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Message: 21018 Posted: Thu Feb 28 21:19:16 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: 1974 Smothers Brothers Show

Howie sent me a few songs from the 1974 Smothers Brothers show that you might enjoy. Click on the following links to listen to the RealAudio soundclips:

Lonely People
Tin Man
A Horse With No Name

Thanks again to Howard Lieboff for making them available.

Message: 21017 Posted: Thu Feb 28 20:12:29 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The Grammys

42 (ish) - didn't even know the grammy's were on and that semi-local Nellie Furtado won until I read today's paper.

Message: 21016 Posted: Thu Feb 28 17:28:54 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Grammys

48 here... are the Grammy's still on? (LOL)

Message: 21015 Posted: Thu Feb 28 16:28:57 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: OZ/NZ & wondering

Thanks for the thanks espec Pat B, Mike B, red oak and others. Thanks also to Margaret and jimbob for all their posts over the OZ/NZ tour dates - these do enrich the America experience for us all. Yes jimbob, I am still floating too - don't ever want to land now .... LOL

By the way Dave Balletto, I was glad to hear the guys play YOU CAN DO MAGIC very early in their concert - third song in fact. I know a number of fans do not place this song too highly, but I have always thought it not only a well crafted pop song (Ballard did a lot of great work with Argent), but also a pretty good fit with America's musical style. Further, it was an international hit for the guys - that gives it a permanent place in America history.


Message: 21014 Posted: Thu Feb 28 15:57:56 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Christmas music...

I'm looking forward to the Christmas music. ...maybe a mixture of original and traditional songs?

Message: 21013 Posted: Thu Feb 28 15:43:46 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I am a 41 year old ancient dinosaur and I echo those comments!

Message: 21012 Posted: Thu Feb 28 15:13:40 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I am a 47 year old ancient dinosaur and I also don't enjoy the grammy awards. It used to be a highlight for me, but now forget it.


Message: 21011 Posted: Thu Feb 28 09:58:17 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Austin, TX Concert

Well, I am flying high! I just ordered my tickets for the May 12th concert in Austin. Third row center! After reading all the great reviews from the OZ & NZ concerts I can hardly wait. I happened to get lucky as when I called the theater they told me they just went on sale today. The last time I had called to enquire about tickets they told me they probably wouldn't even go on sale until late March. Talk about great timing!
Counting the days until May!!!

Message: 21010 Posted: Thu Feb 28 09:38:07 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: The Grammys

Watching the Grammys just isn't what it used to be!

Signed: An ancient 46 year old!

Message: 21009 Posted: Thu Feb 28 03:47:21 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: The Grammys

Was disappointed that Janet Jackson didn't win but at least she was nomintated for"Someone to call my lover". I believe Nelly Furtado won. Oh well!!

Message: 21008 Posted: Thu Feb 28 02:28:59 2002 By: Dogma
Subject: new post

Hello All! Hope everyone will have a good day today.(I work nite shift, so I will be sleeping while you all are up and about.) This is only my second time posting to this site and I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful information regarding "The Boyz".

From this chat folder, I have been able to find out that "America" will play 4, (yes, four!) times in my state!! I plan to attend as many as my finances will allow. I am very excited(to say the least) about seeing the guys in concert again, as I am a recently re-introduced fan. (rediscoved them in 1992) I have alot of concerts to catch up on.

Gotta Go get the troops up for school now...

Message: 21007 Posted: Wed Feb 27 19:31:42 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Margaret,Jimbob,Holiday & Crocodile Dundee

I also enjoyed the Aussie/Kiwi America experience from a distance. Thanks FANS.. and Gerry for giving us a room with a view from around the world.

Message: 21006 Posted: Wed Feb 27 19:20:32 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: sorry and wondering

The first time I heard California Dreamin, America Style is when I started going to thier concerts again in the mid 90's.

It seems like I've been hearing "You Can Do Magic" on various SLC classic rock stations for years along with other America hits.

Message: 21005 Posted: Wed Feb 27 18:53:10 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Hat Trick: Track One, Side One

The funny thing about that song is that I enjoy it more than the more popular mid 70s version that was a hit. The truth is that while the lyrics leave you scratching your head, the harmonies are magnificent.

Message: 21004 Posted: Wed Feb 27 18:03:09 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Hat Trick: Track One, Side One

Track one, side one of Hat Trick has really grown on me over the years (if
you ignore the lyrics) into one of my early America favorites. Once
again, it's funny how we can agree that an album is a classic, but not why
it is. That's just another reason why America's music is timeless.


Message: 21003 Posted: Wed Feb 27 15:44:18 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Really off topic

Anyone else planning on seeing headparade on Saturday March 9th at Rusty's Surf Ranch? It's usually pretty packed in there. This is your chance to see them BEFORE the tickets cost $100 a pop!

Message: 21002 Posted: Wed Feb 27 13:54:05 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: sorry and wondering

Dave- You SHOULD be sorry for BABBLING!! DON'T ever let it happen again!! OK??!! (just kidding) Seriously; I didn't think your post "babbled". And so what if it did? I know that I've been guilty of it once or twice myself! *LOL* A lot of the chatters here have also. I wouldn't call expressing an opinion about AMERICA's music on an internet site entitled: America Chat Folder, as "babbling" or even the least bit unusual. Quite the contrary. So hey, babble away!
See, I'm babbling now myself!!! *LOL* -Pat

Message: 21001 Posted: Wed Feb 27 13:51:36 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: To red oak

red oak, thanks for your kind comments, and to you others for your acknowledgments of my posts.

Message: 21000 Posted: Wed Feb 27 11:25:36 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: re: wondering.

Dave: I heard "California Dreamin'" on WNAP in Indianapolis a few times. That's how I knew about the song. It certainly wasn't from the movie. I bought the soundtrack album because of it.

I like your ranking of America albums. It's interesting how we all differ. While you have Hat Trick way down the list, I'd put it among the top three. Everything about it (except for track one, side one) was inspired. And I'd drop Human Nature down among the bottom tier. Too inconsistent. Some of America's best, and some of America's worst.


Message: 20999 Posted: Wed Feb 27 10:49:42 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: sorry and wondering

I babbled in my second ever post about all of the America albums but at the bottom I did wonder if anyone ever heard California Dreamin on the radio because I hadn't and to get to #56 means pretty good airplay. Also since Complete has come out I've began to hear You Can
Do Magic again - anyone else?

Message: 20998 Posted: Wed Feb 27 07:33:07 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Margaret,Jimbob,Holiday & Crocodile Dundee

Your reviews and experiences were awesome! The feeling that your reports generated could be felt over here in Colorado. I thot maybe an earthquake had happened. Seriously, thanks a million for sharing your experiences with us & hopefully AMERICA will return again to your area of the world b4 they retire. Now the focus will be the Canadien & US dates, none of which are in Colorado as of yet!!!!!!!!!! But, at least there's Sandy, Utah thats close & that may be the only one I'll see this year. Oh well, 1 is the loneliest number that you'll ever do. Little River Band plays Denver in April & Cripple Creek outdoors in August. Will be a fine summer yes indeed. Tx again.

Red Oak(as in Iowa)

Message: 20997 Posted: Wed Feb 27 05:55:36 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

Well John and Steve; you can put me into the same category as the two of you: I also thought it was " me in the END."

I remember back in the early '80s a friend of mine was raving about a new song she had heard on the radio called "Rio De Janeiro". I told her that I had never heard of the song "Rio De Janeiro". About a week later this same friend and I were hanging out and Van Halen's "Running With The Devil" started blaring out of the radio. She exclaimed: "THAT'S the song I was talking about: "Rio De Janerio"!

(True Story)-Pat

Message: 20996 Posted: Wed Feb 27 03:08:19 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Hangover

I forgot to mention how well received Hangover had been at all the shows. Many people would not have heard it before and it was a real hit with the audiences.

Message: 20995 Posted: Wed Feb 27 02:13:21 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part6 - The Long Version 26 February Sydney

I lost the message that I typed earlier when the computer disconnected and would not reconnect, so I'll try again.
The venue was the same as the Monday night's show, the State Theatre. Opened in 1929, it is an elaborate heritage-listed picture palace of eclectic design. It combines Gothic fan vaulting and pointed arches, Renaissance features including copies of some Donatello sculptures and a vast coffered ceiling and also includes decorative Rococo features. While it sounds too much, it is impressive.
Again there was a real sense of anticipation in the foyer and there was a brisk trade in merchandise before and after the show.
Our seats where in the third row, the first row that was available when tickets went on sale and it was from there that the action was in terms of audience participation.
This was the long show and included California Revisited in the encore with Horse. Again the guys' affection for Sydney was apparent and it was announced that that The Definitive America was almost gold. Hopefully some more sales will be generated by those who enjoyed the show.
The guys had a lot of fun on stage. Even though this was the long show, it flew for us. This was such an uplifting and energetic show that it counteracted the sadness we felt as our wonderful 10 days had almost come to an end. The guys added special touches when they recognised us in the audience. Thank you to eveyone associated with this tour for memories we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
Here are some postscripts to an exceptional night.
For those who puzzled over "jongleur" in the Christchurch newspaper review, here is its definition.
jongleur: (in medieval France and Norman England) an itinerant minstrel or entertainer who sang songs (sometimes of his own composition) and told stories.
Here is a message from Gerry.
"Greetings to
all from Ger
& Dew here
in Sydney.
Looking forward
to seeing you all
this summer
Today was a glorious late summer Sydney day. We hope the beauty of this city will lure eveyone back sooner rather than later.
Thanks for a wonderful time.

Message: 20994 Posted: Wed Feb 27 01:55:20 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: photos

Right at the finish of the New Plymouth show my camera stopped working. Wouldn't do anything. I took it to a photo developing place/camera shop on my return to Cambridge. I told them I cared not about the camera(which was sorta true, although it's meant to be a good one, and only a year old) but at ALL costs they must retrieve the film inside. Its crucial, I told them. Well today I went to pick up the photo's, half expecting to be told the film was no good cos of the malfunctioning camera, and whereas it's true that some could have turned out a lot better, the two that I wanted are PERFECT! They are, of course, the two snaps taken at Akld.Airport; the first with Dewey and I, the second with Gerry and I. I'm looking at them as I type and it's really quite strange to see those faces we all know so well from record covers, and I'm there too. Sort of surreal. Chris, thanks for the Sydney review. I kept thinking, 'man, thats so weird, I'm still floating on air, and you guys are seeing them right at that moment! Glad you saw Margaret and Ross. Margaret, how are you guys?

Message: 20993 Posted: Tue Feb 26 17:25:18 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: February 26, 1972

Now that I created some excitement when I posted February 19, 1972 being the 30 year anniversary for Horse with no Name debuting on the charts, I will give a weekly update on the rise of Horse.

On February 26, 1972, Horse went from #84 to #47 on the Billboard singles chart. Will where it be next week? I'll let you know next week.


Message: 20992 Posted: Tue Feb 26 16:55:28 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics/Moon Song

Yes Robyn, you are quite correct. Obviously, my tongue was firmly planted in cheek with my "I burried Gerry" post.

By the way, for the ultimate in misheard America lyrics, all we need to do is look at the printed lyrics in the Japanese CDs. Who can ever forget "You, c an I make it moan..." (Hat Trick)

Message: 20991 Posted: Tue Feb 26 16:28:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics/Moon Song

isn't it "All good men should come to the aid of their country" backwards?

Message: 20990 Posted: Tue Feb 26 16:13:11 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics/Moon Song

Ok Andy, at the risk of appearing totally stupid - is your Moon Song reference true or are you pulling my leg! I had been meaning to post the question "what is being said/chanted at the end of Moon Song?" but I hadn't quite gotten around to it. Thanks for any help you can offer in expanding my horizons! lol :o)

Message: 20989 Posted: Tue Feb 26 15:39:11 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics/Moon Song

Before I discovered this fan site, imagine the nightmare I had trying to figure out the fade out to MOON SONG. LOL. Now, I've been set straight. I have to play the tape backwards, and then I can make out the lyrics: "I buried Gerry..." :-)

Message: 20988 Posted: Tue Feb 26 15:34:27 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

That's a great site! I've submitted a couple of ideas to them, but they never printed it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elton John are extremely easy to butcher, as far as lyrics go.

Message: 20987 Posted: Tue Feb 26 09:28:24 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

Doesn't the fact that the lyrica are represented on the "misheard lyrics" page, indicate that the lyrics are being heard and thought about in the first place? And didn't SGH start out with a change due to the lyrics being "misheard" by Jackson Browne? Just a thought....

Message: 20986 Posted: Tue Feb 26 08:42:40 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mishead lyrics

I also thought it was "Will you meet me in the middle/Will you meet me in the end..." but I think that's the only "popular" song that I had problems with. However, I had all kinds of problems with the "less popular songs". When I was transcribing the lyrics for the America Fans web site, I would listen to certain clips over and over and never could figure out the lyrics. Here are just a couple that I remember messing up on until you America Fans straightened me up:

Special Girl
What I Heard:
By blindness, she was fine in every way
Bottom line is, she was fine in every way

Fallin' Off The World
What I Heard:
All of those screams of each other must share in the fight
Nobody knows where their clear spirit goes in the night
?????? (I still don't know for sure)

There are a couple of other songs where I'm not quite sure if the lyrics are right: "Sometimes Lovers" and the one where I have the most questions is "My Dear" (especially many of Gerry's counter lyrics).

I'd be interested in what the rest of you think about the lyrics that I can't figure out. Together, we might be able to figure itout.

Message: 20985 Posted: Tue Feb 26 07:46:00 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Mishead lyrics

Pat B.-

I'll agree that a lot of the misheard lyrics on that page come across as a contrived slap at America's lyrics, but it does make me think about my own misconceptions when I first heard America's songs. Years ago, I used to think the refrain from Sister Golden Hair was "Will you meet me in the middle/Will you meet me in the end..." It's easy to hear what you think you should be hearing rather than what is actually being sung.

Does anyone else have some originally misheard lyrics from any of America's songs? I'll have to listen to a few albums, and see if I can recall some more myself.


Message: 20984 Posted: Tue Feb 26 06:32:21 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 6 - The Short Version 26 February Sydney

We survived the Nightride bus as we missed the last train again. As it is 1.45 am let me just say that this was a fantastic night for us.
The show was perfect and provided us with wonderful memories. After I've had a decent sleep I'll write in more detail.
Pete said to say hi to his Sweetie.

Message: 20983 Posted: Tue Feb 26 05:20:41 2002 By: Harbor
Subject: Highway: 30 Years.

Hi ,calling from Dublin Ireland. I finally got my hands of a copy of the boxed set and boy what a joy to hear some of the old stuff and even newer stuff. Hats off to Gerry, Dewey and Dan for providing such great music over the last 30 years. Hope they finally get around to playing Ireland sometime, I'm sure there's plenty more fans here other than meself. Keep rockin' Gerry and Dewey

Message: 20982 Posted: Tue Feb 26 04:27:40 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

John- Thanks for the link. However, I thought that most of the misheard lyrics were very much contrived. I may be wrong, but I can't imagine anyone hearing "Bob Vila" in SGH.(?) I don't even think Bob Vila was even popular during the '70s. Who were these lyrics misheard by? They all seem to have been written by the same person. I think the website is more about it's creator, and his or her attempt at being funny than focusing on actual misheard song lyrics. This is just my opinion. What's your opinion? -Pat

Message: 20981 Posted: Tue Feb 26 04:12:25 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: OZ/NZ & Magic Monday

Chris, Margaret and Jimbob- Great reviews and stories. It's a real treat to read about your AMERICA concert experiences. It's almost like being there myself. Thanks. -Pat

Message: 20980 Posted: Tue Feb 26 01:54:23 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: OZ/NZ & Magic Monday

Agreed Margaret - the Monday night show was vibrant and energetic, and don't worry about the weather, this is Sydney and it always rains ... lol, just kiddin', it just seems that way.
I'm still on a real high, and let me explain. Firstly, I met Chat folder nice guys Margaret and Ross (how could you miss me with my "I'M HOLIDAY" t-shirt...ha ha). But I also met two other really nice people, Graham and Liz from upstate - Graham (or is it Graeme?) reads the folder on a rgular basis but has never posted. He has seen more America concerts than I have (I'm up to two now), and knew the band movements, and I hope he doesn't mind me saying, but that little backstage, back alley trick worked a treat. We met Willie and he made a promise to pass on one or two personal gifts to the guys for me. His comment on the weather - "lucky it wasn't an outdoors show". But, even better was to come as the guys were pounding out the last notes of HWNN, Graham and I flew outside and, although I missed Gerry, I was able to shake the hand of a musical god - Dewey seemed impressed that I had flown over from Perth, but we had no chance for more words as the people movers were ready to roar off into the night ...... such things are dreams made of as, I think jimbob said.....
Back to the show, yes, it was a really moving experience and such an adrenalin rush - so great to experience the 'real thing' and just soak up the atmosphere generated by true legends of the music industry.
I took it as a long play list, 24 songs I believe. I thought I'd give you the list - sorry if Margaret hs already posted it from NZ, I have not read back over the last week yet, so I'll add some comments:
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
... at this point Gerry says: after the Sydney compliments, "we're going to play every song we know ......" .... if only.
Don't Cross The River
... mention about 30 years, Dewey says that Gerry writes all the love songs, to introduce ...
Daisy Jane
Wind Wave
Another Try
Dewey says that back in '72 they were voted the best new artists ... applause .... he resumes: " .... and we've been milking it ever since" - they are candid characters

Three Roses
I Need You (Beckley)
I Need You (Harrison)
.. Gerry mentions the time they met George when the guys were still very young and he thought he beter mention he'd written a song by the same name - George's response: "..that's ok, I got it from someone else anyway"
Baby It's Up To You (.. a real rocker, I've always thought of this as my favourite non single release)
Tin Man
The Border
Woman Tonight
... some mention, by Dewey I think, of this being from the "I didn't know they did that one" collection
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
... ok, that was a good story, I won't recount here in case it's a new line some of you might get at later shows!
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Sand Man (the very electric version)
.... encore
California Revisited and HWNN

What else can I say? ... there is no need for any other words.

Message: 20979 Posted: Tue Feb 26 00:29:38 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Gerry's Pix

Nice down-shot of Sydney & the S. Opera House !
Keep following their trail down in AusTRAILia...LOL

Message: 20978 Posted: Mon Feb 25 23:54:20 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

ROFLMHO! Thanks John!

Message: 20977 Posted: Mon Feb 25 23:50:11 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Merry Christmas

From 2/22/02 Columbus Dispatch article:

" . . . Bunnell isn't surprised that stripped down folk rock is popular again."

And I left it alone; I LEFT IT ALONE . . . ; )


Message: 20976 Posted: Mon Feb 25 22:44:29 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Misheard Lyrics

For what it's worth, I stumbled across a misheard lyrics page for some of America's more popular songs. See if you were guilty of the same mistakes when you were an America novice!


Message: 20975 Posted: Mon Feb 25 21:44:36 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America In Concert press release

Thanks for the filler John. By the way I think Amazon is showing it at $14.95 or so. It is a great record of AMERICA in modern times.

Message: 20974 Posted: Mon Feb 25 21:27:02 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: America In Concert press release

I have no idea whether or not this has been posted yet, but I found a press release from Music Video Distributors (MVD) regarding the U.S release of the "America In Concert" DVD on March 5th:

For Immediate Release January 25, 2002

In Concert
March 5, 2001
Through Music Video Distributors

Oaks, PA - Music Video Distributors and Inakustik are pleased to announce the home viewing release of America - In Concert for North American distribution on DVD.

This 60-minute DVD features America live in Ohne Filter TV-Studio in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1999 during their last European tour. Yearning is the driving force behind many artistic achievements. And yearning must have played a decisive part when the trio America came to choose its name. America was formed in 1970. The talents of the three musicians complemented each other well. Gerry Beckly is a gifted arranger and has a fine feeling for ballads. Dewey Bunnell brought with him a wonderful way with words.

That's where this success story begins: In 1972, A Horse With No Name was the single that galloped up the charts in countries throughout the world. The debut album with the plain and simple title "America" got into the charts and brought with it another hit single I Need You. After that the band released a whole string of hit singles and albums. Amongst their most successful songs are "Venture Highway," "Tin Man," "Lonely People," "Sister Golden Hair," "You Can Do Magic" and the title song from "The Last Unicorn".
Unstinting with concerts and new albums, the never tiring musicians don't just work so as not to be forgotten, they win innumerable new fans along the way. This DVD will be proof of that!

Recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 PCM Stereo, the DVD includes 16 tracks, an interview with the producer, Bernhard Roessle, and an artist biography.


1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Daisy Jane
5. Three Roses
6. Pages
7. Wheel Are Turning
8. Tin Man
9. Only In Your Heart
10. Lonely People
11. Last Unicorn
12. From A Moving Train
13. Sandman
14. Sister Golden Hair
15. A Horse With No Name

Catalog# INAK6507DVD
UPC 707787650779
Prebook 1/29/02
Street Date 3/5/02
Retail Price $19.95

For more information, press kits, etc. please contact Clint Weiler at Music Video Distributors, Inc. at 800-888-0486 x 115, or email
Please check out

Message: 20973 Posted: Mon Feb 25 09:25:16 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Musik Laden released on DVD

I'm very surprised that they didn't include Sandman on there, because I have that on video, but not Mad Dog. HMMMMM!
Very interesting!

Message: 20972 Posted: Mon Feb 25 07:00:55 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: J Jackson's hit "Someone To Call My Lover" "uses" rif from Ventua HW

Yes, Dewey and Gerry know about it. Janet asked for permission to use it and Dewey is given credit on the album cover. It just goes to show that America's songs (and rifs) are timeless.

Message: 20971 Posted: Mon Feb 25 06:44:14 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 5 Sydney 25 February

It is almost 2.00am as I start this message so will have to keep it short. The first Sydney show was energetic, polished and very well received by the audience. There was a really vibrant atmosphere even in the foyer before the show began.
Gerry said that they were pleased to be back in Sydney which is one of their favourite places. I'm sorry about the rain and hope that it does not detract from their stay.
We had the same songs as NZ and were treated to California Revisited, as well as Horse for the encore, and everyone was on their feet wanting more.
I'll add more details next time, perhaps on Wednesday. A few hours sleep is just not enough when you have to go to work the next day.
Great show. It was fabulous to have the guys back in Sydney.
Incidentally, we had another taxi ride but this time got to our destination (home) without any diversions!

Message: 20970 Posted: Mon Feb 25 06:00:00 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: America

Andie, Gerry and Dewey are absolute "sweethearts"! I've been lucky enough to meet them quite a few times in the last few years and they are consistently friendly and kind, as are all associated with them. Discovering fans of a like mind on this folder gave me the courage to even "try" to meet them after attending America concerts for over 25 years. (Try'll like it!)

Message: 20969 Posted: Mon Feb 25 05:15:35 2002 By: gehulme
Subject: J Jackson's hit "Someone To Call My Lover" "uses" rif from Ventua HW

Has anyone noticed that the opening rif from Janet Jackson's new hit Someone to call my lover is an exact copy of the opening rif from Ventura Highway ? I wonder if the copywrite owner of the song knows it.

Message: 20968 Posted: Sun Feb 24 20:13:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America

Andie, I have had the good fortune to meet them. They are as nice as you would hope they would be. Warm and genuine. When I spoke with Dewey at the Palmdale show a while back, I know he had to be dog tired, but he took a few moments to speak with me and my family. ( We just missed Gerry who zoomed out of the parking lot! We did meet him at another event) I hope you get the chance to meet them too, Andie! It's a very special memory for me.

Message: 20967 Posted: Sun Feb 24 19:28:24 2002 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: What are they like?

They are very down to earth and fan-oriented. Unless they have a real pressing deadline, they will stay until all the fans leave. They also read this chat folder when they have time, so if you post here and ever meet them, identify yourself and they will recognize your name. I've met them five or six times, particularly Gerry, and they have always been extremely gracious about signing things, photos, etc. They are very classy that way.
Have you ever seen them in concert?
ShariL <><

Message: 20966 Posted: Sun Feb 24 19:24:59 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: OZ/NZ

Great to hear the reactions to the NZ concerts - and now it is only 5 hours till the first Sydney concert!
I arrived in Sydney yesterday morning and have had a quite time catching up on family (and some much needed sleep!).
I hope to get to the State Theatre around 7pm tonight - I'll be wearing an old t-shirt showing the debut album cover - so keep a look out for an old guy in an old shirt! Hope to catch up to some OZ fans there tonight ...... and post something more tomorrow.

Message: 20965 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:57:27 2002 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: America

Anyone that has met them, what are they like?

Message: 20964 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:48:00 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: double post

Woops I wasted some disk space by posting that 2nd post twice - sorry

Message: 20963 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:46:37 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: 2nd post: View from the ground

I'll apoligize for the length of this before I write it because ... well:
I always felt that things could have stayed rosy forever wasis in the 76 - 77 years was Hideaway which had rockier songs and Don't Let it get you down got a ton of airplay where I lived along with Jet Boy Blue. FM stations were taking over and they showed the world they could put out a rock song too- I liked Amber but maybe a rockier song would have opened more FM eyes. I really liked Hideaway. I remember being in a record store where they had the Top 100 Albums and History was in the top 10(I believe 6th), Hideaway was at 17 and Hearts was still there around 90. Today's the Day was in the TOP 40...
I rank in order:

#1 Homecoming
#2 America
#3 Holiday (Playing the heck out of that right now - My wife who has become an America fan along with my 4 and 6 year old says she finally understands what I mean about an album that every song sounds like it could be a hit)
#4 Alibi (interesting the opinions on this site about this.. It seems to be a top 5 or a bottom 5. Again I believe that this album could have got a ton of FM rock play. I do Beilieve in you and Might Be Your Love along with Hangover) I lived with guys that tastes were more the Who and Zepplin that Eagles/America type stuff and they all bought that album.
#5 View (thought again a concert staple never Be lonely could have shown a very versatile side to the group)
#6 Hourglass (worth the wait)
#7 Human Nature (Wednesday Morning was a Top 5 song waiting to happen)
#8 Hearts (I loved Hits - Sister of course and Daisy - Woman Tonight was good but I would have chose Tomorrow)
#9 Your Move (I thought she's a runaway was a good song along with someday woman - The Border was the choice and I was hoping that finally the rockier song would help them)
#10 Silent Letter (Loved Foolin' and all my life and (and forever))
#11 Hat Trick (Liked Dewey's songs the best)
#12 Harbor (God of the Sun was solid, heard she's gone a lot when the album came out)
#13 Perspective (Unconditional love was my song on that and with the Lullaby song)

I certainly liked all the albums but well when you talk about hockeys greatest players like Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretsky and say Mario - Somebody has to come in first and someone last.

I guess that's enough from the new kid(well 44) in town. One last thing when I mentioned She's gone was on the radio a lot it reminded me of something - If anyone is still awake reading this - Answer for me these two questions - of all the America songs I've heard on the radio both charter singles, singles or just album cuts, I never heard California dreamin which made it up to #56 which signifies some decent air play - was I asleep at the wheel or did I just have my eight track going so I didn't have to listen to the Disco rage that was going on. That's question number one and number two .. Since the release of Complete is it my imagination or our people hearing You Can Do Magic on the radio more? I've heard it on two Hartford CT radio station and I was visiting my neice and nephew this weekend in Providence RI and heard it there too. - I will provide oxygen with my next post.

Message: 20962 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:44:48 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: 2nd post: View from the ground

I'll apoligize for the length of this before I write it because ... well:
I always felt that things could have stayed rosy forever wasis in the 76 - 77 years was Hideaway which had rockier songs and Don't Let it get you down got a ton of airplay where I lived along with Jet Boy Blue. FM stations were taking over and they showed the world they could put out a rock song too- I liked Amber but maybe a rockier song would have opened more FM eyes. I really liked Hideaway. I remember being in a record store where they had the Top 100 Albums and History was in the top 10(I believe 6th), Hideaway was at 17 and Hearts was still there around 90. Today's the Day was in the TOP 40...
I rank in order:

#1 Homecoming
#2 America
#3 Holiday (Playing the heck out of that right now - My wife who has become an America fan along with my 4 and 6 year old says she finally understands what I mean about an album that every song sounds like it could be a hit)
#4 Alibi (interesting the opinions on this site about this.. It seems to be a top 5 or a bottom 5. Again I believe that this album could have got a ton of FM rock play. I do Beilieve in you and Might Be Your Love along with Hangover) I lived with guys that tastes were more the Who and Zepplin that Eagles/America type stuff and they all bought that album.
#5 View (thought again a concert staple never Be lonely could have shown a very versatile side to the group)
#6 Hourglass (worth the wait)
#7 Human Nature (Wednesday Morning was a Top 5 song waiting to happen)
#8 Hearts (I loved Hits - Sister of course and Daisy - Woman Tonight was good but I would have chose Tomorrow)
#9 Your Move (I thought she's a runaway was a good song along with someday woman - The Border was the choice and I was hoping that finally the rockier song would help them)
#10 Silent Letter (Loved Foolin' and all my life and (and forever))
#11 Hat Trick (Liked Dewey's songs the best)
#12 Harbor (God of the Sun was solid, heard she's gone a lot when the album came out)
#13 Perspective (Unconditional love was my song on that and with the Lullaby song)

I certainly liked all the albums but well when you talk about hockeys greatest players like Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretsky and say Mario - Somebody has to come in first and someone last.

I guess that's enough from the new kid(well 44) in town. One last thing when I mentioned She's gone was on the radio a lot it reminded me of something - If anyone is still awake reading this - Answer for me these two questions - of all the America songs I've heard on the radio both charter singles, singles or just album cuts, I never heard California dreamin which made it up to #56 which signifies some decent air play - was I asleep at the wheel or did I just have my eight track going so I didn't have to listen to the Disco rage that was going on. That's question number one and number two .. Since the release of Complete is it my imagination or our people hearing You Can Do Magic on the radio more? I've heard it on two Hartford CT radio station and I was visiting my neice and nephew this weekend in Providence RI and heard it there too. - I will provide oxygen with my next post.

Message: 20961 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:20:16 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 1st post: Another View

Welcome out of lurkdom, Dave! I agree that it's nice to find others who feel the same way about the band.

Message: 20960 Posted: Sun Feb 24 18:15:52 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: 1st post: Another View

Hi, First post ever and first of two or three tonight.. I have bothered a few of you over the years especially John C and of course Steve with emails because I couldn't use my work PC. So after being in the business of programming for 22 years I got a PC for home. Anywho, I've been an America fan since day one. And I will say this, I love reading how much they're loved and agree fully. I do also take part in the frustration of the small record labels. I know that Young Moon and Hope, along with From a Moving Train got some AC air play and made the Gavin Charts. If we had the big record company those songs and others like Wednesday Morning, Garden of Peace.

Message: 20959 Posted: Sun Feb 24 15:27:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

I received a funny article from Steve Orchard entitled "When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth". The story came out in "People" Magazine in 1989, and he has hung on to it ever since. At the time, a lot of veteran rock acts were on tour, and (Tongue-in-cheek) People chided the bands of the day about being "Dinosaurs". Click here to view the article. Thanks SteveO for sharing it with us.

Message: 20958 Posted: Sun Feb 24 12:33:10 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: thanks again and things

I remember that fire. Wildfires here can get pretty bad and that one was a doozy. And the fact remains that someone did rescue Catherine and Chelsea. Angels? either way, they were.

Message: 20957 Posted: Sun Feb 24 07:54:40 2002 By: Dan
Subject: thanks again and things

Thanks again to Steve,Steve, and John. It was fantastic to hear those clips. I'm glad you answered my question on how you guys come up with those treasures. On another note, I just got done reading Dan's last episode. (#62) I really like Dan's music and like reading how the music came together both America and solo stuff. But that last tale reminded me of something from Ripley's believe it or not. I hope I didn't offend Dan or anyone else; just stating my opinion is all. DanC.

Message: 20956 Posted: Sun Feb 24 07:52:21 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: I Need You

THANX J.C. & Steve for The Beatles "I Need You", I'm glad I got to hear their version! If everything works out right, we're going to see America here in Minnesota (July, I think) And who knows how long they're going to keep that song on the set list.
Thanx again!

Message: 20955 Posted: Sun Feb 24 06:47:49 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re : NZ/OZ Part 4 or Adventures in NZ

Very nice reviews Margaret & Jimbob. You both have a real talent for telling stories & expressing feelings - no longer "hidden" by now !
And thanks for the answer to my "just speculating" message, Margaret.

Message: 20954 Posted: Sun Feb 24 06:22:25 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Just speculating

If my previous message was just too daunting, the short answer was Muskrat Love.

Message: 20953 Posted: Sun Feb 24 05:56:59 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 4 or Adventures in NZ

I haven't had access to a computer since Tuesday and in fact this was drafted on the plane and is being written back in Sydney after our quick trip around NZ.
As Jim has mentioned in his message, the venue for the concert of 23 February was the Bowl of Brooklands at New Plymouth. The population is about 55 000, being about half the population of the province.
The shops in the main street were decorated in red, white and blue to accompany the America posters displayed in their windows. We saw flags, streamers, flowers, balloons, American number plates, a desert scene, a rocking horse with no name, America records, second-hand books about things American and we saw children dressed up in stars and stripes. At 11.00am there was a short parade of Harley - Davidsons and vintage American cars but no America.
It was raining at breakfast, had cleared by midday, then rain started again in the afternoon for a while but cleared again. The reason for everyone's interest in the weather was because of the outdoor venue for the concert. It was in a natural amphitheatre set in about 50 hectares of parkland. The stage was separated from the audience by a duck-filled lake, coloured spotlights illuminated some of the trees and moonlight and reflections added to the picturesque setting until rain started at 8.15 just as the support act began. Miraculously, within 5 minutes it ceased.
The audience comprised those that paid $20 extra for seating and the rest who sat on the grass. There may have been close to 5,000 people.
Every venue is different, every crowd is different and as a result every show is different. The show was wonderful, as always, and included California Revisited in the encore. The setting was quite stunning and the crowd was enthusiastic and rowdy. With outdoor venues such as this there always seems to be many people who have had a lot to drink. Our ZA seats ended up being in the front row which was a pleasant surprise. The first problem was the body of water between us and the stage. The second problem was that as the night progressed the security people disappeared and many people from the hill (ie those who paid $20 less) came and stood in front of us. In the end, we went and joined them!
There was a very positive vibe in the audience. Again they were calling for the same song we heard about in Auckland, Muskrat Love. Was it a big hit in NZ? Our surpise of the night was having Jimbob find us in the audienec before the show started. He could not bear to miss out on another show (we all know the feeling) so drove for hours to get there. Again we had a post-mortem after the show and Jim said that his America experience had made 2002 for him. Again the enthusiasm, so evident in his messages, was present.
After we had left the venue I discovered that as a result of my thunderous applause during the show a section of the ring I wear on my right hand had broken and part of the white gold band and a diamond were missing. Finding this section of the ring would be like finding a needle in a haystack, but we figured it was worth a try before the 400km drive to Auckland to catch the plane home. When we arrived at the venue we immediately saw that all the seating had been removed. It appeared less likely to find a little diamond after all that activity. Searching where our seat had been revealed only mud, so we moved down to the lake front where we had been standing. Within seconds I found it in mud/damp duck droppings. It could have so easily gone into the lake.
It was a great night guys. Thanks for everything. Special thanks go the people of NZ for their strong support of The Definitive America. Without those sales, I doubt that this tour and the visit to Australia would have eventuated.
Now that we have recovered from the only "traumas" we experienced in NZ, I will share them.
I was urged by a New Zealander tied up with the promotion of the shows to do a radio interview in Auckland. I found the whole experience stress-inducing . I couldn't sleep worrying about it. My husband took the initial call but ended up handing the phone to me for the interview. I worried that I hadn't done the guys justice. That wasn't the end of it though. Another radio station phoned requesting an interview too. For someone who is quite shy and has had no previous dealings with the media this was some experience. I felt that I had gathered more thoughts by the second interview, but still felt awkward. When the DJ said, "It's been great speaking to a true Aussie nutter." and after 5 or 6 phonecalls we decided to head to the anonymity of the streets!
Our other "trauma" also happened on the first night we were there, after the first concert. A wonderful staff member from the venue got a taxi for us and asked the driver if he knew the location we were headed for. When he confirmed this she requested that he look after us, as visiting Aussies. Before he was even to the first intersection he was on the radio back to the base trying to find out where to go. Despite our protests that we wanted a high rise hotel in the city they were both trying to tell us that we wanted a motel in the suburbs. We were driven on freeways and out into suburbia and we wanted to get out but had absolutely no idea where we were, other than in the wrong place! In his broken English he kept offering alternatives and even drove by a hospital! There was mild hysteria in the back seat. When we passed a big hotel my husband went in and was immediately told the directions. The taxi driver who appeared to know nothing about the Auckland CBD suddenly had his memory restored!
I thought he must have stopped the meter because of all this incompetence. It wasn't until the following night when the lady from the Civic Theatre asked how we got on that my husband related the story and disclosed that he actually paid the driver the $37 that he demanded for the fare. It should have been just a few short blocks and only a few dollars. He is so polite that he was reluctant to make a scene. I might be shy but I don't like being ripped off and would have spoken up if I had known. Both the lady from the theatre and I agree that irate letters from her and us to the taxi management are in order. The least they should have is a current list of accommodation in the city instead of trying to tell passengers that what they are seeking doesn't exist.
Despite the above, we thoroughly enjoyed the concerts and the rest of our NZ experience. It was worth getting old to be able to justify this special treat. Thanks to the guys for a birthday I'll never forget. Again , it's 1a.m. (really 3a.m. by my body clock) and I have to go to work in the morning. I must go.

Message: 20952 Posted: Sun Feb 24 02:16:27 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: New Plymouth NZ show

Ecellent! Music, mountains, and surf...yep.

Goodnight Jimbob

Message: 20951 Posted: Sat Feb 23 21:26:19 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Christchurch Review

Brad, got the following review out of Mondays Press and then gave it to Neroli who typed it in and sent it to me. Thanks Brad and Neroli!

America, chch town hall, by John Reid. 16th Feb, 2002

After a pleasant warm-up by local singer/guitarist Paul Sharplin we had our second chance to see America in NZ.

The last is a faint memory but the big house of fans of a certain age were keen to see their heroes back, in the flesh,and they were raucous with approval.

It averages out at a 30-year career together for the five piece and their ensemble talents are polished to the final minimalist shape.

When a band has been around for this long, established string quartet sort of time, it is questionable whether they can perform with the same drive.

How many times casn they lope on stage and steer their way through Horse With No Name without devolving into the lie of self-parody?

They play it straight,honest,and courteous.

Everything onstage supports their songs and is focused on a good-vibes night with these smooth jongleurs.

Their music is for the urban nomad in a restless nation; tight, laconic, folky, cowboy rock pop; rhythmic, mellow, phrased, tinged with south of the border, a fully articulated statement of time and place,fuelled with hope.

It is optimistic music with a hint of nostalgia that places us in a romantic big wide, a metaphor in which the wheels are turning, taking us through the landscape of life.

We see figures as we travel through the song, perhaps the beloved, maybe a town place or even a reflection of ourselves.

It is certainly compelling because the music, lyrics, and presentation are all parts of a story piece.

It is a diorama in which the journey is more important than the destination.

America is still clear in direction, speed and objective, still telling the truth.

Message: 20950 Posted: Sat Feb 23 20:58:37 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: New Plymouth NZ show

Hi everyone; we are just back from the Bowl of Brooklands show in New Plymouth, NZ. It is 150 miles from here and most of the journey is down the west coast of the North Island with the Tasman Sea surf pounding in right beside us. Huge mountains around us and spectacular scenery. And its so isolated! Mile after mile we went without seeing anyone. Then New Plymouth suddenly appears. For such a small town, there is a heap of accomodation, though none available last night! With only an hour until the opening act, we still had found nowhere to stay. I walked into a hotel to see if anyrooms were available and there were a few people standing around with AMERICA caps on, one of whom was the promoter(who incidentally was no help in my earlier requests to meet the guys) and I realised AMERICA were staying right here! BUT, the last room had just gone. Finally found a place though, booked in, and made our way to the venue. The "Bowl" is a perfect setting for a show; seating up the front, or, for those with chilly bins(do you call them that in the States?), surrounding banks where those that desire, can lay back and have a picnic and a few drinks. Now, where I said its a perfect place for a show, it is, so long as you dont want to be too close to the stage, as there's a big pond separating the stage from the audience. We were six rows back and the sound was good. Louder than The Civic Shows. The set list was the same although EVERY ONE I MEET, was included in the encore. This was a whole different thing; whereas The Civic shows were in a beautiful old theatre, this seemed to be more an evening out for the locals. The guys, though, were brilliant.WHEELS, while getting little feed back, because HUMAN NATURE wasnt released here, was superb, as,of course, were all the songs. Great to see Margaret and Ross too. Ive seen AMERICA 3 times in the last six days, met them, and now Im getting that "hangover" post AMERICA! To you all that will be seeing them soon.....You're lucky; enjoy!

Message: 20949 Posted: Sat Feb 23 19:53:26 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: John Corbetts "Comprehensive History" credits...

I wanted to also mention that it was my pleasure to provide John with any of the radio or live interviews I did with the guys over the years. I don't think anybody could ever put together quite a "comprehensive"
History as John has,and its been my privilege to help out with that.
Any America fan owes it to themselves to read that "link" as time permits!

Message: 20948 Posted: Sat Feb 23 19:48:08 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: To Steve Lowry & John Corbett Re: AT40 clips

Just wanted to say "thanks" to you guys for the mentions on the AT40 clips. That was a true "Labor of Love",and John,I'm grateful to you for putting that stuff to CD like you did. For those in the dark somewhat,I'm a HUGE collector of Casey Kasems "American Top 40" programs from the 70's and 80's. One day I decided to go through my shows and get a sampling of "America on AT40". Time and lack of every weekly show prevented me from including all the chart movements,but the disk that was made represented every America song. some of the shows I had lacked in quality,but some of those have since been replaced. As I said,Each America song is represented at least once,and there are some interesting stories in there as well. Thanks again to Steve Lowry for providing any clips that he has!

Message: 20947 Posted: Sat Feb 23 17:00:19 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: AT40

Regarding the AT40, Steve Orchard compiled those when he was working at a radio station as a DJ, if I can recall. He gave me the tapes, as I was in the process of creating an early version of an America "box set" with interviews, AT40 clips, etc. Obviously, with the America box set out now, that's sort of a moot point for a project, but Steve did give me some fantastic AT40 clips and interviews with Dewey and Dan over the years. I used a lot of that material for the Comprehensive History, so Steve Orchard actually deserves quite a few kudos for making so much of the information we have possible.


Message: 20946 Posted: Sat Feb 23 16:42:42 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Ingrid

<<Johnny with a very large backpack of items>>

Ingrid, seriously ! Don't you think Johnny
1)in a Santa Claus disguise
2)in the autograph line
3)in August
could seem a little bizarre !?!

And thanks for your job offer. I know nothing about selling organic rice but I can be such an imaginative person at times ! LOL An orientation meeting in August would be just fine for me :-D

Message: 20945 Posted: Sat Feb 23 14:40:30 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Toto, too

Bruno, I appreciated the Wizard of Oz movie line joke with "And Toto (band) too"! Un scherzo del film americano . . .

I hope the Christmas album news is TRUE!

Message: 20944 Posted: Sat Feb 23 14:30:28 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: To Utah! red oak, jy, Gen, SL

Red Oak, not only would they need more police to handle the audience if we were both there, I'm sure they'd also want more stage security.
(LOL) And Johnny, no need to worry about us scaring off both Dewey AND Gerry. We can go to the concert in disguise and be in the autograph line (you with a very large backpack of items) before anyone is the wiser! : )

Genevieve, Red Oak had a very good idea. We're just beginning to make headway with our products in Europe and we don't yet have a representative in France. If you're hired, you'd have to come to our U.S. headquarters this summer for orientation -- say sometime in August?

This is snowballing, Steve, so you'd better back out quickly(hee, hee)

Message: 20943 Posted: Sat Feb 23 14:16:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: I Need You

Hey Steve !
Say it's already Xmas time or what? That "I Need You" soundclip (Beatles version) sung by the guys is a real treat !!! It was even more amazing to realise I still know the song by heart !!! Thanks a lot to you & all the Saints (those fellow fans)who never forget the poor & needy.

Message: 20942 Posted: Sat Feb 23 13:56:10 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Who said "Classic"?

I don't know why, but your enumeration makes me feel a bit nostalgic ! And you're right ! Genesis indeed deserve double mentioning. I still listen very often to my Selling England By The Pound album . I think people buy more or less the same classics here in France. I would probably add The Doors, Alan Parson P. & Eagles, the Beach Boys (everybody loves "God Only Knows" here!) And since I spent some of my best years (as a student) in England, I cannot resist Britpop from time to time. I'm totally in love with Roland Orzabal (from Tears For Fears): what a VOICE the guy has !!! And what a great musician & lyricist he is ! ( just listen to "I won't Keep Secrets Alive" or "Sketches Of Pain"). On my sexy-male-voices catalog he comes just after Jim Morrison in When the Music's Over, The End & Riders On The Storm ! WELL OF COURSE THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE THE GUYS 'COS THEY COME FIRST ON ALL MY LISTS !!! (LOL)

So Johnny, think I've just answered one of your ancient questions concerning the sort of music we listen to when we don't play our America CD's.

Message: 20941 Posted: Sat Feb 23 12:31:09 2002 By: bruno
Subject: Toto, too

Toto (band), too

Message: 20940 Posted: Sat Feb 23 12:28:15 2002 By: bruno
Subject: America, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes,...

Today I vist a very big shop of records and artcles of musica in Neaples.
The employed on sale, after my request, related that America, with Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, are the band of classic rock secure biggest appreciated.
Hi Ciao Steve Lowry, Johnny Yee, Ingrid my American friends and to all fan
Ciao Bruno

Message: 20939 Posted: Sat Feb 23 10:43:59 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AT-40 Credits

Thanks to all you guys for the fine work. Steve Lowry what a job !

Also remember the planned March 5th domestic DVD release of AMERICA in CONCERT - from the 1999 Germany tour. LAST UNICORN, WHEELS, FROM A MOVING TRAIN, THREE ROSES, PAGES live ! just to name a few. Remember not mixed by AMERICA.

Message: 20938 Posted: Sat Feb 23 10:17:31 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: AT-40 Credits

I always try to acknowledge those who help me with the information on the America Fans web site and this Chat Folder. It was recently brought to my attention that Steve Orchard was the one who compiled the AT-40 soundclips. John Corbett was the one who transferred them to CD-R and then sent them to me. So, thanks need to go to Steve Orchard too!

Message: 20937 Posted: Sat Feb 23 09:07:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Merry Christmas

In yesterday's Columbus Dispatch newspaper there was an article titled "Folk-rock group America beautiful again" by Rod Harmon. It had the usual quick history of the band and went on to say... "the band is experiencing a resurgence, due in part to being in the right place at
the right time. Since Sept. 11, Americans have embraced music that soothes the heart rather than just gives a good beat. With its breezy, acoustic-driven pop, America fits the bill nicely."

Another excerpt... "Now that the country is emerging from five years of teen pop, Bunnell isn't surprised that stripped-down folk rock is popular again. Bunnell and Beckley (Peek left in 1977) are striking while the iron is hot by recording Christmas songs between dates for a winter release, something they've wanted to do for more than a decade but kept putting off."

I know that Gerry and Dewey have often talked about doing a Christmas album but this is the first time I've actually seen it in print. I haven't received any confirmation so you can take this for what it's worth at the moment. I know we all hope it's true.

Message: 20936 Posted: Fri Feb 22 19:30:56 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: Music...

Thanks Jeff!! It is truly appreciated!! Kade

Message: 20935 Posted: Fri Feb 22 19:13:26 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Music...

Kade gets the poster...


Message: 20934 Posted: Fri Feb 22 18:28:53 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: Music...

I'd be thrilled if I was the first to respond!!

Message: 20933 Posted: Fri Feb 22 16:45:16 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...

went to Athens today to the used record store...stumbled across Percy Faith's version of "I Need You". I like P.F. (especially theme from "A Summer Place") but wasn't too thrilled with his "I Need You". I do think Michelle Greene's cover of the song is very good though.

Also, I found "Harbor" for $1.95...never been opened. does anyone want the poster? The first respondent gets it.

Jeff B.

Message: 20932 Posted: Fri Feb 22 13:37:45 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Ingrid said she'd buy for everyone

<< if u will market her rice to all the French people excluding the skating judge that was banned>>

Well, that makes sixty million gourmets MINUS ONE.

Message: 20931 Posted: Fri Feb 22 11:26:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

I don't know if America will sell out the concert in Sandy or not but if the previous Orem Scera Shell concert was any indication then the answer is a resounding YES! There are LOTS of good restaurants nearby where we could all have dinner (or a late lunch) before the concert. As the time gets closer, I'll see what I can set up. Who knows, maybe Gerry, Dewey, Michael, Brad, Willie, Pete, and Bill will join us. That's awfully nice of Ingrid to foot the bill (LOL).

Message: 20930 Posted: Fri Feb 22 10:47:37 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah? (Red Oak)

<<Johnny, what happened to the New Mexico State Fair date for AMERICA?>>

Red Oak, I guess I scared them off. They must have caught word of all the America memorabilia I was planning to haul to Albuquerque to have autographed. :0)

Wish D&G were performing closer to me like in Lubbock or Midland, Texas. Albuquerque is 320 miles away from me but I probably would have made the trip. I saw a "Midland" on the tour schedule but it was Midland, MI. :0(

Message: 20929 Posted: Fri Feb 22 09:48:20 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Ingrid said she'd buy for everyone

Ingrid might buy u a ticket if u will market her rice to all the French people excluding the skating judge that was banned.

Message: 20928 Posted: Fri Feb 22 09:13:27 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Light of the World

Hope you'll enjoy your trip to SLC this afternoon & this Light of the World performance in spite of the COLD WAR atmosphere of the Olympic park. LOL

Message: 20927 Posted: Fri Feb 22 08:41:31 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Ingrid said she'd buy for everyone

Hey Red Oak,
Do you think Ingrid would also buy me a return ticket - or am I taking too many risks if I suggest it ? ROTFL . Sorry but your plans are a bit like a provocation to me !
By the way, I never had to spell my name cause noone ever dared to ask me to... See what I mean? :-D

Message: 20926 Posted: Fri Feb 22 08:14:35 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

Steve, will America sell out that concert in Sandy? It looks like a good place for a concert. Saw where Glen Campbell was there a year or two ago. Maybe there is a Blank Angus or Outback steak house close where we all could go to dinner. Ingrid said she'd buy for everyone.

Message: 20925 Posted: Fri Feb 22 07:27:23 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

I'm not positive about the Sandy amphitheater capacity but I would guess that it's about 3000. That's how many the Scera Shell in Orem holds and they look like they're about the same size although the Sandy amphitheater may be a little larger.

Salt Lake City is also feeling the warmth today with temperatures in the 60's, but it will be short lived with a storm moving in tomorrow. I plan on heading up to Salt Lake this afternoon for the first time during the Olympics. I'll be seeing a performance called Light of the World: A Celebration of Life and then walking around Temple Square and the Olympic Medal plaza area. I'm glad I get to do it when it's not as cold as it was during the opening ceremonies.

Message: 20924 Posted: Fri Feb 22 06:54:36 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

The question is, "Can Sandy, Utah handle both Ingrid & Red Oak together in the same place for an AMERICA concert?" They'll have to put on xtra police to handle the crowd. Steve, what is the seating capacity for the amphitheater in Sandy?

Johnny, what happened to the New Mexico State Fair date for AMERICA?

Genevieve(how do u spell this) I thot that was Willie,but the end photo with all the guys bowing didn't include Willie.

My pik for the gold in Women's skating came thru. Sarah is queen with an awesome display and a lot of luck. No payola with the judges on this one. Wonder who will complain this time. Will be going to Champions on Ice here in Denver in July to see Sarah skate. Hold me down!!!!!!

65 in Denver today, snow by Sunday.

Message: 20923 Posted: Fri Feb 22 06:35:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

Sounds good Ingrid (and Janell loves roses!).

Message: 20922 Posted: Fri Feb 22 06:02:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Gerry’s pix .

Took much interest in Gerry’s pix from his “view from hotelwindow”series. (Well. True. Mea Culpa. I love watching pics). They could be regarded as an exploration of the connection between place & culture.HHOS. Always fascinating to see how people imagine & transform their environment. So thank you Gerry for your enriching series.
And how did you guys like the third shot ? Those overwhelming clouds are beautiful ... like a mysterious force at work,
manifesting itself in the physical world... or like America in attractive NZ. HHOS again !

Message: 20921 Posted: Fri Feb 22 02:10:18 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Willie (Red Oak)

Hi Red Oak.
Think Willie was drumming in Orlando. Can catch a glimpse of him on the second to last pic in the background.

Message: 20920 Posted: Thu Feb 21 22:54:43 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

Well Ing, if the both of us were to show up there, I'm afraid it might scare off both Dewey AND Gerry!

Message: 20919 Posted: Thu Feb 21 21:45:45 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Fan convention / Orem, Utah?

Red Oak and I will both try to be there Steve ; ) This time I'll be bringing flowers for Gerry. (And probably for Janelle Lowry as well). How 'bout it Lisa Rose? BTW, were you the blonde babe in one of the front rows wearing a striped, long-sleeved t-shirt and a white flower behind your ear at the Brian Wilson thing in New York? I saw a few clips and wondered if that was you. Yohnny, Utah is not THAT far away from you and you are OVERDUE for a concert my friend!

Back to making the streets safer for all Americans (By staying off the streets myself, mostly),


Message: 20918 Posted: Thu Feb 21 18:06:22 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Willie

Didn't see Willie in the Orlando pix, is he still drumming or was he replaced?

Message: 20917 Posted: Thu Feb 21 15:00:51 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Top 40 Clips.

What a great treasure. Thanks for sharing it. Once again, Steve shows why he won Webmaster Of The Year for five years running.


Message: 20916 Posted: Thu Feb 21 14:29:37 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: New Plymouth show

We have just booked our tickets to the New Plymouth show.See you there Margaret!

Message: 20915 Posted: Thu Feb 21 08:01:19 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: fan convention?

Guess I better start planning my vacation to Utah!! From watching the Olympics, the Salt Lake area looks BEAUTIFUL!

Erin :o)

Message: 20914 Posted: Thu Feb 21 07:14:06 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: fan convention?

Erin, I don't know when or if they'll be going to Reno this year but they are coming to Sandy, Utah on August 24th. As the time gets closer I'll have to see if I can work out a fan gathering in the Sandy area.

Message: 20913 Posted: Thu Feb 21 04:23:28 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: fan convention?

That was fun...we have to do it again this year! Maybe somewhere close to the Nugget...anyone have any idea when they'll be back in Reno/Sparks??

Erin :o)

Message: 20912 Posted: Wed Feb 20 18:32:24 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Thank you Steve !!!!!!!

Thanx again for sharing those amazing radio clips from days gone by. It sure was a great time to be young and into America. Come to think of it, it's great to be getting old (er) and still getting into their great music. Seriously, though, thanks for jogging my memory banks.DanC.

Message: 20911 Posted: Wed Feb 20 17:59:59 2002 By: Nanse
Subject: Re: fan convention?

hi. i have been lurking for awhile and saw this posting. we had a great time in reno in 2000 and maybe we can do it again this year when the guys go back to reno. it works out there because the band can stay in reno for a couple of days and we can get together. gerry jokes because only a handful of people come but i bet a lot of us would show up if we could. who knows, maybe this year. i am ready.....anyone else??????????????? take it easy.....nanse

Message: 20910 Posted: Wed Feb 20 17:57:48 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry and Dewey in Nashville

That's cool! I wonder if it'll be televised anytime in the near future. A live televised show would be too much to wish for, I suppose. I also wonder what other songwriters will be present.

Message: 20909 Posted: Wed Feb 20 17:37:39 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gerry and Dewey in Nashville

Gerry and Dewey are participating in a special show on April 2 in Nashville, TN at the Ryman Auditorium. They are part of the NSAI “Legendary Songwriters” concert. It will be an evening of acoustic music and commentary with the songwriters. Gerry and Dewey are closing the show. Tickets are available from TicketMaster. Erin believes there are some special seats available and anyone can contact Terry Moran at the NSAI at They did a similar style show at the Rock Hall in Cleveland last December and it is very cool. (Thanks to Erin Edwards for this information).

Message: 20908 Posted: Wed Feb 20 17:00:51 2002 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: NZ/OZ and AT 40

Thanks for the great reviews, Jimbob and Margaret. Fun reading!
WOW! Thanks to Steve and John Corbett for the awesome American Top 40 clips. Brings back incredible memories - tried never to miss Kasey Casem because we often lived places that didn't play much "modern" music, or if they did, was very outdated. It made me feel very "with it" to know the rankings. The info wasn't readily available other places, like it is now.
America has been my favorite group since 1972 (Bread was #2 for jr. high and most of high school). Music has always been a major factor in my life, and America has been such a large part of it.
And here we are, 30 years later, still listening to great America music, new and old. And we actually get to feel like we "know" the guys because they are so nice to their fans.
Thanks, guys, for 30 years of GREAT memories. Looking forward to many more!
ShariL <><

Message: 20907 Posted: Wed Feb 20 16:41:01 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Bumper Music

I heard on a Denver radio talk show this morning at 1:30 AM (station KOA), an America song being played as bumper music. Halfway through the song, the talk show host ended it and said, "That's one of my favorite songs, "Sister Golden Hair".

I thought that was pretty cool!

Message: 20906 Posted: Wed Feb 20 15:24:51 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: fan convention?

There haven't been any fan conventions, but there have been a few fan gatherings. A couple of the gatherings have taken place in Sparks (Reno), Nevada and another one was a BBQ at my house in Orem, Utah. It's always great to meet other America fans! Here are some links to photos from a those gatherings:

2000 - Planet Hollywood Gathering
1999 - Planet Hollywood Gathering
1999 - Orem BBQ and Orem Concert Photos

Message: 20905 Posted: Wed Feb 20 14:01:50 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: fan convention?

Has there ever been an AMERICA fans convention? After meeting Margaret on Tuesday, I again got to thinking just how good it would be to meet some of you guys.I'm not sure even my best friends really GET IT, about this band, yet Margaret knew and understood everything I was saying. We would travel anywhere to see them again, and to meet some of you folk would be the best!

Message: 20904 Posted: Wed Feb 20 13:54:29 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: perplexed

When I discovered America in the 80s (pre-internet), they reaction from my friends was inevitably "Who are they?" I really thought that I discovered an artifact from a lost period. With the internet, I discovered that not only is there a huge fan base, but I actually know very little trivia in the grand scheme of things.


Message: 20903 Posted: Wed Feb 20 13:18:34 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: perplexed

In all seriousness, before the Internet I was convinced I was basically on an island as I continued to appreciate America here in Jersey. I vividly recall, in summer 1983, playing a home-made, 90-minute cassette in my car that blended my version of the "cream" of their Warner Bros. and Capitol work and, later, buying the "Perspective" LP on vinyl and feeling like I was flogging a dead horse (no pun intended) because their records kept stiffing (at least regionally) and I rarely read anything about Dewey and Gerry or heard their stuff on radio. I always assumed, obviously, that there were loyalists here and there. However, it was very cool to learn the guys had a huge and active fan base, one that enabled them to keep playing and writing regardless of whether they had a record deal.

Message: 20902 Posted: Wed Feb 20 12:03:46 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: perplexed

We listened to our AMERICA records, of course.

Message: 20901 Posted: Wed Feb 20 11:15:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: perplexed

<< question is this - what the hell did we do before the internet?>>

Probably would be wondering if we are the only hardcore America fan left in the whole world. Plus, would likely be writing a letter or calling Morey Management to ask if the guys are planning a tour to any location nearby.

Message: 20900 Posted: Wed Feb 20 06:46:49 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: NZ/OZ

WAY2GO jimbob and Margaret ...... fantastic vibes from you guys - makes the upcoming trip seem very close now. Sounds like jimbob is still floating in America Heaven ... lol
Thanks for your reports - any songs added to the playlist and who is going to the New Plymouth show?
Hope to be able to catch up with Margaret on Monday night if all goes well.

Message: 20899 Posted: Tue Feb 19 22:38:23 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: perplexed

Great clips, Steve. Thanks for putting them up here. With so many wonderful opportunities to hear songs, snipets, rare recordings, interviews etc.,as well as the chance to converse with fellow America lovers from around the planet, my question is this - what the hell did we do before the internet?

Message: 20898 Posted: Tue Feb 19 21:33:51 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Huh?

Denote that I meant I "donated" Hourglass. :0)

Message: 20897 Posted: Tue Feb 19 21:28:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Thank you Steve !!!!!!!

I must go to the public library soon to listen on one of their computers to all that I'm missing here with Casey Kasem. Have yet to hear the bootleg of "Norman" as well.

About a month ago, I saw one of the library workers looking at the "Hourglass" CD I donoted. I talked to him about it and he said he likes America's 70's music but didn't know they were still together and putting out music past that decade. He said he was going to check out "Hourglass" to take home. I'd say the guy is probably in his early 50s. He said he definitely remembers Horse, Ventura Highway, Lonely People, and Sister Golden Hair. I have yet to see him since that time but I look forward to hearing what he thinks of "Hourglass".

Message: 20896 Posted: Tue Feb 19 21:06:03 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Thank you Steve !!!!!!!

Damn Steve, what a blast! I actually remember some of those songs that surrounded Sister Golden Hair. Amazing memories. By the way, who caught Casey's flub? He called Gerry Beckley "Gerry BUCKLEY".

Thanks for everything :)


Message: 20895 Posted: Tue Feb 19 20:23:44 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Living A Lie

I'm trying to find the master tapes/files for all of the soundclips that I have on the America Fans web site and I have found all of them except for "Living A Lie" by David Cassidy with Gerry on backing vocals. I'm not positive who it was that sent me that song but if you have a copy of it, is there a chance that you could send it to me again? If you have it, please send me a message so we can work out the details. Thanks, Steve

Message: 20894 Posted: Tue Feb 19 20:19:58 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sister Golden Hair on AT-40

Here's the sound clip that I promised you, Andy. Click on the following link to listen to the RealAudio soundclip:

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - Sister Golden Hair

Thanks again to John Corbett for making it available.

Message: 20893 Posted: Tue Feb 19 12:09:50 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 3

It's nine in the morning here in Auckland as I write this. The morning after AMERICA'S second and final Auckland show, and I am still on such a high! Once again we were in the front row, just feet from the stage and as Margaret pointed out, perhaps a bit of sound is lost, but nothing comes close to um,being so close! Speaking of Margaret, what a lovely person she is. At the conclusion of the show we were standing by the stage,where Pete had given me some more guitar picks, when a voice said "you must be Jim", and I said "you're Margaret", and I was so happy to see this fellow fan I hugged her! As she said, we had to keep getting moved along as we talked! Enjoy the rest of the tour Margaret and Ross! Back to the show, as I said ,it was impeccable. My partner, Frann, seeing them for the first time, was virtually in tears at one point, so moved was she at seeing these legends! It was magical; Im going to sign off now cos Im buzzing so much, if I dont, I wont stop!

PS Johnny, Im on my way home today so will email you soon

PPS Jeff B., likewise, will be in touch soon!

Message: 20892 Posted: Tue Feb 19 12:04:35 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

Thanks Steve for the sound clips. I remember being in my early teens and hearing "Horse" on the radio way back then. I remember really liking the song however I didn't know the song's name or who it was by. A few years later I heard 'Homecoming' at my Aunt's house and instantly became an AMERICA fan right there and then. How pleasantly surprized was I, when a few months later, I purchased and listened to AMERICA's 1st album for the first time. After listening and enjoying 'Riverside', 'Sandman', 'Three Roses' and 'Children', the next song on the album began to play. I recognized the familiar guitar chords immediately. I remember saying to myself: "Hey, that's the song from the radio that I really love! This is an AMERICA song? Cool! How great, another reason to love these guys." -Pat

Message: 20891 Posted: Tue Feb 19 10:59:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: NZ/OZ Part 3 - Auckland 19/2/02

Thanks for the nice review, Margaret!

Message: 20890 Posted: Tue Feb 19 10:56:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland (For Jimbob)

Jimbob, did you just happen to be at the airport conducting your own business when you saw and met Gerry and Dewey or did you go there strictly in hopes of meeting them? I would assume the latter since you had your guitar with you and your blue America shirt on. If so, how did you know which flight they were coming in on?

Message: 20889 Posted: Tue Feb 19 10:15:11 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

Wow, am I feeling nostalgic! This took me right back to my bedroom with my tape player ready to record all my favorite hits. I used to spend almost every Saturday morning listening to the Top 40. I was living in Panama and we only had one english speaking radio station, which was run by the Army. Kasey Kasem's show was tape delayed a couple of weeks so we were always a little behind the times!


Message: 20888 Posted: Tue Feb 19 07:40:05 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 3 - Auckland 19/2/02

Tonight's show was a 10/10. We had a real chuckle with Pete's High Times T-shirt that he was wearing when he was first setting up the stage. It had disappeared by the time he came out to do the formal introduction. After being in the gallery at Christchurch and row L last night, we hit the jackpot tonight when our row CC seats turned out to be the second row. We know the sound is supposed to be better further back, but nothing beats being right up close to the stage! The vocals were fantastic and all the solos were too. Everyone was in great form. There was a lot of interaction between the band members and there were many asides with the audience and adlibbing. The guys were very relaxed and related different anecdotes to the audience tonight. They were possibly conscious of some fans returning tonight after the first Auckland show. They had a lot of fun with the "How We Won The Grammy" story and Gerry's safe storage of his award (ie lost) and his inability with tools to assemble it. It was all done with great humour and was really appreciated by the audience. It was more difficult for us to view the audience from our seats but we felt perhaps they were a little more restrained tonight, with no-one up in the aisles. By the end though, everyone gave the guys an enthusiastic standing ovation. We worked out who we thought might be Jim (the blue America T-shirt was a bit of a giveaway) and sure enough it was him. We had a great post-mortem of the show, shifting locations each time another door in the venue needed closing. We all agreed that we could go to America concerts every night. Unfortunately the bank balance would prohibit such a luxury! It's 1.00am we have a long walk back from the internet cafe and we must get some sleep! This was a magical night. Thanks everyone.

With kind regards

Message: 20887 Posted: Mon Feb 18 21:51:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

Andy, I do have the countdowns for Sister Golden Hair but I don't have time tonight to get them converted. I'll try to get it for you later this week.

Message: 20886 Posted: Mon Feb 18 21:00:53 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

That was really cool to listen to those clips from my youth. sure brought back memories both good and bad. I loved that song "In The Rain" by The Dramatics. Just how are you guys able to get access to those priceless clips anyway? To be 16 again...DanC.

Message: 20885 Posted: Mon Feb 18 20:53:20 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

That was absolutely amazing !!! What an awesome time to have been listening to the radio.

Does anyone have the sound clips to some countdowns from 1975 when Sister Golden Hair was at its peak?

Message: 20884 Posted: Mon Feb 18 20:21:00 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: For you diehards out there.... (For SteveO)

Steve, I don't think Joe or I mentioned Gerry's background vocal contribution on both of Vincent's CDs (one song each) so it's good you did for "Wow And Flutter".

Message: 20883 Posted: Mon Feb 18 19:45:58 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: For you diehards out there.... (For SteveO)

Like I said Johnny,I'm not sure if that topic had been mentioned before! Oh well,thanks for clarifying that again! I thought the song was really good!

Message: 20882 Posted: Mon Feb 18 19:39:38 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

I want to thank Steve & John for making it possible to hear those clips from Casey Kasem and America on American top 40. It sent chills down my back. I was kind of hoping that when I posted the reminder about the 30th anniversary of HWNN it would create some excitement. It certainly did! It felt like I was back in high school hearing HWNN for the first time. Great memories. If anybody else has anything to add I'm sure we would love to hear it. Thanks again.
I hope that Steve isn't having too much trouble getting around with the Olympics in his backyard. Go USA!


Message: 20881 Posted: Mon Feb 18 19:31:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: For you diehards out there.... (For SteveO)

Steve, Joe B and I briefly mentioned Kyle Vincent here last month. Joe's post is #20476 (1/09/02). My two are #20467 (1/9/02) and #20454 (1/8/02).

Message: 20880 Posted: Mon Feb 18 19:12:27 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

WOW! blast from the past! Just for a second there, I was sitting in my bedroom in my parents house, listening to my transistor radio. I remember I always listened to the AT40, or at least the portion that was the top ten. Thanks!

Message: 20879 Posted: Mon Feb 18 19:04:11 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Remembering February 19, 1972

A couple of years ago John Corbett sent me a CD which contained numerous soundclips from Casey Kasem's American Top 40. The soundclips all contain songs in the top 40 by America. After reading Mark's post about the 30th anniversary, I felt it was appropriate to include 4 of the soundclips for A Horse With No Name. Click on the following link to listen to the RealAudio soundclip:

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - A Horse With No Name

Thanks John for making this available.

Message: 20878 Posted: Mon Feb 18 17:07:45 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Remembering February 19, 1972

As the guys are putting on their usual great shows down under, tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary that America first hit the Billboard charts. A Horse With No Name debuted at #84 and in a few short weeks hit number 1. The first America album also debuted this week and hit number 1 the same week that HWNN hit number. It doesn't seem like 30 years, but thankfully the guys are still performing after all these years, and we are lucky because most groups don't last anywhere near 30 years.
Happy 30th anniversary Dewey, Gerry, Brad, Woodsy, and Willie!
See you in Jersey this summer!


Message: 20877 Posted: Mon Feb 18 15:15:19 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Dan Peek CDs for giveaway!

The business I work at(In addition to the oddball radio stuff I do)was recently selling Dan Peeks CD's "Driftin" and "Bodden Town".
I went ahead and sold the titles in conjunction with Dan & Tom Peek.
I had the titles in the store for the last half a year,and was going to send the remainder of the titles back. However,Tom let me know that if I would like to offer them up as "Freebies" to anybody on the website,to do that,first-come first serve. I only have 4 of "Bodden Town" left and 3 of "Driftin". If you are interested,all I ask is that you pay for the shipping costs and I will get the item to you.
I would say $4.00 would cover the rates for Priority Mail. Anybody who is interested contact me at:

Message: 20876 Posted: Mon Feb 18 15:09:13 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: For you diehards out there....

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before,but I thought I would bring it up to the diehards on this site. I came across a CD today by an act named Kyle Vincent who enlisted Gerry for vocals on a song called
"Leave it alone". Vincent used to sing for an act called "Candy",and released a solo CD in May of last year called "Wow & Flutter". A friend of mine picked up the CD and pointed out that he thought Beckley was on it. Sure enough,the Liner notes mention that Gerry sings background vocals on "track 10". The song is a very pleasing ballad,and one that is right up Gerrys alley as far the type of thing he contributes to. If its something you need,check with your local record store.....

Message: 20875 Posted: Mon Feb 18 14:27:27 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: NZ/OZ Part 2 - Auckland

Thanks for all the great "down under" reviews. Regarding the platinum award for "The Definitive America" that Margaret mentioned, Gerry sent me a photo of him and Dewey receiving the awards. Click here to see Gerry and Dewey holding the awesome looking awards.

Message: 20874 Posted: Mon Feb 18 14:22:12 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Re "the bar of soap"
jimbob, I'll bet if you'd introduced yourself as "jimbob from the chat folder" there would have been instant recognition! I have been fortunate enough to meet both Dewey and Gerry, when I introduced myself saying I was from the chat folder (unimaginative me, I use my real name here!)they both knew who I was. Glad you had awonderful experience. In the past, I have scanned pictures and emailed them to Steve. He has taken care of the rest ( thanks Steve!) Hope you can do the same. Look forward to Gerry's picture of YOU on

Message: 20873 Posted: Mon Feb 18 14:00:41 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Just speculating

<<T he guys did not play the favourite song of one of the women. You might like to speculate which song that was.
Incidentally, someone else asked about the same song today>>

No suggestions?
The pb is we have no clue. Is it one of Dewey's song or one by Gerry? Not knowing which song was a hit in NZ, I'd suggest four:
(could it possiblly be)
- Survival?
- Company?
- Old Man Took?
- To Each His Own?

Please Margaret, let us -most curious fans- know the answer in your next review.

Message: 20872 Posted: Mon Feb 18 12:42:03 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 2 - Auckland

The venue for last night's concert was The Civic, a restored theatre of "over the top" design. It was elaborately decorated, with almost every surface covered in richly patterned features from Indian architecture. Elephant motifs were repeated throughout the foyer and bar area, including faux tusk-shaped light fittings. The capacity was 2 500 and appeared a sell out. The songs were the same as those played in Christchurch. We thought the sound was perfect. The whole show was tight and exciting and the guys seemed really relaxed. The audience reaction built up as the show progressed until they were all on their feet by the end of Sister GH and were chanting for more after Horse.
An interesting aside. I overhead a three-way conversation in the Ladies after the show. The basis of the discussion was that the guys did not play the favourite song of one of the women. She thought they must have forgotten how to play it! You might like to speculate which song that was. Incidentally, someone else asked about the same song today. Maybe it was a big hit in NZ.
Gerry announced that they had received a platinum award before the show for The Definitive America and as it was almost double platinum suggested the audience buy some more copies so that America might be invited back to NZ.
This was a fantastic show and look forward to tonight's show, especially as we will be closer to the stage.

Message: 20871 Posted: Mon Feb 18 09:31:27 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Jimbob, what a great review! I know what you mean about "the bar of soap". :0)

Message: 20870 Posted: Mon Feb 18 09:02:52 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Cool jimbob. Thanks for making us feel like we were there.

Message: 20869 Posted: Mon Feb 18 08:57:50 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Wow --oh wow. Congratulations and thanks for the details. It's so vivid that I can actually see the whole incident and feel your enthusiasm. I always have found it amazing on just how personable the guys can be even when they have a million and one things going on. I am so happy for you!!

Message: 20868 Posted: Mon Feb 18 08:53:41 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Go ahead Jimbob, tell us how you really feel...Very cool indeed.DanC.

Message: 20867 Posted: Mon Feb 18 04:43:10 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Auckland

Way to go, Jimbob. Thanks for sharing your story. I could feel your excitement as I was reading your post. WAY COOL! -Pat

Message: 20866 Posted: Mon Feb 18 03:22:38 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: AMERICA in Auckland

Hi everyone; just returned from the first Auckland show and it fantastic! Really nice surprise as we were shown to our seats; I was in the middle of row Bb which for 3 months I assumed, as did we all, that we were in the second row.Not so! Row Bb was the front row and we were in the middle only yards away from Dewey and Gerry!Same for tomorrow night too! The set list is the same one as Christchurch I think.I had been concerned that people may dance, thereby restricting our view, but there wasn't ROOM to dance, we were that close.So good to hear gems such as RIVERSIDE and THREE ROSES for the first time. Windwave too.I had on my new purchase, the 'Ive been through the desert' shirt and AMERICA cap.Also got a D.BUNNELL guitar pick, with AMERICA printed on the other side. These guys just improve, dont they? The acoustic guitars sounded awsesome and so good to see Gerry playing lots of lead. And Dewey... man, his voice just gets better. And Woodz is a stunning guitar player. Thanks to all those that acknowledged my meeting them. I was at Auckland airport and walked up to where Gerry was waiting for his bags to come out(they had just flown up from Christchurch) put out my hand and said "hi, Im Jim" and he said "Gerry". I asked him if he would please sign my guitar(a Martin 6 string acoustic) which he did.Someone asked where on the guitar it was is between the bridge and the left hand edge, looking at the guitar on its stand. He commented on my shirt and asked where I got it and took a picture with his digital camera. The shirt is the blue oval Tee. My mind was racing as all this was going on,like I wasnt feeling CALM at all. Its weird, Ive read this before, but you think you know these guys as friends,cos they are really. You know, their faces have been looking out at you for so long as youve loved their music, and then you realise again, they dont know you from a bar of soap! Although you wouldnt know it.Dewey, he's gotta be the nicest guy around. He was struggling with his bags,yet stops, autographs my gu itar, comments on it, we have a quick discussion on acoustic guitars, then in amongst all the people he poses for a photo with me, taken by an American tourist with my camera.Then I go find Gerry again and have my photo taken with him. I dont have a digital so I cant post the photos. The whole thing probably took only a few minutes all up, but I will always remember that day.And my guitar has become virtually priceless now and I wont ever sell it! Well folks, thanks for listening. Im about spent for a while. Til tomorrow night anyway! Cheers!

Message: 20865 Posted: Sun Feb 17 12:31:23 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

Go Jimbob Go!!! :0)

Message: 20864 Posted: Sun Feb 17 11:48:02 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

Very good Jimbob!

Message: 20863 Posted: Sun Feb 17 10:56:02 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

GREAT jimbob!!!!!! They ARE the nicest people, aren't they. Look forward to more of the story when you come back down to earth.

Message: 20862 Posted: Sun Feb 17 08:31:43 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

<<As you all know Ive been waiting 18 years since last meeting these guys and it happened again!>>

Just like good wine, time betters it; as it does for people & feelings. And don't you love them better now, ten & eight years after ? I do.
You're lucky boy, & we're all very very happy for you. Enjoy every minute of the concert !

Message: 20861 Posted: Sun Feb 17 08:03:32 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

Wow ! Do we get to see a foto ?

Message: 20860 Posted: Sun Feb 17 06:42:42 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Meeting AMERICA

Wow !! That is so awesome! Where on the guitar did they sign their names? What kind of guitar is it?

Message: 20859 Posted: Sun Feb 17 01:08:10 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Meeting AMERICA

A few hours ago Gerry, then Dewey, signed my guitar!To the guitarists amongst us, I need to say little; to the other fans, not much more! As you all know Ive been waiting 18 years since last meeting these guys and it happened again! Will fill you all in after I see the show tomorrow! Oh, and Jeff, thanks , the tapes arrived yesterday as I was on my way to Akld., so havnt heard them yet, but thanks man!

Message: 20858 Posted: Sat Feb 16 20:52:00 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: I Need You (Beatles Version)

Thanks to a great connection, I got to hear
our guys version of the Beatles "I Need You."
Both Dewey and Gerry sing lead together on it
and it sounds great. Very Reminiscing & sad as they
dedicated it to the late great George Harrison.
great sound of Guitars strumming & great harmony=an excellent version.

Message: 20857 Posted: Sat Feb 16 13:26:35 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: NZ/OZ Part 1

ThanKs Margaret for your detailed & interesting review ( liked your nice, poetical description of Xchurch area) . But what about that "No Photography" notice on the tickets?

Message: 20856 Posted: Sat Feb 16 12:59:55 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ Part 1

Our entry to NZ was heralded by the sight of snowcapped alps protruding above the cloud line. Barren mountains followed and finally we flew over the lush patchwork of fields on the Canterbury Plains.
The city of Christchurch is reminiscent of some English towns and the surburban areas we passed between the airport and the city reminded us of Canberra, Australia's capital city. We've been surprised at how cold it is.
Christchurch is a city of about 360 000 people and over 2 000 were at the Christchurch Town Hall to witness the first of the NZ shows. There was a roaring trade in caps, CDs and new T-shirts (bottle green with V Highway/America or grey and black with Horse/America logos).
The show was about 1 hr 30 mins with quite a different collection of songs to what we heard two years ago. Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross The River, Daisy Jane, Wind Wave, Another Try, Three Roses, I Need You, The Beatles' I Need You, Baby It's Up To You, Wheels, Tin Man, The Border, Woman Tonight, Only In Your Heart, California Dreaming, Lonely People, Hangover, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair and for the encore, Horse.
We enjoyed hearing Wind Wave, were pleased to hear the Border as it's probably been more than 10 years since we have heard that live and we were delighted that Never Be Lonely is still on the list.
The guys enjoyed the return to this venue and the audience did too. The audience was appreciative and enthusiastic with restraint as opposed to enthusiastic and rowdy. Maybe we're all getting old! Interestingly, there were some young guys who stood by the stage and watched the whole performance with great reverence. A new generation of NZ fans!
This was a special night for us. Thanks for everything Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 20855 Posted: Sat Feb 16 11:36:56 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video

Bruce, I think John is just hoping to get a full copy of "The Border" the easiest way...via us fellow fans. I'm sure SOMEONE among us has a complete copy. It's probably just a matter of getting them to volunteer to send it to John. At least we have 90% of the video on tape.

Your idea, however, is a good one!

Message: 20854 Posted: Sat Feb 16 05:33:54 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "The Border" Video

Are we overlooking the obvious folks? Is there no way that Morey or Dewey & Gerry have a "clean" copy that we could all buy? Notice I said "buy". We know that the boys are quite busy- the job could easily be farmed out to a duplication/mailing house- that's not a problem. Lots of folks on this chat would pay for- let's say- even a short VHS or DVD with "The Border" and "You Can Do Magic" (I know I would!) AND a few sheckles in Ger & Dew's pockets wouldn't hurt would it? Of course, there are always obstacles (don't you hate those?). Ger & Dew probably don't own those videos- I'm guessing that Capital Records does. Let's get real- we KNOW that VH-1 has "Magic" --I bet there's a good chance they have "The Border" also. Of course- yes I know what you guys are thinking- well- who's gonna contact VH-1 and arrange all this? "Not I" (said the little red hen). I'm starting a new job on Monday and will be up to my ears in work- any volunteers to track down the masters to these little gems and deal with the bull----? -IF that's the route things end up going- I think VH-1's library is in Long Island- their offices (MTV Networks) are in Manhattan. Any comments fellow fanatics? (like there WON'T be! =)

Message: 20853 Posted: Fri Feb 15 14:03:57 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "The Border" video

I'm sure thats about the length of my video as well! We will endeavor to help out the fans of this site when warranted!

Message: 20852 Posted: Fri Feb 15 11:55:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" video

I timed the length of "The Border" video copy that I have. It's approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds long. The album lists the length of play at 3 minutes and 54 seconds so I'm missing about 24 seconds. That's about 10% of the total. I'm still good to send my copy to JohnC if a full length isn't found.

Message: 20851 Posted: Fri Feb 15 09:11:02 2002 By: Virginia
Subject: Gerry's photos

For those of you who haven't looked at the pictures from the stage section of the Gallery on lately, here's a heads up. There's a photo Gerry took from their hotel window in Christchurch and the caption says "series of photos". To me this means there will be more, so we ought to check back from time to time to see what's there. It would be nice if the photos were at the top of the section, but as of now, you have to scroll to the bottom. I always enjoyed Gerry's pictures from the stage, so hopefully this means his camera is back in action.

Message: 20850 Posted: Fri Feb 15 08:15:00 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: "The Border" video

Maybe we should put out an APB for "The Border" video!

Now that I think of it, I wonder if the guys did a video for "Right Before Your Eyes." My hunch is probably not because the song wasn't particularly MTV-friendly, but after the success of "You Can Do Magic," who knows?

Anyway, on the video-on-demand note, I've had a reasonable amount of success with the WinMX format in finding classic music videos. It can be a pain to download them, and you need a fast modem, but it's the closest thing there currently is to video-on-demand.


Message: 20849 Posted: Fri Feb 15 07:30:30 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (For SteveO)

I'd say your probably right Johnny. Mine pretty much starts in at the same place. And to any other fans reading this post,"The Border" is a much better video than "You can do Magic".

Message: 20848 Posted: Fri Feb 15 06:09:21 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: FTP Access Granted!

Your link worked OK for me Steve. I see all your updates and replaced my old favorites link with the new one.

Thinks for the feedback on the Winter Olympics Fans. Now I'm waiting for more feedback form the pumped FANS down under.

Message: 20847 Posted: Fri Feb 15 02:06:22 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: NZ/OZ

Just one more very short sleep before the fun begins. The tickets all say No Photography so that is really disappointing. We're getting excited!

Message: 20846 Posted: Thu Feb 14 21:55:54 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: TV coverage

Good to see the guys on our national news tonight wandering through Christchurch and having a bit of a chat to the camera!

Message: 20845 Posted: Thu Feb 14 21:49:46 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: FTP Access Granted!

I've been working with Mike Mannix, the new webmaster of the King Biscuit web site, and he's been very helpful in making sure that I could access their new server. We just finished working out the final quirks (we hope) and I have posted all of my recent changes out to the server. Mike will begin the process of switching the name over to the new server first thing tomorrow morning. In the meantime, you can access the new server directly via it's IP address which is Let me know if you run into any problems accessing it this way. --Steve

Message: 20844 Posted: Thu Feb 14 21:39:05 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (For SteveO)

Steve, I watched my copy of "The Border" tonight. It's probably the same copy as yours. I would bet we each received our copy from the same fellow fan. My copy begins with the two strangers wearing trench coats squatting at the top of the stairs and next they bounce a black ball down to Gerry. It seems to me that the beginning portion of mine is also missing the start. What does your copy first show?

Message: 20843 Posted: Thu Feb 14 20:14:35 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Here

They're HERE! Welcome to NZ guys! Only a couple more days til we're gonna be rockin in Auckland! I will most surely post a review of the shows!

Message: 20842 Posted: Thu Feb 14 19:17:54 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "The Border" Video (Genevieve and John C) and "Hat Trick" Cover (Pat B

Johnny,I'd be more than happy to share my video of "The Border",but its not the full version. If you want to donate yours,great! Otherwise,consider me "waiting in the Wings" with mine!

Message: 20841 Posted: Thu Feb 14 18:50:40 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

I still don't have access to the King Biscuit server but I think it may be coming soon. As soon as I get it, I'll post all of the photos that Kem took (the ones referred to in the previous post). I'll also update the concert list but here it is for your immediate information:

2/16/02 Christchurch, New Zealand
2/18/02 Auckland, New Zealand / Civic Theater
2/19/02 Auckland, New Zealand / Civic Theater
2/23/02 New Plymouth, New Zealand
2/25/02 Sydney, Australia / State Theater
2/26/02 Sydney, Australia / State Theater
3/2/02 Singapore / Suntec Center
3/8/02 Rama, Ontario, Canada / Casino Rama
3/9/02 Rama, Ontario, Canada / Casino Rama
3/15/02 Agoura Hills, CA / Canyon Theater
3/16/02 Mesquite, NV / Casablanca Resort Casino
3/20/02 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada / Halifax Metro Center
3/21/02 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada / Halifax Metro Center
3/22/02 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada / Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
3/23/02 Lac du Flambeau, WI / Lake of the Torches Casino
3/25/02 Naples, FL / Philharmonic Center for the Arts
4/5/02 The Cayman Islands / SeaView Hotel
5/10/02 Corpus Christi,TX / Concrete St. Amphitheatre
5/12/02 Austin, TX / One World Theatre (2 shows)
3/20/02 Mansfield, OH / Renaissance Theater
5/17/02 Chesapeake, VA / Chesapeake Jubilee
5/18/02 Gadsden, AL / RiverFest
5/24/02 Bay St. Louis, MS / Casino Magic
5/25/02 Stone Mtn. GA / Stone Mountain Park
5/26/02 Robinsonville, MS / Gold Strike Casino
5/29/02 Midland, MI / Midland Center for the Arts
6/14/02 San Diego, CA / Humphries
6/15/02 Anaheim, CA / The Grove at Anaheim (formerly The Sun Theatre)
6/22/02 Pleasanton, CA / Alameda County Fair
7/3/02 Coralville, IA / Coralville Festival
7/4/02 Indianapolis, IN / Indianapolis Outdoors
7/5/02 Springfield, OH / Veterans Park Amphitheatre
7/6/02 Mahnomen, MN / Shooting Star Casino
7/20/02 Englewood, NJ / John Harms Center
7/24/02 Albany, NY / Empire State Plaza
7/26/02 Uncasville,CT / Mohegan Sun Casino
7/27/02 E. Providence, RI / Pierce College Memorial Stadium
7/28/02 Westbury, NY / Westbury Music Fair
8/13/02 Bow, WA / Skagit Valley Casino Pacific Showroom
8/14/02 Grants Pass, OR / Josephine County Fair
8/15/02 Eugene, OR / Lane County Fair
8/17/02 Sidney, BC, Canada / Sundown Park
8/23/02 Las Vegas, NV / Sunset Station Casino
8/24/02 Sandy, UT / Sandy City Amphitheater
8/26/02 Monroe, WA / Evergreen State Fair
8/29/02 Oshkosh, WI / WaterFest
8/31/02 Portsmouth, OH / Portsmouth River Days
9/1/02 Syraucse, NY / NY State Fair / Cole Muffler Concert
9/6/02 Dubuque, IA / Dubuque Diamond Jo Casino
9/9/02 Spokane, WA / Spokane Interstate Fair
10/11/02 Williamstown, NJ / Williamstown Performing Arts Center
10/12/02 Gaithersburg, MD / Montgomery County Fiar
10/18-20/02 Cincinnati, OH / Music Hall
11/1/02 Cerritos, CA / TBA

Message: 20840 Posted: Thu Feb 14 15:55:46 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Pix from the Orlando concert

( & all America Addicted Fans...)
Kem Siddons has just sent me an E-mail message, saying some of his photos from the Orlando concert have already been posted on the VH website & are now waiting for you . But Steve, you're right : there are only three of them, because he finds the others are a bit too dark. However, IMHO they are quite good & in any case, worth being seen too. So maybe, you could post them on your web pages or on the folder (as you told me)?

A BIG THANK YOU AGAIN KEM for sharing those great moments with the rest of us (especially the whole lot of frustrated, lamenting European listeners !!! Hey Rachel, are you here?)

Message: 20839 Posted: Thu Feb 14 12:46:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "The Border" Video (Genevieve and John C) and "Hat Trick" Cover (Pat B

Yes, Genevieve (and John C), I do have the complete "Border" video thanks to a fellow AMERICA fan. I think it's complete. I'd have to view it again to be sure. John, if it is complete, I could send it to you if you would return it back to me, of course. Just let me know here since I see that SteveO has kindly volunteered his copy.

Pat B, I'm glad you enjoyed the post regarding the "Hat Trick" front and back album cover. I, too, at the time was excited to learn what was mentioned about the cover. As a side note, Dewey is wearing a "Hat Trick" t-shirt on the front cover of a Taiwan AMERICA LP. The t-shirt has the image of the back cover. On the t-shirt, the sun in the mirror appears to be bigger than the sun that's reflected in the mirror on the back cover of the LP. So, maybe it's a different shot? I don't know for sure.

Message: 20838 Posted: Thu Feb 14 10:16:09 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Kiwis & Aussies

When you post reviews for the upcoming America concerts, could you please include playlists. Hoping maybe the playlist will change to include Green Monkey, Young Moon & some others. Pix would be great, too, including the crowd. Also need to report the crowd size as bigger is better! Lastly, when does the V8 Supercar series racing start for this year? Enjoy the concerts & keep us informed, you lucky devils!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 20837 Posted: Thu Feb 14 08:23:03 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: "Video-On-Demand"

I use VOD at work...unfortunately the only video I can get is from NBC...Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Erin :o)

Message: 20836 Posted: Thu Feb 14 07:12:55 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: "Video-On-Demand"

"Video-On-Demand" What a great thing this would be !!!
Concerning the "Border" video, we had a little chat about it some time ago on this folder. I "lamented" about having seen the clip only once in the mid 80's & not remembering the storyline. Some people here DID have a full version of the video & were kind enough to "update" my memory... Among them, I think was JOHNNY - am i wrong, Johnny ? But steve O's uncomplete version could be OK to get stills anyway, wouldn't it ? Now that the idea has found its way to my fan's brain, I might not easily get rid of it... LOL

Message: 20835 Posted: Thu Feb 14 07:09:46 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA launches International Tour

AMERICA is now in-route for the 1st leg of their International tour. New Zealand, Australia & Canada. Some fantastic shows on the horizon ! We will be waiting for your reports. Margaret, John ...

Message: 20834 Posted: Thu Feb 14 05:17:45 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Magic" Video

Steve you're the best for posting those "Magic" stills! THANKS! Seeing them reminds me of the sitution here in New York City with VH-1 and the local cable system. Time-Warner has a "gun to our heads", because to get "VH-1 Classics" (READ: To see "actual videos") you have to get "digital cable" -- (READ: more $$$) Of course I have "Standard Cable" with "regular" VH-1 and MTV but everytime I turn on either one to see ACTUAL VIDEOS all that's on are those crappy "shows". I'm looking forward to the future..."Video-On-Demand" when I can punch in my selections like a jukebox and see the VIDEOS that I want. Of course, i.e. "You Can Do Magic", "The Border" (NEVER saw it). Anyone ELSE share my frustration? Hey, has anyone heard "Is This It"? the STROKES album on RCA records? They are a great New York City band that was on "Saturday Night Live" three weeks ago. Lots of very catchy tunes on their CD!

Message: 20833 Posted: Wed Feb 13 20:19:13 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: WANTED: "The Border" Music Video

John,get ahold of me in regards to "the Border". I have a video jammed with all kinds of America odds & ends,and that video is on there--though its not a full version. I caught it right after it started....

Message: 20832 Posted: Wed Feb 13 18:12:50 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

johnny- i never knew what that 'mystery square' was on the back cover of Hat Trick. i thought it was maybe a 2nd photograph or something. thanks to your post, i now see that it's the same MIRROR that's on the front cover! all i can say is: wow! way cool! i've always loved Hat Trick's album cover and also the poster included inside. -pat

Message: 20831 Posted: Wed Feb 13 17:20:36 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: WANTED: "The Border" Music Video

Thanks Steve for putting up the stills to the two videos! I wish there was a reasonable way to put the entire .mpg files on the website, but for now that may not be feasible... Unless someone knows how to convert these to RealVideo!

By the way, does anyone have a video or digitized copy of "The Border"? Perhaps we can try to get all of this stuff on the site. That is, if Steve ever has access to it again!


Message: 20830 Posted: Wed Feb 13 15:57:00 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: The covers

Hello everyone,one album cover that certainly deserves mention is "Hideaway",the inner sleeve was also well done.Sadly "America" will not be trekking to my neck of the woods i.e. Melbourne,but I can't complain as they have been here on numerous occaisions, although disappointing.I'm thinking of all the fans in Europe and in particular the UK that have never had the privilege of seeing the band "live" an intoxicating show.Looking forward to posts of NZ leg.

Message: 20829 Posted: Wed Feb 13 13:11:42 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

I own "Under the Covers" and have for years. The statement stands.

Message: 20828 Posted: Wed Feb 13 11:32:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

<<...rock and pop fans were still (theoretically) more often interested in the grooves of the record than by what kind of jeans the artist wore.>>

From your statement, I gather you haven't seen "Under The Covers" a CD-R or VHS tape by AMERICA's friends Henry Diltz and Gary Burden. Henry was the photographer and Gary was the designer of all of AMERICA's album covers during the Warner days (except the 1st LP) and then some. Gary is also the person who designed AMERICA's great-looking logo! "Under The Covers" is very interesting and entertaining. Henry and Gary specifically talk about the photo shoot during the time of "Hat Trick". In the program, they discuss in detail just how important the packaging of the LP was. They state that artists and fans were just as interested in the total packaging of the LP as they were in the "grooves of the record" as you put it.

<<I wonder if the same survey would have yielded the same results in 1977, when Harbor came out.>>

I would say yes in the case of "Harbor" because of that great poster that was included with the LP.

Regarding the front cover of "Hat Trick," that's a mirror that's reflecting Dan, Dewey, and Gerry's image. I didn't know that for years...not until watching "Under The Covers". I had thought it was a photo of the guys placed on the ground. That mirror is the same one the guys are carrying on the back cover.

Message: 20827 Posted: Wed Feb 13 07:46:03 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Answer To...Re: "The Dreaded Perspective Cover" (Andy)

I don't know what't the matter with me. I liked both the "Alibi" and "Perspective" covers. I think they demonstrated that the guys appreciated quirky, edgy humor on occasion, a side not often associated with them. As for "best" and "worst" covers from the Warner years, I'd rate Homecoming, Hat Trick and Holiday as my favorites in that order, and Harbor, America Live and History: Greatest Hits as the weakest covers, again, in that order.

Message: 20826 Posted: Wed Feb 13 07:38:10 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

Thanks for the info. That's very interesting and, I suppose, not surprising. I wonder if the same survey would have yielded the same results in 1977, when Harbor came out. We had not become a video culture (comparitively speaking) at that point, and FM radio was on its way to becoming, but had not yet become, as rote as it is now. That is, rock and pop fans were still (theoretically) more often interested in what was in the grooves of the record than by what kind of jeans the artist wore.

Message: 20825 Posted: Wed Feb 13 07:30:47 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Et cetera...

Yeah, I've heard the news too about the French judge's vote. They said the decision rested on her vote & I find it really scandalous that she ended up voting for the Russian team without questioning her federation "orders". However, nothing has been said here yet about a supposedly vote exchange for the French ice dancing team by the Russians. I hope this is a false revelation cos it might do much harm to the French team & put the juges under pressure. Moreover, the Russian team got five votes whereas the canadian one only got four. So it seems that those four other jury members also gave preference to the Russian team but they were not asked to justify their decision though. Or maybe, this little vote exchange game is common practise in -Olympic- ice skating competitions?

Message: 20824 Posted: Wed Feb 13 07:16:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: We Just Can't Wait Either

I don't know exactly when the YCDM video was released but I'm guessing it was around the time that the song reached #8 on the Pop Charts which was October 1982.

Message: 20823 Posted: Wed Feb 13 05:53:46 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Steve Perry Video Shots & etc.

It may just be my computer, but all I can see are dark images of the Steve Perry shots. Is anyone else having that problem? Also, the news just announced that the French ice skating judge has admitted she was told to vote for the Russian team by her "federation". It was supposedly in exchange for a vote for the French ice dancing team by the Russians in the upcoming ice dancing competition. Have you heard anything Genevieve? As for the Canadian bumping into the Russians in the warmup, it may look like she ran into them face forward but if you see the whole clip, she was just coming out of jump when she ran into them. I really do think it was an accident.

Message: 20822 Posted: Wed Feb 13 05:27:30 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: We Just Can't Wait Either

Thanks a lot for your impatience. Now we just can't wait to see the material you haven't posted yet. And a million thanks to John for those still frames. I have never been able to see any of those videos . When was the YCDM video shot exactly?

Message: 20821 Posted: Wed Feb 13 05:07:17 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Figure skating 'scandal' /Goanna & Pete

1)<<And, what are the organisers thinking by allowing warm up's to be conducted on the rink when a competition is about to start.>>
I'd say they probably think "competition warm up" & not "wargames"!?

2)<<I think figure skating is getting like boxing when it comes to judging. >>

Could you please be more explicit?

Message: 20820 Posted: Wed Feb 13 04:45:45 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics/ figure skating 'scandal'

I think figure skating is getting like boxing when it comes to judging.

Message: 20819 Posted: Tue Feb 12 18:46:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: There's More

John Corbett also sent me some video shots from the You Can Do Magic video. He believes the bassist is Bryan Garofalo. Thanks again John!

Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5
Shot 6
Shot 7
Shot 8
Shot 9

Message: 20818 Posted: Tue Feb 12 18:42:30 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: I Just Can't Wait

I still don't have access to the King Biscuit server so I'm going to post some more things here. In addition to what I'm posting here I have a new fan biography, some new 45 record sleeves, the playlist from the Champion, PA concert, and the updated link to Dan's latest episode.

Ten days ago John Corbett sent me some cool images which I can't wait any longer to post. So here they are (thanks John)!

We've mentioned over the years that Dewey had a quick spot cameo on the 1984 video for Steve Perry's hit "Oh Sherrie" right about the time that Perspective was in the studios (and they were collaborating on "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby"). John downloaded the video, and took still frames which I have posted. Here are some comments to each (if they are necessary):

The video starts when Steve Perry walks off the set of his latest video shoot, which had him marrying a princess. While the video "producers" are fretting over what to do, Steve starts singing "Oh Sherrie" on the top of the stairs of what looks like a train station of some sort, as "Sherrie" walks toward the staircase.

1) Steve crosses the stairs and gladhands an excited Dewey.

2) Steve backs up and takes a lute from the period extra.

3) He hands the lute to expert guitar ace, Dewey Bunnell, for some pinch-hitting work.

4) Dewey rips into his new lute.

5) Somehow, from this little instrument, Dewey comes up with the with the signature electric guitar melody for "Oh Sherrie"!

6) Dewey lays into the high note!

7) Dewey's obviously having a load of fun.

Message: 20817 Posted: Tue Feb 12 18:17:04 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

FYI...a reliable friend of mine in the recording business here in OZ has told me that recent surveys that were conducted in 2000-2001 by marketing companies have said that a remarkable approx 39% of buyers will judge a record or CD by it's cover. That's why so much money is now spent on imagary - both on T.V. / MTV and by the graphic designers who design CD/DVD covers. As he said, sales are now based on the image and visuals that are portrayed. What the eye can see the eye enjoys.
Strange isn't it........

Message: 20816 Posted: Tue Feb 12 18:05:37 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics/ figure skating 'scandal'

Yeah,,,, but don't you think that her "little" bump into the Russian guy was a bit provocative to say the least. If she couldn't see them right in front of her own eyes then she needs glasses,,,, gimme a break.....
And, what are the organisers thinking by allowing warm up's to be conducted on the rink when a competition is about to start. You'd think they'e have the commensense to build a warm up rink next door.... Plus,,, the self rightous accolade (kissing the deck) after their performance was a bit self stroking. No, they are good but not as classy (classical) as the guys who got the gold.

Message: 20815 Posted: Tue Feb 12 16:38:24 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Winter Olympics/ figure skating 'scandal'

Yes, totally unbelievable! Jamie & David have a lot of supporters here in Europe too who found their performance was more than perfect. Just heard the jury members have been summoned to appear before the Fed rep. to kinda "justify " themselves. But I 'm afraid not much will come out of this .

Message: 20814 Posted: Tue Feb 12 09:06:24 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics

Oh, you should hear the analysis on the radio / tv in Canada. People are fuming. Unbelieveable. It seems to happen every Olympics in figure skating. A real tarnish to the sport.

Message: 20813 Posted: Tue Feb 12 07:15:33 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics

Did anyone see Pelletier and Sale get ROBBED last night??? They were perfect!! Should've had the my opinion. And those snowboarders...WOW! Hope everyone's having a great week!

Erin :o)

Message: 20812 Posted: Tue Feb 12 02:11:35 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: The covers

HAT TRICK is probably my favorite cover. The guys look COOL! Always really liked VFTG too. Although I have to say all of them have special meanings. HOLIDAY is a really good cover although I think the photo should have been more close up.Not as close,perhaps as SILENT LETTER which seems a real statement;'now there's two of us!'HISTORY I like, too,although I dont think it resembles Dan that much even though it was taken from a HAT TRICK photo.And HOMECOMING'S cool; gosh they ALL are!

Message: 20811 Posted: Tue Feb 12 00:53:24 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Answer To... Re:....

Gerry has also written "Willie" with an arrow pointing to the little man on the "Perspective" .

Message: 20810 Posted: Tue Feb 12 00:35:50 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics - Steve

Sorry, Steve, about mistaking a State governor for a senator. I'm always more interested in people's ideas & words than in their "titles" or social/political situations.
I must say I understand your attachment to Utah, considering the fantastic scenery we were given the opportunity to watch on TV. No wonder the guys must love touring around ! I heard the French & Spanish athletes say they were having a great stay over there too, despite the harsh but necessary security measures. BTW, I did see Temple Square on TV & think you're right about it.

Message: 20809 Posted: Mon Feb 11 21:01:05 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Answer To...Re: "The Dreaded Perspective Cover" (Andy)

As I mentioned, I have a problem with the contents of Perspective, not the album cover itself. The truth is, none of the album covers have bothered me, even the somewhat controversial ALIBI cover. Of course, I had no idea who America was when Alibi hit the stores, so I assumed that it was thrash metal or punk rock type of music. Go figure. I guess I missed the mark, huh?

Message: 20808 Posted: Mon Feb 11 20:01:53 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To...Re: "The Dreaded Perspective Cover" (Andy)

Gerry signed a fan's copy of the "Perspective" album cover and drew an arrow from his name to the little man!

Message: 20807 Posted: Mon Feb 11 18:40:42 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!!!

"Perspective" and not "Perceptive"...perceived it after I hit "post".

Message: 20806 Posted: Mon Feb 11 18:39:07 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America/In Concert DVD release date

Just wanted to share with you all that the "America In concert" DVD you've been seeing and reading about on this website now has a DOMESTIC release date of March 5th. Retail price is set for $19.95. For those of you who prefer to use the internet for your purchases,I'm sure the prices will vary. Otherwise,don't forget to remind your local Record/CD store to stock one,at least for yourself!

Message: 20805 Posted: Mon Feb 11 18:37:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "The Dreaded Perspective Cover" (Andy)

Andy (or anyone else), according to Gerry, guess who the little man is who's walking on the side of the building on the front cover of "Perceptive"?

Message: 20804 Posted: Mon Feb 11 17:13:07 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Winter Olympics - Humor, warts and all (Steve & Mike)

Thanks for the report Genevieve. Leavitt is actually the governor of the state. I haven't been to Salt Lake City for several months (not since they transformed it into an Olympic city) so I'm not sure what other places a tourist would like to go. Temple Square is always a nice place to visit any time of year. This year they even left the Christmas lights up and it looks awesome.

Message: 20803 Posted: Mon Feb 11 16:33:28 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Winter Olympics - Humor, warts and all (Steve & Mike)

This is quite off-topic - sorry.

Hey guys,
what's that snag? You have taxi problems in SLC ?LOL
Just talking about that half-pipe competition on Sunday. Congratulations! YOU got your first gold medal, but we came second with the silver one... but did you know Doriane, the French competitor, nearly arrived too late for the starting signal because she had been waiting in vain for her taxi to come when she decided to hitch a lift to the olympic park & found some ANONYMOUS HERO to drive her there. (Thank you, whoever you are). That's a nice story, isn't it? What is more, she is a local as well as national heroine - une enfant du pays - since she lives here, in Rivesaltes, which is where my workplace is! Must be getting more sentimental with age.
Of course we saw a "compilation" of the best moments of the competition. Also heard a lot about security measures (on my French AND Spanish TV channels ), and your Senator (correct me if i'm wrong) a man named Leavitt I think, got interviewed about the "difficult "- my love for euphemisms again- budget balance he has had to face since the organization of the Games was a quite costly business.
Then listen to some people from the figure skating international federation explaining why some figures had been removed from the initial programs to respect local religious rules & demands . Some jury members also argued that seeing sexual connotations in artistic figures was a "state of mind". But noone seemed ready for scandal anyhow. After that, we were given some insight into the Mormon community history & social activities.
Finally, the camera enabled us to visit the Salt Lake City Pin Show . The tone soon became lighter. Amazing how crowded the place was! A journalist said seing those pins was a must... Are there other places you would advise tourists to go?

Message: 20802 Posted: Mon Feb 11 14:35:20 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: The good thing about Harbour

I actually prefer the first album, Homecoming, and Hearts as far as covers go. As far as Harbour is concerned, the cover for me is not nearly as interesting as what's inside: The poster! That's why I buy a copy everytime I find one at a garage sale.

As far as the covers that I don't care for, it's a tough call. None of them rub me the wrong way, even the dreaded Perspective cover(It's what's in it that troubles me). I guess the back of Silent Letter is a little bit too "close up" as far as the photography goes, but now I'm really grasping for straws.

Message: 20801 Posted: Mon Feb 11 12:40:20 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Been thinking of Harbor...

Just thought I'd mention that it's "Tropical Week" here at school and we're all decked out with Hawaiian shirts and leis! Every year we have "Winter Carnival", but there's rarely enough snow for snow sculptures and we changed it this year to a tropical theme. As I was stringing up fish netting and white seashells I was thinking about palm trees, and the cover of "Harbor" crept into my mind.
Wish it were as relaxing HERE as it looks on that album cover!!!

Message: 20800 Posted: Mon Feb 11 11:25:12 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

Just for the record, the "Harbor" LP cover was voted by the fans here awhile back as "The Favorite" America cover.

Message: 20799 Posted: Mon Feb 11 11:14:56 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: ugh ... gag me with an album cover

I've been interested to read the recent postings here concerning the "Alibi" LP cover, as well as others. For my money, the "Alibi" cover was welcome ... it was just twisted enough to work against the guys' undeserved image (in some quarters) as ingratiating dullards. And, although a lot of it was pretty lightweight, the best of the record stands well with the best of their entire body of work ("Catch That Train," "Survival" "I Don't Believe in Miracles," "Coastline," and "Might be Your Love").
The America LP cover that I think was the most misbegotten in all of their ouvre is "Harbor." It looks like the jacket of one of those lame orchestral/bachelorpad "travelogue" type of LPs ... you know, "Montovani's 101 Strings Orchestra Plays You Songs For Lovers From the Islands" or somesuch. Of course, covers don't sell records (although I wonder sometimes if they don't help discourage the curious). But 25 years on, I still view that "Harbor" cover as an embarassment. Gerry, Dewey and Dan, I'll always love America, but what were you guys thinking?

Message: 20798 Posted: Mon Feb 11 08:44:12 2002 By: melzer
Subject: concert!!!

Hello, I was at the concert at "Gulfstream" they put on a great show!!! They played a new song a tribite for the late George Harrison.There music still keeps us rockin. I hope for many more concerts in the furture... Your music is the greatest!!! Mel :)

Message: 20797 Posted: Sun Feb 10 17:28:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Note To Maryann Bloos

Maryann, thanks for your e-mail message. I tried to reply but I got an error sending it to you. I hope it's OK if I answer your questions here.

I'm afraid I don't have any additional information about the downtown Indianapolis concert. It's very common for these concerts to be free as part of a city 4th of July celebration and typically it's not full length. But I don't know anything for sure and may not until the last minute.

Hank Linderman is not with the band although he has filled in a few times for Michael Woods and has helped produce some of the songs on the past few albums.

I don't have any information about concerts except for those that are listed on the web site. Erin Edwards of Morey Management sends me updates every once in a while and that's all I know.

King Biscuit isn't changing hands, they're just changing servers. As soon as they get on their new server they're supposed to give me a new user ID and password so that I can continue to update the web site. The last I heard they were supposed to do it today but I haven't heard from them yet.

I hope that answers all of your questions.

Message: 20796 Posted: Sun Feb 10 14:51:44 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Bruno & Steve

OK, Mike. I'll try to be of use. I'll do my best to get some interesting info...

Message: 20795 Posted: Sun Feb 10 11:58:01 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: More About Dan's Latest Episode And Chris Christian & Gerry

Dan's lastest episode compelled me to get out Chris Christian's cassette "15 Best Of The 15 Years". In the liner notes, I see a number of references Dan made in Episode 60. Dan said, "...2020 Sunnyside was home to Lon and Shannon Smith. Lon Smith, a.k.a. Chris Christian, was the son of a banker...."

Here is what some of the liner notes say per Chris Christian: "The project is a tribute to J.E., June and Shanon [spelled this way instead of 'Shannon' as Dan spelled it...may be a mis-spelling in the notes] who gave the tools, the encouragement and the support during all the years these songs were written and recorded. Without their gentle push and support I would probably be an unemployed banker."

Brown Bannister is also listed as co-producer of two of the fifteen songs. Also, Chris Christian publishes under the name of "LCS Music Group". I assume that stands for "Lon C. Smith". Could the "C" stand for "Christopher"?

Also, the liner notes say, "Guest Vocalist on 'Day Like Today': Gerry Beckley (of AMERICA)" with a notation that this song was remixed for this release. As mentioned in my previous post, this version has Gerry singing an extra lyric or two. Personally, I think it's a bit strange that the song was titled "Day Like Today" instead of "A Day Like Today". I'd sure like to know how it came about that Gerry sang with Chris Christian on this song as well as another one or two. Was Gerry's participation on Dan's first solo LP the link? I would tend to think so.

Message: 20794 Posted: Sun Feb 10 09:41:35 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: nz tour

I knew what you meant jimbob. I'm glad you, holiday, and Margaret get to see America down under this year. I've been spoiled with yearly concerts for the past four years.

I've been lurking now and again in the middle of a stressfull job change. I'm driving 1 1/2 hours each way to a new office. I need to shorten the trip, so I'm also getting the house ready to sell. I just made reservations for America in Nevada March 16th, so I'll be popping in more often.

Message: 20793 Posted: Sun Feb 10 09:30:35 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Bruno & Steve

"Anyway, the French TV coverage of the event is quite clever & interesting this year, so i might decide to comment on it from time to time. "

I wouldn't mind a few comments on the outside international perspective on the Winter Olympics in SLC, since it is going on in my front yard. Humor, warts, and all. Email your comments if you don't want to post off topic.

Message: 20792 Posted: Sun Feb 10 09:04:44 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Bruno & Steve

Genevieve, I'm glad that Utah/SLC is getting good coverage and I would be interested in hearing your comments. I moved here from California in 1972 to go to school (BYU) and ended up getting married and staying here. I really like it.

Message: 20791 Posted: Sun Feb 10 05:37:52 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Year Of The Horse

I see that the Chinese New Year starts this week, and it's the Year Of The Horse. As well as a 'Mirror To Mirror' year and 30 years since Horse WNN was a hit - this all augers well for a great concert year by the guys.
Been lurking of late as I have been writing a family history to pass around to the siblings of Sydney .... can't wait for Feb 25 now.

Message: 20790 Posted: Sun Feb 10 04:58:55 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Bruno & Steve

Ciao! Come stai? (I'm afraid, it is all the Italian I know)
Just a word to say that as far as I know, this English band you mentioned is not very famous in the rest of Europe either. Tell us a little bit more about them - just curious.

Besides,even if I'm not sure you are interested in the Olympic Games, I saw the victory of an Italian participant ( a woman named Belmondo) early this morning & was proud enough to see she was given a hand at one point of her difficult course ( having lost or broken one of her sticks) by a French coach who offered her a new stick allowing her to go ahead. This is the kind of spirit I love seeing in other Human Beings!!!

And Steve I also watched a very interesting TV report on Utah in general, & SLC in particular. I found your "backyard" is a real nice place to visit ! lol. Anyway, the French TV coverage of the event is quite clever & interesting this year, so i might decide to comment on it from time to time.

Message: 20789 Posted: Sun Feb 10 03:09:14 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: nz tour

How many are you attending?

Message: 20788 Posted: Sun Feb 10 00:53:01 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: nz tour

I dont mean their first EVER NZ show is in five days; the first show of their four show nz tour!

Message: 20787 Posted: Sun Feb 10 00:45:16 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: off topic/Robyn and Johnny

Robyn, I have the same Far Side desk calendar as you! Margaret's words on Waitangi Day are correct.Waitangi is a beautiful little place in the Bay of Islands, self explanatory named by Captain Cook. Its located 3 1/2 hours drive from Auckland, and each Waitangi Day is a NZ national holiday. Johnny, interesting about Crowded House. When they were a trio, 2/3rds of the band were from Aussie. Neil Finn lived there, so naturally the Aussie's claimed the band as their own. But Neil is a New Zealander and no Kiwi was going to let the Aussies get away with that! All good natured though! Sorry to be so off topic to you all.Im sure I will have more to talk about soon AMERICA'S first NZ show is in five days?!!

Message: 20786 Posted: Sat Feb 09 22:10:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: a little question to America Fan (Bruno)

Hi Bruno! Personally, I have never heard of China Crisis but that doesn't really mean much since I don't know about a lot of different artists. I do, however, REALLY like Steely Dan like you do! After AMERICA, Steely Dan and Hall & Oates are probably my favorite duo groups.

It might be interesting to know what other duo groups we all like second to AMERICA. Any volunteers???

[Jimbob, I saw (and heard) on television tonight, Crowded House's song "Don't Dream It's Over". It was for a commercial about New Zealand. I hope to catch it again to learn more about it.]

Message: 20785 Posted: Sat Feb 09 21:55:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: This site and a question (Jerey)

Jerey, regarding your question if Brown Bannister is Steven Curtis Chapman, the answer is no. I grabbed my "Signs Of Life" CD by Chapman and I see that it says "Produced By Brown Bannister and Steven Curtis Chapman".

I enjoyed reading Dan's latest episode. I was a bit turned-off to learn that the name "Chris Christian" is contrived. I thought it WAS a bit too ironic to have such a name for a Christian music artist.

Speaking of Chris Christian, I REALLY like Christian and Gerry's duet vocals on "Day Like Today"...especially the version where Gerry sings an extra verse. It's SWEET!!!

I'm interested in learning how it came to be that Gerry sang background vocals on the title track song of Dan's "Doer Of The Word" CD/cassette especially all that has been said about the past by Dan. Also, I thought it was very interesting that Dan said it was Chris Christian who recommended Dewey and Gerry sing background vocals on Dan's first solo LP for the song "Love Was Just Another Word". Dan could have easily said it was his own request. AND it was very interesting that Dewey and Gerry accepted the offer!!!

Message: 20784 Posted: Sat Feb 09 17:56:33 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: This site and a question

I enjoy this site so much. When times get tough I turn on my America CDs and learn to relax a little. This site is much the same for me. Thanks Steve. Other items. I recently received an autographed LP from Dan. It will treasured for quite some time. It was thrill to get an America autograph. Question: In Dan's last episode (60), he mentioned Brown Bannister, isn't that Steven Curtis Chapman?

Message: 20783 Posted: Sat Feb 09 17:05:57 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: The Emerald Isle

Shinner, I know they play some good acoustic music in Ireland...would you mind naming a couple of known or lesser known bands. I'm always looking for "good" music.


Message: 20782 Posted: Sat Feb 09 16:47:23 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Re: Why No Updates

Steve.....I just came and read this....I'm in shock....You do such a good job with this site....Unbelievable:(

Message: 20781 Posted: Sat Feb 09 08:17:16 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Episode 60

Since I can't update the main page of the America Fans web site, here's a link to Dan's latest episode:

Episode 60 - Workin' In A Gold Mine

Message: 20780 Posted: Sat Feb 09 08:02:19 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Why No Updates

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't made any updates to the America Fans web site since January 26. I actually do have some new material to add and some changes to make but I can't access the King Biscuit server anymore (they've changed the password). King Biscuit has hired a new guy to maintain their web site and he has been in contact with me. He said that they're moving their web site to a new server and the America Fans site will be moving too. He's not sure why I can't access the web site anymore. So, until he figures out why, I'll have to keep you updated here on the Chat Folder. Please understand why I don't update the web site with the things that you may send me in the near future. --SteveL

Message: 20779 Posted: Sat Feb 09 07:55:54 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Carol Ann - Norman

FYI - Jeff Larson's web page ( has been updated to include a 58 second soundclip of "Carol Ann" where Gerry can be heard on backing vocals. Jeff's forthcoming solo CD which will include Gerry's "Norman" is going well and looks like it will be released late Spring.

Message: 20778 Posted: Sat Feb 09 07:43:28 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Torch - Sandy City Amphitheater

Mike, that's cool that you got to see the torch so close to the time that it entered the Olympic stadium. The "Light The Fire Within" theme is very appropriate and was well represented during the opening ceremonies. I think you're right that Gerry's "World Of Light" would fit right in and would be a great addition to the set list. Regarding the "Light Of The World - A Celebration Of Life" at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, my neighbor saw it on opening night and said it was fantastic. The stage is a GIANT world and the singers and dancers perform on the world (yes, it is round shaped). He thought for sure that someone would fall off during the performance but they never did. I'm also going to follow your lead with respect to the sporting events (i.e., watch them on TV). I wouldn't count on me to get us free tickets (LOL)!

Message: 20777 Posted: Sat Feb 09 07:37:11 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: M.O.!

Tery (and everyone else), I'm not one who usually watches the opening ceremonies of the Olympics but this year I did since it was practically in my back yard. Amazing! Awesome! Breathtaking! I kept worrying that something would go wrong but it went off without a hitch. I join with the other Utahns in welcoming the athletes and the rest of the world to our home.

Message: 20776 Posted: Sat Feb 09 07:33:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Emerald Isle

Shinner, yes the accented E shows up (i.e., it's not corrupted).

Message: 20775 Posted: Sat Feb 09 06:42:13 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Torch - Sandy City Amphitheater

I saw the torch arrive at the Sandy Amphitheater 2 1/2 hours before opening ceremonies. Same place I hope to see America play on Aug 24. I enjoyed the flame and SLC's Winter Olympics theme "Light the Fire Within". Gerry needs to bring his new song "World of Light" to Sandy in August, and keep the fire burning after the Olympics have left.

My faith is staging "Light of the World - a Celebration of life" in our large SLC assembly hall. 1,000s of dancers, singers, actors and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir want to give a message of joy and gladness. I hope to see “Light of the World” and if I’m really lucky “World of Light” this year. As for the sporting events, too crowded and too much $$$. I’ll stick to TV unless Steve L gets some free tickets for both of us.

Message: 20774 Posted: Sat Feb 09 05:27:13 2002 By: Shinner
Subject: The Emerald Isle

Q....Why is it called the emerald isle?
A....It never stops raining. :-(

Seriously though, I wonder if I will ever see America play live in Éire.

P.S. For those of you with keyboards and language set to "American English" does the word "Eire" show with a Fada(accent)over the first "E" or is it corrupted.

P.P.S. only found this site today and am totaly ashamed of myself for not finding it years ago.

Message: 20773 Posted: Sat Feb 09 05:18:49 2002 By: Shinner
Subject: The Emerald Isle

Q....Why is it called the emerald isle?
A....It never stops raining. :-(

Seriously though, I wonder if I will ever see America play live in Éire.

P.S. For those of you with keyboards and language set to "American English" does the word "Eire" show with a Fada(accent)over the first "E" or is it corrupted.

P.P.S. only found this site today and am totaly ashamed of myself for not finding it years ago.

Message: 20772 Posted: Sat Feb 09 01:32:23 2002 By: bruno
Subject: a little question to America Fan

I listen often to America; I listen to also other artist (Steely Dan, Huey Lewis, Donald Fagen-song New Frontier is wonderful-....
I like also English Band called China Crisis: this English band is famous or not in USA?
Hi all

Message: 20771 Posted: Fri Feb 08 22:12:47 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Waitangi Day

We're off to NZ in a week for a round of America concerts. We'll need to do some more reading and planning in the next few days. I knew Watangi Day was about the treaty between the Maori and the British, but here is what my travel guide says.
It commemorates the historic signing on 6 February 1840 of the treaty between the Maori people and the representatives of Queen Victoria's government. It saw the Maori tribes accept British governorship but also granted the Maori citizenship and land rights. The treaty lies at the heart of Maori grievances and land claims today. The treaty remains a symbol of the expropriation of their land and highlights the failure of the government to honour its responsibilities under the treaty. In a 1995 protest the governor-general was spat at by a protester and the nature of the ceremony associated with the commemoration changed.
Perhaps Jimbob could give us some local insight.

Message: 20770 Posted: Fri Feb 08 20:37:05 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: quick!

Riverside (demo) disc 3 from Highway
Aimee Mann~Bachelor No.2

Message: 20769 Posted: Fri Feb 08 18:47:51 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: quick!

Last America tune was Green Monkey "live" from 1975 and I'm presently jammin' to " I'm so Tired" from The Beatles (White Album). cool question by the way. DanC.

Message: 20768 Posted: Fri Feb 08 17:04:24 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: M.O.!

Merry Olympics everyone! Should make TV viewing interesting for 2 weeks.........

TkH<-----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20767 Posted: Fri Feb 08 17:01:13 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: quick!

Better late than never, eh? Well, maybe

Simple Life (whacked thru Hearts b4 beddy-bye last night)
Don Grusin-Zephyr

TkH<------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20766 Posted: Fri Feb 08 16:39:13 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Off topis Waitangi Day?

Ok My Far Side desk calendar lists today as Waitangi Day (NZ) CAn anyone enlighten me? ( After moving 2.5 libraries in two weeks I am too tired to look it up!)

Message: 20765 Posted: Fri Feb 08 16:25:38 2002 By: Randy
Subject: You can do Magic

Hi Everyone, I have been looking for the video from America's song "You can do Magic" for an awful long time, and i've not gotten anywhere. Is there anyone out there who may possibly know how I can find it?......I would appreciate any help.

Message: 20764 Posted: Fri Feb 08 15:22:35 2002 By: Joan
Subject: Re: Torches!

I might attend the concert in Wisconsin. When do tickets go on sale?

Message: 20763 Posted: Fri Feb 08 15:17:45 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: quick!

Last America song heard: SOMEDAY WOMAN from the Your Move CD. Did I mention that in retrospect, I really treasure this CD, and I'm amazed that not only it's held up well with time, but even sounds better. I was almost frightened by Dewey's MY DEAR when I first heard it. Now I consider it a masterpiece, and Gerry's counter lyrics/vocals in the background give me goose bumps.

Last non-America song: THE NEW WILD WEST by Jewel. I've been playing her latest CD to death, and she's been playing this song on her recent round of TV appearances.

A live show featuring America and Jewel. Talk about a fantasy of mine :-)

Message: 20762 Posted: Fri Feb 08 15:04:36 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: quick! / Erin

Agreed ! The song Superman by Five For Fighting is awesome. I remember raving about that song before most people heard of it.

Message: 20761 Posted: Fri Feb 08 14:27:32 2002 By: bruno
Subject: Alibi

with album ALIBI America were number one in Italy
ALIBI is very good album (catch that train and survival top)
(the recen article of CITTADINO di VIncenzo D'Andrea publish on CHAT FOLDER thanks to Steve and JOhnny Yee is with cover of ALIBI; see message chat folder number 20698)
Hi Ciao a Tutti

Message: 20760 Posted: Fri Feb 08 12:09:56 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Album Covers: "Alibi" and "Silent Letter"

I think it's interesting that from the "Alibi" and "Silent Letter" album covers we can see what time of the day the photo shoot occurred. The photo on the back cover of "Alibi" shows Dewey's watch. It reads 3:00. On the back cover of "Silent Letter," Gerry's watch reads 1:01:55.

Message: 20759 Posted: Fri Feb 08 11:49:20 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: quick!

Last America Song heard: Tin Man

Last Non-America CD heard: Superstar by "Love-Saves-The-Day"
(Excellent rock n'roll from a new band from Philadelphia)

Message: 20758 Posted: Fri Feb 08 11:42:31 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Alibi Cover

I remember seeing the Alibi cover for the first time (way back when) and having the same reaction as Kim. It was certainly a very uncharacteristic album cover for America. One of my least-liked America album covers. -Pat

Message: 20757 Posted: Fri Feb 08 11:12:41 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Alibi cover

I have to agree with you about the cover. I remember seeing Alibi at the record store when it came out and thinking "what on earth were they thinking"! I never did buy that lp. I now own it on cd and I really do enjoy listening to it. As the saying goes... you can't judge a book (or lp!) by its cover. If I'd only remembered the wisdom of those words I wouldn't have missed out for so long on a great record!


Message: 20756 Posted: Fri Feb 08 07:19:49 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Catch that train

And if you caught the Midnight Special TV show. When AMERICA was host they had just released ALIBI & played SURVIVAL, VALENTINE & YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE.

Message: 20755 Posted: Fri Feb 08 07:08:10 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Paradise New York.

(Paradise and New York, you never thought you'd see those two words together in one sentance.)

Last America song was "Paradise."

Last non-America song was Ryan Adams's "New York" from Gold, the best album in a long long long long time.

I think every song on Alibi is wonderful. That album proved America was back and better than ever.


Message: 20754 Posted: Fri Feb 08 05:53:45 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Catch that train/Johnny

maybe one of the things that hurt "alibi" was that it had the
worst cover photo in the history of recorded music. with my cd
i slip the booklet in the jewel case so that the back cover shows.

Message: 20753 Posted: Fri Feb 08 05:48:45 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Catch that train

I'm with you Johnny - My favorite Dewey song from Alibi is "Might Be Your Love"; however, I must say I really like "Hangover" too. It's a fun song and it really rocked when I saw them play it in concert!

My favorite Gerry song from Alibi is "Coastline" w/ "One In a Million" right on it's heals.


Message: 20752 Posted: Fri Feb 08 05:35:39 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: quick!

Last America song - All My Life
Last non-America cd - Duncan Sheik (self titled) My daughter had this cd and I liked it so much I had to go get my own copy!

Message: 20751 Posted: Fri Feb 08 04:41:54 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: quick!

World Of Light...I LOVE that song!
Five For Fighting...America Town...great cd...especially the song Superman.

Message: 20750 Posted: Thu Feb 07 23:19:04 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Catch that train/Johnny

I have to agree "Coastline" is right in there with "One In A Million".

Message: 20749 Posted: Thu Feb 07 21:26:05 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Catch that train/Johnny

Joe B. they're re-doing Soldier Field ! whew !

ALIBI really stands out as just the kind of music that AMERICA stood for in the 70's. Every song is so special, every song so cleverly crafted generally along the lines of acoustic guitar rhythmm's. When this LP didn't explode on the charts, I was dazed & confused. Let's push for a re-release !!! AMERICA by the way has just begun the 2002 Tour. GO AMERICA !

Message: 20748 Posted: Thu Feb 07 21:01:52 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Re: Catch that train/Johnny

On Alibi, I'd go with "Catch That Train" over "Might Be Your Love", although both are excellent, and you're right about the guitar work on the latter. This is something very "Deweyish" about the way Catch That Train starts off with that familiar Dewey type acoustic strum.

As for Gerry's material on Alibi, it's impossible to choose. I can't think of one clunker. I guess I've always been partial to COASTLINE.

Message: 20747 Posted: Thu Feb 07 20:38:18 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Catch that train

Hey You People,

Best Gerry song on 'Alibi' - "One In A Million". Gorgeous.
Best Dewey song on 'Alibi' - "Valentine" - cool song and really different than just about anything else the guys have done. "Catch That Train" also awesome, but I must disagree slightly with JimNak.
A fine, midtempo tune that chugs, but doesn't rock. If 'Train' is a rocker, 'Valentine' is hard-core thrash industrial metal.

Joe B

P.S. For anyone just joining us - "Room For Summer' and "Watercolor Sky" by jeff Larson is required listening.

P.P.S. Good discussion on the board last nite. Thanks to all who attended. Wish I could have stayed longer. But that Black Hawks game called (and they won).

P.P.P.S. Props to JimNak on his surprising Wildcat hoopsters.

Message: 20746 Posted: Thu Feb 07 16:49:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Catch that train

I too love "Catch That Train"; however, there's an "Alibi" song of Dewey's that I like even better and it's "Might Be Your Love". I love the drums and guitars.

I would suspect the majority of us probably like "Catch That Train" more than "Might Be Your Love". It might be interesting to see which of the two we like better. Anyone care to voice their choice?

My favorite "Alibi" song of Gerry's is "Right Back To Me". Yours favorite "Alibi" song of Gerry's?

Message: 20745 Posted: Thu Feb 07 16:41:55 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: quick!

"Old Man Took" It was on my car player Jeff Larson'd "Room for Summer" an excellent disc and a worthy addition to anyone's collection IMHO!

Message: 20744 Posted: Thu Feb 07 14:49:54 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Catch that train

...can't argue with that. The casual AMERICA listener just don't know what they're missing. Also, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on what satellite (sp) radio has to offer...specifically a good music station or two that doesn't play "all hits all the time" or "25,000 songs w/o interruption" ...or so they say.

Joe B., Steve O., don't take my radio ranting to heart. I grew up with radio. ...still go up and down the A.M. dial nearly every night. Joe, didn't your station used to be WMAQ?

Carry on...jb

Message: 20743 Posted: Thu Feb 07 14:28:20 2002 By: Beth
Subject: quick!

Last America song heard: "Pigeon Song"...

Last non-America CD: David Wilcox, "How Did You Find Me Here"

Message: 20742 Posted: Thu Feb 07 12:47:53 2002 By: kade
Subject: chat and tonight's show

My computer wouldn't let me type in my name(which is required to log in). I'll try again next week!
Anyone going to tonight's show? I'd love a review!!This is really the first show of the 2002 tour!! It should be full of energy and really exciting!

Message: 20741 Posted: Thu Feb 07 12:09:51 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Catch that train

To my ears, that's the sleeper hit on that Alibi record. "Survival" is nice, and it obviously lit 'em up in Europe, but "Catch That Train," I always thought, deserved a place alongside Dewey's best works. As an antecedent to "Sleeper Train" and "Wheels Are Turning," I think it stands up really well. There's a depth of feeling there, actually, that makes me like it a bit more -- even today.

Message: 20740 Posted: Thu Feb 07 11:38:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Brrrr-I Saw The Flame

Steve, regarding your photos of the flame, that's one flame I DIDN'T mind seeing! :0)

Message: 20739 Posted: Thu Feb 07 11:33:04 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: quick!

Fun questions, Kiri!

Last America song listened to: "You Can Do Magic" since it's the last song on "Hourglass".

Most recent non-America CD listened to: Hall & Oates' "Marigold Sky" which I bought just yesterday on the recommendation of "Fumble Girl" from the live chat several Wednesdays ago.

(F-Girl, I really like the CD!!! "Romeo Is Bleeding" is an excellent song and should have been a hit.)

Message: 20738 Posted: Thu Feb 07 11:24:53 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: chat

No problem logging-on for me, Kade. Quite a number of folks were logged-on last night.

Message: 20737 Posted: Thu Feb 07 11:02:31 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: quick!

Hat Trick - Listening to it right now. It's the last song currently on my personal MP3 player.

Reptile - Eric Clapton

Message: 20736 Posted: Thu Feb 07 11:00:24 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Catch that train

You're right jimnak...a fine bass driven song.


Message: 20735 Posted: Thu Feb 07 10:43:11 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: quick!

CATCH THAT TRAIN is just one of many other hidden gems by AMERICA. A DEWEY BUNNELL rocker. I always thought that if they could do this one live it would be a keeper for sure. Heavy drums & bass.

Message: 20734 Posted: Thu Feb 07 10:02:38 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: quick!

"Catch that train" and Alison Krauss CD "Forget about it".

Message: 20733 Posted: Thu Feb 07 09:51:55 2002 By: kiri
Subject: quick!

(for fun…)

right now, what was the last America song you listened to?

what was the most recent non-America cd you listened to?

Message: 20732 Posted: Wed Feb 06 19:51:57 2002 By: kade
Subject: chat

Sorry I missed you all at the chat tonight.I tried but could not get in. Did anyone else have this prblem?

Message: 20731 Posted: Wed Feb 06 15:31:06 2002 By: Beth
Subject: Torches!

Thanks Steve for steering me the right way again!! I tried to get on last night to ask, is anyone attending the March 23rd show at Lake of The Torches Casino in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin?

Now, the Torch is even more on-topic!! Nice shots, Steve. Daughter & Friend are attractive young women! (By the way, is Coke possibly a sponser of our Olympics??!!)

Message: 20730 Posted: Wed Feb 06 12:21:01 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Brrrr-I Saw The Flame

Steve...What a sweet picture of your daughter and her friend along the
Olympic torch route. Such a wonderful "moment to remember" you have given these two young girls! Kudos to you, Dad!
young ladies

Message: 20729 Posted: Wed Feb 06 07:44:53 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Brrrrrrr - I Saw The Flame

The flame came through Reno on the 21st of January. I had to work (we did a special "Torch Show" I only saw it on TV, even though it went RIGHT past the TV station. But still, it was very cool! Wish I could be at the Olympics!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 20728 Posted: Wed Feb 06 07:34:25 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: critics (Speechwriter)

Related in French, it almost sounds noble. Anyway, I have always tended to view criticism of popular art as mental junk food. It's beyond me why some people work themselves into such a lather about it.

Message: 20727 Posted: Wed Feb 06 07:07:53 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Brrrrrrr - I Saw The Flame

No, Tery, I'm not going to any events. I'll be watching them on TV from the comfort of my living room like the rest of you. It's crazy here just trying to get tickets (at around $200 a pop) and then you have to plan on anywhere from 2 to 4 hours just to get to the venue because of the parking and security restrictions. However, if somebody GIVES me some tickets then I might consider fighting the crowds and the hassles to go (LOL).

Message: 20726 Posted: Wed Feb 06 06:38:50 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Brrrrrrr - I Saw The Flame

Very good Steve. Even though I've lost alot of interest in major league sports I am looking forward to the events in Utah...including the opening ceremonies.

Carry on...jb

Message: 20725 Posted: Wed Feb 06 06:38:37 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Brrrrrrr - I Saw The Flame

Pretty Cool, Mr. L (in more ways than one)!
You going to any events?

TkH<------+=! No Boundary

Message: 20724 Posted: Wed Feb 06 06:36:15 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: critics

Those who can, do.
Those who can't, critique.....

TkH<----+=! No Boundary

Message: 20723 Posted: Wed Feb 06 05:55:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Brrrrrrr - I Saw The Flame

Well, I just got back from seeing the Olympic torch and it's very nice to be in a warm house once again. My daughter and her friend went with me at 5 am and we were one of the first ones to arrive at a prime spot along the route. It was 9 degrees which made it quite nippy, but it was exciting nonetheless. The torch runner came by about 6:20 am and I got some fairly decent shots considering how crowded it was and how fast everything happened. Click on the links below to see the photos.

My daughter Angeline (on the left) and her friend waving their "I saw the flame" flags
The Olympic torch runner approaching
The Olympic torch runner passing by
The Olympic torch runner continuing down the road

Message: 20722 Posted: Wed Feb 06 05:50:36 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: The Olympic Torch - A Little Off Topic

The torch came through Fort Worth, Texas and my whole department went out to watch it. It also went through Arlington right past my son's daycare and my two daughter's schools (elem & high). All of us got to see it at different places. It was neat to watch it go by (even though it was over an hour late). Coke trucks were driving through the streets handing out little plastic "I saw the flame" pennants and bottles of Coke. Have fun & stay warm!

Message: 20721 Posted: Tue Feb 05 22:03:45 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Olympic Torch - A Little Off Topic

I saw it as it made it's way thru Downtown LA! Inspiring and moving sight.

Message: 20720 Posted: Tue Feb 05 21:39:03 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Olympic Torch - A Little Off Topic

Go Steve ! Look forward to seeing your foto's.

Message: 20719 Posted: Tue Feb 05 19:28:00 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The Olympic Torch - A Little Off Topic

This post has more to do with America the country than it does America the band (I hope that's OK). The Winter Olympics begin this Friday in nearby Salt Lake City and the Olympic torch has made it's way to Utah and is resting tonight in LaVell Edwards Stadium on the BYU campus. Tomorrow morning at 6 am the torch will leave the stadium and will go from Provo through Orem (my home town) and then north toward Salt Lake City. My daughter's high school band is playing along the torch route in Orem and I plan on being there with her in the morning. We have to be ready at 5:30 am and it will probably be between 10 and 15 degrees (brrrr). But we're all excited to share in the Olympic spirit and if I get any decent photos, I'll post them here.

Message: 20718 Posted: Tue Feb 05 15:06:43 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: critics (Speechwriter)

Well, Speech, I quite agree it's all part of a sort of "keeping-a- door-open-strategy". In France we call that "tourner sa veste".

Message: 20717 Posted: Tue Feb 05 14:38:58 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Faraway places...

Hmm Jeff, Iceland is such a good choice ! They have great though still UNKNOWN musicians over there! LOL

Message: 20716 Posted: Tue Feb 05 14:36:00 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Re.critics

Hello everyone,"America" have been whipping boys for the critics for quite some time.I think there have been a couple of poor albums by their standards,but that was when the pressure was on to tour write record and release an album per year.Quite simply "America" are going about their business still attracting new fans,I wonder how many critics have seen them in concert ?

Message: 20715 Posted: Tue Feb 05 13:54:06 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: critics

You may be right. But I tend to view it another way. I think many critics see themselves as so "special" and their lofty tastes so apart-from-the-flock that they can't help but muster an immediate disdain for anything "popular." And the more massively popular an act is, the more likely it is that critics are going to find a reason to dismiss it (unless a critic can claim to have championed the act while still an unknown, for example, Bruce Springsteen). So, where America is concerned, many critics have insisted on attributing the group's longevity and massive, global popularity not to great music, but to the pedestrian tastes of the masses.
For critics, the beauty of this approach is that they can say "I told you so" and drive the bandwagon for acts that go from obscurity to hugeness. And they can disown acts whom they've championed for years who simply never get off the ground. A good case in point is the career of Ian Matthews. Throughout the late 60s and all of the 70s, Ian Matthews (formerly of Fairport Convention and Matthew's Southern Comfort) was a critics' darling. Rolling Stone magazine, for one, loved him, but he generally sold only a middling number of records. Then, in the last Rolling Stone Record Guide, the authors sagely noted that Matthews' career had been characterized by indistinct covers of well-chosen songs and a general penchant for blandness. "The public rarely embraced him," wrote Rolling Stone, "and it now seems they were right." Hmmm.

Message: 20714 Posted: Tue Feb 05 13:53:16 2002 By: bruno
Subject: Spiteful reviewers

(I am sorry for my English)
the Band that composed A Horse..., Ventura Highway, Tin Man, Survival, ecc.. belong secure to history of Pop-Rock. The vacant criticism (critics) belong secure to stupidity.
(the article on chat folder is not my but is of Vincenzo D'Andrea young reporter of "Cittadino")
ciai all
ciao my friends Ingrid, Johnny Yee.
Grazie sempre a Steve; grazie a lui conosciamo the news about Dewey and Gerry and company of musical team.
Ciao Bruno

Message: 20713 Posted: Tue Feb 05 12:10:37 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: critics

To borrow a lyric from Gerry's song "Who Loves You," this is what I think about paid critics who are opposed to America's music and how much these critics know:

Who knows, who really cares?

Message: 20712 Posted: Tue Feb 05 11:47:27 2002 By: RichM
Subject: critics

I think most critics (music and literary) are sheep. Any artist that has been around for 30 years, has a worldwide following and is frequently covered or sampled by respected artists must be doing something right. It bothers me (as it seems to bother everyone here)when critics don't at least acknowledge this.


Message: 20711 Posted: Tue Feb 05 11:41:03 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re:Faraway places...

Very good Genevieve. Collioure suits me fine with its seaside setting and old buildings.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I also "travel" through the internet. For instance, I go back to Iceland every so often via the net.


Message: 20710 Posted: Tue Feb 05 09:55:58 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Faraway places...

You know it's part of the magic of internet to enable you to travel wherever you desire, & to open up the world to you. If you wish to, I can "invite" you for a visit of MY place, the small city of Perpignan in the south of France, & Collioure, a small town on the seaside very near my home, where I spend much of my free time.
Here are two sites where you can find photos & an English version of the contents. Hope you will enjoy visiting them.
Welcome to all my fellow America fans too.

Message: 20709 Posted: Tue Feb 05 07:41:02 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Faraway places...

...good to see all the folks from far away posting. These post, National Geographic, and the travel channel are about the only "traveling" I do these days. My wife, on the other hand gets around quite a bit with her job. Her 89 yr. old retired grandfather gets around in a big way too. He and my Mother-in-law are going to England and maybe France later this year. As for me, I'm waiting for my next issue of National Geographic...jb

Message: 20708 Posted: Tue Feb 05 07:33:39 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Spiteful reviewers

Having closely followed rock-and-roll and worked in a major daily newspaper newsroom (and been marginally friendly) with a pop music "critic" for 15 years, I have to hand it to these folks for one thing: they have found a way to earn a living peddling pure opinion. Of course pop music criticism is full of crap. Janis Ian was dismissed as a histrionic, whiny, "three parts Joan-Crawford" singer-songwriter for her unflinching introspection on 1975's "Between the Lines," yet Joni Mitchell was lauded for her "bravery" in going down the same road on the LP "Blue." America was dismissed as "ingratiating" and "whimpy," while, say, Poco and its offshoots were given an extra star per record for their legacy as "country rock pioneers," even as they cranked out one mediocre mid-to-late 70s LP after another. Rock criticism can still be fun to read, though, as long as we remember that we're all in on the joke. Like the lyric in Dewey's "Green Monkey" says: "Don't let the features you read control the tickets you buy."

Message: 20707 Posted: Tue Feb 05 06:25:20 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Tasteless critics (Jimbob)

Hey Jimbob,

No wonder<< what the NZ newspaper critic feels like, after slamming the DEFINITVE CD, only to watch it climb to the top of the charts here. And then, in two weeks the guys are here for 4 shows, 2 of which are in Auckland?!>>

He'll probably argue his way out of it , calling their success "another well organized commercial operation"-don't ask me how I know :-0
B4N -Genevieve.

Message: 20706 Posted: Tue Feb 05 03:47:47 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: jeff larson/spiteful reviewers

First off, yes Pat B, Im playing lots. Thanks. Thanks also for the info on Jeff Larson.Jeff B has very kindly made me a tape of a few Larsen tunes, which he is sending me. A great gesture from Jeff B and Im really looking forward to hearing it. On the topic of spiteful reviewers, as posted by Genevieve, I can say there was a time when I used to take the bad reviews and general dribble by these "critics" quite personally. Here was I, a young guy, having spent all my money on beautiful acoustic guitars, with an absolute passion for AMERICA, playing their songs in coffee places to people I didnt know. At times I thought, if critics think this music that I love so "wimpy" and other equally misplaced terms, what then, does it say about me? I dont worry about it now. I sometimes think critics feel a bit scared to say they like something if they have read other reports that are less than complimentary. Almost as if they fear ridicule from their peers. I read recently where it wasnt "cool" to like AMERICA. I mean, who came up with THAT? I wonder too, what the NZ newspaper critic feels like, after slamming the DEFINITVE CD, only to watch it climb to the top of the charts here. And then, in two weeks the guys are here for 4 shows, 2 of which are in Auckland?! I hope his newspaper has the good taste(that he doesnt have) to not send him along!

Message: 20705 Posted: Tue Feb 05 01:11:15 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Spiteful reviewers

Hi Bruno,
Just wanted to say I was happy to read your article, partly because it largely counter-balances a quite aggressive review written in July which I had read on the site. I hope reproducing it here won't hurt any of you, knowing that, of course, I got shocked as much as you will (certainly) be. But with the passing of time, I have started to realise how much those spiteful reviewers simply lack genuine or explicit arguments against America. They're just mixing Art, Culture & politics IMHO...
See the critic's questions in this article & get a personal opinion.

<< America, "Highway: 30 Years of America" (Rhino)

"Spanning three decades and nearly all of America's 23 albums," says the press release, "Highway contains 64 tracks in a three-CD boxed set that features the classic rock staples 'A Horse With No Name,' 'Sister Golden Hair,' and 'Ventura Highway,'" and, if one is writing on Independence Day as Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell are performing at Wellesby Park in Sunrise, Fla., one must ask two questions: What does it say about this country that this group has gotten away with recording 23 albums? And, to paraphrase Walter Benjamin, could even the dead listen to 64 straight America songs? >>

Message: 20704 Posted: Mon Feb 04 06:52:53 2002 By: bruno
Subject: thanks to Steve

thanks Steve to publish article of CITTADINO (CITIZEN); the fine tranlsation of article (Italian-English)is of GERARDO DI PASQUALE TEACHER of English at Italian school.
Affectionate Hi and Ciao to Steve, Johhny Yee and all Fans of Great America
ciao Bruno

Message: 20703 Posted: Mon Feb 04 05:48:49 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: off topic

Being a New England girl...I must echo Pat B.'s sentiments!!! It's been so long since we've had a Champion football team here in N.E.

To quote from Monty Python: "I thumb my nose in the Rams' general direction!!!"

Message: 20702 Posted: Mon Feb 04 05:39:07 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: off topic

Congratulations to The New England Patriots for winning the
Super Bowl. (I'm from New England) -Pat

Message: 20701 Posted: Mon Feb 04 05:36:13 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: jimbob--jeff larson

Jimbob- How is the guitar playing? Have you been practisting those inversions on Three Roses? Jeff Larson's got my recommendation. I have both of his CDs: 'Watercolor Sky' and 'Room For Summer'. If you like the Beach Boys, you won't be disappointed. I recommend starting with 'Watercolor Sky'. -Pat

Message: 20700 Posted: Sun Feb 03 16:57:02 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Excited

Yea Margaret!!! Your excitement is understandable.

I thought it was very interesting that the article Bruno sent mentioned AMERICA's upcoming tour to Australia and New Zealand! [Also thinking of Holiday (Pat), Jimbob, and Spurs]

Message: 20699 Posted: Sun Feb 03 16:46:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: An AMERICA Article From Bruno

Genevieve, it was my pleasure posting the translation! Thanks again to Bruno for sending it.

Message: 20698 Posted: Sun Feb 03 15:08:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: An AMERICA Article From Bruno

Click here to see a digital copy of the original article in Italian.

Message: 20697 Posted: Sun Feb 03 14:12:46 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: An AMERICA Article From Bruno

Thanks Bruno for sending this article & thank you Johnny for posting the translation here. I don't know if the sales figure is the exact one but 60 million records sold throughout the world should bring European concert promoters to consider booking our musical heroes at last !
As for me, I take this article as a new evidence that Europe holds an incredible potential in terms of fans, ready to rediscover America & as one of the many little signs that something GREAT is approaching.

"I can feel there's better days
Well, they're comin', they're comin'
I can see them through the haze
So can you ..."
BFN - Genevieve.

Message: 20696 Posted: Sun Feb 03 03:02:54 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Excited

We're getting excited on this side of the Tasman Sea too. It's only been 2 years and that seems a long time!

Message: 20695 Posted: Sat Feb 02 22:09:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: An AMERICA Article From Bruno

Johnny, thanks for typing in that article. I also received it in the mail today but I haven't had any time to type it in. If I get time tomorrow, I'll scan the original newspaper article and post it here. Thanks to Bruno for sending it to us. FYI - was the original web address of Oxygen Records (former home of the America Fans web site) but now it redirects you to (current home).

Message: 20694 Posted: Sat Feb 02 21:08:42 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: An AMERICA Article From Bruno

Fellow AMERICA fan Bruno Mautone sent me a photocopy of an Italian article about AMERICA that appeared in the "Il Cittadino" dated December 15, 2001. Along with it was an English translation. Here it is thanks to Bruno:

By Vincenzo D'Andrea

A number of articles published in "Il Cittadino" and in "Cronache del Mezzogiorno" has brought about a kind of twinship between this part of Italy and the mythical group called AMERICA.

In fact, the newspaper articles by Sergio Vessicchio and Vincenzo Barone published on the above mentioned papers and dedicated to Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, the two "virtuosi" founders of the group, have recently appeared on the group's American website that has been set up by Steve Lowry. Just think that George Martin, the one who managed the Beatles group, has for many years been the collaborator of the AMERICA group; this shows how important the latter group is worldwide in the field of rock and pop music. Who hasn't heard about their world famous hits, such as "A Horse With No Name", "Ventura Highway", "You Can Do Magic", and many more?

Gerry and Dewey are in perfect shape and as alive and kicking as ever, inspite of their 30-year brilliant musical career that has brought them to the limelight all over the world with millions of records sold; in fact, after a few years, they are back again on the very important "Billboard" sales list, which is the American "Bible" in the field of music. This is mainly due to their new CD that includes both old hits and new pieces, such as "Paradise" and "World Of Light". Their CD has been a great success in Australia and New Zealand, too, and a tour with many performances by the group has been planned in those far-off lands during the next month of February 2002. Moreover, the clever and popular Janet Jackson, sister of great Michael, has recently been inspired by "Ventura Highway", a piece of the AMERICA group, to make one of her great hits. We must not forget that one of their old LPs dating back to 1972 and called "Homecoming" has enabled the AMERICA group to receive the further award of the "Platinum Record," which shows that fans have continued to buy this LP over the years and over a million copies have been sold. In short, everything helps to make Gerry and Dewey mythical characters for their pleasant and charming music; to the delight of all their fans all over the world, it looks as though time never seems to go by for these two boys of 48 (...we not mean to be ironical when we call them "48 year old boys"...just think of Bob Dylan and Jagger of the Rolling Stones, who are well over 60!!). In Italy, too, AMERICA enjoys great success: Their records "Alibi" and "View From The Ground" were topping the list of the most sold records in the 1980s, and in 1982 their memorable tour of Italy was a really great success with concert halls incredibly full; in nearby Cave dei Tirreni there were no less than 20,000 people at their performance. About two years ago, their record "Human Nature" was first on the sales list in Spain, although it was not equally appreciated in America.

It is estimated that this mythical groups has sold over 60 million records worldwide; those who want to know more can connect with the website WWW.Oxygenrec.Com created by Steve Lowry, who lives at Orem, Utah, U.S.A.

******************************End Of Article*************************

SteveL, you hard worker, you! Two websites??? :0) THANK YOU BRUNO for sending the article! Ciao to you, Umberto, and your wife!!!]

Message: 20693 Posted: Sat Feb 02 10:41:30 2002 By: Angie
Subject: Dan's diary

Dan's diary today was very interesting and his final words about Dewey and Gerry/their relationship heartbreaking....

Message: 20692 Posted: Sat Feb 02 03:46:07 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson news

Very good Marshall. Hopefully acoustic guitars, dobros, etc. will be going full force.


Message: 20691 Posted: Sat Feb 02 03:28:02 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Double post

I often wondered why people double post, and Ive had a couple of drinks and just done the same! Listened to HUMAN NATURE tonight for the first time in a while, and isnt it so good? Then watched Musicladen. We are starting to get real excited down here I can tell you. 17 years is a LONG time to wait to see AMERICA again!

Message: 20690 Posted: Sat Feb 02 03:16:35 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Brian Wilson etc

Brian Wilson has got to be the best that ever was. He is the master and Gerry is close behind. Some of Gerry's stuff is pure genius; right behind Brian. There's so much talk of Jeff Larsen here, he must be great. Who else has heard him? Beach Boys style? Please let me know.

Message: 20689 Posted: Sat Feb 02 03:16:33 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Brian Wilson etc

Brian Wilson has got to be the best that ever was. He is the master and Gerry is close behind. Some of Gerry's stuff is pure genius; right behind Brian. There's so much talk of Jeff Larsen here, he must be great. Who else has heard him? Beach Boys style? Please let me know.

Message: 20688 Posted: Fri Feb 01 21:59:12 2002 By: Marshall
Subject: Jeff Larson news

From the website:

Jeff Larson In the Studio: A new solo CD is in the works with expected release in Spring 2002.

Some titles: The Place where I belong, Heavy Rain, Norman, Sparkle to It, faraway mary, changing colors, Watershed Girl, half moon bay, another slight addiction, ancient memory... and more.
Produced by Hank Linderman, except "Norman" produced by Gerry Beckley and Hank Linderman.

Tentative title: Sparkle

Now we will see a released recording of "Norman"!

Message: 20687 Posted: Fri Feb 01 20:12:07 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Brian Wilson - UK Tour

you lucky. Brian Wilson is a living legend, expecially in the songwriters world. His influence among artists is probably only matched by the Beatles. If you get a chance to see Brian Wilson live, do it. I often think of GERRY BECKLEY'S solo debut CD, VAN GO GAN as sort of his Pet Sounds, in that both were very personal & introspective to the artist & both were masterpieces for the ages.

Message: 20686 Posted: Fri Feb 01 14:15:48 2002 By: DavidM
Subject: Brian Wilson - UK Tour

Having seen America in Germany 2 years ago, 2nd ambition achieved this past week. Seen Brian Wilson and band in Glasgow and London. Superb concerts and the WHOLE of Pet Sounds played live. Brian was excellent and appeared to truly enjoy the concerts. All concerts totally sold-out and on Tuesday night, a standing ovation after every song.

Message: 20685 Posted: Fri Feb 01 11:05:51 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: sept.14-arizona concert???

Oopps!! I didn't mean to scare anyone...Sorry!

Message: 20684 Posted: Fri Feb 01 10:41:13 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: sept.14-arizona concert???

Boy Johnny, you are an astute schedule reader. I guess its easy to misread AZ or AR as each other, but Hot Springs is indeed in Arkansas, but every spring is hot in Arizona.

Message: 20683 Posted: Fri Feb 01 09:31:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: sept.14-arizona concert???

It's Arkansas instead of Arizona, isn't it?

Message: 20682 Posted: Fri Feb 01 07:27:07 2002 By: kade
Subject: Re: sept.14-arizona cocert

Steve- Thanks for the information and,as always, the quick response!!

Message: 20681 Posted: Fri Feb 01 06:51:46 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: sept.14-arizona cocert

Kade, I have listed it that way because the last concert list I got from Erin Edwards didn't include the Arizona gig but the Pollstar web site does include it. I hate to give false information so, until I can clear it up, I'm going to let people know that there might not be a concert on that date. The best thing to do is check with the venue.

Message: 20680 Posted: Fri Feb 01 05:53:39 2002 By: kade
Subject: sept.14-arizona cocert

Next to the sept.14 concert listing it says it may be cancelled.Anyone know why it is listed that way?

Message: 20679 Posted: Fri Feb 01 03:05:20 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: International visitors (Ingrid)

Thanks so much dear Ingrid for calling me "fair".
But as a Batgirl, what would you suggest to do about those RBNP Batmobiles??? LOL Basic Training? ROTFL

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