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Message: 11370 Posted: Sun Apr 30 22:57:31 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: I got through...finally

When Howard first posted his message about the radio show, I went to right away to see if the station was listed. As Steve stated later, it wasn't. Sigh. I waffled about calling in and then went ahead and started trying about ten minutes into the show. I thought my finger would fall off from hitting redial so many times, but I finally did get through at the halfway mark. I had intended to simply thank Dewey for 28 years of music that continues to enhance my life or words to that effect. The guy fielding the calls wouldn't go for that - it had to be a question. Somewhere in the conversation with him I mentioned "Pages". He jumped on that and basically TOLD me that if I wanted to get on, to ask a question about "Pages", so I agreed. Like Kevin, once on hold, I got to hear the show. Dewey sounded very relaxed and did plug the upcoming Rhino box-set. Time was running out and I was sure I wasn't going to get on because Kelley Lange wouldn't stop talking (or rather, interrupting) and the commercials went on forever. Suddenly though, it was my turn and surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all. Like a good girl I asked about "Pages", but while Dewey was talking I was thinking to myself what an idiot I was. I was on - I could have asked him ANYTHING at that point. I already KNEW the answer to the "Pages" question. Geez. I don't have any experience in doing this kind of thing. Oh well. It was nice talking to you Dewey! See you in Vallejo and at the Mountain Winery in July.

Since I already have my tickets for the Mountain Winery show, I was hoping to win the freebies for a good friend going through chemotherapy. But I was glad to hear that a familiar name had won them. If you decide to do the baseball gig, Kevin, please email me. I'll make you an offer on your concert tickets. If you do come out to CA, maybe we can link up at the concert.

Thanks to Robyn for recording the show and thanks to Kevin for offering to transcribe it for us.

Message: 11369 Posted: Sun Apr 30 22:17:51 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: DID YOU HEAR IT???????

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous (& EXCITED!) to talk to Dewey on live radio, I got to listen to the first 1/2 Hr. of it on the phone, they seem suprised to hear someone calling from Minnesota (I better get to the phone bill, before my wife does! ha, ha!) I'm sure I sounded "goofy" (too excited, I guess) I mentioned how much I loved Hourglass & Human Nature, We Talked about the concert being cut short in Duluth MN. because of thunder & lighting & I mentioned the box set. I guess I was keeping them on the phone too long, because the interviewer was being screamed at to go to a break(sorry), so I never did get to ask my question which was: if he could fill us in on some of the songs which were going to be on the box set.
Yes, he did give an mention about STEVE L & the website, which was really nice.
Nervous or not, it was fun & exciting being on the air w/Dewey!

Message: 11368 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:55:05 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: note to Steve

Thanks Robyn. I'd be interested in hearing or reading a transcript of the program.

Message: 11367 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:38:05 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: note to Steve

Dewey had nice things to say about the terrific job you do,Steve. Dewey gave the links and I was screaming, "but it doesn't WORK!!!! " Glad to know that it will be taken care of ( as always Steve)

Message: 11366 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:28:05 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: note to Steve

Robyn, I'll get in touch with the webmaster and have her update the link to this Chat Folder. Thanks for reminding me that I didn't tell her when I moved the folder from to

Message: 11365 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:24:46 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: DID YOU HEAR IT???????

he was his cool amiable self. Fielding tough questions from me, Eddy, Kevin from Maryland ,Joanne Meyers and Virginia, Dewey never lost his cool, even when Kelley Lange asked hime when "I need you" was playing "That's you singing, right?" GEE do your homework!!!!!

Message: 11364 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:13:10 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Nina's Quilt

I want to be on the quilt!! John Corbett, Highlands Ranch, Colorado. That's me!!


Message: 11363 Posted: Sun Apr 30 21:00:57 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: DID YOU HEAR IT???????

I really wish I could have heard Dewey...I'll bet he was GREAT!!

Erin :o)

Message: 11362 Posted: Sun Apr 30 20:23:55 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: You've got a deal Kevin

I was dreading having to do that chore! Gee Kevin such a dilemma, everyone should have such a crisis!!!!!! I know a few people who would be willing to help you make a choice (roflmho)

Now my daughter Kate would like to say something:

hey everyone if you heard the broadcastand you listened to my mom use my name insted of her own name. And I get the c.d and not her!!!!!!!!!

kate got kind of nervous, so I talked instead. ok

Message: 11361 Posted: Sun Apr 30 19:56:11 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey live.

I meant to call the show early on, but unfortunately I was only able to call in during the last half hour (those damn kids of mine are demanding sometimes). Since the calls were stacked up I never got on. I was able to hear the last ten minutes of the show over the phone while I was on hold. Dewey sounded like he was in good humor. Surprisingly, I heard them say I won the tickets to the concert. Now I have a real morale dilemna. The show is July 23rd. I was planning to go to the baseball Hall Of Fame ceremonies this summer to see Tony Perez and Sparky Anderson (former Reds greats and heroes of mine growing up) get inducted. Of course, that's also July 23rd. I honestly don't know which one I will do. My childhood is being replayed on two coasts on the same day. Damn you, fate.

Robyn, could you please send me a copy of the tape? If you do, I'll transcribe the interview and post it here for the rest of us.


I was going to ask Dewey whatever happened with the rumor that Gary Katz of Steely Dan-fame was slated to produce Human Nature.

In the few minutes I listened to, Dewey got a good plug in for the box set. I wonder if Rhino was behind this radio appearance. It's amazing what the clout of a major label can do.

Message: 11360 Posted: Sun Apr 30 19:24:56 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: note to Steve

Dewey had nice things to say about you, but mentioned you can get her via you can't. "someone" needs to update the links ( I know that you have no control over that Steve)

Message: 11359 Posted: Sun Apr 30 19:23:19 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: DID YOU HEAR IT???????

ok. short but sweet Dewey got a few words in edwise with local talk show host Kelley Lange.

Nice to hear Kevin Sutton won the tickets to the winery along with Jenny, whose name I do not recognize.

ANyone else hear it???? I taped it!!!!!!

Message: 11358 Posted: Sun Apr 30 11:37:57 2000 By: Tom T.
Subject: Ballads...

My Choices are..."All My Life"/ "Sargent Darkness"/ "Daisy Jane"/ "To Each His Own"/ "Who Loves You". Yes, they are all Gerry's tunes, but I can't deny that they are my Faves. ("Coastline"/ "Moment To Moment" are my Honorable Mentions). Hope all is well- I'm sorry I've been away but life has been very busy!!! And it's been very good too!!! See Ya, T.T.

Message: 11357 Posted: Sun Apr 30 11:25:46 2000 By: Nina

TOM K....Yes, that's all the info. I need from you for the quilt!
You are lucky Mr. 69! Oops...let me rephrase that: Your
NAME brings our quilt signatures to 69 NAMES!

BEECHLADY....Ah, yes, Kay Ballard is never far from my thoughts!
By the way, is it too late to tell you I LOVE your
"Heritage" concept? You've got talent, girl!
JOHNNY......I hate to break it to you, but I SURELY did NOT have
Russ Ballard on my, or ever! Sad to say, I've
never heard "Jody" I'll have to take your word for
it that it's a lovely ballad! (" Your Move" is the only
America album/CD missing from my collection!)

Message: 11356 Posted: Sun Apr 30 11:14:03 2000 By: Beechlady

Yeah Robyn, it's like they send one to everyone who DOESN'T LIVE THERE....(almost), HELLO?

Ok, ok. Sorry.

TkH<------jealousy factor has kicked in....

Message: 11355 Posted: Sun Apr 30 11:08:57 2000 By: Robyn

HEY I LIVE in Los Angeles!!!!!! How come I DIDN'T GET ONE ( ROFLMHO!!!!)

Darn silly if you ask me >;)

Message: 11354 Posted: Sun Apr 30 09:04:53 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: More Popularity

Wait....What about Green Monkey?? Donkey Jaw??? LOL


Message: 11353 Posted: Sun Apr 30 07:36:01 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: More Popularity

WOW, we're up to 43 songs! I'm impressed at the VARIETY!!!
Still, by far the most requested is
Garden Of Peace (You GO Mr. dB!!!!!!!!)
Three Roses is starting to pull away from the pack...
Sarah and Sargent Darkness is close behind them!!!!

Ok, ok. Last post like this for a while. I PROMISE. (C=


Message: 11352 Posted: Sun Apr 30 07:32:33 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: ballad contest-EDDY

>Hangover (Just kidding!)



Message: 11351 Posted: Sat Apr 29 21:41:12 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: ballad contest

1-All My Life
2-Three Roses
3-Garden of Peace
4-Whole Wide World
Hangover (Just kidding!)
5- I Need You

Message: 11350 Posted: Sat Apr 29 20:58:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dewey Live on Sunday.

Kevin, I checked out and the KRLA web page and it doesn't appear that they broadcast live over the Internet. FYI: Here's a link to the KRLA web page.

Message: 11349 Posted: Sat Apr 29 20:46:17 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: BallaRds

Or maybe it was Russ BallaRd that Nina had on her mind? However, none of her five ballads were written by him so I guess not.

Like John Lussier's choice, mine too will be one of Ballard's..."Jody".

Message: 11348 Posted: Sat Apr 29 20:07:23 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey Live on Sunday.

For those of us who don't live in L.A. (Los Angeles) isn't there a way to listen to the station over the internet? I'm not all that internet savvy, but I do think you can get stations from all over the country on the internet. was the company that pioneered that, and they were recently bought by Yahoo. If anyone knows how to do this, let us know.


Message: 11347 Posted: Sat Apr 29 18:42:14 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Ballads

1-Sleeper Train 2-Close To The Wind 3-Daisy Jane 4-Garden Of Peace 5-One Morning

Message: 11346 Posted: Sat Apr 29 18:05:55 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Quilt Names/Cut off Date

Tom Kearns...Springfield Missouri.
Is that all you need? Thanks.

Message: 11345 Posted: Sat Apr 29 17:10:17 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Transcriptions OR...........

Maybe someone could "BOOTLEG" (ack, did I REALLY SAY THAT FOUL, NASTY WORD) it......

TkH<-----always finding some way to promote illegal activity...rofl!

Message: 11344 Posted: Sat Apr 29 17:07:47 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: BallaRds???

Perhaps you were thinking about Kaye Ballard while you were typing?

Message: 11343 Posted: Sat Apr 29 17:07:12 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: BallaRds

LOL, Nina!!

Nope, no VGG-just from the trio/duo! (C= Sorry.....

Message: 11342 Posted: Sat Apr 29 16:51:34 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Quilt Names/Cut off Date

I PROMISE I'll sign off now! BUT...just a reminder that Monday, May 1st, is the final day to post your name for the "America" quilts!

We're at 68 names as of this any last minute additions would be welcome! Dewey's quilt is FINISHED (hold your applause please) and Gerry's is in the beginning stages, but should be HALF done by next week-end, IF all goes well!

Thanks for all your SONG QUOTES suggestions...I'm still deciding!

Have a good week-end...and YES...somebody transcribe Dewey's radio interview for the rest of us! That L.A. show isn't broadcast nationally, is it?


Message: 11341 Posted: Sat Apr 29 16:34:08 2000 By: Nina
Subject: BallaRds???

Oh, God! How'd that R get into BALLAD???? Can I blame my New England accent? Me...and the Kennedys...we put R's in EVERYTHING!!!!


Message: 11340 Posted: Sat Apr 29 16:25:48 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Ballards

My "ballard" choices tend to favor Gerry's efforts:

1. I Need You
2. Sarah
3. Sargent Darkness
4. Daisy Jane
5. Moment to Moment

I left off some great VanGoGan ballards...Are they eligible?

Message: 11339 Posted: Sat Apr 29 16:13:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sunday's Broadcast With Sir Dewey

I hope one of you fellow-fans in California will let those of us who are unable to hear the radio broadcast with Dewey (boo-hoo), know the highlights...PLEASE?

Will someone ask Dewey what television concert show he, Gerry, and Dan performed on wearing their "Hat Trick" garb? Perhaps "In Concert" or "The Midnight Special"? Or better yet, if you are reading this, Dewey, perhaps you can answer the question even if no one asks on the air? I know I didn't dream it because Dan said he believed it was one of the two shows. Also, what's the future status of

Beechlady, I'm still trying to select my choice of the five ballads. It's sooooooooooo tough!

Message: 11338 Posted: Sat Apr 29 16:09:17 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: ballad contest

Here are my 5 hard to limit it to just 5!!

1. These Brown Eyes
2. She's a Runaway
3. Don't Cry Baby
4. And Forever
5. To Each His Own

Message: 11337 Posted: Sat Apr 29 15:55:24 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Dan

Thank goodness we have Dan to always complain about whatever topic is being discussed and to tell us when to move on so that he won't be bored.

Message: 11336 Posted: Sat Apr 29 12:11:28 2000 By: msmith
Subject: ballad contest

1. three roses
2. another try
3. glad to see you
4. sergeant darkness
5. 1960

i won't be able to sleep tonight because of the guilty conscience i'll have for leaving so many of my favorites off the list :-(.

Message: 11335 Posted: Sat Apr 29 09:42:22 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Why am I the chosen one. Check this email out

Got my question, now if I could just HEAR the whole PROGRAM, that would be a boon!!!!!


TkH<-------trapped in

Message: 11334 Posted: Sat Apr 29 09:39:33 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Why am I the chosen one. Check this email out

Oh, HOWARD, you're ALWAYS my chosen one......ROFL!!!!!



Message: 11333 Posted: Sat Apr 29 09:35:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Most Popular "submissions" so far....

There are CLEAR margins of popularity with this little contest-to-take-place (when all the songs have arrived at my door). Just thought you'd be interested in knowing that:

Garden of Peace has been listed the most.
Followed closely by Sarah, then One In A Million, Old Man Took and Sargent Darkness!
There have been 13 submissions so far.....Keep 'em Coming! (C=
I'm going to declare SUNDAY MAY 6th the cut off date for submissions. THEN I'll get with Mr. L and get this vote-a-roni underway!

Have a GREAT weekend all!!! (C=


P.S. If you include your email on either a post or submission to me, I'll get back to your with an "Acknowledgment" form. That way you'll know I have counted your list!

Message: 11332 Posted: Sat Apr 29 09:25:11 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters

PAIN IN THE BUTT, that is.....rofl! I WANT TO JUST BE ABLE TO TYPE A CENT SIGN.......lolololololol


Message: 11331 Posted: Sat Apr 29 09:24:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters

Yesssssirrrrreeeeeee there STEVE, but you needed to have ANOTHER in there for your &:cent &:cent's worth!!!!


Message: 11330 Posted: Sat Apr 29 08:46:23 2000 By: CHICA


Message: 11329 Posted: Sat Apr 29 08:02:33 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Human Nature Posters

Good Saturday morning everyone. I have a box FULL of Human Nature posters sitting in my office at home and I'd love to get them out to those of you who would like them.

Here's how I got them. Several weeks ago Steve Ship, the president of Oxygen Records, wrote to me and told me that they were moving to a new office and they really didn't want to move all of the Human Nature posters that were sitting in their storage room. So, he sent me the posters so that I could distribute them to fans of America. I now have the box and I've spent the past couple of days trying to find the easiest and cheapest way to get them out to you. I checked out shipping companies like UPS and the U.S. Post Office and discovered that sending them U.S. Priority mail is the cheapest.

Having said all of that, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to ship packets of 10 posters for $4.00 to those who want them. Why 10 posters? Because that's how many I can ship and still stay under the weight limit for Priority mail. Why $4.00? Because it costs $3.20 for Priority mail and I'm adding 80¢ (do you like the cent sign, Tery?) to cover packaging costs and gas money to the post office. Besides, $4.00 sounds like a nice, even number.

Since this is going U.S. Priority mail I can only do it for fans in the United States. I know that leaves some of you out, so write to me if you're outside the U.S. and I'll see what I can work out. I really would like for all of you who want them, to get them. I haven't counted how many posters there are, but there are hundreds of them. So, it will be first come first serve.

By the way, the posters are NOT in mint condition but they are in good condition. Some of the edges are slightly bent but they look good to me. I've got one hanging on my door at work and several other co-workers have them hanging in their offices. I think they look really good.

Here's a link to an order form for the posters.

That's all folks. Now back to your regularly scheduled chatting.

Message: 11328 Posted: Sat Apr 29 04:54:53 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re:Ballads

1. Clarice 2. Rainy Day 3. Old Man Took 4. Daisy Jane 5. To Each His Own (just 5?)
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend..went under a "very small knife" yesterday..everything went well..I'm typing with my left No more talk about religion? Yes, it was time to move on, Dan. Everyone did, however, bring out some very interesting points and they were well taken.

Message: 11327 Posted: Fri Apr 28 22:48:55 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Ballads

Garden of Peace
One In A Million
ONe Morning

Message: 11326 Posted: Fri Apr 28 20:36:43 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Why am I the chosen one. Check this email out

Howard, thanks for sharing that message. I also received it and was just getting ready to post it when I read yours first. I'm going to add a link from the home page to your message so everyone will be directed to it. This is a great chance for everyone to talk to Dewey and ask him those questions you've been dying to have answered.

Message: 11325 Posted: Fri Apr 28 20:12:36 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Why am I the chosen one. Check this email out

TOO COOL FOR WORDS!!!!!! If I think of any good questions, I may try to call in ( my daughter has nixed going to the studio!) JUST KIDDING!

Howard you were chosen as a messenger for obvious reasons! Look how quickly you posted it!

Message: 11324 Posted: Fri Apr 28 20:08:02 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Why am I the chosen one. Check this email out

My name is Allen Spear. I'm a talk show producer for CBS RADIO IN LOS
ANGELES, and I want to tell all America fans out there that you can phone
in to our talk show this Sunday,April 30th to speak with DEWEY BUNNELL

Here are all the details and contact numbers for calling in. (Whoever
receives this e-mail: it would be greatly appreciated if you could notify
America's other fans by an announcement on the web page, by e-mail, in
a chatroom etc to tell them about Dewey Bunnell's appearance Sunday)

The details:

DEWEY BUNNELL of AMERICA will be doing a live interview this upcoming
Sunday evening LA time from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on CBS Talk Radio in Los
Angeles, KRLA AM 1110!!!!!!!

We will be accepting questions from callers for Mr. Bunnell during the
interview and giving away a copy of one of America's best hits CDs to
everyone who speaks with Dewey on the air.

As the producer of the show that Mr. Bunnell will be on this Sunday evening
(it's called "The Kelly Lange Show") I would like to invite everyone
who has an interest in Mr. Bunnell's appearance on our show on Sunday
to call in to the show live and speak with him!!!

There are several call-in numbers listed below that you can try from
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Los Angeles time (9:00 PM to 10:00 PM for America
fans calling in from the east coast, 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM for America fans
in the central time zone). Here are those numbers to call the show on
or 1-(213)389-3186
or 1-(213)520-5752
or 1-(714)871-5752

We look forward to America's fans from all around the country calling
this Sunday afternoon (again, it'll be from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Los Angeles
time) to talk with Dewey Bunnell on CBS radio, ask questions, etc and
win a free best hits CD.

P.S. At the end of the hour-long interview with Dewey, we'll choose two
names from a list of people who have spoken with him on the air and give
each person a pair of tickets worth $100 to see America perform in Saratoga,
California on July 23rd at the beautiful Villa Montalvo Historic Mountain
Winery there!!! And as I mentioned, ALL callers who speak with Dewy Bunnell
during the interview will recive a copy of America's Greatest Hits and
be entered into the end-of-the-hour contest to win the two pairs of tix
to see America in Saratoga!

Anyone with further questions can e-mail,phone me,or fax me at the numbers
below throughout the weekend or leave a voice mail message for me at
CBS radio KRLA AM 1110, where the number is (213) 637-5222 Ext. 483

To learn more about The Kelly Lange Show on CBS Radio in LA, go to
for a feature article with interviews about us and our show.

-- Producer, Allen Spear (& co-producerMs.Suong Tran)

Allen Spear - email
(310) 754-6016 x6540 - voicemail/fax-- Allen Spear - email
(310) 754-6016 x6540 - voicemail/fax--

Allen - email
(310) 754-6016 x6540 - voicemail/fax

Allen Spear - email
(310) 754-6016 x6540 - voicemail/fax

Message: 11323 Posted: Fri Apr 28 16:14:20 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Ballads

1. She's Gonna Let You Down
2. The Story Of A Teenager
3. Tomarrow
4. Can't You See
5. Garden Of Peace


Message: 11322 Posted: Fri Apr 28 16:12:15 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Ballads

Sergeant Darkness
Garden Of Peace
Overwhelming World
Three Roses
Close To The Wind

Message: 11321 Posted: Fri Apr 28 16:12:07 2000 By: cfhere
Subject: Ballads and More Ballads

I'll put in my 2 cents and say
Old Man Took
These Brown Eyes
Young Moon
She's a Runaway
Of course there are many more, but this will do for now.

Message: 11320 Posted: Fri Apr 28 16:07:09 2000 By: Andrew
Subject: Ballads

In chronological order:

Three Roses
Molten Love
Sargeant Darkness
You Girl

Message: 11319 Posted: Fri Apr 28 15:34:15 2000 By: dofd
Subject: top ballads

1) Sergeant Darkness
2) Saturn Nights
3) I Don't Believe in Miracles
4) What Does it Matter
5) World Alone
Not sure if Old Man Took is a ballad; if so, I'd put it in the top five. Honorable mention: She's Gonna Let You Down, Rainy Day.

I'm relatively new to this; have you done lists for rockers and albums in the past?

Message: 11318 Posted: Fri Apr 28 09:55:41 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Ballads

1. Garden of Peace
2. Old Man Took
3. Daisy Jane
4. Never Found the Time
5. Rainy Day

solo: Kiss of Life

Message: 11317 Posted: Fri Apr 28 09:32:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: 22 Songs and counting..........WOW

One day and we've already 22 nominations......
(One vote per body)


Message: 11316 Posted: Fri Apr 28 08:56:50 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Ballads.

1. Three Roses.
2. Young Moon.
3. I Need You.
4. Sarah.
5. These Brown Eyes.


Message: 11315 Posted: Fri Apr 28 08:06:42 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re:America

My apologies for misquoting the Lyrics of “International”, but they are some interesting lyrics …………. Many of us identify with an artist through the lyrics that they sing…..rather or not the lyrics are written by the artist or someone else….. and rather or not the artist truly believes the lyrics that they sing…….I identify with America because many of their lyrics speak of the appreciation of the simple things in life….love and nature…two things in my opinion that were created by God……....I lean towards TZ Mac's point of view

Message: 11314 Posted: Fri Apr 28 06:33:14 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Writers and the Ballad: preponderance


"Don't you worry, Never fear,,,,,,a different contest just might appear-DOWN THE ROAD" (paraphrased from Looney Tunes) (If Mr. Lowry be a willing........)

I realize Mr. gB has the market cornered on Ballads, BUT-not all of them! Who knows? "Garden of Peace" is certainly wonderful.......(one of MY 5 choices)

So-don't worry about the overwhelming odds.....every dog'll have his day....(eeeeeoooooooo. Sorry, I'm plumb out of witiscisms)



Message: 11313 Posted: Fri Apr 28 06:24:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tery's Heritage Cover

Thank you pb!!! I was feeling rather understated that night!
(C= <


Message: 11312 Posted: Thu Apr 27 21:21:28 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: America -off subject.

We call creationism a religion and evolution a science. In reality both are world views. Creation can't be mentioned in schools, but another world view, evolution, is taught by the state.

The concept of separation of Church and state was never meant to exclude religion, just to not impose a state sponsored religion. And in a lot of ways that is exactly what mandating the teaching of evolution does. It imposes a world view upon kids. A view that says, the universe created itself from nothing.


Message: 11311 Posted: Thu Apr 27 20:46:00 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!--note to Andy

Not unless you went to an LAUSD! ( That's Los ANgeles Unified. For anyone who doesn't know, these are the wizards curently trying to build a multimillion dollar school on a landfill that is toxic)

Message: 11310 Posted: Thu Apr 27 19:40:13 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: New Contest

The Ballads ....

Don't Let Me Be Lonely
One In a Million
I Don't Believe in Miracles
Moment to Moment
Sandman ... HEY, Dewey says it's "music to sleep by" ...

Message: 11309 Posted: Thu Apr 27 19:17:54 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!

Aghhh!!! forgive my spelling of "ballads" in my last post.

Can I blame public education? :)


Message: 11308 Posted: Thu Apr 27 19:15:03 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!

Okay, so I assume that I'm not allowed to use any of the superior balleds by Marlyn Manson, Anthrax, or Overkill......sigh.....okay, if I must choose balleds by America, here they are in no particular order:

1.) Loves Worn Out Again

2.) Tomorrow

3.) Sargent Darkness

4.) She's Gonna Let You Down

5.) Glad To See You

* If the ACLU fanatics throw a tantrum over #5 (the chorus mentions
that nasty 3 letter word), substitute ALL MY LIFE.


Message: 11307 Posted: Thu Apr 27 18:22:02 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!

1. One in a Million
2. Tomorrow
3. Seasons
4. Sarah
5. You Girl

in no particular order....and if Seasons isn't considered a ballad put Who Loves You in its place. This is rather tough being that Mr. Beckley is the "Ballad Master". DanC.

Message: 11306 Posted: Thu Apr 27 18:06:34 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: America

God I'm bored with this!

Message: 11305 Posted: Thu Apr 27 17:38:48 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: America

i fully agree that personal expression should not be repressed nor punished. more along the lines that the state shouldn't be able to subsidize a singular religion.

and the previous song lyric was misquoted. "international" is a cover.

Message: 11304 Posted: Thu Apr 27 17:01:32 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: America

"Hey, Jesus you'll agree
They're going downhill very fast
And it don't look as though they'll last
Till judgement day"
(G. Beckley)

Message: 11303 Posted: Thu Apr 27 16:02:44 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Tery's Heritage Cover

I think Tery's Heritage Cover is elegant.
I especially like the colors she chose for the logo.
Great job Tery!


Message: 11302 Posted: Thu Apr 27 15:48:41 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!

I guess HANGOVER won't be considered legitimate, huh? :)


Message: 11301 Posted: Thu Apr 27 15:01:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "You Can Do Magic" Follow-Up Poll Results

Here are the results (tiny as they are) of the poll regarding which song should have been the follow-up to "You Can Do Magic":

Never Be Lonely: 4 votes
Even The Score: 2
Jody: 2
Inspector Mills: 1
You Girl: 1

The Facts:
"Even The Score" was the flip-side to "You Can Do Magic"
"Inspector Mills" was the flip-side to "Right Before Your Eyes"
"Jody" was released with the flip-side being "Inspector Mills"

Message: 11300 Posted: Thu Apr 27 15:01:08 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Steve sanctioned NEW CONTEST!!!

Ok, all!

In honor of "All My Life"'s reimmergence, I'm going to assemble all the Ballads YOU CHOSE in a personal "top 5" that YOU POST OR EMAIL ME(excepting solo work)into a list. I will chose 64 of the ballads by popularity. Lets see which of America's Ballads rules the depths, shall we?

My classification of a Ballad is simple. It has to be "slow" and emotional. It DOESN'T necessarily have to be a "love" song, (i.e. "Monster") but the tempo should not be UP BEAT......
SO. Post or email me your 5 favorites!!!

Mr.L will compile our "wish list" of 64 into brackets again and you'll have a week to vote in a particular round. Sound like phun?

Stay tuned for details on starting date, and GET THOSE WISH LISTS IN!!

Message: 11299 Posted: Thu Apr 27 14:51:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America -off subject.

Man, this is such a highly PERSONAL subject (but VERY interesting to discuss!!!!!!) for everyone! I LOVE IT! (C=

<<I don't think anyone wants schools to force-feed prayer or religion to our children.

Absolutely, but I happened to go to a school (back in the '60's) that had morning prayer. I always felt the need to "perform" because teachers and students back then thought MUCH less of you when you didn't do WHAT WAS EXPECTED of you (I was told this by the "well meaning" watchers-who incidently "should" have been praying, eh?) BUT there's NOTHING now to stop anyone from closing their eyes and praying silently ANY time they chose (even at the blackboard). Our school (when it had to "reform") chose to hold morning prayers around the flag pole outside, before classes began. In Michigan you can do that, still. It satisfied the Christians, Jewish, Muslims and EVERYONE. I don't think God/Spirit/Jesus/All-That-Is cares how or WHEN or WHERE you do it. Personally, I don't believe "God" is one place or another (as in NOT in school). It's everywhere and in everything. So, just because you can't speak a prayer out loud doesn't take it away. Just my opinion, though, I realize!

Anyhooooooo on to my next post!!!


Message: 11298 Posted: Thu Apr 27 13:39:44 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America -off subject.

mB wrote: << At a young, impressionable age, prayer in school for a singular faith is unfair and ignorant to those who might not have been brought up with the same system of beliefs. Public shcools are meant for the benefit of ALL children that live in this country. >>

You make some good points, and I agree that prayer or religion should not be shoved down childeren's throats. However, it should not be forbidden, either. If a group of like-minded Christians (or Jews, Muslums, Buddhists, etc.) want to get together in the morning before classes or during a study hall for scripture study or a prayer meeting or say a silent prayer by themselves, they should be free to do so without risk of persecution by others, especially school authorities.

There is a growing anti-religion sentiment in this country and it alarms me. Many forces are diligently working to destroy that freedom today (especially the ACLU), particularly the Christian faiths. I think that is what most of us are concerned about. I don't think anyone wants schools to force-feed prayer or religion to our children.

Message: 11297 Posted: Thu Apr 27 13:14:41 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America -off subject.

mB wrote: << At a young, impressionable age, prayer in school for a singular faith is unfair and ignorant to those who might not have been brought up with the same system of beliefs. Public shcools are meant for the benefit of ALL children that live in this country. >>

You make some good points, and I agree that prayer or religion should not be shoved down childeren's throats. However, it should not be forbidden, either. If a group of like-minded Christians (or Jews, Muslums, Buddhists, etc.) want to get together in the morning before classes or during a study hall for scripture study or a prayer meeting or say a silent prayer by themselves, they should be free to do so without risk of persecution by others, especially school authorities.

There is a growing anti-religion sentiment in this country and it alarms me. Many forces are diligently working to destroy that freedom today (especially the ACLU), particularly the Christian faiths. I think that is what most of us are concerned about. I don't think anyone wants schools to force-feed prayer or religion to our children.

Message: 11296 Posted: Thu Apr 27 12:24:38 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: America -off subject.

we are a country made up of a plethora of different races, founded by groups of people who were looking to free themselves from tyrannical religous persecution. it is important to a person's personal well being to have a system or belief that they can truly stand behind, yet is equally important that they realize that religion and philosophy are intensely personal things, and respect the rights of others to freely believe differently. At a young, impressionable age, prayer in school for a singular faith is unfair and ignorant to those who might not have been brought up with the same system of beliefs. Public shcools are meant for the benefit of ALL children that live in this country.
My two roomates are two of the most devout Christians I have ever met, and I ceaselessly admire their devotion to their faith. It is a result of a loving upbringing by their parents, who ultimately left them to make their own decisions. Religion should be nurtured in the home and in one's particular place of worship, but not mandated by a public school. It's turning a blind eye to one of the foundations of our country.


Message: 11295 Posted: Thu Apr 27 11:13:13 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America

All a matter of semantics......(C=


Message: 11294 Posted: Thu Apr 27 10:46:40 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America

"I'm sorry if this offends, but you really don't need prayer in school to have GOD in school! God/Allah/All that is/Spirit is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING!"

True, but you need prayer to get God in your heart, and thats what really counts.

Message: 11293 Posted: Thu Apr 27 10:13:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America

I'm sorry if this offends, but you really don't need prayer in school to have GOD in school! God/Allah/All that is/Spirit is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING! ((((C= Ok, I'll shut up and "stick to the subject of the board!"


Message: 11292 Posted: Thu Apr 27 10:10:49 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re:ACLU in Ohio?

I guess they're just exercising THEIR free


Message: 11291 Posted: Thu Apr 27 09:10:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Janice, You Were Still Correct

Janice, your subject matter was correct with "America"...America the country.

Yeowwwwwwwwwww...all of this Political Poaching! I'm standing clear out of the way.

Message: 11290 Posted: Thu Apr 27 09:01:23 2000 By: Janice
Subject: the subject of my last post

I didn't type one, but America came up automatically..was that to keep me "on topic"?? And it is "very", not "vert"

Message: 11289 Posted: Thu Apr 27 08:59:17 2000 By: Janice
Subject: America

I must speak on this subject, as it has reminded me of a cartoon that appeared last year in the local paper, albeit not vert funny. Two kids are standing in front of Columbine High School and one is asking the other "Why didn't God stop the shooting?"..the answer? "How could he? He's not allowed in school anymore." Just wanted to share.

Message: 11288 Posted: Thu Apr 27 08:29:47 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re:ACLU in Ohio?

It depends on the free speach and who it is wanting to exercise the freedom. The ACLU is very selective as to which cases they will take and who's speach is protected. This illustrates the double standard. The ACLU says it is not ok to use tax dollars to support a motto which mentions God in a positive way (With God, All Things Are Possible). However, it is perfectly ok, no not just ok but is mandatory that tax dollars be used to represent God in a negative way or to denegrate religious symbols or beliefs. Can you say double standard?

Message: 11287 Posted: Thu Apr 27 05:53:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re:ACLU in Ohio?

Well you can always look at it this way....

"I may not agree with what you say, but I defend to my death your right to say it" (paraphrased from a great Revolutionary Patriot-I believe it was Patrick Henry, but I'm not sure. I don't have my Revolutionary War crazed daughter

So, in as much as the ACLU does go after seemingly meaningless idioms, at least SOMEONE is out there watching out for our free speech! Thank goodness we DO have someone out there who wants to preserve this and has the *where-with-all* to do it (i.e. Buck-e-reeeenos).


Message: 11286 Posted: Wed Apr 26 21:08:08 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson update

Was just checking out the Brian Wilson/Beach Boys website called Imagination, had some info on B/L/W (updated 4/22/00), it reads: After several false starts, it looks like the long awaited CD by Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm, & Carl Wilson is finally going to be released. Jazz musician Herbie Hancock plans to release the CD on his new label, Transparent Music, in June. It is not known if the album is still titled "Like A Brother" as previously announced. The CD is said to contain Carl Wilson's last song to his sons, called "I Wish For You"

Just thought I would pass this info on, The site is at:

Message: 11285 Posted: Wed Apr 26 19:22:52 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Movie Update/with McGwire-McFarlane segue

Yes indeed Mark Mac is a big AMERICA fan. He was a guest at a Walnut Creek CA., fund raiser (hosted by Tony La Russa) where AMERICA & Huey Lewis donated their time & efforts, that's where the connection was made.

Message: 11284 Posted: Wed Apr 26 14:16:53 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Dan Peek song unconstitutional in Ohio?

Your take on the ACLU (The American Criminal Liberties Union) was
actually too generous. These are the same hypocritical freaks that advocate using taxpayer money to finance "art" in the form of a crucifix submerged in urine. So, according to the ACLU, it's okay to dip a cross in urine at taxpayers' cost, but you can't mention God in a public setting.
I happen to be an atheist myself, so while I have no emotional investment in the actual mentioning of God, I am frightened at the beliefs and actions of the hypocritical and militantly radical ACLU. The are pure evil.


Message: 11283 Posted: Wed Apr 26 14:14:39 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Sanding off Logos....

"In God we fussed"

LOL! Good one Tery!

Message: 11282 Posted: Wed Apr 26 13:56:56 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Sanding off Logos....

Amen to THAT Robyn! Maybe we should amend that slogan to "In God we fussed"......


Message: 11281 Posted: Wed Apr 26 13:50:20 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Beechlady's "Heritage" CD Cover

Hey there Johnny!! Thanks!

I colorized it to *match* the mood! (C=


Message: 11280 Posted: Wed Apr 26 13:13:49 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Movie Update/with McGwire-McFarlane segue

Jimnak, are you telling me that Mark McGwire is a big America fan? If so, I'll send him an America hat to wear, in exchange for homerun ball no. 71, whenever he hits it.

Speaking of McGwire, whose likeness will soon be captured by Todd McFarlane (who bought Big Mac's1998 homerun ball no. 70 for $3 million in 1999) on an action figure. McFarlane, the comic book artist/writer of Batman/Spider-Man/Spawn fame, owns McFarlane Toys, the company which makes dead-on likeness figures in all sorts of genres. His recent efforts include The Beatles (Yellow Submarine figs) and Kiss. If enough of us beg real loudly, maybe he would do America figures. Not likely, but I'll give him an America t-shirt if he agrees.

I'm running out of clothes. (Nobody gets my belt buckle, however.)

Jim R.

Message: 11279 Posted: Wed Apr 26 13:00:58 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Dreaming

Johnny wrote: << I once dreamed that I found a new America album at the record store (back when records were still made). In my dream, I remember, I played the album and heard new songs. Now, that's weird because my mind actually wrote the songs that had Gerry, Dewey, and Dan singing to as if they wrote them. Totally confused yet? >>

I had a very similar experience with the Eagles when I was around 17 years old. I remember dreaming my best friend and I were at the local record store browsing and I found a new Eagles album. I didn't have any cash on me, but planned to buy it later in the week. When I awoke the next morning it seemed so real. I remembered the title, the pictures on the front and back covers and even some of the song titles. In fact, it was so real I called up my friend and asked him if we had gone to the store yesterday and found a new Eagles album. He said we had not. Not satisfied, I went to the store and browsed for it. When I didn't find it, I asked the owner if the Eagles had a new album out. He said they did not, nor was anything scheduled to be released in the near future.

I had never had - nor have I since had - a dream with such vivid details, not even about America (sorry Dewey & Gerry).

Message: 11278 Posted: Wed Apr 26 13:00:46 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Movie Update

Naturally, since it's Milwaukee based, the movie was easier to see here than elsewhere. But did I know about the America t-shirt in "American Movie"? Nooooooo. Thanks, Joe B, for the tip.

The movie got rave reviews from local critics, too, I might add.

Jim R.

Message: 11277 Posted: Wed Apr 26 12:25:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Beechlady's "Heritage" CD Cover

That's the first time I've seen Tery's "Heritage" CD cover. It's very, very nice, Tery. I don't recall ever seeing the AMERICA logo in those colors. Tery, which album did it come from or did you colorize it yourself?

Message: 11276 Posted: Wed Apr 26 12:00:17 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan Peek song unconstitutional in Ohio?

Next we'll besanding "in God we Trust" off the coins. Aren't there greater issues to be addressed in the US than possibly offending someone with a State Motto? GEEZ

Message: 11275 Posted: Wed Apr 26 11:52:20 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan Peek song unconstitutional in Ohio?

I saw that in the paper this morning and the first thing I thought of was Dan's song. The second thing I thought of was what stupid waste of effort to ban a motto as innocuous as "With God All Things Are Possible"! It's not even a Christian motto, but a general reference to God. So the only folks who may be offended are the atheists, who by any poll I have seen make up only a few percentage points of the population. Come on people, you will probably never find something that doesn't offend at least some people! So if our standard is that you cannot have anything that offends anybody you will have nothing.

Hey, I'm sure Ohio will now be a much better place to live because of this wonderful service performed by the ACLU! Just stand back and watch the crime rates fall, taxes go down, and standard of living go up because of this action.

Man the ACLU obviously has too much money and time on their hands if they have the time to press such frivolous law suits as this.

As Don King says "Only in America" (I mean the country, not the group).

Message: 11274 Posted: Wed Apr 26 11:27:19 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dan Peek song unconstitutional in Ohio?

Strike up the band, Kevin!!!......sigh.

You know, in a way I understand where they're coming from (not being Christian and all) BUT for Pete's SAKE lets contain the political correctness madness, shall we? The next thing you know supermarkets will ban beef because the Hindi's are offended, they WILL NOT sell pepperoni pizza, and they CAN'T sell Christmas trees because the Druids would have a stroke......(I know I didn't cover everyone, sorry if I've offended!!)



Message: 11273 Posted: Wed Apr 26 09:20:39 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Kevin's Message

Kevin, I think you've discovered your "hidden talent" rewriting! (LOL)

Message: 11272 Posted: Wed Apr 26 09:01:47 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan Peek song unconstitutional in Ohio?

Don't know if anyone else saw this, but yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that Ohio's state motto, "With God, all things are possible," is unconstitutional. Apparently refering to God favors Christianity. But the good news is, they are still allowing guns and gangs in Ohio schools.

No word yet on whether they have also banned Dan's song from the airwaves, but my guess is that will be the next course of action.

Maybe Dan's lyrics should have been:

All things are possible/
If you don't allow ignorant laws to pass/
All things are possible/
If your head's not up your ass/


Message: 11271 Posted: Wed Apr 26 06:35:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: weDnesday chat

Hey Robyn I think you were right in the first place!
Wenesday doesn't need no stinking D! It's the Silent Letter syndrome!!!! (((C=


Message: 11270 Posted: Wed Apr 26 02:54:51 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: weDnesday chat

ah, my roots are showing!!! yep, see you wednesday nite!

Message: 11269 Posted: Tue Apr 25 22:38:16 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Movie Update

An AMERICA World Tour T-shirt in the movie ? very groovy Joe B.
Now if only Homerun McGuire would wear an AMERICA hat on national TV.

Message: 11268 Posted: Tue Apr 25 20:47:01 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Tery's Heritage Cover

As promised by Tery (Beechlady), here's a link to her rendition of the Heritage box set cover. She also said the following: "Photo/Logo courtesies to Henry Diltz, Gary Burden, Phil Hartmann, Nigel Waymouth, Gary Heery, without them, I'd be NOTHING....lololol!!!!!"

"On the "back" I'd put the Alibi baby head, the dog (from Hat Trick song book), a foil (from Hearts) and a chinese checker or two all floating haphazardly around the back. The background would be the same color, but there'd be all sorts of stickers embedded into the color like Encore's suitcase!!!!"

What do you all think?

Message: 11267 Posted: Tue Apr 25 20:28:42 2000 By: msmith
Subject: weDnesday chat

hey, bones, after last time, i can hardly wait for wednesday :-). robyn, you lausd product you, is wenesday chat the same as wednesday chat? i think we should have a group listen to one of the boys' cd's like we did with gary a few weeks ago. robyn, you pick. --mark windwave

Message: 11266 Posted: Tue Apr 25 20:21:16 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Quilt Quotes

How's this for an alternate quote for Gerry:

"Winter's here, bring the blankets out to cover up
the cold. I'm dreaming of a goodnight's sleep, like
I used to know in the days of old..."

Message: 11265 Posted: Tue Apr 25 20:17:53 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: 'Heritage"

Hey, wait a minute everyone!! Beechlady wasn't the first to suggest the title of "Heritage"....I WAS!!!! Yeah, that's it...I was...Oh yeah, I also invented the internet!! LOL


Message: 11264 Posted: Tue Apr 25 19:23:03 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Wenesday Evening? ( Chat)

I got my Backstreet Boys CD's ready!!!!!!!!

Message: 11263 Posted: Tue Apr 25 19:19:37 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Box Set& Go Man Go in June?????

Robyn, is that a hint for what you want your birthday present to be?
sounds like it to me. June 16th would be sweet for me. The box set, Go Man Go and THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 11262 Posted: Tue Apr 25 19:14:48 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Wenesday Evening? ( Chat)

ANyone wishing to join me in a chat, please be in the room after 7 p.m. tomorrow. I was thinking of doing a "listening party" thing, but don't know. Any comments? See you there!

Message: 11261 Posted: Tue Apr 25 19:00:27 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Movie Update

Hey You People,

I just finished seeing a very funny, though very offbeat documentary film. It's called "American Movie". It's about a 30 something guy in Milwaukee who is trying to finish a film. He's been at it since he was a kid and has made some really bad, low-budget horror flicks. The story includes his attempt to make the film and features his friends, family, and an assorted collection of bizarre Cheeseheads. Kind of Spinal Tapish on a small scale. A must see for movie fans. The best part: During one scene he's walking around in an autographed America World Tour '95-'96 T-shirt. You can see Willie's signature and part of Dewey's. It was so out of the blue I almost passed out! Again, if you like quirky flicks, check it out. Lots of swearing, but no sex or nudity. Very weird but very funny.

Joe B

P.S. Wonder if Joyce knows him?

P.P.S. I'm already fired up for the box set; hope there's lots of rarities.

Message: 11260 Posted: Tue Apr 25 17:04:12 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Box Set& Go Man Go in June?????

If they are released in late June, perhaps Johnny, Kevin ,TT and I will have a nice birthday present from the guys!!!!! I hope so!

Message: 11259 Posted: Tue Apr 25 16:48:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: 'Heritage"

Thanks Mark for remembering!!! (C= I had *come up* with Heritage about 3 years ago in a box-set-musing post on the AOL folder, and at the time it really sounded "right" Must be I'm psy-chic.......rofl! Either that or my Uri Gellar classes paid off.....I telepathically told the Rhino people "you MUST use MUST use Heritage"......

On the art front, I don't think that would be possible to use that cover, (they'd have to ask Ike for permission on the photos) but WOW, wouldn't it be FUN???????

Maybe I'll dream up something else and have Steve post it!!!!!


Message: 11258 Posted: Tue Apr 25 16:45:00 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Box Set, Oxygen.

Hello everyone,may I just say how good it is to hear from Steve O.Excitment is mounting with the upcoming box set,and a triple offering is more than pleasing,can't wait to see the track listing and liner notes maybe a few vintage photo's that we may not have seen,well thirty years in the music industry when so many others have fallen away,how fitting it should be a triple set,not many bands could lay claim to this sort of output.This now brings me on to Oxygen who look like they will be doing one or two more projects with the chaps,although not the biggest recording label it will ensure more new material,Human Nature being a truly remarkable CD ,and as if to emphasise this point I have seen nothing but very good reviews everywhere I've looked,which must make the guys rather frustrated that it has'nt reached a larger audience.

Message: 11257 Posted: Tue Apr 25 09:49:25 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Heritage"

I just checked Rhino's web site. They had future releases listed out to 20 June, however no Heritage was listed. So I assume that means it won't be released until sometime after 20 June.

Message: 11256 Posted: Tue Apr 25 08:01:56 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Quilt Quotes

How about this one for Dewey?

Wrapped in a BLANKET, lyin' in the snow
Feelin' like the men felt a long time ago

Oh well, it was worth a shot, Eh?

Message: 11255 Posted: Tue Apr 25 07:51:27 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: "Heritage"

Thanx, Steve O for the info! I hope Heritage, Go man Go, or Beckley/Lamm/Wilson come out soon, I NEED AN AMERICA FIX!!!

Message: 11254 Posted: Tue Apr 25 06:40:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Heritage"

Way to go, Tery!!!

Message: 11253 Posted: Tue Apr 25 06:25:58 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 'Heritage"

Our very own Beechlady was the one who has been pushing the Heritage name for an America album title for the last several years. If I recall correctly she even designed a cover for the album. Hey Tery, are they going to use your cover design too?

Message: 11252 Posted: Tue Apr 25 06:04:50 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 'Heritage"

Thanks Steve O. for the info on the upcoming box-set. Glad to hear that the "H" theme continues. I know someone on the chat folder here suggested "Heritage" as America's next CD/cassette title. Who was it? You can step forward and take a bow.

Message: 11251 Posted: Tue Apr 25 05:59:08 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: HERITAGE!!!!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

YES! (Nice name!!! )


Message: 11250 Posted: Mon Apr 24 22:03:42 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Box set update

Sounds splendid, indeed. Thirty years of AMERICA !

Message: 11249 Posted: Mon Apr 24 17:59:48 2000 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America Box set update

I'm not sure how many details are out there,but according to Rhino's
"June Catalog" the set is called "Heritage: 30 years of America".
The set is NOT due in June;it was mentioned in the opening sleeve
under "Coming down the road". As a retailor,we see products promoted
well in advance of the music. But it was still nice to see it actually
in print,with the given name of "Heritage". The so-called "June catalog" is just hyping material that Rhino plans to release then,but
it can't be long after that!

Message: 11248 Posted: Mon Apr 24 16:09:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Tanks ya Andrew!!!

I love Old Man Took, about the best lyrics on the planet.....


Message: 11247 Posted: Mon Apr 24 14:45:48 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Quilt Quotes

Nina, I like your idea! I'll think on it over the evening, if some great inspiration comes to mind I'll jot it down. Thanks for your efforts!!

Message: 11246 Posted: Mon Apr 24 14:44:00 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Quilt Quotes

Your Perspective/nightmare analogy had me in rolling on the floor! A "Perspective" pillow case would be a great weapon in a pillow fight! :)

Now for my quilt quote suggestions:

For DEWEY: "Golden rings and hair tied in ribbons, early spring
when winter's forgiven, laughing past pleasures warm
by the fire, come inside."

For GERRY: "Thank the morning for bringing you, hope you never turn
your head and run. And thank the sun for shining too,
hope the darkness never comes again."

*Sorry Erin, I beat you to it, lol!!!


Message: 11245 Posted: Mon Apr 24 12:22:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Quilt Quotes

With the warmth and comfort of a quilt (downed or otherwise) in mind, I suggest these lyric quotes:

For Dewey:
"Some people say
this town don't look good in the snow.
You don't care, I know."


"There ain't nothing left to do this mornin',
'Cept to make it to my bed."

OR (if humor is the thing)

"Don't let it get you down-ed..."

For Gerry:
"Like the flower needs the rain,
you know I need you."

OR (that humor thing again)

"Watership Down-ed,
Gather 'round."

I was going to suggest "Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye," but given the general feelings on "Perspective," I'm guessing it might cause some nightmares under the warm quilt.

Jim R.

Message: 11244 Posted: Mon Apr 24 09:42:50 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: re:Quilt Quote-How 'bout these?

Hats off to Beachlady for her awesome suggestions....especially using OLD MAN TOOK for the quilt!!!!!


Message: 11243 Posted: Mon Apr 24 07:20:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: re:Quilt Quote-How 'bout these?

They're lengthy, but I liked them....

Dewey: So follow the path through the knowing trees
And each time you laugh, it is love you release
That love will come back in the garden of peace


He said now young man
Take good care don't let the bugs bite
Please make sure to say a word at night
For all your brothers feeling blue

Gerry: Wherever I go it's coming back to me
Whoever I've known they sent it back to me
I know the night will be all right
As long as your love keeps coming

Right back to me, right back to me
For all to see that our love is true

Message: 11242 Posted: Mon Apr 24 06:22:51 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re:Quilt Quote

Nina..thinking of quotes but I am sure that whatever you decide will be perfect as long as it is from the heart..can you please add Janice and Ronnie Gabriel to your quilt if it is not too late (playing catch up here)..Sharpsburg, Georgia..thanks!

Message: 11241 Posted: Mon Apr 24 06:18:58 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: America on the radio

Got treated twice yesterday..Venturea Highway while I shopped, and Sister Golden Hair while driving home!
Liked your idea, Shari, but what about the rotten eggs that turn up a year later while hiding new ones?? lol..

Message: 11240 Posted: Mon Apr 24 05:48:29 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Songs On The Radio

I don't hear them much anymore. Every once in a while the oldies or classic rock station will play SGH or HWNN, but that's about it. A new station started up last year that played "classic hits" format and they used to play some of America's other songs. I think they were doing their programming locally because not only were they playing America songs that nobody else played, but alot of other stuff from the 70s that you never hear anymore. But a few months ago they started carrying a syndicated morning show and started playing the same songs that everybody else plays. I hope their ratings go down the tubes.

Message: 11239 Posted: Sun Apr 23 18:25:48 2000 By: kitschy

Just wanted to wish all my fellow America fans a happy and blessed

Message: 11238 Posted: Sun Apr 23 14:23:59 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Quilt Quotes

Hi Nina;

>>>>"May this quilt comfort you, as your music has comforted us throughout the years"<<<< may not be as clever as you may want Nina, however it does come from the heart. I do like it.
The only problem I have with it is the word "comfort". Yes indeed AMERICA's music has comforted us, but it has done so much more; it has excited us, guided us, enlightened us, and inspired us.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

For Dewey;
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To the TIN MAN with Love.

For Gerry;
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To BROTHER GOLDEN HAIR with Love.


Message: 11237 Posted: Sun Apr 23 11:30:44 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Easter eggs

Let the kids hide them! You'll never find them all! Ha!
Have already given my girls (even tho they are teenagers) their baskets after I bit the ears off the chocolate bunnies. (Family joke, carried on in the tradition of the comic Sally Forth.)
Thanks, Eddy, for the link to the Bill Mumy site. Very interesting.
ShariL <><

Message: 11236 Posted: Sun Apr 23 06:45:18 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Easter Greetings!

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday with friends and family..Honey Baked Ham has given me a reprieve from the kitchen (but I did manage to bake a bunny cake), where to hide those

Message: 11235 Posted: Sat Apr 22 22:03:59 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America Songs On The Radio

I plead guilty to listening to the radio on occasion. I need my fix of Sarah M. and Jewel. Of course, I don't hear much of them either, so your case for the ten disc CD changer is tough to argue with :)

Happy holidays everyone!!


Message: 11234 Posted: Sat Apr 22 21:50:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Easter Greetings

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!!! :o)

"...we call to THE MAN who walks on the water..."

Message: 11233 Posted: Sat Apr 22 19:08:51 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: America Songs On The Radio

Who listens to the radio. The 10 CD player in the truck is always loaded with AMERICA CD's. HAPPY EASTER to all and HAPPY Palm Sunday if your Orthodox.

Message: 11232 Posted: Sat Apr 22 16:08:30 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America Songs On The Radio

I'll trade you that radio station in Carson City for half a dozen of the noise polluting dance/rap nonsense stations that infest the New York City area. :)


Message: 11231 Posted: Sat Apr 22 16:05:16 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Quilt Quotes

By the way, can anybody out there think of a clever quote for the the back of the quilts (where our names will be) ? Something a little more clever than my original thought: "May this quilt comfort you, as your music has comforted us throughout the years"

Maybe a quote from Dewey's lyrics for his quilt...and a quote from Gerry's lyrics for his?

Just wondering what your ideas might be!



Message: 11230 Posted: Sat Apr 22 15:49:06 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Dreamin'

I've had my share of "America" dreams over the years, the most recent being on the strange side! It seems that somehow I got the band booked to play at my school...and I was suppose to meet and greet them when they arrived....and I was running around trying to find them...and everybody kept saying "Yup, they're here", but I kept missing them! I remember seeing them on stage, singing songs that I didn't recognize...then the show was over and I still couldn't find them...until I ran outside and found Gerry sitting at a picnic table signing autographs for my students! After the last child left, Gerry and I chatted and he filled me in on ancient Chinese emperors and various antique pots containing their remains! Fascinating...???!!!!

Analyze that one!

Happy Easter to all!


Message: 11229 Posted: Sat Apr 22 15:32:41 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America Songs On The Radio

My stepdad was listening to the radio yesterday and he heard the "America Hour" on some station in Carson City...(near Reno.) I guess they played an entire hour of America music. Of course he couldn't remember what songs, even though he just saw them less than a month ago. And he didn't even call me! Can you believe that??!! Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool at least one radio station around here did that! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Erin :o)

Message: 11228 Posted: Sat Apr 22 07:55:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: America Songs On The Radio

Heard "You Can Do Magic" on the radio this morning. It's been a long time since I've heard anything other than "Sister Golden Hair". I hear it everyday on the station at work. It makes me smile and chuckle to myself. Im thinking, "That's our two guys!"

Message: 11227 Posted: Sat Apr 22 06:43:49 2000 By: msmith
Subject: thursday chat

i got there late, but kitschy and i had a pretty rockin time. so, robyn, what are you doing checking out that anaheim site??? see you in san diego too? :-) windwave

Message: 11226 Posted: Fri Apr 21 22:39:28 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Slow nite in the chat room?

I will be there this Wednesday. See you there!

Message: 11225 Posted: Fri Apr 21 19:50:57 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: Re: Slow nite in the chat room?

I dropped in around 9, PST. No one but WindWave was there.

Message: 11224 Posted: Fri Apr 21 17:02:28 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sun Theater Info - Sep 30

I received the following information from Robyn about the September 30th concert at the Sun Theater in Anaheim. Thanks for sharing it with us Robyn.

Thank you for your interest in the Sun Theatre! America is coming to the Sun on September 30th as part of our new Subscription Series
that recently debuted. All shows on this series are available for subscription orders before going on sale on a per-show basis. If you are interested in this show, may I suggest that you become a subscriber? Only 2 shows need be selected to qualify for the Passport
level. You can check out the complete schedule on our website, along with the different levels and pricing, by clicking on the Subscription button. You may order from the order form, or you may click on the fax button to the left to print and fax the order form. The public on-sale date for this event is May 14th at noon. Tickets are $29.50 for this show. Keep checking our website for the most up-to-date information!

Message: 11223 Posted: Fri Apr 21 14:43:23 2000 By: Randy
Subject: follow up to magic

I vote for "Never Be Lonely". I saw them play it live last summer. Dewey added a little bit extra on the acoustic. Naturally, it followed "Lonely People" on the playlist. I hope that they keep it on the playlist. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

Message: 11222 Posted: Fri Apr 21 14:42:58 2000 By: Randy
Subject: follow up to magic

I vote for "Never Be Lonely". I saw them play it live last summer. Dewey added a little bit extra on the acoustic. Naturally, it followed "Lonely People" on the playlist. I hope that they keep it on the playlist. Have a blessed Easter everyone.

Message: 11221 Posted: Fri Apr 21 13:18:41 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Slow nite in the chat room?

<<( I resist the urge to say same bat time, same bat channel, my name being what it is!) -- Robyn>>

Holy hidden puns, Batman!

Message: 11220 Posted: Fri Apr 21 12:45:25 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Slow nite in the chat room?

Usually starts slow, but is still going strong by 8-815 Left Coast time. I will be there next WEDNESDAY, if anyone is interested in joining me ( I resist the urge to say same bat time, same bat channel, my name being what it is!)

Message: 11219 Posted: Fri Apr 21 11:46:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Slow nite in the chat room?

Yeah, I went into the chat room at the stroke of 9 (E.T.). Stayed in for 20 minutes, NUTHIN'. I'm a thunkin' it's the holiday weekend. Let's HOPE so!!!!



Message: 11218 Posted: Thu Apr 20 20:19:13 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Slow nite in the chat room?

I just dropped in about 8:15 and no one was there. Ususally, people are still going strong, what's up with that?

Message: 11217 Posted: Thu Apr 20 18:46:41 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: America At Stone Mt.Ga.

For those going to the concert May 28 the schedule I received goes as follows 5:00 Air Force Band, 6:30 America, and 9:30 Laser Show.Have fun!

Message: 11216 Posted: Thu Apr 20 17:55:59 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: America At Stone Mt.Ga.

For those going to the concert May 28 the schedule I received goes as follows 5:00 Air Force Band, 6:30 America, and 9:30 Laser Show.Have fun!

Message: 11215 Posted: Thu Apr 20 15:14:07 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Dreaming

Ummmmmm...Can you say S-H-O-P-L-I-F-T ?????????


Message: 11214 Posted: Thu Apr 20 14:22:22 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dreaming

My one and only America dream came in the mid '80's.....I was walking thru a mall (one I'd NEVER been too...rofl) and there was a music store that had a very RARE piano/guitar book of America songs. As I rifled thru the book, NOTHING was familiar! I HAD to have it! As the usual dream sequences go, I had no money, the charge card wouldn't work, I couldn't call home to get MOM to come and buy it (it was a DREAM, the buttons on the phone wouldn't work....I wouldn't put the book back because I wanted it so

"Tell me about your childhood..."---Thomas Dolby

All in all a very POSITIVE


Message: 11213 Posted: Thu Apr 20 11:51:07 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Live - 2000

I saw it listed at cdnow also. I wonder if it is a re-issue of Live because the 2000 was not in the title but was listed as a date of release.

Message: 11212 Posted: Thu Apr 20 09:28:03 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Rhino Box Set

Don't know what this means exactly, but I notice has a America Live 2000 CD for sale. Anyone heard of it? Also on A&B records out of Canada, they're offering an America 3-CD boxset as a special order. Neither CDs have tracks listed. Can't wait to get 'em...ok, that's not exactly true cuz I'm waiting for any of you all to say you've seen/heard of 'em. Looking forward to seeing America at Rams Head in Annapolis (May 18) and at the Brichmere (july 6). Anyone else going?

Message: 11211 Posted: Thu Apr 20 07:51:30 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Rhino Box Set

Rob, I don't know anything about the box set but I have heard that Oxygen is going to do one or more projects with America in the future (however, I wouldn't say it's in the near future ... I think it would more likely be sometime next year). If I find out anything concrete, I'll be sure to post it here. --Steve

Message: 11210 Posted: Thu Apr 20 04:04:01 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Rhino Box Set

Is there any news (any at all) on the next box set? Also, there seems to be rumors to the effect that Oxygen may have another "America" project in the near future? We hope, anyway...

Best wishes to all on this Easter and Passover

Message: 11209 Posted: Wed Apr 19 20:08:29 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Bill Mumy.

Bill Mumy is the co-creator of a show on Nickelodeon called "Space Cases." I think he writes some of the episodes. He's also a voiceover talent in commercials. I have his voice demo CD in my office.

I'd love for him to collaberate again with Gerry and Dewey in the future. Their songs together are all awesome. He seems to push them to rock.


Message: 11208 Posted: Wed Apr 19 19:55:02 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Dreaming

My dream came true when Gerry walked in the music store I worked at,& then got to "party" w/America that night after the concert, it's something I'll allways remember w/great fondness.

Message: 11207 Posted: Wed Apr 19 19:46:02 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Bill Mumy

Bill Mumy has his own website at
check it out!

Message: 11206 Posted: Wed Apr 19 18:59:10 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: follow up to "You Can Do Magic"

You Girl followed closely by the rest of the songs on "View"..DanC.

Message: 11205 Posted: Wed Apr 19 18:57:29 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bill Mumy and "Never Be Lonely"

ShariL, according to the "All Music Guide", Bill Mumy had a CD released in August of last year called, "In The Current", his third. One of the songs is about his friendship with the late Nicolette Larson. It is called, "To Nicolette". It's only a minute-and-a-half long. The CD has 14 songs. Can anyone give us a review? The first CD was in 1980 with a self-title. The second one is called "Dying To Be Heard" and was released in 1997. I wonder if Dewey or Gerry provided background vocals on any of the CDs.

As Beth mentioned, "Never Be Lonely" is especially good live. I remember how impressed I was to hear it live. It has such great drive, live.

Message: 11204 Posted: Wed Apr 19 18:10:15 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Dreaming

None that I can recall. Plenty of fantasies!!

Message: 11203 Posted: Wed Apr 19 18:09:42 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Follow up to Magic

Never Be Lonely. Saw/Heard the guys do it Live. Excellent Tune!

Message: 11202 Posted: Wed Apr 19 17:05:05 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Bill Mumy

Hey, everybody.
Johnny mentioned a person I've been wondering about for a long time, Bill Mumy.
What's he doing these days? Seen older pictures with the guys and know he did some writing with and for them in the past.
I had a crush on him long before America appeared on the scene!
"Danger, Will Robinson!"
ShariL <><

Message: 11201 Posted: Wed Apr 19 15:44:23 2000 By: dofd
Subject: oops, I forgot

Jim: I agree that more of Gerry/Dewey, less of Ballard would have made those albums much better.

KevinS: Sounds like you've got good taste in tunes. Now, about those festering boils ...

Message: 11200 Posted: Wed Apr 19 15:40:09 2000 By: dofd
Subject: follow up to "You Can Do Magic"

"Even the Score" would have been my No. 1 choice, followed by "Never Be Lonely"

Message: 11199 Posted: Wed Apr 19 15:34:00 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Follow up to "You Can Do Magic."

Never Be Lonely...definitely.

Message: 11198 Posted: Wed Apr 19 13:37:34 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dreaming

Gerry was also in my dream last night but I was hanging around Dewey for some unknown reason. I think the picture of Dewey and The Captain was deeply planted in my mind.

Jim R, before you joined us, I mentioned previously that I dreamed I was performing on stage with the guys playing a guitar and singing. That's very strange because I don't know how to play a guitar! But in my dream, I didn't miss a beat!!

I once dreamed that I found a new America album at the record store (back when records were still made). In my dream, I remember, I played the album and heard new songs. Now, that's weird because my mind actually wrote the songs that had Gerry, Dewey, and Dan singing to as if they wrote them. Totally confused yet?

Message: 11197 Posted: Wed Apr 19 12:51:51 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Dreaming

<<PS: Had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Dewey!?!? -- Johnny>>

OK, let's start a new thread. How many of us have had an America dream? I had one in the past few months that I remember vividly. I'm sitting in church when I realize that it's Gerry singing by the altar. I remember feeling lucky to be sitting in the same church with Gerry, like he's almost a friend. I've had Dewey dreams too. (Please, if there are any psychoanalysts or dream interpreters out there, don't tell me what this means!)

Jim R.

Message: 11196 Posted: Wed Apr 19 12:44:43 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: view from the moving ground

<<However, I think "My Dear," while strange, is a good tune. I love the bass intro, the miniature symbols and the lyrics. I wish Dewey, especially, would experiment like that a bit more often. >>

I have no problem with Dewey experimenting (after all, I *like* "Hot Town," remember?), but "My Dear" was his only contribution as a stand-alone songwriter on the entire album. Too conspicuous. A more mainstream song or two from Dewey, in addition to "My Dear," on that album would have been nice.

I don't dislike Russ Ballard's contributions to America. Russ' songwriting abilities (as demo'ed on Alibi, View..., and Your Move) prove that he is a likable pop songwriter in his own right, and his songs work well with Dewey's and Gerry's voices. However -- again, this is only my opinion -- I didn't welcome his contributions to the extent of "Your Move." If those songs had been scattered over, let's say, four albums, I'd say his contributions would have made him a true American ally. His instrument work fruther displaced the considerable talents of Gerry and, to nearly the same extent, Dewey. I feel like someone -- and I don't mean to imply that it was Russ' idea -- threw Gerry and Dewey into the background. As a fan, I found that insulting. Honestly, that's probably why "Your Move" was never given a fair chance by me or other similarly looney America fans in 1983. I guess I'm just stubborn.

Jim R.

Message: 11195 Posted: Wed Apr 19 12:26:04 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

Dan, I've never heard "Inspector Mills" in concert in person, but the King Biscuit live album certainly convinced me that this is a song that I'd like to hear as part of the regular playlist. "Old Man Took," which I actually heard live on "America Live" before the studio version, had the same effect on me that "Inspector" had on you.

No complaints about "You Girl" either. It's not my quite my favorite Dewey song, but it was a positive contribution to "View from the Ground." All the more reason I was annoyed in 1983 to see Dewey's solo-written contributions reduced to "My Dear" on "Your Move." And Gerry had no solo-written pieces on "Your Move," despite the Inspector's compelling presence one album earlier.

The more I listen to "Your Move," the more I like it, but it still leaves a bad taste in my ear (for literature buffs, that's called a nasty mixed metaphor) because of Gerry and Dewey's songwriting absence. At least "The Border," which I like a lot, was co-written by Dewey; otherwise America would not have had an America-written single since "Alibi." There's no good alibi for that, in my opinion.

Jim R.

Message: 11194 Posted: Wed Apr 19 10:15:40 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Follow up to "You Can Do Magic."

Hi everyone,

I wanted to set the record straight. While I believe JODY should have been the follow up single, INSPECTOR MILLS, YOU GIRL and NEVER BE LONELY were more dear to me. I never really cared for EVEN THE SCORE. I thought LOVE ON THE VINE was a better Dewey song.


Message: 11193 Posted: Wed Apr 19 08:57:15 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Follow up to "You Can Do Magic."

I vote for Jody. Though I like some other songs on the album better, I think Jody had the best commercial potential after Magic.

Message: 11192 Posted: Wed Apr 19 08:54:45 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Follow up to "You Can Do Magic."


Message: 11191 Posted: Wed Apr 19 08:30:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Follow-Up

Oh yeah. I had a brain-freeze!!!

Message: 11190 Posted: Wed Apr 19 08:20:23 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Follow up to "You Can Do Magic."

Johnny: I wouldn't have followed up "You Can Do Magic" with "My Dear" because they're on two different albums. My pick would have been "Even The Score."


Message: 11189 Posted: Wed Apr 19 08:03:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: View From The Ground: It Might Be Fun

It might be fun to see which song us fans think should've been selected as the follow-up to "You Can Do Magic". I'll keep a log.

So far, we have the following:
Jim R..."Inspector Mills"
Kevin..."My Dear" named several so I'm not sure
Me..."Never Be Lonely" (for radio play although "Jody" is my favorite)

PS: Had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Dewey!?!?

Message: 11188 Posted: Wed Apr 19 07:30:04 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: View From A Moving Train.

<<(and anyone associated with Capitol Records will die with festering boils).

Now tell us what you REALLY think, Kevin...roflmao! You GO boy!


Message: 11187 Posted: Wed Apr 19 07:24:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

GerryK: Thanks for the info on Toto's song, "99". I appreciate your setting the record straight (pun intended).

Patrick from France: Welcome aboard and don't feel lonely because we're only a click away on this chat folder.

Dan: Sarah Taylor, who sang background vocals on one of the "View" songs, has worked with Carly Simon, Bill Mumy, and John Prine to name a few (according to "All Music Guide").

Kevin: There is justice! I believe "My Dear" is to be on the box-set as well as "Only Game In Town", and "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby".

Message: 11186 Posted: Tue Apr 18 22:32:38 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: view from the moving ground

Any judge that's honest will remove themselves if they are unduely biased about an issue before them. That's how I feel about discussing View From the Ground and especially Your Move. They bring back memories of being a kid, holding hands for the first other words, stuff that may not be worth posting here, but stuff that still evokes extremely powerful memories. To this day, I can't listen to the Your Move CD all the way through from start to finish. I'll make it through a few songs, but that's it.
As for the music, I agree with dofd that LOVE'S WORN OUT AGAIN and SOMEDAY WOMAN are the finest on that CD. When I first heard MY DEAR, I hated it. It was too weird for me. (Imagine that!!!!lol) I've since grown to really love that song. Now I count it as one of my favourites. Gerry's counter/background vocals really make that song for me. Cast the Spirit is another one that I love, even though it's not "home grown". Anyway, like I said, I can't bring myself to say anything negative about YOUR MOVE...I'm way too sentimentally attached to be even remotely objective. What came after YOUR MOVE is another issue.......


Message: 11185 Posted: Tue Apr 18 20:12:14 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: View From A Moving Train.

The whole post-View From The Ground/Capitol Records period is sad. Just very sad. Talking about it is too depressing. Like watching a friend die.

"My Dear," however, was not only one of the real highpoints of that time, but is one of the all-time best songs ever written. It's Dewey at his finest. Dewey's not afraid to go off the playbook and come up with some gems: Pigeon Song, Lady With A Bluebird, Green Monkey, Moon Song, Cornwall Blank, Hell's On Fire, Ooloololo. Too many to mention here. I'd love to hear what else he wrote during that time that the lameasses at Capitol didn't get. If there's justice, those songs will end up on the box set (and anyone associated with Capitol Records will die with festering boils).


Message: 11184 Posted: Tue Apr 18 16:01:52 2000 By: Emilio
Subject: rarities

I am a spanish fan of America. I have seen the two Madrid concerts in 1996 and 1999. Really lovelies.I would like if somebody could tell me how I can search items of America in e-bay or how I can buy "the star" of D. Peek, " last two to dance" of America and other rarities.Many thanks and my very best wishes from Spain. Emilio

Message: 11183 Posted: Tue Apr 18 15:24:39 2000 By: dofd
Subject: view from the moving ground

Hey, that sounds like it could have been in "Hangover."

Had to get my 2#$%^&* (cents sign) worth in about this topic, because it has long bugged me.

If America was an athlete, it would have received Comeback Player of the Year award for "You Can Do Magic," so Mr. Ballard deserves some kudos on that count. That song opened the eyes, and ears, of a big audience more or less unfamiliar to America. I recall my then-roomate walking into the room while "Even the Score" was playing and not believing he was enjoying a song by America. I think they or their management blew it by making a ballad the second single. They might have been better of with "Never Be Lonely," "You Girl," or one of the rockers, "Score" or "Desperate Love."

"Your Move" is perhaps my least favorite America album. "The Border" was the natural single, but there were a lot of similar songs at the time, and the very title evoked memories of the Eagles' "On the Border." In my humble opinion, "Love's Worn Out Again" and "Someday Woman" were the only other songs with a chance to be singles on the album. However, I think "My Dear," while strange, is a good tune. I love the bass intro, the miniature symbols and the lyrics. I wish Dewey, especially, would experiment like that a bit more often.

Message: 11182 Posted: Tue Apr 18 15:22:53 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

Jim, The first time I had the pleasure of hearing Inspector Mills was in concert. I would hope that with the way you feel about this song you were also fortunate enough to have heard it live. It was better live than in the studio. Also I have to say that the song You Girl is among my top 5 favorite Dewey Bunnell songs. Who was that girl who sang background on that song? Johnny can you help me on this? Anyway that is really a smooth tune. Sorry but I don't think I can make the chat tonight Robyn. Got a funtion to attend. Maybe Thurs. though. DanC.

Message: 11181 Posted: Tue Apr 18 11:55:57 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

I thought with View From The Ground (and Alibi before it) America hit on the right balence of theirown material and that of outside writers. The fact that You Can Do Magic was such a big comeback hit for them set the stage for going overboard with the outside material. I bet some Capitol execs thought "If a little Russ Ballard is a good thing, then a lot of Russ Ballard should be GREAT!" Thus you end up with Your Move, which isn't a bad album, but certainly isn't as strong as View From The Ground. The reason being, imho is that Your Move has too much Ballard and not enough Bunnell and Beckley. I think they should have stuck with the mix of 3 or 4 songs from other writers and the rest of the album from Beckley and Bunnell. As it happened, they went even farther off course with Perspective, which all but finished America as major recording artists.

Message: 11180 Posted: Tue Apr 18 11:37:22 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: California Revisited

I believe it is because the homecoming version is a re-recording of the original Everyone I Meet Is From California, so it was "revisited". Stephen Stills, who was a big influence on the young America, did something similar when he recorded his second album in 1971, I believe, with his song Bluebird. He re-recorded it and renamed it Bluebird Revisited.

Message: 11179 Posted: Tue Apr 18 11:36:41 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

I guess that would make it my 10 ¢s worth!


Message: 11178 Posted: Tue Apr 18 10:55:06 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonite?

Anyone interested in an impromptu chat this evening? Be in the chat room after 7 p.m. Pacific time. See you there.

Message: 11177 Posted: Tue Apr 18 08:41:23 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Everything must go!

Hey You People,

During my recent move I hit upon a cache of extra cd's (doubles of doubles) and am looking to divest. Here's what I have:

Nearly new: Alibi, Silent Letter, Perspective,Your Move, Hourglass
Brand new (still wrapped) Encore (sticker priced at 15.99)

I'd like to sell them all together, so if there's somebody looking to get their collection going at a discount let me know. I guess I'll start the bidding at $50 (I'll cover the shipping costs.) Highest bidder wins.

Joe B

P.S. The bidding closes Friday 4/21/00

P.P.S. My e-mail address is

P.P.P.S. I'm not selling any t-shirts though most haven't fit for about 10 years.

Message: 11176 Posted: Tue Apr 18 07:10:46 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground


Message: 11175 Posted: Tue Apr 18 07:07:04 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

LOLOLOL, Um, THANKS Steve....Nice quick and EASY....rofl.

TkH<----Ted Kascansky's sister...rofl

Message: 11174 Posted: Tue Apr 18 06:04:04 2000 By: CHICA

Hello every one is been a long time since I been in this chat folder.
Just wanted to know if any of you saw the show NATIONAL INQUIRE on
monday they had a sgment on the BEST ALBUM COVERS. and they
had two of AMERICA, they had "HOME COMING" & AND The HEARTS ALBUM"
I was so happy I drove every one crazy in My office,
Tata, Chica

Message: 11173 Posted: Tue Apr 18 04:38:43 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

Aaaaggghhh, I can't believe I did that. Here we go again, Steve...¢

Did it work?


Message: 11172 Posted: Tue Apr 18 04:37:08 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground


I liked your reviews. I, too am a big fan of these LP's. Along with INSPECTOR MILLS being among Gerry's finest, I thought YOU GIRL was one of Dewey's best vocal performances. I was disappointed by the release of RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES as the second single, though, I was certain that JODY would be the follow up since it's sound is so reminicent to YOU CAN DO MAGIC. Perhaps another "overlooked song was SOMETIMES LOVERS. All in all, I thought that the production and Dewey's voice were finer on this album than any other.

As far as YOUR MOVE is concerned, I didn't mind THE BORDER as the first single. I remember BILLBOARD likened it to RIDE LIKE THE WIND (which was accurate) and "spotlighted" it. However, the choice of CAST THE SPIRIT as the follow up was terrible. YOUR MOVE would have been a far more effective single. It always reminded me of their earlier, lighter (more humorous) music (like MAD DOG). SHE'S A RUNAWAY, TONIGHT IS FOR DREAMERS and LOVE'S WORN OUT AGAIN were exceptional as well. As for Mr. Ballard, I have only positive things to say of his involvement. He was a driving force in there chart comeback and added an additional element to the band.

Steve, just checking to see if it really works...@cent;


Message: 11171 Posted: Mon Apr 17 20:08:14 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

Tery, there is a way to make a cent sign using HTML. Simply type an ampersand (&) followed by the word cent, followed by a semicolon (;). Put it all together and you get ¢. This won't work everywhere, but it will work on this chat folder which is implemented using HTML. --Steve

Message: 11170 Posted: Mon Apr 17 18:48:31 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Your View from the Moving Ground

Hey Jim. Good points all the way around. I'm thinking the Russ Ballard thing is this. Russ Ballard = Capitol/EMI. Perhaps he had a publishing deal with the company. Cap/EMI was probably looking SOLELY at profit margins and said, "here-take these and USE them" to Mr.s B & B not giving them much of a choice.....record companies seldom look to "sound" when a profit is MUCH more warm and jingly.....that's why I hope the internet thing takes off for artists...then you don't have to worry about what is the *current thing*. You buy what you LIKE even if it is fairly obscure or different.....


my $.02 (why the HECK do computers NOT make a cent sign?)


Message: 11169 Posted: Mon Apr 17 17:56:15 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: a little more on TOTO ... and easy trivia

I picked up an import a number of years ago & in the notes, the following comments are attributed to David Paich .... a)I wrote this (99) when I was very young. It's about a sci fi movie. Everybody's dressed in white and has a number; they no longer have names. I had fallen in love with a girl - her number was 99. b) Rosanna is about three girls that I knew all rolled into one. After I met Rosanna Arquette, I think I just stole her name and stuck it on there.

By the way, Toto's Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather and the late Jeff Porcaro worked with America .... who knows the specifics??

Message: 11168 Posted: Mon Apr 17 17:08:14 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Your View from the Moving Ground

Hi all,

Sorry to jumble album titles into one subject line, but a four-day trip forced me to compress two albums worth of America on my CD tour. In effect, it's all running together in my mind right now. Anyway, here are my questions and comments:

Despite the pared down contributions of Dewey and Gerry on "View from the Ground," I liked this album. "Inspector Mills" worked for me from day 1, and is today one of my all-time favorite album cuts from Gerry. Yes, I was disturbed by the "outside" material recorded elsewhere on the album, but Russ Ballard's contributions seemed positive at the time, and "...Magic" certainly performed a magical feat by climbing into the Top 10. I attribute its success to Gerry and Dewey's vocals as much as for the ditty's catchy pace. However, combined with "Right Before Your Eyes," I was left with a bothersome question: Was there some agreement that the guest written songs would be released as singles first? After "Magic," "Inspector Mills" seemed the obvious choice. In general, Dewey's and Gerry's material was decent on "View," unlike...

"Your Move." My feelings for "Your Move" reflect an even more disturbed predisposition, on my part. I always counted the contributions of Dan, Dewey, and Gerry. I understood that when Dan left, the need for outside songwriters was deemed essential, especially if Gerry and Dewey would continue to release albums almost every year. But "Your Move" went too far, in my eyes and ears, limiting America to a scattering of original Dewey/Gerry songs, and even then resulting in collaborative efforts. Worse yet, Russ Ballard (who again didn't bother me concerning his previous contributions) seemed to "take over" this album, writing a majority of the songs and playing almost all the instruments. Dewey and Gerry seemed like they were reduced to mere vocalists. I understand (from reading John Corbett's "Comp History") that the guys were perhaps facing some burnout at the time, but what explanation was there for the dominant element of Russ Ballard? In my opinion, the songs he offered this time around weren't "America-like." Nor were the Dewey and Gerry originals there best work. "My Dear" certainly was too strange.

Still, aside from the recession of America on these two albums, I can't say I hate either. In fact, I have to kick myself for liking songs such as "...Magic," "Right Before Your Eyes," and "She's a Runaway." What do you guys think?

Jim R.

Message: 11167 Posted: Mon Apr 17 14:58:03 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Rosanna

is indeed about Rosannna Arquette. I remember an interview with her where she said the song was actually about her bringing them bagels and orange juice in the small hours of the morning while they were recording.

Message: 11166 Posted: Mon Apr 17 10:39:44 2000 By: patrick
Subject: first cotact

I'm an old French fan of AMERICA but it' the first time i send a message.I'll be very happy to get in touch with someone who can help me to trade some live music.In FRANCE,it's difficult to get any information or to meet others fans .Sometimes i feel alone!!!The group is not well known or appears to be an old one and so not many people are interested.Thank you for the ones who can help me .

Message: 11165 Posted: Mon Apr 17 07:29:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: 99, Peg, and Rosanna

Like Tim, I've heard Toto's song, "99" is about Agent 99 of the TV show, "Get Smart". But that's not to say that GerryK isn't correct with his answer.

I'm not 100% positive but I believe Steely Dan's song, "Peg" is about singer Peggy Lee.

Andy's mention of Toto's "Rosanna" is allegedly about actress Rosanna Arquette, girlfriend of a Toto band member.

Message: 11164 Posted: Mon Apr 17 06:21:59 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: Toto & Movie info

In answer to Andy: Yes the group Toto did have a song entitled 99.
In answer to GerryK: the movie you might be referring to is a 1971 movie with Robert Duval THX-1138. It was a George Lucas film. Note the use of the THX logo, that he used many years later for his home theater sound systems.

Message: 11163 Posted: Mon Apr 17 05:39:13 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: SGH

when America was on Regis & Kathie Lee (I mean while watching the video) Gerry said exactly that SGH was not about a real person in mind, totally fictious.

Message: 11162 Posted: Sun Apr 16 23:26:43 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Steely Dan, Toto, Beatles, McCartney

I believe Paul McCartney's PRESS TO PLAY CD came out in 1986, not 1994. I think it is an awful effort by someone that is obviously capable of much better. The choice of instrumentation is horrible. Despite all that, the CD has one (and only one) fantastic song called FOOTPRINTS. I bought the CD just so I could have FOOTPRINTS.

As far as TOTO is concerned, they did some song called Roseanna? I never heard of a song called 99, but my friend has. He said it has something to do with computers taking over the world. lol


Message: 11161 Posted: Sun Apr 16 18:13:21 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: TOTO ..... 99

There was an old sci fi movie in which everyone was dressed in white and had a number instead of a name ... there was a special girl in the flick ... her number was 99 ...

Message: 11160 Posted: Sun Apr 16 16:29:12 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Steely Dan, Toto, Beatles, McCartney

That leads me to this: I recently purchased Paul McCartney's 1994 CD, "Press To Play". It wasn't anything to "write home about".

True, was McCartney trying some new sounds. However, Only Love Remains is fantastic. Later, Once Upon A Long Ago was added as a bonus track and it too is excellent.

Do you know who Steely Dan's song, "Peg" and Toto's song, "99" are supposedly about?

Nope, so just guessing. Peg, perhaps for Peggy Lipton of Mod Squad fame. And 99 perhaps for Barbara Feldon of Get Smart.


Message: 11159 Posted: Sun Apr 16 14:21:17 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America's Fan Quilt

Wow, Nina! Maybe "Now Sue" should be called, "Now Nina" because "she sits alone as she sews".

Message: 11158 Posted: Sun Apr 16 14:17:39 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Steely Dan, Toto, Beatles, McCartney

TZMac's mention of "Sister Golden Hair" reminds me of this:

I believe last week or so, it was discussed that "SGH" is about a fictitous event and person. Do you know who Steely Dan's song, "Peg" and Toto's song, "99" are supposedly about?

Gerry's recording of "SGH" in Spanish reminds me of the Beatles' recording of "I Want To Hold Your Name" in German. It appears on their album, "Something New". On that album is "Things We Said Today" that Gerry and Dewey cover so well.

That leads me to this: I recently purchased Paul McCartney's 1994 CD, "Press To Play". It wasn't anything to "write home about". America's 1994 effort, "Hourglass" was far superior, in my opinion.

I'm still hoping for a future America/McCartney recording of "Things We Said Today". I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think McCartney, too, could benefit from an America/McCartney team effort. As we all know, they have a common bond through Sir George.

Message: 11157 Posted: Sun Apr 16 13:59:26 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America Fan Quilts

Just a reminder to fans that May 1st is the cut-off date for names for Gerry and Dewey's quilts! We have 66 names so far...with some names from other countries such as Australia and Canada!

Dewey's quilt "should" be finished within the next week...and has been done in earth colors such as rusts, browns, golds, greens, etc.
Think "Autumn" colors and you've got an idea of Dewey's.

For Gerry, I'm thinking more "Summer" colors of sky and sea...lots of blues and yellows for Brother Golden Hair!

Sometimes I think I've bitten off more than I can chew, by trying to get these quilts done in time for the May 20th New Hampshire concert...but all YOUR interest and kind words have kept me inspired!

So thanks to all!


Message: 11156 Posted: Sun Apr 16 13:48:55 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: California Revisited

Pat, if you read Tom Peek's bio (Dan's brother), you'll learn a bit about "Everyone I Meet Is From California". It's quite interesting, I think. It doesn't answer your question, however. I'll leave that to someone else.

Have you read John Corbett's "Comprehensive History" available on this website? If not, you should. It has lots of great information.

Message: 11155 Posted: Sun Apr 16 13:35:19 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: California Revisited

Why is the song "California Revisited" (featured on Homecoming)labeled "Everyone I Meet Is From California" on Hourglass?
Although the latter title is more appropriate, given the words of the song, I still prefer the song's original title. Maybe because Homecoming is my ultimate favorite AMERICA album.

Also, does anyone know why Dan named it "California Revisited"?

Maybe we should have a contest to see which title is prefered by the fans? pb

P.S. Thanks Steve for the David Cassidy B-day info.

Message: 11154 Posted: Sun Apr 16 08:06:55 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Newest America Fan

Awwwwww, look at those little baby toes......SO CUTE-congrats Joe!

Message: 11153 Posted: Sat Apr 15 21:51:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey's Fishing Buddy

and a nice link to your page along with a few words of praise for the job you do. (Gee, could you tell the Cap'n is a fan?)

Message: 11152 Posted: Sat Apr 15 21:48:59 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Spanish 45 of SGH

On the 45 cover, does Dewey look like Maurice Gibb or what!


Message: 11151 Posted: Sat Apr 15 20:23:27 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Rhino box set

The Rhino box is creating lots of excitement. The exact content is a mystery at the present time. However it is known that it is going to give the world great insight into the creative genius that is AMERICA. Unreleased material & even material done b/4 their mega debut LP & the smash hit HORSE WITH NO NAME is expected. Some never b/4 released versions of well known songs will likely be included. This Rhino box set will truly be an Anthology of the super group AMERICA, hopefully ready to go sometime in the summer. A definte must for all.

Message: 11150 Posted: Sat Apr 15 18:38:13 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Rhino box set

I was reading the post about the 2 other songs recorded
at the same time Horse with No Name and Everyone I meet is
from Cal and the possibilities of them being on the
upcoming box set. Does anyone know exactly what is supposed
to be on this box set???? Just curious. Thanks.

Message: 11149 Posted: Sat Apr 15 18:29:11 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Simple Life 45 Version

A fellow America fan named Leo sent me a copy of Simple Life as it was released on a 45 in Japan. Later tonight I'll be posting a copy of the 45 cover along with a RealAudio version of the song. If you'd like an MP3 version of the song, you can click on the following link to download it from the Internet:

Simple Life - 45 Version

The file will be available to download for 7 days. After that, you'll have to send me an e-mail to request it.

By the way, I've been using the X-Drive web site to store my MP3 files and it's a great place to share or store files on the Internet. If any of you are interested in learning about it or signing up for your own free storage space, click right here.


Message: 11148 Posted: Sat Apr 15 14:15:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey Picture With His Fishing Buddy

That's the first clear picture I can recall that shows Dewey sporting his "new" goatee. I like it. It's a bit like the look Dewey had years ago with his beard.

Talking about fishing, Joe K, your grandson looks like a keeper!

Message: 11147 Posted: Sat Apr 15 09:53:33 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dewey's Fishing Buddy

I discovered a photo of Dewey and his fishing buddy, Captain Carl Fismer (Fizz), on Capain Fizz's Treasure web site. Here's the URL so you can take a look (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo):

Message: 11146 Posted: Sat Apr 15 09:50:38 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour Tshirt

Jennifer, the only place I know you can get an America t-shirt as at one of their concerts (and even then, not all of them). The venue usually determines whether or not they will sell the t-shirts.

Message: 11145 Posted: Sat Apr 15 09:28:04 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Joe "Grandpa" Knight

Gosh that little bundle of joy is too adorable for word!!!! Congrats are definitely in order!! :)


Message: 11144 Posted: Sat Apr 15 06:43:40 2000 By: JENNIFER
Subject: Human Nature Tour Tshirt

Does anyone know where I can buy Human Nature Tour T-shirt or any America T-shirt?

Message: 11143 Posted: Fri Apr 14 23:09:48 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Morocco

By the way they are playing at a place called the Cazbar, not the right spelling but you know the name.

Message: 11142 Posted: Fri Apr 14 23:09:48 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Morocco

By the way they are playing at a place called the Cazbar, not the right spelling but you know the name.

Message: 11141 Posted: Fri Apr 14 22:01:23 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Morocco

By the way, it's already Saturday in Morocco and that's where the guys will be playing in the evening. They have a private gig scheduled in Marrakesh and they may have other private gigs that I don't know about while they're over there. I wish them safety and a great time while they're over there.

Message: 11140 Posted: Fri Apr 14 21:58:14 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Everyone I meet is from California

Spurs, I haven't heard of a release date for the Rhino CD set as of yet. I'll be sure to post it here and on the America Fans web site as soon as I find out.

Message: 11139 Posted: Fri Apr 14 20:53:12 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Everyone I meet is from California

Hello everyone,Everyone I meet from California,the B side of HWNN which also included Sandman on the UK version,the afore mentioned tune for my money is far and away the best of three versions of that song,quite simply it sounds like the guys are just enjoying the playing and singing.It's as if the tune was played live and commited to tape after one take,and quite frankly this tune has the lot, vibrant acoustic guitars,fabulous percusssion, everything sounds off the cuff,America,s strengths lay with their sparkling acoustics chilling background vocals and lack of contrivance.By the by is there a release date set for the triple CD?

Message: 11138 Posted: Fri Apr 14 18:19:11 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: State

Nina I live in North Carolina.....Thanks for putting our names on the quilt............................Joe and Terry Knight

Message: 11137 Posted: Fri Apr 14 16:35:20 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Congrats Joe Knight

Joe K....Your new grandchild is beautiful...but you gotta stop showing him that "Alibi"'s making him cry!!!!!!!!

P.S. Joe...please let me know what state you are from (for the quilt), you forgot that info.



Message: 11136 Posted: Fri Apr 14 15:24:58 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Newest America Fan

Hi everyone. Here's a link to a photo of Joe Knight's new grandson, Landon, soon to be America's newest fan. Congratulations Joe!

Message: 11135 Posted: Fri Apr 14 13:49:42 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Second Avenue

Thanks Joe B. Just this past weekend I made another trip to The used record stores in Athens and after going thru a few hundred albums in cardboard boxes on the floor I found the Tim Moore album that you mentioned. I will get the cd soon.

Jeff B.

Message: 11134 Posted: Fri Apr 14 07:58:33 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Lead Guitar

Actually original version of Everyone I Meet Is From California was recorded after the completion of the first album. It was recorded during the same sessions that Horse With No Name was recorded. HWNN was released as a single with California on the flip side. When HWNN became a hit it was added to the first album, but California was not. There were two other songs recorded during the HWNN sessions which were never released, I'm not sure what they were. It would be nice if Rhino included them on their box set!

Message: 11133 Posted: Fri Apr 14 07:16:38 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Lead Guitar

Yes, Dan played most of the lead guitar, what made me thought it could of been Gerry was that this song was suppose to be on the first album, in which Gerry plays acoustic lead guitar on: Riverside, 3 Rose's, Clarice(Electric), plus it's Dan's song, so I guess it make's sense that he would play lead on it.

Message: 11132 Posted: Fri Apr 14 05:39:55 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Lead Guitar

Most of the lead-guitar was done by Dan.
Look at the Germany 1975 studio concert.
Everyone I meet...It's all Dan.
If you have it. view it. hl

Message: 11131 Posted: Thu Apr 13 20:18:35 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: California Trivia

This is just a guess, but I'm thinking it was Gerry, he' plays some of the acoustic lead guitar on the first album. (A fine job, at that!)

Message: 11130 Posted: Thu Apr 13 20:06:53 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Oh I saw everything!

WOW! Your a better man than I,on the 2nd one it was at my wife's request that I should stay out & have her mom go in there for support, probably because I couldn't even handle when they broke her water. (I wasn't kidding about the fainting part!) In a way I'm sorry I wasn't there, but then again............ (I was prepared to go in if she had it naturally, took classes & everything!) It's funny, because as a kid, I was very good at playing Operation, didn't make that guy's red nose blink once!
EDDY "The Wimp"

Message: 11129 Posted: Thu Apr 13 19:10:33 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: California Trivia

Here's a piece of trivia that I don't know the answer to.
On EVERYONE I MEET IS FROM CALIFORNIA (Not Homecoming's California Revisited), who is playing lead six string acoustic guitar? This is not a trick question. I truely don't know. Any guesses?


Message: 11128 Posted: Thu Apr 13 15:30:22 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Oh, Yeah, BTW

I realize now (after some discussion with various entities) that my

(C= 's

are causing some confusion......They're lefty emoticons. So, for those of you who ya go!

*C= }


Message: 11127 Posted: Thu Apr 13 15:28:14 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Oh I saw everything!

ARGH Birth there DONE THAT.....rofl! While we're on the subject, had a 10 lber (MAJOR John Wayne syndrome after THAT one)....and a 2 hour labor on the first (MUCH too fast-really hard on both of us)so I can *kind of* sympathize.....

BTW, Howie--TAKE IT LIKE A It wasn't THAT bad now, was it?



Message: 11126 Posted: Thu Apr 13 14:24:17 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Oh I saw everything!

My dd was also born via C- section and my dh was in the room with me. he stayed on the other side of the curtain from the doctor ( who told him " I work on this side, you work on that side"), but he was at my side when our daughter entered the world.

Message: 11125 Posted: Thu Apr 13 13:46:38 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Oh I saw everything!

Eddy, for both of my kids, my wife had c-sections and
I was in there for both of them. They had a blockade up,
so I couldn't see anything....but....
for the first one, the doc says Howie you can go over to
your daughter and see her. I said great.
Went over and turned to my wife and said shari she'
BEAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I turned to the other side
(with her stomach opened up...amazing how much the skin stretches!)
sorry to be gross everyone.

Message: 11124 Posted: Thu Apr 13 12:33:15 2000 By: Beth in Atlanta
Subject: America in Atlanta

I am so excited America is coming to GA! I have been checking the tourdates on this site for 3 years waiting, and finally! And here's even better news - it's a free concert at Stone Mtn. over Memorial Weekend. It hasn't been announced yet by S.M., all they have on their website is that there's a free concert - band to be announced. You guys have a great bulletin board here, I post alot on the Head East BB, it's great to know others that are fans, whether America, H.E. or any other band. I'll try to get some photos and/or post a review after the show - can't wait!!!

Message: 11123 Posted: Thu Apr 13 07:37:54 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: David Cassidy's Birthday

David was born April 12, 1950 so that would make him an even 50 years old (according to the all music guide).

Message: 11122 Posted: Thu Apr 13 07:21:09 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: David Cassidy's Birthday

ok, so how old is he?

Message: 11121 Posted: Thu Apr 13 06:36:19 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "FAMT"

"From A Moving Train" never fails to put me in a better mood each time I hear it!

Message: 11120 Posted: Wed Apr 12 21:23:55 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Robin

Uhhh.......Well... Both babys were a c-section, the first one they wouldn't let me in, & the 2nd her mom went with her, she was afraid I would faint or something (ha,ha) It went pretty fast, I was listening to Homecoming when they wheeled her in, & before the CD ended, my mum inlaw shook me to tell me I was a Daddy of a 10 pound 5 1/2 ounce baby boy! (the first was 11 Lbs,13 ounces, WHEW!) We had a couple of linebackers! I told all my friends that anything under 10 pounds, I allways throw back, so these were keepers! (fishing joke)

Message: 11119 Posted: Wed Apr 12 21:04:56 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Bass/Drums.

I picked up an ancient copy of Holiday on cassette today....I LOVE the bass line on In The Country. I don't know why I never noticed it before...And What Does It Matter...what an awesome song. I love it.
I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday night.

Erin :o)

Message: 11118 Posted: Wed Apr 12 20:46:54 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Guess who's Birthday it is today.

EDDY, wern't you with her? She didn't get that way by herself you know!!!!

Message: 11117 Posted: Wed Apr 12 20:46:42 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: 2nd Avenue


Tim Moore's incredible version of his own composition "Second Avenue" is on the Rhino CD "Mellow Rock Hits Of The 70's:Sundown". Catalog # R2 72519/OPCD 1739. Hope you can find it.

Joe B

P.S. Moore also has 2 other great tunes on his debut..."Charmer" and "A Fool Like You". I'm sure the America crowd would love 'em.

P.P.S. Tim Moore's greatest success came as the songwriter of the 1976 Bay City Rollers top 30 hit "Rock & Roll Love Letter."

P.P.P.S. I'll shut up now

Message: 11116 Posted: Wed Apr 12 20:41:53 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Guess who's Birthday it is today.

I don't own a Partridge family album, but I'm guessing you talking about The "Wrecking Crew" which included drummer Hal Blaine.
WOW! What a great bunch of studio musicians these people were, they were very much in demand, & played on just about EVERYTHING! (Phil Spector, Beach Boys, & just about every top 40 hit in the 60's & 70's)
When I was waiting for my wife to have her baby, I took the Beach Boys Pet Sounds (box set) & America's Homecoming w/me to listen to on the 'phones & then realized that the CD's I picked out both included drummer Hal Blaine. I think this guy is a Fantastic drummer, & underrated, his contribution to the music world, is endless!
Well, just had to comment.

Message: 11115 Posted: Wed Apr 12 19:00:47 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Drums/Bass

Kevin, for me, it was blasting Cast The Spirit that did the trick for getting thrown outta the dorm. Course, it coulda had something to do with alcohol, too. Not sure. :->

Message: 11114 Posted: Wed Apr 12 18:41:18 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Bass/Drums.

I am partial to the great bass line in Greenhouse. The rhythm section cooks on that one!

Message: 11113 Posted: Wed Apr 12 15:19:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Guess who's Birthday it is today.

No, not mine. I'm thinking of someone important.
Today is David Cassidy's birthday. These Partridge family LPs that I bought at a yard sale near me proved to be amazing. Who would have thought?? They used many of the same studio musicians that appeared on America's stuff.


Message: 11112 Posted: Wed Apr 12 15:15:09 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Bass/Drums.

LETTER MOST CERTAINLY RULES!!!! And yes, it's great on acoustic.


Message: 11111 Posted: Wed Apr 12 13:20:16 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Bass/Drums.

Yes! Letter RULES! Great bass line! Believe it or not, it sounds pretty good on 2 accoustic guitars, too. 1 playing rhythm, the other playing the bass line. It's a lot of fun. One of my favorites to play.

Message: 11110 Posted: Wed Apr 12 13:12:58 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Oops! Stuck not stick.

Message: 11109 Posted: Wed Apr 12 12:34:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: johnny's trivia

Sorry about that Mark, but I can't make them too easy because the fans here are too smart. Hopefully, it's not as bad as that poor contestant that missed the first question on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

The question was about the nursery rhyme that goes something like, "He stick in his thumb and pulled out a what?"

The poor guy guessed "a blackbird"!!! The correct answer, of course, is a plum. That was one heck of a pie he was thinking about that had a blackbird in it. There is a nursery rhyme about blackbirds and pie which caused him his confusion. Too bad for him that it happened on national television, though.

Message: 11108 Posted: Wed Apr 12 12:08:17 2000 By: msmith
Subject: johnny's trivia

johnny, it's a good thing that you don't make up the questions for the wanna be a millionaire show. if you did, nobody would ever get past the $100 question :-)

Message: 11107 Posted: Wed Apr 12 11:29:39 2000 By: Dave K
Subject: Nina`s Quilt

Nina Please add Dave and Donna Krumm Illinois Thanks Dave

Message: 11106 Posted: Wed Apr 12 11:28:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Virginia's Answer To The Triv

Hey, hey Virginia! You are absolutely right with "Rainbow Song". Here's additional proof that you're also right about me having TOO much time on my hands.

I was going to say: Link all the capitalized words together to form a sentence that will give you a good idea of the 8th song's title.

mad dog: GOD, i miss you
saturn nights: MADE A SIGN ABOVE your doorway
muskrat love: AS they wriggle and sue starts to giggle
watership down: there's A story to be told
moment to moment: PROMISE me you'll never change
you can do magic: no, no magic could happen TO me
high in the city: i KNOW A place where we both can go

Message: 11105 Posted: Wed Apr 12 09:27:35 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Clues To The Trivia Question

Rainbow Song. Johnny, you have way too much time on your hands. Come out here to CA, I could use some help with my workload. Great question, though.

Message: 11104 Posted: Wed Apr 12 08:20:56 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Riviera

Thank you for responding to my question. Of course they would cancel the venue closest to where I live.

Message: 11103 Posted: Wed Apr 12 08:18:16 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Clues To The Trivia Question

Here are the clue words from the 7 songs written and sung by Dewey. When these 7 words are combined together, they form the title of the 8th song that's also written and sung by Dewey. Now that you have all the clues, can you tell us the title of that 8th song?

"Moon Song": orange
"A Horse With No Name": red
"Molten Love": violet
"Hot Town": green
"Catch That Train": yellow
"Hell's On Fire": blue
"Wheels Are Turning": indigo

Message: 11102 Posted: Wed Apr 12 07:23:36 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Riviera

Red Oak, I received word from Morey Management that the Black Hawk gig had been canceled and that I should remove it from the list. That's all I know about it.

Message: 11101 Posted: Wed Apr 12 07:21:41 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Bass/Drums.

also LETTER is a great drum/bass song, like WHEELS.

Message: 11100 Posted: Wed Apr 12 07:09:05 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat this evening?

If anyone is interested in chatting this evening, I will be in the chat room around 7 pm Pacific time.

See you there!

Message: 11099 Posted: Wed Apr 12 07:00:48 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Riviera

What happened to the Aug 31 date at Blackhawk, Co?

Message: 11098 Posted: Wed Apr 12 06:50:09 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Bass/Drums.

Another song that songs really good loud because of the great bass/drums thing is "Right Back To Me." Go ahead and try it. See if you, too, can get evicted from your dorm for playing it too loudly.


Message: 11097 Posted: Wed Apr 12 01:44:51 2000 By: rick
Subject: Re Nina's Quilt

Nina.Could you please add me(rick edwards)and my brother(derek edwards)from Wollongong Australia.Thanks a lot.What a great idea.

Message: 11096 Posted: Tue Apr 11 20:19:13 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: David Dickey

Call me weird, but I don't hate SLOW DOWN at all. It's certainly not my favourite songs by Dan, but it's not so awful in my book. Good three part harmonies, and the bass line is excellent indeed. You know what else has a neat bass line? ALL MY LIFE, of all things. Just before the second verse there is a bass part thatalmost sounds as if the bass was being used as a "lead guitar". A similar technique was used by an obsecure 70s british band called RENAISSANCE.
But anyway, whether it's David Dickey or Brad Palmer (Or Gerry Or Dan for that matter), America was never hurting for a great bass player.


Message: 11095 Posted: Tue Apr 11 19:12:06 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: David Dickey

On the way home from rehearsal tonight I'm listening to "Political Poachers" and suddenly it hits me what a great bass player David Dickey was. Listen closely to the bass in that song...not to mention the much maligned "Slow Down". There's some very creative bass playing happening there. Much has been deservedly written on this board about Willie, but together with David Dickey they made one HELL of a rhythm section.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 11094 Posted: Tue Apr 11 14:36:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Triv Question Revisited"

Shayne, Gary's right about "It's Like You Never Left At All" not being the answer to the triv question. It's a trick question, I must admit.

Hint #1: The answer is a song that has more than one word in its title but less than...let's say...four. Huh??? "How can that be?", you ask. That's the "cool" part about it.

Hint #2: If not for "Wheels", this question and answer wouldn't be possible. In other words, we'd still be waiting for Dewey to use this particular word.

Message: 11093 Posted: Tue Apr 11 14:08:38 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: "Triv Question Revisited"


I do not see the words "moon" or "song" in your guess, so there must be another Dewey song out there with seven words in the title.


Message: 11092 Posted: Tue Apr 11 13:52:17 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Triv Question Revisited"

"It's Like You Never Left At All". I cheated and found the only 7 word title. Am I right?


Message: 11091 Posted: Tue Apr 11 13:51:05 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Triv Question Revisited"

"It's Like You Never Left At All". I cheated and found the only 7 word title. Am I right?


Message: 11090 Posted: Tue Apr 11 12:27:20 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Triv Question Revisited"

It's "Triv Question Revisited". Take one word, one word only, from the following seven songs written and sung by Sir Dewey. If you combine these seven words together, you will come up with the title of an eighth song that is also written and sung by him.

Here are the seven songs: A Horse With No Name, Moon Song, Catch That Train, Hot Town, Hell's On Fire, Wheels Are Turning, and Molten Love

So, can you tell us the name of this 8th song?

Message: 11089 Posted: Tue Apr 11 08:11:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tall Treasures

>>"Edith Bunker meets a disfunctional blender" voice
Ahh Andy, were we ALL to have such *minor* problems......lolololololol


Message: 11088 Posted: Mon Apr 10 22:10:53 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Tall Treasures

Good for you. Speaking of voices, we should get totgether and form an act. Maybe we could haunt houses together!

Message: 11087 Posted: Mon Apr 10 20:52:14 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Tall Treasures

Well it was bound to happen one day. I finally figured out the picking / strumming pattern for Tall Treasure. Yippie!!!!! I love playing this song!! For some reason I've always butchered that poor song until today :) I feel like a kid that discovered the coolest toy in the toy store :)

Oh yeah, if someone can just figure out how to get rid of my "Edith Bunker meets a disfunctional blender" voice, I'd be most appreciative.


Message: 11086 Posted: Mon Apr 10 16:50:04 2000 By: Dan
Subject: chat

Just a note to say I really enjoyed my first trip into the chat room last Thursday night. I really got into the group listening party of Silent Letter and Hourglass. Hope to do it again soon. Dan

Message: 11085 Posted: Mon Apr 10 16:45:44 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: New Header, etc

I also like the new header but, not to be a stickinthemud,I would prefer a more recent photo of Dewey and Gerry. Nothing against Dan mind you just my opinion. Dan

Message: 11084 Posted: Mon Apr 10 04:51:40 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt


Sorry it's taken me so long to do this, but please add our names to the quilt.

The Zucker family from Dallas, TX (Shayne, Renee, Rachel, Mayer, Elisha and Mendy).



Message: 11083 Posted: Mon Apr 10 04:41:32 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt


Please add my brother Ed Collins from South Lancaster, MA. Another big fan. Thanks!

Message: 11082 Posted: Mon Apr 10 04:35:33 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: concert photography

Both fairs I saw America at last summer (Barnstable County &
Topsfield) allowed still cameras and encouraged taking as many shots as you wanted. They also both warned that the material being played was copyrighted and therefore, no tape recorders or camcorders were permitted. If I remember correctly, they allowed cameras at Mohegan Sun Casino as well. I didn't bring mine because any concert I had previously attended never allowed them.

Message: 11081 Posted: Sun Apr 09 17:35:11 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: New Header, etc

LOVE the new header! looks great Steve.

Went across the desert this weekend again ( no horse, however.) Played so much AMerica, my dh rebeled (ah well) listening to Sleeper Train while "watching the sagebrush go by" was nice though!
Was in your neck of the cactus, Mark. Too bad I didn't get in touch with you. Next time!

Message: 11080 Posted: Sun Apr 09 17:14:09 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Ninas quilt

Please add Joe and Terry Knight to the quilt....Thanks Joe

Message: 11079 Posted: Sun Apr 09 16:42:30 2000 By: ainsley
Subject: Nina's Quilt

Please include my name on the quilt too thanks. Ainsley from Melbourne Australia

Message: 11078 Posted: Sun Apr 09 12:00:52 2000 By: DaveS
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

Great idea Nina ! If you still have room, please put my name on too !
David Seites
Muskegon, Michigan

Message: 11077 Posted: Sun Apr 09 10:29:24 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Overwhelming response to quilt!

Hi everybody! It's perfect quilting weather here in Massachusetts today! Right now I see horizontal snow outside of my window...but if you know anything about New England weather, you just have to wait a minute and it's bound to change.

I must take this opportunity to say thanks to the multitudes of you who have shown interest in the America quilts. Our signature names are up to over 35...and still counting! (Cut off date: May 1st)

To Gary: Thanks for the info. @ being in Keene on May 30th...I'll be in touch ,as Steve sent me your e-mail address. We'll try to connect!

To Steve: Thanks for passing on info. and being the go-between...I appreciate it more than I can say!

IF I ever finish these quilts (and the clock IS ticking) I WILL definately send pictures for you all to view on this web site. (Steve, I'll need your REAL address, as you KNOW the limited capacity of my computer! )

What would be a real thrill would be getting to take a picture of Gerry and Dewey with their you all can see that I really DID get the fans' quilt into their hands! I'll do my best!

BY THE WAY...I vote for ERIN for fan of the year...7 shows in 7 days...that MUST beat some sort of record? I'm in awe of her!


Message: 11076 Posted: Sun Apr 09 09:35:16 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: re: Nina's quilt

Great idea Nina. I just hope that your fingers will not be too sore by the time you finish these quilts. Please include a fan from the Great White North. Today (9 April 2000) we have received over 10 inches of snow. It would be great to have the finished quilt featured on this site.

Sylvain "Buckwheat" Sarrazin
Alfred, Ontario, Canada

Message: 11075 Posted: Sat Apr 08 15:04:48 2000 By: Randy
Subject: Nina's quilt,cameras,etc

Nina-Please add my name to the quilt: Randy Schultz from Racine,Wisconsin. Steve- Thanks for elaborating on the use of cameras at the concerts. I took a lot of pictures of the guys when they played at Rock-Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin last summer. There was a deputy next to me for the whole show, so I guess that it was ok. I guess that they didn't allow camcorders,though. If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures, send me an e-mail. They're nothing great. I was back a bit and I used a 210mm lens on a tripod with 400 ASA film in the early evening. Concerning HANGOVER: Who would have ever thunk it? In my younger days, I've come real close to that condition described in the song. Been there, done that, know what there talking about - but glad I'm alive today and don't do that anymore. Anyways, it's got to be a rockin' song in concert. I wished that they would have played it at Cadott, because that describes the atmosphere up there quite well.

Message: 11074 Posted: Sat Apr 08 10:30:24 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: nina's quilt

Great Idea making her Fan of Year, I hope you don't mind, but I forgot to include my wife:
Eddy & Kelli Forsman Chisholm, Minnesota

Message: 11073 Posted: Sat Apr 08 09:04:26 2000 By: msmith
Subject: nina's quilt

nina, i had previously requested that you include me on your quilt, but didn't say exactly where i live. i'm in palm desert, ca. ...and, oh, my full name is mark smith. thx, nina.

Message: 11072 Posted: Sat Apr 08 08:06:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

I received a message from Nina that I'd like to pass along. She said that she can't automatically e-mail any of you by clicking on your name on this chat folder. Her ancient computer and lousy server doesn't allow this luxury. It's frustrating to her because people want to share their info but she can't contact them and she prefers not to put her e-mail address on the chat folder (she may get so many requests that she'll never finish the quilts!). So, right now, (even though it may be very annoying to some who don't want their names on the quilt) the best place to get info to her is right here. I don't think anyone minds the information being posted here and we all appreciate her doing it. THANKS NINA!

Message: 11071 Posted: Sat Apr 08 05:55:59 2000 By: Georgianna
Subject: Nina's quilt

Please add me: Georgianna, Hyde park, NY. Thanks! Great idea!

Message: 11070 Posted: Fri Apr 07 21:42:22 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: A Message For Bradley Warren Palmer

Happy Birthday Brad....You ROCK!!

Erin :o)

Message: 11069 Posted: Fri Apr 07 21:31:42 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilt

Hey Nina could ya put on also? Rick Bolling Greensboro, NC
Thanks so much. Nice of you to do.

Message: 11068 Posted: Fri Apr 07 21:12:37 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: A Message For Bradley Warren Palmer

Brad Palmer is truly a fine professional. Just goes about his daily business w/out a peep. A very talented bass player, his bass lines are very important to the AMERICA sound (note: GERRY played bass on quite a few of AMERICA's earlier LP's, a piece of cake for GERRY of course). Pretty amazing to watch the speed of his handy work; WHEELS is a great example where the bass & drums are integral to the song & it's individualism. I don't think he had ever played WINDWAVE nor heard it, but after listening to it & practicing it a few times, he was ready for prime time.

Message: 11067 Posted: Fri Apr 07 18:51:40 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: A Message For Bradley Warren Palmer

May I add my warmest wishes for a great day? Many Happy returns of the day, Brad!

Message: 11066 Posted: Fri Apr 07 15:45:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve, can we create a section for Nina

We could certainly put a link to a quilting page that I could create for her but I don't think it fits to actually put her on the front page. It would probably be best to wait until I have a photo of her with the quilts.

Message: 11065 Posted: Fri Apr 07 12:47:46 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Steve, can we create a section for Nina

I think we should do that in the front of the web page with her picture. what do you think?hl

Message: 11064 Posted: Fri Apr 07 12:43:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Message For Bradley Warren Palmer

Since tomorrow is part of the weekend and not as many fans seem to log-on, maybe today's a better day than tomorrow. So here goes:

Big Bad Brad, I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!
Party on my man!!

Message: 11063 Posted: Fri Apr 07 12:32:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Cameras

I can't believe in Albuquerque fans had their video recorders rolling. I would have brought one but I thought it wasn't allowed. And to think, Cathy and I were on the front row!

Message: 11062 Posted: Fri Apr 07 12:20:12 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Cameras

I have attended many shows in AC and you would think that thay would frown on picture taking but I always seem to have good luck taking pictures of the guys. One thing is for sure - Gerry and Dewey don't care at all if you take pictures of them while they are onstage. They sometimes actually pose for you!!!

Message: 11061 Posted: Fri Apr 07 12:02:23 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: concert photography

Yeah, venues and photogs.....SIGH. The only place I'd been lucky enough, in the past, to see America was Pine Knob in Clarkston, Michigan. Photo-gestapo-of-the-world rule there.....considering I had some REALLY SWEET seats, I could have shot ROLES of great stuff, BUT Guess I had to have a "Detroit News" media credential. Most "sitdown" type venues (of larger girth)are like this, at least in the upper midwest...I'd be willing to bet that the fairs and "festival" type venues are a lot more relaxed. You would probably have luck there! Either that or use the James Bond Pen Camera! It doesn't have a very good zoom lens on it, though.....(C=


Message: 11060 Posted: Fri Apr 07 11:55:07 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: concert photography

Also should add that it is important for the band to avoid any flash. You can imagine the problem that can occurr for the band.

Message: 11059 Posted: Fri Apr 07 11:50:42 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: concert photography

Thanks for the info, Steve. I'll haul my camera equipment to the two America concerts I plan on attending and hope for the best. Believe or not, I was planning to take my camera to the Waukesha County Fair (WI) last summer to take pictures of Blackhawk for a friend. I forgot my camera and I'm glad I did. Before the show, the announcement was made that no pictures would be allowed. At the Waukesha County Fair? Go figure.

Message: 11058 Posted: Fri Apr 07 11:02:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert photography

Jim, whether or not you can take photos at any given concert isn't determined by the band, it's determined by the venue and the sponsor. A couple of years ago I went to a concert in southern Utah and we were encouraged to come up to the stage and take pictures. Other venues have almost frisked me as I entered to make sure I didn't have any cameras or other "contraband." So, the best thing to do is have your camera ready in case the venue allows it and be ready to stow it in your car if they don't allow it. --Steve

Message: 11057 Posted: Fri Apr 07 11:00:20 2000 By: AmericaSL

Howard, I think that's a great idea. She gets my vote and I might have something to throw in as a prize as well.

Message: 11056 Posted: Fri Apr 07 10:39:39 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Note To Kevin

Hate to break it to you, buddy... looks like you missed Hangover.

Message: 11055 Posted: Fri Apr 07 10:22:03 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: ADD ME PLEASE...

Hi Nina,
Would you be so kind as to add Maureen & Bob from Long Island to your list. I also made something for Gerry and gave it to him last year. Email me so we can chat about it. Good luck and thanks.

Message: 11054 Posted: Fri Apr 07 10:19:27 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Nina's Quilt

Hi Nina! Add us to the quilt
Thanks Very Much!!!

Steve,Mike,Tony,Frank and Mare - The GANG from New Jersey


Message: 11053 Posted: Fri Apr 07 09:46:43 2000 By: Howard Lieboff

How about that? I can even volunteer a prize for this!
So, is everyone with me on this???

Message: 11052 Posted: Fri Apr 07 09:38:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: concert photography

As the outdoor summer concert series approaches for the northern tier of states, I've began to wonder how a fan who is proficient with a camera can photograph the guys without being hauled off by security. Can anyone on the list tell me how someone can obtain credentials to photograph America in concert legally, ethically, and morally?

Message: 11051 Posted: Fri Apr 07 09:31:23 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Al Stewart

Thanks, Andy. I'll check it out.

Message: 11050 Posted: Fri Apr 07 08:34:13 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hangover.

So, Kevin? Did you miss HANGOVER? (C;


Message: 11049 Posted: Fri Apr 07 08:18:51 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilt

Hi Nina!

Seems to me you are going to require truck-loads of material; considering all the fans AMERICA has!!
I hope you don't run out of room!
Or should I say run out of house! ha-ha
This is quite an endeavor you have taken on.
You should be granted some sort of medal-of-honor for your efforts.
May I also be included? :)

I salute you.^^^^^^^

Pat Bennett, Bridgeport Connecticut.

Message: 11048 Posted: Fri Apr 07 08:05:10 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hangover.

Sounds to me like Kevin really missed Hangover.

So much so that he probably feels like he has one!

); pb

Message: 11047 Posted: Fri Apr 07 06:52:15 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hangover.



Message: 11046 Posted: Fri Apr 07 06:00:01 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: Nina' quilt/Erin - lucky dog!!!!

Hope you have lots of 'quilting' time cuz it looks like you got more than you bargained for!!!! :) Happy quilting and please add me to the 'list' along w/my daughter - thanx -
Holly & Chelsea Canfield/Richmond,VA

Erin - congrats on a wonderful week! I guess we'll all just have to relish in your afterglow! :) 7 days of Gerry & Dewey - OMG - doesn't gt much better than that!

Message: 11045 Posted: Fri Apr 07 04:50:25 2000 By: Billy
Subject: quilt


Please add us to your quilt and thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it!!! Billy Shepherd and Tracy Duskie from Alexandria Virginia.

Message: 11044 Posted: Fri Apr 07 04:46:21 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: for Billy


I've got 4 of his CDs. Check out his remake of Missing You. It's brilliant. Leave It Like It Is is one of my favorites too. What I like about David Wilcox is his lyrics....great stories! Now, if he'd just get some good harmonies like the guys!!!!

Message: 11043 Posted: Fri Apr 07 03:43:01 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilt

We'd like to be included too.
Many thanks.
Ross and Margaret in Australia

Message: 11042 Posted: Thu Apr 06 22:13:41 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Final Reno

Yes Erin saw 7 of 7 AMERICA shows. By the way I think she had to ditch school, but she got GERRY & DEWEY to write a note for her, excusing her from class. Anyone who does 7 of 7 shows sure is lucky & AMERICA really shined !

Message: 11041 Posted: Thu Apr 06 21:15:50 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

From Sun Valley California ( as opposed to just California)

Message: 11040 Posted: Thu Apr 06 21:14:32 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

Nina --Please add my daughter Kate. Thank you. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!

Message: 11039 Posted: Thu Apr 06 21:09:04 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

Me too....Erin DiPietro, Reno, NV

Message: 11038 Posted: Thu Apr 06 20:48:01 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt


Count us in also.

Gary & Laura Harrison - Texas

Message: 11037 Posted: Thu Apr 06 20:36:03 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Nina's quilt

Nina, I sent you a personal mail message requesting that you add my name, but I figured I'd better post it here to make sure it doesn't get overlooked. I think it's a great idea! If you can get a picture of the quilts, I'll be sure to post them on the Fans web site.

Steve and Janell Lowry -- Orem, Utah

Message: 11036 Posted: Thu Apr 06 20:24:14 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Gerry's Room

Just a few months ago I got my first RIC, it's a 86' model 620/12, looks just like Gerry's except mines a fireglo, now I can be proud to say I own the same model Rickenbacker that he does (that is a 620, isn't it?)

Message: 11035 Posted: Thu Apr 06 20:01:16 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Final Reno

Thanks Erin for the recap. Seven shows in seven nights? I've only been to 3 total "All My Life". Boo-hoo, sob, sob, sob!

Message: 11034 Posted: Thu Apr 06 19:20:00 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Final Reno

You have no idea how jealous I am of you!!!! :)

Thanks for your reports:)


Message: 11033 Posted: Thu Apr 06 18:53:55 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Nina's quilt

What a wonderful idea!
Please add me - ShariL from San Diego, California.
ShariL <><

Message: 11032 Posted: Thu Apr 06 18:47:08 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Final Reno

Last night's final Reno concert ROCKED!! What a successful week they had here...we got to hear a total of four new songs. Last night they did And Forever again and...Hangover!! That one really got the crowd going. I knew it would be great live, but it was even better than I was expecting. I missed hearing All My Life again, but hopefully I'll get the chance another time. By the way, they all played on All My Life, and it sounded beautiful. Seeing seven shows in seven days was incredible, and I can't wait till they come to the Nugget again. Thanks guys, for a wonderful week. Good luck on the rest of your tour....Thanks for everything!!

Erin :o)

Message: 11031 Posted: Thu Apr 06 18:01:49 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: nina's quilt

Hi Nina,
I would be honoured to be added to the quilt. (Andrew Devay from Lawrence, New York)


Message: 11030 Posted: Thu Apr 06 17:02:28 2000 By: Dan
Subject: nina's quilt

Could you be so kind as to add Dan & Suzanne Cranford from Peoria Heights Illinois to your masterpiece. Thank you and it would really be nice to see a picture of the finished products right here when you have them completed. Dan

Message: 11029 Posted: Thu Apr 06 16:45:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Oh my, how could I have forgotten the great Tori Amos?


Message: 11028 Posted: Thu Apr 06 16:41:07 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Al Stewart

Al Stewart still performs very frequently. He has a pre-recorded message that give you his tour dates: (310)281-8447


Message: 11027 Posted: Thu Apr 06 15:16:54 2000 By: Beth
Subject: sibs for Quilt

Nina, THANK YOU! Please add my brother Jeff Mercier to Wisconsin. he's not into the chat folder but he is into our guys! We went to see them together last year. GREAT experience!!

Message: 11026 Posted: Thu Apr 06 15:10:38 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Reply to Quilt Questions


I will be at that Keene Concert. We will just go backstage and you can hand it to them. Simple and easy.


Message: 11025 Posted: Thu Apr 06 14:47:59 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Quilt Questions

Wow! What a difference a day makes! We're up to twenty names today, as opposed to only 7 yesterday. (I got I logged on to double check..even though I SHOULD BE sewing!)

YES...there are going to be TWO quilts, one for Gerry, one for Dewey.
NO..I really couldn't accept money, but thanks for the offer!
INSTEAD, as May 20th gets nearer...I could use adivise from you die-hard fans about HOW to handle actually getting the quilts to I've NEVER stalked a bus in my life...and NEVER stayed late at a concert to see if they actually come out and greet fans!???
YES...Canada counts...(couldn't leave you out, John!) can send a name of a brother or sister not on the chat long as they LOVE our guys!

Thank you for all your support...I'll check names again over the week-end!


Message: 11024 Posted: Thu Apr 06 14:43:15 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Nina's Quilt

Add to Wisconsin (Hi Jim! Where in WI are You?) Beth Gray

Message: 11023 Posted: Thu Apr 06 14:42:14 2000 By: Beth
Subject: for Billy

Yes! David Wilcox!! I've only got one of his cds but I love the heck out of it! Favorite = The Kid, followed closely by Language of the Heart and Leave It Like It Is. And can't leave out How Did You Find Me Here. Great stuff!!

Message: 11022 Posted: Thu Apr 06 13:21:53 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Being From New Mexico

Yes, Johnny's right, Michael Martin Murphey lives up here (as do Julia Roberts, Benjamin Bratt, Dennis Weaver and Dennis Hopper among other luminaries). Sometimes Murphey puts on his big Cowboy Concert here and during the summer we have a Solar Festival which I'm sure America will play at one of these years!

There's always "thunder in the canyon" "purple mountains" rising "up from the floor" and those "black crow(s) with an indigo glow" are forever "on the highway..."

I'm so glad that Dewey and Gerry wrote a song about the area Johnny and I live in or near. Makes it even more the Land of Enchantment.

Message: 11021 Posted: Thu Apr 06 12:01:14 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Pete and Linda Knapp, Johnstown NY. Thank you Have a nice day.

Message: 11020 Posted: Thu Apr 06 11:46:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Amber

Or perhaps, "Am" being short for Amber and if her middle name were Erica, she would be: AM ERICA

Message: 11019 Posted: Thu Apr 06 11:29:19 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

<<Could you also include my wife's name (Kay Sue) and the 4 of our 6 kids that are America fans (Tamara, Amber, Aaron & Megan)? -- Alan>>

If Amber's middle name even begins with a "C," you and your wife have definitely earned a belated fan of the year award. -- Jim

Message: 11018 Posted: Thu Apr 06 11:25:50 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Put me on the quilt, er, I mean my name. Wisconsin.

Message: 11017 Posted: Thu Apr 06 10:00:49 2000 By: homophone
Subject: site address

thanks to Jim and Dewey for e-mail address.

Message: 11016 Posted: Thu Apr 06 09:59:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Being From New Mexico

Yes indeed, Cathy and I are both from New Mexico which is known as "The Land of Enchantment". Unlike Cathy, however, I'm from the southeast part of the state which is more like "The Land of Entrapment"...flat and no "visual pleasures" as Gerry's lyric from "Coastline" goes! Boo-hoo. :(

Beth mentioned that Michael Martin Murphey is one of her favorites. He is/was one of mine, too. He's best known for his song, "Wildfire" and lives in Cathy's town of Taos.

I once wrote MMM and told him how much I enjoy his music. He very kindly wrote me back saying how pleased he was to know that. I thought that was very nice of him to do. (:

Message: 11015 Posted: Thu Apr 06 09:54:37 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Anyone ever listened to David Wilcox? Great acoustic guitar work! I also enjoy SSGL (a Virginia band). They feature acoustic guitars and intricate harmonies. I also enjoy Toto,the Eagles, Ace, Restless Heart, Wallflowers, Sugar Ray and Jackson Browne. Can't forget Bad Company, John Cougar Mellencamp and the I showing all of my 42 years?

Message: 11014 Posted: Thu Apr 06 09:48:49 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Andy, Al Stewart is one of my favs, too but I don't get to listen to him much as my wife can't stand him. My kids and I will occasionally put on one of his tunes and see how it is before she notices and starts to groan. Have to get my "fix" when she's out. Really appreciate the intelligence of his writing, his guitar work and the nasally voice. I've only seen him live 4 times and not since mid 80s. A great performer with lots of interaction with the crowd re. his songs, where they came from etc. Is he still performing? J

Message: 11013 Posted: Thu Apr 06 08:59:04 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: nina quilt

Nina, just like Johnny, I'm from New Mexico (but unlike Johnny, I'm from Taos).

How could I, too, have forgotten Warren Zevon???

Message: 11012 Posted: Thu Apr 06 07:48:36 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: other artists

Grand Funk Railroad and John Fogertty.

Message: 11011 Posted: Thu Apr 06 07:00:12 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Other Artists-the Milli factor

Ahhhhhh yes......I can't remember when I've enjoyed a duo as much as Meeeelllli Vaaaaaanilllllli? Remember the Wayan's spoof of them on In Living Color? High hiliarity!!!


Message: 11010 Posted: Thu Apr 06 06:56:04 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: other artists

Of course I forget some....
Warren Zevon (how on EARTH could I forget him?--DUH)
Patrick Moraz......

There I feel better now...rofl


Message: 11009 Posted: Thu Apr 06 06:49:12 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Hey there Nina!

I'm in Miami (Southern Florida, hot and icky starting now)


Message: 11008 Posted: Thu Apr 06 06:05:08 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Other artists whose talent I greatly admire and appreciate include:

>>>Bay City Rollers
>>>The Archie's
>>>Milli Vanilli

I'm sure that all of us can agree; that we could never have been able to live without these supergroups' outstanding, significant, and influential musical contributions. pb

Message: 11007 Posted: Wed Apr 05 22:12:08 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Photos From Reno - Live Chat Box

I posted a few more photos from Sparks/Reno tonight along with a photo of Gerry's new Rickenbacker 12 string guitar. You can check them both out in the "What's New" section of the America Fans home page.

A few people tried out the new Live Chat Box which doesn't use Java and the consensus was It Stinks! (I'm being polite and censoring the actual words used). So I have switched the live chat box back to the Java version for this Thursday's chat. Gary is going to investigate other non-Java solutions including the possible use of an IRC. If he finds something good, he'll let me know and I'll hook it up. In the meantime my advice to everyone is to upgrade to the free versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape so you can have Java and all of the Internet functionality that comes with it. --Steve

Message: 11006 Posted: Wed Apr 05 21:49:11 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: other artists

Jackson Browne, Firefall & the Eagles .... also Rundgren & Utopia ...
lately I've been into Edwin McCain, Tal Bachman & Vertical Horizon ...

Message: 11005 Posted: Wed Apr 05 21:19:53 2000 By: msmith
Subject: nina quilt

nina, i would like to be included on the quilt. mark smith from so cal. i go by windwave in the chat room. i think that those of us who would like to be included should maybe help share the expense of making it. you could consider that an offer. are you thinking about doing one for gerry and one for dewey?

Message: 11004 Posted: Wed Apr 05 20:39:12 2000 By: Beth
Subject: other artists

To add my 2-cents...Dan Fogelberg, Jonathan Edwards, Cat Stevens, Duncan Sheik, Sarah McLachlan, Billy McLaughlin, Paula Cole, Tom Petty, Counting Crows, Michael Murphey, Lyle Lovett....and yes, Howard, I've heard Lowen & Navarro. Very nice harmony. Seems to be what I look for in music.
Stay tuned-

Message: 11003 Posted: Wed Apr 05 19:45:20 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Other Artists.

Old 97s. Whiskeytown. Guster. Jayhawks. Uncle Tupelo. Matthew Sweet. Freedy Johnston. Peace. World Party. John Hiatt. Switchfoot. Kristen Hall.


Message: 11002 Posted: Wed Apr 05 18:33:44 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: To Nina/ and Other artists

Nina THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!! Robyn From California

other artists-- pretty much those mentioned plus Warren Zevon ( new cd is terrific!)the Motels, the Pretenders and the under appreciated Lauren Wood ( who also has a cool new cd out, second song begins "Human Nature is a funny thing"-lol, as one of her guitar players is Hank Lindemann, hmmmm)

Message: 11001 Posted: Wed Apr 05 18:28:08 2000 By: gary
Subject: chat

If anyone is interested, I will be trying out the new chat channel at 9:00PM CDT tonight Wednesday).


Message: 11000 Posted: Wed Apr 05 18:01:52 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Other favourites....Let's see....
Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Joan Osborne, Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, early Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, almost everyone at Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan, Al Stewart, Sarah McLachlan, the Moody Blues, Sarah McLachlan


Message: 10999 Posted: Wed Apr 05 18:00:10 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Lowen & Navarro


Never heard of them, but if they are acoustic guitars & harmony, I'm interested in hearing more about them!


Message: 10998 Posted: Wed Apr 05 17:57:56 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Wow!!! I can't believe you like Al Stewart!!!! I'm a huge Al Stewart freak and I have ALL of Al's CDs....even his "unavailable" first four from 1967-1972. I've seen him live a gazillion times. :)


Message: 10997 Posted: Wed Apr 05 17:25:54 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Quilt/All My Life/Other Artists

Count me in on the quilt! Eddy Forsman, Minnesota
We're going to the Stillwater show, hope they're still doing All My
Life, would LOVE to hear that one!
I love all kinds of different music, so it would be hard to pick ALL the artists I like, but here are a few: America, Gerry Beckley, The Beatles (group & solo), Pink Floyd, Badfinger/Joey Molland, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Captain Beefheart, Live, Ben Folds Five, Radiohead, Pretenders, Kate Bush, Aimee Mann(Til'Tuesday),The Sound, Tom Petty, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Howling Wolf, Johnny Winter, (any old blues), Cheap Trick, Chicago, Bob Dylan, Anything that Jeff beck, Clapton, or Jimmy Page has played on, The Who, The Doors,Indigo Girls.. Well, the list could go on forever, I also like some Classical & Jazz, & music from my Finnish Heritage, There's a Finnish instrument called a "Kantele" which sounds very beautiful (an artist named Diane Jarvi plays this very well!) Also a big fan of a group called Conga Se Menne from the U.P.
Also, I would like to take this time to thank Thoughtscape for having the UFO Japanese imports in, they sound GREAT, & being able to listen to this fine band again brought back some nice (& crazy) memories. TAKE CARE!

Message: 10996 Posted: Wed Apr 05 17:17:14 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Nina's Quilt & other artists

Nina, please include me on it. Howard Lieboff from New Jersey!

OTher artists: I'm a sucker for great harmony.
Here's one group I'm slowly getting into and they
have a big following. Lowen & Navarro.
ANybody ever hear of them??? Acoustic guitars and harmony.
Now that's music to my ears. As well as Poco & CSNY! :0)

Message: 10995 Posted: Wed Apr 05 16:50:11 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Re: America Music "All Around" Me

Sign me up!Alan Wind -Marietta,Georgia.

Message: 10994 Posted: Wed Apr 05 16:18:16 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Nina, I'm in California. Happy quilting!

Message: 10993 Posted: Wed Apr 05 16:09:27 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Live Songs

Since I wasn't at the Sparks (Reno) concerts I can't answer specifics about the songs but I did hear a few things through the grapevine that I can pass along. First of all, the mix of new songs may come and go depending on how the band feels about the songs. Some songs may fit well in a certain venue and crowd and others may not. They'll basically play it by ear and see how things go. Regarding "All My Life": It has been worked up as a number with the complete band, not just a Gerry solo. That's an arrangement that I'd really like to hear. I wonder if they'll make it to Utah this year so I can hear it???

Message: 10992 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:45:08 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Other favourites include: CS&N, Genesis, Hall and Oates, Al Stewart, Peter White, Acoustic Alchemy,Ben Folds Five, Michael Tomlinson, a couple of lesser known Canadian artists: Hemingway Corner, Melanie Doane, Jann Arden, Great Big Sea (from Newfoundland, a riot). I also really like all sorts of reggae : Third World, Aswad, Big Mountain, Satallites. Lived in Africa for a couple of years so really got into Johnny Clegg and Savuka (now known as Juluka), Hugh Masekela, Stimela, Samkomota.

I know I'll go home and look at my collection and say " Oh Yeah, what about...."


Message: 10991 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:41:48 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Other Artists and All My Life - addendum

After seeing some of the other posts, I can see that my tastes aren't nearly as eclectic as I thought they were. It amazes me that people with such radically different tastes in music can all agree on America as one of their favorite bands!

Also, after seing some of the other posts, I remembered some of the other bands that I really like - Goo Goo Dolls, AJ Croce (remembered his dad - forgot him), Jimmy Buffett, the Stones and Andrew Gold. Also liked what little I heard of Crowded House.

Message: 10990 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:37:50 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Am I still eligible even if can't claim a 'state" as a home but a province (British Columbia) instead? (Although many believe Canada is just the 51st state) :-)


Message: 10989 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:33:45 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Yes, Nina. I am from Maine. Farmington, Maine to be exact. Could you also include my wife's name (Kay Sue) and the 4 of our 6 kids that are America fans (Tamara, Amber, Aaron & Megan)? Oh yeah, the last name is Collins if you need that as well.

Also, my brother in South Lancaster, MA is also a big fan, but he doesn't post to the chat folder. He has a bio on the fans page, however and provided a link to some great pix he took at the Topsfield shows last October (I was there as well). Do you mind if I e-mail him and ask if he wants to be included as well? I think this is something he would really like to do.



Message: 10988 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:07:13 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Johnny

No problem mentioning Celine Dion Johnny. I bought my wife the BEE GEES "ONE NIGHT ONLY" cd and on it Celine, along with the BEE GEES sing a song called IMMORTALITY and I think it's excellent!


Message: 10987 Posted: Wed Apr 05 15:06:50 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Johnny

No problem mentioning Celine Dion Johnny. I bought my wife the BEE GEES "ONE NIGHT ONLY" cd and on it Celine, along with the BEE GEES sing a song called IMMORTALITY and I think it's excellent!


Message: 10986 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:44:24 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Nina's Quilts/Post names & states by May 1st

Thanks to all who have shown interest in my quilt idea! So far, I've counted 7 people who'd like their names added, but except for Johnny from New Mexico...I'm not sure what "state" the rest of you live in!!! (And "state of confusion" doesn't count, wise guys!!!) I think the added information of the states we live in would reinforce to America the inpact they have on their fans all over the country..."from sea to shining sea" so to speak!

So, could Alan (from Maine????) verify that he IS from Maine, please?

And Beechlady, Robyn, Cathy, John (Lussier), and Virginia......could you all re-post with your "states" please?

I'll be checking this site approx. twice a week to gather names (and catch up on the news, of course), but ( to quote Gerry Beckley) I'll "sit alone as I sew" for the next month and a half!

Think of me while I'm gone!!!!!!!


Message: 10985 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:43:15 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Andy Gold??? Andrew Gold...oh what a lonely boy!

That's a funny story, Cathy. That must have been a major disappointment.

Dan, I wish Crowded House would record something new. I don't know if they're still together.

Message: 10984 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:37:11 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Alibis galore

I have an alibi for why "Alibi" was not one of my favorite America albums when it came out in 1980. It was my first year in college and close to Christmas; I was so distracted that I barely had time to listen to the album all the way through once. I never soaked it in like I did most other America albums from the minute I bought them. (Likewise, I later had trouble soaking in "Hearts" and "Homecoming," still missing from my collection at that point; I hadn't yet fully immersed myself into America.)

At any rate, as I found my "Alibi" again on my current CD tour, I was amazed about how much more obvious it seemed to me this time around that George Martin was gone. The hired talent for the production of this album were well-defined rockers (not a violin player among them), so the tracks are distinctly different than duo America "Silent Letter." (It's probably not fair to compare Trio albums with Duo albums, I've decided.)

For whatever reason, I always have liked "Hangover," a very non-traditional Dewey song. "Survival" grew on me over the years. The remaining songs, aside from "I Don't Believe in Miracles," rock, and I'd agree with others on this list that the album has very few weak points. So why isn't it one of my favorites?

The only thing that outrightly bothers me is how much I like "You Could've Been the One." I'm irked because this great Gerry vocal isn't from Gerry's own hand. America songs that were written by anyone other than the Big Three have consistently scored an indifferent "Eh" on the likability meter. But I like *this* song. I'm disturbed.

Since eight of the 11 songs were Dewey/Gerry originals, this album deserves a few more listens. Who knows? Maybe it'll become a bigger favorite.

To be honest, in my opinion, it's downhill from here until "Encore." I'll have to force myself to listen to the non-Gerry/non-Dewey songs on "View From the Ground," "Your Move," and "Perspective." Again, some of them are "Eh," but they all make me long for the golden 1970s.

Message: 10983 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:28:55 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Other Artists and All My Life

Maybe a live cd will come of all of this???
and speaking of music... along with America, I also enjoy Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Al Stewart, The Spinners, Everything But the Girl, and a bunch of other talented people out there. Which reminds me of a little America story...

Many years ago America was scheduled to come up to the radio station where I worked to promote their concert that night. Sadly, they didn't show (but the concert was great). Anyway, I was so excited and the Promo Manager thought I was acting foolishly and she said, "Cathy, they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and me." I replied, "they're not like you and me.... they've got talent!"

Message: 10982 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:22:44 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Other Artists and All My Life

in no particular order; Beatles, Beach Boys, Bad Company, Croce {Jim & AJ), Dwight Twilley, Eagles, CCR, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Brownsville Station, Skynyrd, Mott the Hoople, and many more to post. and Johnny I thought I was the only person left into Crowded House? Highly underrated in my opinion. anyhoo sure wish I could see the band do And Forever live; one of my all time faves from one of my all time fave albums. Dan

Message: 10981 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:11:05 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Other Artists and All My Life

Wow, everyone's musical tastes are so varied yet we all have in common America as our favorite...interesting!

Alan, I really like JD Souther, too. I forgot to mention him as well as Andy Gold.

Jeff, like you, I like Petula Clark as well. I have her greatest hits and one or two other albums but I was a bit embarrassed to mention her name. Don't ask me why because I was "brave enough" to mention Celine Dion.

Erin or Jimnak, like Jim R, I'm also wondering about "All My Life". Was it performed as a solo encore song by Gerry on guitar? Very cool about "And Forever" being played.

Message: 10980 Posted: Wed Apr 05 14:00:24 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: All My Live

So, tell me, how did the guys handle "All My Life" instrumentally? Was it a guitar solo by Gerry, a finger-searing rocker, George Martin on the violins, or what? Any indication if this song will stay on the play list a while? Enquiring minds want to know. Similar questions on the other new songs on the play list.

Message: 10979 Posted: Wed Apr 05 13:47:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Other favorites? Why, how absurb. I mean, well, I have to admit that I probably am as passionate for John Lennon's Beatles and solo efforts as I am America's work (including Dan Peek solo and in Peace). I also focus somewhat on therest of the Beatles, including solo albums. After that (in descending order), Billy Joel, Julian Lennon, the Judds, Kansas, Jim Croce, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, John Mellencamp, early solo Michael Jackson, and a whole bunch of artists in greatest hits compilations.

Message: 10978 Posted: Wed Apr 05 13:47:45 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

And yes Young Erin will have seen 7 of 7 AMERICA's shows at the Nugget. HUMAN NATURE went over very well indeed. The melodic & passionate WEDNESDAY MORNING followed by the heart pounding, explosive WHEELS & then the literary masterpiece PAGES really won them over. As Erin mentioned on the 6th nite, AMERICA did ALL MY LIFE, WINDWAVE & AND FOREVER. All done superbly !!!

Message: 10977 Posted: Wed Apr 05 13:36:20 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: other artist

...Russ Freeman, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, David Benoit, Acoustic Alchemy, Peter White, Steve Wariner, Tim O'Brien, Percy Faith, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Petula Clark, Earl Klugh, Beach Boys, Doc Watson, D. Fogelberg, Alison Krauss, Michael on and so on...better stop.


Message: 10976 Posted: Wed Apr 05 13:04:48 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Just to name a few....Blues Traveler, Jimmy Buffett, Vertical Horizon, Beach Boys, Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, Switchfoot, Goo Goo Dolls, Chicago, Train, Air Supply, Stroke 9, Santana, Clint Black, Ricky Martin (please don't laugh), Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, Elton John, Robert Lamm, Buddy Holly, and many more that I can't think of right now...

Erin :o)

Message: 10975 Posted: Wed Apr 05 12:50:28 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Other Artists

in no particular order
the finn brothers, low, sparklehorse, cafe tecuba, phantom planet (the bsides mostly), karas flowers, switchfoot, the beatles, jellyfish, the grays, jason falkner, eric matthews, stone temple pilots, flick (they amaze me), radiohead(them too), travis, old van halen, james brown, jimmy eat world, nine inch nails, beck, emmit rhoades, peter gabriel, primus, prince, miles davis, bach, talk show, the beach boys, christina aguilera, the beastie boys, mos def, UNKLE, REM, oasis, dj shadow, neutral milk hotel, the who, matthew sweet, failure, the replicants, bad religion, the police, eric johnson, jeff beck, jimi hendrix, the cars, depeche mode, oingo boingo, janes addiction, deconstruction, soul coughing, weezer, xtc, america, ben folds five, rage against the machine, jimi's chicken shack, nirvana, foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, the toadies, roger clyne and the peacemakers, the refreshments, junior brown, the buena vista social club, and a bunch i know i'm forgetting. there's so much wonderful music out there to listen too.


Message: 10974 Posted: Wed Apr 05 12:49:28 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

All My Life...finally! It was so amazing to hear it live. Gerry and all the guys sounded AWESOME, and I just want to say thanks for playing it in Reno. We were also lucky enough to get to hear And Forever and Wind Wave....After listening to them on CD for so long, I can't even describe how exciting it was to hear them live. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect concert. I hope they continue to play all three so all of you get to hear them. Tonight's the last Reno show, so hopefully I'll get one more chance....It's been an incredible week. Thanks America!!

Erin :o)

Message: 10973 Posted: Wed Apr 05 12:18:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Other Artists

Thomas Dolby, Earth, Wind & Fire, David Benoit, John Taylor, The Rippingtons, Sly and the Family Stone, Peter Gabriel, Enya, Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow.


Message: 10972 Posted: Wed Apr 05 12:17:36 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Other Artists

My favorite artists (besides America) include (but are not limited to):

Dan Fogelberg, Eagles (as well as Henley and Walsh solo), Poco, Jackson Browne, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Neil Young (excluding much of his 80's work), CSN (& sometimes Y), John Hiatt, J.D. Souther.

For newer bands & artist, I like Barenaked Ladies, Collective Soul, the Wallflowers & Counting Crows. Kenny Wayne Shepard & Johnny Lang are pretty good, too (what I've heard of them).

Other bands & artists I really like, but wouldn't neccesarily count among my favorites include Elton John (70's stuff), Billy Joel, CCR, John Cougar Mellencamp (and various combinations of the 3 names), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Keb Mo', Beach Boys, Huey Lewis, Bruce Hornsby, Beatles, Clapton, Santana, Dylan, Traveling Wilburys, Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty.

I know I'm forgeting a lot of bands & artists. I like a lot of music from many genres. America still stands (and always will) among my all-time favorites.

Message: 10971 Posted: Wed Apr 05 11:18:32 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Reno!

Hi all..just got back and see all the pics posted from the concerts! I was there with my 3 boys but we didn't have a chance to take in any concerts..spent some "Quality Time" with them in Tahoe. I had a wistful feeling leaving the airport, seeing their pictures on posters, but know that there is always next year. Glad all that went had a great the pictures! More to come?????? Janice

Message: 10970 Posted: Wed Apr 05 11:09:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Other Artists

Interested in discussing what other artists you like to listen to? I think we discussed this about a year-and-a-half ago, but it might be fun to talk about again since we have a number of new folks on board.

My other favorites (distant ones of course) are Steely Dan, Steve Perry (with or w/o Journey), Daryl Hall (with or w/o John Oates), Toto, Crowded House, The Mamas and The Papas, early Beatles, Phil Collins, Paul Young, Fogelberg, Eagles, Doobies, Bob Welch, Russ Ballard, Celine Dion, Dan Peek, and McCartney. Plus, country singers Mark Wills, Martina McBride, and Patty Loveless.

Message: 10969 Posted: Wed Apr 05 10:48:24 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Changes and Additions

Cathy, the live chat usually starts at 9 pm EDT (6 pm PDT). If no one is there when you arrive, hang around and see who else shows up. I won't be able to make it but I hope many of you can. Be sure to let me know what you think of it.

Message: 10968 Posted: Wed Apr 05 10:03:42 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: quilt

Nina, count me in as well :=)

Message: 10967 Posted: Wed Apr 05 10:02:43 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Changes and Additions

The new site is cool. I can't believe someone else registered as "mei." Oh well....
What time on Thursday, EST, are we meeting?

Message: 10966 Posted: Wed Apr 05 07:13:20 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

Erin, I am looking forward to a detailed account from you!

BTW, I thought you were Sgt Darkness and Kelly was Yng Moon.

Message: 10965 Posted: Tue Apr 04 21:42:30 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

Young Erin, sometimes known as Young Moon has a lot to say about AMERICA's bang-up show at the Nugget on Tuesday nite 4/4/00. A bunch of new songs tried out - a great surprise for all. AMERICA cannot be matched for such outstanding, consistent performance.

Message: 10964 Posted: Tue Apr 04 20:47:00 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Changes and Additions

The America Fans Live Chat Box has been changed so that it no longer requires Java. It still requires JavaScript but most browsers support that. You can go in and test it right now so you'll be ready for the big chat session Thursday night. One thing about this live chat box is that the messages don't go away. You can go back a day later and you'll still be able to read the last discussion that took place. We'll decide after Thursday whether we want to keep it or go back to the Java version.

I also have 3 more photos from the Fans Gathering in Reno. Thanks to Gary Harrison for making them available.

Message: 10963 Posted: Tue Apr 04 18:04:15 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: quilt

Great idea Nina. I'd love to offer to help but reattaching buttons is about the extent of my seamstress skills. Count me in though.

Message: 10962 Posted: Tue Apr 04 17:15:20 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Java vs. JavaScript Live Chat Box

Steve, alas, no Java for me either.

Nina, please count me in on your quilt.

Message: 10961 Posted: Tue Apr 04 15:46:22 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Java vs. JavaScript Live Chat Box

Steve, I'm in that "don't have java so can't join the chat" category.


Message: 10960 Posted: Tue Apr 04 15:12:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Java vs. JavaScript Live Chat Box

I received a message from Gary indicating that some people who attended the Fans Gathering in Reno would be able to join in the weekly live chat session if I didn't use a chat box that required Java. He even pointed me to a JavaScript chat box that isn't too bad. It lacks a few features of the Java version, but overall I think it's OK. My biggest complaint is that it makes you register to get a handle (user name) and password but since I make you do the same thing on this chat folder, I guess I can't complain too loudly. Once you have registered it's really easy to use.

How many of you cannot use the current live chat box because you don't have Java? How many of you (with or without Java) would be willing to try the JavaScript live chat box this Thursday night to see how it works? I can have it set up in a matter of minutes. Feel free to give your replies on this chat folder or to e-mail them to me.


Message: 10959 Posted: Tue Apr 04 14:57:40 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: America As Country?

Depending on your own opinion on the definition of "country," I think there are many examples of Dan Peek's songs with a country flavor. "Rainy Day," "Don't Cross the River," "In the Country," "Lonely People," "Old Virginia," and "Can't You See" all have enough elements to cross over to country, especially if they were covered by an established country act. (Now that Garth Brooks is done trying out as a Met, maybe he can concentrate on my other passion, America. Dig Dig.)

Dan lists country music as one of his influences, so his songs' occasional country flavor is no surprise. In fact, I'd argue that if he had a more traditional country-style voice (by 1970s standards, not the broader range in today's country, in which he'd clearly qualify), America might have hit the country chart once or twice two decades ago. And Dan Peek's solo works on "All Things Are Possible," "Doer of the Word,"and "Bodden Town" stray even closer to country, in my opinion.

Message: 10958 Posted: Tue Apr 04 13:43:43 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America Music "All Around" Me

<<It is traditional to "sign" a I will, but if anyone out there is interested...I could make my quilts from ALL their fans , by adding your names too! And maybe your state or city? >>

Sounds like a great idea, Nina. Count me in if you decide to go with it. Of course, I'd have to include the other America fans in my family, but that's a detail that can be worked out later, I'm sure. Just let me if you decide to do it.

I called the Colonial Theater in Keene a few days ago and found out they did have a few tickets left. They even had 2 seats together. I was sorely tempted to grab them, but after looking at our finances there was absolutely no way I could justify spending the money right now. I shouldn't torture myself like that. I'm sure you're going to come back from the concert and tell us all how wonderful it was and that they played some new songs from the elight 8 and then I'm going to feel REALLY bad that I missed it.

Life just isn't fair! :(

Message: 10957 Posted: Tue Apr 04 12:57:10 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Poco and America As Country?

I always though Don't Cross The Rvier was really a country song. Especially the remixed version with the fiddle found on the History CD.

Message: 10956 Posted: Tue Apr 04 12:48:17 2000 By: msmith
Subject: re: johnny

being dubbed a hardcore fan by you, johnny, the hardest of hardcore fans is quite an honor. btw, that way 600 miles one way. listened to america cd's all the way going and coming. believe it or not i passed a sign for ventura highway going & coming. it was very appropriate :-) no purple rain or alligator lizards though.

Message: 10955 Posted: Tue Apr 04 12:37:31 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Poco and America As Country?

I never much thought of Rainy Day as all that country influenced, despite the steel guitar. I thought that OLD VIRGINIA is a bit more country flavoured.
BTW, RAINY DAY was the first song that I learned to play on guitar. It's very much near and dear to my heart.


Message: 10954 Posted: Tue Apr 04 12:02:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Poco and America As Country?

Regarding Poco and America being billed as two country performers, I think Dan's "Rainy Day" is perhaps the one America song that has the strongest country sound to it. I think it's due to the steel guitar.

Message: 10953 Posted: Tue Apr 04 10:34:10 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Sorry.....

Just HAD to say "Go GREEN"!!!!! Those Spartans kicked some Gator 'tootie last night and I'm proud of them!!!!!


Message: 10952 Posted: Tue Apr 04 08:47:45 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

You guys heard right. Wind Wave was played last night (4/3) and it sounded AWESOME. I couldn't have asked for a better concert than last night....when Wind Wave started, I almost fell out of my chair. I really hope they keep playing it. The rest of the set list remained the same, although I thought California Dreamin and Sandman sounded especially good last night. Can't wait until tonight!

Erin :o)

Message: 10951 Posted: Tue Apr 04 07:12:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Msmith's Drive

Msmith, your drive of 600 miles to Reno is very impressive. You're definitely a hard-core fan, my man!

Message: 10950 Posted: Tue Apr 04 06:49:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Thanks Erin (a.k.a. 'Sister Golden Hair' perhaps) for the great photos from Reno! It was good to see a picture of the other fans there as well. Great work, Gary! So cool that Gerry and Dewey were there to meet and greet. Once again, no photo of the elusive Jimnak. I'm still hoping maybe one of these days soon.

Nina, that's very, very nice of you to do a quilt from the fans. If you do, please include me, Johnny from New Mexico.

Yes, congrats Steve O and Joe K on the birth of your son and grandson, respectively.

Howard, an instrumental of "Young Moon" at McD's? Cool!!! That's the first time I've heard anyone mention about "YM" played anywhere.

Also, cool about "Wind Wave". I'm eager to hear which other songs.

Steve L, thanks again for the great work that you did for us on the Song Tourney! First rate all the way!!!

Message: 10949 Posted: Tue Apr 04 06:44:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Sparks Photos

Ahhhh, VISUALS.......Makes me almost feel like I've BEEN there now, considering how much time I've spent trying to Thanks Erin & Steve!!!!

Message: 10948 Posted: Tue Apr 04 06:42:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America Music "All Around" Me

WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA, NINA!!!! Count me in too!!!!!! If you need anything (!!) for it email me!!! Wouldn't that quilt be cool to see?

Message: 10947 Posted: Mon Apr 03 21:49:38 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

AMERICA played a smashingly successful show on Monday nite, even though the b-ball game was occupying a lot of people that evening.
And guess what ? the dedicated crowd was treated to a new song added to the set, at least for that evening. Young Erin will fill everyone in on the dynamic show & the added treat. Of course a number of songs are being worked & there is no telling what will make the final cut. GERRY & DEWEY are perfectionists & no song goes b/4 they are 100% satisfied w/the outcome.

Message: 10946 Posted: Mon Apr 03 21:27:44 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sparks Photos

Erin sent me several photos from the opening night of the Sparks concert run as well as some photos from the second annual fan gathering. Here's a link that will take you directly there. Thanks Erin.

Message: 10945 Posted: Mon Apr 03 21:25:23 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

Well Nanse, I guess we'll have to wait and see... but the grapevine agrees with what you heard from Gerry.

Message: 10944 Posted: Mon Apr 03 20:52:34 2000 By: msmith
Subject: reno concert saturday night

i drove 600 miles to see my second america concert on saturday. the boys played twenty songs. i wrote down the play list. the highlights for me were:
1) gerry singing 'another try', one of my favorites. he gave
it something extra i thought.
2) dewey singing 'wheels turning'!!!!!!!
3) dewey singing 'pages'. a prior post noted how difficult the
song is to do. i don't know if it's difficult or not, but
dewey hit a home run with it.
4) woodsy singing what i believe was probably dan's part on
'woman tonight'--the line "i get the shivers up and down
spine, the only time i'm happy's when i know you are mine".
outstanding, woodsy!
now, what i didn't like--the concert ended.

Message: 10943 Posted: Mon Apr 03 20:49:03 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: silent letter/all my life

"All My Life" was played at Nancy's and my wedding reception 12 years ago (the band actually knew it!!!)...and the magic continues today. It's truly a timeless live song.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10942 Posted: Mon Apr 03 20:28:55 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America Music "All Around" Me

Nina the quilt idea sounds nice! count me in.


Message: 10941 Posted: Mon Apr 03 19:58:32 2000 By: gary
Subject: Hey Nanse!


If you are still here, go to this site:

It is a live chat that doe snot require Java


Message: 10940 Posted: Mon Apr 03 19:55:58 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Possibly....Wind Wave?????

I can confirm....Gerry told me that they were going to give Wind Wave a try. I will be curious to find out if this is the song you were talking about and if they really played it tonight. I sure hope so. At the gathering, Gary showed the tape of the concert from Germany from 1974ish, and when they played Wind Wave, Gerry turned to me and said that they were going to practice it and give it a try. How exciting except I had to leave Reno before they played it. Let's hope!!!!!!

Message: 10939 Posted: Mon Apr 03 19:22:52 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The Grapevine

I heard it through the grapevine that one of the Elite Eight songs from the Song Tournament might make it into the playlist tonight. Can anyone who was there affirm or deny that rumor (Erin?)?

Message: 10938 Posted: Mon Apr 03 19:04:50 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: John Corbett

Robyn, if John Corbett has a web site, that's news to me. He does have a comprehensive history which is included on the America Fans web site but I don't believe he has his own web site. --Steve

Message: 10937 Posted: Mon Apr 03 17:53:57 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: grandpa

CONGRATULATIONS GRANDPA JOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 10936 Posted: Mon Apr 03 16:36:45 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: John Corbett

Last week during the chat, somebody told me that John Corbett has a web site, but I am afraid I didn't write it down and I am having a brain freeze. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks!

Message: 10935 Posted: Mon Apr 03 16:24:22 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: reno

I am surprised that Gary hasn't posted on the folder before me because I was in Reno and Gary left on Sat. and I left on Sun. My friend Shari Mc. and I drove up on Thurs. and stayed until Sunday morning. Had an absolute blast. Concerts were fun and met some "sweet" people. Enjoyed sharing my stories of my students with some great people. Thanks to all of you and you know who you are!!!!
p.s. Two thumbs up to you Willie. Love, nanse

Message: 10934 Posted: Mon Apr 03 15:54:21 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Silent Letter

I have always thought it was called that because the letter "h" is often silent in the English language.

Message: 10933 Posted: Mon Apr 03 15:50:42 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Music/Muzak

Jeff, you might want to check out John Corbett's Honored Volume 1 and Volume 2 CD's. They feature covers of America's songs and a couple of them include instrumentals. These are fun CD's to listen to. You can read about them and listen to some soundclips by going to the following links

Volume 1
Volume 2

Message: 10932 Posted: Mon Apr 03 14:45:24 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America Music "All Around" Me

The strangest thing has been happening the past few weeks...America music has been "following" me! I've decided to begin quilting again (one of my long lost hobbies) and the first week-end I went out scouting for material, "Horse with no Name" was on the store's piped in music. Last week-end, at the local Wal-mart, I was wandering near the fabrics once again, and "Venturea Highway" was blasting over the P.A. Yesterday, downtown at a girlfriend's quilting store, as I was deciding on a HEART pattern..."Sister Golden Hair" came on the radio!

Now, I ask you...COINCIDENCE? I think not! It must be an omen!

I'm thinking...I just may have enough time between now and the next time America plays near-by to create TWO quilts for my two favorite musicians! (May 2oth , America plays Keene, NH...30 min. from my home!)

It is traditional to "sign" a I will, but if anyone out there is interested...I could make my quilts from ALL their fans , by adding your names too! And maybe your state or city?

I'd love to "give back" to Gerry and Dewey (more than just the price of a ticket or CD) for the years of comfort and pleasure they have given their fans!

What do you think?



Message: 10931 Posted: Mon Apr 03 14:32:57 2000 By: dofd
Subject: silent letter/all my life

My first wife wanted to us "All My Life" in our wedding; we couldn't find the music anywhere, this being in the pre-internet era. As it turned out, it wouldn't have been appropriate, as the marriage lasted 4 years. It wasn't my favorite song on the album anyhow. Preferred "Only Game in Town" and "All Night," both of which would be a blast live. I know that enjoying "All Night'' is somewhat sacriligeous for an America fan. Sorry.

Message: 10930 Posted: Mon Apr 03 14:10:37 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: To Erin Regarding Reno

Hi Johnny....I got the tour book about a week ago, but haven't gotten it signed yet....maybe before Wednesday. If not, there's always next time!
Erin :o)

Message: 10929 Posted: Mon Apr 03 13:37:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "All My Life"

Saw it on a video played as an encore song by Gerry as a solo on guitar. Excellent!

Message: 10928 Posted: Mon Apr 03 13:31:30 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music/Muzak

Howard, in my music searches on the net I have'nt had much...any luck finding instrumental versions of AMERICAS you or anyone on this folder have any suggestions? Hearing YOUNG MOON at McDonalds is neat even if it was Muzak.

Dan, SECOND AVENUE has been going thru my head for 20 years. I'm going to get it on cd soon as the album is scratched.


Message: 10927 Posted: Mon Apr 03 13:25:19 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Ssshhh! Letter silently

Coincidental with the winning status of "All My Life" in the song tourney, I'm currently touring quietly through "Silent Letter" on my car CD player. Having listened to the CD about five times on this current tour, only one question came to mind: Why "Silent Letter"?

At the time of the album's release in 1979, I was twice shocked when I found it at the music store. First, it confirmed that Dan Peek was gone, gone, gone. (My only other clue had been the live album in late 1977.) Second, no "H". I wasn't happy, until I listened repeatedly to the vinyl album. I quickly became accustomed to the Lennon-McCartney style songwriting aspect of Beckley-Bunnell on this album, came to understand the switch to Capitol and the changes that resulted over the years, and accepted that the vocal styles would reflect that only Dewey and Gerry remained.

But I never found out, until re-reading John Corbett's piece on the history of America, why the album's was what it was. Now I get it: the "H" was silent this time around. Too bad album sales were also silent. This was a good album, albeit a whole new America.

To be honest, however, I wouldn't mind hearing a version of "All My Life" without the schmaltzy violins. I like this song, but I think I'll like it better live. For those who've heard it live before, tell me, how is it handled instrumentally?

Message: 10926 Posted: Mon Apr 03 12:12:52 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: Re: Chat

I might stop by Robyn, but it might be more like 7:30

Message: 10925 Posted: Mon Apr 03 12:10:34 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

I will be in the Chat room tomorrow evening, (Tuesday) around 7 p.m. if anyone wants to join me. (That is anyone not having something better to do like go to the Nugget!!!!)

Message: 10924 Posted: Mon Apr 03 12:01:08 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: Name change.

Hi guys. It's Jami, I'll be posting now as kitschy. Just didn't want to scare anyone.

Message: 10923 Posted: Mon Apr 03 11:46:25 2000 By: Jami
Subject: Reno!!!

Hi guys. I'm here, watching Erin scan pictures. They're awesome. I was at the Nugget on Saturday, and it was an awesome, awesome show! I regret not going to the Fan Party though, but there is next year. Well, I must have missed some people, because I met only Erin. See all you chatters on Thursday.
Oh, here's my album I got signed on Saturday:

Message: 10922 Posted: Mon Apr 03 11:14:32 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Erin Regarding Reno

Erin, did you receive your 1977 America Tour Book in time for autographs?

Message: 10921 Posted: Mon Apr 03 10:59:04 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Reno

I have to admit, that really was cool. Totally caught me off guard, though. The concerts have been so great, and I've had so much fun meeting everyone! Wish you could have been here, Steve! We missed you! And Jim, can't wait to see your pictures!

Erin :o)

Message: 10920 Posted: Mon Apr 03 08:30:33 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reno

Erin, that's awesome that Gerry would recognize you by having you take a bow. I know you've spent lots of time and money seeing all those shows and this is the band's small way of saying thank you. I enjoyed sitting with you during just one of those shows last year. Jim, we all look forward to seeing the photos.

Message: 10919 Posted: Mon Apr 03 08:27:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: grandpa

Welcome to the ranks, Joe. I can assure you that it's wonderful. Now all you have to do is play that grandson lots of America so that he has a proper introduction into this earth life. --Steve

Message: 10918 Posted: Mon Apr 03 07:38:31 2000 By: Beechlady

Ahhhh, Yesssssss, Mr. Lieboff! I too have heard them at Mickey D's! At least SOMETHING there is healthy for you!!! I've also heard "Train" in NUMEROUS places (the Mall, Grocery store, ToysRUs, Home Despot,KMart.....)! I think this muzak thing follows me around here in Southern Florida (and in Michigan also)....Oh, Oh, I'm starting to PANIC now....
Well as long as they keep playing Young Moon and Train, I'll be *OK*

(C= } ROFL

Message: 10917 Posted: Mon Apr 03 07:20:23 2000 By: Howard Lieboff

While eating dinner with the family at McDonalds on Saturday night.
The instrumental Muzak was playing over loud speaker.
And a familiar tune came over, and I started to hum?
It was an instrumental version of "Young Moon" about that?

Message: 10916 Posted: Mon Apr 03 07:17:20 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: grandpa

CONGRATS JOE!!!!! Much Happiness to your daughter and her new son!

Message: 10915 Posted: Mon Apr 03 05:05:27 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Humphrey's in San Diego

<<America was one of the 18!...and the opening act is Poco.>>

It must have been an epiphany I had a couple of months ago when I stated in a post to the list that I thought an America/Poco double bill would be awesome! (In response to another post stating that Poco had reunited and were going on tour). Too bad it's happening on the other side of the country from me. I've always wanted to see Poco live. The last time they reunited ('89 if I'm not mistaken), they were scheduled to come to Augusta, Maine with Richard Marx, but the show was inexplicably cancelled. I didn't care that much about Richard Marx, but I really wanted to see Poco.

I too find it interesting that they are classifying America as "country rock". Certainly no disputing that Poco is. I have seen some country influence in some of their songs ("Old Virginia" has already been noted), but I certainly wouldn't call them country rock.

Still, I think the America/Poco double bill would be an awesome show.


Message: 10914 Posted: Mon Apr 03 04:33:38 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: grandpa

Hey folks , I just wanted to let everyone know that I just joined the ranks of grandfatherdom. My daughter had a 7 lbs. 14 oz. baby boy named Landon. He was born Sunday 4/2. All I can think of to say right now is WOW.................................Joe

Message: 10913 Posted: Sun Apr 02 23:31:43 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Reno

Flash bulletin:
On Sunday nite's show 4/2, GERRY asked our own Erin to stand & take a bow to the crowd. I thought she was going to say a few words. He said she has been to every show at the Nugget & will probably see them all. Foto's to follow.

Message: 10912 Posted: Sun Apr 02 20:47:02 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Country Rock?

Perhaps they were a tad confused. After all, America IS a country.


All of you at the Reno shows, I am look forward to your reviews and pictures....( I was there in spirit-- took dd to visit the grandparents and we actually discussed giving the visit a miss and going to Reno!-- THAT'S my girl! we did listen to History on the way out there)

Message: 10911 Posted: Sun Apr 02 20:33:52 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Yet More Trivia

I could be wrong, but didn't DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME also have the Captain and Tennile on background vocals? (excuse my spelling)


Message: 10910 Posted: Sun Apr 02 18:44:42 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Yet More Trivia

I just finished an Elton John autobiography ("The Many Lives of Elton John" by Susan Crimp and Patricia Burstein) and mid-way through it tells of how our boys were to be a part of an ambitious roster of background vocalists on "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". The line up also was to have included the Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield, and Danny Hutton of 3 Dog Night. However, the whole project became a bit unwieldy, Elton threw one of his infamous snits and producer Gus Dudgeon pared the ensemble down so it only included Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston.

If you like Elton, this is a good read.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10909 Posted: Sun Apr 02 14:23:34 2000 By: Dan
Subject: curious

I thought it rather strange that at the start of the song tourney we were averaging around 100 voters and for the last round we were down to 66. The guys on the folder must have become disinterested or lazy which accounts for All My Life taking home the gold. also in response to another post I too thought Second Avenue by T. Moore was or should have been a hit for him. I too have that Rockin Easy album so thanks for reminding me so I can dust it off and play it for the first time in many moons. Dan

Message: 10908 Posted: Sun Apr 02 11:10:05 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: how many concerts have I attended

a bunch
first one was 1980 when they opened for Rossington collins Band in Lakeland Fla. 2nd was Spring Break 82 in Daytona Beach in the old band shell. After that it gets hazy. Time for a production meeting

Message: 10907 Posted: Sun Apr 02 11:02:30 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: harbour alibi and in the country

in response (sounds official doesn't it?)
There is a picture of the band on the back cover of Harbour, Willie has the doll's head used on the Alibi cover (I've seen it), and the bell used on "In the Country" was the same one used on Yellow Submarine I was told. and the drum track on "Hollywood" was a padded piano bench. My question is this... Is that the same piano bench that McCartney sat on when he recorded "let it Be"? That's an interesting thought.."Willie, just hit where Paul had gas" ....eeewwww

Message: 10906 Posted: Sun Apr 02 10:53:01 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: "Woman Tonight" & Woodz

ask to hear him sing "don't touch the spider"

Message: 10905 Posted: Sun Apr 02 10:51:31 2000 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Songs We Grew To Love

that would be alliteration for $500 please.
So you guys at Stoner Mountain

Message: 10904 Posted: Sun Apr 02 08:14:15 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reno

Erin and Jim, thanks for sharing the info about our favorite band in Sparks (Reno). It figures that the year I couldn't make it to the fan gathering Gerry and Dewey would show up. Of course, I know they would have been there last year if it hadn't been for Willie's wedding. I'm glad that many of you got to meet them. Thanks again, Gary, for setting it all up.

On a slightly unrelated note, the reason I couldn't make it this year was because I was at a computer show in Salt Lake City. I was demonstrating some new software that I had written and on Friday I was part of the keynote address. I had about 4 1/2 minutes of fame (actually, it was terror for me) where I was broadcast around the globe via satellite and over the Internet via webcast. The webcast version is still out there if any of you want to take a look. Simply go to and scroll down to Keynote #3. If you're on a modem click on the Low Bandwidth link otherwise you can click on the High Bandwidth. Move the RealPlayer slider bar so that the timer says 44:00 and you'll be right at the spot where I come on stage. As I indicated above, I was really nervous but I think it turned out OK.

Now, back to America.


Message: 10903 Posted: Sun Apr 02 07:03:01 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: rockers-Mr. Griffey

Oh, NOOOOOO, NOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO JimG!!!!! Ever since I heard it on the album I thought "hmmmmmmmmm"! Since I was too young to get to the nearest concert venue at that time (They were only playing the BIG ones, 3 1/2 hours away, 16 years old-NO CAR)I'd just have to play it until the reverse grooves popped thru and close my eyes and IMAGINE it live.....sigh! Now I fear it's too late.....)C= (waaaaaaaaaah-----ok, ok. Sorry. LOL)What a great batch o' guitar! The whole song just LENDS itself to a live performance!

TkH<-------She's NOT a liar!!! (C=

Message: 10902 Posted: Sun Apr 02 05:14:27 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: rockers

And I thought I was the ONLY ONE that wanted to hear "She's A Liar" live!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 10901 Posted: Sat Apr 01 23:30:02 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Reno

Yes Erin agreed. The Saturday night show was a complete sell out. AMERICA did a triple HUMAN NATURE run w/WEDNESDAY MORNING, PAGES & WHEELS. WEDNESDAY MORNING is a real treat, the crowd really went for it. PAGES as always is one of the more complicated pieces & DEWEY really puts forth tremendous effort to pull this off, not sure how he remembers all those literary like lyrics, this song is quite a feat, an epic journey. WHEELS does indeed rocks the house. This song is in a way like NEVER BE LONELY, THE BORDER, SANDMAN & many others in that the live version has dynamics that seem to ignite the crowd.
See AMERICA live !

Message: 10900 Posted: Sat Apr 01 23:12:05 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Reno

Like Jim said earlier, Bertha's gone and the showroom doesn't smell like a barn anymore. And we get to hear the guys 45 minutes earlier. I've seen 3 shows so far, and all three have been incredible. America really is ROCKING Reno. I don't know what else to say, except a huge THANK YOU to Gerry and Dewey for coming to the fan gathering at Planet Hollywood today. Everyone had a great time. And thank you to Gary for organizing it! I wish more of you could be here...there's still 4 more shows!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 10899 Posted: Sat Apr 01 21:56:51 2000 By: FireIce777
Subject: Houses In White

Happened upon this site accidently, Played the clip, like it. Background sounded great on the surround sound speakers. Sounds like a hit to me.

Thanks for the site, I have enjoyed it. Brought back some great memories.

Message: 10898 Posted: Sat Apr 01 19:09:18 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Humphrey's in San DiegoCountry Rock

Country Rock? First let's get Dan on stage to sing OLD VIRGINIA. Then we'll talk about country :)


Message: 10897 Posted: Sat Apr 01 17:38:48 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Humphrey's in San Diego

America is playing Humphrey'sBy The Bay(best concert venue in the world) on Sept. 29. Their whole season went on sale this morning through robber baron Ticketmaster.
The ads were interesting - 85 events on their schedule, and in the radio commercials they mentioned 18 of the 85 coming acts. America was one of the 18!
However, their web site lists an explanation of each show, and the opening act is Poco. They conclude the review by stating "A country rock double bill for the ages."
Anybody else find that an interesting statement?
ShariL <><

Message: 10896 Posted: Sat Apr 01 14:40:10 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Winner

By the way Erin & Gary are now quite famous, having their names mentioned by the legendary GERRY BECKLEY during the show no.1 & 2 at Sparks. More to follow from them, hopefully soon.

Message: 10895 Posted: Sat Apr 01 13:33:42 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Song Tournament Winner

Congratulations to "All My Life" for being the Song Tournament winner. I think I can safely say that "All My Life" will be added to the live concert list along with one or more other songs from the Elite Eight. If the guys do like they did last year, they'll be practicing the new songs during their stay at the Nugget in Sparks (Reno) and we should start hearing them soon. Those of you who attend the concerts in the coming weeks will have to let the rest of us know for sure what songs are added.


Message: 10894 Posted: Sat Apr 01 05:33:18 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music

Before getting online I used to make "record runs" a few times a year. However, with CD NOW, THOUGHTSCAPE SOUNDS and others at an arms reach I have'nt been doing much of it...that is, til yesterday.

...went to Athens to the hardware/lumber stores looking for deck stain, fence post, and whatnot, but the draw of the uptown record stores was too much. Anyway, after a couple of hours of digging through boxes of used albums I came out with seven "finds" including PERCY FAITH (Theme from a summer place) a sentimental favorite of mine and HENRY MANCINI. My best find was ROCKIN' EASY vol. 3 SUPERSTARS OF THE 70's which featured a song that I've been looking for online..SECOND AVENUE by Tim Moore. I'd found it on a compilation cd online but had'nt sent for it yet. The Art Garfunkel version is OK but Moores version does it for me...the piano, the strings, the's in my top 10 of non AMERICA favorites. Heck, it would'nt hurt my feelings if AMERICA ever covered it.

Well it's 8:35 am and I've got a fence to build and stain...time to get off of here.

Jeff B.

Message: 10893 Posted: Sat Apr 01 05:22:05 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: rockers

I'd give my EYE TEETH to have that one (She's A Liar) pulled out of the vault again and be able to hear it live--TkH

Message: 10892 Posted: Sat Apr 01 05:19:09 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Catching Up

>>I'd love to replace it if anyone knows where I can get a copy.<<

Hey Joe, are congrats in order???? (I HOPE SO!!!)

I've amassed the ENTIRE collection of the early Piano/Guitar Books (i.e. Warner years)that was put out, as well as "I Need You" and "Ventura Highway" sheet music. I've had SO many inquiries as to WHERE to get them, too, your best bet is still old trusty EBAY!

My poort old Hearts book is about to give up the ghost......I actually found my Holiday book thru a BB posting on the internet (in the OLDEN DAYS..rofl)in 1994-that finally completed my collection after all those years! (C= Happy hunting Alan

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