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Message: 21445 Posted: Sun Mar 31 23:13:28 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Gordon Lightfoot concert & America booking!

Hi Alan,
Thanks for the concert update, sounds like you had a great time~~Good! Neat that you were able to talk with him and get his autograph. Way to go suggesting they have AMERICA come there to perform a concert. My son goes to IUP college in Indiana, Pa, and AMERICA had performed here back in the 80's, I wasn't able to make that show because I was due with my baby at this time, so I had him mark their name down on the music artist suggestion form for there at the college. It would be so nice if they would come back there again for a concert... I would be there for sure! Have a great day!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 21444 Posted: Sun Mar 31 16:15:41 2002 By: Alan
Subject: GL Concert, etc.

Happy birthday Willie, and Happy Easter everyone!

Last night was the Gordon Lightfoot show I mentioned in an earlier post and it was excellent. My seat was so close to Gordon I could almost reach out and touch him (2nd row center stage). I could see every chord he was playing (which helped me to learn some of his songs that I've wanted to learn over the years). After the show, my wife and I waited outside the stage door for about half an hour. First, Terry Clements came out (Gord's lead guitarist for over 30 years). I shook his hand and told him what a great guitarist he was. I also commented that it was really remarkable that he had been w/ GL so long. He replied that it is really remarkable for a musician to have a job that long! We waited a while longer and finally Gordon came out. I shook his hand and told him how much his music has meant to me over the years (almost as much as America and Dan Fogelberg, but I didn't tell him that). He signed my box set and a ticket stub and we talked a bit (but not too long as there were quite a few other fans waiting). Just like our guys, GL and TC were extremely nice, down-to-earth guys - real people!

We got there quite early and I went up to the ticket booth sand asked if they took requests. They said "yes" and asked me who I would like to see. I told them America and Dan Fogelberg. One of the ladies behid the counter said "America? I didn't know those guys were still together!" I explained that they were, are still going strong and recording new material, and sound better than ever. She had me fill out a form and I included my name and phone number, w/ a brief explanation of how I could get them booking info if they were interested. I plan to follow up w/ a phone call or an e-mail sometime this week. Don't know if anything will come of it, but they seemed receptive to the idea. It's a great venue: small, excellent acoustics and not a bad seat in the house (and it's in Maine, and less than 2 hour drive!).


Message: 21443 Posted: Sun Mar 31 01:48:13 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Cool Link!

Hi everyone- just read a week's worth of posts sitting here in the "Capital Of The World" - New York City--- been working LONG days at my new job- I had a few months off (READ: unemployed) after becoming a victim of "corporate downsizing" and swore up & down to my friends that I was OUT of the TV News Business - that I've just had enough after 22 years (check out Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry") but now find myself back in the scene bigger than ever at the world leader in television news (I would never shamelessly plug the particular three-letter organization here!) Anyway, found this cool link so thought I'd share it it with you-- for those not in NYC (most of you) WABC radio is an AM station that used to play Top 40 in the 1960's and 70's (when the GOOD stuff was on right?) Sorry, no luck in posting this as a link, you'll have to cut and paste.
Note what song is #1-- Oh yeah, don't forget to scroll down. Apologies if any of the other NYC folks have already posted this! -Bruce

Message: 21442 Posted: Sat Mar 30 22:38:28 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Happy Holiday Everyone!

Hi Everyone!
I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday too! Enjoy time with Your Family & Friends! Happy Birthday Willie!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 21441 Posted: Sat Mar 30 21:07:23 2002 By: sylvain
Subject: New America DVD

Just finished looking/listening to the America DVD by Ohne Filter. Its just fantastic. It covered lots of my favorite songs. The artist bio was good. Could have done without the connector cable propaganda. Check out the other concerts they have on DVD. Also listened the to other DVD (MusickLaden). God, do I feel old now!

Sylvain from the Great White North.

Message: 21440 Posted: Sat Mar 30 08:38:13 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Holiday and Birthday Greetings

A high Five-Five to Our Man WILLIE LEACOX!
The Great Master, known by all, whose birthday this year falls on the Day of the Rabbit. He to whom all energizer bunnies bow in reverence... knowing his station will be forever unattainable by them.
Happy Holy Days to all.

Message: 21439 Posted: Sat Mar 30 07:14:07 2002 By: Steve
Subject: Happy Holidays!

I just want to wish all on the board a Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.

Message: 21438 Posted: Sat Mar 30 00:56:21 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Jim Croce

I love Jim Croce's "Time In A Bottle". I think that it's an amazing song. Although he didn't write it; "I Got A Name" is great song too. Speaking of story tellers, before he unfortunately passed away, I got to see Harry Chapin perform live and he told many interesting and humorous stories throughout his whole concert. ~Pat

Message: 21437 Posted: Fri Mar 29 19:24:21 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Duncanville...

Johnny, I was at the Naval air station Grand Prairie many years ago and remember some of the folks on the base lived at Duncanville. I was there about the time DALLAS came on television.

Also, your Brother likes one of my all time favorite songs....PAGES.

Message: 21436 Posted: Fri Mar 29 18:51:19 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Gordon Lightfoot


I have heard the story about RDQ and you're right, it IS hilarious. The story of Leroy Brown is (IMO) even funnier. I've seen concert footage on different specials on TV and he's told quite a few stories. Would LOVE to get ahold of some of that material. I do have Jim Croce: The Final Tour CD and it has some stories on it as well (some of which aren't appropriate for children). I'm sure I've only heard a fraction of his song stories, though.

As far as his son AJ, I've got his first 2 CDs and you're right, very bluesy. A couple of the songs on his first album were reminiscent of the Big Band era (Tommy Dorsey, Mitch Miller, Benny Goodman, etc...the stuff my Dad listens to). Very different than the music of his father. Good stuff, just the same.


p.s. I don't believe The Faces I've Been has ever been released on CD, but the 50th Anniversary Collection has all the songs from it on it (I think). It only has one story (actually, more Croce's philosophy on life) if I remember correctly. It has been quite a while sincve I've listened to it.

Message: 21435 Posted: Fri Mar 29 17:50:02 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Let's Hear it for VH1 Classics TV

Yep I saw it too and tried to do the same thing. I mentioned recently that (my guess for what it's worth) - on the strength of Complete You can Do Magic has been getting air play too.

Message: 21434 Posted: Fri Mar 29 16:33:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Holiday

Whatever holiday you celebrate, may you enjoy the blessings of your family and the love of your friends. Peace to all.

Message: 21433 Posted: Fri Mar 29 14:59:08 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Holiday

Also want to wish everyone a great Easter from France. Just hoping we'll eventually live in a more peaceful world, while so many lives are still being sacrificed everyday - Geneviève.

Message: 21432 Posted: Fri Mar 29 13:57:20 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Holiday (no, the America LP)

Just want to wish everyone here a safe and wonderful Easter and Passover to all my friends here on the board. Enjoy

Message: 21431 Posted: Fri Mar 29 13:39:29 2002 By: Steve
Subject: Let's Hear it for VH1 Classics TV

I got home from work yesterday afternoon,turned on the TV to VH1 Classics and couldn't believe my eyes,there was the video for "You Can Do Magic".Unfortunately I couldn't find a VHS tape soon enough to record it.I haven't seen the complete video in quite some time and it was great to see it.Keep up the good work VH1 Clasics

Message: 21430 Posted: Fri Mar 29 13:20:02 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Go Man GO

Wearing my "green" (actually it's brown) Go Man Go t-shirt at work today. Three people have asked me if it has anything to do with UPS.

Message: 21429 Posted: Fri Mar 29 09:25:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Cool Web Site about Cash Box charts

Mark, thanks for that information. I'll have to include it with the Billboard information the next time I update the web site.

Message: 21428 Posted: Fri Mar 29 08:48:19 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Cool Web Site about Cash Box charts

I found a really neat web site at:

(warning: sometimes it takes a while for the page to load)

It contains all the old Cash Box singles charts from the 50s through 1982 (data for 1983 and beyond is still under construction). Cash Box was a rival to Billboard in publishing national singles charts. I believe it actually started publication before Billboard and was a major source for national singles chart information from the 50s on through the 70s. During the 70s Billboard became the dominant chart publication. Up until the late 70s Cash Box based their charts strictly on singles sales rather than airplay. In the late 70s they switched to a combination sales/airplay formula similar to Billboard (this was probably in reaction to Billboard becoming the dominant publication). Cash Box's influence and readership continued to decline through the 80s and 90s and it eventually ceased publication in 1996. But in its heyday in the 50s, 60s and early 70s it was as wildly read as its rival Billboard, if not more so. I enjoyed looking through some of the old charts. It jogged the memory with songs that I had totally forgotten. You may enjoy going through it.

Steve has America's Billboard chart information on the America Fan's web site (both the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts). Here's how America's songs did according to the Cash Box charts, there is not a lot of difference in most of the songs, since you would expect that the songs that received the most airplay would also sell the most. The biggest differences are: Don't Cross the River, which only managed to make it to 35 on the Billboard chart but went to number 20 on Cash Box, Muskrat Love which peaked at 67 on Billboard but was a top 40 hit on Cash Box (perhaps the fact that it was released as a single several months before the Hat Trick album was released boosted the sales of the single which was what Cash Box was based on), and Amber Cascades which hit 75 on Billboard but barely cracked the Cash Box chart at 99. Also Dan's All Things Are Possible only hit 95 on Cash Box but made it to 78 on Billboard. Like I said, he only has data through 1982. Right Before Your Eyes peaked in early 1983 (it was a 56 at the end of 1982, but it was still climbing) and I'm sure The Border hit the Cash Box chart in late 1983 also.

A Horse With No Name -------1 (3 weeks)
I Need You ---------------- 8
Ventura Highway-------------8 (2 weeks)
Don’t Cross The River------20
Only In Your Heart---------58 (2 weeks)
Muskrat Love---------------33
Tin Man---------------------6
Lonely People--------------10 (2 weeks)
Sister Golden Hair----------2
Daisy Jane-----------------27
Woman Tonight -----------42
Today’s The Day------------24
Amber Cascades -----------99
California Dreamin’--------62
Dan Peek - All Things Are Possible--95
You Can Do Magic------------7
Right Before Your Eyes-----56- (incomplete data)
The Border-----------------??

Message: 21427 Posted: Thu Mar 28 23:19:12 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mesquite Photos Posted (Kim)

<<Don't you have Texas relations!>>

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. Just kiddin'! :0) Yes, a sister and two aunts who all live in Dallas. Well, one aunt lives in Richardson and the other in Duncanville which you know are suburbs of Big D...Richardson is for sure anyway.

Three of my four siblings have attended an America concert at least once. They're only familiar with America's greatest hits though. In '98 at the Albuquerque concert, one brother said the song he enjoyed hearing the most and for the first time was "Mirror To Mirror" and the other brother said "Pages" which was also heard by him for the first time.

Message: 21426 Posted: Thu Mar 28 18:57:51 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Gordon Lightfoot

Alan, Croce was a classic storyteller. I don't know if the album "The Faces I've Been" is on CD but it has a few of Jim's stories on it recorded right before he died. The "Roller Derby Queen" story is hilarious. By the way has anyone here ever heard Jim's son A.J.? Ive got a couple of his CDs and they are quite good. Very bluesy.DanC.

Message: 21425 Posted: Thu Mar 28 18:47:11 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: 70's artists

Chicago was a great band but I thought they lost their edge after Terry Kath's untimely demise. 25 or 6 to 4 rocked...DanC.

Message: 21424 Posted: Thu Mar 28 13:36:56 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Mesquite Photos Posted

Johnny - Amen to that!!! lol However, I am going to try to make the Norman OK concert later in the year. I already have my tickets for the Austin concert (3rd row). Maybe if they came to Next Stage in Grand Prairie you could make that one. - Don't you have Texas relations!

Ya'll have a great weekend and Easter!

Message: 21423 Posted: Thu Mar 28 13:04:03 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Halifax Herald Article

Thanks to Steve & Mark, a very nice article. That's the kind of journalism that we like.

"In these pages we consume. Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom ..." D. BUNNELL, G. BECKLEY

Message: 21422 Posted: Thu Mar 28 12:55:21 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Halifax Herald Article

Here is a link to an article that was released in the Halifax Herald prior to the America show there. Thanks to Mark De Clemente for sending me this link to a great article.

Message: 21421 Posted: Thu Mar 28 12:26:33 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: If there is an artist... and a word about "Fool's Gold"

Thanks for those corrections ... incidentally, I didn't mean for my posting to literally suggest that nothing else came between Windows & Walls and Exiles. It's just that I treated High Country Snows as I treated Twin Sons of Different Mothers -- as a trip down an eclectic side road, and one that I, personally, don't count among his traditional solo albums. I know it's a quirky distinction, but I've made it. Same for "No Resemblance Whatsoever" and the Christmas CD.

Message: 21420 Posted: Thu Mar 28 11:23:19 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mesquite Photos Posted

Nice pictures, Steve! I especially like the one with your son and daughter next to D&G's picture/poster.

Kim, too bad it wasn't Mesquite, Texas instead of Mesquite, Nevada!!! :0)

Message: 21419 Posted: Thu Mar 28 11:16:14 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: If there is an artist... and a word about "Fool's Gold"

Just for the record (pun intended), Fogelberg's LP with the blue cover isn't titled "Netherlands"...that's the country. It's "Nether Lands" as in the word "nether".

"Exiles" was not next after "Windows And Walls". "High Country Snows" was.

It's not Fool's Gold. It's Fools Gold...without the apostrophe in case someone plans to search for their music. It may make a difference.

Fogelberg co-wrote one of the songs from Fools Gold's self-titled LP. It's "Choices" not "Changes". By the way, one of the members of Fools Gold is Tom Kelly. He's pictured on the "Alibi" LP sleeve singing background vocals along with J.D. Souther and Timothy B. As we know, Tom Kelly also provided vocals on "View From The Ground".

It is correct that Fools Gold didn't perform any Fogelberg-written or co-written songs on their second LP; however, the sleeve credits Fogelberg with playing the lap steel and Andrew Gold with playing electric guitar. I also see three names on the sleeve that later became members of the group, Toto.

By the way, the winner of the Rhino/eBay auction is rumored to be from Germany. I guess time will tell.

(Happy Belated Red Oak!)

Message: 21418 Posted: Thu Mar 28 10:39:19 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mesquite Photos Posted

No, it's not easier to get photos when they do a casino show. In fact, the security guard came up at the beginning of the show and told me to put the camera away. I told him I had received clearance from the band to take photos to put on the America Fans web site and he said he would have to check. He talked to Bill Crook who was running the soundboard and then came back and told me it was OK for me to continue taking photos. But he wouldn't let anyone else in the showroom take any. The important thing to remember when taking photos indoors that you shouldn't use a flash. It is distracting to the band, to the surrounding fans, and isn't affective beyond 12-15 feet. I had a Sony Mavica digital camera which does very well in low light situations as long as I hold the camera still. As I'm sure you noticed, some of the photos turned out blurry because I didn't hold it still enough. I was in very tight quarters and everyone around me was singing and clapping so it was tough NOT to move.

Outdoor photos are easier because they have better lighting but whether or not you can take photos depends on the venue. I've been to some where they encourage it and others where it's not allowed.

Message: 21417 Posted: Thu Mar 28 09:19:43 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Mesquite Photos Posted

Is it easier to get pix when they do a casiono show? The times that I've seen AMERICA in theaters, they don't want you to take pix. That didn't stop me with the little Kodak, but maybe real easy to get pix when they play outdoors, Huh? Tx for taking such great shots and sharing.

Message: 21416 Posted: Thu Mar 28 08:58:53 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Sorry--last night's chat

I was really enjoying last night's chat when my computer monitor shorted out! ARGH! Piece of junk! Oh well, I have been looking at flat screens anyway. Hope to see you all next week!

Message: 21415 Posted: Thu Mar 28 08:39:41 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Thanks for the Photos & 70's artists

Hi Everyone,
Ijust checked out the pics,they leave me wishing that they were coming close by my way again....Thanks Steve for sharing these with us. Holiday~~You asked a good question there~~what is it that rises AMERICA'S music above all the others for us? Well I would think it is because we appreciate all of the qualities and more that we find in their music. Their songs can touch me down deep inside and I would definitely say I found a soulmate in them....I wouldn't want to picture not having their music in my life! Unlike you I was instantly hooked on their music at the age or 14, so they have been a part of my life for quite sometime..soooo nice! I look forward to introducing my grandchildren to their music, I may be the Hippest Grandma around LOL!!!!
Regarding Steve Perry and Oh Sherrie~~what a great song, I watched a Behind the scenes on he and Journey last summer, I had always wondered why they had dropped from the music scene. He has such a unique voice, it is a shame he felt he no longer had a place with this group, they sure had some good songs!
Thanks Alan for the the info on GL, I hope the concert will be a good one... WOW!!! Jim Croce what a loss there, can you immagine what great songs would have come our way from him if he hadn't died so suddenly, my favorite Time in a Bottle, but I also recall one called Photographs & Memories~~~such nice lyrics. What a legend he wrote in such a short time..... I went to the Chat room last night but I must have missed most of you.... I did get to talk to a couple people. Nice to meet you all! Have a good day! I really enjoy all of the postings! :)
Happy Easter to Everyone!
Bye for now Nancy

Message: 21414 Posted: Thu Mar 28 07:46:38 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Photos Posted

FYI - the Mesquite concert photos have been posted. Some turned out really good and some are really bad. Overall, they're OK. There are 24 of them so be patient waiting for them to all display.

Message: 21413 Posted: Thu Mar 28 07:26:54 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: 70's Artists

Appreciated all the discussion over the week - Fogelberg, Browne, Eagles, Taylor, Lightfoot (wow - love that guy, "Sundown" was my #2 favourite album in '74, after "Holiday", with each and every track a gem). It reminded me that my musical interest in US artists (and the Canadian GL) really burgeoned in that 1970 to 1975 period after 'discovering' CSN&Y with "Deja Vu" back in 1970. It is no wonder that I would eventually settle on 'America' as the enduring group in the bunch whose music has stayed with me down the years through my life changes. Who can put their finger on why their songs, above all others, still seem so timeless and meaningful? I was over 21 when the debut album made it to #1 (thanks cfhere for your updates on this recently). I was past my impressionable years, but I still know what chemistry attracted me then, as now. It was that elusive and infectious raw talent, simple and very transparent, expansive and thoroughly fresh harmonies that have always lifted my spirits above the trite and mundane routines of daily living. When music can lift the soul to another plane, you have found your musical soulmates!

On another tack, I have just heard a Steve Perry song from 1984. It is 'Oh Sherrie' from "Street Talk". It played on local radio today, so I rang up the station to get the above details. One call to my preloved record store, and I pick up the album on Saturday. Liked 'Oh Sherrie' - had not heard it before. Isn't Steve from "Journey" and a friend of Deweys?

Happy Easter all

Message: 21412 Posted: Thu Mar 28 07:25:52 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: If there is an artist... and a word about "Fool's Gold"

When you're right, you're right. Other artists I can think of (including the Beatles and, often, Don Henley) can also create a mood or touch a chord in me, but I wouldn't say they work the same side of the street as Dan F. and America.
Incidentally, and this may be old news on this website, but for those who don't know, there are a couple of "lost" Dan Fogelberg gems on a 1976 (I think) album by one of those 70s acts that didn't quite make it big, Fool's Gold.
One of the tunes is entitled "Love Me Through and Through," the other is entitled "Changes" (again, I think). The self-titled album is actually available as a Japanese import CD, and the vinyl can be unearthed (if you're lucky) in used record stores. I got mine for $1, and it's in pristine shape. When you hear these two tunes as performed by Fool's Gold, you instantly know they're Fogelberg tunes. in fact, Fool's Gold also covers Dan's "Old Tennessee" from Capture Angel on the same record. Reportedly, they were his backing band or support group or opening act at one time. Fool's Gold put out a second record, entitled "Mister Lucky," which also missed the commercial mark, but was pretty good. To my ears it was more rocking and more clearly a "produced" record, and I don't believe it contained any Dan F. songs.

Message: 21411 Posted: Thu Mar 28 07:12:20 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: If there is an artist...

...who can match America in terms of having that pure, wonderful, heart-breaking inner soul, it would have to be Dan Fogelberg.

This excludes The Eagles and Beatles, but anyone else would be fair game for comment and consideration.

Message: 21410 Posted: Thu Mar 28 06:43:47 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Windows and Walls vs. Exiles, & a word on America's "dark" stuff

It's interesting to me that, although Exiles is arguably as bleak or bleaker than Windows and Walls, I find myself returning to Exiles far more often than W&W. I think it's because Exiles, for all its bleakness, seems (to my ears) to contain more humanity and compassion in the writing. We've probably all been there (or close to it) in our lives, so the palpable feelings of human heartbreak, loss, emptiness, betrayal, etc., that surface on Exiles seems easier (again, for me) to relate to. Windows and Walls, by contrast, seems not real charitable to the human condition at large, painting (in broad strokes, granted) a picture of humanity as largely unhappy, untrustworthy, greedy, unwilling to take care of the planet and, ultimately doomed. And while that may, in some cases, be a fairly accurate assessment, the spirit-sapping lack of faith on display and the overall stridency is a tough listen for me anymore.
Incidentally, so I can say this posting has at least some ties to the subject of this chat folder, I would say there are comparisons to be made here with certain America records.
Hat Trick, for example, was a fairly subdued record, but it had a magic and a muted effervescence about it that I liked.
Certain tunes on Hideaway and Harbor, by contrast, seemed to my ears to be the sound of a band weary of the road, weary of each other and disillusioned in general ("She's a Liar," "Letter," "Can't You See?" "Monster," "Sergeant Darkness," "Are You There?"
Some of those songs are pretty enjoyable on their own, but the overall feeling I get listening to those LPs back to back is not unlike the one I get hearing Fogerlberg's Windows and Walls.

Message: 21409 Posted: Wed Mar 27 16:36:48 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

Join in tonights chat, beginning at 6 pm Pacific Hope to see you there.

Message: 21408 Posted: Wed Mar 27 14:04:06 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Gordon Lightfoot


My wife and I saw GL a few years ago in Portsmouth, NH and he was very entertaining and very personable. He actually took a request (I can't remember which song, but it was one they were going to do anyway, but he did it out of order of the playlist because so many people were shouting it out). He told some stories about how he got the lyrics for some songs before he played them, too (example: Song For A Winter's Night was written in Detroit during a thunderstorm). So we are really looking forward to seeing him again.

Speaking of storytellers, I really wish I could have seen Jim Croce in concert before he died. I understand there was a story behind virtually EVERY song he ever wrote and they were as equally entertaining as the songs themselves.

Nina, thanks for bring up the Taylor brothers' City Lights. I was wondering where to find it myself. I figured it must've been on one of Livingston's albums as it didn't appear to be on any of James'. Incidentally, guess who warmed up for America the first time I ever saw them in concert back in 78? None other than Livingston Taylor!



Message: 21407 Posted: Wed Mar 27 13:54:36 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: 70's artists and that "depressing" stuff from Dan


No doubt Dan had some "issues" to work through during the writing of the songs for W & W and Exiles. The funny thing is, my brother was going through a very painful breakup with a girl he really loved at that time, too. Consequently, he really related to those 2 CDs (particularly Exiles) and they actually helped him through those troubling times (kind of like listening to the blues, I guess. There's comfort in knowing there's someone else out there as miserable as you). Of course, once he was in the recovery stage, he couldn't listen to those CDs at all for about 2 years because they brought back all those torturous memories and feelings, but while he was actually going through it, they actually gave him an outlet for his depression.


Message: 21406 Posted: Wed Mar 27 13:16:39 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Who won?

Now that I'm employed it's possible that I could have that much money (to win) but I definitely don't enough vacation days to go. So, it wasn't me.

Message: 21405 Posted: Wed Mar 27 12:12:23 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: 70's artists and that "depressing" stuff from Dan

I, too, found myself wondering what motivated Dan in writing most of the "Windows and Walls" LP. Consider: the title tune, as you've indicated, ponders getting older in its most pessimistic light. But the negativity doesn't stop there. We have Dan pondering the folly of trust in "Loving Cup" (with its lovers in the backseat and wives waiting up), spinning yarns about an unsettled young man hurling himself toward death and taking an innocent waitress with him (Tucson, Ariz. Gazette); Dan pondering the impending demise of the planet (last track, second side) and on and on and on, with, really, no let-up in the gloom and melancholy. Even "Believe in Me" and "Sweet Magnolia," the disc's sweet romantic ballads, were twinged with loss and regret. Given what came next (the Exiles Lp), I think we can safely assume that Dan was experiencing some personal trials and, of course, that's gotta affect your art. But I rarely listen to the Windows and Walls LP because of its bleak and claustrophobic ambience.

Message: 21404 Posted: Wed Mar 27 11:53:37 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Who won?

"Wilderfarm" won bid $1,526 AMERICAn dollars. I'm thinking it might be Steve Lowry.

Message: 21403 Posted: Wed Mar 27 11:23:25 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Who won?

I see the auction has ended, so 'fess up, Who won?

Message: 21402 Posted: Wed Mar 27 10:05:52 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: 70's artists

Hi Everyone!
Robyn, I can remember seeing them in concert 2 times back in 1973 and they were promoting their religion at these concerts...I found their music captivating, but never really found their religion that way. My favorites of theirs were Hummingbird and Summer Breeze,and I'll Play for you. Neat that you saw Dash Croft, I had a major crush on him for sure... I wanted to mention another favorite song of mine of Dan Fogelberg's~~Scarecrow's Dreams, I listened to Windows and Walls and this song was kind of depressing, but I can relate to it in one way~~I'm sure every housewife feels this way at one time or another~~but I have to wonder what made him write a song about this? Funny! I also thought of another great influence in the 70's music that we haven't touched on~~~ Chicago~~ alot of great music from them.
Happy Belated Birthday Red Oak! Have a good day everyone! :)

Message: 21401 Posted: Wed Mar 27 09:46:37 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: James Taylor book

Incidentally, if you can handle the fact that it is at times bogged down by torturous (did someone say gratuitous?) thoroughness, the Timothy White book on James Taylor is a worthwhile read for those really interested in the man's career path and milieu.
I read White's opus on Bob Marley, "Catch a Fire," and found that his exhaustive research and clear desire to place Marley in a "bigger picture" was quite entertaining.
Same for White's book on Brian Wilson, "Nearest Faraway Place," although I thought it sometimes bogged down in its exploration of Brian's (and the Beach Boys) pedigree.
When all is said and done, I'm not sure I buy that James Taylor's body of work inevitably represents some sort of historical imperative, laced through with the (sometimes heard, sometimes unheard) echoes of his swashbuckling antecedents in castle-wall Scotland and among the trade vessels, rum-runners and pirate ships of yore, but White takes a helluva shot at making that case.

Message: 21400 Posted: Wed Mar 27 09:22:57 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Thanks, hekawi25!

i don't think you'll find the cd in stores anymore.
according to the web site you can order by mail at this address:
taylor music
p.o. box 620114
newton lower falls, MA 02462

the cd is $15 + $3 shipping. THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS BY MAIL!
ONLY CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS (credit cards are accepted for online

Message: 21399 Posted: Wed Mar 27 09:03:16 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: 70's artists

the mention of Seals and Crofts brought forth two memories.
ONe was that they played a gig at our high school to raise money for our maching band ( 15 guys whose "uniform" was a yellow K-mart windbreaker, pathetic!) They were also promoting their religion, but frankly the school needed the money!

Two- I was stopped at a stop sign and was fiddling with the radio in my ancient VW , Hansel, (so named because he left a trail of oil wherever he went) when I looked up, the car next to me was a hunter green jag, at the wheel Dash Crofts. He laughed and waved and sped off. They had a recording studio in San Fernando at the time.

Message: 21398 Posted: Wed Mar 27 08:56:39 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B (and "ocean" vs. sea)

Oops. Sorry for my top-of-the-head oversight regarding Dan's song "Longer." Geez, that changes everything. Now those greeting-card lyrics really shimmer.

Message: 21397 Posted: Wed Mar 27 06:52:13 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Thanks, hekawi25!

Thank you, hekawi25! I knew somebody would have the answer. Have you ever seen that Livingston Taylor CD in the stores? (I don't have a personal computer, and can't order from my school site.)

Message: 21396 Posted: Wed Mar 27 06:44:30 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: March 25, 1972

This date when they hit #1 is weird in that my birthday is March 25 & this was 30 years ago & that's when I moved to Denver. No wonder there is such an admiration of AMERICA on my part. Plus, I believe Willie is having a birthday this weekend. I need to buy some Powerball tx.

Message: 21395 Posted: Wed Mar 27 05:57:45 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Speaking of '70's artists

the song "city lights", livingston's duet with james taylor is on
his "life is good" cd and available from his web site for $15. hope this helps.

Message: 21394 Posted: Wed Mar 27 05:33:31 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Speaking of '70's artists

I have a question about a James Taylor song, and I thought "maybe" there's an aficiando out there who has the answer for me!

In the mid to late '80's there was a song that was getting quite a lot of radio air play in New England by James Taylor, and his brother, Livingston. I don't remember the exact name of the song...but it had something to do with "lights" or "city lights"?

I've searched both artists' albums for years, hoping I'd stumble upon it as an album cut...but I just never seem to find it. Does anybody recognize the song I'm talking about? If so, please post.



Message: 21393 Posted: Tue Mar 26 19:49:00 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America in Concert DVD

Just wanted to let everybody know that the DVD concert is now selling at retail! Talk about an awesome,intimate showcase for the guys!
In addition to the 15 songs,some of which have never been available "Live" before,are some bonus DVD features. they include an interview with the Producer,an artist biography,and something called "Sound tuning" which I haven't checked out yet. Unless you happen to own a bootleg copy of a show from the past few years,you can't find a current America show thats been domestically produced. Enjoy!

Message: 21392 Posted: Tue Mar 26 17:04:43 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Gordon Lightfoot

Hi Alan,
Thanks for the response! AMERICA's music is my firt Love! You are right about My Dear~~Dewey's voice does have a haunting effect in this song... I like Gordon Lightfoot's music also, I was listening to If you could read my mind Love on my Winamp collection of songs...and the song The Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald~~definitely a lasting effect from this song... I will be anxious to hear how you like him in concert. I had also wanted to mention the groug Seals & Croft and Jim Seals brother Dan Seals~~England Dan & John Ford Coley~~Lots of good songs from these as well. I recently got to hear Dan Seals solo effort, 2 beautiful songs I would like to mention~~ One Friend and You Still Move Me.... This was such a great time in music so many good songs, and so many good groups also.
Congratulations Gerry & Dewey on the 30th anniversary of A Horse With No Name going #1. Thanks for all of the great music & I hope there will be lots more to come!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 21391 Posted: Tue Mar 26 16:54:00 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

Holiday, 10cc is one of my all time faves. Really like "I'm Mandy (Fly Me)"," I'm Not In Love", &" Art For Art's Sake" among others. "Longer than there've been fishes in the OCEAN", HELLO...DanC.

Message: 21390 Posted: Tue Mar 26 16:19:48 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: AMERICA , 70's Artists and the effect of their music!


I really like My Dear from Your Move, especially the way Gerry's haunting backing vocals weave a counter-melody around the main tune. I agree w/ you about James Taylor, too. When mentioning 70's artists, he definitely deserves mentioning. Her Town, Too w/ JD Souther is an excellent song - one of my favorites of his. I also really love the song "Secret O' Life" from the JT album.

Another 70's artist I really like that I never see mentioned here is Gordon Lightfoot. I love his rich, smooth baritone voice and his Canadian folk/rock/pop (w/ an occasional nod to country music). Some beautiful melodies and lyrics. My wife and I are seeing him in concert in Orono, Maine this Saturday night. Second row, center stage. We've had the tickets for 6 months now and I can't wait!
Any other GL fans out there?


Message: 21389 Posted: Tue Mar 26 15:50:42 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: March 25, 1972

Well they finally made it 30 years ago today. Both A Horse with no Name and their 1st album both hit number 1 on Billboard's charts
this week up from #2.


Message: 21388 Posted: Tue Mar 26 12:59:32 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA's Holiday CD Producer

Andrew Gold, AMERICA's friend & new CD producer will be filling in on the Letterman show band today 3/26/02 per his Web site. By the way his father (no longer with us) is a famous Movie, TV composer, Ernest.
These guys know music !!!
"Oh what a lonely boy ..." A. Gold.

Message: 21387 Posted: Tue Mar 26 09:36:41 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Dan F vs Jackson B

I liked them both but I have to say I give the nod to Dan F due to the strenght of the Netherlands album. I love Part of the Plan, too. That is the album that Gerry and a few of the Eagles sang on... sorry if it's name has been mentioned already but I like that too.

Message: 21386 Posted: Tue Mar 26 08:22:52 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: AMERICA , 70's Artists and the effect of their music!

Hi Everyone! I have been enjoying all of the posts! AMERICA'S music first came out when I was teenager and at a stage in my life where lots of new doors were opening. All of their songs had so much meaning and I was instantly hooked for sure. The lyrics and the simplicity of the music in Head and Heart leave me breathless, I can remember listening to this song over and over again, as with so many of their other songs. Alot of the 70's artists music was good, I think we will all agree that these were all very good music artists. Maybe the reason all of their music had such an effect on us was because this was a time when all of us were just in high school, graduating, going to college or getting married and starting families. Most of the songs related to all of these events, and helped make the memories of these times more enjoyable. One more thing I would like to add about Jackson Browne, he and Timothy B. Schmitt did a version of Let it Be Me~~sooo nice! and he also did a version of Crazy Love with Mark Cohn which is also nice, I really liked the song of his called She's Got to Be Somebody's Babe! I really like his newer song Alive in the World~~such nice lyrics, much mature wouldn't you say then back in the 70's. Back to AMERICA~~I have to say I liked both Your Move & Perspective, sure it wasn't such deep lyrics as their older songs, but there are some good songs on these and nice music also, catchy music that keeps you humming them even if you don't know the words. I especially liked Honey from Your Move and what about Tonight is for Dreamers, this is also nice, on Perspective I liked Special Girl, Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye, actually I liked all of the songs on both of these. I must say when I heard HourGlass for the first time I actually cried, I loved all of the songs, especially Hope, Moment to Moment, and yes the lyrics on all of the songs are so nice, has that deep down inside effect on you, leaving you wanting more and more of them. Human Nature is so nice to, Young Moon~~definitely,all great lyric s and music,Gerry & Dewey's songs definitely haven't lost their way of touching you deep down inside where it counts. Sooo nice! I am surprised with all of the talk about the 70's artists that James Taylors name hasn't come up at all, he sure had some nice songs, my favorite Shower the People, Going to Carolina, You've got a Friend, and his song with J D Souther~~Her Town too.... Chris in regards to the group 10CC yes I know of them, I like their songs, I agree the song I'm not in Love comes to mind, even if you don't know all of the words, the music to this song sticks in your mind. I know before in one of my posts I mentioned the music artist SEAL, has anyone heard of him, Iknow his name is strange and some of his song titles sound like they are off of the deepend, but once I listened to his songs, I really had an eye opener, such nice lyrics really deep ones~~especially Newborn Friend, Prayer for the Dying, Don't Cry! I want to mention Kenny Loggins to and last but not least Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks!!!! I know we could go on and on, but thats the nice thing about music it something that is always there.....soooooo nice.... and yes I am ADDICTED to MUSIC for sure! I guess I rambled on long enough. Have a good day all! Bye Nancy :)

Message: 21385 Posted: Tue Mar 26 06:31:28 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: A post-script on writing "inspiration," America & music over words

Happily, I agree with the folks here who've said they sense a renewed inspiration in the songwriting of Dewey and Gerry. I found the Capitol period kind of depressing, for I had the feeling they were half the time being nudged in the direction of covering outside writers in the dubious quest for "hits" and airplay. The "Hour Glass" CD and "Human Nature," however, were bursts of reinvigorated writing from both Gerry and Dewey.
It's tough to compare this work with the strength of their early work because it came from another time and place. But, certainly, among songwriters in their "mature" years, I think the newer America stuff stands pretty well. Maybe, as someone else commented here, getting out from under deadline pressure and not having to dash off songs on cocktail napkins helps to refresh the muse.
As for Dylan, who knows? I think the man scammed us brilliantly the entire way with his "I"m the first one to put it to you and the last one to explain it" schtick.
Even his most surreal or seemingly tossed off lyrics, I tend to think, involved far more consideration than he ever owned up to.
As for melody, (and harmonies and atmosphere) who can argue? It's generally gotta be there, although, I must say that, even though I love 70 percent of the man's body of work, I sometimes find myself shoving a McCartney melody out of my head when it pops up because, soon after, the memory of the particular song's insipid lyrics comes flooding in.
P.S. A good example of how melody and harmony and musical ambience can run roughshod over any critical analysis of lyrics: the tune "Surf's Up" written by VanDyke Parks and Brian Wilson that landed as the title track of the 1971 Beach Boys LP (instead of on the much ballyhooed and never-issued "Smile" project. I mean, the song is absolutely gorgeous (to my ears). But, save for a snippet at the end, the lyrics don't make any linear sense at all.

Message: 21384 Posted: Tue Mar 26 03:34:23 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

< Maybe some of us (fans AND artists) are aging synchronistically >
< the questing to locate one's place in the scheme of things and the hunger to be heard are generally a deeper wellspring for source material >

I am enjoying your comments here TT and Speech. I also think Alan is right as regards America's "rebounding nicely" with Hourglass and Human Nature. I wouldn't go quite as far as to say that I could stand many of the HN songs up against anything from the first 5 albums. I don't see any Ventura Highway(s) or Sister Golden Hair(s) in there, but I do agree with both albums showing a writing maturity that comes more with having "done the miles". I think Dewey's writing in particular keeps getting better whereas his early songwriting years concentrated more on the melodies with the words a mere afterthought ... lol

Aging Synchronistically
Jimmy Buffett's humorous writing is matched with an eye for feelings of deep reflection - when he talks about his young daughter -

"She's growing up too fast for me
And asking lots of questions
Some I know the answeres too
And some I'm looking for suggestions" (Delaney Talks To Statues)
This was at a time when I was going through similar "daughter drama".

The Hunger To Be Heard
Many say that the Eagles album "Desperado" in 1973/74 showed a more poignant yearning of the spirit than their later albums when, as one critic said, the creativity well had run dry with frequent overuse of the room service bell in the Hotel California.... lol

As a final point, I like 10cc - anyone heard of them? I am basically attracted to their melodies. Graham Gouldman wrote jingles for a living and teamed up with some studio musicians to form the group. "The Things We Do For Love" strikes a chord lyrically, but it is the tune that we all remember. Overall the lyrics should match the power of the lyre, but I think the true test is the strength of the melody. After all, we can all hum a tune long after we've forgotten the words.


Message: 21383 Posted: Mon Mar 25 14:11:48 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: gettin' caught up

Have been away in Maui for the last 10 days. Great to read all the posts and looking forward to the new projects coming.

We had a great trip. We went with 5 other families, 23 people in all. Lots of fabulous snorkling, sun, too many mai tais, etc.etc.etc. On our last day we chartered a boat to go over to Lanai. Saw a pod of about a hundred spinner dolphins, had humpback whales surface very close to the boat, swam with sea turtles etc. But the highlight for me was when we were pulling out of the harbor the captain pushed in his mixed tape. First song? Horse With No Name. Everyone on the boat stopped talking and turned to me. One of my friends asked if I phoned ahead and requested America as the musical accompaniment for the trip. He (the captain) also had Ventura Highway and Tin Man on the tape. A perfect ending to a fabulous week and a half.

And we missed the week of snow and rain here!!!!

Now back to work tomorrow to pay for the damn thing.

Message: 21382 Posted: Mon Mar 25 13:52:13 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

While I agree w/ speechwriter about the waning inspiration of most artists, I have to disagree to a point about America. I think America's inspiration started to decline after Hearts and had its ups and downs all through the 80's (w/ Your Move and Perspective being their absolute low*), but I think they rebounded nicely w/ Hourglass and Human Nature. Perhap the amount of time between albums gave them a lot more time to let the inspiration come, rather than having to meet deadlines, but I would stand many of the songs from these albums (especially HN) up alongside anything they did on the first 5 albums in both musical and lyrical content.

* I realize that D & G were vitims of the record company on these 2 albums. But did they have material of their own that Capitol sacked to do mostly cover songs, or was part of it that they didn't have a lot of material of their own to draw from at the time? I don't believe that was really made clear.

Message: 21381 Posted: Mon Mar 25 13:29:21 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

I definitely got the point about disintegrating lyrics via time but there are still songs out there with NO lyrics... that are timeless. OK, call it a melody. Two artists whose lyrical evolution seem to me have 'come around' in a better way lately are Neil Young and (gulp) America. I'm talking about their latest works.

Maybe some of us (fans AND artists) are aging synchronistically.

Dylan also was in mind when I mentioned lyrics/melody but I was thinking that Dylans's words were always all so clear but that the musical arrangements were somewhat (beautifully) simple.

P.S. It's Jackson Browne, not Jackson Brown

Message: 21380 Posted: Mon Mar 25 12:56:15 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

Interesting observation. Incidentally, "Fountain of Sorrow" is pretty much the one Jackson Brown tune I'd put on a "desert island" CD of artists favorite work.
I hope you know I was speaking, with regard to why (for me, anyway) many artists' earlier work seems to burn more brightly, in the broadest of generalities.
Of course there are exceptions. And of course songs come together in all kinds of ways. For purposes of this discussion, I'm focusing on songs where the lyrics are intended to mean something.
I mean, many artists (Dylan, for one) are often inclined to be dismissive when asked by fans and writers about their lyrics.
I'm satisfied that this is often a necessary smokescreen to avoid (justifiably) being painted into a corner.
I still happen to believe that those who choose the singer-songwriter path care about writing lyrics and are trying to say something with them, and, perhaps, struggle to say something compelling later on, when life necessarily becomes more insular.
Even Gerry B., on Van Go Gan's "House of Cards," seemed to hint at having been more inspired early on with the lyric "The more I got around, the less I had to say."
That rueful theme of pure inspiration lost also seems to pop up again on Van Go Gan in "Only a Kid at Heart" ("Started out as a bedtime story, turned into a fight for glory").
Again, for me, the roll call of enduring singer-songwriters whose writing in the later work paled by contrast to the earlier material includes:
Dylan, Springsteen (notwithstanding Tunnel of Love), Rod Stewart (pre-bubble-head days), McCartney, Lennon, Billy Joel, Neil Young, Janis Ian, Elton John (John-Taupin), Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Brown and, gulp, even Gerry and Dewey.
Everybody I just named up there showed me, through the potency of their writing styles, the power of words and inspired me, at a young age, to choose writing (albeit in a different context) as a career.
Without great melodies and an original musical vision, they wouldn't have scaled the heights they did. But no one can convince me their words were just tossed off and not meant to be heard, absorbed and considered.
P.S. Extra kudos to Springsteen for admitting, very early on, that lyrics were as vital as the tunes in many cases.

Message: 21379 Posted: Mon Mar 25 12:35:04 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

<<"They are actually doing cover songs of their former selves.">>

Quite true. G & D are into their late 40s-early 50s, and they're still playing songs they wrote while they were teenagers. It must be quite a challenge for them (or any artist) to be playing the same songs all these years and not get bored or tired of them. Let's see, they've been together for 30 years and they do something like 200-or-so gigs a year. That's playing songs like "Horse With No Name" aproximately 6,000 times!!! For these guys to still be playing the same songs live and making them sound great, after all these years demonstrates their commitment to professionalism. An interviewer once asked Tony Bennett if he ever gets tired of singing "I Left My Heart In San Francisco", and Tony's reply was "Each time I sing that song it's like I'm making love to a woman. And don't ever get tired of making love." ~Pat

Message: 21378 Posted: Mon Mar 25 11:53:36 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

Totally enjoying your reflections. For me, not much else comes close to Fountain of Sorrow as far as digging into one's own soul goes. Dr. My Eyes is kinda catchy, too. Regarding songs, assuming they are composed of both melody AND lyrics, whos's to say which component dominates? There are many great, popular, perenial songs out there where the lyrics make absolutely no sense to the average listener but sound great and are inspiring. Same can be said for those songs with killer lyrics (some would say poetry put to music) but with banal or very simple melodic/musical structure. I think one element balances the other and when both elements tick, the song becomes more than a classic.

The theory of an artist going through their own personal evolution and arriving at a different topic later just because they have 'made it' (or 'arrived') and their issues have changed (evolved or not) doesn't seem to cut it performance-wise in light of the great performers/actors that can sometimes do a cover of someone else's work with more power/emotion than the original. It may be that they peaked in their writing, however, the original artists can still always call the material their own.

That's what concerts are for. At any given moment, the artists can still do their old classics that were put together at peak-time but always make it better. They are actually doing cover songs of their former selves.

Message: 21377 Posted: Mon Mar 25 09:21:25 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hat Trick, Hackneyed prose, Fogelberg & those "fishes in the sea"

Holiday, I liked your philosophy on lyrics. Dunno how I feel. Overall, I tend to agree. For example, in a pastiche like the song "Hat Trick," which seems to have been recorded with a deliberately "surreal" quality to it, I don't think the words matter anywhere near as much as the overall musical feel. Therefore, in that context, the words, "As long as there are fish in the sea, have a cup of tea" sorta fit the absurdist bill -- not unlike Alice in Wonderland or somesuch.
However, in a song like Dan Fogelberg's "Longer," a classic bit of man-and-guitar folk ballad where the voice and the words are way up front, "Longer than there've been fishes in the sea" sounds trite, even silly.
And when I consider that this man once wrote lyrics like those to "Stars," "Comes and Goes" "The Last Nail" and "Sketches" to convey the same sentiment, such hackneyed writing (whether intentional or not) irks me that much more.
So, maybe a good lyric can't salvage a weak tune, but it can certainly make a bad song worse.

Message: 21376 Posted: Mon Mar 25 07:01:43 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B

Whether we're talking about hits or LP tracks, I suspect one of the reasons that early writing by successful singer-songwriters tends to be more inspired is that the pain of human relationships we all experience in one way or another, the questing to locate one's place in the scheme of things and the hunger to be heard are generally a deeper wellspring for source material. And they are the areas most average listeners are going to most readily relate to.
Once one has "arrived," I suspect relationships tend to become more unreal (compared to those of the average person), and looking after money, acquiring the various, dreamed-of material perks and dealing with travel itineraries, hotel rooms, trains & planes, backslapping DJs and A&R types, well-meaning fans, etc., is not nearly as rich a source of song material.
I recognize, of course, that this "success syndrome" has inspired some brilliant work in and of itself.

However, I imagine that, generally, the experience is as Dan Fogelberg wrote in the song Netherlands:
"Where do you go when you get to the end of your dream?"
One road, of course, is to turn your gaze outward onto the world of society, politics, foreign policy, the state of the globe, etc.
To my ears, though, a little of this stuff goes a long way.
Dan's dogmatic songs about the environment and the state of our cities, for example, are to me his least interesting.
And I think the testimony here has been that most folks tended to listen less after Jackson Brown entered his "political" phase and stopped writing the intensely personal songs he was writing in the 70s, like "Fountain of Sorrow."

"You were turning around to see who was behind you/And I caught your childish laughter by surprise/And at the moment that my camera happened to find you/There was just a trace of sorrow in your eyes ..."

Message: 21375 Posted: Sun Mar 24 16:03:01 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Jackson Browne - Henly & Frey

Actually Henley & Frey do backing vocals on quite a few earlier JB songs as well(The Late Show and For A Dancer on Late For The Sky, to name a couple). Although not officially part of the band,JB and JD Souther were very instrumental in getting The Eagles started. They helped write a lot of their songs and contributed instrument playing and vocals on many of their early albums. So it stands to reason they would return the favor (they appear on JD Souther solo albums as well). In fact, Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Browne, JD Souther & Joe Walsh (long before he became an Eagle) all hung out together a lot back in the 70's and played and sung on each other's albums.

In fact, it wass through the Eagles that I became acquainted w/ those other artists. I was a BIG Eagles fan and used to read the credits of every album. At the time, I hadn't really heard of any of the other artists, but when I saw albums by these other artists, I would give them a try. Captured Angel was the first Fogelberg album I ever heard and I fell in love w/ it instantly. Netherlands was the first I ever owned and loved that one as well. Because of The Eagles, I now own every album by all these artist (w/ the exception of a couple Joe Walsh albums). And of course there are 2 indirect connections to America (that I know of - maybe more): JB toured a lot w/ America and Gerry Beckley played guitar on DF's Place In The World For A Gambler. Oh yeah - even though he joined the Eagles on their last studio album, Timothy B. Schmit has sung a lot of backing vocals on America albums.

Message: 21374 Posted: Sun Mar 24 13:59:12 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: March 23, Lac duFlambeau Show

Great review Beth! Concerts for 4 straight days probably hurt their voices. Maybe better this August in Oshkosh. That wonderful midwest humidity in August will soothe their pipes. Thanks for sharing with us fans your experience at an AMERICA shindig.......

Message: 21373 Posted: Sun Mar 24 08:49:16 2002 By: Beth
Subject: March 23, Lac duFlambeau Show

Ooooh! What a show! High Energy, as always. Woodz in rare form with screaming leads, Dewey killer leads on Woman Tonite, Gerry pure guitar licks on just about everything else! Both guys struggling to reach the high vocals, but came through fine. I could see them both straining all evening, however. Am thinking our wonderful cool temps were playing havoc. We were seated in the second row, roughly 30 feet from the stage. Works for me!! My brother and I were playing “who can name this tune first” and I won, only because I knew more of the later stuff than he did! We both misnamed Tin Man for Sand Man, silly us! I started keeping a set list about half-way through, may have forgotten some tunes, forgive me, I was pretty well staying in the moment. Shorter show than I would’ve expected for the “second show”, but still plenty of excellent moments!
Riverside (of course)
Don’t Cross the River
Daisy Jane (orginal lyrics)
I Need You
Beatles’ Tune
Baby It’s Up to You
Tin Man
Woman Tonite
Only In Your Heart
CA Dreamin’ (Dewey really struggling, but shining through wonderfully!)
Lonely People – complete with Gerry on harmonica! Afterwards, quipped “I don’t really play the harmonica, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Select last night.” To which Dewey responded, “Aaargh.”!
Never Be Lonely – one of the few I don’t have other than the old vinyl, every time I hear them play it live I swear I’m going to score VFTG on CD! Gets stuck in my head for days afterwards! Killer Guitars on this tune!! You can see they have an absolute blast playing it!
Sand Man – this song live is so incredibly powerful. No words to accurately describe the emotions.
Sister Golden Hair-complete with lively crowd participation!
Encore was, of course, Horse – guest player was a young man they called Ryan. He did guitar and back up vocals, always great to see new blood!
Here we were disappointed they only played one song, last time we saw them they did another half-set worth of songs for our encore.

Afterwards, we only caught Dewey to sign autographs. Gerry was hiding. We heard later from some fans that he was still inside the room on stage, they went in and snagged him. We didn’t do that, but did wander back and mingled with Willie Leacox for a spell.

I hadn’t told my youngest that I was going to see America, because I couldn’t take him with me to the Casino – no one under 21 admitted, period. When I did tell him, about an hour before we were taking off, his response was a good-natured, “Aw Mom! You suck!” I promised him a shirt and an autograph, scored the white/black baseball shirt for him.

Didn’t get any pictures, again, silly Casino rule – no cameras, period. But we did spend several moments chatting with Dewey afterwards.

My brother and I are now even more resolved to catch the next show, as we have incomplete autographs, missing Gerry. We both had Dewey sign our America (the 1st) CD covers, I also had Dewey sign my Human Nature cover, and Jeff had him sign his History cover. Jeff really enjoyed being up so close, as a guitar player he was greatly interested in watching the chord changes. He kept shaking his head in awe. “So many…..” I really wish my son Justin could’ve come, he would’ve loved the electric guitar riffs. Jordan would’ve been out of his mind when they played CA Dreamin’, that’s one of his favorites, as well as Sand Man.

So now it’s my mission in life, to get to a show where I can bring my sons along, and to be good & close to the stage!

Message: 21372 Posted: Sun Mar 24 07:40:01 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: A little bash opened some eyes

Had a little bash at my house last night with the neighbors and several of them are in their early 30's some are around my age 44(ouch) - Anyway I played my America Rock -n- Roll Cd where I alternate a rocker with a ballad. Everyone there knew the boys, of course but mostly for the hits - A "funny" thing did happen. As they say Dewey is better known for the outside songs and Gerry for the inside but When the songs playing a lot of people loved Garden of Peace and She's Gone (a Dewey slow song and Gerry fast one) - By the way I start with Riverside of course and go to Sgt. Darkness, Don't Let It Get You Down, Daisy, She's Gone, Today's the Day, Jet Boy Blue, Moment to Moment, Hot Town, Garden of Peace, I Do Believe in You, Tomorrow, In the Country, I Need you, Green Monkey, To Each his own, Foolin', World Alone, Company and All My Life. People told me they loved it and I told everyone this is just truly the tip of the iceberg for them and I could have made many more.

Message: 21371 Posted: Sun Mar 24 07:10:56 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Robyn and SteveL


Wow - JB and America on the same billing - you were lucky to have had a chance to see them both at the one show. JB and our guys are well known to each other, or so I have learnt over the years - probably from their touring years together. Gerry gives JB credit for a lyric change to "SGH". Crosby/Nash/Henley also appear on some of JB's albums. David Crosby and Don Henley do backing vocals on that track "All Good Things" from "I'm Alive" that I mentioned. By the way, the lyrics are: "All good things got to come to an end" ... and I do not doubt that songs like "Take It Easy", "Doctor My Eyes" and "Running On Empty", all good songs, have also come to an end - as well as these posts on JB .... LOL


Thanks for all the "New Stuff" ... don't you ever sleep? .. ha ha
I am grateful for your posts re Mesquite and the news about "Horizontal Fall". You mentioned that Gerry has/will be writing more songs that may make it on to the album as he wants to be able to choose from a large number. Can you tell us if he is planning to do any covers of other artists material or if anyone else is helping him with the songwriting for this album?

I agree with the sentiments here

Message: 21370 Posted: Sun Mar 24 06:00:38 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Norman Lyrics and Other New Stuff

Check out the What's New section of the America Fans home page for a link to the Norman Lyrics, a sounclip of Norman from Jeff Larson's forthcoming CD, a photo of the Dutch 45 single cover of Cast The Spirit/My Dear, a new museum entry, and a couple of new fan biographies.

Message: 21369 Posted: Sun Mar 24 05:29:16 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Dan F vs. Jackson B


Yes, I must admit that I went back to "Im Alive" recently after leaving it on the shelf for a few years. After a few plays I found that it grew on me too. The title track and "Take This Rain" are my favourites but the album is very even throughout. Same story with Van Go Gan - the whole album has grown on me, even though I only liked one or two songs on first hearing.

I don't believe there are too many artists who can keep putting out songs that live up to the standard of their earliest hits. Gerry and Dewey have done a first class job with "Hourglass" and "Human Nature". How much harder must it be for a solo act to maintain the pace - as Jackson himself says in "All Good Things" :

Now as the dark gathers into the sky
And legions of might go thundering by
Regions of light grow dim and then die
And we with our wings
Wait for morning to fly


Message: 21368 Posted: Sat Mar 23 14:11:52 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re:Dan F vs. Jackson B


I know "Looking East" and "I'm Alive" were heralded as a return to his roots, I guess I was disappointed, because to me there were no Fountain Of Sorrows or For A Dancers on either of them. To be honest, I have probably only given each of those CDs one or two listens. Maybe I'll get them out and give them another few listens. After all, many albums that have been very unimpressive to me on first listen have ended up being some of my favorites in the long run. One good example is Van Go Gan. My first impression was "ho hum", but the album has grown on me over time and is certainly among my favorites now.

I guess I was so turned off by the stuff JB came out w/ after "Running On Empty", that I probably didn't give it them a fair shake (You've got to admit "Lawyers In Love" is quite a fall from "Late For The Sky"). Again, after having them referred to by critics as a return to his roots, I guess I set my hopes a little too high. Like speechwriter said, perhaps it is unfair to hold artists to the same standard as their earlier works.

I'll dig both those CDs out and listen to them a few times and I'll let you know if I change my opinion about them after a fair evaluation. Fair enough?


Message: 21367 Posted: Sat Mar 23 12:10:09 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re:Dan F vs. Jackson B

Funny thing, I was introduced, so to speak, to Jackson when he opened for America. I still find his earlier work to have much more soul to it. Running on Empty was a brilliant concept, Live versions of new songs. Favorite bits from that album ( listen carefully) The guy who screams "Play what you want" at the very beginning, and Kunkels stick breaking during "You love the Thunder" he barely misses a beat! You hear it break and he must grab another stick almost instantly. Reminds me why seeing them live during that time was so amazing.

Message: 21366 Posted: Sat Mar 23 07:02:15 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re:Dan F vs. Jackson B

ummmm, sorry to be overactive here tonight, but I can't let this one go to the

While it is a personal thing in each of our lives, "I'M ALIVE" (1993) and "LOOKING EAST" (1996) ain't too shabby. The two "J.B's" (Browne and Buffett) remain my enduring favourites for American solo artists. Jackson is the serious one of course, but I think that he is still writing fantastic material. "SOME BRIDGES" and "BARRICADES OF HEAVEN" are stand out songs on "LOOKING EAST" , the former song achieving quite a deal of airplay Down Under. I would be over the moon if AMERICA was able to achieve similar airplay here with all new material.

Message: 21365 Posted: Sat Mar 23 06:36:04 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Dan Fogelberg vs. Jackson Browne

On the subject of Dan F's music, speechwriter and several others here have commented on how his post-Innocent Age albums were a lot weaker and that he tended to write less personal songs and deal w/ more global themes. Another criticism is that his later works tend to be slick and polished, giving it a more "poppy" sound.

While I can't refute these criticisms, I don't think Dan did that to nearly the extent of Jackson Browne. I at least like the vast majority of Dan's later works and appreciate how he has grown musically, embracing more genres of music that weren't as influencial on his earlier songs, such as jazz and blues.

Like DF, Jackson Browne's earlier music was deeply personal and introspective and also spoke to me. As far as I'm concerned, though, the last greeat album JB ever released was "Running On Empty". "Hold Out" was a much weaker album but still had some redeeming qualities. IMO, his music went RAPIDLY downhill after that. Both the music and the lyrics became shallow and trite compared to his earlier works. He also spent a lot more time tackling political and social issues, which is OK, but I feel most those songs came across as preachy. And when I listen to music, it is so I can enjoy it, not be preached to.

While I give my post-Innocent Age Folgeberg CDs a fair amount of listening, I almost never play any JB albums after Running On Empty, even though I own them all.

My 2 cents worth.


Message: 21364 Posted: Sat Mar 23 06:28:35 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Lead Vocal On Dan's Songs

Thanks Margaret - I'll take that as read, as you must be the all time record holder in attendance at America concerts Down Under ... lol. Borders have sold all "TCGH" by the way. My wife is in Bali at the moment with my orders placed, so we'll see!

Funny how the detail of memories of THAT Feb 25 concert are fading already .... not that I will forget it in a long time, but I was thinking today that it's been almost a month now, and when I was trying to recall who sang lead on the Dan songs ... ah well, put it down to a few dead brain cells .... lol. I wonder how the guys decide these things?. I recall that Dan claimed that he had the highest of the 3 voices - I would have thought Gerry would come close - with Dewey preferring the lower ranges. Dewey sang lead on California Revisited on Hourglass and his range suits Lonely People. I can only add "DCTR" (Gerry lead) and "Woman Tonight" (Dewey sings lead I think) to the playlist - is that all the Dan songs that survive in concerts?

Message: 21363 Posted: Sat Mar 23 01:06:25 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Lead vocal on Dan's songs

Chris, Gerry sings Don't Cross the River. Some time ago, Brad used to sing it.

Message: 21362 Posted: Fri Mar 22 22:07:38 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re:Three Roses & Hat Trick

Thanks jimbob and Robyn - also, re Hat Trick I shouldn't have relied on memory (I've got too many these days... lol) as it is Dewey's line about "....have a cup of tea". I think he was having a gentle stab at the English tradition of fixing everything by drinking tea ... ha ha - it's just a thought. Listening to Hat Trick again this morning, it is Gerry who seems to have crafted the majority of the song. Certainly, his lyrics stand out with lines like "Just a little of nothin'" and " ... can't unread the pages I've already read". At least I think those are the lines - my German CD has some really weird song lyrics inside. For example it says ".... I cannot read the pages I've already read"

I often mixed up Dan's and Dewey's voices on their songs in the early albums - not knowing which face to put to each lead vocal didn't help. I am fairly sure though that Dewey takes the lead vocal on Dan's songs in concerts - is that right?

Message: 21361 Posted: Fri Mar 22 16:14:17 2002 By: Beth
Subject: Can't Wait!!

Hi Good People! This time tomorrow I'll be making my way to Lake of The Torches to see our guys!!! I'm so excited!!! I called WAY early for tickets so we are seated at Table #3 woohoo!! I saw them in this same venue three years ago, they came out after the show and mingled for quite awhile signed autographs. I had them sign an America shirt I had bought that evening. I'm thinking this time I'll bring something along with me for them to sign. I'm thinking I'll bring the first album cover, and the latest CD cover. Sound good?

Message: 21360 Posted: Fri Mar 22 14:40:59 2002 By: kiri
Subject: hey johnny

johnny, could you please e-mail me? i have a question for you.

Message: 21359 Posted: Fri Mar 22 14:19:41 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Dan Fogelberg will be in New York

And I won't be able to see him :( He is going to be in Westbury on June 7, at the Westbury Music Fair, the same exact place that America plays at so often. I'll be in the middle of my cross country drive (New York to the West Coast), so I won't be able to catch him.

Message: 21358 Posted: Fri Mar 22 13:37:56 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Mesquite Epilog

We're not worthy....just kidding. All of this is good news. Will America consider sound clips on the Christmas songs later down the line? ...still can't get over how good "Norman" sounds. The guitars sound great on "Halfmoon Bay" too.

Jeff B.

Message: 21357 Posted: Fri Mar 22 13:03:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Three Roses & Hat Trick - Kiri

>>I love Hat Trick and one day I hope to be able to
work out what the guys are actually singing about in the song besides Roseberry Topping being a place<<

I always think of it as their version of "A Day in the Life" The songs are unrelated snippets, vignettes if you will, tied together by three fine songwriters. Read Gerry's comments about it that Steve has kindly appended to the lyrics page.

Message: 21356 Posted: Fri Mar 22 11:20:09 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Three Roses & Hat Trick- Kiri

Hi Chris; according to the notes on THREE ROSES, it is Gerry playing lead. I was thrilled to see how much lead playing Gerry does in concert. The LIVE IN CENTRAL PARK film has him playing very little lead.

Message: 21355 Posted: Fri Mar 22 08:23:36 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Three Roses & Hat Trick - Kiri

ok - what's the connection? Notice how Three Roses is the third track on the debut album? hmmmm - actually, I was thinking about Kiri's question ...... and it has made me wonder:
<<been listening to the guys all day and "three roses" just ended...i know gerry does the solo at the end of that song in concert. did he on the album? >>
I've listened again and I think it is Dewey all the way on lead. By the way, I always hear Dewey saying "Three roses were bought, will you be mine?" along with "with you in mind" .... I think they also change some lyrics in live performances. Dewey does a great job with the Dan Peek songs too - I loved "Lonely People" at the Sydney show with Dewey's voice coming through so strong.

As for Hat Trick, the other "three" in my Subject line - I couldn't help laughing when I read Speech's:

<<I'm sorry, but for me, it's a long way down the inspiration slide from lyrics like those to "Longer than there've been fishes in the sea." >>

... I immediately thought about Hat Trick's ..." as long as there are fish in the sea, have a cup of tea ...." I guess that the "cup of tea" and the strong melody make the rest of the lyrics as inconsequential as they are incongruous. From memory, these lyrics are Dan's and are as obscure as many of the lines in Hat Trick (the song). I love Hat Trick and one day I hope to be able to work out what the guys are actually singing about in the song besides Roseberry Topping being a place .... LOL. I guess my point is that the melody makes the song, carries the song and makes the song stick in your mind - not the lyrics. They can make a great song better, but they can't make a poor song great.

Message: 21354 Posted: Fri Mar 22 07:28:39 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Mesquite Epilog

Thanks for all the great info Steve. We've got to get you to more shows ! You should think about the Southern Cal. 2 day Anaheim/San Diego extravganza in June. It is a smashing 2 day event of 100% AMERICA.

Message: 21353 Posted: Fri Mar 22 06:35:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Epilog

It has been a week since we left for Mesquite. We have fond memories of the great time that we had and look forward to doing it again in the future. We were excited to learn a little more about "Norman", the Christmas album, and "Horizontal Fall". What do we have to look forward to? First of all, "Norman" will be released on Jeff Larson's new CD this summer. In honor of that I'm going to create a "Norman" web page complete with Gerry's finalized lyrics. We have a Christmas album with 4 newly written songs which should be available around Thanksgiving. And we have the anticipation of Gerry's "Horizontal Fall" which should be fantastic when you consider that he'll be choosing THE BEST of 30 or so songs. Oh yeah, one final thing. I have about 20 or so photos from the concert which I'll be posting. You can look for the "Norman" page and the photos sometime next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Message: 21352 Posted: Thu Mar 21 20:32:39 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Dan Fogelberg on CD

yes I have it on CD!

Message: 21351 Posted: Thu Mar 21 19:32:54 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Fogelberg, Captured Angel, and the slow, slippery slide

I hate to be technical but the words are "Longer than there've been fishes in the OCEAN". I'm kinda partial to the song "Illinois". That's my last word on Fogelberg other than he will be in Peoria Il on June 11. Phantom/Mar.23rd,McCartney/Apr.11,Tommy James&the Shondells with the Turtles/June 1st,Fogelberg/June 11th,America road trip/July 3rd...Wow it's gonna be a busy next few months.DanC

Message: 21350 Posted: Thu Mar 21 19:02:21 2002 By: kmar
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg

Hey Howard,
Are you saying you have that concert on cd? Fill me in- please! thanks, ken

Message: 21349 Posted: Thu Mar 21 18:42:11 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Dan Fogelberg

Out of all the Fogelberg concerts that I have (6) I seem to always listen and favor the 1976 Concert which was recorded off of FM radio broadcast from Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, California. IT's Dan Fogelberg and friends friends (Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Don Felder, Richard Bowden and Fools Gold)
here's the song lineup:
Disc 1:
1.Now the show begins 2.stars 3.crow 4.old tennessee 5.I was never much 6.Instrumental 7.Looking for a lady the morning from half mountain 10.what in the world 11. Illinois 12. morning sky 13.captured angel 14.comes and goes
disc 2: time 2.I will run 3.Anyway I love you 4.big bad john 5.long way home 6.these days 7.someone's been telling you stories 8.part of the plan the raven flies (with Joe walsh) 10.there's a place int he world for a gambler (don't forget Gerry plays guitar on this album.

Has anybody heard this concert at all? just curious. Just thought I'd share this with everyone.

his acoustic concerts lack that finese he did have. Don't get me wrong, it's great to hear him play, but sometimes he needs that band to jazz up the numbers.

Just my 2 cents.

Message: 21348 Posted: Thu Mar 21 17:53:50 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Fogelberg (speechwriter)

I walked down to PARIS NOCTURNE from Fogelberg's TWIN SONS OF DIFFERENT MOTHERS album.

I never considered the connection between the music of AMEICA and Dan Fogelberg, but apparently, there are a lot of fans here who are of both. It's nice to see.

"Heeding weakness, feeding strength, oh life at length is frail, I seek again the river's source through time's dark shadowed veil..."

(THE INNOCENT AGE is such an incredibly poetic album)

Message: 21347 Posted: Thu Mar 21 15:22:38 2002 By: JoanK
Subject: Dan Fogelberg's best.

As a Dan Fogelberg fan, I must cast my vote for "Captured Angel" as his best album. Of all the great albums he has put out, I have to say that is my favorite. Especially the song, "Next Time". Joan K

Message: 21346 Posted: Thu Mar 21 12:46:47 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Fogelberg (speechwriter)

Oops, didn't mean to tread on your wedding song. I like your sense of humor, though.

And on a serious note, the writing on those first few Dan F. records was really special. I suppose it isn't fair to hold an artist to that standard for a career.

I think it's interesting, though, that the early career lyric writing of so many singer-songwriters is often the most inspired.

Message: 21345 Posted: Thu Mar 21 12:40:06 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Fogelberg (speechwriter)

Speech~ I agree with your DF lyric comparison. Your post had given me a laugh because it just so happens that Fogelberg's "Longer" is my WEDDING song! Actually, my spouse and I should have picked a more appropriately titled song like "SHORTER" because we called it quits after 6 years. ~Pat

Message: 21344 Posted: Thu Mar 21 12:02:02 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: September 11 - New Daisy Jane Lyrics

Kent Muntz sent me the following and said it was OK for me to post it here. I thought that some of you might be interested in it:

Daisy Jane - Flying Me Back (To Heaven)

My heart is filled with sadness. The events of September 11th overwhelm me. Perhaps you carry that same "feeling"? I found comfort in an old friend from years gone by. That old friend was the music of America's "Daisy Jane" (Gerry Beckley). The song's timing and soft-spoken words quickly transformed itself into the lyrics for the day of September 11, 2001. Follow along as the tragic story unfolds via the lyrics chosen to fit "Daisy Jane".

Title: Flying Me Back (To Heaven)

Flying me back with memories,
Gotta see my family again.
Well the summers gone
And Septembers' chillin the wind.
Well I left but came back to the city
Not thinkin' 'bout all our pain
They are crazy men and I'm praying to God on this plane, plane.


Does he really love me?
I know he does, like his
Stars above me I know because
God's heaven is bright,
Everything's all right.

Hear my prayer my Father,
Forgive them for what they've done.
Our lives were so brief,
Thank you for sending your son.
(Jesus Christ).

Well I been praying with those around me,
God how he feels your pain
Well I'm very glad
Our awesome God has a plan, plan

Chorus repeats twice

Message: 21343 Posted: Thu Mar 21 10:29:42 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Warner 8-tracks

Warner likes to sulk when it has to deal with a format it doesn't like. I have the "America" and "Homecoming" 8-tracks, and I'll admit they weren't so hot even when they sounded good years ago. Nowadays, Warner has chosen to sulk over the DVD format, which is why they turn out DVDs with barely any extra material and those stupid paper boxes. Some things never change!


Message: 21342 Posted: Thu Mar 21 09:33:22 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: 8-tracks in the 80s, America on 8-track & "muddy" 8-tracks

You are correct about Windows and Walls on 8-track. Unbelievably, I sold off all of of Fogelberg 8-tracks for 50 cents or $1 at one of my parents' yard sales a few years back.
I also still have a bunch of other post-1980 8-tracks including, if memory serves, releases from 1982 by Loverboy and by Rick Springfield. I'd be interested to know if "View from the Ground" or "Your Move" made it onto 8-track. A little voice is saying that VFTG did, and that I passed it up at the time. But I'm not certain.
One thing I always noticed about my America Warner 8-tracks: they always sounded muddy, and inferior, compared to the 8-tracks put out by other labels (RCA, Atco, Columbia, Asylum and Epic for example). And it wasn't just America. I had the same experience with Fleetwood Mac 8-tracks on Reprise and a clutch of other Warner/Reprise artists. It got so that, no matter how much I loved a particular recording and wanted to hear it in the car, I wouldn't buy it if it was on Warner or Reprise. Anybody else have that experience or can offer a theory on why? I vividly remember listening to "Hat Trick" in my car, with an absolutely pristine 8-track player head, and it sounding like there was a blanket over the speakers. Then I'd pop in Springsteen's "Born to Run" on Columbia or Fogelberg's "Captured Angel" and it would sound, by contrast, crystal clear. Go figure.

Message: 21341 Posted: Thu Mar 21 08:27:08 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: RE: America Posters & 8 tracks & Mesquite #5

Hi Everyone! I would love to join your chat sometime, that is a very busy time for me at my house with helping the kids with homework and bedtime. I too have these posters,I have treasured them all of these years and they are in mint condition, I have looked at them many times wondering who the people were and how they were in relation with Gerry, Dewey & Dan. I have most of my America collection on LP's, they have been played many times for sure, I also had these in 8 tracks also to play in the car. John regarding View from the Ground and Your Move I have both of these on Cassettes and LP's, the lastest date that I have on 8 track is 1981 can't seem to anything newer than that. I am sad to say that most of my Dan Fogelbergs collection is on 8 track and I have missed listening to these. I have Souveniers on LP, I think that I listened to Netherlands & Innocent Age so many times that these songs are etched in my memory forever. Thanks John for the 8 track website, I will check it out....
Thanks Steve for the update on Gerry's new solo album, wouldn't it be nice if all the songs were so good that it would be a double album! I was listening to Gerrys Beckley Lamm & Wilson's songs yesterday and I just love sheltering sky and watching the time, these 3 sure could harmonize great together. I am looking forward to getting my new America DVD!!! Have a good day all! Bye for now Nancy

Message: 21340 Posted: Thu Mar 21 07:29:01 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America Posters (A Question)

Right on the Hat Trick poster, Johnny...on the Harbor poster, they signed on the concert side...very cool...

Erin :o)

Message: 21339 Posted: Thu Mar 21 07:16:19 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Episode 5 - Horizontal Fall

After talking to Gerry about the upcoming Christmas album I mentioned that he probably wouldn't have much time to work on his solo album (working title "Horizontal Fall") and that it would be put on the back burner. He said that he was continuing to work on the album and that he had made a decision which I found very interesting. He already had about 12 to 14 songs (candidates) for the album but he decided that he was going to write a new batch of songs. I believe he's in the process of doing that right now. His philosophy is that it's easier to pick 10 good songs for an album out of a pool of 28 or 30 rather than a pool of 12 or 14. So he's in the process of increasing the pool so he can pick the best ones for the new album. No mention was made of when the album might be released. I believe it will happen when he has had time to finish the next batch of songs, pick the ones that he wants to put on the album, and then get them recorded and mixed and ready for delivery. However long it takes to do all that and still continue touring and meeting his other time demands will determine when it will come out.


Message: 21338 Posted: Thu Mar 21 06:17:52 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Fogelberg, Captured Angel, and the slow, slippery slide

After all these years, that LP is still the one that has the most power for me, particularly The Last Nail and "These Days."

"... We used to live like there was no tomorrow, taking our trials a day at a time, crying for justice, and laughing at sorrow, such innocent crimes ..."


"I left a trail of footprints deep in the snow, I swore one day I would retrace them, but when I turned around I found that the wind had erased them ..."

I'm sorry, but for me, it's a long way down the inspiration slide from lyrics like those to "Longer than there've been fishes in the sea."

Message: 21337 Posted: Thu Mar 21 02:12:38 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: 8-tracks

For all the Dan Fogelberg fans on the Chat Folder, I should note that Windows And Walls came out on 8-track as late as 1984, according to the website listed below...


Message: 21336 Posted: Thu Mar 21 02:10:53 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: 8-tracks

I would be interested to know if anyone has ever seen "View From The Ground" or "Your Move" on 8-track. Although the 8-track tape had been in decline since the late 1970s, by 1982 the format was all but dead. Interestingly, there is a web page devoted to 8-tracks that managed to find their way into stores beyond 1982 at Apparently, some 8-tracks were surfacing as late as 1987-88.


Message: 21335 Posted: Wed Mar 20 20:26:27 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Posters

Thanks for the reply, Jimbob. Personally, I've always thought the stadium shot was the back and the guys under the cactus was the back also. I don't know why. Maybe I just preferred one side over the other and considered the one I preferred as the front.

I'll send Steve a photo of the front of the Warner Special Products LP that has the Anaheim Stadium poster photo on the front and we all can view it when Steve has some time to put it up.

Message: 21334 Posted: Wed Mar 20 20:19:28 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Posters and thanks

thanks to all who joined me tonight, nice group as always
re the hat trick poster. I would like to think it was done in Joshua Tree, near where my folks are (it looks like it!) FYI Joshua Tree is where they took Graham Parsons, after they stole him!

Message: 21333 Posted: Wed Mar 20 19:18:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: How about last 8 track issued?

LisaRose, I don't know which America release was the last 8-track issued but I do have "Alibi" as an 8-track.

Message: 21332 Posted: Wed Mar 20 16:47:20 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: How about last 8 track issued?

When and which America 8 track was the last issued? (am I showing my age?) I have the first America 8 track autographed by Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 21331 Posted: Wed Mar 20 16:42:29 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

Oy, Speech, I had CAPTURED ANGEL on 8-Track, also.

All I ever wanted to be was free, All I ever looked for was what was within my eyes to see

Message: 21330 Posted: Wed Mar 20 15:58:32 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America Posters

<<I got my Hat Trick poster hanging on the wall in my home office.>>

Pat, that is exactly where mine is hanging, too. Centered over my desk, the side w/ the 3 sitting under the cactus showing.


Message: 21329 Posted: Wed Mar 20 15:45:22 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: America Posters(A Question)

Johnny, Ive always considered the Anaheim side to be the front of the HARBOR poster. It is the side that was most often on display on my wall, although I love the shots on the reverse as well. The Anaheim image is my favourite concert shot ever, due to Gerry. If he had been facing the front it would have still been great, but wouldnt have had the same effect. Last week I saw a new copy of HARBOR and HEARTS in a local record shop. Both were CD's and and even though the Anaheim picture was included, it was obviously CD size and loses its magic somewhat. I still search the second-hand record shops looking for that poster! HAT TRICK, I wasnt too sure which was the front. Its funny the topic of posters should come up; just yesterday I was wondering if somehow a poster could be done of a recent concert and sold through Im sure there would be good sales of it.

Message: 21328 Posted: Wed Mar 20 15:03:30 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg,Chritmas album,etc.


There's a sound clip of "Babylon" at

Message: 21327 Posted: Wed Mar 20 14:27:31 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Dan Fogelberg,Chritmas album,etc.

Hello everyone,it's been awhile since I last posted but have been lurking.Have enjoyed all concert reviews,as for Dan Fogelberg his "Captured Angel" was highly enjoyable affair but his best work must surely be his "Innocent Age" has anyone seen his concert "Greetings from the West" ? I think I may be "ploughing a lone furrow" here when I say i'm disappointed that America have decided to record a Christmas album as opposed to a new studio effort.I can't help feeling all the good work with the definitive disc will be undone "striking while the iron is hot" so to speak.Perhaps Steve may have more information as his episodes unfurl.Just when we thought we had heard the last of the "Ventura Highway" riff, not a bit of it an exciting talent from the UK called David Gray has a tune called "Babylon" taken from his "White Ladder" album has a nod in the direction of that famous riff.Interestingly this album is doing brisk business in the UK and Europe and is on melodious and musical side.

Message: 21326 Posted: Wed Mar 20 14:03:02 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

... on your comment about Dan beginning to repeat himself with "Windows and Walls," I agree. Thanks for your comments.

Message: 21325 Posted: Wed Mar 20 13:30:46 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mesquite Episode 4 - Merry Christmas

Oops! I need to correct one thing on the Christmas album information. The Monday recordings are taking place in Andrew Gold's studio, not Gerry's. It's a small detail but if I'm going to tell the story, I might as well get it right (LOL).

Message: 21324 Posted: Wed Mar 20 13:18:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Posters (Anaheim Stadium)

<<There is always an audible GASP as I show the ?Anaheim Stadium? poster to the kids!>>

Yeah Nina, that poster speaks volumes! Most would also gasp, I think, to know the Anaheim Stadium poster photo is also on the front cover of an LP put out in 1981 by Warner Special Products containing 16 America songs!

Message: 21323 Posted: Wed Mar 20 13:15:00 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: America Posters

I got my Hat Trick poster hanging on the wall in my home office.
I love AMERICA's cowboy look. ~Pat

Message: 21322 Posted: Wed Mar 20 12:29:59 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: America Posters

Hi all! I still have my original Hat Trick and Harbor posters! They are a little ragged, but safely packed inside their respective album covers for safe keeping. I lug them out once a year when I teach my sixth grade class about the group. There is always an audible GASP as I show the ?Anaheim Stadium? poster to the kids! Usually, it's not until that point that the students get the idea of just how popular the band was! ("AND they had their own JET"...I say.)

Thanks, Steve, for posting the information about individuals in the Harbor poster. I've often wondered who some of them were, especially the pretty brunette with the Coquette shirt. Because it was placed closely to a "Gerry" photo, I guess I always assumed it was his first wife, or girlfriend at the time. No name is listed, so I guess nobody knows who she is. She really is lovely, whoever she was!

Message: 21321 Posted: Wed Mar 20 12:21:36 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Jeff Larson's Guest Vocalist

I was pleasantly surprized to hear that Dewey will be a guest vocalist on Jeff's new CD, as well as Gerry, who has already contributed his vocals to Larson's first 2 CDs. Hmmmm..... gee, wouldn't it be GREAT if Dan Peek was also invited to sing on Jeff's new CD??? Wouldn't be even GREATER if all 3 sang together on the same song?!?!? ~Pat [wishful thinking]

Message: 21320 Posted: Wed Mar 20 12:10:22 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

<<" much our experience of an artists' material has to do with the backdrop that's unfolding in our lives.">>

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Speaking of Windows and Walls, it's not my favorite Fogelberg album either. There are a couple of good songs, but most of the album seems to me like Dan's songwriting was begining to regurgitate itself. ~Pat

Message: 21319 Posted: Wed Mar 20 11:57:30 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: DVD mini poster.

Thanks for the link Steve! My DVD did not come with the poster insert. The picture labled "DVD insert front" is exactly what my DVD looks like. I had originally asked my sister in Germany to get this DVD for me, but told her to not worry about it since they were releasing it over here in the States. I wonder if she is going to think I'm absolutely nuts when I send her back to the store to get it for me just so I can get the German poster! LOL Also, maybe a different DVD will play on my DVD player - aha the second reason to get another one! And I just thought of the third reason to get another DVD - my Mom loved it when I was testing it out at her house!


Message: 21318 Posted: Wed Mar 20 11:35:22 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: DVD mini poster.

The photo of the mini poster is on the In Concert - Ohne Filter album photos web page.

Message: 21317 Posted: Wed Mar 20 11:18:46 2002 By: kiri
Subject: quick question

been listening to the guys all day and "three roses" just ended...i know gerry does the solo at the end of that song in concert. did he on the album?

Message: 21316 Posted: Wed Mar 20 10:57:07 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: DVD mini poster.

a fold out the size of the opened DVD package, 7.5" x 11".
Steve Lowry had posted a foto of it some months' ago, it shows AMERICA playing live in the GDR.

Message: 21315 Posted: Wed Mar 20 10:52:32 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: DVD mini poster.

jimnak - what do you define as a mini-poster? Genevieve, I had in my mind that it was something that could be removed from the dvd case and that was separate from the dvd packaging (for example the back or front covers or the liner notes with credits). Also, what does the mini-poster look like?

Message: 21314 Posted: Wed Mar 20 10:20:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Posters (A Question)

I'm curious to know what you all think regarding the two America LP posters. Which side do you consider to be the front?

Erin, which side did Dewey and Gerry autograph? My guess on the "Hat Trick" poster, it's the side with the trio sitting under the cactus. I don't know which to guess on the "Harbor" poster.

Message: 21313 Posted: Wed Mar 20 09:32:29 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: DVD mini poster.

My copy also came directly from Germany, but reading yours was posterless surprises me . What we call a "mini poster" is the inside picture, at the back of the cover. Is the American release really different from the German one, so?

Message: 21312 Posted: Wed Mar 20 09:18:34 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Last vinyl LP released

hey I think that is right !

Message: 21311 Posted: Wed Mar 20 09:16:36 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America Posters

My (signed) Hat Trick and Harbor posters are hanging on my wall...

Erin :o)

Message: 21310 Posted: Wed Mar 20 09:13:31 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Last vinyl LP released

Kim & Jimnak,
In my humble opinion, AMERICA IN CONCERT (released in 1985) & not PERSPECTIVE (1984) was the last vinyl LP released.

Message: 21309 Posted: Wed Mar 20 08:38:48 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Posters

yes mine was direct (slow boat) from the GDR. That's too bad the US release is mini posterless, hmm.

Message: 21308 Posted: Wed Mar 20 08:24:54 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: America Posters


My DVD did not come with a mini poster. Didn't you order yours direct from Germany? It looks like the American release is not coming with the poster.

Thanks for the quick responses on the poster question and all the great pictures. Now I know what lp's to look for!


Message: 21307 Posted: Wed Mar 20 08:00:44 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Posters

Kim, when I was growing up I bought cassettes instead of LP's so I never even knew they had posters. However, in recent years some of the people who chat here have been kind enough to send me their posters so that I can take pictures of them and include them on the America Fans web site. Here are links to the ones that I have:

Hat Trick

Message: 21306 Posted: Wed Mar 20 07:59:12 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Posters

HARBOR had a poster; the new AMERICA in CONCERT DVD has a mini poster.
Of course many LP's had very nice album sleeves w/lots of stuff.
I think PERSPECTIVE was the last vinyl LP released.
AMERICA live in 2002 !

Message: 21305 Posted: Wed Mar 20 07:55:08 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America Posters

Hat Trick and Harbor had posters.

Message: 21304 Posted: Wed Mar 20 07:54:14 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

I am back on line, and hopefully virus free! Hope to talk with you all this evening!

Message: 21303 Posted: Wed Mar 20 07:53:30 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: America Posters

I have a friend at work who knows I'm a huge America fan, and has started looking for America things for me when she is out and about. Today she brought me the View from the Ground LP. (I have all the LP's through Silent Letter) It appears as if it has never been opened and needless to say I am thrilled to have it. Which brings me to my poster question. Which LP's had posters in them? I know some of them did because they were on my walls growing up; however, I can't remember which ones (old age must be setting in! lol). I checked all of my records last night and unfortunately I didn't have the foresite to put the posters back in the lp's. Also, what did they look like?
Oh, one more question - what was the last vinyl lp released? (Before everything switched to cd only).


Message: 21302 Posted: Wed Mar 20 07:50:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mesquite Episode 4 - Merry Christmas

>>Basically, the marketing can take place from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day<<
Gee Steve, I believe retailers in Los Angeles begin their Christmas push somewhere around LABOR DAY! Looking forward to a new Christmas classic!

Message: 21301 Posted: Wed Mar 20 06:33:46 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

Thanks, but I didn't feel harshly criticized. You were just speaking your mind, as was I.
It's interesting to me that so many folks who've posted on this subject feel a real fondness for, and connection with, the post-Innocent-Age material that I have found so (generally, not entirely) disappointing.
That just points up, to me, how much our experience of an artists' material has to do with the backdrop that's unfolding in our lives.
In 1975 I was a freshman in college, a commuter at that, feeling kind of like a stranger in a strange land.
I vividly remember many an autumn day driving around the countryside near the school I was attending because I really didn't feel like hanging out at the student center.
During those drives past the burnished leaves and straw-colored fields, Dan's "Captured Angel" was often my companion (on 8-track, if anyone remembers.) The sense of wonder, questioning and, sometimes, yearning in those songs struck a chord. It was as if the guy knew me from the inside and had written those tunes for me. On the strength of that experience, I went back and started listening hard to "Home Free" and "Souveniers." Same magic. Then came "Netherlands," which, strangely, seemed to evoke many of the same changes I was going through in my own mind and in a relationship with a girl I'd met at college who, amazingly, was as big a fan of Dan's music as I was (that only came out after we began dating). "Phoenix" was more or less still in the ballpark, as was "Innocent Age" ("Twin Sons" I treated as an interesting side road).
I don't know, maybe I felt a smidge betrayed when Dan's later work began to deal with more global themes, and his "personal" songs so clearly diverged from my realm of experience (sorry, I love the ocean, but I can't relate to a song about your sailboat, Dan.)
I guess what I'm trying to say is that, while I still think that Dan's records became "sonically" more slick and poppy, as opposed to the sort of rusticated charm of his earlier productions, his lyrical sensibility became -- maybe inevitably -- less connected to my world, too. And I hadn't expected that.

Message: 21300 Posted: Wed Mar 20 03:05:39 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Borders,Christmas, Photos

Chris, Borders opened in Pitt Street in Sydney in November or December 2001 and in a couple of suburban areas prior to the opening of the city location.
It is great news to read about the potential marketing downunder of the Christmas CD.
There were some sorry tales about photos. We had an earlier experience. More than 20 years after we first saw America, we had the opportunity to photograph Gerry and Dewey. The flash went off and everything seemed OK until we had the film processed and there was nothing on the negatives. At least this time, there is something on the negatives so we are hoping for better results when we collect the reprints.

Message: 21299 Posted: Wed Mar 20 00:27:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Mesquite Episode 3 Norman & Episode 4

Hi Everyone! Steve~~Just wanted to say I checked out the site on Jeff Larson and listened to the Norman clip. I liked it, you sure can hear Gerry & Dewey's influence here. I am enjoying your updated posts. I'm sure Gerry and Dewey appreciate all of you do as webmaster of this site. Thanks for all of your input! So nice to hear that there will be a Christmas album coming out, I can't wait to hear it. I agree with you jimnak that would be nice to have Houses in White and People in the Valley included in this collection of songs. I especially love Houses in white there is something about that song that had me mesmorized from the first time I ever heard it. Regarding Dan Fogelberg~~Wow all this talk of him has me wanting to listen to all of his albums right now! I can say my America songs are a part of my everyday life~ never a day without listening to them! Wow! Thirty years ago A Horse with no name was #1, this only makes me realize that I was 2 years younger than I had thought I was when I became a fan of theirs. Thanks Gerry & Dewey for all the great years of music! You too Dan Peek~~These brown eyes of mine has always been a favorite of mine. Regarding bad photo experiences~ I am now looking for a digital camera because I took my 35 mm to the America concert I just went to last month and was sad when it said no flash cameras allowed. So I had a brand new roll of film all ready to go and didn't even get one picture. Once Gerry and Dewey started to sing the disappointment of this left me. I think I could go to a concert of theirs once a week and never get tired of going... Bye for now Nancy

Message: 21298 Posted: Tue Mar 19 21:03:43 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Mesquite Episode 4 - Merry Christmas

Thanks a lot Steve. That is great information. 4 newly written Holiday songs by AMERICA ! I know that GERRY & DEWEY are working very hard on this project, they take every project 1 at a time, they take every project very seriously. I was sure hoping that maybe a Christmas project would be a good time to slip in HOUSES IN WHITE (snow)& perhaps PEOPLE IN THE (snow covered) VALLEY (with full red robed fan fare trumpet players standing on a mountain top, covered with snow), well just a thought.

Message: 21297 Posted: Tue Mar 19 20:48:50 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Episode 4 - Merry Christmas

Gerry and Dewey have peformed several Christmas songs and some of them are available comercially. But they've never had an entire album devoted completely to Christmas music and they're excited to do that this year. In order to pull it off for Christmas of 2002 they're having to spend every spare minute on it. They try to get together in Gerry's studio at least one day a week (usually Monday) to record together and then they're doing everything else piecemeal. The Christmas album will have 12 tracks with 8 of them being remakes and 4 of them being new songs written by Gerry and Dewey. The 8 remakes will have various styles.

Gerry said that doing a Christmas album has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it sells every year during the Christmas season without having to come out with a new album. The disadvantage is that you have a narrow window for marketing efforts. Basically, the marketing can take place from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day. Therefore, if the album and all of the marketing can't be ready by Thanksgiving, it makes more sense to wait until the following year to release it. With that in mind, this Christmas album may not be available world-wide until 2003. But it will be available in certain (as yet undetermined) markets in 2002. I think that Gerry said it would definitely be available in the United States. He also said that the New Zealand and/or Australia markets were approaching him and Dewey about marketing the album down under. That's a pleasant change of pace to have the record companies coming to them. I believe it can be attributed to the tremendous success of The Definitive America.

Finally, the Christmas album will be produced by Andrew Gold. As more information becomes available, I'll be sure to post it here and to include it on the America Fans web site.


Message: 21296 Posted: Tue Mar 19 18:29:05 2002 By: Alan
Subject: America photo disasters


I don't think anyone can top this one. The last time America played at Topsfield Fair (a year ago last summer), we left in plenty of time (so we thought) to get to the afternoon show. Well, about 5 miles out from Topsfield, we came to a dead halt. It took us an hour and 15 minutes to get to the Fair from 5 miles out of town and got there in time to hear the last 3 songs of the show. We were delighted, however, to see Dewey and Gerry come out after the show. We got a few things autographed and chatted w/ D & G for a few minutes, then I got out my camera and took some really cool pics of them signing autographs and mingling w/ fans.

It was four hours until the evening show, so we walked around the fair, bought some treats and the kids went for a ride on the elephant. We got some great pics of them. We were waiting at the gates when they opened them up for the second show. It was about an hour before the show and we got all settled in. I decided to see how much film we had left in our camera for pictures of the show. It was then that I realized we HADN'T LOADED THE FILM into the camera! There were many ways we could have handled this disaster, but we just sort looked at each other and laughed. There was nothing that could be done about it, so we just had a good laugh over it. (I wish I could say that I always handle this kind of situation this way).

Anyway, we got to chat w/ D & G earlier, got some things signed, enjoyed a great second show (including Wind Wave - first and only time I've seen it live) and got some REAL pictures of it, so all wasn't lost.

It is funny though, how a $200 camera can not allow you to take pictures once the film is used up, but will let you snap away all day when there's no film present.


Message: 21295 Posted: Tue Mar 19 18:23:53 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Robert Lamm

Although Im having difficulty finding much info on it, Robert Lamm played in NZ last weekend. I believe he was on the same bill as Jeff Foskett. Talk about these guys all being intertwined! On the subject of Jeff F., I see his last NZ gig is on Sunday at a vineyard out in the country. Man, that sounds good to me! A couple of hours from the town Im in, but I havnt been able to get his show out of my head, so Im sure going to try to be there.

Message: 21294 Posted: Tue Mar 19 18:02:37 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

FACE THE FIRE did rock, as did the title track to that album (PHOENIX). I filed to mention MISSING YOU or MAKE LOVE STAY. For those of you unaware of his music, these two songs came straight off of his GREATEST HITS album. MISSING YOU is a real rocker and MAKE LOVE STAY is a beautiful ballad in the THE INNOCENT AGE mold. Very poetic. Both (if not each) song is worth owning the LP even if you have all the other albums.

Speech, didn't mean to harshly criticize. Opinions do count (yours, mine, everyone else's).

I hear the thunder, three miles away, the island's leaking into the bay...

Message: 21293 Posted: Tue Mar 19 17:34:40 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

Andy, where do you live, because you seem to be describing the same solo acoustic show I saw to a T. Was it perhaps in Cohassett, MA near the Cape about 5 years ago? If not, perhaps it was on the same tour and he happened to be in a similar mood that night. I thought he was very gracious to the audience, and when people starting shouting out songs to play ("Stars", "The Reach" and "Dancing Shoes" came to mind), he held up a piece of paper he had on the floor next to his seat and said something like "See this? This is a playlist. These are the songs I REHEARSED for this show. If I start deviating from it, we're gonna be in a lot of trouble." It was said playfully, but got the point across. To my delight, he did play "The Reach" later in the show (one of my favs since the song is written about my home state).

I do have to agree though, that America is great, regardless of the size their audience or how the audience is responding. A good example of this was the first time I saw them at Topsfield Fair a couple years ago. We went to both Saturday shows. The 2:00 show had literally a handful of people, while the 7:00 show was packed. Of course, the latter audience was much more enthusiastic, but I thought they put as much energy and enthusiasm into the first show, and joked around as much b/w sets as they did the second show.

I agree w/ speechwriter. Dan Fogelberg's songs speak to me personally more than America's, but NO ONE has as good a repoire with their fans and appreciates them as much as Gerry and Dewey.

I do, however disagree w/ your assessment of Dan's post-Innocent Age albums. While I agree they are weaker than his works up until then, I don't have nearly as harsh criticism as you do for them. And, I like the song "Magic Every Moment", although overall I think it is his weakest album.


Message: 21292 Posted: Tue Mar 19 17:27:50 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

I know very little material that Dan F has done, but I well remember "Missing You". It got a lot of radio play in NZ and I thought it a fantastic song.

Message: 21291 Posted: Tue Mar 19 16:42:33 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg (Dan C)

Dan C, I agree. "Face The Fire" is a fine rocker that's well placed behind the mellow sounds of "The Last To Know"...on the LP anyway.

Sorry all that we've discussed Fogelberg here so much but until there's some interesting AMERICA news or topics, this has been a good substitute, I feel.

Message: 21290 Posted: Tue Mar 19 16:31:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Out of the Blue - Dan's bio

Should be: "I wanted to know how the lawsuit (or the threat of one) by his prospective HOME BUYER went."

Message: 21289 Posted: Tue Mar 19 16:27:45 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Out of the Blue - Dan's bio

Me too, JoanK. I wanted to know how the lawsuit (or the threat of one) by his prospective buyer home went. I feel pretty sure the prospective buyer had no grounds but I'd still like to hear the end of it. Also, I wonder how it came to be that Gerry was asked to sing background vocals on "Doer Of The Word" and how it all went between the two.

Message: 21288 Posted: Tue Mar 19 16:17:17 2002 By: JoanK
Subject: Out of the Blue - Dan's bio

I was sorry to see that Dan P.had stopped writing his bio a couple of weeks back. I really looked forward to reading them each week. And I was looking forward to learning more about his solo career as well as his experience living in the Cayman Islands. Oh well - maybe he will write a Book 2. He did make a subtle hint of another book back in Chapter 29. Joan K.

Message: 21287 Posted: Tue Mar 19 15:40:10 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

I thought "Face The Fire" kicked some major butt!DanC.

Message: 21286 Posted: Tue Mar 19 15:20:53 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: March 18, 1972

On this date 30 years ago, A Horse with no Name climbed from #7 to #2 on the Billboard charts. The first album also was #2 climbing from #9.
Next week is the big week.


Message: 21285 Posted: Tue Mar 19 15:01:46 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

Interesting post, Speech.

I don't claim to know Dan's material 1/100th as well as some people on this board, but I do have a few observations. His song "Missing You" has meant an awful lot to me personally, not because of the lyrical content, but because it covered the best time of my life. You Can Do Magic, is a song that was popular at almost the exact same time, and I hold both to be sacred.

I only saw Dan in concert once, it was in the Fall of 2000 in Hartford Connecticut. He packed a large theater, and it was only him and his acoustic guitars. He is an interesting guitar player, and her must have changed guitars every two songs or so, and he seemed to use a huge number of strange alternate tunings. Clearly his song "Make Love Stay" used an odd open tuning.

The night I saw him, he was quite respectful of the audience, and while he is certainly no Al Stewart in the between song storytelling department, he described most of his songs well enough to give the evening an nice warm feel. It's also intersting to see how he utilized his voice. Towards the end of the show, his played "Same Old Lang Syne", and instead of hitting those impossibly high note from a lifetime ago, he wisely sang the chorus and octave lower. Smart man.

About Gerry and Dewey being respectful towards their audience, they are the best in the business. They never seem to get annoyed, no matter how many times some drunk yells out "HORSE WITH NO NAME!!!!!" if they won't play it.

Message: 21284 Posted: Tue Mar 19 14:54:08 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

Of course, all of this stuff is a matter of taste. That's the beauty of having a body of work as broad as Dan's. Speaking personally, I didn't think his LP that went down the bluegrass road, "High Country Snows," worked very well, but I liked the song "Go Down Easy." And I enjoyed "Sweet Magnolia" and "Language of Love," even if I thought the bulk of Windows and Walls sounded tired.

As for odd fan interaction, the only thing I ever witnessed directly was at a concert at the Mann Music Center in Philly a few years back. Dan played his first set and was effusive, talking between tunes and cracking jokes. After intermission, he came back and his mood had clearly changed. He didn't talk at all between songs, and he performed some songs so perfunctorily he almost seemed to be disdaining them. When he finished, he came back, did a less-than-impassioned reading of "Same Old Lang Syne" as an encore, and walked off.

It occurred to me later that Dan may have become annoyed because, toward the end of his first set, he was debuting some acoustic instrumental tunes he said were coming out on a Xmas CD he was recording, and some fans were audibly restless during these performances. The other thing is -- and I found this really depressing -- the venue was half empty or more. Having been in front of the stage in November 1981 when Dan, along with a band that included Russ Kunkel and Kenny Passarelli, played up a storm for 17,000 fans at the Philly Spectrum, the sparse turnout saddened me.
And, who knows, maybe it sucked the effervescence right out of Dan that night, too.

Message: 21283 Posted: Tue Mar 19 12:18:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

1) I find it quite interesting Speech that out of the FIVE people here who have commented about Fogelberg's "Windows And Walls" LP, you're the only one who said it's Fogelberg's weakest, artistically.

2) I find it very interesting that out of FOUR people here you're the only one who had something negative to say about "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)".

3) It's strange to me that you consider the "Windows And Walls" LP to be "overall, the most artistically bankrupt LP he has ever done". Yet, you said "'Magic Ever Moment' is trite and chirpy"; Fogelberg is "weakest when musing...on the state of humanity ('Faces Of America') or our social ills (can't recall the song, but it's the one with the hoky air of menace and the police siren wailing in the background on River of Souls."

The song is "Higher Ground". It's strange to me that you point out flaws on THREE songs from "River Of Souls". I don't necessarily disagree with you about those three songs, but I would have thought you'd find "River Of Souls" to be less than the LP "Walls And Windows" artistically speaking since you criticized "only" two songs from it but three from "River Of Souls" as I mentioned above.

4) I'm surprised you said what you did about the song "Windows And Walls" because you seem to like Fogelberg's "The Innocent Age" LP. The "Windows And Walls" song sounds VERY MUCH like it could be taken directly from "The Innocent Age".

5) Maybe you're right and the other four of us are wrong.

Message: 21282 Posted: Tue Mar 19 11:15:06 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

Yeah, I commented on WINDOWS AND WALLS. I didn't feel the album was artistically bankrupt. In fact, I felt TUCSON, ARIZONA (GAZETTE) was quite effective in it's storytelling and WINDOWS AND WALLS (the song) very poignant in it's music matching the feeling of the lyrics. On a better note, SWEET MAGNOLIA, BELIEVE IN ME, and THE LOVING CUP were as fine (as was TUCSON) as anything he did on THE INNOCENT AGE (which was a superior album to anything else he had done.

I do agree about the drivel that was MAGIC EVERY MOMENT and anything else off of RIVER OF SOULS, with the exception of A LOVE LIKE THIS and the title track.

I have also heard the grumblings of a number of his fans, but have never seen any animosity between DF and his fans. The last show I saw seemed a little uncomfortable, but nothing I can point to.

Maybe she'll go to the corner today, and pick up the new McCall's. If just to escape for an hour from her windows and walls...

Message: 21281 Posted: Tue Mar 19 08:57:45 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

Thanks for that, Robyn. I will follow up.

Message: 21280 Posted: Tue Mar 19 08:55:14 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

>>Now my question: does anyone know when, or if, Dan might be making it to the East Coast again? <<
According to, he will be on the east coast in early June.

Message: 21279 Posted: Tue Mar 19 08:34:29 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: comments & a question re: Dan Fogelberg

As someone who has been buying Fogelberg's LPs, living with his music and lamenting his (early on) lack of recognition since 1973-74, it is good to see so many folks indicating that Dan's music has meant a lot to them.
Although I actually place Dan's body of work, for personal reasons, as having more significance in my life than Americas' (can't say that about too many other artists) two things pain me about Dan's career, particularly in contrast to that of America.
For one thing, Dan at some point seems to have lost the fire to express himself in terms of mainstream pop-rock-folk, in other words, to a broad audience.
To my ears, every LP since The Innocent Age has been a major letdown, and evidence of waning inspiration.
I read in an interview online that Dan himself said he has become increasingly less interested in writing pop songs.
Someone on this chat site advocated the LP "Windows and Walls," which interested me because I found it to be, overall, the most artistically bankrupt LP he has ever done (and I love the guy!).
Compare the elegance and subtlety of such earlier lyrics as those for "To the Morning" or "Last Nail," or "Sketches" with the hammy-handed campfire tale "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)" or the obvious and melodramatic the title track "Windows and Walls."(Gee, we grow up, raise our kids, get old and wake up to an empty house and sometimes it's sad ... thanks for the heads up).
Later LPs brought a clutch of stellar songs like "Bones in the Sky" and "Forefathers," but even more LP disappointments.
I never thought I'd hear Dan reduced to such trite, chirpy, New Age "feel good" fodder as "Magic Every Moment."
For me, Dan was always at his best when writing songs about relationships and about the voyage of self-discovery, and he was at his weakest when musing on the state of the planet ("Face the Fire"), the state of humanity ("Faces of America") or our social ills (can't recall the song, but it's the one with the hoky air of menace and the police siren wailing in the background on River of Souls.)
The other thing that has troubled me is that Dan has, through his in-concert conduct and interview comments, sometimes seemed unappreciative of his fan base.
I recall reading flippant response after flippant response on one particular on-line interview transcript, as Dan clearly displayed his boredom and impatience with the questions of his loyal fans.
In concert, Dan has been known to make (occasionally) belittling comments when fans shout out requests for tunes, or to become visibly irritated when an audience isn't responding as he appears to think it should.
I have seen the man in concert six times, and I generally always come away feeling fulfilled.
But it troubles me to see his conduct toward his audience on occasion. I wish for him that he was gaining more satisfaction -- or plain old fun -- out of his career.
By contrast, I have never seen or heard Gerry and/or Dewey speak disrespectfully toward his fans or treat their questions, no matter how banal, dismissively.
Gerry and Dewey have also remained committed to recording and touring in an artistic context their fans can still enjoy and, in fact, seem to have been artistically reinvigorated.
Alas, we can't will our favorite performers to live out their lives as we'd like them to. And, obviously, the emotional wiring that makes up Dan Fogelberg may account for his hit-or-miss conduct toward fans, but it also yielded those "classic seven" LPs that carried me through the 70s and early 1980s. For that, I am thankful.

Now my question: does anyone know when, or if, Dan might be making it to the East Coast again?

Message: 21278 Posted: Tue Mar 19 07:36:44 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hits,Finn, Photos,Mesquite

Has anyone else had America photo disasters?

Actually Margaret, my dh took a whole ROLL of high speed film at the Palmdale gig a few years back, only to discover the take-up reel in his ancient Minolta had gone on the fritz! To quote Bill " I feel your pain" (roflmho)

Message: 21277 Posted: Tue Mar 19 07:12:28 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Hits,Finn,Photos, Mesquite

Margaret, when did Borders open? I'll call them tomorrow to follow this up ..... thanks for the tip.
I have previously tried to claim him as an Aussie ... apologies to His concerts are faultless exhibitions of his mastery of music. I recently purchased his book of song lyrics "Love This Life" (Allen & Unwin, 2001). I found his Foreword interesting, and I quote:
"As a teenager, I was the kind of listener that always latched on to a key line or two then made up my own impression of the song's meaning. As a songwriter, I found that the best way for me to come up with these key lines was to let myself drift off rudderless with my guitar and my voice, relying on accidental phrases popping out where the sound of the words were as important as their meaning. This approach has often delivered up quite potent images and, sometimes years later, I recognise layers of meaning that didn't immediately spring to mind. I have learned to trust this process, it seeems right for me and I have always been happy to accept the occasional dig about 'not making sense'. I liken it to the occasional thought process that happens just before you go to sleep, where domestic and otherworldly images get muddled up with strange echoes and buried feelings"
Actually, reading some of his lyrics on his recent "One Nil" album fit this description quite well and somehow it reminds me of Dewey's style too. I wonder if Dewey would agree with that?
By the way, if "One Nil" is available in the States now, I would place it on your "Must Have" list ... lol

Message: 21276 Posted: Tue Mar 19 06:44:10 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Episode 3 - Norman

Jeff Larson has finished recording Norman (hopefully you've had a chance to listen to the soundclip on his web site - and the song is going through some final mixing/production work this week. Gerry said that he is extremely pleased with the way that the song turned out. He has asked that a live flute be added to the song and that's being done this week.

The interesting thing about the song is that according to Gerry he really never finished the song back when he was playing it live. He said that he would use different words each night so those of you who are lucky enough to have a cassette recording of the song, may find that some of the words vary from recordings that other people have. Before turning the song over to Jeff, Gerry went over the lyrics and rewrote some of them to create the final version that he gave to Jeff. He said that they are slightly different than any of the lyrics that he used when he performed it live. Waiting to hear the new lyrics should give us all something to look forward to.


Message: 21275 Posted: Tue Mar 19 03:31:30 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Hits,Finn, Photos,Mesquite

Chris, there was a big sale at Borders in Sydney the night it opened. I was thrilled to find Complete Greatest Hits there when I was purchasing numerous books. The only problem was that my husband shook his head as he had ordered it the previous night on the internet!
Jimbob, he saw Neil Finn with our daughter a couple of years ago. They had front row seats at the State Theatre where we saw America 3 weeks ago. They thought the show was wonderful.
We took 7 or 8 rolls of film in New Zealand. We had everything processed when we came home except for the last one which we finished on the weekend. Everything was fine except for the last film and the only photos that were ruined were the America ones!! Gerry and Dewey, we need you back here so we can take them again. I'm hoping I might be able to get some of them reprinted , as the negatives appear to be OK, but the right hand sides of the photos are missing and they appear on the left side of the following photos. When the camera was turned sideways, the heads were chopped of, for the same reason. Here's hoping for a successful outcome.
Has anyone else had America photo disasters?
What special memories for you and your family, Steve.

Message: 21274 Posted: Mon Mar 18 19:48:27 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Back From Mesquite

Mike, when I talked to Gerry backstage before the second show began, that was the first he knew about me not being at the first show. He mentioned that he had introduced me during the first show and I wish I would have heard it. During the second show Dewey came out before the encore and thanked everyone and also mentioned that their webmaster Steve Lowry and his family were in the audience. That was very cool of both Gerry and Dewey to do that!

Message: 21273 Posted: Mon Mar 18 19:25:25 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: Mike Love, Not War

"Sad, but true that this fine band ended up the way it did. Beach Boys will never be the same without Carl."

I'm even less optimistic than you. For the longest time, the Beach Boys simply grew into a Vaudville like 2nd rate Vegas act that played a few of their greatest hits to death. All that was missing was that electro green outdoor simulated grass coloured carpet, and the obligatory Elvis ash trays. This is quite sad since so much of Brian Wilsons genius had never been explored in concert.

Message: 21272 Posted: Mon Mar 18 19:05:20 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Mike Love, Not War

Believe it or not this is name of bootleg out there. You see, Mike Love was the VERY Rich relative of the Wilsons from what I heard.
ANyway, of the many Beach Boy concerts that I do have, Mike Love in
the begining early to late 60's was very nice in concert. Making funny gestures, etc. Along the way, something had to happen, his jokes turned into jabs, etc and did not go along with the band.
He even tried to do a solo album, which I heard some of and it's terrible. I had a tape of him in Japan in the 80's and he's nothing without the rest of BB. Just my 2 cents. But between all 3 (Love, Jardine and Wilson,) there's a big feud going on with the Beach Boys name where Jardine cannot use that name at all (Beach Boys alone.)
Sad, but true that this fine band ended up the way it did. Beach Boys will never be the same without Carl.

Message: 21271 Posted: Mon Mar 18 17:28:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A few things

Jimbob, if you can find the article, it would be very interesting to read what all it says.

To all: The RRHF clip showed Love trying to talk to Ringo during the all-star jam session at the end of the inductions. I believe the VH-1 show said Love tried to tell Ringo he was just kidding about what he said regarding wanting to see the "Mop Tops" match the Beach Boys' 180 or so shows per year. Like as if the Beatles had ever toured after the 60s???

I'm not positive if Bob Dylan's remark, "Love, peace, and harmony are wonderful but so is forgiveness", was intended for Love or for McCartney. I feel it was aimed at Love because Dylan also said he was glad Love's remarks didn't mention him.

Message: 21270 Posted: Mon Mar 18 17:00:10 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America/Cayman Islands

Gosh, I hope we won't be bidding against Dan P. Just kiddin'. No offense intended toward anyone ESPECIALLY Dan.

Steve, nice story about your visit with Gerry. It seems there's an America song lyric for every occasion. Here's one for Steve and his family when they spent some time with Gerry but maybe more appropriate for the winner of the eBay auction: "They eat ice cream alone/Watch the waves at the end of the pier"...from Dewey's "My Dear".

Message: 21269 Posted: Mon Mar 18 16:23:42 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: Back From Mesquite

I was at the packed, 7:00 Mesquite show and just got back myself, after a side trip to Valley of Fire state park. I enjoyed the show, but it was two songs shorter than the 9:00 show. But, I got to hear the second "I need You", which is the only song they are playing that I hadn't heard yet. After Gerry and Dewey introduced the band, they introduced their webmaster, Steve Lowry, who was at the show. Gerry looked out in the audience, but no response. So did you get introduced in the second show, Steve?

Message: 21268 Posted: Mon Mar 18 16:22:59 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America/Cayman Islands

Wow! Would that be a dream come true or what? Maybe I'll win the lottery and be able to be high bidder!

Good luck to those hard core America fans richer than I!

Message: 21267 Posted: Mon Mar 18 16:12:46 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Off Top-Fogelberg Tour 2002

Great news! Maybe I'll get to see him w/ a band, yet. Although, unless other dates are added, it looks like I might have to travel a bit to pull it off. Looks like Wallingford, CT is the closest he's coming to Maine this summer.

Message: 21266 Posted: Mon Mar 18 15:42:00 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: A few things

Hi everyone! Kim, thanks for the link to the Neil Finn show. Have any of you guys(apart from holiday) seen him in concert? A fantastic show, every time! Johnny, I was interested to read your posts concerning Mike Love and his speech. Somewhere, I have a magazine with a big article on Brian Wilson and that particular episode is written about in some detail. But I cant find it! I seem to recall it said Love had been fasting for a week and wasnt thinking too straight.I will keep looking for it and let you know if I find it. After talking to Jeff Foskett and Billy Hinsche last week(gosh thats sure name dropping, but next to Gerry and Dewey, they are the only "famous" people Ive ever met!) I began re-reading DENNIS WILSON-THE REAL BEACH BOY, and found something interesting. It may have been mentioned before, Im not sure. It is told by Billy Hinsche and goes that one night in 1974 Dennis and Billy Preston were partying and playing piano together. Danny Hutton, of Three Dog Night was there along with Gerry. Billy Preston had "nailed down the opening chords and the 'You are so beautiful' line when Dennis began to sing along with him. The others were singing over their shoulders." I found that really interesting that Gerry was present at the birth of the song made so popular by Joe Cocker. What an incredible time it must have been back then.

Message: 21265 Posted: Mon Mar 18 15:27:20 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg

and yes he did grow up in Peoria and graduated from Woodruff High school. the store he mentions in the song was a convinient store at the corner of Prospect ave. and Frye.DanC

Message: 21264 Posted: Mon Mar 18 15:24:36 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg

Hey, Kiri, I live i the heights, neighbor.DanC.

Message: 21263 Posted: Mon Mar 18 13:39:48 2002 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: America/Cayman Islands

Hello everyone! Erin here from Morey Management. I wanted to let everyone know that Rhino Records will be sponsoring an Ebay auction featuring a trip to The Cayman Islands for the show on April 5, 2002. The highest bidder will receive 4 nights/5 days at the Marriott Resort on Seven Mile Beach, a rental car from Budget, front row seats to the show and backstage passes. The best part of the package is an afternoon with Gerry and Dewey. That includes lunch and a boat ride to Stingray City in The Cayman Islands. The money raised from the biddiing will go to Project AWARE, a nonprofit organization, helping inform and educate the public on the condition of marine sea life.

I believe the auction will start March 19th. I will post the address tomorrow but I'm sure you can get there thru Rhino's website too (

If anyone has any questions about the auction or about the show in The Cayman Islands - just send me an email at


-Erin Edwards

Message: 21262 Posted: Mon Mar 18 10:54:25 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Mesquite Episode 2 - The Ice Cream Parlor

Hmmmm...Gerry Beckley and Ice Cream........two of my favorite things!

(I'm glad you had a great time, Steve!)

Message: 21261 Posted: Mon Mar 18 10:29:03 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Off Topic - Neil Finn in Texas

This is off topic, but as Neil Finn has been mentioned by our friends from "down under" on occasion, I thought they might be interested in the review that appeared in the Sunday 3/17/02 edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. There is a music festival called South by Southwest that has been going on in Austin and Neil Finn and an Australian named David Bridie appeared there this weekend. Following is the address to read the complete review.


Message: 21260 Posted: Mon Mar 18 08:52:37 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Dan Fogelberg

Been lurking for while, but thought I'd drop in my two cents.

I've seen Dan Fogelberg 5 times (with and without his backup band). The last time, it seemed he was bored and got easily annoyed with the audience. I attributed it to a bad day.

As far as his albums go, the INNOCENT AGE was clearly his best work. Exceptional lyrics and melodies as well as an interesting concept (from the cradle to the grave). Well thought out and wonderfully produced. After that, NETHER LANDS, TWIN SONS OF DIFFERENT MOTHERS, CAPTURED ANGEL and SOUVENIRS are wonderful. If you are a fan of his music, WINDOWS AND WALLS, PHOENIX and EXILES are good albums as well. If you are a BIG fan of his, you will enjoy HOME FREE, HIGH COUNTRY SNOWS, THE WILD PLACES and RIVER OF SOULS as well.

I found that he lost something after EXILES. His last few albums, THE WILD PLACES, RIVER OF SOULS, NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER and his compilations (GREETINGS FROM THE WEST and SOMETHING OLD) were quite weak and contrived. Could be he ran out of things to say.

Regardless, he remains one of the finest lyricists and songwriters I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Capture the moment, carry the day, stay with the chase as long as you may...

Message: 21259 Posted: Mon Mar 18 07:41:44 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: RE: Concert rev. & Ice Cream Parlor & Dan Fogelberg

Hi all: Thanks Steve for sharing Your thoughts on the Mesquite concert. How lucky you are to know Gerry & Dewey this personally, Wow even to have ice cream with Gerry! I have to say I have seen them in concert 2 times now and each time when I heard them sings their songs it still sounds as good maybe even better than back in the 70's. I am so glad to hear Gerry will be having a new CD coming out. Both Gerry & Dewey have been blessed with the talent of expressing themselves in their music in a way that can touch deep inside and leave a lasting memory. I hope their music is around forever. As for Dan F's album collections I have them all and it is very hard to say which one is better than the other, he too sure has a way of expressing himself in his music beautifully. Netherlands comes in close at a first with me so many good songs. It is sounding better and better the idea of Dan Fogelberg being a forunner for an America show~~ What a night to remember this would be. Regarding the Neil Young Harvest album, I have this too and it has always been a favorite. Have a good day everyone. Nancy

Message: 21258 Posted: Mon Mar 18 07:14:21 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mesquite Concert Review and Some Thoughts

Chris, I don't know why Paradise and World of Light were only on the USA release. Perhaps it had something to do with licensing or other legal issues.

Message: 21257 Posted: Mon Mar 18 07:08:21 2002 By: kiri
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg

don’t know dan fogelberg’s tunes very well but i have a junior high recollection of a slumber party playing one of his tapes so much that the story of "same old lang syne" became etched in my brain. i was sure the story would happen to me someday. i think it was just wistful thinking on the part of a "tragic" breakup with an eighth grade boy who played guitar. but the song has remained an old friend of mine i visit from time to time. i live in peoria, il now which i believe is where he’s from.

p.s. "heart hotels" has a familiar beginning, eh?

Message: 21256 Posted: Mon Mar 18 07:08:07 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Episode 2 - The Ice Cream Parlor

I'm nowhere near as good a writer as Dan, but I thought it might be fun to divide my Mesquite report into episodes. If the first episode was the concert review, then I guess this is episode 2. I won't make you wait a week between episodes, maybe not even a full day. It just depends on how much spare time I get to write.

My wife and I went to Mesquite on Friday with our two youngest children and my niece who is living with us. We stayed at the Oasis which is next door to the CasaBlanca. After a very late breakfast on Saturday we wandered over to the CasaBlanca to make sure we knew where the show room was and to check out some of the shops. While we were there we saw Gerry and Michael checking in at the registration desk. I introduced my family to Gerry and he said that he'd like to meet us at the ice cream parlor around 4 pm. He was tired and wanted to take a nap. That worked out good for us because we were going to see "Ice Age" (we loved it!).

After watching the movie we returned to the CasaBlanca where Gerry was waiting for us in the lobby. We went to the ice cream parlor where he treated everyone to their favorite flavor. I have to digress a little at this point. In 2001 my wife and I took our youngest son to see America in Mesquite and we happened to see Gerry at the pool. It was rather warm and he offered to buy my son an ice cream back then and now I guess it's a tradition (LOL). Anyway, as everyone was eating their ice cream I took the opportunity to ask Gerry about the upcoming Christmas album, Jeff Larson's version of "Norman", and Gerry's next solo CD which has the working title of "Horizontal Fall". He shared a lot of interesting information which I'll detail in the upcoming episodes.

Thanks Gerry for the ice cream and the information!


Message: 21255 Posted: Mon Mar 18 06:58:37 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Mesquite Concert Review and Some Thoughts

Thanks for the concert review Steve. Actually, I had the same thought about the guys incredible energy levels after their Sydney concerts. Like John Corbett too, I marvel at their touring timetable - it really must seem like "a million miles of track". We are very lucky to still have the guys out there travelling enormous distances to keep us all living their music and delivering top shelf concerts with such good humour.
As far as other artists go, the only Fogelberg album I own is The Innocent Age, and the lyrics are pure poetry. But give me any Bunnell lyrics any day please and don't ask me why, but those songs will talk to me with more feeling and empathy than most others.
Been listening to some 1972 albums today - one by the name of Harvest (my favourite NY album) and one called Homecoming. I am beginning to like those early '70s albums more and more with Homecoming becoming maybe my favourite America album now - every song is a masterpiece with all three guys contributing some of their best songs.
Steve - I am very keen to hear more about Gerry's Horizontal Fall. I would also like to know when the rest of the world will be able to lay its hands on Paradise and World Of Light. My Real Audio has crashed out and I am missing those two songs more than you will They should have gone on to The Definitive CD ..... any reason why they were kept only for USA release?

Message: 21254 Posted: Mon Mar 18 06:49:06 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

FYI - I received word today from Music Video Distributors that the first batch of DVD's has been sent out to the major chains to cover their pre-orders. Those who didn't pre-order, will need to wait for a subsequent batch which will be coming out later (end of March or first of April). That's good news for those who pre-ordered and bad news for those who didn't. --SteveL

Message: 21253 Posted: Mon Mar 18 06:26:38 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Dan Fogelberg

My 2 cents- DF is a great songwriter, musician and singer. Favorite DF album? Well, if I'm listening to Souvenirs, I would say it's Souvenirs. If I was listening to Nether Lands, I would tell you that it's Nether Lands. Both are fantastic. For my money, Dan Fogelberg would have been THE perfect canidate to become the FORTH member of AMERICA. -Pat

Message: 21252 Posted: Sun Mar 17 21:57:02 2002 By: RC
Subject: Off Top-Fogelberg Tour 2002

To those America fans who are also DF fans, he is touring this summer with a band. Tour dates listed at Both are touring in my state this summer but not sure if will be able to make any of the concerts yet..

Message: 21251 Posted: Sun Mar 17 21:50:17 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Mesquite commute from Agoura

I know the guys attribute their ability to travel to their military brat upbringing, but if you ask me, they're sheer superhuman. No doubt about it. From now on, I will never complain about my commute ever again!


Message: 21250 Posted: Sun Mar 17 20:14:16 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mesquite Concert Review

I better do this before I forget the setlist. First of all, let me say thanks to Pete for pulling through at the last minute. There was a small mixup with my tickets so I didn't make it into the sold-out 7 pm show. I guess that's how it goes when you have a group that's as popular as America. But Pete was able to pull some strings to get me and my family into the 9:30 show. I've mentioned before how gracious Gerry and Dewey are. But Pete, Bill, Willie, Michael, and Brad are right up there with them. Thanks to you all!

Since they played two shows at the CasaBlanca Casino, they had to play the short set. I don't know what they played at the early show, but it was likely the same as the late show:

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. I Need You
7. I Need You (tribute to George Harrison/Beatles)
8. Tin Man
9. The Border
10. Only In Your Heart
11. Woman Tonight
12. California Dreamin'
13. Lonely People
14. Hangover
15. Never Be Lonely
16. Sandman
17. Sister Golden Hair
18. A Horse With No Name (Encore)

A couple of comments: It was the first time I've heard George Harrison's "I Need You" and it was great! Gerry's English accented immitation of George when he described a conversation that he had with George was excellent (and humorous). I also enjoyed the new comment about California Dreamin'. Gerry used to talk about it being the soundtrack to a blockbuster movie (meaning you could only get it at BlockBuster). Now he says that he has one of the few vintage copies of the movie, in BetaMax format. That got a good laugh.

The guys were tight and sounded great. That's especially amazing when you consider that they played in Agoura until 11 pm the night before and had to be at the LAX airport around 7 am the next morning to get the equipment on an early flight to Las Vegas. Then they had to drive from Las Vegas to Mesquite (about 77 miles) and try to get a little rest before the early show. Between the two shows they had a "meet and greet" with some people who won a contest on a local radio station. They were very gracious although I'm sure they didn't get much more than 4 hours sleep and maybe a brief nap. I don't know how they keep it up but they do a great job of it. --SteveL

Message: 21249 Posted: Sun Mar 17 18:48:37 2002 By: kmar
Subject: Re: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg

Hello All,
It figures that there are some music-wise Dan Foglberg devotees in here.(no spell check, i'm in trouble)My 2 cents worth: D.F. is at the absolute zenith point of reference, when it comes to painting a picture with lyric and music. Then, we come to his vocal ability and musicianship. Did I mention melodic genuis? Lennon/McCartney? They take an easy backseat ride.

Though for me, INNOCENT AGE was the last great D.F. record, all of his previous records will provide all the "serious listening" I can handle for a lifetime. Name a favorite? No way. Push me, and I would say NETHERLANDS.
p.s. Thanks for the info Steve L.

Message: 21248 Posted: Sun Mar 17 18:25:13 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Back From Mesquite

Very good Steve. You run a tight ship and you're much appreciated. The same to all you folks here too.

Message: 21247 Posted: Sun Mar 17 17:46:08 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Jeff Larson CD Info

I see that Marshall has already pointed you to the MP3 clips on Jeff Larson's web page ( Here's a quick run down on Jeff's forthcoming CD. It is due in early June and features 11 new songs written by Jeff and the one cover we've all been waiting for, "Norman". "Norman" features Gerry on piano and backing vocals and the song was produced and arranged by Gerry and Hank Linderman. Dewey is featured on the song "Halfmoon Bay". More details will be available in the coming weeks. --Steve

Message: 21246 Posted: Sun Mar 17 17:18:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Back From Mesquite

I just got back from a three day weekend in Mesquite so I've been offline for a few days. It has taken me an hour just to catch up on my e-mail and these chat folder entries. I got to see the guys in concert last night (9:30 show) and they were great! I have A LOT MORE to say about that including some information from Gerry about Norman, the Christmas album, and Horizontal Fall (and maybe some other things). I also have a photo from the Agoura concert that was sent to me and a bunch of photos that I took from the Mesquite concert to post. I'm not sure when I'll get them posted, but it will be as soon as possible.

One thing I do want to say right now. Besides being fantastic singers, songwriters, and musicians, Gerry and Dewey are two of the most considerate and thoughtful individuals around (but you already know that). I'll have more to say about that in a future post that will be titled something like "Ice Cream - Round 2".


Message: 21245 Posted: Sun Mar 17 16:58:45 2002 By: Alan
Subject: RE: DAN FOGELBERG (info wanted) [Genevieve]

From someone who has ALL of Fogelberg's albums (on CD), I have to agree w/ Jpohnny and others that W & W is a good one. I also think Tucson, AZ & Sweet Magnolia are 2 of the best songs on the CD (along w/ Believe In Me. I did think, however, that the album, like Exiles, has an overall depressing tone to it (not as bad as Exiles, however, where every song is a downer). I also tend to like his older, more obscure material best, such as Captured Angel & Netherlands. To me, The Innocent Age is his all-time best work.


p.s. I aplogize for keeping this thread going. I'm afraid this is turn9ing into the Dan Fogelberg Chat Folder, so I will drop it right now.

Message: 21244 Posted: Sun Mar 17 16:40:57 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg

Rick, I am green w/ envy. Looks like you got "the best of both worlds" as well as my brother - and all in one show! (Actually I understand he always does a few solo acoustic songs at each of his "band" concerts). I wonder if I will ever see him w/ a band. it seems he almost exclusively does solo acoustic shows now in smaller venues - which I love. I'd just like to see him w/ band.

I'd also like to see America do an all acoustic show - just Dew & Ger (a little closer than the Cayman islands).


Message: 21243 Posted: Sun Mar 17 15:17:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: RE: DAN FOGELBERG (info wanted) [Genevieve]

GREAT JOB as always, Johnny. Thanks for giving me some clues to help sort things out. I'll give this album a try as soon as I can put my hand on it. Your explanations were very interesting & useful. I also saw that the album was mentioned as a must in the French Westcoast Rendez-Vous mag., & their position apparently matches your & Jeff's opinion on it. Now the Quest can begin !...

Message: 21242 Posted: Sun Mar 17 11:54:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: To Johnny and off topic (LisaRose)

Lisa, I bet it doesn't bother Dewey a bit what Billy Joel said about the grammar in the lyrics of "Tin Man". I believe Dewey has addressed the grammar issue in some of his hit songs. We know he has with "Horse".

When I viewed VH-1's re-broadcast of some of the past RRHF inductions, I recorded a part of it so I could review exactly what Mike Love said. In fairness to him, his remarks to Joel were more of a challenge to perform concerts. Love said the Beach Boys performed 180 or so shows that year (1988) saying he'd like to see the "Mop-Tops" beat that. He did slam Mick Jaggar big-time though saying he was "too chicken-shit" to be on the same stage as the Beach Boys. Love went further to say something to the effect of "Do it for love, peace, and world harmony." Bob Dylan was very classy when he was at the mike. He said something close to "Love, peace, and harmony are wonderful indeed but so is forgiveness."

Message: 21241 Posted: Sun Mar 17 11:25:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: RE: DAN FOGELBERG (info wanted) [Genevieve]

Genevieve, if you like Fogelberg's music, I think you will like "Windows And Walls". You can get a pretty good idea how it compares with his other works via Out of 5 stars, it was given a 2. "Captured Angel," "Exiles," and "River Of Souls" were also given a 2 but I personally think "Captured Angel" is a lot better than that as well as "Windows And Walls". "Nether Lands," "Phoenix," and "The Innocent Age" were each rated a 4 1/2. "Souvenirs" was given a 3.

"Windows And Walls" contains Fogelberg's hit "The Language Of Love" and "Believe In Me". The latter to me is a "typical" Fogelberg love ballad...sweet with a touch of sadness. I think "Let Her Go" was also a hit from the same LP. It's a rocker as is "Gone Too Far". The title track reminds me a lot of the haunting sounds of "The Innocent Age" LP.

I think the two best songs from "W&W" is perhaps "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)" and "Sweet Magnolia (And The Travelling Salesman)". I totally agree with Jeff's comment regarding the guitar work on "Tucson, AZ". It's a lengthy ballad with a very sad ending. "Sweet Magnolia" is a very lovely ballad on piano that's lengthy as well. It's a love song that's reminds me a lot of "Same Old Lang Syne" from "The Innocent Age". It has a similar theme and sound.

Personally, I tend to like Fogelberg's earlier LP releases especially "Nether Lands". I have his first 8 LPs and 2 others from his later work. All-in-all Genevieve, I think you would like "Windows And Walls".

Message: 21240 Posted: Sun Mar 17 11:06:07 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: To Johnny and off topic (LisaRose)

Now Johnny you have just touched a nerve. First of all I think Mike Love is a jerk after reading what you wrote but MOST important HOW DARE Billy Joel criticize "Tin Man"??!! Let me tell you that his grammar stunk the other night in between saying F*CK at least a dozen times as he talked to us. Am now so disillusioned with him now. I think he has a lot of nerve and owes "AMERICA" an apology.

Message: 21239 Posted: Sun Mar 17 04:34:42 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Sound clips... Jeff (+ Johnny)

Thanks Genevieve. ...always appreciate your informative answers.

Also, I like "Windows and walls" especially the song "Tucson Az"...great sounding guitar.


Message: 21238 Posted: Sun Mar 17 02:09:50 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Sound clips... Jeff (+ Johnny)

Is Jeff Larson well appreciated in France?

Yes Jeff,
he has had some of the best reviews I' ve heard & read both on very popular radio stations (like RTL) & in many Rock music magazines (like Zicline) for being one of the best "newcoming" artists in the California sound. I suppose this is why Universal Company (now owned by French tycoon Jean-Marie Messier) decided to release this JL's double CD record - thus preparing the regular listeners & a potential new audience for the upcoming release.
Jeff, think I understand what you mean by "JL is just my kind of music" but I believe JL wouldn't have been so interesting to me, musically speaking, if his inflences had been different. However, I admit the guy has a GREAT (lyrical & musical) talent of his own, & a delicate, very noticeable voice too.

I must add that to my great surprise (& enjoyment) France is slowly rediscovering America too. They can be heard on the radio more often than before, & music reporters are now much more respectful on the whole. Beatriz, who's a Spanish friend living here on the French side of the border, sent me a link to the French Zicline review of the "Definitive America" album. It wasn't the usual sarcastic note, but rather fair & somehow laudatory terms. That's a positive change & I do hope this is only the starting point to a more appreciable rediscovery of the band in my country as well as in the rest of Europe...

Johnny, thanks for letting me know about that Fogelberg album.

Message: 21237 Posted: Sat Mar 16 22:54:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Correction

After my last post, I was able to watch a re-broadcast of the VH-1 coverage of some past RRHF inductions. It was at the Beach Boy's 1988 induction that McCartney wasn't present. He was present at Lennon's induction as a solo artist though.

Message: 21236 Posted: Sat Mar 16 20:39:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: To Johnny and off topic (LisaRose)

Lisa, funny you should mention BOTH Elton John and Billy Joel because Love ripped into Billy Joel also. He said something very rude to Joel who I think was sitting in the audience. He said something to the effect of "Can you still tickle the ivories?" It was said in a very sarcastic way...very condescending. I don't know what it was all about though.

Regarding Elton, he seemed to appear on stage from nowhere just quick enough to walk up to the microphone to say something like "Thank you for not including me." The audience broke out laughing which was very much needed after the Love-ly lashing.

By the way, I still remember Billy Joel criticizing the lyrics to "Tin Man" and I think about it every single time I see him on television or hear one of his songs on the radio. For those who didn't hear him, he basically said the lyrics contain terrible grammar. At the time, TerryT posted, "The Piano Man ain't got nothin' on the Tin Man!" I LOVE IT!!! Right-on, Double T!

Regarding whether McCartney was right or wrong, I really don't know since I'm not familiar with any details. Maybe someone else here knows more. I believe, however, if McCartney had attended, it would have been the first time the three remaining Beatles would have been on stage together since their breakup or maybe it was to perform together. I don't think there was any performance by George or Ringo although I'm not absolutely positive. Maybe someone can clarify this part for us since I'm not absolutely certain.

Another chill was between Fogerty and his former CCR band mates. Fogerty refused to perform at the RRHF induction with them saying they have mistreated him and said many bad things about him behind his back. Instead, Fogerty sang "Who'll Stop The Rain" (is that the correct title?) with Clapton and Springsteen. One of the former CCR members walked out during the performance or so he said when he was interviewed.

I hope to view more RRHF induction events from the past on VH-1. This stuff is better than watching "Survivor". :0)

Message: 21235 Posted: Sat Mar 16 20:39:04 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Norman

After hearing Jeff's version of "Norman," I can't help but be impressed by his talent. In a fair universe, Jeff would be a big star, performing at Radio City Music Hall and the Greek Theater, making appearances on Leno and Letterman and having his videos on constant replay on MTV and performing on VH-1's "Storytellers." Alas, we are stuck with the music industry that we have, so Jeff will for the time being have to remain in the shadows of Ricky, Brittany and Christina.

Jeff has also turned into a fascinating outlet for some of Gerry's most obscure material, like "Annabelle" and "Norman." Perhaps if we can't get Warner and Capitol to FULLY open up their archives, Jeff could consider doing an album of nothing but America outtakes.


Message: 21234 Posted: Sat Mar 16 19:48:23 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: To Johnny and off topic

Your welcome Johnny and thanks for that info. I never knew that and it kind of makes me uncomfortable too as I am a huge Paul fan. What is your take on it? In other words, was Paul in the wrong? Went to an amazing Elton John/ Billy Joel concert last night. Even though Billy was quite sick, he was a trooper and very talkative to the audience.

Message: 21233 Posted: Sat Mar 16 18:58:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Did America Perform At...

Thanks Genevieve, red oak, and LisaRose for the correct info about America and their performance (or lack of) in regards to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yep, was too good to be true. I didn't really pay too much attention to what was announced back in December as you all can tell...LOL. I only remember reading something here that mentioned an America performance at a place with a similar name.

While on the topic of the RRHF, I was watching some clips on VH-1 of some past inductions. Wow, there was one where Mike Love voiced his criticism of McCartney's absence during Lennon's induction as a solo artist. Man, it was very chilly! For those who haven't seen it, Love basically raked McCartney over the coals saying his absence was due to a lawsuit he had filed against Yoko (and maybe another person or two). It was very uncomfortable for the audience to hear him say that whether true or not. Love went on to challenge McCartney to appear on the same stage as the Beach Boys or something very close to that. Definitely no "Love loss".

Genevieve, regarding Fogelberg's "Windows And Walls," I have it on cassette. It's been a long time since I've listened to it. I'll give it a listen tonight.

Message: 21232 Posted: Sat Mar 16 18:51:24 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

jimnak, mine is also "code free". I think it must be my DVD player. I took it over to my Mom's and it plays just fine. I think I have an extended warranty with Best Buy, so I am about to dig it out, take my DVD player in and tell them to fix it so it will play my America DVD! The odd thing is, it plays other DVD's just fine. Oh well, at least I do have the PS2 I can play it on.

Take care,

Message: 21231 Posted: Sat Mar 16 17:39:42 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Did America Perform At...

Not only that but it didn't even happen yet nor will it be at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame BUT only miles from me at the Waldorf Astoria in New York on Monday. But they screwed up royally once again---they forgot to include "America" as one of the perfoming inductees!!!! Can someone please tell them!!!

Message: 21230 Posted: Sat Mar 16 14:42:06 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Sound clips...

...just finished the rest of the J.L. sound clips. Excellent stuff!

Genevieve, didn't you mention a few days ago that Jeff Larson is well appreciated in France?

Message: 21229 Posted: Sat Mar 16 14:09:30 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: RE: DAN FOGELBERG (info wanted)

Saw your numerous posts about Mr Folgerberg & would like to know if any of you could review this particular album which was recommended to me by a friend many years ago ( & suddenly came back to memory when I saw his name on this folder) .

The album title was : Windows And Walls (Columbia USA - 1984 ).

Message: 21228 Posted: Sat Mar 16 14:06:35 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Larson/ Foskett/ Beckley - Jeff Brink

Thanks Genevieve. ...and thanks to Marshall for the update. ...just listened to "Norman". YEP! Roybn and the other "Norman lovers need to hear this sound clip!

Genevieve, for me, JL is the best thing to come along in a long time. I would have liked him even without the AMERICA connection. It's just my kind of music!

Jeff B.

Message: 21227 Posted: Sat Mar 16 13:41:22 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Did America Perform At...

From what I've read, I believe the AMERICA concert in Cleveland last December had nothing to do with Rock n Roll induction ceremony. Therefore, they will not be on TV next Wednesday, only the acts voted in to the Hall will be on.

Message: 21226 Posted: Sat Mar 16 13:24:19 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

Under the "region" heading, my copy also says "Codefree" & plays on both my computer & DVD player.

Message: 21225 Posted: Sat Mar 16 13:15:51 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Larson/ Foskett/ Beckley update

Thanks for the update. It's just the link I used though - the interviews were not updated - but you are VERY right : the MP3 clips are quite worth mentioning . Looking forward to the CD release too.

Message: 21224 Posted: Sat Mar 16 12:45:06 2002 By: Marshall
Subject: Re: Larson/ Foskett/ Beckley update
At this link there five MP3 clips from Jeff Larson's upcoming new CD, including a clip of "Norman", written and produced by Gerry Beckley. Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Jeffrey Foskett and others are guest artists. The clips are great. Looking forward to the CD release.


P.S. I hope America uses their website in this way to generate interest for their new releases!

Message: 21223 Posted: Sat Mar 16 11:20:24 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Matthew Sweet.

Count me as another huge Matthew Sweet fan. Been a big fan of his since I first heard Girlfriend.

My favorite song of his is a really dark song called, "Someone To Pull The Trigger."


Message: 21222 Posted: Sat Mar 16 10:48:56 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

What is it coded on the back ? Mine is coded Codefree, I think meaning it should play on any DVD machine. By the way this baby is Dolby Digital 5.1, so sound is excellent (of course AMERICA not responsible for the mix).

Message: 21221 Posted: Sat Mar 16 10:28:20 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Did America Perform At...

I just hope I am wrong, but I think America performed an "America for America"show at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum on 12/13/01 . But of course I'm not a specialist & I don't wanna seem too pessimistic. I think most - if not all- induction ceremonies usually take place in March (according to the dates on their site). But again, I hope I am wrong.

Message: 21220 Posted: Sat Mar 16 09:53:38 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Larson/ Foskett/ Beckley - Jeff Brink

Following our « virtual conversation » of last week, I read this interview of J.Larson by John Holcomb dating from February 8, 1999. I learnt a little bit more about how Larson’s association with Jeff Foskett got started & also about the trio Larson/ Foskett/ Beckley. Of course I knew about Gerry's Annabelle but didn't know how they had agreed to make this one together. You probably know all about it already, but I thought it could be interesting to some of us (?). So, here is a very small extract from this interview :

"I made the decision that I needed a producer who would be sympathetic to the material and fit what I was trying to get across musically and lyrically," says Larson. Enter Jeffrey Foskett… I had…just finished a three-song sampler (demo) CD in the direction I wanted to go. The production was sparse, but the songs were there. I sent it out to many in various circles I was interested in; needless to say it got to Jeffrey and a few months later I did "Nothing but Air" and "Shades" with (him) and Gary (Griffin) producing."

The recording of another track allowed Larson to meet the influential Gerry Beckley, author of the Watercolor Sky track, "Annabelle." "Gerry is a good friend of Jeffrey’s; (they) have sung on each other’s projects in the past. As I understand it, ‘Annabelle’ was a song written between Gerry’s solo CD Van Go Gan and the upcoming America album [since released as Human Nature—ed.], and was unreleased. I was considering doing an older tune of America’s as a cover and somewhere in a conversation between Jeffrey and Gerry, ‘Annabelle’ was suggested. I flew down to Los Angeles and we met at a Starbucks where I was basically handed the lyrics, track, and a demo to learn the song. I’ve been influenced by (Beckley’s) work ever since I picked up an instrument so it was an obvious thrill to sing and record this song."

And if you want to read more about Larson’s early influences & inspiration, here is the link to this series of interviews :

A nice week-end to you all.
BFN - Genevieve

Message: 21219 Posted: Sat Mar 16 09:13:11 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Did America Perform At...

Did the guys perform at the most recent induction ceremony of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? I hope so because according to VH-1 that ceremony with performances is to be broadcast this coming Wednesday (the 20th) at 9:00 Eastern.

America did perform there didn't they or am I mistaken?

Message: 21218 Posted: Sat Mar 16 08:49:47 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

I got it at (I think this is the correct website-if it's not I'll post the correct address when I get to work on Monday.) However,it won't play on my DVD player! AAAGGGHHH! It will however play on my kids Sony Play Station 2 game system. So until I can figure out what's going on with my DVD player I guess I will be regulated to the toy/tv room arguing with my kids as to who gets to use the PS2 next! LOL! The America DVD does have some selling points for the kids though. Two of their favorite America songs are on there (Sandman and The Last Unicorn) so I believe I may have some negotiating room. Notwithstanding my DVD player problem, the concert is fantastic. I think Pages may end up being one of my all time favorites and The Last Unicorn was great too.

Has anyone else out there had a problem with it not playing on a regular DVD player?


Message: 21217 Posted: Fri Mar 15 17:38:20 2002 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg

Hey Alan,

I was lucky enough to see him in the mid 70's when "the Innocent Age" was released. He had a full band but he did a solo acoustic set in the middle. I then saw him again in the early 90's in Raleigh, NC with a full band and again he did some solo acoustic numbers. The first show I saw was in Greensboro, NC. I's love to see him again. Later,


Message: 21216 Posted: Fri Mar 15 16:11:27 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972 to cfhere


You are correct. These books only contain the charted songs and albums. If an album or song never made the top 100 or 200, you would never know about it. I figured though that this would be interesting for most people to see.


Message: 21215 Posted: Fri Mar 15 15:48:38 2002 By: Dogma
Subject: Re: Off topic

Hi everyone! Just taking a well deserved break before heading back to work for the next three days. I wanted to thank Kimcabrina for answering my post from a few days ago and also to "Mr. Steve" for being so patient with me and my requests for my misplaced password.

Happy St. Pat's Day one and all! I'm off to bed again.(Curse of the night shift z z z z z)


Message: 21214 Posted: Fri Mar 15 15:36:53 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ohne Filter DVD

Where did you order it Kim? Amazon still says APRIL!!!!!!!!

Message: 21213 Posted: Fri Mar 15 15:21:52 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Ohne Filter DVD

I just got home from work and found the new America DVD waiting for me in the mail!!! It was quite a suprise since from everything I had been hearing it would the 26th. Has anyone else received theirs? I am plugging it into my DVD player now - ya'll have a great weekend!


Message: 21212 Posted: Fri Mar 15 13:27:01 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: off topic ramblings (Robyn)

My dad says it means "Ireland Forever!" Probably not spelled correctly, but what the heck!
P.S The Young Dubliners ROCK!

Message: 21211 Posted: Fri Mar 15 12:28:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

I don't have any additional information. If I get any, I'll be sure to post it.

Message: 21210 Posted: Fri Mar 15 12:17:12 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972 to cfhere

I believe the Billboard books only keep track of charted singles and albums. In 1954 and 1955 Elvis recorded a few singles that were regional hits in the south before he made it nationally. I believe that American Pie was Don McClean's second or third album. It's just that the previous ones weren't hits until after he hit it big with American Pie. The Beatles released several singles starting in 1962 with Love Me Do which was a top 20 hit in the UK but not in the US. When they finally hit it big in the US in 1964, many of those earlier singles were re-released in the US and became big hits (like Love Me Do). Those are the only ones that I know about, but it wouldn't surprise me if some of the other artists were in similar situations, then again maybe not.

Message: 21209 Posted: Fri Mar 15 11:57:19 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

Bones- Stamford is a 30 minute drive from me, I need to be pinched also! Unfortunately for me, I work the night shift and I might not be able to attend. Do you (or Steve) have any more information about the concert? -Pat

Message: 21208 Posted: Fri Mar 15 11:04:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: off topic ramblings (Robyn)

Should I post or not post? Should I post or not post? What the hey!

Robyn, what does "Erin go bragh" mean? I'm not familiar with the word "bragh". Is it the opposite of "go braghless"? I think the latter would be a lot more fun...well from a guy's point-of-view anyway.

Message: 21207 Posted: Fri Mar 15 10:43:26 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

Hit the 'post' button too quickly. S/B "soothsayer".

Message: 21206 Posted: Fri Mar 15 10:41:43 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The Ides of March!!!

From Gerry's "From A Moving Train":

I've seen the Ides of March
And I've seen the fall of Rome
I've seen all kinds of stuff
But I never see my home

The Ides of March...that's TODAY...the day the soothsay warned Julius Caesar to beware of.

History lesson is now over. :0)

Message: 21205 Posted: Fri Mar 15 08:09:36 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: off topic ramblings

I should be back on line this evening. My computer had FIVE viruses. YIKES!
Happy St Pat's to all, Los Angeles is having the parade today ( goes right by my office window, nice of them to do that isn't it?) and the Young Dubliners are giving a free concert in Pershing Square, about 2 blocks from here. and while I won't be quaffing any green beer, I will be celebrating! Erin go bragh!

Message: 21204 Posted: Thu Mar 14 17:36:38 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

or how about "A Team", his other single which I personally thought was better than Green Beret????DanC.

Message: 21203 Posted: Thu Mar 14 16:48:36 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

very neat Steve, but could you play Sky Pilot ?

Message: 21202 Posted: Thu Mar 14 16:10:44 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

Mark, seeing Sgt. Barry Sadler in your list brought back memories of my 6th grade graduation. My friend and I played our guitars and performed Barry's "Green Beret" as the closing act of the graduation program. We thought we were pretty hot (LOL)!

Message: 21201 Posted: Thu Mar 14 15:19:02 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

According to my Billboard books from 1955-1979 there were 14 acts to hit Number 1 with their debut single and album.

Elvis Presley 1956
Kingston Trio 1958
Mitch Miller & The Gang 1958
Bert Kaempfert & his Orchestra 1960
Stevie Wonder 1963
Singing Nun 1963
Beatles 1964
The Monkees 1966
Sgt. Barry Sadler 1966
Bobby Gentry 1967
Don Mc Lean 1971
Average White Band 1974
The Knack 1979

Gerry was right about the Knack, but it wasn't the first.


Message: 21200 Posted: Thu Mar 14 14:36:58 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

I see that America is playing in Stamford, CT on 6/20/02. That's the city where I teach and where they are playing it's less than a 10 minute ride from my school. Some one pinch me, I must be dreaming!!!!!

Message: 21199 Posted: Thu Mar 14 14:11:04 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

Yes, Norman would be quite appropriate and Norman OK is only about 3 hrs from my home in Texas, sooo I'm thinking maybe I can make two concerts in one year again!!! Now, if they would just come to Dallas. (I guess now i'm getting greedy!)

Message: 21198 Posted: Thu Mar 14 13:55:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

Gee, a gig in NORMAN OK would be the PERFECT place for a certain song.......

Message: 21197 Posted: Thu Mar 14 13:30:24 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg


My brother Ed has been lucky enough to see him twice - once w/ a full band (w/ guest appearance of Tim Wiesberg doing several "Twin Sons" songs w/ him) and once solo acoustic. I saw the latter show and it was GREAT! He doesn't NEED a band to sound really good. However, I would like to see him w/ band as well.

Just curious - which way did you see him (or both)?


Message: 21196 Posted: Thu Mar 14 13:21:45 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

hey, I don't see a Farmington, Maine date on there, Steve. What's up w/ that? (LOL)

Nina, I have submitted materials and copies of recent reviews to the 2 most influencial members of our local Cahmber of Commerce (one of which said the idea of an America concert has merit). Unfortunately, neither have gotten back to me and I have been too busy to hound them. I'll keep you posted. Don't give up! Find another venue nearby that might be interested. If I can't get anywhere w/ the local Chamber, my next shot is the fairgrounds in Skowhegan (who had Trisha Yearwood there 2 years ago. It's only 45 minutes away from Farmington and I have a contact name of one of the people resposible for bringing her there.

Message: 21195 Posted: Thu Mar 14 13:14:12 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Concert Updates

Here are a few updates to the concert list. I'll get the official concert web page changed tonight.

5/14/02 Tulsa, OK / Caine’s Ballroom
5/24/02 Bay St. Louis, MS / Casino MagicTHIS IS MOVING TO 1/10/03
6/20/02 Stamford, CT / Stamford Park Green
7/7/02 Ellicottville, NY / Holiday Valley Ski Resort
9/13/02 Norman, OK / Sooner Theatre

Message: 21194 Posted: Thu Mar 14 12:54:49 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Matthew Sweet

EDDY: "Altered Beast" is a lot darker than "In Reverse" and "100% Fun." In fact, I once read that 100% fun (which was the next album after A.B.) was so-named because many people thought A.B. was too serious or too dark. I think Matthew was working through some "issues" on A.B. He wanted to show a little lighter side on 100% fun.


Message: 21193 Posted: Thu Mar 14 12:24:47 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Thanks Mr Corbett & Mr Lowry !!!

Hi there everyone !

Wanted to thank John & Steve for posting the video shots from "The Border" video clip. Only saw this clip once in 1985, so it's really great to be able to see those images again, seventeen years later ! But again, what would we do without you guys ?
- Genevieve.

Message: 21192 Posted: Thu Mar 14 10:38:43 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Fan's Birthday (J.S.)

Happy Birthday today (33rd ?) way across the ocean to fellow fan JASON SMITH whose bio appears on the home page. Also, I've enjoyed viewing the picture sleeves from the 45 records Jason has submitted to Steve.

Message: 21191 Posted: Thu Mar 14 07:10:39 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett (& Matthew Sweet)

Jimbob: Thanks for the report, I would give anything to see Jeff Foskett in a small club like you did (as opposed to a big stadium or something) That must have been a real treat!!
I'm also glad to see another Matthew Sweet fan on this board, got the Brian Wilson tribute on DVD(wish AMERICA was on it!), & he does a GREAT job on "Sail on Sailer"
I first got "100% Fun" when it came out, then I think it was Matt Beckley that mentioned "In Reverse" on this board (LOVE this CD!) also have Girlfriend & Blue Sky On Mars. (still need to get Altered Beast)
Since you mentioned it was one of your faves (that & Girlfriend) I'd better go get it, don't want to miss out on anything!

Message: 21190 Posted: Wed Mar 13 17:55:39 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett've had quite a month haven't you Jimbob?

Message: 21189 Posted: Wed Mar 13 16:20:41 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Jeff Foskett

Just a brief note about Jeff Foskett last night. A stunning show! You would swear it was Brian Wilson singing. As it was a small bar, there were only about 80 people there, the majority of whom I'm sure were unaware of who this guy was. I spoke to him about his work with AMERICA, Gerry, and Brian. I asked him to put in a good word to Brian about NZ, and he said he was talking to him the night before and Brian was hoping to play here later this year! Also sat down and talked with Billy Hinshe. What an incredible music feast we have had here recently!

Message: 21188 Posted: Wed Mar 13 15:58:36 2002 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg

Hey Alan,

I have that live Dan fogelberg cd and it's great! I've always been a big fan of his since the 70's and I've been lucky enough to see him in concert a couple of times.


Message: 21187 Posted: Wed Mar 13 15:08:11 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Opening Act

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to Alan!

I agree with Andy. However, I would go one step further: have both Gerry AND Dewey open the show with just themselves and acoustic guitars. They could do maybe like 2 or 3 songs without the band. I think that would really get the audience excited and ready for the whole band. The band could start playing the "A" chord as the curtain behind Gerry and Dewey rises. Then POW!! They rock into Riverside!

Message: 21186 Posted: Wed Mar 13 12:45:26 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Opening Acts\Dan Fogelberg & Newer Songs!

Hi! I also love Dan Fogelberg's music, this would be neat for him to be an opening act for America. Thanks for the tip on his new Live collection, I definitely will have to check it out. Regarding Timothy B Schmitt, I noticed he also sang some of the backups on The View from the Ground LP.I would love to hear him sing with Dan Fogelberg. How about Gerry doing Now Sue, Houses in White, Emma & Kiss of Life for an opener and then they could do Our old favorites adding maybe Amber Cascades,Survival and These Brown Eyes of Mine,Todays the Day, Might be Your Love, You Could Have Been the One, and then the Encore of all Encores they could do the songs from Hourglass & Humane Nature~~I would be in America Heaven for sure! Has any of you ever heard of the singer that goes by the name Seal, songs? He would make a good opening act, and how about the singer Jewel, she has some good songs also. I might as well add Eric Clapton to this list. I agree, Gerry & Dewey if you read this Some More Newer Songs Please!!! It doesn't mean that we are tired of the old ones, it would be nice to see you do the newer ones live also. Thanks!

Message: 21185 Posted: Wed Mar 13 12:36:25 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Alan/Belated Wishes

Alan...Sounds like you had a great birthday! As a fellow Fogelberg fan, let me add my birthday wishes along with the rest! (No need to say we are BOTH "America" fans as we've actually met once or twice along the way!) How goes the campaign to bring "America" to Maine? My attempts to bring them in this September at my college alma mata have fallen by the wayside. Lots of interest at first; then when I fork over the actual management information the college starts crying "budget cuts"! I'm fighting a losing battle. Oh well, maybe the boys will come back for a third year to the Colonial Theater in Keene, NH. I guess that's as close as I can hope!

Message: 21184 Posted: Wed Mar 13 11:05:27 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Miscellaneous / Live stuff

Regarding EDDY's post: Matthew Sweet and America are probably my two favorite artists. I'm glad there is another Matthew Sweet fan on this page. My all time favorite albums are "Homecoming" and "Altered Beast" by Matthew Sweet (or "Girlfriend" depending on my mood). I've always thought it a bit unusual that my two favorite albums were recorded 20 years apart - I was only 6 when Homecoming came out. "Girlfriend" and "Altered Beast" are great. If you're at all curious, I don't think you'd be dissapointed by either album.

As for America's live performances I saw them perform "Moment to Moment" once and thought the emotion of the song came across much better live than on the CD. Dewey really got into the backing vocals. If Gerry and Dewey are reading this: MORE NEW STUFF LIVE! PLEASE! and playing a solo acoustic number or two would also be very awesome.


Message: 21183 Posted: Wed Mar 13 07:48:41 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

My CPU still has gremlins, so I will not be joining you all this evening. have fun everyone!

Message: 21182 Posted: Wed Mar 13 07:30:38 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett in NZ & opening acts

Can't wait to hear a report on J.F.! I remember my first hearing of Human Nature & just slapping it right in the CD player & leaning back taking it all in. Then I came to Overwhelming World Suite, the part: every single moment, every waking hour......etc. I thought to myself, Wow, Carl Wilson's voice just sounds BEAUTIFUL on this, checked the liner notes & found out it was Jeff Foskett.
He would be my choice for an opening act, & as a part of the group.
Other choices: Gerry (solo), Matthew Sweet, Aimee Mann, The Wondermints.
Encore: (I guess they would HAVE to do Horse) Green Monkey, & something from Van Go Gan (like Emma)

Message: 21181 Posted: Wed Mar 13 05:41:47 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: New songs, fav endings, encore


Company & Midnight are from the Hearts cd and Man's Road is from the sound track of "The Last Unicorn". You can find both of the cd's at If you go back to the main page and look under the "songs" heading you will find all of the lyrics to America's songs.

Hope this helps!

Message: 21180 Posted: Wed Mar 13 04:33:22 2002 By: Dogma
Subject: fave endings, etc.. and

Forgot comma's in last post. Songs not recognized Are: Midnight,
Mans Road and Company.

Message: 21179 Posted: Wed Mar 13 04:28:26 2002 By: Dogma
Subject: New songs, fav endings, encore

Hello to everyone today and a belated Happy B-Day to Alan.
Just a few questions before heading off to bed this morning.
Is the german import of "Like a Brother" only available thru the internet sources?
And, yesterday I was at and I searched under "America" and found lyrics to three songs that I did not recognize and they had Album: unknown. Since my "America" collection is incomplete at this time (working on filling in the missing pieces) I thought these songs may be from earlier years/albums. The songs are: Midnight Mans Road Company

IMHO for encores: All my life, Head and Heart, HWNN (In that order)
Fav endings: Hope and SGH

If I had to choose an opening act: Dan Fogelberg or Michael McDonald
Many romantic nights with the cd player programmed with these guys.
(Add Frank Sinatra too) but, speaking selfishly I like it when they are the only headliners.
Also, I did get to hear Hang Over, Old Man Took, Sandman and if memory serves me, Wind Wave Live! Great concert for only being my second time to see them live.

Good night All...Kim

Message: 21178 Posted: Wed Mar 13 00:04:22 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Off-topic - Dan Fogelberg

I know there are other Dan F. fans out there besides me. A recent post mentioned Timothy B. Schmidt. Has anyone got DF's new(er) live album (Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Some Blues). IMO, it is one of the best Live albums I've heard in a long time.

It includes live versions of some of Dan's timeless classics, some great covers (including a couple of old classic blues songs) and a new song (gee, I wonder where they got the title from), taken from various live shows throughout the 90's. The best part about it is that it is truly a live album - NO studio remixing or overdubbing at all.

Anyway, Timothy B. plays bass and sings on a lot of the songs on this CD. One of them was a cover of the old Poco song You Better Think Twice. Not only was it a classy cover, but Tim got to sing backing vocals and play bass on the song - just like he did on the original Poco version. Very cool.

I highly recommend this CD to any serious Fogelberg fan (and possibly those who aren't) if you don't already have it.

Sorry for the ramblings, but at work yesterday they threw me a party w/ cake, ice cream and various munchies, my boss took me (and the whole dept.) out to lunch (all you can eat Chinese), my wife fixed my favorite dish for supper (lasagna) AND of course, I had cake and ice cream again w/ my family last night. Consequently, I am up in the middle of the night w/ bad indigestion waiting for the industrial-strength antacid I took to kick in so I can go back to bed. At least I am caught up again on the chat folder postings.


Message: 21177 Posted: Tue Mar 12 23:48:39 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Newer songs - Part II

And of course, Paradise & World Of Light!!! (How could I have forgotten those).

Message: 21176 Posted: Tue Mar 12 23:46:56 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Johnny, Favorite endings, Newer songs, etc.

First of all to Johnny - thanks for the happy birthday wish! As the release date of the new DVD has been delayed again, I didn't get that for my birthday (or the accompanying DVD player). But I did get an optical mouse for my PC (very cool!) and the OK to get a couple more things for my recording studio (even cooler). And I agree wholeheartedly that the end of Only In Your Heart is awesome. Definitely one of my favorites.

As much as I love the classics, I would also like to see more of the new songs played. I was lucky enough to hear FAMT and Wed. Morning in concert back in 98, then Wheels and Pages the next summer. All were extremely awesome. I understand Wheels is the only song from HN that is still being played on a regular basis. Too bad. I know Moment To Moment was on the play list for a short while but I never got to hear that live and I always thought that song was written to be done live. I also saw them do Mirror To Mirror live on a video (also awesome) and that is the only song from Hourglass I've ever heard done live.

I would also like to see more of their classic album cuts done live, like Cornwall Blank, Rainbow Song, Old Man Took & Green Monkey. Or how about a medley of Till The Sun Comes Up Again/Now Sue?


Message: 21175 Posted: Tue Mar 12 20:46:53 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Newer Ones & Wow the Beach Boys would be a good Opening Act

Hi Johnny, Yes Hourglass does remind me of their earlier LP's, I also love the song Hope, I can't believe I forgot to mention it. All the songs on both Hourglass & Humane Nature are nice. Neat that America opened for the Beach Boys! It would be nice to see the Beach Boys open for America, I was even thinking about Timothy B. Schmitt of the Eagles he has some really nice songs that he did on his own.

Message: 21174 Posted: Tue Mar 12 19:49:11 2002 By: Brad
Subject: Sunday's Paper

Hey, In my sunday tempo section there was an article and picture of Dewey and Gerry . The article was a genral history of the band and how they are recording Christmas songs for a Christmas album. It was the first time I remember an article about the band since they opened for the Beach Boys during the Hourglass tour in the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Regards, Brad

Message: 21173 Posted: Tue Mar 12 17:37:59 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Newer Ones

Yeah Nancy, I was just listening to "Hourglass". 'Young Moon' and 'Call Of The Wild' are wonderful!!! 'Call Of The Wild' reminds me so much of America's first two LPs.

Message: 21172 Posted: Tue Mar 12 17:18:15 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Opening Acts

Hi, I agree Gerry would be a good opening act. I would love to hear him sing the song Kiss Of Life. I also would love to hear them sing more of their newer songs at their concerts, It's not that I am sick of the all the old favorites, I will love these forever! There are some really nice newer ones too like Young Moon, Call of the Wild, Hidden Talent, Moment to Moment and I could go on... How about it, who else would like to hear more of their newer songs?

Message: 21171 Posted: Tue Mar 12 15:29:04 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Ideas for opening acts

In the past, I've seen America share the bill with a couple of my other all-time favourite artists: the great Al Stewart (2001), and the group Renaissance (1983). For some reason, I can hardly find anyone that has even heard of Renaissance.

Anyway, my idea for the perfect opening act is Gerry Beckley himself, performing his solo material.

Message: 21170 Posted: Tue Mar 12 12:25:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: favorite ending

Perhaps the most unique ending to an America song is that of "Moon Song" with the backwards message. My favorite though is the ending of "Only In Your Heart". As mentioned here before, during some of the concerts in the 70s, a ceiling-mounted mirrored ball would be turned on toward the end of the song. That was very cool...gave the feeling of floating through space.

Happy Birthday today to fellow fan Alan!!!

Message: 21169 Posted: Tue Mar 12 11:09:37 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Encores.

I think it would be cool if Dewey came out and did "Pigeon Song" solo. Then Gerry could come out and do something from his solo album solo. Then they could both come out and do "Horse."

That's what I'd do if I were them.

And, I'd lose the crappy drum machine on my records.


Message: 21168 Posted: Tue Mar 12 09:28:26 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: favorite ending

Dan, you hit the nail on the head with ur 3 picks. That would be the ultimate encore for AMERICA to use in their shows. Now, if they would only listen!!!!!

Message: 21167 Posted: Tue Mar 12 09:16:52 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: favorite ending

Three song encore: Horse With No Name, Green Monkey, Sandman, in that order... that should leave everyone buzzing huh???DanC.

Message: 21166 Posted: Tue Mar 12 09:12:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: random thoughts

On my desk calendar, the following familiar quotation
"Our life is frittered away by detail...
Simplify, simplify."

My home computer still has gremlins....

"All My Life" as an encore? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved MattB's recommendation of the band Phantom Planet. He is right, very Elvis Costello, Check them out.

Janice, it's beautiful here in California! Have a wonderful trip. ( Maybe someday we can get together!)

Message: 21165 Posted: Tue Mar 12 09:04:13 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: favorite ending

I think All My Life would be a great encore song...

Erin :o)

Message: 21164 Posted: Tue Mar 12 08:37:08 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

I know some people don't like to count them as a "real" group, but the Monkees were actually the first performers to have their first album and single both go to number 1.

Message: 21163 Posted: Tue Mar 12 07:43:59 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

Dave, I got a brief note from Gerry and he said that he thinks The Knack were the next ones to have a number one single and album.

Message: 21162 Posted: Tue Mar 12 06:22:23 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: favorite ending

I agree with you Erin, Sandman Live has the best ending and beginning and in my opinion should be in the encore before HWNN to end the show. What 3 songs do you think should be in the encore? Here are my pix:

Muskrat Love
Horse With No Name

Red Oak

Message: 21161 Posted: Tue Mar 12 04:22:56 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Hi!

Just checking in and scrolling until Ronnie's bus comes. Thanks to all that keep in touch with is so very much appreciated. And I received a phone call from someone very special here that really made my weekend..thanks!
David Copperfield was here in Atlanta a few weeks ago, and was a guest on CNN. When they introduced him, they were playing America's song "You Can Do Magic"..very cool.
Another CNN note, my son is in one of their commercials for the tour. He is the one standing doing the "weather". They did not have my consent, but what the heck. I was watching TV, and bam, there he was for about 5 seconds and it airs several times a day.
Anyway, I see you are discussing "endings", and I don't have a favorite one, my mind is blank. If I think too hard, I get a
Bus is here..have a wonderful week. I am off to LA for a few days tomorrow to visit the folks.


Message: 21160 Posted: Tue Mar 12 01:12:37 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Jeff Foskett in NZ

Yes, I am going to Jeff Foskett tomorrow night and I am going to try and go the next night too. I have no idea what to expect, but from all accounts he is pretty amazing. I read today how BRIAN WILSON holds him in very high regard and that Jeff's voice was the only one that could capture Brian's onstage. I absolutely love Brian's music, gosh Ive read so many books on him, and so I'm looking forward to this show. It's in a new bar in town at Auckland's Sky City casino, and I find it incredible that there is no admission fee for such a talent. Not complaining though! It is being billed as A BEACH BOYS tribute band, and LisaRose, I will look out for your friend!

Message: 21159 Posted: Mon Mar 11 19:08:34 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: March 11, 1972

I may be wrong but wasn't America the first group to have their first single release and album release be number 1. I am not sure who has done it since and in I so the list I probably would be in shock at some of them. I know Boston's album was number one I don't believe their single got there.

Message: 21158 Posted: Mon Mar 11 18:26:41 2002 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: America

Hey Kim, I put in my request for America to perform in Grand Prairie, at the Next Stage. We'll see!. If enough fans request, maybe they will. I also realize it will depend on Gerry and Dewey's schedule.
Thanks for the info.

Message: 21157 Posted: Mon Mar 11 17:42:49 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: favorite ending & J.Foskett

I don't know why, but I love the fade out ending on "Here" from the first album.
WOW! Jeff Foskett (for free too!!) You guys are lucky!!! I would love to see this guy live, he can really hit those highs on vocals!

Message: 21156 Posted: Mon Mar 11 17:39:40 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: favorite ending

The last minute or so of "Hope" is pretty awesome.

Message: 21155 Posted: Mon Mar 11 17:31:41 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: favorite ending

The ending to the live version Sandman...definitely.

Erin :o)

Message: 21154 Posted: Mon Mar 11 17:06:18 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett in NZ

Amazing!!! What a coincidence. You should definitely go. If by some slim chance--this guy named Probyn Greogory is there (he plays in the band with Jeff) please say hi to him from me. He's a friend/email buddy of mine.

Message: 21153 Posted: Mon Mar 11 16:55:41 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: March 11, 1972

On the Billboard charts on March 11, 1972, A Horse with no Name jumped from #20 to #7, and the first America album jumped from #37 to #9. Both hit the top 10 in only 4 weeks. Amazing for a group on its debut release. See you next week.


Message: 21152 Posted: Mon Mar 11 16:53:55 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Official release Date for DVD "America in Concert"

According to one of my reps,The DVD is now slated for official release on Tuesday,March 26th. To those of you who have ordered this via an internet company,I imagine it would take a few days longer.

Message: 21151 Posted: Mon Mar 11 16:43:37 2002 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: favorite ending

My favorite is the guitar solo at the end of Riverside. Love the beginning and love the end.


Message: 21150 Posted: Mon Mar 11 16:39:39 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: a monday question

the end of Sandman. I love the way the vocals hit you.

Message: 21149 Posted: Mon Mar 11 16:31:10 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: a monday question

I get into the ending to Donkey Jaw, with the blending of guitars and the funny sounding whatchamacallit at the end.DanC.

Message: 21148 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:57:01 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett in NZ

Very good Jimbob! going?

Message: 21147 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:51:15 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Jeff Foskett in NZ

This is quite amazing; Jeff Foskett is playing at a bar in Auckland tomorrow night(Wed) and Thursday! And its free!

Message: 21146 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:50:14 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: a monday question

love the end of "sister golden hair" with the count "1-2-3-4" and
the guitar riff.

Message: 21145 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:49:55 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: favorite ending

those really cool, high pitched notes that end "Only In Your Heart".

does anyone know how, or what instrument made those cool notes? -Pat

Message: 21144 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:47:57 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett

Jeffrey Foskett is my short list of cd's to buy. Thanks for the feedback folks.

Carry on...Jeff B.

Message: 21143 Posted: Mon Mar 11 13:47:06 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: a monday question

"what is your favorite ending to an America song, musically or lyrically?"

Musically, the song CHILDREN come to mind because it represents the greatest harmonies ever in the history of recorded music. I've listened to it a gazillion times, and I still have no clue how the three guys were able to do that with their voices. Just amazing.

I'll think about the best lyrical ending and post later.

Message: 21142 Posted: Mon Mar 11 09:47:08 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat this week

Unfortunatly, my home computer picked up some sort of bug and will be in the shop, so unless the computer fairy can fix the problem overnight I will not be able to chat this week ( I will be going thru withdrawls at home!) talk to you all at some time soon I hope!

Message: 21141 Posted: Mon Mar 11 09:17:21 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett

12&12 is a GREAT CD!!
If you like the sound of the 12 string Rickenbacker, it worth getting it for that reason alone.
Also, w/all the guest artists, there is alot of fantastic talent on this CD!

Message: 21140 Posted: Mon Mar 11 08:01:20 2002 By: kiri
Subject: a monday question

long weekend…brain can’t seem to come up with headlines for ads this morning…sitting at work listening to America, staring at screen…

what is your favorite ending to an America song, musically or lyrically?

Message: 21139 Posted: Mon Mar 11 07:46:39 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett

FYI - Jeff Foskett sings backing vocals on Paradise.

Message: 21138 Posted: Mon Mar 11 04:06:17 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Jeff Foskett

Jeff is a fantastic talented musician, producer,etc. I have his CD that came out last year--12&12. Of course I originally bought it cause Gerry is on there with his "Emma". There are 11 other guests and track--one such- Jeff Larson, another talent (also have his first 2 CD's as recommended on here!!) and Robert Lamm--an another amazing musician. Jeff STILL plays with Brian Wilson and I believe is the musical director for all his tours.

Message: 21137 Posted: Sun Mar 10 16:15:19 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeffrey Fosketts

Thanks Steve...JB

Message: 21136 Posted: Sun Mar 10 14:52:16 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeffrey Fosketts

JeffB, Jeff Larson's "Complete Works" is available domestically from Melody Blvd ($22.99) so you don't need to get it from France. Melody Blvd is run by my good friend, Scott Sosebee, who used to run Thoughtscape Sounds. He also carries Gerry Beckley's solo albums.

Message: 21135 Posted: Sun Mar 10 14:20:19 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeffrey Fosketts

Genevieve, I'm going to get one of his cd's eventually. I'll let you know when I do. Also, Is the 'Complete works" of Jeff Larson currently for sale at the French ...I can't read French. I got on the melody blvd site here in the States and it said it would probably be available around June 02.

Jeff B.

Message: 21134 Posted: Sun Mar 10 10:39:17 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Very quick off topic review

Last night, went to see Headparade, the band Matt B plays in. The room was PACKED. and the crowd loved them The band was wonderful. LOUD ( my ears are bleeeding-just kidding!) Fun to watch and amazing musicians. I get the feeling they won't be playing tiny clubs for much longer.

Message: 21133 Posted: Sun Mar 10 10:28:09 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Jeffrey Fosketts

<<Do you have any of Jeffrey Fosketts cd's?>>

Sorry, Jeff I don't. All I know about the man is that he was one of B. Wilson's friend & stage partner. But if you give his music a try soon, I would appreciate to learn more about him. And why not review one of his CDs here? You might discover some treasure songs which could be appealing to us, America fans. Who knows?

Message: 21132 Posted: Sun Mar 10 08:48:14 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Sound clips...Genevieve and Steve

Very good Genevieve. I appreciate all the help and advice on finding good music I can get. Unlike the Heartrise site the French site had more bonus tracks and without it I would not have heard what to me sounds like another fine J.L. song..."Golden Summers". Even though I have both "Watercolor Sky" and "Room For Summer" I'll buy the "Complete Works" to get the bonus tracks.

Genevieve, do you have any of Jeffrey Fosketts cd's? I'm probably going to give his music a try soon. He's done BG vocals with America and Jeff Larson...and darn good ones at that! I saw on the site that he did a version of "Honolulu City Lights" for a travel ad or something. Anyway, I thought Karen Carpenters version of that song was/is very good.

Jeff B.

Message: 21131 Posted: Sun Mar 10 08:41:36 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: off topic excitement

Oh, I almost forgot, also going to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom Of The Opera in Peoria on March 23rd. Talk about a double header. Now if only I can swing an America show in this year I'll have the triple crown. Maybe the July 3rd show in Iowa City?????DanC.

Message: 21130 Posted: Sun Mar 10 08:30:57 2002 By: Dan
Subject: off topic excitement

Just got my tickets to the Apr. 11 Paul McCartney show in Chicago. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT. YEA BABY!!!! sorry for the indulgence.DanC...

Message: 21129 Posted: Sun Mar 10 07:11:15 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Oops! Sorry.../ & Thanx Robyn

Sorry for the double posting ! Just hate doing that but did it anyway, while my only aim was to thank Robyn for her interesting link to filk info.
I first heard of it in Germany. A friend told me it had developped worlwide but I didn't know SGH (the original song) had been parodied by some filk author too.

Message: 21128 Posted: Sun Mar 10 07:08:07 2002 By: Klaus
Subject: Re: unknown lyrics (Answer Clarification)

Thanks for finding out. I thought it was wrong

Message: 21127 Posted: Sun Mar 10 06:57:21 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Sound clips...Genevieve and Steve

You're welcome Jeff,

but was just trying to be of help.
And yes, you're right precising the heartrise clips are better in quality. But here I would like to thank Steve (AGAIN!) for his French link to the double CD record - even if he unwillingly got me to spend my money LOL ! Indeed, I've just ordered Mr Larson's "Complete Work" thinking my old taped version of his 1° album needed being replaced by a more "audible" CD version :-)
Although not VERY famous, Jeff Larson is much appreciated here in France especially among regular Westcoast music listeners & fans.

Message: 21126 Posted: Sun Mar 10 06:56:31 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Sound clips...Genevieve and Steve

You're welcome Jeff,

but was just trying to be of help.
And yes, you're right precising the heartrise clips are better in quality. But here I would like to thank Steve (AGAIN!) for his French link to the double CD record - even if he unwillingly got me to spend my money LOL ! Indeed, I've just ordered Mr Larson's "Complete Work" thinking my old taped version of his 1° album needed being replaced by a more "audible" CD version :-)
Although not VERY famous, Jeff Larson is much appreciated here in France especially among regular Westcoast music listeners & fans.

Message: 21125 Posted: Sun Mar 10 06:16:13 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: unknown lyrics (Answer Clarification)

Guess I was too late Johnny but I was going to say the same thing. I think maybe it was just the version in "America" as there are also Australian versions from what I read. Either way, IT's a Mistake!!

Message: 21124 Posted: Sun Mar 10 04:16:57 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Sound clips...Genevieve and Steve

The clips on (click on Jeff Larson) are much longer and clearer sounding.

The cd(s) is offering now have even more bonus tracks which is great. The song "Golden Summers" sounds like a winner to me.

Jeff B.

Message: 21123 Posted: Sun Mar 10 03:20:09 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson..

Thank you Genevieve and Steve.

Jeff B.

Message: 21122 Posted: Sun Mar 10 01:28:22 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Filk info

This page explains just what "filk " is. Makes sense to me.

Message: 21121 Posted: Sat Mar 09 23:13:21 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: unknown lyrics (Answer Clarification)

Well, I mean the spelling's close enough that the person inputting the data probably looked on the wrong line and saw "America" instead of "Amorosi", but who really knows for sure? Sort of odd that they'd get it wrong for all four songs.

Message: 21120 Posted: Sat Mar 09 22:52:57 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: unknown lyrics (Answer)

Klaus, a little research has revealed the song ("Absolutely Everybody") on the website you mentioned is incorrectly credited to AMERICA. That song as well as three others listed there ("The Power", "Have A Look", and "Shine") are not songs written or sung by AMERICA. Instead, all four songs are associated with an Australian artist by the name of Vanessa Amorosi. As you can see, "Amorosi" is pretty close to the spelling of "America". So I guess that's how the mix-up occurred.

Message: 21119 Posted: Sat Mar 09 21:57:01 2002 By: Klaus
Subject: unknown lyrics

these lyrics were credited to AMERICA. I never heard the song. DOes anybody know this?

Message: 21118 Posted: Sat Mar 09 20:43:43 2002 By: Tinman
Subject: Re: Dewey, Gerry & Jeff = AMERICA trio again

At least they could do some music with Jeff!

Message: 21117 Posted: Sat Mar 09 20:37:39 2002 By: Tinman
Subject: Dewey, Gerry & Jeff = AMERICA trio again

From what I've heard of Jeff Larson's music, he would be a perfect replacement for Dan Peek. He sounds alot like Dan to me, and AMERICA would be what it was meant to be. A trio! Whatcha think? Then again, I could thinking out loud! Return the great and inspired sound of the 70's

Message: 21116 Posted: Sat Mar 09 18:11:10 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson..

Thanks for the link Jeff and for the correction Genevieve. By the way, here's a link to the French web site for Jeff's Complete Works CD with soundclips from all 43 songs including an MP3 of Carol Ann.

Message: 21115 Posted: Sat Mar 09 13:15:29 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Gerry's last picture /Filk music/ Say what??

You're right Andy. Saw that too, but didn't give much importance to the information as my attention was focused on the modified lyrics.

Message: 21114 Posted: Sat Mar 09 12:45:28 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson..

The link you mentioned goes to one of those usual "not found" pages which says the filename syntax is incorrect. Found out the word "artist" is simply missing an "s". So, to listen to the sound clips, you must go to :

Thanks all the same Jeff. I did enjoy some of the clips.

Message: 21113 Posted: Sat Mar 09 12:16:53 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Jeff Larson...

Sound clips

Message: 21112 Posted: Sat Mar 09 11:26:26 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Gerry's last picture /Filk music/ Say what??


Have I ever told you how astute you are?? I didn't pick up on that until you said something!! You go boy!!

Message: 21111 Posted: Fri Mar 08 19:04:36 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Christmas CD.

Kevin- you had me rolling on the floor, laughing, with that one! I would imagine that a "brand new, computerized, digital drum machine" is not something that would be found on YOUR Christmas-wish list! Should ever a bomb explode inside a drum machine manufacturing company, I'll promise not to give the F.B.I. your name, ok? LOL.

Message: 21110 Posted: Fri Mar 08 18:45:10 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Alan

Alan- To answer your question; I enjoyed almost everything in that genre from the 70's, 80's, and early 90's (Aerosmith, Kiss, AC/DC, Britny Fox, Ratt, Alice Cooper, Dokken, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, etc., etc., etc.,) I enjoyed that type of music for it's high energy and LOUD guitars. I loved the BIG hair and spandex pants too. However, for the most part, I stayed away from the bands whose lyrics were overtly satanic. -Pat

Message: 21109 Posted: Fri Mar 08 18:05:55 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: Gerry's last picture /Filk music/ Say what??

The two things that struck me as odd is that the site incorrectly listed the original year as 1972 instead of the correct year of 1975...and all 3 America members were given credit for the song, as opposed to just Gerry.

Message: 21108 Posted: Fri Mar 08 15:36:48 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Gerry's last picture /Filk music

A Xmas CD, snow & bare trees on Gerry's last picture taken from his Canadian hotel window... What next ? What about that "filk" version of Sister Golden Hair named "The Haircut Was A Surprise"?
Here's the link to it :
Has anyone got information about this parody? Just curious, my knowledge about filk music being very limited. Thanks

Message: 21107 Posted: Fri Mar 08 10:27:16 2002 By: Terry T.
Subject: Re: Christmas CD.

... Soon to be followed by the Energizer Easter CD.

tt <----- enjoying some rum (pum-pum pum) in the Florida sun

Message: 21106 Posted: Fri Mar 08 10:20:26 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: This 'n That

Nina, that was a funny story. I especially liked your last two words; they too seem fitting...very fitting!

Message: 21105 Posted: Fri Mar 08 10:11:04 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Some Cool Links

When you visit the arrow site, be sure to check out "Uncle Joe's update" "Uncle" Joe Benson is the morning guy on the station and he has the coolest rock trivia around. A while back, station manager Tommy Edwards got the not so bright idea of replacing "Unc" with a"comedy" program from Seattle.( and the quotes tell you what I thought of it)The protests were overwhelming! Joe was back in a week.

Message: 21104 Posted: Fri Mar 08 09:53:50 2002 By: Nina
Subject: This 'n That

Hi all! Just letting you know I'm lurking! GOOD NEWS about the Christmas CD; I've always enjoyed listening to the two songs that I have "somewhere" on tape. I have a funny follow-up to the Chubby Checker fiasco story from October, wanna hear?: Got an outside phone call in my classroom last week, interrupting my lesson. (It was an actor, from an upcoming play we are going to attend, who needed directions to my school so he could make a visit HERE to "prep" the students before we go THERE.) Anyway, my students waited patiently, listening to only my end of the conversation...and when I hung up, I noticed a hand was raised in the back of the room. When I called upon the student, she asked...seriously as can be: "Were you just giving directions to Chubby Checker so he can find our school?!?" I almost lost my dentures on that one! The idea that Chubby has been roaming around in search of our school for 5 months seems fitting somehow! The creep!

Message: 21103 Posted: Fri Mar 08 07:01:26 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Christmas CD.

Anxiously awaiting Gerry's rendition of "Little Synthetic Drummer Boy."

"May he program a fake drum beat for you, thoomp, thoomp, thoomp, thoomp, toomp..."


Message: 21102 Posted: Fri Mar 08 04:57:31 2002 By: Erin
Subject: jazz topic

Hey everyone!
I saw the greatest jazz concert last night...Rick Braun and Michael Lington...if you ever get the chance, go see these guys...they were awesome. Made me want to pick up my saxophone again!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Erin :o)

Message: 21101 Posted: Thu Mar 07 19:03:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Some Cool Links

Genevieve sent me a couple of cool links that are worth sharing.

The first one is a link to Arrow 93FM radio which has soundclips from the RockLine radio broadcasts including the December 28, 2001 show featuring America and Little Feat ( I had the first part of the show on the Chat Folder for a short time in January 2002 (see message #15237) but it has long since been deleted to free up space.

The second link goes to a page that lists the 1972 Grammy Award winners including America as the Best New Artist (

Thanks to Genevieve for sharing these links with us.

Message: 21100 Posted: Thu Mar 07 17:30:17 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chat

The Live Chat Box is working once again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Message: 21099 Posted: Thu Mar 07 17:09:16 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Christmas CD Likely

Very good Steve. Yep...been hoping for a Christmas CD for a long time. Maybe we'll luck out and get sound clips of them later in the year...Maybe an instrumental reprise of one of the vocal songs. Maybe there is a Santa Claus?

Steve, thanks for the "Readers Digest" version of your 2 yrs. in Columbia. A very enlightening experience for a 19 yr. old.


Message: 21098 Posted: Thu Mar 07 16:31:24 2002 By: Alan
Subject: To Pat B. - NURT, Heavy Metal


I thoroughly enjoyed your expansion of the concept of NURT as a dessert. ROTLF!

Also, you mentioned in another post recently that besides being a huge fan of America, you are a huge fan of Heavy Metal. I don't know if you remember the 22-ish kid that was with us at Mohegan Sun, but that was my wife's (much younger) brother who is a recent convert to America. He is also a really big fan of metal, especially Metallica. Just curious, what metal bands do you like? (he probably likes most of them, too).


Message: 21097 Posted: Thu Mar 07 15:19:46 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chat

Thanks for pointing out that the Live Chat Box isn't working. I think I know the problem and I'll fix it when I get home from work tonight. It appears that the software that Mike used to copy the America Fans web site from the old King Biscuit server to the new server messed up the Live Chat Box source code. I have the correct source code at home and I'll restore it tonight. If any of you run across any other problems on the web site, please let me know. I have tried to correct all of the problems that I'm aware of as a result of the switch to the new server but there's always the possibility that things are missed (like the Live Chat Box).

Message: 21096 Posted: Thu Mar 07 13:50:55 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Chat

Robyn,I also tried logging into the chat last night,but for the 2nd week in a row,the site would not allow me in. Anybody have a clue as to whats wrong?

Message: 21095 Posted: Thu Mar 07 08:06:35 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat

Sorry I could not get into the chat folder last evening. My computer sat there, mocking me, but would not let me in! AH well I hope everyone had fun and I hope to be there next week!

Message: 21094 Posted: Thu Mar 07 06:30:18 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Next Stage - New hall in Dallas Area

Ok, all of you Texas fans. There is a new concert hall in Grand Prairie (GP is only about 10 miles west of downtown Dallas) called Next Stage. I was visiting their website and signed up to be on the mailing list. At the bottom of the page was a question "What acts would you like to see at Next Stage" hmm, let me see... America!!! I was just thinking, if some of you Texans (or any others who might be interested in making it to Dallas for a concert)out there were to sign up and put in your request for America, maybe Next Stage would take notice and would bring them here. The website address is


Message: 21093 Posted: Thu Mar 07 00:34:01 2002 By: Harbor
Subject: Contacting America

Hi out there, anyone know where I can contact Gerry and Dewey directly via e-mail? I tried to register on but got an error message when trying to submit the form. Thanks

Message: 21092 Posted: Wed Mar 06 23:05:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: H.B. Mitchell

It's official tomorrow (Thursday) but Happy Birthday now "Not Too OLD VIRGINIA"!!!


Message: 21091 Posted: Wed Mar 06 20:22:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Christmas CD Likely

On February 23 (message #20937) I reported that the Columbus Dispatch had an article that said that Gerry and Dewey would be putting out a Christmas CD this year. Jeff Brink was kind enough to send me the article and here are a couple of links to the article:

Entire Text of Article
Accompanying Photo of band playing in Bogota, Colombia

Thanks for sending the article, Jeff. By the way, since that time I've had some other reliable sources verify that a Christmas CD is in the works. Start your Christmas lists now (LOL)!

On a slightly unrelated note, when I found out that the photo was taken in Colombia I mentioned to Jeff that I had served as a missionary for two years in Colombia. He wanted me to share some of my experiences there but I didn't think anyone would be interested. He wrote back more than once saying that he thought people would be interested and that he was interested. So here's a VERY BRIEF Reader's Digest version of those 2 years.

I was 19 years old and living in Southern California when I left for Colombia in July of 1973 to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I started in the city of Pasto which is in the south near the border of Ecuador. It was a very poor village and I learned to appreciate how blessed we really are in the United States. From Pasto I went to Bogota where things were much more modern but there was still lots of poverty. Most of the Colombians were friendly and enjoyed hearing about my Faith and quite a few joined. After Bogota I went to Bucaramanga and then on to Medellin, the city of the eternal springtime. My last 6 months were spent in the northern coastal cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena. By then I spoke Spanish very well and except for my fair skin, some Colombians thought I was a local. Those of you who have seen "Romancing The Stone" may remember that much of it took place in Cartagena, a very beautiful Caribbean city with a big castle (fort) that guards the city. When my 2 year service ended my parents had moved to Massachusetts so I went back there until I started school at BYU in Utah (and I'm still here - LOL).


Message: 21090 Posted: Wed Mar 06 11:14:43 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat reminder

Please join me this evening for a lively chat. I will be in the room after 7 Pacific. Hope to "see" you there!

Message: 21089 Posted: Wed Mar 06 10:09:31 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Question from left field

Very Big Band Jazzy, not exactly what I usually listen to. I'll have to listen to it again sometime....

Message: 21088 Posted: Wed Mar 06 07:59:06 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Question from left field

Robyn, what do you think of the Le Deux Love Orchestra? Just curious more than anything else...


Message: 21087 Posted: Tue Mar 05 22:02:24 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: America's offspring

I saw Travis open up for the great Dido last June here in New York, and yes, they are an excellent band! I certainly recommend giving them a try.

Message: 21086 Posted: Tue Mar 05 18:00:13 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

<< However, the Media Play web page says it's not available untit March 12. >>

That's my birthday! What a perfect present! Now if I can get my wife to get it for me (along w/ a DVD player)...

Message: 21085 Posted: Tue Mar 05 16:52:21 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Grammys-Pat

Sorry for the delay....
I'd watch but it's still a bloated dinosaur! I'd wonder what T-Rex wanted with "our" beloved group and what was in store. So much for being positive, eh? Guess I can't be bubbly and vivacious all the time (rofl).

TkH<------+=! No Boundary

Message: 21084 Posted: Tue Mar 05 16:14:02 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: March 4, 1972

On Billboard's Top 100 chart, A Horse with no Name moved up from #47 all the way up to #20 in only its 3rd week on the chart. Also, the first album, America was at #37 this week in 1972.


Message: 21083 Posted: Tue Mar 05 15:32:24 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Question from left field

John I have a copy around here somewhere. I would be willing to send it to you for a listen if you want it ( Steve I thought MY folks would like it and was going to give it to them too!)

Message: 21082 Posted: Tue Mar 05 14:48:27 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

I saw AMERICA last summer at the Paramount, and the theater was one of the worst places I've seen a show ever. There was no air-conditioning, place was hotter than Hades. In my opinion, no shows should be indoors during the summer, especially if the A/C doesn't work. Besides, AMERICA was born to be heard outside. IMO.

Message: 21081 Posted: Tue Mar 05 12:45:07 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Titles are always being backed up

Thanks Steve,for the info from MVD. I want to say that as I do alot of Music ordering,Titles are CONSTANTLY being backed up,often at the very last minute--and I do mean LAST minute! Its very frustrating telling customers that a title they expected to come in on a Tuesday has been backed up again. I've gone through that with titles the last 4 weeks and its maddening. On the plus side,you know it'll show up sooner or later....

Message: 21080 Posted: Tue Mar 05 12:21:05 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America reviews

If derivative were a crime, Elvis, the Beatles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Led Zepp, The Who, Pearl Jam, U-2, and on and on and on would be in prison. So the charge that America's music is derivative isn't really the issue. It's that Mr. Holden doesn't like America, no doubt in part because he is under the illusion that such "authentic" practitioners as Neil Young, the Byrds, Flying Burritos, Eric Anderson, etc., have been aped for fun and profit by Dewey, Dan and Gerry. He's a cretin and a bore and he's wrong, but who cares?? Why do we need some writer somewhere to like what we like?

Message: 21079 Posted: Tue Mar 05 09:23:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

I received a very QUICK response from Clint at Music Video Distributors and he said that the street date has been pushed back to March 26 (sorry about that - but at least you know when it's coming). If he has any other news to pass along, I'll be sure to post it here.

Message: 21078 Posted: Tue Mar 05 08:57:46 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

Thanks for the schedule & DVD info Steve. An order to is stating a ship date in 6-7 days, so that would put it around the 12th as you mentioned, hopefully that turns out to be a good date. Don't miss this DVD, it's an outstanding record of AMERICA (not responsible for the mix).

Message: 21077 Posted: Tue Mar 05 08:37:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

According to the Music Video Distributors web page and the Amazon web page the DVD is on sale today. However, the Media Play web page says it's not available untit March 12. I'm checking with the Music Video Distributors to see if I can find out what the real release date is. If anyone has found the DVD, please let us know.

Message: 21076 Posted: Tue Mar 05 08:17:50 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

Red Oak (and others in the Denver area), I found an interesting article in the Denver Post regarding the not-yet-built amphitheater. I guess there's some opposition to having it built and a law suit has been filed to stop it. Let's hope that it does get built so all those great acts (especially America!) can perform there.

Message: 21075 Posted: Tue Mar 05 07:49:06 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

So far, INXS, JAMES BROWN, BRUCE HORNSBY & AMERICA are booked this summer for City Lights Pavilion. Should be an outstanding venue, next to the Pepsi Center, Light rail, Elitch's, Ocean Journey and the lights of Denver.

Message: 21074 Posted: Tue Mar 05 07:13:51 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

Thanks for the info Red Oak. If you discover a web site for them, please let me (us) know.

Message: 21073 Posted: Tue Mar 05 07:10:01 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

I did in fact just find out where the City Lights Pavilion will be this morning driving to work. It is to be built next to the Pepsi Center here in downtown Denver across the street from where I work. It will be a 5000 seat outdoor pavilion for concerts. If you type in City Lights Pavilion on Pollstar under venue it has the concert list. The Pepsi Center sits next to Ocean Journey & the new Elitch's theme park.

Message: 21072 Posted: Tue Mar 05 07:04:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Question from left field

John, I used to have a copy of Le Deux Love Orchestra. You can read a little bit about it by going to I believe the band was created by Gerry's good friend, Bobby Woods (who wrote and produced Houses In White), and he also produced the Le Deux CD. Gerry is part of the band and plays the baritone guitars. The CD is a remake of some old classic songs from the big band and early rock and roll era along with some original stuff (I think) by Bobby. It's a very mellow CD which I enjoyed listening to but I thought my mom would enjoy it more so I gave it to her as a gift. It's mostly instrumental with a few spoken parts (if I remember correctly). That's about all I remember.

Message: 21071 Posted: Tue Mar 05 06:48:26 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: America's offspring

<<For America has little to offer musically beyond what it has stolen>> says Mr. Holden .
And what does Mr. Holden think about the group's influence on the younger generation? About America's offspring? What i'm talking about here is for instance successful Britpop bands like Travis ( elected best group & best album of the year 2000 in Brit Awards) & whose most recent album really sounds America-esque to many European listeners & in particular one of their hit songs entitled "Side" ( sounds a little like "Clarice"). By the way, this album ( "The Invisible Band") was partly recorded in Los Angeles with producer Nigel Godrich, who also produces Radiohead - one of Gerry's fave I think.

Message: 21070 Posted: Tue Mar 05 06:15:39 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Yes - Air Play

Dave- Great news about radio station WHCN's brilliant decision to change to a format that includes AMERICA's music. How are you able to influence the station's playlist? Do you work at the station? Don't forget to have them play "Wheels Are Turning", OK? I travel through Hartford every morning, I'll now be turning my radio dial to WHCN. Thanks for the info. -Pat

Message: 21069 Posted: Tue Mar 05 05:59:37 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Yes - Air Play

Hi everyone, A rock station here in Hartford went over to a softer not soft-rock but softer format. They play album cuts like they use to - A station that could help the Boys - So far I have heard Riverside, Sandman and yes probably the first time in a whole lot of years (it charted in 83 so let's say maybe it was replayed in 84 so 18 years) The Border. I hope this format catches on and spread countrywide. Here is the article from the Hartford Courant and the boys made the headlines to boot.
Sorry I can't create a link for some reason.
If you can't assess this please go to - then go into entertainment section and look for the WHCN radio station article
Maybe after they get going I can get them to play Wednesday Morning and some Hourglass stuff to make sure they know that America is still going strong. I know I tend to babble but I've said before but I think they always needed stations like this to get their rockier songs played - Don't get me wrong I love I Need You and Daisy - Wish the Garden of Peace, All My Life and others got the airplay too. I know I babble - I guess I'm just a little pysched to here so other songs getting airplay besides their TOP 10 classics.

Message: 21068 Posted: Tue Mar 05 05:57:35 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Very cool pictures of Newton Under Roseberry Topping. Seems like a nice place to have a picnic. Don't forget to bring the "dessert", ha-ha. For years, I had imagined NURT as being an English gourmet ice-cream, topped with roseberries. And the lyric: "It's cold and its wet..." also helped me to think in that direction. No, I don't know what roseberries look or taste like, but I thought that they were possibly indigenous to the U.K. Do roseberries even exist? Is there such a thing? What color are they? (or would be?) I have always pictured them as being pink and swimming in a dark-red, fruity sauce. The roseberries and sauce would be poured on top of some freshly-made whipped cream and English-style vanilla ice-cream. And all this would be sitting on top of a delicious slice of Newton cake. -Pat

PS: Alan- I promise that your secret is safe with me.

Message: 21067 Posted: Tue Mar 05 04:55:53 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Nor will I go disguised as Toto

Good to have you back on the folder Johnny !
Have also been missing your statitics & precisions... :-)

Message: 21066 Posted: Tue Mar 05 04:51:57 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hat Trick (vs Muskrat Love) /Alan

Let your deeds themselves praise you, for here I leave them
in all their glory, lacking words to extol them.
--Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha

Message: 21065 Posted: Tue Mar 05 02:41:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: German Rock Band

Did I write "Scorpio"? Must be some Freudian slip, I'm afraid !!! Now, I wonder what doctor Sigmund would say?

Message: 21064 Posted: Tue Mar 05 02:40:11 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Question from left field

Hi John,
I tried getting in contact with the agents / distributors for the music but I've had no reply. I also tried getting a hold of one of Gerry's solo albums from the Desert Ventures site and again no luck. Amazon may have had a listing sometime ago, but since has no index for it.

Message: 21063 Posted: Mon Mar 04 23:24:49 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Question from left field

Has anyone ever heard Le Deux Love Orchestra? Does anyone know what it's like? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?


Message: 21062 Posted: Mon Mar 04 22:37:27 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops...Bruno!

It's not Dorothy's dog Toto that reminds me of Bruno (sorry about that Bruno) but it's Toto the BAND that reminds me of little Umberto's Papa. Toto is one of Bruno's favorite bands and mine too!

Back to lurking.....

Message: 21061 Posted: Mon Mar 04 22:17:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

Yeah Red Oak, I saw that myself. As I mentioned before, I think my backpack full of AMERICA to-be-autographed items scared Dewey and Gerry off, but now with the ban on carrying backpacks and similar items into the coliseum for security reasons, the guys must have decided it was "safe" to re-schedule. :0)

Ing and Genevieve, nor will I go disguised as Toto (Dorothy's dog). That reminds me...hello Bruno!

Message: 21060 Posted: Mon Mar 04 20:37:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Back on the schedule

Red Oak, if you ever figure out what or where the City Lights Pavilion is, let me know if they have a web page that I can link to. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the search engines. Thanks!

Message: 21059 Posted: Mon Mar 04 17:46:55 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Thanks David and Steve for pointing me to the map and picture. Definitely doesn't look like a dessert (LOL)!


Message: 21058 Posted: Mon Mar 04 17:43:44 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping


I'm sure glad I wasn't the only person who thought NURT was a dessert! I don't feel quite as stupid anymore. Like you, this chat folder never ceases to amaze me. The things I learn here about America and many other subjects is just astounding.

Glad you liked the "parched & brown" story. However, if we should meet up again at another New England show, you gotta PROMISE you won't say a word to Kay Sue about it (she'll kill me)!!!


Message: 21057 Posted: Mon Mar 04 17:40:21 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Back on the schedule

Hey Johnny, you're back on the schedule for a concert in Albuquerque on Sept 21! Was it payola or begging? Can't they decide on the pay scale or what? Am tickled pink for the Denver date on Sept 20, but have no idea where City Lights Pavilion is in Denver. Will let the bloodhounds loose to find out. Hope that Sept 21 date in New Mexico helps the spirits. Take care.

Message: 21056 Posted: Mon Mar 04 17:37:03 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hat Trick (vs Muskrat Love)

Genevieve wrote: << Sorry Alan, you're right I got confused... >>

That's OK. I often have that effect on people.

Message: 21055 Posted: Mon Mar 04 17:33:34 2002 By: Rick Bolling
Subject: Re: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

I checked at Boaders and they said that it was due in on the 19th of this month. I guess the release date was delayed? Good Luck!


Message: 21054 Posted: Mon Mar 04 15:41:22 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America reviews

I too found myself wondering "Just WHO is this Stephen Holden guy and WHAT does he have against Dewey, Gerry and Dan? Then it hit me. They were out there actually MAKING MUSIC, while he was probably stuck in some damp poorly lit overcrowded cubicle somewhere ( and probably working as a stringer to boot)

Message: 21053 Posted: Mon Mar 04 15:27:48 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America reviews

Andy, that's sort of what I was thinking about Stephen Holden. It sounded to me like he wanted to show off his vocabulary more than his review-ability.

Message: 21052 Posted: Mon Mar 04 14:52:46 2002 By: Andy
Subject: Re: America reviews

I'm aware that excessive negativity is looked down upon on this board, so I apologize in advance for offending anyone. That having been said, I find the nasty reviews, especially by STEPHEN HOLDEN to be nauseating. Mr. Holden is proof that you can have: a) A hearing disorder b) A mental disorder c) Never listen to the CD that you're reviewing, and still make a career out of reviewing music. He's an ignorant jack**. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but some opinions are shockingly stupid. Mr. Holden wins the gold medal for worthless reviewing.

Message: 21051 Posted: Mon Mar 04 14:12:21 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: America reviews

Thanks for that link David.

Message: 21050 Posted: Mon Mar 04 11:35:29 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America In concert DVD--Good luck finding it!

Just wanted to say that I hope you people have better luck finding the DVD which is supposed to be released tomorrow. I pre-ordered a copy for today,and did not recieve it,and was told I wouldn't get it on the official release date either,which is tomorrow. So,unless Shopko,Wal-mart or K-Mart are carrying it,I'm out of luck for another week. My rep told me they stil hadnt recieved it,which is typical of a smaller label releasing product.

Message: 21049 Posted: Mon Mar 04 10:16:31 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Concert Update

I just received the following concert update from Erin Edwards at Morey Management. I'll make the appropriate additions and changes to the concert list on the America Fans web site as soon as I can.

3/8/02 Rama, Ontario /Casino Rama
3/9/02 Rama, Ontario /Casino Rama
3/15/02 Agoura Hills, CA / Canyon Theater
3/16/02 Mesquite, NV / Casablanca Resort Casino
3/20/02 Halifax, Canada / Halifax Metro Center
3/21/02 Halifax, Canada / Halifax Metro Center
3/22/02 Thunder Bay, CN / Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
3/23/02 Lac du Flambeau, WI / Lake of the Torches Casino
3/25/02 Naples, FL / Philharmonic Center for the Arts
4/2/02 Nashville, TN / Ryman Auditorium/ “NSAI Legendary Songwriters”
4/5/02 Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands, BWI / The SeaView Hotel
5/10/02 Corpus Christi, TX / Concrete St. Amphitheater
5/12/02 Austin, TX / One World Theater
5/16/02 Mansfield, OH / Renaissance Theater
5/17/02 Chesapeake, VA / Chesapeake Jubilee
5/18/02 Gadsden, AL / Riverfest
5/24/02 Bay St. Louis, MS / Casino Magic
5/25/02 Stone Mountain. GA / Stone Mountain Park
5/26/02 Robinsonville, MS / Gold Strike Casino
5/29/02 Midland, MI / Midland Center for the Arts
6/14/02 San Diego, CA / Humphries
6/15/02 Anaheim, CA / The Grove at Anaheim (formerly The Sun Theater)
6/22/02 Pleasanton, CA / Alameda County Fair
7/3/02 Coralville, IA / Coralville Festival
7/4/02 Indianapolis, IN / Downtown
7/5/02 Springfield, OH / Veteran’s Park Amphitheatre
7/6/02 Mahnomen, MN / Shooting Star Casino
7/20/02 Englewood, NJ / John Harms Center
7/24/02 Albany, NY / Empire State Plaza – Outdoor Main Stage
7/26/02 Uncasville,CT / Mohegan Sun Casino
7/27/02 E. Providence, RI / Pierce College Memorial Stadium
7/28/02 Westbury, NY / Westbury Music Fair
8/13/02 Bow, WA / Skagit Valley Casino Pacific Showroom
8/14/02 Grants Pass, OR / Josephine County Fair
8/15/02 Eugene, OR / Lane County Fair
8/17/02 Sidney, BC, Canada / Sundown Park
8/23/02 Las Vegas, NV / Sunset Station Casino
8/24/02 Sandy, UT / Sandy City Amphitheater
8/26/02 Monroe, WA / Evergreen State Fair
8/29/02 Oshkosh, WI / Waterfest
8/31/02 Portsmouth, OH / Portsmouth River Days
9/1/02 Syracuse, NY / New York State Fair
9/9/02 Spokane, WA / Spokane Fair
9/20/02 Denver, CO / City Lights Pavilion
9/21/02 Albuquerque, NM / New Mexico State Fair – Tingley Coliseum
10/11/02 Williamstown, NJ / Williamstown Performing Arts Center
10/12/02 Gaithersburg, MD
10/18/02 Cincinnati, OH / Music Hall
10/19/02 Cincinnati, OH / Music Hall
10/20/02 Cincinnati, OH / Music Hall
11/1/02 Cerritos, CA / Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts
11/2/02 Phoenix, AZ / Celebrity Theater

Message: 21048 Posted: Mon Mar 04 09:27:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America reviews

geez, that was brutal. I KNEW there was a reason I cancelled my Rolling Stone subscription!

Message: 21047 Posted: Mon Mar 04 08:52:36 2002 By: David Perkins
Subject: America reviews

I found a site with some reviews of AMerica's albums from Billboard and Rolling Stone. Don't let the misplaced cover-art fool you! ;)

Message: 21046 Posted: Mon Mar 04 08:28:30 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Website

It's that time of year when we get to indulge in a new release from our favorite band - the "America In Concert" DVD - only to find that the "official" America website has nothing to say about it. is still stuck in "Complete Greatest Hits" pre-release mode.

C'mon McCartney Multimedia... Let's get with it!


Message: 21045 Posted: Mon Mar 04 08:00:35 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Oops. I see that David posted the same information just moments before I did. Good job David!

Message: 21044 Posted: Mon Mar 04 07:59:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Pat (and everyone else), if you go to the Hat Trick lyrics web page you'll see a map that shows where N-U-R-T is and also a couple of photos of the topping itself.

Message: 21043 Posted: Mon Mar 04 07:55:51 2002 By: David Perkins
Subject: Re: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

I did an Alta Vista search on "N U R T" and found an old posting referring to the bottom of this Lyrics Page, showing a map and pix of N U R T

Click here to see it.

Message: 21042 Posted: Mon Mar 04 05:18:50 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Newton Under Roseberry Topping

Alan- For the past 29 years, I thought that "Newton Under Roseberry Topping" was a desert, just like you did! Wow! This chat folder never ceases to amaze me! Thanks to you, I now know the truth; that it's a place in jolly Ol' England! I need to relisten to HT very soon. This revelation may change the meaning of the song for me. However, more than likely, I may choose to continue to think of it as a 'desert'. Old habits are sometimes difficult to change. LOL. -Pat

PS: I loved the "parched and brown" story.

Message: 21041 Posted: Mon Mar 04 05:02:04 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: German Rock Band

Genevieve- I'm fairly certain that the German rock band mentioned in the French article is the "Scorpions" and not "Scorpio". Besides being a die-hard fan of AMERICA, I'm also a big fan of Heavy Metal, including the "Scorpions". -Pat

Message: 21040 Posted: Sun Mar 03 20:11:21 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: French Items Added To Museum

Genevieve sent me a couple of interesting items to add to the Miscellaneous Room of the America In Concert museum. One of them is a 1985 poster announcing a couple of French concerts and the other is a 1983 article from the French version of Rock & Folk music magazine announcing the release of their 13th album (Your Move). Since not many of us read French, here's what Genevieve had to say about the article:

"The article is not very interesting but I kept it over the years because of the picture. I'm not sure if it was previously seen or not by any of the people visiting your web site but I've always thought it funny.

"As for the content of the article which is written in the "casual conversation" style of the 80's, no thrilling news in sight. Except for one or two interesting passages, I'd say the journalist's questions were not that inspired! The guys are asked about their musical tastes & which of their own albums they liked best: Dewey says he likes the third album (Hat) best cos it's one of their most personal releases & Gerry gives his usual answer (i.e. the 1° LP they recorded with Sir George - Holiday if I remember well-, Silent Letter & their last release (Your Move) even if a majority of the songs were written by R. Ballard). There's also a reference to their parting with Dan & DB calls him a "Jesus Freak". On their musical preferences, they mention a few friends (E. Costello & C. Cross) but also reassert their attachment (I'm not sure this sounds very English or American - sorry) to the music of the Beatles & the Beach Boys etc...

"At the end, looking at a magazine cover, Gerry says he never thought about wearing leather clothes like the members of Scorpio, the German rock band, but adds he might have if he still were a 20-year-old boy - who knows?- (LOL) That was almost twenty years ago & he was only 30 at the time!!!

"I don't have much time right now, but if you wish, I can provide you with a better translation."

Message: 21039 Posted: Sun Mar 03 16:20:22 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Hat Trick (vs Muskrat Love)

your use of big words blow me away. DanC.

Message: 21038 Posted: Sun Mar 03 14:34:51 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hat Trick (vs Muskrat Love)

Sorry Alan, you're right I got confused because in one of your previous post (#21032) you had quoted that passage from HT regarding Newton Under Roseberry Topping as lyrics that wouldn't make sense to you for quite a while. Mea culpa. I should have paid more attention to the posts - must be a bit overworked these days ! And I should have known from your "bass line and accoustic guitar" mention... sorry again!

But still, I don't see what is so wrong with the lyrics of ML. Isn't the song an anthropomorphic approach & description of animal feelings / love? ROTFL

Message: 21037 Posted: Sun Mar 03 11:42:56 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hat Trick: Track One, Side One


I, for one, am only commenting on Track One, Side One (namely Muskrat Love) as the subject line suggests, and I think that others who have posted on this thread are likewise. I wasn't making a statement on the lyrics of Hat Trick as a whole. On the contrary, it is right up there near the top of my favorite albums both lyrically (as a whole, excluding ML) and musically. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the lyrics of most America songs. Let's remember, however, that ML wasn't written by "our guys".


Message: 21036 Posted: Sun Mar 03 10:48:21 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hat Trick: Track One, Side One

I have to say I don't really agree with some of you here concerning the lyrics of Hat Trick ( the song & other songs from this album I mean). Could be I AM TO BLAME for loving modern poetry & apparently "obscure" lyrics...but I've always been fond of the collages of digressive images & metaphors used by the guys on this LP ( & particularly Dewey's "leap-frogging" imagery that would also work rather well in Tin Man on the next album - as it already had with Ventura Highway). I don't know how the idea for HT came to their mind, but what fascinates me is to be successively allowed to their personal & separate worlds (either musical or mental) thanks to a coherence in the flow of their music & the "great harmonies" mentioned by Alan, & without being "quartered" when passing from one universe to the other. I'm not sure this has already been experienced by other bands with such success (?). It is a real "tour de force" to IMHO.

Maybe reacting & giving priority to mental pictures requires being intuitive rather than having a more discursive mind. But the good news with the music of America is that in the end, there is always something in it for everyone, don't you think?

Message: 21035 Posted: Sun Mar 03 05:05:51 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: This and That

Hi Margaret - no, I did not get to Tuesday's show - headed down to Canberra and the south coast to catch up with my sister. How did the second concert vary from the first in any way?
I flew back to Perth yesterday - on the flight home, I too was thinking of the guys' concert in Singapore and perhaps that I should have returned to Perth via Singapore .... lol.
How mundane life will now be, but oh what sweet memories we have of all those great songs performed live.

Message: 21034 Posted: Sat Mar 02 18:29:45 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Hat Trick: Track One, Side One

I have to agree w/ John and Andy. The great harmonies on that song more than make up for the lyrical content. In fact, I think the instrumentation on the song is great, too (I especially love the bass line and accoustic guitar). It's the arrangement of the song that does it for me, not the lyrics (which is why I could never stomach the Captain & Tenille version).


Message: 21033 Posted: Sat Mar 02 08:00:54 2002 By: ANDY
Subject: Sandman: old and new

That Ancient clip of Sandman is amazing. I'm struck by how little the guys have fooled around with the song's basic arraignment after all these years (with the exception of the wah wah guitar effect).

The real advantage that the 1974 version had was Dan Peek's additional vocals. I doubt that they can ever be completely replaced.

Message: 21032 Posted: Sat Mar 02 07:35:54 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Misheard Lyrics

I know this topic is "old hat" and I apologize, but I have just (finally) caught up w/ all the posts from the last week and wanted to weigh in on this topic.

I too thought it was "meet me in the END" at first on SGH (good to see I'm in good company). Some of the other misheard lyrics from personal experience include:

Hat Trick
Lyric (right after Newton Under Roseberry Topping:
"It's cold and it's wet and you feel like you're part of all time"
(According to the Hat Trick songbook)
What I heard:
"It's cold and it's wet and it feels like you're part of the pie"
(I thought N.U.R.T. sounded like a dessert. I wasn't aware that it was actually a place in England until I started reading this Chat Folder, so even after I bought the songbook and got straight on the lyrics, they still didn't make sense to me)

Don't Dream, It's Over (Crowded House)
Lyric: "Hey now, hey now. Don't dream, it's over"
What I heard: "Headin' out, headin' out. The dream is over"
(When I first heard the song on the radio, I caught the band name, but not the name of the song. For the longest time, I tried to track the song down and couldn't understand why no one had heard of the song "Headin' Out" by Crowded House).

The funniest one (IMO), however, is one that my wife related to me when we were first married (she'd kill me if she ever found out I was posting this - luckily she doesn't read the chat folder).

Winter Wonderland
Lyric: "In the meadow we csan build a snowman and pretend that he is Parson Brown"
What she heard (as a child): "In the meadow we csan build a snowman and pretend that he is parched and brown"

Of course, she thought I would get a little chuckle out of it and then it would be forgotten, but now every Christmas, whenever I hear that song, I make a point to sing the "parched and brown" lyrics. Over the years the kids have heard the story and also join in with the "parched and brown". She regrets deeply ever having told me this story.

(I think it only fair that if I'm going to embarrass myself, I should do the same for my wife).


Message: 21031 Posted: Sat Mar 02 07:02:58 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: The Grammys

42 and gave up on the Grammys in the late 70's. AND never even heard of Nellie Furtado.

Message: 21030 Posted: Sat Mar 02 05:28:28 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I gave up on the Grammys back in the early '80s. I think that the judging for the Grammys is more fixed than the judging for olympic figure skating. I've been reading alot of negative posts here regarding the Grammys; but I would bet a trillion dollars that each and every one of your faces (including mine) would be G*L*U*E*D to the television next year if you knew that AMERICA was going to be nominated. It would be THE topic of conversation on this chat folder, wouldn't it? And if they won, not one person here (including me) would declare the contest fixed. It's a funny world, isn't it? -Pat

Message: 21029 Posted: Fri Mar 01 19:57:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Rock, Roll, and Remember

Joe Bartosch sent me a tape this week with America-related portions of a show called Dick Clark's Rock, Roll, and Remember. He dug it out of his storage space the other day. The show aired September 14, 1984 but the interview material used was mostly recorded circa 1976. There's also one clip with Dewey regarding "You Can Do Magic", obviously from the 80's. It's just the narration with the songs faded out. Click on this link to listen to the 14 minute 25 second RealAudio soundclip. Thanks a lot Joe for sharing this with us!

Message: 21028 Posted: Fri Mar 01 17:57:08 2002 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I think MTV (gasp!) said it best.
The Grammys are for pompous, bloated "suits" from the record industry. It's the one night of the year they can go out and slum with the (double gasp) actual ARTISTS.

Now tell us what you really feel Tery? (I'm 42 in August)

TkH<-------+=! No boundary (sometimes, rofl)

Message: 21027 Posted: Fri Mar 01 16:08:42 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Babble

Hi..just checking in. I was just treated to several chapters of Dan's bio. As usual, he keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Trips to Houston wear me out and thanks for keeping in touch. I try real hard to keep out of a "funk", and will try to watch a video that Howard sent to me a few months back. I haven't watched it yet, makes me sad. Thank you though. :-)
Have a nice weekend.


Message: 21026 Posted: Fri Mar 01 15:27:42 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Grammys

Thanks for sharing that link, Virginia. I enjoyed looking back at some of the winners (especially in 1972!).

Message: 21025 Posted: Fri Mar 01 13:30:28 2002 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: The Grammys

I found a website that lists the Grammy winners dating back to 1958 ( It's interesting - at least to me - to see how the Grammy winners have evolved over the years. Those early years were dominated by what we might call the older generation's music, with very few categories - and none for rock and roll, although it was certainly around. In 1958, "Tequila" by the Champs won for best rhythm and blues performance, which, I think, is an odd place to classify that particular song, but I could be wrong. 1961 marked the first year for a rock and roll category. Then in 1964, The Beatles won best new artist, and slowly our generation's music began to take over. Now we (most of us anyway, Erin) are the older generation and we see very little representation of what we consider "our" music. The good news is that many of us oldies like at least some of the music of today. I can't say that was the case in the 60's and 70's with our parents. At least, not at my house. It's been years since I've watched the Grammy Awards. I'm not familiar with most of what's out there musically, and what I do hear isn't often something I would buy. But maybe that's the way it should be. Each generation needs to have music that they feel belongs exclusively to them. As far as some of the fashions displayed last Wednesday night, to me it's just young people pushing the envelope. Has there ever been a time when the younger generation didn't do this?

50 next Thursday (no gifts please, lol), and I remember Henry Mancini's Moon River winning record of the year in 1961.

Message: 21024 Posted: Fri Mar 01 08:03:18 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: The Grammys

Grammys aren't what they use to be. I really liked Train, Dave Mathews and U2. You can have all that Hip Hop stuff.

Message: 21023 Posted: Fri Mar 01 07:25:09 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: The Grammys

The only reason I watched the Grammys was to see Train and to see if Janet Jackson won. How bout if America performs for next year's Grammys???

Erin :o)
(almost 26)

Message: 21022 Posted: Fri Mar 01 04:42:52 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Correction For Smothers Brothers/sandman

There were only 3 songs from smothers brothers
1) A horse with no name
2) Lonely People
3) Tin Man

Sandman is from the 1974 Rainbow Theatre, London, England performance
that they should on ABC TV called world wide in concert starring
Leo Sayer, Focus and Graham Central Station. How's that for memory?
Enjoy my fellow America fans.

Listening to that wah wah electric lead is none other than
DAN "The man" Peek. Is that great or what?

Back in 1998 at Club Bene, I gave Dewey a copy of the smothers
brothers performance. He was blown away.

Message: 21021 Posted: Fri Mar 01 03:18:42 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: This and that

Thanks to everyone for the positive response to the reviews. It was such a wonderful time that we wanted to share it with those who would appreciate how we felt.
The guys should be in Singapore now and we wish them well for their show there and for their return home. It has been quite strange for us after such an event-filled time. Domestic tasks, work, driving the kids around and trying to get ahead of the school bus that they missed
have all taken over from the other life we experienced. We had the best of times and could quite happily do it all again!
Holiday, glad it was positive for you. Did you go to the Tuesday show?
Jimbob, was so pleased to hear your photos turned out. We haven't had any processed yet, so hope they turn out. We had a major disaster once before with photos and don't want to repeat that.
As for the Grammys, one of my sons is watching them at the moment and I am not even mentioning my age!

Message: 21020 Posted: Fri Mar 01 01:34:05 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: 1974 Smothers Brothers Show

Howie & Steve: Great sound clips!!
My fave was "Sandman" w/the COOL lead "wah wah" guitar!!

Message: 21019 Posted: Thu Feb 28 21:42:04 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: The Grammys

Turned 39 three weeks ago. Inside Edition was providing music, fashion and gossip coverage of the Grammys on TV today while I was working out at the gym. I felt like telling some of those young girls at the Grammys to go home and put some clothes on!(LOL)


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