

Send me your home address.

Message: 10113 Posted: Fri Feb 25 02:40:40 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Grammys

Hello all,now this may sound a trifle churlish,Carlos Santana as we all know is one astounding musician,but quite frankly he has recorded many albums considerably better than this latest offering.With the number one hit Smooth which was written by others and lead vocal by Rob Thomas (also co-wrote)which leaves dear old Carlos as guitar player only.The rest of the grammys relying on gossip,and what some of the girls are wearing,Carlos does deserve a grammy or two but in all honesty it should have been years ago,and the grammys are increasingly difficult to take seriously.

Message: 10112 Posted: Thu Feb 24 21:13:08 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More on the Grammys

Thanks. It was driving me bats!

Message: 10111 Posted: Thu Feb 24 20:45:52 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: More on the Grammys

Dusty Springfield

Message: 10110 Posted: Thu Feb 24 20:03:11 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: More on the Grammys

ok-- My first reaction to Jen was "hey, you forgot the dress hat goes UNDERNEATH!" What was that TLC wasn't wearing ( hair by Queen Amadala)All in all there was a lot of attire that a local newscaster dubbed "a see what happpens when white trash gets money look"

When Christina won last night I couldn't help but think back to the awards where America was awarded their Grammy. They were on tour, and someone else accepted for them. I am mixing my Brit girl singers so, Johnny, was it Pet Clark or Dusty Springfield?

Check out the WalterPhobic site. I really like what he "was" doing ;)

DD likes it too.

Virginia- I like the Back Street Boys too. Nice to see harmony again. We can all take a beating together!

quiz time- what other fleeting connection does Christina A have with America ( hint, it has to do with lyrical content and it is really obscure!)

Message: 10109 Posted: Thu Feb 24 19:53:56 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Grammy Awards

Cher was confused. She thought it was a NAVEL ship

Message: 10108 Posted: Thu Feb 24 19:03:46 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: mB's future wife

Yes, Johhny, I believe Matt's comments about "future wife" Christina Aguilara were "wishful" thinking on his 19 year old part.
Has anyone checked out (Don't put in www.)
Still looking for comments on it. The "Walter" who has been posting is tied in to this site and recommended it to us on the live chat. My daughter and I really like the songs.
Take care, all.
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 10107 Posted: Thu Feb 24 18:57:11 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: remakes

Hi everyone. I haven't been around for awhile to sit at my computer so I hope all is well. I have a question regarding remakes. Do any of you think it would be wise to remake a hit from the 70's and bring it back for today's audience? I am thinking along the lines of our guys doing it. One song I thought of would be Tin Man. Any comments? Also, I was glad to see the reactions of other women when they saw Jennifer Lopez on the Grammy's. Gloria Estefan was in the front row and when they flashed on her, her mouth was drooping down in disbelief. Thank God there are still some women artists that have class. anyway, thanks........nanse

Message: 10106 Posted: Thu Feb 24 18:51:50 2000 By: Jessica
Subject: hey...give them a break

hi guys! it's been ages since i last posted. i'm in a seminar right now and before going inside the torture chamber, i managed to get to a PC. so here i am.

about the grammy awards...i like Santana a lot, but as part of the new generation, i think that Christina A. and the Backstreet Boys, and the ohter new artists have a lot going for them. I don't think they're without meat, just a different kind from ours. there a lot of new materials that are good. besides, as far as your children and the younger guys are concerned, the music today is "The Music". it's them, just as America was us. i think both can go well together. just look at that collaboration of Santana and that other guy in the song "Smooth". that song is great in my opinion.

anyway, gotta go in and start the work. hum, hum, hum...a whole day of being cooped up in the torture chamber. bye and see you!

Message: 10105 Posted: Thu Feb 24 16:59:41 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Lack of It"

Joe B, I was typing my message and didn't see yours until I finished mine. Ironic how we both said "lack of it" regarding J. Lopez' outfit!

Message: 10104 Posted: Thu Feb 24 16:55:55 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Grammy Awards

Was mB joking about 6-7 months ago about Christina Ag. as his future wife? I asked this before and I know Robyn said she thought Matt said that in jest. Anyone know positively either way? ShariL, you should be able to tell us, I think.

I thought the Grammy Awards was quite enjoyable, actually. I liked the limited amount of cRAP music. Santana's Grammy Award and their performance on the show was the highlight in my opinion. Jennifer Lopez' outfit reminded me of Cher's wardrobe (rather the lack of it) on one of her videos that she performed on a Naval ship. I was disappointed that Faith Hill was beat out by Shania Twain for "Best Female Country Artist. Faith's performance was outstanding (and she's so cute, too). I learned the other day that she was formerly married to singer/songwriter Dan Hill.

Message: 10103 Posted: Thu Feb 24 16:49:11 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: grammy's

Hey You People,

Before we trash the Grammy's too much..don't forget 1972 when the boys won over the Eagles, Loggins & Messina, John Prine, etc...My observation of the current artists after watching last night is a lot of sizzle and no steak...lots of production but not much heart or meaning...along with Santana (80's hits "Winning" written by Russ Ballard and "Hold On" by Ian Thomas) the best performance was the group of veteran Latin guys; those guys had the magic...

Joe B

P.S. With apologies to parents of youngsters (and my fiance') I immensely enjoyed Jennifer Lopez' fashion (or lack of)

P.S.S. Excellent beach (or living room) reading: "The Nearest Faraway Place: Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, & the Southern California Experience" by Timothy White. Wow! Wow! Wow!

P.S.S.S. Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky" still totally rules!!!!

Message: 10102 Posted: Thu Feb 24 16:34:54 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: grammy's/ Sarah McLachlan

First, I'm really glad that Santana did as well as he did!
I adore a song of his called "HOLD ON" from 1982.
For me, the highlight of the evening was that my girl, Sarah McLachlan, won an award for best female pop vocal performance for "I WILL REMEMBER YOU" I went to Lilith Fair this summer to see her. Believe me, she didn't disappoint!!!! GO SARAH!!!!!!
Now, if the best new artist for 1972 could only get nominated, and win a few more awards....hmmmm


Message: 10101 Posted: Thu Feb 24 16:00:44 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Santana/Virginia

Hey Virginia, I won't sling arrows at you! I think they're kind of cute, my daughter swears she will go out and break up Brian's engagement!!! ROFL.

Message: 10100 Posted: Thu Feb 24 15:53:34 2000 By: Howard Lieboff

if you look at the counter and see how many people
have looked in the chat folder, it averages everyday
between 120-150! and only 12 posts today (some by same people)!

Message: 10099 Posted: Thu Feb 24 15:51:01 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Grammy's

The whole thing with the Grammy's is TOP 40
material and nothing else!!! If you're not
in the TOP 40....FORGET IT!!!!
This is quoted from a friend who works at Billboard.

Message: 10098 Posted: Thu Feb 24 15:49:23 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: A Message From The UK


I really enjoyed your post from the guy in the UK. Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from him in person here on the Chat Folder. With America and Dan Fogelberg as his favorite musicians, he HAS to be a great guy!

Message: 10097 Posted: Thu Feb 24 15:41:37 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Santana

I did not see the Grammys last night, but from what I hear (except for Santana), I didn't miss a thing. I too am glad Santana won big last night. He's finally getting the recognition he deserves. i'm just afraid it might go to his head and he'll get involved in drugs and join some weird religious cult - Oh, wait! He's already DONE that!

Message: 10096 Posted: Thu Feb 24 15:22:28 2000 By: Mark
Subject: grammy's

I haven't watched the grammys for years. In general they are simply a popularity contest among the music industry insiders. Some of the best performers in the history of pop/rock have never won (the Beach Boys for example).

Message: 10095 Posted: Thu Feb 24 12:00:16 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: grammy's

I didn't watch the whole thing but what was left lingering in my mind was... not much. Did anyone else have the same sense that I did, that apart from a very few of the performances, most of the songs and people performing them were very forgettable. I thought the choice of material that these performers sang was collectively very weak. Nothing memorable in the bunch. Now, had America been on the program...

Message: 10094 Posted: Thu Feb 24 11:17:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Santana

As it turned out, I only saw about 10 minutes of the Grammies. I'm glad I missed the Lopez (un)attire but sad that I missed Carlos. Virginia, I'm willing to go on record as agreeing with your view of the Backstreet Boys. My daughter has their latest CD and you're right about their ability to harmonize. There, now we can both take the heat together.

Message: 10093 Posted: Thu Feb 24 11:07:53 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Santana

Just an interesting side note. Santana played for my husband's high school graduation dance (Palo Alto High '69). Back then, they were just another local band, and this was probably one of the last gigs of this sort that they played. A couple months later Woodstock happened and Santana became a household name. I was so happy to see him win big last night; long awaited and well deserved. My husband is still a huge fan as is my 18 year old son.

I have to agree with Tery regarding Jennifer Lopez. My first reaction was, "How pathetic!"

Kid Rock...Lots of energy, not my style.

No one has dissed the Backstreet Boys yet, but I will bravely go on record as saying I kind of like these guys. Formulaic, yes. Uninspired music, yes. But they really do have good voices and their harmony is impecable. You all can start slinging the insults at me now. Go ahead, I can take it.

Message: 10092 Posted: Thu Feb 24 08:36:19 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Grammy Awards

Hey, kinda like Kid Rock's performance!!!!
But seriously folks, since learning guitar young, I always
liked Santana's style.hl

Message: 10091 Posted: Thu Feb 24 08:33:59 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: For the Jr. Mr. B

Hey, congrats to Matts *wife* (C; on winning hardware last night! You must be proud......

Go Barry (the rumor is he will end up in Miami!!!!)!

Message: 10090 Posted: Thu Feb 24 08:32:03 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Grammy Awards

I'm partial to Faith, my self......
Like Jennifer Lopez's state of undress? Yikes. Why not just walk out naked? I was pretty bummed that it had to be shown before NINE while my son was still up.....he's nine and had some pretty telling questions to ask.....It's pretty bad (IMHO) when you have to stoop to antics like that to get publicity. Sorry for the vent, but luckily we're all entitled to our opinions! (C= Normally I'm the fartherst person from a *prude* but when it comes to people who for better or for worse are today's *role models*, I think (in this case) I have a legit gripe......

Message: 10089 Posted: Thu Feb 24 08:19:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Grammy Awards

Like Steve, I watched the Grammy Awards last night. I thought it was great that Santana did so well! Any country music fans among us? Shania Twain won the Grammy for "Best Female Country Artist" over Alison K, Emmylou Harris, Martina McBride, and Faith Hill. I was wondering this: Between Shania and Faith, who would you have chosen?

Message: 10088 Posted: Thu Feb 24 06:14:44 2000 By: sharky
Subject: last album w/ Dan

yes, Harbor was the last record they were together.

Message: 10087 Posted: Wed Feb 23 22:53:01 2000 By: msmith
Subject: question

was harbor the last album gerry & dewey did with dan?

Message: 10086 Posted: Wed Feb 23 20:37:47 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Message From The UK

I received the following message from a fan in the UK this evening (as I was watching the Grammy awards). I really enjoyed it and figured that the rest of you would, too.

Oloololo!!! I.m new to the PC game and the more I delve the more I
find.I'm one of those almost a musician kind of guys.I've practiced far
more than 61 Minutes A Day for many years and still it sometimes Seems I
Can Never Reach The Keys but its OK because in the last couple of months
since getting online I've found Tall Treasures by the dozen.
I can't believe how much fantastic music is available.I have been into
America and Dan Fogelburg since the seventies.So when I found your
amazing America chords site I couldn't believe my luck.Up until then I
only had the piano songbooks for the early albums.You see I rely on
music and chord sheets as I've never mastered the patience or skill
required to pick songs out by ear.I've followed all my favorite US
artists on import thru the 8o's and 90's.It seems such a shame so much
Brilliant West Coast stuff never gets heard in the UK, mention Hideaway
Silent Letter or Hourglass to people who call themselves America/ West
Coasties and you'll receive Long blank Stares.You have to be dedicated
to keep up in this not so Innocent Age(sorry i couldn't resist a DF
reference).......I could go on for Pages...Theres More so before I Walk
Out The Door I'll just say a MASSSIVE THANKYOU!!!! from my Head and
Heart to the people in the Town and Country whov'e taken the time to
provide the CHORDS to so many beautiful songs.
With just a few more chord sheets in my grasp I could really walk
through The Garden Of Peace.Until The Sun Comes Up Again.
So In closing I would like to make a request for a few more songs:In
particular.....The music to the aforementioned Garden (LONG LIVE
CARL!!!),The exquisite Close to the Wind...and Overwhelming World Suite.
Come Back Barstow...............Also if anyone out there knows the
chords to TRADER or California Saga from the Beach Boys Holland Album,
please let me know them. Hey if you check your web site Gerry and Dewey
THANKS FOR THE SONGS!!!! keep up the good work or should I say
BRILLIANT.....and come and see us in the UK what about a tour with Dan
Fogelburg and maybe Steve Bishop........It's just an old guy's
dream.Bread.The Eagles and Steely Dan have both been back since the
seventies.How about the Best and most prolific of The Bunch...
Love Richard Here in Hampshire UK .

Message: 10085 Posted: Wed Feb 23 18:47:04 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Dan and Dewey

Did he say DEWEY street ?

Message: 10084 Posted: Wed Feb 23 08:48:58 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan and Dewey

Nice article too!

Message: 10083 Posted: Wed Feb 23 08:24:58 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Dan and Dewey

Thanks to Tom Peek, there's a
great pic of Dan and Dewey, with an excellent article.

Message: 10082 Posted: Wed Feb 23 07:14:52 2000 By: sharky
Subject: Dan & Dew

Hey check out the classic photo from 1974 on Dan's new web-site

Message: 10081 Posted: Wed Feb 23 07:00:57 2000 By: sharky
Subject: Dan & Dew

Hey check out the classic photo from 1974 on Dan's new web-site

Message: 10080 Posted: Tue Feb 22 23:57:04 2000 By: msmith
Subject: americachat

is anyone going to live chat this week? steve--hope you pass those stones and are feeling better soon! msmith, aka windwave

Message: 10079 Posted: Tue Feb 22 20:55:53 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: recent photos

Nice pics everyone..I'll get one in too..waiting for the insurance policy to go through on the camera in case I break it.
Sorry you had such a rough time getting to New Hampshire Gary..and to find it canceled..poor guy! Whew..glad I didn't go now..(thanks to my chicken poxed buddy).I thought you were coming through Atlanta? I sent you an e-mail about the tickets.

Message: 10078 Posted: Tue Feb 22 16:57:50 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Thanks so much for posting the updated concert list! Reno again on July 15th!! AWESOME!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 10077 Posted: Tue Feb 22 16:28:43 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???

Okay everyone,
That's not really Kevin !! That's not even me! The truth be told, that's a picture of my Grandfather who is obviously getting on in his years. Too bad that he doesn't have the youthful muscle tone or the raw sex appeal that I have. be young and attractive!!!!


Message: 10076 Posted: Tue Feb 22 13:01:22 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hat Trick Live.

I just got through listening to the recent files that Howard sent and Mark's 22-minute vignette. Great stuff. I especially was moved by Hat Trick live. For all the times I've seen America live, nearly 30, I never got to see them do that song. It's certainly one we'll never hear them do again either. What a shame. It's buried treasure.

And the montage. Listening to it immediately reminds you of America's impressive resume. What a great study in how the guys grew artistically. And also, maybe for the first time, I realized how America pulled off the impossible in the post Dan Peek years. Not to many groups could lose one of its main components and not take a nosedive. But with Silent Letter, Alibi and View, they held their own without Dan. Even though they're not as good without Dan, they were able to fill the hole admirably.

I do have one question, though. When playing the montage, was it just me, or did anyone else's computer crash every time it got to Perspective?


Message: 10075 Posted: Tue Feb 22 12:02:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Recent Photos

It's good to see a photo of Robyn, her daughter Kate, and Janice B. Kevin, you're losing a lot of muscle-mass, I see. Gotta quit eating all of those donuts, man!

Message: 10074 Posted: Tue Feb 22 11:14:25 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: AOL Leap Day Chattage

Those of you who have access to AOL will want to be aware of the live AOL chat session on Leap Day (February 29) from 9-11 pm eastern (6-8 pm pacific). It will take place in the private chat room "VGG".

Message: 10073 Posted: Tue Feb 22 10:02:09 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???

Hey Kevin...I remember the day we posed for that! ha!

Message: 10072 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:49:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???

Oh, and by the way,,,,,,,,why are YOU with him????? rofl!!!!!!



Message: 10071 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:45:03 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???

Now I'm REALLY PISSED at you stole a picture of MY HUSBAND!!!!!! I smell a LAWSUIT......rofl


Message: 10070 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:43:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Yippee, Yippee, Yippee,,,,,,
Wellesby Park!!!! My son had his picture taken for this months issue of "Kids Discover" magazine (called "Eyes" this month-look on page 5 in the lower right hand corner for the boy in the red t-shirt)in that park, it's very nice! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHO! Way to go!!!! (C= Maybe THIS time I'll get up ON my feet for the encore (flu is a BITCH)


Message: 10069 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:37:00 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: From a Moving Train ...

Yeah, and I'd love to hear some of the more quirkier stories......probably fill a book!!!! Hey, THERE'S AN IDEA......(C=


Message: 10068 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:35:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Great White North Tour

That's the beauty of America Fans! They're just like the group!!!
(C= } Welcome to post land Alfred!!!


Message: 10067 Posted: Tue Feb 22 08:30:41 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Beechlady

Ahhhhh, yessssss......I too had a store, a "Five and Dime" in Lake Odessa (next door the the pharmacy where I bought my girl friend the "Homecoming" album)that had a SINFUL assortment of candy, behind glass counters....sigh.
They also had a vast assortment of paper dolls, lemme tell you....Grandma wasn't safe bringing me in there!!!!! (C= My "Green Acre" paper dolls were DA BOMB, BABY.... (Lisa and all her glamour-ware) Thanks for the *trip back* Jeff!!! ((((C=

Message: 10066 Posted: Tue Feb 22 00:05:43 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???

You look great !!!! Oh, the guy is okay too.


Message: 10065 Posted: Mon Feb 21 23:09:37 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Two More (Real) Faces

Here are a couple more faces to put with those names: Robyn Peshek (as she promised) and Janice Baluka

Message: 10064 Posted: Mon Feb 21 23:09:13 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Kevins Face???


Message: 10063 Posted: Mon Feb 21 20:21:20 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: A Horse With No Name "ALERT"

If you can call what Kirstie is doing "singing" (roflmho--that movie wasn't so bad, however, the obnoxious, I mean Olsen Twins weren't in EVERY scene)

Had my own HWNN moment last night. Making dinner with my dd Kate, asked her to put in any disc, ( dh was watching some obnoxious cable thing, the noise was making me crazy) She put in the live KB and played HWNN about three times straight. I asked her why. She said " I love this song!" Makes me think I am raising her right, I like those little validations!

BTW-- nice picture Kevin. I just got a scanner. As soon as I can figure it out, I will send mine A REAL ONE.

Message: 10062 Posted: Mon Feb 21 20:08:25 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: A Horse With No Name "ALERT"

watching the movie "It Takes Two" with my kids,
with those obnoxious twins from Full House, Steve Guttenberg and
Kirstie Allie. Kirstie Allie riding in woods on horse and
singing America's greatest hit...
my kids, wife and me laugh hysterically.
That's all folks....cya, HL

Message: 10061 Posted: Mon Feb 21 20:00:35 2000 By: gary
Subject: New Hampshire

Yeah CJ, I had front row tix for New Hampshire. I was delayed in the Houston Airport for 6 hours on Saturday. I ended arriving in Boston at 6:30PM. I made if from Boston to New Hampshire in exactly 2 hours!. I walked up to the frond door of the theatre in Keene, and guess what?. "The America Concert Scheduled for this eveneing has been postponed to Aug. 5 due to bad weather". I was not suprised based on what we just went through to get there. Anyway we got up the next morning and drove to Conneticutt and witnessed two fine shows at the Mohegan Sun. It's like Jim N. said, these guys are true professionals and don't miss a show unless it is something totally out of their control. I am not going back to New Hampshire in August. If anyone would like to purchase two front row center seats, let me know otherwise I am going to request a refund from the venue.

Gary H

Message: 10060 Posted: Mon Feb 21 18:46:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Kevins Face???

KevinS said he couldn't find a decent picture of himself so he sent me a picture of someone who looked like him so you could tell what he looked like. Check out the Chat Folder Faces Page to see what he sent me.

Message: 10059 Posted: Mon Feb 21 17:33:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Insight From A Disc Jockey

I received the following interesting message from an Orlando DJ:


I was just surfing the web and stumbled upon your America web site. Nice job. I was reading a couple of posts regarding the Janet Jackson/America lawsuit and it reminded me of a conversation I had with Gerry Beckley at our radio station before one of their concerts they put on a few years ago. I asked him if he knew that the opening notes to Janet Jackson's 1987, #2 hit single "Let's Wait Awhile" sounded identical to his 1975 composition "Daisy Jane?" Gerry said he did, and added that it was another disc jockey who told him about the similarities not long after the Jackson single was released. Beckley said they settled out-of-court and then joked that thanks to Janet Jackson (and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), he was able to buy a brand new swimming pool.

Jerry Steffen (afternoons)
98.9 WMMO Orlando

Message: 10058 Posted: Mon Feb 21 17:27:10 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

Here's a link to the latest concert list. There have been quite a few shows added but it looks like there's still room for more. Keep your fingers crossed if one of these new ones isn't near you (nothing in Utah, yet, so my fingers are crossed).

Message: 10057 Posted: Mon Feb 21 17:00:50 2000 By: Federico
Subject: CIAO

Hi all :)
Unbelievable: i've been in USA for 3 months and i could not see one America's concert. I'm really unlucky! and no schedulke for europe concert!!!!
However they're still the best!
A lot of time has been passed since i wrote here last time, i was very busy. Well, could someone tell me if there's some plan about new cd?

Message: 10056 Posted: Mon Feb 21 16:38:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Mark's Montage

I really enjoyed the America montage while working on the computer today. Thanks again Mark! I only wish I had thought of it. :)

Message: 10055 Posted: Mon Feb 21 15:40:01 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Mohegan Sun Concert

To say the show was amazing is an understatement. They played two sets, and the place was packed. Because it is an open venue in the middle of the casino, crowds formed all around. The sets were a little over an hour each- which for any America fan is way too short!! Dewey and Gerry came out between shows to sign autographs and talk to fans--they are as nice as they are talented. They have such a good rapport with each other, the band and the audience. I want to thank Gerry for his kindness and am looking forward to the upcoming "Go Man Go" and his CD with Wilson and Lamm.
P.S. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Steve--hope you are better soon!!

Message: 10054 Posted: Mon Feb 21 11:20:07 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Walter's web page-- note to Steve as well

Walter, who is relatively new to these pages, has a web site that merits a look ( or more accuratly, a listen) visit wwww.iuma then serch for WalterPhobicman. Cool stuff.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Steve!

Message: 10053 Posted: Mon Feb 21 07:53:40 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: re: From a Moving Train ...

AMERICA is truly the road warriors supreme. Thru the years they have battled weather, flight delays, air traffic controller strikes, Airport closings etc., but they do whatever they can to make their shows. Oh the truths they can tell, the road manager knows for sure. They have been doing this for about 30 years no, no doubt. They work very hard at always making their show & playing like it's the only show of the year. AMERICA the road warriors.

Message: 10052 Posted: Mon Feb 21 07:44:32 2000 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Thanks Johnny & Steve... Keep Drinking Fluids

Thanks Johnny & Steve for scanning the photo I sent you for your "Put A Face With The Name" project. This has been fun. Steve, hang in there battling those dreaded kidney stones. I had my first battle with them in 1994 at the U.S. Golf Open Championship at Oakmont Country Club in Pittsburgh. After being hooked up to a morphine i.v. for four hours, flying home the next day [yes, on an airplane] and missing the 18 hole playoff on Monday for the championship between Ernie Els, Colin Montgomerie & Loren Roberts, taking percocet like M & M's, drinking gallons of fluids, I finally passed my stones four days later. I have promised myself that if I ever experience pain like that again I am going immediately to the hospital. I battled those little buggers for almost six hours before I finally gave in and was hauled off to the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center. So Steve, you have both my sympathy and well wishes.

Brandon Rose

Message: 10051 Posted: Mon Feb 21 07:03:01 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: Great White North Tour

Just a little note from the Great White North (Canada). Are there any tour dates sceduled for us? I was lucky to catch the guys at least once in my life (44 years) in Ottawa, Ontario a few years back. They were great. Unfortunately the promotion for the show was very lacking and the venue was 1/2 to 3/4 attendance and there were no programs or t-shirts available. The only souvenirs I have were one of the best evenings in my life and the small ticket stup which I keep inside my first cd. By the way, for all you Canadians reading the post, all of the AMERICA cds are available at any HMV record store. They might not be in store but have them special ordered in. A few might take a month or so to get in but what's a few months out of 30 years. Any date yet on the Rhino set? You might not see me post often but I read daily. It's really nice to see a bunch of people get along.

Alfred, Ontario, Canada

Message: 10050 Posted: Mon Feb 21 00:06:31 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dear Steve,

Thanks Ronnie (and everyone else) for your well wishes. I can only agree with everyone when they say "OUCH". It's an unbelievable pain. Since so many people have asked, I hope it's OK if I reply here in public. The stone hasn't passed yet and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (Monday). I won't know what our next move is until then. Today the pain has been quite tolerable and I haven't even had to take any of my magic pain medication. I hope it stays that way. Thanks again for your thoughts, etc.

CJ, thanks for the moving train update. It's a bummer that the show had to be canceled!

Message: 10049 Posted: Mon Feb 21 00:00:43 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A rose by any other name...

Meet the faces that go with Brandon and Anne Rose as their photo has been added to Brandon's biography. Thanks Brandon for sending it and thanks Johnny for scanning it in.

Message: 10048 Posted: Sun Feb 20 20:01:36 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Montage


Message: 10047 Posted: Sun Feb 20 15:58:40 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Dear Steve,

sorry you are sick too. get well soon. love Ronnie

(I send my best wishes too, Steve. As you can see Ronnie and I are spending some quality computer time..I am letting him type his own messages...each one taking approximately 1.5 hours to Feel better! Kidney stones..ouch!

Message: 10046 Posted: Sun Feb 20 13:00:32 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Beechlady

I remember losing my first tooth/teeth. I lived in town then and was about 10 houses from a little Mom and Pop store. In those days the going rate for a tooth was a sooner would that little store open... I'd trade that dime in on 10 peices of penny candy.

Message: 10045 Posted: Sun Feb 20 12:21:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Montage

The montage...EXCELLENT Mark...EXCELLENT!!!

Message: 10044 Posted: Sun Feb 20 11:07:59 2000 By: CJ
Subject: From a Moving Train. . .

A birdy told me that our boys - Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Wood-z, Brad, Bill & Pete got snowed in in Rhode Island last night!!! Too funny - guess life happens now and again. Despite leaving early, at one point yesterday afternoon, the Band was in 3 pieces all over the eastern 1/3rd of the U.S.! Everyone got wrapped up in the snow & ice that came down in Michigan and New York!! What was to have been an 8:00p.m. show (Gary, didn't you have front row??)in New Hampshire turned out to be a night in Rhode Island (3.5 hours away). Now we'll probably NEVER get Cleveland 'til August! Heard dinner was fun!! Sadly, sans Gerry & Dewey.

Off to Connecticut!!!

Message: 10043 Posted: Sun Feb 20 10:08:44 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Excuses, Smexcuses.....

hey, Hey, HEY NOW.......(C=

Message: 10042 Posted: Sun Feb 20 10:07:13 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: six yr. old fan

Ahhh, it's those "subsequent tooth losses" that'll put you in the poor house, Jeff...rofl. I have 2 kids and all those teeth aren't quite out yet.....sigh! Now if I could just get the daughter to learn to POCKET the money for a

Message: 10041 Posted: Sun Feb 20 10:03:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Steve

OUCH, been there DONE that.....I hope you get better REAL SOON!


Message: 10040 Posted: Sun Feb 20 09:50:50 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Robyn/ When Elton lost me

except for a few songs, most of what I know about Elton John were late discoveries in the 1980s. With that in mind, he lost me around the "BLUE MOVES" CD that came out around 1976 (Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word). Captain Fantastic is simply 45+ minutes of total bliss. If anyone has that CD, you gotta put on the song "WE ALL FALL IN LOVE SOMETIME" It's so beautiful that it leaves me in shock.


Message: 10039 Posted: Sat Feb 19 23:01:58 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: re: montage

WOW, Drank a whole ST.Pauli Girl (German Brew)through the whole thing!

Message: 10038 Posted: Sat Feb 19 22:39:54 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: montage



Message: 10037 Posted: Sat Feb 19 22:09:46 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Montage

The America montage that Howie was referring to is a 22 minute soundclip that Mark Schneer put together and then sent to me. I digitized it this evening (under the heavy influence of percocet) and put it out for your enjoyment. It's really cool to listen to virtually every song that America has released over the past 30 years in just a few minutes. You'll need the RealAudio player to listen. Thanks Mark!

Message: 10036 Posted: Sat Feb 19 21:58:13 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Correction

That's 30 years in 22 minutes. I'm getting older by the minute.

Message: 10035 Posted: Sat Feb 19 21:57:23 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: A message to Steve and Mark

Steve,...please take care of yourself and feel better.
You gotta stop jumping onstage with the guys for the encore!

Mark, excellent excellent montage. 20 years captured in 22 minutes.
Wouldn't that be nice to turn back the clock and recapture the
excitement of AMERICA!!! Not that it's exciting now mind you!!!
All My Life, HL

Message: 10034 Posted: Sat Feb 19 21:17:02 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Steve

Get well soon!

Message: 10033 Posted: Sat Feb 19 19:53:57 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Steve & Johnny

Steve- Get well soon, hang in there Buddy!
Johnny- I was happy to tell everyone about this Henry Diltz special, on the website it sez: go camping w/America, these are two of my fave things to do- Camping (including Fishing, of course!) & listening to AMERICA. Steve has the website listed on "links"
I think Henry is a great photographer, & I'm sure he has alot of interesting stories & footage to share w/us.
BTW- just picked up an issue of EQ magazine (issue one) it has an interview w/Geoff Emerick, I'll let everyone know if he mentions AMERICA, just skimmed through it, Beatle stuff so far.............

Message: 10032 Posted: Sat Feb 19 19:19:14 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Another Pretty Face

Alan Wind sent me his photo a couple of days ago and I finally got time to scan it in and put it on the web site. You can see it along with his biography. I didn't think he'd mind me titling this message as another pretty face because the photo includes his wife (the pretty face) and his son. Thanks for sharing Alan.

I would have scanned the photo in last night but I had an unexpected run in with a kidney stone and I spent most of the night in the hospital emergency room. The stone is still there but I have some medication that does a pretty good job of taking care of the pain. Hopefully, this thing will pass soon so that I can get back to normal. The only reason I'm mentioning it is so you'll know why I don't respond or reply to your messages in the upcoming days. It simply means I'm out of commission for a little while.

Message: 10031 Posted: Sat Feb 19 18:21:41 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: anymore gems H.L.?????

you bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 10030 Posted: Sat Feb 19 17:55:33 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Lyrics...

Bennie is from Yellow Brick Road and for what its worth Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player is as good as it gets from Elton. Cool clip Of Hat Trick live, I think stuff like that is where the box set material should go, anymore gems H.L.?????

Message: 10029 Posted: Sat Feb 19 17:47:10 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Another Message to Ronnie

Hey Ronnie, hope you feel better real soon. Make your mom give you lots of junk food like Popsicles. I had chicken pox when I was twenty eight and about to have a baby. No fun anytime!!!! Glad you like good music. See you the next time you are in California ok?

Message: 10028 Posted: Sat Feb 19 17:17:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Eddy's News

Eddy, that's great news. Thanks for the info. I'll mark my calender. I definitely don't want to miss it.

Message: 10027 Posted: Sat Feb 19 17:15:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Message To Ronnie

Hello there Ronnie. Sorry to hear that you have the chicken pox. I caught the chicken pox from my 4 year old niece, Annie, ten years ago. I was 33 at the time and it was the worst illness that I've ever had. I was very, very sick and missed work for 15 days! The older you are, the worse the chicken pox. So, it's a good thing to catch them now and not when you're older. I had pox on the top of my head and down to my feet and a whole lot of them in between (and I really do mean in between, you all)! I had so many pox on my face, I looked like a chocolate chip cookie!! I was so sick, the doctor came to my house to treat me! I like Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Woodz, Willie, and Pete, too! We all do. Their music is great, huh? Did you know that Dewey's first name is Lee and he sings about a lizard in one of his songs? It's the song, "Ventura Highway". Well, I hope you feel better soon! Don't let the chickens give you the pox again, okay? :)

Message: 10026 Posted: Sat Feb 19 13:32:33 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Lyrics...

Isn't Bennie and the Jets from "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?" He lost me around the "Captain Fantastic" era. The last EJ I have is "Caribou"

No excuses, Beechlady!!!

Message: 10025 Posted: Sat Feb 19 12:16:23 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: six yr. old fan

My 6 yr. old Daughter likes AMERICA too. She lost her first tooth yesterday and got $5 from the "tooth fairy"...maybe she'll help spring for GO MAN GO. Subsequent tooth loss after the first tooth will result in payment of $1 per tooth.

Jeff B.

Message: 10024 Posted: Sat Feb 19 10:41:41 2000 By: Janice
Subject: ooops..make that SIX year old fan!


Message: 10023 Posted: Sat Feb 19 10:39:22 2000 By: Janice
Subject: An unedited message from my year old fan with chicken pox

I have bin to 3 conserts. my name is Ronnie. I like the song Sandman I no all the words. and I like Gerry, dewey, brad, woodz, willie and pete. I have a dog and a lizerd. and there names are Norman and Lee.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend--I know we are! :-0 Janice

Message: 10022 Posted: Fri Feb 18 20:45:47 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Henry Diltz website

Hey People!
Get your VCR's ready, just got some info from Henry's website, he's having a special on TLC, SAT. FEB. 26th at 9:00 pm.
Among the groups that will be on this program will be AMERICA!!!
For more info check out the website, should be interesting...........
Just thought I'd let you guys know!

Message: 10021 Posted: Fri Feb 18 18:33:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Research for America Box Set

I received the following from Gary Peterson of Rhino Entertainment. I'm sure he'll appreciate any help we can give him.

Hi! As you may know by now, Rhino is working on a box set for America. I am researching the track info and have a number of questions that maybe someone or some of you in the fan network can help me with:

1) Contact info for Ian Samwell (their first producer)?

2) California Dreamin' info: engineer, recording studio & accompanying
musicians if listed on the album credits. Also, original release dates for the album & single

3) Timings for some of the Capitol singles (to determine if they were
edits): "Only Game In Town," "1960," "All My Life," "My Dear" & "(Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby"

4) Last Unicorn info: producer, arranger, engineer, recording studio,
accompanying musicians. Also, original (German) release record number & release date, and info on single release if ever issued overseas.

5) American Gramaphone original release dates: for "Young Moon" (single) & Hourglass (album)

6) "From A Moving Train" (Oxygen single): record number & original release date.

That's it for now. Any help from you is greatly appreciated.
Gary Peterson (

Message: 10020 Posted: Fri Feb 18 16:23:41 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: next sound clip you hear...

Thanks Howie and Steve! I've always wanted to hear Hat Trick live. And I've always been partial to the line:
"I can't unread the pages I've already read"

Message: 10019 Posted: Fri Feb 18 12:37:22 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: You're Welcome Johnny

I'll agree with Howard that it was a killer. It took me a couple of hours to download it from Howard's message and then to upload it to the web site. One nice thing about it is that it's in stereo whereas the other RealAudio files that I've put out are mono (which also means they're much smaller). For those of you who haven't listened to the song yet, here's a direct link to it: Hat Trick (from 1973 Philadelphia concert broadcast)

Thanks again Howie!

Message: 10018 Posted: Fri Feb 18 11:14:37 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: You're Welcome Johnny

This last song was a killer. Took an hour to upload it to Steve.
Oy Vey! Have to stick to short songs! :0)

Message: 10017 Posted: Fri Feb 18 10:55:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Howard, Howard, Howard!

Howard, you did it again as you said you would...providing us with a second live performance of an America song from those wonderful days of the 70s! Thank you very much and thank you Steve for the fine work you always do. Please keep 'em comin', you two.

Message: 10016 Posted: Fri Feb 18 10:42:34 2000 By: Howard Lieboff


Message: 10015 Posted: Fri Feb 18 09:39:39 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Lyrics...

Oh, GREAT all I've heard in my head for the last hour is "Hey Kids, aoiugna it lowsxioh togoaiowehr. Howuels aboiris agoiu aboittoi ghioio toihols chitwo tyho weahotkl" Unfortunatly my Capt. Fantastic album is still in a moving box.....sigh....You CAD!



Message: 10014 Posted: Fri Feb 18 07:50:49 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: TeryT/Bagels?

In this concert, Dan is very comical. So, Dan must've done
something funny. MMMM Bagels....and lox (Nova) and coffee?
When we come to Florida in August, I just might take you up
on that. My parents live in Boca, so...

Message: 10013 Posted: Fri Feb 18 02:18:05 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Hall of Fame

Hello everyone,of course America should be inducted into the hall of fame,our chaps have been victim to some sort of musical snobbery for years ,but let the facts do the talking.America have outsold most artists of their ilk bar the Eagles,out toured the lot of them,and no long gaps such as the afore mentioned Eagles,fourteen year lay off indeed!

Message: 10012 Posted: Fri Feb 18 00:31:57 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: next sound clip you hear...

What a historical record, thanks Howard. Have you got the super 8mm video tape ?
"Just a little of nothing is all you had the time to give ..."

Message: 10011 Posted: Thu Feb 17 23:29:30 2000 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: next sound clip you hear...

Thanks, Howard!!! Nice stuff...takes me back. Sounds like the audience is laughing about something in the beginning of TILL THE SUN...
Over 10,000 Posts! The bagels are on me.

Message: 10010 Posted: Thu Feb 17 22:08:32 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: next sound clip you hear...

Keep them coming Howard,Enjoying them very much!
(BTW, nice photo!)

Message: 10009 Posted: Thu Feb 17 21:57:23 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: next sound clip you hear...

Cool Howard. Thanks!!!!!!

Message: 10008 Posted: Thu Feb 17 21:50:24 2000 By: Ron B
Subject: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Moody Blues(deservingly so)were on that list.

Message: 10007 Posted: Thu Feb 17 21:23:39 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: next sound clip you hear...

Dig and groove to the Side B first!!!
It's a classic! ENJOY EVERYONE!

Message: 10006 Posted: Thu Feb 17 21:08:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hallof Fame

How about a tie then? The Moodys are still making pretty good music and are pretty nice guys too. Hard to believe that they are not in the hall yet either. How many times can you induct Eric Clapton? ( I am being sarcastic here-- I like Eric in his many forms)

Message: 10005 Posted: Thu Feb 17 20:47:37 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hallof Fame

I don't know Robyn, but I think the Hard Core Moody Blues fans might disagree with you as far as who is the most deserving.

Just an observation.

Gary H

Message: 10004 Posted: Thu Feb 17 19:14:17 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Maureen...

I'm doing alright Maureen...a couple of months ago my computer had a "fit" and I lost alot of info. including e-mail addresses so I don't have your work address anymore. Anyway, would you be interested in some acoustic (Bluegrass sort of) instrumentals...dobro, upright bass, banjos and so on? I really like it when AMERICA use the banjo in their music. SUBMARINE LADIES is a great song!

I'm really looking forward to GO MAN GO. I realize that music is a business, but I think Mr. Beckley also has the fans in mind...such as with the 4 bonus tracks on the 2nd. release of VAN GO GAN. Who but the real fans could appreciate that?


Message: 10003 Posted: Thu Feb 17 19:13:43 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hallof Fame

FROM GOLDMINE'S PAGES TO THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE'S INBOX!!!!!!! Seriously, anybody know how we can get the ball rolling on this. A more deserving band does not exist! (IMHO)

Message: 10002 Posted: Thu Feb 17 18:57:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hallof Fame

Bravo to Goldmine!!


Message: 10001 Posted: Thu Feb 17 18:04:33 2000 By: Ron B
Subject: Rock and Roll Hallof Fame

In the new issue of Goldmine magazine, there is an article on 25 artists who should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Number one on the list is none other than America!

Message: 10000 Posted: Thu Feb 17 16:02:57 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

Are you trying to say that America did away with the mosh pit? Next thing you'll tell me that Mike, Dewey, and Gerry stopped using the "flying vee" guitar that's shaped like an axe. LOL

By the way, Steve, that's AOL's loss, not yours!


Message: 9999 Posted: Thu Feb 17 14:28:33 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Bennie

Now Cathy..Cathy..Cathy..coming to on "some guy's shoulders" time just introduce
I too saw Elton at the Greek Theater about 100 years ago..still remember, as it was one of the better concerts that I have seen during my 100+ where did I lay my teeth??
Oh, and for those of you planning big stuff and concerts (Gary) for the weekend..enjoy..Ronnie has the chicken pox..anyone wanna guess what my plans are??

Message: 9998 Posted: Thu Feb 17 11:17:13 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

Hey Steve, I was at that Boston concert, too! Only problem was, with so many people and my being so close to the stage and having little air to breathe, I passed out during Bennie and the Jets and came to on top of some guy's shoulders towards the end of the show! Glad those things don't happen at America concerts!!!

Message: 9997 Posted: Thu Feb 17 10:55:46 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New Email - End of an era

"You can always change your name ......" D. BUNNELL

Message: 9996 Posted: Thu Feb 17 08:35:50 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: Hi Jeff..

Hi Jeff,
It was nice to put a picture to your emails. !! Nice picture ! How have you been ? I still have all of those tapes. I hope the kids are good and you too.
Email me at work later. Thanks.

Message: 9995 Posted: Thu Feb 17 07:59:32 2000 By: sharky
Subject: Rick???

Does anyone know where or what has happened to Rick Wahlgren???

Message: 9994 Posted: Thu Feb 17 07:25:46 2000 By: sharky
Subject: Rick???

Does anyone know where or what has happened to Rick Wahlgren???

Message: 9993 Posted: Wed Feb 16 23:23:38 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Email - End of an era

Mark, I decided to follow your lead and take the plunge into the "without AOL world." Effective immediately I have a new e-mail address for those who care. It's very similar to my old AOL address so it shouldn't be too tough to remember. The new address is I'll keep my AOL account for a few more weeks to give everyone a chance to get their address books updated.

Since I won't be on AOL anymore, I'm going to rely on you fans who still are on AOL to let me know if anything important is ever posted on the America message board. You can either send it to me in a mail message, or post it here for everyone to see.


Message: 9992 Posted: Wed Feb 16 23:17:22 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

I guess I'd be considered an Elton John fan, too, since I have every CD that he ever made. I agree that his early stuff was great, starting with his first hit song, "Skyline Pigeon." Of course, it was "Your Song" that really made him famous. There was a period when he tried to do some disco and other wierd stuff and I don't really care for that (those CD's don't get played much), but I like his latest stuff including the Made In England CD, The Big Picture CD, and, of course, The Lion King Soundtrack.

I saw Elton John in concert in Boston on July 4, 1976 for the bicentennial celebration. He played both New York City and Boston that day. As I recall there were about 110,000 fans packed into the New England Patriot's stadium for the concert and it was fabulous. I didn't think the sound system would be very good but it was fantastic for an outdoor venue. I saw Elton again a couple of years ago here in Salt Lake City, and he was just as good as ever. One thing about Elton, he puts on as good a show as anyone. I hope you enjoy it, Erin. It's not America, but it is classic.

Message: 9991 Posted: Wed Feb 16 22:31:55 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

The those two probably sang together around '76 or so. It seemed that during his first few albums, Elton could do almost no wrong. Do you remember the songs from back then? Do you favour Elton's older material?


Message: 9990 Posted: Wed Feb 16 22:25:00 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

I hope you'll enjoy Elton. I was not always familiar with him, but in my humble opinion, his early CDs are far superior. If you don't have these CDs, consider TUMBLEWEED CONNECTION, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER, and HONKEY CHATEAU. Oh, how can I forget GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD? I'm sure others here have a favourite Elton album, but these come to mind.


Message: 9989 Posted: Wed Feb 16 22:24:36 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

I saw Elton with Kiki Dee(!) in 197 at the height of his glam rock period. Those platform shoes! Those outrageous glasses! I agree that the Taupin/John music is one of the finest musical collaborations ever. and Andy, I didn't need my copy of Yellow Brick Road ffor th e lyrics. I will collect my prize now!!! (roflmho)

Message: 9988 Posted: Wed Feb 16 22:04:21 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

Speaking of Elton...I'm seeing him on Sunday night. Not all that familiar with his music, but heard he's great live. Guess I'll find out...A little over a month til America's back in Sparks!!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 9987 Posted: Wed Feb 16 16:07:37 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: To Andy re Bennie

Give that girl a prize!!
You are absolutely right, those ARE the correct words. Of course, I needed my Elton John sheet music to figure it out, but who's looking? lol
I know this is getting off of the subject slightly, but I really do miss the Elton/Taupin songs from the early to mid 70s: SIXTY YEARS ON, COUNTRY COMFORT, FRIENDS, MONA LISAS AND MAD HATTERS, WE ALL FALL IN LOVE SOMETIMES...etc...


Message: 9986 Posted: Wed Feb 16 13:51:51 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: TTSCUA

Regarding "TTSCUA"....exactly..."don't ask, don't tell"?
Dan is very comical and a talker during the concert.
He has the audience in his hands. That's all for now, CYA, HL

Message: 9985 Posted: Wed Feb 16 13:41:24 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Howard, Regarding "TTSCUA"

Howard, are you able to reveal to us how you came upon the '73 Toronto concert recording or is it one of those situations of "don't ask, don't tell"?

I wonder what happened during the song that caused the audience to laugh. I like how at the beginning of the song, someone reacts to the intro with an approval of "Ahhhhh!". Very appropriate!

Don't you all agree that "Till The Sun Comes Up Again" should have been the A-side as a single and promoted so?

Message: 9984 Posted: Wed Feb 16 12:54:57 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Funny Anecdote

Sorry to change the subject.
On my way home from work everyday, my bus passes a Baptist
Church and everyweek they have funny anecdotes. Couldn't
pass this one up and have to tell everyone.
"God Needs Fruit...Not Religious Nuts"
Being of the Jewish religion, you can do a whole
song and dance routine with "Life Is A Bagel....
Oh well, I needed a laugh today. Enjoy, HL

Message: 9983 Posted: Wed Feb 16 11:20:46 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Translation

Robyn, regarding the translation to "I can make it moan", are you sure it wasn't the translation for Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" instead? (LOL)

Message: 9982 Posted: Wed Feb 16 11:19:49 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: To Andy re Bennie

I believe the first two lines are

"hey Kids shake it loose together
The spotlights hittin' somethin' that's been Known to change the weather"

I could be wrong :)

Message: 9981 Posted: Wed Feb 16 11:12:52 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Homecoming

The German version of Hat trick is "oooh, can I make it moan...." Ah those wacky Huns!!!!

Message: 9980 Posted: Wed Feb 16 08:51:38 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: growing up w/a.m. radio...

I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, in the middle of nowhere. We only had one AM radio station, and it played country music most of the day. It would play rock/pop for about an hour before the sun went down (that's when it would go off the air). Of course if any rock/pop song had a country flare to it, as many rock songs did in the early 70s, they would play it to death during that hour. They used to play Don't Cross The River almost every day. For years I thought it must have been a top 10 hit because it got so much airplay in my town.

Message: 9979 Posted: Wed Feb 16 08:47:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: More Water Walking Lyrics

Gerry's "Close To The Wind":

For so long it felt like
I was walking on the water

I found the hard part
Is walking without you in the morning

Message: 9978 Posted: Wed Feb 16 08:34:34 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: "the man who walks on the water" is another reference to the man who walkls on the water:

"Ah, get behind me Satan
Quit ravishing the land
Does it take the children
To make you understand?" (Dan Peek, 1971)

"Get behind me satan, you are a stumbling block to me, for you are not setting your mind on god's interests but man's" (Jesus - Matthew 16:23, a long time ago)

Message: 9977 Posted: Wed Feb 16 08:17:14 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Answers

Steve is exactly right about "The Man Behind The Man" as the song that I had in mind. Yes Steve, it too is my understanding that it's about Tom Landry, the former coach of the Dallas Cowboys who passed away the other day.

The other Man behind Tom Landry is the same Man that Dewey had in mind in his song, Amber Cascades: "Then we call to the MAN who walks on the water".

Give "The Man Behind The Man" a listen and see if you agree. It's a great song and Gerry is superb as usual. Oh...that "Man" of course is JESUS. A lyric from "The Man Behind The Man": "The Man behind the man is behind us all".

Rev. Johnny (LOL)!

Message: 9976 Posted: Wed Feb 16 08:01:44 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Tom Landry

I have to apologize for this being two days late, but for us Cowboy fans (Since I was a wee little boy), just a moment of silence and Hats Off for Tom Landry. I was never his biggest fan, but I always respected him. I was sad when he was fired (although I wasn't angry) and I'm even sadder today.

Tom, you were one of the greats. We'll miss you.


Message: 9975 Posted: Wed Feb 16 00:31:15 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Three Little Pigs (not really)

I have 3 more faces to put with their names found on this chat folder: Gary Harrison, Jeff Brink, and one more of Terry Trost (this time he's with Brad Palmer at Hallendale). Thanks guys for sharing the photos with us.

Message: 9974 Posted: Tue Feb 15 21:58:13 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: A.M. radio

Andy, for me the best years of a.m. radio were pre-disco...1964-1974 were my hardcore listening years. WABC must've gone disco when I was away in the service. I still listen to WABC occasionally...even though it's now "talk radio", as is what 50% or better of the a.m. dial is...


Message: 9973 Posted: Tue Feb 15 21:15:17 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: growing up w/a.m. radio...

I grew up in the New York City area, so I was easily able to pick up WABC. The only thing is, I remember WABC as being a sort of disco type station (yuk) and America was the last thing that I would have expected to hear sise by side with Donna Summer. If it weren't for FM, I may not have ever had a chance to get to know America.


Message: 9972 Posted: Tue Feb 15 20:59:58 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: growing up w/a.m. radio...

WLW, WWL, WABC, WCFL, WLS,...I remember many nights with a small transistor radio under my pillow listening to music and baseball games trying to visualize in my minds eye the happenings and goings on at whatever paticular station I was listening to. It was a.m. radio where I first heard HORSE WITH NO NAME. With the growth of F.M. radio in the 70's and even with it's clear consistent (no skip) sound, I still have an affinity for a.m. radio. I keep a small a.m/f.m./shortwave radio by the bed...rarely does a night go by that I don't tune 2-3 times across the a.m. dial looking for that elusive HORSE (w/no name).

I mentioned this before...when AMERICA was at Jamboree in the hills this last summer their set was played over a.m. radio on WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia. Did anyone else in the eastern time zone catch it?

Message: 9971 Posted: Tue Feb 15 19:58:36 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Lyrics...

I know exactly what you mean. In my case, english is my second language. In fact, it was my parents that encouraged me to listen to the radio so that I'd become more comfortable with english. So early on, I listened to an awful lot of radio without understanding a thing.
BTW, can ANYONE understand what Elton John is singing? I happen to love early Elton John, but how easy is it to understand him? 'Common everyone, what's the first two lines to Bennie and the Jets? Or can anyone tell me the words to the chorus to "Bitter Fingers"? He's proof that something can be great without being understandable.


Message: 9970 Posted: Tue Feb 15 19:04:37 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: this week end's shows..

Gary..thinking of New eldest son is finalizing his weekend-work schedule and I am waiting on him..I'm off for 3 days but was thinking about the Mall of America in MSP..I'll letcha know!

Message: 9969 Posted: Tue Feb 15 18:55:45 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Lyrics...

Andy, I can remember as a kid growing up listening to music on a.m. radio there were a few songs that I just could'nt decipher what the lyrics I'd just make something up...and even though I eventually learned what they were I could never quite get the made up ones out of my head. MOL (moaning out loud).


Message: 9968 Posted: Tue Feb 15 18:10:57 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Trivia Question

Johnny, I'm guessing that the song you're referring to is "The Man Behind The Man" which is sung by Gerry Beckley and Chris Christian. I remember hearing that the song was about Tom Landry. Perhaps the other man is Tom's father?? Since Gerry was also born in Texas, it seems to fit in with your clue.

Message: 9967 Posted: Tue Feb 15 17:23:52 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Lyrics for ANDY

Hold on Jeff, check this line from Dan's "It's Life" track on my Japanese Hat Trick: "...Sadness is only a face for you. I'LL TRY TO TAKE THEM TO BETTER GAMES, anything for you..." Hmmm are these alternate Dan Peek lyrics about some awful New York hockey team? LOL


Message: 9966 Posted: Tue Feb 15 16:51:44 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Lyrics for ANDY

Andy, after reading your post I looked at my CD and found a couple of misinterpretations...such as, "Walk on til the sun comes up again" but nothing about moaning...uhhhhhhh!


Message: 9965 Posted: Tue Feb 15 16:09:30 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Homecoming

Some of those lyrics can get pretty interesting, especially when you look at the english lyrics. I have Hat Trick and Hearts on Japanese CD, and the supplied english lyrics are...shall we say....less than fully accurate. Consider the first line from the song Hat Trick, the title track: "You, can I make it moan...." no folks, I'm not making this up!!! I can only wonder how Dan feels about that line. LOL. Maybe later, I'll post some other "Japanese Gems" .


Message: 9964 Posted: Tue Feb 15 15:14:29 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Costa Rica & El Salvador


Message: 9963 Posted: Tue Feb 15 15:05:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: More To Come

Fair enough, Howard. Thanks!

Message: 9962 Posted: Tue Feb 15 15:01:42 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: More To Come

HMMMMM...Of the 7 America albums,
it's song 1, Side B ?
If I have time tonight, I'll try, but I'm battling a
wicked cough/cold!

Message: 9961 Posted: Tue Feb 15 14:36:25 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Costa Rica & El Salvador

That leg of the 2000 tour complete. All shows were complete sell-outs w/the El Salavdor show packed w/8,000 screaming fans. A very successful leg of this year's tour. Anyone old there w/an in-person account of the happenings ?
Latin America loves AMERICA ! HUMAN NATURE the best !

Message: 9960 Posted: Tue Feb 15 14:21:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: More To Come

Howard, when can we expect the next one? Can you give us any hints about what it will be?

Message: 9959 Posted: Tue Feb 15 14:00:33 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: RE: MORE TO COME?

GARY...& ALL.. ?

Message: 9958 Posted: Tue Feb 15 13:16:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Kike and A Triv Q. Hint

Kike, two hours of America and 9000 to 10,000 in attendance? Wow! I bet it was exciting. Any particular songs that really amazed you or any certain event that happened at the concert worth telling us about?

Talking about amazing songs, the live "TTSCU Again" is so very nice! I've played it about 15 times now. I'm eager for more.

Hint: Gerry and one of the two men in my trivia question were both born in the same state (I'm pretty sure). That should really help.

Message: 9957 Posted: Tue Feb 15 13:16:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Kike and A Triv Q. Hint

Kike, two hours of America and 9000 to 10,000 in attendance? Wow! I bet it was exciting. Any particular songs that really amazed you or any certain event that happened at the concert worth telling us about?

Talking about amazing songs, the live "TTSCU Again" is so very nice! I've played it about 15 times now. I'm eager for more.

Hint: Gerry and one of the two men in my trivia question were both born in the same state (I'm pretty sure). That should really help.

Message: 9956 Posted: Tue Feb 15 13:07:13 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: More to come ?

Ok Howard try this. How 'bout a live sound clip of Green Monkey (and not the one off "The Best of Musikladen" DVD.

Gary H

Message: 9955 Posted: Tue Feb 15 12:44:42 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: More to come ?

What shall I give next to Steve???
Stay Tuned....same bat channel...same bat time!
Enjoy everone.:-0) HL

Message: 9954 Posted: Tue Feb 15 12:36:39 2000 By: Kike
Subject: Re: To: Kike

The Concert Was Cool, There were like 9,000 or 10,000 fans there!
2 hours of the best songs of them!
Great one! the concert began at 9:00pm

Message: 9953 Posted: Tue Feb 15 12:07:17 2000 By: gary
Subject: This week-end's shows


If anyone is planning to attend the shows this week-end in New Hampshire or Conneticutt, please e-mail me. Maybe we can get together.



Message: 9952 Posted: Tue Feb 15 12:03:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Cathy and "Till The Sun Comes Up Again"

Hi Cathy! It's good to hear from you.

I want to mention something to you all that Cathy said to me at the America concert in Albuquerque about a year-and-a-half ago. She asked me if I thought "Now Sue" sounded like "Till The Sun Comes Up Again" because it did to her. Personally, I didn't think so but Cathy's fine ear was right on it! Lo and behold, we now know that "Now Sue" is "TTSCUA" played backwards! Way to go Cathy!!

Message: 9951 Posted: Tue Feb 15 11:59:10 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Homecoming

I was at the mall in Lancaster, Oh. this past weekend and found HOMECOMING in the bargan bin. What was neat about this particular copy is that it was printed in Japan and had an additional insert of the lyrics in Japanese.

HOMECOMING was an upgrade to cd as I have two pretty much worn out albums.

Jeff B.

Message: 9950 Posted: Tue Feb 15 11:46:01 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

Thank you Howie and Steve!!! Now, while we're thinking of the answers to Johnny's "simple" trivia questions, we could make our own "live" album with audio clips!

Message: 9949 Posted: Tue Feb 15 10:28:57 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

Robyn, the soundclip is in RealAudio format. You can download the RealAudio player free by going to the RealAudio web site.

Message: 9948 Posted: Tue Feb 15 10:15:39 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

WHAT A GEM! Thanks Mr. L!!!!


Message: 9947 Posted: Tue Feb 15 10:10:05 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Mr. Cruise

Oh, TOM, you're such a hoot.....(C= Yeah, Howard, but why didn't you send in a picture with that infamouse burgandy shirt????? HUH????? lol


Message: 9946 Posted: Tue Feb 15 09:59:11 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New Email - End of an era

Yeah Mark....your comments about the folder on AOL rings true. It IS bitter sweet! I agree that this venue allows more people to find others who love America's music! BUT, it's sad to see the other
dwindle down even if the posts mirror here.....that board was where I too first learned I wasn't the *only fan* out there a WHILE back (Yikes)! It was a great feeling to know there was a whole HOARD of folks out there that liked what I did!!!! Fortunatly we have folks like Steve, Rick's W, and Henry Diltz to keep that flame alive thru these sites-now to EVERYONE (C=!!!!


Message: 9945 Posted: Tue Feb 15 09:25:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

Couldn't play it!!! What's the driver? My puter wouldn't cooperate.

Message: 9944 Posted: Tue Feb 15 08:31:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Questions

Here's a pretty simple trivia question, I think. Gerry sings on what song that's about two men. One of the men made the news just the other day. Can you name the song and the man?

The second man in this song is the same person mentioned in one of Dewey's songs. Can you name the second man, Dewey's song, and give the lyric that mentions this man?

Message: 9943 Posted: Tue Feb 15 08:12:45 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Soundclip

What a excellent surprise with the 1973 live "Till The Sun Comes Up Again" soundclip! Thanks Howard and Steve.

Message: 9942 Posted: Tue Feb 15 00:40:42 2000 By: Walter
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

I really enjoy that song.


Message: 9941 Posted: Tue Feb 15 00:16:12 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: Won't know if you get this...

Thank you to all who had a part in the sound clip. Oh my did it bring back some fantastic memories. It was the best gift I got for Valentines day. Love that song!!!!

Message: 9940 Posted: Tue Feb 15 00:07:46 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Won't know if you get this...

...till the sun comes up again. Howard Lieboff sent me a soundclip of Gerry, Dewey, and Dan singing "Won't Know Till The Sun Comes Up Again" taken from a 1973 concert in Toronto. He wanted it to be on the web site earlier today as a Valentine gift to you all but today has been one of those days that I'd like to soon forget. Nevertheless, for those of you in the Mountain timezone and points west, the soundclip is out there on Valentines day. Sorry Howie that I didn't get it out sooner, but when the sun comes up tomorrow I'll know if everyone was as excited to hear it as I was. Thanks for sharing Howie!

Message: 9939 Posted: Mon Feb 14 22:04:03 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Bones?????????????/


Message: 9938 Posted: Mon Feb 14 21:46:20 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Howard: Your Photo

Is that really Howard L. or is that Tom Cruise? I can't tell the difference. (LOL)

Message: 9937 Posted: Mon Feb 14 17:34:53 2000 By: Scott
Subject: Your Move & Perspective Cassettes

Hi, guys, in case anyone's interested in the above two cassettes, I've got them listed on eBay at

Thanks a lot,


Message: 9936 Posted: Mon Feb 14 16:13:37 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Email - End of an era

Mark, I know exactly how you feel. I've often considered dropping my AOL account because the ONLY thing I use it for is America's AOL message board which doesn't get much activity (as you stated). I like AOL's buddy lists but you can get the same thing with AOL/Netscape's AIM for free. I guess the only reason I'm really keeping it is because so many people have me in their address book as Who knows, maybe one day I'll surprise everyone (including myself) and come to the end of my own e-mail era. --Steve

P.S. I have updated my address books with your new address. Thanks.

Message: 9935 Posted: Mon Feb 14 14:51:54 2000 By: Mark
Subject: New Email - End of an era

In the to whom it may concern category. I recently dropped AOL, so my old AOL email address won't work anymore. I've updated my account here and my new email is

I hardly ever used AOL anymore, so I didn't see much sense in keeping the account. Plus the activity in the AOL message folder had really gone down. In the old days the AOL folder was the place to be, now I think this one has pretty much replaced it. That's a good thing since this is available to everybody while the AOL folder is only available to AOL subscriders. But it does seem a bit bittersweet. I first signed up for AOL back around 1995, right after Hourglass came out. Before I got on AOL I thought I was one of the few America fans left in the world. I stumbled upon the AOL chat folder and met dozens of "hardcore" America fans. I also found out how to get a hold of America's CDs and what was going on with them. That's how I found Steve's web page. Ahh, the good old days.... Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday!

I know, I'm getting old when I get sentamental about canceling an AOL account.

Message: 9934 Posted: Mon Feb 14 14:39:26 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: CSNY.

I too was disappointed by Looking Forward. IMHO CSN&(rarely)Y haven't put forth a decent effort since the 70s. I think their best work is behind them. But then they really aren't a "group" per sae. They are really a bunch of individuals who get together once every decade or so in an effort to give their sagging solo careers a shot in the arm. Unlike a real group like America. And America's recent work (Hourglass and Human Nature) stand up well with their 70s stuff. While Young's stuff on Looking Forward is ok, I don't think it's really that strong. Of course I don't expect much from Young since Nicolette Larson passed away a few years ago. It seemed that Young did his best work with her, just give Comes A Time and Harvest Moon a listen.

Message: 9933 Posted: Mon Feb 14 14:32:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Howard: Your Photo

Howard, it's great to finally see a photo of you and to read your bio. Wow, you waited a long time before you saw America live. Now, you need to get Dan Peek's autograph on your "History" CD.

Message: 9932 Posted: Mon Feb 14 13:50:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Howie's Face

The photos continue to roll in. Here's one of Howard Lieboff.

Message: 9931 Posted: Mon Feb 14 13:20:33 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Rigo

Rigo, you can post your thoughts of the concert here for all to read if you wish. Your mention of 9,000 attendees was good to hear. Anything unusual or particularly interesting happen at the concert? What particular songs impressed you the most? You might mention things like that to us.

Message: 9930 Posted: Mon Feb 14 11:42:49 2000 By: Janice
Subject: "eeeekkkyyy"

I remember reading the same thing too Beech..can't remember where though..thought it was here on the page but I may be wrong.
Nice pics Terry..and thanks for Valentines wishes Johnny..same to ya' was very good to me today :-)

Message: 9929 Posted: Mon Feb 14 11:25:49 2000 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Johnny & Steve

Johnny & Steve,
Since I do not have a scanner, I will take Johnny up on his offer and mil him a current photo of myself to include in the "Face With A Name" America Chat Folder project. To complete my end of the bargain though, I need Johnny's snail-mail address. Johnny, please send that to me to my personal e-mail address. As soon as Johnny's received that mailing, I will then submit a fitting personal bio to Steve to post at the America Home Page. I appreciate the kind words Johnny, you and the rest of the group are terrific.

Brandon Rose

Message: 9928 Posted: Mon Feb 14 11:07:20 2000 By: otrebogir
Subject: El Salvador Concert

My e-mail is is you want to know more about El Salvador's concert last friday

Message: 9927 Posted: Mon Feb 14 11:01:39 2000 By: otrebogir
Subject: Concert in El Salvador

I was Last Friday in EL SALVADOR concert there were around 9000 people in the concert, I am a Big America's fan.
Someone waas to know about El Salvador's concert.
My name is Rigoberto "rigo" is easy

Message: 9926 Posted: Mon Feb 14 09:14:40 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: And May I Be The 2nd.....

To wish everyone positive vibes this Valentine's Day! I hope cupid is painless to everyone this year! (C=

Message: 9925 Posted: Mon Feb 14 09:13:46 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Terry Trost's Photos

My thoughts exactly Johnny!

Message: 9924 Posted: Mon Feb 14 09:12:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Terry Trost's Photos

Hey, Mr. T! You look great either way, but just curious....why'd you shave the 'stach? (C= Agreed on the J.T. thing!


Message: 9923 Posted: Mon Feb 14 09:08:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Photo.-Kevin

Nahhhh, Kevin. I just heard a *while back* that he thought it was a little "fish-bowl-ish". Every city that they went to, someone would post about every nuance at the concert...I don't recall anything negative either, but just to be nice, I thought I'd do the short thaaaaaang....I figure they KNOW that we love what they do, so it's not that..... and I DID hear this second (or third)hand a WHILE BACK when this whole "internet thing" was fairly new......(C=


Message: 9922 Posted: Mon Feb 14 08:38:34 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: Terry Trost's Photos

...You know I thought the same thing do have a resemblance to to see your Bio soon.....

Leakycanoe aka Bill Payne

Message: 9921 Posted: Mon Feb 14 08:00:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Terry Trost's Photos

Thanks "Double T" for sending your pictures to Steve for us to view. I didn't recognize you at first without your "shamrock" cap (LOL). Has anyone told you that you have a resemblance to James Taylor? Well, I think so anyway. :o)

Message: 9920 Posted: Mon Feb 14 07:51:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: May I Be The First...

May I be the first on the folder to wish all the ladies a Happy Valentine's Day.

In the words of Sir Dewey:

She moves, oh so fine
She's like a perfect VALENTINE
She's not one to fall in love
She's too high on the stars above at night

Message: 9919 Posted: Mon Feb 14 05:58:49 2000 By: Stephen
Subject: Dewey's Past

Does anyone know the air force base that Dewey lived at just prior to living in London? Could it have been RAF Feltwell? Please write back if you know. Thanks.

Message: 9918 Posted: Sun Feb 13 21:09:41 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: One More Face

I received three photos from Terry Trost tonight and I couldn't figure out which one to include so I used all three. I have created a Chat Folder Faces web page where I'll put all of the photos of those fans who don't have biographies yet. Of course, I'd like to encourage them all to write a short bio so they can have their VERY OWN fan page. --Steve

Message: 9917 Posted: Sun Feb 13 20:35:48 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Photo.

Sorry, Johnny, I've been meaning to send you a photo, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Just curious, Beechlady, what you mean that Dewey's getting "eeecky" about online "critiques?" Most of what I read here about their concerts is glowing. In fact, I've not read anything negative. Have there been some unflattering posts that have been subsequently eliminated from the chat folder before most people have had a chance to read them? Because I must have missed anything that would upset him.


Message: 9916 Posted: Sun Feb 13 17:38:26 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hallendale

In deference to Mr. Bunnell (I heard he was getting a bit "eeecky" about the online "critiques" of their performances everywhere they've gone)I'll limit my eyewitness coverage to the Reader's Digest Version (c=

The usual song set-nice and long.
Three Roses NEVER sounded better!
Poor Mr. Leonardo! The heat wrecked havoc on guitar strings and he was bustin' butt almost ALL concert. One got played, while one was tuned then vice versa......KUDOS to him for keeping EVERYTHING on track! Sometimes not enough gets said about the crew and their contributions!!! (C=

The band sounded nice and tight--despite the chick in the leopard bikini....(who looked grand from a DISTANCE(!!!!!yeeeeeowza)...

Husbands pick of the night--Riverside
My pick of the night--Sandman. Wood-z was SMOKeIN'

Everyone looked tanned and rested (despite the cross country trek.)All in all a GREAT concert experience! I know I had fun! Thanks again to the Guys and Crew of America for another gem.

The only caviat of the day was the perfunctory Horsetrack Lessons. Ugh. I know it's at a RACETRACK, but yikes........luckily I brought some fascinating reading

Message: 9915 Posted: Sun Feb 13 17:25:26 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Beechlady's Self Portrait

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. J! Yeah, it was a sting ray bike no less! I think that the county must have JUST put in a new batch of peastones the day before, because I felt like I was peddling thru MUCK for about 2 of those miles....rofl. Man, my thigh muscles must have been the envy of Ionia County.....lolololol.....wonder what happened?

Message: 9914 Posted: Sun Feb 13 17:21:56 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Faces and Places

Yuppers! Thanks Erin!

Message: 9913 Posted: Sun Feb 13 16:42:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Beechlady's Self Portrait

Beechlady, I enjoyed reading your bio and viewing your self portrait. From your bio, I could see you in my mind's eye riding your bike those four miles up that dirt road to your friend's house with the "Homecoming" LP in hand. You were a good friend, no doubt about it!

There are so many of you who frequent the chat folder that I'd like to put a face with a name. Some of the first ones that come to my mind are KevinS, Janice, Robyn, Howard, Jimnak, John Corbett, Andy, Virginia (who's been lurking lately), Brandon, Rick, Gary, Shayne, Jim G, TomT, Joe B, Nanse, and Shari Mc. I know there are many others and I apologize for omitting names but you know who you are (LOL). Robyn told me she's searching for the right photo. Jimnak, I remember you declined in the recent past. I hope you'll reconsider. To everyone else, I hope you'll do it. Even if you don't have a scanner, there's no excuse because I'll do it for you if you send me a photo.

Message: 9912 Posted: Sun Feb 13 12:30:55 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: my back side

I just remembered that you can see the back of my head in a photo from 1997. If you go to 1997 concerts and scroll down to Thorton Winery and to Pete and his nephew Lennon, I am the one you see standing with the blonde wavey hair. Wow, you can actually see the back side of me. I have taken other pictures with the band, but haven't gotten them to Steve yet. When I do have extra time I will do that. With everyone else sending their pictures, I thought you might want to see me from a different point of view. LOL nanse

Message: 9911 Posted: Sat Feb 12 18:15:57 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Faces and Places

Tery...I love the drawing! Did you really do that yourself?

Erin :o)

Message: 9910 Posted: Sat Feb 12 10:36:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Faces and Places

About that Places thing.....GEEZO. Playing El Salvador to Fort Lauderdale area in two days? I'm tired just thinking about it. BUT I suppose that isn't the longest haul in two days these guys have made.....I'd be interested to hear about the "worst"! (or would that be the "best"?) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......


Message: 9909 Posted: Fri Feb 11 23:01:49 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Faces and Places

Faces: The face belongs to Tery Holly (aka TkH; aka Beechlady). Well almost. She wasn't quite willing to share a photo of her just yet. But she did send me a self portrait that looks pretty good.

Places: The place is WAY south of the border in El Salvador where the guys are playing tonight. Kike scanned in his concert ticket and e-mailed it to me.

Message: 9908 Posted: Fri Feb 11 22:25:25 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Second Annual Fan Gathering in Reno

America will be playing the Nugget Casino in Sparks (Reno), Nevada from March 30 to April 5. The Second Annual Fan Gathering will again be held at the Planet Hollywood in downtown Reno on Saturday, April 1. The exact time will be announced later (it will probably be around 1:00 or 2:00 PM). If you plan on going or need additional info, please e-mail Gary Harrison who has so graciously offered to organize this event for the second year in a row. Here's a link to a photo of some fans who attended last year. Thanks Gary for your efforts!

Message: 9907 Posted: Fri Feb 11 17:13:22 2000 By: gary
Subject: Reno Shows

Howdy America Fans

I talked to the Entertainment Director at the Nugget Casino in Reno today and she confirmed that America will definitely be playing there from March 30 to April 5. This means that the "Second Annual America Fan Gathering" will again take place at the Planet Hollywood in Downtown Reno.(yes, this Planet Hollywood is actually still in business). I have talked to the sales person at Planet, and she informed me that Saturday, April 1 (of all days), would be the best day. So I guess I am gonna' make that the official day. So mark that on your calendar. I am hoping that this time will be bigger and better than last, and maybe we can get the guys to show up this time (hopefully no one is getting married again haha). I need to have a head count so please e-mail me and let me know if you are going. Please use the follwing e-mail address:


Gaey H

Message: 9906 Posted: Fri Feb 11 16:58:38 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: CSYN.

I bought the new CSYN album. I agree, Robyn. Major disappointment. The Neil Young songs are great, the rest of the album I found lifeless. All those years and all those drugs have not only robbed David Crosby of his health, but of his talent as well. I hope he gets it back. If not, sorry, buddy, that's the price you pay.


Message: 9905 Posted: Fri Feb 11 16:33:09 2000 By: Kike
Subject: Re: To: Kike

Hey Thanx Johnn, I've even scanned the ticket!
Tonite the concert will be cool!
I can bet that
I'll tell ya, how it was

Message: 9904 Posted: Fri Feb 11 16:32:01 2000 By: Kike
Subject: Re: To: Kike

Hey Thanx Johnn, I've even scanned the ticket!
Tonite the concert will be cool!
I can bet that
I'll tell ya, how it was

Message: 9903 Posted: Fri Feb 11 16:26:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

That should be "gratitude". I should've stick with a simpler word like, "thanks"! (LOL)

Message: 9902 Posted: Fri Feb 11 16:02:38 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The "Celebrity Death Match"

Aas far as "Death Match" goes, America has already ( IMHO0 kicked major tail in the nusic department. Human Nature is fresh lively and the most listenable work I have heard in a while. I bought the new CSNY on reputation alone. Talk about disappointment!!!! Predictable? I could sing the next line BEFORE I heard the song! Rehashed stuff I had expected more. Maybe David was a trifle busy, fathering Melissa and Julie's kids ( he is the father to both children, I believe).

Anyone else have the same reaction???

Message: 9901 Posted: Fri Feb 11 15:58:22 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: For "Mobdoll"

Karen, I too want to wish you the best in your new career and on your move. I also want to express my ETERNAL know...Akamanjo! Thanks for being a lady-of-your-word. :o)

Message: 9900 Posted: Fri Feb 11 15:31:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Kike

Cool Kike! We all know you will have a wonderful time. If you will, please give us a review after the show. We'd love to hear about it.

Message: 9899 Posted: Fri Feb 11 15:02:06 2000 By: Kike
Subject: America in El Salvador

Wow, Tonight I'll go to the concert of America, here in El Salvador,
Is just amazing!
I can't wait till 7:30 pm

Message: 9898 Posted: Fri Feb 11 14:05:41 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Jet Blue

I was reading up on that Johnny..the flight attendants will wear "nightclub cool" clothes and serve blue chips..should be a real threat to the industry and the "Majors" market share..
As much as I love CSNY they would lose the Death Match to our dynamic duo (or terrific trio if Dan was included)..
Bye Karen..enjoy the sunshine!

Message: 9897 Posted: Fri Feb 11 13:25:39 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Celebrity Death Match"

Regarding the "Celebrity Death Match", I say to bring on Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Vs. Gerry, Dewey, and Dan. I figure Dan can handle Stephen Stills. Gerry and Graham Nash appear to be about the same size. Dewey can finally "Even The Score" with Neil Young. David Crosby better stay on the side for paternal reasons. After all, he is the new father of Melissa Ethridge's mate's new baby, I do believe.

I heard on the news last night about a new airlines stationed out of NYC that reminded me of Dan's Hideaway song, "Jet Boy Blue" The new airlines is called Jet Blue.

Message: 9896 Posted: Fri Feb 11 12:09:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Never.

JOC-U-LARITY,pure and simple!!!!!!

Ken Griffy joins Steely Dan

Reds vs Dennis Rodman in Celebrity Death Match

Kevin Bacon know Dan Peek.... (C;

Message: 9895 Posted: Fri Feb 11 08:04:34 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: For Karen,

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to say 'thanks' for eveything you did for the 'guys'. Good Luck with what ever you do! Enjoy the sunshine. I know you will miss the snow, NOT. Take Care.

Message: 9894 Posted: Thu Feb 10 23:33:04 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Never.

How about this:

The members of Steely Dan Join the Reds.....

Ken Griffey Jr. joins the NBA

Dennis Rodman puts out a CD of contemporary Christian music.

Dan Peek enters the WWF, and is featured on "Celebrity Death Match"

See Kevin, sometimes it's okay to say NEVER. :) LOL


Message: 9893 Posted: Thu Feb 10 19:56:51 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Johnny's Face

Johnny is the first one to send me a photo so we can put a face with a name. Since Johnny already had a biography on the America Fans web site, I simply added his picture to his biography. You can click on the following link to see his picture and read about him. Thanks Johnny. Who's next?

Message: 9892 Posted: Thu Feb 10 19:25:50 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Never.

Steely Dan has a new CD coming out next week.

The Reds get Ken Griffey, Junior.

Dennis Rodman is back in the NBA.

Dan Peek re-joins America.

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever say never.


Message: 9891 Posted: Thu Feb 10 18:56:34 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Thanks Karen

Thanks Karen for all the work you did for the guys and best wishes for you in Florida.


Message: 9890 Posted: Thu Feb 10 18:48:33 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: other info

Hi, everybody. On the impromptu chat last night, there was a visit from Walter. He directed us to a site named (don't put www. in front of it or it won't work).
My daughter and I are really enjoying the music on that site by this "deceased??" singer/songwriter. (I think the story they tell about the artist is with tongue planted firmly in cheek.)
Would love to hear impressions from anyone else about this artist/band/whatever it's called. Walter who posted is clearly involved in the writing, producing and performing of the music, and he sure doesn't seem dead to me!
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 9889 Posted: Thu Feb 10 18:05:24 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Oops--note to KarenD

Wishing you good fortune and much happiness in the sunny Florida climate. Thanks for your good work!

Message: 9888 Posted: Thu Feb 10 18:03:23 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Where Did They Go

I always say Steve and the fans who frequent this page are class acts! I am glad to see that Steve is keeping the integrity of this page intact.

BTW, thanks to all who joined me in the chat room last evening! Always a pleasure to talk with you "live"

Message: 9887 Posted: Thu Feb 10 11:32:01 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Thank You....Karen!


Thanks for all your hard work, it was greatly appreciated.
We know you did all you can for the guys.

Best of luck in Florida. You'll be missed.


Message: 9886 Posted: Thu Feb 10 10:34:37 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Thanks Karen

Thanks for everything Karen. We all appreciate your efforts and wish you happiness in your future endeavers.

Gary H

Message: 9885 Posted: Thu Feb 10 10:32:28 2000 By: Chatty
Subject: Where Did They Go

There were a few posts recently which contained offensive language. I'm sorry that some of you had to read them but they have been cleaned up. Also, several posts that were made in response to the offensive posts have been deleted since they no longer apply. You America fans showed your true colors in the wonderful way that you handled those posts.

By the way, I want to wish Karen the best, too.


Message: 9884 Posted: Thu Feb 10 08:49:29 2000 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Thanks Karen

I check in often, but only post when the mood strikes me. The mood has struck me! Let me also extend my thanks and appreciation to Karen for everything she did for America while with Oxygen Records. I wish nothing but the best for her and whatever the future holds. Karen you are going to really dig Florida.

Brandon Rose

Message: 9883 Posted: Thu Feb 10 07:34:30 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Thanks Karen

Thanks for all you've done. I am a "fringe" member of this chat folder (I read all the notes, but post few), but I would feel remiss if I didn't say thanks for everything. You've brought joy to thousands of people through your hard work. I've been an America fan since the early 70s--thanks for helping keep them around. Billy

Message: 9882 Posted: Thu Feb 10 05:19:35 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Karen

Hello everyone. It's always pleasing to hear from Karen and I'm sure we all wish her well in her endevours and that Florida is to your liking so toodle pip.

Message: 9881 Posted: Wed Feb 09 22:43:51 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Bye Bye

Best wishes ! NYC to Florida ?
Of course as Billy Martin once said, "once a Yankee always a Yankee."

Message: 9880 Posted: Wed Feb 09 21:44:03 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: re: Bye Bye

I wish you continued success in everything you do,& THANK YOU for all the hard work you done!

Take Care,

Message: 9879 Posted: Wed Feb 09 21:20:23 2000 By: Marshall
Subject: re: Bye Bye

Marshall S.

Message: 9878 Posted: Wed Feb 09 18:23:38 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: Bye Bye

Thank you.

Jeff B.

Message: 9877 Posted: Wed Feb 09 18:22:40 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: Bye Bye

Thank you.

Jeff B.

Message: 9876 Posted: Wed Feb 09 18:18:22 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Bye Bye

Good luck Karen...thanks for everything you've done!

Erin :o)

Message: 9875 Posted: Wed Feb 09 18:07:54 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Bye Bye

Karen, we're really going to miss you and wish you the best in your new endeavor. It was A LOT OF FUN working with you during the Human Nature rollout and I'm going to miss that on future projects. Just because you don't work for Oxygen anymore doesn't mean you have to be a stranger around here. We'd still like to hear what you're up to and how you're doing. All the best! --Steve

Message: 9874 Posted: Wed Feb 09 15:16:37 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Bye Bye


Thanks for all your hard work. I still hear FAMT played at the mall and resturants, and I know it's because of your effort.

Thanks and best wishes.

Message: 9873 Posted: Wed Feb 09 14:04:48 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: HWNN

Gerry Laffy does a rendition of Horse on his album being sold on the John Taylor website "Trust The Process".

It's not bad.....(C=

Scroll down to the Gerry Laffy album and click on Horse for a clip!

Message: 9872 Posted: Wed Feb 09 13:29:42 2000 By: Karen D
Subject: Bye Bye

Hello, all. I wanted to let you know that I've decided to leave the King Biscuit Entertainment Group. I'm trading NYC in for the sunshine of Ft. Lauderdale.

I feel very honored that you put your trust into my abilities to promote the band you love and I hope I haven't let you down. It was great meeting so many of you at shows and promotional appearances, and working with those of you who let me use your photos and memorabilia on releases. Oxygen Records has many amazing projects in the works for America - I know how much time seems to lapse between announcements, and many of you have been very perceptive in your theories. This is a small label group, but it's growing by leaps and bounds. There will be lots of cool America projects in the near future, so keep the faith. Also, look for the Oxygen page of the King Biscuit website to have a complete overhaul and feature more info on America.

Again, thanks for your trust and your constant praise. I'd be hard pressed to find a kinder group of fans. And look for me at Hallendale!

Best to you all,

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 9871 Posted: Wed Feb 09 09:47:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reno/Sparks

FYI: I added the Reno/Sparks concert to the list because a number of insiders told me that it would probably take place that week. However, it hasn't been confirmed and hasn't been placed on the Nuggett web site yet. Therefore, I wouldn't make any special plans until it is confirmed (i.e., until it's on the Nuggett web site or I announce here that it's confirmed). Remember, the concerts listed on the schedule are always subject to change but I try to be as accurate as possible. Regarding a Las Vegas concert and all other future concerts, I'm hoping to receive an updated (confirmed) schedule from Morey Management within the next week or two. It has taken a little longer than usual to get the list out this year because they're making sure that each concert is confirmed before they release the list. However, as I said above, the concerts are always subject to change. --Steve

Message: 9870 Posted: Wed Feb 09 09:15:16 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Faceless Names-Andy

You modesty puts us ALL to SHAME, Andrew.....rofl! (C=

Message: 9869 Posted: Wed Feb 09 09:03:54 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat?

If my server doesn't die out on me, I will be in the chat room this evening around 7 pm pacific time. Anyone who cares to join me would be most welcome!!!! see you all tonight!

Message: 9868 Posted: Wed Feb 09 00:23:07 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: Reno/Sparks

Shari and I won't know what to do because we have been planning this big trip to Reno for months now. It is ironic that the one year we can go, they book for a totally different time. How about Vegas? Does anyone know when they usually go there and for how long? I have had a cold for the last week so I haven't been on line much. Hope everyone else is doing well. nanse

Message: 9867 Posted: Tue Feb 08 23:22:48 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Reno/Sparks

Anyone else planning on going??

Erin :o)

Message: 9866 Posted: Tue Feb 08 21:02:58 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Reno/Sparks

I think you should plan on March. I doubt that they will do it again in July.


Message: 9865 Posted: Tue Feb 08 20:02:20 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Reno/Sparks

Yikes! AMERICA will make an early visit to the Nugget? My RENO OR BUST fund won't be ready until July. And I thought I had a great plan for a late summer trip to see Reno and AMERICA. Is there a chance they might be there Spring and Summer this year? Does anyone know if I should try to make the Mar. 27 - Apr. 7 appearance for sure or risk it and hope for another in Jul. or Aug?

Message: 9864 Posted: Tue Feb 08 16:40:35 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Faceless Names

I'll look for a photo to send, but I think that the only thing that my photo will accomplish is to induce involuntary purging when some poor soul sees it. :) lol


Message: 9863 Posted: Tue Feb 08 16:19:12 2000 By: Lori York
Subject: Re: Faceless Names

I am willing to send you a picture of me Johnny if you promise not to become obsessed and destroy my world! LOL (just kidding) - send me your email address pretty please!

Message: 9862 Posted: Tue Feb 08 08:10:33 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Faceless Names

I have none....roflmao


Message: 9861 Posted: Tue Feb 08 08:08:39 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hallendale Concert Help!

The gates at Gulfstream open on Sundays at 11. The concert is usually at 1 or 2 BUT I'd be there when the gates open......

Message: 9860 Posted: Tue Feb 08 07:55:17 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Faceless Names

Robyn, I'm looking for that "right" photo of myself, too. Maybe after I scan mine, it'll inspire others to do the same. Yet, on the other hand....

Message: 9859 Posted: Mon Feb 07 21:37:28 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Faceless Names Play Their Game"

ok Johnny, I'm game. Just give me some time to find a photo that doesn't make me look like I've been fed corn through a picket fence. Alas, I have no photos with the guys.. Maybe this summer, if the gods are kind!

Also Johnny, your quiz proves once again you are a man with TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!!!!Just kidding, I would never have guessed the answer though . Thought provoking as usual!

Message: 9858 Posted: Mon Feb 07 20:56:11 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs

You're right about it not being a difficult song AND being almost exactly like Bread's "Make It With You". I used to play both songs quite a bit in my younger days and the chords ARE identical. The progression is even almost identical. I got out my guitar tonight when I got home from work and picked it right up again within minutes, and it's been many years since I've played either song. I don't believe I am familiar with the song "Melissa", though.

BTW, if the building clears when singing "Muskrat Love", its probably because the crowd is only familiar with the crappy version put out by Captain & Tenille.

Message: 9857 Posted: Mon Feb 07 17:20:34 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs

Muskrat Love is not difficult song to play. On guitar, the chords are almost identical to "MAKE IT WITH YOU" by Bread, and "MELISSA" by (I think) The Allman Brothers. For total shock value, announce to a crowd of people that you'll be playing MELISSA, and just start singing MUSKRAT LOVE after a few measures. Oh yeah, if the entire building empties out, it may or may not be a coincidence.


Message: 9856 Posted: Mon Feb 07 14:19:34 2000 By: DaveS
Subject: Hallendale Concert Help!

I am going to be in Florida at the time of America's concert at Gulfstream Park in Hallendale. I went to their web site but they don't list a time for their concert. Does anyone know ?

Message: 9855 Posted: Mon Feb 07 13:51:42 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Muskrat Lunch

I think it would be hilarious if they did. Someone here mentioned that when Brad joined the group he said "Only if you agree to never play that song live again." I bet he would even be willing to lay down the bass line with lyrics like that. J.

Message: 9854 Posted: Mon Feb 07 11:47:33 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Muskrat Lunch

Maybe Gerry and Dewey would consider adding it to their playlist with the new and improved lyrics!

Message: 9853 Posted: Mon Feb 07 11:17:38 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs

I used to play Muskrat Love at one time. Don't remember it being a terribly difficult song to play. I'll have to sit down and relearn it and see what I can come up with.

Message: 9852 Posted: Mon Feb 07 11:12:41 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Double postings

<<I believe Lori hit the nail on the head. Besides hitting the refresh button (which can cause it to post again), sometimes people will hit the backup button in the browser and then hit the Post Your Message button again on the Chat Folder screen.>>
I think I'm guilty of BOTH those crimes. Now that I know what I'm doing to cause it, I will try to be more careful in the future.

Message: 9851 Posted: Sun Feb 06 21:43:41 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Double postings

I believe Lori hit the nail on the head. Besides hitting the refresh button (which can cause it to post again), sometimes people will hit the backup button in the browser and then hit the Post Your Message button again on the Chat Folder screen.

Message: 9850 Posted: Sun Feb 06 16:56:56 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs

Hey You People,

All right, I'll admit it. Those are my own lyrics. I have a lot of deep-rooted emotional issues I'm currently working through. If anyone musical out there wants to tackle it with music and send it to Dr. Demento, you have my best wishes. And I'll even share the millions of dollars we'll make off of it.

Joe B

Joe B

Message: 9849 Posted: Sun Feb 06 16:00:57 2000 By: Lori York
Subject: Re: Double postings

I did the same thing Allen and it was because after posting, I hit the refresh button. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong.

Message: 9848 Posted: Sun Feb 06 15:04:52 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Double postings

Sometimes when I post, it shows up twice. What am I doing wrong to cause this to happen?

Message: 9847 Posted: Sun Feb 06 15:03:17 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Alan, Your Picture

<<Alan, I think you had your eyes closed because you were checking to see if the whole scene with Gerry and Dewey was a dream or if it was real.>>
That's right!

Message: 9846 Posted: Sun Feb 06 15:02:08 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Alan, Your Picture

<<Alan, I think you had your eyes closed because you were checking to see if the whole scene with Gerry and Dewey was a dream or if it was real.>>
That's right!

Message: 9845 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:44:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Alan, Your Picture

Alan, I think you had your eyes closed because you were checking to see if the whole scene with Gerry and Dewey was a dream or if it was real.

Message: 9844 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:34:45 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: "Faceless Names Play Their Game"

That just doesn't flow as smoothly as "Nameless Faces Play Their Games", but we get the picture. I think it's a great idea. I already have a photo of me and HALF my family with Dewey & Gerry at the Topsfield Fair last summer. I could try to find one with ALL my family and send it. Let's face it, the one w/ my bio isn't the most flattering picture of me ever taken (in fact Dewey and Gerry being in it is about the only saving grace - I take that back - my oldest daughter Tamara doesn't look too bad in that photo, either).

Message: 9843 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:26:52 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Tools for songwriters

Thanks! It IS exactly what I'm looking for. I just bookmarked the site for future reference. As always, you've been most helpful.

Message: 9842 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:19:29 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Faceless Names Play Their Game"

I've been on the chat folder for about a year-and-a-half now and have corresponded with a lot of you on and off the folder. I think it would be a nice idea to finally see what each of you look like. Some of you have already submitted a photo which I think is great. I think America fans are not only among the friendliest, but no doubt, the best looking (LOL)! Okay, okay, I know I'm pressing it.

I've discussed this with Steve and he agreed to this: If you're interested, and I hope you are, you can send me your photo or one with you and the family. I'll scan it and then forward it to Steve via e-mail. Steve will then post it in the bio section. If you include a SASE, I'll send the photo back to you. So, what do you all think? If you're interested, let me know here and I'll send you my address.

Message: 9841 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:17:51 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs (Muskrat Lunch)

ROTFL! Who did it, anyway? Is that from the Dr. Demento archives?

Message: 9840 Posted: Sun Feb 06 14:14:53 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Henry Diltz

<<Not only is he a great photographer & banjo player, he can also play a mean clarinet! (Overwhelming World Suite) Great Song!!!!>>

I agree! OWS is one of my favorites on HN. Although, with SO many GREAT tunes on that album, it's hard to pick favorites.

Message: 9839 Posted: Sun Feb 06 13:57:02 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Tools for songwriters

No, but you can buy a rhyming dictionary

Message: 9838 Posted: Sun Feb 06 13:54:43 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Muskrat Lunch

Joe B, you naughty boy! (LOL)

Message: 9837 Posted: Sun Feb 06 12:54:33 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: Banjo

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are just about the BEST innovative instrumental group out there!!!!!! (C=

Message: 9836 Posted: Sun Feb 06 12:53:23 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Henry Diltz

Shari, the America Fans web site also has a link to Henry's page. In fact, there are tons of links on the Links Page. You could spend hours (perhaps days) just following all of the links and reading all of the information and looking at all of the photos that are out there.

Here's a direct link to Henry's Gallery Web Site for your convenience.

Message: 9835 Posted: Sun Feb 06 12:50:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Gross Novelty Songs

Absolutely hilarious! (Yes, and I like Beavis and Butthead and Celebrity Death Match girlfriend say's I must have a Y chromosome floating around in my body SOMEWHERE! It's one thing the hubby and I can sit in front of the TV ((when the kids are gone)) and share...rofl)

Message: 9834 Posted: Sat Feb 05 23:56:09 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Re: Henry Diltz

For more info on Henry Diltz there is a link to his website on Ventura Some pictures of AMERICA, too!

Message: 9833 Posted: Sat Feb 05 23:22:02 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Gross Novelty Songs

In case you've never heard this one:

Muskrat Lunch

Muskrat Muskrat Candlelight,
The things you do with muskrats well they just ain't right.
It's illegal,like when you flambe'd that beagle.
Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam,
You turned those little muskrats into muskrat spam,
For a meal, tell me what is your deal?
Toasted and broasted or broiled,
In salad with vinegar and oiled,
Or raw just like the sushi you munch,
Eating muskrat lunch.
You make yourself a sandwich, muskrat luncheon meat,
Or your homemade muskrat hot dogs that include the small feet,
It's so scary, 'cause those suckers are quite hairy.
Now you dip 'em in chocolate, you dip 'em in cheese,
You have your muskrat fondue just whenever you please.
It's despicable, the way you find 'em so lickable.
Chill 'em or you grill 'em or fry 'em.
Homemade cause you can't go and buy 'em.
In milk because theu won't lose their crunch.
You're eating muskrat lunch.

Yum yum yum, etc to fade

Message: 9832 Posted: Sat Feb 05 20:53:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Tools for songwriters

Alan, here's a link to A Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry and Songwriting web site. I think it's exactly what you were looking for.

Message: 9831 Posted: Sat Feb 05 20:47:02 2000 By: Walter
Subject: Re: Tools for songwriters

I do believe there are digital rhyming dictionaries, although they always seem to lead to trite rhymes...


Message: 9830 Posted: Sat Feb 05 20:45:45 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Henry Diltz

Not only is he a great photographer & banjo player, he can also play a mean clarinet! (Overwhelming World Suite) Great Song!!!!

Message: 9829 Posted: Sat Feb 05 19:02:35 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Tools for songwriters

Apologies for the off-topic post, but are there any songwriters or poets (or wannabe's like myself) out there in America fandom? If so, I have a question for you: Does anybody know of any software (or even a website) that allows you to plug in a word and it returns every word in the English language that rhymes with it?

I would find a tool like this quite useful, as I occasionally write songs and come up with a great line (only occasionally, I assure you) but then I can't come up with a next line that rhymes with it and still has relevance to the rest of the song. This has been a great source of frustration for me for many years and I think a tool like this would prove very useful.

Again, please forgive the OT post, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. A little footnote to (loosely) tie this in to America. My playing style (guitar) and several songs I have written are greatly influenced by America, particularly their early stuff (though pale in comparison, of course).

Message: 9828 Posted: Sat Feb 05 18:11:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Blowing Bubbles

<<I was watching Paula Cole on VH1's "Hard Luck Live". Two things struck me as strange. First, I was actually hearing music on VH1, instead of another pointless talk show. Second, while she was singing a really excellent song (name unknown), I heard a familiar sound effect: Bubbles! Can anyone think of this sound effect ever being used other than on my beloved HAT TRICK? >>

As a matter of fact, I'm listening to one right now! The song is "Wet Dream" by Kip Addotta, on Dr. Demento's Greatest Novelty CD Of All Time on none other than the Rhino label (which I understand is who is doing America's box set). I Know, I know. You meant any other SERIOUS song.

P.S. Stay away from VH1. That stuff'll rot your brains (almost as bad as MTV) :-)

Message: 9827 Posted: Sat Feb 05 10:54:48 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Answers To My Puzzle

My trivia game was a bit on the overkill side, I admit. Sorry about that, all. You could say what I had in mind is "History" now. My next two clues were going to be a lyric with the word "feel" in it and the lyrics, "HAND(s) IN MY POCKET(s). The answer to my puzzle is: The front cover of the "History" album. All of the following words that I had capitalized can be found on the album cover:

CHAIRS: There's at least two of them.


PEOPLE TALK and FACE TO FACE: There's two people talking face to face.

HALF A MAN: That's Dan's song. He's pictured from the chest up.

GOLDEN HAIR and IN THE MIDDLE: That's Gerry's song. He's in the middle and he has beautiful golden hair!

HAND(s) IN MY POCKET, STONES, and CALL OF THE WILD: "Hands in my pockets" are lyrics from one of Dewey's songs. He's standing on some stones with his left hand in his pocket. He has a canteen in his right hand like he's ready to hit the desert.

GAMES: I see tennis rackets, a football, golf clubs, etc.

FENCE(s): There's a picket fence around a tree.

CARS: There's two of them.

BAG: There's a bag sitting on the ground in the "Holiday" setting.

BUS: There's a red double-decker bus.

WAVES A WAVING, OCEAN OF BLUE, and BAY: An ocean on the right with waves in the San Francisco Bay.

HAT: Dan, Dewey, and Gerry are all wearing hats as is Willie, I believe. Dan's also wearing a cowboy hat in the other drawing of him.

ENGLAND and CALIFORNIA: England's on the left and California is on the right.

CLOCK and POLITICAL POACHERS: There a drawing of Big Ben which is a part of the Parliment Building.

BRIDGE: There's the Golden Gate Bridge.

FEEL, HEART, MAN: All are the creation of the talented Phil Hartmann. His last name appears on the bottom of the drawing.

Message: 9826 Posted: Sat Feb 05 10:45:55 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: re: Banjo

I knew I'd find another Bela listener (and yes, after sending the message I realized his name had only one "l"...almost named my son Bela and he's glad I didn't). Must be newgrass that I like because Bela takes the banjo way beyond bluegrass. Anyway, back to AMERICA,
and if it's a banjo player thay need to play SUBMARINE LADIES in concert I'm sure Bela would enjoy sharing the stage with them.

Message: 9825 Posted: Sat Feb 05 10:02:33 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bubbles

Andy, I can't say that I've ever heard the sound of bubbles on any other song like those on the "Hat Trick" LP. Then it hit me...BONG (lol)! There's no sound effects on the song that came to mind next but the fellowing words paint a strong mental picture thanks to the Topic Sir Dewey Had: Smoke glass stain bright color/ Image going down, down ,down, down/ Soapsuds green like bubbles. Hmmmmm.

Message: 9824 Posted: Sat Feb 05 06:37:01 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Beach Boys,Steely Dan,America.

Hello all,some highly entertaining T.V. shows screening in Australia recently,Beach Boys history and classic albums, fridays show featured Steely Dan and their superb album Aja,this is the only time I've seen a show go into extraordinary depth from try outs with various musicians and an intrview with Gary Katz the Dans producer at one time mooted to produce Human Nature no less.I wonder how long it's going to take to get our lads back into the studio to record some new material,might not be too lightly seeing theres a rash of America material on the horizon.

Message: 9823 Posted: Sat Feb 05 05:37:13 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: Banjo

Bela Fleck is quite the banjo player...Traditional bluegrass, progressive newgrass, country and jazz (sort of). I especially like his latest cd. The cd "Drive" from 1988 is nore to my liking, Instrumentals with a "hint" of bluegrass. The new cd is a close second.


Message: 9822 Posted: Sat Feb 05 00:59:02 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Goldmine: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

In the February 11th issue of Goldmine magazine, Phill Marder lists his 25 picks for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Happily, America is on his list! Here are his picks in alphabetical order:

1. America -- Everyone thought their first hit, "A Horse With No Name," was Neil Young. And everyone thought their second, "I Need You," was the Bee Gees. But sounding like Hall of Fame inductees is not enough to get you into the Hall yourself, and America soon became an easily identifiable entity on their own. The first two singles made the Top 10, "Horse" going to #1 in 1972. The group produced four more Top 10 records, "Tin Man," "Lonely People," "Sister Golden Hair" (another #1) and "You Can Do Magic," which turned the trick 10 years after the initial success, an impressive run for any musical congregation. And, their "Muskrat Love" went Top 10 for Captain & Tennille. Still touring today, the band sounds as good as ever. [Note: The author forgot to include yet another Top 10, "Ventura Highway," on top of his praise for the other six. Amazing!]
2. Blood, Sweat & Tears
3. Chicago
4. Dave Clark Five
5. Neil Diamond
6. Donovan
7. Electric Light Orchestra
8. The Guess Who
9. Hall & Oates
10. Jay & The Americans
11. Brenda Lee
12. The Lovin' Spoonful
13. The Moody Blues
14. Gene Pitney
15. Paul Revere & The Raiders
16. The Righteous Brothers
17. Johnny Rivers
18. Linda Ronstadt
19. Todd Rundgren
20. Jack Scott
21. The Searchers
22. Bob Seger
23. The Ventures
24. Dionne Warwick
25. Mary Wells

Message: 9821 Posted: Sat Feb 05 00:55:32 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Banjo

Thanks, Steve, for your prompt answer. I really like the banjo and harmonica combination in SUBMARINE LADIES. Has anyone heard of Bella Fleck? He's an awesome bango player. Guess there's a little country in me.

Message: 9820 Posted: Fri Feb 04 23:43:05 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Shari and Nancy

Shari, Henry Diltz was the banjo player for "Submarine Ladies". Henry also played the banjo in "Don't Cross The River" and he was the photographer for many of America's albums. --Steve

Message: 9819 Posted: Fri Feb 04 23:37:32 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Gerry's one song on Vidoe CD

Good questions, Brad. I don't know why Gerry only had one song but he has always been willing to put the band first so I'm sure he didn't worry about it. Regarding the bass player, his name is Calvin Samuels but I'm not sure how long he played with the band. I don't think it was very long, though. Does anyone else know?

Johnny, I can't even begin to try to guess the answer to your riddle. My head already hurt when I got home from work and that only made it worse (just kidding).

Message: 9818 Posted: Fri Feb 04 23:31:05 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Shari and Nancy

Well, ShariL, Shari Mc and Nanse from Temecula were at the Monday concert. We actually attended Sat. and Mon. night concerts. Sorry we missed you. Next time we will have to reserve the official "Shari and Nancy table." Maybe when the updated schedule comes out next week we can make our reservations. And, by the way, L. is my middle initial.

Now for a musical question for you who like to do research. Who played the banjo in SUBMARINE LADIES?

Message: 9817 Posted: Fri Feb 04 23:29:46 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Shari and Nancy

Well, ShariL, Shari Mc and Nanse from Temecula were at the Monday concert. We actually attended Sat. and Mon. night concerts. Sorry we missed you. Next time we will have to reserve the official "Shari and Nancy table." Maybe when the updated schedule comes out next week we can make our reservations. And, by the way, L. is my middle initial.

Now for a musical question for you who like to do research. Who played the banjo in SUBMARINE LADIES?

Message: 9816 Posted: Fri Feb 04 23:05:23 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Gerry's one song on Vidoe CD

Does anyone know why on the Horse With No Name video cd that came out a few years ago,but was recorded I think in 74, that Gerry's only song on there is I need You. And how long did that particular bass player play with the band.

Thanks Brad

Message: 9815 Posted: Fri Feb 04 20:35:53 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Stolen beachballs and cute grandsons..

I too noticed a stiking resemblance to photos I have seen of you Steve. They grow so fast!

BTW, thanks to whoever passed on my request for info from Walter. I have the info now. Thanks!

Message: 9814 Posted: Fri Feb 04 20:31:01 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Stolen beachballs and cute grandsons..

Ok Steve..I do see a resemblence..he has the Lowry Look..very cute..thanks for sharing! And Andy..I take it that you have duly recovered from the bop on the noggin I have you for stealing Ronnie's beach ball..don't mess with my kid! (lol) I missed the chat but I was dealing with a disaster and would like to add a Public Service Announcement. Does everyone on this page have a fire extinguisher in their home?? If not, get one..Mine, as well as the Eagle Scout bravery my son exhibited last night put a fire out in my kitchen before the fire trucks arrived. (hate when I try to boil was scary and my insurance adjuster just left..could have been much worse. Please make sure you have one. where were we?

Message: 9813 Posted: Fri Feb 04 18:32:31 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Trent's pictures

Yes, proud Grandpa is allowed to link pictures.
Can't believe it's almost been a year since he was born! Wow. Time flies.
Johnny, you're too much!
ShariL <><

P.S. For further coincidences, beyond Shari from Temecula and I spelling our first names the same: Shari & Nancy from Temecula were at Fri & Sat concerts, and I was at Monday's concert with MY friend Nancy. Also, Shari from Temecula is now signing Shari Mc., which fits for my maiden name. I knew I liked you two! Hope to see you again soon.

Message: 9812 Posted: Fri Feb 04 18:21:23 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Johnny's game.

Johnny, my head has just exploded. Much too tough for mere mortals.


Message: 9811 Posted: Fri Feb 04 17:53:18 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Blowing Bubbles

I was watching Paula Cole on VH1's "Hard Luck Live". Two things struck me as strange. First, I was actually hearing music on VH1, instead of another pointless talk show. Second, while she was singing a really excellent song (name unknown), I heard a familiar sound effect: Bubbles! Can anyone think of this sound effect ever being used other than on my beloved HAT TRICK?
Have a great weekend, everyone. :)


Message: 9810 Posted: Fri Feb 04 16:36:05 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concerts

Joe, I was chatting with Scott (America's road manager) yesterday and he said he thought a new calendar would be out as early as next week. So the short answer to your question is that the schedule is incomplete. Hopefully, it will have a lot more entries next week.

Message: 9809 Posted: Fri Feb 04 16:24:40 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: web page

Also what gives with the Ventura hwy. web sight? No entries since july 99.. JK

Message: 9808 Posted: Fri Feb 04 16:20:50 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: concerts

There seems to be much less concert activity this year. Is the schedule incomplete or are they not doing as many concerts this year??

Message: 9807 Posted: Fri Feb 04 14:50:03 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Book-um

I have been contacting Fairs and other venues in Maine and encouraging them to consider inviting America to come play. The first thing I did was search the internet for all the fairs in my state (Maine). I was able to find names and numbers of contact people for all of them and I am now making contacts. After all of the fairs have been contacted, I will move on to searching for info on other venues. Hope this gives you an idea of somewhere to start.

Message: 9806 Posted: Fri Feb 04 12:59:43 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Re: Cute Grandson Alert

Quite the cutie patutie!!!!!! We know you're proud!!!!! He must be listening to America to be smilin' that big - ha!

Message: 9805 Posted: Fri Feb 04 10:11:27 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: 3 More Clues

Here's a few more clues to the puzzle: There's a CLOCK timing the world as it turns/everyday I sit beside you on a BUS to Madison Avenue/a burning BRIDGE, a lonely highway

Message: 9804 Posted: Fri Feb 04 09:34:27 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Oloololo being tucked away....

From what I understand, the first cut and the last cut are fairly important songs on a CD......(C=


Message: 9803 Posted: Fri Feb 04 08:39:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Trent

Yes, that Trent is definitely a cutie pie!!!

Message: 9802 Posted: Fri Feb 04 08:38:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: For Ten Bucks Can You...

It's not even close to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" but for $10, can you be the first to tell us what all the capitalized words from the following America song lyrics pertain to and why? In order to claim the ten bucks, you must be correct on WHY all these clues fit my puzzle, not just what it pertains to.

I'm only HALF A MAN when I'm not by your side/a mirror pond reflects the dawn, over the banks, across the emerald LAWN/people see and PEOPLE TALK/we're seeing mirror to mirror FACE TO FACE/heart, court and harmony just ain't the same, my black and their green playing some GAMES/well, I keep on thinking 'bout you, Sister GOLDEN HAIR surprise, will you meet me in the MIDDLE/bright coral BRANCHES that pass you again/along the BAY city light appear/move the sand through their heads, sit in their CHAIRS by the bay/tear down the walls and set fire to the FENCE(s)/down the road you see the heat WAVES A WAVING/I'm going grab a fishing pole and a sleeping BAG roll/CARS fighting their way/POLITICAL POACHERS push plump packages past pacified places/take my HAT and my coat off waiting for you to call/I want to carry you across the threshold of fireflies and violet STONES/chewing on a piece of GRASS/are you going to see them on the MOUNTAIN, going to see them TREES/the purple ghost of ENGLAND in wintertime/everyone I meet is from CALIFORNIA/I HEAR THE CALL OF THE WILD/I'm heading out over an OCEAN OF BLUE/and does he really mean that much to your HEART, carry all of the weight you can, find another MAN

I'm provide a few more clues if no one knows the answer. Good luck!

Message: 9801 Posted: Fri Feb 04 00:48:15 2000 By: Lori York
Subject: Re: Cute Grandson Alert

Absolutely Adorable!!!

Message: 9800 Posted: Thu Feb 03 23:10:30 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cute Grandson Alert

Hi everyone. There was a great live chat tonight with probably 15 or 20 people joining it at some time during the night. I was only able to stick around for a couple of hours because I had a few web sites that needed updating. I also had to scan in a couple of photos of my grandson, Trent. Since we talked about him during the chat, I figured I might as well share the photos with those of you who care. Warning: If you are easily offended by pictures of cute kids, do NOT click on the following links:

Trent leaning on a bench
Trent doing a little fishing

Those of you who have been reading the chat folder for over a year may recall it was almost a year ago (February 11) that Trenton was born and I proudly strutted my feathers as the new Grandpa. He's still as cute as ever and I'm still strutting like never before. Yes, he can walk and he's starting to say a few words although "Grandpa" isn't one that he's mastered (at least, not yet). I'm sure he says "America" all the time, however, because he always gets to listen to them when he's at our house.

Message: 9799 Posted: Thu Feb 03 23:03:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Concert Attendance

I can get venues in touch with Akiko Rogers (America's booking agent) if they're interested. Just have them get in touch with me via e-mail at and I'll tell them how.

Message: 9798 Posted: Thu Feb 03 21:12:56 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: Book-um

Well, this girl in Temecula, not the leash girl, would love to find a way to have them come here. Shari Mc. and I will try to investigate. I do know some of the people from Pechanga and I will find out what I can from them. Also I have a really big back yard and we could do a promo and whoever wins a contest can have them come and play in your backyard just like John Cougar Mellancamp did 15 years ago on MTV. Let's just rig it so I win and you all can come to my house. What an imagination, hugh? Something will work out if we all work on it. Any other suggestions????

Message: 9797 Posted: Thu Feb 03 17:08:55 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: Concert Attendance

it says on the back of human nature that management is gallin morey associates. agency is a.p.a. (akiko rogers, nat burgess). don't know if that's much help, but i tried.

Message: 9796 Posted: Thu Feb 03 17:04:14 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: Last nites chat

i also enjoyed last night's chat. can't be there tonight either, but hope to participate down the road a piece.

Message: 9795 Posted: Thu Feb 03 15:21:06 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Book-um

...I wish I had the money and the know how to book-um.....I will keep the buzz going around town...maybe someone who has the conections can pull it off......or maybe the girls from Temecula can do it... :-)...(not the one on the chain)

Message: 9794 Posted: Thu Feb 03 14:01:39 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Concert Attendance

Huge turn-outs, Pechanga was huge & filled up, however no specific numbers, sorry. Have the promoter call AMERICA's mgmt., to book a show. I think it;'s on the back of their newest CD, HUMAN NATURE & also the outstanding release HOURGLASS. Bookem' Leaky !

Message: 9793 Posted: Thu Feb 03 12:59:21 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Concert Attendance

..Jim or anyone else who may be able to many people attended the Temecula shows at Pechanga and Thornton Winery?...I would like to see a show at the Lake Elsinore Diamond (minor league stadium for the California Angels)...Wynonna as well as other artists have played at the stadium in the past...perhaps an event producer could be convinced to do a show if the numbers pencil out....any help would be appreciated

Message: 9792 Posted: Thu Feb 03 11:23:48 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Last nites chat

Last nights impromptu chat session was a lot of fun for me. I hope everyone else who was there had as much fun! I can't be there tonight, but hope to do it again real soon! Thanks everyone.

Message: 9791 Posted: Thu Feb 03 10:04:26 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Meet The Webmaster

Yes, it's true. Chatty has convinced me to be at the live chat session tonight. I'll be there about 7 pm Mountain time (9 pm Eastersn, 6 pm Pacific). I look forward to chatting with many of you.

Message: 9790 Posted: Thu Feb 03 08:48:23 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Oloololo

Oh yes & don't forget, among many DEWEY dreams: WHOLE WIDE WORLD, RAINBOW SONG, OLD MAN TOOK, ETC...

Message: 9789 Posted: Thu Feb 03 08:23:48 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: Meet The Webmaster

chatty, there were 3 or 4 of us in the chat room last night. we had a good time.

Message: 9788 Posted: Thu Feb 03 07:43:36 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Oloololo

Recent mention was made to the wonderful Oloololo tune can't help wishing this was after Wheels on the CD just seems a bit tucked away as the last tune, but I could put in on random selection.But is'nt it extraordinary how Dewey turns out these dreamy tunes, there have been a number and contain an atmosphere that verging on the supernatural,Sleeper Train,My Dear,All Night,Catch That Train,from their more recent albums.

Message: 9787 Posted: Thu Feb 03 01:21:52 2000 By: Chatty
Subject: Meet The Webmaster

I found out that Steve usually plays basketball on Thursday nights and that's why he doesn't participate in the Thursday night live chat. However, he has a bye today and he has agreed to be on the live chat box at 9 pm Eastern time. He'll probably hang around for an hour or two as long as there are others to chat with. This is a chance for those of you who have never met the America Fans webmaster (and those who have) to talk to him and ask him questions. Here's a link that will take you directly to the live chat box. Remember, you must have a Java enabled browser to join in.

Message: 9786 Posted: Thu Feb 03 00:25:48 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Temecula Concerts

How difficult would it be to get AMERICA back to Temecula? I'd like to see the woman on the leash...just kidding...that is a bit much. The winery venue is nice in the summer. The guys have a connection with Lake Elsinore, a neighboring town. The Pechanga concert last year would be worth repeating (I had 2 CDs autographed and a group picture taken with Gerry and Dewey there). Our local radio station KATY 101.3 constantly plays AMERICA hits, so maybe they could be of help. Let's take it on as a project, OK Nanse?

Message: 9785 Posted: Wed Feb 02 21:05:11 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: Concert Drunks

I was also at that concert at Thornton Winery. Another funny incident was when a man and his wife/girlfriend/slave walked by my friend and I. I kid you not, this man had his whatever she was, on a leash with a choke collar on. I almost fell over in hysterics. Dewey saw her walking by and literally stopped talking. I didn't think things like that happened in Temecula. Later on my friend saw him around town without his slave girl and wondered where he had her tied up.LOL. There sure are some fun people at the concerts. It takes all kinds. Whoever these people are, at least they like good music!!!!

Message: 9784 Posted: Wed Feb 02 19:22:34 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Concert Drunks

....the mentioning of drunks at the Moreno Valley and Soboba concerts reminded me of an incident at the May 18, 1997 Temecula Thornton Winery America wife and I arrived early so that we could get good seats for the show....while waiting in line we talked and got to know a girl who had come up from the San Diego area.....she was very exited to see America for the first time....when the gates opened we all ran to get the best seats that we could...we ended up in the second row left center stage......the girl we met in line got a seat next to us.....she ordered a bottle of wine and began drinking right the time America got through the first few songs the girl was was a bit embarrasing for my wife and I...America was doing thier long show and did two sets of songs.....during the last song of the first set the girl got sick and had to be taken away due to her condition.....thank god for the break...we were able to get up and let the clean-up crew do thier job.....the poor girl never got to see the rest of the show......Jim I believe you were also sitting nearby.....I'm sure you remember the incident....

Message: 9783 Posted: Wed Feb 02 19:05:43 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: ideal concert: the songs

Great playlists .... I would like to include some cuts from Alibi (Coastline,Might Be Your Love,One in a Million) and Silent Letter (And Forever, No Fortune) ....

Message: 9782 Posted: Wed Feb 02 17:45:56 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hi Nanse..

Hey Janice,
That was me that took the ball !! It was mine I tell you, it was mine!!! LOL


Message: 9781 Posted: Wed Feb 02 16:44:29 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: More Mary...another Plug :-)

More info on Mary Coopin.....another plug if I may:

Mary Coopin has been nominated for best folk record
by the Just Plain Folks Music Awards.
"...Her voice is signature, in a genre of music where being original with so
many great voices is not easy. When she wraps it around her songs it
immediately presents a soft vulnerability that really works to enhance the
experience of her lyrics. Beautiful!"

Where you can see Mary perform:

Saturday, February 5th
NAMM International Music Market Tradeshow -Los Angeles Convention Center
If any of you are going to be at this music industry super conference, check
Mary and her band, Danny Donnelly, Lisa Johnson, and Jonathan Mitchell out at
12:30 (may be changed to 12:00) at the food court stage, look for the John
Lennon Songwriting Bus.

Still upcoming,
Saturday night, March 18th
SXSW - Austin, TX -South by South West Music And Media Conference
Mary's music will be featured on their website soon, more info to come.

April 14th- 15th
NEMO - Boston, MA
Industry Showcase, complete info to come.

Message: 9780 Posted: Wed Feb 02 15:16:22 2000 By: Bob Townsend
Subject: Re: Concerts

I first saw America in either '88 or '89 in a double bill with Three Dog Night at the DeAnza Theatre in Riverside, CA. Wow, what a great show that was!! That show actually ranked as the best concert that I had ever seen up until this past December, when I saw the Eagles play in Vegas. But, it's still number 2 on my list.

I saw America again in '94 or '95 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. That also was a great show. I'm planning on heading up to Palmdale to see them for the third time in July, unless of course they play somewhere in the L.A. area before then.


Message: 9779 Posted: Wed Feb 02 15:15:30 2000 By: Bob Townsend
Subject: Re: Concerts

I first saw America in either '88 or '89 in a double bill with Three Dog Night at the DeAnza Theatre in Riverside, CA. Wow, what a great show that was!! That show actually ranked as the best concert that I had ever seen up until this past December, when I saw the Eagles play in Vegas. But, it's still number 2 on my list.

I saw America again in '94 or '95 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. That also was a great show. I'm planning on heading up to Palmdale to see them for the third time in July, unless of course they play somewhere in the L.A. area before then.


Message: 9778 Posted: Wed Feb 02 14:53:32 2000 By: Mark
Subject: unearthed rarities

The America rareties that I have heard of but never heard and would like to see on the box set are:

The other two songs from the HWNN session
By The Ocean (supposidly performed live around 1973)
Norman (recorded during Silent Letter but didn't make the final cut)

I'm sure there are others in the vaults at WB, Capitol, American Gramaphone, Oxygen, and Human Nature.

Message: 9777 Posted: Wed Feb 02 14:26:03 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Simple Life....unearthed rarities

<<I know Sir George has a WONDERFUL rep, but I'd still love to hear what DIDN'T make it, besides no producer is perfect! Maybe some of that will surface......>>

I hope so. I have often found these rarities to be very good, sometimes even ranking among my favorites.

Message: 9776 Posted: Wed Feb 02 13:20:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Simple Life.

Thanks Kevin Mark & Eddy for the info. Kevin, I agree about the box set. It had better contain some rarities, previously unreleased and alternate or live versions of standard songs or I'm not interested. We don't need another America compilation/greatest hits CD.

As far as the "early vintage America" sound being lost forever, I certainly think they've come close to recapturing that with some of the tracks on Human Nature.

BTW, if Simple Life is NOT on their box set, does anyone know if the Japanese release of Hearts is still available?

Message: 9775 Posted: Wed Feb 02 12:47:41 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Simple Life.

Thanks Kevin Mark & Eddy for the info. Kevin, I agree about the box set. It had better contain some rarities, previously unreleased and alternate or live versions of standard songs or I'm not interested. We don't need another America compilation/greatest hits CD.

As far as the "early vintage America" sound being lost forever, I certainly think they've come close to recapturing that with some of the tracks on Human Nature.

BTW, if Simple Life is NOT on their box set, does anyone know if the Japanese release of Hearts is still available?

Message: 9774 Posted: Wed Feb 02 11:34:59 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Speaking about Sir George Martin...

There was an hour special a couple of weeks ago on PBS...I think.
George went through his whole thought process about music, life, etc.
But no mention of hoo.
Supposedly, when he was with Beatles, he would always
carry around a tape recorder and record all the Beatles concerts!!!
Wonder if he did that with our guys. HL

Message: 9773 Posted: Wed Feb 02 10:12:28 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Simple Life....unearthed rarities

I have a book called "The Producers" that has an interview with George Martin. In it he referred to the fact that he had to tell the guys to "cull" some of their stuff so that only what he thought was the CREAM would make it (I THINK it was Silent Letter Album). I know Sir George has a WONDERFUL rep, but I'd still love to hear what DIDN'T make it, besides no producer is perfect! Maybe some of that will surface......

Message: 9772 Posted: Wed Feb 02 09:40:10 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chat, Anyone?

Robyn, I can't make it to the chat room tonight but I think I can make it tomorrow night for a little while. I usually play basketball on Thursday nights but we have a bye this week. I'll post something tomorrow if I can make it for sure. Hopefully, others will be able to join you tonight. --Steve

Message: 9771 Posted: Wed Feb 02 09:24:35 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat, Anyone?

I will be hanging out in the chat room around 7 p.m. Pacific Time. Anyone care to join me?

Message: 9770 Posted: Wed Feb 02 09:21:06 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Simple Life.

I have the Japanese CD with Simple Life on it. A great Dan Peek song. I don't have the CD case here with me, but I think I remember reading on the liner notes something along the lines of: "all song produced by George Martin except Simple Life." Wonder who produced that?

If a song like that isn't on a Box Set, then what the hell's the point of having a box set. That's just the kind of song that should be on it. Rarities, never released song, stuff in the vault, demos. If it's just a three-CD collection of greatest hits, big deal. Rhino knows better.

I'd like to think that some of the songs that were recorded in 1971 when America went into the studio and added Horse With No Name onto their first album will be included. Maybe studio versions of some of the awesome songs from the Heard CD that have never been released. That's the early vintage America sound that's gone forever, and it sure would be great to hear it once again. An accoustic Submarine Ladies, for instance. Also, I suspect California Dreamin', Love Comes Without Warning and Last Two To Dance would be on there, seeing as they're hard to find sountrack songs. Plus, I wonder if there are any songs from View From The Ground/Your Move era that got cut out when they decided to go with a few more Russ Ballard songs. And I have to believe there were some great songs from Dewey that got lost in the dark days of Perspective. Maybe even the non-lame version of Hidden Talent.

Personally, I can't wait. I hope there are some real gems unearthed.


Message: 9769 Posted: Wed Feb 02 09:12:57 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Hi Nanse..

Are you new? I have been off for awhile, but noticed several posts from you when I was scrolling just now. I'm at work, having dodged a trip to Cincinnati..anyway..I was at the same Moreno Valley concert to which you referred to 2 years ago..did you happen to catch the drunk lady dancing up near the stage..that was me..LOL..just kidding..but the guys got a kick out of watching her. They threw out beachballs towards the end, and a guy stole my son's! I confronted him and he gave it back..only to walk over and take one out the hands of another person..the nerve. Was a fun day..! Anyway..welcome. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Message: 9768 Posted: Wed Feb 02 09:01:36 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Simple Life

The song was recorded in the 70s for a Japanese blue jeans comercial. That's why it was included on the Japanese CD.

Message: 9767 Posted: Wed Feb 02 08:41:34 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Simple Life

It's from a import from Japan.

Message: 9766 Posted: Wed Feb 02 06:40:54 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Simple Life

I was just checking out the sound clips section of the web page and found the song "Simple Life" listed under the Hearts CD. I have the album on vinyl (it was the first America album I ever owned) and a foreign-import CD and this track is not on either. Is this a bonus track that is only on a certain import? If so, which country? I can't remember which country MY import CD originated from. I just know I paid an arm and a leg for it and it has no bonus tracks (unless it is a hidden track I'm not aware of). Also, is there a possibility it will be included on their box set?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Message: 9765 Posted: Wed Feb 02 00:21:24 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ideal concert: the songs

I would say keep all of the HUMAN NATURE material; add RAINBOW SONG, LAST UNICORN, SARAH (follow up to DAISY JANE)& WIND WAVE. Keep NEVER BE LONELY, THREE ROSES & RIVERSIDE for sure.

Message: 9764 Posted: Tue Feb 01 23:31:28 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: ideal concert: the songs

nanse, you forgot wednesday morning (from human nature). must have been an oversight :-). mark

Message: 9763 Posted: Tue Feb 01 23:27:19 2000 By: S. Mc
Subject: Re: ideal concert: the songs

I like your song list Nanse. Guess my requests would change according to my mood. Since I don't know too many songs from the "middle years", more songs from Human Nature would be nice. How's this for an idea to please a moody lady...requests from the audience. Kenny Logins did this at a concert I went to in about 1985. Very nice touch. Maybe one or two audience requests toward the end of your song list, Nanse, would be nice. All the music is awesome...I wouldn't be totally happy unless AMERICA played about 4 hours while we all watched a sunset and a moonrise.

Message: 9762 Posted: Tue Feb 01 23:13:38 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: ideal concert: the songs

Thanks Robyn..If we add your two, we'd sure have an awesome concert.
We can dream can't we!? take care.

Message: 9761 Posted: Tue Feb 01 22:13:51 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: correction from Kate ( my dd)

she informs me two n'sync members are from Disney. Geez! You'd thik I committed a crime here, not knowing (roflmho)

Message: 9760 Posted: Tue Feb 01 22:10:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: ideal concert: the songs

good list nanse. of course any songs would be great. I would add Submarine Ladies and Pages-- two of my favorites!

Message: 9759 Posted: Tue Feb 01 22:01:00 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: ideal concert: the songs

If I could pick the songs I would like to hear in concert these would be one of my ideal concerts:

Tin Man Movin Train
Molten Love Sister Golden Hair Ventura Highway
Green Monkey I Need You Horse
Rainbow Song All My Life Don't Cross The River
California Revisited Moment To Moment Old Man Took Wheels Sandman Here
Never Found the Time Wind Wave She's Gonna Let You Down
Lonely People
Can you tell I like the old stuff??? Anyway, any comments???
Only my opinion...Shari Mc. do you have any opinions on these songs?
I sure do miss these songs from Hat Trick and Horse. more later.

Message: 9758 Posted: Tue Feb 01 20:47:17 2000 By: Erin
Subject: In My Head

I know this has been discussed before, but I finally got Robert Lamm's In My Head, and I just wanted to say how great it is. Watching The Time Go By is an EXCELLENT song, probably the best one on the CD. I've been listening to it all day here at work...Hope you're all having a great night!
Erin :o)

Message: 9757 Posted: Tue Feb 01 18:49:55 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: mB

I believe Mb had his tongue planted firmly in cheek ( or hanging out) when he made that reference to Christina. Having a 12 year old video channel freak in my house, I knew to whom he was refering. Those former Mousketeers are EVERYWHERE ( Christina, Brittney and one of the guys from 'n sync, I believe are all products of that Disney machine.) Matt, are you lurking? do you care to comment?

Message: 9756 Posted: Tue Feb 01 18:42:47 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: soboba concert

Hi! Yes, in response to your other post, I like to give them flowers either during the concert when they play Three Roses or at the end. They are generally, very thankful to receive them. Gerry usually says thank you a bunch of times. I guess I do it to thank them for being great artists. About Soboba, I do think it was a lot different than other concerts that they do. I have seen them at a wide variety of venues. I saw them in Moreno Valley, CA 2 years ago on the 4th of July and it was at a park there. It was a big crowd but since it was at a park, the accoustics weren't the best. I think they do well no matter where they go. It was funny, at Soboba, to watch the totally drunk guy run in front of the stage and have Dewey and Gerry get a kick out of watching him loose his balance. Those kinds of things make it really memorable. More later.

Message: 9755 Posted: Tue Feb 01 17:02:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: mB

I recall months ago that mB referred to Christina Aguilera as the future Mrs. Matt Beckley. Was Matt kidding or was he serious? At the time, I didn't know anything about Christina A, but now I do. We probably all do. She appears everywhere. What a talented young singer she is!

Message: 9754 Posted: Tue Feb 01 10:10:17 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: TV Appearances

THIS is the place to go if you're looking for your favorite musical act on TV......It's called Rock On TV. It'll list everything up coming for the week. I've been able to mark my calendar SEVERAL times, "it's a GOOD thing..."....roflmao

Message: 9753 Posted: Tue Feb 01 10:02:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hallendale is my VALENTINE present (C= !

For those who aren't familiar with the Gulfstream venue, let me fill you in!

BRING SUNSCREEN (no trees nearby). (C= It's festival seating, so you may want to get there AS THE GATES OPEN. All you have to do to see the concert is to pay admission to the park, but for America it ALWAYS fills up quickly (duh-Tery)! We were lucky enough last year to sit in the front, hopefully we'll have the same this year. Hope to see anyone from here, THERE!!! (((((C= Anyone considering a trip to Florida????? The weathers GRAND! lol.

Message: 9752 Posted: Tue Feb 01 09:52:22 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: soboba concert

If it's the couple I'm thinking of, it ISN'T a stretch for Gerry to say that.....(C=


Message: 9751 Posted: Tue Feb 01 09:33:33 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: American song in commercials.

Like I said before, I think From A Moving Train would be perfect for a AMTRAK or any train / mass transit commercial.

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