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Message: 13294 Posted: Thu Aug 31 20:38:22 2000 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Atlantic City Concert

To Steve L.
The venue for the Oct.21st concert is actually the Trump Plaza casino.It's listed as Trump Marina on the upcoming concert list.They are two different casinos across town from each other. I ordered my tickets today & just wanted to let you know so you could update the list.

Message: 13293 Posted: Thu Aug 31 15:41:00 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting./Steve

Hollandaise sauce with Muskrat, you say? I prefer a spicy mango chutney with mine.

Message: 13292 Posted: Thu Aug 31 15:24:54 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting./Steve

Hey, you might have actually given us a REASON so serve Muskrat at the next meeting......I wish your vote (and you) HAD BEEN THERE....lololol

TkH<-----B-U-R-P (cheesy muskrat fricassee anyone?)

Message: 13291 Posted: Thu Aug 31 15:20:02 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting.

Well as long as we women get the Lilac LAVENDER scented softsoap in the Womens' loo...........

TkH<-----aromatherapy, ain't it a bitch?

Message: 13290 Posted: Thu Aug 31 12:08:27 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Personal Message For Beechlady

Beechlady, please e-mail me. I've sent you a message but I haven't heard back from you. Let's talk. Johnny (Sorry, you all.)

Message: 13289 Posted: Thu Aug 31 10:37:03 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting.

Man, Kevin, I know it has been hot in Dallas, but you're burning up. LOL. Peach-scented Soft Soap to cut down on the soap suds green like bubbles. I almost choked on my own spit 'cuz I was laughing so hard. Well, back to preparing the hollandaise sauce for my Muskrat supper. See you next meeting.

Jim R.
of the Too Prominent for Words faction of the Very Important America Fans Society

Message: 13288 Posted: Thu Aug 31 09:41:23 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting.

Thanks for the smiles Kevin. Just hope the other Very Insignificant, Lowly, 3rd Rate America Fans (like me), are smilling along with me.

Message: 13287 Posted: Thu Aug 31 08:25:55 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Nelly" on the Telly

For those of you who know or have corresponded with Steve Nelson, here's part of a message I received from him today:

I have taken a position as Commissioner of the America West Hockey league. This is a developmental league for players that wish to play college hockey. It is a great opportunity for me in the area of sport administration. I have not been able to get on the America fans web page as I resigned here on Tues. The reference to the yellowjackets is the team I am leaving. How nice of Eddy to reference me in the chat folder. Although I am not a consistent contributor to the folder I really feel I know you people. I will most definitely keep the folder bookmarked when I change offices. The nice thing about this position is that I will not have to move my family. I am setting up office in Superior and will periodically travel out west. Again, thanks for keeping in touch.

Message: 13286 Posted: Thu Aug 31 08:15:39 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting.

Hey Kevin, how come I wasn't invited (LOL)? That's OK. I probably would have abstained from voting anyway.

Message: 13285 Posted: Thu Aug 31 08:14:54 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Minutes

K-man, you are much too much!!! That was hilarious!!!!! Great, great creativity!

I make a motion to RE-ELECT Kevin as our club's president. All in favor say, "Kevin Sutton". "KEVIN SUTTON!!!" "KEVIN SUTTON"!!! "KEVIN SUTTON"!!! etc.... The motion passes 162 to 0.

Carry on President Sutton!

Message: 13284 Posted: Thu Aug 31 08:11:25 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Minutes from last night's meeting.

I also attended that meeting. It was disrupted briefly by a small but apparently confused crowd who were waving flags and singing God Bless America :)

Message: 13283 Posted: Thu Aug 31 07:42:59 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Minutes from last night's meeting.

The monthly Prominent America Fans meeting was held last night, and many productive issues were resolved, but not without a bit of controversy, which I will get into later. But first, the good news.

After numerous complaints, it was resolved that we will now be installing Peach scented Soft Soap in the men's room at the Prominent America Fans meeting hall. The move was expected to cut down on the soap suds green like bubbles from the Watermellon scent which have been blamed for reeking havok on the meeting hall's antiquated plumbing system. The measure passed by a vote of 147 to 9, with 6 abstaining.

Also, the motion to serve Baked Muskrat in the dining hall was tabled until a committee could look into whether people actually "love Muskrat," as has been rumored. A focus group will look into the allegations. The motion to table was passed 132 to 24, with 6 abastaining..

It was at that point that the meeting of Prominent America Fans turned contentious. A faction, calling themselves the Very Important America Fans, led an effort to splinter off of the Prominent America Fans, siting differences of opinions, mostly stemmming from the post-Warner Brothers days. The rebellion, however, quickly dissolved to chaos when a sub-group with the fractious Very Important America Fans, calling themselves the Quite Notable America Fans, demanded to be recognized and heard as well.

The meeting broke down into arguments, finger pointing and innuendo, drowing out the lovely background music the meeting hall had supplied. According to those in attendance, the music was from the 70s pop sensation America. Although a few members said it sounded like Neil Young, but they could not be certain due to the rioting.

Vowing not to be swayed by dissention, the Prominent America Fans have announced that next month's meeting will go on in the meeting hall as scheduled.

Message: 13282 Posted: Thu Aug 31 06:52:48 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Trivia Question

Here is a major trivia question; however, I really don't want anyone to try and solve it, at least for now. It's for all of us "Prominent America Fans" (yes that's YOU!).

I'm posting this question for future reference. I can't reveal the answer until all of this recent craziness regarding the Live Chat room, impostors, and flaming messages all come to a grinding halt. Just trust me with this. I have studied all of this very carefully and have reached a conclusion. However, let's just store this little trivia question away for now, shall we? Here it is:

What do all the following America song titles (Dewey, Dan, & Gerry as America; Dewey & Gerry as America; and Gerry as a soloist) have in common: Hot Town, Emma, Half A Man, Amber Cascades, Sister Golden Hair, From A Moving Train, Unconditional Love, Call Of The Wild, Kiss Of Life, Even The Score, Don't Cross The River, Unconditional Love (A Reprise), and Pages.

Message: 13281 Posted: Thu Aug 31 05:39:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Songs With Pep Tally

Very interesting, Mike! Thanks!!

Message: 13280 Posted: Thu Aug 31 05:27:49 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Songs with pep -Tally

Thanks for your response to this thread. I have enough songs to make me a Homemade America CD with Pep. If anybody else wants to contribute to my CD selection (~20 songs), feel free to respond and I’ll update this list after next Wednesday 9/6. But remember I really like America songs that rock, or at least have some pep in them. Like Here. Some rockers couldn’t keep their list to five, so I included all songs posted to this thread in my tally.

9 Green Monkey
6 Greenhouse
5 Here (slow for contrast and then some pep)
5 Hot Town
4 Sandman
4 Hangover
4 Never Be Lonely
3 Women Tonight
3 Valentine
3 Even the Score
3 Hell's On Fire
2 Sister Golden Hair
2 Moon Song (live version from HWNN CD)
2 California (live version from HWNN CD)
2 She's A Liar
2 Three Roses
2 Company
1 Mirror to Mirror
1 Only in your Hart
1 Songs with pep:
1 Ventura Highway
1 Don't Cross The River
1 Don't let it get you down
1 Only Game in Town
1 Cornwall Blank
1 Might be your Love
1 All night
1 Old Man Took
1 Hollywood
1 Donkey Jaw
1 Clarice
1 Love on the vine
1 California Revisted
1 Are you there
1 Falling off the world

America spoiler. Please stop messing with this sight that Steve has so graciously given us. Thanks.

Message: 13279 Posted: Wed Aug 30 22:21:32 2000 By: jimnak

Hey all AMERICA fans just a quick note:HOURGLASS is still available -direct from American Gramafone at 1-800-446-6860 for the nice price of $9.98. And don't forget that VAN GO GAN, GERRY'S solo debut masterpiece is available from, as is HIGHWAY the 3 decades of AMERICA story.

Message: 13278 Posted: Wed Aug 30 21:34:45 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Boston Concert Review

FYI: Here's a review that was posted on the AOL message board. There wasn't a name posted with it so I don't know who to give the credit to.

Sunday I went to the Fleet Pavillion (a beautiful white tent-like venue on the waterfront) here in Boston to hear America. They opened for the Rightous Brothers, but they should have been the headliners.

They knocked everyone out with how good they played and sang. Some 50'ish woman behind me kept yelling "They sound just like did they on the records." Another guy said what I think, that they sound better in concert than on records.

America knew that the majority of the crowd was there for the Rightous Brothers and they only had an hour or so as openers. So they pretty much zipped through the hits. (Hope to see another full concert like I did two years ago in Lowell)

But they were they great and they made some new fans in that crowd. (Opening for large crowds is a good strategy. I rediscovered them in the nineties from them opening for the Beach Boys.)

I was hoping that Gerry might sing a song from Beckley, Lamm and Wilson, but he didn't mention it. He rightly promoted the new box set and thanked Rhino for releasing it.

But I finally got a copy of Van Go, though. They were selling them at the tee shirts.

The "headliners" were the Rightous Brothers. Now any music fan has to respect the Rightous Brothers. But Bill Medley was reduced, IMHO, to Las Vegas sleaze by his jokes about old age, Viagra, and the rockin' van he had in high school. The old guys in the audience seemed to like it, though.

America was such a class act in comparison.

Message: 13277 Posted: Wed Aug 30 21:10:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Stuff

I just posted a bunch of new stuff on the America Fans web site. Scroll down to the What's New section and click on the links to see new biographies for Mike Bunn and Captain Carl Fismer, the centerfold of the Goldmine Magazine, and some new entries in the Museum (a postcard and concert ticket from Italy). Thanks to all the fans who sent me these gems. It's you fans who keep the web site alive and thriving.


Message: 13276 Posted: Wed Aug 30 16:52:03 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

ANyone brave enough to try and join me in the chat folder this evening. I will try to be there around 7 Pacific.

see you there!

Message: 13275 Posted: Wed Aug 30 15:30:30 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Riddle me THIS Batman....

<<Holy Identity theft, Batman-- to the Batmobile !!! ( well, my name IS Robyn.....) >>

Oh Robyn! You Joker.

Jim R.

Message: 13274 Posted: Wed Aug 30 15:17:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Until further notice

I'm not going to have my name linked on this chat folder for a while. Unfortunatly I've had to block my email to all but "listed" people in my address book. One person can just make ALL the difference, eh????? SIGH........

TkH<-------Anyone got a fly swatter for my ointment?

Message: 13273 Posted: Wed Aug 30 14:49:28 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Off Subject

Well, who ever is having phun with Johnny is now trying to include me in their "phun". I received a copy of a pretty NASTY letter from a person monikered "" to Johnny. I don't know why this person decided to cowardly hide behind a badly plagerized name, but when you start dinking around with ME you'll find something you didn't entirely expect......I've followed Jimnaks advice--AND luckily my sister-in-law is a lawyer for the Feds and is currently prosecuting (in Detroit) an identity theft case, so I know there's a lot of resources at her disposal! If ANYONE else receives these messages, could you forward them to me? This way she has a way to trace the route they were sent AND find this person! I've talked to her and she says it's fairly easy!

Ok, back to regular programming! (C=

TkH<------I think someone messed with the wrong

Message: 13272 Posted: Wed Aug 30 13:25:58 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rockers.

My favorites are Green Monkey and Greenhouse ( hmmm, got a theme going there)

Message: 13271 Posted: Wed Aug 30 11:45:50 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Nelly" on the Telly

Congratulations Steve (Nelson). You'll have to let us all know what you're new job is and where you're headed (to the Yellowjackets I presume, but where are they?). --Steve (Lowry)

Message: 13270 Posted: Wed Aug 30 11:37:06 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Riddle me THIS Batman....

Tkh - you should call AOL, screen names get stolen & then used to send junk e-mail & other assorted stuff. They somehow figure out your PW. It happened to me & all taken care of by AOL & my screen name returned.

Message: 13269 Posted: Wed Aug 30 10:57:14 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Riddle me THIS Batman....

Holy Identity theft, Batman-- to the Batmobile !!!

( well, my name IS Robyn.....)

Message: 13268 Posted: Wed Aug 30 10:48:30 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Riddle me THIS Batman....

Ok. How does THIS happen? Another "" has surfaced. I thought that this is IMPOSSIBLE. I've already shot off several letters to AOL, and other places this "person" has already used (posed is more the word)my identity......WHAT GIVES? Anyone have a clue on this one? Talk about FREAKY.......NO ONE has my password, NO ONE has access to MY account other than me........

TkH<-----------seeing double?

Message: 13267 Posted: Wed Aug 30 10:03:27 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: "Nelly" on the Telly

Hey Steve N., EDDY here!(remember me? America concert MN. Zoo)
Don't know if you'll get this or not, but the wife & I seen you on the news last night, just wanted to say congratulations on your new job, but UWS is losing a heck of a coach! Go Yellowjackets!

Message: 13266 Posted: Wed Aug 30 08:22:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Prominent America Fan

Right-On and Rock-On, Kevin!!!!

Message: 13265 Posted: Wed Aug 30 07:41:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Rockers.

KevinS., Prominent America Fan

Kevin, you kill me (LOL)!

SteveL, lowly webmaster

Message: 13264 Posted: Wed Aug 30 07:17:29 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Rockers.

Green Monkey.
Are You There.
Falling Off The World.
Even The Score.

KevinS., Prominent America Fan

Message: 13263 Posted: Tue Aug 29 19:58:24 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: A Pleasant Surprise

Tonight Nancy and I went to see Chely Wright in concert with Keith Urban as the opening act. He did a great band, just accompanied himself on acoustic guitar. And what did we hear midway through his set?...."Sister Golden Hair!" It got his biggest reaction of the night. He strummed the opening chords and "sang" the lead guitar line. It was neat to hear an "Unplugged" version of this Beckley Masterpiece.

Message: 13262 Posted: Tue Aug 29 19:37:50 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Songs With Pep

Great question Mike!

Green Monkey
California Revisited
Hell's On Fire
Hot Town

Message: 13261 Posted: Tue Aug 29 18:59:14 2000 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: songs with pep

HERE are my favorite ROCKERS (if anyone cares):
1. Here
2. Three Roses
3. Donkey Jaw
4. Sandman
5. Clarice
(sorry but I am partial to the first album!)
6. California (HWNN cd)
7. Green Monkey
8. Moon Song

1. Even The Score
2. Never Be Lonely
3. Love On The Vine
4. Hot Town

Message: 13260 Posted: Tue Aug 29 18:31:12 2000 By: RichM
Subject: off topic

I know this has been discussed before, but John's posting (13254)got me thinking about this again. Why doesn't "Highway" include more "new" America songs? Obviously we will never know, and perhaps we should be thankful that we got a pretty good box set with great written content and photos. One of the reviews mentioned here recently mentioned the set is weakened by "trifles." While I'm not certain I would call them trifles, the set, as Dewey and gerry point out, includes some lesser material. It seems odd to leave off a Grammy nominated song like Hope or some other songs (Garden of Peace, Wednesday Morning) that seem to be fan favorites. One thing that struck me the other day is that there are no songs written just by Gerry recorded after 1982 on the set (I haven't rechecked the listing, but I think I am correct). In my opinion, some of Gerry's very best work has been in the 90s and none of it is on the set. The absence of this new material. in my opinion, just feeds into some of the critics views that America hasn't done anything lately. Again, we'll never know the reasons for this, but I'm a little dissappointed.

On a more positive note, I just got my copy of "Go Man GO." Very, very cool. I love the alternate version of "House of Cards" and the VGG remixes. I wonder what remixes of "Hourglass" or "Human Nature" would sound like?

Message: 13259 Posted: Tue Aug 29 17:05:09 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Songs with pep

Ugh, decisions Well, subject to change w/o notice...

1. Hell's On Fire
2. Woman Tonight
3. Here (latter half)
4. Company
5. Green Monkey

TkH<-----------trying to get back to "normal"

Message: 13258 Posted: Tue Aug 29 15:35:11 2000 By: englshkid
Subject: concert pasadena sept 7

If anyone here is going i would love to meet up with you there i live in the LA area maybe a group of america fans!!!!

Message: 13257 Posted: Tue Aug 29 15:24:25 2000 By: dofd
Subject: rockers

I'd rate them slightly differently than Mark: top five rockers as recorded and top five live rockers (because some of their pop songs become great live rockers). I appreciate their harder-edged stuff more than most, I suspect.

RECORDED AS ROCKERS: Even the Score, Don't Let It Get You Down, Only Game In town, She's a Liar, Greenhouse. HONORABLE MENTION: All Night, Hell's On Fire, Hot Town, Green Monkey.

BEST LIVE ROCKERS; Cornwall Blank, Sandman, Here, Might Be Your Love, Hangover. HONORABLE MENTION: Company, Old Man Took, Hollywood, Never Be Lonely.

Message: 13256 Posted: Tue Aug 29 12:19:53 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Where Are They Now - Audio!

David, thanks for sharing that WAVE file. For those of us who don't have cable or missed the show, it's great to be able to hear that segment.

Message: 13255 Posted: Tue Aug 29 12:13:39 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Songs with pep

I didn't care much for Hangover on the studio album but when I heard it live in Park City, I loved it. Never Be Lonely is another song that is very good on the studio album but is fantastic live. It seems to get better every time I hear it.

Message: 13254 Posted: Tue Aug 29 11:45:43 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: stuff

Wow, you don't read the board for 5 or 6 days and "hell's on fire." I'm not going to add too much to the Johnny saga except to say I am glad you are back Johnny and didn't let the opinions of one person, (and only one person) to drive you into hiding. Your posts are most welcomed and enjoyed.

Songs with pep:

Valentine, Greenhouse, Never Be Lonely, Green Monkey, Sandman (live)

Survivor albums - Hourglass, Shadowman by Savuka (South African band)

Some recent musings about Highway and the selection of material. I know there are tracks we would have all liked to see added. Reading the book, Gerry and Dewey both talk about certain tracks (Runaway, Special Girl etc.) that they feel indifferent about. Why would they be included then and leave off "Hope" or "Right Before Your Eyes" for instance? Just wondering.


Message: 13253 Posted: Tue Aug 29 11:38:29 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Where Are They Now - Audio!

Here's a link to the audio portion of VH-1's "Where Are They Now" on the boys:
(22050/8 bit/Mono, 5133 KBytes)
(11025/8 bit/Mono, 2566 KBytes)

Message: 13252 Posted: Tue Aug 29 10:36:40 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Songs with pep

I guess I would have two lists. One for rockers and one for songs with pep. I would consider the rockers to be more electric, while the peppy songs could be sans electric.

1. Valentine
2. Green Monkey
3. Moon Song (live version from HWNN CD)
4. California (live version from HWNN CD)
5. She's A Liar

Songs with pep:
1. Ventura Highway
2. Three Roses
3. Here
4. Sister Golden Hair
5. Don't Cross The River

Message: 13251 Posted: Tue Aug 29 09:53:15 2000 By: Jeremy01
Subject: America

Pretty good selections, Mike. It's hard for me to put together a solid list, because with each passing day, a different mood makes me prefer a particular song over another. Greenhouse and Hot Town are certainly jams. Woman Tonight is great live. It's always easy to go with a gimme. Sister Golden Hair is one of those songs you put on that list of songs you would be stuck on an island with. I gotta say that two great concert songs are Only In Your Heart and Daisy Jane. Gerry sounds so good when he performs them. I've noticed how good they are at the last two shows I saw.

Message: 13250 Posted: Tue Aug 29 08:48:45 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Songs with pep

I really like America songs with some pep in them. I like Alibi for this reason and appreciate the Fans that led me to Alibi, when I posed a question about the best 80’s Album quite some time ago. In fact there isn’t an America rocker that I don’t like. Soft rock is America’s forte and the draw for me. We gave the slow songs some attention in a ballad song tournament. But, America can also rock. What are your top five America songs with pep in them?

Here are my top 5 rockers.
1. Sandman
2. Here (slow for contrast and then some pep)
3. Greenhouse
4. Hot Town
5. Green Monkey

Songs I would like to squeeze into my top five.
Mirror to Mirror
Women Tonight

Message: 13249 Posted: Tue Aug 29 08:46:14 2000 By: Jeremy01
Subject: show on the 26th

I saw the band on the 26th in Burgettstown, PA. Absolutely incredible!!! When the show was finished, my pal, Rob and I went to the stage and talked to the roadies a little to try to get backstage, but we weren't getting through. Now, Rob managed the security people earlier this year to meet his favorite band, The Steve Miller Band, so he wasn't about to be dinied at the smaller venue of the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse. So he led us to an unmanned door, and we walked through a few rooms, a kitchen, and by countless personnel to a back exit. When we opened the door, there was the tour bus and the hospitality room. Gerry was walking between them. As we approached Gerry, Dewey walked out of the bus, and we greeted them. I can't believe how pleasant the guys were, considering they were headed to Boston on a red-eye in a matter of a tens of minutes. We got autographs and great pics. When I get a chance, I will scan them onto my e-mail files and send them to anyone who would like to see them. We hung around, as others started to figure out the trick we had learned of, and about twenty minutes after we first met the guys, I gave Dewey back his Gatorade bottle (which I had been holding while he signed). I said to him, "Hey Dewey, I'm not going to hold this thing all night for you." He laughed, walked up to me, took the bottle and said, "Thanks Jeremy."
About a month ago, I saw the band in Cuyahoga Falls, OH with the Doobie Brothers and watched the TNN show on TV. Dewey seemed to struggle a little, then. Well, for the show in PA, he went above and beyond any ranges I'd ever heard him sing. The guitars were smooth and clear, and the small Roadhouse was treated to a very big sound. It was a four star show indeed, and a night I will not forget.

Message: 13248 Posted: Tue Aug 29 07:35:49 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Where Are They Now

I believe that show featuring America is a year or two old. I remember they first broadcast soon after Oxygen had released Human Nature, because there was a lot of excitment about it on the board here and Karen (then with Oxygen) was giving us the broadcast dates and times. I wonder if Rhino/WB had anything to do with getting VH1 to rerun it since they just released Highway?

Message: 13247 Posted: Tue Aug 29 04:24:03 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: Goldmine

Has Goldmine ever done a feature article on our favorite group. If so what edition? I would really like a copy. if someone has it.

Sylvain from the Great White North

Message: 13246 Posted: Tue Aug 29 02:48:14 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: two cents

I'll bet that VH1 show with America is nearly a year old!

Message: 13245 Posted: Tue Aug 29 02:33:34 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: UNRELATED POST!!!!!!!!!!

i don't usually post like this, but for all those who care. (and i do immensely)

switchfoot, whose lead singer jon is what i consider to be one of the top 3 songwriters of my generation, is indeed coming out with their third major label release, entitled "Learning to Breathe", in early october. eleven songs of just absolute magic, without a clam in the bunch. i remember about six months ago taking a song i had just been working on over to thier house and playing it for jon, and then he proceeded to play me what would ultimately become the closing song on the new album, "Living is Simple" (incidentally the producer, who had just finished working with 3rd eye blind, decided to use 90% of the actual music recorded for the demo in jons bedroom for that song, so how it is on the album is basically what i heard) and i honestly wanted to quit music altogether. i really think it's THAT good.

there is supposed to be two shows for a record release party at La Paloma Theatre, which should be a blast, featuring a new keyboard player (the old keyboard player left to play with some walter pho something or other... a move that i still don't completely understand). you can count on me to be there for both shows, and any others within the general vicinity.
a good band to take the kids too... they don't drink or curse or smoke or womanize or any of that other fun stuff, but for some reason i think they're just phenomenal anyway. and i know cdnow is taking advanced orders.

so anyway, for anyone who cares, there it is.


Message: 13244 Posted: Tue Aug 29 02:31:49 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: hıghway

hi everyone

i took my box set today and i am very happy.thanks all of you for your informations. something makes me happy to in the box i read some names and now their friend of mine . thats really great.

have a good day from istanbul turkey

Message: 13243 Posted: Mon Aug 28 22:10:03 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: UNRELATED POST!!!!!!!!!!

Warning! This is an unrelated post!
Rumor has it Switchfoot is about to come out with another cd.
MattB, any insight or comment on this that might encourage sales for this band?
My daughter heard a sneak preview and wanted to know if Matt had any more info.
ShariL <><

Message: 13242 Posted: Mon Aug 28 22:06:24 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: hits

You're right, Windwave. The clicker was just at 368 when I checked it.
ShariL <><

Message: 13241 Posted: Mon Aug 28 20:44:16 2000 By: msmith
Subject: hits

steve's website put up big numbers today.

Message: 13240 Posted: Mon Aug 28 19:43:13 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Room For Summer

FYI: Jeff Larson's Room For Summer has been officially released and is available from several sources. Here's a link that talks about Jeff's new CD:

Jeff is a big fan of America and has opened for them before. Room For Summer includes a great song, "Carol Ann", which was co-produced by Gerry Beckley and features Gerry on backing vocals.

Message: 13239 Posted: Mon Aug 28 19:33:50 2000 By: Dan
Subject: two cents

Johnny, YOU DA MAN!!!!!

Jim, I also caught the VH1 bit about America. Since there was no mention of it HERE, I presumed that it was a rebroadcast. Definately a sight for sore eyes though. DanC.

Message: 13238 Posted: Mon Aug 28 18:39:03 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: America's always there when you need them

While I was away, my friend and I were driving the back roads near Woodstock, NY and were getting a little unedge cause we were lost and the cell phone had no signal and there was no sign of human life. I said, okay, calm down, let's see what's on the radio to calm us. As soon as I put the radio on and found a station that came in clear--I heard the middle of Sister Golden Hair. Not only did that lessen my panic and make me laugh but ironically minutes later, we found our way back to Hunter Mountain.

Message: 13237 Posted: Mon Aug 28 17:46:43 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Others...

I really appreciate hearing what the people overseas have to say on this folder...Turkey, Australia, France and England to name a few.

...Would like to hear from others...Sri Lanka, Japan, the Azores, the Bahamas, Marianis Islands, Africa, China, Iceland, whatever.


Message: 13236 Posted: Mon Aug 28 17:05:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Where Are They Now

I pray that there was no ceiling fan directly above your head :)


Message: 13235 Posted: Mon Aug 28 17:03:18 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Blame EVERYTHING on Johnny!!!!

Two issues: First, my hair line is creeping upward, and then thee is the success of Britany Spears ! Damn it Johnny, I'll make you pay for that !!! LOL


Message: 13234 Posted: Mon Aug 28 16:06:07 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Where Are They Now

Did any of you happen to hear the sound of someone's head hitting a ceiling Friday night? Well, that was me, after I saw VH-1's "Where Are They Now, Classic Rock" air a segment (1 a.m. CDT Aug. 26) that led off with America. The other sounds emanating from my living room (after I pulled my head out of the ceiling plaster) involved me running to the VCR, scrambling to remove shrink wrap from a fresh VHS tape, and shoving the tape as fast as I could into the machine. I missed roughly the first minute of the segment, so I only got about four minutes of America. I hope to retape this segment when it is rerun.

Also featured in roughly five-minute segments were Kansas, Peter Frampton, the lead singer from Ambrosia (David ??), and other interesting people.

Now I'll assume I didn't uncover anything brand new in discovering this piece, but the segment did include unique material on America that surprised me. It showed a very recent picture of Dan Peek, and included brief interviews with Gerry and Dewey. Gerry was a Chipmunk?

Apparently, someone was listening to whoever it was from this folder who contacted VH-1 in the past about America.

Jim R.

Message: 13233 Posted: Mon Aug 28 15:50:38 2000 By: dofd
Subject: reviews

While the Chronicle review was generally positive, the use of the word "trite" bugs me. I remember a local reviewer using that label on America and the same guy calling Prince (or whatever his symbol du jour was) a genius -- this after Prince sang "Purple Rain." Uh, been done before pal. And -- not that I mean to be sacrilegous; I love the Beatles -- wasn't it George Harrison who was found guilty of ripping off "He's So Fine"?

As a former journalist, I can tell you that a lot of reviewers don't put enough time or effort into the work. They're too often willing to fall back on stereotypes and a thesaurus, too interested in writing for other reviewers, too interested in being on the cutting edge to get the facts straight.

Moving along, Johnny, welcome back. Keep on postin'. Hopefully you have more than one letter left to send. And to the chicken---- who flamed him like that, get off the island, pal.

Message: 13232 Posted: Mon Aug 28 15:45:03 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: A Bit of Trivia

I remember that 45. (God, I remember 45s! Doesn't that say something about my age these days?) I believe I first saw the America HWNN/INY single in a Tempo discount department store in Rochester, Minn., circa 1976.

Interestingly enough, 45s are gone, Tempo is gone, 1976 is long gone, but America is still playing. Yee-hah. (As in Johnny Yee, I might add!)

Jim R.

Anyway, I recall that whoever it was (Warner, you say) used this same Back-to-Back hits format on a number of 45s.

Message: 13231 Posted: Mon Aug 28 15:30:41 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Houston Chronicle Review

Much more balanced review. While I don't concern myself with a lyrics's "triteness," I feel the critique is an objective one because many people do look for deeper meanings in songs. Houston Chronicle 1, Washington Post 0. (The Chronicle could have been tougher in its review and still been appreciated, in my opinion.)

Jim R.

Message: 13230 Posted: Mon Aug 28 15:21:48 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: A Message From The Heart

Before I read any further (past Steve's message no. 13189), I want to add my dismay. Johnny, whoever wrote to you is wrong. Wrong in his/her rudeness. Wrong to invoke a group essence in an individually based opinion. And wrong to post anonymously. You got an opinion? Stick your name to it. You don't like what someone posts? Don't try to make your sole opinion larger than it is by implying unnamed "important" people in "substantial numbers" feel the same. You think the Internet is a place to flame people safely? Keep it up, it's people like you who lead to regulations and restrictions in open forums. Thanks for nothing.

Aside from those journalistic ethics and the principles of free speech soapbox, I have to admit a certain bias. I *like* what Johnny posts.

Jim Riccioli

Message: 13229 Posted: Mon Aug 28 15:17:49 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: A Bit of Trivia

I think the 45 you are talking about was a reissue. A few years after some songs were hits, sometimes record companies would issue a new 45 with hits on both sides. Kind of like a "greatest hits" 45. Some record stores would have such records in an "oldies" section. I used to have a few 45s like that (though none by America since I already had all their lps).

Message: 13228 Posted: Mon Aug 28 14:46:54 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Positive Vibes From Hartford

Wow Steve, you're right; a review from a person who obviously did their homework. I'm now even more proud of my State of Connecticut! :) I didn't know that Hal Blaine and Jeff Porcaro were Connecticut natives! Way Cool! Speaking of positive vibes from Hartford, I was planning on telling you all about my positive vibes from our guy's concert here in Wallingford on Friday. Instead we were interupted by someone sending hurt-mail to Johnny. I'll stop by again later in the week to share it with you.

Message: 13227 Posted: Mon Aug 28 14:32:02 2000 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Goldmine Poster

To those of you who subscribe to or read "goldmine magazine"(the record collectors bible!)There is a huge "poster" of Gerry,Dewey & Dan
circa 1972 in the current issue dated September 8th(look for Jimi Hendrix on the cover). Dewey is holding a small snake while the other 2 look on.
The picture is part of the Ad for the "King biscuit flower hour radio
show". While our boys don't have a show lined up for current airing,
there is also a nice little plug for the "Human Nature" release. Nothing,however,is mentioned about the Box set. Just want to keep everybody posted. Check your local magazine store for "Goldmine"
or visit their web site at

Message: 13226 Posted: Mon Aug 28 13:39:54 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: A Message From The Heart

Just now catching up on the weekend posts. To the person who sent that to Johnny, WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL! If you don't like what somebody posts, DON'T READ IT! Steve makes it real easy to tell who posts what, their name is listed. If you don't like Johnny's posts, just skip over them. If you don't like the "direction" that the board is going in (whatever that is supposed to mean), post you own messages discussing whatever you like. Maybe you're just jelious because people read and respond to Johnny's posts, and perhaps they don't yours.

Keep posting Johnny!

Message: 13225 Posted: Mon Aug 28 13:11:05 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Positive Vibes From Hartford

Three days ago a review of Highway appeared in the Hartford Courant and you could tell that this was written by someone who had actually listened to the box set, read the liner notes, and knew something about the band. For your convenience here's a link to the article:

America Marks 30 Years With Three-Disc "Highway"

Message: 13224 Posted: Mon Aug 28 12:55:10 2000 By: msmith
Subject: kiri lyrics

kiri, i don't think you're so shy. you're the only one that offered three favorite lyrics to the lyrics question i posed last week :-)

Message: 13223 Posted: Mon Aug 28 12:52:29 2000 By: msmith
Subject: johnny

johnny, i would like let you know that i agree with nina. i believe that you are the heart "head & heart" of this board. i don't think that anyone on this board has more of a love for our favorite band than you. again, imho this board would lose a lot of interest and participation if you chose not to participate. ...also hope to "see" you in the chat room. mark (windwave)

Message: 13222 Posted: Mon Aug 28 12:37:05 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Bit of Trivia

Thanks Kiri, that's a good idea! This isn't a trivia question but it's a bit of trivia.

I came across a 45 America record put out by Warner, I believe, in 1973. On one side is "A Horse With No Name" and on the flip-side is "I Need You". Printed on the 45 label are the words, "Back To Back Hits".

For those that don't know (if I'm correct), what makes this record interesting is that "Horse" was originally put out with flip-sides as "Everyone I Meet Is From California" and "Sandman". The original flip-side to "I Need You" was "Riverside". All were released in '72.

Message: 13221 Posted: Mon Aug 28 10:58:15 2000 By: kiri
Subject: hey johnny

get back on "the horse" and start up a new question/topic for us!

Message: 13220 Posted: Mon Aug 28 10:49:13 2000 By: kiri
Subject: johnny

i am a very shy person (even for a chat folder) and i looked back at my first nervous posting because i remembered in the same day i had a response - it was "welcome, kiri" and it was from you.

my first year of teaching i had several special education students mainstreamed into my room and during a poetry unit, sara was trying to attempt rhyming - she didn't exactly get it but her simple poem has remained on my refrigerator ever since and i remember how sincere of a person sara was and always felt badly as to why she must have written it. if i'm talking to a friend who's been dumped on, i just say remember sara's poem "mean".

people are mean
why are they mean?
well, they're just plain mean
no one can explain
maybe they're just born that way
people are mean
why are they mean?

Message: 13219 Posted: Mon Aug 28 10:44:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: You All Are Absolutely Incredible!

Wow!!! Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your wonderful support and your extremely kind words! I'm truly overwhelmed! What an incredible group of friends you all are. Lurking, as far as I'm concerned, wouldn't be any fun at all. I guess I'm here to stay. If we were together in person, I'd give each of you a great big hug. Men, aren't you glad we aren't. :0 )

Just to set the record straight, the sender of the flame signed his message with the initials, "OMT". I've learned that it stands for "Old Man Took". Ironic isn't it that one of the lyrics of "Old Man Took" is "He's a friend of mine". I think he needs to select a different alias.

The sender was too cowardly to sign his real name. Instead he choose to use "Hotmail" so he could attempt to conceal his identity. I know who he is and he knows I know because I sent him a message last night telling him so. The sender sent me another message today but I merely hit the delete button without reading it. Maybe it was a message of apology. If so, let's move forward and continue to enjoy the reason for us all being here.

I want to say again how much I appreciate each of you! Plus, I had to return before I'm blamed for someone having hemorrhoids. (LOL).

Your incredible kindness reminds me of the lyrics to Gerry's song, "Who Loves You":

Look who loves you when you're feeling down
Just like you're the only one around
Look who loves you when you're feeling down

Message: 13218 Posted: Mon Aug 28 10:41:22 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Blame it on Johnny.

THAT'S IT!!! Johnny, YOU'RE the cause of my newly found flying phobia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (C;

TkH<---------Now I feel better!!!

Message: 13217 Posted: Mon Aug 28 10:12:02 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny...Johnny...Johnny

Is this all Johnny's fault????????????????????????
On vacation, my wife and son got Pink Eye!
I can't afford the "Highway" Box set!
I couldn't see America peform this summer!
Because I didn't win Rhino's America Box Set contest!
Because my VCR didn't record America perform on TNN!
Because our cat knocked over the butterfly garden & ate 2 butterflies!
Because I got 2 tickets (parking & Speeding) in 3 months!
I didn't get to call Beechlady when I was in Florida!

Oh will this suffering ever end?

Johnny, you just keep on doing what you do best. You're a very
true and loyal America fan. No one is ever going to take that
away from you. Don't let one individual spoil it for you or us.

And too quote a few songs in your honor Johnny:
Tom Petty: "I Won't Back Down"
Lynyrd Skynyrd: "You Got That Right"
Eddie Kendricks, Hot Tuna: "Keep On Truckin' Baby"
John Lennon: "Power To The People"
BTO: "Roll On Down The Highway"
America: "Don't Let It Get You Down"
America: "Even The Score"
America: "Your Move"

Sorry Steve that I went overboard, but...


Message: 13216 Posted: Mon Aug 28 09:10:17 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Blame it on Johnny.

I just drank too much cofee and feel real dizzy. DARN IT JOHNNY. IT'S YOUR FAULT!!!


Message: 13215 Posted: Mon Aug 28 08:58:20 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Blame it on Johnny.

Kevin, you're a hoot! I think it's OK to pull that tongue out of your cheek now (LOL).

By the way, I came down with a cold this weekend. Johnny's fault???

Message: 13214 Posted: Mon Aug 28 08:35:44 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Blame it on Johnny.

I just wonder how many more than the 35,000 copies of Human Nature would have sold if only Johnny would have kept his mouth shut.

I also hold Johnny personally responsible for "How Could I Turn You Away" not being on Highway.

Also, I think I can prove that Johnny was the reason my last client presentation didn't go very well.


Message: 13213 Posted: Mon Aug 28 08:17:51 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Johnny's post - response to LisaRose

I believe that this poster DID supply Johnny with his/her name. Johnny removed his/her name from his re-posting.

Message: 13212 Posted: Mon Aug 28 08:14:21 2000 By: Cathy
Subject: Johnny: "you were on my mind that day"

Well, Johnny, that e-mail you received sure pulled me out of lurking. I'm so sorry that you were so rudely flamed. I always enjoy your posts, your enthusiasm and your ability to get people thinking.

This chat folder was always such a kind and happy place -- a proud reflection of the band we love.

What I really wanted to do, Johnny, was to post a message, using only America lyrics, to express my thoughts. But I find I'm not up to the task. No, that's something you would be able to do!

All I can add is that, although "I can't unread the pages I've already read," I'll tell you that the e-mail you received was "just a little of nothing." I hope you don't "bend with the wind." That you say "Goodbye Mrs. Sorrow" and "change that frown back to a smile." And, lastly, "you gotta hope, it's gonna be alright." (=:

Message: 13211 Posted: Mon Aug 28 07:54:31 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Johnny

Hey, for one thing your one of the nicest guys I have ever "met", & you go out of your way to make other people welcome on this chat folder. I allways felt like the "misfit" America fan on this chat folder, but your one of the people that has allways made me feel comfortable around here no matter how "crazy" my posts were.
The world is full of ***holes, & its a shame you had to incounter one, you should continue to do what you like to do, I think ALL PEOPLE should be able to do that, (just as long as their not hurting someone else.) If this "person" doesn't like what you post, they don't have to read it! Nuff Said!

Message: 13210 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:59:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: I Apologize

Yeah, but a little implied vulgarity can be SO cathartic sometimes!!! I just wish MOST of mine was just!!!

TkH<-----Need to by Roget's........

Message: 13209 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:58:27 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: JOHNNY

İf you leave us . i will came from turkey to beat you (about 12 hours by plane ). i am tired so dont make me to do this . its nice to be here with you . you and steve are the admiral ship of this folder(as i see). by the way i have lot of terrible questions. so you are my victim johhny .

have a good day from istanbul turkey

Message: 13208 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:55:51 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Johnny addendum

Water remark pointed at Mr./Ms. Idiot of course not Mr. Yee......

TkH<------need caffeine AND

Message: 13207 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:53:29 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Johnny

Isn't it great when people can rally together around a cause?

I too love your posts, Mr. Yee! Unfortunatly crap like this happens ALL the time (as said by others who frequent other "folders"). Human nature being as it is, I guess jealousy and spitefullness DO sometimes have to rear their ugly head. BUT, as witnessed here, where theres Yin, theres Yang. There's enough respect and friendliness to (hopefully) counter act those acts of meaness......Personally, I don't think this should keep you from chats, either! As Spurs said, "Water off of a Duck's back!" If ya don't like the water, don't go swimming!!!!! (C=

TkH<----------knows where of you speak

Message: 13206 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:33:32 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Johnny


As far as I am concerned, YOU are the "heart" of this chat folder.
There should be no hierarchy among America fans. Am I any less worthy because I've only been part of this folder for 6 months?

If I remember correctly, it was YOU, Johnny, who welcomed me to this chat folder...making me feel less hesitant to share my thoughts and feelings. And how many others have you been the first to "greet"?

Your kindness, and the kindness of people LIKE you on this folder, inspired me to create the "America" quilts. And like those quilts, we are all connected by one thread: our love for America and their music.
So, some of us express it differently from others...aren't we allowed?

Please reconsider, Johnny, and STAY!


Message: 13205 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:20:24 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: I Apologize

I sincerely apologize to all those offened by my implied use of vulgarity.

Message: 13204 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:10:38 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Johnny

Hey Johnny; I maybe a freshman on this chat folder, but I would like to say that; not only do I benefit from the information provided here about my favorite band, but I also enjoy learning about other fan's opinions and views. The trivia, the jokes, the contests etc. is all done in good fun. I'm sure G. and D. wouldn't have it any other way.
We all come from different places on the globe, with different lives, different age groups etc; but we all share a common interest in the music of a band we all love; called America.

Johnny; I find your posts funny, stimulating, and outragous ( in a good way! )

By reading your posts there is no doubt in my mind that you are a true and sincere Fan of America. And any Fan of AMERICA, is a friend of mine!

So-----------------------KEEP POSTING, FRIEND!

And to the spineless, wimp who wrote that attack---------------
----------------GO F********************************

If you intend to post hurtful messages, then at least have the decency to stand by your words by posting on this folder, for all to view!

Pat Bennett, Bridgeport Connecticut.

Message: 13203 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:06:09 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Johnny's post


It sounds like someone is playing a practical (and mean) joke on you. I can't believe anyone on this folder shares those feelings. If they do, perhaps THEY don't belong here. Keep the faith.


Message: 13202 Posted: Mon Aug 28 06:01:21 2000 By: Deb
Subject: Re:A message from the heart

Johnny,don't let an over-sensitive person with a dictionary run you off a chat board that you obviously love. I can't believe that a TRUE America fan would behave in the manner that this flamer did to you.And because he/she did not give his/her identity in my book marks a coward to be sure.Keep on posting Johnny!

Message: 13201 Posted: Mon Aug 28 05:42:47 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: A Message From The Heart

ComeBackJohnny. Your posts only reveal that your an avid America Fan, like the rest of us. Your post have brought me out of lurkdom more than once. You respond to others posts and acknowledge thier presence. I like that. You have aknowlegded my presence and made me feel welcome. Your most recent survivor post stirred up some response.

Keep on Posting Johnny !

Message: 13200 Posted: Mon Aug 28 03:35:11 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: re Joe Knight fellow

hi everyone .
does anyone know joe knıght fellow 's mail adress. because he mail me but i cant not answer him because no mail adress . he knows wrong ideas about turkey and i want explain the correct thing .

have a good day from istanbul turkey


Message: 13199 Posted: Mon Aug 28 03:07:07 2000 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Johnny's post

Wow!!!I have been on vacation a while and just thought I would glance at what I missed. I am so disgusted by what was written to you. It is obvious that person is a coward because they will not say who they are. Furthermore, I am sure he or she is only speaking for themselves because I certainly do not feel that way and enjoy reading your posts. It's funny because I complained about another board a while ago (Jimmy Webb)--for that same type of behavior (insensitive, etc.). Obviously the coward who wrote that is so unhappy about their own pathetic life that they find things or people to attack so they don't look within themselves. Please don't go Johnny!!!!!

Message: 13198 Posted: Sun Aug 27 21:30:00 2000 By: mBluLight
Subject: still

waving the flag for free speech and the unrestricted exchange of thoughts and ideas, whatever they may be...


Message: 13197 Posted: Sun Aug 27 20:21:19 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Johnny

Johnny -
I can only speak for this dedicated, but obivously not "prominent" America fan -
You add a great deal to this chat folder, often being the impetus to keep it moving and to get activity going again.
I totally disagree with your "flamer" and am disappointed that someone would say such hurtful things to you.
Please keep sharing your interesting thoughts and questions.
ShariL <><

Message: 13196 Posted: Sun Aug 27 19:41:18 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Sales etc.

Hello everyone,have had a few days off due to shift work,playing golf watching parrots of every immaginable hue and colour flying around in glorious spring sunshine.As many know the Little River Band are an Australian act also produced be George Martin on a number of albums they are still going but without a single original member,also Taxi Ride,acoustic harmony act that have also made a few waves in the UK,but no one like our chaps!This brings me onto the UK's Q magazine which has been trumpeting a return to softrock which mentions a number of new groups with a nod to older acts such as the Eagles over 10 million sales (and blow by blow account of the recording of Hotel Califonia by all involved)Supertramp 16 million,Fleetwood Mac 12 million,Gerry Rafferty 6 million,how many new acts can boast those sort of sales.Indeed is the music industry these days just appealing to a certain age bracket or am I too old? Also interesting to note is's web site mentioning 35,000 copies of Human Nature sold,I am uncertain of it's accuracy.At last a positive view of Highway by someone that seems to have heard the the set in it's entirety and bothered to read the accompanying booklet.Chin up Johnny "water off a ducks back remember" just be yourself do'nt let anyone change that.

Message: 13195 Posted: Sun Aug 27 18:46:42 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Survival Gear

I would like to spend about 30 minutes with Ginger on the other side of the island. Strickly for acting tips. (yea right)

As I lie in my bed at night
I see my lifeline erode - VAN GO GAN

Message: 13194 Posted: Sun Aug 27 18:45:36 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Johnny's posts / Robin's posts

Well Johnny, I don't know where to begin. First of all, your posts are NOT off-topic most of the time. And, if they are, then you've certainly earned the right to ramble, given your amazing dedication to America. Your questions about America always challange the mind, and has very frequently humbled me. (I thought I knew it all before I started reading your questions and trivia). And remember, it's not like you always change the topic to endangered, underpriviledged, hunted, opressed lesbian baby seals!! If anyone wants to see far-out off the topic ramblings, just check out the Sarah and Jewel boards that I frequently post on.
And as for you Robin, I enjoy your posts just as much, especially your humour! As for that gal / guy that wrote that to Johnny, if I ever find out their identity, I will personally sing for them!! Ha!! That's a fate worse than the death penalty!


Message: 13193 Posted: Sun Aug 27 17:39:45 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: A Message From The Heart

Pardon my saying this, but that really bites, Johnny. ( geez, I am falling back into Valspeak here) It takes a lot of gall to do that to a fellow fan. For whatever reason that person had to vent his/her spleen at you, I hope that it does not dissuade you. I post at least as much as you do. My e-mail is down at this time, but I wonder if a similar message awaits me.

Message: 13192 Posted: Sun Aug 27 16:32:37 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America on vinyl

Sylvain, I'm fairly certain that Encore and Hourglass were only released on CD and cassette and I know that's the case for Human Nature. I suspect that the same thing is true for the King Biscuit CD. Therefore, I'm afraid you're not going to be able to have them on vinyl. Sorry about that.

Message: 13191 Posted: Sun Aug 27 16:30:52 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Johnny.

Keep on posting. I've always taken the attitude that you post what you want, and if it offends anyone, too damn bad. They can kiss my big white... Well, you get the picture.


Message: 13190 Posted: Sun Aug 27 16:30:24 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Houston Chronicle Review

Gary, thanks for the address of the review. Here's a direct link to it to make it easier for everyone to get to:

Message: 13189 Posted: Sun Aug 27 16:25:46 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: A Message From The Heart

Hey Johnny, I'm sorry you had to be subjected to those insensitive comments, but please don't let them drive you into lurkdom. I'm not aware of anyone who is annoyed by your posts (other than the person who wrote you the note). Your posts are fun and they stimulate some interesting exercises with the music of our favorite band. Heck, if anyone should be flamed it should be me for posting those pictures of my Grandson. What does he have to do with America other than being their youngest fan (even though he doesn't exactly know it yet)? So, even though someone may not appreciate your posts, the rest of us do so please keep them coming.


Message: 13188 Posted: Sun Aug 27 15:42:04 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Slight Correction

It should be, "You are driving people away, good people! People that we need on the folder to keep the America spirit alive and burning."

Message: 13187 Posted: Sun Aug 27 15:33:24 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: A Message From The Heart

Well, let's just put it all out on the table, shall we?

A week ago this past Wednesday, I logged on to the Live Chat, only to see that "someone" logged on using the nickname, "EnoughJohnny". Wow, what a real slap-in-the-face that was. As you can imagine, I was initially bewildered by that rude gesture. I didn't stay on much longer after seeing that. I know who he is. I am very disappointed that he would resort to such a low-blow. That incident came to mind when I posted my favorite America lyrics as, "No fortune pays for wounds like these."

On top of this, someone sent me an e-mail message Friday along the same lines that I just read today. I don't know who it is for sure because it was signed with three initials that I don't recognize. I won't post their initials for their sake; however, I will post their message so each of you can read it for yourself and will know why I will be absent from the folder. I assume the message is from the same person that used the nickname, "EnoughJohnny". Here is the message:

"Well Johnny, I could not help but notice your obvious absence from Aug. 17 - Aug. 24. About a week however, now I see you are back on in full splendor. What is it now, nine posts in two days????

Johnny, your constant ramblings on the folder are turning off quite a few people who have been around for a long time. I have heard a few prominent American Fans say they are no longer interested in the Chat Folder because it has evolved into the Johnny Yee Folder. I know for a fact that these individuals do not want to 'invoke' your right to free speech or your right to participate. So instead, they will no longer participate because they do not like the direction that the folder is taking. If you want to post a hundred off topic nonsensical messages on the folder, then that is your business, but be advised YOU are driving people that need on the folder to keep the America spirit alive and burning. XXX "

First of all, I'd like to say that it wasn't 9 posts in 2 days. It was 15 posts in 2 days! Get your facts straight, damn it!

Seriously all, if true, I really am sorry that I have "driven 'prominent' America fans away" as the writer of the message said. By the way, who are "prominent" America fans? It was never my intent to drive anyone away. To the contrary, I try to make everyone feel welcome and to get everyone involved in discussions, whether it be by asking trivia questions or asking fellow-fans to name their favorite song, etc. I just love the music that Dewey, Gerry, and Dan has given to us and can't help but be excited by it all. I especially apologize to Dewey and Gerry if my participation on the folder has adversely affected them. I appreciate them too much to ever intentionally do that. Therefore, I will take a back seat and lurk from there. You "few prominent fan" can now return.


Message: 13186 Posted: Sun Aug 27 14:10:00 2000 By: sylvain
Subject: America on vinyl

I am looking for the following items on vinyl:
King Biscuit Flower - live
Human Nature.

I have everything on CD but would like these on vinyl. Call me nuts but the covers and pictures I like bigger. Probably my aging eyes (LOL). They may be Australian imports.
Just got my Highway box last week. I play the whole thing every day. I have to say "Bravo Rhino" BUT there really was space for one more CD in the box. Oh well!!

Sylvain from the Great White North.

Message: 13185 Posted: Sun Aug 27 08:27:15 2000 By: gary
Subject: Houston Chronicle Review

The Houston Chronicle contained a review of the Highway Box Set in Sunday's paper. This is actually a good review considering that this newspaper's reviewers have not been very kind to classical/soft rock groups over the years.

The review can be found at the following link:



Message: 13184 Posted: Sun Aug 27 07:07:23 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Survival Gear

I'm wondering if we couldn't ask the Professor about that CD playing problem on the island? I have a feeling he could rig something out of coconut husks and a flashlight.....lololol At the very least Marianne could whip up a coconut cream pie and we'd all feel better for about 30 minutes!

TkH<------"Eee gads Lovey, a Harvard man.........."

Message: 13183 Posted: Sun Aug 27 07:03:59 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Teachers

Hey, no nasty comments here! You guys are the BEST! (C=
My husband also gets comments on getting "time off" during the year. I think if these commenters knew how much work gets crammed into the "abbreviated" year, they wouldn't say as much!!!! Ahhhhh, the vent has

TkH<---Pet peeve of the day? People who feel the need to employ head games.

Message: 13182 Posted: Sat Aug 26 22:53:46 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Fav cds

I would take the 2 CDs I burned of all my favorite Dewey songs.44 in all. From "Riverside" to "Wheels ". I wouldn't need anything else, well,.......... except maybe a CD player........Joe K

Message: 13181 Posted: Sat Aug 26 16:23:57 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Boston Concert

Hi all! Just wondering if anyone is going to the FleetCenter Pavillion Concert tomorrow night in Boston (Sunday 8/27)? I WANT to go, but CAN'T because SCHOOL starts on Monday...and life as I know it is over!!!!!!! (How's that for being overly dramatic?) My only consolation is that America will be playing in New England two more times in the I have something to look forward to!!!

Good luck to all the other teachers on this site...(Bones, Lisa)...WE are the TRUE SURVIVORS! (...and, please, no nasty comments from you non-teachers about how we get the whole summer's still not enough time to re-coup from last year!)

Message: 13180 Posted: Sat Aug 26 15:37:00 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Survivor

My two choices:

1.) Homecoming

2.) "Fumbling Towards Esctasy" by Sarah McLachlan

*Of course, I'd find a way to cheat and bring along EVERY CD by America and Sarah. :)


Message: 13179 Posted: Sat Aug 26 15:32:47 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Delaware concert review/ Lack of sleep

To all:
I will shortly post my review of the show in Delaware. It was the longest set that I ever heard America perform. The trouble is that I drove from New York to Delaware, then I had to go to work yesterday on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep AND go to a wedding on Friday. Needless to say, I am just a few steps shy of playing with my own drool. When I recover (probably tomorrow), I'll post my review.


Message: 13178 Posted: Sat Aug 26 13:13:43 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...

Thank you Margaret. I'm always looking for good music. I'll try that website later today. Just got home from an auction and am bushed.


Message: 13177 Posted: Sat Aug 26 08:22:19 2000 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Delaware concert review

To Andy
Anxiously awaiting your review of Thursday nights concert in Delaware. I was going to attend it but couldn't get off of work on Friday. I would have had a 3 1/2 hour drive after the show.Just want to know what I missed.Did you get to talk to them after the show?

Message: 13176 Posted: Sat Aug 26 07:11:58 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Obscure environmental lyric

AMber Cascades all over today....

Message: 13175 Posted: Sat Aug 26 07:02:05 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: ApoloGEEEEEEEEZ! (as in "enough already woman")

Looking back at the massive influx of Beech, I apologize! BUT I had a lot to catch up on, AND I didn't want to have to backtread TOOO far by doing in in multiple increments.....

TkH<-----who said cats are clean?

Message: 13174 Posted: Sat Aug 26 06:58:53 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Enviromental songs of america

I agree with Johnny on Seasons, BUT I also love Down To The Water
"White cap clouds dance in the sunlight, Purple fishes watch and show you some of their delight"

TkH<-----BP 190/167 you mean I HAVE TO VACCUUM???????? UGH!

Message: 13173 Posted: Sat Aug 26 06:54:31 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: favorite lyric

Eyes holdin' back the tears that they've held for years......

TkH<----BP 128/78. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Message: 13172 Posted: Sat Aug 26 06:49:07 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Co-inkydinks?

I believe the term you'll find most describes this is Syncronicity!

TkH<----2 for 1 Ice House helps post flight stress NICELY!!!!!! (C=

Message: 13171 Posted: Sat Aug 26 06:47:16 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hit Song & Worst Song

Good post, Suat!

Tin Man


TkH<------just over the flight. BP was 178/137

Message: 13170 Posted: Sat Aug 26 06:45:38 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Survivor

Hourglass (one of the 10 best mixed, produced and engineered CD's I have heard)


Self Titled-John Taylor (Hey don't snicker ((if you know ME)) it's REALLY REALLY GOOD!)

Message: 13169 Posted: Sat Aug 26 05:02:42 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: america

thanks for your fav.songs because i can not decide but i am familiar with all of you . By the way i just one think, to see them in concert in istanbul turkey (or even near turkey ,greece,maybe somewhere in europe if you can help me about the program i am so glad)

i wanna know something(as always) i am 30 years old and i wanna know is there any similar groups like america(i know it is not possible )maybe some local groups . i also listen and love Eagles ,toto,foreigner,counting crowes,boston.etc.

have a good day from istanbul turkey

pc if you got ask something about turkey please let me know i am so happy to try to answer

Message: 13168 Posted: Fri Aug 25 23:30:16 2000 By: Margaret
Subject: Australian bands

I'll get in early from Australia. There is only one America! There is a very good Australian band (with acoustic guitars and harmonies) called Karma County. Our daughter is a big fan. They have just returned from England, Europe & America. They have a website that I was unable to access just a few minutes ago. It is We have seen them a couple of times and they are very good.During the Olympics there will be open air concerts at several locations around Sydney and Karma County will be playing at one of them.

Message: 13167 Posted: Fri Aug 25 21:41:24 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: steve's photos

Nice Photo's Steve!, just wondering..... Did you get to meet Arnold Palmer also? (one of my golf "Hero's"!)
Can't really think of lyrics, but if I was stuck on an Island, it would have to be HourGlass & America's 1st album (take that one EVERYTIME when I'm Camping, at the cabin(lake), outdoors, etc)
My wife watches that show, I work afternoons, so I have NO CLUE what the heck she's talking about, Oh, along w/Hourglass & America, I would take Mary Ann & Ginger! (ha, ha, Sorry, put in 13 hrs. today, feel kind of "crazy"!)

Message: 13166 Posted: Fri Aug 25 17:28:53 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Enviromental songs of america

Dennis, there are so many great environmental songs by America. I like this one:

Sun radiates gold infrarays
Time to prepare for the fall
Harvest the corn, watch for the storm
Soon we will hear winter call

(Dewey's "Seasons")

Message: 13165 Posted: Fri Aug 25 17:24:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Music...Spurs...

Jeff, I can answer the question you asked Spurs. ABSOLUTELY NONE...none in the whole universe!!! : 0)

Message: 13164 Posted: Fri Aug 25 16:39:35 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...Spurs...

LIKE A BROTHER is a nice cd. WATCHING THE TIME is a nice song.

I have a question for Spurs in Australia... Spurs, are there any bands in Australia that compare to AMERICA? Acoustic guitars, harmonies, etc.


Message: 13163 Posted: Fri Aug 25 14:08:50 2000 By: dennis
Subject: Enviromental songs of america

What songs of america are the most enviromental? First that comes to mind is Horse with no morning?one with the wind on the hillside? What do you other fans think?How about Gerry and Dewey?What do they think? We gotta hope when gonna win the fight! Happy Trails,Dennis Proffitt,Goldeneaglevideo Http://

Message: 13162 Posted: Fri Aug 25 10:46:53 2000 By: RichM
Subject: favorite lyric

Favorite lyrics:
"Millions of people alone in the dark, awaiting a moment of hope..." (unfortunately this lyric is way too true)

Desert island albums: Homecoming and "Girlfriend" by Matthew Sweet

I think Johnny mentioned in a prior post Daryl Hall's "Soul Alone" CD. I think that is a great CD that didn't get the attention it deserved. You don't have to be a H & O fan to like it.

Message: 13161 Posted: Fri Aug 25 08:46:27 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: favorite lyrics & Survival

Lyrics: "Black crow with an indigo glow on the highway"
Survival: "Hourglass" (Opps I forgot "America" was in the jewel case) and "Supernatural"
Favorite Song: "Here" I've really been enjoying Dan's lead guitar this week. Next week it will be something else.
Least Favorite song: "Overwhelming World", if I had perspective I'd chose a song off it based on FAN sentiment.

Message: 13160 Posted: Fri Aug 25 08:45:12 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re: favorite lyrics

favorite lyrics from the superior intellectual genius (just kidding):

"Wrapped in a blanket, lyin' in the snow
Feelin' like the men felt a long time ago
Goin' to find me a home, goin' to build it with my hands
Can't you see there's food to be grown
Got to dig up, dig up the land"

I dont know if these are my all time favorites....but I do like the way they were just kinda thrown in at the end of the song....Im sure you know the song...

Message: 13159 Posted: Fri Aug 25 08:25:29 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: favorite lyrics


Message: 13158 Posted: Fri Aug 25 08:15:50 2000 By: kiri
Subject: favorite lyrics

too many to choose from!

"Don't let the features you read control the tickets you buy..."

"Made a sign 'bove your doorway, to show I care..."

"I can't unread the pages I've already read..."

Message: 13157 Posted: Fri Aug 25 07:18:48 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Favorite lyrics

You two are so celestial!
Moon Song
Ain't no Sunshine
I guess that's the same wavelength, because There "ain't no sunshine" when the moon is out.

Message: 13156 Posted: Fri Aug 25 07:12:09 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Faves & survivor

my fave, at the moment....Here
my least fave....Hidden Talent

survival kit...Human Nature (even with H.T.) and The Roaring Silence by Manfred Mann's Earth Band

sorry about not attending any chats for awhile but it's been hectic around here with the start of school and finishing up end of summer projects

Message: 13155 Posted: Fri Aug 25 07:09:13 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: favorite lyrics

My favorite lyrics:

"... I know-ah-know-ah-know-ah-know-ah-know-ah-know-ah-know...."

(can you guess which song?)

Message: 13154 Posted: Fri Aug 25 03:53:26 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: favorite lyrics

My favorite lyrics:

"... and you, and you, and you, and you, and you."

(can you guess which song?)

Message: 13153 Posted: Fri Aug 25 03:49:07 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: steve's photos

Thanks Steve for sharing the photos. It's obvious that you had a great time.

Leaky; your taste in music demonstrates that you are a superior intellectual genius! (lol) :)

Message: 13152 Posted: Thu Aug 24 21:35:09 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: favorite

favorites .... "Young Moon" & "Sometimes Lovers"
least favorite .... "Lady w/ A Bluebird" (my daughter's favorite)

Message: 13151 Posted: Thu Aug 24 20:43:19 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Lyrics and Other Things

Regarding joining the live chat, thanks just the same Mark and Robyn. My favorite lyrics reveal why, "No fortune pays for wounds like these."

Steve, the pictures look great! Thanks for putting them on. I wish picture #7 was Gerry, Johnny (Y. instead of Bench), and Dewey. :0 ) Steve, your autographed "Highway" book looks GREAT! I like it when Gerry and Dewey also write "America" along with their name. What a wonderful message Gerry and Dewey wrote!!!!

Andy, you'll be reading this after the concert. Hope you had a great time. No doubt you did. Hey, it's at Dewey's place, right? At his beach, I believe. It would be great if they played "Even The Score" at this one, right?

Message: 13150 Posted: Thu Aug 24 20:03:22 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Park City Photos

I have posted the photos from the Park City gig which include pictures of Gerry and Dewey (and me) with Johnny Bench. The concert photos didn't come out the best, but the backstage ones are pretty good. Thanks again to Gerry and Dewey for allowing me to be there.

Message: 13149 Posted: Thu Aug 24 20:02:41 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: lyrics

"The Pump don't work..." is from "Subterrannean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan.

Message: 13148 Posted: Thu Aug 24 19:52:33 2000 By: msmith
Subject: lyrics

tom peek's favorite lyrics are "the pump don't work cuz the vandals stole the handles". don't know what song that came from but don't think it's an america song. so what are your favorite america lyrics? we can all test our america i.q. to see if we know what song the lyrics come from. i'll get the ball rolling with what i think are mine..."whistling songs like steam from the kettle carry silence like driftwood that rides on the tide"...

Message: 13147 Posted: Thu Aug 24 19:50:12 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: chat

come back I'm headed there now

Message: 13146 Posted: Thu Aug 24 19:45:11 2000 By: msmith
Subject: best song/worst song

favorite song--three roses.
worst song--that muskrat song, or as robyn would say "not my favorite", or as gary would say "that song sux".

Message: 13145 Posted: Thu Aug 24 19:39:01 2000 By: msmith
Subject: chat

robyn, i've been in chat room twice, but it was empty.

Message: 13144 Posted: Thu Aug 24 19:01:19 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: This and that and chat

I plead stupidity! I didn't read the question!!

Anyone chatting tonite? It's dead in there!

Message: 13143 Posted: Thu Aug 24 17:45:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: This & That

Jim R, you're scaring us! Incredible, what you mentioned!! I haven't heard "Rocky Mountain High" in years. I loved that song. I played that album and "Homecoming" to death one after the other way back then. When I hear "Country Roads," it always makes me laugh. It's the part about "Mountin' Mama". Oops, I mean "Mountain Mama".

I see what Leaky and Robyn are trying to do. They're both attempting to stay on the island by sneaking the first America LP and Homecoming instead of Hourglass or Human Nature. They're trying to increase their odds through favoritism with those two albums. That's quite clever actually!

Jim, you're in big trouble strapped to that horse. I guess it's, "Whoa boy or whoa girl." By the way, I heard "Horse" on the radio today.

Message: 13142 Posted: Thu Aug 24 15:20:41 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Co-inkydinks?

How's this for coincidental happenings:

On my trip to Rochester (MN) for a baseball tournament last weekend, I stopped into a Long John Silver's immediately after my four-hour drive. All the way there, I had been listening to Vols. 1, 2 and 3 of John Denver's "Greatest Hits." On the way back to Waukesha, I planned to listen to America's "Highway" (and I did). While I was at the restaurant polishing off some chicken planks, the PA speaker graciously played "Don't Cross the River." The next song was "Rocky Mountain High." America and John Denver back to back. What're the odds?

After our brief discussion last week regarding Julian Lennon, I set Julian's "Valotte" CD in my car so that I could listen to it this week. While I was in K-Mart last night, I perused the music department. In between the "BONG, Help is needed in Layaway" interruptions, the store's speakers played "Ventura Highway" and then immediately followed it with Valotte's "Too Late for Goodbyes." America and Julian Lennon back to back. Mental note to self: Call X-Files. I think I've crossed into the Twilight Zone.

Jim R.

Message: 13141 Posted: Thu Aug 24 15:05:25 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Hit Song & Worst Song

My fave: "A Horse with No Name" (the remixed "History" version).
My least fave (more politically correct than "most hated"): "Your Move"

I know, I apologize, some of you like that song and consider it single material. So saddle me to a horse with no name, slap 'im on the butt, and watch as I try to tell him to slow down by calling his name. "Whoa, er, whatsyourname!"

Jim R.

Message: 13140 Posted: Thu Aug 24 14:52:55 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Survivor

Johnny, your sadistic.

Mine would be "Human Nature" (only because I would have to have the most recent album with me, not because it is better than "Hourglass") and John Lennon's "Imagine." ("Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can.") Imagine, I'm on an island with so many greed-minded people, each seeking $1 million. How long do you think I'd survive with that song and album tapping on everyone's conscience.

Jim R.

Message: 13139 Posted: Thu Aug 24 14:23:05 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: off subject

I thought that I would share with you my little space in cyberspace "The Leakycanoe Review"

Created due to my love of music and life and my desire to share good music and things to do with my friends. The focus is on Riverside County California, so if you live here or if you are visiting you might wish to check out "The Leakycanoe Review".

Message: 13138 Posted: Thu Aug 24 13:58:04 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: HIT SONG&WORST SONG and survivor

Hit-- Ventura Highway

Miss--Your Move ( you"ll notice I did not mention a certain song about amorous rodents, I figure mezamiz really won't be speaking to me if I do!!!)



and the Beatles Rubber Soul

Message: 13137 Posted: Thu Aug 24 10:00:54 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re: Survivor

Pat......what a great album "Somewhere Ive never travelled"..I had forgot about that album...I think I will dig it out tonight construct the peramid album cover and give it a listen....Ambrosia is a very talented island albums would be Somewhere Ive never travelled and America's first album....

Message: 13136 Posted: Thu Aug 24 09:50:15 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hit Song and Worst Song

I dunno, Johnny. I humbly disagree with your take on EVEN THE SCORE. I personally love it, and the rare version of AMERICA performing it on the Tom Snyder show (1980 or 1981??) is an awesome treat.

As for my favourite: HAT TRICK

Least favourite: Anything from Perspective

That's it! I'm off to Delaware now !!! I'll report back about the show.


Message: 13135 Posted: Thu Aug 24 08:58:11 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Refresh Button

Thanks Steve. I knew you would know the cause and the remedy if anyone did. I suspected it was due to the new banner but I didn't wanna give it the "credit".

Message: 13134 Posted: Thu Aug 24 08:48:43 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Refresh Button

Johnny, the problem you're having with the refresh button taking you back to the home page is a result of the banner that King Biscuit added to the main home page of the America Fans web site. It only happens if you access the Chat Folder FROM the main home page. To get around it, set a bookmark (favorite) to the following URL and access the Chat Folder directly rather than going via the main home page.

Message: 13133 Posted: Thu Aug 24 08:41:37 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Goldmine Magazine

Jim (or anyone else), is there any chance you can scan the ad and e-mail it to me so I can post it for everyone else to see?

Message: 13132 Posted: Thu Aug 24 08:06:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hit Song and Worst Song

Suat, that's a mighty tough question you asked but I made a selection.

Most Favorite Song: "Sister Golden Hair"

Least Favorite: I agree with Pat, "Even The Score". I'm sorry Dewey.

Last night, I saw an episode of "Real TV" that showed a muskrat biting a man's hand and the commentary was, "This is definitely not a case of "Muskrat Love".

Is it just me or is it happening to any others? Now when I hit the "refresh" button while in/on the chat folder, it knocks me back to the home page.

Message: 13131 Posted: Thu Aug 24 07:08:12 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Acoustic Guitar edition magazine

I suspect that HORSE uses an alternate tuning, but I might be mistaken. Anyway, if the magazine would have elaborated about that, I'd have gladly bought it.

According to Dewey in Highway: 30 years, "I tuned the A string way down to an E and found this little chord, and I just moved my fingers back and forth, and the entire song came from basically three chords."

My interpretation of this, after reading Dewey's comments and watching the Horse with no name CD, is slightly different than the chord page, but sounds similar. Dewey plays the three chords over and over, while Gerry and Dan play a different chord set over it starting at "The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz". Email me if your interested in my interpretation.

Message: 13130 Posted: Thu Aug 24 05:20:07 2000 By: Mark

Favorite song:
Ventura Highway

Worst song:
See How The Love Goes

Message: 13129 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:46:32 2000 By: Pat B.

Personal Favorite:
To Each His Own

Personal Unfavorites:
Only Game In Town (outside)
Even The Score (inside)

Message: 13128 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:18:16 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Survivor

Human Nature - America

Somewhere I've Never Travelled - Ambrosia

ps; (I also have not watched a single episode of Survivor!)

Message: 13127 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:09:34 2000 By: SUAT

Hi everyone,
i want to ask you which song do you like best in america's song and the worst song , i wonder if people have same opinion or not
by the way thanks to jim nakao for the guitar picks( i cant find it in istanbul)

have a good day from istanbul/turkey

Message: 13126 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:08:33 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Goldmine Magazine

hey folks,
May I direct your attention to the latest issue of "Goldmine magazine (with Hendrix on the cover). Check out the very center of the magazine...King Biscuit has a two page ad featuring a vintage picture of our boys...along with a plug for "Human Nature"

Message: 13125 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:07:22 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Acoustic Guitar edition magazine

Have you not refered to the chord section found in the AMERICA fans' page? I have found the chords to Horse to be reasonably accurate. No alternate (ala Jimmy Page) tuning required.

     Em:   ( E B E G  B E )        D6/F#:   ( F# X D A B F# )
             1 5 1 b3 5 1                     3    1 5 6 3

Message: 13124 Posted: Thu Aug 24 03:05:36 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Survivor


Message: 13123 Posted: Wed Aug 23 22:14:53 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Delaware Show

Well folks, I'm all set to drive down from Long Island to Delaware to see the greatest music group ever to grace us.:) Who else is going??? I will have my copy of the HAT TRICK song book for the band to sign! See y'all later.


Message: 13122 Posted: Wed Aug 23 22:11:51 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Acoustic Guitar edition magazine

Hey everyone, in this month's edition of Acoustic Guitar Magazine,
One of the songs they break out in tablature for guitars is
"A Horse With No Name." Start practicing."

Howard, I thought about buying that magazine, but decided against it. I suspect that HORSE uses an alternate tuning, but I might be mistaken. Anyway, if the magazine would have elaborated about that, I'd have gladly bought it.


Message: 13121 Posted: Wed Aug 23 17:50:43 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Survivor

With the last episode of "Survivor" being aired tonight (personally haven't watched one show), let's say you are one of the survivors and are allowed to take only two CDs with you. What are your choices?

One has to be either "Hourglass" or "Human Nature" and the other can be any artist other than Gerry or Dan.

My choices are "Human Nature" and Daryl Hall's "Soul Alone".

Message: 13120 Posted: Wed Aug 23 13:56:06 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Homecoming

Actually I think it might just be the first album and Homecoming packaged together. In the artist collumn it lists America, then right beside it in the title column it has AMERICA/HOMECOMING.

Message: 13119 Posted: Wed Aug 23 13:19:48 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Homecoming

Hmmm... This sounds like the same label that released "Horse With No Name" where the 1st CD was video and contained 4 songs. The 2nd CD had about 10 songs - all 'demo-quality' i.e. live, in-the-studio performances, no audience. I believe the label was "Sound Master"

Message: 13118 Posted: Wed Aug 23 12:47:03 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 5 years ago today

Have a great time at the concert Pat! We look forward to hearing about your experience. With a little luck, you'll get Gerry's autograph.

Message: 13117 Posted: Wed Aug 23 07:34:35 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Page Banner

A banner by the host is a small price to pay for being able to access Steve's web page! Stop your whining!

Message: 13116 Posted: Wed Aug 23 04:25:04 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: 5 years ago today

Hi; 5 years ago today, I saw AMERICA perform at rye playland in New York. The concert was fantastic. After the show I met Dewey, shook his hand, got his autograph, and had the opportunity to tell him how much AMERICA's music meant to me. And also tell him how great Hourglass was. In 2 days I get to see them again in Wallingford Connecticut. Yes; I'm very excited! Maybe this time I can get Gerry's autograph.

Thanks for letting me share this with you folks!

Message: 13115 Posted: Tue Aug 22 21:26:04 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Page Banner

I'm actually answering two questions here. First of all to Kevin, yes you can get rid of the King Biscuit banner. Instead of going to /america/ which brings up the default page, go directly to /america/index.htm and it will bypass the frames that they have set up. I know it's annoying but they are hosting the web site and they can pretty much do whatever they want. As long as we don't make too much noise about it and simply use the trick I described above, I think we'll be OK.

The second question was asked by Mike. It had to do with the first server to host the America Fans web site. I've often meant to write a brief history of the America Fans web site and someday I still may do it. But let me give you a Reader's Digest version here.

I started the America Fans web site in 1996 as an experiment so I could learn how to do HTML. It was part of my job at Corel so they allowed me to use their server. In 1998 Corel closed their Utah office and laid off all 500+ employees. They also shut down the server which left the web site offline for about a week. That was just before the release of Human Nature and a critical time to have the web site operational. Both Rick Wahlgren (who was the webmaster for the original America web site and the Horse With No Name web site) and Karen DiGesu (who worked for Oxygen Records) offered to let me use their servers for the America Fans web site. I decided to use the Oxygen server because I believed it would show the support that the record label had for the band. The fact that they're still hosting it today shows me that they're still behind the band 100%.

Someday I'll give you the long version of the story. It's really quite interesting.


Message: 13114 Posted: Tue Aug 22 20:26:47 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Page Banner

I saw the King-Biscuit banner one session last week, but it went away on my next session. I can handle it for one session a week. More than that could get annoying. The advertising may help pay for the use of thier server. In any case, I'd hate to come to the FAN site only to find it completely shut down. From early chat folder posts I understand Oxygen was not the first server to host this FAN site. Were any of you around when the previous host shut the America FAN site down ?

Message: 13113 Posted: Tue Aug 22 19:42:12 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Is there any way to get rid of the annoying King Biscuit banner?

Glad to learn that A-T Microphones are used by the King Biscuit Flower Hour. It's funny because I was wondering about that this morning.

Message: 13112 Posted: Tue Aug 22 18:18:57 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Is there any way to get rid of the annoying King Biscuit banner?

Please, someone who's internet savvy, tell me how to bypass that King Biscuit shit at the top of the page.


Message: 13111 Posted: Tue Aug 22 17:46:06 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Grandson Alert

Hey Grandpa! You have ALOT to be proud of, what a good looking boy!!!!!

Message: 13110 Posted: Tue Aug 22 16:58:24 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Page Banner

steve whats up with the banner on the web page (King Biscuit

Message: 13109 Posted: Tue Aug 22 10:50:59 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Grandson Alert

Darn. When I saw the "Play Ball" link tag, I thought I might see the little guy dressed in a mini Salt Lake City Buzz uniform. Heck, if that were the case, he could be called up by the Twins any day now!

Jim R.

Message: 13108 Posted: Tue Aug 22 10:47:13 2000 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re: Grandson Alert

Great pictures have a good reason for being a proud grandparent.....

Message: 13107 Posted: Tue Aug 22 09:24:26 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Grandson Alert

Trent just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'll bet you're having a ball with him. Keep the photos coming.

Message: 13106 Posted: Tue Aug 22 05:39:34 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Grandson Alert

Steve... What a cutie your grandson is! The beach photo was the best!
Keep sharing!

Message: 13105 Posted: Mon Aug 21 21:40:58 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Grandson Trent

18 months? Weren't you just announcing his birth a few weeks ago? Yikes, but time flies.
Please keep putting them on the folder, and, as you say in your message, if anyone isn't interested, they can skip them.
Many of us enjoy them.
Have a good week, everybody, especially Grandpa Steve!
ShariL <><

Message: 13104 Posted: Mon Aug 21 20:56:52 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: grandson alert ..

Great pictures, Steve! Our son just turned 18 months last week ..
gotta be the cutest age!!

Message: 13103 Posted: Mon Aug 21 19:48:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Off Topic - Grandson Alert

Well, things have been a little slow on the chat folder lately and I've received a few queries about my grandson, Trent, so here goes. He just turned 18 months old and I've got a few photographs to share. Those of you (the majority, I presume) who don't really care, can skip to the next message but the others can click on the links below to see the photos. Thanks for putting up with my grandfatherhood.

Ready for the beach
Sitting tall
Play ball

Message: 13102 Posted: Mon Aug 21 15:17:19 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Washington Post

Maybe we should tell the good folks at the Washington Post that if they don't print our response that we'll go to the WASHINGTON TIMES with the scoop!


Message: 13101 Posted: Mon Aug 21 11:16:26 2000 By: Deb
Subject: Regarding....ooops

Ok ok....its ALAN..not Allan...LOL

Message: 13100 Posted: Mon Aug 21 11:12:29 2000 By: Deb
Subject: Rearding ......Willis Allan Ramsey

Ok. I can't help it, I used to be a teacher..the proper word would be REGARDING......its been driving me mental...sorry.

Message: 13099 Posted: Sun Aug 20 12:49:29 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?

Thanks Stevo for the Honered CD links. Very interesting.

Message: 13098 Posted: Sun Aug 20 09:43:28 2000 By: Howard Lieboff




Message: 13097 Posted: Sun Aug 20 08:46:19 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re Wash. Post

It seems that the critics have never forgiven America for knocking their beloved Neil out of the top spot in 1972. Neil Young is a great guitarist and songwriter but his voice has never held a candle to Dewey Bunnell. LISTEN ALL CRITICS .......ITS THE MUSIC STUPID!!!!
As to Neil Young I am a southern man and a southern man dont need him around anyhow..................Joe K

Message: 13096 Posted: Sun Aug 20 07:44:20 2000 By: Robert Burgess

For what ever its worth i sent a letter to the Washington Post editor this morning. I do not know if it will get printed but i felt i needed to make my (our) comments heard about the AMERICA article. Unlike the person who did the review i tried to be fair in my comments. I will let you know if it makes the paper.

Message: 13095 Posted: Sat Aug 19 16:05:17 2000 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hi all

Hi everyone!

My cousin has graciously let me on his computer for a short break, so I decided to "catch up" on the past month,,,,,,YIKES! What a task. I quit after back peddeling only 8 days......Guess I'll have to do a lot more reading on the 25th! I'll probably spend the WHOLE DAY trying to catch up on the reading on this folder alone!!! LOL

Hope everyone's August has gone "swimmingly", Michigan in August this year has been GLORIOUS! It's been in the 70's almost the entire time!

Have a good one all, see you later!
TkH<---one more flight to go....sigh!

Message: 13094 Posted: Fri Aug 18 19:57:42 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?

This is Donetta Hess writing here(John Corbett's girlfriend and I am using his userID for now) I would like to say YES! I HAVE HEARD WILLIS ALAN RAMSEY'S "Muskrat Love"! Like Steve, I first heard it off of the Honored Volume 1CD, I enjoyed Ramsey's style and voice so much that I purchased his only Album-"WILLIS ALAN RAMSEY". And believe it or not, it is on my top favorites list! If you like southern-folk classic rock, I believe you all would appreciate his smooth style and entertaining effort! It's fairly easy to get at most Tower Records or even online.
I must say, also here, that I am very proud and "honored" as well to be the girlfriend of John Corbett. His love and devotion for America, sometimes makes me envious! :) But I happen to share this interest, too. AMERICA albums are heavily played between the both of us!
If you really want to spice up your AMERICA collection, the HONORED VOLUMES will portray just how popular and loved AMERICA'S songs have been.

Message: 13093 Posted: Fri Aug 18 14:30:14 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?

I hadn't heard Ramsey's version until I got hold of John Corbett's Honored Volume 1 CD. That CD also has the original versions of Head and Heart (John Martyn) and California Dreamin' (The Mamas and the Papas). The rest of the CD contains covers of America's songs. If you go to the preceding link you'll find a description of all the songs on it plus RealAudio soundclips for all the songs (including Ramsey's original "Muskrat Candlelight"). John has also released an Honored Volume 2 CD which has the original versions of Right Before Your Eyes (Ian Thomas) and Cast The Spirit (Russ Ballard). Volume 2 is filled up with more covers of America's songs and Dan Peek's Christian version of Lonely People.

Message: 13092 Posted: Fri Aug 18 09:07:08 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Hi ya'll

Just checking in..lucky you party crasher! ;-) John, I sent you an e-mail..just in case you are wondering where it came from..answer when you can.
Life is uneventful these days..spent the weekend in Kansas City (yawn), or maybe I just went to the wrong places..
Really enjoying Highway, and Robyn you must re-program your thinking..think I can I can I can..then do without groceries for the week. :-) You know it would be worth it. See ya's..

Message: 13091 Posted: Fri Aug 18 06:34:11 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Acoustic Guitar edition magazine

Hey everyone, in this month's edition of Acoustic Guitar Magazine,
One of the songs they break out in tablature for guitars is
"A Horse With No Name." Start practicing.

Message: 13090 Posted: Fri Aug 18 04:45:02 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?

No Johnny, I have never heard Mr. Ramsey's original version. My 1st experience of this song was with the Hat Trick album. I thought the guys wrote it before I eventually checked the credits. I never enjoyed the Kaptain and Toenail's version. Would be interesting to hear the original though.

Message: 13089 Posted: Fri Aug 18 03:06:02 2000 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Homecoming

I went to this they had a 2CD version of "Homecoming" listed. It's an import from France. I wasn't able to click on it for more info. Does anyone know anything about this? I really don't know how much stock to put in this site anyway since they also had "Alibi" listed with Dan Peek (spelled "Peck") as a member.

Message: 13088 Posted: Thu Aug 17 20:10:21 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Pasadena

I called the number that jimnak posted. it is for major venues only. They suggest the web site. I found that the prices for tickets start at $49.50. I am afraid I cannot afford to go. Ah well, thanks for the info anyway jim!

Message: 13087 Posted: Thu Aug 17 18:30:13 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat?

Anyone going to chat this evening? I was just in the room. It was empty ( except for me)

Message: 13086 Posted: Thu Aug 17 18:28:19 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?


Message: 13085 Posted: Thu Aug 17 17:35:57 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Rearding Willis Alan Ramsey...Have You Or Have You Not?

Since we've recently been talking about 'Muskrat Love," I'm curious to know who has and who has not heard the original version of the song sung by Willis Alan Ramsey?

I can't remember whether or not Ramsey performed it as the warm-up performer at a Hall & Oates concert I attended years ago. He is such a strong contrast to H&O's music that I was surprised he was selected as their warm-up performer.

Message: 13084 Posted: Thu Aug 17 16:45:59 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: new show - Pasadena CA.

Robyn & all AMERICA fans:
They are selling tiks thru Ticketmaster 213-365-6300 also available at Tower Records, Robinsons/May, Wherehouse, etc..
Hope that helps. AMERICA live !!

Message: 13083 Posted: Thu Aug 17 10:18:03 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

So how does a private gig come about? Did someone, or some organization, invite all these celebrities to a big party, and then "hire a band," so to speak. Too cool that you were there, Steve. What was the atmosphere like? Any different than other concerts you've been to?

Good question, Jim. I'll try to answer it briefly here.

First of all, this private concert was part of the Senior PGA tournament at Park City. Novell (where I happen to work) is the major sponsor of the event and one of the activities of the week long event is a stand up buffet with awards, celebrities, and a band. Several months ago a fellow who used to work for Novell called me and asked me if I could get America to come play at the event. He knew me from the America Fans web site and from the Orem, Utah concert last year. I put him in touch with America's agency and then "lovingly" encouraged the band and the agency to work something out. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I found out that the concert was actually scheduled. Normally I wouldn't have known about it because I'm not given the list of private concerts (only public ones). However, the agency (fortuitiously) slipped on this one and included it with the regular concerts. I quickly informed them of the error and it was removed, but at least I knew about it. I worked with the agency and the band after that to get in.

The atmosphere was very intimate. It was a small room with a couple hundred or so people. Spread around the room were high standing tables where people could sit their drinks or their plates with food from buffets that were situated around the room. As the band was playing most people were paying attention but some were talking. The people toward the front of the room had a great view of the band. I was only a couple of feet from the stage. In the front-center of the room near the stage people kept coming and going so they could dance to the music. Johnny Bench was dancing there when he decided to hop on the stage and join the guys.

Was the concert different than others? Yes and no. It was different in that not everyone there had come to see America, but I believe that most everyone enjoyed them once they started playing. However, it was the same as other concerts in that America put their heart and soul into the performance. They are truly professionals. Whether they are playing for 200 or 20,000, they give it their all. I spoke with Brad backstage a few minutes before the concert began and it was obvious that he wasn't feeling very well. But, when he got on the stage he performed great like he always does, not giving any clue that he didn't feel well.

As we all know, these guys are great!

Message: 13082 Posted: Thu Aug 17 07:11:31 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: new show - Pasadena CA.

Jim-- do you have more info than that. Where is it and where do I get tickets? Pasadinky is just over the hill from me!

Message: 13081 Posted: Thu Aug 17 07:04:49 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rhino contest

you are most welcome Mike and Congratulations to you and all the other winners!

Message: 13080 Posted: Thu Aug 17 06:37:28 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Washington Post "review"


I couldn't agree more with your comments about reviewers. As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Every society, from academics to writers to politicos, has certain rules regarding who's in and who's out, sort of like a professional rush season. To get in, you must worship the correct idols, and denigrate the proper villains. (Remember Goldstein from Orwell's "1984"?) In music, the Beatles are gods, "Stairway To Heaven" is the best song ever made, the '80s sucked and the '90s were great, and so on. Soft-pop is considered to be a commercial sell-out of the movement popularized by the Kingston Trio, then fine-tuned by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. America is seen as the creation of corporations like Warner Bros. trying to cash in on a commerically-viable rip-off. Since reviewers must prove that they like cutting-edge music to be relevant, they must make the obligatory criticisms of America's music. America is a rip-off, see, because "A Horse With No Name" sounded like Neil Young, no matter what their other 200 songs sounded like over the past thirty years. Writing a damning review of America is sort of a coming-of-age experience for the novice reviewer out to prove his musical taste to his contemporaries.

When I worked at a Waldenbooks here in Colorado, I came across a book called "The 100 Worst Records Of All-Time". I had a chuckle or two until I came across "America's Greatest Hits". They conceded in the book that the main criticism was that they couldn't understand what an alligator lizard was. Geez! Get a life, people! Some of the records in that book truly deserved to be there, but after that, I never bothered reading it again. It's like seeing a Ferrari being lumped in with the Edsels and Pintos of the world.


Message: 13079 Posted: Thu Aug 17 05:46:17 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Rhino contest

Thanks Robyn for reminding me about that Rhino contest and letting me know I was a first place winner. Checked my Email and sure enough Sonja Smith at Rhino said she was sending me a signed Box set and Poster. Yes Johnny, winning Rhino's first prize ain't no bad consolation after missing the private gig.

Message: 13078 Posted: Wed Aug 16 21:48:32 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: new show - Pasadena CA.

A new show recently added (Stevo, this may not have flowed to you yet for the schedule, probably soon):
Thursday 9/7 at 7pm in Pasadena California. AMERICA shares the bill w/their pals Air Supply. See AMERICA live at Memorial Park Open Air Theatre in Pasadena CA.

Message: 13077 Posted: Wed Aug 16 20:45:37 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Winning "Highway"

Congrats Richard C!

We all still have a chance to win a copy of "Highway" on Dan's website. It ends the last day of this month.

Wouldn't that be extra win an autographed one from Dan then to have Gerry and Dewey add their autograph to it! Wow!!!

Maybe I shouldn't be reminding you all. I'm lessening my odds of winning. (LOL)

Message: 13076 Posted: Wed Aug 16 20:15:36 2000 By: Richard C
Subject: oops,cant spell "clame"

Sorry I have 3 weeks till school starts- I wanted to write "claim".

Message: 13075 Posted: Wed Aug 16 20:11:44 2000 By: Richard C
Subject: I Won with America and Rhino

I was just reading the chats when I saw my name as a first place winner. I then checked my e-mail,WOW! I already bought the box set, and I was waiting until i would see America again for a signature, but I understand It is signed by my favorite group. My wife wants to clame the other box for her car. My five year old twins are really into America. It all started with FAMT,then the Wizard of Oz song,etc.
They really love Town and Country,Magic, and The Border. It goes to show us parents that children are really listening in the car and around the house when we don't think they are.I mentioned to Dewey last month after a concert that my girls loved Town and Country. He was modest and said" oh thats a easy and simple song." It is a great feeling to share my favorite band with my children! Thanks again America!

Now for my shot at the jerk at the Post. Its funny how he listed the 2 #1 songs at the beginning of his article. I wonder how many #1 hits or hit songs this guy has. It is frustrating to have to take cheap shots from an incompetent writer, but we can only take it where it is coming from!

Message: 13074 Posted: Wed Aug 16 19:19:24 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Jeff

I was at Port Hueneme in 1975. However, except for a short stint with nmcb 74 on Diego Garcia, most of my time was spent with fleet types on island bases called NAVFACS. good luck to your brother.


Message: 13073 Posted: Wed Aug 16 17:52:57 2000 By: kiri
Subject: jeff

for your curiosity - my brother is currently a seabee at port hueneme

Message: 13072 Posted: Wed Aug 16 17:50:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "You Ain't Nothing But A..."

I saw on Rhino's website under "Today In Rhino History" that Elvis died 23 years ago today. KevinS, what a coincidence regarding your mention of, "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog". You'll probably never mention it again in the next twenty years.

Message: 13071 Posted: Wed Aug 16 17:37:27 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Mike B and Rhino's Prize

Mike Bunn, although you weren't at the private gig, winning Rhino's first prize ain't no bad consolation. (Can you all tell that I like "Tin Man"and "Horse"?)

Message: 13070 Posted: Wed Aug 16 17:17:12 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Washington Post

Reading that review reminded me of a quote my father read to me many years ago:

"I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your review before me. In a moment it shall be behind me."
- - - Max Reger (letter to critic Rudolph Louis, 1906)

Message: 13069 Posted: Wed Aug 16 16:40:55 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music

I really like the song NOW SUE...especially the GO MAN GO version. I'd like to hear it backwards so as to hear another version of TIL THE SUN COMES UP AGAIN.

...Going to a Bluegrass festival Friday. Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver are going to be there. They're the band that covered DON'T CROSS THE RIVER.

Besides me, are there any ex-Seabees on the folder? Just curious.

Message: 13068 Posted: Wed Aug 16 16:28:59 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Rhino contest

Here's the list as posted on the web page. There are some familiar names there ( mine is NOT among them!)
Richard Cavallo of E. Meadow, NY
Patricia Link of Northboro, MA
Michael Bunn of West Jordan ,UT
Dave Benson of Glendale ,AZ
Daniel Charleston of Escondido ,CA
Lorin Cole of Larsen ,WI
Sid Nichols of Madison ,WI
Andrew Neumeyer of Valley Village, CA
Joshua Larson Of Fremont, CA
Patrick Steele of Wixom, Mi

Congrats to all who won!

Message: 13067 Posted: Wed Aug 16 15:04:33 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

So how does a private gig come about? Did someone, or some organization, invite all these celebrities to a big party, and then "hire a band," so to speak. Too cool that you were there, Steve. What was the atmosphere like? Any different than other concerts you've been to?

Jim R.

Message: 13066 Posted: Wed Aug 16 14:59:30 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Deep sigh

Sorry about the previous (long) post. Journalistic issues do tend to put me on my soapbox. Howard is right: On to the next subject. I'll try to focus on something more positive, since we're all fans here anyway. Fans with good taste, I might add. But that's just my opinion.

Jim R.

Message: 13065 Posted: Wed Aug 16 14:56:30 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Park City Gig

Steve...I'm so glad you got invited to the "private" show in Utah!!! It would have been disappointing had you NOT been able to attend. I'm not surprised at all that the guys included you in the's just like them to be kind and appreciative to their fans...and you, sir, are at the top of the list! I can tell from your posting that life is just a little brighter in your little corner of the world today! Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures!


Message: 13064 Posted: Wed Aug 16 14:44:34 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Washington Post

Thank you, Rob. I'm relieved that someone else can understand why I feel like I do about that review. As a journalist (especially as a former newspaper editor), I can tell when a writer isn't trying to inform, isn't trying to evaluate, and isn't trying to objectively weigh an issue or a piece of work. Sometimes, sad as it seems, a writer is writing for himself.

The writer for this particular review was listed as "Special to the Washington Post." Basically, this means the reviewer is a freelancer, someone who probably gets paid by the piece and does a number of reviews, either under contract or through voluntary submissions. He is not a journalist, who while not perfect are often trained not to take their own point of view as the premise for a piece of writing. Objective writers are supposed to look at the subject through their readers' eyes and present the information fairly.

Now I know some people think reviews are different because they are opinions. Not so. If reviewers gave only high-art films four-star ratings and always rated "pop" films (like "E.T.," "Jaws," or even "Star Wars") as being of lesser quality, no one would read such reviews and, ultimately, would find that section of the newspaper as pretentious and useless. Reviews have to identify with an audience. Thus, "Thomas the Tank Engine" can be a four-star movie too, even if it's no "A Clockwork Orange."

I object to the Post review not because it slammed America (that would've annoyed me anyway but reviews are reviews), but because the writer made associations that weren't proven and failed to consider why the body of material from the 1970s was so successful. It's as if his statement was: "The people who bought these singles and albums by the bundle in the 1970s didn't know what "good" is. I, the writer, do." Uh-uh. That's not an objective review. That's a subjective review, something that belongs on an op-ed page, where writers often write from their own perspective on political and social issues.

Reviewers don't live in a vacuum. They know very well that America has been trashed by critics for nearly 30 years. (Why have they been trashed? That's a matter of opinion that I can't quantify.) Critics, especially pretentious critics, realize it's safe to trash this group's albums. It's actually risky to go against the wave of critical review.

The writer's bias shows through clearly in the "Highway" review, but he fails to acknowledge it and he fails to support the basis for his review. That makes it a bad review. (A positive review can also be a bad review.) If I was this writer's editor, I'd hand him his copy and say: "Try again. This time, write in English and explain why people bought these albums in the first place. If you don't know why, then you shouldn't be writing this review. That's very much a part of the picture."

Jim R.

Message: 13063 Posted: Wed Aug 16 12:07:45 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Kiri

Naw, you didn't rile me up at all.
I'm calm, cool and collected.
We got a neat little corner of the world on this website.
:0) HL

Message: 13062 Posted: Wed Aug 16 11:58:04 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

Good to see you make the show. Saw Neal Young live last night along with the Pretenders. All I can say is that they put a great show on.

Message: 13061 Posted: Wed Aug 16 11:35:43 2000 By: kiri
Subject: sorry, howard

sorry, howard, if it was me who got you riled up - but great speech nonetheless - the tent revivalist crowd was on its feet! lol

Message: 13060 Posted: Wed Aug 16 10:43:12 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Critics and Critics Alike

PEOPLE...since when do we let critics get the best of us.
Who's been around since 1972?
Who's been touring since 1972?
Who's been singing and performing since 1972?
Who's been winning us over with their great harmonies over since 1972?
Who's been making albums since 1972?
What group won a Grammy for best new artist in 1972?
What group has the GREATEST WEBSITE?
What group always signs autographs and poses for pics and takes
the time out to talk with us after each and evey concert?




Message: 13059 Posted: Wed Aug 16 10:04:06 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

So I missed out on a great time by not taking Johnny’s advice to slip in a side door. Don’t know if I could have found that side door.

Thanks Steve for sharing the experience. I could almost hear Windwave & Hangover through cyberspace as I read the set list. I did hear Wheels, Pages, and Wednesday Morning last year, but haven’t got to hear All My Life or Forever. I liked your depiction of Gerry’s comments/actions and the participation of Johnny Bench.

My wife isn’t the big America fan I am, but she is excited about me taking her on a weekend date to Jackpot. Hoping for some live Windwave & Hangover on Sept. 8th.

Message: 13058 Posted: Wed Aug 16 10:01:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Turkey Songs

It seems that songs that fall into the "turkey" category are ones that involve animals. "The Disco Duck" comes to mind for me.

Message: 13057 Posted: Wed Aug 16 09:59:33 2000 By: kiri
Subject: Re: post article/neil young

as music lovers tend to do, i categorize my music and make mixes to fit situations. because i write, i've made tapes with the lyrics i love ("sister golden hair" included everytime). others are for when i want to study and some are for the long "windows rolled down" car rides to see friends (or concerts). but in the end if i don't like the voice(s) then it just doesn't make it to my ears often - regardless of its other values.

i've caught myself a number of times liking a song because a voice or harmonies sound so good i forget it's about things like muskrats. i may have appreciated some things neil young has done but personally i could never stand his voice.

i wouldn't care if young made an album that could musically clean my house for only $9.95, i'd rather pay three times that to hear dewey sing an entire neil young tribute album and keep my vacuum. i would never mix up dewey with young on "horse."

i mean i can appreciate talent beyond a voice, but i always get bummed when i like a band except the singer makes me cringe. as jimnak said about "muskrat"<<<They made it into a silky smooth passionate love song & no one does it better than AMERICA. It really can calm down almost anyone.>>> could "toenail's" voice? - don't think so.

after the mountain of other reasons to dig america, their voices are the clincher for me.

Message: 13056 Posted: Wed Aug 16 09:51:16 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Washington Post review.

I finally got around to reading the review (even though I live in the DC area I avoid the Post. I find it to be a stereotypical, preachy liberal rag). I didn't think the review was that terrible. It gave me the impression that he wanted to hate America, but the music kept winning him over. He would bash them and then say something like but this song was pretty good.

Now for my review of the review. I found it to be trite, shallow, and unimaginative. Feckless if you will. The reviewer is obviously only as good as his influences. This review flagrantly cops its lilt from previous reviewers and provides the same old tired critiques. The reviewer uses obligatory obscure and unfamiliar terms, that he no doubt gleaned from a thesaurus, in a vain attempt to impress readers with his verbal acumen. I'm sure he impressed his fellow critics, but doubt that he gained much credability with his readers, few though they may be. Overall a safe but uninspired effort.

Message: 13055 Posted: Wed Aug 16 09:46:41 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

Way to go Steve! Nice guys DO finish first! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us tag along, vicariously.

Message: 13054 Posted: Wed Aug 16 09:44:36 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jealous.

Dammit, Steve, you got to hang out with both of my boyhood heroes in one day: Johnny Bench and America. Now I truly feel like I've missed something. You are one lucky man, indeed. By the way, speaking of how large Johnny Bench's hands are, I remember a picture of him holding seven baseballs in his right hand.


P.S. "You Ain't Nothing But Hounddog" was also one of the stupidest songs ever. Elvis made it a classic. Granted, America did a great job on "Muskrat Love." But it's still about Muskrats. That are in love.

Message: 13053 Posted: Wed Aug 16 09:24:36 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Park City Gig

Wow! That really was a nice gesture by Gerry and Dewey to invite you, Steve...especially since it was a private affair. Can't wait to see the photos. Great review!

Message: 13052 Posted: Wed Aug 16 08:11:14 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Park City Gig

Arnold Palmer and Johnny Bench were there along with many other big names and lots of other not-so-big names (like me!). As part of the Novell Utah Showdown Professional Golf Tournament events, America performed in a small, personable venue last night to the enjoyment of everyone there. Even Johnny Bench got in on the action as he jumped up on the stage to join the guys for a couple of numbers. Gerry mentioned that before coming to Utah he had spoken with Henry Diltz and Henry told him that Johnny would be there. Henry told Gerry that Johnny had the biggest hands you could imagine and that you just had to shake his hand to appreciate how big they are. Gerry told Henry that he probably wouldn't see Johnny among the many people that would be there. But, he did get to see him and he even sang with him during one of the songs. I got pictures of Gerry and Johnny singing and then backstage in their dressing room with Gerry, Dewey, and Johnny. If they turn out OK I'll post them in a week or so. Oh yeah, I also got a picture of me with Johnny so I'll post it, too.

The guys played for about 80 minutes and everyone was rocking, swaying, and dancing. Since the venue was a standup buffet setting with no chairs and only a few high tables situated around the room, it made it very easy to dance and get into the songs. Here's the set list as it was posted on Gerry's keyboard:

Don't Cross
Wind or Forev
Mirror To
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
Wed. Morning
Tin Man
Woman To
Only In Heart
Calif Dream
Lonely Peop
Never Be
All My Life
Calif Revisit

This was the first time I ever heard Windwave, Wednesday Morning, Wheels, and Hangover live and it was a real treat. The guys sounded great on all of them. I've never been much of a fan of Hangover but live it really comes alive. The audience really got into it.

After the show Dewey and Gerry were the ultimate hosts allowing celebrities and non-celebrities alike to visit them in their dressing room where they signed photographs and allowed pictures to be taken. A special guest of theirs was a little girl named Montana, who had listened to the entire show right in front of the stage. She was very fond of Gerry and when he picked her up several times during the night, she gave him one of those neverending hugs (I know, the rest of you bigger girls have dreamt about doing the same thing - LOL!).

I think I've rambled long enough. I want to thank Gerry, Dewey, and the rest of the band and crew for letting me see the show and for being the wonderful people that they are. I'm amazed that they're able to keep up their busy schedules and still be as personable as they are. It's a real tribute to them.

One last note, if any of you wonder whether or not Gerry and Dewey read this chat folder, I assure you that they do. Gerry and I talked about some of the things that had been posted recently, including the Washington Post article. He took the article very well saying he always tries to see what he can get out of any article, whether good or bad. There's always some truth in every article, he said. But he really enjoyed all of your responses to the article, especially the rats, etc.


Message: 13051 Posted: Wed Aug 16 06:59:31 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: The Kaptain and...

Jim, in concert, before they sang Muskrat Love,
Dewey always referred to that other group as...
the Captain and Toenail!

Message: 13050 Posted: Tue Aug 15 20:33:11 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Muskrat, muskrat

AMERICA saw great potential in this song & deciding to record & release it as the single & as a song not written by them was a big decision. But they were willing to do so given this song's potential. And indeed I believe that AMERICA & especially GERRY maximized this songs' greatest potential w/their interpretation. They made it into a silky smooth passionate love song & no one does it better than AMERICA. It really can calm down almost anyone. The Kaptain & whatsherface turned it into a chirpy bubblegum song, their advantage being a national TV audience, so 15% of the TV viewers buy the song & it's a hit. It's too bad AMERICA stopped playing it, once it became associated w/the Kaptain & Toenail. AMERICA did an outstanding job on this song !

Message: 13049 Posted: Tue Aug 15 20:13:10 2000 By: JIM
Subject: Muskrat, muskrat

My only problem with Muskrat Love is that it now reminds me of the Captain and Tenille. They ruined a perfectly good song.

Message: 13048 Posted: Tue Aug 15 18:05:01 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Stand And Be Counted"

Does anyone know whether America is a part of the TLC show, "Stand And Be Counted" hosted by David Crosby? It's a four hour show to be broadcast this coming Monday and Tuesday (two hours each day, August 21 and 22).

Message: 13047 Posted: Tue Aug 15 18:04:46 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Re: Washington Post

As a journalist myself (corp. communications), I was shocked at the Post review. First of all, a group doesn't get a box set without having put together a good body of work. Second, lighten up Washington Post! It's only music! It's not your personal invitation to place on Gerry and Dewey everything that is not going right in your life! I remember Bilboard magazine said that America's music goes down as nicely as a cool summer beverage (or something like that). America is not writing an op-ed for your editorial page, they're only trying to give you a pleasant REST STOP along LIFE'S HIGHWAY.

Please, once-proud Washington Post, lighten up!!!!!!!

Message: 13046 Posted: Tue Aug 15 16:42:56 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: TNN special

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO GARY! Due to his thoughtfulness, I am able to see the special I missed. Great special. I especially liked the outtakes, where Dewey kept messing up the tag line. The interplay between Dewey and Gerry was nice to see.

Message: 13045 Posted: Tue Aug 15 16:39:00 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Washington Post review.

It's obvious that die-hard fans will not appreciate negative criticism of their favorite artists. I too, did not like some of the negative remarks made by these critics. However, each article did contain some worthy information.

Is it true what the critic said about Another Try being a rip-off of a David Bowie song? Another Try is one of my favorites! I am unaware of the DB song mentioned, but it will not effect my enjoyment of AT.

ps: Thanks Kevin; my new band was looking for a name and you coined it for us: RAT'S ASS Our 1st album is titled: "Kill The Critics"


Message: 13044 Posted: Tue Aug 15 15:44:48 2000 By: Robert Burgess
Subject: America and Jimi Hendrix Comparison

After reading all of the news articles and everyone's comments, here are my two cents.

Growing up I listened to America and Jimi Hendix. Most of my friends could never understand how I could like such diverse groups. This is why I compare the two: I feel that Jimi Hendrix had such a passion for music. I don't think for him it was just the money and fame, his music just had too much spirit to it and that can only come from a true and real love for music. I believe the same is true of America. How many people can say that they love what they do and make a living at it? I have been an America fan for 27 years and I will always be an America fan. In my eyes they are the greatest band that has ever existed. They will always be the greatest to me with or without what the general public may consider "commercial success". How many bands can say that they have touched as many lives as America has? All you have to do is read the comments on this chat folder to hear the impact that this groups music has had on such a diverse group of people. Recently, the BeeGees talked about how nice it was to have a second wave of fame, meaning that they were a little older and wiser and were able to enjoy and appreciate the rewards a little more than they could the first time. This is my wish for America. Keep all of these reviews and articles in the proper perspective. While there are a few famous rock critics, most people have no idea who they are as these are not the people that make the difference in the music world. The people that do make the difference are people like Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. Critics come and go and most of them do not have the ability to appreciate a wide array of music, which I feel is imperative to being a successful critic.

Message: 13043 Posted: Tue Aug 15 14:39:12 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Muskrat, muskrat...

I, too, appreciate Kevin's opinions -- particularly when I agree with them. (Insert smiley symbol here.) Seriously, "Muskrat Love" showcases America's early '70s harmonies, but it's too soft for me. So I can appreciate a critic's comments on that level. What I can't appreciate is an opinion that is falsely grand, unsupported by fact, or based solely on a reviewer's personal tastes. Even though I'm an America fan, I can be objective. If a reviewer dislikes Muskrat Love, perhaps it is more fitting to say he dislikes it because it lacks the energy of other songs on Hat Trick, or because the soft harmonies carry less style than other cuts on the album, or because the subject matter isn't very interesting. I want something I can understand from a reviewer, not tripe. This applies even when I agree with the review overall. Let's face it. There are bad reviews and there are bad reviewers.

Jim R.

Message: 13042 Posted: Tue Aug 15 13:13:18 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Casino Show

Mike, if you wear black pants, a white long sleeve button-up shirt, a black tie, and put on a white apron and slip through a side door, you'd be amazed how accessible things become! (LOL)

Some years ago, I was walking past the high school auditorium here in my hometown during my evening walk and remembered that a concert was being held. A side door was open, so I walked through it hoping to get a quick glimpse at the performer. To my amazement, no one was around so I walked on in and sat in an empty seat on the fifth row. It was a wonderful concert. It was Rick Nelson!!! He died about a year or two later. I know it wasn't a proper thing to do, but I wouldn't have paid to see the show. I guess I'm still trying to justify doing something that I know wasn't right.

Message: 13041 Posted: Tue Aug 15 12:14:50 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Casinos & Muskrats

Darn, I haven’t been invited to that private America gig tonight at Park City, only 30 minutes away. Turns out it’s for golfers and celebrities like Lee Trevino, Steve Young, and Johnny Bench.

Can I expect to hear Windwave and Hangover at a Casino Venue? The next closest America will come to Utah this year is 200 miles away in Jackpot, Nevada. I reserved tickets today. I’ve seen America about five times but never at a Casino.

Steve - I don’t mind Muskrat Love (music or lyrics). It reminds me of those old Disney Animal films with Muskrats playing and sliding on the snow and ice. The Muskrats seem to be having the time of their lives without a care in the world.

Message: 13040 Posted: Tue Aug 15 09:26:16 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Muskrat, muskrat...

Lyrically speaking, Muskrat love has one of the most nonsensical premises I have ever heard. C'mon MUSKRAT Love???? The music is lovely, however. Maybe someone could write new lyrics ( I know Joe B already wrote a fine parody...)

Another nice thing about the group here is that we are quite accepting of diverse opinions. Kind of nice in comparison to other message boards.

Message: 13039 Posted: Tue Aug 15 08:58:40 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Muskrat, muskrat...

I, too, really like "Muskrat Love". The harmonies are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! What Gerry, Dewey, and Dan did with this song, is amazing, especially when compared to Willis Alan Ramsey's original version.

Like Steve, I respect Kevin's opinion even though it differs from mine. That's what's so amazing about America's can appeal to each of us hardcores so differently.

Message: 13038 Posted: Tue Aug 15 08:20:00 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Washington Post review.

Kevin, I know this has been rehashed MANY times on this chat folder, but I'm one of those who LIKES Muskrat Love and I like it a lot. The only reason I bring it up again is to reiterate that we all have slightly different tastes even though we all agree on the overall quality of the songs released by our favorite band. So, I respect your taste in not liking Muskrat Love, but I still think it's a great song when performed by America. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong (LOL).

Message: 13037 Posted: Tue Aug 15 08:10:32 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Washington Post review.

Just because someone writes and unfavorable review about the band you like doesn't make them wrong necessarily. Unfortunately, there are a lot of music critics out there who are like the guys from the Washington Post and Seattle Times. I think some of what they said is right. (For instance, Muskrat Love is indeed one of the all time stupidest songs. And America was better with Dan Peek.) Hey, I know these guys don't have the biting sarcasm of the Eagles. I know they don't have the bittersweet dispair of Neil Young. I know they don't have the cool hipness of the Talking Heads. I know they've got a few too many "bad salads instead of sad ballads" as Gerry Beckley puts it. I know they're not very well repected by the music elite. I know that most people might even consider me a fool for liking America's music. But, you know what, I don't give a rat's ass. I like America's music.


Message: 13036 Posted: Tue Aug 15 05:48:41 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Alice Cooper


I didn't mean to trash the likes of Alice Cooper or his ilk, only that reviewers tend to like shocking or revolutionary music to the exclusion of virtually everything else. They never seem to be content to listen to good music just because it's good. If it doesn't have some disturbing lyrics, or come at you in a screaming snarl, then it was a worthless waste of effort. This is not to say that guys like Alice Cooper weren't any good -- in fact I thought the "Behind The Music" show on Alice Cooper was absolutely fascinating. I never knew what an intelligent and thoughtful guy he was, and there are a few songs of his I actually like. All I wish is that reviewers would open their eyes accept the fact that songs like "A Horse With No Name" and "Ventura Highway" were some of the best of the 1970s, and are far better than most of what passes for pop music these days.


Message: 13035 Posted: Tue Aug 15 04:06:35 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Publicity

Hello everyone,first and formost it's very pleasing to see some substantial publicity,some good some not so good but what's new,this will be water off a duck's back to most America fans and probably Gerry and Dewey as well.Lets remember some one at some time at Warner,Capitol,American Gramaphone,and Oxygen have all decided that America were good enough to record for them not to mention Rhino who have been happy enough in producing two first class products ie Encore and the Triple Set,which really is much more than some of us fans expected a few years ago.As a group I beleive they have enormous potential to still seriously trouble the charts,but publicity,airplay,really have been at a low ebb.One thing I do find etremely odd is here are America releasing a definitive triple set with their official web site in limbo.

Message: 13034 Posted: Mon Aug 14 21:10:59 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Dan's "Episode 4"

FYI, Dan's "Episode 4" is now available to read on his website.

Message: 13033 Posted: Mon Aug 14 20:21:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Newspaper Reviews

Enjoyed "The Buffalo News" article very much. It's always good to hear comments from Gerry or Dewey. I believe the television commercial that Gerry saw while doing the telephone interview from his hotel room, was the one that shows the "Hearts" album cover on the screen but features "Lonely People".

Regarding "The Washington Post" review, it's not worth a comment in my opinion.

Message: 13032 Posted: Mon Aug 14 19:24:54 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Washington Post Review

This kind of "review" just kicks me in the ass. The music these guys have created over the last 30 years speaks for itself. I wouldn't let a few knucklehead wannabes ruffle your feathers. But I have to say,John, even though America is far and away number one in my book, I did and still do get into Alice Cooper pretty heavily. I've always had a wide variety of musical taste, or lack thereof. I think now I will go load up my Highway box AND my Alice box and hit the random button. DanC.

Message: 13031 Posted: Mon Aug 14 18:17:38 2000 By: BC
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom"

deedni ,looc yrev (very cool, indeed)! You solved and proved a 28 year old mystery. Thank you, David. I screamed to my wife and kids, "You've gotta hear this!" My wife and daughter were impressed and my son sat in his chair with his hand on his chin, nodding his head and said, "cool" in the way that an all-knowing 14 year-old would.

Message: 13030 Posted: Mon Aug 14 15:56:46 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Door County revisited

On a more positive note, I want to say how much I enjoyed America's Door County performance and the thrill I got in meeting Beth and seeing Randy again. The sharp-eyed dude picked me out of a crowd less than a minute after I found my second-row seat, and then brought me to where Beth was sitting. On top of that, he loaned me $5 so I could buy a $20 America logo hat. (You're all witnesses. I owe the man, so my next trip to the Original Outlet Mall in Kenosha will require a certain detour east.) It figures that I brought $50 to Stillwater hoping to find apparel, then had to scrape bottom just to gain the $17 admission to the grandstand. I've grown overly dependent on cash machines. I even asked the grandstand ticket sellers where the cash machine was. Did they give me a look!

The guys on stage were energetic and fun Friday night. They helped me unwind from the trio of traffic jams near Milwaukee and the uncertainty as to whether I would arrive on time. After the concert, I found a gas station cash machine and a McDonalds (otherwise I would've had to eat my hat) and finally got home at 1:30 a.m. I was definitely sleepy on the 2 1/2-hour drive home in my minivan, but four hours late at night on a motorcycle? Beth, I have no right to gripe. Even the distinctive sound of a Harley couldn't have kept me awake for the duration.

Still wish I had done Peoria. Never enough, I guess.

Jim R.

Message: 13029 Posted: Mon Aug 14 15:38:48 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Washington Post Article

<<Well, that's ONE PERSON'S opinion. Geez, is it me or was that review slightly mean-spirited? It struck me as pompous. ah well, I suppose any publicity is good. >>

Good, yes. For the bird cage.

That review was the kind of tripe I've been reading about America for years. Here's another reviewer that tries to tie particular America songs with unrelated events. "HWNN's numb erosion displaced 'Heart of Gold's' pained romantic pessimism for a 1972 audience weary of of the Vietnam War and social unrest..." What cliche nonsense. Here's my review of the review: The writer tries wontonly to establish a tone of authoritative knowledged, latching unto the post-modern sensibilities of Baby Boomers all grown up by reminding them of their age of innocence and spirit. (I just made that crap up to show how a writer can string a bunch of ideas together to make a review sound complex and meaningful. In reality, it's all pointless gibberish that explains little to the reader and rather delves into the writer's penchant for prose. Or something like that.)

Jim R.

Message: 13028 Posted: Mon Aug 14 14:15:01 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Morning Call Article

Steve, Thanks for the positive news articles. The negative Washington Post opinion stunk. He must of been a Heavy Metal, RAP, or young record store type many of us have encountered. Then again, it seems negative publicity generates more interest than positive.

Message: 13027 Posted: Mon Aug 14 14:03:26 2000 By: John Corbett
Subject: Washington Post Review

America's reviews would be a lot better to read if they weren't written by reviewers. Remember, you're reading the opinions of people who probably think Queen, Ziggy Stardust and Alice Cooper were the only relevant figures in the '70s music scene. I can't help but notice that these kinds of reviwers are always trying to decipher America's lyrics, whether poking fun at Dewey's odd forms of grammar or trying to glean revolutionary anti-war messages from a song like "Satan". The fact that they're trying so hard to "understand" America means they just don't get it. Relax, chill out, sip a soda, pop in an America album, and enjoy.

There should be a rule for reviewers -- if you absolutely don't like a group, you shouldn't be in a position to evaluate their music for those who do. That's like having James Caraville rating a Republican speech, or a vegetarian reviewing the latest steakhouse.

Geez, I'm so sick of it. When will they just accept that a group which has been around for 30 years can't be all that bad? They panned "A Horse With No Name" when it first came out. 28 years later, many of these same buffoons are still telling us why it never should have been popular. Face it folks -- you missed the bus.


Message: 13026 Posted: Mon Aug 14 13:22:01 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Washington Post Article

now THAT'S more like it!

Message: 13025 Posted: Mon Aug 14 13:19:24 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Washington Post Article

Well, that's ONE PERSON'S opinion. Geez, is it me or was that review slightly mean-spirited? It struck me as pompous. ah well, I suppose any publicity is good.

Message: 13024 Posted: Mon Aug 14 13:07:18 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Goldmine Magazine

FYI: Today I helped do some fact checking for the caption copy of Goldmine Magazine's center spread poster, which is a picture taken by Henry Diltz. It's coming out in the Hendrix issue, which is going to press tonight and hits the stands Aug. 25. I don't know much more about it but it does talk about Human Nature. Surely there are some Goldmine subscribers/readers who can tell us about it on the 25th.

Message: 13023 Posted: Mon Aug 14 12:38:56 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Morning Call Article

Copyright 2000 The Morning Call, Inc.
The Morning Call (Allentown)
May 29, 2000, Monday

Pg. B2



Like their classic songs, soft rockers America truly brought 'Magic' to Mayfair on Saturday night.

The band delivered a much-appreciated trip back to the carefree '70s to a huge and orderly crowd packed around the Cabaret Stage.

Mayfair President Charles Kalan estimated the audience at 10,000, a crowd even larger than the one that overwhelmed the Lakeside Stage on Friday for Mandy Moore and Eiffel 65.

America founders Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, along with longtime backers Willie Leacox (drums), Brad Palmer (bass) and Michael Woods (electric guitar), brought warmth, wit and wonderful vibes to a chilly night. Oh yes, and class, too.

Bunnell and Beckley arrived on stage looking spiffy in tailored black suits with black shirts. They shook hands with each other.

They shared compliments.

They joined bandmates in an arms-around-shoulders bow as the show concluded.

Almost 30 years after winning the Grammy for best new artist, these California surfer boys still look great (even better to the women in the aging baby boomer audience), and they sounded great as they glided through 22 songs, including a dozen hits, in about 1 hours.

Bunnell and Beckley's harmonies are still lovely, although their voices seem deeper and edgier. Their soft rock rocks a little harder these days.

Woods played a mean electric guitar. Bunnell and Beckley engaged in lively guitar jams with Woods and Palmer.

After opening with the lesser-known but energetic 'Riverside,' the first song on America's debut 1972 album, the band launched into the smooth classic 'Ventura Highway.'

'Lonely People' was as sweetly introspective as ever, the poppy 'You Can Do Magic' had that -- well -- magic, and 'Sister Golden Hair,' the second-to-last song, had the crowd clapping and on its feet.

A standing ovation brought America back for its signature 'A Horse With No Name.'

The show included several nice songs from America's latest release, 'Human Nature' from 1998.

The band showed its lightest side by including 'Hangover,' a little-known song from the 1980 'Alibi,' which it dedicated 'to all the post-Memorial Day people.'

Although folks sometimes ask them when they got back together, Bunnell and Beckley have never been apart since they began performing as teen-agers. They've recorded seven albums since the 1975 'History: Greatest Hits' and give more than a hundred shows a year.

Beckley joked that America was kicking off its summer tour in Allentown, having 'finished the spring tour in Nashville the night before last.'

Something for America fans to look forward to as their memory of the concert fades: A 64-song boxed set -- 'Highway: 30 Years of America' -- is scheduled for release by Rhino on July 18.

Opening for America was Bethlehem's Dave Fry, who led a band of four regional musicians and local gal singers Girls from Mars in a rollicking set of rock, folk and his infamous kids' songs.

Fry said he named the band 'Macungie,' but it didn't do a polka.

Message: 13022 Posted: Mon Aug 14 12:34:06 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Buffalo News Article

Copyright 2000 The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News
July 07, 2000, Friday




Gerry Beckley is on the phone Saturday morning from a hotel in Oklahoma City. He's giving thoughtful answers to questions about his group, America, that's performing tonight in the Majestic Theater in North Tonawanda, when he pauses in mid-sentence.

On his TV, he explains, is a commercial for a " '70s feelings" CD, one of those hodgepodge collections of songs that typically have the good, the bad and, too often, the ugly. Among the titles scrolling down Beckley's screen is America's "Lonely People."

"It's strange, isn't it?" Beckley says, sounding as if he's had a momentary out-of-body experience. "Really bizarre."

"Lonely People" is one of several hits America recorded in the '70s that have continued to make the group a classic rock mainstay. America was part of a second wave of folk-rockers that came after Crosby, Stills and Nash. At the time they and the Eagles shared the same management company, which then included future music mogul David Geffen.

"We were certainly inspired by what was called "the California sound,' " says the 47-year-old Beckley. That may seem odd, since the three founding members were the sons of Air Force servicemen in London when they formed the group in high school in 1969, and were hardly Californians: Beckley was from Fort Worth, Texas; Dewey Bunnell from Yorkshire, England, and Dan Peek, the third member who left the group in 1977, was from Panama City, Fla. But, as Beckley points out, few practioners of that sound - like many Californians themselves - were actually from California.

"Neil (Young) was from Canada, Glen Frey from Detroit, Don Henley from Texas," said Beckley. "(The sound) was made up with immigrants."

America's threesome, who played guitar and harmonized together, chose their name while listening to a jukebox of American tunes. The group became an overnight sensation in 1972 with the Bunnell-penned single, "The Horse With No Name," and self-titled debut album. The song, as Beckley acknowledges, had more than a passing resemblance to Young.

"The story goes that his dad even thought the singer on the song was Neil. What people forget about the circumstances is that not only did it sound like Neil, but it knocked him out of No. 1 with "Heart of Gold,' and Neil's rise was a lot longer than ours. "Harvest' was his fourth solo album. To have a single and album ousted after one week, the timing of that was just very bizarre," says Beckley.

(Ironically, Bob Dylan was reportedly upset when he first heard "Heart of Gold," thinking Young was trying to sound like him.)

America's hits in the '70s included "Ventura Highway," "I Need You," "Sister Golden Hair," "Daisy Jane" and "Tin Man." By 1975, the group had already issued a greatest hits collection, their sixth album, which would eventually sell more than four million copies.

The high-pressure period contributed to Peek's departure, Beckley says.

"It was definitely a tumultuous time, but more so for Dan. He was going through a lot of personal changes, and it was becoming harder and harder for him to make the commitment it took to be part of a trio. It was obviously a great loss because I really thought the strength of having the three contributors was invaluable for us."

Peek would later embark on a solo career as a born-again Christian.

The band was fans of the Beatles and had Beatles producer George Martin behind the controls on several albums.

"I always loved the George Martin years. They were really the highlight for me," says Beckley. "He is such a great man - that's the simplest way to put it. He was more like a father figure for us. With George you get far more than a guy who just produces a record. We also worked with (engineer) Geoff Emerick. We got this team that was there for some of the greatest moments in pop music."

While the last America hit was "You Can Do Magic," in 1982, the group has maintained a torrid, year-round touring schedule. Last year they played 166 dates. The three other band members - who Beckley says are like "family" have been with the group between 20 and 27 years.

America's summer tour started in Oklahoma City. Beckley says concert-goers can expect a mixture of new and old.

"We do what we consider a varied set of songs, including our hits. Then we go up to our latest stuff, including songs from our last album, "Human Nature' (1998)," Beckley says.

This year marks America's 30th anniversary, and it's getting the big retrospective treatment. A forthcoming 3-CD boxed set from Rhino Records will contain 64 songs that span the group's career.

Beckley can also be heard on "Beckley-Lamm-Wilson," an album featuring the late Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys and Robert Lamm of Chicago. The three began working on it eight years ago, but the project was stalled as Wilson fought a losing battle with cancer. "Like a Brother" was released last week.

America performs at 7 tonight in the Majestic Theater, North Tonawanda. Opening will be David Gates. Tickets are $25-$30. For more information, call 692-1921.

Message: 13021 Posted: Mon Aug 14 12:31:13 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Washington Post Article

Thanks for the link, Mike. Here's a link to another review:

The Seattle Times, July 27

Message: 13020 Posted: Mon Aug 14 11:56:24 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom"

Oh my God!!! I can't believe it! Ever since I first heard Homecoming(27 years ago), I have always wondered why I couldn't understand the lyrics at the end of Moon Song! I was always curious as to why they were not included in the AMERICA COMPLETE songbook. I ran straight to my turntable (yes, I still own one) and spun the record backwords. Yes; it is "All good men come to the aid of their country"! How cool is that? Our guys are PATRIOTS! How interesting; "country"? maybe in this case the country of AMERICA? (lol)

I owe a BIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU to the fine folks on this chat folder.

Message: 13019 Posted: Mon Aug 14 11:15:31 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Washington Post Article

Here is a link to that Washington Post Article.

Washington Post.

Message: 13018 Posted: Mon Aug 14 11:07:57 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Hit machine

This, of course, is again an impression I have from reading various material on Gerry and Dewey -- particularly Gerry. But I believe America did, in fact, focus to a fault on "hits" following the gold album successes that led to "History." Failed singles and, later, failed albums probably hurt Gerry's and Dewey's self-esteem. I think they tried desparately to produce "hits" in the late 1970s and 1980s, even to the extent of welcoming outside songwriting contributions, changing their musical approach, and allowing record companies to dictate the content of their albums.

But something happened along the way. Gery and Dewey apparently realized that fans appreciated them for who they were. Their music on "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" returned to all-America songwriting and relied on America's instrumentation, for the most part. Neither album was a "hit," in the sense of the Billboard Hot 100, but we, as fans, create or own definition of "hit." We beleive that, if anyone was listening, those albums would have been hits, if not on the pop charts than on the Adult Contemporary charts. We wish more people knew America's recent music, particularly songs like "Young Moon," "Hope," "From a Moving Train," and "Wednesday Morning," because we believe that these songs are all of "hit" potential.

The reality in the music business is that hit songs are an enigma. Sometimes a song is a hit simply because of who recorded it (such as The Beatles' string of no. 1 songs in the 1960s). Other times, a song catches the record-buying public's attention because of a young artist's sex appeal (such as anything by Britney Spears these days). Still other times, a song becomes a hit "just because." The best example I can think of is "A Horse With No Name." And yes, these days, hits are possible because of a sudden upswing in nostalgia, such as Cher's most recent effort last year. There's no predicting, with any consistent accuracy, what will be a hit.

Radio airplay, which was basically the mechanism for virtually any hit song in the 1950s-1970s, is no longer a reliable promotional tool, thanks to rampant changes in that industry. And 45-rpm singles, once an effective promotional tool for selling albums *and* a sales gauge to establish hit songs and airplay, are extinct, replaced by relatively unpopular CD singles. The market has changed from our youthful days. It's fragmented into people who gleen information from the Internet, radio, cable TV, or other sources. Hardly a cohesive market for bands such as America.

Whether or not America ever has a hit again, I maintain this one hope: That America (D&G), fans *and* critics don't evaluate the quality of the music based solely on how well it sells. If you like what you hear, that's all that really matters.

Jim R.

Message: 13017 Posted: Mon Aug 14 10:44:59 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Washington Post Article

Richard Morris sent me a mail message indicating that the Arts section of the Sunday, August 13 Washington Post had a mid-length article on America and a review of "Highway". The review was decidedly mixed but this is pretty significant coverage in a major newspaper so he thought he would let us know so that perhaps some of us could check out the article. Thanks Richard, and way to go America!

Message: 13016 Posted: Mon Aug 14 09:56:57 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom"

Yes! Very, very cool indeed!!! An additional song on "Homecoming," so-to-speak.

Message: 13015 Posted: Mon Aug 14 08:58:02 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom" - Hear It!

Very cool David. Thanks for reversing it so we could all hear it.

Message: 13014 Posted: Mon Aug 14 04:20:52 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Hits

In principal, I agree with all the recent posts regarding AMERICA's lack of hits. But I have never thought of AMERICA as a hit band. I have always thought of them as exceptionally talented singer/songwriters, who also happen to have hits. When pressured by Capitol to focus primarily on obtaining hits; their work suffered ie: View From The Ground, and Your Move. When AMERICA returned their focus to doing what they do best; the quality also returned ie: Hourglass, and Human Nature. Many of AMERICA's undeniably best songs; such as Hat Trick (Andy's favorite) never became hits. As a fan, I wish AMERICA all the musical and financial success they so rightly deserve. However, in my not-so-humble, selfish opinion, I DON'T CARE if they have another hit, as much as I care that they continue to create the finest music that I have ever heard. Music that has become the soundtrack to my life.

Message: 13013 Posted: Sun Aug 13 22:35:18 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom" - Hear It!

I've digitally captured the end of "Moon Song" and reversed it:

"...tryyyyyyyy....All Good Men Come to the aid of their country
All good Men come to the aid of their country"

You can hear a .wav of it at:

Message: 13012 Posted: Sun Aug 13 21:47:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Sgt. Darkness"

Erin use of "Sgt. Darkness" as her User ID reminds me of this:

A while back, we debated the meaning of Gerry's song, 'Sgt. Darkness". Jimnak said it was about insomnia. I asked Jim if that was his opinion or if he was stating a fact. Jim said it was merely his opinion. From the "Highway" booklet, it is indeed about insomnia as Gerry states.

I have no doubt that Jim knew it was a fact all along. I now know that Jim was merely trying not to appear as someone who knows as much as he really does. I gave Jim some heavy grief about it here on the folder which I now regret. I'm glad Jim and I have made amends!

Message: 13011 Posted: Sun Aug 13 21:41:46 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Albertson's

Definitely Dewey and Gerry. I would know their voices anywhere!!

Erin :o)

Message: 13010 Posted: Sun Aug 13 21:27:33 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: Joe ....

Joe's right ... a meteoric rise to stardom, hit records, a quadruple-platinum hits package and a solid 30-yr recording/touring career just aren't enough for the critics and producers of today's music programs. NOW ... had the guys managed to be arrested numerous times, lost all of their money/homes and ended up in rehab..then we'd see the "Life and Times of America" on every channel.

As for me; I like the band more now than when I first saw them in concert on Dec. 31, 1981....then again, I'm not a critic..just a fan of great music.

Message: 13009 Posted: Sun Aug 13 21:17:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Albertson's

Cool Erin. It was "Weather With You" by D&G, right? And not the original version by Crowded House?

Message: 13008 Posted: Sun Aug 13 21:13:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Reunion

I probably have been sending mixed messages about my opinion of a reunion. To clarify, this is my stand on the issue:

I'd love to see a reunion with Dan. What wonderful music the three made together. What wonderful music Dewey and Gerry make together. I respect D&G's wishes.

Hope my message don't offend
And I hope this doesn't drive you 'round the bend
(Gerry's "Foolin'")

I'll shut-up now on the subject and just listen.

Message: 13007 Posted: Sun Aug 13 20:54:14 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Albertsons

We were grocery shopping in Albertson's tonight and I heard that song Weather With You over the speakers. It was very cool. I've always liked that song!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Erin :o)

Message: 13006 Posted: Sun Aug 13 20:40:26 2000 By: Beth
Subject: reunion

Here's my thoughts on the reunion thread. I think it's only natural, for all of us to want a reunion. I liken it to that of the children of divorce: They always dream of a reconciliation, a return to the family they have known. Even tho things go on, and become even better, the children still want to return to the way things were BEFORE. From my own perspective, of being a divorced mom who's since remarried, I don't yearn for a reunion. I still have to deal with my ex-husband!! :->

Message: 13005 Posted: Sun Aug 13 20:00:38 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: congratulations

Want to try that again Jim???

BTW, I agree with the sentiments!

Message: 13004 Posted: Sun Aug 13 20:00:19 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: congratulations

I agree ! As do many others the world over. HIGHWAY is outstanding, a real tribute to AMERICA.

Message: 13003 Posted: Sun Aug 13 19:58:29 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: congratulations


Message: 13002 Posted: Sun Aug 13 19:06:27 2000 By: Wilson Moreira dos Santos
Subject: congratulations

......Dear friends the box,HIGHWAY is beautiful.America forever
Wilson Moreira dos Santos-Pocos de Caldas-Brasil

Message: 13001 Posted: Sun Aug 13 18:18:57 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Joe.

What's even more amazing is that Beckley, Bunnell and Peek all attained huge success in their late teens. Most guys (like professional athletes and rock stars and actors) who have too much money and too much free time at too early age go off the deep end. Bunnell hinted in his interview with Kelly Lange that there was some of that with America, but nothing out of control. And for that, you have to admire them. How many other 19-year olds who are on top of the world wouldn't self-destruct from the excesses of their success?


Message: 13000 Posted: Sun Aug 13 12:10:06 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Just Acting Like A Hunting Dog...A Pointer

Please don't shoot...I'm just pointing this out: For the guys' thoughts regarding a reunion (at least back at that time), see Ike Gauley's message #6371 dated April 21,1999.

Message: 12999 Posted: Sun Aug 13 08:04:09 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re:Joes comments: A standing ovation!!

Bravo Joe !!
I have nothing to add because you summed up everything!!


Message: 12998 Posted: Sun Aug 13 07:56:32 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re:Joes comments

I think that America was panned by the critics for several reasons.They stayed OUT of the political arena ,and they were Air Force "brats" ( I am sure that a lot of the music critics of the time were unhappy about that). They were also not gay and didn't destroy hotel rooms and do many of the other things that would have endeared them to the liberal leaning pop powers that be. I think that the music industry and the entertainment industry as a whole, has an agenda to promote sex (including gay sex) drugs and rock and roll. They more way out you are ( ie Elton John ,Cher) the more popular you become. I am not denying those afore mentioned folks their great talent, I am just stating that their wild life styles fit the liberal agenda and those folks get promoted by the critics even when there work may be less than what they intended.
We even see the the results of that on VH1. The only stories that get told are the ones where people hit rock bottom then survive. The ones who died or otherwise didn't make it are glorified and their demise is sugar coated to make them seem to be heros, just to sell records. WELL , It is for those reasons that I liked America. For those reasons I like watching movies with happy endings. Life is short and tough enough without wallowing in filth during what little leisure time I have. If the critics don't like America thats OK with me. I don't much like critics.......................Joe

Message: 12997 Posted: Sat Aug 12 21:08:47 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Coming Soon

Hey, Howie!
That's REALLY a teaser when it's 3 weeks away!
All right! Way to stir things up!
Have a great weekend, everyone!
ShariL <><

Message: 12996 Posted: Sat Aug 12 20:56:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Coming Soon To The America...

Sounds great, Howie!!! I, too, can't wait.

Andy, we might need to make that suit a class-act one. I've grown a bit in the waistline myself. Boo-hoo! I think I need a Dreamsicle right now to make me feel better. :0 )

Message: 12995 Posted: Sat Aug 12 20:31:10 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Coming Soon To The America Chat Folder Near You

Howard, You've got my curiosity going now, can't hardly wait for Sept. 1st. DanC.

Message: 12994 Posted: Sat Aug 12 20:05:07 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Coming Soon To The America Chat Folder Near You

Here's a Teaser for everyone: and I mean everyone!!!
With the approval and help of Steve Lowry, I came up with a great
idea for this chat board. I'll be posting it on September 1st.
It's sort of a contest, but a very special and different one.
You WILL NOT find this on any musical group board at all.
Can't let out the secret till then. Even if you tempt or bribe
me with the box set (Even though I still don't have it!)

This contest takes our Love for AMERICA one step forward into
greatness! This will be fun...let me tell you. I volunteered
to head it up. I want to hear from everyone...from the USA to
Australia...Turkey...Germany...anywhere from Earth...and especially from Lurkers, because there are alot out there that can do this. IT'S OPEN TO EVERYONE, especially relatives of the band (Tom Peek and family, Peace, Matt B and hey even Gerry, Dewey and Dan can get involved for all we know).
SO GET READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 12993 Posted: Sat Aug 12 19:08:11 2000 By: Randy
Subject: Door County

Beth described quite well last night's concert by America. It was 22 songs. The only difference from the Stillwater show of two weeks ago was the omission of Mirror to Mirror last night. Yes, Beth, it was great to meet you and Tom as well. You and Jim are real troopers - both of you went back home after the concert. I got back to my campsite 30 miles away at 11:00 last night. Poor Jim had to fight some horrible traffic jams in the Milwaukee area on his way out of town on Friday afternoon. But, showing the resolve of a die-hard America fan, he was patient and made it up to Door County in time. But it was another consistent and strong performance by our guys. They were well received by the crowd. As for me - two great America concerts in the span of two weeks. Now I ask - can life get any better for an America fan? - Randy

Message: 12992 Posted: Sat Aug 12 18:45:42 2000 By: Steve
Subject: Re: This and That

ditto Mike

Message: 12991 Posted: Sat Aug 12 18:37:08 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: "Gnos Noom"

"... And Andy, wasn't it you who Gerry talked with after a show about the backward message? I believe Gerry said there's a message there but he didn't tell you what it is because he wanted you to figure it out for yourself, right?"

Johnny, your memory is superb. That is exactly what Gerry told me after the Show at the Mohecan Sun last October. The problem is, I have no way of playing a CD backwards, so I'm out of luck. :((
Anyway, if you're not buying the "I burried Dewey" routine, how about the ice cream theory? Usually late at night, I can hear that song say: "pint of Haagen Daaz....pint of Haagen Daaz....Pint of Haagan Daaz..." LOL Ya think I can sue Gerry for subliminally causing my waistline to expand?? ROFLMAO :))))


Message: 12990 Posted: Sat Aug 12 16:02:35 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: "Gnos Noom"

Sarek or is it Keras? There is indeed a backward message at the end of "Moon Song". Exactly what it is, I have yet to figure out. I haven't been able to locate a local DJ who can do it for me. So many of the turn tables are now obsolete at radio stations.

Were you guessing at the actual message or did you hear it for yourself? And Andy, wasn't it you who Gerry talked with after a show about the backward message? I believe Gerry said there's a message there but he didn't tell you what it is because he wanted you to figure it out for yourself, right?

I'm not buying the, "I buried Dewey". (LOL)

Message: 12989 Posted: Sat Aug 12 15:26:20 2000 By: ANDY

Well folks, today is a huge day in history. August 12, 1981 *shudder* was my first America concert. It was at the NORTHSTAGE theater in Glen Cove, New York. I had only known of the boys for a little over a year at that point. (I missed them in the 70s).
So was I excited that night? Look at how the crowd behaved on the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles first performed there....That pretty much sums up my reaction that night. Man, its been one helluva ride :)


Message: 12988 Posted: Sat Aug 12 15:25:33 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: This and That

Joe's comments about America - I don't need America to be on the Billboards in 2000 to validate my love for all the music they have given me in 30 years. But' I'm sure America and all us FANS would be thrilled to see them their again.

Reunion. Why should Gerry and Dewey be slighted when a FAN expresses a dream to see all three of them together again? They know how much he contributed. They also know they can please us Fans and make it without him (i.e. You can do Magic, Hourglass, Human Nature are great examples). As long as all three of them are on this planet we can hope for the encounter, no matter how slim. The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a host of others have lost that opportunity. It appears many FANS have given up hope on their America Dream and feel slighted by America on this subject. But, we will buy their CD’s either way. But, the next time they are looking for a third peg, how about giving Dan the chance again, just for us Fans.

Oxygen. Oxygen gave me Human Nature and this Web space to follow my favorite band. Oxygen is a business. A business needs to make money. I’m sure they wanted their material on 30 years as much as America and us FANS. But, a deal that they thought was fair could not be brokered with Rhino. Hopefully America can find a way to give us more new Material, and I wouldn’t mind if Dan were included.

Just got back from a weeklong Scout camp and read several days of posts that generated some personal opinion.

Message: 12987 Posted: Sat Aug 12 15:20:19 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: backward lyrics

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." This is what is seems to say when you play Moon Song's ending, am I right or is this totally illogical?"

Naahhh...I think it's saying: "I burried Dewey...I burried Dewey...I burried Dewey..."

Alternate possibility: "...Numbah 8...numbah 8.....numba 8.....numbah 8..." ROFLMAO


Message: 12986 Posted: Sat Aug 12 13:05:35 2000 By: sarek
Subject: backward lyrics

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." This is what is seems to say when you play Moon Song's ending, am I right or is this totally illogical?

Message: 12985 Posted: Sat Aug 12 11:33:43 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oh My!

"...not something Dewey and Gerry are interested in."

I give up. Please excuse any other errors in grammar. I'm going to the mall now. By the way Joe K, yes indeed, you are a big-time fan!!

Message: 12984 Posted: Sat Aug 12 11:27:00 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

"...they'll always BE big-time to us die-hards."

Message: 12983 Posted: Sat Aug 12 11:13:10 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Joe's Thoughts About America

Joe, I agree with you to a certain extent but definitely not fully. Those fans, which includes myself, just want Gerry and Dewey to receive the best because they have given us such wonderful music that touches so many parts of our life. We just want them to have that success again because they deserve it. Plus, we want the rest of the world to know how talented our guys still are.

The subject of having a reunion with Dan, I would agree, is not something Dewey and Gerry are not interested in, and they have made that clear. But, if our fellow-fans wish to continue to talk about a reunion, I guess they're entitled to do so but at the risk of offending Gerry and Dewey.

Let's say Dewey and Gerry did reunite with Dan and even released a CD that had a top 10 hit from it. It's my opinion, that would make D&G feel like they are inferior. Evidently, they are content with their current set-up. I believe they would love to have a hit again (who wouldn't) but not at all costs.

I don't agree with your middle-age assessment. Jim mentioned a number of musicians that prove to the contrary. A few others are Carlos Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, McCartney, and Eric Clapton.

Regarding being able to met Dewey and Gerry after their concerts, well, I'd sacrifice that. I'd be fully content knowing they appreciate us either way. Plus, I would be so happy for them being "big-time" to the rest of the world, again. Either way, they'll always big-time to us die-hards!

Message: 12982 Posted: Sat Aug 12 09:55:39 2000 By: JIM
Subject: Re: America

Joe, basically I agree, but then how do Elton John, Don Henley from the 70's or Sting and Madonna of the 80's manage to hit the adult top 40 consistently? Even more amazing ... how did Cher do it a while back?

Message: 12981 Posted: Sat Aug 12 09:03:17 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Door Co, Fri Aug 11

Got home from the show at 3am this morning - was too tired to sign on & say hello. As for the show, 2 words: Powerful, Beautiful! Will compose a more thorough review for you all later, now must start my day as I've slept in until 11!

WAS GREAT TO MEET JIM & RANDY!! The world got a little bit smaller! You guys are terrific! I'm sorry I couldn't stand and talk more after the show, that was my first experience talking face to face with the same kind of fan as myself, and it sure was a treat!

Again, as for the show: Powerful, Beautiful!

Message: 12980 Posted: Fri Aug 11 22:42:52 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Julian Lennon

I think "photograph smile" is his best effort, tho- I have to admit, what made me buy this CD, was because of the "bonus disk" (at Best Buy) which had a cover of Gerry Beckley's: "I Need You"

Message: 12979 Posted: Fri Aug 11 21:33:59 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Donkey Jaw

Andy, ... must have been a fan to have thrown that song on the playlist.


Message: 12978 Posted: Fri Aug 11 20:09:56 2000 By: Joe Knight
Subject: America

I am as big a fan of America as anyone on this sight,But I am getting a little tired of people writing about what our guys can do to hit the big time again. They had their time on the record charts. I bet that with the record sales they have now and with the concerts they do that they are still making a million bucks a year easy.( or close to it) I still think they ARE big time. Most of the records bought of todays so called hits are purchased by our kids.I think it is unrealistic to expect the youth of today to become big America fans. Its time to get real folks. America is a middle aged rock band and we are middle aged fans. I kind of like to be able to chat with the guys when they do a concert. I think that they are happy with the success they have achieved. Joe K

Message: 12977 Posted: Fri Aug 11 19:11:58 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Donkey Jaw

You have to be imagining things!! Has Donkey Jaw EVER graced the airwaves (or cable) in the history of mankind???? Amazing. Then again, I did hear Windwave and She's Going To Let You Down back to back in some FM radio station in Ft Lauderdale in the mid-80s (spring break)....I guess "All things are possible"


Message: 12976 Posted: Fri Aug 11 15:20:08 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: Donkey Jaw

...was going through the music stations on the dish network a few minutes ago and caught the last 25-30 seconds of DONKEY JAW. It was the Classic Rock station.


Message: 12975 Posted: Fri Aug 11 13:35:23 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Julian Lennon

Juilian's most recent album, "Photograph Smile," is actually well over a year old already. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it is a good album. I suspect it didn't sell incredibly well. by contrast, Julian's "Valotte" album (his debut album) was fabulous in 1984, but I have to admit that 1) I bought it because Julian was John's son, and 2) I listened to it repeatedly because I was mesmerized by how much Julian's singing voice sounded like his father's. His subsequent albums were of an uneven quality, but as the show suggested that was partly because Atlantic kept rushing young Julian back into the studio to record more half-baked material.

Jim R.

Message: 12974 Posted: Fri Aug 11 13:14:06 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Julian Lennon

Very interesting segments. I knew about 80% of the info, but
very shocked at the material I didn't know. Do you notice all the pictures of Julian Lennon as a youngster with John Lennon and even Paul McCartney...Not one smile by Julian.
Very unhappy youngster :0(

"Hey Jude...don't make it bad.....and the story goes on and on...

Message: 12973 Posted: Fri Aug 11 12:57:02 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Julian Lennon

Great segment, huh, Jim? If I recall correctly, Sir George said something to the effect of, "Julian's a fine musician. He'd be even better without the Lennon name."

I think one of the most poignant pieces of the show was how Julian said he had very few possessions (toys and such) as a child and how many things his half-brother (Yoko's son) had and how shocked he was to walk into Yoko and his father's home seeing all these things. It made Julian feel even more rejected than he already felt.

I hope his new CD does well. Julian appears to be a really nice person.

Message: 12972 Posted: Fri Aug 11 12:34:56 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Lennon and Livgren

Yep, Johnny, I caught the spot on ABC's 20/20 Downtown last night on Julian Lennon. A friend was asking me over lunch today if I had known all that stuff about Julian and Yoko. The program revealed more than I knew, though the inheritance and estate issues have been news since even before Julian recorded "Valotte" in 1984. Yoko isn't one of my favorite people. She's way too self-centered and very cold. Julian, ironically, has inherited his father's tendency to keep a chip on his shoulder concerning his splintered upbringing, but he is very likable overall. It was great to see Julian's mom, Cynthia. My Beatle books have plenty of pictures of Cynthia when she was an attractive young blond in the early 1960s. Sorry to hear she settled for less than $200,000 in divorce proceedings years ago.

Kansas simply isn't Kansas without Kerry Livgren. He's the songwriting heart of the group. So I could understand why Livgren's presence in a studio recording session would be high profile, at least among 1970s music fans. Like America in 1996, Kansas played at Riverfest in Waukesha, WI, in 1997 and 1998. They sounded great, keyboards and all. And the group does seem to be making headway as a nostalgia act in terms of studio recordings in the past two years. With the right publicity impetus, the same might be true of America. Dan Peek's return could generate such interest. But it sounds like Gerry and Dewey have considered, and rejected, such a publicity scenario.

Jim R.

Message: 12971 Posted: Fri Aug 11 08:55:31 2000 By: Randy
Subject: Door County

I'll be leaving shortly for Door County. I've to make a few stops on the way out and then set up my tent at Bayshore Park north of Green Bay before I get to Door County. I've got maps with me (it's a guy thing). I've been thru Sturgeon Bay before so it shouldn't be a problem. Look for a 5'7" dork with bifocals and closely cropped brown hair (what's left of it). I'll be wearing black shorts with a white, striped button down shirt. my trademark is this tan,stupid looking jungle hat with astring attached so I don't lose it. It keeps the sun from frying my somewhat bald head. I'm not sure where I'm sitting as I don't have tickets yet. Just look for the guy head banging and singing along with every song. I'm quite harmleass. - Randy

Message: 12970 Posted: Fri Aug 11 08:54:28 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Re: Like a Brother Lyrics

Sounds like a good job for John Corbett, LOL!!!!!

Message: 12969 Posted: Fri Aug 11 07:38:47 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Like a Brother Lyrics

I have a question to Steve L - Do you plan on putting the Lyrics to Gerry's three songs on this website?

Stephen, I don't have any immediate plans to put the songs on this web site, mostly because of limited time. However, if someone would like to transcribe them for me (hint, hint) and e-mail them to me, I'd be happy to create web pages for them. --SteveL

Message: 12968 Posted: Fri Aug 11 07:37:50 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Reunion

There are no reunion plans. Based on what I have read Dan is willing, but Dewey and Gerry are not interested at this time.

Message: 12967 Posted: Fri Aug 11 06:12:12 2000 By: Stephen Baratta
Subject: Like a Brother Lyrics

I just received my B/L/W "Like a Brother" CD and it is suprisingly very well produced and sounds GREAT. Gerry's three songs are outstanding(as usual) and the songs by Lamm and Wilson are also worth listening to.

I have a question to Steve L - Do you plan on putting the Lyrics to Gerry's three songs on this website?

BTW- When are the guys coming to AC, I haven't seen them in a Year!!!!

Message: 12966 Posted: Fri Aug 11 03:14:31 2000 By: David Stengele
Subject: Reunion

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but let me tell you, the news that Kerry Livgren rejoined Kansas for their new studio album, Somewhere to Elsewhere, and was touring with them, reached us in India here. Don't you think the news that Dan Peek rejoined America would reach us here, too?

Message: 12965 Posted: Thu Aug 10 21:24:52 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: To Beth

Beth, although I'm sure you'd look stunning in your black spandex top, I KNOW you'll look marvelous in the black America tour shirt!

Message: 12964 Posted: Thu Aug 10 20:23:20 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Door Co

Hey Jim, Randy, All! I'm definately going to be at the Door Co. Fair Show tomorrow. In case you missed my gloating earlier this week, I'll be in ROW 6!!! I will be traveling from Tomahawk to Sturgeon Bay via Honda Goldwing (about 4 hours) So I'll have Hairdo by Honda, and will be wearing blue jeans, with either a bad biker-babe black spandex top or my black America t-shirt Tour 96-97 with the planet motif. I am also recognizeable by my out-of-the-box short blonde hair punctuated by a long (about eight-inches) braided tail. As I say, I'll be in ROW SIX!!!! Hope to catch you there!

Message: 12963 Posted: Thu Aug 10 20:20:32 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

I meant "Wednesday Morning".

Message: 12962 Posted: Thu Aug 10 20:19:29 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Okay, Okay...

Okay Rob, Mark, and guys are right. I shouldn't be so hard on Oxygen because everything I've said has been pure speculation and without any facts. I just want so badly for D&G to have the best opportunity to succeed on the charts, and I think "FAMT" would have done it for them. As a friend recently said to me, there's always two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in between.

Did anyone see Julian Lennon on one of the tv magazine shows this evening? He talked about life as the son of a famous person who abandoned him as a child and pretty much as a young person. Sir George even appeared though briefly. He said Julian is a fine musician. Julian has a new CD. I think it's called, "Photograph Smile"??? Heard it described on the show as "a masterpiece".

Message: 12961 Posted: Thu Aug 10 17:33:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: I Do Appreciate...

I do appreciate Oxygen's release of "Human Nature". I don't want to be misunderstood about that. It's a great CD! Plus, I think "Highway" is wonderful, too. It would have been just a bit more wonderful had "FAMT" been included. Just my opinion.

Message: 12960 Posted: Thu Aug 10 17:24:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Oxygen or Carbon Monoxide?

Jim, a big part of my frustration with Oxygen occurred before you came on board with us here. Let me summarize some of the events.

After "FAMT" played out, we (the fans) thought Oxygen needed to act quickly with the release of a second single. After some delay, they announced there would indeed be a second song from "Human Nature". We were all interested in knowing which song it would be. If I recall correctly, nothing was formally announced. The majority of us fans thought "Wednesday Morning" was the obvious choice. I believe Oxygen was leaning toward "Moment To Moment". Oxygen asked Steve L. to conduct a fan survey between "MTM" and "WM". "Wednesday Morning" killed "Moment To Moment", big-time! After that, we heard NOTHING! In the meantime, "WM" was doing well in Spain. To this day, we have not heard what happened to the second single. I think it would have been "proper" to have been told something.

Now with "Highway," "FAMT" was pulled as well as "HCITYA". Again, there's no explanation. Maybe we aren't due one. But, a second incident is a bit disappointing (if they were responsible).

Message: 12959 Posted: Thu Aug 10 15:51:37 2000 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

While I agree that they would be playing their old music if there was to be a reunion of the trio...I also believe that if the three of them got together in the studio and did a CD of all new music performed by Dewey, Gerry and Dan, they could play the old stuff and the new stuff. Of course I know I'm only pipe dreaming again. Regardless, I hope at least Dewey and Gerry keep putting out more great music! Just one more thought, if either Gerry or Dewey had quit AMERICA back in 1977, I'm sure the band would have broken up. Just my opinion of course.

Message: 12958 Posted: Thu Aug 10 14:24:40 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Door County

Hey Beth, Randy, and other Door County chat folder hopefuls. I'm not sure if I'll make it to that northern Wisconsin peninsula for the Friday night America concert tomorrow, but I'm going to try. If I'm there, I'll be wearing our band's oval logo t-shirt (blue) and, of course, my logo belt buckle. If you see such a fool near the grandstand, kick him. If he says, "You must be from the chat folder, you'll know it's me." If he calls a cop, it wasn't me.

Jim R.

Message: 12957 Posted: Thu Aug 10 14:20:39 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Little Record Company That Thought It Could

...could have compromised, not comprised.... Sometimes I can't read my own writing, even when it's typed. Back to Copyediting 101 for me.
Jim R.

Message: 12956 Posted: Thu Aug 10 14:17:20 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Little Record Company That Thought It Could

This is one of those questions that I would hope someone would answer, whether it be Oxygen, America, Rhino, or any inside source. I feel uncomfortable flaming Oxygen, though I suspect they had a hand in holding back "Human Nature" material from the boxed set. In my mind, their only reasonable justification is that they want a chance to sell their remaining copies of the disc, which hasn't even turned two yearsold yet. However, if in fact this is an accurate scenario, I think Oxygen could've comprised and allowed "From a Moving Train" to be included on "Highway," thereby creating another marketing tool for casual fans unfamiliar with America's 1998 release.

If Oxygen didn't hold back, then I would hope they'd refute our guesses, so at least we could stop hammering them. I wish I knew more, but like Sgt. Schultz used to say: "I know nothing."

Jim R.

Message: 12955 Posted: Thu Aug 10 09:14:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Little Record Company That Thought It Could

Mark, I appreciate your objectivity regarding "the little record company". However, I don't believe that Gerry and Dewey would decide to axe "FAMT" and "HCITY Away". I don't have any proof; it's merely my speculation.

I guess it's my belief that Oxygen is responsible for the axing of the two songs because of the following: Dewey describes "HCITYA" as "an unusual track for Gerry--funky, breathy, very cool."

Here is Rhino's description of the song: "The tune's smoky atmosphere and soulful groove gives Beckley a chance to show off a different side to his vocals."

"Highway" is suppose to be 30 years of America. Without any songs from "Human Nature," it's more like 23 years of America. It's my opinion that something political happened with Oxygen. If they wanted to hang-on to "HCITYA", I don't understand why they couldn't at least let "FAMT" be a part of "Highway". Maybe it's time for D&G to throw Oxygen from a moving train!

Message: 12954 Posted: Thu Aug 10 09:13:54 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

I think a reunion would be nice but you would be hearing the same music they played together before. The reunoin would be nice for the fans of yesterday and today. In todays music I feel you have to create more and new songs like Human nature. Getting on the top 40 is a tough job and I think the guys are doing great just the way they are. I'm just hoping they get lucky and hit that top 40.

Message: 12953 Posted: Thu Aug 10 08:33:52 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The little record company that thought it could.

I don't think we should be too hard on Oxygen. I would bet that limited resources, the refusal of major media markets to play FAMT, and slow HN sales factored into the decission not to release a second single (though I understand that Wednesday Morning was released as a single in Spain where FAMT was a number 1 hit). I don't think that Oxygen was trying to sabatoge their own product. As far as no HN tracks being included on Highway, as I recall the preliminary track listing included FAMT and the unleased track How Could I Turn You Away. Then Dewey and Gerry were given the final chop on the list and those songs were deleted. Why? Maybe it was Dewey and Gerry's choice. Maybe it was Rhino's. Maybe it was Oxygen's. Maybe it was a combination. I just think it is unfair to beat up on a company that did their best to push FAMT and HN based on pure speculation.

Message: 12952 Posted: Thu Aug 10 07:40:34 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: The little record company that thought it could.

I mean "Spring of '99".

I should call my keyboard "the little typewriter that couldn't".


Message: 12951 Posted: Thu Aug 10 07:39:37 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: The little record company that thought it could.

Uh, Kevin, where were you? Oxygen released WEDNESDAY MORNING and it hit #1 on the Billboard Top 40 for 12 weeks. Don't you remember? It was way back in the Sring of '99. Just like they said they would.


Message: 12950 Posted: Thu Aug 10 06:37:28 2000 By: Rob
Subject: Oxygen

Don't be too hard on Oxygen. This business is about as fickle as any.USA Today, for example, didn't even put "Highway" on their New Release page for the day of release. Why? Because the media decides for us what we think is important. So tell that to the 15,000 people or more at the OpSail 2000 in New London, CT. Apparently, it would seem, that plenty of people have still not heard enough of "America". Count me among them. (The media is the country leaves a lot to be desired).

Message: 12949 Posted: Wed Aug 09 19:29:45 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: The little record company that thought it could.

Trouble with Oxygen? Uh, oh, I wonder if that means Oxygen won't be releasing that second single from Human Nature. Wasn't that supposed to be happening any day now? Gee, what misunderstanding could there possibly be, Oxygen? America is the best selling artist in Oxygen Records history. How could Oxygen turn them away?


Message: 12948 Posted: Wed Aug 09 18:52:24 2000 By: Richard C
Subject: Oxygen and America

In July when I saw America, after the show the boys autographed a picture taken at the Tower Records promo in NYC.
Dewey recognized the place right away and commented that they were having trouble with Oxygen. He kinda of shook his head in a "what is this misunderstanding all about anyway"? Well I guess we can speculate what the problem was(is). No recordings from Human Nature are allowed on Highway.
Speaking about the promo that Oxygen did, any word on any Rhino promos? I have not even seen the box set in Tower Records. Human Nature had a nice display in Tower here on Long Island.
With the great packaging job that Rhino did,and all the $ it most of cost, I am surprised at the little or "mute" promo so far. I found 3 copies of Highway in a Coconuts store. Well now they have 2, because I bought one.

Message: 12947 Posted: Wed Aug 09 17:57:38 2000 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

AMERICA as a duo is great, but AMERICA as a trio is SPECTACULAR! I'm sure deep down Gerry and Dewey know that they are much better with Dan in the mix. HIGHWAY speaks for itself. Dan was only in the band for 7 years, yet look how much of his music is represented in the box set.

Message: 12946 Posted: Wed Aug 09 17:50:36 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

And yet, probably about 70% of Highway is from the trio years. Does this mean that, if Gerry and Dewey had final pick of the tunes, they think that their earlier stuff was more representative of their accomplishments?


Message: 12945 Posted: Wed Aug 09 15:15:59 2000 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning then seeing a reunion of Dewey, Gerry, and Dan.

Message: 12944 Posted: Wed Aug 09 13:09:53 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Message for Suat

Suat, I think you should read John Corbett's "Comprehensive History". You can find it on the home page of this website.

When you first log-on to this site, look at the top left corner. You'll see the album cover of "Homecoming". The 'Comp. History" is the third item on the list. Click on it and you'll have lots of good reading to do.

Regarding the type of bird heard on "Tonight Is For Dreamers," it sounds like a sea gull to me. But, I don't live anywhere near a sea so I'm no authority. The lyrics mention "sandbirds". Perhaps they're sandpipers or sanderlings. It sounds like a gull to me. A sea gull and an albatross like very much alike.

This concludes Bird Biology 101. :0 )

Message: 12943 Posted: Wed Aug 09 12:07:33 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited

While there may not be any interest on America's part in a reunion with Dan, I would hope that they would still consider doing an "unplugged" album in the future similar to the approach of the first album. I would love to hear an album like that. Listen to the Heard CD. While the sound quality of the recording is not great, they still sound wonderful with the stripped down approach of them singing and strumming. Now that's not to say that I don't enjoy the full production treatment of their material too, but I would love for them to try an "unplugged" album too.

Message: 12942 Posted: Wed Aug 09 11:27:55 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AMERICA "H"

Suat, you have posed one of the questions that are frequently asked. Here's a link to that and several other questions and answers:

Frequently Asked America Questions

Message: 12941 Posted: Wed Aug 09 11:08:49 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited

Disappointing as it may seem to some, America (Gerry and Dewey) have pretty much publicly put the kabosh on a return to the sound of their first album.

First of all, the Dan reunion issue has been discussed, probably as much behind closed doors as it has here by us on the Chat Folder. It's not happening any time soon, regardless of how hard I wish. Without Dan, the sound could be duplicated but not authenticated, so the point is moot for now.

Beyond that, however, I get the feeling that Dewey and Gerry, while appreciative of the success of their first album, have never fully fully embraced the acoustic instrument concept as "their" sound. If I recall correctly from John Corbett's "Comp. History," the trio had "Sergeant Pepper" in mind when plans on their first album began to emerge. Wasn't it Ian Samwell who suggested they abandon those ideas because they'd never be able to suppor t such studio complexities on stage? (Which was certainly true in the early 1970s, though anything is possible in today's hi- tech concerts.) I believe it's possible Gerry and Dewey (and maybe even Dan) look at that first album as a first step, not as a trademark sound, in their careers. Their harmony work on subsequent albums included many more musical mechanisms (like, you know, drums) that set acoustic guitars aside in favor of a more complex mix. Really, the harmonized sounds of "Homecoming, "Holiday," and "Hearts" are the "sound" I think as being America, the trio. (I set a different standard for America, the duo.)

As to whether that first album would sell as well today as it did in 1972, well... Forever the realist, I'd have to say that we fans would be the only ones duly impressed. Too many of today's record-buying public are opting for...Korn. ( I think America fans, kould kare less koncerning Korn koncepts and koncerts. Unfortunately, the reverse is true.

Jim R.

Message: 12940 Posted: Wed Aug 09 09:51:02 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: tonıght ıs for dreamers

i love the bırds (ı dont know ın englısh kınd of sea bırd lıke albatros)voıce ın that song . ıt was a good ıdea . and ıt fıts good

can you gıve me rıght name of that bırd ın englısh

Message: 12939 Posted: Wed Aug 09 09:45:43 2000 By: SUAT
Subject: AMERICA "H"




Message: 12938 Posted: Wed Aug 09 08:01:56 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Sound effects about the bubbles efect on intro to submarine ladies? about the bird like sound on intro to moon song?
OR...who's really tap dancing in the song Hat Trick?

Message: 12937 Posted: Wed Aug 09 07:55:54 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Sound Effects on America SongspA

As long as we're mentioning them, how about the ocean waves on "Down To The Water" from Harbour. DanC.

Message: 12936 Posted: Wed Aug 09 07:14:44 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

I believe warm places may freeze over before that happens. Just enjoy Highway for the past. Human Nature for the now!

Message: 12935 Posted: Wed Aug 09 04:35:59 2000 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: No America Just Sports

America Friends,

With Steve's approval I am posting this message. Be warned, this message has nothing to do with our heroes, America. What this message has to do with is that I have partnered with a new sports simulation games for the internet company to author a weekly sports e-newsletter. We are in the process of spreading the word. I have provided the site our objective is located at so you can read for yourself what this project is all about. After reading our objective, if you are interested in receiving the newsletter, click on the "Free Trial" icon at the bottom of the page. Your support will be appreciated.

Check Out:

Best Regards ... Brandon Rose

Message: 12934 Posted: Tue Aug 08 20:42:23 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Harmony Revisited and Oxygen

Steve, sorry to throw a wet blanket on that horse you mentioned, but I think Bones is right about the chances of an acoustic threesome. Just my opinion, of course.

CJ's mention of "Human Nature" and "Highway" makes me wonder this: I don't know what happened with Oxygen not allowing "FAMT" and "How Could I Turn You Away" to be on "Highway". But, if they're supporting Dewey and Gerry, it's one heck of a way of showing it.

Message: 12933 Posted: Tue Aug 08 20:23:56 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sound Effects on America SongspA

Andy, you're right. Left it off big-time. According to the Highway booklet, Dewey said it was Hal Blaine doing the bubbles.

Message: 12932 Posted: Tue Aug 08 20:01:30 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Sound Effects On America Songs

You left out the ultimate America Sound effect: The blowing bubbles at the beginning of GREEN who was doing that?!?!


Message: 12931 Posted: Tue Aug 08 18:43:26 2000 By: Bones

I think you have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of ever seeing the trio back in the studio playing acoustic guitars.

Message: 12930 Posted: Tue Aug 08 17:59:20 2000 By: CJ
Subject: My Highway

Since a friend offered to obtain for me this fine compilation of America's music - 64 songs - "the legal limit", I've begrudgingly not gone out and just bought the thing - it's just money. Then along came Friday. My new boss' husband is a sales rep/something for Sony and it's subsidiary, Columbia. He, of course, intrigues me (and he knows it) since I follow two bands, one of whom is at this moment laying before Tommy the most incredible album of their career (had to get that out). . .anyway, apparently, these Rhino, Warner, Sony types must hang out together or share their "wares"! Friday morning came of a long week and in comes the Boss who drops Highway, sealed, into my lap and tells me, "Jerry sent this" - Cool!!!!! Who says attorneys aren't cool!!! Chocolate cake my first day, Highway after taking off 1/2 of July - I love this job!!!!

As one of "those" fans - one without ALL the albums, I find Highway very fulfilling - everything I could possibly need! It's a wonderful collection that sadly doesn't include Human Nature but that's a totally different label, different set of rules - that's how the industry is - sometimes unwilling to "free the music". I, for one, am not heartbroken that Highway doesn't contain everything - that's why I have a CD changer, right??

Thank you, America - Everyone of you - for the music!

Chris Page, Cleveland

Message: 12929 Posted: Tue Aug 08 17:14:26 2000 By: Brad
Subject: Dan biography update

Hey Dan has added the third installment to his biography . It has a few pictures and tells of Dan' first band. Also there was a pretty good quality video, I believe from Equador. That has the Boys doing a couple of songs from Human Natureand it is the loong show.

Regards Brad

Message: 12928 Posted: Tue Aug 08 16:55:19 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Harmonizing.

Hello everyone,I'd love to see America return to a more acoustic style, after all their largest hits ie HWNN,VH,TM,SGH all had that unmistakable America hallmark running through them,and done in such a style it set them far apart from anyone else,I know that they have often been compaired to CSNY,but America have out sold and out toured them surely this is no accident.While I'm compiling my wish list if they asked Dan to do backing vocals on a few tracks would be wonderful,I dont beleive they ever hit the same heights vocally (harmonizing) as they did together particularly on,Holiday,Hearts,and Hideaway the backing vocals on these albums were America at their best and I think they achieved what they set out to do,that is get their sound somewhere inbetween the Beatles and the Beach Boys.While I'm still raving on the only thing missing from America's output is a quality recent video or DVD concert footage,if this was to come about would'nt mind seeing the guys perform with an orchestra,I can dream can't I ?

Message: 12927 Posted: Tue Aug 08 16:47:17 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Sound Effects On America Songs

I've heard several times in the past, once from ShariL's daughter via Shari just yesterday, that the singing bird in "Town And Country" is a bit corny. I don't think it is at all.

Dewey's great at using animal sound effects, especially birds. And of course, there's the wonderful sounds on "Oloololo". Plus, there's birds sounds on a number of previous songs such as: Old Man Took, Tonight Is For Dreamers, and Moon Song.

Gerry gets in on the act with the croaking frog sounds on Hope and the heart beat sounds on Daisy Jane. Plus, Dan has the jet fly-by sound on Jet Boy Blue. And there's the wonderful party and traffic sounds on Hollywood that we all recently read about. Not only are there seagulls on Tonight Is For Dreamers, there's the sound of the sea, as well.

Message: 12926 Posted: Tue Aug 08 16:11:54 2000 By: Dan
Subject: Re: which song

Town&Country by a country mile

Message: 12925 Posted: Tue Aug 08 14:42:52 2000 By: Steve

Hey Pat,
Hopefully this really will be "BACK TO THE FUTURE", and we really will have an all new acoustic release with all three of "AMERICA" harmonizing together. 2002, maybe the horse will have a name afterall!

Message: 12924 Posted: Tue Aug 08 14:35:21 2000 By: Pat B.

AMERICA: HARMONY REVISITED has just been released! I bought my copy today. What a fantastic CD! Nice to hear the 3 part harmonys again!
No hired session players, and no outside songs! This is their best album ever!!!

Message: 12923 Posted: Tue Aug 08 14:32:30 2000 By: Steve

They could even bring back Ian Samwell to help produce it with them!

Message: 12922 Posted: Tue Aug 08 10:28:17 2000 By: dofd
Subject: which song

Gotta go with "Bluebird" just because it's different. T&C sounded like a lot of other songs they've done over the years.

As for the rest of Human Nature, yes, Gerry does the lion's share of the work, and most of it is very strong. But I thought some of Dewey's contributions -- "Wheels," "World Alone" and "Pages" were exceptional.

Message: 12921 Posted: Tue Aug 08 08:00:08 2000 By: msmith
Subject: hat trick

been back from 2 1/2 week vacation traveling around by bus in mexico and have been trying to get caught up on posts. i still remember approaching the beautiful mountain town of taxco on a sunday afternoon listening to 'wednesday morning' :-). can anyone tell me if any of the blw songs are doing anything on the charts? some beautiful songs on that cd. andrew--your post #12656...the hat trick post. i couldn't agree more. i just love that song. to me if i could pick one song that would be most representative of america 'hat trick' would be the one. to my knowledge it is also the only america song to be authored by all three guys. ..."if you'd have only listened, you'd have heard everything i said"...

Message: 12920 Posted: Tue Aug 08 07:01:39 2000 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Which song?

Same here, Town and Country.

Message: 12919 Posted: Tue Aug 08 06:46:40 2000 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Which song?

Town & Country............of course!

Message: 12918 Posted: Tue Aug 08 06:21:24 2000 By: Shayne
Subject: re: which song?

Town and Country. I never liked Lady With A Bluebird.


Message: 12917 Posted: Tue Aug 08 05:47:47 2000 By: Mike Bunn

Yes, I'm all for that pipe dream of yours Steve. As I've said before: "Broken dream, just a token sheam. Some can say it's poetry"

I know oldies to this chat folder have heard this come up several times. But every time a new person checks in here, they are sure to voice the same dream many of us have. A second Album just like the first. Gerry even mentioned in the 30 years book that it took all three of thier individual talents to shot them to the top.

Message: 12916 Posted: Mon Aug 07 23:00:11 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Answer To The Corny Joke

Answer: "Weeeeeeeeee! Slow down!!" :0 )
Oy Vey Johnny, you just induced a serious EXEDRINE moment...LOL
That jokes destined to be "the beginning of (my) end"


Message: 12915 Posted: Mon Aug 07 20:46:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: The Answer To The Corny Joke

Joke: What two things did the snail say while riding on the back of a turtle?

Hint: The first thing the snail said rhymes with an America fan's last name. The second thing said by the snail is the title of an America song.

Answer: "Weeeeeeeeee! Slow down!!" :0 )

Message: 12914 Posted: Mon Aug 07 20:33:36 2000 By: GerryK
Subject: which song ...

Town & Country

Message: 12913 Posted: Mon Aug 07 20:01:07 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re:Which song?

Town & Country

Message: 12912 Posted: Mon Aug 07 19:13:56 2000 By: Randy
Subject: Re:Which song?

Town & Country - Another "outside" song penned by Dewey

Message: 12911 Posted: Mon Aug 07 16:55:45 2000 By: BC

I agree. What a dream it would be!

Message: 12910 Posted: Mon Aug 07 16:46:37 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Human Nature

Hello everyone,with HN Dewey indeed did have a large responsibility made noteworthy by the fact that Gerry had given Dewey a tape with twenty songs or so on it and then asking for his input on it,in terms of what Dewey could add ie vocal touches etc.And there are some exceptional moments on this album,quite honestly several cuts could have easily made single status,I have to agree with an afore mentioned post that Oloololo is a stunning track proving as if it were needed that Mr.Bunnell's imagery, imagiation, and songwriting skills are alive and very well not to mention lyrically "while crocodiles baked in the sun" a team effort I guess we had to be there.

Message: 12909 Posted: Mon Aug 07 16:37:17 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Which song?

Definitely Town & Country.
I don't care much for Lady with a Bluebird, although I know it is a favorite with a lot of you.
My daughters think the birds singing in T&C is pretty hokey.
Have a good week, and keep those reviews coming!
ShariL <><

Message: 12908 Posted: Mon Aug 07 14:31:06 2000 By: Beth
Subject: Door Co

The friendly people at Door Co. Fair called me today, to let me know they have my tickets all set for the show this Friday night. >>ROW 6<<!! I'm getting really excited!!!
Stay tuned!

Message: 12907 Posted: Mon Aug 07 13:16:49 2000 By: jeff brink
Subject: re: which song?

Town and Country.

Also, I'd like to hear the dobro sometime in an AMERICA song.


Message: 12906 Posted: Mon Aug 07 12:35:46 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: My Choice For "Which Song"

T & C

Message: 12905 Posted: Mon Aug 07 12:00:35 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: My Choice For "Which Song"

Town & Country. I love that HN song. And I don't think Dewey was merely "sitting in" on Human Nature, though this album was more heavily Gerry than their previous Hourglass effort. Chalk it up to its birth in Gerry's Human Nature home studio.

Jim R.

Message: 12904 Posted: Mon Aug 07 11:58:26 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Slow??? Crawling by..."

That reminds me of a very corny joke:

What two things did the snail say while riding on the back of a turtle?

Hint: The first answer rhymes with an America fan's last name. The second answer is a title of an America song.

Any guesses?

Message: 12903 Posted: Mon Aug 07 11:50:05 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Which Song?

I would give a slight edge to Lady With A Bluebird, but neither song is especially strong imho.

I would sort of agree with Kevin that Gerry carried Human Nature, however I thought Dewey carried Hourglass.

Message: 12902 Posted: Mon Aug 07 11:44:43 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: My Choice For "Which Song"

This makes three for "Town And Country". I agree, Pat. I love that banjo!

Message: 12901 Posted: Mon Aug 07 10:29:02 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Which Song?

Town and Country

Message: 12900 Posted: Mon Aug 07 10:25:39 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Human Nature

<<<Gerry Beckley with Dewey Bunnell Sitting in>>>

Kevin; how can you discount Dewey's excellent contributions to the Human Nature CD? He co-wrote and sang on Wheels and Oloololo which I feel are 2 of the best tracks on HN. True, it seems that Gerry did most of the song writing this time, but I think quality outways quantity here. Also, I don't find Town And Country embarassing at all. I really enjoy that song. The banjo reminds me of early America. I miss the country flavorings (Don't Cross The River, Old Virginia) that America use to have that unfortunatly disappeared with Dan's departure.

Message: 12899 Posted: Mon Aug 07 09:37:32 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Which Song?

SLOW???? Crawling by......

Town and Country.

Message: 12898 Posted: Mon Aug 07 08:55:25 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Which Song?

How about this for a slow Monday morning: Tell us which of the two songs you prefer better, "Lady With A Bluebird" or "Town And Country"?

I'll keep a log and will report the results.

Message: 12897 Posted: Sun Aug 06 15:40:51 2000 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: CONN on the 25h.......

Hi Maureen;

Yes, I'll be there, (front row, yEaH!) clapping, applauding, and singing along to every word you betcha'. Pat

Message: 12896 Posted: Sun Aug 06 15:23:20 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: CONN on the 25h.......

Hi All,
Any one planning on going to the Conn. Show on the 25th of this month ??
Just Curious............Thanks :-)

Message: 12895 Posted: Sun Aug 06 14:28:43 2000 By: Mark

Hey, I would LOVE to see it happen!!

Message: 12894 Posted: Sat Aug 05 15:01:30 2000 By: John Lussier
Subject: Finally

Well after reading everyone's reaction to Highway and feeling very envious (I decided to order it locally and consequently had a 4 week wait) my copy finally arrived yesterday. Am on my third listen. I know this has all been said but I am very impressed with Rhino's production. The book is a real treat to read and the selection of tracks is superb. There are a couple I would have liked to add and a few I would delete but...

My wife just shook her head when she saw me open it. "Don't you have Ventura Highway on 6 or 7 cds already?" While she does enjoy America she just doesn't quite understand, does she?

Message: 12893 Posted: Sat Aug 05 12:48:16 2000 By: Steve

I have a great idea. Gerry, Dewey and Dan get back together in the studio to do another all acoustic sounding CD just like their first release. With of course 12 or 14 new songs. Get back to what made them soar in music to begin with. They wouldn't even have to tour, just make an album with the three of them. I think it would be a big hit. The CD cover could look like the first album with the three of them as they look now on the front and on the back it could have what they looked like 30 years ago. It could be called AMERICA: HARMONY REVISITED. I know this is just a pipe dream, but then dreams do come true don't they? THIS IS A GREAT MARKETING IDEA!

Message: 12892 Posted: Sat Aug 05 11:17:32 2000 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Belated Birthday

to Beechlady Hope you had a terrific time!

Message: 12891 Posted: Fri Aug 04 21:04:21 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: That Cow Bell

Yeah Eddy, I wondered the same as you. I would think the possibility of other "shared" instruments is pretty good because of Sir George.

I wish our guys could do a collaboration with Sir Paul. I think it would be good for America and Mr. McCartney, too.

Message: 12890 Posted: Fri Aug 04 20:29:09 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: That Cow Bell

Yeah Eddy, I wondered the same as you. I would think the possibility of other "shared" instruments is pretty good because of Sir George.

I wish our guys could do a collaboration with Sir Paul. I think it would be good for America and Mr. McCartney, too.

Message: 12889 Posted: Fri Aug 04 20:02:22 2000 By: Jim Strong
Subject: Ozark Empire Fair Show

My family (Laura, James and Jonathan) and I made it to the Ozark Empire Fair show in Missouri. We were home for the summer from Bangladesh and were visiting Laura's parents in Sedan, Kansas. Since the guys were only 180 miles away, we planned our trip to see them. In the early afternoon of the concert, I spoke with Pete and he made arrangements for us to see Gerry and Dewey after the show. My youngest son Jonathan (5) was excited as this was his first concert to see America. Afterall, he knows the words to their songs! The guys took the stage at 8:00 P.M. and played for about 80 minutes. Mark McVey (Posting #12853) listed their songs. We had better seats than Mark -- we were in the 6th row - Ha! During the fireworks display after the show, we made our way backstage. Jonathan yelled to Gerry and Dewey. They signed photographs for the boys and a special "Highway" picture I made. Laura took a picture of us with Gerry, but it was quite dark. If it turns out, I'll send it to Steve for updating our fan page. The show was fantastic and we got to hear songs that we haven't heard for a while. All in all, it was quite an evening!

Message: 12888 Posted: Fri Aug 04 19:02:42 2000 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: That Cow Bell

That IS cool, other than being an America Fan, I'm also really into The Beatles. Interesting..... I wonder if theres any other "instruments" that America has used that The Beatles either used or owned on their records.

Message: 12887 Posted: Fri Aug 04 16:27:49 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: That Cow Bell

Check out Dan's website to read what Dan had to say about the cow bell used on "In The Country". You'll be surprised.

Message: 12886 Posted: Fri Aug 04 16:07:13 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: America Goodies

I love all the America memorabilia pictured in the "Highway" book. I pretty much knew it belonged to Dewey because I remember on "Cover Story" Gerry said he doesn't collect things. The only important things to "collect" for Gerry are his instruments/equipment. Sounds like Dewey and I have something very much in common. It's called pack-rat-itis!

I'm fascinated with the "Harry Goes Surfing" 1977 patch. We know that "Harbor" was just about given that name. I wonder if any fans own one of those patches. Also, I'm curious to know what other unique items are owned by America fans. Jim R, we know you own one of those great America belt buckles. I'm jealous! And Jimnak, I bet your collection is huge!

Remember that America "Homecoming" promo button that was offered by eBay that's pictured in the museum section of this site? I tracked the owner down to ask if it was for sale. Unfortunately, I was turned down (boo-hoo). The owner is John from Southern California. He said he'll be wearing it at one of the upcoming America shows. John didn't know about this site; I directed him to it. I think John's been lurking ever since. John, if you ever decide to part with your promo button, you could probably get a small fortune for it here. I didn't see that particular promo button in Dewey's collection. I wonder if he owns one.

Message: 12885 Posted: Fri Aug 04 06:02:16 2000 By: Spurs
Subject: Not a Lot.

Hello everyone,have been really enjoying reading the posts of late.I thought Dan Peeks songs on Harbour were the the stronger efforts,but bear in mind this is when record labels were demanding an album a year on top of a heavy touring shedule.Well on and on the lads go,I do'nt think we will see their like again,so I'm more than happy to make the most of what I've got.I truly hope the chaps get their web site sorted, I cant stress the importance enough because the whole thing has been a trifle on the shabby side,thank God for Steve who has done a magnificent job in his own time,and if you are new to it what has'nt this site got.

Message: 12884 Posted: Thu Aug 03 19:22:22 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Beckley and Bunnell Interview

I really enjoyed reading the interview. It's always nice to hear Gerry and Dewey's thoughts. Wish there were/was more to read.
I enjoy reading little things like Gerry's number "29". I used it as a trivia question once and felt bad about it afterwards since Gerry was kind enough to explain it all to me after an Albuquerque concert.

So that's a picture of Dewey's guitar on page one of the "Highway" booklet. I love the Alice Cooper "School's Out" panty sticker!!

"Barstow, Barstow", my favorite part of "Overwhelming World Suite". It's so interesting to read how much it means to Gerry.

I must say that I have an even greater appreciation for "Human Nature" then when it first came out. It's so lively and uplifting to me.

Lastly, it's great to see Steve L's name in the "thank you" section of the interview because he makes this all possible for us!

Message: 12883 Posted: Thu Aug 03 18:50:27 2000 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Stillwater-One more TIME!

AMERICA has always done well in Minnesota, down-to-earth people & down-to-earth music. AMERICA has just completed a very, very busy July, they did quite a few shows, w/out much rest, vocal cords overworked. But it really is business as usual for them & regardless of their schedule, they always look & sound fresh.

Message: 12882 Posted: Thu Aug 03 18:36:50 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Stillwater-One more TIME!

Cindy, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Hey, I also liked the same groups as you when I was growing up so you're not alone. Of course, I liked America better than all of them.

Feel free to post anytime you'd like and let us know what you're up to.


Message: 12881 Posted: Thu Aug 03 17:35:26 2000 By: Randy
Subject: Stillwater-One more TIME!

This is Randy's wife Cindy. I just wanted to post a note about how much I enjoyed the America concert he took me to in Stillwater MN. I have to admit when my husband first asked me if I wanted to go, I was not really that enthused. I was in my very early teens when America was in their heyday. I was more into Bobby Sherman, The Osmonds, The Partrige Family. Now how is that for music! :) Scary ah! Well, now I am more into Metallica, Bush, Collective Soul, Lonestar or anything else you hear on the pop radio stations. We have teenagers in the house so I like alot of their music too. Being so much in love with my hubby like I am I never really pick on him (to much) for his likes or dislike of the music. With our children aging from 20 years to 2 we have a variety of music likes in our home. Anyway, back to the concert. It was great. I enjoyed it very much. Our two youngest children that we had with us were quite good too. So it was a very enjoyable time. It was neat to see Randy head banging (not quite as hard as they do at Metallica concerts) and singing the songs. I often see Randy checking into this chat folder and he told me of some of the guys he emails. To met one (Jim) was quite awesome too. I think America does a very good concert and would recommend seeing this band to anyone. I always liked acoustic guitars and they use them in alot of their songs. So I guess the next time Randy is playing America I will now remember the fun we had together in Stillwater. :o) Rock on AMERICA FANS! Randy's wife Cindy

Message: 12880 Posted: Thu Aug 03 13:54:58 2000 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Saratoga - The Winery

We did take a few pictures, but unfortunately my boyfriend was in charge of the camera and none of them really turned out. I'll post the one that I have though...but it doesn't do the view justice. It was a BEAUTIFUL place!

Erin :o)

Message: 12879 Posted: Thu Aug 03 09:32:51 2000 By: Loren
Subject: Re: Dan's voice.

I agree with your comments on Hourglass. I love that album - particularly the first four songs.

I will be at the show Wednesday in Sandpoint. Anyone else going to make it?

Message: 12878 Posted: Thu Aug 03 08:44:43 2000 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Highway

Hey, everybody. I was gone when the new cd set came out, so I just got mine yesterday, which was my first day home.
Sorry if I'm duplicating anyone's earlier comments, but I went back as far as I could and read postings I had missed.
Went to Circuit City to see if they'd have it in,as they have a good selection of America (about 4 different cd's right now in the bin)
I had to ask, since they keep the box sets separately. They had one in stock. I paid $42.99 for it, but figured I wasn't paying shipping and handling, and I didn't have to wait any longer for it!
The packaging is great. From the early buzz, I didn't understand that it was going to be a book! Very cool! Haven't read it all yet, but will get to that today.
One disappointment is that the cd's themselves don't list what they are. If they're in a player, no one would know what or who it is by looking at it. I can see that this is cheaper but.....
Anyway, I love it! How exciting for the guys and for all of us!
If any of you are hesitating about getting this 3 cd boxed set, go get it!!!!!
Take care, everyone.
ShariL <><

Message: 12877 Posted: Thu Aug 03 07:40:50 2000 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan's voice.

Welcome, David Perkins. It's always good to have new opinions about America. I'm always amazed at how differently the band's music affects its hardcore fans. One guy's "Ventura Highway" is another guy's "Muskrat Love."

I have to disagree with you on a number of fronts. I never thought Dan's voice was weak on Hideaway or Harbor. Dan was going through a lot of personal crap during those years, and I will admit when I saw them live his voice seemed strained on a few songs, but not on the albums. (Today his voice sounds stronger than ever. If you get a chance, listen to his new CD "Boddentown" or his work with the group Peace. It's awesome.)

I also disagree with you on Hourglass vs Human Nature. I think Hourglass was one of America's best, as a duo or trio. It would have been a classic without the crappy drum programming that cheapened it.

And in my opinion, two of the weakest songs America has ever done are "Hidden Talent" and "Town and Country." I find them embarrassing. But not every America fan likes the America songs I think are among their best. That's what makes this site so interesting.

The thing that's always bugged me about Human Nature is what bugged me about Your Move. On Your Move, America was reduced to lead singer status. Dewey complained it wasn't really an America album, it was more "Gerry and Dewey sing Russ Ballard." I get the same feeling on Human Nature. Dewey was limited to backup singer status on more than half the album. He only plays guitar on a few tracks. On most of Gerry's songs, he was brought in after the fact to add vocals. Yeah, the album's good. But a better title would have been "Gerry Beckley, with Dewey Bunnell Sitting In."


Message: 12876 Posted: Thu Aug 03 07:36:25 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Beckley & Bunnell Highway Interview & Party

On July 21st Scott West hosted a Highway release party prior to the concert that was held that night. Ian Samwell was there along with Gerry and Dewey and Scott interviewed them all during the party. A few photos and exerpts from the interview have been posted on the web site. Thanks so much to Scott for making them available. FYI: Scott is a great America fan and he's the one who allows this America Fans Chat Folder to be hosted on his web site.


Message: 12875 Posted: Thu Aug 03 04:50:17 2000 By: CJ
Subject: Saratoga - The Winery

I've had some questions about this venue - anybody got pix from the 7/23 show??? We were there 2 nights but no cameras allowed - anyone sneak one in - I'd love to pass around the view. . .

Chris Page, Cleveland

Message: 12874 Posted: Wed Aug 02 20:45:07 2000 By: ANDY
Subject: How to get Steve to the show

Hey Steve,
How about stuffing yourself inside one of the guitar cases?? LOL
Start the diet now :)


Message: 12873 Posted: Wed Aug 02 20:18:00 2000 By: Nina
Subject: So close...yet so far away

Hey Steve....Tell the road manager there's a quilt in it for him IF he let's you into the show! (What color does he want?!)

Message: 12872 Posted: Wed Aug 02 17:17:31 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: So close, yet so far away...

What Steve failed to tell us all is...the private gig is HIS! Just kidding, of course.

Message: 12871 Posted: Wed Aug 02 16:34:44 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: So close, yet so far away...

Hey Steve, try to sneak in. Tell them you're with the band.

Message: 12870 Posted: Wed Aug 02 15:38:05 2000 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: So close, yet so far away...

Surely the webmaster and his family can get special dispensation...

Message: 12869 Posted: Wed Aug 02 15:25:38 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: So close, yet so far away...

I found out a few minutes ago that the Utah concert in Park City is a private gig so I'll be removing it from the schedule when I update the web site tonight. Sorry about that for all you (us) Utah fans.

Message: 12868 Posted: Wed Aug 02 15:18:07 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Room For Summer Update

A while back I talked about Jeff Larson's "Room For Summer" CD which includes the song "Carol Ann" featuring Gerry Beckley on backing vocals. The reaction to RFS has been very strong and Amazon is on their 3rd order. More chains will start carrying it in the near future. Another place that has RFS on sale is "Not Lame Music" at They are a "pure" pop outlet that bought some stock. Amazon continues to be a good source though, if runs out.


Message: 12867 Posted: Wed Aug 02 14:31:37 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: New User

I'm not sure I agree entirely, there, about Dan's quality of voice on "Hideaway." "Can't You See" is one of my favorites, voice included. "Today's the Day" doesn't turn up any flaws that I can remember, and the harmonies on "Watership Down" have always seemed fine to me. Am I missing something?

On "Harbor," I objected more to Dan's song choices than to his singing. But, as the guys related in the new boxed set, "Harbor" turned out to be a tumultuous time, with all three songwriters ill-prepared with material and the atmosphere less than ideal to quality production. Gerry was really the only writer to emerge with some broadly appealing material (though we have varying opinions about what we like and dislike beyond that). The album as a whole was considered a low-point in America's trio history, which ended immediately thereafter.

Jim R.

Message: 12866 Posted: Wed Aug 02 13:30:47 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fins of the Cadillac

To add a little to what Steve N. just said, the 1959 Cadillac was the only year that Cadillac had the distinctive and enormous tail-fins. The red lenses were shaped like dual bullets or cones on each side. In 1960, they dropped that unique look and went back to a less gaudy tail light design. It was still technically a fin but a much smaller one.

Message: 12865 Posted: Wed Aug 02 13:15:07 2000 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: live songs

"Fins of the cadillac fall" means as he grew so did the cadillac. Eventually it lost its fins that were a trademark of the tail lights. I hope that explains it. He was using this phrase to detail the passing of time. At least that's what I think or imagine.

Message: 12864 Posted: Wed Aug 02 12:14:06 2000 By: englshkid
Subject: live songs

America never really hit the big time in England sadly, but horse with no name and ventura highway were hits and you can do magic was a minor hit. so i was hooked enough years later to buy the albums and loved them!!!!! i was too young the first time around as i was only 2 when horse came out!!! so as i moved to LA it was them and the beach boys that inspired me to move here( and also Charlies Angels!!) seen them a few times would like to hear some rarer stuff too. how about 1960 thats is a great song, what does he mean by "i watched the fins of the cadillac fall"?? Also Sleeper train is just classic America song, that would work well accoustic live too.

Message: 12863 Posted: Wed Aug 02 11:56:50 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Information

Wow, sounds like Dan has come out of his semi-retired status in a big way! A new CD, a new Peace CD, and a movie soundtrack! BTW, I think Dewey and Gerry should try to get involved with movie sountracks whenever possible. You never know when a movie and/or it's soundtrack will take off. Since radio doesn't have an interest in playing any of their new material, a soundtrack may be a way to by-pass them and get directly to the public.

Message: 12862 Posted: Wed Aug 02 08:54:57 2000 By: Janice
Subject: beautiful

I know I know..spell check time!

Message: 12861 Posted: Wed Aug 02 08:54:16 2000 By: Janice
Subject: Park City

Well Steve, enjoy my birthday at the concert..I love Park are right, it is very seems to me that Scotty's birthday is the 15th too..anyway, it is wonderful it is close to home for you!

Message: 12860 Posted: Wed Aug 02 08:52:01 2000 By: David Perkins
Subject: New User

Hi All,

Lots of topics here:

Great see this America Site. Haven't checked in for several years. This site seems much more well-designed that the old ones.
Anyway, I've been listening to the entire America catalog recently. America is one of those groups that 'keep coming back' along with Bee Gees and the Beatles. What I mean is that they still sound fresh even though some of their music is nearly 30 years old!

Dan Peek's voice:
Has anyone else noticed how Dan Peek's voice stood out (and not in a good way) on the later albums before he left the group? While I love some of the songs he's written, his voice really marred an otherwise good production. Examples from "Hideaway": "Watership Down", "Can't You See", "Today's The Day" and several others from "Harbour"

Hourglass/Human Nature/promotion:
One album that hasn't quite hit me yet is "Hourglass". I'm willing to give it another listen, though. I too 'discovered' it in a CD shop while on vacation in San Francisco. I had heard absolutely NO MENTION of it before then. I had seen posters for "Human Nature" When they made an appearance on the Today Show a few years back - much better promotion, and a great album to boot! I love "Town and Country" and "Hidden Talent".

More to come soon.. critiques of "Centenary Collection" and the "One Way" re-releases.

Message: 12859 Posted: Wed Aug 02 08:48:25 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dan Peek Information

I decided to enter the contest on the Dan Peek web site and this morning I received a confirmation message with a bunch of interesting information about Dan. For the benefit of everyone, here's the information:

1. Dan's web site is at

2. The on-going serialized autobiography, "The America Story", by Dan Peek can be found on his web site.

3. A 3rd album by Dan Peek and PEACE titled "Under The Mercy", is soon to be released.

4. An all new solo album by Dan Peek called "Driftin'" is coming, which is in the style of the timeless hit "Bodden Town".

5. There are plans to add more selections from Dan, in MP3 format, to his growing catalogue at

6. Dan recently learned that he has been chosen to provide music for a new movie, "Scarlet Moon". The producers have chosen a song Dan recorded, "Borrowed Time", for this soon-to-be released feature film.

Message: 12858 Posted: Wed Aug 02 05:48:15 2000 By: Mike Bunn
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Great. America is coming to Utah. Hoping for windwave and Hangover live, but just glad for the chance to see them again this year.

Message: 12857 Posted: Wed Aug 02 05:32:15 2000 By: Nina
Subject: Fall River Gig Canclled

Thanks, Steve L., for ending the "mystery" of the Fall River, MA concert! Hmmmm, I see America is headed to UTAH around the same time the MASSACHUSETTS show "should have been" taking place! Hmmmmm?

Have a GREAT time!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 12856 Posted: Tue Aug 01 23:16:41 2000 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Coming To Utah

Steve, it's only fitting that the webmaster gets to attend at least one concert during the year. Life would be too cruel, otherwise.

Message: 12855 Posted: Tue Aug 01 21:02:17 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

I just posted the updated concert list. To my surprise and delight, THEY'RE COMING TO UTAH! I didn't think I was going to get to see the guys this year but now it looks like I will. Park City is only 50 minutes from my house so it's very convenient, and also very beautiful.


Message: 12854 Posted: Tue Aug 01 20:59:57 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Springfield MO Show...

Thanks for the review and the set list, Mark. I'm glad you didn't get pulled over and have to miss the show. Regarding your Hat Trick 8 track CD, I'll bet you could send a mail message to Colonel Peek (Dan's Dad) and he could work out something so you could get Dan to sign the 8 track. It might take a little while, but it's worth a shot. If you don't have the Colonel's e-mail address, shoot me a line and I'll give it to you.


Message: 12853 Posted: Tue Aug 01 20:31:19 2000 By: Mark McVey
Subject: Springfield MO Show...

I made it down to the Springfield show Monday evening... I almost messed up, for some reason I thought the show was starting at 9pm. I left KC around 4pm made a few stops before heading out of town. I got on I-44 East of Joplin to head for Springfield at 7pm and luckly I was listening to the station that was sponsoring the shows at the fair. They announced that America would be taking the stage at 8pm, I was 60 miles away with less than an hour before showtime and I had not ideal where the fair grounds where. I went 'OH SH#T', put the cruise up to 80 and headed east. Well there where signs to the fairground, I got parked, grabbed a 8th row ticket, a corndog and drink and got to my seat with 20 miutes to spare...

As always the guys where great and had the normal fun stage banter. Brad, Dewey and Gerry looked sharp all in black and Woodsie finished it off with Jeans and his 'Beer Nuts' t-shirt... Dewey did introduce him as the original beer nut... It was a treat to hear Wind Wave and Hangover got a pretty good reception seeing we where in the midst of the Bible belt... I Love Wednesday Morning and Wheels was exceptionaly sharp...

In the 5 or 6 shows I've seen over the last fews years I have been treated to at least 2 songs at each show that I haven't heard live before... Keep it up guys...

Here is the set list in case anyone cares:

Riverside,Ventura Highway,You Can Do Magic,Don't Cross the River,Daisy Jane,Wind Wave,Three Roses,I Need You,Wednesday Morning,Wheels are Turning,Tin Man,Woman Tonight,Only in Your Heart,California Dreamin,Lonely People,Hangover,Things We Said Today,Never Be Lonely,Sandman,Sister,Horse

A few of us did wonder over to the bar at the hotel after the show and one by one the whole band finally arrived. I got Gerry to sign my 8-track of Hat Trick last year in Topeka, and Dewey signed it last night. He got a kick out of it... Now I just need Dan Peek to sign it and I will complete my Hat Trick signing of Hat Trick, ha...

That's all... Take Care...

Mark (inKC)...

Message: 12852 Posted: Tue Aug 01 19:04:21 2000 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Fall River Gig Canceled

I'm afraid the Fall River concert on August 12 has been officially canceled. I'll be posting an updated schedule later tonight.


Message: 12851 Posted: Tue Aug 01 13:04:06 2000 By: Maureen
Subject: Readington, NJ show

Hi All,
I was at the Balloon Festival on Friday in NJ. The festival was cool. They let 125 hot air balloons go up all at the same time. At one point the sky was full of balloons, pretty cool.

The hightlight of the day, was of course, the guys !! They were excellant, as usual. The set list was just about the same from Sat. night show, except for 'And Forever', which I think Dewey sounds just as good as when it was first recorded, maybe better !! Hope you all get to hear him sing it!! Wind Wave was wonderful, too.
Hoping to see them again on Aug 25th, in Conn.

Take Care All !!

Message: 12850 Posted: Tue Aug 01 10:05:48 2000 By: Mark
Subject: Dan's story

Dan Peek has started telling his life story in weekly installments at his web site ( The first two installments are pretty interesting. I would encourage everyone to stop by and check it out.

Message: 12849 Posted: Tue Aug 01 09:09:24 2000 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Dewey's Voice

Very true about vocal range not being the end-all of "good" singing, and that earlier comment about Dewey's distinctive voice making him an excellent lead vocalist. In fact, when I think of America nowadays, I'm thinking of songs like "Moment to Moment" and "Hope," songs in which Gerry's and Dewey's voice aren't used in harmony, but in contrast. It creates a "group" effect in a whole different way. When Dan was part of the group, harmony leads and harmony background vocals were more common, which makes sense for groups with three or more singers. Gerry and Dewey's voices contrast so well that it gives America a broader identity vocally, similar to the Beatles (who also started with multi-part leads in the early '60s and eventually highlighted individual vocal styles in later years).

Also, I want to recant a bit. On the drive back from Stillwater, I slipped "Human Nature" into the CD player and realized I had forgotten Dewey's vocal approach to "Pages," a high-end piece that reminded me of his approach to the first verse of "A Horse With No Name" 27 years earlier. Apparently, he can pick and choose when to work the high range. His sound has changed, but the differences are not an issue of quality of voice.

Jim R.

Message: 12848 Posted: Tue Aug 01 08:06:35 2000 By: Jeremy01
Subject: Dewey's Voice

His sound has indeed changed. There is a very small percentage of vocalists who sound as the same later on as they did in the beginning. It's just one of those things. His sound is still great, indeed. It has changed a bit. A broader vocal range does not always make someone a better singer. The sound must suit the song, and every song he takes the lead in suits him just fine... whether he's at his best or not. Looking forward to seeing them again on the 26th.

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