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Message: 26099 Posted: Fri Jan 31 21:13:36 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Hallendale Photos

Thank you Rich, Jason, and Steve for posting the photos from Hallendale. They are great. Wow, Dewey, that looks like it might have hurt a bit. You are such a trooper. I hope you're healing well and feeling better. And Gerry, Gerry, are simply still eye candy after all these years.

Message: 26098 Posted: Fri Jan 31 19:50:02 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

<< It gives me hope to think there's a 13-year-old -- anywhere on the planet -- who gets into America. >>

As I have stated here before, all 6 of my kids love America and have all been to at least one concert w/ mom & dad. My oldest son Steve took a while to come around, but he finally did. He went to see them them in Freeport, ME last summer at the LL Bean Park and thought the show was incredible. My other kids have always been fans (my youngest daughter is 10). I feel fortunate having kids with such good taste in music. At least I know I have done something right.


p.s. just got through listening to those MP3's of America again. They are just so good I keep listening to them over and over. Thanks again, Steve for posting them.

Message: 26097 Posted: Fri Jan 31 18:17:15 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Woes Resolved

Holy cow! Thanks Steve for posting those great pictures. There is nothing sexier than a guy with a guitar!

Message: 26096 Posted: Fri Jan 31 18:03:48 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Johnny B. Goode


Message: 26095 Posted: Fri Jan 31 17:49:46 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Woes Resolved

King Biscuit has a new webmaster and I called him today to see about fixing things so I could upload the Hallendale photos and make other changes to the web site. His name is Bryan Roman and he's top notch. He couldn't figure out how to fix it right away but he didn't give up and within a couple of hours he got hold of the people who could fix it. Thanks to Bryan I was able to make the changes and upload the photos so you can all enjoy them tonight!

Message: 26094 Posted: Fri Jan 31 17:26:36 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Johnny B. Goode

Moby Dick

Message: 26093 Posted: Fri Jan 31 15:49:44 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Regarding Danae - from her Dad

Well, now, don't I feel foolish! Danae, you sound like a really great and well-rounded kid. And Danae's Dad, you must be very proud. Please accept my apology for spouting off. I should have thought before I spoke. Don't allow my ignorance to deter you. Sincerely, Moser (The Ugly American)

Message: 26092 Posted: Fri Jan 31 15:33:10 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Regarding Danae - from her Dad

Thanks Danae's Dad for coming to her defense. She sounds like a terrific kid!!! Danae I hope that all of the nonsense hasn't scared you off. I am certainly interested in what you have to say. I think your fresh young opinion is an asset to this board. Keep posting girl!

Message: 26091 Posted: Fri Jan 31 12:22:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Regarding Danae - from her Dad

Thanks Danae's Dad for sharing that information with us. It would fit nicely in the biography section of the America Fans web site. I never had any doubt that she was who she said she was because I've corresponded with her quite a bit since she started posting here and I always thought she sounded like a 13 year old (that's coming from a dad who has raised 5 children and the youngest just turned 12). Besides that, I knew that her posts were coming from Greece because of her IP address.

In one of my messages to Danae I asked her for a biography and a photo (that's a common question that I ask most new America Fans that I correspond with). She wrote back and told me that she had brown hair and wore glasses and played the piano. She said that some people say that she looks kind of like Gerry.

I understand your concern about putting Danae's photo on the Internet and I don't blame you at all. There are lots of crazy people out there (as evidenced by the viruses that many of us are receiving).

FYI, Danae isn't the youngest America Fan that has corresponded with me. Kimi Rinchak was 9 years old when she sent me a photo and a biography back in 1997. Click here to see Kimi's bio.

Thanks again for letting us know about Danae. She has an obvious good taste in music!

SteveL (Webmaster)

Message: 26090 Posted: Fri Jan 31 11:39:11 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Regarding Danae - from her Dad

My beloved daughter made me aware of the controversy in the chat folder and I had the opportunity to read your comments. After begging her (!!) a little bit she finally allowed me to "defend her existence".
Well, she is real! She was born in March 1990. She is in her first year at highschool. She speaks french, far - far better than english and her poor father (that's me), who has studied french for six years, can't follow her any more.
I have to mention that she is by far the best student in her school (not only class)and very well known in the whole school. (In the same year with her the number of students is approximately 160). Her school is one of the most appreciated schools in Athens (and Greece). Last year she scored 99% in the examinations (written and oral) necessary to enter to high school (i.e. Gymnasium)and entered 1st while approximaly 100 students where rejected and had to go for other less demanding schools. (By now you should have understand that I am the typical doting father!)
Additional info. She plays piano, an era in which has proven to ... be "a little bit lazy" and less efficient...She likes spagetti (makaronia me kima)!! and mousaka but she doesn't like fish (even the fresh ones that dady fishes himself!)
She is shooting olympic (not american) skeet (there are differences), she owns a "Brno" (over and under 12-gauge shotgun) with an ... electric blue grafity stock and forend, while she will soon have a dog (gun dog), a german shorthair pointer (deutch kurzhaar), which unfortunately is not her first choice! She would prefer a siberian husky despite that I keep telling her that Greece's warm climate is not appropriate for that breed.
Shouldn't we (her mother and I) have severe hesitations (and fears!) in posting photographs with children in the web, we would send you pictures with us and Danae in Acropolis, Theseus temple, Lycabettus and Pireus.
Personally I have missed U.S. Unfortunately I haven't come there since December 1984, when I completed my MBA at the University Of Texas at Arlington. It was I who introduced Danae to the music of America but now she is the "expert of the family" on the sublect.
Well, that's enough, I wish you have a lot of patience and tolerance with her, otherwise she will drive you crazy, something that she constantly does with me!

Should anybody of you "America fans" need my e-mail account it is (gr standing for greece...)

Danae's Dad,

Message: 26089 Posted: Fri Jan 31 06:37:06 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

It gives me hope to think there's a 13-year-old -- anywhere on the planet -- who gets into America. My soon-to-be-13-year-old son tells me, when he hears me playing America in the van or at home, that their stuff is "too cute" and "lame."

Message: 26088 Posted: Fri Jan 31 02:27:55 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

Mo~for what it's worth, at least you keep things interesting here!!!

Danae~Loved your wallpapers kiddo! Don't let all this controversy stop you from posting. Jump right in speak your mind!

Message: 26087 Posted: Thu Jan 30 22:20:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Johnny B. Goode

Johnny, relax, man. It's just a conversation. Boy, I really get under your skin, don't I? <<Okay, so you don't like Dan. What's new there? You're entitled to your opinion. But, to say, "I was surprised he didn't claim to be the biological father of Amy Grant"...that is EXTREMELY matter how you may wish to claim otherwise.>> Since Dan claimed to have invented MTV and Contemporary Christian music (for a while) as well as taking credit for other things which escape me at the moment, I was merely making a joke about the fact that he only claimed to have met Amy Grant. That seemed kind of tame compared to the rest of the story. That is why I was surprised that he didn't pump it up a notch or two and claim something more...i.e. being her father. I'm sorry the humor was lost in the translation.

Message: 26086 Posted: Thu Jan 30 22:12:44 2003 By: Vic
Subject: For Danae

Danae, please accept my apology if I made you feel uneasy with my last post. It was not my intention to do so. I hope that you will continue to post here, and often. :)

Message: 26085 Posted: Thu Jan 30 22:10:43 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: These Spirits (Kim)

<<Your post gave me a good chuckle this morning.>> Well, thanks. I'm glad I made somebody smile. <<I am really going to have to try and make it to those Wednesday night chats again (it's probably been over a year since my last visit), it sounds like ya'll are having fun.>> Yes, please jump right in...the water's fine. It is usually a lot of fun. Hope to see you next Wed.

Message: 26084 Posted: Thu Jan 30 21:01:01 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: More Wallpapers From Danae

Steve and Danae: Thanks so much for the wallpaper. I chose one and it looks GREAT on my laptop! Thanks again!!!!

Message: 26083 Posted: Thu Jan 30 20:11:14 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Some People Shouldn't Drink Alcohol

<<I neither stated nor implied that I thought it was you.>>

You are absolutely right, you didn't but I'm no moron, Mo. You were very careful not to. I credit you for doing that. However, you don't have me convinced otherwise that I wasn't the person you had in mind. As I said, I'm no moron.

Okay, so you don't like Dan. What's new there? You're entitled to your opinion. But, to say, "I was surprised he didn't claim to be the biological father of Amy Grant"...that is EXTREMELY matter how you may wish to claim otherwise.

Message: 26082 Posted: Thu Jan 30 19:23:34 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Bones' Baklava

Geez, Bones. Luckily I love baklava. But I guess I better go wash the egg off of my face before I try eating anything else!
Red: Looks like I oopsed. Sorry if I lead you down a slippery slope.
Steve: Thanks for setting me straight.
Danae: Sorry to doubt your existence. It's lovely to "meet" you.
Johnny: Your inference of guilt was your own. I neither stated nor implied that I thought it was you.

Message: 26081 Posted: Thu Jan 30 18:46:34 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

Yes Jas, I do know Squeeze is an English band, thanks. I think they're fabulous. I don't have the CD (yet) that contains "Up The Junction" but I will in the next several months, no doubt. I look forward to hearing that particular song especially now knowing it's an English term and a very funny one at that!

I mentioned this morning that I really like the song "Ridiculous". My favorite song from that CD is titled "GROUCH OF THE DAY". <----wink, wink

Everyone ~ Regarding Danae, I had the VERY STRONG feeling this morning that it was/is intimated that I was posing as Danae from Athens. It may be denied now, however, especially since Steve posted what he did (thanks Steve). I think it was believed that I was Danae because it was me who chatted with her during the daytime and it was me who posted so here on the folder. I guess it was believed that I made the whole story up. I don't have any reason whatsoever to believe that Danae is someone other than who she says she is. I found her to be a VERY delightful, sweet young lady who appreciates America just as much as anyone of us here.

Danae ~ Don't let this 'controversy' affect your posting here!!! I enjoyed your additional wallpaper and the very pretty colors!

Message: 26080 Posted: Thu Jan 30 18:38:49 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

Mo, before you join us next Wednesday night, I want you to sit down for dinner and start off with some spanikopita or tyropita then 1 or 2 souvlakis with a greek salad. For dessert may I suggest some baklava or loukovmades. Wash all this down with a nice bottle of mavrodafni patras imperial wine and right before you join the Wednesday night chat, 4 or 5 shots of ouzo.
Happy eating

Message: 26079 Posted: Thu Jan 30 17:55:03 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

I stand corrected, maybe.........

Message: 26078 Posted: Thu Jan 30 17:45:06 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Web Site Woes Again

Well, it looks like the server gremlins have raised their ugly heads once more and I can't put anything new on the web site. I was hoping to put out some of the Hallendale photos tonight but it's not going to happen. I have sent a note to the King Biscuit webmaster to see what's going on but he hasn't replied yet. If this is like last time, it will take a week or more to get it fixed (but I hope it doesn't take that long). In the meantime, please be patient with me and I'll try to post important updates (such as the new concert additions) here on the Chat Folder. --SteveL

Message: 26077 Posted: Thu Jan 30 17:13:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

For what it's worth, I record the IP address of every post that is made on the Chat Folder. Danae's IP address is from Athens, Greece.

Message: 26076 Posted: Thu Jan 30 16:40:47 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: missing America songs

Alan, please email me at
I have something good to tell you!!! :0)

Message: 26075 Posted: Thu Jan 30 14:32:27 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Thanks for the info

Steve, Thanks for the info and the links. I take it the different versions of "Houses" are actually just different mixes of the same recording as opposed to different takes? At least that's what I get from your post and the Houses web page. If that's the case, I won't worry about trying to track down the other "versions", but rather think of the one you have on your site as the finished product.



Message: 26074 Posted: Thu Jan 30 14:17:51 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: More questions regarding "missing" America songs

<< It is a wrong number message (speaker unknown) that was left on his answering machine. >>

Oh great! Now we'll NEVER know what the bad news is!!!

Message: 26073 Posted: Thu Jan 30 13:36:58 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Isn't This Fun?

Would you want your 13 yr old to be a part of live chat with certain wackos around? Realizing there is a 9 hr time difference between here and Greece, I don't think live chat is in the cards for her, him, or it. Now if there is truly a 13 yr old fan of America, they have good taste, albeit farfetched. So, Mo, u are not alone in your feeling, I initially felt the same, and still do. I would like to be a little mouse and see where that PC IP address is. Money says somewhere in the USA.

Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue

Tom Petty

Message: 26072 Posted: Thu Jan 30 13:16:15 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Isn't This Fun?

Ah, Vic, I knew you wouldn't disappoint. <<Wow, Moser, you are back, and, with a vengeance, and, apparently, with a new "ax to grind", of your own.>> No, no axe to grind--just a hunch to follow up on. <<The wine seems to have brought out a bit of mean streak.>> No, no mean streak--just forthrightness. <<Forget Dan, for now.>> Gladly.
<<It is my opinion that Danae is a figment of somebody's imagination. And, quite frankly, what is the point of that?>> <<Where did that come from, and what is your point?>> It came from a hunch, a gut feeling. My point, which I thought was pretty clear, is that I don't think there is an actual Danae who is 13 or lives in Greece or whatever. I think someone made up the name and is posting here under that guise. All of that is fine with me, in fact, it's really not up to me. I just wonder why someone would want to do that. <<Do you mean that you think that Danae is someone, other that a 13 year old girl, from Athens, Greece?>> Yes, that is exactly what I mean. <<Did she, maybe, say something at live chat, last night, that made you think that she's not who she says she is?>> No. There was no one named Danae at the chat last night during the time that I was there. <<I wasn't at live chat, last night, so I don't know. Do you think that it is inappropriate for her to post here, with the rest of us?>> No, certainly not. I don't think it's inappropriate for anyone to post here--real or made-up. If Danae is a made up person, go ahead and post away under that alias--whoever you are. Heck, it only adds some spice/mystery to the fray. I just wanted to say that something doesn't compute. I haven't put my finger on it yet. I just think Danae is an alias for someone else, probably a US citizen and probably way older than 13. Who knows, I could be way wrong. If so, then shame on me for being suspicious. I've lived through "egg on my face" before.

Message: 26071 Posted: Thu Jan 30 13:12:26 2003 By: Janice
Subject: re: Howdy

Howdy again..I am so glad you liked my sunset picture. Isn't that just the neatest tree in my front yard? I love it during autumn when it is full and orange!
I took several during several stages of it. I am sure the neighbors think I am wacked out (and they are right) and wonder what the heck their looney neighbor is doing out early in the morning and at night with a camera. Let them watch the 6pm news or somethin'...there is beautiful stuff outside they are missing!
I am about to do some experimenting with black and white film. Any Ansel Adams fans out there?? He is the best of the best, and I am lucky to have visited his studio at Yosemite.
So, Johnny, I am just one of millions with the same album..ho hum..such is
Steve, I am glad you advised me of the new schedule for South America. I will adjust my travel dates and scheduled!
South America...never been there. I would like to go to Australia though. I watch Steve Irwin on Crocodile Hunter and I'd love to visit that zoo!
Well, have a great evening..send me some pics of your own! Yes..some sunset with the snow would be nice, or the beach at sunset. Or a lighthouse with a sunset..or..or..or...or...Ok, I'll go away now.

Janice :-)

Message: 26070 Posted: Thu Jan 30 11:47:52 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: These Spirits

Wow, Moser, you are back, and, with a vengeance, and, apparently, with a new "ax to grind", of your own. The wine seems to have brought out a bit of mean streak. Forget Dan, for now.

<<It is my opinion that Danae is a figment of somebody's imagination. And, quite frankly, what is the point of that?>>

Where did that come from, and what is your point? Do you mean that you think that Danae is someone, other that a 13 year old girl, from Athens, Greece? Did she, maybe, say something at live chat, last night, that made you think that she's not who she says she is? I wasn't at live chat, last night, so I don't know. Do you think that it is inappropriate for her to post here, with the rest of us?

Message: 26069 Posted: Thu Jan 30 11:39:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: One More Wallpaper From Danae

Your Move Wallpaper

Message: 26068 Posted: Thu Jan 30 10:34:00 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New / Updated Gigs

Here are a few new and updated concerts. I'll be modifying the main concert list later today to reflect these changes.

2/12/03 San Salvador, El Salvador / Anfiteatro de la Feria
2/14/03 San Pedro Sula, Honduras/ El Centro Arabe
2/15/03 Guatemala City, Guatemala / Westin Camino Real / El Gran Salon

3/15/03 Ashland, NE / SAC Air Force Museum

8/9/03 Hot Springs, AR / Magic Springs Theme Park

Message: 26067 Posted: Thu Jan 30 09:56:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Wallpapers From Danae

Here are some different color's of Danae's first wallpaper:


Message: 26066 Posted: Thu Jan 30 09:22:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: More questions regarding "missing" America songs

I need to make a correction to the information I gave about the "Rose, Rose..." voice at the beginning of "Houses In White". Gerry tells me that it is not Di Farrelly. It is a wrong number message (speaker unknown) that was left on his answering machine.

Message: 26065 Posted: Thu Jan 30 08:21:48 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Squeeze - Crowded House (Johnny)


Squeeze as you are probably aware are an English band who were very popular during the late 70s early 80s and racked up a fair number of top 10s in the UK during this period. I don't own any of their albums but am very familiar with certain songs which still get played regularly on the radio today. UP THE JUNCTION was one of their biggest hits which like many of their songs are very English. It's hard to describe exactly what I mean other than lyrically they name check very English things and sing at times with an accent. UP THE JUNCTION for example name checks Clapham Junction which is a suburb south of London where the song is set and also is a slang term for being pregnant which is the story of the song.

If you like SQUEEZE you may also like a band called XTC who are from the same era and have a similar sound.

I own 2 albums by CROWDED HOUSE. In fact WOODFACE was my first ever purchase of a CD because vinyl at that time was getting harder and harder to find. WEATHER WITH YOU is in fact Crowded House's biggest hit in the UK. I remember the first time I heard it I immediately thought of THE BYRDS - I think it's the jangly guitars. I recall being on holiday on the English South Coast - Devon or Cornwall and playing WEATHER WITH YOU everynight on a pub jukebox whilst playing pool with my mates and getting hideously drunk on some local bitter called Badger or something just as strange. Those were the days.

Other great Crowded House songs are FALL AT YOUR FEET and FOUR SEASONS IN ONE DAY.


Message: 26064 Posted: Thu Jan 30 08:08:43 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Neil Finn's legacy

Cheers Chris ~~
WOW ~~ Yes Neil Finn..... WOW I love his way with lyrics for sure. He can add a bit of nice SPICE to a day! Thanks for posting Neil's forward notes..... Yes Yes Yes.... it spells out the meaning I get from the songs of his that I have been hearing and loving.... And Yes there is a familiarity between Neil and AMERICA... Nice for sure.... I will check out this song Not the Girl You Think You Are.... Inquiring Mind lyrics there! :) Thanks again Jimmmmmmm (bob) for telling me about all of these great songs.... I sure hope you have been playing them on your guitar... one in particular comes to my mind immediately.... You know which one I mean I'm sure..... ;)

Gotta get now.... Nancy :) ~~~~ Watch how she fades into the sunset, a vision spectacular in graceeee, hunger for the well travel ~~ stimulating discussion lift meeeeee, faster into the weakness, off the wall into blackness ~~ Gifteddddd ~~~~~~ time on the clock I don't want to waste it....... Gifteeeeeeed ~~ (my favorite part next) and I'm awayyyyy from home.... and its a way of lifeeee, and I'm a flying high, now I'm a wheeling gulll, and now I come to rest under a Lion rock, over neath the reef and rest, in this time, in this place,in this time... and its a way of life, in this time.... Nice song Neil.... Into the Sunset ~~~ :) ;)

Message: 26063 Posted: Thu Jan 30 07:40:14 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Beautiful Sunset Pic ~Weather with You ~Viruses~& These Spirits!

Hi there Everybody :) Hey it is going up into the lower 30's today here ~~ Wow a full blown heatwave for sure... I think I am starting to feel my right hand thaw alittle LOL!!

Howdy back to you Janice ~~ Thanks for sharing that breathtaking pic with us all... I love the way the whole sunset just seems to overtake the whole landscape.... Nice! Yes I too agree with you about the inner peace and serenity that is found in indulging in all of life's Simple Pleasures! ~~Sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, cottonball clouds, baby blue eyed skies, a full moon in a sky filled with twinkling diamonds, and oooh soo many more simple things sure are great food for the Heart! ~~~ Regarding the AMERICA LP ~~ I have the beige colored one with the big pic of Dewey Gerry & Dan and the big Indian pics with just AMERICA in bold print at the top.... Mine is still in great condition, I also have the 8 track of this, but it is just a plain black label with the title and songs listed on it. My Harbor 8 track has that awesome sunset pic on it tho....

Thanks Steve for listing the sites for Houses In White and the Di Farrelly story ~~ I just loved reading that again.... What a special thing for Gerry & Bobby & You to do to remember this special Lady! I am sure she is Smiling from upabove. Her voice is sooo Hauntingly beautiful! ~~ I have 2 of the 4 different versions of Houses in White... I too wondered why they were called different versions, there isn't very much difference in the 2 I have. That song suce has mesmorized me from the first time I heard it.... it is playing here now ~~ I get those same chills everytime I listen to it.... thanks for all the neat info you have on this site that opens up all the mysteries of these great songs! :)

Hi there Ron (hekawai25) ~~ it has been awhile since we have heard from you..... I hope you got the Cayman CD as well as the Holiday Harmony..... they both are soooo goood.... I will have to look for some of Squeeze's songs...... I really like Crowded Houses songs... Neil Finn sure has a unique way with lyrics, I do like their accoustic sound and harmonizing it is soooo nice for sure!

Hi Johnny ~~~ I know you had told me about one of Squeeze's albums before, I will look for it and let you know what I think of them.... my cousin from Ohio, really likes Squeeze alot too.... in fact when I had mentioned my trivia question to him about the connection between Ace and Mike Mechanics... he didn't know Paul Garrick for that, he knew him for his contribution in Squeeze! ~~ I haven't got to talk to Jimmmm(bob) yet about Neil and Weather With You.... I thought it was Neil doing the backup harmonizing on Gerry & Dewey's version of this great song..... Maybe it was at a show in NZ that I am getting mixed up with... I will have to have Jimmmm refresh my thinkings on this. :)

Hi LisaRose & Robyn ~~ I have gotten email viruses with kimacabrina's and jeff brinks email address on and with Milton Peeks, and Dan Peek's addresses too..... awhile back I had gotten one with Jimnak's name and email address and I took it personally at that time.... now I know it is the sick humor of some weirdo..... and I don't in anyway think anyone on here would try to do this.... I just delete them... I look for certain signs.... like they always have such stupid subject lines... and in the case of Jeff Brinks... it came with his name spelled out, and that is different from his real email addr....and the big file size always is a sure sign for me just to delete it... I figure if someone here is sending me some type of pic or file I will know it is coming from them prior to getting it.....

Hi Kim ~~ Yes you should come and join in on the live chat sometime, we have lots of fun.... Mo & I closed it down last night... it was fun talking Mo ~~ one of those more comfortable nights.. right???? :) I hope all will work out with your situation at your work.... and like I told you last night ~~ I am glad that you have decided to keep on posting.... we all are adults here, we all have our own opinions, ideas and ways of posting.... I think this is a very comfortable place to post.... we all respect each other pretty good I think.... Sure there are some things we will never fully agree on, but that is what adds the spice to this fun..... neither of us are fully right and neither of us are fully wrong with the way we feel. Just different time frames! I will finish reading Dan's bio.... I look forward to seeing you at the IUP show... we will have the place ALIVE! for sure! ;)

Hi David ~~~ Yes a nice pic for a new album cover.... hmmm maybe a whole collage of Gerry's vfthw & bonus pics.... Vic too has some neat pics of the sunset and sunrise from his part of the world, and he also shared a neat sunset pic that SteveL had shared with him.... I just love pics of sunrises and sunsets and the everchanging skies..... hmmm a new cd title "Horizon Hues"..... :)

Thanks Cathy! ~~ It would be nice to meet at a show one day!

Cheers Jason ~~ I used to work for State Farm Ins... and Bill our Claims adjustor, would work out of our office on wednesdays....He and I had some fun times working together... thanks for bringing back those memories to me..... Yes Dreams do come true ~~~ Lyrics from one of my favorite songs... is always in my mind.... Somewhere over the rainbow, the dreams you dare to dream really do come true, if pretty little bluebirds can fly over the rainbow then why can't I..... :) I hope your Roundhouse dream comes to be one day! :)

Hey there Redddddd & Bonesssssss ~~~ You guys were on your best behavior last night...... thanks for the spice you add to the live chats! Nice seeing you Clarice & stingray..... thanks for sharing the gift of gab late at night! :)

Have a great day all! Nancy :)

~~~ Somewhere out in the back of your mind, somewhereeee, comes your real life and the life that you knowwww, it seems like it was a creation of some of those same old things, YOU seem to be the only thing thats guiding the light ~~~~~~ She had trusted many, but been unfamiliar with almost everyone but YOUuuuuu.... Well Baby I've been thinking the Rooms are all on fire, everytime that you walk in the room, there is magic all around you, if I do say sooo myself, I have known this much longer than I've known Youuuuuuuuu ~~~~ Sing it Stevie Nicks ( Desert Angel) :)

Message: 26062 Posted: Thu Jan 30 07:29:39 2003 By: holiday
Subject: Neil Finn's Legacy

I have read the posts regarding Neil Finn, one of my favs and must agree with sentiments about his songwriting. I count among one of my treasured books his "Love This Life" collection of lyrics from 1978 - 2001. In the Foreword, Neil says:
"As a teenager, I was the kind of listener that always latched on to a key line or two then made up my own impression of the song's meaning. As a songwriter, I found that the best way for me to come up with these key lines was to let myself drift off rudderless with my guitar and my voice, relying on accidental phrases popping out where the sound of the words was as important as their meaning. This approach has often delivered up quite potent images and, sometimes years later, I recognise layers of meaning that didn't immediately spring to mind. I have learned to trust this process, it seems right for me and I have always been happy to accept the occasional dig about 'not making sense'. I liken it to the kind of thought process that happens just before you go to sleep, where domestic and otherworldly images get muddled up with strange echoes and buried feelings."
Sounds a bit like Dewey's writing style come to think of it .... LOL

The CD "Recurring Dream - The Very Best Of Crowded House" was released in Australia by Capitol in 1996. It is a 'must have' collection in every New Zealand and Australian household. Too many great songs to single out, but I wanted to mention "Not The Girl You Think You Are" - not a catchy title, but oh, what a catchy song, and so Beatlesque you would think it was a penned by McCartney/Lennon - sorry Paul, it just doesn't cut it - Lennon/McCartney .... ah, that's better.

You're not the girl you think you are
There's someone standing in your place
The bathroom mirror makes you look tall
But it's all in your head, in your head
He won't deceive you
Or tell you the truth
Woman, he'll be no trouble
He won't write you letters
Full of excuses
Come on, believe you have one in a million


Message: 26061 Posted: Thu Jan 30 06:56:02 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Ridiculous (Oops)

From "Some Fantastic Place" to "RIDICULOUS", rather.

Message: 26060 Posted: Thu Jan 30 06:54:13 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Ridiculous

Hekawi25 ~ Thanks for expressing your thoughts about Crowded House vs Squeeze. Yes, both bands are terrific.

For anyone interested in getting their first CD by Squeeze, I'm changing my recommendation from "Some Fantastic Place" to "Ricidulous". The latter is a much better CD in my opinion.

Message: 26059 Posted: Thu Jan 30 06:12:44 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: "Weather With You" (Alan)

i like both squeeze and crowded house, each unique and creative in their own ways. "afterglow" is a great cd from crowded house. it is a collection of rare tracks, b-sides, acoustic versions, etc. including one of my favorites: "lester" about his dog being hit by a car and promising God "i will change if lester lives". truly great.

Message: 26058 Posted: Thu Jan 30 05:49:53 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: These Spirits

Ok Mo, now why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel! LOL Your post gave me a good chuckle this morning. I am really going to have to try and make it to those Wednesday night chats again (it's probably been over a year since my last visit), it sounds like ya'll are having fun.

Have a great day!

Message: 26057 Posted: Wed Jan 29 23:22:59 2003 By: Moser
Subject: These Spirits

It's late here on the right coast. I've just signed off of live chat with my dear cyber friend, Nancy. I've had a tough week and a half and a good debriefing thanks to my fellow chatters. I've also had just enough wine to say the following and da*n the consequences:
1) I almost stopped posting and chatting on this folder b/c of the backlash toward my opinion of Dan Peek. But forget it, people. I get too much satisfaction out of expressing myself here to slink away and give you all the upper hand. So, get over it. I'm posting.
2) It is my opinion that Danae is a figment of somebody's imagination. And, quite frankly, what is the point of that?
3) I've read the Dan Peek "America Story" at the request of some fellow chatters. It is verbose and it took almost a week for me to finally get through it. My "unglossed" opinion is it is the rantings of a delusional, insecure, paranoid, former addict with a HUGE axe to grind. I was surprised he didn't claim to be the biological father of Amy Grant. If music ever ceases to be a career path, I think the National Enquirer might like to employ someone of his caliber.
4) If I've offended you tonight, sorry. I'm on a roll. And, frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn.
Thank You, Mo

Message: 26056 Posted: Wed Jan 29 21:44:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: More questions regarding "missing" America songs

Alan, I'll do my best to answer your "Houses In White" questions.

First of all, if you haven't done so already, go to the Houses In White web page to read how the song came about. I used to have all of the different versions as Bobby sent them to me but there wasn't a lot of difference between them so I only kept the last one. As it says on the web page, the song was written and produced by Bobby Woods.

The first few versions of the song had the "Rose, Rose..." voice at the beginning of the song but then it was removed. In the end, it was put back and I think it fits nicely. The voice is that of Di Farrelly and comes from a song called "Heaven Is Very Beautiful" which was produced by Bobby and Gerry. Around April of 2000 a few cassette copies of that song were made available for Chat Folder posters and I was lucky enough to get one. I don't know if I have an MP3 version of it but I could probably make one in the next week or two.

I think if you follow the links above you'll find the answers to the rest of your questions.


Message: 26055 Posted: Wed Jan 29 20:04:34 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: "Weather With You" (Alan)

Alan ~ Crowded House's release of "Weather With You" was from their 1991 CD, "Woodface". It has Neil Finn singing lead vocals. Someone is singing harmony along with his lead. I suspect it's also Neil but this is just a guess. The other three members of the group are also credited with singing vocals on the CD. It's not specified who sang on which song. The other members are Neil's brother Tim, Paul Hester, and Nick Seymour.

Another great band who reminds me a lot of Crowded House is Squeeze. As mentioned by me before, I've recently discovered Squeeze's music. I've enjoyed them so much that I've recently purchased five of their CDs and I really look forward to receiving their others. Their music is a bit 'lighter' than Crowded House's in my opinion. I really like the vocal sound of Squeeze's lead vocalist. At this moment, I much prefer Squeeze over Crowded House. I strongly recommend Squeeze's CD, "Some Fantastic Place". I don't, however, recommend their "Cool For Cats". Wasn't too cool for this cat. Or maybe too cool. Probably the latter.

Is there anyone else here who's quite familiar with the music of Crowded House and Squeeze? If so, do you have a preference between the two?

(Janice ~ Wow, that was one gorgeous photo! Same colors as the front cover of "Harbor")

Message: 26054 Posted: Wed Jan 29 19:57:09 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: sunset photo

What a great photo--America should use it for the cover of a new album!

Message: 26053 Posted: Wed Jan 29 17:56:25 2003 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: another virus

I know...I am getting about two a day...all the same virus. Three of them, at least have been names from here..that's what I find a little odd...maybe a disgrunted fan...LOL!!!

Message: 26052 Posted: Wed Jan 29 16:46:55 2003 By: Alan
Subject: More questions regarding "missing" America songs

Hi, it's "the pest" again. Regarding "Weather With You", I wasn't aware it was a cover of a Crowded House song. i really know very little of their work (and nothing of Niel Finn's solo work), other than the songs "Don't dream, It's Over" and "Something So Strong". I do think both of these songs are awesome and considered buying one of their albums at one time, but there is so much good music out there, so little time, and even less $$$. After reading all the positive feedback of CH/NF though, I may have to "bite the bullet" and check it out. A couple more questions: If this is a cover of a CH song, it obviously came out long after Dan left the band as CH was an 80's band. First question: who was singing the high harmony on America's version? Second question: Did CH also sing the entire song in 3-part harmony?

Houses In White: Somebody said there are couple versions of this song as well (looking back through the posts I can't spot who it was). Does anyone know how I can get ahold of the version NOT posted on this web site (preferably in MP3 format)? If anyone wants to reply to me privately, my new address is Was this song an America original or another cover? Approximately when was this song written/recorded? What's the significance of the old lady on the phone saying "Rose, Rose... I'm afraid I have some bad news" at the beginning of the song?

Sorry about all the questions, but I really need to get "up to speed" on all this stuff if I am to be considered a serious America fan. Plus I really want to get ahold of EVERYTHING America has done that's not currently available on commercial media. And I know you are just the people who can help me! (I've already learned sooo much about America and other bands that I never knew before from you fine and extremely knowledgeable folks).

Sorry for the long post. You will all probably be very glad when I return to "lurkdom" again!


p.s. Beautiful sunset, Janice! I too am a great fan of sunsets.

Message: 26051 Posted: Wed Jan 29 15:22:38 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: another virus

I did not send anything to you LisaRose. Yes some idiot with too much time on their hands and a nasty streak is deriving a great deal of pleasure from this.

Message: 26050 Posted: Wed Jan 29 14:36:03 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: The Roundhouse

I had a claim in Chalk Farm, London today (I'm an Insurance Loss Adjuster by the way) and walked right by the ROUNDHOUSE concert hall which is presently being renovated after years of closure. It may in fact now be open.

In its heyday this venue was one of the main pop concert halls in London and featured acts like THE DOORS, ELTON JOHN and of course AMERICA.

I've never had the privilage to actually attend a concert at the ROUNDHOUSE, which as its name suggests is circular, but hope to sometime in the future.

Wouldn't be great if a certain band could fly over for an extra special gig.

Dreams do come true...


Message: 26049 Posted: Wed Jan 29 14:35:00 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: another virus

For what it's worth, LisaRose, it isn't just this chat folder that is being targeted. I'm afraid that it's anything and everything that is posted anywhere on the Internet.

Message: 26048 Posted: Wed Jan 29 13:55:21 2003 By: LisaRose
Subject: another virus

Got another virus sent today..from Robyn...what is going on here..why is some a--hole targeting this board?

Message: 26047 Posted: Wed Jan 29 12:50:57 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Howdy

Your picture was wonderful, Janice! Well done! It reminds me an impressionist painting I saw in a book last year.

Message: 26046 Posted: Wed Jan 29 12:26:38 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Janice's Picture

Janice...What a lovely peaceful and comforting. My life has been so stressful lately...I just want to jump into that picture!
(But then I remember an old "Twilight Zone" episode where a guy wanted to be put into a picture, and finally wished himself into the picture, and it was a real scary I guess I'll just appreciate it from afar!)Thank you, Janice.

Message: 26045 Posted: Wed Jan 29 09:34:55 2003 By: red oak
Subject: I forgot

to add that maybe Nancy or Mo could take a pic of the sunrise on the snow to give us idea how pretty it is. It's been so long for me to see that I have forgotten how pretty it is. With no hope to see the ground until the great thaw, Mo or Nancy could let us in on what it's like to feel the cool every morning. How's that for rubbing it in, Ha.

It's another tequila sunrise
Starin' slowly 'cross the sky said goobye
He was just a hired hand
Workin' on the dreams he planned to try
The days go by

Ev'ry night when the sun goes down
Just another lonely boy in town
And she's out runnin' 'round

The Eagles

Message: 26044 Posted: Wed Jan 29 08:43:14 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Howdy

Awesome picture, Janice, but where is the snow(Ha). Snow would really add so much to this pic.

That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia
That's the night that they hung an innocent man
Well, don't trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer
'cause the judge in the town's got bloodstains on his hands

Vicki Lawrence

Message: 26043 Posted: Wed Jan 29 07:16:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Howdy

Click here to see Janice's beautiful sunset photo.

Message: 26042 Posted: Wed Jan 29 06:58:54 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Howdy (Janice)

Howdy Janice! Sounds like you have what 99.9% of us have and that's #4 in the line-up. Of course, there are the "America" LP covers that have the different song titles printed on them underneath the word "AMERICA". Some have nothing while others have at least "A Horse With No Name". Mine that has only "A Horse With No Name" printed on it has the solid green label. One of my others has four song titles printed on it. They're A Horse With No Name, Sandman, Riverside, and I Need You. It has the 'newer' multi-colored label with the numerous palm trees. The two white promo LPs that I have have the white label with no song titles printed on the front cover. <---- Probably more info than you wanted! :0)

Does anyone have any other variations? And then there's the foreign releases of "America" such as from Taiwan, but that's a whole different ball of wax(ed disc).

Danae ~ I enjoyed your America wallpaper. There's one photo of Gerry I've never seen before and that's on the first one with him wearing that jersey shirt.

Message: 26041 Posted: Wed Jan 29 06:20:37 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Howdy

It is a beautiful (and chilly) morning here in the south...enjoyed my coffee out on the porch with CAT. Yep, CAT and I are buds now.
Today Ryan turns 19 and I promised him his very own carrot cake. His DJ business is going so well that he is doing that full time now..weddings, proms, etc..) and going to college. He recently upgraded his equipment for larger venues.
I was saddened by the passing of another BeeGee. I confess to being a "disco fan" in the 70's, (as well as a staunch America fan, of course!) They were so much more than disco, as many remember, prior to the disco stuff. Sad.
Johnny, I only have the early brown America LP. So which one is that in your line-up? Do I not have the "original"? The jacket needs some taping (and some I will keep it always. It is a toss up with me what album I like better, the America or Homecoming. So many memories connected with both.
Love the pictures, Gerry. I didn't see a Delta logo on that airplane picture though. Delta has laid off 4,000 more folks which read about from my safe little cocoon here at home. Even with over 21 years I would still fear for my job if I returned to work. So I won't. :-)
As I have mentioned before, this past year or so has been a blessing.
Life is so simple now and it is so awesome to feel that I have everything I need..I want for nothing. My wish for all of you is that you find the peace and serenity that I found.
Being a sunrise/sunset buff, I took a picture from my front porch that I would like to share. (Help, Have a wonderful day, everyone.


Message: 26040 Posted: Tue Jan 28 20:27:21 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dan's Departure

To my dismay, I saw the same happen in my area of the South after "Harbor". I think a possible reason for America's loss in popularity with mainstream radio listeners and record buyers at the time was the abrupt change in music tastes that predominated the late 70's and early 80's. This change came at a time when America put out their weakest WB album and their breakup took place, therefore they were at their most vulnerable...Add to this, that Disco Fever took over the airwaves with a vengeance in 1977 with acts like The Bee Gees and Donna Summers. Except for some supergroups like the Eagles and Dan Fogelberg- the soft rock, and acoustical singer songwriter movement was all but dead at this time. I saw many of my favorite artists diminish in popularity at this time,i.e., Carole King, James Taylor and Carly Simon. "Silent Letter" came out during this time and although a welcome return for our favorite group, it mainly got airplay on the "Adult Contemporary" format. It also didn't help that a stable of "New Wave" artists was emerging, such as likes of Blondie, The Police, and The Cars, all which had a sound very different from America's. Nevertheless, these changes music did not deterr me from appreciating Gerry and Dewey's efforts, an appreciation which I've had for 30 years and still counting.

Message: 26039 Posted: Tue Jan 28 18:43:54 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Just Here Indulging on a Nice Chunk of AMERICA Candy!

Homecoming is one of my very favorite America albums too. I listen to it a lot and some of the songs were definitely on my list of favorites for the song tournament. I really would love to hear "Till the Sun Comes Up Again" and "Head and Heart" live amongst so may others. I'm going to have to get a DVD player so that I can listen to it in that format. My sister just bought one for Christmas with surround sound so I think I'll have to order that DVD and other America DVD's and pay sis an extra long visit. She knows what a crazy person I am at times. I know I'd be in America heaven!!! That would be great if they would release the other America albums in that format.~~~ Nancy, I love reading your nice long posts. You are incredible in how you say hi to everyone and get my vote for being very friendly and sweet. I hope to catch up with you and other fans at a show sometime soon!!!~~~Danae, thanks for sharing those neat wallpapers with us.

Message: 26038 Posted: Tue Jan 28 17:48:50 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: LP Question

Duffy ~ I may be in error but this is the way I understand it regarding the disc:

1) "America" was initially released in England without "Horse".

2) "Horse" was later added due to moderate sales.

3) In the US, "America," as a promotional LP (not for sale), was mistakenly pressed without "Horse". The label on the disc is white.

4) When it was realized, "Horse" was added to the final pressing as it was initially intended. The earlier LPs had a green label.

Message: 26037 Posted: Tue Jan 28 16:35:09 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: LP Question

I have a question for the vinyl collectors among you. How many different versions of the LP “America” are there? Thanks!

Message: 26036 Posted: Tue Jan 28 09:43:06 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Just Here Indulging on a Nice Chunk of AMERICA Candy!

Nancy, Your description of the Homecoming DVD literally gave me chills. You are so right, it is amazingly awesome. I second the motion of releasing the whole America catalog on DVD. Go for it Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, and Dewey.

Message: 26035 Posted: Tue Jan 28 09:13:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Just Here Indulging on a Nice Chunk of AMERICA Candy!

Hi there Everybody ~~~~ WOW ~~ I am totally wrapped up in the great sound that is surrounding me right this moment for sure..... Hmmm Head is Heart is here playing in my Sony DVD Player.... Yes the Mailman has delivered my Homecoming DVD and I am kinda in a 2way time zone ~~~ WOW ~~ the sound on these treasured Gems is Sooo hard to describe.... I can hear every little guitar strum and chord being played just as tho Gerry, Dewey & Dan are right here in my room playing this.... and ooh how this takes me back to when I got this album and the Oooooh sooo many times I listened to it Over and Over again... this definitely is one of my Most Favorite albums of theirs.... Head and Heart brought Happy tears to my eyes instantly.... Moon Song made me feel as tho I was carried away to this magical scene in every sense..... I sang my heart out with Gerry on To Each His Own.... that song is sooooo AWESOME.... Cornwall Blank.... Wooooooo !!! I can handle listening to it a 100 times or more.... and then Don't Cross the river and Saturn Nights & Riverside.... Oooooh that to die for trio harmonizing on it..... YES YES YES this sure can melt me sooooo many times.... From Ventura Hwy to Only in Your Heart to Till the Sun Comes up Again and last but definitely not Least..... I can still get soo captivated in these Awesome songs, like oooh soo long ago, each of their words are etched way down deeeeeeep in my inner most memory banks.... I am soo glad that I got this great DVD ~~ If any of you are questioning getting it... I say you gotta get it now.... You just gotta hear this great album in this DVD digital surround sound... You will be carried away to AMERICA Heaven for sure!!!! I know I am feeling ooooooh soo nice right this very minute.... I have listened to this about 8 times now since last night... Yes I was up into the weeeeee hours listening to this... I just am Hooked all over again! ~~~ Wow just think how good ooh soo many of the other albums would sound released on DVD also.... Hey Gerry & Dewey.... I could handle hea ring alot more of my favorite albums on DVD~~ Hmmm what do ya think.... ???? :)

Thanks Gerry for that nice take me away View from the Plane pic.... hmmm I have never been on a plane before and I have always wondered just how the clouds looked from this angle... your pic has given me a glimpse of this rainbow hued layered clouds angle.... I like it.... keep the great pics a coming our way, I enjoy them oooooh soo much for sure! I must say this pic has brought the lyrics from Till the Sun Comes up Again to my mind.... ~~~~ gotta take the good with the bad, sometimes I wish I never had my say, always goes that way... or is it just the way I feel today, voices across the way... will she come to me, to keep me company, won't know Till The Sun Comes Up Again, won't know till the sun comes up again ~~ won't know till the sun comes up again.... I just love this song! Thanks :)

Hi Danae ~~ Thanks for the neat Wallpaper Pics.... I liked the first one for sure.... and the second one and those ooh soo neat pics from Hearts! Nice :)

Hey there Mo ~~ Seven Springs Ski resort is really haveing a great skiing season this year... Hmmm just last year at this time, I got my tickets to go and see AMERICA for the Feb 7th show..... I was already walking on cloud 9 just thinking about getting to see them.... this year Three Dog Night is playing there at the winterfest on Feb 6th... I wanted to go but the Hubby didn't sooo Noooo he didn't want to go sooooo I spent that money on my Homecoming DVD.... I must say I am not sorry of this option.... I only wished we would have had some of this snow last year.... because I had wanted to go on the Horsedrawn sleighride through the woods. ~~~~ Ooooh Head and Heart is on here again.... Wow does it sound sooo nice... the guitar chords are sooo crisp and real.... I have always loved the simple sincerity of this song.... I can't wait till my niece comes tomorrow and she hears this play like this.... Nice :) I am soo glad to see that this great song is hanging in there in the voting. Hmmm ~~~ Kevin S & DanC ~~~ I really never picked up any extra overlapping lyric lines when listening to this on my Sony DVD... I do love just how every little detailed music note I hear is soooo clear, while listening to this... It gives me those tingling chills all through me...... :) WOW!!!!! I love the pic of the guys here on this song too... as well as the one on Cornwall Blank.... I think that all 3 of them look mighty fine! :)

Hi Hooo Red ~~~ Yes I must Admit I have been getting too carried away with my Loooooooonng Posts..... Hmmm what can I say, I have soo much to say..... that is just me I guess! Anyway thanks everyone for reading my "verbose" Posts ~~ I do appreciate it tho! :) I try to make them as Scintillating as Possible.... ;) :) ~~ thanks for hoping my crazy hand warms up.... I sure am ready for it to Thaw out someday now.... LOL :) see ya later alligator!

Hi Speech ~~ Thanks soo much for your Inquiring mind and for posting that ooooh soo interesting question, sooo Neat that you got a direct response from Gerry ~~ WOW ~~ I love the idea that there are some nice songs awaiting to be taken from that deep shelf Gerry, I sure hope it is real soon! Wow just to think a follow up song every bit as good as Kiss of Life I bet! Thanks Gerry! :)

Hi there Johnny ~~ Hmmm regarding Neil Finn, I will have to check with Jimmmm again on this... I may have misunderstood him when he first told me to check out AMERICA's version of this great song Weather With You..... I listened and listened to both of them.... and they sure do sound sooo close... quite the masterpiece for sure!

Well I gotta get for now, have a good day all! Nancy :) ~~~~~

Playing here now is the Central Live Concert DVD that I got from John Corbett and by the sounds of it already I am about ready to take off for AMERICA Heaven again.... and I am loving every minute of it! Thanks John for offering this to do this for us! I'll let you know my thoughts on this in an email! :) ~~ Oooooooh here comes those chills again.... Gerry is singing I Need You ~~~~ I need you like the flower needs the rain, you know I need you, guess I'll start it all again, I need you like the winter needs the spring, you know I need you.... sing it Gerry :)

Message: 26034 Posted: Tue Jan 28 08:35:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore

Red Oak, you brighten my otherwise overcast, snow-covered day. Thx.

Message: 26033 Posted: Tue Jan 28 07:07:05 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore

Mo - so nice to see someone is having a winter. Was 70 here yesterday, but still no rain or snow. Looks like we won't be able to water lawns this summer. Years of landscaping and nurturing will go down the drain. Also, get a boat before the spring thaw, I think u maybe will need one. Hope u live on high ground, if not do u have flood insurance?

Nancy - had to get a speed reading class to decipher ur last message. I never knew one person could have so much to say. Is that something that u are trained to do in Pa? I knew there was a lot of hot air back east but didn't know Pa had a monopoly on it. Once again tho, you have shown that u r not prejudiced on ur posts, u include everyone and that's good. Keep up the good work:):):):):)
Hope ur hand warms up!!!!!!!!!

See where the new year has brought on the same old playlist from last year. Not good, hope this song thingy dingy changes something. The Rolling Stones roll in to Denver on Saturday night. Suppose Mick will be eyeballing the crowd for future child support prospects before partaking after the show of a young nymph from the mile high city. I guess he could become a member of the mile high club this weekend.

As the Pointer Sisters would say:

I want a man with a slow hand
I want a lover with an easy touch
I want somebody who will spend some time
Not come and go in a heated rush
I want somebody who will understand
When it comes to love, I want a slow hand

Message: 26032 Posted: Tue Jan 28 07:00:58 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Century Mark

Century mark...

It's one hundred degrees
But the heat is free
In this hot town
This hot town tonight

Message: 26031 Posted: Tue Jan 28 05:35:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Century Mark

It's a scorcher here today, 13 degrees. We're finally out of the single digits. Snowfall for the season has climbed into the triple digits, 100.4 inches as of Monday at 9 p.m. We can only see the very top of the mailbox. Fortunately, this town DOES look good in snow.

Message: 26030 Posted: Mon Jan 27 19:23:59 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - The Flight Home

Just had to say..I really enjoy Gerry's photos from his tours ! I am always happy to see when I open my mail & their is a new one! What a great ideal that was gerry! THANK YOU~ JOYCE..Milwaukee, WI

Message: 26029 Posted: Mon Jan 27 16:29:28 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: mB's upcoming cd

I agree that "the airplanes" is wonderful! From the small morsels Matt has put up on his website, I can't wait for the cd! Keep us up to date on the datails, please Matt.

Message: 26028 Posted: Mon Jan 27 11:40:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Danae's Wallpapers

Danae has created a couple of America wallpapers which I have placed on the Chat Folder. They will remain there for a few days for anyone who wants to look at them and/or download them. Just click on the following links:

Wallpaper #1
Wallpaper #2

Message: 26027 Posted: Mon Jan 27 10:19:46 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Gerry and John Boylan ... what ever happened?

Thanks for the prompt answer. Now I know there is some material on Gerry's "very deep shelf" that we can hope to see unearthed some day. It occurrs to me that, in all likelihood, the pairing of Gerry and John Boylan in 1984 or thereabouts would have yielded a different record, stylistically and perhaps sonically, than Gerry's (excellent)Van Go Gan release.

Message: 26026 Posted: Mon Jan 27 09:27:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Gerry and John Boylan ... what ever happened?

Speech, here is Gerry's reply:

"The label, Cypress, went under before the record could be finished. None of the record (working title 'Sudden Rain') was used on VGG. 'Mirror To Mirror' was later re-recorded on an America CD. 'Sudden Rain' was reworked and re-recorded to become 'World Of Light' on the Complete Greatest Hits CD. The remaining work is on my very deep shelf of un-released stuff. John B and I remain the best of friends."

Message: 26025 Posted: Mon Jan 27 09:02:00 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Gerry and John Boylan ... what ever happened?

Some years ago -- before the Rhino "Encore" collection that contained "The Farm" came out -- I taped an interview that Gerry Beckley did with a Philly-area DJ. In that interview, Gerry said he and Dewey were about to go into the studio to cut new material for a forthcoming Rhino compilation (we now know what those tunes were). However, Gerry also said he was "about halfway through a solo album" and that he was preparing to go into the studio and record the vocals. He said he was working on the project with producer John Boylan, whom he described as a "a dear friend" and "someone I've always wanted to work with." This had to be about 193-84. Does anyone know what ever became of that project? Were those tracks the nucleus of what eventually became Gerry's "Van Go Gan" effort? If so, does anyone here know why the project didn't come out sooner, and what became of John Boylan in the whole mix? Just curious.

Message: 26024 Posted: Mon Jan 27 07:39:47 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Dan's Departure

In my area, the Harbor LP had gone the bargain-bin route very quickly. I picked it up for 47 cents, and was fairly disappointed in the record on first. So, when I saw the "Live" LP turn up at Strawbridge's department store (they still sold records then), I thought "contractual obligation" and "played out scene" and quite literally didn't go near it. That is, I wasn't interested in owning the "Live" record, and I didn't physically examine it closely enough to notice that Dan wasn't on the cover. From available evidence, I figured the next step would be a new label. Then "Silent Letter" showed up on the new label, as expected, and there were Dewey and Gerry big as life, but no Dan. I recall thinking that was no surprise, since Dan's songs on "Harbor" sounded like they were written by one very unhappy, uninspired guy. Later, word trickled out that Dan had left to become a born-again Christian. To this day, the way that both radio airplay and available information about America just dried up in the late 70s (at least in my little corner of the Northeast) just amazes me.

Message: 26023 Posted: Sun Jan 26 19:21:20 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - The Flight Home

I wonder about where that shot was taken?

Message: 26022 Posted: Sun Jan 26 18:51:18 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - The Flight Home

Steve, Gerry's pictures are my favorite thing on this folder. Thanks for posting them....and Thanks Gerry for sharing!!

Message: 26021 Posted: Sun Jan 26 18:49:34 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Gerry's Picture - The Flight Home

Oh Gerry, so neat to take us up with you in the big blue sky. I really enjoy your pictures.

Message: 26020 Posted: Sun Jan 26 18:00:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - The Flight Home

Here's a bonus shot from Gerry. Click here to see the view from his jet window.

Message: 26019 Posted: Sun Jan 26 17:21:19 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "Missing" America songs

On the opening page to the website,go to your left and click on "Archives". From there,scroll down to "Miscellaneous Information."
You'll then see a heading for "Outside projects by Gerry/Dewey/Dan."
It hasn't been updated in awhile,but this will help you in your future projects,or compiling additional CD's.

Message: 26018 Posted: Sun Jan 26 17:18:24 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: view from hotel window

Reminds me more of the Grand Cayman CD cover minus the island.

Nancy ~ I was a bit confused about your statement regarding Gerry and Dewey singing with Neil Finn on America's cover of "Weather With You". Finn doesn't sing with G&D on the song, does he? Or, did I misunderstand? I think America's version sounds almost identical to Crowded House's, but it's been a long time since I listened to our guys' take.

Alan ~ I can't help but hear Crowded House on America's cover of "WWY" instead of CSN, but as I mentioned, it's been quite awhile since I've heard America's cover. Over two years to be exact. The last time I listened to the song, I thought it was more of a Gerry solo song rather than an America song.

Message: 26017 Posted: Sun Jan 26 16:44:48 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Weather With You ~~VFTHW Pic ~~Fla con. ~~2nd round voting ...

Hi there Everyone ~~ OOOOOOOoohhhhh what a Nice pic Gerry ( I sure do love that nice Hint of Blue showing through the cottonball clouds )~~ like Gen I just love pics where the sky and water seem to come together.... I am listening to you Dewey & Neil Finn singing Weather With You.... ~~~ What a nice version you guys did of this great song.... I can't get enough of it for sure.... Thanks again Steve for putting it here for us to download..... Thanks Gerry for a nice instant getaway from this oooh sooo cold and snowy weather here in PA!~~ We had one day with temps in the 20's now it is back to the single digits and below wind chill factors again..... It has been snowing lightly all day ~~ it calls for 4 inches of snow tonight..... :)

Hi there Mel ~~~ Thanks soo much for posting about the show.... I tried to email you to both of your addresses you gave me, but both of them came back undeliverable..... I bet you were smiling yesterday getting to see them again ~ did you get any pics? ... April 1st cannot come quick enough for me for sure! :)

Welcome Rich ~~ Thanks for posting the playlist for the Fla. show and for letting us know the name of the mysterious bass player, I look forward to seeing the pics you got. Hmmmm ~~ I am wondering did they sing the song The Border??? It was always in the playlist along with the rest of these..... Too bad WindWave wasn't among the songs that VFTHW pic sure set the setting for that great song.

Hey there Alan ~~ Hmmm yes you can kinda hear CSN's sound in Weather With You.... but if you were to take a listen to some more of Neil Finn's (From the group Crowded House) songs you would be able to hear this nice sound also.... I also have Crowded House's version of Weather With You in fact I am listening to it this very minute.... ooooh what a great song.... WOW Neil sure has a nice voice and I love his lyrics in his songs as well as the nice accoustic music.... Thanks Jimmmmmmmmmmm(bob) for telling me about all of Neil's great songs... I think it was sooo neat that Gerry & Dewey did this song with Neil.... I love both of the versions and can listen to them over and over again and again for sure... ~~ Everywhere you go always take the weather with you, always take the weather with you ~~~~ things ain't cooking in my kitchen, a strange affliction washed over me, Julius Ceasar and the Roman Empire couldn't conquer the BLUE SKIES ~~~ Sing it Neil (Crowded House & Gerry & Dewey ~~ thanks for this great song.... :) It definitely carries me away to some special far away place for sure! ;) ~~~ Alan you should check out some of Neil Finns albums ~~ His "One Nil" has some really nice accoustic songs on it... ~~ Ooooh thank you for mentioning Dan Fogelberg's xmas album awhile back.... I have found most of the songs from this and I especially like the song "Snowfall" oooooooh what a beautiful masterpiece this is... soo relaxing... I have it playing right now... I can be carried away with this song tooooooo.... Dan F has that way with me tooo Nice :) Regarding you wanting to know if there are any more songs you may have missed, I right away wanted to tell you about the 2 different lead versions of "Watching the Time" this is on Gerry's Beckley, Lamm & Wilson ~~ Like a Brother album.... there is one version where Brian Wilson does the leads and then the other version Gerry does the leads... I have both of them.... I just love the one with Gerry doing the leads ( his voice is ooh soo nice on it for sure). If you re ad the page where Steve had the story behind Houses in White... you probably noticed there is more than one version of this song as well... I have a couple of them as well..... that song is sooooooo nice, it should have been released... what a hidden gem for sure! I am soo glad they are in my life now tho!

Oooooooh noooo I voted on the 2nd round and Yes Yes Yes it was soo hard choosing between the ones both Gen & Alan mentioned.... I am soo sad to see that Garden of Peace didn't make it to the 2nd round... Oooh how I wanted that great gem to go all the way.... sooo now I must change my thoughts to Young Moon or You Girl or Sergeant Darkness (that was another hard one to vote between) Ouch that Hurt!!!

Too much Johnny (a johnnyron) too much! :) ~~ My inquiring mind is too wondering what is up with Brad.... I just hope all is well for him! I like Eddie Money too.... he has some neat lyrics in his songs as well.....

Hi Gen ~~ Thanks for mentioning the new sound clips on Matt's site... I had checked his site out the other night on my work comp... but I don't have any speakers yet for it... so I couldn't take a listen.... soo thanks for mentioning it and reminding me..... Nice hearing from you! :)

Thanks Cathy.... I do enjoy seeing Matt & lots of others coming to the live chat.... it is neat.... I sure hope you soon will be able to join us there!

Hi Hoooo Mooooooooooooo ~~~ Thanks for mentioning the Doobie Brothers song "Eyes of Silver" ~~ Wow I haven't heard that song for years... I have it playing here now.... Yes Yes Yes I have been busy downloading alot of great songs on Kazaa.... it is soo neat to hear this song again, it has that same Doobies classic sound that is on Listen to the Music for sure.... but my favorite one of their that is kinda a hidden gem is South City Midnight Lady... what a great song that is! Hey it looks like we will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo, NY... when we go in feb with our son, for his interview to the NY Chiro. College.... I wonder if it will be a stormy weekend that weekend.. I really am looking forward to getting to see the Fingers Lake, and Seneca Falls area.... I have always been curious about the state of NY, because of my very first job..... :)

Hi there Jimmmmmmm(bob) ~~ Nice to hear from You.... ~~~ Your fire where I lit my spark, I am not afraid of the dark, for your words devour my heart, and put me to shame, put me to shame, your seven worlds collide, whenever I am at your side, Dusk from a Distant Sun shower over everyone ~~~~~ Feeling your desire burn, whenever you are drawn to the fame... Dusk from a Distant Sun shower over everyone...... sing it Neil Finn :)

Sorry Jerey ~~ I don't know of any Picture discs....

Hi there Mark (windwave) ~~ Wow by the looks of the Superbowl... it sure is a beautiful weather day there in Sunny Calif.... as usual... Take care and yes yes yes ~~~ Goooooo Hat Trick! :) (I am sooo ready to buy those plane tickets!!! )

Take care alllll! Nancy :)

~~~and points all her own setting way up high, way up firm and high, hot pants, and corn fields where the words got heavy, out in the back seat of my 60 Chevy, working on mysteries without any clues,working on our Night Moves, trying to make some front page drive in news.. in the summertime, in the sweet summertime..... Sing it Mr. Bob Seiger :) ;) Wow ~~ remember those good old drive in days! :)

Message: 26016 Posted: Sun Jan 26 14:26:32 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Weather With You

just a quick observation - I hear a VERY strong CSN influence in this song. Partly because the whole song is sung in 3-part harmony - a trademark of CSN and used on many of their songs. But more than that, it sounds (to me) like a song CSN would do and in parts of the song, it even sounds to me like CSN singing it.

Has anyone else made this observation, or am I out to lunch on this? (wouldn't be the first time...)


Message: 26015 Posted: Sun Jan 26 14:13:38 2003 By: Alan
Subject: "Missing" America songs

As stated in an earlier post, I have downloaded the mp3 versions of House In White, Last Two To Dance (all 3 versions) and Weather With You. I am planning to make (for my own purposes) a CD of all previously unreleased America material such as these songs, plus songs from compilations that aren't on any other CD (such as "Simple Life", demos & alternative versions of songs from the box set, the 4 new ones from "Encore: More Greatest Hits" and 2 new ones from "Complete GH". Again, this is strictly for my own listening pleasure.

The reason I am doing this is because I tend to not listen to my compilations much because I prefer to listen to the songs in the context of the original CD (and no - I'm not one to hit "shuffle play" on my CD player. I prefer to think of albums as cohesive works not just a collection of individual songs). I also only buy compilations if they include one or more song (or alt. version of a song) that can't be found on any other album.

Consequently, new songs on these compilations don't get listened to much even though they are good songs. I figure if I can gather together ALL of the songs that fit into these categories onto one CD, I would listen to them a whole lot more.

However, before I endeavor to make my own compilation, I want to make sure I have EVERYTHING. I know there are at least a few songsI am missing. For example I know there are 2 other songs that America sings besides the title track to "The Last Unicorn". I'm really not thrilled w/ the idea of spending $20+ for the German import of TLU or the French import of "Your Move" which also contains these songs as bonus tracks. Does anyone know if there is anywhere else these songs are available?

I also know there are a few Christmas songs that they have done over the years for "various artists" compilations. I would like to burn my own Christmas CD as well w/ everything from HH plus these other songs to listen to around the holidays. (I have the bootleg CD "Heard", which has "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing", so i don't need that one). Does anyone know what others are available and where I might get them?

Also, am I missing anything else not mentioned earlier in this post?

Any info would be appreciated.


p.s. I am not including in this compilation anything that any member of America might have done solo or w/ other artists. I'm saving that for another project.

Message: 26014 Posted: Sun Jan 26 13:39:30 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Round Two - More tough choices!!!

Somebody on the chat folder (can't remember who) said the choices would only get tougher. Boy, were they right!

FAMT vs. Cornwall Blank???
All My Life vs. Rainbow Song???
Wind Wave vs. Ventura Highway???
Another Try vs. Till The Sun Comes Up Again???
Only In Your heart vs. Moon Song???
Amber Cascades vs. Riverside???


Message: 26013 Posted: Sun Jan 26 10:46:15 2003 By: melzer
Subject: concert in florida

The concert was short but sweet... They really sound better as they get older.You really have to give credit to Dewey you know his arm was hurting but he played it off like a trooper.You have to hear the intro to Sandman its great.Thanks for the fill in for Brad. You guys keep us rockin. Thanks for the music just keep it coming back to Florida... You put on a great show!!!! See you next time Mel :)

Message: 26012 Posted: Sun Jan 26 10:15:44 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: You are not a moron.

According to a post on the VH.Com board, the new bass player is Trent Stroh from Eddie Money's band. I got out my "Love And Money" CD and sure enough, there's Stroh's name mentioned in the credits. Maybe we shouldn't ask but I do wonder what happened to Brad and whether Stroh is a temporary or permanent replacement.

I really like the second round match-ups for the song tournament! Should be very interesting.

Question: What's worse than a moron?

Answer: A johnnyron

Message: 26011 Posted: Sun Jan 26 08:21:32 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: mB's upcoming cd

Matt Beckley added some new audio clips from his upcoming opus in the audio section of his site. They are really outstanding IMO. Go have a listen too .
My prefence goes to 'The Airplanes' and 'That was Life' but the other songs are really rocking superbly as well... 'For these Times' will definitely be the next CD I buy.

Message: 26010 Posted: Sun Jan 26 07:10:22 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: View From The Hotel Window & vote

Hi everyone,
just joined in to vote for the second round. One simple regret : it concerns World of Light. This song really deserved to make it, IMHO.

Also, lovely meeting of water & sky on your pic, Gerry! I've always loved those 'collision of the elements' photos! I wonder if you guys are on a cloud nine tour this year? LOL.
Hope we'll all have some reason to be walking on air, too, in 2003.... Well, I still wish I could see a few European city names on your concert list. We gotta hope.
See you all - Gen.

Message: 26009 Posted: Sun Jan 26 06:57:35 2003 By: msmith
Subject: view from hotel window

reminds me of the human nature poster.

Message: 26008 Posted: Sat Jan 25 20:31:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Hallendale Set List

Rich Snyder sent me some photos from the Hallendale concert which I'll get posted as soon as I can. He also sent me the set list which I have included below. Thanks Rich!
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don’t Cross The River
Daisy Jane
Three Roses
I Need You
I Need You (Beatles)
Wheels Are Turning
Another Try
Tin Man
Baby It’s Up To You
Only In Your Heart
California Dreaming
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name (Encore)

Message: 26007 Posted: Sat Jan 25 20:26:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Hollywood

Gerry is in Hollywood, FL today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26006 Posted: Sat Jan 25 09:34:11 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Where is America's Grammy trophy?

I believe each member of AMERICA (partners at the time, GERRY, DEWEY & Danny) received an award. Mailed to their Houses in White, unassembled. Yes, assembly required. Where was AMERICA ?
of course on the road, playing live. The show must go on.

Message: 26005 Posted: Sat Jan 25 09:24:27 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Where is America's Grammy trophy? (Revisited)

Speculation ON my part.

And from a previous post, "owed" not "owned". I must "Slow Down".

Message: 26004 Posted: Sat Jan 25 09:20:03 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Where is America's Grammy trophy?

Sergio ~ I have America's Grammy trophy! I bought it off of eBay several years ago. I wish!!! :0)

I would suspect that Dan, Dewey, and Gerry each received a Grammy trophy but this is just speculation of my part. Anything different would seem weird to me.

Message: 26003 Posted: Sat Jan 25 08:36:59 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Where is America's Grammy trophy?

I was remembering how happy I was for our favorite band when they won the 1972 Best New Artist Grammy Award, and I was wondering if any one of you fans out there knew who ended up with the actual trophy? Or did they each get a trophy to take home? If anyone can shed some light on this please post your comments. Thanks,

Message: 26002 Posted: Fri Jan 24 22:38:15 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Dan Bias

Its good to hear some more opinions again from people regarding Dan. His bio, or more correctly, The America Story, sure made for sensational reading, and in turn sparked debate on this page that Ive not seen since. But as almost all of us know, its impossible to ignore his contribution to AMERICA. His own songs aside, he is stamped on track one of the first album immediately the harmony comes in. And it continues throughout his time with the band. As I guess we all know, the high harmony is much easier to distinguish than the lower register, so generally in a Dewey or Gerry lead vocal, Dan's harmony will be more prominent than anything other than the lead vocal.That is why to my ears, nothing the duo has done live, from Dan's era, is as good. Be it Dans's songs, or there own. On the other hand, both Dewey and Gerry had songs that went to number one, whereas Dan didnt get that far. But, you know, when I was a young guy, as much as I might have wanted to, I never did have a favourite out of the trio; they were AMERICA, and the best, no question. I still love the duo, and still love Dan's work. And yeah, moron may be too strong a word, but not by much.

Message: 26001 Posted: Fri Jan 24 21:18:40 2003 By: Jerey
Subject: Picture disk anyone?

I was recently looking at picture disks for other bands, and I was wondering if America had any picture disks or other special products. I know about the blue vinyl package of "Your Move." Does anyone else know of other items such as these? Any info will be helpful.

Message: 26000 Posted: Fri Jan 24 19:17:32 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: mB

Well however you're going to release it Matt HURRY UP! ( lol)

Message: 25999 Posted: Fri Jan 24 18:47:07 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Sorry Matt ! Me & My OOOOOOooooopsssss!

Me Again under my computer chair!

Hi Matt ~~~ Sorry about my big misconception, thanks for correcting me, I remember the Human Nature label being mentioned that evening but it must have been when you were asked you about it being released. I will try & be more careful about these things.... I do think it is neat that you come and talk with us and keep us posted on how things are coming along for you. Take care! :)

Thanks sooo much SteveL for posting the Mp3s for us to download.... I just love all of them... especially Weather With You ~~~ now I can have that on my playlist to hear all the time.... Hmmmm Alan when I was downloading the instrumental version of Last Two to Dance... I had winamp opened up and when it was done downloading it went to my winamp instead of the Real Player like it usually does.... soo you may be able to get it to go to your windows media player that way, or winamp if you have it....

Hi there Kim ~~ nice hearing from you.... I know what you mean about how hard it was to pick between Garden of Peace & Till the Sun Comes Up Again, they were both on my favorites list.... same way with Paradise & Hat Trick, it is kinda sad to see World of Light & Hope not doing soo well.... Thanks for your Stay Warm wishes! :)

Hi Lisa Rose ~~ nice hearing from You too.... I know that from time to time I get emails with the names of us that post on here and the other message board... with some really strange subject lines.... I take one look at the size of the email and if it is large I delete it right away... I agree with Steve L, there sure are some sick people out there.... I wonder what it is they get out of sending these viruses like this.... I just wanted to say, I don't ever think it is from any of you personally and I hope you all feel the same way too.

Oooooh DanC ~~ I just wanted to tell you I ordered my Homecoming DVD yesterday.... soooo Mr Mailman will be coming my way with it really soon ~~ I just know I will love hearing it on DVD player with the surround digital sound.... Oooh also I have managed to find the rest of the Bread songs that you told me about.... Thanks ooooh sooo much they are really nice I like them all..... I hope you come to live chat again sometime soon.... I hope you have been dressing warmly to deliver all of that mail.... you better be Smilin too ~~~ :)

Good Night all, have a good weekend! Nancy :)

~~~ Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance, with the stars up above in your eyes, a fantabulos night to make romance, neath the cover of October skies ~~~~ You know the nights magic seems to whisper and hush, you know the soffffft mooonlight seeems to shine in your blush ~~~ Can I just have one more moondance with you my love, can I just make some more romance with you my love..... sing it Van Morrison ~~ this is one great song.... ;) :)

Message: 25998 Posted: Fri Jan 24 18:19:59 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Live Chat, Song Tournament and Dan

Nancy, thank you for telling us a little bit about live chat. I haven't had a chance to try to solve my connection problems for this. ~~~Matt, it's nice to hear that you joined in on the chat and that you are working with your dad on your music. I have checked out your website and I think it's really great. I tried to download the music you have on there, but for some reason I can't find it on my computer. I'm really anxious to hear your new CD when it's finished.~~~Regarding the song tournament, there certainly are many tough choices to make. So many great songs!!! It was hard to choose a list of ten to send, although when doing it I did try to select ones I would especially love to hear live. Among the pairs of songs the most difficult for me to vote on were: Sarah vs. Head & Heart (both on my list), Sandman vs. Another Try, Garden of Peace vs. Till the Sun Comes Up Again (both on my list), Wednesday Morning vs. World of Light (both were very strongly considered for the list), and Survival vs. Molten Love (two more very favorites).~~~Regarding Dan, I really do miss him. His contribution to the band gave us some beautiful music. We are so fortunate that Gerry and Dewey have carried on and they are still TERRIFIC!!! Thanks guys for being together and giving us such incredible music for all these years. It would be nice to hear Dan perform live with them again (I especially would love to hear Hat Trick with Dan). However, if Gerry and Dewey would like to keep things the way they are I can certainly respect that. We really don't know what the working relationship was like between the three of them, only they do. Who knows, maybe if they had gone on longer as a trio, maybe Gerry and Dewey wouldn't be together now as a duo. We don't really know what would have happened. I dream about hearing them together live, but if it doesn't happen I wish Dan would consider doing some concerts. It would be neat to hear him live.

Message: 25997 Posted: Fri Jan 24 18:13:45 2003 By: Alan
Subject: America/Jeff Larson

I downloaded the MP3's at work (since I have T1 there and dial-up at home) and brought them home on a zip disk. I just listened to all of them and all I can say is WOW! How did these songs not make it onto a CD? They are incredible! Thanks again, Steve for putting them out there in a format that I can listen to them in. You're awesome!

JL's Watercolor Sky came in the mail today and I'm listening to it as I am writing this message. Right now Gerry's "Annabelle" is playing. Great song! If the rest of the CD is as good as the first two songs, I'm going to like it at least as well as "Fragile Sunrise". Thanks again to Steve and all of you on the Chat Folder for making me aware of his existence and for all of the positive reviews of his works that led me to eventually purchase his CDs.


Message: 25996 Posted: Fri Jan 24 18:11:28 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: MP3's

Thanks Steve for sharing!!! For those interested I found a Russian site that offers MP3's from the Albums Homecoming and Hat Trick. They are free to preview and free to download if you choose to register with their site

Message: 25995 Posted: Fri Jan 24 18:05:50 2003 By: LisaRose
Subject: Re: Beware of a virus

Thanks for explaining Steve...yeah can't believe there are intelligent creaps out there that don't know what to do with their free time!!

Message: 25994 Posted: Fri Jan 24 17:13:03 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: You are not a moron.

Don't worry about Kevin, you certaining didn't insult me. We all are entitled to our own opinions and are because we share one common interest we are all dedicated fans of the group America. So smile be happy!

Message: 25993 Posted: Fri Jan 24 16:05:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Beware of a virus

I've posted this several times before, but I'll do it again in case others have missed it. I NEVER send anything from nor from Those are incoming mailboxes only. If you receive anything from either one of those addresses you can rest assured that it did NOT come from me. There is a virus going around that grabs e-mail addresses from web pages and then sends them to other people as if they came from that address. My AmericaSL addresses are all over the Chat Folder and the America Fans web site. So, it's very easy for those viruses to grab my address and then send messages to other people as if they came from me. But, as I stated above, my AmericaSL addresses are INCOMING only. They are not OUTGOING. If you ever receive a message that is supposedly from me and is from or, you can rest assured that I DID NOT SEND IT and you can delete it.

It's really sad that there are sick people in this world who have to create and pass along these viruses. Please rest assured that my computers and my servers are completely protected by virus scanners and firewalls. As a software engineer who works creating computer software, I know how important it is to be virus free and I'm very good at doing it.

Having said all that, thanks for the warning LisaRose! You can never be too careful when it comes to viruses and e-mail.

Happy weekend to everyone!


Message: 25992 Posted: Fri Jan 24 15:08:18 2003 By: mBluLight
Subject: clarity...

just to clear up a misconception i read... there is no plan right now to release my record on human nature.

cheers to all


Message: 25991 Posted: Fri Jan 24 15:07:34 2003 By: mBluLight
Subject: clarity...

just to clear up a misconception i read... there is no plan right now to release my record on human nature.

cheers to all


Message: 25990 Posted: Fri Jan 24 14:20:37 2003 By: LisaRose
Subject: Beware of f a virus

Steve...think it might have come from you ..the email address message was something to the fact of a new demo and I was the first to try it. I scanned it on a floppy first and sure enough it was the be carefull out there...also hello to all!!

Message: 25989 Posted: Fri Jan 24 09:35:19 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Thanks Nancy & Steve!

Thanks again, Nancy. I read Jeff's comments on his songs while home for lunch. Very enlightening. I just added Jeff's site to my Favorites. I have ordered "Watercolor Sky" and it should be arriving any day now. Really looking forward to hearing it.

Steve - thanks for putting the songs out there in MP3. I will download them all tonight.

Well, back to work (ugh!)


p.s. Shame those songs weren't included on their box set. I would have gladly had them axe some of the others in lieu of them (a 4 CD set would have been an even better idea).

Message: 25988 Posted: Fri Jan 24 08:44:28 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: MP3's

A common question that I get from people who first visit the America Fans web site is, "Where can I download MP3's of America's songs?" I have to respond to them that I don't keep MP3's on the web site. The reason for that is two-fold. First of all, MP3's take up a lot of space and I have a limited amount of space on the server. Second, I don't want to violate copyright laws. To get around that I convert the few soundclips that I do have on the web site into RealAudio format. RealAudio files are much smaller and they can't be saved to your hard drive nor burned onto CD's. That keeps me out of trouble with the copyright police.

Every once in a while I post an MP3 on the Chat Folder for fans to download. I leave them on temporarily and hope that I don't get in too much trouble. In light of recent discussions of certain songs, I'm going to do that again. Click on the following links to download/play the following MP3's. Enjoy!

Houses In White
Last Two To Dance (Studio Version)
Last Two To Dance (Instrumental Version)
Last Two To Dance (Live Version From San Remo Festival)
Weather With You

Here are a few links to the lyrics and other information about the above songs:

Last Two To Dance
Weather With You
Houses In White

Message: 25987 Posted: Fri Jan 24 08:40:20 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: You are not a moron.

Sorry for calling anyone a moron. I was making a point and driving it home with a sledgehammer. It wasn't my intent to insult anyone.

(And I don't think Moser was ever stating a bias against Dan, I think she was saying why there could be one.)

Anyway, I've said it before: America as a duo is better than most bands. America as a trio was the best band that ever was.

Thank God Dewey wasn't seriously hurt in his ATV accident, or we might be talking about America as a solo act. And that would be truly sad indeed.


Message: 25986 Posted: Fri Jan 24 06:58:50 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan Bias (Vic)

<<"Wading" through Dan's bio would give one at least some perspective on how that [Dan's departure] came about.>>

I totally agree, Vic. On the other hand, it could intensify the "dislike" for Dan because of what Dan wrote about Gerry...whether or not it was true at the time. After all, there's two sides to every story and some. Perhaps what Dan wrote in his episodes IS the reason why some America fans have not embraced him but have done the opposite.

Message: 25985 Posted: Fri Jan 24 06:36:02 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Who is Sister Golden Hair? (for Danae)

Good observation, Danae. Perhaps Sally Beckley is Gerry's Michael's wife? Just a guess on my part.

Message: 25984 Posted: Fri Jan 24 06:11:10 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooooooops I know why Alan!

Hi Everyone ~~

Alan I know what I missed in the url address for Jeff there is a dash between new-surf sooo it should be ~~~ there try that it should take you there now... You are quite welcome! Also regarding the Real Player nuisance.... Yes I know what you mean by it wanting to take over your desktop! I moved the song Last Two to Dance into my Winamp Jukebox from my C Dr. I don't use Real Player to keep anything in unless I absolutely have too. I downloaded Houses In White too. I have Windows Media Player, but I don't keep anything in it. I hope this helps you out some! Nancy :)

Message: 25983 Posted: Fri Jan 24 06:00:18 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Song Tournament etc

Alan - Naive me, I thought the hardest part of the contest would be coming up with my top 10 (ok 12)songs. Then I looked at the list and discovered several of my favorites paired against each other. I agonized for most of the week and finally decided to vote for the ones that had made my top 12 list. The tough ones for me were...
Monster v. 1960
Hat Trick v. Paradise
Garden of Peace v. Till the Sun Comes Up Again

Dan's Leaving - I too first discovered Dan had left America when I bought the Live album as soon as it came in at the PX. I remember being very disappointed to learn he was gone. At the time I vaugely remember hearing/reading that the reason Dan had left was that he had become a born again Christian. Dan's bio shed a whole new light on that.

Texas weather - I feel for all you folks up north, as we are now getting a small taste (without the snow & ice - thank heavens!) of cold. It was 76 Monday (yes I did type seventy-six), then in the low 30's Wednesday and we are in the teens today. A typical week of psycho Texas weather. Ya'll stay warm up there!

Message: 25982 Posted: Fri Jan 24 05:49:31 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Who is Sister Golden Hair? (for Johnny)

Yes, I've noticed the names on "Goodbye". But in Perspective- I have the ORIGINALS edition-, on the "thanks" part, Gerry says the name SALLY BECKLEY! I think his wife's name is Kathy Gallagher, so Sally might be a relative.

Message: 25981 Posted: Fri Jan 24 05:32:39 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Thanks for the info

Thanks Nancy & Jimnak for the info on JL & America's songs. Nancy, I tried that URL for JL and I got the classic "This page cannot be displayed" message. I copied it from your message and pasted it to my browser address field, so I couldn't have misstyped it.

I had Real Player once but got fed up w/ it because it kept trying to control my Desktop. It wanted to automatically load in my
System Tray and be my default program for all audio files. Getting rid of it seemed to be the only way to stop this behavior. Does anyone know if these songs are available anywhere in MP3 format that my Windows Media Player can handle? Or if any of the other media players such as Winamp can play Real Audio formats?


Message: 25980 Posted: Fri Jan 24 05:24:37 2003 By: JoanK
Subject: Dan's Departure

I actually found out about Dan's departure from America in June 1978 at a concert in Boston. I had already seen them twice with Dan. At this concert, my sister and I were in our seats waiting for the show to start, and I noticed that someone in front of us was looking at a souvenir program that only had pictures of Gerry and Dewey. Then, when the show started, sure enough, there was no Dan. It was a disappointment, being a Dan fan, but that's the way it goes. While a reunion would be great, you reach a point where you have to resign yourself to the fact that some things just will not happen. Although I do hold out hope of someday seeing him perform as a solo artist.
Joan K

Message: 25979 Posted: Fri Jan 24 04:38:36 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dan Bias


I did not find out about Dan's departure until 1979 when I bought "Silent Letter." I had never seen the 1977 "Live" album here locally, so it was not until the large black and white picture (cover) of Dewey and Gerry on "Silent Letter" that I realized Dan was gone. From someone who has followed their career since the very beginning in 1972, I too was disappointed but not angry at Dan. I was glad to see that Dewey and Gerry were continuing to make beautiful music and still are.

Message: 25978 Posted: Thu Jan 23 22:22:33 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mysterious bass player

not David Dickey

Message: 25977 Posted: Thu Jan 23 21:21:44 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Warm Fuzzies

Hi Speech...I personally think you hit the nail on the 'ole head. I am quite positive you and I are the same age, because I was there with you in the late '60's early '70's. And you are right, we perceive these talented people as "mythic" because we "fans" know what it is like to listen in total awe to their creations in our headphones, but most of us have no idea what it is like to be the creators. It is hard to fathom them as regular guys, because their talent is anything but regular. And not only that, but their talent effects the very lives we live. Awesome. (I just had to comment, thanks for your post.)

Message: 25976 Posted: Thu Jan 23 20:47:51 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Dan Bias

The suggestion that Dan "bailed" because he didn't want to, stick it out through the down times, in my opinion, is not accurate. It's much more complicated than that. "Wading" through Dan's bio would give one at least some perspective on how that came about. Dewey and Gerry may one day, add their perspective on those events, then again, maybe not. I believe Dan's "ousting", from the group, saved AMERICA and saved Dan's life.

25 years is a long time to hold a grudge.

Message: 25975 Posted: Thu Jan 23 20:31:37 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson's Watershed Girl ~~ Dan & A Little Bit More!

Hi Everyone ~~ Thirteen Days of Below Zero wind chill temps and More to come! I gotta get myself some Hand WARMERS ~~~ My right hand still is as cold as ice and the left one is as warm as rice LOL :) When I went to the bank drive thru today, the Lady in there was wearing 1 black glove on her right hand ~~ I said to her AHA ~~ I know exactly how you feel, she too is suffering from the right hand freeze ~~~ Hmmm could this be the start of Carpaltunnel????

Hi there Alan ~~ Regarding your question about what the Heck is a Watershed Girl ~~ Here is what Jeff wrote in his notes on his site about this song <<<< watershed girl
A song about observing friends in love relationships and how they can be led by the hand and turned inside out! I was trying to be less than obvious in using a word like "watershed". The dictionary reference explains it as "a crucial dividing point, line, or factor : TURNING POINT. "Oh no don't tell me she's a watershed girl"... It's not really about one situation, but rather a few in a short period that I was observing >>>>>>> I thought his perspective on this was kinda neat. If You wanna check out the rest of his notes on the other songs here is the page site ~~~~ I just love his way with Lyrics all of these songs are soo refreshing, and I just wanted to mention something that Steve O said about Jeff in the live chat last night, now this isn't word for word but this is the just of what he said ~~~ that Jeff's songs carry on with AMERICA's, the Beach Boys and the Eagles music style, and may I add Jeff does this ooh sooo nicely for sure. I told my DJ friend that when I described Jeff to him.... I said that if you picture all 3 sounds from AMERICA, the Beach Boys & The Eagles along with Jeff's own unique magic. You just gotta see that these songs of his need to be played on the radio. I know I have said this before on here too, Sorry but I do believe it.... that if John Mayer's songs can make it on the radio, then Jeff's will make it for sure.... I really like both of their songs alot.... Keep on enjoying all Jeff has to offer, I know I am! ~~~ Thanksfor the Thumbs Up on the new JB CD..... I sure hope to get it.... I have been spending sooo much money on my music..... I Love it Tho! :) ~~~ Ooh yes you also wanted to know where you can find the song Last Two To Dance and Houses in White ~~~ Steve has them here on the site go to the home page and click on Sound clip index and you will find them, if you have real player on your comp. you can download it to there and have it to listen to whenever you want... there is another grea t song there too, check out Weather With You.... and let me know what you think of these songs ~~ All 3 are Great Gems for sure! ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~~ I too am finding voting sooo hard among most of the song Pairs...... I think I posted right after voting and I said I felt like a Traitor in a way..... its only gonna get harder too..... Ooooooh Noooooooo !!!! I think I will be voting ties between alot of them, is this allowed????? LOL!!!!

Hmmmm ~~~ Regarding the Dan Bias ~~~~ I understand where Mo is coming from with her feelings.... I just feel bad she didn't get to experience them the way we all did that are older.... I too agree with Speech, Kevin S, Pete, SteveO ~~~~ I just treasure the Trio Days.... just think that was when all of this AMERICA Heaven started. I fully appreciate all 3 of their talents, and nicely said Speech about Dan's way with Lyrics nicely weaving with Dewey's & Gerry's to make such a nice Tapestry. That Tapestry had me Hooked ~~ Hook Line & Sinker right from the very first time I heard HWNN.... I have been listening to the tape that I got from Johnny that was from 76 or 77 in Pittsburgh..... I loved hearing it.... I never was fortunate enough to get to see them back then, but I must admit hearing this tape, and seeing MusikLaden and the Harbor Promo tape ~~~ I am kinda making up for this not seeing them... I loved hearing the 3 of them singing together..... and hey David Dickey was playing with them on alot of these too..... WOW!!!! What an awesome Trip down AMERICA memory lane.... Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but I didn't find out they weren't a Trio till after it all happened, at the time it happened I was kinda away from their music for awhile..... Getting Married, starting a family and then I got my new Turntable and was finally back into them again.... I was disappointed when I found out Dan was not with them anymore, but I never had any hard feelings against him.... I missed him tho..... I still continued getting Gerry & Deweys albums.... but I did miss Silent Letter ( I only found it about 2 years ago). Sooo Yes AMERICA will always First BE Gerry, Dewey & Dan in my Mind, but I also accept and appreciate AMERICA now as Gerry & Dewey, and I too appreciate al of Dan's accomplishments on his own, and I look forward to hearing more from him.... and Yes I will say an Ultimate Dream Come True would be to Hear the 3 of them sing Hat Trick together One Time for sure! I just Love how their Music has endured all of this time, and I love that they still are here and there and everywhere for all of us to enjoy hearing...... I am greedy, I admit it, but I would love for it to go on forever! Thanks Gerry, Dewey & Dan for all of the great years of music! :)

Hmmm ~~ One more thing ~~ Matt came to live chat last night and it was soo nice to hear from him..... His CD is coming along good and I am soooo anxious to hear it. He worked with alot of People on this CD and One particular person helped him out and played on his songs.... and just WHO might that beeeeeeee????? Why his Dad Gerry of course.... Nice really Nice ~~~ I love the way this Legacy just keeps branching out and continuing on.... I could sense the pride and happiness in Matt's saying this, and I bet Gerry couldn't be a prouder Father, having Matt persuing this Hwy..... and WOW getting to work with each other and watching the success unfold together..... That is soooo Neat! Matt said his CD will be released on the Human Nature Label, and that it will be available here on the web, and also in the stores eventually.... I wish you all the best Matt, and thanks for coming to talk to us.... Sorry if we get to be a bit Overwhelming... we don't mean to be that way, we are just excited for You and love getting to hear from you ~~ Thanks! :)

Hi Danae & Nina ~~~~ Sister Golden Hair is one great song for sure.... sooo many happy memmories of hearing that song on the radio and what all was going on in my life at that time.... Those sure were the good old days for sure!

Hi there Jimmmmmmmmm(bob) you can email me now my acc. is in order again.... AWWWWW ~~~ I need to go to take a course on Maintaining a Junk Free email account! LOL!!!!!! I sure hope you have been playing some nice songs on your guitar, my friend! Talk to you soon! ;)

Hey Red ~~ We missed you last night at the live chat, where were you and why didn't you show up????????? I like those lyrics you posted that is one nice song.... :)

Well thats all for now (finally right) Good Night all, Nancy :)

~~~~ Too many people living in a secret world, While they play mothers and fathers we play little boys and girls ~~ When we gonna make it work? I could be happy, I could be quite Naive, its only me and my shadow Happy in our make believe... ~~~~~~ And when I think of you and all the love that's due. I'll make a Promise, I'll make a stand ~~~ Cos to these Big Brown Eyes, this comes as no surprise, We've got the whole wide world in our hands ~~ we've got the whole wide world in our hands..... Advice for the Young at Heart, Soon We will Be Older, when we gonna make it work ~~~~ Sing it Tears for Fears ~~~ I just love this song for sure :)

Message: 25974 Posted: Thu Jan 23 20:25:12 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Who is Sister Golden Hair? (Danae)

<<So, I was right! Gerry has a sister!>>

Danae ~ It's my understanding that Gerry's sister's name is Sue or Susie. His brother is Michael. I believe his name is found in a couple of America LP/CD liner notes.

From the "Hat Trick" LP, a couple of lyrics from Gerry's song, "Goodbye":

Oh, no, Sister Susie
You're in a win or lose affair
Wish I could be there
To help you along

Oh, yes, Brother Michael
We all have every faith in you
And everything you do
All the way 'round

Message: 25973 Posted: Thu Jan 23 20:15:18 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dan Bias

I, too, have a Dan-bias. My bias is FOR him as opposed to being biased against him.

I'm curious to know how each of us learned about Dan's departure from America.

For me, it was when I purchased America's "Live" LP very soon after its release. Frankly, I didn't even know that the "Live" LP was being released. I was very surprised to find it in the record section of one of the local discount stores. I remember being shocked not seeing Dan on the album cover. At the time, I didn't know what the circumstances were for his departure. I wasn't angry that he was no longer a member of the band. I was just sad to see that he wasn't. Quite frankly, I don't understand why an America fan would be "pissed" about his absence. I can certainly understand "sad" or "disappointed" but not "pissed". Dan didn't own me a thing. If anything, I owned Dan for his wonderful contribution to America and all the NUMEROUS hours of enjoyment I received from each of the trio's LPs. What I especially don't understand is why someone who never knew America as a trio during those days would have contempt for Dan now. America is still together today and has never ceased to be.

Message: 25972 Posted: Thu Jan 23 19:56:32 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Last Two To Dance

Goto the Index of Sound Clips on the left of Steve Lowry's AMERICA Web site. I think you will find HOUSES IN WHITE there. This is an unreleased masterpiece, sung by GERRY BECKLEY, wriiten by his good friend Bobby Woods.

Message: 25971 Posted: Thu Jan 23 17:24:50 2003 By: Alan
Subject: The Naked Ride Home

I just got Jackson Browne's newest release "The naked Ride Home", and on first listen I have to say this is the best JB I've heard in years! I know a lot of you America fans are also big JB fans (as am I, but mostly his older stuff - although I own all of his CDs). If you're a fan and you don't have this album, I strongly recommend you run out and grab it ASAP!


Message: 25970 Posted: Thu Jan 23 16:54:05 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Dan Bias

KevinS I am not afraid to admit that I have a slight Dan Bias, but that does not make me a moron! Like Speech, I have been a fan since 1972 and bought every album though Harbor as soon as I could get my hands on them. I was obsessed with the band back then and was extremely pissed not to mention heart broken when Dan left the group. Not because he was my favorite (he was my least favorite) but because I thought that America would cease to exist after his departure. I was thrilled when I found out that Gerry & Dewey would continue as a duo. I lost touch with following the band after Alibi, getting on with college, career, kids, etc. But every time an America tune came on the radio I would stop and listen. It has only been recently that I got back into following the band again, with that I realized I was still harboring a grudge against Dan from years back. But time starts healing old wounds and now that I am older and hopefully wiser; reading Dan's articles on his website made me see that his departure was not meant to destroy America but rather something he had to do for his own well being. He was a key component America's success and listening to his work after all these years I have develop a fond appreciation for his music. I am not over that grudge just yet... but give me time

Message: 25969 Posted: Thu Jan 23 16:12:05 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Jeff Larson's Watershed Girl

Great tune! But can anyone tell me exactly what the heck a watershed girl is?!?!

Just curious.


Message: 25968 Posted: Thu Jan 23 16:10:19 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Last Two To Dance

I have never heard this song before. I have heard this and other songs (like Houses In White) mentioned here before, but I have no idea where I can get ahold of them. Can anyone help me?


Message: 25967 Posted: Thu Jan 23 16:08:11 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Song Tournament

Just logged in and was happy to see I was not too late to vote in the first round of the song tournament. Boy, some tough choices! Especially hard for me were the following:
All My Life vs Company
To Each his own vs Saturn Nights
Wind Wave vs. All Around
3 Roses vs never Found The Time
Sandman vs Another Try
Wednesday Morning vs World of Light
Submarine Ladies vs. OWS
Sgt. Darkness vs. Cal Revisited

Did anyone else have difficulty choosing between song pairings?


Message: 25966 Posted: Thu Jan 23 15:52:35 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Dan Bias.

I definatly share your sentiments on Dan Peek and his contributions to the band over the years. America WAS Gerry Beckley,Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek;America IS Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell--for the past quarter century or so.But even Dewey alluded to Dans contributions in a 1998 interview I conducted with him prior to the "Human Nature" tour.
Despite the fact that a reunion bid never happened,Dewey said "Every time I've ever communicated with Dan we've always said "Everybody still loves you and the work you've done and all of your contributions in those early years are not forgotton,obviously."
I mean,he(Dan)still participates on royalties on albums and all of those things;all the business aspects of the work that he did is still in place. I think Dan was curious about the concept of a reunion when it was starting to 'Flicker' a little bit,but it never became an issue. I mean,it wasn't like we were in constant communication with him anyways. it wasn't like we were sending tapes back and forth to each other."(Interview from 6-8-98,WIMK-FM,Iron Mountain,Mi)
My Favorite America LP's are the ones that included Dan,but as a duo,the guys have proven they could carry on. When "You can do magic" became a top 10 hit,it at least proved that their success never depended on them being a trio. And while I think the word "Moron" is a bit strong(LOL!)to describe any opinions to the contrary,I'm definatly in Dans corner. Gerry & Dewey have released some great albums as a duo,but I'm grateful that I grew up with the guys and can appreciate the albums they made as a trio. I hope the fans on this message board never lose sight of the fact that Dan Peek was responsible for a good deal of the groups sound.

Message: 25965 Posted: Thu Jan 23 13:10:22 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Dan Bias.

Speech stated it eloquently. I will be a little more direct. If there is a Dan bias, then people are morons. Look at the first seven America studio albums--you know, the ones that sold--and you'll see something very illuminating, "America is Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek." Nowhere did it say, "America is Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, and, oh, yeah, with a little help from Dan Peek." He was one third of the greatest band ever in its glory years. The way I figure it, he gets one third of the credit for its greatness. Now don't get your panties in a wad, I'm not knocking America as a duo. Just putting my two cents'worth in for Dan's accomplishments in America. If there is a Dan bias, then people are morons.

Have a good day.


Message: 25964 Posted: Thu Jan 23 11:23:51 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Who is Sister Golden Hair?

So, I was right! Gerry has a sister! I think he loves her too much!
Do you know if she's older or younger than him?

Message: 25963 Posted: Thu Jan 23 11:17:12 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Who is Sister Golden Hair?

Danae...Although Gerry DOES have a sister, and she's probably a blonde, I doubt very much that he wrote it for her...especially if you listen to the lyrics! I remember reading somewhere that Gerry's own parents believed it was written for his sister...and Gerry joking that they must not have listened to the actual lyrics too closely!

My nephew and I tell my four year old niece that it's a song all about her! She loves it!

Message: 25962 Posted: Thu Jan 23 10:51:47 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Who is Sister Golden Hair?

Does anybody know who is Sister Golden Hair? Maybe Gerry has a sister and he wrote it for her.
Any other opinions?

Message: 25961 Posted: Thu Jan 23 10:04:46 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Warm Fuzzies

I did'nt get into that contest but I just want to say good talking about Dan. He is great, just look at his last new CD.

Message: 25960 Posted: Thu Jan 23 09:09:26 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Mysterious bass player

Can anyone confirm or deny David Dickey is back as the bass player with America? Mel, if you are out there in Fla, find out for us this Saturday in Hallendale, will you? Inquiring minds need to know.

Darlin I don't know much
I know I love you so much
A lot depends on your touch
My love is a river running soul deep
A way down inside me it's a soul deep
Too big to hide, can't be denied
Love is a river running soul deep

I worked myself to euphoria
Just to show I adore ya
There's nothing I wouldn't do for ya
Cause my love is a river running soul deep
A way down inside me it's a soul deep
Too big to hide, can't be denied
Love is a river running soul deep

Soul Deep
The Box Tops

Message: 25959 Posted: Thu Jan 23 07:00:14 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Warm Fuzzies

I respect your point of view on the "Dan" matter. As someone who became a fan in 1972 and gobbled up every new America record the day it was issued (or not long after) through Hideaway, I find it intriguing to hear the perspective of someone who only began getting into them after Dan was gone. I come from a completely opposite pole. I was pissed at the break-up, and couldn't imagine America on LP without those high harmonies of Dan's that, to my ears, gave many of the songs their transcendent quality. Likewise, I thought Dan's lyrical sensibility -- his tendency toward introspection and a whiff of the spiritual -- made a nice thread in the overall tapestry. In truth, I recall being sorely disappointed -- and finding something genuinely lacking -- in the post-split albums. I've warmed to the notion of a duo over time, but, in my heart and mind, America will always be Gerry, Dewey and Dan. I suppose that has at least something to do with becoming a consumer of the rock-and-roll culture in the late-60s-to-early-70s. I think a tiny corner of those who cared about such things during that time wanted to believe that rock bands who mattered to us were not simply careerists and professionals -- but folks who had a mythic, Fab-Four-style existence ( maybe the Monkees is a better example), living and creating in some cool communal house somewhere. On the up side, I just finished reading a book entitled "Bad Moon Rising" about the rise and fall of Creedence. Thankfully, things in the America camp have never gotten as depressingly ugly as they apparently did among the members of that band.

Message: 25958 Posted: Thu Jan 23 04:47:09 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Tournament Purpose

Since I am new to the chat forum and this web site. I am having fun reading all the comments and participating in the song contest. I too thought it was to be a list of one's personal favorites and not a list of songs that we would like for Dewey and Gerry to add to their concert playlist; I might have selected different one's had I known that. I agree with Steve, let's keep it fun and positive!

Message: 25957 Posted: Wed Jan 22 21:16:08 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Live Chat

A personal 'cryptic' message to 'Potstirrer' from the live chat tonight: Babylon And On

Message: 25956 Posted: Wed Jan 22 18:01:55 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Warm Fuzzies

I guess a person has to have "been there" to have a full appreciation for Dan and his contribution to the "America sound". By "been there," I mean, of course, being a fan during the time he was a member of the band.

Message: 25955 Posted: Wed Jan 22 14:47:53 2003 By: Joan
Subject: Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Dewey

A Very Happy Birthday Dewey a little late--had trouble posting and Steve was nice enough to help me. Thank you so much for all your beautiful songs. Hope to see you in Wisconsin this year--so far no concerts are listed in our area--hope you can make it. Sorry to hear about your arm and that it happened in Wisconsin. I hope you mend quickly and are back to your usual great performing self. Hope you had a great day!

Message: 25954 Posted: Wed Jan 22 13:44:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Warm Fuzzies

Before saying anything else, please let me apologize if I unintentionally took the fun out of the song tournament for anyone. I'm having fun watching the voting. I had even more fun receiving the emailed top 10 lists and notes from my fellow fans. I didn't mean to stir the pot or be the party pooper. So, please, continue with the fun, I'll behave. Promise.
Speech: You know, you're probably right about respecting Dan for making the right choice for leaving when he did. Also, I've been recently more impressed with his contributions to the band, particularly early on. My gut feeling, however, has always been to be disappointed in him for leaving just when things had turned less than rosy. I perceived it as him not wanting to stick it out through the down times. "Bailing" in other words. What is worth explaining is, I discovered America for the first time in '79. Dan was already gone, but I didn't know it. I became aware of them as a threesome and didn't realize his departure until Silent Letter's release. I was 16 and I was pissed. I figured if he left then the end for the remaining two guys couldn't be far behind. Luckily, that was a completely wrong assumption. I guess I've never let go of that disappointment in him for leaving. Rational? No, probably not. But as I've said, it was a gut feeling and they're not always logical or rational. Besides, it's good fodder for conversations on this board since I'm probably the only one who wouldn't welcome him back with open arms for a reunion or a guest appearance.

Just as a footnote, I heard the Doobies' song Eyes of Silver on the radio today. I hadn't heard it in about 10 or 15 years. That is a great song.

Message: 25953 Posted: Wed Jan 22 10:55:21 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Changing Horses (clarifying)

I should point out that, when I ask about no warm and fuzzies for Dan, I mean Dan Peek.

Also, I was not trying to be flip or freudian when I wrote "Haror." I meant "Harbor."

Message: 25952 Posted: Wed Jan 22 10:53:15 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Changing Horses

One thought, and one question.

Thought: I really like Dan Fogelberg's song, "Changing Horses."

Question: Why no warm and fuzzies for Dan? Just curious, since I generally enjoyed his contributions to the America canon (save for what I believe are several misfires on Haror), and I respect him for walking away from stardom (maybe even superstardom ... this was the mid-70s) upon realizing that it was making him miserable and that he, in turn, was helping make others miserable.

Message: 25951 Posted: Wed Jan 22 09:47:34 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Tournament Purpose

Hi Everybody ~~ Frozen Fingers here ~~ I am ready for the January thaw to come! It is downright cold here! All my favorite AMERICA songs have been playing the last couple of days ~~ keeping me my Spirits warm! :)

Yes Steve L ~~ I am having fun watching how my songs are doing in this tournament. I think I have said in an earlier post that listed and am voting for songs that I would Love to Hear done at a Show. I know that this is just for fun, and it doesn't necessarily mean that this will come to be. I do agree with Bruce & Red that a change in the playlist of songs would be Nice. Now don't take us the wrong way Gerry & Dewey on this, what we mean is that we want so many more of your songs to be heard. We love the faithful hits, but the time is right to add a few unheard gems.... Sure it is a real treat for us if you would do this, and I do feel that you guys would benefit from considering it too. I think once the casual fan hears some of the not so known songs, that it will spark their interest in to checking out more of your CD's. ~~ Think about it Okay, just think about it? Thanks :)

Hmmmm ~~ I just wanted to say that it is neat how the older songs are doing in this voting. Take the song Here for example, WOW it is really up there in the votes, I am soo happy at how well Submarine Ladies is doing (Yes Yes Yes how great it would be to hear that one done live), Young Moon ~~ Yes Yes Yes Go all the way to the top round! ~~~ Awwww ~~ Garden of Peace is kinda slacking off, I would love to see this one go to the top too..... You Girl is hanging in there nicely ~ WOW! ~~ Yes yes yes ~~ Hat Trick ~~ I am definitely pulling for you to go to the top as well. ~~~~ Hey Bruce that was a neat wish you suggested~~~ Hmmm A Pot Luck of Songs ~~ I am liking the sounds of that one, that would mean that not necessarily just 1 song could be heard but maybe a handful or sooooo,. Of course Gerry & Dewey would have to agree to which songs they would want to have in the pot from our final list. I would never want it to cause an added stress to Gerry & Dewey. Not in any way!

Hi JeffB ~~~ That would be nice to hear Jeff L's songs done accoustically as well. I too agree that the Cayman CD is a treasured Keepsake and I listen to it often, I don't think I will ever grow tired of it. Keep on enjoying all these great CD's, hey they are getting me thru this nasty winter weather for sure!

Hmmmmmm Reddddd eee Oaaaaaak ~~ "he who hesitates finishes last" ~~ I can remember you telling me that one other time..... do you remember when that was???? :) It is a very true saying tho... I also believe "Slow and steady is the Only way to Go to get where you are going" Hmmmm also the word Persistent comes to mind. I would say that we Die Hard fans are very Persistent! :) Oh well, any of these songs are worth the wait ~~~ Just to hear them at a show, talk about AMERICA Heaven! Nice! :) I just had a Vision of all us Die Hards at a show and guess how old we are (in our 70's and then some) and we are all at a Fan Get Together Show, and the Excitement, the Exctasy, the Enthusiasm, that Hair raising tingling chills are still there, as we listen to the Guys perform each one of our long awaited favorites..... Now that is the Spice of Life for sure! :)

Enjoy the rest of the day all! Nancy :)~~~Time to make a change Time to rearrange ~~ Sooner or later ~~~ It's somethin' you gotta do!

We hear both sides
We sympathize
We live our lives in stereo
The left and the right
The dark and the light
We wrestle with the balance
We change our tone
We leave our phone
And tape record our absence
In lovin' memory

We're livin' it in stereo
We fix it so our love is high fidelity
Mix it so we never lose the melody
We try to equalize our lives in stereo

~~~ We hope you will Sing any of them Gerry & Dewey! :) ~~~~

Message: 25950 Posted: Wed Jan 22 07:37:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Tournament Purpose

As far as I'm concerned the only purpose for this song tournament is to have fun. Nina is correct that Gerry and Dewey have not agreed to add any new songs to the set list as a result of this tournament. They do read this chat folder and so they'll know which songs make it to the final rounds. As for me, I have been voting for my favorite songs and I have been having fun looking at how my favorite songs are faring - some are winning and some are losing. I hope the rest of you are having fun, too.

Message: 25949 Posted: Wed Jan 22 07:25:40 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Variety is the spice of

life. It is my impression that the playlist needs improvement. Therefore, this voting of favorite songs should lead to a revision of the playlist for the sake of good taste. I am voting for the songs that would improve the playlist. They need some more variety in the show and I think Young Moon, Hat Trick and Cornwall Blank would add just that. Besides, America should listen to the fans as they dictate what should go on anyway. I'm not giving up til I hear Hat Trick performed at a concert in the future. I think all of you out there in fandom need to insist that your favorites be performed also. He who hesitates, finishes last.

Doing alright
A little jiving on a Saturday night
And come what may
Gonna dance the day away

Jenny was sweet
Show a smile for the people she needs
I'm trouble, let's drive,
I don't know the way you came alive

News is blue (the news is blue)
Has its own way to get to you
What can I do (what can I do)
When I remember my time with you

Pick up your feet
Got to move to the trick of the beat
There is no lead
Just take your place in the driver's seat

Driver's Seat
Sniff 'N' the Tears

Message: 25948 Posted: Wed Jan 22 07:12:34 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Tournament Confusion and "Favorites"

I didn't do any voting this time around, so I hope I have the right to add my two cents to this controversy. The last time I voted, it was clearly understood that Gerry and Dewey would graciously add one of the final winning songs to their set list. This time (and I may be wrong because some days I only have time to skim and scan the chat folder messages) the purpose of the tournament/contest was not the same. In other words, I took it to be just a listing of favorite songs. No authorization or agreement by the band to add to/or change their setlist. Although we DO know that Gerry and Dewey check in quite often...I don't think it was the same sort of tournament as the last one that I participated in over a year ago.

Message: 25947 Posted: Wed Jan 22 07:01:45 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Changing Horses

<<All of these things are OPINIONS and not anything anyone should take as a direction for voting . I'm not sure how you got that impression in the first place.>>

Mo ~ I got that impression from your "Editorial Commentary"...the one you kindly suggested I re-read. You said, "I am voting for songs whenever possible that are not already part of the playlist. That's what I see as the purpose of this tournament."

It is your last statement above that had me wondering which way each of us is to vote...for our favorites or for the top songs we would like to hear in concert. With us voting for slightly different reasons, the results will now be mixed...not a true picture of either. This is just my opinion, of course.

Message: 25946 Posted: Wed Jan 22 06:09:23 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Tournament Confusion and "Favorites"

Regarding the song tournament, I'm under the impression that we're voting for songs to be possibly added to the setlist. I mean, this "favorite song" thing- and please folks- don't take this the wrong way- gets old to me. Just think how many times this subject has been discussed. Personally, I have so many favorites that I have a problem picking them. And I don't see that as a bad thing. BUT- and let's get real people- I don't know how many America concerts you've been to, but speaking strictly for myself- and I've been to many- I'd LOVE to hear the setlist changed. The big hits? Sure, of course they must be kept in. But, it seems that only rarely does anything change. Maybe just one or two songs at the most. It would be greatness to be sitting at a concert and suddenly hear "Foolin" or "You Could've Been The One". And if I looked at the hundreds of songs that America has recorded, I could of course come up with a lot more. So could you. We know that Gerry & Dewey look at our postings, and maybe they will add the winners- that's up to them. If Aladdin appeared and I could have three wishes, one of them would be that there be a "pot" of "wildcard" songs (that WE picked right?) that the guys would throw in at each concert. Even ONE would be fine. BUT, as a musician myself, I know that the reality is the guys would have to have these songs rehearsed, and that's a lot of additional work and stress. As Moser says, that's my opinion. Now let's hear YOURS!

Message: 25945 Posted: Wed Jan 22 04:21:39 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Changing Horses

If you would be so kind to re-read my post #25914 titled Editorial Commentary, you will see that it states that I am expressing my opinion. Editorials by definition are opinion not fact. In regard to voting for a Dan song or not, I don't care what anyone does. In my post regarding Dan's songs I was talking about why I think there is NOT apparent bias against Dan's songs showing in the tournament. I'll grant you that the post was a bit verbose. Forgive me. And finally, as far as "forgiving" Dan, that was a flippant comment expressing my feeling toward Dan. I'm not real warm and fuzzy toward Dan and never have been. And I think I've been pretty straightforward about that from the outset. All of these things are OPINIONS and not anything anyone should take as direction for voting. I'm not sure how you got that impression in the first place.

Message: 25944 Posted: Tue Jan 21 21:36:08 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Changing Horses

<<Weren't the songs that were submitted for the song tournament done so with the thought in mind that each interested fan submit 10 most FAVORITE songs?>> That's what I thought.

<<Are we now supose to vote for the song we wish to be added to the playlist?>> I don't think so.

<<Is it just me that's confused?>> No. I guess I'm confused too. I even voted for 3 of Dan's songs, never feeling like there was any thing I needed to forgive him for.

Message: 25943 Posted: Tue Jan 21 19:49:09 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Changing Horses

Weren't the songs that were submitted for the song tournament done so with the thought in mind that each interested fan submit their 10 most FAVORITE songs? Are we now suppose to vote for the song we wish most to be added to the playlist? Is it just me that's confused?

Changing horses in the middle of a stream
Gets you wet and sometimes cold
Changing faces in the middle of a dream
Gets you old
Oh, gets you old

(Dan Fogelberg's "Changing Horses")

Message: 25942 Posted: Tue Jan 21 19:09:59 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Four Rational Points and One Irrational Re: Dan Bias

Hi. I'm just back from an extremely tense church meeting. You would think that church meetings wouldn't be tense but they certainly can run high on emotion and tension. Having said that, let me apologize for any confusion I may have caused with my post regarding bias against Dan songs in the tournament. Earlier, when I was writing it, I knew I would be attending this church meeting and I also knew it would be tense. So, I was...well...stressed. Now, after re-reading what I posted, I can see that I wasn't communicating very clearly. Perhaps this will shed some light on my point (since I thought I had one at the time!). The first four (rational or logical) points were supposed to be the proof of why I don't think there is bias against Dan's songs showing in the song tournament voting. And the final (irrational or emotional) point is offered as a reason why, yes, there could be bias in the voting against Dan's songs.

Geez--do any of the rest of you ramble on when you're stressed or is it just me? I'll try to be quiet now. Thank you for listening.

Message: 25941 Posted: Tue Jan 21 16:47:19 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: On the road.

Wouldn't be great to have a Jeff Larson CD similar to the "Cayman" CD... A couple of guitars and a piano. The crisp/clear/balanced sound of the guitars and voices on the "Cayman" have made this CD my favorite America live CD.

Message: 25940 Posted: Tue Jan 21 16:12:25 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: This is why this is such a great site.

glad I could help out,but maybe you'll have emailed me some further details later. I'm checking this chat site while I'm at work and saw your comments. DVD-Audio is a Wonderful thing to those who want to invest in it. And hey,you don't even need to buy a pricy DVD-Audio player--a regular DVD player will do just fine! I hope that others on this chat site will eventually make the investment and see just how awesome this format is!

Message: 25939 Posted: Tue Jan 21 16:00:09 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: On the road.

Jeff Larson's site says : "Possible live dates for 2003 - details pending". Great news for his supporters - and I AM one, believe me! Just hope the guy will feel like visiting our European cities... I'd love to hear Place Where I Belong, Faraway Mary, Norman, Carol Ann and some more faves, in their live version.

Message: 25938 Posted: Tue Jan 21 15:25:24 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Four Rational Points and One Irrational Re: Dan Bias

Regarding the idea of bias against Dan in the Song Tournament:
1) If one is voting with the thought in mind of having a song graciously added to the current playlist, it is not likely that you would vote for a Dan song. There are already Dan songs on the playlist--most of the hits that he penned. Other than being a recognizable hit for their fans to enjoy, there would be no obvious up side for Gerry and Dewey to include a lesser known Dan song in concert since he is no longer in the band. So, why vote for them?
2) There are fewer of Dan's songs listed in the Song Tournament than there are of Gerry's or Dewey's. That could be for one of a few reasons: Perhaps his songs are the least popular of the three so they didn't make the top 64 list. Perhaps it's because he has fewer songs for the fans to choose from since he only wrote for America for one third of the time that Gerry and Dewey have.
3) Hat Trick will most likely make it to the next round and Dan co-authored that gem so there's no bias proven there.
4) The Dan songs that are in the tournament are seeded (I never know how to spell that word.) lower than their opponents. Therefore it is predictable that they would not receive as many votes.
Okay, and here's the irrational and likely to ruffle some feathers reason that there is a bias against Dan's songs: He left the band and maybe people haven't forgiven him for that yet!!

Message: 25937 Posted: Tue Jan 21 15:22:06 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Song Tournament (First Round Upsets)

As often happens in any kind of tournament, there are quite a few upsets in the making where the underdog is currently ahead:

#11 Head and Heart is beating #6 Sarah
#14 Wheels Are Turning is beating #3 Daisy Jane
#10 Another Try is beating #7 Sandman
#15 Till The Sun Comes Up Again is beating #2 Garden of Peace (biggest upset)
#9 Might Be Your Love is beating #8 Hell's On Fire
#12 Only In Your Heart is beating #5 Green Monkey
#13 Moon Song is beating #4 Catch That Train
#11 1960 is beating #6 Monster
#12 Amber Cascades is beating #5 Hope
#10 You Girl is beating #7 No Fortune

If your favorite song is losing, you have until midnight on Saturday to cast or change your votes.

Message: 25936 Posted: Tue Jan 21 14:18:47 2003 By: JoanK
Subject: Song Tournament

I think I agree with Mark. Looks like none of Dan's songs are going to make it to the next round. Joan K

Message: 25935 Posted: Tue Jan 21 12:26:46 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: This is why this is such a great site.

Thanks Kevin. I'm just the facilitator. It is Erin, Gerry, Dewey, and all of you great fans who make this such a great site. I hope I don't sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but here's a very kind message that I received from an Australian fan just this morning. It kind of goes along with this topic:

Dear Steve,

Hi from Australia.

I just wanted to send you a little note of appreciation for the absolutely superb job you continually do for America and their many fans on the King Biscuit fan site.

Whenever I log onto the net, I usually drop by this site and the Ventura Highway site and check out what's happening. And every time I do, I am freshly amazed at what you have built and how you maintain it. Being a baby boomer myself, I often go for a nostalgia cruise by looking at any sites related to the 70's music scene. Your website is a real standout. I think you deserve the title of the Greatest (and Most Efficacious!) Fan Ever.

I hope Gerry and Dewey appreciate what a gem they have in you ~ being such nice guys, I'm sure they do. I reckon that you have measurably helped their record sales. I know that I have bought a few new America CDs as a direct result of my enjoyment of the features on your site.

Congratulations on your excellent achievement and thank you very much for all the work you put into it, and all the enjoyment you are giving to fellow fans like me.

Very best wishes to you and your family!

Diane from Brisbane

Message: 25934 Posted: Tue Jan 21 11:05:33 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: This is why this is such a great site.

Thanks to Steve Orchard for getting back to me on the problems I was having with my DVD Audio, and of course my enjoyment of Homecoming.

I got the problem solved, went home at lunch and listened to it. Now I'm pissed that I have to go out of town tonight because I really want to get back and listen to it some more.

Unbelievable sound.

The problem I was having was that I wasn't hearing all 6 channels. But the rest is too boring to go any further.

I know a fellow America fan would come to the resuce, and it happened. Thanks, Steve.


Message: 25933 Posted: Tue Jan 21 09:20:37 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Headphones

Hey Moser, you are absolutely right, there is nothing like listening to the music with headphones! Isn't it awesome? I spend many friday/saturday evenings (late) with the phones on listening to America music. Really brings out their crystal-clear sound! BTW, my headphones are the "cover your entire head" type!!


Message: 25932 Posted: Tue Jan 21 07:57:45 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Snow (Robynj & Jim).

Hi everyone!

Robyn, I fully agree with you about this definition of snow you wrote. The fact is I'm currently listening to the Beatles' Here comes the sun(what a coincidence!). Fortunately, the weather was sunny & warm here (in the south of France).

Hey! Hi Jim! I know it's summer with you. Hummm! So nice to hear from you. Drop ,a line or two here or in my e-box when you have the time to. See you. Gen.

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right....

Message: 25931 Posted: Tue Jan 21 05:05:16 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Happy Birthday, Dewey...a little late!

I KNOW I should have posted on Friday before I left school,,,but it wasn't a banner day in my I post today, sending Dewey belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a wonderful day, Dewey! Looking forward to seeing you in Massachusetts soon!

Message: 25930 Posted: Tue Jan 21 04:26:53 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Nancy/ Johnny

Hey Guys; Nance, your email is FULL!, so I cant email you, and Johnny, sorry I havnt been in touch sooner, but I will. And hi, Gen!

Message: 25929 Posted: Mon Jan 20 20:20:34 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: America on DVD Audio.

I've read about some of your problems with DVD Audio,and thought it was time to respond. I'm listening to "Only in Your heart" as I type this from the "Homecoming" DVD-Audio disk,and I couldn't be happier with the sound--The Piano rolls all the way through the song,the harmonies are great...its exceptional! I'm running a regular Onkyo DVD player as part of my Onkyo system. Its not a DVD-Audio player,just a regular DVD player. The harmonies in "Ventura Highway" come out really good too,and I'm getting all of those "Doo doo doo..." background vocals at the end. My system is all 5.1 dolby digital with a subwoofer. I can run DTS here,and the disk itself allows that you can play it 4 different ways. But,I run mine strictly Dolby digital,and it gives me the best sound. Actually,there isn't an audio menu that you can select the different modes;my system automatically defaults to "Dolby digital" and I get a great sound.
If you have any other questions,feel free to email me on it and I'll try & give you additional input from this end. I only own about 6 actual DVD-Audio disks,but I am truly blown away by the sound of this format!

Message: 25928 Posted: Mon Jan 20 18:01:15 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Headphones

I'm listening to my tunes tonight on headphones which is fairly unusual for me these days. But what's great is I'm reminded of my teenage years when I almost constantly listened to my music via headphones. That was long before Walkmans were available. So they weren't the quaint little button earphones that the kids have plastered to their ears 24/7 now. No, these were the great big, cover most of your head earphones plugged right into the stereo--not exactly portable. Man, I'm getting old. Anyway, may I recommend listening on headphones if you get the chance--not all the time, just once in a while. The music is so clear and the voices so...right there. Besides, if you set the volume just right, you won't be able to hear the kids arguing!! Life is good.

Message: 25927 Posted: Mon Jan 20 15:39:18 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: America on DVD Audio.

I have run into a weird quirk with my Homecoming DVD Audio. It sounds great on my friend's 5.1 system with a Sony Super Audio DVD player. But on mine, a Mitsubishi with DVD Audio, one of the channels won't play. For instance, the piano track throughout "Only In Your Heart" completely disappears. The backing vocals ("Do do do do do") on Ventura Highway are gone. Things like that. Of course, everyone I called who had anything to do with selling and installing the system blamed it on the other guy. After a lot of trial and error, I pinpointed the problem to my DVD player. I took it into the place I bought it and, skeptically, they hooked it up to prove me wrong. But they heard the same thing. No piano in "Only In YOur Heart." "Barely audio guitar in "Til The Sun Comes Up Again" and so on. So they took the disc and stuck it in a Sony player and it sounded right. In fact, three different Sony models sounded great. But when they put it in mine and the Toshiba and the Panisonic the same thing happened: They all cut out one of the channels when played in surround (DTS) mode. almost as if it were out of phase. In stereo, it was fine (but if I wanted stereo, I'd have kept what I had). Anyway, I wondered if anyone else has had this problem. Is anyone else playing their DVD Audios on anything other than a Sony? The problem I alluded to last week on "Head & Heart" (where you hear one of the guys sing the word, "heart" that's totally out of place and mixed wrong, also is pretty much inaudible on the Sony players. But on the non Sony players, it's very evident. It's not just the America DVD Audio that this problem exists on, but it's much more noticable on Homecoming than on any other DVD Audio disc I have.

Again, curious is anyone else has noticed this.


P.S. Nobody at the home stereo store had any explanation for it, other than I was, indeed, correct. It is a problem, it's not supposed to happen, and they were baffled by it.

Message: 25926 Posted: Mon Jan 20 11:57:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: T-Shirts for 2003

Steve, any word on seeing the 2003 tour logo on t-shirts this year?

Nothing yet. I sent a message to Erin late last year and she said she would have to check on it because the America logo needs to be licensed. I haven't heard back from her so I'm guessing that means "no".

Message: 25925 Posted: Mon Jan 20 11:21:55 2003 By: Bones
Subject: T-Shirts for 2003

Steve, any word on seeing the 2003 tour logo on t-shirts this year?

Message: 25924 Posted: Mon Jan 20 10:01:47 2003 By: Steve
Subject: Birthday wishes

Best wishes and Happy birthday,Dewey with many,many more to come.Look forward to seeing the show here in Ohio in April.

Message: 25923 Posted: Mon Jan 20 06:39:56 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Happy Birthday

(I forgot to post yesterday)- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEWEY FROM NEW YORK CITY!!!

Message: 25922 Posted: Sun Jan 19 17:17:27 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy B-day, snow and the tourney...

First a most happy day to Mr Bunnell! and many more as well

snow in LA? = something you drive up to the mountains for, play around in and come back down to where it is warm. It's been in the low 80's here!

Thanks to Moser for doing the tabulation. I also voted on the I-wish -they- would-play -that ticket!

Message: 25921 Posted: Sun Jan 19 17:09:01 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: The Unpratical Solution would be a Once in a Lifetime Dream for sure!

Yes Me Again ~~
Hi there Jimnak ~~ I would imagine it is very hard for Gerry & Dewey to decide which songs to go with. I know they take such pride in doing the songs that they chose also ~~ wanting them to sound just right. I appreciate that about them! I just feel that the time is right for them to reach into that treasure chest and pull out some of those gems that are longing to be heard. Just as the songs that have been on the playlist have seasoned like fine wine, sooo can one of these lesser know gems stand the test of time and begin to age as well. When I read the posts from people that saw them back in the 70's and then just seeing them again now, they all say how great they still sound and how good it is to hear the songs again.... Well wait till they get a taste of some of these hidden gems I am sure it will be enough to make them want to sample more till they find these hidden gems and then look out the CD sales will start to pick up! ~~~ I just have to say again, about you saying that the only real, unpractical solution, would be for AMERICA to play all 200 plus or so songs at each concert..... Well If they were to even just do this for One Show, I definitely would be in Complete AMERICA HEAVEN FOR SURE! (I know they could never do this for real, But a Girl can DREAM Can't She???? :) ~~~~

Hi Mark ~~ Regarding you saying that there seems to be an Anti~Dan bias going on ~~~ Hmmm I kinda disagree, if you take notice the songs that are Dan's are song that have been on the playlist for quite some time now, I think the fact that how high of a vote "Hat Trick" is recieving is enough to back up my thoughts on this.... as for the song Rainy Day (such a beautiful song for sure, but in all Honesty if I were to get to hear it live again, it would be Dan that I would want to hear singing it along with them, not just Gerry & Dewey) I love alot of Dan's songs and sure I could handle hearing them again. Maybe it is Dan that we should approach about redoing some of them for us or if we are lucky enough to get the opportunity to see Dan in a Show again, it would be great to hear him singing these oooh sooo loved songs for sure.... I hope what I said made sense to You. :)

See ya all, Nancy :) (Another great Dewey song)

~~~ but you were on my mind that day, you were on my mind each dayyyy, you were on my mind that day, And Forever ~~~ and forever ~~~ we were lovers then and forever, there was nothing we couldn't do, a hot wet night at the fight with you, times like that weekend remain in my mind crystal clear ~~~~~ You were on my mind that night,you were on my mind each night...... And Forever Sing it Dewey & Gerry

~~~ Another evening the rain falling down, it's been along time since you've come around, a little laughter, and we had it all, its soo misleading the things you recall, turning the pages we open the cages, now I know that Nothing sooo Far Away as Yesterday woooo ooooh, nothing so far awaaaay, take a look at the person inside ~~~~ I know I am getting carried away again ~~ Sorry there is just soo many beautiful songs that I could handle hearing them sing again for sure :) Thanks Dewey & Gerry oooh sooo much ! :)

Message: 25920 Posted: Sun Jan 19 15:55:22 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Re Editorial Commentary(Nancy)

Hey w/the huge volume of super songs that AMERICA has amassed in their treasure chest, it is really tough to decide. They can only play a very small portion of all their songs, in concert, so the decision is always difficult. Of course it's really one of those good problem to have. The only real, unpractical solution, would be for AMERICA to play all 200 plus or so songs at each concert.

Message: 25919 Posted: Sun Jan 19 15:42:40 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Re Editorial Commentary(Nancy)

Yes Nancy, I did vote today I think in the best POSSIBLE way, although like most of my fellow fans here, (for some of the pairs at least) I found it really hard to make up my mind and subjectively decide to drop a number of songs I usually regard as faves. Getting used to making heartbreaking decisions anyway ... :-) -Gen.

Message: 25918 Posted: Sun Jan 19 15:09:12 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Editorial Commentary

I have to agree with you Mo! I tried to base my top 10 list and voting as to what songs I would like to see added to the current concert playlist. We all know that they will continue to play the standard songs, but would be kinda nice to know that should Dewey & Gerry agree to add the winning song to their playlist, that we the fans had the opportunity to select that song.

Message: 25917 Posted: Sun Jan 19 14:08:20 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Ballot

I am detecting an anti-Dan bias in the voting? It appears that all his songs may be going down in the first round.

Message: 25916 Posted: Sun Jan 19 12:29:41 2003 By: Danae
Subject: It's someone's birthday today...

Whose birthday is it today?
Of course Dewey's! So, Mr. Bunnell, I wish you a happy birthday and I hope all your dreams come true. Keep on impressing us with your songs!

Message: 25915 Posted: Sun Jan 19 11:52:00 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re Editorial Commentary

Me Again ~~
Yes Mo ~~ I fully agree, I too hope that the outcome of this will be to add some more of their unheard songs to the playlist... these songs need to be heard to show the casual fans that AMERICA has soo much to offer and to get them to search out the music that they have missed along the way... Sooo even tho it is hard voting against these great songs at times...... I feel that many of the loved known hits will remain in the playlist soooo no need to worry about them being taken from the playlist.

Yes Sergio ~~ Both Right Before Your Eyes and Today's the Day are great songs, one song from my list that I was kinda sad not to see made it at all was Close to the Wind from Hourglass, I love that song soo much, You Could've Been the One is another good one ~~~ too many good songs..... they all need to be heard for sure!

Hi Gen ~~ I hope you voted.... it is Hard! :)

See ya, Nancy :) (Another good Dewey song)

~~~ someone to hold you all alone in the dark, someone who you thought would be gone, came past they moved right along, you don't know why, but something went wrong, Might be your love, might be your heart, someone to hold you all alone in the darrrrrrk~~~ Someone to hooooollllld you, someone to hollllllllld you, someone to hollllllld ~~~ Sing it Dewey :) Great rockin song for sure!

Message: 25914 Posted: Sun Jan 19 11:21:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Editorial Commentary

Not that I would want to sway anyone's vote, but I would like to say this and take it as you will. When I was making out my top ten list and when I vote in the song tournament, I am keeping in mind that it's possible that Gerry and Dewey will agree (once again) to add one or more of the top songs to their playlist for the concerts. This is not a guarantee but a possibility. With that in mind, I am voting for songs whenever possible that are not already part of the playlist. That's what I see as the purpose of this tournament. We and they already know what the majority of people would pick as favorites, that's why they play the same thing over and over (I guess). The message I'm hoping to send with my votes is that there are many songs that are worthy of live play that we never get to hear in concert. So, perhaps just keep that in mind when you cast your votes. Or, not.

And, of course, happy birthday to you, Dewey. Thanks for being you.

Message: 25913 Posted: Sun Jan 19 09:33:22 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Ballot

It sure was tough, specially since in most of the categories I could have voted for both. I was sorry to see that "Right Before Your Eyes" and "Today's the Day" didn't make it... Nonetheless, the whole thing was fun and it ain't over yet.
Happy Bithday, Dewey

Message: 25912 Posted: Sun Jan 19 09:26:01 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Ballott

Hi Everyone ~~

I too just voted and I second your comment SteveL "That was Tough" for sure. I felt like a traitor voting against the songs in some cases and this was just the first round ~~ Ooooooh Nooooooo! This is going to be soooo hard when we get right down to the Nitty Gritty of it all!

Have a good day all ~~ Nancy :)

Message: 25911 Posted: Sun Jan 19 08:55:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Ballot

That was tough! I was the 12th person to vote and there are currently 10 brackets where the songs are tied. That means that every vote is going to be important so make sure you get yours in.

Message: 25910 Posted: Sun Jan 19 08:06:03 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Happy B-Day

Happy B-Day Dewey, take care of that arm......

Message: 25909 Posted: Sun Jan 19 06:10:07 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey

Happy Birthday Dewey. May you have a great day.
Thanks for all your wonderful music throughout the years,
and hopefully much more to come :0)

Message: 25908 Posted: Sun Jan 19 05:39:16 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Birthday

Have a Happy Birthday, Dewey!!! Today we celebrate you, one who's music provides so much enjoyment to me! I hope it's GREAT!!!

Message: 25907 Posted: Sun Jan 19 05:34:05 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Song Tournament Ballot

Just it was tough!!! How do you choose from so many great songs?!? I had to flip a coin on some to choose. I am anxious to see the final results

Message: 25906 Posted: Sun Jan 19 05:08:40 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey!

Happy Birthday Dewey!!! Hope your birthday brings you as much happiness as your music gives to me. You are by far my favorite America guy! Have a good one!

Message: 25905 Posted: Sun Jan 19 03:39:16 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Dewey's B-Day.

Wish you the best on this special day and for the times to come. Happy Birthday!

Message: 25904 Posted: Sun Jan 19 00:12:02 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Have a Fantabulous Day Dewey!

Hi Dewey :)
I wish for You a Little bit of this and a Little bit of that, whatever your Heart Desires on Your Special Day. May the year ahead be filled with lots of love, health, happiness, simple pleasures & lots of blessings too! ~~~ Thanks oooh soo much for all of your Magical Lyrics that have brought us soooo many Tall Treasures! ~~~~ Happy Happy Birthday Dewey ~~ Hope you're feeling finnnne, Happy Happy Birthday Dewey ~~ Boy you're looking finnnne, Happy Happy Birthday Dewey ~~ Wow you too are aging just like fine wineeeee!


~~~~So follow the path through the knowing trees, and each time you Laugh it is Love you release, that Love will come back in the Garden of Peace ~~~~~

~~~~ Midnight, glowing light, sunlight reaching out for your returnnnn ~~~~~~~ you are what you are, too far golden star, a ruby ligggggtttt, cause you were running through the tunnel of life, soon you'll dance around the fire of fright tonight ~~~~

~~~~ Laughing past pleasures warm by the fire, come inside ~~ silver vase take a drink flower petal, whistling songs like steam from the kettle, carry silence like driftwood that rides on the tide ~~~~ Tall Treasures never put out to pasture!

~~~ You are my love today, my life tomorrow, ohhhh my very soul, and I've searched over the mountains, all through the shadows, under the water too, all to find, just to find, everything I'll ever want, everything I'd ever need is in You Girl ~~~~ Thank soo much for all of these & more Awesome songs Dewey :) :) :)

Message: 25903 Posted: Sat Jan 18 19:13:22 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: Rejoice..."Re-Joyce"

Joyce ~ Your post #25895 was in reply to post #25866 as you included in your message. Post #25866 was from me...not from Kelly aka "Young Moon". The second part of my post was a message for Kelly. I can see how it was misunderstood. Just wanted to clarify. :0)

WHOOPS! Sorry! I thought their was somthing weird about that post because of the screen name But...I wasn't sure?? now I know! Thank you for the clarification! I still want to say Hi to kelly :).. Hi to you as well Johnny...:)...JOYCE

Message: 25902 Posted: Sat Jan 18 18:23:26 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Rejoice..."Re-Joyce"

Joyce ~ Your post #25895 was in reply to post #25866 as you included in your message. Post #25866 was from me...not from Kelly aka "Young Moon". The second part of my post was a message for Kelly. I can see how it was misunderstood. Just wanted to clarify. :0)

Message: 25901 Posted: Sat Jan 18 16:14:21 2003 By: Dogma
Subject: Belated Get Well to Dewey

Hello all. Going thru the site to get updated on all that's been going on with "the boys" and was sad to see that Dewey had an ATV accident!
Since I am a nurse who works in Intensive Care and see ATV accidents a lot of the time (mostly in the summer), I am VERY relieved to hear that he is doing well and so quickly.
So... A Belated Get well wish from Ohio, Mr. Bunnell, and continue with your speedy recovery!


Message: 25900 Posted: Sat Jan 18 16:00:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please

Yes Brad, your assumption of the top 8 songs is correct.

Message: 25899 Posted: Sat Jan 18 15:15:30 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday Dewey !

P.S..... yes, I have the right's actually the 19th Jan in OZ today.....

Message: 25898 Posted: Sat Jan 18 15:14:08 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey !

Hi Dewey,
Happy Birthday for today... hope your day is full of fun & surprise's

Message: 25897 Posted: Sat Jan 18 13:24:45 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Gerry's , Bow WA photo~

Oh My God!! I busted out laughing so hard when I opened that photo from gerry, From Bow, WA. Thank You Gerry!! That was the 1st time I laughed like that since the accident! even tho it hurt a little! Not that many sites I take it in Bow, WA ? hahaha....... Gerry can be quite humourous when he wants to be....:)..Joyce~

Message: 25896 Posted: Sat Jan 18 13:18:43 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: Get well, Joyce and Dewey!

Hello, all. I also wanted to wish Joyce and Dewey speedy recoveries. Joyce, your name sounded familiar to me. Then I remembered that, years ago, you sent me some great photos you took of an America concert from backstage. I still have them!
I too am looking forward to the song contest! Take care, Brad

Brad..I remember you as well!! As soon as I saw your name, I knew who you were! I'm happy you enjoyed those photos! It's was great to see a post from you. Glad to see your still around, I don't post usually. I just come by & read from time to time, But I assume? dewey reads messages here & I just wanted him to know, I too, Knew how he was feeling & wishing him the best! I got alot of nice reply's from AMERICA'S GREAT fans!! I Thank You all..Your very nice & Brad, maybe we'll see ya 1 of these summer days?...take it easy & Thanks for the well wishes! JOYCE~

Message: 25895 Posted: Sat Jan 18 13:13:03 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: For Joyce (& YM)

Joyce ~ I, too, am very sorry to hear about your vehicle accident. Not the Toyota convertible, I hope. As you probably remember, you and I have exchanged email messages several times in the not-too-distant past. Glad to hear that you're on the mend!

Young Moon (Kelly) ~ It's always nice to read your posting(s). :0)

I remember you very well Miss Kelly~ :)..No, Thank god, Not my car!! I was a passenger, In a friends car!! her car was totalled. poor thing. but she walked away from the whole thing with a headache! unreal hey? I was glad tho!! I sure did not want to see her hurt. Kelly, You take care & hopefully in the distant Summer? I'll be out that way, Maybe we can hook up for a lunch? What'ya think? Always nice heaing from you & you take good care! Bye Kell~...peace, JOYCE ..:)

Message: 25894 Posted: Sat Jan 18 13:07:28 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: For Joyce

Joyce, so sorry to hear about your accident. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers along with Dewey. Let us know how you're doing. Cathy .......Cathy, Yes, It has been rough!! I haven't had a good nights sleep, since the accident! Even with the pain meds!! I can't wait till this whole thing is over!!! Although, the doctor did tell me, My hand will never be the same! great hey! Lucky I am not a guitar player!! :)..Hope dewey is doing, as well as can be expected!! belive I do KNOW!! thanks Cathy.. joyce...

Message: 25893 Posted: Sat Jan 18 13:02:59 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: Get well Dewey

! Anyway, I wish Dewey and Joyce a quick recovery.
That was very nice ~ Thank you very much ! :)..Joyce

Message: 25892 Posted: Sat Jan 18 11:30:59 2003 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please

Hello, all. I am really looking forward to the contest. Thanks again to Moser, Steve and all who voted for putting it together!
I am pleased to see that all 13 songs I voted for made the cut. In fact, they must have been pretty popular choices, since 3 of mine are #1 seeds and only 1 of the 13 is seeded below a #8.
Moser and Steve: since the format is like the NCAA tourney, can we assume that the top 8 songs, in order, were All My Life, Hat Trick, SGH, Ventura Highway, Garden of Peace, Wednesday Morning, Sgt. Darkness and Young Moon? Very interesting. All My Life might seem a mild surprise at #1 but should be high. The other 3 #1s make sense to me. Two songs off HOURGLASS in the next 4!? Wow. I love Wednesday Morning and could not agree more with its fine showing.
Anyway, take care all, and enjoy the tournament! Brad

Message: 25891 Posted: Fri Jan 17 22:19:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please

Thanks Mo for a great job on tallying the votes. I just finished transferring the spreadsheet information into the song tournament database and it's already for the voting to begin at 12:01 am on Sunday (Dewey's birthday). Here's a link to the song tournament login page or you can also find a link on the main page of the America Fans web site. The first time that you cast a vote you'll be prompted to enter a user name, password, name, and e-mail address. You can use the same user name and password as you have on this chat folder or you can use a different one. Lurkers and others who don't have accounts on the chat folder can still vote by creating a song tournament account. It's only used for the song tournament and you get to create your own password - you don't have to wait for one to be e-mailed to you. Until Sunday, all you'll be able to do is see the songs that have made the cut (i.e., the top 64). Starting Sunday, you'll be able to vote and/or see the results of the voting. If there are any questions, post them here or e-mail them to me and I'll do my best to answer them. Happy voting (and a happy early birthday wish to Dewey).

Message: 25890 Posted: Fri Jan 17 21:02:02 2003 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: gerry's bus picture....

I see and "H" in those posts....

Message: 25889 Posted: Fri Jan 17 19:32:22 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

It rarely snows in New Orleans either, we have not had substantial snow, meaning any accumulation since December of 1989 and the time before that was in January, 1972. It is a rare thing here. However, it has been cold here. We will go down into the 20's tonight. All my tropicals in the garden will shrivel up. Luckily most of them return in the Spring. By the way, I visited Greece in June of 1971, I spent a week in Athens, I visited Delphi and Corfu and the islands off the coast of Athens. In fact, I made 19 in Athens. Wonderful city and country. Loved all the ancient historical sites and the water of the Aegean is of an indescribable blue. One day I will have to return and take my family there.
I hope you get your wish and America gets to do a concert in Athens. I am sure Dewey and Gerry would love Greece as well. Imagine an America concert at the Acropolis or at Delphi...Take care,

Message: 25888 Posted: Fri Jan 17 18:59:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: ***SNOW &COLD ~VFTHW& Bus pic ~ The Envelope please !

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Yes Lass those ooooh soo nice lyrics Spell out exactly the scene here in my part of PA as well. It was in the single digits all day long here and is dipping below Zero this evening for sure. Mr Moon kinda made a sihloette appearance in the wee hours of the morning today. We got a new Fresh coat of Fluffy white snow and altho it does look ooooooh sooo pretty I am growing tired of it. ~~~ Hmmmm Vic, Duffy & Jimnak ~~ goooo ahead and rub it in some more why don't you! :) ~~ I sure could handle this setting about now ~~~~~~ Under palm trees, sun and moon, Headin' on down the coast, Over surf and sand, The warm wind in your hair ~~~ a nice getaway thought for sure! ~~ Pretty Neat Gerry ~~~ taking a pic of the snowy landscape from your bus window. When the other pic is full sized it looks as tho the rocks or mountains looks like a turtles shell spread out. ~~~ Hmm the VFTHW pic is relaxing and pituresque to say the least! Thanks! it is sooo nice being back on the road with your pics again! :)

Hi Kiri ~~ Nice to hear from you, it has been awhile, you have a neat job! Nice Idea you mentioned there!

Hey there Mo ~~ Great turn out ~~ 116 songs ~~ Hmmmmmm ~~ this would be soo nice if it were this song ~~ Young Moon ~~ for sure! ~~ DanC I think Hat Trick has a good chance at this too.... You have to admit it would be awesome to hear it live ~~ just think about it as the encore and with different guest singers, that would be a one in a lifetime thrill for sure! :) ~~~ Okay I am ready to VOTE ~~~ Dewey's Birthday what a nice day to start it all on! :)

Hi Jason ~~ I had meant to mention in my post yesterday, that Yes Yes Yes the is a nice site as well, just now as user freindly as this one, I seem to get stuck alot on it! I enjoy checking out Timothy's page and that was how I got the mp3 of his new song The Shadow, he sent it to me in an email. I saw the nice collection of singles sleeve covers that you posted there ~~ Nice collection! :) I second Red's comments to you that you have great taste in music! ~~ Nice sharing these commone interests with you, thanks Red for telling me about the eagles site...

Well Good Night all, Have a Great weekend! Nancy :)

~~~~ Fascination with the light in your hair, a celebration, nothing else can compare, An Invitation to share my life with you, Stepping forward, reaching out for your hand, Hear the music of the sea on the sand, Like a vision rising out of the blue, Looking like a Young moon in the heavens, Mother to the stars, Young moon guide us tonight~~~~ Sing it Dewey ~~ such a beautiful song for sure :)

Message: 25887 Posted: Fri Jan 17 18:48:19 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please (DanC)

Warmer but...nope.

Message: 25886 Posted: Fri Jan 17 18:47:18 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please (Jimnak)


Message: 25885 Posted: Fri Jan 17 18:11:13 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: SNOW, COLD & View From The Hotel Window

SNOW should be considered a one of those bad four letter words. I don't know what is worse, SNOW or COLD...It's a nippy -2 this evening in Montrose PA with a "real feel" of -21. Lovey weather if you are a penguin or polar bear. I enjoyed Gerry pic from Bow, WA, kinda nice seeing the bare ground again. **You can see your breath, your nose is cold The car won't start, the pipes are froze It's winter, snowy winter...** gonna snuggle up into my nice warm water bed, put the headphones on and listen to Grand Cayman and dream someplace warm.

Message: 25884 Posted: Fri Jan 17 17:34:48 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please

Hat Trick? although not my choice...DanC

Message: 25883 Posted: Fri Jan 17 16:55:05 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Envelope, Please


Message: 25882 Posted: Fri Jan 17 16:48:55 2003 By: Moser
Subject: The Envelope, Please

The polls are closed. The votes are counted. The pregnant chads have been delivered. Here are some statistics: 35 people submitted a list; 116 (!!!) songs were nominated; the longest list contained 27 songs. The info has been sent to our fearless leader for preparation for the tournament. Would anyone like to hazard a guess on what song received the most points?

Message: 25881 Posted: Fri Jan 17 15:16:35 2003 By: kiri
Subject: gerry's images

you know…i'm the editor of a graphic design magazine. if Gerry worked with these images in something like Photoshop, i'd have a reason to feature him (and promote a cd or two). ;-)

Message: 25880 Posted: Fri Jan 17 14:12:45 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Yakima

Howdy, Ger. It's heartwarming to see from your pictures that you're tuned in to our conversations here sometimes. Tell Dewey and the boys, "Hey!" from me and to Dewey, "Heal up quick and sell the **&^%%&%@@!!! ATV." And one more thing, I'll see you in a month and a half. I'm psyched. Counting the days....

Message: 25879 Posted: Fri Jan 17 13:45:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Yakima

Gerry is in Yakima, WA today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Bonus shot: Click here to see the view from the bus on the way to Yakima.

Message: 25878 Posted: Fri Jan 17 13:28:36 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

In Greece, it snowed last January. Last year it was too cold and it rained a lot. This year too, we had low temperatures and many rains. Greece is wonderful in summer. The winter is usually mild here and it's very rare to see snow. To be honest, I don'tlike neither snow nor cold. I prefer the heat.
I still wonder if America will give any concerts here. Well, I hope so!
There are no news here. Have a nice day.

Message: 25877 Posted: Fri Jan 17 11:50:03 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: To Pete, the Skier

Now your talking, Im glad someone out there likes snow. I live in upstate NY also and Ive been skiing all my life. Tommorow I hit the slops and listen to america on the way in the car.

Message: 25876 Posted: Fri Jan 17 11:15:33 2003 By: Moser
Subject: To Pete, the Skier

You said, "SNOW!!! I love it because Im a skier. That's America." And, you're right, that is the single saving grace of winter--skiing.

Message: 25875 Posted: Fri Jan 17 09:32:05 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

What is snow?:)

Message: 25874 Posted: Fri Jan 17 08:18:37 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

"This town don't look good in snow ..."


Message: 25873 Posted: Fri Jan 17 07:48:07 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: No Snow

Moser~ You ask, "Who could ask for a more desireable location?" well the answer might be, Oregon. No snow again this winter, except the sky slopes. This is our 4 winter with no snow. Come on out.


Message: 25872 Posted: Fri Jan 17 07:04:12 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

SNOW!!! I love it because Im a skier. That's America.

Message: 25871 Posted: Fri Jan 17 07:01:34 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: ***SNOW***

Moser...We only had flurries this morning in Massachusetts, but I SURE know what you mean about the snow! We've got no place to put it anymore...and a mini-storm is predicted for this week-end! ("Mini" means less than 5 accumulated inches! We're used to 10 - 16 inches this winter!)

It was 7 degrees outside when I awoke this morning. BRRRRR! Which is UP 6 degrees from two days ago. Gee, a possible January thaw?

Message: 25870 Posted: Fri Jan 17 05:13:05 2003 By: Moser
Subject: ***SNOW***

It is snowing here in scenic Rochester, NY. Big surprise. It has snowed 17 days in a row this year, 2003. And today's date is...the 17th. Hmm, anyone got an extra ticket to Hallendale? I've got a brain storm, let's have the fan gathering right here in the Great White North in the middle of next January. Who could ask for a more desireable location?

Message: 25869 Posted: Thu Jan 16 21:01:46 2003 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Get well, Joyce and Dewey!

Hello, all. I also wanted to wish Joyce and Dewey speedy recoveries. Joyce, your name sounded familiar to me. Then I remembered that, years ago, you sent me some great photos you took of an America concert from backstage. I still have them!
I too am looking forward to the song contest! Take care, Brad

Message: 25868 Posted: Thu Jan 16 20:42:18 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Bow

Gerry....what a lovely picture. But, what is it? A path?

Message: 25867 Posted: Thu Jan 16 19:11:14 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Bow

"Bow" your head and pray.

Gerry ~ Your recent photo looks to me like the final resting place of the last America fan that tried sneakin' in one of the concerts without paying. :0)

Am enjoying your "Views"!

Message: 25866 Posted: Thu Jan 16 19:02:52 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: For Joyce (& YM)

Joyce ~ I, too, am very sorry to hear about your vehicle accident. Not the Toyota convertible, I hope. As you probably remember, you and I have exchanged email messages several times in the not-too-distant past. Glad to hear that you're on the mend!

Young Moon (Kelly) ~ It's always nice to read your posting(s). :0)

Message: 25865 Posted: Thu Jan 16 18:35:35 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: VFTHTW Picture

Gerry, that's a very interesting picture of a view of the ground. Thanks for sending it to us.

Message: 25864 Posted: Thu Jan 16 18:33:10 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: For Joyce

Joyce, so sorry to hear about your accident. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers along with Dewey. Let us know how you're doing. Cathy

Message: 25863 Posted: Thu Jan 16 16:42:08 2003 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: gerry's picture

Sticks and Stones broke Dewey's bones, so a helmet we'll condone....

Message: 25862 Posted: Thu Jan 16 15:44:59 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Thanks for the Jeff Larson's replies & Great Live Chat & VFTHW pic !

Hi Everybody ~~~ Seeing the VFTHW Pic brings to mind Spring for me I picture lots of pretty perennial flowers starting to pop up from that hard brown grown and soooon bursting with bright colors ~~ buzzing bees, Hummingbird Jo or Josephine will be back to check them all out and then the oooooh sooo pretty butterflies. Nice ~~ Thanks Gerry for bringing a Vision of Spring to my Oooooooh sooo Bitterly cold snowy day! :)

Sorry Red ~~ Nothing against your saying it looks like a Sasquatch burial looks like that also.... I guess I am just longing for nicer weather for sure! Those Roxette lyrics sure do spell it out don't they ! :)

Thanks Gen, SteveL, JeffB ~~ for all of your replies to my Jeff Larson Complete set inquiry.... I will look into getting it soon. Yes Alan I do believe there is another song that Gerry worked on earlier with Jeff, and if I remember correctly the song title is a girls name, for some reason I think it is MaryAnne or something like that.... I remember reading about it when I first was checking out all the sound clips for his songs. I just love Fragile Sunrise, it has such a nice relaxing effect on me... soo I know I won't be disappointed with more of his music. ~~~ Now if I can only convince Brian the DJ that Jeff L is everybit as good or better than John Mayer, and to get him to play one of his songs on the radio... I know Jeff L's songs fit their format for sure! :)

Hi Mark ~~ Thanks for that very informative info on Elvis and the way they come up with the standings on albums and releases.... It was interesting!

Hi Joyce ~~ Sorry to hear about your accident, I wish you a complete recovery too. Enjoy some good music in your time off!

Hi Danae ~~ sorry to hear that you too had a broken leg and in the hot summer too, if you had a cast on that wasn't very comfortable for sure.

WOW!!!!!!!! ~~~ Last Nights Live Chat was AWESOME! I am sooo mad that I got there soo late, and then I couldn't get typing right my mind was frizzled from filling out tax forms (lotsa fun right) soo when I finally was in the swing of things everyone was calling it a night. It was great seeing all of my favorite nolifer's there and DanC what a pleasant surprise finding you on, nice seeing you some Steve O, Howie, Windwave(hope you had a good time in the jacuzzi) & even Matt stopped by but for some reason he kept getting booted (sorry Matt it would've been great to catch up on your news), even JoeB stopped by from Ill. ~~ he is one of the original america fans, and is a radio dj too sooo of course I had to ask him about what he thought about getting some of the Cayman songs played on the radio..... there was a new person there that claimed to be the Cute Fan that has the other message board curious. Hey Bones are you still enjoying the fact that Dewey mentioned you oooh soo many times in his message to Steve L! (you sure exited fast last night) anyway Thanks everybody it was really fun for sure! :)

Ooooh DanC ~~ You mentioning just how good the song Head & Heart sounds on this Homecoming DVD has me wanting the Mailman to deliver this as fast as he can.... I just love that song, I always have, I have my little niece singing it ooooh soo nice all I gotta do is start to sing Love me with your Head & Heart and she joins right in singing it word for word with me..... Nice :)

Aha Sergio ~~ Ventura Hwy is a great song for sure.... and I guess you know by now that I really like Head and Heart.... it would be great to hear them sing this live again. It is such a Simple but oooh sooo beautifuly done song. Nice that it has special meaning for you and your Mrs.

Well Mo ~~~ It is about 7pm here and you will soon be putting the finishing tallying up on this list of great songs.... I am soo anxious to get this going. Thanks for doing this Labor of Love for all of Us :)

Hi there Jimmmmmmm (bob) & Vic ~~~ I sure hope both of you got your lists of songs to Mo in time too..... :)

Okay gotta go for now, take care all, Nancy :) (hmmmmm I just gotta sing some of this great song) ~~~~~ There's just no way to play the things I'm feeling No way to tell you all the things you mean ~~~ Everyday I only feel like stealing away to where I know I can be free ~~~~ Love me with your Head and Heart, Love me from the place it starts, Love me with your head and heart, Love me when I'm Wilddddddddd ~~~~~~ Wow I love this song ooooh soo much ~~ Sing it Gerry, Dewey & Dan :) :) :) :) :) :)

Message: 25861 Posted: Thu Jan 16 15:00:03 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson


As a matter of fact, I was already planning to make "Watercolor Sky" my next JL purchase for 2 reasons: there's another Gerry-penned song on it (although I haven't heard this one yet) and I think the title is really cool (I think "Fragile Sunrise" is a really cool title too). Now I have a third reason - you recommended it! I guess that just about clinches it for me!


Message: 25860 Posted: Thu Jan 16 14:34:43 2003 By: Danae
Subject: America in Greece

Does anybody know if America will give any concerts in Greece?

Message: 25859 Posted: Thu Jan 16 14:32:46 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Bow

Could this be the burial site of Sasquatch? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm staring at the ground,
I'm bloodless, thrown away from the sun
What's lost cannot be found
I can't return your tears
If i ever live to be a thousand years
I'm staring at the ground
I never wished you a broken heart
Coincidence put you down

Roxette - Staring at the Ground

Message: 25858 Posted: Thu Jan 16 14:04:08 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Get well Dewey

So, you too Joyce had an accident?! Hope you are better now. I wish the same for Dewey. I understand you both, because, me too, I broke my left leg two years ago. I still remember it. It happened in June. So, I couldn't walk at all and I was very hot. Fortunately, it wasn't something very important. On July the 13th I started walking again.
This year, in summer too, my Dad had an accident with his motrcycle. He didn't break anyting, only a large injure on his ankle.
Well, let's stop talking about accidents! Anyway, I wish Dewey and Joyce a quick recovery.

Message: 25857 Posted: Thu Jan 16 13:38:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Bow

Gerry is in Bow, WA today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 25856 Posted: Thu Jan 16 07:03:28 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Check Your Email

I've just finished up replying to everyone who has submitted a list to me to this point (10:10 am Eastern). If you have not received an email response from me regarding your Top 10 List within the last few days, then that means, for some reason, I didn't receive it. Therefore, if you haven't heard from me, please resend your list on email so I can include it in the results. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, all 33 of you!!

Message: 25855 Posted: Thu Jan 16 06:47:36 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Eagles

My, My, My Jason you have typed the 6 greatest letters in music history. The answer being the EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!! You sure have good taste in music. Yes the website u mentioned for the EAGLES is a must see for the diehard fan. Lots of interesting info similar to this one. Waiting for the EAGLES to fly in to Denver this year. Saw them in Colorado Springs last September. Talk about greatness, words don't do them justice. Keep that collection up and hopefully they will tour in your area again before they croak. I can still hear Take it to the Limit, All She Wants to do is Dance, Rocky Mountain Way, I Can't Tell You Why and the rest so vividly. It is musical history everyone should be able to experience. Sing it Don.

They're pickin' up the prisoners
And puttin em in a pen
And all she wants to do is dance, dance
Rebels been rebels
Since I don't know when
And all she wants to do is dance
Molotov cocktail the local drink
And all she wants to do is dance, dance
They mix em up right
In the kitchen sink
And all she wants to do is dance

Message: 25854 Posted: Thu Jan 16 05:57:18 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Act Now!!

Just so we're all on the same "Pages," if you intend to send me a top 10 list for the song tournament, today is the deadline. Please email it to me by 7 pm Eastern time. That will give me a chance to finish the tabulating and then forward the results to our fearless leader, Steve. He will then set up the tournament brackets for the competition which will begin on the 19th, Dewey's birthday. It's now or never people.

Message: 25853 Posted: Thu Jan 16 04:50:38 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: ATV WHEELS ARE TURNING & Typhoid Mary


The list went out to Mo a couple of days ago. However, it was hard to pin down my 10 favorites (I actually sent 12). It will be interesting to see the results... I put "Ventura Highway" at the top of the list, just because apart from being melodically my favorite, it lyrically captures the essence of America combined with an upbeat wistful melody. The most obscure on my list was "Head and Heart" just because it hits home for me and it is so tender, intimate and soulfully smooth. So long,

Message: 25852 Posted: Wed Jan 15 21:30:09 2003 By: Joyce
Subject: Get Well Dewey~

Hello everyone...I haven't posted here for awhile, But I just had to post & tell Dewey, I sure hope he gets well very soon! I see his accident happened here in Wisconsin, while vacationing ! It must be that Wisconsin curse! I, Myself, was involved in a Motor vehicle Accident on Dec 26th. while on my way to a xmas party! I can understand how dewey feels, getting injured in such a way, not only hurts, But when you lose the use of your arm/hands it is very uncomftorble! I, had my thumb ripped off by the airbag! yes! Can you belive that, THANK GOD their were able to sew it back together & I still have it, I also, chipped a bone too, so I will reguire surgery to have a pin installed in about 4-6 weeks. That was my left hand, Now I am right handed, but on my right hand, I fractured 2 fingers! Man, It's really hard just trying to function. I also, have a sprained neck, a few cracked ribs & much brusing! You know, their was a moment, seconds after the car landed on the sidewalk & started filling up with smoke, That I honestly thought..Am I alive? the pain was incredible & their was so much blood! I soon, discovered that I was alive(thank the Lord) when my door opened & someone pulled me out. due to the smoke. The guy that hit me to, Had no DL or Ins. & he fled !!! But they caught him 2 blocks way. You think he could have waited to see how I was? UNREAL!! well..I am stuck here in the house & I can't do much, I have 1 finger I can type with ! Thank god. all I have right now is the computer & Tv. It will be at least another 4 weeks, untill I can get this cast off & then I have to have the surgery to have the pin installed & then another cast, for another 4-6 weeks. I will be out of commision for quite awhile!! Well...I basically just wanted to let Dewey know I was thinking about him & I hope he feels better real soon! I can't belive he is out their on tour? thank god for Penny! She'll take good care of him! God Bless Dewey & Hope to see you guy's here, this summer sometime. Take care~ JOYCE HALL ..Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Message: 25851 Posted: Wed Jan 15 19:07:05 2003 By: Dan
Subject: songs and Homecoming DVD

Just sent in my list of tunes to Moser. should be fun again. hope to see them add a couple of new tunes to the playlist when it's over. Hey Kevin I did check out the Head and Heart mystery but have no explanation why it's on there. I think that is my favorite track on the DVD audio. It just blows me away every time I listen to it in this format. and Mo. all three guys do a lead on that song. DanC.

Message: 25850 Posted: Wed Jan 15 16:39:03 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: RIAA and Elvis (and America)

<<Anyway, I thought the Elvis / RIAA articles were interesting and here they are. Sorry to be so verbose.>> No, not verbose at all but rather very interesting. I am glad to know all of that. I had no idea. Thanks.

Message: 25849 Posted: Wed Jan 15 16:07:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: ATV WHEELS ARE TURNING & Typhoid Mary

Nancy, you should definitely buy Jeff Larson's combined WaterColor Sky / Room For Summer CD because it has some bonus tracks in addition to the normal tracks. You won't be sorry.

Message: 25848 Posted: Wed Jan 15 15:38:23 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: J L Complete works 1998 / 2000 (Double CD)

Yes, Jeff. You're very right!
Mr Larson's Complete works 1998 / 2000 (Double CD) has "Room for Summer" and "Watercolor sky" and also contains bonus tracks such as some previously unreleased demos. It's a Magic (France) product btw.
I have a little personal story concerning this cd. I successivelly bought two copies of it but today I no longer own any of them : my sister took one during one of her visits, and last summer a German friend was so totally seduced by JL's songs, talent and delicate voice that she asked me where she could find it. I thought all I could do was to offer her the cds!... As the French saying goes, 'JAMAIS DEUX SANS TROIS ' :-)
Nancy, go for it. It's worth the few dollars you'll spend on it! (Costs about € 21 here).
And Pat, YES! JL is a great artist & a great MAN. Go spread his music too. BFN - Gen.

Message: 25847 Posted: Wed Jan 15 14:48:53 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Bitter end

...was listening to a talk show on KMOX St. Louis last night and the subject was Paul Colby and the Bitter end club in Greenwich village. He (Paul) mentioned among others America appearing there years ago.

Nancy, the Jeff Larson double CD has "Room for Summer" and "Watercolor sky" plus some other very nice songs.

Message: 25846 Posted: Wed Jan 15 14:46:29 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Eagles

Just to let fans of the EAGLES know there is quite a good fan site out there called You all know that I collect AMERICA singles which Steve features regularly. I also collect EAGLES singles too and this site has recently started to feature some of my collection if anyone is interested.


Message: 25845 Posted: Wed Jan 15 14:34:48 2003 By: Mark
Subject: RIAA and Elvis (and America)

At the bottom of this are links to articles concerning Elvis and the “certification” of his record sales in the US by the RIAA that I found very interesting and enlightening. The RIAA is the US recording industry’s “official” certifying body for awarding Gold, Platinum, and Diamond awards for sales of music and videos. Elvis is generally recognized by the music industry as the biggest selling performer of all time, with estimated sales exceeding the 1 BILLION mark worldwide, over 600 million in the US alone. However, according to the RIAA Elvis is only credited with about 90 million in sales in the US, placing him 4th in US sales behind The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Garth Brooks.

There are several reasons for this discrepancy. One being that RIAA did not start awarding gold records until 1958 and certification is not automatic when a sales milestone is reached. The record company must file for certification and submit proof of sales to the RIAA. In the 50’s and 60’s record companies would often issue their own gold records to artists and not bother with going through the RIAA for an “official” award. Many of Elvis’ early records were handled this way, so he got no RIAA credit for those sales. Now record labels use RIAA certification as a marketing tool and are much more likely to go through the RIAA certification process. To their credit, Elvis’ label is going back trying to document those sales and get RIAA certification for them. But documenting sales that are decades old is difficult.

Another problem is that the RIAA only counts sales in increments that match the awards. A Gold record is awarded for sales in excess of 500,000 and Platinum in increments of 1 million. For example if an artist had five albums that sold 400,000 each for a total sales of 2 million, the RIAA would not recognize ANY of those sales because none of them reached the minimum award level of 500,000. So as far as the RIAA is concerned, that artist would not even register. Elvis has had nearly 200 albums released in the US. Many of them sold well, but fell short of the minimum certification level of 500,000, so it’s like they didn’t sell a single one as far as the RIAA is concerned.

I think America probably has a similar problem with RIAA certification. Most of America’s albums during the 70s were certified Gold. The RIAA didn’t start awarding Platinum Albums until 1975 or 76, and it took a few years for that award to catch on with the industry and public. By that time America had left WB for Capitol. Obviously WB is not going to go through the effort and expense of certifying albums for a group that was now with another label.

But when WB released America and History on CD in the mid-80s they did get them certified Platinum as part of the marketing effort for those releases. And when they re-released Homecoming on DVD last year they also got it certified Platinum, again to help marketing. I have read in some interviews years ago that other America albums (like Holiday and Hearts) were also Platinum, but obviously were never certified. If Rhino/WB ever decides to release them on CD I would not be surprised if they aren’t accompanied by Platinum certifications. Also, History was certified multi-platinum with sales in excess of 4 million when it was released on CD in the mid-80s. It is my understanding that since its release on CD it has sold well over a million more copies (perhaps over 2 million). So it’s actual sales may be over 6 million. But WB has never applied for the additional certification and probably never will since Rhino released Complete Greatest Hits. They will probably focus on marketing Complete instead of History, so why bother with the effort and expense of certifying a product you are no longer pushing?

Anyway, I thought the Elvis / RIAA articles were interesting and here they are. Sorry to be so verbose.

Message: 25844 Posted: Wed Jan 15 14:24:36 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Jackson Browne (Red Oak)

Red Oak

I was lucky enough to see Jackson Browne perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival about 5 years ago. He headlined one night of a full 3 day event. His set wasn't that long, maybe 1 hour to 1 and a half but it was certainly a real treat. He played a number of tracks from his then current album I'M ALIVE and also quite a few from LATE FOR THE SKY.

My personal favourite is his first album and I regard the final track of that album MY OPENING FAREWELL as one of my all time top 5 songs ever.

I just hope I get the opportunity to hear it live.



Message: 25843 Posted: Wed Jan 15 08:37:43 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: ATV WHEELS ARE TURNING & Typhoid Mary

Hi Everyone ~~~ Hey Someone please turn off the Snow Making Machine ~~ enough is enough now..... Christmas is over sooo I am ready for an early Spring for sure.... It is soooo cold here ~~~ a line from Big Bird on Sesame Street just popped into my head, he said in one of the shows that this weather is not fit for man or bird, that he was freezing his Giblets off ~~~~ That sounds like an Ouch for sure! LOL! :)

Hey there Pat ~~ Good to hear from you, it has been awhile! Those new Lyrics for an ooooh soo familiar song are pretty neat..... Too Much ~~ thanks for sharing Your Hidden Talent with us. ~~~ Regarding Jeff Larson's other works ~~ there is a combined set released on that I was considering getting... I think it is the Watercolor Sky and Room For Summer songs combined together. Have you heard of this Pkg. set..... do you think it would be better for me to buy them individually??? My Inquiring mind is wondering this.....

Hi there TZ MAC (Tim) ~~ Your one line lyric was well said too.... I will always think about this now when I hear Wheels are Turning for sure....

Hi Nina ~~~ Hmmm I think that what Typhoid Mary needs is to actually make it to one of their shows real soon, sooo as to break this streak of bad luck...... AMERICA's Music sure has a Nice Magical effect that will take over her, and leave her on a nice High.... Sooo tell her I will not take NO for an answer this time, You are coming with me to the show! She will thank you afterwards for taking this stand.

Hi there Alan, Goanna, Sergio ~~~ I hope all of you took time to get a list of your favorite songs sent to Mo ~~ You too PatB & Sergio.... Alright Mary ~~ Great to hear you are sending in a list. :)

Well Red ~~ I found those songs by Jackson Browne, and Yes I can see why you like Load Out/Stay ~~ Nice song, lyrics & music, and his song That Girl Could Sing is Awesome.... I love his voice and the music in it..... I also downloaded my favorite one too..... She's Got to be Somebody's Baby toooo ~~~ I could handle seeing Jackson in concert for sure!

Have a great day all, and yes it is Wednesday again, time for live chat tonight..... I hope to make it there! Nancy :)

~~~~Oooooooh won't you stay just a little bit longer, please please please stay just a little bit longer, if your Mama don't mind or your Daddy don't mind, it may take a little time~~~~ Staaaaaaaaaaayyy just a little bit longer! Nice :)

Message: 25842 Posted: Wed Jan 15 07:19:46 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Typhoid Mary

I have a life-long friend (since PRE-SCHOOL) who is a wonderful woman, but her life seems to parallel "Murphy's Law"! She has come to be known affectionately as Typhoid Mary, both at work and among friends. I've been trying desperately to get her to come to see "America" with me...but everytime we plan it...something goes wrong. She was invited when the guys cancelled a NH concert due to a blizzard. She came with me to CT when the guys cancelled due to Gerry's gall stones. I invited her to come to the Feb. show in Plymouth, MA...and Dewey has an accident! I called her last night and told her that if she hasn't made up her mind yet about coming, that I have someone else interested in the tickets!!! She's NOT Dewey and Gerry should be able to perform WITHOUT incident!

Message: 25841 Posted: Wed Jan 15 06:59:43 2003 By: Moser

That was very clever and funny. Thanks for sharing. Dewey will probably get a big kick out of that.

Message: 25840 Posted: Wed Jan 15 05:00:03 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson

Alan~ Since you like Jeff Larson's "Fragile Sunrise" I think that you will definitely like his "Watercolor Sky" and "Room For Summer" CDs as well.
If I were to choose just one, I would recommend "Watercolor Sky" over "Room For Summer". ~Pat

Message: 25839 Posted: Wed Jan 15 04:52:19 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey

Thanks for the message Dewey and Steve. I guess I started all the controversy with my bio, and mentioning I had seen your broken arm at your first concert of the season in Bay St. Louis, Miss. I am sorry, I did not mean to start such a flurry of conjecture... I have a whole gang of people (relatives and friends)going to see America at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Fl. Keep up the great work. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sergio

Message: 25838 Posted: Wed Jan 15 04:39:35 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey

Dewey~ Sincerely Wishing You A Speedy Recovery. ~Pat B.

Message: 25837 Posted: Wed Jan 15 04:37:51 2003 By: Pat B.

The paramedics will be here in the morning
Purple bruises will rise up from my skin
After that I can just lift up the curtain
And the doctor will be there at my door

Down the road I saw the tree stumps a-stumpin'
I ignored the signs telling me where to go
And for me that was a bold invitation
It's all I need, don't need any more broken bones


Now the trees are rising out of the forest
ATVs are flying by in the woods
Yes that's a tree in front of me just waitin'
It's time to move out of the way that much I know
Stepped on the gas and took a breath of a tree stump
Wished someone had told me which way to go
Cuts and bruises on my body for certain
The missing map has come back to my door


Thunder in the hospital
A traction device
Black eye with an indigo glow
Nasty gash above my eye

Music in the hospital
Because I still can play
My black guitar with an indigo glow
After only eleven days


Message: 25836 Posted: Wed Jan 15 03:02:24 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey

Hi Guys,

I haven't been on the chat folder for a while... so catching up has been interesting....
Reading about Dewey's accident I guess highlights how easy it is to get into a mishap and suddenly get sidelined... gee, thank god Dewey is o.k. and wow! still playing.... take care Dewey, be safe.....

Message: 25835 Posted: Tue Jan 14 19:49:46 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey (Tim)

Good one ~ Tim!

And, I've been eating black crow with an indigo glow!!! :0)

Message: 25834 Posted: Tue Jan 14 19:26:13 2003 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey

Those 4 wheelers are turning over once again ...............


Message: 25833 Posted: Tue Jan 14 18:53:14 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Cookies

Nancy, I know that there is something called cookies on the computer, but I don't know what they are and what they do. I will find out though. Mmmm, maybe they should be chocolate chip. It's good that things are messed up sometimes because that's how we learn. You would think that I'd know more about the computer since I use one all day every day at work, but I know enough to do what I have to (usually). I'll get to the bottom of this problem.

Message: 25832 Posted: Tue Jan 14 16:25:32 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne

Red oak,

I would have to agree with you. I saw JB back in '78 or '79 (I saw a lot of good shows during that period) and I would have to say that it was one of the best shows I have EVER seen, right up there w/ America.

Does he still have Craig Doerge and David Lindley in his band? They were both awesome.


Message: 25831 Posted: Tue Jan 14 16:21:26 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Dewey's injuries

Haven't logged on to the Chat Folder for some time until today and saw the message from Dewey about his accident.

Get well soon, Dewey! Having been in an accident before with (many) broken bones, I can empathize with what you're going through.


Message: 25830 Posted: Tue Jan 14 16:17:59 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Jeff Larson

Hi everyone!

I've briefly come out of hibernation again. I've read so much about Jeff Larson here on the Chat Folder and I've been wanting to give him a listen, but money has been tight.

Well, I had a $40 Borders gift certificate and among my purchases was Jeff's Fragile Sunrise. I chose it because Gerry's Norman was on it. I still remember America playing it at their concert back in '78. It took me years to find out the name of the song - the only lyrics I could remember were "I've never flown a plane before" and bits and pieces of the melody (it was someone here on the chat folder that solved the mystery for me about a year ago). But above all else, I remember it being a really good song.

Well, I must say the whole album is great. I still like Norman the best because of all the memories it brings back, but almost every song on it is a gem! There are only a couple I like slightly less than the rest, but they are all good tunes.

I definitely hear the America influence, but I also hear pretty strong Eagles and Poco influences. And his voice is so smooth.

Thank you chatters for turning me on to another great artist I would have otherwise not known even existed! I can hardly wait to get "Watercolor Sky" and "Room For Summer".


Message: 25829 Posted: Tue Jan 14 15:57:54 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey

That was nice of Dewey to let us know what happened. Glad to hear that he is ok and it wasn't as serious as it could have been. He definately is a really trooper to be back on the road and performing in such a short time. Get well soon Dewey and I hope to see you in concert this summer

Message: 25828 Posted: Tue Jan 14 15:36:08 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: RE:Nancy

Hi, Nancy, Okay... It's going to be soooo hard but I'll do it. I guess you will be getting the chicken out of me sooner or later. It's just soooo hard!!!!! I have so many favorites. So I'll go through my list and get them in order.Take care. Mary

Message: 25827 Posted: Tue Jan 14 14:07:55 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Dewey(Nancy) & Jackson Browne

Me Again ~~~

Yes Mary I was asking you my friend! Nice to see your post, I thought of you when I was reading Dewey's message and I knew how happy you would be to see his message. Oooooooh Mary ~~ come on and get a list to Mo..... I know it is oooh sooo hard, but you gotta send in a list, you just gotta. Hurry there still is time Okay? I am soo anxious to see which song will make it to the end, I know one thing it is going to be sooo hard voting at the end for sure! Take care! :)

Oooooh Myyyyyy ~~~ Redddddd eeeeeee Oakkkkkk ~~~ Nice to finally see a post from you too. I know how much you like Jackson's song Load Out/Stay ~~ I gotta hear that song one day! I too agree that a show with AMERICA & Jackson Browne would be one awesome show for sure, Jackson could even join in singing some of our oooh sooo loved AMERICA songs with Gerry & Dewey! That would be Neat! I heard one of my favorite songs of his on the radio just a little bit ago.... ~~~~ She's got to be somebody's babe, she has to be somebody's babeeeee, she's soooo fine ~~~~ Well she's gonna be somebody's only light, gonna shine tonight yeah she's got to be somebody's baby tonight ~~~~ Sing it Jackson.... there may be some ooops and boops in there, I am on my work comp. and all my songs are upstairs on my other computer..... Anyhow that is one of my favorite songs of his.... Wow Red those are some nice lyrics you quoted there! Nice :) The Eagles is on the radio here now, One of These Nights ~~ anothrer fave of mine as well......

Hmmmm Regarding ATV 4 wheel veh. ~~~ They are sooo much fun, it would be hard not to ride them again, once you have.... Dewey next time wear a Helmet please! :)

Okay gotta get now, my daughter's dance class is this evening!
See ya all later! :) Nancy :)

~~~~~ When you call for me, I can feel you breathe, I get wings to fly ~~ I am alive....... I know that I'm alive, set my heart on fire, fill my heart with love, make me woman....... when you call on me, when you reach for me, when I hear you breathe, I get wings to flyyyyyy, I ammmm alive...... Sing it Celine Dion ;) :) :) :) :)

Message: 25826 Posted: Tue Jan 14 13:04:55 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:Dewey(Nancy)

Hi,Nancy, I don't know if it was me that you were asking, but I'm glad to hear that Dewey is fine.My best to him. Lucky Penny!!! I haven't sent Mo a list because there are soooo many favorites that I have. I haven't even listed the top albums because it is so hard to choose. I love them all. Hope they make it to California Adventure again thi s year and also to The Grove in Anaheim. I'll definitely be there if so. Take care. You too, Dewey!!! Mary Henderson

Message: 25825 Posted: Tue Jan 14 12:53:10 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne

Good to see you have good taste in performers. Are you attending both shows in London? Jackson Browne should do a tour with America. That certainly would be prime time. Enjoy the opportunity to see one of the best entertainers money can buy. His backup people are first rate and compliment him to a tee. My favorite is the LoadOut/Stay combination encore song if he still does it. Course he changes his playlist once in awhile unlike someone else we know. Keep us informed when you attend and we expect a first rate review of his performance.

Running into the midnight
With her clothes whipping in the wind
Reaching into the heart of the darkness
For the tenderness within
Stumblin’ into the lights of the city
And then back in the shadows again
Hanging onto the laughter
That each of us hid our unhappiness in

Talk about celestial bodies
And your angels on the wing
She wasn’t much good at stickin’ around - but
She could sing...

Message: 25824 Posted: Tue Jan 14 10:22:05 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Actual Arm Story

Thanks for giving us the real scoop Dewey! I wish you a speedy recovery. ( Is the ATV for sale yet?)

Message: 25823 Posted: Tue Jan 14 10:17:57 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: The Actual Arm Story

OK well first of all I want to wish Dewey a speedy recovery (stay off that ATV will ya?) and now I have learned something new- that the guitar can still be played with a broken arm! Now, after all our speculation wasn't it great to finally get the accurate story FROM THE "HORSES MOUTH"? YES! I couldn't resist that line! GO DEWEY!!!

Message: 25822 Posted: Tue Jan 14 07:52:44 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey & More

Hi there Everybody ~~

Thanks SteveL for sharing this message from Dewey with us. That sure does sound OUCH Dewey ~~ I am glad it wasn't anything worse, and yes I will pray for a quick complete recovery. I am sure having Penny travel with You is what makes performing at the shows much more bearable ~~ Nice! Thanks for letting us know! Take Care! :)

Hi there Jason ~~ Neat you will get to see Jackson Browne, be sure and let us know all about it okay???? Enjoy!

Hi Johnny ~~ That is too much about the Cats in the Cradle ongoing misunderstanding on who sings it.... I guess we that know the real music artist of this song will have to keep Harry's name known, so as not to be completely forgotten with time. ~~~ Too much that that little girl had the name America!~~ Nice name tho! ~~~~ Regarding the A & E Live by Request with the Bee Gees I have that taped too, I will have to dig it up also. Yes I agree Maurice was often overshadowed by his brother's, but I will say this, he was very devoted to his brothers and was always there for them when they needed him, he was a very giving person!

Hi Cathy ~~ Lucky you getting to see the Bee Gees Live at Madison Square Garden ~~ that had to be a Great show! Jimbob from NZ got to see them on their newer tour couple of years back and he said it was a Great show. It was a sell out crowd for sure! Hmmmmm ~~ wish I could offer some help on how to get into the live chat. Maybe call your internet server and see how your Cookies are set up. I know there are different levels that the privacy can be set at. I am calling my internet server tech man all the time. He is a Wealth of Info! :)

You are quite welcome Sergio! ~~ Our live chats can be quite interesting at times, but one thing is for sure they are alot of fun!

Nice seeing you post Am Girl ~~ Did you send in your top 10 favorite songs to Mo yet? Talk to you on wed. at live chat! :)

Hi Mary ~~ I know you must be relieved to see a message from Dewey. Have you sent Mo your top 10 favorite songs yet????

Hey there DanC ~~ I sure hope you get your butt on the computer and catch up on the posts sooo that you too will get your list to Mo in time!

Same goes for you Jimmmmmmmm did you send Mo a list of your faves ??? I Hope sooooooo! ;)

Well Red eeeeee Oakkkkkkkkkkk ~~ You probably have Nelleybelle all fired up and loaded ready for another day of fun. You best have sent your list to Mo! :)

Have a good day all! Nancy :)

~~~~ How have You been, say it's me again, it's been a long long time, there's so much to say, where do I begin, I'll sit down and sing You a line, I'm hoping everything is fine, You got me thinking of You Always, Always, every day every night and when I'm thinking of you always, I want you more than life. ~~~ Time is seasoned with endless love, memories never fade, all the distance, makes it hard to live, but I dream about us every day awwww and Missing You I just gotta say ~~~ You got me thinking of you Always every day every night and when I'm thinking of you Alwayssssss ~~~ Sing it Firefall ~~ I love this song :) :) :)

Message: 25821 Posted: Tue Jan 14 07:16:33 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Dewey's Message

Dewey! You daredevil, you! Not only ONE body part broken...but TWO!

O.K....Now what have we leanred about 4-wheeling?!!!!

Take care of yourself! Moser and I want you ALL HEALED UP by the February 28th show! (Which is about 6 weeks away!)

Message: 25820 Posted: Tue Jan 14 07:04:52 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Message From Dewey (Dewey)

Thanks for the message, Dewey! Glad to hear you're doing well.

The wrist? Are you sure? LOL

Message: 25819 Posted: Tue Jan 14 06:52:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From Dewey

Here's a message that Dewey sent to me late last night (but I just read it this morning):


To ease the suspense I want to let you and everyone reading the chat folder know that I will be fine with a little healing. On Dec. 29, while vacationing in Wisconsin, I had an accident in the north woods on my ATV (4-wheeler). I managed to break my right arm just above the wrist and compress the wrist bones, while damaging some ligaments etc. I am presently fitted with a traction device which is anchored to the hand and forearm bones by 4 pins. This pulls the wrist back into position while the bone mends... ouch! It looks pretty gruesome, but was the best option for this type of injury.

In addition, my head hit a tree stump and I got a nasty gash above my right eye which bisected my eyebrow and crossed the bridge of my nose (which was also broken). A few other cuts and bruises were thrown in to complete the lesson!

I have had excellent care and was surprised to be able to play a little guitar this weekend after only 11 days... singing is no problem! Penny will travel with me these next few weeks to help with dressing, packing etc. and we are very grateful that things were not worse.

Thanks to everyone concerned, and rest assured things should be just about normal within 6 weeks.


Message: 25818 Posted: Tue Jan 14 00:46:28 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Jackson Browne

Just managed to get tickets for Jackson Browne who's playing in London in March. Can't wait. All I need now is for our guys to announce a European tour. Come on, you know you want to...

Message: 25817 Posted: Mon Jan 13 20:55:32 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Air Cast" ?

..."air guitar"?

I recorded the Bee Gees on "Live By Request" last year, I believe it was. Maurice sure was quite the cut-up! He really seemed to have a great sense-of-humor; whereas, his fraternal twin, Robin, seemed to be quite the opposite...very serious. Also, I read on the MSNBC website the other day that Maurice felt under-appreciated for his musical talent...overshadowed by his two brothers in the group. I can't say that I disagree about the overshadowing.

Message: 25816 Posted: Mon Jan 13 20:22:26 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Cat Stevens Vs. Harry Chapin Revisited

I mentioned previously about the Cat Stevens vs. Harry Chapin discussion I had with two co-workers. Today, I was chatting with three other co-workers about "Cat's In The Cradle." I asked each person separately who sang the song. I gave each the choice of Stevens or Chapin. Incredibly, ALL THREE said Cat Stevens! What is with that? One person was my age and the other two were in their 20s - 30s. I just don't understand the misunderstanding.

Also, today we had a 2 year old patient who had the first name, "America"! I asked the mother if her daughter was possibly named after 'our guys' or the Mexican musical group. She said it was neither. She said her daughter's name was given to her by the father who is a big fan of a Mexican football team [soccer to us Americans] named "America". I also asked if she was familiar with either musical group. She said no. Regardless, I told her that "America" was a very cool name for her daughter.

Message: 25815 Posted: Mon Jan 13 20:09:06 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Live Chat Connection Problems - This and That

SteveL, I tried what you suggested for Internet Options and it seems like everything is set the way it should be, but I'm not quite sure because I still can't connect to the live chat after trying several times. I still get the same message that the TCP connection failed. Thanks for your help, if you think of anything else I can try let me know. I'm sure everyone will keep me posted if anything major happens on live chat, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get through. I really wish I could.~~I hope Dewey's arm is on the mend real soon. Nancy, I don't think I'll make it to the show at the Keswick theatre. I saw them about four months ago at the NY State Fair and can't wait to go again!! ~~ It's so sad to hear of the loss of Maurice Gibb. I love the Bee Gees and was very fortunate to have seen them at Madison Square Garden in 1979. They performed for THREE HOURS and their brother Andy was a surprise guest at the show. It was incredible! Nancy, I saw that VH1 episode you mentioned about Andy Gibb and the song, "Arrow Through the Heart." The lyrics are kind of eerie in view of his death at so young an age. Maurice was young too. Their family is in my prayers. I sent Moser my song list. So tough to choose only ten songs, but I made myself come up with a list. Hearing the results will be fun.~~Jason, thanks for tabulating the results for the top ten albums. The results are very interesting.~~Sergio, welcome to the chat folder. It was nice to hear from you and to read your bio. Take care everyone. Cathy

Message: 25814 Posted: Mon Jan 13 20:08:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Tournament Report

Without giving any pertinent info on which songs are in the lead, here is some info regarding the song tournament:
(I don't want to prematurely "call" the vote like some networks might do. That might skew the voting. Then the Florida voters would be confused and finally we would have to call in the Supreme Court to make the final decision. Just too messy.)
25 People have submitted lists of Top 10 (or 12, 15 or even 20) Songs.
13 lists have been entered onto the master list.
There are already over 70 songs on the master list.
If you intend to submit a list, please do so as soon as possible and definitely by Thursday.
Thanks to those of you who have submitted a list.

Message: 25813 Posted: Mon Jan 13 19:57:22 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Sergio) & Song Contest Reminder

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the compliment.I look forward to the chats and the info available on our favorite group-America.

Message: 25812 Posted: Mon Jan 13 19:35:58 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Hope you are healed soon, Dewey!

Well said, Danae. Best wishes to Dewey for a speedy recovery!!!

Message: 25811 Posted: Mon Jan 13 18:26:22 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Broken Arm (Pete)

Pete ~ I don't think Dewey's broken arm is at the wrist. I think it's near the elbow which could be either the lower or the upper arm. If it were near the wrist, Dewey probably wouldn't need to wear a sling. He could wear a simple cast on his lower arm. Wearing a sling seems to indicate to me that he has a break nearer the elbow area which would probably need to be immobilized. Could be several near the elbow AND one near the wrist but I think at least one nearer the elbow. <---- All the above based on x-ray tech work. I could be all wet, too! :0)

Message: 25810 Posted: Mon Jan 13 17:42:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Marketing Question (Jason)

Jas ~ I never purchased America singles. Well, not until the last couple of years as collector items, that is. Never did because a single was useless to me back then. As a diehard America fan even years ago, LPs and 8-tracks were the only way to go for me.

Message: 25809 Posted: Mon Jan 13 16:21:41 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Dewey & Brad

Mo ~ Naw, I don't belong to any Psychic Friend Network, just a freak occurance

Nancy ~ in case you haven't already, check out message 2919 posted by Vince on the VH board regarding the new base player.

Dewey deserves lots of credit for continuing to perform despite his broken arm. Most bands would have put their tour on hold in such a situation. Just goes to show what professional and outstanding performers Dewey and Gerry are and what dedication they have to thier fans. Wishing Dewey a very speedy recovery!!!

Message: 25808 Posted: Mon Jan 13 13:57:25 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Hope you are healed soon, Dewey!

Hi all! Hope everyone is fine.
In six days is Dewey's birthday. He has just received a... wonderful "gift": a broken arm! Anyway, I hope he gets well soon. My best wishes for a quick healing, Mr. Bunnell.
I have just installed a Real Audio Player in my computer. I listened almost all the Real Audio soundclips. I like "Till the sun comes up again- Live in Toronto", "Crying in my sleep", "Last two to dance- Live in Italy", "Sh Boom" and "Van Go Gan".
I have to leave, greetings to everyone
Have a nice day

Message: 25807 Posted: Mon Jan 13 10:18:56 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: "Air Cast" ?

Me Again ~~
Oooooh Bruce you are too much! I guess with me having a hubby, plus 2 sons that love to play basketball and love to end up spraining, fracturing, and breaking their ankles at times, is the only reason I know of these air casts and stints..... I do know where you are coming from with the pic of the big white cast and everyone signing it.... my hubby has been there done that too. ~~ Yes I too would enjoy seeing some pics from the recent shows, some reviews too..... I am sooo curious to see the playlist of songs, to see if any songs have been changed and who is filling in for Brad, or isn't he with the guys anymore ????

Hmmmm I was reading about Maurice Gibb on my MSN and I did a search on AMERICA and they have quite a selection of albums listed on their here is the address if anyone wants to check it out. <<<<< >>>>>>>

Gotta go ~~ See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 25806 Posted: Mon Jan 13 10:13:00 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Marketing Question

Hi all,

Having collected Picture Sleeve Singles for a while now I recently noticed a correlation between AMERICA's more successful and less successful singles. Although the US didn't feature many picture sleeves those in Europe diffinitely correspond to their better known songs and I wonder if this shows how much the record company actually pushed some songs and maybe not others.

A case in point is ONLY IN YOUR HEART which I think is a great song but did quite badly in the US charts. To date I have not found any picture sleeves for this song. Now maybe this is because it faired badly everywhere and is therefore rare, but could it relate to a lack of marketing?

For those of you who were around in those heady days and were early fans, I'd be intertested to learn whether you noticed a difference in marketing of those earlier singles.


Message: 25805 Posted: Mon Jan 13 09:56:30 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Air Cast"?

Hey Nancy, what do I know? "Air casts"? I mean, when I was a kid and someone in school broke their arm or leg, they would have a big white cast on that everyone would sign! You can see how the thought of Dewey playing his guitar with one of those babys on would be weird! What we need, fellow fans, is a current picture of Dewey playing!

Message: 25804 Posted: Mon Jan 13 09:26:41 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Sergio) & Song Contest Reminder

Hi Everyone ~~

Thanks Steve for updating us on Dewey's broken arm. ~~~ I sure hope it will heal up completely. Wow ~~ Dewey ~~ You are a Real Trooper for sure!

Hi there Bruce ~~ My son fractured his ankle playing basketball last week and he doesn't have to wear a cast, he has one of those air cast stints. ~~ Maybe this is what Dewey has allowing him more mobilization with his arm. It is nice that they have come up with these newer things to replace the casts.

Welcome aboard Sergio ~~ Nice Bio! Enjoy joining in on here, it sure is a comfortable place to post on!

Oooooh Mo ~~~ I sent my list to you earlier, I hope you got it! It was sooo hard, but I just bit the bullet and did it~ LOL! :)

Aha Lass ~~ That is quite creepy those preminitions you had.... Hmmmm why didn't Brad start the 2003 tour???? I didn't see anything about that.
Hi there Jimmmmmmmmm did you send your top 10 list to Mo yet? :)

Have a great day all! See ya Nancy :) ~~~ Brian the DJ has been playing Bee Gee's songs on the lunch hour..... sooo sad, what great songs...... for sure! ~~~~~ one of my favorites ~~~~ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I know your eyes in the morning sun, I feel you touch me in the pouring rain, and the moment that you wander far from me, I wanna feel you in my arms again, and you come to me on a summer breeze, keep me warm in your love, then you softly leave, and it's me you need to show How Deep Is Your Love, how deep is your love, I really need to know, cause we're living in a world of fools, breaking us down, when they all should let us be, we belong to you and me, I believe in you, you know the door to every sun.... you're the light in my deepest darkest night, you're my savior when I fall, and you may not think I care for you, when You know down deep inside that I really dooooo ~~~ Sing it Barry, Maurice & Robin :)

Message: 25803 Posted: Mon Jan 13 08:04:08 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Broken Arm (Bruce)

All depends which part of the arm is broken, Lower arm or the upper. Could be his wrist or just above which he would wear a cast on his lower arm. Or maybe he did the upper arm. Hope its not near the joint which would be his elbow.

Message: 25802 Posted: Mon Jan 13 07:05:53 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: THE ARM

We need DETAILS!!! Hopefully, Steve will hear from Dewey and get the details, and yes, Johnny, ok it could be the right arm, but still, I'm impressed!

Message: 25801 Posted: Mon Jan 13 07:05:38 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: THE ARM

We need DETAILS!!! Hopefully, Steve will hear from Dewey and get the details, and yes, Johnny, ok it could be the right arm, but still, I'm impressed!

Message: 25800 Posted: Mon Jan 13 06:57:00 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Dewey The Trooper

Boy, that Dewey is something else, he definitely is a trooper! To keep on performing with a broken arm .. how many other performers would do that??? None that I can think of...except, ofcourse, Gerry!


Message: 25799 Posted: Mon Jan 13 06:54:12 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Broken Arm (Bruce)

<< seems to me as a [guitar] player that unless I can bend my elbow, how can I play?>>

Bruce ~ Someone here said Dewey's arm was in a sling so that would mean his arm is positioned with his elbow bent which I guess could allow him to play the guitar some. Also, to me that would mean it's Dewey's right arm that's probably broken.

Message: 25798 Posted: Mon Jan 13 06:34:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Johnny)

Lass, You wouldn't happen to know Dionne Warwick, would you?

Message: 25797 Posted: Mon Jan 13 05:56:23 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Broken Arm

OK I'm baffled. I play guitar. How the ---- can you play a guitar with a broken arm? Everytime I've seen someone with a broken arm, there was a major cast on it. Maybe it's a "small break" that doesn't involve the elbow? Because it seems to me as a player that unless I can bend my elbow, how can I play? Is anyone else wondering the same thing? In any event, Dewey, I hope you heal FAST!

Message: 25796 Posted: Mon Jan 13 04:44:56 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Sergio)

Thanks, Johnny, I am glad to be on board. Look forward to participating along with the rest of the America fans.

Message: 25795 Posted: Mon Jan 13 02:30:41 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Johnny)

Johnny ~ I wish I could tell you yes, but truthfully I haven't a clue. Now for the really spooky part of my premonition: it was due to and auto accident and I thought that it would be Brad Palmer who had the broken arm and that he would not be starting the 2003 tour. Then I see on the VH board that Brad didn't start the 2003 tour.... how freaky is that?!?

Message: 25794 Posted: Sun Jan 12 20:29:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Song Contest Reminder

Just a reminder that everyone needs to get their top 10 (or more, if necessary) songs to Mo Bufton at by this Thursday so we can have the song contest ready to go by January 19th (Dewey's birthday). I know it's tough to pick only 10 so if you need to pick 12 or 13 (or more), go ahead and send them all in. Mo will tabulate the top 64 and send them to me for inclusion in the contest. --SteveL

Message: 25793 Posted: Sun Jan 12 20:11:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Sergio)

Immediately after posting Sergio's bio I sent a message to Dewey, Gerry, and Erin asking about Dewey's arm. I told them I wouldn't say anything about it on the chat folder if they didn't want me to. But, there's already been plenty said about it. Gerry is the only one who has responded so far and he said that Dewey does have a broken arm and that he's being a real trooper by playing these concerts. As Gerry put it, "the show must go on". There was no word on how his arm was broken but I don't suppose it really matters. I think that hauling in a giant fish down in Florida or hitting it on some beautiful coral formations while scuba diving would be good ways to break it.

Message: 25792 Posted: Sun Jan 12 19:49:39 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"??? (Sergio)

Thanks, Sergio, for the info. By the way, I enjoyed reading your bio. Welcome aboard!

I guess if the guys want us to know any details about Dewey's arm, one of them will let us know via Steve.

Message: 25791 Posted: Sun Jan 12 19:39:29 2003 By: Sergio G. Rodriguez
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"???

At the Friday, January 10th concert, America's first concert of the 2003 tour, Jerry Beckley informed the audience that Dewey had a broken arm, but that the tour would go on. No information of how, when or where it happened. Dewey played terrificly even though his arm was in a sling.

Message: 25790 Posted: Sun Jan 12 19:38:22 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"???

I heard Dewey broke his arm hauling in the "big one"...a big whopper of a fish! Just kiddin', of course.

Lass ~ You're scaring me but any premonition on how the year will end? Recording contract, perhaps? :0)

Message: 25789 Posted: Sun Jan 12 17:36:26 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed"???

Whoa...I have chills reading this news. Believe or not (no joke), about a month ago I a premonition that one of the guys in the band would be starting the 2003 tour schedule with a broken arm. Why I would even imagine such a thing is beyond me, but it's been a nagging thought for few weeks. Then to hear about Dewey.... spooky...

Message: 25788 Posted: Sun Jan 12 16:42:29 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: All you need is Love!

Hi everyone,
Sunday already gone here! Learnt some sad news today, visiting this site... A person's death is always a tragedy !
Paradoxically made me think about the day's good news I heard from America. Seems you have a great guy as governor in Illinois who officially opposed death penalty in his state, after admitting that a number of the prisoners who were executed recently were actually proved innocent.
Sure, somewhere out there J. Lennon & G. Harrison are singing
<<No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can make that can't be made.
It's easy.>>
And on a somehow lighter note even though we're all willing to know, I hope Dewey's arm is just fine!
Love, Love, Love... - Gen

Message: 25787 Posted: Sun Jan 12 15:09:36 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Lyric Laughs

Although I am thinking about and praying for the Gibb family's loss and Dewey's apparently broken arm, I have a funny thing or two to pass along. My poor family is continuously bombarded with America music, of course. They are good sports about it most of the time. They catch themselves singing along even though they claim they don't love the stuff. Recently, Molly asked me why they were singing about a bar of soap. I didn't know what she was talking about. We were finally able to figure out that she thought that the lyrics were, "Bar o' soap, Bar o' soap" rather than, "Barstow, Barstow." More recently, my husband and I were listening to the Highway boxed set in the car. When Dewey was singing, "Three roses were bought...," my husband thought he was singing, "Three girls in a bar..." You gotta love 'em.

Message: 25786 Posted: Sun Jan 12 14:22:14 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Dewey "Disarmed" ???

Me Again ~~
Hmmmm Me too Johnny, My inquiring mind is curious as to what this Sergio meant exactly too about Dewey. I sure hope it isn't anything serious. ~~~ Steve L do you know what he is talking about? Let us know if you hear anything, Okay? ~~~ Nancy :)

Message: 25785 Posted: Sun Jan 12 13:09:38 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey "Disarmed"???

What's it all about regarding Dewey having a "broken arm" according to fellow fan Sergio Rodriquez (see his bio on the home page) who attended this past Thursday's concert is Mississippi?

Message: 25784 Posted: Sun Jan 12 11:59:54 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~~ Tiffin Ohio & Maurice Gibb

Hi Everyone ~~ Hmmm you could say that Gerry took a pic of what the sky looks like here in PA today one day earlier..... It is still oooooooh sooo cold ~~ Chilly Burr !!! It kinda looks like those not soo white cottonball clouds are getting ready to Huff & Puff up a Blast of Lake Effect Snow. ~~~~ Welcome to Winter Wonderland Gerry & Dewey !

Hmmmmm Regarding the Louisville, Ky & Tiffin, Ohio shows, if there is anyone out there that went to either of these shows I sure would love to hear about them, and it would be soooo great to know what the playlist of songs was.... I am kinda curious to about this. I will admit it!

Hi there Jeff B & Shayne ~~~ Sooo sad to hear about Maurice Gibbs passing away sooo suddenly. Another sad loss for his family to endure, upon seeing he died, the sudeen death of their younger brother Andy came to my mind..... they all are very talented in their own rites, Maurice will be missed, as well as Andy still is missed. Wow think about the Gems we missed with him dying soo young, he had a very promising career and was very loved by all. I saw on Behind the Scenes show on Andy, where Maurice was sooo deeply affected by what was happening to Andy and then when he died, he found it very hard to keep going on. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with any of Andy's songs but shortly before he died he was back to recording songs and there is a very haunting one that he wrote called "Arrow Through The Heart" they played this song at the end of this show on VH1. I have a very poor audio copy of it downloaded, but the lyrics are sooooo nice and sooo hauntingly true of his fortune.... ~~~~ Like an arrow through the heart, arrow through the heart, arrow through the heart heartbreak and the pain, never smile in the rain, never to be seen, love that makes you die, like an arrow through the heart ~~~~ high flyin bird, you could never love nobody, but I will not lose my dream, birds are the best, things I've never outflown, see the sky is beautiful, like an arrow through the heart... heartbreak, I'm too young to die, I'm too young to dieeeeeee ~~~ such a heart touching song for sure! Now there may be some ooops on these lyrics, like I said my mp3 of it is not that good. If I am not mistaken on the last current tour of the Bee Gees ~~ they sang a tribute song for Andy at each one of these concerts.... I taped this show when it was on PBS, I will have to get it out and watch it again. ~~ Anyway my Prayers goes out to their family too, I am sure this is a very sad day for them. ~~ Sorry to get soo carried away on this, but I have always loved the Bee Gees music too! Soo many good songs, songs that touch your hea rt! And Barry Barry Barry is soooo good looking tooo! :)

Hi there Mo, Mark & Johnny ~~~ All this talk about the song Head and Heart has me on a Head and Heart marathon..... this song is one of my most favorite AMERICA songs ever.... I cannot just listen to it once, I have to listen to it over and over, it has been this way from the first time I listened to my Homecoming album...... I think that the Harmonizing on there between the 3 of them is simply Breathtaking ~~ I could handle hearing this song done at one of the shows for sure! I Just gotta get this Homecoming DVD soooon.....

Hi Cathy ~~ I hope you will be able to get the Para Chat working on your comp. soon. Will you be going to the Keswick Theater show on March 29th?

Enjoy the rest of the day all Nancy :) ~~ Overwhelming World Suite is playing here now.... what a beautiful song!

~~~~Tiny little girl, wakens in the night, was it just a dream, will she be alright, it's hard to sayyyy, there's soooo much more, beyond her door, hidden in the heart, buried in the soul, everybody's wondering where they are going, they're going alone, carried on the wind up above the stars, a spark from a fire ignited by a love a long time agooo. ~~~~ Every single moment, every waking hour, I can see your beauty, like an opened flower, just like a flower..... won't you come back, come back to meeee, won't you come back, come back to meeeee, Girl with your head in your hands, I swear that you don't understand that you and I were meant to beeeeeee. I can feel you breathing as you lay beside, nothing but a memory , that you can't denyyyy me, you can't deny me. Every single moment, every waking hour, I can feel your beauty, like an opened flower, just like a flower..... won't you come back, come back to meeeeee, won't you come back, come back to meeeee ~~~~ Oooooh how I love the harmonizing in this song as well...... Wow! Thanks Gerry :)

Message: 25783 Posted: Sun Jan 12 10:47:34 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Live Chat Connection Problems

Cathy, it sounds like you have a fairly standard setup. I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you. You might have some security settings on your IE browser setup that doesn't allow the ParaChat Applet to run or something like that. You might try looking at your TOOLS | INTERNET OPTIONS menu on your browser and see if you can see something that would prohibit Java Applets from running. That's the only thing I can think of.

Message: 25782 Posted: Sun Jan 12 10:43:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From the Hotel Window - Tiffin

Gerry is in Tiffin, OH today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 25781 Posted: Sun Jan 12 09:48:52 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Live Chat Connection Problems

SteveL, thank you for getting back to me so quickly regarding my live chat connection problem. I tried it again and still got the same message~~TCP connection failed. I use Windows 2000, have an Internet Explorer browser, and a dial-up connection to the internet thru MSN. I'm not sure what it tries to look at to connect, but there is something interesting that happened once when I was on Matt Beckley's web page~~when I clicked on mail it tried to look at my husbands's e-mail address thru Eudora. I have a hotmail address for myself. I don't know if this is significant. Let me know if you need additional information. I appreciate your help. Cathy

Message: 25780 Posted: Sun Jan 12 06:31:09 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Maurice Gibb

How horribly sad.


Message: 25779 Posted: Sun Jan 12 05:49:21 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Maurice Gibb

say a prayer for that family...

Message: 25778 Posted: Sat Jan 11 23:24:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD Audio.

<<Gerry sings the lead on the second chorus.>>

That's correct.

<<Then right after the second chorus, Dewey is lead again.>>

Isn't it Gerry who then sings lead? I hear it all like this:

Dan sings lead first as well as the first chorus. Dewey sings lead next. Gerry sings the second chorus except for the last line "Love me when I'm wild" which I hear as Dewey. Gerry sings the third lead and the remainder of the song.


Message: 25777 Posted: Sat Jan 11 19:29:26 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD Audio - Head and Heart

Actually Dewey doesn't sing lead on two verses. Each of the guys take turns singing lead. Dan's verse may not sound like Dan because he is singing lower than normal for him.

Message: 25776 Posted: Sat Jan 11 17:59:23 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

I'll be updating the concert list tonight with a few new gigs and one date change. The concert in Panama has been moved up a few days and the other concerts listed below are new. Hopefully, there's one in your area:

Feb 8, Atlapa Convention Center / Las Islas, Panama City, Panama
Feb 10, Mexico City, Mexico
Jun 13, 14, Harris, MI / Chip-Ins Island Resort & Casino
Jul 27, Gilford, NH / Meadowbrook Farm
Oct 13, Topsfield, MA

There has also been one cancellation in Florida:

Apr 26, Seafood Festival, Pompano Beach, FL CANCELLED

Message: 25775 Posted: Sat Jan 11 13:09:37 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD Audio.

Kevin, I think I know what happened on the Homecoming DVD. You're right about the "heart" word coming from seemingly nowhere. If you listen closely to the whole song Dewey sings the lead vocal from the beginning of the song right up until the beginning of the second chorus. Gerry sings the lead on the second chorus. Then right after the second chorus, Dewey is lead again. I am guessing that just before Dewey takes back the lead, whatever channel his vocal is on was switched back to the forefront of the recording so you catch a split second of him singing the end of his part of the back up vocal of the chorus on the front track. I use these words like channel and track loosely since I haven't a clue about making a recording but I just assume there are kind of layers of music--some being more apparent at different times in the song. Just an idea. Take a listen again and see if you can hear what I'm trying to say.

Message: 25774 Posted: Sat Jan 11 12:06:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Live Chat Connection Problems

Cathy, TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. In laymans terms it's the language that the Internet uses to communicate between web sites and web browsers. If you got an error that says your TCP connection failed then it could be caused by a number of things. It could be a problem with your computer or it could be a problem with your Internet Service Provider (especially if they have some kind of filtering software that you are using). I would try it again to see if it was just a fluke but if it continues to give you an error, let me know what browser you are using (Netscape, IE, etc.), what operating system you are on (Windows 98, Window XP, Macintosh, etc.), and what kind of connection you use (DSL, dialup, cable modem, etc.). I'm not sure I'll be able to help, but I'll give it a shot.


P.S. If you're using a Macintosh I won't be much help. I'm a PC bigot and I stay as far away from Mac's as I can, even though I know that those who use Mac's really like them.

Message: 25773 Posted: Sat Jan 11 11:25:25 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Homecoming DVD Audio.

If anyone has the DVD Audio of Homecoming, see if you can hear this mistake or if it's just on my system. On the song "Head And Heart" at about 1:25 or 1:27 during the chorus, just as they finish singing Head and Heart, suddenly someone's voice sings "Heart" but it's totally out of place, as if it's put in there by accident.

I've had other people listen to it, so it's not just me hearing it. It's actually really easy to hear. But a friend of mine who has the DVD Audio said he hadn't noticed it.

Am I the only one?


Message: 25772 Posted: Sat Jan 11 10:50:13 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Live Chat Connection Problems

I tried to login to live chat last Wednesday night for the first time and could not get on. I got a message that the TCP connection failed. I'm not very computer literate and don't know what that means. I do have the Java enabled browser, and it seems to be the latest version. SteveL, any technical advice you can offer as to what may be happening would really be appreciated. I would like to join in live chat and hope I can get this problem fixed.

Message: 25771 Posted: Sat Jan 11 10:34:54 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Homecoming Joy

That's a fantastic story, Duffy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Message: 25770 Posted: Sat Jan 11 10:33:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Louisville

Gerry is in Louisville, KY today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 25769 Posted: Sat Jan 11 08:05:42 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: my top 10/another top ten

I was a lot like yours, but my wife's favorites are closer to Alan

Here's her Top 10, plus

1) Holiday
2) Hour Glass
3) Human Nature
4) Hideaway
5) View from the Ground
6) Hearts
7) Harbor
8) America
9) Alibi

11-14) Your Move, Perspective, Silent Letter, Hat Trick

Message: 25768 Posted: Sat Jan 11 00:13:03 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: top 10 update

3 more votes added to the overall score:

1, AMERICA 180
3, HAT TRICK 144
4, HOLIDAY 115
5, HEARTS 104
8, ALIBI 67.5
9, HIDEAWAY 64.5

Message: 25767 Posted: Fri Jan 10 18:51:48 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic, Bay St Louis, Homecoming Joy & Cayman

Hi Everybody ~~ WOW! What a Welcome Surprise to see a VFTHW Pic Posted, Thanks Gerry & Dewey for the Nice Message! I am sure this years shows will be as AWESOME has last years & even better. :)

Hi Jeff B ~~ My Cayman CD is playing in my headphones as I type this and Three Roses is on now, Ooooooh Yes Yes Yes this song is sooo nice done this way ~~ as well as Windwave, Baby It's Up to You, & even Pigeon Song. I love the whole Cd ~~ a treasured masterpiece for sure! ~~ I totally agree with your initial reaction, I too am blown away by this song as well as the rest of the songs. I Love the crisp clear sound of their voices with the accoustics, it is AMERICA Heaven for sure! My first time listening to it, had me filled with a rush of different emotions all at one time. I know that I will never grow tired of listening to this. I definitely could handle more follow up CD's of their songs done like this too! Nice! :) I think that if we could get Baby It's Up to You, All My Life, Windwave or Three Roses played on the radio, that it would capture the attention of more fans out there that have kinda lost touch over the years, and make them want to rediscover them all over again. AMERICA's music appeals to the different age groups, I love that! ~~ Keep on enjoying this great CD on this Bitter cold weekend. Take care :)

Hey there Duffy ~~ Thanks for sharing that Nice Twist of Fate Story with us. WOW ~~ that is what I call SERENDIPITY! Too Neat! I am willing to bet you won't let it get misplaced again.

Ooooh John L ~~ I too am finding it very hard to make my Top 10 list of songs to send to Mo ~~ Hmmmm Just wondering here ~~ You all wouldn't mind if I kinda like submit about 6 different lists! This is way too hard! My songs are mostly songs that weren't hits, I want some of this Hidden Gems to be heard! ~~~~ Hi Brad ~ Nice to hear from you ~~ I kinda thought why pick the hits, they have been playing them. I love the hits don't get me wrong, I just think it would be great to hear some more of their songs getting this exposure.

Hi dofd ~~ Good to hear from you, it's never to late to join in!

Alright Speech ~~ Great that you will be taking in this show, I know I sure would be there if there wasn't a show at IUP. I will look forward to hearing all about it from you. ~~~ Hi Sheldon ~~ nice to hear you will be taking in the IUP show too! Just wait till you leave there walking up in the clouds somewhere, it is such an AWESOME feeling!

Last but not Least ~~ Thanks SteveL for posting this nice breathe of fresh air pic and message.... it kinda makes this oooh sooo cold temps we are having here in PA a little more bearable.... I loved the wall to wall Blue Eyes Sky ~~ Nice for sure!

Well the weekend is here again ~~ Enjoy it all! Nancy :)

~~~~ I need you like the Flower needs the Rain, I need you, I need you, I need you like the Winter needs the Spring ~~~~

~~~ Every now and then I'm trying to pretend I don't wanna see you sorry but that ain't true, Baby it's Up to You, what are you gonna dooo, lately it's up to you, who's gonna see you through ~~~~ Sing it Gerry & Dewey :)

Message: 25766 Posted: Fri Jan 10 18:30:49 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Top Ten Albums

1. Holiday-better than any Beatles album 2.Human Nature 3.Hour Glass 4.America 5.Hat Trick 6.Homecoming 7.Hearts 8.Silent Letter 9. Hideaway 10.View From The Ground

Message: 25765 Posted: Fri Jan 10 18:09:35 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Homecoming Joy

That is the coolest story. <<(400 miles from the city of the garage sale)>> Happy, happy--well, yes, but more like--Amazing, amazing. This album was absolutely meant to be yours!

Message: 25764 Posted: Fri Jan 10 16:13:03 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Cayman...

...can't get over how great this CD sounds. The balance between guitars and voices is exceptional. I especially like "Windwave", "Baby, it's up to you", and "Sandman". The biggest surprise for me was "Three roses". I've always liked this song but this acoustic version blew me away! great to hear a CD of the more obscure songs done in this format someday.

Anyone who is ridin' the fence on whether to buy this CD... do yourself a favor and get it.

Message: 25763 Posted: Fri Jan 10 15:55:25 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, and Gulfport sure look different than when I was there in the 70's. I think one would have to take the boat out to Ship Island to get away from the bright lights theses days....


Message: 25762 Posted: Fri Jan 10 14:59:34 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Homecoming Joy

Great story. ALmost like the album was named just for you. And Brad, I too felt I didn't want to just name the "hits" for my top 10 for the tournament. Went mostly with none hits but had to throw in 2. (and about a half a dozen that tied for tenth)

Message: 25761 Posted: Fri Jan 10 13:53:59 2003 By: dofd
Subject: my top 10

Sorry I'm late in the discussion.

My top 10:

1) Homecoming
2) America
3) Alibi
4) Hat Trick
5) Holiday
6) Human Nature
7) View From the Ground
8) Hearts
9) Hideaway

Message: 25760 Posted: Fri Jan 10 12:45:55 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Homecoming Joy

In the mid 70’S when I left home to start college, I somehow misplaced my America Homecoming album (LP). It was missed but somehow I never got around to asking Mom or Dad to send it. I found out a few years later that It went home with someone during one of my Moms infamous garage sales. SAD~SAD~SAD.

28 years later, this last fall, at a local Goodwill, I found a tri-fold copy of Homecoming, with my name on it!!! Not a scratch. Looked like it had never even been out of the jacket since the last time I put it away. (400 miles from the city of the garage sale). Happy-Happy.

Just wanted to share.


Message: 25759 Posted: Fri Jan 10 12:44:22 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Bay St. Louis

Gerry is in Bay St. Louis, MS today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Here's a message from Gerry and Dewey:

Hello from Gerry and Dewey,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.

The new year has just begun and already we are back on tour.

On the 4th we were at Dana Point, CA and today we are in Bay St. Louis, MS.

We have got a great tour schedule this year so be sure to check out the tour schedule to see if we are playing near your home town.

Hope to see you there!

Your Friends,
Gerry and Dewey

Message: 25758 Posted: Fri Jan 10 12:39:22 2003 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Favorite Albums Top Ten

Hi, all. Just finished catching up on about 150 posts! My Top Ten albums are as follows:

2. America
3. Homecoming - very close between 3 and 4
4. Holiday
5. Hearts
6. Human Nature - tough call between 6 & 7. More great songs on HN is the difference.
7. Hourglass
8. Hideaway
9. View From the Ground
10. Silent Letter

Funny thing is, when I first heard Hat Trick in the late 80s/early 90s, I didn't know what to think of it. It was so different than History, my first listening experience. But it grew on me to become one of my favorite albums by any band.
I am looking forward to the song contest and will send a list shortly, Moser. I am curious what criteria everyone is using to pick 10 songs. I have a list of 50 favorites I did for a friend a long time ago. The Top 10 contains several of the hit singles. However, for the contest, I am leaning toward listing 10 more obscure favorites, or at least a few. Take care, Brad

Message: 25757 Posted: Fri Jan 10 07:57:54 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Keswick Theatre

I just got off the phone with the Keswick box office folks. I ordered two tickets on-line for the March 29 show and followed up just to make sure the order "took." They told me I had, in fact, obtained "good seats" on the right side. I believe they said 11 or 12 rows back ... not sure. The point here being that, according to the box office folks, anyway, there are still good seats to be had for that March 29 Philly show.

Message: 25756 Posted: Thu Jan 09 18:42:27 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Chart Top Ten

If the charts were a true judge of what fans liked at the time, this would be the top ten at least in the US:

1. America (# 1)
2. Holiday (# 3)
3. Hearts (4)
4. Homecoming (9)
5. Hideaway (11)
6. Harbor (21)
7. Hat Trick (28)
8. View From The Ground (41)
9. Your Move (81)
10. Silent Letter (110)

This excludes the greatest hits compilation History which went to number 3 on the charts.

Message: 25755 Posted: Thu Jan 09 18:00:20 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Soda Bottle/America Triv Question (Nancy)

Nancy ~ Yes, it is a vintage camera on top of that suitcase although I like Kevin's answer better. :0) Regarding the soda bottle, there really is a Fresca bottle there. A magnifying glass really helps you see it better. It's kind of funny that everything in the "Holiday" LP photo is vintage except for that soda bottle perhaps. It makes me wonder if one of the guys was drinking a Fresca and just left it among all the other things...perhaps Dew??? the Coca-Cola bottle from the first LP cover.

Jason ~ It's so difficult selecting a Top 10 America LP list so I'll just go with what I submitted earlier whether it "officially" counts or not.

Message: 25754 Posted: Thu Jan 09 13:31:22 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Re-Written not Corrected!

I saw two minor errors in it regarding release dates. Live! was released in late 1977 not 1978, and View from the Ground was released in 1982 not 1983.

Message: 25753 Posted: Thu Jan 09 11:24:34 2003 By: Pete
Subject: America (Albany NY)

There will be another America concert in Albany NY come this July at the empire state plaza. They were there last year along with the average white band and it looks like they will both be there again. The concert is outside and believe it or not it will be free again. Last year the place was packed with people.

Message: 25752 Posted: Thu Jan 09 10:00:16 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: top 10 update

With two new votes here's the collective update:

1, AMERICA 155
3, HAT TRICK 121
5, HEARTS 91
7, ALIBI 59.5
8, HIDEAWAY 57.5

Not sure if we'll get any other votes in but this is how the rest faired

12, HARBOR 42
14, YOUR MOVE 2 (ouch!) - remember though I only rated top 10s or less so their scores would have been a lot higher if we'd voted on all 14 albums.

Message: 25751 Posted: Thu Jan 09 08:11:47 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Re-Written not Corrected!

"Corrected" wasn't the proper word. Steve got it "Re-written"!! Check out the new version- Thanks Steve! Here's the URL: PS: I'm now addicted to this site and can't stop reading dozens of other artist's biographies- (but are they accurate?) There's a lot of cool trivia on there (but is it accurate?) OK, I'll stop being a cynic now and get back to reading!

Message: 25750 Posted: Thu Jan 09 08:05:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Frank Sandison's Top 10 Albums

This was sent to me by Frank Sandison and I presume that he wanted me to post it here.


Message: 25749 Posted: Thu Jan 09 08:01:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Errors in the biography.

Also, that nonsense about a discouraged America that stopped touring then later reuniting.

Kevin, that's exactly what I wrote to the webmaster about and as Bruce has already stated, he removed that sentence.

Message: 25748 Posted: Thu Jan 09 07:56:13 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Answer to "The Biography "

Kevin, you found it, and it wasn't about the "period"! It was the part that says AMERICA stopped touring and then "reunited"! Steve has gotten this corrected already.

Message: 25747 Posted: Thu Jan 09 07:45:42 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Keswick Theatre

Hi everyone - I just called the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA .. there are still tickets left for the Saturday, March 29th show but the closest seats to the stage are 20 rows back... Think I'll probably pass on this one & still catch the IUP show April 1st...


Message: 25746 Posted: Thu Jan 09 07:07:54 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Errors in the biography.

I see a couple of obvious errors.

First, in the sentance about Dan Peek leaving in 1977 it ends with: ...joining the band "Peace". The period is outside the quotation mark and in this instance it should be inside.

Also, that nonsense about a discouraged America that stopped touring then later reuniting.

I'm sure there are others, but that's it for now.


Message: 25745 Posted: Thu Jan 09 06:58:22 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Just a Little History and I think I May have got it now!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Hey we are gonna have a Heat Wave here in PA today... it is to go up into the 40's today ~~ WOW!

Wow Johnny I have looked and looked at the Holiday lp cover and I cannot see that bottle of Fresca for the life of me, I sure was convinced that was a popbottle that either Dewey or Gerry were holding, kinda tucked between the 2 of them. Also looking at the pic of the suitcase with Gerry's foot on, I thought that looked like a radio or oldtime camera.... The Mind sure can wonder can't it????? It is one Neat album cover for sure! Thanks for the neat insight on it! Your Toe Jammmmm comment was tooo much for sure! LOL I can remember my Mom saying clean out between your toes and get that toe jammmmm outta there when I was little. :) Sooo funny how these little things can brings such laughs back to you!

Hi Robyn ~~ I hope your bronchitis will clear up quick! I know I got to live chat last night late, it sure wasa Crazy Fun time, thanks all!

Hi there Gen ~~ That sure is one crazy discography for sure.... I think they kinda got jumbled up some how. LOL! It's a good thing that we the Die Hard Fans are around to straighten these things out.

Hey there Speech ~~ Wow did you see Steve's post about a possible Keswick theater show ??? Will you grab this chance to see them? I just wanted to say I enjoyed your Little bitta History that you shared with us in your post about Dewey & Gerry and their good old days, that was Neat! You are right, they both are such Lighthearted Guys and the chemistry between them allows for them to come right out and be Blunt at times and No Offense is taken. ~~ Nice!

Nice hearing from you Kevin S on your fave albums list and you too frankie.... that sure is one good line up of singers playing at the Castle.

Well gotta get lots of errands to run ~~ See ya Nancy :)

~~~~~~ Keep Smilin Keep Shining, knowing you can always count on me for sure, thats what friends are for, for good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more, thats what friends are for ~~~ Well you came and opened me and now there's so much more I see and I Thank You ~~~~~ Sing it Dionne, Stevie, Kenny :)

Aha Bruce ~~ I am not 100% sure but is this what was wrong <<<< they formed an acoustic folk-rock quartet called "Daze" in London, which was soon pared down to the trio of Bunnell, Peek, and Beckley.>>>>> the wrong word being quartet ~~ Is this it???????? Thanks for sharing this bio with us, I also went to the classicbands site ~~ WOW SteveL this has to make you feel good to see what they said about this site ~~ It is truly an amazing site ~ I just love it for sure! Thanks! :)

Hey Mo ~~ The pressure is on with picking this 10 song list, I walk around thinking of which ones I wanna put on my list, and I even went to sleep last night with this on my mind..... well I got 5 out of the ten soo I am on my way Sister ~~~~ Gimme just a little more time baby~~~ LOL those old familiar song lyrics just came into my mind sooo I just had to add them. Oooooh no my mind is going CRAZY again.... what else is new right??? LOL hahahhahahahahha :) Keep us informed with all the interesting facts along the way Okay???? This is a chat folder event and I wanna be sure I am on top of things Mo! :)

Message: 25744 Posted: Thu Jan 09 06:49:11 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "Biography"

Bruce ~ Real quickly, in the first paragraph, I see an error in the year the trio graduated. Wasn't it really in 1969?

Message: 25743 Posted: Thu Jan 09 06:38:04 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: "Biography"

I don't know what you're referring to, Bruce, but I'm kinda scratching my head wondering how the guys, with an act and a debut record completely sown and grown in England, could "return to North America" after Horse With No Name took off.

Message: 25742 Posted: Thu Jan 09 05:18:15 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Testament to Diversity

An interesting note from the Song Tournament lists:
The first two lists that I received of Top 10 fave songs did not have a single song in common. For the reading impaired, that means there were 20 different songs in the first two lists that were emailed to me. That is proof to me that we get to enjoy an awesome level of talent from our favorite band. Isn't it great to have such a diversity of music in the 200 or so songs that the guys have written? The only down side that I can think of is that it's so hard to pick a Top 10 from all of that great stuff. (I'm still waiting for your list there Ms. Nancy. I know it's tough but you gotta do it, sister.)

Message: 25741 Posted: Thu Jan 09 04:04:39 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Biography"

So a day has gone by and no one has spotted the problem with that biography? Come on! This one is not that difficult. You don't even have to read between the lines!

Message: 25740 Posted: Wed Jan 08 19:35:37 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Soda Bottle/America Triv Question (Nancy)

The soda pop bottle is located on the ground on its side with the open end pointing toward the picnic basket. It's a Fresca bottle to be exact. It's in front of the pitcher that's in front of the tennis racket handle.

"What Does It Matter"? "Just a little history" and nothing else for sure! "Everybody sing along now."

Message: 25739 Posted: Wed Jan 08 19:10:47 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Trivia.

<<Q: What's on top of the suitcase that Gerry has his foot on?>>

<<A: Gerry's foot.>>

LOL! Only one-third right though, Kevin. It's Gerry's foot, SOCK, & SHOE (and maybe a corn or two).

Perhaps that's a toe-jam football that Gerry's holding???

Message: 25738 Posted: Wed Jan 08 16:24:18 2003 By: frankie


Message: 25737 Posted: Wed Jan 08 15:12:23 2003 By: frankie


Message: 25736 Posted: Wed Jan 08 14:49:21 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: "Biography"

Hi everyone!
Talking about errors and mis-information, I've just found this very odd America discography at :
(you can have a look for yourself).

* Human Nature
* King Biscuit Flower Hour 
* Hourglass 
* American Gramaphone (???)
* Ventura Highway And Other Favorites 
* Encore: More Greatest Hits 
* Perspective 
* Alibi 
* Silent Letter 
* Your Move 
* A View From The Ground 
* America Live 
* Harbor 
* Live 
* Hideaway 
* Hearts 
* History: Greatest Hits 
* Holiday 
* America In Concert 
* Hat Trick 
* Homecoming 
* America 
* Horse With No Name 
* In Concert
Besides the errors, I still can't figure out what sort of criteria they used to establish the list ...

The bio also says:
"I Need You" became another Top Ten hit that summer, and the group began work on its second album with the Beatles' producer George Martin.

Message: 25735 Posted: Wed Jan 08 14:24:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Another Gig

I received the following message from Mike Baratta today: "I just found out today about an America concert at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia. Tickets have been on sale for about 3 weeks according to the girl in the box office. Still some good seats available. I thought you might want to add it to the concert list on the website. The Keswick's website is They played here about a year and a half ago & it was an excellent show. It's a pretty small venue. Talk to you later."

I haven't confirmed this or any of the other new concerts that we've heard about because Erin Edwards has been out of the country. She is supposed to be back today and will be sending me an updated list soon.


Message: 25734 Posted: Wed Jan 08 14:21:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Biography"

Bruce, thanks for sharing the biography. I sent a message to the webmaster of the classicbands web site and he immediately corrected the error. He also added a link to the America Fans web site. He said he appreciated the feedback because it was through "experts" like us that he kept his biographies as accurate as possible. --SteveL

Message: 25733 Posted: Wed Jan 08 13:34:50 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Biography"

Hi Everybody! I cannot bring myself to do the "Top 10" Albums- it would be just too difficult- too much greatness to choose from. But I do find everyone's lists highly entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, I came across this AMERICA “Biography” on the Internet. Now as we all know, the Internet is filled with a lot of accurate information- and a lot of MIS-information. Read this – it’s from: - do you see anything inaccurate?


The folk-rock trio "America" formed in Watford, England in 1968. Vocalists/guitarists Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley met while they were still in high school. All three were sons of U.S. Air Force officers who were stationed in the U.K. After they completed school in 1970, they formed an acoustic folk-rock quartet called "Daze" in London, which was soon pared down to the trio of Bunnell, Peek, and Beckley. Adopting the name "America", the group landed a contract with Jeff Dexter, a promoter for the Roundhouse concert venue. Not long after, Dexter had America opening for Elton John and Cat Stevens and the group soon signed with Warner Bros. Records. By the fall of 1970, the group was recording their debut album in London, with producers Ian Samwell and Jeff Dexter.
At first the record went largely unnoticed, but a few weeks later the group released a long, dramatic single called "A Horse With No Name," which became an instant hit in early 1972, reaching No. 1 on the U.S. charts. The single was added to a new pressing of album simply called "America", and it too, reached No. 1 and went platinum, pushing Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" off the top of the charts. Following their British success, America returned to North America, beginning a supporting tour for the Everly Brothers.
"I Need You" also cracked the Top Ten that summer, and the group began work on its second album, "Homecoming" . "Ventura Highway," the first single released from this collaboration, became their third straight Top Ten hit in December, and the group was awarded a Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 1972.
Then, for some strange reason, the hits stopped coming. They had only one minor Top 40 entry in 1973. "Hat Trick", the group's third album, was released toward the end of 1973, but failed to make it past number 28 on the American charts.
Under the direction of former Beatles' producer, George Martin, the band's fourth album, "Holiday", was released in the late fall of 1974, and returned America to the top of the charts, peaking at number three and launching the hit singles "Tin Man" and "Lonely People." "Sister Golden Hair," pulled from 1975's "Hearts", became their second number one single. That same year, the group released History/America's Greatest Hits, which would eventually sell over five million copies. 1976's "Hideaway" reached the Top 20, while 1977's "Harbor" reached No. 21.
Despite their success, the group's audience was beginning to decline. In 1977, Dan Peek left America to become a Christian Contemporary solo performer, recording several successful albums on his own before joining the Christian soft rock band "Peace". The other two members of America kept the group going with the help of guitarist Michael Woods, fulfilling their contract with Warner Bros. with a 1978 live album and then moving to Capitol.
The new America made its debut in 1979 with "Silent Letter", followed by 1980's "Alibi", before rebounding in 1983 with "View From the Ground" and the Top 10 single "You Can Do Magic." After the release of 1983's "Your Move", the group tried a new approach in an attempt to regain market share, switching to synthesizers and bringing in numerous studio musicians for 1984's "Perspective", produced by dance guru Richie Zito (Berlin). The album failed miserably and peaked at No. 185. A subsequent live album failed to chart at all and a discouraged "America" stopped touring.
In 1991, Beckley and Bunnell reformed to contribute four cuts to a new Rhino Records "greatest hits" package. The reunion became permanent and the group began to tour once again. In 1994, America released the eclectic "Hourglass", their first studio album in ten years, after which Beckley recorded a solo album.
The group continued to tour successfully into the '90s, resurfacing in 1998 with "Human Nature". These days, over thirty years after the band first formed, "America" continues to tour and more recordings are in the works.
For More, See America's Page at


Message: 25732 Posted: Wed Jan 08 08:24:26 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Trivia.

Q: What's on top of the suitcase that Gerry has his foot on?

A: Gerry's foot.

Message: 25731 Posted: Wed Jan 08 06:50:22 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Soda Bottle/America Triv Question (Nancy)

Nancy ~ Correct album cover only. I'll reveal the answer tonight.

Can anyone tell what's on top of the suitcase that Gerry has his foot on?

Message: 25730 Posted: Wed Jan 08 06:34:13 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Top 10.

1. Homecoming
2. America
3. Hat Trick
4. Alibi
5. Hearts
6. Harbor
7. Hideaway
8. Silent Letter/Hourglass
9 View From The Ground
10. Holiday.

Message: 25729 Posted: Wed Jan 08 05:13:35 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Moser

Didn't write down the seat number for the Feb 28th concert. I'll have to let you know when I receive the tickets in the mail. I think it was in the teens, though. (I'll probably be behind a large column with MY luck!)

Message: 25728 Posted: Tue Jan 07 19:15:45 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: tournament

Would like to hear "Might Be Your Love" in 2003.

Message: 25727 Posted: Tue Jan 07 19:01:46 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Soda Bottle/America Triv Question and to catch up~~~

Hi Everyone ~~ It is getting oooh sooo cold here in PA the temps are dropping and we will be in the teens tomorrow...... Chilly Burrrrrrrr!

Hi there Johnny ~~ My guess Answer to your triv question ~~ I can just barely make it out, but on the Holiday LP cover Gerry is holding a popbottle, kinda tucked in his left hand and it kinda looks like it may be a bottle of Mug Rootbeer ~~~ Like I said this is a guess! It very well could be Coke, but my first thought at finding it was Mug Rootbeer ~~ sooo that is what I am sticking with! Thanks, I love your triv questions. :)

Hey Mo ~~ Nice to see you will be getting to take in the Plymouth, Mass. show, If you have a video camera have the Hubby tape the pinewood derby and then after you get to see it, offer to let the Pack watch it at one of the monthly pack meetings, that outta go over well with the Boys and their families. Sounds like there will be 2 Cute fans in the front row at this show, I hope you and Nina have a great time.... Both of you be sure and let us know all about it the next day Okay????? I will be trying to make a list of my 10 favorite songs.... this will be oooh sooo hard for sure! This sounds like a neat idea, I must say I can get into this more than the Basketball March Madness playoffs! Let the Song Tournament begin!

Hi SteveL ~~ I checked out your Horse with No Name page, that is a pretty Unique Boy Scout Outing! My inquiring mind is wondering Who put the old car with a Horse head skeleton in it..... Thanks for posting the Tommy James messages concerning the Cat's Eye similarity to HWNN. It is pretty neat how they sound soo much alike. ~~~ Regarding the Pinewood derby cars, My Husband got kinda frustrated building them too, and every year he would say this is the last year I am doing this, but then the next year would come around and he would build one again. ~~~ When it was time for the Sailboat Regatta's it was my turn to make these boats ~~~ the boys have to work alittle harder to get these to cross the finish line tho compared to the cars .... I took a quick glance at the previous song tournament..... this sounds kinda interesting. It will be neat to see what songs go up against each other when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it will be soooo hard to vote then for sure!

Sleep well Jason ~~ Thanks for tallying up the album totals... It is neat how the 2 albums that brought about this all about are the top 2 vote getters so far. Thanks for the update on Dirt Pit.... I hope you will be able to solve it. ~~~ Just a little History Oh oooooooh oooooooh ~~~~

Hi there DanC ~~ You keep on smilin too, Hey I found that song by Bread ~~ Fly Away ~~~ We can flyyyyyy, fly awayyyyyyyy, we will flyyyyyyyy looking for a dreammmmmmm, ~~~ See the stars above and the earth below are spinning ~~ come with me my love and we'll find a new beginning, Yeahhhhhhhhh, we can flyyyyyyyy , flyyyyyy awayyyyyyy~~~~ Nice song.... I still love listening to the Chosen One, that is one beautiful song for sure! Take care :)

Hey there Redddddddd ~~ where is your list of favorite albums ???

Ooooooh Jimmmmmm(bob) I sure hope it is nice and warm there in NZ! Hurry and post your favorite albums too! :)

Hi there Vic ~~ how about your list of albums???? All the rest of you guys and gals too!!!!!

Good Night all, Nancy :)

~~~ There's a song in the heart of a woman, that only the truest of loves can release, there's a song in the heart of a woman, Set It Freeeee, ooooh set it freee, set it freeeeeee, oooooh set it freeeeee, set it freeeeeee, oooh set it freeeeee, There's a light in the depths of your darkness, there's a calm at the eye of every storrrrm, there's a light in the depths of your darkness, let it shineeee, ooooh let it shineeeee, let it shinnneeeee, oooh let it shinnnnnnnnnnne ~~~ Sing it Dan F and Play it Gerry :)

Message: 25726 Posted: Tue Jan 07 17:42:44 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Soda Bottle/America Triv Question

Although it's almost impossible to see without knowing exactly where to look (and even then), there's a soda bottle pictured on the front cover of one of America's LPs. It's a Coca-Cola product. Can anyone tell us what LP cover it is; what Coca-Cola product it is; and exactly where it is???

Hint: It's on an America trio LP cover but it's NOT their first LP that I'm referring to...not the one Dewey has.

Message: 25725 Posted: Tue Jan 07 15:43:55 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Moser...I'll see you there!

Nina, OH NO, NO SNOW ALLOWED. Yes, that sure is Gerry's side except when he goes over to play the keyboard. It's also Michael's side, wink, wink. He's a cutie too. I didn't do anything to wrangle that, just lucky timing, I guess. What seats do you have? We can't be that far apart, the row isn't that long! I can't wait. I can't wait.

Message: 25724 Posted: Tue Jan 07 14:34:39 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: top 10 update

Well, it's bed time in the UK, but just before I do, and as I worked these out earlier, here's the updated top 10 albums including the new votes.

1, AMERICA 136
3, HAT TRICK 108
5, HEARTS 84
8, HIDEAWAY 49.5
9, ALIBI 45.5

Night, night


Message: 25723 Posted: Tue Jan 07 12:51:56 2003 By: terry t
Subject: Re: Alibi Picture Disc (danae)

That's like where the whole disk is a picture, even under the grooves, right? Very cool if an America one is around. I remember some translucent ones that you could hold up to a bright light for better effect, as long as the pic was on only one side. Lots of plain translucent colored disks, too... and occasional clear ones.

Message: 25722 Posted: Tue Jan 07 12:08:07 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Alibi Picture Disc (danae)

You may have misunderstood my post. I know where the photo for Alibi was shot. I was wondering if there is a 12-inch vinyl, collectible "picture disc" LP of this out there. I thought I had seen or heard of one somewhere along the path.

Message: 25721 Posted: Tue Jan 07 11:43:18 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Columbia House

While looking over my most recent Columbia House music club catalog I noticed one of their “special” inserts was called the Top 100 of 2002 (I am assuming this means their top 100 sellers of 2002) and was pleased to see History included here. I then went on to the main catalog and under the Classic Pop section they have AMERICA (1st lp) featured on this page as being a lost classic. The two other cd’s included in this special box were Gary Wright , Love Is Alive and BS&T, Spinning Wheel. It was nice seeing some special attention being drawn to the guys.

Top 10 list – I have tried to name my top 10 songs several different times but have never been able to do it as there are just too many great songs. The song tournament sounds like fun so I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and get it done now.

Have a great day!

Message: 25720 Posted: Tue Jan 07 11:41:40 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Re: Alibi Picture Disc


I've never seen an ALIBI picture disc advertised during the many hours I've spent searching for AMERICA vinyl. If I had I'd now own a copy. I'll keep an eye out for you in the future though.

That goes for anyone else out there that may be interested in collecting and wants a specific item.

6 more new votes for people's Top Ten's. I'll get around to re-jigging the overall results and post them soon.


PS: I bit of possible good news on DIRT PIT MANOR. I've already had a reply from the letter shot I sent out. A lady belives that her neighbours house had once been a wooden construction which had then been extended upon. A "manor" within a house maybe?!

Message: 25719 Posted: Tue Jan 07 11:14:23 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Alibi Picture Disc

The picture of the Alibi cover was taken in Arizona desert.

Message: 25718 Posted: Tue Jan 07 08:54:13 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Alibi Picture Disc

Am I mistaken, or was a picture disc of Alibi issued in Europe? If so, anyone know how big a run it was? I would love to get my hands on a copy.

Message: 25717 Posted: Tue Jan 07 08:43:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: This & That

Duffy, when Alibi came out the record label executives wanted one side to be Side One and the band wanted the other side to be Side One. They finally agreed to call them Our Side (the one the band wanted) and Their Side (the one the record label wanted).

Those of you who have never seen the vinyl release of Alibi can click on this link to see the photos from this album including the vinyl label that says Our Side and Their Side.

Message: 25716 Posted: Tue Jan 07 07:51:21 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: This & That

Steve~ The song tournament is a great idea, I send my top 10 off ASAP, (only 10!)

Anyone~ On Alibi, the LP, why is side one labeled “Their Side” and side two labeled “Our Side”? Anyone know?


Message: 25715 Posted: Tue Jan 07 07:24:08 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Moser...I'll see you there!

Hey Moser...I just called for tickets to the Plymouyh, MA show...guess where they put me? Front Row - Right! We'll be neighbors! Barring any major snowstorms (and we've had tons so far) I'll see you there! (Let's see...if I'm correct...the RIGHT side is GERRY'S side! How'd you wrangle that?!)

Message: 25714 Posted: Tue Jan 07 07:23:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: tournament

Thanks Mo for volunteering. Here is what I propose. Everyone send their top 10 (or slightly more, if necessary) songs to Mo at and she will tabulate them to come up with the top 64 songs. I think the tabulating can go something like this: The top song for each person gets 10 points, the next song gets 9 points, and so on down until the last song gets 1 point. For those who just HAVE to send in more than 10 songs, all of the songs after #9 will get 1 point.

You can start sending the songs in immediately and we'll set a deadline for Thursday, January 16. That will give Mo a day or two to tabulate the results and then send me the top 64 songs. The top song will be seeded number 1, the next song number 2, and so on until all 64 songs have been placed in the song brackets (similar to the way the NCAA basketball tournament works). The songs that got the most votes will be competing against the songs that got the fewest votes in the opening rounds.

Once I have the top 64 songs from Mo, I'll enter them into the Song Tournament program and we'll start the tournament on Dewey's birthday (January 19th). Each round of the tournament will go for one week which means it will take 6 weeks to pick a winner. It should be a lot of fun.

Thanks again, Mo, for volunteering to be the tabulator.

P.S. My youngest son is 11 (almost 12) so he's no longer involved with Cub Scouts. His dad is terrible at helping him with the pinewood derby and he always finished near last so I'm glad that we don't have to deal with that anymore. I do much better with the Boy Scouts. Take a look at my Horse With No Name tribute page to see what I mean.

Message: 25713 Posted: Tue Jan 07 07:07:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

Nina, yes there are great seats. Just this Sunday I got front row in the right section. There should still be plenty of good seats to choose from. Hope to see you there. I'll be the one with no husband, most likely, since he'll stay here for the Derby. I'll have to recruit someone to go in his place. Maybe my daughter will be up for it. I keep tellin' her she's gonna have to marry Joe Beckley so we can be inlaws with Gerry Gerry Gerry. She just rolls her eyes. She's good at that--rolling her eyes. I think it's a prerequisite to being a pre-teen. (That and saying, "But, Mom!" or more like, "BUT MOOOOMMMMMMMM!")

Message: 25712 Posted: Tue Jan 07 07:01:39 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: cub pack

Thanks, j, good thought. We could be the "half-time show."

Message: 25711 Posted: Tue Jan 07 05:10:44 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Nasty Little Surprises

Moser...lousy luck to have to choose between "the race" and "the concert"! I'll be checking out tickets to the Plymouth concert today. Plymouth, MA is within two hours of my although it's far... it's do-able! Are there good seats left?

Message: 25710 Posted: Mon Jan 06 21:32:50 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: tournament

Steve, Moser. Much appreciated. Moser, how about this as a solution. Take the whole cub pack (is that what they are called...sorry, I was only a cub for 2 weeks) to the concert. They can set up the car race during the intermission down the aisle.

Message: 25709 Posted: Mon Jan 06 21:19:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: tournament

Because of what Bones has said:

"I, Moser, promise
to do my Duty to GOD
and my country
to Help other people, and
to Obey the Law of the pack."

I am compelled to volunteer to help with the tournament. Set the guidelines up, Steve, and let the voting begin.

Message: 25708 Posted: Mon Jan 06 20:38:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: tournament

John, I think it would be fun to do the tournament again. I don't know that the band would incorporate the winners into the setlist, but it would still be fun to do. If someone is willing to come up with a list of the top 64 songs that we want to have in the tournament, I will put them into my Song Tournament program and let you vote on them during the coming weeks. The way this has been done in the past is that everyone sent their top 5 or 10 songs to someone (do I hear anyone volunteering?) and then they tabulated the top 64 and sent them to me. I'm afraid I don't have time to do the tabulating so if anyone would like to volunteer, let me know. You can see the results of the last Song Tournament by clicking on this link.

Message: 25707 Posted: Mon Jan 06 19:21:58 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

I, Johnny, promise
to DEW, MY BEST!!!
to do my dewty for DEWEY
and my country AMERICA
to help other [Lonely] People, and
to obey the law of the land/band

Message: 25706 Posted: Mon Jan 06 18:34:32 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

Thank you, Cathy, for the suggestion. I will check into that option. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that my hub will insist on both he and my son being here to participate. We'll see. We have yet to talk it over.
Bones, thanks for the giggle but now I feel even more selfish when you put it like that!

Message: 25705 Posted: Mon Jan 06 18:21:13 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

Bones, you remember that Cub Scout promise very well.

Message: 25704 Posted: Mon Jan 06 18:15:42 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

I, Moser, promise
to do my Duty to GOD
and my country
to Help other people, and
to Obey the Law of the pack

Message: 25703 Posted: Mon Jan 06 18:14:32 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Nasty Little Surprises

Moser, I'm a Cub Scout den leader. And as an America lover I sympathize with your situation regarding the Pinewood Derby. May I make a suggestion to you. Maybe your son's Pack will allow him to make a car and enter it in the race without actually attending the race. We had a situation last year where a boy couldn't be at the race and the Pack would have let him participate anyway. Of course it wouldn't be the same as actually being there to cheer your car on, but it may be a solution to your problem. My son will be getting his car ready soon for our race on February 1st. Let me know if this is an option for you. I hope so. Good Luck!

Message: 25702 Posted: Mon Jan 06 17:37:36 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

1. Hearts
2. Silent Letter
3. Homecoming
4. America
5. Alibi
6. Human Nature
7. Hat Trick
8. Hourglass
9. View From The Ground
10. Harbor

This could all change in a moments notice...DanC.

Hey Nancy, keep on smilin'...

Message: 25701 Posted: Mon Jan 06 17:25:47 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Nasty Little Surprises

You know, life is full of nasty little surprises. Yesterday I bought the tickets and booked the room for Jeff and me to see the concert in Plymouth. It was going to be a nice little getaway. The room package even included breakfast the next morning. I did this yesterday, people, we're talking yesterday...24 hours ago. About two hours ago, I got on here and posted about it. Then I signed off, got ready, and took my son to his Cub Scout meeting. I'll give you one guess what I found out while I was there. Yes, it is sad but true. There is only one annual event in Scouting that it is basically impossible to miss without scarring your son for life--the Pinewood Derby. Do you think they could have consulted with me before scheduling this little annual rite of passage? NO, they did not. So, as you probably surmised by now, the derby is on Saturday, March 1. Pardon me while I go scream into a pillow or something.

Message: 25700 Posted: Mon Jan 06 17:17:10 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

2. Homecoming
3. HourGlass
4. Human Nature
5. Holiday
6. Hat Trick
7. Silent Letter
8. Hearts
9. View From The Ground
10. Hideaway

Message: 25699 Posted: Mon Jan 06 16:47:25 2003 By: HarryO
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

Here's my list:
1. America
2. Homecoming
3. Harbor
4. Hideaway
5. Alibi
6. Hearts
7. Human Nature
8. Hourglass
9. Hat Trick
10. Silent Letter

Message: 25698 Posted: Mon Jan 06 16:23:19 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Top albums & French bio.

Hi everyone,

Already middle of the night here! Not too late though to vote for my top five albums (feel a little bit too tired to give a top ten list, but might do it later).
My current favorite opus is HAT TRICK. To me, their real 'concept album' so to speak. Musically & lyrically outstanding, including of course the cover & poster photos. And Hat Trick (the song) is still to my ears a totally amazing masterpiece... Also very close to perfection are HOMECOMING, AMERICA, HOLIDAY and HOURGLASS....

Just FYI, Thierry (Larsen) has now posted my little translation/ commentary job concerning this French version of the band's bio I told you about a couple of weeks ago. Did it in 2 parts ( from the late 60's to 77 and then from 77 to the present time). Still working on the second part... Hope Larsen's web site will go on attracting many new visitors. See you all. Gen.

Message: 25697 Posted: Mon Jan 06 16:02:09 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: tournament

Hey, Steve. Do you think we could do another one of those song tournament things. Wondering if Gerry and Dewey would be open to taking our final four and chosing one or 2 to add to their playlist, like they did last time. Didn't that end up with Windwave and Hangover being added? Who knows what this year could produce with different pairings.

Message: 25696 Posted: Mon Jan 06 15:39:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Plymouth Memorial Hall

I was too excited to wait for official word from Erin Edwards so I hope your info about the Feb. 28 concert date at Plymouth Memorial Hall is correct. I bought tickets and booked a room for the hub and me. We'll enlist the inlaws for an overnite babysit. We're going on a date. We're going on a date. La la la la la.
Disclaimer: I told you nobody ever said I was sane!

Message: 25695 Posted: Mon Jan 06 15:30:42 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

How did you have the patience to read that Tommy James chat folder? It had so many ads and pop-ups that it was too annoying to try to read it. Yikes.

Message: 25694 Posted: Mon Jan 06 15:17:37 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: Top 10

Here's my unofficial top 10:

1. America
2. Holiday
3. Hearts
4. Hourglass
5. Homecoming
6. Silent Letter
7. Hideaway
8. Hat Trick
9. Your Move
10. View from the Ground


Message: 25693 Posted: Mon Jan 06 10:53:12 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Top Ten

Here's my list.

1. Homecoming
2. America
3. Hat Trick
4. Hearts
5. Holiday
6. Harbor
7. Silent Letter
8. Hourglass
9. Hideaway
10. Human Nature


Message: 25692 Posted: Mon Jan 06 10:49:44 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Dirt Pit Update

Well I went a treking again this weekend armed with the new info I had received since my newspaper article was printed. No joy unfortunately.

The lady who had phoned to tell me she had lived in the "Cowman's Shed" in 1965 seemed to know exactly were I needed to look. Unfortunately her description was inconsistant having landmarks mixed around.

I'm sure though that I can't be more than 50 yards from the location. The bad news though is that there's nothing resembling a wooden one storey house in that location. I can only hope that maybe an extension or something has been built in front of it which now blocks my view.

Better news is that the organiser of the local historical society has phoned me very interested, and I may be able to get some old photos of the area from her which might (fingers crossed) include DIRT PIT MANOR.

As a final try I've also written to each house in the immediate location enclosing a copy of the article (in case they never saw the original)and asking if anyone remembers anything.

Other than that I'm running out of options and ideas.


Message: 25691 Posted: Mon Jan 06 10:39:39 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: top 10 update

Following the last 4 votes I've re-jigged the overall results and thought people might like to see what is now in the lead. Johnny, I didn't add yours as yet, as you based your top list on only those mentioned in Danae's mail. Let me know if that's ok or whether you want to provide a more extensive list.

5, HEARTS 52
7, HIDEAWAY 35.5
8, ALIBI 33.5

Funny that the top 5 are now AMERICA's first 5 releases in consecutive order.


Message: 25690 Posted: Mon Jan 06 09:28:40 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: America

My 2 cents worth:

1. Homecoming
2. America
3. Holiday
4. Alibi
5. Hat Trick
6. Human Nature
7. Hearts
8. Hideaway
9. Harbor
10. Hourglass

Message: 25689 Posted: Mon Jan 06 08:16:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

Here is a link to some interesting information about "Cat's Eye In The Window" on a Tommy James Chat Folder. It appears that they also noticed the similarity to "Horse With No Name" and according to them it was never released on an album - only as a single.

Message: 25688 Posted: Mon Jan 06 07:35:10 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye & double CDs

Not to beat this to death, but I did a quick check of Tommy James' offerings on thinking I might find out what album (if any) Cat's Eye In The Window originally came from. If it was on an album, it must no longer be in print. I did see it on a 2CD Tommy James compilation called "It's a New Vibration", track 35.

While looking through the Tommy James cateloge I noticed that several of his old albums had been paired and released on a single CD. If it can be done for Tommy James, why not America? After all America's albums sold significantly better than James'. Come on Rhino, release Holiday/Hearts on a CD and Hideaway/Harbor! All four albums were hits and three of them went GOLD and they have yet to be released on CD in the US! If you aren't going to do inidividual releases, then why not kill two bird with one CD? Pair them up on a single CD and release them!!!

Message: 25687 Posted: Mon Jan 06 07:34:30 2003 By: bruno
Subject: top 10

7) Silent Letter
8) A View from the ground
9) Human Nature
I think that Alibi, Silent Letter and A View from the ground are good works.
Hi Ciao

Message: 25686 Posted: Mon Jan 06 06:24:15 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums (top 10)

1. Hat Trick
2. America
3. Hearts
4. Holiday
5. Human Nature
6. Homecoming
7. Hourglass
8. View From the Ground
9. Harbor
10. Alibi/Hideaway

Message: 25685 Posted: Sun Jan 05 20:44:41 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Question (Oops!)

Too slow.

Message: 25684 Posted: Sun Jan 05 20:43:14 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Question

Oh what a "lonely" question, "boy"!

Message: 25683 Posted: Sun Jan 05 20:37:47 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Question

Andrew Gold. "Oh what a lonely boy."

Message: 25682 Posted: Sun Jan 05 20:27:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Question

Okay, Class, raise your hand if you know the answer to this one:
What guy who was recently important to America was also a big part of the early 70's recordings of Linda Ronstadt?

Message: 25681 Posted: Sun Jan 05 15:28:46 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Hows 'bout....

Hows 'bout them Buckeyes....

Message: 25680 Posted: Sun Jan 05 14:46:28 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Yuk, yuk, Bonesy

Yes, thank you, Pittsburgh (not Pittsburg) has a football team. And y'ans better not forgit it.

Message: 25679 Posted: Sun Jan 05 14:35:36 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pittsburghese

You mean Pittsburg still has a football team?

Message: 25678 Posted: Sun Jan 05 13:40:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Pittsburghese

How 'bout 'em Stillers?!!! Translation to English: Weren't you impressed with the Steelers performance today?!!


Message: 25677 Posted: Sun Jan 05 12:55:55 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums & Cats Eye ~~ Interesting!

Hi Everybody ~~ Hmmmm ~~ My favorite topic for sure! I cannot limit my list to just 10 (No Way!) soooo here is my list of favorites!

1. Homecoming
2. Hourglass
3. Hat Trick
4. America
5. Human Nature
6. View From the Ground
7. Holiday
8. Harbor
9. Alibi
12. Your Move ( Dave I agree the first 5 songs are sooo nice )
13. Silent Letter
14. Perspective

I listen to all of my AMERICA songs and there are very few songs that I am not fond of. I appreciate all of their music oooooooooh soooooooo much! I really enjoy my Highway box set because it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that from all of my favorites and it is oooooooooh soooo nice to hear the earlier songs on there, they sound really good on CD. Grand Cayman, Holiday Harmony & Ventura Hwy Greatest Hits are getting lots of listening time lately. I also love how my love for AMERICA's music has extended treasures too.... I like Gerry's Van Go Gan & Beckley, Lamm & Wilson ~ Like a Brother songs.... and of course Dan Peek's ~~ All Things are Possible, Boddentown, Guitar Man & Crossover songs..... and Jeff Larson's Fragile Sunrise for sure.... I look forward to getting his combined album of other songs.

Danae you also asked what it is we like about AMERICA's music ~~~ Cathy you did a great job listing alot of the reasons..... I too love the fact that they have been around for almost 31 years now, their Music is a very big part of my life, sooo many of their songs can be related to in ooooooh soo many ways, and they are Magical Gems that grow better and better with age. The 3 new songs on HH show me that this Magic that Gerry & Dewey have with their music and lyrics is very much alive. I am soooo Happy about that, I am hopeful there will be more new songs coming our way from them. Thanks Gerry Dewey & Dan for all of these great songs! Thanks to Jeff L too ~~ I look forward to hearing more new stuff from you too!

Hi Vic & Steve O ~~ Thanks Vic for finding this song Cat's Eye and for sharing it with us this way. Thanks Steve O for changing it into a mp3 soooo that Steve L could put it here for all of us to take a listen to...... I am listening to it right now, I downloaded it on friday and have been taking a couple of listens to it.... It is amazing how much it does sound like Horse With No Name, as well as having Tommy James familiar sound as well. My inquiring mind would love to know how this all came about.... and just which song inspired which.... I tend to agree with you Mark, I would like to think that Tommy James heard HWNN and then made the music a little more upbeat and added his lyrics..... It would be neat to really know the story behind this.~~~~~ Hi there Gerry & Dewey if you guys took a listen to this mp3 ~~ it would be nice to know your perspective on this song, how about telling SteveL soo he can fill us in too. ~~~ Hmmmm I will have to check and see if there is any website access to Tommy James too, to see if he would comment on this as well. Hmmmm Just like you pointed out Dave B it all comes down to a Matter of taste, isn't it neat how soo many of us agree on these songs. I think it is pretty neat how sooo many of my favorite Artists music kinda mixes and matches as well.... Interesting Indeed! :)

Take care all enjoy the rest of your weekend, Nancy :)

Message: 25676 Posted: Sun Jan 05 11:14:26 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

Forgot about Alibi! Shame on me. Would have to put that one in my 5th spot and drop Hearts from the top ten.

Message: 25675 Posted: Sun Jan 05 09:07:30 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

I listed only the America releases Danae has. It's interesting for me in that "Hat Trick" use to be my favorite LP from the trio days and "Harbor" my least favorite. Funny how we tend to change our opinion over time. Regarding "Hat Trick," I think the change for me is because I played the LP to death in the past or maybe Gerry's comment that it's too slow has affected my opinion (or both).


(Danae ~ You MUST get America's first LP and "Homecoming"!)

Message: 25674 Posted: Sun Jan 05 07:33:52 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums - INTERESTING

It's interesting - But when it comes to favorites it seems Alibi and Hideaway - the rockier albums seem to high or low - and same with the Harbor and Hat Trick the more traditional for lack of a better word - Don't get me wrong - I love them all - I always say when your dealing with the best like say the best hockey players of all time Orr, Gretzky, Howe, Mario - someone has to come in first and someone fourth - For those hockey fans I put Orr 1st.

Message: 25673 Posted: Sun Jan 05 07:15:46 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: try again!

Sorry for the balls up. Here's the scores


If and when anyone else adds their own top 10 I'll redo the collective scores.


Message: 25672 Posted: Sun Jan 05 07:10:30 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fav albums running score so far

Out of interest I thought I'd work out people's favourite album utilising the 7 votes so far printed. I've taken the top ten only and in the case of the first vote I've taken out the compliation albums which left 5 studio albums and gave each album a score of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10. For all the other votes I just reversed the numbers (ie 1 gets a score of 10; 2 gets 9 etc).

Here's the results so far:

1, HAT TRICK: 52

Message: 25671 Posted: Sun Jan 05 06:05:05 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

Oops I left out Your Move - I guess that's 12th - slide harbor to 13 and Perspective to 14. I did like the first side of Your Move when it was the album (First 5 songs)

Message: 25670 Posted: Sun Jan 05 05:25:39 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Fav AMERICA albums

Great Topic Danae thanks for asking!!

1 America
2 Hattrick
3 Silent Letter
4 Homecoming
5 Hearts
6 Holiday
7 Hideway
8 Alibi
9 Harbor
10 View from the Ground

Message: 25669 Posted: Sun Jan 05 00:42:24 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fav AMERICA albums

It's a hard one but here goes:


Message: 25668 Posted: Sat Jan 04 21:10:44 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

After listening to it a few times, I like it! I think the guys should add it to their playlist. It should be easy to learn since they already know the cords and melody, all they would have to do is learn the lyrics!

I like Tommy James, he had some classics and very original songs (of course this isn't one of the original ones). But he fell on some hard times in the early 70's. He had a hard time making much of a dent in the charts after Draggin The Line. So he may have heard Horse With No Name and really liked it and was inspired by it ;)

Message: 25667 Posted: Sat Jan 04 20:43:01 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

Not including compilations, live albums, or specialty albums (like Christmas albums) here's my list (subject to change without notice).

1. America
2. Homecoming
3. Hat Trick
4. Holiday
5. Hearts
6. Hideaway
7. View From The Ground
8. Hourglass
9. Harbor
10. Alibi
11. Human Nature
12. Your Move
13. Silent Letter
14. Perspective

Message: 25666 Posted: Sat Jan 04 20:33:21 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

1. Hat Trick
2. Homecoming
3. America
4. Hearts
5. Holiday
6. Harbor
7. Hideaway
8. Hourglass
9. Human Nature
10. Alibi
11. View From The Ground
12. Silent Letter
I seem to listen to Hat Trick and Homecoming the most. I also love the Highway Box Set, Grand Cayman Concert and Holiday Harmony.

Message: 25665 Posted: Sat Jan 04 20:32:31 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that Horse was recorded in 1971 and released as a single in the US in early 1972. It was released in the UK before it was released in the US. The question then becomes when was Cat's Eye recorded? While Cat's Eye was released as a single in the summer of 1972, was that it's original release or was it on an album that was released earlier and then released as a single?

But to be honest, chances are if Cat's Eye were released prior to Horse, there would have been a lawsuit. If you have a song and somebody else has a huge, number 1 hit that sounds very similar you have a lot of motivation to go after them to get a piece of that hit. However, if you had the hit a somebody else releases a song that sounds alot like your hit but the sound alike goes nowhere - why bother spending the money to hire lawyers to get a little of nothing?

The fact that Tommy didn't get a piece of Horse tends to prove that Horse inspired Cat's Eye and not the other way around.

Message: 25664 Posted: Sat Jan 04 18:39:30 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

I have them all but can't include greatest hits or compilations or live albums

1) America
2) Alibi
3) Holiday
4) Homecoming
5) Hourglass
6) Hideaway
7) View
8) Hearts
9) Hat Trick
10) Human Nature
11) Silent letter
12) Harbor
13) Perspective

I still play them all but... I wouldn't guess where to put the Holiday CD but I have a lot of holiday CD but none of the others made it to the CD player this year.

Message: 25663 Posted: Sat Jan 04 17:34:23 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Reasons to Love America

Danae, I'll give you 20 reasons why I love America.
1. Great songs that come from the heart.
2. Beautiful Voices and Harmonies
3. Musical Diversity
4. Multiple Lead Singers
5. Exceptional Musicians
6. Professionalism
7. Nice to Their Fans
8. Great Looking Guys
9. I still have a crush on Gerry.
10. Fantastic Lyrics - Especially Dewey
11. Beautiful Ballads - Especially Gerry and his voice just melts me.
12. Their music is nice to listen to and very comforting at times.
13. Staying Power - They're a part of my teenage years and still going strong.
14. They still record and tour
15. Terrific Concerts
16. I love their acoustic sound.
17. They can really rock too!
18. Fantastic Musical Arrangements
19. They have an awesome fan chat folder thanks to Steve Lowry and the other wonderful fans that visit here.
20. It's fun to be a fan of America and chat with other great fans like you, Danae!!!

Message: 25662 Posted: Sat Jan 04 16:29:51 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Your favorite America albums

#1. Hourglass
#2. Silent Letter
#3. Human Nature
#4. HatTrick
#5. View From The Ground
#6. Homecoming
#7. Holiday
#8. America
#9. Hideaway
#10. Hearts

Didn't include any Live or other compilations but Grand cayman would certainly be up there.


Message: 25661 Posted: Sat Jan 04 13:11:40 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Your favorite America albums

Hi all! I hope everyone is well.
I've never heard other opinions about the title question. My favorite albums by America are(I have only the albums below):
#1 History
#2 Highway- 30 years of America
#3 Hearts
#4 Hat trick
#5 Holiday
#6 Perspective
#7 Harbor

What about you?
Wating for replies
*Danae* :)

Message: 25660 Posted: Sat Jan 04 12:59:10 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Five reasons to love America

A frequently asked question to me is why I like America.
Good question! I can give 5 reasons:
1. Wonderfull voices
2. Beautiful harmonies
3. They have many Top 10 hits
4. They had won a Grammy award in 1972 as Best New Artists
5. They already exist 30 (!!!) years

It's your turn now!
"Why do you like America?"

Message: 25659 Posted: Fri Jan 03 19:18:47 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

The song in question actually peaked at #90,spending 4 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 back in the early Summer of 1972. The song was obviously influenced by "Horse"--no way do you come up with that melody without being influenced by that song! Would be nice to hear what Tommy James had to say about it! Vic may have some further input to add as well...

Message: 25658 Posted: Fri Jan 03 19:15:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

The only information I got from SteveO is that Cat's Eye was #99 in 1972. I presume that he meant it was 99 on the Billboard chart for that year but I'm not sure. That sounds like it was post-Horse.

Message: 25657 Posted: Fri Jan 03 17:51:57 2003 By: Jerey
Subject: Re: Cat's Eye

I just listened to the song in question. What is the release info on Cat's eye? Pre or post Horse? Sure sounds as if someone owes someone royalties.

Message: 25656 Posted: Fri Jan 03 16:02:23 2003 By: bruno
Subject: 2002 fan of the year

yes, is very good:
fan of the year 2002 is Nancy (very friendly)
fan of Decade is Johhny Yee
fantastic fan is Steve Lowry
ciao Steve, Nancy, Johnny, Genevieve and all

Message: 25655 Posted: Fri Jan 03 15:03:54 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Plymouth Concert

I just received the following message but I haven't received a confirmation from Erin Edwards yet. So, take it for what it's worth:

Please let your fans know that AMERICA will be appearing at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth MA on February 28.

Tickets now on sale at

LaRoche Productions

Message: 25654 Posted: Fri Jan 03 12:23:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cat's Eye

Thanks to Vic and SteveO I have a copy of the Tommy James single "Cat's Eye In The Window". After listening to it, I must say that it definitely sounds like "A Horse With No Name". You can all decide for yourself by clicking on the following link to download and/or listen to an MP3 version of the song. It will remain on the Chat Folder for about a week:

Cat's Eye In The Window MP3

Message: 25653 Posted: Fri Jan 03 10:25:48 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Recommendations

Thanks guys for your kind words and hello to the newcomers.

I thought I'd pass on a few recommendations for CDs I've bought and received over Christmas. The first and the one I can't stop playing is the DOOBIE BROTHERS - "Sibling Rivalry". This CD was released about 2 years ago and although I had meant to buy it then never got round to it. What a waste of 2 years!

This incarnation of the DOOBIES features two of the original members Tom Johnson and Patrick Simmons as well as later members Keith Knudsen, Michael Hossack and John McFee. The CD encompasses both eras of their career featuring the blues rock of their most enduring hits like LISTEN TO THE MUSIC and LONG TRAIN RUNNING and their later white soul sound which Micheal McDonald made famous.

However, although the CD harks back to their formulative years it sounds revitalised and new, and is well worth a listen if you enjoyed their music in the past.

My personal favourite is a Pat Simmons track entitled "LEAVE MY HEARTACHE BEHIND" which has the same laid back Delta sound of his fabulous "South City Midnight Lady" and "Black Water". Tom Johnson's JERICHO is also a great foot stomping number.

I'd also recommend a newish UK band called TURIN BRAKES whose debut album is called THE OPTIMIST. This duo are essentially an acoustic outfit which hark back to the 70s era we love so much. However, they combine lush sound arrangements to create a sound quite wonderful and unique.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has any of these CDs and what they think.



Message: 25652 Posted: Fri Jan 03 08:28:20 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: The Plane, The Plane ... perks, etc. (hello Moser)

I enjoyed Moser's post regarding the three-disc boxed set. Just a footnote -- and maybe some other folks here recall this as well -- Rolling Stone magazine, which we know has always been condescending in its treatment of America, took great delight in reporting in the mid-70s that Warner Bros. had grounded the band's private jet. This was around the time, I think, that sales began dropping off. I'm not even sure if it's accurate that Warners pulled the plane, but it evidently was yanked at some point by someone.
Around the time the band had a commercial re-emergence with "View From the Ground" in 1982 (I think), I heard a Westwood One radio interview in which Gerry and Dewey talked quite candidly about the halcyon days of the Warner contract, their mega-popularity and the perks it brought -- including the plane.

A bemused Dewey was groping for words in trying, I took it, to explain that, while he renounced such decadence from his perch in the early 80s, it just sorta evolved, and seemed positively called-for in those heady days of the 70s.

The comment went something like this:

Dewey: " ... I don't know, it was just, it was just, it was ..."

Gerry: "It was crap."

Gerry went on to explain more eloquently, of course, but I always respected the brutal candor with which they owned up to the fatuousness that came with being young pop stars, and how they poked fun at it looking back ... it is consistent with the genuine, likeable performers they still are.

Message: 25651 Posted: Fri Jan 03 08:26:44 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Hi! To Fans From Other Countries

Hi! Frankie, Bruno, Genevieve, Danae and everyone else who posts from other countries. It's so nice to hear from all of you!

Message: 25650 Posted: Fri Jan 03 07:36:44 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Sound clips at

Hi all! I want to wish again a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE!
Sound clips of America's songs also exist at The sound clips are from HOLIDAY HARMONY, THE COMPLETE GREATEST HITS, HOMECOMING, AMERICA, HUMAN NATURE and more. Available for Windows Media Player and Real Audio Player.

Message: 25649 Posted: Fri Jan 03 07:07:14 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmmm Interesting Opinions, Facts & Articles & then some!

Hi Everybody ~~ Hey it is Friday & PA is in the midst of another Snow Storm.... Brian the DJ is doing morning shows this week and he said "Are you all sick of Winter yet??????? " This is unreal, my area isn't getting hit as hard as other areas tho. The kids headed to school on the bus, but most likely an early dismissal will come to be, more snow is expected throughout the day into tomorrow..... It sure does look Nice out! ~~~ Oooooh Johnny, 4 black crows were sitting on branches of white covered snow and this was a neat sight to behold. I am flattered by your mention of me as AMERICA Fan of the year ~~ but I am sure there are many more fans out there that love AMERICA's MUSIC just has much as I do. :) ~~~~~ I came across this in one of my emails and just wanted to share it with you all (maybe a hint of advice for the New Year)~~~~ Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this
so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready
to live. Before they know it, time runs out.
--Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Supreme Court Justice ~~~~~ In a way Posting has allowed me to bring out the Music in Me ~~ I love Posting and what a Stress buster it is for Me ~~~ sooooo Thanks to all of You that read my sometimes way tooo long Posts and for allowing me to share my thoughts & for putting up with all my finger singing lyrics that I love to type sooooo well! :)

Hi there Jason ~~~ Nice to hear from You, I am very sorry to hear about your sister in laws loss ~~ my thoughts and prayers will be with you all. ~~ My sister lost 2 little boys this way, I am happy to say that she then had my niece and she is just adorable. I HOPE there will be a healthy baby in your sister in laws future. In the Night sky there are some Precious Stars shining brightly, Little Angels watching down on the Ones They LOVE! Take care and I will look forward to hearing more about Dirt Pit Manor. :)

Hi Gen ~~ Thanks for sharing these articles with us. Regarding John Otway and his fans helping his song to get into the top ten, this is Great ~~ that sure is some company he is among in that Top Ten! ~~~ All the more reason for US to move on with getting AMERICA's songs playing on the radio and hopefully a New Release for the future, I can picture Gerry & Dewey right up there in our top ten with Vanessa Carlton, Avril Levigne, John Mayer, Santana with Michelle Branche, as well as one of the upcoming Eagles songs......and I sure could handle a Jeff Larson among the top ten list as well. I know I have told Brian the DJ that if John Mayer's songs can make it on the radio, that Jeff Larson's songs will make it for sure, Jeff's songs just need to be heard here in the States on the radio..... I know He would be noticed! ~~ That is sooo neat how HH's songs are in the Powerplay rotation playlist....and I am Thrilled how well HH did here on the R & R Billboard ratings.... AWESOME! ~~~~ I have been busy with my credit union work and my HH, Grand Cayman & Hwy CD's & Jeff's Fragile Sunrise have been playing in my office, Keeping me Calm & Collected amidst the end of the quarter as well as the year Chaos......OOooooooooh how I Love all of my Music! ~~~~~~ Take care Gen always good hearing from you! :)

Hi David ~~ Thanks for sharing this neat Music site with us, WOW ~~ What a Nice Selection of AMERICA's albums available there..... this Best of the Beat Club playlist is a Nice Set of their songs for sure ~~~ Hmmmm wonder why they changed the Name on this tho! I love hearing all of this availability of AMERICA's music around the world. YES YES YES!

Welcome Danae & frankie ~~~ Nice hearing from you both. ~~~ I must say Danae for a 13 year old you have Excellent taste in Music ~~~ Enjoy discovering all the Magical Gems that AMERICA has to offer. Tell your Dad thanks for exposing you to this great music! Nice talking with you in Live Chat! ~~~~ Happy New Year to You too Frank over there in Scotland & Ciao to you too Bruno! Cheers to Margaret & Jimmmmmm as well!

Thanks SteveL & SteveO ~~~ For sharing this List for 2002..... I agree with alot of your selections.... I would have to add Celine Dions "A New Day Has Come" to that as well~~it is a nice selection of songs ~~Sung from the Heart for sure! (Celine sure can put Her ALL into her Music) ~~ Steve O keep on sharing your articles and input with us I am enjoying it! Thanks! :)

Hmmmmm ~~ It was quite the interesting Live Chat the other night! Nice talking with my favorite NoLifers ~~ thanks! Good to see you joining the live chat Johnny! ~~~~ To sum it all up all I can say is ~~~
In these pages we consume
Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom
There's glamour and dementia
A message from the tomb
Staircase to the heavens
And secrets in the room
When you are riding on that dark horse
To the one that got away
There's no regrets and no dues left to pay ~~~ Sing it Dewey Dewey Dewey!!!!!

Hiiii Hoooooo Reeeeeeed eeeeeeee Oaaaaaaaaaak ~~ I hope you are enjoying your time off of work. This is way too much PA getting all of this snow and You out there in Colo. basking in warm temps and hardly no snow at all. ~~ Nelleybelle will be anxiously awaiting your return! :)

Have a Great Day All & Remember to Let Your Music come out! SMILE TOO! :) See ya, Nancy :) ~~~~ Window frames a picture of winter time within my room Sometimes then I laugh at the funny times we had in school~~~ Blowing leaves, broken dreams I am asleep on a rainbow Hiding from the wake of the tide I am asleep on a rainbow, Hoping for the rest of the ride, Seventeen, dancing queen, dancing queen ~~ Wow what a great song ~~ Thanks Gerry, Dewey & Dan :)

Message: 25648 Posted: Fri Jan 03 06:32:33 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 2002 "Fan of the Year"

Mama_Bluebird Nancy gets my vote too! Noone deserves the title more than she does.
BTW, I don't know if some of you read the article I mentioned in a previous post, but what seduced me is the fact that the guy organized a special free gig in London to reveal which song had won and also that the B-side of the single should feature 1,000 of his fans singing back vocals ! Hey Nancy, now I know why you've been rehearsing so much this year... :-D - Gen.

Message: 25647 Posted: Fri Jan 03 06:30:40 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: songs that got "official R&R airplay"

I'm a system analyst and was a stats major so I guess I get caught up in this stuff but songs that got airplay on AC R&R reporting stations
Winter Wonderland over 400 spins, Christmas in California, White Christmas, Silent Night and Sleigh Ride. I also heard that WRCH's AM station in Hartford played the entire CD a few weeks ago.

Message: 25646 Posted: Thu Jan 02 21:51:38 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: canadian version of musikladen dvd

Check out the following site which has a different packaging for the musikladen dvd: well, go to, then type AMERICA for artist, then click AMERICA for artist, then go down 6 albums. It's called "Best of Beat Club Live" and it sells for CDN$32.99.

Message: 25645 Posted: Thu Jan 02 19:50:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: 2002 "Fan of the Year"

If there were such a thing as an "America Fan of the Year," my vote would go to none other than Mama_Bluebird Nancy...FOR SURE!!!

Message: 25644 Posted: Thu Jan 02 19:36:46 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Frankly...

...I didn't mean to omit a "Welcome aboard" to Frankie. So, WELCOME Frankie!!!

Message: 25643 Posted: Thu Jan 02 19:19:48 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A new member in the folder.

Hi Danae ~ Glad to see your posts on the folder. Welcome aboard! :0)

Jas ~ So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and the loss of her

Last Night's Live Chatters ~ Sorry for leaving so quickly and the long private chatting with another party. Had to get to bed a bit early.

Message: 25642 Posted: Thu Jan 02 18:38:44 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: A new member in the folder.

Danae, Hi and welcome. It's nice to hear from you. That's neat that you are 13 and have been an America fan for nine years already. I was your age when "A Horse With No Name" became number one and I have loved them ever since. I'm a big Gerry fan too. He's so cute!!! I love Dewey too, but Gerry has always been my favorite. Hope to hear from you often and Have A Great New Year.

Message: 25641 Posted: Thu Jan 02 17:18:11 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: For Jason

Jason, my deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your wife's sister's baby. My thoughts are with all of you.

Message: 25640 Posted: Thu Jan 02 15:32:16 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Auguri

Un Felice Ottimo 2003 per Dewey, Gerry e tutti gli amici degli AMERICA

Message: 25639 Posted: Thu Jan 02 14:08:19 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Sound clips at

Hi all! I want to wish again a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE!
Sound clips of America's songs also exist at The sound clips are from HOLIDAY HARMONY, THE COMPLETE GREATEST HITS, HOMECOMING, AMERICA, HUMAN NATURE and more. Available for Windows Media Player and Real Audio Player.

Message: 25638 Posted: Thu Jan 02 14:07:00 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: A new member in the folder

Hi Danae and welcome!!! You are in great company as an America fan and are probably one of the younger fans to visit the chat folder. Just to let you know my 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son are huge fans also. They saw their very first America concert this October at the State Fair of Texas and loved it. My daughter Jordan had an America cd at the top of her Christmas list which of course she received!

Nice to hear from other parts of the world-especially from the younger fans!


Message: 25637 Posted: Thu Jan 02 13:13:10 2003 By: Maureen

I just wanted to wish Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Bill, Pete, Michael, and Brad and the best fans in the world a very, Happy & Healthy New Year !
See you guys soon.

Message: 25636 Posted: Thu Jan 02 13:02:22 2003 By: frankie


Message: 25635 Posted: Thu Jan 02 12:51:49 2003 By: Danae
Subject: A new member in the folder

Hi all! My name is Danae and I'm new in the chat folder. As Johnny already said you, I chatted with him yesterday. I chatted with Nancy too.
Err... I'm only 13 years old- maybe the youngest fan of America!
I live in Athens, Greece.
That's all about me- also want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Message: 25634 Posted: Thu Jan 02 09:56:26 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all you guys.

We had a bit of a sad Christmas unfortunately. My Wife's sister's baby was stillborn which was very traumatic, especially as it was their 1st child. The holiday season seems to make this sort of tragedy harder to handle and I feel for anyone who has experienced anything similar over this time of year.

On a nicer note, and despite my hesitation earlier in the year, I went out and bought HOLIDAY HARMONY just before Christmas. I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I especially like the new songs A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER and WINTER HOLIDAYS. Of the covers HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is my fav. Gerry's singing on this are sublime.

In view of recent events I haven't had a chance to continue my search for DIRT PIT MANOR but will get round to it soon.


Message: 25633 Posted: Thu Jan 02 08:51:01 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Happy New Year, R &R 26th and more

That's great news about Winter Wonderland making Radio & Records AC chart! I would love to see Rhino put out a new America CD, with Andrew Gold producing it! Rhino does put out new material from time to time (other than Christmas CDs). A few years ago they released a new Monkees CD, so why not do one with America! From A Moving Train Made the R&R AC chart, and that was with a minor label pushing it (just imagine what it would have done if a major like Rhino/WB had pushed it!). Complete Greatest Hits made Billboards album charts and now Winter Wonderland makes the R&R AC chart! I think the time is right!

Come on Rhino/WB, they deserve one more shot!

Message: 25632 Posted: Thu Jan 02 07:15:55 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: How fans can make a hit song!

Number 9 With A Bullet

I've just read this interesting article (posted October 07, 2002)
in which the BBC reports that a song by obscure cult singer John Otway cracked the UK top ten, simply by involving his fan base. Otway pressed a limited edition disc of 11 songs and asked his fans to vote on which song should be released as a single. Advance orders of the single propelled Otway into the number nine position in the UK, alongside Oasis, Avril Lavigne and Pink.

Go read the whole story at

I'd love to know what you'll think of it ! Gen.

Message: 25631 Posted: Thu Jan 02 02:10:13 2003 By: jeff brink

Yep, folks don't know what they're missing....

Message: 25630 Posted: Thu Jan 02 01:31:14 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: The Definitive America

Bones, you are correct. It IS The Definitive America that was released here in 2001 and went all the way to number one! It was a real exciting time for me to walk into CD stores and see the CD climbing the charts. And it lead to the guys touring here again, though this time with a number one record. And yes, The Border is titled As The Border. Hi Margaret, Happy New Year to you and Ross! I dont own The Definitive CD, as I had recently bought the Highway box set. There is a record store in Auckland that has the entire back catalogue of America's albums, which is kinda neat. I must get Hearts again!

Message: 25629 Posted: Wed Jan 01 18:21:30 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Live Chat (For Danae) {For Red}

Huh, Red??? I don't follow. Using which alias will get me into trouble now & then regarding my live chat with Danae? Are you meaning because she's 13?

By the way, I spotted the white crow again a week or two ago. I drove home and got my camera this time. It was still in the field when I returned. I took several photos but Al (short for "albino") probably looks like a piece of white paper in a weedy field. Could be an Alice or Alberta, though. Anyway, the strange thing is Al was all alone just like the first time I spotted him/her. Maybe the other crows think he's too strange to associate with.

Al -----> the SOLO crow with an albino glow

Message: 25628 Posted: Wed Jan 01 17:51:53 2003 By: Margaret
Subject: The Definitive America

It is my understanding that The Definitive America was a project of Warners in NZ. The photos that Steve referred to are from a copy that I bought in London in July 2001. It has track 23 listed as The Border. It also says that it was made in Germany. Jim, what does your copy say?

Message: 25627 Posted: Wed Jan 01 17:08:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: HH on RTL

Hey guys, just forgot to say that if you go to:
you'll notice that AMERICA' s HH is entering the power-play rotation list on RTL! Think a song like 'Xmas in California' has a chance to remain on the list for a while, because it doesn't sound too much like a typical Xmas song. Well, anyway, we'll see... For us, French fans, it is the obvious sign of the band's revival here. And that's what really matters!

Message: 25626 Posted: Wed Jan 01 16:30:32 2003 By: Genevieve

Very interesting list, Steve O! Thanks for sharing (Steve L. too).
Though I wouldn't agree with ALL your choices, I think J. Larson's FS deserves to reach this #1 rank. The CD - track 1 in particular- is still receiving power-play rotation on French radio RTL. It's been played regularly here for about 10 weeks now. And I've just learnt from a very reliable source that Magic France announces 'Norman' as the next track for airplay... Isn't it GREAT? Should satisfy the fans of both Jeff Larson & America ! (Don't you think so, Jeff B?)

Message: 25625 Posted: Wed Jan 01 13:55:08 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Happy New Year, R &R 26th and more

About a week ago I estimated that Winter Wonderland was 27th with 41 stations and 140 plays - Well I had a little correspondence with two people at R & R - I was told although the TOP 30 charts don't get published due to year end standings they are tallied for other publications for use, such as the Billboard TOP 40 which is based on airplay and singles purchased. I goofed - winter wonderland was actually 26th for the week ending 12/21 and it had 43 stations for 155 plays. Plus although falling out of the TOP 30 this week it ranked 33 with 41 stations and 109 plays. I mentioned to one of the editors about our efforts and how we helped getting the song played. He was impressed and said - If America could get a label that pushed them they would easily have a TOP 10 AC song that surely would get regular TOP 40 station play. The songs like FAMT, Hope, and Young Moon along with WW made the R & R charts because "They still sound great and nobody doesn't want to play America in the AC format.
They got great airplay in cities like Atlanta and New York with their Christmas song and they always get on the board in the midsize cities like Baltimore, Cleveland, and Denver, etc. He went on to say they need to strike while the iron is hot because after they success of what he called their second greatest hits album and the WW airplay. I have to agree with the suggestions that although it would be nice to hear an ALL MY LIFE and BABY IT'S UP TO YOU - I like to see a new CD with all of us helping a very willing label to get them high on the chart with some massive airplay. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Message: 25624 Posted: Wed Jan 01 12:35:19 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: The Live Chat (For Danae)

Boy, u r a sneaky one there Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Using those alias will get u into trouble now & then. Good thing the internet police wasn't paying attention. They'd send a White Crow over to ur house.

Message: 25623 Posted: Wed Jan 01 10:54:28 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: The Live Chat (For Danae)

Just finished 'live chatting' with Danae from Athens, Greece. She told me she's been an AMERICA fan for 9 years. She's only 13!!! Said her dad's an AMERICA fan, too! She also said she's a big fan of Gerry's!

Message: 25622 Posted: Wed Jan 01 10:49:35 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Wishing you all... (For Red)

Laura Ingraham is a controversial Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator. Bet SHE owns a copy of America's "Hourglass"! Just kiddin' about the latter! JUST KIDDIN'!!!

Thanks Eddy (and Steve) for the heads-up about the computer virus.

Message: 25621 Posted: Wed Jan 01 10:21:58 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: virus & stuff..........

Ah....the nice thing about being in a Linux OS environment... Not effected by all those nasty Windoz virus & stuff. Although it's not foolproof, it offers a bit more protection.
Happy New Year All!

Message: 25620 Posted: Wed Jan 01 09:49:17 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: virus & stuff..........

I command that you be healed...Wooooooo...virus demons BE GONE! There, we should feel better now.

Carry on

Message: 25619 Posted: Wed Jan 01 09:42:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Steve Orchard's Year End Lists

I received this message from Steve this morning and thought it would be worth sharing:

To those of you who may or may NOT be interested... Here is my Top 30 personal picks for the year. Most of you caught the article on "My picks" last week from the paper, but here is my official listing for the year--My top 30 songs!

#30: Hot in here-Nelly (Have to admit, this was catchy for the DJ gigs I did)
#29: The Nightinside me-Jackson Browne (One of 2 songs he places for me)
#28: Can't get you out of my head-Kylie Minogue (Very catchy pop-dance hit)
#27: Crave-Ted Nugent (One of the hardest rockin' songs in quite some time!)
#26: The Rising-Bruce Springsteen (Nice comeback for Bruce, one of 2 songs here)
#25: A little less Conversation-Elvis Presley (Only the King could make this kinda comeback!)
#24: Hero-Chad Kroeger (Kind of a haunting single, but catchy to me)
#23: Can't stop loving you-Phil Collins (This one grew on me a bit towards years end)
#22: Do it for love-Hall & Oates (A welcome comeback--again!)
#21: Soak up the sun-Sheryl Crow (Kinda hard to get away from this in 2002!)
#20: I'm gonna getcha good-Shania Twain (Very catchy, very bouncy!)
#19: Corporate America-Boston (This was the first effort I heard from this CD last Summer, and after 8 years, it was nice to have them back!)
#18: Makin' Tracks-Dan Peek (My personal favorite from his recent "Guitar Man" disk)
#17: Place where I belong-Jeff Larson (One of 3 songs by Jeff to rank here)
#16: Could it be I'm falling in love-Donny Osmond (Osmond's CD of remakes included this faithful redo of one of my alltime favorite Spinners songs!)
#15: All good people-John Oates (Written in the wake of 9/11, Oates proves he can sing just as good as Daryl Hall)
#14: Lonesome day-Bruce Springsteen (My personal favorite from his new disk!)
#13: Stole-Kelly Rowland (Good lyrics, catchy melody)
#12: It's written in the stars-Paul Weller (This guy is huge in England, and this song was a bit catchier than anything he's done in recent years)
#11: Stuck inside a Cloud-George Harrison (A fitting finale for the Ex-Beatle)
#10: The Naked Ride Home-Jackson Browne (A Story song about a fitting proposition!)
#9: Die Another day-Madonna (Being the 'Bond' fan that I am...)
#8: On the 4th of July-James Taylor (Great! Nice to have him back this year!)
#7: Halfmoon Bay-Jeff Larson (Pretty ballad with America's Dewey Bunnell on BG vocals)
#6: Break of Dawn-Michael Jackson (For all of his bizaare antics, this was a real keeper of a ballad, and the aborted 3rd single from "Invincible")
#5: Dilemma-Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland (Her vocal bit had me hooked!)
#4: No such thing-John Mayer (The best single by a newcomer this year!)
#3: Norman-Jeff Larson (A different twist of a ballad about the late architect Norman bel Geddes. Written by America's Gerry Beckley)
#2: I had a good time-Boston (Soooo good to have Brad Delp back on vocals!)
#1: THE GAME OF LOVE-Santana featuring Michelle Branch (Very catchy!!!)

And now, My top 10 CD's of the year...

#10: Paul Weller/Illumination (Ex-Jam & Style Council members latest was better than I expected!)
#9: Shania Twain/Up! (Admittedly, I will still need to listen to this more. But its chock full of hit material!)
#8: Dan Peek/Guitar Man (With the exception of the remake of "Nashville Cats", this was a very welcome return for a former America member!)
#7: Jackson Browne/The Naked Ride Home (Browne gave me what I expected, including an awesome title track!)
#6: George Harrison/Brainwashed (Harrison was always my 2nd favorite Beatle. What a fitting finale after he passed away.)
#5: Bruce Springsteen/The Rising (Some of it I liked, some I didn't. Still, another nice return for a veteran performer)
#4: Santana/Shaman (Boy, he really covered the bases here. And that one song was pretty catchy too...)
#3: James Taylor/October road (No surprises with Taylor, just gentle ballads and melodies. Each disk seems to be better than the previous.)
#2: Boston/Corporate America (It's too bad that more of the disk didn't sound like the first single (I had a good time) but if nothing else, Boston divirsified their sound more than anything--something that pleased some fans but angered others.)
#1-JEFF LARSON/FRAGILE SUNRISE (Larson's 3rd effort has been raved and reviewed in my columns already this year. Jeff has done well to keep the 'America' sound alive, and yet he's carved his own niche as well. But if you like songs that remind you of America, the Beach Boys and the Eagles, this disk will do more than please you!)

Happy New Year to you all! thanks for your friendship and support!!!

Steve Orchard

Message: 25618 Posted: Wed Jan 01 09:29:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: new year - for Jimbob

FYI - Bones and others, here's a link to The Definitive America album web page on the America Fans web site.

Message: 25617 Posted: Wed Jan 01 09:29:00 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Happy New Year

I just like to wish everyone and Gerry, Dewey and their families A Happy and Healthy New Year. May 2003 be a great year for all of us.
Take care and be well.
Regards and Peace, Howard L

Message: 25616 Posted: Wed Jan 01 09:20:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: virus & stuff..........

Eddy and everyone else, these viruses have been going around for some time now but they seem to be picking up steam lately. It's very likely that the virus did NOT come from Milt. This virus has figured out a way to make it look like it's coming from a certain person when in reality it's not. I know that several (perhaps many) of you have received "supposed" mail messages from me that have had viruses attached to them. The messages have "supposedly" been sent from my account but I NEVER send anything from that mailbox. It is an incoming mailbox only. The bottom line is to be very careful about what you do with mail messages that you get. If it's from somebody you don't know, it's usually best to just delete it. Even if it is from somebody you do know, if it looks suspicious or has an attachment be careful before you open the attachment. It doesn't hurt to write back to the person to make sure that they really sent it to you.

Happy 2003 to all of you!


Message: 25615 Posted: Wed Jan 01 08:46:18 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: new year - for Jimbob

I was in the local mall a few days ago and went into the CD and video store. They have a rather large selection of CDs on their racks. Going right to the America section first, I saw a CD titled, "The Definitive America". On the back of the CD case it reads, Made in New Zealand by Warner Music New Zealand LTD. Rhino's logo is also on the back. I'm guessing that this CD is like the Complete Greatest hits released in the United States only with different songs. Track #23 on this CD is listed "As The Border". In the insert booklet, track 23 is listed "The Border". Was wondering if "The Definitive America" CD is the CD being sold in your country or if you ever noticed the difference in track #23.
The cost of the CD was $9.99. It was on sale for $6.99. With tax I walked out of the store paying $7.41.

Message: 25614 Posted: Wed Jan 01 08:00:06 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: virus & stuff..........

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas & Happy new year!
I'm writing to warn people of a virus.....I got a notice that my internet provider has detected and blocked an incoming virus....The reason I'm mentioning this on the board is because it was from Milton Peek (Dan's Dad) We used to e-mail each other in the past, & I know there's a few people on this board (Howard, Johnny?) that has done the same. Here's the info: The Virus Detection Software has reported that you were sent an e-mail from mpeek@farmington.etc,etc containing the W32/Klez.H@mm virus in Oxxai.scr attachment. The subject of the e-mail was "Visibility". The e-mail containing the virus has been quarantined to prevent further damage, etc, etc.....& I noticed 7 mile entertainment's e-mail is in it also. (so be careful of anything from them) The other e-mail I got warns of the same virus, but the subject was: "Have a nice New year" so........Be CAREFUL!!
Of course, I don't think Milton sent these....if he did, I'm sure it wasn't his intent to send me a virus.

On a happier note, I got the Live in Central Park from John also, it's GREAT! It's really nice to have this concert in DVD format! THANX JOHN!
I guess, I'll end it at that, I'm going to contact Dan's site to let them know also....Take Care Everyone!

Message: 25613 Posted: Wed Jan 01 06:10:45 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Wishing you all... (For Red)

Hillary not Hilary, sorry for the oops.

Message: 25612 Posted: Wed Jan 01 06:05:22 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Wishing you all... (For Red)

Who is Laura Ingraham? And be nice to Hilary, she's my senator.

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