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Message: 17578 Posted: Sat Jun 30 21:39:23 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Chapter 47

I'm beginning to wonder why the need to bring up specifics at this late a time. Is it therapeutic? From earlier comments (from both) I had the impression that although they were no longer working together, they were at least "friends" (to the point of exchanging holiday greetings). It seems all so petty. Granted, it makes for compelling reading, but I find it a little harsh and petty after all these years.

Every step I take is out of place...

Message: 17577 Posted: Sat Jun 30 21:30:10 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: B/L/W

Hi Folks!
Getting ready to order the Japan import of "Like A Brother" from Melody Blvd. , will cost me about $10.00 a song, but I HAVE to hear the bonus tracks! I enjoyed Carl Wilson & Robert Lamm on this album also, so I figure I have nothing to lose (3 bonus trks, maybe 1 from each?)

Was checking out the July issue of Acoustic guitar magazine, seen an ad in there that caught my eye, it was Gerry B. endorsing Deering Banjo's, I was just flipping through it, & caught it by accident.
(here I thought Henry Diltz was the "banjo" player!)

Well, all 4 now, as soon as I get this CD, I'll report on who wrote/sings on these tracks.

Message: 17576 Posted: Sat Jun 30 21:20:46 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Crispin Cioe on SILENT LETTER

If anyone needs proof that music critics don't know what they're talking about, consider this line from the brilliant mind of Crispin Cioe:

"All My Life" is another attempt to get heavy, with Bunnell snarling that "nothing is real when you're lonely".

Okay folks, What's wrong with this picture?? I just get the feeling that sometimes music critics have their own agendas, and don't even bother to listen to the CD.

In a related matter, I had the pleasure of seeing Dido in concert a few days ago. I was in heaven, and I thought she was fantastic. I just got done reading a review of the show in the newspaper, and guess what? Some nit wit critic slammed most of her performance. UGH!!!!!!!! I don't think very highly of music critics at the moment, but then again, that could be MY agenda :)


Message: 17575 Posted: Sat Jun 30 19:39:21 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan's latest

Robyn said, "At the risk of offending Howie...."

Although Howie and some of us may not see eye-to-eye on this matter, I consider Howie an avid fellow fan and friend regardless. (And his America collection ain't shabby!)

(Janice, we will be thinking of you!)

Message: 17574 Posted: Sat Jun 30 19:02:42 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Dan's Latest

I have a flight to catch.
No comment. (and aren't you all glad?)

Message: 17573 Posted: Sat Jun 30 16:29:48 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Dan's latest

I read Dan's latest pretty much as soon as it was posted and I have to admit to thinking about it ever since. It made the previous episode fairly tame by comparison. I am sure there will be lots of discussion on this, as I believe there should be. Funny how both Gerry and Dan idolised Crosby; I think he is pretty amazing, yet I couldn't think of anything much better than playing my guitar with Gerry Beckley, or Dan Peek for that matter!

Message: 17572 Posted: Sat Jun 30 15:48:48 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Dan's latest

At the risk of offending Howie, I offer my reaction HOO-Boy and that's all I will say publicly on the subject ( I promise)

Message: 17571 Posted: Sat Jun 30 10:26:40 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Crispin Cioe on SILENT LETTER

CRITIC: Crispin Cioe
PERIODICAL: High Fidelity
DATE: October 1979

There is a certain strain of pop music, sometimes dubbed soft rock, whose main emotional thrust is a generalized pensive yearning with little hope in sight. The style began in the 60s with Simon & Garfunkel, David Gates, and Jimmy Webb's compositions ("Wichita Lineman" is a masterpiece of the genre). It peaked in the mid-70s, and today its most able practitioners are James Taylor, Melissa Manchester, Gerry Rafferty, and of course, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley of America. (Third member Dan Peek left awhile back to pursue a solo career in religious music.)

The duo has stuck with producer George Martin since 1974, and a couple of cuts on SILENT LETTER achieve the evocative sense of longing he helped them perfect on that year's "Tin Man". But Martin has also introduced a heavier sound on several tunes here, almost destroying the delicate balance between the believable and the (let's face it) ploddingly stated obvious. Pomposity is not something America songs need, but the first cut, "Only Game in Town", gets it from a second-rate Steely Dan vocal approximation on the verses and the heavied-up Tower of Power horns on the choruses. Given the lyric's pseudo world-weariness, it's interesting to note that this is the only non-Bunnell-Beckley composition on the album; it's also the first single.

Now don't get me wrong, the tune isn't an utter failure, and for all I know, it may end up a big hit. But I like my wistfulness straight. Luckily, at least half of SILENT LETTER serves it up dolefully. "All Around" has the kind of sweetly unadorned vocal force that Peter & Gordon attempted in the 60s. "Tall Treasures" extends America's much-vaunted concern for ecology and includes a short but stinging Hammond organ solo from Jim Calire, who also turns in outstanding baritone sax work elsewhere. "1960" is purely personal nostalgia sung by Beckley.

Bunnell's reedier flinty voice has remained unique in pop since it burst on the scene in the group's first hit, "A Horse with No Name". He turns in a characteristically haunting performance on the jazzy "And Forever", yet another fond recollection of the past. "Foolin'" features the patented Americanized unison vocals, wrapped around a chimelike hook that recalls Dusty Springfield's "Baby It's You". It's the strongest arrangement on the album.

"All My Life" is another attempt to get heavy, with Bunnell snarling that "nothing is real when you're lonely". Again, the production, replete with psyched-out guitar solo and deep echo on the vocals, overextends America's credibility. "No Fortune", on the other hand, mates the horn-band sound with its lyrics admirably, without resorting to sledgehammer tactics; the line, "No fortune pays for wounds like these" rings through with just the right amount of plangency. Reserve is what this band has always been about, and when that quality comes through on SILENT LETTER, no matter how it's been updated and repackaged, Beckley and Bunnell are America's premier pop chroniclers of the wistful. And I mean the nation.

Message: 17570 Posted: Sat Jun 30 09:10:14 2001 By: holiday
Subject: History Never Repeats

Just bought Neil Finn's newly published "Love This Life" book of lyrics. I wonder if his words here have proven to be prophetic:


History never repeats
I tell myself before I go to sleep
Don't say the words you might regret
I've lost before, you know I can't forget

You say I always play the fool
I can't go on if that's the rule
Better to jump than hesitate
I need a change and I can't wait

hmmmm... and yes jimbob, I agree fully re your other artists - great songwriting, musicianship, harmony. Things I am still looking forward to from Ger and Dew.

Message: 17569 Posted: Sat Jun 30 07:52:11 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: America on the Charts

Fun to see the Ventura Highway guitar riff on the billboard charts this week. Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover" jumped from 38 to 29 on the Hot 100 this week. Heard it several times on the radio while touring the Colorado San Juan’s this past week.

Santana’s hit Album "Supernatural" featured Various Hit Artists along with his trademark 70's guitar lead. Eric Clapton’s “Reptile” also features other artists. Maybe America could have a hit Album this decade by featuring newer Hit artists along with their trademark Acoustic/harmony sound of the 70's. What Artist besides Janet Jackson would you choose to feature on such an Album?

Personally, I would rather just see another all America Album. But a hit Album could be fun.

Message: 17568 Posted: Sat Jun 30 07:28:49 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Long Concert review

Great review ShariL. Good to see America still play a song from Human Nature. Wheels Are Turning is my favorite from the Album. I was afraid Human Nature songs were off the set list.

Message: 17567 Posted: Sat Jun 30 05:06:32 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: message to holiday

Hey Chris, thanks for your message. Indeed John Corbett's history was one of the first things I read on finding the site; it is excellent, you're right! Yeah, I love all that Crosby, Stills, Brian Wilson stuff! It just all boils down to great songwriting, musicianship,harmony singing doesn't it?

Message: 17566 Posted: Fri Jun 29 23:33:16 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Long Concert review

Hi, gang!
Just returned home from a WONDERFUL concert at beautiful Humphrey's By the Bay in San Diego (a most excellent concert venue).
Over 2000 seats, and it was a sold out concert, as usual.
Jesse Collin Young and Sons opened. A lot of people enjoyed them. I didn't particularly, but then that wasn't what I was there for.
Long set! Whoo hoo! Play list follows (Thanks, JimNak)
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Daisey Jane
Wind Wave (I like it better live, too!)
And Forever was crossed out
Mirror to Mirror was crossed out
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
Baby It's Up To You
Wed. Morning crossed out
Pages crossed out
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
The Border (don't remember hearing this live for several years)
Woman Tonite
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin
Lonely People
Beatles (Things We Said Today)
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
California Revisited
Horse with No Name

Gerry's sons Matt and Joe came out for Horse, as did Dewey's girlfriend's daughter and another little boy, I don't know who he was and forgot to ask Matt.
This is an outdoor venue, and the partyers started rushing the stage earlier than usual, starting about with Tin Man. We were on the the aisle and had to stand to see over those standing in the aisle and in front of the stage. Security finally gave up, and just tried to keep them from touching the stage.
Brad sat on a stool to play. Gerry mentioned that it was due to recovery from a motorcycle accident, and Brad was recovering from a broken collar bone. Brad sounded great, but looked a little peaked when he walked by me after the concert.
Wonderful night! The only thing that would be better would be if I were going to Anaheim for the show Saturday night!
Be safe, everyone.
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 17565 Posted: Fri Jun 29 18:35:46 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Definitive America

I read that America never really sold well in the UK, which is in itself perplexing. They related strongly to the UK as individuals, had UK band role models, lived there many years, dated and in at least one case, married a local!! I have UK parentage, so I know how different our beloved 'poms'(said in jest) can be. You have to be 'in the family' to be truly accepted - I thought America was.
Can someone comment on sales of America's albums in the UK?
Also, re Definitive America - why do they always leave out Riverside?

Message: 17564 Posted: Fri Jun 29 18:22:20 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Like A Father ... lol

Hey Johnny - keep up the humour - the more serious a subject becomes, the more we need humour (or humor ... we are all different!). Your posts are creative and funny - even when you are serious (and Lazlo too), I'll always be looking for a funny angle mate. And don't forget that sons are like their fathers, but as Cat Stevens has told us in Father and Son, there comes a time when we should all break the bond and move on... hit the exit key or come back later if one does not like the scene. I, for one, respect all your posts.

Message: 17563 Posted: Fri Jun 29 16:39:15 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Definitive America CD

FYI - a new CD being released in the UK.

Definitive America

Message: 17562 Posted: Fri Jun 29 16:34:24 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Like my father said.......Johnny / Bare facts

Johnny: Chill my friend. It's cool. I like your name/word games. I think they're funny and creative. I don't think that you need to Bond with Gary. My guess is that Howard's dad is a Luddite. That's okay. One of my favorite professors in graduate school was a Luddite. If someone doesn't like a post or posts or the folder, they can always move on. Like Beechlady once said "That's what the exit key is for."

Red Oak: I now have a better understanding of your statement "They were dancing in the aisles and in my lap" in Denver. Reviewing my lingerie wardrobe . . . . Does anyone know Dewey's favorite color?

Message: 17561 Posted: Fri Jun 29 15:01:55 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Bare Facts

Ok..that's it...if it's good enough for'll be ok for Gerry, Dewey and the guys.
Next concert..they better duck or get hit in the head with my Playtex girdle. :-)

Message: 17560 Posted: Fri Jun 29 13:14:39 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Like my father said.......

Johnny it wasn't you.(Was it me?-I posted a lot last night myself). I thought it was just a discussion with a little humor tossed in for good measure. But isn't that the point of Dan's bio on-line. For us to know and to discuss later. The novocain is wearing off from my wisdom tooth, I think I'm too serious.

Message: 17559 Posted: Fri Jun 29 12:28:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Like my father said.......

Howie, please tell me it isn't so. Am I the person you're referring to when you said, "Sorry for the banter. But this person touches upon it and drags another topic about it and so on and so on...."? Honestly, I'm not sure but I think perhaps so since I mentioned "gerrybantering" in my last post and listed a number of "gerrying" terms all in jest as I said in my post. Is this what you mean by "so on and so on"? I sincerely hope not.

Howie, when you said, "I've never seen people waste so much time on one topic, in which it should never be discussed. Leave it alone. PERIOD!", what is the topic that needs to be left alone? Is it the topic of Dan's weekly bios...some of which pertain to Gerry? Again, please tell me it isn't. If it is, why does it need to be left alone? What is wrong with discussing it or even adding a touch of humor to it all as I was attempting to do?

Am I being reprimanded for discussing a topic that Dan has often mentioned in his bios? If so, please tell me and the many others here who have discussed Dan's bio stories regarding Gerry, what's wrong with chatting about this topic on a chat folder? Why should it "never be discussed"? I didn't realize it's an off limits subject. If so, who determines this? Does talking about "it" change anything? Does not talking about "it" change anything? I haven't received an e-mail stating it's off limits from Erin Edwards of Morey Management as a representative of Dewey and Gerry's nor from Steve who is this site's webmaster. I'm preplexed.

Message: 17558 Posted: Fri Jun 29 10:30:52 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Bare facts

Maybe you could become an America underwear depositor this weekend at Humphrey's or Sun theater? See how Dewey would react.
Woodz would probably be most admiring. You could start a whole new fashion theme for their guitars. Think about it......

Message: 17557 Posted: Fri Jun 29 10:25:49 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Bare facts

Ya know, I attended my first underwear-flinging concert when I saw Styx several weeks ago. My seat was in the bleachers above the main floor and I wasn't paying attention to the activity at the edge of the stage, but had noticed that one of the guys had what looked like several scarves hanging from the end of his guitar. I thought it was a variation on the Steven Tyler microphone scarf until I noticed him picking something up off of the stage floor and adding it to the assortment. I took a closer look and realized that his "scarves" were actually a very interesting and colorful collection of ladies undergarments, some of them quite elegant and expensive I might add. When I pointed this out to the men sitting by me they became GREEN with envy. I said, "This is my first underwear concert." One of them said "This is the first concert to which you've worn underwear?!" Over the course of the evening, the Styx boys must have collected a couple hundred of these items, hanging them on the guitars. Every now and then they would step backstage, deposit the collection, and come back to start over again. I didn't see any audience members actually undressing -- my guess is that most of them bring their offerings with them in their purses. They don't take up much room! I MUST say that the band members handled this with TOTAL class. They didn't encourage it, but they didn't in any way reject the fans who chose to express themselves like this. I didn't personally participate in the festivities that night (I was sitting too far away -- hee, hee), but it made me wonder if America ever encountered this. It wasn't me in Denver Red Oak -- I was vacationing in Spain -- but I can't make any promises about my future activities . . . .

Message: 17556 Posted: Fri Jun 29 09:39:28 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Message to jimbob

Hey jimbob - you posted earlier that you would like to see more information about America as can be found for other groups - I liked your selections of Beatles, Beach Boys and CSN&Y by the way..... anyway, make sure you read John Corbett's excellent "Complete History" that can be found on Steve's Home Page, see under the Homecoming Cover shot - I have been reading the 1974 - 1977 section again tonight just to get another perspective on the Sir George years.

Message: 17555 Posted: Fri Jun 29 09:04:10 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Bare facts

"I find that rather shocking, it's my best friends girl."

Message: 17554 Posted: Fri Jun 29 08:59:49 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Bare facts

Last friday night at the Paramount in Denver, several fans rushed to the stage during SANDMAN and were really into the song. I noticed a couple of ladies in front of me were teasing Gerry, lifting up their tops and then pulling them down as if to bare some skin. It caught Gerry's eye & I believe Dewey's, also. That leads me to ask, has anyone attended a concert of America, in which a fan or fans flashed the band. I'm sure it has happened in the early days, but how about recently? I thought maybe that was Ingrid trying to get Dewey's attention. It sure got mine. Ha.

Message: 17553 Posted: Fri Jun 29 08:26:56 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Deep Thoughts......

Know what would be interesting?
Take one or two "near-do-well" songs (songs that for one reason or another didn't make the cut, i.e. "Mitchum Junction", "Norman", "James Holladay") from each album release and compile them into a CD. I know that Sir George elluded to the "wealth" of songs from Silent Letter.......It'd be an easy, no fuss kind of compilation, just a bit of digging and tweaking by a mastering house.....

Just a thought. Maybe an expensive thought, but a thought no (C= (Hey, I'd whip up some ARTWORK real cheap{snicker, chuckle}....) Ok, the caffeine high is crashing


Message: 17552 Posted: Fri Jun 29 06:04:28 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: definitive america

Where did you get this info on a new release? Do you have a song listing? Is it just another compilation or does it have perviously unreleased material?

Message: 17551 Posted: Fri Jun 29 04:51:22 2001 By: David Stengele
Subject: definitive america

Just to let you know that Warner Europe (Rhino) had already released a CD called The Definitive America, which has 23 songs. Is this the same that will be released in the U. S. in August?

Message: 17550 Posted: Thu Jun 28 23:42:59 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Slurvian Laz-civiousness

And don't forget the Virginia city of Norfolk: "Nuh-fuk." Sounds like an opportunity to drop the top in Chastity Bay to me.

Message: 17549 Posted: Thu Jun 28 21:04:16 2001 By: melzer
Subject: Past future and present

There music has left memories in each and everyone of us. They have their memories as well. It is for their music now and then we still enjoy....The two of them have kept the name "AMERICA" going and kept the band together after all. I know that I speak for quite a few,you guys only keep getting better and better. So you two stick together and remember you have each other; and in return you have us fans forever!!!!!!

Message: 17548 Posted: Thu Jun 28 20:19:06 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Like my father said.......

The internet is the biggest waste of time to mankind.
I've never seen people waste so much time on one topic,
in which it should never be discussed. Leave it alone.
PERIOD!!! jeez louise.
Don't you people have anything else to do.
It's just not fun reading this board anymore.
Sorry for the banter. But this person touches upon it
and drags another topic about it and so on and so on and son!!!

Message: 17547 Posted: Thu Jun 28 19:22:27 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Off the current topic. Angie

Thanks! I was looking to the Highway set for some answers. Dan saw Gerry one way and Gerry/Dewey saw Dan another way. It was page 50. So with some perspective I think I understand. Yes, I would like to see more notes especially with the new greatest hits. Too much time on my hands. But it goes by fast with America tunes in the background:o)

Message: 17546 Posted: Thu Jun 28 19:14:09 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Off the current topic. Angie

>>I really like the stories behind the songs

Amen to that Angie!!! (C=
It's always interesting (especially enlightening in the liners to Encore and Highway) to hear about the writers notes about each song!

TkH<-------+=! trying

Message: 17545 Posted: Thu Jun 28 19:06:40 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: garybonding

MEMO TO JOHNNY: Please do me a favor, will ya? Ya see that advertising banner near the top of the page? The ever-changing banner that wants to sell you live double CDs from Gary U.S. Bonds? Take a look at Gary U.S. Bonds. The shlub with the microphone in his hand. Notice that Gary is a dead-ringer for Bob Hope. Compare Gary U.S. Bonds with Dan Peek's photograph of Bob Hope in his America touring jacket. The resemblance is flabbergasting. Dan posted that Bob Hope pic for a very special reason, Johnny. Dan posted it for the express purpose of bringing your attention to Gary U.S. Bonds.

What I'm trying to tell you, Johnny, is that you and Gary U.S. Bonds deserve each other. Both of you are Intergalactic Masters of Irritation. And you both obviously have way too much time on your hands. So do the right thing, Johnny. Go bond with Gary U.S. Bonds. Gary is an underappreciated genius and he needs your support. He needs to know that his consummate artistry is worshiped in the House of Yee. So click that banner, Johnny, and enrich your soul. Do it for Gary. Do it for All Mankind.

Message: 17544 Posted: Thu Jun 28 18:58:54 2001 By: Angie
Subject: re: Gerrymandering

Hope all is well Janice. I know what you mean about posting. I also have too much time on my hands. LOL. It's been a pleasure:o) You made me laugh about the shorts.

Message: 17543 Posted: Thu Jun 28 18:36:11 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Gerrymandering

Yes, do have too much time on your hands. And just how do I know do you ask? Well, for one, I can relate as this is my 3rd post today. Talk about needing a life! Lol...I'll be gone soon, and hopefully for your sakes I won't have access to a computer. :-)

Message: 17542 Posted: Thu Jun 28 18:11:42 2001 By: Angie
Subject: The color of his shorts

It was a general comment that news/music programs tell everything. I only discovered some of the America story back in February(that is when I got my computer) and I'm reading everything I could get my hands on. All I have are records and CD's to go by and some liner notes. Tell me where I can get more info because I think I have been searching everywhere. Sorry if I offended you it wasn't personal. Gerry what color are your shorts?(only kidding- I really don't want to know) Guys don't kill me.:o)

Message: 17541 Posted: Thu Jun 28 18:01:33 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: gerrymandering

Yes, I admit it. I do have too much time on my hands. LOL! The following is proof of it.

According to Laz, to "gerrymander" or "gerrymeander" means to insult Gerry by equating him with a singing...."

I submit in jest: defame Gerry push Gerry around hold Gerry up between one's eye and a light to view his intent gossip about Gerry talk about Gerry openly exploit Gerry's weaknesses

gerrydandering...Dan being mad at Gerry (yes, "dander" is an actual word) tease Gerry mercilessly like I'm doing now but all in fun!

Message: 17540 Posted: Thu Jun 28 17:55:04 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Off the Current Topic

Wait just a minute...I never once said I didn't care what color shorts Gerry
And you're right, Johnny...I would bet my 401K as well that they are not collaborating..(I would give away part of it if they would though..nah..just me thinkin' out loud)..hear that rattle? :-0

Message: 17539 Posted: Thu Jun 28 17:36:04 2001 By: msmith
Subject: humphrey tickets

i've got three tickets to the humphrey's show tomorrow night in san diego (june 29) that i can't use. they are yours for nothing if you can figure out a way to pick them up before the concert. i live near palm springs, ca. e-mail me at BOTH and if interested.

Message: 17538 Posted: Thu Jun 28 17:26:12 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Off the current topic.

Just off the topic of the moment is anyone going to Great Adventure. I'm writing back because it will be my first show and like to know if anyone out in America land is going? I already got my best friend and sister going. Have they been playing the long set or the short set when they are there?

PS-I really don't want to know
what color Gerry's shorts are.
(Love you Gerry). I really like
the stories behind the songs.
And maybe the stories of "our"
memories are the America
story. So I guess I
won't need the BTM.

Message: 17537 Posted: Thu Jun 28 16:44:32 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan.

Hello everyone,America have never captured the magic or sounded the same since Dan's departure.The harmonies on the Warner's albums has never been recaptured,and Dan's "Everyone I meet is from California" I beleive is their finest acoustic moment,not over produced or too slick,but a sensational piece of instrumental playing,sounds a lot of fun.Three great guys with major success very early in their lives,shame that Dan could'nt guest on backing vocals on a track or two of a new album.Still the world keeps spinning.

Message: 17536 Posted: Thu Jun 28 13:30:05 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Whoa..

Janice, you said, "For all we know (and none of us do), the 3 of them are collaborating on this effort (a far shot, I know)."

You are right that none of us know for sure but with all due respect, I'm most willing to bet my retirement fund from work that the three are not collaborating. To call it "a far shot" is a major understatement in my opinion. I feel 99.9999% sure, it is not a collaboration.

Also, "The band is intensly personal about their lives...."

No doubt and I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I recall reading or hearing that Gerry believes as a public figure his life is an open book.

"Hatches would have had to have been buried for that [performing together] to happen."

I agree especially knowing that D&G sang background vocals on Dan's "Love Was Just Another Word" from his "All Things Are Possible" LP. Maybe Dan's frustration (if that) is due to not being allowed to return to the band. After all, we know he said he is willing and ready.

Message: 17535 Posted: Thu Jun 28 08:09:41 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Celebrity and Spotlight

Way back in the day...............

(this isn't meant for anyone in particular ((really!!)), it's just a TkH rant/

There used to be a line drawn. One that was never stepped over. With the advent of Fox and Yellow journalism that line blurred. Public life was just that public. Private life was indeed PRIVATE unless it was put out, by the person in the glare, for public consumption. Now it seems that every minute detail of every THING has to be put under the micro because the "PUBLIC DEMANDS IT" (press's words NOT MINE). I say B.S. Enough is enough. Am I the only one that doesn't want to know what color underwear that Gerry wears or the type sheets preferred by Dewey? I don't by the Enquirer, I don't watch Fox (except for Ally). I'm even wary about watching network news lately. I'm tired of all the negativity. Since I can't produce the news that I'D like to see (hmmmm, what about all the GOOD stuff that goes on everyday but doesn't "bleed" therefore it doesn't lead)? I think that the digging and the negativity in news go hand in hand.......It's almost as if "news" is now what BAD things you can find out about something/someone! Ugh.

Yet, I like Dan's bio, I'm taking it for what it's worth. It's Dan's story. Everyone has a story and lots of people would like to be able to have a forum to tell it! Dan's lucky enough to have that forum and a willing audience. At least it's HIS words and not someone else's perceived "what went wrong" story.....Maybe I'm not a big fan of "Behind The Music".....

I dunno, just bean me...lololol....I'm waxing WAY to philosophic for a 40 year old "housewife" in Southern Florida. Must be the damn weather!!!! I need to build an ark....

TkH<-----------+=! gonk

Message: 17534 Posted: Thu Jun 28 05:22:15 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Just a minor edit..

The band never did "break up"..Dan just left. They are still very much "America" apologies offered to Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 17533 Posted: Thu Jun 28 05:18:08 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Whoa..

If I might say something here..
It is my opinion that Dan is laying out some information for us that may be totally irrelevant now. For all we know (and none of us do), the 3 of them are collaborating on this effort (a far shot, I know). But the fact is...none of us know. He is telling an America story..and doing a fine job of it.
The band is intensly personal about their lives and perhaps that is why there has never been a "Behind the Music" on them. I say, thank goodness..and hats off to them for not letting their lives be dissected in front of millions. Maybe millions that do not know them like the folks on this page, and would judge them unfairly.
I don't feel that Dan is Gerry-bashing..he has admitted to self-indulgences himself. I had heard on numerous occasions that Dan left the band because of religious reasons..which would negate a comment made about Gerry being the reason for the breakup.
My point is that Dan is telling a story..his tone may reflect anger as he remembers certain details..but as I recall they have performed together since. Hatchets would have had to have been buried for that to happen.
If there is no collaboration, my feeling is that Gerry and Dewey are reading along with us..and enjoying the memories..and let's not forget that many of our favorite songs came from whatever personal stuff was going on during the time they were being written.
I know..go away, already! :-) Have a nice day.

Message: 17532 Posted: Thu Jun 28 04:48:21 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Gerry bashing (Angie's Post)

Yes, I do agree. They all had success so fast that habits did crop up. And sometimes lives do separate when success arrives and sometimes we want something more or to be more. Gerry+Dan=Danger. To be that close is almost being like brothers at times. They did make wonderful music together-Dan, Dewey, and Gerry. And Dewey and Gerry alone still do even without Dan. Yes, Johnny maybe I was daydreaming that Dewey and Gerry might respond. And maybe the best thing would be not to respond. They were there and they know the story, they don't need to explain. But also isn't time for maybe a Behind The Music special on America. Every other band has one. Thanks for the reply:o)

Message: 17531 Posted: Wed Jun 27 23:10:12 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Dan's bio

There has been a lot posted on the latest installment from Dan and I want to add this: There is an abundance of literature on the artists I most admire; Beatles, Beach Boys, CSN&Y and these bands sure had their squabbles. I have posted before about the lack of information on AMERICA and I used to wonder what made them tick. Its for this reason I find Dans story so important. What really is needed of course is a publication on the band telling all sides of the story!

Message: 17530 Posted: Wed Jun 27 22:48:52 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry bashing (Angie's Post)

Angie, it's merely my opinion, but I seriously doubt that either Gerry or Dewey would ever publicly comment about anything Dan has written in his bios. I think they'd probably choose to ignore it all.

As you know of course, some people's personalities clash big-time. It's apparent that Dan and Gerry's did/do even though they created incredible music together.

In fairness to Gerry, maybe Dan's lifestyle...his addiction to drugs and alcohol as he so candidly has told us...was something Gerry resented. Can't say I wouldn't either. Definitely sounds like Dewey had it know.

Message: 17529 Posted: Wed Jun 27 18:35:31 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dave Marsh on HARBOR

My pet theory about Rolling Stone Magazine has to do with Yawn ( Jann). email me for details so I don't get into legal trouble.

Message: 17528 Posted: Wed Jun 27 17:33:08 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan's bio.

The best thing about Dan's bio might just be it gives us something to talk about.


Message: 17527 Posted: Wed Jun 27 17:26:59 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Fiithy Lucre

Hello everyone,dear old Dan seems to have a bee in his bonnet with Gerry,perhaps he should think himself lucky that Gerry had'nt taken to driving expensive cars into various swimming pools.Quite honestly with the amount of cash swilling around during America's heyday a decent hotel room and hire of a bus seem hardly outrageous.Dan left the group in 77' and has been able to retire quite nicely,still picking up the odd royalty cheque, which he should be thanking Gerry and Dewey for,particularly as they have kept America going and in the public eye.No doubt Dan enjoys a great lifestyle and should be finacially secure,what makes me wonder is just how true he is to those much trumpeted christian beleifs,perhaps when it suits him.

Message: 17526 Posted: Wed Jun 27 17:03:43 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Dave Marsh on HARBOR

CRITIC: Dave Marsh
PERIODICAL: Rolling Stone
DATE: April 21, 1977

HARBOR contains a good measure of the expected. This time, "A Horse with No Name" has been reworked into an offbeat, vaguely admonitory number called "Political Poachers" as well as the merely vague "Are You There". The rest consists largely of leavings from such California neighbors as The Eagles, Neil Young, and The Beach Boys, plus the usual determinedly vacuous lyrics, harmonies that would soar if they could, and impeccable pop production by George Martin.

Most interesting are a couple of attempts at rock, particularly "Now She's Gone", in which power chords are buried, and "Hurricane", which echoes The Beach Boys of the SUMMER DAYS (AND SUMMER NIGHTS) era. Both, of course, are unredeemably silly. "Now She's Gone" is a most tepid sponge from the Joe Walsh-affected Eagles, while "Hurricane", which had a chance, is ruined by the addition of some of the most flaccid trumpet-playing west of Las Vegas. But my favorite absurdity is the final track, "Down to the Water", in which the group's original obsession reaches its ultimate conclusion: to Young's current obsession with arrhythmic chanting, the group brings a sense of propriety, and seaside sound-effects. The result is almost incalculably funny, particularly when an ersatz Mike Love falsetto pops up at the end; it's like merging "Southern Man" with "Little Honda".

[Poster's note: Needless to say, this review should be taken with a boulder of salt. Dave Marsh. We're talking about a shlub who idolizes Bruce Springsteen. Dave also wrote a meisterwerk called LOUIE LOUIE: THE HISTORY AND MYTHOLOGY OF THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS ROCK & ROLL SONG. For the benefit of the 4 people on Planet Earth who actually give a crap about "Louie Louie". (You know who you are. Johnny.) By the way, I'm curious to know if Bud Scoppa's review of HOLIDAY is the only positive review that they ever got in Rolling Stone. So far, that seems to be the case.]

Message: 17525 Posted: Wed Jun 27 16:51:17 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Gerry bashing

Okay, I understand that it is part of the America story and through the eyes of Dan(It is his opinion). But I think it is time that Dewey and Gerry give us some perspective(no pun intended). It is part of the past, people do change. Not everyone in life is a saint. Message to Dan-I smell fire, the bridge is burning.

PS- Is anyone going to Six Flags Great Adventure,NJ?

Message: 17524 Posted: Wed Jun 27 16:10:29 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: La azz ho

La azz ho is appropriate!! LOL

Message: 17523 Posted: Wed Jun 27 15:06:39 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Johnny Catting

FROM THE *BROTHER TONGUE* BY BOXER MIKE TYSON: Variations of the fake name "Lazlo" a student at Arizona State University in Tempe:

Last to know
Lazy low
Lack soul
Land ho
Let's sew
Lad's slow
La azz ho

Message: 17522 Posted: Wed Jun 27 11:11:29 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: gerrymeandering

JOHNNY-CAT SAID: "The subject title *Peekian Gerry-bashing* had me wondering what the exact term *gerrymandering* means."

"To gerrymander" means to insult Gerry by equating him with a singing obnoxoid named Mandy Patinkin. Mandy Patinkin is trying his best to out-compete Barry Manilow in the Hideola Sweepstakes.

JOHNNY-CAT SAID: "And just how big IS Baltimore?"

Big enough to throw you into a 5-hour fugue-state of catatonic despair. Especially if you came to Baltimore from Ole Miss and the eastern moon looks ready for a wet kiss, heh heh heh heh. (Lascivious laughter directed at Ingrid, not Johnny.)

FROM *THE MOTHER TONGUE* BY BILL BRYSON: "This tendency to compress and mangle words was first formally noted in a 1949 NEW YORKER article by one John Davenport, who gave it the happy name of Slurvian. In American English, Slurvian perhaps reaches its pinnacle in Baltimore, a city whose citizens have long had a particular gift for chewing up the most important vowels, consonants, and even syllables of most words and converting them into a kind of verbal compost, to put it in the most charitable terms possible. In Baltimore (pronounced *Balamer*), an eagle is an *iggle*, a tiger is a *tagger*, water is *wooder*, a power mower is a *paramour*, a store is a *stewer*, clothes are *clays*, orange juice is *arnjoos*, a bureau is a *beero*, and the *Orals* [Orioles] are of course the local baseball team. Whole glossaries have been composed to help outsiders interpret these and the many hundreds of other terms that in Baltimore pass for English."

Message: 17521 Posted: Wed Jun 27 08:40:18 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

Please join me in the chat room this evening. The "Official Start time" is 6 Pacific, but I will be in the room sometime after 7 pm. Hope to see you there!

Message: 17520 Posted: Wed Jun 27 07:27:58 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

There relationship may have been damaged, but clearly, the creativity wasn't. With maybe the exception of PERSPECTIVE, I felt that all of the work by Gerry and Dewey was equal to, if not better than the last 2 albums with Dan.

Not one of those who can easily hide..

Message: 17519 Posted: Wed Jun 27 07:24:17 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

I think Dan admits to being part of the problem and having an ego too. I quote:

"Ego's began to collide dangerously. Dan + Ger = Danger. That's how Dewey explained it anyway. Success and fame change most people, and not always for the better.


Success changed me dramatically, but it was an inside job. After, say, "Homecoming", I felt a stirring of self-confidence for the first time in my life.

Yet, there was always a gnawing hunger for more. I admit it. I wanted to be numero uno. So did Gerry and so did Dewey. I can easily see the ugly side of Dewey or Gerry's raw ambition; yes, because I am the same way. "It takes one to know one". As Pogo says, "we have met the enemy and he is us". "

Message: 17518 Posted: Wed Jun 27 07:03:37 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Calling Mike in KC

Mike, did you go to the America/BeachBoys concert last Sunday at the Starlight? How long did Dr. StrangeLove let America play? Give us a report if you went.

Message: 17517 Posted: Wed Jun 27 06:42:12 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Senior Voting

I was "most Mod" (ROFLMAO)


Message: 17516 Posted: Wed Jun 27 06:41:07 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

>>silly toys that started to pass for music instruments all conspired to hurt music<<
There are no silly toys, only silly people that think certain things can't BE music......I believe that Chopin and Mozart were both highly ridiculed in their time. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I personally may not like rap, but that doesn't make rap illegitimate for anyone else....

TkH<---------+=! enough already. WE KNOW.

Message: 17515 Posted: Tue Jun 26 22:09:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing (Oops)

...had me wondering WHAT the exact term...


The Senior Class had 449 students dying to be set free like the free wind blowin' through our hair (long for most or bushy among our Afro-American classmates with their pick combs in hand), earth shoes, bell bottom jeans, wide belts, wide leather watchbands and our very cool Levi jackets! hee-hee

Message: 17514 Posted: Tue Jun 26 21:50:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

#1) The subject title "Peekian Gerry-bashing" had me wondering that the exact term "gerrymandering" means. Hmmm.

#2) And just how big IS Baltimore? :0)

#3) "Who among us is the same as we were twenty-five years ago?"

I like to think I am. I was voted "Friendliest Senior" in high school in 1974 and "Least Changed" at my 10 year class reunion. Whoopie!!! I know...too much information. LOL

Message: 17513 Posted: Tue Jun 26 19:52:18 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

".... It's important because when interpersonal relationships go down the toilet, the music goes flush-a-bye as well..."

The disco garbage of the 70s, the rapidly decaying musical taste of the general public in the mid/late 70, not to mention silly toys that started to pass for music instruments all conspired to hurt music. Then again, with the exception of that PERSPECTIVE CD, I thought America weathered the legacy of that era reasonably well...both with AND without Dan.


Message: 17512 Posted: Tue Jun 26 18:39:45 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Peekian Gerry-bashing

>>But thanks to Gerry, the 3-way synergy died a premature death. <<

It seems to me that there are two or three sides to this story and it takes two or three to kill a relationship. Gerry is the villan in Dan's version, but I am certain he wasn't exactly Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm either.

I have to agree with Kevin.His character then is not important to me. This whole thing is twenty-five years gone. Who among us is the same as we were twenty-five years ago? Speaking stictly for myself, I loved the music they made together and the music they make now.

Message: 17511 Posted: Tue Jun 26 18:08:24 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Peekian Gerry-bashing

KEVINS. SAID: "And while I think Dan's comments about Gerry's personality are important to the America story, they're not important to me."

Well, Kevin, I think Dan's revelations SHOULD be important to you. I don't begrudge Gerry for having an ego as big as Baltimore. But if Gerry was a tactless wonder, it's important. If Gerry was a tightwad whose spending sprees were co-billed to Dan & Dewey, it's important. It's important because when interpersonal relationships go down the toilet, the music goes flush-a-bye as well. I'm not here to insult post-Dan America. But thanks to Gerry, the 3-way synergy died a premature death.

Message: 17510 Posted: Tue Jun 26 16:43:09 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: Welcome Back Stevo!

Yeah, Hawaiian prints and TUBE TOPS (argh)....lololol....I'll second the wishes to Janelle, hope she's over that Hawaiian Tropic Robyn said there's nothing WORSE than getting sick on VACATION! (been there done that...yuck)


Message: 17509 Posted: Tue Jun 26 09:49:16 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Welcome Back Stevo!

>>"yes, I did put on 20
pounds over there (LOL)." <<

C'mon Steve, any woman can tell you that Hawaiian print makes you look larger!
Welcome home. I hope your lovely wife is feeling better ( vacations are NOT the time to meet the rescue squad)

Message: 17508 Posted: Tue Jun 26 08:49:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan's bio.

Playing the role of the devil's advocate here, if "Fear of being like the rest of you little people..." isn't unflattering, what is???

Message: 17507 Posted: Tue Jun 26 08:28:03 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: re: Welcome Back Stevo!

Pictures, pictures, I WANT DIGIpictures.........(C=

OK Tery. I'm in the process of picking out a representative sample. I think I have narrowed it down to 92 photos out of the thousand that I took. I'll try to get them posted this week and then I'll let you know what the URL is. As you look at the photos you'll probably have one question which I'll answer right now... "yes, I did put on 20 pounds over there (LOL)."

Message: 17506 Posted: Tue Jun 26 07:53:48 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's bio.

I don't think Dan's bio is unflattering to Gerry. Keeping in mind that Dan is sharing his experiences and observations, all from his perspective. If Gerry or Dewey were to write something similar we would understand what was going on in their minds during that time. Considering how many other rock stars from the 70s behaved Gerry, Dewey, and Dan seem almost like model citizens. So what if Gerry wanted his own bus? After spending years touring and living with Dewey and Dan he probably needed some separation from them. It happens to the best of friends. Little things start wearing on you when you have to spend a lot of time with a person. Then the little things become BIG things. Who knows, maybe if they hadn't spent so much time together on the road and putting out a new album every year, they might not have split. If they had taken a year or two off after 75 or 76, maybe ...

Message: 17505 Posted: Tue Jun 26 06:32:57 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: Welcome Back Stevo!

Pictures, pictures, I WANT DIGIpictures.........(C=


Message: 17504 Posted: Mon Jun 25 15:16:24 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Welcome Back Stevo!

Welcome back Steve and Janelle..sounds like you had a wonderful time. Now, get out there and mow that lawn Steve..(show off that suntan)!

Ahem..I have not been able to get formal "thank you" cards out in the mail for the snail mail stuff some of you have sent..CD's, stickers, cards..and I love the e-mail jokes and cards too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I leave Sunday for Houston and plan to stay there, but also fly back and forth every chance I get as well. I thank God for friends and family..and all of you. :-)

Message: 17503 Posted: Mon Jun 25 12:51:57 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan's bio.

I've loved Dan's bio from the beginning. As I've said, it's a rare opportunity to get an insider's look into the creating and dismantling of a band.

I think Dan's comments on Gerry are important because they're vital to the America story. As fans, we can start to understand why it was so hard for Dan to stay in the group, why he felt it was so important for him to leave, and why it's not as easy as we think it is to a reunion to happen. It's not as simple as just, "hey guys, why not play together again.?" We've always wondered why they don't get back together. Now we're finding out.

And while I think Dan's comments about Gerry's personality are important to the America story, they're not important to me. The Gerry Beckley that we fans need to concern ourselves with is the Gerry Beckley that is a remarkable songwriter--probably the most underrated of his time (and one of the top songwriters in his band), the one who's a musical genius, the one who's been a decent guy every time I've met him, and the one who's a main force in my favorite band.


Message: 17502 Posted: Mon Jun 25 11:03:36 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re: Dan's Bio

As most of us may recall, someone posted a comment or question on VH.Com's "Message Board" asking whether D&G read Dan's weekly bios. I would be very willing to bet that they do. Wouldn't you if your former bandmate was writing about you and the subject (America) you're so largely a part of? I know I would.

In fairness to Gerry, Dan's bios are Dan's opinion. In fairness to Dan, Dan is also quick to compliment Gerry. I notice he often tries to balance a criticism with a compliment; however, the criticisms may be more than the compliments. But, then again, Dan is writing his bios as he sees it. Also, Dan doesn't spare himself from blame. Also, if Gerry was the way Dan has written, it doesn't mean Gerry's that way today.

Message: 17501 Posted: Mon Jun 25 09:42:59 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: D. Dickey's

I suppose that if you listen to "America Live" from 1977 you would hear David singing. Just guessing here, anyone know for certain?

Message: 17500 Posted: Mon Jun 25 08:43:08 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Check this site out guys

COOOOOOOOOOL Site, Howie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 17499 Posted: Mon Jun 25 08:34:54 2001 By: Mark
Subject: re: Dan's Bio

"Sorry Dan, but personally I'd take a Rolls over a Honda any day."

Especially if somebody else was footing the bill. I think Dan's point isn't so much Gerry's conspicuous consumption, but the feeling by Dan that he was having to foot part of the bill for it. He and Dewey seemed to be cost senstive. Gerry, at least according to Dan wasn't. When a group is footing the bills, and some members try to save the group money and others don't it will cause feelings of resentment.

I find Dan's bio interesting. I believe it to be an honest account from Dan's perspective. I would like to read a similar effort from Dewey and Gerry. That's the only way you could get a complete picture.

Message: 17498 Posted: Mon Jun 25 08:17:01 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Welcome back Stevo !

Thanks Jim. It's good to be back but I'm ready to hop aboard the next plane to Hawaii at a moments notice. To summarize: we visited 4 islands (Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai) in 14 days and saw everything you could see from plane, helicopter, bus, van, taxi, car, boat, submarine, and foot. We even visited a couple of emergency rooms when my wife decided to have some kidney stone problems. With my digital camera in hand I took about a thousand photos while we were there, some good and some not so good. Now that we're back, we've got to whip the yard back into shape and get back into the swing of things. With some America music in the background that shouldn't be too tough!

Message: 17497 Posted: Mon Jun 25 07:29:11 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: re: Dan's Bio

I agree it's only 1/3 of the story. However, if true, it gives good insight as to why there is resistance to reunite. Sorry Dan, but personally I'd take a Rolls over a Honda any day.

Still lurkin' afterv all these years...

Message: 17496 Posted: Mon Jun 25 05:51:48 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Check this site out guys

This site sells old Billboard promotional items of everyone famous.
Check out the America material. Classic.

Message: 17495 Posted: Sun Jun 24 22:53:33 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Welcome back Stevo !

Let's hear all about your fine trip !
By the way you gotta love that Chief, he's the best.

Message: 17494 Posted: Sun Jun 24 22:49:57 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: D. Dickey's

Most of us have heard and can recognize Michael and Brad's singing voice but are you like me and wonder what David Dickey's sounds/sounded like? I find myself wondering that now and then.

Message: 17493 Posted: Sun Jun 24 22:35:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re: Dan's Bio

"Dewey's mercurial success had hardly phased him. He stayed 'good ole Dewey' 99% of the time."

Regardless of what we each may think about the rest of the bio, that's quite a compliment!

Message: 17492 Posted: Sun Jun 24 18:48:44 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Walking---

>>Yes, Robyn I am planning on the walk, or at the very least to collect sponsorship. I will then donate my ticket to the beach party and concert to some lucky person on this folder (along with a buddy pass to get to LA). <<

Janice I look forward to walking with you as part of Team America ( which so far consists of me, my dh, my dd and you. C'mon people, anyone else ready to commit to a walk along the beach for a VERY WORTHY CAUSE???? It's ONLY 3 miles!

Message: 17491 Posted: Sun Jun 24 18:14:32 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ventura Highway intro heard in the strangest place!

Janet Jackson, the riff is used with permission. See for details. Kinda nice tip of the cap from Ms J.( at least this time she asked!)

Message: 17490 Posted: Sun Jun 24 18:04:27 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Ventura Highway intro heard in the strangest place!

Ventura Highway intro heard in the strangest place!
I just got back from the store where I heard a dance number with the opening guitar riff from Ventura Highway repeated throughout the song. I may add that it was the ONLY melodic part of the whole song. Does anyone have any idea who the female performer is?

Message: 17489 Posted: Sun Jun 24 18:04:15 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Ventura Highway intro heard in the strangest place!

Ventura Highway intro heard in the strangest place!
I just got back from the store where I heard a dance number with the opening guitar riff from Ventura Highway repeated throughout the song. I may add that it was the ONLY melodic part of the whole song. Does anyone have any idea who the female performer is?

Message: 17488 Posted: Sun Jun 24 15:14:55 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Dan's Bio

Hmmm...well, let's keep in mind that Dan is telling a story..and all of the chapters have parts that we may or may not like. Many parts of his story thus far has surprised me..but I am compelled to keep reading. I choose to believe that Dan is sharing this info with us because, like the parts dealing with drugs and alcohol, it is vital to the story as a whole. Things happened..good things and bad things..the best thing of course..the music they made together (and since).

Message: 17487 Posted: Sun Jun 24 14:03:38 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Dan's bio

That smell coming from a distance is the smell of a lot of bridges being burned.



Message: 17486 Posted: Sun Jun 24 11:50:22 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: PCH

Unfortunatly I've never been up to Big Sur, but I HAVE driven the PCH. It was 1994 (I believe) and the houses were being dashed into the sea off of dummies (AND since we'd only been to California once before during some fairly nasty home engulfing wild fires,) we wanted to see the ocean, cliffs and rocks. Turns out we were following a road grader (couldn't see him because of the driving rain) and he was clearing a path for us.....ugh. That very same trip, we got to see a dead body wash up on the 16th green of our resort in Palm Springs ..... double ugh. The NEXT time we went to California the earth quake shook us (albeit not as much) out of that very same resort! The Lesson here? I'm NOT going to jeopardize the fine citizens of Los Angeles (and area) any more!!!!!!!!! God forBID if we ever have to move there.....sigh!


Message: 17485 Posted: Sun Jun 24 09:45:33 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Big Sur--walk

Thanks Janice. Anyone else? It would be nice to have a group to walk together--Team America, if you will. dh dd and I will be there.

Message: 17484 Posted: Sun Jun 24 06:48:15 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Big Sur

Mike, your trip down PCH sounds wonderful, and I have done that trip on a few occasions. I have camped at Big fact I have 2 pics (I took) hanging in my living room of the waves crashing on the rocks. I also have a picture taken while at San parents with a sunset backdrop. Oh..and the mere mention in someone's post about Yosemite..a place where I have camped every inch..not to mention tent-cabins, the lodge, the Wowona and the Awanee. It is awesome how the deer come right up to you!
I wanna come home!!!!!!!!! (workin' on that, too)
Yes, Robyn I am planning on the walk, or at the very least to collect sponsorship. I will then donate my ticket to the beach party and concert to some lucky person on this folder (along with a buddy pass to get to LA).
It is a beautiful weekend here.hope it is where you are too.

Message: 17483 Posted: Sun Jun 24 02:06:49 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Time, Number of times.

Sorry Johnny. I have only just got back to the computer. It's just after 7pm Sunday. I think we are 18 hours ahead of California unless you have daylight saving in the summer. We do.
Sorry. I hit the wrong key before finishing.
I was going to say to Jimbob that America hasn't been to Australia 15 times, that I am aware of. We just go to as many shows as we can when they are here.

Message: 17482 Posted: Sun Jun 24 02:02:45 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Time, Number of times.

Sorry Johnny. I have only just got back to the computer. It's just after 7pm Sunday. I think we are 18 hours ahead of California unless you have daylight saving in the summer. We do.

Message: 17481 Posted: Sat Jun 23 21:57:07 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Who's walkin'?

ok who is doing the Carl Wilson walk? let me know asap here or e-mail! my family and I will be there!

Message: 17480 Posted: Sat Jun 23 21:18:40 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Big Sur

I remember nothing but freedom and those views of breathtaking cliffs with the ocean below.

I drove the Pacific Coast Highway during winter break my senior year of college. After finals in Cold Utah the sun told us which way to go - San Francisco to San Diego. We stopped often: Pebble Beach, Lone Cypress Tree, Carmel, Hurst Castle, etc. along with many stops to watch the surf crash on those cliffs. We slept under the Homecoming Album trees with the stars above us in Big Sur State Park campground. Just a few years ago I took a similar drive from San Fran through the Redwoods to Vancouver Canada.

I head out often for the land of the dumb but the pretty with my sleepin’ bag role. Gotta catch a Windwave. Next week it’s the Colorado Rockies and summer vacation with my family. Thanks for stiring the memories Dan, Robyn, Terry T., etc.

Message: 17479 Posted: Sat Jun 23 21:17:41 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Big Sur

I remember nothing but freedom and those views of breathtaking cliffs with the ocean below.

I drove the Pacific Coast Highway during winter break my senior year of college. After finals in Cold Utah the sun told us which way to go - San Francisco to San Diego. We stopped often: Pebble Beach, Lone Cypress Tree, Carmel, Hurst Castle, etc. along with many stops to watch the surf crash on those cliffs. We slept under the Homecoming Album trees with the stars above us in Big Sur State Park campground. Just a few years ago I took a similar drive from San Fran through the Redwoods to Vancouver Canada.

I head out often for the land of the dumb but the pretty with my sleepin’ bag role. Gotta catch a Windwave. Next week it’s the Colorado Rockies and summer vacation with my family. Thanks for stiring the memories Dan, Robyn, Terry T., etc.

Message: 17478 Posted: Sat Jun 23 20:15:09 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Big Sur/Clint Eastwood

Right, Robyn...Clint has a ranch near there. He ran for and won as mayor of Carmel, largely from the 'ice cream issue'. He vowed that if elected, he would reverse the city ordinance that banned people from eating ice cream cones while walking on the sidewalk in the business section. He won and kept his promise. Big Sur is along a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway just south of there. Anyone who watches TV has seen automobile commercials with views of breathtaking cliffs and the ocean below. Now let's hear about that honeymoon!

Message: 17477 Posted: Sat Jun 23 18:46:03 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Big Sur

Big Sur is on the coast of Central California, near Carmel ( wasn't Eastwood mayor or something there?) Nice area. I went thru it on my ill-fated honeymoon, nearly 24 years ago- email me for the gory details, and yes we are still married)

Message: 17476 Posted: Sat Jun 23 18:04:02 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Lazy Sunday afternoon

Yes Johnny, as most of you are enjoying your Saturday evening, its a winters rainy Sunday afternoon here!

Message: 17475 Posted: Sat Jun 23 17:37:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Wherever you are

JimBob, thanks for telling us (me) about the time difference. Yes, I'm from New Mexico but only a mile away from the world famous state, Texas (Gerry's birth state). New Mexico is one hour ahead of California but one hour behind Texas. That is incredible that you are nearly a whole day ahead of most of us. So when we say, "Thank God It's Friday," you can say, "Been there, done that!" :0)

I remember hearing on a radio interview, Dewey said when he was a kid, his family would visit his uncle who lived in New Mexico. I wonder what town or city? I think he said his uncle was in the military. Hmmm????

Message: 17474 Posted: Sat Jun 23 17:36:44 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Dan's bio

Wow! Dan's bio # 46 is a scorcher- I am extremely interested to know Gerry's slant on this!

Message: 17473 Posted: Sat Jun 23 17:21:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: to Steve and Johnny

Ciao Bruno! Thanks my friend from across the sea! That is very, very nice; however, I am by no means an "expert" on America...just a fan like everyone else here. Actually, I'm not an expert in any field that I can think of. But I sincerely appreciate your very kind words and thoughts!

To Chris (also a friend from across the sea): I only know that Big Sur is in California. Maybe one of the America fans from that area can tell us about Big Sur. The only "Big Sur" I'm somewhat familiar with in California are Sir Dewey and Sir Gerry!

Message: 17472 Posted: Sat Jun 23 17:20:36 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Wherever you are

Chris, great to hear your comments on Neil's concert; as many Americans grew up seeing AMERICA perform on a regular basis, the same is true for me and Neil Finn. He lives 10 minutes from where I do! Thanks for your info Margaret; see thats exactly what I mean; you seeing the guys 15 times and N.Z. getting them only 3 times! Sydney rocks- the show with the Beach Boys must have been incredible! Once again, no word of it made it down here- I have a sister living in Sydney so next time they're there, I am too! Johnny, are you from New Mexico? I'm not sure of the time difference there but we are 20 hours ahead of California, 2 ahead of Sydney and 4 of Perth.

Message: 17471 Posted: Sat Jun 23 14:29:54 2001 By: bruno
Subject: to Steve and Johnny

Hi Steve Johnny
I wrote article on newspaper "the citizen" about America (Gerry+Dewey) and about Steve Lowry as organizer of site and about Johhnny Yee as expert of news of Gerry and Dewey.
I send article to Steve and Johnny.
the director of newspaper "the citizen" considered interesting news of America and activity of Steve and Johnny in the site.
Ciao Ingrid; sei bella, brava e gentile; grazie per le traduzioni in italiano.
Ciao Hi all

Message: 17470 Posted: Sat Jun 23 10:43:19 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: America Photos

Thanks Johnny for your research here. Just one thing though - where is Big Sur Sir..... lol. I'm guessing Yosemite? Perth is the world's most isolated capital city remember!!
Also, you and Margaret both better get your Hideaway albums ready for Dan's bio - who knows where those pics were taken?

Message: 17469 Posted: Sat Jun 23 10:30:01 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Wherever You Are

Whether you are in America, Australia or NZ - it's good to go to a live concert. Neil Finn was superb tonight here in Perth, the last concert of the Australian tour. He played half the tracks from One Nil ("Wherever You Are" being one), and many Crowded House songs. The energy of the night was electric, the crowd of around 3,000 was singing along to most songs. We had at least 5 encores, and it was well after midnight when Neil came out for the last time. He just shook his head, said "don't you guys ever go home" and then proceeded to play a solo accoustic "Don't Dream It's Over" and it was over. Wow, what a high. He also seems very relaxed, is playing with some great musos - Sebastian Steinberg, Sean Sullivan, Lisa Germano and Scott MCPherson (not sure of spelling here!) - they are mainly American performers - and did a first rate job. Still coming down from the high and would have to rate it a close second to an America concert.
Good to hear from you again Margaret - you have really followed the guys very closely for so long - I am humbled here, but I am sure that 1997 was their only Perth visit to date. They had come down through S.E. Asia to Perth - we are supposed to be the world's most isolated capital city!
On booking America - they played Burswood Casino (I would say we had 2,500 people). The Casino has told me that they would love to have them back, but the way it works is that artists approach them for bookings. I am sure that we would fill the place again if Moreys was to push it.
Johnny - Australia's national colours are green and gold - the land and the sun because it is the land of the sun.... hee hee

Message: 17468 Posted: Sat Jun 23 07:18:36 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Bootleg of 1973..............NOT!

Thank you Mark, Howie, Steve and anyone else that responded. I KNEW I wasn't as daft as I


Message: 17467 Posted: Sat Jun 23 07:17:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Time?

Ahhhhhhhhh, Mr. Y......time is just a number...(lol).....besides, who needs sleep (C;


Message: 17466 Posted: Fri Jun 22 23:56:52 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Time?

I'm guessing it's noon?

Message: 17465 Posted: Fri Jun 22 23:54:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Touring

Gosh JimBob, any answer by me would only be a guess. I'm sure others here know the reason. What Margaret stated sounds likely as one of the reasons. Maybe just not being asked is another.

By the way, it's 1:05 AM Saturday for me. What time is it there where you are JimBob and Margaret?

Time to hit the sack here!

Message: 17464 Posted: Fri Jun 22 23:53:01 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Touring

You wrote your message while I was writng mine hence this extra one. As I understand it, promoters ask America to tour various destinations. I guess the promoters make an assessment about whether they will make money out of the tour. Sometimes they only want to run shows in bigger (more expensive venues) rather than clubs which are usually less expensive.( I think that America would not have booked for the Sydney Entertainment Centre on their own but they played there with the Beach Boys in '98.) Some of the best shows we have been to have been in clubs and they have drawn people who supported their local venues and may not have gone to a casino. We'll go anywhere!

Message: 17463 Posted: Fri Jun 22 23:35:56 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: America in Oz

All this talk of America in Australia has made so many memories flood back to me. "Old-timers" here may remember that I reported extensively on shows that were within striking distance of Sydney.
We saw them in '76, '88, '91, '97, '98 and '99/2000, fifteen times in all, I believe. I think that the only time that we missed a tour was in '84 which we only heard of recently. There has also been a problem here with lack of publicity.
I wish that a promoter in Australia would bring back America. The shows in recent years have been supported enthusiastically. I suspect that a contributing factor to the lack of shows has been the poor exchange rate.
Anyway, I live in hope!

Message: 17462 Posted: Fri Jun 22 23:07:09 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Touring

Johnny, do you know why AMERICA tour some countries and not others? For example, they visit Australia far more than they do N.Z. even tho it is less than 3 hours to fly from Sydney to Auckland? Also, why do they not tour England when it has such history for them? Is it all down to record sales?

Message: 17461 Posted: Fri Jun 22 22:51:38 2001 By: red oak
Subject: America rockin the Rockies

Just got back from an exhilerating performance by America at the Paramount in Denver. I didn't think they could be better than last March in Ft Collins, but they were! The sound was great at the Paramount, but there wasn't any air-conditioning, and after an hour delay from start time, just about boiling point for the crowd, they appeared. From the first row, straight out from Woodzy, came the most soothing sound this side of the Rockies. This was an awesome crowd of about 2,000 and they swooned & swayed to the beat about as good as a crowd can do. The set list was the same as usual, but on this night, SANDMAN ROCKED!!!!!! They were dancing in the aisles and in my lap taht didn't stop until the encore of California revisited leading in to Horse. It was a night to remember, even if I had to keep wiping the sweat off. No after show trip backstage as the crew run us out of the theater. So, until next time in Colorado, stay well and see an America concert near you. One of life's simple pleasures.

Message: 17460 Posted: Fri Jun 22 21:51:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Australian Tour 2000

Chris and jimbob, talking about the Sydney show and in case you didn't know, last year's Australian tour by the guys is represented well among Dewey's memorabilia in the back of the "Highway" booklet. It's a pass (I think) that reads, "Australian Tour 2000" with that great-looking AMERICA logo at the top of the pass in American colors of red, white, and blue. That's not Australia's colors too, is it Chris?

Message: 17459 Posted: Fri Jun 22 18:04:24 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: no promotion

holiday, good to hear you got to see the guys in concert. Like you, I hadn't discovered the site and was unaware they played Sydney last year; if I had known I would have most certainly made the trip across the Tasman! I had read they were in Sydney in November 1997 in an Aussie magazine only a day or so before the show and as much as I longed to get there,it wasn't possible. So you can imagine my state of mind when recently,through the net, I find they played Wellington also in November 1997! A 50 minute flight away! What amazed me was the apparent lack of promotion by those in N.Z.; I would have thought it was newsworthy enough to have made the 6 o'clock news-we dont get an abundance of acts down here. Also, its been 17 years since I've seen them and thats TOO long! That Bill Bryson book I found terrific, by the way!

Message: 17458 Posted: Fri Jun 22 15:57:26 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Bootleg of 1973..............NOT!

For your convenience, here's a link to the TV Guide listing that Howie was referring to. It's actually in the Miscellaneous Room of the Museum rather than the archives. Thanks for the info Howie.

Message: 17457 Posted: Fri Jun 22 13:38:40 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America Photos

>>I sincerely thought Gerry was Graham Nash and Dan was a lady<<

Seems you've had your specs fixed since then! I will have to look closly at the picture you are talking about with the fellow with the cap. Dunno, maybe someone can enlighten us?

Thanks for the good wishes.

Message: 17456 Posted: Fri Jun 22 12:17:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: America Photos

Dan's bios are a good source for answers to several questions asked here.

LisaRose, the photo that your friend saw is probably the same one at the bottom of Dan's bio #45, "'Hope' For You, 'Pilgrims'". When I first saw that photo a couple of years ago, I recognized only Dewey, Bob Hope, and John Wayne. I sincerely thought Gerry was Graham Nash and Dan was a lady...Anita Bryant! It sounds stupid but that's what I really thought.

Chris, you asked about the long photo inside the "Homecoming" album cover. Dan talks in detail about the album shoot. The inside photo is indeed taken in the Redwood Forest near Big Sur according to Dan's bio #28.

Talking about America photos, all you may have read post #80 on VH.Com's "Message Board". I was wondering who is pictured in a photo wearing a cap on King Biscuit's 1999 re-release of the 1982 live show in Ohio. The photo shows someone sitting at the piano right of Dewey. The pianist is wearing what I call a funky 70s cap as well as blue jeans and boots. I think I have it figured out.

In a 1974 video, I saw Dan playing the piano (located to the RIGHT of Dewey) while wearing what appears to be the same cap that he wore on the "Holiday" album cover and sleeve. Dan is shown wearing this cap during only one song in the entire video. In the video, Gerry is playing a piano located on the LEFT of Dewey. So, in the King Biscuit photo, the person wearing the cap, blue jeans, and boots is sitting at the piano located LEFT of Dewey. That is Gerry's piano. So it means to me, the funky cap got passed around and was worn by both Dan and Gerry. The video captured Dan wearing it and the CD photo captured Gerry wearing it. That's what I think anyway.

[Happy Birthday to you tomorrow Mrs. Robyn(son)!]

Message: 17455 Posted: Fri Jun 22 11:58:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Johnny, Kevin and TT

Happy Birthday to each of you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Message: 17454 Posted: Fri Jun 22 09:02:45 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Bootleg of 1973..............NOT!

The infamous Bootleg of 1973 was really the recording which
was broadcasted on TV on ABC's "In Concert" on a Friday night.
I remember staying up late just for that and recording it on cassette
tape. Other groups/artists on that show were Focus, Graham Central
Station and Leo Sayer. What a memory. scary.huh? The actual
tv guide listing is found on the archives on this website.

Message: 17453 Posted: Fri Jun 22 07:56:25 2001 By: holiday
Subject: America/NZ/Australia

Got that right Lazlo - that's why we all live on the coast .... lol Then again, don't forget the white pointers .......
You are also spot on about our inland deserts:

"There are poisonous plants, big birds and rocks and things
There is sand and snakes and octopus, blue ringed
The first thing you'll notice is friendly flies with a buzz
The heat and no rain, it will make you cuss
The horizon goes on and on
Just a little like Mister Bryson"

(Lots of apologies to Bunnell and

jimbob - America played here in Perth Saturday 8 November 1997 at the Burswood Casino. It was the long set, well over 2 hours and I do not recall a break. Lots of chatter from Gerry - I think he liked the place! They were talking about a new album, having a go at Michael Jackson over "History" (tongue firmly in cheek) and James Taylor over "Hourglass". They finished without playing Horse, but the whistles, standing ovations and general din got them back pretty fast for their signature finish. This was the one and only time that I have seen them live.... much to my regret, but at least I have seen them. They were in Sydney in 2000 (New Years apparently) but I had not discovered this site and did not know they were in the country... and the thought of all those poisonous animals running around the streets of Sydney was a definite turn off ....ROFL.
Next time, I will be flying to meet them.
And tomorrow, Nil Fun is in little old Perth and that is another show that I will relish.


Message: 17452 Posted: Fri Jun 22 07:28:21 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Anyone?

I saw it listed a few years back in a book that listed "major" bootleg albums. It was released on the "Phoneygraph" label which put out several bootlegs in the early 70's. The bootleg was a recording of America's and the Eagles' performances on the TV show "In Concert" which I think was on CBS (not to be confused with Don Kersher's syndicated "Rock Concert"). This listing sparked a search by me for what I thought was an unreleased song on it. The album listed the song "By The Ocean" by America. I thought that this must have been some rare song that they performed live but never made it onto an album. Turns out not to be the case. I believe Howard got a tape of America's performance from the album and "By The Ocean" was really "Green Monkey". The bootleggers evidently tried to discern the title of the song from the lyrics, and they came up with "By The Ocean".

Message: 17451 Posted: Fri Jun 22 06:51:36 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Anyone?

I remember hearing about the "infamous" bootleg of 1973 that included one side of America and one side of the Eagles.....was this a figment? Do any of you actually own this? All I remember was DESPERATLY trying to find it when the whispers started swirling.....(back in the day)....


Message: 17450 Posted: Fri Jun 22 06:45:44 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Running for fun

I run for fun. I run to the fridge, I run to the library, I run to the CD cabinet.....(I used to "Run for fun" a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..... My shins didn't think it was very


Message: 17449 Posted: Fri Jun 22 06:34:48 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson/Japan

Talked to Scott at Melody Blvd. (formally at Thoughtscape), he said he will order copies & will get them around the 5th, if they are released on time in Japan.............I have one held for me, can't wait to hear more from this great collaboration!!!

Message: 17448 Posted: Fri Jun 22 04:25:17 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Winnipeg and America Studio CD from 1975 question

Congrats to your wife John. She did an amazing time--especially for the first time. A special breed you say,yet many say we are nuts. LOL!! Getting back to "America" my friend wrote me an email that in his little town in Ohio he saw in his local CD store "Studio Live 1975" It has the picture of America with John Wayne etc. on the back and says the name of something...but he can't remember what it was? Possibly a place or studio??? Anyone know what he is talking about???

Message: 17447 Posted: Thu Jun 21 21:30:46 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Long way from America

Gosh, all this talk of the show in San Diego makes me most envious and reminds me how far away this little old country is from America! I have seen photos of Humphrey's and it looks a superb venue to see the guys. Holiday, have they played Perth? And Mike B; I remember Stars & Stripes well.

Message: 17446 Posted: Thu Jun 21 20:41:37 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: June 29 show in San Diego

Okay, who else is going on June 29 at Humphrey's? Windwave? Leakey? Nance? I know JimNak will be there, as will Matt.
Counting the days....
Gerry- PLEASE play "All My Life"
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 17445 Posted: Thu Jun 21 20:13:43 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: June 29 show in San Diego

see ya there Shari. We will work on that ALL MY LIFE request. Hope GERRY is rested but you know the schedule, very busy. San Diego by the sea is always a sell-out; AMERICA will sooth you & then rock you.

Message: 17444 Posted: Thu Jun 21 19:54:52 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: June 29 show in San Diego

Okay, who else is going on June 29 at Humphrey's? Windwave? Leakey? Nance? I know JimNak will be there, as will Matt.
Counting the days....
Gerry- PLEASE play "All My Life"
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 17443 Posted: Thu Jun 21 18:53:03 2001 By: Angie
Subject: News & Brews With America

I just had to share this with all of you on the chat folder. Everyday at the nursing home I work at I have news and brews with America. I serve coffee and we listen to America. We pick out what album/CD to play for the morning,look at the map to see where they are playing next, and any news. Well, one of my residents started dancing to Hot Town today and it was the most precious moment.(She is brand new and only 43yrs old). We all started clapping and singing along. For a rainy day it was the happiest day inside. Dewey and Gerry you have a whole new group of fans, your music means a lot to me and them:o)

Message: 17442 Posted: Thu Jun 21 17:08:32 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Worring Times

Hello everyone,with America seemingly without a recording deal of any sort the future looks bleak,in terms of a new album.Of course a couple of new tracks are welcome on yet another Best Of,but the merciless thrashing of America's back catalogue is wearing a trifle thin.Just what is the state of relations with Oxygen? apparently Oxygen still host this site.What is America's management doing? sure they have organised plenty of dates as they do every year,but with the lack of anything new America remain a touring outfit(of enourmous talent)but have now dropped their most recent material from the set,worrying times.

Message: 17441 Posted: Thu Jun 21 16:41:50 2001 By: kiri
Subject: Re: july 8, taste of chicago

i knew as soon as i posted i should go check again...and sure enough, they're on the list now. never mind. but i'm still interested to know if anyone else is going?

Message: 17440 Posted: Thu Jun 21 16:36:52 2001 By: kiri
Subject: july 8, taste of chicago

was anyone planning on going to july 8, taste of chicago show? ...because i don't think they are playing. i followed the link from the concert list and it shows kc and the sunshine band instead. checked the kc site and they show they have that date. i believe steve asked the guys' management and didn't get a reply. anyone know?

Message: 17439 Posted: Thu Jun 21 15:35:02 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Australia again

MEMO TO CHRIS: Oops. I stand corrected. Have you seen Bill Bryson's book about Australia? He's rightfully obsessed with all the sundry poisonous creepy-crawlies that populate Australia. Ya got yer box jellyfish, yer blue-ringed octopus, yer funnel-web spider, yer taipan snake. Even yer platypus has poisonous spurs in its legs. Australia is definitely yer #1 continent for poisonous animals.

Message: 17438 Posted: Thu Jun 21 11:34:56 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Winnipeg

As I frequently tell my friend who runs the 100 mileraces, the concept of "Run for FUn" eludes me. "Run for Fear" sure, but Fun???

More power to you.

Message: 17437 Posted: Thu Jun 21 10:54:48 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Winnipeg

Yes, LisaRose, the training was tough. She kept battling one nagging injury after another. But she did grunt it out on the day of the race. Finished in just over 4 hours. (I have a hard time driving for 4 hours let alone running for that long.) Immediately after, she of course said she would never do another but today she hinted about going for a 3:45 time in her next one. To anyone on this board who has run a are a special breed.

Message: 17436 Posted: Thu Jun 21 09:35:29 2001 By: Betty
Subject: re: America and the Carl Wilson Foundation/Thanx

Thank you for showing support for the efforts being made to help fight cancer. We have a wonderful weekend planned. I hope to see you there. America fans will not be disappointed! Visit our website for more details:

Message: 17435 Posted: Thu Jun 21 08:21:02 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Hawaii versus Australia

Well now Lazlo - without geography, you're nowhere

You're right in that, in general, we do not get real wet here, but I know from your comments that you have not been to our tropical north coast - man, that is rain.

Also, go to your Homecoming album, fold out the whole inside photo of the guys, in the redwood forest I am guessing, as I have not been there, and that is exactly the forests that we have down here in the south west corner of Australia. Only our tall trees are Karri trees. The rainfall, just 250 miles south of Perth is about 40 to 50 inches per year.

Ok, Geography 101 lesson is over, so now Mike B and Lazlo are both coming Down

By the way, where is the redwood forest featured in the Homecoming album? The whole visual effect of Homecoming has got my vote as the best America album art.

Message: 17434 Posted: Thu Jun 21 04:27:26 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Winnipeg

Hey John,
How did your wife do? I have run 3 full ones in my life and the training was always worse then the actual race. The Janet Jackson song is called "Someone to Call My Lover" and not besides hearing it on the many radio stations as well, the DJ played it at my student's Prom Tuesday night's definitely getting around!!!

Message: 17433 Posted: Wed Jun 20 19:50:56 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Winnipeg

I went to Winnipeg this past weekend with my wife (she was running in her first marathon). While were driving around checking out the course, finding the hotel etc. we did the ol' channel cruising on the rent-a-ca radio. Heard the new Janet Jackson/Ventura Highway song 3 times. Don't remember what the song is called but it was pretty cool hearing the riff. Each time it was played (on 3 different radio stations I might add) the dj mentioned America's classic original. What a great plug for the guys. Hope it does well for them.

Message: 17432 Posted: Wed Jun 20 18:56:13 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: America and the Carl Wilson Foundation

Actually Janice I had planned to do the Carlwalk this year. My request for info will be in the morning post.

Message: 17431 Posted: Wed Jun 20 17:54:10 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: America and the Carl Wilson Foundation

Thank you Steve (and Betty). My request for materials is going out in the mail tomorrow...and not just to help my cause. I am part of a very small 1% of the entire world population who has been diagnosed with GIST. There is no treatment...but with efforts such as these, maybe someday there will be. Come on America Fans.......
(climbing down off my soapbox.) :-)

Message: 17430 Posted: Wed Jun 20 16:23:28 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Hawaii versus Australia

The great tragedy of Planet Earth is that the South Pacific islands are so tiny. The South Pacific climate is rainy & perfect. But there aren't any giant land-masses for the rain to fall on. It's a shame that Australia isn't located in the South Pacific. Australia is almost entirely a desert. Only the southeastern fringe of Australia gets any rain. It's a terrible irony that Big Australia is a desert, while Tiny Hawaii gets all the rain. Think of all that rain falling uselessly on the South Pacific Ocean. What a waste.

Message: 17429 Posted: Wed Jun 20 12:32:18 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America and The Carl Wilson Foundation

Oops. I see that Betty beat me to the punch. That's OK, it doesn't hurt to read about it twice. Plus, I have included a link to the Carl Wilson Foundation web site. As a cancer survivor myself, I support this cause whole heartedly and it's even better because America will be there.

Message: 17428 Posted: Wed Jun 20 12:28:59 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America and The Carl Wilson Foundation

Here's some information about America and The Carl Wilson Foundation (

The FOURTH annual Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer and Benefit Concert is October 14, 2001! We have confirmed AMERICA, The Wilson's (Carnie & Wendy), In Bloom (Justyn Wilson, Carl B. Wilson and Mario Tucker) with more to come.

Send SASE for more information.
The Carl Wilson Foundation
P.O. Box 1708
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

DEADLINE to register and get tickets (before public sale) is Sept. 1, 2001.

Thank you,
Betty Collignon
The Carl Wilson Foundation

Message: 17427 Posted: Wed Jun 20 12:24:58 2001 By: Betty
Subject: The Carl Wilson Foundation Benefit Concert

Please support The Carl Wilson Foundation

The FOURTH annual Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer and Benefit Concert is October 14, 2001! We have confirmed AMERICA, The Wilson's (Carnie & Wendy), In Bloom (Justyn Wilson, Carl B. Wilson and Mario Tucker)with more to come.

Send SASE for more information.
The Carl Wilson Foundation
P.O. Box 1708
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

DEADLINE to register and get tickets (before public sale) is Sept. 1, 2001.

Thank you,

Message: 17426 Posted: Wed Jun 20 12:03:32 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Red Oak

I've taught many grades in my teaching career: Kindergarten and Grade 2 were my favorites! I now reside in Grade 6, where the girls are 12 going on 32...and the boys are "just" beginning to stand up to authority. The state of Massachusetts requires a 185 day school year and we always start before Labor Day...but "snow days" are what lengthens the school year. Legally, we should have closed school on June 15th...but we needed to "make-up" six snow days! LOVE those snow days in the winter...but unfortunately we have to pay for them now!

Message: 17425 Posted: Wed Jun 20 10:54:47 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Harbor Poster and Nina's Dilemma


Message: 17424 Posted: Wed Jun 20 10:28:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Harbor Poster and Nina's Dilemma

Andy, I forgot that the "Harbor" poster has two sides. Yeah, I meant Steve on one side of Gerry and Janell on the other...both with instruments in hand. :0)

I like John L's suggestion, "Nina, just take a large bag to school today, stuff the computer in and run like hell when the final bell goes."

I can picture Nina now: Cause she's running from the ring of the golden bell like a bat out of hell. Go Nina Go! On the other hand, I can picture this too: Nina can't live in the walls of a prison where the warm summer winds would never blow.

We better think of another idea. Nina, at least your town HAS a library! LOL

Message: 17423 Posted: Wed Jun 20 10:16:18 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Red Oak

You should be the highest paid,in my opinion! What grade do you teach and why so long of a school year?

Message: 17422 Posted: Wed Jun 20 10:07:51 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Red Oak

There is an error in your equation...please re-do and have on my desk by 3:00 PM. (I wish schoolteacher back east equalled big bucks!) Thanks for at least "thinking" the profession should be highly paid!

Message: 17421 Posted: Wed Jun 20 09:36:19 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Reply to Robyn and John L.

Sorry about that Nina! Here at LAPL, we have Internet access computers in the reading room, available for 1/2 hour at a time. No one looks over your shoulder and there are privacy screens to keep people from "evesdropping" as for the heat, it has to be around 100 for me to notice!

Message: 17420 Posted: Wed Jun 20 09:31:29 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Robyn and John L.

Robyn...My little town library does have internet access, but it's IN the head librarian's she's always over your shoulder and it's NOT a pleasant situation. As for moving to LA? I'd wither in the heat! One July I spent a week in LaMirada, then SanFrancisco...and prefered the coolness up north.

John...I like your style, but I'd get caught red-handed for sure! Can I come work for you? Have a good summer!

Message: 17419 Posted: Wed Jun 20 09:30:50 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: See you in September...

Schoolteacher back east=big bucks=laptop.
Need we say more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 17418 Posted: Wed Jun 20 08:59:03 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Live Chat

Please join me this evening for the weekly chat. The official start time is 6 p.m.Pacific Time ( 9p.m. eastern) I will be in the room after 7. Hope to see you there!

Message: 17417 Posted: Wed Jun 20 08:52:24 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: See you in September...

Doesn't your Public Library have public Internet access? Maybe you should move to LA!

Message: 17416 Posted: Wed Jun 20 08:46:06 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: See you in September...

Nina, just take a large bag to school today, stuff the computer in, and run like hell when the final bell goes.

Message: 17415 Posted: Wed Jun 20 08:42:14 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: America's Cup

Come on Down Mike B - you can get almost $2 AUS for $1 US - can't be a bad deal - I'll let jimbob tell you how many thousand $NZ you could get for the US The Kiwis have done well to retain the old tin cup - now see if you can get America to visit (maybe to call on Neil Finn - roll on this Saturday night's show).
Mike - just call them yachts - we know what you mean, but not sure what the Stars and Strips was - sure sounds a lot more interesting than sailing boats.... hee hee. Just kiddin' - I am a water person and get withdrawal symptoms when I am more than a mile or so away from it. The real Stars and Stripes took the Cup back from us right here in Perth in 1987 - even Jimmy Buffett came down - the rub was that I was working in Sydney at the time!! You know that I made the trip back here to see a few races - all we needed were our guys and it would have been the party of the century, even though JB says it was anyway.... lol
Agreed jimbob - AMERICA for AUCKLAND AND AUSTRALIA - maybe in 2002?

Message: 17414 Posted: Wed Jun 20 07:59:06 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Among Friends..

I feel like I know many of you, and although this is a very public board I wanted to share that I am going to MD Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston on July 2. You need not respond to this message, but keep me in your prayers. Thanks. :-)

Message: 17413 Posted: Wed Jun 20 07:54:36 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Hawaii Pic

Thanks Steve...great picture! Hmmm..submarines, boats, helicopters..don't forget the rent a jeep for the day and to hike Sacred Falls! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time..check out those snazzy Hawaiian duds! :-)

Message: 17412 Posted: Wed Jun 20 07:15:31 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hawaii Pic

Ok, major digital envy from this venue (C= !!!!
Hope you guys are having even more FUN, have a safe trip back!!!!!!!!!


Message: 17411 Posted: Wed Jun 20 05:48:41 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: America's Cup

Jimbob & Holiday,

**I dont know if it is much known in the States**.

The Aerospace company I work for supplied composite materials for a schooner, sail boat, (or what ever you call an entry down under) several years ago. Forget the name, maybe "Stars and Strips"

I sure would like to come to Aussie for an America vacation. I could come during the America's Cup and listene to America play "Ports-of-Call". Two sailing boats, touring, flying helicopters, casing kangaroos, seeing LRB, Taxiride, and forgeting about the world of work. Ahhhhhhh! I envy you SteveL.

Message: 17410 Posted: Wed Jun 20 04:59:46 2001 By: Nina
Subject: See you in September...

Unfortunately, the time has come to shut down the school computer in my I'm saying my "good-byes" today, with a very heavy heart! Lisa from RI...promise to call me or write me if any New England shows are added over the summer? Janice....I'll be rooting for you, stay strong! Bones and Alan...keep considering the show in NH in the fall as I'd love to see you both! Mike B...glad you had America serenade you on you B-D! Johnny...thanks for the B-D wishes...aren't YOU June also? Steve always, you're the best! It'll be a L-O-N-G summer off-line for me and I'll miss you all! I'll have to bribe my sister or brother to access their computers occasionally or the withdrawal will be unbearable!

Last, but not least, to Gerry, Dewey and the band...thanks for filling my life with music!


Message: 17409 Posted: Wed Jun 20 03:57:39 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hawaii Pic

"Steve, looks like you and Janell could fit right on the "Harbor" poster!"

Which side, Johnny? The one in the baseball stadium? LOL

Nice picture Steve! Hope that you're having a great time!


Message: 17408 Posted: Tue Jun 19 22:20:34 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: America's Cup

Holiday, funny you mentioned Americas Cup- I have often thought how fitting it would be if the guys played in Auckland while the cup was on.As you are probably aware its a huge occasion(are you from Perth?) but I dont know if it is much known in the States.

Message: 17407 Posted: Tue Jun 19 20:11:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Hawaii Pic

Steve, looks like you and Janell could fit right on the "Harbor" poster!

Message: 17406 Posted: Tue Jun 19 18:29:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: re: New Question

Sounds like Steve and Janell are having a wonderful time (we want pictures, right?)

OK, Janice, it's your fault (LOL). I have my digital camera with me and I've probably taken about 1000 pictures so far. Some of them have turned out quite well. We've been in submarines, boats, tour buses, helicopters, and on foot so we've seen just about everything there is to see. I'll spare you looking through a thousand photos and just include a link to one of them. This photo is in the courtyard of the Radisson Kuhio Hotel in Waikiki. We were just getting ready to leave for an evening dinner on a boat that sailed around in the ocean.

Click here to see the photo

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. By the way, Eddy, thanks for the info on the B/L/L import. Let us know if you find out anything else about the bonus tracks.

Message: 17405 Posted: Tue Jun 19 18:10:56 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sir George Box Set

Aloha again. It's still beautiful here in Hawaii. By the way, I received a message from Steve Orchard informing me that George Martin has a 6 CD box set coming out in July. America is represented on it, as you can tell by the ad below. The track listing only has 2 America songs featured: "Tin Man" and "Sister Goldenhair". I don't foresee anyone heading out to pick up a 6 CD box set with only 2 cuts that we all have already... but its worth mentioning!

Click Here To See The Ad (932x1283 pixels - that's big!)

Thanks to Steve Orchard for letting us know about it.

Message: 17404 Posted: Tue Jun 19 17:49:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Homecoming

Good questions, Andy. I remember reading in one of Dan's weekly bios that he mentioned the violin or fiddle (no difference is there) was added to "Don't Cross The River" by Sir George but I think it was for the "History" version of the song. Who played it, I'm not sure. Would have to go back to research it.

According to the "Homecoming" credits, I see your'e right Andy. Dewey played the drums on "Head and Heart". I can't say I've ever read where Dewey played the bass or piano...good point again.

I have heard dB was learning to play the piano. Heard this about a year ago or more. Next question, who's dB? Any guesses?

Message: 17403 Posted: Tue Jun 19 16:49:02 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Kevin S. / Andy

Kevin, you were at the Cayman Island gig?! DROOLING....

Thanks for saying "in my living room" Andy. That's what I thought but didn't say : )

Message: 17402 Posted: Tue Jun 19 15:35:29 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Rest of the Story

I never knew Dewey to play the bass or piano, but it wouldn't shock me if he did. I believe he is credited on playing drums on one track on Homecoming.
BTW....What songs does Dan play violin on?


Message: 17401 Posted: Tue Jun 19 12:46:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Rest of the Story

>>Does Dewey plan the piano?<<

That's the exact thing I thought was an error. I don't know. I bet Jimnak knows.

The mention of "illness and accidents" was no doubt referring to Dan just as Dan told us in his bio stories.

Message: 17400 Posted: Tue Jun 19 11:24:17 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Rest of the Story

Does Dewey play the piano?

Message: 17399 Posted: Tue Jun 19 10:03:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Rest of the Story

Here is the complete "Homecoming" bio put out by Warner back in January 1973. I think there's an error in paragraph five but I'm not positive. You can read it and judge for yourself.


Easy and sure vocals tightly surrounded by a blend of guitars tempered by a youthful energy has become identifiable in the last year as the sound of one group -- AMERICA. And just as the nation that also bears that name is the collective energies of individual states, AMERICA is the collaboration of the musical talents of Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, whose musical cohesiveness is obvious the first time you hear them. They all write lyrics stimulated by the same kinds of feelings about themselves and their natural surroundings, mostly encased in metaphors of American landscapes and its animal inhabitants. They all play their instruments and use their voices with a remarkably compatible "feel." And they all admire the musical talents of the same kind of fellow artists such as The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens and Jackson Browne.

The compatibilities of AMERICA must stem in part from the similar backgrounds of the three. Dan, Dewey, and Gerry all grew up in the constantly moving environs of the United States Air Force. Their officer fathers were stationed in various parts of the world throughout their lives until their histories converged on one locale - England. It was there in the American school just outside London that they met and began sharing their music with each other. It was there that they decided to become AMERICA and begin playing gigs in London and were signed by Warner Bros. Records.

The success of that first album "America" and the hit single "A Horse With No Name," which brought them to the attention of American and English fans in an unbelieveably short time, is now record business history. Since the, AMERICA has begun to find a home in the country whose name they borrowed, and migration to the States has brought about a second album, "Homecoming", released in November, 1972.

Now that Dan, Dewey and Gerry have found a home in California, they have decided to further the plans begun with the recording of their last album. AMERICA produced "Homecoming" themselves and all three look forward to production collaboration on future albums.

They want to increase their musical vocabulary with the addition of more instruments (all three play bass and piano as well as guitar and Dan has even learned to play the violin), and they are considering the use of more electronic amplification having experimented with an Arp synthesizer on the "Homecoming" album.

They embarked on their first tour in January playing major concert halls across the country for three months, something they had looked forward to for a long time but was hindered by illness and accidents. And now that they live in Southern California they can be closer to their musician and songwriter friends that they have felt so far apart from.

Message: 17398 Posted: Tue Jun 19 09:54:29 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: I vote Indian Casino.

Not counting the Cayman Island gig, I think the best sound system I've heard America play in was at the Potawatomi Indian Casino in Milwaukee. The acoustics in that place were unbelievable.


Message: 17397 Posted: Tue Jun 19 08:42:11 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: New Question

Living in Los Angeles, I have been lucky enough to see them in a number of different venues. Each had something to recommend them>

Small venues like the Key Club- Intimate setting, wonderful!

Medium size venue-- Universal Ampithetre, Dorothy Chandler Pavillion. In venues of this size the the sound system and lighting are awesome.

Stadium shows thankfully almost no one does these anymore kind of fun to start out, but by the end of the day you're fried and have a headache and just want to go home!

Message: 17396 Posted: Tue Jun 19 05:41:53 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: New Question

Not to sound biased, but I had great lawn seats right here in Peachtree City Georgia..(where they just happen to be coming back to in Sept). Although I envy the folks with the picnic tables, I am not a season ticket holder (pass on the Swingin Medallions and Paul Anka kinda stuff), but I find that lawn area is quite cool. I can spread out a blanket, picnic and pop open a bottle of wine. Ahhhh..
Survived Ronnie's party..20 rambunctious 5-8 yr olds tearing up the backyard..the slide was a huge hit (and yes, I went on) :-) The most fun I have had since the demise of my trampoline (it was destroyed by a hardwood that came crashing down on it!)
Spirits are life just 3 months at a time anymore and hope to be given 3 more months, come August. Sounds like Steve and Janelle are having a wonderful time (we want pictures, right?) Hope everyone had a great Father's Day...have a splendid week! Janice

Message: 17395 Posted: Tue Jun 19 05:15:49 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Red Rocks

Red Rocks to me is like being in Heaven and looking down with a big smile on your face at whoever is performing on stage. Absolutely go there for a concert if at all possible in your lifetime. You will not be disappointed.

Message: 17394 Posted: Mon Jun 18 20:13:54 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson-Japan

Hi Guys!
Found out some news that I wanted to share!!
Beckley/Lamm/Wilson's "Like A Brother" is being released in Japan
(RCA Victor-VICP-61387) on June 21st, It will contain 3 bonus tracks not included on the original domestic release:
1. Standing At Your Door
2. Blue After All
3. In The Dark
No information yet on who wrote or is doing the lead vocals on these tracks.
Looks like I'll be buying ANOTHER copy of L.A.B. soon!!(if I can get my hands on this import!)
Just thought I would pass this on......

Message: 17393 Posted: Mon Jun 18 20:01:50 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Red Rocks

Is Red Rocks a great place to see a show because of the good sound or the overall atmosphere? Or both?


Message: 17392 Posted: Mon Jun 18 17:24:58 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Thank you, Beechlady

Thank you for agreeing with me that Red Rocks would be the best. Now, if only they will play there the next time thru Denver. I'll get a good sense of sound quality indoor this Friday at the Paramount here in Denver. Will report about the sound after I attend.

Message: 17391 Posted: Mon Jun 18 17:08:17 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question

Unfortunatly I've only been to see them in 2 wildly varying venues. Pine Knob (Clarkston, Mich) can be a GREAT concert-or a gestapo laden "event", but at least there is SEATING and shelter if you pay the $$'s.... Gulfstream Race Track (Hallendale) can be just as bi-polar. First year I went, the sound (VENUE guys sound system-NOT America's) was pretty ragged, but the second was VERY nice! Now that they've decided to put SEATING in (festival and on the GROUND was the order of the day before), it's probably all the better. I agree with Red Oak though, RED ROCKS is definatly THE venue (outdoor OR indoor!!!!!)


Message: 17390 Posted: Mon Jun 18 16:52:53 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question

"What venue is your favorite to see America in and why? "

Answer: In my living room.

Okay, now that fantasy hour is over, I'd say that I'd prfer to see the group anywhere the long set is played, and the sound quality is excellent. Although I enjoy small clubs, the best sounding America concert that I've experienced was last summer in New London Connecticut....and they played the long set. This was an outdoor venue in a state park.
There is no rule as to what sounds better between indoor and outdoor shows. The best AND worst sounding concerts that I've been to were outdoors. I live on Long Island, and the indoor Westbury Music Fair has, IMHO, only tolerable sound. The B.B King's venue in New York City is much better, but like the Music Fair, you only get to hear the "short set".
Same with the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut: So so sound, and short set :( Still, if it's America, I'll end up going no matter what. On the other hand, I thought that the sound was excellent at the Red Bank, New Jersey show in the Count Bassie theater (the one with the great Al Stewart opening up)....and we got the long set !!

Again, just give me good sound quality and the long set, and I'll be happy. To those that attended the shows that I've mentioned, I'm curious about your opinions about the sound quality.


Message: 17389 Posted: Mon Jun 18 14:08:41 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Upcoming Rhino Releases

Aloha everyone! I'm enjoing the last 3 days of my two week anniversary celebration here in Hawaii. It has been great!

I received a mail message from Rhino today and they're anxious to get the word out to the America fans about what they're up to. As soon as they have more information/artwork/etc. about the upcoming releases they'll pass it on to me and I'll post it here. By the way, if you're not familiar with new DVD-Audio you can check out a page they have up at their site explaining the new format:

Also, in a new partnership with ebay, Rhino is auctioning off rare, autographed or otherwise unique items to raise money for charity. They just put up a framed, autographed "Highway" poster yesterday. Below is a link to the auction page (which ends on Sunday June 24). The URL is:

Message: 17388 Posted: Mon Jun 18 13:25:16 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question

Anywhere that America play's the complete long set.

I really liked the up close and personnal casino show I went to in Jackpot, Nevada last year. Only about 500-600 people, great sound, sitting right in front of the band where I can see every guitar chord. Two short sets in one night made for 2 1/2 hours of live America with a few song changes between sets. Besides I could listen live to Ventura Highway, Women Tonight, Daisy, etc. several times over. I envy Erin's casino experience. Wasn't it seven nights in a row last year. Were those double sets each night?

Message: 17387 Posted: Mon Jun 18 11:44:09 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question

Beggars can't be choosey, but my dream outdoor concert would be Red Rocks which is just outside of Morrison, Colorado. I don't know if America has ever performed there or not. But, they will be at the Paramount this Friday and I will be there to enjoy. Then buy tickets Saturday for the Eagles. Life is good in Colorado!

Message: 17386 Posted: Mon Jun 18 11:18:51 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question


Message: 17385 Posted: Mon Jun 18 11:18:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Various

Yes, welcome welcome jimbob! No, I didn't know Neil Finn was from New Zealand because as Chris implied, he tried to pull a fast one on me by claiming Finn as an Aussie. ha ha!

Okay Chris and everyone, I'll post more of the "Homecoming" bio soon but I'll wait till there's a lull. I'll just post the whole thing at that time.

Kim, my favorite venue choice would be outdoors in the evening although I've never seen the guys in a small club. A small club sounds like it would be very nice.

Message: 17384 Posted: Mon Jun 18 11:11:17 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Austin Concert/New Question

>>What venue is your favorite to see America in and why? (ie Arena, small club, outdoor concert etc). <<


Message: 17383 Posted: Mon Jun 18 10:45:29 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Austin Concert/New Question

Saw the 7:00 p.m. Austin concert last night and it was fantastic. The guys played for about an hour and twenty minutes. No songs from Hourglass or Human Nature but they did include Three Roses, Baby It's Up to You, The Border, Never Be Lonely and California Revisited which they hadn't played at the Richardson concert (I posted the complete list at the vh website). The theater was very small (300 seats)and we were in the 2nd row. Needless to say the seats were great! Brad was sitting on a stool as he broke his collar bone a few days ago.

Since I just recently found this site I have a survey question which may have been asked before but here goes. What venue is your favorite to see America in and why? (ie Arena, small club, outdoor concert etc).

Thanks kimcabrina

Message: 17382 Posted: Mon Jun 18 06:35:54 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: jimbob/Johnny/Ingrid

Welcome jimbob - I enjoyed your America recollections and look forward to hearing more now that you have found us here! Good to have some more southern hemisphere friends too - and yes, Neil Finn is from Te Awamutu NZ, one of two talented sons of Irish migrants. I recently sent Johnny some Down Under songs and tried to claim Neil for Australia - Neily got away with it ..... lol. One Nil to NZ .. hee hee. Anyway, we are brothers with NZ because we both play rugby and cricket and have both won the America's Cup ... didn't know that our guys had a sailing trophy named after them ... ok, I'll stop now.

Thanks Ingrid for your Tribute thoughts - and yes, anything from S. Stills is quite fine with me. I am now glad that I did not venture Sister Golden Hair by Faith Hill ... hee hmmm.

Johnny - How about some more of that Warner's promo release about Homecoming? - you said there were 6 paragraphs in all - how about another one or two before August?

Message: 17381 Posted: Mon Jun 18 00:17:38 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: hi all/neil finn

Hi everyone,this is my first time on the chat folder since I discovered this terrific site.AMERICA have been my favourite band hands down since 1979.I got to see them twice when they toured New Zealand in 1984.The sound of those Ovations as they opened the shows with The Border is something I wont forget!I am a SERIOUS fan- I knew what day they were flying in,but no-one could tell me what flight so I waited.And waited.After 4 hours I spied Gerry and approached him.I have often read on this board how gracious these guys are.Its true;first Gerry then Dewey signed my AMERICA COMPLETE book.I was 23 then and had an accoustic duo named Tin Man and to meet these 2 guys and find them to be so friendly was the most incredible thing to ever happen to me!I will write more of my AMERICA experience in my fan biography.Holiday,Im sure you will love the Neil Finn show.I saw the first night of the current tour in Auckland,and as always,he was superb!Johnny,hi to you;your knowledge of all things AMERICA is most impressive,but did you know Neil Finn is a Kiwi,not an Aussie?!Steve,thankyou for the fantastic work youve done with this site;until I found it,it was virtually impossible to find anything in N.Z. on this brilliant band!

Message: 17380 Posted: Sun Jun 17 18:30:42 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Doc Holiday finds the cure once again

LOVED your history tribute list Chris. I would just add Stephen Stills.......Molten Love

And I'd like to thank the academy that no one said Faith Hill or Tim McGraw.

I don't have children yet so WHAT currently charting acts? Oh, I guess Aerosmith has recently charted -- I can get back to ya on that one.

Message: 17379 Posted: Sun Jun 17 17:41:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to wish all the dads here a Happy Father's Day!

Message: 17378 Posted: Sun Jun 17 17:18:39 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio #45 and + Father Vibes

Ah yes the infamous Bob Hope special.......TV Guide did a nice article on America for that first week of July issue, I remember cherishing those 4 little pieces of paper for over 12 years (until the step Dad threw my HUGE America article collection away.....sigh-guess I should NOT have moved out and married...rofl!) Although I've forgiven him (and myself), I wish I could get THAT back.....Creem articles, Rolling Stone articles, Hit Parade Articles, AAAAARRGHHHHH.

Oh, Well....Happy Fathers Day to all!!!!!


Message: 17377 Posted: Sun Jun 17 09:12:29 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan's Bio #45.

I continue finding Dan's bio interesting and enlightening. And, ultimately, tragic. Perhaps the "rug being pulled out" was real. Maybe it was imagined. Or maybe it was the "chemicals" doing the talking. In any event, if it was "real" in Dan's head, then it was real to him.

As far as Hearts goes, I liked it a lot. It seemed like they were getting more comfortable with George Martin, and he with them. It was still a huge departure from the rich acoustic trademark sound of the pre-Martinizing, and I found Holiday to be a little wobbly for it.


Message: 17376 Posted: Sun Jun 17 07:54:47 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Dan's Bio #45

Hmmm... I wonder at what point the rug began to be pulled out? For much as I like all of America's music, some I like more than others. I know that Hearts is a favourite of many fans, but for me, at the time, it was a disappointment. I felt that the consistency of their music was disappearing fast. Side 1 should have been Side 2, and maybe it was only half a record anyway. I always thought that a composite Hearts/Hideaway would have maintained their momentum better than bowing to the commercial gods and going for an album a year.
IMO of course, but I still only like Daisy Jane from side one ...... sorry Hearts fans....

Message: 17375 Posted: Sun Jun 17 07:32:20 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: America Tribute - Survey Q

Why thanks Johnny, I am glad that you have enjoyed listening to some Aussie Artists lately. I will report back about Taxiride's upcoming second album soon, and I am hoping that they will cover an early America tune - they certainly have a very similar style.
Also glad that you like "Open Up Your Heart" by G Wayne Thomas. Now that song is exactly America, Gerry in particular. It could have come straight off Homecoming. I believe that Gerry has heard this song recently too, so who knows, we may hear him sing it one day. Co-incidentally, it was a radio hit here in 1972.
I am seeing Neil Finn in concert next Saturday - I'll report back for those who like Crowded House/Neil...

Message: 17374 Posted: Sun Jun 17 07:18:52 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Nina and Bruno

Hope you had a great birthday Nina. It started out rough for me, but America washed all the worries away in SLC. I enjoyed Johnny Rivers too.. "Midnight Special", "Slow Dancing" with my wife, and "Secret Agent Man". You can see my America review at

Great news about "Today's The Day" from the Italian's Bruno.
"Yesterday" was the day for me.

Message: 17373 Posted: Sat Jun 16 15:52:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Nina and Bruno

'Today's The Day' isn't it Nina? If I'm correct, Happy Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!

Ciao Bruno from across the sea!

Message: 17372 Posted: Sat Jun 16 14:08:49 2001 By: bruno
Subject: news about music of Gerry+Dewey

One of major italian Radio (Radio R.T.L.) organize a sounding among fans of pop-rock about more beatiful songs of history of pop-rock music.
recent wednesday 13 June the song more beatiful resulted "You can do magic" of America.
Ciao Hi Ingrid,Yohnny, Steve and to all

Message: 17371 Posted: Sat Jun 16 11:17:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Tribute - Survey Q.

Heard any artists from Down Under, you ask? As a matter-of-fact, yes! I've recently heard Taxiride's cover of CSNY's "Helplessly Hoping". Wow! What an incredible job Taxiride has done. I wholeheartedly agree with Chris...I wish Taxiride would cover "Riverside" or any other America trio song that involves harmony. I have no doubt they would do a wonderful job. Taxiride's tight vocals definitely reminds me of our guys when they were a trio as well as CSNY.

There's an Aussie song called "Open Up Your Heart" by G. Wayne-Thomas that reminds me very much of Gerry's songwriting style. It's very catchy and upbeat. In my mind, I can hear Gerry singing it.

Other Aussie artists I've recently heard are STARS, The Black Sorrows, Hoodoo Gurus, Imaginate, Ganga Jang, and Paul Kelly. Kelly is another Aussie favorite of mine as is Neil Finn.

Chris' mention of Paul McCartney and "Lonely People" reminds me of seeing McCartney on Larry King earlier this week. Here's a little bit of trivia. McCartney said he selected the name "Eleanor Rigby" because he's always liked the name "Eleanor". "Rigby" came about because he was looking for a two syllable name and saw "Rigby" on a store.

He also talked about any chances of a Beatles reunion. He said if they did, he'd always be looking to his left and without Lennon there, it wouldn't be the Beatles. So, in other words, the chances are extremely slim to none.

Message: 17370 Posted: Sat Jun 16 07:35:07 2001 By: holiday
Subject: America Tribute - Survey Q.

Hey, great idea Robyn. And I have to agree with Leakycanoe and Erin re Jimmy Buffett - anything from HARBOR would be ok... hee hee. Or what about DAISY JANE for his long suffering wife? ... just kiddin' Jimmy, but it does seem to fit with references to flying to Memphis and Jimmy's love of flying (and Jane too!!)

Ok, I have stretched the rules a bit (as I do) and thought of who I'd like to see perform an America History Tribute, not necessarily current charters.. here goes:

NEIL YOUNG ................ HORSE WNN
THE WHO ................... SANDMAN
BELLAMY BROTHERS .......... AMBER CASCADES (or David Cassidy..LOL!!)

Ok, some of these were only semi-serious, but it was fun....LOL

Of Current Charters, Taxiride would do a great job of "Riverside" - it's always reminded me of a CS&N number, and they do CS&N to perfection. I am hoping Taxiride might ask our guys to cover this song on their upcoming second album. I have certainly asked them to.
Oh, Johnny - heard any other artists from Down Under lately??

Message: 17369 Posted: Fri Jun 15 19:49:56 2001 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Survey Answer.

that was type o negative on the "i know what you did last summer" soundtrack... it's really funny. that soundtrack opens with the most amazing cover of deep purple's "hush" by one of my fav bands Kula Shaker... in fact we cover their cover... but really a neat cd...

and i love ryan adams. heartbreaker was one of if not the best album of last year...


Message: 17368 Posted: Fri Jun 15 17:56:19 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: New survey question

"HORSE...Neil Young.DanC."

Wait.....You mean Horse WASN'T Neil Young??? he he he


Message: 17367 Posted: Fri Jun 15 17:06:10 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: New survey question

HORSE...Neil Young.DanC.

Message: 17366 Posted: Fri Jun 15 16:08:53 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New survey question

>> I'm really not sure about this one, because I listen to so FEW current acts.<<

That's ok David. I sort of broke my own rule by naming King Crimson, who haven't had a charting ANYTHING in forever! ( But the cover would be totally cool ( IMHO)

Message: 17365 Posted: Fri Jun 15 15:57:02 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: New survey question - oops!

I forgot to specify which song(s) - ANY of them! ;)

Message: 17364 Posted: Fri Jun 15 15:54:32 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: New survey question

I'm really not sure about this one, because I listen to so FEW current acts. Here's a stretch, although they've been recording for over 30 years, the Bee Gees have a new album out, so i guess they'd qualify.
I'd *love* to hear these 5 guys do some great harmony!


What currently charting artist would you like to hear cover an America tune? What tune? I would
ask you NOT to consider Brittney Spears as a viable choice. The thought of her warbling anything
written by America is abhorent to me!

I will log in with my choice later.

Message: 17363 Posted: Fri Jun 15 13:40:12 2001 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Three More

mary chapin carpenter: old virginia
matchbox 20: only in your heart
james taylor: glad to see you

Message: 17362 Posted: Fri Jun 15 11:02:15 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Survey Answer.

This question reminded me of one of the oddest covers I've ever heard. A guy I work with is a huge metal fan. One day in his car he had a CD from some death metal group (it was either O Negative or Extreme, I can't remember which). A song came on with the loudest, rawest, ugliest, most butt-cheek tighteningest electric guitar riff. Then, in a voice sounding like Satan's evil twin, a guy comes on singing: See the curtains hanging in the window...Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine... Weird.

I'd like to hear Ryan Adams do a cover of Donkey Jaw.


Message: 17361 Posted: Fri Jun 15 10:42:15 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Survey Question

How about Limp Bizkit doing Muscrat Love. Maybe not.

Matchbox 20 - Young Moon
REM - Pages
BNL - Pigeon Song

Message: 17360 Posted: Fri Jun 15 10:03:18 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Survey Question

Nina I shudder at the thought ( although I am loathe to admit it, you are probably right!)

Message: 17359 Posted: Fri Jun 15 09:49:32 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Survey Question

I can't help thinking that if one of the "boy bands" (Backstreet Boys or N*SYNC) recorded Gerry's "All My Life" they'd have a giant hit with it!

Message: 17358 Posted: Fri Jun 15 08:49:19 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Three More

Andy, I am glad you are enjoying this It IS fun and it was gettin' kinda dull around here...

Sarah McLachlan-- Monster

Heart ( or whatever Ann and Nancy are calling themselves these days)

King Crimson- Donkey Jaw ( just imagining how THAT would sound makes me giddy)

Message: 17357 Posted: Fri Jun 15 08:11:44 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: New survey question/ two more

How about Janet Jackson doing Daisy Jane? No wait...been there, done that.

I think I'd like to hear Weezer do EVERYONE I MEET'S FROM CALIFORNIA (or California Revisited).


Message: 17356 Posted: Thu Jun 14 23:28:10 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: New survey question/ two more

Here are two more:

TORI AMOS-- "Midnight"

INDIGO GIRLS-- "Children" (Their harmonies might do that song justice)

This sure is fun !


Message: 17355 Posted: Thu Jun 14 22:18:06 2001 By: Erin
Subject: re: new survey question

I've got to agree with Leakycanoe....Jimmy Buffett on Ports of Call, Close To The Wind, maybe even Coastline. Michael Crawford doing Sergeant Darkness or All My Life, and Blues Traveler on Mirror To Mirror.
I listened to Riverside in the car today...makes me realize how LONG it's been since I've seen a live show...only about two more months...can't wait to see you guys back in Reno!!! (I just wish it was longer than two days...I'm going to miss seeing 13 in a row...)

Happy Friday everyone (almost)!

Erin :o)

Message: 17354 Posted: Thu Jun 14 20:11:44 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: New survey question

Wednesday Morning: Tom Petty

Message: 17353 Posted: Thu Jun 14 16:31:23 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: re: new survey question/ Robyn

you're after my on heart for mentioning DIDO. I'm seeing her in two weeks!! I got up at 4am this past April to buy those tickets.

Here's my list:

PAULA COLE-- "High In The City"

JEWEL-- "Tall Treasure"


DIDO-- "My Dear"

SARAH McLACHLAN-- "Sargent Darkness" (Oh heck...Sarah can sing
any America song. She'd find a way to make the
liner notes on the CD sound perfect :)

Andy <------Still waiting for that elusive America/Sarah concert :)

Message: 17352 Posted: Thu Jun 14 15:13:31 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: new survey question

Thanks leaky and beech, excellent choices! Here are a few of mine so far ( colored as it were by the fact that I live with a teenager)

Dido--Garden of Peace
Gwen Stefani-- Horse with no Name
Destiny's Child-- Hot Town

I would also like to hear Bruce Springsteen cover Hot Town, always felt that song cried out for the Jersey Bar Band Treatment Bruce and Co could give it.

Message: 17351 Posted: Thu Jun 14 14:53:08 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: new survey question

I came up with a few:

Pop =
Matchbox Twenty - Wednesday Morning
Sugar Ray - Woman Tonight, Wispering
Ricky Martin - Con Tu Pelo Tan Dorado
Paul McCartney - Another Try
Jimmy Buffett - Down to the Water, Close to the Wind, Ports of Call

Country =
Tim McGraw - Old Man Took, Can't fall asleep to a Lullaby
Brooks and Dunn - Hottown
Lonestar - All my Life
Dixi Chicks - Don't Cross the river
Garth Brooks - Daisy Jane

wow that was fun!!

Message: 17350 Posted: Thu Jun 14 13:14:14 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New survey question

Everclear - Green Monkey

TkH<--------+=! no disillusions....

Message: 17349 Posted: Thu Jun 14 10:40:46 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: New survey question

This came up last night and I thought it might be fun to ask on the board.

What currently charting artist would you like to hear cover an America tune? What tune? I would ask you NOT to consider Brittney Spears as a viable choice. The thought of her warbling anything written by America is abhorent to me!

I will log in with my choice later.

Message: 17348 Posted: Thu Jun 14 10:34:52 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wednesday Chat

A few people had that problem last night! Chalk it up to Mercury being retrograde!

Thanks to all those who joined in the fun last night.

Message: 17347 Posted: Thu Jun 14 10:26:31 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Wednesday Chat

I tried to get in the chat room last night, but my dinosaur work computer wouldn't let me. Maybe that's some kind of sign...Hope everyone had a great time.

Erin :o)

Message: 17346 Posted: Thu Jun 14 08:43:03 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ian Samwell

Be well Ian

Message: 17345 Posted: Thu Jun 14 06:39:15 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Ian Samwell


Message: 17344 Posted: Wed Jun 13 20:15:16 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Ian Samwell

I had no idea that he was ill. I wish hime a very speedy and full recovery !!


Message: 17343 Posted: Wed Jun 13 19:17:15 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Ian Samwell

Some of you may be aware that Ian Samwell was recently admitted to the emergency room and has been in intensive care. I received the following message today from Scott West: "Ian is out of the ICU and in a private room at the hospital. He is no longer intubated and will be up to seeing visitors soon. His girl friend said that he doesn't want any visitors yet, but deeply appreciates everyone's support. If you want to post something, you can say that he's doing better. It looks like he had a nasty ulcer and tear in his stomach. Very serious."

Message: 17342 Posted: Wed Jun 13 19:02:13 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell/Boston

The LONG SET!!!!!????? ALL THREE of their "new" tunes?????!!!!

And I MISSED IT? I have just one thing to say:


ASC <----------- Looking for a good therapist

Message: 17341 Posted: Wed Jun 13 09:17:48 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday Chat reminder

Please join me this evening for another lively chat about Things America. The chat "officially" starts at 6 pm Pacific. I get into the room sometime after 7. Hope to see some new "faces" and some long absent "faces"

Message: 17340 Posted: Wed Jun 13 07:16:09 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Message to Lisa (daisyjane 64)/Bones/Alan

Left my email addresses at home please bear with me as I send out some messages.

Lisa...Hope you and hubby have car problem solved...You missed a great show...I spoke to Pete and Bill only...Another night you "wouldn't" have gotten your America jacket signed! I called Keene, NH again and they still won't sell me tickets until after Labor your chances to get good seats through the computer are probaby better than mine at the box office. Good luck!

Bones...Where is Wallingford, CT? (Is it near the casinos?) I noticed an August 22 concert scheduled there and would consider going if I had more info. Are you out of school yet? We have two more weeks! Torture with the recent humidity.

Alan...Congrats on your son's graduation...Wish you still could have come to the show in Boston...We'll connect again someday. Consider Keene, NH in October. If not, Mohegun Sun is in October, too.

America's road manager said something the other night about the "new room" at the Mohegun Sun "might" be ready for the October show. Anybody frequent the Mohegun and have further info? Will it still be a free show ?

Message: 17339 Posted: Tue Jun 12 15:05:42 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Chapter 44

I was overjoyed to see a new chapter and as usual Dan takes me back..James Taylor..Linda Ronstadt..and the mention of Surrealistic Pillow! In fact, I just got my vinyl replaced with a CD on Ebay! Thanks again Dan..and you really need to write faster though.

Planning a wonderful surprise party for Ronnie's birthday this Saturday..too bad America is booked..guess we'll have to settle for Giggles the Clown. Also a local event company is setting up one of those Super Giant Slides..yippee...(yah, right..there goes the new grass...) Smush. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Message: 17338 Posted: Tue Jun 12 05:13:44 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Hatch Shell/Boston

Gee...I guess was the only chat folder person there! I logged on today fully expecting someone to have posted a review, but I don't see one. It WAS the long set (about an hour and a half or so) and it was a real treat hearing the "new" old tunes...especially "Baby It's Up to You", which has always been a personal favorite of mine. (ALAN...sorry!) The weather was great on Saturday and a big crowd turned out on the esplanade to hear "our guys" play all their hits including "The Border" and "Survival".
I didn't hear anything played from Human Nature, so I'm assuming they've thrown those out in lieu of the songs I've already mentioned.
I was about 20 "rows" back from the stage and noticed people stand and applaud the added songs, so there WERE real America aficiandos in attendance...I guess they just weren't anybody from the folder. Waited at the bus to see the guys after the concert, but Gerry and Dewey were "sprited away" by unknown forces (a minivan)! Glad I went...but I was lonely! Where WAS everybody????

Message: 17337 Posted: Mon Jun 11 19:58:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Homecoming" Press Release

Here is a portion of what Warner sent out as their "Homecoming" press release. This is half of the first paragraph of six:

January 1973


Warner Bros. Records Inc.
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, Calif. 91505
(213) 843-6000


Easy and sure vocals tightly surrounded by a blend of guitars tempered by a youthful energy has become identifiable in the last year as the sound of one group -- AMERICA. And just as the nation that also bears that name is the collective energies of individual states, AMERICA is the collaboration of the musical talents of Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, whose musical cohesiveness is obvious the first time you hear them. They all write lyrics stimulated by the same kinds of feeling about themselves....

(I'll post the rest in August when Rhino releases Homecoming-DVD-AUDIO)

Message: 17336 Posted: Mon Jun 11 17:40:20 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: TomT

Hey, Tom. Tried to email you but message got returned. Give me a shout. Got something you may be interested in.

Message: 17335 Posted: Mon Jun 11 16:24:03 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hey Andy

Gary Wright e-mailed you? Good grief! Talk about knowing the right people :) I did get a brief chance to meet him after the show, and I told him that Joan Osborne (in my opinion) did a good job of covering LOVE IS ALIVE on her "Righteous Love" CD. I also thanked him for putting out a few great singles at a time when disco was really starting to pollute the airwaves. He didn't exactly argue with that :)


Message: 17334 Posted: Mon Jun 11 15:58:01 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hey Andy

I guess my lines got crossed- but I'm still sorry for your loss (your mind...LOL). Tha show was great! Gary Wright e-mailed me yesterday. Talk about a "Class Act". They don't make artists like THAT (America, Gary Wright, Al Stewart etc...) anymore. See Ya!

Message: 17333 Posted: Mon Jun 11 13:16:52 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Tom T., Andy, Mark

It's Mark -- cfhere -- that recently lost his father. Is that the loss you were referring to Tom? My condolences too Mark. I'm glad the timing of the concert you went to was right; music can be so healing. A live concert is a very reliable joy-creator for me -- and no hangover later! In fact, I haven't found a "down side" yet! In the last six years or so concerts have become kind of a sacred ritual for me. And they last -- I'm still on my Bad Co./Styx high from Friday.

Keep up the concert reviews everyone -- they're great.

A Musichead

Message: 17332 Posted: Mon Jun 11 10:49:58 2001 By: Cabrina
Subject: Austin - 6/17 Concert

Have enjoyed reading all of the reviews from the recent concerts. Anyone out there going to the Austin concert on June 17th? I have 2nd row, center tickets and am counting the days!! As I only recently attended my first America concert in May I have a question; How long is a "long set"? There are two shows one at 7:00 & 9:30, what are the chances of my getting to see a long set?

Message: 17331 Posted: Sun Jun 10 18:43:59 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Ingrid / Gary Wright

Fasten your seatbelt Ingrid. Joan Osborne's latest CD has a great version of "Love Is Alive". So break out those pom poms (no, not the choclates) and give me a "J".....give me an "O".....give me an "A"....give me an "N"..............awwwwww never mind :)


Message: 17330 Posted: Sun Jun 10 18:39:50 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: I Met ANDY at Mohegan Sun

It was a pleasure meeting you, and the show was excellent. I'm not sure what you're refering to when you mention "my loss". I don't recall losing anything lately....except my mind....and that happened a while ago :)


Message: 17329 Posted: Sun Jun 10 18:36:42 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Russians & Americans

I once spoke with Peter White about Al's recording methods. He said that Russians and Americans was recorded on analog tape, but digitally mixed. Same with Al's 1988 release of "Last Days Of The Century". Speaking of Russians And Americans, my favourite track is "The Candidate". I once asked Al which politician he was thinking about when he wrote that, but I never got a straight answer.


Message: 17328 Posted: Sun Jun 10 17:59:40 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Gary W., L. Lazlo, STYX, Paul R.

Gary Wright! My first dance routine as a cheerleader (more than two decades ago -- UGH!) was to MY LOVE IS ALIVE.

Well I think it's time to get ready
To realize just what I have found
I have been only half
Of what I am
It's all clear to me now

I still can't sit still when it comes on the radio. Must look pretty funny when I'm driving . . .

Viagra Gulch -- LOL LB (Lazlo Baby) Styx has a new (since 1999)keyboardist and vocalist whose playing is supernaturally infused (no, not the dark side, the other side) -- There is no other way to describe it. It is qualitatively beyond human capability. Yep, I'm seeing them again in September. You can call me STRANGE anytime ;)

And for the ladies of the folder: I don't know how old Paul Rogers of Bad Company is -- I would guess 50. But please allow me to say that he is one of the most exquisite testimonies I've seen to the art of body-building. He was dressed in a manner that made that perfectly clear.

Message: 17327 Posted: Sun Jun 10 16:43:17 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: I Met ANDY at Mohegan Sun

Hi Everybody! I got to meet ANDY at Mohegan Sun Last night. It was an incredible show. I was wearing my AMERICA Tour 2000 T-Shirt and I was standing in line when he simply asked.."Do you post messages on the AMERICA Website?" I said Yes, I'm Tom T.- He said "I'm ANDY"- what a small world. To andy- regretfully I haven't posted on this site for quite some time (sorry), but I see you recently had a loss. I'm sorry- I would've expressed my condolences last night. After the show there was a meet and greet and I got to speak with Ambrosia, John Ford Coley, and Gary Wright(!!!!!). Joe Puerta from Ambrosia pointed to my T Shirt and said, "I know those guys- they're great!". It was truthfully the ultimate '70's Fest! Only one thing would've made it better---if AMERICA was there! It was nice meeting you ANDY. Hang in there- I hope I wasn't too rowdy sitting next to you! I tried to contain my excitement! See ya, TT

Message: 17326 Posted: Sun Jun 10 16:04:37 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Russians & Americans

MEMO TO ANDY: Greetings from the Bob Dole Memorial Record Library. On the campus of Bob Dole University in fabulous Viagra Gulch, Kansas. I just heard an Al Stewart record called RUSSIANS & AMERICANS. It suffers from that hideous primitive digital sound of the early 1980s. But luckily, Al's deliciously prissy enunciation came thru unimpaired.
I like "Accident on 3rd Street" and "Strange Girl".

And speaking of strange girls and their liquid gold:
Yeah right.

Message: 17325 Posted: Sun Jun 10 15:50:35 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Swap Memorabilia?

Do we (or Dewey) have anyone interested in swapping some type of America memorabilia for my mint AMERICA logo patch? It's 4.5" x 2". It's blue with a red border around the oval. The word "AMERICA" is in red with a white border around the letters. It's ideal for sewing onto your favorite jacket or cap.

I'm particularly interested in an America button or a laminated backstage access pass much like the ones Dewey own in the "Highway" book. I have the "Highway" and 1979 Central Park Concert buttons already. I may just sell the patch outright if there's a nice offer. Please e-mail me with what you have or offers for an outright sale. No, $1 will not get you the patch! LOL

Message: 17324 Posted: Sun Jun 10 10:59:21 2001 By: toby
Subject: chords: that's all i've got to say

I'm desperately searching for the chords of "that's all I've got to say" (last unicorn soundtrack). the web is full of sites with the lyrics, but apparently nobody has figured out the chords (and put them online). maybe you can help me or know somebody who can? thanks very much!


Message: 17323 Posted: Sat Jun 09 23:56:34 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Where's Andy? Now I can die

">>Back in the 80s, when I discovered Al Stewart,

OH! SO THE '80's WEREN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL, eh, ANDY???????????????

Heh heh heh...the best thing that I can say about the 80s is that I discovered 2 acts that had their beginnings in previous decades: Al in the 60s, and America in the early 70s. Other than that, I'd rather forget the 80s....the decade that tried to sell toy bunnies as legitimate musical instruments.

Boynngg boynngg boynnggg......still stinky OP:


Message: 17322 Posted: Sat Jun 09 18:32:55 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Where's Andy? Now I can die

So Andy, did it make you really nervous when Al was "off" at the beginning? Another member of my holy musical trinity is Stephen Stills. He played a solo concert "for my birthday" this year at South Lake Tahoe. It was one of my long-time rock 'n' roll fantasies come true to see him solo. The night before the concert I was talking to him in the hotel casino and he was smoking a cigarette. I wanted to take it from him and say "What are you DOING? YOUR VOICE IS SOLID GOLD -- get that "cancer stick" OUT of your MOUTH!" But I didn't :) When he came out on stage the next night and started to sing, his voice sounded strained and weak and I was petrified. I then experienced a complete range of emotions during those few minutes, from shock to grief to anger to codependency with "I knew I should have taken those cigarettes away from him!" :) It became clear, however, that it had just been a case of him not having warmed up his voice before he came on stage, and in short order the liquid gold was back. AHHHHHHHHH . . . . I was on a four-day natural high from that one.

Last night I saw Bad Company and Styx and that was three hours of sheer bliss. There's nothing on this planet like a live concert of music that you love.

Message: 17321 Posted: Sat Jun 09 09:00:25 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Age Time & Fine Wine

"And what is age anyway?"

>>>>>>> It's something that (we think) only happens to other people. Our parents are old, right? And we'll always be 30 or 40'ish... right?...... lol.
I liked your 'man made marker' line Beech - personally, I like to think I am still 'work in progress' , and not old, just lol

Message: 17320 Posted: Sat Jun 09 08:43:28 2001 By: holiday
Subject: "Kind of Graham Nashy"

Reading Dan's latest post tonight reminded me how much I like Graham Nash's work. Nash must have been a big influence on America, first with the Hollies in the UK then CSN&Y and solo. Gerry has credited his influence re "Only In Your Heart" in the Highway liner notes. I always thought "I Need You" was "kind of British pop, Graham Nashy" too.
Anyway, I got out my 1971 "Songs For Beginners" by a solo Nash and it is still a great collection of timeless ballads that I am sure heavily influenced our guys at the time. Does anyone else have this album? I'd be interested in your thoughts if anyone still remembers those protest/peace movement/environment conscious folk/pop times.......

Message: 17319 Posted: Sat Jun 09 08:19:17 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Age, Time and Fine Wine

And just what IS age anyway? Time is just a man made marker....

TkH<-------+=! drinking some of that fine wine

Message: 17318 Posted: Sat Jun 09 08:16:13 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Where's Andy? Now I can die

>>Back in the 80s, when I discovered Al Stewart,

OH! SO THE '80's WEREN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL, eh, ANDY???????????????

TkH<---------------+=! redeeming factors

Message: 17317 Posted: Sat Jun 09 04:50:55 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Hatch Shell

To Nina and anyone else attending tonight's show at the Hatch Shell:

Have a great time! My thoughts are with you. I am wearing an America T-shirt all day to mourn the fact that I am unable to attend (except to my son's graduation - I'll dress a bit more formally for that this evening). Of all the times to pick for a high school graduation!

I'm even more bummed hearing about the new additions to their play list! Oh well, maybe I can catch one of the Mohegan Sun shows later this year.

I'll be looking forward to reading the reviews of the show on this folder (I'll be REALLY bummed if I find out it was LONG SET!!!).

Alan <----------- GREEN with envy!

Message: 17316 Posted: Fri Jun 08 22:10:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Andy/cfhere

Thanks for the update Andy. I was going to suggest that you tie a string to your toe to keep from floating away ;)
mark, thanks too for your review. My condolences on the loss of your dad. Music is a great mood lifter and healer.
Does anyone know ANYTHING about the show here in Lancaster CA in September? Thanks

Message: 17315 Posted: Fri Jun 08 18:10:36 2001 By: Rob
Subject: Rhino Release

Been away for awhile. Can someone update me on the Rhino Release? I hear it's coming in August. Is it really possible that we'll get two new songs in this greatest hits set?

Message: 17314 Posted: Fri Jun 08 17:51:52 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Rockin' in Red Bank, N.J.

The show last night with America & Al Stewart was tremendous. My college roommate was a big Al Stewart fan in the mid 1970's and it took me until last night to be a fan. His songs were very good and he has a great sense of humor. He was very funny in between the songs.

As far as America is concerned, the 5 best words you want to hear are
WE'RE PLAYING THE LONG SET. I missed the Atlantic City concert because I was in L.A. attending my father's funeral and it took yesterday to get out of my funk. It was great to hear two of my favorite songs, Border & Survival. They didn't play anything from Hourglass or Human Nature, but the place was still rocking. The Count Basie Theatre is old, but the sound was fantastic. I was in the 11th row dead center, so I saw and heard everything. Gerry was in a talkative mood. He went out jogging earlier in the day and got about 3 blocks before he starting going into some of the shops and that occupied his time along with some coconut ice cream. He complimented about how nice Red Bank is. Anyway, when Sister Golden Hair was played there were tons of people dancing in the aisles and in the front of the stage. It was great. Another wonderful evening.

Can't wait to see them in South Jersey on the 4th of July. Who else is going?

Have a good weekend. Mark

Message: 17313 Posted: Fri Jun 08 16:58:33 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Where's Andy? Now I can die

Oh my oh my oh my!!!!!!!!! My head is still spinning from the America/Al Stewart show. This show, on a personal level, just knocked me off of my feet. I never thought that I'd live to see the day when two of my absolute, all-time musical heros would share the stage together. They both went a long way toward keeping what little sanity I had intact during the musical toilet that I call the 80s.

Back in the 80s, when I discovered Al Stewart, there was no internet (that I knew of), so it was tough to stay informed about any artist that was touring. On one occasion, I found out that Al was going to appear at a place called the STONE PONY, in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I made the relatively long drive from New York to Jersey, only to find out that the venue was actually a bar, and I wasn't old enough to get in !!! UUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, these days, I no longer have such problems :O)

As for last night's show, all I can say is WOW !! Thankfully, the sound was quite excellent. Al opened his set with FLYING SORCERY, from his masterpiece YEAR OF THE CAT CD. For the first 45 to 60 seconds, the blend between his vocals and his acoustic Taylor guitar was slightly off. His vocals overpowered the guitar. That was corrected in short order, and that was the last sound problem that I caught on to for the entire night. Who else saw the show? Did anyone notice this? Could I have imagined it?
America's set was now what we've all come to expect and love. I thought it was flawless. I also happen to think that the sound in this theater is far better than the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island. I assume that it's the acoustics.

Anyway, if I can remember anything else, I'll post it. Much of the evening was spent by me making sure that I wasn't drooling. I still can't believe that I saw Al + America. What's left for me to look forward to now? Maybe America and Sarah McLachlan...LOL. I guess it's not time yet for me to go, huh?


Message: 17312 Posted: Fri Jun 08 13:53:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Where's Andy?

Hey Andy, come down from the clouds long enough to write your review!

Message: 17311 Posted: Fri Jun 08 13:41:53 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Innsbrook 6/6 concer

They age like fine wine, just like all of us fans. Ha! Nothing(except an Eagles concert) can compare to a night with America. Enjoy your next concert as much.

Message: 17310 Posted: Fri Jun 08 10:01:17 2001 By: old fan
Subject: Re: Innsbrook 6/6 concer

After 21 years and a 3 hour ride from Baltimore, how great was it to see the guys again? Have we all aged? Of course, a little, but w/grace, definitely! Their voices sounded just as great as I remembered.

I was probably the only one who saw the rain as a blessing. Had it not happened, I would have missed most of the show. Since it was delayed, my front row seat (directly in front of Mr. B, mind you) allowed me the complete America experience. (Thank you to my secret friend for holding that seat for me.)
It took only three songs for me to feel transported back to that last show that I saw in West Chester, 1980. I felt young again listening to those songs! Thanks, Gerry & Dewey! See you in Annapolis!

Message: 17309 Posted: Fri Jun 08 08:12:11 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Two new songs from Rhino.

So America's gets to include two new songs on the new Rhino release?

It's interesting that tiny little Oxygen Records wouldn't negotiate letting Rhino put a new America song (How Could I Turn You Away) or anything from Human Nature on the box set--something that had potentially huge marketing upside for Oxygen (letting another record label promote your product)--but now America can put two new songs on this?

Which leads one to believe one of two things. Either Oxygen realized how stupid they were. Or they're irrelevent.

Either way, thank god for Rhino. Hopefully they can support one of the new America songs and get it some airplay.


Message: 17308 Posted: Fri Jun 08 07:34:53 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: The Border live

Hey Brad,
Yes, they are playing The Border again. I forgot to put it in my report from Innsbrook. It sounded great!


Message: 17307 Posted: Fri Jun 08 07:24:34 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Mike B.

Ah, what I would give to be able to say: "America played for ME on MY birthday!" You're a lucky man! Enjoy OUR birthday!

Message: 17306 Posted: Fri Jun 08 06:36:36 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Innsbrook 6/6 concer

GREAT NEWS!, That answers 1/2 of my question that I asked on the other board, looking forward to hearing the 2 new tunes on The Complete Greatest Hits.......

Message: 17305 Posted: Thu Jun 07 21:34:06 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Innsbrook 6/6 concer/Nina

Great to hear feedback about new songs on the Complete Greatest Hits from Rhino in August via Gerry, Rick, and this board. Hope they include some of the songs I haven't heard live yet (Baby, Survival, Border)on June 16th.

Nina..I will enjoy America on my! birthday. Maybe next year they will play for you on your birthday.

Message: 17304 Posted: Thu Jun 07 20:58:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re: Janice

Janice, keep up the wonderful attitude! As you proceed through your journey, may your hope become faith!!! Hope is wishing while faith is knowing and believing.

Message: 17303 Posted: Thu Jun 07 19:59:20 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Janice

Thanks Shari (and everyone). I am peaceful and filled with hope as I begin this journey. I received a call from the Cancer Hotline today. They have no "survivors" to match me up with, even with over 500 folks on their roster, each with various types of cancer. They are astonished at my positive attitude and have asked me to become a volunteer to perhaps help others. I am honored and choose to believe that without the rain there would be no rainbow.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars".
Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support.

Message: 17302 Posted: Thu Jun 07 17:09:50 2001 By: Brad
Subject: The Border live

Hey this is for anyone who has seen America recently in concert. Are they playing The Border with Mike Woods on guitar or on Piano

Message: 17301 Posted: Thu Jun 07 17:04:09 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Janice

Wonderful news! With all the prayers and good thoughts being lifted up by your America friends, you're halfway there.
Remember that laughter is always good for you, so watch your favorite comedies often, and strive to be around others who are positive and uplift you.

So follow the path through the knowing trees
each time you's love you release
that love will come back in the Garden of Peace

Praying for your strength- physical, emotional and spiritual.
ShariL <><

Message: 17300 Posted: Thu Jun 07 16:28:29 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Kevin and Johnny / Tres'

I'd like to recommend a book to you two:
"Men Who Can't Stop Buying Music They Already Own" by Dr. Jim Over, Dr. Jane Over, and Dr. Samuel Again (Over & Over & Again)

Beautiful report from Richmond :)

Message: 17299 Posted: Thu Jun 07 16:27:31 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Innsbrook 6/6 concer

Hello All,

I was also at insbrook last night. What a great Show! They sounded wonderful. It was the long set and below is the song list. And Gerry anounced that Rhino would release the new greatest hits in mid August and said that they went in to the studio and recorded two new songs to go with the set. That's great news. And I got lucky, Pete gave mew gerry's hormonica. Take care. Rick

Riverside, Ventura highway, You can do magic, Don't cross the river, Daisy Jane, Windwave, Anoter try, Three roses, I need you, Baby it's up to you, Tin Man, Woman Tonight, Lonely People, Only in Your Heart, Hangover, California Dreamin', Things we said today, Survival, Never be lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden hair, and Horse.

Message: 17298 Posted: Thu Jun 07 11:20:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Week

Cool Nina!

Message: 17297 Posted: Thu Jun 07 10:24:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Rhino's "America's Greatest Hits Vol 97."

I'm like Kevin. I'd buy whatever's put out. I would have to agree with Pete and John L too about preferring new songs. If I had before me...a CD of repackaged old songs; a CD of old songs done acoustically; and a CD of all new songs (and I was allowed only one selection), I'd go for the one with new songs without a second thought.

Message: 17296 Posted: Thu Jun 07 10:17:40 2001 By: Nina
Subject: America Week

Hi all! It's been "America" week in my classroom all this week. I'm having a ball sharing info. with the kids and am enjoying their enthusiasm towards the band. Most of them want to come with me to the concert this week-end at the Hatch Shell in Boston! Right now they are all fighting over a copy of the picture of me, and the guys, and the quilts. I told them I'll auction it off to the highest bidder and we can have ice cream next week! (Hey Bones...11 days and counting!)

Message: 17295 Posted: Thu Jun 07 10:07:16 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Year of Jonny-Cat

As the rice dryer strains of the night remain
And the rhythm of the harvester
These days I find that I feel my life
Like irrigation running through
The Year of Jonny-Cat

Message: 17294 Posted: Thu Jun 07 10:04:15 2001 By: Tres'
Subject: Innsbrook 6/6 concer

After sooooo long, they 'boys were back'. Altho the horrible storms threatened to wash away the set the stage and even the crew, it was a futile attempt by the rain gods to destroy what was just meant to be! The crew worked above and beyond the call of duty to dry off every piece of equipment and the stage so that I could FINALLY hear them right in my 'own back yard' so to speak! We even had a double rainbow after the storms. Even sitting in wet grass didn't hamper the spirits of the tried and true... they played the long set, got to hear Baby It's Up To You and if you haven't seen it live, it is quite the treat! Many kudos to Pete and Bill for making it possible for the guys to come on stage. 90 minutes of pure bliss. To all who haven't had the pleasure yet - have a LARGE time. wuuuu huuuuu :)

Message: 17293 Posted: Thu Jun 07 09:00:13 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Andy

Andy. When you come down from the America/Al contact high I expect a full report! Have a great time this evening.

Message: 17292 Posted: Thu Jun 07 08:37:14 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Cat Passages

It is late in the evening, and I wanna know
Why words like a river are beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Driftin' into Cat Passages
Someone buy ANDY a ticket to Al and America tonight

At the concert the picture is changin'
Now Andy's part of the crowd
They're laughin' with Johnny
And Laz is getting loud
'Cause it's Al and Andy and the Year of the Cat

From On The Border to The Border to Baby It's Up To Yee (hee hee)
You're not gonna leave here
You know you're gonna stay
When G & D start crankin' out Ventura Highway

Now a girl comes towards Andy
He once used to know
He's not the kind to live in the past
But wait - is that Muskrat?
Or is it just now and then that his mind
Goes back to the Year Of The Cat

...... apologies to Al for any unintended butchery


Message: 17291 Posted: Thu Jun 07 08:12:41 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Newe Jersey


Is this a part of the British Isles we've never heard of...or is it the nouvelle spelling (lol!!!) (C;

TkH<-------+=! my typing is WORSE!!!!

Message: 17290 Posted: Thu Jun 07 07:26:19 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Rhino's "America's Greatest Hits Vol 97."

Even though I have every America hit on about 174 different compilation discs, of course I'm going to buy any new America's Comprehensive Greatest Hits (or whatever it's named) disc from Rhino in August. Rhino knows this. Even if there are no new songs or unreleased gems, I'll do it for four reasons: 1) To get the packaging and liner notes that Rhino is so good at providing. 2) Because I'm a fool. 3) Most important, to support Dewey and Gerry and, I assume, Dan. 4) I know the sales of such a thing won't be huge, but maybe it will be enough to get a record label interested in them again, and they can sign a deal and have the support of someone with some clout to help them release some new music and get back on the radio. (Pipe dream, yes, but please refer to #2 above.)


Message: 17289 Posted: Wed Jun 06 23:44:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Laz's Song

Sorry all and especially to Laz...I know that was a shot below the belt.

Message: 17288 Posted: Wed Jun 06 22:11:52 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Year of butchering Al

Thanks Ingrid+Laz. I'm sure Al will be breaking ouit in cold sweats contemplating those revised lyrics :)


Message: 17287 Posted: Wed Jun 06 21:35:12 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Laz's Song

Well, I have me a friend
By the name of Laz
But I done shot him
In the 'nads

Good ol' Laz
He is my best friend
But to his love-life
I done put an end

I don't know why I done it
Honest, it ain't like me
No, I ain't glad that I done it
Guess I'm just a Jonny-Cat
That's all I'll ever be

Message: 17286 Posted: Wed Jun 06 20:45:31 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Year of Jonny-Cat

She'll always give you time for questions
As she locks up your eyes in hers
And you'll find your power of choice for which food vendor
Completely disappears

In the blue-tiled walls of the market stalls
There's some bulk bins she leads you to
Don't bother asking if it's organic
Or you'll feel just like a fool
In the Year of Jonny-Cat

Message: 17285 Posted: Wed Jun 06 20:22:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Thanks

to all who joined me tonight for a lively chat! See you again next week.

Message: 17284 Posted: Wed Jun 06 20:18:47 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Year of the Jonny-Cat

On a morning from a Lundberg movie
In a swampland where they turn back time
You goes strolling thru the crowd like Peter Lorre
contemplating a crime

She comes out of the sun in a rice dress
running like a watercolor in the rain
Don't bother asking for explanations
She'll just tell you that she came
in the year of the Jonny-Cat...

Message: 17283 Posted: Wed Jun 06 19:43:14 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Newe Jersey / Tomorrow's show

Speaking of Jersey, I'm all set to see the "Andy's Ultimate Fantasy show" tomorrow in Jersey: America AND Al Stewart. I'm almost salivating :)
Who is going?


Message: 17282 Posted: Wed Jun 06 15:39:27 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Newe Jersey

Any America fans near Fairfield NJ? I will be going there the week after next.........Joe K

Message: 17281 Posted: Wed Jun 06 13:01:26 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: America Complete Hits

Pete, I agree. I would much prefer a cd with new material (I'm sure most here would as well). I will, however, put out the $ to get whatever is released, even if it means getting VH or SGH for 6th or 7th time. And, on a similar note. I have just completed (I think) my America cd library by adding the '85 "In Concert" to my collection. I was holding out for a long time but finally broke down and got it on ebay. So, Gerrry and Dewey need to come out with something new pretty soon. What else am I going to spend my money on?

Message: 17280 Posted: Wed Jun 06 12:47:39 2001 By: sherlock
Subject: america in harrisburg, pa

america sounded absolutely fantastic last night at the whitaker center in harrisburg, pa. i hope they return soon!

Message: 17279 Posted: Wed Jun 06 11:57:54 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Message for Mike B.

I remember my dad bringing home a Johnny River's album (Live at the Whiskey?) when my brother and I were pre-teens and totally into the Monkees and Beatles. That album became one of our favorites! (It actually gave us a break from my father's endless Dean Martin collection!) Anyway...have fun at your concert on MY birthday, Mike!
I won't complain TOO loudly, as America plays Boston this week-end...I'll just PRETEND it's the 16th of June! Enjoy!

Message: 17278 Posted: Wed Jun 06 11:28:11 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

Please join me this evening for a chat about Things America! I will be in the room at my ususal time, around 7 pm Pacific. Hope to see some new "faces" and some "faces" who have been absent of late!

Message: 17277 Posted: Wed Jun 06 11:09:40 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: #1 in Europe

From the "Encore: More Greatest Hits" (Rhino) liner-notes:

Survival (Gerry) One of my favorite songs since "Sister Golden Hair", "Survival" was a #1 record or us in Italy, and allowed us to tour more extensively. Produced by our friends Fred Mollin and Matt McCauley for the "Alibi" LP

Message: 17276 Posted: Wed Jun 06 10:29:24 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: #1 in Europe

From a previous concert, I remember
Gerry telling the audience specifically that
Survival was a #1 hit in Italy!

Message: 17275 Posted: Wed Jun 06 09:36:01 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: America Complete Hits

I would like to see new music by america. I have all their songs now and really don't want to buy a new CD with the same hits. Come on America, more new material.

Message: 17274 Posted: Wed Jun 06 09:04:54 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Complete Hits

How about something new AND old such as an acoustical recording of the hits?

Message: 17273 Posted: Wed Jun 06 08:22:09 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: America Complete Hits

Speaking of Survival and Border in concert. These were both number #1 hits in Europe along with “From a moving train”, so they could be on the new America - The Complete Greatest Hits from Rhino. Is America also playing “From a Moving Train” in concert? Another top 40 hit not on History is “You can do Magic”. Any other guesses for the new CD from Rhino, besides the songs on History, or do we allready know? Will it include all songs that charted; Pop, Adult, and Overseas or mainly top 40 stuff.

Like somebody else here said. What I really want to see is a whole new set of songs from America.

Message: 17272 Posted: Wed Jun 06 05:44:13 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Maybe We Can Have "B" Pick Some Lotto #'s For Us???

I'm sure to see Secret Agent Man live at an America concert this June 16th. But it will be Johnny Rivers singing, not Dewey. I just wanna here Dewey sing his own songs anyway. Who will go first? America or Johnny.

Message: 17271 Posted: Wed Jun 06 04:40:33 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Maybe We Can Have "B" Pick Some Lotto #'s For Us???

"Secret AAAAAAAAGent Maaaaaaaaaaaan.......Secret AAAAAAAAAAAgent Maaaaaaaaaan....." LOLOLOL! I'm thinking maybe we should start our own America's Psychic Network! We'll hire Bones, make LOTS of money with our own 888 #! Maybe we can even get a "colorful" spokes person!!!!! ROFL!!!!


Message: 17270 Posted: Wed Jun 06 04:33:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Message from New York

>>with the energizer bunny drum machine stuffed into that pizza ;)

GOOD! Now I'll be assured of some "tasty" grooves!!!!!!!! LOL

TkH<------+=! SysEx Goddess

Message: 17269 Posted: Tue Jun 05 21:38:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Maybe We Can Have "B" Pick Some Lotto #'s For Us???

Regarding the three new songs added to the playlist (The Border, Survival, and Baby It's Up To You), check-out archived post #16221 on March 22 of this year.

Now I'd love to hear Dewey sing the third requested song. Anyone else???

Message: 17268 Posted: Tue Jun 05 18:56:03 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Message from New York


TkH<------+=! Now where's that pizza? "

The pizza is in the nice oven....getting prepared lovingly.....with the energizer bunny drum machine stuffed into that pizza ;)

Andy <-----------------a thouroughly 'bad' Andy

Message: 17267 Posted: Tue Jun 05 18:26:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Message from New York

>>That's fine. How about "Till The Sun Comes Up Again

Hat Trick maybe my favorite all time America Album BUT.......

TkH<------+=! Now where's that pizza?

Message: 17266 Posted: Tue Jun 05 17:11:28 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Message from New York

"They should've opened with "Rainy Day" :)

That's fine. How about "Till The Sun Comes Up Again"?


Message: 17265 Posted: Tue Jun 05 16:26:31 2001 By: msmith
Subject: misc album as enjoyable as it is disposable...doesn't sound much like a compliment to me. janice--i've heard that the md anderson cancer institute in houston is the best or one of the best in the country. you continue in our thoughts. mark

Message: 17264 Posted: Tue Jun 05 11:04:34 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Message from New York

They should've opened with "Rainy Day" :)

Message: 17263 Posted: Tue Jun 05 10:38:23 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Stephen Holden on HIDEAWAY

Talk about damning with faint praise.

Message: 17262 Posted: Tue Jun 05 10:19:59 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Stephen Holden on HIDEAWAY

CRITIC: Stephen Holden
PERIODICAL: Rolling Stone
DATE: June 17, 1976

With HIDEAWAY, America expands their basic pop style to include Latin/Caribbean touches ("Lovely Night", "She's Beside You") and hard rock (Creedence Clearwater-influenced bass lines propel "She's a Liar" and "Don't Let It Get You Down"). Balance this against Dewey Bunnell's instrumental, "Hideaway", a fragment of movie music handsomely fleshed out by producer George Martin, and Gerry Beckley's "Watership Down", also scored like a prospective movie theme, and you have America's most versatile and ambitious album to date. Despite the increasingly sophisticated veneer of America's sound, the group's appeal is still largely based on the ingenuousness of their bland boyish harmonies and on their material, which displays all three members' talents for writing elementary turns of phrase that become addictive after repeated listening. Dan Peek's "Can't You See" matches the sweetness of his "Lonely People". Dewey Bunnell's pastoral "Amber Cascades" smoothly follows the tradition of his "Tin Man" and "Ventura Highway", tunes that also hook around the notes of a major seventh chord. Beckley's "Who Loves You" emotes in the modish quasi-symphonic format of the Eagles' "Take It to the Limit" and Eric Carmen's "All By Myself", though its melody is far less memorable. It's hard to imagine where America would be without George Martin, whose arrangements supply dynamic logic, textural diversity, and emotive direction to what are essentially musical sketches with seldom more than filler for lyrics. But suffice it to say the combination works better than ever on HIDEAWAY, an album as enjoyable as it is disposable.

Message: 17261 Posted: Tue Jun 05 07:15:20 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Just an update....

Good luck Janice and keep your faith strong.

Message: 17260 Posted: Tue Jun 05 06:06:26 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Just an update....

I want to thank you all again for your continuing support and prayers. I want to share good news as well as setbacks recent CAT and MRI show that the cancer has not spread! (now don't go flooding the page here...but please continue your prayers) :-) It appears that I will be heading to Houston instead of Boston to the MD Anderson Cancer Institute and Delta is working with me to locate an alternate assignment within the company.(don't need stress right now but I am anxious to return to work.)That's all for now...back on topic, okay?
Georgianna, sounds like you had a wonderful time in New York! Yes, they can make the sun shine!

Message: 17259 Posted: Mon Jun 04 19:43:20 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message from New York

Here's a message I received from Georgianna:

I don't normally contribute much to the board but I would like to add my short review of the Port Jervis, New York concert. We, also, were treated to the long set. The outdoor venue was nice but the audience was thin. I think due to the rainy weather we have experienced. I wanted to mention a "little miracle" that occurred during the concert. For most of the time it was cold and very overcast, but when Dewey and Gerry started to sing the clouds broke and the sun came out. I swear! Someone in the audience even pointed it out by telling them "You guys brought the sun out." It turned out to be wonderful concert. However, they whisked away too quickly for me to get my brand new promo pictures signed. I have two more chances at least (Wallingford, CT and Mohegan Sun). AMERICA ROCKS!!

Message: 17258 Posted: Mon Jun 04 16:33:20 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Old and New

Hello everyone,interesting to see three new songs in the set list i.e. "The Border" "Survival" and "Baby its up to you" are welcome additions,should be a great show.A DVD of "Homecoming" sounds exciting but I feel what is missing amidst all these rereleases is the lack of anything new,it was mentioned by Gerry that the boys had started recording new material and was supposed to be sounding rather good,but no more than that.What about a DVD of one of their more recent concerts with perhaps an interview with "our boys" I guess we America fans are a pretty demanding lot.

Message: 17257 Posted: Mon Jun 04 16:23:06 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America

you lucky guy. What a show, the long set. AMERICA currently doing the east coast tour & playing a super charged set. It's great to hear that SURVIVAL, BABY IT'S UP TO YOU & THE BORDER are back in the long sets. Unfortunately I don't know of any live concert videos of recent shows, except some of the homemade one's that fans have done. Oh well guess you just have to see them live again ! AMERICA live !

Message: 17256 Posted: Sun Jun 03 16:09:19 2001 By: Robert Burgess
Subject: America

Hey Everyone, I went to the concert last night at the State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia. The most important thing first: the concert was awesome, they did an extended set and played just about everything (only one song from Human Nature though). It was a great show, but the venue was awful. It was an old timey type theatre so it was small and they sold more tickets than seats so a great number of people had to stand. I got there two and a half hours before the show (because I wanted a dining table) and there was still a line all the way to the back of the theater.

Does anyone know if there is a video of a concert? I have a few videos from the 70's where there are a few live songs but that's it. I think it would be great to have a video of one of these more recent shows.

Gerry and Dewey were also signing autographs at the end of the show last night but I couldn't stay.

Message: 17255 Posted: Sat Jun 02 22:31:40 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Lazlo, how do you like your love? / Ingrid

"Right you are ANdy the "lyrics" are from "Couldn't get it right" by the Climax Blues Band"

That's not a bad guess on my part considering that I only first heard that song about a year and a half ago. It is on some compilation CD that I bought. Most of the songs on that CD seem to be from the 70s, so I assume that song is as well.


Message: 17254 Posted: Sat Jun 02 21:25:13 2001 By: msmith
Subject: baby it's up to you vs. another try

johnny, gotta cast my vote for my second favorite america song "another try".

Message: 17253 Posted: Sat Jun 02 20:32:48 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Lazlo, how do you like your love? / Ingrid

Right you are ANdy the "lyrics" are from "Couldn't get it right" by the Climax Blues Band

Message: 17252 Posted: Sat Jun 02 20:15:06 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Lazlo, how do you like your love? / Ingrid

"Kept on lookin' for a sign in the middle of the night
But I couldn't see the light
No I couldn't see the li-i-ight
Kept on lookin' for a way to take you through the ni-i-ight
But I couldn't get it right
No I couldn't get it right"

Okay Ingrid, I'm going to guess that those lyrics came from The Climax Blues Band......either that, or Limp Bizkit...LOL


Message: 17251 Posted: Sat Jun 02 19:12:31 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Afternoon Delight

Saw the Starland Vocal Band In November 1976 at Madison Square Garden open for John Denver and they did that song. Pretty Good, but that's the only song anybody knew them for.

Message: 17250 Posted: Sat Jun 02 18:46:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Mystery Song

Just a wild guess...Manfred Mann's "Blinded By The Light"??? Help me Laz!

Message: 17249 Posted: Sat Jun 02 18:35:08 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Baby it's up to Yee

Laz Pazazz, you're absolutely right that I didn't quote the "Moonlight Feels Right" lyric correctly. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? In this case, like your preference, neither "Baby It's Up To You" nor "Another Try" from Holiday should be considered. I think "What Does It Matter" is more fitting.

And regarding your "kiss kiss", you make me think of Culture Club and their "Kissing To Be Clever". Hmmm...Boy George...Boy Laz. That sounds quite fitting! Just ribbin' ya Laz. It's all done in good humor...I want you to know.

Message: 17248 Posted: Sat Jun 02 18:08:20 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Lazlo, how do you like your love?

Scansion: The analysis of verse to show its meter. New one for me.

I like the laughter after "to make the tide rise again -- Ha, ha, ha"

Another artist question: this song was a hit around 1977-78 and was playing in Johnny Schohr's car the first time he took me "cruising," right after my eighth grade graduation. He was a high school senior (varsity quarterback, #15) that I carried a flame for my entire freshman year. I'd get weak in the knees and butterflies in my stomach when he would walk by me and say hello -- similar to the way Dewey affects me now. When he signed my 1978 yearbook -- "Come Sail Away" by Styx was playing on the radio and I was skipping my chemistry class -- he wrote, "to the cutest freshman girl," which henceforth made me the happiest freshman girl. I share this mostly because I knew that it would DEE-lite Laz.

Kept on lookin' for a sign in the middle of the night
But I couldn't see the light
No I couldn't see the li-i-ight
Kept on lookin' for a way to take you through the ni-i-ight
But I couldn't get it right
No I couldn't get it right

"Moonlight Feels Right" reminded me of this song; anyone remember who?

Message: 17247 Posted: Sat Jun 02 16:52:42 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Baby it's up to Yee

JOHNNY SAID: "I'm partial to the lyric, 'Class of '74 gold ring'."

Dammit, Jonny-Cat. I just hate it when you butcher a song lyric. You implied that the singer said: "seventy-four gold ring". But what he actually said was: "seven-four gold ring". He said 7 instead of 70 for the greater glory of the scansion.

Me? I'm partial to the Timeless Poetry that immediately follows: "The eastern moon looks ready for a wet kiss. To make the tide rise again." (Close your eyes and think of Ingrid.)

I favor neither "Baby It's Up To You" nor "Another Try" for retroactive single-release status. (Help---I'm being psychically possessed by Alexander Haig.) Instead, America should've released their own inimitable cover-version of "More More More" by The Andrea True Connection. Kiss kiss.

Message: 17246 Posted: Sat Jun 02 16:05:08 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Baby it's up to you

Robyn, it's in ZIP file format so you have to run it in WinZip or some other program that will undo zip files. If you have problems, I can e-mail the UNZIPed version of program to you (but it's really big and may overload your e-mail system).

Message: 17245 Posted: Sat Jun 02 15:28:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Baby it's up to you

They have been doing ANother Try for a while ( MY alltime favorite song) Baby it's up to you give them a change in routine. How about both ( lol)

Steve, I couldn't open Joyce's message. It asks me what file I would like to run it in. Can you help me?

Message: 17244 Posted: Sat Jun 02 14:25:55 2001 By: bruno
Subject: America

Ciao all fans
Ciao Steve, Ingrid, Johhny from Italy

Message: 17243 Posted: Sat Jun 02 13:19:45 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: YEEah, Baby

I vote for Baby It's Up To You....I dunno why......maybe more uptempo. I've always liked the song.....

TkH<-------+=! "Sooner or later,,,,,,"

Message: 17242 Posted: Sat Jun 02 13:04:00 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From Joyce

Joyce sent me a fun video to share with all of you. Just click on the following link to download a ZIP file version of the video (runs on PCs only - sorry about that for you MAC users). After you download the 1 megabyte file, unzip it and then run it. By the way, I have checked the file and it is free from viruses.

Message From Joyce

Message: 17241 Posted: Sat Jun 02 11:48:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Starland V. Band and Baby It's Up To You vs. Another Try

Exactly like Steve, I think of "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band when I think of "Moonlight Feels Right". Strange how that is. Regarding "Moonlight...", I'm partial to the lyric, "Class of '74 gold ring".

I believe on the Grammy Awards back then, Starland VB won either Song of the Year with "Afternoon Delight" or Group of the of the two. I remember Dennis Wilson was one of the presenters. The camera caught him making a face or rolling his eyes after he announced the winner. I thought, "Man, what a time to show your true feelings!"

Talking about "Baby It's Up To You," do you all think it or "Another Try" would have been the better choice if one of the two had been released as a single back then?

Message: 17240 Posted: Sat Jun 02 10:09:02 2001 By: Beth
Subject: disc 3

Hey friends....can anyone help me out here? If this is a taboo request, please disregard and accept my apologies. I do not mean to offend. I bought the Highway set last fall and played the heck out of it. So much so, that my youngest son Jordan fell in love with America tunes! He borrowed disc 3 from me, and took it back & forth to school & his dad's, playing it on his walkman & various other players. He's 9 years old. He did so well for so long, keeping track of it. But now, guess what. He's lost it. I've searched high & low, and have asked my ex-husband to search, and my eldest son to search, and they can't find the darn thing. Jordan is on Napster right now trying to download the songs to make me a replacement - is he too sweet! I told him not to, he'll never find Mitchum Junction, etc. Can anyone here burn me a copy of disc 3 & send it over? Again, my apologies if this is a terrible thing to ask. In all honesty I will buy the set again if need be, but if I don't have to, that would be better! Thanks for listening.

Message: 17239 Posted: Sat Jun 02 07:37:14 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: 25 years!

You GO, Steve! Congrats to you and the Mrs. for a long and wonderful run. Many, MANY more!!!!!!

Hawaii......sigh. I'll have to settle for a tour of Major League Ballparks, I'm afraid...(rofl)

TkH<-----+=! 7 more to catch up with you!!!

Message: 17238 Posted: Sat Jun 02 07:35:04 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: New Laws

Ok, so now I'm down two.........
Yes, I'd like to second that first attempt at enactment, Andy. We MUST be "entitled" to hear that extra LONG set at ALL concerts! It will fit into the America "Bill Of Rights" that we've adopted long ago! Hmmmmmmmmm, I have an idea for another desktop background (sorry Steve...rofl)!!!!


Message: 17237 Posted: Sat Jun 02 07:28:09 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Thank you Thank you

Also, Galaxy Quest!!!!!
Such silliness!


Message: 17236 Posted: Sat Jun 02 05:31:02 2001 By: msmith
Subject: westbury show

andy, great news to hear that the boys are putting some "new" songs in the playlist...survival, baby it's up to you, & the border! now, if they'd just stick HAT TRICK in there somewhere...and andy, i like your new proposed legislation...long set every time, no other option!

Message: 17235 Posted: Fri Jun 01 22:48:43 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: "Moonlight Feels Right"

It's Chesapeake Bay?! Well, well, well Sister Golden Hair, meet me in Virginia! How funny -- I went to graduate school in Virginia and lived on the Chesapeake Bay for five years, but that was about 15 years after THAT song! I like Chastity Bay better too -- a fantasy location -- more intriguing. My favorite Virginia concert story: In 1993 I heard Bruce Hornsby, a native and current resident of Williamsburg, VA, play a concert with the Virginia Symphony backing him up -- WOW!!! I'd love to hear America live with a symphony someday. I know that some of you have and I'm envious.

Aloha Steve -- Congratulations and have a great vacation :)

Message: 17234 Posted: Fri Jun 01 22:18:39 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Various Replies

Steve, hope you and your wife have a GREAT deserve it!

Erin :o)

Message: 17233 Posted: Fri Jun 01 22:18:08 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Westbury Show/New Laws

Wow Andy...I am so jealous. Sounds like an awesome show!

Erin :o)

Message: 17232 Posted: Fri Jun 01 22:14:00 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Westbury Show/New Laws

I just got home from the Westbury show, and my head is still spinning from what I heard. This was truely the LONG set, and we were treated to songs that I haven't heard in ages, or not at all. Huge shock of the evening: BABY IT'S UP TO YOU. Wow !!!! I never thought that I'd live to hear this one in concert. It sounded great. THE BORDER was played. I haven't heard this one in ages, and I got a bit choked up from the memories that it brought back. Dewey did a fantastic job of nailing the acoustic lead part. Then there was SURVIVAL, another one that I haven't heard for many years. Also, it goes without saying that the regular standards were flawless.

After the show, I came up with the idea for a new law: Every America show should be the long set. Period. No exceptions.


Message: 17231 Posted: Fri Jun 01 21:59:07 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Various Replies

P.S. Another song that came out in July of 1976 which sounds a lot like "Moonlight Feels Right" is "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band. At first I thought they were by the same band.

Message: 17230 Posted: Fri Jun 01 21:56:03 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Various Replies

1. Moonlight Feels right came out in July of 1976, just a couple of months after I was married. My wife is from South Carolina so I believe that makes her a southern belle. I always liked that song and it brings back fond memories of us as newlyweds.

2. If you do the math (from #1 above), you'll figure out that I have been married for 25 years. In answer to your question Janice, yes, my wife and I are going to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary. We leave in a week and will be on 4 of the islands for 14 days. The web site and the chat folder will have to get along without me.

Message: 17229 Posted: Fri Jun 01 21:40:19 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Moonlight Feels Right"

All this talk about Starbuck made me get out my copy of the album. Yeah Janice, that guy (Bo Wagner according to the sleeve) in the white outfit without a front to it is funny to look at now 25 years later. I think the top he's wearing isn't an unbuttoned shirt but rather a cape-like top with no buttons...a scary outfit for such a manly-looking guy!

Janice, I think of you and Beech with these lyrics (although transplants to the South):

I'll play the radio on Southern stations
'Cause Southern belles are hell at night

Any native Southern belles among us?

And Ingrid, I like your version of the lyrics better than the song's original ones especially the one about the bay. LOL! Here are yours and the actual ones underneath in all caps:

We'll take a little trip beside the ocean

And drop the top in Chastity Bay

Ain't nothin' like the sky that knows the potion

The moon'll send you on your way

Message: 17228 Posted: Fri Jun 01 20:40:45 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Trivi it is in my vinyl collection (vintage 1976), right next to my Monkee albums. I know, I know..time to clean out this collection! There is a neat song on that album though called Lash LaRue. I am looking at the album cover admiring the bell bottoms and red suede platform shoes..a few of the guys are wearing white bells and shirts unbuttoned down to their navels, a la John Travolta. (yuck..listen guys..please don't ever go there again!)This promo album was actually given to me by a DJ in Calif that I used to know by the name of JB Stone..(anybody on the west coast remember him)?
Yep, time to toss this album. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.
Steve, aren't you and Janelle heading to Hawaii soon? Big 25 as I recall..!

Message: 17227 Posted: Fri Jun 01 18:15:19 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: The Instrument


You must have watched that M*A*S*H show on FX at 8:30 tonight. I watched it and I thought the whole show was funny. Mash happens to be my all time favorite show.


Message: 17226 Posted: Fri Jun 01 16:49:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: trivi . . . whatever! & moonlight

Starbuck- that sounds right!

Message: 17225 Posted: Fri Jun 01 16:42:35 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: FUNNY movies

I agree Janice -- life has enough pain of its own -- why go to the movies for it? Two of the funniest movies I've seen are "Get Shorty" with Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito and John Travolta and "Weekend at Bernie's." The latter one requires an appreciation for dark-er nonsense? -- corpse gags. It takes the "appearances are everything" falsehood to its logical and absurd conclusion.

Message: 17224 Posted: Fri Jun 01 16:36:10 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: trivi . . . whatever! & moonlight

...Was it STARBUCK?

Message: 17223 Posted: Fri Jun 01 16:25:25 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: trivi . . . whatever! & moonlight

I liked it navybrat -- juicy little high school tidbit. Don't let Luscious Lazlo intimidate ya . . . :)

Does anyone know the name of the artist or group that did a song called "Moolight Feels Right" in the late 70's or early 80's? Some lyrics I remember:

We'll take a little trip beside the ocean
And drop the top in Chastity Bay
Ain't nothin' like the sky that knows the potion
The moon'll send you on your way

. . . . We'll play the radio on southern staions
'Cause southern belles are hell at night
Moonlight (steel drums)
Feels right

Message: 17222 Posted: Fri Jun 01 15:00:08 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Thank you Thank you

For movies, may I recommend Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Such silliness! AND look for what appears to be a glasses-less John Lennon among Robin's Minstrels.

Message: 17221 Posted: Fri Jun 01 14:19:10 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Thank you Thank you

And the mail keeps pouring in..geez, I feel like Sam in Sleepless in Seattle! Stop it of movies I made the mistake of watching Autumn in NY..tossed it in the trash after my tearful viewing..haven't got time for the pain.
Hey..guess what came in the mail today? The brochure with Gerry and Dewey's picture in it with regards to their concert here in Peachtree City early September. Gene and I are going..right Gene?? I also got accepted to University of West Georgia for the fall semester as a transfer student! My son, (a calculus student) is going to help me crunch the algebra numbers. I am adding a teaching certificate/special education (working with hearing impaired students) to my journalism degree so when I come back to Calif I have a new career to enter. I look forward to many wonderful tomorrows. Thanks again guys for your love and support.

Message: 17220 Posted: Fri Jun 01 13:57:06 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: The Instrument

"The instrument has yet to be invented which could measure my indifference to that anecdote."

Nice quoting from a great episode of MASH from Hawkeye Pierce,
when Frank tries to Ban drinking!

Message: 17219 Posted: Fri Jun 01 13:06:58 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry Trivium

Gosh Laz, that's so TRIVIAL or should I say TRIVIUML??? Just for the record, Webster states "trivia" as: a plural or singular noun. "Trivium" is defined as: the three liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric, and logic in the medieval university". I don't believe that is what "navybrat" meant. He/she had it correct.

Laz, I liked your "Arry Oudini" and how you made the "H" disappear.

I'm the "King of Grammatical Errors and Mis-spelled Words". That's why I could never anonymously send someone a message. My errors would give me away.

By the way Laz, thanks for your reply to me regarding Hotmail.

Talking about "Baby It's Up To You"'s my favorite song of Gerry's on "Holiday". I think it should have been released as a single. I think it would have been a hit. I guess the promotional team at Warner's ran out of time and moved on to "Hearts". Had it been a hit, it would have been a "hat trick" for the guys with one hit apiece. Too bad it didn't occur.


Message: 17218 Posted: Fri Jun 01 13:05:39 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: janice

As well as us, Janice. I hope and pray that you have a full and complete recovery.

Shayne (and family)

Message: 17217 Posted: Fri Jun 01 10:13:32 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Re: Gerry Trivium

The instrument has yet to be invented which could measure my indifference to that anecdote.

And by the way, navybrat, the title of your post is a grammatical error. The word *trivia* is a plural noun. Whereas you posted a *trivium*. A single thing. (I learned about this distinction during a ouija-board conversation with a magician named Arry Oudini.)

Message: 17216 Posted: Fri Jun 01 09:50:51 2001 By: navybrat
Subject: Gerry Trivia

When he was in high school at Central Gerry was dating my best friend's older sister, Reese Oulihan. When Reese was supposed to be watching us Gerry would come over and pay us to get lost and not tell. We'd take his money then sneak around and watch them 'making out' through the window. Reese was sure that they'd be getting married once she got out of high school. I never knew what happened but I've often wondered if she was Sister Goldenhair.

Message: 17215 Posted: Fri Jun 01 07:44:27 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: janice

Janice, you seem, from your last post, to have a remarkable inner strength that I know will carry you through.

As for HWNN, I know for a fact that it is reflects on a time when the 3 guys got loaded, stole Dewey's neighbor's ol' mare, and took off across the open desert in search for more Bud. And... in fact, 2 songs were born.

Message: 17214 Posted: Fri Jun 01 07:40:30 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: janice

My prayers are with you. Believe in your strength to beat this ------thing--I have faith that you will!!! Lisa

Message: 17213 Posted: Fri Jun 01 06:51:18 2001 By: kiri
Subject: janice

haven't been online for a couple of days - not sure of the author, but may i add....

Cancer is so limited...
It cannot cripple love,
It cannot shatter hope,
It cannot corrode faith,
It cannot eat away peace,
It cannot destroy confidence,
It cannot kill friendship,
It cannot shut out memories,
It cannot silence courage,
It cannot invade the soul,
It cannot reduce eternal life,
It cannot quench the Spirit,
It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection.

we're here to listen and support; we'll be here...

Message: 17212 Posted: Fri Jun 01 05:55:31 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Holiday Highway

No it's not a Chevy Chase movie ... LOL. I just wanted to say thanks to Johnny and Lazlo for posting some interesting transcripts of late on these albums.
Re Highway - I was wondering how many tracks were previously unreleased? Were any of these written in recent years?
Re Holiday - Great insights here and have to agree that Baby It's Up To You is Gerry's melody at its memorable best. I (personally) believe this album was D G & D all at their memorable best. But Mr B Scoppa might be living up to his own initials (LOL) with his closing comments about VH and HWNN... hmmmm To Each ...., but thanks for the post.

Message: 17211 Posted: Fri Jun 01 05:33:03 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: No subject title seems fitting

You and yours are in my family's thoughts and prayers. Your spirit is strong and a lot of positive energy goes with you as you head to Boston. You will not walk alone and you'll beat this with your positive energy. Keep the focus.
And "on topic" - I ordered my tickets today to see Neil Finn who comes to Perth on June 23. Looking forward to hearing him perform some new songs from "One Nil". A U.S. release is planned soon I hear.
As for Horse WNN - I'll leave that one to our friends here - but you can check out Steve's Home Page right here and see the Highway notes under Lyrics for Dewey's comments. For me, it has always been a picture song, about being transported away from it all - an escape of sorts from what is getting you down. Hope this also helps you at this time Janice.

Message: 17210 Posted: Fri Jun 01 00:10:32 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Well's time for a new topic....

I can't's 3am here I am..tearfully reading your posts and feeling a bit overwhelmed at your kindness. My fingers are numb from researching the Net to find everything I can about sarcoma cancers. No..there is no chemo or radiation..BUT..(and you guys will be proud of me!)..I may be patient #13! It appears that I will be heading to Boston to take part in the clinical research for the drug I mentioned (I fit the profile)!! I am planning to travel as soon as I am physically able. I fully intend to put my energies into where they will be most beneficial. My ex calls me the pit is time to show him he is I sit here tonight I am touched and filled with humble gratitude for your many e-mails and posts. Tonight I resolve to replace confusion with clarity, isolation with connectedness, helplessness with empowerment and despair with hope.
Now....let's get back "on topic"...anyone seen any good concerts lately??????? By the way, my favorite song is Horse With No Name..does anyone know what that song is really about? Lol.. :-)

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