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Message: 19474 Posted: Wed Oct 31 15:18:42 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Re. A Return to their Roots

Hello everyone,as enjoyable as the first America album is I prefer the "Homecoming" sound which seemed to marry the acoustic and electric sound together perfectly.I'd love to see the chaps indulge themselves with a much more acoustic sound,what America has in abundance is genuine verve and excitment through it's adroit musicianship, and have managed to achieve a truly exhilarating sound which I believe Neil Young and CSN have never come close to.If at some point there is to be a new album, and the great strides forward in recording technology a more acoustic sounding effort would be interesting to say the least,by all accounts acoustic guitars were always difficult to record.Whilst i'm at it perhaps the guys may consider putting themselves in the hands of an outside producer and doing a few tracks with it's touring band.

Message: 19473 Posted: Wed Oct 31 15:13:29 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: European fans' fingers

All European fans of America must be keeping their fingers crossed .
We'd really love to welcome them here in 2002 !!! (As far as i am concerned, "here" would be France).

See, Bruno, you're not alone...

Message: 19472 Posted: Wed Oct 31 13:10:30 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Answers For Bruno (Plus One)

1. No, I have not received the article that you sent. I'll keep my eye out for it.

2. The Complete Greatest Hits is currently at 172 on the Billboard chart (see message #19439).

3. Sorry, no concerts scheduled for Europe so far. There's still lots of room for more dates so keep your fingers crossed.

4. Even though you didn't ask this question, the answer is YES, they are coming to Utah next year!

Message: 19471 Posted: Wed Oct 31 13:02:20 2001 By: bruno
Subject: a new question for Steve

Steve America in Australia, in Canada ecc... I am very happy that this very great band go in the world.
but in Europe?
Hi bruno

Message: 19470 Posted: Wed Oct 31 13:01:38 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: United We Stand on TV

In the local TV listings for Thursday's concert that was in Sunday's paper here in Denver, listed the acts that I assume make up the 2 hour show televised on ABC. AMERICA was not listed, so I would assume they do not appear. HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS don't appear in the list either, so they got screwed too!!!!! Only time will tell on who appears & who doesn't for sure.

Message: 19469 Posted: Wed Oct 31 12:56:40 2001 By: bruno
Subject: two questions for Steve Lowry

Hi Ciao Steve
question one
do you received article about Gerry-Dewey about, too, Steve Lowry (and about a few that I send you the last week?
question two
where is in this weeek the last CD of America in the Billboard chart.
I am sorry for my English.
Ciao Hi all fan
Hi Ciao Steve, Ingrid and Johhny

Message: 19468 Posted: Wed Oct 31 12:03:46 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: 2002 Concert Additions

I just got the first set of concerts to add to the 2002 concert list. There will be a lot more coming including some international dates for February which are still waiting to be confirmed. Click on the following link to see the list:

2002 Mirror To Mirror Concert List

Message: 19467 Posted: Wed Oct 31 10:57:42 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: United We Stand on TV

I have seen tv ads for the United We Stand concert to air Nov 1st. Aerosmith, Rod Stewart and a few other bands are mentioned, but no word on America. Has anyone heard yet if America will be included w/ the show?

Ya'll have a safe Halloween!!

Message: 19466 Posted: Wed Oct 31 08:12:02 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Interesting comments on a 7/4/1990 Beach Boys Concert

Hi everyone, Being a huge Beach Boys fan, not only music from the 1960's, but 70's, 80's & 90's. I came across this concert somebody wrote about. Some historical things about it and the last sentence
is what really got me. I knew he did perform with them, but in what capacity I didn't know. NOW, THAT'S A CONCERT EVERYBODY ON THIS BOARD

Cape Cod, MA
July 4, 1990
The contributor comments: " This is another show that circulates on video from a camcorder-shot show. It is an afternoon show celebrating the 200th anniversary of the coast guard. This has to be one of Brian Wilson's last full shows (other than the '96 Fan Fair show) that he performed with the Beach Boys. His participation is akin to shows he performed circa 1979 or 1980. He plays keyboards standing up throughout the show, and only contributes a few lead vocals. This is also one of Jeff Foskett's last shows with the group. He left the band sometime in late '89 or early '90, and rejoined for a short time during the summer of '90 and then was gone. This has to be one of the only shows that featured John Stamos, Matt Jardine, Billy Hinsche, and Jeff Foskett all at the same show. This was appearantly also one of Mike Love's first shows back after having Gerry Beckley fill in for him previously.


Message: 19465 Posted: Wed Oct 31 07:32:53 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Change of Chat BOO!

As tonight is Halloween, I will not be in hte chat room. anyone can still chat without me. I will post tomorrow, as I think that will be good for an alternative chat night

Message: 19464 Posted: Wed Oct 31 07:11:17 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Happy Halloween!

I hope I don't offend anyone by this greeting, but...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!! I'm dressed as a witch today, in exact OPPOSITION to my real personality???!!! (What's really sad is that everything that I am wearing, except the witch hat, is a piece of REAL clothing from my past! Thank you, Stevie Nicks!)

Message: 19463 Posted: Wed Oct 31 07:07:42 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: A return to their roots.

I know that Gerry has said in interviews that the Beatles and the Beach Boys were his main influences. And certainly you can hear that in songs like "Goodbye" from Hat Trick and "What Does It Matter" from Holiday, where, to my ears, he shows a fondness for McCartney-esque Beatles tunes like "Your Mother Should Know" and solo tunes like "Let 'Em In." Elsewhere, "Sarah" sort of suggests a debt to Brian Wilson's "Caroline No," and you can hear other, "Sunflower" period Beach Boys within tunes like "Love on the Vine" and "Close to the Wind."
But I always thought the guys may simply have felt, in the wake of their debut LP's success, that trying to pull more water from that same well was an artistic cul-de-sac and that the path they took opened up more options for growth, which it clearly did. I just think it may be a nice time now to revisit those early roots, what with the Second Coming of the singer-songwriter era and the pop pendulum swinging back to an appreciation of their most time-tested work. I remain amzed by how consistently strong that first offering is and how favorably it stands up in contrast to some of the other hot records from that era, including, in my view, Neil Young's "Harvest" and that first CSN record. (Don't stone me, fans of Neil and CSN. I happen to own both of those LPs and love 'em both.

Message: 19462 Posted: Wed Oct 31 06:49:57 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: AMERICA 2

I think it would be great, I love ALL their stuff, but the 1st album has allways been my fave.

Message: 19461 Posted: Wed Oct 31 05:09:11 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: AMERICA 2

I too, would love to see AMERICA return to a style similar to their 1st album. So at the risk of offending certain zoo-keepers, I would like to suggest a name for such an album: "AMERICA 2"
It would have a dual meaning: The first meaning would suggest a return in style to the original disc. The second meaning would reflect the fact that AMERICA is now "2" members instead of "3". -Pat

Message: 19460 Posted: Wed Oct 31 03:56:05 2001 By: Erin
Subject: new pictures

Great photos! Thanks for sharing, Jim! (and thanks for posting them, Steve!)

Erin :o)

Message: 19459 Posted: Tue Oct 30 16:15:33 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: A return to their roots

I have often wondered whether acoustic music is the favorite form for Dewey and Gerry and whether the first album was done that way because they couldnt afford other instruments as has been suggested, or because the sound they were looking for was similar to the first Crosby, Stills & Nash album. I have read where Dewey told Graham Nash that they wanted to make an album similar but not the same as that first CS&N album.Certainly Dewey has been loyal to the acoustic guitar on many recordings, whereas Gerry seems to be able to play most everything.Oftentimes a bands first album will be a favorite amongst fans,yet because of the unavailability of some of the recordings in the late seventies, I already had several AMERICA albums before I finally tracked down the first one in a 2nd hand record shop.Its so hard to choose, but that album is still my first choice.(I think!) Can anyone tell me this- why doesnt Willie drum on more studio recordings?

Message: 19458 Posted: Tue Oct 30 15:43:21 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: mini concert available on line

Unfortunately, INSPECTOR MILLS was omitted. I'll stick to the CD since I have a choice.


Message: 19457 Posted: Tue Oct 30 14:44:51 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Oh...

Oh, yeah. One more reason. Dan Peek left.


Message: 19456 Posted: Tue Oct 30 14:42:53 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: A return to their roots.

Seeing as how 30 years later they're still playing half of that debut album in concert, I've wondered the same thing myself. Who knows, maybe it's because not everyone in the band was in love with that musical style. The way I've always understood it is they were taken down that acoustic path by necessity. They didn't own any other instruments. Didn't they always say they wanted to be the Beatles or the Beach Boys? But I suspect there's another reason. That first album was perfect in every way. It would be impossible to top it. (Although I too would love to hear them try.) Since they can't afford a drummer, I'd much rather hear them play songs with no drums, like so much of their first album, then get stuck using the drum machine. That alone is reason enough for me to try it.


Message: 19455 Posted: Tue Oct 30 12:02:58 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: mini concert available on line

Thanks Shari for the link--good catch!!

Message: 19454 Posted: Tue Oct 30 11:28:03 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: mini concert available on line

Hi, everybody.
Maybe this has been covered before, but I don't remember seeing it.
I wandered into and found two interesting things. On the right are links to fan pages, and the America one links directly to Steve's page. (Which makes sense, since Oxygen hosts his site. Thanks again, Oxygen!)
But if you click the blue link on the page to America, it opens up RealPlayer and plays a 30 minute version of the King Biscuit Flower Hour concert from September 4, 1982. Not all the songs from that album are included, and it includes commercials as well, but for those of you looking for a little America music at work and don't have a cd with you, you can listen to the following:

Ventura Highway backs up the announcer
Old Man Took (I still hope to see this back in concerts!)
Sister Golden Hair
Never Be Lonely
You Can Do Magic
I Need You
Daisy Jane
California Dreamin'

Have a great America day!
ShariL <><

Message: 19453 Posted: Tue Oct 30 11:10:10 2001 By: Donkeyjaw
Subject: Re: question re: a wish for a return to the roots ...

I have had the same thoughts. Many a night have I spent listening to AMERICA the first album. The music and lyrics were and are way ahead of their time. How I wish they would do another all acoustic album. My teenage children love the first AMERICA LP. Dewey, Gerry and Dan had truly a sound all of their own and I think Dewey and Gerry would have great success with another acoustic realese. Just one mans opinion. I to love all of AMERICA'S music, and am greatful they are still playing

Message: 19452 Posted: Tue Oct 30 10:42:02 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: question re: a wish for a return to the roots ...

Good question, Speech. I think the key word to your question is "considered". Have they ever considered it? I don't know, but I suspect that they may have. I think they've considered quite a few different things but sometimes they get limited to what they can do by circumstances outside of their control. Any other thoughts on this question?

Message: 19451 Posted: Tue Oct 30 10:00:53 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: question re: a wish for a return to the roots ...

Since by now Gerry and Dewey have been asked every question that could possibly ever be thought of with regard to their music and recorded body of work, hopefully someone can provide me their already-rendered answer to this one: have they ever considered cutting a new album (there goes my vinyl fixation again) of all-new material that seeks to capture the simple, mostly-acoustic effervescence of the debut? That is, have they ever toyed with the idea of "America II" -- a collection of tunes recorded without the orchestration, over-dubbing and other filagree that has fleshed out their sound since then? Don't get me wrong. Tunes like "Hat Trick," all of those mid-70s Warner releases with George Martin and, more recently, "Overwhelming World Suite" from Human Nature are among my favorites. But I've been spending a lot of time with the debut CD lately and, along with the precocious wisdom of some of the lyrics, I miss the incredibly organic sound of stuff like "Riverside," "Here," "Never Found the Time" (I know, it was Dan's) and even "Pigeon Song." Just curious.

Message: 19450 Posted: Mon Oct 29 22:05:04 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Hark the Gerry and Dewey sing

BatGIRL just listened to it. Now she's in the Christmas spirit and it's not even Halloween! : ) (Is it full WHITE moon yet Mr. Mayor?)

That's the best version of Hark The Herald Angels Sing that I've heard!

A Completely Objective Listener

Message: 19449 Posted: Mon Oct 29 20:29:35 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Christmas song now available

Thanks Steve O. that's great. The 2 Christmas songs that GERRY & DEWEY sang on the Solid Gold show were really outstanding & conveyed the versatility of their magnificent voices - glad the songs continue to be distributed. Could you imagine a full CD of holiday songs by GERRY & DEWEY ?

Message: 19448 Posted: Mon Oct 29 20:26:06 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Christmas song now available

Thanks for the info, SteveO. FYI, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" has been on quite a few compilation albums the past few years. The one I bought about 5 years ago was called Christmas Classics and can be seen on the Miscellaneous Albums web page. On that particular album it's track 5. For those of you who don't own one of these compilations, you can listen to a RealAudio version of the song by going to the preceding link and then clicking on the "blue notes" icon following the title of the song. Thanks again SteveO for reminding us about this Christmas classic.

Message: 19447 Posted: Mon Oct 29 19:59:48 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America Christmas song now available

Just wanted to mention to you diehards that there is a new Christmas compilation out that includes the song "Hark!The Herald angels sing" by Gerry & Dewey. "The Ultimate Christmas Collection Vol.6" includes 25 songs and America's tune is track 8. Its the only song from our guys,mixed in with the likes of Wham,The Beach boys,The Jackson Five,
The O'Jays,Barry Manilow etc etc. I don't believe this song has ever been available on a Cd before,though some of us have gotten it from various sources in the past. If you would like to check out more,go to or you can even call "Collectables" at 1-800-446-8426!

Message: 19446 Posted: Mon Oct 29 19:32:48 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "The Weakest Link"

A question from tonight's broadcast of "The Weakest Link" on NBC: "What band had a #1 Hit with the song "A Horse With No Name"? "Temptation Island" host Mark Walberg got it right for $2500!!!

Message: 19445 Posted: Mon Oct 29 17:18:35 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Weather With You

I love that song..and would love to hear it live someday! I was in Las Vegas over the weekend...stayed in the Excalibur...when we were checking out, guess what was playing all throughout the hotel? You Can Do Magic!!

Made My Day!

Erin :o)

Message: 19444 Posted: Mon Oct 29 12:45:23 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Weather With You

Thanks for clarifying that Steve! Jim.

Message: 19443 Posted: Mon Oct 29 12:00:24 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Mirror to Mirror logo

VERY nice work Steve & Dave! I'll take a large T-shirt and an XL sweatshirt.

Looking forward to the "Joe Perry Wants To Meet Me Tour 2002. . ." LOL

BatGIRL : )

Message: 19442 Posted: Mon Oct 29 11:33:11 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo?To Ingrid!!

YOU GO..batGIRL!!!

Message: 19441 Posted: Mon Oct 29 11:30:01 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo?


Don't be such a draaaaaaaag m'love. Fans just wanna have fun. Since you don't seem to care for the more expressive of our lot, why even read the folder?

P.S. I can assure you that there will be more flowers in the band's future. : )

Message: 19440 Posted: Mon Oct 29 08:54:54 2001 By: RichM
Subject: weather with you

I would love to hear Gerry and Dewey perform this live -- in NZ or anywhere else. Although, as correctly pointed out, this song was not recorded by Gerry and Dewey as "America" it has that classic America feel. It would be fun if they could add this into the set every once in a while.


Message: 19439 Posted: Mon Oct 29 08:41:54 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Not So Fast

Here's the latest Complete Greatest Hits charting info from Dave Balletto.

"With the fall from 152 to 177 could that be it for the Billboard TOP 200 after a nice run of four solid weeks. NOPE - Back UP five spots to 172 is Complete Greatest Hits by AMERICA. The person, Adam, that I have been dealing with wasn't in today so I have no other info - but the news is good enough."

Message: 19438 Posted: Mon Oct 29 08:31:52 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: They're Coming

Just a slight clarification on "Weather With You". America did not do a cover of that Neil Finn classic, but The King's Singers did on their Spirit Voices album. Gerry and Dewey were guest singers on that version of the song. You can listen to the entire song in RealAudio format by going to the Miscellaneous Albums web page and scrolling down near the bottom. Simply click on the "blue notes" icon to listen to the song. You can also click on the song title to read the lyrics or the album title to see a photo of the CD cover. It's a great song which features Gerry on lead vocals.

Message: 19437 Posted: Mon Oct 29 06:18:16 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: They're Coming

Thanks Jim - actually I like 'advent' my OZ pocket Oxford says ...."coming esp. of important person(s) or event" - that works for me.... lol.
Re Civic Theatre Auckland - my wife says it was back in 1972 when she was last in Akld, loved NZ but can't remember the Civic .... once were young I guess. We will await confirmation of a Sydney show, if not, you will see us in Akld!
I was interested in the NZ 75 years song contest .... 75 years?? Good grief, that's more than living memory isn't Anyway, I can't disagree with with a 'Nil Fun' song being up there (should have had more than one I'd have thought). Can you tell me more about 'NATURE'? I would be interested to hear it.... so I might contact you off-line if that's ok with you.
No - I have not heard America's WEATHER WITH YOU .... it is a classic song by Finn and I know that Gerry has a whole lot of time for Neil's songwriting talent. Neil himself is looking to hook up with other international 'musos' as you know ..... so it would certainly be awesome to see DB and GB and NF on stage together .... come to think of it - Akld is sounding even better than Sydney... lol

Message: 19436 Posted: Mon Oct 29 02:21:21 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: That should read...

An EVENT for Akld, not advent.

Message: 19435 Posted: Mon Oct 29 02:16:38 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: They're coming

Holiday, The daily newspapers are advertising the Feb. concerts with tickets going on sale this coming Monday. They are playing two nights in Auckland at the Civic theatre in Queen St which your wife may remember from her time here. I believe they are also playing Christchurch which is where I first saw them in '84. Saw them again in Nelson 2 days later and not since! As the Definitive CD topped the charts here recently I would say these concerts are going to be quite an advent for Auckland. Would be great to see you here but it sounds as if Oz is going to be treated as well! Chris, tonight awards were held in Akld. for the best NZ song of the last 75 years. Neil Finn came in second with DONT DREAM ITS OVER,and the winner was a song called NATURE from '71 I think, which is so AMERICA; acoustic guitars and beautiful harmonies. Do you know it? Have you heard AMERICAS version of WEATHER WITH YOU? Its almost the national anthem down here, what with the FINNS being local lads etc. and I thought it would be an amazing thing for Dewey and Gerry to play it in NZ; maybe have Neil join them onstage for it! Cheers, Jim.

Message: 19434 Posted: Sun Oct 28 17:22:08 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: AMERICA in Entertainment Weekley

Howdy- In the article on the United We Stand Concert it was nothing big, but they mentioned that "...Even AMERICA performed." It simply nice to see their name in print. I love the Mirror To Mirror LOGO. Hey Dave M., didn't I speak to you in Line at Mohegan Sun? You were holding a "History" song book. I was wearing the White Tour 2000 AMERICA T-Shirt. That's when I met Pat B. and we didn't shut up for a minute about AMERICA. I Love "World Of Light" from the Complete Hits. Couldn't they come up with a wonderful video for that tune? The song has "Hit Record" written all over it. The two new tracks ("Paradise" included) fit in quite nicely with the rest of the tracks. Anyway- Keep well. TT

Message: 19433 Posted: Sun Oct 28 14:57:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Various Replies

I just got back from a weekend getaway and finally had time to read through all of the messages. Here are a few replies:

Mirror To Mirror Tour Name - While it's true that I did come up with this name, the name is only listed on the top of the America Fans chat folder concert list and doesn't mean that Gerry and Dewey refer to the concerts for the year by that name. For what it's worth, I did clear the name with Gerry and Dewey before I put it on the web site and they both thought it was cool.

2002 Concert List - I'm still waiting to get the official list from Morey Management and I'll post it just as soon as I do. So, for now I can't confirm any of the concert dates that have been mentioned but I suspect that Jim's information is accurate. I've also heard that America will be going overseas to perform for our military troops.

Taking Concert Photos - Mary, all of the concert photos on the America Fans web site are taken by America fans. There's no need to volunteer beforehand but we all appreciate your offer. Once the photos are taken, they are then sent to me and I include them on the web site. So, please do take all of the photos that you can and send them to me. The only warning is that some venues do NOT allow photography and in that case you'll be out of luck. Also, it's very distracting (as you can imagine) when a flash is used so make sure you have a camera that works without a flash (i.e., a digital camera or a 35 mm camera with high speed film).

Things Having Nothing To Do With America - How about that BYU Cougar football team? Undefeated and ranked #8/#13 (ESPN/AP). Sorry, I had to gloat a little for the home town team. Those of you in Nebraska and Miami are welcome to gloat, too, since you're also undefeated.

Message: 19432 Posted: Sun Oct 28 11:00:42 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA shines at Palmdale

Saturday evening AMERICA was host to a formal dinner crowd for the Antelope Valley Hospital in Palmdale California. This was a tux & formal dress affair, all for a very good cause indeed & AMERICA fit in rather nicely. Everything went off w/out a hitch. The crowd could dance or listen & view AMERICA 3 ways. The left & right side of the stage was bound by the largest big screen monitors I have ever seen (foto's to follow), so you had AMERICA in-person in the centre & huge enlarged real-time monitors of them on the left & right. The monitors were so enlarged & shot such close-ups that I nearly picked up a few more chord formations from the dancing hands of the legendary DEWEY BUNNELL. The video monitors enlarged their images many times over. The crowd fell for AMERICA big time. And GERRY was feeling fantastic & 110% recovered & looking forward to some shows that are planned for the troops, I think next month. When the State Department calls AMERICA, they say WHEN & WHERE & that's it - then they are off to support our troops.

Message: 19431 Posted: Sun Oct 28 07:22:53 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Britney Spears Wants To Meet You Tour

Very funny Andy, LOL!

What do you think about this for the next tour name?:


Message: 19430 Posted: Sun Oct 28 06:19:04 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: They're Coming in 2002

"2002 will include Canada". Oh, Jim, I hope you are right. It's been 5 years since the guys have played Vancouver. Talk about withdrawal.

Message: 19429 Posted: Sun Oct 28 01:53:49 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: They're Coming in 2002

Double Oh 2 (2002) is actually shaping up quite nicely. I understand shows are set in Februaryish for both New Zealand & Australia. 2002 will also include Canada. And hey 2002 is still young so this is only for starters. Humphrey's in SD & the SUN in Anaheim, both consistent Southern California sell-outs are set for 6/14 & 6/15 in the Mirror to Mirror year of 2002. I would supppose Steve will be getting an updated schedule quite soon. AMERICA w/a lighter schedule in the next few months, will be revved up & ready to go again in 002.

Message: 19428 Posted: Sun Oct 28 01:34:56 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: The Britany Spears Wants To Meet You tour

Since wwe're putting our 2 cents into tour names, I propose that America's next tour should be called the "BRITANY SPEARS WANTS TO MEET YOU TOUR" This would be a great way to induce legions of new, fresh, and untapped fans to show up at the live shows. Just think....the possibilities are limitless. I'm smelling a huge mega-arena sellout tour. LOL


Message: 19427 Posted: Sat Oct 27 21:41:01 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: They're comin' they're comin'

This is great news. There is still no news of Australian shows here. I hope they come across the Tasman Sea. Chris, there is a big birthday here around this time too. I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

Message: 19426 Posted: Sat Oct 27 18:28:03 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: M O N K E E !!! Who's a monkees fan? Wrong board!

I confess to having loved the pre-fab four in Elelmentary school and think Smashmouth did an excellent remake of "I'm a Believer"

Note to Freda, lighten up hon. No one is suggesting that they actually name the tour "Mirror to Mirror" or use the logo ( In fact, have they ever called a tour anything but the whatever-year it is- tour?)I thought it was tastefully done and quite nice.

Message: 19425 Posted: Sat Oct 27 18:13:49 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running The Zoo?

Could not has said it better myself.


Message: 19424 Posted: Sat Oct 27 15:18:28 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running The Zoo?

<<"Letting them make their own choices seems to be the most respectable path to take.">>

It seems pretty obvious to me, Freda, that many of the fans on this website are sometimes over zealous (myself included). As long as it's sincere and no one gets hurt, I don't think that it's necessarily a bad thing. I'm sure every popular music performer has over zealous fans. It comes with the territory. Will over zealous fans be found on a website entitled: "America Fan's Chat Folder"? You bet. I don't think that it's too hard to understand that Steve was just having a little fun with his Mirror to Mirror logo (which I thought was done rather well). I hope he continues to have fun too. I also don't see what's so wrong with fans giving performers flowers. It's a nice gesture and it's not uncommon. Are you also angry at Nina for making her quilts, and then presenting them to Gerry and Dewey?! Everyone has their own unique way of showing their adoration. How about taking your own advice and let others make their own choices on how to show their favorite stars how much they are appreciated. -Pat

Message: 19423 Posted: Sat Oct 27 08:01:07 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: They're Coming in 2002

Hey jimbob ..... where did you get this news from? I wonder if Steve can confirm that the guys will also tour OZ in February? It is also a significant date for America, as I believe it will mark 30 years since their debut release in the States. I am sure Steve can confirm that one. I was aware that their management were looking for a time slot to get them back down under - this is great news!
Mmmmm..... now Feb 19 is my wife's birthday ... we could always jump on an Air NZ flight to Auckland (my wife actually lived there for a year in the early '70's) - might be time that we went back and use those frequent flyer points before they expire. Any room at your place jimbob??
Of course, my dream would be for the guys to return to Perth .... but I'm not complaining, Auckland or Sydney are fine by me.
Thanks for the great news jimbob.... it hasn't made my weekend, it's made my

Message: 19422 Posted: Sat Oct 27 07:18:04 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: M O N K E E !!! Who's a monkees fan? Wrong board!

Lions, Tigers and Bears..........O MY!
Lions, Tigers and Bears..........O MY!
Lions, Tigers and Monkees........?
Here we come, walking down the street...

Just in a silly mood on this Saturday morning.

Message: 19421 Posted: Sat Oct 27 04:06:14 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo? ---TO ANDY!!

First it was the Bunny, now it's the Monkey!!Are there no limits on here with picking on innocent animals!!!

Message: 19420 Posted: Fri Oct 26 22:31:44 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo?

"Why do some Internut monkeys think they can run the zoo? "

Please excuse me while I reach for a bananna and scratch my rear end.

Message: 19419 Posted: Fri Oct 26 18:51:02 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Concert Photos

can't wait to see your fotos Mary of Hallindale FL.

Message: 19418 Posted: Fri Oct 26 18:31:54 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo?

Green Monkey(s) running the zoo.LOL:)

Message: 19417 Posted: Fri Oct 26 18:22:37 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Monkeys Running Zoo?

foolishly jumping on stage with roses sure beats jumping on stage with poison ivy or oak.

Message: 19416 Posted: Fri Oct 26 18:19:02 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Re: Concert Photos

Not Pompano Beach, it's Hallandale, FL in Feb. Sorry but the offer stands because I WILL be there!


Message: 19415 Posted: Fri Oct 26 16:31:42 2001 By: Freda
Subject: Monkeys Running Zoo?

Excuse me, but are there no limits here? Mr. Beckley and Mr. Bunnell seem to have ample creativity to name their own tour wouldn't you think? Somehow they managed to do this before? Besides, they may have something else in mind and of course are going to be polite. Letting them make their own choices seems the most respectable path to take. It's their space. Next thing you know, one of you will be foolishly jumping onstage with roses again. Some blokes just don't get it I hate to inform you. Why do some Internut monkeys think they can run the zoo?

Message: 19414 Posted: Fri Oct 26 15:47:04 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Concert Photos

As a new member of this board I have what may seem like a dumb question, I was checking out the concert photos on the site and wondered (hmmmmmmm) who takes them at various concerts? I also noticed there where no shots taken at the West Palm Beach show from last year which I attended and was fortunate enough to have front row seats (hmmmmmmm again, can you see the wheels in my brain slowly turning). The guys are coming to Pompano Beach, FL soon, who will take those pics? If you haven't figured it out yet, (ha!) I am volunteering to take those pics for your site. It would be an honor!


Message: 19413 Posted: Fri Oct 26 13:41:04 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: United We Stand / Comments

After reading both Speechwriter's and Johnny's posts, I have to agree with both. I can understand how and why Johnny would like the rest of the world to be able to appreciate America's music as much as we do. Not everyone likes America's style of music, just like not everyone likes Puff Diddy's style of noise.
And thank God I don't have to rely on radio stations to provide me with my listening pleasure. Most if not all my favorite artists are virtually ignored by radio. But I understand that radio is a business. The younger generation spends more $$$ on music than the older generations. If it were the reversed, of course radio's playlists would be different. Like Speechwriter, I just pop my America tape into my tape player and I can ignor the radio and it's Rap music and irritating advertising. -Pat

Message: 19412 Posted: Fri Oct 26 10:39:26 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Radio

Yeah well, radio seems to be a dying format anywho.........and now we know why (with the denseness of the goofballs who are "taking over" the genre) the last laugh will be on THEM when they realize the greying of America and our strength in numbers...(insert evil laugh here)....little whippersnappers,


Message: 19411 Posted: Fri Oct 26 03:29:32 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: They're comin' they're comin'

Hey Spurs, Greg, Margaret, holiday and any others in Oz and NZ! AMERICA are playing Auckland the 18th and 19th Feb. next year! Tickets go on sale in 10 days time! As far as I know there is no-one on this chat folder apart from me in NZ so I had to tell someone close by and you guys are it! I assume they will be in OZ for the same tour. Made my weekend, how 'bout yours?

Message: 19410 Posted: Thu Oct 25 21:00:02 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: What next?

So it seems that the guys have only 2 concert dates left in 2001, tomorrow and one next weekend. Anyone know what their plans are "post-tour"? Perhaps a date with a studio for some new tunes? One can only hope!

Message: 19409 Posted: Thu Oct 25 20:45:07 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: thanks

Steve thanks again for "Sandman live" It really is good. Oh you were right..It took almost 35 minutes to download...JK

Message: 19408 Posted: Thu Oct 25 20:43:48 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Joe Perry

Ok so now I know who Joe Perry is. I have listened to Aerosmith for many many years. They are a very good band. But I think America Is better. Joe K

Message: 19407 Posted: Thu Oct 25 20:08:25 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Gerry's Thoughts--to Steve and Mirror to Mirror

Hey Johnny, you mirrored my thoughts!! LOL!! Love the image of Mirror to Mirror--looks really cool!!!

Message: 19406 Posted: Thu Oct 25 11:19:28 2001 By: Donkeyjaw
Subject: Re: Mirror to Mirror logo

very cool!

Message: 19405 Posted: Thu Oct 25 10:52:28 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Mirror to Mirror logo

Beautiful job on the logo, Dave!
I'd also love to see that on t shirts, especially after the tshirt selection offered in San Diego in June. We've been spoiled by the beautiful graphics (that last through a lot of washings!) so to have plain ones this year seem so drab.
To Gerry & Dewey - I bet Dave would just charge a *modest* fee for you to use the logo he designed! LOL.
My mom's coming to visit us tomorrow just as the first snow has hit wehre she lives. That's why we don't live there anymore!
ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 19404 Posted: Thu Oct 25 07:29:49 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Gerry's Thoughts--to Steve

Just for the record, Johnny, there was no offense taken in the first place. But thanks for your comments anyway. I suppose I should have been clearer with my "did anyone think they'd get their due?" remark. What I meant, of course, was that they wouldn't get their due from DJs, critics and the current rock cognescenti -- in other words, the usual suspects. Of course, the mere fact of being invited to perform at United We Stand and of performing well was triumph enough. And of course, there was the enthusiasm of the loyal fan base. In that sense, America certainly was given its due. But you know, I gave up on being frustrated by the way the music, the lyrics and the easy performing charisma of Dewey and Gerry (and let's not forget Dan) goes under-appreciated a long time ago. It just doesn't matter. I still start my car in the morning and then start my chosen America tape to get me into the day. I still trip back to fond memories and taste new experiences here in 2001 with their songs as a soundtrack and I still look forward to the next new release or concert. It feels so good to continue enjoying America (and Dan) as vital, accessible artists -- and so many people across the U.S. and around the globe clearly feel the same way -- that I find it hard to do anything but laugh at the disrespect of pseudo-hip DJs and critics. Their approval, when it comes, is nice, but it's not essential. And I imagine that's the place Gerry, Dewey (and surely Dan) got to a long time ago.

Message: 19403 Posted: Thu Oct 25 07:05:46 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: It's coming.

Even though America has been slapped in the face by the music business over the years, just being invited to the RFK thing was an honor. Whether they're part of a TV broadcast still doesn't diminish the momentem that's been built up lately. Their participation, their chart success with the Complete Greatest Hits and, frankly right now, their name are all factors that I can't help believing will open a few eyes at record companies. Even without Dan Peek, they may still have a shot.

On a related note, when the powers that be at Oxygen remove their heads from their butt cracks and see the Greatest Hits CD selling pretty well, wonder how hard they'll kick themselves for not letting anything from Human Nature on the disc? You wonder what's wrong with the radio and record industry, a great place to start looking is at these morons.


Message: 19402 Posted: Thu Oct 25 04:13:21 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Mirror To Mirror Tour

Hey there Steve, nice job with the mirror to mirror. Looks sharp!!!

Message: 19401 Posted: Thu Oct 25 04:05:55 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Mirror To Mirror Tour

Very cool Steve!!!!

Message: 19400 Posted: Wed Oct 24 22:52:57 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Radio

Hello everyone,while I agree with Johnny and his comments this is nothing new,America have been put down more often than I care to remember,but they are still there.My frustration stems from a narrow view relating to radio heads particularly play lists that will ONLY play greatest hits material,although Gerry and Dewey are probably grateful as it has kept them in the public eye to an extent.Surely classic radio is in need of a freshen up,why is it that new tunes by established artists are completely ignored ? We must be happy at the facts. America were invited to perform at the RFK gig and charting in a number of countries,people are noticing "our boys" including Janet Jackson and Garth Brooks.I just hope for a new album at some point in time.

Message: 19399 Posted: Wed Oct 24 22:11:07 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Mirror To Mirror Tour

Very cool. I'll take a couple of xl t-shirts, in blue perhaps. Thanks, Steve. You can just send 'em on up.

Message: 19398 Posted: Wed Oct 24 21:26:57 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Thanks

to the scant few souls who joined in the live chat this evening. You are wonderful. Please join in next week same bat time same bat channel( hey my name IS Robyn!)

Message: 19397 Posted: Wed Oct 24 21:22:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry's Thoughts--to Steve

After having read Lisa's post here, I just want to mention once again so each of us here can fully understand what it was like hearing the "United We Stand" event live via the internet and all the emotions that it generated within Bruce Martin, Dan C, LisaRose, and me...only four fans among many here. I just want to express to each of you how gripping the entire event was for me in regards to America's appearance.

As we all know, America has been sadly overlooked by many in the music industry and by the listening public inspite of their incredible singing ability and songwriting talent. So, when it was announced that America was scheduled to appear at "United We Stand", I was so elated to say the least as I'm sure many others here were. I think it was pretty evident that I was very excited based on the posts that I left here and on VH.Com's message board the evening before the event. I thought for once in such a long, long time, Dewey and Gerry were finally being recognized for their immense talent by way of this invitation to participate.

No different than each one of you here, I so appreciate the beautiful music that Gerry and Dewey (and Dan) have created for all of us and how much it enrichs our lives!

Fast-forwarding to Sunday afternoon, like Dan, Bruce, and LisaRose, I was so happy for the guys getting to perform at this huge event that I didn't dare miss the opportunity to hear it as it was happening live. Instead of a joyful event for those of us who were tuned in, it soon turned into a very sickening one because of the immature and rude comments made by not one but at least two or three of the DJs broadcasting the concert. If you missed listening, please consider yourself very fortunate for not being able to hear the very unjustified disparaging comments that were made and the pathetic disrespect shown toward America and for no reason! And to add to the insult, the DJs chose to interview Pat O'Brian instead of switching over to the guys performing "Ventura Highway", as we learned earlier today.

What Lisa posted here about Dewey mentioning Joe Perry first, helps to ease my anger somewhat regarding the DJ asking Gerry the question about Perry. I have been told what additional remarks were made by one of the DJs prior to the interview given by Gerry (and Dewey if he participated). It was revolting! It further proves that those DJs were pure amateurs all the way through...totally unprofessional buffoons. It goes on to prove that Gerry and Dewey are indeed a class act regardless of whether they knew what had previously been said or not.

To 'speechwriter' and anyone else that may have been offended by my heated reaction to 'speechwriter's' post, I'm sorry for that. When 'speechwriter' said something to the effect of, "Did anyone think the guys were going to get their due Sunday?", to me that was like a knife in the heart because I was sincerely hoping and thinking they would. And I don't think for a second that they didn't because I say that they DID receive their due...they were invited to perform among some of the most famous musicians in the world! It just didn't appear so on the live broadcast thanks to a couple of unappreciative young DJs. But, I think November 1st's broadcast WILL proudly prove that America DID receive their due!!!

Message: 19396 Posted: Wed Oct 24 21:21:03 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Mirror To Mirror Tour

Thanks Steve & Dave. Very innovative, sure makes sense to me. And that is great digital art work Dave. Perhaps a screen saver.
AMERICA on the move.

Message: 19395 Posted: Wed Oct 24 21:18:33 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mirror To Mirror Tour

very nice

Message: 19394 Posted: Wed Oct 24 20:58:25 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mirror To Mirror Tour

Some of you may have realized that I've been giving names to the tours starting with the 1999 tour. That one was real easy because it was the "Human Nature" tour. In conjunction with the concert list for each tour, I have used some kind of graphic image. For the 1999 tour I used the Human Nature CD cover. In 2000 I called it the "Millennium Tour" and I used the image off of the 1999-2000 t-shirts. Then, in 2001 I used the movie poster from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and created the image for the "2001: A America Odyssey" tour. I've been trying to think of a good name for the 2002 tour and the other day it hit me that 2002 is mirror-like. It's like a "20" looking in the mirror to see an "02". So I came up with the idea of the 2002 "Mirror To Mirror" tour (catchy - don't you think?). Anyway, I contacted Dave Moretti who is an avid America fan and a graphic designer. I explained my idea to him and asked him to come up with an image that would go along with it. He came up with an awesome image which is going to grace the top of the 2002 concert list. Click here to see the full blown version of the image. A smaller version will be at the top of the concert list but you can always see this big version by clicking on the smaller version. Don't you all agree that Dave did a great job? Thanks Dave!

I've already told Gerry and Dewey about this new name and they think it's cool. I suggested that they should keep "Mirror To Mirror" in the playlist for this tour. They didn't respond to that because I'm sure they knew I wasn't really trying to tell them what to play (although I think "Mirror To Mirror" is a great song done live). Anyway, let me know what you think about it.

Message: 19393 Posted: Wed Oct 24 19:00:04 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Hey

Where is everyone tonight?

Message: 19392 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:57:30 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: huh?

Isn't Joe Perry related to Perry Mason?

Message: 19391 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:46:26 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Gerry's Thoughts--to Steve

Thanks for reporting Steve. I listened again to the interview and in all fairness it was actually Dewey who brought up Joe Perry. He said he was just talking to him before they went on....which then led to the DJ responding as mentioned before. I am just wondering if Gerry an Dewey heard what the DJ's said before. I got a very mixed message by there before interview comments--one which I thought was very disgusting --don't even want to write it on here.

Message: 19390 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:43:17 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: seeking feedback on "Go Man Go" or whatever ...

I am going to go against the grain here. I love VGG but GMG doesn't do it for me. I still play it occasionally and I am glad i have it in my collection but the original is a masterpiece, IMHO.

Message: 19389 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:41:44 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: huh?

Joe is the guitarist in Aerosmith!

Message: 19388 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:08:17 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: seeking feedback on "Go Man Go" or whatever ...

I bought "Go Man Go" at the concert at Papermill and I've got to tell you it was worth it. I love VGG, but I think I love this more. Especially VGG(In Aries We Can All Breathe) and Goodbye Highway(sporty remix). I think that Goodbye Highway reminds me of driving and the beeping of horns.

PS-I only have one
? and it has to do
with the color of something.
LOL(And you know who you are


Message: 19387 Posted: Wed Oct 24 16:04:17 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: huh?

Who the hell is Joe Perry???? Joe K

Message: 19386 Posted: Wed Oct 24 15:52:16 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Thanks all

Thanks to all of you for a warm welcome.
Never got to see "the boys" in the early 70's but have been trying to make up for it ever since!


Message: 19385 Posted: Wed Oct 24 15:09:41 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Welcome Mary

Welcome Mary.

I can only echo LisaRose's words: Great Band, Great Fans.


Message: 19384 Posted: Wed Oct 24 14:21:26 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Review of "Homecoming" DVD-Audio

Thanks for the great review SteveO. Hmmm.... I guess I'd better add a good DVD sound system to my Christmas wish list.

Message: 19383 Posted: Wed Oct 24 12:33:50 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Review of "Homecoming" DVD-Audio

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in regarding the new "Homecoming" DVD-Audio. I have it playing for a 2nd time as I type this. I must admit,I was skeptical about another new format prior to hearing this.
However,I have to say this disk just blew me away! To truly appreciate it,you need to have a Reciever that contains Dolby digital,and then you need the 5 speakers plus the subwoofer. Once I had my levels set I was truly impressed! A very rich and full sound! When that was done I took the regular audio disk and played it also via the DVD player. Now my version of "Homecoming" I got via Japan,and I've always felt the Japanese Imports were of better quality(plus,this was before "Homecoming" was released domestically!)The audio Cd didn't play as well in the DVD player,so I moved it over to my Phillips CD recorder and played it via 5 channel stereo on the reciever. While it sounded better playing on that than the DVD player,it was still lacking that full sound. Man,the harmonies were coming at me from all angles! I'm still going back and forth as I type this to listen to more of it! There are "still" photos that change each time the song changes,or at least it did for the first few songs. The interview is a welcome bonus as well. The Liner notes to the disk were extremely comprehensive,and this just made for a truly exciting experience! While the format may run a few more bucks,you will not be disappointed in the sound. I can only hope that Rhino will tackle some of the other America disks in the Future. I would think "Holiday" with all of the George Martin string work would sound especially rich via this format. And if you want to check out more,go and see the link that Steve put together for Robin.....

Message: 19382 Posted: Wed Oct 24 09:34:49 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Gerry's Thoughts

Second that emotion. I read Gerry's comments on the Rhino Internet "promo" interview where he says his favorite Beatle was George "for a life well done." I think the same can be said of Gerry and Dewey, who, regardless of whatever indulgences went on behind the scenes, have always acted with dignity as public artists and treated fans and interviewers (no matter how oafish) with respect.
I have a taped interview, from the early 80s, in which a Philly DJ asks Gerry, "Do you think being from England made the difference for you guys (in having a big hit debut LP), as opposed to just being in LA trying to make it like everybody else?"
Gerry, despite a slight whiff of annoyance at the question, quickly recovered and made a gracious reply.
A less accommodating star in Gerry's shoes might have chided the DJ by reminding him that, in 1971, any ripple effect of the British Invasion had clearly ebbed and that, if anything, the route to instant hip cache in 1971 was to be holed up in a house in Laurel Canyon writing wooly, rusticated missives, regardless of how much they aped the Band or James Taylor or how ultimately boring they were.

Message: 19381 Posted: Wed Oct 24 09:28:37 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday evening Chat

Please join me this evening for the weekly chat session! If everyone agrees, I would like to have a group listen of Human Nature around 7:15. ( Give me time to burn dinner!)

Message: 19380 Posted: Wed Oct 24 09:18:26 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: seeking feedback on "Go Man Go" or whatever ...

Speechwriter, here's a link to the Go Man Go web page (as mentioned by Robyn). On it you'll find RealAudio soundclips from all of the songs so you can listen to them and decide for yourself what you think.

Message: 19379 Posted: Wed Oct 24 09:02:28 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Gerry's Thoughts

I kinda figured that Dewey and Gerry wouldn't have been "too" put out over the Joe Perry thing. We've got to remember just how long the boys have been in the music business. Unfortunately, they've probably been treated worse on more than one occasion. I like to think of "Gerry's Thoughts" as a testament to America's good nature and character. (...and I'll punch the first person who doesn't agree with me!!!)

Message: 19378 Posted: Wed Oct 24 08:46:34 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: seeking feedback on "Go Man Go" or whatever ...

Yes it is. Check it out for yourself on Steve's page. Interesting stuff from Mr. Beckley.

Message: 19377 Posted: Wed Oct 24 08:43:41 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gerry's Thoughts

I asked Gerry about the United We Stand concert and he said that they played two songs. They started with "Ventura Highway" and then did "Sister Golden Hair". As you all know, they talked to Pat O'Brian during the first song so nobody got to hear that one. For the record, Gerry wasn't at all offended by them asking him what Joe P was like. By the way, Gerry said that he was very nice and talkative.

Message: 19376 Posted: Wed Oct 24 07:00:31 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: seeking feedback on "Go Man Go" or whatever ...

Not to divert things too much from talk of baseball and thuggish DJs but I have a quesiton about America-related music: can anyone offer a critique of the "remix" CD of Gerry's solo disc. I loved the solo LP (sorry, I'm a vinyl guy to the core), save for Gerry's remake of "I Need You." Is the re-mix CD worth tracking down?

Message: 19375 Posted: Wed Oct 24 04:06:48 2001 By: Pete

You can do Magic. Yankees all the way. Sorry!

Message: 19374 Posted: Tue Oct 23 21:11:55 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: DJ's

Hey You People,

I agree that all DJ's are untalented, star-wannabe, losers. Though I thought that Joe Show did a nice job in his several interviews over the years with Gerry and Dewey. Also his shows with Jimmy Webb and Christopher Cross were quite informative and respectful.

Joe B

P.S. Go D-Backs
P.P.S. Cubs all the way in 2002
P.P.P.S. The "Serendipity" soundtrack is quite exceptional.
P.P.P.P.S. Along with Gerry and Dewey, Jeff Larson RULES!

Message: 19373 Posted: Tue Oct 23 20:02:19 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Interview--a question I would have asked

"Can you introduce ME to Joe Perry?" : )


Message: 19372 Posted: Tue Oct 23 19:39:59 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: New !

Welcome Mary !!
I know there are some people around this board from the Florida area, but I'm not sure exactly what part of the state. I am from the Long Island area of New York.

Did you get to see them back in 1973? If you did, consider me VERY jealous :)


Message: 19371 Posted: Tue Oct 23 19:39:02 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: New !

Welcome Mary!!! You have come to a great place with great people talking about a great band!!

Message: 19370 Posted: Tue Oct 23 19:30:41 2001 By: Mary
Subject: New !

Hello All,
Just registered with this chat. Have been a HUGE fan of America's since I was a sophomore in high school, hmmmm..... 1973, way too many years ago. Get to see them about every other year when they play in West Palm Beach, FL. Last year front row center, what a thrill!
Any of you in the South Florida area?
Hope to visit the board each day if time permits.
Nice to meet all of you!


Message: 19369 Posted: Tue Oct 23 15:52:21 2001 By: ANDY


That's all I have to say :)~


Message: 19368 Posted: Tue Oct 23 14:46:09 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: and I'm with you Janice

Keep fighting, girl! Your friends here are with you. and since baseball is AMerica's favorite pastime, maybe AMERICA could do the National Anthem at one of the games ( How's that for a tie-in Mr L?)

Message: 19367 Posted: Tue Oct 23 14:25:43 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: I'm with ya, Robyn...

I know that your prayers are with many and YOU will be in the 20% and beat this and watch the Dodgers win next year (now that was a little difficult for me to say as a nonDodger fan). Stay strong!!

Message: 19366 Posted: Tue Oct 23 14:22:17 2001 By: LisaRose

Yeah, yeah I understand how you feel Steve. Let someone else win next year-hey--we need some uplifting here in New York this year!! Either way, America will win!! Talking about why we are all here--I just put up one of my huge America--Human Nature posters in my class today and gave about a 2 minute lecture in between Algebra on the group.

Message: 19365 Posted: Tue Oct 23 14:20:01 2001 By: Janice
Subject: I'm with ya, Robyn...

Oh well..maybe it will be the Dodgers next year..sigh.
As an update and I will keep this brief (feel free to hit "next", but it is easier to keep the many of you updated. Yes, I am on the chemo that I had wanted earlier this year..I am now #81 and not #13..but that's ok. Clinical trial is over and I will reap the benefits of their findings. There is a 20% survival rate, and I intend to be in the 20%. Things to do, places to go and people to there. :-)
Thanks again for all your mail..hope he doesn't mind me mentioning it, but I even received a message from Gerry that was forwarded to me. Is that kindness or what?

Message: 19364 Posted: Tue Oct 23 13:37:58 2001 By: red oak


Message: 19363 Posted: Tue Oct 23 13:29:22 2001 By: AmericaSL

Let's see... how can I tie this in so it fits on the America Fans Chat Folder? I know! The name of our favorite group starts with an "A" and the team that's going to win the world series starts with an "A". Go Arizona! It's somebody else's turn to win. (Sorry Yankee fans!) At least we're still all America fans and can agree on that. Back to my lurkdom.

Message: 19362 Posted: Tue Oct 23 12:07:43 2001 By: Robyn

All I have to say is the rallying cry of Dodger fans for decades

"Wait till next year!"

Message: 19361 Posted: Tue Oct 23 10:37:07 2001 By: Steve
Subject: Thanks

Thanks to all who gave me suggetions on where to purchase the "Homecoming" DVD

Message: 19360 Posted: Tue Oct 23 10:35:54 2001 By: Steve
Subject: "Finding the "Homecoing"DVD

Thanks to all who gave me suggetions on where to purchase the "Homecoming"DVD.

Message: 19359 Posted: Tue Oct 23 09:45:16 2001 By: Howard Lieboff

Steve, my apology to you. I meant to say this...
Me, I don't care to listen to their interviews at all, well "EXCEPT" Steve Orchards interviews with the guys, now that's well done if you haven't heard.

Message: 19358 Posted: Tue Oct 23 08:22:57 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Nifty Fifty/Re: Bones

red oak...I like your idea, but let's up it to 100 shows a year, so America can play twice in each of our states: once in a major venue (so our guys can make oodles of money) and once in our own backyards!!!! Admit it. Wouldn't that make each of us happy campers?

Bones...You crack me up! Thought of you today in class as we were reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" ... Brom BONES!

Message: 19357 Posted: Tue Oct 23 06:29:34 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Nifty Fifty

Since Dewey & Gerry both celebrate #50 next year, I think they should do a 50 concert/50 state tour for 2002. That way every fan in every state could see them and by cutting down on the number of concerts, make each one that much better(allowing for kidney stones,etc) I know that a number of states don't get on the tour bus each year, plus they could also do Australia, Sweden, and maybe Britain. You know that they each can now sign up for AARP and get those great discounts that all us SENIORS deserve. Any other opinions on this idea?


Message: 19356 Posted: Tue Oct 23 05:17:07 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: DJ's, Record Executives and political poachers

Just my 2 cents thrown in: I'm sure the guys are well aware of the tongue lashing/nasty/below the belt interviews by those so-called DJ's...people who think they can spin records and remember everything...they're only high priced critics with no knowledge what so ever...As always, when being interviewed by any kind of media, Dewey and Gerry are always very professional, have the upmost courtesy, regardless of the crap that's being slinged at them.

I was never too fond of DJ's anyway. Never did a blessed thing for the music industry anyway. AND>>>>especially record executives, like
somebody we used to know???
.............I just have no respect for them at all.

Me, I don't care to listen to their interviews at all, well especially Steve Orchards interviews with the guys, now that's well done if you haven't heard.

America's music speaks for itself.

God Bless America!

Message: 19355 Posted: Tue Oct 23 04:06:43 2001 By: Pete

You said it all. YANKEES!!!!!

Message: 19354 Posted: Tue Oct 23 02:50:07 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Charts

Hello everyone,if I may offer a shred of comfort, America continue to climb the Australian chart,up two places to 19.While there has been much negativity with so called DJ's there is a chance that "America" will be seen by a nationwide audience,and have participated in a major event for all the right reasons.Let us all hope that Gerry and Dewey get the chance to record a new album after their recent chart heroics.

Message: 19353 Posted: Mon Oct 22 21:09:39 2001 By: LisaRose

LOL!!! Yeah Johnny guilty as charged!!!! Got your email and I know how you mean what you are not jabbing at ME!! That would be like jabbing at yourself! LOL!! Start spreading the news....."

Message: 19352 Posted: Mon Oct 22 20:54:16 2001 By: Johnny

That's all you have to say?

Oh yeah, you're one of those fanatical America fans who bothered to post here yesterday thinking your favorite band might get their due at "United We Stand". You've one of those fans who stayed glued to your computer for hours thinking and hoping the best for that band who chose the same name as the world's greatest country and who got invited to support the family of the deceased citizens of our country and deceased citizens of other great countries who were victims of foreign terrorists. I remember you and your kind!!!

Message: 19351 Posted: Mon Oct 22 20:33:59 2001 By: LisaRose

That's all I have to say!!

Message: 19350 Posted: Mon Oct 22 19:43:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Interview--a question what I would have asked

Just saw your post, John L. Stop it! LOL

That s/b "sneakers" instead of "sneaker" in my previous post but maybe just "sneaker" regarding Joe Perry.

Remember this joke (George Carlin, maybe): "Hey man, you lost a shoe". "No man, I found one!"

Message: 19349 Posted: Mon Oct 22 19:38:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Interview--a question what I would have asked

B-o-n-e-s!!! LOL

Or maybe: Yo Mr. Beckley, who do you think changes their shoelaces on their sneaker more often, you or Joe Perry?

Ditto DanC!!!

Message: 19348 Posted: Mon Oct 22 19:32:22 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Interview--a question what I would have asked

or "Do you prefer regular or mint flavored dental floss?"

Message: 19347 Posted: Mon Oct 22 19:14:27 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

hey, i agree with what you say except for the "anyone who bothers posting" statement. It's really no "bother" but rather "my pleasure".DanC.

Message: 19346 Posted: Mon Oct 22 19:06:24 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Interview--a question what I would have asked

How often do you change your shoe laces in your sneakers Mr. Beckley?

Message: 19345 Posted: Mon Oct 22 18:33:15 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Pat O'Brian As Co-Host Of....

Oh, okay Rick, thanks regarding the info about Pat O'Brian being the co-host of "Access Hollywood". With that in mind, let me rephrase what I posted earlier. :0)

"I just know that one of the DJs said America was on but he wanted Pat O'Brian to continue with the interview that he was giving because it was 'just America'. Pardon me and no offense to Pat O'Brian but why the hell does an interview with him, the co-host of 'Access Hollywood', rank above hearing a musical group whether it be America or any other performer?"

Message: 19344 Posted: Mon Oct 22 17:32:00 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

Hey Johnny,

Pat O'Brian is the co-host of Access Hollywood. he was covering both concerts.


Message: 19343 Posted: Mon Oct 22 17:28:40 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: "Homecoming" DVD

I got mine at Boarders and also has it. Hope that helps.


Message: 19342 Posted: Mon Oct 22 15:49:49 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Homecoming" DVD

I bought mine at Virgin Megastore in Burbank.

Message: 19341 Posted: Mon Oct 22 15:23:28 2001 By: Steve
Subject: "Homecoming" DVD

Can someone tell me where to get a copy of the "Homecoming" DVD?I work in a record store and a few of our distributer catalogs list it but the dealers haven't been able to get copies of it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Steve

Message: 19340 Posted: Mon Oct 22 12:08:03 2001 By: Nina
Subject: America

Glad to hear that "America" will (hopefully) be represented in the televised ABC broadcast on Nov. 1st. Maybe that exposure will do more for our guys most recent CD. I'm looking forward to seeing if they get equal time!

Message: 19339 Posted: Mon Oct 22 11:58:02 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

I'm sure America's performance was top-shelf. And I suspect Gerry and Dewey sailed through the silliness like the pros they are ... with more than a little bemusement at the "Joe Perry" question.
Like I say, I'm only glad I passed on it because I'm a fan (from the very beginning) and, although the second-and-third-hand reports get my hackles up, I suspect I'd be a lot angrier had I witnessed some of the moronic behavior of the DJs, etc., firsthand.

Message: 19338 Posted: Mon Oct 22 11:36:47 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Billboard Update From Dave

Here's the latest Billboard information from Dave Balletto:

"America's 'Complete Greatest Hits' is still in the TOP 200 but it did slip back to 177. My contact wasn't certain if he had the correct number of sales for the week but it looked like, from the data he had, that it was 4,029 for the week of 10/14-20. So it's still doing pretty well despite the drop. It is still number 51 on in the top 100 Pop sales."

Thanks for the update Dave!

Message: 19337 Posted: Mon Oct 22 11:01:43 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

<<...did anyone who bothers to post messages on this site really think they were going to get their due Sunday?>>

First of all, it was several of those jerko DJs that made it so insulting for us America fans who were listening to the live program. It DOES NOT mean that the event wasn't a great one for Gerry and Dewey and the guys. They may have thoroughly enjoyed participating and came away very content. We have no idea without hearing from them. Based on what I could hear from the audience after the guys finished playing "SGH", America was very appreciated. The applause was just as loud as it was for any of the other performers from what I could tell.

Another thing, we don't know at this time whether the guys played another song or two before "SGH". I just know that one of the DJs (dj as in "damn jerk") said America was on but he wanted Pat O'Brien to continue with the interview he was giving because it was "just America". Pardon me and no offense to Pat O'Brien but why the hell does an interview with him, a sports announcer, rank above hearing the performance of a musical group whether it be America or any other performer? This was a concert and not a sports event. It just proves that those moron DJs were pure amateurs. This was even BEFORE that asinine "Aerosmith-Joe Perry" question. Can you all tell that I'm still very angry? Regarding a copy of that interview, I don't want to hear it. Your recap, LisaRose, was sufficient...but thanks for your very kind offer.

It appeared to me that America was scheduled to perform after CC someone who sang after Bette Midler but the guys were preempted by Aerosmith who had just arrived. Aerosmith needed to be in Indiana later that evening for another concert so I think they were put ahead of America which to me was no major deal. So you could say that Aerosmith DID appear after Bette Midler.

No offense to any of our fellow America fans who are in their twenties, but the DJs sounded like they were about that diapers when America won their Grammy. The DJs gave more respect to 13 year old Billy Gilman and to O-Town than they did to our guys.

Hopefully, the event was a great one for Dewey and Gerry. Unfortunately, it was tainted for us listeners due to the very unprofessional behavior of a few. And hopefully, the November 1 TV broadcast will do justice for America especially since it's to be hosted by John Stamos who's a friend of the Beach Boys and we know our guys' relationship with the late Carl Wilson.

I think LisaRose should have interviewed Gerry and Dewey. Those are some great questions she came up with. I can't think of any better ones.

I would really like to know if the guys performed more than just "Sister Golden Hair". Will someone who knows, please tell us?

Message: 19336 Posted: Mon Oct 22 09:27:21 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Interview--a question what I would have asked


If I was the interviewing them I WOULD NOT ASK about Joe Perry because this is thier interview not Aerosmith's interview. I would say to Gerry and Dewey, "you guys have been together now 30 years, still playing around the world, still creating new beautiful music while playing the classics--what is that motivates you to maintain the freshness, etc.?" If I was to bring up someone else it would have been Janet Jackson which you obviously know why. I would talk about their new greatest hits cd, ask where they have played around the world, was there any unusual places. Maybe I would ask who influenced them,ask how it all started, what other musicians do they listen to, what do they like to do in their free time,....I can go on and on. If I did interview them or anyone for that matter, I would do my homework and find out a little bit about the people I am interviewing.

Message: 19335 Posted: Mon Oct 22 08:07:26 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

Hmm ... perhaps she was annoyed that her group's concept for a full gospel choir behind them was nixed by Larry Magid (again, according to the Philly Inquirer article). Magid told the newspaper the choir idea was deep-sixed because he didn't want the musical mood to turn mawkish. That is, he wanted "Bootylicious," Magid said, not eulogy.

Message: 19334 Posted: Mon Oct 22 07:42:05 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

gee, since Michelle from Destiny's Child was waxing rhapsodic about them on TRL on Friday, I kinda thought she'd come out and sing HWNN with them! ;)

Message: 19333 Posted: Mon Oct 22 06:58:43 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: RFK ... so glad I passed on it ...

Reading all of the excited weekend messages about RFK, both before and during the show, I was nearly tempted to become "glued" to my computer or to a local FM radio broadcast of the concert. In the end, I decided that, given the company they were in, America would probably get treated as an also-ran (at best) and, at worst, get short shrift. Since I just saw the boys play an absolutely effervescent show at the Keswick in Philly, I decided to pass and savor that bright memory instead. Thank goodness. I mean, kudos to Gerry and Dewey for participating, but did anyone who bothers to post messages on this site really think they were going to get their due on Sunday? Maybe I saw storm clouds forming after reading a HUGE article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the preparations for the event.
In some 30-40 column inches or so, the writer never bothered to mention that "America" was playing this benefit bill for AMERICANS, but managed to mention how tough it was for promoter Larry Magid to juggle the logistics of planning a show in which Aerosmith was refusing to go on after Bette Midler and Michael Jackson was demanding his very own bathroom. Such a fatuous atmosphere is something I prefer not to connect, even in a fleeting way, with Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 19332 Posted: Mon Oct 22 06:32:01 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Interview

If the question: "What was it like to meet Joe Perry?" was the best question this interviewer could ask, then this interviewer was (is) obviously very UNPROFESSIONAL!! That is the kind of question one would ask of a FAN of Aerosmith, NOT a Grammy-Award-Winning-Chart-Topping-Professional-Musician(s), who have had a successful career in the music business for over 30 years!!! What an INCREDIBLY DUMB question to ask in front of a live audience! Chances are this interviewer is a fan of Aerosmith and his focus was really on Joe Perry.

By the way, I too, am a HUGE fan of Aerosmith, so I'm not putting Joe Perry down, just the interviewer.

If YOU were the interviewer, what ONE question would you have asked of Gerry and Dewey?

Message: 19331 Posted: Mon Oct 22 05:43:05 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: interview just broadcasted!!

Hello, LisaRose. I know I would love to have a copy of the interview and SGH. Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks to all of you for your postings during the show. I was out all day and unaware of the broadcast. The comments by the DJs are not surprising. Regarding the stupid Joe Perry question: Dewey and Gerry are way too classy to show up the interviewer by saying we have worked with people a hellava lot bigger than him! Heard of George Martin or Carl Wilson, idiot? Oh, well. That's MY Vent! Brad

Message: 19330 Posted: Mon Oct 22 03:45:39 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: interview just broadcasted!!

No I wasn't kidding about that Johnny. I thought it was a stupid question. I have the whole interview recorded. I have to listen to it again to see how and in what context it was said. If you would like a copy let me know.

Message: 19329 Posted: Sun Oct 21 21:26:20 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: DC show this and that

Glad to hear that Gerry is better! I could not get the broadcast to work and got busy being Mom's taxi service anyway. What a bunch of nimrods those djs are. But as usual, it sounds like Dewey and Gerry were the classy guys they always are.

We need a review from someone who was there!

Message: 19328 Posted: Sun Oct 21 20:21:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: interview just broadcasted!!

Thanks Lisa for the recap. You had me goin' for a second there with your first comment! LOL

The guys were asked what it was like to meet Joe Perry??? Please tell me you're kiddin' about that too. What an asinine question but considering the source, it's no big surprise.

Message: 19327 Posted: Sun Oct 21 18:44:43 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: interview just broadcasted!! (For LisaRose)

The interview started by Gerry and Dewey saying that this was their last perfomance--that they are retiring and there will be no more America--JUST KIDDING actually...

This is how it went--sort of-they were asked how was a type of band like America be invited (I thought that was condescending, although the DJ said he didn't mean it in a bad way). Gerry said he was amazed by the scale of people playing Gerry and Dewey went on to say how much they have played and how all musicians are united across the generations, etc. They were asked about what they thought of meeting Aerosmith-Joe Perry. Dewey said music can put you in a place away from all the bad things that have happened. They also mentioned about the terrorist activity and the situation. They talked about how busy musicians are and how they sometimes play more than one city, etc. They might not make it to the end with Michael Jackson due to logistics. They said how they did over 100 shows and want to take some time off. They talked about their kids--Gerry mentioned Joe and Matthew --the DJ joked about the age difference of the kids..and Dewey mentioned his son and daughter. They mentioned how family men they are. That's about it. :)

Message: 19326 Posted: Sun Oct 21 17:59:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: interview just broadcasted!! (For LisaRose)

Lisa, can you summarize what was said? I turned it off because I'm still quite pissed even after calling that toll free number and leaving that DJ a message saying I didn't appreciate the very disrespectful comments. I think Elliott was sincerely a fan of the band but he was out numbered by those other so-called "professional" DJs. They were very amateurish to say the least.

Message: 19325 Posted: Sun Oct 21 17:09:56 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: interview just broadcasted!!

it's on now!

Message: 19324 Posted: Sun Oct 21 17:04:37 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: One thing I was glad about

It was good to hear Gerry's voice--which must mean that he is better!!!

Message: 19323 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:43:15 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Complaint

Thanx for the number Lisa- I called and vented!

Message: 19322 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:40:54 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: ONE SONG?

Just got back- have been rolling a VHS HI-FI tape...SGH--that's all? Lisa, I've been in & out all afternoon--- does anyone know if they played anything else? I just listened to SGH on tape--of course I'll take one song over nothing! Maybe someone will post who was actually there! I didn't hear drums- was Mr Leacox not present?

Message: 19321 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:36:37 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: call and compain--here is the number

Not that this will help but here is DJ Cubby's number 1-888-797-4154. I left a message on how disgusted I was. At least I felt .001%better venting on this stupid DJ's voice mail box!

Message: 19320 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:25:34 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Those DJs...Jerks!

I thought that's what I heard that fast talking DJ say. Folks, that's just another reason I don't listen much to commercial radio pop/rock music formats. Just can't take the B.S.

There, I feel better now.

Carry on....

Message: 19319 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:14:30 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Those DJs...Jerks!

also had been glued to the computer for like 3 hours. those jerkoff dj's have been talking about the artists "snubbing" them. can't say i blame them at all. in fact they just lost me as a listener so p... on them.DanC.

Message: 19318 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:13:27 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: What's up with that???Am very mad!!

Maybe America did another song but the "great set" comment I thought was a smart-ass slam. They continued to show their disrespect for America. Pure asses those DJs!

Message: 19317 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:11:09 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: America

...wonder if SGH was the only song they played or did the interveiw the fast talking DJ's were doing overrun a song or two?

Message: 19316 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:09:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Those DJs...Jerks!

What jerks those DJs are! They did an interview with Pat O'Brien while America was performing and they made some rude comments that it was only America and the interview with O'Brien was okay to continue with. Heard only "Sister Golden Hair" performed.

Message: 19315 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:08:53 2001 By: Dan
Subject: bummer

they said America played a fantastic set so why then did we only get to hear one damn song. for anyone who didn't get to hear they only broadcast Sister Golden Hair, which as if we didn't all know, sounded great.DanC.

Message: 19314 Posted: Sun Oct 21 16:08:47 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: What's up with that???Am very mad!!

I have been glued to this computer to hear only ONE song by my favorite band? And to add insult to injury I had to hear the DJ's talk about the great set "America" obviously they didn't broadcast the whole thing!!!

Message: 19313 Posted: Sun Oct 21 15:55:17 2001 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Elliott The DJ

Thanks for the info on the online broadcast. Like the rest of you, I've been sitting here for a long time, waiting to hear America. Our CD burner isn't working, of course, and I can't find my old cassette recorder. There isn't a way to just record it onto my computer, is there? I'm quite computer illiterate, so this might be a real dumb question. Thanks! Sure hope they're on family wants dinner, but I don't want to leave the computer.

Message: 19312 Posted: Sun Oct 21 15:47:07 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Elliott The DJ

I heard that too--am glued to this stupid computer as if it was a tv ever since Bruce announced that the concert was online. I just hope that the boys go on real soon!!

Message: 19311 Posted: Sun Oct 21 14:12:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Elliott The DJ

One of the DJs named Elliott said he's a big America fan so hopefully he'll do an interview with Dewey and Gerry!

Message: 19310 Posted: Sun Oct 21 14:06:52 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny

Hi LisaRose, no chopped liver here! LOL! To all, I think maybe it's Bette Midler following Pink who's currently performing then CC someone, then AMERICA perhaps! Wonder if the guys will perform "Survival"? It would be quite appropriate, I think.

Message: 19309 Posted: Sun Oct 21 13:57:40 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Johnny

Good thing I saw your second post before I was about to write..."what am I? chopped liver???" LOL!! It is coming on real clear and I am going to record America---think they will be on soon after Bette Midle

Message: 19308 Posted: Sun Oct 21 11:25:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Live Broadcast

Hi LisaRose! Didn't see your message until now.

Message: 19307 Posted: Sun Oct 21 11:24:15 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Live Broadcast

Anyone else out there listening to the live broadcast? Certainly not just Bruce and me, right? A fellow fan just emailed me and said he couldn't log on....bummer! I hope to record America's performance if I can but it sounds like America isn't scheduled until midway through the concert but it's not for sure. That's a long wait but a great wait.

In case any of you can't listen live, Huey Lewis and The News just finished and James Brown is scheduled next but the show is already running late. Then O-Town is to follow. The entire cast of performers is suppose to join Michael Jackson onstage for the finale tonight.

Message: 19306 Posted: Sun Oct 21 11:08:11 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Concert

You are the best--got my cd burner ready to go--thanks for the info

Message: 19305 Posted: Sun Oct 21 10:35:09 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Concert

Thanks again, Bruce. The BackStreet Boys just finished! This is TOO COOL! The announcer said America is scheduled later!

Message: 19304 Posted: Sun Oct 21 10:26:20 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Concert

It's 139pm Eastern- They have NOT BEEN ON YET!!! =)

Message: 19303 Posted: Sun Oct 21 10:14:56 2001 By: Johnny

YES!!! Thanks Bruce! I'm listening to it live too but I just logged on to the broadcast now at 10:30 am PT. It sounds like NSYNC's currently performing. Did I miss AMERICA??? Have they been on yet??? I hope not. Can anyone tell me (us)?

Message: 19302 Posted: Sun Oct 21 09:52:03 2001 By: Bruce David Martin

I just went to - I'm now listening to "United We Stand" on radio LIVE!!!

Message: 19301 Posted: Sat Oct 20 23:24:36 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: RFK Gig.

Right Spurs! It's a HUGE opportunity for our guys. When you think about what performers are going to be present and what others AREN'T, it's an incredible thought, in my opinion. Like I posted on the VH.Com message board, it's almost too good to be true! I sure hope G is feeling well! I hope they're ALL feeling well because I'm feeling quite well. Sure look forward to hearing what songs they perform. If "World Of Light" is performed, I think it will impress the audience as well as the other performers. The question is though, if the guys want to perform it, has there been enough time to rehearse it to do it well?

Pat, regarding the broadcast being on Dan's birthday, it's not too nice of a birthday present for Dan but I think he can handle it as I'm sure you would agree. Is it too late to book Dan or Peace? Just kidding about the booking...sort of.

To Dewey and Gerry, my best wishes for tomorrow ------>

I really think it might be
A one in a million delight
All of my dreams go with you tonight

(Gerry's "One In A Million")

Message: 19300 Posted: Sat Oct 20 20:23:05 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: "United We Stand" Concert

Johnny- you said that the concert will be broadcast on November 1st; which happens to be Dan Peek's birthday!

I'm glad that America is able to be a part of this worthwhile cause.

Message: 19299 Posted: Sat Oct 20 20:12:54 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: RFK Gig.

Hello everyone,the importance of the RFK gig cannot be understated musically speaking,while America continues it's manful ascent up the U.S. chart.Timing appears to be everything,should "our boys" come across really well the current "Best Of" would get more of a push up the charts and perhaps the reward of a new recording contract with artistic freedom on a bigger label.This may well be the most crucial gig they are ever involved in,thirty years on the road with seasoned professionals, experience will count . I wish them well for this very important cause.

Message: 19298 Posted: Sat Oct 20 19:49:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "United We Stand" Concert

Saw America listed twice on a website regarding tomorrow's "United We Stand" concert. The first roster had America listed between Carole King and Mariah Carey. On another, America was listed between Pink and Bette Midler. Nice to be "in the middle", wouldn't you say?

As mentioned before by someone else here, portions of tomorrow's concert will be broadcast on November 1 on ABC. It's reported to be a 2-hour broadcast hosted by John Stamos. Hopefully, every performer will be shown performing at least one or two songs. If so, that's great news for us because of the publicity America will get with a nationwide audience (if included in the 2-hour show)!!!

Message: 19297 Posted: Sat Oct 20 12:36:24 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: email

Steve my new email is Please send me any information about how I can get the "new " live version of "Sandman",Thanks, Joe K

Message: 19296 Posted: Sat Oct 20 11:28:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: One Point Of Clarification

Right 'speechwriter'...your initial post was understood as you had posted it. There's merely a difference of opinion on my part.

Regarding 'Woman Tonight', I wish Willie still performed that incredible drum solo intro to the song like he did years ago. It was very, very cool. With or without it, I don't think 'today's the day' to 'X' that 'Woman Tonight'.

Message: 19295 Posted: Sat Oct 20 11:12:30 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: RFK concert televised?

The answer to your question lies in response 19282 from Robyn.

Message: 19294 Posted: Sat Oct 20 09:34:33 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

one point of clarification -- I, too, love "Don't Cross the River." I just don't like it sung when it's not comfortably within anyone's capacities to perform it memorably. I don't want to hear Dewey singing "Daisey Jane" or Gerry singing "Sandman," either. America has such a great wellspring of original tunes to pull from (with the original performer handling the vocals) that there is no need, again, to my ears.

Message: 19293 Posted: Sat Oct 20 07:35:53 2001 By: Steve
Subject: RFK concert televised?

Anyone know if this concert will be televised sometime in the future?

Message: 19292 Posted: Sat Oct 20 06:36:54 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Sandman

Thanks for the reminder John. SANDMAN, NEVER BE LONELY, HERE, WHEELS great live rockers.

Message: 19291 Posted: Sat Oct 20 01:07:54 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Sandman


There's a GREAT rocking cover of "Sandman" by an obscure group called Citizens' Utilities found on the Honored Volume One CD. Steve has a clip of it on the site.


Message: 19290 Posted: Fri Oct 19 19:46:09 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Various Replies

The second-to-last time they were in Utah they played at the Scera Shell outdoor amphitheatre which is just a few blocks from my house (in Orem). I think there were about 3000 there that night (it was full). The last time they were here they played in Salt Lake City at Franklin Covey Field but I was in Hawaii so I missed that one.

Message: 19289 Posted: Fri Oct 19 16:28:18 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Various Replies

Good one Steve about using BYU stadium instead. How many people for that amphitheatre? Is this the same place they played last time in Utah?

Message: 19288 Posted: Fri Oct 19 16:16:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Destiny's Child sings America

dd was watching trl and she said that Michelle was singing HWNN. dd said that Michell said she was in her "Hipppie mode" and had been listening to a lot of America. She said "you know Horse with no name?" and began to sing "I've been thru the desert on a horse with no name"

Kinda cool don't you think? For the record, I don't hate everything they do, just that I was forced to listen to their cd for an hour or so in the car with a group of teenage girls, all of whom were singing along with varying degrees of talent. That's enough to put anyone off a group! ( right Kevin?)

Message: 19287 Posted: Fri Oct 19 15:52:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: RFK concert info (Part 2)Aaron Carter

Nick Carter's little brother. All the rage with the preteen set due to a MAJOR push by the Disney poepl (They're gonna take away my Mom stripes for this one, but I am pretty sure Nick is with the BS Boys)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Message: 19286 Posted: Fri Oct 19 14:59:32 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Various Replies

To Red Oak: The last I heard the RFK show was going to be opened by the Backstreet Boys singing the national anthem and then America would take the stage. However, that has NOT been confirmed.

To Red Oak again: The seating capacity in Sandy is not sufficient to hold all of the America fans in this area so they're going to have to play at Lavell Edwards Stadium in Provo (it holds over 65,000). There will be a BBQ at my house before the concert and all 65,000 are invited (LOL).

To Johnny: Gerry is keeping his fingers crossed that the stone will have passed and that everything will be OK for the upcoming performances. I haven't heard from him for several days now so it may have already passed.

To Robyn: My two youngest kids have been playing "World of Light" quite a bit lately. I think it's a great song and it does have some very thought provoking lyrics.

To Everyone Else: Have a great weekend!

Message: 19285 Posted: Fri Oct 19 14:53:25 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Nanci's list

Inspector Mills
Submarine Ladies
Amber Cascades
Sergeant Darkness
All My Life
I could easily live without Woman Tonight Too.

I'm with Nanci all the way! I would also add Tall Treasure and Loves Worn Out Again.


Message: 19284 Posted: Fri Oct 19 14:51:44 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: DONT CROSS out THE RIVER song

and Garth Brooks will release on his next CD, per the site. When is someone going to do SANDMAN ? with heavy bass & drums.

Message: 19283 Posted: Fri Oct 19 14:14:45 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: RFK concert info (Part 2)

I just heard about the Dallas concert today. Apparently Drew Carey is going to emcee the first portion and there is going to be some kind of "all star" band at the beginning of the show. As for Aaron Carter, "whoever he is" - he is all of about 12-13 yrs old & my 6 yr old just loves him! (I think he is the little brother of one of the N'Snyc or Backstreet Boys). He did a remake of the song "I Want Candy". (Thank heaven I've got kids or I'd never know any of this stuff! LOL)
Have a great weekend.

Message: 19282 Posted: Fri Oct 19 13:56:08 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: RFK concert info (Part 2)

ABC will air a "portion" of the show on Novemeber 1. Want to bet who they show in that "portion"?

I have been listening to " World of Light" , keeping recent events in mind and it has taken on a whole deeper meaning for me. I am sure there are others here who feel the same.

( I hope Gerry is feeling better!)

Message: 19281 Posted: Fri Oct 19 13:31:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: RFK concert info (Part 2)

Three other performers scheduled are Springsteen, Jagger, and Aaron Carter...whoever Carter is. He sounds country.

With AMERICA, this should really be great for us AMERICA fans! Will be interesting to see/hear what AMERICA songs will be played. I'm hoping for "Hope" or "World Of Light"!

There's another event scheduled in Dallas for the same day. It's called "Volunteers For America". Some performers scheduled to appear are AMERICA's contemporaries: Styx, Reo Speedwagon, Journey, and Kansas.

Message: 19280 Posted: Fri Oct 19 12:52:44 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: RFK concert info

The event is SOLD OUT! I hope the guys can still make the appearance. How's Gerry feeling?

A couple of other artists scheduled to appear but not mentioned in Steve's earlier post (#19172) probably due to recently being added to the list of performers are John Mellencamp, Pink, Usher, Destiny's Child (Yeah KevinS!), Carole King; Huey Lewis, and Mariah Cary. There's no mention of America on the site that mentions these performers.

I'm really surprised that there hasn't been more BUZZ here about America's scheduled appearance with these BIG name artists!

Message: 19279 Posted: Fri Oct 19 12:21:24 2001 By: red oak
Subject: RFK concert info

Does anyone know the order of performance for the performers at this Sunday's concert in Washington, D.C? Also, which songs will America perform, and will VH-1 carry it live? Also, Webmaster Steve,
what is the seating capacity in Sandy, Utah for the America concert next August?

Message: 19278 Posted: Fri Oct 19 09:10:05 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mountain Daily News Column

Three weeks ago America fan Steve Orchard started writing a "Music News" column for the Iron Mountain Daily News. Once a week it comes out in the Entertainment section. Here's a link to a scan of the article. In the article Steve gives a short and simple review of America's current CD, along with other noteable titles. It's good to see that Steve is doing his part to spread the news in Michigan!

Message: 19277 Posted: Fri Oct 19 08:12:23 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Where do the songs go?

I've often wondered what happens to the songs they don't ever do in concert. Take "World Alone" from Human Nature. It's written, they they record it. Then it never sees the light of day. Do these forgotten songs ever get played late at night, in the dressing room, on the bus? Or do songs like Garden of Peace exist only on CD? There are hundreds of songs like this, not just from America. It's too bad that such great songs are used once and put back into the box.


Message: 19276 Posted: Fri Oct 19 01:01:07 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: DONT CROSS out THE RIVER song

I agree with you Johnny. I love this song. Interesting to read it was the final encore on the HEARTS tour.

Message: 19275 Posted: Fri Oct 19 00:49:10 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

OK,OK... I could not refrain. I have this hot idea. Do a medley of songs off several albums. Now I know that is a lot of work but we fans are loyal. I would also love to hear in entirety:

Inspector Mills
Submarine Ladies
Amber Cascades
Sergeant Darkness
All My Life
I could easily live without Woman Tonight Too.

Message: 19274 Posted: Thu Oct 18 20:37:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

For those of us who love it, please DON'T CROSS out THE RIVER song! :o)

Message: 19273 Posted: Thu Oct 18 19:13:04 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

Speech, I'd have to agree with Don't Cross the River and with Magic. Not my favs at all. Know they need ot keep Magic in but I'd like to hear:

Old Man Took
One Morning
Amber Cascades
Garden Of Peace
Young Moon
Till the Sun

just name a few

Message: 19272 Posted: Thu Oct 18 15:58:34 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Hidden Talent or Bootylicious.

Well, if "Survivor" is anything like "Say My Name", then I'd say their talent is *well* hidden ;)

Message: 19271 Posted: Thu Oct 18 14:23:52 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sales Update From Dave

I just received this message from Dave Balletto about Amazon sales. This is great news!

"Went out to Amazon.Com and on the POP Albums charts America CGH is currently 13. Also, my niece and nephew are getting it as birthday presents this week and next week as I bought two at Sam Goody's today - The salesmen told me that he had five on hand and sold out last week so he ordered eight this week and when after I left there was only two left in the America slot. That's nice that they order more than one. I worked with someone who went to see them two years ago and told me the day after went to buy HUMAN NATURE and the two stores were either out of the one copy or just didn't have it and after a few days his enthusiasm died down to look for it, I did help him get it but I'm sure he isn't the only one that could tell that story - ANYWAY Let's get to the TOP 100."

Message: 19270 Posted: Thu Oct 18 10:50:35 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Woman Tonight

"My nephew would be disappointed if the guys dropped "Woman Tonight" from their play list. He says "it sounds like a broken clock, with the springs busting out of it!"

Nina, get out the Beatles white album, and let your nephew hear "Wild Honey Pie" I'd be interested in hearing his opinion of that track if he describes Woman Tonight as a broken clock. lol


Message: 19269 Posted: Thu Oct 18 09:17:28 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Woman Tonight

My nephew would be disappointed if the guys dropped "Woman Tonight" from their play list. He says "it sounds like a broken clock, with the springs busting out of it!" (Hey, he's only 5...but I love the description!)

Message: 19268 Posted: Thu Oct 18 08:05:34 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

I can no longer restrain myself ... in concert, I'd love to see the guys give "Woman Tonight" a pair of cement shoes and drop it to the bottom of the (fill in name of your own large, deep body of water). I never liked it on record and I still think it's a throwaway in concert. Same applies, with less intensity, to any version of "Don't Cros the River" that Dan isn't singing. Also "You Can Do Magic," which I understand is historically important but today sounds, to my ears, perfunctory.
In their places, I'd love to hear:

1."Catch That Train"
2."Rainbow Song"
3.Submarine Ladies"
5."Are You There?"
6. "To Each His Own"
7. "Bell Tree."
8."Half A Man" (Dewey on vocals, perhaps?)

Yeah. I did the math. I've replaced three songs with eight. What can I say? I'm greedy. These guys don't waste much time between tunes, so it could probably fit. Also, they could add a couple of the listed tunes to "Horse With No Name" and do three encores. How about it, Dewey and Gerry?

Message: 19267 Posted: Thu Oct 18 07:10:59 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

Ah, I'm glad to see that others have obscure longings, as do I!!

Bell Tree, Till The Sun and Submarine Ladies, oh my.

Hope all is well with everyone.

TkH<-------+=! No Boundary (from the great frosty north)

Message: 19266 Posted: Wed Oct 17 20:33:57 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

Thanks to all who joined me this evening! Hope to see more people next week!

Message: 19265 Posted: Wed Oct 17 18:52:52 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

In '75 on the "Hearts" tour, I remember seeing the Guys play "Bell Tree" live. It was great. I also remember a percussion jam that led into "Woman Tonight". The ultimate highlight from that night in my "hazy" memory was seeing Poco join America for the final encore doing "Don't Cross The River". Awesome!!!! Other great Live moments for me was hearing "Inspector Mills", "Call Of the Wild" and "Greenhouse" long before they were released. I also remember hearing "Norman". As far as favorites to hear Live...?
"Seargent Darkness"
"Cornwall Blank"
"Till The Sun Comes Up Again"
"Overwhelming World"
"Young Moon"
"Political Poachers"
"The Story Of A Teenager"
"Baby It's Up To You"
"All Around"
"From A Moving Train"
"We've Got All Night" (Yes, I love this tune!)
Oh the list goes on & on & on...I can dream can't I??? :-) !!TT

Message: 19264 Posted: Wed Oct 17 17:08:36 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

Ingrid: I see Cornwall Blank is at the top of YOUR list, too.

Pat: You're right - Bell Tree would be an awesome song live. I didn't think of that for my list. I'll have to add it.

Message: 19263 Posted: Wed Oct 17 15:57:30 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Concert Wish List

My wish list includes these great songs:

Old Man Took
Young Moon
She's a Runaway
Green Monkey
You Could've Been The One
And Forever
All My Life

That's it for now.


Message: 19262 Posted: Wed Oct 17 14:24:55 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Perseverance.

Ah, but which would you rather listen to.... Hidden Talent or Bootylicious??????

Ummmm....I nominate listening to my neighbour's lawn mower at 6AM on a Sunday. LOL


p.s. Only kidding about Hidden Talent :)

Message: 19261 Posted: Wed Oct 17 14:16:05 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Hidden Talent or Bootylicious.

So what would happen here if I said I kind of like Destiny's Child...not normally the type of music I like, but they've kind of grown on me...particularly "Survivor"...

Erin :o)

Message: 19260 Posted: Wed Oct 17 11:38:55 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

Everyone is invited to join the weekly chat session from 6-9 Pacific Time! New "faces" (and people who have not joined in for a while) are always welcome! Hope to see you there.

Message: 19259 Posted: Wed Oct 17 10:13:21 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Just Wondering?

Nina-sort of, same inflections, but Matt had a unique voice ( a VERY NICE VOICE IMHO!) Check it out for yourself at the site listed below.He does NOT sing "Sara" but he is singing on the other two.

Message: 19258 Posted: Wed Oct 17 09:10:15 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Just Wondering?

Just wondering...those of you who have heard Gerry's son, Matthew, sing...does he sound like his dad? I'm thinking if he filled in for Gerry at a benefit, he must at least be able to mimic his dad quite well?

(To LisaRose: I didn't mean to make you mad! Just making an observation!)

Message: 19257 Posted: Wed Oct 17 07:55:33 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hidden Talent or Bootylicious.

Not to worry Kevin. I also have a teenage daughter!

Message: 19256 Posted: Wed Oct 17 06:54:26 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hidden Talent or Bootylicious.

You proved your point, Robyn. I stand shamed and humiliated.


Message: 19255 Posted: Wed Oct 17 05:40:43 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Concert Wish List

I think CORNWALL BLANK would be a fantastic live song. I would also love to hear BELL TREE live too.

Message: 19254 Posted: Tue Oct 16 17:51:33 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

That was Beechlady's question, Alan, and it's a good one. Here's mine:

Cornwall Blank
Garden of Peace
Whole Wide World
Molten Love
Submarine Ladies
Amber Cascades
Are You There
Young Moon : )
Mirror to Mirror
From A Moving Train
Bootylicious -- Oops! That's another list . . .

Message: 19253 Posted: Tue Oct 16 17:44:26 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Old Moon

Had an astronomy lesson from the mayor today. Never mind. LOL


Message: 19252 Posted: Tue Oct 16 14:51:07 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Perseverance.

Ah, but which would you rather listen to.... Hidden Talent or Bootylicious??????

Message: 19251 Posted: Tue Oct 16 13:14:27 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Reply to LisaRose

HEY!!Now I am mad--you are a pretty dame and well I am uh, uh not well not going to say on here-LOL!!! Yes, I was serious, it is the truth--they told me that many of the high rollers NEVER show--guess they can't unclue themselves from those tables!!!

Message: 19250 Posted: Tue Oct 16 13:14:15 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Perseverance.

Just listened to Hidden Talent and it occured to me. America fans have now had to endure a Kidneystone and a Galdstone. Not sure which is more painful.


Message: 19249 Posted: Tue Oct 16 12:32:43 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to LisaRose

Are you serious??!! The people who come late get the best seats???!!!

Good for you for getting a seat change. I've never had the guts to ask the hosts to change mine. But then again, you're a pretty blond and I look like "Mama Leonie"! I probably wouldn't have your luck!

Message: 19248 Posted: Tue Oct 16 12:09:48 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Gerry/Mohegun Sun

I totally agree with you. The funny thing is that usually all the high rollers don't show and the people who show up late get the seats while those of us who waited for hours get worse seats. I spoke to the hosts about that and they said they cannot move you once you have been seated but I did talk them into giving me better seats--but that obviously was in vain!! I know the band has no control over that. They only get one table. Perhaps if we know in advance we can arrange to get that table if it isn't used by their relatives or personal friends. Or-- Maybe next time we can all get there about the same time, sit together and take turns on line (while we make money--LOL!!). It was great seeing you even if it was for a second (and Alan too!!!) In any event,I am glad that Gerry is getting better and looking forward to seeing them again REAL SOON!!!and you guys too!!

Message: 19247 Posted: Tue Oct 16 10:31:08 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Old Moon

Full moon tonight . . . .

Love, Batgirl

Message: 19246 Posted: Tue Oct 16 09:23:46 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Gerry/Mohegun Sun

Gerry...Glad to hear you are home and feeling fine. As Dorothy says: "There's no place like home!" (Especially when you are feeling poorly.)

I'd be glad to meet up with other chat folder folks at the next Mohegun Sun concert. Unlike this most recent show, I usually make the long drive alone; so I'm thrilled when I can sit with people I recognize! I just wish some of those floor seats were saved for us, instead of the high rollers! (The entire floor section was "somehow" booked by the time I arrived at 2:30 PM!) I felt kind of bad for Alan from Maine, who drove 5 hrs. and stood in line for another 4 hrs.(making him about 9th in line) and he still couldn't be seated up front! But we had a good time anyway, hanging out in the line...picking on his Metallica loving brother-in-law! (Hi, Danny!)

Message: 19245 Posted: Tue Oct 16 08:09:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Billboard Chart Info???

Mark, the following information (which I already knew) was sent to me last night by Frank: "In today's new issue of Billboard magazine, the Complete Greatest Hits moved up another 13 spots to #152 on the Album 200 charts. That's 3 weeks on the charts -- 193 to 165 to 152. Last issue it was the 'Pacesetter' for the week. Let's hope the trend continues!!"

Message: 19244 Posted: Tue Oct 16 07:36:49 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Mystery music

Interesting question. My wife remarked on the music that was being piped in before the band went on at the Keswick in Philly (she didn't care for it in that particular context ... a Shawn Colvin-esque, local singer-songwriter had just played a nice, but sorta mellow, warm-up set). Anyway, I said it sounded to me like something from John Fogerty's "Blue Moon Swamp," but it was difficult to tell for sure because there was so much anticipatory "buzz" going on throughout the theater. I'd be interested to know if we're talking about the same thing.

Message: 19243 Posted: Tue Oct 16 06:44:46 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Billboard Chart Info???

Has anybody checked this week's Billboard album chart to see if America's Complete Greatest Hits has moved up? It was at 165 last week. I checked online but they only list the top 100 online, and it hasn't cracked the top 100 yet.

Message: 19242 Posted: Mon Oct 15 22:42:37 2001 By: DenRa
Subject: A message for Gerry

Greetings Gerry! Hope you are feeling better! Get some rest and good diet and check out our education button on different Alternative healing sites at Http:// Be Well! May the spirit lead you to the right course of action and a fast recovery.Many Blessings Brother! DenRa/Goldeneaglevideo

Message: 19241 Posted: Mon Oct 15 18:08:50 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: catching up

Get well soon, Mr. Beckley!
Beatles/Beach Boys: Love them both, but would have to pick The Fab 4
Albums: Abbey Road & Pet Sounds, Kinda hard to pick a Beatle Album, because there's not a bad one in the bunch!

Message: 19240 Posted: Mon Oct 15 17:39:22 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Concert Wish list - Better late than never

A little while ago someone posed the question of what songs would we like to see America perform not including hits and other songs currently on their play list. I never had the time to respond back then, so here's my wish list:

Cornwall Blank
Moon Song
Old Man Took
Rainbow Song
To Each His Own
Hat Trick
Green Monkey
Today's The Day
Right Before Your Eyes
Moment To Moment
Amber Cascades
These Brown Eyes

To name a few.

Message: 19239 Posted: Mon Oct 15 17:27:40 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Note From Gerry

To Gerry: Glad to hear you are recuperating nicely at home. We are looking forward to the rescheduled show at Mohegan Sun. I will be watching the tour dates closely.

To Tom, Pat & Nina: I think Tom's idea to meet early and all sit together is an excellent one. Let's plan on it, shall we?


Message: 19238 Posted: Mon Oct 15 17:01:52 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Mystery music

Can anyone tell me about the music America has playing before they come on stage.(They had it playing at the intermission as well on Tuesday last week). I heard it at Great Adventure and then at Papermill. Anyone have a clue?

PS-Gerry, you weren't
kidding about "naptime".
Take it easy. Happy to know
your better.

Message: 19237 Posted: Mon Oct 15 16:42:53 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Get well soon, Australian Charts.


Message: 19236 Posted: Mon Oct 15 15:56:08 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Great to Hear Gerry's message

Thanks Steve L. for passing on Gerry's message. Also- sorry Nina that I didn't get to chat with you Saturday. It was great to see so many great Friends gathering together to see America! I was with a great bunch of fans as well- and once Pat B. and I connected we couldn't shut up. It was really cool. And to Alan, his wife and Brother from Maine- It was a pleasure to meet you too. Next time we should all meet extra early and get seats together! Let's face it though, the most important thing is that Gerry gets well and we can all celebrate together in the near future. See Ya---TT

Message: 19235 Posted: Mon Oct 15 15:53:21 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Get well soon, Australian Charts.

Hello everyone,whilst I share the concern of all on this chat folder concerning Gerry's well being I'm able to announce that America have moved up the Australian chart a further ten places to 21.Perhaps the perfect tonic.

Message: 19234 Posted: Mon Oct 15 14:57:59 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Finally saw the TV commercial!!!

Hello, everyone. After reading here on the board about the America commercial appearing on CMT (which my cable doesn't have), I decided to take a chance and tape several hours of the Great American Country channel. Amazingly, the commercial aired in the first 90 minutes. I was surprised to see it lasts 2 minutes! I thought that it would push customers to buy it in stores. This one offered the CD through an 800 number for $18.98 plus $4.95 shipping. Ouch! I don't blame Rhino for marketing it numerous ways, but that is a pretty steep price. I love the commercial and am glad it is now a part of my video collection. Take care, and I am glad Gerry is recovering well. He (and Dewey) are truly class acts! Brad

Message: 19233 Posted: Mon Oct 15 14:48:42 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Keswick Show on Friday ...

This is a bit of preaching to the choir, I suppose, but I just wanted to report that Gerry and Dewey put on a really sublime show Friday night at the Keswick Theatre before Gerry was stricken on Saturday.
I was particularly taken with how potent the performances of the "obscure album cuts" (Gerry's description) were. Versions of "Wind Wave" and "Never Be Lonely" were performance high points for me, along with "Baby It's Up to You," "Only in Your Heart" and "Survival." They also did a really muscular version of "Sandman." If Gerry was ailing during his near-the-end version of "Sister Golden Hair," you couldn't tell from the way he tore into the song. Throughout, the guys provided lots of fun between-song "schtick" (again, Gerry's term) which, I suppose, is a matter of individual taste. I generally don't go for much of that. However, Dewey and Gerry are so clearly at ease with each other and with their audience that the give-and-take had a warm collegial feel to it that, I thought, enhanced the overall ambience. All in all, a lot of great music and a lot of fun. One complaint ... and it is a minor one. There was only one encore. There was more than enough enthusiasm within that audience to warrant a couple of additional encores. Of course, if Gerry was already starting to feel unwell, that might explain. Any longtime America show-goers have an insight to offer on this? Anyway, let me join the masses and say, "Get well, Gerry."

Message: 19232 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:52:22 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Last night's Benefit-- and to Kevin

word on the street is that AMERICA appeared for 2 outstanding songs. Young Matt filled in for his pop & did a fine job. You know GERRY & DEWEY are like Ripken & Gehrig, it really hurts them to ever miss a game.

Message: 19231 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:41:17 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Note from Gerry.

Not that it's a surprise to anyone here, but just the fact that Gerry responded says so much about him and the band.


Message: 19230 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:32:01 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Any truth to the rumor...

that last night's performance was taped and is slated to be on tv?????

Message: 19229 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:20:40 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Note From Gerry

Thanks for the information Steve. His note is posted on he site too!!Glad to hear he is home and OK!!

Message: 19228 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:14:52 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Note From Gerry

Great. Thanks for passing the message along Steve!

Message: 19227 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:08:17 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Note From Gerry

Here's a note from Gerry:

"Many thanks to everyone for their concern for me these past few days. I am home now and am doing fine. Fortunately kidney stones are not terribly serious and very common. I am already looking forward to next week's shows. To all those who came out to the show Saturday, please accept my sincerest apologies. We are currently working on rescheduling that show. We'll see all of you soon. Thanks again to all.


Message: 19226 Posted: Mon Oct 15 12:07:27 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Three roses (at LEAST) for Gerry


If I knew where you were, I'd send you flowers. And I'll bet that I wouldn't get myself or anybody else into trouble with flowers this time! : ) Get well very soon; love and prayers are coming your way.


Message: 19225 Posted: Mon Oct 15 09:33:22 2001 By: Steve
Subject: gerry

This to shall pass...get well soon.

Message: 19224 Posted: Mon Oct 15 09:09:57 2001 By: Nina
Subject: An afterthought

Hey, wasn't the pie, was it????? I didn't mean to aggravate your kidney stones!

Message: 19223 Posted: Mon Oct 15 08:23:52 2001 By: Joe
Subject: Some consolation: The Birchemere show on 10/11

Saw America pre-kidney stones last Thursday in Virginia and everyone was in great shape. Gerry was fine. They had another show the next day in PA, then CT, then back to CA for the Carl Wilson benefit. My guess is Gerry was rundown after a long year and needed to rest. Hard to believe, 30 years without ever calling in sick.

In any case, they showed no signs of slowing down at the Birchmere. The 90-minute set included "Wind Wave," "Baby It's Up To You" and Dewey's "Hangover." A great "Three Roses." Gerry mentioned the new album going to 152 with a bullet this week and that Garth Brooks has recorded "Don't Cross The River" for his next one. Gerry sang lead on "Don't Cross The River." Doesn't Brad Palmer usually sing lead on that? I was hoping they'd play "Rainbow Song," "Moon Song" or "Old Man Took," three of my favorites. Since this is my first post, I'll go out on a limb and say "Head And Heart" is tied with "Horse" as my all time #1's. There was a good review of the 10/11 show in Saturday's Washington Post.

Best to Gerry. Looking forward to their return to DC. Knowing America, they'll still perform this weekend at "United We Stand" at RFK. Road warriors til the end.


Message: 19222 Posted: Mon Oct 15 08:05:42 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Last night's Benefit-- and to Kevin

Was anyone at the show last night? I understand Gerry's sneakers were ably filled by a surprize, but not surprizing, guest.

Kevin, at least your kids don't suject you to Lil' Bow wow!

Message: 19221 Posted: Mon Oct 15 07:48:59 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Get Well, Gerry!!!

Feel better soon, Gerry...
From all your fans in Reno!

Erin :o)

Message: 19220 Posted: Mon Oct 15 07:20:31 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Get Well, Gerry!!!

I was at the Mohegun Sun on Saturday when Dewey came out to announce the bad news. When Dewey approached the mike alone...I knew something was up. There was actually some "booing" beneath the applause as Dewey left the stage...but we all know this did not come from true America fans!!! If I had actually been able to locate where this disrespect came from I would have given them a talking to! (Then, I would have started a brawl...and Alan from Maine and Pat B. from CT would have had to save me....and we all would have ended up in the same hopital ward as Gerry! Maybe he could have autographed my bandages?)

Seriously, though. Gerry..take care of yourself...and come back to New England soon. (Maybe Steve Lowry can give us an update on your condition?)

To Alan & family, and Pat was a pleasure spending the evening with you two fine gentlemen! See you again someday, I hope!

Message: 19219 Posted: Mon Oct 15 06:47:22 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Speedy Recovery.

Well, it looks like Dewey wins the coveted Cal Ripken award. Good luck, Mr. Beckley. I've never had kidney stones, but I have been forced to listen to Destiny's Child.


Message: 19218 Posted: Mon Oct 15 05:46:40 2001 By: Joan
Subject: Speedy Recovery

Hi Gerry! Sorry to hear of your recent illness. Myself and fans in Wisconsin are pulling for your speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Message: 19217 Posted: Mon Oct 15 05:43:38 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Beach Boys Mentioned This Afternoon

Johnny see my comments about getting radio stations to play new stuff under "AMerica climbing the charts" on

Message: 19216 Posted: Sun Oct 14 23:10:05 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops

Oops...vibs and VIBES to GLB! LOL

Message: 19215 Posted: Sun Oct 14 22:32:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: The Beach Boys Mentioned This Afternoon

Sending GLB "get well soon" vibs!

Yesterday, I had a high fever and the chills but fortunately I made a quick recovery which isn't at all like me. Anyway, I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to attend a long awaited BJ Thomas & the New Mexico Symphony concert this afternoon but fortunately for me, I was able to. I thought it was a bit uncanny that BJ Thomas mentioned the Beach Boys before performing one of his songs since we've been chatting about the Beach Boys and the Beatles. BJ said on the recently televised tribute to Brian Wilson, Billy Joel performed one of his (BJ's) songs and unfortunately it didn't sound anything like the original version. When he said that, I thought of the time when Billy Joel said an unkind comment about Dewey's use of the English language with the lyrics of "Tin Man". I guess it's true when it's said, "What goes 'round, comes 'round".

After the show, BJ met the audience and signed autographs. I was the only one who brought an album cover in hopes of getting it signed. I wanted to ask BJ is he's ever worked with America but in the rush of things, I forgot. I thought perhaps he may have worked with Dan seeing that BJ and Dan both worked with Chris Christian (and Gerry has too).

As BJ was signing my 4 albums covers (yes, FOUR! and a 45 single that he ironically said during the concert was his all time favorite that he's recorded), he said, "I better not see these on Ebay!" I thought that was funny but I really do think he was more than halfway serious because he wasn't laughing.

Walking away from the autograph session, it made me realize how giving Dewey and Gerry are when they sign autographs. What a chaotic situation those sessions can be especially if the performer isn't feeling Gerry who has been quietly suffering away from the knowledge of the fans.

One last thing...BJ said he's still recording new music but he can't get the radio stations to play the music. Doesn't that sound familiar???!!! And this is coming from someone who has won 5 Grammys, 2 Dove Awards, a CMA Award and is the only artist ever to have had a "Song of the Year" on the pop, country, and gospel charts!

Message: 19214 Posted: Sun Oct 14 16:28:09 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Paper Mill Playhouse

Unfortunately, New Jersey is the butt of many jokes. I lived in New York for many years, but I still love Jersey. Joe and Angie you're right about the many nice towns, and now with the leaves turning, some areas are breathtaking. Maybe I'll see the two of you at the next local concert. Luckily we got to see them this past Tuesday. Gerry it was great talking to you after the concert. I hope you have a speedy recovery so that many of your loyal fans will be treated like we are. Get well soon.

P.S. Although A Horse With No Name is my favorite America song, Sandman is definitely the best song they do.


Message: 19213 Posted: Sun Oct 14 16:04:17 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Paper Mill Playhouse

I agree it was a great show that night and that Sandman was awesome. Don't we have cute towns in NJ. And yes, if you didn't know it(Papermill) was there you can blast right on by.

Message: 19212 Posted: Sun Oct 14 16:01:41 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Get Well Gerry

I also want to echo the sentiments of others on the chat folder. Get well soon, Gerry!

I must say that after a five-hour plus drive and another 4 hours waiting in line to assure a seat, my wife, bro-in-law and I were all very disappointed. Danny (my B-I-L) was especially disappointed. He is a new "convert" to America and was really looking forward to his first ever live performance.

We had no clue that anything was going on. All the equipment was out there all set up. The roadies were out there doing their sound checks and making sure instruments were tuned properly.

When Dewey came out by himself to announce the cancellation of the show, I could tell how hard it was for him to do it. When he explained that Gerry had been fighting the pain and agony all day and was still determined to go on and do the show until the pain got just too hard to bear, to me it was just another testament of how dedicated these guys are to their fans. It's no wonder they have such a loyal fan base. Danny was particularly impressed with the fact that they had never previously cancelled a show due to illness in 30 years. We were worried that this might sour him towards seeing in them in the future, but on our long drive home he said that this incident only strenghtened his desire to see them live.

And the day was not completely wasted. I got to meet fellow chatters Pat B and Tom T and got to see Nina again (we met last year at Topsfield Fair). We were right behind Nina and her friends in line and had a chance to really get to know her better. It was also a pleasure to meet Pat and Tom (and Pat - thanks again for the offer to buy drinks for our table - a very kind and generous gesture). It's always nice to be able to put a face with a name. I hope to meet you guys again (and you too, Nina) at future concerts. I wish we had all brought our guitars - we could have jammed and at least experienced America music in some form! Not the same as THEM performing it, but it would've been fun nonetheless.

Again, Gerry, we wish a speedy recovery for you. I understand kidney stones can be VERY painful. And drink plenty of water (I'm not a doctor, but I've heard that helps). We'll be patiently awaiting your return to our "neck of the woods". And thanks again for your dedication. Your fans from Maine are all pulling for you!


Message: 19211 Posted: Sun Oct 14 15:25:04 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Paper Mill Playhouse

P.S. Joe, I tried sending you a mail message to your former address ( but it says there isn't any such user. If you'll drop me a line at I have some information for you.

Message: 19210 Posted: Sun Oct 14 15:23:06 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Get Well Gerry

I, too, have gone through the AGONY of kidney stones and I hope that you pass them SOON, Gerry. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you!

Message: 19209 Posted: Sun Oct 14 15:18:58 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Paper Mill Playhouse

I have to get a recording of that version of sandman somehow!! Steve any suggestions?

I have one idea, Joe. If you can get your hands on the Live In Germany '99 CD from Steen Pedersen it has a copy of that version. I don't think it has changed much since 1999.

Message: 19208 Posted: Sun Oct 14 14:53:15 2001 By: bruno
Subject: Buona Fortuna

Buona Fortuna Gerry.

Message: 19207 Posted: Sun Oct 14 14:53:11 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Papermill Playhouse

Get well soon Gerry. I have had kidney stones so I know how painful they can be.......Also I wanted to tell everyone that at the play house when Gerry was doing his jokes that he reminded me ..just a little mind you..of Dave Letterman. I think its the glasses and the grin. I mean that in a good way ..really Your pal Joe K

Message: 19206 Posted: Sun Oct 14 14:46:52 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Paper Mill Playhouse

Hey Mark and all the rest.. I did get to the concert but I didn't get to make a sign. I really reconsidered it. I thought that a middle aged man making a sign like that might be considered....well you know. Anyway I had a great time. I called my wife who was at work at the time on my cell phone and let her listen to to sandman.I have to get a recording of that version of sandman somehow!! Steve any suggestions? That is the most kick ass version I have ever heard!! Anyway I have to say something about the beautiful small towns in New Jersey. If you go to Newark or Jersey city you get a very poor impression of New Jersey. Since I have worked up there I have "discovered"several of these towns and they are very nice. It just proves once again that you can't judge a book by its cover. America rules...........Oh Mark I was in row F seat 10. I was wearing a North carolina T shirt. I had a really hard time finding the playhouse. They had it hidden very well...LOL cya Joe K

Message: 19205 Posted: Sun Oct 14 14:36:40 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Get Well Gerry

I hope you are better soon, Gerry!

Message: 19204 Posted: Sun Oct 14 14:36:00 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Carl Walk-- WE DID IT!

Back from a beautiful day at the Santa Monica Pier. dd and I ( what was left of our Team) actually made it in a timely manner this morning to begin the walk at 10 am ( I am always running late. There is a running joke in my office, someone gave me a beanie baby robin named "early" I hold it up and say " this is the only early robin you will see in this office") The 5K walk was an easy one, along the footpath above the cliffs at Santa Monica Beach. The weather couldn't have been better, slightly misting but warm a typical early fall California day. Beautiful and we met some of the nicest people on the walk! Some people came from as far as Toledo Ohio to participate.
Afterwards there was lunch ( delish!) and an auction.. The first item was a guitar sent by Neil Diamond Jeff Foskett told a great story about asking Neil for an autograph for the auction, with Neil countering " but wouldn't you get more money if I sent a guitar?" Jeff allowed as how it just might get more money. It did! The winning bid was $1,000. Nice way to begin the afternoon. I, myself, scored a limited edition "Pet Sounds" Poster, that looks like it was meantto be a record store display. very nice.

Again, thanks to all who sponsored us. We raised over $300 for this very worthy cause!

Message: 19203 Posted: Sun Oct 14 13:02:51 2001 By: Richard&SueUK

Gerry - Sorry to hear about your sudden illness. We hope that you will soon be on the road to recovery, entertaining all your fans and enjoying driving your favourite Porsche. Dewey - Enjoy the rest! After 30 years without a cancellation you need it. Look forward to hearing from you.
Richard & Sue (London, England)

Message: 19202 Posted: Sun Oct 14 12:55:51 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Gerry!!

I hope you are okay. You have no idea what I felt when I saw all the paramedics walking out of the backstage area. Part of me said, maybe they are just fans but deep inside I felt something was wrong. When Dewey came out and made the announcement, my fears were confirmed. I was was so looking forward to the show as was Andy and a few friends we brought from NYC. It being cancelled for another reason would be one thing but if you cancelled it, I know it was bad. I hope you are doing better and said a prayer for you last night so you wouldn't be in so much pain. I find it amazing that you managed to sign my pic that night right before you felt ill. Please let us know how you are doing, I am very concerned. Also, please rest rest rest!!!

Message: 19201 Posted: Sun Oct 14 11:57:52 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hey Howard- I Tried!

When the announcement was made I yelled "Dewey, Let me sit in- I know Gerry's parts..." He just waved and walked off. I know there were a few of us (especially Pat & Myself) that could've done it; but like some friends sitting with us said- Dewey probably was worried and wouldn't feel right performing. I can understand that. But wow- what an opportunity indeed. As I previously stated, I hope Gerry's on the road to recovery and is feeling comfortable right now. Please get well...TT

Message: 19200 Posted: Sun Oct 14 10:34:46 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Pat or Dewey...blew their chances to shine!

Dewey could've done an hour of unplugged material on acoustic guitar, how great could've that been....or Pat could've filled in for Gerry.

Message: 19199 Posted: Sun Oct 14 10:30:11 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: America

Hi Gerry! Myself and fellow fans I know in Greenwich Village NYC are praying that you have a speedy recovery- please get well soon!

Message: 19198 Posted: Sun Oct 14 10:03:23 2001 By: Lori from Boca
Subject: Healthy as a Horse

I admire your fortitude Gerry, Be Well

Message: 19197 Posted: Sun Oct 14 09:21:19 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Get Well Gerry

Last night at 8:00pm, at the Mohigan Sun concert in Connecticut, Dewey stepped on the stage to announce to the audience that; "For over 30 years, America has never canceled a performance due to illness". He then went on to say that; "Gerry has always been healthy as a horse". "Unfortunately my partner has developed kidney stones and is on his way to the hospital". "Gerry tried fighting it up to the last minute". "I hope you all can understand".

Naturally we were all very disappointed in the concert's cancelation and more importantly concerned for Gerry.

I had the opportunity to meet Nina, Tom, Lisa, and Alan and his family. After Gerry gets healthy and America comes back to our area, maybe we can meet again at the next concert.


Message: 19196 Posted: Sun Oct 14 09:08:47 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Beatles & Beach Boys primer for John L. and Ingrid

John, I am glad you will consider getting some of their music. Obviously, I would choose "Pet Sounds" for the Beach Boys, given my opinion on the previous post. For the Beatles, you could go many different directions. If you strictly want to start with a hits collection, "1" or the 2 2-CD collections "1962-1966" and "1967-1970" are the best options. Remember, though, that their "hits" are only part of the story, and all of them are not included on either above option. As far as studio albums go, as I said before, I would pick "Revolver", "Abbey Road" and "Sgt. Peppers". VH1's 100 Greatest Albums from earlier this year had "Revolver" Number 1 and "Pet Sounds" Number 3 on the list. Five Beatles albums made the top 11!!! They also included "Rubber Soul" at No. 6, "Abbey Road" at No. 8, "Pepper" at No. 10, and "The Beatles" (White Album) at No. 11. Much deserved praise. John, please post what you pick up and how much / if you like them. Brad

Message: 19195 Posted: Sun Oct 14 05:09:22 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: KIDNEY STONES?!?!?!?!?!?


Well let me tell you ONE thing about kidney stones.....they're the closest thing to childbirth (on the pain-0-meter) a GUY is EVER going to feel (having had both-but NOT at the same time).


TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 19194 Posted: Sun Oct 14 03:50:23 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun Cancellation/ Get Well Gerry

Get well Gerry. We love you!(You to Dewey)

Message: 19193 Posted: Sat Oct 13 22:17:34 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Pat Bennett Where Are You?

Hey Pat- Please e-mail me. I thought you were listed on the Fans Page.Let's jam....TT ( Go to the Fans Page-Click On My name to contact me)

Message: 19192 Posted: Sat Oct 13 22:09:32 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Mohegan Sun Cancellation/ Get Well Gerry

Gerry- Please get well soon. Kidney Stones are unbearable! To those of you out there, the show got postponed due to Gerry's health. All that matters is that Gerry gets the medical attention he needs so he can feel like his old self again. The positive side of all of this is the opportunity I had to meet and mingle with other America Fans. America really DOES have the nicest following of people that I've ever observed. This speaks volumes of how we all are concerned about Gerry being under the weather. Please- get well soon.! We'll see you next time! TT

Message: 19191 Posted: Sat Oct 13 20:01:50 2001 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: DVD-Audio Disc

Hey You People,

I think I've spotted an error in the liner notes to the "Homecoming" DVD. Read them and see if you notice something untrue regarding the songs and performances.

Joe B

P.S. The DVD Rules!
P.P.S. With the Cubs dead - GO ATHLETICS!

Message: 19190 Posted: Sat Oct 13 19:23:23 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Beatles & Beach Boys primer for John L. and Ingrid

I have the entire Beatles catalog (plus the anthologies) with the exception of "1". However, if I were to chose one Beatles album to buy, it would be "1" because it has all of their #1 hits. For the Beach Boys, I would buy their Good Vibrations 20 Greatest Hits album, followed very closely by their 20 Greatest Hits (Vol 2) - More Good Vibrations. Regarding "Pet Sounds", it is truly one of the greatest albums ever!

P.S. I also have the entire catalog of America (surprise, surprise). In fact, I generally have 2 copies of every CD so I can have 1 at home and 1 at work. If I had to buy only one of their albums it would be "Highway", if you allow box sets, or "The Complete Greatest Hits", if you don't.

Message: 19189 Posted: Sat Oct 13 15:28:18 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Beatles vs. Beach Boys

Well Sir Paul has been quoted as saying that what Brian Wilson did on Pet Sounds inspired him to create Sgt Pepper's.....

Message: 19188 Posted: Sat Oct 13 14:54:04 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: America at RFK Stadium

It' only APPROPRIATE that they're there!!!!! (C= Ye-aaaaaawho-who!

TkH<--------+=! No Boundary

Message: 19187 Posted: Sat Oct 13 14:52:29 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Keswick Theater Show

And just how COOL is THAT? (C=

TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 19186 Posted: Sat Oct 13 14:51:05 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Off Subject Travels.....Beatles vs Beach Boys

Grapes vs Bananas? I love a fruit salad,

I get to travel up to Detroit on Tuesday to spend a month helping Mom take care of my stepDad.....everyone be SAFE and CAREFUL if I don't get to check in and p-blab (post)!!! (C=

TkH<---------+=! No Boundary

Message: 19185 Posted: Sat Oct 13 13:58:20 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Garth Brooks

The WEB site, reports that Garth Brooks is planning on releasing DON'T CROSS THE RIVER on his next CD. Along w/AMERICA's appearance at Frostburg University's homecoming, the fantastic sales of MORE GREATEST HITS, the Janet Jackson use of VENTURA HIGHWAY & the release of 30 YEARS OF AMERICA just to name a few - Everything is looking up & up for AMERICA !!!

Message: 19184 Posted: Sat Oct 13 11:25:46 2001 By: kiri
Subject: Re: Beatles & Beach Boys primer for John L. and Ingrid

pet sounds
rubber soul

Message: 19183 Posted: Sat Oct 13 08:10:41 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Beatles & Beach Boys primer for John L. and Ingrid

Brad, I am always open to things. Maybe my lack of interest in the Beatles and the Beach Boys is simply from not having anything by them. I might just go get something to honestly "give them another try". Ok. Here's my question for all of you. If I was to go buy one cd of each of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, which one would you recommend?
All in the name of scientific research, of course.

Message: 19182 Posted: Sat Oct 13 07:52:27 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Greatest Album Ever Made

My vote for Greatest Album Ever Made:


Message: 19181 Posted: Sat Oct 13 07:39:40 2001 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Beatles & Beach Boys primer for John L. and Ingrid

Hello, everyone. I thought I would weigh in on Johnny's Beatles vs. Beach Boys question. Like most of the responses so far, I would pick the Beatles. However, both have made some of the best music in pop/rock history. Ingrid and John, I am not here to "burn" you as you suggested you might be. I respect your opinions, but wonder how much have you listened to their music? I know that it is hard not to have heard a fair amount of it just because of their radio presence. The Beach Boys album "Pet Sounds" is the Greatest Album Ever Made, in my opinion. I encourage EVERYONE on the board to listen to it if you have not before. It is a truly beautiful and fascinating listening experience. I own all the Beatles albums and the Anthologies, BBC live, etc. Their catalog is the deepest and most incredibly varied one in music history. Revolver, Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road get my vote as their best albums. As Gerry would say, Ingrid and John (and anyone else) "give them another try." Brad

Message: 19180 Posted: Sat Oct 13 07:12:10 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Beatles vs. Beach Boys


Looking forward to tonight's show in Connecticut. Will be on the look out for fellow chatters. -Pat

Message: 19179 Posted: Fri Oct 12 22:22:00 2001 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Keswick Theater Show

Just got home from tonights show.The Guys were great as usual.But I have a cool story to share.Before the show as my two brothers & I were walking to the entrance of the theater through the back parking lot,we passed an alley leading to the stage entrance. We looked over and saw Willie Leacox having a smoke outside the stage door.Having met him before we walked over to say hi.We taked for a couple minutes and out comes Gerry.Another minute later Dewey comes out.So it's me and my two brothers,Gerry,Dewey & Willie.We talked to them about everything from their music to how they got stuck in Peru on Sept.11th.This little private audience lasted for about 15 minutes without anyone else noticing us.What other musicians would do this for their fans?When they finally had to go in to get ready for the show,Gerry asked what row we were sitting in & during the show he found us(6th Row) and threw a pick that landed right in my brother's lap.Willie also promised a set of drum sticks that he delivered after the show.What a great experience. As for the show, they played the long set with all the usual tunes & they seemed to do more taking between songs than usual.Some people asked this week about Gerry taking pictures from the stage at the end of the concert & thought he stopped doing it.He did take pictures tonight.Well,enough rambling,it's 1:30AM and I need some sleep.If anyone else was there tonight Please post you experience.

Message: 19178 Posted: Fri Oct 12 20:36:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Various

Saw the "Complete Greatest Hits" CD advertisement on the TV again the other day but the station was a bit of a surprise to me. It was CMT (Country Music Television). It's good to see that Rhino is covering all the bases!

Good to hear that Garth Brooks is covering Dan's "Don't Cross The River" on his next CD as mentioned by Steve. It would be great if it becomes a hit for Brooks! Wasn't "DCTR" the song Dan said Dewey and Gerry ribbed him about being like Kenny Roger's "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town"? Ironically, it was "I Need You" that Kenny Rogers sang on his TV show that was recorded and released as an album in the early 70s.

As mentioned in my last post, I'm so HAPPY that Dewey and Gerry are scheduled to perform with those big-name performers because the guys really deserve being among those other artists. What better exposure can there be? I think it's a great fit...AMERICA supporting America! I hope this leads to more shows for the guys like this one scheduled for the 21st. We can only hope it will be televised.

Message: 19177 Posted: Fri Oct 12 17:32:19 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: A Warning To All My Friends Here On The Board

Anthrax hit Reno today...a letter was sent to a Microsoft company, apparently from Malaysia...they're investigating, and hopefully everything will turn out fine...Like Howard said, everyone be careful and stay safe!

Message: 19176 Posted: Fri Oct 12 16:11:01 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun

Me-LOL!!! with you!!

Message: 19175 Posted: Fri Oct 12 16:09:17 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Mohegan Sun

I will be going to the Mohegan Sun show tomorrow (Saturday).

Who else is going?


Message: 19174 Posted: Fri Oct 12 15:55:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America at RFK Stadium

COOL!!! I'm very happy!!! Aren't we all?

Message: 19173 Posted: Fri Oct 12 14:27:14 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America at RFK Stadium

The official order that the artists will appear has yet to be determined. However, it appears that America will go on early in the day. We have heard that The Backstreet Boys will open it with the national anthem and then America will take the stage. We are waiting for confirmation of that. I'll post additional information here as it becomes available.

Message: 19172 Posted: Fri Oct 12 14:24:26 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America at RFK Stadium

United We Stand Event Information

Date: Sunday October 21, 2001
Times: 11:00 am (Stadium Opens); 1:00 pm (Show Starts); about 9:00 pm (Show Ends)

The following artists are scheduled to appear: America - Michael Jackson - Rod Stewart - Aerosmith - *NSYNC - Backstreet Boys - James Brown - Al Green - Ricky Martin - KISS - Train - P. Diddy - Goo Goo Dolls. Additional artists will be announced as they are confirmed.

Ticketing: Tickets are priced at $75, $50, and $25 plus any applicable service charges. All money raised from "United We Stand" will benefit the American Red Cross Relief Fund, the Pentagon Relief Fund and The Salvation Army Relief Fund. Tickets went on sale Friday Oct 12th at 10:00 am - available at the RFK box office (M-F 9:00am - 4:30pm), TicketMaster outlets, Ticketmaster phone charge, and Ticketmaster online.

TicketMaster access:
202-432-SEAT - Washington D.C.
703-573-SEAT - Virginia
410-481-SEAT - Maryland
(800) 551-SEAT - Other Areas

Directions: Are available at

Cameras: No cameras, audio recorders or video recorders are permitted in the stadium.

Bottles, etc: No outside food or beverages are permitted in the stadium.

Rain Policy: Unless there is a danger to the act or to the crowd, the show will go on. Small umbrellas are permitted, ponchos are preferred. Please be courteous of the view of other attendees. Any major announcements will be made on area radio stations if needed.

Message: 19171 Posted: Fri Oct 12 11:41:19 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: DVD-Audio Web Page

Thanks for doing all that Steve! As I said before, this disc is wonderful ( buy it if you can find it!)

Message: 19170 Posted: Fri Oct 12 11:18:35 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Mohegun Sun/Alan

Alan...As I close down my school computer for the day, my plans for tomorrow are still not I'll have to give you a "maybe" about attending the casino show tomorrow night. Because I was lucky enough to see the band just last week-end, I wasn't planning on the CT show...but I've got friends who want to go...

How about this: IF I'm there, I'll definately try to locate you in the line... and if you think you see me (chubby...long, dark hair...searching for a black pick) just call out my name!

Message: 19169 Posted: Fri Oct 12 11:12:39 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: DVD-Audio Web Page

Whew! There sure was a lot of material on the new Homecoming DVD-Audio disc. I have created a web page dedicated completely to the Audio DVD. It includes links to all of the photos on the CD, all of the bonus audio (interview) tracks, and photos of the included booklet (liner notes). Thanks a lot to Robyn for sharing it with us.

Message: 19168 Posted: Fri Oct 12 10:41:54 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: A Warning To All My Friends Here On The Board

Please be aware and careful opening up any unknown or suspicious envelopes from anyone you don't know or does not a return address. Announced here in New York City today that an employee from NBC contracted Anthrax from an unknown letter. She's currently on antibiotics and is going to be okay.
So please everyone, even you lurkers out there.
BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

Message: 19167 Posted: Fri Oct 12 09:18:59 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Beach Boys and Beatles

The Beatles get my vote, but I also love the BB's. I think they both laid down the highway that was later travelled by the likes of CSN&Y and, of course, our guys and many others. I also have a special love of many of the 60's Brit Bands, in particular the Hollies (who also influenced our guys), the Moody Blues, the Kinks, the Who and many others .......just showing my age again....LOL
Chris <<<------- = It's good to be back home - I've got a lot of archived posts to catch up on now...:)

Message: 19166 Posted: Fri Oct 12 08:14:04 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Good News - Up 13

Here's some more good news courtesy of Dave Balletto. The Complete Greatest Hits album went up 13 more spots to 152. Although they didn't have exact sales, the person Dave called said he has been working at Billboard for years and generally to be in the TOP 200 you need about 3500-5000 sold. His guess for 150 is about 12,000. So an educated guess for at least the last three weeks is at least 20,000 maybe 25,000 total.

Thanks for the info, Dave. And like Mark said in an earlier post, lets do our Christmas shopping early and give everyone we know an "America" present.

Congratulations to Gerry, Dewey, and everyone else involved!

Message: 19165 Posted: Fri Oct 12 07:49:43 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Beach Boys and Beatles--and to Erin

Actually, this "California Girl" loves both. it's like comparing apples and oranges to me. Hawthorne, the home of the Beach Boys is not too far away, so they seem like the local success story to me!

Erin-- so sax is your ax? ( obscure Muppets reference)
To Erin's dad-- Congratulations and a BIG THANK YOU!

Message: 19164 Posted: Fri Oct 12 07:47:11 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Beach Boys and Beatles

Beatles all the way. They played the song Yesterday on Oct. 11 for all the people who lost their lifes in the terrorist attacks.

Message: 19163 Posted: Fri Oct 12 07:01:15 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Beach Boys and Beatles

I really like both the Beach Boys and the Beatles, but I'm more familiar with the music of the Beach Boys because I grew up listening to them. I remember playing Surfin USA in my 7th grade band. It had a great saxophone part. My favorite Beatles album is Revolver. Actually I only own two. That one and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Also, completely off topic,
I want to publicly congratulate my dad, who received Firefighter of the Year for Northern Nevada. I'm really, really proud of him...and he's an America fan, too!

Happy Friday!

Erin :o)

Message: 19162 Posted: Fri Oct 12 04:53:01 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Beach Boys and Beatles

I like both Beach Boys and Beatles. Very fond of Carl Wilson's
work and talent. His death upset me very much. But 2 different groups
with 2 different styles and very gifted songwriters to ever come about in the music world. There is so much rare stuff that I have of
both groups, that I wish America had this type of material available.
But que sera sera! Have a good weekend everyone!

Message: 19161 Posted: Fri Oct 12 04:49:24 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Alan

There's a "chance" that I might be coming to Mohegun Sun on Saturday! More later as plans develop!

Message: 19160 Posted: Thu Oct 11 22:15:35 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: This Might Be Fun.....

John L., thank God! Someone else who likes neither! I wasn't going to say it because I JUST picked up my flame-retardant suit at the cleaners and didn't want to get it dirty again so soon. Such a "blasphemous" thing to admit; we must be a couple o' communists! Hope you have your fire-proof suit and insult-deflector shield ready. I never post without them.

. . . . STEEE-PHEN! (The Mayor understands.)

Anybody 'sides me wanna hear some Skynyrd?! "Turn it up."

Message: 19159 Posted: Thu Oct 11 20:27:37 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Garth Crossing The River

FYI - Garth Brooks will be releasing a new CD in November titled "Scarecrow" (possibly his last studio album). One of the tracks will be a cover of "Don't Cross The River" which Garth first heard performed by Quicksilver.

Message: 19158 Posted: Thu Oct 11 20:05:05 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: This Might Be Fun.....

I like the Beatles and the Beach Boys. However, I have 4 Beach Boys CDs and 26 Beatles CDs. I guess that says something about which one I like best.

Message: 19157 Posted: Thu Oct 11 20:04:13 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: This Might Be Fun.....

At the risk of being booed or shunned off the board I'd have to say neither. Both have a few songs I quite like but neither have been a fav of mine. Don't own any albums of either. Sorry.

Message: 19156 Posted: Thu Oct 11 20:02:40 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a pleasant article for Steve Lowry

Thanks Bruno. I look forward to reading it.

Message: 19155 Posted: Thu Oct 11 17:22:01 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: This Might Be Fun.....

Beatles. No contest.


Message: 19154 Posted: Thu Oct 11 15:49:15 2001 By: bruno
Subject: a pleasant article for Steve Lowry

Hi Ciao Steve
I comunicate you that yesterday the newspaper "Cronache del Mezzogiorno" , journalist Matteo Barone, published article very interesting about Steve Lowry and about site of America Fan.
I send you the article in the next days.
Ciao Hi

Message: 19153 Posted: Thu Oct 11 15:14:42 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: This Might Be Fun.....

Tough call Johnny but I gotta go with the "Fabs". I jumped on their bandwagon first around the time of Day Tripper. (1966) I didn't really get into the Beach Boys till much later, around the Surf's Up LP in 70.DanC

Message: 19152 Posted: Thu Oct 11 15:01:43 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Youth

Ha. I'm even younger than Erin. All the young people seem to be in Reno.

Message: 19151 Posted: Thu Oct 11 14:28:01 2001 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Intermission

I remember reading last year about a Mohegan Sun concert here on this chat folder that had an intermission. I remember it very clearly because I was so bummed about missing it after reading the reports. They played for an hour, had a 15-minute intermission in which they came out, mingled w/ fans and signed autographs, then played for another hour. My wife and I decided not to make the the long 5-hour drive because MS concerts are almost always the short set. Besides, we had already seen them at Barnstable County and Topsfield fairs earlier that summer/fall. Imagine how bummed we were to find out they played the long set AND signed autographs.

This Saturday night is only one show at 8:00, instead of the usual 2 at 8 and 10). I'm hoping this means LONG SET with an intermission! Anyone else from the Chat Folder going to be there (besides Pat)?


Message: 19150 Posted: Thu Oct 11 11:48:54 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: CarlWalk

By the way if you goto the 7pm Sunday show, your ticket price will be going to a fine cause & I would think tax deductable. Lots of big names expected such as Brian Wilson, of course AMERICA & rumor has GERRY & others doing some extra, extra special musical magic, ya gotta be there to feel it - Carl Wilson looking down with a warm smile.

Message: 19149 Posted: Thu Oct 11 11:05:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: This Might Be Fun.....

The Beach Boys and the Beatles have been positive influences on Gerry and Dewey's music according to the duo. So, it might be fun and interesting to know which of the two bands we like better.

I'll go first. Although I like most all of the Beach Boys' music (all that I've heard, anyway), I like the Beatles' music as a whole, a lot more.

Message: 19148 Posted: Thu Oct 11 08:25:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: DVD-Audio Disc

Steve, I'm glad I'm not the only one saying "WOW" about this DVD!

Message: 19147 Posted: Thu Oct 11 07:59:35 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: FSU (MD) Concert

I've been too busy to update the web site but a new concert has been added (I'll try to get it on the concert list by this weekend). The concert will be held at Frostburg State University (MD) on November 3. It is part of the school's homecoming activities and you can read about it by going to

Message: 19146 Posted: Thu Oct 11 07:26:10 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Intermission;o) not until my stepdad likes to say, i'm halfway to 50...

Erin :o)

Message: 19145 Posted: Wed Oct 10 22:40:10 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: CarlWalk

For those who wanted the info for the Carlwalk ( my email is down) here is the place to send donations:
The Carl Wilson Foundation
P.O. Box 1708
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1708

Thanks to all who sposored us! and to all who will send donations!

Message: 19144 Posted: Wed Oct 10 21:48:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Intermission

I seem to recall there being an intermission at an America concert back in '75 (Erin, were you even born?). The concert was 3 weeks before "Sister Golden Hair" blasted to #1!!! I also seem to remember America's warm-up band, Captain, playing during the intermission. Some of Captain's members are pictured on the "Hideaway" album sleeve and the "Harbor" poster.

Message: 19143 Posted: Wed Oct 10 20:53:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: DVD-Audio Disc

Thanks to Robyn I got to listen to the DVD-Audio disc of "Homecoming" tonight. Wow! I never knew what I was missing. If you have a good audio system and a DVD player, you'll love it. I'm working on putting together an album web page specifically for this release. It will include the 6 interviews of Gerry and Dewey talking about "Homecoming" along with about 60 photos from the DVD and the booklet (give me until the weekend to pull it together). Rhino did an excellent job putting this together. Thanks again to Robyn for allowing me to get my hands on it!

Message: 19142 Posted: Wed Oct 10 20:25:08 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: thanks

to all who joined in the chat this evening! Please feel free to drop in at any time during the open hours EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!!!!

Message: 19141 Posted: Wed Oct 10 17:15:46 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Like A Brother

In The What a GREAT song!

Erin :o)

Message: 19140 Posted: Wed Oct 10 15:39:07 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Papermill Playhouse,NJ

Mark, I was sitting third row center(107).Maybe next time. Perfect view of Dewey and Gerry! I thought it was funny about the intermission and what Gerry called group "nap time". I'm really enjoying Gerry's CD of remixes from the Van Go Gan CD especially Goodbye Highway(The Sporty Remix).

Message: 19139 Posted: Wed Oct 10 14:42:11 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Papermill Playhouse,NJ

I was also lucky enough to be at the Papermill Playhouse. I sat in the fifth row center. A great seat indeed. Angie, I may have seen you, but didn't know who you were. Next time maybe we can hook up beforehand. I also looked for Joe, but I didn't see you. The best thing last night was when Gerry was talking about the Complete Greatest Hits CD. Not only hitting the Billboard charts, but in the end Gerry said "We're Back"! I spoke to Gerry and Dewey before they left to go on their bus. They said that with the success of Complete and Warner Bros. & Rhino joining forces, there's a possibility we will see a new CD maybe not to far down the road. As usual the guys were very friendly. One other thing about this concert. In between Tin Man & the Border, there was a 20 minute intermission. Of all the times I've seen them this was a first. Gerry said that was their nap time. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon.

God Bless America & America.


Message: 19138 Posted: Wed Oct 10 12:50:26 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Help Complete GH Climb the Charts!

I'm sure most of you have heard that Complete Greatest Hits has become America's first album to make the Billboard charts since 1984's Perspective. It climbed to number 165 this week. Maybe it's time for everybody to do some early Christmas shopping to help push it into the top 100. Or better yet, instead of giving out candy for Halloween this year, why not buy a bag of Complete Greatest Hits to give to the little gouls!

Message: 19137 Posted: Wed Oct 10 11:26:10 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder and Camera Question

Please join me this evening from 6-9. If anyone would like to propose a group listen, please let me know what you would like to listen to!

Nina, I wondered the same thing myself, re the camera and pictures from the stage! What happened???

Message: 19136 Posted: Wed Oct 10 10:20:23 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Like A Brother (esp. for LisaRose)

I LOVE this CD, as Robert Lamm had said in his foreword to the Import booklet there will not be another album. With Carl gone, this is a once in a life time album, I cherish it very much. This album was a labor of love. Love of music. Love of opportunity to create outside of the limitations of Chicago with two of the most gifted and generous people I have known, Gerry and Carl.
I have been a fortunate man, and this project helped me go through a most beautiful and creative stage in my life. It changed me.
There will not be another album. There is only this one.

Robert Lamm

Message: 19135 Posted: Wed Oct 10 09:47:44 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Digital Camera Shots

By the way...I'm wondering why Gerry didn't take any photos from the stage at the Sunday night concert? Have they stopped that practice?

Typical. The ONE night I'm front and center. (Maybe he thought I'd break the lense!!!)

Message: 19134 Posted: Wed Oct 10 09:04:41 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Like A Brother (esp. for LisaRose)

Thanks Steve!! You are "like a brother"(actually you are better than my brother)- I appreciate it--going to listen to it now.

Message: 19133 Posted: Wed Oct 10 08:48:10 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Like A Brother (esp. for LisaRose)

I also love "I wish for you" A Carl Wilson classic!

Message: 19132 Posted: Wed Oct 10 08:16:17 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Like A Brother (esp. for LisaRose)


Message: 19131 Posted: Wed Oct 10 07:52:23 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Like A Brother (esp. for LisaRose)

I was reading the message board and there was a note and a question about the Beckley/Lamm/Wilson CD, "Like A Brother". For LisaRose's benefit (and everyone else who didn't know already), I have digitized the 3 bonus songs from the Import CD and made them available on the America Fans web site. Simply go to the Like A Brother album page and click on the "blue notes" behind the title of each bonus song. That will play a RealAudio version of each song. All 3 songs are good, but Gerry's "In The Dark" is fantastic.

Message: 19130 Posted: Wed Oct 10 07:00:42 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: just curious

Riverside every time...and it doesn't get any better than that!

Erin :o)

Message: 19129 Posted: Wed Oct 10 04:12:15 2001 By: Richard&SueUK
Subject: Concert 10/06/01

Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone we met in NY on Saturday and thanks for making our weekend so memorable. Dewey, Gerry and the band lived up to every expectation and more. We were fortunate to get backstage passes (I guess because we'd come to the USA just for the show) and found the guys to be so friendly and welcoming. We flew back home early Sunday morning loaded up with autographs, t-shirts, picks (including one of Dewey's) and Gerry's harmonica, which Richard has now vowed to learn to play! We're feeling very jetlagged, but still somewhere up in the clouds. Special Hi to Bruce and Kim, and to the lady sitting next to Richard who gave me her Stars and Stripes Pin, which I will treasure. Can't wait to come again! S&R

Message: 19128 Posted: Tue Oct 09 21:22:15 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Papermill Playhouse,NJ

Still riding the buzz tonight from the concert. What a performance tonight. Sat in the third row where the sound just came right through you. Sandman took on a kind of surreal tone though because of the state of the world today than when I heard it last at Great Adventure in July. It was really a lot of fun, Dewey and Gerry were really chatty tonight and cracking a lot of jokes. I was lucky tonight, my best friend came with me, and I also picked up Gerry's CD of remixes from Van Go Gan. I couldn't ask for more...

PS-I listened to Windwave
with you in mind.

Message: 19127 Posted: Tue Oct 09 20:27:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: just curious (Part 3)

"Hideaway" Part 1 or Part 2 WAS listed in the archives. I didn't scroll down far enough to see it initially. HOWEVER, what definitely wasn't listed were the first words spoken by one of the trio members as they took the stage. Dan said, "We're gonna play a few acoustic songs." Then the crowd goes wild!!!

Message: 19126 Posted: Tue Oct 09 20:15:39 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: just curious (Part 2)

Not mentioned on the playlist in the archives, I think a recording of "Hideaway" (the song...either Part I or Part II) was played over the speakers following the final encore song and as the crowd departed the show in Pittsburgh that I mentioned in the previous post. I'd have to check that to be 100% sure which is what I plan to do later tonight.

Message: 19125 Posted: Tue Oct 09 20:09:16 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: just curious

I only discovered them in the 80s, and from that time until now, they always opened up with Riverside or Tin Man.


Message: 19124 Posted: Tue Oct 09 20:03:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: just curious

According to the play list in the archives, there's been at least one occasion that the trio opened with "Moon Song". That was in Paris on 5/19/74 and with "Three Roses" in Pittsburgh on 4/30/76.

I guess technically, when "Tin Min" was the 'opening song', it was really "Miniature" as the opening song followed by "Tin Man". (picky, picky)

Message: 19123 Posted: Tue Oct 09 19:41:01 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: just curious

I know the guys are now opening their show with Riverside and they used to open with Tin Man for the longest while. For those of you who were lucky to see America over the years, what else have they opened their concerts with? Just wondering. I always thought the opening bars to Tin Man made a great opening.


Message: 19122 Posted: Tue Oct 09 17:43:38 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Sail On Sailor has always been one of my favorite Beach Boy tunes, now I know why. By the way I've got a couple of the twofer CDs and I have to say the Sunflower/Surf's Up is really worth the listen. The song Forever is one of the prettiest most heartfelt songs they ever recorded, in my humble opinion. I've also got the 15 Big Ones/Love You CD. And yes the liner notes in these are quite extensive and entertaining.DanC.

Message: 19121 Posted: Tue Oct 09 12:38:43 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Reply to Johnny

I think I see an "auntie" blackmail incident occurring in the future regarding that Dewey pick...LOL! Just kiddin'.

Message: 19120 Posted: Tue Oct 09 12:05:49 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Johnny

Can you believe it? 3 picks! Even "auntie" doesn't have a black, Dewey
pick yet! I was tempted to steal it from my nephew...but I didn't think it was proper aunt behavior! I must follow the code!

Message: 19119 Posted: Tue Oct 09 12:05:46 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Johnny

Can you believe it? 3 picks! Even "auntie" doesn't have a black, Dewey
pick yet! I was tempted to steal it from my nephew...but I didn't think it was proper aunt behavior! I must follow the code!

Message: 19118 Posted: Tue Oct 09 11:52:09 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Keene, NH Concert; Sunday night

Nina, I am glad you had a wonderful time and what a special memory for your nephew ( lucky boy to have an aunt like you!) I remember explaining to my dd, "No we DON'T get to talk to the band at EVERY concert we go to " ( after taking her to a few shows for people I worked for aeons ago)
Your remark about how good they sound made me think that they sound BETTER than when I saw them in 1973. I remember thinking that Dewey sounded REALLY NERVOUS on HWNN ( not the encore back then, if fuzzy memory is correct!)
Thanks for helping me remember that lovely night.

Message: 19117 Posted: Tue Oct 09 11:19:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To: Another AMERICA Triv Question (or Two)

The color of the America jackets that Gerry, John Wayne, Bob Hope, and Dan were wearing in the black & white photo (also in the "Highway" booklet) are a maroon/burgundy color. The lettering and trim is grayish. Gerry's pinback button is yellow but I don't know what's on it. I think Gerry looks like Graham Nash in that photo.

Nina, your nephew got 3 guitar picks and an autographed photo? Cool!!! Can I go the next time with you as MY aunt??? :0)

Message: 19116 Posted: Tue Oct 09 06:15:19 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Keene, NH Concert; Sunday night

Hi all! Had a great time at my America concert on Sunday night! As I sat and listened, I couldn't help thinking that they are every bit as good as they were the first time I saw them...27 years ago! The fellow teachers I brought with me were considerably impressed, as was my nephew, who is stil beaming! He walked away with 3 guitar picks and an autographed photo...and lots of waves from the stage! (So, for those who doubt that Gerry and Dewey actually read this folder...I can assure you they do!)

Thanks, guys, for a wonderful show...and for helping me keep my "favorite auntie" status! You are the best!


Message: 19115 Posted: Mon Oct 08 17:55:24 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Esp. for Robyn and Steve L.--re:live chat idea

True Steve, but as unofficial "Chat Mistress" I felt it my duty to at least extend the invitation! Everyone is welcome on Wenesday nights, 6-9 p. Pacific time!

Message: 19114 Posted: Mon Oct 08 17:27:45 2001 By: Eady52
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

I have The Holland album from 1972. There is a lyric page that was included with the record. In one corner it reads, " Special gratitude to Daryl Dragon for his enormous generosity and help over the past few years. Thank you also for help on this album to - Charles Lloyd, Billy Hinsche, Rogier Van Otterloo, Marilyn Wilson, Jerry Beckley (sic), Frank Mayes, Bruce Johnston, and Tony Martin. jai guru dev."

The album is unusual in that it consists of one 12 inch and one 7 inch 33 1/3 rpm records. It has been so long since I've heard it (no longer have viable equipment), that I don't remember much, but it's quite different for the usual Beach Boys music. It was real big with a number of guys on my dormitory floor back in 1972, as they were homesick Californians in a land-locked state. I sure wish it were available on CD because it's really worth a listen.

Message: 19113 Posted: Mon Oct 08 15:43:21 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

The liner notes are off my Beach Boys 2 CD set, Which has Carl & The Passions "So Tough" on it also, maybe they're not on the original album. It mentions: Carl, Blondie(Chaplin), & Ricky(Fataar) cut the basic track and gathered Beach Boys touring member Billy Hinsche (of Dino, Desi & Billy fame), Gerry Beckley (of America) and pal Tony Martin to help them w/the backing vocals. Then in the back of the booklet it sez: Thank You also for help on this album to: "Jerry" Beckley among others. so he gets mentioned twice, once w/correct spelling.
& to Johnny; Sail on Sailor was a hit Twice, but I don't think it got very high on the charts, I do remember hearing it on the radio. My wife remembered the song when she heard it, but didn't realize it was a Beach Boys song.

Message: 19112 Posted: Mon Oct 08 15:17:29 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Concert

Wow ! After reading about the couple from the UK , NC doesn't seem like such a long way away LOL JK...hope to see you there Mark

Message: 19111 Posted: Mon Oct 08 15:13:51 2001 By: Janice
Subject: An Update..

This is the best way I know to let everyone know at once that unfortunately my cancer has spread. I am not a candidate for surgery, chemo or radiation. Please do not respond on this board, but instead feel free to write to me. I thank you all again for your prayers and support as I continue to travel to Houston once a week while I can.

Message: 19110 Posted: Mon Oct 08 15:11:05 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Homecoming DVD Audio

I don't know if anyone has seen this article on the mixing of the Homecoming DVD Audio from, but here it is in case you haven't:

Vet Engineer Enjoys New 5.1 Palette
by John Courtmanche

(July 2001) Westport, CT-With the boom in surround sound re-mixing for DVD video and audio, veteran rock recording engineer Elliot Scheiner says he has a reason to be excited again about his craft. The Grammy-winning mixing engineer for dozens of artists including Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Sting and Barbra Streisand is especially enjoying watching the reactions of people listening to popular songs re-mixed in surround sound.

Working at Presence Studios here at his home studio in May, Scheiner invited Medialine to take his seat at the mixing console to listen to a couple of songs from his 5.1 mix of Homecoming, the 1973 sophomore album by America. Taking the seat front and center at the console, this reporter apparently wasn't forward enough-Scheiner made me move up a couple inches to "the sweet spot."

Rendered immobile, I immediately wondered if the audience for DVD-Audio was limited to those audiophiles willing to stay in one seat for 50 minutes to experience a recording. I also wondered how a mixing engineer could justify surrounding the listener with music, creating an experience distinct from a live performance.

Scheiner played his mix of the America hit "Ventura Highway," and I was literally immersed in music: acoustic guitars behind me, drums and bass in front, and Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell singing harmony from all sides. The remix sounded like the version I've heard a few hundred times over the past 25 years, but suddenly much richer, more revealing and more expansive...

[There's more, but it's not about Homecoming.]


Message: 19109 Posted: Mon Oct 08 14:19:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Another AMERICA Triv Question (or Two)

Remember that cool photo of the trio with John Wayne and Bob Hope wearing AMERICA varsity letter jackets? If not, you can see the black and white photo on Dan's website under "Photo Album".

Here's two questions about that photo:

What color are those AMERICA jackets? What color is that pinback button that Gerry's wearing on his jacket?

(Janice, keep hangin' tough!!!)

Message: 19108 Posted: Mon Oct 08 13:48:27 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

I have the Holland album sitting in front of me as I type and I'll be danged if I can see a reference to "Jerry" in the liner notes. The only notes I see are on the back cover and it says thanks to Uncle Pi, Bill DeSimone, Fred Schroder and all who made Holland happen. Were you're liner notes on the inside sleeve of this record as mine is a blank sleeve? Thanks,DanC.

Message: 19107 Posted: Mon Oct 08 12:01:24 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Esp. for Robyn and Steve L.--re:live chat idea

Thanks for your response-Robyn and Steve. I do understand that--it was just an idea. You are right, they do go out of their way to interact with their fans at shows which compliments their amazing shows!!

Message: 19106 Posted: Mon Oct 08 10:26:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny's Quiz

Right, Pat and Andy! It's the 'message' at the end of "Moon Song" which I think is especially appropriate during this time in world history.

Message: 19105 Posted: Mon Oct 08 09:23:49 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: America Quiz (Slight Correction)

I think that this question referrs to a song on the Homecoming CD. The actual lyrics are: "Errah gehhhh rezzmay wahhhhh."

I hope this clears things up. LOL

Message: 19104 Posted: Mon Oct 08 08:58:26 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Up 28

I just got a message from Dave Balletto indicating that The Complete Greatest Hits was UP 28 spots to 165 on the Billboard album/cd charts. Way to go guys!

Message: 19103 Posted: Mon Oct 08 07:56:29 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Esp. for Robyn and Steve L.--re:live chat idea

For whatever reason, Gerry and Dewey prefer not to take part in chats (neither live nor bulletin board type chats like this Chat Folder). I suspect that some of it has to do with preserving their e-mail privacy. Several years ago there was talk that they would be given e-mail aliases so that they could take part in a live chat on AOL, but it never happened. I know they do as much as they can to interact with their fans when they're touring, so I respect their desire to have a little time off when they're not.

Message: 19102 Posted: Mon Oct 08 07:34:58 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Esp. for Robyn and Steve L.--re:live chat idea

Although some people say that Dewey has visited the folder, I have never knowingly chatted with either Dewey or Gerry BUT THEY ARE WELCOME TO COME IN ANYTIME!!!!! (lol)

Message: 19101 Posted: Mon Oct 08 07:19:04 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Johnny's Quiz


Hey Spurs - great news on Aussie chart activity for the Definitive Album. It is great to see the guys featuring on TV ads again after so long.

Message: 19100 Posted: Mon Oct 08 04:51:31 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Johnny's Quiz

"all good men must come to the aid of their country"

Message: 19099 Posted: Sun Oct 07 22:28:05 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Quiz (Slight Correction)

The first word should be: Yrtnuoc

Message: 19098 Posted: Sun Oct 07 22:12:46 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: America Quiz

Regarding America striking back this Sunday, who can solve the message below and tell us what AMERICA song it relates to?

Ytrnuoc rieht fo dia eht ot emoc tsum nem doog lla.

Message: 19097 Posted: Sun Oct 07 18:27:14 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Esp. for Robyn and Steve L.--re:live chat idea

Today I was thinking --have you ever had a live chat with Gerry or Dewey on here? I have seen a lot of live chats on AOL and recently participate on one with Probyn Gregory of the Brian Wilson band. It was a lot of fun. Perhaps one of you, maybe Robyn can ask them when you see them next week. Maybe when they have their break from touring. Just an idea!! :)

Message: 19096 Posted: Sun Oct 07 18:21:33 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Purchase, NY Concert Last Night

You said it perfectly Bruce. It was an incredible show!! I also could not believe that there was not an empty seat in the house!! There must have been about 1500 people in this three tier concert hall. The acoustics were excellent as even Gerry mentioned. It was a real treat to hear their long set. Nice to get to talk to them afterwards again. Even though I already have gotten their autographs about a dozen times, I still manage to have something else for them to sign. I am most likely going to see them in Mohegan next week with Andy-and some friends-right Andy!!!??. It was nice seeing you again Bruce!

Message: 19095 Posted: Sun Oct 07 17:38:59 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Chart activity.

Hello everyone,America have rocketed to 31 on the Australian chart from nowhere.What is so pleasing that much of America's not so heard material is finding many sets of ears,and they like what they are hearing.Rhino are to be commended for its timing,packaging,choice of material and promotion.Looks like "our boys" are right back in the public eye.I hope with the success of this compilation a sharper focus will be on America in terms of its back catalogue in particular "Human Nature" their last studio album which was right out of the top draw.Perhaps a larger label will give them what they so richly deserve,a new recording contract.

Message: 19094 Posted: Sun Oct 07 13:28:10 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Heard and more Amazon watching...

For the time being, I don't have the time to make any copies of Heard or Honored. I'd like to be able to run some more off in the near future, but the grad school life is busy and unpredictable, so I can't promise anything yet. I'll make an announcement on this folder when I'm ready to put some more out...

Some more good news... is now showing that the Complete Greatest Hits is at sales rank #46 out of all of their CDs!! Way to go, guys!!!!


Message: 19093 Posted: Sun Oct 07 13:04:31 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Alberto, Bruce, and John L.

Alberto, I'm addressing you here on the chat folder rather than via your e-mail address so others here won't repeat a similar reply if they're thinking about contacting you.

You can probably purchase the "Heard" CD from fellow America fan John Corbett. You can get his e-mail address by going back to message #19073 posted here by John on October 6. Just double-click on his name for his address. He's a nice guy so I'm positive he'll reply back to you.

Regarding the "On The Road" recording of America on one side of the album and the Eagles on the other, I don't believe it's available on CD. I do have the record but I no longer have the equipment to record it to a cassette much less to a CD. I do know that others here have the same recording on cassette. So maybe if they read this, they will contact you to work out a trade for some bootleg recording you may have of America.

Regarding Dan Peek's "Cross Over" LP, maybe someone here has a copy that they would be willing to sell to you. I believe it was released in 1987. I don't believe it's available on Dan's website either. I think the only LP available is "All Things Are Possible" and it's at an incredibly reduced price and may even come autographed! Dan's website address is WWW.DanPeek.Com. Regarding "Light Of The World", I think it's a song of Dan's and not the name of an LP but I'm not 100% sure. Good luck on your quest!

Bruce, you must tell us about some of Dewey's song stories if permissible!!! That's cruel and unusual punishment to tease us that way! :0)

John L, I think that's a great question you had regarding what song of Gerry's Dewey likes best and Dewey's of Gerry's. I thought I read where Dewey said Dan's "Lonely People" is a great song. Perhaps Dewey said the line, "This is for all the lonely people", was a great line. I'm pretty foggy on it but that seems to pop into my head.

After going solo, Dan used to perform "Horse". So, I would think it's one of Dan's favorite songs written by Dewey. I can't recall hearing anything regarding Gerry's thoughts about Dan and Dewey's songs. Nor can I recall hearing what song of Gerry's that Dan and Dewey like best.

Message: 19092 Posted: Sun Oct 07 11:16:00 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Purchase, NY Concert Last Night

Last night's show in Purchase, New York was GREAT! The guys were in top form as usual. We were treated to a 24-song show! Sitting next to us (front row-center) were a couple from England who had flown in just for the show! The guys greeted them several times from the stage and after the show Pete handed them Gerry's "Lonely People" harmonica! They were overwhelmed by their VERY FIRST AMERICA concert! Here's the setlist:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Daisy Jane
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
Baby It's Up To You
Tin Man
The Border
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Haert
California Dreaming
Lonely People
Things We said Today
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name

Nice to see you Lisa! And Maureen, thanks so much for inviting us to have a drink after the show! Willie, thanks for telling Kim & I about your "AMERICA" audition many years ago- Dewey, thanks for sharing your fascinating "song stories". If you didn't have that early wake-up call we could've listened all night!

Message: 19091 Posted: Sun Oct 07 11:05:35 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: TRUE OR FALSE??? (The Answer)

The answer is: TRUE....with the Cherry Poppin' Daddies and all! The CD is "Pop/Rock Picks, Volume 49". It was released November 19, 1998! Who would have thought it, huh?

Message: 19090 Posted: Sun Oct 07 10:12:29 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Gerry's Poor Guitar (LOL)

Because America has meant so much to me, I'll be happy to take that old, beaten up 12 string off of Gerry's charge. After all, what are friends for? LOL


Message: 19089 Posted: Sun Oct 07 08:24:18 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Gerry's Poor Guitar (LOL)

Gerry still has a long way to go to catch up with the damage that Willie Nelson can do!
Sure...a pick guard would help but probably dampens the sound or something.

Message: 19088 Posted: Sun Oct 07 08:11:39 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gerry's Poor Guitar (LOL)

Click on the following link to see a closeup photo of Gerry's poor guitar (LOL). Gerry's high energy, rapid fire rhythm dynamics along with a heavy plectrum are obvious by the scraped off finish of his custom make Taylor 12 string acoustic guitar. [Photo courtesty of Gerry and Jim Nakao]

The Poor Guitar (LOL)

Message: 19087 Posted: Sun Oct 07 06:46:57 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: NJ concert


I am hoping to make it to the Paper Mill Playhouse on Tuesday. If I can get out of work early enough I'll be there. I'll look for the North Carolina sign. I'll probably be wearing my shirt that says I've been to the desert and my America hat. I hope to see you there.


Message: 19086 Posted: Sun Oct 07 04:54:18 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Good morning..

Just sippin' coffee and staring out at a beautiful fall morning. I want to read all your posts as I have felt out of touch. It is good to sleep in my own bed, but unfortunately my tests revealed new problems and I have to return to Houston tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Message: 19085 Posted: Sun Oct 07 03:58:19 2001 By: Alberto
Subject: search album

i search this LP of DAN PEEK
3) HEARD (AMERICA) home-rolled (1997) CD BOOTLEG
Can you help me?
Alberto (italy) e-mail

Message: 19084 Posted: Sat Oct 06 22:05:21 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: What!!!

Cherry Poppin' Daddies??? Did I really type that?

Message: 19083 Posted: Sat Oct 06 22:02:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: TRUE OR FALSE???


"From A Moving Train" appears on "Human Nature" released in 1998. "From A Moving Train" also appears on another CD released in 1998. It's a CD containing 8 songs by various artists. Here is the list of songs and the performing artists:

1 My Favorite Mistake (Sheryl Crow)
2 Brown Derby Jump (Cherry Poppin' Daddies)
3 Break Your Heart (Natalie Merchant)
4 I Will Wait (Hootie and The Blow Fish)
5 I Know (Luther Vandross)
6 No Fool No More (En Vogue)
7 From A Moving Train (America)
8 Nowhere And Everywhere (Michelle Lewis)


Message: 19082 Posted: Sat Oct 06 20:36:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

Eddy, you stumped us good! Being a very slight Beach Boys fan, I hadn't even heard of the LP "Holland" nor the song "Sail On Sailor". Learned something new for sure! I have, however, attended one of the Beach Boys concerts while in college. It was great! Talking about college, I was looking through a classmate's yearbook the year before I transferred to the college where the Beach Boys performed. Lo and behold, there was a 2-page color spread of America performing a concert! I was pleasantly surprised yet very disappointed that I didn't hear about the concert. I would have attended even though it would have meant a 400 mile drive roundtrip. America was a duo by that time. I was still living off of the fond memories of seeing the trio in concert a few years before.

Erin, I do recall the "Complete Greatest Hits" commercial mentioning there are two new songs on the CD. The titles weren't mentioned though.

I think it was Eddy who said the other day that it would be nice if Rhino released "World Of Light". I wholeheartedly agree! I think it's hit material!

(Ciao Bruno!!!)


Message: 19081 Posted: Sat Oct 06 18:48:03 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: NJ concert

Is anyone going to the Millburn,NJ concert? I am in NJ on business this week so I plan to attend. I am in Parsippany,NJ which is only 28 miles away. I will be the guy holding the "ALL THE WAY FROM NORTH CAROLINA" sign!!!!!!! Hope to see some of you there.. Also maybe now that the guys are back on the charts they will get invited to the Leno and Letterman shows...America rules

Message: 19080 Posted: Sat Oct 06 18:22:23 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

Johnny, you guessed right on Gerry, guess I can just mention the song. It's Sail On Sailor which is on the "Holland" album, Gerry is mentioned on the liner notes, & the "Thank You" section as Jerry (sic) Beckley.
I also like Matthew Sweet's (& the singer from Hootie & the blow fish) version of this song that they did on the Brian Wilson tribute.

Message: 19079 Posted: Sat Oct 06 18:15:12 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America Promo

I think the new promo is really great too...but are the two new songs even MENTIONED? If not...they should be. It is great to see, though!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
Erin :o)

Message: 19078 Posted: Sat Oct 06 15:26:49 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Check out Rhino's horoscopes America songs

I still can't find the Homecoming DVD or another release date from Rhino, but as I was tooling round the site I read my horoscope. I love my horoscope. But all the horoscopes are the lyrics from America songs. Mine was Capricorn and this is what it said- Sometimes things don't get real until late, when people tend to share the gift of gab among themselves. You're spinning round, round, round.(Tin Man) Okay they took some liberties, but it's cool. Countdown to Millburn three days and counting!!!

Message: 19077 Posted: Sat Oct 06 15:02:30 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Buckles, Erin, Disfigurment and the American Way...

Back in the '70's there were two ads in the back of Rolling Stone (Creem, Hit Parader, advertising belt buckles. There was almost EVERY GROUP of the time listed (and solos too...), Eagles, Hendrix, Stones....they had a list to choose from and it was pretty extensive!

A note to Erin. One of the hardest jobs (mentally) is directing a newscast. My hats off to you! Congrats.

I read somewhere (of course I forget EXACTLY-too much time, too few brain cells, I suppose..) his emminence is going for that multicultural, nonsexual image. I guess he's succeded-but if I were a circus performer, I be INSULTED (ok, OK-sorry to all of you out there who are performing in the worlds greatest show....). It's actually pretty sad. It seems to be a running commentary (a "work in progress"?) of how his life was/is. Can't be comfortable just BEING HIS SELF. Does he even KNOW what his SELF is? I doubt it....

As for the graciousness of our topic? It also says VOLUMNS about their fans! (C= It's probably easy to be nice to great people!

TkH<--------+=! No Boundary

Message: 19076 Posted: Sat Oct 06 12:35:31 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Belt Buckle and Commercial

Right, Bruce! They all have "832" imprinted on the back of the buckle along with "Solid Brass Taiwan ROC". I don't know how many AMERICA buckles were made. I just know they're very hard to find. There is at least one other manufacturer of another AMERICA buckle. It's more rectangular than oval. It's a cheap-looking silver buckle with the number "681" embossed on the back. The word "AMERICA" on the silver bucket is not like the brass one. If you were to see it, as an America fan, you very likely wouldn't recognize that the buckle was for the band. Instead, a person would most likely think it was America the country. I know it was made for the band because I've seen two other buckles made by the same company for two other musical artists. I can only recall one of the artists...Peter Frampton.

The front of this cheapie buckle uses a stick-on. The stick-on has a black background with "AMERICA" in red. There's a red sunburst above "AMERICA" and a red firebird design underneath. It reminds me of the hood decal on one of those Pontiac Trans Ams from the early to late 70s. Maybe that's when this silver buckle was made.

I think "Willis Alan Ramsey" was an excellent example that you gave.

Saw more of the America "Complete Greatest Hits" CD commercial on TV the other day. The red Camaro convertible was an excellent choice to American classic sports car for an American classic rock/pop band!


Message: 19075 Posted: Sat Oct 06 12:28:18 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: updated

One of the questions asked of Dewey and Gerry sparked another question. They were asked which song by another artist they wished they had written. I wonder which song of Gerry's Dewey likes the best and visa versa?


Message: 19074 Posted: Sat Oct 06 10:10:02 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: America

Yeah Johnny it IS #832! I guess they all have that # huh? =) I assume this buckle is from the 1970's- how many do you figure are around? As far as my name, that came about because I kept getting all these calls fom people looking for some OTHER Bruce Martin. So I decided to make myself unique by including my middle name. Sorta like- Willis Alan Ramsey. So now I'm the ONLY Bruce David Martin in the New York Metro area!

Message: 19073 Posted: Sat Oct 06 09:57:58 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Amazon update

Complete Greatest Hits is now at sales rank #80!! WAY TO GO!!!


Message: 19072 Posted: Sat Oct 06 09:54:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Triv. ? And More

Eddy, great triv question! I would guess that it's Gerry (33% chance...LOL) but I don't know which Beach Boys song.

I knew there would be a great story behind getting your "History" album cover signed, Nanci. Very cool!

And Bruce David, I think that's a wonderful story about how you got your America belt buckle! You sound like quite the "wheeler-dealer". Good going, I say. The buckle deserves to be owned by an America fan and by someone who can appreciate it a whole lot more, in my opinion. Let me guess...your America buckle is #832, right? By the way, I like your whole name..."Bruce David Martin". It reminds me of one of my former co-workers. His is "Kevin Mark Burt".

Message: 19071 Posted: Sat Oct 06 09:07:34 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: My favorite posession

Here is the story about my signed History ablum. I got Dan Peeks autograph at a Chrisitan Bookstore . Dewey, Gerry, Willie and Woodsy were milling around the casino at Stateline Neveada several years ago after I saw the show there. I took my LP to get it signed after the concert, but no luck. So I start playing blackjack and I see Willie sitting at the bar. I ran out to my car, got the Lp and had him sign it. He pointed me in the direction of Gerry and Dewey and they signed then an hour later I got Michael o sign. I think I looked like a freak doing this, but I did not care. When We left the casino we asked the Hotel if they would sell us one of the big posters that were in metal stands all around the hotel, and they just gave me one. So it serves as background material on my wall with a shelf in front and I have my little "America Shrine"

Message: 19070 Posted: Sat Oct 06 08:38:34 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: AMERICA Belt Buckle

Congratulations on the belt buckle!! I'll buy it from you for $75!! LOL!! I am going to the show tonight. Are you? Who else from here is going?

Message: 19069 Posted: Sat Oct 06 08:05:40 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: AMERICA Belt Buckle

OK folks I have not posted in at LEAST a year (yes, I AM a lurker! =) but something happened a few days ago that only true AMERICA fans would appreciate!
I went to an antiques store to sell back a light fixture that I had bought in 1986 but had never installed. I accepted $65 for it and put the $$$ in my pocket. Then the man starting telling a story...going on and on...suddenly....I noticed that he was wearing an....."AMERICA" brass belt buckle!!! I could barely control myself! Well, I waited patiently for him to finish the story and then promptly told him that I HAD to have that buckle!!! He hardly even knew about "the guys"!!! Couldn't even name ONE song!!! He just loved the fact that it said “America”!! Well, he didn’t want to part with that buckle (had it since the 1970’s etc etc) but of course I wouldn’t give up! Finally I said “what if I give you that $65 back?” He said “you must REALLY be into that group!” then he went on to tell me how I might have a problem finding a belt that fit the buckle. Needless to say, I could care less about the BELT—he handed me the buckle and I handed him the $65!!! OK yeah I know—now I’m gonna hear from everyone that you can get the buckle for $10 on e-bay! Well, I don’t care!! =) I got rid of a fixture I never used and got the ULTIMATE belt buckle! And who knows, I may just find a belt that fits it and wear it some day! Right now, I’ll settle for LOOKING at it! Hey- anyone going to the show tonight in Purchase, New York? It’ll be the LONG set! YES! YES! YES!

Message: 19068 Posted: Sat Oct 06 07:36:12 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Triv. ?

I don't know if this one has been done before, but just got one of The Beach Boys "two-fers" & seen a familar name in the liner notes.

Here goes: Which America member sang background vocals on which Beach Boys song?........Johnny, Howie, you might know this one.......

Message: 19067 Posted: Fri Oct 05 19:38:56 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: My Favorite America Possessions

I have 2: I have the Original "Holiday" Songbook with The entire Bands Autographs AND I have The 1978 Tour Book with The Bands autographs too. I remember showing Dewey The Tour Book and he said "Hey Guys, check out this old book". He really got a kick out of it and so did everyone else. Even the guys from 3 Dog Night had to check it out. I also have a cherished Gerry Beckley Guitar pick. But I guess the best "Possessions" are really the wonderful memories of the shows, meeting Dewey, Gerry & the Band and having them actually remember me! They are truly a Class Act to their Fans/ Friends! They are the Best!!! Sorry I've been away from the Web site for so long!

Message: 19066 Posted: Fri Oct 05 19:30:13 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: America Promo

Hi- I just saw the commercial for "The Complete Greatest Hits..." and I must say, it is a fabulous promotional piece. I think it's great to see the Band as we know them. Congrats to America & Rhino Records for a job well done. I can't wait to see them (Again!!!) at Mohegan Sun next Saturday! I have been trying to get a copy of the latest greatest hits and I haven't had any luck. The new songs are really great too. See ya- TT

Message: 19065 Posted: Fri Oct 05 18:51:34 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Anticipation and my anticipation for morrow

Nina, Hope you have a good time and can forget about that twist meister!!!I cannot wait too!! As I am going to the show at Purchase tomorrow night!! Anyone else going???

Message: 19064 Posted: Fri Oct 05 12:02:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Sorry for the double vision!

Message: 19063 Posted: Fri Oct 05 12:00:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Chubby..Part II

Nina said earlier: "We've hung Chubby Checker pictures all over the school (in teacher areas) and we wrote in: Public Enemy #1 on them!" She also said Chubby's excuse for not driving by the school was because the bus was facing the "wrong" direction and couldn't turn around.

I guess it can be said that "Public Enemy #1" at Nina's school is "Chubby Been Fraudin'" joining Osama Bin Laden.


Message: 19062 Posted: Fri Oct 05 12:00:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Chubby..Part II

Nina said earlier: "We've hung Chubby Checker pictures all over the school (in teacher areas) and we wrote in: Public Enemy #1 on them!" She also said Chubby's excuse for not driving by the school was because the bus was facing the "wrong" direction and couldn't turn around.

I guess it can be said that "Public Enemy #1" at Nina's school is "Chubby Been Fraudin'" joining Osama Bin Laden.

Message: 19061 Posted: Fri Oct 05 11:37:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Anticipation (For Nanci)

Nanci, no story on how you obtained the signature of each of the three guys on your "History" album cover???


Message: 19060 Posted: Fri Oct 05 10:19:09 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Anticipation

nina- i hope you, your teacher friends and your nephew have a
GREAT TIME sunday. apparently good taste in music runs in your family! front row?!! yEaH!!!
i too feel your anticipation; i'll be seeing dewey, gerry and their compatriots 6 days later on the 13th in connecticut. it will be my 5th time. can't wait to hear 'wheels' live.
also looking forward to possibly meeting alan from maine. :O) -pat

Message: 19059 Posted: Fri Oct 05 10:10:03 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: Re: Anticipation

Hey, Have fun at the concert Sunday.Could you please post the set list for us thanks


Message: 19058 Posted: Fri Oct 05 08:06:10 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Anticipation

I'm sooooo looking forward to my America concert in NH this Sunday! Wish some of you Chat folder people were coming. It's going to be a classic, brisk, New England fall day, probably a bit nippy for California boys; but they should enjoy the foliage which is almost at it's peak up in NH. I actually have some teacher friends coming to the concert, plus my "almost six" year old nephew...who is excited beyond belief! (Gerry and Dewey: If we don't make it backstage to see you, our seats are front row...give him a little wave, if you can! Jonathan is your biggest, LITTLEST fan!)

Message: 19057 Posted: Fri Oct 05 07:11:06 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a question for Steve Lowry

Didn't forget to change Homecoming's Gold to Platinum while your at it!

Will do! Thanks for the reminder, Mark.

Message: 19056 Posted: Fri Oct 05 05:35:31 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: vh page updated

I just checked out the vh page & it has been updated again! It now has the excerpts from plus the interview from the Rhino page. Hopefully the updates over there will continue.


Message: 19055 Posted: Fri Oct 05 05:23:47 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: a question for Steve Lowry

Didn't forget to change Homecoming's Gold to Platinum while your at it!

Message: 19054 Posted: Fri Oct 05 03:51:04 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: To Erin

Thanks Robyn and actually went great. It's a RELIEF to direct after editing for four miserable months... And yesterday...I saw the America commercial! TGIF!

Erin :o)

Message: 19053 Posted: Thu Oct 04 22:18:14 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: nothing really important

I really should proofread my posts before I send them. Sorry

Message: 19052 Posted: Thu Oct 04 22:14:24 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: nothing really important

I just got a new iMac a little while ago ( sorry to all you windows types). It has a built-in cd burner. For many of you this technology is old news but I am having just way too much fun with it. I've burned 4 America compilation cds so far. One for the Rockers, one of just Live stuff, one trio stuff (without any of the hits) and one duo stuff. Since there is no sign of the guys making up this way in the near future, and my copy of Complete hasn't arrived yet, I'm making do with my own compilations. Have them playing none stop in my office at work.

Have a great night everyone.

Message: 19051 Posted: Thu Oct 04 21:57:18 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: To Erin


How did the broadcast turn out? I'm sure that everyone here is pulling for you!! Let us know:)


Message: 19050 Posted: Thu Oct 04 21:36:37 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: re ramblings

msmith;I too think Inspector Mills is awesome! Side one of VFTG has a bunch of great songs, doesnt it? YCDM is my least favorite of that side while YOU GIRL to my ears is a gem! Dewey's voice is beautiful on this track as are the acoustic guitars, bass and pretty much everything in between! ALL AROUND, TALL TREASURES,MIDNIGHT, PEOPLE IN THE VALLEY, gosh,the more I think about it, the more I realise once again the talent of the guys. Songs so good yet never played in concert. I wonder with the huge back catalogue Dewey and Gerry have, whether they ever sit down with their acoustics and play a few oldies together. In fact, I wonder whether they ever have the time or inclination to shut themselves in a room and just have a good old jam?

Message: 19049 Posted: Thu Oct 04 21:22:27 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chat tonight

That's ok Dan, since you came out from behind your nom de page ( albeit a STRANGE choice--lol)I saw no need to say anything else. I have been chastised for my behavior.

Message: 19048 Posted: Thu Oct 04 19:50:57 2001 By: msmith
Subject: steve post

steve, i was at the mesquite show, actually both shows, and enjoyed your post about your favorite america thing being a memory from that gig.

Message: 19047 Posted: Thu Oct 04 19:48:34 2001 By: msmith
Subject: ramblings...

was at both shows at the coach house last friday. i'm glad i finally got to meet robyn & her dh & dd. it's nice to finally put a face with the name. missed leaky, but we'll try next year. had great seats with my wife leaning on the stage for both shows. ...could actually feel the bass vibrate our bodies! the only bad thing about an america concert is when they're done doing "horse".

kevin--very clever...Band that i love. i got a hoot or two out of that!

...with regard to the post about a playlist of obscure songs. i've actually thought a lot about that. maybe it's time for another contest...the obscure song ventura highway's or sgh's in this contest!! my votes would be for 'hat trick', 'inspector mills', 'glad to see you', & 'catch that train'. come nobody ever says anything about 'inspector mills"?? hunh?? does anyone else out there in america land think that that song is awesome???

done rambling. thanks for listening.

Message: 19046 Posted: Thu Oct 04 15:35:59 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a question for Steve Lowry

Yes, Bruno, I do plan on inserting that information into the list of charting albums. It's the first thing on my list of things to do but I don't know if I'll have time to do it before next week. Besides, by next week it may be even higher on the charts (positive thinking here!).

Message: 19045 Posted: Thu Oct 04 14:57:27 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Chat tonight

Robyn, thanks for not refering to my alias of last evening. I only used it so Johnny and the rest wouldn't get all worked up thinking they were conversing with another Dan. If I can make it next week it will be late. have fun and yes it was quite strange in the chat room last night but fun. DanC. p.s. great news about the band and the billboard charts. keep rockin' and keep climbin' boys..

Message: 19044 Posted: Thu Oct 04 13:35:49 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: More good chart news...

Congratulations to the lads for hitting the Billboard charts, they seem to be on a roll, caught alittle the TV ad, thought it was very well done!
One thing I noticed was how much Dewey improved on the vocals for "Lonely People" Wow, sounds JUST like Dan! (LOL)
It just go to show what alittle advertising can do, letting people know this stuff IS OUT there, even the CD getting put in the new release rack helps, (instead of hiding it!) I wish the best of luck to G & D, they're hard workers, & a class act & deserve the continued success they've been having here (& Down Under) I bet if they would have released "World Of Light" as a single, it would be climbing the charts now(IMHO) it's a great tune, & has such "new" fresh feel to it!

Message: 19043 Posted: Thu Oct 04 11:23:35 2001 By: bruno
Subject: a question for Steve Lowry

Hi Ciao Steve
I read on chat folder of America Fan (message of MarK) that new CD (the Complete Greatest Hits) of Gerry+Dewey+Band is in Bilboard Chart (after roughly 20 years).
Steve do you insert this news in "chartin albums" of America(band)?
Hi Ciao All Hi Steve Ingrid Johnny

Message: 19042 Posted: Thu Oct 04 10:21:08 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: More good chart news...

From (Chart Beat):

"AMERICA RISING: Between a desire for anything associated with America and the success of Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover" (which samples the song "Ventura Highway"), it's no surprise that America the group has its first entry on The Billboard 200 in 17 years. A single disc compilation of hits, "The Complete Greatest Hits" (Warner Archives/Rhino) enters the album chart at No. 193. It is the first appearance of America on the chart since "Perspective" peaked at No. 185 in November 1984."


Message: 19041 Posted: Thu Oct 04 10:03:50 2001 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: More good chart news...

Hey everyone,

The local Best Buy has The Comeplete Greatest Hits up front and on sale for 12.99. And I saw it at a listening station at Boarders. Their price was 15.99. Boarders also had a copy of Homecoming dvd/audio. It has some great pictures and a good interview with Dewy and Gerry. CD Universe is also selling Homecoming. later,


Message: 19040 Posted: Thu Oct 04 07:22:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: to Erin

I have every confidence that you will do wonderfully! YOU GO GIRL!

Message: 19039 Posted: Thu Oct 04 05:13:57 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Chubby..Part II

More info. on the home front about the Chubby Checker fiasco:

My brother (who used to be a DJ) spoke to the DJ downtown yesterday and was told the reason WHY Chubby never did a drive- by at my school.

Are you ready? And I quote:

"The tour bus was parked in the opposite direction, and they couldn't turn it around."


PS to Johnny: Yes, I CAN walk the halls of my school. We've hung Chubby Checker pictures all over the school (in teacher areas) and we wrote in : Public Enemy #1 on them!

Message: 19038 Posted: Thu Oct 04 05:08:45 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Follow Up

With the recent and excellent news of AMERICA's Complete Greatest Hits climbing up the charts, along with the Ventura Highway riff dominating the air-waves on Janet Jackson's latest hit; I believe that in order to capitalize on this momentum, it would seem appropriate that a NEW follow-up studio album should be released SOON.

(in my humble opinion)-Pat :O)

Message: 19037 Posted: Thu Oct 04 04:50:13 2001 By: Erin
Subject: slightly off topic it's exactly 5:00am. I'm about to direct my first 90 minute live newscast and I can't stop shaking...but I just turned on World of Light, Paradise and Van Go Gan...thanks AMERICA...for helping calm my nerves, and starting my day out right! Hope you all have a great day!

Erin :o)

Message: 19036 Posted: Thu Oct 04 04:03:04 2001 By: Greg Gorter
Subject: Re: More good chart news...

That's great to hear.... some of the OZ TV stations are running the advertising gig for the album over here as well. I've even checked some of our major record / CD retail outlets over here and everyone is stocking it and moving it as well.... I say,,,more more more..... give us more "America", our youth are missing out on real music and have been listening to absolute Top 40 crap....!!! go guys!!!!

Message: 19035 Posted: Wed Oct 03 23:22:50 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: More good chart news...

A glance at's website today shows that the new America CD has a "sales rank" of 133. Mind you, that's 133 out of tens of thousands if not millions of CDs!! It's still climbing, since several days ago it was at 181. So perhaps we can expect to see the CD even higher on the Billboard charts next week!!


Message: 19034 Posted: Wed Oct 03 21:04:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Chubs

So that only makes Chubby a 60 year old putz, right Robyn? LOL!!! I enjoyed the live chat tonight. It was a lot of fun. Thanks all for making it that way for an old "roll of copper tubing" (sorry, inside "live chat" joke).

Message: 19033 Posted: Wed Oct 03 20:54:41 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

Thanks to all who joined me in a lively but strange chat this evening. Next wee I think I will take DanC's suggestion for a group listen. Homecoming anyone?

Note to Coppercoin, your manners are attrocious.

Message: 19032 Posted: Wed Oct 03 20:53:40 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Coloring speculation and Chubs

Yeah, I think you're right, Ing! That explains why he never "slept" with that Presley gal...well, one of the reasons but not the true one probably.

For Nina: Chubby's birthday was TODAY! He's 60 or so I learned on the live chat tonight!

Message: 19031 Posted: Wed Oct 03 20:19:51 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Coloring speculation

Johnny, perhaps Michael J. sleeps in a coffin by day and only comes at night. You know, like a vampire or like, like . . . BATGIRL! (Spooky organ music here, preferably played by Lurch-like character) You know those three roses for Dewey? They were really DEAD FLOWERS PAINTED RED!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha (evil laughter)

Just a guess . . . .

Message: 19030 Posted: Wed Oct 03 19:02:46 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Hollywood.

"Come to the party, the drinks' are on me...for free"

Message: 19029 Posted: Wed Oct 03 18:41:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Poor Chubby!

Unbelievable! Maybe he should change his name to Chubby Chutzpah!

Message: 19028 Posted: Wed Oct 03 17:35:06 2001 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: America Hits Billboard Chart


As soon as I saw your post about the guys making billboard, I ran out and got my copy. What a sight for sore eyes. It's been since November 1984 since Perspective was on the charts. We've waited as long as it took for Cal Ripken to miss a game. I'm going to check my attic. I believe I have the Billboard from November 1984. I'm going to keep them together. Hopefully it won't be a 1 week thing and they will be on the charts for a long time. Congratulations Gerry & Dewey.


Message: 19027 Posted: Wed Oct 03 15:12:33 2001 By: Angie
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession(Linda)

You can get Van Go Gan from Melody Blvd! I had the same trouble from Amazon.

Message: 19026 Posted: Wed Oct 03 12:14:45 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: to Linda

Go to, go to store. You can get it there!

Message: 19025 Posted: Wed Oct 03 12:03:06 2001 By: Linda
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

I'm really enjoying all the posts about favorite America possessions. Mine would have to be the picture I have of my friend and me with Gerry and Dewey when we met them backstage. They both autographed it the next time we met.
I have a story to add....years ago when I was living in San Diego, I was sitting at the bar at TGI Friday's with a friend. A guy sitting a few seats down looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out who he was. He got up and returned a couple minutes later. Then we heard "paging Peter Frampton" over the speaker. I'm not even sure if it was really him, but he stood up and looked around as though he was waiting for someone to acknowledge him. I suppose I should've said something, but I thought it was so funny and I figured he wouldn't appreciate me coming over by him while I was laughing. He just got up and walked out. Poor Peter.
And now I have a question. I've been trying to order Van Go Gan from Amazon, and I now got the latest email from them that they can't get it for me. I remember someone posting where they got it from, but I neglected to write it down. I'd appreciate any help on this.

Message: 19024 Posted: Wed Oct 03 10:10:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Poor Chubby!

Hilarious, Nina! I was composing my message and saw yours only after I submitted mine. That was a good one (Nina's)!!!

Message: 19023 Posted: Wed Oct 03 10:07:08 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Responsibilities of a Rock and Roller

Ingrid's post regarding Michael Jackson prompts me to ask this sincere question: How did Jackson change his skin color? Anyone know? I'm serious! I don't know how he has able to do it. I heard that he bleaches his skin. If so, what process is that? I'm not asking because I want to do the same. LOL! I just think it's so incredible that he was able to change his color. He looks white as a marshmellow! I think his facial plastic surgery makes him look even more bizarre...unnatural. But seriously, does anyone know how he was able to alter his skin color?

(Nina, are you still able to walk the halls at school? All you wanted to do was to bring some fun to the kids and Chubbo stiffs everyone...IF the DJ was telling the truth! Has the incident made the town newspaper? If not, it should because the whole thing should be explained for your sake, imo.)

Message: 19022 Posted: Wed Oct 03 09:51:22 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Poor Chubby!

Poor Chubby Checker! I'LL make a statue of him...

Anyone want to guess what it'll be made out of???!!!

Message: 19021 Posted: Wed Oct 03 09:18:37 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Responsibilities of a Rock and Roller

Johnny, you so phunny! LOL Steve's great story about Gerry is the exact opposite of these other tales of show business egotism and arrogance. Speaking of Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame news, the press reported that Michael Jackson would only agree to participate in the induction ceremonies earlier this year if he was introduced as the "King of Pop." All these little monarchs running around looking for a kingdom. Reminds me of a hysterical Saturday Night Live skit where John Malkovich played a nobleman who kept saying to his very respectful guests, "YOU MOCK ME!" All the while, his two servants were getting away with mocking his every move and gesture in the background. It was so funny that at one point, Malkovich lost his composure a little bit and laughed. : )


Message: 19020 Posted: Wed Oct 03 08:58:02 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat Reminder

Please join me this evening for the weekly chat session!I will be in the rom after 7 pm ( the "Official" start time is 6 pm--these are Pacific Times-so start without me!)

Hope to see you there

Message: 19019 Posted: Wed Oct 03 07:33:06 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hollywood.

The Chubby Checkers story reminds me of something I witnessed a few years ago in LA. If I posted this before, sorry. But I was staying in the Hyatt on Sunset, and I was downstairs waiting for my sister to come and pick me up for dinner. A limo pulls up in front of the hotel, which in LA is no big deal. A limo in LA is like a Toyota Camery everywhere else. Anyway, the limo sits there for a few minutes and I notice nobody was getting in or out. After a few more minutes, this huge bodyguard kind of guy got out, I could tell he was a bodyguard because he had that combination of braun and shallowness that comes with being a bodyguard. The guy comes into the hotel bar and tells everyone that Little Richard is in a limo and is staying in the hotel. This being 1994, nobody really cared. But still, he was able to scare up a little bit of a crowd around the limo. When the limo had enough people around it, Little Richard did get out. He blew past them like the weren't worthy of his time or attention and he was escorted like a big shot to the elevator. When on person from the crowd tried to get close for an interview, he was pushed away by the brainless thug. I just laughed and said, that's Hollywood. What a jerk.


Message: 19018 Posted: Wed Oct 03 05:11:57 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Classy, Classy, Classy

Great post Steve. Thanks for sharing that really wonderful story.

I hope to get a chance to meet Gerry myself someday too.

And maybe if I'm lucky, he'll buy me an ice cream cone too!!

Message: 19017 Posted: Wed Oct 03 04:57:10 2001 By: Greg Gorter
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

Steve, I couldn't agree with you more.... My wife and I also had a similar experiance when the guys came to Australia a few years back. I remember us going along to one of their Australian concerts back in 1988 and mananged to score a priveleged back stage pass. We chated with Dewey, Gerry and the guys for about 15 minutes, after which we said our good byes and hoped we see them some day again. It wasn't until 4 years later when they came back to Australia that we caught up with them again. My wife and I owned a surf shop at that time and we invited them to see us when next in OZ. Thinking nothing of it (the invite) to our surprise the band came back and made the effort to come and visit when they passed through our town. The whole situation has left an indelible mark on us both.... being our rock idols for years, you never imagine meeting with the guys, let alone having them catch up with you........ I guess it's just like you said, it's the total CLASS of the guys, un-assuming, friendly, genuine & totally warm hearted... they are Absolute Legends!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 19016 Posted: Wed Oct 03 04:53:40 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: More Chubby Checker News

I heard on the radio today that Chubby Checker is DEMANDING that the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame erect a statue of him. He claims that he is the first RnR singer to make a dance song famous. He is threatening the RNRHOF with declining to be inducted if a statue is not forthcoming. What I find so preposterous and dishonerable about his demand is:

a) The RNRHOF has yet to erect a statue for anybody;
b) The RNRHOF has not yet voted or asked Chubby to become a member;
c) Chubby may have SANG The Twist, but he didn't WRITE it.

I have to give Mr. Checker alot of credit though for making an entire career from singing his ONE famous song.

Message: 19015 Posted: Tue Oct 02 20:33:06 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

Excellent, Steve! I definitely agree too as I'm sure all of us here do who have met Gerry and Dewey in person. All of the America memorabilia that I've accumulated over the years is nothing in comparison to the one and only time I've ever met the duo. That meeting was priceless! It was 25 years worth of waiting, mind you! Michael, Willie, and Brad were great, too. Michael even put his arm around my shoulder as he posed for a picture with me. I thought that was great! One of the best photos in my opinion is the one of Dewey and Gerry with Alan Collins and his family. It's in the fans bio section found under "Alan Collins (Maine)". Gerry and Dewey are way in the back but they don't seem to mind. I see Dewey even has his left hand on Alan's left shoulder. That's very cool! The photo looks more like a family reunion photo. I guess it really America Family reunion. Alan has his eyes closed no doubt checking to see if the moment was real or just a dream.


Message: 19014 Posted: Tue Oct 02 20:04:56 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

Thanks for the insight Steve, that's exactly the type of good stuff that doesn't make the headlines but is highly representative of the attitude & make-up of GERRY & DEWEY. If I had to sum it all up in a simple description, it would simply be that GERRY & DEWEY exercise a strong Respect for other people; it shows in their interactions w/their bandmates, their crew, the venue's employee's, Steve & family, etc. It's also one of the ingredients (in my opinion) for their continued long-term success, along w/talent & hardwork. It is also a key leadership trait.

Message: 19013 Posted: Tue Oct 02 19:22:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

My favorite America possession is actually a memory. Sure, I have plenty of guitar pics, autographed photos, autographed t-shirts, autographed CD covers, etc. But the thing that stands out most is my memory of how classy Gerry and Dewey are. It seems like every chance they get they go the extra mile to show their fans how much they mean to them (unlike Chubby Checker). One example comes to mind. Earlier this year I went to Mesquite, Nevada with my wife and 10 year old son to see America perform there. The day of the concert we were walking around the pool area of the hotel where the guys were staying and we happened to run into Gerry. He immediately started talking to us and after a few minutes did a very cool thing. He turned to my 10 year old son and started talking to him. He asked my son if he would like an ice cream cone and my son shyly said "yes". After buying it for him, he proceeded to talk with my son, my wife, and me as we sat at a table while my son ate the treat. That may seem like a small thing but it's the thing that my son remembers most about that trip. Sure, they put on a great concert that night and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. But the thing we remembered most was how a celebrity took some time out of his day to make us feel special. Classy, classy, classy! Thanks Gerry and Dewey (and the rest of the band and crew).

Message: 19012 Posted: Tue Oct 02 16:55:00 2001 By: Alan
Subject: re: Favorite America Possession

My copy of Human Nature - signed by Dewey and Gerry.

Message: 19011 Posted: Tue Oct 02 08:49:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Favorite Possessions. (KevinS)

More bad news, Kevin! I got Willie's back-up drum sticks. They're Vic Firth "the perfect pair" brand. The sticks have on them "Willie Leacox America Vic Firth USA". The America logo is in the style of the "Your Move" logo. Sorry to break the bad news to you! :0(

Message: 19010 Posted: Tue Oct 02 08:39:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Responsibilities of a Rock and Roller

So now he's known as "Chumpy Checker" around town, Nina? If not, he should be. That's one checker that should be crowned and crowned hard. Would like to hear what his alibi is for stiffing a bunch of kids! Maybe now, the kids need to be taught how to do the "jerk" instead of the twist.

Message: 19009 Posted: Tue Oct 02 07:26:35 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Responsibilities of a Rock and Roller

Listen to this one: About a half of an hour before school began this morning, a big green and white tour bus stopped outside of the school. (No, it wasn't Gerry and Dewey...although for a moment there, my heart was in my throat!) Anyway, come to find was Chubby Checker, looking for the local radio station. (For a small town, that's BIG news!!!) So, during my first break I ran to the phone and called the station...they patched me through to the DJ...and I asked if on his way out of town could Chubby come by the school and wave at the kids. He said "Sure", he'd be glad to do about 10 minutes! So out I go with my class of 23...and slowly word travels through half the school comes out front...including principal and superintendent. 45 minutes Chubby! We call radio station back and they claim they gave him directions.

How disappointing. First, for the kids..who didn't know who he was to begin with...but got in the spirit of things once we taught them the twist! Just the fact that a big named rock and roll star was in town was enough for them to get excited. (Secondly, I looked like a real dweeb in front of my bosses and the rest of the school! )

I guess I've been spoiled by Gerry and Dewey...I expect all "stars" to have the same graciousness and kindness that they show to their fans!

Message: 19008 Posted: Tue Oct 02 05:10:15 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Hits Billboard Chart

Great news! 193 and climbing! See what a little promotion can do! Can't wait until next week.

Message: 19007 Posted: Tue Oct 02 04:34:04 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Favorite Possessions.

Now I figured it out. I thought America was being cheap these last 20 years using the crappy drum machine on their albums instead of paying a drummer. I couldn't figure out what America saw in that bush league production technique favored by boy bands and other disposable teen acts. Now Erin posts the real reason America has sold out and put up with crappy drumming on their albums for 20 years. She has Willie Leacox's drum head and sticks. Hey, Erin, please give them back. America desperately needs real drumming again. Please return the drum parts, Erin, America's music has suffered long enough.


Message: 19006 Posted: Mon Oct 01 19:38:23 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: NJ concert

Hey guys I have to be in NJ the week of the 9th so guess who is going to drive the 24 miles fom Fairfield NJ to Millburn NJ. Anyone else going????? Hope to see you there......Joe K
On a more somber note I will also go back to Liberty Park to see some of the damage for myself. God Bless America..the Country and the band .....JK

Message: 19005 Posted: Mon Oct 01 19:16:49 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: America Rhino DVD More info

Robyn, I guess you are the lucky one. I've been searching and calling everywhere. I'll have to ask my sister to go to the Virgin Megastore in NY.(Since you found it at one of the stores...It couldn't hurt)

Message: 19004 Posted: Mon Oct 01 19:07:54 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America Rhino DVD More info

Mark asked about bonus tracks and I didn't have time to look at the disc before I left for work. The six segments of interviews are listed as the bonus tracks on this one. Interesting stuff on the making of the original classic ( and yes, Gerry is a bit more forthcoming in these interview sements than he was in the Rhino page interview!) The six segments are
1-Homecoming- the sophmore album
2-All Star Rhythm section
3-In the studio
5-The Democratic Process of song selection
6-The story of the album cover

has anyone else found this?

Message: 19003 Posted: Mon Oct 01 18:45:08 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America Hits Billboard Chart

I just received the following message from Frank. He has never posted on the Chat Folder but reads it faithfully every day.

"Hopefully, I can break some great news for you to share - just bought the new issue (October 6th) of Billboard magazine - and there is America debuting at #193 with Complete Greatest Hits. This is the BILLBOARD ALBUMS chart, not Gavin or R&R or some other minor chart. The first America album since Perspective to chart! Sam Goody in Forest Hills (New York) has the CD featured on sale for $15.99 and has SEVEN (not the usual one or two) stocked (of course, I bought one). Is this big news or what?"

Thanks for sharing that information with us, Frank. And yes, it is great news! Congratulations Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 19002 Posted: Mon Oct 01 18:17:47 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: AMERICA interview/ fave possession

Hi everyone. I was most interested to read the interview with the guys and especially Dewey's most thrilling moment in his career so far. He speaks of a stadium gig in tne seventies where they shared the bill with Santana and The Beach Boys. Is this not the Anaheim concert that was captured so superbly on film and used as one side of the HARBOR poster? Im sure I read that those three bands performed that day. I have seen photos of bands playing that stadium and one of The Beach Boys playing that day, but none comes close to the AMERICA poster. What makes it so good IMO is Gerry facing the camera; you can feel the energy coming off it! I have long wondered just what it would have been like playing on stage to that crowd that day. Was anyone here at that concert? My favorite AMERICA possession is my autographed AMERICA complete songbook. I had the page framed. On another note, American flags have been flying here in NZ and Stars and Stripes T shirts have been huge sellers in the last couple of weeks.

Message: 19001 Posted: Mon Oct 01 09:55:36 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My Favorite America Possesion (Nanci)

I didn't list my copy of B-L-W that was signed by the Justyn and Jonah Wilson, Robert Lamm and Gerry Beckley. My daughter and I both have a copy!

Message: 19000 Posted: Mon Oct 01 09:40:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My Favorite America Possesion (Nanci)

Nanci, cool about your "History" album being signed by Gerry, Dewey, AND Dan! I'm sure there's a good story behind how you got their autographs (if you did yourself). Would love to hear the story!

I too have a "History" cover signed by all three plus David Dickey's autograph on the back. I didn't list it as my favorite America item because I didn't obtain it myself but rather purchased it from someone who did. So, it doesn't have as great of a meaning to me as some of my other autographed items. Oh, I treasure it but as I say not quite as much as other items.

(Ingrid's a hoot AND A HOLLER! Hey, where's Freduh?)

Message: 18999 Posted: Mon Oct 01 09:23:04 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: My Favorite America Possesion


I am having a rough time deciding which item is my favorite. I guess it would be my History album signed by the band (including Dan Peek)or My Willie Leacox signed Drumstick from a Vegas tour years ago.I also have a hand autographed and personalized America Baseball Hat.Thanks Robyn, I forgot to put the asterisk next to California as an encore song from the 9/28 set

Message: 18998 Posted: Mon Oct 01 08:38:23 2001 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: America the Beautiful

Ingrid - You're a hoot!
ShariL <><

Message: 18997 Posted: Mon Oct 01 08:08:11 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Oops

YOU'RE crowned, not "your crowned"

And it's one of my grammatical pet peeves too -- Damn! : )

Message: 18996 Posted: Mon Oct 01 08:03:53 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: America the Beautiful

Oh beautiful, for Dewey's eyes and Gerry's mischievous grin
For all the songs they write and sing
Oh where shall we begin?
America, America
You are our favorite band
And every concert we go to
For you we cheer and stand

It started with a nameless horse
This journey of thirty years
Some of us had not been born
But some of us are your peers
America, America
Your fans, we love you well
Your crowned, we see, with longevity
Of you we often tell

We get a tad obsessed, you know
We log onto the sites
In hopes that we might hear of you
It brightens our days and nights
America, America
May God always bless thee
Brad Palmer, Willie, Michael Woods
Dewey and Gerry

Message: 18995 Posted: Mon Oct 01 07:32:20 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re:What is your favorite AMERICA possession?

My drum head and drumsticks both given to me and signed by Willie...also my Beckley Lamm Wilson CD signed by Gerry...though everything is prized...

Erin :o)

Message: 18994 Posted: Mon Oct 01 07:11:00 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Re:What is your favorite AMERICA possession?

Hi all! If I had to choose my favorite America possession I'd have to pick the photo of me and Gerry and Dewey when I gave them the America quilts. I'm tempted to bring it to the show on Sunday to see if they will autograph it. I sent a copy of it out with my Christmas cards last year to all my friends...that's how proud I am of it! (And for a girl who doesn't like her picture taken...that's pretty brave!)

Message: 18993 Posted: Mon Oct 01 06:42:22 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hey Robyn Here's the List

Thanks Nanci! California Revisited and HWNN were the encores! ( Note to Matt, Love the shades!)

Message: 18992 Posted: Mon Oct 01 06:04:35 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Rhino DVD

I thought it was supposed to contain some previously unreleased bonus tracks? Seems like all the America releases are very stingy when it comes to bonus tracks! I know there have to be some in the archives somewhere. What ever happened to the other two songs recorded during the Horse With No Name sessions? What happened to Norman? I'm sure there are others. Seems like when other classic artists get stuff re-released they always have a few bonus tracks on them! Rhino, I hope any future re-releases will have a few bonus tracks from the archives on them. I think it will help your sales.

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