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Message: 20678 Posted: Thu Jan 31 20:07:09 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Chat room comments

Just wanted to followup Johnny's comments by saying I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Chat room last night,and will try to make it again next Wednesday as time permits.

Message: 20677 Posted: Thu Jan 31 16:34:11 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Posters/lurkers

Put like that Ingrid, I have to agree with you. I know I read the chat folder pretty much everyday for about a year before I posted anything. I was more meaning the amount of people who post are American. I guess thats because of the size of the population there. We only have three and a half million in the entire country, some of whom will be seeing AMERICA live in a couple of weeks!

Message: 20676 Posted: Thu Jan 31 14:38:52 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Dan and things (for jimbob)

After reading one of his newer episodes (I'm SO glad that he's writing again), I wanted for the first time to post to Dan P.'s Guest Book last week and couldn't find it. It's interesting to know that it's gone. I wasn't familiar enough with his site to know if I just hadn't looked in the right place.

I must disagree with you jimbob. I think there is a goodly number of international visitors to this folder -- posting from New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, England, Canada, Spain; and those are just some that come right to mind -- I know there are others. I also know, as our fair Genevieve mentioned, that limited English prevents some from posting more often. I'm always happy to accomodate the requests I receive from Italy asking for translation of something on the folder or site.

Back to the Batcave . . . .

Message: 20675 Posted: Thu Jan 31 11:36:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Last Night's Live Chat Turn Out

Had a good time during last night's Live Chat session. It was one of the best turn outs I've attended in the recent past...lots of good discussion! Those present were (as best as I can remember): SteveO, Riverside, Stereo, Mel, T&C, mB, AmericaFan, simplelife (that was me), and JoeShow. I'm sure there was one or two more whose nick I've forgotten. Had to leave early so there probably were more folks afterwards.

Message: 20674 Posted: Thu Jan 31 06:34:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: NZ shows/set list

Definitive America was not released in the U.S. That's most likely why you haven't heard of it before. Here's a link to the web page for that CD: /america/album/album33.htm.

Message: 20673 Posted: Thu Jan 31 06:32:22 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hearts CD

Eddy is right that "Houses In White" was never released. Here's a link to the web page that I created that talks about that song: /america/housesin.htm. While you're there, you may want to follow the link at the bottom of that page that goes to a description about "Heaven Is Very Beautiful".

Message: 20672 Posted: Thu Jan 31 06:11:38 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Hearts CD

I think Amazon also has a nice inventory of all AMERICA CD's. They also should have GERRY BECKLEY'S solo debut gem VAN GO GAN.

Message: 20671 Posted: Thu Jan 31 06:09:16 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Hearts CD offers it as an import and it is in stock: $20.49.
melody blvd does have some america cds, but at the moment no

Message: 20670 Posted: Wed Jan 30 23:27:27 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Hearts CD

On the "Hearts" CD try Melody BLVD. (There's a link to them on this webpage) they have alot of the America Imports.
As for "House's In White" it was never released (as far as I know) It's a GREAT tune!

Message: 20669 Posted: Wed Jan 30 22:07:30 2002 By: kelbel
Subject: Re: NZ shows/set list

Difinitive CD? I'm not even aware of it...wierd...I usually know all there is about AMERICA. I have to wait 'til August to see them here in Oregon, USA. God, I wish I were you! They're addicting!

Message: 20668 Posted: Wed Jan 30 22:02:47 2002 By: kelbel
Subject: Hearts CD

I am having the hardest time getting my hands on a copy of the Hearts CD....any advise? Also, on what album is "Houses in White"? I love that song!

Message: 20667 Posted: Wed Jan 30 16:41:30 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday evening

The chat is tonight from 5-9 Pacific. I will not be in the room tonight, but I am sure you can carry on without me ( ROFLMHO!!!!!!) I am getting ready to move four libraries in 2 1/2 weeks ( yes they ARE trying to kill me!) So I will be getting my self together for a marathon session. Hope to be able to chat soon!

Message: 20666 Posted: Wed Jan 30 16:06:40 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I'll try this again.

John, the MIDI files came from various places on the web or were sent to me as e-mail attachments. I honestly don't remember where each one came from except for the ones that were written by Federico Giampieri.

Message: 20665 Posted: Wed Jan 30 12:55:46 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: I'll try this again.

Oops. How about "of the songs" instead of "oh the songs" Ah, the fine art of proofreading.

Message: 20664 Posted: Wed Jan 30 12:53:31 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: I'll try this again.

For some reason I haven't been able to post on here lately.
Johnny, oh the songs that are part of the sound clip page I really like Last Two To Dance, in particular Dewey's part. For some reason I think it really fits his voice or perhaps it's just his interpretation of the song I prefer. I also enjoy Weather With You, Crying in my Sleep and of course Houses in White.
I know these songs are old news for the rest of you but for this techno-weenie it's been a real treasure finally figuring how to access them. Can anyone tell me what the story is with the midi files at the end of that page? Where did they come from? Thanks

Message: 20663 Posted: Wed Jan 30 07:27:56 2002 By: Tinman
Subject: Dan Peeks guest book!

Anyone know what happend to Dan's guest book? I've e-mailed the webmaster, but I can't seem to get an answer. Let's get Dan, Dewey & Gerry back together, after all, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"

Message: 20662 Posted: Wed Jan 30 07:16:33 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Tom KBY

Tom KBY,
Please, if you read this folder, drop me a line anytime. Lost your E-address by accident :-0
Anyway, how's Nebraska at that time of the year? Or are you in Vegas already??? W8ing for fresh news from you.
PS : really enjoying that America DVD.
BBFN - Genevieve.

Message: 20661 Posted: Wed Jan 30 06:58:27 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hello Jimbob!

Hi everyone, Hello Jimbob,

<<if the guys played all thats on DEFINITIVE, we would hear RAINBOW SONG and GOD OF THE SUN which wouldnt be too bad now, would it?>>

YOU BET !!! A lucky guy, you are :-)

Message: 20660 Posted: Tue Jan 29 20:57:23 2002 By: Jessica
Subject: Somehing to look forward to

I dreamed of the guys last night - in the dream, I had just watched a show and afterwards, I was looking for a Cd or anything for Gerry and Dewey's autograph, but then I didn't have anything!

What does it mean? I think I'm just very excited and happy to see a show after almost 4 years. Once again, fate seems to be arranging these shows so that I can watch them. I was given complimentary tickets by a friend, then the dates perfectly suited my hectic schedule! Now all I have to do is make sure that I have something for the guys' autograph! lol!

Ca't wait! It will be a great way to celebrate my 2nd year here in Canada! And although it would be bittersweet for me to hear a couple of songs that would surely remind me of someone I had recently lost, seeing the guys and hearing their music will be very special.

Hope to see other fans in Casino Rama this March!

Message: 20659 Posted: Tue Jan 29 17:29:01 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Online.

Hello everyone,it's been awhile I've had some shocking computer problems,great to be back online.

Message: 20658 Posted: Tue Jan 29 17:25:14 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: test


Message: 20657 Posted: Tue Jan 29 14:56:17 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: NZ shows/set list

Hi everyone; only a couple of weeks now til AMERICA hit our shores! Summer has FINALLY arrived here and as the guys will be here 10 days or so, I hope it stays this way! Im wondering if the set list changes in keeping with whats on the DEFINITIVE CD which topped the charts here recently. I hope it doesnt change as I REALLY want to hear RIVERSIDE and THREE ROSES, neither of which were on that CD. Though I guess a lot of people know that first album and as its currently available in some music stores here, I would imagine its sales will increase after the shows. However, if the guys played all thats on DEFINITIVE, we would hear RAINBOW SONG and GOD OF THE SUN which wouldnt be too bad now, would it?! Hi to you Genevieve!

Message: 20656 Posted: Tue Jan 29 09:27:08 2002 By: Pete
Subject: America (Albany NY)

I see America will be at the Empire State Plaza, Albany NY come this July. Thats good news, usually when they have concerts at the plaza they are free. So I don't know what's going to happen.

Message: 20655 Posted: Tue Jan 29 09:18:47 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Bob Welch and "The Mac" before Stevie Nicks

I second that. "Mystery to Me" is a great, great tune and was an FM staple in the 70s, when Fleetwood Mac was more of a cult band. And you're right, the original version of "Sentimental Lady" was on the "Bare Trees," LP, with Christine McVie adding a nice vocal backing.
By the way, it also depresses me that lots of folks don't know that there was a Fleetwood Mac well before Bob Welch, let alone Stevie Nicks. The Santana chestnut "Black Magic Woman" was a cover of The Mac's song. And those early records "Kiln House," "Then Play On," "Heroes Are Hard to Find," etc., all offer really fine moments. It's a sadly overlooked body of work, those late 60s and early 70s Fleetwood Mac LPs.

Message: 20654 Posted: Tue Jan 29 08:21:09 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA IN CONCERT DVD ( for Jimnak)

That's great, yes it is a gem w/the new songs from HUMAN NATURE & LAST UNICORN. It's interesting to put that 1975 DVD alongside the 1999 version, jumpstart nearly 25 years later & in between add the 1979 Concert in Central Park & you have a nice sample into the 30 plus year career of AMERICA. AMERICA gearing up to begin the 2002 Tour.

Message: 20653 Posted: Tue Jan 29 07:19:16 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: AMERICA IN CONCERT DVD ( for Jimnak)

Hey Jimnak, Today (Jan.29th) was THE GREAT DAY !!! I received the DVD with the morning post & took the time to watch it before going back to work. You were right! It's just top quality work. Plus I'm now given the opportunity to enjoy FROM A MOVING TRAIN, LAST UNICORN, THREE ROSES& WHEELS in a live version, which hadn't been possible otherwise before & probably won't be :-( until America pay their French listeners a friendly visit at last :-) . Unfortunately, no tentative European tour has been listed for 2002. But now at least I can partly make up for it with this amazing AMERICA IN CONCERT DVD! BBFN -Genevieve-

Message: 20652 Posted: Tue Jan 29 03:59:41 2002 By: Rubens
Subject: Entire downloadable Discography

Hallo, I'm Rubens from Italy. I'm searching for someone who would share his/her entire America discography through programs like WinMX. Plaese, help me!!!

Thanks from an Italian America's fan.

Message: 20651 Posted: Tue Jan 29 02:00:45 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Message pour les fans francophones d'América.

-Sorry for this little "aparté" in French but I feel I have to make contact with the many French fans who often visit this site. Some of them (Françoise, Richard, Thomas... salut à vous!) wrote me during the last few months to say they don't read or write English very well, so they often need help to get the meaning of the pages on this site. Now this is great news for them ! -

Pour tous ceux qui aiment América depuis toujours comme moi mais qui auraient du mal avec le "grand- breton" même s'il est d'outre Atlantique, je signale qu'il existe un site francophone EN CONSTRUCTION -si on peut t'aider Thierry :-) - à l'adresse suivante :

Thierry est musicien & interessé par la "Westcoast Music". Il a dédié une page perso à nos héros. Si vous avez des anecdotes de concerts ou autres, n'hésitez pas à en faire profiter les copains! Et Thierry, si tu me lis, pense à faire quelques mises à jour dès que possible.
A bientôt

Message: 20650 Posted: Tue Jan 29 01:20:17 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: New Neil Young Album Due

A big "HI ! " from France to all the America fans haunting this site one way or another...& a special one to Jimbob from just another non-American America fan :-)

Joining the music discussion (but changing topic), I read some great news recently & among them was this one :
<<Neil Young will release his new album Are You Passionate? on March 26th. Said to be full of "heartfelt love songs," the songs were reportedly inspired by the events of September 11th>>

For those concerned or simply interested in getting some more details, follow the link :

Message: 20649 Posted: Mon Jan 28 18:26:45 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Reunion"

I was reading something KevinS wrote recently about Dan reuniting with America via samples. That would be an interesting (if extraordinarily unlikely) experience. I can see it now... America featuring Dan Peek on vocals recorded on a demo track from 1976 and new instrumentals by Dewey and Gerry. If it worked for the Beatles...


Message: 20648 Posted: Mon Jan 28 17:41:30 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: DrumsRUs.

Is it live? or is it Memorex?

Message: 20647 Posted: Mon Jan 28 16:43:07 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Bob Welch/Fleetwood Mac

This is depressing: Many of my friends did't know that there was a Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks joined. (Come to think, I fell into that category a long time ago, but that's another issue).

If anyone is a Bob Welch fan, RUN don't walk to the nearest CD shop and buy a couple of Fleetwood Mac CDs that Bob Welch was on. His original version of Sentimental Lady was recorded by Fleetwood Mac long before it became a solo hit for him. That's on a CD called "Bare Trees" (if I remember correctly). Also the song "Hypnotized" is probably the single greatest Fleetwood Mac song from any era, IMHO. Hypnotized is on the "Mystery to Me" CD.

Message: 20646 Posted: Mon Jan 28 15:59:17 2002 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Bob Welch

There's a Welch LP with a stark, white and black cover (title escapes me right now) that I bought
on the strength of those two LPs and found extremely disappointing. The production was muddy
and the songs were less than memorable. One of the things about Welch is that has always been an

That album is titled "The Other One". I recently won 2 CD's containing 4 of his albums on eBay. French Kiss/Three Hearts and The Other One/Man Overboard. Ironically, I haven't yet removed the shrinkwrap from "The Other One/Man Overboard" :)

Message: 20645 Posted: Mon Jan 28 14:25:59 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Bob Welch (Speech and John L)

It just came to me. The Welch album I'm thinking of is called "The Other One." There was a song on it that garnered a little airplay, which I think was called "Rebel Rouser." But, again, it was a big disappointment after those two earlier LPs with the great pop-rock songs and the (ahem) striking covers.

Message: 20644 Posted: Mon Jan 28 13:24:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bob Welch (Speech and John L)

<<There's a Welch LP with a stark, white and black cover (title escapes me right now)....">>

Speech, I think perhaps it's "Looks At Bop". I don't know anything about it personally but I'm take your advice and steer clear of purchasing it in the future. I see that it contains the Gershwin and Gershwin song, "I've Got Rhythm". The song makes me think of Ethyl Merman as well as The Happenings. The latter I enjoy especially their song, "Sealed With A Kiss". That title leads me back to Hall & Oates and their song "Kiss On My List" . I didn't know until watching last night's episode of "Behind The Music" that co-writer of "Kiss On My List," Janna Allen, had passed away from luekemia (sp?). Subsequently, her sister Sara (for whom "Sara Smile" was written) went her own way after a 30-year relationship with Hall. Sad, sad ending to the episode about H&O except perhaps John Oates' new life as a new husband with a young child.

John L, since we both like "Jody" a lot, I'm interested in knowing what you think of "Last Two To Dance". It's one of my favorites. Regarding Dan's missing guest book, some of us chatted about it during the Live Chat last week. I hope you can access the Live Chat. It's fun most of the time. The fun is dependent on whom all visits as Robyn can attest.

Message: 20643 Posted: Mon Jan 28 13:19:36 2002 By: sylvain
Subject: Bob Welsh

Hello from Canada. I know I haven't posted in a long time but I do read the folder daily. Am thinking about seeing the boys at Casino Rama when they come up.

Reference to the French Kiss album. Take the time to read the liner notes!! They read like a Fleetwood Mac album. It's a great album worth buying on CD. Also take the time to listen to some Fleetwood Mac pre-Buckingham/Nicks. Some great songs like Hypnotized and Bermuda Triangle.


Message: 20642 Posted: Mon Jan 28 11:52:08 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Bob Welch

"Three Hearts" and "French Kiss" are pretty solid, enjoyable pop-rock records. But tread carefully. There's a Welch LP with a stark, white and black cover (title escapes me right now) that I bought on the strength of those two LPs and found extremely disappointing. The production was muddy and the songs were less than memorable. One of the things about Welch is that has always been an experimenter. That's cool, but it doesn't always work in terms of listener enjoyment. I own the two albums put out by Welch's power trio, Paris, for example. They are surely cutting edge for their time, but not necessarily listenable. Some of Bob's penchant for the road-not-taken also turns up on that one solo disc I've described, and, again, my recollection is that it didn't do anything for the LP.

Message: 20641 Posted: Mon Jan 28 10:58:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cayman Islands Again

In case you didn't notice on the most recent concert list, a Cayman Islands gig has been added and it will be similar to the one that Gerry and Dewey did last year. The show will be on April 5 at the SeaView Hotel which is where they played last year. It will, again, feature just Gerry and Dewey. I know that some of you went last year and you may want to comment on the show. It's truly magical.

There are a lot of nice and reasonably priced hotels, including the SeaView, on the island. If anyone has any questions, you can email Erin Edwards directly at or you can send them to me and I'll forward them to Erin. I doubt that I'll make it but Erin will be there and hopes to see lots of you there as well!

Message: 20640 Posted: Mon Jan 28 10:07:41 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bob Welch (For Ladd & Laz)

Ladd, ditto for me regarding what Jimnak said about Bob Welch's solo music. It's very good stuff. I have two of his LPs, "French Kiss" and "Three Hearts". I think "French Kiss" (worth the price for the cover photo alone) is the better of the two. I particularly like the songs "Mystery Train" and "Danchiva". Wasn't "Ebony Eyes" a hit song like "Sentimental Lady" was? I like the the beginning lyrics of "Ebony Eyes":

Have you seen that girl in the corner
I'd like to take her out of her chains
Cause if I had my way with you baby
I would be changing your life today

Regarding "Three Hearts", the song "Church" is an excellent song as Jimnak referred to:

Well come down from your church
And talk to a man
Who knows that he loves you
And wants to understand

Wasn't "Precious Love" also a hit from Welch's second LP? I really like "Here Comes The Night". I highly recommend BOTH of Welch's LPs. "French Kiss" sort of reminds me of Dewey and Gerry's "Alibi" because of the drive both LPs have.

Talking about "Three Hearts", it reminds me of Daryl Hall's "Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine". Saw the "Behind The Music" show about Hall & Oates last night. The last 15 minutes of the show was very sad.

Laz (not to be confused with Ladd), I think you might like Bob Welch's two LPs, too. Check them out!

Message: 20639 Posted: Mon Jan 28 09:57:32 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Dan and things

So do you think Dan's guestbook disappeared as a result of someone crossing the line with a post? Or lack of responses lately?

Confession time. For the past year or 2 or 3 I have seen all these sound clips posted and have not been able to hear them. Tried downloading RealPLayer etc. but to no avail. Thought it was just my old computer not being able to support the software. Then I got a new IMac so could hear at least those clips posted as mpegs. Guess what I just figured out? You need to click on the "install" icon after you download RealPlayer. While my ignorance is seemingly endless at least I had a great weekend "catching up" and listening to all the great tracks, interviews etc. Now if I can just figure out this Wednesday Chat thing....

j - a non American America fan.

Message: 20638 Posted: Mon Jan 28 09:45:26 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: DrumsRUs.

I guess that's what your almighty dollar is for Kevin.....

TkH<----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20637 Posted: Mon Jan 28 09:01:56 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Bob Welch

good stuff. very refined. Short, sweet, narrowly focused solo career. Come on down from your Church ...

Message: 20636 Posted: Mon Jan 28 08:48:21 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Bob Welch

Any of you folks listen to Bob Welch's solo albums? Ex-Fleetwood Mac guy who came out with that great hit, "Sentimental Lady," in 1977. I love that song and wanted to know if the albums themselves were actually worth buying. Any advice?

Message: 20635 Posted: Mon Jan 28 08:41:17 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: DrumsRUs.

Terry, you're right. At least America does a better job than most with the programmed drums and bass. But it's still bushleague.

My other worry is, when does it stop? Why not just program the guitars and vocals? Then, why not program the drums in concert and save a ton on salaries and expenses? Then you can get rid of Brad and his expenses too in concert. And, while you're at it, who needs Dewey and Gerry and Woods? Why not just program their parts into a computer, send out a few cardboard cut-outs and tour from the comfort of poolside in the valley? Bring back Dan via sampling and have an America reunion tour. Replace the guitar techs with a few guys in the IT department.

Wouldn't that be cheaper?


Message: 20634 Posted: Mon Jan 28 08:00:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Robyn

>>When was Dummy Bunny renamed Steady Betty<<

Hmmm, "Steady Betty" was the name one of the bands I worked for dubbed THEIR machine after they fried the drummer who
1- was always late
2- couldn't keep time to save his life and
3- was a seven letter word for jerk!

Dumb bunny is probably a better moniker!

Message: 20633 Posted: Mon Jan 28 01:24:27 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Dan and things

Hey everyone! A few things do surprise me..One is that Dan's guest book has gone(and only one person has made mention of it);another, is thats it's gone at all;Two:This is a 'world wide web', yet, with few exceptions, it's only American's who partake in discussions of this band; Three; the counters suggest there are heaps of lurkers! Say "hello". I did, and its FUN!

Message: 20632 Posted: Sun Jan 27 21:21:41 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry's Drum Machine: Good News/Bad News

Extra strength right, Andy? :0) A bullet would be a lot quicker though, wouldn't you think?

It's all just a rumor as I said before though about the Novation Drum Station. It's a lighthearted rumor so hopefully "no harm, no foul" in Brother G's eyes, I hope.

Message: 20631 Posted: Sun Jan 27 18:14:30 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Gerry's Drum Machine: Good News/Bad News

That's swell news, Johnny. Please pass the Exedrin.

Message: 20630 Posted: Sun Jan 27 17:27:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Gerry's Drum Machine: Good News/Bad News

Regarding the drum machine, there's rumor of some good news and some bad news!

The good news: Gerry's "old" drum machine has been replaced!

The bad news: Replaced by a "new" Novation Drum Station...hee, hee.

The beat goes on and on and on....

Message: 20629 Posted: Sun Jan 27 13:25:43 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin/Robyn

Good to hear from you, Junior David. You have a whole lot to be proud of! Your Dad drummed on my most favourite AMERICA album.

Duh! is right, Robyn!
The drum and maybe bass programming has been damned good compared to most, I'll concede... and it ain't easy to enter every beat and try to humanize it. I bet that the brunt of the editing (which takes forever) is done after the vocal/instrumental tracks are laid down to the rough rythym or 'click' track... however, from a consumer's/fan's point of view, it's like going to a high class cocktail lounge and ordering water, then complimenting the bartender on how great the water was. We all know that he has moe betta stuff to offer. Although Willie and Brad have been featured in a limited manner on the last two 'new' CDs, I hope for the time that they are unleashed in the studio. This goes for Woods, too. Who controls all this, anyway?

Unbelieveable football!

Message: 20628 Posted: Sun Jan 27 13:22:05 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Robyn


When was Dummy Bunny renamed Steady Betty? :-)

You're right, give me Willie any day. Ah heck, let Dewey play the drums in a pinch. Isn't there a track on Homecoming where Mr. Bunnell played drums?

Message: 20627 Posted: Sun Jan 27 11:37:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin

Willie Leacox or "Steady Betty"? Is this REALLY a question? WILLIE! ( duh!)

Message: 20626 Posted: Sun Jan 27 09:27:05 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin

Hind leg????DanC.

Message: 20625 Posted: Sat Jan 26 16:21:56 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin

Three votes against those blasted drum machines (I have two hands raised and one leg :)

Message: 20624 Posted: Sat Jan 26 07:21:43 2002 By: Tinman
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin

Drum machine NO!!!!!

Message: 20623 Posted: Sat Jan 26 05:28:34 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Drummer's Son / Kevin

Kevin- Very funny post. You have a great way of getting your point across. Let's hope America's next CD includes a live human-being behind the drum kit. Preferably it will be Willie Leacox. After all, he's been with the band for such a long time, I feel he's more than earned the honor of being a part of America's music. I am willing to bet that if the members of this chat folder were to vote for either Willie or a computerized drum machine, Willie would win.

Here's my vote: Willie Leacox: YES Drum Machine: NO


Message: 20622 Posted: Fri Jan 25 19:34:51 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: It Was Kade!

Hi "Garden".You're was me!! Have a great weekend...

Message: 20621 Posted: Fri Jan 25 17:45:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: It Was Kade!

Ah, I remember now who the other person was that joined Bones, Kim, SteveO, and 'Garden' (I was 'Garden') during this past Wednesday's live chat. It was Kade!

Message: 20620 Posted: Fri Jan 25 16:06:22 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New Penna. Show

>>can So. Calif. guys snow ski??!!<<

Well here snow is something you drive up to ( it's in the mountains) play around in and then drive home!

Message: 20619 Posted: Fri Jan 25 12:48:13 2002 By: kade
Subject: New Penna. Show

We were at a conference at SevenSprings Ski Resort a few years ago. The place is absolutely beautiful.I hope you guys have time to enjoy the place...great skiing and even winter horseback riding!! It's about five hours outside of Phila. and an hour or so outside of Pittsburg.So what do you all think.....can So. Calif. guys snow ski??!!The truth is I only wish we lived alittle bit closer so we could enjoy the resort AND the show! Have fun!

Message: 20618 Posted: Fri Jan 25 12:20:56 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Drummer's Son.

It was great to hear from the son of America's original studio drummer. Sadly, unless the Pentium IV Processor can talk, we won't be hearing from the son of their current studio drummer anytime soon. What would he say anyway? "Hey, dad's been busy. Between America gigs he's sessioned on CDs for Nelli Fertado, O-Town, Back Street Boys, and Britney Spears." Sad.


Message: 20617 Posted: Fri Jan 25 08:53:19 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New Gigs

Now, I know you have all been following America's progress across Canada as anxiously as I have and that when you read Steve's post about new gigs and one being in western Canada you all let out an audible "yippee" and jumped as high as you could. If you didn't, I did for you. Sidney is on Vancouver Island and it 2 ferry rides away from me. Very "do-able". The concert is on August 17, my birthday. Everything seems to be great except that's the week I am taking my son to a hockey camp. Gonna have to work on this a bit. Hopefully with the guys going to Sidney they will schedule a Vancouver date as well. Oh to be so close and yet...

Message: 20616 Posted: Fri Jan 25 08:20:29 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New Gigs

thanks Steve & Erin, that's great news. AMERICA sure looks like they are gearing up for a very busy year & I am sure more shows will be added as the year progresses. AMERICA live !

Message: 20615 Posted: Thu Jan 24 21:03:32 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

FYI - I just posted some new concert dates which some of you will be excited about. There's one in western Canada and another in New Mexico. Check them all out at gigs02.htm. Thanks to Erin Edwards for the updates!

Message: 20614 Posted: Thu Jan 24 07:48:47 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: response

In my experience, they are just as you hope they would be. Nice real down to earth guys ( and that is the exception in other performers rather than the rule!)

Message: 20613 Posted: Thu Jan 24 06:54:41 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Belated Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday Dewey!!!
Hope you had a GREAT day!
Can't wait to see you guys back in Reno!

Erin :o)

Message: 20612 Posted: Thu Jan 24 06:14:03 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: The Drummers Son

I love ALL of AMERICA's albums, but my fave will allways be their 1st, on which your father plays drums.
I guess my question would be: are there any other albums (or groups) that your Dad has played drums on, & is he still playing?

Message: 20611 Posted: Thu Jan 24 01:15:12 2002 By: DAVID
Subject: The Drummers Son

Hi all I just wanted to say hi to all the fans of the group America. I am the son of the Drummer David Atwood. I didnt even know there was a chat with them on here I was just looking for some stuff on my dad when I came across this, so I decided to say hi to everyone and if you have any questions I would be more then happy to answer them just email me at and I will do my best to get you an answer. Thanks

Message: 20610 Posted: Wed Jan 23 22:00:03 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: response

very personable & quite friendly.

Message: 20609 Posted: Wed Jan 23 20:29:11 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Songs... (Jeff)

Cool about the America covers, Jeff! Thanks for the info.

I visited the live chat twice tonight as "Garden". Nice chatting with Kim, Bones, and SteveO the first time. There was someone else there but I can't remember the name...sorry. Second visit was only Robyn, SteveO again, and someone else I can't recall.

Message: 20608 Posted: Wed Jan 23 18:30:51 2002 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: response

What are they like in person?

Message: 20607 Posted: Wed Jan 23 16:48:50 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Songs...

Johnny, I got my "Shoulda Been Country" CD today with "Ventura Hwy.", "You Can Do Magic" and "I Need You". Pretty darn good covers. YCDM is really good.


Message: 20606 Posted: Wed Jan 23 16:42:27 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: music...

Pat, these days I'm more objective about songs/music. Sometimes I'll get my old albums out and listen to songs I didn't like on them at the time and scratch my head wondering why I didn't like'em... BTW, I liked "Live And Let Die" right off.

Jeff B.

Message: 20605 Posted: Wed Jan 23 12:52:58 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Belated Birthday Wishes!

I also wish you belated wishes Dewey. Hope it was happy and you have at least 50 more years of good health, good wealth, good music, etc.!!

Message: 20604 Posted: Wed Jan 23 11:55:39 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Posting But Not Proof Reading

>>Hey Robyn, how about copying and posting the transcription of an entire live chat session sometime?<<

Interesting thought, but just how in the heck would I do THAT? Bear in mind the chats are usually three hours long! Who would sit and read all of that? My suggestion is if you want to know what is going on, YOU JOIN US!

Message: 20603 Posted: Wed Jan 23 10:15:05 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Posting But Not Proof Reading

... or P.A.H.T.B.B. (posting and hitting the back button), which causes D.P. or T.P.
Even quadruple. You know who you are. It helps the hit counter, at any rate.

Pat, I had the exact feeling when Live and Let Die was released! My discomfort with the song (at first) was that, as Speech has been trying so hard to explain, all of a sudden we had one of our Beatles going commercial on their own for a movie soundtrack. Much different opinion now but it was hard to adjust to at first.

Hey Robyn, how about copying and posting the transcription of an entire live chat session sometime?


Message: 20602 Posted: Wed Jan 23 08:50:19 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

I hope to be able to join everyone in another lively chat ( last week I got booted and could not return!) See you after 7 Pacific.

Message: 20601 Posted: Wed Jan 23 08:19:11 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Posting But Not Reading.......

I'm afraid I fall into that catagory,
I like your suggestions, Pat, but will pass on the PTL'er...too many strange vibes on that one (go Tammy Faye)!

TkH<--------P.B.N.M.T.S.---+=! No Boundary

Message: 20600 Posted: Wed Jan 23 06:59:51 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: music...

Jeff- I whole-heartily agree with you about how some songs need to grow on me. It's happen quite often. I remember disliking Paul McCartney's 'Live And Let Die' for many years before realizing what a great song I think it is now. I also remember, when I was at a very young age, disliking Bad Company's 1st album. I remember listening to it about 6 months after I bought it and then I guess it finally 'hit' me. Now I think it's one of the greatest rock n' roll records of all time. About 'Room For Summer', I like the phrase: "February passing through..." from Valentine Note. I think 'All The Sudden Cool' is mis-titled. I think the song would be better served with the title: 'Everything I Need'. I'm not so fond of the song: 'Hey!'. But for the most part, I like Jeff Larson's music more with each listen. I am definitely looking forward to hearing his next CD. -Pat

Message: 20599 Posted: Tue Jan 22 13:25:44 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: music...

Pat, "Valentine note" and "All of a sudden cool" are the two songs. I am going to continue listening to them...sometimes songs grow on me. I assume you have the CD... What's your take on it?

Jeff B.

Message: 20598 Posted: Tue Jan 22 09:32:15 2002 By: Donkeyjaw
Subject: Dan's guest book?

What in the world happened to Dans guest book? It appears to be missing in action!

Message: 20597 Posted: Tue Jan 22 07:43:03 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Various

Bad spelling day Bruce. Ersatz means "replacement" and connotes an inferior product ( ie margarine is ersatz butter auf deutsch, which I tuaght a LOOOOONG time ago!)

Message: 20596 Posted: Tue Jan 22 05:47:19 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Belated Birthday Wishes!

These belated birthday wishes go out to Dewey TODAY...because I wasn't near a computer YESTERDAY! So, Dewey, I hope your big day was a happy one, and that your year will be filled with happiness, peace, and contentment! Hope you make it back to my area during your travels this year! I'll be waiting...WITH PIE!

Message: 20595 Posted: Tue Jan 22 05:03:44 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Reading But Not Posting

Bruce- good idea, how about making it an acronym? Like "R.B.N.P."?

Or how about: "D.F.L.P." (don't feel like posting)?
Or "J.R." (just reading)?
Or "I.D.H.E.T.T.P.T." (i don't have enough time to post today)?
Or "P.T.L." (prefer to lurk)?

-Pat :O)

Message: 20594 Posted: Tue Jan 22 04:47:34 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: music...

jeff- i'm curious to know which 2 songs on 'room for summer' do you dislike? -pat

Message: 20593 Posted: Tue Jan 22 04:44:55 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Reply To Alan

Hi Alan- I'm sorry that I don't know the answers to your questions concerning the 2 new songs, but you DID ask for a reply even if someone didn't know the answers. LOL. -Pat

Message: 20592 Posted: Mon Jan 21 22:44:57 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Various

That's interesting about "It Ain't Me Babe" Bruce. In August of 1965 I was still sleepin' in a crib sooo . . . . I don't think I was very old when I heard the Johnny Cash version. "Mama" was a Johnny Cash fan but she didn't "sing tenor" but "me 'n' little brother joined right in there . . . "

Hey, where's Li'l' Abner Pa?

Message: 20591 Posted: Mon Jan 21 21:58:53 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Various

Hi Everyone! OK- I've been lurking- that sounds so sinister- can't we just call it "reading but not posting"? So here are assorted comments:
Robyn, I believe the word you are referring to is "ersatz". It is German for "being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation". Ingrid, re: "It Ain't Me Babe", Johnnny Cash may have covered it, but that is certainly NOT the most famous version. Dylan wrote it, and The Turtles had the Top 10 hit in August, 1965. Hey! Did any of youse guyz catch "THE STROKES" on Saturday Night Live? They were KILLER! The first song they played called "Last Night" is extremely addicting. Their CD is great- I'm listening to it right now- AND - they're from right here in New Yawk! (but coming on tour to a city near YOU! OK-- back to AMERICA! =)

Message: 20590 Posted: Mon Jan 21 19:55:15 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Stuff.

Kevin, I also assume that the answer to the question is "no". I haven't been to any concerts recently so I don't have an authoritative answer, but I'm fairly confident that the playlist is basically the same as the last report that was posted here.

Message: 20589 Posted: Mon Jan 21 17:02:40 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: New Stuff.

Alan, I asked the same question. I assume since there's no answer, that means no. I've come to learn that if there's any positive news from the band--anything--we hear immediately. Otherwise, silence.

It's a shame, too. Those songs are too good to leave on disc. I can only hope that maybe they're trying to learn them well enough to play in concert.


Message: 20588 Posted: Mon Jan 21 16:57:59 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: music...

Just for the heck of it I bought an America karaoke CD. For the most part it's not very good. However, the instrumental version of "Tin man" is pretty decent.

Alan, I'm looking forward to Jeff Larsons next CD too. I recently bought "Room for summer" and really like 13 of the 15 songs...which for me is unheard of!


Message: 20587 Posted: Mon Jan 21 16:26:41 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Happy birthday, Dewey! - and stuff!

Boy has this Chat Folder been quiet lately. I take a few days off from lurking and there's STILL hardly anything to catch up on!

First, a belated Happy Birthday to Dewey. May the next 50 years treat you as good as the first 50! (and may us fans be treated to as many great new songs in the next 50 years as you have blessed us with so far).

Second, a couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone knew if America has released either of their new songs as singles or had added either to the play list. I'm sure my post got lost among the numerous other posts that have been flooding this board lately (LOL). But seriously, if anyone knows (or even if you don't know), a reply would be appreciated.

Lastly, thanks to Howie and Steve for providing the clip of Norman. Although barely listenable, it sure brought back A LOT of memories of my first ever America concert back in '78. I'm now anxiously awaiting Jeff Larson's rendition of the song. With Gerry at the helm overseeing production and adding accompaniment, it's probably the closest I'll ever get to hearing him perform it again.


Message: 20586 Posted: Mon Jan 21 14:26:54 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: It ain't me babe

Does anyone else remember that song? "It ain't me babe, whoa, whoa, whoa, it ain't me babe, it ain't me yer lookin' for babe." Sung by the one and only Man In Black, Johnny Cash. I guess you already know it wasn't me Johnny (Yee). You were awfully careful in my case to confirm my identity. I had to answer some pretty tricky questions before you believed me . . . (hee, hee)

AND ALSO SPEAKING OF POSERS: Some fan claims to have met me in Reno and talked to me about Dewey and that is a whole heapa malarkey, and worse than that, the story was boring! PULEEEZE PEOPLES, if you're gonna make stuff up, at LEAST make it juicy . . .

Dewey, BTW, is lookin' mighty nifty at fifty if you ask me, which you didn't, but when have I let THAT stop me?

Message: 20585 Posted: Mon Jan 21 09:53:24 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday Dewey!

And from myself and everyone in Coral Springs, Florida as well!!!

TkH<------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20584 Posted: Mon Jan 21 09:52:31 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Not me, either.

Yeah, speaking of poseurs.....
The last show I went to in Hallendale (QUITE a while ago...sigh) a "person" was bragging about how he and Steve Lowry were close, PERSONAL friends, worked together and how HE was the one that really kept the website up....what an ASS. Luckily I was aquainted with his audience and promptly set them straight! (yeah, it's really MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - rofl!!! Just kidding)

TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20583 Posted: Mon Jan 21 01:36:32 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Christchurch show

The venue has been changed to the Christchurch Town Hall.

Message: 20582 Posted: Sun Jan 20 20:00:00 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Happy Birthday - Half a Century Mr Bunnell

Happy Birthday Mr Bunnell,

Half a century,,,,, well, you seen the highs and low's - more high's we think. Sit back - relax, and have a stiff Jack Daniels on the rocks.
You've deserved it!!!!!

Love from all the Goannaettes in OZ.

Message: 20581 Posted: Sat Jan 19 23:44:09 2002 By: daisyjane64
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey!

A very happy birthday to you and many more to come!

Message: 20580 Posted: Sat Jan 19 22:41:55 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: ***H^A^P^P^Y***B^I^R^T^H^D^A^Y***

Happy 50th Birthday Dewey.

Thank You For All The Great Songs And Musical Inspiration.


Message: 20579 Posted: Sat Jan 19 16:01:38 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: The big five-Ohhhhhh????

Congratulations on an awesome milestone, and thanks for impacting countless numbers of people !


Message: 20578 Posted: Sat Jan 19 08:17:28 2002 By: Dogma
Subject: B-day

Happy Birthday Dewey!! May you have many, many more and good health to go along with it. Also, to everyone on this web site...Please forgive any "faux pas" (or is it faux pie :) ) that I may make in the future. I am very new to this computer stuff! I have even entertained the idea of keeping my daughter out of school forever until I get this right. Anyway, I have to get to bed now. I work nights. Hope everyone has a good day.

Message: 20577 Posted: Sat Jan 19 05:41:29 2002 By: Joan
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey!

Happy Birthday Dewey! Thanks so much for all the years of awesome music! Also, thanks for the guitar pick from the Milwaukee concert in May--I was thrilled to be on the receiving end of it. Still hoping to get an autograph from you in the near future. After two concerts and no luck, maybe the next one will be my lucky day! Enjoy your day!

Message: 20576 Posted: Sat Jan 19 04:38:21 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Happy b-day Dewey:)

Happy b-day Dewey. Have a great day today and always.

Message: 20575 Posted: Fri Jan 18 20:00:41 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Birthday

Many happy returns of the day Mr Bunnell!

Message: 20574 Posted: Fri Jan 18 19:41:02 2002 By: red oak
Subject: The Big 50

Attention Mr. Bunnell,

Your enrollment package from AARP should be arriving in the mail tomorrow, January 19th. In the honor of your 50th Bday, please fill out & return to be able to take advantage of some terrific discounts only available to members. Otherwise, have a stupendous Bday & in honor of we dedicated fans, write another classic song for the future on your day. Best wishes on your day, Dewey, and may you have many more.

Red Oak
Denver, Colorado

Message: 20573 Posted: Fri Jan 18 12:38:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: It wasn't me.

Kevin, I believe you and no verification is needed even though "you" and I spoke about a Novation drum machine last Wednesday night. Plus, I know you know who goes by "TT". The person posing as you didn't. I thought that was strange at the time but now I know why.

Speaking of "TT", LOL!!! TT, that was a good one about Hidden Talent/Kevin/the CSN&Y folder! You should post more often. Now, about that laptop....

Message: 20572 Posted: Fri Jan 18 10:55:20 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: It wasn't me.

I was busy posing as Kevin on the CSN&Y folder, saying how much I love Hidden Talent... and I don't have a laptop.

Message: 20571 Posted: Fri Jan 18 09:10:09 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Not me.

Well, there is someone who pretends to be ME at shows. "Erzatz Robyn" was in Reno and at the Coach House.

Message: 20570 Posted: Fri Jan 18 08:32:39 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Not me.


I was at the Dallas Stars/Detroit Red Wings hockey game on Wednesday night. 7:05 game. A signed, sworn, notorized affidavit from me and the guy I was at the game with can be forthcoming if need be.

Stars won 3-2.


Message: 20569 Posted: Thu Jan 17 21:54:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: They Had Them A Pigeon By The Name Of...

It seems that "someone" pulled a fast one over on me when they posed as KevinS during a private chat last night. I learned from Kevin this morning that he didn't visit the live chat at all last night (unless Kevin's pulling one over on me now). The person even knew that Duncanville, Texas isn't considered a part of Dallas...hmmm.

It's pretty sad when folks resort to using other people's identity. It's very much like message #718 on VH.Com's board when "someone" was attempting to appear as Erin Edwards of Morey Management. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with using an anonymous nick during the live chats or even to post a message here as long as it's not harmful to someone else.

Message: 20568 Posted: Thu Jan 17 06:33:01 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: BBQ

Ur welcome. Thought that maybe if ur name was included with Dewey & Gerry, they would also show up. Probably a long shot tho, as they play the night b4 in Las Vegas. Still will be hungover coming to Utah. But, then how many fans are there in Utah, anyway! Be sure and bring some rice products to either eat or thro during a wedding.
Not sure whether I will go to that concert or not, depending on if they play Denver or not.

Take It to The Limit
Red Oak

Message: 20567 Posted: Wed Jan 16 21:25:41 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: BBQ

Thanks for inviting me to the BBQ at Steve's red oak! Now I won't have to invite myself! LOL

Message: 20566 Posted: Wed Jan 16 21:17:38 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Hi / Live chat

Hi Janice! Good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were.

I enjoyed my first live chat tonight. You were already gone Robyn. Johnny, thank you for being so hospitable.


Message: 20565 Posted: Wed Jan 16 19:19:16 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

Sorry I got booted and could not get back in!

Message: 20564 Posted: Wed Jan 16 11:23:10 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hi

(Hi Janice!)

Sure am interested in reading in upcoming episodes by Dan how it came to be that Gerry was asked to sing background vocals on Dan's "Doer Of The Word" LP for the song with the same name (as well as D&G's background vocals on Dan's song "Love Was Just Another Word" from Dan's first solo LP...great song by the way, IMO.

You would think all that Dan has said in the recent past about his and Gerry's relationship, it wouldn't lead to Gerry's contribution. Apparently, the relationship got better after Dan's departure.

Message: 20563 Posted: Wed Jan 16 11:04:56 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Hi

Just checkin' in after a wonderful and relaxing holiday trip..a coast-route drive to Orlando which included beach sunrises and lighthouse tours. As usual the first place I check is Dan's bio..I can certainly read it faster than the time it takes to scroll back on what I have missed here. Wow..2 chapters..and as usual, very inspiring. Thanks Dan, and Happy New Year to all!

Message: 20562 Posted: Wed Jan 16 09:07:53 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat Reminder

Please join me and other America Fans for yet another lively chat about things America! The chat begins at 6 pm ( I will be there after 7, or so) Hope to "see" some new faces there as well as some of you who haven't been in in a while ( you know who you are!)

Message: 20561 Posted: Wed Jan 16 09:01:45 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: DVD days

Ahhhhhhhhh, Best Buy. Never thought I'd say THAT......
Found Homecoming on DVD. Pretty neat little disc, I'd say! Me likey.

TkH<----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20560 Posted: Wed Jan 16 09:00:00 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Florida Concerts

I'll be in Hallendale! I haven't been to the new set up there, I hear it's pretty nice!!!!!

TkH<----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20559 Posted: Wed Jan 16 08:32:11 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Pat B.

Hi back at you Pat B.! My holidays were so-so...very restful at least. Hard to readjust to school, after two weeks off.
I AM here...just not much to say, I guess! No America concerts for me until mid-summer, darn it,...and I could use one NOW!

Message: 20558 Posted: Wed Jan 16 05:41:48 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Norman

Thanks Howard and Steve for the 'Norman' link. However, since this has been THE mystery tune everyone's been talking about for years, I've decided to wait untill Jeff Larson's new CD becomes available to hear the song. Apparently Howard's version is an unauthorized live bootleg of poor quality. With Gerry Beckley's production and Larson's fine talent, I'm sure that it will be worth the wait. -Pat

Message: 20557 Posted: Tue Jan 15 22:39:25 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Zzzzzzz (For Nina)

Lurking works! :0)

I remember that you posted a very nice holiday greeting before you departed for the break. Glad you're back even if it's only lurking.

Message: 20556 Posted: Tue Jan 15 21:30:30 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Norman

Finally! I was lucky enough to hear it in 1979. dh also remembers it ( and as he is a non-rabid fan, that says something for the power of the song!) Thanks to all who worked so hard to share it! If you get a chance to read Mr. BelGeddes "Miracle in the Evening" I recommend it!

Message: 20555 Posted: Tue Jan 15 15:22:08 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Hi Nina

Hi Nina- I hope your holidays were filled with all things good.
I was wondering where you were hiding. -Pat

Message: 20554 Posted: Tue Jan 15 13:48:37 2002 By: Shawn Carlson
Subject: Re: Florida Concerts

I'm going to the one in Orlando, and in the one at Palmetto at the Manatee Civic Center on the 8th.

Message: 20553 Posted: Tue Jan 15 08:57:22 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jim....NGermany 1999 DVD & Mad Dog bonus

that German DVD is superb. The quality of the sound & the camera work is outstanding. This DVD was professionally produced & is a great record of AMERICA's enduring genius, 1999 !

Message: 20552 Posted: Tue Jan 15 08:31:54 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Jim....NGermany 1999 DVD & Mad Dog bonus

I also have the German video, last wk ordered the Musicladen DVD from Range Music, now I wish I had ordered the German release because of the bonus track.(love "Mad Dog"!)
WHY is it American release's don't get the so-called bonus tracks!?
There are only a few bands I like, that I want to have EVERYTHING they put out. (America being one)
It's the same w/Like A Brother, I buy the domestic release, then find out the Japanese import has 3 bonus tracks, why "In The Dark" was not included on the domestic release is beyond me, It is an outstanding track!
I'm waiting on this one, before I shell out any money on the American release, I'm finding out if it is complete! Otherwise, I'm going w/the German release, SURE it'll cost me more $$$, but at least I'm getting a few more tunes for it, & I don't have to end up paying for the same thing twice.

Message: 20551 Posted: Tue Jan 15 04:58:13 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Zzzzzzz

Hi Johnny! Yes, I'm still reading this folder from school. I try to check in everyday...but sometimes the kids are "wacky" (ie:full moon?) and I don't get the opportunity. So, lately I'm just lurking.

Message: 20550 Posted: Tue Jan 15 03:38:24 2002 By: Mary
Subject: Florida Concerts

Anyone going to the Orlando or Hallendale concerts next month?

Message: 20549 Posted: Mon Jan 14 20:32:26 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America In Singapore

FYI - here's a link to an article about America's upcoming concert in Singapore.

Message: 20548 Posted: Mon Jan 14 20:19:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Norman!

This is just my opinion, but I doubt that Gerry will record it in the future. That's why he is allowing Jeff Larson to include it on his forthcoming CD. Gerry has been involved with the production and the backing vocals so you know it will be a great cover song.

Message: 20547 Posted: Mon Jan 14 17:40:41 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Norman!

What a great song! I hope that Gerry decides to record it either for an new America cd or for a future solo project.Thank you for putting this out here for us to hear.!!!

Message: 20546 Posted: Mon Jan 14 17:10:05 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jim....NGermany 1999 DVD & Mad Dog bonus

that's it, no Mad DOG though. The production on this outstanding, this DVD is of the highest quality.

Message: 20545 Posted: Mon Jan 14 16:47:51 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Jim....NGermany 1999 DVD & Mad Dog bonus

Hey, Jim here is the playlist from my 1999 Germany Video.
Does it match yours?
1. Riverside
2.Ventura Highway
3.You Can Do Magic
4.Daisy Jane
5.Three Roses
7.WHeels Are Turning
8.Tin man
9. Only in your heart
10.Lonely People
11.Last Unicorn
From A Moving Train
14.Sister Golden Hair
15. A Horse With No Name

and Mad Dog, isn't that from the 1975 Musik Laden concert.
Sandman and Mad dog were performed by cut from that.

Message: 20544 Posted: Mon Jan 14 16:42:23 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Norman! A million thanks not only to Howie, but to

Steve Gross!!!!!!! Can't forget you Steve!
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.

Message: 20543 Posted: Mon Jan 14 16:28:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Norman!

Jim, that's great news about the DVD. I hope the domestic release is the same.

Howie and I had to work out some technical difficulties but those have been resolved and I've successfully uploaded an MP3 version of Norman to the Chat Folder. Click here to download Norman as an MP3 file. It's not the greatest recording in the world but for those of us who have never heard this song before, it's certainly good enough. A million thanks to Howie for making it available.

P.S. It's a very large file (over 3 megabytes) so it will take a while to download if you have a slow connection.

Message: 20542 Posted: Mon Jan 14 16:24:35 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA live 1999 GDR

I didn't see it listed in the VHS format. A good reason John to get a DVD ? The camera does lots of high resolution close-ups, we may be able to get a few more chords. AMERICA rocked this full house crowd.

Message: 20541 Posted: Mon Jan 14 16:00:53 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: AMERICA live 1999 GDR

Sounds great Jim. Not having a dvd player myself... is this available either on VHS or plain old audio cd ?

Message: 20540 Posted: Mon Jan 14 15:12:04 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA live 1999 GDR

The good news is that I finally got my 1999 DVD of AMERICA live in Germany. It is totally outstanding ! AMERICA is outstanding ! And the DVD is region Codefree. It runs on any DVD player. I got mine from Amazon Germany but as someone mentioned that they thought Amazon USA would have it in the near future. The DVD contains 15 songs, count em' 15 !

Never b/4 has THREE ROSES, PAGES, WHEELS ARE TURNING, FROM A MOVING TRAIN been recorded live (legally). The sound & the close-up camera work is really quite extraordinary. This DVD by the supergroup AMERICA is a definite winner & is a concrete record of the magic of AMERICA. The production & also the packaging is first rate, it even contains a 7" x 11" poster of the concert, suitable for framing.

Message: 20539 Posted: Mon Jan 14 11:01:49 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Zzzzzzzzzz....

Indeed, it sure has been quiet here lately. I was trying to think of something to talk about and I've only come up with this:

On page 36 of the "Highway" booklet, there's a b&w photo of the back of an America LP cover. It reads "BEST OF THE AMERICA". Yes, it's "The America" which is poor grammar but no surprise I guess since it's an America LP from Taiwan. The front of the cover is very interesting. Printed on the front is "Greatest Hits" with the oval America logo. It also has a large photo of the trio. It's Dan on the left; Dewey on the right; and Gerry in the center. Gerry has his arms extended out resting on Dan and Dewey's know like guys often do when posing for a picture with their buddies? The photo of the trio reminds me of the Three Musketeers..."All for one and one for all!" All three of the guys are wearing their burgundy/maroon-colored tour jackets. I can see Gerry has number twenty-something. Twenty nine, I bet! Dan's wearing a yellowish button-up shirt with a brown yoke. Dewey's wearing a bluish-gray America t-shirt that has the same image as the back of the "Hat Trick" LP cover. Gerry's wearing a black t-shirt with white lettering on it. It appears to be a concert shirt for some group but I don't know for whom. I thought it might be for the Rolling Stones since the shirt has a large pair of red lips but there's no dangling tongue. All Stones t-shirts that I've seen with red lips always has the tongue. Maybe someone here knows what rock group uses just the lips like it's mouthing "Ooooo". Under the lips is the word "European". The front of this album cover looks very much like the front cover of the "Holiday" LP in that it has the black and white border resembling a picture frame but instead of the edge of the cover being trimmed in silver, it's trimmed in reddish-scarlet.

(Hey Nina, are you still reading the folder from school?)

Message: 20538 Posted: Sun Jan 13 15:43:38 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Re: awfully quiet

No football....unless it is tag football in the backyard:)

Listening to some music while surfing:)
Took a tip from Gerry and bought the Garbage CD

Message: 20537 Posted: Sun Jan 13 12:24:03 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: awfully quiet

You'd think everyone was watching a football game or something.

Message: 20536 Posted: Sun Jan 13 06:30:06 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Sydney Seating - Margaret

Thanks for that Margaret - my ticket says Mezz C52 which looks as though it's over on the end of the third row up on the Mezz ..... what a great looking theatre, I am sure it will rock.
No, I didn't see the second show advertised as we have not had ANY concert advertising on the west coast. I guess the advertising was limited to Sydney and New South Wales.
I'd like to catch up with the Sydney fans who post here - can you let me know how we can do that? I'll be in Sydney for the week from Sunday 24th - maybe a Bar B Q at my parents' place - they are Riversiders, with a property on the Georges River at Blakehurst - it's a great scenic part of Sydney.
Hear from you later .... and thanks again,

Message: 20535 Posted: Sun Jan 13 04:33:17 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Canadian trail



Message: 20534 Posted: Sun Jan 13 00:40:41 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: HeadParade

Back from another wonderful evening at Rusty's Surf Ranch in Santa Monica. After a mixup on our reservations, we we finally seated and had another fine meal ( if you go there I recommend the BBQ chicken, delish!) the jenerators were their usual fun lively selves. HeadParade is actually, according to Matt "Andy's band" and they played Andy's music ( except for a version of Simple Minds "Don't you forget about me" which brought the capacity crowd to it's feet) the band, for it's having been together for such a short time, was tight and a whole lot of fun to watch. Matt's dad came in to watch the show as well, scoring a ringside seat. I waved at him at one point and he graciously waved back. ( Thanks Gerry, for pretending to recognize me! That was very nice of you!) In any case, Matt has a wonderful stage presence, trhe bass player, with only two days of EVER playing the bass was amazing! A good time was had by all!

Message: 20533 Posted: Sat Jan 12 18:58:56 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Contact

Per Erin Edwards' post on the site: Book em !!!

In response to the question regarding a contact for booking 'America' - please contact: Akiko Rogers William Morris Agency 151 El Camino Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 310.859.4104 THANKS!

Message: 20532 Posted: Sat Jan 12 17:40:12 2002 By: Shawn Carlson
Subject: Contact

Does anyone know where I can get in contact with America? I'm working for my county on a fund-raising concert, and we need a big-name band, and everyone liked my idea of America. I've been looking and haven't found a good way to get in touch with anyone I need to talk to. Thanks for you help guys.

Message: 20531 Posted: Sat Jan 12 17:36:31 2002 By: Shawn Carlson
Subject: Re: orlando concert question

I live in Orlando, listen to WMMO all the time and will be going there. =) They have had multiple free downtown concert series, and so far none have been broadcast live, so it's doubtful if they'll broadcast this one.

Shawn Carlson

Message: 20530 Posted: Sat Jan 12 16:31:47 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Canadian trail

I would be thankful for any concert in Vancouver, but another with the symphony would be incredible. Too much to ask for? Nah!

Hey, we have a little orchestra here where i live (a short 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver). Maybe I could get them to come here. Hmmmm. "America, live in Halfmoon Bay with the full Sunshine Coast Orchestra." Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Message: 20529 Posted: Sat Jan 12 13:51:43 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: It's Saturday...

Then Bones you'd be "peeking" or "peaking" too soon, perhaps??? I'm not sure.

Message: 20528 Posted: Sat Jan 12 13:37:48 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: It's Saturday...

What happened if you "hit it" on Friday?

Message: 20527 Posted: Sat Jan 12 10:04:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: It's Saturday...

It's Saturday so it's time to "hit it" if you know what I mean.

Message: 20526 Posted: Sat Jan 12 03:13:58 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Canadian trail

John L., It would be great if they were with the symphony again. Too bad that isn't on CD.

You were right about Jeff Larson. Even my wife who only listens to music from a distance commented on it.


Message: 20525 Posted: Fri Jan 11 21:28:55 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Canadian trail

I know you have all been on the edge of your collective seats watching America move slowly across Canada. I know you are also anxiously awaiting the moment when they actually hit the frozen west coast.

So, for a recap.

They played Newfoundland. Then moved onto Quebec. Now they will soon play eastern Ontario and then western Ontario. That puts them about exactly halfway across the country. They are getting closer but, damn, it's frustrating. Hurry up guys. I'm camped out at Ticket Master and it's awfully cold out here.

Message: 20524 Posted: Fri Jan 11 18:30:39 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Paradise & World Of Light

Does anyone know if either of their new songs have been released as a single or added to the play list?

Message: 20523 Posted: Fri Jan 11 18:15:28 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Paradise & World Of Light

Does anyone know if either of their new songs have been released as a single or added to the play list?

Message: 20522 Posted: Fri Jan 11 18:13:51 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Norman

Phew! I FINALLY got caught up on all the posts again! My kids' PC in on the fritz right now and it seems like every time I get online to check my e-mail and catch up on the chat folder, one of my kids comes in and says "Dad, I need to use your computer. I have homework." I mean, WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT HERE, ANYWAY?

I feel much better now. A few days ago someone (I've read so many posts tonight I can't remember who) wanted to know how many fans had actually heard "Norman".

They played it at a concert I attended in Portland, Maine in 1978. For the longest time, I didn't even know the name of the song. Finally, a couple of months ago, someone answered it for me right here on the Chat Folder (Robyn, if I remember correctly). It is a beautiful song and was quite disappointed not to find it on any of their albums. It is really cool that Jeff Larson is recording it, but I still want to hear Gerry sing it again. (Is that clip from Howard available yet, Steve?) Maybe someday he will put it on a CD, either w/ Dewey or solo.

Message: 20521 Posted: Fri Jan 11 17:52:06 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

As the time gets closer I'll figure things out. When I had the BBQ at my house a couple of years ago, I was only a few minutes away from the venue. This time I'll be 40 minutes away. There are some cool restaurants nearby where we could probably meet and get together. I'll let you know what I come up with as the time gets closer.

Message: 20520 Posted: Fri Jan 11 10:28:15 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

That explains the skip in days. Tx. Will the BBQ still be on for that night?

Message: 20519 Posted: Fri Jan 11 09:25:30 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

FYI - I received word from Erin at Morey Management that Pollstar has a typo on their list. There is only one show in Sandy, UT. The show listed on 8/26 is a typo.

Message: 20518 Posted: Fri Jan 11 07:43:27 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Jeff Larson On Amazon

You can also get Jeff Larson's CDs on Here's a link to Room For Summer. Amazson has a special deal going on right now where you can get Room For Summer and Watercolor Sky for a special price.

Message: 20517 Posted: Fri Jan 11 07:43:24 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: orlando concert question

Thanks for checking!!!

Message: 20516 Posted: Fri Jan 11 07:14:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent

To order Jeff Larson CDs, go to the New Surf web site at

Message: 20515 Posted: Fri Jan 11 07:14:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: orlando concert question

Kade, the Orlando concert is part of the WMMO radio downtown concert series. I checked out their web site ( and it doesn't say anything about the concert being broadcast so I doubt that it will be.

Message: 20514 Posted: Fri Jan 11 07:12:28 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent

How does one go about obtaining a Jeff Larson CD? With all the comments I've read here about him I would like to check him out. I tried CD NOW but with no luck. Thanx. DanC.

Message: 20513 Posted: Fri Jan 11 06:37:57 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Wacko Jacko

Agreed. I give him a smidge of credit for, perhaps, paving a way for his sister, who had the good taste to cop Dewey's "Ventura Highway" and therefore bring America back into a (deserved) higher profile. Otherwise, I think Michael's latter-day celebrity is based on an incredible willingness by an entire culture (or a vast cross section of it) to delude itself. This is the The King of Pop? The Artist of the Century?? Unreal.

Message: 20512 Posted: Fri Jan 11 06:26:32 2002 By: kade
Subject: orlando concert question

Does anyone know if the Orlando concert(Feb.9) will be broadcast live and if it possible to hear it via the internet? Thanks for any help!

Message: 20511 Posted: Fri Jan 11 06:25:01 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Wacko Jacko

Michael Jackson use to be a very talented entertainer. He also use to be a handsome black man. Now he's an ugly, weird-looking, white-wanna-be Frankenstein monster. Every year he looks more and more like the dancing zombies from his famous video: 'Thriller'. -Pat

Message: 20510 Posted: Fri Jan 11 05:48:55 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Concert in Texas!!!

Just checked the concert schedule and discovered the guys are returning to the One World Theater in Austin on May 12th. (I saw them there last year in June) If I could do a cartwheel, I'd being doing them down the hall right now! The neat thing is that May 12, 2002 will mark exactly one year since the first time I ever saw America in concert. I was at the May 12, 2001 concert in Richardson, TX. This has made my whole day!

Message: 20509 Posted: Fri Jan 11 02:16:08 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent

Joe, If JL's next CD is half as good as this one he'll still have something! The instrumentation on the CD is crisp and no one instrument covers up the other.

As for the snowstorm...I coud've used the intertainment!

Jeff B.

Message: 20508 Posted: Fri Jan 11 00:12:02 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Sydney seating - Holiday

There is a seating plan for you Chris. Go to Steve's list of Upcoming Concerts, click on State Theatre and go to Box Office and Seating Plan. Did you see that tickets went on sale for a second show?

Message: 20507 Posted: Thu Jan 10 22:02:22 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: FREAK

Now, now people. Jacko is adamant that he has never had plastic surgery and that his "paleness" is the result of a skin condition. (I think I read that somewhere, too). And, although i didn't watch the latest music awards show, didn't he just get honored as the entertainer of the century or something like that? Now there is a very scary thought.

Message: 20506 Posted: Thu Jan 10 21:11:25 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: FREAK

Dan, Jacko is a piece of w-o-r-k??? LOL

I'd still like to know how he was able to get so freaky white! He appears to be as white as milk.

Message: 20505 Posted: Thu Jan 10 21:09:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

Of course there's a Church of the Nazarene in Utah. It's just up the road from the Sandy Amphitheatre (check out I'll definitely plan a barbecue for Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Michael, Brad, Pete, Bill, and anyone else who wants to come if the guys are able to make it. Last time they came to Utah they arrived about 4 am and then tried to get a little sleep before the concert so they didn't have time to attend our barbecue. Regarding my new job, it's starting to get very busy and I'm having to learn a lot of new things. However, I've been talking with other friends who were laid off the same time that I was and they're still hunting for jobs with no sign of any openings so I'm VERY GRATEFUL just to be employed. My heart goes out to those of you who may be unemployed at the moment and I hope that things work out for you soon.

Message: 20504 Posted: Thu Jan 10 21:05:05 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The Words To An America Magazine Ad

The following is the copy from a one page magazine ad back in 1977 that was listed on eBay earlier this week. It's for Ovation guitars back when the guys used them. A photo of the entire ad was provided but it was really hard to read since the words were so small and a bit blurry. I think I was able to decipher most of it, though. Where I couldn't figure out the exact word, I jotted a question mark in its place. The ad had a black and white picture of the trio performing on stage each at their own mike. From left to right, it was Gerry, Dewey, and Dan. I hope I got it all correct. I'm not sure if the word that follows "acoustic" is "electrics". Anyway, here it is:

America got an Ovation -- When America goes on tour, Ovation travels with them.

The Ovation acoustic electrics meet the demand of a backbreaking schedule - and that's why America relies on them. Ovation's five piece laminated neck and uniquely designed ? and counterbalance the string ? and resist warp or bow. This is important when traveling continually from one climate to another.

Gerry, Dewey and Dan also fancy the revolutionary acoustic electric pickups maintained in the bridge. It gives them the flexibility they need on stage to move about with complete freedom. And the pickup system itself delivers maximum sound quality, which is well balanced at all volume levels. Without the unwanted feedback or ? that other pickup methods produce.

In fact, America uses six different Ovation acoustic electrics on stage. Each guitar has a part to play in creating the unique America sound. Open tuning, conventional tuning, six and twelve strings...they're all at America's fingertips.

When you're on the road as much as America, you need an acoustic guitar you can count on. Ovation.

Message: 20503 Posted: Thu Jan 10 19:58:12 2002 By: Dan
Subject: FREAK

Sorry for being blunt but Jacko is a piece of ---- who isn't worthy of being in the same mention of a Beatle. GO BEARS GO BEARS.DanC.

Message: 20502 Posted: Thu Jan 10 19:26:08 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent

Hey Jeff and You People,

Except for 1 excrutiating year of radio exile in Battle Creek, Michigan, I've lived here (Chicago) my whole life. If I would've known of your '75 plight, I would have dropped by supplies. America tapes, other vitals, etc. Of course with no Walkmans back then I would've had to lug over some full-size machine.

Joe B

P.S. I did get one of the very 1st boxes of Rice Krispies Treats cereal while in Battle Creek. Plus all the toys I sent box tops in for came REALLY fast.

P.P.S. Don't worry about going on, I could talk Jeff Larson all day.
He's been in my car cassette player for several months along with "Hourglass" and "Human Nature".

Message: 20501 Posted: Thu Jan 10 13:27:20 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Kyle Vincent

Joe B. eventually I'll get'em. I know I'm going on about it but this Jeff Larson Cd is excellent! I hope he continues to add alt. versions and remixes to his future cd's...

Were you in Chicago in April of 1975? There was a huge snowstorm. I spent nearly 3 days at O' flights.

Jeff B.

Message: 20500 Posted: Thu Jan 10 12:30:31 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

I appreciate your explanation over concerts on the Sabbath in Mormon country. I don't suppose they have a Church of the Nazarene there in Utah, so I can't go. But, should you get Gerry, Dewey, Ingrid & the gang to appear at your place for a barbecue, I'll be there. I need some more pix taken & autographs. How is the new job going?

Message: 20499 Posted: Thu Jan 10 12:26:17 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Adver-tainment" & Ides of March

In the more-detail-than-anyone-needs category, a little micro-chip in the back of my brain keeps reminding me that the Ides of March later contributed members to the 80s rock group Survivor ("Eye of the Tiger.")

Message: 20498 Posted: Thu Jan 10 12:24:01 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve


Message: 20497 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:57:33 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Mention"

The mention is in the second paragraph. I read the article before I asked Robyn here. Steve, you and I both missed it the first time. Strange how that was. Maybe we didn't wanna see it. LOL

Message: 20496 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:41:31 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re:Jeff L (Question For Robyn)

Here's a link to the newspaper review that Robyn mentioned. Personally, I don't see where it says anything about Heroin (but my glasses may be dirty, too).

Message: 20495 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:41:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Adver-tainment"

That's right Steve, the Ides of March! Thanks! Does that mean no sweat? :0)

I've seen the Ides of March
And I've seen the fall of Rome
I've seen all kinds of stuff
But I never see my home

("From A Moving Train")

Message: 20494 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:39:33 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: "Adver-tainment"

I also just read that Jackson needs to find a buyer for the Beatles' songs as he is heavily in debt to his record company. His latest album did not do anything near what was anticipated in sales. I guess his company has lent him a ton of $ to keep his "ranch" up and running. The article also quoted Paul and Ringo as saying the price that was being asked was too steep. What a shame that they have to buy their own creations back.

Message: 20493 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:34:12 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Adver-tainment"

Johnny, "Vehicle" was actually written and performed by The Ides of March. I have to admit, however, that they sound a lot like Blood Sweat and Tears.

Message: 20492 Posted: Thu Jan 10 11:28:10 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "Adver-tainment"

Saw a new tv "adver-tainment" last night as Speech calls them. Well, it was new to me. It involved the song that has the lyrics "I'm your vehicle baby/I'll take you anywhere you wanna go". It was a commercial for GMC. I thought it was very cool. Isn't that a song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears? And, wasn't it Kevin who said these ads are like pieces of art themselves? I agree with that.

Also saw an ad for H&R Block using the Harrison-penned song "Taxman" but not sung by the Beatles. Doesn't Michael Jackson own the rights to all Beatles songs? That I think is a shame but that's life in the free and the corporate world. Saw McCartney talking about that. He said he had advised Jackson to invest in the music business by purchasing rights to songs. McCartney said he and Yoko were quibbling over the rights to Beatles tunes. McCartney said he wanted to be fair to Yoko and didn't want to purchase the rights without involving her. According to him, Yoko was dragging her feet. In the meantime, Jackson snatched the rights out from underneath both of them!

Message: 20491 Posted: Thu Jan 10 10:35:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Jeff L (Question For Robyn)

It's the newspaper review of Jeff Larson opening for America.

Message: 20490 Posted: Thu Jan 10 10:24:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re:Jeff L (Question For Robyn)

Robyn, what review is it that you're referring to?

Message: 20489 Posted: Thu Jan 10 09:10:08 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Weblord Steve

Red Oak, I haven't received an updated schedule from Morey Management yet but I presume that the new Sandy, Utah date is accurate. In the past, Pollstar has posted some private concerts but I kind of doubt that this one is private.

I have to be careful how I answer your question because it involves religion and we all know that religious and political discussions can sometimes cause problems. However, I'll try to be objective in my answer and give you the facts as I know them. First of all, there are concerts held in Utah on Sundays. As a matter of preference, I don't attend them but I know people who do. As to why the new Sandy concert wasn't scheduled on a consecutive day which would have fallen on a Sunday, I don't know why. It's possible that the new amphitheatre was already scheduled for that day or maybe they felt like they wouldn't sell enough tickets because there are other people who have the same non-Sunday attendance preference as me. I really don't know and I don't want to speak for others. In my case, however, I'm glad that they did it the way they did.

If you come to Utah for three days so you can take in both concerts, you can always go to church with me on Sunday (LOL). Heck, I'll even invite you over for Sunday dinner with the family.

Message: 20488 Posted: Thu Jan 10 09:04:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Jeff L

Does that review ACTUALLY SAY that HWNN is "heroin-inspired"?????? Or do my glasses need cleaning?

Message: 20487 Posted: Thu Jan 10 08:50:36 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent (Jeff B)

Hey Joe, to answer your question - Jeff Larson opened for America in the summer of 1993 at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa, California.

Message: 20486 Posted: Thu Jan 10 06:45:14 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: I have to give credit, where credit is DUE!

Thanx Howie & Steve Gross! I've heard so much about this tune, can't wait to finally listen to this long lost gem.

Message: 20485 Posted: Thu Jan 10 06:32:04 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: I have to give credit, where credit is DUE!

Being the honest person I am, I can't take credit for finding
the song "Norman." Please thank fellow America fan Steve Gross for it,
he's the one responsible for recording it....way back when!
Floor's yours Steve! :0)

Message: 20484 Posted: Thu Jan 10 06:22:05 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hmmmmmmm.-speech

You may have been being witty. Or you may have misunderstood me. I wasn't referring to the protections that come with copyrights.
I was talking about the craft of advertising copy writing (as in, writing the prose that supports commercial ad campaigns.)
As for "who said it's fair?" Of course it's not fair. No "for-profit" business really is. But we don't have to endorse participation in the most crass aspects of the "adver-tainment" biz on behalf of artists whose music we like, do we?

Message: 20483 Posted: Thu Jan 10 06:01:23 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Weblord Steve

According to Pollstar, another date has been added for AMERICA in Sandy, Utah on 8/26. Since they are playing on 8/24, I wonder why the days aren't consecutive? Don't the Mormons allow concerts on Sunday? Please advise. Tx.

Message: 20482 Posted: Thu Jan 10 05:19:52 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent

I have been lucky enough to hear some of Kyle Vincent's songs and I like what I hear! The more I listen to "Arianne" the more I connect that sound with the great British band The Hollies, a huge pop band.
I agree with you Joe B, I think America fans would love his music too.
Chris >>>>>>>>>> 45 days to Sydney and counting ... hey Oz friends, I'm on the mezzanine level, C52 - anyone know if that's good?

Message: 20481 Posted: Thu Jan 10 05:16:46 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent--Joe B.

Joe B- I have not yet heard Kyle Vincent's music. You say you own both of Kyle Vincent's CDs. Which one would you recommend to buy if someone was only going to buy one? -Pat

Johnny- i thought your post # 20466 was excellent.

Message: 20480 Posted: Thu Jan 10 04:29:04 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Alright.....NORMAN!

Can't wait to hear it!! Did anyone see Janet Jackson's win last night?? Thought that was pretty cool!

Erin :o)

Message: 20479 Posted: Thu Jan 10 00:12:43 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Hmmmmmmm.-speech

>So, in the end, it's all just commerce and copy writing

Well at least if you copyright it's YOURS from a "legal" stand point. Many people sadly make the mistake of thinking if they pen it, it's theirs. No matter how incredibly UNnaive of me this may sound (i.e. experience) it's sometimes better to play the game (up to a point) than lose something as precious as a piece of your musical expression. Copyrights (when filed WITH the forms-NOT the old "I'll mail it to myself" version) do protect one to a certain extent.

As for the recording business? Who said it was "fair" or right? It's a BUSINESS and "buyer/procurer/artist beware". Sad but true.

TkH<-----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20478 Posted: Thu Jan 10 00:04:22 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Alright.....NORMAN!


TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20477 Posted: Thu Jan 10 00:01:28 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Norman Unveiled-John L.

ROFLMAO! Are you the next Barry Manilow? ((((C=


Message: 20476 Posted: Wed Jan 09 23:02:17 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Kyle Vincent (Jeff B)

Hey You People,

As owner of both Kyle Vincent CD's, I have recommended them in the past and do so again now. Stylistically, he's a little more in the classic 'pop' area than the California singer-songwriter mold. Think Beatles, Beach Boys, Raspberries, etc. Great melodic hooks, cool arrangements, tremendous vocals(both lead and harmony). He tends to be more bittersweet than sweet. Gerry has guested on his albums. Hank Linderman has also contributed with songwriting and guitar. America fans will love songs like "Arianne" and "All Your Promises" from his self-titled debut disc. "Somehwere Between Hello & Goodbye" and "She's Top 40" are highlights of his most recent work, "Wow & Flutter". I was fortunate to meet Kyle via the radio biz and he's a great guy. I even had him perform live in the studio then caught him at a Borders Books live show later the same day. Fantabulous!

Joe B

P.S. Has anyone seen Jeff Larson live? Has he ever opened for Gerry and Dewey? Any insights would be appreciated.

P.P.S. "Paradise" and "World Of Light" kick many humongous buttocks simulataneously at the same time.

P.P.P.S. Hey Jimnak-what the bleep happened to Northwestern this year?

Message: 20475 Posted: Wed Jan 09 21:05:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Alright.....NORMAN!

I promise I'll post it just as soon as I get it (well, after I listen to it first - LOL)!

Message: 20474 Posted: Wed Jan 09 17:43:42 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Alright.....NORMAN!

Howie,on behalf of all America fans,let me be the first to say "thanks" for sharing that out of your personal collection!

Message: 20473 Posted: Wed Jan 09 16:54:16 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Alright.....NORMAN!

WHen I get a chance, I'll either mail or email Steve L a copy
of Gerry singing "Norman." Not a great copy, audience recorded, but
very listenable. OKAY Folks. That's my Happy New Year gift to you'all.
Peace my friends, Howie

Message: 20472 Posted: Wed Jan 09 16:36:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Norman

Indeed Mr Bel Geddes ( yes father of actress Barbara) was a designer of many things, beginning with stage sets and continuing to buildings and other industrial designs. The lyric I recall is " and I've never even flown a plane before" after declaring that he would like to fly a plane around the world if it had Bel Geddes name on it, I suppose meaning if Norman designed it, but I am just guessing here. Anyone want to clarify?

Message: 20471 Posted: Wed Jan 09 16:25:45 2002 By: dofd
Subject: Norman

I was fortunate enough to hear Gerry sing Norman a couple of times live in the mid-to-late '70s. My recollection is that it's a tribute to Norman BelGeddes (SP?), an industrial designer and somewhat of a visionary. One of the lines in the song -- again, if memory serves -- is "I'd never seen a plane before, Norman" Here's a link to a Web site that shows the plane to which Gerry may have been refering:

As for the whole art vs. business issue, someone mentioned Don Henley. If you listen to the title track of his latest CD, "Inside Job," it's a complaint about the way he was treated by the music industry and includes a line that goes something like: "You don't have the right to own your own ideas."

Message: 20470 Posted: Wed Jan 09 13:17:45 2002 By: Steve
Subject: "Norman" Question

I was lucky enough to hear "Norman" live in Cleveland,Ohio in 1978.It's a pity that it still hasn't seen the light of day on cd.Maybe in 2002!!

Message: 20469 Posted: Wed Jan 09 11:13:38 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Yet another reminder

So Cal Fans, if you haven't made plans to be in the house on Saturday night at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Pier at Santa Monica for the debut of MattB's new band, you need to make your reservations NOW! ( and yes, I already have mine, the last time I had to STAND due to a packed house, which it promises to be yet again) The band is playing the second set after the wonderful Bill Mumy band the jenerators. Hope to see some of you there.

Message: 20468 Posted: Wed Jan 09 10:50:19 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Badfinger story

I agree wholeheartedly. Although it's been suggested that Joey Molland's story is not fairly dealt with because he declined to cooperate, the book makes really compelling reading and provides great insights into a criminally underappreciated band. Interestingly, Badfinger were label mates with Gerry, Dewey and Dan in 1974. America was a riding high, and heading higher, at the time n Warner Bros. signed Badfinger to a $3 million deal. I have often wondered if Dewey, Gerry and Dan had any contact with Pete Ham and the others in 1974 or had any insights into how things could have gone so horribly wrong so quickly.

Message: 20467 Posted: Wed Jan 09 10:31:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Kyle Vincent (Jeff B)

Jeff, I can best describe KV's music as being like 1970's Canadian group Edward Bear. He sounds very much like that lead singer to my ears. His music style is very similar to that of Jeff Larson's from what I've heard of JL's.

Is anyone else here familiar with the music of Kyle Vincent? If so, what do you think and how would you describe his music?

Regarding "Norman", I've never heard the song sung whether by Gerry or anyone else. The song sounds very intriguing! Also, have never heard Dewey sing "Pigeon Song" other than on America's first LP.

Message: 20466 Posted: Wed Jan 09 10:15:59 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "Best Of" Compilations & Greed

Speech, I'm glad to see that you have clarified your post regarding greed and "Best Of" compilations with your statement, "Artists need, want and deserve to market their wares."

I'm sure all of us here can agree with that!

Message: 20465 Posted: Wed Jan 09 10:01:31 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jeff L and a "Norman" question, also Chat reminder

No, I can't sing at all! Anyone else?

Due to family obligations, I will not be in the chat room this evening, but there seem to be a few of you who keep the chat going ( thanks!) I MIGHT be able to drop in, but the actual chat time is 6-9 Pacific.

Message: 20464 Posted: Wed Jan 09 09:48:40 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jeff L and a "Norman" question

Robyn you may be part of a rare & fortunate group. Can you hum a few bars for us ? Has anyone ever heard DEWEY sing solo THE PIGEON SONG live, just him & his 6 string guitar.

Message: 20463 Posted: Wed Jan 09 09:19:28 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Badfinger story

Hey You People,

Though incredibly depressing, "Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger" by Dan Matovina is an interesting read. It gives a very clear and indicting look at the music business and what it does to artists. Highly recommended if you can take the sadness. And there's a lot of it in the book.

Joe B

P.S. Hurry up with the new CD Jeff (Larson). Can't wait!
P.P.S. Bears

Message: 20462 Posted: Wed Jan 09 09:08:40 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Jeff L and a "Norman" question

Jeff's work is on my "to buy" list this year , especially the new one when it comes out.

I was lucky enough to have actually heard Norman live. My survey question, How many of you heard Norman Live?

Message: 20461 Posted: Wed Jan 09 08:29:50 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Re: "Best Of" Compilations & the propriety of "greed"

Artists want, need and deserve to market their wares. Unfortunately, they usually must hitch their wagons to corporate record companies, and those companies are generally about maximizing profit (to lurid excess, if possible).
What's nice about the Internet-based approach of some artists, and I admit it's probably something that works better for established acts than newcomers, is that they're not slave to the grind of any record company ... as long as they are willing to accept far more modest sales and a lower profile. Dan Peek is certainly an example. So are Joey Molland and Mike Gibbins, two survivors who have taken the lessens learned from screwing after screwing in the once mega-selling Badfinger and begun marketing their music on-line. I imagine these three artists would have a word or two to say about whether the word "greed" is appropriate in any discussion of the motives of record companies. The family of former Badfinger leader Pete Ham probably would, too. For those who don't know, Ham hung himself at age 27. He was basically penniless at the time despite having written four global hit singles. Where was Pete's income? Frozen indefinitely by the courts as the two large corporations for whom he'd sold records squabbled over the money reaped from his art.

Message: 20460 Posted: Wed Jan 09 07:36:05 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hmmmmmmm.

So, in the end, it's all just commerce and copy writing, huh? I can't wait to read Dan Peek's next installment about his life in advertising.

Message: 20459 Posted: Wed Jan 09 07:36:01 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD coming to US?

ee gads ! I paid 38 euro & am still waiting over a month later. Maybe they sent it by hummingbird. Well that will be great if released in the US. Then we will have 2 DVD's of AMERICA - 1975 & 1999.

Message: 20458 Posted: Wed Jan 09 07:32:47 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Selling Out ... & giving Bob S. some slack

I don't recall suggesting that artists should "give" their music away. They get to reap the profits of their art via record, CD and tape sales, writers royalties, performance royalties, concert revenues, a bite of the promo stuff (if they're savvy), etc. I just don't think artists also need to sell their music to help big corporations manipulate consumers to buy products. And I, too, oppose (downloadable) free music on the Internet. I have no problem shelling out for CDs, records and tapes I want to play around my house. I don't download free music and never will.

Message: 20457 Posted: Wed Jan 09 05:44:05 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Norman Unveiled

steve- thanks for the info on 'norman'. like you, this song has not yet graced my ears either. judging by the remarks made by other chat folder members who have been lucky enough to hear this song live in concert, i'm very anxious to hear it. given jeff larson's talent, i'm sure he will do the song justice.

john lussier- loved your story!!


Message: 20456 Posted: Wed Jan 09 01:39:09 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Norman Unveiled

Very good Steve...your descricption of JL's music is right on the money. I'm looking forward to the next release.

Johnny, I might give K.V. a listen sometime. How would you describe his music?

Hope you getting along with your new job Steve L.

Carry on....JB

Message: 20455 Posted: Wed Jan 09 01:05:41 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Ohne Filter DVD coming to US?

For all of the questions regarding whether the Ohne Filter DVD will play in America, shows that "America In Concert (1999)" will be released in the US on March 5th.


Message: 20454 Posted: Tue Jan 08 22:57:16 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: John L's Fish(y) Story

John, that was a good one. Instead of Halfmoon Bay (B.C.), I think we might have rec'd the "Fullmoon" treatment...LOL! Do I hear a jingle with "Lyin' Eyes" playing in the background? No, on second thought, it's the jingle of all that money you pocketed, I do believe! :0)

(Jeff B, I can't say I'm a fan of Jeff Larson's although I think he's extremely talented based on the clips I've heard in the past. I am, however, a fan of Gerry's music friend, Kyle Vincent.)

Message: 20453 Posted: Tue Jan 08 22:07:23 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Norman Unveiled

And another little known fact about the upcoming Jeff Larson cd. I live in a small community called Halfmoon Bay (B.C.). Jeff and Dewey came to stay and do a little salmon fishing last summer. After they had returned home, Jeff contacted me and asked if it was ok that they use Halfmoon Bay as the title to a song. We negotiated back and forth for a few months, my people talking to their people, and finally agreed on a sum. I am not at liberty to disclose the amount (you understand, lawyers can be so picky about details) but suffice it to say that I've now retired as a school principal and will spend my leisure time writing those jingles that you all love.

I know there is a Half Moon Bay, California. But I like my story better.

Message: 20452 Posted: Tue Jan 08 21:04:02 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Selling Out ... & giving Bob S. some slack

Neil Young was a very vocal opponent of free music on the internet via Napster. Of course, if he were a true 'artist', he'd have just given it away and wouldn't be concerned about stuff like that.

Message: 20451 Posted: Tue Jan 08 20:05:57 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Norman Unveiled

thanks for the scoop Steve. Sounds real good.

Message: 20450 Posted: Tue Jan 08 19:27:03 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Norman Unveiled

Jeff Larson, a friend of America, has been working on a new CD which is tentatively titled "Sparkle" and is due out in the Spring of 2002. What may be of interest is the appearance of the Gerry Beckley song "Norman" on the record. Gerry was very much engaged in the production of the song and provides piano and harmony vocals. Another point of interest is the song "Half Moon Bay" which Dewey provides backing vocals for. There will be more news about Jeff's CD in the coming months. As one who has never heard "Norman" before, I'm really looking forward to this release! --SteveL

Message: 20449 Posted: Tue Jan 08 19:18:25 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson..."Room for summer"

Yes, Jeff B, I listen to Jeff Larson's CD's quite often. He has a touch of America, mixed with a little of the Beach Boys, and his own definite California sound. I found out some very interesting information about Jeff Larson which I'll post in a minute under a separate subject.

Message: 20448 Posted: Tue Jan 08 17:07:16 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Jeff Larson..."Room for summer"

I really like this guy...too bad music like this can't get airplay. Any of you folks ever give him a listen? Johnny? Robyn? Holiday? Jimbob? Steve L.?

Message: 20447 Posted: Tue Jan 08 16:51:09 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Hmmmmmmm.

What saddens me about jingle and the "art vs. advertising" argument is the fact that some want to take the "intellectual" viewpoint (perceived high road) that, well, if you DID "allow" your music to fall into the "e-vile and twisted" hands of some advertiser you HAVE sold out. WOW. Some of us HAVE to make a living by selling music to advertisers. If one of our songs happens to make a splash (and gets on one of those "music-in-commercials" CD's), then, I guess we haven't a chance, eh? Art for art's sake is a wonderful concept, but like Pat B. said (paraphrasing) you have to feed the kids and pay the mortgage too (no matter how BIG it!) I suppose it's much like Tarot readers that charge and Ministers that have to pass the plate! We all need to make a living SOMEHOW......even our poor beleagured advertisers!

TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20446 Posted: Tue Jan 08 16:13:26 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Best Of" Compilation

Right Genevieve, regarding "market strategy"; however, to call it "greed" verses "market strategy" is a whole different matter in my opinion.

Message: 20445 Posted: Tue Jan 08 15:38:53 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: "Best Of" Compilations

<<I bet Dewey and Gerry appreciate those words with "World Of Light" and "Paradise" on their "Complete Greatest Hits" CD! >>

Honest & smart as I believe they are, they would probably not deny their "Complete Greatest Hits" CD is part of a marketing strategy.

Message: 20444 Posted: Tue Jan 08 15:30:00 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jingles.

>>Best of" compilations are often emblematic of
greed, dressed up as "anthologizing" on behalf of the casual fan. <<

Well, it IS called the MUSIC BUSINESS for a reason.

Message: 20443 Posted: Tue Jan 08 14:09:59 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Best Of" Compilations

<<"Best of" compilations are often emblematic of greed...adding another otherwise unavailable new tune or two doesn't make it any more excusable in my book.>>

LOL! I bet Dewey and Gerry appreciate those words with "World Of Light" and "Paradise" on their "Complete Greatest Hits" CD!

Message: 20442 Posted: Tue Jan 08 13:50:04 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Jingles.

On your final point, let me say that I have argued that very thing. "Best of" compilations are often emblematic of greed, dressed up as "anthologizing" on behalf of the casual fan. And adding an otherwise unavailable new tune or two doesn't make it any more excusable in my book.

As for Nick Drake, I'm sure that his posthumous "discovery" through advertising has warmed his heart, wherever he is. Ironically, his manager and the record company couldn't get him to appear in concert for the latter part of his abortive career because he simply didn't want the exposure.

Message: 20441 Posted: Tue Jan 08 13:20:45 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jingles.

The VW commercial with Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" did as much for Nick Drake as it did for VW. Most people had never of him. When that commercial broke, VW was flooded with thousands of calls per week from people wanting to know who did it. People who would have never bought his records suddenly did. He was "discovered." (Isn't that what any artist wants? People appreciating their art.) Pink Moon set a perfect mood for the story. It elevated the commercial to art. Sure there are numerous examples of the wrong use of music in commercials, but in the few instances where it's done right, and tastefully, it is artistic. Problem is, it's so seldom done right. Hell, the same could be said of the music business itself. How much music is art and how much of it marketing? And what's a "Greatest Hits" album anyway, but marketing? If music is that precious, then you'd have to argue that any song on an original album had meaning that would be compromised when taken out of context of the album and put in a compilation.


It's funny how people's opinion of advertising changes once they have something to sell.

Message: 20440 Posted: Tue Jan 08 10:52:46 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: rock songs as jingles

Have you ever wondered what that photo shot was all about on the back cover of the "Hearts" LP? I heard that Dan had just completed writing "Simple Life" to be used in a television commercial for that Japanese jean company and the guys were on their way to the bank! :0)

Message: 20439 Posted: Tue Jan 08 09:41:04 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Art and Commerce ... & a reply for Pat B.

Let's look at Dan Fogelberg. To my knowledge, Dan has never sold one of his (many great) songs for commercial use. He is generally a reclusive, reticent folk-pop star ... certainly not of a profile like, say, Bruce Springsteen or Don Henley. Yet, despite having not peddled his songs as ad jingles, Dan maintains handsome homes in Colorado, Maine and (I think) Hawaii, and enjoys many of the other material perks of stardom (like his boat The Minstrel). Did he pay for it all with his good looks? Of course not. He paid for it all through songwriting royalties, performance royalties, concert revenues, and other income-generating avenues typically available to rock musicians. Meanwhile, Springsteen and Henley, who to my knowledge have never sold off their songs, enjoy wealth and material comforts commensurate with their career successes. You're not really suggesting, are you, that cash from advertisers looking to exploit one's art for marketing purposes is a necessary and long-established source of survival for musicians and songwriters? I mean, I bought Don Henley's "Inside Job" CD and saw him in concert. Gazillions of other folks did, too. He doesn't really need to sell those songs again, does he?

Message: 20438 Posted: Tue Jan 08 09:28:17 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: rock songs as jingles

I don't mind if they don't change the song. What makes me break land spped records to change the station is when they take a perfectly good song and mess it up with their own product named themed lyric!

Message: 20437 Posted: Tue Jan 08 08:35:38 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: rock songs as jingles

Yes. Idiocy behind the advertising, integrity on the turntable and in the CD player. Why is the idea of letting mega-corporations sell even more product on the backs of songs that have meant something to us so easy to swallow in this society?

Message: 20436 Posted: Tue Jan 08 08:08:38 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: rock songs as jingles

How do you feel about classical music being used in all those car commercials? Or Jazz? Should we just be forced to listen to idiotic jingles or no music at all?

Message: 20435 Posted: Tue Jan 08 07:53:57 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: rock songs as jingles

Believe me, I understand how and why this insufferable trend works. However, going back to the 60s and 70s, this kind of stuff was relatively uncommon. Rock and pop musicians, at least those who sought "legitimacy" on FM radio and in the pages of, say, the original Rolling Stone magazine, were generally loathe to be associated with "selling." That is, there were songwriters who wrote advertising "jingles" and musicians who did session work cutting advertising musak, but that was a mostly different culture than "serious" rock-and-rollers who cut albums and "stretched out" in live performance. The widespread corporate sponsorship of tours, bands participating in TV commercials (checked out Aerosmith shilling for Dodge Ram Trucks?) is fairly new. Likewise, the widespread use of pop and rock chestnuts as ad jingles has proliferated because all of the dewey-eyed, "underground" music loving kids once bought into "power to the people" and "brown shoes don't make it" have grown up to be wage-earning consumers. But I still think it's a dead-end street to have our treasured pop music archives sold off. Willfully naive or not, I want the "art" I choose to consume to mean something in terms of self-expression, not in terms of its potential to help move product "units."

Message: 20434 Posted: Tue Jan 08 07:47:23 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Movie "It Takes Two"

yep. Kirstie Alley sings a snippet of Horse with no Name.

Message: 20433 Posted: Tue Jan 08 06:43:21 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: It Takes Two.

Yes, Johnny, the movie is a mistake.

Message: 20432 Posted: Tue Jan 08 06:38:35 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: rock songs as jingles

"I mean, can't we at least maintain some vestige of the illusion that rock-and-roll stands apart, uncompromised?"

That's exactly what it is Speech! The so-called uncompromising behavior of the pop-rock music world towards advertising HAS ALWAYS BEEN an illusion! But if the pop video commercial formula has had so much success (I understand this is what most of us resent), it's because it's not just "selling out works of art". I suppose it is more like a tit for tat type of association. Let me remind you of that famous TV commercial in 1985 for Levi's 501, you know the one showing a sexy boy stripping in a laundrette - an unforgettable memory for many women of my age LOL. It used Marvin Gaye's " I Heard it Through the Grapevine" as a sountrack. The campaign was a frank success since the sales of Levi's 501 increased by 800% !!! And last but not least, M Gaye's single was re-released featuring the 501 logo on the sleeve !!! I dont have any figures concerning the sales of the single, but I've heard that it was then given more than a second chance as a hit.
Nowadays, advertising companies' position is not "to sell a product "but to create fashion, and promote new attitudes. Showbiz artists are perfect instruments to convey their ideas, as much as TV & radio are perfect promotion platforms for them. See, it's all a give & take game in our consumer culture. Scary, isn't it?

Message: 20431 Posted: Mon Jan 07 21:52:51 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The Movie "It Takes Two"

While surfing the internet, I found a mention of "Dewey Bunnell - Lyricist" for the 1995 movie "It Takes Two" starring Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg, and the Olsen Twins.

Does anyone know what song Dewey is credited with in this movie or is this a mistake?

Message: 20430 Posted: Mon Jan 07 20:15:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Dan's Episodes (Plus A Message For "Mediator")

When I read Dan's episodes and it contains his opinions of a situation regarding Gerry or Dewey, I try to remember it's Dan's viewpoint and I try not to judge who is right or wrong because there's two others who have their opinion and we haven't heard from them. Unfortunately, D&G aren't telling us how they see it but maybe one day in the not too distant future they will although I seriously doubt it. I just try to keep an open mind but it's often easier said than done.

(Message to 'Mediator': While I'm on the topic of maintaining an open mind, I'm very disappointed that you haven't e-mailed me nor the two others I asked you to e-mail. I'm disappointed because you have been listening to only one person's point-of-view. If you TRULY desire to know the truth (or at least some of the truth), all you have to do is ask the two people I requested you contact. Maybe you really don't want to know the truth because the truth isn't what you care to see. I'm just wondering.)

Message: 20429 Posted: Mon Jan 07 17:01:41 2002 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Selling Out and the "coolness" of rock songs as jingles

And now, with DVD, imagine the new possibilities: "Ladies and gents, we give you America's 1977
"Harbor" LP on DVD brought to you by Dole! But before we get to "God of the Sun," here's a
five-minute soundbite, complete with pix, describing what our pineapple and guava products mean
to your life!"

Worse still, place some of the 'products' in America's hands in pix taken from the poster! ;)

Ah, another slogan:

"Dole: It's in America's hands! "

Okay. bye for now..


Message: 20428 Posted: Mon Jan 07 15:51:20 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Art and Commerce

speech- i would like to believe that rock n' roll or any great music could stand apart from commercialization, but do you expect artists to give their art away for free? isn't their hard work and talent worth something? i don't mind paying my money to buy records, tapes and cds. the artists, musicians, managers, producers, engineers, and everyone else involved deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. no one thinks twice about paying the plumber to fix a leaky faucet or rewarding the computer-repair-person for fixing their computer. but it seems to me, when the subject's art, for some reason some people think that artists should just give their art away for free for the sake of the integrity of the art. hogwash! -pat

Message: 20427 Posted: Mon Jan 07 14:42:59 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Selling Out and the "coolness" of rock songs as jingles

To anyone who believes the trend toward rock and pop songs as jingles is "cool": if you really believe that erasing the line between art and commerce is a good thing, you must be in your glory these days, because the floodgates are wide open.
And now, with DVD, imagine the new possibilities: "Ladies and gents, we give you America's 1977 "Harbor" LP on DVD brought to you by Dole! But before we get to "God of the Sun," here's a five-minute soundbite, complete with pix, describing what our pineapple and guava products mean to your life!
I mean, can't we at least maintain some vestige of the illusion that rock-and-roll stands apart, uncompromised?

Message: 20426 Posted: Mon Jan 07 14:27:30 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Selling Out ... & giving Bob S. some slack

Sorry. No slack here. Let Bob Seger make as sizable a donation as he wishes. (By the way, I'm a Bob fan from way-y-y back ... to the days of "Smokin Ops," "Get Out of Denver," etc.) Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (to name just two) have put up their time, money, effort, instruments -- and their marquee names -- in order to help industry workers (and others) deal with hard economic times. Yet they've never, to my knowledge, put their original tunes on the block to do it. Please. Gimme a break. Peace.

Message: 20425 Posted: Mon Jan 07 14:24:57 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Selling Out

Creative and artistic integrety is a beautiful thing, but that alone doesn't pay the mortgage, or put your kids through college. I guess anyone can choose to ignor the fact that Dan wrote the song 'Simple Life' for a Japanese advertiser, and Dan and Gerry wrote a song for Dell, if that makes them happy. I remember reading an article in a magazine about Bob Seger in which he said that he made an incredible amount of money from 'Like A Rock'. He wouldn't quote the figure, but he said the royaltys was unbelievable. I personally dislike it when a favorite song of mine is used for an advertisement because it can alter my experience of the song, but I cetainly understand why it's done. -Pat

Message: 20424 Posted: Mon Jan 07 13:37:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Selling Out

I think it's cool to hear and see which companies select which popular song(s) to use in their commercials. The Doobie Brothers did it twice from what I recall. One was Chevy's commercial use of "Rockin' Down The Highway" and more recently "It Keeps You Runnin'" used by an different company. There's the "King of Pop" with his connection to Pepsi. There's the "Queen of Soul" also with her connection to the same soft drink maker. And perhaps the "king of r and b", Stevie Wonder's song (can't remember the title) with the lyrics "I called just to say I love you/I called just to say I care". It was used by a major communications company. And who can forget about Carly Simon's "Anticipation" used so cleverly by either Heinz or Hunts in their ketchup commercial?

These artists wrote or sang these songs for money so what's wrong with them selling their songs to be used in commercials long after the songs have hit the music charts? I think these artists are smart to capitalize on the opportunity. I, too believe, these companies will move on to another song if the first artist says no. To think otherwise is being naive in my opinion. After all, these companies are much too agressive to just quit after being turned down, I would think.

Too bad Dell didn't use America and The Generals co-written song for one of their commercials. I never saw it on TV, anyway, so I assume it was never used. I did, however, see the entire commercial for America's "Complete Greatest Hits" just about 15 minutes ago on a CNN station.

Message: 20423 Posted: Mon Jan 07 11:15:25 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "I Don't Believe in Miracles"

The possibility of Dan responding to "I Don't Believe In Miracles" with "I Believe In Miracles" doesn't seem like a stretch to me at all even though the former song wasn't written by either Gerry or Dewey. The fact is the song appears on an America LP, as we all know. I thought about the connection the first time I saw Dan's song on his release of "Doer Of The Word". I do certainly agree that only Dan can answer the question of whether there's a connection. I assume from Mark's post that Dan wrote "I Believe In Miracles". I have "Doer Of The Word" on cassette. It doesn't list anything other than the song titles. Just for the record, the song on Dan's LP is titled "I Believe In Miracles" and not "I Do Believe In Miracles".

On another matter, I had a dream last night that D&G performed at the gym of the elementary school I attended. Dewey's hair was shoulder-length. I did ask him a question about "Wheels Are Turning". His answer was: "Yeah, the majority of 'Wheels' was written by Gerry but let's keep it a secret between the two of us." Funny, huh?

More later regarding Dan's episodes and "selling out".

Message: 20422 Posted: Mon Jan 07 11:05:04 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Room For Summer

I've had "Watercolor sky" for a long time. It's very good.

I hope when AMERICA cuts a new CD that they throw on some alternate versions, mixes, reprises...whatever.


Message: 20421 Posted: Mon Jan 07 11:03:26 2002 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: Re: Oz shows

To Margaret, Greg, Lili and the rest of Oz...

At the moment, Margaret is correct that there are only shows in Sydney scheduled. Unfortunately, it is completely out of Gerry, Dewey and Morey Management Group's hands. The shows are being promoted by Paul Dainty's company, DCE, in Melbourne and it is in their contol. If you'd like to call them and ask - the number is 61 3 9242 1016.

The band is very much looking forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand.

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 20420 Posted: Mon Jan 07 10:35:24 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Room For Summer

Hey You People,

Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky" is one of the best albums ever recorded. And though it took a couple of listens for me, "Room For Summer" is now right up there, too. AMAZING STUFF!!!!

Joe B

P.S. "Hey" by Jeff Larson is a cool pop tune - stop barfing and give it another listen!
P.P.S. Bears rule!
P.P.P.S. Go Blackhawks!

Message: 20419 Posted: Mon Jan 07 10:32:12 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: ROOM FOR SUMMER... my CD on this cold and snowy...and slippery day! After one listen alt. version "Room for summer" is leading the way followed by "Carol Ann" (vocal/guitar mix), "Lot to learn" and "Lauren" (orchestral reprise).


Message: 20418 Posted: Mon Jan 07 10:22:51 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Oz shows

Let's hope that someone sees the light and adds more shows for Australia. Sounds like the People of Oz deserve more shows. I'm sure Morey Management would book America for more shows in Australia if the
dollars are right. Have fun at the shows you get to attend.

Message: 20417 Posted: Mon Jan 07 10:22:23 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Selling Out


Bob Seger allowed the use of his song "Like A Rock" as his way to help the then-depressed auto economy in his hometown of Detroit.
So cut him some slack.

Joe B

Message: 20416 Posted: Mon Jan 07 09:19:23 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Selling Out

Speaking of... The weirdest thing just happened, I was listening to the radio here at work (an AM talk station) and while I was on the phone "HWNN" came on w/ revised lyrics. As I was actually trying to conduct business I wasn't able to listen closely, but I got the impression that some one had used Horse to create a parody about the Cowboys dismal season. (I don't think it was a commercial, but I might be wrong.)

How do parody's work? Do they need permission from the original artist? I'll keep listening and hopefully it will come on again so I can get a better idea of what the whole thing was about.


Message: 20415 Posted: Mon Jan 07 08:21:39 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Selling Out

It sickens me when artists sell their songs for commercial use, and I applaud those who refuse to do it. (I loved the John Fogerty song "Soda Pop" and Neil Young's sardonic "This Note's for You.")Presumably, our pop-and-roll icons did not follow their artistic muse at the beginning so they could one day be immortalized in a commercial for McDonalds. And I, for one, can't buy into the argument that "I might as well sell my song because if I don't, someone else will."
If you're a star, I guess it comes down to the degree of commitment you feel towards your art, the audience and the fan base that put you where you are. If an artist is a gazillionaire already, I'd hope he/she might stop to consider that a particular song probably means a lot to many of the fans and therefore isn't worth marring for the sake of more wretched excess. Case in point: "Like A Rock" by Bob Seger, a beautiful song exploring the ambivalence and introspection that comes with age, now forever linked in my head to hokey, slo-mo images of a pick-up truck. Bob may not be a mega-star, but I'm certain he didn't need the coin.
Maybe I'm naive, but I listen to most songs (save those that are obviously intended to be whimsical, etc.) with the mindset that the writer was trying to communicate something that meant something to him/her while writing it. I can muster a little more understanding for struggling artists who may sell their "one hit wonder" songs and therefore stay afloat long enough to further pursue their dream careers a bit longer. Same goes for artists who sell a song and donate some/all of the proceeds to charity. But, even with those circumstances, I think the "selling" of our pop music heritage is a really unfortunate trend. Generally, I think artists who sell songs have begun to lose the thread of why they started playing in the first place. I prefer not to recall that Dan Peek wrote the wonderfully humble tune "Simple Life" to sell jeans in Japan.
And I'd wager that Nick Drake, whose troubled and clinically depressed mind gave us the hauntingly beautiful "Pink Moon" way back in the early 70s, wasn't thinking about selling Volkswagen convertibles to New Millenium yuppies when he wrote it.

Message: 20414 Posted: Mon Jan 07 06:55:44 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re:Dan's bio & "response" to "I Don't Believe in Miracles"

Only Dan could answer, of course, but the notion of Dan responding to "I Don't Believe In Miracles" with "I Do Believe in Miracles" seems a stretch. "I Don't Believe in Miracles" isn't even an original Gerry-Dewey tune. It was written by Russ Ballard of Argent.

Message: 20413 Posted: Mon Jan 07 05:42:52 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: writer's block break

Kiri, does The Prisioner start out with the guy going through a maze and have some giant chess pieces and some other guy watching him while he tries to escape? I seem to remember watching this show in the 70's (I grew up overseas and our TV was about 10 years behind the states - I remember seeing the Monkees TV show in '77 which was new for us! We didn't even have color TV until about '76). Regardless, what I remember most about The Prisioner is that it was pretty weird and you really had to pay attention to understand what was going on.
I'll have to check my PBS station here and see if it's playing.


Message: 20412 Posted: Mon Jan 07 05:13:26 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Selling Out

Kiri- You're right, Sting and other famously rich musicians probably don't need the money. BUT, we're not talking pennys here. And I'm sure people like Sting sometimes SPEND in one week what working class people like myself EARN in one year. Also, the advertising money's there for the taking. If Sting elected to NOT allow the advertisers to use his song, the advertisers would eventually find someone else's song to use in their ad. Plus, all the work of writing the song is done. It probably would only take Sting a few hours (maybe minutes) to sign the contract and then deposit the check. I'm not an expert in this field, but I would imagine that there are plenty of fat juicy zeros on that check. Another benefit is the continued exposure of the artist in the mainstream media. There are alot of successful musicians, but (in my opinion) a musician REALLY knows they've "made it" when a company like, say, McDonalds offers big bucks to use one of their songs. -Pat

Message: 20411 Posted: Mon Jan 07 05:07:51 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Oz shows

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for the info... If your statement is correct then I guess I speak for a lot of other OZ fans by saying that were all dissapointed to hear that Sydney is the only venue.
As I've mentioned before, With all due respect to our NZ friends, 4 concerts in New Zealand and now only 2 in (Australia) Sydney is a real shame. But, the fan base would have to be at least 5 times bigger.... I would have thought that Melbourne & Brisbane would have at least been added to the tour as well. If anyone knows about travelling within Australia, it's really expensive. Added to this a 2 day round trip to Sydney from either Melb or Bisbane to see the guys would set you back between $500 -> $1000 including accomodation, airfares, expenses & the cost of the concert, which I hear is up around $70-$80.
I know I sound like a whinger but if you've got a family who also want to go to the concert it becomes un-affordable. Anyway I've had my gripe. To Morey Management.... think about it next time guys. OZ has a lot of loyal fans and we're a big country. Having Dewey & Gerry here is a real treat for us, and a privilege we don't often get....
To you Sydney guys... "Rock On" for the rest of us!!!
To Dewey, Gerry, Willie, Woodsy & Brad.... next time dudes!!!

Greg & Lili

Message: 20410 Posted: Sun Jan 06 22:39:35 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Oz shows

The Monday 25th February show has sold out and a second one on Tuesday 26th went on sale today. I've been told that there will be no shows in any other state.

Message: 20409 Posted: Sun Jan 06 21:40:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re:Dan's bio (No Americagate, please!) For Mark

Mark, for those of us who haven't heard Dan's song "Cross Over," how is it an answer to "DCTR"?

Message: 20408 Posted: Sun Jan 06 21:08:51 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re:Dan's bio (No Americagate, please!)

The only song that I think may have been in response to an America song may be "I Believe in Miracles" by Dan which of course is the opposite of "I Don't Believe in Miracles" from Alibi. But it may have been a coincedence and Dan might not have had the somg in mind.

Dan did kind of respond to one of his own America songs. Cross Over seems to be an answer to Don't Cross The River, both written by Dan.

Message: 20407 Posted: Sun Jan 06 17:57:57 2002 By: kiri
Subject: writer's block break

so is anyone else bothered by all the "selling out" of artists on commercials these days? i think the only one i appreciated was the "tainted love" commercial. i heard the police's "walking on the moon" today on tv and it really bugged me. i suppose i could envision a slick commercial with "horse" or "ventura highway" (what do you all think would work?) but i really don't know. i mean, does sting need this money? i'm pretty clueless how and why it happens.

oh, and i was checking on it, dan, and saw you got it. very cool.

off pbs station has been playing episodes of "the prisoner" late night saturdays. anyone familiar with that late 60s program? very bizarre!

Message: 20406 Posted: Sun Jan 06 16:13:20 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re:Dan's bio (No Americagate, please!)

I really like Paul's solo stuff, including the new Driving Rain all the way back to McCartney, but I thought How Do You Sleep was cool too. By the way Kiri, I did bid and get that item on Ebay. Have'nt recieved it yet but waiting patiently. Thanks for being so observant and thinking of me.DanC

Message: 20405 Posted: Sun Jan 06 14:45:59 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Dan's bio (No Americagate, please!)

I don't know if he did (did he?). I hope not. Would that help him have his name in lights, anyway? How Do You Sleep is no "evergreen" by John IMO. He was such an all-around man !!!
I know some won't like it in here, but to me this type of attitude is just like irritainment. You can't help listening to the accusation or reading about it out of curiosity, because of that huge desire to know at last, but still expect it to weird you out & get on your nerves any moment.

Message: 20404 Posted: Sun Jan 06 02:23:15 2002 By: rick
Subject: Dan's bio

Reading how certain bits of Dan's bio come across as little vitriolic makes me wonder if he ever wrote any John Lennon-How Do You Sleep type songs in his solo work directed towards his former bandmates.

Message: 20403 Posted: Sat Jan 05 18:32:23 2002 By: Alan
Subject: New songs

Got my oldest daughter Complete Greatest Hits for Christmas. The more we listen to World of Light and Paradise, the more we love 'em! Can't decide which one I like better, but right now I'm leaning towards Paradise. Makes me long for another album of all new songs.

Does anyone know if they've added either of these songs to their play list?

Message: 20402 Posted: Sat Jan 05 17:08:49 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: OZ Tours - Message for SL

G'day (or should I say G'evening?). Anyway, I think that the OZ tour dates that I have listed are complete. However, I'm supposed to get an updated list from Erin Edwards of Morey Management on Monday so we'll see if any new dates have been added. --SteveL

Message: 20401 Posted: Sat Jan 05 15:23:35 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Dancing

My heart "dances" when I hear Riverside. It takes me back to my first America concert. The music began before the curtain went up, and as the curtain rose, I laid eyes on Dewey and Gerry for the first time, a moment that I won't soon forget . . . . SIGH . . . : ) And when I hear Tin Man, I feel like spinnin' 'round 'round; does that count?

P.S.: Hi Beech!!!

Message: 20400 Posted: Sat Jan 05 15:22:53 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: OZ Tours - Message for SL

G'day Steve,
Any news on the remaining OZ tour dates? I have this funny feeling that Sydney will be the only show. I hope not...

Message: 20399 Posted: Sat Jan 05 14:53:03 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Overseas shows

Margaret, great to hear you are going to more than one show in NZ! Which show in Auckland are you going to? I'm going both nights and would love to be also going to the New Plymouth concert, but as Ive been in Sydney for the past couple of weeks(where I still am) I dont think the budget will allow it! I will be wearing my oval logo T shirt at the shows, so if you see me, come and say hi. Speaking of T shirts, I hope they have some tour merchandise there. I have seen some fantastic AMERICA T's which make the light blue/ivory T I have seem very plain! Johnny, that was fasinating man! Thankyou. Im off to see a bit more of Sydney now and will email you on my return.

Message: 20398 Posted: Sat Jan 05 13:48:44 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: The return of MattB

ok So cal fans, so it appears we ALL missed the Rose Bowl gig. Next Saturday January 12, Matt debuts the band he is "playing guitar in" at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Malibu Pier. ( Matt are you singing too?) Hope to see some of you there!

Message: 20397 Posted: Sat Jan 05 12:51:15 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Dancing

All My Life and Sister Golden Hair...oh, and Green Monkey and Tall Treasures.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Erin :o)

PS...World of Light, too !

Message: 20396 Posted: Sat Jan 05 11:09:55 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Dancing

You Can Do Magic, Sister Golden Hair( I think I bounce to that song), Everyone I Meet Is From California and Hangover:)

Windwave(I think I sway from side to side.LOL)


Message: 20395 Posted: Sat Jan 05 11:03:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dancing

What gets my leg to shakin' is "Everyone I Meet Is From California", "Sister G", and that very funky "Green Monkey"!

Message: 20394 Posted: Sat Jan 05 10:34:04 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Rose Bowl

Did anyone attend the Rose Bowl concert? Since noone answered Bruce David Martin, I was wondering if there would be any review?

Message: 20393 Posted: Sat Jan 05 10:29:17 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Dancing

I can't resist "dancing" (well I'm not sure the word is totally appropriate) to Three Roses...
But I think Wheels Are Turning is a nice, motivating tune to get up to & tap your foot.

Message: 20392 Posted: Sat Jan 05 06:23:23 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Dancing

Valentine - Alibi

Message: 20391 Posted: Sat Jan 05 04:15:35 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Dancing

hi beech- although america is not exactly known to be a dance band (like k.c. and the sunshine band for instance) i like the beat to 'don't cross the river'. i think that it's fairly dancable. -pat

Message: 20390 Posted: Sat Jan 05 03:27:20 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Overseas shows

Jim, you mentioned that America was getting ready for their 1st quarter overseas shows. Some of us are too! I have been booking our NZ accommodation and received this message with confirmation of a booking. "Do you realise there is an America concert on here that night at our Bowl of Brooklands - an outdoor venue 5 minutes walk away from here which should be spectacular even if you are not fans of their music." Not fans of their music?? I wrote back to say that was the very reason that we are going to NZ. This extra concert has allowed us the opportunity to travel around and see some of this beautiful country.
Our tickets to that show have just arrived and they sound ominously distant. My husband thought the said Section C when he booked them but they are Section Z. Perhaps he had difficulty with the accent!
Wherever they are it will be a thrill for us.

Message: 20389 Posted: Sat Jan 05 02:36:24 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Dancing

Ok. It's FIVE (freakin') A.M. and I'm awake.
Yes, I'm being productive (and perusing THIS board)-kinda'.

Which America song makes you want to get up and either a.) Dance (yes, yes we're talking moving OTHER than basics here) or b.) at least TAP your foot.......

Food for thought at 5

TkH<-------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20388 Posted: Fri Jan 04 10:41:26 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Rose Bowl

I don't think anyone made it; they are still there trying to get thru the security maze. They had to shut the Pasadena freeway it was so bogged down. Should have taken a SLEEPER TRAIN. AMERICA getting ready for their 1st quarter overseas shows. GO AMERICA !

Message: 20387 Posted: Fri Jan 04 10:35:15 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Bass guitar

Didn't David Dickey retire and move to Sweetwater, TX? Doesn't he teach guitar and his wife (Maggie?) teach dance? Sweetwater is only 150 miles east of where I live. Wouldn't that be a "trip" to visit him for a couple of autographs. Ohhhhh, the stories he could tell! :0)

Message: 20386 Posted: Fri Jan 04 09:37:17 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Bass guitar

I am not trying to be ignorant and ask a stupid question,but. Or perhaps I missed it in Dan's posts. Here goes. I know Brad has been with America for nearly twenty years now, but what happened to David Dickey? I know organizations have personnel turnover, but what happened? I was just wondering.

Message: 20385 Posted: Thu Jan 03 21:03:25 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Rose Bowl

So did anyone go to the Rose Bowl concert?

Message: 20384 Posted: Thu Jan 03 20:03:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: DEWEY's Pages

I kind of miss flipping thru the cards myself. As a Library empolyee however I DO NOT miss having to put card back in order when a patron drops a drawer on the floor!

Check out what LAPL did with some of the old cat cards ( as they are called) It's in the Art tour of Central Library.

Message: 20383 Posted: Thu Jan 03 19:23:24 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: DEWEY's Pages

Good one Robyn. Some of the younger fans haven't been to a library without a computer catalog. I always liked the way the card catalog files smelled; musty, historical, important.

Muskrat Ingrid

Message: 20382 Posted: Thu Jan 03 18:14:17 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Happy New Year

Jim, let me know when you get it. I wonder if it's the same exact video that I have of the German 1999 concert! We'll compare songlists.
They play pages and from a movin' train I believe.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope 2002 is better than 2001.

Peace on earth, HL

Message: 20381 Posted: Thu Jan 03 15:25:58 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Happy New Year

I ordered that German DVD of AMERICA live, done fairly recently.
It cost me about 39 euro's I think & charged to Amex. I have not received it yet so hopefully soon, I let you know once I receive it. They sent me what I think is a confirmation, in German of course. It has songs from the HUMAN NATURE release - live !!!

Message: 20380 Posted: Thu Jan 03 14:31:36 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Happy New Year

I haven't been on the internet for a while, so you'll have to excuse my late Happy New Year to all.

I looked up the Ohne Filter DVD on the German Amazon site, and it looks like they've changed some of the original contradictory technical info regarding the DVD. Now it merely says "codefree" (Region 0) NTSC, which means that anyone in the United States or Canada should be able to order this CD and have it work on their player. In fact, anyone with an NTSC DVD player anywhere in the world could watch it, and it should play on virtually any DVD-ROM, since most computers play both NTSC and PAL (at least that's what I've read). Has anyone ordered it yet? If not, is anyone willing to be the guinea pig?


Message: 20379 Posted: Thu Jan 03 12:05:46 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Personal Message For Last Night's "Mediator"

"Mediator", PLEASE contact me via e-mail. I need to ask you some important questions. If you didn't jot down my e-mail address last night, you may obtain it from Steve Lowry by giving him your real name.

To the person that was using the nick "america" last night on the live chat, care to reveal your true identity? I appreciated your support!

(Sorry all! As Jeff B says, "Carry on")

Message: 20378 Posted: Thu Jan 03 08:33:39 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rose Bowl Concert Information

I hope there are tents IT'S RAINING!

Message: 20377 Posted: Thu Jan 03 07:27:07 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Rose Bowl Concert Information

I know this is late notice but Erin did talk to the Rose Bowl folks late last night. Maybe there is still time to make it to the concert. The show is at 11:00 am today (Thursday) in the parking lot of the stadium. It is a "tailgate feel" with tents and beer and such. You can buy individual tickets for the concert. You do not have to have a football ticket. The number of the stadium is 626.577.3100.

Message: 20376 Posted: Wed Jan 02 21:53:20 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Sorry and Pages

oops, I forgot it was Wednesday. Hope some of you chatted anyway!

and regarding Pages, I think it fitting and proper that DEWEY wrote the song. If you don't know why, it's time to renew your library card!

Message: 20375 Posted: Wed Jan 02 17:15:00 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Stats: America As A Trio

<<I would have given Gerry 1/2 credit for Hat Trick and Dan and Dewey 1/4 each. It is really a four part song and Gerry wrote two of the parts.>>

Sounds logical technically, Mark. On the other hand, maybe Dan deserves more credit than one-half for the writing of "The Story Of A Teenager" than Gerry. I say this because Dan's name is listed first as the writer which would indicate to me that he perhaps was the "greater" contributor. We also have Tom Peek who said he actually wrote "Tomorrow". There's also Dan's wife who helped him write a small number of America's songs. Maybe I should have listed it as "Songs Written By Dewey, Gerry, and The Peeks". Either way, I'm glad some of you enjoyed it.

Pat B, it didn't take too long to compile while watching TV on a snowy New Year's Day.

Message: 20374 Posted: Wed Jan 02 13:43:21 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Thanks Robyn!

For investigating & taking the time to post the info.(I'm so curious... never fed up with learning.)

Message: 20373 Posted: Wed Jan 02 13:00:29 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Music...

Thanks fellows. I should've bought it sooner.


Message: 20372 Posted: Wed Jan 02 08:41:31 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Statue of Civilization answer for Genevieve

Here is the info from the Docent Tour information. Probably more than you wanted to know!

Statue of Civilization sculpted of Italian Marble
Lawrie said, “She is like a jewel in a shrine...symbolizing all that the
library represents.”
They were added after the Library opened around 1928
Front panel is of copper and depicts symbols of progress through
Pre-history, Egypt, Phoenicia, China and Europe and ends with the
Liberty Bell, a Covered Wagon and a Buffalo
Her right hand is holding a book of quotations in English, French,
German, Latin and Greek
Her left hand holds the Torch of Learning resting on a turtle that
signifies dominion over land and sea
Her crown is a model of the library adorned with two angels for the
City of Los Angeles and a bear and star for the state of California

Message: 20371 Posted: Wed Jan 02 08:35:32 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Rose Bowl

and i'm guessing it won't be televised??? the concert, that is, not the game...

erin :o)

Message: 20370 Posted: Wed Jan 02 08:20:15 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Rose Bowl

was out of town, but I suspect it is an event that may be open to game ticket holders, perhaps w/info printed on their tickets. just a guess. GO AMERICA in 2002 !!!

Message: 20369 Posted: Wed Jan 02 06:58:22 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: A New Year

2002 will be the 'bookends' year, also closing out 30 years since Mark bought his record club copy of 'America' back in '72. I liked that story Mark.
Thanks to those who liked my TODAY AS ALWAYS post on Xmas Eve and sent me personal messages. Funny that I was thinking about how many songs each of the guys wrote during their time as a trio and now I read Johnny's "Stats" post (msg #20360) - you must have ESP... lol, well done. It was when I was rhyming 'you' and 'Dew' that it struck me that Dewey wrote most of their earliest and most enduring hits - I still remember looking at side 1 of 'America' in '72 and wondering 'who is this guy Bunnell with all but one of these great songs on Side 1 to his name?'
Got my 25 Feb concert ticket just before Xmas and booked my air fare to Sydney today .... counting down the days.


Message: 20368 Posted: Wed Jan 02 06:10:08 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Stats: America As A Trio

I would have given Gerry 1/2 credit for Hat Trick and Dan and Dewey 1/4 each. It is really a four part song and Gerry wrote two of the parts.

Message: 20367 Posted: Wed Jan 02 05:17:08 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Johnny's Stats

Johnny- Great job on the stats! How long did it take you to do it?

Message: 20366 Posted: Wed Jan 02 05:14:11 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Room For Summer

Jeff- I agree with Steve, Room For Summer is a very enjoyable CD. I like all the songs except one, the song called "Hey!". Firstly because the style of the song is a bit uncharacteristic of Larson, and secondly the song makes me want to vomit. But the rest of the CD is well worth the money. My favorite song is "Lot To Learn" because it sounds a lot like the songs from Watercolor Sky. Room For Summer has more slower tempo songs than Watercolor Sky. Watercolor Sky I think is the better of the two. But why don't you buy it and let us know what you think.
:O) -Pat

Message: 20365 Posted: Tue Jan 01 20:39:45 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Music...

Jeff B, if you liked Watercolor Sky you'll love Room For Summer. Not too long ago I got hold of a French release of Jeff L's called "Jeff Larson Complete Works" (you can read about it at It has all of Watercolor Sky, all of Room For Summer, and a bunch of unreleased songs (mostly alternate versions, mixes, and demos). Jeff L is likely going to have some new material coming out this year. I'll be sure to let you know about it as soon as it is released.

Message: 20364 Posted: Tue Jan 01 20:23:44 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Music...

I really like Room For Summer. Well worth the purchase.

Message: 20363 Posted: Tue Jan 01 17:34:32 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...

I'm sending away for Jeff Larsons "Room for summer" cd this week...anyone care to give a review? I'm sure "Carol Ann" is well worth it. I thought "Watercolor Sky" was darn good!

...found a CD by the university of Rochester Yellowjackets on containing "Sister golden hair".

Carry on...

Message: 20362 Posted: Tue Jan 01 15:27:41 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Stats: America As A Trio

Cool stats Johnny....I'm printing that out...Can we make an America trivia game!Hint....Hint....Johnny we haven't had a question from you of late...


PS-Hope you all are recovering from
New Years...I'm eating b-day cake
right about now.LOL:)

Message: 20361 Posted: Tue Jan 01 14:38:53 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rose Bowl

Well, whatever it is it seems to be the world's best kept secret! Even the "Official Tournement of Roses" page doesn't have any info

Message: 20360 Posted: Tue Jan 01 13:32:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Stats: America As A Trio

Dewey - 28 1/3; Gerry - 26 5/6; Dan - 24 5/6
(1/3 to each for "Hat Trick" song and 1/2 to Dan and Gerry for "Story Of A Teenager")

Dewey - 3 (Horse, Ventura Highway, Tin Man)
Gerry - 2 (I Need You, Sister Golden Hair)
Dan - 1 (Lonely People) [Would have been 2 if "EIMIF California" was release as a Side 1 single, IMO]

Dan - 6 (Don't Cross The River, Lonely People, Woman Tonight, Today's The Day, Don't Cry Baby, Slow Down)
Dewey - 6 (Horse, Ventura Highway, Rainbow Song, Green Monkey, Tin Man, Amber Cascades)
Gerry - 6 (I Need You, Only In Your Heart, SGH, Daisy Jane, She's A Liar, God Of The Sun)

Gerry - 4 (Miniature, Daisy Jane, Lovely Night, God Of The Sun)
Dewey - 2 (Riverside, Ventura Highway)
Dan - 0

Gerry - 4 1/3 (I Need You, Till The Sun Comes Up Again, 1/3 of Hat Trick, She's A Liar, Sgt Darkness)
Dewey - 2 1/3 ( 1/3 of Hat Trick, Hollywood, Company)
Dan - 1/3 (1/3 of Hat Trick)

Dan - 2 (Harbor - Don't Cry Baby, Slow Down)
Dewey - 2 (Hat Trick - Green Monkey, Rainbow Song)
Gerry - 2 (Hearts - Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane)

Dan - 8 (Don't Cross The River [twice], Lonely People, Woman Tonight, Today's The Day [twice], Don't Cry Baby, Slow Down)
Dewey - 8 (Horse [twice], Ventura Highway, Rainbow Song, Green Monkey [twice], Tin Man, Amber Cascades)
Gerry - 7 (I Need You, Only In Your Heart, Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane [twice], She's A Liar, God Of The Sun)

Dewey - 16
Gerry - 15
Dan - 10

Dewey - 4 1 /3 (Horse, 1/3 Hat Trick, Hollywood, Hideaway Part 1, Hideaway Part 2)
Dan - 2 1/3 (1/3 Hat Trick, Half A Man, Hurricane)
Gerry - 1 1/3 (Here, 1/3 Hat Trick)

Dewey - 4 (Pigeon Song, Seasons, Hideaway Part 2, Down To The Water)
Dan - 2 (Saturn Nights, In The Country)
Gerry - 1 (Goodbye)

Message: 20359 Posted: Tue Jan 01 12:12:11 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Rose Bowl

Shucks and wazooo! Had I known what the deal was I would have taken more vacation! I have to go back to work! waaaaaaaaa!

Message: 20358 Posted: Tue Jan 01 12:09:06 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The Year 2002

I think 2002 is visually interesting. Like Steve L and Dave M's...2002 "Mirror To Mirror" Tour logo...this year also reminds me of a couple of other America songs:

20..."Right Back To Me"...02 and 20..."Stereo"...02

Message: 20357 Posted: Tue Jan 01 12:05:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Birthday

Dear Angie!

Message: 20356 Posted: Tue Jan 01 10:09:54 2002 By: Mark
Subject: 2001 and 2002

Despite the terrible events of Sept 11, the year was a good one for America (the group). Rhino released two compilations, one for the US market the other for the international market. Both have done very well. Complete Greatest Hits became America's first album to hit the Billboard album charts since 1984's Perspective and included two new songs. The Definitive America was a big hit in several countries. America also recieved some brief national exposure by performing at the 9/11 benefit concert.

I wish America (both the group and country) continued success in 2002. Don't forget that 2002 is the 30th aniversary of America hitting the big time in the US! It would be great to celebrate the 30th aniversary with a new release!

Man, I feel old now. It was nearly 30 years ago that I first heard Horse With No Name on my little AM radio in my room and thought "that's a cool song." Then a few months later I finally bought the America album as one of my selections for one of those record clubs (you know the ones where you got 12 albums for $ 3 and committed to buy so many more for the next 2 years). I really fell in love with America's music after listening to that first album. I still remember flipping the album over and listening to I Need You and thinking "I didn't know they did that song." I was hooked and and bought Homecoming a few months later as soon as I found it in one of our local stores. Has it really been 30 years?!? Nothing's so far away as yesterday.

Message: 20355 Posted: Tue Jan 01 09:29:26 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re:Message For Angie

Have a nice birthday Angie. -Pat

Message: 20354 Posted: Tue Jan 01 05:39:14 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Message For Angie

Still partying with some friends....
We're all raising our New Year's Day glasses of Champagne to you, Angie. Happy Birthday !!!
May all your wishes be satisfied. After all you ARE an America Fan !!!!! LOL

Message: 20353 Posted: Tue Jan 01 05:11:45 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Thank-you Johnny

Thank-you Johnny....At least I can say that I don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight:) Turned 31 :) My b-day wish to see another concert....Love ya Gerry and Dewey.....Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of 2002, peace and love to you and yours.


Message: 20352 Posted: Tue Jan 01 00:53:25 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Message For Angie

Reddy or not (as in "Helen"), Happy Birthday "Angie Baby"!!!

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