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Message: 15860 Posted: Wed Feb 28 23:52:26 2001 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: From The Majors To The Minors

wrestle with all that everyday...


Message: 15859 Posted: Wed Feb 28 22:24:41 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: From The Majors To The Minors

It's very lenghty and the print is kinda tiny! I saw Janis in concert way back and was moved by the experience. How were you referred to this essay? It seems to be a classification of musicians' and artists' motives, with the aid of lots of coffee. I'll read on before I make any more opinions known. Thanks!

Message: 15858 Posted: Wed Feb 28 21:45:11 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: whoa!/woe

I know how you feel, kiri. A friend from the Twin Cities who knows of my America interest e-mailed me with Ticketmaster info last week. I guess I was spoiled by all the free or low-cost concerts I attended last year, including the America performances in Stillwater, MN, and Door County, WI. At $27 to $47 per ticket at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, I'll probably end up going alone.

Jim R.

Message: 15857 Posted: Wed Feb 28 20:48:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: From The Majors To The Minors

Janis Ian has a very interesting article entitled "From The Majors To The Minors" at Anyone care to comment?

Message: 15856 Posted: Wed Feb 28 18:27:42 2001 By: Terry
Subject: chat America fans

please leave message or e-mail, if anyone ever goes to channel# America_fans on wednesday nights via the KINGBISCUIT RADIO.COM america links ok

Message: 15855 Posted: Wed Feb 28 17:56:20 2001 By: kiri
Subject: whoa!/woe

just looked into getting tickets for the may 3, milwaukee desire to go is very big but my pocketbook is very small...not that the guys aren't totally worth the ticket price but..well...shoot!

any illinois dates in the works/just not yet confirmed, steve?

Message: 15854 Posted: Wed Feb 28 17:53:48 2001 By: Terry
Subject: chatROOM?

does any body use the kingbiscuit chatroom for america on wednesday nights, like right now. Lets dish about the band ect. meet me there now! ok

Message: 15853 Posted: Wed Feb 28 17:39:23 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Switchfoot

I just found out Switchfoot will be in Reno Monday night, so I'm trying desperately to get the night off. I've been a fan for a couple of years now, and REALLY want to see them live. But it probably won't happen since I already have the weekend off to see my boyfriend's favorite band, Blues Traveler. Anyway, I'm really going to try to get there...

Erin :o)

Message: 15852 Posted: Wed Feb 28 15:46:53 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Switchfoot

On Matt's recommendation, many of you have checked out Switchfoot, and many of you are enjoying them. They played Monday night with the OC Supertones in San Diego. Took both my teen girls to see them. (They are fans of both the bands.) I really enjoyed Switchfoot, but the Supertones were a little too "rap" for me.
Saw Matt and talked with him for a few minutes, but he also couldn't take the whole set of the Supertones and took off before the end.
The Switchfoot guys were very gracious and real signing autographs after the show. They talked quite a bit with my girls, and when I asked Jon, the lead singer, where Matt was, he wondered how I knew Matt. I laughed and said, "through his dad. I'm an America groupie." He thought that was pretty cool.
My husband worries when I take the girls to concerts that they're going to become "groupies" like their mom is. Oh, well. There are worse things that could happen to them!
Reversal of nature - Southern California is getting more rain than Seattle, and Seattle had a major earthquake this morning.
Take care, everyone.
ShariL <><

Message: 15851 Posted: Wed Feb 28 15:26:11 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dan's Driftin' CD

"Driftin'"... the artwork, the story behind the songs, and selected sound clips are now available at 7-Mile Entertainment is taking advance orders now at

Message: 15850 Posted: Wed Feb 28 15:14:07 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Note to Alan (Norman)

FYI: Speaking of "Horizon", "Horizontal Fall" is the working title for Gerry's next solo album. I get the impression that he's working on it a little here and a little there as time permits. So, there's no deadline nor date set for it's release, but it's something to look forward to in the future.

Message: 15849 Posted: Wed Feb 28 13:42:55 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Note to Alan (Norman)

Robyn wrote: << By the Way, Bel Geddes also wrote a book titled " Horizon" Sounds like a good title for an album ( and maybe "Norman" could be included, sort of a theme going here--lol) >>

Yeah, and "Horizon" also fits in with "H" album titles theme as well.

Message: 15848 Posted: Wed Feb 28 12:56:49 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Starlight & Paramount

Thank you Steve, I will be at the ready with my little Kodak.

Message: 15847 Posted: Wed Feb 28 12:48:23 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Starlight & Paramount

Whether or not pictures can be taken during a concert depends on the venue and the promoter. Same places strictly forbid it and others openly encourage it. I doubt that anyone would mind if you took photos after the show. So it's always a good idea to have your camera with you just in case.

Message: 15846 Posted: Wed Feb 28 12:18:05 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Starlight & Paramount

Noticed where the band is playing 2 of the best indoor/outdoor concerts of the year. One of the best outdoor concerts would be in Kansas City at the Starlight. That one will be special. The other is at the Paramount in Denver. The Paramount is recognized as one of the best indoor theaters in the US. Everyone wants to play the Paramount. But, I would have to rate Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado as the best for outdoor open-air facilities.

Anyway, does anyone know if pictures can be taken after an America concert, or is that off limits?

Only 2 weeks to Ft Collins & a memorable evening.

Message: 15845 Posted: Wed Feb 28 11:23:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: ?

Shake, rattle, and roll in the NW/Pacific area.

Nina, could be as you said since the banner was too attractive to keep hidden. On the other hand, maybe they just wanted to change things up.

Message: 15844 Posted: Wed Feb 28 07:26:31 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Johnny

Hey, Johnny...Maybe the shiney America logo curtain misfunctioned the night I saw them...because I remember seeing the "faint" outline of the logo curtain behind a front curtain...and only at near the end of the concert did we get a full view of the sign itself! I remember thinking how beautiful it was and wondering why they kept it hidden for the entire concet?!?!

Message: 15843 Posted: Wed Feb 28 05:11:23 2001 By: Pete
Subject: reunion

I seen as a trio, they were great. Ive seen them as they are now and they are great. What we need is new music, new CD.

Message: 15842 Posted: Tue Feb 27 22:37:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boycott (aka "Boy-Oh-Boy, Caught!")

Jim, I recall Chinese actress, Suzy Kwan (I believe her name is...from the 60s movie, "Flower Drum Song") advertised a skin cream called Pearl Cream not too many years ago. She used the words, "ancient Chinese secret". Those three words are good for a quick cop-out. (0:

Regarding "boycott", thanks for the clarification. It was my misunderstanding.

Message: 15841 Posted: Tue Feb 27 22:02:06 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Okay, Okay!

Johnny, you and your ancient Chinese secrets! You're using Calgon, aren't you? (Remember the 1970s TV ads for the detergent?

By the way, I didn't think you were advocating a boycott. I doubt anyone on this folder would go to such an extreme anyway.

Jim R.

Message: 15840 Posted: Tue Feb 27 21:00:43 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: reunion

Terry, I'm waiting to get confirmation from Erin at Morey Management before I post it on the concert schedule. As far as Hank goes, I believe that Michael is back. Those of you who went to the concerts the past couple of weeks should be able to tell us for sure.

Message: 15839 Posted: Tue Feb 27 20:19:25 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: reunion

Don't forget Jerry Lewis, Bonz! Imaginary celebrity feuds have always help publicity, whether it was the Rat Pack or Muskrat Pack.
Thanks for the the FL info, Boca Lori. I don't see it posted in the tour schedule yet.
Is Hank still touring with them as we speak?

Message: 15838 Posted: Tue Feb 27 19:55:15 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: reunion

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop. That would do it for me.

Message: 15837 Posted: Tue Feb 27 17:08:09 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Okay, Okay!

Okay, okay, I confess. The transcript of that 1976 Pittsburgh concert that I posted is the ACTUAL happenings from a real America concert. Like the "Hideaway" Warner Media Info Releases, the source of the transcript is another ancient Chinese secret that would bring death if revealed. I'm too fond of life at this point. So, you all can go back and re-read the post and know it's the real thing. I couldn't make up such a corny George Washington joke like the one Dan told. LOL! If only we had the actual concert recording. That would be too cool!

Message: 15836 Posted: Tue Feb 27 16:50:57 2001 By: dofd
Subject: Norman, duos and trios

I'm an "Old American" who saw the trio maybe 3-4 times and the duo numerous times since. I even have a T-shirt with a picture of the three on stage.

I'd like to see the trio reunite because it would mean they've reconciled their differences, not because of the potential boon to their career. Frankly, I'm not convinced bringing Dan back in would ensure a sold-out tour of 17,000-seat venues or a No. 1 single. But it would rekindle good memories in old-timers like myself and be a treat for those who only know the group as a duo. I'd root for them to reunite for the sake of friendship. As for a career renaissance, I'd root for them to get a contract with a major label or perhaps risk a return to the accoustic sounds of yore to stir up some more interest (although I think their recent work has been great).

As for "Norman," I recall hearing Gerry sing it at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium when I was in college or just fresh out, which would have been the very early '80s. As I recall, Dewey sang "Might Be Your Love" and "Greenhouse" during the same show, and those songs didn't appear on albums until sometime later. I certainly hope Gerry and Dewey (and Dan, if the fates allow) pull some of their unreleased gems out of the vault for a future album.

Message: 15835 Posted: Tue Feb 27 15:56:13 2001 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Maybe 25 Years Ago???

Make it the year 2001...there is no reason why it can't be done. Ahh, come on children get your heads, back together. I think the three of you know who you are. D,G,&D forever. Todays the Day

Message: 15834 Posted: Tue Feb 27 15:16:55 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Note to Alan (Norman)

Thats' ok Alan. Just by coincidence, I am sitting in my office reading "Miracle in the Evening" a bio of Bel Geddes. {Insert your own bookworm joke here} Excellent book.

By the Way, Bel Geddes also wrote a book titled " Horizon" Sounds like a good title for an album ( and maybe "Norman" could be included, sort of a theme going here--lol)

Message: 15833 Posted: Tue Feb 27 14:20:18 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Note to Alan (Norman)

Robyn, disregard my last question. Seems you answered it in a post a little later. Again, I hadn't read that far when posted mine. I've heard the song Norman mentioned a few times on the folder. I just didn't realize that was the song I heard oh so many years ago. It's great when you can put 2 and 2 together and it actually equals 4!

AsC <------ mathematically challenged

Message: 15832 Posted: Tue Feb 27 13:50:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Maybe 25 Years Ago???

Could this be the way an America show in 1976 went? With a little imagination, perhaps, huh? Perhaps some "Old Americans" may remember something like this:

Dan: We're gonna play a few acoustic songs.

"Riverside" is played.

"Don't Cross The River" is played.

Gerry: Thank you! Pittsburgh! Alright!

"Muskrat Love" is played.

"Three Roses" is played.

Dewey or Dan: We're gonna bring out some friends of ours. On the bass guitar, David Dickey! And on the drums, Willie Leacox!

Dewey: Weighing in at 112 pounds....

Gerry: You've heard this one before.

"Ventura Highway" is played.

Dan: Alright! Gerry's gonna sing you a song from way back. We're gonna just be a little light here for a little bit then we'll kind of...stay right where you are though. It's gonna pick right up.

"I Need You" is played.

"Miniature" is played from a tape. "Tin Man" is played by the guys .

Gerry: Here's one from our "Holiday" album.

"Baby It's Up To You" is played.

Dewey: Thank you! Here's one new song...a couple of new songs. Bear with us.

Dan: We got it all figured out here.

"Amber Cascades" is played.

A fan shouts out a song.

Gerry: It's coming. We're gonna play them all. Yeah! See we got...we got lists. It's written and they tell us what's next. So, if you yell 'em, it doesn't make any difference 'cause they're written in the place we're gonna play 'em. We're gonna play 'em all so.... This is a song about partying in the woods.

"Moon Song" is played.

Dan: Alright, is there some problem? Okay everybody be good. Everybody be real cool. Be nice.

"Don't Cross The River" is played.

Gerry: This is our new single from the "Hideaway" album. It's called, "Today's The Day".

"Today's The Day" is played.

Dewey: Anybody from Virginia?

Fan: Yeah, West Virginia!

Dan tells a joke: 200 years ago today, George Washington turned over a new leaf. Turned out to be tobacco. 200 years ago today. Just like today.

"Old Virginia" is played.

"Old Man Took" is played.

"Daisy Jane" is played.

"Jet Boy Blue" is played.

Gerry: This is another new song from our new "Hideaway" album. Our new "Hideaway" album. This is called, "She's A Liar". One, two, three, four...

"She's A Liar" is played.

Gerry: One, two...

Willie plays an incredible half-minute drum solo before going into "Woman Tonight".

"Woman Tonight" is played.

"Don't Let It Get You Down" is played.

Gerry: Don't let it get you down!

"Company" is played.

"Horse" is played.

Gerry: Thank you! Let me introduce to you on the keyboards and saxophone, Jimmy Calire. And on percussion and vibes, Tom Walsh.

Gerry or David Dickey: This is for those lovely blonde ladies here.

"Sister Golden Hair" is played.

Gerry: Thank you!

The crowd claps for an encore.

Dewey: Thank ya'll!

Dan: It's sure been fun playing for ya. I want to thank you a lot!

Gerry: Okay!

"Sandman" is played.

Dan and Dewey: Thank you Pittsburgh!

Gerry: Thank you and good night!

"Hideaway Part 1 or 2" is played as the crowd leaves the building.

Maybe, just maybe, that's how an evening in Pittsburgh went 25 years ago!

Message: 15831 Posted: Tue Feb 27 13:45:01 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Note to Alan

Thank you, Steve as well. I replied to Robyn before I read your post. So, what would it take to get Gerry to release some of these hidden gems? (or Dewey - I'm sure he's got some gems tucked away himself). I say we start a petition!


Message: 15830 Posted: Tue Feb 27 13:44:36 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America concert

From a good friend who remembered seeing all 3 in concert was this:
Pitch black and all of a sudden, Gerry, Dewey and Dan walked behind the curtain with candles showing the shadow of their upper half showing. IT was very emotional I heard.

Message: 15829 Posted: Tue Feb 27 13:41:18 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Note to Alan


Thank you for clearing that up. So I'm not crazy! (I knew it couldn't be drugs because I had given them up a couple of years earlier). I have been trying to find that song again since, well - 1978! I remember it was a very beautiful song and I'd give anything to hear it again. Thanks again for the info! You don't happen to know the title of the song, do you?


Message: 15828 Posted: Tue Feb 27 11:40:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: union

TT, I like your "reunions that ain't gonna happen". May I add: OJ, the Ramseys, and the truth!

Nina, the one trio concert that I saw (May 1975), that beautiful "AMERICA" logo sign that you mentioned, appeared this way during the show:

The audience was seated.

The lights were out and it was pitch black.

The anticipation was at its peak (and Peek).

The beginning of "Miniature" could be heard.

"Miniature" was played and was coming to its end with all the lights still out.

At the exact same time, six things happened if I recall correctly:

1) The beginning strums of "Tin Man" were played.

2) The spotlight hit the trio as they walked on stage.

3) The audience went crazy.

4) The shiny AMERICA logo banner descending from above the stage hit by another spotlight.

5) The audience went even crazier! WOW! What a wonderful scene to behold and to have as a memory!

6) I knew I must have done something right to be present that night!

I believe the banner remained there for the entire show. That was 26 years ago so it's hard to remember exactly what order the events occurred, but I tend to believe that's the way it happened at the show I attended. I wonder where that logo banner is today? I have a feeling Dewey has it.

May I suggest a couple of terms for those that have seen the trio and the duo perform verses those that have seen only the duo? "Old Americans" and "Young Americans". We're ALL "Americans"!

Message: 15827 Posted: Tue Feb 27 09:58:25 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Concerts Past/Reunion/Alan/Johnny

Just back from a week off from school and FINALLY have access to my school computer, thought I'd comment on a couple of posts I noticed as I was catching up on a week's sorth of postings!

I was lucky enough to see the band, AMERICA, at least THREE times as a trio:
Music Hall in Boston, Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and Boston Garden, Boston. As a young college student with limited income and no transportation...these concerts were difficult for me (Miss Out in the Sticks) to venture to, but the desire outweighed the obstacles! I remember coming home from the first one at an "ungodly hour" (according to my strict, Italian father), in soft drifting snow thinking all was right with the world! The second one was marked by all my girlfriends drooling over the bass player! (Sorry, was David Dickey!) And I kept saying: "Listen to the music!" "Listen to the music!" The third was springtime, I think, towards the end of my college days...maybe the Hideaway tour? I'm amazed at all the people on this folder who somehow found America in the eighties and that is where their experience with the band begins! I guess I'm a member of the OLD GUARD, for sure!

Reunion? Gosh, I don't know. It "might" help them get closer to Hall of Fame contention, it "might" get them a "Behind the Music", it'd probably boost album sales...but my take on it is if it AIN'T happened YET...

Alan...Thought you'd enjoy this! I'm taking my little nephew to a Monkees concert! He's crazy about music and I couldn't let it pass him by! He was so excited about the America show I took him to...I can't wait to see how he reacts to this one!

Johnny...Your reference to the mirror ball sparked another memory of mine. Do you remember the "hidden" America logo curtain at late 70's concerts? It was hidden behind another curtain, behind the band, and toward the end of the concert they opened or dropped the first curtain to display the huge, "sparkle-y" AMERICA logo! I often wondered why is wasn't displayed for entire length of the show? Maybe for theatrical effect? (I'm not dreaming this, am I?)


Message: 15826 Posted: Tue Feb 27 07:24:43 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: reunion

Johnny: >>"Boycott D&G until they give in..."<<

In spite of the fact that I'm a real 'big-mouth' about wanting a reunion, I will always support America in any configuration.

I have alot of respect for America, or any musical group for that matter, for surviving 30+ years in the music business without giving up or self destructing.

It is a personal pleasure and honor of mine to see my favorite band for the last 29 years is not only still going strong but continues to create great new music!

Message: 15825 Posted: Tue Feb 27 04:52:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: reunion ramblings...the defense......(c=

The Dr. is in...(lol)

I think (maybe I'm wrong?) the only "defensive"ness going on in ANY post is what anyone reads INTO it.......That's the problem with the written word. You can't actually deliver the "intent".....This might be a good thing (in the case of flamers) or it might not (in most other cases).....Just my ¢¢ (Hey Robyn, I REMEMBERED!!!!!)

TkH<------------PhD (lol)

Message: 15824 Posted: Tue Feb 27 04:40:03 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: THE BOYS ARE BACK...Fla Show

Not only can I NOT go, I can't go with aplomb (at least I know in ADVANCE I won't be there.....sigh).....but on the good side, my daughter will turn 14 and it should be a fun day!!!!! One more year and she'll be in the learner permit mode (she reminds me EVERY DAY)...

Oh, well, HAVE a GREAT time Ms. "Boca"!!!! (C= Hey, Mr. gonna go?


Message: 15823 Posted: Mon Feb 26 23:10:27 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: union

I think some sort of "boycotting" effect is already evident, whether by choice, corporate decisions, or lack of information. A reunion prior to any Hall of Fame nomination would not only precipitate or speed up a possibly inevitable induction, but would contribute to a more graceful acceptance if and when the time comes. More than sometimes a little friction generates great music. CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, others...all wrote songs during and about their disagreements, and the songs themselves overshadowed any gossip or rumours of the disagreements, because the songs were so real, sounded so good, and helped explain or rectify the situation. Even existing songs took on new meaning. We as fans have every right to dream. Our hard-earned money is spent on their recordings, our energy is focused on the music, our time and miles are consumed in seeing them. They started it, we didn't. Some of us are very content with what there is now, but some of us have been spoiled. That's showbiz. Lots of what is or has ever been heard "out there" was ONLY made possible from lucky breaks or personal connections at the right moment. A lot of it is trash. Otherwise (as with Our Guys, I believe), it has been sheer genius, gifted talent, and magic chemistry, where the breakthrough was just a matter of time, as long as they stuck with it. What remains is some of us amateurs who have started to accept reality, diehard fans who never thought of being musicians themselves, and younger dreamers that still hope for similar breaks themselves. Such is the state of this planet's industry. Sticking with it AFTER the breakthrough, let alone the "breakup" seems to have been the hardest part, and all the "parts" have more than survived in their own positive ways. It's just that some old timers recall the total being greater than the sum of its parts...but, better than nothing (thank God), and certainly not bad, the parts are still a source of enjoyment...if that's what we have to settle for. I can't apologize for not being able to explain why I and some others still see things as parts. Guess you had to be there, and wish you were, but wish more that you will be there someday still.

Reunions that "ain't gonna happen":

Ma Bell & Baby Bells (AT&T)
Isreal & Palestine
Regis & Kathie Lee
same poles of 2 magnets
Mike Tyson & Evander Holyfield's ear
David Crosby & original liver
a full untethered helium balloon & the floor
those who dream, those who don't, those who don't care, those who say "never"

Message: 15822 Posted: Mon Feb 26 22:36:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Choice #1

Thanks for your opinion, Jim.

I really don't mean for anyone to do any boycotting. I hope everyone else understands me. That's why in my previous message, I said that choice, Choice #1, is a lose-lose situation. I'm for the second choice. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear this up if it's a misunderstanding.

Message: 15821 Posted: Mon Feb 26 21:58:25 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: reunion

Johnny, I'm not interested in forcing a reunion, but I certainly don't mind making my opinions known in the hope that it adds to a chorus of voices all harmonizing for one. I plan to see Dewey and Gerry again this year, regardless of whether Dan is ever part of America again. While I understand it is their decision, I also know a reunion prospect is one of those things that many fans just won't let die, and I'm among them. But boycott America? That's not me.

Jim R.

Message: 15820 Posted: Mon Feb 26 20:01:55 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: reunion

Alan, glad to have you aboard and as a fellow-fan, I'd like to say thanks for posting your thoughts.

Mark (Mark Cole?), you stated the America situation accurately this morning in my opinion. Inspite of all the true things you said, as we all know, the fact remains that at this time, D&G choose to continue on with things the way they reunion, no major recording company, and no major hit. D&G are in a tough situation. They apparently want to keep things as they are, yet they want to please us fans as best they can but apparently, we're asking something of them that they don't want to do. It's that proverbial saying, "In between a rock and a hard place" or is it, "In between a hard and a rockin' place"? No doubt, they feel they have a good reason for not reuniting and they choose to keep it between the three of them (DD&G). We'll probably never be told why for the benefit of one or both parties. Perhaps that "brotherly love" that was so strong during the "Hideaway" tour, is no longer there. I guess as fans, we have two choices: 1) boycott D&G until they give in or 2) support them inspite of our own wishes. I think with the first choice, everyone loses.

(I enjoyed reading your thoughts too, Kiri.)

Message: 15819 Posted: Mon Feb 26 19:20:58 2001 By: kiri
Subject: late monster response

"I've got all these pictures I just need the frames..."
excellent, excellent, excellent line and so very true. (matt's cover is excellent too, btw) very cryptic song that seems to be alluding to relationships but can't quite figure out some of the connotations - which makes it cool.

my humble reunion comment, if i may:
having only seen the duo, i will say that some 70s bands who tour with missing/new lineups are nice but leave us wanting the original sound. when i saw the guys last summer for the first time, i thought they sounded exactly how i had hoped - was not disappointed in the least! (and clinched me being the fan i've become)

i think dan's presence would satisfy my curiousity (especially after reading his bio entries and the warner's clips with dan saying "We have a sensational rapport with each other, that special brotherly love for one another that makes it easier for us to spend as much time together as we do.")

i think some of the allure of the duo/touring band is that they all seem so close and it's great to think of people having collaborations like that - so it's natural for fans to want dan to be a part of that still.

but i don't know how much a reunion would boost sales with people from my generation. the duo was able to do it for me on their own. guess i don't have a definite opinion - just some random thoughts there.

Message: 15818 Posted: Mon Feb 26 16:28:09 2001 By: Alan Bescan
Subject: reunion

Dream reunions can come true. America has been at the top of my favorites since the start having been to at least 20 of their concerts throughout the years begining in 1973. Another of my all time greats finaly conceded after twenty some years....The James Gang with the main originals...Joe Walsh,Jimmy Fox and Dale Peters. They were just supposed to play at the Rock and Roll HOF but the response was so great two concerts were added in downtown Cleveland and sold out in no time. I happened to be one of the luckey 200 to attend the Rock Hall one Thur. and also went this past Sat. night. The years surely did no harm...they were great! Hope they think about doing it again for the rest of the country. I sure hope to have another dream come true this year with the America reunion tour.......are you listening Dewey,Gerry and Dan? Alan

Message: 15817 Posted: Mon Feb 26 16:03:53 2001 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: THE BOYS ARE BACK...Fla Show

good news FLORIDA fans....

THE BOYS ARE BACK.....for another fantastic show

Saturday MARCH 10th at 8pm

PARKLAND CITY Celebration Presents "AMERICA"

6575 NW 76th Drive
Pompano Beach, Florida 33067

This is a free concert in the park, with opening
acts starting at 6pm

Message: 15816 Posted: Mon Feb 26 13:59:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Warner's Media Information on "Hideaway" (5 of 5)

Pat, I really enjoyed posting them. I only wish I had more.

DaisyJane, your turn with "Harbor" or you can photocopy and send the releases to me via US Mail and I'll post them.

Message: 15815 Posted: Mon Feb 26 13:41:03 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Dan's New CD - Driftin'

I'm looking forward with great anticipation to listening to Dan's new CD: Driftin'.
Nice artwork on the cover. Very colorful. Looks like one of Dan's paintings.
I'm listening to Dan's Bodden Town as I write this. Bodden Town is my favorite Dan solo recording. Many of the songs on it remind me of early America. Lots of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and harmonica. And, of course, harmonys too. 'Wailing Wall' is a great song.

Message: 15814 Posted: Mon Feb 26 13:18:41 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Warner's Media Information on "Hideaway" (5 of 5)

Thanks Johnny for the Hideaway info. I really enjoyed reading all of it.

Message: 15813 Posted: Mon Feb 26 12:46:04 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

Pete Best' thoughts exactly.

Message: 15812 Posted: Mon Feb 26 12:38:01 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

Mike B: >>"A few of you....have been into the Duo for so long that the (reunion) dream has died"<<

***As far as I'm concerned, that dream will NEVER die!***

Message: 15811 Posted: Mon Feb 26 10:46:44 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: reunion ramblings...

Just finished reading the lastest installment of the "reunion" string. Seems that this topic may not only be a sore spot for D&G but some fans on this board seem to be getting very defensive about it. I agree it is probably a dead horse but no need to get defensive about it. I think with perhaps one or two exceptions everybody on this board would be very excited about a reunion CD and tour if it were announced tomorrow. I know I would.

The fact that America's last two CDs (Hourglass and Human Nature) were commercial flops despite the quality of songs, means that you need more than just good songs to have a hit. You need at least a semi-major label promoting and backing your song. The only way America will generate any interest from a semi-major label would be the promise of a reunion CD. That's just the way it is.

Message: 15810 Posted: Sun Feb 25 22:10:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: wheels

Yeah, Mark, the "black crow with an indigo glow" is great and has "Dewey" written all over it.

Message: 15809 Posted: Sun Feb 25 20:57:11 2001 By: msmith
Subject: wheels

johnny, you are correct that credit for "wheels" is given to both dewey & gerry. you can't deny, however, that probably the most memorable line from wheels "black crow with an indigo glow" has gotta be a dewey line. sure reminds me of "alligator lizards in the air"...

Message: 15808 Posted: Sun Feb 25 19:57:19 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan's New CD - Driftin'

That's very nice work. Thanks for letting us get an early preview Tom and Dan!

Message: 15807 Posted: Sun Feb 25 17:10:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Warner's Media Information on "Hideaway" (5 of 5)

GEORGE MARTIN - PART OF AMERICA'S SOUND: America's current album "Hideaway" is a broad offering that features everything from the classic harmony-filled sound to first-rate rock 'n roll to reggae. Maybe "appealing" might be a more appropriate description.

And, once again, Geroge Martin has produced their album. The former Beatles producer has become an integral part of America's if he were a fourth member of the group, agree Dan, Gerry, and Dewey.

"We need the objectivity of another person," explains Dewey. "It became so 'internal' for us before George was on the scene that we were losing that bird's-eye view of the situation. We always have an abundance of songs, so first of all we have to decide on them. Some songs have to be given the boot, obviously, and some don't, and it's all according to the makeup of the album. It's not necessarily because the songs are bad, it may be because on that particular album there were other songs in a similar vein.

"And George is sympathetic to the music. It's not like working on a car that isn't yours. He was right in there, he arranged vocal parts and sometimes even guitar parts, as well as the strings and horns he added later. We still have those production instincts too, so it's almost like having a fourth member of the band."

Gerry Beckley remembers the band being "very nervous" over its first studio work with Martin. "He's one of the few real geniuses in music today. There's no way around that fact. We were in awe of him in the beginning. When we decided to get a new producer, we never even thought of George. You tend to isolate him from your usual list of producers. It's don't invite the King of England to your party, even though you'd love for him to be there. We heard he was in Los Angeles, got together with him and asked if he would produce us. He surprised us all and said yes."

The winning America-Martin team began with "Holiday" and the single smash from it, "Tin Man." Then came "Hearts" with "Sister Golden Hair" and "Daisy Jane." And now, "Hideaway."

And with it another step of recognition for America...they write the songs, they record the records, and they work the road to make it happen.

(April 1976)

Message: 15806 Posted: Sun Feb 25 16:43:39 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Warner's Media Information on "Hideaway" (4 of 5)

AMERICA'S "HIDEAWAY" ALBUM GOES GOLD: America's most recent Warner Bros. album, "Hideaway" (released this April), has been certified by the R.I.A.A. for a Gold record award. The trio's sixth album to attain Gold status, "Hideaway" joins "America," "Homecoming," "Holiday," "Hearts," and "History-America's Greatest Hits." (America," "Homecoming," and "History" are Platinum albums as well.)

Formed in 1969 by Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek, and Dewey Bunnell, America has become one of the 70s' biggest recording acts. The group's albums and their string of hit singles ("Horse With No Name," "Tin Man," "Lonely People," and the current "Today's The Day" from "Hideaway") have all enjoyed impressive sales. "Hideaway" was produced by George Martin.

(May 26, 1976)

Message: 15805 Posted: Sun Feb 25 15:47:19 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Warner's Media Information on "Hideaway" (3 of 5)

AMERICA INTRODUCES NEW ALBUM VIA MAJOR CONCERT TOUR: America is launching its new Warner Bros. "Hideaway" album with a major concert swing, it was revealed today by personal manager John Hartmann of Hartmann & Goodman. The album will be release April 9 while the tour begins April 16 in Chicago.

America--Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley, and Dan Peek--are currently rehearsing for the tour which will feature a number of cuts from the new LP and a new stage setting. Highlights of the tour include dates at major revues in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York.

The complete schedule:
Aerie Crown Theatre, Chicago, April 16; Masonic Temple, Detroit, April 17; Columbus, Ohio, April 18, Morgantown Coliseum; West Va., April 20, Richmond Coliseum, April 21; Capitol Center, April 22; The Spectrum, April 23; Boston Gardens, April 24; Providence Civic Center, April 25; New Haven Coliseum, April 27; Nassau Coliseum, April 28; Rochester War Memorial, April 29; Pittsburgh Civic Center, April 20, and Dallas, May 2.

(April 14, 1976)

Message: 15804 Posted: Sun Feb 25 15:29:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan's New CD - Driftin'

Congratulations to Dan on his new CD!

Message: 15803 Posted: Sun Feb 25 15:18:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dan's New CD - Driftin'

I received the following message from Tom Peek earlier today. Thanks Tom!

Dear Steve,

Dan's new CD "Driftin'" will be released on the 5th of March. Within the next few days we plan to post the artwork, the story behind the songs, and some sound clips to
In the meantime I have made the title track available in MP3 format at

Here is Dan's own description of "Driftin'":
"Driftin' and Tales from the Lost Islands", is the first "theme" or "concept" musical project that I have released. Chronicling many thousands of miles and myriad ports of call along the way, the CD lays down in musical and lyrical form a travelers handbook of adventure and romance."

As a special thank you to America Fans we are letting you know first... that we are now taking advance orders, (prior to the March 5th official release) and that the first 100 people who order will also receive a free DANPEEK.COM T-Shirt.

Right now the only place to buy Driftin' is 7-Mile Entertainment

Muchos Regardos,
Tom Peek

Message: 15802 Posted: Sun Feb 25 15:06:20 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 1973/1974 Playlist, Anybody?

FYI: There is a list of 24 playlists ranging from 1972 to 1998 on the Archives page of the America Fans home page. I know there are other playlists scattered throughout the chat folder, but these play lists were sent to me back in 1998 and 1999 when we were seeing how many different ones we could gather. It's fun to look through them and see how the playlist has changed over the years.

Message: 15801 Posted: Sun Feb 25 09:48:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: 1973/1974 Playlist, Anybody?

>>Does anybody have an earlier playlist, say 1973/1974?<<

"They think their every wish is my command". (O: (Gerry's "Goodbye")

I don't know if the following was the full playlist or a partial but here is what was told to me:

Paris France, May 19 1974:

Moon Song
Baby It's Up To You
Lonely People
I Need You
Rainbow Song
Don't Cross The River
Ventura Highway
Tin Man
California Revisited
Green Monkey
It's Life
In The Country
Cornwall Blank

Again, credit goes to my friend.

Message: 15800 Posted: Sun Feb 25 09:31:31 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: About Part 3

Part 3 is coming soon. The others are much shorter and less interesting, I think, but still cool to read.

REGARDING the previous post, I meant "regarding" and not "regarded". I was "retarded".

Message: 15799 Posted: Sun Feb 25 09:24:21 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Warner's Media / Thanks Mr. JoY

TkH, regarded where I got them, sorry, no can tell...ancient Chinese secret! LOL.

MB, glad you enjoyed the America Philly playlist. Credit really goes to my friend who gave it to me.

Message: 15798 Posted: Sun Feb 25 06:13:36 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Warner's Media / Thanks Mr. JoY

Really enjoyed the 1976 playlist and Hideway info, Johnny. It helped jog the memory and bring back a little of the past. Does anybody have an earlier playlist, say 1973/1974 ?

Message: 15797 Posted: Sun Feb 25 04:26:41 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Warner's Media / Thanks Mr. JoY

Hey Johnny! Those were fun! Where'd ya git those?

BTW, thanks for the "plug", I had fun making the last one (I had fun making them all, actually) but I realize that not everyone likes Lime Green. If you have any suggestions-lemme know!
I'd also like to pay (massive)hommage to Mr. Henry Diltz. I wouldn't have much to do (in this matter) if it weren't for him!

TkH<-------------today's report: visual/75, aural/25

Message: 15796 Posted: Sat Feb 24 21:51:49 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Note to Alan

Those of us lucky enough to have heard "Norman" have never forgotten it. bel Geddes wrote several books, one of which is a biography "Miracle in the Evening" Excellent book ( hey I work in the library what did you expect?) BTW bel Geddes daughter was actress Barbara bel Geddes, "Miss Ellie" of Dallas.

Message: 15795 Posted: Sat Feb 24 18:20:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Warner's Media Information On "Hideaway" (2 of 5)

"AMERICA IS A COLLECTIVE EFFORT": America--Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley--approach their music from three different angles. Dewey prefers the imaginary--pretty names, colors, and sound; Gerry writes with a more passionate force about women and love; Dan composes with a message.

Their long friendship is based partly on this musical balance and partly on their common experience as military kids. "The Air Force," says Dan, "and all the moving around, makes you appreciate foundations and roots."

Unlike other musical groups forced by ego problems into an eventual split, America "can stay together for as long as we want," adds Dan. "There's no reason we have to break up the roots. We have a sensational rapport with each other, that special brotherly love for one another that makes it easier for us to spend as much time together as we do. Especially on extended concert tours. I think that's why we've been so successful, because we've been together so long and we still love each other. We strive to keep the unit together."

America's music reflects this feeling. The group's latest Warners album, "Hideaway", is a combination of three total efforts. Each tune on the LP expresses a feeling of the individuals through the total effort of all three.

"We are three people contributing equally," says Gerry. "And I think it's great that we have three writers that are compatible and enjoy each other's material. But because there are three of us, each one has a variety of influences for the others to draw from. And it all becomes the America sound, whatever that is. We don't work at defining our sound or our image. It's something that's second nature. We never have, and I don't think we will, make a conscious effort to create that sound or image. It just happens. It just gets done."

"I think we all write with melody in mind," continues Gerry, "we simply prefer it that way. We're doing what we want to do. Nothing is being forced on us. There's been some criticism since George Martin started producing us because there's a lot more orchestration and arrangements. But that too, is something we've been looking forward to doing. It's part of expanding."

Writing is a continuous process for the members of America. Explains Dan, "I think being objective or just putting the facts down is a big part of writing. You know, it's an easy way to look around and see what is there and more or less write it down per se. I guess you'd almost call that fact as opposed to fiction. Our music is probably a combination of this type of thought, but there's also fiction involved. Dreams and wishes put down on paper. As for myself, I think I comment more often than I just report the facts."

"All of us have the same goal with our reach the audience, the people that are our fans and to attract new followers. I don't think there is a definitive way to evaluate it all. All we do is offer the public what is inside of us and hope they'll accept it."

Obviously, with five platinum albums and six gold albums, the public has accepted America's messages.

(April, 1976)

Message: 15794 Posted: Sat Feb 24 17:58:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Warner's Media Information On "Hideaway" (1of 5)

AMERICA: The appearance of "Hideaway" in the Spring of 1976 marked the start of yet another great period in the America saga. Six months before, America delivered its first Greatest Hits anthology in "History," which neatly capsulized the trio's first five years of successful music-making; in between the group's formation in 1969 and their more recent single hits like "Sister Golden Hair," "Daisy Jane," and "Woman Tonight," they've found the time, the space, and the inclination to pen some of the tastier chapters in the story of comtemporary pop.

"Hideaway" is nothing less than the most ambitious America undertaking to date. Produced by George Martin, the program finds Gerry, Dan, and Dewey broadening the scope of their material to include not only ballads, long their forte, but also first-rate rockers (Dan's "Jet Boy Blue," Gerry's "She's a Liar"), a solid extrapolation of reggae ("Lovely Night") and the two-parted instrumental title suite. As the seventh addition to America's catalog, "Hideaway" points ahead to some surprising new directions while affirming the obvious strengths of a style the group created and has sustained for half a decade.

America's first effort was the critically acclaimed, solid platinum "America" album, release by Warners in early 1972. From the debut set came the best-selling "Horse With No Name". The brisk, hummable melody proved to be the anthem that heralded the arrival of one of the 70's major groups.

Since "America," Dan, Dewey, and Gerry have enjoyed overwhelming response from a large and growing audience for works as diverse as "Homecoming," "Hat Trick," and the George Martin-produced "Holiday" and "Hearts" albums. Single smashes have included "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," "Muskrat Love," "Lonely People," "Tin Man," "Sister Golden Hair," "Daisy Jane," and "Woman Tonight".

Dan, Dewey, and Gerry, sons of military personnel, began playing together in England. They graduated from London Central High School in 1968. Dan came back to the States for a year; America was born when he returned to England in 1969.

America picked their name for two basic reasons--nostalgia and impact. "We were sitting in a cafeteria," recalls Dan, "talking about forming the group and trying to pick a name. We were listening to a jukebox and it was called an Americana. Thus America."

The three had been writing on their own while performing in various rock & roll dance bands, but the serious writing didn't come until America was formed.

America approaches its music from three different angles. Dewey goes for imaginary, pretty sounds, names, and colors; Gerry writes from a more passionate point of view about love and human experience; and Dan mainly concentrates on songs with a lesson, if not a message. The three play guitar, piano, and bass.

Dan and Dewey are the married members of America. Dan makes his home in Los Angeles; Dewey lives in Marin County, near San Francisco; and Gerry splits his time between Los Angeles and London. They agree that they function together as well as apart, something Dan feels is another key to their success. "We have our individual lives as well as being America, and we have that special brotherly love for one another that makes it easier to spend as much time together as we do. Especially when it comes to extended tours."

In accordance with their record sales, America continues to be one of the leading concert attractions of the day. Live and on record, the group's sound is entirely its own; distinctive, easily recognizable. It's soothing, pretty, and intelligent. And it's rich enough to enjoy time and time again as "History" illustrates so well, showcasing the hits "Horse With No Name," "Sister Golden Hair," and "Tin Man" among others.

(March 1976)

Message: 15793 Posted: Sat Feb 24 15:19:30 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Note to Alan

Robyn, you beat me to the punch answering Alan's question about the mystery song. Here's what Jim Nakao had to say about it in a previous post (several years ago): "NORMAN: A song that GERRY wrote about an industrial designer, stage decorator, all around creative genius who influenced lots of todays designs, but is largely forgotten. Norman Bel Geddes was his name. The song however was never released, it's just another gem sitting in the GERRY BECKLEY portfolio of never released songs."

Message: 15792 Posted: Sat Feb 24 14:02:31 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Note to Alan

The song you can't get out of your head was one Gerry wrote for Norman bel Geddes. To my knowledge, it has never been released, although I suspect a recording is hiding somewhere in Gerry's massive vault. I wish it would see the light of day again ( Are you listning Gerry?)

Message: 15791 Posted: Sat Feb 24 13:24:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: 4-6 Hours of Driving

Alan, driving 4-6 hours one way to see the guys is most definitely a testament to your being a loyal fan in my book! You all that live in Southern CA are very fortunate when it comes to an America concert!

Off to the store I go.

Message: 15790 Posted: Sat Feb 24 12:55:34 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: reunion ramblings...

Ok, so I lied about going back into lurkdom! It's just that I've had a weeks worth of posts to catch up on (and what a week - it's taken me the better part of the day!) and there were just too many great posts out there to comment on. I've actually had to restrain myself and pick and choose the topics to add my 2 cents worth to.

Johnny, thanks for the kind words about my earlier post. I really appreciate the way you make us infrequent posters feel as welcome as the "regulars". Please know that even though I don't always have the time to post on a regular basis, I'm always out there "lurking".

Anyway, being one of those people who always knew and loved America as a trio, and having Dan leave the band literally months before I finally had the chance to see them live, I would be thrilled beyond measure to be able to see them as a trio. ("Missed it by THAT much" as Maxwell Smart used to say). Even so, I love to see them as a duo and go every chance I get. I think the fact I drive 4-6 hours one way to see them is a testament to that fact. (Still, it would be great if they came to Maine again some time - I've been campaigning for it). I guess I echo the sentiment of a few other posters I've read today: I know it will probably never happen, but I can still dream, can't I?

OK, NOW I'll go back into lurkdom.

AsC <----- Still paying off the VISA we charged our Eagles tickets to.

Message: 15789 Posted: Sat Feb 24 12:40:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Wheels..."

According to the notes in the "Human Nature" insert, the words and music of "Wheels" were written by "Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell". So that means it's either written by Gerry with Dewey's assistance or co-written by the two. Regardless I guess, Dewey's vocals are superb and are an excellent match.

Message: 15788 Posted: Sat Feb 24 12:17:54 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: The Eagles

I'm afraid I'm one of those people who paid the big bucks to see them on the Hell Freezes Over tour. My wife and I saw them at Great Woods (now the Tweeter Center). Yes it was a pricey show, but my wife and I are big fans of the Eagles and it was a fantastic show. We had never seen them live when they were together before, and we decided we would probably never have the chance to see them again, so we took out a second mortgage on the home and bought the tickets!

Message: 15787 Posted: Sat Feb 24 12:04:05 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: reunion ramblings...

msmith wrote: <<incidentally, imho "wheels" is as good as anything dewey has ever done. >>

I couldn't agree more.

Message: 15786 Posted: Sat Feb 24 11:20:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The America Buckle

Thanks Jim, that's just what I was hoping to find out. I had been wondering if each buckle was separately numbered. Your information confirms that "832" is merely a stock number as you said.

Message: 15785 Posted: Sat Feb 24 11:01:53 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The America Buckle & A 1976 Playlist

I doublechecked more closely -- and in better light this morning --and, sure enough, my buckle is numbered "832." I assume it's nothing more than a stock number for whoever made this buckle.

I love that 1976 playlist. "Don't Let It Get You Down" is one of those rockers I'd love to hear on stage.

Jim R.

Message: 15784 Posted: Sat Feb 24 10:14:31 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Beech's Desktop Wallpapers

Checkout Beech's super-cool wallpapers under the "What's New" section on the Home Page. Excellent, Beech, Excellent!!!

Message: 15783 Posted: Sat Feb 24 09:10:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The America Buckle & A 1976 Playlist

Jim, thanks for the info on your America belt buckle and sorry to hear about your computer woes. How frustrating! You mentioned that your buckle is numbered with 822. I know of another buckle but it's numbered with 832. I assume you did mean 822 and not 832. Surely there are other fans online who own one of these brass treasures. If so, I'd like to know what number is on the back of your buckle.

Alan, I really enjoyed reading your story of your concert memories. Thanks for coming out of "lurkdom" to post it.

And Mike B, I think you mentioned that you attended an America concert in 1976 (and Steve L did too). Here's a playlist that a friend gave me from a show on April 30, 1976. Maybe it'll bring back more fond memories of the show you saw. By the way, "Hideaway" was released on April 9, 1976. Check-out the songs on the list from "Hideaway".

The Pittsburgh playlist in its exact order:

Three Roses
Don't Cross The River
Muskrat Love
Ventura Highway
I Need You
Miniature/Tin Man
Baby It's Up To You
Amber Cascades
Moon Song
Lonely People
Today's The Day
Old Virginia
Old Man Took
Daisy Jane
Jet Boy Blue
She's A Liar
Woman Tonight
Don't Let It Get You Down
Sister Golden Hair
Hideaway Part II on the sound system as the attendees left

Message: 15782 Posted: Sat Feb 24 07:21:39 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has Not???

Unfortunately, I have NOT seen America as a trio. I first saw them in Portland (Maine, not Oregon) at the Cumberland County Civic Center in 1978 - JUST after Dan had left the band. They didn't play ANY of Dan's songs (probably 'cause they had quite figured out how to fill the gap so soon after Dan's departure). I was disapointed, because some of my favorite America songs at the time were Dan's. Nonetheless, the concert was GREAT! Some of the things I remember about the concert: They started out with the stage completely black. As they were all walking out to take their places on the stage they were playing a piped-in version of Hideaway Part I. At the end of it, the lights crashed on and they went directly into Riverside. Very cool! I wish I could remember more of what they played that night, but I do know they played all of their hits (minus Dan's), including Muskrat Love. Mike Woods had recently joined the band and he was echoing the bass part on the accoustic guitar. He looked a lot different back then - long hair and facial hair (can't remember if he had a beard, moustache or both). I remember thinking he looked out of place - more like he belonged in a band like Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin. I know back then Dewey and Gerry had long hair and Dewey had facial hair, too. Even so, I never thought they looked like the hard rock type. Woodz definitely did. The other thing I remember was Gerry announcing a song they had just written and playing it on the piano. It was a beautiful song and I swear some of the lyrics in the chorus were "I've never flown a plane before" (for some reason, those lyrics stuck in my mind, I can even hear the melody in my head still). I have never been able to find that song again anywhere. I may be remembering it wrong or maybe I'm crazy, but I know if I ever heard it again, I'd recognize it. I also remember them jokingly starting the Monkees theme at one point in the show ("Here we come, walking down the street...") with the single chord strums, just like the Monkees di d it.

It's funny the little details you remember sometimes, even though you can't remember half of what they played. Sorry for the long post. I don't usually ramble on like this (probably because I haven't post for so long - had to get it out of my system). I'll go back to lurking now.


Message: 15781 Posted: Sat Feb 24 07:07:14 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

I wasn't aware that so many of you had not seen America as a trio. It helps me understand those that don’t understand us reunion promoters. A few of you, who saw the trio, have been into the Duo for so long that the dream has died.

But, I sense that most everybody that saw America as a trio ach to return to those dreamy days. Any teenager that listened to them hours on end with Album in hand. Dan, Dewey, and Gerry prominent on the covers of America, Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, History, and Hideaway. Seeing all three of them very prominent on stage and out front brought that acoustic harmony sound to it’s peak. Willie Leacox and even Michael Woods towards the back of the stage helping the three guys up front sound good. America’s first album, the strongest acoustic rock that has ever been pressed, has the Trio all over it. Go get the Musikladen Video or DVD if you haven’t seen the Trio.

Most of those 1970's Fans that lost touch with America the trio, and rediscover America through the duo, are going to ask where is Dan ? Be nice to us old timers, and let us wallow in our reunion dreams every once in a while. Then we will return to enjoying the great concerts and new albums the duo continues to give us.

Message: 15780 Posted: Sat Feb 24 06:09:41 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Jim's Computer Woe's


I know exactly how you feel. I Had the similar experience with a printer at "PC Richards" a while ago. By the third time I returned the same printer, they realized that it was the connection cord they sold me (back then I knew nothing--like they obiously knew!!-now I think I would be able to figure it out for myself. )Last week I went to Circuit City to get a camera. You couldn't get any help and those that finally helped knew nothing about cameras. You can only look at the cameras. If you touched them -an alarm went off. I set off about 15 alarms before I got someone to "Help" me. They said I would have to buy it to hold it!!!!If I buy it and want to return it -they charge a fee!! I found Target to be the best of those "type" of stores. At least with them you can use the product for 3 months and return it with no fees and no questions. Of course in your case, that wouldn't help since you had bad modems. I bet these place sell refurbished products. People that use the Gateway company say it's more expensive but the products are right from the company and the service is good. In any event, I hope your computer woes are in the past.

Message: 15779 Posted: Sat Feb 24 05:33:15 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Jim's Computer Woe's

I feel for you Mr. R! It isn't just "Best Buy" that has the arrogance problems.....BUT I think they should change the title of the store to "Best Buy-IF it's in stock". Unfortunatly tech problems are abundant everywhere! CompUSA had ONE guy (whom I PRAY doesn't leave) out of 10 who was patient and kind. The other nine should have been looking for the jobs they REALLY wanted......Circuit City's folk were nice but UNeducated (all 4!) and finally back to Best Buy,,,,in order to get service there you had to do lewd and lacivious acts in the main aisle and then DIE first (but by then I suppose you wouldn't need their services!!!) UGH.

That doesn't even begin to address the actual computer-shipped-with-bad-parts problem.....ugh x 2!!!!!!!!!

I feel you pain (i.e. Been there DONE that)

TkH<--------wow. I feel good! (C= (I knew that I would)

Message: 15778 Posted: Sat Feb 24 00:49:33 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

<<as John Lennon had said about a Beatles reunion, you still have the old records to listen to.... >>

I'm so muddled about this runion issue I dount I could adequately express my feelings. So I'll say this: I love all three voices, especially when they blend as they did in the 1970s. It's the same way I felt about the Beatles. The harmonies on songs like John Lennon's "In My Life" and "Ticket to Ride" were a "sound" that can't be duplicated or authenticated without the voices of Lennon and McCartney. The contributions musically of all four talents, plus Georgw Martin, "made" the Beatles. But, after "The End," I also have enjoyed the talents of each artist individually. I still miss Lennon's contributions to the music world as a solo artist, 20 years after his death. But, if it were possible, would I welcome a Beatles reunion. Of course. Even if it were only for one concert.

I feel the same about America. I admire the individual and collective talents of Dan, Dewey, and Gerry. A fan should dream about a reunion; it shows how much he or she cares about these talented performers.

As to whether a reunion would generate the publicity to push America into the spotlight, I'd say I'd hope so. It's clear that without such a grand event, promoters, the media, and passive fans probably will continue to ignore Dewey and Gerry as America. We'll continue to listen and, apparently, D & G will continue to earn a suitable living. If everyone is satisfied with that, then that's the way it will be for the future.

Jim R.

Message: 15777 Posted: Sat Feb 24 00:34:17 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

<<as John Lennon had said about a Beatles reunion, you still have the old records to listen to.... >>

I'm so muddled about this runion issue I dount I could adequately express my feelings. So I'll say this: I love all three voices, especially when they blend as they did in the 1970s. It's the same way I felt about the Beatles. The harmonies on songs like John Lennon's "In My Life" and "Ticket to Ride" were a "sound" that can't be duplicated or authenticated without the voices of Lennon and McCartney. The contributions musically of all four talents, plus Georgw Martin, "made" the Beatles. But, after "The End," I also have enjoyed the talents of each artist individually. I still miss Lennon's contributions to the music world as a solo artist, 20 years after his death. But, if it were possible, would I welcome a Beatles reunion. Of course. Even if it were only for one concert.

I feel the same about America. I admire the individual and collective talents of Dan, Dewey, and Gerry. A fan should dream about a reunion; it shows how much he or she cares about these talented performers.

As to whether a reunion would generate the publicity to push America into the spotlight, I'd say I'd hope so. It's clear that without such a grand event, promoters, the media, and passive fans probably will continue to ignore Dewey and Gerry as America. We'll continue to listen and, apparently, D & G will continue to earn a suitable living. If everyone is satisfied with that, then that's the way it will be for the future.

Jim R.

Message: 15776 Posted: Fri Feb 23 23:10:50 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Those "AMERICA" Belt Buckles (Final Message For Tonight)

Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, Johnny. First, let me tell you what I know about The Buckle. Mine is the engraved version, made of solid brass marked with black to highlight the engraved "America" logo writing. On the back, it says "SOLID BRASS" "TAIWAN R.O.C." AND "822." I bought it in December 1980 at Berman's Buckskin, a mall-based leather retailer that eventually became the current national chain Wilson's Leather. I'm not sure how long Berman's Buckskin had this stock before I found it, but I suspect it wasn't new since that logo hadn't been used since the 1977 live album.

Now, as to why I "disappeared" for two days again. Would you believe my new HP n5250 laptop computer, all of 18 days old, went down with a failed modem on Tuesday? Would you believe that the exact replacement I got from Best Buy Wednesday afternoon had a dead modem right out of the box? Would you believe the exact replacement for the exact replacement I had a computer tech set up at Best Buy Thursday afternoon had a dead modem right out of the box, before it even left the store? That's right. Three computers, three dead modems, two brand new, and one that I never even touched. Well, the third computer is the one I'm typing on at this moment. After Best Buy ran out of n5250s to test out, I basically told them to install some other modem, since they couldn't extract the ESS Technology modem that's built to the motherboard of this computer. I'm currently utilizing a Zoom PC card modem that fills one of my two open slots. Remind me to tell all of you about arrogant techs who work in electronic superstores sometime. (Less than half the people I dealt with at Best Buy were helpful in bringing this $2,000 problem to a conclusion, but some were...otherwise I wouldn't be transmitting this message today.)

Jim R.
counting down to the 34 days remaining until Miller Park opens to some very excited baseball eyes. (The last section of old County Stadium came down Wednesday.)

Message: 15775 Posted: Fri Feb 23 22:11:44 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Eddy and Shari, I Think You Two Are Right

Eddy, I think you are absolutely right about "Hourglass" and "Human Nature". The hit material is definitely there! I also think Shari is right about the lack of promotion being a major factor. And Kevin's mention of the guys not being with a major label, I think is also correct. And as Kevin also said, Gerry and Dewey did well with "From A Moving Train" being with a small name label. Remember how well "Wednesday Morning" did in Spain? It went to #1, didn't it? Can you imagine if those two CDs were with a major recording company? I think Oxygen did as much as they could. With the guys' heavy touring schedule back then, I think finding enough time to help promote "Human Nature" was tough to do.

Message: 15774 Posted: Fri Feb 23 20:01:25 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: also...

God, I say "also" alot!

Message: 15773 Posted: Fri Feb 23 19:51:50 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

I have to say I enjoy America pretty much the same as a trio OR duo, I also enjoy Peeks solo stuff, I love it ALL, I also think albums like Hourglass, Human Nature, stand up to anything they have done in the past. What I would enjoy is another solo album from Gerry Beckley, I also LOVED Beckley/Lamm/Wilson. Hey, if America decides to become a trio again, great! If not, John Lennon had said about a Beatles reunion, you still have the old records to listen to....

Message: 15772 Posted: Fri Feb 23 19:47:07 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Terry T's questions

In my case, America has been my favorite band since 1974. That never changed, even though I never heard they were still together.They never toured anywhere I was living, so I never knew they were still touring. Whenever I saw a new cassette in a music store, I bought it. I remember a few comments about them on the radio when "The Border" came out, but the dj's either didn't know much or didn't share it when I was listening.
Then we moved to San Diego in 1992, and guess who I finally get to see in concert!!! So I never saw them play as a trio, only a duo. After about two years, I finally checked out the website and found my way to Steve's site and ultimately the chat folder.
I believe there are many fans out there like me, who don't even know the group is still around. That takes PROMOTION, something our guys have been sadly lacking for the last at least 10 years. That's what management, record labels, and promotors are for. The guys break their backs with an incredible touring schedule year after year, and those of us who are lucky enough to attend know that many are sold out.
Yes, there are still many more fans out there who don't know our band is still around, and many who don't know about this website. Everybody who knows me knows I'm a groupie, so I do what I can to promote them among those I know. But there are still many to be reached!
ShariL <><

Message: 15771 Posted: Fri Feb 23 17:12:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

This is my understanding regarding an America reunion: It will never happen.

Message: 15770 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:46:17 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: The Eagles

I agree that I would only pay that kind of money in a very small venue. This reminds me that back in the late 80's, I saw America at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. That is a great small place to see a concert. You are packed in like sardines and you stand the whole time. I stood about 5 feet from the guys and that may have been the best time I ever had at a concert. For those of you who live in or near Jersey know this place, famous for Springsteen. I t was a helluva experience.


Message: 15769 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:46:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: and...

My comments earlier reflect "flaw" is that I always LIVE IN THE MOMENT......

Reliving the past only wastes time that could be used doing things NOW and paving the future......

TkH<--------------changing initials...(!?!)

Message: 15768 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:41:24 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Eagles

>>The only way that I would consider paying that amount of money to see a band perform live would be if the band was playing in a small club and I was close enough to see the sweat on their brow.

And even then they'd have to throw in a dinner, CD and the ULTIMATE AUTOGRAPH.....(rofl)......J/K!!!!

TkH<-------------no book

Message: 15767 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:41:02 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

IF they get voted in????? WHEN they get voted in! Thanks cf!

Message: 15766 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:39:28 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

I happened to be one of the lucky ones to see the group as a trio. I saw them twice just before Dan left. As great as they were then, I'm not that crazy about a reunion. I feel the only time they should reunite, is IF they get voted into the rock & roll hall of fame. To me this is very obvious, but the people who vote, don't see it that way. If this were to happen, then I would love to see the 3 play together again. Other than that, I extremely enjoy the group as it is, and I would like them to continue like that.


Message: 15765 Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:01:58 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: and...

Pat, Wolfe's point ( and mine) was that while home is always there, once you have left when you return it is not the same. A reunion in 2001 whould not be the same feel as theose 70's concerts ( and yes I saw them about six times as a trio)

Our difeenecce of opinion, as my father says is "what makes it a horse race."

Enjoyed your comments.

Message: 15764 Posted: Fri Feb 23 15:37:40 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Eagles

I agree, $150 for concert tickets is way over priced. The only way that I would consider paying that amount of money to see a band perform live would be if the band was playing in a small club and I was close enough to see the sweat on their brow.

Message: 15763 Posted: Fri Feb 23 15:29:43 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: and...

>>"I remember seeing one band shortly before they splintered and frankly, the vibe was so bad it ruined the show."<<

This argument involves members in a band in the process of breaking up.

I was talking about members of a band MAKING UP.

Concerning Thomas Wolfe; It's too bad for him that he feels that way.

Home is where the heart is. So, wherever and whatever home means to me, I can return and visit and be there anytime I wish.

If "home" is about the music, then a reunion could happen.

Speaking as a fan who became a fan in 1972; the duo is great but the trio was better.

Message: 15762 Posted: Fri Feb 23 12:18:54 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Eagles (Let Me Guess)

Actually, I got it backward ( I am dyslexic, you know) HE is suing THEM. They "fired" him and he wants to disolve the partnership, according to what my local radio station had to say on it's website. Now THERE'S a band I won't go see anytime soon. I loved them early on , but the "Hell Freezes Over " tour really soured me on them. Tickets STARTED at $150 a piece. and those tickets were in nose-bleed territory Don't these guys have enough money? I thought it was an insult to the average-joe fan to ask that much for a single show.

RmP<<--- Climbing OFF my soapbox

Message: 15761 Posted: Fri Feb 23 11:17:34 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Eagles (Let Me Guess)

Over rights to some of their songs? This sounds familiar!

Message: 15760 Posted: Fri Feb 23 11:13:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Eagles

Robyn, do you know why Henley and Frey are suing Felder? I don't but I'm curious.

Kevin, you are absolutely right that D&G came close, damn close and with a small label as you said.

Message: 15759 Posted: Fri Feb 23 10:49:07 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: and...

Given the fact that there is probably a bit of residual bad feeling between all parties, I am not sure I would want to see a reunion show. I have seen bands ( and work for bands) that have one or more members feuding. Musically, the technical part is fine, but the heart is missing. And it is the heart that makes an America show -imho. I remember seeing one band shortly before they splintered and frankly, the vibe was so bad it ruined the show.
Those of us who saw the first incarnation should cherish our memories. I am sure there are tapes of early shows floating around somewhere, but Thomas Wolfe was right. You can't go home again.

Message: 15758 Posted: Fri Feb 23 10:10:51 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: They came close.

Don't forget that America ALMOST pulled it off this last time. They ALMOST had a hit. Even though it was "just the two of them." Even though they were on a "third world" record label. And even though someone picked the wrong song to push as a single. Even then, they ALMOST did it.


Message: 15757 Posted: Fri Feb 23 09:59:57 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: My thoughts on a few matters...

Hmmm, Reunion=DEAD HORSE. Just a thought , but Don Henley and Glenn Frey are suing Don Felder. 'nuff said. I like the current music, think it is as good or better in some cases than the trio music.

and, yes Jim, when the late Walter Phobicman hits the big time that will be very nice indeed.

Message: 15756 Posted: Fri Feb 23 09:45:57 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: on the road again ...

By the way AMERICA is off to Tacoma & then onto Puerto Rico. Steve you may not have been updated on the Puerto Rico show, recently added.

Message: 15755 Posted: Fri Feb 23 07:58:43 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: re:famous artist cover

Leaky very slick observation. The Late Walter Phobicman hits the BIG time & along w/their hits are a few AMERICA covers - boom AMERICA !
We are still awaiting the 1st official release from Matt, soon I am sure. You know he plays keyboards in addition to the guitar.

Message: 15754 Posted: Fri Feb 23 07:56:30 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic-Devil's advocate?

Beechlady, you said that Dewey and Gerry are "COMFORTABLE" doing what they're doing.

Exactly my point!

I believe that life sometimes gets TOO COMFORTABLE!

So what if there might possibly be a small amount of animosity?

America; Dewey, Gerry, and Dan, could turn that negative into a *POWERFUL*MUSICAL*POSITIVE*! I have seen it happen many times in my own life.

I believe that God shines his light the brightest on the people who overcome whatever obstacles life hands them.

Dewey and Gerry can not deny the fact that EVERYONE who participates on this folder would be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to see the 3 of them performing together again!

Message: 15753 Posted: Fri Feb 23 07:01:47 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic


I have never seen the trio live unfortunately. The first time I saw "America" was in 1980 or maybe 1981 when they opened for Christopher Cross at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. At that point my friends and I could have cared less about Cross (although I now do enjoy his music) but was so eager to see "America" who we had been listening to continuously in the dorm we shared. I probably read that they were appearing there in the newspaper. There was no Internet to spread the word and no group of people who we either would have met on the Internet or friends who would have been on the Internet to get the information either. (I do have a point here--so please be patient!!). My friends and are were fans but we didn't really sit and examine albums and know the performers life stories, etc. Even now when I ask a bunch of my friends who were with me at that time--like myself they didn't think about the fact that there was a guy (Dan) not with them anymore. So, in reference to what Terry said that- there might be fans out there who gave up on America years ago due to the "breakup" misinformation-----that I totally disagree with. In talking with all my friends who I know liked "America" and still would --when I ask them to go--some of them just cannot get a baby-sitter or away from their complicated professional lives. They do reminisce of how they like their music and at times have joined me when it's in their "area". Do they even know or ever studied the group and knew that someone left? Most, not and those that do--don't care. So I figure this, that there are more people out there like them then the ones that are sitting around and thinking "wow if only there would be a reunion and then I would be more into America again!!" I think we all get the message that Gerry and Dewey are not interested in a reunion and I totally respect that and if I was them I would get bothered by fans trying to press the issue (but that's me, they are probably more tolerable than I am!). However, I do agree with Terry when he said that there are fans out there who are just not being reached. I was out of touch for many years then in 1998, I met a huge America and Gerry (solo) fan who told me where they would be playing and about their new "Human Nature" CD. I was hooked again and have tried to make up for lost time by seeing as many concerts as I can. At about the same time, I purchased my computer and found this site and well let's just say if it wasn't for Steve and this site, I might have stayed uninformed (thanks Steve!). This site has not only kept me in touch with one of my favorite groups but I have learned so much about them, their history, their music, etc. I think there are more people out there who need to be informed than the ones who are just sitting back and waiting for Dan to come back. I agree with what you said,Johnny about the guys being happy with the way things are and at this point so am I. I do realize that the artists that have made a come back over the years, ex. Santana, Cher, Steely Dan, etc. not only appeal to their "older" fans but to the younger generation as well. Sure, it would be great if "our guys" would come out with hit that would span across generations but in the mean time, lets be elated by the fact that D & G and the rest of their band are still together touring and making beautiful music together!!! Speaking of beautiful music, I am seeing Jimmy Webb (" The Last Unicorn")tonight at the Bottom Line.

Message: 15752 Posted: Fri Feb 23 06:08:51 2001 By: msmith
Subject: reunion ramblings...

when this topic comes up i vividly remember a post by kevin a few months ago in which he said (and i hope i get this correct, kevin) that america with dan was better that america as a duo. america as a duo is the best rock 'n roll band ever. i think that sums it up for me, too. incidentally, imho "wheels" is as good as anything dewey has ever done. rock on america fans.

Message: 15751 Posted: Fri Feb 23 06:06:16 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:famous artist cover

jimnak...I am hoping that famous artist cover will be that walter phobic dude....wouldn't that be cool

Message: 15750 Posted: Fri Feb 23 04:43:36 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic-Devil's advocate?

Ok, I'll!

Aside from the supposed meteoric rerise to stardom once Dan comes back, THEN what? Group dynamics are a HUGE part of the equation. For whatever reasons there are, "Now He's Gone...". They don't "owe" us anything and themSELVES everything. You make what you want of the fame and the money. You have to be TRUE to yourself first. If there's an honest gut reaction about the "no" then that's it. It may NOT matter that there MAY be gobs and gobs of money to be had. Is that really such a good thing (oh, my GWAD, did I really say that-lol)? It may NOT be such a good thing to have that mound of publicity back (wow, I must be taking some REALLY good drugs...I wish I could remember...), but for WHAT ever reasons, as artists and creatives the credo seems to be "to thine own self be true...". There are lots of things out there that we always want to see but don't always (truth, justice and the American way) so as a "patron" I can chose to patronize or I may not.......but the end result is that THEY'RE comfortable doing what they're doing in the WAY they're doing it........

Did that make any sense?

TkH<--------7:48 a.m. AHHHHHHHHHHh THAT's IT!!!!!!! (C=

Message: 15749 Posted: Fri Feb 23 04:37:46 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

First, let me appologize for repeating myself.
I love America both as a duo AND as a trio EQUALLY. However, I only discovered the group long after Dan had left, so for selfish reasons, I'd love to see just one show with Dan. I've long since lost count of the number of times that I've seen them live as a duo. I know that D&G don't see things that way, and I respect that. I guess this is just one of my unrealistic wishes.


Message: 15748 Posted: Thu Feb 22 21:59:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Reunion Topic

I shouldn't have included Brad. It would be Woodz only.

Message: 15747 Posted: Thu Feb 22 21:29:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Reunion Topic

Well, "the monster exposed himself from underground", I see. By "monster", I mean the reunion topic. Let's take off the kid gloves and debate this subject.

As I've mentioned before, I would love to see the trio reunited. They were magical together. If you've ever attended an America concert with the guys as a trio, you know exactly what I'm saying.

I believe I'm being honest when I say I love the duo's music and the trio's music equally. I really do. I believe a reunion WOULD lead to a musical resurgence for the guys, but I really don't think it matters that much to Dewey and Gerry. If it happens for them as a duo, I think they would be elated. As Dewey has said, their bread-and-butter is in touring and I think they're totally satisfied with the way things are now. Honestly, I think if you gave D&G the choice of continuing with the way things are currently (without a major hit) or to score with a top 10 hit as a trio, they'd go with the first choice.

Let's say the three did reunite for a CD and the CD produced a major hit or two. After this, to continue as a duo, it would seem to me, that D&G would be set further back than where they stand now. Future tours as a duo could be affected greatly, I think. These future shows as a duo may seem to some to be less entertaining when compared to a show by the trio. As I mentioned before, Dewey said their bread-and-butter is in touring. Plus, what about Woodz and Brad? They need to make a living too.

Let's hear some argument to what I've said.

Message: 15746 Posted: Thu Feb 22 19:47:11 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Grammys.

The same thoughts occurred as I watched last night, Kevin. Not to imply in any way that this is what you were referring to, it reminded me of the following observations.

I noticed how a post by Johnny a ways back (THAT narrows it down! ;)) contributed to numerous unknown-'till-then lurkers popping in and telling their tales of the Trio Concert Days. Many new posters appeared all in a couple days' time...more new "faces" at once than I ever saw before. Could the Dan thing be what keeps them from being more regular and visible? If so, multiply it by the many fans out there who may have "given up" on America years ago, due to the "breakup" misinformation, or from simply not being reached. Perhaps they're aware that America continues in its present incarnation, but just aren't interested enough to be rekindled until they hear of a reunion, no matter how good America sounds now, whether they know what they're missing or not. Multiply what this single witness hears repeatedly from fellow concert-goers when they not only say that they "didn't know it was them who did that song", but also didn't know they were "still together"! The concerts, to many, already seem to be a reunion until they are informed from the stage as to how long the current entourage has actually been together!

How much longer should the audience need explanations? It should be common knowledge. Use that "collaboration" event at the Grammys as a poor example. Imagine the contagious hype and enthusiasm if the media (with some help) started talking about a REAL reunion. There is a lot of bottled-up power just waiting...I hope those with the power don't wait too long, because it would be a nice thing to happen in my lifetime.

Message: 15745 Posted: Thu Feb 22 19:26:01 2001 By: gokatgo
Subject: Re: Band Line Up

Thanks Steve.
I appreciate your response.

Message: 15744 Posted: Thu Feb 22 18:44:36 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Grammys.

I have always hoped that the trigger for such mass market support would come from interest generated from some famous artist covering an AMERICA song or the use of their songs in a big hit movie or TV show. So those are all possibilities. Wouldn't some major University like to adopt OLOOLOLO for their African studies department or National Geographic to utilize it for one of their TV specials.


Message: 15743 Posted: Thu Feb 22 18:25:04 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Grammys.

Seeing Steely Dan win the Grammy for best album last night (and in light of Santana's recent Grammy success) only further illustrates that veteran bands (like America) can still have a major inpact on the recording industry.

If their record company is willing to support them artistically.

If their record company is willing to put up the money needed to market them.

If the artist can deliver a solid performance.

Maybe America can be lucky enough in the future to enjoy such luxuries. Something needs to happen get a major label spark to America enough to be willing to sign them, back them and support them. What could that be? What could that be?


Message: 15742 Posted: Thu Feb 22 16:06:57 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Shelby

Ya Johnny I remember seeing Shelby in the early 90's performing on Nashville Now...she never fit into the country peg....i think she has a great voice, however last nights performance and attitute didnt do her justice.....I am glad that she was recognized...I hope that she can now deliever..

Message: 15741 Posted: Thu Feb 22 11:51:34 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Band Line Up

Tad, America has had the same traveling band for the past 15 to 20 years. They are:

Gerry Beckley - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica
Dewey Bunnell - Vocals, Guitars
Michael Woods - Backing vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Brad Palmer - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar
Willie Leacox - Drums and Percussion

Michael was out for a few weeks when his wife had a baby and he was replaced by Hank Linderman. However, I suspect that Michael will be back for the March gigs.


Message: 15740 Posted: Thu Feb 22 10:27:44 2001 By: gokatgo
Subject: Band Line Up

Who is on the current band roster for America on tour ?

Message: 15739 Posted: Thu Feb 22 08:27:40 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Need New Music

Old material by America is great but we need some new music. Keeping my fingers cross that they will put out a new CD.

Message: 15738 Posted: Thu Feb 22 07:27:57 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I had never heard of Eminem until the Grammys last night. Honestly, had I not heard of the performance hype between him and Sir Elton, I would have thought Eninem was doing a skit from Saturday Night Live. He sounds just like Eddie Murphy doing "Mr. Robinson's Neighbor"...really.

Thanks Beech for the info on the belt buckles. Others must know more. I looked at Dewey's again in the "Highway" booklet. I think it's a belt buckle. Maybe it's a paper-weight??? Whatever, it's cool.

I dreamed about the guys last night. Dreamed that they made an unannounced performance in Albuquerque and I happened to be in town visiting. Dewey came out into the audience and was standing right in front of me. I said, "Hi Dewey!" And Dewey replied, "Hi, you must be Johnny." Man, when I dream, I don't mess around! LOL. Gerry was on stage playing an accordian!!! I remember thinking, "Man, I didn't know Gerry could play an accordian!"

Message: 15737 Posted: Thu Feb 22 05:46:57 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Live outing.

Hello everyone,of any new CD by our hero's is of course to be welcomed,old or new I don't really care.But as far as this listener is concerned that Capitols 85' recording is the go!What is tragic that Capitol has never seen fit to release the 85' recording in it's full extent,i.e. numourous tracks missing,as you can tell this has been my favourite recording of mine, "live" an absolute gem in every way.There have been others but I don't know what it is but this always hits the spot,perhaps living in the UK at the time in the cold and damp with the snow and plenty to drink and smoke bought sunshine in front of a roaring fire in the middle of the harshest of winters. Please don't be offended in what I say as this was how it happened,and as you may guess after getting heaps of people home after the pubs had shut was the familuar cry what's that playing on the stereo.And without blowing my own trumpet I had a remarkable stereo system,I think it did "our boys" justice.

Message: 15736 Posted: Thu Feb 22 04:57:18 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me (so what ELSE is but that was about one of the most UNsatisfying meals I've ever sampled. I love U2's performance but it seems that everything else was VERY lackluster........z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z It also seems as if they were doing the NFL shuffle, awarding the hardware to old deserving groups that NARAS went "Oops, we really SHOULD have given them a Grammy earlier". I'm not dissing Steely Dan or U2 but their earlier work was in my mind (only) infinitly more satisfying (Aja, Joshua Tree)........Maybe I'm jaded. Maybe I'm mentally getting old. Maybe I'm just full of @#$! That whole Eminem/Elton publicity stunt wore on me, too. Yeah, yeah go make your money, young gun.........sigh. Also could Shelby Lynne look any snootier on stage with Sheryl Crowe? WOW...........I could hear the kitties.......lolol

TkH<-------------followed by the orange

Message: 15735 Posted: Thu Feb 22 04:47:31 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Those "AMERICA" Belt Buckles (Final Message For Tonight)

Back in the '70's (all through out, if I remember correctly) there were ads in the back of Rolling Stone (and Creem and Circus, for these items! So along with the T-shirt guys, there were the belt buckle guys too!!!!!! As for the manufacturing, no clue, but haul out an old Rolling Stone (especially from the early '70's) and you'll find them!

TkH<--------------likes the green ones.....

Message: 15734 Posted: Wed Feb 21 23:01:29 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time

I would have guessed wrong. I was thinking about CORNWALL BLANK: "Wrapped in a blanket...." Good thing that I don't gamble and place bets. LOL


Message: 15733 Posted: Wed Feb 21 22:58:00 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Grammys

Interesting Grammy awards.

The bad news:

1. America was not nominated for anything.

2. Fiona Apple did not win the BEST ALTERNATIVE album award.

3. Sarah McLachlan and Sheryl Crow did not win the BEST POP COLLABORATION award.

Now the good news:

1. Sarah McLachlan DID win the BEST song written for a motion picture.
(Toy Story) Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off I go to celebrate :)


Message: 15732 Posted: Wed Feb 21 21:32:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Those "AMERICA" Belt Buckles (Final Message For Tonight)

Ever since "Highway" came out and there being an America belt buckle among Dewey's fine stash of memorabilia, I've been wondering about those buckles. Does anyone online know information about them? For instance, how many were made; how were they distributed; who sold or gave them out; what was the original cost; what is their value today; what years were they made; etc.

I see that Dewey's buckle is embossed. In other words, the word "America" stands out. The one owned by Gary Bickmore, as pictured in the "Museum", has the word "America" engraved into the metal.

Who all online owns one? Jim R, I know you said you do. Do you mind giving us some info about it? Is yours numbered on the back?

Message: 15731 Posted: Wed Feb 21 21:08:34 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (Robyn)

Well that is all that I could ask for Johnny!

Message: 15730 Posted: Wed Feb 21 21:07:36 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I have it and will have to give it another listen. I rarely agree with who wins these things ( EXCEPT for a well deserved Best New Artist in 1972!)

Message: 15729 Posted: Wed Feb 21 21:07:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (Robyn)

Robyn, you win our admiration! I know...big deal.

Message: 15728 Posted: Wed Feb 21 21:05:08 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Grammys

Hey, how about that band, Steely Dan, and the Grammys! Steve, I remember you didn't like their new CD and gave it away. Oh well, your love of "another band" makes up for it. LOL. And Joni Mitchell! Alright, the 70's!!! Hey, I remember Shelby Lynn was a country artist. Wow, what a big make-over.

Message: 15727 Posted: Wed Feb 21 20:55:16 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

NOTHING! I win NOTHING! How about the title champion of useless trivia?

Actually the song just popped into my head when I was thinking about the question. The song has always reminded me of summer nights int an area we called "the rain forrest" Yes, I believe teenagers everywhere have a place like that, evn here in the city.

Message: 15726 Posted: Wed Feb 21 20:52:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Answer to trivia question

Right again, Howie! Yes indeed, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (o:

If Robyn can know the answer to the question in California, you can know the answer to the question in Boston! I mean NJ/NY.

Message: 15725 Posted: Wed Feb 21 19:07:48 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Answer to trivia question

I knew the answer right away. Right Johnny????????????????

Message: 15724 Posted: Wed Feb 21 17:33:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

Nah, LisaRose, it wasn't cheating. It's called "research"! All good students do that...teachers too!!! Especially library personnel!

Grammys are on tonight. You guys still plan to chat? I haven't visited the Live Chat in quite awhile. Will be watching the Grammys even though they aren't like they use to be.

Message: 15723 Posted: Wed Feb 21 17:09:06 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

Congratulations Robyn. I think you deserve a free ticket to one of their shows(maybe Mohegan-airfare not included!). Actually, as soon as I read the post I got out the albums, song books, cd's and the Boxed Set and unfortunately I stumbled on the wrong song, "Rainbow Song". In the booklet, Dewey says, "I did hang on to the high school years quite a bit. I made a lot of friends and had some eye-opening experiences. We used to have these big parties out in the woods and build a bonfire. 'A case of beer, a smile, a motorcycle child, I feel the glow surround me'-that was all about that.'And I think already I was feeling guilty about my success;I was on this rainbow, hoping for the rest of the ride."---Well, I guess it goes to show you that cheating doesn't pay especially when you are wrong. As a teacher, I should have known better!!

Message: 15722 Posted: Wed Feb 21 16:50:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

Good one, Robyn!!! LOL! Yes, it is "Moon Song". What tipped you off, "books in bundles" and "a case of beer"?

LisaRose's guess was an excellent one with the lyrics, "Seventeen dancing queen" and others with "Rainbow Song".

Robyn, you win.............nothing! )o:

Message: 15721 Posted: Wed Feb 21 16:36:16 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

It's "You've got to Fight for your Right to Party" right Johnny?

Just kidding, is it "Moon Song"?

Message: 15720 Posted: Wed Feb 21 16:11:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

LisaRose, probably so. I know that Gerry mentioned a particular song, though.

Message: 15719 Posted: Wed Feb 21 15:20:09 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

Perhaps there is more than one answer to your question!!!Oh well, back to the drawing board!!

Message: 15718 Posted: Wed Feb 21 15:03:54 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time (LisaRose)

No, but that's a good guess.

Message: 15717 Posted: Wed Feb 21 14:45:13 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Triv Question Time

"Rainbow Song". I believe Dewey wrote it. Is this it??

Message: 15716 Posted: Wed Feb 21 13:02:52 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Question Time

Back in the 70s when the trio played this song in I've been told...they said it was about "partying in the woods". Can you name this song? It's not "In The Country" although it would fit.

I believe Gerry said something like this about it, "This next song is about our high school days. We use to have outdoor parties in the big woods. I don't know if you do it here but we did on the weekends in London." Dewey replied (and perhaps Dan, too), "If you can do it in London, you can do it in Boston."

There's one fan who definitely knows this answer. So, he might want to sit this one out. If he cares to, he can say he knows but not give the answer away. :o) Any guesses?

Message: 15715 Posted: Wed Feb 21 12:57:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Cuyahoga Falls Concert CD

Exactly right, Mark. The first two, I believe, were called, "America In Concert". The third one with the horse was merely called, "America". To make matters "worse", the first two CDs had the same name as a previous live album with the guys as a duo.

Message: 15714 Posted: Wed Feb 21 12:23:17 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The Cuyahoga Falls Concert CD

Just to make it a little more confusing, the King Biscuit CD you are talking about is the third "pressing" of the CD. The CD first came out in 1995, with a colorful cover photo of Dewey and Gerry on stage. The second pressing came out a year or so later with different cover, a B&W photo of Gerry and Dewey. Then they came out with the third one with the picture of the horse on it. When you look at the covers you would think it was three different CD's, but it's not.

Message: 15713 Posted: Wed Feb 21 10:22:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Spoiled Brat

Ok, enough of all this confusing repackaging crap. I WANT NEW STUFF (live or no!), I WANT NEW STUFF, I WANT NEW STUFF, I WANT NEW STUFF,I WANT NEW STUFF!!!!!!!! There now. I feel better....lololol Sorry for the rant, it's been a really bad weekend/week! Finally got to download mB's Monster. Whoa, boy. Nice. Didn't make it to Hallendale (part of the statement two ideas ago), but HOPE that they swing around fryville again soon! (C= If so, I'll host a big ol'
B-B-Q. EVERYONE'S invited! (Gotta show off the "new"

TkH<-------HRT is for wimps....(snicker)

Message: 15712 Posted: Wed Feb 21 09:50:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Cuyahoga Falls Concert CD

Wow, all these re-releases of the same concert is quite confusing. Right John, I helped make it as clear as mud, as they say! LOL Mark did say "last year". I'm still living in 2000, apparently.

I do know this for sure regarding the 1999 King Biscuit CD. King Biscuit with Karen D's help, re-packaged the 1982 Cuyahoga Falls live concert. The front picture of the CD has a gray horse walking across a New York City street behind a clear easel. I know it sounds strange but it's quite unique looking. This CD is merely titled, "America". It contains two autographed photos that fellow-fan Joanne Meyers sent to Dewey. I believe when Dewey and Gerry autographed them for Joanne, Dewey said he would like a copy of them. So, Joanne had a set printed and sent them to him. Dewey offered them to King Biscuit (Karen D) to be used in the CD insert. One of Joanne's pictures has Dewey and Gerry sitting on bales of hay in what looks like a barn. In this insert, there is also a picture of the 1982 "Akamanjo" postcard that Dewey and Gerry had sent out to fans who were on Capitol Records' mailing list. The insert also has pictures of Dewey's collection of America concert tickets and passes. Personally, I have never found this CD in any music stores but I'm sure they're available in bigger cities. I got mine directly from King Biscuit.

Message: 15711 Posted: Wed Feb 21 09:46:52 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The One With 10 Tracks

That's correct. EMI-Capitol took the King Biscuit CD, dropped 4 songs and changed the order of the songs. Then released it as "Live", a budget release. The 1985 "In Concert" CD released by Capitol also has 10 songs, but they are different performances and several different songs.

I suspect that this "new" live album coming out next month (or in 2010) will just be a reissue (since it is listed at a bargain price). The only question in my mind is which performances will it contain. There are several to choose from, 1977's "Live!", 1985's "In Concert", 1982/1999's "King Biscuit", or maybe even 1975/1995's "Horse With No Name".

The nice thing about these budget reissues is that people must be buying them since they keep coming out with them.

Message: 15710 Posted: Wed Feb 21 08:34:51 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

thanks for clearing that up. Johnny, thanks for muddying it up again. Just kiddin'.
BTW, the only America cd I do not own is the 85 "In Concert". Have it in vinyl and will probably break down and buy it at some point, just to get Survival live.

Message: 15709 Posted: Wed Feb 21 08:28:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The One With 10 Tracks

Oh, I get it. It's the same as the 1999 King Biscuit CD with only 10 tracks and released by Capitol?

Message: 15708 Posted: Wed Feb 21 08:21:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

But guys, that's only partially correct. The 1999 King Biscuit CD does contain 14 songs. Mark and Steve, the one you two are talking about with 10 tracks is put out by Capitol, isn't it? I'll post what the 1999 King Biscuit CD is all about in just a little bit. Or am I all wet?

Message: 15707 Posted: Wed Feb 21 08:07:10 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

Mark is right about me having the tracks listed on the America Fans web site. Here's a link to the CD information:

Album 31

Message: 15706 Posted: Wed Feb 21 05:19:24 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

Last years' Live CD is not the 1977 Live! album. It is a release of the King Biscuit CD with only 10 tracks instead of the original 14. I think Steve has the tracks listed in his album information on the web page.

Message: 15705 Posted: Tue Feb 20 22:56:37 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

Re. last year's "live 2000" cd. I've seen this listed, assumed it was a rerelease of the 77 live album. Anyone know what the tracks on this are? Thanks

Message: 15704 Posted: Tue Feb 20 15:43:25 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

That's got to be a mistake...2010???

Erin :o)

Message: 15703 Posted: Tue Feb 20 14:47:57 2001 By: Marshall
Subject: Re: New America CD coming????

I saw this on Available in 2010? Don't hold your breath for this!!!! At a price of $7.97 it is probably a cut-out/rehash of previously released material.

Hits You Remember Live [LIVE]
Our Price: $7.97

This item will be released on January 1, 2010. You may order it
now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

Message: 15702 Posted: Tue Feb 20 13:44:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

Sorry Matt. I meant to mention the "real" page as well, but got sidetracked!

Message: 15701 Posted: Tue Feb 20 13:25:50 2001 By: Mark
Subject: New America CD coming????

CDNOW is taking advance orders for an America CD due to be released next month. It is titled: America / Hits You Remember: Live

I wonder if it will be a "new" live recording or just a rerelease of previously released live recordings similar to last year's Live CD? Anybody know anything?

Message: 15700 Posted: Tue Feb 20 13:15:02 2001 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

that is actually not my website...

the official website is

the iuma site does not necessarily represent all things phobicman anymore, or even songs that we plan on recording... it is simply our old page that i converted to throw out demos of developing songs or one offs for fun, meant for the fans and people that have stuck with us since the very beginning and can appreciate where those demos (and they are just demos in the RAWEST of forms) come from...

but i repeat.. the real page that represents us is

have a wonderful day.


Message: 15699 Posted: Tue Feb 20 12:14:12 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

For your convenience, here's a link to Matt's web site:

Message: 15698 Posted: Tue Feb 20 12:03:02 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

Matt's got a project of his own going that is worth consideration. The iuma site for the late Walter Phobicman has seven tunes ( one is Monster) check it out, Pat and let me know what you think!

Message: 15697 Posted: Tue Feb 20 11:42:03 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: gulfstream

Mel, check out message 15679 from Jason.

Message: 15696 Posted: Tue Feb 20 10:38:23 2001 By: melzer
Subject: gulfstream

Did anyone get to see the show? It was GREAT but as you all know they always put on a good show. Hope they keep coming around. They only keep getting better... Mel :)

Message: 15695 Posted: Tue Feb 20 08:29:24 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Matt's Monster

I just got done listening to Matt's Monster for the 7th time. Truly Awesome! I like it better than the original recording. I would love to hear an entire CD of Matt singing his favorite America songs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

Message: 15694 Posted: Tue Feb 20 08:13:05 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: John Corbett

Hey John, please email me. Thanks, HL

Back to work everyone. sigh!!! It's a short week at least! yuch!

Message: 15693 Posted: Tue Feb 20 07:44:45 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Not a big race fan...

but my heart goes out to those who are, and for the loss of Dale Earnhardt. Racing is big where I live and a memorial is being held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway today at 4pm. I just happened to be watching the race (a rarity for me) and saw the crash of which I did not think twice about it being fatal. Such a tragic loss..the Intimidator will be missed.

Message: 15692 Posted: Tue Feb 20 04:50:57 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question / Mark

Baseball, Baseball, BASEBALL.............argh.

Feeling REALLY -- urp --sick,,,,,must........find..........container

TkH<-----------37 days and counting.

Message: 15691 Posted: Mon Feb 19 20:36:54 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: even though I didn't see all 3....

Would you believe the last concert that Dan performed with the
guys was in April/May of 1977 at the Nassau Coliseum!
Go figure....

Message: 15690 Posted: Mon Feb 19 18:44:48 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Check-out The....

Cool promo ads!
I like the one w/George Martin, there's a photo of him (different pose) conducting w/his AMERICA t-shirt in his booklet of his CD "All My Life" Henry Diltz took the photo.
I'll try to bring it w/me to my mother in-laws on wed., to scan it & send it to Steve.

Message: 15689 Posted: Mon Feb 19 17:13:30 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question / Mark

Ugh. World Series memories. Mets routed. Feeling sick. Must...find...bathroom.

Jim R.
(Awaiting the day America plays Miller Park)

Message: 15688 Posted: Mon Feb 19 16:28:56 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

You've seen them as a trio that many times? I am so jealous!!
As for me, I just moved to Oceanside NY after having lived in Lawrence NY for some time.
I actually don't mind Air Supply, but I DO mind the fact that I only get to hear America's "short" set when they play at the Westbury Music Fair"


Message: 15687 Posted: Mon Feb 19 14:19:50 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

Hello again Andy,

I was lucky to see the 3 together 3 times, once each during Hearts, Hideaway, and Harbor. Hearts in New York, Hideaway at the Spectrum in Philly and I think Harbor was at the Mann Music Center also in Philadelphia. They were great. It's too bad that probably won't happen again.


Message: 15686 Posted: Mon Feb 19 14:16:55 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question / Mark

Hi Andy,

I grew up in Bellmore, L.I. and I graduated Kennedy H.S. in 1972.
I first saw the guys at Nassau Coliseum during the Hearts tour. More recently I've seen them in Atlantic City and Great Adventure and at the old Club Bene. I also don't like seeing them at Westbury because they play with Air supply or someone else and you only get the short program. I'm going to see them at Waterloo village and Cooper River Park at least. I saw them in October during the world series in Atlantic city. I was able to go backstage and that was great. Unfortunately, Gerry had gone upstairs for a few minutes and came down to tell us that the Yankees tied up game 1 in the 9th. However, it was a great night. I was able to give Dewey the montage that I made and he was very excited about.
Good talking to you and I'll talk to you soon.


Message: 15685 Posted: Mon Feb 19 14:14:02 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: postings

Jenny, thank you. Please post again. Comments and questions such as yours open up new discussions.

Message: 15684 Posted: Mon Feb 19 09:37:07 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Check-out The....

You might want to check-out the America promotional ads under the "What's New" section on the homepage. I think you'll enjoy seeing them especially the "Alibi" criminal line-up with Gerry and Dewey! That one gives me a chuckle each time. I think that was a very clever idea that the promotional folks at Capitol had.

The 1979 ad with Sir George reads, "With love and thanks".

Thanks Steve for putting them on!

Message: 15683 Posted: Mon Feb 19 08:29:06 2001 By: jenny
Subject: Re: postings

Thank you Robyn and Steve for clearing this up. I totally respect everything you both wrote. I think I will go back as a spectator as I have enjoyed a lot of the postings over the year. Hopefully I will get to see them again one day soon!

Message: 15682 Posted: Mon Feb 19 07:47:30 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: postings

Jenny, as Robyn stated they do reply at times and they do acknowledge the posts here. However, they prefer NOT to do it personally and I think we should all respect that. They value their privacy and they're concerned that if they register and post things here, they'll compromise some of that privacy. Regarding your statement about them being down to earth, anyone who has ever met them before or after a show, knows exactly how down to earth they are. I have received numerous mail messages from fans and venues alike commenting on how professional they are in ALL circumstances and how easy they are to get along with and how down to earth they are. I guess that's why they're invited back so many times to certain venues across the country. I've also met them several times in person and I agree 100% with those mail messages. Thanks for your comment, Jenny, it's great to hear what you and the other fans have on your minds. --SteveL

Message: 15681 Posted: Sun Feb 18 21:28:59 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: postings

Actually, they have replied through Steve Lowry. They read and comment as they see fit. This is a "fans" page and I think they would like to leave it as such. Their official page is

Message: 15680 Posted: Sun Feb 18 21:22:34 2001 By: jenny
Subject: postings

I have been reading these posts for about a year and many other performers sites as well. What I don't understand is why the actual performers do not acknowledge the posts on here--the America site once in a while. I am sure they read it and it seems they relay their messages through a spokesperson but would it be such a big deal if once a year they acknowledge their fans on here. I have seen other chat folders where even someone such as Brian Wilson will respond to a posting once in a blue moon. Come on guys, show how down to earth you can be!!!

Message: 15679 Posted: Sun Feb 18 19:56:24 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gulfstream Report

I received a message from Jason Colannino a few minutes ago regarding the Gulfstream concert. Here's what he had to say:

"just got back from gulfstream, weather held out, a little cloudy, but gulfstream is a great venue to see america at and the band acknowledged that. here's the setlist:

ventura highway
you can do magic
don't cross the river
daisy jane
three roses
i need you
wheels are turning
tin man
woman tonight
only in your heart
california dreaming
lonely people
things we said today
never be lonely
(Cornwall Blank tease)
sister golden hair
california revisited
horse with no name

the band came out to sign autographs, dewy and gerry signed my box set, they were really cool and were very appreciative.

someone held up a sign. i think it said Cornwall Blank on it, and after never be lonely Gerry started to play it, and dewey flipped out, and told gerry not to scare the hell out of him.

hope the band comes back to florida soon"

Thanks for the report, Jason.


Message: 15678 Posted: Sun Feb 18 16:51:15 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: request for Stewe Lory

HAppy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife, Steve. Here's to many more!

Message: 15677 Posted: Sun Feb 18 16:15:43 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: request for Stewe Lory

Show in Salt Lake too.

I know, Jim. However, my wife and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year and we'll be in Hawaii that week. I'm sure I'll have a chance to see the band some other time, but a 25th anniversary only comes around once! Besides, the Hawaii tickets are non-refundable (LOL).

Message: 15676 Posted: Sun Feb 18 15:49:03 2001 By: barb
Subject: Re: I also saw them twice

hey Michael Baratta,
I also saw America on April 23, 1976 and April 16, 1977 at the Spectrum in Philly. I still have my ticket stubs and i wrote
in my scrapbook "Great concert as usual, lousy seats (I was in
the nose-bleed section) Dewey Bunnell is soooo gorgeous".
Just FYI

Message: 15675 Posted: Sun Feb 18 15:23:05 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: request for Stewe Lory

Thanks Stewe ! Show in Salt Lake too.

Message: 15674 Posted: Sun Feb 18 13:16:08 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: request for Stewe Lory

No plans for a European tour, YET! Keep checking the America Fans web site for the latest concert information.

Message: 15673 Posted: Sun Feb 18 12:03:32 2001 By: bruno
Subject: request for Stewe Lory

When America come in Europe (and Italy) for concerts?
Thank you, grazie, Stewe for possible information.
from Italy ciao Johhny ciao Robin ciao all fans

Message: 15672 Posted: Sun Feb 18 10:51:54 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

Matt thoughtfully put this little gem on his iuma Walter Phobicman site! there are seven songs to sample. I recommend them!

Message: 15671 Posted: Sun Feb 18 07:48:15 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

Since I discovered America in the 1980s, I never had the priviledge of seeing them as a trio. This is why I would do anything to see Dan join them FOR JUST ONE TOUR. I'm not suggesting anything permanent or long term. I'm not even judging if Amerrica was better as a trio or not. All I'm saying is that for the benefit (okay indulgence)of those of us that weren't / couldn't be around in the 70s, it would be nice to experience America as a trio JUST ONCE.


Message: 15670 Posted: Sun Feb 18 07:42:16 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question / Mark

I live on Long Island, New York. America usually makes a visit to the Westbury Music Fair once a year, but this is not the best place to see them. They usually have to share the stage with another act and their are strict time limitations. Thyat usually spells a very short set with almost nothing besides the standard greatest hits. This is why I prefer taking a car ride to some other place to see the boys. Last summer, I made the 3 hour drive up north to New London CT (Op Sail). This was one of the best shows.....great sound and a rather long set. You can't get shows like that on Long Island.


Message: 15669 Posted: Sat Feb 17 22:16:20 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

I saw America in either 77 or 78 and in Rapid City South Dakota. Can't remember if they were a trio or a duo. I am surprised at how vivid all your memories are of the seventies. Mine are quite cloudy but then I also inhaled.DanC.

Message: 15668 Posted: Sat Feb 17 21:12:28 2001 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

The apple certainly hasn't fallen far from the tree. Enjoyed that a lot, Matt. Definitely worth the long download wait.

Message: 15667 Posted: Sat Feb 17 20:50:40 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Monster

Johnny Get sound ASAP! The download takes a while, but is worth the wait. and Matt, you are your own worst critic! it s wonderful and not out of tune to me. Now get back to the Phobicman stuff! ;)

Message: 15666 Posted: Sat Feb 17 20:45:35 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster

Boo hoo, I can't hear it on my computer. Will have to go to the library. :o(

Message: 15665 Posted: Sat Feb 17 20:38:06 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Matt's Monster


Message: 15664 Posted: Sat Feb 17 19:45:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's Monster

I agree with Howie! Always liked that song. Matt's version is terrific.

Message: 15663 Posted: Sat Feb 17 19:25:31 2001 By: Howard Lieboff


Message: 15662 Posted: Sat Feb 17 19:18:28 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Matt, that's quite alright.

Matt, better late than never. I'm still getting in some songs,
so don't worry about it. HL

Message: 15661 Posted: Sat Feb 17 17:38:30 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Matt's Monster

Matt was looking for a break from working on some Phobicman stuff last Friday, and having remembered somebody mentioning the song tournament, he thought he'd put this together to clear the pallette. It was very late (or actually early I guess) when he recorded/mixed/mastered this (1:30am to 3:00 am). He said that it's very out of tune (both him and the guitars) but he thought that maybe someone would find some value in it (I think it's awesome!). Howard, Matt said he's sorry it was tardy. The MP3 version of this file will be available for download for the next 7 days. It's over 3 megabytes so be patient if you're on a slow connection.

Click here to download

Message: 15660 Posted: Sat Feb 17 17:27:20 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

Steve, I also saw America at Brigham Young University but I believe it was in 1975 since I was living in Colombia in 1974. --SteveL

Message: 15659 Posted: Sat Feb 17 13:59:47 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

I have not.
I got to Pine Knob (I was 15, spring of '75, THREE and 1/2 HOURS AWAY) only to find out it had been cancelled because of illness (no radio contact that far away).......ugh. From that point on I was broke........

TkH<------Still going thru therapy from that experience....

Message: 15658 Posted: Sat Feb 17 12:46:06 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Various

OK, I have been sitting here trying to think how many times I saw the band before Dan left. Hmmm twice in 1973, once in '74 once in '75 and again in '76, another reason it's great to live in LA, as their hometown at that time, they played here a lot, also a lot more venues. I saw them at the Music Center ( where I almost collided with the band as they ran thru the stage door to their waiting limos) twice at the Hollywood Bowl -- their opening act for one unforgettable August night was Jackson Browne, another hometown boy!once in the Anaheim convention center-- I had forth row seats for that one, I remember standing up at one point and David Dickey waving to me and laughing, No I didn't know him, just the spirit of the day, I suppose. I have seen them at the Universal Ampitheatre both before they put the lid on and after. and I seem to recall a very small Matt Beckley taking the stage with his dad at one of those early Ampitheatre ( posst lid) gigs. Alll in all it's been a lovely time!

Note to kiri--which job do you like best? Is the new job more interesting , more challenging and more secure? how secure is your former job? ( it's only in your heart this thing that makes you want to start it all again)

BTW Alibi is my current commuter music of choice. As I run thru Union station, hearing Dewey sing " I've gotta catch that train" has a certain sense of irony. also the drumming keeps me on a great pace!

Thanks to all who came in to chat with me last night. That was great.

Message: 15657 Posted: Sat Feb 17 11:13:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Various

I have REALLY enjoyed reading everyone's America concert experience(s). Please keep 'em coming. Glad to have you back Jim R, even if it's briefly.

Margaret, you should post that America press conference for all of us to read when you have some spare time.

Eddy, I'm betting that Woodz has been back awhile which makes me wonder how the baby and "Mama Mimi" are doing.

Interesting Mike, about "Hideaway" being played before the show started back in '76. Recently, I heard someone else say the same thing but it was mentioned that "Hideaway" came on after the encore songs were performed and as everyone was leaving.

Michael, yeah, too bad about not having that bootleg of the concert anymore!

Steve, you're exactly right when you said, "I'll never forget it." Me too! I hope no one thinks I'm saying that the shows were better back then than now because I don't mean to imply that at all. The shows now are wonderful, too. It's just that it was a very special and magical time having all three present and singing the songs that each one wrote. Plus, the guys were at their peak back then too, chart-wise. D&G continue to put on great shows.

Kiri, as you know, only you can decide what's best job-wise. Personally, too much stress on the job isn't always worth it in my opinion. But, only you know how much you can handle.

"Hearts" brings back fond memories for me. It reminds me of spring and summertime! "Hearts" came out on March 19, 1975. I bought the album on April 1! No foolin'. I remember only because I wrote the date down on the inside edge of the album cover. I clearly remember bringing the album home with great anticipation. Since I didn't have a set of headphones, I placed the two speakers face-to-face and placed my head in between them. When "Half A Man" came on, it scaried the holy **** out of me with its unique beginning. Dan, you owe me for a new pair of undies!

Jimnak, no tales from early America shows? Bummer!

Message: 15656 Posted: Sat Feb 17 10:58:17 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: stressed!


Message: 15655 Posted: Sat Feb 17 08:27:13 2001 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: I also saw them twice

I was also lucky enough to see them twice as a trio. It was in the spring of 1976 & spring of 1977 . Both shows were at the Spectrum in Philadelphia . One vivid memory I still have is when they played Old Man Took , during the line "feeling blue" , the whole stage was bathed in this beautiful blue light. It's funny how little things like that stick in your memory. Anyway , I also remember the encore being Horse & Sandman both times . I actually taped the 1977 show on a handheld cassette recorder . I only wish I still had that tape. I also saw them right after Dan left the group . We went to the concert in a much smaller venue without high expectations . We were very pleasantly surprised that the show was still excellent . I've seen them many times since then & every show is still great.Enough of my rambling. Lets hear more stories from other fans about their America experiences.

Message: 15654 Posted: Sat Feb 17 07:54:20 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: kiri

Thank you, for the great words of wisdom!!!

Message: 15653 Posted: Sat Feb 17 07:50:05 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: I'll be the first

I never got to see them as a trio, which is amazing, considering how many concerts I used to attend when I was younger.
I've seen them as a duo many times now, & have to admit, I've enjoyed EVERY one of them immensely!
I was Woodz still on maternity leave?
I know I won't be seeing the band until April, but would find it interesting to see Hank Linderman playing w/the guys.

Message: 15652 Posted: Sat Feb 17 07:49:39 2001 By: Jim Riccioli
Subject: Easier access

Hi all,

I told Johhnny a couple of weeks back that I hoped to hook up online soon through a new home computer and ISP. Well, I bought a HP notebook computer two weeks ago and signed up with (naturally) America On-Line this week for at least a trial period of one to two months. (I'm likely to switch to AOL Time Warner's high-speed Internet access service, Road Runner, when that cable-based service becomes available in several weeks.)

Anyway, this set-up allows me access from home or, since the computer is mobile, from anywhere else I can borrow a phone line and find a local AOL dial-up. So I should be able to keep up with the chat folder again without depending on my work computer.

I'm a few weeks behind on reading the folder, so until I have a chance to roam through the archives, I may repeat old questions and raise issues that have been discussed since I stopped reading the folder daily during my time crunch in November.

When America comes to Potawatomi Bingo Casino in May, I'm hoping to meet up with some of you in the Milwaukee area (especially Randy, who I still owe $5, plus interest). Otherwise, I'll catch y'all on the folder.

Jim R.

Message: 15651 Posted: Sat Feb 17 07:47:00 2001 By: kiri
Subject: stressed!

my job that laid me off is calling me back but i've since found another job (one in which is giving me A LOT of stress). yet in the ever growing land of layoffs, not sure i want to take my chances on going could just happen again in a month! what to do, what to do...

so i'm rearranging, organizing and cleaning my home today while i think this through. going to play "hearts" because that album seems to work out a tension of its own - in the guitars ("half a man", "people in the valley", the lyrics ("story of a teenager", "sister golden hair"), etc. i like the transitions between the edgy songs and the smooth ones. it's how i feel today.

i always have certain albums for certain moods - what america albums fit specific moods/occasions for you all?

Message: 15650 Posted: Sat Feb 17 07:01:23 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: I saw the trio twice

I saw them first some time after Hat Trick while in High school. I remember lot's of ferns on stage, and was blown away by the three acoustic guitars out front. I remember the three of them strumming the opening chords to Children one after the other and hearing sound move across the stage in a wave. Don't remember the specific songs played, but as I write visions of Hat trick (tap-tap), Only in Your Hart (piano Gerry), and a whole arena of lights/voices in the dark screaming for more, knowing that they just got to come out again to play Horse. I couldn't drive so my parents drove my friend and I the hour to SLC for the show. I wanted to be a rock star after that concert.

My second was after Hideaway my first year at college. I remember listening to Miniature, Hideaway Parts I, and II over the sound system while waiting for America to come on stage. Visions of Lonely People (Harmonica Dan) and a lot of help on stage surface, but don't remember specifics. Wish I could go back and relieve those concerts with more acuteness than my memory affords.

I've seen the duo four additional times since 1995 and plan to see them again in SLC this June. Memories of the duo concerts are also great and more vivid. But, I for one would like to recapture the trio doing Children, Hat trick, Riverside, etc. And, I prefer the atmosphere of the crowds at the duo concerts of today over the smoked filled, free wheeling, drug high, rowdy teenage crowds of the 70’s.

Message: 15649 Posted: Sat Feb 17 06:55:05 2001 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has No???

I saw America in the fall of 1974 at Brigham Young University...I'll never forget it!

Message: 15648 Posted: Fri Feb 16 21:45:07 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Who Has

We saw America on their first visit to Australia at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. I believe it was July 1976.I think that was the only tour here as a trio. We still have an article from The Sydney Morning Herald which was an account of their press conference. Unfortunately we didn't date it.

Message: 15647 Posted: Fri Feb 16 21:22:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Once For Me

When I saw the trio in '75, I didn't get to see them perform the encore songs, "Sandman" and "Horse". I was only able to hear them. Big Brother made my sister and me leave after "Goodbye" in order to beat the crowd to the parking lot. We did, however, hear the two songs outside. I didn't blame him too much since he told me about the concert at the college he was attending. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise, being 300 miles away. Also, I think it's absolutely incredible that out of ALL the memorabilia that Dewey has saved all these years, that show that I attended so long ago, is represented among all the tickets, buttons, passes, etc., that are shown on the last two pages of the "Highway" booklet. It's the brown drawing of Dan, Gerry, and Dewey on yellow paper right above the black book of matches. For me, those are the most incredible odds!!! I will always cherish the memories from that show. Being my first, it was special!!!

Message: 15646 Posted: Fri Feb 16 20:38:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: I'll be the first

Yes Sir, you are most CORRECT there, Mr. Howard!

Wow Erin, 30 America shows? That's great and you're still young! LOL

Message: 15645 Posted: Fri Feb 16 20:06:43 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: I'll be the first

I have not...although I have seen over 30 concerts...

Erin :o)

Message: 15644 Posted: Fri Feb 16 19:56:52 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: I'll be the first

Believe it or not, I did not see them as a trio.
But I saw John Denver and Beach Boys...go figure?
But I'm sure making up for it now...Right Johnny!

Message: 15643 Posted: Fri Feb 16 19:32:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Who Has and Who Has NOT???

Forgot the "T". No not you, TerryT. LOL

Message: 15642 Posted: Fri Feb 16 19:30:36 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Who Has and Who Has No???

Chatting with a fellow America fan, it has me wondering this: Who has and who has not seen America as a trio? Care to tell us?

Message: 15641 Posted: Fri Feb 16 19:08:52 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question

Andy, where do you live? I live in New Jersey. If you live near me maybe we can get together during the summer at one of their concerts.


Message: 15640 Posted: Fri Feb 16 14:53:58 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Impromptu ( sort of) chat this evening

I might drop by...TGIF. That's all I have to say.

Erin :o)

Message: 15639 Posted: Fri Feb 16 14:22:47 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Impromptu ( sort of) chat this evening

Anyone interested in a chat this evening ? Meet me in the chat room after 7 Pacific. See you there!

Message: 15638 Posted: Fri Feb 16 12:07:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: RE: Janice=Beechlady

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, they're not supposed to know we're the SAME PERSON....(lol)............ (C=

TkH<-----sunday, Sunday, SUN-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 15637 Posted: Fri Feb 16 09:43:53 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Thanks, Steve!

Howard and I are all set! You're a doll for stepping in, as usual, making sure I could communicate with a fellow America fan! Howard got my note on the chat folder and e-mailed me ASAP! STEVE...You do great work!

Message: 15636 Posted: Fri Feb 16 09:38:41 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Kodak moment

Thanks to all that responded to my question of what seats were the best for an America inside concert. My tickets are on the way to me as I speak. Now I need to know how to get a picture taken with Dewey & Gerry after the show. No cameras are allowed according to the venue, but I know people get pics at other gigs. Also, when anyone goes to either the Georgia or Florida venues, can u post the playlist for me to go by. Thanks again.

Message: 15635 Posted: Fri Feb 16 07:14:28 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Howard

Howard..I will e-mail you, but I left your e-mail address at home and can't call it up on the school I'll write you on Monday..O.K?

UNLESS you want to e-mail me today before 2:30 P.M., then I'll be able to respond before I leave school for the week-end. I hope all is well and you received my card!

Message: 15634 Posted: Fri Feb 16 07:11:19 2001 By: Janice
Subject: RE: Another do you remember?

I have always loved "Woman Tonight" also..Beech, you and I think alike..(that's scary huh?) Lol..
Well, no concert for me this weekend as I am half-way functioning with a double ear infection. Those who know me know that this is also a double-whammy, as I am deaf and cannot wear my Miracle Ears. Oh well..(honest, Steve..I was really planning to go)..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone (I have 3 days!).."signing" off..Janice

Message: 15633 Posted: Fri Feb 16 04:24:07 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Another "Do You Remember..."

I've always been a "Woman Tonight" fan with or without hearing it live (mine is without, until recently )))C= ) but I can ONLY imagine!!!!! sigh.

sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TkH<---------no canals

Message: 15632 Posted: Thu Feb 15 16:23:58 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question

you are correct. You posted your answer while I was in the process of posting mine. Anyway, you win! The prize is the honour of buying me tickets to see America this summer. LOL :))


Message: 15631 Posted: Thu Feb 15 16:21:20 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Answer to my trivia question


According to Billboard, THE FIRST TIME, EVER I SAW YOUR FACE by Roberta Flack knocked our beloved HORSE out of its rightful place in the #1 spot. I used to like that song until I found out this little bit of trivia.

Message: 15630 Posted: Thu Feb 15 16:17:49 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question

The answer to your trivia question is "First time Ever I Saw your Face" by Roberta Flack. I think it was number 1 for 6 weeks. It was either #1 or #2 for the year of 1972 depending on the station or publication. "Alone Again Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan was the song that competed with Roberta Flack. It was also number 1 for 6 weeks.

Message: 15629 Posted: Thu Feb 15 13:57:29 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Another "Do You Remember..."

I mentioned this before but it's worth mentioning again.

Back in the mid-to-late 70s, Willie would play an incredibly sounding drum solo for about half a minute. It would get the crowd to really start clapping. The beat was awesome! One of the trio would count, "1, 2, 3..." Then they'd break into "Woman Tonight". The crowd would cheer even louder than when Willie began the drum solo. To really appreciate "Woman Tonight," it needs to be heard live especially back then. At the end of the song, the audience would burst into tremendous applause! And in 1976, imagine when "Woman Tonight" was followed by "Don't Let It Get You Down"!!! Two tremendously sounding songs in a row! If you were present but not excited, someone should have called the morgue.

Message: 15628 Posted: Thu Feb 15 11:09:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops! Wrong Word!

"Suspicion" rather!

Message: 15627 Posted: Thu Feb 15 11:05:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Why I Think It's Called "The Basketball Song"

John, with your suspension in mind, I'm sure you're glad the kids don't call it, "The Color The Living Room Walls With Crayons Song". LOL

Message: 15626 Posted: Thu Feb 15 10:44:43 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Why I Think It's Called "The Basketball Song"

That would be a pretty logical guess, Johnny, but they have never seen the video for The Border, and if you knew my kids, their reasoning is um, somewhat suspect at times. I think it had something to do with playing full contact basketball in the living room while The Border was playing.

Message: 15625 Posted: Thu Feb 15 09:54:17 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Do You Remember

Johnny, I am a lucky (old) fan who attended a concert in 1973..however, I don't remember any silver balls..hmmm..You know, I actually have pictures from that concert and if they weren't so old I would send them to Steve to post. At least I know who the 3 guys are in the pictures. I have a real clear one of me, my date, my sister and her husband in our seats..platform shoes and all (No, I'm not gonna post it!)..Then again, platforms are back now! Geez do I feel old. Back to my....TURKEY SANDWICH! :-)

Message: 15624 Posted: Thu Feb 15 09:34:34 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America on Pop Up Video tonight

<<(Remember, some of us weren't aware of America in the 70s, when they were three).

Ok, I'm gettin' out the ooooooooooooold waaaaaaaaaaaaalker again.....

TkH<-------dag nab it, where's my teef....

Message: 15623 Posted: Thu Feb 15 08:58:02 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Nina

Nina, please email me.
Thanks, HL :0)

Message: 15622 Posted: Thu Feb 15 07:37:33 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Do You All Remember...

JOHNNY...YES! Your mention of the mirrored ball at America concerts sparked my memory of concerts past! I think my first America concert was in the fall/winter (Nov./Dec.?) of 1974! I think they had it then! My little sister, who is now 32 yrs. old...but was 6 or so back then...always refers to mirrored balls as AMERICA balls...NOT "disco" balls!!! Thanks for the pleasant memory!


Message: 15621 Posted: Thu Feb 15 06:54:06 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: So it was true....

Come to think of it,
I remember getting The Homecoming LP for my birthday in
and my uncle telling me that one of the members of America
was in some kind of accident with a glass plate window or something to that extent. So, it was true about Dan's incident!

Message: 15620 Posted: Wed Feb 14 21:26:24 2001 By: kiri
Subject: eddy

so sorry about your layoff! couple of quotes for ya...

"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant." - Horace

but perhaps this one is better...
"The proverb warns that, 'You should not bite the hand that feeds you.' But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself." - Thomas Szasz

just kidding...good luck and i wish you better days soon!

Message: 15619 Posted: Wed Feb 14 18:53:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Interesting Site, Shayne!

Shayne, that was a very interesting site that you told us about, the IMDB one. Ironically, yesterday, a fellow fan here told me about that exact site. We looked up the movie, "California Dreaming". I believe the gal in the two-piece bathing suit on the back of the soundtrack LP, is actually Tanya Roberts. I thought it was perhaps Vivien Bunnell because it looked somewhat like her and I thought I saw her name in the credits at the end. We found that the actress playing "Alma" is listed as Vivian Bonnell!!! Coincidence or a name change to a stage name?

Message: 15618 Posted: Wed Feb 14 18:23:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To The Dan Triv Question

The hint was: "A picture is worth a thousand words" regarding proof of Dan's injury to his right arm as he told us in one of his bio episodes.

In the "Highway" booklet, check-out one of the pictures on page 52. It's a picture of Dan with his bandaged arm. Under it, it reads, "America's DAN PEEK in hospital". The same picture is on page 68.

Message: 15617 Posted: Wed Feb 14 18:12:39 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Ancient Horse trivia question

Andy, perhaps Paul Simon's "Mother And Child Reunion", Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love" or Robert John's "Lion Sleeps Tonight"? I don't really know. Maybe even Nilsson's "Without You"? I'm leaning toward Paul Simon.

You bet Eddy! Yes, "Hope" is wonderful and is very fitting.

Shayne, I missed you. I asked about you and Jim R on the folder here. I heard from Jim. He's doing fine but just busy. Glad to hear that you're back on your feet.

Message: 15616 Posted: Wed Feb 14 17:39:00 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: I'm back (and other neat stuff)

Hi everyone. Miss me? Didn't think so. I finally got back to work and got a new (working) computer. I read the folder from time to time on my WebTV, but the keyboard doesn't work all that well, so I didn't post.

Couple of neat things I came across recently. On (, they have the video to HOPE. You'll need to join, but it is a free membership. They also have a nice page regarding AMERICA (and about 5000 other artists). The other thing I found was on the Internet Movie Database ( They list Dewey Bunnell as the lyricist for the movie ( I'm not sure what that means, but it is pretty cool.

Anyway, it's good to back.


Message: 15615 Posted: Wed Feb 14 16:59:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: More words of Hope

Another Beckley tune that has sustained me of late....

I can feel there's better days
Well, they're comin', they're comin'
I can see them through the haze
So can you.

BTW WAtership Down remains one of my favorite books. If you haven't read it, you should! ( they don't call me bookworm for nothing!)

Message: 15614 Posted: Wed Feb 14 16:35:09 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Ancient Horse trivia question

It's not often that I can think up a trivia question, but here goes:

We know that Horse knocked out Neil Young's Heart of Gold to claim the #1 spot in March of 1972. WHAT SONG AND ARTIST KNOCKED HORSE OUT OF ITS #1 SPOT? (On a personal note, I used to like the song...but now I will forever curse that song and artist, LOL)


Message: 15613 Posted: Wed Feb 14 16:29:25 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America on Pop Up Video tonight

Lisa was 100% correct. I saw the show, and they featured HORSE, taken from the early 1975 live German video. It was such a pleasure to see Dan! (Remember, some of us weren't aware of America in the 70s, when they were three). All in all, it was a tremendous treat.


Message: 15612 Posted: Wed Feb 14 16:13:39 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: THANX!!

TO: Beechlady, Howard, Janice, Johnny (Thanx for Beckley/Yee composition!!), Nina, & Robyn. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to ALL of you, you guys are THE BEST!!! You've made me feel really good with all your words of encourgement, I really don't know what else to say, but Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
And Johnny, reading your post, another Beckley tune came to mind:
You gotta HOPE(whenever times get tough)it'll be allright
Come on and HOPE(and when the road is rough)it'll turn out fine
yeah, HOPE(just when you've had enough)it'll be allright

You gotta hope, you're gonna win the fight.........

Message: 15611 Posted: Wed Feb 14 12:31:57 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Do You All Remember...

Hmmmm. Nobody has yet to answer my Dan triv question. I'm surprised. Most of you have can across the clue but probably never noticed it, twice. The answer will be given this evening if no one comes up with it.

Onto another topic. For those of you who attended an America show during the mid 70s, do you remember the really cool thing the guys had set up during the playing of "Only In Your Heart"? Toward the end of the song, one of those mirrored balls on the ceiling would be turned on and all the other lights would be turned off. Man, was it ever an incredible visional display. The audience would go crazy with delight! It made me feel like I was traveling through I had died and was floating up to heaven. Ah, those were the days!

Message: 15610 Posted: Wed Feb 14 11:47:35 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: To Eddy

Hang in there. Things have a way of working themselves out. I know good things are ahead for you. Take care. Robyn

Message: 15609 Posted: Wed Feb 14 09:56:43 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Hang in there, Eddy!

Just a note of encouragement for Eddy! You never know what GOOD thing might be just around the corner! I came to work a little depressed today...and low and behold , one of my students had a red rose for me!
It was confirmation that I DO make a difference in SOMEONE'S life! I'm rooting for you, Eddy!

Message: 15608 Posted: Wed Feb 14 09:25:11 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: To Eddy

Eddy, I think you're one of the NICEST guys on this folder. I really mean it! With Gerry's help, I send you this message of encouragement:

Eddy, I know you've seen better days
But, you'll find a different way
Because you've got a lot of heart
You'll make a brand new start

Carry, all the weight you can
I know you'll find another plan
And it'll lead you directly to the source
I know you'll chart another course

Break down, all the walls you can
With these words, I lend a hand
I'm sure there's something there just for you
I'm sure you'll make it through

(Hang in there, Buddy!)

Message: 15607 Posted: Wed Feb 14 07:14:48 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Eddy

Hi Eddy..I am sorry to hear about your job at the railroad, but I completely agree with Steve. At times misfortune is opportunity in disguise. Best of luck and I hope that opportunities come knockin' your door down!
Happy Valentines Day everyone! teenage sons surprised me with flowers (on their own) this morning before I left for work! Geez and all these years regretting no daughters! Lol.. Sprinkle a little love dust around about a random act of kindness for a stranger? Have a wonderful day.

Message: 15606 Posted: Wed Feb 14 06:32:17 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Eddy

Eddy, I'm really sorry to hear about your layoff.
Just keep a positive outlook and things will work out.
Regards, Howard L

Message: 15605 Posted: Wed Feb 14 05:39:22 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Layoffs

Hey Eddy!
We too, have been thru the layoff maze! Here's another thing you should do.....ALWAYS, but ALWAYS give yourself "couple time". Too often you get SO bogged down trying to find the job, maybe relocate, pay the bills...etc that you lose track of each other (taking care of kids or taking care of other non work related business that pops up)! Hey above all, just KNOW that something great is around the corner (because it IS!!!)

TkH<-----been there!

Message: 15604 Posted: Tue Feb 13 21:37:31 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

In honor of Valentine's Day, I will not be in the chat room tomorrow evening. See you next week. I may be up for a Friday night session if anyone else is. Let me know.

Message: 15603 Posted: Tue Feb 13 21:09:48 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: re: Steve

Thank You for your kind words Steve, I've been trying to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation.
One thing I've realized, when something bad like this happens, it makes you thankful for the things you do have, like a wonderful family and great friends that really care!! Thanks Again!

Message: 15602 Posted: Tue Feb 13 20:58:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: A Triv Question Regarding Dan

In Dan's bio, Episode 21, he talks about how he severely cut his right arm when he smashes a plate glass window that reflects his image.

Who can be the first to direct us to some proof of Dan's injury?

Hint: The old Chinese saying..."A picture is worth a thousand words."

Message: 15601 Posted: Tue Feb 13 20:37:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Why I Think It's Called "The Basketball Song"

Hint was: It rhymes with "kiddio".

I think John's kids call, "The Border", "The Basketball Song", because in the VIDEO, Gerry handles a bouncing basketball or a ball that looks to be the size and shape of a basketball. John, you'll have to ask your kids if that's why.

(Ciao to you too, Bruno!)

Message: 15600 Posted: Tue Feb 13 14:50:18 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Eddy, sorry to hear about your layoff. Having gone through the same experience just a few years ago I know how tough it can be. In many cases (mine included), it works out that you get a job that's as good or even better. I hope that's what happens to you. Best of luck!

Message: 15599 Posted: Tue Feb 13 14:09:16 2001 By: bruno
Subject: new CD

Ciao Fans of America (I am sorry but i don't speak a good english) I joke when I indicate Clinton as new member of America. Clinton is a scarce musician, Dewey, Gerry & C. are very grat musicians, are historical-legendary band of rock-pop.
Hello all fans Ciao to my friend by internet Johhny

Message: 15598 Posted: Tue Feb 13 13:32:47 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Just got my tickets in the mail for AMERICA at Jackpot Junction Casino in Morton, MN.! Kinda cheered me up, I was one of the many people that just got layed off my job at the railroad. (now we REALLY need to save, it's a 5 hr.or more drive) My wife is also happy (I'm not) that Air Supply will be playing also.
I called the day tickets went on sale, got 5th row.
Also want to say how much I enjoyed the "vintage" interviews on WLS! Heck, even the "WLS" promo brought me back, been a LONG time since I've heard it! THANX!!!

Message: 15597 Posted: Tue Feb 13 13:21:52 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Thanks for the info, Barb.

Message: 15596 Posted: Tue Feb 13 12:18:17 2001 By: barb
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Steve, just thought you'd like to know that the concert info on the
waterloo village web site is for the year 2000! So there's still
a question of whether or not they are playing there??

Message: 15595 Posted: Tue Feb 13 11:59:11 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Still don't see Farmington, Maine on the list. What's up with that?

Message: 15594 Posted: Tue Feb 13 11:56:26 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

Of our 6 kids, 4 are America fans (my wife and I are working on the other 2).

Message: 15593 Posted: Tue Feb 13 11:43:37 2001 By: barb
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

thanks for the info steve. i'll try the hershey venue. By the way,
great site!!! I am really enjoying the old photos of the boys!!

Message: 15592 Posted: Tue Feb 13 11:13:58 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Hi Steve

Back in shape again Steve. Try and tell America to play in up state NY.

Message: 15591 Posted: Tue Feb 13 10:53:53 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Barb, according to the Waterloo Village web site ( the America Concert has been rescheduled for October 20th. I haven't received official confirmation from America's agency yet, but I'm checking. I received three new concerts yesterday and I posted them last night (Port Jervis, NY; Austin, TX; and Hershey, PA). Keep checking the concert list at gigs01.htm for the latest updates.


Message: 15590 Posted: Tue Feb 13 10:41:00 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Erin, you can bet a high likelyhood of shows in Reno as usual. Of course if you wish to drive to Southern California, the Anaheim or the San Diego shows are sure to be sell out crowd screamers, the "hometown" shows.

Message: 15589 Posted: Tue Feb 13 10:32:01 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

Hopefully shows will be booked at the Nugget.....or some similar Reno location. Even Tahoe would be nice....

Erin :o)

Message: 15588 Posted: Tue Feb 13 10:31:28 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re AMerica Everywhere and the second gen

I was in OSH and I heard an unusal version of I need you. The tape was off speed somehow and Gerry's voice sounded off.

Same day, my dd told me that they were playing SGH at school over the loudspeakers. SHe started signging along and her friends asked w"who is that?" She said "it's America!"

Message: 15587 Posted: Tue Feb 13 10:07:33 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: concert schedule 2001

I would suggest continuing to review the concert schedule. It is still early in the year & AMERICA's booking agent captures shows thru out the year. It is expected to be a very busy year for AMERICA so hopefully shows will be booked nearby.

Message: 15586 Posted: Tue Feb 13 09:59:22 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Basketball Song"

John, I'm pretty sure I know why your kids call "The Border", "The Basketball Song". That's a good trivia question. Anyone else think they know? Since it's John's KIDS, I'll give you all a clue.

Hint: It rhymes with "kiddio".

Message: 15585 Posted: Tue Feb 13 09:58:28 2001 By: barb
Subject: concert schedule 2001

can anyone tell me if America is playing here on the east coast??
According to their "gig guide" they had a couple of dates but i cant
find any tickets. Ticketmaster shows no dates or tickets for sale in
the east coast area. Waterloo Village, 6/2/01 in N>J> called and
was told they were cancelled!? What about Westbury Music Fair? Can
anyone shed some light as I am dying to see them play again. Last
time I saw them was in April 1977 at the Spectrum.

Message: 15584 Posted: Tue Feb 13 07:58:37 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

My 6 (soon to be 7) and 8 year old are also big America fans. Their favs are California Dreaming, Last Unicorn, You Can Do Magic and THe Border, which for some reason that only they know, they call the basketball song. Their one and only concert has been America 2 summers ago. They of course loved it.

Message: 15583 Posted: Tue Feb 13 07:07:49 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

HEY MATT. We will be there. Looking forward to it!

Message: 15582 Posted: Tue Feb 13 06:27:45 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America everywhere

Hey all,
Went to mall on sunday and had to walk through JC Penny to get to car.
As soon as we entered JC Penny, my 9 year old daughter Emily says,
America's playing. Don't you hear it Daddy? Sure enough "From A Movin' Train" was playing. Not bad for Emily!

Howie<-----StIlL aLiVe & HaNgInG iN tHeRe!

Message: 15581 Posted: Tue Feb 13 05:12:21 2001 By: Nina
Subject: America 2nd Generation

Thought everybody would get a kick out of this. Got a call last week from my sister who said:"Your nephew wants to talk to you RIGHT NOW!" So, five year old nephew gets on the phone and all in a rush says: "Auntie Nina...I just heard Sister Golden Hair on T.V.!" "It was GERRY...singing Sister Golden Hair...on a commercial!" And when I asked him what commercial it was, didn't the kid have the proper information: "It's for a CD...Smooooooth Seventies!" "Do you think we could buy it?!?" I reminded him he already had the song on his History CD and he said: "But Auntie Nina...there may be OTHER America songs on it!"

Ah, that's my boy!

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody TOMORROW!


Message: 15580 Posted: Tue Feb 13 05:05:58 2001 By: Pete
Subject: test


Message: 15579 Posted: Tue Feb 13 04:58:51 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: TAWPIC

Ok, topic is lost America/Warner promo footage. Tawlk amoungst your selves......

TkH<----------like clotted cream....

Message: 15578 Posted: Tue Feb 13 04:03:54 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: America on Pop Up Video tonight

This was listed on a TV music site 02/13/01
6:30 pm ET VH1 Pop-Up Video America (70's), Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Captain & Tennille, Doobie Brothers, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder

Message: 15577 Posted: Mon Feb 12 23:18:48 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

Off topic or not, that cue (America 2nd Generation) woulda been irresistible to me, too.
Rock On, Matt and Gang! (;<{=~

tt (what IS the topic?)

Message: 15576 Posted: Mon Feb 12 22:58:25 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Where to sit?

Hello every one,depending on venue,always nearest the bar.The number of times I've seen "our boys" the weather has been extremely hot,so it seems perfectly sensible.

Message: 15575 Posted: Mon Feb 12 22:29:42 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

Will you be playing anywhere in LA during the last week in April? My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to check out the new Disneyland (and the old one) and would love to hear you guys play!

Erin :O)

Message: 15574 Posted: Mon Feb 12 22:27:24 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

Will you be playing anywhere in LA during the last week in April? My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to check out the new Disneyland (and the old one) and would love to hear you guys play!

Erin :O)

Message: 15573 Posted: Mon Feb 12 21:52:31 2001 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: America 2nd Generation...

off topic...
speaking of which...
Due to overwhelming popular request (we hope):
Phobicman will be playing one (1) and only one (1) Los Angeles Show.

We are honored to share the stage with our good friend Bill Mumy and his band the Jenerators on saturday night, march 31st, at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica pier. We will go on after the Jenerators, times tba. more info up soon on

hope everybody's rocking.


Message: 15572 Posted: Mon Feb 12 20:17:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Finally!

Mark, during America's performance at the Whiskey A-Go-Go back in 1972, I believe it's Dan who announces "Submarine Ladies" as the next song to be played but he says it's "Submarine Ladies Part 2". Hmmmm?

Erin, I'm sure you agree that "California Dreamin'" is a great song whether by The Mamas and The Papas or by D&G. I remember skipping a college class to see the movie. The song was played in the movie as a huge wave filled the movie screen. I remember seeing Vivien's name in the credits. I believe she had a bit part. I've always wondered if that's her picture on the back of the album cover. Anyone know?

(Welcome Back Beth!)

Message: 15571 Posted: Mon Feb 12 15:17:24 2001 By: Erin
Subject: california dreamin

Hi everyone! Just read on the news wires here at work that California Dreamin was on the list of songs added to the Grammy Hall of Fame. Happy Monday!

Erin :o)

Message: 15570 Posted: Mon Feb 12 14:41:03 2001 By: Beth
Subject: America 2nd Generation...

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you guys, my youngest son Jordan is well & truly hooked on our guys! Favorite song right now, The Border. Also likes You Can Do Magic and Tall Treasures. Funny, he's listening to Highway, and most of the songs he picks out to repeat are my old favorites, too! Pretty cool.

I've been lurking on & off, not posted too much lately. Jordan broke his leg on Dec. 8th and we've had a pretty awful 8 weeks recovering. He was at wrestling practice, the coach was a big meanie and didn't believe Jordan was hurt, so he suffered longer than he needed to. We took him to ER when I picked him up from practice, he was then transported by ambulance to the hospital 30 miles away, where they put him in traction. He hung there for 20 days, including Christmas. It's been really rough on us! On Dec 28 he was put into a body cast - what a monstrous contraption that was! Spent 5 weeks in that sucker, it came off Feb 2nd. He's up & around on crutches now, not back to normal, but much improved.

Sorry I let the time get away from me. Have checked into Live Chat a few times, but was either too late or too early. Life is getting a little more manageable these days, and I'm getting a big kick outta Jordan's new love for my long-time friends!

Take Care,

Message: 15569 Posted: Mon Feb 12 14:15:59 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Finally!

Most avid America fans know the story about how Horse came to be added to the first album. They had released the first album sans Horse, but then were asked if they had any other material. The story goes that they returned to the studio and recorded 4 more songs. One being Horse, which was added to the first album, and another was the original version of California which was on the flip side of the original Horse 45 single and was re-recorded for Homecoming. For years I had always wondered what the other two songs were. Thanks to the WLS interview, now I know! They were Submarine Ladies and Don't Cross The River. Maybe those early versions will show up as bonus tracks on some future America releases.

Btw, listening to that WLS interview jogged my memory in more ways than one. I grew up in a small town next to nowhere in Kentucky. The town had one AM station which played country music almost all day. It would sign-off at sunset. It also had one FM station that played classical music and signed-off at 11 PM. My line to the rest of the music world was WLS. Most of the time at night I could pick-up WLS and listen to it. Ahhh the old days. Funny what will trigger those old memories.

Message: 15568 Posted: Mon Feb 12 13:04:39 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Where to sit?

It's been several years since the guys have ventured up this way so I would happy with any seat inside any venue.

Message: 15567 Posted: Mon Feb 12 12:13:17 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Where to sit?

For me, it's front and center! But, if you can't get the front row, get as close to the front as possible and in the center.

Message: 15566 Posted: Mon Feb 12 11:25:14 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Where to sit?

FOr sound clarity, I ususally like to sit dead center about midway back. Close up is nice too, the sound isn't as clear, but the chance to catch one of those picks is a good trade off!

Message: 15565 Posted: Mon Feb 12 10:59:31 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Where to sit?

Red Oak, I don't know anything about that venue, but I'd sit as close to the front of the stage as possible and in the center. To me, the closer, the better. Plus, you might even catch one of those flying guitar picks!

Message: 15564 Posted: Mon Feb 12 10:22:00 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Where to sit?

Having not seen America live indoors, I need advice on where to sit for the upcoming gig in Ft Collins, Colorado. The venue is the Lincoln Center with about 2500 seating capacity. Would floor seating or Mezzanine seating be the best and at what row from the stage would the sound be best? Tx for any advice anyone may have.

Message: 15563 Posted: Mon Feb 12 07:53:24 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Songbook Photos

Many thanks to Tery Holly (Beechlady) for scanning in the songbook photos from Hideaway, Hearts, Holiday, Hat Trick, and Homecoming. There are some great photos there. Thanks go to Joe Bartosch, too, for sending me a Music People interview of America circa 1975. You can see the photos and listen to the soundclips by clicking on the links in the What's New section of the America Fans home page.

Message: 15562 Posted: Sun Feb 11 19:21:26 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan's Departure.

Hello again,sorry to Joe got a bit mixed up there.Some time ago I read a UK music publication called the "Melody Maker"and a story concerning Dan's departure,it was reported that people were crying in the streets by a guy called Harvey Kubernik,L.A. based correspondent,must admit I did not speak to anyone for nearly two weeks,I'm older and wiser now.The official reason for Dan leaving was that he wasn't coping with the stress and pressure,but I also recall reading that Dan was finding it hard to maintain an equal footing within the band,wonder what that was all about?

Message: 15561 Posted: Sun Feb 11 17:38:10 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: faraway lands...

Spurs, I consider Australia a faraway land too. I once flew past Australia on my way to Diego Garcia. I've always wanted to come there. A fellow Ohioan by the name of Steven Newman walked across Australia a few years ago as part of his around the world walk. He wrote a book about his adventures appropriately titled WORLDWALK.

As I mentioned before, I'd like to see more postings from afar. Iceland, Bahamas, Greenland, The Azores...on and on.


Message: 15560 Posted: Sun Feb 11 17:30:05 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Central Park and "Silent Letter"

Kiri, from an America friend.

Too bad "Silent Letter" wasn't a success. It was definitely well promoted by Capitol and had such great songs that should have been hits. Anyone out there own any of those "Silent Letter" coasters? They look very cool!

Message: 15559 Posted: Sun Feb 11 17:17:05 2001 By: kiri
Subject: muskrat lover

dig the song, yes i do

johnny - i thought the central park concert was only on laserdisc or something like that. how did you get your video?

i’ve hit my winter low where i truly believe spring will never come - itching to go to some outdoor concerts (please come to illinois, guys!) or at least vent some crackly vinyl out my patio door while i’m watching the sun set. i will gladly take your 84 in feb, beech! had to settle for reading by my heater vent and listening to steely dan and the brand new heavies today.

also enjoyed dan’s description of the “homecoming” cover. i always felt if i wasn’t teaching, i’d be designing album...well, i guess covers. used to make up my own when i was in high school - design what i thought would suit an artist/band. maybe someday (sigh). gotta find someone to take a chance on me, i suppose.

Message: 15558 Posted: Sun Feb 11 14:43:48 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Politics

Hello every one,funny how politics differ from country to country,in France its almost expected that the President has a mistress,and in the UK most polticians went to public school (private)and has been scandal after scandal,the public seem well used to it,not that I'm saying it's correct,but I see where Jims coming from.There don't appear to be as many tour dates as usual,but I suppose it's still early in the year,or are the boys up to something?I'd love to see "Houses in White" appear somewhere,as was mentioned before,on Gerry's new solo effort would be rather wonderful.

Message: 15557 Posted: Sun Feb 11 08:37:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Some of This 'n Some of That

Beech, regarding "84 in February", well that ain't cool! LOL

Message: 15556 Posted: Sun Feb 11 08:34:43 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Some of This 'n Some of That

Thanks Jim, for the info.

Message: 15555 Posted: Sun Feb 11 08:33:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re:politics

Joe, "I feel your pain." Like me, certain topics can cause you to blow your cool. It's best to just let it go or at least try too. I know it's easier said than done.

JoY------>I tried to make it Sunday but I got so damned depressed.

Message: 15554 Posted: Sun Feb 11 06:36:24 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Some of This 'n Some of That

It never ceases to amaze me how infinately people DO creative. Willie's drumming on Woman Tonight is a good example. It's pretty cool to see how each person displays that! I've always been fond of Miniature-obviously it was wonderful to have THAT vision, but Sir George took it to a whole new level (I'm assuming he did the orchestral manuevering, how ever wrongly)! Also Seasons has that touch! (I'm not on a Sir George kick, those were the first two that popped into my head this morning.....)

TkH<-----------84? In FEBRUARY???????

Message: 15553 Posted: Sun Feb 11 05:35:37 2001 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Some of This 'n Some of That

Regarding the Willie Leacox drum part on "Woman Tonight", Dan said on his website that it was "all Willie"...I'm sure the reply is there in the archives.

Message: 15552 Posted: Sun Feb 11 04:49:55 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: re:politics

Sorry guys. Being a former Clinton supporter i felt betrayed by him. Every new scandal that comes out tend to make me angry. Again I am sorry.....................Joe K

Message: 15551 Posted: Sat Feb 10 20:21:20 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Music, radios, and such...

Well, I didn't have a CD player until a year or two ago! Was still playing the ol' vinyls!!!

Regarding Dan and his mentions of California, I said on his message board a short while back that he wrote a mighty wonderful song about California. It's the only America-written song with "California" in it's title, I believe. I count "EIMIFC" and "CA Revisited" as the same even though it's technically different (as well as wonderfully different). I sure wish the three guys could...oh never mind. )0:

Message: 15550 Posted: Sat Feb 10 20:16:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: ok

The political talk is getting nasty in here. Can we agree to disagree and leave it at that? Speaking stictly for myself, I am now so jaded I mistrust ALL politicians, including a buddy of mine who is running for City Council! GEEZ!

Message: 15549 Posted: Sat Feb 10 20:00:40 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Music, radios, and such...

albeit about 5 year later......(listening to America on radio)....didn't have a stereo until I was 16!

TkH<---------no more Ruby Red....)C=

Message: 15548 Posted: Sat Feb 10 19:59:29 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Music, radios, and such...

I remember listening to my first long stretch of radio on a little transistor radio with an overly HUGE antenna (must be for us Michigan folk that lived WAY FAR AWAY from any good radio in the '60's).....I think I heard my first America on the radio that way!!!!!

TkH<-----no MSG!

Message: 15547 Posted: Sat Feb 10 19:54:43 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: What Beechlady?

Geez Joe, do you like L.A. too?

You leave a shot like that previous Clinton tome on the board and what do you expect????????????? Opinions are FINE, but mine count as much as yours.....My little "shot and run" was my attempt at turning the conversation BACK to America (as too many people have complained about lately)after an "uneasy" topic AND it was meant to be fairly LIGHT.....(as are almost ALL of my posts)......If I remember correctly the board is based in America, land of ALL opinions, not just yours.


Message: 15546 Posted: Sat Feb 10 19:07:43 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Dan's bio

I always thought Dan was a classy guy. I knew he was speaking from his heart, I just had to offer a different viewpoint. Thanks Dan, no offense taken, as I am sure none was intended.

Message: 15545 Posted: Sat Feb 10 17:44:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Music, radios, and such...

Jeff, maybe "Houses In White" will be on Gerry's next solo CD.

Talking about oldies, there's nothing like the feel of a 60's or 70's big block musclecar, especially a convertible on a warm night!

Another person from a faraway land is Kenji from Japan. Kenji's half our age but just as smart with his musical taste.

Message: 15544 Posted: Sat Feb 10 17:23:27 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music, radios, and such...

...went to Columbus to the malls today. ...bought a sixties era beach boy transistor radio. Very similar to the radios that I would sneak under my pillow during that time. WABC, WCFL, WLS, WBAP, WWL, KMOX, and WLW were some of the stations I listened to. We're living in the time of instant gratification...cable tv, cell phones, the internet, etc. I'm 45 yrs. old and for my dollar you still can't beat some of the old ways of doing things. I own a couple of digital shortwave radios now but I still find time for my analog sets..fumbling for stations in the dark.

Good to see folks posting from faraway lands. Bruno, Jessica, Suat, and others...Keep posting.

As for the music. I sure would like to see HOUSES IN WHITE show up on an album someday.


Message: 15543 Posted: Sat Feb 10 16:45:11 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: America

Wow Joe you sound mad. Maybe there is a reason for the saying, "never discuss politics or religion". Anyway, I actually met Bill Clinton in the "Rose Garden"--his first term in office. We had a nice converation and he was charming (alright probably phony!).

Message: 15542 Posted: Sat Feb 10 15:23:57 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: What Beechlady?

No you can't say things like that and quit. When I said what I said about Clinton I was telling the truth. What you say about Bush is a lie. That is what Clinton and his cronies have been getting away with for 9 years. We have all had our indescretions ( read Dan's autobiography) when we were young but this guy( Clinton) is unbelievably dishonest and corrupt. Forget his politics ,this is truely a cesspool of a man (his wife too) Anyone that voted for him should be ashamed. I know I am. I didn't see him for what he was until I watched the tape of his testimony. He made me sick. No one can defend him so I am not going to let little snippets like those you said go. Each day we get a new relevations about things he stole on his way out of the White House. Oh Yea when one of you kids tries to tell you that oral sex isn't really sex you will know who to thank for it......................................Joe K

Message: 15541 Posted: Sat Feb 10 15:13:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Some of This 'n Some of That

Yeah, Ciao Bruno!

Yes Beech, those are very nice photos from the songbooks. It's great to see them especially since I don't own a single songbook. Many of the photos I have never seen before.

I was looking at all of Dewey's memorabilia featured in the "Highway" booklet. Great stuff! I see there's an Alibi postcard. Does anyone else own one and would like to part with it? Or, does anyone own any America promo buttons that they'd like to sell? I'm in the market. Just send me an e-mail.

I think one of the best song combinations played in concert is the combo of these songs three songs: "She's A Liar" "Woman Tonight" and "Don't Let It Get You Down" as played in 1976. The way Willie played the drums in the beginning of "Woman Tonight" was incredible! I wonder who came up with that, Dan or Willie. Whoever, it was awesome!

By the way, Bruno's mention of a saxophone, has me wondering. Can someone tell us who played the sax in concert on "She's A Liar"? I'm curious.

JoY<------Bit by the flu bug )0: and now going to buy drugs (0:

Message: 15540 Posted: Sat Feb 10 13:48:14 2001 By: bruno
Subject: to America, new CD

Ciao all fans of America. Ciao Johnny
new members for new C.D. of America:
Neil Young; Bill Clinton to saxophone ( I trick).
My personal place-list of songs: 1-catch that train 2-a horse with no name 2-survival 4-ventura highway 5-don't cross the river 6-and forever 7-riverside 8-from a movin train

Message: 15539 Posted: Sat Feb 10 12:21:43 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America Central Park

Yeah, Johnny!

I love the jazz elements in the songs! V-E-R-Y COOL!

TkH<-------40 what?

Message: 15538 Posted: Sat Feb 10 12:20:17 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Politcs & Music -- Poor bed fellows......

No worse than a coke addict, married to a hit and run felon.....
(LOL, JK! Hey, just givin' equal time---- (C= )

There. I'm done with political antics.......

TkH<------didn't like Gore either!

Message: 15537 Posted: Sat Feb 10 12:15:39 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tabs versus Pictures

Glad you liked the pix Mr. B! Hideaway is next and I have an ad from Am.Gram. that I received in '95 that is coming soon (i.e. when I get around to warming the scanner up)......Henry Diltz, is one of the BEST photogs in the world,,,,,,,there are no credits in the Warners books but I'm assuming they're all his!!!!!

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has their mits on a Harbor p/g book? If so, would you be willing to spread the wealth??? (C= Then we'd have a "complete set" up!!!! (That is, if Steve doesn't!)

TkH<-------foggy foggy dew (or in my case DO!?!)

Message: 15536 Posted: Sat Feb 10 10:21:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: America Central Park

For the first time ever this past week, I saw the America video performed in Central Park during the "Silent Letter" tour. It's great! It's given me a new appreciation for "Only Game In Town". Also, I was really impressed with David Dickey's enthusiasm and how he tries to get the audience pumped up!

Message: 15535 Posted: Sat Feb 10 07:45:36 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: muskrat love

Hey I liked Muskrat Love. I still do. I liked America for the Guitars and the harmony. Lyrically,unless it was a Gerry tune ,I usually didn't have a clue what most of their songs were about,Especially the ones by my favorite artist in the band which happens to be Dewey. In my mind a song about 2 rodents can't be anymore silly than a horse without a name walking around plants and rocks and things. I hate to borrow a line from our undearly departed scumbag former President. Its the MUSIC stupid. I loved to hear them play their guitars and their harmony was and is 2nd to none. Thats why America is ,and always will be my favorite band....................Joe Knight

Message: 15534 Posted: Sat Feb 10 07:25:10 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Tabs versus Pictures

The Warner/Tabs were half-baked, but the pictures were great. I've enjoyed Tery's posting of the pictures here and Dan Peek's description of the Homecoming photo shoot in his bio. I didn’t get all the Album photos during the 70's (Homecoming and Hideaway were 8-track), but I did manage to get most the songbooks with those pictures.

How do you feel about making it into Dan’s last Bio, Robyn?

Message: 15533 Posted: Fri Feb 09 19:41:58 2001 By: msmith
Subject: muskrat

kevin, it seems america fans line up on both sides on the muskrat issue. i line up on the opposite side as our webmaster, and enjoy the good natured ribbing that we give each other on the "song". your muskrat comment with your new america fan recruit had me roflmho!!

Message: 15532 Posted: Fri Feb 09 16:07:11 2001 By: Dan
Subject: TGIF continued......

Janice, it can and has gotten better, I'm sittin here suckin on a cold one and listening to HIGHWAY. Now it doesn't get any better.........DanC

Message: 15531 Posted: Fri Feb 09 14:42:18 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: New England Storm

<< Alan, as I recall Maine has two seasons-- August 28th and winter!

Robyn, not true! Maine actually has 5 seasons - winter, fall, mosquito season, black fly season & mud season.

Message: 15530 Posted: Fri Feb 09 13:28:04 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: America convert.

I gave History to my Mom and her favorite song is Muskrat Love.

Message: 15529 Posted: Fri Feb 09 11:02:33 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New England Storm

Heck we even had snow here in the beautiful San Fernando Valley! To quote the Cowardly Lion " Weird weather we're havin'"

Alan, as I recall Maine has two seasons-- August 28th and winter!

Message: 15528 Posted: Fri Feb 09 10:42:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re: New England Storm

Janice, I'm the last one you should ask about correct spelling! I do know you spelled "MSG" correctly, though.

Instead of "aphrodisiac", let's get out our Funk&KevinS dictionary and just use the word, "horny". Go Kevin Go!

Message: 15527 Posted: Fri Feb 09 09:18:38 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: New England Storm

19 1/2 inches! Geez..sounds like "tippy toe time" for us vertically challenged folks!
Whatsa matter Beech..afraid of a little MSG? Besides, remember what I said about it being an aphrodesiac? (Help me out with spelling Johnny)
Remember what I said this morninig about this day couldn't get much better? Well, I was wrong..a secret admirer (probably the janitor)..put a big chocolate bar on my desk. Must be the MSG. :-0

Message: 15526 Posted: Fri Feb 09 07:29:56 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Tabs

You know what's funny about the Warner/Tabs controversy? Half the time they sucked ANYWAY. Their chording for piano was half baked sometimes, too.....What I think they did was employ one of the overseas translators.........lololololol......J/K!!! I'm feeling somewhat BRUTISH/Boorish today-those migraines are KILLERS! No more MSG for me! (Sorry Janice)

TkH<------"better" living thru chemicals

Message: 15525 Posted: Fri Feb 09 05:50:55 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Tabs

I use to visit Dan Smiths Guitar Tabs often back before Warner made him remove the tabs with thier nasitness. I've always wondered if or when they were going to send SteveL the same note. If it weren't for America and the chords here, I probably would have stopped buying Warner porducts after they sent Dan Simth that letter.

Strange, because since I found SteveL's guitar chords and Dan Smiths Guitar Tabs I have bought a lot of America and Eagles CDs to go along with the Tabs. Warner would not have sold me a lot of CDs without the Internet access to guitar tabs.

Paul, If you still need Sister Golden Hair tabs. Send me an Email. It's pretty simple, put you need to play them with a guitar slide.

Message: 15524 Posted: Fri Feb 09 04:16:53 2001 By: Alan
Subject: New England Storm

<< Hey Janice, Bones, and Alan...did you get hit pretty badly by the storm? >>

Nina, we got 19 1/2 inches in my neck of the woods (Farmington, ME).

<< It's pretty when you don't have to drive in it... >>

...or shovel it!


Message: 15523 Posted: Fri Feb 09 02:51:24 2001 By: Janice
Subject: TGIF!!!

Ahh..Nuthin' like a Friday..wearin' jeans..boss took the day off..does it get any better than this?
Kevin, your friend's comment about Muskrat Love is tooooo funny. Steve, did you name your kids Sam and Susie? :-)

Message: 15522 Posted: Thu Feb 08 20:51:31 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America convert.

Kevin, I was young back then, too (LOL). I guess that's why I like the song.

Message: 15521 Posted: Thu Feb 08 19:57:03 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: America convert.

A few weeks ago I told a guy at work that I went to the Cayman Islands and saw America in concert. He told me that he remembered America from the 70s and always liked what he heard, but had forgotten about them. Today he told me that after I mentioned America, he went out that night and bought History. The following is a conversation we had today. Verbatim.

Jim: Kevin, man, you were right. America is really great.
Me: I told you.
Jim: I forgot how much I loved all those songs. And I forgot that they did all those great songs.
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Jim: (PUZZLED) There's just one thing I...
Me: Muskrat Love?
Jim: Yeah, what the hell was that?
Me: I don't know. I just don't know. They were young.

Message: 15520 Posted: Thu Feb 08 19:41:54 2001 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Tabs

Welcome, Paul!

As you notice, Paul, TABS are TABoo these daze. Take the letter from Warner sent to a tab-poster, for example:

I'd say just figure out the slide part to SGH by's fairly simple, or just ask Dewey (that's an inside Cayman joke...sorry, Mr. Bunnell!)

Funny that Napster can exist but honest God-fearing guitar players can't have any help trying to cover the songs they love. Warnings like this coming from conglomerates who eat their own and spit them out just shows you what a sad state the monopolistic music industry is in.

Message: 15519 Posted: Thu Feb 08 18:25:46 2001 By: Paul
Subject: Tabs

I was wondering if anyone new the tabs for sister golden hair. Not the chords but the slide guitar part. If someone could get those to me I would appreciate it. My email address is

Message: 15518 Posted: Thu Feb 08 15:18:32 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Live Chat, etc.

Nina, sometimes we listen as a group to a particular cd and I think that is a lot of fun! We talk about things America and multiple topics. Join us sometime. I hope to be back next week. My life has been cutting into my chat time lately ( lol)

ANd Janice. You brought the warm weather with you! it left with you as well, we had snow up the hill . ANd if I can't take a joke, I shouldn't post here!


Message: 15517 Posted: Thu Feb 08 14:58:33 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Live Chat, etc. storm here. Actually it has been warming up a tad..all the way to 60! Of course, when Robyn comes for a visit I will offer a contradictory weather my fellow Dodger fan??? I hope you know I was just kidding you Robyn. :-)

Message: 15516 Posted: Thu Feb 08 14:05:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Live Chat, etc. AND...

Hmmmm...Red Ryder BB Gun or the Live Chat? Tough choice but I'd go with the Live Chat.

JoY<------With bullets in his back and money in a sack/We robbed a bank and we never looked back

Message: 15515 Posted: Thu Feb 08 13:59:19 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Live Chat, etc.

Nina, what's discussed? Anything and anyone! It can be a lot of fun if there's lots of folks especially if Bones is on!!!

Message: 15514 Posted: Thu Feb 08 12:30:58 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Live Chat, etc.

Just curious...never having been able to do the Wed. night live chats...just what goes on in there? I feel like that kid in the Christmas BB Gun movie("Ralphie, you'll shoot your eye out!") when he doesn't have his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring yet! What a mystery! When (and if) I ever get a decent computer...what will I need, to take part in the live chats? It sounds like fun!

By the by, it's another beautiful, snowy day in New England! I'm in the area that got 30 inches of snow in 12 hours! It's pretty when you don't have to drive in it...and luckily school was cancelled on Tuesday. Hey Janice, Bones, and Alan...did you get hit pretty badly by the storm?


Message: 15513 Posted: Thu Feb 08 09:32:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: wed chat

Well I missed the chat again, doing parent duty. Hope to see everyone next week

Message: 15512 Posted: Thu Feb 08 09:04:59 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Well..since nobody is speaking..

back to useless thoughts...
Well, Beech..there is nothing wrong with being horizontally challenged..besides, the older you get the harder it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.
Now, in an attempt to get back "on topic"..Valdosta Georgia? Where the heck is Valdosta Georgia?? Geez..I have to use a compass to get to the airport! I see tickets have already gone on sale, which means if I go I won't be in the first row enabling me to make an utter fool of myself waving and singing off what's the point in going??

Message: 15511 Posted: Wed Feb 07 21:55:14 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: wed chat

The live chat sessions should still be accessible by going to the following URL (at least it works for me):


The main home page of the America Fans web site can be accessed by going to:


I have the search engine and everything else that I know of working. If you run across anything that isn't working, please let me know.

King Biscuit is still debating whether they're going to change to point to the new IP address or not. Until they decide, we can access the web site by typing in the IP address that I listed above.


Message: 15510 Posted: Wed Feb 07 20:17:02 2001 By: msmith
Subject: wed chat

thanks to bones i finally found my way back to the site. i wanted to join the wednesday night chat, but the chat box would not load up properly. is it my computer, or is the chat box not yet ready to go yet?

Message: 15509 Posted: Tue Feb 06 19:20:28 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: OT - Another Useless thought

BTW this one is from Maggie....

If a man stands in the middle of the forest speaking and there is
no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

TWALK amongst your-selves...

TkH<-------taxes, schmaxes......

Message: 15508 Posted: Tue Feb 06 19:18:01 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: Useless is in the eye of the beholder(s)!!!

Ok, so what's really WRONG with being HORIZONTALLY challenged, anyway?????? (LOL)

OH MY GWAD. AM I OFF TOPIC AGAIN? Police, come and GET me....(snicker)

TkH<-----------not fanatic...(rofl)

Message: 15507 Posted: Tue Feb 06 19:16:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: OT - Another Useless thought

One I saw on tv: If a business is open 24 hours a day, why do they have locks on the doors?

John, I think they asked Huckleberry Hound about the new and improved. That's what the neighbor kid tells me.

Message: 15506 Posted: Tue Feb 06 18:30:17 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Useless Thoughts

Oh..just up my alley..I don't know John. How do they know?

And on another useless topic, When Heinz Ketchup leaves the bottle, how fast is it usually traveling? a. 230 miles a year b. 25 miles a year c. 2 miles a year d. 1 mile an hour e. don't know f. don't care

Personally, my answer is f. :-)

Message: 15505 Posted: Tue Feb 06 17:48:22 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: OT - Another Useless thought

John, doesn't your dog talk to you? I wish my pet rock (rocky) would stop whinning about all this snow we got on Monday.

Message: 15504 Posted: Tue Feb 06 15:01:19 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: OT - Another Useless thought

You know when a dog food says "New and Improved Taste"? How do they know?

Message: 15503 Posted: Tue Feb 06 14:59:29 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Just kidding

Thanks Robyn..and yes, that was vertically challenged (not I am really mentally challenged. :-)

Message: 15502 Posted: Tue Feb 06 13:51:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: No Kiddin'

I too am vertically challenged! Glad it all worked out. I felt pretty bad when I remembered that I had told you that it was cold ( which IT WAS)but I did not get a chance to post a correction due to my dh's accident ( he is ok now, but he was hurt in the accident)

Message: 15501 Posted: Tue Feb 06 13:37:25 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: New AMERICA releases: Rhino

Rhino records who released the outstanding 3 disc box set HIGHWAY 30 YEARS OF AMERICA as well as ENCORE (which featured new material as well as recent Capitol classics) is definitely in the know when it comes to those LP songs that may have never been released as singles. So please feel free to send words of support to their feedback e-mail address:

W/all the material that AMERICA has & all the new material they have, perhaps we can get both in some future releases. Rhino does a great & thorough job as you all know w/HIGHWAY, so we should be patient.

Message: 15500 Posted: Tue Feb 06 12:10:12 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: No Kiddin'

That's ok gave my mom and I a reason to if we needed one. Lol..Besides, I'm horizonally challenged..your shorts would have been pedal pushers on me. 5' (less than nothing and shrinking fast).

Message: 15499 Posted: Tue Feb 06 09:40:32 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: No Kiddin'

SORRY JANICE. It WAS COLD, right up until FRIDAY MORNING then we had one of those weird weather snaps that we have here! Should have called me, I would have loaned you some shorts!

Message: 15498 Posted: Tue Feb 06 09:38:25 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: First America Memories

Being stuck in the back of an old bus listening to the radio ( the old KHJ had a VERY STRONG signal, it was the only station you could get on the bus)

and, uh , beech, I am STILL wearing platform shoes! at 5 foot nothing, I have to have SOME leverage over the kids!-- lol

Message: 15497 Posted: Tue Feb 06 09:34:24 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Female Singers

Ok..still catching up..LisaRose..perhaps you missed my post awhile back about how I was singing along with an America song in the car with my son, Ronnie. (age 7) He asked me if I knew why Gerry and Dewey sing that song..I said "No"..He said, "So that you don't have to". 'Nuff said. I will not be joining the Chat Board Chorus. Hrumppffff.

Message: 15496 Posted: Tue Feb 06 09:15:45 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: No Kiddin'

Yes, she is, Johnny. You know doubt have read about the terrible loss of her fiance here in Atlanta..he took his own life while Monica stood there helpless. Depression..a terrible illness.
Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoyed the west coast for a few days and thank you so much Robyn for the weather prediction. I was so comfortable in my jeans and sweaters in 80 degree weather. Lol..(I was only cold where YOU live).
No Chinese today..and much scrolling to do! Have a great day!

Message: 15495 Posted: Tue Feb 06 08:06:57 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: First America Memories

Ah, yes. Junior High...................(OHMYGWAD I'm having a platform shoe flashback).....smelly old gym, crepe paper decorations, bad cookies and (the one good part) HWNN!!!!! I remember it well!!!

TkH<-----XFL allergic

Message: 15494 Posted: Mon Feb 05 18:35:52 2001 By: Marshall
Subject: Dan Peek new album announcement on his webpage

No one has yet commented on this. At the bottom of Dan's part 27 autobiography series is a banner announcing "Coming Soon! Dan Peek's new album 'Driftin', watch this space".
New music from Dan is good news!
I sure have enjoyed his autobiography pieces. As an America Fan from the beginning, it has been great to read his personal experiences that he shared with everyone. It is quite gracious of him, knowing that the "market share" for interest in this is probably small. However, for those of us in this "market" it is great!
He is a very articulate writer.
It makes me sad to read about the self-destructive behavior that hurt his career, without which the group might still all be together, and may have been better than they were/are!

Anyway, it is GREAT to hear about an upcoming new album!

Message: 15493 Posted: Mon Feb 05 17:57:05 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: First America Memories

Hoping to get asked to dance. HWNN was hard to dance to - a little too slow for fast, and a little to fast for slow. Junior high - ugh! wouldn't go back there for the world!
ShariL <><

Message: 15492 Posted: Mon Feb 05 10:33:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Should be "longer". Yeah, that was Bobbitt's famous last words!!!

Message: 15491 Posted: Mon Feb 05 10:28:12 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: No Kiddin'!

Jim, I think Monica was out smoking a cigar. Oops, sorry, wrong Monica! Monica the singer is a sweet gal, huh Janice.

LisaRose, yeah, with Prince it would be a real cat fight but I think even Jewel could probably kick his royal a**. LOL

No thanks Beech. I helped re-grout the shower during Christmas and I'm glad that's over!

JOY<----------No long have grout but now have gout!

Message: 15490 Posted: Mon Feb 05 07:58:02 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Accessing The Fans Web Site

The and addresses are currently non-functional. If you try to go to any pages on those sites you'll get a 404 error (page not found). I'm working with King Biscuit to get them to change the DNS address for so that it will point to the new server but we'll have to see what happens. In the meantime, you can access the Fans web site through the new King Biscuit web site at by clicking on the Fan Pages button. If you access the site this way you'll get the King Biscuit banner at the top of every page. The other way to access the site is directly by going to the following URL: /america/index.htm. There are some things that don't work yet on the new site such as the search engine, but I'll be whipping them back into shape as time permits. If you run across any problems, please let me know so I can get them fixed. I know that the "Home Page" button at the button of this page still points to If King Biscuit changes the DNS address, that will take care of that problem.


Message: 15489 Posted: Mon Feb 05 05:23:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Chat Bored

Tell ya what Mr. Y, come over to my house and count the tiles in the mosaic I just finished.......THEN you'll know the meaning of bored....lolololol!!!!!

TkH<--------risk factor?

Message: 15488 Posted: Mon Feb 05 04:09:00 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: No Kiddin'!

Veey funny Johnny!!! I am glad Prince wasn't in thar fight as well!!

Message: 15487 Posted: Mon Feb 05 02:55:04 2001 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: No Kiddin'!

Where was Monica?

Message: 15486 Posted: Sun Feb 04 21:42:08 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: No Kiddin'!

Did you hear about the big fight that Madonna, Cher, Brandy, and Jewel had? They're no longer on a first-name basis.

Message: 15485 Posted: Sun Feb 04 21:23:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Chat Bored

Howie, we need some more comic relief for this chat bored. Anyone heard a good one lately? Yaaaaawn! Talk about bored, I saw a restaurant in NYC called Ho Hum Chinese Restaurant. In the Chinese dialect I know, "ho hum" translates to "very salty".

Message: 15484 Posted: Sun Feb 04 14:37:58 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Like Christopher Columbus

I like my husband's story better, so I'll share that....
His folks had just bought one of those "new fangled" stereos complete with FM (gosh darn it). The first song that came on was HWNN. The husband has revered that song ever since, dag gum it!

TkH<--------need grout?

Message: 15483 Posted: Sun Feb 04 11:15:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Like Christopher Columbus

For me, the two events, hearing "Horse" for the first time and "discovering America", were two separate events. It wasn't until a year later that I heard the first America LP and "Homecoming". Heard them the same day. It was then that I fell in love with DG&D's music.

Message: 15482 Posted: Sun Feb 04 09:55:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Like Christopher Columbus

For those of us who were alive during JFK's assassination, we probably remember where we were when we first heard the news. With this in mind, it might be fun to hear when and where each one of us was/were when we first heard "A Horse With No Name" or when/how it was that we discovered America (sounds like Christopher Columbus, huh?). Or perhaps, what event in our life do we recall when we think of "Horse"?

For me, the event that comes to mind is the New Mexico High School State Basketball Tournament in Albuquerque in the Spring of '72. That was the first time I had driven out-of-town without my parents in the car. That was a big event for me as a sophomore in high school...300 miles away from home with a friend . Back then, it seemed like "Horse" and "Heart Of Gold" were played ever hour on the radio.

Message: 15481 Posted: Sun Feb 04 06:09:15 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Robyn and Female singers

My H.S. choir director sucked, so I didn't stay long...sigh (he was MEAN!) BUT I "sing". SO Lisa, Me and all we have left to hear from is JANICE......anyone else? Maybe we can start an acapella choir. Can you imagine Pigeon Song (ROFL)???? Hmmmmm. I think I'll hang back and produce.....

TkH<------one more move and I'm DONE!

Message: 15480 Posted: Sun Feb 04 06:06:48 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: re:Go Leaky Go!

So if ALL your L.A. evenings are similar, WHEN ARE WE INVITED....


TkH<-----2000 pieces!

Message: 15479 Posted: Sat Feb 03 19:08:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re:Go Leaky Go!

Leaky, I think he ran off and joined his canine buddies. Maybe it wasn't your singing after all!

Down in this hot town
At some old cafe tonight
You hear the dogs bay
At the green neon light

("Hot Town" of course)

Message: 15478 Posted: Sat Feb 03 16:17:55 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:Go Leaky Go!

….hey Johnny, I'm glad that you enjoyed my euphoric ramblings last night…..I had to laugh a little about it this morning….you see I am not a winter person and when the weather is warm I need to be out were "the air is full of sound"… with "plants and birds and rocks and things"……and o ya, the glass of wine sure tasted good!....

Like you I'm looking forward to hearing our talented friends.......the last time I sang not only did the dog howl….but he ran off never to be seen again.....

Message: 15477 Posted: Sat Feb 03 15:47:10 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Web Site Switched ?

It's going to take a while (perhaps a week or two) to make the entire switch. is being renamed to and the America Fans web site is actually being moved to its own server. They are trying to switch the DNS name of so that it points to the new server. In the meantime, one or both of the following should take you to the fans web site:


Message: 15476 Posted: Sat Feb 03 08:50:47 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Web Site Switched ?

I'm not able to access the Fan Site at 0xygen this morning. Did it finally change servers Steve ?

Message: 15475 Posted: Fri Feb 02 21:08:09 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Go Leaky Go!

Leaky, I felt like I was right there with ya! I enjoyed that very much. Glad it was chicken that was on the bbq and not groundhog or muskrat! (o:

For Howie's project, I recorded myself singing along with Dan on "Lonely People". Then I tried singing along with Gerry on "Love's Worn Out Again". And then with Dewey on "Moon Song". I played them back. Yeow!!!! I think I made the neighbor's dog howl. I decided to leave the singing to those that have the talent! I'm looking forward to hearing our talented friends.

Message: 15474 Posted: Fri Feb 02 20:09:44 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Robyn and Female singers

Hey Howard,
You just brought up a different approach--am sure there are very talented people on this board who could do back up. As for me, I got a 98% in chorus in high school and get applause at Karaoke!!! Perhaps Janice and Beechlady are also good singers or there are more at there. Hey, I don't even have to be paid --all I require is an autograph (which I could sell on ebay for $1,000--just kidding!!!)

Message: 15473 Posted: Fri Feb 02 19:56:29 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:today,female singers, & Robyn

What a magical day it was in Southern California today….. An America day! When the sun went down and the half moon appeared….I lit a fire and watched the stars appear. "As I awoke I could swear that they smiled…I heard the call of the wild" …..I turned on the CD changer and programmed the shuffle button to play America music, I turned up the volume just enough so that it could be heard in the yard by the fire ……a day like today orchestrated with the music of America is next to being in heaven…."follow the path through the knowing trees, and each time you laugh it is love you release, that love will come back in the garden of peace"…..The smell of the fire filled the air just as Hattrick began to play……."just a little of nothing that’s all you had the time to give"…damn what a great song…….."hell of a way to spend an afternoon"…..I decided to BBQ some chicken……and some peppers……I lit the BBQ……..mmmm maybe a glass of wine under the stars…….young moon began to play…..the intro sounds so good……."fascination…. with the light in your hair"….."young moon guide us tonight"….."mother to the stars"……Life is what America music is about!!! Hear it and Live it!……."Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have"…….

P.S. I have always loved Emmy lou Harris's voice……and Mary Coopin's....Robyn hope all is well with you and your Husband..

Message: 15472 Posted: Fri Feb 02 19:34:16 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Robyn and Female singers

Robyn, sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he's feeling better.
Our prayers are with you.
Hey, I heard Janice, Lisa Rose and Beechlady sing one hell of a
trio as background singers. Picture that. LOL just kidding.
As always, bringing some comic relief to the bored. oops I mean board!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 15471 Posted: Fri Feb 02 13:35:21 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Female accomplices

How about Carly Simon--what a sweet voice she has!! Robyn, hope your husband is doing feeling better and being a good patient!

Message: 15470 Posted: Fri Feb 02 12:55:33 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Female accomplices

Yeah Red Oak, a collaboration with Faith Hill would be awesome...for any recording artist. You can't get anyone from the country music scene that's any hotter. She already has an America connection with your vocals on Gerry's song, "Hope", as you all may recall from the "Hope Project" of the TJ Martell Foundation. She sang the lyrics, "There's a man marking the candle as it burns".

I think you're right Robyn regarding Joni Mitchell as a future America guest.

Message: 15469 Posted: Fri Feb 02 11:56:12 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to SteveL.

Steve...Thanks, but Howard sent me his we're fine now!
Thanks for agreeing to help! You're a gem!


Message: 15468 Posted: Fri Feb 02 11:39:09 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Female accomplices

I would like to see either or both Faith Hill and Christine Mcvie do something with America. Something awesome could come out of that collaboration.

Message: 15467 Posted: Fri Feb 02 09:12:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: And With This, You Get Eggrolls

Janice, Chinese food as an aphrodisiac? Well that explains why there's more Chinese people in the world then any other race. LOL!!!!! (O:

As Michael Chang says in his Tiger Balm commercial, "It works for me!"

Message: 15466 Posted: Fri Feb 02 07:28:33 2001 By: Janice
Subject: to Beech and Robyn..

Yes, Beech..what happens??? Now, I've heard that Chinese food is an aphrodesiac..hmm...well, maybe when I drink Sake with it! Lol..
Cold Robyn?..guess I'm packing jeans instead of shorts..thanks. And don't count on your hubby taking his a typical guy, he will take them when your back is turned and whine that "it's not working"..but a backrub sure would help. :-) Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 15465 Posted: Fri Feb 02 04:34:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: sims

You think Janet would let ME have a crack at her???? (LOL) MY pool is in dire need..... (C=


Can't think of any sims right now,,,,,,,give me time I may come up with

TkH<-----------coated for protection...

Message: 15464 Posted: Fri Feb 02 04:27:54 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hmmmmmm

Speaking of pools (which leads to dirt, which leads to habitat of...)


TkH<------Don't drive angry

Message: 15463 Posted: Thu Feb 01 22:28:15 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New Album...Lady Singers Only

Hmmmm Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, Lauren Wood ( who does a song that starts "Human Nature is a funny thing...") How about for old time sake ( theirs) Joni Mitchell. SHe could wear clothes this times ;)

Message: 15462 Posted: Thu Feb 01 21:43:07 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Janet Jackson/America Similarity

That's right, Robyn. Every time Gerry jumps into his swimming pool he thanks Janet for paying for it (he used the money that he won in the court settlement to put in the pool).

Message: 15461 Posted: Thu Feb 01 21:38:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Janet Jackson/America Similarity

Right you are David! So similar, that I believe a court awarded Gerry damages.

Message: 15460 Posted: Thu Feb 01 21:31:17 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: More similarities, anyone

It would be fun if you could post any other similarities you've observed (involving the boys or not). I've got one:

Christopher Cross - "Arthur's Theme"

Lionel Richie - "Hello"

Air Supply - "Even the Nights are Better"

post away.....

Message: 15459 Posted: Thu Feb 01 21:29:12 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Janet Jackson/America Similarity

Ah! This just reminded me of yet another JJ/Am similarity. Listen to the opening notes of Janet's "Let's Wait a While" and the boys' "Daisy Jane". Definitely looks stolen to me!


Message: 15458 Posted: Thu Feb 01 19:56:45 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: New Album...Lady Singers Only

I listed one.......Aimee Mann.
I guess my 2nd choice would be Wendy & Carnie Wilson, I was never big on Wilson/Philips(Wife has their CDs) but got "The Wilsons" because their Dad appeared on the CD, and it's Great! They do a fantastic version of Brian Wilson's "Till I Die" I would pick these two sisters because of their beautiful harmonies. Indigo Girls would be cool too!

Message: 15457 Posted: Thu Feb 01 14:01:11 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Ventura Highway: Janet Jackson

Hey many of you may remember when Janet Jackson & her Producer attempted to quietly lift some AMERICA material, namely key elements of DAISY JANE. Well, all settled & legalities finally complete. Now according to the legendary DEWEY BUNNELL they have sought permission to utilize certain aspects of VENTURA HIGHWAY on some new material. In this case however, they have indeed gone thru the proper channels b/4 releasing anything w/AMERICA elements. It will be interesting to see if & when she releases this new material w/VENTURA HIGHWAY parts.
You see AMERICA's influence reaches thru quite a wide & varied expanse. The best is yet to come from AMERICA !

Message: 15456 Posted: Thu Feb 01 13:44:33 2001 By: bruno
Subject: New Album

New Album for Gerry,Dewey&C.?
Neal Young as guest (o no?)

Message: 15455 Posted: Thu Feb 01 13:24:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: New Album...Lady Singers Only

Beech's "guest star" question generated lots of good response and interesting reading. I don't recall anyone listing a single female singer. How about guest star female singers only?

I'll start: Linda Ronstadt.

Message: 15454 Posted: Thu Feb 01 10:27:22 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: To Robyn..Janice..Steve

Man, I'm glad everything is Ok with the hub, Robyn!!! Sending positive vibes!

Janice, you know what happens when you eat too much Chinese

Steve, I too, care! Half a mil? WOW!

Anyone want OUR weather? 85 and humid......(sigh) Gulfstream is only 17 days away. It'll probably be 95 and OPPRESSIVE where's that sunscreen.......oh, yeah. The HORSE ate it......

TkH=Norm Abram

Message: 15453 Posted: Thu Feb 01 09:14:44 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: To Robyn..

Thanks Janice. He will be ok, he just has to take his meds like a good boy!

I hate to break this to ya Janice, but it's bliknin' COLD out here!

Message: 15452 Posted: Thu Feb 01 09:08:13 2001 By: Janice
Subject: To Robyn..

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby (and the new wheels)..hope he is okay! Sounds like he will be, but keep us posted (no pun intended). I'm heading out your way tomorrow night for a few days..will be nice to get out of the cold.
Playin' catch up here and eating..guess what? Lol..
I must be getting older, my oldest son just turned 17 this week..BUT I still beat him at racqetball! He hates that.
What is this talk about an new album? I scrolled back as far as I could but could not make the connection. And Steve..I care. :-)

Message: 15451 Posted: Thu Feb 01 09:02:27 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Regarding Brian Wilson

Well, I just got back from an early eye doctor's appointment. There's good news and there's bad.

First, the good news. I don't have to have a new pair of glasses. The bad news. He issued me something I really wasn't expecting. His name is King. I think we're going to get along just fine.

Through the darkness I see you again (GLB's "Mad Dog")
So I think I better stop this foolin' 'round
Now it's my time to make amends
Hope my message did not offend (GLB's "Foolin'")

Message: 15450 Posted: Thu Feb 01 08:34:31 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Last nites chat-- an apology

Sorry I could not make it last night. My dh totaled our brand new car and the effects put him in emegency for almost 6 hours. He is ok now, but it took them about 4 1/2 hour to get his BP down to an almost normal level. I am currently a basket case.

Hope next Wednesday is calmer!

Message: 15449 Posted: Thu Feb 01 08:33:29 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Who Cares?

Wow! Just goes to show that there's a whole bunch who appreciate real talent! (or I guess, just a few of us with nothing in our lives except to visit the site a couple hundred of times a day)

Either way , a great site, Steve!

BTW, saw a snipet of a rerun of Friends last night, the one that featured Horse With No Name. Very cool.

Message: 15448 Posted: Thu Feb 01 08:08:30 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Who Cares?

I doubt that anyone will really care, but after reviewing the statistical information for the America Fans web site I discovered that in January it had almost half a million hits. By the way, it doesn't appear that King Biscuit has switched servers yet, but it was supposed to happen last night at midnight. If you wnat to review all of the statistics you can go to /~stats/results/web56.html.


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