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Message: 25611 Posted: Tue Dec 31 22:12:01 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Wishing you all... (For Red)

<<What does she [Laura Ingraham] have to say about Hillary?>>

Red ~ Probably something like "Ah, get behind me Satan/Quit ravishing the land".

I'm just conveying what I think Ingraham probably thinks about Hillary which are not my thoughts. I have no opinion (that I wish to express). :0)

Message: 25610 Posted: Tue Dec 31 19:25:29 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Bit o' the Bubbly

Happy Neu Jahr or something like that to everyone. We're here in MA to visit with the outlaws and celebrate the new year quietly. It was a very special year for me because of getting reacquainted... (How the heck do you spell that word anyway? I haven't even hit the bubbly yet and I'm already losing my use of the *#@?@#* language.) ...with my dearly beloved America and Gerry Gerry Gerry. I'm also really thankful to have gotten to know all of you cyberfriends here on the folder. Thanks for allowing me to be crazy and fanatical without feeling out of place. Thank you for your insights, particularly Janice this week, on life and its beauty. Thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my dad's illness. Thank you for this site, Steve L. Thank you guys for being you. Here's to a great 2003. Blessings everyone. PS: I almost forgot, thank you guys in the band for the soundtrack of my life this year as always.

Message: 25609 Posted: Tue Dec 31 19:08:20 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wishing you all...

Johnny, I wish you could have sent me Laura Ingraham in person. What does she have to say about Hillary?
Back to the chips & dip & the champagne on this night.

Message: 25608 Posted: Tue Dec 31 17:28:18 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Now Over the 800,000 Hit...

...mark occurred here today. Thanks Steve for another great year of providing us fans a wonderful site!

(Howdy from across the way Jimbob, Bruno, Chris, Gen, Goanna, and Jason! Jas ~ Hope the Dirt Pit Manor search is coming along well.)

Message: 25607 Posted: Tue Dec 31 17:13:09 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Wishing you all...

...a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Red ~ To you, I wish a HAPPY NUde YEAR!!! Did you receive my Christmas gift I sent you? It's a year's subscription to Laura Ingraham's weekly newsletter. :0)

My gosh, I forgot to mention the OTHER great music item from 2002: "Holiday Harmony," "Grand Cayman Concert," AND Dan's "Guitar Man"!!!

Message: 25606 Posted: Tue Dec 31 15:38:49 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: new year

I see my last posting reads 31 Dec., whereas here in NZ it is already 2003, in the afternoon. Did any of you know that NZ is the first country in the world to see the sun each day? Doesnt make it any easier to get up and go to work tho!

Message: 25605 Posted: Tue Dec 31 15:33:59 2002 By: jimbob
Subject: Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you AMERICA fans, especially Nancy, Gen, Margaret and Johnny,(my CLOSE friends!)Here's to another year of great sounds from the guys!

Message: 25604 Posted: Tue Dec 31 14:58:51 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Wishing you all

a very Happy New Year. May it be a better year than last year.

Message: 25603 Posted: Tue Dec 31 12:59:58 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and here's hoping for a better 2003 than 2002. Am looking forward to Hillary running for Prez in 2004. We have to remove Bush some way, before it's too late. I understand, also, that Bones has been ID'd as the cute blonde fan that sits in the front row of America concerts in those tight skirts and sings with his hands. I learned this on that wonderful other site. Anyway, the following says it all. Nancy, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!

ABBA - Happy New Year

No more champagne
And the fireworks are through
Here we are, me and you
Feeling lost and feeling blue
It's the end of the party
And the morning seems so grey
So unlike yesterday
Now's the time for us to say

Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbour is a friend
Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have our hopes, our will to try
If we don't we might as well lay down and die
You and I

Message: 25602 Posted: Tue Dec 31 10:59:23 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: To 2003!

Hi everyone,
Almost time for us here in France/ Europe to start celebrating the arriving New Year... So, Happy New Year to You!

Got those lyrics ( Nancy ;-)) from 'Check the Meaning' -on Richard Ashcroft's last album (HUMAN CONDTIONS) - in mind :
" Got my mind meditating on love, love
(The human condition, the human condition)
Too much blood, too much hate, turn off the set

Hope this SOMETHING that the worl is awaiting, is what we'll all find this year! May indeed 2003 be a PEACEFUL and happy year for us all. And may this world of ours really become less unjust at last ! Gen.

Message: 25601 Posted: Tue Dec 31 10:32:30 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: America (As A Trio) Bootleg Concert Tape

It's been awhile since I've listened to the Pittsburgh and Boston bootleg concert tapes. After doing so last night and this morning, I've come to the decision to offer up only the Pittsburgh tape. The reason being is because the songs are pretty much the same ones plus the Pittsburgh concert had a much more enthusiastic crowd. So much so, that the Boston concert comes off being slow in comparison plus the sound quality of the Boston concert is a lot poorer. Being a bootleg, even 'good' sound quality is average to less-than-average at best.

The playlist of the Pittsburgh concert (4-30-76) is: Three Roses, Don't Cross The River, Muskrat Love, Riverside, Ventura Highway, I Need You, Miniature, Tin Man, Baby It's Up To You, Amber Cascades, Moon Song, Lonely People, Today's The Day, Old Virginia, Old Man Took, Daisy Jane, Jet Boy Blue, She's A Liar, Woman Tonight (with Willie's cool drumming intro), Don't Let It Get You Down, Company, Horse, SGH, and Sandman. I'll try to squeeze in either "Story Of A Teenager" or "Half A Man" if there's any space left. Let me know your preference.

You can e-mail me at if you're interested in receiving the cassette. I'll let you know the total cost of materials and shipping (after I figure it out).

PS: If you should receive a message from anyone else using a similar but NOT EXACT e-mail address as mine, it's not from me. Don't be fooled by someone adding an extra "e" or "a" (or the opposite) to my address; a slightly different number (other than 56), or another provider other than Hotmail. Who would care to do that, right? You'd be surprised!!!

(Hi Janice ~ Glad to hear no one was injured in the car crash.)

Message: 25600 Posted: Tue Dec 31 09:25:29 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Just a Hi and Happy New Year!

Hi Everybody

Just a short post for now if you all can believe that~~~~ Well it is New Years day already in New Zealand.... sooo I wanna say Happy New Years to Jimmmmmmmmmmmm and our other Folder members from that part of the World. All the best for the New Year! Cheers! :)

Mo ~~ I enjoyed your hwy meditation ~~ Wow ~ Soooo glad to hear you now see how much of a part Dan really was in the early days...... Now maybe you can Start to Understand why there is a lot of us that would love to see them play as a Trio one more time. I too have been listening to my Highway CD's , I cried the first time listening to them....... it was like getting out all my albums and listening to them again. I love how it is a sample of all of them together. I look forward to reading the book, my Credit Union work is at a busy time of the Year now..... sooo I will have to wait to read it later on. Keep on enjoying all of this great music, and you will love getting to hear Hourglass when you do get it..... It is AWESOME!

Regarding the Cayman CD ~~~ Yes I do feel that Gerry & Dewey did this for us the Die Hard Fans..... but I can't help but wondering if one of these songs were to get played on the radio that it may capture some more fans attention. Fans that maybe haven't heard them for awhile.... and it would rekindle an interest in them again to take a listen to their music again...... Hmmmm I wonder! Yes Vic ~~~~ I too wonder which one of these songs Gerry & Dewey would want to be played on the radio...... that is a good Question!

Well I would love to write oooooooh soooooo much more, but I gotta get. I hope everyone has an Enjoyable, Safe New Years Eve, and that the New Year will bring lots of Peace, Happiness, Success, More Great Music to Us All! Happy New Year All! Nancy :)

~~~~ We drank a toast to innocense, we drank a toast to now, we tried to reach beyond the emptiness, but neither one knew how.~~~~~Just for a moment I was back at school and felt that old familiar pain, and as I turned to make my way back home the snow turned into rain...... Sing it Dan F ~~~~~ :) Nice song!

Message: 25599 Posted: Tue Dec 31 08:58:39 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Cayman CD.

Does anyone know how many copies of Holiday Harmony were sold from its release date until now? I'm also curious to know if all the phone calls and e-mails to radio stations helped with the sales of the CD.

Message: 25598 Posted: Tue Dec 31 08:17:42 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Cayman CD.

Mark: I realize all the ramifications and roadblocks, I was simply musing on such a winter's day. I know it would be just about impossible for anything off the Cayman CD to get some airplay, but it doesn't hurt to wonder what if.

But, to your point, if it were to happen, it would be high risk/high reward. Since Human Nature is America's own label, sure the band would have to pay for promotions out of its own pocket (I imagine most record labels make their bands pay for their own promotion anyway). If, however, the thing did catch on, it would be America who would rake in the dough because they're the label as well.

It's a gamble. The question becomes is it a gamble worth taking? Since it's not my money, it's easy to speculate.

And, heck, there's nothing else to talk about. This topic is as good as any other.


Message: 25597 Posted: Tue Dec 31 07:28:50 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Double Album CDs?

The double album CD of the first two albums, brought to light by Genevieve, sparked an idea. Maybe Rhino would consider doing double album releases of some of America's albums that have yet to be released on CD in the US. You can get 80 minutes of music on a CD, and your average 70's album had 30 to 40 minutes on it. So it would be easy to pair albums and release them on a single CD. In fact the Beach Boys have been doing this with many of their albums for years, so it is nothing new. Think of how strong a single CD with Holiday and Hearts would be! Then maybe they could follow it up with a Hideaway/Harbor CD. That would cover all the George Martin studio albums (Silent Letter was previously released domestically by One Way Records).

Of course that's not my first choice. My first choice would be for Rhino to release each individual album with bonus tracks and alternate versions. But I have pretty much given up on that ever happening. And I already own all the CDs, since they are available as imports. But I think Rhino releasing them in the US in pairs would be a good way to make some of America's classics available to the average American music buyer.

Message: 25596 Posted: Tue Dec 31 01:25:58 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Highway Meditation

Johnny, I saw them in the 70's too, (1973 in Hawaii) but they were mainly playing songs from Homecoming, which was great! I have pics of the 3 of them on stage, but they would probably to poor a quality to put up here. They didn't have digitals back
Woke up to a deer on the lawn and as many times as I have seen this each time is really neat.
AJ ran to the post office for me yesterday and wrecked his beamer (an older model that he had bought himself..$4,000 damage, and needless to say he'll be running a lot more errands for me. He is okay, which is the important thing, of course..just the ego a little bruised.
I feel his pain, as I remember my first car in the 70's..a 1969 Javelin..demolished on PCH by an uninsured drunk driver when I lived in Hermosa Beach. Those were the days...
Countdown to 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 25595 Posted: Mon Dec 30 21:18:03 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Highway Meditation

Mo ~ I enjoyed reading your "Highway Meditation" posting. I'm glad to see that you have a greater appreciation for Dan's work while he was an AMERICA member.

Everyone ~ What a great AMERICA-year it's been..."Holiday Harmony" and the acoustic "Grand Cayman Concert" CD (that I have yet to hear)! Plus, Brad Askew providing us with the "Harbor" documentary video and Howie providing the America concert from Ecuador! What else can be in store for us diehard fans???

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to hear the trio LIVE back during the time they performed songs together like Baby It's Up To You, Amber Cascades, Woman Tonight [with Willie's incredible drum intro], Today's The Day, She's a Liar, Jet Boy Blue, Story Of A Teenager, Old Virginia, Don't Let It Get You Down, Half A Man, and all the 'usual' America hit songs like Only In Your Heart with the audience in awe when that mirrored ceiling ball was lit-up with the spotlight??? For those of you who attended an America concert back in the mid-70s, remember that? I know Nina said she did. And wouldn't it be really cool to be able to hear the onstage banter between Gerry, Dan, and Dewey? To hear Dan say, "Thank you Gerry" and Gerry reply, "Thank you Daniel!" And, to hear the trio talk to the audience as they shouted out for the guys to play their favorites???

If the dubbing function on my stereo holds up, that's what's in store next for anyone who wants to hear the above mentioned songs. They're actually two AMERICA bootleg concert recordings from Boston in May of 75 and Pittsburgh in April of 76 and in their entirety. I'll do like Brad and Howie did...just have every interested person cover the cost of the cassettes, shipping, and the envelope mailer. Let me think how I want to handle this and I'll get back with you all.

Message: 25594 Posted: Mon Dec 30 20:46:08 2002 By: Brad
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

On the Cayman CD the version of Sandman is pretty much what Dewey played in Cincinnati with the Orchestra. He was playing his but off I was 10 feet from him. Also Baby it's Up to You , I got to here in Springfield this past summer and after playing it, Gerry was doing some riffs while waiting to play the next song which was what is heard on the Cayman CD . Hey everyone have a great New Year take care and God Bless.

Message: 25593 Posted: Mon Dec 30 20:37:38 2002 By: Margaret
Subject: End of Year Thoughts

It's almost time to go out for New Year's Eve here. Before I do, I would like to offer my thanks for 2002. Thanks Steve for providing this wonderful site again and to everyone who contributes to it. Thanks Gerry and Dewey for the new releases and thanks Gerry for taking us along for an extended journey with your photos. They have had special meaning to us, as we literally went along for the ride in February with our six shows in about 10 days. They provided us with some of our happiest memories of 2002.

About three weeks ago we went to see Brian Wilson at the same theatre where we saw America in Sydney in February. That was some show! There were 16 or 17 songs in the first set, then all of Pet Sounds plus Good Vibrations then about 6 songs in the encore. The theatre was jumping. That had me thinking that it would be fantastic to have a simillar America show. I see Hat Trick as the album to play in its entirety but guess that will never happen. What album would you choose for the second set?

May 2003 be happy and peaceful and may there be more special America moments.

Message: 25592 Posted: Mon Dec 30 20:34:38 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

Not to discourage anyone about promoting the Cayman CD, but Rhino is part of a major label who help promote HH by sending copies of the CD to hundreds of radio stations. They even told us if we found a station that hadn't gotten the CD to let them know and they would send it. Gerry's label, Human Nature doesn't have that kind of promotional budget. I think the guys released the Cayman CD as a treat for us America fans. I don't think they planned a nationwide promotional effort. However, if you want to give it a shot, go for it! It's just that you may need to be prepared to buy your favorite radio station a copy of the CD for them to play.

Message: 25591 Posted: Mon Dec 30 11:59:37 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Live In Central Park DVD

To followup what Steve Lowry added...yes,the DVD version of the Central Park show is superb--as good as any store bought copy could be. What impressed me most is the quality of the sound! If you have a 5.1 dolby digital setup,you will be amazed at just how good this show transfers over. I'm running Cerwyn-Vega and MB Quart speakers in my home theater,and its truly amazing! I would say if you consider yourself a diehard,at least contact John and see about the possibility of getting a copy. You wil not be disappointed.

Message: 25590 Posted: Mon Dec 30 11:45:56 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Highway Meditation.

It makes you realize the gods are human after all, doesn't it?


Message: 25589 Posted: Mon Dec 30 09:59:57 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Live In Central Park DVD

Last month John Corbett posted a message (#24925) saying that he could get a copy of the Live In Central Park DVD for $25. I asked him for more information about it and he told me that he has a contact in Singapore that can make DVD copies. The copies are based off of the 1997 LaserDisc version with Dolby Digital sound. The guy in Singapore has professional equipment and the DVDs should play on ALL regions, PAL or NTSC (surprise!). The catch is that he's asking for quite a bit for each copy and that's why John needs $25 for each one (to cover his costs).

Well, I got a copy and I know that Steve Orchard did, too. We were both blown away by it. The video is excellent but the audio is superb. You'll definitely want to play it on a DVD player that has a good sound system. SteveO may want to add his two cents about it.

I don't know if John can still get the DVD or not, but if you're interested you can contact him at and see what he says.

Thanks John for letting us know about this gem. Perhaps we'll get the record execs to wake up and get this officially out on DVD where it belongs.

Message: 25588 Posted: Mon Dec 30 09:42:00 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Highway Meditation

Moser,Great comments on the box set! It was certainly my pleasure as part of this chat folder to be included in the liner notes of the box set for any help I gave. Also,check out John Corbett's "Comprehensive History"--its also extremely detailed,and I was able to provide additional quotes from the guys from previous interviews.

Message: 25587 Posted: Mon Dec 30 09:05:45 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Highway Meditation

Santa was kind enough to bring me the Highway box set for Christmas. I'm really enjoying it, more than I thought I would, in fact. The collection of songs and demos is a good one. I particularly like the first CD.
I had the chance on Christmas day to read the liner notes nearly all the way through while we were driving down the highway to my sister's house in PA through some fairly nasty weather. At times we had to slow down to 30mph or less b/c of the snow. We counted 12 cars off of the road mostly just stuck in the snow. A few were more serious accidents--one pick-up on its side but it looked like everyone was out of the vehicle and walking around. Anyway, since my husband is a brave driver and I am a weak passenger, it was good to have the liner notes to concentrate on and even hold up in front of my eyes every now and then so I didn't have to watch!!
My main thought is this, the pictures and notes in the Highway book are a double-edged sword. They're sort of bittersweet. Obviously, I love all of the pictures. You can never get enough pictures in my opinion. I'm especially happy to have the picture of Gerry with no glasses on--a rarity for sure. And the pic of Gerry and Dewey on the beach is one of my favorites--you've gotta love those great pink bib overalls. Yum. And who knew they had their own plane. How cool is that?
The liner notes are awesome too and really well written. My natural voyeurist tendencies thrive on all this great inside info. I devoured the insights shared by the band and others here.
The bittersweet is this, it takes away some of the illusions when you know the facts. It's like knowing how the magic trick works. Let me explain in another way. Do you remember the song Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles? Well to me the gist of that song was that no longer does the listener have the option of imagining what the song means or creating their own mental video. The interpretation is now in technicolor on video. There is no room for the fantasy of what the song means to the listener or what the listener might imagine the songwriter was feeling when they wrote it. The definition of the song is often left to some video director who may or may not be much of a visionary or even a fan of the music he/she is representing. At least that's what the Buggles were saying to me in that song. Please don't correct me if I'm wrong. I've had enough illusions shattered lately, I don't want any more.
This Highway booklet is similar because we are now aware of things that we (or at least I) didn't realize before. For instance, there is no real person who inspired Daisy Jane. There wasn't much fun in recording remotely for the Hideaway and Harbor albums. Both sessions had their shortcomings and the Harbor session was perhaps the obvious beginning of the end for Dan as part of America. You know what, I didn't need to know that. It's kinda sad. I had romanticized those times at the Hideaway and Harbor sessions in my teenage years to gigantic proportions. The reality of it is far less fun. Forgive me for being a romantic but seriously, isn't that what gets you through the less than ideal teenage years?
Another aspect of the double edge is this, I appreciate Dan more now and mourn his loss a bit more now than I did before. Don't get me wrong, I still don't wish for a reunion--too much water under that bridge. But the sad part is this, he was clearly more talented than I had given him credit for previously. And it's a shame that he let it slip away b/c of an addiction to excess. It's difficult to understand for me, the only addiction I've ever suffered from is one to chocolate. (Fortunately, I can usually still function well within society.) I guess I always just figured he bailed because things were getting to be less than rosy for America. I know I've been resistant to read his own bio and therefore could have been more informed if I had. It's just that I couldn't bring myself to wade through it. It was just too much. Rainy Day, Don't Cross the River, Saturn Nights, and Hat Trick are all excellent songs. I'm glad to have the chance to rediscover them.
Another realization from these notes is that I don't think I'll run right out and buy the Your Move or Perspective albums. I will someday, of course, but not tomorrow.
To be fair, there are some absolutely positive things revealed in the notes. Dewey's Three Roses is really a beautiful song and I'm glad to hear it was based in reality. Thanks for that Dewey. I always prefer to hear that. Secondly, it's clearer now to me that these guys were really huge!! I knew that they were but I kind of discovered them later in the scheme of their popularity around '78 or early '79. I always knew of the early years in retrospect, not first hand. They had a plane. They had a plane. Wow. They met John Wayne and Bob Hope. Wow. They worked with George Martin. (Well I actually already knew that for a long time but hey it's worth a wow anyway.) Wow. They've endured through the thick and the thin times. They didn't have to but I'm sure glad they did. Wow. And, well, thanks. My life has been enhanced because of you guys. That's pretty cool. I guess I can live with knowing a little bit of the reality of your lives. A little bit. No more, please. Some illusions need to stay intact!
PS: How cool is it to see that research assistance was provided by some of the famous from the folder? How cool that you guys got to make the acknowledgements listing. Wow.

Message: 25586 Posted: Mon Dec 30 06:42:56 2002 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Most Eligible

Dissent: perhaps an "unplugged" version of a song average people recognize could succeed better, airplaywise? My vote goes to Daisy Jane.

That's just my own jaded opinion.

Message: 25585 Posted: Mon Dec 30 02:57:01 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Belated Holiday Greetings!

Sittin' by the fireside, with a book in my hand. Two lazy dogs watching the CAT...ahahaa! A way to control the beast!

I see some of you got a signed CD??? I didn't get one..wah. But, I did get the holiday e-mail mentioned. Silly me, I even responded!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has fun plans for New Years. I will be spending mine with Dick Clark who must be about 150 by now. Ryan is in a timeshare for the week in Orlando Walt Disney World with some friends, and AJ is availing himself of Ryan's apartment.

I am starting the daunting task of undecorating, being one of those weird people that even change over to Christmas linens and dishes. Santa was especially good to me, although I don't need "materials" to feel blessed these days.

It is amazing how much a life-threatening illness can change your perspective on things. It is a blessing in itself. I can honestly say that if this was to be my last year, it has been a wonderful one. I have read what I wanted to read, taken in the mountains and beautiful sunsets, visited lighthouses, and spent quality time with my kids.
I have no resolutions to make and feel an inner peace that I have never felt before in my life. All is well in the world.

Happy New Year, and may God bless you all.


Message: 25584 Posted: Sun Dec 29 23:41:28 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Cayman CD

This is my opinion, concerning the "The Grand Cayman Concert", and the promoting of the CD: We should continue to enjoy it for what it is, an "unplugged" version of some of the greatest AMERICA songs of all time. The more I listen to it, the more I feel that it is a labor of love, something that Dewey and Gerry released for us, the die hards. When I got home from work that day, and found my autographed copy, the first thing I did was go to the chat folder to see if any of my fellow AMERICA fans had received their copies. It was either Moser or Robyn who first made claim to having received their autogrphed copy, followed by Steve L. I posted my claim to having received my autograped copy, then went to have a listen. Before the end of the first track, I had tears in my eyes. Having said this, it is my opinion, that the beauty of this CD, cannot be appriciated by the typical, top 40, FM listener, not to mention the program directors, and DJ's whose ears it would have to get by first. Can we really convince them to give air play to an unplugged version of a 20 to 30 year old song. They simply do not have the love for this band and their music, not the way we do. What we need is a long range plan. We need to be patient, to bide our time and conseve our efforts. What we would be waiting for, of course, would be the release of a new CD with new material, hopefully, within the next year to 2 years. We could really gear up for this in advance, maybe achieve 100 fold what we achieved with th "HH" CD, thanks to Jim Nakao. We only had a month, month and a half, to get the word out about "HH". Jim has said, more than once, how the "HH" CD, and it's success, could be esential for the possible release of a new CD in the future. There has never been a promise of any thing new, but always a hopeful looking forward to a new release. I would be willing to be part of a grass roots promotional movement. With CD's in hand, I would be willing to hit the 5 radio stations here in Tucson, possibly those in Phoenix also. With advance noti ce, we could really have an impact. This is all in my mind right now, and I may be over looking something so obvious that would make this impossible. I also realize, that Dewey and Gerry would never release anything based solely upon the desires and well wishes of a bunch of die hard fans, but on the other hand, as Gerry said in the CNN interview, "...the fan site is where the real work goes down" Having said all this, if Dewey and Gerry were, in some way, to indicate to us that they would prefer that we promoted the Cayman CD, then NEVERMIND! Just my opinion.

To answer Johnny's question, if it did come down to promoting a song from the Cayman CD, I cast my vote for "Baby It's Up To You". "Sandman" is my favorite from the CD, followed by "Windwave", however, "Baby It's Up To You" would probably appeal to a wider cross section of listeners.

Message: 25583 Posted: Sun Dec 29 20:07:42 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Most Eligible

It would seem to me that "Baby It's Up To You" would be the obvious choice since so many of the songs have already been released as a single or the flipside to a single and that would include "All My Life".

I'm eager to read which song from the CD other fans here think would be most eligible.

Message: 25582 Posted: Sun Dec 29 17:53:12 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

agreed we should try something but I have one question. Is there any song the guys want us to target? That might be good to know. just a thought....

Message: 25581 Posted: Sun Dec 29 13:49:08 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

I'll have to give the Cayman CD another listen and try to choose one song that stands above the others for airplay. It's a great CD and will be a tough choice. I'm wondering that since it is on the Human Nature Label, how difficult would it be to get it into the hands of radio stations? I'm ready and willing to get on the bandwagon again and help promote it. Maybe we should see if QVC would be interested in having the guys come on and sing a few songs and talk to everyone. A lot of people are not aware that they're still touring and recording. They need more television exposure too.

Message: 25580 Posted: Sun Dec 29 12:28:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "From a Moving train" (Oops!)

CAN'T Fall...rather. Can't spell either! :0)

Message: 25579 Posted: Sun Dec 29 12:22:49 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "From a Moving train"

Unfortunately for me, I can't agree or disagree with which America song from the Cayman CD would be the best release for a single. NOW that I know it's only available via a couple of online CD sites, I'll place my order.

Mo ~ A question for you: As a diehard America fan, why haven't you purchased "Hourglass"? It's 'only' been about 8 years since it was released! It is one of the best America duo CDs in my opinion. It has been available numerous times on eBay for less than 5 bucks. Have seen it sell for only a dollar.

Regarding "Special Girl" vs. "Can Fall Asleep To A Lullaby," I wholeheartedly agree with you, SteveO. It was the record exec that thought "Special Girl" would be a huge hit, I believe I read.

Regarding "Human Nature," I, too, think "FAMT" was the best choice for the first release and should have been followed-up quickly by "Wednesday Morning". I sort of can't believe we're still discussing this, but until something better I suppose. I think the momentum was lost during the debate between the fans and Oxygen whether it should have been "Wednesday Morning" or "Moment To Moment". I think by the time we convinced Oxygen to promote "WM," the guys were too involved in touring. I believe they were already scheduled to tour Spain. Perhaps they were so busy that they couldn't properly promote a second single in the US. It's merely speculation on my part though.

Message: 25578 Posted: Sun Dec 29 11:45:14 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "From a Moving train"

I realize a number of the fans here on this website prefer "Wednesday Morning" over "From a Moving train". But in my dealings with both Oxygen and the interviews with Gerry & Dewey,they felt that "From a Moving train" was the best choice to re-introduce the guys to the public. That song recieved adequate airplay here in the U.P. and Northern Wisconsin. That doesn't always mean its the "right" choice. Case in point: "Special girl" over "Can't fall asleep to a lullabye" from 1984's "Perspective"--clearly a puzzling choice. 'Lullabye' was a much stronger song,but record execs at that time felt "Special girl"
was the obvious choice. Even in a 1989 interview with me,Dewey never felt that strong about that song. But you can make arguments all you want from singles past and present. I thought "Don't cry baby" was one of the better songs from "Harbor",and even though it was released as a single,it never charted. Go figure...

Message: 25577 Posted: Sun Dec 29 11:29:07 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

I agree that Wednesday Morning would be my pick of the litter from Human Nature. What a great song, very catchy even though the message is a melancholy one. But I have to dissent on All My Life from the Cayman CD. I love the original. And I know this will not be a popular opinion on this board but I think Gerry sings the Cayman version just a little bit off key. Okay, no throwing tomatoes or anything. I love the man as much as any fan but that song doesn't sound quite right to my ear. So, if I were going to pick a single for radio play, it would not be All My Life. I'll get back to you on what I would prefer instead. I am undecided at this point. Don't anyone hold your breath, now.

Message: 25576 Posted: Sun Dec 29 11:24:42 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Grand Cayman...

Do yourselves a favor folks and check out this CD. Really sounds good on headphones.

Love to see Jeff Larson do something like this live on CD someday... a couple of guitars, piano and maybe some shakers.


Message: 25575 Posted: Sun Dec 29 11:14:15 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Cayman CD

I agree. If I had to pick one song to get radio airplay off the Cayman CD, it would be "All My Life." It sounds even better than the original. It's has an infectious hook. That's not to say there aren't other songs, like Baby It's Up To You and Windwave.

One thing is for sure, the same mistake can't be made as with Human Nature, where they only got one shot and they picked a song to release (From A Moving Train) that wasn't nearly as strong as other potential hits, especially (Wednesday Morning).


Message: 25574 Posted: Sat Dec 28 12:21:48 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Baby I't Up to You (Us) - Put the Family to the HH Test

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. Nancy, you got off easy with only six inches of snow~~we had 20 inches fall on Christmas day and couldn't go anywhere. It was nice to just spend a quiet day at home for a change. We went down to visit my family the next day. My husband's family came over Christmas Eve so of course I had to play my Holiday Harmony CD for them. Gerry had said during the CNN interview that people would definitely know that it was America singing these songs so I decided to put my sister-in-law to the test and asked her who was singing. After listening to only a few seconds of "Winter Wonderland" she said, "That's America". I hadn't even mentioned to her that they had a Christmas CD and she knew immediately that it was them. She was a teenager during the 70's also and used to buy my boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband) America 8-tracks sometimes as presents. What a great sister!! We used to listen to them all the time in his car. He took me to my first America concert back in 1978 while we were in college and we just celebrated our 22-year Wedding Anniversary yesterday. He's a terrific guy!!!

Message: 25573 Posted: Sat Dec 28 10:20:12 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Baby its Up to You (Us) ~~ The Other Gerry & Yeah Nina!

Hi Everbody ~~ It is still a White Winter Wonderland here in PA, Christmas Day we got 6 inches of snow and Santa slept in......getting up just in time to save the day! LOL :)

Hi there Kevin ~~ Regarding Christmas being over now and Let's try this with the Grand Cayman songs.... I did mention to Brian the DJ that they released this CD and I asked him to go to either the fansite here or to Amazon and take a listen to the clips... He had told me that he really enjoyed the Highway Box CD set, that the songs sounded great.... I said well then you are in for a real treat, taking a listen to the Grand Cayman CD.... I love the song Baby It's Up To You.... as well as To Each His Own and of course All My Life.... if I were to pick which one of these I would like to have played on the radio it would be All My Life Hands down...... what a beautiful song...... I also would love to hear Windwave too.... that song is soooo AWESOME! Sooo if you guys wanna give this a shot like we did with the HH cd songs I am all for it..... Let's Do It! ~~~~ Now on the other hand, my in laws came for supper the other night and afterwards we were talking and of course I had to put my HH cd in my new DVD player and let them take a listen to this..... Hey ya know what they really liked it.... sooo I am gonna make a cassette of this for them..... I also put in the America in Concert DVD and a sample of the Grand Cayman songs too..... I showed them my Highway Booklet.... and my hubby said to them "See how hooked she is on AMERICA and their music.... he said we will go and see them in April and she will be recharged for next year ~~ LOL! I love it tho, they did agree that Gerry & Dewey have very nice music and my Mother in law liked the harmonizing in the songs.... of course I had to point out how good both Gerry & Dewey are looking and especially when I can see Gerry's dimple and smile.... All in all it was a Nice visit! Ooooh one more thing at the start of the lunch hour a young man called and requested Horse with no Name.... sooo I then called and requested Winter Wonderland or Sleigh Ride.... now Brian was off for xmas sooo it was one of the younger DJ's and he said yeah sure I will get that on for you.... well I kept waiting and waiting for him to play it... and the lunch hour was just about up, finally he put my phone conversation on and I was already to hear that familiar beginning of Sleigh Ride, well you won't believe this.... he played Air Supply singing Sleigh Ride ~~~~ :( bbboooooooooo hoooooooooo, he musn't have been able to find where it was in their long playlist of xmas songs....... I must admit I am hearing more and more people requesting AMERICA's songs on the lunch hour. Nice for sure! :)

Aha ~~ Gerry Beckley ~~not that Gerry Beckely.... sooo your name is the same as our Gerry's that is tooo Neat..... WOW ~~ when did you discover this.... have you been a fan of AMERICA's since the beginning? Have you met Gerry? You really have my Inquiring Mind curious now! I know that it is possible to have the same name as others.... I know of 3 other Nancy Holtz's right here in PA and there is a Nancy that has my maiden name..... I thought that was really strange.... We are all different ages and we all have middle names that begin with the letter M ~~ How about that!!!!!

Hi there Nina thanks for checking in...... Nice that you got the Grand Cayman for a xmas gift..... It is sooo nice for sure.... I listened to it 3 times last night..... I just love how clear the sound is and I think both Gerry & Dewey sound AWESOME on it..... I know I have said this before about Pidgeon song..... but it really sounds good on here. It really has me a Hankerin to hear some more of those timeless magical hidden gems that we the die hard fans love tooo...... How about it Gerry & Dewey would you consider adding some other older ~~ newer Gems to the Playlist for the New Year? Would Ya Please!!!!!! :)

Hi there Gen ~~~ Wow Sooo nice to hear from you this much.... the Homecoming DVD is on my list to get next too enjoy too..... I sure hope you will get the opportunity to see AMERICA for a show in your Part of the world real soon! :) Take care!

Well today we will be celebrating Christmas with my Husband's side of the family, we went to my Parent's for Christmas day.... that makes it nice not having to try and do both places in one day.... Sooo I gotta get now. Enjoy the rest of your day! Nancy :)

~~~ Wherever I go it's coming back to me.... whoever I know they send it back to me, I know the night will be alright, as long as your love keeps coming right back to me, Right back to Me for all to see that our love is true, I put on a show, its very clear to me, and when I am low I feel you're near to me..... Sing it Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 25572 Posted: Sat Dec 28 07:55:30 2002 By: GerryBeckley(not that Gerry)
Subject: Re: "The Other Gerry"

Correct again, BDM.....there is more than one in this vast universe of ours.I just can't play or sing like him!

Message: 25571 Posted: Fri Dec 27 13:37:26 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Baby, It's Up To You.

Okay, now that Christmas music is over for the next 11 months, why not do the same grass roots guerrilla warfare on these stations to play something off of the Cayman Island CD?

Let's see if we can do the really impossible and get a non-Christams America song some airplay.

Baby, it's up to you. And you. And you. And me.


Message: 25570 Posted: Fri Dec 27 11:14:15 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "The Other Gerry"

Well OK Gerry! But you still didn't answer the question about the OTHER half of your name! Are you saying that it's B------? And Moser, I'm glad you were so amused by my post. I've only seen ONE Dodge Viper, and it WAS red! The owner was polishing it and told me it cost $70,000!

Message: 25569 Posted: Fri Dec 27 10:36:48 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Just checkin' in!

Hi all...Season's Greetings! Just checkin' in to tell you all that I'm alive and well, after a Christmas storm here in Massachusetts that left my little town with over 16 inches of snow! Luckily my folks live within walking distance, so I bundled myself up like the Michlin Tire man and out into the blizzard I went! Watching niece and nephew open their gifts is a joy without compare! So...I spoil them a little..big deal! Hey, they gifted me (with ample help from my sister) with the Grand Cayman Concert CD which I love, love, LOVE! Can't stop listening to it! Gerry and Dewey...unplugged. Great job, guys! I hope Santa was as good to all of you! See you in 2003!

Message: 25568 Posted: Fri Dec 27 10:04:55 2002 By: GerryBeckley(not that Gerry)
Subject: Re: "not that Gerry" But Gerry, none the less!

You guessed it BDM...I am Gerry...but not that keep things straight. I am formally known as Gerald...but I much prefer Gerry. Good Wishes...from....well, you know the rest! Happy New Year.

Message: 25567 Posted: Fri Dec 27 08:20:51 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD audio & more...

Thanks for the precisions Mark.
Finally ordered the cd from (Germany). Could pay in `
€ ( becoming lazy, hate conversions :-) )
They say: "Nur noch 5 Stück auf Lager -Warenneulieferung in Kürze" (+/- meaning 5 copies left - new delivery soon). Seems to confirm the opus is quite successful, or am I wrong?
You won't be surprised to read that their #1 America album is still 'Das letze Einhorn'.
Some things never really change!...

Message: 25566 Posted: Fri Dec 27 08:01:16 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD audio & more...

The Grand Cayman concert CD was released by Gerry's own label Human Nature Records, while Homecoming and Holiday Harmony were released by Warner Bros / Rhino. WB/Rhino is a major label with a worldwide distribution network. Human Nature doesn't have the distribution network of a major label (yet).

Message: 25565 Posted: Fri Dec 27 07:48:52 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD audio & more...

Oh, is it? Ok, then. Thanks. I'll spread the info.

Good thing: have just found an available copy of the Homecoming DVD audio cd from ( easier when you can pay in Euro).
Interestingly enough, also found out that when you use the 'sort out by ...bestselling' search fonction on their site, Homecoming comes first....

Message: 25564 Posted: Fri Dec 27 07:34:26 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD audio & more...

Genevieve, as far as I know The Grand Cayman concert is only available three places:,, and

Message: 25563 Posted: Fri Dec 27 07:30:14 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AMERICA information & fotos

Jim, thanks for pointing out the Ian Samwell story by Ray Baisden. As you surmised, it is on the America Fans Links web page (/america/links.htm), the 15th entry down from the top. If any of you ever have some spare time, check out all the links. You'll be amazed at what's out there. --SteveL

Message: 25562 Posted: Fri Dec 27 07:02:47 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Homecoming DVD audio & more...

Hi eveyone,
Hope you're all doing good after all the past days' excesses.
I wonder if anyone of you knows about the sales figures concerning the Homecoming DVD audio cd? It was officially released here on 3 septembre 2002 by Warner Vision France but is currently unavailable this Xmas. Official version : sales went better than expected and stock ran out. Try later.
Tried to buy a new copy for a friend this Xmas and was told this almost everywhere - same message at : Actuellement indisponible (currently unavailable!)
How is the DVD audio doing in the US and elsewhere, so?

HH is distributed in France too now. This is not yet the case of the Grand Cayman Concert cd. I don't understand why exactly. Steve, have you got any info that might help?

BTW, I also realised that  Warner bros had released a double cd set in oct 2001 including both the debut album and Homecoming. says :'only one copy left. Better order immediately'... WHO said America has only little success here? Open question. LOL. Gen.

Message: 25561 Posted: Thu Dec 26 22:21:47 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Various Rants!

<<I take incredible delight in doing this.>> Laugh. <<And lately my FAVORITE commercial to avoid...the Lexus & Jaguar ads where someone is squealing with delight, having just gotten a car for Christmas with a bow on it. If I see those commercials one more time I'm gonna SCREAM! ARRRRGH!! I mean has one person here ever gotten a car with a bow on it? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!>> Okay this really made me laugh. You are so right. Who actually gets a car for any occasion let alone a Lexus for Christmas? Stop it, you're making me crack up. This was extra funny to me too b/c my husband kept saying all day on Christmas, "Oh is this present the keys to my new Viper?" Well, yeh, honey, we just went right out and bought you a $50,000 car that only seats two out of the five of us for a little stocking stuffer. Dream on. That's as likely as me getting to have guitar lessons from Gerry Gerry Gerry! Not happening. (Oh to dream.) I know...Gerry giving guitar lessons while riding along with me in a new red Viper. Oh, sorry, Honey, there's not enough seats for you to join us. We'll be back later. Ta Ta. VVVRRRRoooomMmmmm. Ok, sometimes I CAN be cruel.

Message: 25560 Posted: Thu Dec 26 22:06:16 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA information & fotos

Check out this Web site if it is not already linked in. This is from a page written by Ray Baisden about AMERICA's 1st producer Ian Samwell. I liked what he said about AMERICA. Really good stuff & nice fotos.

an excerpt by Ray Baisden    

America has proven to be as durable as they are talented. So far they have released twenty-two subsequent albums, several of which attracted the interest and assistance of legendary Beatles producer George Martin. Their most recent album of new songs was released in 1999. Called Human Nature, it is well deserving of your attention.

As one of the hardest working bands in the world, they continue to delight over a hundred concert audiences world wide every year with their hits as well as an ever varying array of new material. If, like me until just a few years ago, you have only heard them on record, do yourself a BIG favor and go catch them live at your very next opportunity

Message: 25559 Posted: Thu Dec 26 21:23:07 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Various Rants!

Johnny, thanks for correcting my mention of the "sister" lyric. Yes, I agree re "Gerry", but still...why use THAT name? As far as CSN&Y, I ddn't see it, but I have seen some cool music stuff recently on PBS, such as Roger McGuinn & Peter, Paul & Mary. I have been teaching my wife my preferred method of watching PBS stuff- I tape it, then zip through the commercials and just watch "the good stuff"! LOL! So I just sorta conveniently skip through all that "fund raising". Now...come on folks, don't make me feel guilty! =) And while I'm on the subject, am I the only one who roars when they try to sell you a copy of what you've just taped for free? =) ("Folks, you can own your very own copy of tonight's broadcast on VHS or DVD so you can watch it 50,000 times") OK, I'll admit preferred method of watching EVERY show is to tape it and "skim the cream"...I take incredible delight in doing this. I mean, just think of how much of your life you can save by watching a 58 minute show in 45 minutes, and avoiding all those "60 Minutes" and "Dateline" stories that bore us to death! Yeah! We only wanna see the GOOD stories, right? =) And lately my FAVORITE commercial to avoid...the Lexus & Jaguar ads where someone is squealing with delight, having just gotten a car for Christmas with a bow on it. If I see those commercials one more time I'm gonna SCREAM! ARRRRGH!! I mean has one person here ever gotten a car with a bow on it? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Message: 25558 Posted: Thu Dec 26 20:00:42 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA performs on PBS

<<A friend of mine mentioned that he saw AMERICA on some PBS show Tues & Wed nite.>>

I didn't see AMERICA on PBS Tues & Wed nite, BUT I did see CSN&Y on those nights. Do you all think maybe.....nah! :0)

Message: 25557 Posted: Thu Dec 26 19:53:19 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "not that Gerry" (For Bruce, Mo, & "Not That Gerry")

Bruce ~ I suspect "GerryBeckley(not that Gerry)" merely admires Gerry very much. Could it really be Mo? Just kiddin'. By the way, Mo, I bet if Gerry were to write you a personal message, it would be very much like the one you posted. :0)

GerryBeckley(not that Gerry) ~ Thanks for posting what G&D's Christmas message said.

There IS a Gerry Beckley who lives in Fairfax, VA. <--- "Meet me in the middle/Will you meet me in VA". His middle initial is "A" though. There's also another "Dewey Bunnell" but he lives in East Liverpool, OH. His middle initial is "W".

Someone here last week or so (perhaps you Bruce?) quoted the original lyrics of "Sister Golden Hair" as "Meet me in the middle/Will you meet me in Virginia". Actually, it's "VA" which, of course, is short for "Virginia". It's like Dewey's song "And Forever" with the lyrics, "I remember sidewalk laughter/Down New Orleans, LA". "LA" being short for Louisiana.

Message: 25556 Posted: Thu Dec 26 13:19:49 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "not that Gerry"

"By: GerryBeckley(not that Gerry)"--HEY NO OFFENSE but why would you use THAT particular name out of every name on this earth on this chat board? Is that really your name?

Message: 25555 Posted: Thu Dec 26 12:57:33 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Christmas in Ct/unofficially No 27

I checked their web page but they don't have the weekly charts posted on it, only the year end charts. Hopefully they will publish a weekly in the magazine and America will be on it!

Message: 25554 Posted: Thu Dec 26 10:58:12 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Christmas in Ct/unofficially No 27

Yep - They didn't have the TOP 3 0posted but I went through station by station and kept a running total of all the songs that had airplay - As soon as a song got to more than 140 I stopped counting but I could only find 26 with more than 140

Message: 25553 Posted: Thu Dec 26 08:57:54 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Christmas in Ct/unofficially No 27


Are you talking about the Radio and Records charts?

Message: 25552 Posted: Thu Dec 26 08:39:04 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: AMERICA performs on PBS

I'd be happy for one CD (new music) instead of seven right now.

Message: 25551 Posted: Thu Dec 26 06:44:19 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Christmas Greeting From VH.Com?

Johnny, my message said, "Moser, it was a pleasure to meet you this year. We look forward to seeing you at our concerts next year. Happy early 40th birthday. Hope we get to celebrate with you at Casino Rama. Have a great holiday and tell that lovely family of yours hello for us. Hugs, Ger and Dew. PS: We enjoy your posts on the folder, you are one funny girl!"

Just kidding, of course. In my dreams perhaps.

Message: 25550 Posted: Wed Dec 25 22:39:06 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA performs on PBS

A friend of mine mentioned that he saw AMERICA on some PBS show Tues & Wed nite. HOLIDAY HARMONY really seemed to go a long way. That is really great. Maybe one morning we might read in the trades that some major label has signed AMERICA to a 7 record deal.

Message: 25549 Posted: Wed Dec 25 21:49:02 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: new america album title

Hey, since America keeps sending us photos of views from hotel windows, they could call their new album, View From a Hotel Window, as a sequel to their View From the Ground album. And there'd still be an "H" in there (haha).

Message: 25548 Posted: Wed Dec 25 16:12:03 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Christmas in Ct/unofficially No 27

We are looking at 2 inches of freezing rain, sleet and now snow..Suppose to get another 5 inches tonight. Merry Christmas!!! And oh by the way Winter Wonderland went from 33 stations and 81 plays to 41 stations and 140 plays if my math is right... I went by the website not the magazine and I've had a little Christmas Cheer.. I get it in the mail on Friday.. I looks like it will be 27th on the chart. the website only had station playlists not top 30 overall playlists so I could be off here or there. 3 stations played the song 10 times or more.

Message: 25547 Posted: Wed Dec 25 13:29:41 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: "Holiday Harmony"-Kim


Someone must have heard your complaint about the weather. We've now got sun and 56 degrees.

Message: 25546 Posted: Wed Dec 25 13:14:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Christmas in California

Is beautiful as always! a slight chill in the air temps in the high 50's low 60's ( that's brr here in CA!)
Merry Christmas to all!

Message: 25545 Posted: Wed Dec 25 12:37:14 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: "Holiday Harmony"-Kim


It's 97.1, KWFMfm. They have been playing all Christmas music since Thanksgiving, but they are returning to the original format( 60s and 70s oldies), some time later today. Just checked the station at 1:40PM. They are still playing Christmas songs. You might try 94.9fm also. Sorry about the rain and cold. By Friday it will be back to the mid 60's. No one on the folder was suppose to know about the rain and cold.(:0) How long will you be in town?

Message: 25544 Posted: Wed Dec 25 11:44:02 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: "Holiday Harmony"-Vic

Hi Vic! I'am visiting your lovely city of Tucson for the Holidays and was wondering where on the dial I can find that radio station? Also, what is with all your rain and cold weather? We came here to get WARM!!!

Hope all of my fellow America fans have a wonderful Christmas and holiday!!

Merry Christmas


Message: 25543 Posted: Wed Dec 25 11:39:06 2002 By: GerryBeckley(not that Gerry)
Subject: Re: Christmas Greeting From VH.Com?

Johnny..... Here's the mesage I received:

Thanks for a GREAT year! Here's wishing you all Happiness and Harmony
throughout the Holidays and into the New Year!
AMERICA, Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 25542 Posted: Wed Dec 25 11:25:56 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Christmas Greeting From VH.Com?

I saw on the VH.Com message board that some fans rec'd a Christmas greeting from D&G! For those of us who didn't (perhaps because we've never left an e-mail address on their site), would someone be kind enough to post verbatim what their message said? Thanks in advance!

Message: 25541 Posted: Wed Dec 25 10:14:13 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music....

Recieved the "Grand Cayman" CD from my Mother-in-law for Christmas this morning. Good stuff! "Windwave", "Baby, it's up to you"...Yep!

I'm not worthy...JB

Message: 25540 Posted: Wed Dec 25 07:59:00 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Good Morning!


Message: 25539 Posted: Tue Dec 24 22:35:36 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Santa Sleeps

We got home from the candlelight service at church a little after midnight. We had the kids check the website to see if he had been to NY yet. Luckily, he had been to Wash. DC, Philly, and St. Louis but not NY yet. So, they hurried off to bed so he wouldn't skip our house. Now the presents are under the tree and Santa gets to sleep. AAAhhhh, hello pillow. Merry Christmas everyone.

Message: 25538 Posted: Tue Dec 24 21:20:27 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: White Christmas

Have a great Christmas everyone. No chance of a white Christmas here on the west coast. Absolutely pouring right now. Oh well. Off to bed, the kids will be up at 4:00 no doubt.

Message: 25537 Posted: Tue Dec 24 20:05:57 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Christmas Cheer!

Wishing you all a VERY aMERIca CHRISTMAS!!!

Thanks DEW and GER for a great Christmas CD and another year of INCREDIBLE music!

Happy HOLIDAY & HARMONY to all!!!


Message: 25536 Posted: Tue Dec 24 20:03:58 2002 By: Lass
Subject: White Christmas

Happy Holiday wishes to all. Looks like a very white Christmas in here in NE PA. Forecasting any where from 12 to 18 inches of snow. I'd trade White Christmas for Christmas in Califoria ~Headin' on down the coast Over surf and sand, The warm wind in your hair~

Message: 25535 Posted: Tue Dec 24 14:38:43 2002 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all.........long live America!

Message: 25534 Posted: Tue Dec 24 10:50:15 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Happy Holidays

A very Merry Xmas to everyone and a Happy New Year.
Enjoy your Holidays !
Frohe Weihnachten to you Red. Danke schön for the fun you bring to this folder.
And Buon Natale to your uncle Vitto, Vic! :-)
A special thought for you Nancy and Jim... and for you too, Tom.
Bon Nadal to my Catalan friends as well. See you in Barcelona very soon!

Message: 25533 Posted: Tue Dec 24 10:07:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Holidays

To everyone here, have a wonderful holiday!

Message: 25532 Posted: Tue Dec 24 09:27:25 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Happy Holidays & Special Thanks!

Hi Everyone~~ Hmmmm it is calling for 2 to 5 inches of the White stuff tonight into tomorrow here in PA.... sooo it looks like a White Christmas ~~ Winter Wonderland ~~ Winter Holiday for sure!!!!! :)

Seasons Greetings One & All! WOW ~~~ I am soo Thankful for all the Happiness, Smiles, Laughter, Great Music & New Friends that I have been Blessed with this past year and a half in finding this Great site! Hmmmm Gerry is singing Kiss of Life here..... wow what a nice song and such a beautiful message for sure..... Mo you just gotta hear this great song!

Oooooh Brad ~~ Your holiday greeting is soo Nicely put ~~ Thanks! :)

Yes Red ~~~~ Thanks to you too for just being Simply Red ~~~ Sooo nice having You as a friend! :)

Sooo here it is Christmas Eve ~~~ Hmmm I sure do Hope it will be a Christmas to Remember for all of Us! Take care! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year filled with all the Simple Things that Matters the Most!

Hi there Gen ~~~ Seasons Greetings to you and Yours too! Take Care!

See you all soon ~~ Nancy :) I could sing ooh soo many songs right now..... one keeps coming into my mind tho.... I just want to Thank You for the best days of my life~~~ Sing it Dido ~~~ :)

Message: 25531 Posted: Tue Dec 24 09:00:40 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Special Thanks

For those of you who have:

Laughed with me, laughed at me, agreed with me, ridiculed me, cussed me, prayed with me, talked with me, sympathized with me, and above all, listened to me, here's hoping you have a,

frohe Weihnachten und glückliches neues Jahr
Joyeux Noël et nouvelle année heureuse
Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo
Buon Natale e nuovo anno felice

And above all, may 2003 be a prosperous and joyous year for AMERICA. After all, they are what makes this all worthwhile. See a concert near you in 2003. Peace and prosperity to all.

Message: 25530 Posted: Tue Dec 24 07:33:14 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Seasons Greetings

I want to wish AMERICA and all of the "AMERICA family" here on this board all over the world Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a great 2003!

Message: 25529 Posted: Mon Dec 23 23:01:25 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Muddy Christmas

Christmas was in September for me: Click here
Thanks Gerry Gerry Gerry, Dewey, Michael, Brad, Willie, and Erin. What a year it was. Happy new year and muddy Christmas to everyone. Here's hoping we are all blessed with an even better 2003.

Message: 25528 Posted: Mon Dec 23 20:08:45 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Warm Holiday Wishes

To everyone who is part of our AMERICA family all over the world I'd like to extend warm wishes to you and your families for a great holiday season filled with love, happiness and the best of times!

Message: 25527 Posted: Mon Dec 23 18:15:39 2002 By: Vic
Subject: "Holiday Harmony"

Just receiver an e-mail from the program director at KWFM, in Tucson, thanking me for the CD's.(I had e-mailed him that they were being sent) He said that they had already been given away in contests. The evening DJ, Tom Lang, says that he has been playing several of the songs. I have yet to hear one, but what's important is that they are getting air time.

Message: 25526 Posted: Mon Dec 23 18:01:25 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Happy Holidays to all!

Just wanted to send Warm Holiday greetings to my fellow America fans.
Its been another great year of conversing,and sharing the rarities that I've accumulated with you all. I look forward to continually sharing what I can. Merry Christmas!

Message: 25525 Posted: Mon Dec 23 17:44:55 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Euro English (one for you Red Oak).

Hey Red, you going to wash that Sauerkraut down with 4 or 5 cheap draft beers?

Message: 25524 Posted: Mon Dec 23 16:14:18 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Happy Holidays

May you all find your GARDEN OF PEACE and HOPE for the future this Holiday season.

Message: 25523 Posted: Mon Dec 23 11:12:03 2002 By: Vic
Subject: From my Uncle Vitto

HEY!!GenaVEEV! I'ma no likea thisa new kinea langawidg, ifa you know whata I'ma talkin about! You tell em, Vitto says, "Ifa you toucha my langawidg, I breaka you face"! Besta wishes, Vittorio Romano

Message: 25522 Posted: Mon Dec 23 09:39:48 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Cassidy MP3's (Deja Vu)

Thank you very much for being so kind and generous as to post those links here AGAIN. I've just finished downloading the clips, so now I can claim the whole thing is not only 'déjà vu' but it is also 'déjà entendu' as well ! :-)
(WOW, obviouly, this folder is THE place to take language lessons and improve our cultural knowledge ...)

Message: 25521 Posted: Mon Dec 23 09:10:10 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: German musik & cake for Xmas? (sorry, Red)

Hey Red,
You have opened my eyes! I now understand why there are quite a few Sauerkraut bands in Germany and why their common slogan is ' Musik über Alles!' :-D
Well, I personally like another sort of music better.

And what about that nice sauerkraut chocolate cake for Xmas? It might indeed keep your insides clean and your outsides pale. And so much running at a time of the year when people eat so much is certainly a good way to keep fit ... I wonder anyway if Pasteur would have tried that sort of recipe and maintained the declaration you refered to? LOL.

Message: 25520 Posted: Mon Dec 23 09:06:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cassidy MP3's (Deja Vu)

For the benefit of Genevieve and any others who missed the Cassidy MP3's the first time (see message #25077), here's a replay of that message. It's like deja vu all over again:

Steve Orchard sent me some classic David Cassidy songs which feature Gerry and/or Dewey so I could share them with you. Here is some information about the songs along with links to MP3 versions of the songs. Just click on the song titles to listen and/or download the MP3 version of each song. They will remain available for about a week.

Get It Up For Love (from "The Higher They Climb The Harder Fall") - Gerry on background vocals (with Richie Furay and Carl Wilson)

Damned If This Ain't Love (from "Home Is Where The Heart Is") - Gerry and Dewey on background vocals (along with David Cassidy)

On Fire (from "Home Is Where The Heart Is") - Gerry and Dewey on background vocals (along with David Cassidy)

Take This Heart (from "Home Is Where The Heart Is") - written by Cassidy and Beckley, Cassidy and Beckley on vocals, Gerry on acoustic guitar, Gerry on background vocals (along with David Cassidy and Bruce Johnston)

Gettin' It In The Street (from "Gettin' It In The Street") - written by Cassidy and Beckley, Gerry on piano

Cruise To Harlem (from "Gettin' It In The Street") - written by Cassidy, Beckley, and Wilson; Gerry on piano, Gerry on background vocals (along with David Cassidy and Jay Gruska)

I'll Have To Go Away (Saying Goodbye) (from "Gettin' It In The Street") - Gerry on background vocals (along with David Cassidy and Jay Gruska)

Note: Gerry Beckley and David Cassidy produced the last 3 songs from "Gettin' It In The Street"

Message: 25519 Posted: Mon Dec 23 08:37:50 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Euro English (one for you Red Oak).

They have that Euro English over here in the states, it's called Ebonics. Yes Genie, you played right into my heritage(German). Goes to show you, the only good Kraut is a Sauerkraut. Great sense of humor those Europeans have, right? Have a good day.

Pasteur declared that sauerkraut was the most useful and healthful
vegetable dish on earth. It is part of the fighting ration of the armies of continental Europe. It is the greatest conditioner on the face of the earth. It keeps your little insides clean and prevents the poisons which make you sick. The highest authorities in the world prove that sauerkraut is actually and effectively a cure for human ills from colic to headache.

Message: 25518 Posted: Mon Dec 23 08:08:58 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Euro English (Moser).

You are very welcome!

Message: 25517 Posted: Mon Dec 23 06:59:01 2002 By: waruss
Subject: You Can Do Magic - Music Video

I am looking for a copy of a music video I saw around 1988 featuring Disney cartoon characters set to You Can Do Magic. Does anyone know if this was ever published or included with any of America's works?

Message: 25516 Posted: Mon Dec 23 06:52:54 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Euro English (one for you Red Oak).

That was funny. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Message: 25515 Posted: Mon Dec 23 06:30:37 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Euro English (one for you Red Oak).

Just for the fun of it. Apologies to my dear German fellow fans...

The European Union commissioners have announced that agreement has been

reached to adopt English as the preferred language for European

communications rather than German, which was the other possibility. As

part of the negotiations, the British government conceded that English

spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a five-year phased plan

for what will be known as euro English.

In the first year "S" will be used instead of the soft "C". Sertainly,

sivil servants will resieve this news with joy. Also the hard "C" will

be replaced with "K" . Not only will this klear up konfusion, but the

typewriters kan have one less letter.

There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year, when the

troublesome "PH" will be replased by "F". This will make words like

"fotograf " 20 persent shorter.

In the third year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted
to reach the stage where more komplicated changes are possible.

Governments will enkorage the removal of double letters which have
always ben a deterent to akurate speling . Also al wil agre that the horible

mes of silent "E" s in the languag is disgrasful and they would go.

By the fourth year peopl will be reseptiv to steps such as replasing"TH"

by "Z" and "W" by "V." During ze fifz year, ze unesesary "O" kan be dropd

from vords kontaining "OU" and similar changes vud of kors be aplid to ozer

kombinations of leters.

Und efter ze fifz yer, ve vil al be speking German like zey vunted in ze

forst place !!!!

Message: 25514 Posted: Mon Dec 23 06:25:37 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Beckley-Cassidy & RTL web pages

Hi everyone,

Hi Steve,
I found a message from a fan in my inbox this morning that said you posted a series of links to some Beckley-Cassidy stuff a while ago. Unfortunately, I missed them and it makes me real sad. Is there a way I can catch up with that precious stuff`? Please, let me know.

As I said, I'm working on a bio of America in French and searching the web for bits of info to complete my task (difficult to have an original approach when writing a bio, though) . Wanted to mention here that concerning the votes for albums of the year 1972 on RTL web pages, America's HWNN is surfacing, as it has reached # 8 in the list ('while it was only #20 a few weeks ago). Think there's a chance those radio people over here finally realise the guys do have a bunch of faithful fans among the French population, HEY!
See you all.

Message: 25513 Posted: Mon Dec 23 06:15:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a filipino greetings, "masaya na may bago kayong album"

Thanks for the greetings, Ernesto. My son is currently serving as a missionary in the Philippines so I asked him to translate your greetings for me. This is what he said it means:

"You have a fun new album.
Merry Christmas and happy new year!"

Thanks a lot for the greetings. Merry Christmas to you, too, from the USA!

Message: 25512 Posted: Sun Dec 22 13:44:09 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Holiday Harmony ~~Airplay ~~Finally ~~hmmmm A Christmas to Remember!

Hi Hoooo Everyone ~~ Holiday Harmony is playing on my DVD player and my 2 youngest are here helping me decorate the tree~~ Yes it is finally in here and getting done.... (Wow ~~ I sure picked out a Crooked tree ~~ Oooooh Nooooooo ~~ too late now LOL) :)

Did anyone else here catch any of the Dick Barkley Solid Gold Saturday Night Oldies show???? Well I wasn't going to turn it on, but I sure am glad I did turn it on. It was a Live show and he was playing Christmas song requests... and get this he was giving away AMERICA's Holiday Harmony, Carly Simon's new xmas CD and also Chicago 25 xmas CD (Yes all 3 of them) His questions were ooooh sooo easy he just would say a familiar line from a xmas song and you had to call in and give just the name of the song..... He would say I will take the 22nd or 21st caller.... Well I got my phone and old redial finger ready, but what a BUMMER I didn't win! But I did get to hear him talk about AMERICA's HH and he played Winter Wonderland and White Christmas. I also tried calling in between time to request he play 1 of the 3 new songs off of this great HH cd, I kept getting a busy signal.... and 1 time it rang and rang and rang.... I thought he would answer but he never did..... Darn it anyway! Even tho I didn't win, one good thing it was Nice exposure for our Guys HH cd. Thank you Rhino finally for some help on promoting this.

Cheers Goanna ~~ Nice to hear that HH is there in OZ for you to enjoy..... Hey I'll send you some cold air if you send me some warm air...... LOL!

I also wanted to pass this along for Jimmmmmm (bob) he isn't able to post now due to computer problems.... It seems that HH was on one of their morning news shows and they talked about it and played some song clips.... He also told me that he found not only HH there for sale, but he has seen the Homecoming DVD and the Highway Box CD Set and also alot of the older LPs too..... Sooooo there should be lots of New Zealander's on an AMERICA High soon, Jimmmm also wanted to extend Season's Greetings to Gerry & Dewey & Families, and the Band & their families too and also to all of the Fans here on the Chat Folder as well..... Merry Christmas Jimmmmmmm (bob)~~~ Enjoy that Nice Turkey dinner you are preparing! :)

Hi there Bruce & Joe B & Harry O ~~~ ( Bruce sorry for calling you Brad in my post yesterday)~~ Regarding Hark the Herald Angels ~~ they did sing this song nice.... my DJ said to me when I first called about Holiday Harmony,"I have their song Hark the Herald Angels song" it was available on a cassette with different artists xmas songs..... I also liked hearing them sing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" & Do You Hear What I Hear" on the Solid Gold xmas countdown, that aired awhile back (like in the early 80's) ~~~ Hey I'm all for a Holiday Harmony 2 to release next year.... How about it Gerry & Dewey???? ~~~~ Yes Joe B ~~ I too agree ~~ Keep on emailing and calling the radio stations... this is having a very positive outcome for sure! ~~~ Wow Harry O ~~ Lucky you getting to hear A Christmas to Remember on the radio up in NH.... I would love to hear any of the 3 new ones play here on the radio in PA... I am hoping to hear Christmas in Calif.... on my favorite radio station, on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day ~~ It is a non stop xmas song program.... I sure would love it if they would just play the whole cd.... that would be Great! Ooooh Jimnak ~~~ I would just love for this HH to go down in History ~~playing every year on the radio... Hmmm Dick Barkley was saying as he introduced Bing Crosby's rendition of White Christmas... that this was the 31st year that this has been played on the radio.... I sure could handle hearing that about any of the HH songs..... I will be an old Granny then, and my niece would say to me Aunt Nanny I heard Winter Wonderland on the radio today... do you remember when I was ooooh soo little and you played that for me at your house ~~ Nice mind picture there! Excuse my Daydreaming!

Hi Cathy ~~ Sooo glad to hear that your Mom's procedure went well and that she will be home for the Holiday's ~~ Nice for sure! :)

hmmmmm DanC ~~~ Too much someone thinking the song "Come & Get It" being by Badfinger.... isn't that one of the group REDBONE's songs.... Hey Bones could you come and sing that for us at the live chat next week... that should start the New Year with a Bang.... Nice to hear from you DanC ~~ wow 3 posts in a week I do believe .... Now if you would only come and join in at the Live Chat.... it would be Lots of Fun ~~~ Heyyyy Heyyyy whats a matter with your head now.... get it together Baby, Heyyy Heyyyy nothings a matter if it feels right, it is right, go on and take some if you want somee... Come and get your Lovvvvve, Come and get Yourrr Lovvvvve.... (excuse the ooops and bloops ~~ I winged those lyrics! ) Have a Merry Little Christmas Dan C! :)
Hi there Johnny ~~~ Nice that you are joining in on the Live Chats some....
Hoooo Hoooo Hoooooo ~~~ Reddddd ooooooak ~~ Is there any Snow headed your way yet... or will you too have a Balmy Christmas Day there in Colo?????

Ooooooh Mo ~~~ I clicked on the HTML option for your Pin Up Calender... and I got teased... I got to see Jan.& Feb's pics and calender..... but then not the rest.... Of what I saw, I liked it.... that was really a neat idea you had there.... soo nice of a xmas gift for Us..... Thanks soo much... Merry Christmas to you and yours! I will keep on trying to see all of the pages!

Well gotta get back to my tree now, Hmmmmm I must say that for a Crooked xmas tree, it is Shaping up Nicely with all the opened treasures from Christmas's Past adorning it's branches.... Ooh yes we were all singing all of these great songs as we decorated this tree.... Nice ~~ a memory keepsake chalked up for xmas 2002!
Enjoy the rest of your day all.... Nancy :)

~~~ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, May the yule be bright, from now on our troubles will be out of sight.... here we are as in olden days, Happy Golden days of Yours, faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once morrre ~~~ From now on we all will be together, if the fates allow, hang a shinning star upon the highest bough... and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Noooooow ~~~~ Oooooh Gerry you sing this oooooooh soo nice for sure :)

Message: 25511 Posted: Sun Dec 22 10:27:20 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: For Mo "The Pin Up Pro"

Johnny, Thanks for the explanation. Have a good Christmas. Mo

Message: 25510 Posted: Sun Dec 22 10:23:03 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Home for the Holidays - Catching Up

<<I love the Pin-Up Guy Calendar. The pictures you chose are so cool!!! Thank you for sharing this with us.>> You're welcome, my pleasure. Consider it my Christmas gift to all my fellow America fanatics. Besides, it's not hard work to pick good pictures of these guys since they are all so easy on the eyes, right? The hardest part may be narrowing down to 15 or so since there are so many good ones to choose from. PS: Erin, if you ever make an official America calendar, I'll be happy to help out with it, no charge!!

Message: 25509 Posted: Sun Dec 22 08:52:26 2002 By: Dan
Subject: hmmmm

The other day someone asked me if I'd ever heard of "Come And Get It" by Badfinger. I just smiled and said yes it was a great version of the song......DanC.

Message: 25508 Posted: Sun Dec 22 06:54:57 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Hark,The Herald Angels Sing

Good morning WORLD! OK, I apologize in advance if this subject has already been addressed BUT…I’ve been trying to get my wife Mary into “Holiday Harmony”, so last night I put the CD on while I was cooking dinner (fresh Fettuccini Primavera with LOTS of garlic!). OK, so the CD is playing and since Mary is REALLY into the whole Christian thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) she likes the last two cuts best. I then grab “Heard” and put on “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, and she says she REALLY likes that one too! So here’s my question: Why wasn’t “Hark” put on “Holiday Harmony”? I was thinking that the obvious reason would be that there is a legal or clearance issue. I’m not certain who actually owns the recording. We all know “Heard” is a bootleg, and I think that “Hark” may have been issued commercially, but I’m just curious- it certainly would have fit nicely on “HH”- not that there’s anything wrong with “HH” as it is! =)

Message: 25507 Posted: Sat Dec 21 19:07:54 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Home for the Holidays - Catching Up

Thank you to everyone who sent thoughts, prayers and positive vibes to my Mom and family. It really helped. Mom had a procedure done the other day and is doing very well. I am so happy that she is Home for the Holidays!!!~~~ Hi, Lass. I'm from PA too. I live in the Northeast. What part are you from? I love the song "Winter Holidays" too. The images in the song beautifully express how things are in our part of the world as we get ready for the holidays. ~~~ Speech, I'd like to say hello. I'm relatively new to this message board. I was a lurker before posting. It's good to hear from you again. I always enjoy reading your posts. You have interesting insight. Hope everything is getting better for your Mom and family after the rough times you've been through. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. ~~~ Moser, I love the Pin-Up Guy Calendar. The pictures you chose are so cool!!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Message: 25506 Posted: Sat Dec 21 17:30:00 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Holiday Harmony - finally...

Hi, finally received my copy of HH yesterday.... I'm playing right now and it's fanstatic!!! love it!
There's a lot of "snow" and "winter" themes listed,,, and it's kinda funny when you listen to them,,, as it's currently 108*F - 45*c here in our part of the world, bushfires and alike.... oh well, at least listening makes me fell cool!!!
Merry Xmas "America" fans and happy holidays from all the fans "Downunder" in OZ.... take care a be safe.....

Message: 25505 Posted: Sat Dec 21 09:40:38 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Airplay

Thanks a lot Joe B. Joe was a DJ in Chicago who was & continues to be a fine supporter of AMERICA. I recall Joe did a few interviews w/GERRY & DEWEY. The momentum on Radio airplay continues in fine form. There are so many great songs on HOLIDAY HARMONY, it's probably tough for the stations to decide what to play. Everyone's efforts are very well appreciated, you have all made a very positive impact.
By the way, the Rhino site features sound bytes.

Message: 25504 Posted: Sat Dec 21 09:19:12 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: A Christmas To Remember

Just heard 'A Christmas To Remember' on WQLL 96.5FM in Manchester, NH. This is the first HH original I've heard on the radio. Yeah!

Message: 25503 Posted: Fri Dec 20 23:01:24 2002 By: Joe B
Subject: Holiday Harmony Airplay

Hey You people,,

Couple of notes. According to reliable sources, "Winter Wonderland" by the guys was played the other night on the "Delilah" show. That's great news - the show is very popular and syndicated all over the country so it's a lot of exposure in one shot. I talked with a couple of radio people this week and where I could, mentioned that "HH" is out and perfect for stations playing holiday tunes. In at least 1 case, the station program director didn't know about the CD. After hearing the news he was going to call Rhino and get it so he could add some songs to their playlist. So, the calls and e-mails DO WORK. Keep up the effort to get the word out. As Jimnak (sorry about the NU sports teams all going in the dumper) has pointed out, this album could be a perennial 'holiday' hit and keep America on the front burner for new releases down the line.

Joe B

P.S. For those who may be interested, Kyle Vincent has a new disc out. Details available at Gerry sang on Kyle's last album "Wow and Flutter" while Hank Linderman played on the self-titled debut. I'll post a review once it comes in the mail, but I will say right now the last 2 albums were outstanding!

P.P.S. Go Blackhawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Message: 25502 Posted: Fri Dec 20 20:28:22 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: For Mo "The Pin Up Pro"

<<Pay back for telling me "Carry On" was not mine to use.>>

Hey Mo ~ I don't believe I ever said "Carry On" was not yours to use. I believe I said "Carry On" was already being used by a fellow fan and that perhaps you weren't aware of it. At the time, I just thought you would have appreciated knowing that another fellow fan was already using the "Carry On" sign-off for sometime and especially since that other fan stopped using it when you started or so I observed.

<<If you'd show up at chat using your folder name or at least the same name each week, no one would have to guess who you are.>>

Before you started posting to the daily chat and before you started visiting the Wedneday night Live Chats, I use to use my folder name during those sessions, BUT unfortunately, I can't any longer. Circumstances have forced me to use an anonymous nick each time I log-on. For the same reason (those circumstances), I can't use the same anonymous nick each week. Enough said about that! :0)

Regarding my posting the message to you and DJ after the live chat this past Wednesday night, it was done so with kind intentions. As you may recall, when I logged-on as "Homecoming," you, DJ, Nancy, and at least three or four other fans were present. After about four or five minutes, someone logged-on as "NewMex". If I recall correctly, either you or DJ said, "Hi Johnny". If it was you, then DJ (or vice versa) said next, "Definitely Johnny". The next thing we all saw was "NewMex" logging-off without as much as a "hello" or a "goodbye". I stayed on only about 5 more minutes since I needed to get to bed early for work the next day. I wished everyone a "good night" and logged-off. Then after logging-off, I thought perhaps I should inform you and DJ that "NewMex" wasn't me but "Homecoming" was. I didn't want you and DJ (nor everyone else who was present that night) to think "NewMex" was me...someone who logged-off without saying a word to anyone especially after one or two fellow fans were kind enough to greet "NewMex" with a friendly "Hi". So now I hope you can understand why I posted what I did following last Wednesday night's live chat and was a bit taken back by your reply of "Whatever."

<<Sorry about the whatever, I didn't mean to offend.>>

No problem.

The Pent Up Pro :0)

Message: 25501 Posted: Fri Dec 20 18:40:17 2002 By: Dan
Subject: witty

Speech, nice prelude to "How Do You Sleep".. very clever you are...DanC.

Message: 25500 Posted: Fri Dec 20 16:38:54 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hi, Holiday H here ~~Steve Perry & Dewey ~ Jackson\Gerry lyrics~~

Hi Everybody ~~ The Rain came and Melted all the snow and now we have Mud & Ice ~~ On it's way is Freezing Rain ~~~ Strange weather for sure! Hubby still has my HH CD with him at tha Mall and I am Hoping he remembers to bring it back ~~ I gotta have it to decorate my tree this weekend!

Thanks John Corbett & SteveL ~~ Nice pic of Steve Perry & Dewey ~~WOW ~~ Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye ~~ Nice song for sure! ~~ I agree Red ~~ Steve Perry would be great doing Hat Trick with Gerry & Dewey.

Hi there Gen ~~ Nice to hear from you ~~ Happy Holiday's to You! I am fine but CRAZY too! :)

Hey there Brad, Speech, Robyn, DanC ~~ Holiday ~~ Hmmmmm some interesting Jackson\Gerry lyric lines on Sister Golden Hair ~~ I never knew this ~~ Neat! ~~~ I just love how all these great music artists interweave with each others music and songs! ~~ Holiday I liked your choice of song lyrics.... Sheltering Sky that is one nice song By Gerry Gerry Gerry, Lamm & Wilson~~ WOW I really like this song of Neil's ~~~~ I'm the one who reads your mind, see my life in your design, true companion at your side, ~~~ I'lllll give you something for when I'm not around to make you Smile, and if you think it then it must be true and if only I could make it through, climb into my bedddddd, Wherever You Are,, wherever you areeeeee, your timing is good, remove the sad resistent thought, hold the course... I'm the one who reads your mind, see my life in your design, true companion at your side ~~~ sing it Neil! :) I like Driving Me Mad too ~~ Yes I too like the Crowded House songs too! I really like the song Weather With You too, I think it is neat that Gerry & Dewey did a version of this song with them.

Hi there Dave B & Jimnak, Hi Kim ~~~ Soo neat a contest on your radio station and Winter Wonderland being the answer ~~ Nice! (Sorry Kim I had meant to mention this in my post yesterday) ~~~ Thanks for these reports from Records & Radio ~~ this is great news.... I call my friend Brian the DJ and I asked him to play Christmas In California on the radio for me..... he said he would put it into the system.... soo I should be hearing it soon.... in the meanwhile he played Kenny Rogers & Wynona Judd's version of "Mary Do You Know" for me.... I thanked him again for playing Winter Wonderland & Sleigh Ride every day... I have heard them at different times all day long, even told him about being in live chat and it coming on the radio here at 2 am.... WOW!!!!! I also contacted the DJ from the Harrisburg station that I requested Erin to send him a copy of HH, he said he hadn't recieved it yet, but was looking forward to hearing it.

Wow Speech I would have guessed Happy Xmas the War is Over for the song they would be doing at this Christmas concert.... what a Coincidence that it turned out to be Yesterday.... Those Christmas concerts sure gives you the chills, these kids really play and sing their Hearts out don't they???? Nice :)

Enjoy your weekend all, I would like to wish Gerry, Dewey, Woodsy, Willie, & Brad & Families a Very Merry Little Christmas! Thanks for all the great shows, and thanks for all of this great Music.... a nice slice of Heaven for sure! See ya, Nancy :)

Steve Perry is singing this awesome song of his to me now ~~~~ I still recall a sad cafe, how it hurts soooo bad to see her cry, I didn't wanna say goodbye, Send Her My Loveeee, memories remain, send her my love, roses never fade, send her my loove, the same hotel, the same old room, I'm on the road again, she needed so much more than I could give, we knew our love could not pretend, broken hearts can always mend, send her my love, memories remain, send her my loveeee, roses never fade.... send her my love, calling out her name i'm dreamin, reflections of her face I'm seeing, it's her voice that keeps haunting meeeeeee..... sing it Steve ~~~ Wow what a song :)

Oooooooh Ingrid I like your choice of Dream Teams toooo ~~ Nice ! Sorry to say I couldn't download Mo's Pin Up Calender... I have some major work to do on my filled up Hard drive for sure! Darn anyway~~ I would have loved to see it!

Message: 25499 Posted: Fri Dec 20 10:21:44 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Steve Perry and Dewey

WOW! Thanks Steve L. Would have looooooved to have been there for that. That's two-thirds of my vocal DREAM TEAM!! (Stephen Stills being the other third.) Mmmmmmmmm.

It's a long day, livin' in Reseda
There's a freeway runnin' through the yard

I'm a bad boy, 'cause I don't even miss her
I'm a bad boy, for breakin' her heart

Message: 25498 Posted: Fri Dec 20 09:28:19 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Steve Perry and Dewey

The best thing for Steve Perry to do would be to join Dewey & Gerry in a rousing rendition of HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!

She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too
She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too

All the vampires walkin' through the valley
Move west down Ventura Boulevard
And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
All the good girls are home with broken hearts

And I'm free, free fallin'
Yeah I'm free, free fallin'

Message: 25497 Posted: Fri Dec 20 08:46:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Steve Perry and Dewey

John Corbett sent me a shot that I thought you might enjoy. It was taken from the 1984 "Cover Story" piece about America showing Steve Perry joining Dewey and Gerry onstage to perform "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby". Click here to see it.

Message: 25496 Posted: Fri Dec 20 08:41:42 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Songwriting Credits, Kid's Perceptions & how Paul Sleeps

My 12-year-old son, Justin, plays sax, and last night was his 7th grade holiday concert. I was driving him to the middle school before the show last night, and I was asking him for a preview of what was on the bill. He told me the choral part of the program was going to include performances of a variety of relatively recent pop songs including the Dixie Chicks' Travelin Soldier, Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On, Dylan's I Shall Be Released (I only know the Band's version) and "some song that John Lennon wrote."

Me: "Oh, you must mean Happy Xmas, War Is Over."

Him: "No ... well, yeah, they're doing that, too. But I think this song is more famous than that one."

Me: "Hmmm ..."

Him: "I think it's called Yesterday."

I guess this is the kind of stuff that keeps Paul McCartney awake at night.

Message: 25495 Posted: Fri Dec 20 08:21:26 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Previous Post

Sorry- I meant to "quote" HOLIDAY in my previous post--hey how does anyone here change the FONT of a post? Can it be done? -Bruce

Message: 25494 Posted: Fri Dec 20 08:14:07 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Jackson Suggests Line to Gerry

The mention of the Lennon/McCartney 'dust-up' reminded me of Jackson suggesting some changes to Gerry over the lyrics on 'Sister Golden Hair' - maybe that track could have been credited as 'Beckley/Browne'..... has a good ring to it I think ...ha ha
Hey Holiday of course you mean "Will you meet me in VIRGINIA"!!!-Bruce

Message: 25493 Posted: Fri Dec 20 07:55:03 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hi and more...

Hi everyone!
Just dropping in for a little while. Thanks for the kind words you all. Hope eveyone joining this folder is fine. I'm so happy to see a new fan bio posted from France too! I hope Dewey and Gerry as well as their management staff will realise how much European fans are expecting their visit this coming year... By the way, I want to send a special 'Hello!' to all my European friends and fellow America fans(Bruno and Rachelle, keep asking them to come too).
And welcome to Nicolas!!!

Steve, I'm glad to see you put Larsen (Thierry Rabastin)'s web site address in the link section of this site. Actually, I'm collaborating with him on a French version of our favorite band's biography to be soon added to his pages...We hope to attract new fans by doing so. Note that Thierry won a music prize some years ago with a song called 'California by Plane' in which he refered to America and mentioned Dewey and Gerry's names. He's a great fan too!
See you soon.

Message: 25492 Posted: Fri Dec 20 07:06:40 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Holiday Here

Hi Robyn and Nancy - wow, good to catch up with old friends here. Nancy - yes, I am a fan of Neil Finn - both with Crowded House and I especially like his last 'One Nil' solo effort.
Robyn - hi, and yes, I know what you mean re 'Take It Easy' - didn't Glenn Frey change some of the lyrics too? I am not sure, but I think he reworked the line about the Ford and the '..... it's a girl my lord' part? Can't recall all that story now!!
The mention of the Lennon/McCartney 'dust-up' reminded me of Jackson suggesting some changes to Gerry over the lyrics on 'Sister Golden Hair' - maybe that track could have been credited as 'Beckley/Browne'..... has a good ring to it I think ...ha ha
As for the upcoming concert downunder, I'll leave the last words to Gerry:

It's a long, long way from here to there
Silent shadows over the dateline
We both stare at the same blue moon
Under the sheltering sky


Message: 25491 Posted: Fri Dec 20 04:42:01 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon

I can't speak for the audio CD but the DVD song credits at the end of the DVD list Lennon/McCartney as songwriters for the Beatle tunes on the disc. Those are all the song credits anywhere on the disc or package. Speech, although not earth shattering, the last two McCartney releases, Driving Rain and before that Flaming Pie, are really good. You should give them a listen. Those are the last two of original material that is. There was also Run Devil Run between them of some remakes of Mac's favorite rock and roll tunes. DanC.

Message: 25490 Posted: Thu Dec 19 22:18:04 2002 By: Ernesto J. Abibas
Subject: a filipino greetings, "masaya na may bago kayong album"

HOLIDAY HARMONY, hello gerry, hello dewey, to all your crewband members, a filipino greetings again "Maligayang Pasko at Manigong bagong taon"

Message: 25489 Posted: Thu Dec 19 19:01:39 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Air Play & Yeah for US

Great work by everyone, thanks Dave. Don't stop, please keep the momentum going. Perhaps we will hear HOLIDAY HARMONY next year & next year & next year. Ooooh I can hear that new AMERICA CD and the new GERRY solo in the future. Just dreaming ...

Message: 25488 Posted: Thu Dec 19 18:59:04 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Air Play & Yeah for US

Sorry when you read the first one which shows up third - I noticed that the #30 song had 90 plays so we missed by only 9....EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS - QUICK

Message: 25487 Posted: Thu Dec 19 18:57:03 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Air Play & Yeah for US

sorry for the type-o's - My system locked up and I had to type that a second time - but I'm sure you got my drift

Message: 25486 Posted: Thu Dec 19 18:54:32 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Air Play & Yeah for US

I thought that America would get some airplay so I orders R&R last week and got the editions for Dec 13th and 20th for the Dec 4-10 and Dec 11-17 playweeks.

YEAH FOR US AND AMERICA - We're doing pretty good and this should be some incentive for the next two and a half weeks:

Winter Wonderland was on 33 AC stations with 81 plays after being on 4 stations and getting 16 plays last week. Pretty good move for an album cut not a single.

Last week Christmas in California was on three stations with 6 plays

It seems this week more has been heard. By the way:



Others songs get airplay were one station and one play for White Christmas and Sleigh Ride.

If you go out to the website you will see the abbreviated playlists. Just a few of the plays for America weren't listed - But for the most part it's the same as the magazines.. Go to R&R then on the left hand column there is a station playlist selection, then sort by format AC... I am going to check the regular top 40 stations when I get to work tomorrow (I left it there) and see if they made any of those stations....

MORAL of the story KEEP UP THE EMAILS AND PHONE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 25485 Posted: Thu Dec 19 14:33:52 2002 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Mo- I love it!!! Fantastic job on the calendar!! Gonna print it out and hang it in my office at work.
Nancy I'm a fellow PA resident too. What a relief to have a break from the cold weather. I was getting pretty tired of waking up every day to near zero degree weather. Winter hasn't even offically began and I am sick of it already

Message: 25484 Posted: Thu Dec 19 14:29:58 2002 By: Duffy
Subject: HH Air Play

Erin~ If you are out there can you help with sending the attached some information getting their hands on HH.


I'll pass on your request to the music "powers that be". I'm not sure we have the America CD, but if we do, we'll be happy to play a cut or two from it.

Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays.


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 12:17 PM
Subject: KODZ-FM Online Feedback

Story: Could you play anything from Americas new Christmas CD "Holiday Harmony" its great!

Thanks !! & Merry Christmas

Everyone~ Keep up the requests for HH airplay, as we get closer to Christmas more and more air time is being given over to Christms music.


Message: 25483 Posted: Thu Dec 19 10:48:26 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Happy Holidays & HH in India and in SLC & Mo's Pin up cal.

Hi Everybody ~~ Wow this place is booming! As I am typing this my slow modem is downloading Mo's Pin Up cal. I hope my Hard drive can handle this ~~ I wanna see it sooo bad! Kinda a mild day here in PA! Warmer than it has been for a while, temps are actually in the upper 30's ~~ WOW ~~ A full blown heat wave! Hahahhah! :)

Hi Nina ~~ Thanks for the Holiday wishes and soo nice of you to say we all feel like family, I agree with you on that, it is nice to be a part of this friendly atmosphere, and hey we all agree on AMERICA has our favorite all around group soooo we all have something really nice in common. Happy Holidays to you and Yours.... Enjoy that HH cd when you get it! :)

Hi Speech~~ Nice to see you posting, sorry to hear about your Mom's accident. I hope she will have a complete recovery, soo nice of you and your wife to take her in like this. ~~~~~ Ya know what ~~ You & DanC have a way of pulling each other out from lurking ~~ ~~~ I heard about this Lennon\McCartney controversy on the radio yesterday, Brian the DJ did mention which song it was about, but it went right in one ear and out the other ear..... It is kinda childish of Paul to go on about something like this after all these years. As my dj said "Who would wanna fool around with Yoko?" I second Mo on it being fair to keep it Lennon\McCartney, and same with the HH cd, I hope you get to hear it soon, I am sure it will have you mesmorized! Nice to know you have been listening to your music ~~ Music sure does have a way of smoothing things out and giving you a better perspective on things. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and Yours too, our prayers are with you all!
Hi David S. & SteveL ~~~ Wow Steve Lucky you getting to hear Christmas in Calif on the radio there and Sleigh Ride, it kinda gives you that ooooh soo nice feeling deep down inside hearing them on the radio, doesn't it. ~~ Greetings to you David S in India ~~~~ Great that you too are getting to hear these Magical songs. I am sure you will agree it was well worth getting for sure! Keep on enjoying all of this great AMERICA music. :)

Hi Duffy ~~~ Soo it took Mo's Pin Up calender to pull you out of Lurking! It is still downloading here.... I am anxious to see it, knowing Mo it has to have some really nice pics in, she has good taste.....

Nice Holiday ~~ Posting some JB lyrics ~~ I like it.... He sure can sing nice can't he? Did you ever hear him sing Let It Be Me with Timothy B Schmit? Wow they sure sing this nice together. I like his song Alive in the East too. Tender in the Night is one of my faves as well as She's Got to be Somebody's Baby. Hmmmm Jimmmmm(bob) told me that Bruce Springstein is heading that way for a concert this Feb., he is really looking forward to taking it in. Are you aware of Neil Finn's music.... Jimmmmm has brought his music to my attention, and some really nice songs for sure! :)

Well I gotta get back to my house, soo much to do see ya all later!
Happy Holidays to all of you, I hope it will be a Christmas to Remember for sure! :)

Message: 25482 Posted: Thu Dec 19 10:43:11 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Pin Up Pro

Mo, boy I am impressed with ur abilities here with this calendar. Maybe u could improve that Ventura web page with some artistic ability. Let's hope the ability wears off on the kids. Take care.

When The Beach Boys "Kokomo" went to number one in the U.S. in 1988, it had been 22 years since their last chart topper, "Good Vibrations".

Message: 25481 Posted: Thu Dec 19 10:08:36 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow is our final day of school before vacation (almost two full weeks off..Hooray!) and I thought I'd better sign off now in anticipation of a "wacky" Friday with my sixth graders!

Best wishes to everyone on this folder for a peaceful and relaxing holiday season! You all feel like family to me!

Message: 25480 Posted: Thu Dec 19 09:28:25 2002 By: Duffy
Subject: Mo's Pin Up Calendar

Steve~ Thanks for posting Mo's calender, It is fun and sure to have taken lots of time. America Fans are the greatest! Merry Christmas everyone. Duffy PS Are there any other Bobcats lurking out there?

Message: 25479 Posted: Thu Dec 19 09:17:28 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Holiday Here

Nice to hear from you holiday! Your mention of Jackson B and the Lennon/McCartney dustup made me think of an interview I heard with Jackson some time ago. He gives songwriting credit for "Take It Easy" to Glenn Frey, but Frey's sole contribution was changing the delivery/tempo of the hook line from "take it easy" (Clipped off) to the more familiar "take it eeeseeeyyy" (Well you know what I mean!) I love Jackson and he always puts on a wonderful show . I think I have seen him five or six times, the very first being as the opener for a band you might have heard of--America.

Message: 25478 Posted: Thu Dec 19 09:15:10 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mo's Pin Up Calendar

Mo sent me the pin up calendar that she created and I have uploaded it to the Chat Folder. It's VERY LARGE so you'd better have a high speed connection or a lot of patience if you want to download it. I have it in two formats: a Word document which you can download and print, or HTML format which will allow you to see the calendar but it's not very printer friendly. Click on the appropriate link below.

Word Format
HTML Format

Message: 25477 Posted: Thu Dec 19 08:37:28 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon

What was so wrong with Lennon/McCartney? It was alphabetical listing. That's fair in my book.

Message: 25476 Posted: Thu Dec 19 08:31:51 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon (for Moser)

Speech--Sorry to hear about your mama but glad to hear that things are normalizing. Our prayers are with her and your whole family in your time of adjusting to a new member in the household. Never easy. Best of the holidays to you. Hope you get to hear HH soon. It's worth the wait.

Message: 25475 Posted: Thu Dec 19 08:26:48 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Chat ID Tonight

Pay back for telling me "Carry On" was not mine to use. If you'd show up at chat using your folder name or at least the same name each week, no one would have to guess who you are. Although, I do have to admit that the mystery in it is fun--just to see how long it takes to give yourself away. Sorry about the whatever, I didn't mean to offend.

Message: 25474 Posted: Thu Dec 19 07:59:52 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: HH in SLC

I don't listen to the radio very much because I have an extensive CD collection and I don't enjoy listening to DJ's yap and commercials try to sell. However, I was listening long enough the past few days to hear a couple of songs from Holiday Harmony on two different radio stations in Salt Lake City. The first was "Sleigh Ride" on Arrow 103.5 (a classic rock station) and the second was "Christmas In California" on FM-100 (an adult contemporary station). I have to believe that if I caught these two songs during my limited listening time, they must be getting a fair amount of air play. It was exciting to hear them on the radio and it persuaded me to listen to the radio a little bit more.

Message: 25473 Posted: Thu Dec 19 07:25:00 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon (for Speech)

Johnny: Maybe Dan could help us out with that, since he has evidently bought the release. All I know is what I have read, that there are 19 Beatles song performances on the new McCartney "live" release that are now billed as written by "Paul McCartney and John Lennon." I know that "Yesterday" is one of them, but I don't know about the remaining titles. I think I saw a commercial for the release the other day, and it featured a snippet of "Let It Be," I think.

Message: 25472 Posted: Thu Dec 19 07:06:28 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Holiday Here

Red Oak - while Holiday Harmony is definitely my #1 played CD at the moment, I am still playing Jackson B in the 'build-up' to our Feb 23 concert in the outdoor amphitheatre in Kings Park, under the summer stars, the southern cross and under the spell of my first-time experience of a live Jackson Browne concert! Yes, Red Oak, Tender Will Be The Night.
I'll be at the BARRICADES OF HEAVEN ... ha ha

Pages Turning
Pages we were years from learning
Straight into the night our hearts [will be] flung
Better bring your own redemption when you come
To the Barricades of Heaven where JB is from!!!

Glad you like the V8's too - go Mark Skaife and the GM Holdens.......

Message: 25471 Posted: Thu Dec 19 07:04:59 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon (for Speech)

Speech ~ Since I don't have McCartney's new CD, I'm curious to know which songs McCartney listed with his name in front of Lennon's?

Message: 25470 Posted: Thu Dec 19 07:02:56 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon (for Dan)

Point well taken. Generally speaking, writing songs and creating music that matters in people's lives is not tantamount to a lifelong obligation to behave like Ghandi. I will always love Paul McCartney, and I will continue to play his music,(even though I quit counting on him to release anything life-changing around 1975).

Message: 25469 Posted: Thu Dec 19 06:37:45 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon (for Moser)

Thanks for the kind words, Moser. I've been sorta turning inward of late due to a family mini-crisis right in time for the holidays -- elderly mom fractures hip, lands in hospital, now living with me, my wife, two kids and two cats .... you know the script. I haven't even had time to get my mitts on America's "Holiday Harmony." However, I'm getting adjusted, listening to more music (during my commute to and from work, best part of the day), and getting the juices flowing again. And, as you can see from my latest post, some things can still jolt me out of my current "lurking" mode.

Message: 25468 Posted: Thu Dec 19 06:33:19 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Chat ID Tonight

Whatever??? Thanks

Message: 25467 Posted: Thu Dec 19 06:15:46 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Moser Never Heard Them!

"I also have yet to hear Hourglass and Van Go Gan". Moser, I'm sitting here thinking about this. Thinking about the fact that you've NEVER HEARD "Young Moon", "Hope", and "Emma" (and those are just a FEW) WOW! Are YOU in for a treat when you DO hear these incredible recordings! How can your life go on another day? =) As far as "History", you wonder if folks wouldn't seek out the albums that the hits came from. I think there are different levels of record (ok, CD!) buyers and fans. At one level are those folks who are happy with a greatest hits collection like "History" -although of course WE know that's only the tip of the "greatness" iceberg. Then there are other people who WILL seek out the albums that the cuts on the hits collections came from. I'm a musician, and when I play for a group of people, I always find that most of them will only know the America "hits", BUT there are always some that will recognize a song that never hit the Top 10. An example would be "Right Before Your Eyes", a song that I would love to hear in concert, by the way. (I last heard the guys do it in 1982 at Radio City Music Hall).
And why are the CDs you mentioned NOT usually sitting on the shelf at your local “record” store? Because they’d be taking up valuable space where Nelly or Mariah Carey CDs could be, that’s why! Sad but true!

Message: 25466 Posted: Thu Dec 19 05:19:33 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Praise and Begging

The praise: Sarah has got to be, hands down, the most beautiful--albeit sad--ballad I have ever heard. I continue to love this song more than 20 years after hearing it for the first time. But then again, that holds true for most of America's songs. But Sarah remains in my top 3 almost constantly. Thanks Gerry Gerry Gerry.
The begging: As I was acutely aware last evening at chat, my CD collection is far from complete. I especially mourn the absence of Hearts but also Harbor, Hideaway, America, and even Hat Trick (a little bit). I also have yet to hear Hourglass and Van Go Gan. Although I am willing to pay upwards of $20 for the import CDs (but not until after Christmas!), I've got to wonder why these WONDERFUL albums have not been reissued in the US on CD. Isn't it true that History sells an average of 100,000 copies annually yet today? If people are buying that, wouldn't they also seek out the catalog from which the greatest hits are taken? I check every Wal-Mart I visit for any America music. There's not usually much available except an occasional copy of History. I don't get to as many record stores but when I do, the first thing I check for is America stuff. It's just so rare to find anything. Why not put these albums out there for the public to have the choice to buy them? Okay, I'll get off of my soapbox now. I just got a bit frustrated after looking at the Amazon site this morning.

Message: 25465 Posted: Thu Dec 19 04:13:23 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Chat ID Tonight


Message: 25464 Posted: Wed Dec 18 20:52:27 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: McCartney Controversy

RE: Speechwriter’s McCartney comments, I agree, it bothers me too. We all know that Gerry wrote the opening lick to “Ventura”, but his name is not on the credits. That’s a personal thing between Gerry & Dewey, and for that matter, between any songwriters. I’m a songwriter myself, and the last time I cut a demo, my lead guitarist came up with a lick for the lead guitar break during the session, which ended up on the demo. Does he share the songwriting credit? Nope. Nor did he expect to. I happen to object to anyone who had nothing to do with writing a song getting their name on the songwriting credits. A great example of this is “Walk Away Renee”, one of my favorite songs in the world. (Why do people say “in the world” anyway? Can you have a favorite song “out of this world”). The credits for “Renee” list three people. However, I happen to have first-hand knowledge that Michael Brown- and only Michael Brown- wrote that song. Getting back to the Lennon/McCartney credits situation, evidently, as has been written about ad nauseam, they had agreed that the writing credits would read “Lennon/McCartney” regardless of which one actually wrote any particular song. It’s difficult to understand why Mr McCartney would create this controversy so many years later. I mean, can this possibly buy him anything other than bad PR?

Message: 25463 Posted: Wed Dec 18 20:49:04 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Chat ID Tonight

Just for the record DJ and Mo, I was on the live chat tonight (though very briefly) as "Homecoming" and not "NewMex" who popped in and popped out without saying anything. Right-o, Nancy?

Message: 25462 Posted: Wed Dec 18 19:49:44 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon

Speech, I didn't pay one damn bit of attention to the writing credits on the new live CD/DVD. I did , however, pay close attention to the music being played on those discs, which in my humble opinion is superb and that is what counts to my ears. Let Me Roll It...DanC.

Message: 25461 Posted: Wed Dec 18 15:00:54 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Roll Over John Lennon

Oh, Speech, I'm speechless. How well put. I couldn't agree more. (And how clever of you to work in the Let It Be part.) Haven't heard much from you lately. What's news?

Message: 25460 Posted: Wed Dec 18 10:50:25 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Tonite

Unfortunatly, due to family commitments I will be unable to join everyone this evening for the group listen of Holiday. Enjoy. and as Next week is Christams, I don't think anyone will be in da house, so chatter, have a wonderful holiday ( the cd and the season!)

and redoak--PLAY NICE!

Message: 25459 Posted: Wed Dec 18 08:19:25 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Holiday Here

You lucky dog you, getting to see Jackson Browne. See where he is down under for the month of February. Saw him recently on Austin City Limits and he was real good. Hopefully, next year in Denver he will be. Hope he does Load Out/Stay as his encore. That is worth the price of admission by itself. Am hooked on the V8 Supercar series from Australia on Speed Channel. Looks like the people of Australia/New Zealand really get in to this racing. Take care and enjoy JB when he arrives.

Jackson Browne

Between the darkness on the street
And the houses filling up with light
Between the stillness in my heart
And the roar of the approaching night
Somebody's calling after somebody
Somebody turns the corner out of sight
Looking for somebody
Somewhere in the night
Tender is the night
When you hold your baby tight

Message: 25458 Posted: Wed Dec 18 08:19:06 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Roll Over John Lennon

Has anyone been reading the coverage of Paul McCartney's revision of the "Lennon-McCartney" songwriting credits on his new live CD, and the remarks of his spokesman, that this is not a 'divisive' thing, that it simply puts first the name of the person who did most of the work? I can't say why this bothers me, it just does. I wonder what standards the guys in America used to decide who took writing credit on the LPs. For example, if Dewey had a song all sketched out and Gerry or Dan put a snippet of solo guitar on it, or provided a bridge, was the credit shared? I find it depressing that, for many bands, the utopian vision of the "group" writing credit deteriorates years later into finger-pointing, nasty public feuding and lawsuits. In the case of McCartney -- and I love much of the guy's body of work -- it hits me as unseemly. His place in history is assured, his financial security is not in question, and John Lennon is in the grave. I say, if for no other reason than the PR implications, Let It Be.

Message: 25457 Posted: Wed Dec 18 07:16:42 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: HH-Winter Wonderland

Yipeeeee !
As someone elase mentioned, AMERICA has taken some old songs & breathed new energy into them, that's an understatement of course. And then listen to those 3 newly written Holiday songs. Those radio stations listen to their audience, great work !

Message: 25456 Posted: Wed Dec 18 07:12:21 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: HH-Winter Wonderland

GO KVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 25455 Posted: Wed Dec 18 06:53:33 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Holiday Here

Thanks for the good wishes Nancy and Johnny. I still keep an eye on what's happening here on the Folder and I'll pop in now 'n again. Wow, those cassettes Johnny - I still listen to Warren Zevon's Searchin' For A Heart and Kyle Vincent's Arianne - they've become firm favourites of mine - hope Taxiride and Paul Kelly are still with you.
As for the last year, 2002 has been a great one for America, my highlight, of course, was seeing the guys in Sydney in February. Now we have Jackson Browne appearing right here in Perth in February '03 and I've got my tickets waiting. A new album from Jackson too - The Naked Ride Home, but I find I'm playing Holiday Harmony more ... it's a great package. Then there's Jimmy Buffett's Far Side Of The World - we are very spoilt indeed ...... and very grateful.
Happy Hols all

Message: 25454 Posted: Wed Dec 18 06:03:18 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: HH-Winter Wonderland

While I was on my way to work this morning the dj's on KVIL here in Dallas announced their daily song of the day and low and behold it is America's Winter Wonderland. When they play the song of the day the 12th caller in wins a prize (today the prize is a diamond tennis bracelet). The good news is they have been talking about the song all morning. They just mentioned that America's Winter Wonderland had a twist to it as that it was combined with one of their previous hits. What a great way to start the day and you can be sure I'll be listening!!

Message: 25453 Posted: Wed Dec 18 05:22:40 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Cuddling and Rumours

Nancy you said, "you will make Hubby mad if he finds out he was your second choice..." You might think so but he usually is a good sport about these things. Besides, on Monday, when I had visions of cuddling by the fire, it turned out I was hub's second choice too since the NE Patriots were on Monday Night Football! Then, as fate would have it, Tom Brady and the boys performed rather shabbily which REALLY put the hub in a bad frame of mind. Needless to say, cuddling was far from his agenda. Another day perhaps. There are many more cold winter's nights to go.
Kevin, I too have been listening to the Rumours album lately although not the DVD, unfortunately. Rumours is one of those rare albums, outside the realm of America at least, that does not contain a single bad tune. Every song is great. Pure listening pleasure. I love Christine McVie. She is just so talented. She was usually overshadowed by Stevie Nicks' larger than life presence but was more my cup of tea--quietly talented. Her piano ballads are just so beautiful. I'll have to check out the DVD sometime. Thanks for the tip.

Message: 25452 Posted: Wed Dec 18 00:31:05 2002 By: David Stengele
Subject: holiday harmony in india

HI, I just received my copy of the CD (a friend brought it out for me), and in spite of some initial difficulty in getting the CD out of the case (it's stuck in there quite tight), I have it on the CD player all the time. My 4-year-old son especially enjoys "Frosty the Snowman". I myself enjoy "Sleigh Ride" and "Christmas in California". It's enjoyable listening to shades of other America songs that the two put into their Christmas songs.

As for marketing, I think that has been the problem all along for the group. Because I hear other groups from "America" times, and their songs are being played all over the place, but our group just somehow seems to get missed. Why is that? I wish a label or an agency would do some good PR on them so that they'd be as prominent as some other "past" groups.

Message: 25451 Posted: Tue Dec 17 22:18:53 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Vic / HH Favorites / Moser's Calendar

You are correct sir! Winter Wonderland has inspiration from AHWNN. I'll have to listen again to remember in which song I heard Ventura Highway. LOL (If I don't write it down . . . ) The Muskrat Love question was a joke, but just a few days ago I remarked that the harmonies in "Christmas in California" had a Beach Boys feel to them. Christmas in California and Winter Holidays are my two HH favorites.

Moser, your calendar is a wicked cool idea! There are many of us gals who share your opinion that the "boys" are fine, so I don't think you'd have any trouble selling a couple dozen or so. I know that Nancy would buy one. : )

Merry, merry,

Ingrid. (now married AND merried!)

Message: 25450 Posted: Tue Dec 17 20:14:53 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Thoughts and Prayers Mean So Much (Cathy)

Cathy ~ Sending you, your mom, and the family positive thoughts, vibs, and prayer!

[Chris (aka 'Holiday') ~ Was thinking and wondering about you just the other day when I saw the cassettes we previously exchanged. Glad to see that you're still around.]

Message: 25449 Posted: Tue Dec 17 20:06:29 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Thoughts and Prayers Mean So Much

I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers for my Mom. They help so much, she seems stronger with each day. They did a whole bunch of tests today and we are still waiting for the results~~it is one of the hardest things. She's in great spirits. Thanks again~~Cathy

Message: 25448 Posted: Tue Dec 17 18:35:40 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Holiday Harmony \Shopping~~ Holiday Here ~~& then some

Hi Everybody ~~~ It is ooooooh sooo crisp and cold here and WOW the almost full moon is AWESOME with all those stars twinkling like a sky full of Diamonds.... and to top it off, I just heard Sleigh Ride on the radio about a half an hour ago...... Nice :)

Hi Cathy ~~ Sorry to hear about your Mother. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family and I Hope all of her tests went well, and that she will have a good recovery. I know the Waiting has to be hard for you and your family. My Dad had 2 close calls with Heart attacks ~~ it was touch and go for awhile, but we were all amazed how well he was after they put a stint in. Take Care :)

Hi Dave ~~ I second your Shame on Rhino ~~ My DJ said that he got their copy of the cd from that ratings and records site (I'm not exactly sure if I have the site name right) ~~ I believe you mentioned this site in one of your earlier posts... He also said that Rhino does a poor job promoting their released cds. He commmented to me that he thought it was really great that we the Fans of AMERICA were out there getting the word around about this CD. ~~ I emailed Erin with another radio stations address, so that they would get a copy of this off to the station, I haven't heard back from this DJ, he said he would email me after he got the cd and took a listen to it... I am getting kinda impatient not hearing from him, so I think I will email him to see if he recieved the cd yet. I had also given him Steve L's email address to check out downloading Mp3s of some of the songs. I am happy with my radio station playing these songs on the radio.... I have been hearing them at all different times of the day.... I just wish he would play the whole cd at one time.... I really think that would draw some great feedback for sure!

Hi Mark ~~ Wow you got to hear Let It Snow, that is a first for it I believe.... Winter Wonderland definitely should catch a few people stopping and listening to see for sure who it is by.....

Cheers Spurs & Holiday ~~~ Nice to hear from you guys, glad to hear you were able to get ahold of this HH Christmas Magic. I hope they get ahead of those fires there in Aussie, it sure has been a bad year for forest fires! Happy Holiday's to you and yours!

Hi there Jimmmmmmmmmm (bob) I sure hope you are finding time to enjoy the HH cd. It is sooo cold here in PA, I hope it is sunny and warm there. Hey I finally got the xmas tree today..... now to just get it in here and decorated.... Have you been playing some nice songs on your guitar? ~~ I sure hope sooooooo! See ya ;)

Hi Nina ~~~ I am glad to hear you got to hear a HH song while shopping... my fingers are still crossed in Hopes that you will recieve this as a xmas gift! ~~~~ Regarding shoppig malls and HH playing there ~~ My hubby is working at the Nittany Mall in State College, PA for our neighbor who is selling his Metal artwork there .... anyway, I sent my HH cd along with him today to play on the CD player he has there in his stand.... I am anxious to hear the remarks he got on this.~~ My sister still is playing hers at her off. in the hospital.... a couple of the workers have ordered it as a result of hearing it.... Hmmm one more thing I was checking out for the Homecoming dvd and I happened to notice they are running a sale on Holiday Harmony, the cost is $13.39, and I also think there is a special running for free shipping too.... sooo if anyone reading this still hasn't ordered or got HH.... here is a good deal to take up on.

Oooh KevinS ~~~ WOW some really good dvds you are listening too... I really like Fleetwood Mac too, WOW I wore out 2 cassettes of Rumors... my favorite of theirs for sure. I too am hoping that hh will lead to some nice exposure for a Major record Label to approch them on a new release.. I really feel this could happen.... The three new songs on HH prove that they still have what it takes to turn out those Magical lyrics and ooooh soo nice accoustic music.....

Hi Lass ~~ Your welcome.... enjoy posting! :)

Hi Robyn ~~ I am looking forward to the Holiday group listen! I tried to find the pics you were talking about on the Latimessite.

Ooooh Snowbunny Mo~~~~ I liked your cuddling post... but now now.... you will make Hubby mad if he finds out he was your second choice... (Just kidding) :) Your calender sounds really neat... Enjoy! :)

Hiiii Hoooooo Red ~~ Well you probably are getting the tree set up in the house tonight ..... now to get ready for your office party... Have some fun! Is Nelleybelle all spruced up for xmas? Hang some Mistletoe on her and she sure will perk up! :)

Good Night all, Nancy :) I got Firefalls ~~ Christmas in Love good to hear it again.... ~~~~ Merry Christmas Baby, & Happy New Year Baby, being thankful for the way we are together, wishing on a shining star, spending Christmas with you is spending Christmas in Love ~~~ holding you sooo close tonight, keeping you warm by the firelight.... spending Christmas with you is spending Christmas in Love.... take it from there Firefall..... nice music in this song.... :) :) :) I also finally got to find Dolphin's Lullabye.... Nice song for sure!

Message: 25447 Posted: Tue Dec 17 17:51:00 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Sleigh Ride @ work!

I have been very busy (as usual) and haven't had time for the chat folder, but I had to jump on and post this. I actually heard our guy's version of Sleigh Ride on the muzac station at work today!!! I have also contacted several local radio stations requesting they play songs from HH, but I have been too busy to listen to see if they are actually playing any.

Also, I haven't posted since I got the Grand Cayman concert CD and I just wanted to say what an awesome CD this is! It is so great to hear all the songs we've grown to love over the years played by just Dewey & Gerry. I can't stop listening to it! I have to say that their unplugged version of Sandman is the best version I've heard yet. It never ceases to amaze me how D & G continue to satisfy our insatiable appetites for more America!!!

Well, I've been staring at computer screens for the last 14 hours at work and my eyes are having trouble focusing. If I don't get a chance to post again before Christmas (a very good possibility), I hope Dewey, Gerry, the band & crew and all you wonderful fellow America fans a happy holiday and best wishes for the new year.


Message: 25446 Posted: Tue Dec 17 12:10:35 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Christmas in California

to quote a certain song, "Oh the weather outside is frightful...." Lest anyone think winter in Califonia means you use less sunscreen, check out the photos in th LA Times ( The guy paddling a surfboard down State St in Santa Barbara ( one of their main drags) is a classic!

Message: 25445 Posted: Tue Dec 17 11:50:00 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reply to Moser

Ah, yes, Gardner. Or as some people say up there, Gahdna. Thanks for the safe travel. Hopefully we'll be okay. Getting past Syracuse is always tough. They get all kinds of snow. Happy Hollie Days.

Message: 25444 Posted: Tue Dec 17 10:43:51 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

I'm sorry but I've said it before - shame on Rhino and perhaps Morey Group - I know they have supported America with new releases but after selling a good amount of Complete GH and getting back on Billboard - they should have done more and when a Seattle radio station doesn't have it - even if they are not a reporting station - which they might be...I've purchased three for grab bag gifts, two for family, one for us and one for WRCH in Hartford. If a poor slob like me did this - then Rhino could have done more... Plus their parent company is still benefiting pretty well from History. I'm usually not one to complain but... I did hear WW in FOA Schwarts Saturday in NYC and I heard Chirstmas is California in Brooks pharmacy. I'll be interested in R&R charts this week to see if they got anywhere with airplay

Message: 25443 Posted: Tue Dec 17 07:43:25 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Moser

Hi there, Moser! I'm actually about an hour north of Worcester, MA..closer to a place your husband "may" have heard of, Gardner. I have lots of college friends from Clinton, MA...and remember a couple of fellow students from Sterling, MA. Small world isn't it?

We've been hit with snow a couple of times, most recently last Thursday we had a major storm that cancelled school. I'd say we have about 4 inches still on the ground, but the weatherman claims that the end of the week will be mild, so a lot of it will melt by the time you arrive. Travel safely!

Message: 25442 Posted: Tue Dec 17 06:31:48 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony/Shopping

Nina, I didn't know you were from somewhere near Worcester. That's close to where my hub is from, Sterling, MA. Most of his family now lives in Clinton. We will be up that way to ring in the new year. How much snow do you guys have? Have a wicked good Christmas!

Message: 25441 Posted: Tue Dec 17 06:20:59 2002 By: holiday
Subject: Holiday Here

Hi old friends - 'bout time I sent my Xmas message to let you know I'm still around and still enjoying the same old and ever-present magic that is America.
I spent some of my 'ha - money', and holiday bought Holiday Harmony. It's a knockout - my fav is Christmas In California. The summer bushfire season is more of an Aussie Xmas scene than snow-filled songs of the northern hemisphere, but I still love the songs on this wonderful collection. I also love the thoughts in Christmas To Remember.
Thanks Warner Strategic Marketing for releasing this great album downunder. Oh, and thanks to Dewey for mentioning me at the end of his "From Dewey" note on the inside cover ..... ha ha , just kiddin'.
Peace and Harmony to all at this special time.

Message: 25440 Posted: Tue Dec 17 05:05:56 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Holiday Harmony/Shopping

Hi all! I FINALLY heard an America Chirstmas song this past week-end while shopping! It was Dewey's "White Christmas". It certainly put a smile on my face! So, kudos to radio stations in central Massachusetts for playing "our boys"! (I didn't catch the call numbers/letters..but it was a Worcester station.)

Message: 25439 Posted: Tue Dec 17 04:21:25 2002 By: Spurs
Subject: Compliments of the season.

Hello everyone,just thought I'd drop in and wish each and everyone of you a merry Christmas, nearly up to 40'C in this part of the world.Great year for "our boys" with another rewarding year touring wise and a couple of albums to boot.I'm hoping that the Cayman set is a huge triumph as this has been released on their own label and could lead to a new studio offering.

Message: 25438 Posted: Mon Dec 16 17:00:03 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

Hey Erin, if you are out there - can you send them a copy of HOLIDAY HARMONY ? see the message below from Darla in Seattle.
thanks a lot.

Hi Jim--
Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately, we haven't received a copy of that CD from America's record label so I am unable to comment on the songs on it or whether or not they fit our format.  But I will do some checking and pass along your suggestion to our program director.
Thanks so much for listening and Happy Holidays!

Darla Thomas
Music Director
Mix 92.5 KLSY Radio, Seattle
3650 131st Ave., SE
Suite 550
Bellevue, WA 98006

Message: 25437 Posted: Mon Dec 16 15:43:39 2002 By: Moser
Subject: SnowBunny Strikes Again

Wow is it ever a Winter Wonderland here in Upstate. We've had lake effect snow falling all day. It's light and fluffy like lake effect flakes usually are but it's piling up. Okay, even I have to admit, it is very pretty. It's sure better than the 24 hours of rain we had over the weekend--melted everything. I guess that was at least good for a fresh start. Good night for snuggling by the fire. Gerry's probably busy or something so I'll have to see if the hub has some free time!!

Message: 25436 Posted: Mon Dec 16 14:37:17 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Things Have Become Rough-Thanks for Cheering Me Up

Cathy--Here's hoping your Mom regains her strength quickly. Our family will pray for her.

Message: 25435 Posted: Mon Dec 16 14:30:55 2002 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Hey Johnny, I am rather new to both boards. I have been posting on the VH board for about month and just started here. Thanks for the welcome!
~Nancy thanks for the welcome also :)

Message: 25434 Posted: Mon Dec 16 14:00:15 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

I heard Let it Snow on the radio and Winter Wonderland in a resturant (which may have been playing a tape instead of a radio station). It's GREAT to hear America getting some airplay for new material!!!

Message: 25433 Posted: Mon Dec 16 13:21:56 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Things Have Become Rough-Thanks for Cheering Me Up

Things have become really rough since I last posted. My mother was admitted to the hospital and it looks like she has had a heart attack. We don't really know too much yet, until they do further testing. This is so hard! She seems good though, but very tired and weak. I came here to escape for a little while and reading some of the posts has really cheered me up. Thanks for all your comments on favorite songs from Holiday Harmony and the Chipmunks. Moser, your ideas for the pin-up calendar have really brought a smile to my face. I also heard "Winter Wonderland" for the first time on the radio today. That cheered me up too. I can always count on America to do that. Bye~~~Cathy

Message: 25432 Posted: Mon Dec 16 12:49:41 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: New America material.

Jimnak: I assume by your posts wishing for a record label to step up and put out a new America album that their tenure with Oxygen is over. Has that been made official? Did the release of new recorded material by Rhino on Holiday Harmony make it a foregone conclusion?

I hope that a MAJOR label picks them up. One willing to put up more than a few cents for production, etc.

By the way, Dan, I didn't factor in tbe cost of speakers because a guy at work gave me a set of Bose speakers for the 5.1 system. The $500 was for the receiver. I can't wait to hear Hotel California. I will be getting that next week. But, in addition to Homecoming, I also have Neil Young's Harvest and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Unbelievable. Hopefully WB will release more America material on this format.


Message: 25431 Posted: Mon Dec 16 09:29:22 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Ingrid & Johnny ~~~ For sure!

Hi Everybody ~~ Look out the Countdown has Begun! Only 9 more days till Christmas!

Hi there Vic ~~~ I have to say you hit the Nail on the head ooh soo nicely about Christmas in Calif.... Ever since I heard the clip for this on here..... I felt that it had soo much of that Early AMERICA Magic all over it... and then add a touch of the Early Beach Boys as well.... We all know that Winter Wonderland definitely is nicely sprinkled with HWNN and White Christmas with Tin Man, and then there is Sleigh Ride ~~~ the more I hear this one, I too have to say it has all of their Magic in it.... I was pleasantly surprised that my radio station played this one on the air.... I am soo hoping that they will honor my request and play either Winter Holidays or Christmas in Calif.. next..... I am soo partial to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas tooo and Gerry sings it ooh soo nice..... I could handle hearing it as well.... Ya know if I had my way, I would want them to play the whole CD about 3 times a day, for sure. Ooh yes I fell asleep listening to Old Man Took on about the 8th relisten.... and I am finally seeing the similarities to Winter Holiday's.... Ooh how I love Old Man Took ~~ the lyrics to it are definitely etched inside my memory banks for sure! :)

Hi Ingrid ~~ I am sure this will be a Christmas to Remember for you and your new Husband..... Take care!

Hey Cats in the Cradle is on here now... I just tried to win lunch.... this was the song lyric snipit and I knew it in an instance, but my redial finger wasn't sooo quick today.... Ooh well next time.....

Hey there Kristal ~~~~ I hope Santa brings you your new computer! Hmmm regarding your question about DVD players.... I just found out that my new DVD Player doesn't play Movies that are burned...... OUCH! I was soo convinced it had all the formats on it.... soo now that causes me to wonder if I were to buy the Homecoming DVD will it play just the audio or will it have the pics on as well.

Hi Hooooo Redddddddddd ~~~ Get Nelleybelle all loaded up and have yourself a good Monday.... I sure wished Nelleybelle made house calls, I could use her to bring my nice xmas tree home I found.

Oooh Mr. Postman ~~~ You are spared mailing all of my xmas cards today the busiest day of the postal service.... I still have more to write out..... Stay dry and warm ~~ don't wanna see you sick for the Holiday's! and you best be SMILING :)

Okay gotta get now, Enjoy your day all! Nancy :)

OOh wow Christmas In Love by Firefall just came on the radio... How about that... I haven't heard that for ooh soo long.... no wonder, I had to wait for Brian the DJ to say who was singing this... I knew it sounded familiar! Nice :)

Message: 25430 Posted: Mon Dec 16 07:23:01 2002 By: Kristal
Subject: Trying to catch up...

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Monday morning!

Just trying to catch or follow up on previous postings....

We did receive at least an inch of ice from the last blast of winter weather. I am not brave to the ice at all. I deceided early I was not going to make the trek to work and drive in that ugly stuff. Yes, call me chicken to ice. Now snow, I love and don't mind driving my 4x4 in at all.

The cat in the dryer or cradle...If you can't find the 101 uses for a dead cat you may be able to get the 101 uses for duck tape. This may also work for a teenager. hee hee

I like the "America" calendar boys idea. They don't necessarly have to get naked or half dressed. And yeah, we can even get a month or two for Pete and Bill.

Question for all DVD talk...the dvd's you talk about, is this just audio or is their video too? I just bought a dvd/vcr combo player and am new to the dvd world. Please let me know?

Chat folder/ chat night...I have an old dinosaur of a computer at home. And it just can't handle the "information super highway". I do most of my reading/posting at work on break or lunch. I have asked Santa for a new computer for 6 years now, and I will probably still be waiting for next christmas to receive a new one. So I would love to join in but can't but I am there in spirit.

I still haven't heard any "Holiday Harmony" on the radio. I did call my local hard rock with out the edge station, The River 97.3. One of my favorite dj's did say they did get "Holiday Harmony" because I suggested it. And also said they have been playing it. But I am still patiently waiting. I used to work in retail, and I heard alot of America's music being played. "Moving Train", and "Hope" just to name a few, I am not surprised to hear them playing "Holiday Harmony". But then again, I haven't heard it there either. Oh well, I will just keep emailing and stick to listening to my cd.

I think that is all I can remember to comment on. Have a good Monday everyone! Enjoy your "Holiday Harmony"!! I know I will.

Message: 25429 Posted: Mon Dec 16 06:55:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Vic

Vic ~ Exactly...Old Man Took Winter Holidays and added a very nice Christmas touch. Well, two sort of 'old men'. :0) Most of us are just a few years behind in age. Some, a few years ahead but most all a lifetime behind in accomplishments.

Message: 25428 Posted: Sun Dec 15 23:21:32 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Ingrid and Johnny


You had asked, a few days back, which songs draw from "AHWNN", "Ventura Highway" and "Muskrat Love". I believe, that it's obvious, that "Winter Wonderland", draws from "AHWNN". It is my opinion, that "Christmas in California" draws from, "Ventura Highway", "Riverside", and "Muskrat Love". The over all tone, of "Christmas In California", emphasis on Gerry's voice, draws from "Muskrat Love", but the ending really nails "Muskrat Love". If you listen closely, to the background harmonies, at intervals 1:13 to 1:20, and 2:13 to 2:20, I believe you can hear, a very Beach Boys like harmony.


You had mentioned, that there was a song, from "HH", that contains sounds of "Old Man Took". I have listened, to each song, with that in mind. I then listened to "Old Man Took".I think "Winter Holidays" is reminiscent of "Old Man Took". What do you think?

My favorite, after many listens, is "Winter Holidays".

Message: 25427 Posted: Sun Dec 15 21:01:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony (TFN)

"The First Noel" reminds me of something quite special, too!!! But, it's not Christmas PAGEantS.

Sorry all for being so cryptic, but someone here reading this message knows what I mean and it's for that person. :0)

Tom T ~ Good to read your post after all this time.

Is "Lass" new here or on the VH board? If here, welcome Lass!

Message: 25426 Posted: Sun Dec 15 20:14:36 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

I love the very traditional "the First Noel" It reminds me of my childhood Christmas pagents!

Message: 25425 Posted: Sun Dec 15 20:09:40 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Thought I could pick a favorite song today from "Holiday Harmony" but it's too tough. Maybe later in the week. I will say that "Sleigh Ride" sung the America-way is a very fun and kickin' Christmas song! I can easily see why it's receiving some radio play.

Message: 25424 Posted: Sun Dec 15 19:47:24 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: America in the Mall

Well, my family and I went to see "The Lion KIng" yesterday and even though my husband hates musicals even he had a good time (the elephna'ts entrance is FABULOUS!) We strolled down Hollywod Blvd looking at the shops and wound up at the new Hollywood and Highland complex ( that's where the Oscars are given out) After having a very nice meal at an Aremnian lunch counter, we went back to catch the subway home. The PA system was playing Christmas music ( Elvis' Blue Christams was fun to hear) Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks and said to my dd "Is that what I think it is?" She listened and said "Yes!" It was "Sleigh Ride" My dh said "oh they have a Christmas album out" to which dd replied "what do you think we were listening to in the car???"

Message: 25423 Posted: Sun Dec 15 19:34:55 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Gerry. Not Gerr. Sorry. Gerry Gerry Gerry.

Message: 25422 Posted: Sun Dec 15 19:33:42 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Pin Up Mania

Well the boys in the band were too busy doing their Christmas shopping to pose for the 2003 America Calendar. So, being the resourceful girl that I am, I picked my favorite pictures and mocked up a calendar from those. Special features of the calendar: each band member is featured for their birthday month; the current tour dates are listed; a front cover and back cover with pictures is included. It's a fine piece of work--as it should be. Now I just have to figure out how to share it. Give me time, I'll figure it out. Merry Christmas everybody.

Message: 25421 Posted: Sun Dec 15 19:28:01 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

My fave on the HH CD is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Christmas in California is #2. I do have to add that they are all good. Thank you Dewey, Gerr, and Andrew.

Message: 25420 Posted: Sun Dec 15 16:23:20 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: A Deja Voooous ~~~ Oooooops!

Me Again ~~

Yes SteveL & Johnny ~~ Chalk another Oooops up for me... I do believe that I did this Oooops before too. Don't mind me ~~ when I think of the Chipmunks ~~ It is just ALVIN ALVIN ALVIN that comes to my mind first.... I do recall asking which Chipmunk Gerry Gerry Gerry was and you guys told me Theodore Theodore Theodore ~~~ Sooo now I will program my Crazy head to remember this Deja Vousssss Oooops so that it doesn't come to be again. LOL!!!! All this talk about the Chipmunks made Me want to listen to the Chipmunks Christmas tape ~~ You all may not believe this but I haven't grown tired of this cassette yet.... Now I will admit I can't listen to it 4 times in a row, like I can my HH CD.

Hi there Tom T ~~~ thanks for the quick Hello, and Join the Crowd ~~ Isn't if fun getting hooked on this HH Magic. Happy Holidays to you and Yours too!

Johnny ~~ I remember seeing a Time Life info segment where it features alot of the artists from the Seventies... I do remember see them do HWNN as a trio, and Lonely People I do believe too. Hmmmm I wonder if this is a newer info-mercial you saw or if it is the same one I saw last year. Tooo much that songlist ~~ Wow from Achy Breaky Heart to Stand By Your Man.... this has to be a one in a lifetime experience hearing the Chipmunks singing these songs. I can remember their cartoon show and them singing Billie Joel's Uptown Girl, they did that song pretty good. LOL!

See ya all later, Nancy :) Now here is a thought, wouldn't it be Neat to hear the Chipmunks singing Christmas in Calif ???? WOW WOW WOW ~~~~~~ Oooh look out kids its that time of year when Old Santa's on his way, don't look now but the top is down on his candy apple sleigh, heading on down the coast over surf to sand, a warm wind in his hair, make no mistake it's here, holiday fun ~ good cheer, it's Christmas time again in Calif.... wooo ooooh, Boulevards lights up red and green, as the snowbirds make the scene, Hollywood doesn't miss a beat, it's another childhood dream, heading on down the coast over surf and sand, warm wind in your hair... make no mistake it's here, holiday fun ~ good cheer, It's Christmas time For Sure in Calif.... ~~~~~~~ Nice Sing it Gerry ( I mean Theodore ) :)

Message: 25419 Posted: Sun Dec 15 15:11:35 2002 By: Tom T.
Subject: Holiday Harmony Is THE BEST!!!

A quick "Hello" and Happy Holidays to all. The latest CD is proof that America are truly talented and should be given much more credit than they are! I cannot stop playing the CD- and I must say, there isn't a bad tune in the bunch! The arrangement of "Silent Night" is wonderful, and "Sleigh Ride" shows that they actually can put life into songs that have been done a million times. The new songs are terrific too. The latest songs are officially now Holiday Standards for me. Even though I am one of America's Die Hard Fans, I must admit that "Holiday Harmonies" really proves that Gerry & Dewey know their music! Se Ya- BuhBye- Tommy T.

Message: 25418 Posted: Sun Dec 15 15:08:43 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Gerry as a Chipmunk

Johnny, I believe you are right about Gerry being Theodore and not Alvin.

Message: 25417 Posted: Sun Dec 15 11:22:01 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: "Singers And Songwriters"

Did anyone else see the half-hour Time-Life "Singers and Songwriters" info-mercial last night? They were selling CDs and cassettes of 70s music. I'm sure it will be running again. The info-mercial featured both "Horse" and "Sister Golden Hair" for about 13 seconds each. During "SGH," it featured "Gerry Gerry Gerry" up close singing and playing the guitar. I'm not positive, but I think it was a clip from the "Bob Hope Special". Dewey and Dan were visible in the clip, too. The former trio were also shown during the playing of "Horse". The song continued to play while the info-mercial showed pictures of other featured artists.

Message: 25416 Posted: Sun Dec 15 11:05:36 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gerry as a Chipmunk

Cathy & Nancy ~ I recall seeing Gerry during a television interview where he said he was the voice of Theodore. Whether this is true for BOTH "Chipmunks In Low Places" and "Very Merry Chipmunk," I don't know.

I listened to the entire "Chipmunks In Low Places" this morning and am now battier than ever! :0) The cassette had the following "Special Guests" merely conversing with the Chipmunks: Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Daniels, Alan Jackson, Waylon Jennings, Aaron Tippin and Tammy Wynette.

I don't recall Theodore singing a solo on any of the songs, but I could have missed it...wasn't paying full attention as you can imagine. I think Simon sang a solo, but Theodore only sang along with the other two. I could be mistaken, of course. The credits list Andrew Gold as a a musician playing the keyboards and the guitar. Gerry was listed as a vocalist only.

The songlist: Country Pride; Achy Breaky Heart; There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio; Stand By Your Man; Gotta Believe In Pumpkins; Brothers & Olds Boots; Don't Rock The Jukebox; Down At the Twist And Shout; Outlaws; I Feel Lucky; and I Ain't No Dang Cartoon.

Message: 25415 Posted: Sun Dec 15 08:49:40 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony & to catch up some!

Hi Everybody ~~~ Wow~~ What a beautiful Winter Wonderland it is here in PA this weekend..... We went to look for a tree yesterday, and found a couple, but they were soo covered with ice and snow it will take them about a month to thaw out.... Soo back to looking today!

Hi Cathy ~~ regarding your question which is our favorite song.... OOOoooooh Noooooo that is much too hard to single out 1 for sure..... I would say that there is a close 3 way tie for 1st place and then the rest of them take second place hands down. I really like Winter Holidays, A Christmas to Remember & Christmas in Calif..... for 1st place.... and then I really like WW, WC, HYAMLC, SR,TFN, SN,FTS, IBTLALC..... There sure is something about A Christmas to Remember that definitely will go on as a tradition here with decorating and getting ready for Christmas... from the very first time I heard the sound clip, it just sends tingly little messages to where it counts inside... soo Nice, it is playing here now. In away listening to this CD is like opening tiny packages with Lifetime Treasures inside... and nice Keepsakes for sure! ~~~ Ooooooooh Gerry is singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.... WOW soo nice.... I went shopping yesterday and looked to see if I could find HH in the Christmas CD's but none there... I did happen to find Newsongs Christmas Shoes cd tho...... there were someother people there looking too and I said do you know of the group AMERICA and the one lady said yes, I said well they have a brand new Christmas CD out called Holiday Harmony, and it definitely is a good one. I helped her look through all the CD's but upon not seeing that familiar HH cover.... I knew it wasn't there, I even went back to the music section to see if maybe it was there, I asked the person working in there and they checked their list and said that what they had was all sold... soo that was nice to hear..... Happy Holidays to you & yours too Cathy!

Hi there Howard ~~~ Yes Yes Yes.... I hear Tin Man in White Christmas.... Sleigh Ride is playing here now.... and this one has a couple of familiar sounds in it too.... That is what I love most about this CD, that it is sprinkled oooh sooo nicely with that MAGIC that I have loved all of these years for sure.... Yes it definitely lovely weather here in PA for a Sleigh Ride ~~~ Gerry is singing to me.... I got to hear this one on the radio too Harry O, I have been hearing Winter Holiday everyday..... NICE I am loving it! :)

Hi Jeff B ~~~ Hmmm neat you getting to hear this interview on your radio..... Some really nice exposure for AMERICA ~~ I hope it rekindles lots of interest in their music.....

Hi Brad A ~~ Nice to hear you and your Family had a nice Vacation Getaway!

Welcome Lass ~~ Keep on enjoying these great songs and nice to hear from you.

Well well, well DanC ~~ Nice to hear from you finally.... I do imagine you are very Busy this time of Year.... probably lots of goodies coming your way too..... :) Keep on enjoying your music.... and hope to see you join us in live chat when things get back to norm around there.... I hope you have A Christmas to Remember for sure! :)

Hi there Jason ~~~ Glad to hear about your nice holidays.... and WOW what great news about Pit Manor..... looking forward to the rest of the story..... As for Timothy, Timothy, Timothy.... (sorry I had to get that out of my system) Yes I definitely am a fan of his songs..... and oooh yes Feed the Fire is one great CD.... as well as his other solo albums as well.... I will take a closer listen to I'm Not Angry Anymore. I haven't got my CD yet, I am hoping to order it right after xmas... but I do regularly listen to the clips on CD NOW.... I have written some reviews on his albums as well as AMERICA's , Dan Peeks, & Jeff Larsons too...... on the music sites... I enjoy doing this....

Ooooooh Johnny~~ I am soo curious how this Chipmunks in Low Places sounds..... You have soo many Neat things! I still get a kick out of finding out that Gerry was ALVIN ~~~ too much...... Boy I sure have sang the Chipmunks Christmas songs sooooooooo many times.... and I can hear it in my head as clear as day, when Dave says ALVIN Alvin ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLVIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN, and Alvin say OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! LOL! :) and to think there was a contest on the radio about the CHIPMUNKS and I Missed out on this.... I am POUTING big time here! :(

Okay gotta get for now..... have a good day all.... HH is playing for the 4th time in a row here..... See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~~ As the snow was gently falling, hang the mistletoe you said,a Christmas to Remember lay ahead ~~~ don't forget to MAIL the Packages, and the cards are in the hall ~~ remember last years tree was too small...... Oooooooh my I gotta get my Cards signed and ready for the Mailman to Deliver..... Thank You Mr. Mailman for all the Smiles that you Deliver this time of Year as well as the rest of the year tooooo! I sure have had some nice CD's delivered to me in the last couple of Months for sure! :)

Message: 25414 Posted: Sun Dec 15 06:32:50 2002 By: HarryO
Subject: Sleigh Ride

WQLL (Cool 96.5 Manchester NH) just played "Sleigh Ride"! Yeah! If you live in the Southern NH area they're playing all Christmas songs through Christmas day.

Message: 25413 Posted: Sun Dec 15 04:55:17 2002 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Hi all! I'm new to this board.
Cathy I had same reaction when I heard "A Christmas To Remember"!! But I think my favoite Holiday Harmony song is "Winter Holidays"

Message: 25412 Posted: Sat Dec 14 21:32:16 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

Tough question, Cathy! I'll give "HH" a very close listen (closer than usual) and post which song is my favorite tomorrow.

Regarding "Gerry As A Chipmunk," you mean it wasn't "Gerry As Chip The Monk"? Just kiddin'! :0)

I actually have "Chipmunks In Low Places" on cassette, but I'm not able to distinguish Gerry's vocals from anyone else's singing as a rodent. If I had the LP, I'd be able to manually slow it down to hear Gerry with his "normal" singing voice. That, I think, would be interesting. Sort of like hearing a new America song. I did say "sort of".

Message: 25411 Posted: Sat Dec 14 20:52:24 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Favorite Songs on Holiday Harmony

DanC, my favorite song on Holiday Harmony is "A Christmas to Remember" also. It touched me so much that I got tears in my eyes the first time that I heard it. The lyrics of please remember all the Christmas's gone by really stirs up what precious memories they truly are, especially of all the joy that my son, who is now eight, has brought to our lives and how much fun the holidays are with him and the other children in our family. All those memories of family and friends, all the Christmas's gone by. WOW! What a beautiful song and album we have. As we decorated our tree today the lyrics of this song kept going thru my head as we opened each box of treasures. I would love to know what the other America fans consider their favorite songs from Holiday Harmony. Gerry and Dewey have given us a wonderful gift that we can enjoy every holiday season. I love every song on it and the way that they have woven the American sound throughout it. "Christmas in California" is a neat song too. They all are great! Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Message: 25410 Posted: Sat Dec 14 20:02:08 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Gerry as a Chipmunk

Jimnak, thanks for the information on Gerry as a Chipmunk.

Message: 25409 Posted: Sat Dec 14 19:51:35 2002 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Help! / Misc. follow up

Hello, all. I have just caught up on the last week's worth of posts. I have been on vacation in Orlando with my mother, wife and 2+ year old son. Disney World was great!
First, I want to ask for help. I did not see the Headline News appearance or the San Diego Christmas performance by the boys. I would definitely appreciate being contacted by any of you who have copies of both and / or either one. My email is
Regarding the Harbor videos, I will get all my mail from the past week on Monday, when they start delivering again. Any more video payments/requests I receive should ship out by this time next week. Thanks again for your patience. I have sent out around 20 copies already and am glad several of you have received them and have enjoyed the tapes. I would be glad to trade the Harbor tape with anyone who has the two performances I seek above.
On the way back from Orlando, I heard "Winter Wonderland" on Magic 107.7 in central Florida (I don't know the exact city of the station's origin.) The DJ said "that was WW by America" as the song faded out. Gotta love that publicity!
Just curious, what were the reviews of HOLIDAY HARMONY in USA Today and Goldmine like? Positive?
Take care everyone, and Happy Holidays! Brad

Message: 25408 Posted: Sat Dec 14 19:29:09 2002 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

The mailman has returned to sender... Been kinda busy with the holiday season in full swing. Kevin, you nailed it right on, listening to the Homecoming DVD audio is like listening for the first time. It is truly mindblowing. I think Hearts would be the ultimate DVD audio with the strings and all those great harmonies. You also have to check out Hotel California DVD audio. While not Homecoming it is quite impressive. That 500$ is a little low though, hell my 5 Jano speakers and sub ran 750. Ran out and got the McCartney DVD Drivin' Usa and it is pretty much the entire show I saw back in April. While fantastic it is, it also doesn't do justice to being there and experiencing the whole atmosphere of the stage show. Sorry Nancy about being a no show recently but I have been keeping up with all your posts and beckonings. We had a great time at the J.T. show. What a fine songwriter and singer. He hasn't lost any range from what I could hear. My 18 yearold also went with a friend of hers and they even got into it. Then again why would'nt they, they've both been at the last two America shows I've been to and they loved them also. Those kids got great ears don't they? "I've got pieces of April, but it's a morning in May". I also have not purchased the Caymen CD yet (shame on me I know) but I will you can be sure. Will comment on it when that happens. As far as the Holiday Harmony disc goes, I still have'nt wavered on "A Christmas To Remember". It is still my fave and touches me with every listen. I took that CD with me to work last week and played it in the office, never heard a bad word from anyone and even had two people want me to order it for them off the net, which of course I did. Sorry for the long post but it has been a while. If I don't get back on before Christmas I would like to say Happy Holidays to all my America fan brothers and sisters...and a great new year also.DanC.

Message: 25407 Posted: Sat Dec 14 19:28:32 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Radio Contest and Gerry as a Chipmunk

I think GERRY did a few Chipmunk LP's, vocals. Chipmunks in Low Places 1992, Very Merry Chipmunks 1995. Keep on those DJ's & Program Directors, HOLIDAY HARMONY is building a base for the future. Yes, we can dream about that next new AMERICA CD ...
But 1st get the word out on HOLIDAY HARMONY, if the spirit moves you.

Message: 25406 Posted: Sat Dec 14 19:14:27 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Holiday Harmony Radio Contest and Gerry as a Chipmunk

One of my local radio stations had a contest going all week where they gave away copies of Holiday Harmony. I think that's great promotion for the CD. One of the dj's told me that they have been playing "Winter Wonderland", but I keep missing it. I'm getting very anxious to hear it on the radio myself. One song that I hear a lot is the Chipmunk Christmas song which I really love. I know Gerry did a project as a Chipmunk. Does anyone know exactly what it was? I love Dewey and Gerry very much, but especially GERRY. Guys, a lot of us girls will always carry a little of our teenage crush on him. I really wish we did have that calendar! I really love Gerry's voice too, it's so soft and wonderful to listen too. He sings so many great ballads, they just melt me. Dewey has that effect too, especially with songs like "Young Moon". They're both terrific singers, songwriters and musicians. The images that Dewey puts in his lyrics are just incredible. I could just go on forever about them.

Message: 25405 Posted: Sat Dec 14 13:35:02 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

Ah, the markets on the east coast that is very fine. Keep those radio lines & e-mails humming. I wish I had concrete information on a new AMERICA CD, but no not really, just dreaming. However I know that it would be ideal for HOLIDAY HARMONY to stir up sufficient interest to attract a label to their door. Based on the outstanding creativity & enormous energy contained in HOLIDAY HARMONY, we all know GERRY & DEWEY have vast stores of untapped creativity yet to be realized - again, the proof is in HOLIDAY HARMONY !

Message: 25404 Posted: Sat Dec 14 12:12:38 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

"And then perhaps another CD of new material for AMERICA ..."
Jim, do you have the inside scoop on some good news for us fans?

Two teachers at school have come up to me and asked if America had a Christmas CD (they said they heard Christmas songs on the radio and it sounded like America). I told them yes, it's Holiday Harmony and go out and buy it.
Holiday Harmony is getting air play in the southern part of Conneticut.

Message: 25403 Posted: Fri Dec 13 21:30:16 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

HOLIDAY HARMONY continues to make strong inroads on the radio playlists. This is outstanding to hear that it's on WASH-FM Washington DC. HOLIDAY HARMONY will continue to build a following so each December we shall hear it for years to come. And then perhaps another CD of new material for AMERICA ...

Message: 25402 Posted: Fri Dec 13 21:19:11 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: HH song "White Christmas"

...into THESE Christmas songs, rather.

Message: 25401 Posted: Fri Dec 13 21:18:29 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: HH song "White Christmas"

And there's a "Holiday Harmony" song with the sounds of "Old Man Took". Plus one ends like "Call Of The Wild". I think "Sleigh Bells" sounds a bit like the beginning of "Tin Man".

I think it's so cool how some of America's songs from the past are woven into this Christmas songs.

Message: 25400 Posted: Fri Dec 13 21:13:42 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

Driving home from my daughter's game tonight I heard Winter Wonderland by America playing on WASH FM a major DC Adult Contemporary station! I think it is the first time that I have actually heard a radio station playing NEW America material since maybe Special Girl was new. I did hear From A Moving Train played in the mall and at stores, but that was tape. It was great to finally hear a radio station playing new America!!

Message: 25399 Posted: Fri Dec 13 20:47:46 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: HH song "White Christmas"

AND which HH song draws from "Horse With No Name," and which one draws from "Ventura Highway"? "Muskrat Love?" (hee, hee) Now the Chipmunks should cover that one! Gerry has connections . . . .

Message: 25398 Posted: Fri Dec 13 19:27:28 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: HH song "White Christmas"

By jove Howard, you are right ! Time to e-mail & call those NYC radio stations & tell them to play HOLIDAY HARMONY !

Message: 25397 Posted: Fri Dec 13 19:04:48 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: HH song "White Christmas"

Okay everyone, take a good listen to "White Christmas".....
Does anybody else hear this, but I hear Tin Man in this song.
Take a good listen and tell me your thoughts on this....

Message: 25396 Posted: Fri Dec 13 18:26:28 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: interview....

...heard an interview with D. and G. on a station in Zanesville, Oh. concerning HH.


Message: 25395 Posted: Fri Dec 13 11:23:09 2002 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

There's a mall in a town north of where I live that calls itself a "Galleria" (they WISH!). I dislike it, but my husband and I were shopping across the street from it at an EXPO (a Home Depot company -- looooove it!) for the house we are building, and we later found ourselves at this alleged Galleria looking for a place to eat. We were unsuccessful in coming up with dinner, but we did hear a track from HH playing over the mall sound system. For a few moments, that wanna-be shopping destination had some style : ) I don't think it was a radio station, so I'm wondering if an HH song or two were sold to a subscription service like "From A Moving Train" was. If so, it may pleasantly surprise you, playing at one of your local retailers!

Happy Holidays,


Message: 25394 Posted: Fri Dec 13 11:07:28 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Back from Hols/Dirt Pit etc

The purple Ghost of England in Wintertime.....

Great that you found Dirt Pit Manor. I am looking forward to the pictures!

Message: 25393 Posted: Fri Dec 13 10:30:59 2002 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Back from Hols/Dirt Pit etc

Hi all

I'm now back from a fantastic holiday in Thailand. Back to the lovely cold and wet English weather. What's Dewey's line about english weather in winter time - it escapes me at the moment.

Good news on the Dirt Pit search. The day before I flew out to Thailand I received a call from a lady who thought she'd lived in Dirt Pit Manor in 1965. I've spoken to her this week and she's confirmed that she was the wife of the Cowman who worked for the local farmer - Bingo!!. I now know the exact location of Dirt Pit and hope to get up there sometime this weekend to see if it's still there.

She also said that they had quite high hedges so this may be why I never saw it on my previous expeditions. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any photos but could tell me the name of the landlord who was a Mr Darcy.

Mr Darcy apparently worked in London and ran the farm as a hobby (sort of Country Gentleman thing). Maybe this Mr Darcy was in the music bis and could have worked for WARNERS which could be how the boys got to know about the house in the first place.

Slow but sure I'm getting there.

Bye for now


PS: Nancy, are you the Timothy Schmitt fan? I bought his FEED THE FIRE CD whilst on Hols which is excellent. I especially like the track "I'm Not Angry Anymore".

Message: 25392 Posted: Fri Dec 13 08:26:29 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: re: Cat in the Cradle

101 uses for a dead cat.... I have that one somewhere!

Message: 25391 Posted: Fri Dec 13 07:59:30 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Cat in the Dryer

Well...a few spins on permanent press straightened him right out. He doesn't go near the dryer anymore. I like your suggestions though..a book about uses for a dead cat and the teenager trade. Hmmm.
Book sounds like it may come in handy..but no thanks on the 17-year old. I still have one of those at home myself. Fortunately, college is coming up for AJ and he'll be "outta here" in 6 months. I'll miss him and think of him often.
Decorating is done, as is shopping and I haven't hit one store! Ahhhhh, the beauty of internet!
Maureen...yes, a few of us caught the Headline News with the Guys!

Message: 25390 Posted: Fri Dec 13 06:30:06 2002 By: Maureen

Hi All:
I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday !!
Also, I was watching Headline News last Sat night and they had a special interview with 'Our Boys' promoting the Holiday Harmony CD, and they even performed Winter Wonderland - you go guys !! Did any one else see it ? Plus, I heard WinterWonderland on one of my local radio stations-KJOY 98.3-so keep those calls coming.

Message: 25389 Posted: Fri Dec 13 05:56:39 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: No Lifers

I cannot reveal my cohorts in crime (Vic) and will not reveal my sources (DaisyJane64 til almost 3am).
PS: Johnny, you'll enjoy Squeeze more and more, I'm sure.

Message: 25388 Posted: Thu Dec 12 21:05:29 2002 By: Vic
Subject: re: Cat in the Cradle


Some years back, there was a novelty book, out on the shelves. The title was, "101 Uses For a Dead Cat" Trying to bail you out Jan.

Message: 25387 Posted: Thu Dec 12 19:53:45 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: No Lifers

Nancy and sMOwbunny ~ Who besides the two of you were "no lifing" it 'til 3:00 AM???

(Mo ~ Thanks for the comments you posted yesterday regarding Squeeze. I look forward to hearing more of their music.)

Message: 25386 Posted: Thu Dec 12 19:38:02 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Bunny crash

The Bunny is finally crashing. See you all in the AM. Good thing chat is only once a week. I'd be a wreck. I'm too old for these late nights.

Message: 25385 Posted: Thu Dec 12 18:46:54 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Slamdunk

If you have a chance, check out the other message board. There's big trouble right here in River City. (And as usual, Mo's not far from the flame!!)

Message: 25384 Posted: Thu Dec 12 18:44:33 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

It's the Lifestyle 28 system. We really enjoy it. My husband has wanted a Bose system for so long and he finally got it. It is "ever impressive." It really adds to the experience of our music and also movies and Playstation too. Can you imagine Crash Bandicoot in surround sound? It is fun.

Message: 25383 Posted: Thu Dec 12 18:34:41 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Live Chat, Ice Storm and Holiday Harmony

Hi, it's skating rink again. Red, you make me laugh. I would like to join in the live chat. Nancy, I'm not brave about driving on icy roads, just stupid. I didn't realize quite how bad it was until I got out there. It is hard when you have to get to work and the roads are bad, but they were extremely treacherous today. I'm just thankful we are all home safe and sound tonight. I have to tell you that while driving to my cub scout meeting I heard them announce on the radio that they would be giving away two CD's if you call and answer a question or something. One of the CD's was HOLIDAY HARMONY and the other is a new Christmas one by Carly Simon. Too, bad I didn't get a chance to listen to any more because I had to get in to my meeting. They probably played an America song and I missed it again. I've talked to a dj a couple of times at that radio station and he said they have been playing "Winter Wonderland", but I keep missing it. I had mentioned before that his name is Jeff and he is a fellow America fan. I told him that we should try to get them to do a concert near where we live and that he should announce them and do a radio interview. He said that he would love to. We'll have to work on this.

Message: 25382 Posted: Thu Dec 12 16:37:30 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Cat in Cradle, Dryer ~~~ Just check out this Cat .....

Yes Me Again ~~
I can't believe it this is just too much.... How about checking out this site ~~~ Someone stole my idea and did one better than that, this Cat is singing one of my favorite Christmas songs...( I much prefer Gerry's Version tho). Hmmm Janice this EBAY thing could possibly work..... there has to be someone out there that is looking for this Stray Cat.... you were good enough to take care of it.... until the rightful owner is found.... I have to say I would be pretty darn mad at this cat for thinking the Dryer with clean clothes in was a place to do his dirty work Too. ~~~ Good Luck! :)

Hi there Kevin S, Raul & Mo ~~~ I have been eyeing up the HOMECOMING DVD for sure.... after all that is my favorite earlier album, such great songs. Look out music sites here I come..... the one with the best offer on this has me baited and hooked for sure! Keep on Enjoying...... Maybe this is why DanC hasn't posted for awhile.... the Homecoming DVD has him totally wrapped up!

Hi Kristal & Cathy ~~~ You are braver PA Girls than I am, I did all my running the day before the Ice storm hit, I am too chicken to drive on Icy roads... but then I am fortunate that my job allows me to work from my home. Don't let Red's Group(Hug)Feel scare you off... Do come and join in the live chat sometime, like Red said the more the Merrier..... I hope You get to hear some HH songs on the radio soon Kristal. ~~~ Cathy ~~ have you heard any HH songs on the radio in your Part of Pa? ~~ Neat I used to be a Cub Leader too. I worked with the Wolf, Bear & Webeloes Packs.... my oldest son stayed in it till he was a Boy Scout, but then he was more interested in track & field and cross country running soo he quit... I must say I really enjoyed those years doing this. ~~~~ Hmmm the ironic part, when my daughter was a baby I took her to all of the meetings, and she always wanted to be a Boy Scout... well she is older now and I said howabout joining the Girl Scouts, but she didn't want too, soo she is in her 5th year of Jazz dancing..... I love watching their progress all year and the dance recitals are alot of fun too.

Ooooh Spicy Red ~~~ this is the spiciest you have ever been..... that group hug (feel) has you all Flustered for sure! I think that the Energizer Bunny can't match up to your energy today at all. Too Much! Wow what vim & vigor your song lyrics have today! :)

This has been one upbeat day! I wonder what tomorrow will bring! See ya all, Nancy :)

~~~~ this feeling I just can't hide, you got me mystified, ooh OOoooh pretty darling this feeling is deep inside, you got me mystified, mystified, the light that shines around you, it blinds my eyes, theres a Magic surrounds you, tell me where your secret lies. Ooooh pretty darling this feeling is deep inside, you've got me mystified, you've got me mystified, mystified.... that ooh soo nice guitar solo..... sing it Chritine McVie & Fleetowood Mac ~~~ Nice song for sure :)

Message: 25381 Posted: Thu Dec 12 16:02:57 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

Well I have the Homecoming Audio DVD, but alas no surround sound system. I have had this on my Christmas wish for TWO years now, but Santa has still not taken the hint! Maybe this is my lucky year. Moser which Bose system do you have?

Message: 25380 Posted: Thu Dec 12 16:00:37 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: re: Cat in the Cradle

Hey Janice I have a teenage daughter I may consider trading the cat for! LOL. She's 17 and thinks she's 25 and is chafing under the unreasonable premise that her Dad & I should know where she's going and what she's up to, what her grades are etc etc. Her room & bathroom are disaster areas (not to mention the interior of her car). Other than that she's really quite lovely!! AAAHHH the teenage years - It's going to be a fun 14 hour drive to Tucson for Christmas this year!

Message: 25379 Posted: Thu Dec 12 15:34:05 2002 By: Raul
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

Kevin, you are so right! That's how I feel about America too!Although I think I would stop at the traffic lights when they are red :) What a fantastic DVD !!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 25378 Posted: Thu Dec 12 15:00:28 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Live Chat and Ice Storm

So, Cathy Rink drives in Pennsylvania on ice and it's called a skating rink. Nancy would like to have more cohorts from PA on live chat. You can partake from 8pm - whenever, eastern time on Wednesday night. The more the merrier, especially for the group feel(hug). Hope to see you there next week.

Message: 25377 Posted: Thu Dec 12 14:37:36 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Live Chat and Ice Storm

I'll have to try to join you for live chat sometime. It sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think I'll make it until 3:00 a.m. since I have to be at work by 8:00 a.m. the next morning. What time do you usually begin the chat? I live on the east coast. I have to mention how bad our ice storm in PA was yesterday into this morning. Some people that live by me have been without power for over 24 hours now. We're very fortunate that our power did not go out, but the ice on our roads was about three inches thick. We have about a foot of snow too. I must have been crazy driving to work this morning. I didn't realize just how bad it was until I was caught in the middle of it all. My guardian angel was with me. I was so glad that my husband decided to stay home with my son (school had been cancelled) after I called him and told him how bad the roads were this morning. They're a lot better now. I'd better get ready for my cub scout meeting. I'm the den leader.

Message: 25376 Posted: Thu Dec 12 14:05:24 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

Welcome to my Bose world. I love the Homecoming DVD too. Right up there with...uh...chocolate. Yeah, that's the ticket--chocolate.
Tee hee hee

Message: 25375 Posted: Thu Dec 12 13:47:15 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Homecoming DVD-Audio.

I finally got a chance to hear my Homecoming DVD-Audio disc last night and I was blown away. It's like hearing it for the very first time. There are things I've never heard before, or never heard quite like this before.

The clarity of the instruments, the purity of the voices is absolutly stunning.

You need to stop what you're doing right now, go to the bank, get out about $500, buy a digital reciever, five speakers and a subwoofer, then drive right home, ignoring all traffic lights and regulated stop signs, hook up your system and put the Homecoming DVD-Audio disc in the DVD player and listen.

It sends chills down your spine it's so good. And I am not exagerating.


Message: 25374 Posted: Thu Dec 12 13:23:06 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wake up people ~~ Lazy Bones Huh?????

Nancy, that group feel(hug) was great. That's more action than I've had in years. As far as the song "In the Navy" goes, just don't bend over and grab ur ankles. The group feel might be more than bargained for. I wonder if Bones was in the Navy? Maybe he'll answer. Wonder if the "Energizer Bunny" has worn out yet? Course, she is not 40 yet, so she still has spunk.

Old man rhythm is in my shoes
No use t’sittin’ and a’singin’ the blues
So be my guest, you got nothin’ to lose
Won’t ya let me take you on a sea cruise?

Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Won’t ya let me take you on a sea cruise?

Message: 25373 Posted: Thu Dec 12 12:09:55 2002 By: Kristal
Subject: You guys crack me up

Hi Everyone!! Yes, yes, yes....we sure did get a blast of winter! The only good thing is missing a day of work for 2 weeks in a row. Can we make it 3?? We received at least an inch of ice. Thankfully, we did not lose power. And I got to spend another joyous day at home listening to "Holiday Harmony". By the way, I still have not heard it on the radio. Oh well, I have the cd which is better. I just feel bad for all those other America fans who do not know about it yet.

I think Nancy has the right idea about the cat...take it's picture and put it on ebay. Dress it up in a Santa suit + the years supply of cat food should be a plus.

I can't possibly comment on every posting, eventhough I catch myself giggling. I don't know how you all do it, but you guys crack me up. And I enjoy reading your tid-bits back and forth. You really brighten my day and appreciate everyones time and input. Thanks again for keeping it light. Have a great day everyone!!

Message: 25372 Posted: Thu Dec 12 10:24:08 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Wake up people ~~ Lazy Bones Huh?????

Me Again ~~~ You all just won't believe the songs that I am hearing on the radio while I am here doing housecleaning...... Some Lady called and said "I am here housecleaning and excersising and I wanna hear "In the Navy" by the Village People, then she said I always hear YMCA but I just gotta hear In the Navy..... it gets me going" She was more wound up than me (if you all can believe that one ~~ with the fudge brownie and after Live chat High I am on today ~~ LOL Soon Brian the DJ plays this song and I listened closely to it and it is all about recruiting and getting the job done.... well now I read Red's post about us Nolifers being up till the weeeee hours, and then quoting these Lazy Bones lyrics...... too much, too much for sure.... all I can say that song Energized Me more..... LOL! :)

Hi there Vic in the Desert ~~ Nice of you to stop in at the Live Chat last night.... Ya know what I always say don't you I love sharing the Gift of Gab ~~ Right Vic ? ~~~~~~ Sometimes late when things are real and people share the gift of gab between themselves.... some are quick to take the BAIT and catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves~~~~ My favorite line of lyrics from this great song, sing it Dewey as only you can sing it soo well. :)

Ooooh yes Leakycanoe if you are out there ~~ I got to hear this Ryan Adams that you and Erin E. were talking about that one night in live chat....... he was on David Letterman's show on Monday or Teusday night..... Wow this young guy is a real rocker isn't he ~~ Bryan Adams is Mild compared to him. By the way Erin Edwards ~~ please keep us informed if Gerry & Dewey will be doing a show for Music In High Places on MTV ~~ Okay.... I am curious to see which Landscape setting they will choose for this and what great songs will be on this. Thanks :)

Sorry Red ~~~ No Napping for me ~~~ I will go till I stop ticking tonight... and then Crash big time! You be sure and get all of those Monitors up and running in tip top order ~~ You hear me Red..... if you need some incentive..... just call and request the song " In the Navy" it works wonders for sure...... Hmmmm about that Group Hug (Feel) I wonder who enjoyed it more You or Bones ?????? That is the question of the day...... :)

Oooh yes Mo ~~~ We are sooo Predictable about just what we are talking about aren't we..... but we wouldn' have it any other way would we now???? Hey Maggie Mae just came on the radio.... too much, this is a good day for songs that haven't been heard for awhile...... I think I will be singing all day long! All I need now is for one of the HH songs to come on and my day is going A Okay for sure!

Oooooh Robyn ~~ It isn't soo bad listening to the Oldies once in a while.... Is It??????? Did you take notice the boucing ball was practicing Tin Man for next weeks group listen to Holiday? See ya then.

Now I found this little Quote that kinda goes with my first posts song lyrics....... just thought I would share it with you all ~~

We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters,
your brothers, the school, the teachers -- you can blame
anyone but never blame yourself. It's never your fault. But
it's always your fault, because if you wanted to change,
you're the one who has got to change. It's as simple as
that, isn't it?
--Katherine Hepburn, American actress

Okay I gotta get...... Nancy :) ( Hi there Jimmmmmmmm bob :) )

Heart is playing on the radio now.....

~~~ These dreams go on when I close my eyes ~~~~~ there's something out there I can't resist, the sweetest silence I ever heard, funny how your dreams never really touch the earth...... nice song :)

Message: 25371 Posted: Thu Dec 12 10:10:09 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Cat in the Cradle

Cradle? Try dryer!!
How in the h--- did this d--- cat mistake my dryer (with clothes in it..!) for his d---- litter box??????????????????????

Alright you guys..I really need you to bail me out here! I have dogs!! Now I know I am not much of a mentioning only his "finer attributes"...but come on! It's Christmas..! Take pity! Take this d---- cat!!!
There..I feel better now. Have a nice day.
ps. I'll throw in a year's supply of cat food!

Message: 25370 Posted: Thu Dec 12 10:01:56 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Christmas Greetings From Tenerife

Guillermo Albelo who lives in Tenerife, Spain received the Holiday Harmony CD yesterday and he agrees with the rest of us that "it's really beautiful." Guillermo's band, Etcetera, has recorded some Christmas songs and he'd like to share them with us as his Christmas present. He also asked me to send Christmas greetings to Gerry, Dewey, and all of the America fans.

Click on the following links to download/listen to these Christmas classics from Spain. They'll remain on the Chat Folder until Christmas.

Blanca Navidad (White Christmas)
Paseo Entrineo (Sleigh Ride)
Noche De Paz (Silent Night)

Etcetera Christmas Card

Etcetera is MONTSE DORTA on vocals, CARMEN DORTA on vocals, MIGUEL LEMUS on drums and percussion, and GUILLERMO ALBELO on keyboards, guitars, arrangements, and production.

Thanks Guillermo!

Message: 25369 Posted: Thu Dec 12 08:23:13 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Wake Up People

Red, you crack me up as usual. By the way, we mostly talked about you until 3 am. Well, then again, maybe not. If I remember correctly, cause you know I was half asleep, I think we talked about our favorite thing...I mean person, Gerry Gerry Gerry. Yes, we are predictable. Ho hum. Yawn. Yawn. It was fun though.

Message: 25368 Posted: Thu Dec 12 07:56:11 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wake Up People

I forgot to add this to my previous message:


Rise up and protest against flagrant sexism!

Join the new group:

Outraged Right-on Gals Against Sexist Menace!

(Hmmm. Maybe I need to work on that acronym . . . )

Message: 25367 Posted: Thu Dec 12 07:51:26 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Wake Up People

What in the world can you find to talk about until 3 am? Did SnowBunny lose her charge by then? What was Fancy Nancy doin up til the wee hours? Maybe you should have a late night chat every night for those that don't have to get up in the morning. Did Studs come back on later? I think maybe after we refine this chat thing and get it down with weird characters we should maybe go Jerry Springer. I'm sure the nation would love to see Nancy making fudge, Bones doin photography posing, and SnowBunny orchestrating a group feel(hug I mean). Have to move 140 flat screen monitors, don't forget to take naps 2day to regenerate.

Lazy bones
Sleeping, sleeping in a noon day sun
Tell me, how you spect to get your days work done
Days work done
You'll never get your days work done

Message: 25366 Posted: Thu Dec 12 07:03:22 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Wake up people

Hi Everyone ~~~~~~ Yes Mo a brand new day has started..... the fudge brownies are my caffeine LOL! WOW! what a night! Those sure were some NICE Pics you sent me Girl! Thanks oooh soo much! Do you know what song I was listening to as soon as I got my speakers to work this morning...... ~~~~~ There will be no more confusion, & there'll will be no more ball and chain, I will cease with the illusions, and I will ask of You the same, when You Love Someone, its gonna take some time, come on and saveeee me, save meeeeee, pull me from deep water, give the Kiss of Life ~~~ Now is the momeeeent treasured, breathe the kiss of life intoooo the words we speak, intooo the words we speak ~~~~ Oh my Gerry what a powerful song, such a beautiful song ~~ and only You sing it soooo well. Thank you! ~~~~~ I just have to say I got my second wind whenever my radio station played Winter Wonderland at 2:30 am Yes Yes Yes ~~~ that was AWESOME! :) Thanks for all the fun in Live Chat everyone...... looking forward to the group listen of Holiday for sure! :)

Okay Jeff B ~~ I thought sooo but just had to ask.... we woke up to a White Wonderland here this morning..... ahhhh it is absolutely breathtaking, when it looks like this outside..... I hope you are enjoying the HH & Caymans alsoooo as much as I am. :)

Hey Howie ~~~ Hope you are feeling rested and a little better this morning.... I sure can sympathize with you on the bronchial cold..... I have had it off and on since Oct..... I am on my second bag full of meds to clear it up once and for all..... my Doc says it is all allergy related, because of the strange fall season that never got to end the right way ~~ Who would figure an Ice storm Halloween week.... with some of the leaves colors unchanged on the trees... Tooo weird for sure! I am definitely enjoying the Ecuador tape for sure ~~~ thanks again for your generosity!

Welll Red ~~ You too should be well rested this morning.... after all you are not like the rest of us Nightowl Nolifer's! Get Nelleybelle heated up and ready for the day! :) That sure is strange You have 50 degree temps and us haveing ice storms and single digit temps..... You Lucky Monkeyshiner You!! Enjoy it while it Lasts! Hmmmm I wonder if you will have a white Christmas!

Okay I gotta get my butt in gear.... have a great day all ~~~ My music is playing full blast.... Steve Perry is singing Ooooh Sherry right this moment..... but earlier I was listening to a very deep messaged song for sure.... I will sing you all some of the lyrics... See ya, Nancy :) Okay sorry steve perry but had to get the other song playing..... Here goes.....

~~~~ Echoes of careless words & slamming doors ~~~ are still ringing in the night....I've taken my side and you've taken yours, we're both wrong and we're both right..... ~~~ Once again misunderstanding has turned us into enemies.... I will forgive you, will You forgive meeee, Live and Learrrrn, thats what we will do, live and leeeearn ~~~~ this world will turn and the seasons will changeeee..... BUT There's nothing we can't get through as long as we both hold onto the hand of God & Each Other and take a Lifetime to Love & Learn...... ~~~~ We started out believing we know love sooo well, but through the years we find True Love is a story ONLY time can tell, God has made this lifetime yours and mine..... Live and Learn thats what we will do, it'll take a lifetime to Love and Learn..... Sing it Steven Curtis Chapman ~~ another powerful song for sure :) Thanks all for reading my chapter today! See ya soooon :)

Message: 25365 Posted: Thu Dec 12 06:11:22 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Wake Up People

Hey, people, wake up. The diehards were on chat until a record breaking 3 am east coast time last night and we're up and functioning already this am. So where's everybody else? Rise, shine, and smell the coffee, people. It's a brand new day to spend enjoying the songs (and dimples of course) of our favorite band. Poco. HA! Just kidding. You know, Ger and Dew, you guys are always first in our hearts. Okay, now, happy Thursday everyone.

Message: 25364 Posted: Wed Dec 11 22:11:56 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Another Wayne's World Moment-and thanks

what's really scary is hearing stuff on the "oldies" station

thanks to all who joined in tonite. we will try for a group listen of holiday next week!

Message: 25363 Posted: Wed Dec 11 19:05:58 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Another Wayne's World Moment

Besides hearing 'we are not worthy' from Jeff B., I had another Wayne's World moment tonight at my daughter's middle school Christmas concert. Her 7th and 8th grade chorus sang an excellent rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. It was all I could do to sit still in my seat when the big rift part came up. Very cool when your kids start singing songs from your era.

Message: 25362 Posted: Wed Dec 11 16:16:32 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: HH airplay ~~ Cat or Harry ~~ & Thanks Vic!

my play at humor.....

had an ice storm here in southeastern Ohio too. I prefer snow to ice any day.

carry on.

Message: 25361 Posted: Wed Dec 11 16:13:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: TheChristmas Shoes & Hmmmm ~~Cat in a Cradle

Me Again ~~
Thanks Steve ~~ For posting these beautiful Lyris.... I just had to sing it as I read them.... It is a very touching song for sure! I knew that Newsong sang this, I am not familiar with any of their other songs tho.... this Christmas Shoes album sounds like a good one. I will have to check Amazon out.... Thanks for the info.

I found this in one of my emails today and wanted to share it with you all..... Take notice to the title of this little story ~~

A Cat in a Cradle~~~~~

When Jesus was born in the stable in Bethlehem,
one of the animals there was a dusty little tabby

It was cold in the stable, and the baby started
to cry. The little tabby cat washed and washed
and washed until his coat was clean and shiny,
and then jumped into the manger and lay down next
to little Jesus and began to purr. He was so warm,
and his purr so soothing, that soon the baby had
gone to sleep.

Mary wanted to thank the cat, so she drew her
initial on his head with her fingertip. And from
that day to this, every tabby cat has worn a letter
"M" above its eyes - the mark of the grateful Virgin."

Too Much ~~ I never saw this before. :)

Seee ya all later in live chat Nancy :)

Message: 25360 Posted: Wed Dec 11 15:35:38 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The Christmas Shoes

I've never heard the song "The Christmas Shoes" before so it interested me after reading about it on this chat folder. I went to to listen to a soundclip of the song and I also looked up the lyrics. The lyrics are touching enough even without hearing the song. Here they are:

It was almost Christmas time, there I stood in another line
Tryin' to buy that last gift or two, not really in the Christmas mood
Standing right in front of me was a little boy waiting anxiously
Pacing 'round like little boys do
And in his hands he held a pair of shoes

His clothes were worn and old, he was dirty from head to toe
And when it came his time to pay
I couldn't believe what I heard him say

Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Mama, please
It's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir, Daddy says there's not much time
You see she's been sick for quite a while
And I know these shoes would make her smile
And I want her to look beautiful if Mama meets Jesus tonight

He counted pennies for what seemed like years
Then the cashier said, "Son, there's not enough here"
He searched his pockets frantically
Then he turned and he looked at me
He said Mama made Christmas good at our house
Though most years she just did without
Tell me Sir, what am I going to do,
Somehow I've got to buy her these Christmas shoes

So I laid the money down, I just had to help him out
I'll never forget the look on his face when he said
Mama's gonna look so great

Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Mama, please
It's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir, Daddy says there's not much time
You see she's been sick for quite a while
And I know these shoes would make her smile
And I want her to look beautiful if Mama meets Jesus tonight

I knew I'd caught a glimpse of heaven's love
As he thanked me and ran out
I knew that God had sent that little boy
To remind me just what Christmas is all about

Here's a little more information I discovered about the band who sings it as well as the song:

Veteran Christian band Newsong decided to include the sentimental ballad, "Christmas Shoes," as a bonus track on 2000's Sheltering Tree, unaware that the almost O. Henry-esque tale about a young boy attempting to buy a pair of shoes as a Christmas present for his dying mother would blow up into a massive hit. So overwhelming was the response to that song (it landed atop Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart) that the group decided to fashion an entire holiday album around it, naturally titling it Christmas Shoes. In addition to the heart-wrenching title track, the contemporary Christian rockers serve up some beautifully arranged versions of cherished favorites such as "Away in the Manger/God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman," "The First Noel," and "What Child Is This," as well as an impish, rather histrionic version of "You're a Mean One, Mr.Grinch" which should tickle the underage set. Newsong have also written a number of well-crafted, infectious holiday songs that don't bludgeon you with heavy-handed inspirational messages, but instead shine brightly with the true spirit of the holiday. --Jaan Uhelszki

This sounds like a great companion song and album to Holiday Harmony.

Message: 25359 Posted: Wed Dec 11 14:19:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: HH airplay ~~ Cat or Harry ~~ & Thanks Vic!

Hi there everybody ~~~ Snow Plow Gal reporting in on the Ice Storm that hit here today ~~~~ When the house wakes up to icicles. all the birds are flying south, for winter, another winter...You can see your breath, your nose and fingers are soo cold, the car won't start, the pipes are froze, it's winter, snowy winter ~~~~~ Winter holidays fill our hearts with lots of love and cheer...... Ooh how we love our winter holidaysssss ~~~ For sure ( sorry Dewey I added a couple extra words to the one line...... my fingers are always sooo cold in winter.... :)

Regarding HH airplay.... well when I took my daughter to her dance class last evening.... I was just about to shut off the van, and just then a very familiar song came on the radio..... I was smiling for sure ~~ Dewey & Gerry were singing Winter Wonderland...... WOW ~~~~ it sounded oooh sooo good on the radio and Al Steele said when it was done playing that was AMERICA and there rendition of Winter Wonderland! Nice :)

Hi there Duffy ~~ Sooo neat you got to hear Christmas in Calif... while you were on Hold.... I too have to listen to music while being put on hold with my software support com. for my work..... I was soo surprised that SteveL had this very station from Wis listed in the radio stations..... soo I emailed this station telling them that I hear their station lots while being put on hold.... I requested they play Winter Wonderland, or Winter Holidays for me..... I am hoping they will honor my request! ~~~~~~ Wow that song Christmas Shoes sure is a good song..... it gives you the spine tingles for sure.... I have it downloaded and my daughter loves to listen to it.....

Ooh Sharon ~~ Nice that you too are hearing these great HH songs on your radio station..... I too called up my DJ and told him thanks for playing these songs. I agree with Jimnak, we can help make these songs a tradition in years to come...... WOW ~~ I just had a flash sequence of Me as oold and grey and still getting soo excited when I hear these on the radio.... Tooo Much ! LOL! sounds good tho!

Wow thanks Vic ~~ for getting the 45 of this Cat's in the Window, and soo nice of you SteveO ~~ to get this transferred so we can get to hear this soon...... :)

Hey Johnny ~~~ I took a really close listen to both Cat's in the Cradle I have and there is no doubt about it..... these are bot Harry Chapin singing it..... I think there were just alot of people that for some reason couldn't think of Harry, soo they put down the artist as Cat Steven's I even downloaded another version last night that had Cat has the artist and said the original copy on the info..... well when I listened to it.... It was Harry, not Cat and sounded the same as the other 2 sooo now I have 3 mp3s of this..... I also searched for the Cat's in the Window song.... but no luck.... I ended up finding some more of David Gates that I have never heard of before.... Wow ~~ Wonder why I never knew of these songs of his~~~

Hi Mo & Robyn ~~~ hope to see you all at live chat tonight I am hoping the power doesn't go off any because of the temps getting colder and making the ice we have freeze more.... did that line make sense.... I hope sooo ~~ Don't mind me, I am here talking to myself.... Crazy Nancy for sure! :)

Hmmmm one last thing ooh Jeff B ~~~ Why aren't we Worthy of some new stuff from Gerry & Dewey?????

Okay gotta get supper ready ~~~~ see ya Nancy :)

~~~~ Sir I wanna buy these shoes, can you help me please, you see it's Christmas eve, and Daddy says it won't be long till Mama meets Jesus, soo he laid the money down, and said I gotta have these shoes sooo Mama can look nice when She Meets Jesus tonight ~~~ I hope these are right, all of my songs are on my computer upstairs and I am typing this from my work puter...... anyway what a touchingly beautiful song.... and darn I missed the movie based on this song the other Sunday when it was on ~~~ Hubby was watching Football of course ! gotta get now!

Message: 25358 Posted: Wed Dec 11 13:08:03 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: HH

We're not worthy.....

Good to see that HH is getting air time.

Jeff B.

Message: 25357 Posted: Wed Dec 11 10:02:21 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: HH

>>And who knows, maybe a CD by AMERICA of new material. <<

Well, that's at the top of MY Chistmas list!

Message: 25356 Posted: Wed Dec 11 09:30:16 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: HH

Yipeee ! Keep the gentle, but persistent prodding to the DJ's & Program directors. We are all building the future for continuing year-over-year (December) airplay for that outstanding piece of work by AMERICA, titled HOLIDAY HARMONY. And who knows, maybe a CD by AMERICA of new material.

Message: 25355 Posted: Wed Dec 11 09:24:37 2002 By: Duffy
Subject: HH

With my job I spend a lot of time on the phone, which means I also have lots of opportunities to listen to hold music. When what to my wanting ears should appear but a new Christmas song called “Christmas in California”. Before starting the song the DJ said that each year there is a hot (most requested) Christmas song. The DJ, (Seattle WA) said that this year the 2 leading songs were Christmas in California and the Christmas Shoes. It seems that all of our efforts are paying off. Keep up the requests to one and all of the stations Steve has collected and listed for us. Merry Christmas to all!!

Message: 25354 Posted: Wed Dec 11 07:50:59 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re:A Horse With No Name/Cat's Eye In The Window

I did send you a separate email with some details,but I'll transfer that song to disk for you when you get it,then we can share it here on the chat site for everybody to sample. Also one other note for the board: "Goldmine" magazine had a Holiday CD review in their current issue,now out,and of course HH is the first title featured! This is the issue with Dolly Parton on the cover.

Message: 25353 Posted: Wed Dec 11 07:50:39 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Sad Truth

let's see.... talking to friends about our favorite band.... WHAT'S SO SAD ABOUT THAT??????????????

See you there.

Message: 25352 Posted: Wed Dec 11 07:02:43 2002 By: Moser
Subject: The Sad Truth

The sad truth is--
Chat is tonight and I'm looking forward to it. See y'ans then.

Message: 25351 Posted: Wed Dec 11 04:15:04 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: This 'n That

You said, <<brought to mind a musical group that I recently started listening to...Squeeze. The one and only CD that I have of theirs at this moment is "Some Fantastic Place". I think it's really good and I look forward to hearing more of Squeeze's music. Anyone else familiar with them?>>
Familiar with them? Are you kidding? Squeeze is definitely one of my favorites. They were big when I was in college. If you're just starting to discover them, you'll find there is lots of material to enjoy. My top three: 1)Tempted 2)Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) and 3)Black Coffee in Bed. There are many others too. Enjoy.

Message: 25350 Posted: Tue Dec 10 22:57:37 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re:A Horse With No Name/Cat's Eye In The Window


Went to the Gemm site as you suggested, found the 45, and purchased it. I know nothing about having it transferred from 45 to Cd. I'll entrust that to you, if you don't mind. I'll pay for it, and snail mail the 45 to you as soon as I get it. If you want to send me your address, my e-mail address is: ( Thanks for your help. I think it will be very interesting. It's an AMERICA thing. By the way, do you remember the song, or are you too young?

Message: 25349 Posted: Tue Dec 10 20:52:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: This 'n That

Janice ~ Your discussion (and everyone else's here) brought to mind a musical group that I recently started listening to...Squeeze. The one and only CD that I have of theirs at this moment is "Some Fantastic Place". I think it's really good and I look forward to hearing more of Squeeze's music. Anyone else familiar with them?

Humorous lyrics from one of Squeeze's song titled "Cold Shoulder" (well in my opinion, anyway):

My head was stuck in the CAT flap on the door
Where I could see her walking on the kitchen floor
Down on my knees
Just like a dog
Begging for scraps that she said she hadn't got

She took her pen she poked me in the eye
As through the lock I looked to see my world inside
I kicked and swore
Void of all brain
I couldn't see that I was the one to blame
Cold shoulder

Vic ~ Cool about Tommy James' "Cat's Eye In The Window" sounding like "Horse" and cool that SteveO found the 45 record for sale!

Red ~ No, I haven't spotted the white crow again but I did mention the sighting to an acquaintance who said his mother-in-law told him she saw a white crow (no doubt the very same one) the same day as me but in a tree near her house with a flock of other crows...all with their "indigo glow", of course. Her house is about a block or two from where I spotted "Whitey" dumpster-diving behind the Sonic. It was eating french fries! I couldn't believe this guy said it was "too bad" that I didn't shoot it to have it stuffed as a rarity. I told him that would be the LAST thing I would do! What an ignorant thought on his part!

Nina ~ I like your AMERICA promotional techniques! :0) It was a high school English teacher who introduced me to AMERICA back in 1972! She'd play AMERICA's first LP and "Homecoming" during class.

Nancy ~ Looking forward to your uncovering whether Cat Stevens' song is the same as Harry Chapin's.

(Hi Kristal!)

Message: 25348 Posted: Tue Dec 10 20:03:05 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: A Horse With No Name/Cat's Eye In The Window

Vic,thats a toughie! The song you mentioned reached #90 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972,but never made a charted Tommy James LP. I looked for it on Winmx earlier tonight,and it doesn't show up. But,I found 2 used copies selling at,both very cheap. I recommend you check that site out. If you can't find what you are looking for on Gemm,it probably doesn't exist! If you do purchase the 45,get it transferred to Cd so we can check it out!

Message: 25347 Posted: Tue Dec 10 19:01:10 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony Air Play

Very nice Sharon. Great work. The work of all fans can have dramatic positive impacts on AMERICA. A few e-mails & calls works wonders. In this instance the base is being built for HOLIDAY HARMONY to be included in Radio playlists for years to come. AMERICA forever !

Message: 25346 Posted: Tue Dec 10 14:31:35 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: No Excuses ~take the ****cat... & Cat's in Craddle or the Window!

Me Again ~~ Hey the Sun did shine here today some! Nice :)

Oooh Janice ~~~ I sure wish I could take the **** cat. Hey just an idea here Dress him up in a little Santa suit, take a pic, put him up for bid on EBay and who know's this just may work!

Aha Johnny I too had a similar discussion with a person on Napster about who really did Cat's in the Cradle..... I too told her that Harry Chapin sang it.... well I did a search and I found oooh soo many with Cat Steven's as the artist.... soo I downloaded both and they were the same song.... I will have to go and listen to both versions later.... and see what the difference is.. (it has been awhile since my Napster days) My Inquiring Mind is set in motion on this now...... Stay tuned!

Hi there Vic from the Desert ~~~~ Too cool that Tommy James also did a song called A Cat in The Window, I am not familiar with this song, but maybe if DanC happens to read our posts, maybe he can tell us if he knows of this song at all.... I too agree Vic that it would be neat to get to hear this song..... to see the similarities.... How about it SteveL, Steve O is it possible to find this song?????? Thanks Vic for the neat info... Carry on my desert friend ~~~~ :)

OOOOOOOOOoooooh DanC ~~~ Mr. Mailman ~~~~~ Are You there, Can You hear meeeeeeeeee, take a break from your new digital system and POST SOON OKAY???????? :)

WOW ~~~~ Red eeeeee Oaaaaaaak ~~~~ You never cease to amaze me with the Lyrics you find..... these lyrics are too much for sure..... As Usual you have added a Touch of Spice to our day. Regarding if we have snowplows here in Amish Land..... Yeah sure we have lots of them, in fact everywhere you look there are trucks of all sizes with snow plows on the front of them....... I even drive a truck with a snow plow on ~~~~ Hahhahahahhahahahah ( my second job) They call me Snow Plow Gal!!!!! You oughta see me handle those snow drifts! ;)

Yes Kristal ~~~~ the calm before the storm is here now.... and yes the Storm Warnings have been on the radio and tv all day long.... I even noticed on my tv satelite cbs channel that is from New York, that they have warnings out as well..... You can send all the Snow you want my way..... but Don't send that Freezing Rain for sure.... but the weatherman is saying that we are in for all Freezing Rain.... ooh nooo the poor trees will be coated in Ice again..... Look out, I sure hope the Power stays on.......

Hi Raul ~~~ I will be sure and check out your song clips ~~ Thanks for sharing this with us.......

Hi there Gennnnnnnnnn ~~ sooo good to hear from you. How has your weather been lately? Lucky Jimmmmmmm bob is basking in warmer temps and sunshine.... Hey he even took the stage at his brother's birthday bash and sang none other then his version of California Dreaminnnnnnn ~~~ I told him he probably melted all the ladies there for sure! Sing it Jimmmmmmmm ;) Take care Gen, and hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks Nina & Johnny for the tips on my daughter's teacher... I think I know just how to put the final coating of icing on the cake. I will buy her the HH cd for her xmas gift! :) Now tell me will that make that cake soooo hard to resist for sure!

Okay gotta take my daughter to her dance class, see ya, Nancy :)

Ohhh yes one more thing ~~~ Nervous Nancy could set the props and arrange the backgrounds for the Pin Up calender..... How about that for a nice job ! LOL! :)

~~~~ Ooh the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon the little boy looked at the man on the move, and said when you comin home Dad, I don't know when, but we'll get together then..... sing it Harry or Cat..... I just winged these lyrics sooo am not for sure on them, but it is one good song for sure and I have sang it many a times.....

Message: 25345 Posted: Tue Dec 10 13:58:05 2002 By: Sharon
Subject: Holiday Harmony Air Play

Talked to the program director, Steve Allan, at 97.1 WASH in Washington, DC on Dec. 5th about playing HH. Believe it or not--he had it on his desk, and had just got finished listing to it. He liked it and said he was going to start playing it Friday, Dec. 6th. Well, I didn't hear it Friday, but I heard Let it Snow from the cd on Saturday the 7th. Plus, I just heard Let it Snow today around 3pm and Winter Wonderland around 4:15 from the same DJ--Loo Katz (2pm-7pm)of WASH. I even called him up and thank him :0)


Message: 25344 Posted: Tue Dec 10 13:22:44 2002 By: Vic
Subject: A Horse With No Name/Cat's Eye In The Window

Janice's "Limited Time Offer" spawned Nancy's cat story, and Johnny's, "Cat's In The Cradle"/"Cat's Cradle", discussion. Johnny's Cat's song discussion triggered a memory, I have, of a song, by Tommy James, from mid 1972. It came out, 4 to 5 months, AFTER "A Horse With No Name". The name of the song is, "Cat's Eye In The Window". I had thought back then, that the song sounded a bit like "A Horse With No Name". I started looking around on the web, found a Tommy James message board. Two past posts, from that message board, actally mentioned that "Cat's Eye In The Window" sounded like "A Horse With No Name". "Horse" came first, of course. "Cat's Eye" barely made it into the top 100, however, it is an interesting song. The lyrics were easy to find, but couldn't find a clip, anywhere, that I could listen to. Does anyone else remember the song, or what album/cassette/CD it can be found on. I haven't heard the song in over 30 years, but I'm convinced, after reading the posts from the TJ message board, that the similarity, is real. I think it would be interesting, if there was a link, that we could go to, to have a listen. Steve L. or Steve O., any possibilities or suggestions? Anyone else have any ideas?

Message: 25343 Posted: Tue Dec 10 12:33:43 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser) to redoak!

ANOTHER case of TMI! ( too much information!)

Message: 25342 Posted: Tue Dec 10 12:27:20 2002 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Regarding Johnny

Hi Nina & Johnny! Hello everyone! I am glad to hear there is a younger generation of America lovers out there. I am happy to say I have converted my neice. She is 24, but only 9 years younger than me. (sorry) I became addicted to America's music from my sister, who is 9 years older than me. What is up with the 9? It is almost like that "H" thing. Anyway, thanks for sharing such a cool story. I also, like the thought of free tickets to the football games or good grades. Why couldn't I find that when I was in school?

~~The cat story, was too funny. Poor thing, I hope you aren't really going to give him away.

Have a good day everyone, and everyone in the looks like we are going to get hit again with ice or snow. boo hoo Just keep one thing in mind....~~ California Dreamin' on such a winters day~~ Sing it Dewey!!

Message: 25341 Posted: Tue Dec 10 11:58:09 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Regarding Johnny

Hey, Johnny...Isn't it nice to get "one up" on the younger generation? They all think we're so ancient! I'm surrounded by not only the under-thirteen crowd, but a staff of predomiantly under thirties. It's trying at times to be the "old " lady.

Just a footnote here: I was reminded of this when I read about Nancy's daughter's teacher being an America fan, so her daughter could score extra points: I work the ticket booth at my town's high school for football games, etc.. My former students have learned that if they want a discount on their ticket (or if they forgot their money entirely) all they have to do is say" "America is the best group in the world!" and they get in free! Hey, promotion at all costs!

Message: 25340 Posted: Tue Dec 10 09:46:09 2002 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Listen to my America mix. It's live streaming. No need to download!

Absolutely Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

Message: 25339 Posted: Tue Dec 10 09:45:50 2002 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Listen to my America mix. It's live streaming. No need to download!

Absolutely Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

Message: 25338 Posted: Tue Dec 10 07:42:27 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Regarding the pin-up calendar for fans, Gerry and I at least have 1 thing in common. We both have a dimple, but mine is in a different place, that's why we have 2 sets of cheeks. Nowadays, the only thing I pull on is Depends!!!!! Cannot speak for Bonz, but the only calendar I could do is Modern Maturity for AARP. The women at the retirement center would still like to twirl my chest hair.

My local elevator music station is playing all Xmas music til Xmas, and informed me yesterday that they were playing Holiday Harmony regularly. I wouldn't know as I don't listen to Xmas music until Xmas eve.

Nancy, has all your snow melted yet? Do they have snow plows there in Amish Land? Johnny, any more White Crow sightings there in NM? Bonz, maybe you can arrange tryouts for the Pin-Up calendar when the guys play at Mohegan next summer. See who looks the best to make up the calendar. Will also need a Photographer, one who can hold the camera straight and not get too flustered(Nervous Nancy). Also, need a theme for the calendar. Maybe the Gals of America can come up with that. Gotta run.

Little Latin lovelies will love to drink gin
And Mello Yello in my bungalow
Lovin' me
Tangerine la la la la la la la la
All the French girls go "Zut alour, no no no no, zut alour, no no"
Coming at the target, you're as straight as Magellan
If you've got a secret weapon, well you're as sure as hell ain't telling
Cause your mouth made an offer that the bodies cannot veto
No woman can resist a man who looks good in a speedo

Message: 25337 Posted: Tue Dec 10 06:55:05 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Limited Time Offer..

Janice's "Limited Time Offer" cat reminds me of a discussion I had the other day with several co-workers about a song containing the word "cat" in its title. A co-worker and I were playing "Guess The Music Artist Who Sings This Song". She's the 21-22 year old fellow America fan I mentioned the other day. She asked me and thought I wouldn't know who sang/sings "Cat's In The Cradle". I, of course, said it was the late Harry Chapin. She said I was wrong and that it was Cat Stevens. I said no way. She said way. I said to ask another person who's in her late 30's to early 40's. This other person didn't hear the previous discussion. When asked, she said the answer was Cat Stevens!!! I thought, "What the hey???" I suggested we check the All Music Guide website. A fourth person checked for us and she input "Cat Stevens". To my shock, it showed that he was the singer!!! After hearing a loud "See!", I looked closer at the song title on the screen and saw that it was Cat Stevens' song "Cats Cradle" (or "Cat's Cradle"). I said for her to check "Harry Chapin". Of course, "Cat's In The Cradle" popped up, thank goodness!

Older Guy "1", Younger Gals "0". (hee hee)

(Hi Gen! Nancy ~ I didn't remember about your daughter's teacher being an America fan, but that's definitely cool! Daughter should be able to score some extra points, huh? :O)

Message: 25336 Posted: Tue Dec 10 06:49:57 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Limited Time Offer

Okay excuses...just take the d--- cat!! (Smiling)

Message: 25335 Posted: Tue Dec 10 06:33:13 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Limited time offer

Hi Everybody ~~~
Ooooh Janice your post was too much, I know exactly how you are feeling, I could post a limited time offer for a 1 and a half year old dog (black lab and britney spanial) Maggie Mae is her name and she sure can chew things up and destroy things.... but she is oooh soo loveable...... As for your offer, my daughter would want this cat in a heartbeat.... but My Husband Would not go for this at all, we had a cat last year and it was an adorable calico cat and JC was her name (she too was a stray that someone had dropped off out at the end of our lane) my son, daughter and I instantly fell in love with her.... but let me tell you one thing, she sure was a Baby Making Machine... she would no sooner have a litter and then she was expecting another one... and then again another one and each time she had a 4 kittens and oooh my such nice colors.... well we did find homes for them, but each time this was getting harder and harder to do.... sooo in Aug. she was getting bigger and my husband took her around to the farms and finally found a farmer that would take her, and she is there..... we do miss her, but my Husband says No More Cats here ever....... I was hoping that after she had her kittens and they were big enough that she would somehow find her way back here, and then he couldn't take her away again, but that didn't happen yet... if she would come back I would definitel get her spayed..... but she is a wild cat in one sense.... and I am not sure what that would do to her now..... Good luck finding a home for this cat.... Thanks for the Smile you added to my day!
Okay gotta get.... take care everyone Nancy :)

Message: 25334 Posted: Tue Dec 10 06:09:34 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Limited Time Offer..

Just in time for Christmas!!
A beautiful all-white cat that answers to Cat. He doesn't weigh much, doesn't eat much..(but someone please explain to me how he is able to generate so much much mess due to other bodily functions!)
He will follow you from room-to-room, sudden stops and turns sometimes cause injury. He will lay on your computer keyboard when he hears the keys start to click, or if he senses you are busy. And he will refuse to rotate so that one may see the screen. If you attempt to take a nap, do not move any part of your body, as sudden moves may also cause injury.
He is very playful...houseplants and furnishings keep him quite busy. He would make a wonderful addition to your family (or tour bus!!), and you can get him just in time for Christmas. I will ship anywhere..Overnight Express preferred.
He has had shots, and is neutered. I will throw in 6 months worth of flea stuff!
Don't miss out on this limited time offer. I say "limited" because I might kill this cat before someone comes forward to adopt him.


Message: 25333 Posted: Tue Dec 10 04:11:20 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Listen to my America mix. It's live streaming. No need to download!

Here's a direct link that you can click on:

Message: 25332 Posted: Tue Dec 10 04:07:07 2002 By: Raul
Subject: Listen to my America mix. It's live streaming. No need to download!

Just thought you might want to hear this 7 minute mix that I did with my pc. The file will stream and thus will not download to your hardrive. Listen and enjoy the greatest melody makers of our time!
Copy and paste this address to your browser:

Message: 25331 Posted: Tue Dec 10 03:55:46 2002 By: Raul
Subject: America DVD available in Australia???

Does anyone know where I can buy the America DVD "live in concert" in Australia??
I've tried many Aussie sites, to no avail. I know that I can buy it from sites in the United States, but I want to buy it here in Australia as I don't want to wait so long to get it!
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Message: 25330 Posted: Tue Dec 10 01:03:05 2002 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hi!

A big hi! to everyone from France,
Have been away for a long time and I'm really missing the little chats going on here. Still being on the move, I have no regular internet connection at the moment, so I won't join in very often, unfortunately! Anyway,I just wanted to say hello to all my fellow America fans. Hope you are all having a wonderful pre-Xmas period to the music of this excellent HH cd... See you all very soon I hope.

Message: 25329 Posted: Mon Dec 09 19:59:45 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 2003 Tour

Steve, any chance of contacting Dave Moretti, Gerry, and Dewey about using the 2003 logo on t-shirts?

Will do.

Message: 25328 Posted: Mon Dec 09 19:03:45 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Billboard Music Awards...

...are on TV tonight. It brings to mind this fact: In 1975, AMERICA was honored with Billboard's "Best Singles Award" according to an AMERICA public relations bio for "View From The Ground". The bio said "Best Singles Award" (perhaps it should be "Best SINGLE Award"???). I would assume the single was "Sister Golden Hair" since it reached #1 in 1975.

Message: 25327 Posted: Mon Dec 09 18:31:27 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: America mention in USA Today & Pin-Up GUYS!!!!!

Me Again ~~ Boy Mo ~~ You sure got Bones wagging his tail! Just teasing ya Bones!

Hi there Steve O ~~ Yes I agree with AM Girl~~ It is soooo COOL to see this site getting the recognition it deserves. Yes Congrats to Steve L again for all he does to make this site soooo AWESOME, and thanks to you too Steve O for all you have done and still do to add to this site as well. I would also like to add that it is nice how Comfortable SteveL makes it here on the site..... and how easy and willing he is to work with any of us to add Pics and things. Nice :)

One other thing I wanted to say about My favorite radio station and playing HH songs...... Hmmm I called my DJ friend Brian Wolfe and said Thanks to him for putting Sleigh Ride in the songlist.... He said I also played Winter Wonderland.... I said Darn I Missed it.... He said Don't worry I will be playing it more.... He also said he really liked The First Noel.....he said all in all it is a great cd.... I said well I appreciate you taking time to listen to it and for playing the songs on the radio.... he said No Problem, thanks for calling. I am loving this! :)

Hey Mo ~~~ I think this Pin Up Calender Idea of yours will have to be a 2 Year Calender..... sooo we can have Gerry & Dewey & Woodsy, Willie, & Brad & all the rest of the Guys from the Chat folder tooo....... along with Bones and Red eeeee Oak of course ~~~ Hmmmm let me seee there is Jimmmmmm (bob),Dan C, Vic, Howie, DaveB, David S, Johnny,Pat B, SteveL, SteveO, Jimnak, Windwave, Jeff B, Mark~(america fan),hekawii57, KevinS, Alan, Bruce, Goanna, Jason, RickS, Gerry~ the other Gerry ~~~~ Oooooh Myyyy I don't want to leave anyone out, hmmmm this may turn out to be a 3 year calender....... Sounds Good to Me! ;) Hmmmm ~~ One more thing Mo ~~ Who is the Lucky one to get to take the Pics and to pick out the ones to be used for this calender????

Okay gotta get for now, Nancy :)

~~~~~ Hmmmm this song just came to my mind and it is a Oldie ~~ I am changing the lyrics a bit here ~~~~~ I Love, I Love, I love my Calender Guys ~~~ Oooooh my Calender Guys ~~~ January ~~~ Gerry & Dewey looks soo fine, February ~~~ Bones is creating a Thaw ~~ LOL!, March ~~~ Red comes in like a Cuddly Lion, April ~~~ Dan C sings Pieces of April( Nice :)~~, May ~~~ An all around shot of all the Guys, to create a everlasting Memory ~~~ for us all,~~~ June ~~ Jimmmmmm (bob) Plays Weather With You on his guitar, July ~~~~ Windwave sails in on a wave, August ~~ Vic showing us what it is like to live in the Desert, September ~~~~ Speech writes us volumns, October ~~~ Steve O keeps us in with the Changing tunes of the Seasons, November ~~~ Howie prepares a Video of all the Photo shoots for us to Oooooh and Ahhhh over.... and last but not Least December ~~~~~ Gerry & Dewey's Pic from the back of Holiday Harmony ~~~ Nice :) Ooooh any time of the year, I love, I love my Calender Guys For Sure ~~~~~~~~ ;)

Message: 25326 Posted: Mon Dec 09 18:10:35 2002 By: cfhere
Subject: Holiday Harmony Selling in Jersey

I was at the Barnes & Noble in East Brunswick, N.J. on Sunday and in the Christmas section I saw 6 copies of Holiday Harmony. I asked the person at the register if any were sold, and he claims that 4 copies this past weekend were sold.

Also, I have the Ecuador tape that I got from Howard last year and it is worthwhile to get.


Message: 25325 Posted: Mon Dec 09 17:36:24 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Two thoughts:
1) Any poor, unsuspecting soul who might just check out this site based on Gerry's national TV endorsement will jump right into the middle of a discussion featuring Bonesy in a speedo. So much for a good first impression!!
2) Bones says, <<Once you take a good look at RedOak and myself, you ladies will be saying, "Gerry Who"? >> Doubtful considering I've idolized Gerry Gerry Gerry since I was 16--a longer relationship (albeit certainly a one-sided relationship) than any other in my life except my parents and siblings. Even the hub can't claim that. Sorry to disappoint, Bones, but I don't think I would be so easily persuaded. Speedo or no speedo!

Message: 25324 Posted: Mon Dec 09 17:21:04 2002 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: America mention in USA Today

Steve O, that's AWESOME!!!!! Go, HH, go!

It's great that this website finally gets the recognition it deserves.

Message: 25323 Posted: Mon Dec 09 16:13:18 2002 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America mention in USA Today

Not sure how many of you caught this today,but "USA Today"had a big Holiday music guide in their "Life" section today. A ton of CD's were mentioned,with America leading the pack. Good thing for alphabetical listings,because with so many titles mentioned,you'd have to really sit down and read this--and while most people won't read the full article,at least the guys had their disk listed first.
Also,to those of you who did(or didn't) see the CNN headline interview on Saturday,I thought Gerry made the best comment when he referred to the link to the America fans chat site where he said "Thats where the real work goes down." Thats a credit to one and all here who generously take of our time to help promote the band in one way or another. Congrats to Steve Lowry for the mention that Gerry gave him,and all of the hard work he does on maintaining this site!

Message: 25322 Posted: Mon Dec 09 15:57:30 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

The joke around here is that they want to make a pin-up calendar featuring the guys who work here. It goes thru February.

Message: 25321 Posted: Mon Dec 09 15:45:19 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: 2003 Tour

Steve, any chance of contacting Dave Moretti, Gerry, and Dewey about using the 2003 logo on t-shirts?

Message: 25320 Posted: Mon Dec 09 15:42:03 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Once you take a good look at RedOak and myself, you ladies will be saying, "Gerry Who"?

Message: 25319 Posted: Mon Dec 09 15:07:44 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Bones--sounds great. You make me laugh.
Robyn--you make me laugh--louder!

Message: 25318 Posted: Mon Dec 09 14:46:10 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

YIKES! Now there is a visual that I did NOT NEED!

Message: 25317 Posted: Mon Dec 09 14:41:55 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Moser, I've got my Mid-night black, skin tight Speedo ready with matching sun glasses.

Message: 25316 Posted: Mon Dec 09 13:40:02 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

Yo' welcome.

Message: 25315 Posted: Mon Dec 09 13:22:58 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Pin-up Guy (for Moser)

A 2002 highlight ... to be suggested (even tongue in cheek) for inclusion as an also-ran in a pin-up calendar with Gerry, Dewey, etc. Thank you, Moser.

Message: 25314 Posted: Mon Dec 09 12:54:27 2002 By: Rick S
Subject: Ecuador Concert

Saturday, I received the America Ecuador Concert from Howard Lieboff. If anyone wants a real treat of seeing a real good America Concert on VHS, I suggest you contact Howard on this chat folder - you won't be disappointed. Thanks Howrd.

Also, my deepest thanks and appreciation to Brad Askew for the Harbor Promo tape with all the added clips. You guys are GREAT, and really make this web site (with all of Steve's work) a neat place to hang out.

Rick S.

Message: 25313 Posted: Mon Dec 09 07:06:39 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Yes Yes Yes ~~~~ Sleigh Ride was playing on the radio this morning!

Hi Everybody ~~ Just wanted to share this with You all! What a way to start off a Monday morning for sure! There was a big fire at a business down the road from me and the bus couldn't get through to get the kids sooo I had to drive them around the bend to get them to school and what to my surprise, that oooh sooo familiar beginning to Sleigh ride comes on and I turned up the radio and was smiling from ear to ear saying yes yes thank you, thank you! Sooo of course I had to email the radio station and here it is ~~~
Thanks Nancy

Glad you heard it..and thank you for listening

----- Original Message -----
From: Nancy Holtz
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 9:13 AM
Subject: Thanks for playing AMERICA's "Sleigh Ride" :)

Good Morning Jack & Rick! :)
Boy you made my day! ~~~~ I was taking my kids to school and what a Happy Surprise to hear a very familiar rendition of Sleigh Ride..... by AMERICA. Thanks for playing it, I sure hope to hear more of the songs from Holiday Harmony playing. I emailed you before, I wake up to You & Rick, I have my radio on all day to Brian, Al, and then to the evening with Renee and even to Brad during the night shift at times. Hmmmmm ~~ Jack ~~ I believe you mentioned not to long ago that the only kind of emails you get are spam ones...... Soooo I am hoping this email brings a Smile to your day! Thanks for all the laughs and fun! Tooo Much !how you said that you know who is pulling that sleigh don't you..... A Horse with no Name ~~ Good One ~~ I liked that! Thanks again for playing the AMERICA song..... Have a good week!
Nancy Holtz

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love it!!!!!! :)

Thanks Jimnak for letting us know about the Carols by Candlelight shows, and for sharing the Program listings with us as well. All in All it was a great weekend for Gerry & Dewey and some Great Holiday Harmony Exposure for sure! Keep up those Phone calls and EMails the DJ'S are listening to us! Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!

Hi there Howie ~~ I checked out the pics and I really liked the one that is of a Lady singing and silhouetted in the back ground of this pic you can see Gerry & Dewey and Woodsy, that was a neat pic and they are all looking oooh soo good on it.... Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

Hi Johnny ~~ I liked your America Moment at Work story, this is too much there are AMERICA fans POPPING UP everywhere, I just found out the other day that my son's teacher is a fan of theirs too, and she is much younger than me..... Do you remember me saying in an earlier post that my daughter's teacher was a fan of theirs as well and she saw them in Johnstown PA back in 1979 ~~ WOW! I guess my Kids are in good hands teacher wise wouldn't you say! :)

Have a great day all, I am still having to post on my work comp..... I am hoping the verizon repairman will arrive here soon to fix my home phoneline..... He must'nt be able to get through yet because of the fire..... What a shame for this business they had just remodeled last year.... and those Hats off to those Vol. Fireman, it is freezing here this morning ~~ temps are in the single digits!

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Ooooh it's lovely weather for a Sleigh Ride together with you ~~~ Our cheeks are frosty frozy and comfy cozy are weeeeee, all snuggled up together like two birds of a feather we'll beeeeee ~~~~~~

Message: 25312 Posted: Sun Dec 08 20:16:17 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Carols By Candlelight Program

Jim Nakao was kind enough to send me a copy of the inside pages to the Carols By Candlelight program in San Diego. Click on the following links to see them.

Page 1
Page 2

Message: 25311 Posted: Sun Dec 08 19:22:22 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Virus Warning

A couple of America Fans have received e-mail messages that supposedly came from me with attachments that they couldn't open. I'm quite sure that the messages were viruses but it looks like they (hopefully) didn't cause any damage because the attachments couldn't be opened. In each case, the message was sent from If you ever receive a message from that address, you can rest assured that it did NOT come from me. That address is for incoming mail only and I NEVER send anything out from that address. All of my outgoing mail comes from,, or If you ever receive anything from, I recommend that you do NOT open anything that is attached to it because it did NOT come from me. It's too bad we have people with sick minds that have to spread these viruses around. --SteveL

Message: 25310 Posted: Sun Dec 08 17:53:12 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony

GERRY & DEWEY peformed 3 of the HOLIDAY HARMONY songs in San Diego last thurs & friday, this was the debut of these songs, live. They performed LET IT SNOW, A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER & WINTER WONDERLAND, as well as VENTURA HIGHWAY, SISTER GOLDEN HAIR & HORSE WITH NO NAME. All proceeds from this show goto the Cox Kids Foundation to benefit San Diego childrens charities. GERRY & DEWEY shined brightly among the array of stars who were part of the lineup & they headlined the event. Let's get HOLIDAY HARMONY on the radio & who knows that next new AMERICA CD of new material may be just around the corner. HOLIDAY HARMONY is superb indeed.

Message: 25309 Posted: Sun Dec 08 17:05:42 2002 By: Mark
Subject: Holiday Harmony

Now that I have been listening to Holiday Harmony for a few weeks, I must say I think it is one of America's better albums. I know it is kind of hard to compare a Christmas CD with other CDs, but the performances are great and the songs are too (including the originals). I think Andrew Gold does a great job with the production and would like to see him colaborate with them on another CD in the future. I think HH may be their best album since View From the Ground. It is really good!

Message: 25308 Posted: Sun Dec 08 12:24:37 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: An America Moment At Work

I was walking down the hall at work last Wednesday when I heard a co-worker (same department) singing, "...'cause the free wind is blowin' through your hair...". She's someone I've worked directly with everyday for about 4 months. I stopped and said something like, "Hey, that's an America song!" She then told me she's an America fan. I told her how surprised I was to hear her singing those lyrics because she's only 21-22 years old, and I didn't think she would be into a group that was most popular when her parents (and you and I) were her age. She said among the 70s bands that America is her favorite thanks to her dad who gave her his "History" CD. She said she has only "History". I told her she has a lot of great America music yet to be discovered. She also said she had thought about going to the America concert this past September (9/11) in Lubbock, Texas but opted to attend the Albuquerque show later that month since the latter show was on a weekend. She said she and her husband drove to Albuqer and were suppose to attend that night but her husband was called away before the show due to a police chase that he was needed for (he's a state policeman). She said she was majorly bummed out and was depressed for two days. She said she had a backstage pass and was hoping to meet the guys and have her America photo of D&G autographed. Even though she has only "History," she said she's a "huge fan" (go figure with only "History" but maybe that's all it takes). With a number of fellow employees around and remembering how I dressed that morning, I then said to her, "If you're a huge fan, you should be able to prove it to us now." She said, "I am a huge fan and Dewey's my boyfriend (joking of course) but I can't prove it." I said, "If you're REALLY a huge fan you could." She said, "Can you?" I told her I could and that's when I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt to expose the America Tour t-shirt I had on underneath." She and everyone was stunned. It was good for a big laugh especially since no one at work knew I was a diehard America fan. I dubbed her a cassette copy of "HH" and told her if she likes it, she should purchase the CD. She's now on vacation for the rest of the month so she and I will pick up discussing America when she returns.

Message: 25307 Posted: Sun Dec 08 07:08:58 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: 1983 or what

I thought I went back in time... I Had WRCH on going to get my morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts and I hear the end of Winter Wonderland. I come out and punch a few buttons around and WWLI in Providence has Winter Wonderland on... I'm thinking maybe when The Border was on the charts had I heard a current release of theirs on two channels within no more than 10 minutes.. And I didn't request either play.... NICE - VERY NICE

Message: 25306 Posted: Sun Dec 08 07:08:19 2002 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: check out this site from the guest board from Italy

Some priceless photos of gerry and dewey which somebody posted from the guest chat room. Older photos that is

Message: 25305 Posted: Sat Dec 07 21:51:52 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Robyn, oh, Robyn

ah another missed opportunity! See you in the chat room next Wednesday!

Message: 25304 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:48:29 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: No Interview

I caught the 7:15 and 9:15 Mountain Time Zone broadcasts and both of them featured "Winter Wonderland". So I missed the interview talking about the web sites. Fortunately, a couple of fans have offered to send me copies that they made of the broadcast (thanks Bruce and Vic!). I may not get to see it tonight, but I'll get to see it eventually. Thanks Gerry and Dewey for recognizing the America Fans web site. While it's true that I handle the webmaster duties, it's really all of the fans that make it what it is. So I salute all of you!

Message: 25303 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:33:18 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: AAAaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

Yes, Dave B., I caught it, thankfully. I'm hoping to see a second song just like Nancy is but they didn't mention anything so it is doubtful. I think I've memorized the rest of the newscast. So, if CNN Headline News needs a replacement anchor person I'm available.

Message: 25302 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:32:44 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Saw It ~~~ Still here hoping that they will do more of the songs!

<<I think I will be hearing all of those New Story Headlines in my sleep tonight.....>>

Agreed! We now know really well that Miss Turkey is the new Miss World; Qator is pronounced "Cutter"; Iraq submitted a 11,000 page report; etc. LOL

But the bright side -------> lala la lala lala...

(Had a great AMERICA moment at work this past Thursday. Details perhaps tomorrow.)

Message: 25301 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:29:08 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: AAAaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

Hope you caught 11:15 (winter wonderland again)...

Message: 25300 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:20:19 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Saw It ~~~ Still here hoping that they will do more of the songs!

Nancy ~ Glad you saw and recorded the CNN performance. I would be really surprised if there's any other songs performed. I think "Winter Wonderland" was the perfect choice from among all the songs from "HH". Who's not familiar with the sounds of "HWNN," right? I think Dewey and Gerry's appearance on CNN will really entice those viewers who are only familiar with America's greatest hits. What a coup to have "Holiday Harmony" announced to literally the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Yes, America's greatest hits listed on the screen was great. Viewers will really know who America is by those song titles.

Regarding getting the Cayman CD, no, still no luck. It's not available at the only music store in town nor at stores like Kmart and Walmart. I guess I'll have to order it online. That's okay. It's something to look forward to for sure.

Message: 25299 Posted: Sat Dec 07 20:05:11 2002 By: Moser
Subject: AAAaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

I saw the 6:15, taped the 7:15 and 8:15 because I was out, missed the 9:15, and saw the 10:15. Can you believe that the four out of five that I saw were all the same and the only performance one was at 9:15 when I missed it. AAARRRrrrrgggghhhh!!!! I'm getting ready for something good for the 11:15. Keep your fingers crossed, people. I should have been a no-lifer and stayed home, darnit.

Message: 25298 Posted: Sat Dec 07 19:54:27 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Saw It ~~~ Still here hoping that they will do more of the songs!

Me Again ~~

Yes Johnny I got to see it at 9:15, I turned it on to the channel just as Robin was saying "And now here to perform a song from their Holiday Harmony CD, Here is Winter Wonderland.....I am not exactly sure of the exact words she said.... I hurried and got the tape put in to tape them.... The kids had been watching the movie Snow Day..... WOW! Gerry & Dewey were looking Great as Usual.... I loved Dewey looking into the close up camera.... and I love it anytime I can see Gerry's Dimple ~~~ Nice! You Guys sounded sooo good and I sang along with you! Did ya all notice the AMERICA info captions that were on while they were singing.... I am still hoping to check next hour and to see if they sing any more of these great songs, especially Christmas in Calif., A Christmas to Remember, or Winter Holidays....... That would be great to get them on tape too. Thanks Gerry & Dewey!

Hi there Steve L~~~ I am glad to hear you got to see this... Wait till you see how big Gerry's smile is when he talks about the fan site and you running it..... WOW! That has to make you feel oooh sooo good for sure! WOW!

Johnny ~~ I second your comment on how proud this makes us diehard fans, getting to hear & see this..... Nice! Were you able to get the Gr. Cayman CD yet??????

Ooh yes I was flipping through the channels last night and happened to notice that Rod Stewart had a concert on A & E, he had an orchestra playing the music..... I left it on, but I fell fast asleep sooo I am not sure how many of or what songs he did sing....

Ya know what ~~~ I think I will be hearing all of those New Story Headlines in my sleep tonight..... Hahahahhahahaah!

Good Night All! Nancy :)

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala ~~~ :)

Message: 25297 Posted: Sat Dec 07 18:57:13 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Winter Wonderland

Saw it!! Hey very cool with the "background tracks"! That way the rest of the band gets to stay home!

Message: 25296 Posted: Sat Dec 07 18:34:57 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My new heart (Shayne)

Shayne ~ I forgot to mention this: The transplant surgeon said all the feelings or dreams were positive ones...pleasant ones.

Nancy ~ Did you get to see the CNN performance yet?

Steve ~ CONGRATS on getting your name mentioned! It just proves how much Gerry and Dewey appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for America and us fans.

Message: 25295 Posted: Sat Dec 07 18:24:17 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Okay...........

I, too, just saw the guys sing "Winter Wonderland". Great job, Dew and Ger!!! And, congrats on the wonderful coverage!!! It's a very proud moment for us diehard fans.

The guys were really singing, but the music was piped-in, correct? Either way, it was great.

Bruce ~ The song performance was around 9:15 - 9:20 Eastern.

Message: 25294 Posted: Sat Dec 07 18:16:26 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Okay...........

I heard it, too, at my neighbor's house and it was great! Now I need to listen again to hear them talk about the web site, etc.

Message: 25293 Posted: Sat Dec 07 18:12:46 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Okay...........

They just sang Winter Wonderland! It was great!!! Wooowoooooo!!!!!! I can turn off the news!!

Message: 25292 Posted: Sat Dec 07 17:30:21 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Over and Over

OK...can someone please post when the guys perform...I'm rolling a six-hour tape but I, like Nancy's family ALSO just can't stand hearing the same news stories over and over!!!

Message: 25291 Posted: Sat Dec 07 17:16:42 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Headline News

Okayyyyyy...I'm still waiting. I have seen the interview 3 times. Ahem..Ms. Meade (and I love her dearly..she is great)..MR TINMAN??
Come hey, she prounounces the names right!
Each time I pick something else up..the mention of our Steve Lowry..the "Uh-oh" when she picks up the first Album cover. That's great! Both guys did an an incredible job at the interview..very articulate..I'm impressed! Hope many of you get to see it!
Go Gerry and Dewey!! Woowoooooo!!!!

Message: 25290 Posted: Sat Dec 07 17:11:24 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Ohmigod!!

Steve, they gave this website baby of yours a plug on national TV!!! Did you see it, man?

Moser, I'm afraid I didn't see it. I don't have cable TV but that's exciting news. Thanks for letting me know.

Message: 25289 Posted: Sat Dec 07 17:09:30 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: When will they sing a song?????

Hi Everybody ~~ I have been watching CNN Headline News for about the last 2 hours...... When will they sing! I saw a preview early today and they were singing Winter Wonderland!

This is too much, I was all geared up for them to sing around 7:15 and no song yet...... I did enjoy hearing Gerry & Dewey talk and I even taped this segment 2 times...... Then they kept saying coming up in the next hour AMERICA will perform one of their Holiday Harmony songs...... well it is 8 pm here and no song yet..... My hubby & kids got mad, because they were bored to death watching the same news headlines soo many times now so they turned the channel..... I am sooo hoping to catch them singing later on......
YES ~~~ Did you happen to see Gerry's dimple was sooo nice when he was talking to this Robin Meade.... about the shows and how there are families and they all sing along..... Nice! I too loved it when she said I understand you have a website and she said and then Gerry said yes then click onto the americafansite.... that is where all the action is and it is run by a guy named Steve Lowry ~~~ Yes Yes Yes!!!!! WOW!!!! Soo COOL!

It is sooo strange, our home phone is not working right and I cannot get onto the net at all with our computer..... but my office home office and internet is working like a charm.... so I am posting this from my office.... I got cold fingers again!!!!! LOL! But this is better than not being able to post at all. Okay I am heading back upstairs now, hopefully they will let me turn it over at 8:15 to catch them singing....... I hope sooooo! I just gotta hear them singing!
Take care all ~~~ Stay warm! Nancy :)

~~~~~ Oooooooh Winter Holidays, how they fill our hearts with Love & Cheer..... How we love our winter holiday's ~~~~ Sing it for me Dewey tonight Please!!!!!!! :) Gerry I would love to hear you sing Christmas in Calif FOR SURE! :) Thanks :)

Message: 25288 Posted: Sat Dec 07 16:15:21 2002 By: Janice
Subject: re: Headline News

Well, I just saw the same same song yet. They have said twice "coming up in the next hour"'s the next hour,already!! :=)

Hi Shayne! Welcome back! have been through it!! I hope you continue to recover and God's blessings to you and your family.


Message: 25287 Posted: Sat Dec 07 16:13:43 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: YES!!!!!

Just saw the segment! Was that the same one that ran at 6:15? Looking forward to the performance that was teased for the next hour!!!

Message: 25286 Posted: Sat Dec 07 16:05:35 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks Johnny! Was at Home Depot (my new 2nd home since we're having our 27 year-old kitchen and bathroom renovated) with the wife- had set the VCR for 6pm- got home and had left the cable box OFF- so missed the 615 hit- BUT they teased the AMERICA segment so I'm hoping to see it at 7:15 AND 8:15 AND 9:15.....

Message: 25285 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:52:43 2002 By: Janice
Subject: Headline News!

I just saw the segment with Robin Meade, but they are supposed to come back and do one of the songs. It is 7:02 EST right now. What a surprise this is! I am waiting........

Message: 25284 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:52:42 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: My new heart

Thanks everybody for the get well wishes. Hadn't experienced any other feelings or dreams (yet). I'm not sure I would want to.

I'm aware of Lewis Grizzard novel. Until his death, he was one of my favorite authors.


Message: 25283 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:50:38 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Missed it!! (Bruce)

Bruce ~ See SteveL's December 3rd post #25222.

Message: 25282 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:44:28 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Missed it!!

Damn! I missed the CNN segment! Cable box was off- will it air again on CNN Headline? When? HELP!

Message: 25281 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:25:28 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Oops, sorry.

Sorry for the double post. Overly enthusiastic, I guess.

Message: 25280 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:24:35 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Robyn, oh, Robyn

Robyn, oh my dear Robyn, we should have proved that we were all no-lifers like Red says and planned a special chat to go on while the guys are airing on CNN Headline News. We could take a break from the chat everytime they would come back on. Oh, well. What's that they say about hindsight? Or is it more like what they say about being 3 bricks shy of a load. Perhaps that is a western PA saying and none of you have ever heard it before. To translate: The lights are on but no one is home! Only 45 minutes to go 'til 7:15....

Message: 25279 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:24:22 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Robyn, oh, Robyn

Robyn, oh my dear Robyn, we should have proved that we were all no-lifers like Red says and planned a special chat to go on while the guys are airing on CNN Headline News. We could take a break from the chat everytime they would come back on. Oh, well. What's that they say about hindsight? Or is it more like what they say about being 3 bricks shy of a load. Perhaps that is a western PA saying and none of you have ever heard it before. To translate: The lights are on but no one is home! Only 45 minutes to go 'til 7:15....

Message: 25278 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:19:56 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: America on CNN

Linda, I don't know if it's just one more time on Headline News or more but I'm hoping for an all nighter, FOR SURE.

Message: 25277 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:18:15 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Ohmigod!!

LOL, Jeff B. You're so right.

Message: 25276 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:16:12 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Ohmigod!!

We're not worthy....

Message: 25275 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:15:17 2002 By: Linda
Subject: America on CNN

Just saw the guys on CNN Headline News....very cool!! And Steve, it's so great that they mentioned your name. I have to leave pretty soon and want to tape whatever they'll be showing later. Does anyone know if they'll just be on one more time, or if this goes on all night? Thanks.

Message: 25274 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:14:41 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Ohmigod!!

Ohmigod, Steve, they gave this website baby of yours a plug on national TV!!! Did you see it, man? Isn't this Robin Meade a lovely looking anchor person. I cant' wait until 7:15 to see more. YEEEEAAAA Dewey and Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. Thanks again for being you.

Message: 25273 Posted: Sat Dec 07 15:14:06 2002 By: jeff brink
Subject: CNN....

very good.

Carry on....

Message: 25272 Posted: Sat Dec 07 09:17:53 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: "Pin-up Guy"

Moser, I love your idea of a Pin-up Guy calendar. I would definitely want one. Yes, all the guys should pose - especially GERRY, GERRY, GERRY. My husband is so good-natured. He jokes all the time about how crazy I am and about this America addiction that I have. Can't wait to see them on CNN today.

Message: 25271 Posted: Sat Dec 07 08:47:47 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Winter Wonderland" on the Radio

From WRVR Harrisburg Pennsylvania:

One of the messages back, great news !
Hey keep e-mailing & calling those stations, once they play HOLIDAY HARMONY, everyone will join in.


We just added a couple of songs off that America c.d. yesterday. so you should start to hear them anytime now...Glad you're enjoying the x-mas sure to tell all your friends to listen too..

Jerry Dean
Program Director
WRVR, 104 the River

Message: 25270 Posted: Fri Dec 06 22:20:23 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

Pat ~ I, too, have heard on the radio (radio talk shows) about some heart transplant recipients experiencing dreams and/or thoughts involving memories of their transplanted heart's donor. The person relaying the experiences was a heart transplant surgeon who was told by some of his patients about their experiences. The stories were quite incredible to say the least. I don't doubt their validity even as strange as some of the experiences sounded.

Message: 25269 Posted: Fri Dec 06 20:34:26 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 2003 Tour

I agree with you Bones. I know that Dave Moretti, who created the 2002 and 2003 logos, made a t-shirt with the 2002 logo for himself which he wore to the Mohegan Sun concert earlier this year. I don't know what the legal ramifications are of using the America logo on the t-shirt, but if that's not a problem, perhaps he'll be willing to make t-shirts for those who want them and then ship them out (at a price that will cover his expenses plus a little profit, of course).

Message: 25268 Posted: Fri Dec 06 19:53:41 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 2003 Tour

Me too, Bones.

Message: 25267 Posted: Fri Dec 06 19:53:01 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Pin-up Guy

I was shopping in Target today. (Don't tell the hub because he works for the competition--Wal-Mart. But the good news is I didn't find what I was looking for which bodes well for W-M.) Anyway, as I was browsing, I saw a full rack of 2003 calendars. This gave me an idea. When will Gerry's pin-up guy calendar be available? I'm really looking forward to it. Hell, let's get all the guys to pose, the more the merrier. Dew, Ger, Willie, Woodz, Brad, Pete--that's six month's worth already. Maybe Red Oak, Bonz, Speech, and then (of course) Gerry, Gerry, Gerry could round out the rest of the months to complete the calendar. It would be a best seller FOR SURE. PS: I get 10% of sales for having the idea.
Have a good weekend all.

Message: 25266 Posted: Fri Dec 06 18:52:25 2002 By: Bones
Subject: 2003 Tour

I wouldn't mind seeing the 2003 World Tour logo on the back of a white XX-large T-shirt.

Message: 25265 Posted: Fri Dec 06 17:00:42 2002 By: Alan
Subject: It Finally Came!!!!!!!!!

I just came in to my (home) office to check my e-mail and found this package from Melody Blvd. I exclaimed "What's this package & why didn't anyone tell me it came?" My wife said "Oh yeah, I forgot". I then kindly explained to her that this is grounds for divorce. And she calls herself an America fan!

Gotta go give it a spin!!!!


p.s. It was NOT autographed (as I was 99% sure it wouldn't be) but I'm sure gonna enjoy it anyway!

Message: 25264 Posted: Fri Dec 06 14:37:41 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Hey My Crazy Email acc. is up and working again!

Hi Everybody! Wow ~~ What a big Message Jam I had going on in my one Email acc. ~~ I called in the Deleting Crew and did a major clean up, I am glad to say that all is well and ready to pile up again! Hahhahahahhahah!

Hi there Vic ~~ Yes I recieved your message and pics ~~ Thanks ~~ I think if I were to come to the desert to visit, I may not want to leave either...... I loved the nice blue color of the sky, you don't have much grass to mow do you? I guess your flower bushes bloom all year round ~~ Now I definitely can handle that! I hope you got my email that I sent to you today. Hey did you hear any requests played on your radio station for HH songs yet?

Oooooh Johnny ~~ You can go ahead and send your email now, it should go through without any trouble.... I am recalling the last time this happened you had sent me an email then to, to have the same thing happen, sorry about this!

Thanks Jimnak for the report of the Escondido show..... wow it sounds as if we all missed a good one for sure. If anyone was so lucky to tape this on their cable channels, I hope you taped it. I got an email back from WINK104 Harrisburg, saying that they will gladly take a listen to this HH CD and play the songs.... they didn't recieve a copy sooo I took up Erin on her offer to send a copy of the CD.... I emailed her and asked if she would send a copy to this radio station....

Hey Guess what I just won a $15. Hoss's Steak & Seafood gift cert. on my radio station ~~ Yes I really did ~~~ I had to answer where he was mailing a post card too, he gave the zip and I knew the answer was ~~it was Schenectady, NY..... soooo after he got all of my info where to send my gift cert. tooo, I saiiiiid Hmmmm I have a request, Al Steele said yeah sure ~~ I said well I was talking to Brian about AMERICA's new Holiday Harmony CD and I would love to hear Winterholidays from this please... He said ~~ Sure I'll do that for you! I said Thanks alot, he said Sure thing Hun! WOW! I love it! What a way to end my day....... Too much, he asked me if I worked for the Postal service, I said NO not really, but in my first job I had the whole State of New York to sort and get ready to be mailed at the office I worked at...... That was well over 28 years ago! Too Much, Too Much for sure!

Oooh yes just one more thing ~~ I wanted to remind everyone to check out the Front Row show on CNN Headline News tomorrow evening at 6:15 pm to catch Gerry & Dewey's interview and then to get to see which songs they performed for this special....... I am hoping to catch it on tape...... Only thing is my remote control to the vcr is hiding from me and if I don't find it I won't be able to preset this..... Soooo remote remote wherever you are come out of hiding soo I can reset the time and program this on the vcr!!! I know you all think, she has gone off the deepend for sure now ~~ she is calling out to a VCR like it is gonna come right out of hiding...... Well anything is possible! Have a good weekend all! Nutty Nancy :)

~~~~ Hello yeah it's me, not much how bout you, I'm not sure why I called, I guess I really just wanted to talk to you, I was hoping maybe later on, we could get together for awhile, it's been such a long long time and I really do miss your SMILE! ~~~~ Ooooh what a nice song ~~~ :) :) :)

Message: 25263 Posted: Fri Dec 06 12:03:40 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

Shayne, I am glad you are still with us! What an ordeal for you and your family. Much joy to you and yours this holiday season.

Message: 25262 Posted: Fri Dec 06 07:22:37 2002 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

Shayne~ I have heard stories on the radio by people who have had successful heart transplants who have experienced dreams that involved memories of their transplanted heart's donor. Some recipients of new hearts experienced new habits and interests that were very much like the habits and interests of the donor of the new heart.
Perhaps your doctor might have mentioned this to you.
True or not, I thought that you should at least be aware of the possibility.

God Bless the Donor of your New Heart and Welcome Back. ~Pat

Message: 25261 Posted: Fri Dec 06 05:18:07 2002 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: San Diego Concert

WOW! That must have been thrilling to hear the new songs live! How about posting the set list?

Message: 25260 Posted: Fri Dec 06 00:16:58 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Winter Wonderland" on the Radio

That is fantastic ! By the way GERRY & DEWEY played live for the 1st time, 3 songs from HOLIDAY HARMONY in San Diego thursday nite, 12/5/02. Backed by the house band & backing vocals, GERRY & DEWEY performed a super Holiday charged show b/4 a sold out crowd at the California Centre for the Arts. With their enormous energy & Holiday cheer & the fact that they were the headliners - AMERICA provided excellent performing leadership to the all-star cast. The last song was w/all performers & GERRY & DEWEY sang their solo parts to perfection. Friday is another show. So keep up the fine work, getting HOLIDAY HARMONY on the radio. HOLIDAY HARMONY will have a life year after year.

Message: 25259 Posted: Thu Dec 05 21:55:03 2002 By: Vic
Subject: Re: My Declaration (Red & Nancy)


Just read Johnny's post. I e-mailed you this morning also, along with 3 pictures. Did you receive anything?

Message: 25258 Posted: Thu Dec 05 20:22:45 2002 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Thanks

What a fun time last night's chat was! Extra lively. The group listen to Holiday Harmony was great!

Message: 25257 Posted: Thu Dec 05 19:39:15 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My Declaration (Red & Nancy)

Red ~ Regarding Trinidad, Colorado being "The Sex-Change Capitol of the World," I saw that on a television show like 20/20 or Dateline. I remember the surgeon looked like a farmer rather than a medical doctor. I also remember him saying that a very famous American actress was really once a man. He, of course, wouldn't nor couldn't say who she is/he was. He did say that everyone would be shocked if they knew who it was. He also said one of his sex-change patients married an OB/GYN physician who doesn't know to this day (well, at the time of the airing) that his wife was once a man. That's incredible surgery!!!

"Old Man Took" a little off here and a lot whole lot there. :0)

Nancy ~ Thanks for your reply. I wrote you back minutes ago, but your mailbox was full. My message returned "undeliverable".

Message: 25256 Posted: Thu Dec 05 19:25:15 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Welcome back, Shayne.

Definitely a huge 'WELCOME BACK SHAYNE'!!! Shayne, when you have surgery, he sure do it big-time! I'm glad for you and your family (which I believe includes twins about the age of 4 now) that you're doing well. May you continue having good-health reports!

Message: 25255 Posted: Thu Dec 05 18:12:38 2002 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: "Winter Wonderland" on the Radio

I'm so excited! A local dj at Magic 93FM WMGS, in Wilkes-Barre, PA just posted a message on the Ventura Highway board that "Winter Wonderland" has been added to their Christmas playlist. I can't wait to hear it. And with all the white stuff from this last storm, it truly is a a winter wonderland where I live.

Message: 25254 Posted: Thu Dec 05 16:51:32 2002 By: msmith
Subject: welcome back to the world of the living, shayne

welcome back shayne! i bet you see the world in a different perspective now. incidentally, did you know that "they tore out my heart and stomped that sucker flat" is a book by lewis grizzard about his open heart surgery. he wrote for the atlanta constitution. that book, and many of his others are hilarious. isbn 0-931948-38-x.
nancy--i checked in the chat room last night about 6:30 pm left coast time and was the only one there. the only handle i use in that room is windwave. hope to catch youse next week. sorry to have missed the fun. AMERICA, Band that i love.

Message: 25253 Posted: Thu Dec 05 15:01:30 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: HH

Well, lo & behold I just sent another e-mail to the afternoon DJ at KVIL here in the Dallas area requesting something off of HH by America and am sitting here listening to Gerry sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!! Yahoo!!!

Well I'm off for the next few days on vacation so you all have a great weekend.

Shayne - glad your back and doing well!!!


Message: 25252 Posted: Thu Dec 05 14:09:51 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: HH

I called WRCH in Hartford and asked for some more HH. They said starting tomorrow on the morning there will be new cuts from CD's added each day through Christmas and America had at least one but maybe two or three... He wouldn't tell me which ones - just said to listen. God Bless Shayne and Moser I don't know you but I hope you are handling todays 10 inch snowfall.

Message: 25251 Posted: Thu Dec 05 13:45:49 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Welcome back, Shayne.

Oh yeah. Well I had a sore throat a few weeks ago. It hurt for two days.


Of course, Shayne, you know I'm only kidding. What a frightening ordeal. I'm glad you made it through. I'd suggest listening to America's fine album, "Hearts."

Message: 25250 Posted: Thu Dec 05 12:25:23 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

Me Again ~~~ It took me soo long to finish that last post, what with the kids wanting toasted cheese sandwiches and Little Miss Melina (who is in the process of getting potty trained) had to take a potty break.... Upon submitting it ~~ I noticed all the new posts!

WOW ~~~ Hi there Shayne sooo nice to see your post ~~ I second Red's Welcome Back.... I sure have kept you in my thoughts and prayers. I tried to email you awhile back but it kept saying it couldn't be delivered or accepted, something like that! I am soo glad to hear of your outcome, what a touch and go situation you were in there. WOW! I have an Uncle that had a heart transplant about 24 years ago and it is something how that transplant changed his life for the better. I wish you a continued recovery, and will pray that there won't be any rejection problems for you..... Nice to hear from you, don't be a stranger now! Take care! Enjoy the holidays with your Family for sure! :)

Okay back to being Nanny Nancy :) Stevie's songs are still playing here....... Love Is is on now and Sarah McLaughlin sings along with Stevie on this..... oooooh what nice lyrics to this song ~~~ Love is , you got the softest lips, you know that I cannot stay, yes I know, it has nothing to do with you or with love, oooh yes it does....... ~~~ Ooh well, Love is you got the softest lips, Love is the touch of your fingertips, loveeeee is, knowing you won't let go..... she awakens things that he said he thought were dead.... he says are you happy now, ooooh yes I am, but when its over, how then will you feel, will you miss those arms that used go around you ~~~~~~ ooh Stevie oooooooh one tear slid across her lips, to the corner of her mouth and dropped to the floor, love is, you got the softest lips , loveee is the touch of your fingertips, she says Love is knowing you won't let gooooooo Love Is sooooo very powerful, do I know you love me now, Yes I do, do I know you care for me, Yes I do, alll about loveeee, love is, you're so very powerful...... WOW! :)

Message: 25249 Posted: Thu Dec 05 12:08:06 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My Declaration

In the words of that old song " I enjoy being a girl" Thanks anyway red.

Message: 25248 Posted: Thu Dec 05 12:03:23 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Three Things (not Kings)

1) Shayne: Welcome back. Great to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Our family will say prayers for you.
2) Saw this tidbit on my vh1 newsletter about America's Christmas album. Copy this address and scroll way to the bottom of the page:
3) Nina you said: <<so, as bothersome as it is, try to laugh through it!>>. It doesn't bother me at all. I think it's funny and somewhat complimentary. Moser, as I have said before, came about like this--my name is Maureen, my friends call me Mo, and my hub calls me Moser. Just in case you're keeping score!

Message: 25247 Posted: Thu Dec 05 12:00:54 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Concert Tour 2003 & My Declaration ~ My ooooh My!

Hi Everybody.... This special weather bulletin just in, yes the storm has hit here in PA ~~ Expected snow totals here in my little corner ~~ Hmm about 8 inches of the fluffy white stuff.... The buses rolled all the kids to school only to roll them back home 2 hours later.... Sooo they are all jumping for joy and outside taking in the fun of the SNOW! Maggie Mae the dog is soo excited, they are here to play with her, she usually just lies and waits for them to come home from school! Little Miss Melina is here with me today and we are singing along with Dewey on Frosty the Snowman !!!!!!!!! Nice! FUN! :)

Hi there SteveL ~~ Looking good ~~~ adding more and more concerts to the 2003 schedule.... Just soo Gerry & Dewey don't burn themselves out.... Hey Erin~~ Please make sure that their schedule allows for catchup time.... We want them around for a long time to come ~~~ I mean this in a Good Way! :)

Oooh My what a time in Live Chat last night...... Too much ~~ too much for sure.... there were soooo many people there it was hard to keep up at times, but I had a blast...... Oooh Bones did you get out of school early today too?????? I bet you are home listening to the best song on the Cayman CD ~~~ Baby It's Up to You ~~ Nice :) Enjoy it.... see I spelled it out for you Bones ~~~ :)

Hey there Johnny ~~ I had a feeling you were Christmas in Calif..... it was fun last night Huh ???

Oooh Red you just had to bring Uncle Marky to my mind didn't you??? He has the nicest set of legs I have ever seen on a guy! Too much!
Yes Robyn ~~ that was pretty neat how we all were listening to HH and kinda just kept the songs going one after another..... Hey there Mark (windwave) ~~ did you ever make it to live chat last night??? Have you been coming as another alias the last couple of weeks???
All in all it was a great time in Live Chat! Hey Mo did you hear the alarm this morning ??? I had a little trouble opening up my eyes, I just wanted to listen to the music..... hoping that I would get to hear a HH song to start my day off the right way. Did your kids get out of school early today?

Hi SteveO ~~ Nice that you were able to join us some last night!

Hey there Jimmmmmmmm (bob) ~~~~ Terrri thought that JimBobWillyRay was you in live chat last night..... I sure wish you could join in on the live chat..... I hope you are still enjoying your Grand Cayman cd.... Hmmm have you been playing some certain nice songs on your guitar by chance???? I hope sooo! I have been listening to those really nice songs! :)

Hi Alan ~~ Oh WOW ~~ What a shame your cd didn't get there yet.... I will hold out hope that you get a signed one.... but like you said, you can always take your cd to the next show and have them sign it.

Well gotta get for now.... Enjoy your day all! Nanny Nancy :)

~~~~~~ Yeahhhh ~~~ How can I go on without you, can I go on without you, I tell myself, this time I'm gonna have to move on, its like Bombay Sapphires, Hey I can take you Higher, whatever you desire, I can Mend Your Heart ~~~~ It is green, ooo it is aquamarine, it is colors I have never seen, I can see past you to the white sand, it is blue, it is not about you, it is allllll true, you know who I ammmmm ~~ the sea never changes not really, it is a constant in my lifeeeee, I always return here to the flash of those colors ~~~ Here I am not listening to the calll of the wild...... Oooooh sing it Stevie Nicks ~~ what a great metamorphic song.... Stevie at her best! Yes :)

Message: 25246 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:55:11 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: 2003 Concert Additions

Maybe the snow will be melted by then, ha.

Message: 25245 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:52:14 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 2003 Concert Additions

Yea!! Hatch Shell in Boston. What a great venue. And it'll be Summer in the City on the banks of the River Charles. That's where you'll find me along with lovers, muggers, and thieves. Love that dirty water, ohoh, Boston, you're my home.
Have I said YEA!!? Another show within the 350 mile radius. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Actually I think the radius used to be 250 miles but it just got increased!! I'm gonna be celebrating turning 40 for the whole darn year. So much for throwing a party for my friends. I'm just throwing a huge America party for myself--road trip after road trip.
One final note: I would like to point out that I am actually sane even though you may doubt it at times.

Message: 25244 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:49:16 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

You are one Lucky person!!!!!!!!!! You better count & recount your blessings this Holiday season. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 25243 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:49:05 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Moser, I think the source of your "gender problem" is your name/knichname of MOSER. It just SOUNDS like a guy's knickname; therefore, people assume there's a GUY on the other end to go with the name!

Hey, it happens! For over a year I thought that PatB. from CT was a girl! I have since met him and (lo and behold) he's a guy! He laughed when I told him my initial impression of, as bothersome as it is, try to laugh through it!

Message: 25242 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:46:54 2002 By: Shayne
Subject: They Tore Out My Heart And Stomped That Sucker That Sucker Flat

Hi everybody.

I just set my computer in my new home in Brooklyn.

I would have gotten online sooner, but I had serious medical issue. On September 5th, I had massive heart attack that required a quintuple bypass. Unfortunally, tne bypass didn't work and I fell into a coma that lasted 3 three weeks. When I woke I found out I required a heart transplant. Luckily, a donor was found a few weeks a few weeks later and recieved my transplant on October 17th. After a couple of minor complications, I was able come home 2 weeks ago.

So, that's my story in a nutshell. Pretty good, huh?

So, what did I miss?

P.S. Howard, email me at Thanks.

Message: 25241 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:34:33 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Robyn, if u have a hankerin, Trinidad, Colorado is the sex change capital of the world. Maybe insurance will handle it? There are more Uncle Marky's walking around there in rehab than the locals want to admit. Always trying to help...........

Message: 25240 Posted: Thu Dec 05 11:15:49 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Don't worry about the gender confusion thing... In High School I got a letter from the Army promising to "make a man out of me" I'd like to see them try!

Message: 25239 Posted: Thu Dec 05 10:09:51 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: 2003 Concert Additions

A few concerts have already been added to the 2003 schedule. I'll get them posted on the web site this weekend but in the meantime, here they are for the Chat Folder readers:

1/17/03 Toppenish, WA / Yakima Nation Legends Casino
3/7/03 Chandler, AZ / Ostrich Festival
3/26/03 Kelowna, BC, Canada / Skyreach Place
6/6/03 Saratoga, CA / Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts
7/25/03 Stillwater, MN / Town Square Park
7/26/03 Boston, MA / Hatch Shell City Park

Message: 25238 Posted: Thu Dec 05 08:03:32 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Red-- I don't think I have an Uncle Marky but I used to live pretty close to West Virginia so maybe!! ("Hope my message don't offend." It's just a joke.)
Christmas in CA--I knew that was you. As far as Muley, I think my word was good enough. He just suggested that if I ever join another chat folder that I state my gender at the get go so as not to cloud any perceptions. I took that a step further and decided maybe I would set the record straight here as well since it seems not everyone reads the fan bios.
And PS: Sorry to disappoint you Bonz.

Message: 25237 Posted: Thu Dec 05 07:04:02 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Hey Mo ~ I'm curious. Why would Muley (MuleJaw) request here that you state you're a girl? One would think your word is good

Johnny <---- nick "ChristmasInCa" last night

Message: 25236 Posted: Thu Dec 05 06:33:39 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: My Declaration

Bonz was hoping you were a guy!!!!!!!!!!
The real question is do you have an Uncle Marky?
(I will email you a picture album that will explain Uncle Marky)
Nancy can give you the details.

Message: 25235 Posted: Wed Dec 04 23:37:47 2002 By: Moser
Subject: My Declaration

Just for the record and at Muley's request here is a headline:
I don't know what I did or said to make people think I was a guy but, hey, I'm not. And after all the drooling I've done over my main man, Gerry, you should have known I was a girl. Either that or gay as the day is long. I suppose that wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility. Check the fan bio, people. I think you can tell if you look closely--I have breasts!!! Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Message: 25234 Posted: Wed Dec 04 20:59:59 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Thanks

To all 33 plus people who joined in this evenings chat and listening party. we made by my count three rounds of Holiday Harmony. It was "a lovely night"
Hope to see you all and more next week

Message: 25233 Posted: Wed Dec 04 18:15:16 2002 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

<<Hang in there Alan-maybe there's hope for you in getting one too!>>

I appreciate the optimism Kim, but I'm afraid it won't happen for me. I don't know what exactly happened, but my cc got charged 2 days after I ordered. I waited & waited & waited and nothing came. I finally e-mailed Melody Blvd but got no reply. I then called and left a message and no one returned my call. A few days later, I called again and got the owner Scott Sosobee on the phone. He said that he has no way of tracking orders and wasn't sure what happened to my CD, but he would send another as soon as his new shipment came in. So by the time I was able to get ahold of someone, the original 300 were gone. To me, that says my chances of getting an autographed copy went from 1 in 3 to ZERO.

I'm glad you got yours - and autographed too! The new shipment was supposed to come in today and Scott was supposed to get one right in the mail for me. If both are true, I should be listening in a week or so. I guess I'll just have to get them to sign it for me at the next concert I attend. I'll just be happy to hear it!


Message: 25232 Posted: Wed Dec 04 18:11:32 2002 By: msmith
Subject: chat

want to chat tonight, but can't make it until late. happy holiday harmony!!

Message: 25231 Posted: Wed Dec 04 14:26:58 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: SteveO's Music News & Cayman CD

Hi Everybody ~~ It still is oooh sooo cold here in PA! More snow headed our way tonight into tomorrow! Aren't you all glad I keep you sooo up to date on the weather here in PA ~~~ LOL! :)

Hi there Steve L ~~ Hey SteveO ~~ I give your news article a big THUMBS UP! Nice Exposure for Gerry & Dewey, & Andrew Gold ~~ Holiday Harmony ! I love it! And also mentioning the Grand Cayman CD ~~ WOW! Sooo nice that your work occupation allows you to write about your favorite Group. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your articles! I hope you are listening to your HH in your office! :)

Hi Kim ~~~ Sooo nice that you got your Cayman CD and it was a signed one too. Isn't these songs AWESOME on here..... I was in AMERICA Heaven for sure listening to it, Still am for that matter!

Hey Red ~~ Did Nelleybelle get stuck in a Snow Drift?????? Should I call the Highway dispatch and send some help your way????? Tonight is live chat! I hope to make it there! :)

Okay gotta go get supper for the kids ~~ See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ there was a time when I just thought that I would lose my mind, you came along and then the sun did shine, started on our way~~~~ I can't get enough of this great song for sure~~~ Sing it Gerry ~~~ All my life, I will carry through all my life, between each hour of the passing days I will stay with you....... I want this all my life, want this all my life, I've wanted this all my life ~~~~~ :)

Message: 25230 Posted: Wed Dec 04 14:05:57 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonite

THe "group listen" of Holiday HArmony will begin after 7 Pacific time! Hope to see you all there!

Message: 25229 Posted: Wed Dec 04 07:56:39 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: SteveO's Music News

Here are some excerpts from Steve Orchard's latest issue of Music News which is published in his local paper. In this issue he reviews the new Christmas releases.

By Steve Orchard

Last year this time I previewed a number of new holiday releases hitting the store shelves, including the 2 disk compilation "Now! Thats what I call Christmas" which was the seasons big seller. I think the choices this year are even better, and here's an alphabetical rundown on what's available...

First time ever Christmas release for Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. This 13 song set was produced by Andrew Gold, best known for 70's-era hits like "Lonely Boy" and "Thank you for being a friend." 3 originals are included, best of which is "Christmas in California." Gold keeps the duo's trademark harmonies intact, and you'll hear obvious references to past hits woven into some of the songs, most noteably "White Christmas" which revisits their '74 hit "Tin Man", and "Winter Wonderland", reminiscent of their biggest hit, "Horse with no name." Warm and rich with a nod to the past--like fine wine, the guys are only getting better.
Odds & ends... Not only does AMERICA have the new Christmas Cd of which I mentioned earlier, but they also have a new 16 track acoustic disk called "The Grand Cayman Concert" recorded this past April. It's available via

Message: 25228 Posted: Tue Dec 03 18:52:52 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Eat Crow (for Johnny)

Thanks Red! That was a very interesting story you passed on...very interesting to me, anyway. I thought perhaps you were going to say, "Yeah, a white's called a seagull."

As a fellow America fan said to me in a message, "white crow with an albino glow".

I have a feeling Dewey might find the white crow interesting too. Oh, the triv question regarding what Dewey was holding as Gerry and Dan looked on, the answer is a small snake. Really!

Message: 25227 Posted: Tue Dec 03 18:34:20 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Outnumbered

Okay. Okay. I give. Uncle. Yes, the snow is pretty. And yes, I like the four seasons. And yes, I've lived here (Northeast) "all my life" (sounds like a good song title). And yes, I probably wouldn't know how to act with fair weather throughout the year. But I have to admit to being just a tad distracted from my hearty yankee desire to withstand the elements when I heard about Key West's climate. It is seductive. California dreamin' on such a winter's day, I guess. Forgive me, if you will.

Message: 25226 Posted: Tue Dec 03 16:54:58 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Christmas in California.

>>I guess he's never heard that very obscure song called "Hotel Califronia" by a group called the Eagles. <<

or California Girls
or California Dreamin'

or my personal favorite

"I love LA!"

lol and keep up the good work Kevin!

Message: 25225 Posted: Tue Dec 03 13:11:39 2002 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Cayman CD

Well after waiting FOREVER - I finally got my Cayman cd and yes, it was autographed!!!! For some reason Melodyblvd had trouble getting my credit card to work (don't know why - as it is working just fine everywhere else) and my cd didn't go out with the original lot so I had given up the hope of getting an autographed one. (Hang in there Alan-maybe there's hope for you in getting one too!) Now that I have finished jumping up & down screaming with joy here at work I am listening to it and from what I hear so far it is great. Well back to work. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Message: 25224 Posted: Tue Dec 03 12:01:15 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: CNN Headline News

Hi Everybody :) ~~~ Chilly Burrrrrr it's sooo cold out!

Thanks Steve & Erin ~~ For the info on this Saturday's CNN Front Row AMERICA special. I will look forward to checking this out. Also Thanks for the info to give to the Radio stations that didn't recieve the HH cd....

Alright Dave B ~~ That is great that you got your radio DJ to play "Christmas in Calif." on the radio. This oughta give HH some good promo in Conn. Nice :)

Hey there Kevin S ~~ Regarding this DJ that said he wasn't soooo sure how "Christmas in Calif." would go over playing on the radio in Texas..... that is too much, I am recalling a Beach Boys Christmas song to the music Good Vibrations (I think) and I heard it on the radio here in PA, I don't get what his real gripe is...... I think he is missing the real point of the song..... The song has that great AMERICA sound, and I think that can be appreciated anywhere in the world! ~~~ Hmmm I wonder if he even took a listen to the song! Anyway keep up the great work contacting the radio stations, I am sure you will find one that won't be such a Scrooge!

Cheers Goanna ~~ Go for it, that would be great to get any of the HH songs playing on the radio there where you are and where Jimmmmmmm (bob) is..... Hey Jimmmmmm ~~ wouldn't that be great to hear any of the HH songs coming on over the loudspeakers while you were working, that would make your day more enjoyable for sure! :)

Oooh Mo ~~ I would have to agree with Bones & Nina, I too love the different seasons..... I am not that crazy about the winter, but I must admit it was a sight to behold late last night looking out my bathroom window, there were a million twinkling stars shining oooh soo brightly in the clear night sky and it was neat to look at the ground and see all the little light reflections bouncing off of the snow covered ground ~~~ Soo nice and peaceful........ soooo brilliant! You must admit the snow adds such a niceness to the Christmas Lights and outside decorations too. Hey look at it this way it will be the HOT SUMMER before we know it!

Have a great day all ~~ Nancy :)

Ooooooooo ~~~ I'm dreaming of a Whiiiiite Christmas, just like the ones I used to know, where the treetops glisten and children listen to hear sleighbells in the snow, oooo Iiiim dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write, may your days be Merry and Bright and may all your Christmas'sssss be white ooo lallalallalalalalal oooooolalllalallalalalal ~~~ Sing it Dewey, I love You & Gerry's extra magic added to this Christmas song! :) :)

Message: 25223 Posted: Tue Dec 03 11:44:49 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Eat Crow (for Johnny)

After exhausting research during my spare time at the college, I send you this to ease your mind:

This message was posted by Andy Beattie, posted on June 29, 2002 at 19:28:10 coming from 195.92.194
This message is a reply to Re: white crows posted from Jan posted at March 24, 2002 at 14:40:20

> the white crow does exist - and i see it all the time, no i am not mad, my father is always going on about the big white crow that visits a tree at the back of his house frequently, and saying how rare it is, i didn't think it was such a big deal, but if it is then all i can say is the white crow does exist in Mixenden, Halifax, UK
Yes, there are white crows in Mixenden, and have been for at least 10 years, that I know of.
10 years ago, 1992, there were 3.
A black cock, mated a white hen, and they produced 2 whites, the 3 whites were a popular attraction, and bird-spotters would come from miles around to see them.
I haven't seen one in 2002, & I live a mile from the nest site.

No, you're not mad, they do exist.

Message: 25222 Posted: Tue Dec 03 09:30:01 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: CNN Headline News

Here's some more information from Erin Edwards: "The CNN Headline News piece will run on Saturday, December 7, 2002. I believe it will start running in the 6pm (est) hour and continue every hour that night. It runs about :15 after every hour. The show itself is called 'Front Row' and is hosted by Robin Meade."

Message: 25221 Posted: Tue Dec 03 09:27:41 2002 By: AmericaSL
Subject: HH CD's For Radio Stations

If any of you are told by a radio station that they don't have the Holiday Harmony Christmas CD, get the station's call letters and address and send it to Erin Edwards at She will forward the information to Rhino and they will send a CD to the radio station. Time is of the essence, so get this information to Erin ASAP. Thanks for all your help!

Message: 25220 Posted: Tue Dec 03 08:33:48 2002 By: Goanna
Subject: Radio lists Australia

Hello to any OZ fans who visit this site...

I'm keen to help out & replicate what everyone here is doing with radio listings for the U.S. radio stations for the Holiday Harmony CD.

If anyone in Australia would like to email me to get something happening that would be good... we could divide it up by states,,, eg; Vic, Tas, NSW or just by capital cities etc etc,,, let me know at

Message: 25219 Posted: Tue Dec 03 08:32:41 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Christmas in California.

That's great work on calling the DJ's. It seems that WINTER WONDERLAND is very popular on play lists. If CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA seems too California centric, anything from HOLIDAY HARMONY will surely do. Keep the momentum going. GERRY & DEWEY will be doing the Christmas show this Thursday & Friday in San Diego for Cox communications, that should provide some very nice exposure.

Message: 25218 Posted: Tue Dec 03 06:46:41 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Christmas in California.

One DJ e-mailed me that he was skeptical about playing "Christmas In California" because he didn't know how people in Texas would respond to a song about California.

I guess he's never heard that very obscure song called "Hotel Califronia" by a group called the Eagles. It was a huge hit in the state of California in the 70s. I think it might have spread as far west as Nevada and parts of Arizona, but I'm not sure.


Message: 25217 Posted: Tue Dec 03 06:21:29 2002 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: HH

Requested Christmas in California on WRCH after 8:30 PM last night
I told the DJ after a few request this song and a few others will be on your December playlist. I called him back after it played and he said he was taking the CD home and adding others... Moser hang in there we got one inch of the white stuff this morning but Thursday could be another whopper

Message: 25216 Posted: Tue Dec 03 05:06:32 2002 By: Nina
Subject: Re: PBS and Northeast II, the sequel

Hi all! Thanks for confirming, Linda, that the show I saw was actually "Three Dog Night"...minus one! I usually recognize Chuck Negron...and I didn't see him.

Bones, I'm with the Northeast! If you all could see the shimmery, wintery view out of my kitchen window this morning, you'd know why we stay! (Then, again,...ask me in March how I feel about the snow...the answer just "might" be different!"

Message: 25215 Posted: Mon Dec 02 20:14:51 2002 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: You are what you see, Johnny(caw,caw) [Red]

Very cool lyrics ~ Red! Yes, perhaps that explains it. :0)

Your "caw, caw" made me chuckle!

Is the song titled "White Crow"? I saw a song by that title on AMG's website. If not, what is it and by whom?

I hope the white crow wasn't an omen signaling something bad! Maybe it was really black and ONLY i saw it as white. Yike! Maybe it means I'll never receive a copy of the "GC" cd. <---- really bad omen in that case

Message: 25214 Posted: Mon Dec 02 19:41:23 2002 By: Linda
Subject: Re: PBS

I just have to jump in here and say that I know Three Dog Night with the Tennessee Orchestra is showing on many PBS stations. You can also purchase their DVD at music stores or online. Chuck isn't on this one, but four of the original members are - Cory, Danny, Michael, and Jimmy. Maybe Chuck also has one out now, but I haven't seen or heard anything about it. I'd LOVE to see America perform with an orchestra!

My family is starting to wonder if I only own two CDs...Holiday Harmony and The Grand Cayman Concert. I just can't get enough of either of them!


Message: 25213 Posted: Mon Dec 02 16:54:38 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Northeast II, the sequel

I guess I'll see if you're right about America sounding better in Connecticut next July at Mohegan. Hope to see you. Oh, the added bonus, it'll be summer by then!!!!

Message: 25212 Posted: Mon Dec 02 16:48:05 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Northeast II, the sequel

Hey Moser, I wouldn't leave the northeast for anything. I love all four seasons.
Plus it seems to me that the music from America sounds better here in Conneticut.

Message: 25211 Posted: Mon Dec 02 15:20:59 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Northeast II, the sequel

Sorry, Bones. I was whining, wasn't I? 'Pologies. Snow's okay. Cold's okay. You can ski and stuff. I just gotta wonder if 6 months of crappy weather is worth a few good days of skiing. Heck, you can live in a sunny place and go on a ski vacation. I think I've just made a plan for my retirement!! I was talking to some relatives of some relatives while we were all visiting in PA for Thanksgiving. They had come in from Key West. Over dinner, I was asking about the temperature down there at this time of year. Oh only high 70's or low 80's in the day and 8 to 10 degrees cooler at night. And summer? How hot and unbearable is it in the summer? Oh, not bad. It's never been over 100 and there's always a breeze. Needless to say, I'm green (with envy). Hence the question, what sane person lives in the Northeast? It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Only problem is...I DO!!!

Message: 25210 Posted: Mon Dec 02 15:05:51 2002 By: Nancy
Subject: RE: Next & PBS & Harbor Video & HH on the radio!

Hi Everybody ~~ Darn ~~ How come when I am home none of these good shows come on???? I was out and about all weekend long, and then today too. I had to visit SANTA and give him my ooooh sooo long list! Hahhahahahahahahhahah! My kids and my nieces got a KICK out of ME sitting on Santa's Lap at the Mall today! LOL! ;)

~~~~~~ All my life I give you all my life, without a doubt I give you all my life, now and forever until the day I die, you and I will share, all the things this changing world could offer, and soo I sing, I'b be happy just to stay this way, spend each day with youuuu, there was a time, when I just thought that I would lose my mind, you came along and then the sun did shine, started on our way, I do recall, that every moment spent was wasted time, but then I chose to lay it on the line..... I put the past away, I put the past away, I put the past awayyyyy ~~~ Oooh Yes Kevin I do agree ~~ after we are done promoting HH, we definitely gotta get this great song played on the radio stations...... I have already mentioned this CD to my radio station DJ for sure! ~~~ I've wanted this all my life ~~~ WOW!!

Oooh Red ~~ I am glad to hear you were able to catch all of these great performances on the PBS stations..... I would have loved to hear these especially the Righteous Bros. ~~ did they happen to sing this great song of theirs ~~~~ You're my heart and soul inspiration, you're the one that gets me by, You're my heart and soul inspiration, without you girl what good am Iiiiii! ~~~ Did they, did they sing this song??? also did they sing Unchained Melody, and how about this one ~~~ Baby Baby I'd get down on my knees for youuuu, if you'd only love me likeeeee you used to dooo ~~~ bomp,bombompbombompbom, like you used to doooo, You've lost that lovin feelin, ooooh ooo that loving feelin ~~~~ You've got to bring back that Lovin Feelin, that lovin feelin, bring back that lovin feelin, ooooh ooo that lovin feelin cause it's gone, gone gone, bring back that lovin feelin ~~~ :)~~~~ Ooooh what memories this great song brings rushing back to Me ~~ Nice :) I am mad I missed hearing these great classics for sure! Did Chuck sing my fave ~~ Pieces of April by chance? and did Tommy James sing Crystal Blue Persuasion? I'd be willing to bet you were Revvved up Red all weekend long Right???? :) WOW you really sang all of Mony Mony didn't You! :) Sing it Red eeeee Ooooooak! :)

Hi there Mo & Speech ~~ Isn't it something getting to see this Harbor tape, I love how it makes the Poster come to Life for me..... I too have these clips of All My Life, All Around & The Border,& Special Girl ~~ I loved getting to hear these songs, and Gerry & Dewey were looking oooh soo fine singing them too.... soo it definitely has to be the same tape.

Hmmmm Jimnak ~~ By the sounds of it, the replies you recieved are the same exact replies I got back too. I was at the Mall shopping both yesterday and today, and I listened oooh soo closely in all the stores and the main corridor to see if I would be lucky enough to hear any of these great HH songs playing, but I am sorry to say Nope I didn't hear any of them at all, soooo I am now on a mission too get in touch with some of the radio stations in Altoona ~~~ this is a thought....... my radio station has a sister station in Altoona, and it is a country western station, but I really think that I could get them to play Winter Wonderland on this station and it would get some airplay that way.... there is one oldies station in Altoona and they were the ones that sponsored AMERICA back in 97 when they played at the Oldies Summer Concert at Blands Park, Tipton, Pa..... sooo I am going to contact them also and see if they will get ahold of either the HH CD or the downloaded mp3 versions of these songs so that they too will play them on their station then too. Sooo yes everybody, keep them emails flowing and those tele calls ringing.... this SNOWBALL can't come to a standstill for sure!

Hi there Nina ~~ Great Idea about getting them to do a PBS show..... I like it! :)

Hey Mo regarding the Lake Effect Snows...... It is looking like we will be getting a taste of those Winters when I was a young girl here in PA, especially if the jet streams keep on their current paths. Ooooh NOoooooooo!

Okay gotta gooooo ! Have a good day all, Nancy :)

~~~~ Allll around, listen and you can hear the sound, on cloudy days seems like I always feel this way..... First break in the day, if the time is right nobody minds, I stroll down the lane take a breathe of air, drift on a dream, I look to the sun as the day is warming, consider the things that happened before ~~~ Sing it Gerry & Dewey ~ what a great song :) :) :)

Message: 25209 Posted: Mon Dec 02 15:04:27 2002 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Northeast II, the sequel

Hey Moser, Get tough, what are you a girl or sumptin?

Message: 25208 Posted: Mon Dec 02 12:01:09 2002 By: red oak
Subject: Re: PBS

What u saw of 3 Dog Night was only Chuck Negron(ex one third of 3 Dog Night). That was an exilerating rendition of Joy to the World, though. I also enjoyed seeing Tommy James & the Righteous Brothers(soon to be Hall of Famed in Cleveland). I believe that show was taped in Pittsburgh, not sure of when. Can't imagine how Fancy Nancy missed it!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy James & The Shondells

Here she comes now, say, Mony, Mony.
Shoot 'em down, turn around, come on, Mony.
Hey, she give me love and I feel all right now.
You gotta toss and turn in the middle of the night,
And I feel all right.
I say Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) .........
'Cause you make me feel
(Mony, Mony) so (Mony, Mony) good.(Mony, Mony) ........
Well I feel all right, Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) ....
Wake me, shake me, Mony, Mony
Shot gun dead and come on, Mony,
Don't stop cookin', it feels so good Yeah
Hey don't stop now. Hey, come on! Mony,
Come on Mony Yeah!
(Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) Yeah.....
'Cause You make me feel
(Mony, Mony) so (Mony, Mony) good.(Mony, Mony) ........
Well I feel all right, Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) ....
Ooh I love you Mony, Mo, Mo, Mony .....
Yeah ......
Come on, .....

Message: 25207 Posted: Mon Dec 02 11:52:01 2002 By: Nina
Subject: PBS

Did anybody watch any PBS programming over the week-end? It's pledge time, and lots of "new" performance shows were shown. One had MANY folk stars of the past like Judy Collins, the Limelighters, Glenn Yarborough, Smothers Brothers, etc. Very entertaining. The other one, I saw only the last half hour of, but was Three Dog Night. I didn't recognize them...but I sure knew them by their songs!
They were backed by a large orchestra.

Why can't "America" get this same kind of deal? Management...are you listening?

Why can't

Message: 25206 Posted: Mon Dec 02 11:30:02 2002 By: red oak
Subject: You are what you see, Johnny(caw,caw)

If I were . . . a white crow
leaving tracks in the snow
all the places that I go
that is all you'd see of me
where I went from whence I came
I'd be hidden in the light

but in the darkness of the night
like the moonlight all aglow
I would be a starry sight

I would be . . .White Crow

Thought this might help explain your paranormal experience..........

Message: 25205 Posted: Mon Dec 02 08:25:29 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony on the radio soon!

Starting to get lots of responses; here is a sample, very positive.
Keep e-mailing & calling !

Soft Rock 101.9 KQXT San Antonio Texas (guess who was born here ?)

Date: 12/2/2002 6:46:53 AM Pacific Standard Time

We're playing about 5 tracks from the album ... just listen longer :)

Message: 25204 Posted: Mon Dec 02 07:02:24 2002 By: speechwriter
Subject: "Harbor" video documentary

I had an opportunity to watch the elusive "Harbor" video, thanks to our friend Brad, over the weekend. I found it entertaining and enlightening. It's clear to me, from watching this documentary, that the guys and their coterie were having quite a time, and thought the "Harbor" LP was going to be immense. I found it curious that Gerry and Dewey both were the object of song "performance" close-ups (a la McCartney in the film "Let It Be"), but that Dan was not. In any case, it was a fun and revealing (and wonderfully "70s")video documentary. I also enjoyed the performance clips that Brad provided as a bonus ... I particularly enjoyed the obscure clip of "All Around" from Silent Letter, the "rock video" for "The Border" and the performance clip of "Special Girl." I'd like to know, getting back to the Harbor documentary, what audience it was originally intended for and why so few folks, relatively speaking, ever knew about it until now.

Message: 25203 Posted: Mon Dec 02 06:34:43 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Northeast II, the sequel

What were those stupid Pilgrims thinking?

Message: 25202 Posted: Mon Dec 02 06:33:32 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Northeast

After shoveling the driveway and then having the top snowed over again by the time I got to the bottom, I have one lousy question. Why does anyone live in the Northeast?

Message: 25201 Posted: Sun Dec 01 21:41:09 2002 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Oops

Hey, I unloaded and stacked 3 cords of wood this weekend and have calluses too. Wow, what a coincedence!

Message: 25200 Posted: Sun Dec 01 20:43:10 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Oops

Three CHORDS not cords. Sorry.

Message: 25199 Posted: Sun Dec 01 20:41:07 2002 By: Moser
Subject: Love that Lake Effect

Hi everyone. Just back from the Thanksgiving road trip to see the folks in western PA. It was fun and got to relax a bit. I took my borrowed guitar along and worked on improving my calluses. I've got three cords down but can't change quickly from one to another nor do it without looking. Frustrating. Makes you appreciate the music you love even more.
My Dad is looking pretty strong although bald as can be. He has a good attitude and is enjoying a break from chemo for a while.
Got to listen to lots of America music on the ride to and from. My husband heard the Cayman CD for the first time and liked it. (He might as well like it--is there a choice?) Thanks for the music, guys. It helped pass the time and ease the tension of driving through all of that crazy lake effect snow.
Well I'm slowly recovering from my America Fans Website withdrawal since I was puter-less for most of the last four days. I need a laptop!! I've read the posts and will catch up on what's new on the site tomorrow. Just wanted to say howdy before I headed off to bed. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I had a great treat in my mailbox when I got home. The Harbor video had arrived. Thanks Brad, I love it. And thanks for all the extra content. Very nice of you to send this and so quickly. You're a peach.
Well glad to be home. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Good night. PS: I'm up for the HH group listen on Wed., Robyn. What time to start?

Message: 25198 Posted: Sun Dec 01 20:00:41 2002 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Next.

Agreed Kevin! The whole cd, imho, is perfection!

Message: 25197 Posted: Sun Dec 01 15:46:44 2002 By: KevinS.
Subject: Next.

After we all band together and get America back on the radar screen with Holiday Harmony, why not do the same thing for the Cayman CD.

Baby It's Up To You sounds as good as it ever has.


Message: 25196 Posted: Sun Dec 01 07:53:54 2002 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony on the radio soon!

A note from St. Nick, WMAG radio Greensboro N.C - yipee !

Thanks for your note. We especially like "Winter Wonderland", and are playing.
Happy Holidays,
Nick Allen
WMAG Program Director
Clear Channel Communications-Greensboro
2-B P.A.I. Park
Greensboro, NC 27409

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