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Message: 11889 Posted: Wed May 31 21:53:40 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Muskrat Love

MUSKRAT LOVE is a fabulous song. It is also a misunderstood song, I think the lyrics are there to bathe the lush melodies. Here AMERICA demonstrates something that they hold thee patent on: namely, passionate, melodic, warming music, really their trademark in many respects. It's music to calm humans, no one does it better than AMERICA. "Flying me back to Memphis ...." G. BECKLEY

Message: 11888 Posted: Wed May 31 20:41:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: My last post

Geeze. Can I even spell anymore? Does my syntax lack cohesiveness or WHAT? Maybe I'm getting to old for this....

TkH<-----found 'em!

Message: 11887 Posted: Wed May 31 20:39:40 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Listening Protocol

3) All new songs (or previosuly unreleased material) on the box set must be listened to at least 25 times prior to July 31.

>>4) No individual can listen to any box set songs while in the shower until steps 1 and 2 have been completed

Well that kind of blows it for me then. I know I do my best listening while in the shower.....SIGH.

So if we follow these guidelines does this constitute safe aural listening pleasure? (Ok, Ok, I'm sorry) I know you're doing this a public service, Gary. Please forgeeeeeeeeeve

TkH<-----looking for those darned ear propho's

Message: 11886 Posted: Wed May 31 20:06:23 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Muskrat Love

How about like what Gerry did with "Now Sue"... Keep the basic song, but revamp the lyrics. Anyone want to transcribe "Muskrat Love" backwards?


Message: 11885 Posted: Wed May 31 18:48:43 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Highway, Encore.

Been gone for a week, came back to the press release and cover photo of Highway. Can't wait. With Rhino's backing, this seems to be the head of steam America needs.

Someone asked earlier if Rhino released a single from Encore. Yes. Nothing's So Far Away. I remember reading Gavin Report, seeing how the song was getting some stations adding it to their playlist. But, unfortunaley, not enough.

As far as Muskrat Love goes, I'd like to see America re-do that song. Maybe rearrange the harmonies, and build it around electric guitar. And instead of singing about muskrats being in love, sing about something else totally different. Something not stupid like muskrats being in love. If it has to be about an animal, maybe about a lady with a bluebird or something.


Message: 11884 Posted: Wed May 31 16:14:55 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Muskrat Love

I agree with Steve on this one. I like both America's version of Muskrat Love and that other groups :) The thing is, it's not even close to being a favourite of mine, so the reason that I hope it DOES NOT make the box set is because there are many songs that are even more worthy. Again, I don't hate the song, I just like most of the other songs even more.


Message: 11883 Posted: Wed May 31 16:05:20 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Muskrat Love

Pat, "Muskrat Love" is one of my favorites! I think it's a combination of great harmony, great production, and memories of listening to it while I was dating my future wife. Now, here's where I'm really in the minority: I also like the Captain and Tenille's version although it doesn't hold a candle to America's version.

Message: 11882 Posted: Wed May 31 14:58:49 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Listening Protocol

More protocol:

7) The volume of any new CD must be set louder than mere background noise. There's no listening to the CD on your computer CD-ROM player at "office" levels - at least, not until you've memorized the CD's melodies and lyrics by "Heart."

8) Sssh. No talking during the first five listening sessions. This goes for anyone in the room or car.

9) The preferred position for listening of the new boxed set will be on the floor or chair, facing two large speakers or in a suitable surround-sound environment. Read lyrics as you listen to focus your attention.

10) The only acceptable breaks are for bathroom runs and Class I emergencies (such as fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes). Screaming spouses are classified as Class II emergencies and are immaterial to the listening sessions. Use headphones if necessary.

The frightening thing, Gary, is that I actually follow some of your rules - alright, maybe they're more guidelines. I certainly prefer listening to a new album in its entirety, but at the very least, I want to listen to it at sufficient volume (17-20 on my car CD player volume level indicator) to catch the nuances of the mix. Only after several well-tuned listening sessions can I allow a new CD to become background noise.

It'll take a while to listen to 64 songs under this protocol. But then again, what else am I going to listen to during that five-hour drive from Milwaukee to Stillwater for an America concert this summer. Lock in the auto pilot. I'm busy.

Jim R.

Message: 11881 Posted: Wed May 31 14:51:44 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Listening Protocol

Hey Gary and You People,

You neglected to mention listening to all 64 songs in reverse to check for any hidden messages.

Joe B

P.S. Personally I'm starting with anything unreleased, then hitting the rare tracks, followed by the rest of the tunes.

P.S.S. Muskrat Love, while containing some of the guys best harmony singing, still blows lyrically.

Message: 11880 Posted: Wed May 31 12:55:44 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Muskrat Love

Even with less than simplistic lyrics, I can listen to Muskrat Love over and over and not get tired of hearing it. Which means, I'm even more simplistic than the song.

Message: 11879 Posted: Wed May 31 12:27:23 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Muskrat Love

Ok, I already know I'm in the minority here, but I actually like Muskrat Love. I think it adds a nice balance to the rest of the Hat Trick album. Are there any other fans besides me that likes Muskrat Love? Am I the only one?

Message: 11878 Posted: Wed May 31 11:49:19 2000 By: Beth in Atlanta
Subject: Atlanta Concert

The Stone Mountain concert in Georgia was incredible! Gerry and Dewey look great, for one thing, you can just tell they love what they do! It was a gorgeous evening, about 80ish with no humidity, the stage was set right in front of the famous carving in the stone. Warm-up band was the Military Reserve Band out of Robins AFB, which I thought was fitting because of the military brat thing. They did mention the upcoming box set. I think they played about an hour and 15 minutes, but I didn't officially time it. Only did Wednesday Morning and Wheels from the new CD - but Wheels was fantastic! There were two songs I didn't know, but the rest were all very familiar. I was most impressed with Sandman and Everyone I Meet Is From California. If my pictures turn out, I'll email them over for the site. Janice, were you there?

I'm very excited about the box set. We are very lucky that there is America material on CD. I'm a big Head East fan, and there's only 2 CD's available, although after much fighting with the record companies, they are finally going to release the old albums. Never give up hope!

Message: 11877 Posted: Wed May 31 11:18:59 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Listening Protocol

One thing I miss about LP's was playing MUSKRAT LOVE at 78 RPM.


Message: 11876 Posted: Wed May 31 11:13:43 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Listening Protocol

The protocol seems fair and I agree, very necessary. Just imagine what could happen if we were all left to decide on our own how to listen to any new material. I shudder.

What happens, however, if a person is interrupted while listening to the box set in its entirety? Are we permitted to use the pause feature or do we start from the beginning of disc one or the particular disc we are listening to? And ....what if Muscrat Love makes the final cut?


Message: 11875 Posted: Wed May 31 08:04:57 2000 By: gary
Subject: Listening Protocol


I know what you're thinking. I have also been thinking about the manner in which I would listen to the new box set immediately after I receive it, however I think that a required listening procedure must be established now, prior to July 18, so that no one will be guilty of breaking listening protocol. In my opinion, a "shotgun" listening approach to the new Box Set is unproductive and possibly dangerous. Here are some of my suggestions:

1) After the box set is initially received, an individual must listen to all 64 songs in in order, non-stop (from the biginning to the end)

2) After the above step is performed five times, then the listener is free to skip songs are listen in random order

3) All new songs (or previosuly unreleased material) on the box set must be listened to at least 25 times prior to July 31.

4) No individual can listen to any box set songs while in the shower until steps 1 and 2 have been completed

5) No Boot-leg versions can be burned for at least 6 months after the release date.

6) If Go Man Go is released prior to July 18, then that CD must be listened to in it's entirety at least 10 times prior to listening to the new box set

I know this may sound a litte rigid to you Bones, but we must institute some guidelines NOW, otherwise there will be absolute caos.

Everyone please feel free to post your opinions concerning the "Box Set Listening Protocol". I think it is necessary to have these guidelines nailed down and in effect as soon as possible. Remember, these guidlines are for OUR protection and for the protection of inexperienced America fans. Your input is welcome and appreciated.


Message: 11874 Posted: Wed May 31 06:50:44 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: AOLer's take note

A chat tonight in private chat room VGG for AOL subscribers! We'll commence at 9 PM E.T.

Be there aloha.

TkH<-----------Orange hair? Maybe....

Message: 11873 Posted: Wed May 31 06:48:16 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: RE-- Nina's post

I have always said that the guys are a "class" act.. Thanks Nina for sharing the story.

Message: 11872 Posted: Wed May 31 06:46:36 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

I willl be in the chat room this evening around 7 p.m. Pacific Time, if anyone wants to chat.

See you there.

Message: 11871 Posted: Tue May 30 20:56:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Nashville

Thanks for the info, Jim. Yes, I have been told that the taping took place and that I would receive specific information when the date to air is selected. Unfortunately, I don't have cable so the rest of you will have to tell me about it.

Message: 11870 Posted: Tue May 30 20:29:56 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Nashville

I understand that AMERICA did do a taping last Friday nite at the Wild HORSE in Nashville. TNN (cable TV) is doing a piece on Classic Rock & AMERICA is expected to be featured around 7/22/00, near the 3rd week of July, so please watch your TV listings. They played a half dozen songs. Stevo, I am sure more specific info may be coming your way via the usual channels. AMERICA is stronger than ever !!
AMERICA continues on their World Wide millenium tour.

Message: 11869 Posted: Tue May 30 19:54:40 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Billboard

I get a daily music update in my e-mail from Billboard magazine and today they had a small piece about "Highway", plus a picture of Gerry and Dewey. Everyone should check it out. Its nice to see that Rhino is trying to get the message out there!! They are doing a great job so far! I hope they keep it up.

Message: 11868 Posted: Tue May 30 19:47:25 2000 By: EDDY

It's too bad about Thoughtscape, I've ordered quite a few things from them, & also pre-ordered "Go Man Go".
I'm very excited to see how this "re-mix" is going to sound, the Van Go Gan sound clip sounds quite abit more "haunting" than the original.

Message: 11867 Posted: Tue May 30 19:30:56 2000 By: AmericaSL

Gerry's sporty Van Go Gan remix CD title "Go Man Go" is basically ready to go and will be available as soon as the distribution logistics are worked out. I'm in constant touch with Gordon who is ironing out the details and I'll let you all know (right here and on the America Fans home page) just as soon as it's available. It won't be long now, so be patient for just a little longer. --Steve

Message: 11866 Posted: Tue May 30 18:45:39 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Thank you, "SAINT" Dewey!

That's really GREAT Nina what Dewey did. I guess Dewy & Gerry really appreciate their fans as much as we appreciate what they do for us. GOD bless them both!!!!!
I'm just curious, when the box set is released, how many people are going to listen to the un-released music first before they listen to rest of the CDs?

Message: 11865 Posted: Tue May 30 18:06:38 2000 By: Rock

Anyone out there know anything about the alternate Van Gogh Can CD?
Thoughtscape Sound was taking orders before they closed up shop.
Anyone have any other Beckley solo stuff they want to trade. Email Me!

Message: 11864 Posted: Tue May 30 16:35:41 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Thank you, "SAINT" Dewey!

Just another example of why I hold "America" in such high esteem...

My sixth grade students were the recipients of a big, manilla envelope in the school mail today....

It came ALL the way from Southern California, and included a beautiful, handwritten note from Dewey Bunnell...

In it he thanked the children for their "insightful" comments about "America's" music and urged them to work hard..and "always keep a little music in their lives"...

(At the Keene, NH concert I had given Dewey and Gerry my class's "America" hopes that they would read them and return the quizzes by the end of the school year)

Now, a myriad of things "could have" happened to those quizzes since they left the safety of my hands...

But "America" protectively carried that envelope from east Coast to West Coast amid amps, equipment, instruments, suitcases, quilts...

Using their leisure time to read and respond to a bunch of twelve year olds in a rural New England town, most of whose musical tastes
run to Britney Spears and N'SYNC...BUT who kept expectantly asking their teacher: "Did our quizzes come back yet?" and "Do you REALLY think "America"
will read them?"...

Thank you, Dewey, for that letter...and for the valuable lesson you have taught my students about patience, faith, and kindness...

YOU are their Big hero...(THIS week!)

You and Gerry are their teacher's big heroes...for more than just this week!

...I've got to go give HOT TOWN another listen....

Thanks again,


Message: 11863 Posted: Tue May 30 16:13:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: More Highway

I'm just hoping for a nice booklet and some *previously unreleased cuts*--perhaps some ancedotes......

TkH<------SHAKE AND BAKE! (c=

Message: 11862 Posted: Tue May 30 14:47:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Single

I agree that the best track would be a previously unreleased single, such as "Wednesday Morning." Of course, this depends on whether any new material is in the boxed set. Did any of the four new songs from "Encore" ever get released as a single? Just looking for a precedent.

Speaking of boxed sets, I recently picked up the four-disc Billy Joel collection (Greatest hits Vol. 1, 2 and 3, plus a disc that included chat and unreleased live songs plus an alternative studio version of another hit). Originally, I viewed the "extra" disc indifferently, not caring whether I listened to it or not. Then I listened to it. Definitely a highlight. If the America boxed set includes similar surprises, it'll be special indeed.

Jim R.

Message: 11861 Posted: Tue May 30 13:20:32 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Single

"Wednesday Morning" would be great!! Then again, either "From A Moving Train" or "Young Moon" are new enough to promote, too.


Message: 11860 Posted: Tue May 30 11:14:26 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Re: Wed Morn


Message: 11859 Posted: Tue May 30 11:09:40 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: I hear a third?

I second Marks recommendation for "Wednesday Morning" as a single release from the Box set! I hear a third?

Message: 11858 Posted: Tue May 30 09:35:38 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Highway

I'm sure Rhino will do a first rate job with this collection. I have several of their CDs and they are all top notch. I thought they did an excellent job with Encore. I'm not sure if they will release a single or not, but it sounds like a good idea. Instead of something like All My Life, which was released as a single in 1980 and bearly made a dent in the AC chart, I would like to see something more contemporary. Either a new song or maybe Wednesday Morning from Human Nature.

Message: 11857 Posted: Tue May 30 07:20:11 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Concert in Allentown,Pa

Here's what Ginny had to say about it on the AOL America chat board:

"Great show in Allentown, PA last night! It was a bit damp and a lot chilly. Enjoyed the new additions to the set as well as all the rest. Saw Maureen and her friend (Stephanie?, was that her name?). Hope some of our pictures turn out! My hubby let me go to the show on one condition... that I bring and use my new phone. I'm not a phone person, so this was a challenge. I did call him when I got there and it worked. Then, feeling guilty that I had gone without my daughter, I had an idea... just as they started "Horse" I called home and hoped that they would pick up. Found out when I got home today that Althea had picked up and heard the whole song... she loved it! Hubby was in the shower and missed it! LOL"

Message: 11856 Posted: Tue May 30 06:55:24 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Concert in Allentown,Pa

Just Curious if anyone attended the concert in Allentown on Saturday. I'm looking for a concert review

Message: 11855 Posted: Mon May 29 17:59:24 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Renewed Excitement

Hey, Tom. Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well. How's the demo going?

Message: 11854 Posted: Mon May 29 16:47:03 2000 By: Tom T.
Subject: Renewed Excitement

I am so happy about this Box Set that it has reaffirmed my hope that AMERICA will get the credit they deserve. Any of you Die-hards out there I'm sure have realized that there are many of us who have just about given up, but this box set sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I have drifted away from this website because I felt that after seeing Human Nature get overlooked, I pratically gave up on my dedication to AMERICA. I cannot wait for the release of HIGHWAY and I can't wait to see them on this tour!!! Keep well everyone, Tom T.

Message: 11853 Posted: Mon May 29 11:44:25 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: From the vaults?

The press release also talks about rarities and demos from the "prestigious Warner Bros. vaults". Does this mean we won't hear any unreleased Capitol-era songs, such as "Norman"? Remember that One Way Records had originally planned on adding bonus cuts to the Capitol reiusses until financial problems limited the scope of the album releases. I hope Highway has some of that material on it.


Message: 11852 Posted: Mon May 29 08:31:28 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: New songs?

The press release says that "America soared to the top of the charts in the early '70s and continues to record and tour to this day." Does "this day" mean 2000? Does anyone know if the guys recorded any new tracks for this album a-la Encore?


Message: 11851 Posted: Mon May 29 06:41:25 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts-Dennis

Kind of lets people know you're coming over BEFORE you actually get there, eh? (C;

TkH<-----could also use a pick axe

Message: 11850 Posted: Mon May 29 06:39:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Bell Tree

AMEN, PB, AMEN!!!!! (C=

TkH<-------needs caffeine

Message: 11849 Posted: Sun May 28 20:48:08 2000 By: dennis
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

I like the surf designs ala tropical aka mystical flower cosmic flow pyramid focus color supreme om da beam of stream & motion. Thanks,Lets see da kine t-shirt sparkle & glow shimmering light up the nite!!!Many Blessings,Dennis Proffitt,Goldeneaglevideo

Message: 11848 Posted: Sun May 28 20:37:11 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Bell Tree

I agree with BeachLady's opinion regarding Bell Tree.
Bell Tree is among the list of the most incredible songs Gerry ever wrote!
It's truly an amazing song.

Message: 11847 Posted: Sun May 28 06:00:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

wouldn't it be nice
to have shirts with the boxed set? Sky background all over and the rest of the image on the front? WAY COOL.......

TkH<------cars and heads DON'T mix. Drive responsibly!

Message: 11846 Posted: Sun May 28 05:58:34 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Highway's Outer Wrapper

Um, ok. It's nice. I'll admit it (grin).
(Beechlady has her arm savagely twisted behind her back by unknown forces) BUT I still like "Heritage" better....


TkH<----anyone know how to fix a temp gage in a '92 Grand Am? SIGH

Message: 11845 Posted: Sun May 28 05:55:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: song tournament and

Yeah, I've been down that "song voting" route too! BUT luckily for you YOUR song is ahead! (C= My poor "Bell Tree" was annilated,


TkH<-------"Over the counter" migrane *medications*? YEAH RIGHT.

Message: 11844 Posted: Sun May 28 05:53:06 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Labels and Highway

I'd like to think, Tim-me-boy, that the albums that "didn't make the cut" so to speak were the compilation albums (i.e. "Ventura Hw and *other favorites*". Let's just HOPE.....(C;


Message: 11843 Posted: Sat May 27 16:26:05 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Labels and Highway

Since the release says Highway includes songs from almost every album, makes me wonder. Were there certain album(s) that just couldn't nudge any of their songs into the 64? Or could rights not be secured from certain labels and those labels' songs couldn't be used?

I think that without a doubt agreements were reached with Warner and Capital, but I wonder about Oxygen and America Gramaphone.


Message: 11842 Posted: Sat May 27 09:44:39 2000 By: msmith
Subject: song tournament and

"daisy" tied my favorite song "three roses" in the second round and advanced by virtue of its higher seed :-(. i just voted in the third round and now "daisy" should be trailing "sergeant darkness" by one vote. pretty exciting! ...had my first america dream a couple of nights ago. the boys were playing a coffee house/deli in canby, minnesota (get out your map, eddy). i went up to the deli window to purchase tickets and found out the concert was free--had to be a dream, right? gerry & dewey were wearing these yellow/gold blazers. i think that came from the quilt nina made for dewey. can't remember if gerry had his white shoes on. it was a small informal setting on a platform outside and people were passing around a bottle of wine. pretty strange too, since i don't drink much. don't remember the songs except that they were all new. ...strange...

Message: 11841 Posted: Sat May 27 08:32:19 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re:Highway.

Lisa, I'm afraid it is against policy to pre-release the CD's. That's the reason they set a release date. Basically, it makes it fair for all of the distribution channels so that no one can start selling before the others. So, look for it on the 18th at your favorite CD store or online at the web site.

Message: 11840 Posted: Sat May 27 08:29:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Rhino

Shari, yes I do have a contact at Rhino and I'm sure she'll let us know if there's anything we can do to help. So far, it seems as if they've got everything under control.

Message: 11839 Posted: Sat May 27 08:00:14 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re:Highway.

I love the cover and am very excited by the press release. I even sent it to my favorite NYC DJ at WNEW-Vin Scelsa--just in case he didn't receive it. I also requested that he has them on one of his Sunday shows. Any chance "Highway" would be on sale at their July 8th concert as a pre release or is that against record company policies?

Message: 11838 Posted: Sat May 27 01:30:31 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Re:Highway.

Hello everyone,exciting news indeed,a release date set for "Highway",and once again a special moment to share with many America fans new and old thanks to Steve's dedication and appreciated hard work in maintaining these splendid web pages.Seems "Ventura Highway" will be on this set has got me wondering if the version will be the one from "Homecoming" or culled from the "History" set,personally I'd like it as was originally recorded,it would be wonderful to hear so many of the earlier tunes digitally remastered.I never thought I'd see the day when our chaps put out a 3CD set,Rhino are to be warmly commended, seems no stone has been left unturned to packaging and liner notes,although I wish some mention had been made of Bruce Springsteen being an opening act for our lads at one stage,and the America jet with logo.If all is handled well who knows what lies ahead for the guys.On a slightly different note I would like to spare a thought for Oxygen records who host this sight,and have made it possible for us to hear new music from Gerry and Dewey,and earlier posts suggest that Oxygen would be happy doing another project with America next year,so a pat on the back to them,exciting times ahead,I think so!

Message: 11837 Posted: Fri May 26 21:33:49 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Rhino

Just the fact they are sending out a press release this far in advance, which, according to Johnny, is already reaching radio stations, seems to say a great deal about Rhino's promotion.
Steve, do you have a contact at Rhino that can let us know what we can do to help them?
ShariL <><

Message: 11836 Posted: Fri May 26 21:01:48 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Highway

I sure hope it also contains a nice & comprehensive write-up on all the LP's that they have done to date, as well all the wonderful stuff they have done. Something that brings together the true HISTORY of AMERICA. The public should know of all of AMERICA's accomplishments.

Message: 11835 Posted: Fri May 26 19:48:19 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

hope for some XX-L shirts, right Gary?

Message: 11834 Posted: Fri May 26 19:31:50 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Highway

BEAUTIFUL COVER!! All I can say is I CAN'T WAIT for this box set to come out, I agree that a single should be released from this, All My Life would be a wonderful choice....It's timeless....

Message: 11833 Posted: Fri May 26 16:11:59 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Highway

Ditto on everything you said Nina. They (Rhino) best not drop the ball here. This could be really BIG for the band. By the the looks of our unofficial polls of favorite America ballads and the song tournament I have a suggestion. Maybe the first single released from the box set could be All My Life providing it is on the box set. Just a thought. DanC.

Message: 11832 Posted: Fri May 26 15:57:13 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Highway

We've all known the 3-cd box set was coming, BUT there's something
"magical" about actually SEEING the great cover design and READING the encouraging press release! I'm hoping it hits BIG! Can you see it now? "Our boys" on Leno, Letetrman, Rosie, VH1, MTV, Live by Request...!!!!
I don't think I can stand the wait! JULY seems so far away!!! help me'd better not blow this!

Message: 11831 Posted: Fri May 26 15:21:29 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: Highway

a front view from the bus.....perfect many bands have seen as many highway miles as America?....many bands have reunion tours but not many tour year after year..we are some lucky fans....thank you America!!

Message: 11830 Posted: Fri May 26 14:58:39 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

My sentiments exactly Jim. That new box cover design is awesome! I would love to see that artwork on the back of a white or light gray T-shirt. I can't wait to see what the track list is.

(anxiously awaiting the arrival of July 18)

Message: 11829 Posted: Fri May 26 13:40:25 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

I would like to revise my input on what kind of T-shirt I'd like. It can still be white or black, but now I want the front to look exactly like the oblong cover of the forthcoming boxed set. Very cool logo interpretation, and a stunning image overall.

Jim R.

Message: 11828 Posted: Fri May 26 08:45:02 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: May 26th in Nashville

"Tim, the Nashville concert originally scheduled for tonight has been canceled. That's why it doesn't appear on the concert list."

Thanks Steve.

I should have known that between our own dedicated webmaster and Pollstar, that Steve had the more accurate information!


Message: 11827 Posted: Fri May 26 08:01:44 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Highway"

This is my last message to the chat folder until I get my own internet access. Haven't even read the last 30 messages on the board yet. Just wanted to say that I heard on a local radio station this morning, two DJs talking about America's box-set!!! They said it should be a great set. I was so surprised to hear them mention the set by name. They knew it was 64 songs on 3 cds and mentioned the release date. Talk to you all sometime in June.

Message: 11826 Posted: Fri May 26 07:29:23 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Pt.2 America Rare Live Recordings;CD's and tapes

Spider, here's a link to the Heard web page. It will tell you all about the home-rolled (bootleg) CD and how you can get it. It also has sound clips. --Steve

Message: 11825 Posted: Fri May 26 07:26:52 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: May 26th in Nasville

Tim, the Nashville concert originally scheduled for tonight has been canceled. That's why it doesn't appear on the concert list. I guess Pollstar didn't know about the cancellation and that's why they still have it listed.

Message: 11824 Posted: Fri May 26 06:15:23 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Pt.2 America Rare Live Recordings;CD's and tapes

Do you have the "Heard" CD? I think you can still find it on Steve's web page.

Message: 11823 Posted: Fri May 26 04:53:43 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Re: kinda' feels like Christmas

Wish I was travellin' down the "Highway" to you, my friend!!! July ain't soon enough. . .


Message: 11822 Posted: Fri May 26 04:49:29 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: kinda' feels like Christmas

Got that same excited feeling checking out the box set preview! Now I'm really really really excited and can't wait! What a teaser! Everyone's going to have their own opinion, and no one needs my approval..but I just think it's great - totally great - exciting - kewl - and just cannot butterflies just looking @ it! :) Oh happy day! Happy Holiday Weekend to all - travel safe down the 'highway'!

Message: 11821 Posted: Fri May 26 02:42:48 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Highway

I'm really impressed with the Highway cover design. It's bold,well balanced, uses colour well and provides a great link with the past and present,with its reference to Ventura Highway and Human Nature's clouds. I hope that there is a photo of America on the reverse. I think it is good to have that record. Looking back over all the old covers is like looking through a photo album which has documented their lives.

Message: 11820 Posted: Thu May 25 18:41:04 2000 By: spider
Subject: Pt.2 America Rare Live Recordings;CD's and tapes

Oh yeah, Re: America Rare Live Cd's and tapes especially from the 80's and 90's..If you know where I could find some, let me know. Thanks

Message: 11819 Posted: Thu May 25 18:31:22 2000 By: spider
Subject: America Rare Live Recordings; CD's and tapes

OK- so if you're out there, let me know where I can find some good-sound quality, rare live CD's, or tapes of "America". America Bootleg recordings seem hard to find..
Email me. Thanks. M.D. Witt

Message: 11818 Posted: Thu May 25 18:16:20 2000 By: Nick
Subject: Press release

What a fantastic press release! If any didn't know what happened to America years ago they'll sure know now. They mention the great number of albums they've put out AND the fact that they're still touring AND that they're still together after Dan left. This really answers a lot of questions. I just hope the media spreads it around. Thanks Steve.


Message: 11817 Posted: Thu May 25 17:19:54 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Rhino's Road Map to America

Great press release!! Thanks for sharing, Steve! I'll bet Gerry and Dewey are really excited..and Dan..hopefully all 3 will benefit (I know the fans will!) Way to Go, Rhino!

Message: 11816 Posted: Thu May 25 16:39:00 2000 By: TZ MAC
Subject: May 26th in Nasville

Isn't listed in the schedule here, but Pollstar shows concert Friday in Nashville at Roy Acuff Theater.


Message: 11815 Posted: Thu May 25 15:20:57 2000 By: John Lussier

Sounds like Rhino is off to a great start promoting Highway. Let's all hope it continues. Thanks for posting this Steve.

Message: 11814 Posted: Thu May 25 15:08:11 2000 By: AmericaSL

The following press release went out to the media last night:

Highway: 30 Years Of America Due July 18
From Warner Archives/Rhino; Tour Kicks Off July 1

LOS ANGELES -- On July 18 Warner Archives/Rhino will release HIGHWAY: 30 YEARS OF AMERICA, the first comprehensive collection by the folk-rock group whose songs evoke images of restlessness, freedom, and the wandering spirit. America soared to the top of the charts in the early '70s and continues to record and tour to this day. Their new tour in support of HIGHWAY kicks off on July 1. (New tour dates are attached.)

Spanning three decades and nearly all of America's 23 albums, HIGHWAY contains 64 tracks in a three-CD boxed set that features the classic rock staples "A Horse With No Name," "Sister Golden Hair," and "Ventura Highway." HIGHWAY also reveals the depth of America's songwriting style with demos and rarities from the prestigious Warner Bros. Records vaults. This definitive collection will be available at all music retail outlets or via with a suggested retail price of $49.98.

The liner notes include an extensive interview with founding members Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. Fans will rediscover America's history, including tidbits such as a stand-up comedian named Jay Leno used to open for the band, and wrestler-turned-politician Jesse Ventura invited them to play at his Governor's inaugural. In fact, America was one of the first bands that producer Sir George Martin worked with after the Beatles' breakup. "Tin Man," "Another Try," and "Lonely People" are among the Martin-produced tracks included on HIGHWAY: 30 YEARS OF AMERICA.

Just like its namesake, America's story begins in the United Kingdom. Military brats Beckley, Bunnell, and Peek, attended the same high school in London, where their fathers were stationed. They graduated in 1969 and by then had seen legendary performances by Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Coming of age in '60s London left an indelible mark on the young music fans, who went on to achieve international success themselves less than two years later. Though Peek left the group in 1977 due to personal reasons, Beckley and Bunnell have carried on as a duo for more than 22 years.


* A young stand-up comedian named Jay Leno used to open for America.

* The Beach Boys' Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston sang backing vocals on "Hat Trick," the title track of America's third studio album. In 1998 Wilson sang backup on America's Human Nature album. It was one of his last sessions.

* America won a Grammy in 1973 (for Best New Artist of 1972).

* When Beatles' producer Sir George Martin met with America for the first time prior to producing their albums, he took off his shoes. "We thought that was a wonderful gesture for some reason." Beatles' engineer Geoff Emerick engineered all of America's Martin-produced albums.

* Backstage during an America/Jackson Browne tour, Browne revised a line in "Sister Golden Hair." Beckley originally wrote, "Will you meet me in VA?" Browne suggested, "meet me in the middle."

* Joe Walsh played guitar on America's "Green Monkey" track before he was in The Eagles. The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmidt also worked with America in the studio as did their associate and friend J.D. Souther on several projects.

* Hal Blaine has played on more hit records than any other drummer in the rock era. A Y2K Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, the sideman played on America's 1972 album, Homecoming, which featured the hit single "Ventura Highway" as well as the Hat Trick album.

* America introduced synthesizers into their sound by way of two musicians who happened to stop by after wrapping up work with Stevie Wonder on his Innervisions album. The legendary Motown artist was recording next door to America during their Homecoming sessions.

* Harry Nilsson, Andy Williams, and Johnny Mathis are among the artists who have re-recorded America's "I Need You," which was a hit single for the band in 1972. The song remains Gerry Beckley's most-covered song to date.

Click here for America tour dates.

*** All dates subject to change without notice ***

Message: 11813 Posted: Thu May 25 14:15:13 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: box set pre-order

Does anyone know of an on-line source that's taking preorders for America's "Highway" boxed set? We're less than two months to release and, so far, I don't know where I should plan to buy it. (In 1998, I bought "Human Nature" at a Sam Goody store for $18 after Best Buy clerk looked at me funny when I asked if they would be stocking a new release from America. Naturally, it showed up a month later at Best Buy for $14.99.)

Jim R.

Message: 11812 Posted: Thu May 25 12:53:15 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "Hot Town"

110 in Witchita Falls, TX, just up the road. Upper 90's in Dallas. AND I LEFT CHICAGO FOR THIS???


Message: 11811 Posted: Thu May 25 08:53:33 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Re: Hot Town

Glad the weather is cooling down for you Johnny! You have the dry heat..we have the soggy humid stuff..yuck! My water bill soars in the summer due to the extra showers I take each day. Miss that Southern California ocean breeze...better stop..getting homesick. :-(

Message: 11810 Posted: Thu May 25 07:22:42 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hot Town"

Regarding "Hot Town", man, it was a hot town here in southeast New Mexico yesterday. Can anyone beat a temperature of 108!?! It's suppose to cool down some today...102. (LOL)

Heard "Tin Man" on the radio this morning, YES! It's been a long time. It was great hearing it again.

Message: 11809 Posted: Thu May 25 06:50:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More to ponder on Hot Town

Obviously you have BEEN to Barstow ( I always laugh when I hear Gerry refer to it as " showplace of the Southland" has HE been there????)

Goood one leaky!

Message: 11808 Posted: Thu May 25 06:21:59 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: More to ponder on Hot Town

I wonder if Dewey and Gerry are talking about the same town in the songs Barstow and Hot town...just a thought to ponder..(the lyrics seem to work together)
"Barstow, Barstow
Meet you in the morning
Barstow, Barstow
As the day is dawning

Sunrise out on the freeway in the morning
Meeting you as the day is dawning
Counting the minutes to go
You watch the waitress, you watch the clock on the wall
And the flies in the window climb up just to fall
In this hot town (hot town, hot town)
This hot town tonight (hot town, hot, hot) "

Message: 11807 Posted: Wed May 24 18:37:56 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Clifford

Yes Robyn..and he WILL be a big red dog! And Beech, you can add tearing into my house plants to that list..geez..what was I thinking..musta had a brain cramp when I said "I'll take two"! I know how to get even and tire them out before the concert..hike them to the top of Stone Mtn..Lol..

Message: 11806 Posted: Wed May 24 14:48:00 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Rhino Box Set.

Actually, I hope Leno gives the boys another spotlight. When he had them on his show years ago, he admitted they were friends and that he had heard them perform when he was in college. So I gotta believe America can count on "The Tonight Show" or publicity, if there's any humanness to the entertainment industry.

Jim R.

Message: 11805 Posted: Wed May 24 13:31:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: Hot Town

>Poop, pee, whine..definitely a way to keep any maternal instincts I may have left in check

That works for ME! Maybe I should try that....rofl!
Congratulations MOM! (C=
Have fun at the concert this weekend!!!


Message: 11804 Posted: Wed May 24 12:52:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Stone Mtn Concert

Jim, I haven't received any info on a TV concert replay but I am supposed to get an updated schedule today or tomorrow. I'll let you all know when it's posted.

Message: 11803 Posted: Wed May 24 12:01:07 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Stone Mtn Concert

Heard that AMERICA has been invited to do a show in Nashville. It is supposed to be taped for possible TV replay on TNN or something. Stevo any more info on this ? Memphis love AMERICA. Nashville loves AMERICA. Go HUMAN NATURE !!!

Message: 11802 Posted: Wed May 24 10:56:15 2000 By: Beth in Atlanta
Subject: Stone Mtn Concert

I am so excited about this weekend's concert - can anyone tell me what the setlist is like or if it's on the net and I can look it up? I was even more excited to find out about the box set. The Military Reserve Band is warming up for America - I thought that was somewhat fitting being the guys are military brats. Anyway, I'm very psyched, will try to get up close for pictures, etc.

Message: 11801 Posted: Wed May 24 10:35:37 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Clifford

Shouldn't he be a BIG RED DOG Janice???? Congrats on your new "family"

Message: 11800 Posted: Wed May 24 09:28:00 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Hot Town

I love Hot Town..(appears I am not not alone here!..It is not a guy thing..) Well the guys will gracing my area this weekend..I am planning on going with Ronnie, Clifford and Sam..the latter 2 names are my 2 new Goldens..8 weeks old. (Poop, pee, whine..definitely a way to keep any maternal instincts I may have left in check!)

Message: 11799 Posted: Tue May 23 20:37:25 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Rhino Box Set.

I'm hoping Rhino will have enough clout to get America some of the publicity with the box set this summer that tiny little Oxygen couldn't get America with Human Nature. Maybe the Kelly Lange show was the first step. If Human Nature from Oxygen was viewed as just another in a series of comeback attempts, maybe a box set celebrating the success of a band that's been at it for 30 years is newsworthy enough to pique someone's interest. Hopefully Rhino has the marketing clout to get someone at Letterman or Leno or VH1 to give the guys their due. Here's hoping Rhino puts the promotional dollars behind this project.


Message: 11798 Posted: Tue May 23 19:21:22 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Johnny

Your name "could be" exactly where you think you see it on the quilts...
the only people who can help you locate it NOW are Gerry and Dewey!
(I kinda miss those quilts...cluttering up my dining room! )

I DO know you replied very quickly to my request for names...coming only after Alan from you're probably second from the top...which would make you first (horizontally) in the second row????
(Can you tell I don't teach MATH!?!)

ANYWAY, Johnny, I made sure that you are present and accounted for on the quilts...somewhere near the top! Gee, it's too late now, but I guess I should have taken some close-up photos of the quilt backs, so everybody could have seen their names, huh? I wish I had figured out a way to get all of your real signatures onto the quilts. There must be a way to do it. Oh well, there's always America's 40th anniversary
just a FEW years down the road!!!!!!!??

Good luck with your computer at home, Johnny! And thanks for taking the HEAT off of me as far as HOT TOWN is concerned! I'm still kicking myself about that one!


Message: 11797 Posted: Tue May 23 18:41:03 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Hot Town

I have to agree with Johnny on the mental image idea; "...and the flies in the window climb up just to fall.." You gotta love it!!!!! DanC.

Message: 11796 Posted: Tue May 23 16:33:14 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hot Town

Yeah, but it was a DRY HEAT, eh? lol


Message: 11795 Posted: Tue May 23 16:32:18 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: A Real Contest - Win Concert Tickets

Hey good luck to the lucky winner!!! (C= Wish I were you....

TkH<-----ń,Ń,ö (thanks Robyn!)

Message: 11794 Posted: Tue May 23 14:30:01 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Real Contest - Win Concert Tickets

As the Ballad Song Contest winds its way through the Sweet Sixteen round, here's a real contest with a real prize. On the Kelly Lange Show, Kevin Sutton won two tickets to the July 23rd America concert at the Villa Montalvo Historic Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California (this is supposed to be an awesome venue). America is sharing the bill with Rick Springfield. Kevin can't go because he'll be in New York that day. Anyway, he wants to give the tickets away to someone who wants and can use them. There aren't really going to be tickets. It's actually just reservations, so Kevin would have to give the people at KRLA radio the name of the person he's transferring these to. This means he'd have to give them away soon enough to make the necessary arrangements.

Having said all that, here's the contest rules:

1. All America Fans are eligible (except for Steve and Kevin).

2. You must provide your own transporation to the concert and you MUST GO. Don't sign up if you can't go.

3. To sign up, send a mail message to Steve ( with the words "America Contest" in the subject line. It would be helpful to include your name, address, and phone number in the message so we can contact you if you win, but you don't have to.

4. All entries must be received by midnight on Sunday, June 4th. Only one entry is allowed per person.

5. A random drawing will be held from all received entries sometime on Monday, June 5th, and the winner will be announced right here and will also receive an e-mail message announcing the fact that they won. Arrangements will then be made with Kevin to transfer the reservations to the winner's name.

6. All disputes will be handled by Pete (just kidding!) ... what is there to dispute except that only one person can win?

7. Steve and Kevin will not be liable for lost or misdirected e-mail.

8. Have fun and best of luck to all of you ... the contest begins immediately.


Message: 11793 Posted: Tue May 23 14:15:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Thoughtscape

I made Gerry aware that Thoughtscape Sounds has closed their doors and he is working on another avenue for distribution of Go Man Go. I'm guessing that it will delay the release which was very close, but I don't know by how much. My guess is that it will still be out before the end of the year. I'm sure that Gerry will let us know what he works out.

On a related note, I received a message from Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds saying he may have some things on the horizon and he would let us know. I agree with the rest of you that Thoughtscape Sounds' closing is a loss to us all. I wish Scott and the others who worked there all the best.


Message: 11792 Posted: Tue May 23 13:50:06 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Thoughtful-scapes

I'm not happy about Thoughtscapes demise, but despite my patronage, I feel partly responsible.

The good folks there helped me track down Dan's CD stuff ("All Things Are Possible," "Doer of the Word," and "Bodden Town," plus "America in Concert"). Their closure basically means music lovers have lost a source that specialized in niche music sales. But, in all honesty, I use CDnow,, and Barnes & Noble's for other music buys (some America, but a broader variety too). I hope somebody finds a way to compete against on-line specialists for mass-market sales while still keeping fan groups like America's in mind.

Jim R.

Message: 11791 Posted: Tue May 23 13:40:14 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hot Town

Milwaukee. Normal high in late January, 25 degrees. Normal low, 12 (and that's only because Lake Michigan tempers the *really* cold air). So, given that I also like "Hot Town," it's apparently not a hot-area-thing, nor a guy-thing (judging by Robyn). Mebbe it's just a "hot song" thing. To each his (or her) own...

Jim R. (charter Hot Town fan club member, along with Robyn and Johnny)

Message: 11790 Posted: Tue May 23 12:42:10 2000 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: thouthscape

Ditto on the thoughtscape message. Any info would be appreciated.

Message: 11789 Posted: Tue May 23 10:38:17 2000 By: aria
Subject: Thousghtscape

I received a letter from Thoughtscape Sounds saying that they were closing their doors and all preorders, of course, would be canceled. Steve, do you know anything about this or how it will effect the release or distribution of Go Man Go. I am sorry to see Thoughtscapes go. I prefer dealing with a small distributor like them.
Thanks Scott for bringing us Van Go Gan. Goodbye.

Message: 11788 Posted: Tue May 23 09:15:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hot Town

Yes, Robyn! Or maybe it's being born during the hot month of June!

To all: If I'm not online after this weekend, it's because I have lost my access to the chat folder at work. I will be working on getting access at home. Boo-hoo! Didn't want to "buy the cow when the milk was free." The free ride is nearly over...sob, sob! :(

Message: 11787 Posted: Tue May 23 08:44:47 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Hot Town

Hey Johnny,
I like Hot Town too, so it can't be a guy thing! Maybe because we both live in hot places, we can relate! ( It was over 100 on Saturday!)

Message: 11786 Posted: Tue May 23 07:47:56 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Wind Wave

Now THAT'S something I look foward to experiencing! The more Hat Trick the better!!!!!


TkH<------needs artificial stimulants....

Message: 11785 Posted: Tue May 23 07:45:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts

Man, Nina! VEEEEEEEERY cool. Again, a huge thank you!


TkH<------cain't sew a lick...

Message: 11784 Posted: Tue May 23 06:18:50 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Nina's Quilts

Nina, the quilts you made for Gerry and Dewey are beautiful. I really appreciate you including us. What an extremely nice thing you did. I think I see my name on Gerry's quilt in the photo. Could it be the first name on the second row?

As far as your comment to Dewey about "Hot Town", that's no problem as I see it because I like the song enough for both of us. It's a guy-thing, no doubt. The song creates great mental images.

Message: 11783 Posted: Tue May 23 05:10:03 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Concert in Connecticut

Thanks Steve, and everyone else for doing a fine job with America's internet site.
Because of a recent concert update posted here, I was able to buy tickets the very day they went on sale.
I am now the proud owner of 2 FRONT ROW SEATS to see AMERICA, on August 25th! The reason I'm very excited (other than my front row seats) is because they usually perform on the nights of the week when I'm working. (I work nights)
I'm looking forward to hearing Wind Wave, Wheels Are Turning, and Wednesday Morning. I'm hoping they might play Cornwall Blank too! I think Cornwall Blank would be a fantastic live song!

Message: 11782 Posted: Tue May 23 04:54:57 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts

Nina, the quilts are gorgeous. Your hard work payed off.
The guys look very happy. What would be nice is for them to post something about them here. Now, that would make our day.

Message: 11781 Posted: Tue May 23 02:11:41 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: nina's quilts

The quilts look superb and their new owners look really happy with them. Thanks Nina for generously including so many of us in this wonderful gesture.

Message: 11780 Posted: Mon May 22 21:07:49 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Nina's quilts

Nina, thanks again for the beautiful job you did on the quilts, and for being generous us to share them with us!
Meeting our guys really makes a long time fan feel like you haven't wasted your time caring for these guys for 30 years. They are wonderful people as well as wonderful musicians.
Especially cool to get your name mentioned from stage! Wow!
Everybody seeing shows, keep those review coming! We all love to hear what's being played.
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 11779 Posted: Mon May 22 20:27:50 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Nina's Quilts


Message: 11778 Posted: Mon May 22 20:08:30 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Nina's Quilts

Thanks to Gary Harrison, we now have photos of Nina giving her quilts to Gerry and Dewey. Thanks, Gary, for making them available to us and thanks again, Nina, for such a wonderful job on behalf of all of us. Finally, thanks to Gerry and Dewey for being such gracious recipients.

Message: 11777 Posted: Mon May 22 18:59:16 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Blind Date in New Hampshire

Nina, as long as you heard it, that's all that matters. No one can ever take that memory away from you. Still think that was great of Dewey mentioning you and your quilts. As for the white shoes, I'm thinking about buying a pair of those and wearing them to school. Maybe I'll start something. Also thinking about changing my name to
Bonzie "white shoes" Johnson.

Message: 11776 Posted: Mon May 22 18:20:46 2000 By: msmith
Subject: dan songs

johnny, your (what i perceived to be) somewhat casual suggestion to post favorite dan songs sure generated some major interest!!

Message: 11775 Posted: Mon May 22 18:13:04 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Re: My favorite songs from Dan

My favorite Dan Peek songs in no particular order

1. Electro Voice
2. Lonely People
3. All Things Are Possible
4. California Revisited
5. Story of a Teenager
6. Don't Cross the River

Message: 11774 Posted: Mon May 22 17:58:44 2000 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Where are you, UK fans ?

For all you fashion diva's and divo's.....White can be worn year around...anything goes, no rules where fashion is concerned !!!!

Message: 11773 Posted: Mon May 22 16:43:03 2000 By: dofd
Subject: dan's top 5

1) It's Life (most underrated song on most underrated album)
2) Saturn Nights
3) Rainy Day
4) California Revisited
5) Hurricane

Message: 11772 Posted: Mon May 22 16:25:42 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: 6 favourite (legitimate) songs by Dan

Okay, this was far more difficult than I expected. This is NOT in an order of preference:

1.) Tomorrow (Don't think that the 3 part harmonies hurt!!)

2.) Saturn Nights (Again, those amazing harmonies)

3.) Glad to See You (Thank you George Martin for that orchestration)

4.) Everyone I Meet Is From California (Either version is perfect)

5.) Rainy Day (This song is the reason that I first picked up
a guitar)

6.) YOU

* I really really really really wanted to figure out a place to put JET BOY BLUE, SIMPLE LIFE, and NEVER FOUND THE TIME ! That Darn Dan Peek!! He has too many great songs to choose from! :)


Message: 11771 Posted: Mon May 22 16:02:31 2000 By: cfhere
Subject: My favorite songs from Dan

Lonely People
Jet Boy Blue
Today's the Day
Don't Cross the River
Old Virginia
Simple Life

This was not an easy chore by any means

Message: 11770 Posted: Mon May 22 15:24:09 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Blind Date in New Hampshire

Hey Bones,

Don't make fun of Gerry's white shows his heightened sense of style! (He must not know the fashion rule about white shoes AFTER Memorial Day!) I think you and I should be grateful just to have been in the same backstage room as those white shoes!!! You're just jealous because you didn't get any hugs like I did !! Didn't your blind date give you one? (Gary...what kind of an escort are you?!)

By the way Gary and Bones....NOBODY in my hometown believes me when I tell them that Dewey was sweet enough to mention me from the stage!
They think I'm dreaming! YOU guys are my witnesses! Did either one of you smuggle in a video camera??? Tape recorder???

See you guys at Mohegun Sun! Thanks for sharing such a lovely night!


Message: 11769 Posted: Mon May 22 15:18:30 2000 By: Young Moon
Subject: Where are you, UK fans ?

Am I the only one in the UK who has the complete America collection on either vinyl or CD and some on both. There are two big fans in this house, me and my 7 year old son, Sam whose favourite song "of all time" is "Call of the Wild". I'd like to hear from any UK fans.
Will Gerry & Dewey ever play this way again ?

John in Crowthorne

Message: 11768 Posted: Mon May 22 14:58:01 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re:Your 5 Favourite Songs By Dan

1. Lonely People
2. Can't You See
3. Today's the Day
4. It's Life
5. Story of a Teenager (though Gerry's contribution and vocal boosts its standing in my mind.)

Message: 11767 Posted: Mon May 22 14:48:35 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New additions

Thanks Dan. With an 8:30 p.m. show, I'll have plenty of time to get there. I may have to find out where's a good place to stay in Peoria Saturday night, however, since I probably won't be into the three-hour drive home. Hmm, I wonder where Dewey and Gerry plan to stay after the show....

Jim R.

Message: 11766 Posted: Mon May 22 13:26:45 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: dan songs

Today's the Day
These Brown Eyes
Glad To See You
California revisited

Message: 11765 Posted: Mon May 22 12:00:57 2000 By: Mark
Subject: The "other" Box Set???

Has anybody ordered the other 3 for 1 Box Set import that showed up on some of the sights a few weeks ago? I'm just wondering what it is? Anybody have any info on it?

Message: 11764 Posted: Mon May 22 10:55:53 2000 By: Rob
Subject: More "Box" Info

I was in Borders Books/Music today. The "America Box Set" is set for July 18 release. Price tag: $49.99. How about that? 60 Plus songs AND a good price!!!

Message: 11763 Posted: Mon May 22 09:47:09 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Reason For The Box Set Name Change

LOL Johnny, but you are mixing up songs.

" I heard the cry of a dog in the night"
and "Hearing the call of the wild"

I had to look that one up to be sure!

Message: 11762 Posted: Mon May 22 09:36:24 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Reason For The Box Set Name Change

That's true what Beechlady said plus when "The Guys" heard that her attorney was Johnnie Cockroach...oops...Johnnie Cochran, they knew they had no chance going with the name "Heritage". So, there's been a compromise between "Heritage" and "Highway". Rumor is that it's now called "Her Highway".

Like Cochran's most famous case, "I hear a call of a dog in the night".

Message: 11761 Posted: Mon May 22 08:11:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Reason For The Box-Set Name Change


and I cain't speeeelll either...

TkH<----lives on spell check

Message: 11760 Posted: Mon May 22 08:10:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Reason For The Box-Set Name Change

Actually the *real* reason for the name change was.......(drum roll please)

Sorry lololol

TkH<---------Baseball sucks

Message: 11759 Posted: Mon May 22 07:01:39 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: My 6 Favourite Songs By Dan

1. Old Virginia (shudda been the second single off Hearts)
2. Don't Cross The River
3. Jet Boy Blue (Shudda been the second single off Hideaway)
4. Today's The Day (Reunion or not, the guys should add this song to their playlist)
5. These Brown Eyes (Shudda been the second single off Harbor)
6. Cross Over (wish they would get the rest of Dan's solo stuff on CD. I love this song, it's kind of a follow-up to Don't Cross The River)

Message: 11758 Posted: Mon May 22 06:51:44 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: dan songs

1) Rainy Day
2) Never Found the Time
3) Lonely People
4) Old Virginia
5) Jet Boy Blue

and Tommorrow

Message: 11757 Posted: Sun May 21 20:34:02 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

Nina, THANX again for including us!!

Message: 11756 Posted: Sun May 21 19:28:50 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My blind date in New Hampshire

White shoes before Memorial Day? Emily Post is aghast! ( Just kidding.)

Bones, thanks for the (sort of) review. A fine timw was had by all.

Looking forward to meeting Gary H this summer in Palmdale. If anyone else is planning on attending, I am trying to get together a "family" picnic, so let me know!

Message: 11755 Posted: Sun May 21 17:29:00 2000 By: Bones
Subject: My blind date in New Hampshire

For all you fans that want a reunion - forget about it, you don't need it. Now I don't know if it was the cool air blowing off the mountains from Canada or the Colonial Theater or my ears were tuned in just right but the show and and music was just AWESOME!!!!!!! Even if Elvis the King himself came out of a Wal-Mart parking lot, he would not of made a difference. The band sounded EXCELLENT!!!! and for you music lovers that have yet to hear "windwave" and "hangover", hold on to your socks, WOW!!!!!!!. I could listen to "riverside" 1000 time in a row and not get bored with it. What a great song to open a show. Had the opportunity to meet Bill, Pete, and Willie the wildman.
Really nice guys. Thanks. To Pete or Willie, maybe the next time one of you guys could find a place where the band is just a little bit LOUDER!!!!! and Bill, keep your biscuit cutter blade sharp! Great job
by Nina (nice meeting you) on the quilts. They looked really great in person and it was nice that Dewey did acknowledge you and the quilts near the end of the show, nice job Mr. Booooonell. Gee, with meeting all these people, I should of run for public office.
And last, to my blind date, Gary H from Texas, nice meeting you and thanks!! I really enjoyed myself Saturday night. Let's do it again at the mohegan sun.
If Dans up for some type of reunion, why doesn't he just pack up his guitar, pick a city or town where Dewey, Gerry, Brad, Willie, and Woodz are playing, meet them before the show and ask to play a couple of songs with them. Makes sense to me. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery before Dan comes back.
I must comment on Mr. Beckley's white shoes. When I saw Gerry walk in with his white shoes, I had a flash back of seeing my grandfather with the white shoes, silver buckle on them, yellow and green plaid polyester paints and lime green short sleeve shirt. Gerry, c'mon, some cons or nike sneakers, gee, your not even close to being a senior citizen yet. (sorry, I just had to say it)
No T-shirts at the show, guess all of them were sold out from the spring tour, maybe a fresh supply of XXL's for the summer tour.

Message: 11754 Posted: Sun May 21 17:26:37 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rhino Box Set

I am hoping for that Beckley gem "Norman" Heard it live and loved it. Fun to think what might be included in the box set, isn't it?

Message: 11753 Posted: Sun May 21 16:57:12 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Rhino Box Set

As we eagerly await this box set, I can't help but wonder if a few songs might be on it. "Look up Look Down"? "All Things Are Possible" (maybe Rhino bought this Grammy-gem?), Outtakes from the first or second album? A pristine copy of "California Dreaming" to replace my pathetic vinyl version? Instrumentals in the likes of "Miniature" or "Hideaway" that we've never knew existed? There's room for endless speculation as to song selection, until we know for sure. Maybe they purchased "Love Comes Without Warning" from the movie "The Lonely Guy" for inclusion in this box set.

Message: 11752 Posted: Sun May 21 15:41:46 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Highway

I was happy to hear that America switched titles from Heritage to Highway. Heritage sounded like they were ready to retire while highway indicates that no matter whay happens they will keep rolling down that never ending trail. Those wheel are turning once again!

Message: 11751 Posted: Sun May 21 15:11:10 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion./TomK

How have I been rude to you? If anything that I have said has offended you in some way, then I apologize.

Message: 11750 Posted: Sun May 21 14:56:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: My 6 Favourite Songs By Dan

Hey Pat,
I guess I didn't know Dan's material as well as I thought !! LOLOLOLOL


Message: 11749 Posted: Sun May 21 13:14:01 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: My 6 Favourite Songs By Dan

ok, here's mine:

1. Let's Get Back Together
2. The Reunion Song
3. Forgiveness
4. Three Voices Are Better Than Two
5. Let's Do It For The Fans
6. America Revisited

Message: 11748 Posted: Sun May 21 13:08:27 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?


You have made a valid point.
However, I have one question:
You wrote: << (if Gerry's and Dewey's) trump card is not big enough to take the trick. >>
Did you mean; "big enough to take the HAT TRICK."?

Message: 11747 Posted: Sun May 21 13:01:45 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

What N.I.N.A. means:

>>>>>>> N ina
>>>>>>> I s a
>>>>>>> N umber #1
>>>>>>> A merica fan!

Message: 11746 Posted: Sun May 21 12:55:47 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!



Message: 11745 Posted: Sun May 21 12:53:25 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Reason For The Box-Set Name Change


<<<< Beechlady's royalty was too high! >>>>

I laughed so hard I fell off my chair!

I use to come to this chat folder to get information about my favorite band. To heck with that, everyone's funny postings is what keeps me coming back for more!

Message: 11744 Posted: Sun May 21 09:14:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

THANK YOU! You're a special person to put so much time and energy into this, I'm glad you let us be a part of this!!!!!


Message: 11743 Posted: Sun May 21 09:10:37 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re:Your 5 Favourite Songs By Dan

Never Found The Time
Willow Tree Lullabye
Never Found The Time
Willow Tree Lullabye
Old Virgina......

Message: 11742 Posted: Sun May 21 09:09:41 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Reunion./TomK

You know, I thought I was being NICE earlier.....Geez.
Just because you may not agree with me doesn't mean you have to be rude.

Message: 11741 Posted: Sun May 21 07:44:39 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

Again, a great big thank you to Nina for letting us be a small part in her "project".... and a quick note to Alan that I will be putting the tape in the mail soon....DanC.

Message: 11740 Posted: Sun May 21 07:40:46 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: dan songs

1. Tomorrow
2. Old Virginia
3. Hurricane
4. Don't Cry Baby
5. Today's The Day

Boy, that was tougher than I thought it would be also... DanC.

Message: 11739 Posted: Sun May 21 06:57:10 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

Great job Nina! We all appreciate the time and effort it took to do this and we're glad it came off without a hitch. Feel free to send me any photos you or Gary get and I'll be happy to post them for everyone to see. I think those photos will deserve a permanent spot in the America Fans museum (in Gerry and Dewey's rooms, respectively). --Steve

Message: 11738 Posted: Sun May 21 06:49:58 2000 By: msmith
Subject: dan songs

1. glad to see you
2. hat trick
3. tomorrow
4. story of a teenager
5. california revisited
6. it's life (couldn't leave it off the list :=)

johnny said coauthored was okay. congratulations on your mission accomplished, nina. you rock!

Message: 11737 Posted: Sun May 21 06:17:40 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America Quilts...Safely Delivered!

Hi Everybody,

At last night's Keene, NH concert, I had the pleasure of presenting
our fan quilts to Dewey and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...they have taken ownership!

I didn't think it was possible to LOVE these guys more than I already DID....but I DO!!! They are as nice and kind as everyone says...real gentlemen. Before they even took their coats off, Gerry and Dewey were telling me how they had been looking forward to the quilts! They
were very appreciative and took some time to "un-bow "them and spread them out to see all the fan names on the back, even commenting on names they recognized!

Unfortunately, I didn't ask them any gems of information to pass onto
this chat why they changed the name new Rhino boxset...
but I DID stupidly tell Dewey that HOT TOWN was not one of my favorites, which caused me endless amounts of loss of sleep last night! (When you read this Dewey....I'm sorry...I hope the quilt makes up for that comment...I LOVE all your other stuff...really I do!)

The concert was was the long set, I believe, clocking an hour and a half. I met up with Gary H from Texas and Bones...both
nice, personable guys...very tolerent of my "jitters" before I went backstage! Gary took some photos...I'm not sure when they'll be developed, but he's sending me some. If they come out well...I'm sure he, or I ,will send to Steve Lowry for everyone to see!

It's comforting to know that I haven't been wrong for 30 years.
Gerry and Dewey are a CLASS-ACT! Come back to New England soon!


Message: 11736 Posted: Sun May 21 06:06:30 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Interview

Thanks for transcribing the interview Kevin! appears that Ms. Lange made her share of "oopsies" but Dewey was very gracious. I had seen her once..she was one of 4 motivational speakers at a seminar I attended in Torrance, at the church I used to belong to. Very interesting lady..full of energy. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend..puppy-shopping today!

Message: 11735 Posted: Sun May 21 05:18:48 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Your 5 Favorite Songs By Dan

Everyone...California (acoustic)
Today's the Day
Can't You See
Woman Tonight

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 11734 Posted: Sun May 21 02:08:42 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Your 6 Favorite Songs By Dan

1.) Tomorrow

2.) Tomorrow

3.) Tomorrow

4.) Tomorrow

5.) Tomorrow

6.) Tomorrow


Message: 11733 Posted: Sat May 20 21:32:17 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Your 6 Favorite Songs By Dan

1. Rainy Day
2. Donkey Jaw
3. Never found the Time
4. Lonely People
5. Woman Tonight

6. Missing You (Chelsea's Song) Solo- Peek & Gentry

Message: 11732 Posted: Sat May 20 20:05:00 2000 By: Andrew
Subject: My 5 Favorite Songs By Dan

And, mine currently are...

Donkey Jaw
Willow Tree Lullaby
Rainy Day
Glad to See You
Saturn Nights

Message: 11731 Posted: Sat May 20 19:03:41 2000 By: Tom T.
Subject: OOOPS

LATEST...not latset, sorry. BuhBye

Message: 11730 Posted: Sat May 20 19:02:41 2000 By: Tom T.
Subject: Neatest Tour Bus

Hi Everyone- Long time no post! Just a quick note to inform that on the bottom of Page 44 in the very latset Rolling Stone Mag (With Tom Green having a Baby Shower LOL) there is a blurb from a guy named Dan Belt Who has been a Tour Bus Driver for various Musicians. One of them being AMERICA. To quote the article it states..."For the record, AMERICA kept the bus the neatest". It's pleasant to see AMERICA not get put down in the pages of Rolling Stone for once. Hope all is well with everyone...See Ya...Tom T.

Message: 11729 Posted: Sat May 20 18:50:27 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Your 5 Favourite Songs By Dan

ok here are mine:

Rainy Day
Jet Boy Blue
Saturn Nights
California Revisited

Tougher than I thought!

Message: 11728 Posted: Sat May 20 18:24:07 2000 By: rick
Subject: Re:Your 5 Favourite Songs By Dan

Pretty tough but here goes
1)Rainy Day
2)Don't Cross The River
3)Willow Tree Lullaby
4)Glad To See You
5)Don't Cry Baby


Message: 11727 Posted: Sat May 20 16:15:03 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Your 5 Favorite Songs By Dan

Mine are:

1. Today's the Day
2. These Brown Eyes
3. Don't Cross the River
4. Don't Cry Baby
5. Woman Tonight

Message: 11726 Posted: Sat May 20 15:56:33 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Reunion.

I think you have hit the nail on the head. Its the only reason that makes any sense to me. If indeed that is the reason, and before I get berated for supposing to read the minds of all involved, its a shame that the three of them can't just get together and come up with some sort of compromise that keeps everyone's egos intact. Since Dan has now said that he would be all for a reunion, I guess its up to Gerry and Dewey to either ignore the question or come forth with some kind of reason besides them having so much to lose. Would a reunion album, tour or special appearance, really be such an hardship in the whole scheme of things? I can't imagine it would cause them to not be able to cash any of the checks from such a venture...Its probably too late for a reunion to actually make much of a commercial difference anyway. It just would be a nice way to reward the fans that have stayed around all this time and love the music of America both then and now, without caring about egos and money and who left who and who doesn't get along and blah, blah, blah....... Though it would be a great way to promote the boxset!!! Just trying to live in the NOW..:)

Message: 11725 Posted: Sat May 20 15:38:01 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Your 5 Favorite Songs By Dan

Since there's been so much discussion about a reunion with Dan, how about listing your 5 favorite songs written and performed by Dan as a member of America. You can enclose co-written songs like "Story Of A Teenager".

Mine are "Everyone I Meet Is From California" (acoustic), "California Revisited", "It's Life", "In The Country", and "Today's The Day".

Message: 11724 Posted: Sat May 20 12:02:52 2000 By: Marshall
Subject: Reunion

Any movement on a reunion would have to come from Gerry and Dewey. Dan walked out on them 23 years ago. Any invitation to come back (whether it be for an album, reunion tour, one-time concert, whatever) would have to come from the other side.
I don't see much motivation or reason on America's side to do this. (Unless they just miss him and would enjoy playing together again). They have worked out their own "system" in his absence for a long time now, seem pretty comfortable with it, and are very good at it. The only thing they "owe" to him are the four songs of Dan's they still play in their concerts.
Don't cross the river
Lonely people
Woman tonight
Everyone I meet is from California

I would love to see them all get back together. I saw America twice in 1977. I went to an America concert in Feb '77 where they were all together (Harbor tour, it was great). I saw them again in concert about three months later and was confused not to see Dan Peek on stage. No one said anything on stage about Dan's absence. I hadn't heard anything about the breakup. This concert was definitely weaker.
It is a different situation now, 23 years later. I don't think it will happen.
It's not a "reunion" situation, since America never broke up. The full group would not make the $$$ of a Crosby-Stills-Nash-Young, Fleetwood Mac, or Eagles reunion. I don't think it would even be as successful as a Chicago/Peter Cetera reunion.


Message: 11723 Posted: Sat May 20 08:50:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Reason For The Box-Set Name Change

I heard that the reason for the name change for the box set from "Heritage" to "Highway" was because Beechlady's royalty demand was too high. Apparently Dewey said for her to hit the highway with her "Heritage" suggestion. It's reported that Woodz said, "Hey, 'Hit The Highway' sounds cool!" I'm told that Gerry said, "Let's go with just 'Highway'." I heard this story from the same guy that told me about the jalapeno-eating contest depicted on the cover of America's first album so I know it has to be true. (:

Message: 11722 Posted: Sat May 20 07:31:05 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Reunion.

Maybe, just maybe, the fundamental reason they won't ask Dan back is fear.

Fear of success. Fear of failure.

If a reunion succeeds, with renewed interest in America and a successful album, it's a blow to the ego knowing they couldn't maintain that same success on their own for the past 23 years. They needed Dan to succeed.

If they fail, then they don't have Dan's not being there as an excuse (whether it be internal or external) anymore for their diminished fan base and lack of respect with the radio and record industry. It's like they always have that trump card, and they don't want to play it because, what if it's just not be big enough to take the trick?


Message: 11721 Posted: Sat May 20 07:27:42 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Transcription

Just wanted to say THANX to Kevin for the transcription, & Thanx to Steve for posting it, it's kinda cool to see it in print.

"Part 3" EDDY

Message: 11720 Posted: Sat May 20 06:53:09 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: union.

My husband askes the burning question
"If the new Russian president gets all the former states (like Ukraine, Belarus back together again, will it be the Re Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic"?

Tery<-------Ok. NOW I'm cross eyed...

Message: 11719 Posted: Sat May 20 06:49:10 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: To Beechlady


GOOD one Bones!!! I fer git 'bout that one......


TkH<-----gotta put the teeth in, sorry.

Message: 11718 Posted: Sat May 20 05:37:14 2000 By: cfhere
Subject: America t-shirts and baseball caps

Back in 1988, I went to an America concert with Three Dog Night at the Sands hotel in Atlantic City. Besides the t-shirts I bought and remember buying a maroon baseball cap with the America emblem on it. Unfortunately my dog also liked the hat and had it for dinner one day. What are the chances of making the baseball caps available again? Does anybody have one they wouldn't mind parting with?

Message: 11717 Posted: Fri May 19 21:27:54 2000 By: TomK
Subject: We're all on the same side

I'm continually amazed at how much emotion is generated by all this reunion talk. Some are for it, some are against it, some think its none of our business, some think its funny and some even get angry. Come on, the bottom line is we are all fans of America and only want good things for all envolved. If Gerry and Dewey truely feel that they have so much to lose and Dan has so much to gain and that this is so wrong for whatever reason, then thats fine. I'll still buy the boxset and whatever else they produce in the coming years and I'll still buy whatever music Dan makes as well, and the world will still go on turning. There will be lots of songs that I will love and there will still be the occassional "Hot Town" and "Hangover", that I wish could be replaced by some Dan songs, but life will move along just fine either way. I never thought that Fleetwood Mac would ever reunite, but that never stopped me from wishing it would happen and when it did happen, it made all the whining worthwhile!! So, wishing for a reunion doesn't make me the enemy, it doesn't mean I hate America as a duo, it doesn't mean I'm pro-Dan and anti Gerry and Dewey. It just means that I'm a fan and I want the group I love to be the very best it can be and should be, at least one more time!!

Message: 11716 Posted: Fri May 19 21:11:15 2000 By: Dan
Subject: New additions

I am impatiently waiting for June 10th to check out Hangover and Wind Wave. Jim, I did find out that the time is set for 8:30 and that there will be one show. Lets hope it's a long set. Maybe even here some more gems from the archives. DanC.

Message: 11715 Posted: Fri May 19 21:05:00 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: union.

Branch 31, NALC; oh you said REunion, sorry...DanC.

Message: 11714 Posted: Fri May 19 19:56:01 2000 By: Bones
Subject: To Beechlady

Hey Ms. Beechlady - ever listen to GARY PUCKETT & THE reUNION GAP when you were growing up?

Message: 11713 Posted: Fri May 19 18:51:08 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Dewey transcript Thanks Kevin and Steve

Thanks Kevin and Steve for there work on the transcript of the interview. I was unable to listen to it while it was happening and was very interested in hearing what Dewey had to say.Does anyone have any scoop why the name change of the boxset ? Also I would'nt never say never to some type of a reunion. I do not have any scoop on this . But I would have bet a week's pay that CSNY would never get back together and the Eagles before that and there is a lot more EGO and bad feelings in those line ups. Also the longest split I believe is 30 years since the original Guess Who have hooked back up.

Message: 11712 Posted: Fri May 19 18:41:21 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Cents lesson

that's in there, but the list in in my office. I will tell you Monday. They have different keys for each vowel with umlaut.

Message: 11711 Posted: Fri May 19 18:08:50 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: union.

I meant DONE with ME...rofl Anyone else think of any???? LOLOLOL

TkH<------off subject

Message: 11710 Posted: Fri May 19 18:07:17 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: union.

AND I suppose if I go back and put on "Seven And The Ragged Tiger" and listen to it again, I'd get the "RE-UNION OF THE SNAKE"?

Ok, Ok. DONE.

TkH<-----loves Duran Duran! (C=

Message: 11709 Posted: Fri May 19 18:02:45 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: union

So if my Mom flies into Ft. Lauderdale and I drive in to pick her up, is it a Mother and Child Reunion?

TkH<-----way too tired after thinking about THAT one....

Message: 11708 Posted: Fri May 19 18:01:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Cents lesson

Hey Robyn.....How do you get an oomlat (sp?) and a tilde? (((C;

TkH<-----cleaning IS my life......˘˘

Message: 11707 Posted: Fri May 19 15:57:48 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Reunion

If the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.) went out of business, and then started up again, it would be a REUNION.


Message: 11706 Posted: Fri May 19 15:31:26 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Cents lesson

You are welcome. I found this info in a trade journal titled The U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D Librarian ( whatever THAT means--lol) here is the info

hold down the ALT key
using the keypad to the right of the keyboard, key in the numbers 155.

Then cents symbol should appear.

The article also tells you how to get the symbols for French German and more....

Thought it was cool and easier to remembber.

Anyway, you are most welcome, beechlady!

Message: 11705 Posted: Fri May 19 14:49:01 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: sorry

It's been a long day. I'm going home now. Sorry about the previous posts.

Message: 11704 Posted: Fri May 19 14:47:02 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: On a Reunion

"...I don't believe in miracles..." G. Beckley


Message: 11703 Posted: Fri May 19 14:46:58 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Reunion.

Toni Childs has a great cd entitled "Union" If anyone would like to discuss it we could use the subject line "Re:Union"

Message: 11702 Posted: Fri May 19 14:23:10 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Reunion.

I missed by 10 and 20 year high school reunion.

Message: 11701 Posted: Fri May 19 14:01:24 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Reunion.

The Dallas Stars play in Reunion Arena.


Message: 11700 Posted: Fri May 19 13:48:41 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Reunion.

I've flown over Reunion. (Indian Ocean, close to Mauritius)

Message: 11699 Posted: Fri May 19 13:18:48 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Reunion.

My family is having a reunion this summer.


Message: 11698 Posted: Fri May 19 13:01:51 2000 By: dofd
Subject: weighing in on reunion

I'm sure Dewey and Gerry have perfectly legitimate reasons for passing on the idea of a reunion, and I'll continue to support them by buying CDs and attending shows whatever decision they make. However, as a lifelong fan -- one fortunate enough to see them perform as a trio several times -- I'd urge them to give it "Another Try."

I'm grateful that Gerry and Dewey have continued on as a duo. Like many of you, I'm of the belief their volume of work since the '70s has been shamefully underappreciated. I'm uncertain whether after such a long period of time a reunion would spark a wider interest in America's music, but if that's possible I'd be all for it because they deserve it.

To quote a song from the trio days, "Sooner or later, it's something you've got to do. Baby, it's up to you."

Message: 11697 Posted: Fri May 19 11:52:44 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Oh GREAT......

So now they change the name of their Boxed Set (probably wasn't consulted on the FIRST title!!! Dratted shirts, anyway!! LOL)I suppose I should change my *vision* of what "Highway" should look like!?!?!?! Guess you know who'll be on their trusty MACINTOSH playing with Photoshoppe all weekend...rofl!

TkH<-----Carpet Fresh is a winner, too!

Message: 11696 Posted: Fri May 19 11:46:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Beating the dead HWNN...*whinnie*

I don't think deep sixing the whole sheeeebang (thread) would be productive either as long as their are feelings about this topic! As John Taylor once sang, "Feelings Are Good" (C= lol. Makes fer mighty interesting perusing! BUT.....

>>As long as Gerry and Dewey are still charging money for their cds >>and their concerts, then I certainly feel that we have every right >>to voice an opinion on whatever band subject comes up

I respectfully disagree with you on certain areas in that point Tom. Voicing an opinion is cool and our 1st amendment right. BUT, it's our CHOICE to buy CD's and it's THEIR choice to make the music. We have NO say in any of their business other than buying one of their CD's. That's OUR only choice in that matter. I kind of figure if the only CD's that even remotely sold were from the trio years then that'd be IT for them as a duo. Coming from the end of actually *making* the music, I'd be more that a little "concerned" with myself if I felt that everyone else on the *outside* could dictate (hint, desperatly PLEAD ((lol)), beg) to me how or with whom I made my brand of whoopie with.....Sure CD sales make a statement, BUT you usually go with the gut instinct when it comes to creativity (hopefully). So, SURE we can voice our opinion. Just don't be very disappointed if they don't follow it!

TkH<-----Febreze. Wish I'd invented it!

Message: 11695 Posted: Fri May 19 11:22:28 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Beechlady, yours is worth more than 2 cents


(Thank you Robyn for the cents lesson!!!)


Message: 11694 Posted: Fri May 19 10:47:04 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Box Set Name Change?

"You can always change your name ..." D. BUNNELL

Message: 11693 Posted: Fri May 19 10:05:54 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Box Set Name Confirmed

I received a message from Rhino confirming that the box set will be called Highway. They said that they didn't have any other information but they would pass it along to me just as soon as it became available.

Message: 11692 Posted: Fri May 19 09:01:59 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Original America.

>I just prefer America as a trio and as long as I am supporting
them with my hard earned money, however small that may be, I will continue beating that dead horse too! <

Well at least you acknowledge the horse's demise, Tom.

THat statement reminds me of people who come up to me whne I am working a public desk and when they don't get the answer they want scream "I am paying your salary" ( I work for the City). I generally smile and ask for a raise.

My point is that this discussion is probably a moot one. Dewey Gerry and yes even Dan have chosen their path. No whinning on our part can realistically change their minds.

Enjoy what they did, and enjoy what is to come, from all sources!
( Philosophy class is dismissed >;D )

Message: 11691 Posted: Fri May 19 08:00:19 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: Box Set Name Change?

No, I didn't have the chance to question it...Gerry made the announcement from the stage. His only comment to the crowd was "I guess 64 songs is about all the America anyone can handle."

As for Windwave and Hangover, they were great. I never cared for Hangover, but it's a good live tune...and Dewey's got that growl down perfect. I remember reading a comment from Dewey about the down side of the Internet being instant feedback from concerts when/if the band has a bad night. Well, they certainly didn't have a bad night for the first performance...only negative point it was too short, and I'd say that if they played every song they knew! They played an hour and a half. Only two songs from Human Nature (Wednesday Morning, wheels are turning). I was hoping to hear All my Life, but maybe I'll hear that at the Birchmere July 6!!!

Message: 11690 Posted: Fri May 19 07:53:22 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Transcription of Dewey's Interview

I had a few spare minutes this morning so I posted Kevin Sutton's transcription of Dewey's interview with Kelly Lang. Once again, great work Kevin!

Regarding the box set name change, I have sent an e-mail to Rhino asking for confirmation of the name change as well as the release date. As soon as I hear back from them I'll be sure to post it here. --Steve

Message: 11689 Posted: Fri May 19 07:40:36 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Box Set Name Change?

I wonder why the box set name change from "Heritage" to "Highway"? Billy, you're absolutely positive about "Highway"? Did you question why the change?

Message: 11688 Posted: Fri May 19 07:28:24 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Highway !!!! was hangover and windwave live?.....I have always loved hangover (as well as windwave)..I know many have knocked hangover ..but I love that song and hope they keep it in the set...also I will be looking forward to July 14th when "Highway" is the way didn't one of us web heads suggest "Highway" as a title for the box set sometime ago when the subject came up?

Message: 11687 Posted: Fri May 19 07:10:37 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Virus Alert

I hope it's OK if I go a little off topic but I don't want any of you to be bitten by the latest virus. Here's the low down:

A new virus has emerged called Newlove. This is a VBScript worm. Do not open or view any attachments with a *.VBS extension.

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Message: 11686 Posted: Fri May 19 06:50:15 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Reuinion- My opinion one last time

Like children of an acrimonious divorce, many fans wish for a reuniting that cannot be. I have been fortunate enough to see the trio and the duo. We cannot go back in time. America moves forward. Gerry and Dewey have their reasons, and they must be darn good ones. We should focus on what is to come. After twenty-oddd years, don't you think a reunion would have happened already? Just my opinion.

Message: 11685 Posted: Fri May 19 06:05:52 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Hello G A R Y!

Long time no hear from..have fun tomorrow night!

Message: 11684 Posted: Fri May 19 04:24:46 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Reunion

Spurs--all I want to say is that I totally agree with you!!!

Message: 11683 Posted: Fri May 19 02:18:05 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Reunion

Hello everyone,once again this reunion question has cropped up.I daresay that all the facts have not surfaced,Gerry and Dewey have been a duo for so long,and it would seem that America's career is running in reverse in terms of hard touring over the last say twenty years,just so amazing that the guys had huge success instantly.The fact that Dan is not with America any more is neither here nor there,and in all honesty who could say if it would cause a ripple in the music world.Surely Gerry and Dewey would have to have the final word, after all it is they that have kept the magic going,furthermore in relation to touring,the whole thing seems to run like a well oiled machine.But one thing I do wonder about has Dan met Brad Palmer?

Message: 11682 Posted: Thu May 18 21:12:37 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Original America.

As long as Gerry and Dewey are still charging money for their cds and their concerts, then I certainly feel that we have every right to voice an opinion on whatever band subject comes up. I'm sorry that some of us are bored with the reunion subject or feel that it is none of our business. I disagree but I can respect that opinion. Other posts have stated many of the reasons why a reunion would be a wonderful thing and I have also done more than my share of that in the past. I agree that a limited reunion idea would probably be the way to go. An album and a short tour is not asking that much in the big picture. Like it or not, America was simply a better band as a trio and I say this not to put down in any way the work that Gerry and Dewey have done as a duo. I just prefer America as a trio and as long as I am supporting them with my hard earned money, however small that may be, I will continue beating that dead horse too!

Message: 11681 Posted: Thu May 18 20:31:25 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Original America.

I, too, was lucky enough to see America before Dan left. Just once. And, unfortunately, not early on. I would have loved to see their early accoustic onslaught.

Mine was toward the end, as it turned out. Harbor had just been released. The highlight of the night for me was Today's The Day. That song got a ton of airplay in Indianapolis, and I still remember the first few notes floating out of the piano, the crowd experienced a simultaneous hair standing up on the back of its neck. Dan sounded wonderful.


By the way, I've tried calling KRLA a half-dozen times about the tickets I won on the Kelly Lange show. Now I know where all those Capital Records executives from the 80s ended up. Either nobody knows what I'm talking about or they totally blow me off. I'll keep trying. Still haven't decided whether it's America on the west coast on July 23rd, or Cooperstown on the East Coast. Either way, I'm pretty darn lucky to be able to do either one.

Message: 11680 Posted: Thu May 18 19:37:10 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Reunion

As one lucky pup who saw them as a trio in 1973 (Honolulu) would certainly be nostalgic to see them again together to do some of the old stuff. My thought on the subject, however, is that they have asked our opinion on set songs and t-shirts..but they are not asking our opinion on the matter of a reunion. (Needless to say, however, that is not stopping many of us). I think that with something so simple to accomplish (my perspective) as a reunion..(we're talking phone call/e-mail)..that if they wanted to do it they would...only those who personally know them or the reasons behind any hesitation would be qualified to interpret their reluctance. Just my unsolicited opinion..and I will stop kicking the horse now.

Message: 11679 Posted: Thu May 18 19:16:20 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Tonight's concert/box set news (Highway)

Just got home from the first show in Annapolis. Of course the guys were great. On a personal note, I ran into Gerry and Dewey on the street outside the club, introduced myself, etc. They were great.
the concert was wonderful. Got to hear Hangover and Windwave live for the first time. Also, thanks to Holly, I got an America guitar pick.
Gerry made the announcement about the 64-song box set. It's being released July 14 by Rhino and is titled "Highway".

Message: 11678 Posted: Thu May 18 18:08:48 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: beating the horse

....I vote yes on the reunion....I'm for beating the Horse until it gets up and runs.....great band either would just be a great band to see again as a trio

Message: 11677 Posted: Thu May 18 15:47:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Transcription of Dewey's Interview

I received the transcription of Dewey's interview from Kevin Sutton this evening and I'm amazed! All I can say is that it's TOTALLY AWESOME. I've transcribed interviews before and it is not an easy task. Kevin is to be commended! Now I'm the one holding up the process. I've got meetings all night tonight so I don't know if I'll have time to put the transcription out on the web site before this weekend. I promise you I'll do it as soon as I can and I'll post it here and I'll also put a link to it from the "What's New" section of the America Fans home page. Thanks again Kevin for all your work! --Steve

Message: 11676 Posted: Thu May 18 15:46:30 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Reunion/Duo-trio

I'm more than happy with America as a duo, but I'm jealous of those that had the chance to see them live with Dan in the 1970s. I hadn't even heard of America yet at that point! So for selfish reasons, I wish they could do one reunion tour with Dan....okay make that one reunion tour with Dan IN NEW YORK STATE :)


Message: 11675 Posted: Thu May 18 13:30:54 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: The Facts As I See 'Em

13) Dewey and Gerry have stuck it out together for all these years, Dan did not.

Message: 11674 Posted: Thu May 18 13:25:51 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: Erin...

Hey. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I won't be able to be
online nearly as much, would you keep me up on what's going on? Especially as far as July goes? Thanks! You're great! Jami.

Message: 11673 Posted: Thu May 18 11:49:50 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The Facts As I See 'Em

Just to add a few facts to the list Johnny started:

11) America had 9 of their 11 top 40 hits as a trio.

12) All of America's Gold and Platinum records came as a trio.

Message: 11672 Posted: Thu May 18 11:36:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Facts As I See 'Em

1) America was a trio for about 7 years.

2) America has been a duo for about 23 years.

3) The majority of us would like to see an America reunion with Dan.

4) Dan is willing and ready.

5) America is Gerry and Dewey.

6) Dewey and Gerry most definitely know that we would like to see a reunion of some type.

7) Gerry and Dewey choose not to change the status of the band or to have guest appearances.

8) We are sad that there are no plans for a reunion.

9) I'm so happy that Dewey and Gerry continue to create GREAT music for us.

10) I really appreciate Dan's interest in a reunion AND I respect Gerry and Dewey's choice to remain as a duo.

Message: 11671 Posted: Thu May 18 11:22:30 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Reunion

I like your special guest idea, Pat. It could be something as simple as inviting Dan to do harmonies on one or two new tracks and maybe a redo on a classic track on a new album. Really, that's what Gerry and Dewey basically did on "Love was Just Another Word" track on Dan's "All Things Are Possible" album in 1978.

I still hoping for a more realistic possibility: a one-time reunion concert or a short reunion tour. The legal logistics would suggest that Dan could be a guest performer rather than a member of America (the duo), but the impact from a publicity standpoint could be considerable -- much like the Judds' current reunion tour. I think such an event would remind the uninformed masses that America is still in existence, and maybe such publicity would benefit America (the duo) in terms of future album sales.

That said, I know that some of the folks on this list are tired of discussing the reunion idea, and I understand why. However, *not* talking about it at all certainly would, in the long term, give the impression that no one cares about a reunion. I don't think that's the case. We have no problem with the current arrangement, but some sort of reunion would certainly cause some excitement.

As for the reason the Trio is no more, well... Frankly, if you've read John Corbett's history piece, you can form some pretty accurate assumptions. In addition , I have to admit that I have heard a "reason," albeit second hand, from a radio/television show personality in the Twin Cities way back in 1988. It's nothing earth-shattering. Basically it amounts to this: Gerry and Dewey were not very comfortable with Dan's personality, as it evolved around 1977. I don't think Gerry and Dewey disagreed with Dan's religious fervor, per se. But the way Dan expressed it and interacted with them probably was a bad for America's group harmony (in a social off-stage sense). This same personality factor is classic in rock groups. Recall the Beatles, the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and any other successful group that dissolved due to personality clashes and internal problems. There comes a point where you can't "live" together anymore. So rather than looking for a magical "reason" to the break-up, think more basically if you truly can't understand what happened or why Gerry and Dewey are hesitant to embark on a new lasting partnership. I respect their feelings, but as a fan I also express my hope for some kind of limited reunion event.

Jim R.

Message: 11670 Posted: Thu May 18 10:27:08 2000 By: laura
Subject: Beechlady, yours is worth more than 2 cents

I agree -- well said

Message: 11669 Posted: Thu May 18 09:08:32 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Reunion

How's this for a compromise?

Why can't Gerry and Dewey invite Dan as a "special guest", to sing harmony on the next album?
Dan would be appearing only as a "special guest". This way Gerry and Dewey get to maintain AMERICA without jepordizing their current duo status; which I know they have worked very hard at all these years.
As a "special guest", Dan won't be required to write, tour, or do anything more.
The music (in my humble opinion) will be enriched with their 3-part harmonys, and the fans will be thrilled.

Message: 11668 Posted: Thu May 18 07:46:21 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Dewey Interview...Reunion

Loved hearing Dewey's great personality and talking versus singing voice. Thanks for posting the interview.

As a fan I believe we have every right to hope for a reunion. I'd love to here Woman Tonight, Lonely people, Here, etc. live and new songs with the three part voice and guitar Harmony that brought me to America.

But America is now Dewey and Gerry. And I'm glad the two of them stuck it out and gave me Hourglass (brought this fan back) and Human Nature. Dan, according to his post, does not seem to care for touring. Dewey and Gerry are Die Hards at touring. Right there is one differance. And yes it's between the three of them. But this fan would love to see them together. I would benifit me greatly. Broken dream just a token scheme... Some can say it's poetry.

I usually just listen in. But had to post htis time.

Message: 11667 Posted: Thu May 18 07:24:49 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: dan peek comments on reunion...

I don't think his comments should be a surprise to anyone. I think it was just a few months back that somebody posted that Dewey and Gerry were not in favor of the idea because they thought they had little to gain, while Dan had a lot to gain. I disagree with their evaluation, but that topic was discussed heatedly on this board several months ago.

Message: 11666 Posted: Thu May 18 06:51:50 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: dan peek comments on reunion...

I agree, Let the subject rest. The guys are all happy and playing their music and making a living by doing what they love.

Message: 11665 Posted: Thu May 18 06:00:43 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: dan peek comments on reunion...

My $.02 worth (hahaha, sorry Steve I STILL can't get that html thaaang).....

I don't think anyone "owes" (my word not anyone elses)us an explaination about the whys and hows and wherefores of a NONreunion no matter HOW burning a question it may be. Granted its an interesting topic and we could speculate all day about WHAT actually happened (again, only the 3 of them know that)and the ensuing talks or NONtalks that have happened since....All I know is, I'm going to personally live in the NOW and just be happy at that. I don't want to p-off anyone here, that's not the intent.....I just think we're beating a dead horse with no name. If it ever DOES happen, then we can be happy! (C=

TkH<-----carpets and water don't mix

Message: 11664 Posted: Thu May 18 04:58:58 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: dan peek comments on reunion...


Yeah, I read Dan Peek's comments and also found it interesting. What I wonder is how much contact Dan has had with Gerry and Dewey since he left the group. I hope that Dan has talked with them and expressed his interest in returning. I don't think putting it out via the Internet was the right thing to do. If he has talked with America, then he should have said "We just can't work out the details..." or something like that. Instead I feel he blamed them without providing their reasoning. I'm sure that Gerry and Dewey would tell Dan their reasons. And if he hasn't talked with them ...Shame on him!!
I'll be listening (intently, of course) tonight at the concert and see if any reference to Dan comes up.

Message: 11663 Posted: Wed May 17 21:55:09 2000 By: kurtco
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Simple is better! White shirt with red logo. Bring back the "America in concert" tour shirt!! A simple design with a top quality t-shirt...that's my vote. Thanks.

Message: 11662 Posted: Wed May 17 21:44:00 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: dan peek comments on reunion...

I thought it was really great of Dan to take the time to answer questions on his website. It was VERY interesting to read his comments about the reunion possibility that has "tortured" some of us..It just makes me question again, why Gerry and Dewey are so against it. It would sure be nice if they would shed some light on it, because I know I'm totally in the dark.
I really enjoyed Dan's comments on the recording of "Woman Tonight" I love to hear cool "inside stuff" like that!
Also, check out the link to "The Endorphins" on Dan's site. It is a group featuring "The Peek musical dynasty" that includes Dan's brother Tom, as well as other Peek family members. From the clips that I heard, the album sounds really great and I think most of you will really enjoy it too. Check it out and no, I'm not getting a commision on any that are sold!! :)

Message: 11661 Posted: Wed May 17 19:35:24 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey's Interview.

For those who are computer illiterate, I'm almost finished transcribing Dewey's radio interview. I'll e-mail it to Steve tomorrow.

You know you're a bad talk show host when you don't even listen to your own show. How many times did Dewey tell her Gerry was the lead singer on I Need You? And she plays it, then asks, is that you? What a dumbass.


Dan's reunion comments are very illuminating.

Message: 11660 Posted: Wed May 17 17:19:03 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Feeling left out..

Well, it seems that I am the only computer-illerate in the group..I can't get the interview no matter what I try..I guess I'll wait for my son to get home from work tonight..(and of course I will be subject to his chastisement, ridicule and head-shaking as he rolls his eyes in disgust..) but hey, it will be worth it! :-) Just kidding..he knows better..I'd slap him upside the head!

Message: 11659 Posted: Wed May 17 14:15:51 2000 By: neal
Subject: dan peek comments on reunion...

Has anyone seen Dan's comments about a reunion (or lack of) on his web site? Interesting!

Message: 11658 Posted: Wed May 17 14:00:40 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Rhino Boxed Set

Instead of chrono how about Alphabetically? THAT'D be

TkH<-----rehearsing her car ad voice.... (C=

Message: 11657 Posted: Wed May 17 13:58:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: dewey booooonell interview

Know what Ms. Lange sounded like? An L.A. (local/radio) voice over for a car, "happy and upbeat" and YADAYADAYADA....(Hey gotta fit in those disclaimers!!).....sheeeeeze!

TkH<----been there, DONE

Message: 11656 Posted: Wed May 17 11:50:59 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: dewey booooonell interview

A few things she said made me scream so loud, I was sure that they could hear me from Sun Valley. I believe Dewey said he was in the Palisades ( that's Pacific Palisades-a real nice neighborhood!)

Message: 11655 Posted: Wed May 17 11:49:50 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Rhino Boxed Set

Pat, I have no idea how the songs will be grouped but my guess is that the newly released material will be spread out chronologically. I guess we'll find out for sure when it is released.

Message: 11654 Posted: Wed May 17 11:44:06 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey's Opinion of "Ventura Highway"

I thought it was interesting that Dewey said he likes the way he now sings "Ventura Highway" as opposed to the earlier years. Personally, I like the "Homecoming" cut of the song better because the "do, do, do, do, doooo" part is spaced further apart and seems more casual and free-flowing (if that makes any sense). The more recent version of the "do, do, do, do" part seems to me to be too fast and gives the song a much different feel. Is it "do, do, do, do" or "did, did, did, did"? I don't have the song available to play at this moment.

And which do you all prefer?

Message: 11653 Posted: Wed May 17 11:28:27 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Gerry's Whereabouts

I got to see a fantastic show--Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell last night in New York and afterwards I spoke to Jimmy and brought up Gerry, his frien and he said that he will be coming by one night to see him. How great it would be to see the two of them together even if they are not performing. Wish I knew which night.

Message: 11652 Posted: Wed May 17 11:10:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Interview

Her interviewing style reminded me of skits on "Saturday Night Live". I could sense Dewey's occasional frustration but he was extremely polite.

Message: 11651 Posted: Wed May 17 10:57:00 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: interview with Dewey

I agree, after listening (more like cringing) to it, I was absolutely
disgusted/horrified at her continuous interrupting and NIL knowledge about the guys and...I could go on. Our own Steve O did a MUCH MUCH better and thorough job! But exposure is important! hl

Message: 11650 Posted: Wed May 17 10:53:37 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: dewey booooonell interview

I agree Kelly Lange jumped in more than she was needed, but she also tried to keep both Dewey and the callers on topic. That's what a radio show host has to do. On the other hand, I've heard plenty of shows where the only time the host talks is to set the stage for a question, ask the question, and redirect the conversation toward the topic at hand, minimizing small talk and maximizing information. Personally, what annoyed me more than her interruptions was her vocal style, which sounded less like a sincere interviewer and more like an upstaging celebrity. And, as Dewey and a few of us noted, she didn't take the time to learn who had written and sung lead vocals on several songs used as bumpers during commercial breaks.

Where is it that Dewey says he is living now? Is he no longer in the Bay area?

Jim R.

Message: 11649 Posted: Wed May 17 09:48:52 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: dewey booooonell interview

I agree, she was a terrible interviewer. She kept stepping on Dewey. When you are interviewing someone let them do the talking.

Message: 11648 Posted: Wed May 17 07:38:18 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Rhino Boxed Set

I'm looking forward to the boxed set from Rhino. I hope Rhino groups the obscure and unreleased songs together on one of the 3 CDs. Quite honestly, that is the reason I (and probably all die hard fans) will be buying the Heritage CD. Because we already own everything else.
Steve, do you think this is possible? I have a feeling that it's probably going to be in chronalogical order.


Message: 11647 Posted: Wed May 17 07:24:52 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: America /In the Classroom

Wow, AMERICA in the classroom! Nina; I was thinking about going back to school; can I enroll in your classroom? You can teach me Hourglass101. I can also use a few pointers about Human Nature! LOL
For show and tell I'll bring in my autographed copy of Homecomeing, and tell the other students about the day I met Dewey. LOLOL
Keep up the good work!

pb :)

Message: 11646 Posted: Wed May 17 06:21:07 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: What Does It Matter/Johnny

Howard, I just now read your message regarding "What Does It Matter". Thanks for the info.

Message: 11645 Posted: Wed May 17 06:18:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Answer

Shayne and everyone, I guess it's all a matter of one's opinion. The two songs that I hear a little different sound in Gerry's voice (like he has a cold) are "Sgt. Darkness" and "Someday Woman". Cold or no cold, what a delightful singing voice, huh?

Message: 11644 Posted: Wed May 17 06:13:31 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: What Does It Matter/Johnny

In "What does it Matter" Gerry uses a special effects like through his microphone that makes his voice sound like one of those old victrolas to recapture that 40's-50's sound. It does have a nasal sound but not! But just in the begining he uses it.hl

Message: 11643 Posted: Wed May 17 05:31:20 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Triv Question


Is one of the songs THE FARM?


Message: 11642 Posted: Tue May 16 20:34:42 2000 By: msmith
Subject: dewey booooonell interview

just got done listening to 04/30/00 radio interview with dewey & kelly lange. i didn't know it was dewey booooonell, thought it was dewey bunnell. i give kelly an a+ in interrupting. she could have almost done the interview without dewey because she actually finished a lot of dewey's answers for him. dewey gets an a+ in gentlemanship. many thanks to steve and others involved in making this interview available. ...really appreciate it.

Message: 11641 Posted: Tue May 16 19:51:28 2000 By: msmith
Subject: various & sundry comments

i'm sure your calendar clarification was meant for nobody in particular, but i do appreciate it, robyn :-). go, nina!! spread the america gospel!! johnny, it's a good thing you're not a teacher. nobody would get your tough questions.

Message: 11640 Posted: Tue May 16 19:24:05 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday Evening Chat

THat's Tomorrow for anyone using the Gregorian calendar. around 7pm. Pacific- see you there!

Message: 11639 Posted: Tue May 16 19:22:38 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: To Nina

Hey that's great about your enlightening 12 year olds a whole group at a time! I am educating them in ones and twos ( my dd and her friends-) new car has a cd player and I get at least ONE cd in on road trips to the Mall ( how totally Valley Girl!)

Message: 11638 Posted: Tue May 16 19:04:24 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Dan's guest book

Dan has made a new entry in his guest book and answers a few questions about about the making of Woman Tonight and the reunion question that tortures a few folks here. Well gotta go . Take it easy


Message: 11637 Posted: Tue May 16 15:20:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv

Andy, I'll give "What Does It Matter" a spin to hear what you're talking about. I guess it's all a matter of one's opinion.

Hint: Maybe the "nasally" sound of Gerry's voice on one of the two songs that I have in mind was caused by too much sand-n-surf!

Message: 11636 Posted: Tue May 16 15:14:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Jim and Nina

Jim, it could be worse. It could be Viagra instead of Allegra!
(Oh My Gosh!!!) It's all relative. So maybe temporary hearing loss ain't so bad unless your allergies hit you really hard the day you purchase the box set. ):

Nina, very cool what you're doing with your students. That's what you call getting a GOOD education! Believe it or not, it was a teacher that introduced me to America! That was back in '72. Also, she introduced me to John Denver. However, he lasted only about 7 years for me; whereas, the "other musicians" affected me a "little" longer.

Message: 11635 Posted: Tue May 16 15:07:08 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Triv Question

I know that this isn't the answer that you had in mind, but I'm thinking of WHAT DOES IT MATTER from the Holiday CD. There is something slightly "different" even "odd" about Gerry's vocals, but I must stress that it's totally fantastic in its own way. That is one of my favourite tracks on that CD.


Message: 11634 Posted: Tue May 16 14:50:02 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America /In the Classroom

Hi all,

Four days until the N.H. concert! It took almost three hours to add
the fan names to the back of the quilts, but I'm OFFICIALLY finished,
the quilts are folded, tied with bows, and ready to go!

Thought the rest of you "might" get a kick out of the following: It's "AMERICA" week in my 6th grade classroom! I threw out all of my Spelling lessons for the week, and am emersing my students in "America" doctrine!!! (I'm awaiting the first parental complaint!)

I have given them background information on the formation of the group and have taken them on a "musical journey" through the some of the songs on the first four albums! Tomorrow ,it's on to "Hearts" and
"Hideaway"! (The kids LOVE the album covers, compared to CD's)

They are getting quite adept at recognizing Dewey's dinstinctive voice and Gerry's slow, sweet ballards. One student pointed out how
he recognizes Dan songs "'cause they sound like country music"!

Most of the kids are "humoring" me and look very "tolerent" when I say "O.K. Gang, it's America time! " ...but they are already America experts! I might ask Dewey and Gerry to sign a HUMAN NATURE poster for my class! ! ! (Hey, I could be creating a brand new fan base for them...12 yr. olds!)

Take care,


Message: 11633 Posted: Tue May 16 14:29:32 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Triv Question

Darn. I thought I was accustomed to your tricky ("Rainbow Song?") clues. This time you were being literal? Oh well, to me, Gerry always has the nasally tone (to Dewey's throaty sound), much as Lennon was nasally and McCartney was throaty, so I surrender. Besides, it's allergy season. I can't hear worth a darn wihtout my Allegra.

Jim R.

Message: 11632 Posted: Tue May 16 13:34:39 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Rhino 3's

Rhino seems to be doing a lot of 3 CD boxed sets lately. They're putting out a "Smooth Jazz" compilation (HEAVY HITTERS ALL) due out soon (if not now-and it will be mine also)......guess they're going to be accruing a small fortune from me this

TkH<-----Sleep. The final frontier....

Message: 11631 Posted: Tue May 16 12:15:32 2000 By: Pete
Subject: test

just a test

Message: 11630 Posted: Tue May 16 12:06:33 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question

Hmmmmm "I Need You"? Jim, that wasn't one of the two songs that I had in mind, actually. It's the entire song that I think Gerry sounds a tad bit nasally. There is absolutely nothing lacking quality-wise on either of the two songs. I just hear a little different tone compared to Gerry's "normal" singing voice. Maybe it's my ears.

Here's a few more clues: The trio song is VERY popular among us fans even though it wasn't a hit. The duo song wasn't a hit either but is fairly well-liked by fans. I, personally, like both songs a whole lot.

Message: 11629 Posted: Tue May 16 10:48:01 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Triv Question

<<What two songs does Gerry sing that sounds like he might have a cold?>>

OK, Johnny, I know where you are going with this, but for now I can only think of the Trio answer: "I Need You."

In the original studio version from 1971, Gerry sings the title refrain as "I needjoo," unlike the live versions in which he eliminates the vocalized transition between "need" and "you." I know he did this on a more recent (Duo) album, but I can't think of the song.

Jim R.

Message: 11628 Posted: Tue May 16 09:05:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Question

This is a very obscure trivia question. I hope "Brother G" doesn't mind.

What two songs does Gerry sing that sounds like he might have a cold? This question is probably a matter of one's opinion. Hint: One is from an LP as a trio and the other as a duo? Whether he had a cold or not, Gerry sang them absolutely beautifully (goes without saying, right?).

Message: 11627 Posted: Tue May 16 07:48:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Update Please...

Tom, I don't know for sure, but I seem to remember hearing that Rhino made the final decision of what songs would be on the 64 track, 3 CD box set in consultation with Dewey and Gerry.

Message: 11626 Posted: Tue May 16 07:41:28 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Box Set

It's sure good to hear that there will be new material on the box set. I wonder how many new songs? That would've been a good question for Dewey during the radio interview. Anyone know? mB, do you know and can you say?

KevinS, wouldn't you die if "Hidden Talent" was on the box set? LOL!!!

Message: 11625 Posted: Tue May 16 06:43:09 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Warner's and Capitol.

Those are good questions. I'm not sure if America left WB or if WB turned a cold shoulder to them. The sales of America's last two releases on WB showed significant declines (Harbor and Live, especially Live). Since Dan had left, perhaps WB figured America had had its run. I think Capitol must have thought that America's name should have been enough to sell their albums, because it makes no sense to me that they would sign them and then put forth the pitiful efforts to promote their albums. Who knows for sure?

Message: 11624 Posted: Tue May 16 04:30:53 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Warner's and Capitol.

Hello everyone,with Jim's post earlier it made me wonder, just why did America leave Warner's ? What is more extraordinary, just why Capitol signed America to a multi album deal? and then sit on it's hands in terms of promotion.What follows is a shambles,half hearted efforts in promoting America's first album on that label,indeed acts of criminal incompetence were to come,with particular reference to Alibi,here was an outstanding album, as was SL, we all know that Survival was an Italian number one,and yet Capitol were still breathtakingly neglegent in their handling of these much travelled trobadours,yet another hit was to surface from that album but this time in Mexico,underlining the enourmous potential of Alibi.Had Capitol a more favourable approach to our chaps and really push the aforesaid Alibi and gotten it into the US top twenty America would have been off and running,especially with VFTG to follow,including world wide hit YCDM,I beleive they could have sold anything after that.

Message: 11623 Posted: Mon May 15 22:08:16 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Update Please...

In regard to the upcoming boxset, who decided what songs will be on it. Was it Gerry and Dewey or Rhino? Was Dan involved in any way? Thanks.

Message: 11622 Posted: Mon May 15 21:28:59 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Eddy On The Air With Dewey

Thanx, Johnny!
I was just being honest, but would do anything to promote these great CD's!! I think I was lucky to "squeeze in" the box set, because she was ready to cut me off, but I'm glad I got to mention it!

EDDY (aka Edward)

Message: 11621 Posted: Mon May 15 19:42:52 2000 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Beckley, Lamm, Wilson info...

I thought I would come out of posting retirement and pass this on. Here's and email I received today. I've cut out most of it, but at the bottom is some info on the Beckley, Lamm, Wilson release. Take Care, Mark (in KC - who remembered his password)...

Subj: Music Industry Veterans Herbie Hancock, David Passick...
Date: 5/15/00 7:18:50 AM Central Daylight Time
From: AOL News
BCC: MarkEMcVey

Music Industry Veterans Herbie Hancock, David Passick and Chuck Mitchell Form Transparent Music

Chuck Mitchell built Verve Records into the premier jazz and adult music imprint of the 1990s, the recipient of countless awards and accolades and the universal respect of the recording industry. His distinguished multi-media career includes television and video production, print and radio, and independent film credits.

Transparent Music's multi-tiered strategy of media development for its projects means that it plans to cross traditional and new media, creating diverse alliances that will allow each outlet to handle what it can develop most effectively. RED Distribution will be Transparent's distributor for audio and video products, and the company has entered into an agreement with CLICK! Radio to program four channels of Internet-delivered programming.

Transparent Music's own site, Transparent Music Network, will launch in May, with the intentions of not only driving its own product, but also opening the site to like-minded artists and projects from other labels. Transparent has tapped veteran radio and A&R executive John Mrvos to spearhead all of its Web-related efforts.

The new company's first CD releases will hit stores in late May and early June. Respectively, they are Soul Conversation, a jazz-funk instrumental set by guitarists Mark Whitfield and JK; and Like A Brother, an adult-pop/rock collection by Gerry Beckley of America, Robert Lamm of Chicago, and the late Carl Wilson, lead vocalist of the Beach Boys. This album represents the last recorded work by Wilson, who died of cancer in 1998.

Message: 11620 Posted: Mon May 15 18:30:41 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: CD tour, final chapter.

At least America had its moment, and it lasted longer than 15 minutes. A Grammy. A number of million-selling albums. Multiple number-one hits. More than a dozen top 40 hits. And 30 years of keeping it going. No rap songs. Very few musicians can claim that.


Message: 11619 Posted: Mon May 15 16:17:35 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: CD tour, the final chapter

When I completed my car stereo CD tour last week, a friend had reached her limit. She had ridden with me for quite a few weeks when I was in the middle of my sixth or seventh turn listening to an America CD. By my seventh time around on "Human Nature" (which she has now heard three times), she decided she was done. I sheepishly announced the end of my tour, and I feel compelled to at least make a summary statement of my tour here.

In the end, I have to agree that "Hourglass" is very close to the top of all America albums in three decades of recording. Of course, I liked it from day one, so the tour revealed nothing new. In fact, I found that my private tour changed none of my opinions. America has never produced an album I didn't like at least a little, but certain albums I love more. These (chronologically) include "Homecoming," "Holiday," and "Hideaway," my top three of the Trio, and "View from the Ground," "Hourglass," and "Human Nature," my top three of the Duo. More aggressively, I'd like to suggest that the music of the last two albums reinforces the following idea: the music industry knows nothing of quality if it couldn't find a way to successfully market "Hourglass" and "Human Nature." That's no knock on Oxygen or even American Gramaphone, smaller labels with limited marketing ability. It is something of a knock on Warner, for losing confidence in two talented songwriters and performers in the 1970s, and certainly Capitol/EMI, for burying America under the veil of non-resident talent in the 1980s. I'm tempted to take either album to an unsuspecting adult contemporary listener and to falsely suggest, "Hey, here's this great new album by America. Listen to it five times and tell me what you think." I'd bet they say "It's great." They'd also be shocked to find out the ablums are actually six and two years old, respectively, perhaps adding, "Gosh, I never knew this stuff was out there." I'm not naiive. I know sales actually can have nothing to do with quality. But, by the same token, poor sales don't always mean a lack of quality. I guess in our own limited hourglass of time, it is human nature to want to share something we love with many people. I guess we'll have to share our private pleasures in this Internet format and forget about the masses. The uninformed masses. Their loss.

Jim R.

Message: 11618 Posted: Mon May 15 15:53:09 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: America on, um, line

I don't know if I begin to express how grateful I am to everyone who made it possible for me to listen to a lengthy radio interview featuring Dewey Bunnell. In nearly 25 years as a fan, I hadn't heard Dewey's non-singing voice for more than, maybe, two minutes, and here I was treated to a half-hour show. You guys are right. Dewey sounds like a nice man. What a treat!

Steve, I know you put a lot of work into this fan page and chat folder. I hope you have some idea what it means to us fans of America. As Kelly noted during the radio show, the "power of the Internet" is evident by callers calling from places like Chisholm, MN, Long Island, NY, and Dallas, TX, for a show in southern California. (Since Dewey made contact with someone from Chisholm, can I hope that perhaps he has been touched by the ghost of Moonlight Graham? I'd love to hear Dewey's songwriting take on a Field of Dreams.)

Jim R.

Message: 11617 Posted: Mon May 15 14:16:53 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey's Interview.

Steve, actually I can transcribe it from the files here. It's slightly slower than normal, but I think that's due to the interviewer's constant interruptions, which makes it hard for anyone to get in a complete sentance, and harder to transcribe. I've got the first two bits done. I'll keep plugging away.


Message: 11616 Posted: Mon May 15 11:58:46 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Eddy On The Air With Dewey

On the air, I liked how Eddy (aka Edward) mentioned "Human Nature", "Hourglass", AND the upcoming box set. Eddy, great PR/advertising work!!!

Message: 11615 Posted: Mon May 15 09:50:19 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for the update. As I see it, this will be MORE than a box set (with 64 songs), it will be a COMPENDIUM.


Message: 11614 Posted: Mon May 15 08:27:01 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: E-Mail Viruses

Many of you have heard me say that e-mail viruses can't hurt you as long as you don't open any attachments to your mail message. That was the case with the infamous "I Love You" virus of recent days but it may no longer be true. You can read about it by going to the following link. I guess the best rule of thumb is, if you don't know who the message is from, don't even read it.

Message: 11613 Posted: Mon May 15 08:24:34 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Update Please...

Rob, I have been in contact with Rhino and they said they would send me the press release just as soon as it is available. All I know so far is that the box set well contain 64 tracks, some of them never before released, the tracks will span America's entire career from about 1969 to the Human Nature time frame, and it will be called Heritage. It's supposed to be released this summer but no firm date has been given. That's about all I can tell you for now.

I don't know much about the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD but I understand it will be released sometime this year.


Message: 11612 Posted: Mon May 15 08:07:48 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Update Please...

I'm hearing bits and pieces about the box set. What's the latest we know from Rhino (see it rhymes)?? Also, the latest on Beckley Lamm Wilson, which I understand will come out on Transparent Music??
Thanks all.

Message: 11611 Posted: Mon May 15 07:52:54 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Excited

Just four more days for my first America concert this year!!!! Does anyone have the current playlist?

Message: 11610 Posted: Mon May 15 07:31:54 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dewey's Interview.

Kevin, just to clarify, the links to the MP3 files will only be valid for 7 days. However, if anyone requests them from me, I can create new links that will be valid for 7 more days (that's a limit that X-Drive imposes on the links). Also, the RealAudio sound clips will be available forever. So, you can either try to transcribe them from the RealAudio sound clips or you can download the MP3 files and do it that way. I'm willing to e-mail you either the RealAudio or MP3 files if you'd prefer that. Just let me know. --Steve

Message: 11609 Posted: Mon May 15 06:59:40 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey's Interview.

I see where the audio from Dewey's interview will only be available for seven days. I'm still willing to transcribe the thing if someone will send me a tape.

I will try to transcribe it from the RealAudio clips, but if I can't start and stop them and back them up, it will be really hard.


Message: 11608 Posted: Mon May 15 05:46:24 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Hi All..

Well, it appears that I have much to catch up on..including listening to the Dewey interview..thought I saw him at the airport yesterday..maybe I was hallucinating..(spelling?)..but then I thought I saw Pete too..hmmm..anyway..
Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers highlight (besides spending time with my kids who cooked brunch!) was receiving a call from the Golden Retrievers Rescue application to volunteer was approved, and our search for a new retriver is on and they provided me with a list of credible breeders. Have a great week to start scrolling.. :-) Janice

Message: 11607 Posted: Mon May 15 05:40:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Red Circle T-Shirt

Pat, from what I recall seeing, the "S" was deleted from the photo. In other words, the photo(s) that Henry Diltz took showed the red "S" on Gerry's shirt. On the album cover, the "S" was gone. Correct, you all?

Message: 11606 Posted: Mon May 15 05:28:41 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Sound clips

Yes, THANK YOU Louise & Steve for the Dewey interview! I'm glad I got to mention Human Nature (& Hourglass). To me, those 2 albums stand up to anything they have done in the past. Can't wait for that 64 song box set!!!

Message: 11605 Posted: Mon May 15 04:54:00 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Red Circle T-Shirt

Thanks Johnny and Margaret for the interesting info about the missing "S".
I guess this makes us all a part of AMERICA's inner circle now. Or is it inner "red" circle? lol

Was the "S" deleted directly off the shirt, or deleted from the photo of the shirt?
Certainly someone from AMERICA's inner red circle should know the answer to this one!


Message: 11604 Posted: Sun May 14 18:49:48 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Sound clips

Steve, Thanks for the sound clips of Dewey's interview. Enjoyed listening to it. Mr. Bunnell is a person with class, not to many musicians out there can claim that. Six more days till New Hampshire. Now about those XXL t-shirts...............

Message: 11603 Posted: Sun May 14 13:41:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Yeah and That Too!

Fustrated AND frustrated! Told ya I was!! (LOL)

Message: 11602 Posted: Sun May 14 13:38:07 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey's Radio Interview

Enjoyed the radio interview with Dewey. Too bad Kelly Lange dominated the conversation, though. It fustrated me how Dewey was constantly interrupted. He was the true gentleman we know him to be.

It is good to hear that the box-set will contain 64 songs!!!

Thanks Lousie and Steve (and Robyn who was working hard dubbing the tapes).

Message: 11601 Posted: Sun May 14 10:25:22 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Sound clips

Those of you who may not know what Margaret is talking about, I have posted RealAudio soundclips of Dewey's interview with Kelly Lange which took place on April 30, 2000. It is split up into 5 parts and you can listen to each part by clicking on the appropriate link under the What's New section of the America Fans home page. For those of you who have problems with the RealAudio files (like Margaret's timeout problem), you may have better success by downloading MP3 versions of the soundclips. I have uploaded them to my X-Drive and you can download them to your hard drive by clicking on the following links. The MP3 files are much larger but once you get them downloaded, you can play them with any software which supports MP3. A big thanks to Lousie Liang for sending me the tape with the interview.

Dewey's Interview Part 1
Dewey's Interview Part 2
Dewey's Interview Part 3
Dewey's Interview Part 4
Dewey's Interview Part 5

Note: These links will only be valid for 7 days.

And finally, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers and mothers to be!

Message: 11600 Posted: Sun May 14 02:47:11 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Sound clips

I was thrilled to find Dewey's sound clips but frustrated that they kept timing out. I'll try again some other time. Thanks Steve for making them available.

Message: 11599 Posted: Sun May 14 02:14:58 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Missing "S"

The owner of the T-Shirt in question reinstated the missing "S" on the cover of our vinyl Homecoming when we were fortunate enough to meet him. That's when we were told the story of why it was removed.

Message: 11598 Posted: Sat May 13 22:13:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Pat B Regarding Gerry's T-Shirt On The "Homecoming" Cover

Pat, I too, always thought Gerry's shirt with the red circle was very cool and unusual. Not too long ago, I learned on this chat folder that the shirt originally had a red "S" in the circle. It was the logo of a recording company, I believe someone said. Therefore, it was altered since the guys weren't signed-on with that company. Plus, as we all know, they were with Warner not "Sarner" Brothers.

There's several photos with the red "S" on
under the "Links" icon. Go to "America Photos on Corbis Website". Unfortunately, however, it seems to be non-functional at this time.

Message: 11597 Posted: Sat May 13 21:53:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Happy M's D!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

Looking like a
Young moon in the heavens
Mother to the stars

She wants to be your red-hot mama all alone
She dances with the boys on the telephone

You're still so young
Listen to what your mama said

Hold on tight to me mama
Tell me what went wrong

Now mama don't start to cry
Let's give him another try

Message: 11596 Posted: Sat May 13 21:19:23 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Alan,Triple Set.

Hello everyone,I'm afraid I have to disagree with Alan on Yorkshire being being Englands premier county,Sussex in the glorious south much more preferable in terms of history and considerably better weather.I'm wondering when a realease date will be set for America's boxed set,and must surely include Houses in White,and it would seem by all accounts Oxygen records are to give the lads another shot sometime next year.How pleased I was with Rhino when they included Everyone I meet is from California on the Encore cd,when it's only been on the B side of HWNN,the sound quality was stunning,hope the same goes for all the America treasures that have been unearthed.

Message: 11595 Posted: Sat May 13 10:49:22 2000 By: Alan Stockdill
Subject: Dewey is a Yorkshireman

What a great site this is.
First I get to converse with lots of people with great musical taste after spending 29 years in a conversational desert with regard to 'America'.....and now,joy of joys, I find out that Dewey was born in Yorkshire where I live! Not only is he a bona-fide Englishman, he's a Yorkshireman!It's an acknowledged fact that Yorkshire is England's premier County (the U.S.A. even named their biggest City after our capital!) but now we can claim ownership of half of the Worlds greatest band! (though I wish it was just a third as it used to be)I always knew there was something extra special about 'America' have I found the mystery special ingredient? So my good colonial cousins over the pond, don't you think it's about time that the guys came back to their roots and toured over here? you've had them to yourselves long enough!

Message: 11594 Posted: Fri May 12 20:33:56 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: T-Shirts

May I be permitted to fantasize for the next minute or two?

Ok, thanks.

Homecoming is my all-time favorite AMERICA album cover. And I have always been completely fascinated by Gerry's white t-shirt with the red circle. I don't know why, but for me, I have always thought that it was one of the cooooolest t-shirts I have ever seen in my life.
So, my fantasy t-shirt would be that shirt with a really cool AMERICA logo on the back. Of course to insure retro authenticity, the logo would have to be the same one used during that period in AMERICA's career.

Thank you fellow fans for allowing my indulgence. pb

Message: 11593 Posted: Fri May 12 20:31:28 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Concert t-shirt

boness, just XL. sorry,

Message: 11592 Posted: Fri May 12 19:47:55 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Nina's Quilts


Not only are your quilts going to be wonderful gifts for Gerry and Dewey, but they are also going to be (if not already) wonderful gifts for the 70+ privileged AMERICA fans who's names will grace them.

I simply can not believe; that my name is going to be on one of your beautiful quilts, that will be given as a gift to my all-time favorite band, who's music has given me so much joy and musical inspiration for the past 28 years. (I've been a fan since 1972).

I really feel blessed. You made my day.



Message: 11591 Posted: Fri May 12 19:15:39 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Concert Listings

Thanks Steve for the update on the concert listings.
Wallingford CT. !!!! On a Friday night!!!!!
yEaH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 11590 Posted: Fri May 12 16:58:04 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Concert t-shirt

Dan C.
That 1999 concert t-shirt you have, is it XL or XXL?

Message: 11589 Posted: Fri May 12 12:06:56 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Checking in!

WOW, Jessica, you're one lucky puppy. Toronto is a FABULOUS city. When we lived in Detroit (a four hour ENJOYABLE train ride from T.O.), we'd visit EVERY YEAR! SaiWoo is the BEST Chinese Restaurant, Queen's Quay is fun and the Beaches are wonderful!!!! I'm jealous!!!


Message: 11588 Posted: Fri May 12 11:39:16 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Thoughtscape Sounds Closing - Bad news for Go Man Go!

I'll see what I can find out about Go Man Go distribution and I'll post it here when and if I hear anything.

Message: 11587 Posted: Fri May 12 11:22:04 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Thoughtscape Sounds Closing - Bad news for Go Man Go!

I wonder how we will be able to get Go Man Go now? As far as I know Thoughtscape was the only place carrying it. Maybe Gerry will sell it directly.

Message: 11586 Posted: Fri May 12 11:18:35 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Checking in!

Hi Jessica, it's good to hear from you again. Now that you're in Toronto you should be able to stay in touch a lot easier than when you were in the Philippines. I used to do some work in Rochester, New York and several different times I went to Toronto for the weekend and it's a beautiful city. We look forward to hearing from you more often now. --Steve

Message: 11585 Posted: Fri May 12 11:12:47 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thoughtscape Sounds Closing

I received the following message from Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds. Scott has always been a great individual to work with and I know we're going to miss dealing with him and the other great people at Thoughtscape. My best wishes go to him and the others who worked there.

Hello To Everyone,
I would first like to thank you for your support over the years. It has been a pleasure providing your readers and our customers with great Westcoast and AOR music from around the world. It is with much regret that I must inform you that Thoughtscape Sounds will be closing it's doors. Please delete all links to the Thoughtscape Sounds website. Personally I look forward to keeping up with the latest music news and updates on your websites. Thank You again.

Scott C. Sosebee
Thoughtscape Sounds

Message: 11584 Posted: Fri May 12 11:09:09 2000 By: Jessica
Subject: Checking in!

Hi SteveL. and all you guys! I'm now in Toronto and snatching a few moments to get online in a public library. It's great to see that my favorite band and group of fans are doing just great. I still have to see the concert dates and venues, but I don't think there'll be one near me. Anyway, maybe soon.

I couldn't bring all my America CD's with me, but I sure brought my most favorite ones. I had a tough time choosing!

Anyway, I will be reading this folder from time to time - but I think I'm going to be very busy starting my job and looking for an apartment this week and next week.

More power to Gerry and Dewey - and of course to the energetic people who keep this folder and this site going.


Message: 11583 Posted: Fri May 12 08:47:45 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: To Alan Stockdill

Alan, welcome and go to this website.
You were talking about that group you saw called Family.
Strange is right!


Message: 11582 Posted: Fri May 12 07:07:55 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: The New Mexico Fires

Yes, Johnny and all.... the sky was filled with smoke yesterday but today things are a little clearer. An airplane crashed yesterday near Las Vegas, NM and started yet another fire. Right now I think there are four major fires burning in the state and it's really quite awful. Everyone in these parts is rather upset and we're doing what we can to help out. Lots of "wheels are turning" as people evacuate and figure out where they're going to live for awhile....

Message: 11581 Posted: Fri May 12 00:00:46 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Reply to Howard

Howard, things are fine. I read all the messages but haven't written much lately.
We are disappointed that no Australian tour dates have been listed. We have been spoilt in recent years with 3 tours, each a year apart. We don't want the pattern to cease. We need a supportive promoter!

Message: 11580 Posted: Thu May 11 15:32:43 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: New Concert Dates

Jim, The festival is held on the Peoria riverfront. I called the riverfront office this morning and they were amazed that I knew anything about the festival considering that they haven't even went public with the acts yet(thanks again Steve). They are going to send me a flyer through the mail with all the info and are also going to be advertising heavily. when I have the details I'll let you know. Maybe we can hook up. I'll be in my 1999 tour shirt so I won't be too hard to spot. Can't wait. DanC.

Message: 11579 Posted: Thu May 11 14:28:14 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New Concert Dates

Dan, I might add Peoria to my list of America concerts to attend, since it is in the neighborhood relative to Milwaukee. When you find out where the festival is at, e-mail me. Thanks.

Jim R.

Message: 11578 Posted: Thu May 11 13:00:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The New Mexico Fires

Yes indeed Howard, several areas in New Mexico are blazing away. I, fortunately, live very far from Los Alamos which ironically means "The Trees" in Spanish. It's ironic because it's the trees that are spreading the fire. Fellow-fan, Cathy, lives fairly close to Los Alamos....about an hour's drive from her town of Taos, I'm guessing. If you're on-board Cathy, see any smoke yet?

Another fire in the State is closer to me. It's in Ruidoso which is in the southern part of New Mexico. Los Alamos and Taos are in the northern half.

The Los Alamos fire was intentionally set by a federal agency as a preventive measure to avoid the exact thing that they caused! I pity the poor person that authorized the "controlled" burn. He/she must be feeling mighty low.

The two fires make me think of Dewey's song, "Wheels". "Down the road the heat waves are wavin'". Plus, the residents of Los Alamos have evacuated the town. From "Hell's On Fire", "We headed out on the wild open road/Till we broke down from the weight of the load".

Message: 11577 Posted: Thu May 11 11:29:40 2000 By: Alan Stockdill
Subject: Re: America fan for 29 years!

Hi DanC

Thanks for your reply.
The album you have there is indeed by the group America were supporting all those years ago 'Family'
'Burlesque' was their showstopper, I'd love to hear it again after all these years. Is there a track called 'In my own time' on the album? It was a chart hit single for Family in 1971 in England. As I said in my letter 'Family' were a real rock band. I remember I was sat right on the front row (to think I was probably about 12 feet from 'America) the lead singer of 'Family' was a guy called Chapman, can't remember his first name, who was very much the worse for wear (drunk!) He used to hold the microphone ala Roger Daltrey or Rod Stewart and stoop low with his chin almost on his knees from time to time. As he did this during 'Burlesque' he actually fell off the stage onto us and had to be protected by the roadies from being mobbed by us frenzied fans! Happy days. What with seeing 'America' followed by 'Family' we made our way home well satisfied that night. Who'd have quessed that 'Family' would become just a footnote in music history and that 'America' would still be with us today still creating great music? (when we can obtain it in England!)

Message: 11576 Posted: Thu May 11 11:12:32 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny, Margaret

Johnny, Heard about Los Alamos...How unfortunate :0( How close or
far is that from you?

Margaret, long time no speak. How are things?

Hey, whoever goes to the New Hampshire concert when Nina
introduces the quilt, they better take pictures or record it.
I'm dying to hear their reactions. Also, they sometimes read
this chat board. I just bet anyone on this?


Message: 11575 Posted: Thu May 11 06:43:54 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: 3 CD set.

I've also remember the mention that a few tunes may be included on the upcoming Box Set from Rhino that didn't make Human Nature? Which leads to me think, oh my God, I wonder what songs were deemed not as good as "Hidden Talent."


Message: 11574 Posted: Thu May 11 03:25:48 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Alan,3 cd set.

Hello everyone,wonderful to have yet another fan inluded on this first class web site,enjoyed Alan's post.With the upcoming 3cd set,there was mention that a few tunes that never made HN would be on the set,hope the same it true with the Hourglass sessions.

Message: 11573 Posted: Wed May 10 23:10:44 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Sorry

I don't know what happened then. I had to drive one of my kids to work in the middle of typing the message but I did not think that I had posted the first part of the message.

Message: 11572 Posted: Wed May 10 23:06:15 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Quilts/ Family Connection

Nina, I'm still in awe of you and your output in such a short time even with your "No husband... No kids..." claim. Making 2 quilts and doing schoolwork after days at the coalface is some feat. Enjoy presenting the quilts to their new owners.
The Manfreds (the original Manfred Mann except for Manfred) have been to Australia 4 times in the last 5 years. Although not with them earlier this year, on previous visits they have had the drummer from Family with them as well as Benny Gallagher, who I believe wrote International from VGG.

Message: 11571 Posted: Wed May 10 22:40:42 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Quilts/ Family Connection

Nina, I'm still in awe of you and your output in such a short time even with your "No husband... No kids..." claim. Making 2 quilts and doing schoolwork after days at the coalface is some feat. Enjoy presenting the quilts to their new owners.

Message: 11570 Posted: Wed May 10 21:20:03 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: America fan for 29 years!

Alan, Welcome to our little corner of the "net". The band Family that you made reference to; is this the same band that put out the album titled "Bandstand" back in 1972? If so I'm looking at it as I type. and listening to it.... and you thought no one had heard of them? I don't think they ever charted a single in this country and I really couldn't tell you how I came across this album but my collection runs the gamut. Some of the songs are Burlesque,Bolero Babe, Coronation, Dark Eyes & Broken Nose. I'd like to know if this was who you were refering to? DanC.

Message: 11569 Posted: Wed May 10 21:09:19 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: New Concert Dates

HOORAY HOORAY, The boys are coming to Peoria, my home, on June 10th.. I thank you Steve for posting this info for which I haven't even seen advertised here yet. I don't even know what the Peoria Sports Festival is but I can assure you I will find out. Then its off to organize an entourage to attend. Fantastic news. Any word on the new additions to the playlist I can look forward to? Hope its the long setanyway. I'm not asking much am I???

Message: 11568 Posted: Wed May 10 20:48:10 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Posters

Thank You for the posters Steve, they look GREAT!

Message: 11567 Posted: Wed May 10 20:13:21 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: America fan for 29 years!

Welcome!!! Its always great to hear from another "oldtimer"!!! LOL!! I'm so jealous that you got to see "our boys" at the very start. You didn't tape it, did you?? jk! Glad you found the site! Also, Dan Peek has his own site at You should check it out! Take care and post often!

Message: 11566 Posted: Wed May 10 17:15:42 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: Re: America Midis Revisited

Thank you so much! I'll look! :O)

Message: 11565 Posted: Wed May 10 17:00:10 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Millionaire" Show, Rob, and A Beach In DE

COuld it have been refering to Spector's famous "Wall of SOund"?

Message: 11564 Posted: Wed May 10 15:30:46 2000 By: Beth
Subject: catch up

Joe, so sorry about your mom. I will be keeping a good thought for you. I just picked up two mother's day cards for my mom, one funny, one mushy. Cried in the store, as a matter of fact! My heart's out to you.

Nina, Wonderful job on your quilts! Thanks so much for your efforts. Have a great time giving them to the guys!

Robyn, if I remember, I will log in and say hi. I'm on Central time, never can keep straight how that relates to any other time!


Message: 11563 Posted: Wed May 10 15:17:36 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Joe Knight/Mother's Day

Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope that she had led a full and happy life. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Message: 11562 Posted: Wed May 10 15:09:07 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Joe Knight/Mother's Day

I'm sorry to hear about your mother's passing...hang in there....spend some quality time with your new grandchild...that ought to help you get through !

Message: 11561 Posted: Wed May 10 14:55:04 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Long and short of it

Thanx for the answer. What is wrong with the Jazz?

Message: 11560 Posted: Wed May 10 14:51:24 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Long and short of it

An opening act doesn't always mean they play the short set, it just depends on the time that the venue has allotted for the guys to play. When they played in Orem last year there was an opening act of a local band. Afterwards, America played the long set and it was great. When America plays with other well known bands (such as the time I saw them with The Lovin' Spoonful), they often have to split the time and then they have to play the short set. So the "final" answer is, only the venue knows for sure how long the guys will be asked/allowed to play.

Message: 11559 Posted: Wed May 10 14:46:55 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: thanks

Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments. All of you who still have their mother make this the best Mothers Day possible because you never know if it will be your last. I was planning a big 70th birthday party for my Mom. We didn't do much for her 69th birthday and I regret that so much....Joe K

Message: 11558 Posted: Wed May 10 14:45:14 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Margaret

In response to your question about the quilts: "How did I get such a "labor intensive" job done in such a short period of time?"

The answer is: No husband...No kids....and schoolwork SCREAMING to be corrected piled a mile high all over the house!!!! Also, lots of support from the ladies down at "Amelia's Quilters Workshop" in my hometown...a shop owned by a friend I've know since Nursery School! I promised her I'd give her a plug here on the chat here goes:

All in all, it was a labor of love. I'm glad we can all be a part of



Message: 11557 Posted: Wed May 10 14:35:13 2000 By: red oak
Subject: Long and short of it

If there is an opening band prior to America, does this mean they play the short or long set. Or are the short sets primarily for the casinos? I'm planning on going to Wild West Fest in Hays, Kansas and it says there is an opening act. Or maybe they will play all night.

Message: 11556 Posted: Wed May 10 12:41:57 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America Midis Revisited

After looking at the Midi files on Steve's sight, there were a few new ones on the Midi Search engine (Lonely People for instance), so if you're midi'ly inclined you might want to search it! (C=

TkH<-------Sleep. The Final Frontier.....

Message: 11555 Posted: Wed May 10 12:39:20 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Millionaire" Show, Rob, and A Beach In DE

Phil had the "Wall of sound"..... (C=


Message: 11554 Posted: Wed May 10 12:38:24 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America Midis

The best search engine for midi files I've found is.....

It's the Midi Search Engine.
If it's on the net, they have it!!! (C=


Message: 11553 Posted: Wed May 10 12:33:30 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Millionaire" Show, Rob, and A Beach In DE

On "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" last night, there was a question about what 60s record producer developed a recording process (the specific type I don't recall...maybe "back wall" or "wall drop"???). The choices were Barry Gordy, Quincy Jones, George Martin, or Phil Spector. The contestant said something to the effect of, "I know George Martin produced the Beatles." I thought, "Yeah, AND America in the 70s!!" The answer was Phil Spector. I'm expecting an America song question on that show anytime now.

Rob, please let us know what that imported 3-CD Box Set is when you get it.

I see that on August 24, The Guys will be performing at DEWEY Beach, Delaware. How wonderful that they named a whole beach after Sir Dewey! (LOL)

Message: 11552 Posted: Wed May 10 11:58:19 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Midis

Jami, there are a few (14) MIDI files on the America Fans web site. Go to the Sound Index web page and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you will find some America MIDI files as well as some MIDI files written by America fans.

Message: 11551 Posted: Wed May 10 11:44:46 2000 By: kitschy
Subject: America Midis

Does anyone know where I can get America midi files to put on my homepage? I'd love the help, thank you! Jami.

Message: 11550 Posted: Wed May 10 11:26:05 2000 By: Rob
Subject: America 3-CD set

I filled out the order, then in my haste to get somewhere, did not get the title. The info I got was pretty specific. I eagerly await May 19.

Message: 11549 Posted: Wed May 10 09:03:03 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Rob Re: 3 CD Box-Set

Rob, did that box-set that you ordered through HMV have a title?

Message: 11548 Posted: Wed May 10 08:50:58 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Nina, Alan S, Joe K

Nina: Yes, beautiful work! Extremely nice of you to allow us to share in your hard labor. Thanks again!

Alan S: Welcome, welcome!!! Eager to hear more of your stories. Glad you found us, too.

Joe K: So sorry to hear about your mother's passing. As Mark and I discussed one-on-one, I too, can relate.

Message: 11547 Posted: Wed May 10 08:21:56 2000 By: Rob
Subject: New 3-CD Box Set

On the HMV record store computers is listed an import 3-CD set by "America" due in the store on May 19. Does anyone have any details to provide on this? I don't even know where it's being imported from, I just ordered it anyway.

Message: 11546 Posted: Wed May 10 07:29:32 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: 2 Car Garage??

I think 2 Car Garage eventually became the spectacular LP VIEW FROM THE GROUND that featured YOU CAN DO MAGIC & RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES (the Rudy Valentino song).

Message: 11545 Posted: Wed May 10 07:18:45 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

Well if anyone wants to chat, I will be in the room after 7 p.m. Pacific time. See ya there!

Message: 11544 Posted: Wed May 10 06:30:25 2000 By: Mark
Subject: To Joe Knight & Mother's Day


So sorry to hear of your mother's passing. My mom just passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was a terrible shock and like you said the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. The Lord did bless in a special way before my mother's passing. I live hundreds of miles from my family, and my mom and dad had been after me to come out for a visit for a while. I have been very busy with work and all and had been putting it off. Finally, my youngest son and I went to vist the weekend before last. We spent the day with my mom and dad. It was a very good day. The next morning, my mom passed away. While I am very saddened by her death, I am thankful that the Lord allowed me to spend her last day with her.

Mother's day is coming up. I want to strongly encourage any of you who still have your mother to spend some time with her, and tell her all the things you have been meaning to tell her but never got around to. You never know when the Lord may take her home.

Message: 11543 Posted: Wed May 10 06:13:58 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America fan for 29 years!

WELCOME Alan S!!!! (C=

Type/converse/share away!

TkH<------sleep is overrated

Message: 11542 Posted: Wed May 10 05:52:25 2000 By: Billy
Subject: Re: America fan for 29 years!


Having spent four wonderful years in your country 72-76 where I too fell in love with America's music..... I say welcome aboard!!! I saw America in the early 70's at the Cambridge Coin Exchange and have followed them ever since. I always thought I was THE FANATIC til I found this website and learned so much from reading/talking to this crowd. Please give us your comments/stories and insights!!! As you can tell from reading the archives, we are always looking for more America History!!!

Message: 11541 Posted: Wed May 10 03:43:40 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Nina's Quilts

Nina, your quilts are most impressive. How did you manage such a labour intensive task in such a short time? Thank you for enabling so many of us (including far-flung fans like us) to be part of such a wonderful project.

Message: 11540 Posted: Wed May 10 03:12:38 2000 By: Alan Stockdill
Subject: America fan for 29 years!

I can't begin to tell you all how pleased I am to have found this site! I live in England and it's not easy being a fan of America over here. We don't get to hear about anything!
My story begins way back in 1971 when I was 17 years old. I went along to a concert to see a group you probably have'nt even heard of called 'Family'. They were an old fashioned raucous wild act and we were 'really up for it'. As we eagerly awaited their appearance the support group came on. Three young guys with accoustic guitars sat on stools...hmmmmm. But then they started to sing. They were absolutely wonderful...what harmony....what melody......I'd never even thought about accoustic guitars before...but this was..WOW! I suppose they must have been singing songs from their first album, an album I still play to this day. The track that comes closest to my memory of that night is 'Children' but I'm sure you will agree with me that nothing can compare with a live performance.There is a saying that once your mind has been expanded by an idea it can never return to it's original size...musically that is what happened to me that night. A few months later they released 'Horse with no name' and you could'nt get that single for love nor money at first. The record shops were taken completely by surprise. Needless to say I've followed and loved 'America' ever since that day but have never seen them again since that wonderful night nearly 30 years ago. You seem like a great community of 'America' lovers. Can I please join you? I've got years of conversation bottled up inside me that I need to share!

Message: 11539 Posted: Tue May 09 23:16:21 2000 By: TomK
Subject: 2 Car Garage??

I remember seeing Gerry and Dewey on the Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder way back when, I think just before Alibi came out, because they said they were working on a new album, but they said it was called...2 Car Garage. Does anyone else remember this? I was curious, because about that same time, B.J.Thomas had a country hit with a song called 2 Car garage. I remember thinking that it sounded sort of like a song Gerry would sing. Does anyone know what the story is on that? Thanks!

Message: 11538 Posted: Tue May 09 20:33:38 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Re: Photos Of Nina's Quilts

WOW!!! What a great job!! Gerry and Dewey should be quite touched by such a wonderful gift!

Message: 11537 Posted: Tue May 09 19:29:58 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Concert Dates

A few new concert dates have been added to the schedule. Check out the entire list for links to the venues.

6/10/00 Peoria Sports Festival, Peoria, IL
7/19/00 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
8/24/00 Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach, DE
8/25/00 Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT
8/26/00 Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse, Burgettstown, PA
8/27/00 FleetBoston Pavilion, Boston, MA

Message: 11536 Posted: Tue May 09 18:18:26 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Sadistic Song Tournament

Boy, I gotta tell y'all: this is one sadistic song tournament!!!
Rainy Day against Coastline? Ouch!!! Sgt. Darkness against Children??
Ultra Ouch!!!!! I'm starting to think that we need another tournament that pitts New Kids On The Block against America :) Much less painful!


Message: 11535 Posted: Tue May 09 17:33:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Joe Knight

Continued congratulations for being a grandfather :)

Also, please accept my condolence over the passing of your mother.


Message: 11534 Posted: Tue May 09 17:02:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Voting

WOW the amount of voting is overwhelming!!!!!

I don't see any real suprises, do you guys?

TkH<------It's actually cooler here than the rest of the nation!!!!

Message: 11533 Posted: Tue May 09 16:52:42 2000 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Photos Of Nina's Quilts

Nina, The quilts are beautiful. Thanks for all of your hard work in producing them! Wow!!!


Message: 11532 Posted: Tue May 09 15:27:55 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: quilts

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Thanks Nina.
On another note I am having a ball being a grand pop!!!!!! When I get an updated photo I will ask Steve to post it if you guys dont mind. It was truely a blessing that he came along. I didn't say anything about it but one month before he was born my mother died. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I guess thats why he is so special to me......thanks Joe Knight

Message: 11531 Posted: Tue May 09 14:52:44 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America Quilts

THANKS for all of your nice comments about Gerry and Dewey's quilts!
I asked a friend to take and send the photos, so this is the first time I'm viewing them too...they're kind of "muddy" aren't they? Wish you could see them more clearly...the colors are very vivid!

I'll try my darndest to get a photo or two at the May 20th concert in N.H. for all to view!

Thanks again,


Message: 11530 Posted: Tue May 09 14:42:09 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Nina's quilts


Brilliant job, Nina !!!!!!


Message: 11529 Posted: Tue May 09 13:11:24 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Nina's quilts

As someone who has spent many, many hours sewing (Home Ec major)and who has made a few quilts in her own time, all I can say is "WOW!" They really are beautiful, Nina. I'm sure Dewey and Gerry will be very touched when they receive them from you. Make sure you get pictures taken at that time to post here. And thank you for including the names of all of us fans on your creations.

Message: 11528 Posted: Tue May 09 11:51:52 2000 By: msmith
Subject: nina quilts

me too! beautiful job, nina! you do all the work and we get to be a small part of it! thanks, nina.

Message: 11527 Posted: Tue May 09 10:48:00 2000 By: Dave K
Subject: Nina`s Quilt


Message: 11526 Posted: Tue May 09 09:15:19 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Nina, incredible

Wow, I am completely impressed, and I know Gerry and Dewey will be as well. Can't imagine the time and patience to do something like that... I get totally frustrated sewing on a button.


Message: 11525 Posted: Tue May 09 08:43:43 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Nina, incredible

Nina, the quilts are absolutely beautiful. Excellent Job!
What talent you have. I think Gerry and Dewey should display
it at every concert they play at! Thank you Nina,

Message: 11524 Posted: Tue May 09 08:06:31 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: NINA - INCREDIBLE!!!!

Nice job, well done.....

Message: 11523 Posted: Tue May 09 07:18:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: NINA - INCREDIBLE!!!!

Me, too, Me too, Me too......what they said!!!!!


TkH<-----in awe of anyone with THAT much patience....

Message: 11522 Posted: Tue May 09 07:08:11 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: NINA - INCREDIBLE!!!!

What else can be said besides thank you for letting me be a minute part of you're creations. BEAUTIFUL JOB, NINA. DanC.

Message: 11521 Posted: Tue May 09 06:33:31 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: NINA - INCREDIBLE!!!!

I 2nd that!!!! WOW!!!! They are really BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
THANK YOU for including me & my wife on this wonderful work of art!!!

Message: 11520 Posted: Tue May 09 05:03:45 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: NINA - INCREDIBLE!!!!

Nina, the quilts are absolutely beautiful!!!! I admire you're talent but mostly your patience to create them and thank you for letting me (and the rest of us) be a part of your creation. I know the guys are going to be touched and impressed by your hard work and thoughtfulness. Thanks again for letting us be a part of it!! Can't wait to see the pics when you give them their presents!! :) You Go Girl!!!!

Message: 11519 Posted: Mon May 08 21:13:03 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Photos Of Nina's Quilts

Nina has done it! The quilts are done and I've got the photos to prove it. Sure, she still has to put all of our names on them, but that should be easy after all the sewing, etc., she has done. I've helped my wife make several quilts over the past 24 years and I can appreciate how much work goes into it. Thanks Nina for all your hard work!

Click on the links below to see the photos.

View 1 of Gerry's Quilt
View 2 of Gerry's Quilt
View 1 of Dewey's Quilt
View 2 of Dewey's Quilt

Message: 11518 Posted: Mon May 08 20:40:49 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Weather With You" and "The King's Singers"

The liner notes don't give much information about the Spirit Voices CD but this is what it does say about "Weather With You". It says it's a new interpretation of the Crowded House classic featuring Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell as guest lead vocals (I didn't realize Dewey sang on that song - I thought it was only Gerry). Gerry plays the bass and acoustic guitars and the mandolin for the song and his good friend Hank Linderman plays the acoustic and electric guitars. The vocal arrangement is done by Bob Chilcott and Steve Levine. Steve produced 4 of the 13 tracks on the CD and if I remember correctly, he has been involved with America before so maybe that's how Gerry and Dewey got involved.

FYI: The King's Singers are David Hurley (counter-tenor), Nigel Short (counter-tenor), Bob Chilcott (tenor), Bruce Russell (baritone), Gabriel Crouch (baritone), Philip Lawson (baritone), and Stephen Connolly (bass). I've been listening to the CD tonight and it reminded me what a soothing, relaxing CD it is.

Message: 11517 Posted: Mon May 08 17:22:35 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Rhino Box and Other Upcomings

This is what I read on a Brian Wilson site,"Updated 4/22/00

After several false starts, it looks like the long awaited cd by Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson is finally going to be released. Jazz musician Herbie Hancock plans to release the cd on his new label , Transparent Music, in June. It is not known if the album is still titled "Like A Brother" as previously announced. The CD is said to contain Carl Wilsons last song to his sons, called I Wish For You. "

Message: 11516 Posted: Mon May 08 14:50:35 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Weather With You" and "The King's Singers"

Well, while allmusic lists a Beach Boys connection to the King's Singers, it does not list Gerry as appearing on the album. An oversite, perhaps? Anyone else have more info?

Message: 11515 Posted: Mon May 08 14:15:48 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Weather With You" and "The King's Singers"

Can someone inform me about "Weather With You"? I know it's originally a "Crowded House" song and that it appears on the 1997 album, "Spirit Voices" by The King's Singers. I easily recognize that it's Gerry singing lead vocals. What I don't know:

1) Is it Gerry and Dewey as America performing or Gerry with Lamm and Wilson or something totally different?

2) Who are The King's Singers?

Message: 11514 Posted: Mon May 08 13:53:16 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: America CDs

FYI - A & B Sound is a huge local (western Canada) music chain. They have a great reputation for having the lowest prices (especially when you factor in the Canadian $) and one of the best selections around. I have bought several items through their on-line store with great results. I, too, was curious about what is in the 3 in 1 box set. (They don't have it stocked in their retail outlets). Probably just the first 3 albums packaged together.


Message: 11513 Posted: Mon May 08 12:30:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America CDs

Howard, those prices are excellent, indeed. Thanks for letting us know. I wonder what songs are on that "3 For 1 Box Set" that they have? I must say, however, the prices aren't quite as good as Joe B's CD offer that he had several weeks ago. (:

Message: 11512 Posted: Mon May 08 11:56:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Norman

Janice, I'm so sorry to hear about Norman. My little yellow canary (Johnny Bird) passed away last year and I was very sad and he was just a bird. He was a great singer and sung his heart out for me everyday. The loss of a pet, especially a family dog or cat, can be very, very emotional. To lose Norman due to someone's negligence is even more difficult to handle.

Message: 11511 Posted: Mon May 08 11:50:17 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Janice / America CD's

Janice, We're so sorry to hear about your dog. :0(
Be strong! A couple of years ago, we had to put our cat
to sleep. She developed a tumor on her back. Kids to this
day ask the how's, why's, when's, etc.

On another note, came across this website to buy
America CD's and they're extremely cheap. So, all of
America fans that haven't fulfilled your America collection
go here quick:

Message: 11510 Posted: Mon May 08 09:43:52 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Norman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement...I have just finished reading a few more e-mails from some of you..thank you so much.
It saddens me to tell you that it appears that my beloved Norman will be put to sleep tomorrow following an ultrasound that will confirm what we already know. My anger and my sadness cannot be measured and I pray that I God gives me extra strength when I have to tell my kids. Thank you all again. Janice

Message: 11509 Posted: Mon May 08 05:16:00 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Message for Beechlady & Janice




Message: 11508 Posted: Sun May 07 20:57:31 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Ballad Song Tournament

Like the last tournament, this is very tough, as with Bell Tree versus Catch That Train, Sarah versus Today's the Day and Who Loves You versus the "Inspector" but whoever said life's fair? Anyway thanks for putting together another tournament. It makes for some real enjoyment to this folder. DanC.

Message: 11507 Posted: Sun May 07 12:52:46 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Best Kept Secret in Rock n Roll

Best kept secret in R&R huh?

I guess that statement could be debated long and hard. That Itchycoo Rock Festival last year in my opinion was an absolute disaster! Our guys had to play that gig at 10:00 in the morning. They finished up a show at the Lady Luck in Betterndorf, IA at 10:00PM the night before then got on a bus on drove all night to Tennessee to make the festival by the next morning. If the promoter actually made a profit on this so-called Rock Festival, I would be shocked! The whole thing was a comedy of errors. I don't think Kapnjack should be too concerned about the mad rush for tickets bogging down his server. I for one am not gonna' post on any newsgroups, forums or bulletin boards anything relating to the Itchycoo Rock Festival. I will not recommend that anyone waste their money on this event. Of course, this is my "humble" opinion.

Gary H

Message: 11506 Posted: Sun May 07 12:51:00 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Message for Beechlady & Janice

Janice...I don't own a pet but, growing up, my family always had a dog, so I know how it can become like one of the family. I'm sorry you have to go through this painful situation. How terrible.

Beechlady...Well said! I'll be glad to polish your soapbox anytime!


Message: 11505 Posted: Sun May 07 11:19:27 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Ballad Song Tournament

Thanks to Tery Holly we have a list of 64 songs for the Ballad Song Tournament. The tournament official begins tomorrow but Chat Folder members can get a sneak preview today by going to the preceding link. Each round will last one week until we have a winner. --Steve

Message: 11504 Posted: Sun May 07 10:12:42 2000 By: kaptnjack
Subject: Best Kept Secret in Rock n Roll

Hello Itchycooers'

First off...we need your help.

We humbly ask that you forward this letter in its entirety to everyone on
your mailing list that may want tickets to the 2000 show.

It is important that we begin to immediately register people into the system
so that there will not be server and system delays from everybody trying to
buy tickets at the same time.

Also, please post the following on all of the forum / bulletin boards of
which you subscribe and to those that you are willing to take the time to
search out. Music sites, family sites, entertainment sites or other groups
of like minds.

Go to the link what you gotta do.....then please help get the word
out. Lets Rock.

Itchycoo Park 2000 Tickets go on sale soon .
Go to the following link for ticket details and General info: .

Regular and frequent updates will be posted to the site
as new things will be developing daily, we will try our best to keep you as
up to speed as possible.

Thanks for all of your help and cant wait to see ya at this years show.

Itchycoo Park Productions LLC
Advantage Management & Consulting

Message: 11503 Posted: Sun May 07 07:33:21 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Norman

Thanks Teri..that was very kind. Unfortunately my suspicions were correct per the doctor I just spoke with..he was sedated..I will take my case to the Humane Society tomorrow.

Message: 11502 Posted: Sun May 07 06:04:12 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: My furry friend/Off Topic-On Topic

Screw the "off topic/on topic" debate. I figure we're all friends here and when ONE of us needs *help* or *contact* we should all be here for them!!!!!!! THAT should be the over riding factor. Of COURSE it's an America Board, and OF COURSE we love their music! But with out PEOPLE, there wouldn't be a BOARD, right? If anyone has a problem with that, maybe they should go out and put a little of the milk of human kindness in their coffee......


Message: 11501 Posted: Sun May 07 05:16:57 2000 By: Janice
Subject: My furry friend

I am very sorry to post yet another "off topic" post, but I have to do this..consider it a public service"..and I welcome your comments by private e-mail. I am beside myself with grief as I write this, as our family pet, Norman..a golden retriever, fights for his life at a nearby animal hospital. I took him for his grooming yesterday and by the time I picked him up he was practically comatose. Tests are being run, and preliminary results indicate he may have been drugged..they are claiming an allergic reaction to the shampoo and refusing liability..has anyone ever heard of anything so outrageous? If you have any info..any insights..please e-mail me..again, I am sorry for the "off-post", but I did this for Norman..I am continuing to research the net for more clues..thanks all..have a nice week-end.

Message: 11500 Posted: Sat May 06 17:33:05 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Daisy Jane

I have often wondered if Gerry Beckley was inspired by the character Daisy Buchanan in F.S.Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby when he wrote Daisy Jane? When he sings the song in concert he does say thank you Daisy !

Message: 11499 Posted: Sat May 06 16:35:21 2000 By: TomK
Subject: Dan's website

Hello again everyone! I was over at Dan's website and I noticed that Dan is hooked up to the net again and is actually reading the posts to his guestbook and is even answering some questions. Do Gerry and Dewey ever post to this chat folder? I guess they must read it sometimes. I just think the whole thing with Dan is pretty cool. Or far out as John Denver used to say!!! But not as Chad Lowe says! :)

Message: 11498 Posted: Sat May 06 16:21:12 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Kevin, Your Transcribing

Kevin, the pleasure's all yours. Thanks for being willing to do the labor as you said you would all along. Glad I won't have to but was willing.

Message: 11497 Posted: Sat May 06 12:54:39 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: dewey interview

Thanks Kevin and Johnny for being willing to transcribe it. I think I might be able to get my hands on a tape of the show, too, and if I do I'll try to put some audio excerpts out on the web. --Steve

Message: 11496 Posted: Sat May 06 12:47:49 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Transcript of Dewey interview.

Once I get a tape from Robyn, I'll transcribe it. I'm a pretty fast typer, and it shouldn't take me longer than a day to do.


Message: 11495 Posted: Sat May 06 11:21:26 2000 By: msmith
Subject: dewey interview

thx, johnny. i'll be looking forward to it.

Message: 11494 Posted: Sat May 06 09:23:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey Interview

Mark, Robyn taped the interview. She is sending KevinS and me a copy. According to Robyn, she said Kevin would transcribe. Between the two of us (Kevin and me), it will be transcribed for all to read. Yippee! Maybe I should ask this long was that interview?

Message: 11493 Posted: Sat May 06 08:33:57 2000 By: msmith
Subject: dewey interview

steve, do you have any plans to post either a transcript of dewey's 04/30/00 radio interview on krla or a link to the audio?

Message: 11492 Posted: Fri May 05 19:22:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Note To Tom Darcy

Tom, on the bottom of your Human Nature poster order form you asked if Ike had any photos for your 8 year old son who has already been to 3 concerts. I'm afraid I don't have any but I'd surely send him some if I did. Sorry about that.

Message: 11491 Posted: Fri May 05 15:22:47 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Posters - A Half Ounce Too Heavy

Steve, Just got the posters and they are beautiful. I am going to bring one to the Westbury concert and have them sign it. Thanks again!!

Message: 11490 Posted: Fri May 05 13:33:45 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Posters - A Half Ounce Too Heavy

Well, Steve, I know that cinches it for me.......ROFL!

TkH<-------I'm too young for a dating daughter...sigh.

Message: 11489 Posted: Fri May 05 13:31:10 2000 By: Beechlady

Yes, there's ALWAYS tomorrow, but May 6th is the LAST day to "nominate" your top 5 for the Ballad Contest. So if you haven't already done so, put your thinking chappeaux on and burn some cells!

At midnight May 6th I'm closing the store down, baaaaaaabeeeeeeeee!!

TkH<-------got sleep? (C=

Message: 11488 Posted: Fri May 05 13:16:11 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Rhino Box and Other Upcomings

Any news on the box set yet? Any news on Beckley Lamm Wilson? Bilboard is not confirming the June release date we had for that one. Lastly, "Go Man Go". Any news? I eagerly await this box set like the crown of their great multi-decade collection. By the way, there's a repackage out called "America Live". It seems to a regrouping of the King Biscuit stuff, but not out under their label. It goes by another name and EMI-Cap Special Markets. The photo on the cover has all three of the guys, even though Dan is not on any of the songs. Obviously this was something that was quickly put together.

Message: 11487 Posted: Fri May 05 07:34:55 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: We're all tied up-Beechlady

I like your idea of a black vest w/the multi-logos! I think the Human Nature cover would make an AWESOME vest(or tie), w/the 2 guys, clouds, blue sky, green grass & AMERICA logo! Very colorful!

Message: 11486 Posted: Fri May 05 06:25:04 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Humanitarian Award Goes to Gary

What a guy, Gar! (yes, I left off the y on purpose) :-)..Such a deal.

Message: 11485 Posted: Fri May 05 05:43:51 2000 By: msmith
Subject: johnny post

hey, johnny, your consoling words are greatly appreciated! btw, johnny, maybe all of us america fan types should each throw a few bucks in the pot so you can get a computer at home. i'm sure your employer would think it's a good idea. ...may even contribute. :-) mark

Message: 11484 Posted: Fri May 05 02:43:06 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters

Thanks, I can get the 5 bucks out of the woods in my back yard, tons of deer here and wouldn't it be easier to mail it to me, since there isn't any ships that float or sail by my house.

Message: 11483 Posted: Thu May 04 20:44:22 2000 By: gary
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters


I will sell you one poster for 5 bucks, plus shipping.

Gary H

Message: 11482 Posted: Thu May 04 20:34:17 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters

Does anyone out there know where I might be able to find one Human Nature poster? Heard it's a hot item. Hotter than the Elmo doll.

Message: 11481 Posted: Thu May 04 18:29:58 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Posters - A Half Ounce Too Heavy

No need to apologize Steve--"EIGHT IS ENOUGH". Thank you for once again--all your work!!!

Message: 11480 Posted: Thu May 04 17:14:42 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Posters - A Half Ounce Too Heavy

Well, I dropped off my shipment of Human Nature posters this afternoon and the Post Office scales (and personnel) have become awful picky. Some of the boxes were a half ounce over the 2 pound limit so I had to take out one poster to bring it within the limit. Therefore, those of you who only get 8 posters, please accept my apologies. I figure that 8 should still be enough. From now on, I'm only going to ship 8 in all of the boxes to make sure that I'm within their limit. Thanks for your understanding. --Steve

Message: 11479 Posted: Thu May 04 17:08:48 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: various & sundry

Now Mark, which one of the seven days do you consider to be the end of the week? Party on my friend. (LOL)

Message: 11478 Posted: Thu May 04 16:40:41 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Selling CD's

I know this is off-topic, but I wanted to let everyone on the list know I am selling over half of my CD collection to raise money to buy a PC-based recording studio (Sorry - no America CD's - I'm keeping all of them). I hate to do this, but with 6 kids there's no way the money's coming out of what my wife and I earn, and I have little else of any value (and I'm NOT selling my guitar - besides, a recording studio wouldn't do me much good without it).

Anyway, all of my CD's are in excellent - mint condition. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what a good asking price (or price range) would be? I can take them any number of places that buy used CD's and get $2 - $3 apiece for them at best. I'm thinking if I sell them myself, I should be able to get $5 - $8 apiece from them depending on the artist and still move them quickly, which is what the used CD places are selling them for (or more). Does this sound reasonable? Plus if I offer them to the public first, I can always take what's left over to a used CD shop.

Also, if anyone wants a list of what I'm selling, please e-mail me at and I will be happy to mail you a list as soon as I am finished compiling it and decide what to charge. That way we're not cluttering up the Chat Folder. I'm selling all my Clapton, Dire Straits, Doobies & Elton John just to name a few. Everything but the essentials have got to go. (I will buy them again at a later time when money isn't so tight).

Any feedback on what I should ask would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and sorry for the off-topic post.

Message: 11477 Posted: Thu May 04 16:08:30 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: various & sundry

It's true that a mail message can't hurt you, only it's attachment can. For the love bug virus the message tells you to click on the attachment for a message from a loved one. The attachment is something like I-LOVE-YOU.TXT.vbs (most people don't notice the "vbs" at the end). VBS files are Visual Basic Script files and they execute commands when they are opened. The virus is written in Visual Basic (a Microsoft product) and if you're using Microsoft's e-mail or other packages that use VB, then you're vulnerable. Fortunately, we at Novell use our own mail program called GroupWise (is this an advertisement?) which doesn't use VB so we haven't been bitten. Nevertheless, our IS&T department issued a strong warning this morning not to open the LOVE BUG messages if we received them. Even though opening the message isn't necessarily harmful, it's alway risky because you might accidentally open the attachment or your e-mail program might try to open it automatically for you. In this VIRUL case, I think it's OK to say "no" to love notes. --Steve

Message: 11476 Posted: Thu May 04 16:02:33 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Human Nature Posters

You're very welcome, Dave. I'm glad to hear they made it so fast. I have another shipment ready to go out today but I don't know if I'll make it to the post office before it closes. If not, I'll send them tomorrow. --Steve

Message: 11475 Posted: Thu May 04 15:39:45 2000 By: DaveS
Subject: Human Nature Posters

I just received my Human Nature posters in the mail. They look great!
Thanks Steve for the opportunity to receive them and the very fast service!

Dave Seites

Message: 11474 Posted: Thu May 04 15:23:09 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Love Bug..

Jim, I noticed that too..wonder how this evil person (or persons) did that? I am lost without my e-mail..thank goodness I could still access this page! :-)
And're only on the hot-seat because nobody else has messed up have to pick on someone...I would never be unkind..(at least knowingly)..I'm sorry if your "feelers" are getting hurt. Well, off to do another sport I'm no good at..roller blading with Ronnie at a skate party..I am about as graceful as a huge water buffalo. ;-(

Message: 11473 Posted: Thu May 04 14:32:51 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Don't get bit by the love bug..

Don't open the messages EVEN if it is from someone you know. The virus is using your own directory to make it look as if the e-mail is coming from someone you know. I got 10 such messages at work, five each from two employees who somehow were selected. My father got two, supposedly from a close friend and from his place of work. The news reports tonight will detail what happened worldwide today. Play close attention.

Jim R.

Message: 11472 Posted: Thu May 04 14:30:01 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Getting The Days Mixed-Up

Mark, it's happened to all of us, I'm sure, at one time or another. I once thought Friday was Saturday so I slept in. I normally have to be in the office at 6:30 AM. I got a phone call from a co-worker asking if I was okay and why I wasn't at work. I told him it was Saturday. After a short amount of arguing, he convinced me he was right. I was "only" two hours late.

Message: 11471 Posted: Thu May 04 13:57:20 2000 By: msmith
Subject: various & sundry

steve will know for sure, but i thought that you could not get a virus from opening an e-mail, only by opening an attachment to an e-mail. is that correct, steve? also i would like to propose putting a time limit on making fun of me just because i do not know what day it is. how about, say, you can make fun of me til the end of the week, but no more after that, ok? any takers--janice??, robyn?? :-) ..."silver vase take a drink flower petal, whispering songs like steam from the kettle, carry silence like driftwood that rides on the tide"...are those dynamite lyrics, or what??

Message: 11470 Posted: Thu May 04 13:25:27 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Don't get bit by the love bug..

It's hit us too at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA. Be careful everyone.

Message: 11469 Posted: Thu May 04 12:45:10 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Don't get bit by the love bug..

the virus is spreading like wildfire..don't open up e-mails that say I Love You..(unless of course you are recieving one from someone you know!) It hit Delta's e-mail system this morning and I wanted to warn all that had not heard of it yet..(I know, another off-topic post, but this one was important)

Message: 11468 Posted: Thu May 04 09:05:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bones

"Bones" is his last name. His first name is, "Big". (LOL)

Message: 11467 Posted: Thu May 04 08:52:29 2000 By: Janice
Subject: re: Bones

Lol..too funny Mark!..It was nice chatting with you last night (Wed)! ;-) Janice

Message: 11466 Posted: Thu May 04 08:44:56 2000 By: msmith
Subject: bones

why would a guy named bones want a xxl tee shirt?

Message: 11465 Posted: Thu May 04 07:55:51 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Good News/Bad News: "I Need You"

Good News: "I Need You" is being featured in the upcoming "Jesus" TV show to be broadcast this month.

Bad News: It's not Gerry's song but one with the same title sung by Leann Rimes (boo-hoo!).

Message: 11464 Posted: Thu May 04 07:35:52 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: We're all tied up-EDDY

>> I think vests would be cool also (am I going overboard!?)

I think vests would be REALLY cool! I wear them ALL the time! A nice black vest with multi-logos (from year to year)interspersed with the old Oval Logo would be RIPPIN'!!!!!



Message: 11463 Posted: Thu May 04 07:02:41 2000 By: Janice
Subject: TIES?

Hmmm..ties..let's see..what can I wear a tie with?? I could get creative with one, weave it thru my hair..I could use it as a very thin shawl to keep the shoulders warm..tie it around my waist..if I got one long enough I could play jump rope (jump-tie)..I'll just take some socks, please.

Message: 11462 Posted: Thu May 04 04:27:06 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: We're all tied up

Ralph Marlin also makes really cool Star Trek ties (yeah I'm a nerd, I admit it). Someone should seriously look into this. I would proudly wear my America tie to the office (since I can't wear my T-shirts there).

Message: 11461 Posted: Thu May 04 01:11:52 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: We're all tied up

I, myself, would LOVE to have an AMERICA tie, I have owned "Spidey" & F.F ties in the past (comic collecter) & now have lots of "Beatle" silk ties from Beatlefest like: Meet The Beatles, Revolver, SGT.Peppers, & others(Lots of Yellow Submarine ties out now!) I think vests would be cool also (am I going overboard!?) For the last 3 AMERICA concerts I've wore my silk "Beatle" vest(Dewey once commented on it..ahh..Beatles!) (my wife: are you wearing THAT again?!!) also, I would LOVE to find out where Dewey got his black (w/the golden suns) vest, that is really awesome! Back to the ties, if theres anyway we can can get Ralph Marlin to license AMERICA ties, count me in!
Overtime (& tired) EDDY

Message: 11460 Posted: Wed May 03 19:17:02 2000 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Re: America Concerts (Steve)

Go Jazz! Utah looked so good the first two games but Seattle is really playing well. I was hoping Utah would win tonight but its halftime and we are down by 14.My son Zane and I have our Stockton jerseys hoping we can pull it out in the second half. Hey' I'm from Georgia but I live and die with the jazz. Have a good night.-Alan Wind

Message: 11459 Posted: Wed May 03 19:14:54 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Re: Favorite America Ballads...Here's mine:

here are my favorite ballads in no particular order.
1. Another Try
2. To Each his Own
3. Today's the Day
4. Sometimes Lovers
5. Love's Worn Out Again
6. The Story of a Teenager
7. Inspector Mills.
I could'nt stop at just 5.

Message: 11458 Posted: Wed May 03 18:45:29 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: T-Shirts

Hey "T", Is that a vote for a double XL? If so, that's 3 and how about your friend? that would make 4 votes for more Double XL t-shirts. Yip Pee!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 11457 Posted: Wed May 03 16:49:58 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Another "off-topic" post..

two word-- RUPERT MURDOCH. Proving once again that Money does NOT buy happiness or even a decent baseball team!

And STEV-- GO LAKERS!!! ( yet another team to follow th LA tradition of CHOKING when it really counts...

Only 2 1/2 month till the Concert in Palmdale!!!!! ANyone else going?? I am looking for info, and would like to plan a "family picnic" for us all. What do you think?

Message: 11456 Posted: Wed May 03 15:14:39 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: We're all tied up

This tie idea is to die for, which would make us all tie-dyed.

Ralph Marlin makes a variety of licensed ties, including subject matters that sell only in the tens of thousands at best. For instance, I own a tie featuring comic book characters (Fantastic Four, Spider-Man) and the Beatles. Their tie selection at malls is typically wide ranging. An America tie sounds *very* reasonable, if someone is in a position to pose the idea to Ralph Marlin.

Jim R.

Message: 11455 Posted: Wed May 03 14:29:02 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Another "off-topic" post..

but you're all used to that when you see my is happening to our Dodgers?? Don't tell me they're going to lose a third straight to the team I love to hate..the Braves! Sorry gang, it's baseball season..happens every year about this time..

Message: 11454 Posted: Wed May 03 14:24:28 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Changes-mildly off subject

I couldn't agree with you more. I really could have used this board when I was in school since the only thing on the radio at the time was something about "everybody Wang-Chunging..??" UGH !!!!!! I thought that I was the only person left that prefered MOON SONG to that stuff in the 80s.


Message: 11453 Posted: Wed May 03 11:34:46 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Concerts (Steve)

Pete, I'm sure there will be additional concerts because I just found out about one the day before yesterday at the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse, in Burgettstown, PA (Aug 26). I've written to America's agency asking for an updated schedule but I haven't received anything yet. When I do receive it, I'll be sure to post it and let everyone know that it has been updated. In the meantime, if any of you hear about a concert that's not listed, please send me the details or post them here so I can update the concert list. A web site link for the venue is also very helpful if you have it.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words about this chat folder and the America Fans web site. It does take a fair amount of my time but it's something that I enjoy doing and I'm glad it's appreciated.

I sent out the second batch of Human Nature posters today and they weighed exactly 2 pounds with 9 posters in them. Yesterday they were a half ounce shy of 2 pounds so I don't know what made the difference. If it ever goes over 2 pounds, I'll have to pull out a poster and only send 8. So, if you end up with 8 posters for some reason, you'll know why.

Finally, and this is off subject, GO JAZZ!! Hey, I'm from Utah and I have to root for the home team.


Message: 11452 Posted: Wed May 03 09:51:52 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Robyn's Planet

I was going to tell him and you beat me to it put it much better than I could have though..
I agree Beech..I check in throughout the day..can even check my AOL mail from here..Mundane life, Johnny? I have the corner on that market..I am truly convinced that the happiest people (and I tell this to my kids, too).."love what they do and do what they love"..
Both are college-bound soon and although AJ takes his music "seriously" (guitar), and just penned his first song I encourage him to explore other avenues and "get serious" about his future..maybe I shouldn' he'll never be a Gerry or Dewey..he'll be a happy AJ..(an unemployed but happy ya'll are having a nice day!

Message: 11451 Posted: Wed May 03 09:49:09 2000 By: msmith
Subject: wed chat

are you using the gregorian calendar? ...pretty embarrassing mistake here in front of everyone. actually kitschy was logged on there, but i think she was sleeping. i might see you there tonight, but i'll have to check my calendar first :-) funnels and snowy tunnels, summer troubles and books in bundles...

Message: 11450 Posted: Wed May 03 09:46:27 2000 By: Pete
Subject: America Concerts (Steve)

Hi Steve, any word on any more concerts in the near future or is that the final list.

Message: 11449 Posted: Wed May 03 09:11:36 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: wednesday chat

uh, Mark, on my planet TODAY is Wednesday.....

Message: 11448 Posted: Wed May 03 07:58:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Yeah, This Internet Stuff

Tery, I was thinking the exact same thing about the internet and America's website. I look forward to logging-on each morning and throughout the day to read the chat messages about our favorite musicians. It's added a large amount of pleasure to my, otherwise, mundane life. The downside is how non-productive a person can become while being logged-on at work. I'm not talking about any of us, however. It's those other folks! (LOL) Plus, if not for Mr. Lowry, all this wouldn't be possible. So, a HUGE "THANK YOU" to you, Mr. Steve!!!

Message: 11447 Posted: Wed May 03 06:46:42 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Changes-mildly off subject

Isn't it amazing, when you actually stop to think about it, how this whole internet thing has "taken a life of it's own"? Think about it. Who would have thought even FIVE years ago, that a bunch of people, previously strangers, could have such a good time typing messages and posting opinions back and forth over the GLOBE unfettered by any physical restraints (time, place
I know that when I get my morning chores over with, it's fun to sit down here at my small space and "converse" back and forth sharing opinions (or not)with you all! (C= It's even gone as far as (minutely)shaping a Famous Band's playlist! Is this a cool world, or what? Even though I have yet to meet any of you, you certainly aren't strangers anymore! ((((C= Thanks Steve for providing us a vehicle!

TkH<------Sounding strangely like a Macintosh ad (while typing on a PeeCee).

Message: 11446 Posted: Wed May 03 06:42:56 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Favorite America Ballads...Here's mine:

Tery, here's mine:
1. Old Man Took
2. These Brown Eyes
3. Garden Of Peace
4. Old Virginia
5. 3 Roses

Message: 11445 Posted: Wed May 03 06:31:01 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Casting Your Spirits.....

Ok, only 3 days left if you want to chuck some of your favorite America Ballads my way......remember these "nominated" songs will be choices the voting part of this contest.

Currently there are SEVEN clear cut favorites amongst us all....

Garden Of Peace (by a MILE I might add)
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
Sargent Darkness
One In A Million
Old Man Took

Nice to see a fairly EVEN mix between the favs (penned by Mr.s B & B)!

TkH<-----Longing for a cloudy day.....

Message: 11444 Posted: Wed May 03 06:18:19 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: T-Shirts

Um, what about this?
Black T-shirt, oval logo
AND A WHITE SQUARE in the middle of the back so we can get autographs? LOLOL. Ok, just a thought.... (C=
I too, prefer black but don't have a black shirt because THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN SOLD OUT in XXL's in black,,,,sigh. I wear my green '97 T all the time, but my burgandy '98 AUTOGRAPHED T (thank you Maggie and Erin!!!!)is NOT for human


Message: 11443 Posted: Wed May 03 02:48:06 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: T-Shirt Reply

That's TWO votes for DOUBLE XL shirts.

Message: 11442 Posted: Wed May 03 00:24:32 2000 By: TerryT
Subject: Insomniac Ramblings, cont.

Alan, Robyn, Janice, you all say it the way I see and believe it about a Dewey solo. Quality creations can't be forced. Times, the planets, circumstances, personal life events, and just "feeling that it's the right time now" all contribute to great works, some of them in the making for years prior. I just have faith that he WILL eventually cut loose with an awesome outpouring that will take a lot of us home and the rest of us to new territory. Dewey seems to me the kind of guy that actually may need encouragement from some of us, unlike trying to get Dan to reunite, which has so many other different barriers. With all due respect to Dewey's apparent present hesitance, I wager he has something in the works. I understand the perfection requirement, but when the calling from the outside overcomes the lack of calling from the inside, perhaps we can help channel the love and energy we all know is in there. This is so different from other requests of late, and it seems to be cresting.

Dewey, please consider even more than you already appear to be considering! Whatever you do, take good care and don't let those bugs bite. I respect and understand the comfort zone. No pressure. Just wishing any little influence we may have could ever come close to how you've influenced us, without sounding greedy. If you're not feeling up to par for first rate at this time, then to each his own.

Steve, are you sure you weren't talking about Jimmy Buffett shirts? Obviously left out was the 94-95 Horse tour shirt with lizards, cactus, horses, and pink and yellow sky.

As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.

Message: 11441 Posted: Tue May 02 20:52:29 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: T-Shirt Reply

Here's an e-mail message I received concerning the t-shirts and I thought it was worth sharing. I hope Michelle doesn't mind:

I own shirts from the following years.

Year / Color / Design
87-88 / Black / Tropical drink by the water in the moonlight with palm trees
90-91 / Black / Yellow America Logo on back with green palm tree and pink & purple designs
94-95 / White / Parrot with sunset and tropical flowers (pinks and purples)
95-96 / White / 25th Anniversary shirt with beach scene on the back
95-96 / Black / 25th Anniversary shirt with colorful "polished" looking logo on front and back
97-98 / White / Parrot with beach scene, and flowers, primary colors (autographed)
99-00 / Purple / Parrot with palm tree, bird of paradise flower, and guitar (also own sweatshirt with same design)
99-00 / Teal / Parrot with palm tree, bird of paradise flower, and guitar (autographed)

(I also had a long sleeve white T-shirt from the '85 concert, but it got so worn that I had to throw it away {with much regret.})

My favorite America T-shirt is the one from 94-95 with the parrot, pink & purple flowers and sunset on the back. I like the ones with the water and beach scenes also. I wear mine; I mean I really wear mine. I am proud to be an America fan, and I wear mine all through the summer. Two of them I have autographed and I try not to wear them as much. In fact, one of them is on the wall of my den as I write this e-mail. Regarding color -- I like every color except black. You see, in the summer, black attracts heat and is very uncomfortable to wear. My favorite colored one is the purple one from 1999-2000 with the parrot. I also own a sweatshirt like that. Regarding logo -- I like the logo as it appears now with the fancy "A" as opposed to their first logo. I am also more partial to the more fancy, colorful T-shirts. I was at a concert in Florida this past February and didn't buy a shirt because it was white and only had the logo on it. I felt that the shirt I had on (the purple one) was much nicer. In fact, I had a few people ask me where I had gotten the shirt. Lastly, I do like the years on the shirts. It helps me remember which concert I was at when I bought the shirt. It also makes a nice keepsake and memento.

I have one more suggestion -- sell bigger sizes like 2X. I have a friend that couldn't buy one because there wasn't one in her size, and she really wanted one. Just a thought.

Hope this helps.


Message: 11440 Posted: Tue May 02 20:30:03 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Oops - 10 Posters Won't Fly

First of all Steve, it is cool that you only send 9 posters. I don't have that big of a place for 10 anyway!! Now that Dewey has done a sole radio show, do you think Gerry will follow and do a radio interview too? He has without a doubt a lot to discuss!!!

Message: 11439 Posted: Tue May 02 19:40:33 2000 By: msmith
Subject: wednesday chat

robyn, where were you? i got there about 7:30. janice--very nice post!

Message: 11438 Posted: Tue May 02 19:16:56 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

can o' worms and Dewey likes fishing - GOOD ONE

Message: 11437 Posted: Tue May 02 19:09:39 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

ok, I opened up a can o' worms with that one! Final thought on the matter, Dewey just keep doing what you are doing. Sounds good to me. He seems to have found what makes him happy and yes , you CAn say God ( of the Sun) lol.

See you in the chat room tomorrow.

Message: 11436 Posted: Tue May 02 18:18:24 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

1st rate, 2nd rate, 3rd rate, I think it's obvious, the man has no desire of releasing a solo CD. Let's be happy he's still doing what he's doing with his sidekick Mr. Beckley. GOD bless him. (ooooops, can I say GOD on this folder without offending anyone?)
And to TRES - what's up with the cropped tanks? Looking to show off that girlish figure or what.

Message: 11435 Posted: Tue May 02 18:07:03 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Dewey's solo effort

Not to beat a dead horse, but his comments and those that have appeared on the page recently have forced me to reflect upon my own life..Although I majored in Journalism, I am not a writer..I love music but do not play an instrument or sports but there is not one that I am "proficient" at..(have fun trying though)..the list goes on and on..does anyone see themselves in this picture? My goals now include a cabin (out in the middle of nowhere), places to hike explore..a old jeep to get around in..good friends..a simple life.(and maybe write a poem or Will others look at my life as one that has brought me prosperity and grandeur? Probably not..but it will be my "comfort zone".
Dewey has found his "comfort zone" already..fortunately for all of us he continues to play the music he loves (and we love)..and if that is "good enough" for him, that's good enough. Thanks for bearing with me..didn't mean to ramble. :-) Janice

Message: 11434 Posted: Tue May 02 17:14:20 2000 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Great to hear about the new designs! I literally LIVE in all my America t-shirts...kinda like a walking billboard, lol. I prefer both white and colors, with bold designs. I would love to see any of the logos on the new stuff, esp the first album logo, yes! The past 3 years' designs have been pretty cool (the parrot!).


Message: 11433 Posted: Tue May 02 16:15:11 2000 By: Tres'
Subject: T-Shirts

Mmmmm....pondering.....there isn't really one I don't like...but if I had to name preferences; l) color - black - it's just kewl -; 2) logo - like the oval logo as stated by many;3) design - I prefer simple, but the whole tropical theme was kinda cool, but then again, pictures of the guys is a very good thing....and 4) ok - this is just a chick thing but I do miss the cropped tanks for us girls and white is a much better color to show the boys' penmanship. I know, kinda' boring, not much help. But feedback is a good thing and I'm impressed they want to know. :) Have a great day all!

Message: 11432 Posted: Tue May 02 15:54:55 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America & Mark McGuire

Nina, the photo you're referring to is on Ike Gauley's America tribute page ( You can go there and find the link to the photo or click here to go directly to it. --Steve

Message: 11431 Posted: Tue May 02 15:46:08 2000 By: grand schtroumpf
Subject: When will I see America in concert in France?

When ? I'm so desperate.

Message: 11430 Posted: Tue May 02 15:34:23 2000 By: Nina
Subject: America & Mark McGuire

Can somebody help me? I KNOW I saw a picture of either Gerry, or Dewey, or BOTH of them with baseball star, Mark McGuire...but for the life of me I can't find it in PHOTOGRAPHS section of the Home Page!

Maybe I'm scrolling too fast....I checked concerts, misc., museum,....
WHERE is that picture? I NEED to prove to my students that McGuire is a HUGE America Fan....they don't believe anyone as "current" as Mark McGuire could appreciate the music. They just roll their eyes at me! (A typical response from 12 year olds!!!)



Message: 11429 Posted: Tue May 02 14:18:39 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: "Everyone I Meet Is From California"

For many years I searched for the original 45 of HWNN, because the flip side had EVERYONE I MEET IS FROM CALIFORNIA. After the longest possible search, I finally found it at a used record shoppe in NYC. Did you hear uncontrolable shrieking coming from the vicinity of NYC in July 1985? No, it wasn't another armed hold-up. It was me freaking out over finding this amazing treasure. Until Encore came out on CD, I kept that 45 in a safe deposit box. :)


Message: 11428 Posted: Tue May 02 13:23:52 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

Robyn wrote: << Alan, I think you missed my point. I merely said that I would love it if Dewey did a solo. Dewey is a modest soul when it comes to his work. I respect his choice ( as if I had any sway over him!!!!!) I disagree with his assesment of second rate however. IMHO, EVERYTHING he does is first rate! >>

Actually, your point was well taken and I agree (in fact, I believe I even said I would love to see Dewey do a solo album as much as anyone). I think YOU missed MY point.

I never said I thought anything Dewey ever did was second rate, I merely stated that I understand and respect where he is coming from on the issue. Modest or not, I wouldn't want him to release a bunch of material that HE didn't feel was up to his standards just to placate his fans, no matter how good WE might think it is.

Of course, it's not good to sell yourself short, either, which I believe you were also trying to say you think Dewey tends to do. Another point well-taken.

Message: 11427 Posted: Tue May 02 13:08:40 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

John Lussier wrote: << You know what I would love? A tie with the logo, bright colors, gaudy design etc. >>

Ditto on the tie! I think that's a great idea! I think I would opt something a little more conservative (just slightly) than John describes, though. I think a print with an offset pattern of America logos on a bright blue background would be awesome (or maybe a choice of several background colors - of course, I would have to have one of each!).

Message: 11426 Posted: Tue May 02 12:57:16 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Everyone I Meet Is From California"

Last night I felt like the person who ate spinach for lunch, went back to work, went home after work, looked in the mirror, and saw spinach stuck between his front teeth that had been there all afternoon long. Why? Because it seems that I'm among the last to know about and to hear the original version of "Everyone I Meet Is From California".

You see, I owned only the cassette of "Encore" up until yesterday. I received the CD version (thanks to fellow-fan Joe B, by the way). The cassette of "Encore" is missing several songs compared to the CD version. The cassette liner notes list all the songs like those on the CD but four songs are missing from the tape. Well, actually, the four songs are "bonus tracks" on the CD. For the longest time, I thought the cassette liner notes were in error...which they actually are.

Well, last night as I was listening to the CD, I was shocked when I heard the beginning of "Everyone I Meet Is From California". I thought it would be Homecoming's "California Revisited" with merely the original title. Man-Oh-Man, was I pleasantly surprised to hear the original (and acoustic) version!!! Very fascinating! I hope the upcoming box-set will have its share of surprises.

Message: 11425 Posted: Tue May 02 12:40:00 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

Alan, I think you missed my point. I merely said that I would love it if Dewey did a solo. Dewey is a modest soul when it comes to his work. I respect his choice ( as if I had any sway over him!!!!!) I disagree with his assesment of second rate however. IMHO, EVERYTHING he does is first rate!

Message: 11424 Posted: Tue May 02 12:29:51 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Ballads

This was MUCH harder than I thought it was going to be.

1. All my Life
2. One in a Million
3. Daisy Jane
4. Garden of Peace
5. Old Man Took

Message: 11423 Posted: Tue May 02 12:26:33 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

Robyn wrote: << I'll take Dewey's "second Rate" efforts over just about anyone else's first rate efforts >>

While I agree that anything Dewey writes that he deems "second rate" will probably be far superior to a lot of today's artist's first rate work, I have to respect Dewey's opinion on this one.

Gerry is unarguable a more prolific writer than Dewey. That doesn't mean Gerry is a better songwriter than Dewey, it just means he has the ability to write MORE songs. I don't judge how good a songwriter is by the number of songs he/she writes, but by the quality of them.

It is pretty clear that both Dewey and Gerry have given us the best they've got over the years and wouldn't settle for anything less than that.

Don't get me wrong, I would love a Dewey solo effort as much as anyone else. But if Dewey feels he would have to write second rate material that he couldn't feel good about releasing in order to pull it off, I can understand and respect his feelings on the matter.

Message: 11422 Posted: Tue May 02 11:28:32 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Slapping

Oops, I meant JANICE and the slappage, sorry Robyn!


TkH<------all this slapping is giving me a headache

Message: 11421 Posted: Tue May 02 11:00:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Oops - 10 Posters Won't Fly

To all of you who have ordered or will order Human Nature posters, I'm afraid you'll only be receiving 9 posters instead of 10. I just took the first batch to the post office and the Priority mailing tube with the posters in it weighed 2 ounces too much so I had to remove one of the posters to keep it within the price limit. I didn't think it was worth charging you guys an extra dollar for one more poster. Hopefully, 9 posters will be enough. So, when you received your posters don't think that I can't count anymore or that I tried to short you, there will only be 9 posters. I trust that that's OK. --Steve

Message: 11420 Posted: Tue May 02 10:08:22 2000 By: Chatty
Subject: Re: Ballads

1. 1960; 2. bell tree; 3. catch that train; 4. coastline; 5. simple life

Message: 11419 Posted: Tue May 02 10:06:16 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: My Ballad Choices

The Last Unicorn
Last Two To Dance
Old Man Took
Watership Down

Message: 11418 Posted: Tue May 02 09:24:54 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday nite chat

anyone up for a chat on Wednesday? I will be there at my customary 7 p.m. PAcific ( but hey-- you CAN start without me!!!!!)

Message: 11417 Posted: Tue May 02 09:22:07 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey Solo Effort

WHY DO YOU THINK I ASKED THAT QUESTION?????? I would love a solo Dewey effort!

Message: 11416 Posted: Tue May 02 09:21:05 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Ballads

Inspector Mills
Sergeant Darkness
Who Loves You
Love's Worn Out Again
She's Gonna Let You Down

No offence to Mr. Bunnell, but these are my favorite ballads.


Message: 11415 Posted: Tue May 02 09:04:38 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

You know what I would love? A tie with the logo, bright colors, gaudy design etc. Seriously. I'm an elementary school principal and have quite a collection of bright, ridiculous ties. The kids love 'em. I think an America tie would top off my collection very nicely. Ok, so it may not be a big seller but...


Message: 11414 Posted: Tue May 02 08:16:03 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Ballad Choices

Garden Of Peace
I Don't Believe In Miracles
Last Two To Dance
Tonight Is For Dreamers

I had a very difficult time deciding between "Love's Worn Out Again" and "I Don't Believe In Miracles". However, Gerry's lead vocals on "I Don't Believe..." are absolutely incredible! I think Gerry sings it with such wonderful heartfelt emotion. As well, Dewey's background vocals are superb!! This song should have been a hit.

I realize three of the five songs that I've chosen were written by Russ Ballard. To me, it just shows how vocally-talented Dewey and Gerry are by being able to sing another writer's song and making it sound as if it were their very own.

Message: 11413 Posted: Tue May 02 06:42:08 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dewey Solo Effort

NO. WAIT. On second thought, why don't you write a book of POETRY?
WOULDN'T THAT BE JUST OUTSTANDING? That way you don't have to write the SONG part of it and we could READ MORE of your prose!!!!!



Message: 11412 Posted: Tue May 02 06:39:42 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Dewey Solo Effort

Um, SECOND RATE? I don't THINK so, Mr. Bunnell!!!!! (C= (add my verbal slap upside your head after Robyn's...ROFL)
All you have to do is write more of that WONDERFUL prose!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be one of the first in line for THAT CD!!!!

TkH<------two days and counting (then I can sleep IN!)

Message: 11411 Posted: Tue May 02 06:31:51 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: tee shirts & ballads

LOLOLOLOLOLOL on the insomnia! I had to pare my list down to five and it WAS excrusiating-I too am a HatTrick kind of person....sigh.
Give me a good Wind Wave or Rainbow Song or Submarine Ladies and I'm a happy camper!



Message: 11410 Posted: Tue May 02 04:49:24 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: America wear

I was unlucky enough to see my only America concert where there were no t-shirt or even programs for sale. If one someone would create a America line of clothing (even limited) t-shirts, hats, jean jackets and so forth, Im sure some most America fans would wear them proudly. Embroided would be great for the standard logo and silk screen for the tour ones with date ok. To keep the stock down to a minimum the could be produced as needed, this would solve the problem I have also (size XXL). Any small embrodery enterprise out there willing to be the one? Also have a on-line store with even some posters and othe America related articles would be great.

Sylvain for the Great White North

Message: 11409 Posted: Tue May 02 04:41:59 2000 By: rick
Subject: Re:Ballads

My Fav 5 Ballads:

P.S Sorry Dewey

Message: 11408 Posted: Tue May 02 04:41:50 2000 By: Sally in Baltimore
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

I think the best shirts were the hot pink ones and the blue acid wash ones. As for the design, no space scenes; that just is not what the music is about. Also, leave the old car designs to Jan & Dean. My favorite design was the salamander on the Ventura Hwy shirt. I have enough white t-shirts; but, can't resist if it has a new date and design. As for the logo, a different one (older or newer) would be great. We like to show how long we have been fans by the different tshirts we sport!

Message: 11407 Posted: Tue May 02 04:21:09 2000 By: TerryT
Subject: Nina Quilt/Dewey Solo/Shirts/Jackets/Love

Now ya got me out of the woodwork.
Dewey, if second rate is wrong, I don't wanna be right! You not only have given your best to America, but to many, especially from way back, you ARE America. This feeling in no means excludes any others. You can't go wrong. No competition here, just a chance for fans/friends to truely bond with another individual. No judgements or criticism of whatever magic you lay out for me/us will ever be rated, but only received as a distilled, refined essence of what we have been gifted by in various glimpses through the decades. We Love You!!
Nina, please find room for Terry Trost, Jensen Beach, FL, and Jane Huelle, Port St. Lucie, FL. Email any questions.
Clothing, well anything from jackets, 3/4 to full sleeve shirts or jerseys, black or white, oval logo, mostly on the back, and probably with a timeless theme (like your music) as opposed to dated.

Terry and Jane in Florida (see ya on the 4th of July)

Message: 11406 Posted: Mon May 01 23:52:34 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Oval-Black, but instead of a t-shirt, I think a jacket would be cool, with the America logo on the back & maybe a small logo on one side in the front. I would give anything for a jacket!
I like the hats also.

Message: 11405 Posted: Mon May 01 21:49:32 2000 By: msmith
Subject: tee shirts & ballads

white tee shirt with no date. i wear mine and live in desert & black is too hot. heavyweight 100% cotton please, no whimpy, thin fabric--since you asked. and oh, beechlady--i left one of my (numerous) favorites--"hat trick"--off of my list when i voted and am consequently suffering from insomnia. can i vote again pleeeeeeeeese? i love these contests, but they are just excruciating--no more please. well, okay, just one more :-).

Message: 11404 Posted: Mon May 01 19:18:47 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

Robyn - more x's than the last superbowl? That's basketball, right?

Message: 11403 Posted: Mon May 01 19:10:27 2000 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: Ballads

First off it sure does not pay to be off of your computer for days at a time. I just read about Dewey on the radio today. I can't believe I missed it. I am so glad that he was able to be on the radio and that some of you were able to talk to him. I would have loved to say hi since he is an absolute sweetheart. Also I always love to see that some of you really love my favorite song, One Morning. Dewey's voice is awesome!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!!

Message: 11402 Posted: Mon May 01 18:43:29 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

HEY bones! do your shirts have more x's than the last superbowl?? ( Credit today's "Drabble " Cartoon)

Message: 11401 Posted: Mon May 01 18:00:03 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

Hope they are printing XXL t-shirts.

Message: 11400 Posted: Mon May 01 17:59:45 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: shirts.

i was always rather fond of the white long sleeve shirts with the interstate logo.


Message: 11399 Posted: Mon May 01 17:29:31 2000 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: Quilt Names ....Last Minute Lori

Please add my name to the quilt.....LORI TYMMS from BOCA RATON, FLORIDA

Message: 11398 Posted: Mon May 01 16:38:52 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Ballads

P.P.P.P.P.S. White t-shirts with the classic logo are the best.

Message: 11397 Posted: Mon May 01 16:37:59 2000 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Ballads

Hey You People,

A little late. But here are my top 5 fave ballads.

One In A Million
One Morning
To Each His Own
And Forever

Joe B

P.S. "Hourglass" totally rules!

P.P.S. Go Cubs

P.P.P.S. Go Bulls & Blackhawks! Oh wait, I forgot they stink and didn't even make the playoffs. Never mind.

P.P.P.P.S. Northwestern basketball is a joke. Sorry Jimnak.

Message: 11396 Posted: Mon May 01 16:02:51 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

Instead of an Iron on transfer, a sleeve patch would be nice too. See what happens when you ask??? You open the floodgates!

Message: 11395 Posted: Mon May 01 15:52:58 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

The embroidery aspect has become very affordable these days, thanks to digital imaging, affordable embroidery machines, and the need to practice "brand extension" in the marketplace. It's possible for someone to order the "standard logo" on virtually any piece of clothing, at the cost of a standard set-up fee, the clothing item itself, and shipping. We do it here for employees on the magazine I work for. A nice polo shirt with our logo costs about $30, plus shipping. Might someone pursue the embroidery idea?

Jim R.

Message: 11394 Posted: Mon May 01 15:44:37 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

Dewey strikes me as being very candid and honest. It's clear Gerry is a songwriter deluxe, as he continues to pen material despite the absence of a long-term recording contract. From someone who has penned lyrics and made mental notes about melodies and instrumentation, I can say that I relate more to Dewey in this regard. When I've tried to write something just to write something, it sounds uninspired. When I'm on an emotional charge or an idea comes to me, get out of my way and find me a pen, a paper, and a quite room for my harmonica playing. Certainly, when Dewey is on, no one appreciates his lyrics more than me - in whatever color he chooses to cast his lyrics.

Jim R.

Message: 11393 Posted: Mon May 01 15:44:09 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

I would most definitely buy a chambray (or denim) shirt with an embroidered logo on the pocket. And, as I am preppy right down to the soles of my Keds oxfords, a logo embroidered polo shirt would be great to add to my closetful of ordinary polos. Or how about an iron-on transfer that could be put onto any article of clothing you wanted it on?

Message: 11392 Posted: Mon May 01 15:35:12 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Oval logo, definitely. The original logo was fine, but very nondescript, in my opinion. How 'bout a choice of white or black tees. (One of each sounds good to me.) I didn't like the distorted logo effect for the millenium tour, but as long as the logo isn't distorted, I'm open to an artsy approach. After wearing out a t-shirt as a kid, I haven't so much as tried on the t-shirt I bought in 1996, so I'm a collector to the hilt. A t-shirt with an historic collage (denoting the upcoming 30th anniversay in 2001) would be wonderful.

Oh, and more hats. Hats with oval logo, original logo, baby's heads, I don't care. Just hats.

Jim R.

Message: 11391 Posted: Mon May 01 15:27:44 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I missed it!

Don't feel bad, Alan. Me, too. Same scenario. I got to work Monday morning, read my e-mail, whimpered internally, and then swore I'd come to work for every weekend from now on just to catch up on the Chat Folder.

However, since I was probably standing in left field (literally) during my senior league baseball opener while Dewey was taking with fans (whimper), I wouldn't have been able to call anyway. Except I did have my cell phone in the dugout. I wonder what the team would have done if I whipped out the cell phone in, say, the top of the seventh inning, and started doing my best Chris Farley imitation. "Uh. Remember when you wrote 'A Horse with No Name.' That was awesome."

Jim R.

Message: 11390 Posted: Mon May 01 15:25:48 2000 By: Janice
Subject: T-shirts..and Dewey..You're too humble

The simpler the better for me..just a logo..maybe a concert date on the pocket..I don't wear mine as they would be too hard to replace. I have to say that my favorite is the one that I was too shy to get autographed myself, and Pete came to my rescue 2 yrs. ago in Reno. (He got me all 5 signatures) is a beautiful shirt..maroon..but any color would have been fine.
And as for you, Mr. Dewey..2nd rate? I think not..(and think I speak for most on this page)..we would love to hear something solo from you. I was rather surprised that you feel your work as a solo artist would be sub-par..Now that I have verbally "slapped you up the side of the head",

Message: 11389 Posted: Mon May 01 15:25:44 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Color or white rather than black. Oval logo. Wasn't big on the red/white/blue streamers on their latest but bought it as my only other t-shirt wore itself out years and years ago. Yup, I wear 'em rather than save 'em. Just my little way of promoting that this band still rocks. Date on it doesn't matter. Like the idea of design on back, small insignia on front.

But we would all probably buy whatever the powers-that-be decided.


Message: 11388 Posted: Mon May 01 15:22:16 2000 By: dofd
Subject: nina's quilt

Sorry I procrastinated. Please add me to the quilt. Don Drysdale, Sacramento. Better get started on my taxes now.

PS: Have several T-shirts from the old days, including an "America in Concert" shirt from the 70s that, um, might be a bit snug. My favorite was a half-sleeve number with the large logo in the front, white with red sleeves. Seem to have misplaced it.

Message: 11387 Posted: Mon May 01 14:47:19 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts a deux

Another thought.....
How many people would order a chambray long sleeved shirt with the oval embroidered logo on the front pocket (Maybe in tan and black?)? I KNOW I WOULD. Might be a REALLY cool thing to think about in the FUTURE......(C=

Message: 11386 Posted: Mon May 01 14:42:23 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Any color,
PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZE use the old grey oval logo!!!!

Um, there. I think I was emphatic enough, eh?

TkH<-------Three days and counting! (C=

Message: 11385 Posted: Mon May 01 14:31:54 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: t-shirts

Gotta answer this in two parts ...
1)I usually but the shirts to wear & prefer simple designs on the back w/ a small logo on the front pocket.
2)I have bought as souvenirs & put them away ... for these, a pic of the guys is great .. I especially like the US TOUR '84 shirt,complete w/ 'chinese checkerboard designs & the logo as it appeared on the Your Move LP.

Message: 11384 Posted: Mon May 01 14:03:22 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

I'll take Dewey's "second Rate" efforts over just about anyone else's first rate efforts!!!!! I was sort of quiet when Dewey was talking ( yes that was me, NOT my daughter Kate, who got an attack of the shys when it came down to talking.

Dewey, thanks for taking the time to talk to us!!!!

Message: 11383 Posted: Mon May 01 13:59:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey's Thoughts On A Solo Effort?

Robyn and I were chatting and she mentioned to me about what Dewey said last night regarding a solo effort. With Robyn's permission, here is what she told me: "Dewey said that he gives his best to America. He is not as prolific as Gerry and anything else would be second rate."

(Dewey, we don't believe for a split-second that it would be "second rate". No way!)

Message: 11382 Posted: Mon May 01 13:26:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: T-Shirts

1) I like all of the t-shirt designs except the Alibi one (too plain) and the 1999-2000 Tour one with the red, white, and blue streamers. I love ALL of the tropical designs because they're so colorful. The one with the parrot and the guitar and the one with the parrot and the lei, I think, are very cool!

2) I prefer the design to be on the back instead of the front if there's to be only one side with a design. I like it with or without the tour date. With the tour date, it advertises that America is still rockin'!

3) I like the large AMERICA oval logo as on "Holiday" over the small one as on the first LP. I think it really stands out with the larger. The small logo is too wimpy (IMHO).

4) I prefer a white t-shirt.

5) I wear my one and only America t-shirt on special occasions like a vacation. Boy, my medium is sure getting tight! It couldn't be that I'm getting fatter (LOL)! I'd buy several more t-shirts if I could...some for souvenirs and some to wear. Better yet, one for each day-of-the-week!!!

Message: 11381 Posted: Mon May 01 13:08:51 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Like to see a nice black t-shirt with America written in red on the front.

Message: 11380 Posted: Mon May 01 11:22:56 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: T-shirt.

Since you're asking:

I'm always a believer that the more subtle the better. I think the idea of the America logo from the first album is awesome. Nice and small on the breast. Then, if they picked up that peach/tan/salmon color from the album cover as the shirt color, that would be great. Leave off the tour dates and you have a retro shirt that will last the next 30 years. A shirt I'd wear.

You ask do I wear these shirts or just keep them. The honest answer is, although I have the last couple of tour shirts, I don't wear them. To me they're way too gaudy. And the tour dates just make them seem more like a novelty.

I like simpler stuff. I have a really old America shirt that's plain red with the oval logo on front, nothing on the back. That was a great shirt. I wore the hell out of it. Nice, simple. Made design sense when I bought it. Made desing sense when I wore it ten years later. Not overdesigned. I still have it.

Urban Outfitters has a shirt that they're selling the hell out of right now. It's a simple red shirt with the old Atari logo on the front. Kids who have no idea what Atari is or was are wearing the shirt because it looks retro. The original America logo idea is a timeless classic, if kept simple.


Message: 11379 Posted: Mon May 01 11:03:53 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

Ditto the black T-shirt with the oval logo. I have one of the 1999-2000 airbrushed shirts, but it looks like something from a car show and I don't wear it in public. I prefer simple and classy.

Dewey mentioned eventually being able to buy T-shirts and hats through More importantly, thought,there will be music available to download sometime down the road. Very cool.

Message: 11378 Posted: Mon May 01 10:25:01 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New America T-Shirts

A black shirt with the oval logo!!! Three questions. When? Where? how much ( or do you take plastic?)

Loved the Dewey interview. Kelley Lange ( whom I remember as the intrepid "Weather Girl" on our local NBC afffiliate in the late 60's) could not tell Dewey's singing voice from Gerry's, and kept pronouncing Dewey's last name as Boon-ell. That's a new one on me! Dewey was, as always, a gentleman.

Message: 11377 Posted: Mon May 01 10:15:40 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New America T-Shirts

The Heart Times Coffee Cup™ studio is in the design stages of some new America t-shirts which will be available at upcoming concerts (this is the same studio where Go Man Go was produced). Gerry and Dewey were wondering what kind of designs you all prefer. For example, do you prefer white or black t-shirts, or colors? Do you like simple designs or more fancy? Do you wear the shirts or just keep them as souvenirs? Would you wear the original logo as it appeared on the first album? Do you wear the oval logo? Do you like to see the year of the tour? Which was your favorite design from years past?

Go ahead and post your answers here or send me an e-mail and I'll forward your replies to Gordon at the studio.

Message: 11376 Posted: Mon May 01 09:53:34 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Leadsinger of the Group America

Thanks to the notice given on this web page my wife and I were able to catch Dewey’s radio interview yesterday. It was great to hear Dewey give credit to Steve L. for the Web Page. One caller asked about the song tournament, it sounds like because of the tournament “Windwave” may be added to the play list. It was also great to hear the voices of the lucky webfans who got to talk to the “lead singer” of the group America. (The host kept calling Dewey “The lead singer” of America)

Message: 11375 Posted: Mon May 01 06:45:53 2000 By: David
Subject: chords

Is there anybody out there who has or may know someone who has the chords to kiss of life? If you could email I'd be very thankful

Message: 11374 Posted: Mon May 01 06:44:39 2000 By: David
Subject: chords

Is there anybody out there who has or may know someone who has the chords to kiss of life? If you could email I'd be very thankful

Message: 11373 Posted: Mon May 01 06:19:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: For Kevin

Although I do have some funny incidencies of Sparky-ism having dealt with the guy in the dug out for over 5

TkH<-------L.A., San Diego, HOME ON THURSDAY!!!!! (C=

Message: 11372 Posted: Mon May 01 06:16:32 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: I got through...finally

I think my phone blew out because of redial pressage.......SIGH. I DIDN'T get thru....waaaaah!!!

BUT I'm glad to hear everything went well (except for excess YAKage from *hosts*)!

Major Congrats to KEVIN! Um, gee let ME decide that *great dilemma* for you......lets see. Sparky or America. Sparky or America.


TkH<------hating the "official pasttime" more than ever right now....

Message: 11371 Posted: Mon May 01 05:01:06 2000 By: Alan
Subject: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I missed it!

I had a very busy weekend and did not have time to check my e-mail or get on the America Home Page. Got in to work this morning and found an e-mail from Allen Spear sitting in my Inbox informing me of a live call-in radio interview and inviting me to participate. Unfortunately, it happened YESTERDAY!!!!!!

I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short (actually quite a few dollars short of being able to see our guys in New Hampshire this month - sucks to be poor!).

I haven't had a chance to catch up on the weekend's postings yet, but I can tell by the subject lines there were a lot of posts about the show. I can't WAIT to read them all and find out what I missed.

Thanks for listening to my little rant. I feel much better now (NOT).


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