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Message: 23186 Posted: Wed Jul 31 20:54:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: take my ball and go home

Bonz, would it be in Dewey's case, a "Dilli Bunilli"? :0)

Message: 23185 Posted: Wed Jul 31 20:30:33 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Chat thanks and a POLL

Is this a group listen for the chat people? Or also for us who haven't figured the damn thing out yet? If it is something to discuss on this board, my vote is for Hearts. Just...because. If it something to discuss on the next chat night...never mind.

Message: 23184 Posted: Wed Jul 31 20:08:32 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat thanks and a POLL

Thanks to the dozen or so people who came into the chat room this evening! Nice to see all of you. Sorry I had to leave early but work has been a real bear ( I am in the process of getting two new libraries operational in addition to my othe duties)

Now for the POLL. It was proposed that we do a group listen next week. Some want Hearts, some Human Nature. I said I'd put it to the group on the folder, so everyone who wanted to could join in. What'll it be? Hearts or Human Nature? Let me know here by next Tuesday and I will announce all the pertinent info then.

Message: 23183 Posted: Wed Jul 31 18:51:10 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: take my ball and go home

Better take a real close look at Dewey's hands. Perhaps Dewey has been pulling a "Milli Vanilli" all these years.

Message: 23182 Posted: Wed Jul 31 18:10:35 2002 By: Dan
Subject: take my ball and go home

just catching up on the posts from two weeks! Whew, quite lively indeed. For what it's worth, I have never witnessed a bad America show (5 and counting). That scathing review by Ladd isn't going to deter me from catching the show in Bensenville either. Hope it's the long set too so I can study Dewey's hands to see if he's really playing his guitar or not? Yea, right. I'm going to get into the show's music like I always have and will continue to. I have seen my share of concerts in my day, including Fogelberg this year, and can't think of a better "Band" to watch live than America. Ok, that said I will agree that with the amount of material they have to choose from they could shake up the set list a bit. My wife's favorite addition is Hangover and she is not the rabid fan I am, She just likes the way it comes off live. Hey Nancy, I really like England Dan and John Ford Coley too. Gotta a great tan down south sippin' on Margaritas and listenin' to great tunes. Oh and Three Dog Night did record another Randy Newman song besides Mama Told Me Not To Come. It was on the album Coming Down Your Way and it was called You Can Leave Your Hat ON. Hilarious rendition of a classic. You should check it out. Back to the pool now. DanC.

Message: 23181 Posted: Wed Jul 31 17:51:31 2002 By: RichM
Subject: The Casual Fan

America's version of "California Dreamin'" is amazing live. Their live version of this song as recorded on the King Biscuit record is one of my favorite America songs, even if it is a cover.

Message: 23180 Posted: Wed Jul 31 17:10:39 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Casual Fan (& Some)

I'm one of the fans that really likes "California Dreamin'" whether sung by The Mamas and The Papas or by Dewey and Gerry, but when sung by D&G, it's really special, I think. Honestly, I would like to hear it just as much as I'd like to hear an America-written song. I guess I like it so much because I heard it being played on the radio (America's version) back when it was released. It was so nice to hear the guys back on the radio back then!

Regarding America concerts and quality-versus-quanity, I like the idea but it wouldn't make sense business-wise for the guys to consider that, don't you all think? As Dewey as said, touring is their bread and butter.

Regarding A&E's "Live By Request," that's a wonderful idea, but unfortunately, shortly after "Human Nature" was release, all of us fans here on the chat along with Karen D. who was with Oxygen Records, pushed hard to have America appear on the show. It was a great effort, but A&E never extended the invitation. Frankly, performers who appear on that show are HUGE names in the music business. We're talking about folks like James Taylor, Tony Bennett, Bee Gees, Vince Gill, and the like.

Message: 23179 Posted: Wed Jul 31 17:03:49 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: The State of Play

Hello everyone,with an orgy of America material in the pipeline it is particularly pleasing to see Rhino involved,here is a company that seems to do it's job for the love of music.As for their concert perfomances they have always been a wonderful experience,but the venue is all important.As for me I'd like to see America playing outside its comfort zone,abroad somewhere new, perhaps a few dates in London and Europe.Dewey's comments that the punters are not that interested in their newer works would be sadly true,such is the formula of greatest hits radio.Why is it that radio is so reluctant to play new material from established acts ? As things stand I'm pleased and excited that America are always up to something,but I'd love a new album.

Message: 23178 Posted: Wed Jul 31 16:23:32 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:America sings live on A & E

I would love to see this happen for sure. Maybe that would be more comfortable format for Dan to come and join them rather than a Concert. Sounds good! I am heading down to my neighbors with my America in Concert DVD ~~~to finally watch it on their DVD player....
See you all later in the live chat! Nancy :)
~~~~~Precious and Few are the moments we two can share! ~~~~

Message: 23177 Posted: Wed Jul 31 15:35:37 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mad chatter

I'll be there after 7 Pacific! See you all there.

Message: 23176 Posted: Wed Jul 31 13:25:47 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: The Casual Fan

I agree with you JL. Cut the number of shows down to a workable number where they are not playing back-to-back-to-back dates, rest up, rediscover each other thru longer shows by doing some of the lesser songs that are near and dear to the fans heart. There's no point to doing a hundred and some shows each year. Quality not quantity would do wonders, agreed.

Maybelline why can't you be true

Message: 23175 Posted: Wed Jul 31 13:17:09 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The Casual Fan

Thought I would venture into the discussion...

I have seen America 6 times over the past 17 years. (not much compared to many of you, I know). I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every show, although when they are forced to play the short set, all you get is History Live plus a couple of more. I enjoy hearing the hits, and agree that they have to do them. I enjoy more hearing those gems that have made it onto their playlist (Wheels, Riverside, Wednesday Morning, Never Be Lonely etc.- haven't been to an America concert in over 2 years so haven't heard the new playlist). What I would love is for them to do a tour, maybe after taking a break for a while to give themselves a chance to recharge, where each show is more than the 90 minutes. Prince (the artist formally known as..) was just in Vancouver a month or so ago. I am not a huge fan of his, only because I don't know his music well. He played a small theater style venue, probably seating 1500. He played for 4 hours. Supposedly he blew the crowd away. Now I know there are sometimes time limitations put on by the venue itself...sometimes. And part of the "routine" is set because America plays in Portland on a Tuesday, New York on Wednesday and southern California on Friday. Maybe less shows, more time, more non-hits would not only satisfy the hard-core fans but also serve to introduce the "casual fan" to a greater repetoire of their tunes.

Or maybe I am just being selfish.


Message: 23174 Posted: Wed Jul 31 13:04:26 2002 By: red oak
Subject: America sings live on A & E

America needs to get on A & E's Songs by request or whatever they call it. Have Dan show up, play with renewed emotion, and end the show with Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, Hat Trick & Horse with no interruption. Would that kick some butt or what...........

My baby does the Hanky Panky

Message: 23173 Posted: Wed Jul 31 13:03:18 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Live Chat Times

I didn't realize that I had two different live chat times on the main page of the America Fans web site, but I do. I'll try to correct that the next time I update the page. The correct times are 5pm-10pm PT (8pm-1am ET). However, the live chat box is ALWAYS active and available and people can chat whenever they want. Robyn has graciously continued to act as hostess for the chats and she gets on when she can. But if there are others who want to get on earlier or later than Robyn, they can chat any time of the day or week that they want to. The reason I indicated that the chat went from 5pm-10pm PT was to give some kind of idea when you might expect to find people there. I don't know if that's a very good answer, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it (LOL!). --Peasant (not Sir) Lowry

Message: 23172 Posted: Wed Jul 31 12:42:21 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: The Casual Fan

Here are my thoughts regarding the "Casual Fan":

Regarding the argument that America feels obligated to focus their live shows more to the "casual fan" as oppose to the "die-hard, long-time fan" because there are more of "them" and less of "us", isn't (I believe) a very strong argument.

The "casual fan" isn't dumb. The "casual fan" who attends a concert expects to hear the hits and also EXPECTS to hear songs that they never heard before. Isn't that part of the very DEFINITION of "casual fan"?

A live performance is probably the BEST opportunity for an artist to CONVERT those "casual fans" into "real fans". Wouldn't it be great if America took the stage with an attitude of: "Here-we-are-live-and-in-the-flesh--and-prepared-to-show-all-you-casual-fans-what-you've-been-missing-all-these-years", and then play all their best songs, including the "non-hits"; to encourage many of those "casual fans" to buy more America albums other than the one (History) that they already own?

Also too, what better way for America to THANK all the loyal, die-hard fans by playing the very best of the best. For example, the song "California Dreaming" is a great song. However; it AIN'T an America song! Yet we all know that America plays this song mainly for the "casual fan". Personally, I came to see and hear America, not "America-sings-the-Mammas-and-Poppas". The fact that America recorded that song for some obscure movie sound-trac is, I think, really pushing it. Does America really believe that that song is better than all the other great songs that they have but don't play live? I'm quite sure that just about everyone from this Chat Folder would trade "California Dreaming" for a song like "Hat Trick" any day of the week!! Right? ~Pat

Message: 23171 Posted: Wed Jul 31 12:12:43 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Okay I will try and come on after 9 PM my time!

Me Again~~
It does say the chat is from 8pm to to 1 am here on my home page. Oh well that explains why I always miss you guys, my son is usually on the computer playing pool with his friends, I usually end up getting back on around 11 pm or after. But tonight I get the computer! So let the chatting begin! See ya all then!
~~~~~Hello Yeah it's been awhile, not much how bout you, I don't know why I called, guess I really just wanted to talk to you, I was thinking maybe later on we could get together for awhile, it's been such a long long timeeee and I really do miss your Smile! Nancy :)

Message: 23170 Posted: Wed Jul 31 12:09:25 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Moser

I think the times listed in the paragraph b4 What's New is the correct
listing for Chat time. Maybe Ingrid can Join us 2nite, haven't talked with her for eons. Maybe she has thots about Dewey's playing or lack of playing. She might have to send Dewey some health food to bring back the desire. See you all at 9 eastern, 8 central, 7 mountain & 6 pacific.

Crimson and clover, over and over

Message: 23169 Posted: Wed Jul 31 12:01:45 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Hootenany, conversely, inspiration, etc.

thanks for the kind comments. writing is a lot of fun. and to link this up with what brings us all here, the lyrics (early on) of the Beatles, Dylan, etc. had a lot to do with connecting me to the magic of words, as did the craft and wordplay (a bit later) of artists like Becker-Fagan, Pete Ham, Dan Fogelberg and, of course, Gerry, Dewey and Dan.

Message: 23168 Posted: Wed Jul 31 11:56:16 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Hootenany, conversely, inspiration, etc.

I'm only going by the times listed in the main page of this website that says 9pm - 12 pm eastern time for the weekly live chats. That's 7pm for me in Denver and last week that's the time I signed on. I could be wrong, maybe Steve L could set the record straight or maybe Robyn.

Peaceful easy feeling

Message: 23167 Posted: Wed Jul 31 11:34:03 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: re:inspiration

Well said ... hence James Taylor's bemused head-scratching in the song "That's Why I'm Here" about folks who will "... Pay good money to hear 'Fire and Rain' over and over again.
On the other foot, artists are more than willing to pocket that "good money" (and it ain't getting cheaper) for concerts.
So, in a sense, their ambivalence about performing a song they no longer really feel over and over again isn't my problem.
Artists have options: they can go the Don McLean route and refuse to perform the hits, or they can go the Nick Drake route and simply refuse to tour.
But if they're asking me to poney up $37.50 (at the least) to hear them perform, I expect them to muster some passion for the performances.
I don't recall ever being to a show where I was offered a share of my money back because the performance was less-than-inspired.

Message: 23166 Posted: Wed Jul 31 11:24:04 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Hootenany, conversely, inspiration, etc.

Red Oak: I am confused about the chat time. The link on the America Fans site says 8pm Eastern. Perhaps that is wrong and if so it would explain why poor Nancy has shown up at 8:00 to find no one home. Please clarify the gathering time for us.
Speech: I love how you write. I don't always agree with you but you do express yourself eloquently. Although maybe eloquent is supposed to be used as a description of the spoken word only. Who knows. Maybe you do. Anyway, just love the word conversely and thought your post was dandy.
Leaky Canoe: Regarding inspiration--although I think you are right about love evolving over time, I would hope it would mature rather than fade. Secondly, I hope your spouse doesn't read your post or if (s)he does, (s)he isn't offended!!

Message: 23165 Posted: Wed Jul 31 11:02:16 2002 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re:inspiration

In defense of Dewey and others who have played a song a zillion times……we all must remember how we expressed our love toward our spouse when we first fell in love. As time goes by……day after day….year after year… we still express our love the same way we did when we first fell in love? We still feel the same love towards our spouse (I hope you all do) but our expression of that love may not be as apparent as it first was. Same for the song writer who pens a song from the inspiration that he feels…..after years of playing a song….the inspiration and feeling is not as easy to express. Just my opinion.

Message: 23164 Posted: Wed Jul 31 10:52:07 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: And Just what time does the Hootenany get going?

That's the problem Nancy, the chat starts at 9 pm ur time(assuming u r eastern time). I'll be lounging at 7pm(mountain), that's 9pm ur time. Moser was on last week, Bones, Windwave, & others probably later. Maybe we'll the Clevelanders on 2nite.

Stay, just a little bit longer

Message: 23163 Posted: Wed Jul 31 10:45:00 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: And Just what time does the Hootenany get going?

Hmmmmm! ~~~
Let me see, I have been in the live chat room at 8 pm my time and no one was ever there. I then tried it a hour later and only one other time I found someone there. I usually cannot get back on till later then, and then I miss everyone for sure~~~~~ So how about we pick a time and shoot for that? So that everyone isn't running around opening & shutting doors and missing each other! Could turn out to be some fun! ~~~~Guess what's playing here ~~~Christmas songs are on in my headphones, in fact Stevie Nicks is singing Silent Night to me now ~~~ It helps to convince a person that cooler weather will be here soon. LOL! Another hot scorcher here in Pa today ~~~~ So we are off to the Pool to cool off! I only find myself missing one thing there at the Pool ~~~~ My AMERICA Music :( ~~~ I thought about taking a cassette player along and blasting my Ventura Hwy Greatest Hits tape ~~~~Hmmm I just may do that. Okay hope to talk some in the chat room tonight! Nancy :) ~~~Leaving you with Madonna's Frozen playing~~~~If I could melt your heart, we'd never drift apart!!!!!~~~

Message: 23162 Posted: Wed Jul 31 10:02:19 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Mad chatter

Who is going to do the dirty deed 2nite? Let's get more involved 2nite than last week & have ourselves a little hootenany.

Life in the fast lane

Message: 23161 Posted: Wed Jul 31 09:52:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: NY State Fair Info ~~ Moser

Hi Everyone~~
Thanks so much Moser for the info on AMERICA's Show at the Fair. I will have to have my Husband check and see which Art Show is for the same weekend. Have a good day! Nancy :)

Message: 23160 Posted: Wed Jul 31 09:42:02 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: America, Fogelberg, live shows & inspiration

I have to say that, when I saw America at the Keswick in Philly in autumn 2001, I didn't have a strong sense of Dewey or anyone else treating the songs perfunctorily. Yeah, there was a bit of that -- "Ventura Highway" and "You Can Do Magic," I felt, were given particularly flaccid readings. Otherwise, though, I thought the guys showed extraordinary energy. However, given the nature of touring, there are inevitably going to be some off nights.
This issue of artists performing their most beloved songs is a perpetual problem.
I saw a post from someone, maybe Ladd, talking about how much heart Dan Fogelberg puts into performing such chestnuts as "Make Love Stay," etc., in concert.
I've been to hear Fogelberg at least seven times since 1981 -- most recently this past June -- and I've got to say that he has fallen, of late, into giving some cursory song treatments of his own.
"Heart Hotels" is very perfunctory these days, and "Same Old Lang Zyne" (or however the heck you spell that) is barely recognizable to me. Sometimes, the way Dan F. plays with vocal phrasings (no doubt to keep himself interested and the song somehow "fresh"), to my ears, changes the feel of the performance in less-than-welcome ways.
Conversely, when he kicks into such lesser-known tunes as "Changing Horses," "Morning Sky" and "Empty Cages," you can feel the inspiration and energy levels rise.
And not to flog a dead horse, but I still think sauntering back on stage with your baseball cap on backwards and then tossing off one encore song -- and a cover version of a Beatles tune at that -- is not exactly giving an adoring audience your best. In fact, I thought it was a little flippant.
Granted, America stunned me by doing a terse encore set when I saw them in Philly, too. But at least they performed their own songs, which is what we were all there to hear.

Message: 23159 Posted: Wed Jul 31 06:36:41 2002 By: Moser
Subject: For Nancy--NY State Fair Info

Nancy: Here is the info on the NY State Fair as promised. I think it is worthy of note that our boys are not booked to play on Senior Citizen Days. I take that as a vote of confidence that neither they nor we are completely over the hill yet as some might suggest.
2002 New York State Fair Cole Muffler Court Lineup Announced

Contact: Joe LaGuardia, 315-487-7711, ext. 1240

Twelve days of diverse free entertainment is again programmed for the Stan Colella Stage at Cole Muffler Court for the 2002 New York State Fair in Syracuse. The lineup provides a wide ranging mix of musical talent from country and nostalgia to today’s popular music. Two shows a day will be featured, all free to Fairgoers.

Sunday, September 1

Show times are 4 and 8 p.m. daily except for August 26 and 27, Senior Citizen Days, when they will be at 4 and 7 p.m.

Admission to the Cole Muffler Court shows is free to Fairgoers. Throughout the 12 day Fair, August 22 through September 2, admission is $8 and $4 in advance. Children 12 and under are free every day. Seniors 60 and older pay no gate fee on August 26 and 27 while students 16 and under are free on August 30.

The grounds open daily at 8:00 a.m. while the buildings are open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. except Labor Day, September 2, when they close at 9:00 p.m. Check out our website at for current information or call 315-487-7711.

Message: 23158 Posted: Wed Jul 31 05:48:52 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: More on Dewey's Playing

I'll take heart and soul over technical proficiency any day is absolutely fine. The problem with that is that--at least when I saw them--Dewey didn't perform any of his classics with much heart and soul at all. Heart and soul is Fogelberg performing "Make Love Stay" on his last tour. It is McDonald performing the song "Peace." It is NOT Dewey performing "Tin Man" or "Horse..." circa 2002. With him playing very little guitar to these songs for one (sorry folks, that right hand was NOT strumming or doing much at all, whether you wish it so or not), and then singing them in a la-dee-da manner that really destroyed the great cadence that he sang these songs with originally (and was really so important to his songwriting style)--it was thorougly unimpressive.

Everyone's excusing his lack of virtuoso ability by citing his heart. But the heart was the chief thing lacking on his part (not Gerry's) when I saw them the other night. I could actually live with the fact that he doesn't want to play much guitar anymore if he would step up and sing "Tin Man," "Horse..." and all the rest in a serious manner--precisely how Fogelberg sings "Make Love...", "Leader..", "Same Old...", "Hard to Say," etc. But he doesn't. He shakes his hips weird and picks a FEW notes and sings them in a loose manner that some amateur karaoking the songs might do it in... You don't even need to look further than the band itself to see a contrast to this, because Gerry is up there, right hand blazing on acoustic to open all their big numbers, leads cranking on electric and acoustic, and vocals very intense, very true to the songs, his heart is there all the way.

Now maybe you're going to tell me that when you see Dewey he is not like this at all. He sings the songs faithfully and really makes an impact, is close to the material to this day. But why do I really doubt that? I don't know...maybe it's some sound clips I've heard on the site and just a general feeling that Sunday night wasn't an abberation.

Again, I wish it wasn't so. But I idolize these guys and I can't hide from it.


Message: 23157 Posted: Tue Jul 30 22:33:01 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: There You Said it ~~~That is sooo true here with me too!

Hey Red ~~~
I could defintely say the same thing holds true for me also. Since I was a teenager myself I have just loved being around kids. I did lots of babysitting, and then had my own kids (and their age spans) have kept me hopping for sure, I was involved in Storyhour & the scouts when my sons were in them, and dance class now with my daughter, I helped out at my both of my younger kid's preschool & kindergarten classes. I watch my sister's kids a couple days while she works. I even like some of my 16 year olds songs that he has here on the computer, his friends thinks this is pretty COOL. Last but not least my love for my music definitely keeps me happy and feeling young ~~~Kinda gives me the Kiss of Life~~~~ Sooooo nice!
About getting Timothy B's autograph~~~thanks for saying you'll try!
Hmmm nice song lyric, I'll sing some more of it :)
~~~~ and the thought of lovin you is getting so inviting ~~ sky rockets in flight~~Afternoon Delight~~~Affffffternooon Deeeeelight!
Nancy :)

Message: 23156 Posted: Tue Jul 30 21:24:46 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Correction To Dan's

Oops! Should have said # "something two" for Dan instead of "something nine". I had "nine" on the mind. I was thinking maybe Gerry's ends in "nine" making it "29"...his favorite number, right?

Message: 23155 Posted: Tue Jul 30 21:17:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re:Who Is Hal Lazareff? (For Red O & Ing)

Red, I think Hal got DanP's jacket by mistake. You know...Dan's last year with the band, '77. Gerry had number twenty something. Dan's was something nine. Dewey's is a total mystery to me.

Ing, you were the one who got the triv question right about what's in the left pocket of each of the trio's tour jacket, right? The answer in case anyone missed it is their name monogrammed.

Message: 23154 Posted: Tue Jul 30 19:34:40 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Which is it (jimbob)

Pat, your comments regarding Dewey's guitar playing are my thoughts exactly. Thanks for your comments. Cheers, Jim.

Message: 23153 Posted: Tue Jul 30 19:04:22 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Boy Thanks Red!!!!!!!

Well, I'm not officially a student in college, but I do work for one.
That's what keeps me young is that I'm around young people. I still have the same wild ideas that they have only I've lived out some of their wishes. I'll be on Joe Walsh's side of the stage for the Eagles, so I don't imagine I can get Tim's autograph, but I'll try.

Rubbing stix and stones together make the sparx ignite,

Message: 23152 Posted: Tue Jul 30 18:56:33 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Boy Thanks Red!!!!!!!

Hey Red~~~
Soooo you don't think I look old enuff to have a son in college ~~~ well I am, he will be starting his 4th year at IUP later this month and then it is off to New York to finish his Chiropractor degree next Jan. Now you say you have the same said to you except that you don't look old for College ~~~ well if you are in college Good for You ~~ I wish you all the best! Yes you did mention that you and your daughter will be attending an Eagles concert, you will have to let me know if they sing I Can't Tell You Why and if you have to get their autographs could you take an extra piece of paper or whatever and get Timothy B's autograph for me? I sure hope you are lucky enough to hear the Electric version of Hotel Calif. wow I have the chills just thinking about it, oh and also the Best of My Love too~~~~~Late at night a big old house gets lonely I guess every form of refuge has its price ~~~~ and it breaks her heart to think her love was given to a man with hands as cold as Ice!!! ~~~~~~ You can't hide your lyin eyes and your smile is a thin disguise!~~~
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 23151 Posted: Tue Jul 30 18:51:50 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re:Who Is Hal Lazareff? (For Red O)

Johnny, I was close with the double 9's. Maybe he was plugging 77 Sunset Strip?

The world is black, the world is white

Message: 23150 Posted: Tue Jul 30 18:48:57 2002 By: howardlee
Subject: Bensenville concert

i received the following email from Bensenville regarding the Aug 25 show:

Our Endless Sounds of Summer Fest is scheduled for Sunday, August 25, 2002.

America is part of our Endless Sounds of Summer Festival. They will follow the
Ides of March (3:30 pm), Grassroots (5:30 pm), America (7:30). There will be
plenty of activities starting at Noon, and fireworks at 9:30 PM.

Tickets are $5.00 per person - If purchased before 5:00 PM on August 23 a Family
Pack is available. The Family consists of 2 adults and 2 children 16 or over for
$15.00. Tickets may be purchased beginning Monday, July 29 at 8:00 AM at the
Village Hall 630-766-8200 or at The Edge Ice Arena

This is an outdoor venue so bring blankets or chairs for the concerts.

Sounds like the LONG set with fireworks 2 hours after they are scheduled to start! P.S. i saw the fireworks there on july 4 and they were fantastic lasting about 25 minutes set to music! (thinking of giving $$ for next year!!)

Message: 23149 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:48:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re:Who Is Hal Lazareff? (For Red O)

Red said: "Hal was agent 99 wasn't he?"

LOL!!! Actually Red, it would be closer, perhaps, to say that Hal Lazareff was Agent 77. "77" was the number on his AMERICA tour jacket that he received back in 1975, I believe.

Message: 23148 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:30:16 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Johnny...DF's Crow (Rather...)

lol you're welcome :-)

Message: 23147 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:29:25 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Johnny...DF's Crow (Rather...)

lol you're welcome :-)

Message: 23146 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:20:00 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny...DF's Crow (Rather...)

Rather: "CAN'T believe I forgot...."

Message: 23145 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:18:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny...DF's Crow

RC, of course!!! "Somewhere down a muddy country road..." or something like that. Didn't believe I forgot that title. Thanks RC!

Message: 23144 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:12:51 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Johnny...DF's Crow

Crow is a song off of DF's Captured Angel, 1975

Message: 23143 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:11:49 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To How It Was Determined Who Performed First

The answer to how it was determined which band went first during the 1987 AMERICA and TDN tour (according to the t-shirt sales guy, anyway), the bands alternated each time!

Message: 23142 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:07:50 2002 By: rc
Subject: Current set list..what would you change

I am not sure if this has been dicussed or not, but,the subject of concert set list has been thrown on the table, with some wanting to hear more newer stuff or different tunes, whatever...
You can select some from each category 1)'72-'80, 2)'80-'90 and 3)'90 to current, or just pick the ones you really want to hear lol.. make up what you would consider your ideal set list for the evening.
I had to go back aways to find a recent posting of a set list. The one I saw had 23 songs on it. I don't how often it has differed from show to show this year. Keep it around the same number of songs.
Here is the list I came across first to use as a reference.
Riverside, Ventura Highway, Magic, Don't Cross River, Daisy, Windwave, Another Try, Three Roses, I Need You, I Need You(Beatles) Baby It's up to You, Tin Man, The Border, Woman Tonight, Only in You Heart, California Dreaming, Lonely People, Hangover, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden, Horse...
I believe, Letter, Old Man Took, Survival,Wheels, were other tunes that were mentioned in reviews as well. I am sure I probally missed some others.

Message: 23141 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:07:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Speechwriter... Fogelberg

Speech, you mentioned Fogelberg's song "Crow". Is that "Scarecrow's Dream," "As The Raven Flies," or another Fogelberg song? Curious.

Message: 23140 Posted: Tue Jul 30 17:04:33 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Open Letter To Dewey.

I second what Kevin said!

Message: 23139 Posted: Tue Jul 30 15:48:18 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: PatB. nostalgia element

I couldn't agree more with your assessment. I too would like to hear more of the newer stuff.. but as has been mentioned before, artists that have been around for a long time, have to play to the crowds and that usually is the most recognizable stuff for the majority.
Sometimes I wonder though, if they also do it because they know they will get the cheers and applause with the old hits.. It is an ego thing too lol.

Message: 23138 Posted: Tue Jul 30 15:29:30 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Speechwriter

speech~ i completely agree with two of your recent remarks:

"i'll take heart and soul over technical proficiency anyday."

"i believe many concert-goers want some surprises."

Message: 23137 Posted: Tue Jul 30 15:22:54 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Which is it? (jimbob)

jimbob~ i think dewey's rhythm playing is awesome. he has a distinctive way to strum the guitar. it's his unique way of strumming that makes "three roses" so great. so, as far as his guitar playing goes, i think his strength is in right arm. other guitar players like to "shred" all over the guitar neck. ("shredding" is guitar player lingo meaning to be playing scales and/or arpeggios at a very fast rate). to me, dewey does not seem to be interested in being that kind of guitarist. he's first and foremost a songwriter. and a very talented one at that. many guitars who become great "technicians" are not necessarily great songwriters. (probably because they spend most of their practist time "shredding"). all musicians have varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses, not every musician is a virtuoso.
dewey is a musician who is enjoying a career that many musicians would like to have.

about dewey using the term "nostalgia element" in describing his band, i guess he's not altogether wrong, however, if dewey and company feel comfortable about becoming an "oldies" act, then i suppose that decision is up to them. personally speaking; i don't think of them as an "oldies" act, and i think that their music is as good now as it was 30 years ago. i'm not pleased that america played only 1 song from "human nature" and nothing from "hourglass" at the concert i recently attended. maybe they should just stop making new music. as a fan, i get hooked on the new stuff but i get dissapointed when they don't play it live. ~pat

Message: 23136 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:59:59 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Speechwriter... Fogelberg

ahhhh.. okay. Thanks for the clarification there and yes, you're right about that earthy feel in earlier songs. And I love Crow.. always been one of my favorites of his.

Message: 23135 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:42:40 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speechwriter... Fogelberg

I've been an obsessive fan of Fogelberg's his since '72. He has been an avide sailor for years, but I don't think he was "tacking" out on the blue pacific around the time he wrote the likes of "Live in the Country," "Illinois," and "Crow," which was my point. On those first three records, in particular, you can almost smell the earth and see the dust devils outside young Dan's cabin windows. Later on, as our man (deservedly) prospered, we got travelogues like "The Reach" (great song, too) and "The Minstrel" (ode to my boat ... tough for me to relate).

Message: 23134 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:31:57 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re:Who Is Hal Lazareff? & Some help with msg. display please...

Hal was agent 99 wasn't he? Make sure u post the review of Kansas/LRB as soon as u can. You don't look old enuff to have a son in college. I get that remark also too, that u don't look old enuff for college. Saw TDN in the fall of 2000 here in Denver. What a great show, they are one of the best. Don't know whether I told u but got Eagles tix for Sept 22 in Colorado Springs at the World Ice Arena. America on Sept 20 & the Eagles on Sept 22. Pinch me now.

You can't hide your Lyin eyes

Message: 23133 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:25:08 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Robyn problems can detract from a show as well. If the band has to use the "house" lighting/sound person, that could come into play. I imagine requirements are different in each city bands play in. I know here they have to use local union people for various things at times.

Message: 23132 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:21:55 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Who Is Hal Lazareff? & Some help with msg. display please...

Me Again :)
Hey Steve thanks for the info on Hal Lazareff ~~~~ I guess the mystery is solved! Sure was fun while it lasted and by the way no disrespect was meant in any of my postings regarding him. Thanks Gerry !
Hi robin ~~~~ Hmmmm I think that happened to me a couple of times too, if you want to always have all the messages come up you just have to click on Display All Messages on the 1st page here. Hope this answered your question.
Hey Red of course I told you the answer to this question b4 I am not going, but I will have a report for you, my best friend and her fiance are going. Hey how about it ~~ we now know who Hal Lazareff is ~~~ but then noone could fool you, you really knew this all along!
Hi Johnny ~~~~ Regarding TDN I saw them in concert back in either 73 or 74 and it was one great show, I can definitely remember hearing them sing the song One and Joy to the World of course! ~~~Definitely now America would be the lead and TDN would be an added Plus!~~~~~~ Hey DanC tell them about seeing Chuck Negron & his Son in a show earlier this summer. Okay! :)
Regarding Dewey ~~~~ If I were to get to hear him play and sing Garden of Peace I would absolutely Melt and I am sure his guitar accoustics in this song are among some of his best!
Eli's comin Hide your heart girl, Eli's comin, hide your heart girl ~~ You better better Run, Oh Eli's a comin Oh Eli's a comin, you better run girl! ~~~~ Ahoaoaoaoaoaoooooh yeah yeah yeah yeah, everyone is helpful everyone is kind out on the road to Shambala !!
Nancy :)

Message: 23131 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:11:58 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Thanks Johnny..Steve

Talk about duh, huh.. Thanks. I didn't think to scroll down on that page.. I assumed it would just pull up a screen with more messages listed in the same format as the one I get with 10..
Thanks again gentlemen..

Message: 23130 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:09:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Open Letter To Dewey.

PS: So sorry that the "prison riot" caused you to have such an "off" night!

Message: 23129 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:08:32 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Some help with msg. display please...

Robin C, Johnny gave you the correct answer to your question. Whenever you display more than one message at a time (10, 25, 50, or ALL), it gives you the chance to respond to all of them by giving you the screen for posting messages at the top. However, if you scroll down you will see all of the messages that you asked for. --SteveL

Message: 23128 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:05:48 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Who Is Hal Lazareff? (And More)

Thanks Steve for asking Gerry who Hal L is/was...secret agent man (no longer). I'm still not sure what an "agent" is though.

I can't help but chuckle at the thought that Dewey might not be a great guitar player. Sort of like saying the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground.

Robin C, are you scrolling down after you see the display/posting screen?

Message: 23127 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:01:59 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Speechwriter... Fogelberg

He was excellent here as well..In fact the best I have ever seen him in concert. I probally wouldn't have paid attention to the hand thing if I hadn't answered the person's query about it.
Oh.. and he is an avid sailor lol. Has been for many years.


Message: 23126 Posted: Tue Jul 30 14:00:40 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Open Letter To Dewey.

Dear Dewey:

I love you.


Message: 23125 Posted: Tue Jul 30 13:54:53 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dewey.

>>But I do admit at times wanting to go to the sound guy and tell him to turn down this or turn up that lol... <<

Same for me with the lighting guy. Having done stage lighting for a number of years, I often cringe at a missed change or (and this happens a lot at America shows) the follow spot on the wrong player!

Message: 23124 Posted: Tue Jul 30 13:51:29 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: guitar players, dubious virtuosity, Dewey & Fogelberg

First off, let's get it straight. I am the worst guitar player ever.

Now, on to the question at hand.

I think pure virtuosity on guitar has been shown to be a dubious asset for popular artists.

A while back, there were a number of postings on this site about Emmit Rhodes's excellent early 70s LPs. I have those records and play them all the time. Whatever his ability on guitar, Rhodes' playing on the records is spare and not especially challenging or complex.

John Lennon was not, in the assessment of most folks, a virtuoso guitarist. Arguably, Neil Young is not either (at least by classic measuring sticks).

I'll take palpable heart and soul over technical proficiency any day.

This is a long way of saying I like Dewey, and in the conext of what America does, Dewey's guitar playing works really, really well.

Incidentally, I saw Dan Fogelberg in June. Along with setting his usual high standards on the acoustic guitar, he absolutely tore the place up with his electric lead guitar playing. If Fogelberg is suffering from a sailing injury (eesh, how far we have come from the dusty plains drifter/romantic of "Souveneirs"), you wouldn't have known it.

Message: 23123 Posted: Tue Jul 30 13:43:13 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Who Is Hal Lazareff?

I posed the question to Gerry and he replied, "an agent from years ago".

Message: 23122 Posted: Tue Jul 30 13:29:49 2002 By: rc
Subject: Some help with msg. display please...

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here. When I click where it says to display more then 10 messages, I just get a sceen that is for posting msg's.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Message: 23121 Posted: Tue Jul 30 13:25:22 2002 By: rc
Subject: Some help with msg. display please...

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here. When I click where it says to display more then 10 messages, I just get a sceen that is for posting msg's.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Message: 23120 Posted: Tue Jul 30 12:57:39 2002 By: RichM
Subject: America/Three Dog Night

I saw america/Three Dog Night a few times back in the 80s. As I recall America usually opened and Three Dog Night Played after. TDN was very energetic and lots of fun. I also recall one night in Brooklyn where America opened and won the crowd over to the point where it was clear that the crowd was cheering louder for America than Three Dog Night. One of the guys from Three Dog Night clearly sensing the momentum said something like "C'mon, we had more hits then them" and laughed. So I don't think America was upstaged by TDN all the time.

I also recall that before the show Dewey was walking through the crowd of several thousand by himself. (It was an outdoor show.) When I introduced myself to him he very politely chatted for a few minutes and then quietly walked off. I will always appreciate that.



Message: 23119 Posted: Tue Jul 30 12:53:53 2002 By: rc
Subject: Re: Dewey.

I am not a guitar player either, so Dewey's playing ability is something I usually don't think about. He is part of a group, and in that situation, there usually is one person who may be stronger on one instrument or vocal then another. Friends of mine were in a very popular local band here(long long time ago lol) and that is how it was with them. One person was very strong on guitars, both electric and accoustic, the other 2 accoustic guitar players were what some would consider average. Same thing with vocals. One was stronger in that dept compared to the others.
So as I said, I usually don't think about that stuff.. I just go to listen to them lol. Now the sound mixing is something that I think about, and it drives me crazy at times, but I know alot comes into play when trying to set up the board for that. But I do admit at times wanting to go to the sound guy and tell him to turn down this or turn up that lol...


Message: 23118 Posted: Tue Jul 30 12:33:11 2002 By: rc
Subject: Thoughts on Dewey's g. play

Did Dewey have an injury lately or over the years that people may not know about? Having seen them numerous times, I can recall him playing the guitar alot and even leads. So when Ladd mentioned that he just rested his hand(or along that line) on the neck of the guitar, made me wonder about that. It may be carpal tunnel,arthritis that is rearing its head etc.. Lets face it, after playing for some many years and grueling tour schedules, it is a real possibility there.

In some reviews about the recent Fogelberg tour, someone mentioned something similiar. He was shaking out his hand after finishing a song on the guitar. But I knew that he had hurt his hand while sailing I believe, and the injury was bad enough that there was a question as to if he would be able to play the guitar again. I noticed he did it several times when he played here in June..

Just something to think about.


Message: 23117 Posted: Tue Jul 30 12:28:21 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Virtuoso

Robyn's use of virtuoso reminded me of my vote for the proposed "Hidden Gems" album:
How 'bout a cheer for the piano virtuoso.
I practiced sixty-one minutes a day.
I could never reach the keys
But it was all okay...

Message: 23116 Posted: Tue Jul 30 12:12:03 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Worst Guitar player ever

I am not a musician, or at least not a guitar player, but the consensus among people I had this discussion with years ago was that Willie Nelson was the worst. Don't get me wrong, Willie is a heck of a songwriter and a more dynamic performer one could not hope to see, but as for a virtuoso... not.

And I still say Ladd caught Dewey on an off day. I have always loved to see Dewey perform, and I have seen them quite a few times since 1973. If anything he has gotten better over the years.

Message: 23115 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:55:04 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dewey.

Ladd also brought up another point that I find interesting. About Dewey's ability on guitar. Not being a guitar player or a musician, I have no way to respond. I always assumed that he was a great guitar player and, while he rarely played lead, he didn't have to with Dan and Gerry in the band. Even post Dan, I figured he was happy strumming his guitar and letting Gerry go nuts on all the other parts (although I wish he'd lean over to Gerry and say, "Hey, Ger, love ya, buddy, but the drum machine is turning us into a Holiday Inn lounge act.)

I'm curious how other musicians view Dewey as a musician. I know people respect him as a songwriter, but what about his guitarmanship?

I do think it was odd that when they listed the individual song credits on Human Nature, you realize that Dewey only played guitar on a few songs. Maybe there is something to Ladd's comment. Or maybe Dewey is a very gifted guitar player who realizes he is in a group with an even better guitar player, so why not let Gerry do the heavy lifting? Who knows.

Which lead me to my next question: Who cares? And I'm not being flippant. Does it matter that Dewey can or cannot keep up with Gerry artistically as a guitar player as long as he continues writing great songs and his guitar playing on those songs is respectable?

Good food for thought. But even if you told me that Dewey was the worse guitar player ever, that still wouldn't diminish my feelings that he is one of rock's greatest singer/songwriter ever.


Message: 23114 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:32:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Similar To His Experience

I had a very similar experience to Ladd's when I saw America for only the second time back in 1987. America was touring with Three Dog Night at that time. America opened the show and they played most all the greatest hits and a few of the non-hits which left me quite disappointed especially compared to the first time I saw them back in 1975. Having a cruddy seat added to my disappointment. On top of this, Three Dog played an incredible set that would have impressed anyone! Their lead guitarist was phenomenal in my opinion. I can't imagine what it would have been like if America had to follow Three Dog. I suspect it would have been what Ladd may have experienced with our guys who followed Michael McDonald's performance.

After the show, I bought an America t-shirt in the lobby of the convention center and spoke with the fellow who was selling them. Was he perhaps Ken Landerman??? Anyway, I told him what I mentioned above. I also asked him why it was that Three Dog was the featured band that night since America had some hits on the radio more recently than them. Does anyone think they know what his answer was?

The third and most recent time I saw our guys perform was 4 years ago and they were great (sat with fellow-fan Cathy and had a fantastic time)! A good seat, sitting with a fun person like Cathy, and meeting the guys made the world of difference this time plus, of course, the great set the guys played.

(Ladd, I know nothing about playing a guitar. I envy all you guitar players. I do know a little about cars. Burt Reynolds' car that you may have had in mind wasn't a T-Bird, close though! You got the "Bird" part right but not the "T".)

Message: 23113 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:22:47 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: John's TV

Will u be going to the LRB/Kansas show? I think u told me b4, but I forgot.

Eli's coming, Eli's coming

Message: 23112 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:20:44 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Thanks LisaRose!

Hi LisaRose,
Believe me I do listen to my AMERICA music soooo much. I haven't yet got to watch my America in Concert DVD :( but soon I hope soon.
I just can't get enough of their music for sure!
Still Smiling Here! Nancy :)

Message: 23111 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:16:59 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: John's TV

Now Come On Red~~~
Is this really a TV show named after you are you really showing your true colors on this show? I sure hope not! You are singing one of my many favorite songs. I just have to add some more to it ~~~~Please Mr. Postman Deliver the letter, deliver the letter , deliver the letter to meeeeeee! Now wait a minute, wait a minute is there a letter for RED look and see, Please. I too hope that your day to see them quickly gets here for sure. By the way only 3 more days till the Little River Band/Kansas show. ~~~~Walking through the park and Reminicing~~~~~ Nancy :)

Message: 23110 Posted: Tue Jul 30 11:01:18 2002 By: red oak
Subject: John's TV

For what it's worth, Denver has named a cable access show after me. It's called John's TV and it shows the pix of men arrested for soliciting a prostitute. I'm glad to feel wanted.

Please Mr. Postman, look and see,
Is there a letter for me?

Message: 23109 Posted: Tue Jul 30 10:49:23 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Wow sooo many post ~~~and I really have some Unbelievable News!


Am so happy for you---it's a while sure the anticipation will overcome you at times---so watch their DVD's/video's, listen to CDs/vinyl, etc to make the time go by faster!! LOL.

Message: 23108 Posted: Tue Jul 30 09:47:02 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Ladd's Review

Ladd: Thanks for contributing such a thought-provoking post.

While I tend to disagree, I can see where you are coming from. I think their show could be spiced up a little by adding some new songs, rare cuts, etc. Back in 1999 they played 5 songs from Human Nature and also the Last Unicorn and (I think) Mirror to Mirror. The band had a lot of energy that night and Dewey kicked ass on the vocals to Moment to Moment. Those of us who visit this page with some frequency know that "real" America fans want more new stuff played at concerts. Although I continue to see them play and enjoy the shows, I would enjoy the shows more if they played some new/rare stuff. I think all but the most casual fans could handle this and it would (probably) help energize the band. There are so many ways they could liven up the shows: solo acoustic numbers, audience requests, Gerry's solo projects, etc. They have so many good songs that could entertain an audience, even if most people have never heard that song before.

I know they have a hard touring schedule, but that is really not an excuse. I thoroughly enjoy their shows and will continue to see them. I would enjoy them even more if they had more variety. That might be asking too much from a very hardworking band that goes out of its way to support its fans, but I would love to see them rise to the challenge.


Message: 23107 Posted: Tue Jul 30 09:37:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: 1986 Dan Peek Billboard Article & live show& giving the people wh

Hi Everyone!
Wow Red I am sure glad that was just a typo error and that I really didn't miss this. Still kinda excited here! Soooooo Nice they are coming my way again! :)
Thanks SteveO & SteveL ~~~~I read the Dan Peek article on Electro Voice, I found this very informative about this release. Sounds like it is worth checking out for sure. I do have the remake of the song Lonely People I found it on Napster a while back.
Speech regarding your post & some of the others posts too~~~ I too find it that the songs played at their concerts are geared toward the People that only know them for their released material. Wouldn't it be great if there was maybe just a couple of concerts that would be for us Fans that know them for all of their great music. Just imagine the songs that could be included on these playlists ~~~ Wow that would be awesome. I found the atmosphere alive and into their music at the show I attended back in Feb. but I will admit I heard the people behind me say when Wheels was over, I never heard this song before. I wonder what the atmoshpere would be like if the room would have been filled with alot of us here on the chat folder and the ones that are fans like us that choose not to post. Wouldn't that be one night to remember for sure. I think that a concert geared toward us, would go down in the History books for sure, maybe even set a record of some sorts in the Guiness Book of World Records! Yes Yes Yes lets go for it. How about it Gerry & Dewey and Promoters, would you consider a some Concert Dates just geared towards us Your True Fans? Think about it Okay ?
Ladd ~~~ I too enjoyed your review on the show you attended, this is how you saw it. You have one over on Me~~ I have not seen Muskladen yet! I wonder if your expectations weren't set a little too high on getting to see them live for the first time. Maybe we here are to blame for this. I don't know if you have heard any other reviews on Michael M. before you saw him. I know we talked about Dan F's shows somewhat here on the folder. Just go to another show Please! Oh ~~I was wondering if Michael Mc by chance sang the song On My Own? I know this was a duet with Patti Labelle, but one of my favorites of his.
Hi DanC are you there? :) Okay gotta go for now! Nancy :)

Message: 23106 Posted: Tue Jul 30 08:41:59 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: More America Releases/ Ladd's review

Ahhhh.... there's nothing like a bit of controversy on the website to critique the quality control of the band....
After reading nearly all postings on the subject I'd have to say Ladd that perhaps you may have caught a bad night. But regardless, there may also be some "Fatigue" coming through as well. I couldn't imagine myself personally travelling & living out of a suitcase for most of the year, it would become stressful & wearisome after a while. I take my hat off to anyone who can do what these guys & many other artists do day in day out, and we all have our different highs & low points throughout the weeks/months. Neadless to say I'm in my early 40's and I'm no where near as fit and full of energy as I was 20yrs ago.
Maybe if the guys (Gerry & Dewey) read the last few days of postings (when they get a chance) it might be something to think about. It was good you wrote such a detailed review Ladd, I found it refreshing & spicey!!!!

P.S. Speech.... great comments (interactive)

Message: 23105 Posted: Tue Jul 30 08:11:04 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: PS

Just to clarify (although it has already been corrected), it was Brad Palmer's guitar that fell over at the Westbury show and not Michael Woods'.

Message: 23104 Posted: Tue Jul 30 07:46:31 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Set list

I also agree that the set should be freshened from time to time with a few different songs to add some spice to the dull and routine. We all get tired of doing the same job day after day, think what they feel doing the same thing plus travelling and getting no sleep. To open the show, I think maybe Green Monkey. Need some more movers & shakers in the routine.

Hot blooded

Message: 23103 Posted: Tue Jul 30 07:32:40 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: live shows & giving the people what they want

I would like to see the guys integrate some type of "interactive" element into their live shows, enabling them to custom tailor (to a degree) the set they play for any given performance.

I am aware, because I listen to what other folks are saying at the shows, that many who attend America concerts are utterly clueless as to what the band has been up to for the past 20 years.

I heard one guy in Philly speculating on what "these three guys" would look like by now, and talking about the three songs of theirs that he was familiar with.

By the same token, lots of America fans are really immersed in the band's music and the trajectory of its career.

If, on a given night, the house is full of knowledegable fans -- those who wouldn't be scratching their heads if Gerry broke into "The Farm" or began playing the familiar piano intro to "Hat Trick" -- then the set could be adjusted accordingly.

I also think there's something to be said for a little perversity in selecting a set list -- that is, playfully confounding your audience once in a while, not simply pandering to what the mass audience is likely to expect.

When I saw Steely Dan in summer 2000 (I think), after the release of their first album of new material in decades, they opened with "The Boston Rag" from the "Countdown to Ecstasy" LP. Now, opening with a lesser-known cut from one of their lesser appreciated (but still great) albums is, given the opening tunes they could have pulled from their hits bag, perverse.

Even the Beach Boys, at a private gig for Texaco employees that I caught in Philly, pulled out the final segment of the "California Saga" (or whatever that three-part suite is called) from the 1973 "Holland" LP.

Al Jardine started to explain the genesis of that whole, eccentric "Holland" record, then waved his hand and said, "Ah, forget it. You had to be there."

And the band kicked into "Water, water ... get yourself in that cool, cool water..." It didn't get the hand that "God Only Knows," got, but it was the only moment that felt spontaneous all night, and along with the familiar pleasures, I believe many concert-goers want some surprises.

Message: 23102 Posted: Tue Jul 30 07:24:49 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wow sooo many post ~~~and I really have some Unbelievable News!

Now that I can post again, great news for you Nancy, but according to the date of America playing, I think u missed it! Just kidding, a little typo error, but we feel ur xcitement.
About Dewey not playing with much fervor, I think he may be tired out with hitting 50 and having remarried. Just another reason to cut back on the concerts, bring Dan back, and charge more for the shows.

Easy to be hard

Message: 23101 Posted: Tue Jul 30 07:14:54 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wow sooo many post ~~~and I really have some Unbelievable News!


Message: 23100 Posted: Tue Jul 30 06:26:31 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: More America Releases/ Ladd's review

<<As to his [Dewey's guitar] playing; as an acoustic guitarist who has been tremendously influenced by his playing(Three Roses, yeah!) I spent most of the two shows I saw this year watching every little thing he did. And I have to say, it LOOKS as if he isn't doing much, but I rather suspect he is such a subtle player, it just appears that way. I believe he is a better rhythm guitarist than Gerry, the rhythm of Ventura Highway and certainly Three Roses being examples of this. Out of the duo, Gerry is the more proficient on lead, Dewey only taking lead duties once on the first album. Though, as you have Musik Laden, you have to admit its a tasty bit of guitar work Dewey does on the beginning of Tin Man! The soon to be released Cayman gig will, I believe, better highlight Dewey's guitar skills. He is an amazing player.>>

Jimbob, I don't know if I agree with that last comment. I saw no evidence whatsoever of him being a great player last night, and although I have only been playing guitar myself since January of 2000, I know enough to tell what someone is playing. And the other night, Dewey was playing either not at all during most songs, or very little, apparently picking little accent notes or chords here and there. Again, I was unsure if he was even turned up in the mix. It was obvious throughout the set that Woodz and Gerry were carrying most of the rhythm, and when there were big strumming rhythm parts, it was Gerry who would step up and crank it.

Tonight, I am going to watch the MusikLaden tape again and study Dewey VERY carefully. But it seemed to me the other night that the guitar parts in this band have been somewhat rearranged, so that Dewey can now get up and sing and not have to play ANYTHING.

And his lead parts were thoroughly unimpressive. It's not quite that I don't think he can play. How could anyone play live that long and not acquire skill and ability? I just get a feeling that he is incredibly insecure about his playing and maybe reluctant to lead more or even take an active role on rhythm anymore.

This was a DEFINITE disappointment to me, although again--I need to watch that MusikLaden tape and get behind the curtain. But I do remember from MusikLaden that he was playing solid rhythm guitar parts on ever sang they did--strumming away with his mates. He was not doing anything even close to that last night. This bothered me more than I can tell you, because America is ABOUT 2-3 guys letting loose on their acoustics.

Sadly, as I said, Dewey last night looked like a guy who had no right to bring 7 guitars on stage, and Gerry blew him away on lead AND rhythm.

I'd be interesting in hearing the opinions of other guitarist on this who have seen the band live...


Message: 23099 Posted: Tue Jul 30 06:16:11 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

<<They got 30 years worth of material but yet they keep playing the same songs, the same way, in the same order, concert after concert after concert, year after year after year.

And THAT'S WHY I think that alot of the energy is gone.
They have the ability to get the energy back if they wanted to.
I really hope they do.>>

Pat, I don't agree with this, although I see your point. The fact is, America HAS to play their greatest hits every night they take the stage. The people on this bulletin board like you and me are the exception to the rule...sure, WE'D love to see some obscure stuff, but we all know from our experience with 70s band onstage today that when they play a lesser-known number people sit in their seats looking dumbstruck. Regrettably, most people are poseurs who only know what the radio tells them and little more.

Dewey and Gerry know this and realize that any record sales they have from now until death are mostly going to come from HIGHWAY and their first greatest hits album.

And really, it is NOT an excuse for a lack of energy on-stage. I saw Fogelberg get up on stage last month and play "Make Love Stay," "Leader of the Band," and "Same Ol' Aung Syne," and I swear to god, with the emotion and power he put into it you would have thought that he was playing those songs for the very first time. It was very clear that the material is still close to him somehow and he takes it very seriously. Ditto for McDonald and songs like "It Keeps You Runnin'" and "What a Fool Believes." Full force and energy abounding.

So running through old material in and of itself is not a problem, although I agree with your basic premise that over time it must be challenging to keep up the enthusiasm. But the fact is--and again, it is more important to me to hold America to a high standard than be a "homer" (as I put it) anyday--great performers do this.

To reiterate, to me the problem with America seems to be that Dewey has lost his connection to the material. How long that has been the case, I don't know. Maybe for some time now...


Message: 23098 Posted: Tue Jul 30 06:06:17 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Confusion about Woodz and Bassist

<<Could you possibly have Michael Woods & Brad Palmer confused? I've seen many America concerts and Brad is usually wearing a black turtleneck and is much more solemn than Woodz.>>

You're right. I made a comment about the bassist and someone in a reply post said Woodz, so I thought that was the guy's name. Reading through a few follow-up posts, I realize now that Woodz was the third guitarist on stage. If you read my original post, I say that he was actually good. The guy can play, and he was definitely into it more than anybody but Gerry. He looked like he was having fun up there. The bassist was the guy who my girlfriend described as scary--and he didn't interact with Willie once all night, very strange for a bassist/drummer combo.


Message: 23097 Posted: Tue Jul 30 06:04:36 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Speaking of Dan Peek, I have to say he cut a great CD. I think Guitar Man is one of his best that Ive heard. Looking forward for Guitar Man Two down the line. America, your next, We need a new CD with all new songs. Would'nt that be great.

Message: 23096 Posted: Tue Jul 30 04:16:40 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 1986 Dan Peek Billboard Article

Interesting articles. I wish Electro Voice would get released on CD (along with Crossover). Electro Voice in my opinion was Dan's best solo album, and my cassette of it is worn out and just doesn't sound very good any more.

Message: 23095 Posted: Mon Jul 29 23:45:53 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: TVFTHW Pics & New Releases! :) :) :)

I know you all thought I had called it a Night!!!! I am way too excited to sleep just yet!~~~~~~~Just here listening to my AMERICA songs!!!
Thanks Steve & Gerry for these Interesting Pics! (Steve ~~~~wasn't that too much how we got TVFTHW pics emailed to us while you were basking in the sun on the Beach) Nice!
Now for the pics~~~Hmmmmmm ~~~~~Windwave was playing in my headphones as this pic downloaded onto the screen and it just fit the pic perfect. I must say this is a really neat view of Providence,( I love the show Providence on NBC and they show so much of the City's beautiful scenery) so this brought this too mind, this is the first pic in awhile that the skies babyblue-eyes were closed and the Mighty Clouds of Relief from the heat were present! ~~~~~ sometimes when I'm down on my luck feeling dizzy, my mind wheels back to those days in the city. ~~~~~~ I got a hankering for a windwave, I got it through and through, I got a hankering for something homemade, its got to be brand new! I sure love how these digital pics look like you can just reach right into them and touch it!
Now for the Westbury pic~~~~the song Heart Hotels by DanF comes to mind. ~~~~Now there's too many windows in this old hotel~~~~Sorry I just couldn't resist! ~~~~Hey Red ~~~~Do you think that this could be another siting of none other than Hal Lazareff in this window here on this pic? ~~~~~ Orrrrr could it be that the open door at the top of this ole Hotel could be his next siting..... to be continued~~~~~~ LOL! I see he has a satelite so that he can stay atop all the latest news about his sitings!!! ~~~~~ I know you are all saying I think SHE has GONE OVERBOARD! LOL! hahahahahah
Now regarding the new releases of AMERICA & HAT TRICK ~~~this is just tooo COOL! I agree with you Jimmmmmmm it would be soooo neat to have some added cuts on Hat Trick giving us an inside perspective of what it was like the 3 of them producing this. I love the Norman track of Gerry producing the song too! Thinking back to when I first bought the AMERICA LP ~~~~~ Wow! what a trip this was all these years having AMERICA's music in My Life! Playing in my headphones now is James Taylor, Art Garfunkel & Paul Simon's version of What a Wonderful World ~~~~~~~ What a wonderful ~~wonderful world this could be, what a wonderful , wonderful, wonderful world, don't know much about history, don't know much biology, don't know much about science too, don't know much about the french I took, but I do know for sure this sure is a Wonderful world with all of these great AMERICA releases that will be coming my way soooooon! And Yes I too will Be in AMERICA HEAVEN for SURE! WOW! Now to my Dreams I head! See ya! Nancy :)

Message: 23094 Posted: Mon Jul 29 22:21:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Wow sooo many post ~~~and I really have some Unbelievable News!

Hi Everyone,
First of all~~~Welcome back Steve~~~Nice to have you back!
Second ~~~Wow sooo many posts, I read some of them earlier and had to go to work. So I just came on now and read the rest. I could go so many directions with this post, but I find myself ready to burst, Sooooo I just have to let it out! I came home and checked the Mail and the Mailman really brought me some Geat News.Hmmmm ~~~ What news did he bring me ~~~Well it just so happens that WOW!!!!! AMERICA will be coming here to Pa next April 11, 2002 and guess where in Pa. ~~~YES YES YES they are coming to the college where my son goes, IUP in the town of the same name Indiana, Pa.~~~~ I have been smiling since I read this in the IUP ONSTAGE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Paper that we recieve because of my son going there. WOW!!!!! This is just like a Dream come True ~~Really made my day! I will be there for sure! Sooo Neat! I am actually speechless at this moment~~~Can you all believe that! LOL! :) :) :) :)
Hi Ladd ~~~ Regarding your review ~~~ It seems that you may have hit them on an off night ~~~ Hey let's remember one thing here ~~~ They are human like the rest of us and their schedule has been pretty back to back shows lately. Add to this the Hot & Humid weather here in the East lately. I think it would be enough to effect all of us. I am sure that having trouble with the sound system would frustrate them too. I too hope you will go to another show of theirs~~~ only this time take in the whole picture them the music the crowd the whole perspective on this, and I am sure you will not leave there feeling like you did this time. I do have to say that I saw them on the first show of this tour back on Feb 7th and granted I was walking on air with just the thought of getting to see them even before we left for the show that day. From the moment they came out on stage and started playing Riverside till they ended with Horse I was smiling for sure. I could see them both really good the whole time. The AURA of the whole evening was definitely Magical. ~~~Maybe I am a Homer (I don't know) but I really found them to sound soooo good!~~ Sooo Ladd please give them another try! ~~~~ Regarding Michael McDonald ~~~ I sure would like to see him too! Ohhh yes~~~Gordon Lightfoot will be coming to IUP too on Oct. 27, 2002~~~Neat! May have to go and see Him too!!~~~Hey Dan Fogelberg why don't you come to IUP too. That would be great too!
Hi Nick ~~~ Thanks for Posting your review! It is nice how seeing them takes you back in time for a short while ~~~Isn't it! I really liked how you said that the Moonlight and the sky with wisps of clouds seemed to be painted around their music ~~~WOW! what a grand perspective for sure! I too sang my heart out and clapped so hard my hands stung and My husband's hand and leg hurt by the end of the show from me sqeezing them so hard! I am here smiling from ear to ear! What a treasured Memory for sure! :)
Hi Pat B ~~~Good to hear from you too ~~~ Yes I too agree ~~~ I would love them to change their playlist around and add some newer songs and maybe even some more of the older ones that weren't released, I just wonder if the legalities of a quote "TOUR" holds them to the same playlist. It is neat that you & Nina & Bones and daisyjane got to meet and take this in together. That had to add to the experience too. I will look forward to the pics. Thanks Nina for your post too. Sooo neat the you get to talk with Gerry so personally & that he will answer you about this Christmas jingle!
Last but not Least~~~~So nice to find your Posts Jimmmmmmm! About time! :)I was so AWED when they sang WIND WAVE too and WHEELS. ~~~ I was also reading the archive chat folder from 1997 and I saw them at Blands Park in Tipton for my first time ever and I read the playlist and saw that they sang Mirror to Mirror, kinda ironic isn't it ~~that I saw them their first show of this Tour by the very same name ~~~Soooo COOL! You know how anxious I am to hear the Cayman CD too! I have yet to hear the Musklaiden ~~~ I am looking forward to getting to hear it soon. It must be AWESOME to be able to pick up Your Guitar and to Play their songs! WOW! I can almost hear you playing these great songs! Nice! Keep on playing these great songs and I will keep on singing them!!!!!
Sorry I got soo carried away! Good Night Everyone! Nancy :)

Message: 23093 Posted: Mon Jul 29 22:17:02 2002 By: Hardtosleep
Subject: Re: PS

Could you possibly have Michael Woods & Brad Palmer confused? I've seen many America concerts and Brad is usually wearing a black turtleneck and is much more solemn than Woodz.

Message: 23092 Posted: Mon Jul 29 21:56:46 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Hello, all. Interesting reading on both Ladd and Pat's posts. For the record, I have seen America in concert 11 times, ranging from 1990 to just a few weeks ago. I have always enjoyed their shows. In fact, the one I saw on May 25 of this year may be the best ever. The band seemed to ALL be into the music, and there was much interplay with the audience. I posted a review of the show, if anyone cares to go back and look at it.
I am sorry your first time seeing them was a bad experience, Ladd. Please do give them another shot. I can agree with you and Pat that more variety in the shows would be great. Who among us diehards wouldn't want to hear several obscure songs at every show? But when they are appealing to the mass, casual fan to draw people, the more basic, hits set is a necessity.
Pat, contrary to popular belief, they haven't always opened with "Riverside". I attended several shows, years ago, where "Tin Man" led off the set. But I understand your frustration. I take solace in enjoying the small segments where they do interesting transitions,obscure songs, etc. Certainly, hearing "Wheels", "Wind Wave", The Beatles' "I Need You" and "Things We Said Today", and other unusual songs, is always a treat. I also enjoy the musical bridges they do between "Baby It's Up to You" and "Wheels", the soft intro to "Sandman", etc. Years ago, they used to do a jam at the end of "Old Man Took" that faded into the opening piano notes of "Daisy Jane". It was tremendous!
Final thoughts: Enhanced CDs of America and Hat Trick with bonus tracks, plus Cayman and X-mas CDs? I'm in heaven! Take care all, Brad

Message: 23091 Posted: Mon Jul 29 20:04:43 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Visitors today...2006

I just wanted to comment that it blows me away that this site has been viewed 2006 times so far today alone. I guess I can take credit for 5 or 6 of those myself but even at that rate, this is one popular website. Way to go Steve L. Thanks.

Message: 23090 Posted: Mon Jul 29 19:57:41 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Albany, NY concert

Great post, Nick. Welcome. I wanted to get to the Albany show but couldn't. Sounds like I missed a good one. Thanks for the review.

Message: 23089 Posted: Mon Jul 29 19:36:51 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Neither he nor I would likely win a beauty contest but Woodz is one of the NICEST guys you'll ever meet! It's what's in the HEART, man!!!

Message: 23088 Posted: Mon Jul 29 19:31:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Albany, NY concert (Nick)

I enjoyed your post, Nick! Glad you came aboard!!!

Message: 23087 Posted: Mon Jul 29 17:56:47 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Which is it?

Hi ya Pat. Just read your post. Now, you would be a good one to ask.....Regarding what I have just posted about Dewey's playing, which is it? Subtle (ie, doing more than he appears) or not doing as much as we know he can?! As for the rest of your post, Ive had the same thoughts. It really seems to be the guys catering for the fans expectations, and its only the people like us (the folder participants, for a start) that crave to hear some of the other stuff.The following appeared in NZ's major newspaper when the guys were here in Feb. The reporter asks Dewey, "What are people coming to your shows for these days?" Dewey replies, "There's a nostalgia element. Most of our show is our hits from the 70's and early 80's. There's not a whole lot of interest in new material. A lot of the people dont know the band other than the songs they have heard on the radio and the diehards who have followed all of the albums- the obscure ones as well as the successful ones- are aware that we are barely going to play any of that stuff. We also play a lot of private gigs now for corporate heads who are our age and have their annual conventions or incentive dinners or whatever. Thats happened to a lot of our peers like the Beach Boys. We are kind of next in line for that sort of thing as well." I guess, then, we really are lucky to hear Windwave!

Message: 23086 Posted: Mon Jul 29 17:29:36 2002 By: Nick
Subject: Albany, NY concert

I don't usually post anything here but I do follow the news when time allows: married with children and 2 jobs doesn't leave much time. But everyone here seems so nice I thought I' take a chance and submit a post just to let you all know about the concert in Albany, NY last week... It was great! We hadn't seen America since they were a trio at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center way back when so it was like the first time all over again. The crowd at the outdoor event was estimated to be around 16,000 and the weather that evening could not have been more perfect. The Average White band came on at 7PM and played for about an hour. While they played Gerry was on his cell phone by the side of the stage and held it up so whomever was on the other end could here the music. He then walked around the stage taking pictures of the skyline. America came on around 8:30PM (I think) and played until 10:00PM. I was there with my wife and best buddy and his wife. My buddy and I had played in a band in the mid-70s and most of what we played was America, so when they opened with the thunderous intro to Riverside we went nuts, or as nuts as we could at 50! By 9:00PM they were still going strong and there was a beautiful bright moon with a few wisps of cloud sliding across it in the sky. No kidding, it was like they painted the sky around them to match their beautiful music! We sang our hearts out with them and for just a little while, there were no problems in the world, no 9/11, nothing worth worrying about. THAT'S what their music does, not just make you associate their songs with memories, but sooth your spirit with the images they create. I wish I could have made a list of the songs they played, but I got caught up in the music and was too busy singing out loud until my throat hurt and my hands throbbed from clapping! You look at these guys and you can't help but believe that they love what they're doing. How many of us are that lucky... Hope I haven't bored anyone with this long first-time post. Thanks. Nick.

Message: 23085 Posted: Mon Jul 29 17:27:12 2002 By: Nick
Subject: Albany, NY concert

I don't usually post anything here but I do follow the news when time allows: married with children and 2 jobs doesn't leave much time. But everyone here seems so nice I thought I' take a chance and submit a post just to let you all know about the concert in Albany, NY last week... It was great! We hadn't seen America since they were a trio at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center way back when so it was like the first time all over again. The crowd at the outdoor event was estimated to be around 16,000 and the weather that evening could not have been more perfect. The Average White band came on at 7PM and played for about an hour. While they played Gerry was on his cell phone by the side of the stage and held it up so whomever was on the other end could here the music. He then walked around the stage taking pictures of the skyline. America came on around 8:30PM (I think) and played until 10:00PM. I was there with my wife and best buddy and his wife. My buddy and I had played in a band in the mid-70s and most of what we played was America, so when they opened with the thunderous intro to Riverside we went nuts, or as nuts as we could at 50! By 9:00PM they were still going strong and there was a beautiful bright moon with a few wisps of cloud sliding across it in the sky. No kidding, it was like they painted the sky around them to match their beautiful music! We sang our hearts out with them and for just a little while, there were no problems in the world, no 9/11, nothing worth worrying about. THAT'S what their music does, not just make you associate their songs with memories, but sooth your spirit with the images they create. I wish I could have made a list of the songs they played, but I got caught up in the music and was too busy singing out loud until my throat hurt and my hands throbbed from clapping! You look at these guys and you can't help but believe that they love what they're doing. How many of us are that lucky... Hope I haven't bored anyone with this long first-time post. Thanks. Nick.

Message: 23084 Posted: Mon Jul 29 17:26:54 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: More America Releases/ Ladd's review

What fantastic news! Probably my two favourite AMERICA albums; in fact in the case of the first, probably my favourite album ever, and we are getting more! I would love for these new releases to include some studio talk, as a Beach Boys release did. Hat Trick in particular would be very interesting seeing as the three guys produced it themselves. Hearing Gerry on the Norman track (the last track) on Jeff Larson's new one, has sure whetted my appetite for getting a better understanding of how these guys work. Ladd, regarding your concert experience, it really does sound like you unfortunately got to see them on a bad night. Your comments on Dewey I find especially interesting. I agree, his voice has changed more than Gerry's from the early days. It does sound quite different than say, the vocals on Moon Song. But, man, its strong now. Wheels Are Turning(live) is a great example. As to his guitar playing; as an acoustic guitarist who has been tremendously influenced by his playing(Three Roses, yeah!) I spent most of the two shows I saw this year watching every little thing he did.And I have to say, it LOOKS as if he isn't doing much, but I rather suspect he is such a subtle player, it just appears that way. I believe he is a better rhythm guitarist than Gerry, the rhythm of Ventura Highway and certainly Three Roses being examples of this. Out of the duo, Gerry is the more proficient on lead, Dewey only taking lead duties once on the first album. Though, as you have Musik Laden, you have to admit its a tasty bit of guitar work Dewey does on the beginning of Tin Man! The soon to be released Cayman gig will, I believe, better highlight Dewey's guitar skills. He is an amazing player. As for the talking by him, nearing the end of Horse, he has done that as far back as 1977's live album, and was likely doing it before that.

Message: 23083 Posted: Mon Jul 29 16:28:12 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Ladd~ Your review of America at the Westbury Fair sounds alot like my own personal thoughts regarding their show at Mohegan Sun. I agree with many (if not all) of the points that you made. Unlike me, you had the courage to put it print.

Even though I was having a pleasant evening and enjoying the show at Mohegan Sun, I did notice the lack of energy from everyone but Gerry. Many bands change their set list often to keep it fresh. Many bands don't even have a set list. They simply have a repertoire of a hundred songs (or more!) and usually after a song is played, someone from the band just calls out the next tune and the band just plays it. America does not do this and I think it's really to their detriment. Let's face it, 30 years of opening with Riverside and closing with Horse With No Name??!! That's a total of at least 4,500 times!! Who wouldn't get disinterested? Who would'nt get a little bit sick and tired of that?? I would. It would also help a great deal if these guys re-wrote, re-arranged, and changed the songs once in a while too; like taking longer solos, create new sonic sounds from new and different instruments, create new intros and new endings, change keys, stretch out and take chances with the songs. They arn't robots and they're not juke boxes, they're human beings and I believe that they would benefit greatly if they would change things around some.

They don't ALWAYS have to begin and end each concert with Riverside and Horse. They got 30 years worth of material but yet they keep playing the same songs, the same way, in the same order, concert after concert after concert, year after year after year.

And THAT'S WHY I think that alot of the energy is gone.
They have the ability to get the energy back if they wanted to.
I really hope they do.


Message: 23082 Posted: Mon Jul 29 16:06:16 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: More America Releases

Thanks for the info. ...turning out to be a darn good year for music.

Jeff B.

Message: 23081 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:56:11 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Ladd.


I appreciate your comments and do not admonish you at all for being critical. I think the last thing we should do is blindly accept everything America does. I will say this, though. I've seen them in concert over 30 times in my life, and I have yet to be disappointed in their energy, professionalism or enthusiasm. I have at times wished they'd play longer, but I wish my wife were a 38C too and that's not going to happen.

I wasn't there so I can't speak for what you saw. But if the sound system was as bad as you say, then the concert expecience is diminished.

It's weird. Woods always puts on a good show. He steals the show at times with his energetic guitar solos, and his mugging with the crowd is usually fun and very well received. Willie usually beats the crap out of the drums, making me as a fan angry that he has been ignored for 20 years on America recordings in favor of the lame-ass drum machine that has been an embarrasing stain on otherwise brilliant latter-day America albums.

As far as missing Dan: Hell yes they miss Dan. What band wouldn't be weaker without a musician as talented as Dan Peek? They don't break out into spontaneous, rock the house down jams on their records anymore like they used to either. But if I want that, it's there on their earlier albums.

I don't think there's anything wrong in comparing them to the Musikladen time period. But at that time they were on the top of the world musically. Now they're a legacy band.

If I had waited all this time to see them, as you did, only to have the experience fall flat, I too would be disappointed.

All I can say is see them again. They've never disappointed me in concert. Maybe you need to see them with me.


Message: 23080 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:55:57 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: PS

Woods flirting? It's always looked more to me like scowling with a smile. Or one time when Dewey got roses, just scowling. Oh well, just one gal's opinion . . .

Monica L.

Message: 23079 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:37:51 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Prison riot

"Prison riot" was a good one Yanni. I just think it ALL depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

Bill C.

Message: 23078 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:35:33 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - More

I love Gerry's wonderful whimsical shots. Is that a person in the window in the Westbury shot, or do I need new glasses?

Message: 23077 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:31:54 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - More

Here are a few more photos that were taken while I was on vacation. Thanks, Gerry, for sharing them with us:

Providence, RI (Saturday, July 27)
Westbury, NY (Sunday, July 28)

Message: 23076 Posted: Mon Jul 29 15:13:37 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More America Releases

In addition to the Holiday Harmony and Grand Cayman CD releases, Rhino is also preparing to release as enhanced CD's (with extra tracks) the First (America) album and Hat Trick. More details will be coming soon.

Message: 23075 Posted: Mon Jul 29 13:57:06 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: TO Moser and Westbury Review

>>I'm not sure what a "homer" is<< It's a "bart's" dad.

Seriously. I gues I was mistaken about ths show being outside. WE saw an outdoor show a while back and the kick sounded like Willie was slapping a mudpuddle for the first song or so. After that the sound was fine.

Message: 23074 Posted: Mon Jul 29 13:31:51 2002 By: daisyjane64
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Too bad you missed the east providence show the night before.There were about 4000 people and Gerry and Dewey had the house rockin and the sound was awesome!

Message: 23073 Posted: Mon Jul 29 13:16:05 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: PS

<<Okay, I re-read your post and it was Willie you called flat, not Woodz. Sorry for that mix up. Instead you said Mr. Woods has no charisma. Funny, he usually flirts with the audience more than anyone else in the band. Maybe they all had an off night. You better try to catch them again sometime for the real thing!!>>

Moser, I was talking about both of them, actually. Woods didn't flirt with anyone. He was pretty solemn and my girlfriend remarked to me a few times how creepy he looked. One funny bit surrounded this loud shirt he was wearing--Gerry noted that he had been wearing black turtlenecks to every show for years and had suddenly come out tonight "in a shirt that looked like a hood pattern from Burt Reynold's T-bird." That was funny and Woods smiled. But that was the end of it. Another thing--Woods left the stage literally almost the second the show ended and was moving so fast he kicked a guitar right over. With a hop-step he just kept going--leaving Dewey scratching his head and looking like, "What the heck?"

I saw nothing in either his or Willie's playing that impressed me last night. Again, McDonald's band was just the opposite--the tore the s*** out of their set and were great.

Hope it was a fluke.


Message: 23072 Posted: Mon Jul 29 13:09:00 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Westbury Music Fair

<<I was catching up on the posts on the VH.COM message board and found a different opinion regarding the concert:

"I went to the Westbury concert to see Michael McDonald. I was disappointed in his performance but pleasantly surprised how good America was. I haven't seen them perform in 25 years and they are still great! Thanks boys." Bill NY>>

Steve, all I can tell you is that this guy was very isolated in his opinion last night. The crowd went nuts for McDonald (whose band was bursting with energy) and the reaction to America was decidedly more muted. As for being disappointed with McDonald, the only way you could have been is if you wanted to seem him levitate--he did everything else. His voice is unbelievably powerful (he hits every single note with full force bar none) and he put his all into every song. Whether you like his music or not, those statements are objectively true. When Gerry came on, he made a point to say that America considers McDonald to be--and I quote--"a national treasure" and the crowd, still high on his performance, roared again.

As for my assessment of America, I am fully in your corner in that I really do hope I caught them on a off-night. But having seen far superior performances now in this same venue from Fogelberg and McDonald, I am skeptical. I hope it was lethargy--but I suspect they could benefit by putting some new blood in the band--some top-notch guys to add new life to the songs--and to more faithfully interpet the original arrangements, particularly on guitar.

My perspective IS skewed. Remember, you have all had YEARS to get use to their aging process. I went from Musikladen and some sound clips from 1972 and 1982 to the current day in one night. And maybe that is why I so acutely missed Dan Peek and that old-school jamming style.


Message: 23071 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:55:28 2002 By: Moser
Subject: PS

Okay, I re-read your post and it was Willie you called flat, not Woodz. Sorry for that mix up. Instead you said Mr. Woods has no charisma. Funny, he usually flirts with the audience more than anyone else in the band. Maybe they all had an off night. You better try to catch them again sometime for the real thing!!

Message: 23070 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:55:28 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: post-script on Harbor-Hideaway postings

I just wanted to drop in a few words about the role of expectations in deciding these things.
In summer 1976, when the Hideaway LP was fairly new in the racks, I excitedly rushed out to buy it.
Two summers before, in 1974, America had issued Holiday, a record that became a soundtrack to the summer of my 16th year.
The next summer came Hearts, another commercial mega-smash (as I recall) that I listened to endlessly the summer of my high school graduation.
Upon hearing the Hideaway LP a few times and realizing that, to my ears, some of its songs had a chilly quality I couldn't quite place, while others seemed so slight they were in danger of evaporating on the turntable, I was angry. The main reason, I think, was that America LPs, much like those of the Beatles for my brother 10 years earlier, had become "events" that I eagerly anticipated and figured would help define the particular period of my life in which they were issued (typically summer).
Harbor came to me under vastly different circumstances. You can only have your highest expectations dashed once, and when the "pineapple" LP came along, I really didn't hold out much hope for it being a strong record at all.
So, even though it was a pale shadow of the band's earlier creative bursts, Harbor was pretty estimable compared to my expectations for it.
All of this doesn't mean I like Harbor more than Hideaway. In fact, I think that the best moments on each LP (padded out with a couple other tunes, for example "Simple Life,") make one fairly decent America record.
I just think back more fondly on Harbor than Hideaway, because I hoped for so much more from America at the time of the Hideaway release.

Message: 23069 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:54:46 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

The Albany concert was outside and the sound was great. The sound man did one hell of a job. That's the way it goes sometimes.

Message: 23068 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:53:02 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Westbury Music Fair

I was catching up on the posts on the VH.COM message board and found a different opinion regarding the concert:

"I went to the Westbury concert to see Michael McDonald. I was disappointed in his performance but pleasantly surprised how good America was. I haven't seen them perform in 25 years and they are still great! Thanks boys." Bill NY

I guess the quality of the performance was in the eyes/ears of the beholder. I've generally been very impressed with their concerts and I've seen everything from small private gigs, to outside venues, to small indoor venues, and large (10,000+) indoor venues. I'm not much of a critic, though. I just know when I like something and when I don't. Of all the America concerts I've seen/heard the past 10 years, they have consistently been good and are usually excellent. But that's just my opinion.


P.S. I saw The Guess Who with Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman several months ago and they were good, too.

Message: 23067 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:45:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Review of Amer[i]ca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Man, Ladd, you're brutal. I'm not sure what a "homer" is. Feel free to supply the definition if you wouldn't mind so I know whether I qualify as one or not. I have only two points to make. First, these guys do 150 or so shows each year. That's more times than most people have sex in one year! I mean, come on, give 'em a break. Everyone's entitled to an off night. I hope never to be judged as harshly on a single performance. You should hope that for yourself as well. I've seen these guys in concert twice this year and thought both shows were excellent and full of energy. One show was at the beginning of the tour in Feb and then earlier this month. Dewey seemed to lead the audience interaction the first time. Gerry was more animated during the second concert. Both shows were definitely worth the roadtrips.
Secondly, the comment from Gerry to Dewey regarding " partner..." must be part of the rehearsed show because he said it at both shows that I saw in addition to other quotes like: "Thanks, Daisy." AND the story about meeting George Harrison and saying he lifted the I NEED YOU title. And George replied that he copped it from someone else or something like that. Sound familiar? My point is, I don't think it's to boost Dewey as much as to give some due recognition or whatever at EACH show not just at Westbury.
Okay, I admit, I do have a third point. Sorry. You can quit reading if you like but I'll continue anyway! Michael Woods flat? Are you smoking crack? I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the show. An off night for America is better than the best of nights for most bands.

Message: 23066 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:41:16 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Westbury Music Fair


I've seen America about 20 times over the years, including a few times at Westbury. Only once have I been really dissappointed. On that particular night the band seemed lackluster and not interested --for many of the same reasons you described. I have noticed a difference in the energy level of their shows depending on where they are playing. They seem to have more energy at smaller clubs where they play the full set, and I try not to go to "short set" shows. The last few times I've seen them --at smaller clubs and casinos -- I've been really impressed. In fact, I saw them about a month ago and was amazed by how much fun it looked like they were having ( and they were playing the short set). I imagine you caught them on a slow night -- so give them another shot. Or maybe Michael McDonald REALLY kicks ass, and the guys just got upstaged in comparison. In which case, I think I'll check out the Michael McDonald web site and see where he is playing next.


Message: 23065 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:37:32 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

<<Everyone is entitled to an off day. I did notice that their sound guy has trouble mixing outdoors.>>

Westbury Music Fair actually is an INDOOR theater (I was fooled intially, too, thinking it would be outdoors).


Message: 23064 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:36:05 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

<<Everyone is entitled to an off day. I did notice that their sound guy has trouble mixing outdoors.>>

Westbury Music Fair actually is an INDOOR theater (I was fooled intially, too, thinking it would be outdoors).


Message: 23063 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:20:37 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Everyone is entitled to an off day. I did notice that their sound guy has trouble mixing outdoors. It's an art, to be able to get the sound right BEFORE the set starts.

I am looking forward to seeing them at California Adventure. So far I have talked dh into going on the 18th. Anyone else going?

Message: 23062 Posted: Mon Jul 29 12:07:47 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

You should of caught the show in Stamford, CT last month. Probably one of the best America shows I've seen over the last 4 or 5 years. Everyone including Dewey kicked ass that night.

Message: 23061 Posted: Mon Jul 29 11:58:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: 1986 Dan Peek Billboard Article

Steve Orchard sent me some 1986 Billboard articles about Dan Peek and his third Christian album release (Electro Voice). Click on the links below to read the articles:

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks for sharing this with us SteveO!

Message: 23060 Posted: Mon Jul 29 11:52:15 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Review of Amerca at Westbury Music Fair, 7/28/02

Well, I saw America for the first time in concert, and I've got a lot to say (what else is new?).

Michael McDonald opened up the night at Westbury Music Fair (great, intimate place to see a show--and with a rotating circular stage). McDonald is a revelation. I had never seen him live before either, and I was shocked initally by how old (and fat, I hate to say) he looked when he walked on stage. He was like an elder hobbit. But as soon as he started to sing and play, I swear to God, his voice sounds as good today as it did the very first time I ever heard MINUTE BY MINUTE. He was awesome. And his band was first, first-rate. Great musicans, great charisma, they just played the living s*** out of each number and gave them so much life. In the span of 8-10 songs, McDonald got SEVERAL standing ovations and the crowd was going nuts (as much as the crowd at Westbury can--during the songs they are so robotic it amazes me). But they were loving it in their own mellow way and really giving him an incredible reception. It was a great performance and I had a sense right off the bat that it was going to be extremely hard for America to top him--or even match him.

The boys came out (it's just great to see them, they look fantastic--young and healthy) and opened up with "Riverside." Right off the bat, there were problems with the sound. The vocals were so distorted you couldn't make a damn thing out. This was disturbing because Gerry later introduced the guy who mixes them live who was in a booth somewhere in the building. So it wasn't a "house" guy doing their sound, they had their own guy and yet, they come out and the first 3 songs the vocals sound like mud. The vocals got better, but the overall sound was never good. You couldn't not make out the bass AT ALL--it was mud the whole way through. And the separation of the guitars was also lacking--you couldn't hear them coming together, playing off each other, it just didn't sound like a professional sound set-up at all and was very disappointing.

Let me pause here and say that the only other America show I've ever SEEN was the Musikladen tape. So that was my standard of comparison, perhaps one that was entirely unfair...

A few general observations now about the boys last night. Gerry is wonderful and his personality really shines right off the stage. Although he's done the songs now for 30 years, he was smiling like crazy up there, moving around and he looked like a kid in a candy shop--he was just having a great time. I had a magic moment late in the show when I stood up alone (in my section) to give the boys a standing ovation after "Sandman." Gerry saw me doing this, looked me right in the face (I was close to the stage) and said "thank you." Unbelievable...he obviously meant it and I was stunned (star-struck, yes). And it is obvious what a great musician Gerry is. He sounded great on acoustic lead, electric lead, rhythm acoustic and on piano of course. And his voice is still golden. He really is a consummate, great musician.

Dewey left more of a mixed impression. On the positive end, his voice still sounds really good. For some reason, I thought his vocal chords had worn more over the years, but he sounded really good. The problem is in his delivery. He is SO awkward on stage, and there were several components to this. One was that he was not singing the words properly, with the proper, staccato rhythm (like the opening words to "Tin Man", say). Instead, he sang them really loose and jiggly and it robbed many of his best songs of their intensity. He moves around on stage in a very strange fashion, too, and one thing that truly bothered me is that he DOES NOT PLAY MUCH GUITAR UP THERE. Many times, when he was singing, he'd just put his hand on the upper neck and not play at all. When he did play, he did so in a arbitrary and interrupted fashion that led me to believe he was either not turned up or just doing some accent notes while the other guitarist they had on stage (can't remember his name) carried the main rhythm. And Dewey only had 2-3 leads ALL NIGHT. An acoustic lead that wasn't really that good, and a couple of electric leads, one in "Sandman" in which he and the other guitarist were leading at the same time and thus you couldn't really hear either. I was a bit disappointed in this and it made me realize what the band really lost when Dan Peek left--it's other great musician. Gerry is great, but Dan was really the other guy who had incredible chops on both keyboards and guitar and could just jam and make your jaw drop. What I found out last night was that Dewey, even after 30 years, does not bring that kind of skill and musicianship to the act. He is an INCREDIBLE songwriter, however, and that will never be in doubt for a second. Nonetheless, in a live setting, chops are critical, particularly when you line up and play seven different guitars in the course of a show. People assume that if you have that many different instruments (like a Fogelberg, say) that you can play the lights out. Either Dewey can't or he won't--I think he can't. Also, Gerry seemed to say encouraging things to Dewey after ever number he sang ("That's my partner Dewey Bunnell!") as if Dewey needed pick-me-ups. I hate to say this, but the impression I got of Dewey is that of a guy who does not really FEEL the songs anymore. The loose manner in which he sings them, no real intensity, it's like he's lost the connection he had that made him right them in the first place. That is NOT the case for Gerry, and is therefore very sad. Hell, I love Dewey's stuff (most of all, really). I wanted to see him come out like on Musikladen and really take the material seriously, show me his heart. I didn't get that at all, and it hurt. It's hard to tell why he's still doing it (because I know he also writes very little new material now). Maybe it's a habit. Maybe it's the comraderie with Gerry. Maybe it's who he is. I don't know. But something has been lost in his case, I think.

The rest of the band was unimpressive, particulary in comparison to the fine band that McDonald had, or the fine band that Fogelberg just toured with. The bassist did a credible job with back-up vocals, but his sound was terrible and he didn't shine on his instrument at all. He also looked scary and didn't have much charisma. The guitarist they had playing with them was pretty good, but looked 55 going on 85 and also didn't have that much charisma. And Willie Leacox! I really love this guy's playing on the studio albums of yesteryear, but he has NO ENERGY on stage. He was blown away by the chick who played drums for McDonald. Blown off the stage. He was just terribly lackluster and on "Ventura Highway" he played so flat that it just robbed that song of its wonderful bouncy motion. It was disappointing, they would sound SO much better with someone with more energy and passion who would really play hard and make those great grooves come through. Also, there was NO interplay between the bassist and Leacox. I don't even think they looked at each other all show. It was just...flat.

Leacox has been with them over 25 years. The bassist has been with them over 20. The sound guy and equipment guy probably 10+ years. I personally wouldn't have one of them around today (they could do SO much better), but perhaps loyalty is very important to the duo. I respect that, but it is a lag on their stage performance. The sound thing is just inexcusable for a band that's been doing it this long... And again, the loss of Dan Peek is felt SO MUCH in the group's musicianship. None of that incredible flavor from the Musikladen era--like you are seeing fabulous musicians cutting loose and shining--is still there. Or at least, very little.

That said, I will say that some of the numbers were great. "Daisy Jane" was wonderful. "Three Roses" sounded really good and was a great moment for Dewey. "Sandman" had some pep. And the boys really got the crowd rocking with their last two, "Sister Golden Hair" and "Horse..." Ladies were on their feet everywhere dancing and finally the crowd rose to give them some collective standing ovations. So they left on a great note. But even for "Horse", Dewey started chatting before the song ended and didn't sing with intensity.

I know there are some "homers" on this List that will reject these sentiments and defend the boys to the death. That's fine. I understand that. As I said, I supported them strongly last night and was loud like any good fan would be. But they HAVE lost so much. It's very apparent particularly when you see guys like Fogelberg and McDonald who are of similar age, but still putting together such fabulous, energetic, TIGHT shows. And because I respect America so much, I don't want to make excuses for them. They deserve better. And I think the fans that really understood the quality of their musicianship when they were at the top of their game deserve better. No they can't go back 30 years and reclaim their youth. But they certainly have the resources to get grade-A support in the mixing booth and on the stage and put on a show totally absent of sloppiness and an aloof attitude.

My fear is that someone hearing this band for the first time ever last night would think they are interesting and cute but not really great. And that is unfortunate. Because they are and refuse to accept that they can't be again.


Message: 23059 Posted: Mon Jul 29 11:42:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mohegun Show (Nina) & To Cathy

Nina ~ What was the song title of that Christmas jingle you think might be Gerry singing...if there is one. Just curious.

Cathy ~ Regarding the upcoming Albuquerque show, my attendance appears doubtful at this point. If, however, there is a chance, I'll certainly contact you beforehand. Last time was so much fun!

Message: 23058 Posted: Mon Jul 29 11:29:31 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Mohegun Show

Hi everyone! I see that PatB and Daisyjane64 have already posted about Friday night's show, so I don't have much to add. I agree that it's quite a lot of fun experiencing an America show with other America fans; although I DO think that "normal" people in line think we're a bit bizarre, though...but that's OK, isn't it?!? LisaRose, Andy, and Bones...I missed seeing all of you...did any of you show up?

It IS true that I tried to bribe the head usher to give us a seat on the floor in front of the band, but he kindly indicated that he dealt only in "double figures". Hey, I'm from the sticks, how did I know that $10.00 wasn't enough? By the time I offered $35.00, I realized that I just might be annoying him and left the usher alone; but he was nice enough to let me choose which table I wanted on the second tier when the time came to enter. (It was a six hour wait, what else was there to do but annoy the usher?)

It's always an added plus when you can talk to Gerry and Dewey before or after a show, and I found them as kind and considerate as they usually are! Dewey was speaking very enthusiastically about the upcoming Christmas album, giving loads of credit to Andrew Gold who came up with some beautiful arrangements of the songs. Gerry admitted that he couldn't remember if he wrote or sang the old Christmas jingle I mentioned; but he's going to listen to the tape I brought him and I'm assuming he'll get word to us here IF it is truly him, or an imposter.

Daisyjane 64 took some pictures, so she'll post if they come out well! I tried to get PatB in the photos, but he turned suddenly shy and disappeared while the throng of fans were pushing towards Gerry and Dewey. Smart man.

Message: 23057 Posted: Mon Jul 29 11:16:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Welcome home Steve L.

Thanks Moser. It is nice to be home and I have almost caught up on all the posts. If only I didn't have to go back to work...

Message: 23056 Posted: Mon Jul 29 09:53:12 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Various

While I was lying on the beaches in South Carolina, Gerry was travelling around snapping photos from his hotel window and other places. Click on the following links to see the photos:

Middletown, NY (Sunday, July 21)
Albany, NY (Thursday, July 25)
The Albany Plaza (Thursday, July 25)
Uncasville, CT (Friday, July 26)


P.S. Now I'll try to catch up on a week's worth of missed posts.

Message: 23055 Posted: Mon Jul 29 09:49:36 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: People Mag

Cathy: If I understand your question correctly, you want to know why People mag would say that America is down to 67% of their original members. 67% would be the same as two thirds (2/3). That would be a reference to the fact that America started out as 3 people: Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. In 1977 or thereabout, Dan left the band. Now America is just Dewey and Gerry which would explain the 67% or 2 out of the 3 original members. I guess it may be confusing because the other guys who presently play with Dewey and Gerry--Willie, Brad, and Michael--have been with them for 25 or 28 or more years. Hope I'm not missing the point of your question.

Message: 23054 Posted: Mon Jul 29 09:45:58 2002 By: RichM
Subject: What the critics think

In response to Jasons' question, for the most part America's work has not been that well -received by critics here in the U.S. However, I think their last three discs (Hourglass, Human Nature and Highway) have, for the most part, gotten solid reviews. I recall a particularly glowing review in the Baltimore Sun, and both a negative and a few months later positive review of Highway in the Washington Post. Also, to the extent I have seen reviews of their live albums, they have always been positive. My less-than-statistically-sampled impression is that over the last year or two (since the release of Highway and the J Jackson single) America's live appearances have gotten just a bit more coverage than they normally would, along with some positive reviews.

As we've talked about here extensively before, I think if critics honestly listen its hard to dismiss the quality of their total catalogue. While few would regard their work as groundbreaking, I think it does stand apart from CSNY and the Eagles and others that they are compared to. A band that has toured for thirty years, is still recording new music, and has been sampled or covered by artists ranging from Janet Jackon to Ultramarine to Restless to Garth Brooks, etc. , etc. must be doing something right.


Message: 23053 Posted: Mon Jul 29 08:47:15 2002 By: Jamey Karr
Subject: Recent Set List

Ah..yes...America will be coming back to Amarillo-their first visit since 1978. Anybody got a recent set list?


Message: 23052 Posted: Mon Jul 29 04:01:40 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes ~~ I just got an emial with the VFTHW in Albany NY

Just back from vacation. The America show in Albany was great. The band was tight and they were on. It was great to see them play outside for a change and the place was crowed as I expected. The average white band did a great job, then America came on and did the finishing touches of a great night. Same playing list as mention in this chat folder was played. I need you by the beatles impress me quite a bit. All I can say they did a great job.

Message: 23051 Posted: Sun Jul 28 19:18:17 2002 By: Mark
Subject: CD's released in the US

Sadly many of America's WB CD's are only available as imports in the US. While all of their Capitol albums have been reissued on CD (thanks to One Way), America, Homecoming, and History are the only WB albums to be reissued on CD in the US. I don't think it's just a coincedence that those are the only albums to acheive Platinum status in the US too. I suspect that if domestic releases of Holidy and Hearts were ever issued, they would be preceeded by official Platinum certification to aid the marketing push.

Unfortunately, I'm affraid the time has passed for WB to reissue them on CD. I hope I'm wrong, I would love to see domestic releases with some bonus tracks. Fortunately, imports from Europe and Japan of all the WB albums on CD have been fairly easy to come by in years past.

Message: 23050 Posted: Sun Jul 28 15:45:42 2002 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Thanks!!!!

Yes, indeed, what a great surprise in my email. What a wonderful thing to do for us fans!

Message: 23049 Posted: Sun Jul 28 15:40:11 2002 By: Cathy
Subject: People Mag

Any thoughts about why People Magazine this week is saying that America consists now of "approximately...67% of original members."? Well, at least they got a mention in the mag!

Can't wait for the NM concert. Johnny, will you be going? Anyone else?

Message: 23048 Posted: Sun Jul 28 14:52:05 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Mohegan Sun

For those who don't know; concerts in the Wolf Den at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut are free, so the seating is on a first-come-first-served basis. Although the best seats are reserved for the casino's high rollers and V.I.P.s. The show was scheduled to begin at 8pm and I had arrived there at 1:30 in the afternoon. I expected that I would be the first in line, but to my surprise, there were two people already in line! One of them was Nina! Not long after, Lisa (daisyjane) and her husband Bob joined us. I have to say that meeting up with fellow fans from the chat folder at an America concert is very, very cool. It really helps to make the whole America concert experience alot more fun. While we were waiting in line, Dewey walked by and said "hello". About an hour later Gerry also walked by and said "hello" too. It was the first time I had met Gerry and it was an honor to shake his hand! It was funny how Nina and Lisa were kidding with the usher, offering to bribe him into giving us floor seats. The usher rejected their offer, but we ended up getting very good seats anyway. The concert was terrific and I got to hear my favorite song from Human Nature: "Wheels Are Turning". I just love that song!!
During the concert, Gerry had made mention of his painful kidney stones, resulting in a last minute cancelation of last year's concert. He said that he only had one word to say about that: "Ooowwwww!"

I think everyone had a great time, I know I did.


Message: 23047 Posted: Sun Jul 28 14:50:14 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: What the critics think

Hi, Jas. In general, I think America has always been dismissed or ignored by ALL critics, American and otherwise. One nice, if not ringing endorsement, for Highway can be found in the All Music Guide to Rock (3rd Edition). You can also read the review at the All Music Guide website. By the way, I feel that the All Music Guide is a great source of information on all music types.
I don't remember it word for word, but, in general, the reviewer gives the boys a backhanded compliment of saying that, although America is "uncool", Highway delivers one solid pop song after another.
While I personally feel America is quite "cool", the reviewer is right that Highway shows the depth of the band's catalog. For new fans, or those that only know their hits, the vast number of excellent songs on Highway are probably a surprise. Take care all, Brad

Message: 23046 Posted: Sun Jul 28 11:52:05 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: What the critics think

I'm interested to know being from the UK as to how AMERICA fair with the music critics in the US. Understandably, AMERICA don't get much of a mention in UK rock encyclopaedias other than a fairly brief history mentioning the fact the A Horse With No Name was a UK no 3, that alot of their ablums began with the letter H and that 5th Beatle George Martin produced quite a few.

In general if a "star" rating is given its *** for History and nothing else for any of the other albums.

Oh, and of course there's the usual bit about "following in the footsteps of Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young). Yawn!

So, as you can see, not really a convincing critique.

The US critics must have more to say whether good or bad when considering AMERICA's continued chart success throughout the 70s and into the 80s.

Anybody know?

Also, I'd be interested to know if over the years critics opinions have changed in the US towards AMERICA.

And what about the rest of the world.



Message: 23045 Posted: Sun Jul 28 11:47:25 2002 By: daisyjane64
Subject: mohegan and east providence

Had a great time both nights! At mohegan my dh and I sat with Nina and patb.It was the long show! We got to speak to Gerry before and spoke to Dewey and Gerry after and took pictures with them and got autographs.At East Providence,Merilee Rush and Andy Kim came on before the guys.The show was great too,but a little shorter than mohegan,and they invited Andy Kim to join them on stage for horse.It was a large crowd that attended and the weather stayed rain free.They didn't come out to sign after the show unfortunately.All in all it was an awesome weekend!!!!!!!

Message: 23044 Posted: Sun Jul 28 11:29:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Harbor vs Hideaway

Jason, since I live in a relatively small town (around 25,000 residents), the only AMERICA CDs available are usually "History" and the first release. I saw only one copy of "Highway" on the shelf around the time it was first released.

I've been thinking about Rich's "Harbor vs Hideaway" question and have really had a hard time deciding. I honestly would have to say I can't decide.

Jas, you mentioned Dewey's songs from "Hideaway". Personally speaking, I really like all of Dewey's songs from both of the LPs with the exception perhaps of "Down To The Water". Well, I like it, too, but it's definitely filler.

Message: 23043 Posted: Sun Jul 28 11:28:54 2002 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: Thanks!!!!

Thank you so much for the e-mail of photos from View From The Window. The photos made my day! It was very kind of you to have done this. I appreciate the time you took to do this. I was so amazed to have seen the photos from Middletown, NY; Albany, NY; and Uncasville, Ct. It is not so much what is seen, but what is not seen. But I am still very fond of the photo from Canada. I like the country scene. Take care of yourselves!!

Message: 23042 Posted: Sun Jul 28 10:11:38 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Harbor vs Hideaway

Hi all, been awhile...

Re the comments on Harbor Vs Hideaway. I've discussed the merits of Harbor in detail before (see my AMAZON UK review) so I won't go into that again. I like Hideaway too and would find it hard to make a choice between the two. What comes to mind is that HIDEAWAY contains some great Dewey songs, especially LETTER (one of my favs)whereas HARBOR is one of Dewey's album low points.

I only own a LP copy of HIDEAWAY so haven't heard it for a while. Come to think of it I've never seen HIDEAWAY availble on CD in the UK. I think it's the only AMERICA album unavailable in CD format in the UK. Is that the same for the US? Maybe that's why HIDEAWAY songs got a large showing on the box set?

Message: 23041 Posted: Sun Jul 28 02:17:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: American Idol show & More

Hi from France to all the fans on this board.

Hi Nancy,
<<Hello Genevieve are you out there anywhere?>>

Well yes I am here, there & everywhere : still on a long holiday but but paradoxically with little time to lurk or chat with the nice people on this folder . Have family & friends at home and drive them around a lot. Not complaining though, having a lot of fun.

As for the release of Jeff L's CD here in France with Magic Record, I'm quite impatient. Interestingly enough, the CD will be released here tomorrow with "3 New Artwork From Jeff Larson" as the ad goes... Well you know now how curious & impatient I mut be...
Hi Jeff. I totally agree with you concerning this 'Redhead' album.
Hi Jim. I WILL find some time to write soon. It's a promise.
Have all a GREAT WEEK END. I'll tell you more about the CD soon. And those who are lucky enough to attend the shows, please go on with your reports. I love reading them. True!
See you - Geneviève

Message: 23040 Posted: Sat Jul 27 23:48:02 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Hi Moser!

It is 2am here as I type this~~~
My Husband & I are here watching the rescueing of the miners. They have just started to pull up the 6th miner. This is truly a miracle, All 9 of them are alive! Thank You God!!! :) This is amazing it is taking them 10 to 15 minutes to get these guys out ~~ one at a time WOW! My husband worked in the mines for 26 years, the mines he worked at was closed down due to dangerous working conditions. We can only imagine the feeling of elation that the families of these miners are feeling as they pull up each of their husbands, fathers, sons to ground level. We are so happy at this turnout! Yes Yes Yes! Definitely Prayers have been answered here!
Moser ~~~ I definitely could not imagine being trapped like that, I was never comfortable with my husband working there from day 1.
Regarding the Syracuse show ~~~ My husband helps our neighbor out at a big art show up by Rochester~~that would be really neat if it is the same weekend as these shows. I will have to check into it!
Yes the song lyrics are from Foreigner's song ~~I Wanna Know What Love Is ~~~as to whether it was done by someone else first, I don't know about that, I just really like the song!
Well they are just sending the capsul down to get the 9th miner ~~Wow! I am so glad that all is going well, they had a few setbacks the last 2 days, but these rescue workers just kept on going.
Well I guess I posted off subject again ~~ Oh well I am just amazed by this and had to post on it! Good Night Everyone! Nancy :)

Message: 23039 Posted: Sat Jul 27 23:37:51 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Welcome home Steve L.

<<Mos said: I'm sure you'll enjoy catching up with what has been going on with the inmates while you were gone!!!>>

jy ------> And I'm very sorry for the prison riot, sincerely.

(Yep, I knew I should've gotten soap-on-a-rope...just kidding about the soap.)

Message: 23038 Posted: Sat Jul 27 23:22:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Trapped Miners (Moser)

Regarding your asking Nancy about the trapped miners, Moser, a few lyrics from one of Dewey's "Harbor" songs seems to fit with a slight change in the last lyric:

We made a cry to the underground
Are you there
I looked and saw that they were still around
Yes, we care

Message: 23037 Posted: Sat Jul 27 22:25:39 2002 By: Moser
Subject: To Nancy

Nancy, I would guess you are about 6 to 7 hours away from Syracuse, NY. You say you are from the Laurel Highlands and I know you were at the Seven Springs show. So, my guess is based on those bits of info. Syracuse is in western NY on the shore of Lake Ontario about 1 hour east of Rochester, NY. If you have the time to drive it, it might be worth it to see our guys especially since it's a free show. Well I guess you would have to buy tickets to get into the state fair but that can't be too expensive. If I find out the price of that, I'll let you know.
I used to live in Somerset, PA--in the Laurel Highlands. Have they gotten down to those trapped miners yet? I've been praying for them too. Can you imagine being trapped like that? Wo.
That song you were quoting, was that Foreigner? Or did someone else do it first and the version by Foreigner is a cover?
Well it is very late. Just got home from the drive in and should get myself up to bed.

Message: 23036 Posted: Sat Jul 27 17:46:55 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: American Idol show & More

Hi Me Again!
Johnny ~~ Hey if it weren't for shows like this, some of these talented people wouldn't find their big chance. I can remember watching the show Star Search years ago and seeing Leeann Rimes as a little girl (she was so cute, but so dolled up too) and the group Sawyer Brown, and I guess Rosie O'Donnell even got her start on there too.
Hey Moser ~~ Neat that you will take in 2 more AMERICA shows, hmmmm I am wondering just how far away from Syracuse am I. I am all for another generation of America lovers ~~ Nice!
Hi LisaRose ~~ I am wondering why we haven't heard from the ones that went to the Mohegan Sun show, they must still be up in the clouds floating. Hope we hear from them soon!
Hello Genevieve are you out there anywhere? I guess you are anxiously awaiting Monday to come, the release date for Jeff L's CD there~~ Right?? :) It sure is a good one ~~~
Hi Red ~~ Monday is almost here ~~~ hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy the race tomorrow, we will be watching it on the tv too! Oh Yes Mark Martin is a nice guy! Too bad I missed talking to you in the live chat last wednesday. ~~~ Gotta take alittle time, alittle time to think things over, I gotta read between the lines, in case I need it when I 'm older, now this mountain I must climb feels like the world upon my shoulders, through the clouds I see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder~~~~~~ See ya all, Nancy :)

Message: 23035 Posted: Sat Jul 27 17:23:51 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Welcome home Steve L.

Well I've got to imagine that Steve L. will be home from vaca shortly. Welcome back, hope you had fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy catching up with what has been going on with the inmates while you were gone!!!
Back to America: I'm looking forward to seeing the NY State Fair shows in Syracuse over the Labor Day weekend. I really hope to be at both. They're free shows. Can't wait. I'll be dragging the family along again this time only now they go more willingly. They're hooked now too--another generation of America lovers.

Message: 23034 Posted: Sat Jul 27 12:10:37 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: What Nancy said and let's get some reviews here

Nancy, you wrote..."I sure hope we can get back to posting about AMERICA and things that are on a much brighter note." Uhm, Who's America? LOL!! I second that nomination!! How was the Mohegan show? DaisyJane? Bones? Anyone?

Message: 23033 Posted: Sat Jul 27 11:47:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "American Idol" Show (Nancy)

Nancy ~ To answer your question about the show "American Idol," it's merely a weekly (maybe twice-weekly) show with singers who hope to be selected at the conclusion of the series as THE "American Idol". Viewers call in and vote for their favorite performer. It's an on-going elimination process. As I say, it's pretty hokey, but there are some very talented young singers!

Message: 23032 Posted: Sat Jul 27 11:31:54 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Robyn

Hi Robyn,
I feel I owe you an apology, I reread my post and I should not have worded my part to you the way I did. I had no right saying you sided with this other person, I do not know you well enough and I don't fully understand the whole complete picture to this. So I am sorry for saying this to you, I take it back. Please accept my apology!
I have no more to say about this subject now, I sure hope we can get back to posting about AMERICA and things that are on a much brighter note.
Jeff B ~~ Thanks, yes I have been to and I have listened to the clips from his other albums, that is where I must have see this album title, but didn't remember it at first. I plan on buying his Complete Works CD sometime soon.
Bones, PatB & Nina ~~~ Sure would love to hear about the show last night!
Hey DanC~~~ Are you taking in the Cardinals game right now? It would be nice to hear from you soon. :)
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 23031 Posted: Sat Jul 27 10:26:33 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Get Over It & something's happening here

AND I SAY AGAIN I AM NOT "TAKING SIDES " HERE Both Johnny and GAry are carrying on . They both need to stop. PERIOD

Message: 23030 Posted: Sat Jul 27 10:23:34 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Get Over It"

I am not angry over the trivia thing. That is ancient news. Truth to tell I am not angry at you at all. It's all in your mind. ANd FYI I have told BOTH OF YOU to knock it off nummerous times. It doesn't work for either of you. At times I feel like a traffic cop at the Running of the bulls. Honestly Johnny this has taken too much time on the folder and I think it best to just let go of the whole thing.

Message: 23029 Posted: Sat Jul 27 08:33:12 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: I did it again, didn't I!

I like it. I think it came out around 1993. If you like F.S. I can't help but think that you'll like his other CD's too... If I'd known about this music when it came out I would've bought it then.

Nancy, look over on The "Complete works" along with the older CD's are there.


Message: 23028 Posted: Sat Jul 27 08:16:32 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Vic's response

I, too, was going to remain silent on the live chat issue. I feel badly enough having asked the initial question and starting the whole broohaha up in the first place. I've already apologized for that but sorry once again. I do want to add this comment in response to Vic--well said. I agree. I couldn't have said it better myself. I hope we can all move on from here and play nice together.

Message: 23027 Posted: Sat Jul 27 08:01:17 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Get Over It & something's happening here

Hi Everyone,
Johnny first let me say I do understand your hurt and I feel that no person here on the chat folder or anywhere else should have to endure the harrassing emails that you and Beech did. I don't know Beech, but I feel I do know you somewhat from posting here. I can understand the lasting hurt and fear that something like this can cause. I don't take lightly that death threats were in these emails to you, to be quite honest it really scares me. I guess that is why I haven't posted much lately concerning this. I do hope that in some way you are able to move on and that this person realizes the cruelty of his intentions and the lasting effect it has had on your life. I think at best he definitely should come forward here on the chat folder and apologize for his actions. If he is any kind of human being the way this has affected your life should be bothering him now.
Hi Vic ~~~ I like you have not posted here for long. You said it well ~~ there sure are alot of creepy people out there lurking in the world today. No death threat to a person of any kind should be ignored or thought upon as attention seeking. This chat folder and the Live Chat should be a place where we can all voice our thoughts and opinions and feel comfortable in doing so at all times. All of us that post here are kinda bonded in a friendship, by getting to know each other through here. I too have no problem siding with Johnny, I have read his posts and chatted with him in the live chat and I can say I feel that he is a decent, fun loving person, and I am glad I know him. I don't have much to say about this disagreement with Robyn & Johnny except that we all make mistakes, we all at times disagree with one another, but we are all adults and should be able to move on and let by gones be by gones.
Robyn~~ I don't envy you your position as the live chat host, this is a hard situation. I don't know your reasons for siding with this other person. I only know that I cannot side with him, I cannot accept the fact that he could send death threats to Johnny or anyone else for that matter. Makes me not want to know him at all!
Have a good day all! Nancy :)

Message: 23026 Posted: Sat Jul 27 07:31:59 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: I did it again, didn't I!

Ooooh Jeff~~~
Dummy Me! Yes I knew he wrote the song, the names Redheads & Woodpeckers did sound familiar~~~Now I know why!!!! How is this album in comparison with Fragile Sunrise? I would be interested to know how you feel his music has grown over the years. I am basically just finding out about him. All I can say I couldn't have picked a better CD to start with, I love Fragile Sunrise!
Nancy :)

Message: 23025 Posted: Sat Jul 27 04:36:29 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic ~~ in Uncansville, Conn

Nancy, "Redheads" is one of Jeff L's earlier CD's. He wrote the song.


Message: 23024 Posted: Sat Jul 27 02:40:03 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: something's happening here

Wasn't going to say anything, however, after the last post by msmith, I feel compelled to speek up. Johnny is either delusional, a liar, or has a very valid concern. If he is delusional, then he should seek help. If he is a liar, then he should be ignored. If, however, he is not delusional, nor a liar, then he has been trying to relay a very disturbing experience, that he had, in the live chat room. I've only been posting on the chat folder for a couple of months, so I don't know anyone very well, including Johnny, however, I have observed that he is, quick witted, gregarious, fun loving, and a real fan of our favorite band, AMERICA. I have read his bio, viewed his pics, and have gone to the archives and read many of his past posts. Maybe I have missed something, but I see nothing that would make me believe that he is delusional, or a liar. If someone has threatened to come to his home some night, hit him in the head, from behind, with a baseball bat, and KILL him, I ,for one, have no problem, "choosing sides". This isn't like choosing between "Harbor" and "Hideaway". Johnny has been threatened. Even if it is an idle threat, and even if the person who has said these terrible things, never really intends to go through with them, it is sill totally irresponsible. There are so many creepy people in the world today, willing to do terrible things. The chat folder, and chat room should be places that any one of us can go, and not have to be concerned with death threats or bodily harm. You weren't whinnying Johnny.

Message: 23023 Posted: Sat Jul 27 00:39:07 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "Get Over It"

Okay Mark and others, I'm very sorry for the continual "whining". You are absolutely right. I'll just say this one other thing so you all may better understand my grief and then I'll try to get over it (as Don Henley's song goes). It requires some background info. It's really a personal matter between Robyn and me, but hopefully by my explaining some of it, you all will better understand the whole situation and where I'm coming from.

I believe Robyn is angry with me over a trivia question I asked on the folder some time ago. She and Beech answered the question, but both were wrong although they gave good answers. Robyn feels that I intentionally meant to embarrass her when I said she didn't give the correct answers and why they weren't correct. I didn't mean to embarrass her at all. Beech didn't feel I was trying to embarrass either of them.

Robyn and I were close friends up until that time. Unfortunately, from that point on, my relationship with Robyn has gone downhill. As I have said before, Robyn has been privy to all the messages that the flamer sent Beech and me. She knows how much I have anguished over it all. If you all could have read everything Beech and I received in these messages, I feel that you all would better understand my hurt.

Robyn and I have exchanged some personal messages between us over that trivia incident. Some have been quite heated. Some of the messages between us have flowed over to her hosting the live chat. I felt that after one of the live chat sessions she used her position to unfairly criticize me with a message she posted to the chat folder...something she had never done to anyone else. Of course, Robyn sees it differently, and I'm sure she'll say why. This all occurred around October-November of last year.

Now to the current day. You all know what has been going on from the recent postings here. It is my feeling that a live chat host needs to be impartial as best as he/she can. It is my belief that Robyn is still angry with me over messages she and I exchanged regarding the trivia question as well as her live chat hosting ability.

I feel that Robyn has had the unique opportunity to tell my harasser to back off during the live chat sessions especially since she and he are friends. I feel that Robyn has intentionally chosen not to because of the rift she and I have. It further pains me that she hasn't done as the session host especially knowing how deeply I have been hurt by the incidents from 2 years ago.

As you all know, I feel that my live chat antagonist (not Robyn but the male person) intentionally selects nicks to harass me while I'm present there. The last nick he selected, as you all know, was "Sangeria". I live on SANGER Street as I mentioned before. Some of you may doubt that the nick was selected in an attempt to harass me since "Sangria" is a wine. I say that the nick WAS intentionally selected just for that reason. The spelling of the two words are different. Is there even a word such as "Sangeria"?

Having said all of the above, I just feel that Robyn could really help out as the live chat host if she would tell her friend to back off. As I said, I think she has a unique opportunity to address this person. Otherwise, my alternative is to not visit the live chat sessions, and that is what I will do. Perhaps this way, I can finally put all this to rest.

The "whining" session is over, Mark (and everyone). Now for the other "wining" session. Where's my bottle of Sangria?

(Noel, please forgive me. I hope you understand.)

Message: 23022 Posted: Fri Jul 26 22:56:42 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: VFTHW Pic ~~ in Uncansville, Conn

I know it is Me Again ~~~ But I just had to post! (I got another pic in my email) WOW! :)
Hey Gerry this pic is the best sky shot yet. It sure looks like you are above the trees and soooo close to that big beautiful blue-eyed sky for sure! NICE! Thanks again for bringing a smile my face! Well it is late here and the show must be over. I bet it was one fantastic evening there at the Mohegan Sun concert!
Hey Bones, PatB and Nina ~~~ Looking forward to hearing your reviews! I would love to have been in your shoes this evening!
Hi Mark~~~ What a nice way to describe Hideaway it does have a magical feel to it!
Nice to see you Alan! Is everyone still walking around your house singing AMERICAS songs????
JeffB ~~~ Redheads and Woodpeckers Huh! I will have to check out their version of Mary.
Playing here now is a song that I found by Tim Moore called Yes Yes! Nice lyrics here ~~~~~ lets not waste our time hiding what we feel inside, if your tongue is tied just whisper yes, yes, yes yes~~~~ don't you feel breathless when I am holding you here! WOW!!!!
Okay I am done now for tonight I promise!!! Good Night all! Nancy :) ( this song ~~~ hmmmmm soooo nice for sure! )

Message: 23021 Posted: Fri Jul 26 19:33:26 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: New Topic: Harbor v. Hideaway

I have always been partial to Hideaway. It has almost a Christmas feel to it. I think it has some of Dewey's best work and Martin does a very good job. A strong effort all the way around and America's last album to go GOLD.

Message: 23020 Posted: Fri Jul 26 17:31:41 2002 By: Alan
Subject: The Caribou (Maine) concert

Hi! Just got caught up again on all the posts. I se no one gave a review of the Caribou show (the night after the LL Bean show I so thoroughly and enthusiastically reported on early last week). I have a short review of the show from Mark Turner, who was responsible for bringing them up there, if anyone is interested:

"America played 2 sold out shows at the Performing Arts Center. We were turning late-comers away in droves...which is fine with me. Next time, they will buy their tickets in advance.

The guys were really nice, even though they were on display like a
prized veal. I got my guitar signed!"

After such awesome shows in Maine, I'm REALLY determined to get them to my home town of Farmington next summer.


p.s. Nina, Pat B. - so sorry that we won't be attending Mohegan Sun this time around. I was really looking forward to seeing you down there! Enjoy the show and let us all know how it went.

Nina - glad we had the chance to hang out w/ you in Freeport!

Message: 23019 Posted: Fri Jul 26 17:01:44 2002 By: msmith
Subject: harbor/hideaway &...

thanks, richm. we needed a new topic. i agree. these two albums are probably the two that i listen to least. i listen to harbor more than hideaway. sergeant darkness is one of my favorites. now, on the OTHER topic. johnny, i've never met you, but you are one of my favorite america fans. imho the world would be a better place if you quit whining about this thing. i was at the chat last wednesday. my first chat in about a year. i had the privilege of getting to know a pretty frequent poster to this board, red oak. have an AMERICA weekend everyone :-)

Message: 23018 Posted: Fri Jul 26 15:46:18 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: My 2 cents on the Jeff Larson CD

"Redheads and woodpeckers" has a nice acoustic version of that song titled "Mary's Tune"


Message: 23017 Posted: Fri Jul 26 14:56:43 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: My 2 cents on the Jeff Larson CD

Hi Me Again~~
Hi SteveO ~~~ So glad to find your review on Fragile Sunrise. I definitely agree this sure is a Keeper! I listen to it quite often. I too can hear the Eagles sound on some of these songs, I guess everyone here by now knows how much I like Timothy B Schmit. I sure do love the Norman song, both of them, track 12 though really means alot to me, so Neat getting to hear Gerry on here like this! I really like Jeff's voice on all of these songs, and I am sure he was more than thrilled to have the chance to work with all of these great music artists. Must have been like a dream come true!
Hi JeffB ~~~ I checked out the news on Faraway Mary, this song was a great one to pick for the first release in Japan. Hope you are still enjoying listening to this too. I just can't get enough of it for sure!
Faraway Mary is playing here now ~~~~we can count the stars but not too clear, tell me about the stars that I can't see, that I can't see, that I can't see, that I can seeeeee! Nice song! :) Wow now it is halfmoon bay ~~~~~WOOOOooo ssooooo nice I better go before I sing it all! :) Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 23016 Posted: Fri Jul 26 14:45:39 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Walking in LA ( Or Santa Monica)

anyone else planning on doing the CarlWalk this year? My daughter and I are walking. Let me know. It would be nice to walk with some fellow fans!

Message: 23015 Posted: Fri Jul 26 14:30:22 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: New Topic: Harbor v. Hideaway

After much deliberation, I'd have to say Harbor is my favorite of the two. I agree with Robyn that this record brings back clear memories of where I was and what I was doing when I bought it. Also, it was a major undertaking for me to get a copy that would actually play! I was a Junior in high school at the time it was released and was living in the tropical climate of the Panama Canal Zone. I was thrilled to find it at the PX, but when I got it home the record was so warped I couldn't get it to play. I even tried weighting the needle w/ a nickle and finally one of those "pink perl" erasers w/ no luck. I had to take that record back to the PX five or six times before I got a copy that would play.(Actually I lived there when all of the first 7 albums were released so I don't know why I only had this problem w/ the Harbor lp.) Also, I love the poster that came with the album.

I have always been partial to Gerry's songs and I think the Harbor songs are much stronger than Hideaway. Hideway does have some good ones though - Can't You See, Watership Down and Letter are my favorites.

Well, it's time to head home - ya'll have a great weekend!


Message: 23014 Posted: Fri Jul 26 13:32:30 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: chats (For LisaRose)

I don't know what to say anymore. I am sorry you feel that way but perhaps in a while you will change your mind. Please don't lose respect for the host or should I say hostess, her hands are tied. If you change your mind and plan on attending in the future, let me know and we will go in together. And as most people know me...I don't put up with!!!! If anyone even suggests a threat to you or anyone else....they will be in prison for the rest of their lives! Just let me reemphasize...don't hold it against the hostess---she is probably not trying to take sides and is doing the best she can ...considering her pay is not on the scale of other CEO's!!!

Message: 23013 Posted: Fri Jul 26 13:27:42 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: My 2 cents on the new Jeff Larson CD

...can't argue with that.

Btw, has some added info on the song "Faraway Mary".


Message: 23012 Posted: Fri Jul 26 13:18:02 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New Topic: Harbor v. Hideaway

Good Question Rich.

I like both of them a lot but I suppose my preference is to Harbor. I suppose that like a lot of music, listening to it reminds me of what a happy time it was fro me personally when that album was released. I was a newlywed and in college, so we played that one a lot at our place. It reminds me of good friends and good times.

Hideaway is one I like to play in the car on long drives. Nothing like the road "rushing under my wheels" and Dewey's lush instrumentals at peak volumn!

Message: 23011 Posted: Fri Jul 26 12:40:04 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: My 2 cents on the new Jeff Larson CD

I've had an opportunity to play my Jeff Larson disk enough to try and share a few comments. No,I won't disect every song for you. I think alot of us were drawn to the project via the fact that Jeff is doing Gerry's song "Norman" and the fact that Dewey also sings on "Halfmoon Bay". In my opinion,those are the 2 best songs on the disk. However,this is a real "Keeper" of a Cd for some of the other tracks.
I'm finding a definate "Eagles/Glenn Frey" sound on some of these tracks. 3rd favorite for me is track 1,"Place where I belong". And the 2nd cut "Watershed girl" reminds me of the Eagles on their first and second LP's. "Faraway Mary" is another standout track,and Jeff proves he can even rock out a bit on "Another Slight addiction".
I want to hear this more,but after a few listens,I can safely say its one of the better releases I have heard this year. If you are a completist,you will want this disk for the songs our guys do. But go beyond that to the additional tracks and I think you'll be very pleased. And for true diehards,check out track 12: "Norman"--the producers commentary--which is a bonus and has Gerry speaking thoughout the song. 5 Stars on this release Jeff!

Message: 23010 Posted: Fri Jul 26 12:02:36 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Am sure we all have heard this ~~Chats & Harbor vs Hideaway

Hi Everyone~~~Wow it is Friday again!
Thanks LisaRose I checked out the kingbiscuit radio clip~~I haven't heard this before. Wow! I got to hear Dewey sing Old Man Took~~Neat!~~~I just love how Gerry sings Never be Lonely~~and the line that Dewey says at the end of this song live sounds just like he is right there saying it, right then.
Regarding the chats~~~ I know I am new here, and I wasn't here when all of this went on. I like you LisaRose, find Johnny & Robyn as nice people, People that I feel comfortable around. It is such a shame that the chat room can't always have this feeling after all just like Robyn said we all come there to talk about our love for AMERICA and their music. It is unfortunate how harrassment can have such a lasting effect on the victim of it. The person doing the harrassing should have to have this happen to them so as to see how this can effect a person. Maybe then they would truly understand and not act out in this way again. Everyone entering the live chat should have the respect of all the people in there, not only towards a certain few. Johnny~~ I do wish you would reconsider and join in the live chats, you have just as much right, even more of a right to be there than this other person does. I would hope in the future if this person feels they have a grip with someone that they would voice it openly in the live chat or on here, and not to send harrassing emails. The need to send harrassing emails definitely is a questionable act. I must say one that I definintely find uncomfortable and shouldn't have to be tolerated by anyone.
Hey Johnny ~~~ I have never heard of this show American Idol~~Is it like a lypsinc show?
Hi Rich ~~~ Wow! ~~ to answer your question as to which I like better Harbor or Hideaway ~~~ that sure is a close tossup with me. I must be more tolerant then most, I listen to the whole album on both of these, Sure there are some songs on both of them that I am not really that crazy about, but the other songs more than make up for this. It is too hard for me to pick between the 2 of them! ~~~~
~~~~~Bubbles of blueee burst into to two, eaten up by the in coming tide of the newwww, then we call to the man who walks on the water, we talk of a plan to stop all the slaughter and dew ~~~~ its anewwww. Granite charade I played in the rain, till we fall through a sand castle window to a boyhood maze, summer canoe paddles up to you, cause its time for another beer! ~~~~ Nice this song as always been a favorite for sure!
Hey DanC~~~~are you back yet? How was the DJ at the Tooki bar, did he play some nice AMERICA songs? :)
Have a great weekend all! Nancy :)

Message: 23009 Posted: Fri Jul 26 11:46:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: chats (For LisaRose)

Lisa, I appreciate your suggestions. In the past, I have already done all the things that you have suggested, thanks. Beech did too if I remember correctly.

I will never return to the Wednesday night live chats knowing that a devil is lying in wait to pounce on me. That would be foolish of me. On top of this, I have lost what remaining respect I had for the host.

Message: 23008 Posted: Fri Jul 26 09:02:24 2002 By: RichM
Subject: New Topic: Harbor v. Hideaway

I've always thought Harbor and Hideaway were the trio's two weakest albums. The recent conversations about Harbor reminded me of this. As I recall, Hideaway may be among some people's favorite albums. So how about it: Given the choice, which album would you rather listen to in its entirety? (that's my way of saying which album do you like more.)

I vote for Harbor, primarily because I think it is more consistent and has a more unified sound. I think the best cuts on Hideaway (Letter, Who Loves You, Hideaway) may be better than anything on Harbor -- they certainly represented stylistic departures for Dewey and more of a "power pop" sound for Gerry. On the other hand, I've never been able to even listen to "Jet Boy Blue" or "Don't Let it Get You Down" and cringe at the guitar leads on "Today's the Day" (too cliched). Hideaway is interesting because you can see very clearly the progression from Holiday to Hearts to Hideaway, and was certainly an ambitious album. Harbor seems to me as a bit of a surprise stylistic departure after the prior three albums -- something I give them a lot of credit for: no America album ever sounds exactly like the one before. I still pull out Harbor and listen to the whole record -- I only listen to 2 or 3 songs from Hideaway, and was a little suprised by the number of Hideaway songs in Highway.

Any comments?


Message: 23007 Posted: Fri Jul 26 09:00:38 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: chats

Thanks LisaRose and an excellent suggestion to contact the police if you feel there has been a serious threat. I am not taking sides here. I want everyone who chooses to join the chat to enjoy themselves. I am there to discuss the music, the band and issues that people bring to the room, and it is true, I have no real power to ban anyone. I simply put my faith in everyone acting like adults and try to keep the discussion going. I have in the past asked people to change the subject or to "take it outside"

Please join us this Wednesday for a lively chat about things America!

Message: 23006 Posted: Fri Jul 26 04:09:05 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: chats

I can't say I know what's going on but I am confused. I find the two of you..yourself and Robyn to be very nice people over the years. As a moderator, Robyn is in a very precarious position and to be honest, even if she did banish this person..they could still get into the chat room an other way (remember I told you that they don't have a life if they are acting like that). What I suggest to you is to report it to the ISP that you or the board uses and let them do an investigation. In addition, if you are getting should make a police report as they now take internet threats very seriously. But please, don't blame Robyn, and don't leave the live chats...I know I haven't visited in a while but I will soon and would like to see you there!

Message: 23005 Posted: Thu Jul 25 22:10:16 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "American Idol" and "CA Dreamin'"

Did anyone watch "American Idol" last night? The contestants all sang "California Dreamin'" together. Each sang a part of the lead vocals. They did a great job. Yeah, the show is a bit hokey, but I still watch it. D&G sing "California Dreamin'" the best, of course!!!

Message: 23004 Posted: Thu Jul 25 22:06:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: chats

Robyn, you and your friend deserve each other. I have no choice but to "banish myself" from the live chat, and that's because you can not force yourself to tell your friend to back off and to not visit the live chat anymore. Inspite of everything I have told you here, threats of bodily harm and even a death threat (not to mention all the crap that you have read for yourself that was sent to Beech and me), you still choose to be friends with this type of person. I sit here totally amazed! Totally!

Message: 23003 Posted: Thu Jul 25 20:22:00 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Am sure we have all heard this but.....

don't remember hear is a link my friend sent me from a 1972 concert from I think...Ohio.....

Message: 23002 Posted: Thu Jul 25 19:08:56 2002 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: chats

....... yes Mrs. Lincoln, but OTHER THAN THAT, how was the chat room?


Message: 23001 Posted: Thu Jul 25 18:59:57 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes ~~ I just got an emial with the VFTHW in Albany NY

It's a long story Bones...well not really..too much stuff going on here and don't think I can make it ...but please take care of my Andy for me....and tell Lisa (DaisyJane) too also...I am so....sorry...will miss all of you...I think Nina is going to ...say hi for me....I think I am more upset that I will not be seeing all you guys than I am about missing the I did get to see the LONG set with my buddy Bruce and his wonderful wife on Saturday. Have fun...let me know how it is..:(

Message: 23000 Posted: Thu Jul 25 18:55:37 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: chats

Re read it carefully. I never said I was referring to your problem with Gary. You just assumed it was. I said I was harrassed too.

As I said before, everyone is welcome in the chat room. Even those who choose to banish themselves.

Message: 22999 Posted: Thu Jul 25 18:40:17 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes ~~ I just got an emial with the VFTHW in Albany NY

Lisa Rose,
You and Andy making the trip to the Mohegan Sun on Friday night or are you New York Fans chicken to come to Conneticut?

Message: 22998 Posted: Thu Jul 25 18:37:15 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

Sounds to me like someone really had a bad hair day.

Message: 22997 Posted: Thu Jul 25 17:11:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

Unfortunately Robyn, I cannot leave your reply unaddressed. We were discussing the harassment Beech and I suffered. You mentioned that I was privy to harassing messages YOU received. So it WASN'T regarding the same incident as you seem to have everyone here believe. You are now talking about another entirely different matter. As I said to you one time before, nice attempt to divert the issue to another matter.

LisaRose, I like what you said! Sic 'em! :0)

Message: 22996 Posted: Thu Jul 25 15:49:45 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes ~~ I just got an emial with the VFTHW in Albany NY

How cool, I got it too!!! Not only that but I have a feeling I know what hotel it is from. I used to live there when I was in college...SUNY Albany...lived off campus my last year, right down the block where the guys were hoo, almost made it but didn't !! Can't wait to hear the review!

Message: 22995 Posted: Thu Jul 25 15:47:35 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

All I can say is deja vu....wasn't there something like this going on last year too!!! I never realized how dangerous that chat room can be--LOL!!! Sorry to make a joke out of it ..I know you are probably both upset but don't let the terrorist bring you down!Whoever this person obviously a coward, has no friends, has no life and takes out his/her anger/agressions/threats on the computer cause of severe mental problems. So Johnny, don't be mad, feel sorry for the person, wish them better mental health, a life and to find another place to take out their problems on. If they continue to bother you anymore Johnny or cause any bad feeling on this board...I will have to do bodily harm to them and put them out of their misery!!!!

Message: 22994 Posted: Thu Jul 25 15:18:54 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Yes Yes Yes ~~ I just got an emial with the VFTHW in Albany NY

Hi Everyone!
Wow! I am here smiling from ear to ear. I just got an email from the venturahwy site with Gerry's View from the Hotel Pic in Albany, N.Y. I sure would love to be in Albany to catch the show. Wow! Thanks Gerry for brightening my day for sure! Kinda looks like a touch of the city and the suburbs all in one. I have always wanted to go to Albany ~~ Neat~~ I guess I kinda got my wish in a way! WOW! I like the sky view too, nice blue with lots of cotton swirled clouds and looks like there were some rainbow swirled colors too! Perfect!!!!
Hey Pete ~~~ Enjoy the show tonight and be sure to let us know about it Okay!
~~~~Then I saw you I couldn't believe it You took my heart, I couldn't retrieve it~said to myself what's it all about~~~now I know there can be no doubt, you can do magic, you can have anything that you desire, Magic, and you know you are the one who can put out the fire. Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22993 Posted: Thu Jul 25 14:14:28 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

No dear Johnny, the message I recieved was from a fan who used his real name. It was not from the person you are asuming it was from. Delve into your memory , Johnny and you might remember the specific message. The message WAS directed at me.

I believe it takes TWO people to continue an argument. Your argument with this person has gone on for almost two years. Time for one of you to let it go.

As you said 'nuff said.

Message: 22992 Posted: Thu Jul 25 13:39:50 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

Geez. My apology for opening such a can of worms.

Message: 22991 Posted: Thu Jul 25 13:38:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

Robyn, my dear Robyn, the so-called harassment message (it was one and only one) you received that you shared with me was sent to you (and SteveL) MERELY as a ploy to have you and Steve think it wasn't from the person who really sent it. As you may recall, your friend, Robyn, was claiming to be in a business meeting in Tulsa during the exact time you rec'd your message. You were being used by this person and you have fallen for his trick. I explained it all to you back then, and you fully understood it at that time. So please, don't led people on to believe that you received "harrassment messages" too because you didn't. That message WASN'T directed at YOU. It was directed at Beech and me with you and Steve merely receiving a copy of that message as a ploy as I thoroughly explained it to you back then. You seemed to understand it all back then...when you liked me.

Regarding the nick "Sangeria", yes, it is a wine. But, it doesn't surprise me one iota that you don't see the direct intent of the harasser's nick selection. As I said, you like this person inspite of all that you have read for yourself. You select to see what you wish to see.

So, you would ask someone not to participate any further if that person threatened another live chat participant with bodily harm??? Then get your "Do Not Participate Any Further" letter ready to send him. He HAS threatened me with bodily harm as well as with death while on the live chat, Robyn! The messages were sent in short phrases such as "baseball bat". Then later, "to your head". "In the dark". "From behind". Followed by, "nails". Then, "in your coffin". "Sanger St". "US 62-180".

US 62-180 intersects Sanger St., Robyn. I know you won't believe me because you don't like me. I know you will do nothing because you will probably say that you didn't see it for yourself. That's okay...I did. But, you would rather believe a harasser and an anonymous flamer over believing me. Let's end this subject, shall we, because you like who you like regardless of what's presented to you. 'nuff said. You're certainly welcome to respond. I won't reply with anything further.

Message: 22990 Posted: Thu Jul 25 12:37:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

And you are privy to some harrassment messages I have received.

As "host" of the chat folder, I only ask people to behave with courtesy to one another.
Due to family committments, I have not been in the chat folder for a few weeks.

Isn't Sangria A refreshing type of wine? Can you prove without any doubt that this name was intended to insult you? I think not. As for BOTH OF YOU your behavior is making what can be a pleasant experience very unpleasant. I will not ask ANYONE not to come into the room unless they threaten someone with bodily harm.

I would ask ALL chat participants to remember why we came here in the first place. We are fans of a band and their music, plain and simple

Message: 22989 Posted: Thu Jul 25 12:28:26 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

"I have asked people to be civil to one another or to leve the room until they can be civil."

It's my opinion that you SHOULD have asked this harasser to not visit there again if he can't stop harassing other participants. That, in my opinion, is the proper thing for a host to do. Unfortunately Robyn, you personally like this person who is my harasser; whereas, you don't like me. That's why I think you have never asked him to stop visiting there. You were privy to ALL the private harassment messages Beech and I received from this person yet you wish to maintain a friendship with him. Why, I don't understand, but that's your choice.

I was told by an attendee to last week's live chat that "someone" was present there using the nick "Sangeria". You may not have been there Robyn, but you know now as well as I do that the person using the nick "Sangeria" chose that in an effort to harass me further had I been present. The street I live on is SANGER. The nick he chose wasn't mere coincidence; it was intentional. Maybe NOW you should tell him to not visit there again.

Message: 22988 Posted: Thu Jul 25 11:53:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

I do not ask anyone not to visit. I have asked people to be civil to one another or to leve the room until they can be civil. Bad behavior distracts from EVERYONE'S enjoyment of the chat

Message: 22987 Posted: Thu Jul 25 11:36:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

Moser ~ Yes, the live chat isn't a pleasant experience for me. I have a fellow-fan who likes to harass me. He's been asked to stop visiting there (not by the host as far as I know, unfortunately, but by a friend of his) yet he continues to go there so I don't. It's as simple as that!

Message: 22986 Posted: Thu Jul 25 10:32:02 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Randy Newman

Sometimes I think ol' Randy needs a muzzle. He also wrot a song insulting those of us who are vertically challenged that he claimed was satire. Not very nice. He seems to have mellowed, however.

( "I'm not overweight, I'm undertall")

Message: 22985 Posted: Thu Jul 25 09:51:01 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: (and final) Visit to live chat

To Johnny: I'm curious why you labelled your last visit to the live chat as "final." I have been to the chat a couple of times but not often. I usually forget about it since I'm an East Coaster and it is during a busy time of our family's evening. Anyway, did you have a bad experience or what? Thanks, Moser

Message: 22984 Posted: Thu Jul 25 07:57:57 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Sorry ! Here is the site address again!

Hi Me Again!
Oh Well! I wanted it to be underlined so you could just click on it and go there. Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22983 Posted: Thu Jul 25 06:58:44 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: The Guitar I had mentioned on Ebay

Hi Everyone,
Hmmmm I was in the live chat last night and happened to run into the Person that asked me to tell you all about the Peavy guitar. This is the last day for bidding on Ebay here is the site ~~~~~ so if you would like to take a look for yourself there are pics there too. Thanks!
Have a good day! Nancy :)

Message: 22982 Posted: Thu Jul 25 04:31:01 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Belt Buckle

Johnny I didn't get my belt buckle signed the other night in New Jersey but it was a great night anyway. I mean, with both my wife AND LisaRose on either side of me, us sitting front row center with the guys rockin out in front of us, I really can't complain! =) -Bruce

Message: 22981 Posted: Wed Jul 24 22:34:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mama Told Me (Not To Come) & Some

Mark ~ I believe I have the same e-mail address from last time.

Ing ~ Yes, Moser did a fine job in uncovering what CAA is. I still do wonder what specific service Hal L performed for AMERICA though and really dating back to 1975. For some reason, I still think the guy was a concert promoter. Just biggie for sure.

Regarding "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)," the song is currently being used in a promo commercial for a new TV show called "MDs" so I saw today.

I was muttering that exact song title after the last (and final) time I visited the live chat about a month or so ago! :0)

Message: 22980 Posted: Wed Jul 24 16:38:41 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Randy Newman

I never have thought too much of Randy Newman after reading where he said that HWNN is like a kid who thinks he's taken acid. It was a long time ago I read it and therefore may not have used the exact phrase, but I think it was not meant as a positive statement.

Message: 22979 Posted: Wed Jul 24 12:02:18 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Various trivia question and Chat

Thanks LisaRose, and while I might not be in the room this evening I encourage EVERYONE to join in a lively chat about our favorite band and other topics.

BTW, years ago, I saw Randy Newman live and he joked about how the 3Dog Night version of that song put his kid through college and he was always trying to get them to record another of his songs. He in turn does an excellent verion of Harry Nilsson's " Remember" on the tribute album

Message: 22978 Posted: Wed Jul 24 11:49:27 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Various and trivia question!

That was won...You won a free night's entrance in the America Chat room...the pass is available any Wednesday between now and December 31st, 2020. So don't delay!! These tickets are not allowed to be sold or transferred without the permission of the giver!

Message: 22977 Posted: Wed Jul 24 10:49:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Mama Told Me Not to Come

Randy--Short People, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., I Finally Won an Oscar--Newman!!

Message: 22976 Posted: Wed Jul 24 10:25:32 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Various and trivia question!

Randy Newman

Message: 22975 Posted: Wed Jul 24 10:16:58 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Various and trivia question!

Hi Ingrid,
Good to hear from you. I also love love that song "Mama Told Me Not to Come" and just heard it myself live last month by the great songwriter who wrote it....trivia you know who...probably too easy of a question!

Message: 22974 Posted: Wed Jul 24 07:28:07 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Various & Cleveland thoughts!

Hi Everyone!
Nice to hear from you Ingrid ~~~ Yes the Three Dog Nights songs, sure do have a way with sticking with you~~ don't they! I just love their song Pieces of April~~I saw them in concert way back in 1974 ~~What an energetic show they put on ~~WOW! Those sure were some carefree days for me ~~Nice! :)
Regarding the job of a Postman ~~ They sure do have to put up with alot of things, Think About it ~~ The everchanging weather, dogs, Grouchy & Happy Faces to greet them (I sure hope there are more Happy ones though), and last but not least Lots of Flirting~~ I Bet!~~~ But someone has to do this job! I would say it takes a Special People Person for sure! Our friend the Postman's vacation is almost over, I'm sure there will be some happy faces to greet him next week when He returns back to his mail route. (Sorry for the off topic !) :)
Last but not least I just want to mention, I meant nothing personally directed to the people of Cleveland or their Hometown, I will even admit that I too would want to go the Rock 'n Roll hall of Fame~~I am sure that they will come to their senses one day and AMERICA will get their earned place in here. So I'm Sorry! If I too offended anyone with my earlier posts.
Hi Don ~~~ I was able to find some of Tim Moore's songs and Wow! they are good, I really like his voice, I had heard the song Second Avenue done before by Art Garfunkel and I like Tim's version better. Nice song :) Thanks for bringing our attention to these other artists.
Have a great day all! Bye for now, Nancy :) ~~~Playing here now is Chicago's Make Me Smile ~~~~ Oh my darlin ~~~ Ohhhh~~~ got to have you, hey yeah, feel the magic ~~~ Wooo-oooh~~~ when I hold you, crossbeamed tears of Joy touch the sky!~~~ Now I need you more then ever, no more crying, tell me you will stay Make Me Smile!~~~ Great song! :)

Message: 22973 Posted: Wed Jul 24 07:21:28 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Finding Emitt Rhodes

My thanks again to the gentleman on this list who got me to check out Emitt Rhodes. I now have DAISY-FRESH FROM HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA and am one happy camper!

A few observations. GOD DOES THIS STUFF NEED TO BE REMASTERED! Have any of his albums been remastered yet? Because the production is absolutely terrible on these songs, particularly the first album (but they're all terrible). I understand this guy was doing it all himself with a 4-track recorder, so I don't blame Emitt. It just annoys me because I know a sound man could get the original recordings and really clean/brighten the sound on these tunes with probably minimal effort. Putting this disc out like it sounds is criminal.

The songs are wonderful. Unlike the rest of the world (apparently), I do NOT detect a drop-off in song quality on his 2nd and 3rd albums! I think the songs on this disc are solid all the way through. Now, granted, this disc does not include some songs off MIRROR and most off of FAREWELL TO PARADISE. That said, what is included, in my mind, is of uniform quality from song 1 to song 22 (I hate the last song, "Tame the Lion," mostly because of the lyrics. But that was released as a single, thank god). I think people like his debut most because of his mental state at that point. It's a very idealistic, cute album. He was happy then and starting off his solo career. The 2nd and 3rd albums have a much more serious tone--but I find this intense and very interesting. I don't need Emitt to be cute--the change of pace really grabbed me on the first listen and I liked it all.

Thanks for recommending this! You've given me another piece of the 70s, and this is more than a simple gift--it's a treasure. I also ordered Bread and will finally be getting into them. And I need to order JT's first disc and finally start taking that journey in the form of individual albums.

Any other gems I might have missed?


Message: 22972 Posted: Wed Jul 24 04:16:54 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Various

Just did some catching up on the folder. Johnny, I hate to say this, but Moser answered your trivia question more thoroughly that you did! That may be a first . . . : )

Regarding red oak's "sick days" question, if you've seen Men In Black II (liked it better that the first one!), then you have a much better understanding of all the problems within the U.S. Postal Service.
And speaking of Jeremiah the bullfrog, I saw Three Dog Night in concert in May and loved it. My favorite song in their set that night was "Momma Told Me Not To Come." That ain't the way to have fun son.

I really enjoyed the intelligent and varied critiques of the Harbor album. Keep up the good work Jason, Nancy, speechwriter, PatB, RichM, Genevieve.

KevinS, I agree with your assessment of Hidden Talent. Betcha won't find any in that song, huh? lol

Hi LisaRose!

Don't turn on the lights, 'cause I don't wanna see . . .

Message: 22971 Posted: Tue Jul 23 20:14:56 2002 By: msmith
Subject: miscellaneous

johnny, been busy. thanks for your kind words. hope to join tomorrow night's chat. bruce david martin (post #22931...i agree. hearing 'another try' in concert is always a highlight for me too. gerry does that song something special. double good is that you usually get the hidden gem 'windwave' along with it featuring woodsie on the plastic drinking cups! johnny--has your e-mail address changed from a year or so ago? have i been gone that long?? mark

Message: 22970 Posted: Tue Jul 23 16:41:51 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: In Defense of Cleve...robyn

Actually, we have a pretty good public transit system in the subway. I can get to work in 20 minutes, it took me over an hour on the freeway! I'd be delighted to show you my City of Angels.

Message: 22969 Posted: Tue Jul 23 16:30:29 2002 By: RC
Subject: Re: In Defense of Cleve...robyn

yep.. that's why I post using RC lol..
I have never been to LA myelf, but I know one thing, I couldn't deal with the traffic's bad enough It's just perpective I guess..people seem to take one thing and base their opinion on that instead of seeing the whole picture right?
And good for you for standing up for your home town!!! If I should ever get out that way, you can show me all the great stuff and hidden treasures that no one knows about. :-)

Message: 22968 Posted: Tue Jul 23 16:28:19 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

I too received my "Good-Morning-from-Gerry-and-Dewey" email a few days ago. Just before opening it, I had wondered what the email was for since I had never received one before. I was hoping (and wishing)
that Gerry and Dewey were personally providing me a password to enable me (and my friends) to get back stage passes to meet the band at the upcoming Mohegan Sun concert!

Boy, did I ever get excited!!

Upon opening the email, I unfortunately discovered that the email wasn't from Gerry and Dewey and there were no secret passwords either.

Bummer. :O(

Oh well, it was a cool feeling for about 3 seconds anyway! (LOL)

>>>PS: Cleveland Rocks!!

Message: 22967 Posted: Tue Jul 23 15:27:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: In Defense of Cleveland

I am a native Angeleno ( Los Angeles) IF you think you sounded testy, you should see my post about Los Angeles bashing.I took Dan to task for comments he made about my hometown in his bio. I got a nice note saying he did not intend to be insulting. I love my home town too.

Gee, now there's more than one Robyn/Robin on the folder!

Message: 22966 Posted: Tue Jul 23 15:13:04 2002 By: RC
Subject: Re: In Defense of Cleveland

Thanks Robyn.. I know I may have sounded a little testy, but I am proud of my hometown lol.. Where do you call home if I may ask?

Robin... lol ;-) guess we have to stick together huh lol

Message: 22965 Posted: Tue Jul 23 15:07:11 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: In Defense of Cleveland

As a residentof another much maligned City, ( to quote Bill) "I feel your pain." Seiouslythe line that has been falshing thru my head since all this Cleveland bashing began is "All the little chicks with crimson lips know CLEVELAND ROCKS" I hope to go to the HOF when they induct America!

Message: 22964 Posted: Tue Jul 23 14:06:05 2002 By: RC
Subject: In Defense of Cleveland

Hi again..I have been reading this board for quite awhile. While I may not post, I do have something to say about MY town.
I was born here, still live here and this is a GREAT town!! I am sorry that America has yet to be inducted into the Rock Hall, but, that is no reason to trash a city that you may have never been to.
And Yes.....Clevelander's and people in surrounding areas DO have "Taste"
For anyone interested in what the "Taste of Cleveland" is, it's an event that showcases restaurants and the ethnic food diversity of the city.
And as far as why there may be alot of concerts in Ohio? That's easy. We have lots of places for them to play, people that will book them, and very responsive crowds!!! Get over it.....
I have seen them countless times, in all sorts of venues, large, small, indoor, outdoor.
America has always been my #1 favorite group going back to '72 Have all their stuff on vinyl which I still play. I do have most of the cd's.

My apologies if I may have offended anyone, but sorry, I get tired of people still doing the Cleveland bashing routine..Come and visit the area first.. The Rock Hall is interesting and exhibits change through the year. But there is soooooo much more to see and do here :-)

enuff said..... :-)

Message: 22963 Posted: Tue Jul 23 13:46:22 2002 By: RC
Subject: Cleveland Concert

Hi.. For anyone who might be attending the concert in Cleveland, Aug 30, here is some info you might find handy.
They are scheduled to play at 6pm(that is what is listed on Tower City site) Tickets go on sale July 26.
Reserved seating is 15.00 gen. adm 7.00


Message: 22962 Posted: Tue Jul 23 13:46:01 2002 By: RC
Subject: Cleveland Concert

Hi.. For anyone who might be attending the concert in Cleveland, Aug 30, here is some info you might find handy.
They are scheduled to play at 6pm(that is what is listed on Tower City site) Tickets go on sale July 26.
Reserved seating is 15.00 gen. adm 7.00


Message: 22961 Posted: Tue Jul 23 07:40:17 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

I got one, I haven't been online for a few days, a nice surprise. I was going to get ready to order Dan's "Guitar Man" yesterday, then saw the "America In Concert" DVD at Sam was a hard choice, but that DVD was right in FRONT of me, so I had to pick it up, Dan & Jeff will have to wait till next check!(short on $$ this wk.)
It was good to see the DVD finally hit the stores, I'm going to watch it while working on the house (tearing off about 4 sheets of wallpaper!) It will make my "work" much more fun getting to see a concert at the same time!

Message: 22960 Posted: Tue Jul 23 06:45:32 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: rhino interview

Johnny--thanks for your insight regarding Dewey and Gerry. How great that you have met both of them. Lucky you.

Message: 22959 Posted: Tue Jul 23 06:18:26 2002 By: Pete
Subject: America (Albany NY)

Just a reminder, America concert tommorow night at the Empire Plaza in Albany NY. Average White Band will be the warm up band and America will be the top show after that. The concert is outside and it is a beautifull place to see a concert. The cost of the concert is nothing. They are advertising on the radio here all day and been playing a lot of America songs. Right now Horse With No Name is playing. Will let you how they sound come thursday.

Message: 22958 Posted: Tue Jul 23 03:45:22 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: red oak, Cleveland & The Rock Hall

I also agree about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It sucks that America hasn't been inducted yet but give it time. Perhaps we should all write to them. I did get to visit it a few years ago and thought it was a very cool and fun place.

Message: 22957 Posted: Tue Jul 23 03:43:51 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Not quite know I'm not like that--LOL!! Actually, Kim explained it..thanks Kim..I don't remember signing up but I do remember posting a question a long while ago on the VH site so I guess that is how my email got into the system. I originally thought it was from this site..but I have been corrected once again!

Message: 22956 Posted: Tue Jul 23 03:32:40 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: mohegan and east providence

Hey Lisa,
Hope to see you, Bones and the rest of the gang there. Just have to work out the logistics. It is a long trip from here which I don't mind..the problem is if you don't get there early enough there is a chance you don't get in. I remember going last time real real early, waiting for hours on line, got great seats and then of course it was canceled unfortunately due to understandable circumstances. I sure wish this venue had would be worth the cost.

Message: 22955 Posted: Mon Jul 22 22:34:13 2002 By: Hardtosleep
Subject: Re: red oak, Cleveland & The Rock Hall

Ouch...a Cleveland slam always hurts. It's really not such a horrible place. I also find the criticism leveled at the Rock Hall unjustly harsh. It's an awesome place to spend a few hours and see items that you would never ever have an opportunity to see if it were not for The Rock Hall. And yes, I agree that it's frustrating that AMERICA has not yet been inducted, but in studying the entire list of inductees in the performance category I find very little fault with their choices. AMERICA is and always has been incredible...they will undoubtedly be inducted. We just need to be patient.

If you have not been to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I encourage you to visit.

Message: 22954 Posted: Mon Jul 22 21:04:13 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmmm! I did register there too, but no pic for Me ;(

Me Again~~
Nice to see more of you got this email & pic, I got an email from a friend of mine and she too recieved this pic in her email this morning. I did register my name and email on the venturahwy site about 2 months ago. I guess my Little MSN Green Man is up to his tricks again~~~not letting some emails get to me. Oh well maybe next time I will get one!
Hey John L ~~~ I am so glad to hear you got your Jeff Larson CD ~~ now just sit back and ENJOY! I really like the song Norman too, especially the unedited track at the end of the CD~~ I just think it is so neat to sit back and listen to Gerry talking on this. I know I have said this before on here, but this kinda gives us a peek at what it is like in the recording studio ~~~ Sooo Neat!~~~~Be sure and let us know your thoughts on this John~~Okay?
Hi Jim ~~ I sure hope the Cayman CD is released soon, I can hardly wait to get this. I sure hope you have been playing some nice songs on your guitar~~My Friend! :)
Hey Red ~~~ I would go to Cleveland to see Gerry & Dewey, not to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Shame! I will say the rest of Cleveland is a nice place, I have relatives there.
Bye for now, Nancy :)~~~~ But I swear in the days still left we'll walk in fields of Gold~~~Many years have passed since those summer days among the fields of barley ~~~Seee the children run as the sun goes down, as you lie in fields of gold!

Message: 22953 Posted: Mon Jul 22 19:03:05 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: mohegan and east providence

See you there.

Message: 22952 Posted: Mon Jul 22 19:01:24 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel- who to thank?

The good morning from Gerry and Dewey was there for me too. Like Kim, I think I registered my email some time ago. I also hope this continues.Regarding the Cayman CD, did I read in a review of a show that it is going to be released next month? Sure hope so!

Message: 22951 Posted: Mon Jul 22 18:59:55 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Did you give Gerry and Dewey a wink and smile again during the show?
That might explain the e-mail.

Message: 22950 Posted: Mon Jul 22 18:42:42 2002 By: daisyjane64
Subject: mohegan and east providence

I will be attending both shows(yea! they are finally coming back to RI,my home state).Just wondering who else is going to the shows.

Message: 22949 Posted: Mon Jul 22 15:45:18 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: jl- finally

Very good.


Message: 22948 Posted: Mon Jul 22 15:23:35 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: jl- finally

My new Jeff Larson cd finally arrived today. Am just on my first listen so don't have much to say yet except there are some real gems on here. After listening to Norman I am amazed that it never appeared on an America album. What a beautiful song! Off to sit on the deck and listen. More later.

Message: 22947 Posted: Mon Jul 22 14:33:03 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Hi! I received that e-mail also. When I clicked to open it, it took me to the site. I vaguely remember signing an e-mail list when I first visited that site, so I wonder if they are going to begin sending e-mails to fans? I really enjoyed getting it also!


Message: 22946 Posted: Mon Jul 22 14:26:13 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

How can they have a Taste of Cleveland, when I didn't know Cleveland had any taste? At least the Rock & Roll Hall of Shame doesn't.

Green, Green its green they say on the far side of the hill.......

Message: 22945 Posted: Mon Jul 22 14:20:34 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Nope ~~~No pic in my email either! Lucky you LisaRose!
Hey Red they will be heading your way soon and you will see them! Nice! I would love to take in the Cleveland show on Aug. 30th, but not enough money saved up, so I will have to wait till next April to catch them in Mentor, Ohio! Gotta go for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22944 Posted: Mon Jul 22 13:23:35 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Nope I didn't get it either! ah well....

Message: 22943 Posted: Mon Jul 22 13:13:32 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Evidently, only the CHOSEN people received this in their email. But, anyone who is a fan is considered CHOSEN. Be glad they are on the East coast for so many dates.

Message: 22942 Posted: Mon Jul 22 13:02:09 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Pic from Middletown Hotel--who to thank?

Am so reluctant to open up emails from unknown sources lately as I am frightened by viruses (remember: Johnny!? LOL!). In any event received a good morning from Gerry and Dewey which showed a great view of the pool with beautiful trees surrounding it. It was obviously taken very early in the morning as there were no people in the pool. Thank you for the pic...I am assuming this site (Steve?)sent it out to everyone registered on here. It is very clear and convincing me more to ditch the throw aways and get a digital!

Message: 22941 Posted: Mon Jul 22 10:23:04 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: NJ Concert Reviews & Rhino Interview & More

Hi Everyone!
Thanks Mark, Bruce & LisaRose for the great reviews on the show. I think it is so neat how the NYC Gang got together for this. Did you happen to get any pics?
Wow Mark! Sooo nice that you were able to sit late at night and share the Gift of Gab with Dewey, this would be like a dream come true I am sure!
Happy Belated Birthday to Woodsy ~~~Have a great Year!
Bruce ~~~ so nice that you and your wife share this love for AMERICA's music! Nice that you can play her these songs on your guitar too!
Randy & Nina ~~~ thanks to you guys too! Isn't it just AWESOME how ALIVE AMERICA's shows still are! We could see them once a week and still not grow tired of them ~~ Nice! Hey Nina ~~ nice that you and PatB & Bones will take in the Mohegan show together. Please be sure and get some pics and let us know about this you guys ~~ Okay? Have Fun!
Hi Moser, Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the CAA info with us. Regarding the Rhino interview I really liked when Gerry answered "Amazed by every new day" to the question about life ~~ Wow! that just speaks volumes to me. I really liked when Dewey said that he still feels like a kid at heart and that he doesn't really want to ever grow up~~~ this brought a smile to my face for sure, this sure holds the key to a fun and filled life for sure! I also wanted to say about Dewey saying that he wished he had written and performed the song Caroline No ~~~Wow! What a beautiful song, I just love it! I would say all in all Gerry & Dewey sure do have a nice Perspective on things! Can you imagine how hard they are on themselves when writing songs and music. We all have such high expectations at times, and even though the outcome is Good on things, we still have feelings that they could have been better.
Thanks Johnny for sharing your thoughts on meeting Gerry & Dewey ~~ Wow! what a treasured memory for sure. I am still hoping for my opportunity to get to talk with both of them one day. I think we as fans of AMERICA are sooooo Lucky how considerate Gerry, Dewey (and Dan) are when it comes to meeting the expectations of Us fans. So nice that they are willing to share a part of their lives with us. We sure do appreciate this Gerry, Dewey. Thanks again Dan for signing my Guitar Man CD~~wow! addressed it just to me! Nice!
Regarding Supergroups that never were ~~~ Interesting!
Have a great day all! Nancy :) ~~~~~ Ooooh Caroline No ~~ Could I ever find in you again, things that made me love you so much then, could we ever bring them back once they have gone. Oh Caroline Noooo noooo noooo, Oh Caroline Noooo , no noooo nooo, ~~~Wow Timothy B Schmitt does such a beautiful job harmonizing on this song with the Beach Boys, I sure do love this song! :) Nice!

Message: 22940 Posted: Mon Jul 22 06:47:21 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Supergroups that never were

just curious ... who is supplying the bass and drums in this (admittedly interesting) six-string army?

Message: 22939 Posted: Sun Jul 21 22:46:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: rhino interview

First of all, Hi Mark! Good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you yesterday when I put on the "Hat Trick" CD that I haven't played in a long while and was wondering why you haven't posted in such a long time. When Dewey's song "Wind Wave" came on, I naturally thought of you!

Moser, I noticed and wondered the same thing you did after reading the Rhino interview. Being the creators of our favorite music, I too wonder what D,G, and D's personalities are like. I think we all have a pretty good idea about who Dan is from reading his bio episodes. I've chatted with his brother Tom some in the past. I can't help but think that Dan is probably like Tom who in my opinion is a very nice and thoughtful person. I received a very nice e-mail message from Dan and Tom's father a couple of weeks ago. He, too, is very charming!

I like to analyze all that I can when it comes to reading what D, G, and D have to say no matter what the subject may be. From all that I've been able to gather regarding Dewey (having met him only once in person and very briefly), I think he's a very friendly and warm person who is very considerate of other's feelings. I think he goes out of his way to make others feel comfortable. I've heard he's an all around nice guy! I also think he tries to be as fair-minded as possible. I don't refer to Dewey as "Sir D" for nothing you know! :0)

The one and only time I've ever met Gerry was during the same concert when I was able to meet Dewey. This all was pretty much around the time I started posting to the folder here. Before the '98 show began, Gerry made himself available for autographs and photos. He was very patient and kind to pose for photos with me and fellow-fan Cathy from Taos. I was very impressed that after the show Gerry again made himself available for autographs. I thought that spoke volumes. I don't know that I would have been so willing if I had been in Gerry's shoes. It would have been very easy for Gerry to have just slipped off and away, but there he was signing and chatting! Very cool! I was further impressed that Gerry was willing to sign as many AMERICA album covers for one fan as he did. I clearly remember Gerry saying something like, "I'll sign as many of them as I can until someone else comes up." Mind you, the fan had the entire AMERICA LP collection with him!!! I was stunned quite frankly. I thought for sure Gerry would have signed only a few of the covers. Instead, he signed them ALL!

Regarding the brief answers by Gerry to the Rhino interview questions, I took that to mean that Gerry is probably a very to-the-point type person. I think he's probably a very private person. During my brief encounter, I know Gerry is very proud of his family. I remember him showing a cousin of his a photo of his youngest. I also know (from others) that Gerry is very proud of his elder son, mB!

Another thing about DB: One thing that I'll always remember about Dewey is that he cared enough to ask me my name and asked if I wanted him to sign the "Silent Letter" cover with my name included. That was very nice and I appreciate it a lot to this day because I realize Dewey can't always personalize everything he autographs.

I wish I knew more about the guys personally but I don't. But what I do know, I LIKE!!!

Message: 22938 Posted: Sun Jul 21 20:04:45 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: rhino interview

I wasn't sure if I had read this Rhino interview before, so I checked it out. Turns out I have read it before but re-read it anyway. Two things struck me. Gerry gave very brief, sometimes one word answers as opposed to Dewey's more detailed answers. Is this a fair representation of the two personalities? Is Dewey the more outgoing, gregarious type? And is Gerry the brooding, quiet, misunderstood artist type? (Nothing quite like trying to stereotype, now, is there?) I guess I'm just curious if the interview was an accurate portrayal or out of character. For those of you who may have met these guys, is that the case?
Secondly, I was reminded of the recent discussion on this chat folder regarding the Harbor album. Dewey had this to say in the Rhino interview:
<<R: For what project that you've worked on did the outcome turn out to be most different from your initial expectations?

Dewey: Probably the Harbor album that we made on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It had all the elements in place to have been a much better album than it turnd out to be. It is memorable for the experience more than the music, in my mind.

Gerry: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson - "Like A Brother." >>

I don't mean to re-open the discussion. I just found it interesting that the artist himself might not be pleased with the outcome of a project. Interesting. Carry on, Moser

Message: 22937 Posted: Sun Jul 21 18:22:25 2002 By: msmith
Subject: rhino interview

excuse me if this is redundant, but check out this link for a very interesting interview.

Message: 22936 Posted: Sun Jul 21 17:32:41 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: New Jersey Concert Last Night

I second or third on the comments by Mark and Bruce. It was an amazing show and thanks to Bruce for the amazing seats! How lucky we New Yorkers are as the guys will or played 5 places between a 20 minute to 2 1/2 hour drive within 2 weeks! Heard that Middletown was sold out tonight. Anyone make it to that? Might try to hit Albany or Mohegan this week.

Message: 22935 Posted: Sun Jul 21 12:15:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Rockin' in Jersey

VERY cool story, Mark. I've only met Dewey once myself and it was very briefly. I was surprised what he said to me before the concert, "I hope we meet your expectations."

They were met and surpassed many years ago, Sir D!!!

Message: 22934 Posted: Sun Jul 21 12:06:49 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Just Checkin' In; CAA; and Bruce

Nina, would you mind asking Gerry a question that I've been wondering about for a little while? It's this: Has he heard about the other band from the 60s first named "America"? They had a single called "Don't Make Me Over". Steve posted a scan of the 45 and its picture sleeve last year or so, I believe, it was. Your cassette recording of that Christmas jingle sounds very intriguing!

Moser, interesting about CAA. It seems to fit. I'm not sure why the guys would need CAA's services if Jim Morey was their manager (and still is). It's quite evident, I'm sure, that I know nothing of the music/entertainment industry. Maybe Gerry can also tell Nina exactly what Hal Lazareff's capacity was with the band.

Bruce, did you get the back of your AMERICA belt buckle autographed? If not, should have!

Message: 22933 Posted: Sun Jul 21 11:47:17 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Just Checkin' In

Hi Gang! Just checking in, while I'm near a computer, to say how much I'm looking forward to the Mohegun Sun concert coming up on Friday! I had the opportunity to see "America" up in Freeport, Maine last Saturday...and, of course, it left me wanting MORE!!! Although I don't have time to search the folder, I'm almost sure that Alan from Maine must have posted wonderful things about the evening, as the boys were in top form...and the weather beautiful! My two girlfriends backed out at the last minute, so I must thank Alan for letting me share his family that day! It's always fun to spend time with you and your clan, Alan!(Have you ever noticed how NICE America fans are?)

I finally located my old audio cassette tape that has a Christmas song/jingle on it that sounds just like Gerry. I'm bringing Gerry a copy of it, so he can confirm or deny participation of any kind. I always said if I ever met the band that I would ask them about this darn Christmas song that has been haunting me for years! How many opportunities have I had by now...and it's always the furthest thing from my mind! Well, I'm coming prepared this time...tape and all!!!

Looking forward to seeing everybody there! So far I've counted me, Pat B., Bones, Lisa and her husband from Rhode Island. How about Andy and Lisa from NYC? Somebody bring a camera...maybe we can get a group photo!

Message: 22932 Posted: Sun Jul 21 11:05:37 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: CAA

My guess is that CAA stands for Creative Artists Agency which is one of the big talent agencies in California. Based on that hunch, I found the following (useless but fun )info on a few websites. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands!! LOL Moser



TELEPHONE: 310-288-4545 - FACSIMILE: 310-288-4800

One of the most powerful talent agencies in the business, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) represents clients in film, TV, music, and literature. Among its heavy-hitting clients are Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oliver Stone. Collaborating with ad firm Shepardson Stern & Kaminsky (in which CAA has a 40% stake), the agency also offers marketing services to corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, Boeing, and Kmart. CAA's other services include strategic counsel, financing, and consulting. CAA was founded in 1975 when Michael Ovitz, Bill Haber, Ron Meyer, Rowland Perkins, and Michael Rosenfeld defected from William Morris. By 1995 all the founders had departed the agency and had sold it to a group of CAA partners.

creative artists agency


The corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards in Beverly Hills is one of the hottest spots around, not only for real estate, but talent and technology as well. From this high profile intersection, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) - one of the `Big 3` - helps navigate the careers of some of Hollywood`s brightest stars, hippest musicians and most gifted directors and writers, as well as other artistic types.

Message: 22931 Posted: Sun Jul 21 08:07:59 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: New Jersey Concert Last Night

An old and beautifully maintained old Vaudeville Theatre built in the 1920's was the setting for last night's concert. I'm 48 years old. I brought my 33 year-old wife Mary, who was- before the show- not much of an America fan. She's into Bowie,Yes,King Crimson- you get the picture. Her exposure to Ameica during our relationship consisted of hearing CDs in our car and listening to me and my friends play the songs live for her on our guitars. I had always felt that if she just saw a show, that would make a difference. AND we had front row seats! Well, this morning she told me that now she can't get some of the songs out of her head and insisted I put on "Tin Man" (now her favorite!) Then it was on to what she called "that weird one that she liked) (Woman Tonight). So the show did it! I of course pointed out that there was even a song with Mary's name in it! She also mentioned how "into it" the guys seemed- she was really impressed. Before the show I chatted with Gerry- as usual he was gracious enough to take a few minutes with us. Had to forgo the hotel afterwards but last year Dewey & Willie hung out and drank with my friend Kim & I so I can relate! Hey Gerry thanks for "Another Try", that's always a highlight for me. What a great song. So many people can relate to that scenario. And Gerry, I forgot to mention when we discussed "Emma" after the show that you guys should consider adding "World Of Light" to the setlist. I loved that one the first time I heard it. Yeah, I know, you'd have to drop a song to do that! Just don't make it "Another Try"! Oh yeah, The Beatles song was really good! Thanks for a great show and here's the set list everyone:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Daisy Jane
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
I Need You (Beatles)
Baby It's Up to You
Tin Man
The Border
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name

Message: 22930 Posted: Sun Jul 21 06:52:44 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Rockin' in Jersey

It never ceases to amaze me after all these years the kind of excitement an America concert can generate. Before the concert, there were many who haven't America in concert before that couldn't believe how good they are. Luckily we got the long set, but it was split in half for an intermission. A highlight for me was the rendition of George Harrison's I Need You. The place was rocking. I never realized how good that song is, and the guys performed it as well as George himself. That song received one of the biggest cheers of the night. The theatre was just about filled and the crowd was into it the whole night.
Gerry mentioned that it was Woodsy's birthday 2 days earlier and he mentioned that they were going to celebrate it at the Radison hotel. A couple from Spotswood, a couple of other people, and myself went over to the hotel. Gerry and Dewey signed autographs and took pictures. Dewey and Willie stayed downstairs at the bar and I sat near Dewey. He was talking about music, baseball, and many other subjects. It was like talking to a friend of mine. It was great to be there in a relaxed setting with Dewey. I stayed until about 1 A.M. I want to thank Dewey for making me feel like a friend of his. On my hour long ride home I played the complete greatest hits in the car to cap the evening.
Thanks guys for another great evening.


Message: 22929 Posted: Sun Jul 21 03:21:35 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Supergroups that never were

I forgot to mention - A few friends and I were having a chat last night about bands that never were. Ie; musicans which could have worked together but never did.

My dream band consisted of: Bernie Leadon (EAGLES), Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers) & our Dewey.

if only...

Message: 22928 Posted: Sun Jul 21 03:17:00 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Tim Moore, Micheal Stanley, Danny O'Keefe

I was interested to hear eveyone's comments re Tim Moore. I've never heard of this singer before and checked on his entry at the ALL MUSIC GUIDE site which gave him a good write up. I'll have to keep my eye open for a second hand vinyl copy of one of his LPs. I'll let you know what I think when I find it.

Anyone ever heard of a singer called Micheal Stanley? I think he had some success in th US in the late 70s as the MICHAEL STANLEY BAND. I found a copy of his debut self titled solo LP which is very good.

Also any fans of DANNY O'KEEFE out there. This guy is unheard of in the UK except for writing THE ROAD which Jackson Browne covered on his semi live Lp (name eludes me at the moment). I've manged to find 3 of his LPs all of which are very good. He manages to use many different styles including blues, country, rock to great effect. Well worth checking out if you haven't heard of him.


PS: I've remembered it - RUNNING ON EMPTY

Message: 22927 Posted: Sat Jul 20 20:25:59 2002 By: Randy
Subject: Waukesha

I agree with the assessment of the sound quality at Waukesha. Some songs just didn't sound quite as good as I've heard them being played at some of the other concerts. I attributed that to my closeness to the stage. As far as the turnout goes, I don't know how to compare. I sat way up in front. During Sister Golden Hair, I turned around for the first time in the concert and I saw all of these people behind me. I firmly believe that the small venues that America plays for are really a blessing in disguise. I happened to hear some fellow concert-goers discussing how America has gone full circle. They started out at small shows, got real big, and have returned to performing in the small venues, like the county fairs. I use to attend Summerfest in Milwaukee when they were much smaller and the whole experience was a whole lot less hassle. I admire commercial success and believe that making a profit is actually an admirable motive. Bringing Dan Peek back into America has been a topic of discussion here in the chat folder for as long as I can remember. The band in it's present makeup has had the same personnel for about 20 years. I understand that the Gerry/Dewey duo will never sound exactly the same as the original trio. Also, there is no denying Dan Peek's contribution to their commercial success in the 70's. I suppose that reuniting the original trio could be pulled off in the same manner as other "reunion tours". But, what would be gained? What tradeoffs would be made? There could be media blitzes and yes, high ticket prices as others have mentioned here in the chat folder. It's not the high ticket prices that bother me as much as everything else that may accompany it. I believe that these reunion tours are a dime a dozen. I'm sure that us loyal America fans would welcome it. I have come to realize also that America fans are of a different caliber than many other "groupies". I find it intriguing that, because of the sheer number of concerts performed, America plays at some of the more remote locations. One does not have to live near a major urban area to catch an America concert. Just browsing through the chat folder here, you can read postings from fans about their anticipation for the closest America concert. One more point and I will get off of my soapbox. How many groups do you know of who have performed a full slate of concerts, year after year, with the same members for about 20 years? It just seems like many of these bands just toy with people's emotions when they annnounce reunion tours.
I'm thinking about taking in the Bensonville show. If not that one, for sure I'll be at Oshkosh on August 29th.

Message: 22926 Posted: Sat Jul 20 15:55:27 2002 By: howardlee
Subject: Waukesha

saw the guys the other night in waukesha. great show, lousy turnout "maybe" due the the overcast weather. this was about the 30th time i've seen them dating back to a show @ ravinia festival in Highland park,il in 1975. great show, if not somewhat predictable as this was amost the same show they did in vernon hills last summer. personally, i'm glad Dan isn't there as i am able to see them so often at easily attended neighborhood festivals and fairs! if he was there, i guess they'd be doing the major tour circuit with ticket headaches, etc. Glad to hear that a live 'album' is coming out next month. Gerry sounded great, Dewey a bit 'throaty' but still good. the sound was good but, as always, harmonies were very muddied thru the sound system. only differences from the 1970's was that they don't quite hit the high notes, esp on baby it's up to you (great song!) - but then those are (were) Dan's parts! One of my kids likes them and i am taking him to hear a modern day clone (sort of?!) - the gin blossoms at the end of the summer. the most ironic part was coming home and after driving the 75 min back from milwaukee area to see what i thought was the ONLY show around here this summer, i see that that very day the web site adds a new show in Bensenville -20minutes. the other way - next month! now my brother will also be able to come! anyone know which songs will be included on the live cd?? anyon going to bensenville?

Message: 22925 Posted: Sat Jul 20 12:34:52 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Will The Real Hal Lazareff Please Stand?

To all who have responded to the Hal Lazareff triv question, he probably was/is ALL those things mentioned and more (wink, wink)! I never said I knew the answer myself...LOL!

Seriously though, his name along with a "Tom Ross" are mentioned on the back of both the "Perspective" LP cover (as already mentioned here on the folder) and on the back of the 1985 "In Concert" LP cover. Regarding the the latter, it reads "Agency: CAA - Tom Ross and Hal Lazareff". What "CAA" stands for I don't know. I do know for a fact though that Lazareff was also associated with AMERICA back in 1975 although there is not written proof anywhere. I think Hal Lazareff was a CONCERT PROMOTER. Maybe someone can ask Dewey, Gerry, or Dan if this is so. Maybe "CAA" stands for "Concert Advertising Agency"???

Message: 22924 Posted: Sat Jul 20 11:46:13 2002 By: kiri
Subject: still searching for "low"

because i have a mac, it's not been easy to find mp3 download software, but i finally got something that works. i had requested some low suggestions a while back here but they were things i already have. now that i have this mp3 thing, i've found songs that are a part of my collection! any good ones to try from "long division", "curtain hits the cast" or "songs for a dead pilot"? i can't tell what the other songs available are from.

and to keep on topic…the show in waukesha was really good. good crowd, too. saw one 6th/7th grade girl singing the words to practically every song. impressive…

Message: 22923 Posted: Sat Jul 20 09:59:07 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Concert Tonight & The little man on the third floor of Perspective

Hi Everyone,
Hey Bruce ~~ Have a great time tonight at the show, and how about letting us know about it ~~ Okay? Thanks for the info on Stephen Bishop, I never knew he wrote the song Seperate Lives, I really liked Phil Collins version, would love to hear Stephen's though.
Hi Bones ~~~ Wow! I never noticed that little man on the outside of this building, that is pretty crazy!
Hi Vic ~~ I was just barely able to make Hal's name out on the Perspective cover here on the america fan site. I tried to check out Your Move's and Alibi's but these were too hard to make out. I have both Perspective & Your Move on cassettes and I can't see his name anywhere on these 2, I checked my Alibi LP all over, nothing there either, could it be that Hal was associated just with the foreign releases of these?
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22922 Posted: Sat Jul 20 04:36:36 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Concert Tonight

Just over 12 hours to go until tonight's show in New Jersey! The NYC gang is looking forward to the long show! Gerry, from your picture it looks like you're staying in midtown on the west side. I live just a couple of miles south of there in Greenwich Village. I prefer the view of our magnificent island of Manhattan from across the river in New Jersey. As far as "Second Avenue", I've loved that song since the first time I heard it. And Stephen Bishop is really good. Many people don't realize he wrote "Separate Lives", even though Phil Collins had the hit.

Message: 22921 Posted: Fri Jul 19 23:23:08 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Or Is It Just My 'Perspective'?

Just realized, Red got it first.

Message: 22920 Posted: Fri Jul 19 23:10:02 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Or Is It Just My 'Perspective'?


Special thanks
...Dave Bass, Hal Lazareff, Bobby

With your helpful hint, from the "Perspective" photo page, found a picture of the inside cover, of the French release of "Perspective". Using a magnifying glass, was able to make out, Hal Lazareff, sandwiched between, what looks like, Dave Bass, and Bobby Brooks. Print was very small. Still don't know what he did.

Message: 22919 Posted: Fri Jul 19 19:07:42 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Hal Lazareff

He's the little man standing on the outside of the 3rd floor.

Message: 22918 Posted: Fri Jul 19 18:24:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic ~~New York & Perspective

Hi Me Again!
Hi Steve ~~ Thanks for posting the Pic ~~~Have a great vacation ~~ Enjoy some much deserved rest & relaxation!
Thanks Gerry for showing us a pic of the Heart of New York City! Wow! I sure wouldn't want to be the workers that have to work on that huge skyscrapper. Neat to see some trees in among the smaller buildings. Looking at this pic kinda makes me appreciate the wide open space I live in.~~~ Hi Genevieve ~~~ I really enjoyed your verse from the poem you sited, that came to mind from this pic, so very fitting for sure! Nice to see you! Thanks!
Oh Johnny ~~ I cannot believe I didn't get that Perspective was the album you meant ~~~ I have this in 2 cassettes and I looked all over the little paper insert and his name is nowhere on here at all. Hmmm so did he do the artwork on this cover? When I was searching for his name on the Hearts LP this is what I was thinking he did, designed the cover or took the pic of the bridge.~~~ Hey Jimnak ~~ so nice that you consider the song Stereo one of Gerry's hidden gems! 5th Avenue & Stereo are 2 of my favorite songs on here. I did completely wear out one of these CD's~~~ So what was the other LP or CD that he is tied in with Johnny?
Hi Don ~~ I did check out the Emitt Rhodes site and downloaded the 2 songs, I liked them! Nice Lyrics! Thanks for sharing this with us, I will have to look for these other music artists too, I must admit I am not familiar with them. I do like Stephen Bishop though! ~~ so neat Robyn that you got to see him in concert!
Good Luck with your interviews Shayne!
Have a great weekend all!~~~~~ Nancy :) ~~~~~~ I know a place where we both can go to set our hearts on fire, I know the city's the only show~~~~Can I take you for a ride, I can make you satisfied~~~All in all its worth your while, change that frown back into a smile ~~ Tonight! Thanks Gerry & Dewey! :)

Message: 22917 Posted: Fri Jul 19 18:13:15 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hal Lazareff

Wasn't he the computer aboard the spacecraft in the movie
2001 A Space Odyssey?


Message: 22916 Posted: Fri Jul 19 17:43:04 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Hal Lazareff

I got it, Willie's voice coach...........

Message: 22915 Posted: Fri Jul 19 17:41:44 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Hal Lazareff

Or maybe he plays some exotic musical instrument used on "Perspective".

Message: 22914 Posted: Fri Jul 19 17:33:56 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Echo

There must be an echo on the web. Ha.

Message: 22913 Posted: Fri Jul 19 17:32:53 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Or Is It Just My 'Perspective'?

Hal baby is listed on Perspective under special thanks. For what I can't read, but my guess is maybe for artwork.

Rocky Mountain High in Colorado

Message: 22912 Posted: Fri Jul 19 17:28:31 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Or Is It Just My 'Perspective'?

Hal baby is listed on Perspective under special thanks. For what I can't read, but my guess is maybe for artwork.

Rocky Mountain High in Colorado

Message: 22911 Posted: Fri Jul 19 15:33:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Or Is It Just My 'Perspective'?

Hmmm, "Stereo" and "5th Avenue"...from the same LP that the name "Hal Lazareff" can be found, I do believe.

Message: 22910 Posted: Fri Jul 19 15:30:36 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: America


I have two Tim Moore albums...the self titled "Tim Moore" 1974 and "Behind the eyes" 1975. "For the minute" and "Now I see" are a couple of other T. M. songs that I like.

Message: 22909 Posted: Fri Jul 19 15:24:16 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - New York

Nice picture. I'm going to NY next week for some interviews. The picture makes me look more forward to it.

"Walkin' down Fifth Avenue..."

Message: 22908 Posted: Fri Jul 19 14:30:35 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: America

Yes, the cd liner notes show it was co-written by Gerry & Jimmy Webb.

Ya'll have a great weekend.


Message: 22907 Posted: Fri Jul 19 14:27:34 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America

What was the Jimmy Webb song on "Perspective?" Wasn't it "Stereo?"

Message: 22906 Posted: Fri Jul 19 13:52:25 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America

5TH AVENUE is one of my favorites, sung by GERRY BECKLEY. That LP included STEREO also, another GERRY BECKLEY hidden gem.

Message: 22905 Posted: Fri Jul 19 13:40:32 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - New York

Hi there everyone.
Very interesting variant of the usual NYC views, Gerry ! A very revealing perspective : sort of an imaginary confrontation between the skyscrapers & those smaller buildings. The beginning of one of my favorite poems ( by comtemporary poet -my generation- A. Cloutier ) immediately came to mind when I saw it :
Like sand castles hidden between the edge
Of the sidewalk and asphalt
Scratching, melting, burning / flow
Opening midnight rivers(....)
Whatever becomes of them in the future, thanks again Gerry for these pics - they are always great visual experiences to us/me.

Thanks guys on the folder ( and you too Nancy) for naming those "unsung heroes in music" ( liked your expression, Don) - potentially interesting discoveries to make for someone as curious as me!!! lol

Steve, enjoy your vacation. We'll be patiently waiting for your posts . But I guess Monday, July 29th will be a better day for me than it will for you ( your time off will be over which is not good news ...) LOL - since the release of J Larson's cd is expected here in Europe on that precise day ... :-) - Geneviève.

Message: 22904 Posted: Fri Jul 19 13:34:46 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Tim Moore, Toy Matinee, etc

Thanks, now I have "second Avenue running thru my head! I loved that song.
Re Kevin Gilbert. I remeber hearing him live on Mark and Brian one morning, it was supposed to be Toy Matinee, but he and his partner had a huge blowup the day before and the guy quit. So Kevin showed up alone, guitar in hand and proceeded to wow everyone. Amazing off the cuff stuff. I went out and bought the album based on that performance. Sadly a short time later he was gone, suicide by misadventure, I believe. He was also a part of the "Tuesday Night Music club" a group of up and commers which included Sheryl Crowe.
I saw Stephen Bishop once live. He was an opening act, I think for Jackson Browne. He was a lot of fun.

Message: 22903 Posted: Fri Jul 19 13:22:29 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: America

"Second Avenue" is one of my favorite songs. I prefer Tim Moores version but Art Garfunkels version is good too.

Message: 22902 Posted: Fri Jul 19 12:28:44 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America

I own the debut Jellfish LP. I agree it's nice stuff. And it contains echoes of another of my all-time favorite bands, Badfinger. In fact, the band covered Badfinger's "No Matter What," if I'm not mistaken.
As for Stephen Bishop, I suppose I need to revisit his stuff. I enjoyed the first LP, but kind of lost interest in him after a time. I will catch up to his "Blue Guitars" on your recommendation.
As for Tim Moore, he was once seen as a future pop star, I think.
Maybe I'm mixing up my history here, but I thought he was in a version of the band Gulliver (Darryl Hall, too) before he struck out on his own.
Moore won some kind of prestigious songwriter's award and, based on the tunes you mentioned, appeared on his way to a prosperous future as a mainstream recording star.
Next thing I knew, the hits had stopped coming and his LPs were turning up in the discount bins.
What happened??
I'm not familiar with the latter act you mentioned, Toy Matinee, although I will seek out their music now, out of curiosity.

Here's another obscurity for your consideration: if you ever see it, pick up the release by a singer-songwriter known as Steve Danziger entitled "Sensation Days."
I picked it up on cassette for, believe it or not, a quarter back in 1995. I have never seen it on CD or LP, but it is an absolutely worthwhile listen.
There are elements of early America, Eric Anderson, Steve Forbert, etc., but it all kind of ends up sounding very engaging and distinctive (to these ears).
My guess is that "Sensation Days" came along too late in the game for the mainstream to care. But if it had been issued at another time and place, we'd all have had to endure the tired old "new Dylan" comparisons again. (Just for the record, Danziger doesn't sound like Bob Dylan. He just happens to be a literate songwriter who uses harmonica and acoustic guitar on two or three of the tracks. But he also pairs acoustic guitar and cello to haunting effect on a couple of others, and elsewhere rocks out pretty well. Nice stuff.)

Message: 22901 Posted: Fri Jul 19 11:02:17 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - New York

Gerry is in New York, NY today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

FYI - I'm going on vacation this weekend and won't be back until Monday, July 29th. I probably won't have Internet access so I'll have to queue up next week's photos and post them all at once when I get back.

Message: 22900 Posted: Fri Jul 19 11:00:43 2002 By: Don
Subject: America

Re: Emitt Rhodes, very cool that Matt Beckley (below) mentioned that “the emitt rhodes cd is brilliant. one of my "desert island discs”. And Gerry seeking Emitt out in the early days. Thanks for the tidbits.

There are several other unsung heroes in music that may have an America connection. I’d love to know your thought about some of these:

Stephen Bishop: Saw him behind the stage at a mid-seventies America concert. If you’ve not heard his most recent CD, “Blue Guitars”, I believe it is one of his best, if that is possible. My wife, daughter, and I saw him in a dream situation three years ago at the Stockton Asparagus festival. It was a small stage and he took requests! He was brilliant. He rarely tours. Can you imagine if Dewy and Gerry took requests?!! His web site:

Tim Moore: I’ll be stunned if many of you know of his music. “Second Avenue”, “Charmer”. Can’t find much on the web re: him. Any hints?

Jellyfish: They only recorded two CD’s. Get them both. We saw them live in San Jose about 5 years ago. It was their last concert and it was studio perfect. A very strong “Pet Sounds” influence, like several of Gerry’s tunes. Web Site: and

Toy Matinee: Ever heard of Kevin Gilbert? Simply brilliant. Sad story, since he is no longer with us. I prefer the Toy Matinee CD over some of his other music. Every song is awesome. Web site:

Your thoughts? Don

Message: 22899 Posted: Fri Jul 19 10:54:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: What the Hal & Message to Me!

Yes that is the way I searched for Hal, mystery solved. I give up, I have no clue as to what he is to AMERICA.
Hey Red ~~ I think you know the real answer don't you????????
Thanks Johnny ~~~ All should be fine now with my email!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22898 Posted: Fri Jul 19 10:27:20 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Message For Nancy

Nancy, I tried sending you a personal message a few minutes ago, but my message was returned. It said your e-mail storage is over its capacity and that perhaps you should delete some old messages to free-up some space.

Message: 22897 Posted: Fri Jul 19 09:29:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: What The "Hal"?

Nancy, those CDs/LPs come up when you search for "Hal Lazareff" using Steve's search engine because you're searching using the "or" option, I think it is, instead of "and". The "Hal" you bring up is in reference to "Hal Blaine". The "Hal" regarding "Hearts" is because of the first three letters to the title "Half A Man". If you search using the "and" option, you get nothing so the "mystery" continues for now.

Vic, although all the things Red has mentioned about Hal Lazareff may be "true", that's not the answer I had in mind.

Stop it, Red! :0)

Message: 22896 Posted: Fri Jul 19 09:08:52 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Waukesha and Thank You Gerry & triv and laughing!

Hi Everyone ~~~ Hey it's Friday!
Hi Randy ~~~ so nice to read your post, Thanks ~~ sounds like another great show for sure. WOW! I am so glad the weather held out for the long playlist of songs. So neat that you got to talk with Gerry and He even signed your Hat ~~~ YES! I bet you left there walking on air~~ HUH? Nice Feeling Right! :)
Hi Vic ~~~ Nice to hear from you! You know when I put Hal's name in the search and tried it with the albums only it pulled up Hearts, Highway 30 years and Honored vol #2 ~~~ I have looked all over these track notes and everything and found nothing about him nowhere. I think Red is right he is either a fan of Gerry & Dewey's or an acquaintance at the ranch that Red mentioned while they were working on one of their trio albums, hmmm but that was trio, not duo sooo nooo cannot be, don't mind me just thinking out loud here! Oh well, something here with the fan or ranch thing! Johnny is this close?
Hi Red ~~~ Yes I agree soooo good to smile and laugh lots! As for those adorable cute little Boyd's Bears ~~~ I could get sooo addicted to them for sure ~~ nice that your wife has them all around your home, must be bright & cheery there. It is so neat how the names of these bears fit their appearances adds such character to them. My sister is the one that collects these. So I look at them when I am out with her. I am addicted to the Precious Moments ~~ they just have a way with me, I cannot resist them. I love collecting little ornaments of birds, bears and butterflies toooo! My husband found me this neat Picnicing Bear Hot air balloon wind chime~~~ it is sooo cute. Okay enough for that ~~~ Sorry I get carried away!
Okay gotta go now, Dan's Guitar Man is on here, Carry onnnnnn! Only love can save meeeeee! Carry on and on and on! Nancy :)

Message: 22895 Posted: Fri Jul 19 07:41:30 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Nancy

No, I didn't take offense at you laughing at my answer. Good to put some smiles on the face, keeps it from cracking. How many Boyd's Bears do you have? My wife has about 100 I guess, that light up our home at every turn. I think that guy Hal Lazareff is/was an astronomer, but don't know how he fits in with America. Have a good day and keep on laffin!!!!!!!

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Message: 22894 Posted: Fri Jul 19 07:25:21 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Waukesha and "Thank you, Gerry"

What a great review ! AMERICA has a long history of success in the midwest & you have told us why. Wisconsin has been a favorite of theirs for years.

Message: 22893 Posted: Fri Jul 19 06:49:05 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: A "Lazy" Triv Q

Hal Lazareff was a ranch hand at the Caribou Ranch here in Colorado who taught Gerry how to flutter his eyes when singing Sister Golden Hair. I believe also that he taught Willie how to twirl his drumsticks with flair.

The mind is a terrible thing

Message: 22892 Posted: Thu Jul 18 23:37:23 2002 By: Randy
Subject: Waukesha and "Thank you, Gerry"

I don't know where to start about Thursday's performance at the Waukesha County Fair. This is my 5th America concert and the magic just doesn't seem to wear off. At the beginning, when Gerry announced that they would be doing "the long show", I knew that it would be the 23 song set. Sure enough, it was, song for song, the exact set, in order, that was posted earlier here in the chat folder.
And what a show it was! It was becoming overcast and the temperatures were dropping. I had feared that we might get rain, and at worst, the show might be cancelled. This had happened to us once at this same fair and same main stage several years back. However, they started on time and gave their customary strong performance.
But, this show will have special meaning for me. I met Gerry Beckley in person for the first time. Not only that, but he autographed my America hat for me. "Thank you, Gerry" for making this concert so memorable for me. Thank you, America, for another great concert. In five concerts, you have never disappointed me.

Message: 22891 Posted: Thu Jul 18 23:20:30 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: A "Lazy" Triv Q


I put the name, Hal Lazareff, into the AMERICA search engine, and came up with nothing. Is Red's answer correct?

Message: 22890 Posted: Thu Jul 18 19:29:48 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Oooooh Red & Some

Hi again,
Sorry Red I think you took my post the wrong way, I actually think that was a neat answer you gave. I wasn't laughing at you, it just sounded so funny when I read it and then you putting the lyrics to Joy to the World just kinda made me laugh. Who knows this very well could be the answer. I have come up with the LP and CD's that I think he is associated with, but I am at a dead end now. Soooo back to trying to figure this out again. Oh yes I just have to tell you this, I have been hearing the Eagles songs on the radio all day today and you have me walking around here singing them all. Hope to see some posts on the show tonight! Okay gotta go for now, Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22889 Posted: Thu Jul 18 15:21:40 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Ooooo Red you are tooo much! LOL!

I had a raunchier answer but thot better of using it.........

Message: 22888 Posted: Thu Jul 18 14:47:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooooo Red you are tooo much! LOL!

Hey Red ~~~
I am sittin here laughing soooo hard,it is hard to type straight. Your answer just cracks me up if it is the right answer I will just crawl under my computer chair and not say another word.
Okay I am working on this trivia question!
~~~~The show must go on~~~~~ Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22887 Posted: Thu Jul 18 14:32:49 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: A "Lazy" Triv Q

He is the person responsible for the "H" titles of most of the early America albums.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine.

Message: 22886 Posted: Thu Jul 18 13:08:56 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: A "Lazy" Triv Q

Who is/was Hal Lazareff to AMERICA and where may we find his name mentioned regarding the band's LPs/CDs?

Message: 22885 Posted: Thu Jul 18 11:02:33 2002 By: Randy
Subject: Today is the Day

Pardon me is my previous post was nothing. In about two hours, we leave for the Waukesha Co. Fair for the 8:00 P.M. show. Yes, it's another cooker here in the Milwaukee area. I haven't heard if anyone other fans from the chat folder will be there. Steve - thanks for the view from hotel window from Brookfield. At least I know that the boys made it safe and sound here.

Message: 22884 Posted: Thu Jul 18 10:27:28 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic & Borrowed Lines!

Hi Everyone!
Thanks Gerry & Steve ~~~~ Nice view this time! Hey Gerry You really have a way of catching some nice sky shots, I like how the sky kinda split in half one side is soooo blue-eyes blue and the other half must have been a hazy cotton ball cloud~~Neat! It definitely is a scorcher here in Pa today, temps in the 90's and high humidity! Everyone is heading to the pool to cool off! Nice!
Regarding Borrowed Lines & songs ~~~ Wouldn't this happen quite a bit with all song writers?
~~~~~ Don't you worry sometimes you just gotta let it ride, the world is changing right before your eyeeeees, Now I found you there's is no more emptiness inside, when we're hungry Love will keep us Alive!~~~~ Ooooh Sing it Timothy! WOW!

Message: 22883 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:54:30 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Brookfield

Get out the ice bags, 84 degrees & 67% humidity already in Milwaukee.
Wish I were there to lose about 20 pounds today.

One of these nights

Message: 22882 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:47:38 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Brookfield

Gerry is in Brookfield, WI today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 22881 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:41:34 2002 By: Sharon
Subject: America Oct. 12th Concert

Thanks for the Information Erin and Steve. I'll check the Sugarloaf website for more information.

Message: 22880 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:38:13 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Concert Date for Oct 12th???

Well, Erin was quick on the draw and answered the question while I was composing my response. Thanks Erin!

Message: 22879 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:37:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Concert Date for Oct 12th???

I'll see what I can find out Sharon. According to the latest information from Morey Management, America will be playing there on the 12th. You might try checking out their web page at to see if it shows America listed.

Message: 22878 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:18:29 2002 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: Re: America Concert Date for Oct 12th???

Sharon - The concert scheduled for October 12 in Gaithersburg, MD is a part of their "Sugarloaf Craft Festival". Here is their main website address which includes information on the America concert - It's unfortunate that the person you spoke to didn't know about the concert.

Thanks for the message!

-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 22877 Posted: Thu Jul 18 08:03:34 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Borrowed" Lyrics

I have, in fact, made note to myself of the irony in Dan's lyric (or, at least, his lyric idea) from "It's Life" turning up in Gerry's song "Moment to Moment."
Hang around writing tunes long enough and I guess that's going to happen.
It's not a screamingly original idea in the first place, so I don't think Dan could claim proprietary rights anyway.
But, I must say, I'm interested that Dan was mining that vein 25 years ago or more. I always felt that his songs on the first three LPs were quite precocious in their seeming world view, and I was jolted to find his lyrics getting more generic and, occasionally, banal as the band grew bigger and bigger.

Message: 22876 Posted: Thu Jul 18 06:38:11 2002 By: Sharon
Subject: America Concert Date for Oct 12th???

Steve can you check on the concert date for Oct. 12th at the Mont. Arg. Fairgounds. I called the fairgounds, and according to them that weekend the Sugarloaf Mt. Craft Festival is schedule. They know nothing about a concert. Is American appearing in conjuntion with the fair?

Message: 22875 Posted: Thu Jul 18 06:11:10 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Listen to Dan's new CD, Guitar Man. I think Dan did a great job and I enjoy the songs. Im sure he is having a great time doing what he loves. Great job Dan, Keep on rocking. Looking forward on your next CD.

Message: 22874 Posted: Thu Jul 18 05:29:39 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: "Borrowed" Lyrics

I was thinking about some of the comments made here regarding Dan Peek's use of the lyric: "I need you..." in his song: MAKING TRACKS from GUITAR MAN; given the fact that Gerry had previously used this same lyric in his hit song of the same name.
To be fair, Gerry is also "guilty" of "borrowing" lyrics too. In Gerry's song: MOMENT TO MOMENT, the lyric goes: "...from moment to moment your life can change." And in Dan's song: IT'S LIFE, the lyric goes: " only a moment your life can change."
Virtually identical lyrics!

Has anyone else noticed this? ~Pat

Message: 22873 Posted: Thu Jul 18 05:03:10 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Fragile Sunrise/Norman

Have at last been able to hear NORMAN, and what a lovely song it is.Only had one complete listen to the cd so far; I like it. Nancy, I read a post from you regarding the last track,where Gerry is producing this song, and I agree with you; it gives an amazing insight into how Gerry works. It shows his genius for sure! Fascinating!

Message: 22872 Posted: Thu Jul 18 04:27:45 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Hat Trick etc

Hello everyone,It never ceases to amaze me just how knowledgeable "America" fans are.To me "Hat Trick" is one of those albums for the middle of a "blast furnace of an Australian summer," days when its hard to move,but HatTrick streaming out the speakers is just the job.As for Dan Peek I'm in agreement with others on the board,his talents are sorely missed,his harmonising which for all to hear was superb, as for a musician we know he's good,but what saddens me that many of us on board have not had the opportunity and privilege to see him "live",I hope that perhaps one day Dan may appear on an America studio album in one form or another.As for the guys, a great year still scooping up the odd platinum and Gold album and Dewey has gotten married on top of a big tour, and have recorded a Christmas album to boot, "LIVE" Caymans gig to come,we can't complain?

Message: 22871 Posted: Wed Jul 17 22:46:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Officially...

...I should have said "Nothing's As Far Away (As Yesterday)" and not "Nothing As Far Away As Yesterday".

Message: 22870 Posted: Wed Jul 17 22:40:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My review (Alan's) and Some

Alan ~ I thought your concert review was excellent, too. Moser ~ I enjoyed the concert photos you took and sent to Steve for posting. Nancy ~ I have yet to order JL's new CD but from the clips that I've heard, it sounds very nice. SteveO ~ I enjoyed your interview with Dan. I can't remember positively if it was during that interview when Dan commented that he thought about asking the members of the Eagles if he could join them. Whether or not, it was an incredible statement that I found to be most interesting. I'm surprised that no one here commented on it. So who replaced Don Felder on the Eagles' tour these days? Anyone?

I'm still enjoying Dan's "Guitar Man" CD. As another AMERICA fan pointed out to me, perhaps Dan is calling out to Dewey with his song "The Hill". If you listen closely, parts of it sure have a touch of the same sound as "Nothing As Far Away As Yesterday".

Regarding "Hat Trick," it use to be my favorite trio LP but for some reason I rarely play it now. Dewey gets my vote for being the one to do the tap dancing (as someone cleverly suggested here) if "Hat Trick" the song were ever performed live. :0)

I was looking at a May 1975 AMERICA concert playlist and thought it was interesting that the only song from the "Hat Trick" LP that was performed was "Muskrat Love". Three songs were from the first LP; 5 from "Homecoming"; 5 from "Holiday"; and 5 from "Hearts".

(Jason, I know I'm way overdue with a reply, sorry...hopefully soon.)

Message: 22869 Posted: Wed Jul 17 21:04:22 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

Hi, Rich. Yes, you are correct, in that I feel Side A and the song "Hat Trick" are stronger than the rest of Side B on the album Hat Trick. That is not to say that I do not like the rest of the album. On the contrary, I agree that the whole album is excellent. As I wrote before, I feel it is the best album America has done. I also agree with your comment regarding "Muskrat Love". While I like the song individually, it doesn't really fit into the rest of the "concept" album (to borrow speech's phrase) that is Hat Trick. It is almost like they wrote this great 10 song cycle and then thought "we need a single to tack on at the beginning." Just my theory.
"Green Monkey" is my favorite song from the latter part of the LP, and I think it is one of the band's best rockers, along with "Sandman". The rest of Side B, while still excellent, just rates lower with me than the first 6 or 7 songs on the album. Throwing out "Muskrat Love" (for the reason stated above), I would rate the other 10 songs on the album like this, best to worst (or, in this case, least favorite): 1. Hat Trick 2. Wind Wave 3. Rainbow Song 4. Green Monkey 5. It's Life 6. She's Gonna Let You Down 7. Submarine Ladies 8. Molten Love 9. Willow Tree Lullaby 10. Goodbye. By the way, I have changed my mind about the order of the first 7 songs many times over the years. They are all fantastic! I once ranked my 50 favorite America songs for a friend and had all 7 of those in the Top 30. Hope this answers your question, Rich. Take care all, and sorry for the long post. Brad

Message: 22868 Posted: Wed Jul 17 18:07:27 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: My review

Thanks all for the kind words about my review. There was just so much to say about it that I had a hard time encapsulating it. I could have gone on for another hour easily.

Pat B. - Doesn't look like we're going to make it to Mohegan Sun this time around. Maybe next time! I think Nina is planning to attend.

Nancy - It goes without saying that Mom and Dad were singing along to all the songs. We were even right there with them on the "2 - 3 - 4 - 1" count on "Only In Your Heart" and the "1 - 2, 1- 2 - 3 - 4" on "Sister Golden Hair"!

BTW - Anyone attend the Caribou show? I'd love to read a review of that one as well.


Message: 22867 Posted: Wed Jul 17 17:39:46 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Hat Trick

Question for Brad:

Am I reading your prior post correctly that you think less of side B(other than Hat Trick) than side A? I can't recall exactly what is on side B, but you seem to have strong opionions that it is not as good as side A. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why. I think the whole record is great (except for that Muskrat song which is OK). Aren't Molten Love and Green Monkey on side B or is my recollection wrong? Those are two of my favorites from that record. Just curious.

Otherwise I agree with the sentiment that Hat Trick is perhaps their biggest artistic success (though if you ask me tomorrow I'm likely to say that Homecoming is).


Message: 22866 Posted: Wed Jul 17 17:28:25 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Ellicotville Pics

Hi Everyone~~
Thanks Moser for the great pics, you sure got some good ones! Thanks for sharing them with us too. By the smiles on your childrens faces looks like they had a good time!
Boy I left to take the kids swimming and WOW! did you guys go crazy posting. Johnny good to see you are back!
Hey Jim ~~ I never got to see them perform as a Trio either and I am sooooo sorry to say this. I sure would have loved to see them perform together. Regarding Timothy B singing in Dan's place ~~ I don't feel that their voices compare to each others at all. so no I wouldn't want to hear Tim sing in place of Dan of Hat Trick. I also want to say this as much as I would love to see them get back together and do a concert or two ~~ I really don't think it would be the same as getting to hear them back when they were a trio. Gerry & Dewey are so comfortable performing together and the magic is there. I respect Dan's decision ~~as he himself said in the interview ~~ he doesn't want to upset the apple cart. Dan has made some really good albums, Christian and Other ones. I can definitely hear his AMERICA sound in his songs on Guitar Man. I love the fact that he has come to the point where he feels he is writing from his heart again, this tells me that we haven't heard the last of Dan Peek ~~ I am sure there will be more great songs from him. Nice! So in a way we are so lucky because we have the best of both and that is better than nothing at all.
Hey Red ~~ Regarding the answer to your question about the occupation with most sick days used. I am surprised that the answer was the Mailman. Wow!
Bye for now, Nancy :) ~~~~ No Man's got it made till he's far behind the pain, we that must remain go on living just the same. ~~~~~

Message: 22865 Posted: Wed Jul 17 15:49:51 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I should add, I was never fortunate enough to see the trio perform,but the five times Ive seen the duo rates as the most satisfying, musically speaking, experiences Ive ever had!

Message: 22864 Posted: Wed Jul 17 15:24:14 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I find it hard to fathom that anyone could not miss Dan. GUITAR MAN is proof,if any were needed,just how integral he was to the AMERICA sound. I've not heard any version of a song from the trio years done better without him. Sure, there are vocalists that have been used for his parts that maybe are 'better' singers, but in my opinion, it doesn't sound as good. I certainly wouldn't want to hear Hat Trick done live with Tim Schmitt. In saying all this, of course, I love the duo; SILENT LETTER, done so close to Dan's departure, is a great record, and to my ears, is more enjoyable than HARBOR. And on a duo note, Im more excited by the soon to be realeased Cayman gig, than I would be by a new recording. Cos we will hear those magnificent songs stripped right down and as they were originally written. Even without Dan!

Message: 22863 Posted: Wed Jul 17 15:14:22 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I want to amend my statement about the height of America's career to say it was Side A of Hat Trick PLUS the song "Hat Trick" off side B. Brad

Message: 22862 Posted: Wed Jul 17 15:07:45 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

Amen, Speech. As much as I love all of America's early albums, Hat Trick is far and away the best. It truly is an "album", in that it is a collection of songs that BELONG together. Side A (with or without Muskrat Love) is the height of America's career, IMHO. Take care, Brad

Message: 22861 Posted: Wed Jul 17 14:53:37 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I don't know what others intended, but I meant the entire "Hat Trick" LP. I also recall exchanging posts on this site with others, in the past, who liked the idea of hearing the entire record performed live from start to finish. I can't really explain why I think "Hat Trick" would lend itself well to this, save for the fact that it seems to hang together more seamlessly than most of their other collections of songs. I don't imagine it was intended this way, but the "Hat Trick" record seems to have fallen together as a bit of a concept LP (to use an overused term), or at least a song cycle that seems like it was intended to conjur a certain mood or feel.

Message: 22860 Posted: Wed Jul 17 14:29:19 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

<<Regarding Dan, Moser, did you ever attend one of AMERICA's concerts when he was a member?>>
No, I didn't. Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of America's music until around 1979 well after the departure of Dan. Perhaps that would explain my lack of loyalty to the trio vs. the duo. And it's not that I had my head buried in the sand during the time of their trio work and huge success. It's just that I wasn't into music yet. I was 9 when they won their Best New Artist Grammy. Okay that gives away my age to anyone willing to do the math. I just felt it was necessary to explain my delayed awareness of the group. I don't doubt that the three beautiful voices together were "ever impressive" to quote a movie as we often do in this house. And I don't blame anyone who would long for hearing that 3 part harmony live again. Instead, I just think it will never happen so why think about it? I don't know the reasons that Dan left the band. But it seems to me that it is water under the bridge.

Message: 22859 Posted: Wed Jul 17 14:11:11 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Ellicottville Photos

Great pix Moser city! I just think by reuniting, it would give us fans(who deserve it) a chance to relive the good ol days one more time. Egos should never get put before what's good for the fans.

Like a rock

Message: 22858 Posted: Wed Jul 17 13:57:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I think the discussion about hearing "Hat Trick" performed live is about the song and not about the entire album, is it not?

Regarding Dan, Moser, did you ever attend one of AMERICA's concerts when he was a member? There are some bootleg cassettes floating around of the trio in concert. If you happen to hear one of them, you will know how magical it was when the guys were a trio. The duo is great, too. The trio in concert was just incredible, though!

Regarding a possible reunion, forget it. It will never happen. Never means never, unfortunately for us fans.

Message: 22857 Posted: Wed Jul 17 13:48:35 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Ellicottville Photos

Check out the America Fans website's What's New for some of the pictures of the Holiday Valley concert at Ellicottville, New York. And if I knew how to, I'd provide you with a handy link to it but alas, I am not that techno-savvy. Thanks to Steve L. for posting them so quickly for me.

Message: 22856 Posted: Wed Jul 17 13:47:10 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Emitt Rhodes

Thanks for this recommendation! I checked out the website and ended up purchasing his first album on Amazon immediately thereafter! Sounds really great--like there's some melodies in there that might be absolutely chilling and timeless.


Message: 22855 Posted: Wed Jul 17 13:41:08 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion

Hundreds of dollars for a ticket? Am I for that? Uh, no, thanks. I'll stick to 4 or 5 opportunities a year to see them for $0 to $20 or so. Dan made his choice.

Message: 22854 Posted: Wed Jul 17 13:29:02 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Goin Postal

I forget to say last week the answer to my question about what occupation takes the most sick leave. The answer would be Postal Workers! I guess thats why stamps went up, to cover the cost of lost time.

Life in the fast lane

Message: 22853 Posted: Wed Jul 17 12:21:30 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: X + Y = HIT (or Miss) or, Art vs. Commerce

I was interested to note in the newly-posted Dan Peek interview that Dan cops to having spent so much time involved in "touring and doing the peripheral business" of the music industry during the halcyon days that it was "really tough to keep the songs coming."
He also notes that the last time, prior to his new CD, that he felt like a pure artist was when he was alone in his room, early on, and wrote "Rainy Day" because he felt like it, not to prove anything to anyone.
These comments explain a lot to me ... like the difference (to my ears) between Dan's songs on the first, say, three or four records and the stuff that came later like the flaccid "She's Beside You" (shoo-bop,shoo-wop) and, sorry Harbor-lovers, the overdressed ready-mades on that record, like "Slow Down" and "These Brown Eyes."

Message: 22852 Posted: Wed Jul 17 12:04:42 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Dan and "Hat Trick"

I can't imagine the entire Hat Trick LP in live performance without Dan Peek.
You might be able to get a ringer (like hired falsetto gun Timothy B.)to approximate his high harmonies, but that's about it.

Dan's "Willow Tree Lullabye" and "It's Life" are singular performances, and are as integral to the ambience of the Hat Trick LP as any songs on the record.

That's not necessarily true of the other America releases with Dan on them, but, for me, Hat Trick would not really stand up well as a complete live work without Dan.

Message: 22851 Posted: Wed Jul 17 11:44:05 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Fragile Sunrise Imports

It looks like Scott at Melody Blvd. will carry the "Fragile Sunrise" imports for those in the U.S. who are interested. The import release dates have been updated on Jeff's Web Site (Japan 8/21/02 and Europe/France 7/29/02).

Message: 22850 Posted: Wed Jul 17 11:09:19 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Sing Hat Trick

Could Tim Schmitt sing Dan's part of Hat Trick? Maybe they could get him to come on tour for that song. Just appear in the audience, come on stage, and sing along. Wouldn't that be something..........

I just want to be close to you

Message: 22849 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:55:03 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Reunion

But, think of the possibilities if Dan rejoined. Playing for 10 - 20 thousand people again and charging 100s of dollars for tickets. That way they could cut down on the number of concerts a year and do fewer quality shows which would include Hat Trick, Muskrat Love, etc. Wouldn't u be for that? The voices would be sharper and think what that would be like.

Take it to the Limit

Message: 22848 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:50:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion

Woops, double posting. As JarJar Binks would say, "How rude!" Actually, I just wanted to pad the voting box. You know pregnant chads and all...

Message: 22847 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:50:35 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Speechwtr

He's got the smallest feet, right?

3 roses were bought

Message: 22846 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:49:24 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion

Sorry to be the single dissenting opinion BUT, I don't miss Dan.

Message: 22845 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:49:09 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion

Sorry to be the single dissenting opinion BUT, I don't miss Dan.

Message: 22844 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:46:32 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speechwtr

I'm thinking it's gotta be Dewey.

Message: 22843 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:45:09 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Standing on the corner...

IMHO(!!), New Kid In Town is right up there with the best. Sad Cafe, too.

Message: 22842 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:17:28 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Speechwtr

Let's just dream here a bit and just suppose Dan came back, who would do the tap dancing in Hat Trick?

Message: 22841 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:13:09 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Die & Go to Heaven Songs!

Me Again!
Red ~~ That would be oooh soo nice to see Dan, Gerry & Dewey do Hat Trick for sure! In the same respect if I were to hear Gerry sing Kiss of Life & Watching the Time LIVE and to hear Dewey sing Young Moon & Garden of Peace LIVE ~~~ I Definitely would Die and go to Heaven for sure! If I were to hear Timothy B Schmit sing his songs Hold me in Your Hear & Something so Sad Live I would not be held responsible for my actions! WOW! Last but not least it is always nice to hear I Can't Tell You Why & Best of My Love Live by the Eagles! FOR SURE! Some really great songs!
Yes! Yes! Yes! I will be in AMERICA Heaven when I get to hear the Cayman Island Live CD~~~~ I cannot wait! Sooon Mr. Mailman soon Hurry Back Soon!
In response to your last statement Red the song We Just Disagree by Dave Mason comes to my mind ~~~~ So let's leave it alone we can't see eye to eye there ain't no good guy there ain't no bad guy there's only you and me and we just disagree! Sorry! Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22840 Posted: Wed Jul 17 10:05:59 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Eagles and America

Right there with you.

Hat Trick live would, indeed, be Heaven.

Message: 22839 Posted: Wed Jul 17 09:22:46 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Eagles and America

Who knows, if Dan the man would have rejoined Dewey & Gerry b4 the Eagles got back together, maybe their roles would be reversed. All I know is that if Dan would come back to do Hat Trick, I would just about be ready to die and go to heaven. That would definitely be "Better than Sex!!!!!!!!!"


Message: 22838 Posted: Wed Jul 17 09:13:33 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Red Oak

Hi Red ~~~
All I can say is LUCKY YOU!~~~ ENJOY! SOOOOOO NICE! and Let me know all about them Okay? ~~~ When we get crazy it just ain't right Girl I get lonely too, You don't have to worry just hold on tight, cause I lovvve youuuu, Nothing's wrong as far as I can see we make it harder than it has to be, And I cant tell you why, no baby i can't tell you whyyyyyy! Oooh Babv I can't telll you whyyyyyy! OOOOOH sooo nice~~~~~Thank you Timothy! Sorry, I just had to sing it. I sure do love this song soooo much! Have a good day all! Nancy :) I am smiling for sure!

Message: 22837 Posted: Wed Jul 17 09:11:30 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Eagles and America

Hard to imagine now, given the trajectory their careers took, that there was a time when America insisted on piping in the "Desperado" LP to warm up concert audiences and give Henley and the boys a much-needed plug. Or that, according to one book, Glenn Frey was once on the phone to Irving Azoff, bitching that "Great ... America gets limousines and the Eagles get taxis" after an airport transportation snafu that a low-level staffer in their management firm tried to smooth over by arranging for a cab to take the Eagles to the airport.

Message: 22836 Posted: Wed Jul 17 08:58:55 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Standing on the corner...

How sweet it is, Moser. Now, have u got IMHO all straightened out or do I have to come up with another meaning. Ha!
My fav Eagles song is I Can't Tell You Why with Desperado a close second. America & Eagles are so similar, yet so different but are my 2 favorites. Such great music have they given us.

I Can't Tell You Why

Message: 22835 Posted: Wed Jul 17 08:52:01 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Standing on the corner...

There's a girl, MY LORD
In a flatbed Ford
Slowing down to take a look at me.
Come on baaaby
Don't say maaaybe
I gotta know if your sweet love
Is gonna saaave me.

Message: 22834 Posted: Wed Jul 17 08:41:55 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Nancy

Sept 20 & Sept 22 are looming on the horizon and can't wait. Will see America/Kansas at City Lights Pavilion from the sixth row on Sept 20 followed on the 22nd seeing the Eagles in Colorado Springs. My daughter missed the Eagles in Wichita so will come to Colorado to see them. I'm lucky to be a Coloradan.

Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona
Such a fine sight to see

Message: 22833 Posted: Wed Jul 17 06:23:31 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Emitt Rhodes

It is incredible timing, speaking personally, that you chose now to do a posting on Emmit Rhodes.
I just got done culling my favorite tracks from his first two Dunhill LPs, "Emmit Rhodes" and "Mirror," onto one cassette, and I've been playing it regularly both to and from my job, some 35 minutes away.
I was just preparing to post a note here myself, asking if anyone had heard much Emmit Rhodes or was a fan.
I am now in the hunt for the elusive third 70s LP on Dunhill, entitled "Farewell to Paradise."
Clearly, Emmit Rhodes was a fine songwriter, and the two songs you mentioned, along with a clutch of others, are also favorites of mine.
One other point that adds a dimension for myself, since I'm also a big Badfinger fan and collector: if you listen to some of Emmit Rhode's material, for example the brief snippet "Lullabye," his voice is almost a ringer for that of Badfinger's Tom Evans.
Then again, the song that begins with the verse "You don't have to be alone to feel alone" reminds me very much of "Ram"-era McCartney.
I think that, turning up as it did in the early 70s, Rhodes' music may have seemed to some folks too literal in its emulation of late-period Beatles and, in particular, McCartney's first couple of solo records.
"Emmit Rhodes" and "Mirror," though, are both unplucked gems, and I highly recommend both records in their entirety. Failing in that, the CD compilation is a nice primer for the uninitiated.

Message: 22832 Posted: Tue Jul 16 20:48:11 2002 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Emitt Rhodes

the emitt rhodes cd is brilliant. one of my "desert island discs


Message: 22831 Posted: Tue Jul 16 18:19:32 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Emitt Rhodes

In response to Don's question about being Emitt Rhodes fans: Gerry is a huge fan and actually looked him up when America first moved to LA. One of Gerry's favorite albums of all time has the song "You Should Be Ashamed" on it.

Message: 22830 Posted: Tue Jul 16 17:49:48 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Alan's Review ~~~ Cleveland Gig & More

Hi Everyone!
Hey Alan SOOOOO GOOD to hear your Great Review, reading Your post made me feel like I was right there taking it all in myself! Nice! You even got to hear the Long Playlist just like I did back in Feb.~~Nice! Sooo Neat that your Daughter was singing along with the songs, I'll bet Dad & Mom were singing along with the songs toooo! :) I like how you used the word Magical to describe this evening ~~~ It is so nice to know that Gerry & Dewey still can make us feel this way isn't it? Enjoy the after effects of attending one of their concerts too ~~~ a week or more of smiling and singing their songs, just to recapture the night again! Nice ! :)
Hi Steve ~~~ The Cleveland show is sounding ooooh sooo tempting to me, I had checked the concert tour date schedule and I saw that they will be in Mentor, Ohio next April ~~ soo I was kinda setting my sights on attending this one, but now Cleveland is looking soooo tempting, I have relatives there too! Have to give this some thought!
Hi Red ~~~ Neat that your Daughter downloaded this radio site for you, I too have a couple sites where I can go and listen to some really good songs with no interuptions. I sure love that song that you put down, I can't tell you why! ~~~There were so many good songs back then weren't there? Enjoy! Music sure makes the day go by much smoother. I have my music on all the time~~ for sure! :)
Hi Don ~~ I will check out the Emitt Rhodes songs ~~ Thanks!
Hi John ~~ I sure hope your Jeff Larson CD arrives soon, sooooo many good songs on this for sure! It is definitely worth the wait!
Hey Pete ~~ Be sure and let us know about the Albany show, and ENJOY!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22829 Posted: Tue Jul 16 15:36:53 2002 By: Don
Subject: Emitt Rhodes

I am amazed at how may recording artists America fans have in common: Fogelberg, etc. Are any of you Emit Rhodes fans? If you have not heard his classic album, “EMITT RHODES”, you are in for a treat. He was one of the first to perform and record all of his own instruments. Unfortunately, his music remains unknown to most, but loved by those who have heard him. In particular, listen to “She’s Such A Beauty” and “Live Till You Die”.

Here is a link to his web site and here is a link to the live versions of the above songs Cheers, Don

In 1970, and with little fanfare, ABC/Dunhill Records released a self-titled album by a young man named Emitt Rhodes. With more than a slight nod to the Beatles (particularly Paul McCartney), its twelve tracks are among the finest examples of pop-song form in history. More amazingly, the entire album — every song — was written, sung, performed, engineered and produced by Emitt himself, a feat he accomplished nearly simultaneously with McCartney. The album and Emitt had what seemed to be a promising future ahead, breaking into the Top 40 (peaking at a respectable #29) and spawning a single that nearly cracked the Top 40 as well. But, through a number of marketing and contractual flubs, Emitt Rhodes — the man and the album — faded into the shadows of rock-and-roll obscurity, along with his subsequent releases.

Message: 22828 Posted: Tue Jul 16 15:09:52 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: music...

Hasn't arrived yet. But Canada Post is notoriously slow. Had confirmation from Amazon that is was sent early last week so hopefully soon. Once it arrives and I have had the chance to listen to it a few times I will post my thoughts.

Message: 22827 Posted: Tue Jul 16 13:54:33 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: music...

...get your Jeff L. CD John? If so, what's your take on it?

Message: 22826 Posted: Tue Jul 16 13:31:01 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Report of the LL Bean show in Freeport

Alan~ Thanks for the great review. Will you and your family be in attendance at the Mohegan Sun concert on the 26? ~Pat

Message: 22825 Posted: Tue Jul 16 12:33:50 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America In Albany NY (and AWB)

One other thing worth mentioning -- of the original AWB band, the lone remaining original members on tour (as far as I know) are the bass player and lead singer, Alan Gorrie, and the rhythm & lead guitarist, who, I believe, is Onnie McIntyre. With an original lead singer on board, and the original guitarist, many AWB originals still sound awesome, including "Cut the Cake," "School Boy Crush," "Sticky Situation," etc. The tunes that had been sung by Hamish Stuart, AWB's other original lead singer, are now performed by a new guy, but they still sound damned good. The real treat, though, is the sax player. He can really, really, play, and as a result, the band's trademark instrumental interludes and solo breaks truly soar. "Pick Up the Pieces," for example, with its thundering bass, chock-a-block rhythm guitar and amazing sax solos, always brings the house down.

Message: 22824 Posted: Tue Jul 16 12:19:53 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: America In Albany NY (and AWB)

Thanks for the info on the average white band. I'll be seeing them warming up America come next wednesday July 24th. Its a free concert put on by the state. Or should I say our taxes.

Message: 22823 Posted: Tue Jul 16 09:40:14 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America In Albany NY (and AWB)

I don't know how many folks posting on this site have experienced the Average White Band live, but they are absolutely fantastic. I have seen them live on four occasions dating back to 1982 (most recently April of 2001 in Philly), and they have always been superb. I'm not sure if their particular brand of funk, soul and jazz is what a zealous America audience wants, but I know I consider it a dream billing. Whatever their musical differences, AWB and America have one thing in common -- they are consummate pros, they respect their fans and, despite their status as road warriors, they always convey pure joy at playing their music for an audience. I am envious.

Message: 22822 Posted: Tue Jul 16 08:16:36 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Harbor (for Moser)

No snipe ... just a bemused observation that we could both probably do OK if we were paid by the word.

Incidentally, I don't especially like rock critics, but I read them.

Message: 22821 Posted: Tue Jul 16 07:38:23 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Harbor (for Moser)

<<By the way, I read your recent "photos" post. You don't do too bad yourself>>
Well, Speech, I don't know whether to take that as a snipe implying that I ramble on OR as a compliment implying that I write decently. Ever the optimist, I will take it as a compliment. If I'm wrong, please do me a favor and don't tell me. I'd rather remain oblivious.

Message: 22820 Posted: Tue Jul 16 07:20:35 2002 By: Erin Edwards
Subject: Cleveland, OH

Sorry for the confusion on the "Taste of Cleveland" show. The correct date is August 30, 2002.


-Erin Edwards (Morey Management Group)

Message: 22819 Posted: Tue Jul 16 07:19:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Gigs

I verified with Erin that there was a typo. The "Taste of Cleveland" concert is on 8/30/02 as I suspected.

Message: 22818 Posted: Tue Jul 16 06:55:14 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Harbor (for Moser)

"I don't know why I done it, honest it ain't like me ..."

I've never been a rock critic, hoss, I'm just a fan able (and willing) to separate the wheat from the chaffe.

Regarding your "speechwriter" comment, I have to cop to being a writer by trade. What can I say, I always loved words more than numbers.

By the way, I read your recent "photos" post. You don't do too bad yourself.

Message: 22817 Posted: Tue Jul 16 06:47:52 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Harbor - Speechwriter (for Jason)

Just for the record, Jason, I enjoyed reading your review of Harbor, even if I didn't agree with everything in it.
I must acknowledge that, although my overall take on the LP hasn't changed upon reflection, Harbor does contain some enduring gems.
And, to these ears, they are generally the tunes Gerry wrote. A handful of fine songs redeem the mediocrities, which is why I own two vinyl copies and one import CD version of Harbor.
Incidentally, I really like your philosophy regarding criticism and debate. Trading viewpoints and thinking about why we feel as we do is fun and healthy, and I'm always mystified by those who seem to think that criticizing a favorite artists work is some sort of treason.
Keep up the interesting work!

Message: 22816 Posted: Mon Jul 15 20:24:28 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

I received the following additions to the concert list from Erin Edwards:

8/25/02 Bensenville, IL /Redmond Recreational Complex
8/29/02 Cleveland, OH / "Taste of Cleveland" / Tower City Amphitheatre
10/9-10/02 Dover, DE / Schwartz Center for the Arts

I'm fairly certain that the "Taste of Cleveland" concert is really on 8/30/02 because that's when the event begins (plus the fact that the guys already have concerts on 8/29 and 8/31). Of course we all know that the concerts are subject to change so I'm checking with Erin to find out what the real date of the concert is. --SteveL

Message: 22815 Posted: Mon Jul 15 19:44:21 2002 By: Randy
Subject: Alan's review and Waukesha

First of all, that was a great review by Alan.Thanks also for posting the playlist. Are any of the fans going to be at the Waukesha County Fair for Thursday's show? I was there for Wierd Al Yankovic a few years back, but we were rained out. Hopefully, that won't happen on Thursday night. We are getting another round of scorching heat here in southeastern Wisconsin. But, it would be nice to meet some fans there.

Message: 22814 Posted: Mon Jul 15 18:42:58 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: Report of the LL Bean show in Freeport

Great review of the show, Alan! I have seen them 3 times since last September, and they always put on an excellent show. Take care, Brad

Message: 22813 Posted: Mon Jul 15 18:36:50 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Report of the LL Bean show in Freeport

Great report, very nice Alan. Another story in the book of AMERICA !

Message: 22812 Posted: Mon Jul 15 17:07:19 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Report of the LL Bean show in Freeport - Addendum

One other thing I wanted to mention (then I'll shut up, I promise!). I just wanted to say what a great experience it was to see my youngest daghter at the concert. She is only 9 (almost 10), and every time I looked over at her, she had a great big ear-to-ear grin and was singing along to virtually every song - she knew all the words! Kinda makes a Dad proud.

Message: 22811 Posted: Mon Jul 15 17:03:44 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Report of the LL Bean show in Freeport

Hello fellow chatters! I've been absent from the folder for quite a while (I haven't even had time to lurk for the last month or so - I can't imagine what I've missed!) It looks as though no has given a review of the show yet, so I figured I'd do it.

First of all, let me say it was great to see an America show that I only had to drive LESS THAN 2 HOURS for!!! My wife Kay Sue, oldest son Stephen, oldest daughter Tamara, youngest daughter Megan and brother-in-law Danny all went. Being recent converts to the band, this was Stephen and Dan's first America concert. They now love America more than ever! Kelly Golden Somers from LL Bean advised that we arrive around 4:00 to get good "seats" (BYO chair or blanket). We arrived at 3:00 to be on the safe side and was surprised to still see people there staking out their territory for the show. Even so, we were very close to the stage (front row, if you don't count the people w/ blankets that squeezed in in front of us shortly before the show began). And BTW, Nina came up from MA and sat on her blanket right in front of us - but she was far from a last-minute arriver. It was great to see her again and we chatted quite a bit before the show began. Best news: It was the LONG SET!!! It was a small park, but there was well over 3000 people there squeezing in like sardines, sitting accross the road, IN the road. There were even a couple of guys on the roof of the LL Bean store!

There is only one way to describe the evening: magical! It was a very enthusiastic audience with which the guys really connected. Gerry even said about halfway through the show (I'm paraphrasing - I didn't write it down word for word): We do about 150 shows a year, many of them outdoor venues such as this one. And it's like Goldilocks - sometimes it's too hot, sometimes it's too cold. But every once in a while, the weather is just right, the audience is just right and you get a perfect night - and this is one of those nights. One of the other band members - I didn't catch who - remarked that all they needed now was a bowl of warm porridge.

Dewey and Gerry made a lot of remarks between songs, often joking and clowning around. Before they did California Dreamin', Dewey told the story of how they got to record the great Mamas & Papas song, how they made a movie of that title and ssked them to sing the song for the soundtrack. "Only problem is - said Dewey with a pregnant pause - "nobody ever saw it!" Gerry, sitting at the keyboard, raised his hand and said sheepishly "I saw it! In fact, I think I still have a copy on Betamax!"

Later in the show while Gerry was introducing the sound crew, Gerry told an amusing anecdote about Pete Leonardo at a recent show. Gerry's guitar was cutting out and (as Gerry described it) "like a ninja" he lept to thye stage, checked the connection to the PA, then from Gerry's guitar and after a few moments of fiddling around w/ euipment, he got up in Gerry's ear and said "You're on your own, dude!" They had us in stitches several times during the evening. I have to say, without a doubt, this was hands down THE BEST America show I have ever seen.

Of course, the music was better than ever. Their repoire w/ the audience was really reflected in their music. I got to hear "Baby, It's Up To You", "Hangover", "The Border" and the Beatles "I Need You" for the first time live; "Wind Wave" for the second time. It was also good to hear "Another Try", Don't Cross the River" and "Never Be Lonely" which they haven't played the last couple times we've seen them. I was particularly impressed with how they segued from "Baby, It's Up to You" right into "Wheels". Very cool!

I brought quite a bit of stuff to be signed, but Dewey and Gerry arrived just before the show and left right after. The show was so good, I didn't care. There's always next time!

And now, the playlist:

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5.Daisy jane
6. Wind Wave
7. Another Try
8. 3 Roses
9. I Need You
10. I Need You (Beatles)
11. Baby It's Up To You
12. Wheels Are Turning
13. Tin Man
14. The Border
15. Woman Tonight
16. Only In Your Heart
17. California Dreamin'
18. Lonely People
19. Hangover
20. Never Be Lonely
21. Sandman
22. Sister Golder Hair
23. (Encore) Horse With No Name

Sorry to ramble on, but there was so much to say about Saturday night's show, I couldn't help myself!


Message: 22810 Posted: Mon Jul 15 16:47:58 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Photos

Thanks for your explanation, Steve.
Sorry for my ignorance at the Holiday Valley show when I snapped an ENDLESS number of flash photos. I'll be more considerate next time. Although I will treasure these pictures FOREVER as well as the memory of seeing my lifetime favorite band accompanied by my kids and husband. Well the Beatles are right up there too. Unfortunately, they were inconsiderate enough to break up before I was old enough to have my own musical taste. I mean seriously, prior to my musical awakening to David Cassidy singing "I Think I Love You" over and over on my first 45, I was only exposed to Mario Lanza, The Irish Rovers, Roger Whitaker, Glenn Miller, and a single by Gordon Lightfoot about a shipwreck!!! (Actually I ended up liking a lot of that music myself from sheer overexposure. Similarly, my children know all the words of America, JT, Beatles, Billy Joel, Sting, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Kansas, Todd Rundgren, Jackson Brown, CSNY--particularly Ohio for the history lesson it offers--, etc., etc. They will have to be satisfied with my tastes until they can afford to buy the family vehicle!! Mom's rule: my van, my music. Lucky for them they now have Walkmans.)
Well I seriously digress. Sorry.
That is all.

Message: 22809 Posted: Mon Jul 15 16:28:13 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Harbor

I know I'm late getting into this discussion, but I have been on vacation and am just now catching up on the folder. I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth.

I liked all of America's trio albums. I thought each one was very good and had their strengths. However, I thought Harbor was probably the weakest of a strong bunch of albums (I'm not saying it was weak, just not as strong as the previous albums).

I though Gerry and Dan's stuff (with the exception of Slow Down) were very strong. But I thought Dewey's stuff was probably his worst material ever (not saying it was bad, just not has good as his work on other albums). Also some of the production work on the album was not up to speed. I thought the horns on Hurricane really hurt one of the strongest songs on the album and the album as a whole seems more dated than their other works. Maybe its too many "shee-bops" or something.

But I like it overall and think it is a good album, just not as good as previous works.

Message: 22808 Posted: Mon Jul 15 16:16:13 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Response

I couldn't believe he said the process wasn't political! It is totally political and subjective. The only objective criteria is the 25 years. If you were into the hip, counter-culture drug sean, then one or two hit singles and albums are enough to get you in. If you weren't, then a dozen or two aren't enough!

It's ironic that Rock and Roll started as the music of anti-establishment rebels trying to do their own thing, now the HOF is run by a PC establishment that artists must curry favor from inorder to be granted entry. 30 years ago many Rock and Rollers were critical of the Country music industry and their HOF, now they have become them.

To me the whole concept of a R&R HOF is anti-R&R if you know what I mean.

Message: 22807 Posted: Mon Jul 15 15:37:21 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Response

Hello Steve L & everyone.....

Here's a reply I received from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when I compalined that "America" had as yet not been inducted... I didn't think that I'd even get a response...surprising.Dear Greg:

Thanks for your comments.

There is no doubt that rock and roll would not be what it is without the contribution of America. At the same time, you should realize that we receive literally thousands of such recommendations, many of which are as worthy as yours.

The entire nomination and induction process is coordinated by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation in New York City. The only criteria is that an artist has to have had their first record 25 years ago. First, the selection of inductees begins with an extensive panel of journalists, historians, previous inductees, industry heads, etc. In turn, those nominated are sent to a committee of more than a 1000 people around the world (journalists, historians, music industry management, all previous inductees, etc.) who vote. Those receiving the highest number of votes and more than 50% of the votes cast are inducted into the Hall. Usually, this means five to seven new members each year. So you can see the road to being inducted is an arduous one and completely out of the realm of influences or politics.

On top of this, people sometimes forget that rock and roll and its artists are viewed in an incredibly subjective manner by any individual brought into the circle of discussion. As such, there is often widespread disagreement or fracturing of opinion about who is or was important. From my perspective, time will tell. I really think that all deserving candidates will have their moment eventually. Unfortunately, it often isn't the time frame they or their fans desire. Remember too, many of the sports greats do not get into their respective Halls of Fame right away either.

Peace and Soul,

Rock On!

Terry Stewart
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Well, if you get the jist of all that then we might as well wait "Til Hell Freezes Over"....




Message: 22806 Posted: Mon Jul 15 13:31:58 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Spinner radio

My daughter just showed me Spinner Radio for use on ur PC and it is great. Listening to the Carpenters right now under the Super 70s category. They have many categories from which to choose and most play continuos great music all day. So just go to Spinner.Com, download & get ready for the best music throughout the day. I listen to the Super 70s most of the time as they play a lot of Eagles, America, etc. Easy listening!

I Can't Tell You Why

Message: 22805 Posted: Mon Jul 15 11:02:01 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: VFHTW pic & more

Hi Everyone!
Thanks Gerry for the pic., looks like another remote setting, I am wondering what was beyond the trees? Looking closely at the window below, it almost looks like there is a jacket or something there with Pennsylvania on it ~~ not sure just kinda looks that way! Looks like it was a magical weekend in Maine ~~~ soooo nice for sure!
Hi LisaRose ~~~ neat idea for a new CD, may I suggest A View from the Hotel Room as a sequel to the A View from the Ground LP! You know what how about 4 or 5 new CD's in the making, that would be great Huh! Lots of neat H names out there, Horizons definitely sounds like a good one to persue. How about it Gerry & Dewey?
Hey Pete ~~~ Have a great time at the Albany show, be sure to let us know about it Okay?
Hi Moser! Hope your pics turn out good! Looking forward to seeing them! Good question!
Thanks Steve for the info regarding photo taking at the shows, I guess this is understandable! I will have to get a new camera to take the next time I go to see them.
Have a good day all! Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22804 Posted: Mon Jul 15 09:32:23 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: America In Albany NY

Yes, They now have a outside stage at the egg in Albany. Its a beautifull place for a concert. Average white band starts at 7:00 then America come on after that. This Wednesday Joan Jett concert will be there and that's also free.

Message: 22803 Posted: Mon Jul 15 07:42:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Photos

Moser asks a very good question. It is one that has been asked frequently but since we get new people on the chat folder almost daily, I don't mind answering it frequently. It is the venue, not the band, that determines whether or not photos can be taken. Many times the "no photos" clause is part of the contract. When photos are allowed, you should never use a flash. Unless you're right next to the stage it won't do any good anyway, and it's very distracting (blinding) to the band and the guests around you. So, if photos are allowed and you're going to take some, bring a good camera that will work in low light situations and one that allows you to turn off the flash.

Another question that may be on your mind is video or audio recordings. It's my understanding that those are never allowed at any venue (at the request of the venue and the band). The Cayman Island gig earlier this year was recorded professionally and will be released later this summer on CD. It's going to be a great opportunity to listen to Gerry and Dewey live and I believe will include some songs that generally aren't performed in concert.

I hope that helps.


Message: 22802 Posted: Mon Jul 15 06:35:06 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Photos

To Steve L: I read a post on the other chat folder regarding pictures not being allowed at the Caribou concert. I was wondering if you know whether that is something the band requests or is it based on the individual venue's guidelines? I have been to two shows this year. The first one did not allow cameras. Luckily on the second one, there was nothing on the ticket about no cameras so I took along my camera and took three rolls!! (Results still pending.) My concern is that perhaps the flash is distracting to the band and they prefer not to be photographed. If you have any insight on this, would you please pass it along? Thanks.

Message: 22801 Posted: Sun Jul 14 13:57:15 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Freeport

"Hotel California"? Naw, that wouldn't sell.

"'Cause when they turn out the lights In their rented room tonight..."

Message: 22800 Posted: Sat Jul 13 16:44:07 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: New Jersey Concert

Actually, really think you could have done better with the tickets Bruce----front row is okay but ya know I would have prefered being on stage...oh, well, beggars can't be choosers...thanks anyway! But next time, try harder...only 168 hrs and 11 minutes away!!! Yeah!!!

Message: 22799 Posted: Sat Jul 13 15:35:17 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Freeport

Beautiful colors!!! Am now convinced that I need one of those digital cameras!! Think that America's next album should be called "Hotel View"---(look at that, it's another "H" title--how perfect!) or perhaps "Hotel" or "Hotel Window" or "Hotel Shots" or...not sure but the album cover can have one of Gerry's pic on it. Maybe "Hotel America" or "Hotel Scenes" or "Hotel Images" or "Hotel Settings" or "Hotel Portrayals"...just a thought!

Message: 22798 Posted: Sat Jul 13 09:19:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Freeport

Gerry is in Freeport, ME today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 22797 Posted: Sat Jul 13 08:59:27 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: America Related Projects Galore

I still don’t see my dream project.

Great to see in Steve Orchards news article that Dan is working on a DVD along with Guitar Man 2, can’t wait. I thought the Caymen Island project was also a DVD effort, not just a CD. Anyone know? A whole new CD of America Christmas songs. America hasn’t let me down.I was hoping for a new compilation CD like Hourglass in 1994 and Human Nature in 1998. But the first Christmas CD by America in 2002 is the next best thing. Guitar Man and Fragile Sunrise just released, for us to enjoy! Thanks for the Feedback Nancy and SteveL. All great projects.

But where is my Dream Project. Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek back together on DVD like the Eagles did with Hell Freezes Over –“Get Over it”?. Maybe I’m the one that needs to get over it, but I won’t. Don’t mean to offend the Duo fans. I’m one of them. But, the complete Greatest Hits by the trio is ranked higher than any of the above projects on I wonder how high the trio live “Today” could climb. Just had to state my America dream again as a compulsive Fan, especially of the trios first three albums.

Message: 22796 Posted: Sat Jul 13 07:47:10 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: New Jersey Concert

I cannot contain my excitement YES! NEXT SATURDAY Lisa Rose, Maureen and I will be front row center in New Jersey! Guess who we're seeing? And the venue says there's no opening act- guess we're stuck with the long set! =) Gerry, if you're reading this, I've been coming to see you since the 70's. How about "All My Life" for the New York City gang? -Bruce

Message: 22795 Posted: Fri Jul 12 12:43:54 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Me Too Steve L

Hi Steve ~~
Wow! Same here! I have been playing Jeff's over and over along with Dan's (Dan's is playing now!) I also like all of the songs sooo much ~~~ Fields of May caught my attention the first time I heard it ~~ Nice song! I like Sparkle to it too, and Changing Colors ~~~well I just like all of these songs. Reading Jeff's notes about Norman ~~ I t is so neat that he got to do this song with Gerry, goes to show some things can come to be! Have a great weekend! Nancy :)

Message: 22794 Posted: Fri Jul 12 11:50:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Foreign Releases & News Article

Nancy, I think the best way to sum up my thoughts about Jeff's new CD is to let you know I haven't stopped playing it since I got it. Granted, I have mixed it in with Dan's Guitar Man and a couple of other new CD's that I just got. But I have listened to it at least once each day since I got it. As I mentioned when I first got it, there isn't a bad song on it! My favorites change from day to day but I really like "Fields of May", "Halfmoon Bay", and "Heavy Rain".

Message: 22793 Posted: Fri Jul 12 11:36:44 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Foreign Releases & News Article

Me Again~~
Hi Genevieve ~~~ I agree with you on the CD cover I like the American one the best~~ because of it showing only 1 side of the butterfly with this sunrise scene inside of it. The butterfly is so fragile and it is so easy for their wings to get damaged ~~~ so it really gives me a full picture for the Title. My next choice would be France's Cover, and last Japan's ~~~ I think that what this cover needs is a picture of the sunrise to complete it. It just is missing something for sure!
Hi Steve L ~~~ Thanks for posting all of this neat info. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the new Jeff Larson's CD?
Hi SteveO ~~~ Great Job on the news article ~~~ I enjoyed it! Thanks! I still think it is so neat that you are a fan of AMERICA's and that you got to interview them and write about them ~~~ Sooo Cool!
Okay gotta go for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22792 Posted: Fri Jul 12 11:12:06 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Foreign Releases

Thanks Steve for the update. As for me, truly speaking, I don't really like the Japan cover - I find such clichés a little bit, well, boring. I prefer the symbol of the butterfly but actually, my preference would go to the American cover design as far as the movement & colors are concerned. I believe it to be more in " l'air du temps " ... Just IMHO. -Geneviève

Message: 22791 Posted: Fri Jul 12 09:16:30 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Norman connection

According to the LAPL catalog, Norman Bel Geddes wrote a book entitled "Horizons" hmmmmmm.

Message: 22790 Posted: Fri Jul 12 09:09:13 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Fragile Sunrise Foreign Releases

Jeff Larson's web site ( has been updated to include the new covers for the Japan and Europe (France) releases. I've had a tough time picking the cover that I like the best because I like all three.

Message: 22789 Posted: Fri Jul 12 09:04:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Iron Mountain Daily News Article

Steve Orchard writes a Weekly Music News Column for the Iron Mountain, MI Daily News. He took some of the quotes from Dan's recent interview (also available at and used them for a story which ran in yesterday's (7-11-02) paper. SteveO, in conjunction with Tom Peek, would like to share this column with those who visit the America Fans Chat Folder. Click here to see the article.

Message: 22788 Posted: Fri Jul 12 07:36:13 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise ~~ Mike

Hi Mike ~~
Regarding Jeff Larson's CD ~~ It is not as rockin as Dan's in the way you mean. I just have to say this there is some good music on this CD I hear alot of America's accoutic influence here and even some of the Eagles mixed in ~~ Dare i say this! There is one song called Another Slight Addiction that is more rockin than the others. I am listening to it now ~~~ This whole CD of songs are just so Refreshing! So Comfortable! You can check out the sound clips to these songs on Jeff's web site, these clips give you the general idea of the song, I know that I am more than pleased with this CD, I am glad I got it! Hope this helps You! Nancy :)

Message: 22787 Posted: Fri Jul 12 07:25:49 2002 By: Mike B
Subject: Belated Guitar Man & Fragile Sunrise

I really like Guitar Man. I enjoy hearing and watching Dan’s lead work on the MusicLaden DVD from the early days. This CD has Dan strutting more of that lead guitar. I don’t even mind Nashville Cats. One country tune is Ok. Several like on Bodden Town and Driftin is not quite my taste. Sure would be nice to see a Guitar Man 2 DVD.

Is there some rockin music on “Fragile Sunrise” or is it more the Ballad stuff?. I haven’t ordered a Jeff Larsen CD yet but Timothy B. Schmidt, Dewey Bunnell, Jeffrey Foskett, and Gerry Beckley credits have my interest peaked. I’m just concerned about too much ballad for my taste. A little is OK.

Message: 22786 Posted: Fri Jul 12 07:04:20 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Question

Hi Everyone!
Red my guess at this would be a School Teacher! Especially an Elementary teacher! See ya! It sure is a beautiful day here in Pa, I have lots of laundry to hang out. Wall to wall Blue-Eyes Sky, kinda like the pic of the CD cover for the Cayman Gig! Wow! I sure can't wait to hear that!
Hi DanC ~~ Have a safe trip to the Beach and be sure to have FUN in the SUN! and definitely have some good music to groove too ~~ Okay? :)
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22785 Posted: Fri Jul 12 06:30:33 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Question?

What occupation in the US takes the most sick days in a year?
Answer when someone hits the jackpot.

Message: 22784 Posted: Thu Jul 11 19:32:10 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: America In Albany NY

Just to add to this message...The Egg which is part of the Empire Plaza is really cool. The concert starts at 7. I really wish I could go but it is a long trip. I went to college there for four years and have very fond memories of the place. Don't remember any outdoor concerts at the Egg though, only inside. It should be fantastic considering who is playing. It's about a 3 hour drive from NYC. It's only a few days after I will be in the front row (with you know who you are) in Englewood, which I hope is the long set everyone is talking about.

Message: 22783 Posted: Thu Jul 11 18:59:33 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Class Act

That's AMERICA, business as usual ! See them live !

Message: 22782 Posted: Thu Jul 11 15:33:19 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Class Act

I just wanted to mention a few things about the concert last Sat.
They played for 1 hr. 15 minutes, I think thats due to the venue, because Cheap Trick played the exact same amount of time when I seen them there.
But I got to hear the "new" songs on the set list (Baby, it's up to you & The Beatles I need you) so I'm more than happy!
What made this concert REALLY special was that my 5 year old son got to see it w/me, he LOVED it!!
He got a wave from Dewey, & Gerry threw a few picks out at him (this is how NICE these guys are, Gerry was gesturing to me "did he get one?" while he was playing, making sure Tommy got one of his picks, these guys are THE BEST!)
After the show, we met up w/Dewey, & Tommy got his Highway box set signed in 2 places! (Gerry was allready gone) Dewey talked to him abit & we both got a photo w/him.
Tommy wanted to say Thank You to both Dewey & Gerry, & that it was the BEST concert he's ever been to! THANX GUYS!!!

Message: 22781 Posted: Thu Jul 11 12:41:52 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Regarding Last Nights Chat!

Hi Me Again!
When I was in the Live Chat last night there was a first time visitor there and He wanted me to pass along some Info about a Red Peavy Strat Guitar that has been autographed by both Gerry & Dewey and it has never been played and is in mint condition. A friend of his has this guitar and is going to post it on EBay for sale. If there is anyone here that is interested in more info regarding this guitar you can email . Oh yes one more thing Gerry & Dewey signed this guitar with a Black permanent marker. He said their signatures really stand out on the bright red color.
Hi Robyn ~~~nice you are back, Please let us know your thoughts on Jeff L's new CD soon Okay? Bye for now! Nancy :)

Message: 22780 Posted: Thu Jul 11 12:39:27 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Harbor - Speechwriter

It was gratifying to see that my HARBOR review provoked so much attention. Thanks everyone.

Speechwriter, I was interested by your comments and agree that had I bought each album in consecutive order when they were released I would have been a tad disappointed by HARBOR when considering their back catalogue up to that time.

HARBOR was a "lost" album to me as I couldn't find it in the UK and only succeeded during a holiday to Vancouver approximately 4 years ago where I found it on CD. Upon scanning the inside info I remember feeling disappointed with the lack of Dewey songs (my favourite at that time) and also by the albums move away from what I regarded as the AMERICA signature sound upon my first few listenings. However, repeated listenings paid dividends and I now also own a vinyl copy.

As my review outlined, I don't regard this as AMERICA's best album but I trully do think that it does contain some hidden gems.

I agree with your comments that some of AMERICA may have been resting on their laurels during the making of HARBOR as Dewey freely admits in the box set notes. However, I do think that this period of AMERICA's career highlights the growth of Gerry as a songwriter as MONSTER, SARGEANT DARKNESS, 1960, ALL MY LIFE, etc testify. The group as a whole may not have been firing on all cylinders but Gerry for one was in top gear.

Dan's contributions should also not be ignored. Although not as successful as Gerry's they do convey great emotion which, if you lads are like me, is not the easiest thing for a guy to do, so full respect to Dan for that.

Re: "negative comments" - I feel criticism is a healthy form of debate as long as it is backed up with reasoning. For me the highlight of this web site is discovering and conveying varied opinions. If we all fawned over everything AMERICA had produced I think it would make for very dull reading, for the guys as well as us fans.


Message: 22779 Posted: Thu Jul 11 11:30:19 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: I'm Back

well, I got back from my mini vacation ( dh and I went to Vegas to celebrate our 25th anniversary) sorry I missed the live chat, hope there were some people there last night!

Got back to work and sure enough, my "fragile Sunrise" was waiting for me. So far I have snuck in a listen to "Norman" very nice! Brought back a few memories of a concert long ago. will listen to the rest of it over the next few days!

Message: 22778 Posted: Thu Jul 11 08:34:55 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Don't You Cry (Nancy) & Neg Posts & More

Hi Everyone!
Hi Pat ~~ I really like Jeff Larson's new CD alot, I would definitely give it 5 Stars. I really find his lyrics and music so refreshing, the songs are short but very much to the point. I find alot of AMERICA's sound here, and the first time I listened to it, it left me with that comfortable feeling that AMERICA's music has always given me ~~Nice for sure! The songs on here are very sincere and I really love getting into songs, so this means alot to me. I love it alot and I really enjoy the ending unedited cut of Gerry producing the song Norman ~~ WOW it lets me have a little peek of what it would be like to hear them working in the studio. Thanks Gerry! :) I must also mention Jeff's voice has a way of carrying these great songs across too! Last but not least I am also a fan of Timothy B Schmitt's and I love his harmonizing with Jeff on here too. Lots of great songs for sure ~~~ I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on this too Okay Pat?
Hi Shayne ~~ I just wanted to wish you luck too in finding a new job, 2 years ago the mines where my husband worked 26 years for shut down and left us starting over at the age of 43 (Not so easy for sure ~~ with 4 kids). He still hasn't found steady work, but we are doing fine I have a part time job and he finds jobs here and there. In away it was a blessing the mines closing down, it was getting to be very dangerous working conditions and 26 years of working in low spaces on a mining buggy has taken it's toll on his lower back. We are doing good taking it a day at a time. I love that you quoted lyrics to Gerry's Moment to Moment ~~what a beautiful song and it holds so much truth. ~~~~ Yes from Moment to Moment your life can change ~~~~ there's a light where the sun is rising a day after today!~~~~ Every moment is a shining light , every moment is the darkest night, every moment gotta to get it right! Every single Moment ~~~Thank You Gerry ~~ I just love this song! :) Best of luck to you Shayne!
Regarding Neg Posts ~~~ I feel that Gerry & Dewey would welcome neg posts from Us Their Fans ~~ Because who better to listen to on this than Us, we hold the secret to their success in a way, after all we are the ones who buys their music and goes to their shows and LOVES every MOMENT of It for sure!
Have a good day all! Nancy :)

Message: 22777 Posted: Thu Jul 11 08:34:31 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re : Negative posts

Hi Kevin,
Would just appreciate if you could rectify the formulation of your judgement , so that it doesn't appear to be a general 'SENTENCE' & doesn't include other people, particularly me. It is not the best thing THAT CAN BE SAID about it, but the best thing YOU can say / think about it. To me it makes a difference ( though I did like the ironic touch in your post ! ).

I don't think Dewey, Dan & Gerry ever came to the world with all their defenses down, & they sure can face what other people have to say about their works. But I have personally noticed that the people who actually "do something" i.e. expose themselves artistically in a similar way are usually very prudent when it comes to judging their peers... bizarre, don't you think? BFN
- Geneviève.

Message: 22776 Posted: Thu Jul 11 07:15:53 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Negative posts.

Actually, when I say a song like Hidden Talent is lame, that's a positive post. That's the best thing that can be said about it.


Message: 22775 Posted: Thu Jul 11 05:29:29 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: negative posts (speech)

<<" so doing they willingly open themselves to criticism as well.">>


I think it takes a lot of GUTS to be a professional entertainer who writes and sings his or her own songs. This type of person has to have the proverbial "thick-skin" regarding criticism.
Dan, Dewey and Gerry deserve much RESPECT for placing their art in the public domain for all the world to hear. ~Pat

Message: 22774 Posted: Thu Jul 11 05:18:54 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Don't Cry Baby (Nancy)

Nancy~ I have always felt that out of the 3 members of America; Dan Peek revealed the most about himself in his songs.

I placed an order for Jeff Larson's Fragile Sunrise yesterday.
I see that you like it. How many stars (0 to 5) would you give this CD, and why? ~Pat

Message: 22773 Posted: Wed Jul 10 20:58:53 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Don't Cry Baby ~~~ Don't You Cry

Sorry to hear about the layoffs Shayne. Having gone through that myself just a few months ago, I can really empathize with you. I hope that your luck turns out like mine and that you land a great job!

Message: 22772 Posted: Wed Jul 10 20:56:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Harbor - Steve L.

Bob, the only thing I've heard about the Cayman concert is that it's scheduled for a summer release and that it will come out before the Christmas album. If I hear anything else, I'll be sure to let everyone know. --SteveL

Message: 22771 Posted: Wed Jul 10 19:57:03 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Harbor

Love the Harbor album. Have two copies--both are vinyl. Speechwriter: you've picked an appropriate moniker. Were you a music critic in another life? Just curious.

Message: 22770 Posted: Wed Jul 10 19:03:58 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Don't Cry Baby ~~~ Don't You Cry

I loved HARBOR when it was released. I remember I was at a party and wanted to ask a girl to slow dance (I was 14) and was nervous (she was cute - I was a dork). Couldn't get my courage up. Then the DJ plays DONT CRY BABY. It was all the encouragement I needed. I asked her, she said OK, we danced and that was the last time I think I ever saw her! Oh well.

On an even more sour note, layoffs reared their ugly head this week and left me without a job. Looks like we'll be moving (again). Oh well. Such is life. On a brighter note, we'll probably moving to New York, so I can annoy Howard!

"And from moment to moment your life can change. There's a storm over the horizon, a sea no one can see..."

Message: 22769 Posted: Wed Jul 10 17:33:18 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Don't Cry Baby ~~~ Don't You Cry

Hi Pat
I was just reading your post and I checked out my album cover and it says Don't Cry Baby ~~ I then checked my record and it does say Don't You Cry! Wow! I never noticed that before! I never knew of the turmoil that was going on with Dan ~~ Gerry ~~ Dewey! I never really understood why they split up. Anyway I do find the lyrics in the song Don't Cry Baby or Don't You Cry (whichever) so sincere, and even These Brown Eyes of Mine ~~~I really liked this song Speech ~~~ You definitely are stepping on my toes again (Just Kidding !)~~~~~~~~~~~~ I now am listening to my Jeff Larson ~~Fragile Sunrise and his song Heavy Rain was just on ~~~This song is also so sincere ~~~~such a cold and heavy rain ~~~ if I don't see the sun again ~~~~ I'm gonna wake up and pretend ~~ that you'll be coming back for more ~~~~ I don't need to know what for ~~~Its such a cold and heavy rain! ~~~ Wow what words to use to describe his inner most feelings about this relationship. WoW!
Hi Robyn ~~~ I was wondering whay you thought about Jeff L.'s new CD?
Hi Dan C ~~~ same for you did you get this CD too? :)
Johnny ~~~ Where are you? Did you get Jeff L.'s new CD
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22768 Posted: Wed Jul 10 17:31:59 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: negative posts (Harbor)

I would hope that Gerry and Dewey (and Dan) would recognize that, given their extended career and huge body of work, even their staunchest fans/friends might occasionally have a "discouraging word" to say. Artists are extraordinary people in that they create a body of work for all of us to experience and enjoy, but in so doing they willingly open themselves to criticism as well. Speaking personally, I have lived and died with the fortunes of these guys since my teen years (I'm approaching 45), bought their records when relatively few others were doing so, attended their concerts and otherwise been a loyal supporter and (from a distance) friend to the band. As such, I don't feel guilty about sharing a blunt opinion when I'm disappointed with some of their work. And I suspect that Gerry, Dewey and Dan respect loyal fans who, while supportive, don't fawn over them and heap praise on their every utterance.

Message: 22767 Posted: Wed Jul 10 17:24:41 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Harbor - Steve L.

Saw the photo on of The Grand Cayman Concert. Any word on a release date Steve?

Message: 22766 Posted: Wed Jul 10 17:09:54 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Harbor (RichM)

Rich~ In regards to your question about "negative" posts; may I respond by asking two questions?
Do you think that Gerry, Dewey, and Dan would rather hear "constant praise" or opinions that were truly "honest"?
If you were either one of them, which would you prefer? ~Pat

Message: 22765 Posted: Wed Jul 10 16:50:24 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Harbor.

<<"In 1977, no one wanted to love the Harbor LP more than me.">>

I felt the same way, speech.

Though I do like some of the songs, I have to say that the "Bop shoo wops" in Slow Down and the "Shoo-ba-ree-bas" from Hurricane ruined that album for me. As a fan, I felt let down. Of course back then, I didn't know of the turmoil going on within the group. In retrospect, I think that Dan's songs in particular were showing the truth as he saw it;

These Brown Eyes: Dan's crying. The lyrics show that he really just wants to quit the band and be back home with his woman.

Hurricane: I think the lyrics here are Dan's way of describing how he feels like as if his life is caught in a hurricane. Maybe too much time being spent away from home? Maybe too much drugs? I don't know.

Don't Cry Baby: Another song about Dan crying. In this song Dan is being comforted by someone who says "Don't cry baby, let me wipe away your tears." To me, he looks like he's in need of a friend's support.

Slow Down: In this song I believe that Dan is really talking to himself. Telling himself to "slow down". Like maybe quit the band, quit the drugs and just take it easy.

These are just my opinions.

F.Y.I. The label on my record album lists "Don't Cry Baby" as "Don't You Cry". And I noticed this just now as I was writing my post. ~Pat

Message: 22764 Posted: Wed Jul 10 15:51:34 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Harbor

While I've always liked Harbor, I tend to have mixed feelings about it. I think they came really close to having something great, but somwhow fell short. I sometimes think they only got 75% of the way there in recording it. By that I mean that some of the songs sound like they needed another verse or to have a verse reworked, etc. I'm sure if they just need more time, more focus or what, but something is not all there. While I've always thought it was much better than Hideaway, I think Gerry is the only one who carries his weight. I think Hideaway and especially Harbor show Gerry's growth as a songwriter - his sound gets a lot "fuller" on these albums and he seems to play around with different styles. Dewey's and Dan's songwriting efforts seemed to slip on both these.

I sometimes wonder how Gerry and Dewey feel about "negative" posts. (Or if they even read the chat folder.) I hope they understand that people (like me) truly appreciate their entire body of work (or why else would we come here), even if we criticize certain aspects of it.


Message: 22763 Posted: Wed Jul 10 14:41:14 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Chat 2nite

What time do the chit chatters convene 2nite pacific time?

Message: 22762 Posted: Wed Jul 10 14:16:39 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Harbor.

At the risk of getting pelted with pineapples, I can't buy it, Jason.
In 1977, no one wanted to love the Harbor LP more than me. I couldn't then, and I still don't.
Psychic exhaustion and ennui pervade the Harbor record. No matter how you slice it, many of the songs sound either maudlin or dashed off.
To this day I can't fathom how could someone who wrote something as subtle and sublime as "Never Found the Time" could offer a song as hokey as "These Brown Eyes" ("They've been doing some powerful crying"????)
Gerry's song Sarah, after verse one, is a gloppy mess ("Golly Dad???"), over-larded with strings and other filagree. (For a genuine pearl in this genre, see "Caroline No" on Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys).
And Dewey's tune "Down to the Water" makes "Pigeon Song" sound well thought out.
I do think that Gerry's "Sergeant Darkness," "Monster," and "She's Gone," as well as Dewey's "Are You There?" are strong America songs, and deserve to be rescued from obscurity.
Otherwise, though, the record is clearly the product of three very weary, less-than-inspired artists, and all the production gloss in the world from Sir George couldn't hide it.
I recall being really angry when "Harbor" hit the racks, because I had come to count on so much more from Dewey, Dan and Gerry.
In retrospect, though, you can hear the tank starting to run dry on "Hideaway."
However, as the song says, "To Each His Own." It's obvious that lots of folks out there still believe this was a good album, instead of a depressing artistic fizzle (albeit one propped up with a few -- and precious few at that -- glimmers of inspiration).
Somewhere along the America path, though, the buyers who'd helped turn Holiday and Hearts into mega-smashes began holding onto their hard-earned allowance.
I think Harbor was one reason why.

Message: 22761 Posted: Wed Jul 10 13:33:10 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Kansas/LRB & Harbor review

Hi Everyone!
Hey Red~~~I sure would love to take this concert in to let you know how Kansas is. I'm kinda saving up for a DVD player to play my AMERICA in Concert in, since it won't play on my computer, and to possibly catch one of the Ohio AMERICA shows. But ~~~ How about this, my girlfriend and her friend are going to this and I am sure she will let me know the up front happenings on this. So I will still let you know about this~~~Only it will be from my friends perspective on this not mine~~~Okay? I really like alot of The Little River Bands songs!
Great Review Jason on Harbor ~~~ This is a great Album and I think that Dan's songs on here are among the best of his from his AMERICA Days, I know I have said before that These Brown Eyes of Mine is one of my favorites of his and Don't Cry Baby such nice lyrics. I too like Political Poachers and for sure Sergeant Darkness is a great song! I just love Gerry's voice on this song! All the way around I agree with you alot of hidden gems among these songs! Thanks! :)
Hi Genevieve! I wish I could take in some Shopping trips with you, that would be so neat. I too will keep my fingers crossed for Gerry & Dewey to make it your way soon for a Concert. Alibi is a great album should attract some new fans for sure. For sure I will keep singing! You keep having fun on the road~~~~Nice to hear from you!
Hi Nina~~~Enjoy the show! Hope you get good seats!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22760 Posted: Wed Jul 10 12:21:24 2002 By: Pete
Subject: America In Albany NY

July 24th America will be playing at the egg (state Building)in Albany NY. The concert will be on the outside stage, average white band will be the warm up band. Good news is the concert is free, can't beat that. The Egg is a great place for a concert so if anyone is interested and lives in NY or where ever.

Message: 22759 Posted: Wed Jul 10 11:53:33 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Harbor.

Jason: Great review. Harbor has always been one of my favorites. While others here have panned it, and while the guys in America at times seems to apologize for it, I don't care. I think Harbor is wonderful. I think it's full of hit singles that never were. I agree that Gerry Beckley's songs were the exceptional. Monster and Sgt Darkness are stunning. To me, Harbor is the first example of America's overlooked brilliance. And, sadly, it was the end of an era.


Message: 22758 Posted: Wed Jul 10 11:02:30 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Harbor - an appraisal

Thought you may be interested. I’ve just written and had featured the attached review of HARBOR which has recently become available on the UK AMAZON site. I’m hoping to spread the news as it were in the UK. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my appraisal.


Missed Opportunities and Hidden Treasures…

Released in 1977 this was AMERICA's 7th album and last outing as a trio. Shortly after, Dan Peek (Vocals/Guitar) would leave to pursue a solo career, leaving Dewey Bunnell & Gerry Beckley to continue as a duo under the AMERICA moniker as they continue to do today.

Produced by "5th BEATLE" George Martin, who had produced each successive AMERICA album since their 4th, HARBOR was recorded in Hawaii.

Althouigh not one of their most successful albums (it produced no hit singles) the album does have moments of brilliance which have been unfairly neglected over the years and deserve a wider audience.

Although each member wrote and sang their own individual songs, UK audiences will be most familiar with the songs penned and sung by Dewey Bunnell who scored UK hits with "A HORSE WITH NO NAME" and "VENTURA HIGHWAY". Sadly Dewey's contribution to this album is lacking, with only 3 of his songs featured. "POLITICAL POACHERS", the best of the bunch, employs AMERICA's signature acoustic guitar interplay to great effect, with soaring harmonies and a driving chorus. An obvious lead single, this song was sadly never released.

Of his other contributions, "DOWN TO THE WATER" is an unsuccessful uptempo surf song with unnecessary wave sound effects and Beach Boy harmonies, whilst "ARE YOU THERE" is a brooding bass driven track.

Of Dan Peek's 4 songs the single "DON'T CRY BABY" is the most successful - a heart felt ballad that deserved greater exposure. Less successful is "SLOW DOWN", the album's 3rd single, which recalls 50s Do Wop. "THESE BROWN EYES" is another nice ballad, whilst "HURRICANE" is an entertaining rocker.

Gerry Beckley gets the lions share of songs and justifiably so. "MONSTER" is a superb track, recalling AMERICA's early acoustic days whilst "GOD OF THE SUN" (the lead single) and "NOW SHE'S GONE" are pleasing uptempo numbers.

However, easily the albums best two tracks are Gerry's two ballads. "SARAH" is a gorgeous lament on lost love, enhanced by George Martin's lush string arrangements.

If there was ever a song that deserved wider exposure it's "SERGEANT DARKNESS". This outstanding piano led ballad slowly builds and builds to a climatic conclusion. Lyrically this song recalls the best of Jimmy Webb and equals if not betters the Art Garfunkal/Jimmy Webb collaboration album "WATERMARK" of the same period.

Although not their best album HARBOR does feature some outstanding tracks which presently do not feature on any "hits" packages. Looking back, this album could have been a major success had the singles selection differed. A sure case of missed opportunities and hidden treasures.


Message: 22757 Posted: Wed Jul 10 10:56:56 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Freeport, Maine Show/ Mohegun Sun Show

Hi all! I have access to a computer for a few minutes, so wanted to get out some communications quickly! Thanks for bearing with me!

To Alan in Maine: Things are looking GOOD for me to attend the LL Bean concert in Freeport this Saturday! I've got a couple of friends who want to shop the outlets, so I'm HOPING to be there by early afternoon! (It's quite a trek from my home to Freeport, but seeing my favorite band is worth it!) We'll try to stake out seats early, then we'll look for a yellow and black plaid blanket draped on seats or ground and that will be MY space! If you're there earlier than I am...maybe you can save a spot for me? There should be three of us! (Hey, Gerry, one of them is a nurse, so if the kidney stones act up again, we'll have immediate medical help near-by!) Looking forward to the show!

To Pat B. and Bones: Yes, I'm still planning on attending the Mohegun Sun show...and am looking forward to seeing you both there! I usually arrive early...but, as you know, that doesn't neccessarily mean I get good seating. I wish we Chat Folder fans could "reserve" the choice seats...but I guess that's not how it works!

I doubt I'll be near a computer again before Saturday, so Alan in Maine, I hope I see you there!

Message: 22756 Posted: Wed Jul 10 09:10:04 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Nancy

Why don't u attend the Aug 2 Kansas/LRB concert in Bethlehem, Pa and report on it here. That way I'll know a little more about Kansas in anticipation of the Sept 20 Kansas/America concert here in Denver. Tx.

Message: 22755 Posted: Wed Jul 10 08:33:58 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Registration Password Problems

If any of you have registered recently and you're still waiting to receive your password, please send me a mail message ( and I'll send your password to you. The Chat Folder software is supposed to send the password automatically but something has gone awry. I'm trying to track down the problem and get it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Message: 22754 Posted: Wed Jul 10 06:11:04 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: BTW

BTW, <<à nouveau dans les bacs>> means << on the shelves again>>, just in case you might wonder... BFN - Gen.

Message: 22753 Posted: Wed Jul 10 06:07:22 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: America à nouveau dans les bacs !!!

Hi everyone,

Was just feeling like sharing my enthusiasm of the day : been shopping (too much) these last few days between Paris & Perpignan - those summer sales... you never know ! LOL - and had the GREAT pleasure to see SEVERAL AMERICA cds even in VERY local music shops! Might just be an illusion of mine, but I can't help believing it could be a new promise of their French / European revival... Visiting the Fans web site, saw the pictures of the French Capitol releases of Alibi etc... and thought, well it's not totally stupid, after all ! Keeping my fingers crossed ...
See ya all very soon.
Nancy, a special HI to you. Keep singing on and on ! : -)
- Geneviève.

Message: 22752 Posted: Tue Jul 09 20:26:08 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Kansas and America

If we add Chicago and Boston maybe Europe, and Asia we could have a world wide show. All kidding aside, I saw part of Kansas in a USO show while stationed in Vicenza, Italy in 1986. Steve Walsh and Phil Ehart were the only two members of Kansas on hand. The all-star band jammed on the Kansas tunes.

Walsh was running past the barracks before the show and some of the soldiers told him running was bad for his health, of course we did not know who it was until the show that night. Blew that one. Stephen Stills was also on the bill along with Cheap Trick. Great show and it was a freebie.

Message: 22751 Posted: Tue Jul 09 12:00:44 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Thanks So Much Steve!

Hi Steve L~~~
Soooo NEAT~~~ Thank You! I downloaded Crossover and have listened to it a couple of times now. WOW! Nice song~~~The words and music are really good! Thanks Steve O for bringing this song to our attention! Great song Dan! :)
Hey Red~~~Yes alot of Ohio shows, they are kinda tempting me to hit the road for one of them~~~~how nice that would be for sure!
Bye for now~~~I sure have been High on some good music lately~~~sooo nice! Nancy :)

Message: 22750 Posted: Tue Jul 09 11:47:04 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Concerts in Ohio

Has anyone else noticed but me how many concerts there are this year and next in the state of Ohio. Now I'm all for spreading the wealth, but that seems high to me. Or, is there some underlying reason such as the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame being in the same state. Just needed to get that off my chest. Back to the regular scheduled programming.

Message: 22749 Posted: Tue Jul 09 10:57:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Thanks SteveO & Steve W. & Etc.

Nancy, perhaps I can help with your hunt for "Crossover". I have placed an MP3 version of the song on the Chat Folder and I'll leave it there for a little while so you (and others) can download and listen to it. It's unfortunate that it's not widely available but at least we can all get Dan's latest music. For those who haven't heard or ordered Guitar Man yet, be sure to check it out on Dan's Web Site.

Click here to listen/download "Crossover"

Message: 22748 Posted: Tue Jul 09 08:16:28 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Thanks SteveO & Steve W. & Etc.

Hi Everyone!
Hi Jim~~~glad to see you were here!~~~~Yes thanks so much SteveO~~~I sure would love to find this song Crossover, you have me so curious, I do have Dan's rerelease of the song Lonely People~~~I liked it alot! It would be nice to see this as an added track on his Guitar Man 2 CD~~but it is understandable that Dan wants to move forward on this new project. I will continue to look for this song though! I still think it is sooooo Cool! You got to interview him personally! WOW! :)
Hey Speech~~~ Have you heard Steve Walsh's solo album which was released sometime in 2000 it is called Glassolalia~~~I am familiar with the songs Thats What Loves all About & Rebecca~~~his vocals on here are Neat! really some Rockin songs, I can still hear the group Kansas's influence on these songs though! What do you think about Kansas's song The Wall? I just found out that Kansas will be the opening act for The Little River Band on Aug. 2nd in Bethelem, Pa. ~~~sounds like this would be a good show to check out.
Hi DanC~~~~Nice to finally hear your thoughts on Dan's CD I agree about the song Into the Night~~definitely has a good groove to it, I must say Sharkey's Song is sooo nice! I really like Carry On too, each time I listen to the CD I am finding more of Dan's AMERICA sound to it. I too look forward to hearing Guitar Man 2~~~ this should be good as well. Hey have a great time on your vacation~~~It sure would be nice to talk to you sometime soon my friend! :) Oh yes another Mailman friend of Ours is here visiting, he is from Houston~~~Looks like all of the faithful mailmen are taking off for some much deserved vacation time! :) Please do request an AMERICA song from the DJ at the Tooki bar~~~Okay? :)
Hi Kiri~~~Nice that all worked out well with the sound system so that you were able to hear the long playlist of songs. I too love the song Survival and your comment about us never being satisfied~~~~so true, but the reason we are never satisfied is because Gerry & Dewey have soooo many good songs that it just leaves us wanting more ~~~ Sooo Nice! Enjoy the Waukesha show and let us know about it ~~ Okay?
Have a good day all! Nancy :)

Message: 22747 Posted: Tue Jul 09 06:55:18 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Kansas

Of course, all of this stuff is highly subjective.

I enjoyed the earlier work because it was, relatively speaking, simpler and less pompous-sounding to my ears. Like a lot of so-called progressive (whatever this threadbare, overused term means by now) bands, Kansas appeared at some point to begin to take themselves much too seriously.

One other thought: I own a Steve Walsh solo LP (can't think of the title right now, but it's the one with the bluish background and a sort of animated painting of Steve on the cover). I actually enjoy the solo LP, for its directness and lack of filagree, more than some of the band's later output.

Message: 22746 Posted: Tue Jul 09 06:16:14 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Thanks SteveO

Hi ya Steve; great to read the interview with Dan! Thankyou. Cheers, Jim.

Message: 22745 Posted: Mon Jul 08 22:28:19 2002 By: kiri
Subject: hey DanC

the show on the 3rd was excellent except for some sound trouble that was out of their hands; they were frustrated. after braving a day of intense heat, we were rewarded with the long set (but no "Survival" as i had hoped (never satisfied, are we?). looking forward to waukesha next week!

Forrest Hill, huh...nice area...i'll keep an eye out for ya.

Message: 22744 Posted: Mon Jul 08 20:32:30 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Update on Dan Peeks 3rd & 4th solo LP's--no CDs

Just wanted to add something to the chat folder regarding the 3rd and 4th Dan Peek solo LP's "Electro-voice"(1986) and "Crossover"(1987).
In my dealings with Tom Peek in arranging the interview with Dan,I asked about the possiblity of those 2 disks eventually making it to CD. Tom Said that at present,Dan would rather look forward and not backward,as that tends to take up more of his time than he wants(Hence the work on "Guitar Man Pt.2".)That being said,Tom added that there are no plans right now to have those LP's available on CD. To those that may not know,"Electrovoice" included the Christian version of "Lonely People" which became a huge hit remake in 1986 for Dan.
Another standout track was "A new song",along with the title cut. "Crossover" followed in 1987. The title track could be considered the "sister song" to his original "Don't cross the river".
I must add that "Crossover" is one of the best songs Dan has ever done,be it Christian,pop or even rock. VERY America-ish in its sound,for a solo Dan recording. I'm not sure how available those recordings are now;you may have to do some serious digging,certainly where "Crossover" is concerned.

Message: 22743 Posted: Mon Jul 08 18:36:30 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Reunion, Guitar Man, ect.

Ok, on the Guitar Man CD; not a dog in the bunch. Carry On is still my fave, very America-like. Into The Night comes in number 2 with a great groove. Next I like Makin Tracks, very funky and I would guess Dewey had a smile on his face when he heard this tune. Number 4 would be Sharkeys Song, reminds me of the material on Van Go Gan. The Hill comes in at 5, impeccable guitar, man. Borrowed Time is my sixth favorite, what a rockin' tune. Then Guitar Man. Number 9 is Dead Men, all I can say is WOW!! Then we have Nashville Cats, great pickin'& I'm going against most by saying I really like it, it has grown on me with each listen. Still Luv You rounds out the disc and it kinda reminds me of music by the Byrds except for the shitty drum thing. All in all this is a very good CD and I can't wait for volume 2, hopefully with a good drummer on board and a couple of guest vocalists...Hey Nancy we're headin south this weekend. Hope to hear some America at the beach. Hey Kiri, how was the show on the 3rd? Would have been there but had to take my girls to the fireworks show at Glen Oak Park. It's an annual tradition. Let me know what I missed. If you are ever in the area of Von Stueben school on Forrest Hill around 10 or 11am and see a mailman, stop and say hi.DanC

Message: 22742 Posted: Mon Jul 08 14:36:41 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re : important recognition (BRUNO)

<<a very very important Italian radio (Radio Capital) today chose "a horse with no name" as song that represent years of music 1970\1975>> .

Hey Bruno,

GREAT NEWS !!! That's RECOGNITION indeed !...
Seems maybe one way or another success will (hopefully) bring them back to the old continent !?! IF ONLY, YES ! But had better remember the old English saying - Never count your chickens before et cetera.... Let's keep hoping those little signs we can notice from time to time are at least a proof that better days are coming for European fans!... See You - Geneviève.

Message: 22741 Posted: Mon Jul 08 14:36:26 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Random Thoughts on Kansas

I hoping the opposite will be true in Denver. I'm hoping Kansas will open for their harder sound and America will close & mellow us all out. Time will tell. We'll see how the pair does in Michigan in early September.

Message: 22740 Posted: Mon Jul 08 13:45:05 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Random Thoughts on Kansas

I saw Kansas in concert about 6 years ago. I thought they were very solid. I expect twin-billing with America should be a lot of fun. I would also think this is one of those "twin-billings" where America will play first and I am curious about what order the bands will play in. As I recall from the show I saw, Kansas is a lot more electric than America, so, in some ways, it probably makes sense for America to open.


Message: 22739 Posted: Mon Jul 08 13:17:05 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Reunion.

I'll bet when the remaining three Beatles got together to do "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" for the Anthology CDs, they probably wish they weren't performing to a recording of John Lennon and that he were actually there. Just a thought for Dewey and Gerry and Dan to consider as time marches on.


Message: 22738 Posted: Mon Jul 08 12:29:44 2002 By: bruno
Subject: important recognition

a very very important Italian radio (Radio Capital) today choosed "a horse with no name" as song that represent years of music 1970\1975.
ciao Genevieve, Steve, Johnny, Ingrid and all fans of this historical
band (I aspect you in Italy and aspect AMERICA in Italy, IF ONLY!!)

Message: 22737 Posted: Mon Jul 08 12:11:28 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Kansas

Do they do any "fiddlin on the roof"? See where Kansas & America will do show together in Michigan later on, one in Phoenix, and the other in my city(Denver). This should be outstanding...........

Message: 22736 Posted: Mon Jul 08 12:03:11 2002 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Kansas

Kansas was a brilliant band and comparing them to America is really apples and oranges. Both bands were fabulous. When you look at the history of Progressive Rock, there are certain bands that jump out at you like Yes, early Chicago, Rush and others. But Kansas belonged in this short list as much or more than the others. Their stuff was strikingly original (no one sounded like Kansas but Kansas), incredibly progressive, and really just a delight to savor for musicians. Walsh's vocals--and the rest of the band's--were great as well. Any discussion of "necessary" Kansas must include LEFTOVERTURE and POINT OF KNOW RETURN, although the whole early catalogue is quite good.

Musicians know Kansas well, and they actually are a very strong influence on many Progressive Metal bands all over the world today. When you think of how mind-blowing this stuff was in the 70s, it's not suprising. And I would argue that "Dust in the Wind" was typical of their sound, because--really--they did many different things and were experimenting constantly. A fearless band--there were lucky to have any pop success given how unconventional they were.

I've seen them live twice in my life and both times it was total energy, a great show, with some great fiddle playing! I remember Steve Walsh doing handstands (full inversion) on his keyboard, too, and thinking ("Amazing, this guy must be 50 years old").


Message: 22735 Posted: Mon Jul 08 09:06:18 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Geared Up & R&R hall of mistakes

One gentleman who posted on this site a while back posed a "thinking aloud" question as to whether Dan, Dewey & Gerry might patch up their differences and perform together if they were ever inducted into the Hall of You-Know-What.
I hope the guys do one day resolve their differences and find a reason to perform together again. But I could care less about the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame. To me, it's compromised and bogus, has nothing to do with what rock-and-roll was intended to be, and I'd just as soon not deal with the hypocrisy of seeing some of the same people who ignored (or worse, skewered) America for decades fawning over them because some mover-and-shaker somewhere suddenly decided America was, after all, hip enough to be in the same room with Bono and Joe Perry. (Incidentally, I'm not picking on Bono and Joe Perry. I enjoy a lot of their work.)

Message: 22734 Posted: Mon Jul 08 06:46:51 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Sale of Caribou Ranch?

I saw a posting on the badfinger web site overseen by Joey and Kathie Molland that the Caribou Ranch has been put up for sale due to dwindling recording activity and other factors. Anybody heard anything about the ranch's fate? Of course, business is business. But it would be sad to see a place with such a history (America's "Hideaway," Chicago's "Chicago 7," Badfinger's "Wish You Were Here" and Elton John's "Caribou," to name just a few) become some dude ranch or condo complex.

Message: 22733 Posted: Mon Jul 08 06:07:26 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: World Exclusive Dan Peek Interview

Steve O.~ It's not everyday a fan gets to personally interview his favorite artist. VERY, VERY, KEWL. ~Pat

Message: 22732 Posted: Mon Jul 08 06:00:05 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun -- Bones

Bones~ I agree; "Baby It's Up To You" is an awesome song! Hopefully I'll get to experience it live too. You're probably right about the guys playing the short set.
Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I was unable to attend the Stamford show (bummer). It sounds like you had a great time.
See you at the casino. ~Pat

Message: 22731 Posted: Mon Jul 08 00:48:36 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: World Exclusive Dan Peek Interview

I can't help but feel some "Reading between the lines" within Dan's interview...
Is he perhaps a little regretful that he didn't stick it out with Dewey & Gerry???

I know Dan has become as popular as an accomplished singer/songwriter away from "America" but I can't help but sense that he harks back to the days of the group. Could it be that he also misses the close ties that all 3 had in the early days.... anyway & either way, Dan Peek is a fantastic person.

Message: 22730 Posted: Sun Jul 07 16:44:32 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: No CD Yet for Me! & Various & Xmas songs

I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Message: 22729 Posted: Sun Jul 07 16:25:25 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: No CD Yet for Me! & Various & Xmas songs

Yes, Jeff I ordered the cd, it has been shipped and is probably waiting in my mailroom at work for me! I am one of the few here lucky enough to have heard America perform that song live. I am anxious to hear JL's take on it!

Message: 22728 Posted: Sun Jul 07 15:49:52 2002 By: JoanK
Subject: Dan Peek Interview

Great scoop, Steve O. I was so glad to hear that Dan has other projects in the works. And Nancy, I agree with you about his answer to the question of a reunion. It's too bad that it doesn't appear in the works. Oh well. I guess the only chance of a reunion would be induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Message: 22727 Posted: Sun Jul 07 14:14:30 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun Casino Concert

You missed a great show in Stamford. Don't bet on the long set at the Mohegan. I'm hoping that "Baby it's up to you" finds its way into the short set. I'm still impressed hearing that live a few weeks ago. I'll be there.

Message: 22726 Posted: Sun Jul 07 12:08:05 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: I got my Jeff Larson CD~~~I LOVE IT!

Yes~~~Me Again!
What a better way to spend the day than out on the deck with my Jeff Larson CD playing full blast~~~YES! I finally got it yesterday and I have to say I Absolutely LOVE it, I find the LYRICS soooo SINCERE, I Love the ACCOUSTIC sound, and the HARMONIZING is just WOW!. It definitely is all that I had HOPED it would be and much MORE~~what a MASTERPIECE! I just want to say that on the inside cover at the bottom of the thank you notes it says "thanks to jeff larson for having the creative courage to do this project." I too want to thank you Jeff Larson for sharing these Fresh Beautiful songs with Us and for making this CD! Listening to these songs just has such a comfortable feeling, just like a friendship that has been apart of your life forever~~~~SOOOOO NICE for sure. I give it a 10 out of 10~~~WOW! A Definite Must Have! One more thing the Bonus producers commentary on Norman that is on here is sooooo NEAT it kinda gives you a glimpse of the magic that goes on behind the scenes, it must be so much fun when all these talented artists get together and share their gift of gab in music form! Just too much~~~I Love it!
I close with lyrics from Fields of May~~~~spring brings the flowers and leaves here the setting of our gaze~~eyes bridging the distance and forever burns the mark of this day~~~I caught in passing the scent of her smile in the air~~still and disarming~~~~I could just sing the whole song what beautiful lyrics~~~WOW! Bye for Nancy :) Smiling for sure!

Message: 22725 Posted: Sun Jul 07 08:33:13 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: World Exclusive Dan Peek Interview

Hi Everyone!
Hi Steve~~~Hope you enjoyed your camping trip~~Boy you are right on top of things with this interview release! I read it and Steve O what a great interview~~~Good Questions! Isn't it neat to know that he is working on vol.2 of Guitar Man songs~~~WOW! So glad you asked him if there will be a runion between he and Gerry & Dewey~~~I am so sorry to hear his answer to this~~~Boy it would be so nice to hear them play together again! I can understand where they are all coming from on this~~~so I will respect their decisions on this. It is so nice that Dan feels that he is at the point in his carreer that he feels he can just write right from his heart and soul~~~Nice! So happy for you Dan~~~Much continued success! I am happy for you too Steve O~~~How much this must have meant for you (being an AMERICA Fan) and getting to do this one on one interview and to be the first to have it released~~~WOW! Sooo happy for you too~~Great Job!
Hey Johnny are you out there~~~have you recieved your Jeff Larson CD yet? Looking forward to hearing from you soon on this! If you are on vacation, hope you are having fun!
Hey DanC ~~~Same goes for you too~~~Enjoy the beach, & just one more thing remember to request the man at the Tooki bar to sing some AMERICA songs Okay~~~ :)
Have a great day all! Bye for now, Nancy :) Just hear listening to my Dan~~Guitar Man CD~~~the song Carry On is on now~~~~only love can save me~~~carry on! Nice! :)

Message: 22724 Posted: Sun Jul 07 08:06:22 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: World Exclusive Dan Peek Interview

Radio Personality, Music News columnist, and America Fan Steve Orchard has scooped an exclusive "straight-to-the-point" interview with Dan... Click Here to read all about it!

Message: 22723 Posted: Sat Jul 06 18:03:04 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Fragile Sunrise ~Track- by - track Notes

Hi Everyone!
Neat Steve! I really enjoyed reading these track by track notes, gives~~~ I cannot wait to get this CD! I have the clips to it listed in my real player favorites. It was so neat to see Jeff's notes on the song Sparkle to It~~~this clip in particular caught my attention and I cannot wait to hear this song in full~~I love the line "I don't want to wake you if you are dreaming~~for dreams are hard to find" and it is so neat to know why he added this line to his song~~so cute that watching his daughter sleeping inspired this line. It is so nice to see his appreciation for AMERICA's music and how they have influenced his career. WOW! How good this must make Gerry & Dewey feel. Sooo nice Timothy B. Schmitt's talents added here too. WOW! I love his voice!
Hey Mr. Mailman hurry and bring me my CD I want to listen to it sooo bad!
Hey Eddy~~~Let us know about the show tonight~~Okay? Good point about the Rock & Roll hall of Shame! I too agree with Vic~~good that we AMERICA fans point out these stupid mistakes and show the mighty Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that we feel AMERICA should be given the appropriate recognition due to them. Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22722 Posted: Sat Jul 06 14:57:27 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Fragile Sunrise Track-by-Track Notes

I just got back from camping and noticed that Jeff has posted some track-by-track notes for Fragile Sunrise. I found it very interesting to see what was behind each song. I think it gives a greater appreciation for everything that went into the album (the America influence, Gerry and Dewey's involvement, etc.). Here's a link to the notes:

Message: 22721 Posted: Sat Jul 06 00:01:50 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Geared Up & R&R hall of mistakes


Your point is well taken. I went to the web sight, as you suggested. This is not the first time that AMERICA has been over looked, or out and out, ignored, by the so called, "who's who" of mainstream rock and roll DUMB. We all know that it was, AMERICA that George Martin worked with, back in 1974, producing the album, "Holiday", and not The Beatles. It's good that you brought it out, and those of us who are AMERICA fans, should continue to point out when AMERICA does not get the appropriate recognition, even though it is just AMERICA fans that get the message. Enjoy the concert Eddy. Give us a review tomorrow.

Message: 22720 Posted: Fri Jul 05 21:41:29 2002 By: EDDY
Subject: Geared Up & R&R hall of mistakes

I'm all geared up to see AMERICA tomorrow, CAN'T WAIT!!
Anyone interested check out George Martins page on the Rock & roll hall of crap, America gets mentioned.........But then they don't.....I never knew Sir George started working w/The Beatles in April 1974, & they also came out w/an album called Holiday...Geez, don't these moron's even proof read this stuff, it just goes to show how stupid the R&R hall of shame is.

Message: 22719 Posted: Fri Jul 05 18:39:50 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: No CD Yet for Me! & Various & Xmas songs

Nancy, I was surprised that it came today.'s a well produced, well mixed CD. "Halfmoon bay" is my favorite. "Norman" is excellent. ...Hope Robyn's getting the CD. Robyn, aren't you one of the folks that mentioned "Norman" a long while back? I liked the producers commentary of the song. some insight of how the song is/was put together.

Jeff B.

Message: 22718 Posted: Fri Jul 05 17:40:05 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: No CD Yet for Me! & Various & Xmas songs

Hi Everyone!
Hi Genevieve good to see your post!
Jeff~~I am glad you like it, the clips will still have to do for me, mine didn't come in the mail today~~~Oh well~~My America in Concert DVD did come in the mail today, and just as I expected I cannot get it to play in my dvd player here on my computer again. So I will have to wait till I go and get a DVD player to see this~~BUMMER!
Hi Ingrid~~ I agree with you about the song Dust in the Wind, it is so nice but not the typical Kansas song for sure. It would be nice to hear them perform this live though!
SteveL~~~I too am curious to know if Gerry & Dewey worked on these 3 new songs on the Christmas CD or if seperately. It will be nice to connect the names with the words and music!
Hey DanC~~~I am still here waiting to see what you thought about Dan's Guitar Man CD! Hope you are having fun if you are on vacation! :)
Well John L~~~~Looks like you and I will have to wait to hear the Jeff L CD~~Hopefully we will get it early next week.

Have a great weekend all! Bye for now Nancy :)

Message: 22717 Posted: Fri Jul 05 14:40:33 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Jim / Off Topic - Sorry everyone !

Hi guy,
nice to know you're ' live' on the folder. LOL
<<THE WAVE is complete! >> IS IT ??? How nice !!! I'm so curious now...
Know what? I HAD TO re-write the beginning completely & it sounds much better now. I didn't change the passage you like, though ( the bar & fishbone thing...). But I might well feel like returning to the older version once I have discovered your work!?! lol - Tell you more very soon. Take care - Geneviève.

Message: 22716 Posted: Fri Jul 05 14:37:31 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: CD

Yes, I have ordered it and am patiently (or not so patiently) waiting. Looking forward to hearing what Half Moon Bay sounds like. Maybe we'll use it as our school song.

Message: 22715 Posted: Fri Jul 05 14:24:35 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Xmas songs.

Thanks Steve!
<< I'm curious to know if all three songs were co-written by Dewey and Gerry>> - so am I...
Now back to your campground - enjoy your break !

Message: 22714 Posted: Fri Jul 05 14:19:45 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun Casino Concert/Genevieve

Hi Pat, yep I can sure understand your excitement! Regarding 'WHEELS', it wasn't a favourite of mine on CD, but for me, it was almost the 'find' of the concerts. Superb, Dewey's voice real strong! Enjoy yourself, which I KNOW you will! And Genevieve, hi my friend! Thanks for that info; talk to you real soon. THE WAVE is complete!

Message: 22713 Posted: Fri Jul 05 14:09:13 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: My million things & thoughts .

I believe the 3 new songs are "A Christmas To Remember", "Winter Holidays", and "Christmas in California" (since I know the rest of the songs). I'm curious to know if all three songs were co-written by Dewey and Gerry or if one or more of them were individually written.

P.S. I had to come back to work for a few hours today to tie up some loose ends but I'm headed back to the campground in an hour or so. See you all later!

Message: 22712 Posted: Fri Jul 05 13:47:26 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: My million things & thoughts .

Hi & thank you so much Robyn.
Which is the 3rd new song, so?

Message: 22711 Posted: Fri Jul 05 13:39:34 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My million things & thoughts .

The First Noel is a tradtional song. I, personally am interested in hearing "Christmas in California" since that is where ALL of my Christamses have been celebrated.

Message: 22710 Posted: Fri Jul 05 12:59:38 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: My million things & thoughts .

Hi eveyone,

YOU're such a lucky guy !!! Hope Nancy & you will comment on it very soon here. Enjoy the music & have a thought for a faraway fellow fan.

Hi Ingrid - hope you are fine & leading a cool life (UNLIKE me)!

Also want to say Hi to BRUNO. Do hope you'll get America to cross the world for a show in Italy !!! Might find a way to make it to your nice city, should this dream come true... LET US KNOW, PLEASE !

Hi Jim,
See you don't find much time to post either. MISSING our chats on America a lot but have good ( perso) news I'll soon share with you. BTW, if you want to see some REAL GOOD French / European movie, be sure not to miss Cédric Klapisch's "L'Auberge Espagnole"... don't think they will translate the title when they export the film (?) It'll sure remind you of those months spent on the old continent -->student's life & all... PLUS EXCELLENT music, since the sountrack mainly uses RADIOHEAD's "No Surprises" from the 'OK Computer' CD, probably my fave Radiohead album. Now too bad film directors don't use America music as soundtrack too !

Thanks again Gerry for the pics. Love the Indianapolis view.

Last but not least, I was intrigued to see " The First Noel " on the list of songs for the Xmas album, both because the title uses the French word Noel ( or Noël) & second because I've never heard of that song before. Does it belong to the Am. Xmas tradition or is it one of the new songs? Sorry for maybe sounding naive to you, but think I'm still learning a lot everyday !!! Thanks in advance for your kind teaching = :-) - Geneviève.

Message: 22709 Posted: Fri Jul 05 12:56:52 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: CD

...darn good stuff! I think "Halfmoon Bay" is a fine song. ...wonder will John L. of Halfmoon Bay be getting this CD?

I like Jeff L.'s choice of instruments...baritone guitar, mandolin...YEP.

..hope the folks that were waiting for "Norman" like it. I do.

Jeff B.

Message: 22708 Posted: Fri Jul 05 11:51:35 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Mohegan Sun Casino Concert

3 weeks till the guys perform at the mohegan sun casino here in connecticut. i'm very excited. i'm hoping that the band will play the long set (plus extra songs) to make up for last year's cancelation! (lol, i guess there's no harm in wishfull thinking) i'm glad to hear that they're still playing "wheels are turning". i've read here that this song sounds great live. i know that nina will be attending, anyone else going? ~pat

Message: 22707 Posted: Fri Jul 05 10:36:02 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: CD

Hi Jeff~~
Hurry listen to it, I am heading out to the mailbox, I sure hope mine comes today too. Let us know what you think of it, Okay! I have my clips to it playing here on my real player. Ooooh I hope the mailman brought mine too!
Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22706 Posted: Fri Jul 05 10:16:02 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: CD...

My Jeff Larson CD came...YEP!

Carry on

Message: 22705 Posted: Fri Jul 05 08:15:06 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Various

I was very saddened to hear of the untimely death of John Entwhistle, a truly great bass player. The Who has dedicated the remainder of their tour to his memory because "he would have wanted the show to go on."

Just to echo Speechwriter's comments, if you like Journey, Styx and/or Boston, chances are you'll enjoy Kansas. The nihilistic "Dust in the Wind" isn't typical of the way they can rock. I haven't seen them live but it sounds like a great double bill to me! Hoping for a report.

The trouble with kids today: They think that America, Chicago, Boston, Kansas and Alabama are places and don't understand that they are bands . . .

Message: 22704 Posted: Thu Jul 04 18:24:03 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Coralville, Iowa concert

I knew my fellow Iowans would show respect for one of the greatest bands in history of music. I used to live in Cedar Rapids, just north of Iowa City and those were great days. I want to make it back to the Amana colonies again some day to eat some of the greatest food in the world. I still tell everybody to make sure and stop at the Amanas when they go thru Iowa. Tanks again for the report. AMERICA ROCKED IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 22703 Posted: Thu Jul 04 13:55:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Coralville, Iowa Concert~~VFTHW pics & Ooops!

Hi Everyone,
Welcome Michael, and thanks so much for letting us know about the show in Iowa. I can definitely relate with your enthusiasm about the show, I too felt this way getting to see them last Feb~~~Soooo Nice! Sounds like they sang the long playlist of songs at this show, they sang Wheels are turning at the show I saw too~~Yes it is so nice to hear some of the newer songs at their shows, I wish they would sing more of them!
Hi SteveL(enjoy your camping trip)~~~thanks for taking time on your holiday to post these VFTHW pics~~Looks like Gerry & Dewey were staying right in the Heart of the city in Iowa! As for the Indianapolis pic~~~I wonder if there were any AMERICA Fans staying in this opposite Hotel and if they realized that Gerry may have been taking a picture! Brings the song Right Back to Me to mind~~~Thanks Gerry for the pics! What a way to spend the 4th of July~~~seeing AMERICA in concert~~~very fitting I would say!
Hi Janice~~~Cute pic of your dogs~~~my daughter fell in love with the pic and wants me to print it out for her to hang in her bedroom!
Have a great day all! Be sure to take in some firework displays this evening~~thats where we are heading too. Bye for now~~Nancy :)

Message: 22702 Posted: Thu Jul 04 13:22:33 2002 By: Michael
Subject: Coralville, Iowa concert

Dear America friends:

I just had the great pleasure of seeing America in Coralville, Iowa! It was an awesome concert! The boys were terrific! The concert was in one of the city's parks and was absolutely packed! I got there at about 3 P.M. (for an 8 P.M. show) and was able to stake out a seat in the front rows! Wow! I even managed to click a few photos from right next to the stage! The concert, as I said, was terrific! Some of the highlights were Wind Wave, Wheels Are Turning (nice to hear Human Nature tracks again), The Border, I Need You (George Harrison's song, a nice tribute, which followed Gerry's song of the same title), and Another Try. The entire concert was an absolute joy, so picking out a few highlights isn't easy! An incredible 90+ minute set! It was also nice to talk to some other long-time America fans at the show! Thanks for the nice chats!


P.S. - I'm a "newbie" to this chat folder, but have been a fan for about 23 years now! Thanks!

Message: 22701 Posted: Thu Jul 04 11:27:33 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Yes, I will go away soon.

Nice photo Janice. You know they say the third time's a charm. You were simply making sure that we all knew that the saying was true. Have a great 4th! I'm off to do some camping.

Message: 22700 Posted: Thu Jul 04 11:05:33 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Indianapolis

Gerry is in Indianapolis today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 22699 Posted: Thu Jul 04 11:04:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Iowa City

Gerry was in Iowa City yesterday. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 22698 Posted: Thu Jul 04 07:40:50 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Yes, I will go away soon.

Make that:

Message: 22697 Posted: Thu Jul 04 07:38:29 2002 By: Janice
Subject: oops..

It is

Told ya I was technologically challenged!

Message: 22696 Posted: Thu Jul 04 07:31:44 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th America Fans!! This is a great day to be an American, too!

Cliff and Curt read backwards, so they think it is One Nation Under Dog. :-)
Nevertheless, the sentiment is there, and check out their patriotic bandanas! Yes, Curt dribbled on my carpet, please disregard.

(Dearest Steve, please fix this for me if I did it wrong. I am technologically challenged.)

Message: 22695 Posted: Thu Jul 04 07:17:49 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New DVD and Dan's "Guitar Man"

nope actually according to the Pioneer Entertainment site, it looks like this is just the Musikladen material. AMERICA has a DVD out recorded in 1975. It is excellent.

Message: 22694 Posted: Thu Jul 04 07:02:12 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New DVD and Dan's "Guitar Man"

hmmm, very interesting. I wonder if it is from the concert in Central Park, looks like it's from Pioneer. Pioneer had a bunch of live concerts on Pioneer Laser in the days b/4 DVD, AMERICA released the laser disc (about the size of an old vinyl LP) AROUND 1980. Unfortunately the technology never caught fire, however AMERICA was hotter than ever ! The concert in Central Park was also just b/4 the long hair would be sheared off.

Message: 22693 Posted: Thu Jul 04 00:32:37 2002 By: Vic
Subject: On Kansas

Thanks Speech and Red, concerning Kansas.

Message: 22692 Posted: Wed Jul 03 22:38:08 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: PEACE

I agree, Jerey. The Peace trilogy is excellent. Talk about an underappreciated group. Oh, what one could do with the backing of a major label...

Message: 22691 Posted: Wed Jul 03 21:28:15 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: New DVD and Dan's "Guitar Man"

Anyone know the details on the new America DVD set for release in August? It is called Live at the Beat Club or something of that sort. I saw it at CD Now. Details anyone? As for the new Dan CD. I liked it but I liked the Peace trilogy much better. A thought on Dan. Voice sounds a bit like Mark Knopfler. Guitar licks do too.

Message: 22690 Posted: Wed Jul 03 16:54:12 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Guitar Man

Arived today. Unfortunatly, it has jammed twice in my player I am currently tracking another disc to see if my beloved portable box of sanity is going fritz or what!

Message: 22689 Posted: Wed Jul 03 16:39:38 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: View From the Bus Window

Me Again!
WoW! Neat picture Gerry~~~Looks the corn is coming along just fine there in Iowa. Now if you would add some layering hills to this pic it would be like looking like a pic taken right here in Pa.
Regarding Kansas's music~~Dust in the wind was one of their slower songs, I like their song called The Wall, I believe Steve Walsh also had an album on his own called Glassolalia~~a rockin album~~alot harder then AMERICA for sure~~the song~~Thats What Loves all About~~comes to mind from this~~~Even this was his work alone apart from Kansas you could still hear his Kansas influence in these songs.
Tonight is Live Chat night! Nancy :)

Message: 22688 Posted: Wed Jul 03 15:30:20 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: View From The Bus Window - Iowa

IS there any doubt that they read the chat folder? Thanks, Gerry. That was very cool!

Message: 22687 Posted: Wed Jul 03 15:29:28 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Fenton

...that's right. ...went to Fentons many years ago. Williamstown is across the bridge (Ohio river) from Marietta, Oh.

Message: 22686 Posted: Wed Jul 03 15:28:33 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: View From The Bus Window - Iowa

That looks like heaven and made my day. Iowan forever.

Message: 22685 Posted: Wed Jul 03 15:08:17 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Bus Window - Iowa

Gerry is in Iowa today. Click here to see the view from his bus window.

Message: 22684 Posted: Wed Jul 03 13:31:44 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Fenton

Fenton glass is in Williamstown, West Virginia and it is fine stuff.

Message: 22683 Posted: Wed Jul 03 13:18:30 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Nancy ~~~QVC ~~~Yes Corn fields here in Pa!

...I think Fenton glass is either in Marietta, Oh. or right across the Ohio river near Parkersburg, Wv.

Message: 22682 Posted: Wed Jul 03 13:17:09 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: 4th Of July Concert Info

The following information was posted on the VH.COM message board. I'm summarizing it here in case anyone missed it.

The free tickets for the America concert in Indy tomorrow night are available at the TNT fireworks in Castelton, IN today from 5-6. Not sure when America plays but the gates open at 3.

Message: 22681 Posted: Wed Jul 03 12:43:24 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Nancy ~~~QVC ~~~Yes Corn fields here in Pa!

Me Again!
Hi Red~~~Wow~~ You didn't think that Pa. grows corn~~~well let me say I have lots of corn fields around me. I live in a rural area and there are alot of farmers here that raise sweet corn to sell and then the rest of the corn fields are feed for the cattle, there are also Milk farmers around here to. We have a house on my husbands Dad's farm, he no longer farms but leases out the ground to other farmers! Now in regards to you question about where is QVC and do I live near to where their studio is~~~This would be about 41/2 hours to the east of me, I live more in the Laurel Highlands area. Neat~~~you like Boyd's Bears~~~aren't these little bears so cute and wow the names that they are given sure do fit them well. I am not to familiar with Fenton Glass. I like collecting the Precious Moments figurines though~~~~ Well I guess I was totally off topic with this Post~~so I will just say this about your earlier comment about an AMERICA concert be better than sex~~~ I guess in some cases this is true~~getting to see Gerry & Dewey & the band is quite an AWESOME experience and it sure is over way too quickly, leaving you wanting more and more. So I will agree with you on this! Okay the kids want to go to the Pool so I am gone! Bye for now! Nancy :)

Message: 22680 Posted: Wed Jul 03 12:19:51 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Kansas

No, Vic I have not seen Kansas yet. But, I will on Sept 20 here in Denver when they share the bill with AMERICA as they are doing in Phoenix later on. To me they are just a warmup for AMERICA, but could actually be good for all I know. Will let you know after Sept 20.

Message: 22679 Posted: Wed Jul 03 11:42:21 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Thoughts on Kansas

Another one of those groups that Rolling Stone's band of elitist critics loved to dismiss as pretentious and overblown "corporate" rock product(in the approximate realm of Styx, Journey, Boston, etc.).
I fall somewhere in the middle.
I have the "Masque" LP, the Greatest Hits and a Steve Walsh solo record, and I figure that's about all I need.
Obviously they were huge in the 70s with "Carry on Wayward Son," "Point of Know Return," and "Dust in the Wind" (this last song is not what I'd call typical of their sound).
From where I sit, Kansas was an interesting act ("Bringing It Back from Mexico" with its tough vocals and busy fiddle was an early highlight). But the music and lyrics seemed to become more grandiose (for example, sometimes tedious, Yes-style virtuoso passages) and less interesting with successive records until the inevitable, heavily-glossed "live" LP.
In short, I would think that liking America would be no guarantee of enjoying Kansas. But, at the same time, the band can muster an occasionally compelling keyboards-and-guitar noise from time to time, and Steve Walsh' s lyrics and vocals are often quirkily engaging.

Message: 22678 Posted: Wed Jul 03 10:38:51 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: BTS


Noticed a few weeks ago, you ended a post with a quote from a KANSAS song: "all we are is dust in the wind". Are you familiar with this band? Have you seen them in concert? The reason I'm asking is, that on Nov. 2, in Phoenix, AMERICA will be splitting the bill with them. I'd rather see just AMERICA, but since I have no choice... What are your thoughts, if any, on this band? Anyone else?

Message: 22677 Posted: Wed Jul 03 09:54:14 2002 By: red oak
Subject: BTS

Overheard at most America concerts - "It's over already?

Overheard in most bedrooms - Already over?

That's my point - AMERICA has more staying power...........

Message: 22676 Posted: Wed Jul 03 09:37:07 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Knee high by 4th of July

"An America conert is better than sex." Hmmm. This could be fun.
Why is an America concert better than sex?
An America concert last 2 hours. depends on whether it is man or a woman answering.
At the end of an America concert thousands of people of people shout 'More, more more!" At the end of sex, your wife says, "Maybe we should repaint the ceiling".

Anyone else want to try?

Message: 22675 Posted: Wed Jul 03 07:46:57 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Your Move / Hourglass covers

Pat, regarding the "G" and the "D" formation, it was mentioned to me by someone else from just the other day. Wish I saw it myself 'initially' speaking.

Regarding the "Your Move" LP, at the end of the video for "The Border," there's a comical scene. A swimmer in the ocean swims by in between Gerry and Dewey as they're playing checkers. I can't explain what's funny about it; a person would have to see it for themself. I can only say that it's obviously unnatural...put in there perhaps by computer or so it seems to me.

Message: 22674 Posted: Wed Jul 03 07:40:19 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Nancy

Do you by chance live near the city that QVC calls home in Pennsylvania, West Chester I think? Love to shop on QVC for Boyd's Bears & Fenton glass. I didn't realize Pennsylvania grew corn, but then the Amish had to grow everything, right?

Message: 22673 Posted: Wed Jul 03 07:19:46 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hot but not Humid & Knee High by the 4th

Hi Everyone!
Hi Vic~~~yes the key word in your subject not Humid~~WOW those are some hot temps you have there in Ariz. I wonder if I would like the hot temps here if the Humidity wouldn't be so high~~Our humidity was up in the 90% range, this in turn makes the heat index in the 100's~~and we are off to another steamy day here in Pa. I guess We will head to the swimming pool~~~Nice!
Hi Red Oak~~~I had to smile when I read about the corn being knee high by the fourth~~~the corn here in Pa is not quite there yet, but with these hot days and the humidity and the warmer nights I am sure it will get there quickly. I too think that would be neat if Gerry would happen to have a corn field outside his hotel window so that he would get a pic of this. It would be nice to hear from anyone that is going to their concert there in Iowa this evening. Stay Cool Gerry & Dewey!
Wow! Tomorrow is the 4th of July already, this summer is just flying by way toooo fast for sure! Happy Birthday USA! Have a great day everyone, Enjoy all that good food at your cookouts~~~ahhh yes Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers & Homemade Apple Pie!!! Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22672 Posted: Wed Jul 03 07:00:18 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Knee high by 4th of July

Gerry, please take a picture of a corn field while in Iowa today for ur concert. I would like to see if it is knee high yet. It will be a good crop if knee high. Remember, all Iowans appreciate AMERICA! An AMERICA concert is better than sex.

Red Oak

Message: 22671 Posted: Wed Jul 03 04:47:14 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Your Move / Hourglass covers

For all these years I thought that Gerry and Dewey were sitting on the sand, thanks to Johnny's keen observation, I'm looking at the cover and it's quite obvious that they're not. It looks like they're sitting on a concrete wall. Thanks Johnny for pointing that out.

And I can also now see the capitol letters: "G" and "D" (using the sound-holes of the 2 guitars) on the Hourglass cover. I never saw that before. Good question whether or not if that was intentional. My guess would be that it was. Does anyone here know for sure? ~Pat

Message: 22670 Posted: Tue Jul 02 23:46:59 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re:Hot but not Humid

It's 11:35pm, in Tucson. The temperature is 95o. Today was the 17th day in a row, where the temperature has been above 105o, the 95th day in a row with no rain. The humidity, right now, is up there at 12%. During the day, it will drop down to around 4% to 6%. "...the heat was hot and the ground was dry..." The Monsoons are coming, we pray.

Message: 22669 Posted: Tue Jul 02 23:37:16 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Another "Weather With You" Connection? (Speech)

Speech, I would assume it's the same person although the first name, according to the liner notes of "Woodface", is spelled "Ricki". I don't recall seeing a first name mentioned on the "Silent Letter" LP sleeve in assocation with Fataar as the co-writer of "Foolin'".

Message: 22668 Posted: Tue Jul 02 17:09:51 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony

Me Again!
Hi All~~~Yes how nice that was to find the songs listed for this Christmas album~~~Like You Robyn I find myself wondering what these 3 new songs will be like~~the names sure give you the impression that they will be nice ones~~Winter Holiday's~~~A Christmas to Remember and just as you said Robyn Christmas in California~~~sounds so nice. I must say I was a little disappointed not to find Houses in White on this~~after all this great song has never been released on any of their albums yet. Is it possible to add it as a Bonus Track~~~Sure would be nice~~~Hey Gerry how about it? It doesn't hurt to ask does it? :)
Well no AMERICA DVD in the mail today~~~~hurry Mr Mailman I have waited for such a long time for you to bring this to me! Haven't I been patient enough?
Hi redoak~~~nice to know we are not the only place having a heat spell~~~Yes Hi Jim that is something how it is your wintertime there in NZ~~~~Oceans in between us~~but thats not very far!~~After all it is the same Moon and Sun that we can see up in the sky~~~I just find that amazing! Nice! Enjoy the cooooool evening! Oh Yes and one more thing my favorite Christmas song is on this CD ~~~~Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas~~~Wow I can hardly wait to hear Gerry & Dewey singing this one~~~I will melt for sure! Bye for now! Nancy (the thought of this just has me smiling from ear to ear! ) :)

Message: 22667 Posted: Tue Jul 02 16:15:39 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Speaking of Hot & Humid

Nancy and red oak; hearing of you sweltering in the summer heat reminds me once again what different parts of the world we are in. Its mid winter here, cold and raining!

Message: 22666 Posted: Tue Jul 02 16:11:55 2002 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony

I just read news I've heard all week...can't wait! When's it going to be released?? Thanks guys! By the way...hope to see you in Reno sometime soon! (Looking forward to the Genoa, NV show!)
Hope everyone's having a wonderful week!

Erin :o)

Message: 22665 Posted: Tue Jul 02 16:06:22 2002 By: kiri
Subject: re: speaking of hot and humid

last friday's show was short-but excellent. there was a "rising star" stage outside the main stage area and the guy who had been playing on it prior to the show was introduced and brought up to play during "Horse" and was a part of their bow at the end. very cool of the guys.

Message: 22664 Posted: Tue Jul 02 15:11:45 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Holiday Harmony

A list of the songs has been put up on the site. Nice collection of holiday songs. I find myself wondering in particular about "Christmas in California"....

Message: 22663 Posted: Tue Jul 02 13:52:15 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Speaking of Hot & Humid

The men will be in Coralville, Iowa tomorrow where I'm sure it will be unbearable to exist for a concert. Having spent 27 years as an Iowa native, I know how much of a luxury a cold towel is in the month of July in Iowa. Should be good for a 10 pound weight loss for the guys. Anyway, if anyone can stand the heat, would enjoy a review of this show. Didn't anyone go to the concert in Illinois last Friday?

Message: 22662 Posted: Tue Jul 02 12:14:06 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Weather with you connection & Dan's CD Cover

Hi Everyone!
Speech~~~You can find this clip here on the america fan site, just go to albums and click on misc. tracks and it is there. Crowded House also released this song just as Johnny has here on his post on their Woodface CD~~~It is such a COOL song~~kinda brings a smile to my face because when I talk with any of my friends here on the net this is one question that is sure to come up so in a way I always take the weather with me! LOL! The weather here in Pa. is so HOT & HUMID the heat index is 104 here~~~Too hot!
I am here preparing the quarterly account statements for my work that I do for a credit union, and my music is here with me making this more bearable!
Hi Johnny~~~~Yes I think Dan signed my CD Bluebird because of my email address, but then again I did sign his guestbook and Bluebird is there too~~~was nice of him to do this~~brought a smile to my face for sure! It is neat about the Hourglass cover~~~You are too much Johnny~~~I never really caught that before! :) Crowded Houses song Distant Sun and It's only Natural are nice too! I knew there song Hey now Hey now don't dream its over and touch me once touch me twice, but it is nice to have found the rest of these nice songs~~~I do have to say Fingers Of Love~~~WOW!
Hi DanC~~~Neat how you and I got our CD delivered by the mailman on the same day~~~ :) I am looking forward to what you have to say about the songs on here~~~Playing here a song from the Serendipity soundtrack called Moonlight Kiss by Bap Kennedy~~~~wish i could fall on a night like this into your loving arms for a moonlight kiss~~I thought i saw your face in the evening sky on a lonesome cloud that was drifting by~~~~wish i could trade it all on a night like this, and fall into your loving arms for a moonlight kiss~~~such cute lyrics for sure! :) Bye for now Nancy :)

Message: 22661 Posted: Tue Jul 02 11:55:50 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Another "Weather With You" Connection?

Are we talking about the same Ricky Fataar who recorded with the Beach Boys in the early 70s?

If it is, he is on one of my favorite (and, I think, least well regarded_ Beach Boys' LPs "Holland."

Incidentally, where and when did America cover the track you're referring to?

Message: 22660 Posted: Tue Jul 02 11:18:26 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Another "Weather With You" Connection?

I was reading the liner notes of Crowded House's CD "Woodface" and saw another possible connection with AMERICA. As we all know, AMERICA covered "Weather With You" with Gerry singing lead vocal.

The drummer and percussionist on Crowded House's original version is Ricki Fataar. Is this the same Fataar that co-wrote "Foolin'" with Gerry? I would tend to think so.

Message: 22659 Posted: Tue Jul 02 10:55:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes~~It is here~~I am listening to it now!

Cool Nancy, how Dan signed your CD cover! I assume he got "Bluebird" from your e-mail address when you ordered the CD. Do you think so?

Yes, what I mentioned about the guitar man figure and his guitar on Dan's CD cover forming Dan's initials "dp" (as either Pat or Mark pointed out), it's somewhat the same as the "Hourglass" CD cover as Nancy mentioned (Way to go, Nancy!).

Check-out how on the "Hourglass" cover the two guitar sound holes seem to form a "G" and the other a "D". Whether intentionally or not, I think it's pretty cool!

Message: 22658 Posted: Tue Jul 02 09:07:25 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 20 years.

Kevin, if you read the liner notes for Human Nature, you'll find that Willie played the bongos on "Wheels Are Turning". The liner notes for Hourglass show that he played the drums on "Greenhouse" and "Everyone I Meet Is From California". I know you'd like to have him play on all of the tracks, but at least we have had a touch of Willie in the recent past.

Message: 22657 Posted: Tue Jul 02 08:51:00 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: Reply to AmericaSL (a bit off topic)+America in India+America covers

Hi, Steve, I'm on intercontract leave right now, which means I could stay in the States from mid-May to early July, so I'll be going back to India next Monday, July 8th. The situation in India seems to be better now. Unfortunately, America didn't come to our area, although it usually does.

On a side note, I've got some students at the international school where I teach to like America; indeed, every year the students have a rock concert, and for the last 2 years, I've had them play an America song. Last year was "Sister Golden Hair", and this year was "A Horse With No Name". Almost no one knew America at the school, but now almost everyone does! "Sister Golden Hair" seems to be the most accessible and likeable song of America's for the students!

About those new compilation CDs from Europe, they have quite colorful cover art: LIVE AT SANTA BARBARA, JUNE 1ST, 1985 has the band playing against a backdrop of an American flag (but it's not the same cover as the British EMI Gold America in concert--here the band is in action on stage, not seated); A HORSE WITH NO NAME has a black background with Dewey and Gerry playing guitar; and THE LAST UNICORN 2CD SET has a sort of psychedelically-colored cover. No new songs, and just simple inlay cards: no liner notes or anything.

Any reason why Dan Peek chose to "simplify" his new CD--not packaged attractively as his previous CDs.

Sorry for the long post, but I don't get to post often when I'm in India!

Message: 22656 Posted: Tue Jul 02 07:52:09 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: 20 years.

Dan, unfortunately it's been 20 years since we've heard a touch of the great Willie Leacox. It's also been 20 years since America was in the top ten. But that's probably just some strange coincidence.


Message: 22655 Posted: Tue Jul 02 06:49:05 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Your Move" movie clip - America SL

Greg, I don't have any video software so I don't have a way to convert the video clips. Even if I did, I'm afraid the clips would be too big for me to put on the web site. As it is I had to remove many of the RealAudio soundclips that I had on the site and point to clips on other sites (such as Sorry about that.

Message: 22654 Posted: Tue Jul 02 05:04:17 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Yes Yes Yes~~It is here~~I am listening to it now!

Received mine yesterday and my thoughts will be forthcoming. So far it sounds great and very fresh. I'll listen some more before commenting but just for a start I like Carry On really well. It would have sounded fantastic if Dewey and Gerry would have contributed to this tune. Very America-sounding to me. Also if there is any problem at all, and it is not that bad, it's that the songs could have had a touch of the great Willie Leacox on them. More later.DanC.

Message: 22653 Posted: Tue Jul 02 04:51:47 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: "Your Move" movie clip - America SL

Is there anyway of actually getting some of the past video clips the guys
have done over the years, and posting them on the webserver? similar to the "Hope" clip....

Message: 22652 Posted: Tue Jul 02 04:46:06 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: The "Your Move" LP Cover

It actually looks like a slab of rock that's been shaved / carved to make up the beach wall...

Message: 22651 Posted: Tue Jul 02 01:07:17 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Yes Yes Yes~~It is here~~I am listening to it now!

Hi Everyone!
Guess what the Mailman brought me today~~Give Up~~Yes my Dan Peek~~Guitar Man CD~~ It is signed Play it Bluebird!! Dan Peek (How Neat!):)I had work this evening and had to wait to listen to it,(This about drove me Crazy)~~but it was worth the wait~~I can already say my favorite song is Sharkey's Song, then The Hill, then Carry on~~Only Love Can Save You~~then Jessica,then~~ Makin'Tracks, I really like the music to Into the Night~~can get into this for sure! I agree with you John~~Guitar Man & Borrowed Time~~Definitely good rockers for sure! I like Jessica it is simple and nice music, Still Luv You ~~ Nice and quaint lyrics. I would have to say my least favorite is Dead Men~~I really don't care for the lyrics to this song too much, and then there is Nashville Cats~~~I can remember this song~~its not that bad! For some reason the first track~~Guitar Man~~will not play on my cd player on the computer, all the rest of the tracks play fine. So I got my son's portable CD player and Guitar Man plays just fine on there~~~so strange! I would say the songs with the most AMERICA sound to them are The Hill, and Jessica too in a way & Into the Night! I am definitely finding this better and better each time I listen to it. So all in all I give it a 9 out of 10~~~ Nice! Now one thing I find interesting about the cover is that this guitar man figure looks so much like the artwork that my neighbor makes out of railroad spikes so I am enclosing his site address for all of you to check out~~let me know if you think this ~~
Update on my Jeff Larson CD~~~I just recieved an email from and it is on its way~~~WOW! I could have it by the weekend~~ and let's not forget my America in Concert DVD it should be here tomorrow~~~I HOPE! If it doesn't play in my computer dvd player this time~~I am heading right to the store and getting myself a dvd player for sure! I think I could just listen to my music all night long for sure! Sooo relaxing!
One last thing~~~About the Your Move Cover~~I too always thought they were sitting on the sand, but I see they are sitting on what looks like a slab of broken off concrete or a big stone~~~One thing I do know for sure both Gerry & Dewey look ooooh sooooo goooood on here! Nice! Johnny this coincidence could it be the way the guitar is uneven on the Hourglass album cover~~~it kinda looks like the guitar on the cover of this. Hey DanC~~~~did you get yours yet? Let us know~~~Okay? Okay Good Night! I think I will just sleep with this playing in my headphones all night long! I know I am crazy for sure~~~but it is oooh soo nice! Nancy :)

Message: 22650 Posted: Mon Jul 01 23:11:48 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (JohnL)

Very considerate of you, Johnny (with the favourite/favorite thing) A nothing reason why America fans are the best.

Message: 22649 Posted: Mon Jul 01 21:40:39 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (JohnL)

Thanks John for your review. Your favourites from "Guitar Man" are my favorites, too.

Message: 22648 Posted: Mon Jul 01 16:19:43 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The "Your Move" LP Cover

I always thought they were sitting on the wall that separates the bike path from the sand. Most California beeches have them. The walls are about 2 1/2 -3 feet off the ground and about 3-31/2 feet wide.

Message: 22647 Posted: Mon Jul 01 15:26:43 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The "Your Move" LP Cover

I thought it was the sand, too. But now that I look at the cover it's so obvious that they're not on the sand.

Message: 22646 Posted: Mon Jul 01 14:57:01 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Johnny's kind offer


thanks for your kind offer. I may take you up on that. I'll speak to you in more detail tomorrow.

Lights out time now in England.

Message: 22645 Posted: Mon Jul 01 14:35:52 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (JohnL)

Johnny, Guitar Man (title track), Dead Men and Borrowed Time are just good old plain rockers. Sharkey's Song sounds like it is right off of All Things Are Possible. I haven't gone back to relisten to ATAP so see if there is one song in particular it reminds me of or just the production of it. Carry On reminds me of Dan's work with PEACE. Making Tracks (the "need you" song) is very simple but effective and enjoyable. Favourite (that's Canadian for favorite) tracks are Guitar Man, Jessica and Sharkey's Song. The only track I don't really like is Nashvile Cats. Never really liked even those America songs that were more country influenced. (BTW, I'd like to see Don't Cross The River dropped from the live playlist. I know for many of you this is a favourite but not one of mine)
The other tracks on Guitar Man are strong "fillers" in my opinion. Some albums have one strong track, a couple of mediocre ones and several pretty weak ones. Guitar Man, in my opinion has 5 or 6 strong tracks, 4 or 5 good solid tracks and one that I don't like. Not a bad batting average at all.

Message: 22644 Posted: Mon Jul 01 14:21:57 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: The "Your Move" LP Cover

I always thought it was the sand. Better go take another look.

Message: 22643 Posted: Mon Jul 01 14:12:08 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (Jason)

Johnny, Colonel Milton L. Peek is Dan and Tom's father. I have corresponded with him once or twice.

Message: 22642 Posted: Mon Jul 01 13:59:49 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Your Move" LP Cover

All these years, I thought D&G were sitting on the sand playing Chinese Checkers. Not until just recently did I realize that they're sitting on a table top or some type of flat surface.

Was it just me or did another else also think they were sitting on the sand?

Message: 22641 Posted: Mon Jul 01 13:53:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Guitar Man Front Cover (Coincidence???)

Someone mentioned here (either Mark or Pat B, I think) that the figure on the cover of "Guitar Man" is very cool especially with the "dp" initials as part of the guitar man figure. I do wonder if the "dp" portion was done that way intentionally or if it's just a coincidence.

A fellow fan mentioned to me that he sees something similar on one of D&G's duo CD covers whether intentional or not. Can anyone else spot it and tell us what it is that they see?

Message: 22640 Posted: Mon Jul 01 13:46:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (JohnL)

John, please post what you think about each song on "Guitar Man". I'm very interested in knowing what you think...if nothing else, perhaps the songs you like best.

Message: 22639 Posted: Mon Jul 01 13:43:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Guitar Man (Jason)

Yes, that's really nice about what JohnL said Tom and Milton did or are going to do regarding the postage. In the meantime, where does that leave Jason who's from England? By the way, who's Milton? Isn't that Dan's middle name or is Milton Dan and Tom's brother (maybe their father's name)?

Jason, if the shipping cost is still too high for you, you can order it and have it sent to me and I can send it on to you following my reimbursement for the shipping cost.

Message: 22638 Posted: Mon Jul 01 12:34:40 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Guitar Man

John, I'm glad to hear that things were resolved by Tom and Milt. You're right that they're classy!

Pete, I don't know if Guitar Man will be available in stores or not. According to Dan's web site it's available from 7-Mile Entertainment (quickly) or (not so fast). That makes me think that it will not be available in stores but I could be wrong.

Message: 22637 Posted: Mon Jul 01 12:11:43 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Guitar Man

Since I posted about the postage charges to Canada I have been contacted by both Tom Peek and Milton Peek. They are generously going to make the situation right. I am loving Guitar Man. Think it one of Dan's strongest solo projects and highly recommend it. And obviously, the people behind the scenes at 7-Mile are pretty classy, too.


Message: 22636 Posted: Mon Jul 01 12:05:49 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Canada Day & CD

Hi Everyone,
Happy Canada's Day to all of our Canadian friends here on the chat folder!
Hi Jason~~~It is a shame that the postage and handling has to cost so much to have this CD sent to you. I sure hope there will be another way for you to get this CD. I know that when I went to order Jeff Larson's Complete Works CD, it was from France that it would come and I too was hindered from getting this because of the cost of the postage and handling.
Hey is there anyone out there that attended the Ill show over the weekend, how about letting us know about the show~~~Okay?
Have a good day all! Bye for now, Nancy :)

Message: 22635 Posted: Mon Jul 01 11:56:56 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Anyone know if Dan Peeks Guitar man will be sold at stores or do you have to order it.

Message: 22634 Posted: Mon Jul 01 10:13:35 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Guitar Man


$20.00 postage for canada! That's daylight robbery especially if the real postage was only $0.80 as you have stated. I'd love to buy the CD but I'm not paying those rates. I'll just have to wait until it gets a wider distribution (if that happens).


Message: 22633 Posted: Mon Jul 01 09:49:07 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all the other Canadians on this board. Enjoy. And what would be more appropriate than playing America today! (or any other day for that matter)

Message: 22632 Posted: Mon Jul 01 06:15:36 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Slit Enz??

Eeeekkkk,,,, "Slit Enz"..... hiccup*^#!....

I think I'll have another drink!!!! DOH!!!

thanks JIMBOB my typo's terrible.

and yes, saw Neil Finn in 2000' at "Live at the Chapel" in Prahan Melbourne, kinda like an un-plugged session... fantastic...!

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