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Message: 18078 Posted: Tue Jul 31 22:15:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Trivia Contest (Robin's "Correction")

I said in my post (#18003) regarding Question 16, the following: "One of the songs on the record ends with a prepositional phrase. In this two-word prepositional phrase is a pronoun. What is the pronoun?"

In another post of mine (#18058) regarding the answer to Question 16, I said the following: "MYSTERY RECORD: Song that ends in a two-word prepositional phrase. The pronoun at the end of the phrase is 'Me'."

Robyn said in her post (#18072): "Don't make me over" does not contain a prepositional phrase (Question 16) but ends with a preposition. Gotta use that Bachelor's in English for SOMETHING!"

Well, having a four year degree in English is great but when you're attempting to correct someone, you need to be SURE you're correct about what you're saying. I was clearly talking about "Don't Forget About Me" and not about "Don't Make Me Over".

Message: 18077 Posted: Tue Jul 31 17:49:39 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Trivia Contest Photos (David) this *isn't* our boys?! I guess I need to cath up on the postings! :) Anyway, it looks very 'beatlesque'! ;)

Message: 18076 Posted: Tue Jul 31 17:46:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Trivia Contest Photos (David)

I really don't know when nor where this 45 by the "other" America was created. There's no date on the sleeve nor on the record and its label. I sure would like to find the album that this 45 came from if there is one. My guess (because of the songs that were selected), it's probably around the late 60s??? Anyone care to guess?

I tried listening to the record but the needle to my turntable is worn to a nub due to listening to America LPs so much in the past especially "Alibi". I need to hook-up another turntable I have stored away.

Message: 18075 Posted: Tue Jul 31 17:38:56 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...

The Janet Jackson/Ventura Hwy. thing got me to thinking... Does anyone remember a few years ago when an artist (unknown to me) took Michael McDonalds I KEEP FORGETTING and mixed it, layered it or whatever it's called with their song. I think it was an R&B group. Anyway, I think it'd be neat if AMERICA would take a couple of their songs and try this.

From the land of coon dogs, John Deere tractors, and 16.5% unemployment...Jeff B.

Message: 18074 Posted: Tue Jul 31 15:24:43 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Various/Rodian

Enough Johnny BADGERing...he never made claim to knowing more than anyone else! At least he helped shift the topic away from those "star wars" that ended a couple Saturdays ago.
Wasn't there a Rodian bounty hunter named "G"reedo in a "Harrison" Ford movie?

Message: 18073 Posted: Tue Jul 31 15:24:02 2001 By: Jerey
Subject: 1999 Greatest Hits

The 1999 release was a Capitol-EMI release. It contains live and studio songs. The list 1. You Can do Magic, 2. SGH (Live), 3. Only Game in Town, 4. Special Girl, 5. Horse (Live), 6. The Border, 7. Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullaby, 8. Hangover, 9. Tin Man (Live), 10. Right before Your Eyes. This CD has a picture of all five of the guys. One could possibly be a Gerry imposter.

Message: 18072 Posted: Tue Jul 31 14:58:17 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Trivia Contest

"Don't make me over" does not contain a prepositional phrase( Question 16) but ends with a preposition. Gotta use that Bachelor's in English for SOMETHING!

Message: 18071 Posted: Tue Jul 31 14:46:15 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chestnutty.

It means the interviewer needs a refresher course in English idioms.

Message: 18070 Posted: Tue Jul 31 14:41:13 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Various

The Janet Jackson single "Someone to Call My Lover" has been #2 here in British Columbia for the past 2 weeks. Getting tons of airplay. One dj said at the end that America went into the studio to specifically rerecord the riff for her. True? Haven't heard that so I doubted it.

Johnny- you are truly amazing...just little scary but amazing! just kiddin'


Message: 18069 Posted: Tue Jul 31 14:31:10 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Trivia Contest Photos

COOL! When and where was this record created? I assume, since it's not for sale, that it wasn't released.

Message: 18068 Posted: Tue Jul 31 13:36:57 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Chestnutty.

What the hell does that mean?


Message: 18067 Posted: Tue Jul 31 13:09:12 2001 By: Rodian
Subject: Re: Various

holiday said:

"It's now official... you know more about America than the guys know about themselves...."

Is this really true Johnny?

Message: 18066 Posted: Tue Jul 31 10:05:51 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Trivia Contest Photos

Here are the photos that Johnny sent to me (just click on the links to see them):

Don't Make Me Over - Sleeve
Don't Make Me Over - Record
Don't Forget About Me - Sleeve
Don't Forget About Me - Record

By the way, the record's recording engineer, Fred Catero, is quite well-known in the music industry for working with Santana as well as Dewey and Gerry's friend, JD Souther.

Message: 18065 Posted: Tue Jul 31 10:02:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Chris' "Various" Message

Regarding what Chris said in his post, I really don't know if Dan, Dewey, or Gerry have ever seen this 45. If not, they will shortly if they visit here.

I equate this 45 and my triv contest to a contest that was held a number of years ago when the participants where required to attend a movie at a number of theaters located in the US in order to receive information on the clue(s) to solving the contest. The prize was a million dollars! Seriously! The question was something like: Find the item located somewhere in the US. It's located on a "bridge". A young girl located the item based on the clue(s). The "bridge" was the bridge of the nose of the Statue of Liberty. She actually won the million dollars!

The "bridge" part reminds me a lot of this 45 that's been the subject of my triv game because it really wasn't a "bridge" that the majority of participants were thinking of. You all will understand shortly regarding this 45.

Message: 18064 Posted: Tue Jul 31 08:59:49 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fox News

Thanks for the link, Pete. We know the link won't be there forever so here's the text of the article which was written by Roger Friedman and is copyrighted by Fox News (7/31/2001). FYI - I have requested permission from Roger to include the article here.

Janet Jackson’s Old ‘Lover’

Color me a little behind the curve. But isn’t that America I hear?

Indeed, Janet Jackson’s new single “Someone to Call My Lover,” is based largely on a sample from “Ventura Highway” by the chestnutty 70’s soft rockers America.

I always had a soft spot in my heart for America, even though they were considered the poor man’s Crosby Stills and Nash. “Horse with No Name”? “Tin Man”? You can’t beat ‘em with a stick!

Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, who wrote “Lover,” have to share credit with America’s Dewey Bunnell. America’s manager told me yesterday that the producing pair licensed “Ventura Highway” for the Janet single. I hope Bunnell, who is out of the country, was paid well.

Meanwhile, Janet is not shy about lifting and mixing other people’s works. Carly Simon’s clear as crystal voice can be heard on another track, called “Son of a Gun,” based on Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” Knowing Carly, Janet did not get the song or the singer for a bargain price.

Message: 18063 Posted: Tue Jul 31 08:35:26 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Fox News

Check out Doulbe click Madonna near the bottom and you will find a write up about Ventura highways song for J. Jackson. Thought you would all be interested. Talks about america and Dewy. You will find it near the bottom.

Message: 18062 Posted: Tue Jul 31 07:54:16 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Various

jimbob - keep it coming... and here in Perth we've had "Someone To Call My Lover" getting frequent airplay - great to hear the VH riff on the airwaves. At karaoke on Saturday night they had "Sister Golden Hair" ..... lol ... I'd describe it as a "you had to be there" moment
(preferably after a few beers too!)
Johnny .... what the..? Did you say that someone else actually knew the correct answer? It's now official... you know more about America than the guys know about themselves.... lol... but keep it up please, we love it.

Message: 18061 Posted: Tue Jul 31 06:57:55 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chart action.

don't know what postion it is chartwise, but dd remarked the other day that that she hears "that Janet Jackson song all the time" song and that she hopes "Dewey is making a lot of money on this!"

Message: 18060 Posted: Tue Jul 31 03:11:39 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Chart action.

Hello everyone,Jimbob what fantastic news I think the last America album to crack the top thirty was "Harbor".Just wondering how Janet Jackson is faring? Will it mean a trip to the southern hemisphere at some point ? always good seeing America involved in chart action.Spain likes "our boys" as does France,they were the first to release "Silent Letter" and "Alibi" on the cd format,Japan should be commended as they were the first to release all Warners albums first,eye wateringly expensive at the time as I recall.Even Dewey and Gerrys copies were from Japan,lets not forget Australia, first to release "View from the Ground" amongst others,what on earth is happening in the U.S. (RHINO excepted)

Message: 18059 Posted: Tue Jul 31 03:11:38 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Chart action.

Hello everyone,Jimbob what fantastic news I think the last America album to crack the top thirty was "Harbor".Just wondering how Janet Jackson is faring? Will it mean a trip to the southern hemisphere at some point ? always good seeing America involved in chart action.Spain likes "our boys" as does France,they were the first to release "Silent Letter" and "Alibi" on the cd format,Japan should be commended as they were the first to release all Warners albums first,eye wateringly expensive at the time as I recall.Even Dewey and Gerrys copies were from Japan,lets not forget Australia, first to release "View from the Ground" amongst others,what on earth is happening in the U.S. (RHINO excepted)

Message: 18058 Posted: Tue Jul 31 00:15:14 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....RESULTS! (Part 2)

Okay "All You People" (as Joe B fondly says), I have the photos of the record and its cover scanned and will be forwarding them to Steve sometime before noon. In the meantime, I'll reveal the answers to the triv contest by comparing them to the answers from "Holiday".

I think I need to say first that the "record" I've been calling it intentionally and not an album or actually a 45. I hope you all will agree with me that in the case of a 45, the sleeve can also be called a cover. For instance, if I were to ask you to hand me the cover to my 45 record, you'd most likely know that I'm referring to its sleeve since most 45s don't come with both a sleeve and a cover. They don't here in the US anyway.

Regarding this "mystery" America 45 record, the sleeve/cover has the same picture on the front as it does on the back. The only difference is the name of the flipside song that's printed on it.

1) MYSTERY RECORD: There are 4 America band members on the cover along with 2 United Airlines flight attendants who I believe are merely there for visual appeal (or "visual pleasures" to borrow two words from Gerry's song, "Coastline").

HOLIDAY RECORD: There are 4 America band members on the cover.

2) MYSTERY RECORD: The third word of the song title on Side 2 that has a contraction is "About" from "Don't Forget About Me".

HOLIDAY RECORD: "Up" from "Baby It's Up To You".

3) MYSTERY RECORD: On Side 1 of this America record, its title consists of 4 words and is co-written. It has at least one of these co-writers' last name that's only 4 letters long and it contains a "k". The 4-word song is "Don't Make Me Over". The co-writer is "King".

HOLIDAY RECORD: "Glad To See You" is co-written by "Peek".

4) MYSTERY RECORD: 2 and only 2 of the band's members have an object that they're holding in their hand(s) that's resting on their shoulder. One of these two members is gripping the object with both hands while the other band member is gripping an object with only one hand. The objects are both umbrellas.

HOLIDAY RECORD: Ond of America members has a two-handed grip on a bat that's resting on his shoulder. Another member has a one-handed grip on a golf club that's resting on his shoulder.

5) MYSTERY RECORD: Only 1 of the 4 pictured America band members is shown differently than the other 3 regarding an article of clothing worn around the neck. The answer is a scarf that's not worn by one of the America members.

HOLIDAY RECORD: Only one America band member is wearing a tie.

6) MYSTERY RECORD: Pictured on this record is something that's related to a mode of transportation. The mode is an airplane.


7) MYSTERY RECORD: The object above the head of at least one of the members of the band that's either folded or unfolded during its use and it's used when it's rainy or when it's sunny. It's an umbrella. Beech amazingly got this one "right"!

HOLIDAY RECORD: The car's convertible top

8) MYSTERY RECORD: One and only one of the band members pictured on the sleeve has ONLY a mustache. He has no beard.

HOLIDAY RECORD: It's the second person on the bottom of the sleeve.

9) MYSTERY RECORD: One of the band members pictured on the sleeve stands out from the other 3 because of some article of clothing that's knitted. It's the neck scarf that one of them isn't wearing.

HOLIDAY RECORD: The knit vest

10) MYSTERY RECORD: You might ask, "Well, what about David?" As mentioned the other night, it's Hal David who's the co-writer of one of the songs.

HOLIDAY RECORD: No David Dickey present

11) MYSTERY RECORD: On the sleeve of this record is the word "AIR" which happens to stand for the same company that released America's cover of The Mamas And The Papa's song, "California Dreamin'". It's America Independent Records.

HOLIDAY RECORD: Sir George's AIR Studios on the sleeve which stands for Allied Independent Recorders.

12) MYSTERY RECORD: The engineer who has only 3 consonants in his first name and one's an "f". The last name contains only 3 vowels with at least 1 of the 3 being an "e". The name is Fred Catero.


13) MYSTERY RECORD: At least one of the band members is wearing a coat or coat jacket. True or false? If true, how many? The answer is true - all 4.

HOLIDAY RECORD: True - only 1

14) MYSTERY RECORD: On the record's label is the company's name. It consists of only 3 words. As mentioned before, it's American Indp. Records.

HOLIDAY RECORD: Warner Bros. Records

15) MYSTERY RECORD: On one side of the record, there's a song that's "x" minutes long and 18 seconds. It's "Don't Make Me Over".

HOLIDAY RECORD: "What Does It Matter"

16) MYSTERY RECORD: Song that ends in a two-word prepositional phrase. The pronoun at the end of the phrase is "Me".


17) MYSTERY RECORD: A song on Side 2 of this America record consists of exactly 14 letters and has an apostrophe. The song is "Don't Make Me Over".

HOLIDAY RECORD: Also exactly 14 letters with an apostrophe present: "Baby It's Up To You"

18) MYSTERY RECORD: This record was "Produced By America".. The songs are "Don't Make Me Over" and "Don't Forget About Me".

(A note to David Perkins: David, you mentioned that perhaps this record "must be America's version of the Beatles' 'butcher cover'". I think perhaps this is America's version of America's version. You'll see what I mean.)

HOLIDAY RECORD: It ain't HOLIDAY but it sure was close (huh, Chris?)!

I hope you all enjoy seeing the "mystery" America record along with its sleeve/cover and that you would agree that this trivia contest was the "Mother of All America Triv Contests...Maybe"!!!

Thanks again to Beech, Robyn, and Steve for being good sports about it all! And to each of you too...I hope!!!

Message: 18057 Posted: Mon Jul 30 21:29:45 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: number 7

Thanks for the info jimbob. We look forward to hearing from you when it hits #1!

Message: 18056 Posted: Mon Jul 30 20:01:49 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: number 7

Steve, you were recently asking for information on the DEFINITIVE CD; you would have seen my couple of postings on the promotion that it is receiving in N.Z. Im happy to report that as of today it is at number seven in the Sounds Music Stores national charts! Sounds are the biggest music chain in N.Z. I will keep you posted as to the CD's progress. Doesnt this just show how with a little backing and promotion AMERICA can once again be a chart- topping band? As a byline, it was 17 years ago today that I saw the guys play for the first time and in 2 days it will be 17 years since I last saw them play! TOO LONG! Regards.Jim P.S. the guy at the music store wouldnt give me the number of units shifted as it confidential information it seems.

Message: 18055 Posted: Mon Jul 30 14:06:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: what a capital idea And America's Version

cHrIs, I tHoRoUgHlY eNjOyEd YoUr WiTtY rEsPoNsE aBoUt ThE nOn-UsE oF cApS dOwN-uNdEr! :0)

David, no comment for now but you'll understand when you see the record and it's cover/sleeve. I'm pretty sure I have Dan, Dewey, and Gerry confused if they've read any of this.

Message: 18054 Posted: Mon Jul 30 11:38:10 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....RESULTS (Oops!)P!

Well, I guess the album must be AMerica's version of the Beatle's "butcher cover" :)

Message: 18053 Posted: Mon Jul 30 08:13:41 2001 By: holiday
Subject: what a capital idea

ok johnny, i head off down south for a few days and you run the mother of all trivia q's ....hmmm and lol. i'd have said holiday
and you've probably got some typo error version of the record released by warner uk saying that it was produced by america or in america ... ha ha.
and what makes you think we don't use capitals down here?... hee hee

Message: 18052 Posted: Mon Jul 30 06:59:01 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 1999 Greatest Hits

I saw it for sale on e-bay. I had never heard of it before. They didn't include a track listing but said it had 10 songs and a combination of studio and live material. So I think it's probably another budget release similar to "Ventura Highway and Other Favorites" and "The Legendary America". Like those releases, I'm sure it includes studio versions of the Capitol hits (You Can Do Magic, The Border ...) and live versions from the 1985 In Concert album of the earlier hits.

Message: 18051 Posted: Mon Jul 30 06:36:59 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:Coach House

My wife and I plan on going to one of the Coach House Shows...probably the Saturday night show...

Message: 18050 Posted: Mon Jul 30 06:23:47 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 1999 Greatest Hits

David, I'm not familiar with a 1999 Greatest Hits CD. The only CD that I know of which came out in 1999 was called America 2 CDs. If that's what your referring to, you can click on the preceding link for all the information I have about it. You can also try looking on the albums web page for links to information on all of America's albums.

Message: 18049 Posted: Sun Jul 29 21:51:56 2001 By: David Stengele
Subject: 1999 Greatest Hits

What is the 1999 Greatest Hits CD? Where was this released--in America, or elsewhere? What tracks are on it? thanks

Message: 18048 Posted: Sun Jul 29 19:43:46 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: COACH HOUSE

AMERICA does 2 explosive shows at the Coach House. Both shows sell out fast, at least they have on past Saturdays, Friday likely the same. This is a great show to see AMERICA, make your plans now. Fly into OC airport & you are on your way. It will be PARADISE, filled w/a WORLD OF LIGHT.

Message: 18047 Posted: Sun Jul 29 18:45:48 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego

Did you see a Coach House show was added on Friday, Sept. 28? Tickets are $29.50. Trying to convince the hubby we can find that in the budget somewhere, as I'd like to take my teenage girls. They've wanted to to go for a long time, and that is a fun venue, only about an hour and a half from our house. Any chance you'd be there, Janice?
I'm not clear where you're living now.
Anybody else (besides Jim, of course) planning to to go the Coach House?
ShariL <><

Message: 18046 Posted: Sun Jul 29 18:23:22 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Best Band! Best Web Manager!

Thanks a lot Rob. That's very kind. There will be more coming in the very near future because I got a bunch of photos of the Definitive America CD from Margaret (THANKS MARGARET). It looks like it was packaged very well.

Message: 18045 Posted: Sun Jul 29 17:42:15 2001 By: Rob
Subject: Best Band! Best Web Manager!


I was just on the "what's new" page. I never cease to appreciate the great job you've done with this web site. This web site should be up for some more awards I think.

P.S. Looking forward to the new release!

Message: 18044 Posted: Sun Jul 29 17:09:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: I'm easily confused..

What's even worse than that Janice, is that I never noticed the different dates until you pointed them out!

On a different matter, I've noticed that in Europe (well, in Spain anyway) as well as in Australia, when they write the title of a song, they capitalize only the first word. For instance, they would write an America song title like this: "She's gonna let you down". And as we all know, in the U.S. we capitalize the first letter of each word in the title even "a", "the", and "of". I just found that to be interesting.

Message: 18043 Posted: Sun Jul 29 15:27:36 2001 By: Janice
Subject: I'm easily confused..

so cut it out..
Ok,Steve's message says July 28, Jimnak's says August 28 and Matt's says June 28..geez. :-)
Sounds like a wonderful concert..your sardine comment made me remember the Coach House (one of the last concerts I has been a few years)..I love the Coach House and the food was wonderful but I remember being squished.
Still driving a rental while mine is in the shop..can't complain though..sportin' around in a 2001 Tahoe. Told them they can keep my Explorer as long as they want.
Rainy day in Georgia..and don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Message: 18042 Posted: Sun Jul 29 13:59:41 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: July 28 concert review

Thanks John, Matt, and Jim for the concert review and thoughts. It sounds like it was a great concert indeed!

Message: 18041 Posted: Sun Jul 29 13:48:32 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Aug 28th show...

Agreed w/both of you wholeheartedly. AMERICA shined brighter than all the stars in the universe at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. This club just opened this year not far from where VENTURA HIGHWAY was conceived by the legendary DEWEY BUNNELL so it sure felt good to hear VENTURA HIGHWAY in this setting. Lots of buzz surrounding the upcoming Rhino release, look for this release to launch w/a big bang.
It's not too late to get a spot to see AMERICA in Reno for 3 shows, I think they just added 1. AMERICA live ! Nothing live them ever was !

Message: 18040 Posted: Sun Jul 29 12:34:58 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Enlighten Us"

I will have to get a scanned picture to send to Steve. I don't have the equipment myself so I'll have to rely on a friend to do it for me. I'll have it done as soon as he's able to. If I were to tell you all now about the record without the scan, it would not have it's full impact, I feel. I will guarantee you this: It will cause you to do a double take!

I will say this for now: The engineer on this record who has only 3 consonants in his first name with one of the consonants being an "f" as well as his last name having at least 6 letters with only 3 vowels and one of them being an "e", isn't Geoff Emerick but rather the well-known recording engineer, Fred Catero. And the "What about David" isn't about David Dickey but rather regarding Hal David of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David fame. That's all for now.

Message: 18039 Posted: Sun Jul 29 11:55:37 2001 By: mBluLight
Subject: June 28th show...

i dont't usually post like this but this show was an exception...

what a fantastic place the Canyon Club turned out to be... some of, if not the nicest management and staff i have ever encountered. exceptionally happening place, well run, and even turns in to a crazy dance club when the shows are over. run by the same people that used to run house of blues, it's a place i definitely hope to return to and even play someday. as for the sound, due to a tragedy, bill was unable to attend the show, and the house soundman stepped into some seriously big shoes, doing an admirable job. and i'm nearly certain that wasn't mike love on keyboards last night... wrong mike...

once again, thanks to everybody at the canyon club for a wonderful night.


Message: 18038 Posted: Sun Jul 29 10:11:50 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....RESULTS!

Ok Johnny,enlighten us.

Message: 18037 Posted: Sun Jul 29 08:53:12 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Mother of All Memories....rofl

All I can say (in my defense) was that I didn't have the album with me and had to do it all from memory....ROFL! You should have seen my daughter laughing at me when I got frustrated trying to remember certain about a SENIOR MOMENT.......

TkH<-----Happy Birthday to Step Dad Bob Mayhew!!!!!!!!!! (C=

Message: 18036 Posted: Sun Jul 29 00:51:35 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: July 28 concert review

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California, scene of tonight's America concert, proves why it is one of the best places to take in an America gig. Not because of the venue itself, mind you. The Canyon Club is a dinner club, with tables running up to center stage under a gaudy chandelier, meaning that the heart of the audience is seated nursing full stomachs by showtime instead of dancing around on the floor. The remainder of the paying audience was crammed like sardines into tightly packed rows of temporary chairs to the side of the stage or standing toward the rear of the hall. To make matters worse, ventilation was nonexistent, and the crowd gasped with delight whenever a rarified draft of air briefly whisked by.

The main reason why the Canyon Club is great place to watch an America show is because it is just a short drive from the Valley, the stomping grounds of America and its cohorts. Tonight's show was a "homecoming" of sorts, with several guests dropping by, adding an air of excitement to the atmosphere. Our seat was in the tight rows of chairs, right behind the multitude of specially reserved seats for America's personal guests. As it turned out, this was a great place to see a few interesting people. Dewey briefly dropped by to say hello. Later, a large, bulky man wearing a dark sportcoat stopped by to chat who resembled Christopher Cross. When Gerry later announced that there were two "Best New Artists" in the hall tonight, we found out our eyes hadn't deceived us. In addition, a bearded man who sat next to my friend quietly took in most of the set. Later on, when he appeared onstage to play keyboards on the closing "Horse With No Name," we found out it was none other than Mike Love of the legendary Beach Boys. Also joining onstage for that song was Gerry's son Matt on a blazing electric guitar.

As is the case with any America show, it was a powerful combination of skillful musicianship and all-hell-breaks-loose energy. It is a sight to behold, especially when you realize that Dewey, Gerry, and the rest of the guys accomplish this feat day in and day out, for years on end. As workhorse Gerry said, "the spring tour somehow became the summer tour." The familiar riffs of "Riverside" let the audience know that the adventure was about to begin, after what seemed like an endless string of delays. The show was billed to begin at 8:30pm, but didn't get under way until around 9pm, with Pete seemingly in several places at one time getting the guitars and mics ready. Hank Linderman was on hand to help Pete get the stage in ship-shape condition due to a last-minute emergency with the sound manager.

After "Riverside," a warm-up song as effective now as it was nearly thirty years ago, came an especially appropriate "Ventura Highway," considering that the 101 freeway whisked by only a few hundred yards away from the Canyon Club. "You Can Do Magic," always a tricky song for Gerry to sing in falsetto, became a bit difficult to listen to when his microphone was cranked up seemingly all the way to 11. Rather than turning the other mics down, the soundboard man eventually decided that everyone else should be at his level. My ringing ears will attest to the fact that this was the loudest America concert I've attended by far.

"Don't Cross The River," sung by Gerry, led into "Wind Wave," a classic song which not too many in the audience were familiar with. Some people in the audience seemed to think it was a nice new track. Someone should get them a copy of the Hat Trick album!! "I Need You" was played on guitar instead of the piano, which serves the song quite well in concert. For "Sister Golden Hair," Brad led the crowd by making clapping motions with his good arm, having recently broken his left collarbone in a motorcycle accident. He spent the whole show sitting on a stool to take it easy. Wood-z and Willie were their usual exciting selves, with Wood-z hitting all the right high notes, and Willie twirling his sticks as he beat out the rhythm to an especially electrifying "Sandman."

Our heroes hit all the big tunes, along with "newer" inserts into the set, including "Survival" and "The Border." Before introducing one song, the guys billed it as a long-lost song that they were working up especially for the audience. The song turned out to be "Lonely People," which has been a mainstay for years. Playing a gotcha on the audience, Gerry mulled that the last time they played it was "let's see... oh, I think maybe it was as far back as last night." Gerry also explained that "I don't know how to play the harmonica, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express." A little drum roll from Willie, and the lounge-act punch line was complete.

The whole show had the same sort of friendly, easygoing banter that put the audience in a receptive mood for America's usual musicial feats. While the set lasted for nearly two hours through twenty-four songs, time never became an issue. In fact, all we could discuss after the show is what songs WEREN'T played, such as "Here" or Human Nature songs other than "Wheels Are Turning." Also, with America's new complilation CD coming up in a few weeks, Gerry and Dewey made no mention of the compilation and played neither of the two new tracks supposedly on it. But after a concert like tonight's, all the little gripes don't change the fact that this was another major step in the worldwide conversion of the masses to the music of America.


Tonight's set:

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. Wind Wave
7. Another Try
8. Three Roses
9. I Need You
10. Baby It's Up To You
11. Wheels Are Turning
12. Tin Man
13. The Border
14. Woman Tonight
15. Only In Your Heart
16. California Dreamin'
17. Lonely People
18. Hangover
19. Things We Said Today
20. Survival
21. Never Be Lonely
22. Sandman
23. Sister Golden Hair

24. A Horse With No Name

Message: 18035 Posted: Sun Jul 29 00:20:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....RESULTS (Oops!)P!

11) Should be, "I believe he [Dan] also IMPLIED that Dewey 'borrowed' Sir George's sign with the company's full name."

Message: 18034 Posted: Sat Jul 28 23:59:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....RESULTS!

For those that aren't necessarily interested in this trivia contest and the results, I ask you to please read the entire post here because I promise you that the end of this message is interesting.

Okay, great! We have 3 folks who are brave enough to play. Good deal! Well, actually 2 I guess. Will Beech or Robyn be crowned "America Trivia Solving Queen"? We shall see, shall we not? First, I see that Robyn has already pointed out to Steve that Willie's sitting in the car on the 'Holiday' record cover. So, for the sake of discussion, let's assume the record that I'm talking about is 'Holiday'.

2) Both Beech and Robyn are correct that the contraction word is "it's" from Gerry's song "Baby It's Up To You".

3) The song that's co-written on Side 1 of 'Holiday' is "Glad To See You". "Lonely People" is also according to 'History'. Either way, the writers are Peek & Peek. We're looking for the writer's name that contains the letter "k". Beech, you said "Lonely People" and not the writer's name. Robyn is correct with her answer of "Peek".

4) If we're talking about 'Holiday', Dan is gripping a baseball bat with both hands with the bat resting on his shoulder. Dewey is gripping a golf club with one hand with the club resting on his shoulder. Robyn is correct; however, she included Willie who doesn't have anything resting on his shoulder that he's gripping. So, I don't know for sure how to grade Robyn's answer. Technically, it would probably be wrong with the mention of Willie since I asked the question regarding "2 and only 2". Beech got the baseball bat correct but the football is wrong. A football is definitely not resting on anyone's shoulder.

5) Both Beech and Robyn said Willie's wearing the only tie. That's correct.

6) The mode of transportation pictured is a car. Beech, you said a bike. A bike??? How many martinis did you drink by the time you got to this question? :0) Like those "Highlight" children's magazines, maybe there's one hidden in the trees that I don't see. Anyone else see a bike anywhere on the cover? Maybe it's just me. It's pretty safe to say that Robyn got that right.

7) Something that folds and unfolds above the head of one of America's band members is indeed the convertible top of the car that Willie's sitting in. Beech, where do you see an umbrella positioned above the head of anyone on the cover of 'Holiday'?

8) Both are right that Willie's the only person with only a mustache. Good Beech good! You had me worried there for a bit!

9) Both are correct that only one of the four guys has something on that's knitted and that's Dan with his "vest".

10) Both are right again about it being David Dickey regarding, "Well, what about David?"

11) Right, you two. "Air" refers to Sir George's recording studio. Doesn't it stand for "Allied Independent Records" or something close to that? I'll need to check one of Dan's episodes where he mentions that. I believe he also applied that Dewey "borrowed" Sir George's sign with the company's full name.

12) Both are correct with the answer of "Emerick" as the engineer who has only 3 consonants in his first name (Geoff) and at least one of the consonants is an "f". Plus, the engineer's last name contains only 3 vowels as the question required.

13) The question was true or false and if true, how many America band members are wearing a coat or coat jacket? Robyn, you said, "Gerry". Technically, you didn't answer the question correctly. You should have said, "True, 1". Beech, you said, "True-2". Who is the other person, Beech? I assume you mean Willie who's sitting in the car. Technically, the question was regarding the sleeve and not the cover.

14) Simple question. Yes, Warner Bros.

15) The question asks for the third word to the 4-word song title that lasts "x" minutes and 18 seconds. Beech said the word is "it" which is correct for the song "What Does It Matter". Robyn, your answer was "What Does It Matter". You got the song right but you didn't answer the question properly by providing the third word. Sorry, but that was the question. Or maybe you were merely asking me, "What does it matter?" LOL

16) Both are right with the answer of "You" as the pronoun in the prepositional phrase in the song "Baby It's Up To You".

17) Both are right that a song on Side 2 of this America record consists of EXACTLY 14 letters and has an apostrophe. The answer again is "Baby It's Up To You". (Man, that "Baby" sure is getting a lot of attention here!)

18) WELL!!! Who is the weakest link here??? I won't say it's Beech or Robyn, either one, since they were game enough to play. You all certainly don't think I'd say the Webmaster is, do you? No way! :0)

Of course, George Martin produced 'Holiday' and not the trio or any combination of. I said in the beginning, "This record was produced by America." So what the heck am I talking about, right? I called this, "The Mother of All America Trivia Contests", so it has to live up to its name. After all, I was even crazy enough to challenge Dan, Dewey, and Gerry!

So, in actuality, NO ONE is yet worthy to wear the crown of "America Trivia Solving Queen" or "King". That's because the record IS NOT 'Holiday' nor is it the one Steve mentioned earlier. As I said in the beginning, the record that I have in mind was produced by America and it fits ALL 18 of the questions that I asked. It just happens that 17 of the 18 questions asked, can ALSO be answered with information from 'Holiday'.

The only answer given by either Beech or Robyn that was correct was Beech's answer to #7. The object above the head of at least one of the members of America that can be folded or unfolded is indeed an umbrella. EXCELLENT Beech even though I don't know where you came up with that answer. Care to explain?

So, Dewey's right: "Some are quick to take the bait/And catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves".

And that's where the crown of "America Trivia Solving Queen" or "King" will remain until a stonger link comes forth to take the challenge! Maybe Dan, Dewey, or Gerry is capable of wearing the crown?

Thanks Beech, Robyn, and Steve for participating!

(To the one person that has been "sworn to secrecy" regarding the name of the America record: You may vouch for all that I've said as being true if you care to. I will place the America record back on my bedroom shelf for now.)

Message: 18033 Posted: Sat Jul 28 18:59:59 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve did you know?

Angie, I didn't know that about the Homecoming DVD/Audio. Thanks for keeping me updated.

Robyn, I only have a cassette and a CD of Holiday so the front cover is rather small. I still can't see Willie inside of the car but I'll take your word for it. At least we both agree that America did NOT produce that album.

Message: 18032 Posted: Sat Jul 28 18:01:44 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Steve did you know?

Steve, I was on the Rhino web site and it seem that the Homecoming DVD/Audio that was supposed to be released on August 28th is now September 25th. Maybe you know it already. I'm kind of slow.

Message: 18031 Posted: Sat Jul 28 16:05:13 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

Nope look very closely. Willie is in the car undert the ragtop which is the item that is put up when it rains.

ANd Holiday was not produced by America, so I don't know either but here are my other answers WRONG tho they may be!

1- Holiday
4- Actually Dan hs a bat, Dewey has a golf club and Willie has a deck chair
5 Willie has a tie on
6-the car
7- the rag top of the car
8- Willie
9-Dan has a vest
10-David Dickey was the bass player at that time, see Dan's bio for why he wasn't there
11-Studio name
12- Geoff Emerick
13-Gerry has a light jacket on
14- Warner Bros
15- What does it matter
16 you
17- baby it's up to you
18-- ya got me George Martin produced this one

OK Johnny shoot me down. I am totally off base as usual.

Message: 18030 Posted: Sat Jul 28 15:27:59 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

Very good Tery, although I have to take exception with Johnny on two of the questions.

#1 There are only 3 guys on the cover. There are 4 on the back in the picture frame but on the front it is only Dewey, Gerry, and Dan leaning on the car.

#18 The record was produced by George Martin, not America.

Other than that, it was a great trivia question.

Message: 18029 Posted: Sat Jul 28 14:05:40 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

Well it's obviously

1 Holiday
2 it's
3 Lonely People
4 Bat 2 handed, Football one handed
5 tie
6 bike (or the car itself)
7 umbrella
8 Willie
9 vest (pullover vest)
10 Well if Willies there where's David? (but Now He's Gone - ROFL at least for awhile)
11 Air Studios London owned by George Martin
12 Emerick (Geoff)
13 True-2
14 Warner Brothers
15 it
16 You
17 Baby it's up to you

Message: 18028 Posted: Sat Jul 28 13:55:54 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Ingrid, go to the following link and scroll to the bottom of the lyrics page to see a map that shows you where Newton Under Roseberry Topping is.

Hat Trick Lyrics Page

Message: 18027 Posted: Sat Jul 28 13:53:58 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

#17 Baby It's Up To You

Which agrees with Tery's "Holiday" guess (as do many of the other clues). However, Holiday wasn't produced by America, it was the first album produced by George Martin. So I don't know what the album is that Johnny's thinking of (unless it's "America's Gold").

Message: 18026 Posted: Sat Jul 28 13:46:15 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Mother of all computer crap

You know, I'm TIRED of trying to attempt ANY type of answers when I'm not home....I CAN'T CONTROL THE DAMN COMPUTERS!!!!! ARGH. I type something in and before I'm even CLOSE to being done it! So what I just wrote in previous post, JUST FORGET....rofl

TkH<-----+=! except on someone elses computer.....(snicker)

Message: 18025 Posted: Sat Jul 28 13:36:44 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe



Message: 18024 Posted: Sat Jul 28 13:22:14 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Ingrid's "Flame"

I guess my e-mail address still being down is really a blessing in disguise since Ingrid sent me a "flame". Ingrid, I'm sure your "love" message will be waiting for me after I get my e-mail service repaired by my provider...whenever that is. Boy, I can't wait! LOL

Regarding #17 on the triv contest, now how many song titles on Side 2 of an America record have 14 letters and an apostrophe? It can't be that difficult, can it? (snicker, snicker) :0)

Message: 18023 Posted: Sat Jul 28 11:22:23 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Hmmm . . . ! And I thought it was a dessert . . . The one-track mind of a sweet tooth----------
Toward the end of my paternal grandmother's life, at age 90 and above, she had almost no short term memory. After dessert at a meal or a party, she would ask several times of different people, "Have I had dessert yet?" Since dessert and coffee were her favorite part of any event, we began to joke that this question was really a sneaky attempt to get another helping : )

Don't worry about too many posts, Margaret. You'd need ten out of the last twenty to beat Johnny (Hee, yee, hee). Hey Johnny, did you get my "flame" at I know you said something about it being a messed up because of the virus, of which I enjoyed two infection attempts myself.

Nothing says love like sharing a disease . . .


Message: 18022 Posted: Sat Jul 28 10:40:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: virus and email (and triv contest)

I'm very sorry Jerey for the terrible virus-tainted messages. Your receiving them is beyond my control. I don't recall every corresponding with you in the past so I'm somewhat doubtful that you were in my address book which the virus attacked and sent the messages from. You might have received them from me via another America fan who I have corresponded with (who has corresponded with you).

The only other America fan that I've received the SirCam virus from is Maureen Morrison. Did you know that Maureen? It listed your name as, something like, "Maureen Kennell Morrison". I can't remember the middle or maiden name for sure but it was similar to that.

Thanks Steve for explaining the situation to Jerey and everyone here (again).

No one's willing to post their answers to my trivia contest? It's an awfully "wonderful" title you can win! LOL! I did receive a message from a fellow fan with all of his/her answers but they aren't willing to post it here even after I requested so for everyone's entertainment and information. So, I didn't tell this person whether any of their answers were right or wrong. Maybe he/she will change their mind. As I told him/her, it's all just for fun anyway.

Message: 18021 Posted: Sat Jul 28 09:50:46 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: virus and email

Jerey, Johnny has already tried to let everyone know that his computer had a virus and that they may have received unintentionally sent messages with the virus attached. I've been receiving these infected messages from people all over the world at the rate of about 10 to 20 a day. The virus is able to scan the cache on the user's computer and send e-mail messages to any addresses in the cache. Since all Internet access is cached on a computer, everyone that is infected who visits the America Fans or web sites, automatically sends me an infected mail message. I politely respond with the following message:

FYI - your computer has been infected by a virus and the following message was sent to me without your knowledge. You can go to the following link to read about the virus and how to get rid of it.

Good luck,
Steve Lowry (America Fans Webmaster)

Any of you who are infected, can go to the link above for removal instructions. Thanks Jerey for the warning and please rest assured that Johnny didn't do it intentionally and that he has tried to warn everyone here (just go back and read the previous messages and/or the archives). --SteveL

Message: 18020 Posted: Sat Jul 28 08:45:25 2001 By: msmith
Subject: sonoma concert

of the fifteen or so times i've seen america in the last two years this concert was the best. the venue was a large tent at the sonoma county fair near san francisco. the croud was ready and america fed off of their energy. if you wanted to see for the last four songs you had to be on your feet as everyone was into THE music! twenty-five songs--the l-o-n-g set--wheels, survival, baby, border, windwave--it was better than great!! a beach ball was being bounced above the croud and a 10' stuffed caterpillar was being passed above everyone's heads. by the end i think that everyone at the fair was at the concert. ...a very memorable evening courtesy of 'the boys'.

Message: 18019 Posted: Sat Jul 28 08:17:10 2001 By: Jerey
Subject: virus and email

I am posting this to the America web site because I received an e-mail from Johnny Yee which contained a virus which could not be cleaned. I am not sure if the message came from the Johnny Yee who posts messages here, but if it is please stop. I thought everyone else should know before they were the victim of a virus.

Message: 18018 Posted: Sat Jul 28 06:05:51 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Help

Thanks for the information on The Definitive America CD Margaret. I look forward to getting the scanned in images.

Message: 18017 Posted: Sat Jul 28 00:45:36 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Apologies for so many messages. We were in England, thanks to some special friends, to attend a wedding in Yorkshire. This involved a three day celebration in a wonderful country hotel. All the rooms were named after places in the area, rather than being numbered. Our room was Roseberry. Newton under Roseberry Topping was very close so we drove there one afternoon. It was so misty there we couldn't even see Roseberry Topping but the whole of the area was picturesque and atmospheric. As we continued across the Moors, the fog intensified to the point where everything was completely white.

Message: 18016 Posted: Sat Jul 28 00:33:11 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Help

The Definitive America has 23 tracks. It was made in Germany and the copyright is with Warner Bros and Rhino. The tracks are different to the ones on A C G H. This has To Each His Own, Rainbow Song, She's Gonna Let you Down (Single Edit), God of the Sun, Political Poachers, Survival and The Last Unicorn. Omitted from A C G H are Everyone I Meet.., Another Try, Californian Dreaming and Right Your Eyes and the two new songs.
Why would the record company release two different cds around the same time?
The cover uses the logo from Highway which overlaps some clouds.
I'll try to get one of the kids to scan it for you at a later date.

Message: 18015 Posted: Sat Jul 28 00:15:25 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Great news,good news,bad news

I've been catching up on the news I've missed over the past few weeks. Firstly great news, Janice. Keep well.
We were in London last week and took a break from the excellent galleries to walk along Oxford Street. At the HMV shop, I headed to the A section while my husband checked out jazz cds for our kids. They had the biggest collection of America cds I have yet seen in a shop. The good news was they had multiple copies of The Definitive America for 15 Pounds 99. (Multiply this by almost 3 for Australian Dollars and it was very expensive!) We felt we may have been in a "in the middle of now or never" moment so splurged. The bad news came when I read in the archives the messages we missed while we were away. The new America Complete Greatest Hits will have two previously unreleased songs that are not on the one we bought! I guess this will just add to the diversity of our collection!

Message: 18014 Posted: Fri Jul 27 23:17:16 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson.

Hey You People,

These 3 truths remain constant in this ever-changing world in which we live in.

1. America rules!
2. Jeff Larson rules!
2. Cubs rule!

Joe B

P.S. Who was the fan at the Vernon Hills concert with the "Highway" earrings? I was sitting right in front of you.

Message: 18013 Posted: Fri Jul 27 22:58:11 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Help Request

Regarding the "Albums" web page, in a month or so I hope to be able to provide front and back album cover photos of the actual 1973 bootleg album that has one side with America and the other with the Eagles.

Message: 18012 Posted: Fri Jul 27 21:46:41 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Help Request

After looking through the CDNOW web site it became obvious to me that I'm slacking on keeping the "Albums" web page on the America Fans web site up-to-date (I'm missing 2 albums). The missing albums are "Definitive America" which was a French release that came out on June 29, 2001 and "Hits You Remember Live" which came out on February 27, 2001. If any of you own or know about either one of these albums, please contact me so I can get whatever information you have. I plan on adding these 2 albums to the web site along with the forthcoming "Complete Greatest Hits" album which will be released August 21, 2001. I'm interested in photos from the CDs and any other information that you might have. Thanks in advance for your help. --SteveL

Message: 18011 Posted: Fri Jul 27 21:38:50 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: life

Thanks Johnny. I was afraid after I wrote that you might be angry with me .I meant that purely in jest....Joe k

Message: 18010 Posted: Fri Jul 27 17:56:46 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: trivia

To Johnny & Joe. It seems that I have too much time on my hands to be doing this.LOL.

Message: 18009 Posted: Fri Jul 27 17:31:42 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: trivia

Joe, I totally agree! :0)

Go Angie Go!!!

Message: 18008 Posted: Fri Jul 27 16:39:04 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: trivia

Johnny don't take this the wrong way but, you need to seriously get a life.........LOL Joe K

Message: 18007 Posted: Fri Jul 27 16:30:43 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re: George Martin Retrospect guys are great ...thanks...I think Ill buy the new America Hits CD when it comes out instead (with the two new songs).....

(any Southern California Fans here going to the coach house on Saturday (Michael Tomlinson)? If so lets hook up and say howdy howdy!!)

"In Hollywood
Underneath a golden palm tree
Come to the party the drinks are on me
For free"

Message: 18006 Posted: Fri Jul 27 16:01:58 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

Nice trivia question. It would be the one record I don't have. But I think I'm on the trail.

Message: 18005 Posted: Fri Jul 27 15:00:13 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: George Martin Retrospect/Meeting Beatles

I have a question for all of you. Other than what was mentioned by Dan Peek, what tales do we know of personal meetings or encounters between any of America's crew and any of the Beatles? I bet there are some stories out there.

Message: 18004 Posted: Fri Jul 27 14:58:41 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: George Martin Retrospect

According to the track list that David pointed us to on CDNOW.COM, Mark (and the person he was quoting) are right. The CD contains Tin Man and Sister Golden Hair.

Message: 18003 Posted: Fri Jul 27 14:55:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Mother of All America Trivia Contests....Maybe

Here's a trivia contest that I believe NO ONE will be able to correctly solve. As far as I know, only one other America fan knows the answer. He has been sworn to secrecy though! No, it's not SteveL.

I challenge even Dan, Dewey, and Gerry!!! Now, how's that for a challenge? So, are you ready to begin? I will give you all a total of 18 clues. Some of the clues, I'll ask a question. You are to give the answer to each one of them. At the end, you must fit all 18 of the clues together and tell us what America RECORD I'm talking about. If you can fit 17 of the 18 clues together but not the 18th that's not good enough. All 18 clues must fit together in order for you to be declared the winner. To the successful sleuth goes the title, "America Trivia Solving King" or Queen! Let's go:

1) There's 4 guys on this America record cover.

2) For you English and grammar majors, on Side 2 of this record, there's a song whose title contains a contraction. What's the word?

3) On Side 1 of this America record is a song whose title consists of 4 words and this song was co-written. At least one of these co-writer's last name is only 4 letters long and it has a "k" in the last name. What is this last name?

4) On the sleeve of this record, 2 and only 2, of the the band's members have an object that they're holding in their hand(s) that's resting on their shoulder. One of these two members is gripping the object with both hands while the other band member is gripping an object with only one hand. What are the objects?

5) On this same record sleeve, only 1 of the 4 pictured band members is shown differently then the other 3 regarding an article of clothing worn around the neck. What is this article of clothing?

6) Pictured on this record cover is something related to a mode of transportation. What is this mode of transportation?

7) Also on this cover is something located above the head of at least one of the members of the band that's either folded or unfolded durings its use. Hint: When it's raining, you definitely want this object up for protection against the rain. Sometimes it's up even when it's not raining but sunny outside. It's also used as protection against the sun. What is this object?

8) One and only one of the band members pictured on the sleeve has ONLY a mustache. He has no beard.

9) One of the band members pictured on the record's sleeve stands out from the other 3 because of some article of clothing that's knitted. What is this knitted article of clothing?

10) Regarding this record, you might ask, "Well, what about David?" Why would someone ask about David?

11) On the sleeve of this record is the word, "Air". What does "Air" stand for?

12) The engineer on this record has only 3 consonants in his first name. One of the consonants is an "f". Regarding this engineer's last name, it consists of at least 6 letters. It contains only 3 vowels. At least 1 of the 3 vowels is an "e". What is this engineer's last name?

13) Going back to the record sleeve for another clue, at least one of the band members is wearing a coat or coat jacket. Is this true or false? If true, how many members are wearing a coat or coat jacket?

14) On the record's label is the company's name. It consists of only 3 words. It's: _____ _____ Records. What are the two words?

15) On one side of the record, there's a song that is "X" minutes long and 18 seconds. This song's title consists of only 4 words. What is the third word of this song's title?

16) One of the songs on the record ends with a prepositional phrase. In this two-word prepositional phrase is a pronoun. What is the pronoun?

17) A song on Side 2 of this America record consists of exactly 14 letters and has an apostrophe. What is the second word of this 14 letter title?

18) This record was produced by America.

WHAT AMERICA RECORD FITS ALL 18 CLUES ABOVE??? Are you worthy to wear the crown of "America Trivia Solving King" or Queen?

Message: 18002 Posted: Fri Jul 27 08:51:51 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: George Martin Retrospect

I believe somebody said it includes two America songs, Tin Man and Sister Golden Hair ( which were America's two biggest hit singles of the Martin era).

Message: 18001 Posted: Fri Jul 27 08:11:45 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: George Martin Retrospect

Could they be referring to the box set "Produced by George Martin"
Track listing at:*GEORGE/ITEMID=1401362

Message: 18000 Posted: Fri Jul 27 08:09:42 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Has America ever done an in store signing?

Yes, parts of that signing showed up on VH-1's "Where Are They Now" segment a couple of months ago.

Message: 17999 Posted: Fri Jul 27 07:49:24 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: George Martin Retrospect

Just heard (Fox Cable News Network, July 27, 2001:-) that a 5 CD set/Retrospect will be released from George Martin that will include material from acts that he has worked with. No mention was made as far as which acts will be included. Does anybody know about this release and if America material will be included?

Message: 17998 Posted: Thu Jul 26 21:04:08 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Has America ever done an in store signing?

Yes they have. In fact, they have also played in store. During the promotion of Human Nature they played and signed at a Borders Books in Southern California. If I remember correctly it was just Gerry, Dewey, and Brad with Pete's able assistance.

Message: 17997 Posted: Thu Jul 26 19:52:35 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Has America ever done an in store signing?

Just got back from a signing at Tower Records in NY and the guest of honor was Brian Wilson. What a thrill!!! It made me wonder has America ever done a signing like that?

Message: 17996 Posted: Thu Jul 26 16:18:27 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Guillermo...

...ever think of doing PAGES? Also, ...thought your song LOOK AT THE STARS NOW AT MIDNIGHT was/is good.


Message: 17995 Posted: Thu Jul 26 15:48:20 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: America on VH-1

I don't have cable, so I can't confirm this, but I'm thinking that the "Horse" video shown on VH-1 was probably a rehashing of the MusikLaden concert which has shown up so frequently on CD and DVD. VH-1 previously aired much of that show, and I recall that Stevie Wonder's segment was from the same MusikLaden series. If you have the MusikLaden DVD or the "Horse With No Name" CD Video, you're probably not missing anything.


Message: 17994 Posted: Thu Jul 26 13:02:31 2001 By: CANARY ISLANDS
Subject: VENUS, the new cd of ETCETERA including AMERICA songs



Californian Part

3) HELEN (G.Albelo)
4) I NEED YOU (G.Beckley)
5) BABY I'M A WANT YOU (D.Gates)
7/1) VENUS (R. van Leeuwen)

Latin Part

7/2) ELLA ES TU VENUS (G.Albelo)
8) AL SON DE LA NOCHE (G.Albelo)
11) ENVENENAO (G.Albelo)
13) COLUMBIÉ (G.Albelo)

Bonus Tracks

16) TINMAN (D.Bunnell)

Message: 17993 Posted: Thu Jul 26 12:59:25 2001 By: CANARY ISLANDS
Subject: ETCETERA, a band from the Canary Islands playing AMERICA songs.


Lead & background vocals and percussion
Lead & background vocals and percussion
Lead vocals in “Baby I’m a want you”, “Sister golden Hair”, “Ventura Highway” and “Tinman”, acoustic guitars, keyboards, background vocals, and percussion.
Electric guitars in “Baby I’m a want you” and “Sister golden hair”
Congas, Timbals, percussion and background vocals
ALBERTO GARCÍA: Electric guitar

Other Musicians:

BENITO GUTIÉRREZ: Electric guitars
LORENZO SUÁREZ: Lead guitars in “Ventura Highway”
MIGUEL LEMUS: Drums programming in“Sister golden hair”, “Ventura Highway” and “Tinman”
JUANJO PÉREZ: Keyboards programming in “Baby I’m a want you” and“Cantando a Canarias”
CARMEN Mª DORTA: Background vocals in“Ventura Highway” and “Tinman”
ELENA GARCÍA: Background vocals in “Venus” and “Columbié”

OTHER ARRANGEMENTS: Juanjo Pérez in “Baby I’m a want you” and “Cantando a Canarias”
Recorded at TABAIBA RECORDS Studios (Tenerife-Canary Islands)
Recording: Guillermo Albelo
Mixed by: Benito Gutiérrez, Guillermo Albelo and Miguel Lemus

Thanks to:
Irene, David and Esteban at ECB RECORDS.
Cenci, Jose, María, Olivia and specially to Elena (Helen) my wife for her support and patience when recording.
Our families
Pablo Albelo, for his sound and smile support
My son Christian for listen to us each night, beeing our Number 1 fan
Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley (AMERICA) for their good musical influence and friendship.
Steve Lowry at America Fans Home Page.
All our friends (We don’t forget nobody)…………


Message: 17992 Posted: Thu Jul 26 12:52:06 2001 By: CANARY ISLANDS
Subject: HELEN


I´ve never written a song about my girl
but everytime I sing, I always think of her.
I´ve never given an answer nor a chance
to all the melodies I´ve felt when she kisses my lips.
Now we are in the middle of the road
it´s the time to remember all the things we´ve shared together.
Lovely nights, funny days and weekends,
it´s the time for a song with the words I´ve never told her.

you´re my eternal love
you know you are in my heart now and forever.
you are the sunlight in my shade
I like to see your smiling face
day after day.
this song is just like you
a shining morning too, a piece of heaven.
you are a flower made of rain
a gentle caress and a flame
as is your name.

I´ve never fallen in a trap of empty words
all these lines I´ve written about you are not in vain.
I´ve never broken the silence of your stare
´cause the voice of your mind is just what I prefer.
There´s a garden of love dreams for us
joined by stars that I see when I look into your eyes.
There´s a room full of poetry for you
behind the door is the story of a long path without lies.

Message: 17991 Posted: Thu Jul 26 12:47:44 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jeff Larson.

Okay, so Jeff Larson has recorded and produced and shared a billing with America, but does he own an America hat or Ventura Highway T-shirt?


Message: 17990 Posted: Thu Jul 26 10:22:49 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson.

By the way, Gerry's "Annabelle" is on the forthcoming CDs as well as Jeff's "Carol Ann" which Gerry sings on.

Message: 17989 Posted: Thu Jul 26 09:56:49 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson.

That's right Kevin. Besides recording some songs written AND co-produced by Gerry (the latest is "Annabelle"), Jeff is a great fan of America, he has opened for them in concert, and he's a good friend of theirs. Just ask Joe how good his stuff is (along with the Cubs - right Joe?).

Message: 17988 Posted: Thu Jul 26 08:45:34 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jeff Larson.

I think he's recorded songs written by Gerry Beckley.


Message: 17987 Posted: Thu Jul 26 08:10:05 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson Complete

At the risk of sounding rude, what does Jeff Larson have to do with America?

Message: 17986 Posted: Thu Jul 26 08:08:48 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America on VH1 Pop-up Video 7/26 AM

The following message was posted by Russ on the VH.COM message board. I trust that he won't mind if I replicate it here (even though it may be too late for most of you).

Heads up! Our favorite band on VH1! Show: Pop-Up Video Episode: (#189) 70's Network: (VH1) Video Hits One Date: Thursday - July 26, 2001 Time: 09:00 am - 09:30 am ET Featured Artists America (70's), Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Captain & Tennille, Doobie Brothers, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder About: (#189) 70's Features videos from Stevie Wonder's "Livin' for the City," BTO's "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," Doobie Brothers' "China Grove," America's "Horse With No Name," Billy Preston's "Nothing From Nothing," and Captain & Tenille's "Do That to Me One More Time".

Message: 17985 Posted: Thu Jul 26 07:59:37 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Jeff Larson Complete

Hey Joe (and the rest of you people), Magic Records (who released the French versions of America's CDs) has announced the release of a 2 CD collection entitled "Jeff Larson - Complete Works 1998-2000". The collection includes the songs from "Room For Summer" and "Watercolor Sky" plus demos, alternate mixes, and previously unreleased songs. It has 43 tracks in all and is scheduled for release in mid August. Click here for more information. Way to go Jeff!

Message: 17984 Posted: Thu Jul 26 07:51:19 2001 By: hekawi25
Subject: george martin box set

there is a new 6 cd boxed set just released called "produced by george
martin". it spans his entire career from the 50's comedy and novelty
stuff through the beatles to the present. only 2 america songs are
on it: tin man & sister golden hair. it goes for around $100.

Message: 17983 Posted: Wed Jul 25 20:46:09 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: new CD

I pre ordered the new Cd coming out next month. Another compilation is not what I was looking for even though there are 2 new songs on it. What I want is a CD of their music LIVE. I mean recent live versions of the concerts. A 2 cd set the new arrangement of Sandman and all the new stuff. Maybe they could release the Beatles tune they have been doing of late as a single . The concerts that I have been to in the last couple of years blow away the old "live albums they have out! Come on guys, give us a live 2 CD set of your recently performed concerts!!!! Please....Joe K

Message: 17982 Posted: Wed Jul 25 19:50:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Beggar's Opera

Today I received a message from Sterling Whitaker of Beggar's Opera. Beggar's Opera is an acoustic rock duo in Nashville with a strong America influence. In fact, they were hired to open for America in Nashville last year, but unfortunately, the date was cancelled. As a consolation, they did go to the Wildhorse for the taping of America's TV spot on Classic Rock Rewind (or whatever it was called).

They would like to let all of you know they exist so you can check them out on They are having a contest and fans can send them suggestions as to what cover song they might do next (their first one was "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel), and they'd love to do an America tune if there's a demand for it.

Check them out at the following links: web page
Beggar's Opera home page

Message: 17981 Posted: Wed Jul 25 19:02:21 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Re: Chat?

Thanks Robyn! You're dahling! I was acutally just curious. Usually you give notice. ;)

Message: 17980 Posted: Wed Jul 25 16:57:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chat?

The chat takes place with or without me ( there's a song title in there somewhere) every Wednesday from 6-9 I do not know if I will be there this evening, as I am STILL in my office as I write this.

Message: 17979 Posted: Wed Jul 25 14:32:28 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Chat?

Is the chat for Wednesdays still on tonight or did I miss something? Robyn? I might actually drop in for a few.

Message: 17978 Posted: Wed Jul 25 11:14:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: On The Back Of Each Promo Photo

Oh no, four posts in a row by me. I'm setting myself up to be flame-worthy! :0)

On the back of each promo photo for the first America album, Warner taped a 8 1/2" x 4" sheet of paper with the following printed on it:

Warner Bros. Records Inc.
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank California 91505
(213) 843-6000
Publicity: Judith Sims

Warner Bros. Records Inc.
44 East 50th Street
New York, New York 10022
(212) 832-0600
Publicity: Billie Wallington

Also on the sheet of paper (typed) was:


Warner Bros. recording artists.
Three Americans now living in London where they recorded their
first album, America.

It's very similar to the wording Warner placed on the back of the America postcard they sent out:

America is a first-release from Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, three Americans currently residing in England. On Warner Bros. Records.

(Okay, it's someone else's turn to post.)

Message: 17977 Posted: Wed Jul 25 10:39:20 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Burgundy America Shirt

The burgundy-colored shirt with the gray America logo that Beech likes so much is worn by Dewey in the "Hearts" songbook (page 6). It's an excellent picture of Dewey with his dog, a white setter with brown splash.

If it's burgundy or maroon, don't they merely call it purple in Texas? (Just kidding ya, Kevin)

Talking about songbooks, the one for "Hideaway" is a bit strange in that it contains photos from "Hearts" and possibly one or two from "Hat Trick". For those that don't have the "Hideaway" songbook, the photos from "Hearts" are ones with the guys wearing their fencing outfits.

Gosh, Dan looks so "lost" in some of those "Hideaway" photos that aren't included in the "Hideaway" LP sleeve. In one of his latter episodes, he tells us that he and Catherine are estranged during that time. That explains the far-away look in Dan's eyes.

Message: 17976 Posted: Wed Jul 25 09:39:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: viruses and being unloved

I wouldn't forget you Beech! :0)

Well, my e-mail is shot now due to trying to remove the virus. Fortunately for me, I can still send but not receive using the e-mail address that I use here. But my hotmail address is still healthy!

Message: 17975 Posted: Wed Jul 25 09:34:15 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Solving The "Mystery"...Reversed Or Correct?

America shirts you say, huh, Kevin? Well, that is the key to solving whether the picture on the French 45 record cover is correct or reversed. As I mentioned before, this is the same photo that was used for promoting the guys' first LP as well as being the photo on the cover of the "Horse" sheet music. You would think the French cover photo would be the one reversed and not the other two especially the Warner Bros. promo photo, right? But, we know it's the same record company that inadvertently released the guys' first promo LP without "Horse" like Warner London did. The difference is that Warner London did so intentionally but Warner Bros. stateside thought Warner London had "Horse" on the promo LP and didn't realize "Horse" was missing when they printed their promo LPs for distribution in the US.

If you look very, very closely at Dan's button-up shirt (the ladies would probably notice way before the men, I would think), the way Dan's shirt buttons up is correct on the French record cover. It's noticeable at the "V" that forms on the top of Dan's shirt. On men's shirts, the buttons are on the right and the buttonholes are on the left. On women's shirts (blouses), it's opposite.

Another clue that may not be too noticeable, is the watch on Dewey's left wrist on the French cover just like it is on the self-titled LP cover.

Something not visible on the French cover are Gerry's rings that he wears on the fingers of his right hand. On the promo photo and the "Horse" sheet music cover photo, they appear on Gerry's left hand.

That's it! Mystery solved!!!

Message: 17974 Posted: Wed Jul 25 09:28:30 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: viruses and being unloved

Welcome from wonderful dreary, rainy, grey Michigan! ((((C=
(I'm still happy to be HOME!!!!!)

I too was feeling MIGHTY low because I didn't receive the Gastro from Mr. Y, BUT lo and behold today in the mail what did I receive? GASTROENTERITIS (lol)! So I had the chance to actually not only infect MY computer at home BUT Mom's as well!!! Now I'm feeling MUCH better thanks to our Mr. Y!!! (LOLOLOLOL-don't worry Johnny, I deleted!!!)

My fav is burgandy too, but as I mentioned before I WANT THAT DAMN OVAL BACK (and not on khaki..rofl!) Ok, I'm done....


Message: 17973 Posted: Wed Jul 25 08:32:25 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Stylin'.

Just ordered me a couple of the new America shirts from the on-line store. Soon, I will be tooling around Dallas in style. If you see me in them, wave hi.


Message: 17972 Posted: Tue Jul 24 12:53:46 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Can You Solve This Other America "Oddity"

This oddity pertains to the photo on the French 45 record cover for "A Horse With No Name" (picture can be viewed under "What's New" Misc. 45 Covers).

The photo of the trio standing in front of that large water fountain is the same photo used as the promo photo for the release of the trio's first LP as well as the one used on the cover of the "A Horse With No Name" sheet music. What's odd is the fact that the French 45 record cover is the REVERSE of the photo for the other two items.

Can you solve which is correct? I believe I know, however, it's merely a hunch but it is based on something seen in the photo. Can you spot it? By the way, Dewey's bell bottom jeans are actually tie-dyed. I like how the photo captured Dewey "in action" with his hair flying.

Message: 17971 Posted: Tue Jul 24 12:28:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: An America Oddity

An America oddity (odd to me anyway) is the 1995 CD single release in Germany of "You Can Do Magic" along with "Everyone I Meet Is From California". Both songs are the "Hourglass" versions. I would have thought "YCDM" would have been released during the time of "View From The Ground".

Message: 17970 Posted: Tue Jul 24 11:23:35 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Cancion del Arco Iris

Mark, after hooking up my turntable this morning just for this, I've determined it's merely a Spanish release of the original English version. I've never played the record before now! The flip-side as you know is "Muskrat Love". It's sort of strange that "Muskrat Love" isn't translated into Spanish like "Rainbow Song" has been. Here is exactly what is printed on the 45 with its mis-spelling of Gerry's last name and the lower case "s" of "song". Notice how 3 minutes and 28 seconds is written:

"Rainbow song"/(D. Bunnell)
Producido por Dewey Bunnell,
Gerry Berkley y Dan Peek
Del LP HWBS 321.48
M. 62 - 1974

On the flip-side, it has Willis Alan Ramsey's middle name mis-spelled as "Allan".

On the back of the 45 record cover, its shows the front LP covers of the first LP; VUELTA A CASA (Homecoming); and HAT TRICK.

Also on the back are photos of three other America 45s with covers many of us probably have never seen except the one for "I Need You". It's the one with Dewey wearing his Central High varsity jacket. The other three 45 covers are:

Un caballo sin nombre (A Horse With No Name)

Te necesito (I Need You)

Autoplista a Ventura (Ventura Highway)
Noches de Saturno (Saturn Nights)

Message: 17969 Posted: Tue Jul 24 08:43:03 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Cancion del Arco Iris

I saw on Steve's page with international singles that America released a Spanish version of Rainbow Song, Cancion del Arco Iris. Does anybody know if that is actually a Spanish language version (like they did for Sister Golden Hair) or is it just a Spanish release of the original English version?

Message: 17968 Posted: Tue Jul 24 08:26:35 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Cash Box Chart

I have found some information on how some of America's songs did on the Cash Box singles chart. Cash Box was an industry publication that published national chart information similar to Billboard. I believe it ceased publication sometime during the 90s. It rated singles on sales until sometime in the late 70s when it started factoring in airplay (similar to Billboard). Here's how a few America songs did:

Ventura Highway - 8
Don't Cross The River - 31
Tin Man - 6
Lonely People - 10
Woman Tonight - 42

All Things Are Possible (Dan Peek) - 95

Message: 17967 Posted: Tue Jul 24 07:52:12 2001 By: AmericaSL

Thanks for the lyrics, Guillermo. I've been listening to the song and trying to figure them out but you just saved me the trouble. It's a great song, by the way. Any of you who haven't heard it yet can listen by clicking on this link:

Look At The Stars Now At Midnight

Message: 17966 Posted: Tue Jul 24 07:41:20 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Where is everbody

Anybody out there catch that virus. Hope not.

Message: 17965 Posted: Tue Jul 24 02:21:31 2001 By: ALBELO


You can´t see your way
if you don´t have illusion,
you can reach the top
if you leave behind your pain.
Make a change and take a look around,
shadows in light, darkness once bright,
yesterday is only a lost sound
in your heart is all the universe.

Look at the stars now at midnight
stop your crying babe
and feel this moment like never before
you know you are my life.
Look at the stars now at midnight
imagine a rainbow,
fly to the moon in all your dreams
and close your eyes in your desire.

Hear the voice of the wind
and do magic tonight
starlight falling on you
when you open your heart

You can know your way
I hope you find a reason,
you can move the clouds
and take my hand forever
There´s a song and you are the melody,
happy or blue, you decide too,
time goes by and you´ll lose your chance
if you don´t try to be you again.

Look at the stars now at midnight
don´t say no to yourself,
give me a smile and a caress,
I´ll give you all my love.
Look at the stars now at midnight
imagine a rainbow
write any word in the heavens
and let your mind float over the ground.
Guillermo Albelo

Message: 17964 Posted: Mon Jul 23 23:01:09 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: virus. (Terry T.) and America T-Shirts

Don't feel too bad Double T. Janice, unfortunately, is suffering enough for both of you over the "Gastro" message.

I now know why it's called "Gastro". It's because it's a real pain in the "Astro".

I guess I better mention something America related. My favorite America t-shirts are the ones with the tropical scenes especially in burgundy.

Message: 17963 Posted: Mon Jul 23 16:07:32 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: virus. (KevinS)

HEY! I never got any "gastro" mail. This really hurts because I really thought I was in Johnny's address book. Now I know. I'll deal with it somehow.

Summer LP (other than First Album): Hourglass..."By July I had to keep my cool"

tt <----there ARE advantages in using a Mac

Message: 17962 Posted: Mon Jul 23 15:55:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: virus. (KevinS)

Kevin, I think your message, although said in jest, might just be good advice! LOL

Favorite Summer LP: "Alibi"

Message: 17961 Posted: Mon Jul 23 09:29:28 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: virus.

I think this proves one thing once and for all: If Johnny sends you something, always ignore it completely.


(Just joking, Johnny.)

Message: 17960 Posted: Mon Jul 23 07:46:01 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Just So Everyone Knows...

The virus did NOT affect the Chat Folder. It is spread to email recipients found in Windows Address Books and addresses found in cached files. In this case, Johnny's computer got infected with the virus and it found all of the addresses in his address book as well as the addresses in his computer cache. Since most information that is downloaded from the Internet goes through the computer's cache, I believe that the virus found the e-mail addresses from the Chat Folder that had been cached on Johnny's computer. Johnny wasn't the only one affected. I've received dozens of infected e-mail messages from people I know and people that I don't know. I presume that it's coming from people who are looking at the America Fans home page and that is being cached on their infected machines. Fortunately, the McAfee virus scanner has kept me uninfected (plus the fact that I didn't open any of the messages because I recognized them right away as probably being viruses). Besides all of that, I don't use the Windows Address Book (Microsoft is a competitor of just about everything I do so I stay away from their products whenever I can) so there weren't any addresses there to get.

I think that's enough of virus discussions for now...

Message: 17959 Posted: Mon Jul 23 07:33:40 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT....COMPUTER VIRUS!!! ( For Eddy)

All I can remember is seeing the 2 attachments(gaswhateverthatwas),& seeing you as the sender, didn't take too much time looking at it because I got paranoid, & pressed the delete button as quick as I could! I'm glad you posted the warning on this chat board, since we have corresponded in the past, I probably would have opened it thinking it was a cool joke or something.
To Steve: Thanks for your response!!
Last but not least, America's 1st album will ALLWAYS be my Fave summer album. I have took it to the lake in many forms vinyl, cass., & now CD! ahhhhhh.... Living on the riverside................

Message: 17958 Posted: Mon Jul 23 07:20:00 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Virus Removal Information

Here's a link to a page on the McAfee web site that talks about this specific virus and how to get rid of it. It's rather complicated so I'll simply refer you to their web page rather than try to post the instructions here.

Just in case that link doesn't work for you, here's another page that should work:

Message: 17957 Posted: Mon Jul 23 07:13:16 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Definitive Promo

What are the Kiwis up to? Nothing like your advertising budget being spent here yet - in fact, nothing being spent at all, although Margaret/Spurs may have to comment about the east coast for us. No doubt about New Zealand - has to be first at everything .... ha ha and lol.
I read your message the other day jimbob re your in-store promos too .....hmmm - maybe you guys are one big marketing focus group??

Message: 17956 Posted: Mon Jul 23 07:04:15 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Favourite Summer Album

Homecoming because it's got "VH" (in the sunshine) on it ....."Till The Sun Comes Up Again" ...... "To Each" (will I make it through the summer?)and it's got that "Californianess" thing about it ... gee I like inventing new words ..... lol.
But of course, my ultimate summer trip is listening to any Beach Boys song. And does anyone remember "Sidewalk Surfin'" by Jan and Dean? .... I can't wait for summer now (southern hemisphere here remember!!)

Message: 17955 Posted: Mon Jul 23 05:05:00 2001 By: Janice
Subject: All right Johnny.

Just back from LA opening my mail and I did in fact receive a "gastro" message from you which I attempted to download. Is my computer going to crash and burn? Steve, can you tell me what to do? Thanks..hope everyone had a nice weekend..taking a vacation day today to recover from my long trip (too old for that stuff

Message: 17954 Posted: Mon Jul 23 02:45:55 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: more definitive promo

Prime time viewing, TV ONE, New Zealands highest rating channel and the DEFINITIVE AMERICA CD is being advertised! Looks and sounds great! There's radio advertising too. Anything like this going on in Oz? Or any other country where it has been released? And Johnny I got a message from you too but had already read your warning.

Message: 17953 Posted: Sun Jul 22 23:34:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: This Is How I Understand The Virus Was Spread

Here is the way the virus came to me and to some of you: I received the "Gastro" message. I had never heard about it being a tainted message. I didn't know anything was happening except I kept getting the same message over and over about 30 times. It was so annoying that I had to block the sender in hopes that it would stop.

Later, I received a messge from Steve telling me that he received a message from me that contained a virus...a message that I didn't send him myself. That's the first time I knew anything about it.

Apparently, after I received the virus, it immediately found my address book and then sent the tainted message to everyone I had listed in it. Steve was one such person. After I read his message, that's when I posted the warning on this folder. Also, last night and today, I sent out warning messages to as many people as I could remember that was in my address book. I say "was in my address book" because I deleted all the names soon after I was told what was happening just in case it started all over again. I retrieved most of the names from past messages that I had archived.

Jessica, you weren't in my address book so you must have received it from someone else. I don't believe it's possible to pick it up from this site. From my understanding, you have to open the attachment that you receive as a message.

LisaRose and Leaky, you two were in my address book...unfortunately. Did you receive my personal warning message sent to you?

Today, I continued sending out personal warning messages to many of you here that I had corresponded with in the past.

Message: 17952 Posted: Sun Jul 22 21:00:18 2001 By: AmericaSL

Eddy, Johnny didn't intentionally send it, but the virus sent it for him. He's not the only one, though. I've received it from several dozen other individuals, some who I know but many who I don't know. As the webmaster, I guess a lot of people must have my e-mail address. It doesn't appear to be a malicious virus in that it doesn't destroy files or disk drives, but it is rather annoying for all the people who keep receiving the messages.

Message: 17951 Posted: Sun Jul 22 20:25:42 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Re: Virus &off subject

....I recieved the Johnny "Gastro" today and thank God had read the warnings here on the was sent from like another wise cracker out there

Off Subject:

For those of you in Southern California Michael Tomlinson will be performing a rare live show at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Saturday July 28th...I have details on


Message: 17950 Posted: Sun Jul 22 20:09:44 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Virus....I got it too

My email from you Johnny said Gastronologist (not sure of spelling and don't have the energy to look it up). I didn't open it but was very close to doing it.

Message: 17949 Posted: Sun Jul 22 19:17:57 2001 By: Jessica
Subject: Virus....

Johnny,it was my first time after a long time to post here and I'm pretty sure you don't have me in your email address. It was a good thing that I read about your email - but I almost opened it because McAfee said "no virus detected"! Scared the heck out of me because I just got my PC! I think it (the virus) must have gotten into the mailing address here in this folder/site.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome back, Mike B.!

And I don't know why but Hat Trick was the first on my mind as the best America summer album, Windwave, particularly. Then it's Ventura Highway for me.

First time I heard that new J. Jackson song, I was so startled to hear a very familiar chord. Not to put her down or anything but the song was totally uninteresting to me and it was only America's guitar intro that gave it any kind of character.

Message: 17948 Posted: Sun Jul 22 18:07:27 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT....COMPUTER VIRUS!!! ( For Eddy)

Eddy, I'm curious to know: Was the message with the tainted attachments that you received sent from my address or someone elses? If from me, that's strange because I didn't have you listed in my address book...not that I recall anyway. We have corresponded in the past, however.

Message: 17947 Posted: Sun Jul 22 17:05:38 2001 By: EDDY

I got the e-mail, didn't open the attachments, just deleted it.
Guess I'd better get a virus scanner in case this happens again in the future.
I was wondering Steve, if Johnny didn't send it, did someone "break in" to his files or address book? What cause's this?

Message: 17946 Posted: Sun Jul 22 15:15:55 2001 By: AmericaSL

I've been receiving this virus from various people for about a week now. The title of the message changes but it always has two attachments. The best thing to do is simply delete it. It's always a good idea to keep some kind of virus scanner on your computer and keep it updated. Personally, I use the McAfee virus scanner and I download new files from their web site at least once a month so it can check for the latest viruses.

Message: 17945 Posted: Sun Jul 22 14:28:50 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: "I've Got My Mind...."

"Set on you...."
Let's hope George can beat this one too......

TkH<------+=! sigh

Message: 17944 Posted: Sun Jul 22 14:18:09 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Favorite summer album

Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick, Hat Trick,

TkH<--------+=! Got a hankerin'

Message: 17943 Posted: Sun Jul 22 14:05:16 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite summer album

I always think of Hearts as a summer album. I listened to it all summer 1975. I don't think I took it off the turntable!

Message: 17942 Posted: Sun Jul 22 14:01:21 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: OFF TOPIC POST-- Phobicman show

If you don't want to read a review of last night's show, hit the next button...

Another fine show put on by Matt and company. The house mix was a little muddy and the vocals were indistinct for the first two songs, but eventually the sound guy got it right. a small but enthusiastic crowd ( some of us even got up and danced-- a first for me, but I was goaded into it by my daughter) Matt blew out his voice, but carried on to finish in good form. The crowd then were led in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" to an amused Matt by Ryan. The jenerators put on another amazing show as well. They did "Greenhouse" and "Hell's on fire" both of which my dd recognized ( I am NOT stinting on her musical education!) All in all it was a lovely night!

Message: 17941 Posted: Sun Jul 22 12:57:26 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Favorite summer album

Okay, I'll bite, but most of you know this one was coming. Hat Trick as a summer album!!!Rainbow Song...Hat Trick....Green Monkey... Windwave...all blasting while riding down to the shore. Then the songs Molten Love and Muskrat Love while relaxing on the beach or pier as the sun goes down. I think I need to play hooky this week from work.LOL


Message: 17940 Posted: Sun Jul 22 10:32:22 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Favorite summer album

OK, there's been some talk about favorite summer songs, but how about favorite summer ALBUMS by America? I pick Alibi, because I think it's a great album to play while driving down the freeway with the wind in my hair. Every song from "Survival" to "One In A Million" is top-notch. Anyone else?


Message: 17939 Posted: Sun Jul 22 10:22:06 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Cubs...

Go Cubs Go! Whip those Astros!! (Joe, if you aren't going to talk about the Cubs, then someone has to!)


Message: 17938 Posted: Sun Jul 22 08:53:31 2001 By: Mark McVey
Subject: America in Janet Jackson review...

America did get a mention in Janet Jackson concer review in KC last week. It's not much, but It's better than nothing. The link below should go there if your interested. Mark(InKc)...

Message: 17937 Posted: Sun Jul 22 07:28:19 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Spurs

I'm back from the mountians and just saw your post. I did think you were harsh on Dan's character with that first post. Thanks for the apology. I'm greatfull for Dan giving us his bio. But, I did miss things about the music that were left out of the George Martin years. I liked the commnets early on about how the haromonies came together in Children, Ian's crab walk parts in Rainy Day and Horse, where the lead on Ventura Highway came from, how Women tonight came together, and the inspiration for some of the earlier songs. I would like to see more discussion about inspiration for the music.

Message: 17936 Posted: Sun Jul 22 07:14:14 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Canada Gigs

Great to see you drop back in after a year, Jessica. You have the same name as my daugther. Hourglass is probably my favorite Album after Horse with no name. It brought me back to America after a 10 year drought. I also really like Greenhouse.

Message: 17935 Posted: Sun Jul 22 06:57:46 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Covers: Thanks Angie & SteveL

Angie, I was going to say "In My Life" but you beat me to it - I think it is a great song and it has been covered by others of course, such as Bette Midler. Regarding CSN, what about "Marrakesh Express", it's even got a moving train, perfect for our guys ...... lol.

Thanks for the list of previously covered songs Steve. Many of these were relatively unknown (at least outside the USA) and for many fans outside of the USA, like me, these were all 'new' songs. I like all the songs that you listed! For example, it did not matter to me that 'Muskrat Love' was a cover. To me, it was an America song from the first time I took "Hat Trick" home and played the album. I don't mind saying that I've always liked it, a lot!! In fact, I was cleaning up my literally hundreds of old cassettes today and came across an early home made "History" I must have taped in 1976; - I had listed 'Hideaway' as their last album...hmmm. Anyway, it reminded me of my 3 favourites (back then) from "HT" - Muskrat Love, It's Life and Goodbye. And which track from "HT" rated the highest? I rest my case.

Message: 17934 Posted: Sat Jul 21 23:45:29 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Song memories

I remember taping "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell and "Sister Golden Hair" back-to-back off of the radio one summer. I was junior high age. One day I was outside sweeping the back porch and garage. I had my little tape recorder out there with me and played those two songs over and over and over again. If it annoyed anyone they didn't say anything which was smart, because I did finish my chores that day!

Message: 17933 Posted: Sat Jul 21 22:13:49 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Need to catch up!

Hi, all!
Just back from two weeks vacation. Haven't read any of the folder yet, but I have been the lucky receipient of a virus email from Johnny. Thank goodness for McAfee!
Time to shut down my computer so I don't infect it. Will check in tomorrow.
ShariL <><

Message: 17932 Posted: Sat Jul 21 22:09:58 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: new cd

2 New songs !
As Rhino usually only deals w/previously released material, GERRY had to really twist some arms to get the new songs on the disk & then it seems that AMERICA had to foot the entire production costs. But GERRY insisted on this for their loyal & dedicated fans. So consider the 2 new songs as special gifts from GERRY & DEWEY to all you loyal fans. Heck if they release enough Rhino stuff w/a couple of new songs, we will then have a full CD. We will soon have 4 Rhino based new songs, remember ENCORE ?

Message: 17931 Posted: Sat Jul 21 20:42:56 2001 By: Jessica
Subject: Canada Gigs

Hi Everyone! Great to be back after over a year of being offline and just basically out-of-touch. I did take a peek at this very "durable" site and this folder from time to time but never had time to post or really read.

Anyway, I see only two dates for Canada - and they're all out of my range! Maybe I should start a campaign for a Toronto show - anybody out there who can help my cause? Well, there are major casinos here which have started to feature bands and artists, and so many other summer venues which are just dying for an America concert! Besides, the city needs cheering up after it lost is bid for the 2008 Olympics to Beijing. There - aren't those enough reasons already? LOL!

Great to be back! A big hello to the familiar names who'd been here since way back 1998. Oh and in case you can't remember me - I'm probably in the archive, in concert photos from when I was back in Manila, Philippines.

Message: 17930 Posted: Sat Jul 21 18:20:24 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: new cd

Hello all,

I was just at and they had a track list for America: Complete Greatest Hits and the two new songs were named: World of Light and Paradise. There are a total of 22 tracks and the cd will be released on Tuesday, August 21. No audio clips yet.


Message: 17929 Posted: Sat Jul 21 17:59:10 2001 By: Johnny

If any of you receive an e-mail message from me with an attachment regarding a gastroenterologist, DON'T open it!!! It apparently has a virus. I didn't send such a message to any of you. I assume that the virus is sending itself to everyone in my address book. I'm not familiar with computer viruses since I've never had one before. Steve, can you please instruct us all what to do? Has anyone else out there been attacked that I don't correspond with?

Message: 17928 Posted: Sat Jul 21 17:32:24 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Thanks SteveL et al

Sorry Holiday, I goofed when I spelled California!


PS-What about In My Life by the Beatles.
That would be classic.

Message: 17927 Posted: Sat Jul 21 17:23:45 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Thanks SteveL et al

Holiday- No, I wouldn't mind them doing a cover tune, as long as I get some new material to boot.(I'm starving!) As for cover songs I love Califorina Dreamin' and The Things We Said Today. How about CSN either Suite-Judy Blue Eyes or Guinnevere(Clarice). And the Beatles either Day Tripper or We Can Work It Out. There are so many, artists and songs. Don't get me started, you know I can't count.LOL. Holiday check out CSN's first album and America's first album.


Message: 17926 Posted: Sat Jul 21 12:32:22 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America covers

Does anyone know of any covers the band has performed (other than "California Dreamin')?

David, as I mentioned in post #17890, America has covered The Beatles song "Things We Said Today" and you can listen to a soundclip taken from the October 2, 1999 Atlantic City concert by clicking on the preceding link. They also covered "Comin' Into Los Angeles by Arlo Guthrie" early in their career. Other songs that they have covered (or other people wrote) and have been released on albums are:

Cinderella by J. Kimball and D. Vidal
Head and Heart by John Martyn
I Do Believe In You by Richard Page, John Lang, Steve George, and Jerry Manfredi
I Don't Believe In Miracles
Muskrat Love by Willis Alan Ramsey
Right Before Your Eyes by by Ian Thomas
See How The Love Goes by Sue Shifrin and Terry Britten
Special Girl by E. Schwartz and D. Tyson
You Could've Been The One by John Batdorf and Sue Sheridan

This isn't necessarily a complete list and it doesn't include any of the Russ Ballard songs such as "You Can Do Magic" but it does give you a good idea of what they've done.


Message: 17925 Posted: Sat Jul 21 11:19:17 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: T-shirt Iron On

Um, that wasn't meant as a BROAD HINT or anything....{snicker}....just wishful thinking on my part. Maybe I'll go on to eBay and look!

TkH<--------+=! Black would be ok too...rofl!

Message: 17924 Posted: Sat Jul 21 11:12:38 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: T-shirt Iron On

I remember (back in the that the Iron-On (on the main page) wasn't JUST available as an iron-on only! I purchased a black T with that pic on it.....MAYBE the Camelot store in Lansing Mall had little ol'ladies in the back room furiously ironing these onto T'!
Anywho, found that interesting/cool! Tell you WHAT, though....what I wouldn't GIVE for one of the plain burgandy t's with the grey oval logo on it (like the one Sir George sported in pics). THAT was my fav......


Message: 17923 Posted: Sat Jul 21 07:32:48 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Promotion

Jimbob wrote:
And boy, I hope that it sells because
whoever is responsible for this promotion has done more for AMERICA in New Zealand than any other in the 22 years Ive been following this band! Well done!

Now, if we could only get that kind of promotion for America *in* America! :)

Message: 17922 Posted: Sat Jul 21 00:43:31 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: The Definitive America

Hi everyone; today I went into a Sounds Music Store and was very impressed to see THE DEFINITIVE AMERICA cd and cassette on sale. The great thing was there was more instore promotion for this than any other artist/band, and I have NEVER seen this before! The CD was displayed in several locations throughout the store with a promotion being, buy the CD and get a free bottle of Tommy fragrance and go into a draw to win a Tommy kit(body wash, deodorant etc) valued at N.Z.$120.00! The tie in being 'Tommy, the real American fragrance'.The inside booklet was extremely well done with a heap of photos and words all taken from the HIGHWAY box set. The only mistake I could see was the final song title written as 'AS THE BORDER'. The track listing is the same as the new greatest hits but without the two new ones so I assume that we wont be getting that one down here. After posting that I didnt think a new album of hits was warranted given that HISTORY is still around, Ive changed my mind because this CD looks just SO good sitting there amongst the new releases! And boy, I hope that it sells because whoever is responsible for this promotion has done more for AMERICA in New Zealand than any other in the 22 years Ive been following this band! Well done!

Message: 17921 Posted: Fri Jul 20 20:34:28 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Hidden Solo talent?

I read a recent posting of America or America-related albums released since "Hourglass" and "Van Go Gan". I couldn't help noticing that Gerry's solo album "Go Man Go" was mentioned along with Dan's. My question, how about a solo album from you, Dewey?


Message: 17920 Posted: Fri Jul 20 20:31:40 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: America covers

Does anyone know of any covers the band has pervormed (other than "California Dreamin')?

Message: 17919 Posted: Fri Jul 20 20:10:48 2001 By: seasons
Subject: i'm back

hi, this is Lori Y. and i'm back and gonna be good cause i'm basically busy, busy, busy with other things. i see the regulars are here...i can go away for 10 years and you faithfuls will still be here :-) hope everyone is well. Hi steve ;-) errrr i hope you don't blacklist me already - AGAIN..hehe

oh well, just came in to say hello and to see the gig list.

Message: 17918 Posted: Fri Jul 20 19:36:26 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Hey..

Just checking in..been real busy as I am back to work. Won't even try to scroll down to see what I have missed tonight..afraid I might run into more Dan/bio!
Anyway, need a hug from Mom and Dad this weekend and flying out to LA tomorrow morning..don't worry Robyn..I checked the weather myself this time! :>) Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 17917 Posted: Fri Jul 20 19:31:29 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio, Recipe for.......

Oh Kelly, I BLUSH.....(C=
(feeling's MUTUAL, BTW!!!!!)

TkH<---+=! Still lovin' that vest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 17916 Posted: Fri Jul 20 19:30:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Coastline", summer songs

"Seasons" (aside from the OBVIOUS) will always remind me of beautiful, barren, grey November fields with the wind howling and small tufts of snow blowing thru.......(it was like that when I first heard the album, I was sitting in the bay window...) Windwave will ALWAYS be the dog days of August...
Those just happen to be my AMERICA seasonal songs...I have only 2 more they just happen to be NONAmerica....(C=


Message: 17915 Posted: Fri Jul 20 17:18:17 2001 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio, Recipe for.......

Amen to that Tery.....your one awesome chick !!!!

Message: 17914 Posted: Fri Jul 20 17:17:56 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: "Coastline", summer songs

I agree that Coastine is a great summer song, but America has a lot of songs that make think of summer, like All Around, Town & Country, HWNN, Sister Golden Hair, Old Virginia, Moon Song, Rainbow Song, Amber Cascades, Willow Tree Lullaby, most any song from Harbor, etc.

It's also funny how some songs make me think of a certain season not from the lyrical content or the feel of the song, but by the first time I heard it. The song that stirs feelings of summer in me more strongly than any other is Todd Rungren's "Hello, It's Me." The reason is that the first time I ever heard the song, I was lying in a hammock on the front lawn of the old house I grew up in. We had a couple of trees out front the perfect distance apart to tie a hammock between. This particular day I was there with my little portable transistor radio, listening to the local radio station (the only station it would pick up). It was a beautiful sunny summer day with just a slight breeze blowing. It was as close to a perfect day as one could get. For some reason, every time I hear that song, those memories come flooding back as clear as the day I first heard it.

Has anyone else out there had a similar experience with a certain song bringing back strong memories and feelings because what you were doing the time you first heard them?

Message: 17913 Posted: Fri Jul 20 16:46:43 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: New Gigs


You forgot to post the Farmington, Maine concert (LOL).

Hey - I can dream, can't I?


Message: 17912 Posted: Fri Jul 20 15:51:37 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: "Coastline" but kind of off topic

Thanks Johnny. As both a college and middle school teacher--you gave me a great idea. I am not always allowed to give all tests back and often want to give the term grades back before they get it in the mail which takes weeks. So, I go to each student privately and with 30 students that can take a long time. I cannot believe I never thought of that before. Thank you thank you!

Message: 17911 Posted: Fri Jul 20 13:54:28 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: I'm alive

thanks for asking Johnny. I just finished the first in a series of six moves in six weeks. kind of thing that makes me wear my id badge upside down so I can refer to it from time to time. It's a bit like moving from your house ( that you have been in for 30 years) to a trailer, six times. I try not to think about it.

Looking forward to the Phobicman show tomorrow night. anyone else going?

Message: 17910 Posted: Fri Jul 20 13:00:15 2001 By: Mark
Subject: R&R Charts

I have found some information about how some of America's songs did on the Radio & Records Charts. R&R publishes national charts similar to Billboard, unfortunately most of the books written about songs and hits only refer to the Billboard charts, which only tells part of the story. There were other national charts used by radio stations like R&R and Cashbox. Here's how a few of America's songs did on R&R:

Tin Man - 1
Lonely People - 4
Sister Golden Hair - 1
Daisy Jane - 9
You Can Do Magic - 3
The Border - 27

If I ever find out how some of the other songs did or find information on the Cashbox Charts I'll let you know.

Message: 17909 Posted: Fri Jul 20 12:17:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Coastline"

Talking about "Coastline", it reminds me of being in college. I had an accounting class that the instructor would have the students write down a code name as well as their real name on each test given. After he graded the tests, he would post each code name on his office door with the grade he or she received. I remember using "Visual Pleasures" as a code once. When I went to check my grade, a couple of other students were there checking theirs too. One of them said something to the effect of, "Look at that name, 'Visual Pleasures'! Whoa!" I remember laughing to myself upon hearing that.

Message: 17908 Posted: Fri Jul 20 11:28:30 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: New Gigs

Guess I'll have to drive to Montana..........anyone wanna carpool? I'll supply the munchies if someone brings libation (C=


Message: 17907 Posted: Fri Jul 20 11:25:54 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio, Recipe for.......

What LisaRose said......!!!!!......
It's amazing what you see thru a haze of drugs and depression. It's also amazing what fame will do to you (at ANY age). Combine the two in one person, throw this person in with people facing the same/similar demons (to one degree or another) and shake. Simmer at medium heat for 3-4 years.....



Message: 17906 Posted: Fri Jul 20 11:19:25 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Joe and his butt cheeks

>>I won't mention the Cubs
GOD BLESS YOU JOE, My radidio MAN!!!! (C= (I hate nothing more than Baseball at the moment...rofl!)

You're right. Coastline IS the perfect summer song!!!!!!

TkH<-------+=! Flying to a coastline, Tuesday!

Message: 17905 Posted: Fri Jul 20 11:18:33 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

I just read Dan's last chapter. At this point, let me explain that I do consider myself a huge America fan but when I liked the group years ago, I never got into who they all were. Just liked what I heard and bought the ALBUMS. A few years ago, when I discovered that they were still together--Gerry and Dewey that is---not even realizing there was a third guy missing--I got into them more than in the past. I thank the internet and this site especially for that. Anyway when I read the previous chapters, it kind of annoyed me that Dan would bash the guys especially Gerry and thought it was totally uncalled for. In other words let the past be the past. After reading this last chapter, I totally figured it out--at least in my opinion. Dan totally screwed up, tried to blame the others or tried to show their imperfections but at the end realized it was all his fault. It kind of got me a little teary eyed reading his last sentences. I do believe he messed up but I also do believe every day of his living life that he regrets what he did and wonders what could have been. I now have a more sensitive feeling towards Dan after reading this (even though I never really knew him).

Message: 17904 Posted: Fri Jul 20 10:29:18 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Numbers

I tried to be 300,000 (ok, I admitted I clicked in a couple of more times than once--maybe 4 times) but someone beat me to it--I came in at 300,001!

Message: 17903 Posted: Fri Jul 20 07:42:47 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan's Bio, surely the last word?

Oo'er, it is with some trepidation that I post this evening,what we are faced with is a dichotomy of sorts.First and formost my original post was way over the top.Let me explain myself,firstly Dan's Bio should have been billed as the "Dan Peek bio" and I feel as if I have been "ploughing a lone furrow" reading a different story from some others.What was tiresome was the "slow burn" character assassination which many of us had tired of by the time the "Hat Trick" chapter had concluded,indeed a constant theme throughout. Furthermore there were those happy to speculate why things were just so so,or simply accept things the way they were,what was astounding was the plastering over the internet of pesonal financial arrangements,in most civilized societies this would have been put down to bad manners at best.My post was also described as cruel and unkind,it was and for that I'm truly sorry,but may I also refer you to chapter forty seven of Dan's Bio ,"shark dead eyes" indeed.There are those of us only concerned with the music,but futher bafflement was to come,what of Sir George Martin,relegated to no more than a foot note here and there.This was one of the music worlds greatest producers of all time,what of Dewey Bunnell apparently ok 99% of the time and played a decent solo on "Hold Me Tight" these people were friends or colleagues over several years.Hardly a word on memorable tours or even stage perfomances,with all that had gone on before it was hardly a shock when the "America Story" came to a swift conclusion,"Hideaway" and "Harbor" fitted in the last chapter with Dan's goodbye,but was'nt Dan's father present? My sincere apologies to Dan for the earlier post,I think it's time to sign off as Johnny as been spotted astride his white charger.

Message: 17902 Posted: Fri Jul 20 07:17:24 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Part 2 Triv

Right on Eady. Quess what tune I woke up with in my head this morning? Sis_terrr Su-sieeee... Bro_therrr... Michael. Sure beats waking up with work worries in my head. No work today. I'm off to the Mountains and the plants, and birds, and rocks, and things.

Message: 17901 Posted: Fri Jul 20 07:01:35 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Thanks SteveL et al

Hey thanks again for looking after me here Steve - I really had never bothered to go to the Sound Index Page before - man you have some great gear on this site.
Beech - yeah, re the generation gap thing I mentioned earlier this week, you can bet on it gaping out further.. lol.
Angie - I found that interesting about CSN&Y and their 'spin offs' of the Eagles and America ...... and it was that mention that made me start wondering about our guys maybe covering a CSN&Y song. How do you feel about covers? I know of two that worked well. Jimmy Buffett did a great cover of James Taylor's 'Mexico' (on 'Barometer Soup'). I think JB's also done 'Southern Cross'. Taxiride recently did a great cover of CSN&Y's 'Helplesssly Hoping'. I am all for hearing America doing some more covers - maybe the Beatles 'I'll Follow The Sun'?
Johnny - the Doc has diagnosed your ailment correctly then? The prescription is clear - this weekend you must take in all the trio albums, all Dan's solo albums, and Dan's songs from 'Highway'. If you are still feeling 'Dandeficient' you will need to 'Peek out' on the bio starting from chapter 1
And by the way, just a sideline on your trivia Q about Ger's siblings, how about:

"how 'bout a cheer for the humour in my brother
that could brighten up the darkest nights
It's just another sign of love
Whenever we would fight"

I know it wasn't both siblings, but '1960' does have some great lyrics.

Message: 17900 Posted: Fri Jul 20 06:46:52 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Numbers

Besides reading the interesting messages on this Chat Folder, it's kind of fun to watch the counters tick away at the bottom of this page. Some days there are lots of visitors and some days there are only a couple hundred. Yesterday, the Chat Folder was unavailable for half a day due to router problems but that has been taken care of. As I write this post the "Total" counter shows 299,870. It's very likely that it will turn over to 300,000 today. It's kind of cool to think that it has been hit that many times in it's short lifetime.

Hey Joe, I agree that "Coastline" is a great summer song. I was also waiting for you to say something about the Cubs and Jeff Larson (LOL). By the way, Jeff is busy working on some new projects but I can't say much more about it for now. As soon as he gives me the OK, I'll post it here.

Message: 17899 Posted: Thu Jul 19 23:14:58 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Joe and his butt cheeks

Hey Beech and You People,

Thanks for asking. While I'm out of MUSIC radio for the time being, I'm still working on the air in Chicago. I'm doing sports updates on 670AM, the Score, top and bottom of the hour between 6 and midnite a couple of evenings a week. Usually sarcastic and often silly reports as you might expect. But not tonight (Friday). I HAD to take the night off to catch the guys at Vernon Hills. Sportsradio is a ton of fun, but the chance to interview Gerry and Dewey a couple of times over the years when I was doing talk and/or music was a real highlight in my checkered career.

Joe B

P.S. I won't mention the Cubs or Jeff Larson for a change.
P.P.S. Is there a better summer song than "Coastline"?
P.P.P.S. I doubt it.

Message: 17898 Posted: Thu Jul 19 22:16:59 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: A couple of observations

AMERICA's music has a truly timelessness quality that over the years evolves & seems to adapt & wrap it self around whatever one's feelings may be. It doesn't seem to just want to sit still & remain dormant, it really grows with you. AMERICA's songs not only mean different things to different people, but they also mean different things to different places in time.

Message: 17897 Posted: Thu Jul 19 21:15:34 2001 By: Eady52
Subject: Re: Part 2 Triv

On Van Go Gan, Matt is credited with hand clapping on the title song, and Joe's voice can be heard at the beginning of Playing God.

Message: 17896 Posted: Thu Jul 19 19:56:54 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Part 2 Triv

Eady beat to part 1. He knows more about Gerry's siblings than I did. Part two: Name two Gerry Beckley recorded songs that include his offspring and give us thier audiophile contribution. Are they sonic debris or intentional inclusions?

Message: 17895 Posted: Thu Jul 19 19:28:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan (again) & Triv Answer

Jimbob, I think the topic of Dan returning is probably all a moot issue. But for discussion's sake, it's my guess that Dan wouldn't necessarily be asking for a permanent return but perhaps an opportunity to record a new trio CD and/or maybe one tour. Perhaps Dan would have to pay Michael's salary for that time period. I'm purely speculating about all I've mentioned here. I don't know how Willie, Michael, and Brad are paid...whether per show or with a yearly salary.

I was really surprised...during some recent private chats with fellow fans via e-mail...that quite a few did not know that Dan desired to return! A couple of fans thought Dan didn't wish to. One even thought Gerry and Dewey wanted Dan to return but Dan was refusing.

Regarding the triv answer, "Eady" is exactly right!!!

Message: 17894 Posted: Thu Jul 19 18:50:34 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

Here are the latest additions to the concert list:

9.17.01 Lima, Peru (Centro Maria Angola)
9.28.01 San Juan Capistrano, CA (The Coach House)
10.20.01 Millersville, PA (Pucillo Gymnasium - Millersville University)
3.22.02 Lac du Flambeau, MT (Lake of the Torches Casino)

Message: 17893 Posted: Thu Jul 19 18:35:59 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Dan (again)

Since first reading the chat folder a little over a year ago and the archived posts, the topic of Dan rejoining the band has always been, well, topical. As well it should. And of course his AMERICA STORY really fired things up,but it was on contemplating turning 41 soon that made me realise just how long ago it was that he left. I was 16! I've often wondered what would happen to Michael Woods if Dan did come back. H has been AMERICA'S lead guitarist for at least 22 years and would his position not become redundant? I have wondered whether D&G have taken that into consideration? Its my feeling they would have.

Message: 17892 Posted: Thu Jul 19 18:17:17 2001 By: Alan
Subject: A couple of observations

Listened to Alibi and Van Go Gan this evening and had a couple of observations to make. First, Dewey's songs on Alibi really rock. Second, it struck me as I was listening to House Of Cards that it seems to have a fairly strong Beatles influence. Funny how you can listen to these CDs over and over again and pick up something you missed before each time (at least I can).

As far as Dan's bio goes - thouroughly enjoyed it, am going to miss it greatly. I guess all good things must come to an end.

Back to lurkdom...

Message: 17891 Posted: Thu Jul 19 17:58:57 2001 By: Eady52
Subject: Re: Misc.

The song is Goodbye from Hat Trick:

Oh, no, Sister Susie
You're in a win or lose affair
Wish I could be there
To help you along

Oh, yes, Brother Michael
We all have every faith in you
And everything you do
All the way round

Message: 17890 Posted: Thu Jul 19 07:56:32 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Yee Hee Hee

I've never heard them perform "Things We Said Today".

Chris, you can hear this song from the America Fans web site archives by clicking on the following link:

"Things We Said Today" (from October 2, 1999 Atlantic City concert)

There are lots of other soundclips available from the Sound Index Page including live versions of "Hat Trick" and "Til The Sun Comes Up Again" from 1973 (just scroll to the bottom of the Index page).


Message: 17889 Posted: Thu Jul 19 07:53:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

For Chris "Doc" Holiday: Yes, I think you're absolutely right that I'm in a depressed state and I don't mean the State of New Mexico but that would definitely fit too. Perhaps it's more accurately described as a "Post Dan No Dan Post" depression.

Spurs, if you're reading this, please know I meant no ill will. I was only wondering (and sincerely so) why you felt the way you did.

Okay Mike B, here's a simple trivia question: What Gerry-written America song pays tribute to his two siblings and tell us the lyrics. Robyn, I know you know so please refrain from answering (if you're still alive out there).

The other day, I came across a CD called of all things, "Horse Songs". It included "AHWNN" and Michael Murphey's "Wildfire". The others I don't remember. In case you're wondering, no I didn't buy it. I was I able to pass it up? :0)

For Ernie: America's box set "Highway" released last year.

Message: 17888 Posted: Thu Jul 19 06:59:38 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Yee Hee Hee

Now Johnny, you will become Johnny Controversyee next But I
have got to know you pretty well and I know that you have the best interests of the fans here, and America, of course, in everything you do. I believe that you are just in a 'post-Dan' depression and missing that rebuttal that Spurs is still writing no
I am still disappointed that Dan chose the way he brought his bio to a close, so in some ways, I can understand your position Spurs.. I mean we had 42 chapters that basically took us to Holiday. I was looking forward to a lot more insight into three more trio albums. But insight turned into incite. I wonder if, in Hindsight (maybe a good 'H' title that is still waiting to be written?) that the painful recollections of a disintegrating downslide were becoming too desolatory for Dan? I now know why Harbor seems more negative in tone than any other America album, IMO.
And I am not criticising anyone - short straws are drawn every day, and even when you want like hell for something to work out, it is simply not happening once you have become that negative.
Anyway, its closed now. We move on as we must and I can still dream that a 30 year world reunion tour can happen in 2002!! Why not, when I see that Roxy Music is doing just that - and they have had some huge personality differences as well as wholesale band member changes.
I remain an optimist, and maybe the guys could just do what Roxy are doing - they've already agreed to have one huge bust up at the scheduled end of their world tour and make it one final gig together.
So, I don't yet see our Chat Folder folding, or the Band becoming bland. I do have one strong view though in finishing my Ramblin' Doc post here - that the guys still bring out further new material, and not just a few tracks with re-released hits that we all have many copies of already. Hey, I'd even settle for some covers - I've never heard them perform "Things We Said Today". And I'm sure that Dewey would do an awesome version of "Heart Of Gold". Has anyone heard the guys do other covers live?

Message: 17887 Posted: Thu Jul 19 06:08:37 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Misc. thoughts

Vacation - Just got back from a two week vacation to Germany to see my sister and her family. One of my goals in Germany was to see if I could find a CD of The Last Unicorn at a reasonable price. I'm happy to report within six hours of landing we were shopping in Heidelberg on the Haupstrausse (outdoor mall),went into the first record store I saw and was able to buy "TLU" for about $12! Passed another record store about a 1/2 hour later and HWNN was blaring from the speakers. I took that as a good omen for a great trip (which it was). I think we saw as much of Germany & Italy as humanly possible in the 13 days we had!!!

Dan's bio - Was catching up with this web page after we got back and for the life of me I couldn't find Dan's bio - decided I must be suffering from severe jet lag and the brain wasn't working!! Went on to the message board and discovered the reason. Think everything has already been said so I'll just add I really enjoyed reading it.

Bad Timing (Story of my life!!! lol) - was checking the upcoming concert dates and discovered America is playing in Panama City, Panama in Sept. I grew up in the Panama Canal Zone in the 70's and was a huge America fan. My sister is married to a Panamanian and lived there until 99 when she moved to Germany. Bad timing part - I have family I can go visit in Panama, America tours Germany. I have family in Germany - they go to Panama!!! If she was still in Panama I'd be making my plane reservations now!

Enough for now!


Message: 17886 Posted: Thu Jul 19 06:03:57 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Updating my America CD Collections

In 1998 America released a new CD called Human Nature.
Then Gerry Beckley released Go Man Go.
Dan Peek has released two CDs in recent years, Bodden Town and Driftin.

Hope this helps.

Message: 17885 Posted: Thu Jul 19 04:38:01 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: I Must Say...

So Johnny, give us some trivia to bring back the "Massage Board" of old. Or, we could have another song contest. List your top five songs by America, Dan, Gerry, or Dewey (were is his solo stuff?) since 1990. I’ll change my mind later, but here are my 5+ that come to mind right now.

Young Moon
Garden of peace
Wheels are Turning
Chelsea’s Song - spelling?
Kiss of Life
Sheltering Sky

Message: 17884 Posted: Thu Jul 19 03:24:05 2001 By: ernie
Subject: Updating my America CD Collections

After Hour Glass & Van Go Gan, what albums are recorded can I have the Title of that album? I have seen and watch you all there performed in Makati City, Phils., is that your last concert here? Are you planning to visit the philippines again, maybe, not this year. We have a terrible economic problem is that correct? Please email me guys.

Message: 17883 Posted: Wed Jul 18 22:41:11 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: I Must Say...

Since Dan concluded his "America Story" (in my opinion), this folder has been quite the Message Bored.

Message: 17882 Posted: Wed Jul 18 22:23:22 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Joe and his butt cheeks

". . . and they had the energy of my left butt cheek." LOL!

Wasn't "My Left Butt Cheek" a movie with Daniel Day Lewis? Oh, no -- that was "My Left Foot . . . "

Message: 17881 Posted: Wed Jul 18 18:34:29 2001 By: kiri
Subject: a request

Dear Dewey and Gerry,
Hey maybe you could play "Windwave" at Vernon Hills???

Take care,

Message: 17880 Posted: Wed Jul 18 15:11:56 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Joe and his butt cheeks

Um, Joe? You have a thing for your posterior? I'm sensing an answer pattern here over the years.....(rofl!!!) (C;

Hey, you working in Chicago ra-di-dio still or what?


Message: 17879 Posted: Wed Jul 18 15:09:02 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Another Question Answered

I had to laugh, Angie told me about the answer yesterday and I'd forgotten about this one.....I'd figured it was a Q I'd posted on the VH board,,,,I was wondering what universe I'd been transported to (couldn't find it--lol) Thanks for the answer! (((C= Another satisfied customer.....


Message: 17878 Posted: Wed Jul 18 15:05:42 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hall & Oates

IMHO their best album is still "Abandoned Luncheonette" (infamous for "She's Gone")......"Till The Morning Comes" is a great song!


Message: 17877 Posted: Wed Jul 18 10:10:28 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

I will let you know. Like Joe said they could of had a bad night or who knows what when you play that many times. I saw Byran Adams back in May and he started off a little slow but half way through the concert he really got the energy going. So far this year the best concert Ive seen was ACDC and Journey.

Message: 17876 Posted: Wed Jul 18 09:24:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

Hello Joe B! That's interesting what you said about H&O. Sounds like they've run out of pep. Hall is usually very active. You know...jumpin' and boppin' around and runnin' across both sides of the stage. We'll just have to see what Pete reports back to us, I guess.

Message: 17875 Posted: Wed Jul 18 08:58:14 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

Hey Johnny and You People,

No offense taken regarding Hall & Oates. But the truth is, Gerry, Dewey and Co. probably will be much more eneergetic than Daryl & John. I saw H & O 2 or 3 years ago and it was a total snore. Great band, great songs, but they had the energy of my left butt cheek. They were touring in support of a fine album "Marigold Sky" (someone mentioned it on the board a few weeks back as a sleeper - I totally agree - great CD!), yet they were pretty uninspired. Maybe they just had a bad night - I'll be interested to see how the reviews come back this time around.

Joe B

P.S. Cubs rule!
P.P.S. Looking forward to a long set at Vernon Hills this Friday night

Message: 17874 Posted: Wed Jul 18 08:09:24 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Another Question Answered

Dewey and Gerry have answered another question on the VH.COM web site. This question was posed by our own Beechlady (aka Tery). It's buried kind of deep on the web site so here's a link that will take you directly to it:

Message: 17873 Posted: Wed Jul 18 07:54:12 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Finally!

>My boyfriend and I were sitting in the hot tub up at Squaw Valley >High Camp last weekend

Our little Erin, ALLLLLL GROW'D UP......(((((C= I remember when she was just a little!


Message: 17872 Posted: Wed Jul 18 07:52:41 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

Yeah, that classic example happened earlier this year at the NCRC (National Car Rental Center) in Sunrise Florida. Took the daughter to see Everclear and Matchbox 20. It should have been reversed (although at THAT time Matchbox was still the bigger of the two). Everclear SMOKED the house and Matchbox was clearly a "letdown"......even though I LOVE Rob Thomas and crew.......


Message: 17871 Posted: Tue Jul 17 23:01:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: WOODZ, You're Only Halfway There, Bud! :0)

Although it's not "official" for another hour, I'd like to wish MICHAEL a SUPER DUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I've met Michael only once but he treated me like he and I were friends from long, long ago. I thought that was really nice of him and I appreciate it to this day. So enjoy your special day MICHAEL because you deserve it and many, many more!!! Whoopie! :0)

(I still like that gray "Beer Nuts" shirt of yours!)

Message: 17870 Posted: Tue Jul 17 22:22:34 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Finally!

My boyfriend and I were sitting in the hot tub up at Squaw Valley High Camp last was playing very loudly...heard the first few bars of Ventura Highway...turned out to be the new J. Jackson song...very cool. I like it! One month from today...guess where I'll be...NUGGET!!! Finally!!
Hey Jim...are you in town?

Erin :o)

Message: 17869 Posted: Tue Jul 17 18:41:22 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By . . .

See you noticed James Baby here at Red Rocks for 2 nights!!!! Will you be attending as part of the groupies reunion dinner held at the Hyatt. Since I sprung big time for EAGLES tix on Aug 11, I won't be attending unless you can get me tickets..... By the way, what AMERICA concerts near SacramentO will you be attending? Dewey looked a little confused in Denver not having you in the audience. Time to perk things up, unless you were the gal in the audience that almost flashed the band. If you can get me tickets for Sweet Baby James & you will singing backup, let me know......... Enjoy AMERICA at a concert near you.

Message: 17868 Posted: Tue Jul 17 18:22:44 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By . . .

James Taylor in Concert at Red Rocks, September 1 and 2.

Red Oak, I'll let you know if I'm scheduled to sing back-up because if so, I KNOW that you'll want to be there both nights! : )

Message: 17867 Posted: Tue Jul 17 17:00:24 2001 By: HarryO
Subject: Zippy

Today's (07/17) Zippy comic strip has an America reference. Go to:

and click on "Today's Strip"


Message: 17866 Posted: Tue Jul 17 15:24:02 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Off the topic

Just off the topic, but I'm reading a bio on Crosby,Stills and Nash. And it had a small section that talked about America and the Eagles being the "rising offspring". And Dewey talked about making an album like the first CSN album.But what struck me was what Dewey said, to make something just as powerful as that.It's a great thing to instill in people, to inspire....That is when Horse With No Name and the first album came out. They still inspire me to create....and they will always inspire our love and discussions.

Message: 17865 Posted: Tue Jul 17 12:59:43 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

I know just what you mean Johnny. Different type of music and I can see Hall and Oats type of music. Nothing like a lot of energy to get the people moving. Either way, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the both of them. I still have a couple of months before I see them but I will let you know and the chat folder how they were.

Message: 17864 Posted: Tue Jul 17 12:50:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

I don't know how it's decided which band is the main attraction. I do know something about it regarding two of America's past performances, though.

In 1987 while touring with Three Dog Night, one of America's crew members said America and Three Dog alternate being the main billing. And in 1998, an America crew member said Rick Springfield insisted on being the featured attraction since the two shared the same booking agent. I would think Dewey and Gerry didn't fret at all about it.

Regarding H&O being the main attraction during the upcoming show with America, I personally think it's better that way. I say this because I think H&O will perform a higher energy type show than America. I hope no one is offended by my remark because it's not meant to be disrespectful in any way. I just think if it were the other way around, it might be a bit of a let-down to have the mellower band following one that performs with higher intensity.

Message: 17863 Posted: Tue Jul 17 12:04:02 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

Hey Johnny, thanks for the information on Hall and Oats. I have the CD best of Hall and Oats and every song that plays Ive heard it before. I bet they are pretty good and its good to hear they pack a lot of energy. I like a band that packs a lot of energy. I was really surprise that America wasn't the main attraction but I'm sure the concert should be great. Once again, thank you for the info.

Message: 17862 Posted: Tue Jul 17 11:30:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hall&Oats with America

Pete, as I mentioned before, I've seen H&O only once and that was a long time ago. However, I followed their music pretty intensely in the 80s and saw a couple of their concerts on TV. They performed on the 4th of July in NYC about 12-15 years ago (or more) and I recorded it. I enjoy watching it a couple of times each year. Plus, they've performed on MTV's "Unplugged".

They're a very high energy band. Daryl Hall is a very talented performer who keeps the action flowing. I think you'll really enjoy their show. I wish I were attending! I think you'll be surprised when you hear just how many of their songs were hits. Also, I think Hall and Oates were apart only a short period of time. During that time, Hall did some solo recording while Oates did some producing. They do a great cover of Sly Stone's "Hot Fun In The Summertime".

H&O and America...what a great time that's going to be!

Message: 17861 Posted: Tue Jul 17 09:56:36 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: On a completely different note

I tried to do that with my daughter and son (1987, 1990 respectively) and about had a COW!!!!! Man NONE of those poor kids (in '82) knew about Duran Duran, either (ROFLMAO!!!!), snicker, snicker......


Message: 17860 Posted: Tue Jul 17 09:53:00 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: I agree to disagree Humanely

>>Mostly I've connected with all of you and your love for America's music.

And THAT'S what it's all about!!!!!! (C=


Message: 17859 Posted: Tue Jul 17 08:36:22 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Hey Mike B

I don't think you should criticise Mike Bunn. Do you even know the guy? ..... LOL. Anyway, how do we know how many people you've got inside there? Or wait a minute, that wasn't your wife posting that first paragraph about you was it? More likely a daughter? Oh, it's ok, I see that you wrestled the keyboard back for the second para....LOL ROFL.
Just kiddin' Mike - I like your posts and your opinions and I hope that if I don't like them sometimes that we could have a discussion about it, as with anyone who posts here. I fully agree that we are all bound by that intangible, but very real, love of America's music.
We all seem to get over our differences and come back to our 'home' here. So keep posting and let's hope that we are all honest enough to bring our differences back into perspective when it matters.

Message: 17858 Posted: Tue Jul 17 08:14:11 2001 By: holiday
Subject: On a completely different note

I came across something of interest today. Macquarie Uni in Sydney puts together a list to try to give the faculty a sense of the mindset of the new year's incoming students. The students starting this year were born in 1982. They, among other things:
- Have no recollection of the Cold War
- Have never feared a nuclear war
- They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up
- Tianamen Square means nothing to them
- Atari predates them, as do vinyl albums
- The CD was introduced when they were one years old
- There have always been cable and VCR's
- Vietnam is as ancient history to them as WWII is to us
- Michael Jackson has always been white, and
- Kansas, Chicago, Boston, Alabama and America are places, NOT GROUPS

hmmmm - seems that we may become dinosaurs??

It's just a thought.


Message: 17857 Posted: Tue Jul 17 08:10:57 2001 By: Steve
Subject: My toes are cold!

Anyone ever wonder what it's like when you're not there? Sometimes I feel like nobody loves me and my toes are cold. Just happy America is still together and I still have the chance to listen to them live. AMERICA....need I say more?

Message: 17856 Posted: Tue Jul 17 07:52:31 2001 By: Deb
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Its not the disagreeing I disagree with, its the nastiness that seems to be behind alot of these posts.

Message: 17855 Posted: Tue Jul 17 06:16:27 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Hall&Oats with America

Going to the Clearwater show this September. I know America is great but I'm wondering about Hall&Oats. Anybody out there seen them in concert and how are they. I didn't even know they were back together.

Message: 17854 Posted: Tue Jul 17 05:56:30 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: I agree to disagree Humanely

Who does Mike Bunn think he is? Whenever somebody voices an opinion he strongly disagrees with, out comes a rebuttal. And if he thinks somebody has been attacked unfairly he defends him or her. And another thing that bugs me, he has spelling mistakes and typo's in every post. Where did he learn to write? I can't stand somebody that doesn’t take that extra 20 minutes to make sure his post doesn't irritate me. He double posts and sometimes he forgets this is the America Fans site. How annoying.

Personally I welcome all the above from everybody out their. If you don't like my opinion send out a rebuttal. Just try not to diminish my value as a Human Being in the process. I'll try to do the same. I've disagreed with nearly every one of you at times. But I value every one of your opinions. Mostly I've connected with all of you and your love for America's music.

Message: 17853 Posted: Mon Jul 16 14:07:32 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: American politics

" . . . and not to gossip about the past."

Right, let's gossip about the present instead. : )

And where IS Luscious Laz, by the way?

Dewey's Girl, counting the days until . . . . ?
[I have been advised by counsel not to confirm or deny my whereabouts in reference to the band]

Message: 17852 Posted: Mon Jul 16 13:47:46 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Deb said "...people should be allowed to disagree on here..."

But judging from her post I guess that means we shouldn't post anything disagreeing with Spurs?

Message: 17851 Posted: Mon Jul 16 12:37:44 2001 By: kevin k
Subject: American politics

I've been reading the message board on this homepage for a number of months but never felt compelled to post a message until now. I've heard enough about the supposed animosity between Gerry and Dan. Aren't we all on this homepage because we are America fans and we're here for Gerry, Dewey, and Dan? Enough already! I agree with John Corbett - I think the past was settled many years ago and everyone should be thankful that King Biscuit has provided this site which enables us all to keep up with what Gerry, Dewey and Dan are doing now. Dan's autobiography might step on a few toes but he has the integrity to tell a honest story from his viewpoint based on the music industry at that time. If you weren't there, how can you comment?!! Let's keep the politics out of this homepage and remember why we're here .... to appreciate the musical talents of Gerry, Dewey and Dan, and not to gossip about the past. Regards, Kevin from Canada

Message: 17850 Posted: Mon Jul 16 12:36:27 2001 By: kevin k
Subject: American politics

I've been reading the message board on this homepage for a number of months but never felt compelled to post a message until now. I've heard enough about the supposed animosity between Gerry and Dan. Aren't we all on this homepage because we are America fans and we're here for Gerry, Dewey, and Dan? Enough already! I agree with John Corbett - I think the past was settled many years ago and everyone should be thankful that King Biscuit has provided this site which enables us all to keep up with what Gerry, Dewey and Dan are doing now. Dan's autobiography might step on a few toes but he has the integrity to tell a honest story from his viewpoint based on the music industry at that time. If you weren't there, how can you comment?!! Let's keep the politics out of this homepage and remember why we're here .... to appreciate the musical talents of Gerry, Dewey and Dan, and not to gossip about the past. Regards, Kevin from Canada

Message: 17849 Posted: Mon Jul 16 12:22:33 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Oops!

Oops...ANYTIME soon.

Message: 17848 Posted: Mon Jul 16 12:17:09 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Anna Antognetti?

I was looking through the "Hourglass" CD front cover insert the other day and I saw the photo of a lady that I wondering about. Who is the blonde-haired lady in the photo located on the top right? She's holding a sheet of paper in her hands that she's reading. Is she the person mentioned in the "special thanks" section of the liner notes, Anna Antognetti? Anyone know?

I was looking at America's "In Concert" album cover (1985) this past Saturday and I found a piece of paper that I had slipped in between the album cover and its clear wrapper. On the piece of paper, I had written the following: "7-14-86 Anna (pronounced On-Na), Gallin-Morey-Addis (213) 659-5593".

It all came flooding back to me. Exactly fifteen years ago TO THE DAY, I called America's management company to find out if the guys would be touring to New Mexico or Texas anything soon. I had spoken to a person named Anna but she pronounced it "On-Na". I remember much to my disappointment that she said there were no dates for New Mexico or Texas.

Message: 17847 Posted: Mon Jul 16 11:41:59 2001 By: Deb
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Oh for crying out loud....enough Spurs bashing for goodness sakes! Someone gets the guts to state his opinion and everyone jumps on his case....GROW UP....people should be allowed to disagree on here, however you would not know it from the responses I have gotten and and from the responses I am sure to get following this little litany.
Back to lurkdom....donning flame throwing suit.....

Message: 17846 Posted: Mon Jul 16 11:24:56 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Dan-Ger, Will Robinson!

Well, ONE thing's for sure..........
It's sure been busy HERE, no matter what you think!!!!! (C=
This is always a GOOD THING!


Message: 17845 Posted: Mon Jul 16 10:37:23 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Dan and Gerry

I think it's important to remind everyone that most of the animosity between Dan and Gerry took place in the 1970s. They must have mended their ways at some point since then, because Gerry was a guest vocalist on Dan's "Doer Of The World" title track in 1984 -- something which couldn't have happened if the two weren't on speaking terms. Also, if I recall correctly, last year there was talk from the Peek camp of releasing demo recordings of Dewey, Dan, and Gerry made during the 1980s. So there's more to the story than "I hate you, you hate me!"


Message: 17844 Posted: Mon Jul 16 08:26:08 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Enough Dan-bashing Spurs! Your post doesn't even make sense in some areas. Fact: Dan and Gerry's egos clashed once the band became successful. Fact: this put serious strains on their friendship and working relationship. Fact: Dan admits to being not just part of the problem, but the major cause of it. Fact: both America and Dan enjoyed career success after the split (though admittedly not to the same level as before). Fact: many America fans would love for them to put their differences aside and record together again (even if it were for only 1 CD).

Message: 17843 Posted: Mon Jul 16 08:25:21 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Spurred on by Johnny

Spurs, I thought you made a valiant attempt to Spur things up ... lol.
It's what happens when you dig those things deep into the rib cage, right? If you are from Oz, then you know how to get a bite (Aus) or rise (USA) - got to thank Johnny for teaching me that one... lol.
I will stay out of the detailed 'ribbing' on this little rodeo ride as I have Mark Twain's words ringing in my ears... "It is better to keep your mouth closed and appear ignorant, than to open it and remove all doubt".
Where's Lazlo when you need him? ..... all in jest guys.

Message: 17842 Posted: Mon Jul 16 08:02:43 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Dan Speek

I hope that Dan will consider posting the next chapters in his life. I know that a lot of fans would be interested in what he has done since his rollercoaster ride with America. Life goes on and I am intrigued by snippets of island life and who/what has influenced his style since leaving America.
What do you say Dan? - #49 was just getting off the train at your stop, you've still got a ticket to ride .......

Message: 17841 Posted: Mon Jul 16 05:47:31 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

I liked Dan's bio. I felt he had a lot to say. I sure wish I could say I had two Grammy's, seven super Albums with America, several years enjoying the Island life, Fan's that check in every week to see what I have to say, etc. I'm glad to say I have a soul mate for a wife (Dan appears to with Catherine), and that I've clashed with people I've worked with.

Thanks Dan Peek for all you have given to this Fan. Forget what Spurs had to say and focus on the positive.

Message: 17840 Posted: Sun Jul 15 16:05:56 2001 By: Rob
Subject: Dan's Bio

Regarding Dan and Gerry-
I've had the good fortune to have known and/or been with each of them. I like them both. I would like to note that friendships go beyond mere squabbles. Gerry did a fantastic job on Dan's "Doer of the Word" album. He also appeared on the "All Things Are Possible" solo album by Dan. About 5-6 years ago, I heard Gerry speaking about how much he liked "Don't Cross the River" and "Lonely People". I actually think air-ing differences is more honest than forgetting that they are there.

Gerry, Dan...I've enjoyed countless hours admiring your music! Individually and collectively!

Message: 17839 Posted: Sun Jul 15 15:46:57 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Some personalities just clash.

Message: 17838 Posted: Sun Jul 15 14:59:20 2001 By: Robyn

I will be there! anyone else going? Yes it was an SRO crowd the last time, my family and I amanged to muscle our way in with the kind help of Matt himself( thanks Matt) Should be another great show!

Message: 17837 Posted: Sun Jul 15 14:37:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio (Spurs)

Dang Spurs, easy with those spurs, will ya? LOL! I'd like to debate with you the points that you have raised. So, I hope you don't take any personal offense about what I say, okay?

SPURS, YOU SAID: "'s a fellow [Dan] that has retired in his late twenties or eary thirties and has nothing to say other than he does not like Gerry."

Spurs, to say that Dan had "nothing to say" is not a fair statement in my opinion. Dan had a whole lot to say including that he didn't necessarily like Gerry 100% of the time AS WELL AS Gerry didn't necessarily like him most of the time either. Another thing Dan said is that he really liked Dewey the majority of the time and that Dewey remained the good ol' guy that he had always been. We might say that Dewey came out smelling like "Three Roses"!

Perhaps Dan could have said a whole lot less negative things about Gerry. I'm certainly not going to argue that point.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "What we have here is tail of misery, and poor me, quite frankly it just does not cut it."

That is true, there was a lot of misery and "poor me". But in my opinion, Dan was telling us all about himself and how his life fulled with fame and glory went spiraling downward due to his abuse of substances. In the end, he blames no one but himself. I think it takes a big person to admit his or her frailties and vices for all the world to view. Instead of being berated, I think Dan should be complimented for opening up his inner soul to us all. But as I said, the things Dan said about Gerry, could definitely have been trimmed back.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "Surely after all this time Dan should have got himself sorted out, but I doubt it, what we have here is nothing short of a sob story...."

Well, I think that's actually what Dan has attempted to get himself sorted out...but that's just my opinion. Only Dan and Tom know for sure what Dan was hoping to achieve through the writing of his many episodes.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "I believe 'America' are better off without him, as indeed future albums have proved."

If you're saying that America albums recorded as a duo are great, I totally agree. But, duo albums as a whole haven't done very well compared to the majority of America albums released as a trio. It's rather pointless though, in my opinion, to speculate how successful America would have been if Dan remained. How can we debate something that doesn't exist? We all should remember...the last two America LPs with Dan didn't do that great compared to the majority of the earlier ones.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "True they do not sound the same...."

Well, for that matter, neither do the first several trio America albums verses the latter ones.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "Dan may well look upon a solo career, but somehow it's not going to happen."

Spurs, you lost me there. Care to clarify?

SPURS SAID: "...let us not forget this is a guy that has only really worked for maybe seven years, started a wonderful story and has only really succeeded in messing up...."

Huh? Seven years with America, yes. Those were America's most successful years, in case anyone has forgotten. Also, Dan has had a very successful solo career. Two Grammy Award nominations on his first solo LP!!! I can't say I've ever done that. To be able to retire on a beautiful island sure is the American dream in my opinion. Oh yeah, we've from two different countries. Regarding "messing up", I'm not sure what you mean.

SPURS, YOU SAID: "...start thinking about what it would be like working on a factory floor for thirty odd years...."

Again...huh? Are you saying you have worked on a factory floor for 30 years? If so, I'll take the island.

Let's review who some of the folks are that Dan has rubbed elbows with: John Wayne, Bob Hope, Rod Stewart, Sir George, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Dwight Yoakum, John Anderson, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, CSN&Y, The Everly Brothers, Greg Allman, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder, David Cassidy, Elton John, The Bee Gees, and The Beatles. Well, not all of them I'd necessarily care to be around but I do respect them for their achievements.

SPURS SAID: "...a poor story and poorly told."

You have got to be kidding! I think that those who oppose Dan's "America Story" have read the majority if not all of his episodes. The second time Dan mentioned something offensive to the reader, he/she should have stopped reading any further. I think they couldn't because Dan's stories were too interesting and too revealing to stop. That to me is a sign of a very intriguing and well-written story!

And what about that incredible apology message to Michael Beckley? That my fellow America fan was from the heart and there's no criticizing that!!!

Spurs, I welcome any rebuttal.

Message: 17836 Posted: Sun Jul 15 13:55:38 2001 By: AmericaSL

Here's some information about Matt's group that you Southern Californian's (and others) may be interested in:

Please come out and celebrate the 22nd birthday of Phobicman's very own Matt Beckley with a special Phobicman concert on the Santa Monica Pier, this Saturday night, July 21st at Rusty's Surf Ranch.

Phobicman will be sharing the stage with our good friend Bill Mumy and his band the Jenerators, who are scheduled to go on at 9:00pm. Phobicman follows immediatley after. And there will be rock for all.

Please note that when we played this same bill 3 months ago the show managed to sell out and some people were not allowed in. So please try and either call Rusty's to reserve seating at 310-393-PIER (7437), or arrivie somewhat early and grab a bite before the show. Remember, you can pay for your whole seat if you want, but you're only going to need the edge...

*** OTHER NEWS ***
phobicman has resumed it's efforts in the studio, working on 3 new songs and one old one...

The official site ( is still undergoing it's update, although there has been some more recent updates to the IUMA page (

there should be new stickers available soon... email us...

thank you for your time and continued support.

Message: 17835 Posted: Sun Jul 15 12:27:13 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Just wondering how and if Dan's style of music would of fit in on the Silent Letter album. Also wondering if Gerry had that big of an ego back then and Dan couldn't stand it, why did Dewey stick around?
Your a very smart man Mr. Bunnell

Message: 17834 Posted: Sun Jul 15 10:00:14 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Dan's bio

Dear Spurs:
While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I found your post to be cruel and mean-spirited. Dan stated his perceptions without ever sounding like he was "mud-slinging"...perhaps you could have used the same approach. I'm sorry, I don't normally "judge" others' posts..Lord knows mine can be trite and insignificant (and I thank you all for bearing with me!), but I truly believe that there is never a reason to be unkind.

Message: 17833 Posted: Sun Jul 15 05:05:07 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan's Bio

Hello everyone,there may be many of you that find Dan's story intriguing,but the fact of the matter still remains here's a fellow that has retired in his late twenties or early thirties and has nothing to say other than he does not like Gerry, so what,get a life may be the catchcall.What we have here is tail of misery,and poor me,quite frankly it just does not cut it.Surely after all this time Dan should have got himself sorted out,but I doubt it, what we have here is nothing short of a sob story,and I beleieve "America" are better off whithout him,as indeed future albums have proved.True they do not sound the same, but as a group they have toured continuously and with success for over twenty odd years.Times have changed,and so should Dan.Dan may well look upon a solo career,but somehow It's not going to happen.Now all this may sound a trifle unfair,but let us not forget this is a guy that has only really worked for maybe seven years,started a wonderful story and has only really suceeded in messing up,stay on your island and start thinking about what it would be like working on a factory floor for thirty odd years, a poor story and poorly told.

Message: 17832 Posted: Sat Jul 14 18:28:37 2001 By: Angie
Subject: My Stop.

Dan, thank-you for your time and thoughts. There precious to the America story and will never be forgotten. Your music lives on, heart and soul.

Message: 17831 Posted: Sat Jul 14 16:58:06 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: My Stop

All in all a nice end to a fascinating, if controversial, saga. Nice to get the chance to lay to rest any acrimony amongst band and family. Thank you, Mr Peek for a glimpse into your mind and soul.

Message: 17830 Posted: Sat Jul 14 15:14:54 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: re: My Stop

Yeah, and please DON'T take the shadow out of the middle!!!! Doesn't work that way!


Message: 17829 Posted: Sat Jul 14 14:23:05 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: My Stop

Superbly written..from start to "stop". It gave me shivers and a reason to smile. :-) Great job, Dan. Thanks so much.

Message: 17828 Posted: Sat Jul 14 10:36:43 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: My Stop

I agree wholeheartedly Eady52 (you're only a year younger than me eh?).
Some of it was magic,
some was tragic,
but Dan's story has been fantastic
and the legend lives on.
And I don't think that Dan "tore the group apart" - everyone changes in any relationship, and he had to move on for his reasons. Personally speaking, I thought they had broken up after Hideaway anyway. When "Magic" came out, I learned that America was still going strong as a duo. So Dan, you didn't end the group, you left it as your final image on "My Stop" depicts, and the "Hat Trick" of D + G + D still lives on in the wonderful music that you laid down over seven truly unique albums that is your legacy.
Yeah, and the first 4 to 5 albums are the ones that I always return to
time and time again because this timeless music sounds as fresh and uplifting as it always did right from the start.

Message: 17827 Posted: Sat Jul 14 08:33:59 2001 By: Eady52
Subject: My Stop

Dan ends on a positive note (no pun intended) and takes responsibility for much of the friction within the band during the last couple years. No Kleenex or dictionary needed. There are those who complain that today's America doesn't sound the same as in the old days because the tight three part harmony isn't there anymore. If things had been better back in the late 70's and Dan had stayed on with the band through the present, do any of you really think the sound would be the same now? I, for one, doubt it. How many of you do your job the exact same way you did thirty years ago? How stifling would that be? Especially for creative people. So it doesn't bother me that the music of Dewey and Gerry sounds different from that of the trio. I'm just glad the two of them, along with Willie, Michael, and Brad, are still out there on the road providing me with the opportunity to see them, hear the songs I have loved for so long, and are still writing and recording new music for all of us.

Dan's story has helped us understand what fame and fortune gained early on can do. Everyone reacts to it in their own way, good or bad. But time passes on and everyone has to grow up. I hope that Dan is happy with the life he leads now. The past no longer matters. It's gone and cannot be changed. I imagine a lot of us out there would be interested in Dan's story post America. I wonder if he would continue writing if he got enough positive feedback from us? At any rate, I would like to thank Dan for giving all of us a glimse of the America story as seen through his eyes.

Message: 17826 Posted: Sat Jul 14 00:13:00 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Ok..ok..

I know Johnny..what you really mean to say is "akamanjanice shut up already.." out on meds..oh, and please ask me why I am still up at 3am. don't want to'd think I was whining and I am not a wimp. So there.

Message: 17825 Posted: Fri Jul 13 21:12:53 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: ok..ok..Akamanjo

You mean it's not "Ah, come on Joe, you can always change your name?"
First Chastity Bay and now this!!! My world is falling apart! But I still don't know who Mr. AkamanJO is!? Is he related to Mr. BOjangles?

Message: 17824 Posted: Fri Jul 13 20:34:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ok..ok..Akamanjo

Akamanjanice! LOL! That's right...from "Ventura Highway".

"DG", on the home page, go to "Museum" underneath "Fans". From there, select "Souvenir Room" left of the page. Then go down to the 11th item on the left. There you'll see the word "Akamanjo".

For 16 years (from 1982 to 1998), I didn't know what "Akamanjo" was referring to until Jimnak told us. I thought it was somthing like the name of another country! Also, for a couple of more years, I didn't know for sure what Dewey and Gerry were hoping I'd enjoy until Steve posted the "other" Gianni's postcard..."Hope you enjoy View."

I wonder if the mailing labels on the postcards were on there before the messages were written or the other way around. I notice that Dewey signed the one I received with the American slang "ya" and on Gianni's it's "you" which more likely would be better understood by Gianni. It's just a minor detail that I noticed.

I actually received two of those "Akamanjo" postcards but on different days during that month, I believe. The second one had the identical photo but the message on the back was different. I don't know exactly where it is in my bedroom but I know the message was pre-printed. In other words, it wasn't an original handwritten message but it was a copy of a handwritten one. The message part didn't appear to be either Dewey or Gerry's handwriting but it did have a copy of their signatures underneath the message. I'm guessing that part was written by someone from their management company...a public relations person maybe. I can't remember exactly what the message said but I believe it was somewhat the same as the other...somewhat.

Those are the only two postcards I have ever received from the guys. Did anyone else here receive any postcards regarding "View" or any other America releases? Among Dewey's memorabilia shown in the "Highway" booklet, I see an "Alibi" postcard.

Message: 17823 Posted: Fri Jul 13 18:51:15 2001 By: Janice
Subject: ok..ok..Akamanjo's a "J" at the end..not a "G"....geez!
Get me my!

Message: 17822 Posted: Fri Jul 13 18:49:45 2001 By: Janice
Subject: I meant..Akamango..

OK, 2 points off for misspelling.

Message: 17821 Posted: Fri Jul 13 18:48:31 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Akamamango

I know..I know...(raising hand enthusiastically!)
From Ventura Highway.."Akamango, you can always change your name..."

Message: 17820 Posted: Fri Jul 13 18:30:09 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Link Comments (Akamanjo)


Who/what is Akamanjo?


Message: 17819 Posted: Fri Jul 13 17:40:26 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: duh

Mutiny I meant

Message: 17818 Posted: Fri Jul 13 17:39:38 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: thanks Johnny

Thanks Johnny. Munity doesn't make you popular around here LOL

Message: 17817 Posted: Fri Jul 13 17:27:20 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Shucks..

Thanks everyone!
Well, it doesn't look like I'll be returning to work on Monday though. Summary of my week: (and feel to click to the next post because I am venting during this one) 1. Terrible fall in bathroom 2. Cut finger on glass I dropped in kitchen 3. Bozo bonks into me going about 30 mph (I am stopped making left hand turn, mind you) 4. Severe burn on my index finger where I decided to touch hot exhaust pipe sticking out following the accident! (I know..duh) 5. Lengthy visit to doctor, prescription drugs and release from work for next week!!!!!!!!! 6. My old boyfriend from high school has FOUND ME and has filled my inbox with mail for Pete's sakes!! ( can run but you can't hide!!) Somebody lock me up (to protect me from myself).
End of vent. Thank you and goodnight. :-)

Message: 17816 Posted: Fri Jul 13 17:05:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Link Comments (Akamanjo)

Joe, we like you regardless. Well, I do anyway! :0)

Message: 17815 Posted: Fri Jul 13 16:21:20 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: I vote for a new compilation

I much as I hate to admit I think that for us "die hards" it almost seems to encourage BOOTLEGGING. Making a CD of all the "gems" off of the last couple of compilations is a tantalizing thought....BUT........of course I'm just MUSING OUT LOUD!


Message: 17814 Posted: Fri Jul 13 16:12:50 2001 By: ALBELO



and our songs:

This is our homage to a Great Band

Take a look at this:

Best Regards
Guillermo Albelo
From the Canary Islands, "The Paradise"

Message: 17813 Posted: Fri Jul 13 14:05:18 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: America

Ok OK No more link comments Joe K

Message: 17812 Posted: Fri Jul 13 10:58:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Gearing Up For Tomorrow

Okay all...tomorrow it's a box of kleenex, snorkel gear, silly putty, and a good dictionary...remember? I assume the snorkel gear is for the "Harbor" adventure in Hawaii and the box of kleenex is for the departure. The silly putty and a good dictionary...well, your guess is as good as mine.

Message: 17811 Posted: Fri Jul 13 10:50:02 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

Am so happy to hear the news!!

Message: 17810 Posted: Fri Jul 13 08:41:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Cow Bell

Great observation, Eddy! I know without a doubt that Dan said the cow bell used on "In The Country" was the same one used on "Yellow Submarine". Where Dan stated that, I'm not sure. It was either in one of his episodes; a posted message by Dan in his own guestbook; the 'Highway' booklet; or via his brother Tom in a message from Tom to me.

(Another great observation I think is Eady52's)

Message: 17809 Posted: Fri Jul 13 06:34:46 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..


Message: 17808 Posted: Fri Jul 13 06:07:15 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Cow Bell

I believe it was an anvil (spelling?) on "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", & not a cow bell.
On the Beatle's movie "Let It Be", they were practising the tune, & having Mal Evans hitting the anvil w/a hammer. (bang, bang!)

Message: 17807 Posted: Fri Jul 13 03:39:41 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Greatest Hits

Hello again,may I warmly commend Eady52's post,love the idea of "History Repeats Itself" and Mike B informing us of Janet Jacksons progress up the charts.Should this single do really well not only will it swell the America coffers, but with any luck to a major label head who will immediately shove an impressive recording contract under their noses.Sad to note that so many labels have been swallowed up by huge corporations,not only manufacturing their own artists thereby keeping the royalties themselves,just how far can greed go and indeed are we witnessing the end of the singer songwriter?

Message: 17806 Posted: Fri Jul 13 00:55:20 2001 By: Eady52
Subject: Re: Greatest hits

Personally, I think the logic of the new greatest hits is to eventually replace "History". As Mark mentioned earlier, this CD will target the casual fan who wants all the hits without shelling out big bucks. "History" continues to sell well, but it represents America as a trio only. The new release will still have the songs the casual fan remembers, but the two new songs will represent America as they are today (and have been for 24 years) - a duo. I think it's a great idea. The new songs may even prompt those casual fans to buy more of the duo America music. I hope Rhino does a dynamite packaging job and then markets the hell out of this CD. Hey, they can call it "History Repeats Itself". Will I, who owns everything already, buy it? Probably. Because, like Kevin said awhile back, I want to support America in any way I can and I'm curious about the new songs.

I am also hoping that Dewey and Gerry have been recording other new material when they find the time and will eventually put together something on their own that can be sold via their website, Amazon, Melody Blvd, and the like. Well, I can dream, can't I?

Just a couple of late night random thoughts...

Message: 17805 Posted: Thu Jul 12 22:06:37 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Greatest hits

Dan, you sure didn't offend ME with "your ramblings" because I agree entirely! The difference between you and me though is I probably wont buy it.Maybe its a nostalgia thing but to me HISTORY really is the greatest hits and if the casual fan wants more after hearing that, then aren't other albums still available? At the end of the day Im sure D&G would rather be releasing new material anyway.

Message: 17804 Posted: Thu Jul 12 22:05:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Cow Bell

Dan, are you saying "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" instead of "Yellow Submarine" or in addition to?

Message: 17803 Posted: Thu Jul 12 22:01:20 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: I vote for a new compilation

I concur Dan. I want a new compilation like Hourglass and Human Nature. I hate to pay for songs I've bought several times over to get two new songs. Maybe Rhino or America could offer these two songs ($1-$2 each) via the Internet and MP3 to us poor diehard Fans. Didn't Dewey mention this method of song distribution in an interview once? I love my "House in White" MP3.

Does Rhino do new compilations? I believe their forte is repackaging. Apparently Rhino made money off Encore and Highway. American gramaphone and oxygen must not have been so lucky.

>>> I concur Dan. I want a new compilation like Hourglass and Human Nature. I hate to pay for songs I've bought several times over to get two new songs. Maybe Rhino or America could offer these two songs ($1-$2 each) via the Internet and MP3 to us poor diehard Fans. Didn't Dewey mention this method of song distribution in an interview once? I love my "House in White" MP3.

Does Rhino do new compilations? I believe their forte is repackaging. Apparently Rhino made money off Encore and Highway. American gramaphone and oxygen must not have been so lucky.

>>> "Someone to call my lover" is at 17 and still climbing after 5 weeks on the billbaord chart.

Message: 17802 Posted: Thu Jul 12 19:08:00 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Cow Bell

I thought I read where the cow bell on In The Country was the same one used in Maxwell's Silver Hammer?? Correct me if I'm wrong Johnnyson.DanC.

Message: 17801 Posted: Thu Jul 12 19:05:15 2001 By: Dan
Subject: sucks

I'll tell you all what has been eating at me of late. This new Rhino release. 17 bucks and all you get are a whopping 2 new tunes? First we get Encore for 15,16 bucks and 4 new tunes. Then the box set for 30, 40 bucks and a few more gems. Now, I really got into the new ones on Encore and the "newer" material on the box, not to mention the booklet, but now another greatest hits package with all the songs previously released but two for another twenty bucks. I'll no doubt buy it but I don't think it is fair to pray on our adoration of the band. Maybe thats selfish but that is the way I feel. Leave the two songs off the greatest hits package and combine them with 6 or 7 more new tunes. That would make the casual fan happy and us poor saps happy as well. Hope I didn't offend anybody with MY ramblings but now I feel better.DanC.

Message: 17800 Posted: Thu Jul 12 19:04:12 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Janice

It just shows that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!



Message: 17799 Posted: Thu Jul 12 18:54:47 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Cow Bell

"I've got a fever. The only thing that'll cure that fever is MORE COW BELL".......Christopher Walken, playing a record producer, SNL 2001 skit. That was the FUNNIEST SNL I've seen in a long, LONG time....rofl!

TkH<------+=! GO JANICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 17798 Posted: Thu Jul 12 18:51:53 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: AMERICA Live album

spurs, reading your post mentioning the live album made me remember a George Martin book 'ALL YOU NEED IS EARS.' In it he speaks of the live album and the elaborate recording process used because of the large orchestra assembled. Unfortunately I can't recall much more about it, but it made me think how much better, history wise, and probably music wise, it would have been if it had been made just a short time earlier as it would have included Dan! Hey holiday, where you been?

Message: 17797 Posted: Thu Jul 12 18:51:20 2001 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: New America shirts

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we have four new shirts available on Just click on "Music/Merchandise" and follow the directions.

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 17796 Posted: Thu Jul 12 18:20:13 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Hall and Oates, Harbor.

Hello everyone,since moving from Sydney's north shore a few years ago the Hall and Oates gig is all the more memorable for the near riot,which was reported in the "Sydney Morning Herald" tickets were expensive and a short set.All was explained from the safety of a Queensland beach that it was only a gig for their record company.As for "Harbor" I think that album hurt "our boys" and releasing a live album to follow it up was a disaster,even though this concluded the Warner's deal.Momentum was lost,although the pressure putting out an album every year and touring would have been tough.As for the missing link,well thats done and dusted as far as I'm concerned.

Message: 17795 Posted: Thu Jul 12 16:59:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

So Janice, does that mean you can join us at the Carlwalk? I have quite a few pledges from people on the chat folder. Anyone else want to pledge??? Email me for details ( My internet service SHOULD be working this evening! My provider was "eaten ' by a larger company who notified me via e-mail and then eliminated my access code.!)

Message: 17794 Posted: Thu Jul 12 14:21:28 2001 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio Hall and Oats - Correcting Entry. . .

Sorry - apparently the link to Denton's morning show challenge is no more - too bad, it was really quite nice. . .

Message: 17793 Posted: Thu Jul 12 14:15:47 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio Hall and Oats

The corrent link is:

Message: 17792 Posted: Thu Jul 12 14:15:13 2001 By: CJ
Subject: Re: The End and H&O.

Sorry - Hall & Oates (according to my tickets) are the headliners!!! It's a dream concert for me!!

Chris - Cleveland

Message: 17791 Posted: Thu Jul 12 14:06:50 2001 By: CJ
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio Hall and Oats

That's Oates, not Oats - sorry to be so touchy - they're my favs - America delightfully fills the void when Daryl & John aren't around!! I certainly don't mean to incite a riot as perhaps a traitor but I must defend as any good America fan would do. As for H & O in Sydney - they very recently did several private and one public show in Sydney - sold out! They also did quite an extensive bit of media work while there including a live cover of a Carpenters' tune (by request of the DJ) on the local radio station! (the link:

Careful what you say, someone might be lurking. . .

And, Yes, Mr. B - he's a pain in the a___ but I love him anyway!! ;)

Chris - Cleveland

Chris - Cleveland

- don't get me wrong - I'll drive/fly great lengths

Message: 17790 Posted: Thu Jul 12 13:21:47 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hey Speech

I think I wrote my first posting on July 2. I've been a rabid fan of America since I was a freshman in high school in 1972. I recall "Hearts" as the soundtrack to my "senior summer" of '75 and I remember how depressed I was to learn that "Harbor" was in a cutout bin at the local Peaches' record store (for 47 cents!!!) not long after it came out. I've continued to faithfully follow the fortunes of America and Dan all these years. I saw Gerry and Dewey open(???) for Christopher Cross in '82 and, in recent years, have often checked out the America Fans web site. I was never motivated to enter the chat folder until Dan's "America Story" began its run. The later passages by Dan made me wonder what the chat folder fans were saying, if anything, with regard to some of his more controversial writings. After I read a few responses to what Dan was reporting, I got motivated for the first time to put in my two cents. It's been a lot of fun to share my views. The encouragement from good folks like yourself has been a bonus. For a long time, and I'm talking about before PCs became a household accessory, I didn't realize how much company I had out there.

Message: 17789 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:57:47 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dan's later America work.

I have a hard time really knocking any of the America stuff, so when I'm talking about a "decline," I mean relative to Dan's other stuff that I love the most. I just feel the lyrics to Dan's earlier songs cut deeper than the "Hideaway" and "Harbor" material and that the later stuff sometimes trafficked in threadbare verses and rhymes.(It certainly can happen a lot when artists get into the record-tour-record grind and don't really have time to write). These days, anytime I'm trying to show someone who's unfamiliar with America's work what fine wordsmiths they are, I always find myself citing (where Dan is concerned) tunes from the first handful of LPs. For example -- "Rainy Day," "Saturn Nights," "Don't Cross the River," "It's Life," "Willow Tree Lullabye" and "Old Virginia." But you're right. This is all highly subjective,"in the eye of the beholder" stuff. That's why I'd like to have read more from Dan ... to get his take on this period.

Message: 17788 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:54:07 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: America Rockers (And I Don't Mean Granny's)

America rockers are definitely some of the greatest America songs recorded. "Everyone I Meet Is From California" is an incredible song! I just don't understand how it was passed up as a potential hit single.

I also like "Only Game In Town" even though it was a "different" America sound. I think it kicks butt. The "Central Park" performance of the song is very cool. I especially like the ricochet-sound of the drums during that performance. I think it should have been recorded that way but I doubt that it would have made any difference to the song's success (rather lack of it).

And then there's "Hell's On Fire" and "Greenhouse" that are two great rockers as well. I think rockers are Sir Dewey's forte!

Message: 17787 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:53:25 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's later America work.

I also like most of Dan's later America work. Today's The Day was the trio's last big hit. I also liked Jet Boy Blue, These Brown Eyes, Don't You Cry, and Hurricane (through George almost messed that song up with too much horns). I also wonder if he had stayed with the band, if All Things Are Possible might have put the band back into the top 40? The song made the pop charts and top 10 on the AC charts. If it had had America's name and backing on it, I think it would have been a bigger hit!

Message: 17786 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:27:30 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: English lesson.

I just wrote..."I read where him was sure." I would like to go on record as saying that I DID learn English. I AM a writer. And I am NOT from Kentucky, nor have I lived there for any period of time. I simply didn't proof read. I apologize for any offense my sloppiness caused.


Message: 17785 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:19:56 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan's later America work.

I doubt that Dan thought his later work suffered. In fact, I read where him was sure "These Brown Eyes" was going to be a monster hit and was really disappointed when it wasn't. And while Dewey said that Dan was losing his footing in the band at that time, I don't think it was talent-wise as much as politically. I don't think his songwriting skills were waining. The only song of his I didn't particulary care for in his entire time in America was "Slow Down" and I blame that on George Martin trying to push them into a disco sound more than Dan's songwriting ability. Produced differently, "Slow Down" could have been an excellent song. Look at a song like "Hidden Talent." When I first heard the ten-second sound clip before the CD was released, I thought the chorus was pretty damn catchy and that it was going to be an awesome song. Then I heard the song, and the way it was produced turned it into a turd. Had they not have cheesed it up, that would have been a great song. So I'm not sure it's always fair to blame a subpar finished song on the songwriter.

To each his own, but I think songs like "In The Country" are great. I wish America would have rocked out more like that. Every time America rocks out like that--from "Green Monkey" to "She's A Liar" to "All Night" to "Sandman Live"--I love it.


Message: 17784 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:17:27 2001 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: Clearwater Tickets On Sale

For those of you interested in purchasing tickets to the Clearwater show on Sept. 9th, I recommend you contact the ticket office today. You will need to join a membership for the privilege of buying your tickets a day early, before they are available to the general public. I was told this is not a large venue, so most likely this show will sell out by Friday. Hope this helps.....Lori

Message: 17783 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:12:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

I accidently knocked down the walls of my cubicle doing the same dance!

Message: 17782 Posted: Thu Jul 12 12:10:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Hey Speech

Speechwriter, I'm curious to know how long you've been a visitor to this website? I enjoy reading your posts and think you should have come aboard a long time ago.

Regarding what you mentioned about "a temporary decline in Dan's writing from the early period," I'm not so sure it's that myself as much as it's a different phase for each member of the trio. That's just the way I see it. Maybe others will post their thoughts.

Regarding "In The Country", that's one of my favorites from "Holiday". Do you all recall that Dan said in one of his episodes that the cow bell used on "In The Country" was the same one used by the Beatles on "Yellow Submarine"? I thought that was really cool! Things such as this is what I'll really miss from Dan.

Message: 17781 Posted: Thu Jul 12 11:47:12 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..


Message: 17780 Posted: Thu Jul 12 09:39:42 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Post #17765

JoeK's post #17765 did make me chuckle! That's 17665.

Message: 17779 Posted: Thu Jul 12 09:37:14 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hey Spurs and jimbob

my mistake ... I was talking about "Hideaway" and "Harbor" in my last posting. I thought Dan's contributions to "Holiday" were pretty strong save for "In the Country" (which I can't listen to for some reason.)

Message: 17778 Posted: Thu Jul 12 09:33:23 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hey Spurs and jimbob

I, too, have been disappointed not to get more insights into the music, although I have still enjoyed Dan's writings ... right up to the last one.

In particular, I wanted some insight into what I perceived to be a temporary decline in Dan's writing from the early period to the "Holiday" and "Harbor" LPs.

To these ears it was a long way (down?) from "Never Found the Time" to "She's Beside You," from "Willow Tree Lullabye" to "Slow Down" and from "It's Life" to "These Brown Eyes."

I mean, one can deduce that inspiration waned with touring, substance abuse,the struggle over faith, the oft-mentioned tensions within the band, etc.

But I'd like to have heard from Dan on the subject of why, in this case, great pain did not yield (as it often does) great art.

Message: 17777 Posted: Thu Jul 12 09:18:41 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

... amidst all this hoo-ha about "link" or "no link," some news about something that really means something. I am glad for you, Janice. How about it folks? Does this news not put the sibling rivalry of entertainers (even ones we love) and the debate over a web site link into some kind of "Perspective?" It sure does for me.

Message: 17776 Posted: Thu Jul 12 08:17:33 2001 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: The Webmaster

Right on Johnny and Beechlady. SteveL has given a lot to the "America Fans Site". I am kissing up. I would hate to see SteveL pull the site he maintains off the net. For me, it's better than the official "VenturaHighway Site".

You can still find a link to Dan Peeks Official page on the links tab of the "America Fans Site". According to Tom and Dan Peek all good things come to an end. Lucky for me "America the Duo" and all you America Fans continue to keep the music of America alive.

Message: 17775 Posted: Thu Jul 12 08:02:42 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The End and H&O.

Pete, according to the information that was sent to me by Erin Edwards (Morey Management) America is opening for Hall and Oates.

Message: 17774 Posted: Thu Jul 12 07:59:08 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

Janice, that's the best news I could hope for! Way to go!

Message: 17773 Posted: Thu Jul 12 07:48:08 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Hey Spurs and jimbob

Hey brothers of the Southern Hemisphere. Spurs - are you from Sydney?
jimbob - agree that the upcoming release will not find its way into my collection either. I guess we wait for Gerry's next solo album for a true new material release - the ox is slow but the earth is patient, and I can't speak for rhinos... hee hee.
I have not commented on Dan's bio, but suffice it to say that I am disappointed, and not for just one reason. I admire his ability to convey the helter skelter of those heady days, the highs and the lows and I was enjoying the way he was unfolding the stories behind the music. What has snapped is anyone's guess, but if the last post is any guide, better to 'let it be'.

Message: 17772 Posted: Thu Jul 12 07:43:56 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Web Master Musings

Also, if you DON'T like the content go elsewhere/use the "next" button. As was said in much nicer terms before, this isn't a democracy. Steve has the right to put anything on HIS site that he DEEMS FIT. He also reserves the right to EDIT. Maybe YOU should start your own site and put on it what YOU like! That'd be cool, because then there'd be MORE AMERICA on the net. I liked reading Dan's bio too.....but I don't begrudge Steve his RIGHT as a web MASTER, using editorial power. I also don't begrude you your right to complain, but once or twice seems sufficient to get your point across!?!?! More than that falls in to the realm of "Geez, lets give it a BREAK".......As with Johnny, I'm not kissing up. I have little to gain from that (I could always post my stuff on MY website)-but over the years I've found Steve to be a genuinely nice guy that just loves "his" band!

TkH<------+=! Surf, Tide, Oxyclean?

Message: 17771 Posted: Thu Jul 12 07:42:00 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: The End and H&O.

The Clearwater concert with Hall and Oats and America. Does anyone know who will be going on first, America or Hall and Oats. Hoping America will be the main attraction.

Message: 17770 Posted: Thu Jul 12 07:03:12 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: The End and H&O.

I've seen Hall & Oates four times, the first time being in 1981 and most recently, in 2000, in Atlantic City. I've always found their live shows to be generous in terms of playing time and stellar in terms of both the energy and overall quality of the shows. And their "Marigold Sky" CD from 1997 was an underappreciated sleeper. I don't love 'em as much as America, but they join Dewey, Dan and Gerry in the category of great performers who have been unjustifiably slagged off by the critics, I think.

Message: 17769 Posted: Thu Jul 12 00:37:36 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Webmaster

There's a couple of things I'd like to say regarding SteveL. First of all, a couple of folks including myself were on the Live Chat tonight (Wednesday night). One of the participants mentioned a post on Dan's guestbook that allegedly SteveL had posted and the Live Chat fan was surprised by its content. I told her and others that I apparently missed reading it because I couldn't recall seeing Steve's name associated with such a message. Well, after the chat session, I went to check it out. What I found was a post from last Sunday by SteveF who lives in Utah like SteveL. However, SteveL lives in Orem. SteveF lives in Salt Lake City according to the posted message. I can understand the mix-up by the Live Chat participant. I want to clarify that for her and anyone else that may have confused the two Steves.

Now for the other issue. You all know that I'm not in agreement with Steve's removal of the link to Dan's website. I've made that very clear; I think everyone would agree. I believe Steve removed the link out of respect for Gerry. So, Steve's motive was pure in my opinion.

With absolutely no doubt, Steve spends a hell of a lot of personal time as webmaster of this site while working at a full-time job elsewhere and he does it superbly. I'm not trying to kiss-up to Steve because I have nothing to gain by doing so...please believe me. His life and mine would go on regardless.

So, how many of us would be willing to sacrifice the amount of time Steve spends maintaining and updating this site that's done for us fans? I know I wouldn't nor couldn't. And, as far as I know, Steve does this with no compensation! If he is paid, he certainly would deserve it in my opinion. So, I hope we all can cut the guy a little slack now and then whether or not we agree with every single thing he does in managing this site. Just imagine, I could be the webmaster and if that doesn't scare you, you're not capable of being scared!

Message: 17768 Posted: Thu Jul 12 00:18:22 2001 By: BobT
Subject: Show in Palmdale

Does anyone have any info on the America concert on Sept. 29 in Palmdale CA? I see that the venue is the Northrop Grumman Airplane Hangar. Is this a private show? If not, then how would one purchase tickets? Thanks.


Message: 17767 Posted: Wed Jul 11 23:27:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Not to change the subject..

Janice, that is fantastic news!!! Wonderful!!!

Message: 17766 Posted: Wed Jul 11 21:40:45 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: website

Maybe you guys had trouble getting on the site today because of a possible name change. From "America Fans websight" to "Steve Lowery's website" about America....just wondering JK

Message: 17765 Posted: Wed Jul 11 21:20:08 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Johnny

Ok Johnny I will check it wheres that link?... Oh d*** thats right....its gone JK

Message: 17764 Posted: Wed Jul 11 20:55:33 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Not to change the subject..

or to offer "too much information" have great news I wanted to share. My test results from MD Anderson came back and in their words "I am clean as a whistle" laymans terms "no evidence of disease". That means I am a free birdie wuzzer until October! Thans for all your kind sentiments and wonderful mail..your prayers worked. I am returning to work on Monday! (oh joy.) :-)

Message: 17763 Posted: Wed Jul 11 20:43:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Reason For The End To Dan's Story

Hey All, Tom Peek has posted a message on Dan's guestbook explaining why the story is coming to an end this Saturday. Check it out.

Message: 17762 Posted: Wed Jul 11 18:02:56 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: web site / vacation photos / H&O

Yes, the King Biscuit server was down for a few hours today. This morning I was enjoying a nice Hawaiian digi-vacation, courtesy of the Lowry photos, when I was interrupted. Oh well, I needed to get back to work anyway! Thanks for sharing those Steve. It brought back some nice memories of being there and some ideas of things to do if I go back. Anybody want to see one of the castles I visited in Spain last month? Well, maybe not but it was cool -- waaaaaaaaaay cool.

Johnny, it sounds like Australian fans just "can't go for that." Don't even think about it, just say "no go!" Do Hall & Oates remind anyone else of a young Siegfreid and Roy?


Message: 17761 Posted: Wed Jul 11 16:27:44 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dans bio

Perhaps Dan ,like our republican friends in Congress are afraid their going to piss somebody off and get their link removed Joe K

Message: 17760 Posted: Wed Jul 11 16:19:53 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: web site

I haven't had any problems but I did notice the counter at the bottom of this page read 295 hits and the counter on the home page was at 113 so something is up???DanC.

Message: 17759 Posted: Wed Jul 11 15:56:56 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: web site

Perhaps the King Biscuit server was down this afternoon when you were trying to access the America Fans web site. I just tried and I didn't have any problem. The counter shows that it has been hit lots of times today so others must be able to access it as well. By the way, you can always use the link at the bottom of this page to access the web site. It's the link that says [America Fans]. Let me know if any of you are still having problems accessing the site. --SteveL

Message: 17758 Posted: Wed Jul 11 14:51:51 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: web site

I am entering via I thought it was just was just my computer!

Message: 17757 Posted: Wed Jul 11 12:48:24 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: web site

Well at least I'm not the only one having trouble. Hoping they will clear it up tommorow. As far as Dan and the America go I think I'm going to stay away from that subject. I just wish them all the best of luck. I just look towards the future and more great music. The only thing in the past I like is their music and what ever happen between them is water over the bridge. Have a great day.

Message: 17756 Posted: Wed Jul 11 12:27:27 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: web site

Pete, I'm having no luck either. In the past, I've been using a link I have directly to the home page. I have a link set up to the chat folder that I have to use to gain access.

Since my last post, I've been thinking some more about Dan's upcoming last episode and how it may somewhat coincide with the "missing link"....hmmm! But I wouldn't think that would affect Dan much. I guess I'd do well to quit speculating and just wait until Saturday.

Message: 17755 Posted: Wed Jul 11 11:43:46 2001 By: Pete
Subject: web site

Anybody out there having trouble getting on steve's web site. For some reason I am. I'm going through Dan Peeks web site just to get on this site. Maybe its something up here screwed up.

Message: 17754 Posted: Wed Jul 11 11:35:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

If my ISP will let me in this evening ( It was down last night much to my dismay), I will join the chat around 7 p.m. Pacific Time! Hope to see you there.

Message: 17753 Posted: Wed Jul 11 09:29:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The End and H&O.

Hopefully, Dan will explain this Saturday why there won't be anymore episodes. Like Spurs, the thought of legal action did cross my mind but I'd be extremely surprised if that's the reason. I would think IF it bothered Gerry, he'd simply ignore it all because it's probably no big deal to him. Well, maybe initially. I think it's human nature.

JohnL mentioned maybe Dan decided to stop because it was eroding the "entire America Fan base". I don't think it's that either. There's been a lot of differences between us fans regarding our opinion of Dan's episodes but I don't think it has become bad enough to cause Dan to stop...and not that he should in my opinion.

Although it may well be either of the above reasons, I just feel it's something different. I just hope it's nothing serious regarding Dan. If he doesn't tell us why Saturday, I'll be disappointed and I'll really be wondering.

Regarding Hall & Oates performing only 40 minutes Spurs, I guess you can say it was a "good" case of 'Adult Education' (a H&O's song title for those that don't know). I've seen H&O only once and that was before their huge success in the '80s. I believe they were the most successful duo performers in the '80s as far as record sales so I heard. They're definitely incredible "blue-eyed soul" artists.

Similar H&O and America song titles: "Sara Smile" and "She's Gone".

Message: 17752 Posted: Wed Jul 11 08:49:14 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: The End

Just as I feared..went to Dans's bio and it says "Last Episode"..see you next very disappointing.

Message: 17751 Posted: Wed Jul 11 07:56:29 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits

They target market for Rhino's new greatest hit's CD are the casual fans (who don't have many or any America CDs) and the hardcore fans (like me) who will probably buy it just to get the two new songs.

It's really a very good marketing strategy. Plus Rhino always does an excellent job in packaging their products, so I would expect some very good photos and liner notes to be included too.

Message: 17750 Posted: Wed Jul 11 04:15:23 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan's Bio Hall and Oats

Hello everyone,looks like Dan's bio is coming to a shuddering halt,do I get the whiff of legal action,threatend or otherwise.I did note some time ago that Dan was to go into detail on the "Hideaway period" who knows perhaps there was worse to come? Hall and Oats did appear in Sydney some years ago charging admission and playing about a forty minute set,the crowd turned very ugly,needless to say we've not seen "hide nor hair" since.

Message: 17749 Posted: Tue Jul 10 20:09:53 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Live in Central Park VHS Live in Germany '95 & '99 cd

Steve, the "Live In Central Park" video should be available in most large record stores (such as Media Play, etc.). I don't personally own it because I have the Laser Disc version. The two "Live In Germany" CDs are bootlegs that were created by Steen Pedersen of Denmark. You can e-mail him to see about getting one. All of the information for these albums is listed on the America Fans web site at the following links:

Live In Central Park
Live In Germany '95
Live In Germany '99

Message: 17748 Posted: Tue Jul 10 16:34:24 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Greatest hits

The new greatest hits CD will probably be the first America release I wont own.Sure, I would love to hear the new tracks but every song bar Right before your eyes(which I consider fairly weak) is on Highway as I would expect.And Highway cost N.Z.$100! I held out on getting Encore because I had all the tracks, but finally the urge to hear the new ones got to great,and boy Im pleased I did get it! NOTHINGS SO FAR AWAY is a real favourite and THE FARM is a very powerful song. Regarding Dan,I hope its not the last; certainly I will most disapointed if he is stopping because he feels it became too controversial. A while back I posted how important I believed his story to be and not long after speechwriter posted exactly how I felt.

Message: 17747 Posted: Tue Jul 10 16:19:37 2001 By: Steve
Subject: Live in Central Park VHS Live in Germany '95 & '99 cd

I am looking for copies of America "Live in Central Park" VHS and the cd "Live in Germany 1995"and "Live in Germany 1999".If anyone knows how I can obtain these items I would be very grateful as I have been searching for these for quire some time.My e-mail address is Thank you

Message: 17746 Posted: Tue Jul 10 13:49:43 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits

Well, in my opinion, Rhino could've deleted the majority of these tracks (which ALREADY appear on "Encore") and added more of what we want; some 'hope-to-be' hits! :)

Message: 17745 Posted: Tue Jul 10 13:28:46 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits.

I received a note from Rick who saw America in Richmond, VA in June. Gerry told him that they went into the studio and recorded two new tracks to put with the new greatest Hits cd. He said they did it so it wouldn't be the same as all the other greatest hit compilations. So, it sounds like they recorded them just for this cd.

Message: 17744 Posted: Tue Jul 10 10:28:22 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: The End

I went to Dan's site to read the next chapter...(probably old news for most of you)...I hope that the next chapter is not the last, but I get the feeling it is. Very sad..this inquiring mind wanted to know. :-(

Message: 17743 Posted: Tue Jul 10 09:29:08 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits

This appears to be the most comprehensive single CD collection released to date. While I would like to have seen a some songs from Human Nature, Hourglass, and Harbor included, I wouldn't want them at the expense of the two new songs (since I already own those three CDs). I suspect that the two new songs are new material recorded for the CD, similar to what Rhino did with the four new tracks on Encore.

BTW, since no material from Human Nature was included on the Highway box set either, I'm wondering if Oxygen gave Rhino a hard time with the rights to the recordings? Maybe they wanted more than Rhino was willing to pay or something.

Message: 17742 Posted: Tue Jul 10 07:40:59 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The End.

My guess is Dan has received feedback about how his episodes have created some, uh, tension, shall we say. Not wanting to be the cause of the demise of the entire America Fan base he graciously is bowing out.
Either that or he has a fishing trip planned.
Eddy, thanks for the www re. BLW

Message: 17741 Posted: Tue Jul 10 07:26:14 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: The End.

I, too, am disappointed by what sounds like an abrupt culmination of Dan's America saga. So the world could still use a good, thorough, objectively written book on the band. We can't count on the critics or Rolling Stone to leave much of a written appreciation for future generations. Anyone ready to step up and take a whack at an autobiographical treatment of the band. Surely, if the shelves of Border's and Barnes & Noble can carry tomes on the life and times of Ian Glover (no disrespect to Deep Purple intended) and Nick Drake (whose music I love), there is room -- and it is time -- for a treatment on this influential and ever-evolving trio of artists.

Message: 17740 Posted: Tue Jul 10 05:38:45 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits

Thanks for the track listing on the new release! It looks like a pretty good mix to offer the casual fan who doesn't own any America CDs. Of course, all 11 charted singles are there plus "Sandman" and the other "usual suspects" album cuts from History. I know space is a problem on 1 disc, but it is too bad nothing from Hourglass or Human Nature could be included. The strangest choice to me has to be "Amber Cascades". "To Each His Own" or "Old Man Took" would have been a b6etter selection. I can't wait to hear the new songs. Thanks again for the update! Brad

Message: 17739 Posted: Tue Jul 10 03:50:43 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: CPR and Journey Concert

Take it from me Ingrid, you won't be disapointed. All three put on a great show. Enjoy and let me know how you like them. I'm going to see America in florida.

Message: 17738 Posted: Mon Jul 09 23:21:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Visiting The Archives For A Good Laugh

I was visiting the archives on this website and saw a message that I think is quite funny. My reaction today is, "No shhhhhhfooling!" LOL!

The subject title was "Re: Moment to Moment" by Karen D and it was written just as follows:










Message: 17737 Posted: Mon Jul 09 21:36:18 2001 By: David Stengele
Subject: Like A Brother and Definitive America and Dan Peek

Just to let you know, although someone already has, that one of the three bonus tracks on BLW is "In the Dark" by Gerry Beckley. A slow song that at first listen I wasn't sure if I liked or not, but on just a second listen, I began to like it, especially the chorus which repeats "in the dark". You have to listen to it. As for Definitive America the European rhino release, it has songs from Highway, but includes Political Poachers as well. I look forward to the two new songs on the American rhino version. As for Dan Peek's comments, why criticise him for being honest--do you want a sanitised version? Also, he does admit that he himself has a big ego, and that the fault wasn't all Gerry's. I, for one, am not dismissing Dan Peek, and I do not think the link to his story should be dismissed, either.

Message: 17736 Posted: Mon Jul 09 20:55:14 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Like A Brother import update

You can get it at , Steve also has a link to it in his CD source's.

Message: 17735 Posted: Mon Jul 09 16:45:03 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: The End.

I think that should be classic rock n roll Dan Peek tunes.DanC.

Message: 17734 Posted: Mon Jul 09 16:42:39 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: The End.

I would hope Dan is shelving it temporarily and heading into the studio to record a new CD of rock and roll classic Dan Peek tunes.DanC.

Message: 17733 Posted: Mon Jul 09 16:23:57 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits.

Johnny, I don't know who wrote the songs, either. Everything I know I've told you.

Message: 17732 Posted: Mon Jul 09 16:23:04 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits.

Kevin, I haven't heard of a release date yet and I don't know if the new songs were recorded for this album, or if they were from some other session. I know, I'm not much help, am I?

Message: 17731 Posted: Mon Jul 09 15:11:04 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: The End.

It does sound as if Dan's next installment will be his last. Hopefully it will be a long one. And if it is his last and it does end prematurely, maybe then he'll do a series called "The Story Behind The America Story" so we'll know what went into his decision to wrap his great rock chronicle.


Message: 17730 Posted: Mon Jul 09 13:46:46 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: CPR and Journey Concert

Thanks Howard. I knew it was a "medical" acronym because at a CSN concert, Crosby made a joke about it being appropriate to him and all of his health problems. All I could think of this morning was DOA! :[

I can't WAIT Pete! I'm seeing Waite/Frampton/Journey on August 10.

Message: 17729 Posted: Mon Jul 09 12:58:01 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Sort of Close and Journey

Johnny, the lead singer was great. I never saw Steve Perry but while at the concert people were telling me that the new singer is a lot more active. He was running the stage and very friendly to everyone. Great show and if they are down in your area check them out.

Message: 17728 Posted: Mon Jul 09 12:23:54 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sort of Close and Journey

Ingrid said: "Don't forget ME in your list of names."

Right "DG"! :0) And...

Jim Gosnell...JimBob
David Bucksner...David Stengele
Katie Hunt...Kate (Robyn's daughter who's a fan of mB and America)

Regarding Journey, I ordered a VHS tape of Journey performing in Las Vegas with new lead singer Steve Augeri. Wow! What an incredible sound and look alike he is to Steve Perry. He even sounds like Perry when he talks. I don't think Augeri is intentionally trying to sound like Perry...I think he just does.

I was reading some fan postings on Journey's website and I read a couple of messages that said Augeri is wonderful to his fans unlike Steve Perry who some said was rude to his fans. I don't know if it's true but that's what I read. In defense of Perry though, everyone has a bad day now and then.

Next week is Dan's last episode? I think something must have happened! He wasn't even gotten to "Hideaway" and "Harbor". I just hope "Last episode" is a mistake and it should be "Next episode". Otherwise, Boohoo! No wonder Dan said to bring Kleenex!

Message: 17727 Posted: Mon Jul 09 12:10:37 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New America Dates

Looks like the September date in Lancaster is a private ccorporate gig BUMMER!

Message: 17726 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:53:23 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Complete Greatest Hits.

And is one of the new songs Dewey's and the other Gerry's?

Message: 17725 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:45:19 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: America Complete Greatest Hits.

Can't wait to hear the two new songs. I wonder if they were recorded just for this, or if they are from some other session. I suspect they're new for this. Is there a release date?


Message: 17724 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:32:31 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America Complete Greatest Hits

Word has it that Rhino's newest America offering WILL have two previously unreleased tracks. Here's the unofficial track list:

1. A Horse With No Name
2. Sandman
3. I Need You
4. Everyone I Meet Is From California
5. Ventura Highway
6. Don't Cross The River
7. Only In Your Heart
8. Muskrat Love
9. Another Try
10. Tin Man
11. Lonely People
12. Sister Golden Hair
13. Daisy Jane
14. Woman Tonight
15. Today's The Day
16. Amber Cascades
17. California Dreamin'
18. You Can Do Magic
19. Right Before Your Eyes
20. The Border
21. World Of Light (previously unreleased)
22. Paradise (previously unreleased)

Message: 17723 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:09:33 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Journey Concert

Anybody out there in America land see the Journey concert yet. I saw them July 3rd along with John Waite, Peter Framton, and Journey. You can't tell the difference with the new lead singer. They were great and Peter Framton can rock. John Waite played for 30 minutes, Framton played for one hour and 45 minutes, and Journey played for two hours. If they are in your area see them, you won't be dispointed.

Message: 17722 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:04:28 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Name of Crosby's Trio....

CPR: Crosby, Pevar & Raymond

Message: 17721 Posted: Mon Jul 09 11:01:25 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Sort of Close

Johnny --

Don't forget ME in your list of names:

Dewey Bunnell -- Dewey's Girl

{Hee, hee.}

Message: 17720 Posted: Mon Jul 09 10:47:37 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: David Crosby and Ramblin' Dan

I totally agree with you Mark. He's a great band MEMBER. He plays in a trio with his son, James Raymond, now, but I can't think of the group name. Someone trying to make points with me once said about CSNY: "I've ALWAYS thought that Crosby and Nash were just fluff." LOL!

This chapter was aptly titled. I think he should have taken that nap and not tried to write this week. I was disappointed to see that the next installment may be the last. I've been hoping for the full treatment of his spiritual path.

Message: 17719 Posted: Mon Jul 09 09:46:36 2001 By: Mark
Subject: David Crosby

You know I was kind of surprised by Dan and Gerry's "sibbling rivalry" for David Crosby's attention. While I really like a few of Crosby's songs (Almost Cut My Hair truly is a classic and I really like Out of the Darkness), overall I always thought he was the weak link musically in the groups he was in, Byrds and CSN&(rarely)Y. While certainly Crosby is talented, he seemed to be fortunate enough to land in groups with people who were among the best.

Message: 17718 Posted: Mon Jul 09 09:14:49 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Ramblin' Dan

Sounds like Dan may have decided to quickly wrap-up the America Story. Next week's episode is advertised as the last! I hope he decides to continue his own story sometime in the near future. I would like to hear about his solo career too.

Message: 17717 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:39:47 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Like A Brother import update

Eddy, where is the import available from? thanks

Message: 17716 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:38:35 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America Dates

Well, they are getting closer. First it was St. John's, Newfoundland, now Quebec City, Quebec. Only 4 more provinces to skip over. Go west, young men!

Message: 17715 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:31:14 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Clearwater Show

Thanks a lot for the number. Should be a great vacation now and a great show.

Message: 17714 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:07:35 2001 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: Clearwater Show

The phone number to the ticket office is
(727) 791-7400

tickets go on sale this friday July 13 at 10am

Message: 17713 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:03:32 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New America Dates

Thanks for the updates, Erin (she also sent them to me via e-mail). I'll get them added to the concert list right away.

Message: 17712 Posted: Mon Jul 09 08:02:00 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Clearwater Gig

Pete, I don't know anything about the concert except for the URL of the Ruth Eckerd Hall Web Site. The URL is and I would assume that the ticket ordering information (including any phone numbers) would be there. It should be a great show!

Message: 17711 Posted: Mon Jul 09 07:55:18 2001 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: New America Dates

Hello everyone. The following are some additions to the schedule:

August 16, 17,18 Sparks, NV The Nuggett
August 19 Portland, OR Waterfront Park
August 24 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Provincial Fair - Main Stage
September 9 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall opening for Hall & Oates
September 12 Guatemala City and Venue TBA
September 13 Honduras City and Venue TBA
September 14 Panama City, Panama Venue TBA
September 29 Palmdale, CA Northrop Grumman Airplane Hangar

As soon as more information is available on the Central America dates, I'll pass it along to Steve L.

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 17710 Posted: Mon Jul 09 07:17:07 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: New Clearwater Gig

Steve, Hi there. This is Pete from upstate NY. Would you by any chance have a phone number to order tickets for the Clearwater gig. My wife and I will be down in florida for vacation the same time America will be there. We will be at St. Petersburg beach and clearwater in just up the coast from us. Thank-you.

Message: 17709 Posted: Mon Jul 09 07:05:53 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Clearwater Gig

The Clearwater, Florida concert on September 9th has been confirmed.

Message: 17708 Posted: Mon Jul 09 06:59:57 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Ramblin' Dan

The crucial semantic choice in that entire, "Joycean" segment, I thought, was "siblings" ... explains a great deal of what has gone before.

Message: 17707 Posted: Mon Jul 09 04:58:33 2001 By: kiri
Subject: Re: "taste of chicago" concert

i mean "addition" not "edition"...tired

Message: 17706 Posted: Sun Jul 08 19:32:32 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Ramblin' Dan

Has Dan been reading James Joyce again?

Message: 17705 Posted: Sun Jul 08 19:31:03 2001 By: kiri
Subject: "taste of chicago" concert

just excellent, guys!...short but sweet ("baby it's up to you" was a pleasant new edition)...see you at vernon hills on the 20th...

Message: 17704 Posted: Sun Jul 08 19:08:05 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: WOW

Johnny you are amazing...that mind of yours never rest does it...thanks Joe K

Message: 17703 Posted: Sun Jul 08 17:28:10 2001 By: Dan
Subject: three part guitars

I was listening to the song, "Children", today and was really into the three part acoustic guitar interplay, when it struck me that, besides the three part harmonies I miss on recent America records, it is really THAT part of the band that I really yearn for. Not that I don't think that the newer stuff isn't fantastic; I just think that if and when they get back in the studio, that's the sound America should shoot for. In my opinion of course and like anyone will ever hear my plea??? How bout' it America????DanC.

Message: 17702 Posted: Sun Jul 08 16:47:46 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Sort of Close

I was looking at the back of the front insert to the "Hourglass" CD and I was surprised how many of us fans here have first names identical to the names of the people listed on the back of the insert (or their last name is the same or close to a fan's first name).

Here are the names:

Pete Leonardo...Pete whose last name I don't know
Jim Morey...Jimnak
Mark Turley...Mark Cole
Howard Grossman...Howard Lieboff
Clint Mitchell...Virginia Mitchell
Lisa Hudson...LisaRose
Melissa Brown...Mel
Steve Kalhorn...Steve Lowry
Kevin Cloonan...Kevin Sutton
John Brumbach...John Lussier and John Corbett
Terry Cadmus...Terry T, Tery Holly (Beechlady), Terry Prenner (Live Chat)
Debi Lazio...Deb and Lazlo
Roger Rybin...Robyn
Dan Peek...Dan C
Joe Beckley...Joe Knight and Joe B

Message: 17701 Posted: Sun Jul 08 13:50:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New Clearwater Gig

Wow, Hall & Oates and America! For me that's like Andy's dream wish come true of Al Stewart and America. Wish I could be there!

Message: 17700 Posted: Sun Jul 08 12:39:32 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Clearwater Gig

I haven't received official confirmation from Morey Management yet, but according to the Ruth Eckerd Hall web site, Hall & Oates will be playing with America on September 9th in Clearwater, Florida starting at 7 pm. Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 13th. Check out the web site for more information. Special thanks to Mel for making me aware of this concert addition.

Message: 17699 Posted: Sun Jul 08 10:40:58 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Keep up the good work, Robyn..

Thanks Janice. I have received several pledges. If anyone has meant to pledge but has not gotten around to it, there is still time to do so, email me and I will send you the details!)

and YOU keep up the good work too Janice. You are in our daily thoughts.

Message: 17698 Posted: Sat Jul 07 20:59:46 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Like A Brother import update

Thanks for the update, Eddy. I'm looking forward to your review on the 3 songs after you get the CD. I'll bet they're all great!

Message: 17697 Posted: Sat Jul 07 20:17:54 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Like A Brother import update

Here's some info I found on another board on who wrote/sings lead on the bonus tracks:

Standing At Your Door(Robert Lamm/John Van Eps)Lead vocal:Robert Lamm
Blue After All(Robert Lamm/Bruce Gaitsch)Lead vocal:Robert Lamm
In The Dark(Gerry Beckley/Phil Galdston) Lead vocal:Gerry Beckley

Well.........I got 1 Beckley track outta 3, & 0 on Carl Wilson, still looking foward to the CD, just was hoping for more Beckley written songs.

Message: 17696 Posted: Sat Jul 07 12:06:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "Once Upon A Song"

The guys are on yet another TV CD commercial! I just saw an ad for a CD called, "Once Upon A Song". It showed a clip of Dewey singing "Horse" with Gerry seated on his right and Dan on his left. I believe it's a scene from their 1974 Germany video. Wow, that makes the second video clip for a CD ad that's been on TV in the past week!

Message: 17695 Posted: Sat Jul 07 11:48:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "Central Park Live" VHS Description

Below is the description from the back of the AMERICA Central Park Live video tape case. The show was performed in '79 but I believe the tape was released in '81:

This extraordinary concert is a stunning celebration of one of rock's greatest bands!

'America' performs their greatest hits in front of 12,000 euphoric fans gathered in New York's famous Central Park.

Featured songs include 'A Horse With No Name,' the debut single that skyrocketed the band into international fame in 1972.

And fantastic conceptual sequences add incredible visual excitement to the music!

Tin Man; Only Game In Town; I Need You; Foolin'; Ventura Highway; Another Try; Horse With No Name; All Night; Here; Hollywood; Sandman; Sister Golden Hair

Running Time - 53 minutes; Photos by Henry Diltz; EMI Music

Message: 17694 Posted: Sat Jul 07 11:32:02 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Keep up the good work, Robyn..

Just back from Houston again and I am here to tell ya..I have seen some heartbreaking stuff out there. Cancer does not affects the young and old alike. I was almost glad that Ronnie was there this time with me to see a little boy waiting in his wheelchair. We had a chat about how very lucky he is...please give generously to further cancer research efforts. I am hoping to be home for awhile..maybe even return to work for a few months..will find out next week. Thanks again.

Message: 17693 Posted: Sat Jul 07 10:41:09 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: State Photo

Kevin Alton sent me a picture of the Marquee at the State theater with America's name in lights. Click here if you'd like to take a look.

Message: 17692 Posted: Fri Jul 06 17:42:08 2001 By: bruno
Subject: newspaper

the name of newspaper (one of major of city of Salerno and province)that ask me news about Steve and America is "Cronache del Mezzogiorno" ("chronicle of midday")
Hi Ciao all

Message: 17691 Posted: Fri Jul 06 17:16:18 2001 By: bruno
Subject: article

Hi all Ciao Ingrid, Steve, Johnny
bravissima Ingrid per la traduzione.
after publication of article on "the citizen" one of major and diffuse newspaper of city of Salerno (200.000 inhabitans) and province ask me pece of news about Steve Lowry and site of Gerry and Dewey. perhaps someone articles of varied journalist about America (Gerry+Dewey) and activity of Steve Lowry in the site in fucture publish.
Hi Ciao all

Message: 17690 Posted: Fri Jul 06 14:31:28 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Italian article translated

Thanks for the very nice translation, Ingrid! Excellent job! And Bruno, special thanks to you for a wonderfully written article!!! I truly appreciate your very kind mention regarding being a "walking history book". I must say though, there are quite a number of other fans who know far more about our favorite group than me. I appreciate your very thoughtful words, nevertheless! Johnny

Message: 17689 Posted: Fri Jul 06 12:51:03 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Italian article translated

Bravo! It's great to see the band and the web site getting such global exposure. Few groups whose work was as popular as America's in the 70s have been treated with such (relative) disinterest in the 80s and 90s by the mainstream music industry and the mainstream rock and pop press. From where I sit, anyone who wants to should be able to go to the mall (if they must) and buy ANY of the Warner Bros. and/or Capitol releases on domestic CD. And if there was ever a band that would serve VH-1's "Story Tellers" and/or "Behind the Music" features well, it's America. (Who knows, maybe something's in the works and I don't know it. I can certainly hope). Anyway, it's a joy to see the band still a vital touring and recording enterprise on a worldwide basis, even if Warners insists on treating the legacy of one of its all-time highest-grossing acts shamefully. I mean, I've seen a lot of really obscure material reissued on CD, some of it by Warner Bros. OK, "Hideaway" and "Harbor," although I love 'em both, arguably may not have moved enough "units" to warrant reissuing in the states. But "Holiday" and "Hearts?" These records were huge. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Message: 17688 Posted: Fri Jul 06 12:03:02 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Italian article translated

Ingrid, thanks so much for the quick translation job. I've translated my share of foreign material in the past and I know it's not that easy to translate it and make it flow smoothly but you did a great job! Thanks again. And thanks to Bruno for writing the article and for sharing it with us. It just goes to show that America really is a group that is known worldwide.

Message: 17687 Posted: Fri Jul 06 11:07:36 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: I feel like PBS HERE

I answered LisaRose privately but thought I might also post a response here as well. For those who do not know, the Carl Wilson Foundation raises funds for cancer research and to support musicians who are struggling with the disease. The Carlwalk is an annual event. The walk is a 5k ( which means even I can do it!)

For those of you who have responded to my plea for support for our group of walkers THANK YOU! If you wish to pledge a donation, you can post it or contact me via e-mail.

Message: 17686 Posted: Fri Jul 06 09:34:09 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Italian article translated

article by Bruno Mautone

It's a well-known fact that every self-respecting pop-rock star or group has a site on the internet where fans can stay posted on their activities. The legendary group AMERICA is no exception to this rule, with a site frequented monthly by many thousands of visitors from all over the world. One even finds posts from Iran, with a local admirer who hopes for a concert in Iran by the famous group. One must note that the word "America" doesn't always conjure up positive feelings in Iran!
The site is complete with detailed information, hundreds of photographs, and is organized by Steve Lowry, a young computer expert and admirer of AMERICA. For about four years, Steve has acquired selected notes and background materials regarding Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, the two talented musicians who together with Dan Peek, founded the trio named AMERICA in the now distant past of 1970. They came to the attention of the musical world with a hit during that era, "A Horse With No Name," one of the most beautiful and listened to pop-rock songs of all time. They have since had numerous successful songs that have travelled the globe: "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," "Survival," "You Can Do Magic," and others. Thanks to the Carthusian effort of compiling, editing and transcribing by Steve Lowry, the many fans of AMERICA throughout the world have a way of finding out just about anything they would want to know about the band.
Among this group of fans is an Italian attorney, Bruno Mautone, who, when he was the mayor of Agropoli, undertook the large risk of contacting the band's manager in order to bring the legendary group to his town for a European musical showcase. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed by the administrative activity of the city council; Mautone was unable to pass the funding initiative necessary to bring the group there. Over the years, Mautone must have thought, "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain." In fact, through the internet and thanks to Johnny Yee (a fan and "walking history book" of the group) and Steve Lowry, Agropoli went to AMERICA; that is to say that the site now has pictures of the town, even some of the city council in session during the debate on the "Mautone mandate." Various messages of appreciation for Agropoli arrive via the site. It has been a positive way to spread the image and the name of the capital of Cilento throughout the world.

Message: 17685 Posted: Fri Jul 06 05:46:28 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: I feel like PBS HERE

I am sorry--I must have missed that post--had a bad puter crash and had no access to AOL for a few days. Count me in--please send me the details. I would love to be part of the walk but it's a little too far from here.

Message: 17684 Posted: Thu Jul 05 22:55:44 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: America t-shirt in American Movie

Hey Brad and you people,

I believe I was the only person on the folder who saw "American Movie" when it was at the theater. I posted a note on the t-shirt at the time, but got the feeling it wasn't enough to motivate people to go out and cough up 7 bucks just to see it...maybe now that it's on video. Great catch on your part.

Joe B

P.S. Hi everybody, it's been a while.
P.P.S. Looking forward to the Vernon Hills, IL show July 20th.
P.P.P.S. Jeff Larson (along with America) rules!
P.P.P.P.S. Cubs - whooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 17683 Posted: Thu Jul 05 22:20:07 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: cool fun Johnny

Man, I enjoyed that live chat Johnny & co! It was awesome! (I've not been on the live chat before for those wondering about my enthusiasm!)

Message: 17682 Posted: Thu Jul 05 19:22:29 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Translation: Steve & Johnny

Not to worry you two. The only thing that might be embarrassing is how highly you are praised, which in no way is undeserved. I'll post the translation tomorrow.


Message: 17681 Posted: Thu Jul 05 18:34:27 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Rick Danko album

I have a 1977 self-titled album by Rick Danko of The Band on which Gerry sings and plays acoustic guitar on a couple of tracks.I know Gerry has done a lot of work outside of AMERICA but this seems to be a departure from what I would normally associate him with. Does anyone know how he became involved with this record?

Message: 17680 Posted: Thu Jul 05 17:58:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Article From Italy / Translation request - Steve

AKAMANJO, rather Steve, let's both just "fly by the seat of our pants" and chance it! LOL Oops, on second thought, Ingrid (aka "Dewey's Girl") might fix us up "good"!!! :0)

Message: 17679 Posted: Thu Jul 05 17:28:15 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Article From Italy / Translation request - Steve

I'm happy to translate this into English. Shall I e-mail it to you, Steve, or just post it to the folder?

Thanks Ingrid. Either way is fine but maybe it would be better if you e-mailed it to me in case there is anything embarrassing in it (LOL). Thanks again.

Message: 17678 Posted: Thu Jul 05 15:52:50 2001 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Reply to speechwriter

Your welcome.No,I didn't realize I was doing you a service,but I'm glad I did.I've never been to a show at the Keswick , But I've heard that the acoustics there are great.We have tickets around the 9th or 10th row center.It should be a fine show,maybe I'll meet you there.

Message: 17677 Posted: Thu Jul 05 15:52:35 2001 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Reply to speechwriter

Your welcome.No,I didn't realize I was doing you a service,but I'm glad I did.I've never been to a show at the Keswick , But I've heard that the acoustics there are great.We have tickets around the 9th or 10th row center.It should be a fine show,maybe I'll meet you there.

Message: 17676 Posted: Thu Jul 05 14:32:03 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: I feel like PBS HERE

Earlier this week, you might have missed it, I asked for support for the team of people who will be walking this October in the Carl Wilson walk. So far I have received two pledges. I am appealing to all of you, if you know someone fighting cancer, if you knew someone who lost the battle or if you know someone who beat it, please find it in your heart to support those of us from the Chat Folder who are walking. For me, I am walking because over the past three years, I have lost two uncles, a cousin a sister-in-law and a dear friend. My father and my mother-in-law are both cancer survivors. My mother is fighting it. Do I want this disease beaten, eradicated? YOU BET! So how about it? Will you sponsor the team of walkers? It doesn't have to be much, anything is appreciated! You can e-mail me or post your pledge here. I will let you know the specifics when you pledge. Thanks

Robyn<<<----- Climbing OFF my soapbox now

Message: 17675 Posted: Thu Jul 05 13:51:48 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: July 4th Review

Glad you had a good time along the river. It probably would've been OK by me, too. But America in autumn, at the Keswick, sounds much better to me. You may not realize it, but with your last posting, you performed a real service. I love the Keswick and in the past year have seen Dan Fogelberg (solo acoustic) there, as well as AWB and Tower of Power. Although I check the concert updates fairly regularly, I somehow missed the addition of America. When you mentioned your plan to hit the Keswick in October, I re-checked the upcoming tour itinerary and then immediately called the theater. It sounds like tickets for the show are going fast. Had you not posted, or had you left off the tag line about your plans for the Keswick, there's a good chance I wouldn't have heard about it until it was too late. So, many thanks! By the way, Fogelberg played the Keswick, an old movie house, in September 2000 and was moved to comment on how good the acoustics were. So I'm looking forward to a great-sounding show there from Gerry, Dewey and Co.

Message: 17674 Posted: Thu Jul 05 11:46:30 2001 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: July 4th Review

Still trying to wipe the smile off of my face. Last nights show at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken was incredible. The Guys sounded as fresh as ever.Got to meet Gerry before the show & Willie after the show.Speechwriter , You probably should't have passed this one up. Even though it was a free show & outdoors it was well worth attending.It sounded better than some of the indoor shows I've seen.They played the long set(in Gerry's words " We're going to play every song we know "). My wife and I brought along our two sons and the older one (he's 9) actually caught a guitar pick from both Gerry & Dewey. Needless to say He is now hooked on America.We took lots of pictures and I'll send them to Steve if they turned out OK. Looking foward to our next show in October at the Keswick Theater Outside Phila.

Message: 17673 Posted: Thu Jul 05 11:20:51 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Janice / speechwriter / LisaRose

Janice: You go girl! You've been on a comedy roll lately. : )

Speechwriter: Welcome to the folder! I've loved your posts. They are superbly written. I proofread copy at my company and so I've also noticed that you have no spelling or grammatical errors. To me, this is truly a thing of beauty. : ) I agree with Terry T. -- You should consider writing professionally.

Lisa Rose: I've never cared for the Beach Boys' music, but my boyfriend got me to watch part of the tribute last night by telling me that America was going to be on it! LOL They really WOULD have fit in so I believed it for a while! Now I'll watch the beginning again to see you. What a fun show to attend! And I agree with Johnny -- you've still got 14:58 worth of fame left -- at least!

Message: 17672 Posted: Thu Jul 05 10:28:53 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: America Article From Italy / Translation request - Steve

I'm happy to translate this into English. Shall I e-mail it to you, Steve, or just post it to the folder?


Message: 17671 Posted: Thu Jul 05 09:37:18 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Lancaster CA show

Robyn, I'm checking with Morey Management to see if I can find out the venue for that show.

Message: 17670 Posted: Thu Jul 05 09:33:29 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Brian Wilson Tribute" and ....

Cool, LisaRose! I missed the first 30 minutes of the show. I plan to watch it again and I'll be looking for you. The Ricky Martin portion must have been during the part of the show that I missed. Now that you have received your few seconds of fame, it's all down hill from here. LOL! Well actually, you still have 14 minutes and 58 seconds left.

To everyone....I mentioned this before but I think it's worthy of mentioning again. I chatted briefly via e-mail with Tom Peek regarding one of Dan's episodes (Episode 31, I believe it was). Tom kindly wrote me back a short note. The date was March 8 of this year. I normally don't post a person's conversation with me without getting the person's permission first. Although I haven't in this case, I think Tom wouldn't mind me mentioning a portion of his reply to me: "We thank you for voicing your concerns. There is one thing that you should know. There is no personal friction between Dan, Gerry, and Dewey. Everything happened a long time ago, and my personal recollection of all three of the guys, is that they were three very personable individuals with a lot to offer as artists."

Message: 17669 Posted: Thu Jul 05 09:33:05 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Lancaster CA show

Any info on what the venue might be? Lancaster is probably my best shot at seeing the guys, if I know where the heck they are!

Message: 17668 Posted: Thu Jul 05 09:13:11 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: looking for input on America at the Ram's Head ...

Thanks ... that's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. My wife and I are wrapping this into our Anniversary getaway plans and I was hoping the venue offered good seats and a degree of intimacy. Sounds like it does. (Call me crazy, but I passed on the guys' scheduled free concert at Cooper River Park near my home on July 4th. I haven't heard them live since 1982 and, when I finally do hear them live again, I want to be able to enjoy it as a concert experience, not as part of an outdoor "mega-celebration" where the crowd is dotted with folks who may not necessarily care much about America's music but, rather, are just there to have fun, make some noise and be where the holiday "action" is.) Incredibly, I haven't yet found mention of the show in either major daily newspaper that covers my region.

Message: 17667 Posted: Thu Jul 05 09:10:50 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

Please join me this evening ( a day late) for the Chat. I will be in the room around 7 p.m. See you there!

Message: 17666 Posted: Thu Jul 05 08:53:20 2001 By: Billy Shepherd
Subject: Re: looking for input on America at the Ram's Head ...

I saw them there last year. Yes, it's a great place to see the guys. As a matter of fact, I got there early and actually got to meet them. When the van pulled up and they all got out I was freaking out (my fiancee still delights in telling this story)! A few minutes later, Dewey and Gerry came back out on the street, and I couldn't resist going out to say hi. they were every bit as gracious as I'd read. The room is pretty small, so there's really not a bad seat in the house. Although to be totally honest I prefer catching them at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA...but I'm sure I'll be at both again this year!!

Message: 17665 Posted: Thu Jul 05 07:56:07 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Dans link

I think it's up to the webmaster. I really don't know why it's such a big deal anyway, just go to Dan's website if you want to read his story.

Message: 17664 Posted: Thu Jul 05 07:51:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dans link

However, if what Dan is doing right now is personally offensive to the manager of this site and removing the link is a personal statement he needs to make, I believe we should all respect that, too, regardless of any disagreement we may feel.


By the way, have any of you had a chance to listen to the Etcetera soundclips? What do you think of them?

Message: 17663 Posted: Thu Jul 05 06:59:58 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: looking for input on America at the Ram's Head ...

Can anyone provide any info or perspective on the prospect of hearing Dewey and Gerry at the Ram's Head in Annapolis. My wife and I are considering a trip to Annapolis in the fall and I thought it would be great to catch them there. I seem to recall seeing that this has been on their itinerary before. Anyone heard them there? Is it a good venue for a performance by these guys? How's the seating arranged, etc.? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Message: 17662 Posted: Thu Jul 05 06:45:33 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Brian Wilson Tribute"

... I agree with you that America would have fit right into the Brian Wilson tribute. I remember Gerry saying in a radio interview I once heard that the Beatles and the Beach Boys were really his primary influences. (In the same interview, there was a hilarious interlude where the dee-jay asked about Gerry's long ago membership in a band the deejay thought was called Swallow the Buffalo. Gerry gently corrected that it began as Follow the Buffalo and that the miscue was related to a typographical error in an old press release). Anyhow, I have often marveled at how nicely some of Gerry's writing, particularly the later stuff, seemed to pay homage to "Sunflower"-era Beach Boys. That middle section of the "Overwhelming World Suite," for example, or "Close to the Wind" from Hourglass.

Message: 17661 Posted: Thu Jul 05 06:30:27 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dans link

I vote "yes" as well, although the link is not a big deal to me one way or another. Obviously, anyone who wants to continue following Dan's career and reading his version of the America story will find his or her way to Dan's web site. Meanwhile, Dan's site continues to show links to both the America Fans Home Page and the America Fans chat folder. So Dan's clearly remaining objective in this regard.
My basic take is that, since Dan is, as I have said before, forever "linked" with America by virtue of the recorded legacy, and since folks are going to go to Dan's site link or no link, I don't see the use in removing the link. However, if what Dan is doing right now is personally offensive to the manager of this site and removing the link is a personal statement he needs to make, I believe we should all respect that, too, regardless of any disagreement we may feel.

Message: 17660 Posted: Thu Jul 05 06:00:27 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Dan's Link

Ok, I'll bite Joe. (No, that came out wrong..I mean, I'll bite, (comma) Joe). I won't bite you
Yes, I would like the link back, but understand that Steve does not permit controversial, back-biting type of material. Whereas I truly believe that these chapters are necessary for fans to see the big picture, as I said earlier hatchets must have been buried later in order for them to reunite for brief encounters. I'm easy..whatever Steve wants. (Well...not know what I mean)
Had a wonderful 4th..I am sure my neighbors think I am a rebel for my blatant fireworks display..hey..they can go mind their petunias!
Heading back to Houston today...have a great rest of the week.

Message: 17659 Posted: Thu Jul 05 05:33:49 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: "Brian Wilson Tribute"

This was the first time the show was broadcast-but it will be repeated. The actual show was March 29th and it was amazing. They cut out some parts though. I was at the the show and as a matter of fact there is a two second close-up of me. (As the narrator announces "Ricky Martin"--they show a girl clapping and then another girl clapping--which is moi!) So, that was my few seconds of fame!LOL!

Message: 17658 Posted: Wed Jul 04 22:19:29 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "Brian Wilson Tribute"

Saw the TNT broadcast tonight, "A Tribute To Brian Wilson". I don't know if it was a re-broadcast or the first time shown on television. Sir George was present and spoke a bit. I had never seen or heard Matthew Sweet perform before tonight but I believe he's a friend of the guys, right? Also, I think he's a favorite of KevinS'. The Wilson Sisters (Heart) did a great performance of "Good Vibrations". It seemed to me that America would have fit right in there.

Sorry Kelly (YngMoon), but I still think Brian Wilson and Don Henley resemble each other. And, I'm sure you still don't. :)

In my earlier post regarding opinions on "The Missing Link", I was asking for opinions from both sides. I just want everyone to be clear on that and not to think I was seeking opinions that favor my view. Sorry all, I won't be mentioning the subject again. I'll let anyone else talk if they care to.

Message: 17657 Posted: Wed Jul 04 22:06:34 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dans link

I have said that I would like Dans link put back on the sight. I have sent emails to Steve regarding that (One of them was sort of nasty and for that I am sorry). I think its time for a vote!!! It will of course be non binding since the web sight isn't a democracy, but it will let the webmaster know his subjects wishes. Whether he abides by those wishes will be his decision. So come on guys vote early and vote often. I am very curious to know how many of you want the link back........I guess it goes without saying ..I vote YES JK

Message: 17656 Posted: Wed Jul 04 20:12:10 2001 By: Jerey
Subject: Ashland Concert

The Ashland concert was great. This was possibly the best America concert I have seen to date. Although Gerry and Dewey had problems singing because there were as many bugs there as there were concert goers. The DJ who introduced them was obviously not a fan because he alluded to the fact that we all used to drive around in 1972 with the top back on the convertible while listening to SGH. If he were a fan at all, he would have known it was 1975. Nonetheless, it was a great show. My 9 y.o. daughter saw her very first concert, and I am happy to say she is on board the America bandwagon. Great show guys!

Message: 17655 Posted: Wed Jul 04 19:58:53 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Brave Enough.

Hello everyone,while I accept Steve has the right to do what ever he wishes with this web site I feel the (It's my ball and I'm going home)does not sit well,a trifle churlish.But what cannot be denied is the many hard hours,effort that has been put in,I for one am very grateful,I hope this has not ruffled too many feathers.After all Dan's bio has been a very touchy subject,perhaps we should let the story unfurl.

Message: 17654 Posted: Wed Jul 04 17:44:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Article From Italy (and Link )

I received the article from Bruno, too. (Bruno, I hope you received my message of "THANKS!" I sent you this morning as well as a request for your complete address. It wasn't fully printed on the envelope you sent the newspaper in. I want to send you something in return!)

Regarding the removal of the link (The Missing Link! LOL) to Dan's website, I may have been sending mixed messages. I said in an earlier post that I was surprised the link wasn't removed earlier. However, I don't want anyone to think I'm in support of its removal because I'm not. I'm for its return. I do realize it's Steve option to do whatever he wishes. Anyone "brave enough" to express their opinion on the matter?

Message: 17653 Posted: Wed Jul 04 15:58:42 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America Article From Italy

I promise (I think) that this will be my last post for today. If I don't get the barbecue fired up pretty soon, I'm going to have some hungry and angry relatives looking for me.

A couple of weeks ago I received an article from Bruno Mautone which was printed in "Il Cittadino" (The Citizen), a newspaper from Agropoli, Italy. It's written in Italian so I don't know much of what it says but I know that it was written by Bruno and it has the following names in it: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, America, Steve Lowry, and Yohnny [sic] Yee. According to Bruno, it talks about the America Fans web site and America. He wrote it and sent it to the newspaper director and was pleasantly surprised when it was publish. If anyone out there speaks Italian, perhaps you can translate it for us. Click here to read the article.

A final happy fourth of July wish to all of you.

Message: 17652 Posted: Wed Jul 04 14:38:44 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Venus CD Artwork

Click on the links below to see the artwork from the Venus CD. By the way, Guillermo sent me copies of this CD to present to Gerry and Dewey at the Sun Theater concert which I had originally planned on attending. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it so I have forwarded the CDs to the guys via their agency. Thanks again Guillermo for sharing your talents with us.

Front CD Cover
Page 1 of inside booklet (Spanish)
Page 2 of inside booklet (Spanish)
Page 3 of inside booklet (English)
Page 4 of inside booklet (English)
Back of inside booklet
Back CD Cover

Message: 17651 Posted: Wed Jul 04 14:13:23 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Alabama!

You naughty, naughty you've gone and corrupted! Have a GREAT 4th, Janice

TkH<-------+=! J.P. Sousa, rules!

Message: 17650 Posted: Wed Jul 04 14:11:13 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Hawaii Photos

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,! Thanks Steve! Wish I could have climbed in one of your suitcases....BTW, nice job!!!


Message: 17649 Posted: Wed Jul 04 14:06:23 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Guillermo Albelo and Venus

Some of you may remember Guillermo Albelo from The Canary Islands in Spain. I have posted photos of him and his group "Etcetera" in the past. When America has played in Spain, Guillermo's group has had the chance to open for them. Etcetera has just released a new CD called Venus which is made up of "Californian" songs (in English) and "Latin" songs (in Spanish). Included in the Californian songs and the two bonus tracks are covers of several America songs. Guillermo has given me permission to put soundclips from the CD on this web site. They'll remain here for a few weeks. In the next message I'll post the artwork from the CD. Thanks for sharing Guillermo!

By the way, you can visit Guillermo's web site at to read (in Spanish) more about it.

Californian Part
1. Look At The Stars Now At Midnight
2. A Horse With No Name
3. Helen
4. I Need You
5. Baby I'm A Want You
6. Sister Golden Hair
7. Venus/Ella Es Tu Venus

Latin Part
8. Al Son De La Noche
9. Puede Que Si, Puede Que No
10. La Lluvia De Primavera
11. Envenenao
12. Cantando A Canarias
13. Columbie

Bonus Tracks
14. Ventura Highway
15. Tin Man

Message: 17648 Posted: Wed Jul 04 14:01:59 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: First Fame - some perspective

>>ego to begin with to be an artist of any type

In the "Johnny vein" (lol, thanks compadre-Y!) I'd like to RESPECTFULLY disagree......You don't need an ego to create. The only thing an ego does is get IN THE WAY of creativity....You need the ego to promote your art in this dog eat dog world. Its unfortunate that artists need to "get" an ego to "have" a career, but I suppose that's the breaks.....aside from that statement, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said! Being 20 and having all those "intoxicants" (whether physical, mental or imagined) is like telling a 3 year old "NOT TO GO FOR THE FROSTING ROSE ON THAT CAKE"....... (C=

TkH<------+=! I liked the leaves.....

Message: 17647 Posted: Wed Jul 04 12:37:43 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Link Removal

Yeow Joe K! Please tell us how you really feel, would ya?

Several days ago, I remember a posted comment about the removal of the link to Dan's website. It said, "Right on Stevo!!!" I guess you could say it's a "RIGHT ON" to what's now "LEFT OFF".

Message: 17646 Posted: Wed Jul 04 11:09:55 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Bravo Speechwriter!

Bravo!!! I am forever grateful that Dewey and Gerry carried on. The are still the greatest band ever in my mind. However they WERE better when Dan was there. When you listen to the modern versions of their songs there is a voice missing. It is inescapable. The harmony,although still very very good, is slightly bittersweet to me because , I hear what I am missing. Joe
PS maybe the webmaster has a right to remove the link but I still think it is a little childish.......

Message: 17645 Posted: Wed Jul 04 09:29:30 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey's Answer Regarding "Tin Man"

Gosh, I had thought "Smoke glass stain bright color" and "Soapsuds green like bubbles" were like the bubbling sounds on the "Hat Trick" LP and meant....ah, well, on second thought, we better not go there had we Ingrid? :0)

Message: 17644 Posted: Tue Jul 03 21:12:18 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Mr. Speechwriter

thank you for the correction, Mr. Johnny, oh wise 1,DanC.

Message: 17643 Posted: Tue Jul 03 21:09:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Time Life CD Commercial (Rather)

"Commercial" rather than "commerical". Too use to typing "America".

Message: 17642 Posted: Tue Jul 03 21:00:44 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Time Life CD Commerical

Has anyone else seen the Time Life "Singers and Songwriters" CD/cassette commercial on TV that shows a clip of Dewey singing "Horse"? It also shows Gerry and Michael. I'm not sure who was on the right side of Dewey since that person had his head bent forward slightly. I thought it was Dan. Did Michael perform on stage when Dan was still with the group? Maybe it was David Dickey who I saw. The lineup was Dan or David, Dewey, Gerry, and Michael.

Message: 17641 Posted: Tue Jul 03 18:06:54 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: AMERICA Returns To Boise

I received the following concert review from Alisa Hedden (thanks Alisa).

America returned to Boise, in a wonderful concert at the B.S.U. Pavilion, July 1st, 2001. Opening for them was a fun group called Soul Purpose.

Soul Purpose is a group that brings Disco music back to the masses. They are all accomplished musicians, and have a surprising range both instrumentally and vocally. I had heard some good things about Soul Purpose, but wasn't really sure about going to one of their performances, and was very pleasantly surprised at the performance. The group definitely helped to set the mood for America. Good job!

America presented Boise with a stellar performance, showing that they still have the talent and skills to be a top rated band. They manage to play for the entire audience, while making it seem as if they are performing just for you, an unusual and pleasant accomplishment. With the bass player still recovering from a broken collar bone, we were given a wonderful performance of all of America's best known songs, and some of the "I didn't know they did that one" songs, also.

Possibly with the resurgence of popularity of groups from the 70's, such as Styx, Journey, Kansas, and even the BeeGees coming out with a new album, maybe it's time for this talented group to bring out another album. We need more music that leaves you feeling good at the end of the night. Thanks guys.

Message: 17640 Posted: Tue Jul 03 15:43:18 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Hawaii Photos

Steve, I often grab the camera from my dh and take a picture of him in front of some landmark or other, otherwise it looks like neither one of us were there ( He doesn't take pictures of ME which myay be a good thing--lol)

Happy Fourth all!

Message: 17639 Posted: Tue Jul 03 15:20:40 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Hawaii Photos

Nice presentation, Steve! Thanks for the travelogue. I'm impressed with all the work that went into documenting your 'play'! I wouldn't want to come back either.

Magnum P.I.

Message: 17638 Posted: Tue Jul 03 15:14:32 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Your Move with some Perspective

I recently got Your Move and Perspective. Wow, Russ Ballard wrote a lot of songs on it. Now I understand what Dewey meant. I like the first track off of Perspective(Just a romantic at heart). All I can say is this fan is excited for Saturday. A day of fun and good music at Great Adventure!!!My first concert- I hope to take a lot of pictures!!!

Message: 17637 Posted: Tue Jul 03 13:35:22 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Off Topic - Hawaii Photos

At the request of some of you, I have posted 92 out of the 1000 photos that I took during my two week stay in Hawaii. Many of these photos will be boring to most of you because they are photos of me and my wife with various Hawaii scenes behind us. The photos were originally put together for my brothers and sisters and parents. That's why they have me and my wife in the pictures as well as the scenery. Most of you will just want to hit "next" and read the next message. For the others, here's a link to the photos. I'll keep them posted for a few weeks. --Steve

Message: 17636 Posted: Tue Jul 03 13:30:24 2001 By: Janice
Subject: stutter..mumble..stutter...

I meant to say that I wasn't aware that the link HAD been taken off..and even my phrase about Anderson taking my case didn't come out right..but you get my point, right? Lol..(I type faster than I think.)

Message: 17635 Posted: Tue Jul 03 13:25:09 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Takin' a breather...

Home for a couple of days..catching up on your posts and continue to be amazed at the diverse opinions here regarding Dan's story. I wasn't aware that the link hasn't been taken off..certainly our Webmaster's right to do so.
Anderson is an impressive place, with an equally impressive staff who has insisted to take my case, being a rare type. I will be enjoying the 4th at home with some fireworks that I just snuck in from from across the border..(Alabama!) Enjoy, everyone!

Message: 17634 Posted: Tue Jul 03 12:55:29 2001 By: Mark
Subject: First Fame - some perspective

A while back I saw a TV show about the Bee Gees, I don’t recall if it was BTM but it was similar. As you know, the Bee Gees had two periods of fame, in the 60s as a Beatles-style rock/pop group, and then they were fortunate enough to enjoy a huge resurgence as the disco kings of the 70s. In the show Barry Gibb talked about what he called “first fame.” He described first fame as the ego trip you go on when you first become successful and believe everything your fans and managers say about you. He said the Bee Gees went through that and by the 70s they had gone their separate ways because of ego clashes. And these were three brothers who where raised together, not just a group of guys who met in school. Then they got a dose of reality when they couldn’t buy airplay in the early 70s. They regrouped with deflated egos and were able to go on to bigger success than they ever had in the 60s.

Now put yourself in this situation. You are 20 or so and just a few years out of high school. Your first album sells millions and goes to the top of the charts, unleashing a string of hit singles and million selling albums. Think it might affect your ego? Keep in mind that you have to have somewhat of an ego to begin with to be an artist of any type. Think “first fame” affected America? I think so. What cocky 20 something year old wouldn’t be affected by that? The guys went through their dose of reality in the late 70s and were able to rebound in the early 80s (unfortunately not to the extent of their earlier success, but I think that was more due to outside producers fiddling with them). The bad part is that Dan was a casualty of that first fame period. Of course he regrouped and enjoyed a resurgence of his own.

Was I disappointed to find out about Gerry and Dan’s previously unpublicized ego clashes? Yes. Do I think less of them because of it? No, not really. They both seem to have learned and grown from that period, and by all accounts appear to be genuinely nice, well adjusted, level headed guys.

Message: 17633 Posted: Tue Jul 03 12:55:22 2001 By: Mark
Subject: First Fame - some perspective

A while back I saw a TV show about the Bee Gees, I don’t recall if it was BTM but it was similar. As you know, the Bee Gees had two periods of fame, in the 60s as a Beatles-style rock/pop group, and then they were fortunate enough to enjoy a huge resurgence as the disco kings of the 70s. In the show Barry Gibb talked about what he called “first fame.” He described first fame as the ego trip you go on when you first become successful and believe everything your fans and managers say about you. He said the Bee Gees went through that and by the 70s they had gone their separate ways because of ego clashes. And these were three brothers who where raised together, not just a group of guys who met in school. Then they got a dose of reality when they couldn’t buy airplay in the early 70s. They regrouped with deflated egos and were able to go on to bigger success than they ever had in the 60s.

Now put yourself in this situation. You are 20 or so and just a few years out of high school. Your first album sells millions and goes to the top of the charts, unleashing a string of hit singles and million selling albums. Think it might affect your ego? Keep in mind that you have to have somewhat of an ego to begin with to be an artist of any type. Think “first fame” affected America? I think so. What cocky 20 something year old wouldn’t be affected by that? The guys went through their dose of reality in the late 70s and were able to rebound in the early 80s (unfortunately not to the extent of their earlier success, but I think that was more due to outside producers fiddling with them). The bad part is that Dan was a casualty of that first fame period. Of course he regrouped and enjoyed a resurgence of his own.

Was I disappointed to find out about Gerry and Dan’s previously unpublicized ego clashes? Yes. Do I think less of them because of it? No, not really. They both seem to have learned and grown from that period, and by all accounts appear to be genuinely nice, well adjusted, level headed guys.

Message: 17632 Posted: Tue Jul 03 12:33:01 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Some things are better left unsaid

I've tried to restrain myself, but I can't...
Does anyone else recall seeing anybody suggest that Gerry and Dewey should explain themselves with regard to the vignettes in Dan Peek's current "America Story?"
I don't.
With all due respect, here is why there's another way -- other than dismissively -- to look at this whole Dan Peek discussion:
Lots of folks, myself included, have made America's music part of the soundtrack of their lives since the first LP in 1971.
As a bonus, the public persona of these artists was (and remains)refreshingly likeable. They also tended to project the image of a band that had this nice creative synergy and genuinely communal approach to recording and touring going for them.
So, lots of fans like myself were initially thrown -- and maybe a bit saddened -- to find in Dan's version of events the suggestion that these guys were capable of ditching the communal spirit and engaging in some less-than-charitable behavior.
Hopefully, most of us quickly remembered that these guys are also human and moved on.
Does this matter now?
In one sense, it doesn't. The music is what really matters and it's always there for us to enjoy and rediscover.
In another, though, it does.
I care about where the songs and the music come from. And I care about these artists because they've enriched my life a lot. So this historical context matters to me.
It's not unlike some friend whom you've known for a long time finally opening up an old photo album or diary. If you care about that person, you're fascinated.
One last point. I love the "America" that is Dewey and Gerry. I own all of the America "duo" records and CDs and I'm really grateful that they continue to delight us by touring.
But let's not kid ourselves. The "Highway" box set commemorates the work of a trio.
And, regardless of whether he has been "gone" for a number of years or not, Dan Peek will always be inextricably linked with America.
Or are you suggesting that songs like "Never Found the Time," "Rainy Day," "Don't Cross the River," "Saturn Nights," "Lonely People," "Glad to See You" "Old Virginia" and "Half a Man" (to name a few) never mattered?

Message: 17631 Posted: Tue Jul 03 12:07:09 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Change of this week's chat

This week, in honor of the Fourth, the chat will be moved to THURSDAY ( same bat time, same bat channel) Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate America ( the Country, not the band!)

Message: 17630 Posted: Tue Jul 03 11:30:12 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Some things are better left unsaid

Tres', I'd like to respectfully address some of the issues you mentioned in your post.

TRES' SAID: "Obviously, there are 2 sides (sometimes 3) to every story."

That is absolutely true. Many of us enjoy reading Dan's weekly stories of America because it is the only side that is being told at this time. It's a very rare glimpse into the past of the band that we all love so very much.

TRES' SAID: "I sure as heck hope that I don't ever have to explain my choices or actions of things I did or didn't do 20 years ago!"

Unless you're a public figure, you probably won't have to. The guys are, however. Gerry, himself, has said as a public figure, his life in an open book.

TRES' SAID: "And frankly, not only does it SO not matter, it's nobody's business.

It does not matter to you. No doubt, that are many fans who share your opinion. Conversely, there are probably just as many who do care. Perhaps you're right about it not being anyone's business but the guys. However, as an avid fan, I care about issues that pertain to the band. I started caring shortly after I became a fan some 28 years ago...28 years of faithful listening to their music every day of every year.

TRES' SAID: America IS Dewey and Gerry and they are still playing, I'm still enjoying it, and don't care what happened. I have no desire to hear or read any 'stories' about who did what to whom.

Absolutely! Thank goodness D&G are still together performing and occasionally recording new music.

Many of us do care what happened because we care about the guys. This, of course, doesn't mean your support is any less. It's just different from mine and other America fans.

Dan's weekly episodes are an incredible opportunity for us to learn more about the band we love so much. And I'm going to take advantage of this rare and incredible opportunity.

Although your choice is diametrically opposed to mine, I respect your choice not to hear or read any stories.

TRES' SAID: Gerry and Dewey have my respect)for whatever that's worth) to have continued working so hard.

Absolutely the same here! I doubt that any of us who read Dan's episodes differ with you on that.

TRES' SAID: I just don't get why this whole Dan thing is even an issue...he's been gone for how longs?

Maybe it's an "issue" because of the very controversial things Dan has stated in his episodes. They are topics that we have never heard about before. It's a rare opportunity for us to learn more.

TRES' SAID: "Can't we all just go back to being fans?"

Respectfully Tres', after hearing America's first LP, I never wasn't a fan.

TRES' SAID: "Conversation is one thing, but we should respect the fact that they don't want to talk about it, which is their right.

Tres', right! If D&G don't want to talk about it, that's absolutely fine; it's their choice. If Dan wants to talk about it, it's his choice. If I want to read and discuss his weekly episodes, it's my choice. If you don't, that's your choice.

I hope I haven't offended you. I just want to express my opinion. I respect yours.


Message: 17629 Posted: Tue Jul 03 10:53:57 2001 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: New addition to

Hey all! Just wanted to let everyone know that we've added a new feature to As many of you know, you can ask questions of the band either when you add your email to the mailing list or in the FAAQ section. We've compiled a lot of these questions and will begin to post the answers on the "From A Moving Train" section of the website. Check it out!

Also, keep an eye on the merchandise page. We will be adding 4 brand new shirts soon.

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 17628 Posted: Tue Jul 03 10:44:33 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Dan and Ger...

I love America! Yay me! :)

Message: 17627 Posted: Tue Jul 03 09:59:43 2001 By: Tres'
Subject: Some things are better left unsaid

Obviously, there are 2 sides (sometimes 3) to every story. I sure as heck hope that I don't ever have to explain my choices or actions of things I did or didn't do 20 plus years ago! And frankly, not only does it SO not matter, it's nobody's business. America IS Dewey and Gerry and they are still playing, I'm still enjoying it, and don't care what happened. I have no desire to hear or read any 'stories' about who did what to whom. Are we still in high school? Gerry and Dewey have my respect (for whatever that's worth) to have continued working so hard. I just don't get why this whole Dan thing is even an issue...he's been gone for how long? geez. Can't we all just go back to being fans? Conversation is one thing, but we should respect the fact that they don't want to talk about it, which is their right.It's just none of our business. geez - this just got so stupid. Ok all, now close your eyes, tap your foot.. and repeat after me... "Ventural Highway... in the...sun shine.... where the days..."

Message: 17626 Posted: Tue Jul 03 08:33:32 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Free America Concert Today

Here's a message that was posted on the VH.COM message board by Fandango:

"AMERICA" will be in concert Tuesday July, 3rd around 8:00 PM "FREE OF CHARGE" in Ashland, KY. This concert is promoted free of charge to anyone by "Summer Motion" a committee of very outstanding people that put a show together every 4th of July week to whoever wants to come. I have been going for 10 yrs and have seen such artist as Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Sawyer Brown, Tracey Bird, Charlie Daniels Band and Billy Ray Cyrus, just to name a few. Hey, go to their website at Ashland is located on the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia border on the Ohio River. Come join us.... you wont regret it, very family oriented festival.... Thnx Fandango.

Message: 17625 Posted: Tue Jul 03 06:35:18 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: S vs. C

LOL, actually if you think about it, SENS(e)or could be an appropriate choice of words......(C=


Message: 17624 Posted: Tue Jul 03 04:23:25 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: The Positives

Hello again,now that the dust seems to be settling perhaps it's time to dwell on the positives.First and foremost wonderful to see "America"perfomining to sold out audiences,and a splendid review by jimnak.Well Gerry has a solo album in the works and he and Dewey appear to be recording new material from time to time.What about Rhino with their new technology DVD audio "Homecoming" sounds pretty good and a few Best Of's released around the globe,Janet Jackson may very well do "our boys" a favour,certainly bring them some welcome public attetion.As usual a huge tour at breakneck pace,and Dan releasing solo albums,all we need now is a new America album,and perhaps we can have our cake and eat it.


Message: 17623 Posted: Mon Jul 02 21:14:14 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: America t-shirt in American Movie

This might be old news in the chat folder, but I just watched the film American Movie. In one scene, the documentary's main character is wearing an America t-shirt! The t-shirt is clearly shown from the front and back. The front of the t-shirt has obviously been autographed by Willie and Brad Palmer. Unbelievable. Anyone else seen this?

Message: 17622 Posted: Mon Jul 02 20:56:54 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mr. Speechwriter

Dan, if I may Sir: Welcome and please come back Mr. or Ms. Speechwriter.

Wow! Look at the number of hits on this site today! It has to be a record. Tell me this topic ain't of much interest.

Message: 17621 Posted: Mon Jul 02 20:04:27 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Oh and please don't be a stranger here Mr. Speechwriter. Welcome and come back often.DanC.

Message: 17620 Posted: Mon Jul 02 20:00:32 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Probably the most digestable words I've read on this board in months. Sorry if I offended any true America fans.DanC.

Message: 17619 Posted: Mon Jul 02 18:50:45 2001 By: kiri
Subject: well if nobody else will offer...

"Maybe one day we'll get a proper, objectively reported and written book that we can put on our shelves."

alright, alright, i'll do it. i'll write it. put me in cold. i'm ready ...........(crickets)....... yeah, well, it would probably turn into some obscure book of poetry anyway...

Message: 17618 Posted: Mon Jul 02 15:17:38 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Two posts nicely presented! A dead horse CAN be kicked back to life if done in the right way and in the right places. They ought to call you 'speechwriter' or something. Thanks for writing and welcome. Dan's writing is actually called 'The America Story by: Dan Peek', NOT 'Dan's Bio'. He has a Bio section in a different part of his site. We ALL (well, most of us) know that Dan departed, therefore 'The America Story' (written by Dan) IS OF COURSE '...providing a
historical context ... talking about what led up to his quitting the band from his
perspective.' I'm glad someone simplified it so well for me as I sometimes get lost/confused in the uproar.

CNN is advertising a full hour of Janet Jackson on The Larry King Show tonight. Maybe some musical influences on her latest CD will be mentioned/credited if too much time isn't taken discussing her brothers, father, and her body piercings!

Message: 17617 Posted: Mon Jul 02 15:01:25 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dans bio

Come on Steve put it back. This gives the appearance that you don't like what he has to say. I will say this, Gerry and Dewey have not given us the inside scoop on what the band was all about. Kudos to Dan!!!! Joe knight

Message: 17616 Posted: Mon Jul 02 14:50:39 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Of course, it ultimately comes down to what you choose to believe. But that is the scenario that makes the most sense to me. In 1978, Gerry appeared on Dan's "All Things Are Possible" LP. In 1982, I heard a radio interview where Gerry enthusiastically told Philly DJ Ed Sciakey (pronounced Shock-ee) about meeting Dan's younger brother, who'd enlisted in the Navy, while touring the Pacific Rim with Dewey. Later came the acknowledgments to Dan on America's "Hour Glass." Most recently, Dan responded to a fan's e-mail by saying he was eager to do a reunion with Gerry and Dewey. So, if Dan felt so intensely about these real and imagined slights from 25 years ago and was trying to erode some of Gerry's good will with fans, why would he be advocating a reunion at the same time?
And, if things had been really bitter since the 70s, why would Gerry tell a major-market radio interviewer in the 80s about meeting Dan's younger brother and go on to say he hoped to see Dan when the tour hit the St. Louis area? Why not seize that moment to politely "dis" Dan and downplay his contribution to the band? Or why not just brush the question off completely?
As I say, I think Dan needed to put these "war stories" out there to provide context for his subsequent thoughts and actions(Substance abuse, embracing the born-again life, leaving the band).
But even Gerry, in other interviews I've heard, has denounced some of his own 70s behavior as bratty and indulgent.
Consider Gerry's older, wiser lyrics from the solo LP Van Go Gan:
"Started out as a bed time story, turned into a fight for glory" from Only A Kid At Heart or "it seemed the more I got around, the less I had to say" from the song House of Cards.
I am curious about Gerry's reaction to all this, but I'd wager he's neither shocked or particularly troubled by it.
In the end, I'm glad Dan is writing his bio because it is the only way I'm aware of, at this time, to obtain any insight into this underrated (and under-explored) band.
It certainly provides a window seat on some of the disillusionment that bleeds through in Dan's mid-and-later-period America compositions such as "You," "Can't You See?" "These Brown Eyes" and "Don't Cry Baby." Maybe one day we'll get a proper, objectively reported and written book that we can put on our shelves.

Message: 17615 Posted: Mon Jul 02 13:23:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now" (Oops)

Should be: "...I apologize for NOT seeing it at that time."

Message: 17614 Posted: Mon Jul 02 13:19:58 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Speechwriter said, "I think he's [Dan's] providing a historical context...talking about what led up to his quitting the band form his perspective. And I suspect he credits us with enough intelligence to understand this."

If that's the case as "Speechwriter" says, that's good to know and NOW I believe that's what Dan's bio is all about. But, I hope "Speechwriter", you can understand how as one of a number of readers of Dan's weekly episodes, it was not clear to the majority of us what Dan actually has in mind as an end result especially since it wasn't stated in the beginning. Perhaps we know now. If Dan's intent was stated in the beginning, I apologize for but seeing it at that time. Thanks for providing us (me) with a possible and likely scenario.

Message: 17613 Posted: Mon Jul 02 12:46:23 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Speechwriter.

Thems is my thoughts, exactly.

One more thing to remember is, Dan has admitted to being heavily under the influence at that time. Drugs can make a man's mind think some pretty strange thoughts--conjuring demons where there are none, creating paranoia, depression. Keep that in mind when you read Dan's words. Again, I think Dan's bravely admitting his own weaknesses more than he's putting blame on anyone else. Maybe it was the chemicals doing the thinking for him.


Message: 17612 Posted: Mon Jul 02 12:30:11 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Does anyone believe Dan Peek is trying to change people's minds about Gerry Beckley with these vignettes? I think he's smarter than that. I think he's providing a historical context ... talking about what led up to his quitting the band from his perspective. And I suspect he credits us with enough intelligence to understand this. Yes, Gerry sang on Dan's first solo LP. And the Beckley-Bunnell America gave Dan fond (if brief) acknowledgment in the liner notes to "Hour Glass." I don't believe for a minute that a few tales told out of school would deep-six a reunion if our boys felt it was right artistically or desperately needed it commercially (which they don't). I think we are wise to recognize that this is all sibling stuff and that, "When we're old and gray and the things we say are the things we really mean," this won't mean a thing.

Message: 17611 Posted: Mon Jul 02 12:25:21 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Johnny's Angels

O.K., I know this is WAY-off topic, not to mention way-off in other ways, but I just wanted to respond to your "demonic" angels statement. When I told my brother that I thought many "alien" sightings were angels he asked, laughingly, "Then how do you explain the alien anal probe?" (referring to someone's alien kidnap story as told to the ENQUIRER, that American bastion of truth and light). I said "Oh, those guys were from the OTHER side." The Roswell visitors, however, definitely good guys : )

"I saw angels in the architecture, spinning in infinity, I said 'Hey! Hallelujah!' If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost friend . . ." Paul Simon

Message: 17610 Posted: Mon Jul 02 12:09:39 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: garyusbonds (For Robyn)

Yes "GaryUS Bonds " was a name used in last Wednesday's chat. This it the first time that nick has been used to my knowledge.

Message: 17609 Posted: Mon Jul 02 12:05:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: garyusbonds (For Robyn)

Robyn, when you were present during last Wednesday night's Live Chat, did someone log-on using the nick, "garyusbonds"? Plus, have you ever seen that nick used on the Live Chat before last Wednesday?

Message: 17608 Posted: Mon Jul 02 11:38:59 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Carl Wilson Walk

This is a shameless request for sponsorship! As you know, a group of us from the America Fans page will be walking in the Carl Wilson Walk on October 15 ( Well, so far it's just me my dh , my dd and Janice, how about it So Cal fans, anyone else planning on doing this???). I am asking that you dig in your couch cushions for change and sponsor the team. For now, please e-mail me your pledge. The pledges will be divided evenly among all walkers. The money is due in to the Carl Wilson Foundation by September 1. Thanks in advance. I hope I have not offended anyone by making this request.

Message: 17607 Posted: Mon Jul 02 11:36:28 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Sensor vs. Censor: Ooops! Sorry about that Deb. I forgot to run my spell checker on it. I'll go back and change it. (Thanks!)

Message: 17606 Posted: Mon Jul 02 11:14:55 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Maybe Now"

Pete said: "Maybe now everything will calm down and let them go on doing what they do best."

That's an interesting point, Pete. I have a feeling, however, that some fans will never give up the hope of a trio reunion. I know of several fans who think Dan's bio will actually HELP get the three back together again, believe it or not. They believe this is all a "cleansing" process. I personally don't believe it is. I think it's the opposite as I'm sure the majority of us do. I thought the chances of a reunion were extremely slim to none before Dan started writing his bio.

Anyone out there who believes Dan's writings are a step in the "right direction" toward a reunion, willing to tell us why you feel this way?

I think we should keep in mind though that things must have gotten better between Dan and Gerry since Gerry joined Dewey to sing background vocals on "Love Was Just Another Word" on Dan first solo LP.

Message: 17605 Posted: Mon Jul 02 10:49:18 2001 By: Deb
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Ok I can't take it anymore...the word is CENSOR......NOT SENSOR....
God that really BUGS ME.

Message: 17604 Posted: Mon Jul 02 10:27:51 2001 By: Lazlo
Subject: Dan parrots Quint

QUINT SAID: "You know the thing about a shark, he got...lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eye. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'. Until he bites ya. And those black eyes roll over white." [From the movie JAWS.]

DAN PEEK SAID: "LA wasn't big enough for us. I figured Gerry would carry through on his daily mantra, and quit. But, I eventually noticed an even duller glow in his normally shark-dead eyes. He had focused all his funky-based feelings on yours truly."

Message: 17603 Posted: Mon Jul 02 10:08:17 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Link To Dan's Website

Most people on this chat folder for the last couple years want all three to get back together. Maybe now everything will calm down and let them go on doing what they do best.

Message: 17602 Posted: Mon Jul 02 09:46:19 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Link To Dan's Website

Honestly, I was surprised the reference to Dan's website remained on this site's home page as long as it did. It's still present though under "Links" on the left-side of the home page...well, as I'm writing this, that is.

Regarding familiar faces "turnin' red and turin' green", I agree with Ingrid that it means "anger" and "envy" and especially so now.

Ingrid said: "...but I think that a lot of 'alien' sightings are actually angels."

Ingrid, I again agree but I'd put the word "demonic" in front of "angels".

This subject reminds me of Gerry's "Hidden Talent" (Just like a person from another world) and "Hope" (High above angels are falling from the sky).

Message: 17601 Posted: Mon Jul 02 08:32:48 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Writing On Their Sleeve

I'll venture that Ger was writing about what he said he was writing about - a lot of emotions in leaving home for the first time and, probably still finding his way as the youngest member of a young group.
I would say that:
Familiar faces that I've seen = family and friends
Turnin' red and turnin' green = some saying stay (red) and some go (green)
They just got caught with writing on their sleeve = something from the heart found its way to the surface (could be good or bad)
I guess I'll leave = a lot of uncertainty

My interpretation anyway.

Thanks Mark and Spurs for the UK sales info.


Message: 17600 Posted: Mon Jul 02 08:30:17 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Janet Jackson Rip-off

While she did try ripping off Daisy Jane a few years ago, this time it isn't a rip-off since she is crediting the song and I assume paying royalties. I think it's a good way to get America some exposure. If it's a big hit, maybe the time will be right to follow it up with a new America release! Dewey and Gerry better start scheduling some studio time and strike while it's hot!

Message: 17599 Posted: Mon Jul 02 08:16:21 2001 By: Ken Shackleton
Subject: Janet Jackson Rip-off

Hey...Janet Jackson has a new song that opens with the exact same guitar riff as Ventura Highway...has anyone else heard this?

Message: 17598 Posted: Mon Jul 02 07:53:32 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Right on Stevo !!!

Message: 17597 Posted: Mon Jul 02 07:36:29 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Just curious why the link to Dan's bio has been removed from the AMERICA FANS page. Anyone know? Steve?

I removed the link. Nobody asked me to and nobody told me to. I just did it. Maybe I'll put it back someday depending on how I feel at the time.

As far as censorship goes, I haven't modified or censored anything that was posted on this chat folder in a long, long time (although I reserve the right to do so). I let just about anything go on the chat folder as long as it isn't obscene, vulgar, or attacking another person.

That's just the way it is.

Happy 4th of July to all of you!


P.S. I'm still working on those Hawaii photos. With my limited spare time it's taking me longer than I thought.

Message: 17596 Posted: Mon Jul 02 07:34:56 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

Seems the divide between Dan and Gerry was deeper than I thought. It's like Dan has been waiting 25 years to get some of this off his chest. Kind of shoots down the image I always had of the group: "High school buddies make it big!" But then I probably wouldn't want some of the guys I knew in high school, college, and the Navy writing about some of the stupid things I've done in the past. You know I've always thought the people who say "I wouldn't have done anything differently if I had to do it all over again" either have poor memories or didn't learn anything from their experiences. Because when I look back at things I've done there are many things I wish I could go back and do differently. I'm sure Gerry, Dan, and Dewey are probably the same way.

Not that there was much of a chance of a reunion to begin with, but I suspect that bridges aren't just being burned but nuked.

Message: 17595 Posted: Mon Jul 02 07:17:20 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re:UK sales

I don't know any figures or anything, but it seems to me that America's music is better respected in Europe and Japan than in the US. Songs like From A Moving Train and Wednesday Morning were hits in places like Spain, while they couldn't buy airplay in the major US media markets (though FAMT did get airplay in smaller US markets). It seems that overseas critics respect them artistically while US critics seem to have had a contest over who could dismiss them with the most cutting quip. All their albums have been released on CD in Europe and Japan, while some of their best selling albums have yet to be released in the US. A bit ironic considering their name.

Message: 17594 Posted: Mon Jul 02 06:45:16 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Karen,UK sales,Dan's Bio.

Hey Spurs!

I didn't have any problem with the link, it appears for me......

Hmmmmmmm those nasty gremlins are at it again....sigh!

TkH<-------tired of cartoons. When does school start??? LOL

Message: 17593 Posted: Mon Jul 02 06:42:54 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Sensorship

No opinions on CONTENT were offered either way with the posting of the last offering.....(C=

TkH<----------+=! CMA ((((C=

Message: 17592 Posted: Mon Jul 02 06:40:49 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Sensorship

Since I'm not Steve (therefore I cannot speak for him) I will offer an opinion (and once again MINE only!).

This site is NOT under the "freedom of speech" that people seem to take for granted. It is owned by a person/company. It is hosted by a person/company. It is about a person/company. Therefore the opinions and options presented will hopefully be o&o's that don't offend those people/companies. If one of the aforementioned doesn't like something, then "off with their heads"! Democracy only applies to countries and ideas......That is internet 2001. That is the way of the world......(C= I say, just keep posting what ever you feel. Then if something IS offensive, you'll know for next time! Nothing stops one from the actual effort! Also remember there probabaly is a chain of command here, too.....


Message: 17591 Posted: Mon Jul 02 06:21:28 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Karen,UK sales,Dan's Bio.

Hello everyone,yes Karen I remember you well,how is sunny Florida? Holiday a word from an Englishman living in Australia Re:Sales UK First album and single did very well,Homecoming did tickle the charts,that was it until "Tin Man" often described as the forgotten hit by many DJ's , most liked America but their thinking was the wrong choice of single for the UK market.Jodie,and All My Life,we're also singles You Can Do Magic also caused a modest flutter on the chart until John Peel(how well they should remember him)told a national audience that he told them where to go when they were playing outside his door,promtly stopping the single in its tracks.On a more sinister note who has decided to remove the link to Dan's bio,I've also noted that posts in the past have been cencored,perhaps an explaination of sorts might be appreciated.As for Dan's latest revelations pretty tame compared to some groups(ask Don Felder) who beleives he's been cheated out of millions.

Message: 17590 Posted: Mon Jul 02 06:15:12 2001 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Dan's Bio

you gotta go to now. the latest chapter is even more bitter toward gerry, especially regarding an incident with david crosby. maybe gerry had the link removed. it is certainly unflattering to him.

Message: 17589 Posted: Mon Jul 02 01:44:31 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: "Writing On Their Sleeve"

Turning red and turning green: Anger and envy

Beechlady's post made me think of times when Dewey has been asked about the "hidden" meanings in his songs:
Interviewer re: Horse With No Name: "What is the song REALLY about?" Dewey: "It's about riding through the desert on a horse." Interviewer: "Dewey, what were you thinking about when you wrote 'smoke glass stained bright colors' in 'Tin Man?'"
Dewey: "I was thinking about stained glass windows."
Doesn't make for very sensationalistic copy : )

My brother and I were talking about the lyric in "Come Sail Away" by Styx: "I thought that they were angels, but much to my surprise, they climbed aboard their starships, and headed for the skies." I said "I won't get into my strange theology too much right now, but I think that a lot of "alien" sightings are actually angels." My brother said "Really? I think that a lot of angel sightings are actually aliens."

To Each His Own : )

Message: 17588 Posted: Sun Jul 01 21:57:50 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Dan's Bio

Just curious why the link to Dan's bio has been removed from the AMERICA FANS page. Anyone know? Steve?

Just got caught with writing on their sleeve... (OK, so I read it in Johnny's post. Sue me!)

Message: 17587 Posted: Sun Jul 01 19:25:32 2001 By: Nanse
Subject: my humphreys hopes shattered

hi everyone. had 6th row seats and then my son had to have oral surgery. he tends to be a little more important so no go for me. i will be going to agora hills and reno still. erin, need your help for reservations. reno is busy the weekend our boys are there. hope all is well with everyone. ps, my son is fine. nanse

Message: 17586 Posted: Sun Jul 01 18:43:30 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: "Writing On Their Sleeve"

I'm just gonna be boring here (as and offer "lyrics are just meant to be cryptic sometimes and there maybe no special meanings". Hey sometimes just trying to make the pentameter correct can lead you into some pretty odd but inviting areas.......AND if you think lyrics are cryptic you should hear some people "sing" them (the always wonderful Van Morrison comes to mind, oh yeah and Mr. Dylan!!! Didn't say mush mouth had to be bad...) Leads to some pretty interesting translations, too...rofl!


Message: 17585 Posted: Sun Jul 01 16:15:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "Writing On Their Sleeve"

From Dan's Episode 21: "I nailed the window with a crashing blow from my fist and to my horror and shock, the entire 8 foot by 8 foot window collapsed, guillotining my arm in the process and nearly severing my forearm from the rest of me. I went into shock immediately and as blood poured from the 10 inch long lateral gash, I staggered back the last block to the hotel, leaving a river of blood in my wake."

From Episode 31: "In any event translating these hidden clues was mystifying and intriguing at times and the stream of consciousness style of writing that allowed one so much leeway with meanings, kept everyone, the public included, ignorant of the true meaning of a lyric. Trust me though, "To Each His Own"...spell out in song Gerry's utter dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs."

With this thought in mind, I've been wondering what Gerry means in the following lyrics from "To Each His Own":

Familiar faces that I've seen
Turnin' red and turnin' green
They just got caught with writing on their sleeve
I guess I'll leave

I've always been intrigued by those lyrics which was way before Dan started writing his bio episodes. A couple of fellow-fans and I have discussed what we think they mean. Our discussions began before Dan's writings and we've discussed them after the episodes began, as well.

One of us thinks it's literally about someone who's caught cheating on a test with the written answers on their sleeve.

I have two opinions regarding what I think the lyrics might mean. I'll mention only one of them because the other is too controversial to discuss here or even anywhere really. I'll just say I believe "writing on their sleeve" may be a slang term. My other opinion is that "writing on their sleeve" might be about Dan when he cut his arm after striking the store window. I think the meaning is figurative. Could "writing on their sleeve" be either the stitches or the scar left from the cut on Dan's arm? Hmmm?

Another person thinks it might be about Dan too. This person thinks maybe it's signatures on Dan's casted arm (if he had a cast vs. merely having bandages). You know when you have your leg or arm in a cast, you have friends and family autograph the cast?

Perhaps all this sounds too strange. Whatever the true meaning is, Dan said there are hidden messages in a number of songs from "Homecoming" and one of the songs is "To Each His Own".

Message: 17584 Posted: Sun Jul 01 15:10:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Remember me?

Hi Karen, I know I most definitely remember you!

Sometimes I think too little has been happening in the last two years and then other times, too much. Oh, by the way, any news about that second release from "Human Nature"? LOL! I just had to say that.

Message: 17583 Posted: Sun Jul 01 14:49:02 2001 By: Karen D.
Subject: Remember me?

Hi all! It's been ages and ages since I checked out this folder. But it's good to see you're all still here and still enjoying being fans of your boys.

So who can fill me in on what's been going on in the last year or TWO?

Best regards,

Karen D.

Message: 17582 Posted: Sun Jul 01 11:10:26 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Howie

Howie you are entitled to go nuts every once in a while. We still love you.

Message: 17581 Posted: Sun Jul 01 10:19:55 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Lightning strikes twice in Southern California !

AMERICA ignited overflow crowds at consecutively sold out shows in Southern California, USA. These shows were at the exclusive Sun Theatre in Anaheim on Friday & at Humphrey’s by the sea in San Diego (extreme Southern California). Both have gorgeous settings each with there own destinies; the Sun in a very classy, enclosed, performing arts center like setting & Humphrey’s with the backdrop of the Pacific ocean & all it’s splendor. By the way prior to the Sun show, DEWEY sang the national anthem along with Bill Mumy at the Angels game, last year he threw out the 1st ball. AMERICA fits rather nicely into such high class venues. Both shows were the long shows as Bob, Mary, Sheri & others mentioned, they certainly gave everyone their moneys worth, pounding out about 24 songs in this evening of enchantment. And oh yes the bouquets of Roses for GERRY & DEWEY were very well appreciated, they thank you all. THREE ROSES, RIVERSIDE, NEVER BE LONELY, WINDWAVE, BABY IT’S UP TO YOU, WHEELS, DAISY JANE, SURVIVAL, THE BORDER among others drove the crowd wild. By the way for all you guitar players, it sure looked like GERRY played SURVIVAL without a capo, so it appears that perhaps he is now playing it a half-step down, changed the key ? Wow it sounds even better !

There wasn’t a person in the audience who didn’t think that the show they were seeing was thee ONE & only show that AMERICA was doing in 2001 – that’s how dynamic, soothing & explosive AMERICA’s performance was. From the relative calm & warmth of DAISY JANE & then the contrast of the booming drums (18 wheeler feeling) & bass of WHEELS - AMERICA made everyone feel really, really good. The crowds rushed the stage to dance up a storm. These two venues have become mainstays & really are perfect to see AMERICA, so plan on next year. After the SUN show, AMERICA had to catch a very early flight the next day for a show in Idaho …. the beat goes on for AMERICA.
See AMERICA live ! Nothing like them ever was !

Message: 17580 Posted: Sun Jul 01 08:41:00 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Howie

Hey Howie,
You did make a valid point and expressed it. Thanks. Hey, we could always use the "Roberts Rules of Order" here. We can limit the discussion on one topic and anyone has the privilege of making a motion to End discussion (but someone else has to second it!). Oye, I think I have been going to do many meetings--talk about nuts!!! Hope you are staying cool!!

Message: 17579 Posted: Sun Jul 01 05:32:26 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Howie

Honestly, I just went alittle nuts. And I'm not offended or angry with anyone. I think (just my opinion) we just spend too much time on one subject. We talk about it in its intial hearing. stab it, kill it, drag it and kill even more where it gets to the point of boring.
There's lots to talk about, that's for sure. Hey, have a great weekend everyone and stay cool. It's hot out there today. I promise to keep my cool too :0)

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