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Message: 10891 Posted: Fri Mar 31 23:33:54 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: rockers


Message: 10890 Posted: Fri Mar 31 21:34:41 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: rockers

noted the comments about America's rockers ..... agreed .. Sandman is incomparable live ... other worthy of special note are "She's A Liar", "Even the Score" & "Hangover" ....

Message: 10889 Posted: Fri Mar 31 11:37:59 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Catching Up

<<P.S. I'm crushed that the Cubs' hopes of a 162-0 season have been dashed by the hated, dreaded, ugly Mets. - JoeB>>

I'm guessing that you didn't think that there was a rabid Mets fan, among the America fans. Go deep, Benny Agbayani! - Jim R

Message: 10888 Posted: Fri Mar 31 11:29:01 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Longitme fan.

I too prefer America's rockers. It's too bad that no matter how much America rocked, the radio seemed to only gravitate to their mellower stuff. It's a shame. One of the real delights I get at attending an America concert is taking along friends who only know them for their mellower stuff. They always come away saying, "hey, those guys really rock." And I say, "Hey, no kidding, tell me something I didn't know." And they say, "Okay, you're an idiot." And the conversation usually ends around there, but I digress.


Message: 10887 Posted: Fri Mar 31 11:06:06 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: longtime fan, new to the chat room

<< I can only assume that, in the great tradition of "H" albums, Alibi originally was going to be called "Headless." >>


Message: 10886 Posted: Fri Mar 31 11:04:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: longtime fan, new to the chat room

<< Was very pleased with both HG and HN, moreso with the latter because it's all new stuff. My humble opinion is that HN is their best work since the vastly underrated Alibi. >>

Ah, another enlightened fan. Welcome!

Message: 10885 Posted: Fri Mar 31 11:01:34 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Catching Up

Joe B. wrote: << While packing I found my cache of America t-shirts. I'm embarassed to admit I have around 2 dozen. The oldest one is a blue short sleeve T from the '80-'81 tour. Can anyone beat that relic? >>

I have a t-shirt and tour book from their 1978 concert tour. The t-shirt is packed away somewhere. It's tan as I recall, with the classic America logo on the front.

I used to have the sheet music to the entire Hearts album. Got lost somewhere along the line. Too bad. I'd love to replace it if anyone knows where I can get a copy.


Message: 10884 Posted: Fri Mar 31 10:16:54 2000 By: dofd
Subject: longtime fan, new to the chat room

Greetings. Started reading the messages the other day and decided to hop aboard this train because of the wide variety of interesting topics. I've seen America about 15 times in concert. The first was in the mid-70s for one of the old "Day on the Green" concerts at the Oakland Coliseum. There were probably 50,000 people there for America, the Beach Boys and Elvin Bishop ("Fooled Around and Fell in Love"). I still have a T-shirt from that concert, though I must admit it doesn't fit anymore. Have seen them in Reno a couple of times; not sure if I'll make it up there this time around, much as I'd like. I'm somewhat of an unusual fan in that I tend to prefer their rockers to their ballads; the concert versions of "Sandman," "Here," and "Cornwall Blank" got me interested in the first place. Was very pleased with both HG and HN, moreso with the latter because it's all new stuff. My humble opinion is that HN is their best work since the vastly underrated Alibi. I can only assume that, in the great tradition of "H" albums, Alibi originally was going to be called "Headless."

Message: 10883 Posted: Fri Mar 31 09:37:55 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Catching Up

Hey You People,

After a few hectic weeks of buying a condo/moving/working I just caught up on some excellent topics. I'd have to say that "Hourglass" edges out "HN"; if the 2 remakes were eliminated and live drums used it would probably be the guys' best ever. Regarding "Harbor", though there are some outstanding songs; overall it's the least of the trio's efforts. I remember an interview in which Dewey stated at that time they were getting "bogged down" creatively and career-wise. Probably a result of the the Dan exodus. I still remember the thrill of the local soft rock album station playing "Monster", "God Of The Sun", and "These Brown Eyes" before the LP hit the stores. While packing I found my cache of America t-shirts. I'm embarassed to admit I have around 2 dozen. The oldest one is a blue short sleeve T from the '80-'81 tour. Can anyone beat that relic? I also have the sheet music for "The Story Of A Teenager". In fact, with the exception of "Homecoming" I have sheet music to all the America singles and albums. Including a Gerry/Dewey autographed "You Can Do Magic". Odd, since they didn't even write it. I bought it at a charity auction. Perhaps someday I'll donate it to the America Hall Of Fame. Or, let the bidding begin. I'm trying to divest some of my collection since this new place is smaller. I also have that '77 tour book. How much is it going for on e-bay?

Joe B

P.S. I'm crushed that the Cubs' hopes of a 162-0 season have been dashed by the hated, dreaded, ugly Mets.

P.S.S. I'm tired of unpacking

Message: 10882 Posted: Fri Mar 31 09:26:17 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Bertha

For those who have inquired:
Sorry to say that yes Bertha has passed away. Apparently she was not feeling well & on the way to the doctors office, she, to use a term utilized by the authorities, expired. She is survived by her lifelong companion Angel. Bertha was well taken care of & lived a good life. By the way Angel had been so distraught, she had to be shipped off to Texas to be w/others of her type, even an extra pound of peanuts could not bring her back to her old self.

Message: 10881 Posted: Fri Mar 31 07:46:36 2000 By: Howard Lieboff

I would like to wish a congratulations to our own
Steve Orchard on the birth of his baby boy. That makes 2...DAD!
Hope, wife and son are in good health. Start playing that
America music....get him started....the earlier the better :0)

Howie L

Message: 10880 Posted: Fri Mar 31 05:48:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Andy and Shayne: Parts Are Parts and Mirror To Mirror

Andy, you're too much with the body parts! (LOL)

Shayne, your guess yesterday about which album cover had a "connection" to "Mirror To Mirror" had me wondering about it. I looked at the front of the "Silent Letter" album cover and I wholeheartedly agree with you that it does indeed look like Gerry and Dewey could be looking into a mirror. I had never thought about it that way.

Message: 10879 Posted: Fri Mar 31 05:40:44 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Happy Birthday Willie

WILLIE - YOU DA' MAN! Have a wonderful day! Enjoy yourself! I raise a glass (full one) in your honor today - give me a reason :)

Message: 10878 Posted: Fri Mar 31 05:30:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops! Sorry Willie!

It's Willie's birthday TODAY not tomorrow. I typed my message yesterday and was going to send it at that time since I wasn't sure if I was going to be in the office today. I forgot to change "tomorrow" to "today".

Party on, Willie!!!

Message: 10877 Posted: Fri Mar 31 05:24:55 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: OH WILLIE...................

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give a big, warm "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wish to the "Wild Man" from Shenandoah, Iowa...MR. WILLIE LEACOX!!!

Willie, I hope you have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY 53th tomorrow!!! Yippee!

Message: 10876 Posted: Thu Mar 30 18:50:13 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair trivia

You win the prize!!! Is Sister Golden Hair and Someone Saved my Life Tonight the only "anti-alter" songs out there? There has to be more. Didn't Carley Simon's song THAT'S THE WAY I ALWAYS HEARD IT SHOULD BE deal with this topic?


Message: 10875 Posted: Thu Mar 30 16:16:37 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Alibi Album cover/ spare body parts

Also on Alibi, Dewey sang a song about "Staking my claim on the future when I CAN NOT LIFT MY HEAD..."


p.s. forget about that doll's eyes doing any powerful crying

Message: 10874 Posted: Thu Mar 30 16:12:43 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Alibi Album cover/ spare body parts

About the Alibi album cover, Johnny wrote: "Come on Children get your heads back together..."
My answer is: "Love me with your Head and Heart..."


Message: 10873 Posted: Thu Mar 30 12:21:40 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Album Cover Triv Question

Well that'd be "Hat Trick," because one "mirror" was the one on the ground that caught the boys' reflection. The second mirror was the mirror inside the camera body, presuming a standard SLR camera was used.

Message: 10872 Posted: Thu Mar 30 12:12:47 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: America's Album Covers

Before I read any more cover favorites (before reading Nina's first post under this heading), I figured I better list mine, so as not to be unduly influenced. If you prefer to do the same, reply now and read no further until you do.

From the Trio years, my fave cover remains "Hideaway." There's something about the Colorado ranch recording studio that really struck me in 1976, and I still find the cover romantic. Next is "History," followed by "Harbor." Least fave: "Hat Trick."

From the Duo years, I'm covered with enthusiasm with "View from the Ground," which brought back the classic America logo and mixed in an interesting color shot. It's followed by "Hourglass" and "Your Move." Least fave: "Perspective."

Message: 10871 Posted: Thu Mar 30 11:23:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Album Cover Trivia Answer

Well John and Shayne, "Hat Trick" is indeed what I was think of. Not only are Dan, Dewey, and Gerry carrying a mirror on the back cover of "Hat Trick", I believe that's the same mirror on the front cover as well. It's my assumption that Henry Diltz took a photo of the mirror on the ground as it reflected Dan, Dewey, and Gerry's image. I don't know this for a fact, but I've come to this conclusion when Gary Burden and Henry said it was a mirror that the guys were carrying on the back cover.

Until the show, "Under The Covers", I thought Henry placed a photo of the guys on the ground and took a photo of that photo. But as I mentioned above, I now think it's a mirror. So with a mirror on the front and a mirror on the back, you might say it's "Mirror To Mirror".

Message: 10870 Posted: Thu Mar 30 10:33:29 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Album Cover Triv Question

Isn't it Hat Trick where they are carrying a mirror, walking through the desert?

Message: 10869 Posted: Thu Mar 30 10:11:54 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Album Cover Triv Question

I would guess SILENT LETTER because it looks like they are looking in a mirror.


Message: 10868 Posted: Thu Mar 30 09:43:32 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Album Cover Triv Question

This one should be very easy. As you know, "Mirror To Mirror" is from "Hourglass". Which America album cover could that song title apply to and why?

Message: 10867 Posted: Thu Mar 30 05:06:19 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Alibi's Cover

Once again, I find myself in the minority among America fans. I will admit the cover was a bit shocking to me the first time I saw it, simply because it was so different from anything America had ever done before. As I recall, DF's The Innocent Age cover had the same initial effect on me for the same reason. I guess once the initial shock wore off, I realized the message and emotion these 2 album covers were trying to portray (innocence lost, IMO)and I have liked them ever since.

Speaking of the Alibi cover, Johnny wrote: "Aw, come on children get your heads back together."

Now, that's just sick! (LOL)

Message: 10866 Posted: Thu Mar 30 04:56:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: how many concerts have I attended

First saw them back '78 at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, ME shortly after Dan left the band. The overall concert was fantastic, but I was disappointed that I didn't get to hear any Dan songs - would've LOVED to hear Lonely People, Don't Cross The River, Today's The Day (just to name a few). Next time was 20 years later at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. Great show! That was the first time I got to hear any Dan-penned tunes in concert (Don't Cross The River & Lonely People). We (me, my wife & several of our children) saw them 3 times in 1999 (Barnstable County Fair on the Cape in MA & 2 shows at Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA where I finally got to meet them & get pictures & autographs) for a total of 5 shows in all. I'm hoping to add a few more this year.

Message: 10865 Posted: Wed Mar 29 20:25:14 2000 By: msmith
Subject: how many concerts?

one, and that was on january 22 of this year. (how weird is that?) i will double my total though as of this saturday when i see the boys in reno. i can't wait! i plan to catch up to all of you veterans :-)

Message: 10864 Posted: Wed Mar 29 19:52:50 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: An "A+" Aimed At Jim For His Alliteration Answer

BTW, you asked that one a while back.- I remeber answering it myself! Kudos to my fellow literature fan!

Message: 10863 Posted: Wed Mar 29 19:50:53 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: how many concerts have I attended

I have been trying to reconstruct this one for a while, so I may not get it right, but...

March 13, 1973- Dorothy Chandler Pavillion , August same year Hollywood Bowl--Jackson Browne was the opener. Three shows at the Universal Ampitheatre ( once before they put the lid on) and I believe twice after) Once in Anaheim at the convention center and last year (!) at the Key club in WLA. Seven times. This summer ( If all goes well) eight.

Message: 10862 Posted: Wed Mar 29 19:25:19 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: how many concerts have I attended

My first show was New Year's Eve '81 at Knotts Berry Farm .....and May 28th at Stone Mountain will be show# 21. Highlights....The Greek w/ Nicolette Larson in '82, Irvine Meadows w/ Carl Wilson in 83, Columbus, GA w/ Three Dog Night in '87, Piedmont Park (Atlanta) in '91 and a great night in Huntsville, Al in '97.

Message: 10861 Posted: Wed Mar 29 19:05:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America's Album Covers

Nina mentioned the "Hearts" album cover being her favorite. I like it a lot, too. I remember how excited I was to find it in the record store back then. I remember bringing it home and putting it on the stereo. I didn't own a set of headphones so I placed the speakers very close together and put my head in between them determined to hear every note of music. When it came to "Half A Man", I was stunned, pleasantly, however. You know how that song begins. Boy, did it ever startle me!!!

I had one of those stereos that allowed you to stack several albums on top of one another (definitely not good for the records). So that meant I had to buy two of each America album. That way I could stack sides A and B together and go to bed listening to the whole album.

Regarding the "Alibi" album cover, I remember finding it at the record store and thinking, "Man, this cover is weird!" But, the music was (and is) sooooooo good!!

Hey, it was 28 years ago this week (March 25th) that "A Horse With No Name" hit #1! I remember hearing it, "Heart Of Gold", and a song by JJ Cale called "Crazy Mama (Where You Been So Long)" being played on the radio all the time. Who would have guessed that all these years later we'd be together here sharing and enjoying each others thoughts and experiences with America and their music?

Message: 10860 Posted: Wed Mar 29 16:51:27 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair trivia

You almost had your hooks in me ..........

Elton John's Someone Saved My Life Tonight


Message: 10859 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:55:35 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: How many concerts have I attended?

My total is 3. It would be more like 30 if I didn't work nights. My first AMERICA concert was very, very tragic!! It was back in '81. You can imagine how incredibly excited I was. All week long, waiting with great anticipation for my first date with the boys! I got to the concert early, didn't want to miss a thing. Man, was I ready for a memorable evening. And that it was, but nothing like I had expected! Finally the concert started. I was screeming so loud, I probably drounded out the P.A. system! Then one of my worst nightmares became evident. "Where's Dan?!" I shouted! The guy sitting next to me heard my outburst. With some sympathy in his voice he explained to me that Dan Peek was no longer with the band. I asked him why, and he only knew that Dan had quit. And if that wasn't bad enough, the music that night really sucked! Dewey's and Gerry's performances were very lame. I went home that night feeling 100% disappointed. But I never stopped buying their albums, even though I missed Dan's contribution to the group (especially his wonderful voice)and the music was lackluster for the next several albums. But I never gave up hope. Saw the duo again in '94 (front row). This time the music was fantastic. I remember singing along to every word in every song (isn't that normal for a fan?). I remember the road crew noticing me. It was obvious they were watching me, pointing their fingers at me. It made me a little self-conscious, but I wasn't going to let that bother me. I was having a great time! During the encore Dewey looked right at me(he probably noticed too!) and waved to me. I was the only person he waved to that night. My night was a success! The third time was in '95. The music was magical! After the concert I got Dewey's autograph and shook his hand. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. It was one of my dreams come true! Peace; PatB.

Message: 10858 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:44:55 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: How Many America Concerts Have You Attended?

How about the first time I saw America--it was in uhm I am not sure -maybe 1981 to 1983 when they played at Radio City Music Hall with Christopher Cross. I was in the front row but didn't have a camera at the time. Since then I have seen them about 7 times. If you add to the tickets I already have for July at Westbury-that is 9--totally not enough for a true fan!!

Message: 10857 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:15:32 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Andy-l2 step program.....

that would be to ENHANCE our America experiences, right???? Just checking! :)

Message: 10856 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:14:34 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Reno

To all who are going - have a LARGE time...I am SO jealous. I shall live vicariously thru your experiences! Hurry to report's the next best thing to being there. I wish I could be there to meet all of you...hope to have another opp. Have fun and we will be waiting w/baited breath! :)~

Message: 10855 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:04:27 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: How Many America Concerts Have You Attended?

I hope they invent a 12 step programme for hopeless Americaholics!! LOL
Enjoy the shows and please report back :)

Message: 10854 Posted: Wed Mar 29 15:01:24 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: How Many America Concerts Have You Attended?

As of today....23. But tomorrow is the first of 7 I get to see in the next week!!! Can't wait!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 10853 Posted: Wed Mar 29 14:49:58 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Sister Golden Hair trivia

Let's assume that Sister Golden Hair really is about a guy's reluctance to get married. The year that Sister Golden was released, there was another song on the radio that delt with a similar subject. Can anyone guess the song and the group/artist(s)?
P.S. I'm going by the copyright on the back of the CD.


Message: 10852 Posted: Wed Mar 29 14:48:14 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America's Album Covers

I must admit that my heart sank the first time I saw the "Alibi" cover! "Loss of innocence" or not...SCARY!!!

My personal favorite cover is "Hearts"...with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and my "golden" boys in the foreground!

As far as songs GROWING on me...I've yet to come to an appreciation of Dewey's "Hot Town". Although I understand the need to experiment in many musical directions, this song just seems all wrong to me...?


Message: 10851 Posted: Wed Mar 29 14:13:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hideaway" Trivia Answer

When I put on "Hideaway" last night, song number one wasn't "Lovely Night". It was "Amber Cascades" because I was playing an 8-TRACK TAPE. Ah-ha!

Message: 10850 Posted: Wed Mar 29 14:11:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Alibi's Cover

"Aw, come on children get your heads back together."

Message: 10849 Posted: Wed Mar 29 13:54:03 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Alibi's cover

I was thinkin' the same thing, but didn't have the guts to post it. Where's the beef?

Too bad George Martin wasn't in on this one.

Message: 10848 Posted: Wed Mar 29 13:53:32 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: How Many Concerts Have I Attended?

A measly 6 for me. First was in 85 while on our honeymoon down the Oregon Coast. They took over 2nd base after a Portland Beavers baseball game. Very hot day but helped to make our honeymoon most memorable. Saw them twice in 93 in Vancouver,BC. Best was with the Vancouver Symphony in 97? Last summer saw 2 concerts in California and finally got to meet Gerry and Dewey. Way cool. But.... (heavy sigh) no sign of them close to my little corner of the world yet.

Oh ya, saw Dan in 81? 82? doing the All Things Are Possible tour.

Message: 10847 Posted: Wed Mar 29 13:25:57 2000 By: Steve Jones
Subject: Re: Alibi's cover

It is kinda like AMERICA's "butcher cover" ay? LOL

Message: 10846 Posted: Wed Mar 29 11:57:37 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: How Many Concerts Have I Attended?

It's more than 20, I know that. I've lost count.

First time, at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, Florida, in 1976, with Dan Peek still in the band. Opening act was Burton Cummings of Guess Who fame. He did his huge smash hit Stand Tall. Dan's Today's The Day was the highlight for me, maybe because it's the last time I ever heard it live.

I was lucky enough to grow up in Indianapolis, which is a few short hours from a lot of decent sized cities where America would play. I saw them twice in Cincinnati, most notably at a cool old place called Music Hall where they ended with High In The City and I nearly wet my pants. Three or four times in Bloomington at Indiana University. Once in West Lafayette at Purdue. A bunch of times in Chicago, most notably at a theater in the round where they guys rotated (for one night the world really did revolve around Dewey and Gerry). Saint Louis a couple of times. And I saw them in Indianapolis at least six times. Once with Chicago, once with Cristopher Cross.

It also seemed like whenever I go on vacation or out of town on business, America follows me. (My attornies have suggested a restraining order, but I've talked them out of it.) Spring break in college one year I saw them play at Universal in LA with Stephen Bishop opening. I've seen them twice here in Dallas since I've moved here, most recently last June. Saw them in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, last March while working in New York, took the train down to Philly and drove over.

I've had some near misses, too. I was in Denver two summers ago and I missed them by two days. Missed them in Houston last year because my ungrateful kids actually had the nerve to expect me to spend a night with them rather than America. And a couple of months ago they were in Anaheim while I was in LA and I had planneed to go see them, but work got in the way.

I will send America's mamagement my travel plans for the next few months and trust they will schedule America concerts accordingly.


Message: 10845 Posted: Wed Mar 29 11:34:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: How Many America Concerts Have You Attended?

This might be interesting and fun to discuss: Who has attended the most America concerts? Kevin, I think, said 20+ shows. Jimnak, I would guess, has a large number under his belt. Me, a mere and measly three. :(

Message: 10844 Posted: Wed Mar 29 08:49:04 2000 By: Pete
Subject: To Maureen

Hi Maureen, any luck with Friar Tuck. When I talk to them they told me they were going to look into getting America. What they say and what they do I guess is two different things. Keeping my fingers cross.

Message: 10843 Posted: Wed Mar 29 08:45:45 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

I pretty much echo Alan's take on "Sister Golden Hair." I was always under the impression that Gerry was singing about a fictitious Sunday wedding in which "he" was supposed to be the groom, but he simply couldn't go through with it. In the song, he's saying that though he isn't ready for marriage, he acknowledges that a woman can be very important to him and he can't stop thinking of this particular blonde. He recognizes that the shortcomings are all his, and he wants her to still be close to her. He hopes she can compromise and accept his reluctance to marry.

This wonderful song is, ironically, the song that my own sister had in her 45 rpm collection before I ever bought "History" and became an America fan. When I played the album for the first time, she instantly recognized the top hit and identified with who America was. Based on the number of compilation CDs that this song appears on, many people today might associate America with this tune, "A Horse With No Name" notwithstanding.

Jim R.

Message: 10842 Posted: Wed Mar 29 08:11:37 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Economic Vs. Ecologic

You're quite right Johnny.
That's what I meant
Thanks for correcting me. :0)

Message: 10841 Posted: Wed Mar 29 07:52:52 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hideaway

Kevin, I mean that I put on "Hideaway" last night (as purchased from the music store back in '76) and the first song that started playing was "Amber Cascades". No, it doesn't have anything to do with the listing order of the songs. So how can this be that "Amber Cascades" played first?

Message: 10840 Posted: Wed Mar 29 07:24:51 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hideaway.

What are you talking about, Johnny? Is it that the songs listed on the back of the ablum are not in the same order as they are on the actual record or CD? I remember that was the case with Hideaway, but I don't remember in what order they listed the songs.


Message: 10839 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:50:19 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Question About "Hideaway"

Last night, I was listening to "Hideaway". Like most everyone, I purchased it when it first came out in '76. The first song up was "Amber Cascades". Can you tell us how it's possible that "Amber Cascades" is the first song instead of "Lovely Night"?

Message: 10838 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:42:37 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

I always thought the song was simply about a blonde woman that Gerry liked (perhaps a real person or maybe fictitious). To me, the use of "Sister" in this case is just poetry. I don't think he is singing about a nun. African-Americans often refer to each other as "Brothers" and "Sisters". In the church I attend we also tend to refer to each other by that designation, as I suppose some other churches do as well.

In any case, I wouldn't read too much into it. (My opinion).


Message: 10837 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:29:33 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Alibi's cover

Pat B. wrote <<I also dislike Alibi's cover; very weird>>.

I actually like that cover. It reminds me of the cover to the greatest Dan Fogelberg album ever made: The Innocent Age. I think the symbolism is the same: about growing up and losing the innocence of childhood (at least that's my interpretation of both album covers).


Message: 10836 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:26:35 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Searching,,,,,,,,searching,,,,,,

Ok, so I spent a while musing about which song "grew" on me. I honestly couldn't think of any out of ALL the America CD's(liked them all) except one GLARING exception. This one STILL hasn't grown on me. The only thing I like about it is the guitars -- "Honey" on "Your Move". Sorry, but I really, REALLY dislike those lyrics. It's not just because it's a Russ Ballard tune, I just cringe. It's kind of like listening to "You're Havin' My Baby" for me.....lololol. I guess if I could over come the lyrics it'd be *OK*....


Message: 10835 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:24:24 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love


I had the same experience with MY DEAR as well. The song actually grated on my nerves when I first heard it, now I think it's great (like you, I really enjoy the countersong sung by Gerry on the second verse).

Also, glad I'm not totally alone in this universe in prefering HN over HG. I'm not saying that it's a bad album, in fact I think it's a fine album. It just didn't hit me the way HN did. TO me, HN is the best stuff they've released since the early years.


Message: 10834 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:13:34 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny/Homecoming

Howard, do you mean "ecologic" message, instead?

Message: 10833 Posted: Wed Mar 29 06:07:53 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny / Homecoming

If you open the Homecoming 3 fold album cover, look very carefully,
I think it has some kind of economic message/importance significance.


Message: 10832 Posted: Wed Mar 29 05:40:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Moo!

Thanks Brad for the info on "Sister Golden Hair".

Like PatB and KevinS, I really like Dan's "In The Country". It must be because of that cowbell! "Got Milk?" What a great way to end the "Holiday" (pun intended). This triple play of Dan's songs is awesome in my opinion: "It's Life", "California Revisited", and "In The Country".

Regarding the first seven album covers, my favorite is "Homecoming". I love the orange color with the guys looking very confident...just about as confident as they look on "Holiday". I remember it was very cool in high school to wear a Levi jacket during that time. I have the "Homecoming" album cover displayed on the top of my bookcase at home but it's missing one thing, Dan's autograph. Regarding the "Harbor" front album cover, I too, would have preferred a photo of the guys. The lack of it was made-up big time by that great two-sided poster and the wonderful album sleeve.

Message: 10831 Posted: Tue Mar 28 20:01:09 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

Back in the mid to late 80s America was on Solid Gold and played that song.Before they played the song , the blond that was one of the first MTV vjs asked Gerry about the song. Gerry replied that it was not about one girl, but was made up verses and about some personal experiences in his life, Dewey joked that Gerry should have told her the VJ that it was about her.

Message: 10830 Posted: Tue Mar 28 15:53:38 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

I always thought that SISTER GOLDEN HAIR was about a guy who was contemplating the marriage decison. This song by GERRY BECKLEY was a Number.1 hit in 1975 & paired w.DAISY JANE made for a great year for all humans. SISTER done on 12 string acoustic guitar; DAISY on 88 key acoustic piano.

Message: 10829 Posted: Tue Mar 28 15:09:11 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Kevin

No Kevin I didn't want him fired.I voted to keep him on Carolinas web sight. NOW if he hadn't improved things by next year,OPPS TOO LATE!!!!!!! I even voted to keep our football coach who went 3-8 last year......................My daughter goes to UNC I told her and anyone else who would listen ,If you pull for them in good times you pull for them in bad times !!!! Just like I kept pulling for AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am loyal if nothing else...Joe

Message: 10828 Posted: Tue Mar 28 15:05:21 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Sister Golden Hair

I love Sister Golden Hair's rythem, chords, guitar leads, and melody, ever since I first heard it back in '75. BUT, I still am not quite sure what this song is about?! Here, where I grew up (Connecticut), the term "Sister" is another word for a Nun. Gerry isn't really singing about a Nun, is he? Can anyone tell me what exactly is this great song about? PatB.

Message: 10827 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:55:00 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Harbor, Hourglass vs Human Nature.--KevinS

C'mom Kevin, don't sugar coat it! Tell us how you really feel!

Message: 10826 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:52:07 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Speaking of our good "sister"

In addition to my full-time form of employ, I work at a K-B Toys store two nights a week. Recently, K-B replaced its cassette tape music system with a CD-based Muzak. Of the half-dozen disks we got, only one is free of children's songs. We tend to opt for that disc of 1960s to 1980s classics. Among them, I discovered with delight, is "Sister Golden Hair." My K-B co-workers don't know what to make of me when I get all excited and point at my belt buckle when Gerry's starts a-singing. Mind you, my co-workers are generally between the ages of 18 and 22....

Message: 10825 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:52:02 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: In The Country

KevinS: Dan Peek's IN THE COUNTRY is from Holiday, not Hideaway. It's a great song from one of their best albums. PatB.

Message: 10824 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:47:14 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Harbor's Cover

<<"On the subject of Harbor, the cover alone is worth the price of admission">>

Of the original 7 albums, Harbor's cover is unique because it's the only cover that does not have a picture of the boys. I think it's a beautiful picture of the sea shore. However, I prefer the AMERICA album covers that have a picture of the band. In fact, most of their albums do. For me, it's almost like tradition. Much like the "H" titles. I have plenty of albums in my collection with great album art and not-so-great music. You can have them all. I also dislike Alibi's cover; very weird.

Message: 10823 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:45:57 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: An "A+" Aimed At Jim For His Alliteration Answer

Absolutely accurate with your answer of "alliteration" my fellow America admirer!

Hey, there goes "Brother Golden Hair" on the radio again singing SGH.

Message: 10822 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:34:20 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Stuff...

I love OVERWHELMING WORLD SUITE just the way it is! It's one of my favorites on HN. It reminds me so much of the earlier Gerry. It's the highlight of the album! Pat B.

Message: 10821 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:32:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Debate

Now that someone interjected that the "Barstow" portion of OWS has a Beatlesque feel to it, I'm even more drawn to it. Plus, I live a few blocks from a major local street called "Barstow," so Gerry had me at hello, or something like that.

Message: 10820 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:30:02 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Great Hourglass / Human Nature debate

I'm not sure which one I like better. HN is a strong personal favorite right now; it hasn't had the full test of time, in my mind. And HG impressed me instantly, but I was biased. It was like a *cold* glass of water to a thirsty man suffering in an America drought from 1984 to 1994. I still think it is a great album, but how objective am I really?

I gotta say that "Hope" and "Young Moon" really stand out in my mind from HG, followed closely by HN's "From a Moving Train" and "Wednesday Morning." I might lean toward HG only because of the remnant of Dan's contributions to America, Dewey's version of "Everyone I Meet is from California."

I can't wait for my CD tour to drive past the Capitol Years, especially "Perspective," into the last two albums. Either one is a pleasure.

Jim R.

Message: 10819 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:20:57 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

Excuse my writing in my previous post. I intended to write: "HEAD AND HEART was the only song from HOMECOMING that initially left me cold."

See, I might be born with a brain, but ya can't make me use it!!!!


Message: 10818 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:18:43 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

<<Question: What writing technique does Dewey use on "Political Poachers? It's use in poetry, as well. >>

As an editor and journalist (a pair of professional pundits who pan the poetic practice), I'm well aware of alliteration when I see or hear it. The artist in me is moved by the majestic mix of form and function, however. -- Jim R.

Message: 10817 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:16:26 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

HEAD AND HEART was the only song from the Homecoming CD that didn't left me cold. Now I count it as on of my favs. I've really grown to appreciate how all three share vocals.
MY DEAR, from the Your Move CD was an even more extreme case. I totally disliked it at first. Somehow, it grew on me to the point where I go out of my way to programme my CD player to get to it very quickly (track 3). My friend once told me that MY DEAR is a song that only a certified America freak could like. I guess that makes me a freak, and one that's certifiable :) I love the atmosphere that the song creates, and I've totally flipped over Gerry's background vocals.


Message: 10816 Posted: Tue Mar 28 14:09:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Great Hourglass / Human Nature debate

Chill out because I also favour Human Nature over Hourglass, but I do love both. Call of the Wild and Dewey's excellent vocals on Dan's Everyone I Meet is from California are awesome. Overall. despite a few duds, I prefer the overall sound of Human Nature.


Message: 10815 Posted: Tue Mar 28 13:46:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Debate

Alan, it's funny how one America song can appeal to one fan while that same song absolutely does the opposite for another. For me, the "Barstow" portion is my favorite. So much so, that I wish it were a single song with a longer version in place of the first two parts.

Message: 10814 Posted: Tue Mar 28 13:34:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Woman Tonight" & Woodz

I think "Woman Tonight" should be kept on the playlist (if for no other reason) because of the great job Woodz does singing vocals with Gerry! I'd like to hear him sing more.

Message: 10813 Posted: Tue Mar 28 13:33:17 2000 By: Alan
Subject: The Great Hourglass / Human Nature debate

Boy, I knew I was in the minority in liking HN over HG, but it appears to be a very lonely minority at that. Is there ANYONE out there besides me that thinks HN is a better album?

As for Hot Town and Hidden Talent, I like both those songs, although I must confess they are my least favorite on the CD. I also really like OWS (the whole thing, not just Barstow), despite the fact I have read a fair number of disparging remarks about it as well on this chat folder.

I just feel bad that not everyone out there is as enlightened as me!


Message: 10812 Posted: Tue Mar 28 13:28:52 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

For me, with America as a trio, "Harbor" was my least favorite LP. I've grown to appreciate it over time, however.

The mention of "Political Poachers" earlier, reminds me of the trivia question I asked about a year ago. Robyn had the correct answer. Here's the question again and we'll see if anyone other than Robyn knows or remembers the answer.

Question: What writing technique does Dewey use on "Political Poachers? It's use in poetry, as well.

Message: 10811 Posted: Tue Mar 28 13:26:49 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

I would have to say that about the entire Van Go Gan CD. Nothing on that CD struck me as a great song right off the bat. All the songs had to grow on me, but over time I have grown quite fond of many songs on that album.

I often find that the songs that have to grow on me are the ones that become my lasting favorites, while the songs that I like right away often aren't as endearing to me over the long haul. Not always true, but often is the case.

Message: 10810 Posted: Tue Mar 28 12:57:54 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

Tall Treasures from Silent Letter is one that comes to mind right away. It has become one of my favs. Sandman is another although the studio version still isn't my favorite but live it is one of their best.

Message: 10809 Posted: Tue Mar 28 12:55:52 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: 1977 Tour Book On Ebay

America's 1977 Tour Book is available for purchase on Ebay. Search word: BUNNELL

Message: 10808 Posted: Tue Mar 28 12:26:05 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: FR PETE...

Hi Pete,
I will give them a call. Thanks. Hope all is well.

Message: 10807 Posted: Tue Mar 28 12:25:50 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: FR PETE...

Hi Pete,
I will give them a call. Thanks. Hope all is well.

Message: 10806 Posted: Tue Mar 28 11:33:19 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

<<Anybody out there not like an America song at first, and then, turned out to be an all-time favorite? -- Rob>>

Oh definitely. I can't even begin to list the songs that had to grow on me -- not only on America albums but on Billy Joel, the Beatles, Kansas, and other artists. In fact, I usually have to listen to an album about a half dozen times before I become accustomed enough to the song list to begin making judgments.

A number of the songs off "Hat Trick" didn't jump off the vinyl immediately. "Harbor" required some careful listening, and still falls short of other albums. (But I do love that cover.) A good album that took quite a while to hook me was "Alibi," whose songs seemed very different to me than earlier America albums.

However, the typical pop song has an interesting trait. It tends to catch people's attention right away. "A Horse With No Name" is the classic example of a song reaching no. 1 from a group no one had ever heard of. "Sister Golden Hair" was catchy from the opening guitar chords and riffs. Sometimes, a song becomes "old," losing its popularity and likability. Aqua's "Barbie Girl" falls into that category for me. I guess I decide how good a song is over a long period of time. I'm happy to say America's 1970s stuff still sounds good, all these years later.

Jim R.

Message: 10805 Posted: Tue Mar 28 10:59:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Final Four Results

I think the results of the Final Four voting was quite amazing being that "All My Life" defeated "Amber Cascades" by the exact vote count "Young Moon" defeated "Sgt. Darkness", 40 to 31!

Message: 10804 Posted: Tue Mar 28 08:15:56 2000 By: Pete
Subject: America Concert

Looking for a America concert. Talk to Friar Tuck Inn, Catskills NY. They do not have America schedule to play there yet this year but they have been getting calls and the lady sounded like they were going to try and get them. Here is a number to call, 1-800-832-7600. Just ask them you would like to see America play there this summer. Last year they were there and they packed the house. Hi there Maureen, please give them a call.

Message: 10803 Posted: Tue Mar 28 07:16:55 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: JoeK's Tar Heels.

Speaking of America...

Joe, you weren't one of the millions of Tar Heel fans calling for your non Dean-Smith coach to be fired before the tournament, were you? I also remember a bunch of people whining that NC didn't even belong in the thing in the first place. Were they wrong. My Hoosiers almost made it to the final four. If they'd have just hit a 23-pointer at the buzzer, they'd have gotten out of the first round.

Boy, do I love their music.


Message: 10802 Posted: Tue Mar 28 05:09:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Albums

I have to chuckle about the recent "Harbor" opinions.....Didn't we go thru the same "Hideaway" opinions a while back, also the '80's albums? Just goes to show you that what Kevin said.....IS SO TRUE! (C= Makes for a nice string of thoughts, don't you think?


Message: 10801 Posted: Tue Mar 28 05:01:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Jim R , Your 1980 Logo Belt Buckle

From what I remember, there were advertisements in the back of Creem, Rolling Stone, Circus and other music magizines where you could pick up the logos on lots of music groups from this company! I remember seeing (in the ad) Led Zep's logo and Kiss and others.....I can't remember the company, but remember seeing the ads! They were always situated amongst the t-shirt ads....


Message: 10800 Posted: Tue Mar 28 03:24:16 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Songs We Grew To Love

"Riverside" and "Mirror to Mirror" were two songs that I was sorta ho-hum about when I first heard them. But, then with every listen, I liked them more and more and more. Anybody out there not like an America song at first, and then, turned out to be an all-time favorite?

(Haven't been on in a while. Hello to all my ol' friends: Howard, Tom, Young Moon, Steve, Jim N. and all)


Message: 10799 Posted: Mon Mar 27 20:47:10 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Harbor, Hourglass vs Human Nature.

How do you really feel about those drums? LOL

Message: 10798 Posted: Mon Mar 27 20:39:12 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: harbor

I feel Harbor was their weakest album. However Sargent Darkness and Political Poachers are 2 of my favorrite songs. Glad to see the guys are going to Virginia Beach. Thats close enough to drive !! How come the Guys went to Va. SC ,Tenn and Kentucky but cant come to North Carolina??? Oh well at least they get close........
Can I say It???? GO HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe

Message: 10797 Posted: Mon Mar 27 19:41:56 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Harbor, Hourglass vs Human Nature.

I'm always amazed at how different America songs and albums can affect people differently. Even though my opinions about the albums and songs are the right ones and the only opinions personally endorsed by Gerry, Dewey and Dan (the preceeding statement has been made up by my and is pitifully delusional), it's very interesting to read other opinions.

For instance, I happen to think Harbor is awesome. And I usually hate mushy shit. Yeah, it's lushly produced. But for me it works. God Of The Sun and Seargent Darkness were both great songs to begin each side. And Monster is brilliant, the kind of richly accoustic song that made me love America in the first place. What I love about it lyrically is that it is so obtuse. And Sarah is one of the few love song that doesn't make me cringe(even with the Golly Dad lyric). Dewey's Are You There is every bit the masterpiece as Amber Cascades (a damn good name for a stripper, if I may be so bold to suggest such a thing). That electric guitar solo in the middle cranks. As good as that song is, I think I like Political Poachers even more. It seemed like a throwback to early Dewey with a deeper message lyrically. And musically it was vintage early America. I dug Down The Water's sitar, a different sound for America. Dewey has mentioned that toward the end, Dan's seemed to be losing his footing in the group, and maybe that shows in Slow Down, but I blame that on George Martin trying to slide a disco song in there. Hurricane rocks like Dan's In The Country off Hideaway, and These Brown Eyes is cool. Don't Cry is a little overdone. Anyway, maybe one of the reasons I love that album so much is it came out the year I graduated from High School (I am old) and it carries with it such fond memories. To me, the weakest America as a trio album is Holiday.

As far as Hourglass versus Human Nature, it's Hourglass hands down. No clunkers on Hourglass. But I cannot put Hourglass in the same league as other America albums because I cannot get over the cheap ass bush league sucky Holiday Inn lounge act fake K-Mart drums that make the old butt cheeks tighten every time I hear them. Without that production lameness, Hourglass would have been on the same par as Silent Letter.

Again, your opinions may vary.


Message: 10796 Posted: Mon Mar 27 19:23:16 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat anyone?

I am headed there now. I will hang out for a bit, if anyone wants to talk live...

Message: 10795 Posted: Mon Mar 27 19:09:38 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: George Martin's legacy

"Are You There"...ah yes...probably one of Dan's greatest guitar solos.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 10794 Posted: Mon Mar 27 17:46:50 2000 By: Dan
Subject: pleading

I hate to beg, people but both of my original picks are getting the thumbs down right now. I'm talking about the song tournament and its getting late. I'm trying to rally the troops for Sgt Darkness and Amber Cascades. cmon people!!! Dan

Message: 10793 Posted: Mon Mar 27 17:09:52 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: George Martin's legacy

On the subject of Harbour, the cover alone is worth the price of admission; the younger folks out there miss something with the CD version. Oh and I really dug Are You There on that album. Another one of Dewey's underappriciated songs in my humble opinion. Dan

Message: 10792 Posted: Mon Mar 27 16:22:53 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Hat Trick's Western Concept

I think the Eagles were first. I remember hearing "Outlaw Man" (still an absolutely awesome song) on Album Rock radio around the time I graduated high school (June '73)and I believe "Hat Trick came out in the fall of '73.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 10791 Posted: Mon Mar 27 15:27:51 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: George Martin's legacy

w/SARAH, the CD is immune to anything as well.

Message: 10790 Posted: Mon Mar 27 15:27:32 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Stuff...

If I had to choose between Hourglass and Human Nature, I'd take Hourglass. Human Nature is a good album, but I think it suffers from the disjointed "Overwhelming World Suite" and weaker songs like "Hidden Talent" and "World Alone". "Barstow" should be a song in its own right. The other two parts of the suite seem too slow to fit America's style. Hourglass has some of the finest work since the old Warner days. "Young Moon", "Hope", "Sleeper Train", "Whole Wide World", and "Garden Of Peace" are simply some of the best America songs out there.

On other topics, I just purchased a great new cover of "Tin Man" recorded by Evan Olson. It's got some great production on it and well worth a listen. As for the rest of the album, well, let's say the "Tin Man" cover alone makes it worth having. Try to listen to a RealAudio clip of it if you can on one of the online music stores.

Also, any word as to whether or not Dewey and Gerry will record new songs for the box set the way they did for Encore?


Message: 10789 Posted: Mon Mar 27 15:15:46 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Harboring no ill feelings to the Sgt.

I should have noted that, of all the songs on "Harbor," "Sergeant Darkness" is one of the songs I liked then and still do now. In fact, Gerry's "God of the Sun" still is decent enough, in my mind, and his strange "Monster" is catchy, for some odd reason. But Dewey's and Dan's positive contributions were far short of earlier albums. I never liked "These Brown Eyes," mostly because of the "powerful crying" lyric, and the "bop shew op" of "Slow Down" seemed dated to me, even then. "Down to the Water" was more sound effects and less of Dewey's usually clever lyrics, which normally stood alone without the need for production elements to make them entertaining. Maybe it was meant to be a retro concept album with a Beach Boys flavor. Regardless, the album is also my least favorite from the original Trio.

Oh, and yes, I'm up to "Harbor" on my current CD tour. Another three or four listens, and then I'll go "Live" before moving onto the Capitol years.

Message: 10788 Posted: Mon Mar 27 14:59:33 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Jim R , Your 1980 Logo Belt Buckle

Actually, while I bought it in 1980 (as a Christmas present for myself, as I recall), I think it must have been made in 1978 or earlier.

The logo is the classic 1974 logo that has become the standard element in identifying our guys' "America" from any other use of the word. The buckle, made of solid brass in Taiwan, is numbered 832 (whatever that means). I bought it at Berman's Buckskin (now Wilson's) in Apache Mall, Rochester . Minn. I can't recall exactly, but I think the buckle was less than $10. I also bought a nice leather belt at the store that day, and began wearing it immediately. The buckle is now on its third belt.

Steve has an image of an identical buckle under the Museum Photos (miscelleaneous photos section, "Gary Bickmore's prized belt buckle") on the fan page. Click here to see it.

If anyone knows more about this piece of hardware, I'd appreciate learning more. I assume it was legally licensed, but I have never seen it again anywhere else and I would love to know why that is.

Jim R

Message: 10787 Posted: Mon Mar 27 14:58:47 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: George Martin's legacy

Harbour is considered overly sweet? Any CD that has Sargent Darkness on it is immune to any negative criticism :)


Message: 10786 Posted: Mon Mar 27 14:40:24 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: George Martin's legacy

I agree with you, Jim. Harbor was over produced. The sound is too sweet. It's also my least favorite of the original 7. Many of the songs on that record pale when compared with their earlier efforts. The band's songwriting took a sharp nose-dive on that one.

Message: 10785 Posted: Mon Mar 27 14:18:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Jim R , Your 1980 Logo Belt Buckle

Jim, will you tell us about your 1980 America logo belt buckle? Where did you get it, how much did it cost, or anything else of interest about it. If it's a buckle with the 1980 logo, then that would mean it's the logo used on Alibi as opposed to the logo that was first used on "Holiday", right?

Message: 10784 Posted: Mon Mar 27 13:53:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: George Martin's legacy

I've noted Beatles influences on several instances in America songs, and I remain a fan of George Martin's work in general. The wind instrument at the beginning of "Seasons" on "Hearts" takes me back to the Beatles' "Penny Lane" and the songs on "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band," for instance. Also, the piano work on "Hearts" and "Hideaway" certainly has George Martin's contributions all over it. Those efforts are laudable, as are George's remixes of the songs from 1971-73 on "History."

However, in some specific instances, I do think that Sir George may have overproduced certain Beatles and America songs. If you recall, he did have the tendency to suggest ideas to make a song more palatable as a commercial composition, such as on the Beatles "Help" (which was sped up from Lennon's longish original concept) and "Revolution" (rerecorded as "Revolution No. 1" on the White Album to reflect Lennon's slower-paced ideas).

To my ear, the lush America songs of "Hearts" and "Hideaway" gave way to too many songs on "Harbor" that abandoned rock instruments in favor of other "orchestra" accompaniment. "Sarah" was overly sweetened, in my opinion, by the instrumentation. "Don't You Cry" had a similar sound tint. I'm not sure why these things bothered me on "Harbor," but they did from the first time I heard the album in 1977.

Again, George Martin is an incredible record producer, and his work on America's albums from 1974 to 1979 is overall positive. His commercial ear certainly played a role in "Sister Golden Hair" and "Tin Man," among others. But maybe the boys, like the Beatles from 1967-69, began to rely too heavily on his magic and lost a piece of themselves for a short time. I find the sounds on "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" to be more honest to Gerry and Dewey, who apparently learned a lot from their first production effortsin 1972 and 1973.

Jim R.

Message: 10783 Posted: Mon Mar 27 12:49:41 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Watership Down/Lord of the Rings

<<All this talk about Watership Down... Gerry was being interviewed (by Circus magazine) about the song and he said how proud he was of the song because he had never written to a specific format before. Either he, or the interviewer, said that Gerry had done an excellent job of suggesting the "mood" of the film without exposing the actual plot. - Nina>>

That's one of the things I loved about the song from the beginning. As I recall, in the book, Richard Adams never had the rabbits referring to themselves as rabbits. We saw the world through their frame of reference, including their limited understanding of human contrivances (such as roads and vehicles). At least that's the impression that I got when I read the book in the mid 1970s. When Gerry's song came out, one of the things I loved was that Gerry didn't sing "And they're rabbits, they're rabbits." Instead, you had to bring that frame of reference from the book into the song to understand what's happening. I think he captured the spirit of the book, not merely the title and broad theme of "Watership Down."

I, too, liked Art Garfunkel's "Bright Eyes," but (insert your own whine here about what song should have been the theme song.)

Message: 10782 Posted: Mon Mar 27 11:17:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Hat Trick's Western Concept

I wonder who came up with the Western concept first, America with "Hat Trick" or the Eagles with "Desperado"? We know that "Hat Trick" was recorded from May 29 to mid-July, 1973. I looked for the date on the Eagles' "Desperado" LP and album sleeve but I found nothing other than the year, 1973.

I was thinking about popular songs used in TV commercials and thought how Ford could use "A Horse With No Name" to advertise their Mustang. I can see it now, a Mustang convertible roaring down a desert highway with a mustang running across the desert in the same direction at full gallop.

Message: 10781 Posted: Sun Mar 26 15:35:25 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Reno Fan Gathering

So who's planning on going??

Message: 10780 Posted: Sun Mar 26 07:19:21 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Three More MP3's

Thanks Steve for the mps's. I have downloaded them and they sound great!! Am looking forward to getting the whole CD soon!!

Message: 10779 Posted: Sun Mar 26 06:38:35 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: life isn't fair

True, true.

I do have to admit that Steve did lay out the rules beforehand (only the number of songs in the tournament changed). However, I found it very surprising that a song voted into the Top 4 in straight balloting did not made the Elite Eight in tournament voting.

Anyway, I don't have a burden for The Border (I'm fortunate to have heard it in concert) I just wanted to point out the different outcomes from the two voting formats.


Message: 10778 Posted: Sat Mar 25 22:58:34 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: All Night

Hello everyone,the tune,All Night was mentioned recently and I must confess to not liking it at all when Silent Letter was released,but it is a song that has really grown on me over a number of years,indeed this is a tune that should be played at maximum volume,perhaps a tune that escaped recent voting.One thing I do miss is Sir George Martins lush production I don't beleive America or the Beatles for that matter have had anything produced as good,if proof were needed Alibi sounds like an eighties album as wonderful as it was,but Martin had that golden touch of hardly ever putting a foot wrong nearly all the time he was involved with the music business.

Message: 10777 Posted: Sat Mar 25 18:50:36 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Three More MP3's

Here are three more MP3's that you can download within the next 7 days:

Things We Said Today (live) -

Van Go Gan Remix (from Go Man Go) -

Sunrise Sunset Remix (from Go Man Go) -

Message: 10776 Posted: Sat Mar 25 18:26:26 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: music

You have very good musical ears Jeff

Message: 10775 Posted: Sat Mar 25 16:00:58 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: It's A Bit Strange

I agree. I thought all three songs were excellent and any one of them would and should have been a hit single. Especially, My Kinda Woman and Lovely Night.

Message: 10774 Posted: Sat Mar 25 15:38:34 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: It's A Bit Strange

I think it's a bit strange that "Lovely Night" from 'Hideaway'; "My Kinda Woman" from 'Your Move'; and "We Got All Night" from 'Perspective' were each selected to be the first song on Side 1 of their respective LPs but never released as a single. If they weren't intended to be singles then why be the first song???

Message: 10773 Posted: Sat Mar 25 15:08:11 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: America Tour Comes To Georgia

It was great news for Georgia fans of America that they will appear at Stone Mountain Park May 28.

Message: 10772 Posted: Sat Mar 25 12:17:42 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: music

WEDNESDAY MORNING and SURVIVAL back to back work for me...and I agree about SLEEPER TRAIN and WHEELS.

Message: 10771 Posted: Sat Mar 25 11:23:44 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: I Need You Remix MP3

I've got several changes to put on the America Fans Web Site this afternoon but for some reason I can't upload the new files to the Oxygen server. In the meantime, you can download and listen to one of the changes. It is an MP3 version of the "I Need You" remix from the forthcoming Go Man Go CD. It will only be available for 7 days and can only be downloaded by clicking on the following link. After that, you'll only be able to listen to it in RealAudio format on the web site. --Steve

Message: 10770 Posted: Sat Mar 25 11:15:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Steve, you mentioned the possibility of a Beatle-influence on the "Bartow" portion of "Overwhelming World Suite". I ,too, hear it. Whether intentional or not on Gerry's part, I hear a bit of "Penny Lane". "Bartow" is also my favorite part of the suite.

Bones, I'll have to give "Sleeper Train" followed by "Wheels" a try as you suggested.

TomK, naughty, naughty of you about R. Springfield being an unusual or funny happening at an America show (LOL). I do say, however, that he seems to have a great following of women at the one show that I attended following America's performance...and that's never a bad thing so he might be doing something right.

Nina, I recall back during the time of the "Perspective" LP, Gerry said he would like to write songs for movies. So, we never know what might be in Gerry's future in that regard, I like to think.

Pat B, your selection of songs from "HG" and "HN" are very similar to mine. I noticed we both selected "Whispering". Too bad only "FAMT" was released as a single. I think "Whispering" could have been a hit because of its uniqueness especially among the teen listeners of radio.

Andy, about the passing of a friend (Hat Trick), I believe there's life after death. So don't mourn too much. (:

And Howard, thanks for the info about the "HG" songs in concert. Hopefully, "Young Moon" will rise again!!!

It's currently "All My Life" with 23 votes and "Amber Cascades" with 24. Close, close, close!

Message: 10769 Posted: Sat Mar 25 09:02:25 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Combining HG and HN into 1 CD

Johnny: If I were to combine Hourglass and Human Nature into 1 CD; these are the songs I would select: From a Moving Train, Wheels are Turning, Overwhelming World Suite, Wednesday Morning, Whispering, Oloololo, Young Moon, Hope, Sleeper Train, Garden of Peace. 6 from HN and 4 from HG. I know I'm in the minority, but I still like Human Nature better than Hourglass. But without a doubt, these are the 2 finest albums AMERICA have produced as a duo. These 2 albums have reinvigerated my love for this band.

Message: 10768 Posted: Sat Mar 25 08:50:59 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Even the Score

I've seen the "Tom Snyder" version of EVEN THE SCORE. IMHO, it's even better than the album version. It's a little more raw, and the tempo is just a little bit slower. Both versions are really excellent, but I'd give a slight edge to the Tom Snyder version.


Message: 10767 Posted: Sat Mar 25 08:10:56 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Watership Down/Lord of the Rings

Hi! All this talk about Watership Down has me remembering an article I read in college in a magazine like CIRCUS.? Gerry was being interviewed about the song and he said how proud he was of the song because he had never written to a specific format before. Either he, or the interviewer, said that Gerry had done an excellent job of suggesting the "mood" of the film without exposing the actual plot.
Ain't that the truth??? (My words...not theirs!) The article also mentioned that Gerry had purposely put off reading the novel until he visited his home in the English be able to read it in the proper environment. Makes me wonder how many other songwriters would have been so careful and respectful of a piece of literature?

With the new "Lord of the Rings" movie on the horizon...wouldn't it be
a wise choice of the director to contract our boys for a song or two??? I think they'd be the perfect choice! Anyone agree?


Message: 10766 Posted: Sat Mar 25 07:56:39 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Even the Score

Any votes for EVEN THE SCORE ? This song was featured on the Tommy Snyder show a few decades ago. DEWEY on lead vocals.

Message: 10765 Posted: Sat Mar 25 06:47:22 2000 By: Steve Jones
Subject: Human Nature!

I absolutely LOVE "Barstow" on "HM"! Did I hear someone saaaaay, Beatles influenced? LOL

Message: 10764 Posted: Fri Mar 24 21:16:58 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: I Went Wild On "Call Of The Wild"

By funny or unusual, does appearing with Rick Springfield count???

Message: 10763 Posted: Fri Mar 24 18:47:13 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: "Human Glass" or "Nature Hour"

Johnny, Listen to Sleeper Train and Wheels - back to back and crank it up. They sound great one after the other.

Message: 10762 Posted: Fri Mar 24 13:25:06 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: The passing of a friend

I can't believe that Hat Trick got beat.
I feel like I lost a best friend :(::::::::::::


Message: 10761 Posted: Fri Mar 24 12:58:31 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hourglass Tour

Back in 1994 to I say late 1995, when Hourglass came out,
they were performing Young Moon, Hope, M2M and Call Of The Wild
and then totally drop YM, Hope & Call and M2M has stayed ever since.
FYI, Howie

Message: 10760 Posted: Fri Mar 24 12:21:05 2000 By: msmith
Subject: life isn't fair

tz mac, if life was fair young moon, hope, close to the wind, moving train, wednesday morning, & pages would have all been commercial hits. life is not fair, sorry. while i'm here--andy, what are we going to do, hat trick got beat :-(. it still made the final eight and i'd LOVE to hear it live! ...are you reading this boys?

Message: 10759 Posted: Fri Mar 24 12:17:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: I Went Wild On "Call Of The Wild"

I like "Call Of The Wild" so much, I accidently put it down twice. I guess I'd choose "You Can Do Magic" as the 12th song. I actually like the version on "Hourglass" a bit better. I know I'm in the minority on that one.

The other night, I was watching the video of the Steely Dan concert that I recorded off the PBS channel last week. On their last song, "Pretzel Logic", Donald Fagen was really getting after it on the piano. So much so, that his glasses flew off and over his head. Has anyone seen something funny or unusual happen at an America concert that they care to tell us about?

Message: 10758 Posted: Fri Mar 24 11:06:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Human Glass" or "Nature Hour"

If we were to combine "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" into only one CD/cassette, these are the 12 songs I'd select:

Young Moon, From A Moving Train, Garden Of Peace, Wednesday Morning, Whole Wide World, Whispering, World Alone, Mirror To Mirror, Hot Town, Call Of The Wild, Everyone I Meet Is From California, Call Of The Wild.

And you? Let's limit the count to 12 songs.

Message: 10757 Posted: Fri Mar 24 09:24:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Virginia's Luck

Yes, Virginia, I'm present today, thanks. If Rick Springfield goes last, the good thing is, you can leave right after America plays like Cathy and I did. Oh yeah, you want to hear "Jesse's Girl". Oh well. (:

Message: 10756 Posted: Fri Mar 24 09:09:12 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: How lucky can I get??!!

Just yesterday, while listening to the King Biscuit live CD on my miserable commute into Silicon Valley, I was musing about possible concert sites nearby. Villa Montalvo came to mind mostly because it's a smallish venue and a beautiful setting. Son of a gun if the updated concert list doesn't have America down for Villa Montalvo July 23! And get this...they are appearing with (Johnny, are you there?)RICK SPRINGFIELD!! ;-) God's in His Heavens, all's right with the world!
I just hope Mr. Springfield is the opening act, so I can get there really early and not miss a single note! I get to hear Jesse's Girl LIVE!! I can't wait!!

Just figured out that I can't talk with my tongue in my cheek, so I'll have to remove it now.

Message: 10755 Posted: Fri Mar 24 08:49:09 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: RE: Moment To Moment

Oh, no problem with "Wednesday Morning." I'll listen to that one any day of the week too (and will get equally cranky as I would about "Moment to Moment" grumbles). I think I would have voted for " Wednesday Morning" if I would've been chatting during the release of "Human Nature." "MtoM" became my next favorite after soaking in the album a little longer. Of course, the only song I ever caught on the radio was "From a Moving Train," so I guess it doesn't matter how good a song is. "Amber Cascades" all over again.

Message: 10754 Posted: Fri Mar 24 07:53:55 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Defending The Border?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tim. The rules were set out at the beginning and the outcome has been determined. So, for you "Border" fans, all I can say is "I'm sorry, but That's Life (pun intended)."

Message: 10753 Posted: Fri Mar 24 05:01:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Defending The Border?

Timbo!!!! (((C=
In all honesty (and I did actually VOTE for it)I think Hat Trick is a difficult song to even TRY live (not to mention LONG)and Border is a better bet! I'd be willing to wager that it would have more consideration......but then again? WHO KNOWS! (C= I've always liked that song.......


Message: 10752 Posted: Fri Mar 24 03:11:14 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

I think I'd give an edge to "Hourglass". The only clunker on "Hourglass" is the "Magic" re-make. However, "HN" has "Hidden Talent" AND "Hot Town" (sorry, I STILL skip over them) and "Overwhelming World" is just a bit too overwhelming for me. But "Hourglass" has such GEMS ("Hope" "Garden of Peace" "Ports of Call", "Greenhouse") Yeah, "Hourglass IS a notch better IMHO.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 10751 Posted: Fri Mar 24 00:41:34 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Defending The Border?

I love these song tournaments and Steve does an excellent job.

One interesting twist developed from our original "vote for four songs" voting to the Elite Eight finalist. The Border was voted in the Top Four from our original voting (All My Life, The Border, Old Man Took, Young Moon), but did not make the Elite Eight.
Now I did not vote for The Border as one of my four, but I think an interesting question is raised. Steve is sending the Elite Eight list (All My Life, Amber Cascades, Hat Trick, Old Man Took, Sergeant Darkness, Survival, Wind Wave, Young Moon) on to the guys for their consideration to add to the concert play list.
Since The Border was in the original Top Four vote, should we send 9 songs instead of eight to be fair?


Message: 10750 Posted: Thu Mar 23 23:08:49 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

An updated concert list has been posted on the America Fans Web Site. Check it out to see if there's a concert near you.

Message: 10749 Posted: Thu Mar 23 20:49:45 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: First Time!!!

Made my first AFCF chat last night! I had fun. Thanks to everyone for the couple of hours!!!!


Message: 10748 Posted: Thu Mar 23 20:48:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Watership Down" Movie

It's between Watership Down and The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Trilogy for my fav books as a "youngster"......I loved to reread WD and listen to it on Hideaway!!! FUN!

Message: 10747 Posted: Thu Mar 23 20:41:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

>>I hope I don't recieve too much ridicule for expressing my opinions, <<

Hey Pat, that's what makes this folder FUN! Everyone's different!!!



Message: 10746 Posted: Thu Mar 23 18:28:15 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Anybody in the chat room?

I am going to be hanging out there if anyone wants to chat. I was there for a bit and got lonely talking to myself !!!!

Message: 10745 Posted: Thu Mar 23 13:53:17 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: RE: Moment To Moment

Jim, I assume that you weren't online with us when Oxygen was considering the release of a second single from "HN". We had a poll on the chat folder, here. "Wednesday Morning" was the overwhelming favorite over "Moment To Moment".

Message: 10744 Posted: Thu Mar 23 12:05:12 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: "Watership Down" Movie

I bought the videotape when I saw it at Wal-Mart two years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it again and again. The book was so wonderful that it was probably my favorite piece of childhood (early teen) literature. I enjoyed the movie almost as much. (Gerry's song would have put it over the top for me.) If I wouldn't have left it up to my daughter to name our pet rabbit, it would have been called Hazel. Unless it was a nervous bunny. Then it'd been Fiver.

Message: 10743 Posted: Thu Mar 23 12:00:40 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: airplay

<<He wanted to wait till it "showed some movements on the charts" and didn't seem to believe that his station in San Diego could have some affect on that chart if they PLAYED it, rather than waiting for others to do so. Very frustrating.
ShariL >>

That's the music biz. "I can't play a new song unless it's popular." Radio formats can be so formulatic as to be contrary to the very art of music. "From a Moving Train" deserved airplay on its "musical" merits, not its "chart action." "Moment to Moment" deserved airplay as well. So do a lot of songs I've never heard of, and apparently never will. There's a reason my CD player has muted my radio.
Jim R

Message: 10742 Posted: Thu Mar 23 11:47:02 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hidden Talent

I didn't take the song to hold any "hidden" meaning about prostitution, per se. Rather, it seems to focus on a woman who either had a co-dependence problem or simply no confidence in herself in a number of ways. Perhaps someone who accepts a substandard job and/or relationship, yet who exhibits intelligence or charm superior to her current life circumstances. But the passionate touch is part of the song. Perhaps that is what made him realize her non-sexual hidden talents.

Regarding "Hot Town," I'm not sure why this tune caught my attention. Its sizzling style (and R&B female background vocals) is certainly unusual for Dewey, but I like the darn thing. (I also liked "Don't Let It Get You Down" from "Hideaway," another non-trad Dewey song, but not, as I said, "All Night.") As with many of Dewey's lyrics, I'm not even looking for the message; I just enjoy the word plays and lyrical action.

Message: 10741 Posted: Thu Mar 23 11:30:19 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Virginia Concert

I should also point out that they're in Annapolis, MD, at Rams Head Tavern May 18. Tickets are $30.25. Never been to the Rams Head, but the Birchmere is a great place to see the guys!!!

Message: 10740 Posted: Thu Mar 23 11:27:05 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Virginia Concert

Found this on the ticketmaster online site....YEAH!!!! Tickets are on sale for $25.
BIRCHMERE MUSIC HALL, Alexandria Virginia
* * *
THR JUL 6, 2000 7:30PM

Message: 10739 Posted: Thu Mar 23 10:54:34 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Watership Down" Movie

Hazel-rah was missing, and Fiver was looking for him, I believe ( WD is my one of my all time favorite books. I re-read it from time to time)

Message: 10738 Posted: Thu Mar 23 10:15:41 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: airplay

My "easy listening" station just played "Ventura Highway." I again realized that just hearing the opening chords of that song make me smile, because it is so distinctive.
I think the same applies to the opening of "From A Moving Train", which also makes me smile when I hear it begin. It's too bad more people didn't get to hear that great song on the radio. I couldn't even get the music director at this station to play it, even tho they play America pretty regularly. He wanted to wait till it "showed some movements on the charts" and didn't seem to believe that his station in San Diego could have some affect on that chart if they PLAYED it, rather than waiting for others to do so. Very frustrating.
ShariL <><

Message: 10737 Posted: Thu Mar 23 09:51:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hidden Talent

I think "Hidden Talent" is simply about a guy who loves a gal who he thinks has made some poor choices in life and has more ability than she gives herself credit for; thus, the "hidden talent" phrase.

To me, "Just like a person from another world/My eyes can see inside you little girl/I see things", the guy is saying HE is like a person from another world and he is able to see the "real" her. Just my opinion.

Message: 10736 Posted: Thu Mar 23 09:05:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: M2M and The Like

Pat, you mentioned about "Mirror To Mirror" and "Moment To Moment". Have you noticed that Gerry likes to use the word, "game", "fool", and "middle" in his songs. By the way, I'll have to give "Hidden Talent" a closer listen.

Here are the songs and lyrics that have the word, "game" in songs written by Gerry. There are a several other songs that he sings but are written by someone else that contain the word, "game" as well. But, the following are ones written by him:

She Gonna Let You Down: Love's the stubbornest game to play
Wednesday Morning: No winner in this game
Mirror To Mirror: To try and win that game
Monster: My black and their green playing some games
One Day's Duning: And the games you play
Daisy Jane: And I'm playin' my crazy game
No Fortune: It's just a game we all play
Lovely Night: Keep on moving, keep on playing that game

Message: 10735 Posted: Thu Mar 23 08:51:36 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Hidden Talent

Hi Jim! <<Hidden Talent bent?>> I'm not exactly sure what this song is about. The image that comes to my mind is that this song is about a guy who meets and is maybe falling in love, with a woman who is a former prostitute "person from another world". It's a former occupation which she is not proud of and would like to forget and keep hidden "I know your past is what's been buggin' you". This man somehow finds out "I see things that you don't want to see, I see things you're tryin' to hide from me" Apparently her on-the-job expertise is what makes her very desirable to him "From the moment that you came in to touch, With the power there to burn so much". He wants to help her to understand her past mistakes "Look for your life between the lines, Bad directions and poor designs" He trys to tell her that she's a better person than who she thinks she is "See there's more to you than meets the eye". He wants her to assert her new self "Now the time has come, To spread your wings and fly". /////// It's a nice story but since the title of the song is Hidden Talents, it seems to me to be emphasizing her sexual know-how rather than her attempt at changing her life in a positive direction. Also the story never resolves. Does the girl get the guy? Do they continue the romance? Do they live happily ever-after? Am I reading too much into this song? (probably). What do you think this song is about? Pat

Message: 10734 Posted: Thu Mar 23 08:05:56 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

Hey Jim! <<No ridicule. Just go away>> VERY FUNNY!! I laughed like heck! I agree with you about All Night. I like MTM too. Pat

Message: 10733 Posted: Thu Mar 23 07:58:22 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

Mark: I agree with you; that Dewey's efforts were stronger on Hourglass and Gerry's efforts were stronger on Human Nature. I like it best when our guys do the songwriting. I almost gave up on this band when I listened to the View From The Ground album (mostly covers). The best tune is Inspector Mills. Sure, You Can Do Majic was a hit and a pretty good song, but it was written by Russ Balard. The only cover song that didn't sound like a cover song was Homecoming's Head And Heart. By the way, which song do you like better: Mirror To Mirror or Moment To Moment? Is this a new trend from Gerry? What, is every new album going to have an "M.... To M...." song? How about Man To Man? Or; Mother To Mother? Or; Muskrat To Muskrat? (the saga continues from the Hat Trick album!). Just having a little fun!! Peace and Love; Pat

Message: 10732 Posted: Thu Mar 23 07:50:48 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

<<I hope I don't recieve too much ridicule for expressing my opinions, but these opinions are coming from someone who has been a big fan since 1973. Peace and Love; Pat >>

No ridicule. Now go away. (Just kidding!) As I said, I like "Hot Town." But I understand that not every Dewey song that strays into unconventional sounds (for him anyway) is going to be accepted by every fan. I'm not big on "All Night" from "Silent Letter." But I suspect that song touches someone's else musical preferences in a positive manner. But what's this anti"Hidden Talent" bent? It's typical America fare. Oh well. Now, if anyone whines about "Moment to Moment," I'll get VERY crabby.

Message: 10731 Posted: Thu Mar 23 06:57:40 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Human Nature.


For me it's 1-2-6-7-8-9-11-12. And maybe 4 if no guys are around. In any order. And who care's if people ridicule you?


Message: 10730 Posted: Thu Mar 23 06:48:45 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

I have to give the edge to Hourglass over Human Nature. I especially liked Dewey's songs on Hourglass. IMHO I thought it was his finest work since the early days, he really carried the CD. Gerry's work was stronger on Human Nature. But like I said I give Hourglass the edge.

As far as the AG promotion of Hourglass, I think if they had put forth the effort that Oxygen had for Human Nature, it would have been a big hit. Not necessarily because the music was so much stronger, but because Hourglass was their first album in a decade, it was the comeback attempt. Once it came out and failed commercially, it became easier for the media to ignore Human Nature. Kind of a "oh them again, didn't they already try this before?" type response. Now that they have had two strikes, I'm affraid that they won't get a third unless they do something to generate some media attention, like do an album with Dan.

But you never know. Maybe the Rhino box set will come out and generate some interest that will lead to something.

Message: 10729 Posted: Thu Mar 23 06:13:00 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

I agree with you Beechlady, that "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" are the best AMERICA albums since Dan's departure. However, I disagree with you and take Alan's position: that Human Nature is the better album of of the two. And I would like to explain why. First I thought that the inclusion of "Everyone I meet is from California" and "You can do magic" on "Hourglass" was reduntant for us longtime hardcore fans. Especially "..California" because that song belongs on my favorite AMERICA album: "Homecoming". And I don't want anything to interupt my fond memmorys of the most important record album of my life. Thankfully these two great songs are placed at the end of my cassette tape so I can fast forward after "Ports-of-call". Secondly, about "Human Nature": I feel that "Hidden Talent", "World Alone", and "Hot Town" are simply very unlistenable songs. (I sincerely appologize to fans of these songs). Because I am able to program my CD player, I have found the following order of tracks to be incredible: 1 2 3 4 6 8 12 9 11. I swear that listening to "Human Nature" in this order will knock your socks off! In fact when I listen to "Human Nature" in this order I feel it is as good as "Hearts"! (one of my favorites). I hope I don't recieve too much ridicule for expressing my opinions, but these opinions are coming from someone who has been a big fan since 1973. Peace and Love; Pat

Message: 10728 Posted: Thu Mar 23 04:21:27 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: "Watership Down" Movie

<<IF I recall correctly, Robyn said the movie folks opted for an Art Garfunkel song instead of Gerry's.>>

Yes, the song was "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel. It is the song that played when Fiver (I hope I'm spelling that right) got shot and was dying. I really like that song, but it is too bad they couldn't have used America's WD as the theme song. I feel there was room for both songs.

Message: 10727 Posted: Thu Mar 23 00:41:57 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: A few words from down under.

Hello again,one thing that does bother me is the lack of radio play for any new album by a seventies act or eighties act for that matter,take the case of James Taylor whos sales have dwindled over the years is now resorting to a covers album,which is fair enough, his decision or record label pressure? Which now brings me on to Warners,much was made in the UK of choice of single,a number of station disc jockeys seemed in agreement,my feeling was that Harbor an ok album really needed a hit single or two on it, as in those days there was a healthy singles chart, keep people interested in the band who had not heard the album,and it was always going to be a tricky affair to get a hit off of America Live,but smashing album.As for Hourglass and Human Nature my feeling is Hourglass sounded much more like an album than Human Nature and yet both these album have been adroitly put together,but make no mistake the afore mentioned albums really highlight America,s considerable appeal,anyway I think I've put the world to rights,how many of you have put on America album at some sort of gathering and there are always a number of people saying who's that,because they seem to be so in to it.

Message: 10726 Posted: Wed Mar 22 19:06:32 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

You got a better chance of reuniting Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson with the Dallas Cowboys than you do with Dan ever getting back together with Gerry and Dewey.
Let's hope RHINO does a masterful job of promoting the box set and sales are really good. Great sales may mean something big later on. (wishful thinking)

Message: 10725 Posted: Wed Mar 22 15:30:35 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: "Hideaway" help

Thanks, folks. I started with July 1999 chat folder and moved forward in time, using my browser's "Find" function to access the information by Robyn, TomT, Steve Lowry, and other knowledgeable and helpful folks. It's amazing how some of us share the same feelings (such as the sense of disappointment and anticipation when we first viewed the fim "Watership Down" and wondered where "our" song was).

Steve, thanks for pointing out the Search Engine in one of those archived references. Now that I know where it is, I'll use it to research questions which I think may have already been discussed. Then again, hasn't *everything* been discussed at some point?

Message: 10724 Posted: Wed Mar 22 15:24:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Hideaway" help

I remember an article done at the time the animated movie was to come out (as was Hideaway) that had Mr. Beckley stating that he had read the book, was approached to do the song and it was not put in the mix....I THINK that's what it said (not having the article in question infront of me)....anyone else know what article I'm referring to??? It was a Bicentenial July issue of a Music Magazine that was on newsprint and was large format.......

Anyhooooo, hope that helps.

TkH<----feeling MUCH better after my previous vent, Alan....roflmao

Message: 10723 Posted: Wed Mar 22 15:16:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Hideaway" help

I remember an article done at the time the animated movie was to come out (as was Hideaway) that had Mr. Beckley stating that he had read the book, was approached to do the song and it was not put in the mix....I THINK that's what it said (not having the article in question infront of me)....anyone else know what article I'm referring to??? It was a Bicentenial July issue of a Music Magazine that was on newsprint and was large format.......

Anyhooooo, hope that helps.

TkH<----feeling MUCH better after my previous vent, Alan....roflmao

Message: 10722 Posted: Wed Mar 22 14:47:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Watership Down" Movie

IF I recall correctly, Robyn said the movie folks opted for an Art Garfunkel song instead of Gerry's.

Message: 10721 Posted: Wed Mar 22 14:38:45 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: More On "Hourglass"

The release of "Hourglass" has its pluses and minuses. If it weren't released, we wouldn't have it to listen to, of course. That would be very sad. Yet, it was a bit of a "waste", in my opinion, of Gerry and Dewey's talent because there's all those wonderful songs without the presentation (lack of a better word) to the radio industry and the listening public. I think the release of "Hourglass" was great for us hard-core fans but it did very little for America except as I mentioned before.

Yes, Jim, it's my understanding that the "Watership Down" movie people were aware of Gerry's song. You might try a search of past months when we discussed it here.

Message: 10720 Posted: Wed Mar 22 14:19:50 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: "Hideaway" help

As I slip into a "Hideaway" in my ongoing tour of America albums (that car CD player thing, remember?), another question arises. Does anyone know if the makers of the British animated film "Watership Down" were ever aware of America's beautiful song drawn from the same literary source? When the film finally hopped onto the scene long after Gerry's 1976 song, I was more than a little disappointed that America was missing from the score or theme music. I understand the film was long in coming, and that certain musical arrangements might have predated America's take on Richard Adams' novel. But with the Sir George Martin connection, and America's other ties to the U.K., it still seems like a shame America and the film didn't meet in peace on the Downs.

Message: 10719 Posted: Wed Mar 22 13:16:44 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Promoting America AG style.....

I appreciate our Beechlady's criticisms of American Gramaphone and Chip Davis. However, unless I miss my guess, AG didn't bump another label from doing an America album in 1994. At that point in our guy's careers, coming off "Perspective" a decade earlier, Gerry and Dewey couldn't prove they had rediscovered themselves to lukewarm execs. And so-so Rhino sales for "Encore" in 1991 weren't enough to warrant the kind of promotion we feel they now deserve. With "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" now tangible evidence of America's abilities, I feel that labels capable of fully promoting the group should take notice.

For that reason, I would NOW agree with Beechlady, that AG would hardly be the best choice to steamroll (sorry, I couldn't resist) America into the music scene. The record industry has always had clouded visions, with too few true visionaries among them.

Hey, how about this? Since Time Warner and AOL (that's America On Line) are seeking federal approval to merge, what could be more natural than America's return to Warner. (Let me guess, I'm only the umpteenth person to play this pun, right?)

Message: 10718 Posted: Wed Mar 22 13:01:05 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Hourglass vs. Human Nature

No flames from me, Alan. Although I'd like to say this:

Of the two, "Hourglass" and "Human Nature", I give the nod to "Hourglass". There are a lot of wonderful songs on "HN" but I think "Hourglass" is exceptional.

"Young Moon" and "Garden Of Peace" are Dewey at his best in my opinion. Gerry's "Mirror To Mirror", "Call Of The Wild", and "Hope" are outstanding, I feel. "Call Of The Wild" reminds me a lot of "Homecoming".

If I were to recommend only one CD to someone who hadn't heard America since the mid-70s, I'd choose "Hourglass". Like Beechlady, I feel "cheated" that America wasn't recognized for their great work on this CD. At least "Hope" received recognition through the Martell Foundation. Oh yeah, Dewey does a great job on "Everyone I Meet" which in one of my favorite songs by Dan.

Message: 10717 Posted: Wed Mar 22 12:51:13 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The (Beatles?) Reunion thing

<<I definitely think they could pull it off. Julian sounds so much like John that when he came out w/ "Vallotte" back in '84, I thought they had dug up with some previously unreleased JL material and released it. - Alan>>

When I first heard "Valotte" in 1984, I ran to find a pack of Q-Tips so that I could clean my ears out. The vocal genes clearly transferred verbatim from John to Julian Lennon. As Julian has gotten older, he continues to resemble his father, so the comparisons are forever inescapable. (John was a heck of a songwriter, however, something that didn't transfer as thoroughly to Julian.)

This whole issue of musical reunions, and the professional resistance to them, is an interesting human characteristic. But I like to be pro-active on such issues while the performers are still alive. Jonh Lennon's resistance to a Beatles reunion was well known, and his resistance proved even more tragic for Lennon fans after he was murdered. "The Dream is Over" signs that sprang up around the Dakota building in Manhattan the day after his death are a poignant reminder that life is often too short.

My Dan Peek/America reunion dream is obviously much more modest (and I won't push the issue because I respect our Trio's unspoken and spoke reasons), but it's a fervent hope nonetheless. Hey, didn't someone once sing "All Things are Possible"?


Message: 10716 Posted: Wed Mar 22 12:46:21 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: test....

Checking to make sure this still works....

Message: 10715 Posted: Wed Mar 22 12:41:57 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Promoting America AG style.....


I'll bet you feel a WHOLE lot better getting that off your chest! (lol).

I don't know anything about AG's promotion (or lack threreof), only what I've heard from reading the chat folder. I guess I had the opposite reaction that you did, however. At the risk of being flamed by Hourglass lovers (and I know from the posts there are A LOT of you out there), I have to say that I have found Hourglass to be an OK CD, But Human Nature was the CD that hit ME like Hearts did back in '75 (which was my first exposure to America). It's just that so many of the songs on HN take me back to the early days of America, yet are more than just a reliance on the "old formula". To me, it's like the best of the old and new wrapped up in one magnificent CD! I did not get that feeling with Hourglass. Good CD, but nothing special IMO.

So go ahead Hourglass fans, I'm ready - I've got my flame-resistant suit on!


Message: 10714 Posted: Wed Mar 22 12:02:09 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Promoting America AG style.....

>>I hold no ill feelings toward American Gramaphone (who at least took a chance on Dewey and Gerry)<<

I really DO have a bone to pick with AG! They put out a CD with absolutely NO promotion. You can CERTAINLY BET Chip Davis promoted the hell out of his really lame "From Russia, With Love". I think that AG did a huge DISSERVICE by misrepresenting themselves as a label (to the public.) rather than a *vanity label*. The only thing Mr. Davis cares about is HIS CD sales and his coffee/hot chocolate/muffin/sausage stick/cheese basket sales! When a person/group puts out a CD on AG it fades into obscurity fast because there is zero promotion. What a waste of talent! IMHO Hourglass was THE finest work to date from these two (don't get me wrong, I love Human Nature-but Hourglass hit me like Hearts did in '75! BIG WOWZA)

Ahhhh, the joys of free speech! I LOVE AMERICA!!! (C;


Message: 10713 Posted: Wed Mar 22 08:24:03 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

Jim Riccioli wrote: "Now I plan to suggest that the three surviving Beatles team up with Julian Lennon. (Hey, I'm serious, man.) I suspect that idea will fly even less successfully than the Dan thing"

Back when Julian Lennon first started becoming commercially successful, the idea of a Beatles reunion with Julian taking his dad's place was suggested. I didn't hear Paul, George & Ringo's take on it, but I do recall Julian was quite opposed to it. He didn't want to stand in the shadow of his father's achievements. He wanted to be known for HIS music. Of course, the guy has all but faded into oblivion and may be a bit more receptive to the idea now.

I definitely think they could pull it off. Julian sounds so much like John that when he came out w/ "Vallotte" back in '84, I thought they had dug up with some previously unreleased JL material and released it.

Message: 10712 Posted: Wed Mar 22 08:10:39 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Promoting America

A lot of discussion regarding the promotion of America albums has dribbled from our fingertips. Generally, I agree with what has been said. However, we have to remember that in "pop" music, especially concerning 1970s acts, fame fades. Dewey and Gerry noted that their album sales after "Hideaway" and singles sales after "Sister Golden Hair" were lacklustre, even with Warner Bros. behind them. I'm guessing (and I do mean "guessing") that Warner Bros. was not only disappointed with America's sales in 1977, but was also turned off by Dan's departure. Capitol, I think, was willing to take a chance because they respected the fact that America had sold well through 1976 and could still sell well. Obviously, their attitude changed after "Silent Letter" and "Alibi." "View from the Ground" only reinforced the mistaken idea that America was better off recordingother people's material. Promotional efforts continued to sag with "Perspective." By then, the fan base had shrunken, so any promotional efforts seemed pointless.

Our frustration shouldn't be focused on the small labels, but on the fact that the larger labels aren't lending an ear to the quality of the music we heard from both "Hourglass" and "Human Nature," which I believe are far better than the low-ebb "Your Move" or "Perspective" albums. I hold no ill feelings toward American Gramaphone (who at least took a chance on Dewey and Gerry) and Oxygen (who went the extra mile on a tight promotional budget). I also don't blame Capitol for losing confidence, though I blame them in part for not encouraging Dewey and Gerry to continue to write their own songs. And let's face it, Warner Bros. helped build America and is part of the group's golden period. I'm sorry they couldn't appreciate that Dan's departure wasn't really the end. To be honest, I also lay part of the blame on 1970s music fans, who abandoned America and never looked back. I guess that's the way the music business works.

But the music biz also loves nostalgia, and I sure wish someone was paying attention to Dewey and Gerry as an effective musical duo that is America. Maybe, just maybe, someone will notice soon.

Message: 10711 Posted: Wed Mar 22 01:26:42 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Reunion

Hello everyone,much has been said concerning the reunion subject.First and foremost would Dan want to rejoin? Why should Gerry and Dewey change now? Just suppose America has an album in the top ten would Dan want to tour? would it upset the balance of a tried and tested team?As one can see this poses more questions than answers just imagine if Dan did rejoin would this guarantee more publicty? I beleive much of the problem has to be laid at Capitols door,Silent Letter ,America's first outing as a duo was a quite splendid affair,but some very ordinary artwork for a sleeve but this was an album full of top notch tunes as was the next in Alibi,here was an album with quite rightly an Italian number one in the form of Survival ,a hit if ever there was one,I believe there was a hit in Mexico from the same album underlining America's huge potential,I can't help feeling these were two albums that Capitol really should have been behind.Perhaps America could get Sir George Martin back at the production helm with Dan singing background vocals on a few tracks,now that might cause a stir.The other day I was a trifle hard on CSN&Y,but this is a sometimes group of individuals that are rarely remembered for their music with the exception of Mr.Young,if it's not scuffling with Elvis Costello,or waving guns around it's something else and I do not mean to be unkind,perhaps the old saying there is no such thing as bad publicity seems to ring true.But back to America their ninties output is nothing short of outstanding,perhaps our guys should take on some more countries and see what happens from there.

Message: 10710 Posted: Tue Mar 21 21:07:14 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame??

Excuse me if this topic has already been discussed...
I was reading the paper this past week-end when I came upon an article about John Sebastian and the Lovin' Spoonful being elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hey, I like John and I thought that, Welcome Back Kotter song was pretty cute as well as some of their hits like "Summer in the City" but come on! How in the world do they get elected and America doesn't? This is crazy......I mean VH1 is one thing but this is insane. I really have to question whoever is in charge of America's marketing and publicity. Any thoughts on what can be done about this clear injustice??

Message: 10709 Posted: Tue Mar 21 20:42:02 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Hey what is up with VH1??? Haven't they gone through
just about everybody yet? BTW, who is in charge of
America's marketing and publicity?? Is it the record label
or personal management? Whoever it is should look at going
into a different line of work. Surely VH1 can dig something
up on Gerry, Dewey and Dan. If nothing else they could talk
about all the other groups they knew who were on drugs.

Message: 10708 Posted: Tue Mar 21 20:34:46 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion.

LOL!!!! Maybe they could catch CSNY. I hear they're doing pretty well these days.

Message: 10707 Posted: Tue Mar 21 18:56:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat??

anyone want to chat? I am going to the chat room.

Message: 10706 Posted: Tue Mar 21 18:43:18 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Reunion.

I guess my one remaining brain cell was put to some good use after all.


Message: 10705 Posted: Tue Mar 21 18:21:03 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Andy - Great name, South America. Now, VH1 sees this and says: Hey, these guys must be from South America and being from South America, they must be involved in drugs and where there's drugs, there's booze and where there's drugs and booze, there's someone who made alot of money and spent it all on drugs and booze. What a show!!!!
Now maybe Gerry and Dewey will finally get on "Behind the Music" and "Story Tellers"
GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 10704 Posted: Tue Mar 21 17:11:56 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Reunion.

i'm actually listening to Matthew Sweet right now (evangeline of of girlfriend) brilliant stuff.


Message: 10703 Posted: Tue Mar 21 16:45:23 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Thanks Kevin and Andy. It's been a long day and I needed a good laugh.

Message: 10702 Posted: Tue Mar 21 16:41:45 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Okay Kevin,
that was looney tune cute.....Here is my suggestion: America should disband and form a new group with Dan. Only, it won't be called America, but something else such as wait, that's been 'bout SOUTH America....yeah, that's it!!!SOUTH America.....and they can put a bag over Dan's head and call him the "mystery musician".....So we'll have Dewey, Gerry, and the unknown mystery musician. This bag idea might work, because officially Dewey and Gerry can deny ever "selling out", and if there will be no demand for SOUTH America, then they can just....ummm...bag it...yeah that's it....they can bag it. Afterwards, Gerry and Dewey can reunite as AMERICA AND as a duo, without Dan. How's that?


Message: 10701 Posted: Tue Mar 21 16:20:50 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Hey, maybe you all misunderstood what I was talking about. When I said that Gerry, Dewey and Dan should reunite for a concert, I didn't mean for an America concert. I meant the three of them ought to get out one night, maybe meet at Dewey's house, maybe at someplace neutral like a Chucky Cheeses or something, and all three go to a concert. Maybe go see REM, or Sheryl Crow or, like I'm doing next month, go see Matthew Sweet. He's good in concert. I'm sure the three of them would enjoy it. Maybe they can pull some "inside-the-music-business" strings and get some good seats. After the show, maybe they can go grab a burger. That's what I was talking about when I said the three of them ought to get back together for a concert. I'm sorry if some of you got the wrong idea.


Message: 10700 Posted: Tue Mar 21 14:43:58 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: From Different Albums/CDs

I think it's very interesting that the "Elite Eight" are from seven different America albums!

Message: 10699 Posted: Tue Mar 21 12:22:26 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: The "Reunion"

Well said, I agree. Look to the future and new material.

Message: 10698 Posted: Tue Mar 21 11:48:50 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The "Reunion"

I think everyone has said some very interesting things about this "reunion" idea. Both sides have been debated well. I'm positive Dewey and Gerry know how the majority of the fans feel. Personally, I think it can be debated until we're all blue in the face. The fact is, it's Dewey and Gerry's call. Dewey, Gerry, and Dan know things we don't regarding Dan's departure. Like Robyn said, it's like a divorce. The parties involved know the issues. The outsiders, us, probably don't have a clue. I agree with what Jim R just said, "There are business and personal considerations that we can only guess about." I think we should drop the issue and leave it in Gerry and Dewey's hands.

Message: 10697 Posted: Tue Mar 21 11:34:14 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Elite Eight

I agree. (That is, I agree with the Elite Eight and KevinS's added coment. I like "Hot Town," and I don't dislike "Hidden Talent." In fact, I'm uncomfortable with the description of "Human Nature" as a commercial failure. I prefer blissful ignorance in this case, thinking that the whole world would have loved "Human Nature" if they only had heard it. I appreciate Oxygen's willingness to take a chance on America, by the way.

Message: 10696 Posted: Tue Mar 21 11:22:28 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

<<Since its pretty evident that my feelings on this subject are in the minority here, I'll conclude that I still think its a fair question to ask and if Gerry and Dewey are tired of being asked it, then they should come right out and say how they feel about it. As a fan, I don't think thats asking too much. TomK>>

Don't think of yourself as being in the minority on this issue. I'm guessing nearly everyone on this list would not object, and probably would be thrilled, by a reunion concert or reunion album of the trio. The negative feedback you got from fellow chatters might be based in how upset you seemed regarding Dewey's quoted content. Emotional as I can be sometimes, I relate to your frustration, but I'm sure Dewey meant no offense in his comments on Dan. There are business as well as personal considerations that we can only guess about.

As for me, I miss Dan's voice in America. Mind you, I love hearing Gerry's and Dewey's voices as much, if not more, but Dan's was a third element that provided variety. He also provided the high end of the three-part harmonies that I love. His writing style was also a third element that I liked, giving America a broader identity.

However, as I said earlier, I'm a realist. I don't mind making rational arguments, but I don't expect everyone to agree with me, nor do I expect Gerry and Dewey to do as I want as a fan. I'm heartened to hear that record execs have expressed an interest in the Trio, and maybe it'll happen one day. In the meantime, I'm happy to hear, buy, and soak in any new America material (even without Dan) while I treasure the classic stuff. I know that's the way you must feel too, TomK, and that's all that really matters.

Now I plan to suggest that the three surviving Beatles team up with Julian Lennon. (Hey, I'm serious, man.) I suspect that idea will fly even less successfully than the Dan thing.


Message: 10695 Posted: Tue Mar 21 08:14:31 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: America Concerts (Steve)

Don't know about the rest of you, but I keep hoping the lack of concerts means STUDIO TIME!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!

Message: 10694 Posted: Tue Mar 21 07:51:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: THEN WHAT?

What happens if the list of eight songs are given to Dewey and Gerry and they are all rejected, Then What?

I don't claim to speak for Gerry and Dewey, but this is what they told me. They told me to let the fans vote for 5 or 6 songs and they would pick 2 or 3 of them to add to the live playlist. Because of the format of the song tournament we ended up giving them 8 songs instead of 6, so I can't imagine they would have any problems picking 2 or 3 of those songs. That's just my opinion.

Message: 10693 Posted: Tue Mar 21 07:48:35 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Concerts (Steve)

Pete, there are more coming. I spoke with Morey Management a couple of weeks ago and they said they would send me an updated list but I haven't received it yet. I sent them a reminder a few days ago and I still haven't heard back from them. I hope that means they're too busy scheduling new concerts.

Message: 10692 Posted: Tue Mar 21 07:01:12 2000 By: Pete
Subject: America Concerts (Steve)

Good morning from upstate NY. Just wondering, is there going to be anymore America concerts going to be posted or is that the final list.

Message: 10691 Posted: Tue Mar 21 06:12:12 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1, Glenn Campbell

Anyone catch the VH1, Behind the music, starring Glenn Campbell.
IT was more like the Jimmy Webb Story (he wrote just about every song Glenn made famous. GO JIMMY), if you know what I mean.
Big deal...Glen went through ups and downs, etc, with his music career. So did our guys, but that's no reason to turn to alcohol/drugs. Our guys stuck it out much better than just about
everybody else that had hits & failures. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Message: 10690 Posted: Tue Mar 21 06:03:16 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Ovulation

So, can we HARVEST em?

Ok, sorry....lololol


Message: 10689 Posted: Tue Mar 21 05:51:05 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Hot Town"

So, the notes in the "Human Nature" cassette are wrong regarding the writer of "Hot Town". It lists the writer as Gerry.

I'll be sad if "Young Moon" is selected by Dewey and Gerry as one of the new songs to be played in future concerts. But I guess it really doesn't matter to me since I'm not "scheduled" to see one of their shows again until about 2008.

Message: 10688 Posted: Mon Mar 20 21:40:33 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ..hardest yet..

...that should have been "last weeks choice was the hardest yet"...

Message: 10687 Posted: Mon Mar 20 21:35:13 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ...hardest yet...

...this round had the hardest choice yet for two favorite America songs..."Old Man Took" -vrs- "Garden of Peace"....Ill take both.....and yes that is my final answer....

Message: 10686 Posted: Mon Mar 20 21:10:31 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Elite Eight

I'm sure it will come as a surprise to no-one that I pick, "Hat Trick" 'S'

Message: 10685 Posted: Mon Mar 20 21:07:44 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Grateful

I am also grateful for all the GREAT music that Gerry and Dewey and Dan have given all of us through the years. And if things remain as they are, I can certainly live with that and still be grateful. I just want them to have the one big "Last Hoorah" if you will, that I feel they deserve. They were and are too great, to just fade away...

Message: 10684 Posted: Mon Mar 20 20:58:59 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion.

LOL!!! I love the bit about "Cousin Dupree" Of course, its
I agree with you. Like I said in another post, most
people that I know, have no idea that America is still
recording. And as you point out, that isn't going to change
without some Publicity. A new CD and tour, backed by a
better label, boasting the "Original America" would
certainly generate some and as you also point out, the
music just needs a chance to be heard.
I also agree that having Dan back could only help the
music. I was reading some old Billboard reviews and one in
particular stated how having three writers and singers only
enhanced the music and made for greater variety within the
album itself. I think we all just want America to regain
its stature as one of the best bands ever and not just fade
away. All I ask is that they give themselves the best
possible chance to do just that.

Message: 10683 Posted: Mon Mar 20 20:42:21 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

Exactly. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Message: 10682 Posted: Mon Mar 20 19:45:20 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: THEN WHAT?

My monitor is a little dirty...I really need to clean it.....You said something about Hat Trick, Sargent Darkness, and Tomorrow, didn't you? :)


Message: 10681 Posted: Mon Mar 20 19:34:28 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: THEN WHAT?

That's simple Bones. If that happens then these are the songs they will sing. I have decreed this.

One Morning
Tall Treasures
Sleeper Train
Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye

Now see!!! Isn't that simple?


Message: 10680 Posted: Mon Mar 20 19:32:28 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: THEN WHAT?

I am sure they will pick from the "losers" pile. ( I am hoping, since Sarah didn't make the first cut!!!!!)

Message: 10679 Posted: Mon Mar 20 19:12:00 2000 By: Bones
Subject: THEN WHAT?

What happens if the list of eight songs are given to Dewey and Gerry and they are all rejected, Then What?

Message: 10678 Posted: Mon Mar 20 19:04:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hello...

Hi Jami- if you want to set up a chat, just post it here and people will show up. You were in the Chat room last Thursday, weren't you?

Message: 10677 Posted: Mon Mar 20 18:49:53 2000 By: Jami
Subject: Hello...

Hi, I'm new here so bear with me...Does anyone else want to chat on days as well as Thursday?

Message: 10676 Posted: Mon Mar 20 15:30:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Hot Town"

Dewey wrote it. (I checked Steve's page to be sure.)

Message: 10675 Posted: Mon Mar 20 15:15:23 2000 By: laura
Subject: don't blame me Kevin

All My Life beat out Cornwall Blank? Damn!
(Does that make me a non-ovulating trans-gender?)


Message: 10674 Posted: Mon Mar 20 15:07:31 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Song Tournament.

Oops Kevin, your chauvanism is showing! Back, you neaderthal beast! >;D

Message: 10673 Posted: Mon Mar 20 14:52:15 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: A low key approach

I think you are confused Andy. Didn't you mean to say go Amber Cascades!!!!! Go Old Man Took!!!!!!


Message: 10672 Posted: Mon Mar 20 14:29:13 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: A low key approach

Not that I'm trying to influence the outcome, but I must say: GO SARGENT DARKNESS, and GO HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not that I have a strong opinion, one way or another :)


Message: 10671 Posted: Mon Mar 20 14:26:33 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Song Tournament.

All My Life beat out Cornwall Blank? Excuse me while I ovulate.


Message: 10670 Posted: Mon Mar 20 14:16:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hot Town"

I don't have my cassette or CD with me. Didn't Gerry write "Hot Town"? I like it too, Dan.

Message: 10669 Posted: Mon Mar 20 13:53:37 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Elite Eight

I still got 2 of my originals left. Thank you very much. To catch up on a few things I agree with beechlady that even if they stopped recording tomorrow we should feel fortunate enough with all the previous great work these guys have completed. And KevinS whats wrong with Hot Town anyway, it kicks butt IMHO.. And TomK, please give it a rest ok??? go Sergeant Darkness and Amber Cascades. BTW I have finally come to grips with the exclusion of Catch That Train from the tourney LOL... Dan

Message: 10668 Posted: Mon Mar 20 13:28:03 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: A Question From One Who's "Musically Challenged"

Johnny asks the musical question: "When Gerry or Dewey write a song (or any songwriter for that matter), who determines how the drum beats are arranged?"

That's a pretty loaded question, Johnny. being a (mostly-frustrated) musician myself, I will take a stab at it. I think it all depends on the band or group of artists collaborating. Everybody (and every band) have different ways of working together to produce a song. Some are more "control freaks" than others (i.e. Dan Fogelberg often writes a song, arranges it and plays half or more of the freakin' instruments himself), while others may prefer to throw a song out to their band and let them add their individual touches to the final product (bass line, drumbeat, etc.).

I also don't think it's "hard & fast". Having written a few songs myself, sometimes I have an idea in my head already of what instruments I want to accompany it, how the drum beat will basically go, etc. Other times I have nothing but words and a chord progression and I work with my partner on accompanying instruments and how they are arranged. I'm sure real musicians work basically the same way. So the short answer is "It all depends".


Message: 10667 Posted: Mon Mar 20 13:04:14 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Question From One Who's "Musically Challenged"

When Gerry or Dewey write a song (or any songwriter for that matter), who determines how the drum beats are arranged? Does my question make any sense? Is it the drummer or the songwriter (provided the songwriter isn't the drummer)? And the same question about the other instruments used in the same song.

Message: 10666 Posted: Mon Mar 20 12:02:28 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: What?

I don't know where "Elite Enough" came from?????

Message: 10665 Posted: Mon Mar 20 12:00:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Elite Enough

I'm glad at least one song from "Hourglass" made it!

Message: 10664 Posted: Mon Mar 20 11:42:20 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Elite Eight

Has anyone noticed that we're down to the "Elite Eight" in the song tournament? That's right ... 8 songs have been chosen and sent to Gerry and Dewey so they can pick 2 or 3 of them to add to the live playlist. For your convenience, here are the 8 songs:

All My Life
Old Man Took
Sergeant Darkness
Hat Trick
Amber Cascades
Young Moon
Wind Wave

Of course, the song tournament will continue until we have a winner and perhaps Gerry and Dewey will be persuaded to include the winning song (although they're free to pick any of the 8 listed above).

Happy voting everyone!

Message: 10663 Posted: Mon Mar 20 10:02:31 2000 By: Pete
Subject: CSNY

CSNY are okay, but without Neil Young they don't have much of a chance. I think America is great just the way they are. Time goes on and hope that America can produce some new material each year. The music world is a never ending battle.

Message: 10662 Posted: Mon Mar 20 09:58:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Assuming

Regarding the "reunion", it's a bit funny...we're all assuming that Dan is still interested. You know what they say when you "ass u me".

Message: 10661 Posted: Mon Mar 20 09:46:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Grateful

Yes, grateful for what we have now but definitely want MORE!!!!

Message: 10660 Posted: Mon Mar 20 09:24:33 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Aging

To add my $.02 worth,,,,,,

Maybe I'm full of ca ca, but I think that perhaps as one ages and aquires different (and in some cases MORE)responsibilities, the priorities shift. Sure you have to *make a living* but you'd also like to see your kids grow up. Sure you LOVE to do it, but you also have a root planted at's amazing when most of the people in your group (now refering to CSN&Y)become empty nesters what can happen. "Hey, lets do it again for old time sake!" Then voila. You're a *retro act*!!!! Labels come around again, things *happen*.
I dunno, maybe I AM full of it, but hey, it's a thought that I can hold on too, I guess, whether right or wrong! (C=

Personally I don't give a rip whether Mr.'s B and B and P ever do decided to make music in the same room again. They've given me enough (if they were to stop today)to last me a lifetime of smiles....

TkH <------grateful for what there is for NOW.....(lol)

Message: 10659 Posted: Mon Mar 20 08:59:10 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Kevin said:
"The problem with Hourglass and Human Nature wasn't that America was a duo or trio, it was they were released by the wrong record labels.
Whether it's with Dan or not, the only way America's every going to sell more than a handful of CDs is for a major label to take a chance on them, then be willing to put the serious dollars behind them."

That is EXACTLY the point. Musically I think Dewey and Gerry are producing stuff on par with anything they did at their peak. But, after two commercial disappointments on two minor labels the ONLY chance they have of getting the support of a major label is to do a reunion CD with Dan. That's just the cold hard fact. Now perhaps Dewey and Gerry are perfectly happy with the lower key career they have now. I'm sure the stresses were much greater when they were in the public eye, and if the simpler life is what they want, that's fine. But if they want to have a shot at getting back into the fast lane, I think they have had two strikes as a duo. They will only get a third strike as a trio.

Message: 10658 Posted: Mon Mar 20 08:39:38 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Reunion: America vs. CSNY

Okay, gotta give credit to CSNY for making a comeback! I'm a fan too.
I have one of their concerts and they really don't sound that bad,
despite all those wonderful drugs they introduced to their bodies.
But tickets are ranging from $175 to ?, you gotta be kidding me.
and how many albums combined do they all have out? just as many
as our America? Maybe less. and less successful, I might add.

Now, take a look at Gerry's & Dewey's harmonies. I honestly don't
think you can compare. After all these years, they are more
enthusiasm, more vibrant, more everything........when performing.

And the magic word is Marketing/Promoting!
CSNY wins and America loses in this arena.

In any business, marketing/promotion is the key word
as Kevin S. will surely agree in this advertising world.
And this is exactly what America lacks.
Boy if we can do a hostile takeover, us fans I'm talking about?
Imagine that! Just my 2 cents.HL
but this is an example\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Message: 10657 Posted: Mon Mar 20 07:16:57 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Reunion.

I think John Corbett made a great observation in his comprehensive history of America. Their songs were always more famous than they were. I'd bet most people in America's marketing demographic (40+) know their music, but have no idea who created it, individually or collectively.

Which leads me to believe that most people wouldn't know if America in the 70s was a duo or a trio, let alone what America in the 00s is. In fact, to all but a few thousand die hard fans, America doesn't even exist anymore.

The problem with Hourglass and Human Nature wasn't that America was a duo or trio, it was they were released by the wrong record labels.

It's no wonder why Steely Dan's new album is in the top five. People know about it. Full page ads in People magazine and Details and local newspapers work. If America's latest releases had similar marketing clout behind them, it would have been a completely different story. American Gramaphone figured it could just release something with the America name on it and people would come. But who knew?

And poor little Oxygen did the best it could on a shoestring budget, bless their hearts. But sweat equity alone doesn't do it. Without investing some serious marketing dollars, all their efforts had about as much effect as rehab on Keith Richards.

Whether it's with Dan or not, the only way America's every going to sell more than a handful of CDs is for a major label to take a chance on them, then be willing to put the serious dollars behind them.

The modest success of From A Moving Train should clue someone into the fact that with a little push, America can once again sell some product.

As far as a Dan reunion being good or not for America musically, that's a no brainer. Any group would be better off with Dan Peek in it. Listen to the Peace album. Listen to Bodden Town. I can say unequivically that there are no Hidden Talents or Hot Towns on those albums.


Steely Dan is also helped by the fact that it's new single, "Cousin Dupree" is about a guy falling in love with his cousin, and there are a whole lot or radios in Lousiana.

Message: 10656 Posted: Mon Mar 20 06:55:54 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Does this work?

I couldn't get any of my comments to post yesterday. Did this new server have a dumb-ass filter?


Message: 10655 Posted: Mon Mar 20 06:02:23 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

I'm joining in on this a little late so if you're sick of this subject line just go on to the next.

Let's look at America's current situation. They have released two excellent CD in the last decade that were pretty much ignored by the media and therefore received little public notice. They have pretty much been relagated to the night club and small venue circuit. What other act with their record of accomplishment has found themselves in such a situation? Many of the 70's acts that they used to run with have done reunions that have produced top 10 CDs and sold out stadium tours. Now part of the problem I think may be overexposure. America never really broke up or went away. Sure Dan left, but Dewey and Gerry (who accounted for the bulk of the hits) carried on. Instead of burning out, America kind of just faided away (for the public at large, for us hardcore fans they are still in the spotlight). After the commercial failures of Hourglass and Human Nature, I think a reunion with Dan may be the only chance they have of getting back into the public eye and generating some excitment beyond their hardcore fan base. I think they would have nothing to lose and quite a lot to gain. I understand and agree with Dewey's conclusion that Dan probably has the most to gain. But what would Dewey and Gerry have to lose? If the new CD is a hit, they are back in the spotlight with Dan. If not, then we hardcore fans will have another America CD, this one with all three original members which is something many of us have been wishing for for 23 years. Then if things don't work out, Dan can go back to the island and Dewey and Gerry can carry on as they have for the last 23 years. I guess I just don't see a downside to it for Dewey and Gerry. Now I have no idea of the personal strains that may or may not exist between them, so my analysis has nothing to do with that. I am looking at it from a more commercial point of view.

Message: 10654 Posted: Mon Mar 20 01:54:51 2000 By: TomP
Subject: My compliments to you!

The rumors of me being TomK have been greatly exaggerated. I am the Webmaster for Although I don't normally contribute to the Chat Folder (I feel in my case it would be self-serving), I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your comments. I think all 3 artists are fortunate to have such a great group of, articulate, loyal fans… including the real TomK.
Mucho Regardos,
Tom Peek

Message: 10653 Posted: Sun Mar 19 21:45:42 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: My Kind of Woman

When it first came out, I didn't much care for that song.....but now it reminds me of my first girlfriend...and being in now I get all chocked up when I hear it.


Message: 10652 Posted: Sun Mar 19 20:46:03 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: re:Congatulations to Eddy

THANX Janice! And again, THANK YOU, Jim, thats very nice of you!

The Happy Daddy

Message: 10651 Posted: Sun Mar 19 20:25:42 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: followup on Dewey & Dan

I think this entire line of conversation is a complete exercise in futility. Gerry and Dewey have made it quite clear that there will be NO reunion...period! The fact that Deweys's reason may or may not be logical or acceptable to some people is totally irrelevent. "Would a reunion take anything away from what they have accomplished as a duo?, No" I am rather curious as to how Tom can actually answer this question. "Would it bring them all some much needed exposure and attention?, Yes". This is purely speculative. Just because a couple of record companies said they would sign America if Dan rejoined the group does not necessarily mean that their popularity and exposure would increase. Again, highly speculative. "Would it help mend some fences?, Maybe". Does anybody actually know the cause of the broken fence? Maybe there are some facts that led to the original seperation that the three people involved have not revealed because they don't think it is anybody elses business? I tend to believe that if Dewey says it is a no win situation, then he is in more of a position to make that statement than Tom is to refute it. Look, If Dan was to come back, I would be the happiest America Fan in the world, but it ain't gonna' happen. This dead horse has been beat into an unrecongnizable pulp.


Message: 10650 Posted: Sun Mar 19 20:08:03 2000 By: TomK
Subject: My Kind of Woman

Since I'm new here, please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I really love this song. I think its one of their most under-rated songs and one I never get tired of hearing. Any thoughts??

Message: 10649 Posted: Sun Mar 19 20:04:26 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: The Reunion thing

Since its pretty evident that my feelings on this subject are in the minority here, I'll conclude that I still think its a fair question to ask and if Gerry and Dewey are tired of being asked it, then they should come right out and say how they feel about it. As a fan, I don't think thats asking too much.

Message: 10648 Posted: Sun Mar 19 19:56:22 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: followup on Dewey & Dan

Very well said. I agree completely. I still don't understand what that has to do with reuniting. Would a reunion take anything away from what they have accomplished as a duo. No. Would it stop them from being a duo after the reunion album and tour was over. No. Would it put them back on the top of the charts. Probably not. Would it bring them all some much needed exposure and attention. Yes. Would it be a wonderful thing to see and hear. Yes Would it help mend some fences. Maybe. I happen to think its a win-win situation not the lose-lose situation that Dewey seems to think it is. But then again, what do I know...

Message: 10647 Posted: Sun Mar 19 19:47:06 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: The Reunion thing

I am sure that after all this time, Dewey and Gerry are more than a little bit sick of the "when's Dan coming back" question. Seems a bit like asking someone when they are going to get back with their old girlfriend. Musically Dewey Gerry and Dan appear to be in a place that is right for them. Enjoy the music, stop thinking about the "commercial value" of a reunion. Look at CSNY as a prime example. There's a group that got together for financial reasons ( it appears) not musical ones. Let things go with the flow,if it is meant to be, it will be.

Message: 10646 Posted: Sun Mar 19 19:40:34 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Deweys comments about Dan

I never claimed to be privy to any inside information about why a reunion is so not possible. I've tried to state the reasons why I feel it to be a good idea, both on a professional and personal level. I don't think its so much to ask to be given a better reason then the very "vague" ones that Dewey provided in that interview. If America was still doin well on a commercial level, then Dewey's comments wouldn't insult me nearly as much. I'm sorry if I offended you in some way, but I felt it was a legitimate question to ask.

Message: 10645 Posted: Sun Mar 19 19:38:26 2000 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: followup on Dewey & Dan

I think Dewey has been very patient over the years with we radio types
in regards to "Will Dan Peek be rejoining the band"? He still patiently answers our many questions. One thing to remember here:
Dan,Dewey & Gerry had some Major success in the 70's,but without Dan
they still made the Top 10 in 1982 with "You can do magic"--6 years
after Dan had already left the band. So,their success never really
depended on them being a Trio anyways. The "View from the ground"
LP had some staying Power too,Logging 28 weeks on the Billboard LP
chart,Peaking at #41,and giving us another charting single in "right
before your eyes". That momentum helped carve out another Top 40 single as a duo in 1983 with "the Border". Dewey is very conscious
of the fact that Dan still has a large presence with the band,especially due to this internet site,and they are certainly
grateful towards his contributions from all of the past LP's he
participated in.

Message: 10644 Posted: Sun Mar 19 18:33:02 2000 By: laura
Subject: Re: Deweys comments about Dan

Dewey's comments insulting to your intelligence? Well, Tom K, you must be more intelligent than I -- I guess I'm just not smart enough to be insulted or upset by the "vague" (your word, not mine)thoughts that you are sure enough of to speak so about, much less the "where is he coming from" & the junior high mentality comments. Well, no Sir, I must be kind of remedial, certainly not smart enough to come up with the same conclusions you so obviously have. I just know I'm not involved in any of these personal or professional relationships in question, I was not party to that conversation in which Dewey spoke of Dan or any other, I know not how his words were taken out of context or in what spirit they were intended. So, since I have never seen any party involved here say anything at any time of a disparaging nature (unlike many other former musical partners in countless other groups) concerning any partners past or present, and primarily because I've always known these particular adult individuals to be nothing but respectful, I freely give the benefit of the doubt -- not that it would be my place to judge anyway.

Message: 10643 Posted: Sun Mar 19 18:30:46 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Now I remember.

Kevin said>>
I just remembered the one song I meant to vote for. "Hangover." I'd pay to hear that live.

<< uhh......isn't that a bit re- never's too easy.

Message: 10642 Posted: Sun Mar 19 18:12:59 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Hammond B3s & Carry On

Also, the 2nd part of Carry On (the original version) is a variation of an old Buffalo Springfield song called "Questions"

Message: 10641 Posted: Sun Mar 19 18:09:41 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Which Is The Topic Sir Dewey Had?

I say "C"

Message: 10640 Posted: Sun Mar 19 17:52:26 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Hammond B3s

Juwst checked in and I have a lot of catching up to do! Andy-"Carry On", side one, track one "DejaVu" One of the best albums ever!. CSN(Y) always had a heqavy hammond influence. On the early records you've got Stills Nash & sometimes y playing the hammond. Mike Finnegan who used to play for Dave Mason and has been with CSN for years plays a hammond with 2 stereo 250 watt Leslies...YES!!!!

Message: 10639 Posted: Sun Mar 19 16:46:26 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Story of a Teenager


I don't know if this where you found it, but I saw info on this at


Message: 10638 Posted: Sun Mar 19 16:38:48 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Song Montage

Hi everyone.

It's been a while since I rambled and since I have some time...

I just (finally) listened to the song montage. Since I use WebTV at home, I'm unable to acess Real Audio. However, I had a lot of work to catch up on today, so I played it in the background on my office computer.

All I can say is that it was like living my entire life (at least since 10) in 22 minutes. I was torn between wanting to hear the next song and being upset that each clip only lasted a few seconds. Perhaps we can do a one hour montage with the clips being 3 times as long.

Anyway, I thought I'd share. Sorry I haven't sent in a picture. When we take our next professional picture with the twins (can you believe they're 18 months old already - that means it's been 18 months since HUMAN NATURE came out), I'll send one in.


Message: 10637 Posted: Sun Mar 19 15:15:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Daaaaaang/Down the road

Everyone of my songs is going down in FLAMES.....sigh. waaaaaa.

On another note, when this contest is finished Steve and I will be collaborating on a new one! I want your feed back concerning ideas for the *header*. Does someone have a parTICular fancy? Let me KNOW. If not, your next votable contest (perhaps April?) will be UP TO So, get your thinking caps on and email me with your ideas.

Tery K. Holly

Message: 10636 Posted: Sun Mar 19 15:09:44 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New Server for Chat Folder

WOW and seamless to boot! Fine job Mr. Lowry, once again.

Message: 10635 Posted: Sun Mar 19 15:08:41 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: swimming pools

Yeeeeoza, speaking of swimming pools.......mine is darned near OVERFLOWING from about 6 inches of rain we've gotten in about 8 hours! WOW. I think we MAY need an ark (one with an ISDN connection would be nice if I can dig it

Message: 10634 Posted: Sun Mar 19 15:02:37 2000 By: pat bennett
Subject: swimming pools

Thanks AmericaSL for the reply. I'm glad to hear that Janet bought Gerry a nice swimming pool! Did he ever invite her over to the house for a swim? (ha-ha) pb

Message: 10633 Posted: Sun Mar 19 14:46:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Deweys comments about Dan

Yeow TomK!!! Your last name isn't Peek by any chance is in Tom Peek? Just kidding you and Dan's brother, Tom, who's been a very nice person to me via e-mail.

Message: 10632 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:59:56 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Deweys comments about Dan

I'm sorry but I just don't understand where Dewey is coming from. A lose-lose situation??? If it failed???? As opposed to what. It would seem like a cash-in?? It just sounds to me like Dewey and Gerry are miffed because Dan doesn't go to their shows and begs them to let him back in. That is just the kind of junior high mentality that I would hope could be gotten past. How old are these guys anyway??
I would think that recording for some third rate record label and doing concerts on the county fair circuit, might prompt me to think about some cashing in possibilities. But then again, failing like they did on their first 7 albums, would indeed undermine the success of the past 20+ years.
I abologize for my tone in this message but I found Dewey's comments very vague and very insulting to Dan and to my intelligence.

Message: 10631 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:43:47 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Any Steely Dan Fans Among Us?

I didn't catch the show last night but I did see them on Letterman, doing "Cousin Dupree" and they did sound awesome! I'm looking forward to buying the new cd.

Message: 10630 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:35:16 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Any Steely Dan Fans Among Us?

Actually, Just bought the new Steely Dan on the stregth of "Cousin Dupree" Always loved them, tight well crafted tunes fun stuff ( you can tell I'm in my local watering hole when Babylon sisters comes on the juke box!)

Message: 10629 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:19:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Reunion With Dan

FP, interesting research you did.

TomK, I certainly don't fault you a bit for your interest in an America reunion with Dan. I bet 99% of us America fans would go for it if it were up for a vote. As The Man said, "All Things Are Possible".

Message: 10628 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:10:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Any Steely Dan Fans Among Us?

Talking about bands from the past making a comeback, did anyone see the Steely Dan concert last night on PBS and do we have any Steely Dan fans among us? I thought it was great. They sounded as good as ever. The PBS commentator said Steely Dan rarely toured because they felt they couldn't reproduce the same sound live (unlike America). Well, last night, they certainly sounded just like their records. They played approximately 14 songs with about 5 of them from their new CD called, "Two Again Nature". They played their controversial song, "Cousin Dupree", which I believe is their first single from their new CD.

Message: 10627 Posted: Sun Mar 19 13:04:55 2000 By: FP
Subject: Re: Story of a Teenager

"Story of a Teenager" was also known as "Jim the Worlds Greatest"(1976). The information I have found that copies have been available, but are difficult to come by (No, I don't own a copy.). The source I have found tells me that there are two songs by AMERICA credited to the film: "Story of a Teenager" and "It's Life".

Good luck to anyone searching for this film.

Anyone interested in viewing the website where I obtained this info, let me know and I will e-mail them the page.


Message: 10626 Posted: Sun Mar 19 08:44:09 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: daisy jane

Pat, the song you're referring to is Janet Jackson's 1987 #2 hit single, "Let's Wait Awhile". If you go into the Chat Folder archives for February 2000 and read message #10059 you'll find that Gerry found out about the rip off from a radio DJ and he eventually settled with Janet out of court. Gerry jokes that he was able to buy a new swimming pool because of Janet.

Message: 10625 Posted: Sun Mar 19 08:33:17 2000 By: pat bennett
Subject: daisy jane

Back in the mid-80's, I heard a Janet Jackson song (which I don't know the name of) that used the same chords and melody as Dasiy Jane. Does anyone remember the name of this rip-off? And does anyone know if Gerry sued her for copyright infringement? It use to upset me everytime I heard this song on the radio. pb

Message: 10624 Posted: Sun Mar 19 07:48:13 2000 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Deweys comments about Dan

I've been reading all of this talk about a "reunion",and while its
wishful thinking on the part of most America Fans,it'll probably
never happen. I had the chance to interview Dewey a 3rd time in June
of 1998,prior to the release of "Human Nature" and I'd like to share
with you some of the comments he made in regards to Dan Peek. I had
asked him if it was possible that he might rejoin them someday. Here's
what Dewey said......"There was a time when it seemed possible but to
be honest I don't think its ever gonna happen. We haven't personally
seen Dan in years. We got kinda close when we were looking for this
record deal,and we've had a few labels say they would be interested
in recording us if we'd bring Dan back or if we could put together
the original Trio."
".......It would smack of a cash-in or something or whatever you want to call it. Certainly Dan would have alot more to gain than we would.
Certainly all eyes would be focused on Dan if he came back and was on
stage. When we added up the pros and cons of the whole deal it just
didn't seem like something...we didn't want to undermine what we had
done for 21 years and if it did look like a cash-in or if it was a
failure...we just felt like it was a "lose-lose" for me & Ger and Dan
really had a nothing-to-lose kinda thing. I think he(Dan)was curious
about the concept when it started to flicker a little bit but it never
became an issue." Dewey went on to add that they hadn't been in contact with Dan anyways.
As for Dan playing with Dewey & Gerry after he left....Dewey told me
that 2-3 years after Dan had left,he joined them onstage at the Greek
Theater in L.A. They performed "Lonely People" and "Horse..."but
there wasn't even a mention in the papers the next day! Gerry told
interviewer Lew Irwin in 1982 that when the Peek family was based in
St.Louis,they went through that city a number of times and always
invited Dan to come and see a show,but he never found the time. He
was either heading in or out of town. His dad would come and usually
bring a couple of his sisters.Gerry told Irwin that he thought it
would be tough for Dan to see a show. The band had been through St.
Louis a number of times,but Dan had never been able to make the show.
So....while a number of bands have regrouped over the years,this one
still looks like it won't happen.

Message: 10623 Posted: Sun Mar 19 05:10:52 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Reunion With Dan

My only comment is that it helps to be on a major offense Oxygen. If opur guys had the power of Warner Brothers or Sony behind them, I think we'd all get our wish. Maybe a call to Clive Davis is in order. No wait, forget that. He'd just pair America up with Rob Thomas (yikes...LOL!!!)

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10622 Posted: Sat Mar 18 22:00:19 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion With Dan

OK, I know that Gerry and Dewey have been a duo for far longer then they were a trio. Have they been as successful?? That is certainly up to debate. Granted, times and musical tastes change, but if I were a muscian, I would be crazy not to want my music to be heard by as many people as possible, or what is the point. I'm tired of whenever an America song comes on the radio of hearing people say, boy, I love that song. They were sure great. Then trying to explain to them, that America is still around and still recording and doing concerts. The reply is always....Really? I didn't know that. Maybe a reunion with Dan would amount to nothing. Maybe Gerry and Dewey are perfectly happy doing what they are doing, but whenever I see groups like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Santana and CSN make big comebacks, it makes me wish America was doing the same thing. If a reunion would breathe new life into the group and enable them to reconnect with old fans and gain new ones, then I would hope they would at least give it some serious consideration. Thanks for listening and I'll try to give this subject some rest for awhile! 'S' But, no promises!

Message: 10621 Posted: Sat Mar 18 21:08:39 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Server for Chat Folder

Some of you may have noticed that the timestamp on message 10620 is prior to the timestamp on message 10619. No, we didn't go through a time warp. But we did get a new server. The Chat Folder has been switched from the Nanocorp server in Houston to the server in southern California. It took about an hour to make the switch and the Chat Folder was down during that time. When it came back up, the Chat Folder clock was on Pacific time instead of Central time so we had a one hour replay in time.

Many thanks go to Scott West who has allowed the Chat Folder to reside on the his server. You may remember that Scott wrote several articles last year about America as well as his Ian Samwell interview. It was also his web site which voted Human Nature as the album of the year. Thanks Scott!

By the way, I've tested the Chat Folder on the new server but if any of you run into any problems, please let me know right away and I'll fix them ASAP.


Message: 10620 Posted: Sat Mar 18 20:25:34 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Talk About Spelling!

Oops, I meant "exPeCting" not "exCePting" in my previous message.

Message: 10619 Posted: Sat Mar 18 21:11:16 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: sorry

No problem, my mom spells it the same way. I changed the spelling when I started to be published ( bad poetry). I once got a letter from the Army, saying they could make a man out of me! I didn't want to take them up on the offer ( didn't know the Army medical plan was THAT good!)

Message: 10618 Posted: Sat Mar 18 20:37:24 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Reunion With Dan

This whole debate is a bit like a divorce. The kids always want the folks to get back together. Only the people in the relationship know the reason for the breakup. While it would be nice for a one shot thing, I don't see a permanent reunion. They have been, as either Dewey or Gerry has noted countless times, a duo longer than they were a trio. I enjoy the music they made with Dan, enjoy what Dewey and Gerry are doing now and hope to enjoy America for a long time to come.

Message: 10617 Posted: Sat Mar 18 20:36:38 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Reuinion--not up to us.

Kevin, Let us not forget......
Ginger Ale
Ginger Beer
Ginger Snap - a new rap group
Ginger Bread- all songs recorded at her "house"
And the one who loves it underground - Ginger Root

and to add a few more to your list:
James Brown
Dr. Dre
The Fat Boys
Hank Wiliams Jr.
Connie Stevens
Tiny Tim's spirit
Vanna White
Ringo Starr

These are my final answers.....

Message: 10616 Posted: Sat Mar 18 20:05:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Trio or Duo?

I think you're right. My favourite America material is from them being a trio, but my SENTIMENTAL favourite material is from them being a duo.(View From The Ground+Your Move). Either way, I fully support them. :)


Message: 10615 Posted: Sat Mar 18 18:36:58 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Reunion With Dan

I, too, think a reunion with Dan would be nice. Maybe we should, "Wake up from an elusive dream".

I don't think any of us are looking for or are excepting a permanent reunion although it would be great. From my understanding, Gerry has more songs written than can be recorded and released. Adding a third songwriter would be "useless". Plus, there's the long standing loyalty of Woodz and Brad for all these years. It's been mentioned in the past, that talking about a reunion with Dan is offensive to Dewey and if their music is lacking something presently. I think we all agree that it lacks absolutely nothing. I think it's only human nature, however, for us to wonder what it would be like to have Dan back if only for a couple of reunion shows since America's hey-day was during the time the guys were a trio. But we need to remember this: Dewey and Gerry have been together as a duo for about 23 years. They were a trio only 7 years.

I feel confident that I can say we all support this great band either way!!!

Message: 10614 Posted: Sat Mar 18 18:35:28 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Dan's website

Hi, its just me again. I wanted to urge everyone to visit Dan's new website at if they haven't already done so. Its really done well and very America friendly. Its run by Dan's brother Tom who is really a nice guy. So, please drop by and sign the guestbook and listen to Dan's new songs as well as ordering his new cd. Thanks for listening!

Message: 10613 Posted: Sat Mar 18 18:30:09 2000 By: TomK
Subject: America and ??????

KevS...Very funny stuff! Loved it! It does give me a good idea, though...if a reunion never happens, how about an album where Gerry and Dewey sing all the hits with a different special guest star. That could make for one wacky album!! I'd love to hear Metallica do "Muskrat Love". Or Melissa Etheridge sing "Woman Tonight"

Message: 10612 Posted: Sat Mar 18 16:56:33 2000 By: Dan
Subject: sorry

Make that Robyn,sorry I'm from the midwest and they've finally come back north for the spring; robins I'm referring to. Dan

Message: 10611 Posted: Sat Mar 18 16:53:09 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re:Reunion with Dan

Can anyone say Cream? How's that Robin???? Still fuming over the exclusion of "Catch That Train". But I think I'll get over it tomorrow....Dan

Message: 10610 Posted: Sat Mar 18 16:50:56 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: The Ginger Baker

Of course I know who Ginger Baker is!!! She's that nice lady at the bakery on Central Avenue that makes those yummy cakes, right?


Message: 10609 Posted: Sat Mar 18 16:20:12 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Reunion with Dan

Well, Ginger Bakker would be interesting... I wonder how many of you who are not a certain vintage went Who?

Message: 10608 Posted: Sat Mar 18 15:21:23 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Re:Reunion with Dan

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH...alot of "ups and downs" can happen in friendships spanning 30 years...most of us over-40's know that! My guess is that if a reunion concert hasn't evolved by now, that it probably won't happen. As someone who has had the pleasure of seeing America both WITH and WITHOUT Dan, I can afford the luxury of NOT holding my breath! But, my oh my, wouldn't it be lovely?

Kudos to Kevin S. for his hilarious reunion memo...had me on the floor laughing!


Message: 10607 Posted: Sat Mar 18 14:57:37 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Miniature memories

Alright, here's an experience I hope America fans can appreciate, if not duplicate. (WARNING: The following is an excerpt of memory that is not meant to condone the unauthorized use of nitric oxide.)

While I was still accumulating my vinyl America collection while in college in the early 1980s, I paid a visit to the dentist. One of three albums still missing from my collection at the time was "Holiday," so I was delighted to discover that the dentist had an eight-track copy among the tapes that he used to, um, drown out the sound of the dental instruments at work in his patients' mouths. This dental trip not only marked the first time I would ever hear "Holiday," but it was also the first time a dentist ever used "laughing gas" on me in lieu of the usual local anesthetic.

Shortly after he slipped the gas mask over my mouth, he gently placed headphones over my ears and inserted the requested America tape. As the gas' properties took effect, I heard the soft melodic tones of "Miniature" roll into my auditory senses. The melding of the music and the gas created a lasting memory. Alas, the memory blurs and then fades half-way through "Tin Man." I would never remember "hearing" the rest of "Holiday" until I found the vinyl album about a year later.

In modern times I wonder if George Martin, producing his first America album in 1974, ever realized that he unintentionally engineered a psychedelic piece seven years (and one group) removed from "Sergeant Pepper's". As for the laughing gas, well, I still don't like going to the dentist, but at least this one time it was a trip worth remembering.


Message: 10606 Posted: Sat Mar 18 10:04:24 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Kevin's warpped contest

that was too funny!!! Ozzie Osborne, Britany Spears, and all that Ginger stuff!!!! I was laughing myself silly!! What about Anthrax teaming up with America to do Daisy Jane? Ouch!!! That would hurt!


Message: 10605 Posted: Sat Mar 18 09:12:05 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Reuinion--not up to us.

Why not do song tournament kind of thing? Do a bracket and put Dan Peek's name along with the names of 63 other people we'd like to see America unite with, then we pit them against each other in a March Madness and see who the final four are, then let America pick one from the top four names. I can't imagine Dewey or Gerry having a problem with this. Steve, please get on this thing right now. Here is my list of people to nominate:

Dan Peek
Ozzie Osborne
Ted Nugent
John Lennon
Master P
Kiki Dee
Mr T
Brittany Spears
Ginger Spice
Ginger Baker
Ginger from Gilligan's Island
Milli (I think Vanilli died)
Boy George/Michael Jackson/Ricki Martin (if they want to go that route

Steve, that's all I can come up with for right now, so when I think of more names to nominate, I'll send them your way.

(By the way, just to let you in on my secret, I put some ringer names in my list so Dan would have a better chance of winning, but please don't tell anyone.)


Message: 10604 Posted: Sat Mar 18 07:18:32 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re:Congatulations to Eddy

My best wishes and congratuations to you and your family Eddy..(from a mom who has 3 boys!) 'em! And nice choice for a middle name. :-) Janice

Message: 10603 Posted: Sat Mar 18 01:13:00 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion?? -- not up to us

I agree with you that its not up to us, and as I've said before, I'm certainly not privy to Gerry, Dan and Dewey's feelings and reasons for not reuniting. But they are entertainers in the public eye and they do have a very successful history together and I don't feel that suggesting that they at least give some thought to the pros and cons of a short reunion is invading their privacy or putting them under some kind of torture. I'm just casually basing my thoughts on the premise that they are not mortal enemies and that this reunion idea might be a good idea on both a professional and personal level. Hey, we're going to remain fans either way and since we fans support them both emotionally as well as financially, I don't think its so wrong to give a gentle suggestion or two on what we would like to see happen. If a reunion never happens, the world isn't going to end, life will go on quite pleasantly, but I will still feel a little sad about it......Thanks for listening..yet again!

Message: 10602 Posted: Sat Mar 18 00:10:19 2000 By: laura
Subject: Re: Reunion?? -- not up to us

As wonderful as a reunion would be -- & I have no doubt it would be wonderful -- it is not up to us, nor should it be.

I'm thankful no one gets to sit outside of my life & tell me who in my past -- for however good a reason -- I should or should not be back in contact with, or work with, or spend time with or .....

These are adult men we all obviously respect and admire, I don't think we should get to second guess their decisions on something that should be just that -- THEIR decision. There are undoubtedly aspects involved here that we can only guess about, that are not actually any of our business, and the everpresent speculation & fan pressure (to whatever extent) somehow feels wrong to me.

Hey, if a reunion between Dewey & Dan & Gerry were to be in the future, I wouldn't be anything but delighted, but if that is not to be -- I'm still delighted. They have given me decades of pleasure, continue to, and I'm ever grateful.
At the same time I would not want them to play or record a moment longer than THEY find pleasurable. (goes without saying, I'm glad that time has not yet come)

...just my humble thoughts on the subject

Message: 10601 Posted: Fri Mar 17 22:42:50 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Story of a Teenager

I have always loved this song! Could of and should of been a huge hit.

Message: 10600 Posted: Fri Mar 17 22:36:59 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion??

I agree that Gerry and Dewey have made some great music
as a duo. There is no dispute on that fact. Dan has also
made some wonderful music as a solo act. My point is that a
reunion should not be looked at as a negative by any of the
parties involved. On the contrary, it should do the
complete opposite. It would give all three much needed
exposure, (if properly promoted) which could lead to a new
record deal with a bigger label. It should make for a nice
tidy financial payoff, which never hurts! It would be a
wonderful present for all America fans young and old who
may never have gotten to see them together. Finally and
what I feel is the most important reason for a reunion of
some kind, is that these three men were once very good
friends, who had a dream and worked very hard to achieve
that dream by creating some incredible music. I feel a
reunion would be a great opportunity for them to get
together and acknowledge all that they have accomplished. A
wonderful celebration of all that America is and was and
will be in the future. I just don't see a downside to it.
Life is too short and I really feel that Gerry, Dewey and
Dan would someday regret not getting back together, if for
nothing else, proper closure. Thanks for listening...again!

Message: 10599 Posted: Fri Mar 17 21:15:04 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Congratulations Eddy Forsman

THANX Howard & Johnny!!!!
Mom's still recovering at the hospital(will be there for a couple days), but is very happy, & doing fine! YES! Another Boy!! Now I can tell my wife we need a bigger fishing boat! (ha, ha!) SCOTT BECKLEY FORSMAN was born at 3/17/00 12:52 am. Hey, can you guess who got to pick the middle name? Happy Paddy's Day everybody!!!

Message: 10598 Posted: Fri Mar 17 20:39:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Story of a Teenager

The Story of a Teenager is on of those songs that can make me melt. It's a fabulous collaberation between Dan and Gerry. It sounds as if the verses are sung by Dan, and the chorus by Gerry. I assume that they wrote those parts respectively.

Message: 10597 Posted: Fri Mar 17 18:02:55 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Story of a Teenager

It was intended to be a TV picture, you know one of those "made for TV" flicks.
However it was shelved by Warners & never released. Ain't that a shame, it may have exposed AMERICA's fabulous song & it would have a gigantic hit.
THE STORY OF TEENAGER is one of AMERICA's many outstanding, LP songs that were never released as a single. GERRY what a great job on that song. Someone find a copy of that movie !

Message: 10596 Posted: Fri Mar 17 16:09:31 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Story of a Teenager

OK, I'm up to "Hearts" in my latest effort to listen to my entire America collection (in chronological order) on my car CD player. (I do this from time to time as a way to witness the "evolution" of the music.) Anyhow, I have a question I hope someone can answer. "The Story of a Teenager," Dan and Gerry's 1975 composition on the album, is credited as being from the Universal film of the same name. What's the story behind this film? Was it a TV flick, a theatrical release, or one that never made it out of the can? Or should I move on to "Hideaway" and forget about it.

Message: 10595 Posted: Fri Mar 17 15:04:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Congratulations To The Forsman

Yes, congrats to one of the nicest fellow-fans online, Eddy, and his wife Kelli on the birth of their new son! With the new birth, it means a future America fan and an additional fishing buddy for Eddy.

Message: 10594 Posted: Fri Mar 17 13:25:58 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Midnight Special & lost album

I have the Robert W. Morgan interview and show on tape. It's WONDEFUL! It's fun to listen to, plays the hits and has some nice bites of the guys reminicsing......VERY COOL!

Message: 10593 Posted: Fri Mar 17 11:37:02 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: I Ain't--I AM

Happy St Paddy's Day!

Message: 10592 Posted: Fri Mar 17 11:19:19 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Congratulations Eddy Forsman

A Big Congrats out to our own Eddy Forsman & his wife & family...
on the birth of his second son.
Hey, now you have a trio! Start them early on guitar lessons!
Everyone raise your cup, to Eddy & Family...hooray!
Hope mom and son are doing fine.

Message: 10591 Posted: Fri Mar 17 11:11:54 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Midnight Special & lost album

So the guys made several appearances on "The Midnight Special."
All 3 and then just Gerry & Dewey.

Out there in the tumbling tumbleweeds of people's lost LP collection
lies a 2 record album, is a story of America. It's called.
I know a bunch of us have it either on tape or the actual 2 LP set.
It includes songs, comments and Robert W. Morgan's great
Narration about the groups's beginings, rise to fame and I forgot
where it ends with. But it's very well put together.
Anybody else wish to comment?

Message: 10590 Posted: Fri Mar 17 10:37:39 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: I Ain't

I can guarantee you all one thing, I ain't Irish! LOL! Nevertheless, I'm playing "GREEN Monkey" in celebration of today.

Message: 10589 Posted: Fri Mar 17 10:28:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The "Moon" vs. The "Sun"

Top O Th Mornin' to ya all!

I personally prefer the Sun.....(C;

Have a ROLLICKING St. Paddy's Day to ya all!

Tery Kay Bailey-Holly<--------true irishwoman the I

Message: 10588 Posted: Fri Mar 17 10:08:53 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Moon" vs. The "Sun"

Interesting...Young Moon and Till The Sun Comes Up Again are currently tied at 31 votes each!

Message: 10587 Posted: Fri Mar 17 09:38:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Welcome Pat and About Dan's Appearance In The Past

Welcome aboard, Pat (a.k.a. Mad Dog).

Regarding Dan joining Dewey and Gerry on-stage years ago, I'm not really surprised that it didn't get much attention if it was an impromptu situation. I think it would have received a lot of attention if it would have been planned ahead of time with a set date.

Message: 10586 Posted: Fri Mar 17 08:58:52 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Hat Trick Clothes

Since we're talking about Dan, I thought I'd tell this now and I PROMISE this will be the last time I'll mention about America wearing their "Hat Trick" suits while performing a concert on TV. As you recall, I thought it was either "The Midnight Special" or "In Concert".

With Dan's brother's help, Tom Peek, I was able to get a tiny bit of a confirmation that The Guys did indeed perform on TV wearing their Western clothes. Although Dan wasn't positively sure which show it was, he did infer that it he, Dewey, and Gerry did appear on a show decked in that garb. Thanks to Dan and Tom Peek and Angela Propes for their help in trying to answer my question.

Here is the response to my question whether it was "The Midnight Special" or "In Concert". I've sent a copy of the message below to Steve for his verification:


I was able to contact Dan yesterday. Unfortunately, he does not remember what show it was that AMERICA wore their "Hat Trick" outfits.

He said that the Midnight Special show may be right but he can't say for sure.

Sorry I wasn't able to give you more information.

Angela M. Propes
Director of Development
7 Mile Entertainment

Message: 10585 Posted: Fri Mar 17 08:58:42 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Reunion

FYI: After when Dan left the group, Gerry and Dewey were playing
I think in St. Louis and Dan came up and joined them on a song
Horse With No Name I think. What really got to Dewey was, is that it wasn't even mentioned in the media, by the press, etc or hyped up at all. So.......... that's part of it I think. But it the problem of a reunion goes deeper than the root. Just my 2 cents. HL

Message: 10584 Posted: Fri Mar 17 08:56:53 2000 By: mad dog
Subject: America

Hi! Back in 1973 at the tender age of 15, I listened to a record album entitled "Homecoming". I played the entire album at least 25 times that night at my aunt Linda's. From that day forward I became (and will always be) a fan of the greatest band on planet Earth: AMERICA. Just want to say "hi" to all you other fans!! "'cause a baby boy has got to be free." Pat

Message: 10583 Posted: Thu Mar 16 23:24:15 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Reunion??

It's always been a dream of mine to see Dan onstage wih Dewey and Gerry since I've never had a chance to experience it. I would almost die to her NEVER FOUND THE TIME, TOMORROW, GLAD TO SEE YOU, or just YOU. Okay I can dream, right?
At the same time, I also must admit the America as a duo, recorded some real masterpieces. Tall Treasure, Someday Woman, My Dear, Pages...etc.....I guess I have mixed feelings because they were fine without Dan as well as WITH Dan.


Message: 10582 Posted: Thu Mar 16 22:34:48 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion??

Beechlady, KevinS and Jim...Thanks for responding to my post! Beechlady, I'm not sure how Dan feels right now, but judging from his very America friendly new website and his comments in the mid 80's, I feel that he is not the one holding up a reunion. I'm just curious as to why Gerry and Dewey seem to be resistant. I agree with Jim, that perhaps a one-time concert or a mini-tour might be a good starting point. I just feel that its a shame they can't come to some kind of middle ground, considering their earlier friendship and musical success. BTW, have you been to Dans new website and listened to his new songs? I would love to hear them given a proper America treatment!! Thanks again for responding!

Message: 10581 Posted: Thu Mar 16 18:44:45 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Alan Said What?

Thanks Steve. That's exactly what I did, use the greater and lesser signs. I know better now.

Message: 10580 Posted: Thu Mar 16 18:42:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: live on A&E

It appears that the "Live By Request" guests that appear on the show are predominately the "heavyweights" in the music industry. From memory, I can recall such performers as Reba McEntire, Kenny Loggins ("heavyweight" status is questionable IMHO), Vince Gill, Kenny Rogers, and Tony Bennett.

We all would love to see America on that show. The exposure would be tremendous. However, I think the possibility is slim, frankly. In my opinion, we've better off petitioning talk shows like Letterman, Leno, O'Donnell, O'Brien, and D&M. It would require a LOT of fans involved in the request. America's fan support for a "LBR" appearance last year was incredible. The result was so disappointing.
I remember Karen D worked really work in her/our attempt.

Message: 10579 Posted: Thu Mar 16 18:24:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Alan Said What? (HTML basics)

I swear I typed in what Alan said but it didn't appear on the screen after I posted it.

Johnny (and others), the reason your quoted message didn't appear in your post is because you surrounded it with angle brackets (< >). This chat folder is written to use HTML and HTML interprets things inside of angle brackets as HTML codes. Since it couldn't interpret your words as meaningful HTML codes, it simply threw them away. In the future, if you use double angle brackets (<< >>) to surround your quoted text, it will appear in the posted message.

Message: 10578 Posted: Thu Mar 16 18:00:15 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: live on A&E

A lot of us "die hard" fans on the AOL folder did the Donny and Marie thing too, a while back, not to mention A & E AND VH-1.....I figure if the sites get enough traffic on one group, over time, they'll get the hint.....the message is in the numbers! (C=


Message: 10577 Posted: Thu Mar 16 17:53:41 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Donny and Marie

In a previous message, Johnny wrote that lots of great musicians have appeared on Donny and Marie.
YES YES YES!!!! One week ago on March 9, Sarah McLachlan was a guest on Donny and Marie. That's all the evidence I need as far as the quality of the musicians on the Donny and Marie show. America would also make an excellent guest, but for us hard core fans, we'd enjoy the Live By Request show even more.


Message: 10576 Posted: Thu Mar 16 15:21:17 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Apologies to Donny & Marie fans

In a previous post, I said some rather strong words about D & M. It has been brought to my attention that at least one other member of this chat group os a fan of D & M (who e-mailed me privately and shall remain nameless).

I figure I'd better make a public apology to any other America fans that might also be D & M fans BEFORE I get flamed. First of all, I misunderstood what Johnny was saying and I was talking about their career(s) as singers/musicians, NOT the talk show they currently have on whatever network. I have never really seen the show and don't know enough about it to make a judgement either way. As far as their music career(s) - I still think don't like them, but I probably shouldn't have stated my opinion so bluntly.

The moral to this story: PLEASE DON'T FLAME ME!

Humbly submitted,


Message: 10575 Posted: Thu Mar 16 13:46:24 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: live on A&E

Johhny wrote: <<Alan, sorry, either you misunderstood me or vice versa. I meant that America would probably stand a better chance being on "The Donny and Marie Show" verses "Live By Request". I didn't mean Donny and Marie stand a better chance than America being on "LBR". >>

In the immortal words of SNL's Emily Litella: "Never mind!"

Message: 10574 Posted: Thu Mar 16 13:00:54 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: live on A&E

Alan said, "As much as I would love them to be as commercially successful now as they were in the 70's, I wouldn't want them to do it at the expense of "selling out" to the masses (nor do I think they would). I just wish everyone out there were as enlightened as us!"

I agree wholeheartedly. I think that's what Billy Joel was thinking when he announced his retirement a couple of years ago. Basically, he said that his songs weren't connecting with today's younger audience, based on sales of his previous two albums. I'm disappointed that I will no longer hear as much new material from him as beforehand, but I understand that he wasn't willing to change his style of music or act just to land a new record deal.

America remains a real talent, in my eyes. My only disappointment is that there are too many adults (who were youngsters in the 1970s) who've stopped looking on the album shelves for music truly is "their music." Sure, I wish record excecs would promote America albums better, but given Dewey's and Gerry's efforts to serve their core audience, I can't help but feel that the non-listening audience is partly responsible.

God, I can't wait for some new material. I'll wear laser beams in the old stuff until then.


Message: 10573 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:48:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Alan Said What?

I swear I typed in what Alan said but it didn't appear on the screen after I posted it.

I'll post it again. Alan said: "You're probably right, though. They probably would stand a better chance than our guys."

Message: 10572 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:45:29 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: live on A&E

Alan wrote: <You're probably right, though. They probably would stand a better chance than our guys.>

Alan, sorry, either you misunderstood me or vice versa. I meant that America would probably stand a better chance being on "The Donny and Marie Show" verses "Live By Request". I didn't mean Donny and Marie stand a better chance than America being on "LBR". Lots of great musicians appear on The D&M Show.

Message: 10571 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:23:15 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: live on A&E

Johhny wrote:
I still think "Donny and Marie" is a better possibility being that both of them (Donny and Marie) were 70s artists of great success much like America was during that period of time.

With one major difference - Donny and Marie sucked! (IMO)
You're probably right, though. They probably would stand a better chance than our boys. But you know, as much as we all want to see them back in the spotlight again (deservedly so), I respect Dewey and Gerry for writing and playing songs from the heart, not just a bunch of crap that might put them back on the top 40. Remember, there are many ways of defining success and IMO America has achieved and are still achieving it, in all the most important ways.

As much as I would love them to be as commercially successful now as they were in the 70's, I wouldn't want them to do it at the expense of "selling out" to the masses (nor do I think they would). I just wish everyone out there were as enlightened as us!

Message: 10570 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:10:18 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: "Hat Trick" The Song

I'm with you on this one. I don't think they'd pick Hat Trick either (for the same reasons you site). I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Message: 10569 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:06:14 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: voting

Michelle wrote: I didn't vote in the initial round...couldn't possibly pick!...but this voting stuff sure is fun! (of course, I've already lost a few songs from that first list!)

Just remember Michelle, if you didn't vote in the primaries, you have no right to complain about the "candidates" that are currently running! :-)

Message: 10568 Posted: Thu Mar 16 12:02:03 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: live on A&E

Brad wrote:
I hope they do not have to die in a plane crash or something for people to recognize that they still make really good music.

Don't even go there, Brad

Message: 10567 Posted: Thu Mar 16 11:58:11 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: All My Life vs Cornwall Blank.

KevinS. wrote:
Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. I always thought All My Life was the ultimate chick song and Cornwall Blank was the ultimate guy song. Would be interesting to see the breakdown of who votes for what.

I guess I, for one, bear out your theory, Kevin, as I cast my vote proudly for Cornwall Blank. Actually, that song was among my original 5 as well. Great tune! (Not that All My Life isn't, mind you, just that CB is better)
p.s. I suppose I could have foted for AML to get in touch w/ my feminine side (lol).

Message: 10566 Posted: Thu Mar 16 11:52:08 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Reunion??

I felt the same as you, Tom, when I read that Dan was interested at one point in the mid-1980s about a possible reunion. But I'm a realist, too, and while I love America's work (including "Human Nature"), I realize record execs simply don't like the numbers enough to push the issue. It also sounds like Gerry and Dewey wouldn't be comfortable (for whatever reasons) expanding America into a trio again.

So what's a more plausible option, given those circumstances. Well, I'd be happy just to hear the familiar three-part harmonies again, as well as authentic Peek vocals on songs on "Lonely People" and "Don't Cross the River." So now I'm more of the frame of mind of favoring a reunion concert, which obviously would not have to impress record execs and would not require a long-term commitment between Gerry and Dewey ("America") and Dan. Not that I wouldn't be happier with a reunion album, including new studio material. but I'd certainly settle for this modest promotion.

Message: 10565 Posted: Thu Mar 16 11:13:26 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Thank you's are in order

Brad, congrats to you and wife on the birth of your son :0)
what's his first America CD gonna be!

Eddy, GREAT GREAT pictures. Thank your for sharing it.

Have a good day everyone. HL

Message: 10564 Posted: Thu Mar 16 09:59:19 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Reunion.


I agree.


Message: 10563 Posted: Thu Mar 16 09:37:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops

hit s/b HARD

Message: 10562 Posted: Thu Mar 16 09:36:32 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: live on A&E

And man, we hit A&E really hit I thought. I remember Karen D submitted a lot of material to A&E regarding America and their accomplishments only to fall short. I still think "Donny and Marie" is a better possibility being that both of them (Donny and Marie) were 70s artists of great success much like America was during that period of time.

Message: 10561 Posted: Thu Mar 16 09:27:42 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: live on A&E

About a year ago, some of us die hard fans flooded A&E with just that request. It fell on deaf ears. I don't know if trying again would be worth it, but what do you all think?

Message: 10560 Posted: Thu Mar 16 08:54:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hat Trick" The Song

Congratulations, Brad, on the birth of your new son. Hope all is well with the baby and the wife.

Thanks Eddy and Guillermo for the great photos.

I see that "Hat Trick" is ahead of "Call Of The Wild". It's currently 29 to 20. Here's a topic that might be worth discussing. If "Hat Trick" continues to do well, do you think The Guys would really choose it? Personally, I have my doubts. I think it's too long and too slow for a concert. Again, I might be all wet. I'm still dripping for my last mistake. LOL

Message: 10559 Posted: Thu Mar 16 07:39:50 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: live on A&E

CONGRATULATIONS Brad!!! A fresh one, eh? Are you getting any sleep? I too have seen the A & E specials and think it'd be a HUGE thing for America! It'd showcase just how GREAT they are live!!!!
Here's the website for Live By Request, I think maybe if enough of us email them, MAYBE we'd make a splash......WHO KNOWS? It's worth a try!


Message: 10558 Posted: Thu Mar 16 07:34:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Reunion??

Hey Tom!!! Glad to see your post! IMHO I think that it isn't just the Dewey and Gerry angle that's keeping the trio apart, but Dan also...Sometimes it's hard to get three people in the SAME ROOM, let alone on the *same page*! (C= I think a lot of us here feel the same way you do, but heck, we're all just happy "our guys" are out there and doing what they love!


Message: 10557 Posted: Thu Mar 16 00:03:59 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Reunion??

Hi! My name is Tom and I'm new here, so please be
patient if this is an old and tired subject. I just got
done reading the comp. history, (which I really enjoyed
alot), and couldn't help feeling sad about Gerry and
Dewey's feelings concerning Dan and a possible reunion. I
understand that I don't know the true feelings of everyone
involved, but it seems to me that more then enough time has
passed to at least entertain a reunion possibility. Gerry
and Dewey have every reason to be proud of what they have
accomplished as a duo, but to old time fans like myself,
America is Gerry, Dewey and Dan. I just don't understand
why Gerry and Dewey are so against a reunion. From a purely
business standpoint, it would seem to make alot of sense. A
reunion would generate alot of interest and would perhaps
get them back on a major label with better promotion and
distribution. Whats the point of making great music, if
nobody hears it. Take Fleetwood Mac for instance. They
reunited, made alot of money, but most importantly, they
were able to regain lost respect and friendship along the
way. Even if it was only for one album and one tour, it
would be well worth it for all concerned. I hate to think
that we'll never be able to see or hear Gerry, Dewey and
Dan together, again. It just makes me sad. Life is so
Sorry, that this is so long, but its a subject that has
really been bothering me and I just wanted to see what
others thought about it. Thanks!

Message: 10556 Posted: Wed Mar 15 23:30:17 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Beatles Connection

The fact that Gerry and Dewey are covering "Things We Said Today" has not gone unnoticed by Beatles fan Steve Jones. Steve also happens to be a co-host on a Chicago radio station on the show "Breakfast With The Beatles". You can read an article written about Steve by going to Steve is interested in getting a copy of Gerry and Dewey's cover so he can play it on his show. Steve obviously recognizes a great cover when he hears it.

Message: 10555 Posted: Wed Mar 15 22:27:53 2000 By: Michelle
Subject: voting

I didn't vote in the initial round...couldn't possibly pick!...but this voting stuff sure is fun! (of course, I've already lost a few songs from that first list!)

Message: 10554 Posted: Wed Mar 15 22:19:38 2000 By: Brad
Subject: live on A&E

While home with my wife she ; she gave birth to our son last week, I have been watching a lot of TV. On the Arts and Enter. channel they are having Trisha Yearwood doing songs live by request. I have seen this format before with Vince Gill a while back before Amy Grant. It is a pretty cool show because the songs are called in by fans. It would be nice if America could do a show on there or an unplugged show or at least storytellers on VH1. Human Nature and Hourglass are 2 of the best CD's I have heard that were made in the 90's . Most of the CD's I buy were tapes that I had in the 80's. I hope they do not have to die in a plane crash or something for people to recognize that they still make really good music.


Message: 10553 Posted: Wed Mar 15 20:10:26 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Now I remember.

>>Let's start this whole song tournament thing over again

ROFL! YEAH RIGHT.....lololololol


Message: 10552 Posted: Wed Mar 15 17:20:04 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Now I remember.

Oh my God. Let's start this whole song tournament thing over again. I just remembered the one song I meant to vote for. "Hangover." I'd pay to hear that live.


Message: 10551 Posted: Wed Mar 15 17:16:01 2000 By: Dan
Subject: America

No "Catch That Train"? DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!! just kiddin!! Dan

Message: 10550 Posted: Wed Mar 15 16:33:31 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: trains, trains, don't go away

In my other life, I'm also a train nut. Happily, there's no conflict of interests, and that's got me wondering. Can all those great train-themed songs that Dewey and Gerry have written reveal a hidden love of the rails? I mean, from a moving train, even I can tell when someone wants to catch that train, if only to enjoy my sleeper train bound for anywhere. OK, mebbe I'm just projecting, but it's a nice delusion.

I'm thinking of making O scale sized figures of Gerry and Dewey to stand along my miniature right-of-way. How weird is that?

Message: 10549 Posted: Wed Mar 15 16:25:15 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hammond B3/ Carry On

Jim poses that musical question: "Care to guess what CDs I listen to most?" Let's see... They wouldn't be... AMERICA CD's by any chance, would they? -- Alan

That's right, Alan. As far as I'm concerned, the Milwaukee area DJs can keep playing Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow, or Ricky Nelson 12 times a day, if they'd like. I won't be listening too long. Meanwhile, my America CDs are getting unprecedented use thanks to my Caravan's new CD player. It also makes the occasional four-hour drive to my parents' house much more enjoyable, even in traffic. Unfortunately, there is a cost to this intensive CD listening program. I have spent more money on CDs in the past six months than I have in any year since I got my first CD player in 1989.

Now, care to guess which CDs I plan on playing on my way to America concerts in and near Wisconsin this summer? (Hint: Alan doesn't have to "guess" again.) -- Jim

Message: 10548 Posted: Wed Mar 15 15:16:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: All My Life vs Cornwall Blank

Kevin, my guess is that you'd select "Cornwall Blank" since you tend to like the more rockin' type songs. You surprised me with your choice of "Inspector Mills" if I'm recalling correctly. Both, "AML" and "CB", are wonderful songs, of course. My choice is "All My Life" preferably performed by Gerry as a solo on guitar. And yours, Kevin?

Message: 10547 Posted: Wed Mar 15 14:45:33 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: All My Life vs Cornwall Blank.

Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. I always thought All My Life was the ultimate chick song and Cornwall Blank was the ultimate guy song. Would be interesting to see the breakdown of who votes for what.


Message: 10546 Posted: Wed Mar 15 14:32:05 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre's Gerry

I currently hear Gerry on the radio...SGH.

Message: 10545 Posted: Wed Mar 15 14:16:53 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hammond B3/ Carry On

Jim poses that musical question: "Care to guess what CDs I listen to most?"

Let's see... They wouldn't be... AMERICA CD's by any chance, would they?

Message: 10544 Posted: Wed Mar 15 14:13:56 2000 By: Alan

What about Rainbow Song vs. Amber Cascades?
Or Here vs. Seargent Darkness?
Or Green Monkey vs. Wind Wave?

That's just sadistic!

Message: 10543 Posted: Wed Mar 15 13:13:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New Play List

Wow John, that's a tough one. It will require deep thought.

Message: 10542 Posted: Wed Mar 15 13:11:08 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Skipped A Groove"

Robyn, more like "skipped a whole song"!

I chose Robyn and Joe B because they're both very good-natured and a lot of fun!!!

( :

Message: 10541 Posted: Wed Mar 15 12:38:40 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Answer To Dewey's Quote

JOHNNY!!!! I thought I had skipped a groove!

Message: 10540 Posted: Wed Mar 15 11:45:17 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: New play list

While we are waiting for the round of 16 to determine our final 8 to give to Gerry and Dewey how about this. Come up with a set list you'd like to hear played, not including ANY of the current songs.
There are 24 songs on their list (not that they play all 24 each night but...)

Here's mine, in order to be played

Young Moon
Nothing's So Far Away
Till The Sun Comes Up Again
Amber Cascades
Sargeant Darkness
Don't Let it Get You Down
On Target
Old Man Took
All My Life
One Morning
Rainbow Song
All Around
Overwhelming World Suite
Garden of peace
Inspector Mills
Green Monkey
Call of the Wild
Encore: High in the City
Hat Trick

maybe if I win the lottery I could hire 'em for a private show and have them play this list. One can dream.

Message: 10539 Posted: Wed Mar 15 11:24:16 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Answer To Dewey's Quote

He who whines his whole life long, is a fool without a song. (Submitted by Robyn)

He who parties all night long, does not rise to sing his song.
(Submitted by me)

He who does not love wine, women, and song, remains a fool his whole life long. (Submitted by Dewey)

She who wears a thong, has guys around to party with all night long.
(Submitted by Joe B)

(Not really submitted by Robyn or Joe B but by me.)

Message: 10538 Posted: Wed Mar 15 11:08:44 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Oops!/Lonely People

Hey Johnny & You People,

Though it was recorded in 1974, the single "Lonely People" is considered a '75 hit because it charted and pealked in early 1975. No need to apologize.

Joe B

P.S. Go Illini. Go DePaul. everyone else go home.

Message: 10537 Posted: Wed Mar 15 09:14:54 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hammond B3/ Carry On

Alan said, "Luckily, I have over 300 CD's in my collection to choose from. If I had a CD player in my car, I probably wouldn't even listen to the radio at all."

Well, Alan, I had a CD player installed in my car for the first time last July. Guess what. Even with only about 100 CDs in my collection, I never listen to the car radio anymore. Care to guess what CDs I listen to most? (Hint: One album called "Holiday" is sitting in the player right now.) -- Jim

Message: 10536 Posted: Wed Mar 15 08:27:43 2000 By: Beechlady

Young Moon vs Till The Sun Comes Up Again? Steve is your computer a Norelco? Is it a Sunbeam? Whaaaaaaa? I need a PLAUSIBLE EXPLAINATION! (lol)

Message: 10535 Posted: Wed Mar 15 07:41:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: March 15: Today's The Day

It's Wednesday Morning which means Todays The Day:

I've seen the IDES OF MARCH
And I've seen the fall of Rome
I've seen all kinds of stuff
But I never see my home


Message: 10534 Posted: Wed Mar 15 07:15:34 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hammond B3/ Carry On


I'm no expert on keyboards, but it does sound like a Hammond B3 to my untrained ear. I'm at work right now, but if I think to, I will look it up on my CD when I get home tonight (unless one of the gurus on the list can settle this in the meantime). I'm afraid WBLM has the same problem as your classic rock station. They get into the rut of playing the same songs over and over when there are so many other good songs to choose from. They are the only station I can really listen to in my area and even then for not very long at a time. Luckily, I have over 300 CD's in my collection to choose from. If I had a CD player in my car, I probably wouldn't even listen to the radio at all.


Message: 10533 Posted: Tue Mar 14 22:26:32 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: To: MSmith Regarding three roses vs. old man took

johnny, you voted early! i figured you'd be casting your deciding ballot at 11:59 pm. i do appreciate your support for 'three roses'. hope someone will join you before midnight.

Message: 10532 Posted: Tue Mar 14 21:56:07 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Hammond B3/ My dorkdome

Am I right that the song Carry On uses a Hammond B3? Or did I make a complete fool of myself?
It seems that many people actually know Carry On by CSN&Y. Most of my friends don't. They are much more familiar with the likes of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos (both of whom I like.)
As for the radio stations by me, the one classic rock station is too busy playing Stairway to Heaven and Free bird seven zillion times a day.
It's funny because I thought I made a really neat discovery with Carry On, but now it seems that everyone knows it....Boy do I feel like a dork! lol


Message: 10531 Posted: Tue Mar 14 20:26:51 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hammond B3s & Carry On


Carry On is by CSNY. It is the first song on "Deja Vu" . It has always been one of my favorites by them. Up here in my neck of the woods (Maine), there is a classic rock station WBLM that plays that song quite a bit. Back in the 70's they were a real "album station". Now they pretty much stick to the hits but still have their favorite album cuts they like to play (Carry On, of course, being one of them).

They used to play America back then, too. Too bad they don't anymore.
Just goes to show you how far down hill they've gone!


Message: 10530 Posted: Tue Mar 14 20:22:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To: MSmith Regarding three roses vs. old man took

MSmith, here's a lyric for you from Gerry's "Goodbye":
"...their every wish is my command".

In this case it's: YOUR wish is my command.

Prior to my vote, it's "Old Man Took" 50 and "Three Roses" 48.
After my vote, it's "Old Man Took" 50 and "Three Roses" 49.
Who knows what it will be at 11:59 tonight??? Either way, it'll be
a winner!

Message: 10529 Posted: Tue Mar 14 18:53:53 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Which Is The Topic Sir Dewey Had?

I'm sure "A" is the appropriate answer 'cause it's SO Dewey, but I do think "D" fits too!!!!

Message: 10528 Posted: Tue Mar 14 18:43:32 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Three Roses vs Old Man Took.

i wonder what steve would think about another tourney after this one is over that would use the same format but would just be a tournament to determine the favorite america song(s), and would have nothing to do with the play list

Maybe later, but you'll have to give me time to recuperate. The hardest part is getting the field of 64 to be included in the tournament. If someone was willing to take all of the e-mail messages and count the votes, I wouldn't mind setting up a tournament for the top 64 songs. By the way, we did do this twice in the past. The first time (in March 1998) Sister Golden Hair was the winner. The second time (in October 1998) we excluded songs that had been released as singles (or something like that) and the winning song was Amber Cascades. --Steve

Message: 10527 Posted: Tue Mar 14 18:08:30 2000 By: msmith
Subject: Re: Three Roses vs Old Man Took.

kevin, in the inital round of voting to see which songs would be included in the tournament i voted (and i suspect others did also) before steve posted the play list. of course me, being a veteran of one--count them--one, live america concert didn't have much of an idea which songs were included on the play list. that is the reason why i believe that some songs in this tournament are already on the play list. i wonder what steve would think about another tourney after this one is over that would use the same format but would just be a tournament to determine the favorite america song(s), and would have nothing to do with the play list.

Message: 10526 Posted: Tue Mar 14 15:20:37 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Three Roses vs Old Man Took.

Why is "Three Roses" even in this song tournament if it's already on the playlist? I thought we were just voting on songs America would consider adding, not songs we'd like them to replace.


Message: 10525 Posted: Tue Mar 14 14:26:34 2000 By: msmith
Subject: three roses vs. old man took

i know 'three roses' is already on the play list, but it's my all time favorite america song. i'd love to hear 'old man took' live, but i just couldn't vote against my favorite. GO 'THREE ROSES'!!

Message: 10524 Posted: Tue Mar 14 13:04:41 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Song Tourney

Two close ones on the Song Tourney:

To Each His Own 46
Green Monkey 45


Old Man Took 47
Three Roses 46

Message: 10523 Posted: Tue Mar 14 10:23:28 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Which Is The Topic Sir Dewey Had?

I'd go with "c" -- "He who does not love wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long." However, in keeping with Dewey's usual lyrical style, perhaps it should have been:

"He who does not love purple wine, or women in orange and green,
sings no song like soapsuds and sees no color in a desert scene."

Message: 10522 Posted: Tue Mar 14 08:38:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Which Is The Topic Sir Dewey Had?

Which of the following quotes is Dewey's from his high school yearbook the year he, Gerry, and Dan were Seniors:

a) He who whines his whole life long, is a fool without a song.

b) He who parties all night long does not live to sing his song.

c) He who does not love wine, women, and song, remains a fool his whole life long.

d) She who wears a thong, has guys around to party with all night long.

(Let us know which one you think it is. If you know the correct answer, please don't say something like, "I absolutely know because I read it in the Londoner." That will spoil it for everyone else. Thanks!)

Message: 10521 Posted: Tue Mar 14 07:09:08 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Dinosaur acts.

Unfortunately, to gain from the clout, one is required to sell their soul to the Devil!!

Message: 10520 Posted: Tue Mar 14 00:01:38 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Go Man Go?

Any word on when we will see Go Man Go?

No official word, yet. But I'll post it here just as soon as I find out anything. I believe it will be coming real soon (I know, not soon enough for the die hard fans -- LOL).

Message: 10519 Posted: Mon Mar 13 22:17:41 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Go Man Go?

Any word on when we will see Go Man Go?

Message: 10518 Posted: Mon Mar 13 18:21:48 2000 By: cfhere
Subject: Still enjoying the Montage

Since I am the person to make the montage, I am still happy to hear that Johnny is still enjoying it. I hope all the big America fans are still enjoying as I am.

Message: 10517 Posted: Mon Mar 13 17:39:10 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Speaking from the heart

It seems to me that a good part of America's music involves speaking from the heart, it touches a chord within us. In interviews, the honesty of both Dewey and Gerry has always come through. Nothing weird about that Johnny! As a fellow Moon Child, I can relate!

Message: 10516 Posted: Mon Mar 13 16:22:41 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Isn't it about time?

I know I've read some disparaging things about CSN&Y on this chat folder, but, gosh, I enjoyed last night's VH-1 "Legends" and "Storytellers" featuring that band. ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME we picketed to get our boys, America, on one of those programs....or a "Behind the Music"? I hear there's strength in who do we write to?!


Message: 10515 Posted: Mon Mar 13 15:45:59 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson Release Date

THANK GOODNESS! I've been waiting for this CD for as long as it's been rumored! Listening to them on the Nilsson tribute CD was a pleasure, I can't WAIT for this!!!!!! EEeha.


Message: 10514 Posted: Mon Mar 13 15:45:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: About "Brother Golden Hair"

That's great news about the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD. I look forward to it.

This past weekend, I was watching a video of "Cover Story" which featured America. The show originally aired back during the time "Perspective" was out. What I'm about to say sounds a bit strange coming from a guy but I'll say it anyway.

What touched me most about the interview on that program was Gerry's tenderness as he spoke about America and especially how he felt about Dewey as a friend and partner. I know the majority of you all already know this about Gerry. But for me, listening to Gerry speak from his heart, adds even more meaning to his love ballads. As a "moon child", I pick up on these things, you know. I was also impressed that Gerry said he really doesn't collect anything. His music room and the instruments are all that's important to him material-wise.

Message: 10513 Posted: Mon Mar 13 15:39:44 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: STEVE...


Message: 10512 Posted: Mon Mar 13 14:30:02 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson Release Date

I got a message from Gerry this morning that says the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD will be released on June 3rd. He didn't say what label it would be on or any other information but I presume we'll find that out soon enough.

Message: 10511 Posted: Mon Mar 13 13:31:56 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dinosaur acts.

Don't know if anyone else noticed this, but two of the top six best selling albums last week were from 70s bands. Santana, #1 (for the millionth week in a row) and Steely Dan, #6. It's amazing what the clout of a major label can do.


Message: 10510 Posted: Mon Mar 13 11:41:44 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Dan's single

Thanks, Mark.

Message: 10509 Posted: Mon Mar 13 11:19:57 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's single

It is a "standalone" CD single not found on any album. It is a very good single and proceeds go to a refuge relocation group if I'm not mistaken. You can purchase it directly from Dan's web page and the single has been sent to stations that play contemporary Christian music. So it wouldn't hurt for you to call or email your local CCM station and request it. Who knows, it may put Dan back on the CCM charts if we get behind it like we did FAMT.

Message: 10508 Posted: Mon Mar 13 10:59:45 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Dan's single

On Steve's home page it shows the cover of Dan Peek's new single,"On the Wings of Eagles". Anyone know the story here? It not a cut off Bodden Town. Just curious.

Message: 10507 Posted: Mon Mar 13 10:22:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: America Item On Ebay

There's the 1977 America Tour Book for sale on Ebay. It sounds like it's in great condition. The bidding ends in 13 hours. Use "Bunnell" for the search word. It's item #275479219.

Message: 10506 Posted: Mon Mar 13 08:55:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: KevinS: Regarding The Song Tourney and "Hidden Talent"

Kevin, I know this will shock you but I wasn't one of the 11 that voted for "Hidden Talent". (LOL)

Message: 10505 Posted: Mon Mar 13 08:34:36 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: B3 tonnage

OUCH, I can feel the

Message: 10504 Posted: Mon Mar 13 08:29:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Montage

Still enjoying the 22-minute montage!

Message: 10503 Posted: Sun Mar 12 23:23:34 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness/Andy

A HAmmond B3! Boy does THAT bring back memories. I once worked for a band whose keyboard player used a Hammond. WE played a gig in a local club that had no elevator--you guessed it the club was upstairs- It took four of us to haul that sucker up a NARROW flight of stairs.

Message: 10502 Posted: Sun Mar 12 18:46:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: This & That

Interesting about Dewey's name and about the missing "S" on Gerry's shirt. I had never heard about either before.

Andy, is that Lincoln's name "Christine" by any chance?

Did someone mention a garage sale? I need a bumper sticker that says, "Warning: I brake for garage sales!" because I really do! I bought a bobbing-head mouse figure in a garage sale several weeks ago and placed it near the back windshield of my car. If the "America Human Nature" window sticker doesn't get the attention of the driver behind me, I know the mouse will. Friday, I bought a metal lunch box from the 60s-70s that resembles a suitcase. On the back of the lunch box, it has a cartoon of a family in a car with a sign on the side of the car that reads: "See America". I just love it!!! It was a well-spent $2.

Message: 10501 Posted: Sun Mar 12 18:01:55 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Still Perplexed About Sir Dewey

SO, being in the right place at the right time DOES pay off!!! "Dewey", as I've been told, is a moniker assigned to him by "surfer dudes" when he was young - it just stuck, no other reason!!

Chris (are you ever coming back to) Cleveland

Message: 10500 Posted: Sun Mar 12 10:35:27 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Hammond B3s

IMHO, the Hammond B3 was an amazingly rich and warm sound. I'm not too surprised that Tall Treasure uses it.
One of the best examples of what a Hammond B3 can do is on a song by Crosby Stills Nash (and maybe Young?). They have a song called CARRY ON. I have no idea how well known this song is because I bought the record at a garage sale and have never heard it on the radio. (Please no comments from the peanut gallery about a "two car garage sale" LOL)
Anyway, the song CARRY ON sounds like a straightforward rocker, but somewhere at the halfway point, the song completely changes tempo and style. The listener is treated to a wonderful solo that only a Hammond B3 can give. For a keyboard, I really L-O-V-E that instrument!!!!


Message: 10499 Posted: Sun Mar 12 07:48:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness/Andy

Yeah, Leslie is Andy's girlfriend!!!! (C; She also drives a Lincoln...

Nothing like the sound of a good rotory speaker, eh!?! Um, Ray Manzarek


Message: 10498 Posted: Sun Mar 12 00:49:02 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Missing 'S'

The S on the T-shirt that was removed by WB was the logo of a rival record label, Shelter, Leon Russell's label, I believe.

Message: 10497 Posted: Sun Mar 12 00:11:51 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness/Andy

Tall Treasures has something that you don't hear very often on America songs...a Hammond B3...I have a soft spot for B3's and the solo on that song that Jimmy Clarie plays with Woodz accenting on electric rocks.
A couple of days ago I was talking with my band about B3's and Leslies (the speakers that go with them) and our bass player's wife walked up and wanted to know who Leslie was...she wouldn't believe us....she was sure were talking about some girl....go figure

Hey Matt
How's the band?

Message: 10496 Posted: Sun Mar 12 00:00:39 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness/Andy

What use will I make of those five minutes?
Well first, I borrow mom's 5200 LBS ancient Lincoln. Guess what happens next to that blasted computer that pitted SGT Darkness against Tall Treasure? No, it's not a Synth lesson, but the sounds coming from the tires of the Lincoln WILL sound like a synth!!! LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist ;) ...I'm a baaaaaddd boy ;)


Message: 10495 Posted: Sat Mar 11 23:55:04 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: "Two Car Garage"

On August 12, 1981 I saw my first America concert at the Northstage Theater in Glen Cove, New York (Long Island).
That night, they did mention something about their upcoming album "Two Car Garage"


Message: 10494 Posted: Sat Mar 11 23:54:06 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: "The Best Thing In Life Is Doing...

johnny SAYS>>The white t-shirt with the red circle that he's wearing on the "Homecoming" cover, actually had an "S" on it. It was removed. I think the "S" stands for "Super Songwriter/Singer", wouldn't you all agree?!?!
<< Actually I believe it was the logo of a rival record label and WB airbrushed it out..

Message: 10493 Posted: Sat Mar 11 23:49:32 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: "Two Car Garage"...A Possible Car-Jacking?

I think it was the year...what was the question again?? lol

Message: 10492 Posted: Sat Mar 11 23:36:39 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Song Tournament.

Eleven votes for Hidden Talent? Good to see America fans have a healthy sense of humor.


Message: 10491 Posted: Sat Mar 11 19:00:15 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Two Car Garage"

I've always loved that title. I know America loves their "H" albums, but I think that's one of the best they've come up with. The Tom Snyder interview in which they mentioned that title was in 1981, as there were references to the air traffic controllers strike going on at the time. Obviously, this is a name they've been itching to use for years. Maybe they could put "Norman" on it...


I'm done with my rambings for now.

Message: 10490 Posted: Sat Mar 11 16:52:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Lee The Lizard

Janice's son's pet lizard, Lee, sounds more like the size of an alligator lizard, perhaps? (:

Message: 10489 Posted: Sat Mar 11 15:42:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness/Andy

Yes Andy, but WHAT USE will you make of that five minutes????? Hmmmmm?
(I'll bet it's NOT a Quicktime Synthesizer Lesson...rofl)

Your Synth loving friend....

Message: 10488 Posted: Fri Mar 10 21:55:50 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Paid Political Announcement and Andy

1960 vs Wind Wave - tough call. If "1960" beats Wind Wave, I promise to be faithful to my wife, i did not have sex with that intern, Monica what ever her last name is. I promise to lower gasoline prices or raise the price of a new vehicle. I promise to pump about 7 billion dollars in our public education system and when that money runs out, I'll pump another 7 billion dollars in to it until we get it right. I promise to cut military spending by 75% and I also promise that Al Gore's running mate will either be Moe, Larry, or Curly. So do something good for America and vote "1960".
Andy - I got a 20 pound sledge hammer you could use on Steves computer. You won't need 5 minutes, 5 seconds is more like it.

Message: 10487 Posted: Fri Mar 10 21:13:59 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness

Tall Treasure AND SGT. DARKNESS were both on my initial list of five that I sent to Steve at the beginning of this survey. OUCH!!!!!!
Steve, please please please, pretty please, just give me five minutes alone with that computer of yours!!!!! LOL


Message: 10486 Posted: Fri Mar 10 20:41:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Voted

I like Tall Treasures. Probably Dewey's best use of a technique called "slant rhyme" where the word almost rhymes but is not an exact match. (Alaska, Pasture) Tall Treasures is so seamless, I almost didn't notice it!

This voting is too hard! I wonder what devilment Steve's evil computer has in store for the next round!

Message: 10485 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:39:52 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve's Monster

Steve's computer has turned into a Monster!!!!!

You should see it now. It's grinning from speaker to speaker and making a low growling sound mixed with hideous laughter.

Message: 10484 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:38:26 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Summer Concerts

I'm planning to go to either Lumberjack Days (July 29) in Stillwater, MN, or the Door County Fair (Aug. 11) in Sturgeon Bay, WI. (I'm in Waukesha, WI.) I may opt to see both shows. E-mail me to compare schedules. I'd be VERY open to gaining a backstage deal, but I have no such info. -- Jim

Message: 10483 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:37:35 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Virginia: A Wee Bit Older

Virginia, congratulations on using the Search Engine to find the answer. That's precisely why I created the Search Engine. There have been many times that I've remembered something being on the web site but I couldn't find it so I used the Search Engine to help me out. I hope that others will benefit from it in the future.

Message: 10482 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:21:27 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Johnny the perplexed one and so on...

Geez..I miss a lot when I don't check everyday..had to go to archives to catch up!
There has got to be a reason he is called never know what is behind a name..I am Janice because my mom got it backwards on the birth certificate at the middle name (beginning with N should have been my first name)..actually I am glad I wound up with what I did. Lee is a good is good enough for our pet lizard, who, by the way, has moved from a 10 gallon to a 55 gallon tank in a very short amount of time..(we will be throwing him a steak for dinner soon!)
And Gene, it was very nice to meet you too..I would have loved to stay looked like the night was going to be a lot of fun! Oh well...there is always next time..have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 10481 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:17:52 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Voted

Andy, Robyn, the ONLY reason I voted for Tall Treasures over Sgt. Darkness is I have had the pleasure of seeing Sgt. Live. Still get goosebumps with the memories! Man! I had tears in my eyes. I was sitting in the second row & I SWEAR Gerry made eye contact with me!! My eight-year old loves Tall Treasures! He wonders, tho, "How can something be large as Alaska?"

Message: 10480 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:11:17 2000 By: Beth
Subject: ooopies

That should say "Who" believes me, not How. duh.

Message: 10479 Posted: Fri Mar 10 17:10:21 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Gerry Trivia

I see Virginia beat me to it, but then I also see she looked it up in the archives....Does it count if I tell you I remembered it all by myself? "The greatest pleasure in live is doing what people say you cannot do" How believes me when I say I remembered that all on my own?!

Thanks for the fun Chat last night, folks. I sure needed it.

Off to vote.

Message: 10478 Posted: Fri Mar 10 16:20:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Still Perplexed About Sir Dewey

If it's "Lee Martin Bunnell", where the heck did the name "Dewey" come from?

Maybe as a child, Dewey kept bugging his mom and dad with questions like:

"DO WE get to go to the zoo and see that horse whose name is....well, I can't remember it's name. DO WE get to see the green monkeys, too."

"DO WE have to keep takin' this same highway to Ventura? Let's try the road to Riverside next time. Well DO WE, DO WE?"

(Just having a little fun at Sir Dewey's expense. Since it's Friday, I hope you don't mind, Sir!)

Message: 10477 Posted: Fri Mar 10 16:14:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Steve's Monster

Gary, I'm afraid it's probably too late. It's already exposed itself from underground!

Message: 10476 Posted: Fri Mar 10 15:50:08 2000 By: gary
Subject: Steve's Monster

Steve's computer has turned into a Monster!!!!! It needs to be destroyed before it threatens all of mankind!!! You better get control over that thing before it's too late Steve!


Message: 10475 Posted: Fri Mar 10 15:42:06 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Steve's Computer

His bad wicked evil naughty computer also matched Sarah and All my life! Could it be more cruel?

Message: 10474 Posted: Fri Mar 10 15:06:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Virginia: A Wee Bit Older

Searched it out, huh? Most definitely proof of being wiser!

Message: 10473 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:55:51 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Virginia: A Wee Bit Older

Confession: I remembered the subject coming up some time ago, so I just put the word "yearbook" into the search engine and scrolled till I found the answer compliments of El Guru de Health(aka mB & friends[?]).

Thanks to all who sent the BD wishes. Older and better, I hope. Off to take advantage of a sunny day (finally!) and do my lunchtime two-miler, then back to lurking mode. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Message: 10472 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:45:44 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Tall Treasure v. Sgt. Darkness

Tall Treaasure versus Sargent Darkness???
Man, talk about Steve's computer having a serious sadistic streak!!!!
Two of the all time greatest pitted against each other. This is like twins arguing which one is better looking.
I'm beginning to think that it's better to pit these America songs against rap would be a whole lot easier!!! LOL


Message: 10471 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:42:27 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Virginia: A Wee Bit Older

Virginia, having had your birthday the other day, we see you're not only a bit older but wiser too!

Message: 10470 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:36:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Virginia's Answer

Yippee! Virginia is right!!!! Congrats!

Message: 10469 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:31:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A Gerry Triv Question

No, but that's a nice saying, too, Steve.

mB, good to have you back...not that you were ever really gone. Yes, we should ALL live life with your dad's saying in mind!

Message: 10468 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:31:05 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: A Gerry Triv Question

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Wise words to live by.

Message: 10467 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:15:20 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: A Gerry Triv Question

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing...."

Here's my guess.

"... something for someone else."

That's what he has been doing for all these years ... making great music for others.

Message: 10466 Posted: Fri Mar 10 14:10:30 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: A Gerry Triv Question

i live my life by the answer to that question...


Message: 10465 Posted: Fri Mar 10 13:55:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Best Thing In Life Is Doing...

Good one, Cathy! That would be my saying, instead of Gerry's. Gerry's much too energetic and motivated as we all know from his work. The white t-shirt with the red circle that he's wearing on the "Homecoming" cover, actually had an "S" on it. It was removed. I think the "S" stands for "Super Songwriter/Singer", wouldn't you all agree?!?!

I saw Paul Anka on PBS the other night. He said he has written over 900 songs! It made me think of Gerry. A funny thing...Paul Anka said he has 5 daughters and no sons. His only grandchild is also a girl! He said, "There's a lot of PMS in my home. PMS stands for 'Paul Must Suffer'."

Message: 10464 Posted: Fri Mar 10 13:28:09 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: A Gerry Triv Question

Maybe he said, "absolutely nothing." But what I want to know, Johnny, is, Where'd You Get the Yearbook?????

As for the next round of voting...Clarice vs. Amber Cascades... Tall Treasures vs. Sergeant Darkness...ouch!

Message: 10463 Posted: Fri Mar 10 12:02:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Gerry Triv Question

In Dan, Dewey, and Gerry's high school Senior yearbook, is a statement from each of them. Can you complete Gerry's statement? He said, "The greatest pleasure in life is doing...."

Message: 10462 Posted: Fri Mar 10 10:26:39 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Two Car Garage"...A Possible Car-Jacking?

Like any good subject, "Two Car Garage" can be argued from several different sides.

As mentioned by Howard here yesterday, Dewey and Gerry were on Tom Snyder's show promoting "Two Car Garage" as there next LP. That was 1981, I believe. "View From The Ground" came out in 1982.

On October 20 1987 during a concert, Dewey introduced the next song to be played by saying it would be on their next LP called "Two Car Garage". The song was the rocker, "Greenhouse". The next LP released was "Hourglass" which included "Greenhouse".

I'm sure Gene has a good reason why he feels the answer is "Alibi".

Message: 10461 Posted: Fri Mar 10 10:20:34 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Tourney Voting Explanations

Steve, thanks for the explanations.

Message: 10460 Posted: Fri Mar 10 10:07:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Tourney Voting Last Night

I guess Steve let the computer select the winner.

Actually Johnny, in the case of a tie the highest seed wins because it received the most votes in the preliminary round. That means that the votes you cast in the preliminary round are used to break any ties.

Message: 10459 Posted: Fri Mar 10 10:05:09 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Question regarding the Song Tourney

Alan, YOU'RE DEFINITELY NOT A DUMMY! As one (or most) of my teachers used to say, the only dumb question is the one that's not asked. I KNOW there were others out there who had the same question and that's why I went into such a detailed explanation. So, please keep the questions coming because nobody thinks you're a fool for not being silent.


Message: 10458 Posted: Fri Mar 10 09:47:17 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Tourney Voting Last Night

And Forever and Watership Down, so close but yet so far away. Oh well 3 of my 5 originals are still there. Catch That Train Sergeant Darkness across Amber Cascades. Sorry for the play on words/titles. Dan

Message: 10457 Posted: Fri Mar 10 08:50:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Macintosh Prefs a deux

Ok, SARAH vs ALL MY LIFE? (just a travesty to make me PICK!)
Green Monkey vs To Each His Own? (a parTICularly odd pairing-IMHO)

Now I KNOW Bill Gates has his hand in there somewhere!!!!!!!
GEEEEEEEEEZO!!!! How about if you try going back to Windows 3.1.1? Do you think that would help?



Message: 10456 Posted: Fri Mar 10 08:41:40 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Macintosh Song Prefs.....

Oh, THANKS Steve....rofl! If you're going to QUOTE ME now, I guess I'll have to watch what I say MUCH MORE CAREFULLY.....lololol

I just stick with the facts, Ma'am......


Message: 10455 Posted: Fri Mar 10 08:40:22 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey Triv Answer

Dewey's middle name according to his 1969 high school yearbook is, Martin. His name is actually listed as, Lee Martin Bunnell. During last night's chat, someone jokingly guessed it might be, "Don't We" which would make it, "Dewey Don't We Bunnell".

The name of the yearbook is the "Londoner".

Message: 10454 Posted: Fri Mar 10 08:20:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Tourney Voting Last Night

Interesting about last night's voting. I voted around 10:30 PM Central Time last night. "Inspector Mills" were tied at 44 each. I voted for "Only Game In Town" giving it the lead by one vote. Both are great songs. I gave "Only Game" the nod since I've never heard it live. One other person came in behind me to vote. He/She voted for "Inspector". It was now tied. I guess Steve let the computer select the winner. Both are worthy.

With my vote for "And Forever", it and "Tall Treasures" were tied. The last person voted for "Tall Treasures".

It's all history now!!

Message: 10453 Posted: Fri Mar 10 06:57:13 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Question regarding the Song Tourney

OK Steve, I'm a dummy! I'm not the least bit interested in sports and am not familiar with the concept of "seeding". I totally misunderstood how the process works. Next time, I'll follow that old saying "Better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

I'll crawl back into my hole now.

Message: 10452 Posted: Fri Mar 10 02:15:52 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: 2 car garage

I'll take "Alibi" for $100 Alex

Message: 10451 Posted: Thu Mar 09 22:56:34 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Question regarding the Song Tourney

Three (Roses) cheers for Stevo Lowry !!!

for all the work on the Song Survey 2000

Message: 10450 Posted: Thu Mar 09 22:38:30 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: two-car garage

Howard ... man, I had forgotten about the appearance on the Tomorrow Show ..... reminds me of the guy's stint as guest-hosts of the Midnight Special a couple of years earlier .... now correct me if I'm wrong .. I believe they performed You Could've Been the One, Sister and Valentine.....

Message: 10449 Posted: Thu Mar 09 19:46:27 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Question regarding the Song Tourney

Do I understand correctly that the pairing was done based on the number of votes the original 64 songs received(i.e. the number one song was pitted against the number two song, etc)?

Alan, the first part of your statement is right, but the second part is VERY wrong. For those of you who don't understand how seedings work in tournaments, I'll explain it here.

After the preliminary round of votes was finished, each song was seeded according to the number of votes that it received. Therefore, the top 4 songs (All My Life, The Border, Old Man Took, and Young Moon) were seeded #1 in each of the 4 main brackets. The next 4 songs (Survival, Amber Cascades, Sergeant Darkness, and Wind Wave) were seeded #2 and so on until the top 64 songs had a seed of 1 through 16. Then the pairings were made so that the top seeds played the bottom seeds. That means that each #1 song was paired against a #16 song, #2 against #15, #3 against #14, and so on down to #8 against #9. What that all means is that the top vote getters have been pitted against the low vote getters. In a basketball tournament the top seeds (the good teams) are paired with the low seeds (the not as good teams) and theoretically the tops seeds should win. However, every year there are upsets where the lower seeds win. There are a few cases already in the Song Tournament where some of the lower seeds are winning. Again, the seeding was determined by the preliminary round of votes so it is very fair the way the pairings have been done.

Alan, you stated that half of the most popular songs would be eliminated in the first round. That is not true unless a bunch of the lower seeds win. You also stated that 4 out of 5 songs that you submitted wouldn't be on the list if it were strictly by popular vote. I guess I don't understand that statement because only the top 64 songs were included in the list.

Whew! I hope that explains the process a little better.

Happy voting everyone!


Message: 10448 Posted: Thu Mar 09 19:39:11 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Question regarding the Song Tourney

Steve is the expert on this, but it's more like the #1 song is up against the number 64 song, #2 against #63, etc. Just like the NCAA tournament high seeds are against low seeds.

The most votes reiceved for any one song in the original voting was all my Life at 25. It is up against Sunrise Sunset which only recived 2 votes. Young Moon recieved 15 (next highest original total) and is against Hidden Talent which reicived 2 (lowest seeded vote getter).

I'd like to see some more votes for Clarice and Greenhouse, since these are close.

Message: 10447 Posted: Thu Mar 09 19:34:39 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Song Tourny

Beth, if you go to message 10317 you'll see that 2 people voted for "Hell's On Fire". However, only 4 of the 21 songs that received 2 votes made it into the tournament. The 4 lucky songs were picked at random by the computer so you can blame my PC for your song not making it. As TK (Beechlady) said, if I would have used a Macintosh it probably would have done a better job selecting the songs (LOL).

Message: 10446 Posted: Thu Mar 09 18:26:50 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Correction to "Vote"

In case anyone is wondering what the "-SL" is all about at the top of my "Vote" post, I quoted Steve from message 10441 telling Johnny that tonight is the last night to vote. I put that at the end to indicate it was Steve I was quoting.

Somehow, the quote disappeared when I posted it and I just noticed it. Strange! Hopefully my message makes a little more sense now.

Message: 10445 Posted: Thu Mar 09 18:21:50 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Question regarding the Song Tourney


Do I understand correctly that the pairing was done based on the number of votes the original 64 songs received(i.e. the number one song was pitted against the number two song, etc)?

If that's true, then the eight songs presented to America won't necessarily be the 8 that get the most overall votes, right? I mean, of the 32 songs that survive the first round, half of them were basically on the bottom half of the first list, right? And half of the most popular ones will have been eliminated! Is this REALLY a democratic process?

I'm not complaining, just making an observation. 4 out of 5 of the songs I submitted wouldn't even be on the list if it were done strictly by popular vote. I guess it's like national elections where it's possible for a candidate to win the popular vote and still lose the election because the other guy got more electoral votes.


Message: 10444 Posted: Thu Mar 09 18:03:31 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Vote

Yes, Johnny, tonight is the last night to vote in round 1. You must have your vote in before midnight Central time. -SL

Johhny - I only hope there are many others like you out there that are waiting to the last minute to vote. Hopefully all the fans of "Old Virginia" and "Letter". "Right Before Your Eyes" is also getting killed which means 3 of my 5 originals are getting creamed! I guess I don't mind RBYE losing to Moment To Moment because I almost voted for that song myself even though it was already on the play list (from what I understand, they don't play it that much). "Old Virginia" and "Letter", however, are breaking my heart.

There's still time to turn it around for "Watership Down" (down by one) and "God Of The Sun" (down by 5). C'mon, people - get out there and vote! (for the RIGHT songs as suggested above)


Message: 10443 Posted: Thu Mar 09 18:01:44 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Summer Concerts

Is anyone planning to go see the guys in Stillwater or Sturgeon Bay? Wondering if we'd like to get together. Also, there's mention of a BackStage After Concert Private Party after the Stillwater show. Details??

Message: 10442 Posted: Thu Mar 09 18:00:14 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Song Tourny

Steve, NO offense meant by this comment! BUT, am I the only one who would LOVE to see Hell's On Fire Live? How come that's not in the running?

Seriously, Steve, thanks for all you do here for us fans! I'm just curious.

My life has been pretty rotten lately. America is keeping me SANE!

Message: 10441 Posted: Thu Mar 09 17:22:12 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dewey Triv Answer

Yes, Johnny, tonight is the last night to vote in round 1. You must have your vote in before midnight Central time. As of now, only one vote Separates "And Forever" vs. "Tall Treasures" and "Greenhouse" and "1960" are tied. Each vote will make a big difference in the next 6 hours and 40 minutes. --Steve

Message: 10440 Posted: Thu Mar 09 17:06:20 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Geez, Part Deux

I swear on a stack of Gideon bibles that I did not double post my last message. Maybe my computer has the same hiccups as Nina's computer.

Message: 10439 Posted: Thu Mar 09 17:01:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: German CDs kudos too

By the way folks, I feel compelled to add that while the lyrics on the German-made America CDs have certainly been less than ideal (as I and others warned in an earlier post), those CDs are absolutely wonderful in other respects. The full-sized (well, relative to CDs anyway) album covers and the liner notes were the reason I recently purchased new copies of "Hat Trick" and "Hideaway," replacing my "Legendary Masters" versions (EMI Australasia?) that had the large white border surrounding a smallish album cover. I actually have multiple copies of those two albums, plus "Harbor" and "Live."

I also recently bought a fresh copy of "History" to replace my 10-year-old original CD (which has been relegated to car stereo duty). It marks the first time I've replaced a CD in fear of its diminishing condition. If that isn't bad enough, over the years I have purchased "History" in every format other than 8-track. That means 2 CDs, one tape, and one vinyl version, plus another CD as a gift. I think America's next album should be named "Hopeless," dedicated to America fans like me. (Have I mentioned my treasured America belt buckle?)

Message: 10438 Posted: Thu Mar 09 16:59:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: German CDs kudos too

By the way folks, I feel compelled to add that while the lyrics on the German-made America CDs have certainly been less than ideal (as I and others warned in an earlier post), those CDs are absolutely wonderful in other respects. The full-sized (well, relative to CDs anyway) album covers and the liner notes were the reason I recently purchased new copies of "Hat Trick" and "Hideaway," replacing my "Legendary Masters" versions (EMI Australasia?) that had the large white border surrounding a smallish album cover. I actually have multiple copies of those two albums, plus "Harbor" and "Live."

I also recently bought a fresh copy of "History" to replace my 10-year-old original CD (which has been relegated to car stereo duty). It marks the first time I've replaced a CD in fear of its diminishing condition. If that isn't bad enough, over the years I have purchased "History" in every format other than 8-track. That means 2 CDs, one tape, and one vinyl version, plus another CD as a gift. I think America's next album should be named "Hopeless," dedicated to America fans like me. (Have I mentioned my treasured America belt buckle?)

Message: 10437 Posted: Thu Mar 09 16:26:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey Triv Answer

I'll give the answer to the "Dewey Triv Question" tomorrow. It'll give those fans that don't access the folder during the day, a chance.

A reminder: Tonight's the last night to vote on this round, right Steve? I have yet to vote but will...might not be till late tonight...hoping to be a tie-breaker!

Message: 10436 Posted: Thu Mar 09 13:35:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

"Lonely People" is from 1974 not 1975.

Message: 10435 Posted: Thu Mar 09 13:22:52 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Two Car Garage"


EVEN THE SCORE live on the Tommy Snyder show !!

Message: 10434 Posted: Thu Mar 09 12:55:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Two Car Garage"

Howard, did "Two Car Garage" become "Hourglass"?

Message: 10433 Posted: Thu Mar 09 12:45:46 2000 By: Howard Lieboff


Message: 10432 Posted: Thu Mar 09 12:39:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Still Beating A Dead Horse...Sorry

"The Midnight Special" was originally a 70s show, wasn't it. The theme song was sung by Johnny Rivers, right? Will someone please confirm whether or not it was on also during the 70s, rested, and returned during the 80s?

Wasn't the show, "In Concert" on ABC broadcast opposite "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson? Maybe that's the show that I saw Dan, Dewey, and Gerry perform wearing their "Hat Trick" clothes. And, wasn't "The Midnight Special" on after the Carson show on NBC?

Howard mentioned to me that he submitted a "TV Guide" clipping to Steve that's in the Museum section of this site. In the Museum section, it's under the "Misc. Room". The clipping lists the following songs that were played on "In Concert": HWNN, Ventura Highway, Lonely People, I Need You, Green Monkey, and Sandman.

During the show with the "Hat Trick" clothes on, I remember America performing about 5-6 songs like the show from the "TV Guide". If it is that show, I wonder why "Tin Man" wasn't played being that it was released first. My only guess is that it allowed Dan to sing lead vocals on one of the songs. Then again, if "Lonely People" was played, that would make it the year, 1975, perhaps. But I still feel that the year was 1973 or 1974 because I think I was in high school when I saw it broadcast.

Maybe at one of the upcoming concerts, someone can ask Dewey or Gerry what show it was that they performed on wearing the "Hat Trick" suits and exactly what year it was. It's driving me crazy!

Once again, sorry for beating this dead horse (but not the one With No Name). Oh, by the way, I'm still drying off from being all wet about the 1980 "Midnight Special Show" that America performed on. LOL

Message: 10431 Posted: Thu Mar 09 11:58:42 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Tv performances

I should add that I also saw Gerry and Dewey on "Entertainment Tonight" in 1982. They were interviewed concerning their "new" hit "You Can Do Magic." E.T. promoted the piece as the "end of America's recession." Again, I have only my memories. No tape.

Message: 10430 Posted: Thu Mar 09 11:44:54 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Midnight Special/1980

Hey You People,

I interviewed the guy who wrote that Midnight Special book. While a fun read, they only picked certain shows to go into detail and have photos of the performers. Unfortunately (or tragically) our guys didn't make it into the book except for a listing of the program and who performed what songs. Here's the info from the book.

Episode 393 (October, 1980)

America: Sister Golden Hair, Survival, Valentine, You Could've Been The One, A Horse With No Name(clip).

Pure Prairie League(f.y.i.-w/ Vince Gill): Let Me Love You Tonight, I'm Almost Ready
Larry Graham: One In A Million You, When We Get Married
Cars: Touch & Go, Panorama (clip)
Air Supply (yuk): All Out Of Love (#1, outside clip)
Keith Carradine I'm Easy (great song!) - golden moment category

Except for the glaring omission of a detailed episode #393, it's a very cool book written by B.R. Hunter from VH-1/Pocket Books.

Joe B

P.S. I forgot just how many great comedy and eclectic musical performances that show had. One especially off-the-beaten-path 1974 show featured host Randy Newman w/Maria Muldau, Ry Cooder, Dr. John, plus Flo & Eddie. Far out, man!

P.P.S. The best part was groups doing not only the hits but an album cut or two, e.g. Valentine.

Message: 10429 Posted: Thu Mar 09 10:11:45 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Dewey Triv Question

What is Dewey's middle name (according to his high school yearbook during his senior year). Also what IS the name of his high school yearbook?

Message: 10428 Posted: Thu Mar 09 03:00:07 2000 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Sandman live & HERE

Somebody Here say HEAR, or was I just hearing things? Swear I heard something...
Nanse (referring to Sandman, which is on virtually every setlist): "I like how they start out kind of mellow and then they start to crank it up."
Jim: "I miss HERE."

HERE it IS. A five and a half minute roller coaster ride, crossing the whole spectrum of their acoustic genius. The longest song on their first album. The come-down from A Horse, the lead-in for I Need You. I'm sure that DAN PEEK's cosmic string-bending fills could at least be approached by someone in the band, if not from willing volunteers of this Folder! Maybe even a partially electric version, if they don't get almost lynched for doing it, like when Dylan first came onstage with a Stratocaster way back. That decision could be up to GERRY BECKLEY, since he wrote it, and I voted for it!

DEWEY BUNNELL, assuming you went, here's hoping you enjoyed the Keys scuba trip, weekend before last! Gotta do some of that again myself.

BUBBLE...Bubble...bubble...and a bagel

Message: 10427 Posted: Thu Mar 09 02:36:26 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: and how can we forget......

we would all be remiss if we left off the Home Shopping Network appearance and the Today show off our TV lists.

Message: 10426 Posted: Thu Mar 09 02:30:48 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Tv performances

They also taped a thing for 2nd city or Ferwood tonight (not sure)in which guitar strings were hanging below the bridge and off the neck. I also remember them taping an AMy Grant special in Miami in '83ish

Message: 10425 Posted: Thu Mar 09 02:26:12 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Bass players and Janice G.

the bass player before Brad was a guy named Brian Garofalo (sp?), I pretty sure that was his name. He can be seen in the YCDM video. and another thing...HEY EVERYBODY!!!! WHAT'S UP? I just feel like I had to do that.

I got a chance to meet Janice Gabriel this past weekend when the band was ear Atlanta. Although she had to leave before we was a pleasure to meet this wonderful person..thanks again for coming Janice.

Message: 10424 Posted: Thu Mar 09 00:41:09 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Midnight Special/1980

Here's one for the heartbreak file:

I actually have a video of America's spot on the Midnight Special from 1980.....Or should I say HAD? See, the tape snapped, and I'm too chicken**** to attempt to repair it myself.....And we can file this under "so close, yet so far..."


Message: 10423 Posted: Thu Mar 09 00:16:45 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: sandman live

just like the GERRY BECKLEY classic HERE !
I miss HERE.

"here within the time we spent, wondering what we meant ....
by living all those years ...." G. BECKLEY

Message: 10422 Posted: Thu Mar 09 00:12:47 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: sandman live

I agree with you when it comes to hearing Sandman live. I like how they start out kind of mellow and then they start to crank it up. It's a lot of fun to listen to!!!!!!! I still want more of that old wonderful stuff!!!!

Message: 10421 Posted: Wed Mar 08 20:06:29 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Midnight Special/1980

There is a book out on the Midnight Special, I saw it at Borders one day and it listed all the shows and performers. It did list the 1980 show with America as host but I can't remember the date. I'm sure the book is available because it was this year that I saw it.

And America did play at a carnival on the show "cover Story" a half hour show about america in 1984. It was on usa network. Later,


Message: 10420 Posted: Wed Mar 08 19:44:18 2000 By: Nick
Subject: Surprise

Anybody here read Nelson DeMille? I've read his last 8 novels. He's hands down my favorite author. Anyway, I'm reading his 9th book now. It's called The Lion's Game and it just came out recently in hard cover. Check out page 546, 4th line up from the bottom of the page. I think America fans will be surprised...


Message: 10419 Posted: Wed Mar 08 18:23:39 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Midnight Special/1980

Perhaps some fine hi-tech fan will get one of those DVD writers & then transfer the hours of AMERICA television work to a single DVD - presto !

Message: 10418 Posted: Wed Mar 08 18:23:17 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Geez!

Sorry about that "double" Nina posting!!! You people would not believe the computer set-up I have ! Pioneers crossing the Rockies had a better system than I!!! All the same...I'm thrilled to be able to communicate with and learn from all you fellow America fans! Bear with me!

Message: 10417 Posted: Wed Mar 08 18:14:49 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Midnight Special/1980

THANKS so much Jimnak and Rick Bolling for verifying my America info.! I was beginning to feel like Johnny...was I possibly WRONG about my 1980 Midnight Special viewing??? I double checked my audio tape and Wolfman Jack DOES refer to the show as "The Midnight Special". Also, he names America as "HOSTS" I KNOW I'm not dreaming!!! The 1980 date seems correct because they refer to their "new" album as "Alibi" and the Wolfman recalls that "Sister Golden Hair" was a #1 hit "exactly FIVE years ago". I won't reprint the songs Gerry and Dewey performed because Jim and Rick already posted them correctly, receiving a gold star each! (Sorry...I'm a teacher!) I'd like to "third" the motion that SOMEBODY...SOMEWHERE...should put all these T.V. performances on video! I remember "some" of the shows posted, but not all of them...and I've been a fan since 1974! How did I miss them?

Sorry for the controversy about the name of the show! Hope this sets things straight!

Take care,


Message: 10416 Posted: Wed Mar 08 18:10:34 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Midnight Special/1980

THANKS so much Jimnak and Rick Bolling for verifying my America info.! I was beginning to feel like Johnny...was I possibly WRONG about my 1980 Midnight Special viewing??? I double checked my audio tape and Wolfman Jack DOES refer to the show as "The Midnight Special". Also, he names America as "HOSTS" I KNOW I'm not dreaming!!! The 1980 date seems correct because they refer to their "new" album as "Alibi" and the Wolfman recalls that "Sister Golden Hair" was a #1 hit "exactly FIVE years ago". I won't reprint the songs Gerry and Dewey performed because Jim and Rick already posted them correctly, receiving a gold star each! (Sorry...I'm a teacher!) I'd like to "third" the motion that SOMEBODY...SOMEWHERE...should put all these T.V. performances on video! I remember "some" of the shows posted, but not all of them...and I've been a fan since 1974! How did I miss them?

Sorry for the controversy about the name of the show! Hope this sets things straight!

Take care,


Message: 10415 Posted: Wed Mar 08 17:41:27 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Sister Golden Hair

Has anyone heard the accapella version of SISTER GOLDEN HAIR by the WEST COAST ALL-STARS. I'm considering buying it...It's a 100% accapella cd


Message: 10414 Posted: Wed Mar 08 17:36:04 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Old Virginia!

Happy belated birthday Virginia..hope you had a wonderful day!

Message: 10413 Posted: Wed Mar 08 17:02:47 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Tv performances

The SCTV appearance is probably the one I thought was Saturday Night Live in 1982. (Someone else mentioned the SNL show some time ago, which had me scrambling to find out if the musical performance made it to the edited SNL shows that run on Comedy Central.) Oh well, another nugget to fish out of the river of time, I guess.

Message: 10412 Posted: Wed Mar 08 16:39:51 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Tv performances

Don't forget the Sun Tropic thang show w/the girls from all around the "world."
I think they sang YOU CAN DO MAGIC.

Message: 10411 Posted: Wed Mar 08 15:28:44 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Re: "All My Life" and "Green Monkey" Live

I have been forunate enough to see Green Monkey and All My Life performed a couple of times, but my favorite live is Sandman.


Message: 10410 Posted: Wed Mar 08 14:42:08 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: TV Performances

Yes, Billy. I think it was on "Cover Story". Rick Bolling knows for sure. Right, Rick?

Message: 10409 Posted: Wed Mar 08 14:18:35 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Tv performances

You left off the Smothers' Brothers Show in 1974. And an appearance on SCTV in late 1982 (they performed a music video parody of Right Before Your Eyes).

Message: 10408 Posted: Wed Mar 08 14:15:47 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Tv performances

Does anyone remember a tv show that showed Gerry and Dewey at a fair or carnival. I remember watching it a couple of times (had it on tape once), but I can't remember where or when it was taped. And I second the idea of a video tape montage with all the tv shows/performances -- I'd be in line quick to own one!!!

Message: 10407 Posted: Wed Mar 08 14:11:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "All My Life" and "Green Monkey" Live

Brian, "All My Life" performed by Gerry on guitar as a solo is beautiful. "Green Monkey" live is awesome!

Regarding the 1973 performance on TV with the guys wearing the "Hat Trick" garb, I feel like a poor soul who saw a flying-saucer land on a neighbor's house and no one else saw it (LOL). Gerry and Dewey are my silent witnesses to the '73 concert.

Message: 10406 Posted: Wed Mar 08 13:53:24 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Tv performances

this is what i know:

Message: 10405 Posted: Wed Mar 08 13:17:04 2000 By: Brian
Subject: Rainbow song...

I hope that "Rainbow Song", "Green Monkey", and "Sergeant Darkness" can make it to the elite eight. Those are songs that I've never seen performed live before. I've never seen "All My Life" live either but it looks like a sure thing.

Message: 10404 Posted: Wed Mar 08 12:58:50 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: TV shows ad finitum

OK, let me get this straight. Among the America TV performances I've missed include a possible 1973 show, a circa 1980 "Midnight Special" set, and a circa 1989 Wolfman show, plus a Saturday Night Live appearance (circa 1982) that I found out about earlier. All that I have on tape is an America two-song performance on Jay Leno sometime prior to 1993 and a California concert clip that appeared either on MTV or VH-1 sometime in the earl 1990s. I guess I should be happy I found the Musikladen tape recently, but how I wish someone could package all this material and deliver it to ravenous America fans!

Message: 10403 Posted: Wed Mar 08 11:48:53 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Green Monkeys

Ahh, but too many Green Monkeys (the Creme de menthe variety) might have explained that "Hangover" on "Alibi"!

Message: 10402 Posted: Wed Mar 08 08:36:03 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Old" Virginia

Happy Belated Birthday, Virginia!!!!!

Message: 10401 Posted: Wed Mar 08 07:54:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Two Sets In Baltimore

The two sets performed in Baltimore, I believe, was called, "Classic Rock With Wolfman Jack". That I do have on tape.

Apparently, "The Midnight Special" was brought back in the 80s from the 70s.

Message: 10400 Posted: Wed Mar 08 07:41:05 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: WOLFMAN!

Jim, okay, Now I know what you're talking about.
That I don't have on tape. HL

Message: 10399 Posted: Tue Mar 07 23:54:31 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Midnight Special w/Wolfman Jack

That Baltimore gig was also w/the Wolfman on the waterfront, in the late 80's but was not part of the then canceled Midnite Special. It was televised on the teebee also.

Message: 10398 Posted: Tue Mar 07 22:31:19 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Midnight Special w/Wolfman Jack

Didn't they do 2 sets on the "Midnight Special"
Didn't it take place in Baltimore, or something like that.

Message: 10397 Posted: Tue Mar 07 20:11:38 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jimnak?

Yup, the Midnite Special.
And ONE IN A MILLION was performed, however not by the legendary GERRY BECKLEY; DEWEY introduced a fellow named Larry Graham who sang an entirely different song w/the same title as GERRY's classic acoustic piano piece. This live show also featured the famous black baby grand piano w/the custom gold striping. Where o' where is that baby grand today.

Message: 10396 Posted: Tue Mar 07 19:43:38 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Hmmmm?

If that show was also called "The Midnight Special", does anyone on the folder besides me recall the performance in 1973? Hey Dewey and Gerry, you two were there. Help me out! Tell them all I didn't imagine it. (LOL)

Message: 10395 Posted: Tue Mar 07 19:24:46 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Jimnak?

Jimnak, was the name of the show that America hosted with Wolfman, "The Midnight Special"?

Message: 10394 Posted: Tue Mar 07 19:18:22 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: More Instant Trivia!

That was a fabulous show that AMERICA hosted w/the Wolfman.
They did SURVIVAL, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE, SISTER GOLDEN HAIR, VALENTINE all live w/a video of HORSE W/NO NAME, They were in-between bass players at the time, just b/4 Brado joined.
ALIBI was king !

Message: 10393 Posted: Tue Mar 07 19:13:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Triv Q, Joe B, and "Green Monkey"

I recall that America performed on the "Midnight Special" show in 1973. I definitely recall seeing them perform wearing their "Hat Trick" Western garb. So that would have to be 1973. They performed a number of songs. I don't believe they hosted the "The Midnight Special" but only performed on it. Rick, I think the show you and Nina are thinking about is a show by another name. Am I all wet? Can someone else confirm this?

Joe B, you had me going there until you fessed up.

I always thought "Green Monkey" meant having a habit that you just can't kick like the saying, "having a monkey on your back". The green part, I think, is...well, how should I say it? I know. I'll just say that the "green" part isn't money. :)

Message: 10392 Posted: Tue Mar 07 18:50:31 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: triva

The songs on the Midnight Special were: Sister Golden Hair, You could've been the One, Survival, Horse with No Name, Valintine, and You Could've been the one at the end again. I wish I had a Video of that show. later,


Message: 10391 Posted: Tue Mar 07 18:30:05 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: triva

Midnight Special.......That would be "You Could've Been the One" and Valentine among others

Message: 10390 Posted: Tue Mar 07 18:03:24 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Green Monkeys

Jim--- There are actually animals called Green Monkeys. They live in Barbados, among other places. OR there is a drink called a Green Monkey, made with Creme de menthe and banana liqueur. Take your pick.

I think Dewey just wanted to talk about having a monkey on your back and green just fit the cadence. (IMHO)

Message: 10389 Posted: Tue Mar 07 17:18:08 2000 By: Dan
Subject: tough

You people think this voting thing is tough now just imagine how it's gonna be when we're down to 16. It won't be for the weak of "Heart"....Dan

Message: 10388 Posted: Tue Mar 07 17:15:14 2000 By: Nina
Subject: More Instant Trivia!

I agree that the sax player on "rainbow" HAD to be Tom, try this one on for size: When "America" hosted the MIDNIGHT SPECIAL in the late 70's/early 80's...which songs did they perform that night? (I think it WAS 1980 'cause "alibi" was referred to!) I'm off to find my "scratchy" cassette recording of the show so I can refresh MY memory! Will post answer tomorrow...IF anyone is interested.

P.S. Steve, this song tourney is lots of fun! Thanks!


Message: 10387 Posted: Tue Mar 07 17:14:00 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Purple Ghost" lyric

Please note, as the legendary DEWEY BUNNELL has said in interviews thru the years, something to the affect that his lyrics & the imagery that is created is really in the eye of the beholder. I don't think he is usually trying to force an image down to the listener, but rather invoke certain feelings that can be interpreted by you the listener. This is key to some of DEWEY's work. RAINBOW SONG, WHOLE WIDE WORLD, WIND WAVE are just a few examples.

Message: 10386 Posted: Tue Mar 07 16:41:51 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Purple Ghost" lyric

Aw, c'mon Joe ( couldn't resist!)

You have, as I like to say, a real future in fiction!

Message: 10385 Posted: Tue Mar 07 16:39:04 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: top songs

I'm sure glad that this only-for-fun format won't be used to determine what songs the guys will consider playing in concert.

Jim, you must not understand my explanation of the tournament. This format WILL DETERMINE the list of 8 songs that the guys will use to pick the 2 or 3 new songs that they play. The part that is just for fun is after the final 8 are determined. We'll go ahead and pick a final four, a final two, and even a champion but Gerry and Dewey are free to pick the new songs out of the 8 finalists. I hope that clarifies things better than I did the first time.

Happy voting everyone! --Steve

Message: 10384 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:40:31 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: "Purple Ghost" lyric

<<I made that whole thing up. Sorry. --Joe B>>

Actually, you were probably just temporarily possessed by the Purple Ghost. Or, more likely, maybe you've been hit by purple rain. Sorry, Joe.

Message: 10383 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:32:37 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: "Purple Ghost" lyric

Thank you for the "history" lesson -- well, actually, the "Hat Trick" lesson. I'm glad the "purple ghost" explanation is as colorful as the lyric. Now I only have two dozen other Dewey lyric questions left. I won't be happy until I get this green monkey off my back.

Message: 10382 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:27:39 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Sax

Tom Scott?....I don't have my LP with me here at it is a guess...

Message: 10381 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:27:13 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: phone call

Just had a very interesting call. Last week I sent an e-mail message to Morey Management, who is, as you know, responsible for America. I was just inquiring (or is it enquiring?) about getting a show in Vancouver onto their current tour. I received a very polite reply stating that my request would be passed on to the booking agent.

Today, at work I received a call from the aforementioned agent asking if I wanted to book America to do a show. Of course I said there is nothing i would rather do but playing at my school or for a backyard bbq probably wasn't what they were looking for.

Ah, to be so close and yet...Nothing so far away...

Got the ol' ticker going though.

Message: 10380 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:21:29 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: "Purple Ghost" lyric

Hey You People,

I made that whole thing up. Sorry.

Joe B

P.S. Instant Trivia: Name the legendary sax player who wails the solo on "Rainbow".

Message: 10379 Posted: Tue Mar 07 15:20:04 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: "Purple Ghost" lyric

Hey You People,

Perhaps I can shed some light on this one.In an interview a few years back, I asked Dewey about the "purple ghost in wintertime" lyrics. (Rainbow was always a fave - I'd love to hear it live again.) It seems that when he was a teenager and the family moved to the London area, it took a little while to adjust. At one point, he even dealt with the loneliness by communicating with 'friends' that he invented. His mom happened to walk into the room during one of these 'conversations' and asked him who he was talking to. On the spur of the moment he came up with "the purple ghost". That became an ongoing family joke whenever Dewey would wander off either mentally or physically to another place. As in "He's with the purple ghost" again. It sat in the back of his brain for a few years. As he was in L.A. working on lyrics for what would become the "Homecoming" album, he took that image, added the England in wintertime reference, and whoomp! there it was. Though the song didn't make the cut for the 2nd album, as history shows, it turned out to be one of the strongest cuts on "Hat Trick". What an imagination our boy has.

Joe B

P.S. This will be the last time for a while I'll mention that Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky" rules.

Message: 10378 Posted: Tue Mar 07 13:44:35 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Virginia

Happy Birthday!!!!! Check your e-mail.

Message: 10377 Posted: Tue Mar 07 12:47:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: more lyrics-- Purple Ghost

Jim-- I always thought that Dewey was calling England in Wintertime a purple ghost. Guess all those Chaucher seminars and T S Eliot readings have warped my mind!

Message: 10376 Posted: Tue Mar 07 11:33:36 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: top songs

I meant to say "therefore not as fresh as the songs that have NOT been recorded in concert." Sorry.

Message: 10375 Posted: Tue Mar 07 11:30:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: top songs

I certainly would love to hear "All My Life," "Young Moon," "Submarine Ladies," or any of the other songs that finished in the top 10 in the list poll. However, I was surprised that some folks voted for songs that are already on live albums (and therefore not as fresh as the songs that have been recorded in concert). That's why I didn't vote for "Old Man Took, "Amber Cascades," and "Sergeant Darkness," all songs I like a lot. Mind you, I'm not complaining. My sixth vote would have been for "Submarine Ladies," and now I find myself hoping Gerry thinks it would be great to revisit that song (and its 32-beat note to end the song) in concert.

As far as the March Madness tournament goes, I'm sure glad that this only-for-fun format won't be used to determine what songs the guys will consider playing in concert. Too many great songs are pitted against each other.

Message: 10374 Posted: Tue Mar 07 11:14:43 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: America CD On Ebay

On Ebay, there's an autographed "America's Greatest Hits" CD for sale. The search word is, Beckley. It's item # 274780315.

Message: 10373 Posted: Tue Mar 07 07:58:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Hey There Birthday Girl!

Happy, Happy Birthday Virginia! You must be 28 today like Gerry's song, "1960":

It's all the same twenty years ago
As it is right now

(From one who's 43 years and 9 months.)

Message: 10372 Posted: Tue Mar 07 06:57:11 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Old" Virginia

Reach out "young" Virginia...

Happy birthday from a younger man (I'm 37).


Message: 10371 Posted: Mon Mar 06 22:28:48 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: "Old" Virginia

I don't know why I am admitting this, but I have ALL you young pups beat. I'm younger than Dewey but older than Gerry. It's only a number. Happy birthday to me on Tuesday!

We've all been fans for a long long time. We are so fortunate to have America still out there giving us what we want to hear. They, in turn, are very fortunate to have fans such as all of us who have stuck with them for so many years. It's a win-win for everyone.

Message: 10370 Posted: Mon Mar 06 20:09:10 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Our Ages and Lyrics

Your just a young pup, Jim. I turn 41 in 6 days.

Message: 10369 Posted: Mon Mar 06 19:44:27 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Tough Battles

I heard Three Roses in concert last year and it was great. I assumed songs allready on the play list would stay and voted for Sleeper Train. I'd like to here more Hourglass in concert, and voted for all the Hourglass songs, even though the orginal America Album is probably my favorite.

I'm 41 and bought the America Album when horse was #1 in the US. Been a Fan ever since.

Message: 10368 Posted: Mon Mar 06 19:13:39 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ...more lyrics....and song battles

"leakycanoe paddles up to you
'Cause it's time for another beer run
Or something that's equally true"......isn't that the way the song goes... :-) ......I was thinking...I wonder if the web stats for February could help predict the top songs in the contest...maybe stats under the heading "Request Report"...number of hits on songs and cords might tell us something..mmmmmm.....I wonder....

Message: 10367 Posted: Mon Mar 06 19:08:41 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: more lyrics

The Purple Ghost is someone that DEWEY used to know back in England, during the winter time in his youth - I think.

"We lost our voice w/little choice, an act of agony or is it misery ?"

Message: 10366 Posted: Mon Mar 06 17:03:02 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: more lyrics

As a former Minnesotan, I've also taken pleasure in the fact that the term "purple rain" originated (as far as I know) with Dewey Bunnell ("Sorry boy, but I've been hit by purple rain") in 1972 and not Minnesota's own Prince a decade later. But will someone please tell me who the Purple Ghost of England is!

Message: 10365 Posted: Mon Mar 06 16:37:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Message To Tom

Tom, please don't let my sarcasm stop you from posting future messages. I apologize for being so if you were truly sincere yourself. I really wasn't sure if you were kidding or not when you posted, "Who knows more than me?" Either way, we're all in the same boat together; we're all fans of a great group of guys who continue to put out wonderful music. I have learned a whole lot about America and many other things from fellow fan members on this chat folder and will continue to.

Message: 10364 Posted: Mon Mar 06 15:47:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Our Ages and Lyrics

I always imagined that "granite charades" referred to granite rock formations that looked like something else. I've often looked at stone formations (especially in southern Utah) and imagined that they formed images of things that I recognized (e.g., animals, etc.).

Message: 10363 Posted: Mon Mar 06 14:58:51 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Our Ages and Lyrics

Before I found the lyrics to "Amber Cascades," I always thought Dewey was singing, "Grand at Charades, I played in the rain.." Dewey's lyrics have always entertained me tremendously. I'm not sure what "Granite charades" are, but I'm sure the purple ghost of England in wintertime (who Dewey used to know) could probably help me out. I gotta go take a shower now. I love the soapsuds green like bub...

By the way, I'm 37. I like to think everyone on this list is in their 30s. Makes me feel not quite so old.

Message: 10362 Posted: Mon Mar 06 13:27:50 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Our Ages and Lyrics

Unfortunately the majority of us are quite a few years past 30. I really do wish I had more than just a couple of autographed album/CD covers. I'm very grateful for that, though.

Until I read the lyrics here, I thought for years that the lyrics to "Moon Song" were: Orange phonos and snow eternal/Summer troubles and looks inferno.

Message: 10361 Posted: Mon Mar 06 13:09:56 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: lyrics

From "America" to "Harbor" (1971-77), I use the Warner Bros. songbook "America Complete" for the "official" lyrics. After that, I use the sleeve lyrics (if provided) from the original vinyl albums or the lyrics link tied to Steve's America Fans web pages. Be cautious if you're getting lyrics from the German-made import CDs. I've noticed some pretty bad attempts (probably the result of cultural and linguistics issues) at disciphering the lyrics from half a world away.

Message: 10360 Posted: Mon Mar 06 12:54:52 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Who know's more than me?

I'm guessing that most of us on the list have been alive longer than 30 years (since our fandom is tied back to those glorious 1970s years). But your 30 years as an America fan would certainly break a record -- given that the first album wasn't released in the United States until 1972. Your post made my realize that I'll be celebrating my 25th America anniversary next spring. That calls for some sort of party, doesn't it? The drinks're on me, for free!

Message: 10359 Posted: Mon Mar 06 12:35:33 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Moon Song vs. Baby It's Up To Up

There are a number of ones that I hate to see up against each other and this was certainly one of the "toughies". After much deliberation, however, I voted for "Moon Song"

Message: 10358 Posted: Mon Mar 06 12:02:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Baby It's Up To UP? Hello!

Message: 10357 Posted: Mon Mar 06 12:01:29 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Moon Song vs. Baby It's Up To Up

Another tight one is "Moon Song" and "Baby It's Up To You". I hate that they're up against each other. If "Baby" would've been released as a single, I think it would've been a hit.

Message: 10356 Posted: Mon Mar 06 11:58:16 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Tough Battles

I can sympathize with you Alan. "Three Roses" is also already on the play list and it is absolutely destroying "Sleeper Train"!! All the other "Hourglass" songs are doing OK (Call of the Wild, Hope, Young Moon, Garden of Peace and maybe Greenhouse). I would have bet good money that it would be a clean sweep for "Hourglass". I don't think that there is enough time for "Sleeper Train" to recover from this deficit. :(


Message: 10355 Posted: Mon Mar 06 11:46:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Tough Battles

A couple of my songs are getting killed right now, too. ("Old Virginia" by "To Each His Own" and "Right Before Your Eyes" by "Moment To Moment") The worst part is that "Moment To Moment" is already on their play list! I must confess I did almost vote for MTM for one of my 5 songs because it does get played rather infrequently and they haven't done it at any of the shows I've attended - but putting it up against one I DID vote for just isn't fair!

Message: 10354 Posted: Mon Mar 06 11:36:48 2000 By: gary
Subject: Tough Battles


Looks like we have a couple of really tough song battles going on.

'And Forever' vs. 'Tall Treasures'

'Greenhouse' vs. '1960'

Looks like these two will go down right to the wire. A very interesting contest on both accounts. For us "One Morning" lovers, we are getting our buttocks kicked by Wind Wave!! And also 'Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye' is getiing KILLED by 'Call of the Wild'!!

Who would have thunk it??????


Message: 10353 Posted: Mon Mar 06 10:52:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Message To Tom

>Would anyone WANT too?<

Beechlady, are you sure you really didn't mean: "Would anyone want TWO?" As if owning one pair is okay. LOL!!!

Message: 10352 Posted: Mon Mar 06 10:39:57 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Message to Tom

By the way, not only are all my album covers autographed by Gerry and >>Dewey but I own a pair of underwear that are too! Not mine, but theirs. Can you beat that?<<

I think the pertinant question here is, Would anyone WANT too?" rofl


Message: 10351 Posted: Mon Mar 06 10:35:32 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hey!

Yeah, STEVE and that computer is a P.C. too, I'll bet.....(Mac's have more SENSE!!!!) ROFL (C;


Message: 10350 Posted: Mon Mar 06 10:34:58 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Johnny's message to Tom

Whoa, Johnny. I'm not sure we want to even HEAR that story!

Message: 10349 Posted: Mon Mar 06 10:32:55 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Who know's more than me?

I may not know MORE than you, but I've followed our men since the introduction of Riverside.......As for the older thing, I'll be 40 in August-probably average age in here....Unfortunatly I've only seen them 5 times myself. At first it was because of living "in the sticks" like a few fellow posters, then life took
I have a signed/numbered Gerry "Van Go Gan" Cd and a signed T-shirt.

Message: 10348 Posted: Mon Mar 06 09:05:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Tom

Tom, which of the following is the correct answer to the picture of Dewey, Gerry, and Dan on their first LP? Was it:

a) The Jalapeno Pepper Eating Contest
b) The Blood Pact
c) The Paper-Beats-Rock, Rock-Crushes-Pencil

By the way, not only are all my album covers autographed by Gerry and Dewey but I own a pair of underwear that are too! Not mine, but theirs. Can you beat that?

Message: 10347 Posted: Mon Mar 06 08:03:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hearts" LP

Regarding the "Hearts" LP, the photo on the back cover with Dan, Dewey, and Gerry laughing was taken while on their way to the bank! :)

Yes, great work as always, Steve!

Message: 10346 Posted: Mon Mar 06 00:00:34 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: lyrics

I see you got the same German Import that I did. THose lyrics are pretty funny!

Message: 10345 Posted: Sun Mar 05 23:37:38 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Photos From Saturday Gig

This past Saturday our favorite band was playing in a private gig at the Sherwood Oaks Country Club. Vince Giampolo happened to be there (he played the bongos on "Horse" with them) and he sent me some great photos. Thanks Vince!

Message: 10344 Posted: Sun Mar 05 23:35:00 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: lyrics

I assure you that the lyrics on the America Fans web site are the most accurate. The ones that come with the liner notes offer a good laugh, however (especially the ones from foreign issues).

Message: 10343 Posted: Sun Mar 05 23:30:47 2000 By: msmith
Subject: lyrics

listened to 'hat trick' about 30 times this weekend and memorized the lyrics as per the little folder in the cd. just checked out the lyrics to 'hat trick' on this website and find numerous discrepancies. for instance "oh can i make it moan" vs. "you, can i make it known", "then i saw that you were dancing in a rented gown" vs. "then i saw that you were dancing with a rent-a-cop". there are many more examples. which is correct? i agree with andy. "hat trick" rules. let me add my thanks to steve for his hard work in putting the tournament together.

Message: 10342 Posted: Sun Mar 05 23:11:53 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: The Tourney

Well, since the college that I went to (Purdue) never gets to the final 4, I am hoping that my favorite song will get there. I don't know what it is about One Morning that really gets me going, but I have always loved that song. But, I did get the chance to ask Dewey if he would sing it in concert and he said that that wasn't a song that they had ever considered playing. Not sure why????? They have their reasons. But, when I mentioned the song, he started to sing it to me. Thought I was going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had a hard last two weeks at work and haven't had time to get on the chat folder, but did get my votes in and am now excited to vote again. Hope all of you are well. nanse

Message: 10341 Posted: Sun Mar 05 21:26:43 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hey!

Who's responsible for those song parings?!?! There are just too many tough choices!

I think we can appreciate why Gerry and Dewey didn't want to pick the 2 or 3 songs that they would add. I think it's really cool that they allowed us to do it (even if it is a difficult proposition).

Oh, to answer your question. You guys picked the order of the songs with your votes and where there were ties, the computer randomly picked the pairings. So, blame it on the computer!

Message: 10340 Posted: Sun Mar 05 20:43:46 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Hey!

Who's responsible for those song parings?!?! There are just too many tough choices!

Message: 10339 Posted: Sun Mar 05 18:24:49 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hearts Lovers


If it's any consolation, "Tomorrow" made my initial list of songs (24), and came very close to making the final 5, but alas, so many good songs to choose from...

Message: 10338 Posted: Sun Mar 05 18:04:47 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Classic Covers

MADONNA????? I might be sick just thinking of it!!! Actually, she's ok in her own idiom ( to use a Monthy Python expression) but PLEASE!

May I also add my appreciation of the hard work Steve put in on this tourney? WAY TO GO STEVE!

Message: 10337 Posted: Sun Mar 05 18:01:10 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Hearts


I guess you can count me as a Hearts fanatic, too. Hearts was also the first America album I ever owned and remains one of my favorites to this day. Homecoming, Hideaway and (recently-added) Human Nature are also among my favorites.

Message: 10336 Posted: Sun Mar 05 17:54:20 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Classic Covers

<<Anyone heard that Madonna cover of American Pie ? It's rapidly climbing the charts I think. Yes indeed - Madonna & Don Mclean's American Pie, soon to be a re-charged classic.
I am still thinking that some popular 90's act will cover an AMERICA song & a new wave of euphoria will sweep the nation w/AMERICA on stage, TV & on CD. >>

Just as long as MADONNA doesn't do it!

Message: 10335 Posted: Sun Mar 05 17:46:35 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Who know's more than me?

Ah, Tom. This list is full of people who humble me daily with their knowledge and love of the band. All seem to be great people who listen to (read) posts and accept all opinions. I certainly wouldn't want to be challenge any of them to a Who's the greatest fan contest. But they have brightened many a rainy westcoast day with their insight. Just my 2 cents from this 40 year old (who's been a fan for only about 25 years now)

Message: 10334 Posted: Sun Mar 05 16:42:35 2000 By: Tom
Subject: Who know's more than me?

I am been an America fan for over 30 years. Most of you haven't been alive that long. How many of you have sign autographs from both Gerry and Dewey. My son gr8fuljay got them for me at a small club in L.A. I have seen America in concert five times at least each time i enjoyed very much. Although Dewey is master of the mystical lyrics Gerry is king of the love ballad and break up song. Any imput would be greatly appriciated. Thanks -Tom

Message: 10333 Posted: Sun Mar 05 15:58:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Nice Try Andy

Andy, nice try on "Head Trick". That was great! Deciding which song to vote for in this song tourney, is indeed a "Head Trick"!

The near even split between "Greenhouse" and "1960" is very interesting, I think, being that one's a rockin' song by Dewey and the other a mellow song by Gerry.

Message: 10332 Posted: Sun Mar 05 13:00:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Tourney

To Gary, Dan, and the rest. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying this tournament. I must admit that it took an extraordinary amount of time to put it all together. But, now that it's done I'm also pleased with the way it's going (other than the fact that some of my favorite songs are pitted against each other). My biggest hope is that the ballot program will work well with the heavy load that I know you will all put on it. I did my best to make sure all of the bugs were out of it before it went live ... now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. If we do run into any problems, will blame it on Y2K.

Happy (and excruciating, in some cases) voting everyone!


Message: 10331 Posted: Sun Mar 05 12:21:23 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

Believe me Stephen, If I could have "stuffed" the ballot box, I'd have voted for HAT TRICK and SARGENT DARKNESS a thousand the first

Message: 10330 Posted: Sun Mar 05 11:24:06 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Hat Trick

Just want you all to know I am bummin, BIG TIME. Can't believe my favorite got only a measly 5 votes I demand a rcount too STEVE. HA HA

Message: 10329 Posted: Sun Mar 05 11:20:36 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: The Tourney

You Girl against Survival, damn...... one cool idea here with this tourney Steve. This is really fun and interesting. Just want to say thanx for the obvious work and thought on this "game".. Dan

Message: 10328 Posted: Sun Mar 05 11:02:33 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: The Tourney


Talk about the LUCK (or in this case) the UN-LUCK of the Draw!!!...geeeez

Windwave - One Morning !!!!!

Tall Treasures - Sergeant Darkness !!!!!!

Moon Song - Survival !!!!!!!

Sleeper Train - Three Roses !!!!

I wish I could blame this all on Steve!! (hahahaha) but I am sure his reply would be, "Gary, I just tabulate the votes, blame in on your fellow America Fans (haha)". On that note, I would like to express my appreciation to Steve for all his hard work on this. That voting system is VERY impressive Steve. I know that took a lot of long hours on your part and we all really apprecitate it. It's really cool to be able to instantly view the results as the voting proceeds. Nice Steve, VERY VERY Nice!!


Gary H

Message: 10327 Posted: Sun Mar 05 10:56:26 2000 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "Woman tonight" & "Amber Cascades"

Hello to all America fans! Been awhile since I checked in,but I'm here
to put my 2cents in now! Regarding the comments on "Woman tonight" and
"Amber Cascades"....Dewey told me a number of years ago that they added some of the Dan Peek songs to their listing because people were
asking for them,and they wanted to broaden their show. Also the fact
that they are included on the "History" disk(which is still a good
seller)was another point in the fact that they did want to "broaden"
their show. "Amber Cascades" was a charting single,but the guys haven't done that for a number of years. Part of it might be because
of the "pacing" of the show,and while the song is good,its a bit
slower and mellower than maybe they'd like. If there were any songs
I'd like to see added,it would be the 1983 single "right before your
eyes". Maybe they could take something out thats equally as mellow
and substitute that one. Ditto on "Amber Cascades"

Message: 10326 Posted: Sun Mar 05 10:30:12 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Tourney

Pitting HEAD AND HEART against HAT TRICK is almost sadistic!!LOL
I tried to find a way to vote for "HEAD TRICK", but the darn ballot wouldn't accept a "write in" vote. :)


Message: 10325 Posted: Sun Mar 05 10:17:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hearts Lovers

To those that love HEARTS:
I couldn't agree more. I was the sole geek that voted for TOMORROW to be played live.
The HEARTS CD reminds me of my first few trips to California (LA)I kept listening to it on the plane ride to LAX. Now, I'll always associate HEARTS and HOLIDAY with going to Los Angeles.


Message: 10324 Posted: Sun Mar 05 10:04:17 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Tourney

It's like asking which of your twins is the FAVORITE...rofl!

TkH-twinless as of

Message: 10323 Posted: Sun Mar 05 07:28:56 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: The Tourney "Inspector Mills" vs "Only Game In Town". Inspector Mills edged out Only Game...because it's an America original. Tough call!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10322 Posted: Sat Mar 04 23:55:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Tourney

Ohhhh...we're having fun now!!! Don't you hate it when your two favorite songs are up against each other?!?!

Message: 10321 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:36:05 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: The "Drop" List

Taking out of the play list, "Never Be Lonely" and "Don't Cross The River" would be disappointing to me. I love that 12 string guitar Gerry plays. It sounds very sweet to my ears. When are we going to start voting on a three hour show? Now that would be SWEET!!!

Message: 10320 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:35:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Song Tournament Rules and Instructions

The preliminary round of voting is over and the tournament is ready to begin. It will work just like the NCAA basketball championships. We'll start with a field of 64 songs which have been seeded according to the votes received in the preliminary round. You will be able to vote for your favorite song in each "game" of the current round and the winning songs will move on to the next round. Each round will last about 4 or 5 days so check back often to cast your votes.

The first time you vote you'll be asked to enter an Alias and a Password. The Alias can be anything you want it to be but it has to be different than all of the other Aliases that have been used by other voters. I suggest you use your screen name, chat folder ID, or e-mail address. The Password is case sensitive so make sure you remember exactly how you type it in. If you forget, send me an e-mail and I'll tell you what it is. Once you have entered your Alias and Password you will be able to vote and you can change your votes as often as you want as long as the round is going.

When we reach the "Elite Eight" songs, we'll pass those along to Gerry and Dewey and let them pick the 2 or 3 that they'll incorporate into their live playlist. But that won't be the end of the tournament. We'll continue voting just for fun until we have crowned a champion. Remember, the champion song won't necessarily be added to the playlist, Gerry and Dewey will get to pick the songs out of the final 8. This is necessary because not all songs that are done in the studio can be played live or some songs may not fit into the mix.

To cast your vote, go to The America Song Tournament Page and have fun. I've already cast my votes and even in the first round I had some difficult choices.

Happy voting!


Message: 10319 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:27:30 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Final Results of Preliminary Voting

Steve - I demand a re-count (LOL) Who ever else voted for "1960" and "Might Be Your Love", Thank you.

Message: 10318 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:24:41 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Beatle Tune

THANX Howard & Steve for "Things We Said Today" That tune RULES!!
It was a nice treat to hear that, since I never got to hear it live.
They did a Fantastic job on that ol'Beatle song!!

Message: 10317 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:18:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Final Results of Preliminary Voting

I know it's still a couple of hours until midnight but I haven't received any votes since this afternoon and I want to be in bed before 1 am so I'm going to release the final results of the preliminary voting. Here they are:

1. All My Life 25
2. The Border 15
3. Old Man Took 15
4. Young Moon 15
5. Survival 13
6. Amber Cascades 12
7. Sergeant Darkness 11
8. Wind Wave 11
9. Submarine Ladies 10
10. Rainbow Song 9
11. Here 9
12. Green Monkey 9
13. Cornwall Blank 8
14. Call Of The Wild 8
15. Garden Of Peace 8
16. Till the Sun Comes Up Again 8
17. Goodbye Highway 7
18. Inspector Mills 7
19. Today's The Day 7
20. Hope 6
21. Catch That Train 6
22. Emma 6
23. Moment To Moment 6
24. To Each His Own 6
25. Baby It's Up To You 5
26. Watership Down 5
27. And Forever 5
28. Greenhouse 5
29. Sarah 5
30. Hat Trick 5
31. Sleeper Train 5
32. You Could've Been The One 4
33. Letter 4
34. Three Roses 4
35. Head and Heart 4
36. Coastline 4
37. 1960 4
38. Tall Treasures 4
39. Clarice 4
40. Moon Song 4
41. Old Virginia 4
42. Right Before Your Eyes ("Rudolph Valentino") 4
43. Last Two To Dance 4
44. God Of The Sun 4
45. Kiss Of Life 4
46. Only Game In Town 4
47. Jody 4
48. Right Back To Me 4
49. Stereo 3
50. The Last Unicorn 3
51. Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby 3
52. We Got All Night 3
53. Hot Town 3
54. Now Sue 3
55. Only A Kid At Heart 3
56. Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday) 3
57. One Morning 3
58. Oloololo 3
59. You Girl 3
60. All Around 3
61. Hidden Talent 2
62. Political Poachers 2
63. On Target 2
64. Sunrise Sunset 2
California Revisited (Everyone I Meet Is From California) 2
Whole Wide World 2
Van Go Gan 2
She's Gonna Let You Down 2
Hell's On Fire 2
Town And Country 2
Another Try 2
One In A Million 2
Children 2
Molten Love 2
Foolin' 2
Might Be Your Love 2
Close To The Wind 2
Company 2
No Fortune 2
Love On The Vine 2
Mad Dog 2
(It's Like You) Never Left At All 1
Can't You See 1
Hangover 1
Houses In White 1
Honey 1
Desperate Love 1
Goodbye 1
Glad to See You 1
All Night 1
Lovely Night 1
It's Life 1
I Do Believe In You 1
I Don't Believe In Miracles 1
Don't Cry Baby 1
High In The City 1
Mirror To Mirror 1
Monster 1
Norman 1
What Does It Matter 1
She's A Runaway 1
Seasons 1
Whispering 1
Sometimes Lovers 1
Valentine 1
Unconditional Love 1
Never Found the Time 1
Things We Said Today 1
The Story Of A Teenager 1
Ports-Of-Call 1
Your Move 1
Tomorrow 1
Pages 1
Overwhelming World Suite 1
World Alone 1
Wednesday Morning 1
These Brown Eyes 1

As you can see, the top 60 songs were easy to pick. Then there were 21 songs tied with 2 votes each so I let the computer randomly pick 4 of those songs to round out the field of 64. Wherever there was a tie in the top 64, I let the computer randomly pick the order of the songs to determine their seeding in the tournament. I'll announce the rules of the tournament and give you the link to the voting ballot in the next message. --Steve

Message: 10316 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:13:36 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: tour break

John, I believe that they are taking a slight break but there are a few private shows that they're doing in March which aren't listed on the schedule. I don't know when or where those private concerts are, but I do know there are some. My guess is that Gerry is spending any "spare" time that he has getting Go Man Go ready for release and also working on the release of the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD. Of course, knowing Gerry, he's probably working on some new tunes, too.

Message: 10315 Posted: Sat Mar 04 22:05:43 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Hearts Lovers

I agree with you guys...I LOVE Hearts. Especially Story Of A Teenager, People In The Vally and Company. I've driven my co-workers crazy with that album. They always say...don't you have any OTHER America albums...Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Message: 10314 Posted: Sat Mar 04 18:10:14 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Woman Tonight"

Yes, Dan and Beechlady, I like "Woman Tonight" also and I think it's great live. As a matter of fact, here are three of my favorite songs by Dan: It's Life, In The Country, and California Revisited. I'd love to hear Bell Tree, too, as well as Stereo live.

Message: 10313 Posted: Sat Mar 04 17:44:28 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hearts Lovers

I am a DEVOTED Hearts fan. If I have to pull an *old* America album, it'd be Hearts hands down EVERYTIME (although "Mr. Selftitled" follows close behind along with Hat Trick --geezo, um, that leaves only 4 others ((which way IS the wind blowing, anyway?))....rofl!!) My only request before I die is to hear "Bell Tree" sung live, ala "All My Life". Guess I'll be living to a RIPE OLD AGE!!!!! lololol


Message: 10312 Posted: Sat Mar 04 17:38:42 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Woman Tonite

I always liked Woman Tonight....)C= Guess because it was a fun departure.....wellp, time for a GANGA BREAK....(C; (kidding of course)


Message: 10311 Posted: Sat Mar 04 17:38:07 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Adding & Keeping - Woman Tonite and . . .

I think you and I must be the only "Hearts" fanatics on this folder. I agree Company really rocks live and we got to have Woman Tonite stay as it is my wife's fave in concert. Now let's see, that leaves People in the Valley............Oh and Johnny my picks for the heave ho would be the cover tunes. Love em but I'm coming to see America not the Beatles or the Mamas & the Papas. and since we're listing our 5 songs to add, mine were 1. Amber Cascades, 2 Sergeant Darkness, 3. And Forever, 4.Catch That Train, 5. All Around... BOY WAS THAT TOUGH... Dan

Message: 10310 Posted: Sat Mar 04 16:51:14 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: History

To be honest, I can't agree with you on this point. Even though "History" is a greatest hits album and not an album concept in the purest sense, it was a consistent blend of George Martin's producing efforts. The first seven songs were remixed, admirably in my opinion, by Martin. I like it the way it is, and feel that tacking on a few more songs with reduce the "historical" value of the original 1975 release. I'm also not a big on changing the content of an album for marketing purposes (such as what Capitol did to the Beatles' early albums), so I'm leery of this concept. Besides, "Encore" covers the need for a greatest hits "update." Just a personal feeling, I guess.

Message: 10309 Posted: Sat Mar 04 16:39:20 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: tour break

It appears from the current tour date list that the guys are on a bit of break right now, having about a month off. Think maybe they're in the studio as we speak recording a new cd? Hmmm? Nice to dream, though. J.

Message: 10308 Posted: Sat Mar 04 15:13:05 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: History

Yes, plus a boatload of stock options !

Message: 10307 Posted: Sat Mar 04 14:35:35 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Gerry stuff

Lisa, no official date has been set for the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD yet. The last I heard Gerry was trying to find a good label to release the CD (Chicago Records was a joke) and he felt like it would come out later this year. As soon as I know anything specific I'll post it here.

Message: 10306 Posted: Sat Mar 04 14:29:55 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: History

... and who knows Steve perhaps a full time job running these web pages ...

Gee, spurs, it already seems like that in many ways. Do you mean, I would get paid for it (LOL)???

Message: 10305 Posted: Sat Mar 04 13:28:49 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Classic Covers

Anyone heard that Madonna cover of American Pie ? It's rapidly climbing the charts I think. Yes indeed - Madonna & Don Mclean's American Pie, soon to be a re-charged classic.
I am still thinking that some popular 90's act will cover an AMERICA song & a new wave of euphoria will sweep the nation w/AMERICA on stage, TV & on CD. Which song will it be ? HORSE W/NO NAME ? I NEED YOU ? SANDMAN ? SARAH ? WHOLE WIDE WORLD ? THREE ROSES ?

Message: 10304 Posted: Sat Mar 04 13:22:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Drop" List

CJ, you're right about "taking out old ones" NOT being an option with the "add new songs" list. It was merely suggested by me as a topic of conversation. However, I appreciate your efforts to keep the ship on course. I just thought that it would be interesting to know what the fans think in this regard since Dewey and Gerry are interested in adding a couple of "new" songs to the playlist. I thought maybe it would be helpful for them to know which songs they might possibly drop so they can add even MORE songs if they choose to.

Here are the songs followed by the number of votes that have been suggested for the heave-ho list. Among them are many of my favorites as I'm sure they are for many of you others:

"Woman Tonight" 9
"Things We Said Today" 3
"California Dreamin'" 2
"Lonely People" 2
"Never Be Lonely" 2
"Don't Cross The River" 1
"I Need You" 1
"Only In Your Heart" 1
"Sandman" 1

Did anyone else see Steely Dan on "The Letterman Show" last night? Donald Fagen is a bit of a strange-looking fellow. They played only one song. I thought it was a good performance. Too bad the songs from their new CD sound all the some of you described it.

I just submitted my vote to Steve for the 5 new songs. I selected "Garden Of Peace", "Hope", "Green Monkey", "Call Of The Wild", and "Last Two To Dance". I would've submitted "Young Moon" and "All My Life" but I feel confident both songs will finish among the top without my vote.

Message: 10303 Posted: Sat Mar 04 12:35:15 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Gerry stuff

Any word yet on when the Beckley,Wilson, Lamm CD will be coming out?

Message: 10302 Posted: Sat Mar 04 10:47:48 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Live "Things We Said Today"

Thanks Howard for the live "Things We Said Today". That's my first time to hear Gerry and Dewey sing it. It sounds great! Now if only McCartney could join in and make it a release on an upcoming America CD. That would be awesome!

My sister's name is Nina (as I mentioned before) and my brother's name is Howard! Those are two uncommon names. Now, if someone named "Eva" signs on, I'm goin' faint! Eva's my other sister.

Message: 10301 Posted: Sat Mar 04 10:23:10 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Alan RE: Keene, NH far as I know the Keene, NH show is sold out for August...I, myself, had to beg, borrow, and steal a ticket from the box office manager because I only heard about the Feb 19th concert two days before they were scheduled to play!!! I threw myself on his mercy leaving five desperate phone messages, and I must have amused him because he pulled a non-existent ticket out of his hat (trick?) and saved it for me! I'm not sure if it's a long set list...but it IS only one scheduled show, so maybe??? If I hear more I;ll post the info. here for you. Sorry your concert drives are soooo long!

Thanks for all the info. on this site...very informative.


Message: 10300 Posted: Sat Mar 04 09:49:26 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: History

Ahhhhh, but you see Spurs, we're talking about WARNER Bros. The original "why fix it if it ain't broke" (i.e. cost more) company. My gosh, it might CONFUSE the poor consumer if they did ANYTHING with'd like to meet one of their marketing gurus....rofl)


Message: 10299 Posted: Sat Mar 04 09:40:14 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Bagels and the Chat Folder Tour

Hey, I'll join (if ya let me), but let me bring my synths and Mac.....((((C=



Message: 10298 Posted: Sat Mar 04 09:38:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: a cappela song

Maybe an a cappella intro the the guitars on Riverside......SIGH

Message: 10297 Posted: Sat Mar 04 08:24:36 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: History

Hello once again,seems I'm in danger of becoming boring.Some of you may remember me touting the fact that History America's Greatest Hits is coming up for it's 25th anniversary, and by all accounts this sells in the neighbourhood of one hundred thousand copies worldwide a year.Surely now is the time to repackage and I don't mean the cover,updated bio, digital remastering,and most importantly web sites printed.It would seem in these fast changing times that the computer is here to stay like it or not,this would also be a boon to an outfit such as Warners, clearly History still moves worldwide and could only have a positive outcome on America's back catalogue perhaps add four or five more tunes with sticker on the front and keep the CD within a reasonable price range.One can't fail to notice people creeping into the chat folder having only just found it,imagine all those proud owners of the History album being able to tune in to this user friendly site,and who knows Steve perhaps a full time job running these web pages,and now I'll creep back into the woodwork.

Message: 10296 Posted: Sat Mar 04 07:32:16 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Adding & Keeping - Woman Tonite and . . .

I've been watching this Folder since Steve posted the info about adding new songs - I'm not sure taking out old ones was an option?!?!? I really didn't have much of an opinion 'cause I love the sets, however, IMHO, taking out Woman Tonite would be a loss!! As many times as I've seen our Boys, I'm not sure I've heard Woman Tonite so much that I've grown tired of it!! Unlike what appears to be the large population of fans, I came in on the America thing with Hearts. Don't get me wrong, I've grown fond of everything Dewey & Gerry do, I've even learned the words to Sandman (which provides for excellent Dewey watching) but Hearts is closest to mine.

With Hearts as my "base of information", I've "pollinated" everyone I know, turned 'em into fans - even those who least expected to get hooked!!

Hearts was part of my teenage years, holed up in my room, in the dark - playing the music to soothe my soul as loud as my Mom would let me. Apparently, she must have liked America, Hall & Oates, England Dan & John Ford Coley - it's all I played!! Some 20 years later, they're (Dewey, Gerry, Daryl & John) the only ones I'd drive hours for, spend money I don't have to see them and enjoy completely.

Keep (as though it was in issue) Woman Tonite, add Company. . .

Where's that turntable. . .

Chris, patiently awaiting they're return to, Cleveland

Message: 10295 Posted: Sat Mar 04 07:26:32 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: What are the chances?

We just bought our first van and as we were leaving the dealership our salesman said"wait I need to program your radio."Much to our surprise the first song from our radio was "A Horse With No Name."Ah those mystical desert lyrics!

Message: 10294 Posted: Fri Mar 03 23:54:17 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America - The Match Makers

The newest America fan biography is by Rebecca Brunetta and it describes how America played match makers (well, sort of) between her and her husband. I think it's a cool story.

Message: 10293 Posted: Fri Mar 03 22:59:27 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Woman Tonight,Live Material

One other thing who is spokesperson for Oxygen records now that Karen has ventured onto pastures new, and is there anything in the pipeline concerning America?

Spurs, I spoke with Karen on the phone a week or so ago and she said that for the time being she was going to remain in the loop as far as Oxygen and America are concerned. If Oxygen were located in Florida she would probably still be working for them. And yes, there something in the pipeline from Oxygen regarding America. That's about all I can say about it for now (so don't write and ask me to tell you more), but be patient and enjoy the Go Man Go release, the upcoming box set, the upcoming Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD, and the chance to vote on songs in America's new playlist. In time you'll hear what Oxygen is up to (patience is a virtue - even for hungry America fans). --Steve

Message: 10292 Posted: Fri Mar 03 20:40:02 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Woman Tonite

Count me among those who would like to remove it from the set list. That's really the only one I can bear to part with!

Message: 10291 Posted: Fri Mar 03 18:32:51 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Songs From Hideaway

Amber Cascades was also my number 1. Sounds like we have a lot of support for it.

Message: 10290 Posted: Fri Mar 03 18:18:31 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Howard, Fan Of The Year.

Congrats once again Howard!! I got a kick out of seeing your picture on Dan's site!! Way to go!!Can I get your autograph???

Message: 10289 Posted: Fri Mar 03 18:06:23 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Woman Tonight,Live Material

Amber Cascades was one of my votes too. I think one of Dewey's best songs!

Message: 10288 Posted: Fri Mar 03 18:02:16 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Woman Tonight,Live Material

Hello everyone,I must say I'm in agreement with a number of other fans on dropping Woman Tonight from the set,and I also beleive Hideaway was one of their best albums,many a strong tune on it ,and how on earth was Amber Cascades never a hit,although released as a single was it the first released?Which brings me onto what happens to all those tunes that hav'nt made it onto some of their live albums e.g. America Live,In Concert after all an America concert would be a fairly lengthy affair.There seems to be plenty of live material still tucked away in various vaults,King Biscuit's 78 recording and two BBC radio recordings from circa 73,74.One other thing who is spokesperson for Oxygen records now that Karen has ventured onto pastures new,and is there anything in the pipeline concerning America?

Message: 10287 Posted: Fri Mar 03 17:57:33 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Howard, Fan Of The Year.

Congradulations Howard, for Dan Peek "Fan of The Year"! Maybe he'll invite you down to the tropics sometime!

Message: 10286 Posted: Fri Mar 03 17:20:14 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: the least of the best

Glad to see another fan of Hideaway. It seems that album is unfairly maligned by many people. I'd LOVE to hear Gerry sing "Today's the Day". Live versions of "She's A Liar", "Letter" and "Watership Down"(especially with an orchestra) would also be great.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10285 Posted: Fri Mar 03 17:10:11 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Alan: Someone Else Worse Off

<<Alan, are the 3 and 5 hours one-way or round-trip to see America? >>

Johnny - That would be one way.

Message: 10284 Posted: Fri Mar 03 17:04:54 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Fan Gathering

Gary, that is wonderful of you to organize this again..I did not make last year, and may not make this year either, (then again, I am on we'll see..I will probably stay in Tahoe, rent a jeep and drive some new hiking boots to try out and have never been to Tahoe..if anyone has any tips, please e-mail me)..anyway..I'm off to see Geno-O in concert!
Steve, I have made my pics for the concert so looking forward to seeing the final tally..Johnny, check your e-mail..everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!! :-)Janice

Message: 10283 Posted: Fri Mar 03 16:43:14 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: John!

Wow, John! My trips were like a trip to the park in comparison. Yours is the farthest that I've heard strictly to see America.

Message: 10282 Posted: Fri Mar 03 16:38:36 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Alan: Someone Else Worse Off

A few years ago my wife and I drove 600 miles each way to see America in Vancouver. (We were living "up north" at the time....I know, everything up here is "Up North"). This last summer, we drove, with our 2 kids from the Vancouver area to Paso Robles, California for the shows there. So.... without being insulting, I'd love to have to drive 3 hours for a show!)
John - One of those "worse off"

Message: 10281 Posted: Fri Mar 03 16:23:45 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Alan: Someone Else Worse Off

Alan, are the 3 and 5 hours one-way or round-trip to see America? Yes, there's always some fan who's worse off. Remember as a kid, your mom probably said for you to eat all of your food because of all the starving kids in China. Well, we could be living in China and see America only once in a long while. For me, it's 6 hours one-way from my hometown of Hobbs, NM (aka Redneck Country) to Albuquerque each of my 3 times. If the averages are correct, I won't be eligible for another America concert until the year 2008...oh my! I might as well be in China...would probably see America just as often or maybe more! (LOL)

Yes, congrats Howard!!!

Message: 10280 Posted: Fri Mar 03 16:17:16 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: the least of the best

Yup, I voted for "Watership Down" (top of my list) and "Can't You See," and wanted to include "Today's the Day" and "Amber Cascades" but decided I also wanted at least two songs off "Human Nature" ("Hot Town" and "Moment to Moment"). "Inspector Mills" rounded out my top five. By a slim margin, "Hideaway" remains my favorite album, despite it's lack of runaway best-selling singles.

By the way, I like the "Hat Trick" suggestion from those other chatters on the list, but it'd make me miss Dan Peek's contributions all the more. I mean, he was one-third of the Hat Trick, right? Even "Can't You See" might not stand up in concert without Dan, but I really like that slow song and would love to hear Gerry and Dewey work up a two-part harmony to carry the tune.

I'm glad there are other people in this world willing to take the time to discuss such bits of trivia. This list is wonderful!

Message: 10279 Posted: Fri Mar 03 16:16:08 2000 By: gary
Subject: Reno Fan Gathering

Howdy America Fans,

The details concerning the Fan Gathering at the Reno Planet Hollywood have now been finalized. The date will be Saturday, April 1 from 2:00 to 4:00PM. The Planet Hollywood is located on the first floor of Harrah's Hotel/Casino located right in the middle of beautiful downtown Reno. The address is 206 North Virginia Street. Instead of a buffet like last year, we can individually order drinks, appetizers and lunch off of the menu. Each person will be responsible for their own drink/food bill. I will be arriving about an hour early to put up posters and get everything in order. If anyone would like to make a banner or poster, please feel free to do so. The more the better. Also, if you would like to have an America Music Video played on the Planet's video system, please bring any VHS formatted tapes you might have. I look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, please feel free to e-mail me.


Gary H

Message: 10278 Posted: Fri Mar 03 15:21:18 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Songs From Hideaway

Amber Cascades was one of my votes! GREAT TUNE!

Message: 10277 Posted: Fri Mar 03 15:16:37 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: the least of the best

I'm with you on the Hideaway stuff. When I perused all of my America CD's to come up with a list of potential songs to cast my vote on, Hideaway had more songs on it than any other album. Songs from Hideaway that made "first cut" (24 songs) included Letter, Today's The Day, Watership Down & Amber Cascades. Two of them made the final cut and were submitted with my vote. Great album!

Message: 10276 Posted: Fri Mar 03 15:00:00 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Songs for the Goodbye Highway

My choices of songs to retire (for awhile):
Woman Tonight
Only in Your Heart
California Dreamin'

A number of you want to get rid of Things We Said Today because it's a cover. I remember when I heard it for the first time last summer, I was thrilled, not only because it is my all-time favorite Beatles tune, but also because Dewey and Gerry did it so well. While I can understand wanting to dump it in favor of an America song, look how long California Dreamin' has been on the playlist with no fan complaints. I don't know when Things We Said Today was added, but it hasn't been on the list very long. I'd like to see it stay.

Message: 10275 Posted: Fri Mar 03 14:54:07 2000 By: ANDY

LOL!! Count me in on the tour!! My Black Tackamine is waiting. Just beware, if I'm in on this, then HAT TRICK WILL be performed!!!!!And if my voice doesn't make people heave, then that gross garlic on the bagels will. :) Only one question: can we find a way to incorporate a mosh pit into our version of INSPECTOR MILLS?


Message: 10274 Posted: Fri Mar 03 14:52:47 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: the least of the best

I hate to jump on a bandwagon with negative ovetones, but I have to agree that "Woman Tonight" is my least favorite greatest hit and a song that I don't want to hear in concert.

However, I like America's version of "California Dreamin'," even if it's not an America original. To be honest, I also prefer the studio versions (or at least a well-harmonized version) of "I Need You," so I wouldn't be offended it this hit was reworked or dropped on stage for a while. Some of you concert veterans (I've only seen three America performances so far) deserve some fresh stuff. Me, I'd like to hear some album cuts off "Hideaway" live. Oh well, to each his own.

Message: 10273 Posted: Fri Mar 03 14:48:05 2000 By: Alan
Subject: a cappela song

<<With all the talk about which songs we'd like to see added to the playlist and which could be dropped, I'd love to hear the guys do something a cappela that would really highlight their harmonies. Even if it was just the first verse of one of their classics before the instrumentation kicked in. It would be pretty amazing I'm sure. I Need You, Daisy, Riverside, even Horse would all be great.>>

Or even something different and unique, possibly leading into one of their big songs (something like the Eagles' "Seven Bridges Road" on their live album). THAT would be GREAT!

Message: 10272 Posted: Fri Mar 03 14:40:46 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: new songs/old songs

With all the talk about which songs we'd like to see added to the playlist and which could be dropped, I'd love to hear the guys do something a cappela that would really highlight their harmonies. Even if it was just the first verse of one of their classics before the instrumentation kicked in. It would be pretty amazing I'm sure. I Need You, Daisy, Riverside, even Horse would all be great.
Just a thought,

Message: 10271 Posted: Fri Mar 03 14:37:22 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Reply to Nina - "Out in the Sticks"

Nina - You think YOUR in the sticks! Try living in Farmington, Maine! 3 hours to see America at the Topsfield Fair is a SHORT DRIVE for me! Mogegan Sun, Barnstable County Fair & Keene, NH are each a 5 or more hour drive. Just goes to show you, no matter how bad off you are, there's always someone worse!

I have seen America at every place mentioned above except Keene. I didn't want to go because I've heard the roads form Farmington to Keene aren't that great. Now that it's been rescheduled for summer, however, I might just go (especially if they are playing their long set - do you know if they are?). I've also been campaigning to get someone to invite them to Maine. I'm definitely planning to catch their Topsfield shows again this fall as well. -Alan

Message: 10270 Posted: Fri Mar 03 13:47:45 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Howard in Jennifer's outfit

A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 10269 Posted: Fri Mar 03 13:45:39 2000 By: Howard Lieboff


Message: 10268 Posted: Fri Mar 03 13:43:36 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Howard, Fan Of The Year.

Hey You People,

It's not that I really want to see it...but like a car crash, there's something interesting about the sight of Howard in Jennifer's outfit. I'm sure we'd all have to turn away quickly but have to sneek a peek.(not Dan)

Joe B

P.S. Thanks for your support in dumping "Woman Tonight"
P.S.S. I really hope "Norman" will be on the box set.
P.S.S.S. How 'bout those Bulls!

Message: 10267 Posted: Fri Mar 03 10:05:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Howard, Fan Of The Year.

You GO Howard!!! (C=

So does this mean YOU'LL bring those bagels, now? (C;
Don't forget the GARLIC!!!!

Message: 10266 Posted: Fri Mar 03 09:36:58 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: A lrpub message.

>>Never stopped loving what they do. Never took their success and their talent and their audience for granted.<<

And there-in lies the key......

Sometimes it's hard to keep fresh day after day, month after month, year after year doing the same old, same old (even when it's great)....When you can-you have something SPECIAL. When you can't move on and try something else.

I have to laugh on occasion, though. Sometimes if you DO have to move on and try something else, you're damned if you do or (conversly) damned if you don't. So I suspect that a lot of these groups just do what THEY feel and go on. I agree with you, when you don't FEEL it anymore-do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and stop.

Carry on! (C=


Message: 10265 Posted: Fri Mar 03 09:05:07 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Howard, Fan Of The Year.

Congratulations, Howard, winner of the Dan Peek website Fan of The Year. Now, wouldn't it be cooler if you got to meet Mr. Peek? That would be awesome.

Hopefully for the awards ceremony, Howard, you'll refrain from going to the same clothing designer as Jennifer Lopez.

Way to go,


Message: 10264 Posted: Fri Mar 03 08:02:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Now This Is Being Bored With Nothing Else To Do......

storyofateena GER
wholewi DEW orld

Message: 10263 Posted: Fri Mar 03 07:43:59 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: My 2 cents to drop from play list....

After what seems like a gazillion concerts, I never tire of the playlist...but after much are my picks
Woman Tonight - Got to go...sorry boys...
California Dreamin' - just cuz
Things We Said - while I really like this I'd trade it for an America tune any day
But please don't take away Never Be Lonely! Towards the end..Gerry does that little rhaspy voice thing - just one of those things I look forward to each and every time. :)

Message: 10262 Posted: Fri Mar 03 00:20:42 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Dan peek site/Fan award


Message: 10261 Posted: Thu Mar 02 19:08:06 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Long boring

Hey who you calling dull? Oh, I know, it was just a JoKe,um Joe K...... Dan

Message: 10260 Posted: Thu Mar 02 18:33:12 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Long boring

Boy this chat Folder would sure be dull without good ole Kev...Joe K...............LOL

Message: 10259 Posted: Thu Mar 02 17:08:30 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Johnny: 7 to 3, I win!


Iguess I AM lucky to have seen America 7 times in concert...thanks for making me realize I've been lucky...but I've had to travel alot
to do it! "Out in the sticks" refers to MA/NH border, central New England. I was very disappointed on Feb 19th when America had to cancel a show in Keene, NH...less than 35 minutes from my home, but even THEY can't predict a winter storm, I suppose! Luckily it's been rescheduled for early August...but that's soooooooo long from now!
Can't wait,though, as it's a small venue, perhaps more intimate.

Tell your parents they have good taste in naming your sister!

And, yes, I am a "Neena".

Thanks, Nina

Message: 10258 Posted: Thu Mar 02 15:55:11 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Next Showing Of "Under The Covers"

As Jason mentioned this morning, "Under The Covers" was very entertaining. I love the constant banter between Henry Diltz and Gary Burden throughout the program. One of the great stories mentioned is how Gary arranged for Henry to fly with Jimmy Webb in Jimmy's sailplane. The plane crash-landed. When Gary was informed about the crash, Gary said something to the effect of, "Oh! I think I killed Henry!" Henry's recollection of the crash is very funny especially immediately after the crash.

If you didn't see the program during the first airing, you should plan to this Saturday. I guarantee that you'll really enjoy it.

Message: 10257 Posted: Thu Mar 02 15:46:57 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: America tickets on sale

America tickets went on sale for Westbury, New York for July 8th-I got my tickets already!! Too bad there are not there alone--they are playing with Air Supply. Once again, their show will be way too short for me.

Message: 10256 Posted: Thu Mar 02 15:46:55 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: A-Side Vs. B-Side

You may be right Johnny. I may have been reading something into Rhino's questions that were not there. Since they asked about them as "singles" and said nothing about the A-side songs, I thought that they may have been confused about which side was an A-side.

Message: 10255 Posted: Thu Mar 02 15:34:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A-Side Vs. B-Side

Mark, from what I've read, you're right that "1960" and "My Dear" are B-sides as singles. I can't recall anything Rhino may have said that suggested they were A-sides. Can you remember specifically what might have been said? Could it be that they were listed with a couple of singles that are on the A-side that Gary also needs timings on that gave you that idea?

Message: 10254 Posted: Thu Mar 02 13:55:50 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Congrats Howard!

Horward was recently selected as the "Dan Peek Fan Of The Year" at Dan's web page!

You can see the anouncement at

Message: 10253 Posted: Thu Mar 02 13:55:23 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Perspective.


Yeah, Perspective is an America album technically. But I look at it as more as an album that the guys in America just sang on. I blame Perspective on the numb-nuts at Capitol Records.

Having been through parallel experiences in my job, I can tell you that when panic and paranoia set in among the scared MBAs, the effect it has on the creative process is devistating. Reading John Corbett's History of America, it's obvious that record label heavy-handedness got in the way. It talks of Dewey arguing with record company weasles over what was good. America lost the argument, is the best I can figure.

What I'm hoping to see on the Box Set are the songs Dewey and Gerry wrote during that time that either didn't make it because of the Philistines at Capitol, or versions of some of the songs before they Capitol gave them the polyester blend. Certainly Dewey wrote more than the five songs that were recorded during the Perspective/Your Move days. I'd love to hear them.


Message: 10252 Posted: Thu Mar 02 13:30:03 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Still Need The Timing For The Box-Set

I guess you would need to look at the old 45's to get that information. I do have a question about those singles though. I though 1960 and My Dear were B-sides for All Around and Cast The Spirit. Rhino seems to be indicating that they were A-sides.

Message: 10251 Posted: Thu Mar 02 12:18:14 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Songs to drop from play list

I guess my choices would be:
Woman Tonight
California Dreamin'*
Things We Said Today*
Never Be Lonely

*especially the covers. Why do covers when they have SO MUCH wonderful material of their own to draw from?

My 2 cents worth.


Message: 10250 Posted: Thu Mar 02 12:07:55 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: A long rambling pointless uninteresting boring message.


You're right. America never lost their way. They DID, however, get a little sidetracked with Perspective.

Message: 10249 Posted: Thu Mar 02 11:36:13 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Geno-O's Face

Great pics Gene..See ya tomorrow night..or will it be your alter-ego stage persona?? Lol..

Message: 10248 Posted: Thu Mar 02 09:58:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Still Need The Timing For The Box-Set

For the upcoming box-set, Gary with Rhino Records is still in need of the timing for 5 America singles. By the word, "timing", Gary means the length that the record plays. Gary said he received the dates of the single releases but nothing yet on the timing. He said perhaps some folks mis-understood "timing" for the release dates. If you have any of the following America singles with the timing printed on the record label, please let me know by posting your message here and I'll contact you back or you can contact Gary direct with the information at:

Here are the singles: "All My Life", "1960", "Only Game In Town", "My Dear", "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby"

Message: 10247 Posted: Thu Mar 02 03:19:05 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Just sounding off.

Hello everyone,I have found a number of posts extremely interesting reading,Hourglass was of course a top notch album by any standards as was Van Go Gan,and Human Nature non of which being aided and abetted by an outside producer,which may be down to how much has been learned from Sir George Martin.What has been very frustrating is the much mentioned lack of promotion,in the Hourglass case totally non existant but America did need something out, previous studio album being Perspective,and by any standards ten years between drinks is a long time for an America thirsty fan.Agreed the labels our chaps have been recording for have been small but I'm gratful for any new America release which brings me on to Poco who would seemingly have snagged themselves a deal with Sony Records and a new release expected at the end of the year.Furthermore the Eagles,Steely Dan,CSN&Y have all been trumpeted, what is interesting about these acts has been the fact that NOT ONE of them has put back a thing to the fans,the Eagles a tour once in a blue moon and tickets so ambitiously priced that members of this band were reportedly on a million dollars a man per show,CSN&Y well really here is outfit that has it's reputation down to far too many Big Macs,biological donations the odd spare kidney if one of them does'nt eat it first and a string of very ordinary albums,Steely Dans new album I've yet to hear so I'll reserve judjement on that one.With this boxed set i'm very excited about numerous tunes that I hav'nt heard and Rhino have released some excellent works in the past so why should this be any different.Lastly if America are to bring a new album out I'd personally prefer a studio effort,not unless they have a double cd with full orchestral backing and Sir George conducting.

Message: 10246 Posted: Thu Mar 02 02:25:51 2000 By: Jason
Subject: Under The Covers

I wanted to give a heads up to any America fan who didn't see the "California Rock:Under The Covers" tv special last Saturday night.It is being re-broadcast this Sat 3/4 on The Learning Channel at 1:00pm and you'll be glad you tuned in."Under the Covers" is a behind the scenes look into the world of photographer Henry Diltz, and art director Gary Burden, who together are responsible for not only 7+ America album covers but maybe some of the greatest ever made.If you've got either the Hat Trick or Harbor posters on the wall like I do (autograped) then your already appreciating the work of these two legends, and if your into America,Eagles,Jackson Browne and CSN then please do yourself a favor and watch this show.

take care
Fellow America fan

Message: 10245 Posted: Wed Mar 01 21:58:32 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gene-O's Face

Here's a new photo of Gene Murrell at the Coach House the night that his band and Prof's band "Small Change" played (photo taken by Jim Nakao). You can also read Gene's bio which has a few other photos of Gene-O.

Message: 10244 Posted: Wed Mar 01 21:40:19 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: A long rambling pointless uninteresting boring message.

My observations of America's place in this 70s retro thing Jim Riccoli brought up:

I too bought the new Steely Dan album. The new CSYN album. The new Santana album (for my kids). The new Firefall album a couple of years ago. The Eagles reunion album. And, of course, the new America album Human Nature two years ago.

With the execption of America and the Eagles, the rest of those bands from the 70s have lost their way in the 90s. But, maybe it's because they had already started to lose their perspective long ago.

Eve before their 20-year layoff, Steely Dan had devolved from this really subversive smart interesting rock band that churned out enjoyably organized chaos, to a group of insurance salesmen playing the Sunday gig at the Holiday Inn. Their new album picks up where they left off. Nappytown. After a dozen listens in two days, I couldn't sing one song from memory or hum the tune to anything. It's 54 minutes in a methadone clinic. It's not horrible, it's just so unremarkable. Becker and Fager were producers instead of Gary Katz. Another argument to why bands should not produce their own stuff. This is one album that definately needed an outside objective voice to say, "hey, guys, you're great, but that's lame."

And what was I really expecting from the new CSYN album anyway? With the exception of Neil Young, who's had an uncanny ability to stay relevent and fresh for 30 years, the rest of these bloated drugged out lumps of clay lost their spark many albums ago. When was the last time Crosby, Stills or Nash collectively, individually or in any combination or permutation imaginable, put out anything worthwhile? If your answer is twenty years ago, you're right.

The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" (the new songs) were great. But I expected that. After all, the Eagles never lost the magic, they just got sick of each other. They've always been able to craft wonderful rock songs. And they always will.

Which brings me to America. What amazes me, and it's a shame not to people who's opinions matter in the music business, is that after all these years, America can still write a damn catchy song. Can still sing with the best of them. Can still produce at the top of their game. Because they never lost their way. Never lost it. Never stopped loving what they do. Never took their success and their talent and their audience for granted.

I'm tired now. I'm putting on the new Steely Dan album and going to bed.


Message: 10243 Posted: Wed Mar 01 20:28:55 2000 By: Dan
Subject: MusikLaden

Just received my dvd copy of the concert from MusikLaden. Thanks for pointing me to DVD Express. I have to also agree that it is the best thing I've seen or heard from America besides actually being at a show. Wind Wave and Rainbow Song are great fun to check out. As for songs added and deleted from a concert playlist has anyone ever mentioned possibly a 5 or 6 song medley of rare cuts from past albums? Or maybe do a medley of some of the current songs played,such as all of the Dan Peek material? Just a thought to break some of this gridlock amongst diehard America fans. Just seen Skynyrd and ZZ Top last night and my ears are still ringing; smokin set though.... Dan

Message: 10242 Posted: Wed Mar 01 18:52:02 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Sunrise Sunset remix

Thanks, Virginia, for pointing out the new Sunrise Sunset sound clip from Go Man Go. I meant to mention it yesterday or earlier this morning but I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to read the chat folder until now. Gordon sent me the sound clip of the first verse and this is what he had to say about the upcoming CD:

"The tracks are nearing completion on Go Man Go. There are many different styles to the remixes as the various producers approach the songs in their own ways. There should be some surprises for fans of Van Go Gan."

Message: 10241 Posted: Wed Mar 01 18:48:09 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: comeback marketing

Jim, it's interesting that you would mention the new Steely Dan album because I got it yesterday (I won it on a radio station). I'm sure glad I didn't buy it because it's ready to go in the trash (unless somebody out there wants it). It has 9 songs on it and they all sound basically the same and there's a little too much jazz in it for my tastes. Even America's worst song is better than any song on this new CD. I'm glad I had Hourglass and Human Nature to listen to after the Steely Dan CD to help my ears recover.

Message: 10240 Posted: Wed Mar 01 17:43:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: comeback marketing

With all this talk of American Gramaphone's lack of promotion of "Hourglass" (I agree, a fine album), I thought I'd add a point relative to a trend that's becoming apparent .

Given the success of Santana's "Supernatural" and the announcement of Steely Dan's first album in 20 years, now might be the time for a record label to invest in America. (Oh yeah, pun definitely intended!) Any record producer or studio who has lent an objective ear to "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" will hear the evidence that the seasoned talent can still strike a chord. In my opinion, the only question has been the marketability of America in an ever-changing pop scene. Plus, nostaglia can be a marketing force that can at least be used once to re-introduce the public to America. Of course, I realize I'm preaching to the well-harmonized choir.

Did I mention the possible marketing benefit of a Dan Peek reunion? Am I about to get bombarded by an "Oh no, not that thread again" barrage?

Message: 10239 Posted: Wed Mar 01 17:29:31 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Lady With A Bluebird.

Tthere's another song that's just too good to be left on vinyl. Dewey at his finest. And, John, I come down pretty hard on Perspective, but I can totally see how it would be awesome live. Mainly because what America does on stage is about 180-degrees away from what they did on that album. Only wish I could have seen some of the songs performed that way.

Dammit. Now I'm changing my mind again.


Message: 10238 Posted: Wed Mar 01 17:12:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hourglass"

Beechlady, I agree with you all the way regarding "Hourglass". It definitely is among Dewey and Gerry's best works. I think "Young Moon" is Dewey's masterpiece. At least Gerry's "Hope" received some of the recognition it deserves by the Martell Foundation Project. I haven't submitted my vote for the 5 playlist songs to Steve yet, but I know at least 2 of the songs that I'll be voting for will be from "Hourglass".

Nina, where is "out in the sticks"? Because of my (red)neck part of the woods, I've seen America only three times (boo-hoo). By the way, my sister's name is Nina. She pronounces her name like "China". I would guess you pronounce your name, "Neena", like the majority of other Ninas. Right or wrong?

Message: 10237 Posted: Wed Mar 01 17:05:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Box Set

Thanks for your help again, John.

Message: 10236 Posted: Wed Mar 01 16:21:36 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Concert Songs

Hey...I've only seen America 7 times, due to my "out in the sticks" location...and I'd HATE to see "Only in your Heart" dropped from the play list! Give a "rural" girl a break!!!

Thanks, Nina

Message: 10235 Posted: Wed Mar 01 16:21:33 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Concert Songs

Hey...I've only seen America 7 times, due to my "out in the sticks" location...and I'd HATE to see "Only in your Heart" dropped from the play list! Give a "rural" girl a break!!!

Thanks, Nina

Message: 10234 Posted: Wed Mar 01 14:55:27 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Hat Trick

Just want to keep reminding everyone we gotta have HAT TRICK in there. Keep voting for it. By the way ,I agree with Shari and Joe B that maybe the guys could cut out a few of the songs we've heard 10,000 times (Woman tonight ,Lonely People, even maybe Sandman)and replace them with more of the songs we have never heard live. I understand that these older songs are what most people recognize but maybe it is time to move on and change up a little bit

Message: 10233 Posted: Wed Mar 01 14:37:44 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Sunrise Sunset remix

Just listened to a 45 second snippet of Sunrise Sunset from Go Man Go. Check it out on Steve's page. Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to the release. Thanks to Gordon and Steve. Forget the presidential primaries next Tuesday. If the CD were released that day, it really would be a SUPER Tuesday. [Besides, it's my birthday :o)]

Message: 10232 Posted: Wed Mar 01 10:59:19 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Hourglass

Agreed, HOURGLASS like ALIBI contains some of their finest material. Should be re-released w/a little more marketing support.

AMERICA works so hard !

Message: 10231 Posted: Wed Mar 01 10:58:07 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Chalk Farm Sessions?

These are supposidly legendary early recording sessions of America prior to them hooking up with Ian Samwell. Does anybody know anything about them?

Message: 10230 Posted: Wed Mar 01 10:55:45 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hourglass

I agree wholeheartedly with you TK! IMHO Hourglass is as strong as anything America has done and Young Moon shudda been a hit. If American Grammaphone had put forth half the promotional effort that Oxygen did, I'm sure it would have been their big comeback hit. But AG put forth a half-hearted effort and the rest of the media ignored it. What a shame. The commercial failure of Hourglass hurt America's reputation in the industry and made it more difficult for future releases. The quality was there, the promotion was lacking.

Message: 10229 Posted: Wed Mar 01 10:27:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hourglass

My whole gripe about the album/dates thing is Hourglass. My GOD, what a gem. My GOD what a publicity (what publicity??) black hole. Only the diehards know it even exists-but some of the FINEST music America has done is on it! What a shame and a WASTE. American Gramophone is JUST what I expected it to be, a Chip Davis (Mannheim Snoreroller) vanity label....I think back on everything I've heard, known and participated in thru the years connected with this band-and that's the ONE cheesed out moment I have.....

Anyhoooo-vent over, carry (C=


Message: 10228 Posted: Wed Mar 01 10:06:29 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Last 2 To Dance Live

I've heard "Last 2 To Dance Live," and it sounds just like the
studio version, but a very nice mellow song.CYA

Message: 10227 Posted: Wed Mar 01 09:20:41 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: A solution?

Perhaps what Dewey and Gerry ought to consider is introducing a few of the "lost" songs, ranging from "Cornwall Blank" and "Hat Trick" to "The Border", "Greenhouse", or "Young Moon" gradually over several months, rotating them in and out of the optional slots in their concerts. Then these can be recorded and assembled on to a 2CD live set. I remember this is what the Indigo Girls did several years ago. This could go a long way toward satisfying even the most demanding America fans!!


P.S. Are you listening, Oxygen????

Message: 10226 Posted: Wed Mar 01 09:10:21 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Perspective live


I've heard tapes of live songs from the Perspective album, and the way they were played in concert sounded different than the album. "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" sounds just as good as any of their classics live. "See How The Love Goes" was actually a smoking guitar-driven rocker the way I heard it, and the audience loved it. Actually, although I haven't heard live recordings of it, I would think that "Lady With A Bluebird" would actually be a great song to do live for a reggae-style change of pace.


Message: 10225 Posted: Wed Mar 01 00:37:35 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Box/Live

Hey You People,

I'd love to see "Last Two To Dance" and "California Dreamin'" on the Rhino set since they're not available on disc (I think). Live - I would 'hope' to see "Woman Tonight" and "Don't Cross The River" dumped since they're Dan's songs and not especially popular. "Lonely People" can stay to represent Mr. Peek's contribution. Though my general wish would be to have songs never before played live added to the shows, I must admit it would kick many humongous buttocks simultaneously at the the same time to hear "Company" live again with a ripping Woodsy solo.

Joe B

P.S. Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky" still continues to rule.

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