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Message: 19936 Posted: Fri Nov 30 19:48:32 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: speech is CORRECT!

Go figure. I always loved that Thanksgiving FM radio ritual when I was a regular listener. It's been a while since I've heard it. Why that answer should spring so quickly and clearly to my mind, I don't know. Anyway, a great song and a fun question. Thanks to Howard for conjuring up a pleasant memory.

Message: 19935 Posted: Fri Nov 30 15:12:53 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: speech is CORRECT!

Yup, that's the one...
Arlo Guthrie's "Alice Restaurant"
everybody sing along...
You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant,
walk right in, it's around the back
just a half a mile from the railroad tracks
you can get anything you want..............

Message: 19934 Posted: Fri Nov 30 15:00:45 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Personal Trivia Question

Good one Speech. Much more logical than me. My guess was gonna be "Over the River and thru the woods" by the Peanuts gang!

Message: 19933 Posted: Fri Nov 30 14:16:13 2001 By: Steve
Subject: Thank you George

My deepest thoughts go to Dhani and Olivia.Thank you for a lifetime of listening enjoyment.Your music will continue to be in all our hearts forever.From Feb 9 1964 to today your music has always been and will always be a part of my life.Thank you Mr.Harrison!

Message: 19932 Posted: Fri Nov 30 12:45:26 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Personal Trivia Question

... gotta be "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie.

Message: 19931 Posted: Fri Nov 30 11:47:02 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Personal Trivia Question

Meant to post this on Thursday/Friday, but forgot too.
Am I nuts, but every year on Thanksgiving, I love to hear this one song which one radio station plays at the same precise time every year. If i'm in the car going somewhere or at home, I'll turn on the radio and stop dead in my tracks and finish listening to it.
If I give a clue, it'll be a dead giveaway.
For the $1 Million dollar question of the day...

Message: 19930 Posted: Fri Nov 30 10:57:23 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Farewell George

Spent the morning ride on the subway trying to explain to my daughter the impact of the Beatles and what the loss of George Harrison means to us all. My heart grieves for his family.

Message: 19929 Posted: Fri Nov 30 10:27:23 2001 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: another oneJohnny !!!!! (Cathy)

Thanks for the message... I'd write you personally but lost your "real" email address and the one that's linked on this site is the old one. Can you change send me your new one? Or change the one here?
Hope all is well!

Message: 19928 Posted: Fri Nov 30 09:51:13 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny Yee: E-mail terrorist (Ladd)

Ladd, you dog! Oh, sorry, it's Lassie who's a dog. I'm about 15 years older than you (you're about 31 or 32, right?) so have a little respect for your elders, would ya? Just kidding about the first part but not so much the latter.

I do remember you wrote to me about a year ago. I recall that I reciprocated with a friendly reply and that's how you probably got on the virus writing you back.

Please see my post here; it's #19903. How about blocking the receipt of any messages you're receiving from my old e-mail address? It's a simple thing to do. Please let me assure you, I am not intentionally sending you virus-tainted messages nor to anyone else. If that were the case, your comment would have merit, but please know it isn't the case. I can understand your frustration. It frustrates me too...big-time! It's no fun seeing your name posted numerous times on this chat folder as the subject matter of something very negative.

Message: 19927 Posted: Fri Nov 30 08:57:27 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Farewell George

An inspiration to all, especially for "Sister Golden Hair."
I was very saddened to hear of his death, but knew he had
been ill for quite some time. It was just a matter of time.
Farewell my friend, your legacy will live on forever.
Your talent & contributions (live aid, concert for Bangal Desh & Traveling wilbury's) will be missed and always recognized.
I've been a fan of his for a long time. If you don't have "All Things Must Pass," CD, do yourself a favor and get it.
Best piece of music you ever want to hear.

While my guitar gently weeps................ :0(

Message: 19926 Posted: Fri Nov 30 07:58:47 2001 By: Dan
Subject: farewell George

Your voice, music, and legacy will live on through my ears.DanC.

Message: 19925 Posted: Fri Nov 30 06:54:32 2001 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Johnny Yee: E-mail terrorist

Actually, he is an email terrorist. I sent this kid a friendly email about a year back and ever since then I've been receiving virus emails from him that my anti-virus program has been detecting and eliminating.

It's pretty annoying, and immature in a 2nd-grade kind of way.


Message: 19924 Posted: Fri Nov 30 06:38:47 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Thanks, George

Let me add my voice to the many who will struggle here and elsewhere today to express the unexpressable. Thank you, George Harrison, for a lifetime given over to artistry, integrity and compassion.
"You don't get time to hang a sign on me" and "A lifetime is so short, a new one can't be bought." Here in my 40s, George's simple profundities from "all those years ago" still help me cut through the crap and find strength, direction and comfort.

Message: 19923 Posted: Fri Nov 30 05:51:32 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: R.I.P.

WOW, I didn't know until I checked this board. Rest In Peace, George Harrison....

Message: 19922 Posted: Fri Nov 30 05:07:17 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Beatles

When I was a kid I had a Beatles board game called "Flip Your Wig". I found it in a closet the year after John Lennon was killed and the "John" token was mysteriuosly missing. The game has been in a trunk in my shed for the last 10 yrs. I'm planning on pulling it out this week-end, with hope that George remains intact.

I, too, am saddened by the news this morning. The Beatles have been part of my life since 4th grade. When one leaves us, it leaves a hole I can't explain.

Message: 19921 Posted: Fri Nov 30 03:57:54 2001 By: Janice
Subject: Beatle Fans Gently Weep

I too was deeply saddened by the news of George Harrison's death. Words cannot begin to express...

Message: 19920 Posted: Fri Nov 30 00:41:18 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: very bad news


I've just read the day's bad news on my morning paper about George Harrison's death.I feel so sad...Think writing it helps me realise.

Message: 19919 Posted: Thu Nov 29 20:21:07 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Johnny Yee: E-mail terrorist

JUST KIDDING JOHNNY! LOL I received a message "from you" yesterday that had an attachment entitled "STUFF.MP3.gif." I downloaded the attachment but when I tried to open the file, it disappeared. This happened twice. I was going to write to you today to ask you about the file, but now I know that good ol' VIRUSCAN was just doin' his job. Nice to know that it works so well!

Speaking of the Bellamy Brothers -- they put on a very enjoyable concert. I saw them this year in Reno. They're not strictly country; I like the "other" stuff. One of my favorite songs is their 70's hit "Let Your Love Flow." Like Dewey and Gerry, they've also been "at it" for 30 years.


Message: 19918 Posted: Thu Nov 29 18:42:48 2001 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Hope Video

Thanks for the link to the Hope Video!!!

Message: 19917 Posted: Thu Nov 29 13:29:22 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: America on TV

Hi there !

The description of this Tv programme you are mentioning does ring a bell. If it 's the Bravo series thing, I know that someone on this board gave us the link to the passage devoted to the guys ( don't remember who did it however). Here is the link :

I used it a few weeks ago, but I suppose it is still valid...

I hope this virus attack will soon be just a bad memory.

Message: 19916 Posted: Thu Nov 29 11:26:30 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sloppiness

Speech said: "...but it struck me as sloppy that they didn't bother to use performance footage of Dewey so as to be more in sync with the music playing in the background. I mean they could very well have chosen to use "I Need You" or "Sister Golden Hair" in the same segment...then the Gerry footage would have made more sense."

Talking about sloppy, American Pie Record Company put out a 45 record with "Ventura Highway" on one side and "Sister Golden Hair" on the other. What's sloppy about it is what appears under the song title:

"Sister Golden Hair"
(Dewey Bunnell)

Message: 19915 Posted: Thu Nov 29 11:08:49 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: another oneJohnny !!!!! (Cathy)

Hi Cathy, good to hear from you but not this way. I'm sorry about the virus-tainted e-mail message you received. I'm responding to you publicly so others may know what the status is regarding the tainted e-mails.

Thanks for the info about the subject of the message you received. I received it myself yesterday but I wasn't about to read it...thank goodness. I say "thank goodness" because I recognized the subject title to be somewhat of a controversial message between me and the initially recipient. Yikes!

To all who were/are affected, I was able to have my old Outlook Express account terminated this morning. That should stop the e-mails. There may be some more that were sent before I requested the account be terminated.

Message: 19914 Posted: Thu Nov 29 10:10:42 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Belated thanks

to all who joined in last night's chat. I tried to post last night, but couldn't. See you all( and ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO JOIN IN -HINT HINT)Next week!

Message: 19913 Posted: Thu Nov 29 09:37:26 2001 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: another oneJohnny !!!!!

Hey Johnny, long time no hear but I did get your virus message... it's the virus currently attacking Outlook Express and the subject is a reply to some old message sent long ago.... I was going to write you personally but the link to your email on this site is your old account.

Hope all's well!

Message: 19912 Posted: Thu Nov 29 08:30:26 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: AMERICA on TV

The name of this series is "Popular Song: Soundtrack of the Century" It is composed of 8 shows. Bravo restarted the cycle this week with "From Russia With Love", telling about the Gershwins and the EARLY days of America Popular song.

Message: 19911 Posted: Thu Nov 29 07:39:45 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: AMERICA on TV

I believe the series you're referring to aired a coupla times recently here on the East Coast on the Bravo network. My memory is that it was under the title "Pop Songs" or "Songwriters" or somesuch. The time I saw it, it aired over several nights. The America footage was great. And it was great to see Dewey and Gerry given as much interview time and video footage space as they got ... and to be placed (properly) in the realm of the "important" songwriters deemed to have made a lasting contribution. I did wonder, however, where the little snippet of performance footage came from that focused on Gerry singing and playing the guitar. It struck me as incongruous that the producers picked a snippet ocused on Gerry in performance since the segment itself was focused exclusively on two America classics sung by Dewey. A minor quibble, I'll grant you, but it struck me as sloppy that they didn't bother to use performance footage of Dewey so as to be more in sync with the music playing in the background. I mean, they could very well have chosen to use either "I Need You" or "Sister Golden Hair" in the same segment (I place both in the same strata as the tunes they selected)and then the Gerry footage would have made more sense.

Message: 19910 Posted: Thu Nov 29 05:34:13 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: America on TV

Hey jimbob - how come you guys get all the good shows?......LOL
I've only ever seen one clip of America on TV in Oz - a Tonight Show appearance in Melbourne during their 1997 tour here. I did see the "You Can Do Magic" video of them playing the song with cut aways to various magic tricks - I caught that in Thailand and I am aware that they have quite a following in Asia.
Jim - got some mail from you a couple of weeks back - my email address on this site is all ok I think - but copy anything to to be certain.

Message: 19909 Posted: Thu Nov 29 02:01:07 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: AMERICA on TV

There is a weekly series running on TV here in NZ called WALK ON BY:The Story Of Popular Song. I dont recall reading about it on this folder, but if it has been discussed already, sorry to bore you! Tonight's episode was titled "After The Gold Rush" and featured among others THE BAND with Robbie Robertson talking about their album "Music From Big Pink",lots on THE BYRDS, which naturally led to CROSBY STILLS & NASH, in turn focusing on Neil Young(with some quite excellent solo footage from around'71).It then went on to tell the story of how three young guys with acoustic guitars toppled 'Heart Of Gold'from the number one position.HORSE was playing while Dewey and then Gerry talked about the song. There was footage from around 1975(not Musikladen)and then Dewey talks about the writing of VENTURA HIGHWAY. Gerry has an acoustic and shows how the song was originally written(plays just chords like the demo on HIGHWAY) and then puts the lead bit in. It was fantastic and so good to see them get decent airtime. Must have been recorded last year as Dewey says to Gerry "how old are we now,48?" The whole show was extremely good; the best Ive seen, as I love all that stuff anyway, but AMERICA getting the coverage deserved made it sensational!

Message: 19908 Posted: Wed Nov 28 21:03:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: LisaRose Said...

LisaRose said: I know it's not your fault so don't worry---I won't hold it against you--LOL!!

Thanks Lisa...or maybe...DARN! See below.

That reminds me of the Bellamy Brothers (country music duo...Howard and David...same names as my two brothers) who had a hit song that contained the lyrics: "If I told you you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?"

Message: 19907 Posted: Wed Nov 28 18:36:38 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chatting?

Anyone chatting tonite? the room is open.....

Message: 19906 Posted: Wed Nov 28 18:31:14 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: In The Meantime....

GREAT idea Johnny--can't believe I did't think of that--I just did tha!

Message: 19905 Posted: Wed Nov 28 18:28:33 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: another oneJohnny !!!!!

I don't remember them but they were both different and had an a pic around it. I know it's not your fault so don't worry---I won't hold it against you --LOL!!!

Message: 19904 Posted: Wed Nov 28 18:25:25 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: In The Meantime....

In the meantime, for those of you receiving messages from my old e-mail account, how about blocking the receipt of messages from

Message: 19903 Posted: Wed Nov 28 18:09:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: another oneJohnny !!!!!

To all of you that are receiving messages from my old e-mail service, I'm truly VERY SORRY. I will try contacting my internet provider again tomorrow to see if they can kill the e-mail portion of the service. I did try contacting them this afternoon but their line was constantly busy so I gave up after an hour. I will try again tomorrow. If need be, I'll drive over there.

I do not understand why you all are receiving these messages from my old e-mail address this time because I have not accessed that e-mail account since the last virus...what 6-8 months ago, perhaps? I recall from last time, messages kept being sent 10-15 times. For now, just keep deleting them.

I don't think I've corresponded in the past with Jim Bob via that account. Do you recall, Jim Bob? I think it's always been via my Hotmail account.

Maggie, do you have virus protection on your computer? If so, you should have received an alert that the message contained a virus. I assume you don't.

To those of you who have rec'd the message from my old e-mail account, what is the title of the message? Just curious. Also, who all have received messages from my old e-mail address that hasn't stated so here?

Message: 19902 Posted: Wed Nov 28 17:38:14 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: another oneJohnny !!!!!

just gt another on-different--maybe you should contact your old email provider

Message: 19901 Posted: Wed Nov 28 14:37:54 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: note to Johnny Yee

Oh my gawd...I got the same thing last night, and told Johnny immediately. Glad I saw your email Robyn, as that never occured to me! This could explain why my system has been acting funky since last night. Johnny...can you lend some assitsance? Thankx


Message: 19900 Posted: Wed Nov 28 13:56:54 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Oops Oops Oops !!!

Don't know what happened.
Sorry for the triple posting !

Message: 19899 Posted: Wed Nov 28 13:52:49 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re" The Border" video (Johnny &Co)

OK, nice job you all did & in no time! I'm impressed...

Very precise and precious descriptions you gave. I now realise I didn't remember what it was all about...

A special THANK YOU Johnny for this "tape hunt" you had to do & the detailed notes you put on this board. Putting the light on the typewriter episode was somehow a good thing.
Sure i'm gonna check out the Hope video very soon. And again merci beaucoup for the link !!!

Message: 19898 Posted: Wed Nov 28 13:52:09 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re" The Border" video (Johnny &Co)

OK, nice job you all did & in no time! I'm impressed...

Very precise and precious descriptions you gave. I now realise I didn't remember what it was all about...

A special THANK YOU Johnny for this "tape hunt" you had to do & the detailed notes you put on this board. Putting the light on the typewriter episode was somehow a good thing.
Sure i'm gonna check out the Hope video very soon. And again merci beaucoup for the link !!!

Message: 19897 Posted: Wed Nov 28 13:51:24 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re" The Border" video (Johnny &Co)

OK, nice job you all did & in no time! I'm impressed...

Very precise and precious descriptions you gave. I now realise I didn't remember what it was all about...

A special THANK YOU Johnny for this "tape hunt" you had to do & the detailed notes you put on this board. Putting the light on the typewriter episode was somehow a good thing.
Sure i'm gonna check out the Hope video very soon. And again merci beaucoup for the link !!!

Message: 19896 Posted: Wed Nov 28 13:22:15 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Sorry All...I Dont Use...

Johnny I got the email too; sent you one back, but not to hotmail. How does that happen?

Message: 19895 Posted: Wed Nov 28 12:33:21 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Steve O. and Genevieve)..Oops

"...first person to INQUIRE..."

Message: 19894 Posted: Wed Nov 28 12:30:42 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Steve O. and Genevieve)

Thanks Steve O for the confirmation. Genevieve, the description of the video was meant for you too...especially so since you were the first person to inquiry about the video.

Now, to check out the "Hope" video on WWW.Launch.Com....

Message: 19893 Posted: Wed Nov 28 12:20:13 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Sorry All...I Don't Use....

I haven't used the "" e-mail service of mine in quite a long time...since the last virus attack. I can't even access that service if I wanted to. It's dead for me. I apologize to everyone who has or will receive a message from me with the following address: "". If you receive a message from me with that e-mail address, DELETE IT! I have been using Hotmail ever since the last attack. It's deja vu!

Message: 19892 Posted: Wed Nov 28 11:35:37 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Johnny ( You have a Virus )

Johnny, you have a virus, my computer just kick it out so america fans beware.

Message: 19891 Posted: Wed Nov 28 11:35:21 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: note to Johnny Yee

me too---I didn't open it yet

Message: 19890 Posted: Wed Nov 28 11:07:17 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Genevieve)

Johnny,I have that video on a tape,and your recollections are right on. I think the board game may have been something like "Chinese checkers". Gerry was indeed pursued by two men in trenchcoats,and the video ends with both Gerry & Dewey sitting on the sand near the ocean playing the board game--much like the cover of "Your Move". Its certainly a much more interesting video than "You can do magic".

Message: 19889 Posted: Wed Nov 28 09:20:46 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: note to Johnny Yee

I got a strange email from you. did you get another virus on your leaco email?

Message: 19888 Posted: Wed Nov 28 06:18:46 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Remastered CDs / America videos

I bet the bonus tracks on the remastered "Your Move" CD are the three songs from the Last Unicorn soundtrack. They were included as bonus tracks on the first French release of Your Move.

Message: 19887 Posted: Wed Nov 28 06:00:25 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Last Comment for the morning, I promise-re chat tonight

Come join me for a chat this evening, same bat time, same bat channel!

Message: 19886 Posted: Wed Nov 28 05:57:46 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Border/ Hope Video

"Hope" can be seen at

Message: 19885 Posted: Wed Nov 28 05:55:25 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America and Destiny's Child

Look on, click "news" scroll down a bit. it says "more photos to come!

Message: 19884 Posted: Wed Nov 28 05:10:11 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: The Border/ Hope Video

I found the hope video at

It's cold and it's wet...(really, it is here in Dallas).

Message: 19883 Posted: Wed Nov 28 00:35:38 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Survey

P.S. #6 should read: Ventura Highway (I'm a Californian). Will never forget driving down Ventura Highway on the way to go see the very band that wrote Ventura Highway, WHILE LISTENING TO Ventura Highway.


Mags :O)

Message: 19882 Posted: Wed Nov 28 00:33:00 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Survey

1. How old when first heard an America song?

10. Sister's boyfriend had a band called Bear Puddin' and two of their big covers were Riverside and Three Roses. I WAS HOOKED!!!

2. How many concerts in one year period?

Hmmm...I think 12, back in 1998.

3. Title of the first America Album you bought?


4. What America item is on my wish list?

An new mug to replace the one I broke! :-(

5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics?

Moon Song and Monster.

6. Which America song do you relate to the most?

Ventura Highway (I'm a Californian). Will never forget driving down Ventura Highway on the way to go see the very band that wrote Ventura Highway. LOL.

7. What America song would make a good album title?

All My Life, Mirror To Mirror, Pages, Survival, To Each His Own, or Young Moon.

8. America album most recently listened to?


Nags :O)

Message: 19881 Posted: Tue Nov 27 22:04:44 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: The Border/ Hope Video

Thanks Johnny, I wondered why Gerry was on a typewriter! You are correct; the Hope video IS on a website; I stumbled on it a while back, but right now just cant remember where! I do remember that it was the only video available by AMERICA on the site, which I thought was unusual, cos the song wasnt a big hit, was it? Though I know it was used as a theme song and covered by some people. Is that right?

Message: 19880 Posted: Tue Nov 27 21:46:42 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video

Yes Jimbob, I found "The Border" video and just finished watching it. Too many things happen in the video to describe it accurately.

In gist, it has two guys both wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a trench coat. They have this ball about the size of a basketball. They're at the top of the stairs and they roll it down the stairs to Gerry. Gerry is shown running with the ball in various scenes. It shows a scene with Gerry outside running with the ball when one of the guys runs up from behind and nabs Gerry by the shoulder. They're running along some railroad tracks as well. It also shows an airplane taking off as if someone onboard was trying to "make it to the border". Throughout the video, Dewey is shown singing "The Border" and playing an acoustic guitar. Gerry is also shown playing a guitar.

The typewriter you speak of, Jim Bob, is actually a keyboard. There are two keyboards. Gerry's typing on one and Dewey's typing on the other. The two are situated face-to-face much like playing the game "Battleship". Between the two keyboards in the center is a table with a lighted outline of the United States. There are lots of yellow, red, and blue balls on this table. The balls appear to be about the size of a round Christmas ornament. It's as if the guys are inputting information or maneuvers on the keyboards and trying to outwit the other.

During the game (or mission) between Dewey and Gerry, a sign on the table flashes with "Your Move". At the end, the lighted outline of the US goes up in smoke. The whole video is quite strange but does not lack for action. At the very end, the scene is just like the album cover of "Your Move". Gerry and Dewey are playing Chinese checkers on the beach. There's a sailboat going across the water from left to right in the background and a swimmer swimming across the water between the sailboat and where Gerry and Dewey are sitting. The swimmer is swimming from right to left off in the distance but situated right above the checkerboard that Gerry and Dewey are playing at. It's funny to see a swimmer going across.

It's a very strange video to say the least but I think it's not "too strange" for that time period. What the whole plot is about, I'm not sure other than to say that Gerry and Dewey are on a mission to "make it to the border" using the lighted table with its two keyboards and whisking off onboard an airplane.

Confused yet? Join the club! :0) It's a lot better than the "You Can Do Magic" video. The "Hope" video is the best in my opinion. Well, the last half of the "Hope" video that is. I missed recording the first half. I remember someone on the live chat saying not too long ago that the "Hope" video is available for viewing on some website.

Message: 19879 Posted: Tue Nov 27 20:23:39 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: America and Destiny's Child

Robyn, where is the photo of Gerry and Destiny's Child? I saw them on TV recently doing an acapella (did I spell that right?) and they were amazing! Johnny, have you found your copy of The Border video? I saw it last year, but recently shifted cities, so it is packed away somewhere! Genevieve, in the video Gerry is typing on a typewriter, which sort of looks old-fashioned these days! Will try and find it so can tell you more, if Johnny hasnt done so already. holiday, dont know if you got email a while back, but will talk to you soon. Cheers all, Jim

Message: 19878 Posted: Tue Nov 27 20:06:25 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Remastered CD's

I just took a look at CD Now. They have these listed as all remastered available on 12/11/01. berry expensive is right.
What in the world?
Your Move (Bonus Tracks) (Remastered)
2001 CD $18.99
View From The Ground (Remastered)
2001 CD $18.99
Silent Letter (Remastered)
2001 CD $18.99
Perspective (Remastered)
2001 CD $18.99
In Concert
2001 CD $28.49
Horse With No Name
2001 CD $29.99
Alibi (Remastered)
2001 CD $18.99
Hourglass 1994

Berry Interesting!

Message: 19877 Posted: Tue Nov 27 19:18:39 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Remastered CDs / America videos

CD NOW has listed for release 12/11/01, a number of re-mastered CD's from AMERICA's very creative Capitol years. It even shows the CD, YOUR MOVE w/bonus tracks. I don't think much other detail was shown, so that's all I know. Cost is much higher than the non-remastered; John C., take a chance ? Bonus tracks ! More hidden gems !
berry spensive.

Message: 19876 Posted: Tue Nov 27 16:27:26 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: America and Destiny's Child

Nice to see a photo of Gerry with Destiny's Child. Since one of the band members, Michelle< went on TRL and sai what a huge fan of the band she is, I wonder if anything will come of that.

What do you think?

Message: 19875 Posted: Tue Nov 27 14:32:15 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Thanks too, John!

Your memory' s certainly OK, John. And besides it helped fixing mine a bit, which was necessary, considering I just saw the video once, probably in the course of 1985 !!!
I noticed we all seem to remember the ball(s), but the story remains obscure.
I'd like to know who directed the guys for this song clip & if they did other such clips, to illustrate or promote their albums (can anyone list the songs?)
I'm surely asking too much, and I'm already grateful to all of you for the interest my questions might get .

Message: 19874 Posted: Tue Nov 27 14:16:01 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Re: "The Border" Video

I have a vague recollection. I think I saw the video a grand-total of ONE time on the local videos channel: They are in a desert being persued and they come upon a traffic sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions, the guys arms are flailing as if to say "which direction?"

Message: 19873 Posted: Tue Nov 27 14:07:35 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: question

I have both German import HatTrick and Japanese Hearts and Holiday. I prefer the Japanese CD's simply for the reasons stated....better packaging. Sound quality is vaguely similar......

TkH<-----+=! No Boundary

Message: 19872 Posted: Tue Nov 27 13:57:15 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video

Wonderful memory, Johnny !

I'm really thankful you did try to recall and took the time to let me know a little about it. I'm not completely sure I understand the "plot", but now I do remember those colourful balls like the ones on the album cover (am I right?). Maybe one day you'll put your hand on this tape ...
All information welcome - Anytime.

My thoughts also go to Steve.
I hope you are as fine as possible in this time of (world-wide) trouble. Still crossing my fingers...and wheels keep on turning.

Message: 19871 Posted: Tue Nov 27 13:21:02 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Genevieve)

The only thing I remember (and I think i only saw the video twice) was the "basketball" that you mentioned, Johnny, being one of those large, shiny blue (or maybe red) balls. Looked like a bouncing marble from the chinese checkers game on the cover of "Your Move". The ball appeared in several shots in the video. But my memory is VERY suspect these days.

Message: 19870 Posted: Tue Nov 27 10:56:46 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: videos &Newton

you are right, it's just a place like that "the Moors" the pictures I have sen remind me of the book ( I must read too much!)

Message: 19869 Posted: Tue Nov 27 09:12:57 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Genevieve)

Genevieve, my memory of the video for "The Border" is vague too. I would need to view my recording of the video again to be totally accurate. I recall that Gerry was the person in the video that was being pursued by an unsavory-looking character or two dressed in trench coats. I recall Gerry was running from him/them in an attempt to escape. I remember a bouncing basketball. I also remember Dewey and Gerry were playing on a game machine that used marbles or balls. That's all I can recall about the video without watching it again which I may do if I can locate it on the tape.

Anyone else here have a better memory?

Message: 19868 Posted: Tue Nov 27 07:39:24 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: question(kiri)

I have "View From The Ground" from England, & Holiday from Germany, both are "ok" could be better. To me, the English import sounds better, but that's just my personal opinion. I remember getting the German import, cranking it, & then thinking my old album had alot better sound then this did. Before One Way came out, I got "Perspective" (France import.....Total crap!) It's my least fave America album, so I'm in no hurry replacing it.
I just got a DVD player, so "Homecoming" is on my X-mas list, now THAT should sound GREAT, wish they would enhance the rest of America's Warner release's.

Message: 19867 Posted: Tue Nov 27 05:15:59 2001 By: kiri
Subject: Re: question

it was just that i found an English import of Hearts at a reasonably lower price than the Japanese and German imports and wondered if there was a vast difference and if they were worth the extra cost (i already have Highway/"Simple Life").

thanks for all the information! i guess the English one will be ok?

Message: 19866 Posted: Tue Nov 27 00:47:15 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: videos &Newton

Hi everyone.
1) I didn't have time to read the folder for a week, but today I read interesting pieces. Especially Goanna's message to John about America videos. It reminded me of some material I saw once, a long time ago, and which is vaguely haunting my memory.
Since this is the place to get in touch with America experts, I'd like to find one who could "refresh " (I've to check the English word for that) my memory about this video clip shot in the 80's for the song "The Border". Could you let me know about the story line (provided there was one?). Anyway, thank you in advance for your help.
2) A special Hello to Robyn. Hope you're enjoying your reading...
BTW, you're perfectly right about Newton-under-Roseberry. It's an English village, situated in North York moors, near Roseberry Topping (a -more or less- 1000m high summit, if I remember well)-a very isolated place, a metaphor for desolation, appreciated by tourists who like doing a bit of walking. But except for the similitude of the scenery, I don't think there was any reference to the spot in Wuthering Heights, was there?

Message: 19865 Posted: Mon Nov 26 19:32:21 2001 By: msmith
Subject: hello

i've been very busy both at work and at home and have only read the board a couple of times in the last few months. just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know i haven't croaked. my new obcession is 'inspector mills'. janice--i hope you're doing well. rock on america. Band that i love.

Message: 19864 Posted: Mon Nov 26 18:57:58 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Three Roses" Live

Since "Heard" is a bootleg CD, I'm sure "Three Roses" live doesn't count...not officially anyway.

Message: 19863 Posted: Mon Nov 26 18:09:48 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: question

I've also got Japanese imports of Homecoming thru Harbor. They all sound pretty good to me.

Message: 19862 Posted: Mon Nov 26 16:13:23 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: question

I guess it depends on who's releasing it. I have a copy of "Hat Trick"
via Germany and it sounds fine,nothing Spectacular. I've always found that ANY title I buy via Japanese Import is usually done with more care to the original packaging than anything else. The America titles sounded really good. And with "Hearts",you also got the bonus track "simple Life" which isn't available on any other disk(except now its on the "Highway" Box set).

Message: 19861 Posted: Mon Nov 26 14:01:56 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: question

For what it's worth, I picked up a German import copy of the "Hat Trick" CD after reading somewhere that the sound quality was superb. It isn't bad, but, to put it in perspective, the "Hat Trick" material on the "Highway" boxed set is superior. In short, I, for one, was underwhelmed by the supposedly stellar audio quality of the German "Hat Trick" release. Can't speak for the Japanese or any other import.

Message: 19860 Posted: Mon Nov 26 13:27:07 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: question

I've got Japanese Imports of "Hearts","Homecoming" & "Holiday" and I've always felt that the Japanese versions are better than the copies released domestically,or in other countries. As "Hearts" and "Holiday" have yet to be released here in the States,you can take your pick. "Harbor" is another disk I picked up via Japan,and I'm extremely happy with the sound quality.

Message: 19859 Posted: Mon Nov 26 12:20:04 2001 By: kiri
Subject: question

so what country's version of an america cd is the best quality? japan? germany? is a label from england ok? for example, the label "Wea-12Trx"

hey those survey answers were cool!

Message: 19858 Posted: Mon Nov 26 07:36:19 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Remastered CDs / America videos

That Rhino DVD, is taken from the Musikladen series. I guess right now our only hope for new live video is that German DVD which includes songs from HUMAN NATURE, it also includes THREE ROSES. THREE ROSES has never appeared on any live music CD/tape or VHS/DVD, as far as I know.

Message: 19857 Posted: Mon Nov 26 06:00:56 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: RE: America Reissues

While at Virgin Megastore this weekend I checked out the America section and they had a larger variety of America cd's than I have ever seen. They had America, Alibi, View From the Ground, Your Move, Perspective, King Biscuit Live and Encore. I thought it was strange they didn't have Complete or History.

I was able to get almost every America cd from Amazon. I'm still looking for the "America In Concert" 1985 Capitol release on cd. Has anyone out there had luck finding that?


Message: 19856 Posted: Mon Nov 26 05:48:48 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: America Xmas Song

Just bought the cd w/"Hark the Herald Angels" by America this weekend. I found it at Virgin Megastore and it is called "20 Christmas Stars II". America's song is great, but Willie Nelson singing "Deck the Halls" was quite the experience! My 16 year old was howling with laughter by the time it was over. (Apologies to any Willie fans out there!!) :)


Message: 19855 Posted: Mon Nov 26 03:46:24 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Dan

I was just treated to the latest 2 chapters of Dan's bio! I am so glad he decided to continue. One can only imagine how they looked sprawled about the cabin...gee, I wonder how that same scenario would go over in today's travel climate? It would make world, thanks Dan, and keep it comin'.

Message: 19854 Posted: Mon Nov 26 01:57:05 2001 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Remastered CDs / America videos

Hello John,
After reading what you've just said, I can’t help but wonder if it also isn’t time for the guys to release either an updated version of all film / video clips that they've had done... or similarly a DVD with same. Since the release of DVD's, and the huge increase and interest that will undoubtably grow into 2002, I would have thought that the fans cry for a compilation of the above would be enough of an incentive.
The fact that numerous (un-plugged) and (concert) video's of artists such as Eric Clapton, Doors, Hendrix and alike are lurking about, I would think this should be enough for management to get the ball rolling. My wife and I were only talking the other day whilst playing the fantastic 3 CD pack "Highway" that it should have perhaps had a 4th disc included, maybe a (DVD) with all the guys film clips or maybe a few retrospective interviews about each other and their incredible carrer's. Sort of a history from start up until now of their careers. I know this may all sound a bit over the top, and I don't know what other debate about this has been forthcomming, but, at the end of the day I guess we just can’t get enough of the best of the best!

Message: 19853 Posted: Sun Nov 25 21:48:34 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: A few other words about the remastered CDs

In case anyone was wondering, HDCD CDs will play on any CD player. It's not like the new wave of DVD audio -- HDCD seems to simply be a technology used for mixing the recording, not for playback. Also, it seems that the "new releases" are merely additional distributors that are finally jumping on the bandwagon by stocking the Magic releases. I've had my CDs for nearly two years, although they were much harder to find and a lot more expensive back then.


Message: 19852 Posted: Sun Nov 25 21:43:05 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Remastered CDs / America videos

With regard to the "remastered" America CDs that have been advertised in various publications and websites, it's actually no joke. Many of you will remember the big hubub back in 1997 when Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective were released on CD for the first time from a French company called Magic Records. Some of us (myself included) were pretty disappointed with the lousy mastering and sound quality, and the One Way releases a year later represented a major improvement. Anyway, Magic Records has redeemed itself somewhat. In late 1999, they released all five Capitol studio albums in "HDCD" format (high-definition CD), which basically meant they used digital mixing to spruce up the sound, give it more depth, and add clarity. I got Silent Letter, Your Move, and Perspective last year, and they sound reasonably clearer (although admittedly little can be done for the poor-quality recordings on "Your Move"). Some of the mixing included fading out some of the tracks a little sooner than on other releases ("5th Avenue", for example, ends about a second too early), but I'm not really complaining. The discs come in the same cheap "digipack" format that was criticized on the "Human Nature" release, but the cover graphics preserve the original colors better than on the One Way releases. You can go directly to Magic's link to the five CDs by clicking here.

On another note, the other day I was walking through a Borders when I came across Rhino's "Have A Nice Day" DVD, which features selected "videos" of hit songs from the 1970s, ranging from Al Stewart's "Time Passages" to the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop". Anyway, two of the tracks were "A Horse With No Name" and "Ventura Highway" by America. I am tempted to buy the DVD just to find out whether these are new clips, or rehashes of the overplayed Musikladen show. Does anyone have this DVD?


Message: 19851 Posted: Sun Nov 25 19:28:07 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Re: Survey

1. How old when first heard an America song? In utero, no doubt.
2. How many concerts in one year period? One, perhaps two.
3. Title of the first America Album you bought? "History".
4. What America item is on my wish list? Nothing as of yet, sorry!
5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics? Hmmm. Dunno.
6. Which America song do you relate to the most? "Horse", hey man, I live in Nevada!
7. What America song would make a good album title? Dunno. I'd have to think on that one.
8. America album most recently listened to? Either "Perspective" or "Human Nature".

Message: 19850 Posted: Sun Nov 25 13:45:36 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Survey

Age: 15
Concerts in one year: 11 (I guess 1998 qualified me as a groupie
1st Album: America
4: I don't have one
5: Horse With No Name..(if I ever get a horse I am not going to name him, just so that I can say I have a horse with no name)
6: To Each His Own
7: Hot Town (it's an H thing)
8: Highway Set

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)


Message: 19849 Posted: Sat Nov 24 19:58:50 2001 By: Joan
Subject: Survey

l. How old when first heard an America song? 16 or 17
2. How many concerts in one year period? One
3. Title of the first America Album you bought? America.
4. What America item is on my wish list? An autograph from Dewey & Gerry.
5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics?
6. Which America song do you relate to the most? "Moment to Moment"
7. What America song would make a good album title? Hope
8. America album most recently listened to? Hourglass & Human Nature

Message: 19848 Posted: Sat Nov 24 19:32:10 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re:Dan Peek - jill

I would have agreed that the best post Dan were Silent Letter and Alibi, that is until Hourglass and Human Nature came out. Currently, I am enjoying the '90's releases a lot more.
Re: desert island discs - that has been an evergreen topic here, most could not limit it to one or two! Definitive and Greatest Hits collections now make the choice even; but albums 1 to 5 would do me, if I had to be limited to a handful of albums.
Re Dan P - yep, pretty well everyone has been reading along with Dan.

Message: 19847 Posted: Sat Nov 24 18:13:27 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

1. how old: 10 (I think)
2. concerts in a year: 2 or 3
3. First album bought: America's 1st album was given to me by my older brother on my b-day, after that I think it was Hat Trick.
4. Wish list item: Since it is a WISH list, Gerry Beckley's 360/12 Rickenbacker.
5. obscure lyrics: Tinman
6. Relate to the most: Riverside
7. Album title: Submarine Ladies
8. Most recently listen to: Hourglass

Message: 19846 Posted: Sat Nov 24 18:11:14 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

Newton under roseberry topping is a place in england ( think heathcliff and cathy)

Message: 19845 Posted: Sat Nov 24 18:09:10 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: RE: America Reissues

As I work in Music retail,I haven't heard ANYTHING about additional America titles being released. "Your Move" was first issued as a French Import and did include bonus tracks from "The Last Unicorn" movie & soundtrack. However,ONE WAY records has reissued the 4 Capital records but "Your move" came without the bonus tracks. That release came in 1997. John Corbett will vouch for the sound on the Domestic reissues as opposed to the French imports. Anybody seeking to find copies of "Your Move","Silent Letter","Alibi" and "Perspective" CAN find them all available via ONE WAY records which specializes now in CD reissues. Check places like CDNow or even if you want to purchase them.

Message: 19844 Posted: Sat Nov 24 16:26:49 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

1.10 years old
2. 2
4.A picture of Dewey and Gerry(autographed!)
5.Hat Trick (Newton-under-Roseberry topping)
6.Cornwall Blank
7.Hidden Talent or Right Before Your Eyes
8.Hat Trick

Message: 19843 Posted: Sat Nov 24 15:46:24 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

1. 16 (way too long ago to remember)
2. 1 (a midwest thing)
3. Hearts (vinyl, was there anything else?)
4. New CD (PLEASE)
5. People in the Valley (will always wonder what that came from)
6. Midnight (makes me think of a long ago girl in red)
7. Seasons
8. Highway (James Holladay to be exact)
9. DanC.

Message: 19842 Posted: Sat Nov 24 13:53:05 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

Suffering Turkey hangover...

1 - I was 12
3- America
4 ONE??? I can't narrow it down
5 Tin Man Just what IS the Tropic of Sir Galahad anyway?
6 Another Try
7 Gotta agree with "Hope"
8 disc two is in my car player

Thanks kiri. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday!

Message: 19841 Posted: Sat Nov 24 13:35:45 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Your Move on CDNow? Steve could you help!

Sorry, Angie, but I'm not going to be much help. I'm afraid I don't know anything about any remastered CD's being released in December. Does anyone else have any information? Regarding the job hunt - nothing yet.

Message: 19840 Posted: Sat Nov 24 13:04:02 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: 8 questions

1. I was 12 years old when I first heard an America song.
2. I attended 4 concerts one year.
3. First album purchased: History on vinyl
4. Wish list: A photo with Gerry
5. Obscure lyrics: Lady with a Bluebird
6. Song I relate to: Moment to Moment
7. Song for an album title: Amber Cascades
8. Most recently listened to Human Nature

Great survey Kiri! What about your answers? : )

Message: 19839 Posted: Sat Nov 24 12:05:33 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Your Move on CDNow? Steve could you help!

Hi Steve. Hope your search for a new job is going well! My thoughts are with you! Anyway...I was on CDNow and saw they have some America albums remastered(Alibi/View From The Ground/Silent Letter). What interested me was that they had Your Move and it would be remastered with bonus tracks. Is it an import? It was going to be available in December. And what CD has the America Christmas/holiday song.(Bought the Chipmunks Christmas tape instead.LOL.) Forgot the name...having a senior moment.LOL.Thanks:)Angie!

Message: 19838 Posted: Sat Nov 24 11:26:26 2001 By: jill
Subject: Dan Peek

Hi-I'm new to this board and am curious if anyone has read Dan's biography on his website I've been an America fan since the mid 70's and have learned a lot! I appreciate his honesty and wonder what the others in the band think. For the "record," my desert island America disc is a tie between "Hearts" and "Holiday." One last thing; Am I the only one who thinks the best post Dan releases are Alibi & Silent Letter?

Message: 19837 Posted: Sat Nov 24 07:35:20 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Pac Rim Dan

As a fellow island and beach person, it's good to have you on board
OZ is one big island with a coastline of 38,000 kms, so I guess it's ok to let the secret out about being the lucky country. The only piece of bad luck for me was to have left Sydney in 1975 to head to the west coast, so I just missed out on seeing the guys back then. But I didn't lose on the move, the people are friendlier this side, the weather is even better and life is laid back, kind of Dan Peek style ........
So Dan, when are you coming back to visit?
PS: 7 Warner recordings to 1976? Were they counting the debut album UK release and the US release as 2 albums?

Message: 19836 Posted: Fri Nov 23 14:21:09 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: 8 questions

1. I was 18,a senior in high school. A buddy of mine at the time played a horse with no name for me. I was HOOKED
2. I went to 4 concerts in 1999
3. The Debut album for me as well was the 1st for me as well
4. A new live CD (Coveted Amrica item)
5. Moon Song (Most obscure lyrics)
6. I can still remember like it was yesterday looking out the window at college watching the wind blow the leaves and think about my 17 year old dancing queen who had just dumped me. " blowing leaves ,broken dreams, seventeen, dancin queen"...Rainbow Song and it remains one of my all time favorites.....I'm gettin all misty here
7. Hope would make a good album name..and it starts with a " H"
8. "History" in my tape player in my car ...Joe K

Message: 19835 Posted: Fri Nov 23 14:06:22 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Europe

Gerry once told me that they go where ever they are asked. Perhaps no one in Europe has seen fit to book them. Joe K

Message: 19834 Posted: Fri Nov 23 09:32:25 2001 By: PeterOR
Subject: Europe is on my World Atlas but not America


If you look at a map of the world and look to the right of America you will see a large expanse of space called Europe. To the left hand extreme of Europe is a country called Ireland. Next time you're putting together a concert schedule remember your roots in the UK and make the one-hour hop to Ireland. We've been supporting you for the best part of three decades and would like to say Hi in person.

We pack out the concert venues for Bread and The Eagles and America would be no different.


Message: 19833 Posted: Fri Nov 23 09:30:42 2001 By: PeterOR
Subject: Europe is on my World Atlas but not America


If you look at a map of the world and look to the right of America you will see a large expanse of space called Europe. To the left hand extreme of Europe is a country called Ireland. Next time you're putting together a concert schedule remember your roots in the UK and make the one-hour hop to Ireland. We've been supporting you for the best part of three decades and would like to say Hi in person.

We pack out the concert venues for Bread and The Eagles and America would be no different.


Message: 19832 Posted: Fri Nov 23 08:47:03 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: quick 8-question survey

1.How old/where were you when you first heard an America song?

In Collingswood, N.J., at home, on AM radio. I was 14.

2.How many (America?) concerts in a one-year period?

3.Title of first America album bought?

The debut LP. I bought it on vinyl as a high school freshman in spring 1972.

4.What America item is on your wish list?

Too many to name. Wouldn't mind having the "Lonely People" 45 with the cartoon pic sleeve or the '77 Tour Book, but that's just for starters.

5.Which song has the most obscure lyrics?

"Monster." Closely followed by: "My Dear."

6.Which America song do you relate to the most?

Tough to single out just one. Probably "Daisey Jane" because it conjurs my summer of '75 at the Jersey Shore, young, free, unconcerned with trifle like earning a living and parenthood and, probably most of all, in love for the first time. Beyond that, "Old Man Took" for its generosity of spirit and "It's Life" for it captures the joy and pain of same.

7.What America song would make a good album title?

"Tall Treasures." (By the way, anyone else hear echoes of mid-period Fogelberg in this song?)

America album most recently listened to?

That first "America" LP and "Hat Trick," back-to-back, in that order, on a self-taped cassette during a long drive.

Message: 19831 Posted: Fri Nov 23 07:42:38 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: D.G. concerts

...would be great if AMERICA would give an give an account of their upcoming concerts with the troops on Diego Garcia on their site.

For anyone interested here's a D.G. site with some pictures,stories, and misc. information.

note: a few of the stories are a bit colorful (crude).

It really is a beautiful Island but during the 70's when we were still living in seahuts and little trailers it was for alot of folks a tough place to be. Diego Garcia today is alot more civilized and built up...but it's still in the middle of nowhere.


Message: 19830 Posted: Fri Nov 23 07:32:54 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Free Publicity

Terry, I can e-mail you a copy of the text of Dan's new episodes if you'd like until the router situation gets fixed. Just drop me a line if you want me to. And thanks for the free publicity (LOL)!

Message: 19829 Posted: Fri Nov 23 07:20:49 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Kiri's Query

1. How old/where were you when you first heard an America song?

Twenty-one, in Ft. Lauderdale...although I'd heard their music in my head in past lives.

2. How many concerts have you been to in a one-year time period?

Two, maybe three.

3. Title of the first America album you bought? Cassette? CD?

AMERICA (first album). How about vinyl, not to mention eight-track?

4. What America item is on your wish list (music, memorabilia, etc.)?

The opportunity to duel the lead to Three Roses on stage.

5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics?

Pidgeon Song...but getting less obscure by the minute.

6. Which America song do you relate to the most?


7. What America song would make a good album title? (doesn't have to be an "H")

Letter (Let Her)

8. America album most recently listened to?


Message: 19828 Posted: Fri Nov 23 06:51:53 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Free Publicity

I haven't been able to access for a week now. A few days ago I called my Internet Provider, relating the problem, and again a couple days later. I am very aware that there are others who are able to access the site so obviously I persisted...especially since the episodes are starting again.. In the course of my explanations I have had to give the technical support folks the address of his site.

After the first round of 'complaining', I was told that it was probably a temporary routing issue. This is after they actually (and successfully) visited the site themselves, even using my log-on and dial-up number. This left me in the dark, as I was informed that it would probably work itself out in time...which it hasn't.

My second call caused even more folks to visit Dan's (and therefore The Fan's, indirectly) site. This time they were perplexed enough to consult with their supervisor. They were told that they received a similar call the other day from someone who couldn't access a certain site in Texas.

Turns out that the routing server for my reaching Dan's site goes through Texas, too, so they are now escalating the attempt at correction, which involves phone calls.

I bet I've helped a lot of folks get back in touch with AMERICA in the process but I still can't get to! Blame it on the Holidaze.

JH's guy

Message: 19827 Posted: Fri Nov 23 06:40:41 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

Go Kiri...
At 21, back in '72 on the radio... also agree with Johnny, no confusion with Heart Of Gold, DB out-sings NY. Dewey could do anything from Harvest better ... ha ha, how 'bout OLD MAN?

One - out of one chance

Homecoming - my flatmates had the debut album, and we shared a lot!

Refer to msg #19826

AMBER CASCADES - is it about Summer, or maybe beer or boats? (or both)

I'll go for a whole album .... HOLIDAY, but the track would be LONELY PEOPLE

Hangover... ha ha

Human Nature - still like it more every time I play it

My 1971 Warner UK pressing of AMERICA sans HORSE

Have a good weekend all

Message: 19826 Posted: Fri Nov 23 06:16:15 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Singapore - March 2

ok - now we are getting closer to Perth..... hmmm, and Singapore is closer than Sydney - how about it guys, Bali then a mere 3 hours down to perfect paridisical Perth. You filled the Burswood Casino a couple of times when you were here in November 1997, and we have better beaches here than in Bali (or LA), meet you in the middle, I'll be

Message: 19825 Posted: Thu Nov 22 20:47:08 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chat reminder

That's ok, not many people were there. Thanks to kade and electric blue for stopping by.
See you all next week!

Message: 19824 Posted: Thu Nov 22 19:19:39 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Anaheim concert

Hi everyone; Ive been away for a few days so have only now seen that Dan has very kindly answered our queries about the Anaheim concert. Most of you have probably seen it already, but for those that havnt, its in the Guest Book section on his site.

Message: 19823 Posted: Thu Nov 22 14:48:56 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Query about "On the Road" LP America/Eagles "Live"

Should have proofread my previous post better. :0)

Speech, hopefully Howard has fixed you up. Personally, I think the sound quality of "On The Road" isn't that great.

(A personal note to JH's man: I can't access my e-mail to reply if you've written to me.)

Message: 19822 Posted: Thu Nov 22 14:35:38 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

Great questions, Kiri!


10TH grade so probably 15 or 16 years old back in 1972 on the radio. Thought it was a cool song but didn't buy the album immediately. Never did mistake Dewey's voice for Neil Young's. No offense to Neir Young's fans here but I think Dewey's voice is far superior! I remember "Crazy Mama" by JJ Cale and "Heart Of Gold" being played on the radio a lot when "Horse" was. Would LOVE to hear the guys cover "Heart Of Gold" with Dewey on lead vocals!




The first album and "Homecoming" at the same time. Probably have the more copies of "Homecoming" in various forms than any other of America's releases.


It's easier to answer with what isn't. :0)


"Company", "Cornwall Blank", and "Tin Man" (All are Dewey's songs if as you no doubt have noticed.)


"Last Two To Dance"


I agree with David P..."World Of Light"


"Human Nature"

Message: 19821 Posted: Thu Nov 22 10:08:21 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

1. How old/where were you when you first heard an America song?
16 years old / Bangor, Maine
2. How many concerts have you been to in a one-year time period?
3. Title of the first America album you bought? Cassette? CD?
Hearts/ LP
4. What America item is on your wish list (music, memorabilia, etc.)?
none, right now
5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics?
Hat Trick
6. Which America song do you relate to the most?
Sister Golden hair
7. What America song would make a good album title? (doesn't have to be an "H")
World of Light
8. America album most recently listened to?
Complete Greatest Hits

Message: 19820 Posted: Thu Nov 22 07:14:38 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. I really do have a lot to be thankful for and I try to show my gratitude all year long. However, it's nice to have this special day when we can all give thanks together. In a world that is full of sorrow and suffering, I, for one, would like to say that I also see a lot of happiness and joy. I'm very grateful for freedom, for health, and many other things that I won't take time to mention. I'm also thankful for friends, many of whom are on this chat folder. Even though I've never met most of you personally, I still feel your support and friendship and I appreciate that. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that it is the start to a satisfying holiday season. --SteveL

Message: 19819 Posted: Thu Nov 22 06:53:37 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Huh??? (Bones)

"Memories don't die, but with time become faded" (Peek)...DanC.

Message: 19818 Posted: Wed Nov 21 23:50:27 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Chat reminder

AAACCKKK!!! I had fully planned on being at the chat, but at the last minute a friend phoned about a support meeting for adult children of parents with Alzheimer's being held tonight. Sorry and looking forward to next week!


Message: 19817 Posted: Wed Nov 21 13:35:48 2001 By: AmericaSL

Shamu, there's nothing scheduled for France as of now. But the concert list is always being updated so keep checking.

Message: 19816 Posted: Wed Nov 21 13:34:16 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: message to speechwriter

Speechwriter, email me please

Message: 19815 Posted: Wed Nov 21 12:36:00 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

4.OLD America T-shirt, burgandy with Holiday era logo
5.Mad Dog
6.Till The Sun Comes Up Again
7.Cornwall Blank
8.Hat Trick

Message: 19814 Posted: Wed Nov 21 11:47:46 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: quick 8-question survey

fun survey. I won't torment you with all of my answers, but one that I recall is that I first heard "Horse With No Name" on the radio during a time, in 1971 when I was 14, that WFIL-AM in Philly was running a "Name That Horse" promotional contest.

Suggested ad for a question: What is your most treasured America related possession? Mine is a pressing of that first LP w/out "Horse."

Anyway, fun survey.

Message: 19813 Posted: Wed Nov 21 11:37:31 2001 By: shamu


Message: 19812 Posted: Wed Nov 21 11:05:10 2001 By: kiri
Subject: quick 8-question survey

Have a lull at work….want to go home!…came up with this.

1. How old/where were you when you first heard an America song?
2. How many concerts have you been to in a one-year time period?
3. Title of the first America album you bought? Cassette? CD?
4. What America item is on your wish list (music, memorabilia, etc.)?
5. Which America song has the most obscure lyrics?
6. Which America song do you relate to the most?
7. What America song would make a good album title? (doesn't have to be an "H")
8. America album most recently listened to?

Message: 19811 Posted: Wed Nov 21 10:16:38 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Listen to this...I repeat listen to this

now that we've cleared that up ... what's it sound like?

Message: 19810 Posted: Wed Nov 21 09:19:47 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Listen to this...I repeat listen to this

On the road bootleg is the ABC In Concert broadcast.
It's not a bootleg at all.

Message: 19809 Posted: Wed Nov 21 08:59:26 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Query about "On the Road" LP America/Eagles "Live"

For anyone who wants to offer a critique: is the bootleg LP "On the Road" (America/Eagles live) worth tracking down for the faithful? I have an appetite to hear live stuff from this period, but I've also made the mistake of paying collector's prices for supposedly "good" sonic quality bootlegs of other bands only to learn that some folks' idea of acceptable sound is on the order of a broken transistor radio. What do you say? For those who own the LP, have acquired a tape or have simply heard it, would I listen or would it gather dust?

Message: 19808 Posted: Wed Nov 21 08:40:40 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

Join other fans in a lively chat this evening! Mags suggested a group listen of Hearts, so if everyone is willing, join me after 7 this evening(I have pies to bake for tomorrow, so I willbe a bit late,) Hope to see you there!

Message: 19807 Posted: Wed Nov 21 08:23:13 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 1974 ABC In Concert (Jamey)

Jamey, in addition to what Howard mentioned, if you click on "Albums" on the home page of this site (underneath "America" of the "America Fans" banner), it will take you to the listing of America albums. From there, find the 5th album listed. It's a 1974 album titled "On The Road". Enjoy the read!

(Off I go to Albuturkey...I mean Albuquerque for turkey. Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!)

Message: 19806 Posted: Wed Nov 21 07:48:11 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: 1974 ABC In Concert

Jamey, if you look under archives somewhere, I was the one the
contributed that TV listing from that televised concert with Focus & Graham Central Stations, which I still have of all the songs
America played, which Was at the Rainbow Theatre, London, England.
Songs were: Horse, I Need You, Ventura Highway, Lonely People,
Sandman & Green Monkey. Hope that helps.

Message: 19805 Posted: Wed Nov 21 07:19:03 2001 By: Jamey Karr
Subject: Re: In Concert- ABC (Johnny)

Yes ,we are talking about 1974. I still remember Dan playing that red Gretch. It was a great show....long before I had a vcr.

Message: 19804 Posted: Wed Nov 21 00:54:48 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Diego Garcia

Steve, good to see they're going to Diego Garcia. It's a very long flight to get there. I went from Iceland to Diego the hard way...east to west. If I'd flown across Africa I would've darn near flown around the world on one flight. Of course there were lots of stops on the way...Travis AFB, Honolulu, Guam, Philipines, Singapore.

Diego's alot different today than when I was there. We lived in seahuts and the entertainment was watching the chickens and donkeys.


Message: 19803 Posted: Tue Nov 20 21:33:01 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: "You Can Do Magic"


Gosh, now that you mention it, I seem to remember that, too! I've always felt many America tunes could and should be used in movie soundtracks...versus showcasing anything that screams, "Hold the pickle hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us." LOL.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! We have much to be grateful for.

Mags :O)

Message: 19802 Posted: Tue Nov 20 20:35:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Questions

Jerey, while it's possible that America could be playing in Tennessee this coming weekend, I kind of doubt it. Even if they were, it would be a private gig which means the public couldn't attend. For the most part, I don't receive information on private gigs, and even if I do I don't post it unless it has already appeared somewhere else (e.g., Pollstar). Next week the guys will be flying overseas and then picking up a military transport to the island of Diego Garcia. They'll be playing a couple of concerts for the troops over there.

Note to Jeff Brink - Thanks for the encouragement.

Message: 19801 Posted: Tue Nov 20 18:37:33 2001 By: Jerey
Subject: Questions

I heard that America would be playing at a venue in Tennessee Thanksgiving weekend. Any truth to the rumor? If so, where? Also does anyone have a heads up on the Homecoming DVD on CDNow? Is it videos of the songs or something else?

Message: 19800 Posted: Tue Nov 20 18:14:27 2001 By: Alan Bescan
Subject: Anaheim concert

I was at the concert......being in the Navy at the time (stationed in San Diego) I went to about 5 of the stadium shows. I wish I could remember the rest of the line-up but I'm not sure. I am pretty sure the Beach Boys were the headliner since Brian Wilson made one of his rare appearances. Infact a few tv specials about the Beach Boys used film clips from that show.....I can tell because Al Jardine (I think) wore a tall "Uncle Sam" hat because of the Bicentnnial and the "Concert Day at the Big "A" banner on the stage. It was a great concert event and I had a great time. I was on the field not too far from the stage but I can't find myself on the poster. Those were the days!!

Message: 19799 Posted: Tue Nov 20 17:11:22 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: In Concert- ABC (Jamey)

Jamey, are we talking about around 1974? If not, about when?

Message: 19798 Posted: Tue Nov 20 16:59:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Steve L.

I thought of Steve the other day when I saw a personalized license plate on the back of a car from New Mexico. It had "SL - Dude". What it really stands for, I don't know. Maybe "SL" was the car model. It wasn't a Mercedes SL I know that for sure.

Message: 19797 Posted: Tue Nov 20 15:53:58 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Steve L.

Hope things are looking up for you.


Message: 19796 Posted: Tue Nov 20 15:24:11 2001 By: Jamey Karr
Subject: In Concert- ABC

I watched America on In Concert at my girlfriends house the night it ran on ABC. Does anyone remember seeing it? I recall a blistering version of Cornwall Blank. Does a copy of this still execist?

Message: 19795 Posted: Tue Nov 20 15:18:37 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: 2002 - San Antonio concert

Well, my joy at seeing a concert scheduled in San Antonio for May 11, 2002, has just been dashed as I have just discovered it is a private event. AAAGGGHHH! I'll just have to keep hoping and checking the concert list!! Surely they will get to the Lone Star State for a public concert sometime next year. I know, I'll put that on my Christmas list for Santa - I promise I've been really good.... lol :)

Ya'll have a great Thanksgiving!


Message: 19794 Posted: Tue Nov 20 11:29:52 2001 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: Re: OZ Tour - message for Erin Edwards

Goanna - Thanks for the message. I can't make any promises at this point but that is something that we are working on. It is a maze of legalities, customs, duties, etc., etc. to be navigated. As soon as I know for sure what will be available, I will post another message.

Thanks again.

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 19793 Posted: Tue Nov 20 08:00:44 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Huh??? (Bones)

Actually, I don't really care. It was over 25 years ago.

Message: 19792 Posted: Tue Nov 20 07:22:02 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Huh??? (Bones)

Bonzy, who is Dr. Emmett L. Brown?'

Dr. Emmett L. Brown = Christopher Lloyd = Crazy/ingenious professor in the classic Michael J. Fox movie "Back To The Future". One of my favorite parts of that movie is seeing Huey Lewis as one of the high school band judges. Actually, I liked the entire movie.

Message: 19791 Posted: Tue Nov 20 05:46:52 2001 By: Nina
Subject: "You Can Do Magic"

I'm not sure who mentioned that this song was associated with a VO5 commercial...but I could swear it was used for a paper towel commercial!?!? (But, then, I'm the one who thinks that Gerry wrote a Christmas you can't go by me!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Message: 19790 Posted: Tue Nov 20 04:28:16 2001 By: Goanna
Subject: OZ Tour - message for Erin Edwards

Hi Erin,
Hope you don't mind if I indulge in a wish list......but....
If the guys come to OZ could you send with them a truck load of paraphernalia to sell at the venues they play at,,,Tshirts, CD's (old/new),Posters... etc etc.... we love that stuff down here, I remember not seeing any of that stuff last time they were down... I promise to give generously!!! :)))

Message: 19789 Posted: Mon Nov 19 23:36:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Huh??? (Bones)

Bonzy, who is Dr. Emmett L. Brown? A psychotherapist? If so, yeah, maybe he CAN help! :0) If not him then maybe Dr. Daddy Divine.

But actually, I'm very content in my belief that America was the main attraction on July 3, 1976. It's Robyn who's wanting to know whether "her theory" is correct. I was just trying to understand her position because it wasn't clear to me before today. I think it's basically the same as what Jim Bob, Mark, and I believe whether one wants to call it "one headliner" with that being America or two major co-headliners with the "bigger one" performing first. The end result is the same; we all think it was AMERICA!

Message: 19788 Posted: Mon Nov 19 19:11:00 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Huh???

Why don't you give Doctor Emmett L. Brown a call. He might be able to help find the answer to this Anaheim Stadium question.

Message: 19787 Posted: Mon Nov 19 17:36:43 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Road

I mean entertain the troops in November, week after Thanksgiving.
AMERICA overseas for the troops.

Message: 19786 Posted: Mon Nov 19 15:34:07 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Road

Being sons of military personnel & constantly having to re-locate, I always thought that they must have learned a lot about being on the move during their youth. GERRY & DEWEY are definitely true soldiers in the rigors of touring & never letting it impact their performance on stage. Speaking of soldiers, I was hoping when they entertain the troops in December, that when DEWEY sings SANDMAN, one of the flyers will rename their fighter plane SANDMAN ! especially if he explains the genesis of the song. just a thought.

Message: 19785 Posted: Mon Nov 19 15:16:24 2001 By: Don
Subject: The Road

I would like to know more about what D & G go through regarding the rigors of the road. I played in a dance band for ten years. We only played out on the weekends and, at the most, drove two hours for gigs. How do these guys do it? And remain fresh and lively? Obviously, they love it. But they must have some awesome help. I’d like to hear more about how they manage the day to day stuff like:

Rider info. - must have’s
Transportation – vans, planes, cars
Friends on the road – who goes with them?
Alone time on the road
Hotels? Motels? Motor homes?
Roadies/equipment managers
They must have several sets of equipment to do so many one night stands in different parts of the country.

Your thoughts . . . . . . . . Don

Message: 19784 Posted: Mon Nov 19 13:03:45 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: DCTR & More (For Speech)

Yeah, the same thought had occurred to


Message: 19783 Posted: Mon Nov 19 10:57:01 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Huh???

Okay, Robyn believes there were TWO major bands that headlined at the Anaheim Stadium and the BIGGER of the two (America) went on first. Jim Bob, Mark, and I believe America was the headliner. So we ALL are basically saying the same thing and it's that America was the main draw or "the bigger of the two" as Robyn puts it. To me it's like saying it's "six of one or a half dozen of the other". The bottom line is that we all believe America was the band most of attendees came to see and hear back on July 3, 1976.

On another matter, I called the local electric company this morning and was put on hold. The music playing while I was on hold was "Ventura Highway"! It sounded like it was from "History". I was just about able to listen to the entire song before the person on the other end returned. I was hoping to hear whether another America song was next.

Message: 19782 Posted: Mon Nov 19 10:02:08 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dans Bio, Anaheim, "Hearts" and "Harbor"

For a long time I found that photo from the Anaheim show troubling. I couldn't reconcile the massive open-air stadium crowd and the exuberant look on Gerry's face while playing with the mood of psychic exhaustion that hangs over many of the songs on Harbor, the record that bore the Anaheim stadium show poster (or Hideaway for that matter). Reading episodes 49 & 50 of Dan's bio, though, provided some needed "perspective." I actually have come to love most of the tunes on both Hideaway and Harbor. But the air of ennui and jadedness in the songs -- at a time when America was riding so incredibly high -- came as a jolt in 1976-77. Some fellow fans have argued the point, but it seems clear to me now that the "Hearts" LP was followed by a real group come-down (inevitable, I'd imagine) and that those last two Warner Bros. records were crafted in a very different atmosphere. To their credit, Gerry, Dewey and Dan expressed the feelings of the time in honest songs that true fans embraced then and still love to this day. But I can understand how these tunes failed to catch commercial fire with America's mass audience, even if the commercial decline is typically blamed on the displacement of folk and country-rock on the charts by disco, punk and new wave. Thanks to Gerry, Dewey and Dan for staying the course and giving us two-and-a-half more decades of great music. And thanks to Dan for giving us a window into the band's experience of that frothy mid-70s heyday and some clues as to what informed the songwriting.

Message: 19781 Posted: Mon Nov 19 09:11:24 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Hearts

Sure Mags, we can listen to Hearts! I will be in the room after 7, give me time to burn the pies for Thanksgiving!(roflmho)

Message: 19780 Posted: Mon Nov 19 07:43:49 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Huh??? and to jimbob

Nope. I still believe that like most of those stadium shows that I went to in Anahiem ( and I believe I went to five or six of them that summer)There were TWO major bands that headlined. The bigger of the two went on first BUT they were co billed.

and yes, growing up in Southern California in the 60's and 70's was great. I am very thankful my folks left da Bronx in the late 50's!

Message: 19779 Posted: Mon Nov 19 06:53:03 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: 1999 German DVD concert....Old news

They played to a very enthusiastic and exciting audience. Their performance was excellent. How do I know. I've had the video
for the past 2 years...that's why. Don't pass up the DVD,
it's definitely worth it. It's alittle over an hour give or take.

Message: 19778 Posted: Mon Nov 19 06:42:16 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: DCTR & More (For Speech)

Thanks for that tidbit. Save for the fact that it was important in revitalizing the band's mainstream fortunes, I never cared for "You Can Do Magic" anyway. Now I like it even less. Thank goodness "Sister Golden Hair" was never glommed onto for, say, a hair-coloring treatment by Revlon or somesuch. Or was it??

Message: 19777 Posted: Mon Nov 19 01:24:24 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: oops

Sorry for the double posting.

Message: 19776 Posted: Mon Nov 19 01:22:13 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Anaheim etc

Thanks guys, for your input and the theories to my questions! A few years back I stayed a couple of nights in Anaheim and I kept on thinking about that poster and how the stadium couldnt be too far away. Also "EVERYONE I MEET IS FROM CALIFORNIA" kept going around in my head! Being from NZ, it was such a blast to be in California; it was almost mythical to me as a huge majority of the artists I admired and still do, were there. Must have been an exciting place growing up there with those concerts going on at that stadium!

Message: 19775 Posted: Mon Nov 19 01:20:03 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Anaheim etc

Thanks guys, for your input and the theories to my questions! A few years back I stayed a couple of nights in Anaheim and I kept on thinking about that poster and how the stadium couldnt be too far away. Also "EVERYONE I MEET IS FROM CALIFORNIA" kept going around in my head! Being from NZ, it was such a blast to be in California; it was almost mythical to me as a huge majority of the artists I admired and still do, were there. Must have been an exciting place growing up there with those concerts

Message: 19774 Posted: Sun Nov 18 21:16:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Huh???

Let's analyze all that we've said here:

Jim Bob asked: Did THE BEACH BOYS open for AMERICA at the Anaheim concert Dan wrote of? Was AMERICA the headline act?

Jim Bob is wanting to know which ONE of the TWO bands was the HEADLINER. He didn't know at the time he asked his question that it was often customary at the Anaheim Stadium for the headliner to perform next-to-last. Regardless of WHEN the headliner performs at the "Big A", Jim Bob believes America was the main attraction because he said, "I imagine around the time they [America] would have been #1 as far as drawing the crowd."

I said after Jim Bob's post: I'm quite sure America was the headliner especially since it was listed "BEACH BOYS / AMERICA".

Mark said: They [America] were one of the biggest acts in the world, a "supergroup". So, I would bet that they were the headliner for the concert."

Robyn said directly after Mark's post: "And like I said the bigger draw went next to last at these shows!"

Robyn, you ALSO said in an earlier post today, "Usually there were two or three lesser known bands that 'warmed up' the crowd...then there were TWO major co-headliners. I believe this was the case."

So, I guess you have changed your mind from there being "TWO major co-headliners" to believing like Jim Bob, Mark, and me that there was ONE headliner and that was America???

Message: 19773 Posted: Sun Nov 18 18:55:28 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Anaheim Stadium Show- a theory only

and like I said the bigger draw went next to last at these shows! Dan can you clarify? thanks!!!

Message: 19772 Posted: Sun Nov 18 16:23:05 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: The Anaheim Stadium Show- a theory only

In the mid-70s America was bigger than the Beach Boys. That was America's peak time. They were one of the biggest acts in the world, a "supergroup". So I would bet that they were the headliner for the concert (especially a bi-centenial concert with America).

The Beach Boys fell on some rough times in the early 70s. Most 60s "pop" groups became uncool by then. The Beach Boys retreated to Europe, where people still appreciated their music and still considered them superstars (sounds like a pattern, even today America seems to get more respect and media coverage when they go overseas). The Beach Boys began their US comeback in the mid-70s with the release of a greatest hits album, Endless Summer which began to re-focus people's attention on their music. Then they began recording new material and had a top 10 hit with a cover of Chuck Berry's Rock & Roll Music. Their comeback carried them right through the 80s and into the 90s.

But still in the mid-70s, America was the bigger draw.

Message: 19771 Posted: Sun Nov 18 15:46:02 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: +=!

Glad to see you back home, Tery, even under the circumstances. You are in my thoughts. Have missed you lots! I say we have a special "good cheer chat" on Wednesday, and have a group listen of Hearts (Ter's fav)! What say, Robyn and everyone???

Mags :O)

Message: 19770 Posted: Sun Nov 18 13:47:21 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: +=!



Message: 19769 Posted: Sun Nov 18 13:46:23 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: +=!

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words (emails) in the past couple of days. My step Dad passed away on Monday night (the 12th). He had a long row to hoe with the Melanoma and was pretty pain free up until the end....then it was all DOWN HILL, )C=

If you happen to know any care givers around you, take some time to let them know what a great job they do. My Mom had one of the HARDEST JOBS in the WORLD taking care of Bob and she did admirably! My only solace thru this whole thing is that I know know he's not suffering.

Thanks for all of your support.


Message: 19768 Posted: Sun Nov 18 13:42:57 2001 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: DCTR & More (For Speech)

I believe in the '80's V.O.5 used "You Can Do Magic" for about 30 seconds.......


Message: 19767 Posted: Sun Nov 18 13:16:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New tour dates

Thanks for the link and the info, Genevieve. I generally wait until I get official confirmation from Morey Management, but I'll check into the gigs at that link. --SteveL

Message: 19766 Posted: Sun Nov 18 09:52:44 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Anaheim Stadium Show- a theory only

Here's more of my take on it, based only upon the many stadium gigs I went to at the Big A. They would put the bigger draw on before the closer. I saw Peter Frampton ( during the amazing run of "Frampton Comes ALive" ) with ELO. Frampton was the one people came to see and a lot left during the ELO show ( myself included) and repaired to the parking lot to watch the fireworks and to get a jump on the traffic ( this is how it works in SoCal!) We wanted to beat the post concert, post Disneyland traffic.( just up the road from the Big A)I think event planners count on the SoCal tendency to split early to avoid the trafic jam. As far as the BB's joining them, I think it was just the cameraderie of the day, they are after all collegues.
Maybe Dan can clear this up once and for all!

Message: 19765 Posted: Sun Nov 18 01:44:08 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: The Anaheim Stadium Show- a theory only

Thats an interesting theory, and one that makes sense as far as it being daylight when the photo was taken! Although the point Johnny raised as to whether the BEACH BOYS would join the encore before they had themselves played is also quite valid,and one that I had already considered. What made me think Santana had played that day, was the interview section for THE COMPLETE GREATEST HITS, where when asked "What has been the most thrilling moment of your career so far?", Dewey answered, "...but the energy of spending the day at a stadium gig, as we did in the 70's, with The Beach Boys, and following Santana onto the stage in the afternoon to play for 50,000 people was very thrilling!" I just assumed it was the Anaheim gig, although I now know the crowd that day was 100,000! I know in the early 70's the BB's went through a bit of a slump and were not pulling the crowds as they had done. Were, by the mid 70's, they able to get those sort of numbers at concerts again or was AMERICA the main draw card? At their peak, could AMERICA fill a stadium on their own? Thanks for the theories, can we have some more please? As a side note, New Zealands biggest concert, I believe, was Bowie in 1983. 80,000 packed in; it was so tight that a limit was imposed after that. McCartney got 64,000. I was at them both.

Message: 19764 Posted: Sat Nov 17 21:58:52 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Anaheim Stadium Show--a theory only

ok this is base puely on how I remember the stadium gigs at the Big A that I went to went on. Usually there were two or three lesser known bands that "warmed up" the crowd ( the day began around noon, these wre really marathon events) then there were TWO major co-headliners. I believe this was the case here. The picture shows that it is still daytime when America went on. That would mean they went on before the BB, who would have gone on in the twilight at the earliest ( around 8:30 or so) Was anyone actually at this show and can confirm my theory?

Message: 19763 Posted: Sat Nov 17 18:46:19 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Anaheim Stadium Show

Jim Bob, the Anaheim Stadium show was listed just as Dan mentioned: "BEACH BOYS / AMERICA". I don't believe Santana performed but I'm not 100% sure...only 99%. The show was on a Saturday. I don't remember if Dan mentioned that or not. For general admission it was only $10 in advance! I'm quite sure America was the headliner especially since it was listed as "BEACH BOYS / AMERICA". Plus, Dan mentioned that the Beach Boys joined them for the encore. If it were the Beach Boys as the headliner, I don't believe they would have joined Dan, Dewey, and Gerry, if you know what I mean.

Chris, I'm still thinking about the "Dan replacement" question of yours.

Message: 19762 Posted: Sat Nov 17 14:40:05 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Dans Bio

Great to once again wake up on a Sunday morning and have another installment from Dan. Did THE BEACH BOYS open for AMERICA at the Anaheim concert Dan writes of? And is this the concert Ive read about that had SANTANA playing as well? Was AMERICA the headline act? I imagine around this time they would have been #1 as far as drawing the crowds as HISTORY must have only recently been released and HEARTS with SISTER GOLDEN HAIR must have still been riding pretty high on the charts. Can anyone clarify any of this for me? Thanks, Jim

Message: 19761 Posted: Sat Nov 17 14:25:26 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Ozstralia

holiday, that is indeed good news about the guys playing Oz early next year! Your hunch that they would be was right! I couldnt imagine them making the journey to NZ without stopping over in Sydney, at least, although the fact that my tickets for the Auckland shows have already arrived made me think perhaps they were going to miss you guys this time. Margaret, I was so pleased for you when I read you had tickets to the show out here but I imagine you may be feeling a little frustrated to read they may be much closer by! I will be in Sydney over Christmas/New Year and for a second got excited as I imagined seeing them there, but the credit card has taken enough of a pounding already!

Message: 19760 Posted: Sat Nov 17 11:23:46 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: DVD and DCTR

Ok, somehow I got thru the German language Amazon prompts & ordered it. I think I paid 37.70 Euros, approx. 33 clams US funds via American Express. Hot diggity dog, AMERICA live !!! with the new material.

Message: 19759 Posted: Sat Nov 17 10:38:54 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: New tour dates

Hello, everyone.
I was just looking for information about some of my favorite artists' concerts on the Direct Network site when I happened to find a series of dates for America too. I think some of them (well there are only a few actually)have not yet been listed on your site, Steve. The period concerned goes from 12/15/2001 to 10/20/2002. Thought maybe it could be of some interest for the people haunting this chat, (who IMO are really worth knowing, having a sense for music very much to my taste -HHOS).Here is the link I have used in case some of you might want to check :,,397166,00.html?artist=America

Message: 19758 Posted: Sat Nov 17 06:55:22 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Trio - Neil Young?

I enjoyed Maryann Cummings' post to Steve (MSG# 19724), and it made me wonder - I have often thought that any one of CSN&Y (except Crosby perhaps) would have made an interesting replacement for Dan, not that he has or could ever be replaced in the full sense, but my personal favourite would have been Graham Nash. I love everything Nash has done. Stephen Stills can sure play and his style reminds me of Dewey. So, I don't think Dewey would be upset to think that Neil Young has been 'named' in the line up - then we could have DJ's saying .... and that was "HEART OF GOLD" by Neil Young and America - LOL.....
My other favs to make up a trio again - Jackson Browne or Neil Finn. Any other suggestions?
Now I know there'll be a lot of people who say that G and D don't need a number three - and I agree...... I was just wondering....... infusion of even more songwriting talent would surely produce a few new albums.
And at least my suggestions would be better than Beckley, Bunnell and Brooks ...... hmmm a very big tongue in cheek LOL.

Message: 19757 Posted: Sat Nov 17 06:32:22 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Ozstralia

"...time is growing near....when they'll be
casting off anchor as they sail away, maybe Bali?
or maybe Australia for Margaret and
Rick and Greg .. and Holiday
Thank you Erin, I thought that something was in the wind
ok, enough shootin' the breeze ... it IS happening ....WOW
This is the best news to finish the year on for the Oz chapter of this Folder - truly great news, and thanks guys and Moreys for making it happen. Now, where are those frequent flyer points ... who cares, I'll be there - I'm thinking late February 2002 in Sydney maybe?
Hey jimbob - are you coming over for more?

Message: 19756 Posted: Sat Nov 17 04:23:45 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Cartoon in NJ paper

Horse With No Name gets no respect.LOL. There is a cartoon called Six Chix. It had a woman shopping at a store above it says "Technology to Wish For" and you see the words to Horse above her. The next panel
shows her with a remote control and in the corner it says "A Hand-held Muzak Buster" Horse gets zapped. Oh well... Glad that Dan will be writing more...missed his posts more than I realized. I'll be on my best behavior.

Message: 19755 Posted: Sat Nov 17 00:29:51 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Brooks' Version (Oops!)

Not at all Johnny.


Message: 19754 Posted: Sat Nov 17 00:26:08 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: DVD and DCTR


I applaud your bravery in volunteering to be our guinea pig on the America DVD. Even if it doesn't work, it still might be a real neat collector's item to have on your cabinet, in your bookshelf, or in a display case. Of course, it would be a lot more fun if it did work! [By the way, are America videos only popular in Germany?? What's next, "Live in Munchen" or "Live on Deutsche Welle"?]

Regarding "Don't Cross The River", it is important to note that it is not a direct America cover. Just like the Captain & Tennille covered "Muskrat Love" based on the America version, and not Willis Alan Ramsey's, Garth Brooks is covering essentially Doyle Lawson & Quickilsver covering America. If you've heard Quicksilver's version, you'll find some of the guitar and banjo arrangements strikingly similar in Garth's rendition.

By the way, does anyone have an mp3 version of MFQ's "Don't Cross The River"? I can't seem to get my hands on the CD.


Message: 19753 Posted: Fri Nov 16 22:34:56 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Australia

That's the best news I've heard all week! Think of the money we could have saved on the NZ excursion if this announcement had been made before the NZ tickets went on sale. Now we have double the anticipation! 2002 is looking good.

Message: 19752 Posted: Fri Nov 16 20:40:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Brooks' Version (Oops!)

The America ORIGINAL, rather.

Jeff B, I hope you didn't think I was knocking country folks with the use of the word "hillbilly" when I was describing Garth Brooks. I live in a town of oilfield workers and cowboys (have all my life), so I'm a bit of a "hillbilly" or "redneck" myself. I love country music so that might tell you all a lot). You all (or ya'll) ain't seen or heard nothin' yet 'til you've met an Asian with a strong West Texas drawl, believe me!!! I bet I sound more Texan than KevinS! After all, I live only a mile from West Texas being in New Mexico.

Message: 19751 Posted: Fri Nov 16 20:27:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Brooks' Version

I have yet been able to listen to Brooks' version of "DCTR". Maybe I shouldn't, huh? Just kidding about not listening. I feel this way: If Brooks' recording of "DCTR" pleases the writer, that's whamdamn good enough for me (I made that word up, I think). I have the America origin to listen to anytime I want whether it's Dan singing lead or whether it's Gerry singing lead on video. I won't be buying Brooks' new CD either way so it's no biggie to me whatsoever what his version sounds like just as long as DAN is happy about it and from what I've read on his website, he's elated. If Dan didn't like it, I'd feel a lot different about it, I'm sure.

Message: 19750 Posted: Fri Nov 16 18:56:59 2001 By: David Stengele
Subject: MFQ's instrumental

Because Hal Diltz is a member of MFQ, he plays the banjo in their version of "Don't Cross the River."

Message: 19749 Posted: Fri Nov 16 18:41:44 2001 By: rick
Subject: Re:Australia

yessssssssss when the new greatest hits album charted here i kept my fingers crossed for a tour but i tried not to get my hopes up.
I'm going to have a great weekend


Message: 19748 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:58:59 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: DCTR

I bet you're right Howard. If you would, would you tell me who's playing what instruments on the MFQ song? As far as this bluegrass thing goes...I can't help it I was raised by hillbillies (lol). Seriously, the last "home" I lived in from age 9-17 was ran by a man and wife from Mississippi. Carl, a man in his 60's and failing health would get up before the crack of dawn and play his mandolin or homemade fiddles. There was no such thing as sleeping in. Anyway, the music he/we listened to on records was old hillbilly music or old country music. So I guess that's why I'm into bluegrass alittle bit.

I used to get mypop/rock music at night off my little transistor radio. One of the stations being your hometown station WABC.


Message: 19747 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:28:30 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: Re: German DVD - Ohne Filter

When you buy Foreign DVD's you watch for the formatting. If they say PAL it is not for North America or Japan. If it is formatted for American DVD players it will say NTSC right on the cover!

Message: 19746 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:25:52 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: Re: Garth Brooks

Erin, When you hear it you will agree with me even more. Harry Potter cool! I am on my way to the Marshall Tucker concert with Poco and the Doobie Brothers! :)

Message: 19745 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:07:21 2001 By: Greg Gorter
Subject: Re: Australia

That's Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

Message: 19744 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:04:49 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: DVD Regions

From what I'm told is that regardless if its a region 1 or 2 or 3,
the dvd rom that comes with our computers can play all regions.

Message: 19743 Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:00:54 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: DCTR

Jeff, MFQ's version is so much better. Wait til you hear it.
Do yourself a favor and throw away that cd, yuch!!!LOL

Message: 19742 Posted: Fri Nov 16 15:52:10 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: DCTR

My wife brought the Garth Brooks CD home to me this evening and I can still say I like AMERICA's version the best. However, being into Bluegrass a bit I can appreciate and enjoy the instrumental aspect of the song. Brooks lined up some very good musicians for this song...Bela Fleck...banjo, Pat Flynn...guitar, Sam Bush...mandolin, and Jerry Douglas...dobro. Fleck, Bush, and Flynn at one time were 3/4 of THE NEWGRASS REVIVAL. Most of their music was progressive bluegrass.

Going through the songs one track caught my ear..."When you come back to me again". Says on the CD that it's the theme from the movie FREQUENCY.

Carry on...JB

Message: 19741 Posted: Fri Nov 16 15:25:46 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: On the other hand...

I am finding out from Amazon how to buy from their German site, probably just have to get me some Euro. will let you know.

Message: 19740 Posted: Fri Nov 16 15:16:48 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: On the other hand...

Jim , let us know if it is playable here. I would love to have that one!

Message: 19739 Posted: Fri Nov 16 14:32:48 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: On the other hand...

John thanks for the info. I will take a chance. So now for live video on AMERICA, we have live in Germany 1975, Central Park NYC in 1979 & now this one. yippee.

Message: 19738 Posted: Fri Nov 16 14:27:13 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: On the other hand...

The Amazon entry does reverse itself after explaining that it is a region 2 DVD by saying in English that it is "code free" and in NTSC. What are we supposed to believe?


Message: 19737 Posted: Fri Nov 16 14:25:20 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: America DVD

Bad news... That new America DVD in Germany is in Region 2 in PAL format. Everyone outside of Europe and Japan can forget about this DVD unless they want to buy a region 2 DVD player. I got this info from, where it has an entry for the new DVD.


Message: 19736 Posted: Fri Nov 16 13:20:36 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Our Side vs. Their Side

I liked Their Side. I think "I Do Believe In You" should have been released as a single instead of "You Could Have Been the One". I also really like Valentine. I think it is one of America's best rockers! They should add it to the playlist!

Message: 19735 Posted: Fri Nov 16 12:36:52 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Our Side vs. Their Side

I agree with Our Guys about Our Side except I'd switch "I Don't Believe In Miracles" for "Right Back To Me". Really like "RBTM"!

Message: 19734 Posted: Fri Nov 16 11:23:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Alibi Cover

Just to be different. Think the goal was achieved? :0)

Message: 19733 Posted: Fri Nov 16 11:22:00 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Our Side vs. Their Side

OUR SIDE: Survival, Might Be Your Love, Catch That Train, You Could've Been The One, and I Don't Believe In Miracles.

THEIR SIDE: I Do Believe In You, Hangover, Right Back To Me, Coastline, Valentine, and One In A Million

Message: 19732 Posted: Fri Nov 16 11:06:44 2001 By: Don
Subject: Re: Alibi

Thanks for the reply. Since we are talking about Alibi, anyone know the significance of the album cover? I'm new to the site and loving it! Don

Message: 19731 Posted: Fri Nov 16 11:04:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: More Badly Translated Lyrics (More "Hair's A Prize)

Remember Gerry talking about "Sister Golden Hair" and the badly translated lyrics especially the part, "Well I tried to make it Sunday but I got so damned depressed" being translated incorrectly as "...but I got so many dandy dresses"? Add to that, the previous mention of "Sister Golden Hair's A Prize" and you get the lyrics posted below.

Here is the whole song from the same Asian released LP that I've been posting the badly translated lyrics from. It's titled "Greatest Hits" on the front cover and "Best Of The America" on the back (yes, it reads "Best Of The America").

Well I try to make it Sunday
But I've got so many dandy dresses
Well I set my sight on Monday
And I got myself undressed
I ain't ready for the August
But I do agree there's time
When a woman sure can be a freind of mine

Well I keep on thinking about you
Sister golden hair's a prize
And I just can't live without you
Can't you see it in my eyes
I've been one, one does not correspondence
I've been two, two had to find
But it doesn't mean anything on my mind

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me in the air
Will you love me just a little
Just enough to show you care
Well I try to figure it
I know my saying
I just can't make it

Well keep on thinking about you
Sister golden hair's a prize
And I just can't live without you
Can't you see it in my eyes
I've been one does not correspondence
I've been two, two had to find
But it doesn't mean anything on my mind

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me in the air
Will you love me just a little

Well I try to figure it
I know my saying
I just can't make it

Message: 19730 Posted: Fri Nov 16 10:50:02 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Here it is & Alibi

Thanks Robyn!!! I am thoroughly impressed!

Alibi question: As I only have Alibi on CD (my last LP was Silent Letter), can someone list the tracks from the LP that made up "our side" and "their side"?

Thanks! You all have a great weekend.


Message: 19729 Posted: Fri Nov 16 10:30:05 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Here it is

ok here is the translation. and lest you think I am a genius, I cheated and used babblefish.

Longing is the fuel behind so some artistic maximum output. Longing may have played also during the naming of the Trios America a crucial role. Because Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek and Dewey Bunnell are children of American parents, but owing to a nomadic life they spent the bulk of their child and youth time outside of the USA. 1970 were created America. The talents completed themselves thereby on the most splendid. Gerry Beckley is a talented arranger and possesses a fine feeling for Ballads. Dewey Bunnell threw its fantasy as a verse rhymester into the scale pan. And already the success story can begin:
A Horse With NO name was called the single, which high-galloped to entire hit directors/conductors of the world in the spring 1972. But also the album debut of the Trios, simply America called, climbed the Charts and threw off still another further hit: I Need You

The tape could together line an impressing chain up of hit Singles and - albums. To their most successful melodies Ventura Highway, Tin Man, to Lonely People, Sister golden Hair, You CAN DO Magic as well as the Title song from the film The last Unicorn. Untiring concert activities, new albums and never tiredly becoming musicians do not only work against, them gain even numerous new fans, as their last European tour showed 1999 fast. During this route also the
concert with cut took place into without filters.
Listing of titles

Lonely People
Last Unicorn
From A Moving Train
Sister Golden Hair
A Horse With No Name
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
Only In Your Heart

Message: 19728 Posted: Fri Nov 16 09:53:05 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Alibi

The short answer is that the record company wanted one side to be Side One and the band wanted the other side. To compromise, they labeled them Our Side and Their Side.

Message: 19727 Posted: Fri Nov 16 09:50:59 2001 By: Don
Subject: Alibi

Does anyone know why, on the Alibi LP, they guys list "our side" and "their side"? Love this album! Don

Message: 19726 Posted: Fri Nov 16 09:46:19 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Australia

Go Margaret ! Australia & New Zealand !

Message: 19725 Posted: Fri Nov 16 09:40:27 2001 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: Australia

Hello everyone. I wanted to let our Australian friends know that the band will be visiting them in the first part of 2002. The tour, produced by the Paul Dainty Organization, will be announced sometime before the holidays.

As soon as we have more details, I will forward them to Steve to keep everyone informed. Chin up, Steve!

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 19724 Posted: Fri Nov 16 08:50:40 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: More Badly Translated Lyrics

I receive mail messages all the time from people all around the globe. Some of the messages come from old people like me (LOL) and others come from the younger set. Early this morning I received one from a 17 year old girl which follows the theme of badly translated lyrics. The lyrics that she refers to come from a source that seems to be reliable but obviously isn't. I thought you might all enjoy the entire text of the message so here it is along with the links to the terrible interpretation of the lyrics:

I just wanted to thank you for your America website. It's really fabulous and you helped me a lot. There's a ton of misinformation about America out there, and my little brain was spinning. I'm 17 and trying to become a huge fan of a few bands (America, the Eagles, Three Dog Night) because I love their music, and maybe partly to be a little different and show my freinds there's more than just N*Sync, Brittany and their clones, but I find it so hard, I wasn't around when these bands were big, I can't look back and say ''Oh, I think this is how it happened.''

What really freaked me out was finding out that Neil Young in fact wasn't in America. A DJ on my favorite radio station said one time after having just played A Horse with No Name, ''That was Neil Young and America''. I swear, I'm not kidding. I was startled by even just that as my mother had informed me it was Neil Young (I asked her as it's one of my all-time favorite song's and she's often my source for the artist or band who performed a particular song), she thought independantly. Later I told her that the DJ said it was actualy America, and she was shocked. She had truley beleived it was Neil Young, and at first flat out told me I was wrong. She said she knew Neil Young when she heard him. I just assumed she ''knew'' Neil Young was in America, and I told her it was Neil Young and America. Not only that, but I've been to other lyrics sites and the likes and those people seem to think it's Neil Young and America, too! I have it in MP3 (I admit it! I SWEAR it's only until I get it on CD and I haven't given it out!) and the information that's in the file, itself, says ''Neil Young - America''. It's so sad, I feel so badly for Dewey Bunnell. I hope he hasn't been paying enough attention to have heard anything like that, I'm sure it would be just heartbreaking.

WAIT! There's more. I play a game called Neopets ( It's a complex virtual pet game (Tomagatchi on crack and vitamins). I named one of my Neopets GoldenHairSuprise (the name SisterGoldenHair was already taken, plus I thought it would be cool if I put in my other Neopet's descriptions something about ''my sister, GoldenHairSuprise'' for anyone who might get it) a couple of days ago. I know the lyrics pretty well, I have Sister Golden Hair on CD. But I wanted to find the lyrics for certain so I could be sure when I put them on her webpage (all Neopets get one of their own). I had your website on hand but I ended up at another one. They had copyright info on the bottom, as well as their source, so I figured these people knew what they were talking about. I was ABSOLUTLY MORTIFIED by what I read. I think I almost had a heart attack, thinking that I had incorrectly named one of my Neopets (which can't be renamed). Guess what these people thought the lyric was? ''Sister golden, hair's a prize.'' REALLY! Here's the page:
The homepage for it is:

They got a couple other (more minor) things wrong, too. I remembered having bookmarked your page a few days ago so I visited to check and WOAH was I releived to see that you guys agreed with what I always thought. Needless to say, I beleive YOU. After all, neither lyric makes a lot of sence in the context of the song, but in the context of the title it HAS to be ''suprise'' because if it were ''hair's a prize'' the title would just be ''Sister Golden''. ''Suprise'' sounds a lot better, anyway. If it were ''hair's a prize'' it would sound a little silly. A little while later I got down with my ear next to my CD player and listened to the line a few times and I decided you're DEFFINITLY right.

So thank you again. You saved me from going into cardiac arrest, and from accidentaly putting misinformation on my Neopet's webpages. I'll deffintly be back and I'm going to add you as a link on said pages. :) If I win in the Neopets Site Spotlight contest, you might even get some pretty good traffic from me so cross your fingers! LoL! :)

~Maryann Cummings

Message: 19723 Posted: Fri Nov 16 08:34:10 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: German DVD - Ohne Filter

Ok . I'm game. I haven't actively spoken German since I moved away from home but....

Message: 19722 Posted: Fri Nov 16 07:36:24 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Swingin' past OZ

Greg - another idea might be for the guys to visit Bali while they are down this way - I see that Gerry has named it as a place he has not been to and would most like to visit - and it is only 3 hours from Perth. The perfect setting to perform PARADISE. Seeing that there always seems to be more Aussies there than locals, a concert could be well supported.... LOL.....ah, the wizardry of OZ.
jimbob - I tried to send you a reply, but I still think my mailbox is out of action - I am not ignoring your offer to catch up in Auckland, maybe it will still happen, along with meeting a few other OZ lurkers out there. Maybe it's time to ask Moreys what is going on with arrangements for a visit to OZ ..... but don't forget Bali guys.

Message: 19721 Posted: Fri Nov 16 07:08:24 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: America's Music Stinks

Nanci- I agree with your opinion of Garth's DCTR. I posted a few days ago saying something like: "Garth's version lacks the very essence of what DCTR is all about." To my ears, Garth turned the song into a GENERIC country-bluegrass song. It lacks just about everything that was distinctive in this great song. And most regrettably, those people who are not very familure with America's music might hear Garth's version and unfortunately might very well come to the conclusion that 'America's music stinks'.

I think that DCTR is one of Dan's very best. I so enjoy Dan's songwriting when he uses country style flavorings in his songwriting.
Another song of Dan's that has that country style flavor is Old Virginia. I like how Old Virginia's tempo redirects the mood of Hearts a little bit. I was nearly floored the 1st time I heard Call Of The Wild. It too has that same kind of feel. I know that Dan did not write it, but it does sound like something Dan could or would write, which is one of the reasons I like Hourglass so much. I pretend that it's a Dan song. -Pat

ps: please forgive my very warped sense of humor regarding the subject title. :O)

Message: 19720 Posted: Fri Nov 16 06:24:05 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: German DVD - Ohne Filter

US & Canada are region 1. German DVD's unless coded for region 1 or universal will not play on US distributed DVD players. This was done so that movies released in one country & not yet released elsewhere can not be exported. Of course on a music DVD, not sure why it would have regional coding.

Message: 19719 Posted: Fri Nov 16 05:46:31 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: German DVD - Ohne Filter

I haven't been to the link yet, but I thought I should let you all know what my sister (who lives in Germany) told me while I was visiting her this summer. Apparently you have to be very careful when buying foreign DVD's as German DVD's will not play on "American" DVD players (this may be true for DVD's produced in other countries as well). I seem to recall hearing this somewhere else, so I'm pretty sure it's true.

Robyn, didn't you mention to me that you spoke/knew some German? Maybe you could translate....?! :)


Message: 19718 Posted: Fri Nov 16 05:35:32 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Garth Brooks

so ... you listen to country music AND to Garth? I mean, they're not to be confused with each other. And there begins the problem with his version of DCTR. As I said before, I know it rings the royalties bell and ratchets up the recognition factor for our guys, but I'm not sure how satisfying it is when someone takes your self-written, self-performed classic and "paints a mustache on the Mona Lisa," so to speak. Of course, I tend to mistrust most cover versions anyway. I place Pete Ham of Badfinger in the pantheon of pop music's greatest artists, and I often feel like I'm the only one on the planet who feels that we could have done without Harry Nilsson's over-produced, lacking-all-subtleness version of the classic Badfinger ballad "Without You" from their No Dice LP.

Message: 19717 Posted: Fri Nov 16 04:46:10 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Garth Brooks

I agree Nanci! I saw Garth here in Reno about 4 years ago, and he was great. I haven't heard the new CD, but I listen to country on the radio once in awhile, so maybe I'll hear DCTR. I'm really curious to hear it, because it's one of my FAVORITE America songs!
Happy Friday everyone!
Only 7 more hours until I get to see Harry Potter!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 19716 Posted: Fri Nov 16 00:10:47 2001 By: Nanci
Subject: Garth Brooks

Ok, I am baffled! I, unlike many of the America fans here, really like Garth Brooks. I have been a fan of his for a long time. I couldn't wait for his scarecrow Cd to be released. Now as a huge fan of Dan's solo stuff and America since the release of the first album, and I have been an avid collector of their memorabilia and a true blue diehard fan, I can make this comment without being thought of as biased. Garth Garth what were you thinking? The Cd is great minus one song, DCTR. What on earth did he do to it. Please tell me I am not the only one that doesn't understand how anyone could destroy this song?

Message: 19715 Posted: Thu Nov 15 21:12:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: More Badly Translated Lyrics

"Don't Cross The River" lyrics from AMERICA's "Greatest Hits" LP from Asia:

There is a little girl like flying on her own
She knows them crazy smart

And if she's coming
She show no more
She's heard no whistle going from the dark
She feels like leaving she don't know why
If that no bitter she's got so why sang

Don't cross the river if you can't swim
Don't try to deny it within on the other side
You were on your own on your life

If you want you can ride my train
Soon forget the reason that you're leaving
Lose yourself and then some time
Maybe even save yourself some reason


Message: 19714 Posted: Thu Nov 15 14:32:51 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Story Of A Teenager redux

<<I, too, seem to remember hearing or reading somewhere that "Story of a Teen-ager" was written to accompany a film that was never actually released.>>

Maybe it was originally meant to be a big-screen release but "only" resulted in a video release. I also read that the Stawbs were credited with a song for this same video. It's very interesting that "It's Life" is mentioned as Shayne pointed out.

Message: 19713 Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:54:09 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Video on ebay

The movie "Jim, The World's Greatest" is currently available on ebay at:

I'm not a hopeless man...

Message: 19712 Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:51:42 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Oops

That will bring you to the comments section. Try this one,


Message: 19711 Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:50:18 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Story Of A Teenager redux

Here is the link to the Internet Database page for the film. Under "Soundtrack Listing", it lists "STORY OF A TEENAGER and IT'sS LIFE.

Every step I take seems out of place...

Message: 19710 Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:27:44 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Story Of A Teenager redux

It's been a while since I read Dan's serialized bio. Did he deal with this question somewhere within the 49 installments? I, too, seem to remember hearing or reading somewhere that "Story of a Teen-ager" was written to accompany a film that was never actually released.

Message: 19709 Posted: Thu Nov 15 12:24:48 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "Story Of A Teenager"

John, excellent! Here is what a press release said about "Jim, The World's Greatest":

Change title when using this material as follows: "Jim -- The World's Greatest". 5166-B STORY OF A TEENAGER UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

Gregory Harrison stars in "Story of a Teenager" as a high school student driven to erotic fantasies by an unhappy home situation.

Universal's "Story of a Teenager." Film by Don Coscarelli and Craig Mitchell, stars Greg Harrison, Robbie Wolcott and Rory Guy. The drama of a high school teenager in conflict with his father was produced by Don Coscarelli, written and directed by Don Coscarelli and Craig Mitchell, and filmed in Technicolor.

Message: 19708 Posted: Thu Nov 15 11:58:54 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Story Of A Teenager redux

According the the Internet Movie Database, "The Story Of A Teenager" was actually a working title for a movie which was eventually released as "Jim The World's Greatest" in 1976. Here's what TV Guide Online says about it:

"Written by a pair of 17-year-olds (Don Coscarelli and Craig Mitchell) whose parents acted as executive producers, this ambitious picture about teen life was finally released when the writers (who also edited, photographed, and directed) were at the ripe old age of 22. It stars Harrison as a struggling teen who lives with his alcoholic father (Guy) and physically abused younger brother (Wolcott). When not protecting his brother, Harrison engages in the usual teen activities of playing football, attending parties, and juggling girlfriends, Pennington and McLain. Produced for about $250,000 (half of which came before Universal's involvement), this is a commendable first feature but barely average in comparison to the rest of the market."

I don't know if this is the same "Story Of A Teenager," but the fact that it came out within a year of Hearts and was released by Universal is a strong clue that it is.


Message: 19707 Posted: Thu Nov 15 11:51:14 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Story Of A Teenager

Actually, I think "Story Of A Teenager" was actually a TV movie aired in 1975, and I don't think there was ever a soundtrack released for it.


Message: 19706 Posted: Thu Nov 15 11:33:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: America Promo Poster

If you haven't already, you may wish to check out the cool black and white America promo poster Steve put up on the home page under "What's New". The poster measures 21" x 27". It's not too visible but Gerry's wearing his number "29" necklace. I especially like Dan and Dewey's big smiles!

Message: 19705 Posted: Thu Nov 15 11:15:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: the story of a teenager

I seem to recall Jimnak saying the movie was completed but it was put on the shelf and was never released.

Message: 19704 Posted: Thu Nov 15 10:29:59 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: California Dreamin' and trading an ax for a sax

When they did the tune live at the Keswick in Philly last month, a guitar solo replaced the sax solo in the middle. For me, the switch made all the difference. I loved it, and I've never been all that crazy about the studio version. I'm prepared to take a slagging for this, but the sax break in the studio version always seemed incongruous to me. I don't know why, but it just hits me wrong. The piano intro and the overall, engagingly wistful mood of the tune just kind of shatters for me at that point. Imagine a trio of Copacabana-style horns blasting into the middle of, say, Dewey's "Are You There?" from Harbor instead of Dan Peek's guitar solo and that's kind of the way that sax solo feels to me.

Message: 19703 Posted: Thu Nov 15 09:32:01 2001 By: hekawi25
Subject: the story of a teenager

with all the messages regarding "california dreamin'" and the
movie, i'm wondering about "the story of a teenager" from HEARTS...
the album cover says its from the universal film of the same name
but i've never seen evidence that such a movie exists. anybody
know anything about the movie?

Message: 19702 Posted: Thu Nov 15 09:19:16 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: California Dreamin'.

The soundtrack is actually pretty good though. What's the opinion of others who own a copy?

I do wonder how it came about that Dewey and Gerry were offered the opportunity to cover the title track. I'm sure glad they did because I really like the song. Liked it done by The Mamas And The Papas and especially America's cover.

Interestingly, for those that don't know, former Mamas and Papas member Michelle Phillips sings a song on the album. Also, the album was put out by American Independent Records which was the same record company of the first band named "America", remember?

Message: 19701 Posted: Thu Nov 15 08:45:42 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: California Dreamin'.

I didn't buy the album. I started too, but when I saw that America only had one song on it and the record store was also selling the 45, I just bought the single instead.

Btw, I did see the movie. It was your typical grade b (minus) movie, geared towards the high school and college crowd of the late 70s. If you've never seen the movie, don't lose any sleep over it. America's song was probably the highlight.

Message: 19700 Posted: Thu Nov 15 05:12:55 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hat Trick Is NOT A Good Album

It's a Fantastic Album!

<<" of the greatest accomplishments in recorded music.">>
I couldn't have said it any better, Andy!

Message: 19699 Posted: Wed Nov 14 23:27:53 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Beech

Don't fret...our Lady of Perpetual Beech will return after a few words from our sponsor (right, Ter?) LOL. I miss her, too! Hope you're back soon, safe and well!

Mags :O)

Message: 19698 Posted: Wed Nov 14 23:23:29 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: California Dreamin'.

Kevin...I must own one of those 7, too. LOL

Mags :O)

Message: 19697 Posted: Wed Nov 14 20:48:36 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "She's Gonna Let You Down" Lyrics (Shayne)

No way Shayne that I'd wait around ("Guess the thing to do is wait around...") if it's the same "stool" that comes to my mind! :0)

On a different matter, finished watching Garth Brooks' first of three scheduled live concerts. He played at least two songs from "Scarecrow" but neither song was "DCTR". My nickname for Garth Brooks is "Hillbilly". He just looks like a hillbilly to me. It's something about the way he wears his cowboy hat.

Message: 19696 Posted: Wed Nov 14 19:51:56 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Thanks

to all who joined me in a brief,but feverish chat this evening (lol-I am really running a fever) See you all next week. A group listen has been proposed. Any suggestions?

Message: 19695 Posted: Wed Nov 14 18:37:20 2001 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "She's Gonna Let You Down" Lyrics

I wonder what they meant by "stool".

Guess the thing to do is wait around...

Message: 19694 Posted: Wed Nov 14 17:57:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

The German import has similar misheard lyrics "And I saw that you were dancing in a rented gown>' and my personal favorite "oooh, can I make it moan"

Message: 19693 Posted: Wed Nov 14 17:43:10 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

Great seats, Jim Bob!!!

Lyrics from the same album cover but for "Rainbow Song":

Window frame and picture of winter time in my room
Sometime in I laugh at the funny time we had in school
Though we mean broken dream
Seventeen, dancing queen, dancing queen

I sleep on the rainbow
For the rest of the night
Can you feel it moving inside of you
Can you let it go
Purple ghost of England in winter time
Who I used to know

Message: 19692 Posted: Wed Nov 14 17:27:02 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: "She's Gonna Let You Down" Lyrics

Talking about "Hat Trick" the album, here are the lyrics to "She's Gonna Let You Down" printed on the back of an America album from Asia. It appears exactly as I've typed it below. I checked it thoroughly to make sure I posted it as it appears on the back of the album cover. The 4th line ends with "find" and not "found":

We're afraid she's gonna let you down
Taking money and drop you to the ground
Wouldn't want to see you messed around
After all the love you think you find
She's gonna let you down

Doesn't matter what we say
Knows the stumbler and stumb to play
You'll be sorry boy until that day
She's gonna break a way

Member all the time you held the stool
Here's our chance to do to save for you
Mend their hand when you are on the ground
She's gonna let you down

Message: 19691 Posted: Wed Nov 14 17:25:03 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

I agree with all the comments about the genius of Hat Trick, the album. The title song is brilliant but Rainbow Song and Windwave are hard to beat! The jamming that goes on in the later part of Rainbow Song is fantastic. When I first saw the picture on the front cover I thought that they had to be the coolest looking guys around! Still like it. Got my tickets for both nights in Auckland; second row, middle for both, so we are all pretty excited. February seems a long time off though!

Message: 19690 Posted: Wed Nov 14 16:25:35 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: "Hat Trick"

This isn't very eloquent on my part, but all I can say is that Hat Trick is just about the greatest song that's been recorded. Period. I discovered it while I was still in High School, and since everyone at the time seemed to be slaves to MTV synth, very few of my friends understood this type of music. I love Gerry's line about "I can't unread the pages I've already read." And the ultimate line has to be "Just a little of nothing, that's all you had the time to give..."
Dewey's and Dan's contribution to this song are just as impressive. I guess this track is America's answer to the Beatles A Day In The Life...Each author contributing something, and in the end, the final product is stronger than the seperate, individual ingredients. This CD, and especially the title track is one of the greatest accomplishments in recorded music.


Message: 19689 Posted: Wed Nov 14 16:15:50 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Great country artists

I would have to say "Heartbeat In The Darkness" is my favorite Don Williams tune. At least that's what I think today. Like America, it's hard if not impossible to pick one single song above all others.


Message: 19688 Posted: Wed Nov 14 16:14:57 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Chat and a "Hat"

I seem to recall that "Hat Trick" will be getting the same dvd treatment as "Homecoming" Anyone else recall that?( or is it just a result of the fever I am running?)

If that's a fever that you're running, please feel free to infect me :)


Message: 19687 Posted: Wed Nov 14 15:31:57 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat and a "Hat"

Remember to join us in the weekly chat this evening. I'll be there after 7 Pacific.

I seem to recall that "Hat Trick" will be getting the same dvd treatment as "Homecoming" Anyone else recall that?( or is it just a result of the fever I am running?)

Message: 19686 Posted: Wed Nov 14 15:23:26 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Garth's DCTR

Thanks John for the DCTR link. I think DCTR is one of the greatest songs ever written. It's a shame that Garth's version ignors the pure essence and soul of this great song.

Speaking of country artists, Collin Raye's album "Tracks" is superb. Some of his chord changes in some of his songs remind me of America, during their "Holiday" period.

Message: 19685 Posted: Wed Nov 14 13:39:22 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Beech

Where the heck is Beech THESE days?

Message: 19684 Posted: Wed Nov 14 13:38:21 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: California Dreaming & More

Just popping in for a quick look. More later (as if anyone thought otherwise...LOL). In the meantime, thanks for the explanation, Speech.

I too am excited about more episodes from Dan. I'm guessing that folks choose not to say so here in fear it may offend Gerry. If true, I think it's silly (that thought).

Regarding "California Dreaming", still find it very, very strange that an actress by the name of Vivian Bonnell acted in the movie as "Alma" (so close to the name of Vivien Bunnell). Same person???

Not to be anal, rectal, or colonic here either, the song is "California Dreamin'" and the movie is "California Dreaming". An extremely slight difference but a difference nonetheless.

Where the heck is Beech this days?

Message: 19683 Posted: Wed Nov 14 13:29:34 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Hat Trick"

Agreed. As America records go, I often think Hat Trick suffers benign neglect, even among the most passionate fans. I was baffled to hear Gerry B. say in an interview once that the band sought out George Martin after trying out their own "infantile" production stabs with orchestration, horns, etc., on Hat Trick. As a production, I think Hat Trick's sound is seamless. I think the title tune is really tasty and inventive, and, as a batch of songs, it creates a really distinct, reflective, mood. I once read a review of singer-songwriter Nick Drake's music that described it as music of a "haunting, twilit beauty." I'm not suggesting the songs of Hat Trick come from the same place as Nick Drake's, but I do think the reviewer's description works to characterize the mood created by Hat Trick. As a vinyl album, I love side one after "Muskrat Love" (which I'm still not sure about), and all of side two. "Wind Wave," "Submarine Ladies," "Rainbow Song," "She's Going to Let You Down," "Willowtree Lullabye" and "It's Life" tend to resonate the most for me. But, overall, I think the LP holds up brilliantly.

Message: 19682 Posted: Wed Nov 14 11:51:07 2001 By: Ladd
Subject: "Hat Trick"

Well, I have the first three America albums now and I must say, I'm starting to believe that HAT TRICK is the best of them. There was a definite maturation on this album. Some intriguing experimenation with arrangement, lyrical content, the way the guys worked together on given songs, etc.

And I'm also starting to think that "Hat Trick" the song is the best America song I've ever heard. God, this thing is a journey! From the tap dance to Gerry's great choruses to Dewey's haunting "you are running from the ring of the golden bell..." back into Gerry's melodic soundscapes. The whole thing is a freakin' ride.

These guys are fantastic.


Message: 19681 Posted: Wed Nov 14 08:43:08 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Great country artists

Agreed with regard to Don Williams. And toss in "She Never Knew Me at All."

Message: 19680 Posted: Wed Nov 14 08:01:10 2001 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: DCTR & California Dreamin'

A post not fleshed out would mean that it was (sorry, Bonz!) bare bones? If work-related events interfere with admittedly required clarification, then what's the rush? If a thought must be abbreviated at the risk of misunderstanding...don't forget to include that winky symbol! ;)

I understood what you meant to say and also like the choice of lyrics. I bet it's a tough call being world-popular artists with all those things stuffed under their noses to sign...the ramifications of which could haunt them (and us) forever. Other folks would say they're just thankful to hear something by America in any mainstream realm.

Don't let the features you read (or hear or see) control the beliefs you have. That reminds me...I also can't wait for Dan's 50th!

tt <---- now I'M doin' it

Message: 19679 Posted: Wed Nov 14 07:21:16 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: California Dreamin'.

Thanks for the correction ... not "anal" at all. As a longtime America fan and someone who made his living for 20 years as a daily newspaper reporter, I respect accuracy and attention to detail.
Some time ago I saw an ad in Goldmine for the "California Dreamin'" 45 and the ad said, in parenthesis, from "The Last Unicorn."
Cleary that was erroneous. When Gerry described the evolution of their cover of "California Dreamin" and came off with his very witty line about the film "going directly to Blockbuster," I didn't hear him actually identify the film by title. I just assumed he meant "Unicorn." Thanks again for the education.

Message: 19678 Posted: Wed Nov 14 07:05:41 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: California Dreamin'.

Not to be anal, but the song "California Dreamin'" isn't from "The Last Unicorn," it's from a movie called "California Dreamin'." It's an easy mistake to make, seeing as how nobody in the entire free world ever heard of or saw the movie "California Dreamin'" starring Dennis Christopher, whose career really blossomed afterward. I bought one of the seven copies of the soundtrack that sold.


Message: 19677 Posted: Wed Nov 14 06:35:45 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: DCTR & More (For Speech)

Sorry ... didn't mean to be cryptic ... I got swept away with something work-related and couldn't flesh my post out.
I only meant that I found the purported stabs at commercialism you mentioned with Dell and Amtrak, and the past Dr. Pepper connection, a tad depressing.
Call me naive -- and I recognize everybody's doing it -- but I like to think of Gerry and Dewey (and Dan) as pure artists, and I define that as not selling your songs and/or hitching your tour wagon to profit-making mega-businesses.
That line of thought took me to Dewey's song "Green Monkey," and the lyric about "don't let the features you read control the tickets you buy."
Of course, this can be interpreted, in the very literal sense, as a swipe at pin-headed rock journalists.
But on the other foot, it can also be heard as urging the listener to opt out of the wedding between art and commerce -- in other words, don't allow yourself to be marketed, don't allow yourself to be manipulated and don't allow yourself to be sold. Just my two cents on the issue of artistic integrity.

Message: 19676 Posted: Wed Nov 14 04:13:13 2001 By: Greg Gorter
Subject: Swingin past OZ

Hey guys.... the concert list for Mirror To Mirror reads a set for New Zealand...... why not swing past the land of OZ as well, since your'e going to be so close,,,,

Message: 19675 Posted: Wed Nov 14 01:17:07 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Great country artists

Two Don Williams songs that I think are great...I'VE GOT A WINNER IN YOU and OLD COYOTE TOWN.

BTW, I recently bought Michael Murphey's latest cd. It's rerecordings of a bunch of songs including WHAT's FOREVER FOR.

Message: 19674 Posted: Tue Nov 13 21:08:26 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Anyone Else Care To Clarify?

Until Speech is able to post again (being that he lives back East, I believe, and is two or three hours ahead of most of us), anyone else here willing to take a stab at what they think Speech's last post means?

Message: 19673 Posted: Tue Nov 13 20:59:47 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: DCTR & More (For Speech)

Speech, I may have misunderstood your last post. Would you please clarify?

Message: 19672 Posted: Tue Nov 13 20:47:33 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Great country artists

Right John! When I think of Don Williams, I think of SMOOOOOOOOTH! He has a great smooth and soothing voice.

Talking about country artists, BJ Thomas has crossed over from pop to country years ago. When I attended his concert a month or so ago, I was able to chat with him briefly during his autograph-signing session. He told me he has EVERY concert he performs videotaped! I wish I would have asked him why. I guess they're for his personal library. During the concert, he covered a Michael Martin Murphey song and mentioned Murphey's name afterward. The song was "What's Forever For" but actually written by Rafe Van Hoy. I think it's interesting hearing what song(s) one artist covers of another.

Message: 19671 Posted: Tue Nov 13 19:30:29 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Great country artists


Speaking of great country artists, I had the honor of seeing Don Williams in concert in Santa Ana on Sunday night. He is THE BEST!!!! If I don't have an America tape lying around the car on a long road trip (highly unlikely), Don Williams will do just nicely.


Message: 19670 Posted: Tue Nov 13 14:22:04 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: DCTR & More

Then "don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide..."


Message: 19669 Posted: Tue Nov 13 12:39:50 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: DCTR & More

Hmmm. That's a long way from "don't let the features you read control the tickets you buy..."

Message: 19668 Posted: Tue Nov 13 12:19:41 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Concert Songs

With SANDMAN as the last song on the regular playlist & with SISTER GOLDEN HAIR & HWNN as the encore songs, what could be any better in this world? Anxious to see whats on the list for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show in December.

Message: 19667 Posted: Tue Nov 13 12:10:29 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Concert Songs

An America Concert without HWNN???? unthinkable! always fun as the encore, as they are often joined by other musicians who are lurking backstage.

Message: 19666 Posted: Tue Nov 13 11:51:27 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: DCTR & More

Thanks to Dan C for mentioning that Garth Brooks was scheduled to appear on Leno's show last night. Brooks didn't perform "DCTR" but another song from his "Scarecrow" CD. Interestingly, Brooks said he selected the name of the CD because his daughter suggested it based on "The Wizard Of Oz". Sound familiar? Tin Man? As mentioned before, I'm not much of a fan of Brooks, but made evident by his appearance last night on the "Tonight Show", he has quite a sense of humor and seems to be a very good-natured as well as a very humble person.

Regarding country music superstars like Don Williams, George Jones, and Merle Haggard, they are, without any doubt, great performers and have achieved their deserved high status in the country music circles, but I think Garth Brooks is an incredibly popular country music star as well and he has been given numerous awards by the Country Music Association (or is it Academy) and I'm sure his share of Grammys along the way. To have an AMERICA song recorded by someone like Garth Brooks is an incredible compliment, in my opinion.

Talking about Dr. Pepper, they were co-sponsors of America's Central Park concert back in 1979. As a matter-of-fact, this is what was printed on the America promo pin: "WPLJ Radio Salutes The Dr. Pepper Central Park Music Festival 1979". And let us not forget that not long ago, America along with The Generals submitted a song to Dell, the computer company, in hopes of it being used in a Dell commercial. And, wasn't it proposed at one time that "From A Moving Train" be used in an Amtrak commercial?

Message: 19665 Posted: Tue Nov 13 08:27:09 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Don't Cross The River audio clip

Here's the first link I could find for an audio clip for the new Garth Brooks version.


Message: 19664 Posted: Tue Nov 13 07:41:17 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: TV Alert ... and Dan's 50th chapter en route

I, for one, share your excitement about the prospect of Dan resuming his serialized biography. For better or worse, it seems to be the closest we're likely to get to an unvarnished insight into the workings of America the trio, the relationships among its members and the genesis of (some) songs and LPs. Artists don't owe their fans anything. Therefore, I don't begrudge Dewey and Gerry their wish for privacy as regards the "inside" story of their careers and relationship. However, when artists are ballsy enough (or in need enough, or perhaps both) to share intimate and sometimes less-than-self-flattering information so that fans can gain more insight into how they and their work evolved, I think it's great ... it's genuine connection between artists and those who enjoy their work, without all the spin doctors and other b-s in the middle. Keep it coming, Dan!

Message: 19663 Posted: Tue Nov 13 07:00:16 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

I guess I'd be excited if I were Dan and America, too, because it ratchets up the recognition factor, puts money in the royalties bank and should help boost sales of the "complete' greatest hits. But, as a longime fan of rock-and-roll in general and America in particular, I can't feel too good about a cover version from a guy who's also been pickin' and a grinnin' and usin' that good ole' rusticated, faux-authentic country muzak sound to sell Dr. Pepper. I know, I know, Dan Peek wrote "Simple Life" to sell product in Japan, but I'd like to think our guys, now that they're established, don't need to schill for a soda-pop company (or a truck maker or anything else). Can we keep some vestige of a line between entertainment and advertising?? As for Garth Brooks' version of DCTR, let me know when Merle Haggard, Don Williams or George Jones cuts an America tune and I might be interested.

Message: 19662 Posted: Tue Nov 13 06:52:03 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Concert Songs

Interestingly (to me, anyway), "Horse With No Name" is used as an encore. When I saw them at the Keswick Theatre in Philly recently, the version they did was the ONLY encore. It was pretty faithful to the original, with that signature acoustic strum out front, but added a bit more muscle via some extra electric backing. Other "hits" they did included "Ventura Highway," Dan Peek's "Don't Cross the River" with Gerry on lead vocal, "Tin Man," "Daisy Jane," "Woman Tonight," "Sister Golden Hair," "You Can Do Magic," a nice version of "I Need You" on acoustic guitars (like they did it for the "Regis" audience on ABC's morning show) and their version of "California Dreamin" from the Last Unicorn movie soundtrack. (Gerry introduced this tune with a wry remembrance that, when he and Dewey were getting pitched to do the soundtrack work, the guys who were putting the movie together "were really excited and told us the film was going to be a blockbuster. What they should have said is that it was going to go directly TO Blockbuster.")
Anyway, hope this helps. To these ears, by the way, the hits were generally not the strongest performances. It might have been me, or it might have been them, but some of the hits seemed perfunctory.
The real performance gems for me included some of the more obscure tunes to casual fans, such as "Wind Wave" from their Hat Trick LP, "Never Be Lonely" from View From the Ground, killer versions of "Three Roses" and "Sandman" from the debut record and "Baby It's Up to You" from the 1974 Holiday LP.

Message: 19661 Posted: Tue Nov 13 06:33:48 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Show

FYI - The date for that show is Dec 13. Hope VH1 shows it or at least tapes it for later airing. Now, if only AMERICA was being inducted...............

Message: 19660 Posted: Tue Nov 13 06:29:47 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: video clip of the boys on Bravo

THANX David, for the video clip, we don't get the Bravo channel, enjoyed it very much!

Message: 19659 Posted: Tue Nov 13 04:56:21 2001 By: Genevieve
Subject: Video clip

Thank you so much for the link,Mr perkins.

Message: 19658 Posted: Tue Nov 13 00:44:23 2001 By: David Perkins
Subject: video clip of the boys on Bravo

Here is a link to the America portion of tonight's show:

Message: 19657 Posted: Mon Nov 12 23:56:12 2001 By: seasons
Subject: Concert Songs


I don't post much. Was wondering if "horse with no name" was a must play in the gigs the guys play. If not, if so, whatever, can anyone with experience going to the gigs tell what regular hits the guys play?

Thank you kindly!

Message: 19656 Posted: Mon Nov 12 21:08:57 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: TV Alert!

but I'd be even more excited to hear about a new album from Dan or America or both.DanC.

Message: 19655 Posted: Mon Nov 12 21:06:00 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: TV Alert!

just caught the segment on Bravo, good show but could of seen a bit more of America. Can anyone who watched that tell me where the clip was from when they were doing Horse? I've got the Musikladen DVD and I know it wasn't from that. Also can someone direct me to the Central Park Video or preferrably DVD. And, I hope I don't offend, but is anyone out there excited about Dan's 50th installment coming soon? I am...DanC.

Message: 19654 Posted: Mon Nov 12 21:05:55 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: America on Bravo

Thanks for the tip Linda! I just watched about 45 minutes of "Popular Song: Soundtrack of the Century" on Bravo. A recent interview with Dewey and Gerry about HWNN and Ventura Highway and some concert footage of the band while still a trio was shown. It was a nice tribute, about five minutes in length. It was after the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young segment, and the segue was something like "and then, three self-confessed Neil Young fans made a song about a horse that replaced Neil Young at the top of the charts." And of COURSE, Gerry and Dewey looked MAHhhvelous! : )

Message: 19653 Posted: Mon Nov 12 20:45:59 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Re: TV Alert!

Thanks for the heads up on the Bravo channel! Hope all of you caught
the "short but sweet" segment on the guys.


Message: 19652 Posted: Mon Nov 12 18:41:54 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: A wish for a speedy recovery

goes out to MattB. Matt had a lung collapse and major surgery to correct it. He is out of the hospital and recovering. Get well soon Matt!

Message: 19651 Posted: Mon Nov 12 17:32:32 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Veterans day

AMEN!!!! I called my dad today to wish him a happy veteran's day. He said "isn't it nice that you get the day off because of me?" silly guy, my dad.

Message: 19650 Posted: Mon Nov 12 17:17:30 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Veterans day

To all veterans out there, Thank You!!!!

Message: 19649 Posted: Mon Nov 12 14:21:54 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Italian to Ing-lish; jackets

Badgirl, I mean Batgirl, it's no longer 'Italian to Ing-lish' but 'Italian to Ing-LASH'! :0)

(Thanks Jeff for the explanation. I never listen to those ghost stories. They're too 'spooky' especially after hearing one person on Bell's program say the ghost kept pulling the blankets off the bed and then grabbed his leg!)

Message: 19648 Posted: Mon Nov 12 13:24:30 2001 By: Ingrid
Subject: To Johnny: Italian to Ing-lish; jackets

Sure Yohnny Sauce. Send it on over. I love the practice.

What a keen eye you have Inspector Yee. Direction of the snaps?! Wow. Didn't think anyone would notice. Dewey and I got our jackets mixed up back at the hotel, so he was actually wearing MY jacket that day!
(Hee, hee)


Message: 19647 Posted: Mon Nov 12 12:46:58 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

Whoo boy, from that clip I'd say Garth is Definatly back with his country sound!

Message: 19646 Posted: Mon Nov 12 12:12:38 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

Johnny, ghost to ghost is a sometimes thing where nothing but ghost stories are told.


Message: 19645 Posted: Mon Nov 12 11:54:24 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

Yeah, I really like 'DCT River' a lot, too. Always have!

On Dan's website, they're quite excited about Brooks' recording the song and understandably so. In the country music circles, in my opinion, it's very similar to Janet Jackson using the opening riff to 'Ventura Highway' but maybe even 'better' being that Brooks recorded the entire song. Fellow fan Brad Cougar posted an interesting message in Dan's guest book regarding a review in his local newspaper about Brooks' recording of 'DCTR'.

(Jeff, 'Ghost To Ghost' on Art Bell's talk show? I thought it was 'Coast To Coast' but I'm not too surprised since Bell often discusses ghosts, UFOs, and other bizarre topics.)

Message: 19644 Posted: Mon Nov 12 11:44:20 2001 By: Alan Bescan
Subject: R&R H.O.F.

Got my tickets for the America concert on Dec.13th at the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. There is going to be an interview in the 4th floor theater and a meet and greet before the concert in the lobby. I am a member and got through right at 10am when the tickets went on sale and was told I could not get the combo ticket for both interview and show since the interview was a corporate sponser thing.The tickets are only $15 on sale today for members and Thurs. for the public.

Message: 19643 Posted: Mon Nov 12 08:35:40 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

I'm not a Garth Brooks fan but DCTR is one of my favorite songs. After hearing his version I can still say my favorite is America's original...however, I love Banjos, fiddles (somewhat), Mandolins, and Dobros so I'll probably get Brooks version of the song. didn't list the musicians, and the sound byte wasn't real clear but the dobro player sounded like Jerry Douglas.

Also, where can I get a copy of MFQ's take on the song?


Message: 19642 Posted: Mon Nov 12 07:36:34 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Don't cross the river

Just listened to the sound byte. Hate to say it, but it's
a rip off of MQF's (Henry's Diltz's group Modern Folk Quartet) version, of which I like much better.

Also, if anybody didn't hear, a plane crashed taking off
from Kennedy Airport about 915AM. Don't anything other than that.

Message: 19641 Posted: Mon Nov 12 07:09:13 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Don't cross the river

Go to for a sound bite of Garth Brooks version of DCTR.

Carry on

Message: 19640 Posted: Mon Nov 12 05:24:15 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Re: They're Coming?

Way to go Margaret - from the heart beats from the head - every time. I am still hoping for a Sydney show, especially as I have family there and am about due for a return visit soon! But if nothing eventuates, I'll just have to drop in to Sydney on my way to Orkland ... sorry Jim, just kiddin'. By the way Jim, I'll reply to you as soon as I can sort out an email problem - don't worry it's not a virus, just lost some of my settings ..... SteveL .... good luck, I know someone who cares as much as you do about doing things right and doing them well will always land on his feet - it's gonna turn out right, it's gonna be alright.

Message: 19639 Posted: Mon Nov 12 05:07:29 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: Johnny

I catch bits and pieces of Art Bell. Ghost to ghost is interesting. Beam me up Scotty!

Message: 19638 Posted: Sun Nov 11 21:58:52 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: TV Alert!

Thanks, Linda!

Mags :O)

Message: 19637 Posted: Sun Nov 11 20:44:34 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Oops! (For Steve)

A bite on or a kick to a Lobo's rear-end (University of New Mexico) looks and feels the same after so many times whether it's by the BYU Cougars or the Utah Utes...LOL! Regarding the conference championship, Steve, I'll put my money on the Cougars!

Yes, back to regularly scheduled chat...which has been extremely quiet lately.

Message: 19636 Posted: Sun Nov 11 20:22:31 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Oops!

Close enough Johnny (they're only 45 miles apart). However, since you brought it up I have to cheer for my BYU Cougars who are now 10-0 and ranked #8 in the ESPN and AP polls. This Saturday they play the University of Utah (they ARE from Salt Lake City) for the conference championship. Go Cougars!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Chat Folder.

Message: 19635 Posted: Sun Nov 11 18:34:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Oops! BYU's in Provo not Salt Lake City.

Message: 19634 Posted: Sun Nov 11 18:29:32 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: HORSE..., TV Alert, and More

Jeff, I often listen to Art Bell's radio program as well as Laura Ingraham's late at night and have wondered if I'd ever hear an America song used. I missed hearing "Horse" when you did. I listen to the latter program on radio station KSL and often think of Steve Lowry for two reasons. The radio station's call letters contains Steve's initials and the station is out of Salt Lake City...home of Steve's alma mater (and one my state's major university sports rivals), BYU!

Hope to watch that program Linda mentioned in case it is the one D&G were commenting on.

Watched a program on CMT (Country Music Television) this evening and learned that country artist Travis Tritt was somewhat responsible for reuniting the Eagles. Tritt was asked to sing 'Take It Easy' on the 'Common Thread' CD which is a whole CD of Eagles' songs sung by country musicians. Tritt was asked to make a video for 'Take It Easy'. He said it would have to be something very special if there's to be a video. He popped off and said something like 'Have the Eagles appear in the video and I'll do it.' Reportedly, Henley said he would do it if Frey would and visa versa. The whole group came together for the making of the video. They played and sang along with Tritt.

CMT was also advertising Garth Brooks' upcoming release of "Scarecrow" quite a bit. He's to perform three televised concerts each Wednesday following the release of his new CD. The tour and show is called "Coast To Coast". That's great news for Dan since Brooks recorded "Don't Cross The River" for his new CD as we all know. I'm not a fan of Garth Brooks but he's extremely well liked by fans and his fellow country music artists because of his charitable works and very high energy concerts.

Message: 19633 Posted: Sun Nov 11 17:41:09 2001 By: jeff brink
Subject: HORSE...

...woke up in the night sometime last night (aching Knees)and turned on my handy dandy 1960's era shortwave radio. Searching across the A.M. band I stopped when I heard HWNN. Talk show host Art Bell was using the song as bumper music for his program.

By the way, any folks out there who like different types/kinds of music the shortwave bands have alot to offer. China, Japan, Radio Prague, lots of Spanish stations to name a few. However, your location and atmospheric conditions are important factors for reception.

Good luck to you Mr. Lowry.

Carry on.

Message: 19632 Posted: Sun Nov 11 17:23:06 2001 By: Linda
Subject: TV Alert!

Late last night, when I was clicking the channels on TV, I caught the very end of a commercial on the Bravo channel. Dewey had just said something and Gerry said something like "I remember the first time I heard that song." I have no idea what he was talking about, but they said the show will be on at 11:00pm Eastern on this Monday. I checked the TV schedule and there's a show called "Popular Song: Soundtrack of the Century." I don't know how much our guys will be on, but I figured it's worth checking out.

Message: 19631 Posted: Sun Nov 11 10:37:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: He Will "Reconnect"

Per Dan's website, he will "reconnect" starting next Saturday! See his message on his site for the entire description of the "reconnection".

Message: 19630 Posted: Sat Nov 10 22:18:27 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Rock and Roll Hall of fame

Wow...that would be great! And if so, about darn time! Thanks for the info, Robyn.

Mags :O)

Message: 19629 Posted: Sat Nov 10 20:12:23 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Rock and Roll Hall of fame

I see they are scheduled to play at the Hall sometime soon ( per Erin Edwards) Recognition???? Can a nominationbe in the future???? One can only "Hope"

Message: 19628 Posted: Sat Nov 10 15:03:53 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Bones' Response To Freda's Comment

Very good Johnny! Dewey does publish his songs under Poison Oak, so you are right he does like it and three roses to boot.He also likes Green Monkeys!LOL-Angie

Message: 19627 Posted: Sat Nov 10 13:34:41 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Bones' Response To Freda's Comment

Last month, post #19417 on October 26 was Bones' response to Freda's "Monkeys Running The Zoo" post: "Foolishly jumping on stage with roses sure beats jumping on stage with poison ivy or oak."

I think Sir Dewey actually LIKES poison oak! It's the name of his publishing company, is it not?

Message: 19626 Posted: Sat Nov 10 05:54:48 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: I think they cleaned the VH board

Steve...That was wishing you luck. I always have butterfingers when I type.LOL

Message: 19625 Posted: Sat Nov 10 05:52:43 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: I think they cleaned the VH board

Hi Steve! Glad to hear from you! Yes they did a good job of cleaning the site yesterday.Geez! Anyway, yes I did see that post with that lovely language that all of us had to see that was for Dewey and Gerry. Not nice! Well...I'm glad that you are sharpening your skills and have a killer resume. I'm hoping that you find a job soon and my thoughts and prayers are with you Monday as you pound the pavement in search of an awesome job worthy of your "Magic"(Couldn't help it). I looked at the German DVD and it looks like the same one that is posted on your site as a CD. If only I read German...It looks so cool and of course I want it!Talk to you soon wising you luck!-Angie

Message: 19624 Posted: Fri Nov 09 20:55:09 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I think they cleaned the VH board

Angie, I'm guessing that the messages were deleted from the message board on the VH board because of the profanity that was included in one of the messages. It could also be because they were running out of space. I think they only support 500 messages for each topic.

To answer your question about how I'm doing, here's the status. Today I finished the second day of a two day seminar to help me sharpen my job hunting skills. Actually, it taught me a lot of things I never realized before and that will hopefully give me an edge over the other job hunters that I'm competing with. As a result of the seminar I have a killer resume that I've already sent to a few companies and I plan on hitting the trail hard on Monday. There sure is a lot of work involved in job hunting. Too bad I don't get paid for it - LOL!

On an unrelated note, here's a cool link to a German DVD that is for sale in Germany: I don't know much about it because someone sent me the link but they didn't tell me anything about it. I'm almost positive that it's from the concert that was broadcast live on German TV in 1999. Click here to see the bootleg CD that was taken from the broadcast.

Message: 19623 Posted: Fri Nov 09 19:04:56 2001 By: Angie
Subject: I think they cleaned the VH board

I think I was having a dream...But I think that they cleaned the message board on VH tonight. Either that or my computer is finally cracking up.LOL...Steve, how are you doing? Hope all is well!

Message: 19622 Posted: Fri Nov 09 16:32:27 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Complete Greatest Hits Mix

I would think that whenever songs from all different LP's & periods in time are put together that the masters are equalized & adjustments are made to ensure that there is a uniform technical feel to the collection of recordings - so they don't sound like they all came from different sonic productions. Nothing re-done, just technical refinements to the masters. Just listen to what Sir George did w/the HISTORY GREATEST HITS LP, he re-mixed & did a few things. No harm just a packaging issue. GO AMERICA !!!!!

Message: 19621 Posted: Fri Nov 09 12:58:10 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Complete Greatest Hits Mix

On the VH message board someone 'complains' about the vocals on Horse and VH as not being the original on the CGH. Can someone who has this CD confirm this? Were they live recordings?

Message: 19620 Posted: Fri Nov 09 09:40:18 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Gerry's Jacket

<<I can see from the other photo that Gerry's jacket has the number, twenty-something.>>

I bet it's 29!!!

Message: 19619 Posted: Thu Nov 08 20:42:03 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Those jackets

Very interesting observation and cool sighting, Jim Bob! The grey (with white) is around the collar, the wrist bands, and the waist band. The large 'A' on the front of the jacket as well as the letters forming "AMERICA" on the back are all gray trimmed with white.

If we really want to, I guess we could make an imitation one. I can see from the other photo that Gerry's jacket has the number, twenty-something.

Would LOVE to have a jacket with a large AMERICA logo on the back!

For the longest time, I've been meaning to order a prestige license plate with "AMERICA" on it, but I bet for the State of New Mexico as well as other US states during this time in US history, the majority have now been taken. My state allows only 7 letters. So "AMERICA" would be perfect! Saw on eBay about 8 months ago, a license plate from West Virginia that had "BECKLEY" on in the city. It was red with white letters. I think it would be cool to own it and to have Gerry autograph it! Probably could have my own "BECKLEY" plate from my own state as well as "BUNNELL" and "PEEK" since they're all seven letters or less. Could get a different one each year. After 4 years, it would be a very cool collection.

Message: 19618 Posted: Thu Nov 08 20:05:31 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: Those jackets

Johnny, when I saw Gerry at Christchurch airport in '84 he was wearing a jacket like the one in the photo although I dont remember it having grey on it. It looked very cool. Also I dont remember which way the snaps were! lol.

Message: 19617 Posted: Thu Nov 08 18:58:54 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a little news for Steve

Bruno, I knew that IT (Information Technologist) was a computer expert. I just wasn't sure that "I" qualified for that term. Anyway, today I finished the first day of a two day seminar to sharpen my job hunting skills. I've already had a couple of leads without doing too much trying so we'll see what happens next week after I've finished the seminar and learned all there is to know about getting a job (LOL). Thanks again for all your support.

Message: 19616 Posted: Thu Nov 08 18:51:46 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Very Trivial Trivia Indeed!!!

This piece of trivia is quite 'trivial' but is interesting in my opinion. It's in regards to the 2-page photo of the trio with John Wayne and Bob Hope as seen on pages 18 and 19 of the 'Highway' booklet. As most of us know, the photo was taken in the dressing room at UCLA back in 1975. Gerry is shown wearing a round button on his AMERICA jacket. In another photo I have showing the trio wearing their AMERICA jacket, the button Gerry is wearing is yellow and has 'UCLA' on it with what appears to be '146' or '148' underneath 'UCLA'. I can't read what is printed above 'UCLA', though.

If I'm correct, ladies shirts (blouses) have the buttons on the left side and the holes on the right and guys' shirts have the buttons on the right side with the holes on the left. On a jacket with snaps, a lady's jacket snaps the right side over the left while a guy's jacket snaps the left over the right. If this is correct, Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Gerry are wearing jackets made for a male while Dan is wearing a jacket made for a female. In the other photo that I have, Dewey is also wearing a jacket made for a female. The jackets are maroon/burgundy in color with gray and white trim. Told you all it was 'very trivial trivia'! :0)

Message: 19615 Posted: Thu Nov 08 13:36:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: a little news for Steve (Bruno)

Ciao Bruno! Didn't see your post until AFTER I submitted mine.

Message: 19614 Posted: Thu Nov 08 13:32:50 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Invitation; Ing-Bat; and Mags

THANKS Jim Bob for the very kind invitation! I'll see what I can do. Hope to swing by Italy to see Bruno during the same trip! Just kidding but I do appreciate your warm invitation!

Regarding Bruno's article, I think we need another Italian-to-Ing-lish translation. How about it 'Bat Girl'? I have that 1983 or so Italian article about America from 'Ciao 2001' magazine that needs to be translated too. Maybe I can send a copy of it to Ing.

Mags, how about posting that 1972 'Rock' magazine article that has the trio on the front cover?

Since the folder is quite quiet today, you all may wish to visit Dan's Guest Book to read my November 5th post regarding the 1974 (or 1975?) NY State Fair concert that the trio was a part of. My post is about the concert brochure.

Message: 19613 Posted: Thu Nov 08 13:13:32 2001 By: bruno
Subject: a little news for Steve

IT expert correspond to "expert of computer"
Ciao Hi all thanks Steve
in Italy article about America (Country and Band) cause great interest

Message: 19612 Posted: Thu Nov 08 08:12:44 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Hang in there Steve

I'm so sorry about the layoffs. I know you have faith in your ability to find something even better.
And faith is the key. My life may not be perfect right now, but each day I wake up and feel "pretty darned good" I am thankful. I have faith that after I beat this stuff my life will never be the will be even better! I am being given the gift of solitude and time for reflection.
What can seem like a curse, can be turned into a blessing. Many blessings to you and your family, Steve.

Message: 19611 Posted: Thu Nov 08 06:52:39 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Steve...To quote an America song from Hideaway

"Don't Let It Get You Down"
Everybody sing along.

Message: 19610 Posted: Thu Nov 08 05:41:43 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

Just keep your head up and don't let yourself get down. A good man like you will do fine!

Message: 19609 Posted: Thu Nov 08 04:15:29 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: chat

Metoo-Robyn--had to do allmy first quarter grades that were are due today--hope to see you next week!

Message: 19608 Posted: Thu Nov 08 03:00:07 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Re: chat

Oh well, I will try to make it next week.
Sorry to miss you last night.


Message: 19607 Posted: Wed Nov 07 21:46:16 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: Head and heart

My wonderful husband announced some surprise news last night. Hearts won.
Gerry and Dewey, see you in New Zealand!

Message: 19606 Posted: Wed Nov 07 21:42:16 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Italian Newspaper Article

Wonderful read! Thank you so much Bruno for sharing this with us all!

Mags :O)

Message: 19605 Posted: Wed Nov 07 20:18:07 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: chat

Dang, nobody stuck around for the night owl, oh well, time to put the headphones on for some Lennon, disc one of his anthology set.DanC.

Message: 19604 Posted: Wed Nov 07 19:51:26 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: chat

I came in about 20 minutes after you posted, Mary. I amusually there after 7 Pacific Time,

Thanks to all who joined me this evening. See you next week!

Message: 19603 Posted: Wed Nov 07 18:10:16 2001 By: Mary
Subject: chat

OK, where is everyone tonight?

Message: 19602 Posted: Wed Nov 07 17:44:13 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: bones & johnny

Guess that's where "Mork" came from. Thanks for the explanation Jimbob.

Message: 19601 Posted: Wed Nov 07 14:30:55 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Italian Newspaper Article

Thanks again to everyone, for the positive vibes.

Here's a link to an Italian newspaper article that Bruno Mautone sent to me. It's written in Italian (obviously) so the translation is included below. I didn't realize that I was an "IT expert" but Utah has often been considered "far-off" (LOL).

Thanks for sending it Bruno.

By Matteo Barone (translated by Gerardo Di Pasquale)

After the great tragedy that struck the U.S., the lives of the American citizens are gradually getting back to normal, though with some awe and sadness in the air, which is clearly understandable.

The newspaper "Cronache del Mezzogiorno", too, has given its small contribution to that. In fact, the article about the pop group called "America" published by this newspaper recently has appeared entirely on the group's web-site.

Fear and anger exude from the lots of e-mails sent to the group after the terrorist attack by fanatical islamists.

Thousands worldwide reach the web site that was set up by the IT expert Steve Lowry in the far-off State of Utah. Steve thought it was a good idea to mention and report the entire article I wrote and published on August 14, 2001 on "Cronache del Mezzogiorno".

I think that the nice offer mentioned in that newspaper and made by Dr. Bruno Mautone, former mayor of Agropoli, Italy, is a nice way to help forgetting the present difficult times, - the offer being a vintage car to Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, the outstanding members of the "America" pop group.

It is also good to know that two new songs (Paradise and World of Light) have very recently been produced on CD by this famous Anglo-American group.

After 30 years of their prestigious career and so many million records sold, it is good news that Gerry and Dewey still produce excellent music for the pleasure of so many fans worldwide.

Their new CD is expected to be sold in Italy in the next few weeks.

Steve Lowry has done a good job setting up their American web-site that is regularly visited by countless people from all over the world; it is /America/. Thus he has also made Agropoli known thanks to the article published in Cronache del Mezzogiorno. The message No. 18793 of the chat folder of the site has been round the world and has certainly brought about some tranquility as a message of peace.

Not very often do we hear of offers like the one made by Bruno Mautone, who in 1996 got a stunning victory in the elections that made him mayor of Agropoli. This was in the media all over Italy and he was then nicknamed "Re Leone" (King Lion) for winning with 6,750 votes in his favor out of 10,500 voters.

Message: 19600 Posted: Wed Nov 07 12:54:43 2001 By: Nina
Subject: Hang in there, Steve!

Just adding my two cents, Steve! If the band offers you a "roadie" position...just make sure you have free passes for all your chat folder pals!!! (Seriously, though, I'm wishing you the best!)

Message: 19599 Posted: Wed Nov 07 12:05:04 2001 By: dreamoutloud
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

Hey Steve, don't feel too bad, speaking from a fellow unemployed. I WAS working at the Flamingo Reno, here obviously in Reno, before someone(I don't know who exactly) bought us and decided to shut us down. I really loved my job and the people I worked with too.

Message: 19598 Posted: Wed Nov 07 09:56:30 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

Please join in a lively chat regarding things America! I will be in after 7 pm, although the official chat begins at 6 ( all times are Pacific!)

Message: 19597 Posted: Wed Nov 07 07:56:58 2001 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

Sorry to hear about the lay off. Ive been through it before Steve but things turn out alright for me. Seems today there is always a threat of layoffs. Would be great if America could find something for you. My best, Pete

Message: 19596 Posted: Wed Nov 07 06:13:46 2001 By: red oak
Subject: Weblord

Steve, you should hope that Dewey & Gerry would hire you to run the Ventura Highway site the way it should be done. For the money they wasted on that site, they could have given it to you to do it right.
Stay positive and focused and you will be allright!!!!!!

Message: 19595 Posted: Wed Nov 07 05:44:00 2001 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

My thoughts & prayers are w/ you & your family. We too are awaiting layoff news (my husband works for Vought Aircraft)he thinks he'll be ok, but you never know. I truly believe all things work out for the best, and you will do great in anything you decide to pursue.


Message: 19594 Posted: Wed Nov 07 04:13:51 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

Hang in there Steve. Who knows, maybe you'll find something better!

Message: 19593 Posted: Wed Nov 07 04:07:16 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

If only you got big money for running this site--you wouldn't need an other job!!! Hang in there buddy--better things happen to great people like you!!!

Message: 19592 Posted: Wed Nov 07 01:56:23 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: an invitation , Johnny

Johnny, I read recently where you said the way things were going it would be 2007 was it before you saw the guys play again? Well, consider this an invitation to NZ! Ive asked holiday to join us! Im serious!

Message: 19591 Posted: Wed Nov 07 01:48:36 2001 By: jimbob
Subject: bones & johnny

Strange as it may seem to you, 'Auck' as in Auckland, is pronounced 'ork' as in 'Orkland'. No funnies, PLEASE! And no, I dont know why we are called that!

Message: 19590 Posted: Tue Nov 06 22:28:54 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: New Dates

Best wishes to you Steve...hang in there!


Message: 19589 Posted: Tue Nov 06 19:45:27 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

Thanks for the positive posts and for the many more personal e-mail messages. I trust that things will work out for the best!

Message: 19588 Posted: Tue Nov 06 19:36:40 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hang in there, Steve!!

With your talent, Steve, someone is gonna grab you soon! Sending positive thoughts your way...


Message: 19587 Posted: Tue Nov 06 17:50:34 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: New Dates(Hang on Steve)

Hang on Steve. I'm sorry to hear that news...but you are so wonderful that you will be scooped up by someone fast with a new job. Who could resist an America Fan. Always in my prayers and thoughts. Angie:)

Message: 19586 Posted: Tue Nov 06 17:29:14 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: AMERICA IN NZ (Bones)

yuck, yuck, yuck, Johnny
Any word out there about Mr. Beckley's second solo project? Would be nice to have in time for Christmas.

Message: 19585 Posted: Tue Nov 06 17:28:48 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Hang in there, Steve!!

Yes, it seems everyone is getting laid off everywhere, I remember how depressed I was when it happened to me in Feb., I also remember how you & the other people on this chat page really cheered me up!!
Then I looked at the positive (Great wife, wonderful kids) & how I've been blessed w/what I do have.
I know what your going through, just wanted to say our thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. Who knows, this might be your chance to find something better. I have faith in you buddy, hang in there Steve!!!
EDDY & Family

Message: 19584 Posted: Tue Nov 06 16:36:00 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: CGH

America's "Complete Greatest Hits" is off the Billboard TOP 200 chart after five weeks. Dave Balletto has an ear infection and the person that Dave calls at Billboard has a little accent so Dave's not exactly sure what he said. He either said they were bubbling under or bubbling under the bubbling - then he said "close but no cigar". So they must have been. Maybe next week it will bounce back. Regardless, it would be interesting to know the total sales so far - perhaps 50,000 or more.

Message: 19583 Posted: Tue Nov 06 16:26:28 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Dates

Margaret, I'm afraid I don't have information on any other concert dates. However, the possibility is always there so keep your fingers crossed.

On a not so happy note: Volera, the company I was working for this morning, had massive layoffs today and I was one of the casualties. Those of you who have been on this Chat Folder for several years will remember when Corel (the company I used to work for) laid off the entire Utah work force (300+ people) and we had to find a new America Fans server. That's when Oxygen jumped in and saved the day. So, I may not be as responsive as I've been in the past because I'm going to be out pounding the pavement in this very depressed job market. I'm confident that things will work out OK like they did last time, but it may take a little longer. Please be patient if it takes me a little while to update the web site with things that you send me. I'll try to do it as fast as possible given the circumstances.

Message: 19582 Posted: Tue Nov 06 09:41:44 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New Dates

Margaret, hang in there. Australia in early 2002 is a very good bet. I am sure Stevo will get the specifics soon. NZ & Australia in 2002 !

Message: 19581 Posted: Tue Nov 06 04:02:34 2001 By: Margaret
Subject: New Dates

I am so disappointed that there are no Australian dates listed before or after the NZ shows.
We gave serious consideration to phoning NZ at 7am yesterday (there is a two hour time difference) when tickets went on sale, to try to get tickets to the Auckland shows. Our hearts said yes but in the end our heads said no given the cost of international airfares and accommodation and the difficulty of leave from work at that time of the year.Also I found out that tickets had been selling for some days to Ticketek members on the Internet, so I feared the good seats might have gone. Now that there are no Australian dates listed I am really regretting our decision.
Steve, do you have any insight into the possibility of future Australian dates?

Message: 19580 Posted: Mon Nov 05 21:44:19 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: From NZ to Ontario

Ok, I am continuing on my quest to have Gerry and Dewey revisit Vancouver on this tour. Looking at the updated schedule they play NZ and then the next stop, about a month away, is Ontario. Hmmm. Let's look at a map. NZ to Ontario. There are a couple of places to stop over in between but really only one makes sense. VANCOUVER. Hint, hint.


Message: 19579 Posted: Mon Nov 05 19:12:43 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA IN NZ (Bones)

Probably because that's the land where they "auck" all the time!

Message: 19578 Posted: Mon Nov 05 18:59:00 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: AMERICA IN NZ

Just wondering, how did they come up with the word "AUCKLAND"?

Message: 19577 Posted: Mon Nov 05 18:46:55 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Go D-Backs!--Janice

I hope you will join us soon!

Message: 19576 Posted: Mon Nov 05 18:03:52 2001 By: Spurs
Subject: Chart News

Hello everyone,with jimbob's splendid news that America will be in our neck of the woods next year(by the way jimbob did our boys turn platinum in NZ)comes the news that the Definitive album has risen four places to 20.I'm wondering if a recording contract has been put their way ?

Message: 19575 Posted: Mon Nov 05 17:14:01 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: This Garth news just in am sure he'll play "Don't Cross..."

"Garth Brooks, who has somewhat retired and vowed to not tour again, has announced three live concert specials, titled Garth Brooks: Coast to Coast Live, to air on CBS this month."

Message: 19574 Posted: Mon Nov 05 17:13:29 2001 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Go D-backs!

Hey, the D-backs had to win, after all they did get past the best team in baseball, my beloved CARDINALS... BTW, thanks Robyn.DanC.

Message: 19573 Posted: Mon Nov 05 13:23:23 2001 By: jimbob

you are indeed correct red oak; the guys are on their way! There has been lots of advertising the shows already and a weekend newspaper report spoke of their "impeccable timing" due to the recent chart topping DEFINITIVE CD. Holiday, will talk to ya soon!

Message: 19572 Posted: Mon Nov 05 09:43:44 2001 By: red oak


Message: 19571 Posted: Mon Nov 05 08:14:45 2001 By: RichM
Subject: Horse / Diamondbacks

Am I the only one who likes the Wake "Horse" thing? I mean, I really like it -- not just sort of like it....

Glad the Diamond backs won. I'm a Mets' fan and I haven't forgiven the Yankees for beating us last year. Great Series!!!


Message: 19570 Posted: Mon Nov 05 07:05:23 2001 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Go D-backs!

i am so glad arizona won!! (i've kind of got family there..)
what a great world series!
erin ;o)

Message: 19569 Posted: Mon Nov 05 04:15:53 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re: Go D-Backs!

Oh darn, they won. (tongue in cheek and smiling) Great game though!! and yes, Robyn, you must be the chat host. Although I don't participate much I promise I will if you host them.

Message: 19568 Posted: Mon Nov 05 04:08:31 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Wake's horse

It was really weird got to tell you listening to Wake's version of Horse. I thought my computer cracked up. As for chipmunks Gerry was Theodore remember!LOL.

PS-Great game last night. D-Backs
were awesome! Yankees you have nothing
to be ashamed about you played well
last night! My hat's off to both teams.
(Now I can start dreaming about my

Message: 19567 Posted: Sun Nov 04 21:22:09 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Wake's horse

are you SURE that isn't the chipmunks????? fingernails on a blackboard have more tonal quality.

Message: 19566 Posted: Sun Nov 04 21:14:45 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: No "If, And, or Buts"

Good, now I don't have to drive up to 9271 there in Sun Valley!

Message: 19565 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:53:01 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: No "If, And, or Buts"

Ok Ok. My thanks to everyone who either posted or sent me an e-mail. You people are the best! See everyone there next Wednesday at the usual time. I love you all.

Message: 19564 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:48:23 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

ME??? A Yankee fan???? Check the basement for pods if ever I were. Nope D-Backs, all the way!

Message: 19563 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:45:46 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: No "If, And, or Buts"

Okay Robyn, get your rear in gear! There's to be no if, and, or buts about it. You WILL be present for next Wednesday nights live chat session or I'll come to Sun Valley and make you log on! It's not good to upset Johnny Boy.

Message: 19562 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:45:38 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

I meant Yankees fan for the

Message: 19561 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:43:18 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

Well put, Robyn! Even if you are a Yankees fan, lol. Although Dbacks knocked my beloved Giants out, and I respect how many championships the Yankees have won, I think it was just the "upstarts'" year!

Regardless, it was one of the most enjoyable World Series in a while.

Mags :O)

Message: 19560 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:20:26 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

NOW HOW ABOUT THOSE D-BACKS???? A fine series. The Yanks can't be ashamed. It went down to the wire. Our national pastime, played to perfection!

Message: 19559 Posted: Sun Nov 04 20:13:12 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

:( :( :(

Message: 19558 Posted: Sun Nov 04 19:15:55 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

MOI? not patriotic? I ask you, what is more American than a bunch of scrappy upstarts standing in the fire, never giving up in the face of adversity and succeeding when failure was predicted ( tonites game is still in progress as I type this!) now THAT'S AMERICAN! ( Besides as a Dodger fan, hating the Yankees is part of my DNA--lol!) In any case, a great series!

Message: 19557 Posted: Sun Nov 04 18:46:18 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Go D-backs!(Robyn)

Go D-backs!(I'm a Dodger fan at heart, rather see the D-backs win) Robyn please come back to host the chats.I don't know what happened since I don't do the chat on Wednesday. But I would like to try. You've always been nice and I don't think it would be the same without you as I've been reading the posts from others.

Message: 19556 Posted: Sun Nov 04 18:28:10 2001 By: Dan
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

I really don't care if I offend anyone or not!!!! DA BEARS. Hey Robyn, I don't know what happened the other night on the live chat but it must of been pretty rough on you. hope you reconsider but that is your choice. shed some light on what prompted your abrupt retirement. I hate to be in the dark as i'm sure others are as well. DanC.

Message: 19555 Posted: Sun Nov 04 17:52:28 2001 By: Janice
Subject: re:Go D-Backs

For Arizona Robyn???
Well, personally I would be too, but somehow it seems unpatriotic to be for anyone but NY these days. Back to the TV.

Message: 19554 Posted: Sun Nov 04 13:06:44 2001 By: HarryO
Subject: America in EW

America made the pages of Entertainment Weekly again! Coming in at #8 in EW's 100 holiday gift ideas is a celebrity mix tape compiled by hip-hop producing duo the Neptunes (they've produced Jay-Z, Usher, and 'NSync). Their "Old Skool" mix includes "Horse With No Name"!

Let's hear it for our homies!


Message: 19553 Posted: Sun Nov 04 11:54:51 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Listening to Wake's Horse

How weird that was. I listened to it twice just to make sure it wasn't a problem with my connection. It is an original take on HWNN though I'll give it that much. I prefer Dewey's/America's take though, but I'm open to anything. I wonder what he thought of it? Anyway, still disappointed over ABC's concert, but why should I be surprised. Just a little of nothing......

Message: 19552 Posted: Sun Nov 04 11:32:38 2001 By: RichM
Subject: Horse with No Name Video

I really like Wake's version of the song and think the video is interesting and well done. The video makes the song seem more frantic and seems to play off of some drug immages --which is interesting given the rumors abut the song upon its release. I'm gonna have to check this band out.


Message: 19551 Posted: Sun Nov 04 07:27:33 2001 By: kiri
Subject: RE: Musikladen

use my name link and e-mail me. i have some valuable information for you about the cd you are looking for.

Message: 19550 Posted: Sat Nov 03 20:24:59 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ABC Concert (M.J.) and Episode 50

Yeah, a televised performance would have been great but apparently it's all a ratings game. As mentioned before, the network even X'ed "The Godfather of Soul", "The Divine One" and "The Reverend"!

Wow! Episode 50, huh Brad? Cool! Where's my seat belt??!!

Message: 19549 Posted: Sat Nov 03 20:19:38 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Go D-backs!

Hope not to offend anyone here but GO D-BACKS! (Great baseball, btw)

Message: 19548 Posted: Sat Nov 03 19:52:44 2001 By: Brad
Subject: Dan Peek episode

Surfed on Dan's website and the latest headline was that Dan is going to do another chapter, I believe #50 of his America story, so stay tuned

Message: 19547 Posted: Sat Nov 03 19:22:13 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: ABC Concert (M.J.)

I'm not sure either...if they did, I guess I didn't pay it any mind. I'm still pouting though, about the exclusion of AMERICA (pout, pout).

Mags :O)

Message: 19546 Posted: Sat Nov 03 12:15:04 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Garth Brooks Billboard Interview

In the November 3rd issue of "billboard Magazine",Garth Brooks gives an indepth interview on a number of topics. Following the interview on page 106,is a separate track listing of his current "Scarecrow" CD,and some details in regards to each song. Here is what it says about "Don't cross the river".....
"A bluegrass remake of the song that originally appeared on America's 1972 album,HOMECOMING,inspired by the bluegrass version Brooks heard as a teenager by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. Nashville session player Jerry Douglas is on dobro;Douglas' first recording was Lawson's version of the song. Another highlight is Bela Fleck's spellbinding guitar work".
Sounds to me like Garth knows who did the song originally,even if he was inspired by the Lawson/Quicksilver version......

Message: 19545 Posted: Sat Nov 03 07:31:30 2001 By: holiday
Subject: Various - this past week

Still dreaming of seeing the guys down under soon as I have only seen them once before - over 5 years ago now - any other news from NZ jimbob?
Re: a return to their roots - I love the debut album (along with all the 'trio' albums). That 5 year reign as a trio was the benchmark for clean crisp harmonies and accoustic guitar, almost folk to begin with but with a unique blend of harmonies and originality which spawned a fuller sound and a deeper pop rock appeal under George Martin. Their music evolution has seen them change as you'd expect but still their unique style and sound has remained true, perhaps not to their organic accoustic roots, but I would not swap a 'Holiday' or a 'Hearts' for another accoustic album or two. And while it is a pity that so called artists such as G. Brooks don't know their country music from 'our' music when they hear it, at least America's music has permeated the mainstream consciousness for future artists to follow and try to imitate - not that you can outdo the original and the best. Mr Brooks by the way is virtually unknown outside the states whereas America are a truly world class act.
As far as returning to their original sound, I tend to play Human Nature more than their debut album - perhaps that is simply because it is their latest release of original music. But I can't help but think that songs like "Wheels" "Pages" and "FAMT" signal a return of sorts to that original sound.
Re: Johnny's 'Holiday' Press Release - thanks for posting these items. I for one enjoy reading these. I am not sure if everyone would agree that it was their 'finest effort' - but what else would a record company say about one of their hottest bands of the time? I now find it hard to separate any of their first 5 albums in my

Message: 19544 Posted: Fri Nov 02 23:39:10 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Horse With No Name" video

I found the Wake homepage. For anyone who is interested, there is a link to "videos" where you can download a Quicktime movie with a full-length version of the song and video. I'd be interested to hear what people think of it.


Message: 19543 Posted: Fri Nov 02 22:15:37 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ABC Concert (M.J.)

Right Mags, I noticed that too. I don't believe his name was even mentioned as a performer at the beginning of the televised show or am I mistaken?

Message: 19542 Posted: Fri Nov 02 21:49:54 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Garth who? Let's all go to a Garth Brooks Concert!

Howard, I always enjoy reading your silliness. Ramble on!

Mags :O)

Message: 19541 Posted: Fri Nov 02 21:48:43 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: ABC Concert

LOL. Good point, Bones. Is it me or did anyone else notice that there were no close-ups of M.J. Was wondering if this was to downplay his presence so as not to detract from the event as a whole.

Mags :O)

Message: 19540 Posted: Fri Nov 02 20:41:49 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Garth who? Let's all go to a Garth Brooks Concert!

When Garth Brooks (Vomit, yuch) releases that cd with DCTR,
let's see what it says in () under the song for the writer.
And then we should all go to a garth Brooks concert to see if he performs it and then yell out to him and question him in front of his fans and test his knowledge...
YOU LOWDOWN NO GOOD VARMIT!!!!! I loathe to hear that version.
Modern Folk Quartet does a great version of it.

Just me getting silly on this Friday Night

Message: 19539 Posted: Fri Nov 02 19:42:53 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ABC Concert

Not seeing America on the ABC televised concert didn't bother me knowing that Bette Midler, Al Green, and James Brown weren't shown performing either.

Now Bonz are you positive Gerry and Dewey can't "Moon Walk"? Ya never know! :0)

Message: 19538 Posted: Fri Nov 02 19:21:15 2001 By: Bones
Subject: Re: ABC Concert

Probably because Gerry and Dewey can't "Moon Walk"

Message: 19537 Posted: Fri Nov 02 17:45:16 2001 By: Jerey
Subject: Upcoming concert and Garth

I am happy to see that America will once again be playing Stone Mountain. I was there for the 2000 concert, front row, center. What a thrill!! The show was monumental. It was well worth the five hour drive from KY. Everyone should make a place on theircalendar for this one. The other thing I am mentioning is the Garth cover of DCTR. He ought to at least mention the originators of the song, not a country cover. I never understood how a person could put the words country and music together. I hope Garth does the song the right way. He ought to rock it out the way the guys do in concert.

Message: 19536 Posted: Fri Nov 02 16:46:36 2001 By: Mary
Subject: Re: Yankees

I think you are correct Joe......hmmm maybe 5000 ghosts.


Message: 19535 Posted: Fri Nov 02 10:59:17 2001 By: Johnny
Subject: Ever Wonder What The "Holiday" Press Release Said?


Warner Bros. Records Inc.
3701 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, Calif. 91505
(213) 843-8688


America -- Dan Peek, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley -- burst upon the music scene and into public consciousness three years ago with a runaway, best-selling hit single, "A Horse With No Name," and a critically acclaimed Gold album, "America," produced by Ian Samwell.

Since then the group has conducted two more successful LP outings, "Homecoming" and "Hat Trick," both self-produced.

The former established America as much more than merely an overnight phenomenon, as it contained an even greater measure of the engaging tunes, exacting harmonies and well thought out instrumention as "America".

The latter developed the group's concepts further with guest appearances by everyone from Beach Boy Carl Wilson to Barnstormer Joe Walsh and liberal experimentation with song structure and concept.

Now, Dan, Dewey and Gerry have come full circle.

Recording in England (for the first time since "America") under the auspices and knowledgeable direction of renowned producer George Martin (is it necessary to mention the Beatles?), the group has achieved its fourth and finest effort, "Holiday".

A musical tour-de-force, the LP combines the best elements of the first three albums, knowledge gained through hard road work and experience in the studio for a work of broad appeal. It is the latest stop along America's evolutionary trail.

Though all are American, Dan, Dewey and Gerry met while attending school in England. After signing with Warner Bros., they recorded and released "America" only in England. It promptly shot to the number one position, along with the single "A Horse With No Name".

On the strength of that success, Warner Bros. decided to issue the album and single in the States, where the sales performance was immediately repeated. The band embarked on a tour of this country (ending at Los Angeles' Whisky A Go Go with lines around the block). So taken was America by the beauty of California that the trio decided to make it their permanent home. Dan and Dewey, with their wives, have settled into homes after a period of apartment living and Gerry divides his time between England and the States.

Since the release of "Homecoming", America has performed before enthusiastic crowds and sold-out houses from Hawaii to the capitals of Europe. With "Holiday,"the band continues to widen its listener appeal.

Dan, Dewey and Gerry all play guitar, piano and bass. All also write songs. Onstage they prefer to employ a permanent rhythm section, but shift through a variety of instruments in the studio.

Yet in spite their musical versatility and a bevy of famous friends who habitually drop in on their album sessions, America's sound remains its own. It is highly distinctive and easily recognizable. It's soothing. It's pretty. It's intelligent. Most of all, it's rich enough to enjoy time and time again.

May 1974.

Message: 19534 Posted: Fri Nov 02 10:33:35 2001 By: RichM
Subject: Wake / Horse

I think Wake's version is a lot of fun and sounds pretty cool. Yet another example of America's influence on all kinds of artists.


Message: 19533 Posted: Fri Nov 02 09:10:24 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chords

Sorry Joe, but I don't have the chords for the Sandman intro.

Message: 19532 Posted: Fri Nov 02 06:59:47 2001 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Wake's Horse

Just listened to it, my 4 year liked it, & told me it sounded like Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Message: 19531 Posted: Fri Nov 02 06:42:56 2001 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Left Out Song from MusikLaden Uncovered

About 2 years ago, I traded a video from somebody overseas. I
can't remember from who. He also included the musik laden concert
for filler. So I decided to watch it for the umpteenth million time when all of a sudden, I said this song was not included on VH1 or
the Video was Sandman. I remember it had
more of an edge to it with the guys wailing out. If I have the time
I'll transfer it from Video to my computer in a mp3 form.

Message: 19530 Posted: Fri Nov 02 06:03:00 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Wake's Horse

Thanks John for the link. I thought that Wake's version wasn't too bad until I heard the guy in background sing "in the desert". I found it to be very funny. Played it several times and I couldn't stop laughing. I don't think that was the original intention of the singer, but I loved it!

Did anyone else get the same reaction?

Message: 19529 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:52:21 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Thanks Nina and Tom


Message: 19528 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:23:51 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Yankees

For the 2nd game in a row, 2 run lead... 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth.... the series should be over!!!! There must be ghosts helping the Yanks..................Joe K

Message: 19527 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:20:12 2001 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Chords

Hey Steve, do you or anybody else have the chord chart for the intro into the "live version of Sandman? Thanks again for uploading sandman for me...... Any chance you could do some more uploading?? Joe K

Message: 19526 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:14:21 2001 By: Zurst
Subject: RE: Musikladen

Thanks for the info about this CD. I'll keep looking, but it doesn't sound very hopeful! In the mean time, perhaps I'll buy a copy on DVD...sooner or later I'll have a player. I appreciate every one responding.

Message: 19525 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:08:50 2001 By: Nina
Subject: H-B, Pat B.!

A special Happy Birthday to Pat B.! I enjoyed meeting you at the Mohegun Sun "Concert-that-Wasn't"! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Message: 19524 Posted: Fri Nov 02 05:02:12 2001 By: Zurst
Subject: RE: Musikladen

Thanks for the info about this CD. I'll keep looking, but it doesn't sound very hopeful! In the mean time, perhaps I'll buy a copy on DVD...sooner or later I'll have a player. I appreciate every one responding.

Message: 19523 Posted: Fri Nov 02 00:25:35 2001 By: judy
Subject: sorry

I hope this isn't a repeted message but I got kicked off the int and don't know if what I said went throug. I just hope you hear me enough to get my message. You guys had a lot to say years ago and not manylistened. Now is the time to say it and I know people will listen, Hell we're all listening. I can't belive I haven't heard this song done a little different yet. I want to do it. Give me a chance. Let me show you what I mean. Sincerely. Yours in music. Judy I told you, you would get sick of my name.

Message: 19522 Posted: Fri Nov 02 00:02:22 2001 By: judy
Subject: guess what

I just heard Garth Brook just rerecorded one of your songs, so I know your not about to listen to me. but I figure if you see my name enouh times you might say, Who's this Judy. that keeps emailing us, what the heck. I might get an answer sometime. I happen to think your guys are for real and down to earth, just because you made it and I didn't doesn't mean I'm not valuable.

Message: 19521 Posted: Thu Nov 01 23:49:22 2001 By: judy
Subject: well if it is for real

and if you guys have the cass I think you have, I have a favor to ask. I'm an entertainer also, have been playin with my band for 26 yrs. I would like to re-record your song, Sandman, a womans version. I'm a hell of a singer and would do it justice believe me. but I would not do it without our permission. I know you could get any of the top singers in the country to do it now. I'm an older lady. Have alot of experience behind me, But I would do your song with so much heart, I just want to change a couple words. The part when you say "Drink that beer" I would like to say something like, "Make it Clear" You know that song fits with whats going on today. I know what you ment about "Drink that beer. but now we want to "Make it clear" we mean business we're not about to let anyone distroy what our country is made of , where we came from and what we will do to hang onto our freedom. I'm sorry but your song is so powerful and sends such a message. If this interests you at all get back to me, hell you've proubably heard it many times already. But it moves me greatly and I've been singing it and changing the words and people love it. I hope I'm not blowing smoke in the wind. I thought I would give this a shot. I don't do email much. Yours in music, Judy Jewel Lee, Dixie Thunder Band from Minnesota. Love you guys no matter what.

Message: 19520 Posted: Thu Nov 01 23:27:25 2001 By: judy
Subject: And

I want to know if this is for real, will I really beable to contact with a member of the America band or is this another scam web site.

Message: 19519 Posted: Thu Nov 01 23:24:46 2001 By: judy
Subject: just want to let you know,

I listen to your music off of original albums. We have them all.

Message: 19518 Posted: Thu Nov 01 23:19:51 2001 By: judy
Subject: just want to know if i'm doing it right

never tried this before, am I going any where or am I in outter space.

Message: 19517 Posted: Thu Nov 01 23:17:44 2001 By: judy
Subject: want to know whats going on

hope you got my message, I'm serious and sincere

Message: 19516 Posted: Thu Nov 01 22:59:20 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: The Yankees Win!!! The Yankees Win!!!

Who cares? Jewel didn't sing the National Anthem this time. So, Bahh Humbug !!! lol


Message: 19515 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:44:35 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: ABC Concert they were cut from the edited brodcast, but here's a better question: why no site of them in the crowd during the M.J. finale? Rats...sigh.


Message: 19514 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:32:26 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: The Yankees Win!!! The Yankees Win!!!

That's all I have to say!!!

Message: 19513 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:29:55 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: One other worthwhile cover version...

I know this my ten-millionth post today, but...

Recently, I came across an a cappella group called Hyannis Sound that did an extraordinary take on "Sister Golden Hair". I downloaded it on mp3 via file-sharing, so I can't link to it, but it's worth hearing if you can get your hands on it.


Message: 19512 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:11:48 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: One other thing...

I just had a chance to listen to the other two versions. The first one sounds like a combination of techno and the Cardigans on first listen.


Message: 19511 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:10:36 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Musikladen--I think I have the CD!!

Oops you're right. I even have that Video CD, definitely hard to find.

Message: 19510 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:08:16 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Wake's Horse

Since you're interested, I got the clip from a decent online retailer, German Music Express ( Just search under CD titles for "horse with no name". There don't seem to be any full-length clips, but there are two other versions of the song on their CD single. I don't know anything else about the group, and can't find any information off the bat on the web.


Message: 19509 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:01:57 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Horse

Geez, you're right, John...that IS really disturbing!

Mags :O)

Message: 19508 Posted: Thu Nov 01 21:00:44 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: ABC Concert

Bruce, LOL, I'm doing same thing in Northern California as we speak! When they introduced the lineup, in alphabetical order, America was clearly missing. Not that the guys aren't still up to the task of being "new," but I wondered why they couldn't have performed at the Concert for NY with the other timeless classic rock artists, versus the RFK concert's mainstream acts. Were the guys still out of the country at that time? Don't remember. Anyway, the show is half over and I'm beginning to conceded that they were cut from the broadcast. What a clumsy decision by the "powers that be." :-(


Message: 19507 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:57:59 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Horse Cover

John that clip was so cool? Where did you get it? Can we hear the whole thing?

Message: 19506 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:54:44 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Musikladen--I think I have the CD!!

LisaRose...I think I have the same thing, too. We must have gotten lucky!


Message: 19505 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:52:58 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Horse

I checked online, but no one seems to carry the Horse With No Name CD anymore. It seems like the CD Steve and I have is out of print. I looked around at several online retailers, but to no avail. On the other hand, I came across this really disturbing cover of Horse by a group called Wake. Hopefully the link will work...


Message: 19504 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:51:26 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Don't read this.

Kevin...darn well put! I guess sometimes it might seem easier to some to criticize, rather than risking criticism themselves, n'est pas?


Message: 19503 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:46:31 2001 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Public Apology

Robyn...I can't imagine you offending anyone! You are a sweet lady who speaks her own mind. I think people tend to forget why we are here...not to solve the world's problems, but to discuss and ecxhange ideas about our favorite band, and music in general, while getting to know one another throug shared expeiences. I for one would be sorry to see you no longer hosting the chats, as much as I could never imagine Tery not hosting AOL chats.

Message: 19502 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:41:22 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Musikladen"

Actually, the Musikladen concert is available on CD, in addition to the VHS and DVD format. The CD version, however, was released back in 1995 and goes under the name "Horse With No Name." I got a copy of it years back -- it was released on the Master Tone label in Germany under the number MM5101, and it still may be available online. It has the same exact eleven tracks as the DVD. There are actually two CDs in the set. One is in VideoCD format, the other is a straight audio CD with mono sound. It sounds like this is the same set LisaRose got at the record show.


Message: 19501 Posted: Thu Nov 01 20:05:12 2001 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: ABC Concert

So? Was AMERICA on ABC tonight? I wasn't home and my 2 VCRs were taping "Friends" and "Survivor"!

Message: 19500 Posted: Thu Nov 01 19:51:11 2001 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Musicladen show IS on CD!

I have the dual Video/Audio Cd from the "MusicLaden" show and I am listening to it as I type this message. Audio side has 11 songs,pretty much the track listing from the previous post. Its been available on VHS and I also have a DVD copy as well. So to answer that question...yep,it is out there,you just have to search and dig for it!

Message: 19499 Posted: Thu Nov 01 19:31:30 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Musikladen--I think I have the CD!!

Am not sure but I got this double set--a video cd and audio cd--at a record show --there is no name to it but the video is Musiladen and the track listing on the audio is...Ventura H, I need You, Don't Cross.., Horse with..., Moon Song, Lonely People, Wind Wave, Rainbow, TinMan, Calif. Revis., and Green Monkey. When I showed it to Gerry a while back, it seemed that he never saw it. Is this the CD, you are talking about it.

Message: 19498 Posted: Thu Nov 01 19:17:23 2001 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Musikladen

Yes only on DVD & VHS so far. has both for sale as well as most of AMERICA's CD'S. AMERICA live in a studio setting w/no audience. Willie on drums a recent new member. A jazzed up version of TIN MAN & yes RAINBOW SONG, VENTURA HIGHWAY, MOON SONG, WIND WAVE among others all LIVE !!! This disc really shows just how good AMERICA is.

Message: 19497 Posted: Thu Nov 01 19:03:24 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Musikladen

It is worth having the VHS tape or DVD!!!!Trust me you will be glad you got it. I wish it was on CD because Rainbow Song and Green Monkey really rock!

Message: 19496 Posted: Thu Nov 01 18:55:54 2001 By: Zurst
Subject: Musikladen

Can any of you tell me if the live concert "The Best Of Musikladen-America" is available on CD, or only DVD and VHS? I thought I had read a revue about the release being available on CD, but can't seem to locate any place that lists it. If not, does anybody have the VHS version, and is it worth having? Thanks for your time.

Message: 19495 Posted: Thu Nov 01 18:26:36 2001 By: Tom T.
Subject: Happy Birthday Pat B.

Hey Pat- Happy Birthday (Nov. 2nd- "The Day After Dan Peek") to you! Hope all those Birthday Wishes Come True! Are you still groovin' to a "Young Moon"? Or have you become an "Old Man Took"? Well- "It's Life" so follow your "Head And Heart". Let's face it, our lives are no longer "The Story Of A Teenager", but in our hearts we still feel like "Children". Happy Birthday Friend! I hope you enjoy this greeting- I think it's preety damn cool! Looking forward to jamming soon!!!! Tom T.

Message: 19494 Posted: Thu Nov 01 16:36:58 2001 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: NY Yankees

About the only good thing about the World Series is that Jewel sang the National Anthem during the first game. I had three VCRs taping that one, just to be safe :)


Message: 19493 Posted: Thu Nov 01 15:43:52 2001 By: KevinS.
Subject: Don't read this.

If you don't like the way someone else is hosting a live chat, why not get off your lazy ass and host it yourself? If you don't like the way someone else is running the web site and designing the concert list, why not get off your lazy ass and create your own site. And if I don't like the way America uses the crappy drum machine to cheapen its work, why don't I get off my lazy ass and record my own album with real drums?

And if...ah, heck, I'm too lazy to go on.


Message: 19492 Posted: Thu Nov 01 15:33:26 2001 By: John Lussier
Subject: tour 2002

Ok, earlier this year America performed in Newfoundland and then Quebec. Now they'll be in Ontario in 2002. Keep moving west guys, only 4 more provinces to go.

Message: 19491 Posted: Thu Nov 01 14:51:36 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Any NJ concert dates yet Steve?

Okay, I know I'm jumping the gun(I'm excited:)Since I saw the 2002 dates), but since they are coming by you (Utah)I'm hoping that they will be coming back to Jersey! Again Steve I think that your Mirror to Mirror tour logo is cool(I posted it at work!- When my co-workers don't hear America during coffee klatch at work they know I'm not there!LOL) and that some people need to realize it is only in fun! Hoping to see the guys on tv tonight for the concert for the WTC/Fund. Got my VCR ready just in case! Didn't see any mention of them in the paper. Oh please show them tonight ABC!!!!LOL. Thanks

Message: 19490 Posted: Thu Nov 01 14:38:24 2001 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday Dan

Happy b-day Dan wherever you are! Hope you are enjoying the simple life!

Message: 19489 Posted: Thu Nov 01 13:28:33 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Don't Cross The River"

I'm sure that Garth and the record label are fully aware that it is Dan Peek's song. All you have to do is type in the song title or lyrics on the web and you'll get a bazillion hits for America (many from this very site!!). In any case, the Quicksilver album identified it as much, if nothing else. (I should know - I have it.) The website I quoted was not official, but it just goes to show the lack of familiarity with America the group, especially outside the folk-rock circles. It's funny - one would think that after the all-star effort for "Hope" back in 1996 that country music fans would have gotten to know America a little better. People have very short memories!


Message: 19488 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:40:26 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Robyn's Apology

Robyn- Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I am unable to participate in the live chats that you seem to enjoy so much. I don't know the particular circumstances involving you being 'flamed', but your enthusiasm, and devotion to the live chat is quite evident.
Don't let others stop you from having fun. -Pat

Message: 19487 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:32:22 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: To Steve: regarding concert schedule

LisaRose, all I know is what's posted on the official concert list. I'm guessing that they couldn't schedule anything before then but I don't know for sure. If anything else gets scheduled for that concert, I'll be sure to post it.

Message: 19486 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:29:57 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Don't Cross The River

This is Dan's "Don't Cross The River". He'll be receiving appropriate royalties from it.

Message: 19485 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:27:45 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Happy Birthday Dan

Happy Birthday Mr. Peek.

Thanks for the great music!


Message: 19484 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:26:29 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: To Steve: regarding concert schedule

I noticed that they are not at Mohegan until the middle of the year. I thought they were going to make-up the show that Gerry got sick. Any word on that?

Message: 19483 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:25:51 2001 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Don't Cross The River

If Garth's "Don't Cross The River" is the very same DCTR that was written by Dan Peek, then I would like to suggest to Mr. Brooks that maybe he needs to fire the employees of his who are responsible for legal matters such as securing the necessary rights from the copyright holders of that song.

Is there another song out there entitled "Don't Cross The River"?

Message: 19482 Posted: Thu Nov 01 12:18:01 2001 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Public Apology

Ditto Robyn--had a great time last week analyzing "Human Nature" cause of you--it made my day!!! Please come back :). It WON'T be the same without YOU!!!

Message: 19481 Posted: Thu Nov 01 11:48:38 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: "Don't Cross The River If You Can't Swim The Tide"


All of what you say is very true and I wouldn't argue that, but the fact that America's music is "out there" means that, even if people don't know who the group is (and obviously that crowd is still far too large), the music itself has made its way into the public subconsciousness. To me, that's an enormous testament to the enduring quality of America's music. That's the reason for that usual "I didn't know they did THAT song" line from the novice concertgoer. It speaks reams about both the horrendous legacy of ignoring quality in the music industry AND the ability for the best to shine through nonetheless.


Message: 19480 Posted: Thu Nov 01 11:28:35 2001 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Public Apology

Robyn, I'm not aware of anyone that you have offended and I have really appreciated you spearheading the live chats since I don't have time to do it. Whether people want to consider you the "host" or not isn't as important as the fact that you've kept the chats going and you've made them lively. I, for one, hope you might change your mind in the future and once again do what you do so well. In my mind, there's no way you overstepped your bounds and I don't think an apology was necessary. I am sorry, though, that you had to suffer through some personal attacks. Thanks for all you've done!

Message: 19479 Posted: Thu Nov 01 10:38:55 2001 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Don't Cross The River If You Can't Swim The Tide"

John, I think you are being very gracious. If the song is infact the America song written by Dan Peek and not some forgotten folk song from a century ago, calling "Don't Cross the River," "a traditional American song which Garth first heard performed by the group Quicksilver" actually indecates two things: 1) the ignorance of the promo writer and 2) just another indication that the entertainment establishment has ignored America.

Message: 19478 Posted: Thu Nov 01 09:45:01 2001 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Don't Cross The River If You Can't Swim The Tide"

On a webpage promoting Garth Brooks' new album Scarecrow, there is this reference to the background of "Don't Cross The River":

"'Don't Cross the River If You Can't Swim the Tide,' a traditional American song which Garth first heard performed by the group Quicksilver."

Personally, I think it's amusing that this is assumed to be a "tradional American" folk song. Perhaps that's because Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver covered it. In any case, it shows just how much America's music has permeated our culture.


Message: 19477 Posted: Thu Nov 01 09:39:13 2001 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Public Apology

Geez. I'm pretty new to these parts, but I thought all this stuff was for fun. First I see someone getting uppity because a few fans were enthusing over a mythical tour logo (which I thought was very cool). Now this. I repeat. Geez. Where'd the fun go?

Message: 19476 Posted: Thu Nov 01 08:27:39 2001 By: Robyn
Subject: Public Apology

As I seem to have offended people her regarding the live chat, I will no longer be "hosting" or attending the live chats. I have enjoyed talking with all of you, but I can no longer take the personal attacks I have been receiving for my percieved hubris. If I have overstepped my bounds I am sorry. Thank you.

Message: 19475 Posted: Thu Nov 01 07:56:42 2001 By: Pete
Subject: NY Yankees

Lets go Yankees. You can do magic.

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