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Message: 24809 Posted: Thu Oct 31 18:35:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Halloween Statement

A personal Halloween story:

When my sister and I went Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood (she was about 8 and I was about 5), we went twice in one night. After making a couple of blocks, we came back home and changed outfits which included the uncomfortable plastic masks with the elastic strap they made back in the very early 60s (remember them?) The first house we went to during our second trip, the lady said to us something like, "You're suppose to go to each house only once." So as a kid, I never understood how the lady (and other homeowners) knew it was my sister and I again since we changed costumes and masks. It wasn't until my sister and I were older did we figure out that our "trick" to go twice wasn't concealed well at all. Inspite of our "new" mask and costume, little Asian eyes gave us away. We were one of only about 3 Asian families in the whole city and the only one in that part of town.

Ahhh, the naivety of a young mind!

Message: 24808 Posted: Thu Oct 31 09:15:42 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Carols By Candlelight

no problem Steve, thanks for the update. No AMERICA, no can go.

Message: 24807 Posted: Thu Oct 31 08:29:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Carols By Candlelight

FYI - I found out from Erin at Morey Management that America's involvement with the Carols By Candlelight concert has NOT been confirmed and is still tentative. I apologize for not confirming this information before posting it. You may want to wait to purchase tickets until you know for sure that America will be there. --SteveL

Message: 24806 Posted: Thu Oct 31 08:20:48 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Halloween Statement

This is what I think of Halloween, it worked for me years ago:

Top 10 reasons why Trick or Treating is better than sex!

10. Guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.
9. If you get tired, wait 10 minutes and go at it again.
8. The uglier you look, the easier it is to get some.
7. You don't have to compliment the person who gave you candy.
6. It's OK when the person you're with fantasizes you're someone else, because you ARE someone else.
5. 40 years from now, you'll still enjoy candy.
4. If you don't get what you want, you can always go next door.
3. Doesn't matter if kids hear you moaning and groaning.
2. Less guilt the next morning.
And the Number 1 Reason Trick-Or-Treating is Better Than Sex...
You can "do" the whole neighborhood!

Simply Red

Message: 24805 Posted: Thu Oct 31 07:53:45 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: off topic Warren Zevon

did anyone else see the wonderful Mr Zevon on Letterman last night? ( I set my alarm and got up to see him!) For a man who is as sick as he looks and sounds wonderful! His new one "My Ride's Here" is classic Zevon!

Message: 24804 Posted: Thu Oct 31 07:36:15 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg...story set straight!

Steve did I send you a copy of that, so you can make as MP3 for everyone to listen to? Let me know.

Yes, Howie, you did send me a copy. I believe I posted MP3's in the past but I'm not positive. The MP3 files take up a lot of room so I can't leave them on the web site very long. If I get some time in the future I'll try to post them again and let everyone here know the URL's for downloading them.

Message: 24803 Posted: Thu Oct 31 07:30:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Posters

Here are links to the two America posters on the America Fans web site:

Hat Trick poster
Harbor poster

Message: 24802 Posted: Thu Oct 31 07:15:54 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Happy Halloween!

Just wishing everyone a happy Halloween! It's a perfect autumn day here in Massachusettes..cold, crisp, some foliage still on the trees.

My sixth graders arrived in rare form this morning, some decked out in costumes; most bearing some sort of goodies for our afternoon party! Hope I survive the day! (This used to be much easier in my twenties!)

Message: 24801 Posted: Thu Oct 31 06:59:05 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg...story set straight!

Johnny, I see your point. The recording was put out without
their consent, which violated every infringement, copyright laws etc.
So, yes in a sense, it is a BOOTLEG! Silly me!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 24800 Posted: Thu Oct 31 06:54:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg...story set straight!

No doubt that Dan, Dewey, and Gerry were paid for their ABC performance back in '74. Like a bootleg recording, I doubt that the trio received any compensation for each Phonygraf LP that was sold of that performance. So, perhaps, in this sense, it's a "bootleg".

Message: 24799 Posted: Thu Oct 31 06:39:28 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg

I have picked up "Hideaway," "Harbor" and "View from the Ground," as well as a Canadien pressing of "Perspective," on sealed vinyl. It's always a thrill to find it, so I buy them, even though I already have multiple copies. Typically, they are pretty cheap. On a different, but sort of related note, I recently stumbled across a used copy of "Hat Trick" that still had the poster in it, which, to me, was a real find because somehow I had never acquired the poster before. I still prefer the sound of the vinyl LPs, particularly the Warner era stuff on vinyl, to the CD reissues.

Message: 24798 Posted: Thu Oct 31 06:35:43 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg...story set straight!

I remember you setting this story straight before, Howard, and sending me a copy of the America performances on disc. Thanks.

Message: 24797 Posted: Thu Oct 31 06:18:07 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg...story set straight!

Let me set the record straight on this recording.
A bootleg is when you go to a show and record the show with your tape recorder or mini-disc or DAT recorder. This is the story.
ABC used to air concerts every friday night about 1130P on TV. The show that America was on had other guests: Leo Sayer, Focus and Graham Central Station. Look in the Museum on this site and you'll find the tv clipping that I kept all these years and sent to steve to put on this list. I think it took place in 1974. I stayed up late from 1130p to 1a in the morning recording it. Placed my tape recorder
right next to the tv and boom, excellent recording. The America concert took place in London, England at the Rainbow Theater.
last year or I found somebody on the internet with that exact LP
and he made me a copy of the Eagles/America bootleg LP and I listened to it and it's a recording of that 1974 London, England concert from either FM Radio or TV. Same songs, same sound, same everything.
So, somebody way back when decided to call it a bootleg...WRONG!!!!!
Steve did I send you a copy of that, so you can make as MP3 for everyone to listen to? Let me know.

Message: 24796 Posted: Thu Oct 31 05:55:17 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg

Vic, A friend of mine, knowing what a huge America fan I am found a sealed View From the Ground lp at a half price book store for about $5 and bought it for me. I was thrilled to get it as I only had it on cd and had never bought the vinyl. I also have a sealed Hat Trick lp that I found on e-bay. I bought it because I wanted to get the poster but I haven't had the heart to open it! I eventually plan on getting my America posters framed but haven't had the time to get it done.


Message: 24795 Posted: Thu Oct 31 04:37:10 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Vic ~~ Harbor Poster

Good Morning all ~~
Hi Vic ~~ Yes there is a Poster in the Harbor LP. On one side of the poster is a pic of the Anaheim, Calif. July 3, 1976 concert and on the other side is alot of neat pics that must have been taken on the island where they made this album... It has always been a favorite of mine..... The pics seem to make you wonder about each of them... They sure leave you under the impression that they had a really great time making this album. Nice! ~~~ Wow! That is neat that you found the bootleg lp of this AMERICA/Eagles "On The Road" ~~ Especially with it just being mentioned here yesterday! Too Much!

Okay I gotta take the kids to school now ~~ Have a good day all!

Nancy :)

Message: 24794 Posted: Wed Oct 30 22:47:51 2002 By: Vic
Subject: America/Eagles Bootleg

A few weeks ago, I was in a used record store, and picked up the "Harbor" LP, unopened, still sealed, in the original cellophane, for $5. It still had the original "Harbor" sticker/decal on the celophane wrapper. I thought that was a great find. Has anyone else out there picked up any original, unopened AMERICA vinal? Also found the "America/Eagles On The Road" bootleg, vinal mentioned by Speechwriter and Moser. It matches the description, exactly, as described on the webpage that Moser mentioned. It was sealed, or maybe resealed. The sticker price was $20. I passed it up, for now, not knowing whether or not that was a fair price. Does anyone have an opinion? Should I go back and pay $20., or hope I fine it elsewhere for less? Does anyone know whether or not there is a poster included with the "Harbor" LP?

Message: 24793 Posted: Wed Oct 30 20:36:14 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Carols By Candlelight

Thanks a lot Steve Lowry !
Perhaps CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA ? played live !

Message: 24792 Posted: Wed Oct 30 19:55:14 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: She's Gonna Do What???

On the album's label (Side B), "She's Gonna Let You Down" is printed "She's Gonna Get You Pown". Again..."She's Gonna Get You Pown". :0)

Jas ~ I think you might enjoy Randy Meisner's solo LP "One More Song". I recommend it to anyone who's a fan of Meisner's "Take It To The Limit". His other two LPs (both self-titled) are just okay in my opinion.

Message: 24791 Posted: Wed Oct 30 19:16:02 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/America/pre-Eagles

Here are links to the LP scans that SteveO sent to me (FYI - the album is from Taiwan, not Japan). The lyrics are a riot:

Taiwan Greatest Hits LP Cover
Taiwan Greatest Hits Lyrics

Thanks SteveO!

Message: 24790 Posted: Wed Oct 30 18:50:30 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Carols By Candlelight

CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT is a 13 year holiday concert tradition in San Diego, CA from which 100% of the proceeds benefit charities serving children.

AMERICA will be performing in this years show along with country star Jamie O'Neal, Grammy winner Kim Carnes, Stephen Bishop, Radney Foster, Buck Howdy, and others. Each artist does a few holiday songs and a few hits.

CAROLS will be held 12/5 and 12/6 at California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Tickets range from $20 - $38 and they go on sale at the Box Office (800-98-TICKET) and at TicketMaster next Monday, November 4.

CAROLS always sells out early so those of you in or around Southern California might want to get your tickets soon.

Additional information will be posted Monday 11/4 at

Message: 24789 Posted: Wed Oct 30 17:17:40 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Eagles/America Bootleg

See this page on Steve's America Fans website: Click here

Message: 24788 Posted: Wed Oct 30 14:54:23 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: For Speech ~~ Hmmmm ~ Nice Memories ~ Nice songs!

Wow! Speech ~~
Hmmmm ~~ Dancing Shoes ~~ WOW ~~ What a nice song to be dancing tooooooo and Under a Full Moon ~~~ WOW ~~ Sounds Nice for sure! I still think it is neat how the paths of these great musicians passed. I am listening to Promises Made as I type this ~~~ Yes I am too impatient to wait for my Hubby to hook up my 8 Track Player.... soooo I have my Kazaa on and I found a couple off of Nether Lands soooo this has me smiling and making the snow outside a little more bearable..... I am making supper now sooo gotta go check my Chicken Casserole baking in the Oven ~~~ Thanks for the info on the back up singers..... and for sharing your nice Memories! It sure is FUN STIRRING them up once in a while isn't it???? :) I found Dan's Nether Lands shortly after I got married ~~~ We had bought a Mobile Home and had a speaker system throughout it, I can remember How Nice My AMERICA music and Dan's sounded throughout my new Domain, and I could play it as loud as I wanted (I drove my Mom nuts with all of my music playing all the time :) ~~~ I too had 2 copies of Nether Lands ~~ 1 for the House and 1 for the car..... Oooooh How I loved all of these songs, it will be great to hear them again! You keep enjoying all of this great music too.... :) Regarding the bootleg of AMERICA on one side and the Eagles on the other side ~~~ Hmmm that would be neat to hear.

Hi Steve O ~~~ I will look forward to seeing this neat pic of Dan, Gerry & Dewey ~~~ Nice to hear from you! :)

Okay I gotta get ~~ Everyone here is saying How Much Longer Till We Eat!!!!!!! Nancy :) Once Upon A Time is playing here now :)

Message: 24787 Posted: Wed Oct 30 13:27:34 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/America/pre-Eagles

Wasn't "America: Heard" a live bootleg? Also, I think there was a vinyl LP that captured the Eagles live on one side and America in performance on the other. If memory serves, Howard L., who posts on this site, could illuminate.

Message: 24786 Posted: Wed Oct 30 13:09:14 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/America/pre-Eagles

I've never seen any America bootleg LP's,but there are plenty of CD-R copies of shows floating around. I do have a "Greatest Hits" LP from Japan that would crack the fan board up. The Japanese translation of the lyrics are way off base on some of the songs. The cover art is great though,with a real closeup shot of Dan,Dewey & Gerry. Dewey is wearing a "Hat Trick" T-shirt. I'll scan the cover for Steve and he can post it for all to see.

Message: 24785 Posted: Wed Oct 30 12:59:18 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: For Nancy: Backing vocals, Fogelberg 8-tracks, etc.

I know that Glenn Frey did back-up vocals on "Hard to Say," from Dan Fogelberg's The Innocent Age LP (that's Glenn doing the echo of "it's so hard to say" on the chorus). And I know that Don Henley sang back-up on some other Fogelberg stuff. But I don't know if Gerry Beckley did any other (credited) vocals on Dan's material.
I recall hearing Dan F. in an interview -- might have been on that "Under the Covers" CD-Rom disc. He was talking about how, in those early days, everyone was recording in the same studio and there was a sort of friendly, fraternal atmosphere. He specifically recalled people in the hallways "running in and out of each others's sessions," and I'm pretty sure he mentioned that that's how Gerry Beckley and the other performers ended up on Souveneirs.
You really hit a nerve with me on this cold, wet, East Coast autumn day, Nancy. I once owned all of the Fogelberg 8-tracks. I bought them all when they came out, and played each of them to death in my car.
Seems funny now, but in 1975 I recall one of my old Burger King co-workers, a guy I used to routinely party with after work and drive home (cause he was 16 and not of NJ driving age, as I was). He got into my Ford Pinto (gad!) one day and said, "This tape has been imbedded in your player for weeks. Who is this guy Dan Fogelberg anyway?" He was asking about Dan's "Captured Angel," the soundtrack to my freshman year in college. I also love "Netherlands" for its depth and, in terms of Dan's development at the time, evidence of growth. My particular favorites include "Once Upon a Time" and "Sketches." Now, nancy, because of you, I am remembering slow dancing with an old girlfriend, on a summer night, under a full moon, as "Dancing Shoes" played in the 8-track of my Mustang (I stepped up in the world after my Pinto). Hey, not such a bad memory for a rainy day. Keep enjoying the music!

Message: 24784 Posted: Wed Oct 30 11:48:13 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fogelberg/America/pre-Eagles


Thanks for the low down on Dan Fogelberg. I'll have to pick up the rest of his early albums.

Johnny, yes the non-America single does sound 60s especially with the Hammond organ. From the group photo I'd say it would have to be late 60s, don't you think? It's strange there's no more info on them and no apparant accompanying album. I suppose you may be able to date the single by looking up the songwriters Goffin/King & David/Bacharach and see when they wrote them. It sure is a tricky one, though.

Whilst writing I'd be interested to know whether any one out there has either the LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE or SHILOH LPs and what they think of them. As previously mentioned these bands featured Glen Frey (Longbranch) and Don Henley (Shiloh) before they formed the EAGLES. and are apparently (if you believe E-bay) quite rare collectors items.

I personally own the Longbranch Pennywhistle LP which to be fair is above average. J D Souther was also in this duo band and both him and Glen Frey shared songwriting and vocal duties. There are a few misses on this LP but a good share of gems to. The standout is a lovely ballad called REBECCA sung and written by Frey which could easily fit on any of the EAGLES early LPs and still be a highlight. The sound of this album is laid back acoustic rock and reminds me most of Jackson Browne early sound.

It's a real shame that the EAGLES boxed set that came out last year didn't include a rare/demo CD and include some of these gems. It didn't even feature the EAGLES own rare b-side GET YOU IN THE MOOD, which seemed crazy to me. Maybe they're keeping all their treasures hidden for the time being and will release them all togther in the future.

I don't own the Shiloh Lp but have bid for it many times. Trouble is I never bid enough as it always seems to reach over a $100.00 which seems incredible. I'd love to know what it's like if anyone owns a copy.

Regarding the other original members of the Eagles - Bernie Leadon's history is quite well documented and easy to find: Flying Burrito Brothers & Dillard & Clark. He was also apparently in a band called Hearts & Flowers but I know nothing about them.

Most people know about Randy Meisner being in Poco and then being replaced by Tim Schmitt and then again being replaced by Tim again when he left the Eagles. I think he was also in a band called THE POOR but again I know nothing about them.

Feel free to fill in the gaps people if you know the info as I for one would be interested.


Oh, one last thing. does anyone know anything about or have any AMERICA bootleg lps. I saw a while back a bootleg on E-bay which had one side of AMERICA and one side of the EAGLES. I can't recall any other details unfortunately though.

Message: 24783 Posted: Wed Oct 30 11:15:32 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: I did an Ooooops again!

Me Again ~~

It just came back to me....... It wasn't Mandolin Rain that Don joined with Bruce to do ~~~~ It was Bruce joining in on Don Henley's song "End of the Innocence" ~~~~ Oh well they are both great songs! Okay back to my work~~ Nancy :)

Hmmmmmm Is there anyone out there today ~~~ Oooh one more thing, I wanted to mention regarding Dan F's othere albums, did Gerry play on any of them as well, this inquiring mind of mind is wondering about this????? I really like Dan's song "Scarecrows Dreams" too. :)

Message: 24782 Posted: Wed Oct 30 10:35:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hola ~~ Fans Gathering ~~ AMERICA/Fogelberg/Eagles mix matched

Hi Everbody ~~ Sure is kinda QUIET here! It is a very strange weather day here in PA ~~ I think this is the first time we have had an Ice Storm in Oct. Soooo sad to see trees with Colored & Green leaves weighted down with Ice coating.....

Speech, Jas & Johnny ~~~ I was looking over my Dan Fogelberg "Souveniers" LP cover and I never realized that there on this very album, we have 3 different angles of music talent joined together..... I never noticed before that Gerry played accoustic guitar on Dan's song "There's a Place in the World for a Gambler" and also from the Eagles ~~ Joe Walsh, Glenn Frye, Don Henley & Randy Meisner are involved with the songs on this album too, and then last but not least Graham Nash does Harmony on "Part of the Plan" & "The Long Way" ~~~~ Hmmmmmm ~~ No wonder we all share a common love for all of this great music. I would say Dan F comes in a close second to AMERICA's music for me.... His songs definitely touch me inside where it counts..... I have his Souvenier LP, 2 Nether Lands ~ 8 Tracks, Phoenix ~ 8 track, and his greatest hits Cassette..... I have managed to find some of his other songs on the Net. I know that "Nether Lands" is the one that I most listened too, I sure do miss hearing it all, I gotta get my Hubby to hook up my 8 track player ~~ SOOOON! One thing I never liked about the 8Tracks, they don't have much info on them ~~ I was looking at the "Phoenix" songs and Wishing on the Moon has my mind wondering...... I wish I could listen to this song right now..... Oooh well some day soon I hope to hear all of these again.
Hi David ~~ I too ordered my Grand Cayman CD from Melodyblvd.... but haven't heard anything from them in my EMail :( I sure hope I hear from them soon, saying that it is packaged up and on it's way with Mr. Mailman!

Hi Gen & Ingrid ~~~ Regarding the fan gathering, and to where it will be, We will have to keep checking out the Show dates and take it from there, hopefully there will be one that we will all agree on, and then try our best to get there.... It would be Neat if this comes about! Hey Gen ~~~ too much you going to see MOBY in concert! WOW! ~~ Ingrid that sure is a nice playlist of songs you picked out for your wedding...... WOW!

Hi Steve L ~~~ Nice that you and your Mrs. were able to get away and enjoy some R & R together.... It was probably hard coming back to the Real world for sure!

Hi Hooooo Red ~~ I sure hope you are enjoying your time off! Tonight is Live Chat ~~~~

Hey there Jimmmmmm ~~~~~ soooo nice getting to hear you play some of our favorite songs on your Autographed Guitar ~~ Nice for sure! :)

Enjoy the rest of the day all ~~ Nancy :)

I was surprised to see that Don Henley joined in with Bruce Hornesby to sing this great song ~~~~~ Listen to the Mandolin rain, listen to the music on the rain, awww listen to my heart break, everytime she runs away oooo listen to the banjo wind sad songs drifting low, listen to the tears roll down my face as she turns to go, cool evening dance, listen to the bluegrass band takes the chill from the air, till they play the last song, I'll do my time keeping you off my mind oooo but there's moments I find I'm not sooo strong ~~~ Sing it Bruce & Don Nice song :) :):)

Message: 24781 Posted: Tue Oct 29 17:51:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/Tempchin (Jason)

Jas ~ From what I've been able to uncover, Tempchin had a self-titled LP released in 1978 that contained "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and a CD in 1995 titled "Lonely Midnight". He did some type of work in 1994 that was titled "After The Rain" but it isn't clear to me exactly what it is.

Also Jas, after receiving the 45/single record by the first band named "America," what did you think about it? You know the record with the one side "Don't Make Me Over" and the flip-side "Don't Forget About Me"? From the 60s wouldn't you say? Have you been able to uncover anything about this first "America" band?

Regarding the bidder who uses the ID associated with the name "Azoff," I personally doubt it's THE Azoff. I think it's similar to the case of someone using "gerrybeckley". I'm positive it's not really Gerry. That would be too 'obvious' if you know what I mean.

Message: 24780 Posted: Tue Oct 29 11:36:09 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/Tempchin/America

After cutting his first five LPs, Fogelberg set about going down a number of stylistic side roads. The first was his "pop-jazz" endeavor with Tim Weisberg, "Twin Sons of Different Mothers." I'm not sure anymore where it landed along the timeline, but his next digression (I think a coupla more studio LPs came first) was the folk and bluegrass album "High Country Snows." Chris Hillman was a regular for these sessions, as were a number of other "cream of the cream" country and bluegrass pickers. I was excited about that LP release, but once I got it on the turntable, it sounded to me a bit too studied or mannered in its attempt to evoke what Fogelberg was calling, during interviews to promote it, "power-grass" music. In the end, individual tracks from his first three solo LPs came much closer, to my ears, to the rustic music that "High Country Snows" was supposed to supply. One exception -- I did like the song "Go Down Easy."
Really, the first four Dan Fogelberg records, and maybe half of the fifth (Phoenix), are the ones I will always treasure.
To me, "Home Free," "Souveneirs," "Captured Angel" and "Netherlands" are essential to any collection of pop-rock or folk-pop music that claims to be complete. After these, the sonic approach turned a bit too glossy for my taste, then the lyrics lost a lot of inspiration. Nevertheless, I retain a soft spot for all of Dan's work. I've heard the man in concert seven times, and he still puts on a great show. It may surprise some folks to learn this, but the guy with the "mean pseudo Victorian streak" (Rolling Stone Record Guide) can flat out play, and the last time I saw him, he blew the audience away with his lead "Strat" playing. My dream bill -- Fogelberg and America co-headlining.

Message: 24779 Posted: Tue Oct 29 10:40:38 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fogelberg/Tempchin


Interesting that you saw Jack Tempchin. I've never heard the guy sing and know nothing about him other than his co-writing with Glen Frey and the EAGLES. Does anyone know if he released any albums. I'm assuming if he did his sound is similar the the Eagles or that era.

That guy must have made a fortune from that one song (Peaceful Easy Feeling). Isn't the Eagles Greatest Hits 71-75 now the biggest selling album of all time in the U.S.? I'm sure I read that it quite recently out sold Micheal Jackson's THRILLER which had previously held the record.

I own a few Dan Fogelberg albums but I can't say I'm a true fan but then there's a lot I don't own. My favourite of the 3 or 4 I do own is "Souvenirs". I am right in saying Dan Fogelberg did a few blue-grass albums with another guy? I may be wrong.

By the way, a few of you recommended a chap called Tim Moore a few months back. I've managed to pick up his self titled LP on vinyl which is really good. Thanks for the tip.


Message: 24778 Posted: Tue Oct 29 09:01:07 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Hola

Just got back from a short vacation in San Carlos, Mexico with the wife. Very nice and very relaxing! I've got a lot of catching up to do on the Chat Folder.

Joe B., I haven't heard anything from Rhino about pushing a single. However, I think we can all help by requesting anything from the new CD on our favorite radio stations.

Message: 24777 Posted: Tue Oct 29 07:58:19 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

Joe B,

Thanks for the up date on Batdorf and Rodney. I now realise I was wrong about "Can You See Him" being from "Life Is You". It was from "Off The Shelf"... I think. So John Batdorf co-wrote "You Could Have Been The One"? I thought I had seen his name somewhere in the annals of AMERICA. Thanks again.

Message: 24776 Posted: Tue Oct 29 06:47:51 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Gram Parsons/Eagles/Azoff/Fogelberg

I'm a sucker for any Eagles reunion, so I suppose that, whatever work product comes out of it, I'll be lined up to buy it upon its release.
That said, I really lament the lack of Bernie Leadon's involvement. In my eyes, Leadon was the Eagles' secret weapon. His unique vocals and multi-instrumental facility (especially on banjo and guitar) were under-rated contributions to that punchy Eagles sound on those classic early records. I, too, love Bitter Creek, his version of Gene Clark's Train Leaves Here This Morning and My Man. Leadon's banjo picking also gave the original version of Take It Easy its twang. Same goes for that classic Burritos LP, "Flying Burrito Brothers' on A&M. Rick Roberts' "Why Are You Crying?" really possesses a drive that is uncommon in such sittin-and-a-pickin tunes, largely due to Leadon's extraordinary banjo. I had the pleasure of seeing the Eagles at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in early 1973, well before they were superstars. They were on a charity "all-star" bill with Lou Reed (yes, Lou Reed), Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Billy Preston and, of all people, Slade. The Eagles really cooked that day, and Bernie was stellar on banjo, slide guitar (Earlybird), etc. I was disappointed by the Leadon-Georgiades Band LP, and I still hope for a return to past glories for Bernie.
Incidentally, I once saw Glenn Frey perform at the Tower Theatre in Philly where Jack Tempchin was the opening act. He was quite entertaining, in his way, although hearing him sing gave me a clear sense of why his principal reputation is as a writer.
As for your Longbranch Pennywhistle auction experience, Jason, that's very interesting. Who's to say whether you were bounced out of the bidding by Irving A. himself or someone using an alias. But it seems, all things considered, that it may have been more than just coincidence.
It's funny ... one of my longtime favorite musicians and songwriters, going back to my college years and even today, is Dan Fogelberg. Intellectually, I understand full well why an artist would want a manager whose reputation proceeds him as Irving Azoff's does. But it's hard for me to reconcile the purported "style" of Azoff with a performer whose body of work is so rich with songs of introspection, spirituality (note, I don't mean of a religious sort) and sensitivity. On the other hand, there is a well-worn quote attributed to John Lennon as to why he believed the Beatles needed Allen Klein, and it wasn't because Klein was a nice guy.

Message: 24775 Posted: Tue Oct 29 04:26:32 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Fan Gathering

<<Gen, can we get you over from France?>>
Oh, Jim, YOU KNOW how I'd love to join the group! I would need to have enough time to plan it in advance though both financially and on the level of my personal organization. And if a concert could be involved too, as Ingrid suggests, that would be my idea of heaven!...

Just to mention it, I went to see Moby live yesterday night in Montpellier ( at the 'Zenith'). The show was very energetic. Liked it alot! Hey the guy can speak a little French, mind you! even though he joked about being an 'ignorant American'. He ended the concert with a song written -said he- by one of his favorite bands. When the first measures of Radiohead's 'Creep' were heard, the audience's happiness was complete. Don't regret the money I spent on this show, for sure. Also thought the place was a very suitable one to welcome America one of these days!!!
See you all. Gen.

Message: 24774 Posted: Tue Oct 29 03:36:19 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Wedd-ING

Just read the news!! Congratulations girl!! I am so happy for you!! Also love your choice of music!!

Message: 24773 Posted: Tue Oct 29 02:59:02 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: grand cayman concert cd

my credit card was charged for the cd, so it must mean it's already shipped, or will be soon!!!

Message: 24772 Posted: Mon Oct 28 23:00:07 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Fans Gathering

Is there a tentative date? A concert involved?

Message: 24771 Posted: Mon Oct 28 22:47:15 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Wedd-ING

Nancy, Genevieve, Nina, Kim, Jim, John, Pat, Shari and Old Vir-Johnny!
Thank you so much for the kind wishes and congratulations. : )

Here are our America selections for the reception, in no particular order:

All My Life
Garden of Peace
Young Moon
Molten Love
Whole Wide World
Wheels Are Turning
Ventura Highway
Cornwall Blank
Tin Man
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullabye

Message: 24770 Posted: Mon Oct 28 12:31:59 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

Dear Joe B,

I think you may have meant extremely, not extrememy. Pay ATTENTION!

Joe B

Message: 24769 Posted: Mon Oct 28 12:29:40 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

Hey You People,

Just a quick word on Batdorf and Rodney (these guys have come up the board before). Their 1975 album "Life Is You" is awesome and available from Melody Blvd. The duo also released a self-titled debut and one called "Off the Shelf" earlier in the decade. As far as those last 2 go, I've never seen them available on disc. But again, "Life Is You" is outstanding! John Batdorf was co-writer on "You Could've Been The One", a single release off America's LP "Alibi". It was a hit in a couple markets, notably Pittsburgh, PA. John also was lead singer and songwriter of the mid 70'd band "Silver". They had the hit "Wham Bam Shang A Lang" and toured with America in 1976. Their CD is also very good and available from Melody Blvd.

Joe B

P.S. Start getting ready to flood stations with calls for cuts off "Holiday Harmony". Steve - has Rhino announced any specific track they're going for airplay on? I'd say "Christams In California" or the EXTREMEMY cool'Tin Man'-style "White Christmas" are the best bets.

P.P.S. Jeff Larson rules! Especially "Faraway Mary" & "Half Moon Bay" off his latest. I hope he returns the favor and sings on Gerry and Dewey's next album of new tunes.

Message: 24768 Posted: Mon Oct 28 11:57:57 2002 By: Rob
Subject: Caymen Concert

Received a note from Melody Blvd. that they expect to have "Caymen Concert" this week in order to ship this weekend. Wondering if any one knew if the date was truly in question, or if just Amazon was going to be late?

Message: 24767 Posted: Mon Oct 28 11:56:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re : Gram Parsons/Eagles & Fan Gathering

Hi Everyone ~~
Hi Jason & Speech ~~ I am enjoying your informative posts ~~ Hmmm I have never heard any of The Flying Burrito Brother's albums. I also am a big fan of the Eagles (it's just that I don't have all of their albums) Hmmmm ~~ How interesting that the song "My Man" is written about Gram Parsons ~~ I agree that it is one nice song for sure! Now the lyrics make alot of sense to me ~~~~~~~ I once knew a man, very talented Guy, he sang for the people and people would cry, you knew that his song came from deep down inside, you could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyeeee, sooo he traveled alone, touch your heart and then be gone, like a flower he bloomed till that old Hickory wind called him home ~~~ My Man's got it made, he's gone far beyond the pain and we who must remain go on living just the same ~~~ and yes definitely a nice Country\Rock sound to this song ~~~ Nice :) Thanks for putting the Pieces of the Puzzle together on this for me! I also am a big Fan of Timothy B Schmit's ( I think you are all aware of that by now :)~~ I love his nice added touch to the Eagles sound. Great songs for sure ~~ I Can't Tell You Why & Love Will Keep Us Alive ~~~ soooo sorry Jason I disagree with you saying that these 2 songs seem out of place with the Eagles.... I think he fits in quite nicely! I also have followed most of The Eagles individual works as well, I think it is neat that they have headed back into the studio to record some new stuff...... I look forward to hearing the outcome. It is great that 2 of my favorite 70's Groups Music is Alive and New Works in the makings too. Has me smiling for sure!

Hi Jimmmmmmm(bob) ~~~~ Yes Yes Yes!!!!! I say Let's make this Fan Gathering become a Reality! Vegas sounds good to me too..... I will have to start saving for this now. Come on everybody let's hear what you all are thinking about this....... Okay??????

Hi Johnny ~~~ Regarding your trivia question ~~ It is a very interesting one, but I have no clue as to the name of the Group, I did go to Rhino and read the Highway Liner notes and I had soo much fun doing this..... I never heard any of the Fools Gold albums, and I am quite intrigued with all of this, being that I am also a big Fan of Dan Fogelberg's also, but never knew of his involvement with this group...... Hmmmmm My Inquiring Mind is learning lots for sure!!!!
Pretty neat that you and Vic may have been close to one another on the same Stomping Grounds and are just finding this out now......

Have a good day all ~~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ But you were on my mind that day, you were on my mind each day, you were on my mind that day, and forever ~~~~~ times like that weekend remain in my heart crystal clear ~~ walking along to the song you have helped me to hear ~~~~ You were on my mind that night, you were on my mind that day, You were on my mind each day, You were on my mind that day and forever, and forever..... Sing it Dewey ~~~ Nice song :) :) :)

Message: 24766 Posted: Mon Oct 28 10:30:07 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Gram Parsons/Eagles


You hit the nail squarely on the head. Gram did have moments of greatness. I love "SHE" off the GP album but I'm sure, as you say, his early death has helped catapult him to the forefront.

I read an interview with Chris Hillman some years back in which he quietly had a grumble saying, in a round about way, that there was more than one singer/songwriter in the Flying Burrito Brothers and only the dead one got the credit, which is fair comment.

I personally feel that the best Burritos album by a long shot is their 3rd after Gram left. We've talked about this before but it is criminal that this fine album has been unavailable for so long although it is now available on the Anthology Compilation. I'd be interested to know how much credit they give the album in the sleeve notes.

My Man - again your talking. My favourite Eagles song of all time. Bernie's songs off those early albums will always be the jems to me. Bitter Creek & Train Leaves Here This Morning - Classic stuff.

It's a shame he never did more vocals. I do own his Leadon/Georgides (?) Band album from 1977 which is interesting but not the classic it could have been.

I read recently that the EAGLES are finally back in the studio. What do you make of that? It's a shame that the original 4 couldn't get back together. I think I read that Don Felder has also recently left the fold which now only leaves Henley, Frey, Joe Walsh and Tim Schmitt. A winning combination? It could work depending on how their combined sound has evolved and how they pitch themselves.

Although we only got 4 new songs on the Hell Freezes Over album I did particularly enjoy Frey's "The Girl From Yesterday" which harked back to their original sound and was co-written by Jack Tempchin who wrote their hit "Peaceful Easy Feeling". Tim Schmitt's "Love Will Keep Us ALive" was good too, but I always regard Tim as part of POCO and therefore his Eagles songs (2 in fact), although good seem a bit out of place.

Whilst on the Eagles. I was bidding on E-bay recently for two LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE singles (Glen Frey's band prior to the Eagles) and at the last second got out bid a monstrous amount by someone who had the sign-in "I. Azoff". Co-incidence or did thier notorious manager shoot me out the water?!

Message: 24765 Posted: Mon Oct 28 08:06:42 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition/Gram Parsons

Jason: I think that, at least among American rock writers, history has been overly kind to Gram Parsons. Although I was in seventh-grade (age 12) when the Gram-Parsons-led Burritos were cutting records, my older brother gave me a window seat through his record collecting, playing music around the house and sharing stories from his world. At that time, the Burritos had a certain hip cachet because of Parson's Rolling Stones connections (friendship with Keith Richards, etc.), and affable drugstore (literally) cowboy image. I really sense, though, that the Parsons myth/legend and his purported contribution to music history expanded mostly because he died at such a young age, and with such weirdness around it (the theft of his body and the burning of it at Joshua Tree in the SoCal desert.) Anyone who has heard such Parsons gems as "Brass Buttons" and "In My Hour of Darkness" -- or his version of "Love Hurts" with EmmyLou Harris -- can surely hear that he had a gift for infusing his performances with classic country melancholy, soul and a pain that, if you've read the story of his life, wasn't exactly hard-won. It's hard to say whether the man's status in some writer's eyes as the inventor of country-rock is on target or not. I Do believe that many folks who wouldn't have bought the Byrds' "Sweetheart of the Rodeo," say, or bought up the Burritos catalogue, or that first Poco record, or Gram's own "Grievous Angel" LP might not have bothered if it weren't for the fact of his unique charisma. In other words, Parsons' laid-back-bad-boy public image (trust fund helped a lot) and choice of outlaw music biz friends kinda made the heretofore "square" country music more palatable and "hip" to folks like my brother, who tended to view every other LP purchase as a protest against the Vietnam war. On the other hand, Parsons' work -- and his performances -- were often wildly inconsistent. I keep trying to hold out against this conclusion, because Bernie Leadon wrote a beautiful song about him ("My Man"), and I also like to embra ce a good myth as much as any rock-and-roll fan. But I often find myself thinking that, in the long run, Parsons has been over-mythologized, and his body of work has been posthumously lifted to critical heights it didn't come close to attaining (deserving?) at the time of release.

Message: 24764 Posted: Mon Oct 28 07:00:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition & Some (Vic & Jimbob) Revisited

Should be ----> live one or two MILES from the Texas stateline.

Message: 24763 Posted: Mon Oct 28 06:59:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition & Some (Vic & Jimbob)

Vic ~ Regarding Plainview, I know that area of West Texas quite well since I live only a one or two from the Texas stateline! I was just in Lubbock last Wednesday. Plainview ~ Home of country/western singer Jimmy Dean (who has "Jimmy Dean Sausage"). <---- that's real triv

Jimbob ~ If you can travel all the way from New Zealand, how can I not go to Las Vegas, right?

Message: 24762 Posted: Mon Oct 28 06:26:38 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Fan Gathering

Okay,are you guys REALLY serious about a fan gathering? Johnny, are you keen? I know YOU are Nance, but Gen, can we get you over from France, and Bones, and Red, Vegas suits me fine, and Pat, I need some help with Three Roses, and well, speech, I sure wanna have a chat to you, and, well, lets just DO it shall we? Im coming from New Zealand.

Message: 24761 Posted: Mon Oct 28 05:51:05 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

Best Wishes Ingrid!!!! As the saying goes... "good things come to those whose wait"! I hope you have many years of happiness together!

Message: 24760 Posted: Mon Oct 28 04:59:30 2002 By: Nina
Subject: To Ingrid

Congrats, Ingrid....Wish it were me! (Does he have a brother??!!)

Message: 24759 Posted: Mon Oct 28 04:44:20 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: WEDdING

<<"OLD VIRGINia">>


Message: 24758 Posted: Mon Oct 28 04:35:52 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

Ingrid~ C*o*n*g*r*a*t*u*l*a*t*i*o*n*s.
May all your days with Tim be filled with an over abundance of joy, happiness, and great sex.

How much of an America fan is your future husband-to-be?
Was that one of the priorities of yours in your long search of the perfect mate, and what were some of your other prerequisites? And will Tim become a member of the Chat Folder? ~Pat

Message: 24757 Posted: Sun Oct 27 23:35:23 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition & Some


The name of the college I attended, from '73 through '77, was then called Wayland Baptist College. It is now called, Wayland Baptist University. It is located in Plainview, Texas, about midway between Amarillo and Lubbock.

Message: 24756 Posted: Sun Oct 27 10:47:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: That Other Band That Toured With AMERICA

It's my understanding that Fools Gold was Dan Fogelberg's band. I can see this since Fogelberg is a solo artist. But in AMERICA's case, they had another band that toured with them during part of the 70s. Several of the members (if not all?) are pictured on the "Hideaway" album sleeve as well as on the "Harbor" album poster. Other than being their "warm-up" band, did these guys provide any other musical services for AMERICA? I, myself, don't know but am curious.

TRIV QUESTION Part 1: What was the name of this other band?

Hint: Ironically, it's the same name as one of the songs from Fools Gold's two LPs.

TRIV QUESTION Part 2: From the "Highway" booklet, exactly where can you find the name of this other band (only a portion of the name is shown).

Hint: Look among Dewey's AMERICA memorabilia

(Saw a short clip the other night on "50 Years of American Bandstand" that showed Linda Ronstadt and her band. Andrew Gold was present as her guitarist.)

Message: 24755 Posted: Sun Oct 27 10:12:07 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition & Some

I agree...AMERICA never was Country/Rock...not is the US that is. Speech's classifications of AMERICA is "right-on" in my opinion. I can see, however, how the Eagles may have been considered Country/Rock in their earlier years with hits like "Tequila Sunrise" and "Desperado". On top of this, their album "Desperado" had a full Country/Rock concept. Also, "Lying Eyes" was a great crossover hit into country for them, I believe. I remember hearing the song on a number of Country Western radio stations.

Vic ~ You have me very curious. What West Texas college did you attend in '73?

Nancy ~ The female vocalist on Toto's "Georgy Porgy" is someone whose last name is Lynn. I can't recall her first name without going back to look it up. Regarding you and Ing wondering what happened to David Gates, I don't know either. I just remember seeing him on TNN a couple of years ago wearing Country Western garb and him singing a couple of Country Western-flavored songs.

Message: 24754 Posted: Sun Oct 27 09:49:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: WEDdING

Ing ~ Congrats to you and Tim and best wishes!!! So, are you now to be known as "Tim's Girl"? Also, what 11 AMERICA songs did you and Tim select or will I have to wait to hear them for myself? Also, I'm sure there will be ample supplies of rice, huh?

You said: "...that's why I'm getting married for the first time at 39 --it's taken me that long to find what I wanted!"

With that in mind, may I suggest this AMERICA song? ----> OLD VIRGINia

[You need not comment. :0) ]

Message: 24753 Posted: Sun Oct 27 08:21:27 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: concert dates break

Everytime I see a large break in the concert schedule, as there is soon, (I think only a handful of dates are booked until the new year) I keep hoping that the guys are heading into the studio to work on a new cd. One could also hope they are taking a much needed and well deserved break to reconnect with their families but I am not that nice. Just selfish and want more, more, more.

(ok, I will let them head off somewhere for a week, maybe 10 days but then... back in the studio! )

Message: 24752 Posted: Sun Oct 27 07:58:45 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition & 6 more days

Hi Everybody ~~
Kinda rainy and grey here today, and back to Daylight savings time.... ooooh nooo it will get Dark sooo early now ~~ Bummer!

Regarding what kinda sound AMERICA has..... Hmmmmm I always call them Classic Rock ~~ they have a Blended sound which takes in all of the best Qualities of all the music types I think. Plus their own Unique Accoustic sound ~~ Nice for sure! :)

Hi there Vic ~~ Sooo neat that you will see them again in 6 more days! Wow 2 times in one year! Isn't it great being in AMERICA Heaven? :) Enjoy and Sing those great songs ~~ and be sure to let us know all about it. Will you be taking your digital camera again? I Hope you get to meet with Gerry & Dewey and the Band. I too hope that AMERICA plays first sooo that you will be able to Fully hear them and the long Playlist..... I would heed to Red's advice and take some ear plugs for when Kansas plays...... I hope you get to hear Dust in the Wind too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all ~~ Nancy :)

Timothy B is singing his song "Something for Owen" ~~such a nice song he wrote this for his Boy from small to big ~~~ Bed time stories read you off to sleep, wishing you all my love and sweet sweet dreams, I'd wait until you were closing your eyes just because I should, and I'd wonder while I watched you dream, what this crazy world has up its sleeve ~~ I was doing the best I could ~~ time flies soo the saying goes, but I don't know if its true, because every day is soo full of life and sooo much of it is You~~~~~ Oooh Timothy you have managed to melt me once more again ~~~ Nice song for sure :) :) :)~~~~~~ and my love for you will never end ~~~~~~ :)

Message: 24751 Posted: Sun Oct 27 06:46:39 2002 By: Vic
Subject: In 6 days.

In 6 days AMERICA will be in Phoenix. Anyone out there going to be there?

Message: 24750 Posted: Sun Oct 27 04:14:36 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition

I never thought of America as "country rock", I always put them into the category of "folk rock", but then you could probably pick certain songs off each album that would fit into this or that category. I have noticed that it seems only critics from the UK and Europe refer to America as country rock. I don't recall seeing a US critic doing so.

Message: 24749 Posted: Sat Oct 26 22:59:46 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition

In 1973, I was attending college in west Texas.
We called the AMERICA sound, "acoustic rock". Billy Joel, would probably just call it rock and roll.

Message: 24748 Posted: Sat Oct 26 22:38:18 2002 By: ShariL in San Diego

Congratulations, Ingrid! That's wonderful.
God bless your marriage relationship.
Care to share when the big event will be?
ShariL <><

Message: 24747 Posted: Sat Oct 26 22:27:29 2002 By: ShariL in San Diego

Congratulations, Ingrid! That's wonderful.
God bless your marriage relationship.
Care to share when the big event will be?
ShariL <><

Message: 24746 Posted: Sat Oct 26 17:07:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

Hi Everybody ~~
WOW! Best Wishes to You & Your Fiance Tim! Thanks for sharing this news with us. Upon reading where you will be saying your I Do's the song "Garden Of Peace" came to mine instantly and since you say You are soo picky and that it has taken this long to find this Special Man I would also like to suggest David Gates song "The Chosen One" I wish you Lots of Blessings, Love & Happiness! ~~~~~ Nancy :)

Message: 24745 Posted: Sat Oct 26 16:51:19 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re:I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

And of course...Hangover (for the guests for the next morning)

Message: 24744 Posted: Sat Oct 26 16:05:47 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re:I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE



Message: 24743 Posted: Sat Oct 26 15:32:29 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

Congratulations, YOUNG lady! You are very lucky. The music of America will definitely add to the perfection and magic of this very special moment....

Message: 24742 Posted: Sat Oct 26 14:45:36 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE

in March. His name is Tim and in a few weeks I'M MARRYING HIM on the 18th Lawn (next to the 18th Hole) at Pebble Beach Golf Links. No, we're not golfers (everyone's first question); it just happens to be my favorite beautiful place. Our reception is just upstairs at the Lodge, with the same view of the golf course, Pacific Ocean, and Carmel Bay. The reason that I am sharing this here is that since I am SO PARTICULAR about everything (that's why I'm getting married for the first time at 39 --it's taken me that long to find what I wanted!) Tim and I picked EVERY SONG that we wanted the DJ to play at our reception; four hours worth of music. I was looking at our playlist last night and realized that the artist/group with the most number of songs is none other than AMERICA, with 11. James Taylor comes in second, with 7; Van Halen is third with 5. I thought the DJ would contact me for the songs from the lesser known America albums but he has them all. What a guy! : )


Message: 24741 Posted: Sat Oct 26 13:06:08 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition

I remember they called it "Califonia Sound"

Message: 24740 Posted: Sat Oct 26 03:00:56 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Country/Rock definition

Hi everyone,

Jason, just FYI: in France, America and Eagles are usually classified ' West Coast'. Bands like Nickel Creek are regarded as country/folk rock here. IMHO labelling music is questionnable in itself, anyway. It's usually done for commercial purposes. But, again, just my opinion. Gen.

Message: 24739 Posted: Sat Oct 26 01:10:31 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Country/Rock definition


Thanks for your thoughts. My love of Country/Rock and bands that evolved from that sound originated from The Eagles and from then branched out to similar bands like Jackson Browne who I saw at that time had co-written some of their songs, and then on to bands/albums that the EAGLES had played on which led me to Dillard & Clark via Bernie Leadon and on and on.

I agree with your examples of true Country/Rock and would now not class the EAGLES or AMERICA as a quintessential C/R band but a hybrid of that sound.

In the UK this type of music had little impact at the time of it's original release as the early 70s was the home of Glam-Rock spear headed by David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. However, over the last few years there has been a reassurgence of interest and the title now banded around for the genre is AMERICANA with new bands/artists like Ryan Adams, The Gourds, The Jayhawks making quite an impact.

The UK music press mind seem to centre on one individual as the grand father of Country/Rock, this being Gram Parsons. I personally have a problem with this. Not his music which is great, but I think the picture is far bigger than one man. For instance both Gene Clark and Chris Hillman should be up there, not to mention Mike Nesmith and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Chris Hillman was a bluegrass player before he joined the BYRDS and although history tells us it was Gram's influence that led to the 1st true Country/Rock lp SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO I think this is a little unfair as Chris's songs for the Byrds before this period lean in the country direction.

I'd be interested to know what actual impact Gram Parsons had at that time. Was he regarded as a genius or is it all down to hindsight?

Message: 24738 Posted: Fri Oct 25 14:36:16 2002 By: kiri
Subject: clear lake, iowa, nov. 16

anyone here going to this upcoming show?

Message: 24737 Posted: Fri Oct 25 11:29:11 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Country/Rock definition

I have never really thought of America as a country-rock band. That first LP is really something that defies categorization ... to my ears, it's essentially folk and rock songs played on acoustic instruments. They did dabble a bit with country-rock and blue-grass flourishes, but these were really more stylistic garnish, I think, than anything else. And the later stuff, really, was multi-layered rock-pop. This is a long way of saying I don't think any one label really fits America, but I don't think country-rock fits it much at any time. While we're on the subject, I think the Eagles -- and I have all the records, so I'm not slagging them -- represented the homogenization of country-rock. Same for the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, although they retained a few more of the rough edges. Authentic country rock --literally, the fusing of country music and instrumentation with a rock beat and rock-and-roll sensibility -- was pretty short-lived. I think the Byrds, the Burrito Brothers, the Dillards, Dillard and Clark, and especially that debut Poco record were the best examples. Some early Buffalo Springfield, too, I suppose. but the idiosyncratic presence of Neil Young (Broken Arrow, Expecting to Fly) means, to me anyway, that those LPs really can't be categorized as pure country-rock.

Message: 24736 Posted: Fri Oct 25 11:03:28 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Country/Rock definition

It's funny but being from the UK i've always classed AMERICA as a Country/Rock band and have always described them as such when talking about them, probably because the EAGLES are regarded as such and are the most well known band of that ilk in the UK.

From the last few mails I appear to have this wrong.

The books I own also describe AMERICA as a Folk/Rock band but then Simon & Garfunkal are in that catagory too and AMERICA are far nearer to the EAGLES sound than S & G.

There's also that awful name SOFT ROCK which I think came about in the mid to late 70s and fits later CHICAGO music. I could never describe them as this.

So what's it to be? West Coast Music? It's certainly not Southern Rock which is Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard etc

I suppose in essence AMERICA are Folk/Rock/Country/Pop or some similar hybrid.

If their is a definitive title for their music I'd like to know, even though I'll still probably regard them as a country/rock band.


Message: 24735 Posted: Fri Oct 25 08:18:54 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Founder of Liquid Paper

I figure Liquid Paper may have played a tiny role in breaking up the remaining three Monkees (after Peter Tork quit). I mean, the tortured artist path is so much more attractive when there's a safety net. Of course, that didn't keep Gram Parsons from essentially, self-destructing.

Message: 24734 Posted: Fri Oct 25 07:58:54 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Founder of Liquid Paper

I think in the liner notes from one of Nesmith's albums he thanks Liquid Paper. Selling the rights to it for 47.5 M certainly explains why.

Message: 24733 Posted: Fri Oct 25 07:34:55 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Georgy Porgy & American Cornfield & in Between

Hi Everbody, Hey it's Friday again ~~

Hi Steve L ~~~ Thanks soo much for posting the Pic here.... I think I know now why I couldn't get it to paste on the chat folder here, Just a guess but here goes ~~ because the chat folder just is for text scripts ~~ am I right???? My inquiring mind is wondering again..... :) Anyway thanks Red for sharing the pic with me and the rest of us here. Hmmmm I am wondering if this is the same cornfield that Gerry took a pic of from the bus window, now wouldn't that be neat if it were......

Hey DanC ~~ I remember singing this song as a young girl, I had a neighbor boy named George and we always would sing it to him..... My version wasn't quite as Jazzy as Toto's though.... I am wondering if this is Oleta Adams I hear singing the Georgy Porgy part I know.... anyway I do like this song too, it is not the typical Toto sound but it does have a nice upbeat to it..... Soooo now I just have to sing alittle bit of this song ~~~~ It's not your situation,I just need contemplation over you, I'm not so systematic, it's just that, you' I'm a addict for your love, I'm not the only one that holds you, I never should have told you're my only girl, I'm not the only one that holds you, I never should have told you you're my world ~~~ Now for the part I always would sing ~~~ Georgy Porgy pudding pie ~~ kiss the girls and make them cry ~~~ thanks for the memories DanC ~~

Nooo Johnny ~~ Nooo tatoos for me AMERICA logo or otherwise for me! :P

Hi Vic ~~~ I thought Michael Nesmith looked cute in his ski hat ~~ :)~~ that is pretty neat that his Mom invented Liquid Paper ~~ Harry O ~~~~~ and yes Vic I too like the Marshal Tucker Band ~~~ Nice songs :)

Hi there Ingrid ~~ OOOH noooo you had to go and say David Gates now I have that great song "The Chosen One" on my mind again, and by the way Red when I have to go and live at the Nursing Home ~~ David can come by my room anytime and sing this great song to me for sure ~~~ and spread some of that sweet tasting honey on my bread! :)

Have a great day all, I will be heading to my Kids school ~~ it's time for the annual Halloween Parade ~~ all of the little ghoulies and monsters will be smiling for sure! Have to remember to take the camera, and capture these smiles! See ya, Nancy :)

Yes the song Chosen One is playing here again ~~~ I may as well sing the last verse to this great song ~~~~ Darlin I choose you, I'll never abuse you, I couldn't abuse you, with all that you've done, for you are my sunshine, you are my lifeline, forever my sweet wine, forever the oneeeeee, ~~~~ Ooooh what a nice song ~~ For Sure :) :) :) :) :) ;)

Message: 24732 Posted: Fri Oct 25 07:15:36 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Fools Gold, the Fogelberg touch, Outlaws, etc.

I love both of the Fools Gold LPs, Johnny. I never understood why they weren't bigger, although I see they have actually been reissued on CD in Japan. I happen to be a huge Dan Fogelberg fan, particularly where his early records are concerned. I know he and Fools Gold worked together. What I really like about that first Fools Gold LP is that it contains two tunes that Fogelberg wrote or co-wrote that, to my knowledge, have not made it onto vinyl or CD by Dan: "Changes" and "Love Me Through and Through." To my ears, these songs are really nice, and on the Fools Gold LP are rendered so much like Dan's own work of the period that you can almost hear them fitting nicely into an early Dan LP. "Changes," for instance, reminds me a lot (both in sentiment and delivery) of Dan's "Part of the Plan" era and "Love Me Through and Through" has that introspective, acoustic ballad touch that turned up later, in Fogelberg songs like "Along the Road." I must say, though, that I'm not all that crazy about the Fools Gold cover of "Old Tennessee."

As for the Outlaws, I have a coupla records by them and I, like you, think they're basically OK. Interesting footnote: Henry Paul left that group to form the Henry Paul Band and later hooked up with a pair of Nashville singer-songwriters to form the very successful modern country act Blackhawk (who have clearly borrowed a thing or three from the likes of America, the Eagles, Fogelberg, Outlaws and everybody else). Sadly, one of the Blackhawk members passed away in his 40s of cancer (not too long ago), but I think Henry Paul has recruited a new member and the group has soldiered on.

As for the Outlaws

Message: 24731 Posted: Fri Oct 25 06:45:43 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Various

I believe David Gates has started a new group called "Bread & Butter". They visit retirement homes trying to spreaddddddddddd the word about these products. I think Orowheat is their sponsor. Nice to know David can still slice it up.

I like bread and butter,
I like toast and jam,
That's what my baby feeds me,
I'm her loving man.

He likes bread and butter,
he likes toast and jam,
That's what his baby feeds him,
he's her loving man.

She don't cook mashed potatoes,
she don't cook T-bone steaks,
Don't feed me peanut butter,
she knows that I can't take.

Message: 24730 Posted: Fri Oct 25 05:33:25 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: Founder of Liquid Paper

Mike Nesmith's mother, Bette Nesmith Graham, was the inventor of Liquid Paper and she sold it to Gillette for $47.5 mil! The stories at:

Message: 24729 Posted: Thu Oct 24 22:50:12 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

The Marshal Tucker Band would be my choice for country/rock. "Heard It In A Love Song" and "Fire On The Mountain" were a couple of great songs by them.

Message: 24728 Posted: Thu Oct 24 21:30:35 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Various

From the 70's "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight," to the 80's "If You Want My Body, And You Think I'm Sexy," to the 90's "I Want Your Sex."

I did NOT know that the Ventura Highway riff was Gerry's. It's one of the great riffs of all time . . .

Johnny, where did David Gates go? Nancy also wants to know. : )

Well I saved up all of my winnin's
And I gave my little Bessie half
She tore 'em up and threw 'em in my face
Just for a laugh.
Now if there's one thing
In the whole wide world
That I would like to see
It's when that little love of mine
Dips her donut in my tea
Hee, hee . . .


Message: 24727 Posted: Thu Oct 24 19:19:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Yes, Vic, the ski cap...definitely! LOL

Regarding country/rock, my favorite band in that category is Fools Gold. I bought one LP in '75 by a band named "Outlaws". It was okay in my opinion.

Message: 24726 Posted: Thu Oct 24 19:09:31 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Founder of Liquid Paper

I thought it was Larry Hagman's mother Mary Martin. No?

Message: 24725 Posted: Thu Oct 24 19:07:12 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: American Cornfield

Cool! That has me wondering this: Who among us will be the first to get an AMERICA logo tattoo? Or, who has already? Nancy? :0)

Message: 24724 Posted: Thu Oct 24 17:41:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: American Cornfield

Red wanted to share something with us but he couldn't figure out how to post it here so he sent it to Nancy and she sent it to me. Click here to see a cool cornfield maze. Thanks Red and Nancy for sharing it.

Message: 24723 Posted: Thu Oct 24 15:52:32 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Mike Nesmith/Rio

I remember hearing (I think) that Nesmith was one of the pioneers of the music video. And in the useless bit of information category - his family is the founder of Liquid Paper.

Message: 24722 Posted: Thu Oct 24 14:33:01 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Mike Nesmith/Rio

Elephant Parts is an extremely funny video and has great music onit, the majority taken from Nesmith's new(then) album, 'Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma'. It did include Rio, which was #1 here for a long time here in NZ, much to my delight, and had Mike 'flying' around.
'It's only a whimsical notion
to fly down to Rio tonight
and I probably wont fly down to Rio
but, then again,I just might'.

Message: 24721 Posted: Thu Oct 24 11:09:30 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Mike Nesmith/Rio?

My brother had, or still has, that "Elephant Parts" video...and I believe the song with Mike flying around has something to do with Rio?
"So I think I will travel to Rio..."?

Message: 24720 Posted: Thu Oct 24 10:17:01 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Georgy Porgy

I remember back in my runnin' days checking out a local band up in Rapid CityS.D. and they played a cover of Georgy Porgy. It blew me away and I had to find out who did it. They told me it was from the first Toto album which I had not heard. I went out the next day and got the record which really didn't turn me on much but I really got into that song. The power of live music I guess...By the way I always dug Mike Nesmith's stuff the most, preferrably Papa Jean's Blues, Listen To The Band and the solo tune Joanne...DanC.

Message: 24719 Posted: Thu Oct 24 09:55:06 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat last night

Thanks, Nancy for asking about me. Yes I am really tired ( my regular duties are stressful enough thank you very much!) I go home and collapse. I hope to be back with you all next week!

Message: 24718 Posted: Thu Oct 24 08:51:14 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Cerritos article & Hmmm ~~ Yes I remember F Troop ~~

Hi Everyone,
Wow the post are popping up fast this morning ~~ Nice!

Thanks Jimnak & Steve ~~ I saved this article to my files.... lots of neat info in this, I still get a chuckle out of Gerry doing Theodore's voice on the Chipmunks ~~ (No wonder I was attracted to these little guys) :) I also like how Gerry, Timothy B, and Andrew Gold harmonize on the song ShhhhBoom on the CryBaby movie soundtrack ~~ gives me the chills thinking about it!

Hi there hekawi (Ron) ~~ Wow ~~ My inquiring mind remembers the show F Troop and I watched Johnny Carson lots soo I am sure I have heard his version of this used too. Thanks for all the neat info about Carly Simon and the "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" lyrics controversy..... All in all this inquiring mind is met ~~ Do you still play fantasy football? I have a fantasy Nascar cup racing team ~~ My team is doing okay, but the one I had last year did better. My Rusty has to get a win soon ~~ he is long overdue! Oh but who cares as long as I get to see his cute smile and dimple I am a Happy Fan of His! :)

Hi PatB ~~~ reading your post about a video with Michael Nesmith flying around in the air, sounds familiar too me too, I just can't remember any more than that about it. ~~ Wow Johnny while reading your description of Michael ~~ I got a crystal clear pic of him in my mind. I too loved watching the Monkees and singing with Davey, I had a crush on him..... Hey there DanC you will be getting to see Davey & the Rascals here before you know it, that should be a good show.... Hmmm ~~ just wondering here ~~who are you rooting for to win the World Series???? I hope you are smiling! You better be! :)

Nice Speech ~~ You brought a smile to my face, neat to see you singing on the chat folder. By the sounds of it you have quite the music collection!

Thanks to all for the fun Live Chat last night..... Lots of smiles there for sure! :) ~~~ I do think that there were some visitors there that had me mistaken for another Nancy though.... Hi Robin ~~ You were asked for last night too, Hurry up and get your moving done so you can join in again..... We were all kinda bummed out about the backup on the release date for the Grand Cayman CD ~~ but like Steve mentioned in his post, it will be well worth the wait for sure! Hey Mo where were you girl~~~ were you glued to the West Wing!!!! :) Gerry, Gerry, Gerry ~~~~~ :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmmmm (bob) ~~ Nice to see your posts..... I was smiling when you mentioned your Autographed Martin Guitar for sure, I bet you play some nice music on that guitar for sure! ;)

Hi Kim ~~ You sound like me! I can take loud music too....

Have a great day all, Nancy :)

Hmmm for you Simpley Red ~~~~~~ I'll keep holding onnnnnn, I'll keep holding onnnn, I'll keep holding onnnn, I'll keep holding on, soooo tight ~~~~ alright ~~ oooh now, well I've wasted all my tears, wasted all of those years, and nothing had the chance to be good, as nothing ever could, I'll keep holding onnnnnn, I'll keep holding on ~~~~~~ holding, holding, holding ~~~~ oooh yea I said , thats all I have to say, it's all I have to say ~~~ Sing it Simpley Red :) :) :)

Message: 24717 Posted: Thu Oct 24 08:31:26 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

<<As a kid, I loved watching the Monkees on TV but always thought Mike Nesmith seemed to stick-out like a sore thumb with the rest of the band members. Maybe it was his sideburns and his Texas accent??>>

How about the ski cap?

Message: 24716 Posted: Thu Oct 24 07:35:05 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Magnetic South sounds nothing like the Monkees, save maybe for (coincidentally) Mike's material with them, like "What Am I Doing Hanging Around?" or "Papa Jean's Blue."
It was, and remains, a breath of fresh air. It's evocative country-rock, heavy on the country, with peddle steel, and such. But the singing and playing is energetic, the feel is pleasingly pastoral, and some of the songs are really lovely.
Mike actually did a version of "Crippled Lion" that turned up on a "Missing Links" collection of Monkees outtakes on Rhino, but the version on Magnetic South remains my favorite.
The melody is great, and the lyrics fairly burst (to these ears) with the joys of having extricated one's self from an artistically-spent situation:

"Now my whole world opens up
In different rhymes and different tunes
With highways making up the verse
And suddenly I see the light
Of something called the moon
And though my path is planned it's not rehearsed

So I move along to the next thing on the list
Knowing full well that some of them just don't exist,
but I am finally alone,
and where my foot steps down is where it's home."

Message: 24715 Posted: Thu Oct 24 07:05:02 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

As a kid, I loved watching the Monkees on TV but always thought Mike Nesmith seemed to stick-out like a sore thumb with the rest of the band members. Maybe it was his sideburns and his Texas accent???

Also watched a lot of the Beatles cartoons on early Saturday mornings. They were fun!

Message: 24714 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:58:24 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Speech~ I do recall from many years back, a Mike Nesmith video that included colorful landscapes and Mike flying about through the air, perhaps it's the same one that you are talking about. I remember thinking that the song was just "ok" and not as good as The Monkees' songs.
What does "Magnetic South" sound like? Does it sound like The Monkees or does it sound more like that song from the video?

Message: 24713 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:58:03 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Cerritos

This sounds like my husband's and my dream concert. He's a huge Kansas fan, I'm a huge America fan. Plus if I get too bored w/ Kansas I could take a nap! (Hey if I can fall asleep in a Judas Priest concert I can fall asleep anywhere!!)

Message: 24712 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:52:27 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

I know that in the late 70's early 80's Mike put out a video called Elephant Parts. (I think I still have it on vhs.) To the best of my recollection, it wasn't just one song but an hour long video w/ different MTV type songs and dancing. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember hearing that Mike was credited w/ creating or bringing the MTV type format to TV in the U.S.

Message: 24711 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:47:17 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Speech, before there was AMERICA(for me), there was Mike Nesmith. I remember seeing him in concert as a 14 year old, in Auckland NZ. First concert I ever went to, and I still recall it fondly. It was 1975 and he had just released 'The Prison', and the entire concert was just him and his accoustic. Fantastic stuff! I owned a lot of his stuff on vinyl. And you are right about the Joanne video, as far as I can recall.

Message: 24710 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:44:24 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Cerritos

WARNING - If attending the America/Kansas concert in Cerritos, beware of the HUGE noise difference between the two. Kansas will blow you out of your chair while America will mesmerize you. When the two played Denver, it was like night and day difference. If this is an indoor venue, take the earplugs along. If u like it loud, disregard my opinion.

Simply Red

Message: 24709 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:31:29 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

I do not remember the "no lip sync" performance of Mike nesmith on Bandstand.

However, I seem to recall a video clip of him for JoAnne around the same time. I suppose you could say it was primitive compared to modern rock videos, but I remember it being kind of effective with the music. If I wasn't hallucinating, it had Mike kind of wandering through some appropriately pastoral/rustic landscape miming the song.

Again, maybe I have it mixed up with something else. Does anyone else recall such a video.

Incidentally, someone posted here about owning, and liking, Mike's third solo record in the so-called red, white and blue trilogy, "Nevada Fighter."

I also own "blue" LP in that trilogy, which is actually the first one, "Magnetic South." It's the best of them, for my money, and I'd highly recommend it. I particularly like "Calico Girlfriend," "Crippled Lion," (of course) "Joanne" and "Beyond the Blue Horizong" complete with the crowing rooster, yawn and start-up tractor sounds. Great stuff.

Message: 24708 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:23:25 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cerritos

America will be playing at the Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts on November 1st. Click here to read an article about the upcoming performance, courtesy of JimNak.

Message: 24707 Posted: Thu Oct 24 06:09:04 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek ~~ Hmmmm Movin' in ~ Mellenium

"hekawi" is the name of the native american tribe on the old comedy
series "F-Troop" it is derived from the punch line of an old joke
as in "where the 'heck are we'" (get it?!). Doc Severinson and
Johnny Carson used a dirtier version on the Tonight show once.
at the time i first discovered the America chat folder, i had an
on-line fantasy baseball team called the Fort Courage Hekawis.
my real name: ron
place: greenville, sc
glad i could help with the "movin in/millennium" lyrics

Message: 24706 Posted: Thu Oct 24 05:52:37 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Three cheers to Mr. Nesmith. I have a tremendous respect for any musician who chooses not to lip-synch.

And I'm proud to say that I don't miss Milli Vanilli either.

Message: 24705 Posted: Thu Oct 24 05:07:47 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Speaking of Mike Nesmith

Hi all! Speaking of Mike Nesmith...

Does anybody remember Mike appearing solo on "American Bandstand"? It was after he left The Monkees and had out his first solo hit, "Joanne".

One of the reasons I remember it so clearly is that it was common for almost ALL groups and singers to li-synch their hits on this show...but Mike walked out with his guitar in one hand...and a stool in another. Then he sat down and sang his song...LIVE!( A testament to his folk singing roots, I presume. )

Message: 24704 Posted: Wed Oct 23 20:02:41 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Toto (Bonz)

Thanks Johnny. Kingdom of Desire is one of my favorites. I just picked up Mindfields last week. Very interesting music on that CD.

Message: 24703 Posted: Wed Oct 23 16:30:54 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Speechwriter.

Hello eveyone,have been enjoying the posts of late.Must say I love the "Dares" have all their recordings on vynil and a fair few on cd "Heart of the Country" and "Don't look Down" a pair of rarities one french release the latter a UK release that surfaced in Sydney.The Ozarks were also popular in Holland,one of the most refreshing US bands around highly original no one like them,love the rustic feel.Oddly enough also have several Pure Prairie League recordings,and both American Flyer releases.I now eagerly await Poco's new album along with the Cayman release.

Message: 24702 Posted: Wed Oct 23 15:46:24 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: America questions

We know that Dewey is credited on Janet Jackson's song, but its kinda strange in a way, as it was Gerry who came up with that riff, as we know. Im sure all three contributed to each others songs. Dan's high vocals sure seemed to make each song complete, imo. As for guitars, unlike you Bruce, I loved the feel of the 'roundback' guitar, having owned 3 of them. Admittedly I have played sub standard Ovations, but the top of the line ones were quite magnificent. They dont seem to be so popular now, but in their day they were used by a lot of top artists, Cat Stevens, McCartney etc. I briefly mentioned those guitars to Dewey this year and he said, yeah, they did use them, but now they've moved on. I have never played a Taylor, would love to, but wouldn't swap my autographed Martin for anything!

Message: 24701 Posted: Wed Oct 23 14:55:55 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Worth Waiting For

The web site changed the release date today for the Cayman CD to November 18. I heard that there was some kind of issue with the packaging.

Message: 24700 Posted: Wed Oct 23 13:56:27 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hmmmmmm ~~ Damn Women Drivers ~~

Me Again ~~
I go away for awhile and come back to find this Red ~~ You are too much for sure! LOL! I think there is a lesson that may go along with your Joke! Hmmmmm Ya know what Boudrow says in a case like this ???? ~~~ Boudrow says When One is driving and drinking coffee, and shaving, and not to mention talking on the Cell phone it is best not to have a Wondering Eye ~~ Otherwise the consequences are not fair to Big Bob & the Twins Hahhahahhahahahahah! LOL ~~~~ Boudrow also says OUCH ~~ that done did Smarts for sure! ~~~ Oooh Red what are we to do with you, all I can say is I appreciate your sense of Humor! You are too much for sure.... :) Thanks again for the added Spice to my Day!

One of Boudrow's more sesible sayings is ~~ "Always look to find a Person's True Colors ~~ don't be too quick to judge one by outer appearances~~ :)

Tonight is Live Chat ~~ Hope to see you all there! Nancy :)

~~~ If this world makes you crazy and you've taken all you can bear, just call me up cause you know I will be there, and I'll see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors, and thats why I love you ~~~ so don't be afraid and let them show, your true colors, true colors, are beautiful like the rainbow... Sing it Phil Collins ~~ Yeah :) :)

Message: 24699 Posted: Wed Oct 23 13:29:47 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Speechwriter

hey, now we're talking. I forgot Rick Roberts WINDMILLS which again is a fantastic LP. I've also recently got into a chap called DANNY O'Keefe - same era but more experimental in style. He does some fine county/rock though and no better than his song THE ROAD which Jackson Browne covered on his RUNNING ON EMPTY lp.

Although I've only got one of their LPs Mike Nesmith's First National Bands NAVADA FIGHTER is a great album. I've also recently discovered Micheal Stanley of the later Micheal Stanley Band. His first solo LP is called Tumbleweed something or other is worth a listen.

Less obvious is Joe Walsh's BARNSTORM which is truly incredible unlike anything he did later on. Real laid back Country rock. I also like the Doobie Brother 1st LP which again is less commercial and quieter in tone than thier later albums, although I also love Toulouse Street and The Captian And Me.

Can't think of any others at the moment of the same ilk but will report again if I recall any more.

oh yeah, different but of the same era and most definitely one of my all time favs is DAVID CROSBY's IF ONLY I COULD REMEMBER MY NAME.



Message: 24698 Posted: Wed Oct 23 12:30:07 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speechwriter

Thanks for the heads up on Pure Prairie League. I will keep an eye out. I didn't realize that Craig Fuller was back in the fold.

As for other favorites, ours are strikingly similar.

The post-Gram-Parsons Burrito Bros. LP featuring Rick Roberts and Bernie Leadon is one of my desert island country-rock discs, right up there with "Bustin Out" (depending on what day it is, maybe even higher). Particular favorites include "Colorado," "Tried So Hard," their cover of Dylan's "Ramona," "Four Days of Rain," and "Why Are You Crying?" The whole record, though, just soars. About a year ago, I found the entire LP on a two CD anthology of the best of the Burritos.
I also found a used, Mobile Fidelity Labs "two-fer" CD containing both Dillard& Clark Expedition LPs. Again, these are two of my favorites, along with Gene Clark's "White Light, White Heat."
There are a couple of other favorites, more obscure, that are worth noting from my collection, but I'm drawing a blank right now. I will post them later.
It's great to know that somebody else out there has an appreciation for what I've been thinking of as long-lost and sadly under-recognized roots and country-rock records.

Message: 24697 Posted: Wed Oct 23 12:11:02 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Speechwriter

Thanks for the info on Craig Fuller. I do have both AMERICAN FLYER lps and The Fuller/Katz album which I agree is very good. I've never heard of J D Blackfoot mind and will be on the search from now on.

Re WHITE MANSIONS both Steve Cash and John Dillon are lead vocalists and therefore have a large prominence on the double LP so its worth checking out.

Whilst we're on the subject of Country/Rock I'd be interested to know your other favourites just in case i've never come across them before. My favs include THE FLYING BURRITO BORTHERS 3rd lp which is post Gram Parsons and features Rick Roberts and Chris Hillman as lead vocalists, also up there is THE FANTASTIC EXPEDITION OF DILLARD & CLARK and Gene Clark's own NO OTHER.

By the way, THE PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE have their own website now (very basic though - The good news is that Craig Fuller is now back at the helm and they have apparently played 2 or 3 gigs in the US this year.


Message: 24696 Posted: Wed Oct 23 12:09:36 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" 'Controversy'

What I recall most about this tune was an absolutely scathing review in the Rolling Stone Record Guide to the effect that this song, sort of the duo's flagship hit, was the epitome of the smarmy 70s ... I think it described it as being as "70s' as "the ugly, rust-colored shag carpeting that was in every apartment complex of the era" and went on to slag England Dan and John Ford Coley, for crafting a song that captured the 70s ethos of being "ingratiating and perpetually on the make" ... or words to that effect. Now I can't hear this song, which I actually kinda like, without thinking about shag carpeting and such smarmy 70s fare as "Torn Between Two Lovers." On the other hand, I kinda enjoyed coming of age in the smarmy 70s.

Message: 24695 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:51:32 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Damn Women Drivers

I have been cut-off(by women drivers of course) many times..........

Message: 24694 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:29:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Damn Women Drivers

Red Oak ~ Is your REAL name John Wayne Bobbit???

Message: 24693 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:28:06 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" 'Controversy'

...and Dan Seals is the brother of Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts fame.

Message: 24692 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:23:34 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

An English band, Bronco, released albums in 1970 (Country Home) and 1971 (Ace of Sunlight) that I feel have an 'America' sound - mellow music, great harmonies, lots of acoustic guitars mixed with the occasional electric guitar. Since Bronco pre-dates America, I've often wondered if America (who were living in England at the time) were influenced by them.

Message: 24691 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:09:48 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" 'Controversy'

I remember a friend of mine thought they were saying "I'm not talking 'bout hmm hmm hmm" sort of blanking out the sexual reference. Perhaps this is the controversy you recall.

Message: 24690 Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:03:19 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Damn Women Drivers

Oh Red - You are too much! Is your significant other aware of this chauvinist streak in you! BTW I haven't laughed so hard in awhile!

Message: 24689 Posted: Wed Oct 23 08:59:59 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" 'Controversy'

Thanks "hekawi25" for the explanation of the lyric controversy. All along, I thought the controversy was somehow sexual related. If that's all it was as you said, I'm very disappointed. :0)

Most all of us probably know that England Dan is now country singer Dan Seals. John Ford Coley went the same route but not nearly as successfully. If I recall correctly, so did David Gates.

Message: 24688 Posted: Wed Oct 23 08:52:16 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Damn Women Drivers (Red)

Nice joke, Red, BUT nothing can save you now. We won't forget the 'mouth' episode...No, never!
And if you really want to be sweet to us, women on this folder, there's a lot you can learn from Dewey and Gerry. =:-). Then the next thing you can do, is use an internet poetry assistance program! LOL... - Gen.

Message: 24687 Posted: Wed Oct 23 08:08:34 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Damn Women Drivers

Need I say more:

Driving to my office this morning on Colorado
> Interstate I25 near Lake Denver, I looked over my shoulder to
> left and there was a woman in a brand new Mustang with her face up
> to the rear view mirror putting on her eye makeup.
> I looked away for a few seconds, and when I looked back, there she
> halfway over in my lane, still working on her eye liner. It scared
me so
> bad I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the Krispy Kreme
out of
> my other hand. In all the confusion, of trying to straighten out
the car
> with my knees against the steering wheel, it knocked my cell phone
> from my ear which fell into my Starbucks coffee between my legs,
> splashed and burned BIG BOB and the TWINS, ruined the phone and
> disconnected an important call.

Message: 24686 Posted: Wed Oct 23 07:31:27 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek ~~ Hmmmm Movin' in ~ Mellenium

Hi Everybody :)
Criag David is singing neat song "Fill Me In" on my speakers now... and Wow I am just blown away that there was a controversy over the line "I'm not talkin bout Movin' in" in the great song "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" ~~ I mean take a listen to it, it is soooo plain to hear..... it is my favorite verse to sing ~~~ Hello, yeah its been awhile ~~ not much how bout you, I'm not sure why I called, I guess I really just wanted to talk to you, and I was thinging maybe later on, we could get together for awhile, it's been such a long time and I really do miss your smile ~~ I'm not talkin bout MOVIN' IN, and I don't want to change your life, but there's a warm wind blowing the stars around, and I'd Really Love to See You Tonight ~~~~~ Ooooh how I love singing this song for sure ~~ Thanks for obliging me here! ~~~~ My point is here, with the rest of the lyrics here ~~ How in the world would the word Mellenium even fit in at all with them ??????? Oooh well ~~ :) I just love the song! Thanks for the neat info hekawi (cool name you got there ~~ hmmmmm Inquiring Minds would love to know what your name means???? ) :)

Hi Steve L & Jerey ~~ Wow! I definitely agree with you Steve about the collaborating of their talents help to make their songs better, as a group and in their individual works too. I know I have said this before in one of my posts, that I feel that all 3 of them have such a gift of talent and how nicely when joined together, the outcome is Magical for sure..... that is what I have loved about their music all of these years.... Thanks Gerry, Dewy & Dan oooh soo much! :)

Oooh Steve ~~ thanks for sharing your memories with us and how nice to see you post some song lyrics ~~ had me smiling for sure :)

Regarding Toto ~~ I never had any of their albums, but I do like their song "I'll Be Over You" alot, "Africa" too of course we all know their song "Roseanna" ~~~ I just might have to look up one of their albums and give it a try.....

Have a good day all, Nancy :)

~~~ There are no guarantees, there are no alibi's, thats how our love must be, don't ask why, it takes some time, God knows how long, I know that I can't forget you, has soon has my heart stops breaking, anticipating, as soon as forever is through, I'll be over you, remembering times gone by, promises we once made, what are the reasons why, nothing stays the same, there were the nights, holding you close, someday I'll try to forget them, as soon as my heart stops breaking, anticipating, as soon as forever is through I'll be over you..... Hmmmm a I have a question here, am I hearing Michael Mc Donald in the backup vocals on this great song? I think I am, someone let me know okay? ~~ Sing it Toto ~~ this song is oooh soo nice~~ :)

Message: 24685 Posted: Wed Oct 23 06:38:59 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Attention all you guitar players

as far as expensive acoustic i'd have to go with a martin,as for a moderate priced one: maybe a washburn or an alarez. what do i own?
an applause (the cheap version of the ovation) electrics: i'd love
a fender stratocaster, they feel perfect(i own a peavey strat knock-off that sounds and plays very close to the real thing)also i'd love
to have a rickenbacker (byrds & beatles)

Message: 24684 Posted: Wed Oct 23 06:34:04 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek

Where can I buy some of that stuff which caused certain people to hear "Movin in" as "millenium"? Or does this only happen every thousand years? Or were they talking about the Mazda car? Or ???????

Message: 24683 Posted: Wed Oct 23 06:29:00 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Supergroup definition

Thanks, Moser. I couldn't have said it better. Around the time of the Clapton-Winwood partnership that spawned "Blind Faith," and for years afterward, the term "supergroup" came to be used popularly in rock journalism to describe bands that had been formed by members of other bands. Typically, these group members had enjoyed a degree of success and/or notoriety in their prior bands. By the way, I enjoy most of the material on those American Flyer records, but they aren't what I'd call essential listening.

Message: 24682 Posted: Wed Oct 23 06:24:58 2002 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek

re: "i'd really love to see you tonight" controversy
part of the lyrics were "i'm not talking 'bout movin' in" but
many people mis-heard them as "i'm not talkin' 'bout millennium"

Message: 24681 Posted: Wed Oct 23 06:24:58 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America questions.

Jerey, I think that Gerry and Dan did add to Dewey's songs in varying degrees. For example, the main riff/hook that we're all familiar with in Ventura Highway came from Gerry and/or Dan. While the song is great all by itself, that popular riff which Janet Jackson has used recently in her hit song, makes the song that much better. I suspect that they often collaborated to make their individual songs even better.

Message: 24680 Posted: Tue Oct 22 20:20:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Toto (Bonz)

Bonz ~ It's available via (or

You can get a "like new" copy for less than $5 or one in "very good" condition for about $2.50-$2.95. "Kingdom Of Desire" for me personally is one of my least favorite Toto CDs. Because of Steve Lukather's predominate contribution, it's a bit too hard-edged compared to what I usually like by Toto. I like Toto best with Joseph Williams as lead vocalist especially on their "The Seventh One".

Message: 24679 Posted: Tue Oct 22 19:57:39 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Supergroup definition

Mo ~ I see! I do believe you're right about how Speech meant the term "supergroup" and how it differed from what I was thinking.

Another thing that I noticed about America's "Hideway" LP and American Flyer's is regarding George Martin. On "Hideaway" he's credited with playing the piano on "She's Beside You" and on American Flyer's LP he co-wrote a song titled "End Of A Love Song". Those are two 'unique' performances by Sir George!

Message: 24678 Posted: Tue Oct 22 19:50:52 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Toto

Anyone out there know where I can find "Kingdon of Desire" by Toto? Great CD but mine has taken a beating over the years.

Message: 24677 Posted: Tue Oct 22 19:33:46 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Supergroup definition

Johnny--if I may be so bold to speak for Speech, I think he meant the term supergroup in the sense that it was made up of members who were in previously successful groups. I think your definition of supergroup seems to suggest it as a superlative such as being awesome or great. Using Speech's definition, an example is Asia, "the progressive rock group formed in 1981 as a supergroup composed of singer/guitarist Steve Howe(Yes), bassist John Wetton (King Crimson), keyboardist Geoffrey Downes (The Buggles) and drummer Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer)." (Quote is from

Message: 24676 Posted: Tue Oct 22 18:21:06 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: American Flyer

<<Sounds like you probably know this already, but Fuller was part of the "supergroup" American Flyer that issued two albums in the 70s on United Artists.>>

Speech ~ I don't know about calling American Flyer a "supergroup" (America is/was definitely a "supergroup") but that makes you, Jimnak, and me each owners of both American Flyer LPs. Anyone else here??? For those that don't have the first American Flyer LP, here are a couple of similarities between it and America's "Hideaway":

The bands' name

Both LPs recorded in 1976

America's LP recorded at Caribou Ranch
American Flyer's LP recorded at Indigo Ranch

America's "Hideaway" notes: "Special Thanks: Frank DeCaro"
American Flyer's notes: "Special Thanks: Frank DeCaro"

America song: "Letter"
American Flyer song: "M"

America song: "Today's The Day"
American Flyer song: "Queen Of All My Days"

America song: "Who Loves You"
American Flyer song: "Love Has No Pride"

America song: "Can't You See"
American Flyer song: "Lady Blue Eyes"

America song: "Don't Let It Get You Down"
American Flyer song: "Let Me Down Easy"

America song: "Hideaway"
American Flyer song: "Drive Away"

America's "Hideaway" produced, arranged, and conducted by George Martin
American Flyer's LP produced, arranged, and conducted by George Martin

One of the members of American Flyer sure looks a lot like Dewey!!!

Message: 24675 Posted: Tue Oct 22 17:13:38 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: America questions.

I recently told my wife in many ways America was initially 3 solo artists performing together as a band, and later, 2 solo artists working as a duo. I realize the band is much more than the statement above seems to suggest. I know the guys work together to accomplish the great America sound we America fans love so much, but, for example, how much does Gerry (or in the past, Dan) add to a song like Horse which was written by Dewey?

Message: 24674 Posted: Tue Oct 22 14:16:05 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reply to :AmericaSL

Nina, I lived in Framingham from May until August of 1976. I was working as a computer programmer during the summer for Digital Equipment Corporation to earn some money after I got married. Then I came to Utah to finish my education at BYU. I've been here ever since, and I love it.

Message: 24673 Posted: Tue Oct 22 13:03:02 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to :AmericaSL

Hi Steve...and everybody...thanks for the help on that Starbuck song; now that I SEE the lyrics...I remember it better than I thought I did!

Steve! I know Framingham, MA very well...lots of relatives there! It's about an hour away from where I live in North Central Massachusetts. How long did you live there? Did you or your wife attend college in that area? I had a couple of friends go to Framingham State College in mid-seventies.

Message: 24672 Posted: Tue Oct 22 11:48:23 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Ozark Mountain Daredevils and things

In fact, I do own Pure Prairie League's "Bustin Out" LP on vinyl and CD. I have also put it on a chrome cassette, and I now listen to it with regularity in my car. You'll find no argument here on its stature as one of the best country-rock LPs ever cut. The whole LP really hangs together well, and I think it makes a real case for Craig Fuller being one of the great, under-recognized singer-songwriters of the 70s. Sounds like you probably know this already, but Fuller was part of the "supergroup" American Flyer that issued two records in the 70s on United Artists. Prior to that, he was in a band called J.D. Blackfoot, which issued a schizophrenic LP on Mercury in the late 60s entitled "The Ultimate Prophecy." One side of that record was characterized by the kind of fuzzed-up (and fuzzy headed) rock songs that were all the rage post-Sergeant-Pepper, and the other was filled with lyrical and quite engaging country rock. Included was Craig Fuller's tune "Angel," which, as you know, turns up on the Pure Prairie League's "Bustin' Out" LP. Anyway, Craig Fuller went on after the commercial fizzle of American Flyer to cut at least one LP with Eric Kaz (I'm off the top of my head here, but I think Eric Kaz was formerly in Blues Magoos, although I may have him mixed up with another American Flyer member who'd been in Blood, Sweat and Tears). In any case, the Fuller-Kaz LP was really good (says me), included some fine rock and folk-rock, and, of course, sank like a stone. Next thing I knew, Craig Fuller was paying the rent by fronting a reconstituted version of Little Feat. But I still think his calling was the kind of country or folk rock tunes in evidence on "Bustin Out," and anyone interested in the genre who hasn't heard it should get it.
Incidentally, I am aware of the White Mansions concept LP. I knew about it, in part, from reading a book entitled "Desperados: the Roots of Country Rock." It was a pretty good read, but it predictably gave short shrift to some of the genre's lesser-known artists, including the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. So I knew members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Bernie Leadon of the Eagles had played and sang on that record, but I didn't realize the Ozark Mountain boys (or at least some of them) were represented, too. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to go out and find it.
A sad postscript. Steve Canaday, who joined the Ozark Mountain Daredevils for their "Don't Look Down" album and played on some other, subsequent recordings and tours, died in a small plane crash years ago.

Message: 24671 Posted: Tue Oct 22 10:40:12 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Ozark Mountain Daredevils and things


I'm right there with you re the Ozarks (I won't say OMD as they were a UK electronic band of the 80s.) I've only recently discovered this band but have been lucky enough to find all their early LPs on vinyl and the 1st on CD. I love "Spaceship Orion" and "It Couldn't Be Better". They are another great 70s band with multi vocalists all with a completely different sound.

Have you ever heard of the concept double LP called WHITE MANSIONS which was released in the late 70s, I think. It features both Steve Cash & John Dillon on lead vocals and other luminaries like Eric Clapton and Bernie Leadon (EAGLES) on guitar. The basis of the lp is the story of the civil war and each vocalist (there are 4 - one of the others is Waylon Jennings) are different characters and tell their story through the songs. It's not the most successful concept LP in the world but if you're an Ozark fan its well worth a look (if you can find it). By the way we seem to have rather similar tastes. I don't suppose you own BUSTIN OUT by the PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE which i regard as the best country rock LPs of all time.

Re THE BAND MOST LIKE AMERICA. I agree that BATDORF and RODNEY probably sound most like early AMERICA musically. Batdorf's vocals though don't sound like either Dan, Dewey or Gerry. I also agree with Johnny that England Dan & John FOrd Coley are in the same ballpark. In reality AMERICA are unique especially in their vocal sound which is why they are so endearing.


Message: 24670 Posted: Tue Oct 22 09:19:26 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: I Know ~~ I Know ~~ I Know ~~~~~LOL!!!!

Yes It Is Me Nutty Nancy :)
I am ready to call it quits for sure..... Ooh my mind must be shot.... Look out! But I must say that I am smiling from ear to ear, this trip down Memory Lane with all of these great songs are adding a Touch of Honey to my Life and who cares if I make Ooops and Bloops I am having FUN doing it....... Enjoy the day, I am Nancy :) Too Much too much for sure~~Now I am just singing this in my mind right now it isn't playing here on my speakers soo there is bound to be lots of bloops but here goes this is what I remember of this song....

~~ Gonna grab my baby, gonna hold her tight, gonna have myself a little afternoon delight, sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight ~~ afffffternoooon delight~~ the thought of lovin you is gettin sooo invitin, why wait until the middle of the cold dark night, affffffternoon deliiiight, afffffternooon delighttttttt ~~~~ :) :)

Message: 24669 Posted: Tue Oct 22 09:15:03 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Mistaken Identity

I have the original LPs from which both tunes were taken. A CD collection of assorted hits is probably the better way to own them.

Message: 24668 Posted: Tue Oct 22 09:08:28 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Starbuck vs Starland Vocal Band

Starland Vocal Band did Nancy's favorite recreational song "Afternoon Delight". Starbuck did "Moonlight feels right".

Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat
in Europe."

Message: 24667 Posted: Tue Oct 22 09:02:48 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mistaken Identity

Nancy, The Starland Vocal Band did "Afternoon Delight" the same time that Starbuck did "Moonlight Feels Right" (summer of 1976). The songs were similar and I enjoyed them both. I have a 25 CD collection of 70's songs and both of those songs are included.

Message: 24666 Posted: Tue Oct 22 08:59:03 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek

OK, I sit (as opposed to stand) corrected. It was "The Band" and not "The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" that did "Up On Cripple Creek". Hey, the 70's were a long time ago and this mind just doesn't work like it used to.

Regarding "Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck, that was one of my favorite songs in 1976. I was a newlywed living in Framingham, Massachusetts and I had just married a southern belle from South Carolina. So, the words in the following verse had special meaning to me:

We'll lay back and observe the constellations
And watch the moon smilin' bright
I'll play the radio on southern stations
Cause southern belles are hell at night
You say you came to Baltimore from Ole Miss
Class of seven four gold ring
The eastern moon looks ready for a wet kiss
To make the tide rise again

Message: 24665 Posted: Tue Oct 22 08:29:15 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Mistaken Identity

Hi Everyone ~~
Hi there Nina ~~ Hmmmm If I am thinking of the correct Moonright Feels Right song than you are thinking of the Starland Vocal Band! I am here trying to remember some more of the Lyrics, I can hear the music in my head ~~ Hmmm I will have to keep trying to remember! There was frost on the pumpkins here in PA too, Wow! I sure hope you all took a look at the Awesome Full Moon last night. It was shining oooh soo bright all night long.... My bluebirds are all here in my backyard this morning warbling up a storm ~~ It is sooo nice to hear these little guys sing their hearts out..... :)

Hi Steve L & Mo ~~ Too much I wanted to put down The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ~~ for the song Cripple Creek, but being that I have been making soooo many Oooops & Bloops & Mispells lately I didn't, can't say why Jim Stafford came into my mind though second.....

Well Johnny I have been thinking of who I feel has the same sound as AMERICA and I would have to say The Eagles, & Dan Fogelberg ~~ on a more modern level I feel that BBMac is touching some on their style. AMERICA will always have Their OWN UNIQUE MAGIC to me. Regarding England Dan & John Ford Coley ~~ I love their music, you have caught my curiousity about the song "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" Hmmmm what was the controversy about it???? Dan Seals is singing his Melt me song to me now on my speakers ~~~ You Still Move Meeeee~~~ God You Move Meeeeee~~~ Wow ~~ what a nice song for sure :), Now he is singing his other melt me song of his "One Friend" ~~~ cause when we were together we made the dream come true, if I only had one friend left I'd want it to be you, someone who understands me, and knows me inside out, and helps me together, believes without a doubt, that I could move a mountain, someone to tell it tooo, if I had only one friend left, I'd want it to be You, cause when we were together we made the dream come true ~~~~ Sing it Dan Seals Wow!!!! Nice :) Ooops guess I got carried away there for a sec....

Have a great day everyone ~~~ Nancy :)

~~~~~ There's just no way to say how much I love you, and that could make me cry and that's just fine ~~ I've only got my fear to build above me , you know we all get scared from time to time, Love me with your head and heart, Love me from the place it starts love me with your head and heart, love me like a child, there's just no way to play the things I'm feeling, no way to tell you all the things you mean, everyday I only feel like stealing away to where I know I can be free, Love me with your head and heart, love me from the place it starts, Love me with your head and heart, love me when I'm wild ~~~ Wooooo Gerry, Dewey,& Dan ~~ this song as always been a favorite melt me song for sure.... Nice :)

Message: 24664 Posted: Tue Oct 22 08:14:13 2002 By: David Orlando
Subject: Cinn. Concert

The Cinn. concert was subdued (average age of attendee 80) but great. Got backstage..had some GREAT photo ops and as a bonus met Dewey Sat morning at Starbucks! Dewey asked me to post this because he and Gerry could not remember it. Was anyone out there at a concert in the Spectrum Phil about 20 years ago when Dewey could not sing Horse with no name and Gerry did. I've followed America for 30 years and if there are any die hards who where there let me know....Side note to those who asked I do not think they recorded the Cinn pops concert and it was somewhat different anyway.."Hangover" was crossed off the playlist by Gerry's feet very wisely

Message: 24663 Posted: Tue Oct 22 07:50:33 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Mistaken Identity

That would be this:

The wind blew some luck in my direction
I caught it in my hands today
I finally made a tricky French connection
You winked and gave me your o.k.
I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean
And drop the top at Chesapeake Bay
Ain't nothing like the sky to dose a potion
The moon'll send you on your way

Moonlight feels right
Moonlight feels right

Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right

Message: 24662 Posted: Tue Oct 22 07:13:06 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Mistaken Identity

Way, way back in the mid to late seventies, there was a song that was often mistaken for an "America" song....I don't remember the artist or title, but it had the line "Moonlight...feels right..moonlight..feels right...." The lead singer's voice had a Gerry-esque quality to it. Does anybody remember this song? (It's tough to get old...the memory is the first thing to go!)

P.S. Awaiting the first snow flurries here in New England...weatherman says it "might" be tonight! It's unusual to get a dusting around here before Halloween! Sometimes, we don't even get any before Thanksgiving! "The frost in definately on the pumpkin", though!

Message: 24661 Posted: Tue Oct 22 07:03:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fire Away

Rather "each of us of AMERICA".

Message: 24660 Posted: Tue Oct 22 07:01:52 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Fire Away

Speech ~ I agree with you on "Down To The Water". Also, it was your post about the Ozark Mountain Daredevils that prompted me to ask the question about which other band reminds each us of AMERICA.

Message: 24659 Posted: Tue Oct 22 06:55:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek

I thought it was "The Band" also (as mentioned at the end of post 24650). Which band? The Band. Yeah, but which band? The Band. WHICH BAND? Never mind! LOL

Regarding England Dan and John Ford Coley, I seem to recall a controversy surrounding their song "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight". Does anyone else recall hearing the same thing?

Message: 24658 Posted: Tue Oct 22 06:44:21 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Black Oak Arkansas

I was behind the curve by a bit. I bought "Ozark Mountain Daredevils" in 1974, right around the time I bought America's "Holiday." Hence the confusion about release dates in my mind. Nonetheless, my basic point remains the same. And it also answers your question, Johnny, about the band I view as having a body of work closest to America ... particularly on OMD tunes like "Spaceship Orion," "Colorado Song," "What's Happened Along in My Life," "Cobblestone Man," "It'll Shine When It Shines," "It Couldn't Be Better," "You Know Like I Know," "Watermill," "It's How You Think," "Following the Way That I Feel," etc. These recordings featured big, fat acoustic guitars, nicely chosen arrangements, shimmering harmonies, etc. The real cornbelt stuff like "Chicken Train," Walkin' Down the Road," "Homemade Wine," "Standing on the Rock" and "Beauty in the River," may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but they displayed real roots music virtuosity, and I'll take any of those tunes (I'm gonna get in trouble here, I know it) over America's late 70s, ennui-period toss-offs like "Woman Tonight," "Hideaway" (Parts 1 or 2), "She's Beside You" and "Down to the Water." OK folks. Fire away.

Message: 24657 Posted: Tue Oct 22 00:35:40 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

Johnny, ever hear of Batdorf and Rodney? John Batdorf and Mark Rodney released their first album in, I think it was 1971, entitled "Life is You". This album contains some wonderful 12 string acoustic guitar playing, and two part harmonies, that are very reminiscent of early AMERICA, in particular, the first album. Best track, in my opinion is, "Can You See Him". Think I remember seeing John Batdorf's name among the credits on one of AMERICA'S albums.

Message: 24656 Posted: Mon Oct 21 22:47:47 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

Hemingway Corner - an obscure Canadian band.Had one hit here called "Living Under the Big Sky". Put out 2 awesome cds before disbanding. Great acoustic guitar work and harmonies.

Message: 24655 Posted: Mon Oct 21 20:24:51 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Correction: Cripple Creek

Rick Danko not Steve and Levon Helm not Leon Helms. Sorry.

Message: 24654 Posted: Mon Oct 21 20:21:13 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Cripple Creek

I really thought "Up on Cripple Creek" was done by The Band--Robbie Robertson, Leon Helms, Steve Danko, et. al. Maybe not.

Message: 24653 Posted: Mon Oct 21 20:17:17 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cripple Creek

"Up On Cripple Creek" was performed by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. When I was in high school in southern California in the early 70's, we would have a big name band come to our high school once a year and invite all of the surrounding high schools. The dance was called the Green Giant dance. The year that Steam released "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye" we had them play and the year after that we had The Dirt Band. I really like "Up On Cripple Creek".

Message: 24652 Posted: Mon Oct 21 19:49:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:OMD Ooops!

Hi there Johnny ~~
Okay ~~ I guess I get what you and Speech mean.... Red has me in a Blurr for sure..... I cannot think straight let alone read straight..... Too much, too much for sure~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ All our love and all of our pain, will be but a tune, The sun and the moon, the wind and the rain ~~~ Hand in hand we'll do and die ~~~ Listening to the band that made us cry ~~~ We'll have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, Just to stay in this real life situation ~~ for one last refrain ~~~ Sing it Tears for Fear ~~ Yeah! :)

Message: 24651 Posted: Mon Oct 21 19:49:33 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Which Other Band Is Most Like AMERICA?

In your opinion, which one other band's sound and writing style reminds you most of AMERICA? A distant second, I realize!

For me, it would be England Dan and John Ford Coley.

Message: 24650 Posted: Mon Oct 21 19:26:30 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: OMD (Nancy)

Hi Nancy ~ OMD don't sound a thing like AMERICA in my opinion. I don't think Speech was saying they do if I read his post correctly. I think he was saying he appreciates some of the same elements in each band. Hmmm, "The Band"?

Message: 24649 Posted: Mon Oct 21 18:52:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Misbehavin Red

Me Again ~~~

Aha Gen & Ingrid ~~ I see you both have posted regarding Red's little ditty.... I had wanted to post earlier but had to go to work.... I like your Limited Time Offer idea Ingrid ~~ Very suitable songs ~~~ Hmmmm that Cripple Creek song is sounding oooh soo very familiar~~ Yes who does sing this, is it Jim Stafford by chance (Not sure just a shot in the dark answer)

Hi there Gen ~~ I like your descriptive poem of our very own One of a Kind Red~~ you definitely have touched on his finer points.... WOW!

Now for my thoughts Red about your little ditty ~~ First of all I see real selling potential here in these lyrics, that is up until the last half of the last lyric line.... I think if I were You I would rewrite this last half of line over again..... Hmmmm lets just say this, You may find yourself in the dreaded "Dooms of the Cave" all by your lonesome, with nothing but Dreams to carry you through..... Soo come on now, rewrite this last part of the song and who knows it may be the next Gerry Or Dewey Melt Me Hit! Go for it Red! ;)

Hi there Jeff B ~~ Soo sorry to hear about your family emergency! I hope all is well. Yes it would be great if the Cincinnati show would be made into a CD ~~ that way we all could get to hear it, and have it to play again and again. Take Care :)

Hi Speech ~~ Wow ~~ Thanks for your info about Ozark Mountain Daredevils ~~ Hmmm I am curious now that you say that you compare some of their albums with AMERICA's first 5 albums ~~ that is enough to spark my curiousity about their music, I will have to check them out... Jackie Blue is a great song.....

Well Good Night all~~ One song comes to my mind Red, I think these lyrics may be enough to make you rethink your last line of lyrics for sure Nancio :) ( oooh yes I have changed the lyrics a little to direct them to you Red ) :)

~~~~ You won't get no Satisfaction, You won't get no Satisfaction, thats what I sayyyyyy, Heyyyyy Heyyyy eyyyyyy, You won't get no Satisfction ~~~ No No No ~~~~~ ;) LOL! OOOH Red you are too much at times! But you do add alot of Spice to Life!

Message: 24648 Posted: Mon Oct 21 18:38:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Black Oak Arkansas

<<...OMD's first LP...came out in 1974.>>

Extremely close, Speech, but actually it was "It'll Shine When It Shines" that came out in '74 and not their first LP.

Message: 24647 Posted: Mon Oct 21 18:15:31 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Limited Time Offer

Sure red; your song can be part of the "MISOGYNISTS' COLLECTION," along with "Cinderella" by Firefall.

If you order now, we'll throw in the CO-DEPENDENTS' COLLECTION for half price! Tracks include:

"You Look Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton

"Up On Cripple Creek" ("she sends me, if I sprang a leak, she'd mend me, I don't have to speak, she defends me; a drunkard's dream if I ever did see one . . .") Artist?

"Beast of Burden" Rolling Stones

"Only The Good Die Young" Billy Joel

: )

Message: 24646 Posted: Mon Oct 21 15:15:02 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Genevieve

You are welcome, Red !

Message: 24645 Posted: Mon Oct 21 14:45:17 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Black Oak Arkansas

I just wanted to add a word or two about the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Along with America's "Holiday" LP, the OMD's first LP was a staple of my personal playlist when it came out in 1974. I later caught up with their subsequent A&M records, and most of them were very strong. The Car Over the Lake Album, It'll Shine When it Shines and Men From Earth are all of a consistently high quality, and few LPs of that era evoke as much joy in just playing and singing. This is a long way of saying that the OMD, even to this day, are one of my favorite bands -- very close to America in terms of having my respect for writing songs of substance, playing acoustic music with spirit and singing harmonies than can provide a chill. Regrettably, the recipe began to get a little slick around the time of Don't Look Down, their last A&M LP, and they then followed the money to Columbia. The self-titled Columbia LP was even slicker and less inspired (to my ears), and the songwriting suffered. It's never a good sign when a group starts writing songs about copping dope. Larry Lee (voice of "Jackie Blue," but heard to better effect on such OMD album classics as "Spaceship Orion," Within Without," and "You Know Like I Know") also made a misbegotten solo LP for Columbia around this time, on which he recorded with the LA session mafia and tried to make a pure pop record. So ended the OMD tale until recently. Of late, they have seen a really nice CD re-issue of their best work (note I didn't say greatest hits) released, and they have issued at least one "comeback" disc of new material as well. I'm repeating myself, I know, but those first four OMD LPs are solid, and will be enjoyed by anyone who liked the sensibility at work on the first four or five America records. Evocative in the extreme, they allow for the illusion of a bunch of shaggy pickers and singers living communally in a house off some red clay road, which they did for a while, drawing water from the well and recording music for the sheer existential pleasure of it.

Message: 24644 Posted: Mon Oct 21 14:41:05 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Genevieve

Well said my dear, I'll take that as a compliment......


Message: 24643 Posted: Mon Oct 21 14:24:48 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Pops....

....had a family emergency and couldn't make the concert(s). Maybe someday we can get an America/symphony CD....

Looking forward to the Cayman CD.

Message: 24642 Posted: Mon Oct 21 14:14:55 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:America's next hit record (Red Oak)

Hey R O,

Seems you imagine yourself
a hopeless romantic
a passionate Troubadour.
A man who lives and loves
with desire and appetite.
A man who sees beauty in a raindrop
and all the truth of the universe
in the eyes of a child...

And, well, we all wish you were! LOL
To avoid being offensive to the male chauvinist in you :-), here I'm only using my fingers, not my female's mouth... !

Message: 24641 Posted: Mon Oct 21 12:32:04 2002 By: red oak
Subject: America's next hit record

Over my lunch hour I put this little ditty together. What do you all think. Maybe Dewey & Gerry would be interested?

Two beautiful legs, so long and so slender,
Round, slim, and firm, and ever so tender
Two lovely hips to increase his desire,
And rounded and firm to bring out the fire.
Two lovely breasts, so full and so proud,
Commanding his eyes, as he whispers aloud.
Two lovely arms, just aching to bless you,
And two loving hands, to soothe and caress you.

Soft, cascading hair hung down over her shoulder,
And two dreamy eyes, just to make him grow bolder.
'Twas made for a man, just to make his heart sing.
Then God added a mouth, and ruined the whole damn thing.

Message: 24640 Posted: Mon Oct 21 11:35:13 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Cincy Pops concert

Thanks for the review Jerey. Feel free to send me the photos when you have the time and I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

Message: 24639 Posted: Mon Oct 21 11:32:08 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Cincy Pops concert & Update on Misbehaving Missy Maytag

Hi Everybody ~~
First of all ~~ Thanks Steve for the info on the release date of the Cayman cd...... OOOOOhhhhh Mr. Mailman this is the CD that I am soo anxious to recieve! Make it speedy, make it quick, bring this CD to this Chick ~~~ LOL !!!! OOOOOOOOh nooooooo "My Mind is a Terrible Thing for sure" Hhahhahahahahahahhaah! :) Anyway ~~ it is soo great to hear the confirmation on this release date..... Yes! Yes! Yes!
Hi Brad & Jerey ~~ Thanks for your reviews on the Cincinnati Shows.... this had to be Magical in a very unique way..... Nice to see they did play the Miniature piece before Tin Man ~~ Thanks for your thoughts on the show..... I will look forward to seeing the pics too!
Regarding the triv questions ~~~ way to go Steve L.... those were neat questions Vic ~~~~ Thanks so much for your nice added touch here.... I am only now visualizing how dumb my lyrics post blooper would look ~~~ Oooh no that one was too much for sure " making love in the dooms of the cave" ~~ OOOOh my! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! It fits well with Halloween oooh ~~~~~~ ;)

Hi Ho Red~eo ~~~ Yes I did call that Lonely Maytag repairman and it wasn't my belt that burned up it was my "Lid Switch" sooooo that OOOh sooo Lonely repairman came here Jiffy Quick and replaced this in no time at all, and gave her a quick checkover too, and the bill for the repair was minumal sooo I am Smiling for sure! Now Missy Maytag is back in the Full Swing of things and Smiling too, because when I am Happy here at my house ~~ Everyone is Happy at my house, including my appliances~~~~~ Look Out Everyone ~~ that white truck will be pulling up here anytime now to take me AWAY for sure!!!!! LOL LOL LOL :)
Okay gotta go and get washing those piled up clothes ~~ Nutty Nancio :)

~~~ Somebody told me that the time was right to keep on riding and too hang on tight.... I heard the cry of a dog in the night ~~~ But nobody told me it would be alright ~~~~ Don't Let It Get You Down ~~ well nobody made a sound, don't let it get you dowwwwwwnnnn, we took a ride down a hill that night, the man was Crazy ~~ but he wouldn't fight, with bullets in his back and money in a sack we robbed a bank and never looked back ~~~~ Don't let it get you down, don't let it get you down ~~~~~~ Rockin with Gerry, Dewey & Dan ~~~ Not one of my faves of theirs, but I like the message "Don't let it get you down" :)

Message: 24638 Posted: Mon Oct 21 10:33:42 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Re: Cincy Pops concert

The Cincy show was excellent. The Pops added a nice little twist to the regulars. The highlight of the evening was meeting the guys after the show. I was in the third row just to the right of Brad, and I have some pictures if you are interested Steve. They are not very good, but they are here if you would like to have them. For all you fans who have ever wondered, the guys are very cordial. The playlist for the show is as follows:
1. Riverside, 2. VH, 3. You Can Do Magic, 4. Don't Cross the River, 5. Daisy, 6. Another Try ( Nice Ochestra bit), 7. 3 Roses, 8. I Need You, 9. I Need You (GH), 10. Miniature/ Tin Man, 11. Border, 12. Only in Your Heart, 13. California Dreamin', 14. Lonely People, 15. Sandman, 16. SGH, 17. The Infamous Horse. It was nice that the Pops decided to open with a Horse in the Background before playing Magnificient Seven. Great show. Thanks Pete for the picks!

Message: 24637 Posted: Mon Oct 21 09:56:48 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Misbehaving Maytag

Nancio, oh Nancio, where art thou. Probably knee deep in wash water from that misbehavin Maytag. Newton, Iowa should be ashamed of putting out a Maytag that broke. Call the repairman, as he is usually not busy. Hope you get it fixed shortly. Just a lazy day here in Denver. Take care all and have a day.

I make my living off the Evening News
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry

Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear
Come and whisper in my ear
Give us dirty laundry

Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're up
Kick 'em all around

Message: 24636 Posted: Mon Oct 21 08:58:47 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers

Steve, "What are the songs "Company" and "Hollywood"?", is the correct question. You are our big winner of the day. Thanks for playing.

Message: 24635 Posted: Mon Oct 21 07:47:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers

Songs with spelunker terms (in the form of a question):

What are the songs "Company" and "Hollywood"?

Scalding blue, come talk to you
Search the cave for the grave
Of the company

Heartbeats echo through a cavern of love
Come to the tavern I'll meet you up above
Soaring through the heavens, what a fabulous ride
But everybody's heading for the same place to hide

Message: 24634 Posted: Mon Oct 21 06:26:44 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Oak Names

Yes, Ingrid this is true. Oak Ridge Boys, a true classic. How's the rice business? Need you in live chat. Where have you been? Talk to us sometime!!!!!!!!

Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine
That girl can sure enough make my little light shine
I get a funny feelin' up and down my spine
'Cause I know that my Elvira's mine

So I'm singin'
Elvira, Elvira
My heart's on fire Elvira
Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow
Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow
Heigh-ho Silver, away

Message: 24633 Posted: Mon Oct 21 05:26:57 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Guitar lessons

Pat B.,
Thanks for the encouragement.

Message: 24632 Posted: Mon Oct 21 04:36:43 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Guitar lessons

<<"...once you see how much you have to learn, before you can play anything recognizable...">>

Moser~ It took me 3 years before I was able to play anything recognizable. It's been 28 years since, and I'm still learning every day. There's virtually no end to learning how to play music.
Unfortunately the learning curve is staggering in the beginning. My advice is to hang in there, because if you do, it will pay you great dividends in the future, at least it did for me.
I also, would like to recommend Taylor guitars. However, I believe that a beginning student would not be able to appreciate such an expensive guitar, and I would recommend that any low to mid-priced guitar will suit your needs perfectly. You can always "trade-up" to something better as you progress.
Learning music is like a journey into new worlds. ~Pat

Message: 24631 Posted: Sun Oct 20 22:08:22 2002 By: Vic
Subject: music trivia for old-timers

Terry, once again, your are correct with your answer, TINy MONsters (I caught your TIN MON too), however, you did not frame your answer as a question, so, you must answer one more question, or should I say, ask one more question correctly. In honor of Nancy's "dooms of the cave", here is your final answer. These 2 AMERICA songs contain lyrics that mention the domains of the spelunker. Remember to frame your answer as a question. Good luck. Anyone can answer.

Message: 24630 Posted: Sun Oct 20 22:06:22 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Oak Names

"All the great bands had 'oak' in their names" --- Red Oak

Oak Ridge Boys!?!

Message: 24629 Posted: Sun Oct 20 19:58:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers, Caymans CD, & Bruce

<<Some legends say Timothy was their donkey or mule...>>

Very fitting. Otherwise, "A Donkey With No Name" just doesn't sound quite right.

<<According to the web site, THE GRAND CAYMAN CONCERT live CD will be released on November 1.>>

That's Dan's birthday. Cruel!!! I mean cool!!!

Bruce, those were two incredible stories. I enjoyed both a lot. Regarding Fagen and the song, "Dallas", what a coincidence here, huh?

Message: 24628 Posted: Sun Oct 20 19:48:20 2002 By: Brad
Subject: Cincy Pops concert

Hey everyone . Well the boys came out and played the short set so to speak. We were in the second row right in front of Dewey . The sound was good but the volume was turned down for the venue I guess. Dewey only had his Taylor no electric. Sandman was good but different more like the original. One suprise was the Miniature played by the orchestra before jumping into Tin Man. The Border and Another Try were good with the orchestra backing , but I will take the cranked Woodzy and the long set.They also played both versions of I Need You. Well see ya


Message: 24627 Posted: Sun Oct 20 19:18:35 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: trivia for old timers ~~ Vic & more......

>>I hope your Library Moving Progect is almost completed<<

I wish! we hav six more to do before the year's end and 26 total! Pray for my sanity--lol

Message: 24626 Posted: Sun Oct 20 14:25:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cayman CD Release Date

According to the web site, The Grand Cayman Concert live CD will be released on November 1. I had been told it would be the end of October so that fits pretty well. Pre-orders are being taken at and

Message: 24625 Posted: Sun Oct 20 13:34:32 2002 By: terry t
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers

I'll take TINy MONsters for 1000, Vic.
MON <--- Caribbean talk, Man
Excellent bass playing on that Doors album, too!
Still can't believe Nancy actually heard "dooms in the cave"... too much, for sure!
Some legends say Timothy was their donkey or mule... hmmm

Message: 24624 Posted: Sun Oct 20 12:06:46 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: RTL radio vote for HWNN & Jeff Larson (Nancy)

Hi Nancy,
<<I hope you are enjoying his (JL) great songs as much as I am>>.
Well YES , I am indeed !!! But I'm not as good as you are when it comes to expressing inner feeling , (outside the fields of poetry & painting which happen to be my fave modes of expression, I mean...).

I love this album for the various reasons that have already been mentioned on this folder. It's interesting to notice once again that the more personal a lyricist is, the more universal his/her work becomes. I think Mr Larson's words are of great emotional impact. Just MHO.

Concerning the vote, I think one or two people were able to make it since the # of votes slightly increased. If you can try again, please do. I tried it but wasn't confronted with the registration page you mentioned. Don't take it as an obligation though!
See you soon Nancy. Gen.

Message: 24623 Posted: Sun Oct 20 10:52:51 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Holiday Harmony & Carribean Christmas

Hey, I just got my Holiday Harmony and all I can say is WOW! It is great! Much better than I was expecting. To early to pick my favorites from the album yet, but right now I'm leaning towards the unique version of "White Christmas". They experimented with that one and it came off just right.

I also finally got Dan's Carribean Christmas album and was very favorably impressed by it too. I have never been a big fan of steal drums and all, but it seems to really work on this album. A very fine effort!

I would recomend both for this Christmas!

Message: 24622 Posted: Sun Oct 20 10:42:10 2002 By: Vic
Subject: music trivia for old-timers

Terry, right you are on "HORSE Latitudes", (I caught your HORSE too)by The Doors, but you didn't answer the question, "When the still sea conspires an armor, what do her sullen and aborted currents breed?" I'll give you the opportunity to answer, if you want to. Yes, it is a strange song, as are all of the songs from "Strange Days" It is a very "dark" album, with images of death, distruction, confusion, etc. The Doors first 2 albums, "The Doors", and "Strange Days" were masterful works, very tight, consistant, and seamless in their over all theme. Ozzy Osbourne refers to himself as "The Prince of Darkness", in a campy way, but in his day, Jim Morrison was "The Prince of Darkness", minus the camp. Just my opinion.

Message: 24621 Posted: Sun Oct 20 10:10:22 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Catching Up!

By the way re: GERRY's 12 string Taylor Grand Auditorium (slightly narrower waist). When GERRY proposed the design, originally Taylor considered the high 12 string tension w/standard tunning to be too much for the guitar to withstand, they did not recommend such a guitar. 5 years later it is still going strong, GERRY's concept a winner & Taylor is introducing a line of 12 string Grand Auditoriums in 2003. Credit should go to GERRY for proving the concept viable.

Message: 24620 Posted: Sun Oct 20 08:20:20 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Bruce's California story

Me Again ~~
Hi Bruce ~~~ Neat story ~~ Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Wow! Sounds like you have an interesting collections of Stories their in Your Memory Banks ~~ Nice! :) Enjoy your day! Nancy :)

Message: 24619 Posted: Sun Oct 20 08:03:18 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Catching Up!

Good morning world! It’s a beautiful Fall morning here in NYC. I have the Steely Dan EP that has been discussed. Some years ago, before the Steely Dan reunions, Donald Fagen played with some folks at the Lone Star Roadhouse here and I had the chutzpah (if you don’t know this word ask your friends who either grew up Jewish or live in a major city) to walk right into his dressing room after the show. While he was graciously autographing my Canadian gold pressing of “Aja”, I asked him why they didn’t put “Dallas” or “Sail the Waterway” on any album. He replied, “We didn’t like them”. So there you have it from the horse’s mouth!
A few days ago a question was posed about what guitar folks prefer. I have been playing acoustic guitar for 38 years. I have a bunch of them here hanging on the wall (to save space of course) - 1998 Taylor 914c, a 1973 Martin D-18, A 1965 Gibson Dove, a 1997 Taylor 555 12-string, and some other “junker” guitars. (Oh, if I only had more room…) Years ago, I believed that Martin guitars were the best. However, there is now no question in my mind that Taylor guitars absolutely rule. They have great action, they have thin necks, so I can play them for hours without getting a sore hand, and I’ve never played a bad one. Not one single bad one. I cannot say that about Martin, Gibson, Guild et al. The Taylors are just superb instruments. I never understood why the guys played Ovations. I hate Ovations. It’s like having a bowl pressed up against you. (OK, back then there were no Taylors!) I hope I haven’t offended anyone here who has an Ovation, but a guitar should be made of wood- not plastic! So if I had unlimited $$$ I’d get the best Taylor I could lay my hands on- the most expensive one made with the best wood. Man, that 12-string that Gerry plays is amazing! Just listen to “Wednesday Morning”! OK, I’m assuming that he used that one on the record And Taylor does make lower end guitars, but I don’t think you can get one for under $800 or so. Under $800, I guess I’d go with a Guild or Sigma.
Changing subjects, my “California Dreaming” story was requested, so here it is: Around 1990, Howard Stern was doing a syndicated television show at WWOR-TV, where I worked at the time. John Phillips, who has always been one of my favorite songwriters, was waiting in the green room to appear. I walked in, there he is, and while he’s autographing some items, I spot his old Martin guitar. I tell him “hey, that looks like a pretty nice one”. Well, he just hands me the guitar! Puts me on the spot! I mean, what the hell am I gonna play right? So anyway, I'm strumming the guitar and I ask John about “California”. I said “hey, did you really “pretend to pray” in that church”? He said, “yeah, we HAD to”! I guess so he and Michelle could “fit in”. “California” was based on some true things that happened, such as that walk and the church. It was written right here in Greenwich Village, NYC where I’m sitting. As far as those lyrics, that line is often misquoted as “began to pray”, but-once again (see beginning of this post) I got it from the horse’s mouth! As far as the guys playing "California", I think they do a great job on it. That song is a true classic- it will be played for many years to come. Poor John bit the dust in the last year or so, but I WAS lucky enough to hear him do "California" many years ago. Have a great day everybody!

Message: 24618 Posted: Sun Oct 20 07:40:59 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Hey terryt ~~~~ soooo do I ! :)

Me Again ~~~
Thanks Terry for bringing a smile to my day, Nice you putting the lyrics to Rupert's song "Him" I do know Rupert sings this song for sure..... Neat song isn't it ~~~ I always stop and sing along with it when it comes on the radio.... and I have it on my loonnnnnggggg playlist of songs here on my puter too. Nancy :) :) :)

Message: 24617 Posted: Sun Oct 20 07:31:31 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: trivia for old timers ~~ Vic & more......

Hi Everybody!
Hi Vic ~~WOW this is just too much. Nope! I didn't know that Rupert Holmes wrote "Timothy" and you happened to catch another OOOOPs of mine in the Lyrics to the Escape (Pina Colada song)~~~ I typed it just as it sounded in my headphones like I always do with all of my "singing" :) the lyrics that I post..... sooo that is the real line then ~~~~ in the dunes of the cape ~~AHA! ~~ Regarding the Pina Colada song, I sure think it is one neat story, I must say all those years of hearing it I never really took a close listen to it.... This Rupert Holmes is a very versatile music writer, wouldn't you agree? Thanks anyway for wanting to give me the credit of knowing all of this..... :) As for the Lionel Ritchey's song ~~ WOW that was really nice of him to mean his Mom ~~ What a great song..... Soooo it must be Kenny Roger's song "Lady" that was dedicated to his first Wife, and he also wrote a beautiful song for his new wife (not sure what number she may be) that is called ~~ I think this is the title ~~~~ "Buy her a Rose" he is another versatile writer too ~~~ lots of really nice meanings in his songs.

Hi Gen ~~~ I tried to go to the page site you listed and I tried to vote for HWNN but I mustn't have gone to the write page within this page to vote, I got some kind of a page in all French that wanted me to fill it out...... I did take French in high school, but only a couple of lines have stuck with me over the years ~~~ I am excited for Jeff Larson doing soo well over there.... I hope you are enjoying his great songs as much as I am. Take care and real nice hearing from You! :)

Hmmmm just wondering here ~~~ Did anyone happen to catch the Crossroads show on CMT the other night, it was the one with James Taylor & The Dixie Chicks it was really a good one ~~ if not it is coming on this evening again 8pm eastern time on CMT ~~~ James is sure a legend in his own time, ~~~ I just couldn't resist saying that being that it is a lyric line from one of Carly Simon's famous songs ~~~ and that she was once married to James... anyway it is nice hearing some new stuff from James T too. :)

Hi Robyn ~~ Glad you are enjoying your Warren Z cd, I hope your Library Moving Progect is almost completed. I was just wondering are you still wearing your Spongebob hat or not? Hope you can make the Chat this week! :)

Yes Johnny ~~~ I did another OOOOOOPs ~~ Funny after all these years, Black Oak Arkansas sounded good to me.... and I do remember the "Jim Dandy" song ~~~ I just thought to myself I didn't know they sang that song too ~~~~ Oh well ~~~ Red does have a way of Blurring my mind! LOL!!!!! <<<< Some open minds should be closed for repairs.......>>>> This one applies to me! ~~ I Guess ~~ LOL!! :)

Hmmmm ~~ I would love to hear about the Cincinnati shows ~~~
Have a good day all ~~~ Nancy :)

~~~ Watching the sun, watching it come, watching it come up over the rooftops ~~~ cloudy and warm maybe a storm, you can never quite tell from the morning, and it's going to be a day , there is really no way to say noooo to the morning, yes it's going to be a day, there is nothing really to say but Hello to the day, waiting for mail ~~~~~~ and Maybe there are seasons, and maybe they change, and maybe to love is not soooo strange ~~ Ooooooooooooo Oooooooooo the signs of the day now they hurry away, now they are gone till tomorrow, when day will break, and you will take your hands across your eyes, and you will realize it is going to be a day, there is really nothing to say but come on Morning ~~~~~~~~ and Maybe there are seasons, and maybe they changeeee, and maybe to love is not sooooo strange ~~~ Sing it Dan Fogelberg ~~~ This is one beautiful song for sure! :)

Message: 24616 Posted: Sun Oct 20 07:05:48 2002 By: terry t
Subject: Re: music trivia for old -timers

#2. HORSE Latitudes by The Doors on the album "Strange Days"?

(strange song, too!)

Thanks for pointing out Nancy's "doom in the cave"... I missed noticing it, probably because (among other reasons) I did not know that Rupert wrote THAT song, too. Cracks me up, now! Holmes also wrote or at least recorded the song Him. Seems all his songs tell a story of some kind. Thanks for the memories.

"Over by the window, there's a pack of cigarettes.
Not my brand, you understand,
Sometimes the girl forgets.
She forgets to hide them.
I know who left those smokes behind
She'll say, oh, he's just a friend,
And I'll say, oh, I'm not blind

Him, him, him, what's she gonna do about him?
She's gonna have to live without him...
It's him or it's me, me, me...
No one gets to get it for free.
It's me or it's him.

Don't know what he looks like,
Don't know who he is.
Don't know why she thought that I
would say what's mine is his.
I dont want to own her,
But I can't let her have it both ways.
Three is one too many of us,
She leaves with me or stays
with.. (him, him, him... etc.)

Sorry, I like that song. (8<{=~
...for sure!

Message: 24615 Posted: Sun Oct 20 01:04:32 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Steely Dan vocalists

I've checked through one of my music books which confirms that DALLAS/SAIL THE WATERWAY was released as STEELY DAN's Debut single in September 1972. It never charted though and the songs next appearance as Johnny rightly states was on a EP released in 1978.

Message: 24614 Posted: Sun Oct 20 00:54:33 2002 By: Vic
Subject: trivia for old-timers

Nancy, you certainly nailed "Timothy". Did you know that the "Pina Colada Song" that you were "singing", in your last post, as well as "Timothy" were both written by Rupert Holmes. I suspect that you did, that must be the reason you changed the words, " making love in the dunes of the cape...", to, making love in the dooms of the cave. That just couldn't be a coincidence, could it? By the way, "Three Times a Lady" by Lionel Ritchie, was written about his mother just before he married.

Johnny, you had me going there for a moment. I pulled out my "Holiday" album, just to see if there might be some sort of conection or parallel. Oh well. But Dan did go straight round the corner and never came back.

HarryO, right on both "Pressed Rat and Warthog", by Cream, and "Lather" by Jefferson Airplane. Thanks for playing.

Message: 24613 Posted: Sun Oct 20 00:53:38 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: off track Warren Zevon

Hi Robyn,
I'm sorry to say this fabulous Mr Z is a complete unknown to me. But being the curious person you understand I am, I'm gonna try to find some work by him and let you know what I think. Thanks for the tip, anyway.
Have all a wonderful week-end. BFN - Genevičve.

Message: 24612 Posted: Sat Oct 19 20:23:00 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: off track Warren Zevon

Finally found a copy of the new one "my ride's here" A must have for any fan of the fabulous Mr Z. Classic and brilliant work. Genevieve, I thought of you. He sings a song entirely in French. I wondered how his pronnunciation and accent were? Anyone care to comment. Ths cd is wonderful, ironic, funny and filled with Zevon.

Message: 24611 Posted: Sat Oct 19 16:30:39 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: "Place Where I Belong" in power play rotation on RTL radio in Fra

Hi everyone!
Thanks Steve for attracting our attention to the fact. I have seen this JL's track also appears on 'Les Nocturnes' web page - a late night RTL radio programme almost completely devoted to US music at:
I'm now looking forward to catching this "Speciale Jeff Larson" which is mentioned on Jeff's web site too. I wonder if Georges Lang will refer to Jeff's connection with America, but think he probably will.
BTW, for those willing to participate, you can still vote (PLEASE DO!) for HWNN to make it your hit song for 1972 on another RTL web page :
They are # 20 for the time being, BUT I'd love to see them reach a better position in the list.
Thanks. See you all very soon - Gen.

Message: 24610 Posted: Sat Oct 19 14:16:04 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Black Oak Arkansas

Close on the map Nancy but no cigar (nor corncob pipe)...Ozark Mountain Daredevils...bought only one of their LPs and it was the one with "Jackie Blue" on it. Black Oak was too hard rock for me if I recall correctly.

Message: 24609 Posted: Sat Oct 19 13:35:21 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Rocket Mp3 (Yes :) & Taylor Guitar Forum

Hi Everyone ~~~ Another rainy day here in Pa!

Wow ~~~ Thanks Steve for posting the great info. I downloaded the Rocket Mp3 ~~ Nice song ~~ has a really nice upbeat ~~ Thanks soo much Jeff L. for sharing this with us and I wish you much more continued success on this great collection of songs! :)

Regarding this "Jim the wise one" and his post, I think this is really neat him mentioning Gerry & Dewey and Cool even posting one of the show pics there from this site.... Nice to see others replying back to him about Our Guys too ~~ Not surprising though! Darn! I hit reply and wanted to post my thoughts too, and to give the Grand Cayman CD a mention, after all this is an excellent CD for them to check out and hear all of Gerry & Dewey's great accoustical ability.... Nice ! :) ~~~ I guess I needed a user id to log in with.

I have been listening to Gerry's Van Go Gan songs today, and just wanted to mention how nice his solo version of "I Need You" is on here, I love the added sax music and of course Gerry's voice is sounding oooh soo good as usual,and Di Faraly's little messages, with her neat,mysterious voice, adds a touch of class also ~~~ if you haven't checked out this collection of songs, you are missing out on some good ones for sure! Thanks Gerry ~~ I surely do appreciate all of your musical talent! :) I am starting to get anxious to hear this CD ~~~ Oooooooooh Mr. Mailman come my way sooon! :)

Hey Red ~~ Thanks ~~ Now I am recalling Blues Image, Neat that you mentioned Black Oak Arkansas ~~ do you remember their song "Jackie Blue" this was played at those Fun dances I used to go to way back when..... Yes the Moody Blues ~~ they too have also had their fair share of hits too. Another group from this time comes to mind, ~~~ Remember Stealers Wheel and their song "Stuck in the Middle with You" ???? that song too was played lots at the dances.... they also had a song that wasn't released I believe, but it shows their accoustical talent too... it is called You Put Something Better In Me ~~~ nice lyrics to this song too, I was also surprised to see that one of the lead singers of this group was Gerry Rafferty, I am sure you all have heard his song "Baker Street" I am wondering if I am hearing his lead vocals on this song You Put Something Better in Me ~~~ kinda sounds like him ~~~~ Or if it is one of the Eagan brothers? I believe one of the Eagan brothers had a song on the Serendipity soundtrack also.....

Thanks Johnny for your perspective on the triv questions ~~ too much.... Harry O ~~ I am wondering if I ever heard this Lather song by the Jefferson Airplane.... Not sure!!!

Hey Mo ~~ Hang in there and learn to pic a tune or two, I admire you for trying this!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all ~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ I gotta meet you by tomorrow noon, and cut through all this red tape at a bar called O'Malley's where we'll plan our Escape, soooo I waited with high hopes ~~~ and she walked in the place, I knew her smile in an instance, I knew the curve of her face, it was my own lovely lady and she said "Ahhhhh it's You" then we laughed for a moment and I said "I never knew ~~~ that you liked Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain ,and the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champaign, if you like making love at midnight in the dooms of the cave, your the lady I've looked for, come with me and Escape ~~~~ :)

Message: 24608 Posted: Sat Oct 19 11:47:08 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: music trivia for old -timers

1. Pressed Rat and Warthog by Cream from the album "Wheels of Fire".

Message: 24607 Posted: Sat Oct 19 11:02:35 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Rocket MP3

I noticed this morning on Jeff Larson's web page that he now has the MP3 of "Rocket" (available for a limited time) so that everyone can hear it - not just those who purchased the Import version of Fragile Sunrise. I think you'll really like the song. FYI: Another track from that same CD, "Place Where I Belong", is in power play rotation on RTL radio in France. You can check out the charting information on Jeff's web site. Way to go Jeff!

Message: 24606 Posted: Sat Oct 19 10:57:16 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Taylor Guitar Forum

FYI - The Taylor Guitar forum has a note from Jim, the Wise One, talking about America playing Taylor guitars. Click here to read the post.

Message: 24605 Posted: Sat Oct 19 08:38:00 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: music trivia for old -timers

3. "Lather" by the Jefferson Airplane from the album, "Crown of Creation". The lyric is: "Lather was 30 years old today. They took away all of his toys."

Message: 24604 Posted: Sat Oct 19 08:34:07 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: music trivia for old -timers

Vic, I don't know any of the songs but:

Gerry had all his toys taken away when he turned 30. That's why his favorite number is '29'.

From the "Holiday" LP sleeve, Dewey wore jodhpurs. Willie wore the striped tie. Gerry carried the three-legged sac. Dan went straight around the corner and never came back.

If it's "Knights In White Satin", is Dewey's song "Ten Man"? Nah, that would be wrong. Would have to be "Ten Men".

Just kiddin' about everything mentioned above. Tough game, Vic. Nancy, you did great with the one song. I'm stumped.

Message: 24603 Posted: Sat Oct 19 07:32:07 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers

Blues Image did Ride Captain Ride
Moody Blues did Knights in White Satin
Black Oak Arkansas did Jim Dandy

All the great bands had "oak" in their names.

Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Go, Jim Dandy! Go, Jim Dandy!

I was sitting on a mountain top.
30,000 feet to drop.
Tied me on a runaway horse
Uh huh, that's right, of course.
Jim Dandy to the rescue!
Go, Jim Dandy! Go, Jim Dandy!

Message: 24602 Posted: Sat Oct 19 05:18:35 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Guitar lessons

Unfortunately, Nancy, the first guitar lesson didn't go so well since I couldn't sign up at all but had to sign up on the waiting list instead. Who knew everyone and their brother wants to play the guitar? I was lucky enough to borrow a guitar from a friend of mine so I can figure out if I like this before I plunge in and buy my own. I tried tuning it by ear. Yea, right. If I'm lucky, I might have gotten one string right. Maybe that's what you learn in the first lesson (or six). I hope so. Thanks for asking. I'll tell you one thing I've learned already, once you see how much you have to learn before you can play anything recognizable, it makes you appreciate the immense talent of musicians like Gerry, Dewey, and Woodz. Thanks for sharing your talent guys.

Message: 24601 Posted: Sat Oct 19 00:30:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: music trivia for old-timers

Hi Everyone ~~
Vic I only know one of the answers to your trivia questions..... Hmmmmmmm 4. Who said that he would sell his soul for a piece of meat?
This is a song called Timothy and it is by a group called "The Buoys"
~~~~ Timothy, Timothy where on earth did you goooooo Timothy Timothy, God why don't I knowwwww, ~~~ Hungry as hell no food to eat and Joe said that he would sell his soul for just a piece of meat...... Water enough to drink for 2, and Joe said to me I'll take a swig and then there's some for you... Timothy Timothy ~~~ Joe was looking at you, Timothy ~~ Timothy ~~~ God what did we doooooo~~~~ This song always made me wonder sooo much, it was one of those songs that gives you the creeps for sure...... Isn't this something that they had a one hit wonder with a song with lyrics like this ~~ Yikes!!!! Hmmmm wasn't there a movie that this song was in, only thing is the movie was about a plane wreck not a mine collapsing like in the beginning of the song ~~~~~ Trapped in a mine what had caved in, and everyone knows the only ones left were Joe and me and Tim, when they broke through to pull us free the only ones left to tell the tale was Joe and me............. Now I know all of you are saying right now, She has flipped for sure remembering a song like this! Hmmmm now here is some reminscing about this song.... I have an Uncle that is 3 years older than me, and when we went to visit my Grandparents on Sunday afternoons, I would listen to him play his guitar, he was in a band, and he liked to play alot of the early 70's songs ~~~ this very song is one that he played ~~ too much huh, another one was Ride Captain Ride, and for the life of me I can't remember who it is by..... he also would play Knights in White Satin, that song was sooo big at all the teenage dances then ~~ do you all remember that song????? ~~~~~ WOW! I loved listening to him play the guitar, I just thought he was the greatest.... every time I see him now, I still tell him how I remember all of those afternoons listening to him play his guitar..... He just smiles! :) Thanks for stirring up some nice memories Vic!

Hey there Mo ~~~ How did your first guitar lesson go? This is neat, you wanting to learn to play..... I just had a thought, if you catch on to this really quick, who knows I may be in for a real treat at the show next April. Nice! :) ~~~ Guess what type of show is on TV here now ~~ this is just too much for sure ~~ The Estaban Guitar, seems this guy was a really good guitar player, and he was hit by a drunk driver.... and lost his eyesight~~~ sooo there you go Mo just order this tape and you get a free songbook, free strape, picks and extra string, he's playing House in the Rising Sun now, and my Uncle played this song toooo ~~~ Wow, I must have been meant to be posting all of this now..... Too much!! Again Mo it is called Estaban ~~ Gift of Guitar, it says that by the end of this video you will be able to play 4 songs.... How about that! :)

Thanks for the VFTHW pics Gerry, Nice they left you change rooms.... Looks like you had a chilly morning there in Cinci too, it was the same way here in Pa... but the sun finally did come out and warm it up a little. ~~ I would have loved to take in this show with the Orchestra, if there is anyone that went to it, I would love to hear all about it. I am curious to know if by chance they played Hideaway Parts 1 & 2, or Amber Cascades, or Miniature...... I really think the song All Around would sound awesome in this setting too.

Well Good Night all, I am heading to my dreams ~~~~ Nancy :)

~~~ You are the sea and I am the sailer riding the perfect wave ~~ I could have drowned, but you came around and saved meeeee ~~~ Now I am your Hopes and You are my Dreamin, helping me see beyond tomorrow ~~ you are the chosen one, you will always be the chosen one ooooo ooooo oooooo ~~~ Yes David Gates is singing this great song one last time to me today ~~~ Nice for sure :) :) :)

Message: 24600 Posted: Fri Oct 18 22:02:41 2002 By: Vic
Subject: music trivia for old -timers

A little music trivia anyone? I'll ask four questions, based on the lyrics, from four different songs. Answer the question. Name the song, the band that did the song, and the album that the song is from. Please feel free to add any information, or comments about the songs, or the bands that performed them. Three of the songs are from very successful LP's, by very famous bands of the late 60's era. They received very little, if any, air play, as they were not offered as singles for the commercial air waves of the day, however, I'm betting that there are some old-timers out there, like myself, that will recognize all three right away. The fourth is by a one-hit-wonder band, from 1971.

1) Who wore jodhpurs, and who wore a striped tie, carried a three legged sac between them, went straight round the corner and never came back?

2) When the still sea conspires armour, what do her sullen and aborted currents breed?

3) Who had all of his toys taken away, on the day that he turned 30 years old?

4) Who said that he would sell his soul for just a piece of meat?

Message: 24599 Posted: Fri Oct 18 21:17:14 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 1st view from the window.......(As Red Oak Said...)

<<I believe that picture is a smoke signal calling for tryouts....>>

Personally, it reminds me of the 1st AMERICA concert I attended in '75...all the haze wafting from the audience and imaging what it must have looked like from outside ----> "Smoke glass stain bright color"

Message: 24598 Posted: Fri Oct 18 21:01:16 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Steely Dan's Dallas. (Jason & Kevin)

Jas ~ I read in the past that Fagen was 'assigned' the role of lead vocalist on "Countdown". I don't know if that's correct though. If so, you know what that means about "Pearl Of The Quarter". Regarding "Dallas," I had totally forgotten that Fagen and Becker wrote it. I do have Poco's "Head Over Heels" on LP but have never heard Steely Dan sing it.

Kev ~ The EP that you mentioned was released in '77 (after researching it) and is titled "Plus Four". As you said, it contains 4 songs (as the title clearly suggests). They're "Do It Again," "Dallas," "Sail The Waterway" (as Jas mentioned, I believe), and "Haitian Divorce". I've never heard "Sail The Waterway". Perhaps the "my old man" lyric you mentioned is "Papa say" as in "Haitian Divorce" unless it's in the lyrics of "S The Waterway".

<<Some dumbass stole it from me ["Plus Four"]....>>

Perhaps a pretty smart 'dumbass' if you know what I mean?

<<I don't know why Dewey sang it ["Donkey Jaw"] -- my way of saying thank you for letting me steal his riff.>> ----> Stealy Dan

Message: 24597 Posted: Fri Oct 18 20:31:45 2002 By: Brad
Subject: Re: Cincinnati Pops / Dirty Laundry

Hey everyone I usually post once a year or so . I got tickets for Sunday's show. I got to see them all ready once this year and got to here the Border for the first time in years and Baby it's Up to You for the first time live. See ya


Message: 24596 Posted: Fri Oct 18 18:48:16 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Picture

Check the following webpage for a picture of Dewey and Gerry at the Legendary Songwriters something or other in Nashville on April 2, 2002.

Message: 24595 Posted: Fri Oct 18 18:25:14 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Attention all you guitar players

I guess around 1997, will have to check that, but my best guess.

Message: 24594 Posted: Fri Oct 18 17:55:51 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Attention all you guitar players

Do you want to sell me yours, Jimnak? Just kidding. I think I know the answer to that. Seriously, how many years ago did Taylor sell the Beckley guitar?

Message: 24593 Posted: Fri Oct 18 17:28:20 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Attention all you guitar players

The GERRY BECKLEY limited edition Taylor 614 Grand Auditorium. Sold a few years ago by Taylor on a limited edition basis, very rare to find one.

Message: 24592 Posted: Fri Oct 18 17:00:18 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Steely Dan's Dallas.

Jason, are you sure Dallas was Steely Dan's debut single? I remember that song coming out long after Can't Buy A Thrill was released. I bought the EP with that song on it and another one called "My Old Man" (I think that was the title, if not that was the chorus). Some dumbass stole it from me in college and I haven't been able to find it ever since. But that came out after their first album.

As far as "Pearl Of The Quarter" goes, that's definately Donald Fagen. Listen to the chorus, especially.

As far as one member of America singing a song another member wrote, there's also "Children," a song Gerry Beckley sings but Dewey Bunnell wrote.


Message: 24591 Posted: Fri Oct 18 15:47:18 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Attention all you guitar players

To all the guitar players on the folder--
If you could afford any acoustic guitar, what make and model would you buy? AND, if you had to choose a reasonably priced one, what would it be? Thanks.

Message: 24590 Posted: Fri Oct 18 15:46:45 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chats , yes I am still alive!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have not made it to the chats, but I have been rapidly moving two of our largest branches (over 5,000 boxes of books etc) I go home and collapse!

As for a fan gathering, I am up for Las Vegas, do they have any dates scheduled there?

Message: 24589 Posted: Fri Oct 18 15:33:31 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Cincinnati #2

Now that's a bit better view, I'd say. Wish I was there. I would really like to see America with an orchestra since everyone raves about it. I love you guys but eight hours' drive is just a bit over my maximum guideline for groupie-ism.

Message: 24588 Posted: Fri Oct 18 15:30:44 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Locating "Holiday Harmony"

Way to go Wal-Mart!!

Message: 24587 Posted: Fri Oct 18 13:37:45 2002 By: red oak
Subject: 1st view from the window.......

Using my Indian ancestry, I believe that picture is a smoke signal calling for tryouts for the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend. College and High Schoolers are urged to attend, especially the cheerleaders. They are hoping for a BIG turnout!!!!!!!!!!!

A Committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but as a group decide that nothing can be done.

Message: 24586 Posted: Fri Oct 18 12:50:05 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Cincinnati #2

Gerry is still in Cincinnati but he changed rooms. Click here to see the view from his new hotel window.

Message: 24585 Posted: Fri Oct 18 12:27:50 2002 By: Bones
Subject: re:View from the Window

Must be an office building or someone is sending smoke signals.

Message: 24584 Posted: Fri Oct 18 12:03:01 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re:View from the Window

That truly is one marvelous picture of Cincinnati. Gerry really captures the beauty of the city. (I hope you know I am just kidding Gerry..I love the pictures and all are suitable for framing.) Isn't there a song from the 60's.."So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star"..(just grab an electric guitar..take some time and learn how to la la la...)
Got my Holiday Harmony CD today!!!!! Haven't listened yet, but love the picture on the back. And're mentioned in the Special Thanks!!
Is everyone ready for a Califoria World Series??????? Woo woo!!! Have a great weekend!


Message: 24583 Posted: Fri Oct 18 11:35:46 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Fans concert

I personally would like to hear Green Monkey. I have live videos which contain the song, but I have yet to hear it live. Any Dan tune with a Dan cameo. Old Man Took is another I have heard on a live recording that I would like to hear live. Perhaps it is on the Cincinnati playlist. Looking forward to the Sunday night show. Steve, maybe you could arrange a website fans hangout pre-show. You somehow amazingly take care of everything else it seems. Seriously thank you for this forum. You are appreciated by lots of folks for this site. Me for sure.

Message: 24582 Posted: Fri Oct 18 11:03:14 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Steely Dan vocalists

Johnny & Harry O

DALLAS is not available on any of their Studio albums, although I think it might be on their boxed set. I'm sure it was released as their 1st single and Jim Hodder sang lead. The B-side is another rarity called SAIL THE WATERWAY which has Donald Fagen singing lead. These are both great songs which I was lucky enough to download from NAPSTER some while back. (yes POCO did a verion of it on HEAD OVER HEALS i think)

I'll have to dig out my copy of COUNTDOWN TO ECSTASY and listen to PEARL OF THE QUARTER a bit closer. You're right Johnny it does say that Jim Hodder is a vocalist on the back of the album but doesn't say what song, if any, he sings. I know he was credited as lead vocalist on their first LP for one song which was "MIDNIGHT CRUISER" I think. Again I need to check though.

Talking of rare songs has anyone got or heard of the EAGLES "GET YOU IN THE MOOD" which was on the B-side of TAKE IT EASY. This is a great song and criminally never made it on their recent box set. Don't ask me why as I thought that was what box sets were all about.

Another great find, but it will cost you, is the pre-EAGLES albums LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE (featuring Glen Frey) and SHILOH (Don Henley). Both of these come up on E-bay now and again and normally exceed $100.00 each bid. ooch!! I've managed to get my hands on LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE which is actually a good album and well worth a CD revival, although that would probably lessen the value of my beloved vinyl copy.

Oh, by the way Glen Frey sings lead on GET YOU IN THE MOOD


Message: 24581 Posted: Fri Oct 18 10:38:35 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Songbooks

unfortunately as far as I can figure, there were never any song books issued for the Capitol & beyond era. Only YOU CAN DO MAGIC & RIGHT B/4 YOUR EYES were released on single sheet music.
HOLIDAY HARMONY perhaps ? you never know.

Message: 24580 Posted: Fri Oct 18 10:18:23 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Songbooks

I have a question I am hoping someone out there has the answer to. I have been able to obtain songbooks (piano & guitar) for every America album Warner Brother's issued (except the Live album). Does anyone know if Capitol ever issued songbooks for those albums? I would really love to get my hands on books for Silent Letter, Alibi & View From the Ground. I have found the sheet music for You Can Do Magic but have never seen songbooks for any of these albums.

I know I am probably dreaming here, but I'd also love songbooks for the remaining Capitol albums, plus Hourglass & Human Nature. While I'm at it, I'd also love the sheet music to the new Christmas songs! LOL

Does anyone know if there is a music publisher out there that sells America sheet music, or if it has even been published for commercial sales?


Message: 24579 Posted: Fri Oct 18 08:58:20 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Cincinnati Pops / Dirty Laundry

Seeing the Cincinnati concerts on the schedule reminds me how MUCH I'd love the hear America live with an orchestra. I hope they do that out west sometime.

Nancy, you're sure to have an interesting day. Laundromats can be interesting places; there's a much slower pace of life there. I visited one for a couple of weeks last year after my dryer broke. I'm now the proud owner of a brand new washer AND dryer (woo-hoo!) Moving up in the world . . . : )

Message: 24578 Posted: Fri Oct 18 07:36:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re : Fans concert & soooo much more ...

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Hoping that the sunshine is greeting your friday......hey it is finally trying to shine here today..... Nice :)

Wow ~~~ I am loving all of these great song suggestions for the fan show....I hope it becomes a reality for sure..... Ingrid sing some more of this great song, it would be an AWESOME one to hear.... Yes Dave I agree ~~~~ WOW if I had my way every song from Human Nature & Hourglass would be added to the playlist...... How neat it would be to hear Young Moon, Moment to Moment, World Alone, Whispering...... Hidden Talent~~ Yes all of them....... I don't think I would ever come back down from that AMERICA high for sure ;)

Oooh John L ~~~ You want to know what my request would be of Gerry & of Dewey each ~~~~~ Gerry I would absolutely die just to hear you sing KISS OF LIFE & Sheltering Sky ~~~~~~~ it is sooo hard to limit this request ~~~~~ Too Hard ~~~ Dewey ~~ you must too know by now I would die to hear you sing GARDEN OF PEACE & Young Moon for sure..... add to that You Girl ~~~ Not fair, too hard to limit my requests~~~~ What can I say I just love all of these great songs! And I wanna hear all of them ~~ Call me Greedy, Call me Crazy, Call me hooked big time on AMERICA MUSIC ~~~ I am loving it all for sure! :)

Hey Red ~~~ Neat you coming up with that other Eric Clapton triv answer ~~~~ Wow ~~ Makes the mind wonder doesn't it! :) Have fun riding around in Nelliebelle today ~~~ :)

Hey there Jimmmmm(bob) ~~ I know you are smiling for sure getting to see Neil Finn in Concert ~~~~~~ WOW! :)

Hey Vic ~~~ One more triv question left..... hmmmm the Lionel Ritchey ~~ Three times a Lady one.... Who ooooh who is this song about?????? And Johnny you asked who is "Once a Miser Twice a Son" I know this great line comes from Sergeant Darkness, but who ooooh who is this referring too, that is one neat song for sure, I love Gerry's voice on it.....

Hey there DanC are You starting to countdown the days till you go to see James T in concert, and lets not forget about Davey Jones and the Rascals either...... You will be smiling and singing again for sure.... Nice :)

Well I gotta head out with my DIRTY LAUNDRY ~~~~ Sooo sad to say my washing machine broke yesterday..... Poor thing it was crying out for help to be fixed and noone listened..... OUCH ~~ Wonder if she can be fixed..... I hope soooooo! See ya, Have a good day all, Nancy :) I am still absorbed in this great David Gates & Bread song ~~~ The Chosen One soooo I just have to sing some more of it for sure ~~~~~ Just know Gerry & Dewey You Guys will always be my first choice ;)

~~~~Out of the darkness, out of the shadow Woooo ~~ wherever you go, I'll follow along, wherever you neeeed me, whenever you neeeed meeeee, I'll bring you my message, I'll bring you my soooooooong, you are the chosen one, you will always be the chosen one ~~ ooooo ooooo oooooo the chosen one, for rising me the one ....... WOW this song is too much..... for sure :) :) :) :) :) :):) :)

Message: 24577 Posted: Fri Oct 18 07:28:15 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Fans concert (Ingrid)



One of AMERICA's BEST songs EVER.

Message: 24576 Posted: Fri Oct 18 07:19:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Cincinnati

Gerry is in Cincinnati, Ohio today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24575 Posted: Fri Oct 18 07:12:16 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Locating "Holiday Harmony"

Hi all! For those of you who have not yet located a copy of America's "Holiday Harmony"; I was surprised to see it yesterday at the local (next-town-over) Wal-mart! It wasn't in the "America" section where you might expect it to be; it was, instead, in with the Christmas selections. The cost was only $13.88. Although I already received my copy through the mail, I scooped it up! There was only one in the stack. Good luck!

Message: 24574 Posted: Fri Oct 18 04:27:24 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: Steely Dan vocalists

I believe it is Donald Fagan singing lead on 'Pearl of the Quarter'. Never heard Steely Dan perform 'Dallas', but Poco performs it on their 1975 album 'Head Over Heels'. You can hear a sound clip at

Message: 24573 Posted: Thu Oct 17 19:51:30 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Fans concert

I'd like to rock out to CORNWALL BLANK live.

"I been down to the water, I been on top of the world. Somebody should come and see me, somebody should give me the word 'cause, I don't know how many more, I don't how many more, I don't how many more to see . . ."


Message: 24572 Posted: Thu Oct 17 19:50:19 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "Thank You For Letting Me Steal...."

<<I was thinking about writer vs singer and the first song that came to mind was Donkey Jaw Dan wrote and Dewey sang.>>

Dave (and all) ~ In the "Highway" booklet, Dan said this (as you may know):

"The song came out of just sitting around jamming with Dewey, and he had a little lick that the whole song became based on. It was a throwaway, and I said, 'If you're gonna throw that away, let's write a song around it.' And we just started hammering away with the lyrics. It was a combination of a lot of thing -- it was a war protest song generally speaking. I felt like, 'Is is going to take a whole generation of children being killed for people to wake up?' I don't know why Dewey sang it -- it was probably my way of saying thank you for letting me steal his riff."

Message: 24571 Posted: Thu Oct 17 19:35:34 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Steely Dan vocalists (Jason)

Jas ~ I understand what you mean about the lead singer of "Pearl Of The Quarter" not sounding like Donald Fagen. However, I think I can hear enough of his voice in the song to say it's him. I surely could be mistaken. As you probably know, Hodder is credited with providing vocals on "Countdown To Ecstacy".

What LP does "Dallas" appear on?

Message: 24570 Posted: Thu Oct 17 17:54:32 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: fans concert

The mentioned HH song where Dewey wrote Christmas in California - I was thinking about writer vs singer and the first song that came to mind was Donkey Jaw Dan wrote and Dewey sang. But anyway my 20 song concert would be the Top 10's plus Daisy Jane, The Border and Don't Cross the River which would be 10 songs. Then some forgotten rockers: Don't Let It Get You Down, I Do Believe in You. Without question let's hear Hope and Garden of Peace from Houglass and then for a few truly forgotten favorites like Foolin' (thought that could of been a big pop hit), Wednesday Morning (BIG DITTO), California revisited (again played now and then) and the last 2 from the LOVE archives: Desperate Love and Unconditional Love. More rockier songs than slow which I like but to go along with Garden of Peace let's throw in the great SGT Darkness.

Message: 24569 Posted: Thu Oct 17 16:51:44 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Fans concert

To follow this up a bit...

What one song would you request Gerry and Dewey perform?

Message: 24568 Posted: Thu Oct 17 14:10:39 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Circus left town

After receiving a lap dance from the contortionist in Cirque du Soleil, Eric Clapton was inspired to write "Circus Left Town" as a statement to her ability both during and after the show.

Some open minds should be closed for repairs.......

Message: 24567 Posted: Thu Oct 17 13:04:24 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Larson Web Site Updated ~~Last nights chat ~~ The Good Stuff

Hi Everyone ~~
First of all Thanks Steve for joining us in the live chat last night, Nice to get to talk with you some... I did check out Jeff's site and I agree with all of this reviews, I just know if I could get my radio station dj friend to give his songs a listen, he would see that these great songs need to be heard on the radio here. I am looking forward to finding the Rocket mp3 there to check out.

Regarding last nights Chat ~~ It was a Neat One ~~ The usual no-lifers were there (as Red calls us) and ~~ Hmmmm we had some first time visitors that were at the Gaithersburg, Md. show and said they loved the show ~~ Nice talking to you B & D,then there was Kevin ~~ nice talking to you too, Steve has pics of his new compact CD's that he just got from other countries, thanks for sharing this with us, and then Kem joined in on the live chat for his first time last night too, Nice getting to talk with you too, I think it is soo neat, that you are working on setting up a show there in Fla.... Who knows maybe this show would work out for a Fan Get Together.... Mel & Schoolgirl were there too, all in all it was a great chat, Yes the possibility of changing the playlist and the fan get together were the main topics, and we are soooo hoping that Gerry & Dewey will consider Windwave's (Mark's) request and play Hat Trick at the Ceritos or the Augora show. That would be AWESOME for sure.
Hi Jimmmmmmm (bob) ~~~ Yes Till the Sun comes Up would be a great one. :)
Reagarding ~~~~ New songs that could possibly be played for this fan get together show ~~ My suggestions are Today's the Day, You Could Have Been The One, Sergeant Darkness, Submarine Ladies, Tall Treasures, And Forever, ~~~~ soo many of them, the point here is that this show could be geared towards us the Diehard fans, we know all of AMERICA's songs, not just the ones that were played on the radio, we appreciate them for all of these, and yes we know that they haven't sang many of them for years, but who says it has to sound perfect ~~~~ Not me that's for sure ~~ It would just be a treat to get to hear some of them..... Please Gerry & Dewey could you think about this? Thanks sooo much! :)

Hi Jimnak ~~~~ Thanks for sharing the David Gates lyrics mixup with us.... that is just too much his Mom hearing it wrong.... I wonder what she thought when she heard the title of his song "Take me Now" ~~ Wow ~~ the mind is a terrible thing :)

Thanks Vic for the interesting trivia questions, I knew as soon as I saw Moser's post that it was right and I was wrong..... I just answered way too quickly, oooh well I am good at doing that~~ you should all know that about me by now..... anyway, you forgot to tell us one of the answers, I believe it was the other Eric Clapton song "The Circus Left Town" who is this song about? Hmmmmm ~~~missed you at live chat last night..... :)

Have a good day all, Nancy :) I finally found the one from Bread I have been looking for ~~~ wow this is one nice song ~~~~ Thanks DanC :)
~~~~I was your first and you were my last, we are the journeys end ~~~ I was the blues and you were my sunshine friend ~~ Now I'm your lover, you are my cover, keeping the loneliness from meeeee ~~ You Are the Chosen One ~~ for rising me the one, the chosen oneee ~~ OoooooOoooooOoooooo ~~~ I could sing the rest of it, some really nice lyrics on this song and I am loving the music to it too..... WOW ~~~ Sing it David Gates & Bread :) :) :) :) :)

Message: 24566 Posted: Thu Oct 17 12:57:56 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Re: Fans concert

Great idea as far as I'm concerned. The fan's pick concert tour.

Message: 24565 Posted: Thu Oct 17 12:45:15 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Fans concert

Jason, I think that would be a great idea. You are probably right, most of the same songs would be played, albeit in a different order for sure. But there would certainly be some gems and surprises added as well. Might be the only way people would be able to hear Hat Trick live again. (or Muskrat Love :) )

Message: 24564 Posted: Thu Oct 17 10:59:11 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Steely Dan vocalists

Whilst on the subject does anyone know who sang lead vocals on the song PEARL OF THE QUARTER from their 2nd lp COUNT DOWN TO ECSTASY. It doesn't sound like Donald Fagen to me. Could it be Jim Hodder who sang lead on their rare debut single DALLAS?

Message: 24563 Posted: Thu Oct 17 10:55:49 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fans concert

Although I've still never had the pleasure of seeing AMERICA live (when are you coming to Europe?) I think the idea of a fan concert is great. David Bowie did a tour in the UK some years back and asked for fans to phone in with their favourite songs. The idea was great but in the end it featured most of his greatest hits anyway.

How about AMERICA doing the same but allowing the fans from this and the offical site voting for the song line up.

Message: 24562 Posted: Thu Oct 17 09:29:38 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Larson Web Site Updated

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the info Steve.
Hope Jeff's live dates to come will include Europe & France in particular...

Message: 24561 Posted: Thu Oct 17 08:47:04 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Everything I Own

"Everything I Own" was written by David Gates for his father, I believe.

Message: 24560 Posted: Thu Oct 17 07:39:50 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Larson Web Site Updated

Jeff Larson's web site ( has been updated with several reviews that have come in recently, all in strong publications. References are made to Gerry Beckley who wrote and produced "Norman" on Larson's latest album, Fragile Sunrise. Congratulations Jeff for the great reviews!

Message: 24559 Posted: Thu Oct 17 07:21:53 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Oh my gosh!

I have a friend from college who now lives in Jacksonville, FL; so if the fan gathering concert CAN'T be in the northeast (where I live)...Jacksonville will do!

Message: 24558 Posted: Thu Oct 17 06:54:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New Question To Vote On

Jimbob and all, I'm sort of surprised that "To Each His Own" is a 'regular' on the playlist since it was never released as an "A" side single. I really like the song especially the obscure, "they just got caught with writing on their sleeve" portion of the song. Perhaps for a while, a good substitute would be "Till The Sun Comes Up" as mentioned (by Jimbob). My preference would be the very obscure "Last Two To Dance" but then again, I wouldn't be there in person to hear it so anything would be fine either way.

By the way Pat B, thanks for confirming what Tom Peek said about his writing the "Hearts" song 'Tomorrow'.

Message: 24557 Posted: Thu Oct 17 06:16:22 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh, Kem, you're a guy!! Imagine that. I guess I must have missed the memo. Sorry. During live chat last night I just figured you were a girl. Not that it matters I guess. I just hope I didn't say anything goofy to give away my misinformed impression. Good luck with filling the venue in Jacksonville. I doubt you will have any problem at all. Hey maybe that could be the spot for the fan gathering. What's the date you're working on? Florida's a nice sunny place with lots of other attractions and usually some good airfare deals from other locales. Hmm. That fits most of the prerequisites that Red set up. Any comments from the peanut gallery?

Sir Steve, it was great to hear from you on the chat last eve. It's always a treat to have your insider's insight to the group and especially my guy, Gerry. Gerry. Gerry. Sorry, couldn't resist. Well got to get the day started. Off to check on taking guitar lessons. Should be fun.

Message: 24556 Posted: Thu Oct 17 06:04:44 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: New Question To Vote On

Speech, your comments as always are good. A recurring theme on this folder is the need to hear more of the 'gems' from the guys. And its GOTTA be incredibly boring playing the same old, same old, every night.And Im not sure why they do it; AMERICA were once a supergroup, lest we forget, so it wasn't on the strength of HISTORY,one would imagine. As it's fairly well acknowledged AMERICA are a nostalgia band(not by us), I think the ONLY reason they can continue to tour this long, is cos they will PLAY that stuff, that everyone knows..."Ok, here's one from our first album......" We, the true fans, crave all the really GOOD stuff, as they must really want to play. Gerry Beckley is now 50, yet the concerts are highlighting songs he did when he was a kid. Imagine this; a concert for us fans, that started with...well who knows what? Something obscure from HOMECOMING; TIL THE SUN COMES UP?, or, you guys name it! So Speech, yes, give me some more of your thoughts. Not to mention you, Pat, and Johhny, and Nance, and all you other friends!

Message: 24555 Posted: Thu Oct 17 04:06:47 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain"

Vic~ I always thought David Gates' song: "Everything I Own" was written for his uncle; Bill Gates of Microsoft. Considering that Uncle Bill is one of the richest men on planet Earth, doesn't he practicly own everything? ~Pat

(ha-ha, just joking)

Message: 24554 Posted: Thu Oct 17 00:55:39 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Johnny, Steve, Jim

You may very well be right about Peg, from "Peg", being Peggy Lee. As you said, they were evasive about the answer. "Leader of the Band" is another good one.

Yes, "Everything I Own", was written about his father, after his father's death. I was a freshman in college, in 1973, when I learned what, and who the song was about. Immediately, I got off a letter to my own dear Dad. Thank you, David Gates, for a wonderful song.

Funny story, "Naked with you". Not sure what the moral of the story is either. Maybe, that we shouldn't take anything, especially our selves, too seriously.

Message: 24553 Posted: Wed Oct 16 21:09:07 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain"

When David Gates was at the OC fairgrounds. He said when his 1st big hit "Make it w/you" charted, his mother got a call from a local newspaper columnist & the columnist wanted to know what she thought about her son's new song "Naked with you." See what can happen in the translation ? Wishful thinking or communication gone astray. not sure what the moral of this story is, "it's there just hard to find, follow me as we wind our way, away ..." G. BECKLEY

Message: 24552 Posted: Wed Oct 16 20:51:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain"

I was a big Bread fan back in the 70's and if I remember correctly, "Everything I Own" by David Gates is a song about his Dad. That was a long time ago so my memory could be failing me.

Message: 24551 Posted: Wed Oct 16 20:37:00 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Like "You're So Vain"

HarryO ~ Thanks for the name of the second song about Rosanna Arquette. Intriquing!

Vic ~ That was a very interesting message you posted about the Steely Dan answer to the question who the song "Peg" is about. Having read some of Donald Fagen's responses to Steely Dan-related questions, it's very clear that he's a real crack-up and often tends to be evasive with his answers. It's my understanding that the song "Peg" is actually about the late Peggy Lee who perhaps "was obviously nowhere near as real and compelling as Peg Entwistle. So now the song is about her."

Regarding the songs you mentioned, I knew only about Clapton and his late son who lived with Clapton's ex and the son being about his death and about Sedaka's song that you mentioned. The others are a mystery to me...look forward to reading the answers.

Last night, I was listening to one of the LPs from Fogelberg's "The Innocent Age," and remembered his song "Leader Of The Band" is about his father.

However, the BIG question is: Who's "Once a miser, twice a son"??? Hmmmm.

Message: 24550 Posted: Wed Oct 16 16:31:12 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Moser, Nancy, Bruce

Moser, you are correct. "Tears In Heaven" is about Eric's son Connor. He died in March of 1991.
Nancy, it was Eric Clapton's 4 year old son, Connor, that "Tears In Heaven" was written about, as Moser said.
Bruce, You're right. "The Immigrant" was written about John Lennon.

Message: 24549 Posted: Wed Oct 16 14:59:26 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "The Immigrant"

Vic, "The Immigrant" be Neil Sedaka was about John Lennon.

Message: 24548 Posted: Wed Oct 16 13:34:00 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Vic's Trivia & Mo ~~ I am full of Ooops & Bloops and Typos today

OOOOOh Nooooo, Me again ~~
Oooops and Sorry for all of my Bloops and Typos in my posts today ~~~ the fingers are terrible things at times! LOL! Okay Mo ~~ Well 4 shows in one week sounds like AMERICA Heaven for sure, and Great I will look forward to seeing you at the IUP show. You are toooo much, I dare you to wear this poster on your forehead Girl! LOL!!!! I will try to top that one ~~~ Hmmmmm let me see now! :)

I made oooh sooo many typo's and cut off words in my posts, I hope that you all were able to make sense of them anyway.... the 2 I really should correct besides how many shows Mo will see is in my reply post to Speech ~~~ I put down Brooklyn Owns and it should have been Owes the Charmer Under Me.... and in my lyrics to James T's song I put ~~ whenever I see that pretty little pout it turns me outside..... it should have been ~~~ it turns me inside out..... anyway that is what I get for trying to break the posting record in one days time.... Hahhahahahah!

Hi Vic ~~~ I found the same thing about Peg and was kinda confused sooo I fell asleep ~~~ LOL.... Now I do know one of your trivia answers for sure..... Eric Clapton wrote the song "Tears in Heaven" for his Father, shortly after he passed away, this was a very hard time for him..... It sure is one beautiful song..... I would like to say that Lionel Ritchey wrote Three times a Lady for his wife.... but I have no idea who she is.... He was still with the Commodores at this time ~~~ wasn't he..... sooo it could have been any of their wives.... for that matter... I am curious about David Gates and his song Everything I Own.... I will have to look this one up.... but not now, I have supper to make.... Thanks for the fun! :)

Hey Ladd ~~~~ Are you still out there, are you still taking in all the great Bread songs ~~~~~ there sure are some good ones aren't there??? Come up for Air and post about some of them ~~ Okay?????? I am still trying to find a couple of their songs that have been giving me a run for my money.... :)

Later.... Nancy :)

~~~~ You with the past at your back and the future unassured, ask for the chance to try love once more, well aware of the consequences should the dream fall through, you threw down your last defenses wanting to try something new~~ wanting to try something new ~~ You've found me in a sea of confusion, drifting with the tide, living on love that had long since died, but every time that I touch you BabyI feel a little more aliveee! a little more alive ~~~ and I'm reminded you made me believe in the love that survives, the love that survives ~~ You've got to believe in the love that survives ~~ Ooooh Lessons learned are like bridges burned ~~~~~~~You've only got to cross them but once to learn...... Ooooh oooooooooo sing it Dan F :)

Message: 24547 Posted: Wed Oct 16 13:05:41 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Speech

<<Guess you gotta take the bad with the good, or, maybe more appropriately, the mundane with the extraordinary. >>
Well spoken as usual, Speech.

Message: 24546 Posted: Wed Oct 16 13:04:09 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Tears in Heaven

Vic, Shamefully the only one of the answers I know is the "Tears in Heaven" song by Eric Clapton. It is about his 4 year old son who had died by falling from a window. I think his name was Conner. I'm not sure. That was in like '93 or so. Sorry I don't know the others, I'll look forward to the answers.

Message: 24545 Posted: Wed Oct 16 12:55:07 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Oh, Nancy, you're crackin' me up again

Nancy Dear, It's 4 shows in 8 days not 8 shows. I'm not made of money, Woman. IUP is one of the 4 shows, the 4th one I think. So, I will look for you there. I'll be the one with Moser written on my forehead carrying a big poster that says, "Gerry, Gerry, Gerry!" You'll know it's me. Who else?

Message: 24544 Posted: Wed Oct 16 12:28:59 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain"


I found a Steely Dan interview where the question was asked, whether or not the character Peg, from the song "Peg", was about a real-life person, specifically, a young actress by the name of Peg Entwistle, who had committed suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign. This is the answer given: "The song "Peg" was indeed about a real person, but that person was obviously nowhere near as real and compelling as Peg Entwistle. So now the song is about her. Okay?" That's what I found.

Who is the real-life subject in these songs?

"Everything I Own" by David Gates
"Three Times A Lady" by Lionel Ritchie
"The Circus Left Town" by Eric Clapton
"Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton
"The Immigrant" by Neil Sedaka (at least it was dedicated to him)

These should be easy.

Message: 24543 Posted: Wed Oct 16 09:01:04 2002 By: Sharon
Subject: Gaithersburg Show at the Fairgrounds 10/12

Just thought I post a short review of the show at the Fairgrounds this past Saturday. The day was cloudy, rainy and cool. It had rained the day before so the ground was damp and muddy. I brought chairs with me, but when I arrived--I found bleacher type seating. So I didn't have to use the chairs. There was a warm up show by a local radio station (BIG100). America followed at 3 pm. It was good seeing them again. I hadn't seen them since last year. They played about 1 hr 30mins. I didn't write down the set list, but I didn't notice any new additions. They did mention the Christmas cd, but said they could n't do any of the songs. They said that they had to learn them first :0) They sounded great, and they appeared to be into the performance. Gerry and Dewey was moving around quite a bit, smiling, and joking. Gerry mentioned that they already accepted a 2003 date for Frederick for July 4th. I hope it's some place with in easy travel distance of my home.

That's all for now,

Message: 24542 Posted: Wed Oct 16 08:49:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Speech ~~ I Agree!

Yes Me Again ~~~
Hi Speech ~~ Thanks for the neat triv info on David Palmer ~~~ Hmmmm all this talk of this album has me curious to hear Brookly Owns the Charmer..... Darn, no good need or speaker to work with my turntable..... I sure did listen to this album alot at one time.....

Regarding this being one of those days to hunker down and listen to all of those great AMERICA songs ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~ You read my mind 100% ~~~ as I was typing the lyrics to Rainy Day, my thoughts were back when I was a young teenager "lassie" :) and how I sooooo Enjoyed being in my room with my AMERICA songs...... Treasured Memories for sure!

Have a good day Speech and safe traveling on those wet highways..... and yes definitely enjoy some good AMERICA songs on the way! Nice for sure! :)

Okay I gotta get........ See ya all tonight in Live Chat~~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ Listen to the rythmm of the falling rain, telling me just what a fool I've been, oooohh I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain and let me be alone again ~~~~~ Rain won't you tell her that I love her sooo, please ask the sun to set her heart aglow and rain enough to make the love in her heart start to growwwww ~~~~~ Sing it Dan Fogelberg ~~ Nice song :)

OOOOOH One more thing I wanted to mention Gordon Lightfoot was to be at IUP for a show this coming weekend, but had to cancel due to illness..... this would have been a good one to see, I hope all will be well for him soon.....

~~~ If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts my thoughts could tell, just like an old time movie, bout a ghost from a wishing well, in a castle dark, or a fortress strung with chains upon my feet, you know that ghost is me......and I will never beeeee set free as long as I'm a ghost you can't seeee, If I could read your mind love, what a thought your thoughts could tell, just like a paperback novel.... the kind the drugstore sells.....oooooh what a nice song I could sing it allllllllll but I have to gettttttt :)

Message: 24541 Posted: Wed Oct 16 08:25:08 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Can you be a groupie at 40? ~~ Steely Dan & Spongebob update~~~

In the useless trivia category, Nancy, did you know that the music biz gave David Palmer, the guy who sang lead on Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" (and "Brooklyn Owes the Charmer" and half of "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again")his own shot at stardom by signing his band, Wha-Koo? They cut two records. Both of them stiffed. I have them. Let's just say that David's best recorded work was probably captured on that first Dan LP.
Incidentally, I'm in the midst of that Nor'easter you were talking about. It was blowing like a gail this morning here in Jersey, by the banks of the Delaware, and I'll no doubt be cuddling up with a Shop-Vac in my basement tonight.
Today would've been a good day to hunker down in front of a fire and listen to that first America LP (Rainy Day, Never Found the Time, Clarice, Children) like I did when I was a lad living at home. Of course, now, there's real life to deal with, so it's wipers on, headlights and America in the tape player.

Message: 24540 Posted: Wed Oct 16 08:02:23 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain" ~~~ WOW!!!!!

Me Againnnnnn :)

Hi Harry O ~~~ Neat, wow I love that song tooooo! She sure is one lucky girl to have 2 great songs wrote just for her....... WOW!!!!

Dewey is singing Garden of Peace in my headphones for about the 6th time this morning..... this is one of his songs that just takes me away, i have no trouble hitting the replay key to hear it all over again, in fact it is starting all over again right now.... and you all should know my favorite lyrics from this song by now ~~~~~~ for sure See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~~A Mirror pond reflects the dawn, over the banks, cross the emerald lawn, a breeeeeze has come I'mmmmmm carried alongggggg, so follow the path through the knowing treees, and each time you laugh it is love you release, that love will come back in the garden of peace....... Ohhhh Dewey I sure do love this song ~~ thanks :)

Message: 24539 Posted: Wed Oct 16 07:46:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Can you be a groupie at 40? ~~ Steely Dan & Spongebob update~~~

Hi Everbody ~~ Look Out Everyone here in the Eastern States ~~ we are having a NOREASTER today ~~~ OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Nnoooooooo ~~ Hurry and put down your umbrellas out the decks and hold onto your umbrellas while walking so as they don't get turned inside out ~~~ LOL!!!!!

Wow ~~ Sooo much I want to say ~~ Hmmm just where should I start ~~~ Hmmmmm I am bursting at the seams to tell you about the latest update on Spongebob ~~ Soooo I will begin with that...... Did anyone here happen to catch David Letterman last night????? He said the 17 Most Liked Leading Men on TV was just released and that he didn't do to bad on where he was at on this list..... he said he was just between Spongebob and Dr. Phil ~~~~~ WOW!!!! He sure does hammer Dr. Phil alot ~~~ LOL! He felt honored to be between the 2 of these Characters! LOL~~ Ohhhh yes and Faith Hill was on his show last night, she was looking Beautiful as usual and WOW! she sure can use that voice of hers to the fullest..... Her new CD just released, it should be a good one, I think she is an all around singer, she can sing country good, but has no problem fitting into the soft rock scene... ~~~~~ I guess the Vogue awards were on VH1 last night, Darn I missed Santana & Michelle Branch singing their new song ~~ All in the Game of Love ~~~ I really am into this song now.... ~~~ It just takes a little bit of this, alittle bit of that,it started with a kiss, now we're up to that, a little bit of laughs, alittle bit of vain, it's all in my bet, it all in the game of love, Babeee whatever you make it to beeee, sunshine set on this cold lonely sea, soooo give me a try and you'll see what I am good for ~~~~~~ Sorry I just had to sing some of it..... :)

Hmmmmm let me see this is Oct. 16th, in about 2 to 3 weeks Mr. Mailman should be coming my way again to deliver me my Grand Cayman cd~~~~ Wow! ~~~ It's all in my bet ~~ that I will be in AMERICA Heaven for quite a while to come~~~ and it feels oooh sooo nice!

Now for you Moser ~~~ You are TOO MUCH! ~~~ Hmmmmm there is someone who knows the answer to your Groupies question, she is the Leader of this Union ~~~~ Hmmmm I am wondering if Farmgirl will be joining us in the Live Chat tonight? She would know a wealth of info on this! I just have one thing to say that if you do go to all 8 of these shows, WOW~~~ this will be a great way to bring in the 40's ~~ For Sure ~~ I am hoping that you will take in the IUP show too, I really would love to get to meet you and we could have a blast ~~~~~ Gerry ~ Gerry ~ Gerry ~~~ You know what I mean ~~ don't you????? :) Go for it MO! WOW!!!!! 8 Shows in a row! How I could handle that one myself! :)

Hmmmmmmm ~~ Johnny ~~~ I fell asleep on here last night searching for the answer to this Steely Dan ~~ Peg question ~~~~ Soooo I will need some more time, I kinda have a hunch ~~ but am not sure yet.... Can't Buy a Thrill is the only Steely Dan LP I have, I can remember listening to it alot for a while, but then that was that..... kinda faded away .... Do It Again was my fave from here, I loved the music part in it, the lyrics definitely fit in with the title of this album.... I can hear Dirty Work in my head, even though it has been awhile since I have heard it, Changing of the Guard kinda stands out too, and of course Reelin in the Years, I heard that at all the dances I went too. ~~ Regarding Roseanna Arquette ~~ She's neat ~ I like her alot..... I do recall you telling me the song Roseanna by Toto was about her, I would love to know what other song was inspired by her tooooo..... when I think of her, I think of Madonna's movie ~~ Desperately Seeking Susan ~~ and the song Get into the Groove ~~ I really like this song alot......

Hi there Pete ~~~ Neat I would like to see the lyrics to Dan's songs from Guitar Man...... I usually just keep listening to a song over and over until I know it..... I sure do love his song Missing You (Chelsea's song) from Boddentown ~~ such beautiful lyrics, on his Guitar Man ~~~ I am really liking Sharkey's song, Carry On, Only Love can Save You, Still Luv You, Into the Night, Jessica, and the Hill are my faves...... A little while back I had a young man in a group out in calif. email me asking me for the Lyrics to Dan's Christian version of Lonely People ~~~ Wow! ~~ that made me feel good to type the lyrics out for him, so they could sing it at an up an coming show of theirs. He emailed me back saying that it went over really well at their show Nice to know the younger kids can appreciate this great music tooooo. :) WOW!

Thanks for reading this Post of mine ~~ I sure did get carried away again ~~ as usual. I am having a rough time deciding which lyrics to post for my ending..... Ooooooh nooooooo! ~~ Daisy Jane is playing in my headphones, and Gerry is melting me! :) OOOOOH come on Nancy get with it...... Okay I am going now ~~ Have a great day all! Nutty Nancy :)

~~~ Whenever it's a rainy dayyy, I pack my troubles up in my room, I chase all the clouds away, I get myself back tooo, But I know that you're gonna cry, tears are running from your eyes, the piece of my life you take is often grey ~~~~ Oooh Sing it Dan, Gerry & Dewey ~~~ thanks for this great song~~~~ :)

~~~~ Whenever I see your smiling face, I have smile myself because I love youuuuuu, yes I doooo, and when you give me that pretty little pout, it turns me outside, there's something about you baby, I don't know........ Sing it James T :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :)

Message: 24538 Posted: Wed Oct 16 07:25:53 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: New Question to Vote On

I recently finished reading a book about the Guess Who, in which chief writer and vocalist Burton Cummings said that, after a while, playing the "hits" a gazillion times on tour was "like playing scales."
It saddened me to think that going "big time" might result in this kind of trade-off -- taking something you might have written at a time when you felt very passionate and inspired, and reducing it to a rote exercise. On the other hand, as Al Stewart's comments suggest, touring and playing the hits was part of the reason the Guess Who became a successful brand name in the 70s, enabling even their more "experimental" LPs of the mid-70s to sell right out of the gate, and enabling Burton to live in a mansion and enjoy the other perks of stardom that, one imagines, he dreamed about as a stuggling young musician. Guess you gotta take the bad with the good, or, maybe more appropriately, the mundane with the extraordinary.

Message: 24537 Posted: Wed Oct 16 07:21:25 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: "Tomorrow" (Johnny)

Johnny~ I remember Tom Peek saying on this Chat Folder, that he did in fact write the song: "Tomorrow". He said that Dan made sure that he (Tom) got his rightful share of the royalties from that song. ~Pat

Message: 24536 Posted: Wed Oct 16 07:10:03 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: Like "You've So Vain"

The other 'Rosanna' song is Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes'. Gabriel and Arquette were a couple a few years ago.

Message: 24535 Posted: Wed Oct 16 06:41:40 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Be glade to give you some help on that. I'll wait and see if you hear anything. Maybe Dan might want to set something up on his web-site.

Message: 24534 Posted: Wed Oct 16 06:34:03 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Good question, Pete. If somebody would like to transcribe the lyrics and the chords to Dan's songs, I'd be happy to post them here. I think I'd first give Tom Peek the chance to post them on the web site that he maintains for Dan ( But, if he didn't want to, I'd be glad to put them here.

Message: 24533 Posted: Wed Oct 16 06:20:23 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Anybody ever think of putting Dan Peek's chords to songs in this web-site especially his new CD Guitar Man.

Message: 24532 Posted: Wed Oct 16 04:31:10 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Re: Gerry singing a song written by Dewey (Revisited)

I realize that the guys have sang numerous songs written by others outside the band, but the guys have not often sang each others songs. There has been numerous collaborations.

Message: 24531 Posted: Tue Oct 15 21:01:13 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry singing a song written by Dewey (Revisited)

Even if Tom was the sole writer of "Tomorrow," it's still not the same as what Jerey was asking, I now realize. It is a unique situation though if correct that Tom wrote "Tomorrow" and Dan was given credit as the writer.

Message: 24530 Posted: Tue Oct 15 20:34:06 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: YOU'RE...Rather

Hit the "post" button a second too soon.

Message: 24529 Posted: Tue Oct 15 20:32:56 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Like "You've So Vain"

I know that Rosanna Arquette is the subject of the Toto song "Rosanna". I understand that she's the subject or inspiration of another song, but I don't know which. Does anyone else?

While on the subject, here's a fairly easy triv question: Who is the real-life subject of Steely Dan's song "Peg"?

Can anyone else think of real-life subjects in other songs. If so, how about posing us all the question?

From reading Carly Simon's responses regarding the real-life subject of her song "You're So Vain," I'm convinced it's Warren Beaty even though she won't confirm it. From what I've read, she doesn't deny it like she denies it being Mick Jagger.

Message: 24528 Posted: Tue Oct 15 20:19:28 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry singing a song written by Dewey

Jerey ~ I think there may be another one. According to Tom Peek (Dan's brother), he told all of us here on the folder that he was the actual writer of "Tomorrow" as sung by Dan. If I recall correctly, Tom didn't say he co-wrote it with Dan but that he (Tom) wrote it. If Tom reads this, perhaps he can verify/clarify.

Message: 24527 Posted: Tue Oct 15 19:26:29 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Gerry singing a song written by Dewey

Yes I think CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA is quite unique w/regard to DEWEY writing & GERRY singing. Quite a special treat, especially for those who know the finer points. HOLIDAY HARMONY is the launch.

Message: 24526 Posted: Tue Oct 15 19:05:30 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Can you be a groupie at 40?

I was just studying the concert schedule for next Spring and I realized that for my birthday celebration (April 2) I think it's possible I could be a groupie for a week or so. Is there such a thing anymore? If I'm willing to do a little bit of driving and a little bit of spending (for tickets) I could see four shows in 8 days. Does that qualify me to get my union card from the groupies' local?

Message: 24525 Posted: Tue Oct 15 18:12:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 7 Degrees of Separation (If That's What It's Called)

Six degrees. Here's mine. My dh and I worked for Lauren in the early 80's She and Novi ( who by the way also plays in the Freeway Philharmonic) are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet. I have some great Lauren stories too!

Message: 24524 Posted: Tue Oct 15 18:00:47 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Gerry singing a song written by Dewey

On the HH, Gerry sings a song written by Dewey & Andrew Gold. I am aware of Dewey singing a Dan song, but is there any other instance of Gerry or Dewey singing a song he did not have a hand in writing. I am not immediately aware of any, anyone else.

Message: 24523 Posted: Tue Oct 15 17:13:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: 7 Degrees of Separation (If That's What It's Called)

Nancy ~ Your mention of the wild album cover of Steely Dan's "Can't Buy A Thrill" had me curious enough to pull it out to examine it again. It's been a long time. Did you notice two familiar names listed on the back? They're the background singers on two of Steely Dan's songs. They're the same two ladies whose names appear on the back of "Hearts"...Clydie King and Venetta Fields. I think they sang background vocals on Dan's song "Half A Man".

Another America-connection is via one of the Steely Dan's songs from that same album. The song is "Dirty Work". It was covered by Lauren Wood whose cousin is/was in her band. The cousin is Novi Novog who is credited with playing the viola on "Holiday Harmony"..."Let It Snow" specifically.

Message: 24522 Posted: Tue Oct 15 16:42:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Vaious Topics and then some!

Hi Everybody ~~

Hi Jason ~~ Well I gave it some thought and ~~ My song that I just love and am not that crazy about the artist it is by is ~~ actually there are 2 songs that I really love by Tom Petty, they are ~~ You Belong Among the Wild Flowers & Angel Dream ~~~ Thanks to Jimmmmmmm (bob) for telling me about these 2 beautiful songs! :) I was never really a fan of Tom Petty's ~~ But these 2 songs have found a way into my Heart for sure! ~~~~ Hmmmmm another artist comes to mind for me too, now this is alittle bit of a different circumstance ~~ I was never really a big fan of Garth Brooks, but I love his songs, he does as Chris Gaines ~~ His song Lost in You can melt me for sure ~~ Wow! some really nice lyrics in this song. There is just something about his voice in this song is sooooo Nice! :) ~~~~There's no more waiting, holding out for love, you are my Godsend, that I have been forever dreaming of, my angel from aboveeee, Heaven knows I'm head over heels and it shows, I've played every field I suppose, but there's something about You ~~ when you're around, I have found Iget Lost in You ~~~~~ I just had to sing some of it..... :)

Hi Joanie ~~~ Sorry for not getting around to answering your post earlier ~~~ Yes, You are right that St. Louis, Mo. is in the middle of the Country ~~~~~ Hmmmmmm ~~ Do you know if there are any ummmmm Auditoriums ~~ Stadiums ~~ Places that you could approach about booking Gerry & Dewey to do a show there? Or are there any Music Festivals or other types of settings like that, that would book them for a Show or 2? It would be nice if we could start with s site in the Middle and then work from East to West or North to South. Thanks for your suggestion! Hey maybe Dan Peek would make a guest appearance just to sing Hat Trick ~~~ now that would be AWESOME! :)

Hi Goanna ~~~ I hope all is well there for Your country and sending Prayers your way for a Peaceful outcome.

Hi there Mo ~~ Wow! ~~ I wonder how Gerry & Dewey would answer this question ~~~ I agree with Rich M ~~~ there aren't many artists out there that are still doing shows and having their music played on the radio station, they kinda fade away, and just imagine 2 new CD's from our Guys ~~ not many I can think of have done that. I wonder if Gerry & Dewey were able to be young again and start afresh ~~ just what they would change if anything..... I just have to say it again, I appreciate all of their talent and I am Soooooo Glad that They are still doing Shows and releasing New Stuff ~~ I am Loving it for sure! Good point John L ~~~ I have often wondered if they do tire of singing the same songs show after show, I mean HWNN is one of those songs that you can just sing again and again......butttttt they have sooo many other great songs ~~ I wonder do they ever get tempted just to wing it one night and just sing what comes to their heads! That would be interesting to see too! Like I said before if I could pick a playlist for them to sing, it would take them a week or more to do it, because there are sooooo many good ones to pick from. Thanks Gerry & Dewey !

Hey Johnny~~ Thanks for the trivia ~~ fun as usual and for the neat story from the Warner's Bros. Magazine ~~~~ that was tooo neat how it fell right into line.......

Hi Steve L ~~~ Pretty neat your email site right on the front page now ~~ I like it! :)

Take Care ~~ Gotta go for now ~~ Nancy :)

~~~~~ You belong among the wild flowers, you belong in a boat out at sea, sail away kill off the hours, you belong somewhere you feel freee, run away ~~ find you a lover, go away somewhere bright and new , I have seen no other who compares with you ~~~~~ Sing it Tom Petty :) a beautiful accoustic song for sure ~~~ Hi Jimmmmmmmmm :)

Message: 24521 Posted: Tue Oct 15 16:16:17 2002 By: msmith
Subject: hat trick

dear gerry & dewey, i think that you read this board occasionally. could you please do 'hat trick' at cerritos or agoura hills in november? i know that there are a million reasons why it won't work, but can you please do it anyway? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze??

Message: 24520 Posted: Tue Oct 15 13:55:29 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: HWNN x 45,000

oops. Good thing I don't teach math.

Message: 24519 Posted: Tue Oct 15 13:50:22 2002 By: Moser
Subject: HWNN x 45,000

I think maybe your zero finger got carried away. If they've played 150 shows per year for the last 30 years that's 4,500 renditions of HWNN. They would have to do 300 years of touring to reach the 45,000 mark. I'm sure they'll consider retirement some time before that!

Message: 24518 Posted: Tue Oct 15 13:25:59 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New Question to Vote On

What I'd like to know is given that Gerry and Dewey have donig this for 30 years do they get tired of playing the same songs over and over again? 30 years times 150 concerts a year means HWNN played 45,000 times.

I remember hearing an interview with Al Stewart a few years back. THe interviewer asked him the same question about playing Year Of the Cat and was he tired of the song. His reply was that this song allowed him to have a house in Malibu (I think), allowed him an extensive wine collection and, basically, permitted him to live a pretty relaxed lifestyle. Just wonder what Gerry and Dewey's feelings are to the "classics" that have given them the continued freedom to do this for a living.

Message: 24517 Posted: Tue Oct 15 11:10:41 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: New Question to Vote On

I would venture a guess that when one is "young, ultra-famous, and ultra-successful"...they enjoy the luxury of NOT caring what the future holds! But, then, I can't really say, having NEVER been young, ultra-famous, or ultra-successful!!!

Message: 24516 Posted: Tue Oct 15 09:19:20 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Holiday Harmony & Stuff

I just got my copy of HH this weekend. They did a really good job of interpreting the classic holiday songs while at the same time creating a record that has a coherent "feel" and mood. I keep singing "Christmas in California" over and over and the chorus is stuck in my head.

As for Gerry/Dewey's feelings about their career mentioned earlier, their list of commercial and artistic successes is so long and diverse (no need to list them here)that one can only hope they enjoy some level of satisfaction and contentment from their work. Its an amazing achievement to be touring and recording 30 years after your first record and must be very fulfilling to hear your songs still played on the radio and to see people enjoying your live music night after night. I hope they get as much satisfaction out of playing their music as we do listening to it.


Message: 24515 Posted: Tue Oct 15 06:59:52 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Certain Songs/Albums We Adore But Not Necessarily Big Fans Of (Jason)

To answer Jason's question, for me it would be Sting and his song "I'm So Happy I Could Cry". Not being a real fan of Sting, I do like that song a lot though. It's very 'countrified'. He also did a duet version of it with a male country artist. I think it was Trace Adkins, but I'm not positive. I like both versions of the song.

Message: 24514 Posted: Mon Oct 14 20:18:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Question to Vote On

I don't claim to speak for Gerry and Dewey, but the few times that I've talked with them I believe they are very content and happy with the way things are now. I don't think they'd want to go back. That's just my opinion.

Message: 24513 Posted: Mon Oct 14 20:16:59 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: link

Very cool! Thanks for pointing it out Robyn. Erin had mentioned something about this to me a little while ago but she didn't give me any specifics nor mention when it would happen. I'm very honored indeed. Thanks to Gerry, Dewey, Erin, and the rest!

Message: 24512 Posted: Mon Oct 14 20:16:20 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New Question to Vote On

The latter Mo, the latter!

Message: 24511 Posted: Mon Oct 14 19:46:21 2002 By: Moser
Subject: New Question to Vote On

I've been thinking about this lately and I would like to know what you guys think. If you were Dewey or Gerry would you prefer to be young and ultra-famous and ultra-successful but not knowing what the future holds OR older, wiser, and secure in the knowledge that you have lead your life through a successful 30 year career doing your dream job?

Message: 24510 Posted: Mon Oct 14 19:36:13 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: link

I see they have added a link to the "Official America Fans Page" right at the main page for Very nice! Nice tip of the cap to Steve and the work he does.

Message: 24509 Posted: Mon Oct 14 19:14:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Not The "Garden Of Peace" But The "Garden Of Burbank"

From the November 13, 1972 issue of "Circular," a Warner Brothers/Reprise Records industrial magazine promoting the release of AMERICA's "Homecoming" LP:


It is writ that unto a humble shepherd called Joseph of Burbank came there three wise men, and they sang songs.

Then the shepherd Joseph spake to the three, saying, "Render unto Geffen what is Geffen's, but hand unto me thy tapes." And the three wise men, called by the scribes America did then render unto this Joseph the tapes.

And this made joy in the Garden of Burbank.

And Joseph then issued forth from these tapes a single, and it was called "Ventura Highway," and the angels sang. And in their charts were there bullets.

And the shephered Joseph spake again, saying "Let there be a November release."


And of albums were there ninefold, and the Autumn waxethed hotter.

For in November the first album's fruit issued from the same three babes, once born in swadling clothes. But Hosannah! the babes neither did cry nor they puketh not.

And this issue was to be the secondborn album of the tribe called America, and the disk was called 'Homecoming'".

Message: 24508 Posted: Mon Oct 14 18:58:36 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Fan Gathering -Just a thought and more

Howard, What a great tell me when and what time? I am thinking that you will have the first gathering. Bones, think that's cool that your dog could make it...does he bark loud. Bruce, thanks for offering my's about an inch (if) bigger than yours, and your place is a lot closer to the "Bottom Line". Once you get rid of those records, (what are those?)am sure you will have room for the whole chat board as well as the Band!!I do think at this point we should take a poll but that's after Dewey and Gerry decide the top three places they would play at a fan gathering...reunion is not what it should be called..I agree.

Message: 24507 Posted: Mon Oct 14 18:21:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To The "Dewey Triv Question"

Thanks to those who submitted a guess to the "Dewey Triv Question".

The answer to the question is "alibi"!!!

The following is what Dewey said about the word: "It was a word I took from the journal I keep. It has a mysterious, interesting vibe. It could stand for what we've been doing the last year. Our star alibi is that we've been recording an album. The title 'Alibi' actually came before the picture [album cover]. The final change was in the acutal packaging of the product. The photograph of the baby doll's head lying in the Arizona desert was chosen from Henry Diltz's slide collection."

Gerry added: "Our last album ('Silent Letter') had a picture of us grinning on the cover and that image had been included on almost all of our albums. We thought everyone knew America knew what we looked like, so we thought we'd shock them a little. Plus, we wanted a lot of color as opposed to the black and white of the last cover. And it does have that tying factor with America's ecology interest and image of being in the desert."

Regarding the word "purple," Dewey said this: "I always like to throw in something, get something extra; the words, the images, the colors, like purple or whatever, that have that little tinge of possible terror -- I call it menacing, that's the word. A little menacing."

Regarding "tropic," Dewey said: "...I did have a definition for the 'Tropic of Sir Galahad' which was an actual feeling of being a gentleman."

I haven't come across anything that quoted Dew talking about the other two choices although he probably has at one time or another.

Thanks again to the three of you who submitted an answer. You're all winners! Who can't be with AMERICA?

Message: 24506 Posted: Mon Oct 14 15:54:54 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: These Days

I believe Duane Allman did a version too, but he killed the powerful final line " I have not forgotten them" by singing "I remember them" ( could be wrong about which Allman it was ...)

Message: 24505 Posted: Mon Oct 14 14:05:25 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jackson Browne.

Jackson Browne wrote one of the best songs I've heard in a long time, and I just found out he wrote it. It's the song featured in the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack (and also on the new K-Mart commercials) that some loser druggie chick named Nico sang called "These Days." It's a very moving song. Then, a few weeks ago, a buddy of mine at work was playing a live Paul Westerberg recording and he too sang that song. But he introed it as written by "one of the best songwriters of all time, Jackson Browne." I never realized he wrote it, but it's a wonderful song.

Jackson Browne's new album is very good. I'm trying to get my wife to play out the role from the title song, The Naked Ride Home, but no luck so far. I'll keep trying, though.


Message: 24504 Posted: Mon Oct 14 13:21:02 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: new here & re: Fan Gathering -Just a thought

Hi Everbody ~~
Hey there Mary ~~ nice to see you posted. Have fun joining in!
Yes Red this is my friend Mary ~~~ it is something how many things she and I have in common, sooooo I guess in a way you could say we are like twin sisters. :)

Hi Howard ~~ This is an interesting idea that you suggested, hmmmmmm you are suggesting a gathering without a show? Like just a get together to meet other fans and talk about AMERICA ~~ Right?

Hi Jason ~~ Hmmmm I will have to give your question some thought about an artist that I like their song but am not really crazy about all of their work.......

Hi Jeff B ~~~ I still play my Jeff L's Fragile Sunrise, I am looking forward to hearing this song "Rocket" I see he has posted a sound clip on his site for Carol Ann ~~~ I like this, it really has the Beach Boys sound in it.....

Well gotta go for now, enjoy the rest of the day! Nancy :)

~~~~~Before you leave there is something you should know, Yeahhhh something you should know Babeee..... I've seen you smiling in the summer sun, I've seen your long hair flying when you run, I made my mind up that it's meant to beeee, someday Lady you'll accompany me, someday lady you'll accompany me..... out where the rivers meet the sound and sea, You're high above me now, you're wild and freeeee ~~~~ Some people say that Love is a losing game, you start with fire but you lose the flame, the ashes smolder but the warmth soon gone, you end up cold and lonely on your own..... I'll take my chances, I've made my mind up this is meant to be, someday Lady you'll accompany me out where the rivers meet the sound and sea, I feel it in my soul, someday lady you'll accompany meeeee ~~~ Sing it Mr. Bob Seiger ~~ Just for Red :)

Message: 24503 Posted: Mon Oct 14 12:45:08 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: new here

Mary, welcome aboard. You are Nancy's twin sister, right? Post long and post often. New blood is always appreciated. Take care.

90% of men kiss their wife goodbye when they leave the house.
The rest kiss their house goodbye when they leave the wife.

Message: 24502 Posted: Mon Oct 14 12:36:05 2002 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: new here

Hi,everyone,I'm new here and like everyone else have been a fan since the early 70's. I,ve been reading the posts and find them interesting.Want to see if this is going to work for me. HI,NANCY!!Take care,Mary

Message: 24501 Posted: Mon Oct 14 10:52:50 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Jackson Browne

Steve and others,

Thanks for your tip on the new Jackson album. I'll have to go and buy it to see for myself. I own all his other albums so it would have only been a matter of time until I succombed anyway.

Johnny, you should really give this guy another chance as he's well worth it. I especailly like his first self-titled lp which is sometimes known as "Saturate Before Using". This to me is one of the all time classic albums of all time. The final song "My Opening Farewell" is incredible and is worth the price of the album alone. Although I love AMERICA and the EAGLES more I think this song almost pips the post in my all time song league - now that's saying something!

Out of interest do other people have certain songs/albums which they adore but are not necessarily big fans of the said band or group.
Another incredible album to me is Paul Simon's HEARTS & BONES although i'm not fussed about his other ones.


Message: 24500 Posted: Mon Oct 14 07:40:36 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Rocket...

Anyone thinking of getting Jeff L.'s "Fragile Sunrise" I recommend getting one of the overseas versions with the bonus song "Rocket"...great song.

Jeff B.

Message: 24499 Posted: Mon Oct 14 06:36:22 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Fan Gathering-Just a thought

How about this for Fan Gatherings. Since it costs money to go here, there and everywhere (Beatles song,) America fans that live in the same city or state should get together at some restaurant or somebody's house. I know it would be great for Dewey and Gerry to be at all of them, but que sera sera. Have fun, talk, listen to music, take pictures and send to Steve L for all of us to look at.
Just my 2 cents worth!

Message: 24498 Posted: Mon Oct 14 04:46:33 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: message for OZ ex-pat's - Bali Bombings

Please Say a Prayer for all in Bali...

I think Dewey once said "The world just seems to be going crazy"
how right he is......

Message for OZ ex-pat's

The Royal Australian Air Force is to evacuate injured to southern Australian states...
A mass evacuation to southern states of most of the 66 patients taken to Darwin after the Bali bomb blasts is set to begin in a couple of hours.

Four C-130 Hercules planes have been commandeered to take most of the injured to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to ease the burden on the Royal Darwin Hospital.

Officials at the hospital say an exact time frame for the aircrafts' departure depends on patients and the hospital staff's ability to stabilise the more seriously injured.

Another two RAAF planes are due into Darwin from Bali, carrying more injured about 10:00pm ACST tonight

Message: 24497 Posted: Sun Oct 13 21:54:19 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Reunion show-another idea -LisaRose

My Dad doesn't want to go but I think my dog is willing.

Message: 24496 Posted: Sun Oct 13 20:07:58 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey Triv Question (Gen)

<<...I realise my answer doesn't seem so right now.>>

Gen, you're "permitted" to change it if you wish. :0)

Hi Kelly! Thanks for playing. You too, Nancy.

Heard Dewey on the store music system (Big Lots!) yesterday..."Ventura Highway". Gerry's "SGH" on the radio last week followed by Hall & Oates. By the way, H&O will be releasing a new single titled "Forever For You" a week from tomorrow. Wish it were Beckley & Bunnell instead.

Still enjoying the heck out of "Holiday Harmony". Even though it's a tad early, it's the great vocal and musical sounds of D&G regardless of the subject they're singing about. I especially like "Winter Holidays". Jimbob, I think you would too.

Message: 24495 Posted: Sun Oct 13 17:35:27 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Various Topics

maybe you should consider selling the wife!!!! *L* (just joking)

either that or put them into storage ie; a friends house, no way would I give up the collection....

Message: 24494 Posted: Sun Oct 13 15:41:48 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Dewey Triv Question / Andrew Gold's song

<< the answer to the "Dewey Triv Question" will be given out probably tomorrow evening>>

No pb, Johnny... I'll be patient.
BTW, thinking again about the question I realise my answer doesn't seem so right now.

<<Also, Genevieve, did you know that Andrew Gold has a song titled with your first name? >> . Well, yes, I know this nice love song. I had it on a cassette a loooong time ago thanks to some American friend of mine but don't have it any more - this tape didn't live very long actually. I'll probably buy a new copy on CD one of these days, but up to now, I have not seen the LP you mentioned in France...

Hi Nancy. Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to have more time to join and share with my fellow fans on this folder, but I'm unable to do so these days. Anyway, I try to read the posts as often as possible.
BFN - Genevičve.

Message: 24493 Posted: Sun Oct 13 13:00:48 2002 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Gaithersburg

at least theres a satelite!

Message: 24492 Posted: Sun Oct 13 12:57:43 2002 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: A Dewey Triv Question


Message: 24491 Posted: Sun Oct 13 12:42:32 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Fan Reunion ~~ Various Topics ~~ Dew Triv & Jackson Browne

Hi Everybody :)

Ooooh Johnny I believe you mean this great Jackson Browne song
~~~~~ Tender is the night when you hold your baby tight, tender are the motions, tender is the night ~~~ between a life to be expected and the way its always been I can't walk back in again after the way we fight~~~~ somewhere in the night ~~ tender is the night ~~ and the benediction of a neon light, tender are the hunters, tender is the night ~~~ you're gonna want me tonight when you're ready to surrender~~~ forget about who's right ~~~ and in the heart light of an angry sun, no one remembers what was said or done, tender is the words they choose I win, you win, we win ~~~~~~ tender are the undercover the stranger and the secret lover ~~~~ sing JB ~~ Thanks Johnny :) Hi there Steve O ~~I am sooo glad to hear good reviews about his new cd, I do like his consistency. You are kinda right Johnny about his voice, but there sure is something cathcy about his songs that keeps you wanting more and more...... Nice :)

Regarding the Dew Triv ~~ I am going to say ~~ Purple ~~ seems to me I remember a post a while back about the lyrics in rainbow song and Dewey said this about the phrase ~~Purple Ghost of England in wintertime who I used to know ~~ oooh how I love this great song and i want to sing it all right now, but i will control myself LOL!!!!!!! I am listening to it right now though. :)

Hi Gen ~~ I second your vote about Jason's idea ~~ this would be neat, and yes Steve has one of the best sites going here! Nice hearing from you! :)

Hi Bruce ~~ Yes I have checked out that show American Dreams, I only got to see it once though, I too thought it would be neat being that they mix the live bandstand performances into this, I really like this young blonde girl actor, she was on Guiding Light and she is a good actress. My problem is remembering when it is on and usually Sunday nights are crazy trying to get the kids to bed earlier. Regarding your LP's ~~ Do you really think you will be able to hand them over to this dj guy ~~ WOW! that will be hard, I have all of mine and even though I haven't been able to use my turntable, the needle is broke and I need speakers for it..... Hmmmmm could you fit them into a corner in a closet ~~~ I can sure sympathize with you about this though, I have all of my 8 tracks and LPs and cassettes and I do have quite a collection. I had most of my LPs up in a closet, but find myself pulling them out to take a look at them and my AMERICA ones are right here beside me, standing up against the wall....... My husband has told me he thinks I am losing it for sure, that I am acting like a teenager all over again LOL!!!!! Ooooh well maybe I am kinda! :)It is fun though! I too have Steely Dan's Can't Buy a Thrill (isn't this one wild album cover) and also Carole King as always been a favorite of mine, I have her Tapestry album...... Sure tell us all about your Calif dreamin story sooon ~~ Okay?

Wow~~ All of these suggestions for the Fan Get Together is sounding more and more inviting for sure ~~ when do I call the airlines and tell them which direction to fly me in. Wow I have never been on a plane before ~~ Look Out ~~ Ooooh NOoooooooooo! LOL!!! I agree Pat B & Kim ~~~ being that this would be a show for Us the diehard fans, it would be great to hear those great songs that we know, I would have a list soooo long that it would take about a week for them to sing them all. Sorry Gerry & Dewey ~~ but you guys are just that Great~~~~ :) Whatever we come up with it will be a fun time for sure, and I would love to be there.

Hi LisaRose~~ Your idea is just too much, I can just picture us all on the local 6pm Cleveland news right now ~~~~

Well gotta go for now, See ya Nancy :)

~~~And these days I wish I was 6 again, ooooh make me a rare cape I wanna be superman, ooh if only my life was more like 1983, all these things would be more like the start of me had it made in 83 ~~~ kinda like my life is a sequel to a movie only the names have been changed....... oooooh if only my life was more like 1983 ~~~ and most my memories have escaped, or have confused themselves with dream, if heavens all we want it to be , send your prayers to me in care of 1983 ~~~ Sing it John Mayer, another great Serendipity song ~~~ You can paint that house a rainbow of colors ~~~ whatever happened to my lunchbox, when came the day it got throwed away, and don't you think I should have had some say in that decision ~~~~~~ :)


Message: 24490 Posted: Sun Oct 13 12:17:37 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Genevieve, the answer to the "Dewey Triv Question" will be given out probably tomorrow evening so others can think about it in the meantime. Thanks for being daring enough to play as you often do.

Personally, it's fine if no one else takes a stab at it (or any of the triv questions I ask) because some folks prefer not to (afraid of looking "silly") but are curious. I can certainly understand but I never think anyone looks silly if sincere. Either way, hopefully, we all learn something new about our favorite guys!

Also, Genevieve, did you know that Andrew Gold has a song titled with your first name? It's from the same LP ("All This And Heaven Too") that has his song, "Thank You For Being A Friend".

Bruce, I would love to hear your "California Dreaming" story. Regarding the storage of LPs, yes, it occupies a lot of space, but I can't part with mine. I'd rather you sell yours to a record shop, a dealer or collector, or donate them to a thrift store than to toss them in a dumpster as you said many NYC folks do. Someone somewhere can surely enjoy them, I would think. Regarding eBay, LPs are hard to sell unless they're very rare which is seldom the case. Selling them on eBay usually isn't worth the effort for the price they bring...from my observation that is.

Message: 24489 Posted: Sun Oct 13 11:24:43 2002 By: Joanie
Subject: Fan Gathering

I don't post much so you all don't really know me, but, I am a fan of 30 years as well. All fan gathering site suggestions sound great but for alot of people, those sites are unaccessible either by distance, money or time restraints. This is one reason I think the Midwest (St. Louis) is a good idea. No, they don't come to St. Louis every year, but there are plenty of fans here who would like to see and hear them once a year. If the gathering is in a town where they play frequently, (a.e. San Diego, and yes it would be hard to leave) fans such as myself probably couldn't come. Believe it or not there is alot to do in STL (Cardinals, Rams, to name a few sports venues) and Dan Peek lives in the near, near there is an idea! St. Louis is a reasonable drive to/from Chicago, Cincinnatti, Louisville, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, etc. Get my drift? Any more opinions? I'd love to see it happen.

Message: 24488 Posted: Sun Oct 13 11:20:34 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne - New album--for Johnny

That's "tender is the Night" I love Jackson's voice, personally. there is a round tone to it. I discovered Jackson courtesy of another great band.--lol. He was their opening act. He is great live.

Message: 24487 Posted: Sun Oct 13 11:10:01 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne - New album

I picked up "the naked ride home" about a week ago. I like it.

Message: 24486 Posted: Sun Oct 13 10:08:49 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Site Fan Voting / Dewey Triv

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a great week-end.
Just wanted to tell Jason his suggestion is not at all stupid from my point of view. I'm sure analysing the votes would bring to light some interesting & surprising infos. On the other hand, having visited a lot of websites devoted to other bands, I think Steve is already doing so great a job on this one, that I find it difficult to ask him for more... What will the webmaster think of it? That's the technical problem that has to be solved first ! LOL

Hey Johnny,

Isn't that quote about the word ' tropic'?
I'll wait for the answer, anyway...
See you all very soon - Gen.

Message: 24485 Posted: Sun Oct 13 10:02:28 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Various Topics

OK as usual, I'm behind in addressing the current topic here, but so what right? My top three in my collection AFTER you-know-who:
1. Billy Joel
2. Steely Dan
3. Carole King
Moser, as far as Human Nature, "Wednesday Morning" along with "Emma" (From Van Go Gan) are two extremely obvious #1 songs. The very first time I heard those songs they screamed "number ONE"!!! Unfortunately, well, don't get me started!...As far as the "fan reunion" (why isn't it being called a "gathering"? I mean, isn't using the word "reunion" misleading?) it seems obvious to me that it should be held in the capitol of the world, NEW YORK CITY! YEAH! And Lisa Rose has offered to let everyone crash in her apartment, right Lisa? =) I would extend that offer, but I've got an 800 square foot 1-bedroom apartment with a wife, two cats and a Brittany Spaniel!!! The venue should be "The Bottom Line", a famous intimate club in Greenwich Village with a supurb sound system. This is actually a venue where the guys have never played. It's got maybe 300-350 seats, if I had to compare to anything it would be BB King's in Times Square, where the guys HAVE played.
Now I'M gonna bring up a topic that I don't think has ever been addressed here, and it was inspired partly by the "next three in your collecton" question. Is anyone facing this dilemma? I'm 48 years old. A year ago, my wife Mary moved in to my apartment (previously described). My 500 albums- no not CD's- which take up much less space- (I have 400 of THEM) are taking up precious space here and I must admit that I may play one album maybe once a year on my still-working turntable. My wife wants the records OUT. And I'm afraid that she's right. So I'm finally going to part with them. Well, not ALL of them. OK, some of them have sentimental value. I know what everyone's thinking, what about the AMERICA albums? Since my wife won't see this, I'm pulling those out and stashing them! Including my copy of the first LP without HORSE! Is anyone facing the same problem? See, here in New York City, it's not uncommon to see hundreds of LPs sitting in the trash. Not to mention the thousands being sold at street fairs, flea markets, etc. I realize that most of you who read this are sitting in houses with lots of room and that you live in the REAL world. (The REAL world is everywhere outside of New York City!) =) Oh the pain! Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel...OUT THEY GO!!! And I just love the people who say "hey, why don't you sell them on ebay?" Yeah, well...the people who do the ebay thing must have LOTS of TIME on their hands! That's something I don't have! The deal is that a guy from a local RECORD store (see any of THOSE around lately?) is coming by soon to take the whole lot off my hands! Now, one last word on a DIFFERENT sunbject...has anyone been getting into "American Dreams" on NBC? It's a cool new show on Sunday nights about a family in the 1960's... it's been heavily about "American Bandstand" lately. OK, that's enough of me jabbering! Enjoy your Sunday everybody!!! PS Anyone wanna hear my "California Dreaming" story? - another months-old discussion =)

Message: 24484 Posted: Sun Oct 13 09:55:24 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne - New album

The only Jackson Browne music I've ever purchased was years ago. It was the "For Everyman" LP. I ended up giving it to my brother. I like the Jackson Browne songs that are played on the radio, but for me there's something about his voice that I don't care to listen to for an entire album/CD. I don't mean to offend any of his fans here, but I think he sings in monotone. There's no question that he's a great songwriter. One of his videos is one of my favorites. I don't recall the title, but I have it recorded off of MTV. It's the one with the guys cruisin' the main drag in an Cadillac convertible and contains the lyrics "benediction of the neon light".

Message: 24483 Posted: Sun Oct 13 09:39:32 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: A Dewey Triv Question

Which one of the following words did Dewey say this about: "It was a word I took from the journal I keep. It has a mysterious, interesting vibe."

a) hankerin'

b) alibi

c) purple

d) tropic

e) charades

Message: 24482 Posted: Sun Oct 13 08:45:35 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne - New album

I have the new Browne Cd and it is excellent! First single getting airplay is called "The Night inside me". Title cut is the very first song,and thats good too. The new CD debut at #36 last week in billboard,the same position that his last effort "Looking East" peaked at in 1996. Browne doesn't go for alot of changes--when you buy a Jackson Browne release,you know what your getting. He's consistant,and has another winning collection of songs....

Message: 24481 Posted: Sun Oct 13 08:19:20 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion (kim)

<<I would want the set list changed up to include some songs that they don't play in their set now.>>~kimcabrina

I firmly second that motion.

The entire set list should be made from the huge list of great songs that usually or never get played live.

Message: 24480 Posted: Sun Oct 13 05:13:22 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Italian Chart info

I’ve been trawling through foreign chart sites again and happened upon the following info from

The first list shows singles that charted and the second relates to albums, but is a year’s best chart (top 75). Therefore the first number (ie; 21, Alibi) relates to the position and I think the number in the 4th box must relate to the highest chart position of the album. So Alibi reached number 2 in the charts and was no. 21 out of the whole year’s albums.

o 1971: A Horse with no name (Bunnell,D)
o 1972: Ventura Highway (Bunnell,D)
o 1973: Don't cross the river
o 1975: Sister golden hair (Beckley,G)
o 1982: Survival - [#2]
o 1982: You can do magic (Ballard,R) - [#23]
o 1983: The Border
o 1990: Last two to dance (Io vorrei) (Cutugno,T-Giacobbe,S)

21 Alibi America Capitol 2
31 View from the ground America Capitol 10

72 Your move America Capitol 16

I also found a week by week chart for the top 10. The only entry for AMERICA is SURVIVAL as it was their only song to chart in the top 10 in Italy. Here’s a week by week rundown which I think is quite fascinating.

24 April 82 5
1 May 82 7
8 May 82 7
15 May 82 6
22 May 82 8
29 May 82 5
5 June 82 4
12 June 82 4
19 June 82 6
26 June 82 8
Thereafter not in top ten.

The obvious point is that it doesn’t show that SURVIVAL reached number 2 in the Charts which we always thought was the case, although the first list does state this fact next to the song title. Either way, it’s interesting info and shows SURVIVAL was very successful staying in the top ten for 10 consecutive weeks.

Its worth a look at this site especially if you’re interested in music in general. For instance POCO’s album CANTAMOS is featured as No. 86 in the top year album chart for 1975. They never had this sort of success in the UK or US.


Message: 24479 Posted: Sun Oct 13 04:50:55 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Reunion show-another idea

Here's another idea. How about a reunion in Cleveland where the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"?. We can probably get group rates for the museum and all wear t-shirts that say, "America must be next" or "Where is America" or somthing similar. If we are large and loud, and send out press releases to all the local papers... maybe those "people" will take notice. If anything, we would have a good time trying. The only think is I think the actual inductee offices are in Manhattan but am sure they will get word. For this to mean something we would need everyone on here to be there and you must bring your family, extended family, friends,etc. Okay, so who's in?

Message: 24478 Posted: Sun Oct 13 00:39:14 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Site Fan Voting

I've just been looking at a fan site for David Bowie which includes a weekly vote page which looks quite interesting. The site offers up a topic and asks the fans to reply and posts the results each week.

The topics appear to be mostly music related. Ie; what is your favourite song from such and such an album. For someone that is fasinated by charts, lists etc I'd love to see this sort of thing added to the AMERICA site if it were possible.

I know we all at time to time ask each other similar questions but I'd love to see a real all encompassing system which could be referenced and updated on a regular basis. I think I have a good idea for instance as to most AMERICA fan's favourite album but we may all be surprised by the end result.

Just an idea but I'd be interested to know if it's possible and what everyone else thinks.


Message: 24477 Posted: Sat Oct 12 23:55:37 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Jackson Browne - New album

Has anyone out there bought the new Jackson Browne album? If so is it any good? I'm wondering whether to add it to my christmas list.

Message: 24476 Posted: Sat Oct 12 21:45:23 2002 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Reunion show

I'd suggest San Diego. I think it would meet all the criteria - they play every year (usually in June) at Humphrey's, which is outside on the bay and and an AWESOME venue.
Two downsides I can think of - one is it's not always cheap to fly here, and two, since it's "close to home" for Gerry & Dewey, they usually have lots of friends and family around.
Another problem might be if you all came to San Diego, you might not want to ever leave!
ShariL <><

Message: 24475 Posted: Sat Oct 12 18:23:31 2002 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Gaithersburg


Message: 24474 Posted: Sat Oct 12 18:11:00 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Gaithersburg

Oh, the glamor of being a rock star!

(I love how Gerry doesn't try to hide what is really out there or try to find the perfect picture.)

FYI, for those north of the border, Holiday Harmony is set to be released in Canada on Oct. 29.

Message: 24473 Posted: Sat Oct 12 17:23:34 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Gaithersburg

Gerry is in Gaithersburg, Maryland today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24472 Posted: Sat Oct 12 09:14:37 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Bullet proof

Me Again ~~

I second this too, I sure hope your security guys are on their toes today.... Be careful! ~~~~ How sad there are people out there in the world that want to cause such Fear and Pain!

See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 24471 Posted: Sat Oct 12 09:02:06 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria ~~ Good one Mo~~ :)

Hi Everyone ~~
My favorite movie is on here now ~~ "Serendipidity" ~~ oh how I love this movie :) ~~ lots of good songs to sing on here for sure! If you haven't seen this movie yet check it out Okay ! Do ya wanna know what the word serendipity means ~~ it is a Fortunate Accident of Fate .....

Hi there Mo ~~ Good one~~ wouldn't that be just the Dream come true to have the Fans reunion show there ~~ WOW! ~~~ Hmmmm let me see the fan reunion has to be conviniently located at least when it is held here in the US for all of us to meet at ~~~~ hmmmm like in the middle of the states ~~~ Does any of you know where the Geographic center is of the United States????? Well check into this question and if there is anyone from this State could you let us know about some of the Venues or Happenings in this area that would meet the criteria ~~ which would be up for consideration for this reunion to be held at.... Now don't get me wrong our out of country fans ~~ Wow ~~ how I would love to visit some of the other countries for this reunion show too.... that would be alot of fun too, Hey there is endless possibilities for lots of fan reunion shows..... that is as long as it is agreeable to Gerry & Dewey of course! I agree with you Kim ~~ that would be awesome if we could have some say in the playlist for this show ~~ endless nice possiblities here too. :)

Hi Michael ~~ Thanks for letting us know about the show there in NJ, Lucky you getting to have your Holiday Harmony autographed by Gerry & Dewey. This sure is a all around nice list of songs ~~ sounds like your night was an all around dream come true ~~~ great seats ~~ the long playlist ~~ sounding Oooooooh soo good with the accoustics sound system there, and getting to meet with the Guys ~~ Wow! :)

Regarding the VFTHW pics ~~ Yes Cindy I too appreciate all of Gerry's pics ~~ Looks like it was kinda rainy and windy there in NJ or else our little night creature friends were busy here in this parking lot ~~ we probably all have had this happen one time or another. Hey Gerry ~~ by the looks of the clouds ~~ was there a hint of Sunshine trying to break through? I hope the weather will be nicer for the Gaithersburg Md. show.

Well gotta go for now, have a great weekend all Nancy :) here is one of my favorite songs by Evan & Jaron from this great movie that is on here

~~~ The sky has lost it's color, the sun has turned to grey, at least that's how it feels to meeee ~~ whenever you're away, I crawl up in the corner, to watch the minutes passssss, each one brings meeee closer to, the time you're coming back ~~~~ I can't take the distance, I can't take the miles, I can't take the time till I next seeee you Smileeee ~~~ I can't take the distance, I'm not ashamed that with every breath I take ~~ I'm calling your name, I can't take the disssstance ~~~~~~~ Nice song, I love the ending to this movie ~~ another great song there too ~~~ :)

Message: 24470 Posted: Sat Oct 12 08:32:06 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Bullet proof

Dear Dewey and Gerry, Do me a favor and wear a bullet-proof vest while you are in the suburban Maryland area today. It would relieve some of my anxiety. Thanks. PS: Willie, Brad, and Michael do the same, please.

Message: 24469 Posted: Sat Oct 12 07:03:56 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

Ooo! Ooo! Mr. Kotter, I know, I know...Grand Cayman!!!!!!

Message: 24468 Posted: Sat Oct 12 00:17:56 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Goanna's Suggestion

I'll second that.

Message: 24467 Posted: Fri Oct 11 21:01:39 2002 By: Michael Baratta
Subject: Williamstown N.J. Show

Hi everyone,just returned from the show at the Williamstown Performing Arts Center.As usual the guys put on a fantastic show.They played the long set & the acoustics in this venue were very good.We had tickets in the front row center,& during the show Gerry noticed we had a copy of the new Christmas CD.We handed it to him & he held it up to the audience and gave a little sales pitch,very cool.Dewey also mentioned that this was the first time he had seen the finished copy since it was released.After the show we were lucky enough to go backstage and get our copies of Holiday Harmony autographed.It was a great night, and Gerry & Dewey, if you read this , thanks again for a wonderful evening.

P.S. Anyone else from the chat folder at this show? Let us know what you thought about it.

Message: 24466 Posted: Fri Oct 11 18:48:55 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

no, no, no,'ve ALL got it wrong....

This is the place to have a reunion!!! the party hard capital of the world!!!

Message: 24465 Posted: Fri Oct 11 16:06:59 2002 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Swedesboro

Hi Steve...Please tell Gerry how we love those pictures from his hotel window. Some of them are actually funny! Like this one! We love you guys!!

Message: 24464 Posted: Fri Oct 11 15:53:08 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Swedesboro

Gerry is in Swedesboro, New Jersey today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24463 Posted: Fri Oct 11 14:16:42 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

How about Halfmoon Bay BC? You can all stay at my place. (I just won't tell my wife yet)

Message: 24462 Posted: Fri Oct 11 12:58:33 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

Yes, Steve, Las Vegas was one of my first thoughts. They always play there and I think it would be nice to see 2 days in a row. Make it all worthwhile. Plus, most of the time people can get discount flights to LV. Good Idea!!!!!!!!!! There are other good choices and our fellow fans should be able to come up with them.

Message: 24461 Posted: Fri Oct 11 12:58:10 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

Yes, Steve, Las Vegas was one of my first thoughts. They always play there and I think it would be nice to see 2 days in a row. Make it all worthwhile. Plus, most of the time people can get discount flights to LV. Good Idea!!!!!!!!!! There are other good choices and our fellow fans should be able to come up with them.

Message: 24460 Posted: Fri Oct 11 12:30:42 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria

Red, I agree with all of your criteria except for one point. I don't think it has to be the same place every year although it certainly could be. For example, I often attend computer conferences that are held different places every year. That gives people the chance to see different parts of the country each year. Las Vegas seems to be a place that many conferences are held and I think it meets all of your criteria.

FYI - We had a couple of fan gatherings in the past while the band was playing in Reno. Click on the following links to see photos from the gatherings:

Planet Hollywood Fan Gathering - July 24, 1999
Planet Hollywood Fan Gathering - April 1, 2000

Message: 24459 Posted: Fri Oct 11 11:27:13 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reunion criteria


Message: 24458 Posted: Fri Oct 11 10:05:54 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Reunion criteria

I haven't seen anyone come up with criteria for having it any one place. America has to play there every year, or in the vicinity. The place chosen must be a hub of excitement. Many things & places to see. Good hotels, restaurants, and great weather. Then the schedule for 2003 has to be viewed to see which place would be ideal to attend(kinda like the problem the Bachelor has). Neat sites to see if this is to be enjoyed. And America will have to do the long set whichever venue is chosen. Easy access for autographs & pix are a must. So, for now I need ideas and why ur choice should be the one. Then after seeing the schedule for 2003, we can narrow the choices to one!

Some days it feels good to be average..........

People are strange, when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked, when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down.

Message: 24457 Posted: Fri Oct 11 09:34:22 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Re: fans reunion

How about New York State. This state could use some cheering up music.

Message: 24456 Posted: Fri Oct 11 08:08:54 2002 By: Joanie
Subject: fans reunion

St. Louis would be a great place for a fans reunion. It is right in the middle of the country and I would be more than happy to set it up. What do you think?

Message: 24455 Posted: Fri Oct 11 07:10:55 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Thanks for the Pix

A BIG thank you to daisyjane64 for sending me the picture she took of me and "the guys" at Mohegun Sun in July! I told Gerry and Dewey that it was for inclusion in my Christmas cards this year, so we all have silly, "holiday" smiles on our faces! It's perfect!

Don't be surprised if I bring elf hats next year!!!! Hmmm, better yet, MISTLETOE!

Thanks Lisa...and thanks guys!

Message: 24454 Posted: Fri Oct 11 05:54:20 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion city

I'd have to vote for the Dallas Area. For one thing it would be easy to get to from either coast either by air or car. I know for a fact you can drive from here to Michigan, Virginia or California in two days! We have a major airport for those who would rather fly. There are also lots of different venues available, but I think I'd pick NextStage in Grand Prairie as it's not so big that you'd need binoculars to see. Regardless of where it was held, this would definately be one concert I would travel a great distance to see!

Also, since it is a FANS reunion concert, (which I am assuming you mean diehard, I own everything ever recorded by the guys type of fan)I would want the set list changed up to include some songs that they don't have in their set now. I'd include the following.
To Each His Own
Moon Song
Till the Sun Comes Up Again
Submarine Ladies
All My Life
This is just to name a few!

Great question Red!

Message: 24453 Posted: Thu Oct 10 19:21:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Carry on

Jas, the source of the Italian issued "We Got All Night" is the usual source. Regarding "hat trick", thanks for confirming it as a soccer term (aka "football" in Europe). I believe the soccer reference is how Gerry explained the third LP's title selection. I could be mistaken. I'm still trying to find the exact article where Gerry talks about it. Quite clearly, it's a term used in many different sports.

All, regarding which two other artists appeared on "Home Shopping Network" the same night Dewey and Gerry did, it was Lionel Richie and country singer Ty Herndon.

Carry On <---- A Dan Peek solo song title, no?

Message: 24452 Posted: Thu Oct 10 17:27:28 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Article From Italy

Today I received the article that Bruno sent to Johnny and I (refer to Johnny's post #24379). Click here to see the original article from the Italian newspaper "Il Citadino" (August 15, 2002 Issue). Thanks again Bruno and Johnny.

Message: 24451 Posted: Thu Oct 10 14:59:38 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Top 40 songs ~~ Played at a 40th High School Reunion

Those are terrific songs Nancy that are near & dear to my heart. When at most class reunions, the talk around the geritol booth might include this:

Subject: Pharmacology Lesson

In pharmacology, all drugs have a generic name:

Tylenol is acetaminophen, Aleve is naproxen, Amoxil is Amoxicillin, Advil is
ibuprofen, and so on. The FDA had been looking for a generic name for
Viagra, and just announced that it has settled for mycoxafloppin. Also
considered were mydixadrupin, mystixarizen, mycoxadud, dixafix, and, of
course, ibepokin.

Need I say more...........

Message: 24450 Posted: Thu Oct 10 14:58:14 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: P.S. Re: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion city

Can you at least make it during a school vacation!!!

Message: 24449 Posted: Thu Oct 10 14:57:13 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion city

I will go any where!!!!

Message: 24448 Posted: Thu Oct 10 14:51:41 2002 By: kiri
Subject: Re: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion city

peoria, illinois, would be centrally located. right, DanC?!

Message: 24447 Posted: Thu Oct 10 14:39:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Top 40 songs ~~ Played at a 40th High School Reunion

Me Again ~~
I thought You all might enjoy seeing this


--The Bee Gees - "How Can You Mend a Broken Hip"
--Roberta Flack - "The First Time Ever I Forgot
Your Face"
--Johnny Nash - "I Can't See Clearly Now"
--The Temptations - "Papa Got a Kidney Stone"
--ABBA - "Denture Queen"
--Leo Sayer - "You Make Me Feel Like Napping"
--Commodores - "Once, Twice, Three Trips to the
--Procol Harem - " A Whiter Shade of Hair"
--Steely Dan - "Rikki Don't Lose Your Car Keys"
--Herman's Hermits - "Mrs. Brown You've Got a
Lovely Walker"
--Marvin Gaye - "I Heard It Through the Grape
--The Who - "Talkin' 'Bout My Medication"

You've got to keep your sense of humor as you add
the days to your life.

I wonder what songs will be played at my 40th Class reunion ~~~~

Oooops ~~~ I wanted to add to the list of places in Pa. for a reunion show ~~ Hershey Park ~~ The Guys sure know where this place is ~~ It would be a real Treat getting to meet all of you guys in Chocolatetown USA ~~~~ Hmmmmm I wonder if I can handle a Chocolate High and an AMERICA High at the same timeeeee ~~~~ Ooooh noooo ~~ I know the Mind is a terrible thing :) :) :)

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ To each his own it's plain to see, to walk alone you have to be, it's all for you and all for me, you'll see, I'm Gonna Miss You, yes I will, no matter who are ~~ I Love You Still, though my life is my conscience , the seeds I sew, I just wanted to let you knowwwwwww~~~~~ Wow ~~ I can hardly wait to hear this on my new Cayman CD ~~~ Oooooh how many times I have sang this song ~~ Thanks Gerry :)

Message: 24446 Posted: Thu Oct 10 11:26:19 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Reply to Red & Guidelines for choosing Fan city reunion

Hi Everybody ~~
Wow~~~ What's this about Meeeeeee being on QVC and Modeling AMERICA T-Shirts ~~~~~ Toooo Much! I do think that QVC would be a good place to promote sales for this great Grand Cayman CD, they definitely make their segments work to the fullest. ~~~~ Wow! I can just picture it now ~~ Gerry & Dewey all dressed up in their Islands Outfits sitting there, and behind them a big dropclothe displaying the Cayman CD cover with the big America logo ~~~ this alone would have the phonelines tied up just like that~~ Nice :) If I couldn't be there for this I would hope to be able to be one of the calls that they would put on the speaker phone, then I could just let all of my excitement about this spill right out. That's if I don't freeze again~~ LOL! ~~~~ Home Shopping Newtwork is good, but I feel QVC adds alot more to their segments.

Hi Erin from Morey Management ~~~ Hmmmm what do you think about this idea, any possibility of checking into it? Think about it Okay? Thanks :)

Wow!! Wow!!! WOW!!!! ~~~ Good Question Red ~~~ This would be so neat to have a Fan Reunion Show! Hmmmmmm I have a couple of places in mind that this could be held right here in my homestate of PA ~~~~ there is the Bryce Jordon Center, State College, PA ~~~~ The Johnstown War Memorial, Johnstown, PA ( I believe Gerry & Dewey did a show there back in 79 or 80), ~~~ then there is a Quaint Place called The Arcadia Theatre, Windber, PA (this would be a limited size though) and there is the Civic Center, Pittsburgh, PA, and if it were in the summer or early fall it could be held at the Starlight Ampitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA.~~ Ohhh yes there is Hershey Park, Hershey, PA (the guys have been there a couple of times) sooooo I would love to see one here in PA. WOW ~~ A show just for us Fans! I could handle this for sure :)

Hi Mo ~~~ Thanks for the nice surprise in my email, you were soooooo nice to SHARE that with me, it is a KEEPER for sure! :)

Regarding my suggestion for the record label name ~~~ I suggest "Happenings"

I agree Speech ~~~ Jeff Foskett sure has a way of sounding just like Carl Wilson.

Hi PatB ~~~ I really thought that was something how the song World Alone ended toooo ~~~ Kinda sad, but such a touching way with the Lyrics getting you to the end. Thanks Dewey ~~ One great song for sure!

Hey there DanC ~~ Have fun tonight at the game, Be sure to WAVE a BIG WAVE sooo I can see your jersey, tan and SMILE ~~ Okay! :)

Have a Great Day All ~~ Nancy :) I got to the live chat last night, but I was sooooooo glad to see you Guys still there, thanks for the fun as usual :)

~~~~~When I was led to you, I knew you were the one for me, I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat, when I layyy eyes on you IIIIIIII you wrap me up in the color of Love, You gave me the Kiss of Life, kiss of life, you gave me the kiss that's life, kiss of life ~~~~IIIIIIIIIIII ~~~~ wasn't it clear from the start, Look the sky is full of Love, the sky is full of love, you gave me the kiss of life, kiss of life, you gave me the kiss that's life, kiss of life~~~~~ You wrap me up in the color of love, when you do that thing, there must have been an angel coming down from above, giving me love Yeah giving me loveeeeee ~~~ WOW~~~ Sing It Sade ~~ what a beautiful song for sure :)

Message: 24445 Posted: Thu Oct 10 09:59:09 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Guidelines for choosing Fan Reunion city

If there were to ever be a yearly Fan Reunion concert in a city that America plays in every year, where should that place be and when? Come up with some guidelines of where, when, what venue, why, etc. Your mission, should you accept, could result in a fun filled reunion that we all might be able to attend. Think about it!!!!!!!!


Diamond life, lover boy.
We move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy.
City lights and business nights.
When you require streetcar desire for higher heights.

Sade - Smooth Operator

Message: 24444 Posted: Thu Oct 10 09:29:46 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to red oak

You are entirely welcome, red oak! Maybe...the guys can bring tee shirts and hats, then Nancy can model them!

Message: 24443 Posted: Thu Oct 10 09:19:47 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Carry on

Also a dart term for three bulls eyes as my dart-lovin' dh will tell you!

Message: 24442 Posted: Thu Oct 10 08:04:20 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: QVC

Thank you Nina. Finally, some one who sees the same opportunity that I did. It depends tho on which home shopping network people have access to. Personally, I would think that QVC would sell more records, from their more astute audience. I mean, the home of Boyd's Bears can't be too bad. They are also in the state of Pennsylvania, which we all know, is the home of our very own Nancy. I think Nancy could help the guys peddle some music if given the chance.

Stupid is as stupid does.

All the late night bargains have been struck
Between the satin beans and their bells
Prehistoric garbage trucks
Got the city to themselves
Echoes and the roars dinosaurs
They're all doing the monster mash
And most of the taxis and the whores
Are only taking calls for cash

Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick

Message: 24441 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:55:00 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Which Wilson

It's a pretty good "Carl Wilson" then. It had me fooled.

Message: 24440 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:28:03 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Carry on


Yes "Hat Trick" is a football term (or Soccer, if you like) for one player scoring 3 goals in one match.


Message: 24439 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:21:21 2002 By: Nina
Subject: QVC

As "hokey" as it may sound, QVC could do wonders for the sale of America's new CD's. I have watched for many years, and QVC is a step above the Home Shopping Network.

Gerry and Dewey's talent and natural charm could easily fill two or three 1 hour segments, which is what QVC usually does with celebrity guests. There used to be a host on QVC named Steve "something" and he was VERY musical...played acoustic guitar like a pro. THIS would be the host to do it. (Don't know if he's still on the payroll, though.)

Maybe the guys could look into it?

Message: 24438 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:12:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Carry on

Johnny, I don't know about "hat trick" being a soccer term but it is definitely an ice hockey term which is used when a single player scores three goals. Perhaps it means the same thing in soccer.

Message: 24437 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:05:15 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Johnny - Darden Smith/Singles


Frankie & Sue is a great song so it's a shame you accidentally taped over it. At the concert last week Darden offered to play requests and I bellowed out this very same song, which he kindly sang.

If you get the chance check him out because he's worth the effort.

By the way, where did you find that cover of "We Got All Night". I've never seen it before. My continuing quest for AMERICA single covers is becoming harder and harder. I have a few new one's one of which Steve's just posted (Japan - The Border), but I worry that there may not be too many more out there. I'm still perplexed as to why I've never come across certain singles like AMBER CASADES or GREEN MONKEY which I'm sure were released as singles all over the world. More strange is finding singles like JET BOY BLUE from Japan (see singles page) which I never realised was a single in any country.

I'm sure there also must be singles from more out of the way places like the Middle East and Eastern Europe. I have in the past managed to find EAGLES singles from Yugoslavia and Turkey so I'm hedging by bets that AMERICA also had some exposure in the same countries.

Any other collectors out there that know?


Message: 24436 Posted: Thu Oct 10 07:02:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Carry on

One "Mo blow" and it'll be the proverbial "hat trick". Sorry Mo, didn't mean to "Mo" your ego down but I understand. Again, sorry! Carry on!

Goanna and all, isn't "hat trick" also a soccer term? Not sure though.

Message: 24435 Posted: Thu Oct 10 06:49:01 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Record label name

I like these:

Home made

Also, after doing some research on HSN & QVC, I maybe spoke before I should on who's better. It seems that they both have their good & bad points, so it is up to the consumer to decide. If Gerry & Dewey tried HSN before, maybe they would do well to try QVC next time and see if the sales would improve. Or maybe sell their albums over the wonderful website that exhibits such extraordinary well run marketing principles.

Moser, you can use my "a mind is a terrible thing" if u wish.

Stupid is as stupid does..........

I don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

ABBA forever

Message: 24434 Posted: Thu Oct 10 05:48:53 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Three record deal? (humorous suggestion)

Hey Pat,
whatabout these...

Hard Labour, Hard Boiled, Hard Cheese, Hashish, Harumscarum, Haversack, Headrest, Heatsheild, Heck!!!! I can't think of anymore ....*L*

Did you know that "Hatrick" is actually derived from playing "Cricket"
"The achievement of taking 3 succesive wickets with 3 successive balls"

Message: 24433 Posted: Thu Oct 10 05:41:18 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Human Nature

(I misspelled "groove" as "grove")

Message: 24432 Posted: Thu Oct 10 05:37:13 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Human Nature

<<The sing-songy, fifties slo-dance vibe of ("World Alone") threw me at first. But the writing is really heart-rending and evocative,and even now, those lyrics pack a wallop for me.>>

Speech~ I had the same reaction.
I had determined from my initial listen that the song's grove was too dated for my ears and I had placed that track in the "delete-mode" on my CD player. A few months later I gave it a second listen, and that's when I realized how strong the lyrics are. I like how the meaning of the title changes from happy to sad:
"...We just wanted to be together...we left...into this world alone"
"...There was nothing to keep us together...we..each went...back to this world alone."

I've always been impressed by Dewey's creative lyric writing.

Message: 24431 Posted: Thu Oct 10 05:02:42 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Three record deal?

<<...the upcoming Cayman release is on America's own label--whatever that may be called.>>

Does anyone know if America has decided on a name for their own label?
If they haven't, I would like to suggest one: "Homegrown".
I think it would be cool if they kept the "H"-thing going.

Does anyone else have an interesting, or humorous suggestion?

Message: 24430 Posted: Thu Oct 10 04:41:59 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: re: top 3 after America

Great question Johnny.

Beatles 17
Aerosmith 16
Kiss 14

America 22

Message: 24429 Posted: Wed Oct 09 22:01:17 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Carry on

<<Mo, because Jeff Brink is too nice to say, you've no doubt unknowingly swiped his sign-off message of "Carry on". It's not unlike my swiping Howie L's ---> :0) but not Erin's ---> :o)>>

Wow, two blows to the fragile ego in one day. I'm not a part of the "in" crowd. And now I find I am an unoriginal pledgiarist. My apologies to you, Jeff Brink, whoever you are. It won't happen again.

Message: 24428 Posted: Wed Oct 09 20:59:23 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Human Nature

I love pages see to see why!

Message: 24427 Posted: Wed Oct 09 20:56:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: H. Nature was sold on Shopping Channel.

RC or anyone else, do you remember what 2 other musical artists appeared on that same HSN show as Dewey and Gerry?

RC, Toto! Alright!!! Strangely, however, I have never purchased anything by Ambrosia.

Message: 24426 Posted: Wed Oct 09 20:42:06 2002 By: rc
Subject: re: top 3 after America


Message: 24425 Posted: Wed Oct 09 20:32:19 2002 By: rc
Subject: H. Nature was sold on Shopping Channel.

Bringing up the topic of selling on QVC, I got my copy of Human Nature from Home Shopping.. The guys were on HSN a month after Human Nature was released. They appeared several times during the whole day, each time being an hour. They played some tunes, took calls from viewers etc.. I already had the CD at the time, but I got another copy of Human Nature, that was paired with a live CD from *82 recorded here in Ohio, which I had gone to. Both are autographed. I had taped several of the shows during that time, but have no idea where the tape went lol..
Maybe they should contact HSN again and sell the new releases that way again.. Only thing for me then would be I wouldn't be able to see it. :-( We don't get the station here locally anymore and I dont have cable. But both stations do have websites and HSN does have live feed of tv broadcast.. Not sure about QVC.


Message: 24424 Posted: Wed Oct 09 20:11:55 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Dover

Hey, what happened to the White Cliffs? Oh never mind, I see Claven and Montgomery now. (Sorry...a very poor and corny attempt to be "clever".)

Jas, I have a "Coca-Cola Pop Music" sampler cassette tape from 1991 that features a song by Darden Smith. It's "Frankie And Sue" from his "Trouble No More" CD. Unfortunately, I taped over that one song with a song by Jude Cole. I can't even remember Darden Smith's singing voice nor his song, but I did remember it being on the cassette insert. On the same cassette, it features a new female artist back then. When I heard her sing for the first time, I thought to myself, "That's a great voice! She'll be a big star if she gets the right promotion." The song was "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" ----> Celine.

Today while at work, I came across the x-ray folder of a 70+ year old patient whose first name is "America"!!! If he's still a patient in the hospital, I'll have to quiz him about his name.

Mo, because Jeff Brink is too nice to say, you've no doubt unknowingly swiped his sign-off message of "Carry on". It's not unlike my swiping Howie L's ---> :0) but not Erin's ---> :o)

Message: 24423 Posted: Wed Oct 09 16:10:39 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Carl Wilson Benefit

Dewey and Gerry were involved with the Carl Wilson benefit. Click here to read about it.

Message: 24422 Posted: Wed Oct 09 16:02:04 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Not with the in crowd

Hows 'bout RFD TV for us hick types? Worldlink TV programing is pretty interesting sometimes. Some of the "world music" they have is good. Saw a fellow by the name of Vincente Amigo on there a few weeks ago... quite the guitar player. I think he's from Spain.

Message: 24421 Posted: Wed Oct 09 15:03:40 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Not with the in crowd

Cable is worth the price for just QVC & HGTV(home & garden tv) & discovery & lifetime & A & E. Need I go on.

I am the weakest link..............

Message: 24420 Posted: Wed Oct 09 15:02:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Three record deal?

Mo, you are right that the three record deal with Oxygen Records was contingent on the sales of Human Nature. Oxygen was a very small label with limited resources but I thought they did a great job promoting the album considering what they had to work with. They had Gerry and Dewey visiting music stores, appearing on TV several times, and they pushed "From A Moving Train" on the radio stations. Granted, they didn't get the exposure that a larger label could give, but I thought they did very well. I don't think that Oxygen Records is functioning right now. Karen DiGesu who used to work for King Biscuit/Oxygen no longer works there and I don't know of any other albums that Oxygen has released. However, Steve Ship (President of King Biscuit) is still willing to support America by hosting the America Fans web site.

Message: 24419 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:57:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Not with the in crowd

I've never watched QVC either... It's probably on cable which I don't have.

Message: 24418 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:56:46 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Not with the in crowd

Picture the knive hawkers, jewelry sellers, at the local mall or a flea market on TV. That's QVC(the only place to sell ur merchandise).

Message: 24417 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:55:23 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: re: Top 3 (after America)

1. Chicago
2. Elton John
3. Steely Dan & Three Dog Night


Message: 24416 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:54:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Which Wilson

In Gerry's "Overwhelming World Suite" it is Jeffrey Foskett doing his very best Carl Wilson (from a trusted source).

Message: 24415 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:26:18 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Not with the in crowd

Guess I'm not with the in crowd. Never have watched QVC in my life.

Message: 24414 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:24:28 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Dinner conversation

Over dinner we were listening to America. (So what else is new in the Bufton home?) My older daughter says, "What is that song called where they sing about a bar of soap?"
"What?" I say. "A bar of soap?"
"Yeh, a bar of soap. What are they singing about soap for?" she says looking increasingly embarrassed.
All of a sudden it strikes me. "Oh, you mean Barstow. Barstow is a city in California. They're singing about a place called Barstow." We all had a good giggle.

Message: 24413 Posted: Wed Oct 09 14:06:25 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Three record deal?

If u are going to put out a record on ur own label, the only place to plug it is QVC. They reach so many people it isn't funny. All the in crowd watches QVC, so it would be a no-brainer if u knew anything about marketing. Who fell off the turnip truck??????????

Message: 24412 Posted: Wed Oct 09 13:40:20 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Three record deal?

I've been kind of behind the eight ball on the newer America material. I'm scurrying around to catch up. Anyway I think I read recently on this site that America signed a three album deal with Oxygen records back in '98 and Human Nature was their first release in that deal. What happened to release no. 2 and 3? Holiday Harmony is on Rhino Records and the upcoming Cayman release is on America's own label--whatever that may be called. When you make a multiple record deal does the outcome of the contract depend on how well the first release does? In other words, can the record company or the artist opt out of the deal if the first release is not as good a seller as expected? Just curious. Which brings me back to my previously stated opinion: these guys and their material are way under-marketed. Human Nature could sell millions if it got some exposure. Maybe it already has and I'm just late to the party. (It wouldn't be the first time!!)

Message: 24411 Posted: Wed Oct 09 13:29:25 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Which Wilson

I too am confused about the Overwhelming World Suite vocal credits. It sure does sound like Carl Wilson but the only vocal credits given are to Dewey, Gerry, Jeff Foskett, and Andrew Gold (on the Barstow portion). Whaddup wit dat? Carl Wilson is thanked in the liner notes by producer Phil Galdston. And the record is dedicated to his memory. I had just checked the notes this morning before this discusssion had started because my husband thought it had a very Beach Boys-ie sound to it. (He doesn't admit to liking America's music but I know he really does down deep inside.) So, it's kind of funny that Speech mentioned later in the same day.

Message: 24410 Posted: Wed Oct 09 13:29:01 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: OOOOOOPS ~~~ LisaRose

Me Again ~~
Hi LisaRose ~~~ Yes you are right about Jeff singing on this song with Gerry. I guess I was soo into the song while I was typing my post that I worded it wrong. What I meant was that the one part where Gerry & Jeff are singing ~~ does have soooooo much of the Beach Boys sound, and I also love the songs from Beckley, Lamm & Wilson ~~ Like a Brother, this has the same sound as those songs, I was agreeing with Speech when he said in his post <<<<<<<< I find Gerry's lyric writing to have really matured on this tune, and it is touching in its homage to Sunflower-era Beach Boys. I still get an occasional chill hearing Carl Wilson's vocals on this piece.>>>>>>>

It sure is a great song! Soooo Sorry and carry on~~~~

Thanks Dave B ! I really like Matchbox 20 also ~~ Wow! some really good songs ~~ I love Rob Thomas's Eyes & Voice ~~ Nice! :)

Thanks Steve & Gerry for the VFTHW pic from Dover ~~~ The sky looks the same way here in Pa. ~~ The last couple days though there has been a awesome display of cloud writing in the big blue sky. ~~~~ Hey I have a van just like the dark green one in this parking lot, except mine is like a marroon color. Bessie takes me everywhere I want to go with no problems at all in the winter time here in Pa.~~~~~Hope to hear about the Dover show !

Bye for now, Nancy :)

~~~~ and I think you're so mean, I think we should try, I think I could need this in my life, and I think I'm scared, I think too much, I know it's wrong, it's a problem, I'm feeling if you're goneeee, maybe its time to come home, there's an awfull lot of breathing, but I can hardly move...... If You're goneee baby you need to come home ~~~~~ Sing it Rob Thomas :)

Message: 24409 Posted: Wed Oct 09 13:16:21 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Which Wilson

I believe Carl Wilson sang on Human Nature along with Timmy Schmidt.

Message: 24408 Posted: Wed Oct 09 12:27:32 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Human Nature confused by this part you wrote" I didn't think Brian Wilson sang on this...I thought it was Jeff Foskett? Maybe I have it to look at liner notes when I get home. In any event....glad you too are enjoying this amazing CD...think it should have gotten more airplay..~~~~~~ Every single moment, every waking hour I can see your beauty like an open flower, just like a flower...... Wow! What lyrics, and Speech I love the way Brian Wilson and Gerry sing this part that is playing now, Girl with your head in your hands, I swear that you don't understant that you and I were meant to be ~~~~ I can feel you breathing as you lay beside me, nothing but a memory, that you can't deny me, you can't deny me, every single moment, every waking hour I can feel your beauty like an open flower, just like a flower ~~ won't you come back, come back to meeee ~"

Message: 24407 Posted: Wed Oct 09 12:06:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Dover

Gerry is in Dover, Delaware today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24406 Posted: Wed Oct 09 12:05:52 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Human Nature

Hi Everyone ~~
Mo ~~ Great that you are enjoying this fantastic album. I found both Human Nature & Hourglass at the same time ~~~ sooooo I was so taken with all of these great gems, that I was smiling from ear to ear. I played both of these over and over, I just couldn't get enough of them. In fact I am getting chills just remembering the first time I heard these songs, I Cried! I was so taken by the mesmorizing lyrics in these songs..... I just couldn't believe that I couldn't find them before I did, it took finding my friend from Germany to find these. I am listening Overwhelming World Suite now in my headphones ~~~ what a neat song ~~~~~~~~~~ I can't let go, it's all you need it's all I know, tiny little girl wakens in the night, was it just a dream, will she be alright, it's hard to say, there's so much more, beyond her door ~~~ hidden in the heart, buried in the soul,everybody's wondering if where they are going, they are going alone, carried on the wind, up above the stars aloneeee, a spark from a fire ignited a long time ago ~~~~~~ Every single moment, every waking hour I can see your beauty like an open flower, just like a flower...... Wow! What lyrics, and Speech I love the way Brian Wilson and Gerry sing this part that is playing now, Girl with your head in your hands, I swear that you don't understant that you and I were meant to be ~~~~ I can feel you breathing as you lay beside me, nothing but a memory, that you can't deny me, you can't deny me, every single moment, every waking hour I can feel your beauty like an open flower, just like a flower ~~ won't you come back, come back to meeee ~~ then it takes a whole new turn and I think this song is just as neat as Hat Trick! Wow Speech these next lyrics would fit in perfect to the setting of you driving along the hwy with all of the great beauty the the hillsides and countryside~~ Pa. has to offer! ~~~~ Sunrise out on the freeway in the morning waiting to greet you as the day is dawning, counting the minutes that goooo, Barstow, Barstow showcase of the sout hland ~~~ Thanks Gerry ~~ I just love your voice in this song! :) I could sing the whole song for sure ~~~

Oooops I guess I kinda got carried away with that great song ~~~ Keep on enjoying them Mo and if you haven't heard Hourglass yet, You are in for another nice treat when you do get to hear those songs too.

Hi Jason ~~ Nope I never heard of this Darden Smith ~~ nice to hear from you.

Hi Janice ~~~ Wait till you get to hear Holiday Harmony ~~ it is great, I have been listening to it off and on since I got it. Take care and enjoy all of your adventures. :)

Hi Jimmmmmmmmm ~~~~~ You will like getting to hear HH as well! :)

Live Chat tonight ~~~~

Have a good day all ~~ Nancy :)

~~~~~ Wednesday evening was the first time she cried, coulda turned out different if I had lied, something deep in us all sees the writing on the wall, wednesday evening we didn't talk at all, I 've been waiting every evening ~~ wondering what I'm gonna say, sometimes life can be decieving ~~~ Wednesday won't go away ~~~~ Wednesday morning Yeah ~~~~~ :)

Message: 24405 Posted: Wed Oct 09 11:43:03 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: RHINO, etc

I think we should give Rhino a few weeks with the promotion of HH. I think it's a little early to push the Christmas thing yet. I'm hoping for a TV commercial around mid-November. P.S. I'm not a Yankee fan but I will say they make it more interesting. I went to game one and Roger Clemens pitched pretty well but the Angels showed their toughness that night even though they lost that one. Well someone different for once. Maybe it's time for America to get back in the big game too. Thanks Nancy for reading all the emails so thoroughly.. P.S.2 My top groups/artists are America/Eagles/Dire Straits/Robert Cray/Doobies.. and todays artists Matchbox 20 and Toad the Wet Sprocket

Message: 24404 Posted: Wed Oct 09 10:28:54 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Top 3 (after America)

I would have to mind is blank. (but you knew that)
:-) Ok, I'll go away now.

Message: 24403 Posted: Wed Oct 09 10:26:27 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Ahem

Yes, I know I spelled official wrong. I did it on purpose. :-0

Message: 24402 Posted: Wed Oct 09 10:24:45 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Holiday Harmony!

I just placed my order and can't wait to get it!

Ahem...Mr. Beckly...(aka Gerry)..
I love getting the pictures from "Where in the world is America"..but what's up with the last picture from Tulsa?? Surely there are more interesting things there than the side of that building. Come on Gerry...or we will have to have you replaced as the offical America photographer! :-)

Had a wonderful time in the Smoky Mountains in the cabin this past weekend!! So unbelievable beautiful!
Going to Cooperstown this weekend..never been! Baseball museum will be cool but the coolest part will be staying in another cabin on a horse ranch!! Yes, I am enjoying life!! It is soooooo good!

Hurry up Amazon..I want my America CD!! Now.


Message: 24401 Posted: Wed Oct 09 10:20:05 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Darden Smith

I had the great pleasue of seeing this talented singer/songwriter play live at the Borderline in London last week. I don't know if many of you have heard of him but I'm sure you'd enjoy his music as most of you appear to have similar tastes to me.

Darden hails from Austin, Texas and although could be described as new country this description would miss the mark as his music also has a pop/rock sensibility.

Of all his 8 or so albums my favourite is one called TROUBLE NO MORE which is really worth a listen.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else out there is a fan.


Message: 24400 Posted: Wed Oct 09 10:12:19 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: After America who's your top three

Hi all

Good to see the site back up and running.

Although I haven't counted here's my top 3:

1, David Bowie - I own all the studio albums (vinyl & CD) plus live stuff and hits packages not to mention a load of picture singles.

2, Eagles - although they only ever produced 6 studio albums I own a load of albums by each individual member and subsequent off-shoot bands etc.

3, Bob Dylan - I don't own every studio album but i'm only short of one or two.


Message: 24399 Posted: Wed Oct 09 09:46:02 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Yankees

<<Anyway, it's no ballgame if the Yankees aren't part of it.>>
As stated here previously, I am no Yankees fan. But to be fair, I will say one good thing about them. Derek Jeter is cute. He's got a nice...uh...figure!! Okay, that's two good things. That is all. Carry on.

Message: 24398 Posted: Wed Oct 09 09:15:09 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Human Nature

Human Nature is, truly, a great piece of work. At first blush, I didn't like it as immediately as I did Hourglass. However, after listening to it repeatedly on a long road trip, in fall, through the mountains of central Pennsylvania, I ended up liking it more.
"From a Moving Train," and "Wheels" are generally the tunes I migrate to for a quick hit of pleasurable listening, but if I'm looking for something more substantive, I usually make a point of cueing up "Wednesday Morning," and "Overwhelming World Suite."
I find Gerry's lyric writing to have really matured on this tune, and it is touching in its homage to Sunflower-era Beach Boys. I still get an occasional chill hearing Carl Wilson's vocals on this piece.
Another tune that really touches me -- as I think it would anyone who has survived (so far) 17 years of marriage -- is the Dewey tune whose title escapes me, but contains the lyric "and so we did it, we went our own separate ways, back to this world alone."
The sing-songy, fifties slo-dance vibe of the thing threw me at first. But the writing is really heart-rending and evocative, and even now, those lyrics pack a wallop for me.

Message: 24397 Posted: Wed Oct 09 08:54:43 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Human Nature

Hey's about time you got that fantastic CD. I love it too.
The most fun I had with it was when Robyn and I were in the chat room a while back and we both listened to it and commented on every song. I think Robyn's favorit was "Pages"---uhm...I wonder why!! LOL! Anyway, it's no ballgame if the Yankees aren't part of it.

Message: 24396 Posted: Wed Oct 09 08:06:44 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Human Nature

I just got Human Nature last week. I am loving it. I particularly like Moment to Moment, Wednesday Morning, From a Moving Train, and Pages. My husband, who loves to make fun of what an America-fanatic I am, even commented on Town and Country. Of course his nice comments of liking that song were preceded by, "Oh, Honey, who's this? Kids, what is your mother listening to now? Oh, America. Who would have guessed?" As you can see, his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek. You know, I don't comment on his obsession with everything that is Sports particularly the RED SOX and PATRIOTS. Do you think he could cut me the same slack? Uh, apparently not. Good thing he's cute.
Back to Human Nature. I am pleased to say that it never ceases to amaze me that these guys continue to come up with great songs. For 30 years, we have enjoyed their immense talent. How do they do it? How do you think of a song about books that is so catchy and enjoyable? Way to go, Dewey. I have trouble coming up with 3 or 4 poems a year that start with "Roses are red...." My husband and I have a tradition of putting a poem in each other's cards throughout the year for our birthdays, anniversary, Christmas, etc. Knowing that I have trouble accomplishing that a few times a year makes it hard to imagine how these amazing men can continue to write beautiful songs year after year. Wow, man, I'm impressed!

Message: 24395 Posted: Wed Oct 09 08:01:42 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Here are the three after America ...

Badfinger: 50
Dan Fogelberg: 20
Hall & Oates: 18

I actually have more Badfinger stuff than America because finding Badfinger's records and 8-tracks, particularly the rare Apple stuff from overseas, became an obsession with me as a collector back in the late 80s and early 90s. Then came the glut of CD reissues.

No real incongruity here, though. Lots of folks aren't aware of the connection because they only know four badfinger songs that have been played on the radio, but a fair amount of Badfinger's work -- especially Pete Ham's acoustic stuff, is not out of sync, in terms of sensibility, with America's material. We all know that Gerry has said on many occasions that the Beatles were a heavy influence, and that was clearly the case with Pete Ham as well.
One other common thread -- both Gerry and Pete Ham wrote a "standard" love ballad -- Gerry's "I Need You" and Pete Ham's "Without You."

Message: 24394 Posted: Wed Oct 09 07:53:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Top Three Revisited

Okay, I totally misread the question of who is your top 3 other than America. I thought it said to include soloists with their main group. After re-reading the question, I see that perhaps I do need reading glasses!! So, I need to revisit the question. The Beatles have been toppled. The new three would be Elton John, John Mellencamp, and Kansas. Of course, we still have to ignore the previously mentioned Jethro Tull albums. Who knows why one would even want to enter a contest on the radio when this was the prize!! I guess just for the sake of winning. Besides, they would always make for some good garage sale fodder. Carry on.

Message: 24393 Posted: Wed Oct 09 07:14:34 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Top 3 List

Besides "America"...

Joni Mitchell

Dan Fogelberg

John Denver

(It "might" have been Stephen Stills, but we can't count solo PLUS group work.)

Message: 24392 Posted: Wed Oct 09 07:05:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: how to order russian cds

David, thanks for the information and the link on the Russian CD's. It helped clarify some questions that I had about them.

Message: 24391 Posted: Wed Oct 09 06:08:05 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Top 3 in ownership

Great question Johnny. I spent last night braving my dusty old lp's and came up w/ the following list. I also came to the conclusion I really need to get a needle for that old turntable and set it up, because I have quite a few lp's I'd love to hear again, but really don't want to spend the money to replace on cd. (If they could even be replaced).

Top 3
Neil Young 15 - 7 lps, 5 tapes, 3 cd
John Denver 14 - 6 lps, 2 tapes, 6 cd
Boston 7 - 3 lps, 4 cd

The Neil Young top place suprised me. I really thought I had more John Denver.
I also counted my America collection
32 LP's, 28 cd's, 1 tape (obviously not much of a cassette fan)

Message: 24390 Posted: Tue Oct 08 21:58:51 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: how to order russian cds

If anyone is interested in ordering the Russian 2CD set, ranging from 1971 to 1998, there is a special if you order both the CDs at the following site:
It is a reliable site--I had the CDs within 2 weeks--they're sent from Finland, I believe.

Message: 24389 Posted: Tue Oct 08 21:15:24 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: Russian CD

There is also the first part of the Russian CD--CD1 (1971-?) I can't remember the last date, but anyway, up till the date of the CD2. Sorry, I don't have a scan, and it is in the U.S. in my America collection.

Message: 24388 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:41:17 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Grand Cayman CD Pre-Orders

Just ordered the Grand Cayman live CD, and yes, I picked up my copy of Holiday Harmony on October 2, from Boarders, and I loved every track, so did my wife. Far be it for this 30 year fan to be criticle of anything that these guys do, however, I thought it a bit out of character, that Dewey and Gerry wouldn't autograph the first 3000 CD's ordered. Maybe I'm a bit naive about these things. Must be a marketing ploy by Melody Blvd. Regardless, I have ordered my copy. Now sing it Nancy.

Message: 24387 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:40:50 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Grand Cayman CD Pre-Order :) :) :)

Hi Everyone ~~
Wow! I was gone again all day, and what a BIG SURPRISE! seeing this post saying that the release date for this Live Cayman CD ~~ will be coming at the end of Oct. ~~~ I have been waiting ooooh sooo patiently for the announcement of this.... WOW ~ YES ~~ YES ~~~ Mine is ordered already, and I sure do hope I am LUCKY enough to get one of the AUTOGRAPHED ONES ~~~~ Someone Pinch Me Please, I cannot believe that I have ordered this and am as Calm as I am right this very minute ~~ I must be in shock!
This is Great ~~ Mr. Mailman will be heading my way again real soon !

Hi Rick S ~~~ Thanks for the review on the Tulsa show!

Hi Amy ~~ I checked out the mark and troy site, and these guys are good, they did a good job singing Dan F's song Missing You!

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks ooooh soo much for the great news, and I did check out the Rhino page you had sited on the post. Rhino kinda makes it sound like AMERICA hasn't been around since the 70's ~~ what a shame!

Regarding the Top 3 in ownership ~~ I would say we all have pretty good taste in music. Nice :)

Good Night Everyone! Nancy :)

~~~ There's just no way to play the things I'm feeling, no way to tell you all the things you need, everyday I only feel like stealing away to where I know I can be free ~~ Love me with your head and heart, love me from the place it starts, Love me with your head and heart, love me when I'm wild ~~~~~~ Wow I will get to hear this great song soooon!

~~~~ There was a time when I just thought that I would lose my mind, you came along and then the sun did shine, started on our way, I do recall that every moment spent was wasted time, but then I chose to lay it on the line,I put the past away ~~~~ put the past away, put the past away ~~~~ All My Life, I will carry you through all my life, between each hour of the passing days I will stay with You ~~~ Ohhhh how I love this song, WOW! Thanks Gerry & Dewey :)

Message: 24386 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:30:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Grand Cayman CD

Who is distributing this CD? Is it still Rhino or someone else?

Rhino is NOT distributing the Grand Cayman CD. It is being distributed by America using their own label. I don't know what the name of the label is yet, but I'll post it on my Grand Cayman album page as soon as I find out.

Message: 24385 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:29:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The AMERICA Article From Bruno M.

Johnny, thanks for taking the time to type in that cool article. And thanks to Bruno for sending it.

Message: 24384 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:28:28 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony on Rhino (Moser) (Steve L)

Steve, are you able to shed light on this subject?

I'm afraid not. I don't know much about what goes on behind the scenes nor who calls the shots. Anything I would say would be pure speculation and the way my stocks have been doing lately, it's obvious that I'm not very good at speculating. I'm just glad to see that these new albums are coming out and I'm doing everything I can to help market them. That's why I'm glad that Scott called me today and told me about the Grand Cayman CD. I believe that those CD's will eventually be available on Amazon and other online stores but Scott will have the initial shipment and the only one that has autographed copies.

Message: 24383 Posted: Tue Oct 08 19:10:27 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Top 3 in ownership

Beach Boys
Alice Cooper

Message: 24382 Posted: Tue Oct 08 18:58:20 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Collection of America

SteveL said: "I have 45 America CD's (several more if you count radio shows that featured America."

Steve, you had me curious about my own America collection. I have the following official/authorized releases: 5 cassettes, 14 Eight-Tracks, 23 CDs, & 34 LPs for a grand total of 76. Why? Why not! :0)

Wow, you others have VERY impressive collections of other groups!

Message: 24381 Posted: Tue Oct 08 18:53:01 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: "Alibi" Cards and D-Backs

If you watch the game thursday night and they pan the crowd in the upper deck you all may catch a glimpse of me and my smile and my mcguire jersey...GO CARDS.DanC.

Message: 24380 Posted: Tue Oct 08 18:28:58 2002 By: sylvain
Subject: Grand Cayman CD

Who is distributing this CD? Is it still Rhino or someone else?

Sylvain from the Great White North

Message: 24379 Posted: Tue Oct 08 18:26:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: The AMERICA Article From Bruno M.

Ciao Bruno! Yes, I received the article just yesterday as a matter-of-fact. Here it is for all to read:


Summer is the time for open-air and live concerts; in this time of year the famous AMERICA pop-rock group are touring far and wide all over the USA for a number of performances. Few groups can boast of so rich and interesting a music repertoire as this Anglo-American group. Its first two members DEWEY BUNNELL and GERRY BECKLEY started trying out their musical talents in England as guests during CAT STEVENS' and ELTON JOHN'S concerts. DAN PEEK, who later became a soloist also belonged to the group then. The three very young (hardly 18 years old) DEWEY, GERRY and DAN literalyy burst onto the world's top hits with pieces that, after so many years, are still in high demand.

"A Horse With No Name," Ventura Highway," "I Need You," "Sister Golden Hair," "Tin Man," "You Can Do Magic" are nice rediscoveries in the field of music for the very young and, at the same time, make up an enjoyable "time-machine" for the group's fans, while they revisit the 1970s and the 1980s. Obviously AMERICA are still very active, having recently produced new pieces. AMERICA's music is a successful mix of twilight, evocative and melancholy airs, as well as clear rock musicality; in fact, their music combines the rhythms of Dewey Bunnell's soul and Gerry Beckley's intimist musicality. This combination is terrific, as well as enjoyable music played with great expertise by two extremely good and experienced musicians. Moreover, for many years now, very good musicians like WILLIE LEACOX, BRAD PALMER, and MICHAEL WOODS have been working with the AMERICA group, after training long in pop-rock live concerts.

Besides their brilliant hits, AMERICA has produced a vast repertoire of songs that make up the sound track of their live performances. In fact, unlike other musical "phenomena" showing the affected style of recording studios, the AMERICA group musicians stand out thanks to their rare, natural bravura performances. In Italy they enjoy a large number of fond and competent fnas; just think that ALIBI and VIEW FROM THE GROUND collections brought about the highest record sales, to which also contributed the two successful singles: SURVIVAL and YOU CAN DO MAGIC.

Counting all the important musicians who collaborated with the AMERICA group is like making up a pop-rock encyclopaedia suffice it to mention TOTO, BEACH BOYS, EAGLES, CHRISTOPHER CROSS, POCO.

It must also be remembered that George Martin, the mythical BEATLES producer collaborated with the AMERICA group, too, for over seven years.

Among other things, the group has taken a sound revenge on some superficial music reporter, who stated in the 1970s that the AMERICA group was just a faded copy of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH and YOUNG. After several years, the members of the group are more alive and kicking than ever......with over one hundred live performances every year, new pieces and record sales that have recently brought them in the American Billboard hit list, and are also topping the hit lists in Spain, Germany, New Zealand and other countries.

We must also say that specialized record companies still sell a large number of the group's old collection, like HOMECOMING for which they have recently been awared the "Platinum Record Prize"......and it was released precisely 30 years ago!

HISTORY, their 1975 first hit-collection, still sells six-digit-figure copies every year. They have not been to Italy for over a year now....."a long wait" - their fans regret! However, the loving fans and the very young, who do not know them well enough, can easily find their records and hit collections in the music shops. In times of low record sales, buying a record by the AMERICA group means buying high quality and enjoyable music, real rock-pop music.

On the Internet, there is an AMERICA group website that is managed by STEVE LOWRY, an IT expert from Orem (Utah). It's thanks to him that we can find more information on this mythical group on the website /AMERICA/.

Federico Visconti

(Thanks again Bruno for sending the article! Ciao to your wife and your son Umberto!)

Message: 24378 Posted: Tue Oct 08 18:00:20 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Top 3 in ownership

Beach Boys - 23
Eagles - 13
3 Dog Night - 13

Judi was the new temp hired to work as a receptionist. She was forever playing games on the computer and would just let the phone ring endlessly.
One day the boss came out and said, "Umm, Judi, you know, when the phone rings, you need to answer it."

She looked the boss straight in the eye and said, "Why? Most of the time it's for you anyway."

Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
Out in the back seat of my '60 Chevy
Workin' on mysteries without any clues
Workin' on our night moves
Trying' to make some front page drive-in news
Workin' on our night moves in the summertime
In the sweet summertime

Message: 24377 Posted: Tue Oct 08 16:39:03 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony on Rhino (Moser) (Steve L)

A good call... and indeed correct re; (marketing) of "America"

Steve, are you able to shed light on this subject? From an outsiders point of view it seems the guys are always being "sold short". I've also at times expressed my criticism at the marketing agenda which is employed to look after "America's" interests. As a die hard, it's damn frustrating to see things like this happen, or are we as fans just expecting too much? who calls the shots?

Message: 24376 Posted: Tue Oct 08 15:33:11 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: referendum of Johnny who's You Top Three

Bruno, I have not received the article.

Message: 24375 Posted: Tue Oct 08 15:27:18 2002 By: bruno
Subject: referendum

of course after America

Message: 24374 Posted: Tue Oct 08 15:17:55 2002 By: bruno
Subject: referendum of Johnny who's You Top Three

Hi Ciao All
1China Crisis (a English Band of years 80)
2 Steely Dan\Donal Fagen
Toto, Yes, Genesis, Eagles, Huey Lewis, Pink Floyd, Al Jarreau, Earth, wind & fire, (Lucio Battisti and Franco Battiato, Italian artist)
Steve Johnny do you received italian article about DEwey+Gerry that I sent you?
the article is for me very touching.

Message: 24373 Posted: Tue Oct 08 14:33:07 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Grand Cayman CD Pre-Orders

Scott Sosebee at Melody Blvd. informed me that he is currently taking pre-orders for the Grand Cayman live CD. According to the Grand Cayman Concert web page ( the CD is due for release in Late October. The Band has tentatively agreed to autograph 100 of the 1st 300 copies. These will be randomly inserted into the 1st 300 orders that are placed through the Melody Blvd web site. Order now and you have a 1 in 3 chance of an autograph if you are one of the 1st 300 people to place your order.

Message: 24372 Posted: Tue Oct 08 13:48:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Great question, Johnny. I have one collection that is larger than my America collection: Jethro Tull. Before you gasp too loudly, allow me to explain. My husband won the whole Tull catalog on a radio trivia contest. They are in great condition--because we never play them!! So, after Tull and America it turns out our top 3 are:
1) The Beatles/McCartney/Lennon/Harrison
2) Elton John
3) John Mellencamp
Honorable Mentions with 4 or more go to:
Eric Clapton
Genesis/Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel
Billy Joel
The Beach Boys
Fleetwood Mac
The Police/Sting
Steely Dan

Message: 24371 Posted: Tue Oct 08 13:12:00 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony on Rhino

SL: I have to agree with you regarding the lack of marketing support from Rhino for Holiday Harmony on the Rhino site. I was looking for it last week on their site at a link for recent releases or something like that. Nothing doing. I tried to email them regarding this oversight but they make it very hard to provide feedback via email. I had only a bit of time on my hands that day so I had to give up trying after a few minutes. It puzzles me why America chooses to use outlets for exposure that are less than optimal. McCartney Media certainly doesn't burn any brain cells on managing Rhino certainly doesn't do much better at spending marketing money or time on our guys. I've been to three of their shows this year. At only one of them did I see a table of America merchandise for sale. I think they could make a killing at each show with CD's for sale as well as clothing items. Give us new T-shirts to buy, current releases, old releases, glossies, whatever. I've always taken along extra cash to buy something. Hey, help me to spend my money, won't you? I think Dewey and Gerry tend to underestimate their own appeal. Guys, we're out here. We like being consumers. Give us more!!

Message: 24370 Posted: Tue Oct 08 12:43:18 2002 By: diegogal
Subject: Houston Show?


Message: 24369 Posted: Tue Oct 08 12:42:55 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: CD2/mp3

I know what you mean, Howie. I have converted ALL of my CD's to MP3 format so I can play them on my MP3 player. It's great because I can fit about 11 or 12 hours of music on a CD. I can also put mixes on CD-RW's which I change to match my mood. Isn't technology wonderful?

Message: 24368 Posted: Tue Oct 08 12:34:37 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Holiday Harmony on Rhino

Rhino hasn't been doing a particularly good job of promoting Holiday Harmony on their web site but they finally created a web page dedicated to this fantastic Christmas album. Click here to take a look at the page.

Message: 24367 Posted: Tue Oct 08 10:54:40 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: CD2/mp3

That's pretty cool how they fit alot of albums onto one cd, but
only playable on mp3 players. I see that they're coming out
with portable cd players, which play mp3 files too.

I have a similar disk but better. I have a cd in MP3 compressed form with every Beatles album. Pretty Cool.

Didn't have a chance to buy the America Xmas CD yet.

Anyone know how Shane is doing? and how we can contact him.

Thanks, Howard

Message: 24366 Posted: Tue Oct 08 10:53:53 2002 By: Amy
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

What a great question!

The Monkees/The Beatles
Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac
The Doors

Message: 24365 Posted: Tue Oct 08 07:48:14 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Yes - 25
Beatles - 22
Neil Young 15

Message: 24364 Posted: Tue Oct 08 07:19:50 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Things for sale.

Kim: Yes, they had a lot of things for sale. At first I missed them. There was a booth on the other side of where the sound guy was mixing.

About ten or fifteen minutes after the show, I stopped to get a beer and the concessions lady asked if I bought the America shirt I was wearing at the fair. She pointed to the booth, which I had completely overlooked.

The guy was getting ready to shut down, but he still had the product out. What I can recall seeing were the Horse With No Name t-shirt, Ventura Highway t-shirt, a lady's America shirt, an America hat and History.


Message: 24363 Posted: Tue Oct 08 06:31:34 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

America.... of course!

Message: 24362 Posted: Tue Oct 08 06:23:23 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Correcto Nancio

Wow, what an answer to my little question. The word I was looking for was FACETIOUS. As for the others you uncovered, I'm sure they are correct, I've just never seen those listed. As for Finger Lake Tours, I went on a few of those back in my younger days, along with doing the Night Moves in the local cornfield.

America will really miss a good chance to be better exposed if they don't film that Cincinnati show. Three Dog Night just had one filmed with Memphis Pops for later showing.

Well since she put me down I 've been out doin' in my head
I come in late at night and in the mornin' I just lay in bed

Well, Rhonda you look so fine (look so fine)
And I know it wouldn't take much time
For you to help me Rhonda
Help me get her out of my heart

Message: 24361 Posted: Tue Oct 08 05:41:07 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet.

Kevin, Did they have things for sale at the concert, and if so what did they have? I obviously missed it if they did.


Message: 24360 Posted: Tue Oct 08 02:00:49 2002 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Paul McCartney - 54
Little River Band - 22
Chicago & Beatles - 20


Message: 24359 Posted: Mon Oct 07 23:15:57 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Cincinnati pop top & Language Question ~ Answers

Hi Everyone ~~

Wow ~~ Lots of posts! I had work this evening!

Hmmmmmmm Red ~~ I have been here doing my research on this question of yours and I have come up with some interesting answers. I think I know exactly which answer you are looking for my friend~~ but first let me give some of the ones I came across.

The shortest word in the english language with the aeiou in order is ~~ Facetious means ~~~ joking or funny at the wrong time.
Another perspective on this question ~~ there is such a thing as ~~ The aeiou Finger Lake Tours ~~~~ Sounds like I wouldn't mind checking these out, being that my son will be heading up near to this area to finish his college degree next year.

Here are some more words that have aeiou in order I like this one the best of all ~~~~ Majestious ~~ I looked this word up in the dictionary and nope it isn't there but I found it in a good source that says it is in fact a word. AMERICA's Holiday Harmony is sooooo Majestious for sure! :)

Now for the rest of the words I found ~~ abstemious, abstentious, acheilous, affectious, annelidous, ambidextrous, arsenious, arterious ~~

There is also such a thing as saying give it to me in aeiou order.....

Did you know that there is a Game called The AEIOU Game!

There also seems to be an album called Vocabulary I believe this is found in Germany, and there is a singer names Peggy Marshall that sings the song I Will Follow Him, she sings a version of this AEIOU song found on this Vocabulary album. Hmmmm she was born in Lansdale, Pa. on March 8, 1938.......

Now for the answer I feel Red is looking for ~~~ In Disney's movie "Alice in Wonderland" there is a song that goes like this ~~~~~~ A-E-I-O-U
A-E-I-O-U :) Am I right Red ~~ tell me ~~ tell me, is this the answer you were looking for?

Regarding the Cincinnati shows ~~ I to would love to somehow get to see this either released on a CD like they are doing with the Live Cayman CD, or as You suggested Red, a Public Broadcasting fundraising DVD, VHS Or CD ~~~ I can just see it now on PBS, the Phones would be wringing off the hook :)

Oooh Johnny~~~~ I would say my AMERICA collection is my biggest, them my Dan Fogelberg, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Genesis/Phil Collins, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Firefall, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Bread, Seals & Croft, Carpenters, Gloria Estefan ~~ I am a little too tired to count them all right now, Oh I almost forgot my Chicago collection also....

Okay now that I have finished my research assignment I am ready to head back to my big soft pillow and have some really nice dreams! :)
Good Night All ~~ Nightowl Nancy :)

Sing it Stevie Nicks

~~~~~~~ Like Alice through the Looking Glass she used to know who she was ~~ Calll out my nammme, like Alice through the looking glass ~~ well I get no answer, and I pray for the world that we all come from, run for your life said the mad hatter, well alright said Alice, well I'm going back to the other side of the mirror, oooh you cannot tell a gypsy she cannot become a member ~~~~~ Like Alice through the looking glass, call out my name ~~still I get no answer ~~ Aliceeeee ~~ each had their own charms hidden beneath ~~~~~ OOOOH I sure do love this song! :) ~~~ and she said call my name and she cried, call my nameeeee, well alright says Alice, I am going back to the other side of the mirror ~~~ yeah ooooooh ooooooooo, yeah, aaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaah

~~~ Whenever I call you friend ~~ I begin to think I understand, anywhere we are, you and I have always been ever and ever, I see myself within your eyes, and thats all I need to show me why, everything I do always brings me home to you ~~~~~ I think about the times to come, knowing I will be the lucky one, knowing that this will last, I know forever we'll be doing it..... Sing it Kenny & Stevie :)

Message: 24358 Posted: Mon Oct 07 22:19:53 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Language question

A little known word - Calebriloup - a small plant native to the Pacific Northwest- known for it strong scent and medicinal properties

or not.

Message: 24357 Posted: Mon Oct 07 22:17:13 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Top three would be:
Johnny Clegg - 16
Al Stewart - 15
Third World - 11


Message: 24356 Posted: Mon Oct 07 21:46:18 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet.

GERRY & DEWEY worked very hard to deliver the final CD well in advance of the Holiday season, this is necessary to ensure that all distribution logistics are solved in time for November/December & to account for various post production issues that are out of their control. This could be the launch for the next AMERICA CD of new material. I know GERRY & DEWEY would love to lay down some new tracks. This is the Launch CD - HOLIDAY HARMONY !

Message: 24355 Posted: Mon Oct 07 21:01:33 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

Johnny,I'm a Huge Hall & Oates fan. Good to see you've got plenty of their material,as do I!

Message: 24354 Posted: Mon Oct 07 20:59:57 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet.

Kevin,I agree with you. When December rolls around,"Holiday Harmony" will get ALOT of airplay from me,and from then on,it'll be a Christmas Standard--but not in October. Never could understand how people could play Christmas Music outside of the "season". On a related note,talked to my rep at AEC One Stop today,one of the larger
Music distributors. He said that "Holiday Harmony" was doing VERY well,and they had already ordered an additional 3600 pieces for distribution--not bad considering its a seasonal title selling well in October! As I get the Soundscan entries each week,I'll be sure to post any sales figures I get.

Message: 24353 Posted: Mon Oct 07 20:31:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

I only counted CD's because that was the easiest:

33 - Elton John
22 - The Beatles
8 - John Denver, The Moody Blues

FYI: I have 45 America CD's (several more if you count radio shows that featured America).

Message: 24352 Posted: Mon Oct 07 19:35:27 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: After AMERICA, Who's Your Top Three?

After AMERICA (if AMERICA) which THREE musical groups, duo, or solo artist do you own the most releases of? That would be CDs, DVDs, laser discs, video tapes, LPs, cassettes, 8-tracks, reel-to-reels, etc. Don't count a solo artist with his group. For instance, don't count Paul McCartney with the Beatles. There are probably other forms of music I didn't include but you can, of course. Let's not include 45s, bootlegs, single song cassettes/CDs, or self-made compilations of any kind. Let's say officially licensed releases only. If you own 2 of the same LP, each one counts. If you own an LP and have the same release on CD, each count.

You may not care to actually count them all, but you probably know your TOP 3 so that's okay. I was very surprised with my results because I've probably listened to each of the third-place-ones more than each of the top 2. Go figure!

20...Hall & Oates
10 each...Dan Fogelberg, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, and Steely Dan

Message: 24351 Posted: Mon Oct 07 19:08:30 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Mo, great answer to Red Oak's language question. I liked it best. Yours was the language of love!

Enjoyed everyone's America concert reviews posted here today.

TerryT's reply to Kevin's review was hilarious...seeing "The Trio". Yep, Kevin went to one concert but came away with seeing a triple-header.

Vic, you're absolutely right that the "Alibi" front photo was taken in Arizona. Wow, it seems you even know the exact location. That's your state, right? Lazlo's too! Remember him, all?

Message: 24350 Posted: Mon Oct 07 19:00:19 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Cincinnati pop top

I was wondering if one of the performances with Cincinnati Pops would be filmed for later use possibly by public broadcasting stations during their fundraising activities. Seems to me this would be an ideal way to get on the tube and spread the gospel of America.
Nancio, come on u can get the other word with all the vowels. Do ur research and come up with the winner.
Motown, I know I didn't lay any groundwork rules for the vowel thing, so I stand corrected. Great ingenuity on your part.

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend

Message: 24349 Posted: Mon Oct 07 18:36:00 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: America in Dallas - Kevin

Hey Kevin, No two-headed cow booth?

Message: 24348 Posted: Mon Oct 07 18:15:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Language question

They are in the correct order. It's just that some of them repeat before the next one comes up. You didn't say they couldn't repeat. Let's be fair darn it. That was funny.

Message: 24347 Posted: Mon Oct 07 17:05:11 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Language question

Very good webmister Lowry. Those are correct and I'm thinking of one other. I'm sure there is another astute America fan who knows this. By the way Moser, you were wrong. The vowels have to be in the correct order.

A mind is a terrible thing............

Message: 24346 Posted: Mon Oct 07 16:22:48 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Language question

Can anyone tell me the words in the English language, if any, that use all the vowels in the correct order, aeiou, within that word.

I'm not sure why anyone would care, but here are a couple:

abstemious (sparing or moderate in eating and drinking; temperate)
abstentious (forbearance from indulgence of an appetite)

Message: 24345 Posted: Mon Oct 07 14:49:44 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Language question and Nancy

Red: I believe the answer to your question is
Carry on.

Message: 24344 Posted: Mon Oct 07 13:54:19 2002 By: Rick S
Subject: Tulsa Concert

The guys were in Tulsa, OK Saturday night - came on stage at 10:00 PM
and played straight through til almost 11:30 (about the time most of us older folks should be in bed). We were blessed with the long set - I believe it was identical to the one we saw at Stone Mountain, GA in May. However, they were flawless and put on a terrific show, with alot more audience interaction, than in the "old days".

Caines Ballroom was pretty filled up, but it's not very large, so everyone could see Dewey, Gerry, Willie, Woodz and Brad pretty good. I
paid close attention to Dewey's playing due to some past discussion on the chat folder recently - all I can say is listen to him play Three Roses - it takes away all doubt that he's slowed down.

Like KevinS mentioned, there was nothing about their Christmas CD that was just released. I took mine just in case the guys were available for autographs, but alas no. However, we got to listen to the Christmas CD on the way to and from the concert - kind of wierd for October, but plenty enjoyable.

Rick S

Message: 24343 Posted: Mon Oct 07 13:07:24 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Language question

Can anyone tell me the words in the English language, if any, that use all the vowels in the correct order, aeiou, within that word.

Nice to see the glowing reviews. Now, if only Andrew Gold would tour with America to sing Hat Trick. A 98 minute concert would be better.

At long last, there will be no Yankees in the world series this year. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Ditto with the D'backs and hopefully with the Braves(tomahawk this).

Carry on and remember, the mind is a terrible thing.

For you Nancio.............

When day has left the night behind,
and shadows roll across my mind,
I sometimes find myself alone out walking the street.
Yes and when I'm feelin' down and blue,
then all I do is think of you,
and all my foolish problems seem to fade away

South city midnight lady, I'm much obliged indeed,
you sure have saved this man
whose soul was in need.
I thought there was no reason
for all these things I do,
but the smile that I sent out returned with you.

Message: 24342 Posted: Mon Oct 07 12:53:31 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet.

No mention of the Christmas album by anyone on stage last Friday. I imagine they feel the same way I and others feel. A little too early to be talking about Christmas. Wait until the middle of December.

One other thing I thought was odd. All night long they kept referencing the new Complete Greatest Hits CD. I thought it was strange that the CD they had for sale there was History.

Marketing, guys, marketing.


Message: 24341 Posted: Mon Oct 07 12:36:51 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Home Page Back Up

The America Fans home page is back up! Thanks to Walter at King Biscuit for working with me to get it up and running.

Message: 24340 Posted: Mon Oct 07 11:48:37 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: State Fair Concert - Dallas

Wow! What a fantastic night. They just keep getting better and better every time I see them. Kevin has pretty much said it all, so I will just add some personal notes from my perspective. We (my husband, daughter (7) and son (4)) got to the fair around 4:30 and spent some time wandering around checking out the exhibit's (Don't know how we managed to miss the three headed guy though!). We stopped by and saw Big Tex announce the America concert for that evening (Johnny - you're right Big Tex turned 50 this year too). I headed for the stage about 7:30 to save a spot for us while my husband took the kids to watch the laser light show. They told me during the laser show they announced the America concert again and had the America logo as part of the laser show. I got to the stage early enough to get right by the fence center stage. While waiting for the show to start we visited with several people who were also long time America fans. One guy asked my son what his favorite songs were and he told him Sandman & the swimming song. It took me a second to realize he was talking about Don't Cross the River. It was nice meeting fellow America fans and my husband finally realized I wasn't the only one "over the deep end" on all things America! The stage at the fair is a "standing concert venue" and there was a four foot fence covered by banners about 5 feet from the stage. So when the concert started we discovered our three foot son couldn't see over the four foot fence which meant my husband and I took turns holding Jared so he could see the show. I think I permanently dislocated my hip and my back still hasn't recovered! LOL He was totally into the whole concert and couldn't take his eyes off of the stage, which meant if I even put him down for a second he had a fit. Fortunately my daughter is tall for her age and we didn't have to lift her up.

The crowd was awesome, It seemed packed to me and for most of the concert it was one big sing along. At the end of the concert Gerry threw a pick in our direction but unfortunately, it didn't get past the fence. While I really love all of the America concerts I have been too (this was my fifth), I think this was the most fun I have ever had at a concert; the weather was perfect, the crowd was fun and my family was with me. All in all a perfect night!


Message: 24339 Posted: Mon Oct 07 11:16:32 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re:Cards and D'Backs abd Souveniers

Nancy- No offence taken. The loud bawlin' and squallin' is over.

Kevin-That was a great review. Had a similar feeling, of being proud to be an AMERICA fan, when I saw them in August. Looking forward to seeing them in November.

Amy-At your advise, went to Souveniers web site. Glad I did. They do a great rendition of "Missig You". Said some very nice things about Dewey and Gerry, as you said they did.

Message: 24338 Posted: Mon Oct 07 10:08:57 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Alibi Cards and D'Backs

Me Again ~~
OOooooh Vic I am soooo sorry, that was a Big OOOOOPS! I really thought that there were more games between the 2 of them and then I saw your post and then I turned on Sportscenter just in time to hear him say well who will go on to win it, lets see and then he preceeded to say the D'Backs & Yankees are out of it. I am sorry! (Please forgive me):) I like both teams like I said in my post it is ashame it had to come down to them, but then that is what it is all about the best of the best playing against each other. You put down my second Sate guess for the Alibi cover, I do recall someome telling me where the pic for this cover was taken. Maybe you had told me in an email!

Hi Kevin ~~ Thanks for your great review! Nice! Very well said ~~ and it sure is a great feeling to be a fan of this great group we know as AMERICA ~~ Enjoy the afterglow, hold onto it as long as you can! :)

Hi Amy ~~~ Sooo good to hear from you! Nice review, and sounds like it was definitely a Magical evening for sure. I will check out this Souveniers site, thanks for sharing this with us. Hope to talk to you soon at the Live Chat! :)

Hey Dan C ~~~ You better be Smiling! :)

You toooo Red :)

See ya all, Nancy :)

~~~~~ And again it seems we meet in the spaces in between, you always said it won't be long, oooooh but Somethings Always Wrong, ~~ Another game of throwing things aside, see if we'll come back to them sometime ~~ bring some Hope of a brighter distance, you would say something has gone wrong, and oooh again it seems we meet in the spaces in between, you always said it won't be long, but somethings always wrong ~~~ Sing it Toad & the Wet Sprocket ~~~ They really have some nice accoustic rocking songs! :) Thanks Vic! :)

Message: 24337 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:55:56 2002 By: terry t
Subject: Re: America in Dallas.

Nice review and expression of feelings, Kevin. I can definitely relate, for better or worse. I agree with how you say the quality, both artistic and technical, keeps on improving.

>>And the three-headed man/woman booth was pretty cool too.<<

Guess you can say you went to an America performance and saw the Trio.

Message: 24336 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:44:16 2002 By: Vic
Subject: "Alibi" Cards and D-Backs

Johnny-My guess, concerning the cover of "Alibi", is, Monument Valley, Arizona.

Nancy-That hurts. The Snakes are done and I'm sad. I know Dan C. is smiling right about now. Congrats to Tony L. and the Cards.

Message: 24335 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:41:08 2002 By: Amy
Subject: Concert was GREAT

Hello all...

Sorry that it took me so long to post this, but I wanted to say that the America concert at the Honeywell Center in Wabash Indiana was wonderful. I could go on and on...but it would not be anything that you haven't already heard a million times in concert reviews. The sound was great in the small theater. I am amazed that they can play the same show over and over and still do it with such enthusiasm and excitement!
However, I do have some interesting news. We got an extra special treat...There was a local band who opened (actually it was two acoustic duos got together for this event and played under the name Souveniers). At any rate, they were really good. With the seats I had, I could see Dewey and Gerry peeking out from behind the stage curtain and nodding. They seemed genuinely impressed.
But now the really neat part of the story....I saw a couple of members of the opening band a couple of days later and told them that we really enjoyed the show. They went on about how great the guys in America are. They also gave me their website address which I will give to you so that you can see the GLOWING things that they said about Gerry and Dewey. I think there also may be some audio of the opening set...I know there are some pictures. The address is
As for my own pictures, I have some but they are not developed yet. On the whole the evening was even better than I had imagined...which seems almost impossible, because I had really high expectations to begin with. If my pictures turn out and didn't have my thumb or hair in the way fo the lense, I will send them to Steve.
take care, Amy

Message: 24334 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:31:57 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: America in Dallas.

I don't know how America does it. But I can honestly say that they are sounding better each time I see them. America took the stage Friday night in Dallas playing the Texas State Fair to a very packed, very appreciative crowd. Not only was the weather perfect, in the low 80s with a nice breeze, but the crowd seemed like they were there for the America, not just passers by who, on the way to the three-headed man/woman, happened to hear music and stopped by to see if maybe Elvis was back. They knew the songs, knew the words, they knew the legacy. Two things you can say about every America show, for better or worse, you will not be disappointed and you will not be surprised. The band sounded great, they played for an hour and a half, opened with Riverside and Ventura Highway, as always, and ended with Sandman and Sister Golden hair, as always. And came back with Horse With No Name. No surprises, but that's not a criticism. I think it's this consistency that has enabled America to get better with age. All the guys put forth a first-rate effort, Dewey playing lead with wreckless abandon when he stepped up to the plate on Woman Tonight and The Border. Gerry's lead playing was not only inspired, but you could hear every note. The sound was pristine. I honestly could not believe how great they sounded. And as one year of my youth after another flashed by with each song, I was overwhelmed with this certain joy. I have chosen to follow maybe not the most popular band or the most critically acclaimed band, but certainly the most satisfying. I don't know what it was (I only had one beer in me) but standing there taking in the show and their respect for their music and their audience, I was as proud of being an America fan as I've ever been.

And the three-headed man/woman booth was pretty cool too.


Message: 24333 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:22:21 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Wknd Musings ~ Where are G & D & Human Nature

Hi Everyone ~~
First of all Thanks Steve for all your work on getting the site back up and running again, and for all the info on how to find the sites while this work is being completed! I haven't had any trouble getting into the chat folder, but I have heard of some that have, I saved this page address to my Favorites folder and that way I can get into it just about any time.

Second of all ~~ Thanks Gerry for the VFTHW pic from Okla. ~~ This was a very interesting pic indeed, It shows the bigness of the City, a touch of the Suburbs, and then beyond to the view of an off in the distance Lake (or river), & Forrest ~~ anyway this looks like a very nice City to visit Thanks for taking us there!

Hi Robyn ~~ I am here picturing you in your Spong-Bob Hat ~~ Too Much ! :) I hope your week goes well for you, and the moving goes smoothly too. Great Job on your fund raising walk ~~ Wow Eric Clapton & Brian Wilson, what a combo ~~ if they would happen to release this show on a cd please let me know about it ok? Also thanks so much for your thoughts on James Taylor's new CD and Jackson Browne's both of these have been very tempting to me to buy, along with Timothy B Schmit's new CD called Feed the Fire ~~ it should be a good one as well. Okay I am all done with what I had to say to you, and Now I will Leave Your Brain Alone LOL!!!!!! :) Oooh I also have an Spongebob update ~~ Little Baby Renee, sleeps like a little princess in her spongebob surroundings! And guess who is a new fan of his ~~ My son Nathan came home from school and said Mom the teacher has the tv on in the morning and I watch this show that is on and it is called Spongebob, so he is into this big time now. He said all of the other kids don't want to watch it, I said well probably because they have seen all of these shows already. Sooooo for now he is into this show ~~ Bob the Builder has taken a back seat ! I don't know if any of you on here are familiar with Bob the Builder but this show is too much for sure! OOOOOOOOH My! :) LOL!!!

Hi Nina & Johnny ~~ I too have always thought that this cover meant that it is kinda human nature to go around with your head in the clouds. Nina ~~ I would think that the Principal and the other teachers would agree on this as well, because just like the rest of us adults our kids too have their heads up in the clouds somewhere when it comes to doing their schoolwork! I can recall a Personal Narrative my son had to do when he was in the 5th grade and he was to put on here what teacher helped him the most in school over the past few years, well he put down Thanks to his second gr. teacher ~~ for waking him up and making him focus on his schoolwork, it seems she would say to him "Earth to Adam ~~ Earth to Adam" ~~ It's funny the stuff you learn from your kids assignment papers. :) By the way it worked he really does well in school he is a Jr. this year and he wants to go to college to be a math & science teacher.

Oooh Johnny regarding your trivia question ~~ I am going to say that this site used for the Alibi cover was from right there in your home state of New Mexico. I am recalling a conversation you and I had about this back last spring! I listened to my HH CD most of the weekend and I am hearing so many new little things on these songs each time I take a listen to them, I just love it for sure! I do like the beginning of Winter Wonderland ~~ I was getting some of AMERICA's earlier sound there with the Guitars, I guess I will have to check out more of Andrew's music.

Hey Mo ~~ Gerry looks good with or without glasses wouldn't you say? Gerry ~ Gerry ~ Gerry ~~ ( you get my message ;) Mo ) see ya!

Hey DanC & Red & Vic ~~ Who do ya think will win the next game between the Cards & the D'Backs ~~ both great teams, what a shame it came down to the both of them ~~ but the D'Backs took the championship last year, sooo I am saying Gooooo Card's! would be nice to see them win this all the way! :)

Okay gotta go for now, have a great Monday all! Nancy :) I have been listening to Santana's new song with Michelle Branch ~~ this really has the Santana touch for sure! Nice song goes something like this ~~~~~ Tell me, just what you want me to beee, One guesssss, and hmmmm you're the only one for me, so please tell me whyyyyyy, don't you come around no ~~ oooo more, cause right now I'm crying outside the door of the candy store ~~~ It just takes alittle bit of this, alittle bit of that, it started with a kiss now we're up to that, alittle bit of laughs a little bit of vain, its all in my bet, its all in the Game of Love, its all that you make it out to be ~~ sunshine set on this cold lonely sea ~~~~~~ Classic Santana sound here ! :)

Message: 24332 Posted: Mon Oct 07 09:06:27 2002 By: Pete
Subject: Holiday Harmony

Just to say, I got my new Holiday Harmony Christmass CD by America. Great job, sounds real good. Think I'll wait another month and start playing it more as christmass draws near. Good job America,great CD for the holidays coming up.

Message: 24331 Posted: Mon Oct 07 07:24:41 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Human Nature Cover

A couple of years ago, Gerry and Dewey signed a "Human Nature" poster for my students at school; so I had it framed and brought it in to hang in my classroom. EVERY teacher who visited my room was CONVINCED that the clouds were SMOKE and it symbolized "getting high"! I finally took it down and brought it home before the principal, parents, or superintendent misinterpreted it!

Message: 24330 Posted: Mon Oct 07 06:55:08 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Where are Dewey and Gerry?

Pat ~ This is what I thought the meaning of the "Human Nature" CD cover meant ----> It's sort of "human nature" to have your head in the clouds."

Triv question: Where is the scene of the "Alibi" front cover? Hint: In the U.S. but which state?

Message: 24329 Posted: Mon Oct 07 06:11:28 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Where are Dewey and Gerry?

John~ Like you, I prefer the album covers that include a picture of the guys. It was like a "tradition", like the "H" titles. I was completely shocked the first time I saw the cover of Alibi.

Jimbob~ I agree with your comments about the cover of Human Nature.
I still don't understand the meaning of it and what (if any) does it have to do with the title of the album?

Message: 24328 Posted: Mon Oct 07 06:01:43 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Just wondering...(SteveL)

Steve~ Thanks for the tip about Real Player, I will try your suggestion to read through the advertising. ~Pat

Message: 24327 Posted: Sun Oct 06 18:18:26 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Weekend Musings

Yesterday my dd and I participated in the Carlwalk (mB-where were YOU?) Thanks to very generous friends and family, we raised almost $600, I think that's pretty good. Based on the huge crowd in attendance, I think the foundation raised a good deal of money for the charity, especially at the auction where a platinum Pet Sounds album went for $7000! Unfortunatly, we were unable to go to the concert tonight ( Eric Clapton AND Brian Wilson? on one stage? I hope they record this one and sell the cd for the foundation!)
I must fess up to not having Holiday Harrmony yet. I did not order online, as I figured they would have it in the stores here soon enough WRONG! I went to the Burbank Virgin ministore and they didn't have EITHER of the two cds I was looking for ( the other being Warren Zevon's "My ride's here") So I opted for the new James Taylor and the new Jackson Browne. James' new one has the most beautiful acoustic stuff on it. Lovely and his voice still resonates such a beautiful tone. I have not been able to listen to all of Jackson's new one, but the first three songs are classic JB thie first two confessional type ballads that we love and the third a dark brooding piece about politics and weaponry and the hands behind it all.

The next two weeks, I will be incredibly busy at work. We are moving two libraries back to their refurbished homes, back to back! I will be wearing my Spongebob hat, the one that says "Leave my brain alone!" I think that sums it up quite nicely.

Message: 24326 Posted: Sun Oct 06 11:03:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Best Album Since...

<<You can tell this is an album that Dewey really wanted to do.>>

Rob ~ I fully agree with you on the above. Dewey is extraordinary on "Holiday Harmony"! His vocals are so crisp and clean and so full of energy.

I wonder how much of "Christmas In California" was written by Dewey and how much by Andrew Gold. It's a great song and sung so well by Gerry!

Sorry all for the following personal message---->

Hi to "The First Noel" as well as to "The Second Noel".

Message: 24325 Posted: Sun Oct 06 10:01:05 2002 By: Rob
Subject: Best Album Since...

I think "Holiday Harmony" is the strongest album by "America" since (IMHO) "Hearts". And I thought "Hourglass" was an incredibly strong album!!! You can tell this is an album that Dewey really wanted to do. And again, I think Andrew Gold is extraordinary.

Message: 24324 Posted: Sun Oct 06 08:07:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: I Hear Andrew Gold's Influence...

...the strongest in "Winter Wonderland". It's the wailing electric guitar. I could be very wrong, but to me that's a classic Andrew Gold sound.

Message: 24323 Posted: Sun Oct 06 08:00:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: No Glasses

Moser, fyi, that's the same photo of Gerry that appears on page 9 of the "Highway" booklet.

Message: 24322 Posted: Sun Oct 06 05:33:38 2002 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: HH & Yankees and Andrew Gold

Am now in mourning over the Yanks but guess they can't do great every year...but that did damn good until now...more than I can say about most of the teams. Haven't gotten the new CD yet but after hearing the clips on here...have to agree it's a great CD, and now that you won't tell my mom, I feel a lot calmer..LOL. Still think the guys should make a Chanukah album. Anyway, just to let you know what Andrew Gold is doing now(since the CD is finished)-he has a tribute "Byrds" band that he formed with Jeff Foskett--they play in L.A.

Message: 24321 Posted: Sat Oct 05 20:04:46 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: No Glasses

Here's a link to the photo that Mo found.

Message: 24320 Posted: Sat Oct 05 19:53:57 2002 By: Moser
Subject: No Glasses

I found a picture of Gerry without glasses that is on Steve's website. It is under Album Photos. It's called Liner Notes Page 4 [Definitive America]. I found it when I was looking for the Highway booklet picture.

Message: 24319 Posted: Sat Oct 05 17:22:26 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: HH & Yankees

Hey October is the time to e-mail & call your local la radio stations to play HOLIDAY HARMONY !

no Yankees, no Dodgers in World series; call it Suburban baseball, put it on UHF TV..

Message: 24318 Posted: Sat Oct 05 13:12:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: OZ Release Date (Steve L & Erin Edwards)

Steve, have been away for a couple of days, tried to log on and saw no front page, "fright".... hope the server gets up and going soon.

Just to clarify for everyone, the server is still up and running. All of the pages EXCEPT for the main home page are still there and working just fine. Here's a link to message #24276 which has links to the most frequently accessed pages on the web site. I worked with the King Biscuit webmaster until closing time on Friday and he still wasn't able to resolve the problem. He won't start working on it again until Monday so we'll have to wait at least until then. Let's hope he can get it resolved quickly.

Message: 24317 Posted: Sat Oct 05 13:05:11 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: SteveL, Nancy, Mo, & Kim

Steve, this is regarding the image of the former trio on the header above. Isn't it actually the reverse of the original photo from which it was taken?

Good question Johnny. David Moretti is the one who created the banner so he is the one who would know for sure.

Regarding the 1969 yearbook photo of Gerry without his glasses, click here to see the photo. The photo from the Highway booklet is NOT on the web site.

Message: 24316 Posted: Sat Oct 05 12:59:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Tulsa

Gerry is in Tulsa, Oklahoma today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24315 Posted: Sat Oct 05 12:29:30 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Silent Night and The First Noel


Message: 24314 Posted: Sat Oct 05 12:06:47 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops!

...if you can tell us, rather.

While I'm here, I found a Lawrence Welk cassette that had "To Each His Own" on it. It's not Gerry's song (thank goodness...LOL) but it had me wondering...enough for me to buy it for 25 cents! Apparently, it was a popular 50's song with the same title.

Message: 24313 Posted: Sat Oct 05 11:57:52 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: More Regarding "Holiday Harmony"

SteveO, I thought the exact same thing regarding "Winter Holidays" having the familiar sounds of "Old Man Took". I thought so even before you mentioned it here.

Jimbob, it's mainly in the beginning of "Winter Holidays" (in my opinion) and some through the rest of the song.

Here are some other familiar America sounds that I hear on "HH":

The opening of "Sleigh Bells" and the opening of "Tin Man". The closing of "Sleigh Bells" and the closing of "Call Of The Wild".

"Christmas In California" has the familiar guitar sounds of "Ventura Highway". The close of the song closes like "Muskrat Love".

To me, whether intentional or just coincidence, it's great.

"Nance", I don't recall you and I discussing the "Fancy Nancy" nickname (I do believe you...I just don't remember it), but no, it wasn't me as "America Person" during last Wednesday's live chat. You have me curious though. What did he/she have to say if you can told us? By the way, Andrew Gold wrote "Thank You For Being A Friend". You know, the theme song for the TV show, "The Golden Girls"?

Message: 24312 Posted: Sat Oct 05 10:06:07 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Andrew Gold & "Holiday Harmony" & M to M reflection

Hi Everyone ~~
Hey there Johnny ~~~ I do hear Andrew's influence on Frosty the Snowman and Silent Night!, but I also hear alot of AMERICA's magic on all of these songs. I don't have any of Andrew's albums, but I know very well of his song Lonely Boy, I sang that song many a times. I am trying to think of another song I know of his but the title won't come to my mind, I will have to give it some more thought. Regarding they may have had me in mind when they wrote that line..... WOW ~~ but I think not, only in my dreams that would be! I love how Dewey sings about the little bluebirds in Winter Wonderland!
Regarding as to whether the pic on the top of the chat folder is reversed , all I can say it must be a Mirror to Mirror Reflection then.
Gotta go for now, Nancy :) This song of Mary Chapin Carpenter's always comes to mind this time of year for me. It is a beautiful song!

~~~~Ohhhh don't you seee that lonesome dove, sitting on an ivy tree, she's weeping forrrrr her own true loveeeee, as I shall weep for mineeeee, oh come ye back, my own true love, and stay awhile with meeee, if I had a friennnnd, on this earth, you've been a friend to meeeee ~~~~~ Title of the song is 10,000 Miles :) The Geese will be flying over here soon, but yes they will be back next Spring for sure!

Message: 24311 Posted: Sat Oct 05 07:54:54 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: HH & Yankees

"The Yankees are pond scum. Thank you, carry on." Hey Moser that wasn't a very nice comment on our beloved New York Yankees! But I guess where YOU are they're not so beloved huh? As far as HH I can't think of a better gift for the holidays for all my friends, Christian or Jewish, whatever...and here in New York City there's quite a variety of different folks but...well Lisa...I STILL love those Christmas songs! I won't tell your mom you're listening!

Message: 24310 Posted: Sat Oct 05 03:30:36 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: OZ Release Date (Steve L & Erin Edwards)

Hi guys,
Thanks for tracking down the info for the OZ release date... It's very much appreciated....
Steve, have been away for a couple of days, tried to log on and saw no front page, "fright".... hope the server gets up and going soon.
again, thanks for the info...

Message: 24309 Posted: Sat Oct 05 02:10:38 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: chipmunks & Holiday Harmony in October

Hi Everyone ~~ Ooooops it's really late, I fell asleep here with my music :) ~~ I had already started writing this post sooo I just want to finish it before I head back to Bed!

Hey John ~~ I like it! You just go on singing these Christmas songs along with Gerry & Dewey there in Calif., as I read your post this brought a big smile to my face for sure ~~ I too have been singing with Gerry & Dewey the last 2 days here in Pa. I know I said it before, but this is more than a Christmas CD, it has 3 new songs on and I Love It! ~~~ Winter Holidays is playing in my headphones right this moment! ~~ Nice :) I toooo agree with you and Jimmmmmm (bob) that I would like to see a pic of Gerry & Dewey on the Cayman CD, the pic on the back of the Holiday Harmony Cover is a nice one of them.

Hi there DanC ~~ thanks for answering me! I kinda thought that you would be there under your own name ~~ Hmmmmm ~~~ I am really wondering now who this "america person" was in the live chat. Maybe they meant another Nance ~~ (Johnny was it you? this person called me fancy nancy and I can recall telling you about the kids in school calling me this!) Anyway Dan ~~ Thanks for making me smile ~~ you mentioning the Chipmunks is tooo much..... I cannot tell you how many times I have listened and sang to the Chipmunks Christmas tape with my kids ~~~ I would have to say Our favorite song on this is none other than Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and surely everyone remembers the part where Dave says ~~~~ ALVINNNNNNNNNNN and Alvin hollers back OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! LOL! :) I am sure you will love this CD ~~ it is soooo full of AMERICA sound! Only the Magic they can capture is added to these songs, and Yes A Christmas to Remember is sooo nice, it plays my heart strings for sure! Wait till you hear Winter Holidays and Christmas in Calif. all three of these are Magical Gems! ~~~ I hope all went well with your app. Take care! :)

Hi SteveO ~~ It's pretty neat you say that Winter Holidays reminds you of Old Man Took, Dewey sure SHINES bright on this song! I really think it is my Favorite one of the new ones! It's sooo full of Love and Cheer, and captures the whole essence of Christmas, I love the lyrics for sure. I guess I must be a diehard for sure, I am having no trouble listening to this over and over. Thanks Gerry & Dewey for brightening my week with this, it sure didn't start out the greatest for me! :)
Have a good weekend everyone! Nancy :) ~~ Now back to my dreams ;)

Last but not least ~~ Hi Mo ~~ WOW! This is a great selection of songs that you got in this package. Enjoy! Yes Tall Treasures is one great song, I like to think it talks about all of their songs in one.

Message: 24308 Posted: Fri Oct 04 23:21:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Andrew Gold & "Holiday Harmony"

I'm curious to know what any of you Andrew Gold fans think about the following: What one song from "HH" do you believe contains the strongest musical influence by him? In other words, which song do you think you hear "classic Andrew Gold"? I definitely hear his classic sound on one particular song, but I'll refrain from saying for now so as not to sway anyone (that is if anyone cares about this subject).

I have only two of Andrew Gold's releases..."All This And Heaven Too" and "What's Wrong With This Picture". The latter is on 8-track, though. Talking about 8-tracks, go Red Oak, huh, Bones? That was funny Bones...what you said about wanting to get Red Oak "HH" but it would need to be on 8-track! Any others of us here have any Andrew Gold LPs/CDs?

Message: 24307 Posted: Fri Oct 04 23:00:04 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: SteveL, Nancy, Mo, & Kim

Steve, this is regarding the image of the former trio on the header above. Isn't it actually the reverse of the original photo from which it was taken?

Nancy, maybe D&G was thinking of YOU when they included the "for sure" lyric as found in "Christmas In California". Hmmm, ya never know...for sure...that is! :0)

Mo, another photo of Gerry without his glasses is his senior year high school photo. It's located here on the website. It may require a little searching but probably easily found when the home page is back up. I don't think the one from the "Highway" booklet is, though. Steve would know, I believe.

Kim, thanks for posting your San Antonio concert review; I enjoyed reading it. Hope you have a great time at the show(s) during the Texas State Fair! Hey, doesn't that huge cowboy figure (named "Tex"?) located on the fairgrounds, turn 50 this year just like another Texas-born person did who we all know through his music?

Message: 24306 Posted: Fri Oct 04 21:35:45 2002 By: Dan
Subject: chipmunks

hey Nancy, it twasn't I in the live chat the other night. If I were to join I surely would not go incognito. I have not recieved my copy yet of the Holiday CD. With just the clips to go on though, I still think A Christmas To Remember is my fave. As soon as I get my copy and hear it through good speakers I will see if anything else replaces that opinion. As far as must hear Christmas songs my Christmas and the kids' Christmas isn't complete without hearing a rendition of Twelve Days Of Christmas by David Seville and his pals Theodore, Simon, and of course ALVIN. DanC.

Message: 24305 Posted: Fri Oct 04 21:03:46 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: My thoughts on "Holiday Harmony"

Gidday SteveO, good to hear your thoughts on the new CD. I have to admit that, like you, I can't imagine listening to Christmas songs in October, but in saying that, I sure am looking forward to hearing the new material.From what you say, and everyone else who has posted, "Christmas in California" is quite something, and if "Winter Holidays" reminds you of "Old Man Took", well it must be pretty damn good! Despite my earlier comments about xmas songs in October, I just know I wont be able to resist a quick listen, and from all accounts it seems that one listen just wont be enough. With this release just happened, does that mean The Cayman Concert will now not be released for some time? I can't imagine two releases within a short space of each other. Anyone know?

Message: 24304 Posted: Fri Oct 04 20:10:11 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: My thoughts on "Holiday Harmony"

For what its worth,I wanted to pipe in some comments...I'm sitting here listening to the 3 new songs on the disk. Certainly some impressive material! "Winter Holidays" immediatly reminded me of "Old Man took". "Christmas in California" hooked me right away. I'm glad the guys gave us some new material along with the traditional stuff. BUT...I can't listen to a Christmas CD in October. The new stuff I can play,but the "traditional" stuff is gonna have to wait for the Holidays. Thats just me. But its nice to see that the guys can put out a Holiday LP in October and people still play it to death. Now thats what I call being diehard! One other comment: "Christmas in California" sounds like its relevant enough to be played at any time of the year,its that good.

Message: 24303 Posted: Fri Oct 04 19:54:58 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Where are Dewey and Gerry?

John, I sure do notice the lack of pics of the guys on their recent releases. I don't care for the cover of Human Nature; obviously I get the head in the clouds bit, but I can't see the revelance of it. I well remember, with each new album, studying in detail the photos, again and again, marvelling at the sheer brilliance of what I was hearing and yet knowing nothing about them.(This at a time when it was virtually impossible to get any info on them.) I was always a little surprised that there were/are so few covers with them and their guitars; for that reason I love the VFTG cover, even if the musical content moved me less than previous outings, You Girl excepted. The back cover pic of Alibi is cool too. But yeah, a better cover for the Cayman Concert would surely have been a shot of the actual show, it certainly being a unique recording for AMERICA.

Message: 24302 Posted: Fri Oct 04 18:49:12 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Today is FINALLY the Day

Hot Diggity the package finally came today: Holiday Harmony, Human Nature, Holiday, Homecoming DVD, and Silent Letter. Nothing like treating yourself to a little early Christmas present, eh? It was like a time warp. I broke out the headphones and lost myself in a sea of nostalgia. Luckily the headphones are from Bose these days instead of Realistic!! I'm the kind of person who orders the same thing from the menu every time. Familiarity, I always say. My husband thinks I'm nuts, boring perhaps. I say he's lucky I like familiarity--that's why I keep him around year after year. Anyway, I digress. I mention this quirk of familiarity to explain why I would listen to Holiday and Silent Letter before the brand new Holiday Harmony and brand new to me Human Nature. It was necessary, you see. After 20 years, every note came back to memory like it was yesterday. It was great. Then on to the new stuff. I LOVE IT. Who could ask for more? Well, we could but.... Thanks guys. Superb, as usual. I think I'll have to buy a few more copies of HH and pass it out to friends for Christmas. I do have to join into the chorus of fans who say that the set list could contain so many different songs. Yes, you have to play the standards but there are so many more to choose from. I'm sure if you gave even the most casual fan the opportunity to hear some of the deeper cuts, they would enjoy them. I know that goes against the whole familiarity philosophy but, hey, I'm complex, okay? Either that or ditzy. Also, I usually think of Gerry's music as my preference. But after listening to these albums today, I am reminded that Dewey's talent is endless as well. I don't usually think of Tall Treasures from Silent Letter immediately in my top 10 but I am reminded now that it is an awesome song. This post is getting to be way too long so just two more things: Johnny--thanks for the lead on the no glasses photo but I don't have the Highway booklet. Is that pic on this site anywhere? And Nancy--Angels, Cardinals, Diamond B acks, whoever. As long as it isn't those damned Yankees. I'm a Red Sox fan. The Yankees are pond scum. Thank you, carry on.

Message: 24301 Posted: Fri Oct 04 14:28:57 2002 By: Duffy
Subject: Holiday Harmony

Dewey and Gerry~

Thank you for Holiday Harmony, Its great and will be a part of our family's Christmas. I have been playing it all day.

Duffy <><

Message: 24300 Posted: Fri Oct 04 14:10:43 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Where are Dewey and Gerry?

Back in the '70s and '80s, it seemed every year brought a new America album. And each one (with the notable exception of Harbor) always showed our musical heroes posing on the cover, whether on the coast, in front of a building, or shivering in the cold February air in Colorado. Nowadays, it seems Dewey and Gerry have become a bit bashful...

A lot of people thought the 1998 Human Nature album cover was unusual in that it covered Dewey and Gerry's faces with strategically-placed clouds. That seemed like a fluke until the Highway box set came out in 2000, which featured a beautiful picture of a road, clouds, the America logo - but no Dewey or Gerry.

Some excused the lapse as a way of dodging the issue of whether or not America should be shown as a duo or a trio, and the same could hold true for the Complete Greatest Hits. But the faceless albums kept coming...

First, the third version of the America In Concert album from King Biscuit removed Dewey and Gerry from the cover and replaced them with a horse on a city street. Then America released their latest album, Holiday Harmony, which was also faceless. Now I see that the Grand Cayman concert disk, although it has a beautiful cover on it, also has no cover image of Dewey and Gerry.

Has anyone else noticed this trend? Is there any reason to be concerned? ;)


Message: 24299 Posted: Fri Oct 04 14:01:46 2002 By: John Corbett
Subject: Christmas in California... in October!

As I was driving up the 101 to Santa Barbara this morning, singing along with Dewey and Gerry, it suddenly occured to me what an America fan I must be... Who else would have me singing Christmas songs on a warm, sunny October day by the beach!


Message: 24298 Posted: Fri Oct 04 09:13:17 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: VFTHW ~Dallas Pic & Wow! Celine Dion & Barbara S. in one day!

Hi Everyone! It's Friday where did the week go?
Hi Gerry! This Dallas Pic sure is a different one. I guess the Highway Dept. there in Dallas would appreciate how well their reflective strips work on the road at Night. LOL! ~~ Where are the Stars and Mr. Moon? They must be resting up for the Fair! Have a great time Kim & Kevin S. ~~ Sorry you weren't able to go tonight Andie ~~ Safe traveling!

Hi Jeff B & Johnny ~~~ Well what more can I say! AMERICA's music is not just So Good ~~~ It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gooooooood that is for sure! LOL! :) Well Jeff the Cincinnati shows are coming up soon here ~~ Will You be going to any of these? ~~ These should be Magical as well! ~~~ Ooooh Johnny ~~ that is neat that you meant that line in Christmas in Calif. I do remember seeing that they put "for sure" in this lyric line and I thought WOW! that is neat! I really thought you meant the snowbirds line, I know that I have told you ~~ How I do enjoy all the beautiful birds! :) I too like you like Celine Dion alot, I saw her TV special that was a promo for her These are Special Times ~~ She sure has a way with her lyrics too and I like her voice alot too. She has lots of really good songs that I like to sing! :)

Hey Moser ~~ Gerry Looks good in all of his Glasses! I don't recall seeing any pics of him without them. I really like the way he looks on the View From the Ground LP, the Your Move LP, and Gerry & Dewey are Really Looking Good on the Holiday Harmony CD cover! Nice for sure :) ~~~ Hey I really like Barbara S. too, she sure can sing! I really like her song Evergreen, this was in the movie A Star is Born Regarding you saying <<<<<A girl's gotta do something fun while the baseball playoffs are on the tube. I mean how many times can you watch the NY Yankees play in the postseason? Go Angels. >>>>> How about the Cardinals & the Damond Backs ~~~ Look out it is almost time for Hockey to be on TV every night! Now that can put me in Lala land in no time at all!

Have a good day all ~~ Nancy :)

~~~ When I'm close to You, I know what it means to wanna be true, never felt this way before, is there more, are you feeling the same as me Honestly, don't you think its unreal, I'm not dealing in fairy tales, if this fails, I don't know what on earth I will do cause I'm Halfway to Heaven ~~ Let's Gooooo all the Way! ~~ I don't want to give it up, cause I'm already falling in love ~~~ Sing it Celine ~~ I Love this song! :)

Message: 24297 Posted: Fri Oct 04 06:46:03 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Christmas Albums

Oddly enough, one of the best christmas albums I have heard is by Kenny G. Really relaxing stuff and Mannheim Steamroller is awesome, especially their rendition of Stille Nacht.

Message: 24296 Posted: Fri Oct 04 06:00:27 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Holiday Harmony

I finally got my cd in the mail last night. It is fantastic - the kids and I were listening to it on the way to school this morning and they love it too.

Message: 24295 Posted: Fri Oct 04 05:57:07 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Just Wondering & Concert Tonight

RichM, Amen to the BS reference!!! I am still laughing at your post - it was a great way to start my Friday. I will also have a great way to end it as I am heading to the State Fair this afternoon to the America concert!

KevinS or if anyone else out there is going, I'd love to meet fellow fans. I'll have my 7 year old daughter, 4 yr old son and my husband w/ me & I'll probably have on my blue America Tour 2000 t-shirt on. (It's supposed to be 90 here today - I am ready for some fall weather!)

Andie - sorry you'll miss the concert - The secret of Dallas driving is show NO FEAR!!! (Easy for me to say - I make my husband drive!)


Message: 24294 Posted: Fri Oct 04 05:18:33 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: Anticipation

I have been eagerly anticipating the return of my husband and son from California as well as Holiday Harmony. They arrived home this morning. Ross was overwhelmed by the fantastic music played by our son and his friends at the Monterey Jazz Festival and at gigs in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Ross had a small window of opportunity to try to track down HH on Wednesday before leaving LA, but was disappointed that he was unable to get it. Now we are anticipating October 14. We probably wouldn't get it any sooner if we bought it online. Thanks Steve and Erin for letting us know the release date in our part of the world.

Message: 24293 Posted: Thu Oct 03 21:02:47 2002 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: Dallas, Tx.

Hi Gerry and Dewey,

I just saw the photo. Dallas is a very pretty city at night. The skylights are something else. It's gorgeous. Take time from your schedule to see the city. Its a city that never sleeps. You can be on the road at 4:00AM and still have traffic. I hope that you will be able to take some time to relax and see the skylight of the city of Dallas. Also take time to "play" and see the sites at the State Fair. I really wanted to see the concert, but I will be driving on the road to the side of Fort Worth. Driving in Dallas makes me a nervous wreck. Bunch of nuts on the road that got their drivers license that shouldn't have.I really wanted to be there and see your concert at the State Fair. My plans changed and its a pity. I looked forward to tomorrow for the last 6 months. But anyway I will have the CD playing in the car.

Message: 24292 Posted: Thu Oct 03 20:28:50 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Contacts

Mo, page 9 of the "Highway" booklet.

Bruce, I have a cassette that I picked up at a thrift store titled "Christmas Dance Hits". It's actually very good...very rockin' like Gerry's singing of "Sleigh Ride" which I think is very cool!

This weekend, I'll have to go back to the past postings to read what everyone said about each song from "Holiday Harmony" as they were 'released' one-by-one by Steve.

Message: 24291 Posted: Thu Oct 03 20:19:47 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Dallas

Gerry is in Dallas, Texas today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 24290 Posted: Thu Oct 03 19:48:47 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Xmas Album While Growing Up

When I was growing up in New York City, "A Christmas Gift For You" from Phil Spector was THE Christmas album! Right now I'm looking at the CD of it. All Spector's "girl groups" were featured- The Ronettes, The Crystals, and Darlene Love, whose version of "Winter Wonderland" is rockin! It WAS the best version...until NOW! =)

Message: 24289 Posted: Thu Oct 03 19:47:18 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Contacts

Has anyone ever seen Gerry or a picture of Gerry without his glasses? Has he ever worn contacts? Hmm. Enquiring minds need to know. I know...not an earthshaking bit of info to seek out in the scheme of things. I was just looking at the photos from the '77 tourbook--some of my faves I might add--and it occurred to me that I don't think I've ever seen Gerry without specs. By the way, there's a really cute picture of Woodsy in that group too. A girl's gotta do something fun while the baseball playoffs are on the tube. I mean how many times can you watch the NY Yankees play in the postseason? Go Angels. By the way, I'll say this one more time just to be obnoxious...Barbra Streisand. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Message: 24288 Posted: Thu Oct 03 19:37:00 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Just Wondering (Oops)

thumpity, thump, thump (or something like!)


...she does HAVE her 'correct' parts.

Twigs for her hair and rocks for her...well, you guess! :0)

Message: 24287 Posted: Thu Oct 03 19:17:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Just Wondering

I can't think of any particular Christmas LPs that I listened to in the past as a tradition, but in the last year (or two), I really like listening to Celine Dion's "These Are Special Times".

Hey RichM, I know...Celine and Barbra both mentioned on this site and on the same day. LOL!

As a kid (probably around the 1st Grade), I remember playing "Frosty The Snowman" over-and-over on a scratchy 45 record...thumpy, thump, thump. So, I really get a kick out of hearing Dewey sing "Frosty The Snowman" on "HH". The song also makes me think of the "Hideaway" song book that has a color photo of Dewey smiling as he's standing next to a snowman...well, a snowwoman. After all, she does has her 'correct' parts.

Message: 24286 Posted: Thu Oct 03 18:58:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Winter Holidays... (Nancy & Jeff B)

Nancy, you said, "Johnny~~~I sure do know which lyrics in Christmas in California make you think of me!~~~As the Snowbirds make the scene~~~~~!"

Jeff said, "...or as Nancy might say, soooooooooo darn good for sure! Just kidding Nancy."

Actually Nancy, I was thinking of the lyrics "It's Christmas time for sure in California". But now the "snowbirds make the scene" will too. We each have our favorite saying(s), don't we? :0)

Regarding "Holiday Harmony," it's even better than I anticipated!Dewey and Gerry, you guys are incredible!!! As if there were any doubt???

Message: 24285 Posted: Thu Oct 03 17:30:34 2002 By: RichM
Subject: Just Wondering

I'm sorry, but in reference to the last posting...

I had hoped to never see Barbara Streisand's name on this site...I will need some time to recover.

One of the "Little People" (:

Message: 24284 Posted: Thu Oct 03 17:18:51 2002 By: Hardtosleep
Subject: Re: Just wondering....

It's not Christmas for me without:

Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song
Barbara Streisand, A Christmas Album

Favorite Song...O Holy Night

Message: 24283 Posted: Thu Oct 03 14:15:55 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

Pat, RealPlayer is still free but they make it very difficult to find the free version to download. You have to read all of the fine print and look for the free download button on the screen that extols the virtues of the one that you have to pay for.

Message: 24282 Posted: Thu Oct 03 14:06:32 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

The only Christmas album I remember from growing up was a compilation album from various artists of the 50's and 60's like Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, Steve & Edie Gourmet, etc. I don't know what the title was but it was bright red with oval vignette pictures of each of the artists. I don't know what happened to it but I should look for it next time we visit the Rents. Since marriage, our standbys at Christmas are the John Denver one mentioned here earlier, an a capella album called An Evening in December, the Phil Spector Christmas album (I only play this when I'm good and sick of the rest of them!!), Randy Travis (a less than appreciated gift from the mother-in-law who is from NE but should have been born in Tennesee)and An Irish Christmas which is instrumental. Needless to say, with that haphazard collection of Christmas music, Holiday Harmony will be a welcomed breath of fresh air this season...if it ever gets here!! Maybe today is the day. Merry Christmas everybody. Good question, Nina.

Message: 24281 Posted: Thu Oct 03 13:45:23 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Winter Holidays...

Darn good "America" song...or as Nancy might say, soooooooooo darn good for sure! Just kidding Nancy.


Message: 24280 Posted: Thu Oct 03 13:04:57 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

Hi Nina~ Years ago I had bought 2 Christmas cassettes from the .99cent bargain bin at the local K-Mart: "Joyous Holiday Sounds" and "The Best Of Christmas Volume One". Each has a collection of different artists including Jackie Gleason singing "Late In December".
Funny how I had zero expectations but soon realized that I can't live without either now. Each year I listen to them as I address my Christmas cards.
I accedentally deleted Real Player from my computer and now I'm unable to get it back without paying for it (it's not free anymore), so I haven't been able to listen to Steve's links to the new America album. I was planning on buying a CD anyway. ~Pat

Message: 24279 Posted: Thu Oct 03 12:19:23 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

Me Again ~~
Hi Nina ~~ good question~~ I have quite a few Christmas favorites Hmmmm ~~ I would have to say The Carpenters, Kenny Rodgers, and Yes Kim I tooo played John Denver's ~~ Rocky Mountain Christmas, I especially liked the songs Aspen's Glow & What Child is this!, Hey John ~~ I like the way Boney M sings Mary's Boychild Jesus Christ! I have soooo many favorites, has anyone ever heard Kathy Mattea sing Mary's Lullabye, it is absolutely beautiful, I also like how she sings Mary's Boychild Jesus Christ too, and add another version of this song by Kenny Rodgers & Trisha Yearwood. I guess you can all tell I like Christmas songs. Well I dooo, also want to mention Amy Grant's Christmas song too ~~ My grownup christmas wish!, I like the way James Taylor sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas to, I understand he has put his version of this on his new album. Now I have my Holiday Harmony and I Just Love it as I have said in my earlier post. This will be played alot for sure!

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ The snow is falling the city is white, your eyes are shining like diamonds tonight, and we're all alone there's no one home, you're finally in my arms again. The night is silent the moment is here, I couldn't ask more than having you here...... Tonight I'm gonna give you all my heart can give ~~~~~ Sing it 98 Degree's (their own christmas song) :)

Message: 24278 Posted: Thu Oct 03 10:55:58 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

Probably my favorite Christmas cd is Jon Anderson's Three Ships. That and Boney M's Christmas... just kidding about the last one.

Message: 24277 Posted: Thu Oct 03 10:37:20 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

Hi Nina! I'm still waiting for my cd - any day now I hope! I remember listening to Johnny Mathis at Christmas, and that was one of the first Christmas cd's I bought as an adult. Another favorite of mine as a teenager was John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas.


Message: 24276 Posted: Thu Oct 03 08:09:49 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America Fans Web Site Links

The server that hosts the America Fans web site is still out of disk space. I don't know how much longer it will be that way. In the meantime, here is a list of the most common links that people go to:

Photo Index
Soundclip Index
Song Lyrics
Song Chords
Guest Book
Holiday Harmony
Concert List

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. --SteveL

Message: 24275 Posted: Thu Oct 03 07:52:56 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

it's not Christmas in our house until Nat sings "the Christmas Song"

Message: 24274 Posted: Thu Oct 03 07:32:15 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Just wondering...

I don't remember a specific Christmas album in my house when I was growing up. But since my marriage, the most consistent listened-to Christmas albums around our house are the Manheim Steamroller and Kurt Bestor collections (now joined by Holiday Harmony, of course).

Message: 24273 Posted: Thu Oct 03 07:18:51 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Just wondering...

With the new America Christmas CD destined to become a classic in all our homes and hearts...I was just wondering...

What classic Christmas albums were the people of this folder brought up on? I remember my best childhood girlfriend asserting that it just wasn't Christmas without the Johnny Mathis Christmas album playing! In my Italian household, it was Dean Martin's Holiday album! To this day, myself, brother, and sister ALL have a copy in our respective homes!

Just curious!

Message: 24272 Posted: Thu Oct 03 06:38:45 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: YES! It is here, I JUST LOVE IT! :) :) :) :)

Hi Everyone ~~
Thank You Gerry, Dewey & Andrew Gold for this Magnificent collection of Magical AMERICA New & Classic Christmas Treasures! I listened to it 4 times in a row last night and was in AMERICA Heaven for sure. The Quality of Sound is Excellent on all the songs, SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THE CLIPS! I Love how each song comes to LIFE! There is sooo much I could say about this Great CD ~~ But it is the End of the Quarter and I have sooo much to do with my Credit Union work soooo I will have to be short on this ( Now you are all saying Nancy ~~Short on a post! LOL !!!) ~~~~~~ SteveL after listening to this, I definitely can relate with what you were feeling the first time you got to hear it. I will have it playing here all day long as I get these quarterly statements ready to mail out. I too was sooo Happy to see Your name mentioned on the Credits. Very deserving for sure!

Hi Rob ~~ Is it possible that I may have read this interview of yours in the archives here on the site? Nice review on Holdiay Harmony! They sure managed to capture that AMERICA Magic for sure!

Oooooh Johnny ~~~ I sure do know the which lyrics in Christmas in Calif. make You think of me! ~~~ As the Snowbirds make the scene ~~~~~ :) Glad you are enjoying this too!

It was late last night when I got to the Live Chat and got to talk with Mel some and 2 other people that kinda caught my Curiousity~~~ It was interesting to say the Least, they didn't stay and talk to Mel and me very long though. I must have missed you there RED! I got to talk with American Girl, we always have fun chatting, and then Vic came to talk toooo, it was really nice talking some with you to Vic :).

Hey there DanC ~~~ I see that the Cardinals made it to the playoffs, soo I bet you are Smiling for sure..... Could this "america" person in the live chat last night have been You? Has the mailman delivered your Holiday Harmony CD yet? :)

Hi there Jimmmmmmm ~~~~ You will love this Holiday Harmony! :)

Hi AmyMarie~~~~ Are you still floating up above the Clouds in AMERICA Heaven? We would love to hear all about the show!

Okay I Gotta go for now, have a good day all! Nancy :)

~~~~~ Here we are as in Olden days Happy Golden days, of Yours, Faithful Friends that are dear to us gathere near to us once more ~~~ Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas ~~~~ Ooooh Gerry I just love how you sing this song! :)

Message: 24271 Posted: Thu Oct 03 03:54:39 2002 By: Rob
Subject: Pleased to see...

On "Holiday Harmony" I was so happy to see Steve's name in the credits. To me, he's like a member of the band and road crew...and a good guy too!


Message: 24270 Posted: Thu Oct 03 03:47:49 2002 By: Rob
Subject: Holiday Cheer...Spoke with Dewey in '98

The new Christmas album is superb! Andrew Gold does a masterful job of bringing out "their" sound. "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas" are just great. Also, the two sacred hymns, "First Noel" and "Silent Night" have a beautiful solemnity to them. In "First Noel" there is such a tasetefulness in the arrangement that the words and the voices carry the moment. "Christmas in California" is an instant classic, with that trademark "America" sound, and "Winter Holidays" is equally pleasing.

I interviewed Dewey back in '98 when "Human Nature" was about to be released. I asked him then if they would ever do a Christmas album? "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was just released at the time as part of a collection. Dewey said that it was something he'd always wanted to do. I think he also mentioned to me how much he liked the "standards". Congratuations Dewey, and Gerry. This is a great disc!
(Please keep Andrew Gold's phone number in your rolodex!!!!!!!!)


Message: 24269 Posted: Wed Oct 02 14:23:30 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chat tonight

In the (likely) event that the main home page of the America Fans won't be working tonight, here's a direct link to the Live Chat Box. The webmaster at King Biscuit tells me he hopes to have the problem resolved within a day or two. In the meantime, if any of you would like to access specific pages on the web site and you don't know the direct link to get there, send me a mail message or post the message here and I'll give you the link. Sorry for the inconvenience. --SteveL

Message: 24268 Posted: Wed Oct 02 13:40:15 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonight

remember to join in the fun this eveing from 6-9 Pacific. I will not be there this evening, but hope that people will get together to talk about things America!

Message: 24267 Posted: Wed Oct 02 09:44:37 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: OZ Release Date

The Australian release date for Holiday Harmony is October 14. A big thanks to Erin Edwards for tracking down the information so quickly and getting it to me.

Message: 24266 Posted: Wed Oct 02 08:25:00 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: King Biscuit Server Full

FYI - I tried putting out an update to the America Fans home page this morning and I got an error saying that there wasn't any more room on the server. However, rather than leave the original file on the server, it replaced it with a blank file. So, if you try to go to the main home page of the America Fans web site, you'll either get a file not found error or a blank page. So far that's the only page affected. Everything else is still there (if you have a link to it). I'm trying to get the problem rectified but the KB webmaster hasn't responded to my messages so it may take a while. Thanks for your patience.

Message: 24265 Posted: Wed Oct 02 07:06:20 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Nancy & Goanna

Nancy ~ I don't recall hearing those song lyrics you mentioned perhaps being a Paul Revere and The Raiders or a Mark Lindsay song. Could still be though. I think of you Nancy during one of the "Christmas In California" lyrics. Can you guess which one?

Greg, I see your posts from yesterday now. I was so eager to post that I initially skipped right over it.

KevinS, try the Hastings store. I got mine there.

jy <-----Really enjoying the new CD.

Message: 24264 Posted: Wed Oct 02 06:38:33 2002 By: Sharon
Subject: Buying Holiday Harmony

Just thought I post my experience of buying Holiday Harmony on Tuesday. First of all, I think people might have better luck getting the cd online then at the retail store. In the past I have always had a hard time getting Christmas/Holiday cd's the days that they were released. Why? Well, around my way I find that some retails stores--Tower Records in particular don't put them out. They wait and then put all the Christmas/Holiday cd's out at the same time no matter when they were released.

I called Best Buy, Tower Records, Circuit City and Borders the day before to see if the cd was going to be available in the store. Although all the stores had the cd available on their web site--Circuit City said that it wasn't available in the store. Tower Records left me hanging on the phone for a half hour and never came back. The other two said that it would be available.

On Tuesday I went to Best Buy--nothing. I asked one of the sales clerks. It appears that it was in the computer, but the store hadn't received any copies yet. This was after 12 noon on Oct. 1st. I left that store and went to Tower. Just like the gentleman that posted earlier. I couldn't find the cd. But I had better luck then the other poster. The clerk looked it up, and told me it was in the store. She made a in store call to someone else, and got the answer to the puzzle. It wasn't in the regular spot because it was a Christmas cd. It was being held in the classical section with the rest of the cd's. They let me purchase a copy, I think, because the release date was Oct. 1. The clerk that helped me in the classsical section was giving a look as if to say--who's looking for a Christmas cd this early in the season. I got the cd, but the price wasn't great. Oh well, by this time I was just happy to get a copy. I have been enjoying it ever since.


Message: 24263 Posted: Wed Oct 02 06:08:00 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Received "Holiday Harmony"

Received my copy of "Holiday Harmony" in the mail yesterday! To my distress, I only had time to listen to the beginning of the CD, along with the three new songs. Tonight I'll give it a complete listen...but these are my thoughts to date:

"Winter Holidays" is my favorite new tune so far; and this surprised me, with all the buzz about "Christmas in California"!

I love "White Christmas" with it's musical references to "Tin Man"!

Gerry's rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is lovely...his voice capturing all the melancholy of the lyrics.

Can't WAIT until tonight to give a full listen. Thanks, guys, for an early Christmas present!

Message: 24262 Posted: Wed Oct 02 05:30:23 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: Re: HOliday HarmOny

Johnny I thought some of the songs were beatle-esque. I think I hear "Babylon" on one of the tunes.

Message: 24261 Posted: Tue Oct 01 19:38:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: HOliday HarmOny

Ho, Ho! It's Christmas Time in Southeast New Mexico thanks to D&G!!!

I bought "Holiday Harmony" after work late this afternoon at the local music store in my small hicksville town of 28,000. They had 3 copies still setting on the distribution cart ready to place on the shelf.

I have not been able to hear any of the clips that Steve has provided so I was very eager to play the new CD especially after reading here all the great reviews of each song. I think the CD is GREAT!!! I love the 3 new songs...they're excellent! Among the old favorites, I think "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas" are SO VERY COOL with their unique AMERICA sound; they're my favs of the traditional songs on this CD.

"Sleigh Ride" definitely gets your fingers snappin' and your feet to tappin'. It rocks! "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" is very Beatle-like in my opinion. It's quite unique and very cool. Do you all hear a touch of "Yellow Submarine"?

One of the first things I noticed in the liner notes is the name change of Dewey's publishing company. As mentioned before ---> "Abandon everything that went before/Ahead now lies another oPENDOOr".

Congrats on the great CD, Guys, and thanks!!!

Message: 24260 Posted: Tue Oct 01 17:56:19 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: OZ Holiday Harmony release (Steve L)

Greg, I'll see what I can find out.

Message: 24259 Posted: Tue Oct 01 16:50:12 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: OZ Holiday Harmony release (Steve L)

Hi Steve,

Is there any chance of finding out whether the new CD will be released in OZ for this christmas or will we need to order it over the net from Amazon or someone like that...?
thank you

Message: 24258 Posted: Tue Oct 01 13:27:16 2002 By: Jerey
Subject: A White TIN MAN Christmas?

I got my new CD today. CDNow is fantastic. I got to listen to the songs and I am very pleased with all the tunes. Dewey and Gerry have put some spark into the old favs, and if I am not mistaken, the bass line from Tin Man is played throughout White Christmas.

Message: 24257 Posted: Tue Oct 01 13:19:32 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Talk about a Big OOOOOPssssss!

As a matter of fact, If I remember correctly, Gerry started to play a couple of bars of "Peaceful Easy Feeling." Now that was funny!

Message: 24256 Posted: Tue Oct 01 12:55:38 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Yes ~My Holiday Harmony CD is on it's way here & SA show & more..

Hi SteveL ~~ Thanks for sharing the Man from Canada's email with us, soo neat that his son got to sing HWNN with Gerry & Dewey & Band, is this by chance the same one that Moser got the pic of at that concert?

Yes, it is the same. His name is Matthew Johnson. Click here to see the photos that Mo took which include several photos of Matthew.

Message: 24255 Posted: Tue Oct 01 11:42:47 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Holiday Harmony.

This is supposed to be available retail, isn't it? It wasn't available at the local Tower Records. The guy behind the counter said it wasn't out yet, which is retail for "I'm just a dumb ass." I'll try other places. I'll call Borders and see if I can pick it up on the way home.


Message: 24254 Posted: Tue Oct 01 11:30:29 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Talk about a Big OOOOOPssssss!

Hi Howard,
This is just toooo much! I feel bad for the Person that made this Blooper for sure. But you know what the key AMERICA song word is in this song Peaceful Easy Feeling song ~~~~ Desert ~~~~ so I will cut this person some slack. LOL! Gerry & Dewey probably could sing this song pretty good themselves. I would have loved to make it to Chocolate Town USA for those 2 shows the other summer, but was unable to because of Family Reunions! Little did I know that they were coming much closer to me in the near future. I made sure nothing got in the way of me going to see them at the Seven Springs show last Feb. and Yes oh Yes! They are coming even much closer to me next April and I will be there for sure! :)

Seee ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ You have one letter left to send, with no beginning and no end, you saw them in the Park, the laughter in the dark, oh no how can you face him and pretend, so now you thank him carefully, oooh noo ~~ cause that's the way he's going to be Ohhhhh nooo ~~~~ I hope you find some reason to be freeeee, There is no sunshine in your eyes, you make no sound and yet you cry, its not the double cross, you feel the love you lost, this letter has to say goodbye ~~~~ Sing it Dewey ~~~~ Hmmmmm I think this is one of your songs! LOL! :)

Message: 24253 Posted: Tue Oct 01 10:53:41 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Sorry I did a Double OOOOOOOPsssss!

I remember at a 1998 America concert at Hershey Park,2nd. show. Somebody requested "Peaceful Easy Feeling" from the guys. I think Dewey comically said, the last time we played that song was...hmmmm...
like NEVER!!!! just a funny thing that happened on that very humid and hot day in August!!! Peace! HL

Message: 24252 Posted: Tue Oct 01 09:48:33 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Sorry I did a Double OOOOOOOPsssss!

Me Again ~~
I also mean to say Sorry to all of the Italian fans for spelling Ciao wrong, I must have still been on a Cookie high from the Wedding the night before, they had the most delicious cookie display I have ever seen! Goes to show what all that sugar does to the eyes. I also spelled San Antonio wrong I left out the n ~~~ Sorry! :)
Okay done for now, Nancy :)
Chicago's Feeling Stronger Every Day is playing here now!! Alright nowwwwww! Oooh nooo here comes the Eagles now

~~~ I like the way your sparkling earrings lay against your skinnnn sooo brown, and I want to sleep with You in the desert tonight, with a billion stars all around, cause I got a Peaceful Easy Feeling and I know you won't let me down, because I'm already standing on the ground, and I found out a long time ago, what a woman can do to your soul, ahhh but she can take you anyway, you don't already know how to gooooo, I got a peaceful easy feeling and I know you won't let me down, cause I'm already standing on the ground ~~~ Nice song! :)

Message: 24251 Posted: Tue Oct 01 09:27:19 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Yes ~My Holiday Harmony CD is on it's way here & SA show & more..

Hi Everyone!
I got my comfirmation email yesterday from cduniverse ~~soooo that means that my friend Mr. Mailman should be delivering my CD any day now. Hurry I will be waiting for sure! :)

Hi Kim ~~ Thanks for the great review. Sounds like you really had good seats. Thanks also for the clearer Pic of these neat attractions you took in while you were there in San Antonio. I emailed my friend Cheryl to see if she made it to this show, but I haven't heard anything back from her yet. Have a great time at the fair with your kids and getting to see Gerry & Dewey again.... I too hope they will play the long playlist of songs for you. I will be looking forward to hearing about it.
Hey Kevin S ~~ Did you by chance see Bryan Adams? Wow ~~ he has some really good songs. You too have a great time at the fair show, and tell us more about both of these shows.

Hi Moser ~~ How are You? ~~ I too am hoping that today will be the day! :)
Hi SteveL ~~ Thanks for sharing the Man from Canada's email with us, soo neat that his song got to sing HWNN with Gerry & Dewey & Band, is this by chance the same one that Moser got the pic of at that concert?

Ooooooops Johnny & Gianni ~~~ Sorry for my Bloopers! I did read your post right the first time Johnny I just didn't word my post right. Too much you putting We've and I should have caught this blooper, I really like that song alot! Soooo you did go to see the Paul Revere show ~~ Nice! ~~~ Hmmmmm I was wondering did he sing a song that goes something like this ~~~~~ Hey girl we've got to get it on again, work it out together, fall in love again, keep this love alive ~~~~ I heard this song on the radio yesterday and for some reason I was thinking Paul Revere & the Raiders sing it ~~ Do they????

Have a good day all ~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ There's so much you promised, how could I ever forget ~~ Listen ~~ You know I love you, but I just can't take this, you know I love you but I'm playing for keeps, although I need you, I'm not gonna make this, you know I want too, but I'm in toooo deep,~~~ sooo listen, listen to me, oooh you must believe me, I can feel your eyes gooo through me, but I don't know why, Oooh I know you're going, but I can't believe it's the way that you are leaving, it's like we never knew each other at all ~~~ it may be my fault, I gave you too many reasons being alone, when I didn't want tooo, I thought you'd always be there, I always believed you, alll this time I still remember everything you'd said, there's so much you promised ~~~ Sing it Mr. Phil Collins :)

Message: 24250 Posted: Tue Oct 01 03:42:02 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Today is the Day

I've got this feeling that today is the day...

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