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Message: 27128 Posted: Mon Mar 31 16:38:24 2003 By: Whit
Subject: OKC-bad news

Steve, that is really bad news that OKC was cancelled. Oh well, maybe something else will happen if we keep positive thoughts.

Kim, I guess we won't have to worry about the drive now!! This means something might come up in Dallas. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Mo,Nancy....You guys have a GREAT time tomorrow night. Think about all of us while you having an AMERICA moment.

Hasta-la-bye-bye, Whit

Message: 27127 Posted: Mon Mar 31 15:54:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Oklahoma City - Whit

I'm sorry to report that I just received word that the following concert has been canceled:

August, 16, 2003
Oklahoma City, OK
Six Flags

Let's keep our fingers crossed that something else comes up out that way!

Message: 27126 Posted: Mon Mar 31 15:12:52 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: For Kade re: Hershey Park

Hi Kade, thanks for your response regarding Hershey Park. I'm in the same situation with it being a school night. I wish the concert was on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. I think the shows aren't until 5:30 and 8:00 p.m. We live about two hours or so away and my son has never been to Hershey Park so what better reason to go, right!!! I'm hoping I can convince my husband and son that we should make the trip. If we do go I'm sure we can only stay for the earlier show. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will for you also.

Message: 27125 Posted: Mon Mar 31 15:11:51 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: Re: Another Keswick Show Review

I was at that concert. It was the year after I graduated college and my girl friend lived in Cherry Hill, in south Jersey. We went with another couple. This was about the 4th or 5th America concert I saw. I definitely remember Dewey couldn't sing Horse, and Gerry took over.


Message: 27124 Posted: Mon Mar 31 14:13:52 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Moser, Nancy...Have a great time!

You guys must be getting excited now! Nancy, make sure you get to say hi to the guys if you get the chance! For those of you that are Springsteen fans; I saw him Friday night in an outdoor stadium concert in New Zealand. Never have seen a show with that much energy. He was sensational!

Message: 27123 Posted: Mon Mar 31 12:22:01 2003 By: Whit
Subject: OKC

Hi Kim, 3 hour drive from Dallas wouldn't be too bad. I betting you can get hubby to make it. Did you know it is an open air amphitheater? Bring blanket and cooler (umbrella too) it should be very warm that time of year. See ya, Whit

Message: 27122 Posted: Mon Mar 31 10:27:11 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Oklahoma City - Whit

Hi Whit! Seeing as there aren't any Texas concerts listed yet, I am going to try to make it to the OKC show. It's about a three hour drive for me and I'll have to convince my husband that this is a necessary trip as we only live about 10 miles from Six Flags Over Texas, or... I can just leave him at home and take the kids myself! LOL

Message: 27121 Posted: Mon Mar 31 09:47:41 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Moser, Nancy...Have a great time!

Nancy, Moser have a great time at the concert and let us know all the details. Nancy hope you get the items signed...Have a blast!!!

Message: 27120 Posted: Mon Mar 31 08:05:43 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Moser, Nancy...Have a great time!

To everyone that gets to see America this week...have a great time!! Wish I could be there!!

Erin :o)

Message: 27119 Posted: Mon Mar 31 07:17:03 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Moser, Nancy...Have a great time!

Hey, girls, have a great time at your concert Tuesday night! I'll be with you in spirit! Hope you get to hear newly added tunes, like "Company"! (I don't remember anything new at Plymouth, do you, Mo?) As Maxwell Smart once said: "Missed it by THAT much!"

Message: 27118 Posted: Mon Mar 31 06:45:09 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Bar Chords, Are You Kidding?

sorry you're having trouble with bar chords. maybe an electric guitar (gasp!) would help. even being a man with big hands, bar chords are lots easier for me on my stratocaster. the neck is thinner and the strings are closer to the neck all the way up. the extra stress required to get sound from an acoustic makes it so the neck has to be thicker or it'll warp. keep at it, 'cause you can't play "Sister Golden Hair" without bar chords.

Message: 27117 Posted: Mon Mar 31 05:20:29 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Keswick

Hi Cathy-The combo of Hershey and an America concert is a very strong pull for me!!However,June 1 being on a Sunday makes it difficult since it's a bit of a ride from my part of town for a school night!Nothing is written in stone and my husband and kids are great sports!I certianly would love to be there.

Message: 27116 Posted: Mon Mar 31 04:47:01 2003 By: David Orlando
Subject: Re: Another Keswick Show Review

A question about that Spetrum concert in 77. I was at an America concert there about that time and for the oncore they sang Horse WNM and Dewey lost his voice and Gerry sang it. I saw them in Ohio recently and asked them if they remembered that (how often does Gerry sing HOrse?) but they did not. Do you remember that because it was definately around that time...David

Message: 27115 Posted: Mon Mar 31 04:27:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

I'll take May 22nd.

Message: 27114 Posted: Sun Mar 30 21:17:37 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: oops

Hit the reload button. Sorry about the double post.

Message: 27113 Posted: Sun Mar 30 21:16:48 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

Ok, I'll wade in. The 1,000,000th visitor will be on June 2. (of course if it hasn't happened by them, I will be up all night, logging on and off, to ensure victory!)

Message: 27112 Posted: Sun Mar 30 21:10:40 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

Ok, I'll wade in. The 1,000,000th visitor will be on June 2. (of course if it hasn't happened by them, I will be up all night, logging on and off, to ensure victory!)

Message: 27111 Posted: Sun Mar 30 20:53:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

It might be fun to guess what day the momentous event will occur. Unless it happens near midnight, we should know exactly what day it happens. If you want to take a guess, go ahead and post it here and we'll see who is the closest. Maybe I can come up with some kind of prize for the person who is closest (in case of a tie, we'll declare the person who guessed first the winner). All you need to do is guess the date that it will happen. FYI - The chat folder server is based in California so it is in the Pacific timezone which will be switching to Pacific Daylight Time next Sunday morning. I'm going to have to do a few calculations before I make my guess.

Message: 27110 Posted: Sun Mar 30 20:35:21 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

Good point Steve. Although i am sure we would all be completely honest. (ya, right)

Message: 27109 Posted: Sun Mar 30 19:32:42 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Casino Rama

I have a friend who works in a hospital in Toronto, and she was just told to not come to work for a week. I believe this is the 6th hospital to close in the area. Another person just died from SARS, so this may be why they are closing, although other thoughts come to mind. I'd like to ask that if America cancels their Casino Rama concerts, could it please be posted here ASAP? I have very mixed emotions about flying into Toronto right now. Anyone else live in that area? If so, what are your thoughts on this? Thanks.

Message: 27108 Posted: Sun Mar 30 18:02:43 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Seeking Your Input for a story

I have the Harrison CD "33 1/3",but you are right--that title is currently Out-of-print. There've been rumours about his Catalog being reissued,but right now its been slow going.

Message: 27107 Posted: Sun Mar 30 17:38:13 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Seeking Your Input for a story


I'm a long time George Harrison fan. The last time I checked, certain "Dark Horse" label CDs were unavailable. Specifically, I was looking for "33 1/3" and "George Harrison". I'd love to get my hands on these CDs.

Message: 27106 Posted: Sun Mar 30 15:26:13 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Song Tourney

Interesting question, Mo. Click here to see the results from the song tournament. The final results go something like this:

Champ: Hat Trick
Runner Up: Young Moon
Other Final Four Songs: Three Roses and Old Man Took
Other Elite Eight Songs: All My Life, Till The Sun Comes Up Again, Sister Golden Hair, and Tin Man

You can check out the results for all of the other rounds by clicking on the link above.

Message: 27105 Posted: Sun Mar 30 15:06:07 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Song Tourney

With the news of new songs being added to the playlist, my hub was asking me where in the song tourney these songs had finished. I don't remember off the top of my head and was checking the site to see. I couldn't find it listed anywhere. Is there a way to see the tourney bracket again, please? Thanks, Moser

Message: 27104 Posted: Sun Mar 30 14:30:22 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Hi Genevieve

Ciao Bruno!
No wonder I would come too!
If you can walk on water to reach the island and see the guys, I can grow wings! LOL
Crossing my fingers, anyway.

Message: 27103 Posted: Sun Mar 30 14:11:18 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Hi Genevieve

Hi Ciao bela Geneveve
I don't understand good: whwn America in Sicilia??
this is a wonderful piece of news.
When America in Sicilia I go too with my foots (200\300 miles from Agropoli to Sicilia with the sea in middle)to see concert of Dewey, Gery and company (do you came, Genevieve??)
Ciao Hi Genevieve Steve Johnny Yee Nancy and All

Message: 27102 Posted: Sun Mar 30 13:43:18 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Beach Boys.......

I would LOVE to see America do a version of Good Vibrations, Surfs Up, Till'I Die, or God Only Knows to name a few......"wouldn't it be nice" if they could have made the Brian Wilson tribute! I have the DVD, & it's great, it would of been better tho-, if America had performed...

Message: 27101 Posted: Sun Mar 30 13:29:31 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Tourist Tips

To Dewey, Woodz, Willie, Erin, Chas, Pete, Bill, Gerry Gerry Gerry, and the gang:
Since it's a few days until your next show, I figure you will be hanging around on either the east coast of PA (Philly area) or on the west coast of PA (Pittsburgh area) to pass the time. I don't know as much about Philly but if you're there you can't miss getting a Philly cheesesteak, of course. I would suggest going to Dallesandro's. I think there are at least two locations in the city. If you get to Pittsburgh, don't miss having a sandwich at Permanti Bros.'s in the Strip District. They serve the slaw and fries right on the sandwich. It's a one of a kind for sure. If the weather is sunny, take one of the inclines (there are two) up to Mt. Washington for an incredible view of the Golden Triangle. It's a very pretty and unique city. Come to think of it, you've been there before. Oh well, enjoy. I'll see you Tuesday.

Message: 27100 Posted: Sun Mar 30 12:48:52 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Keswick

Hi Kade, thanks for the report on the Keswick Theatre show. I wish I could have been there. Sounds like you had a great time and some wonderful memories. It's neat that you saw them get off their tour bus. And lucky you giving Gerry a hug and getting their autographs. What a thrill!!! I'm hoping to make it to the Hershey Park show on June 1st. Will you be able to attend that show? Cathy

Message: 27099 Posted: Sun Mar 30 12:15:28 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Keswick

I loved hearing all about the Keswick show! Thanks fellow fans for sharing your experiences! ---Valerie

Message: 27098 Posted: Sun Mar 30 11:38:02 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Seeking Your Input for a story

Some of you know that in addition to my occasional radio or DJ work,I also write a Weekly Music News column for the Iron Mountain-Kingsford "Daily News" here in Upper Michigan. In recent weeks I've had a number of questions posed to me by customers seeking out Unavailable CDs. I think We all have a favorite here and there which is still unavailable. Doesn't matter to me the format--Rock,Pop,soul,Country,Jazz etc. Is there a specific title you would like to see Reissued that hasn't already been? Granted,some titles(like the Mid 70's America ones)are available as Imports. I'll give you one example of a disk that has yet to be reissued and thats the 1973 "Buckingham/Nicks" title from current Fleetwood Mac members Lindsey buckingham and Stevie Nicks. That is still considered a "must have" disk by lots of music fans but its never been reissued. Any feedback is appreciated,and I promise to send Steve the column at some point for all to read. I'm wondering what Titles some of my America friends would Love to see on CD. You can either post here or send it to me at
Many Thanks!

Message: 27097 Posted: Sun Mar 30 11:18:21 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Keswick show !

Hey Nancy - I love your idea about America doing a Beach Boys song or two during the shows! That would be really cool!

Glad everyone who attended last night's show at the Keswick Theatre had a great time. I am soooo looking forward to tuesday at IUP! I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Message: 27096 Posted: Sun Mar 30 09:37:09 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Kade

Right on Kade! Glad that you got your pages signed. I would have made sure I got my hug too! Sounds like a beautiful night.

BTW, if I remember correctly, that playlist looks exactly like the set they played in Tacoma on the 22nd... Duffy, am I right?

Message: 27095 Posted: Sun Mar 30 09:30:24 2003 By: America Legend
Subject: Another Keswick Show Review

Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the GREAT show we saw last night at the Keswick. The Keswick is an old venue , but has great acoustics and is a great place to see a show . The weather didn't cooperate with us last night as it was cold and rainy.

Before the show , we were lucky enough to see Gerry, Dewey, and Willie and get a quick pic with Gerry (Actually,my mother did-aka "MOM" to Gerry)We said hello, shook some hands and then had to get into the show. The set started out with the usual, but we couldn't believe our ears when Gerry went over the the piano to sing his "Love Songs". He broke out into " To Each His Own" . He sung it perfectly and with meaning. As if that wasn't good enough, The very next song was "Company" sung by Dewey. I hadn't seen that song live since the Philly Spectrum in 1977. We were so excited that the set list finally had changed a little bit.

Two EXCELLENT songs to be added were just icing on the cake to us.

The last song they added to the list was "From a Moving Train" which was also very nice to see.

All in All, it was just another great show by the best Rock & Roll Band of all Time, one of the best I had seen in quite a long time.

Message: 27094 Posted: Sun Mar 30 08:28:28 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: America in Italy soon? (Bruno)

Hi Bruno, seems some guy on the VH message board wants to book America for a concert in Sicily. Hope it works! We'll have to check it out :-)
See you.

Message: 27093 Posted: Sun Mar 30 08:25:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - King Of Prussia

Gerry is in King Of Prussia, PA this morning. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 27092 Posted: Sun Mar 30 08:11:32 2003 By: Dan
Subject: set list

Great to see Company back in the set, one of my favorites, "Live", for sure. Sure would like to have the opportunity to experience it in the near future, hint hint.DanC.

Message: 27091 Posted: Sun Mar 30 07:30:18 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Keswick show !

Hi Everybody ~~~ Well we awoke to a complete blanket of White this morning..... we got 4 inches of the fluffy white stuff.... More on the way and to be cold ~~~ Not any warming up in site till wednesday... DARN that weatherman!!!!!

Hi Kade ~~ Thanks for review, sooo neat you getting to see them pull into town there on the bus... I am glad you were able to get your pages signed... and wow even a HUG ~~~ Lucky YOU! Sounds like you enjoyed this magical night.... Feels GOOD doesn't it!!! Hmmmm sooo they sang Company & Moving Train..... Neat, thanks for sharing the playlist with us, I am sooo anxious to see what our playlist will be on teusday. ~~~ WOW only T~W~O more days to gooooooooo!!!! :) I am sure we will be getting to see the VFTHW pic from there soon, we are just sooo spoiled by how quickly Gerry & Steve get this too us.... Something must have hampered it this time....

Hey there DanC ~~ good that you are still enjoying some nice songs.... I have heard Aubrey, but its been awhile, it is on my cassette of their greatest hits, I gotta dig that out.... as for the song Forever by the Beach Boys, I am not sooo sure of this song, I gotta hear some of it first.... Hmmm speaking of the Beach Boys, Red and I both thought it would be neat if Gerry & Dewey would a some of their songs as a tribute in their shows.... and take a break from the George Harrison song.... Hmmmmm that came to my mind just now, so I thought I would mention it to see if anyone else would like to see them do this.... after all they were influenced early on by the Beach Boys music ~~ Right???? ~~~ I just Love Gerrys songs on Beckley, Lamm & Wilson ~~ Like a Brother album.... my fave off of this would be Watching the time, there is one version of this that Brian (or Carl) Wilson does the lead singing on and then there is one where Gerry does the lead.... Such a nice song, the lyrics, music and harmonizing all go hand in hand.... this whole album had a nice taste of AMERICA's , The Beach Boys & Chicago's sounds blended into one....NICE!!!!! :)

Well I am here kinda pressed for time right now, this has been a busy weekend for me.... My daughter had her dance competition yesterday and then we headed for dinner and shopping. My daughters class came in 2nd place, they did their best! I was crying happy tears for sure, watching my little girl out there dancing. These competitions are sooo neat to watch. Alot of hard work and effort are put forth by all the girls for sure! ~~ Sooo today, I am off again ~~ I am going with my sister to a Creative Memories party out by Pittsburgh..... I am kinda reliving my son Jeff's graduation day... I am taking pics from them and doing my theme on them for today.... I can see some more Happy tears coming my way as I do this.....

Have a great day All! Nancy :)

~~~~ and then the world changed, there was HOPE in the distance, till it raised up around us, and preceded to shine, like a Moonlight, full of reckless abandon, we would reach for the stars, cause there was room at the top, and food on the table, we were doing quite well at such an early stage, there was no need to stop, nor were we able, and noone could see the time go by, eye to eye, watching the time go by, watching the time go by day for night, watching the time go by ~~~ there are moments, I regret more than the rest, there are day I can't recall at all, looking back now, there's not much I would change, I am happy Watching the Time goooooo by, watching the time go byyyyyyy, nothing but time~~~~ Sing it Gerry ~~~~ :):):)

Message: 27090 Posted: Sun Mar 30 06:27:45 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Keswick

Thanks for the report, Kade. Always nice to be able to share...
I guess from what you wrote that Gerry's busy, maybe (?) too busy to post the view ( which all of us can understand.)

Anyway, did you or your husband take pics?

Message: 27089 Posted: Sun Mar 30 04:47:27 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Keswick

The bus was white with red lines!

Message: 27088 Posted: Sat Mar 29 22:17:08 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Keswick

Wow, what a night you had. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm so glad you didn't have the "Mo/Nancy Syndrome" which is basically freezing up and forgetting your own name let alone anything witty to say! You go, girl. Thanks for the setlist. I hope we get that nice long set at IUP. There are a few changes from a month ago which is absolutely great news. One silly question, could you describe the tour bus for us? I'm wondering if it is the same one they had in NY last year. Only three more days for me. I can't wait.

Message: 27087 Posted: Sat Mar 29 20:56:49 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Keswick

O.k....This will probably be a long post,especially for someone who doesn't post too often.So,if you don't have the want or desire, you might want to check out now!... For those of you who stayed,Keswick was wonderful!! It's a pretty damp and dreary night here in Phila.,but my husband and I decided to take a walk(before the show) around the small town of Glenside,where the Keswick is located.We see the tour bus roll into this little town! Now I'm the America fan in my family,and I need to give credit where credit is due! My husband notices where the bus is going and says let's go meet it! As we cross the street to the side of the theatre,the bus is parked and we wave to Dewey who is now waiting to get off the bus.Now if any of you have read my profile or have talked to me online,you know that since the mid 70's I've had a few run -ins with these guys and usally freeze! Not tonight!! When Dewey got off the bus,I pulled out a magazine page that was an ad for the Heats album from 1975. I asked for an autograph and he was really nice and signed it.Gerry had also gotten off the bus and was talking to a lovely women he called mom.Dewey called to him so he would stop and also sign my magazine page,but he didn't hear him.Then all of a sudden something crazy came over me,and I couldn't leave without this autograph too! I think I burst into Gerry's conversation (and I am so sorry if I was rude!)and Gerry did sign the page!Apparently,I wasn't quite finished. I turned to leave and realized I had waited 28 years for this moment.So,I turned back to Gerry and said that I need a hug...and I just hugged him! My husband said I threw myself onto his back! Again,Gerry if you read this...I'm am so sorry for being rude. I don't think I've actually ever thrown myself onto a person before. Both of the guys were good sports.Thank you!
The show was fantastic! My husband even mentioned how great all their voices sounded.They gave a great performance. I wrote down the songs they played in this order:
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Company(really enjoyed this one!)
Daisy Jane
To Each His Own
Three Roses
I Need You
I Need You(George H.)
Baby It's Up To You
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Calif. Dreamin
Lonely People
Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Horse With No Name (Encore)
Great night! Great show! Great Memories!

Message: 27086 Posted: Sat Mar 29 20:02:27 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window

Thanks for checking!

Message: 27085 Posted: Sat Mar 29 17:21:57 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: this and that

Looking forward to the reports and pics from back east!
"Aubrey" means "keeper of Elves" My co-worker named his daughter "Aubrey" because of the meaning. I always thought that was neat ( the Hippies didn't die we just got government jobs!)

Message: 27084 Posted: Sat Mar 29 16:56:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window

No view yet. I'll check later tonight and see if Gerry has sent me anything.

Message: 27083 Posted: Sat Mar 29 16:55:19 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

John, I think it sounds like a great idea but I have no way of telling who the millionth person is other than taking their word for it. I think we might have thousands of people claiming to be the lucky person (LOL)!

Message: 27082 Posted: Sat Mar 29 14:49:02 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Bar Chords, Are You Kidding?

Don't know why (HHOK) but think I knew your FIRST choice wouldn't be Mademoiselle Crow :-)
Have to totally agree with you about her however.Her lyrics & her voice are excellent too!
As for that 'dream lesson' I wonder what Teacher Gerry's 'tips & tricks' would be? (lol). But you know, SOME dreams DO come true... Who knows?

Hey Kade,
Hope Steve can soon post today's view for you (and us) to see.

Message: 27081 Posted: Sat Mar 29 11:15:49 2003 By: Kade
Subject: View From The Hotel Window

May I request today's view??!! I've been waiting for months for this one!!!

Message: 27080 Posted: Sat Mar 29 09:46:12 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Bar Chords, Are You Kidding?(indeed!)

Genevieve, my dear,, if I wanted to have someone show me step by step and had my choice of anyone in the whole wide world, it would not be Sheryl Crowe. However, I mentioned her for two reasons: 1) She's a girl and she CAN PLAY. She's proof that the female hand is capable of playing bar chords. Obviously, though, my female hand is not capable of that, yet. I thought she might have a pointer or two for me. 2) Of the female guitar players on the planet, I would say she and Bonnie Raitt are the two for whom I have the most respect. She just happened to come to mind first.

The question remains then, if I had my pick of any person on the planet to show me a tip or two on the guitar, whom would I choose? The answer is obvious but just for fun I'll list my top three:
Here's to dreams come true.

Message: 27079 Posted: Sat Mar 29 08:58:32 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 1,000,000

Hey steve,

Waiting for that special prize competition announcement, as well !
(John, liked your 'all-expense paid trip' offer, personally. But I'd love a little studio session sitting ,too... :-) )

Message: 27078 Posted: Sat Mar 29 08:31:13 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Bar Chords, Are You Kidding?(indeed!)

If you need to sit down with someone who can already play and can get them to show you step-by-step, SERIOUSLY, Moser, WHO do you ask? Sheryl Crow????

Message: 27077 Posted: Sat Mar 29 08:11:10 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: 1,000,000

As we are nearing the millionth visitor to this page (about 75,000 to go - maybe 2 months from now perhaps?) is there like some huge prize for the person who tips it over? An all-expense paid trip to see the guys at the concert of your choice? An invitation to sit in on their studio session? Gerry's keyboard? Set of guitar picks? What do you think, Steve?

Message: 27076 Posted: Sat Mar 29 08:05:51 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: live and in person

"Aubrey". Wow, haven't heard that song for years and years. Used to love that song.

Message: 27075 Posted: Sat Mar 29 06:34:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Bar Chords, Are You Kidding?

Forget plastic grocery bags, who the heck invented bar chords? They just basically bite. It must not have been a woman 'cause our hands are too small. Sheryl Crowe, where are you? I need help. Well, clearly, I do need help but I'm talking about with the guitar here.

Message: 27074 Posted: Sat Mar 29 06:07:12 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: How Can You Sleep?

OOPS. You're right. What was I thinking? I guess I wanted it to be one day closer to Tuesday. Sorry to get a day ahead. Can't wait to hear about it, Kade. Enjoy.

Message: 27073 Posted: Sat Mar 29 05:38:22 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: How Can You Sleep?

Hi Moser- The concert near Phila. is tonight!!! I'll try to post!!

Message: 27072 Posted: Sat Mar 29 04:52:39 2003 By: Dan
Subject: live and in person

All this talk of new bass players and additional tunes being added to the playlist from Human Nature sure is making me depressed,as I see no shows being played in the central part of Illinois this year. There's got to be some festival of some kind near Peoria this summer. I'm waiting patiently...Hey Nancy, as always, I'm listening to nice tunes. Check out Forever by the Beach Boys. It's off the album Sunflower. Dennis Wilson sings the lead and you can really feel the soul in his voice, in my opinion. The lyrics are so cool to this song too. See what you think. Aubrey by Bread is another of my faves at the moment.DanC.

Message: 27071 Posted: Fri Mar 28 22:14:05 2003 By: Moser
Subject: How Can You Sleep?

Hey you people who live near Philly and got to see our guys tonight, where are you? Are you sleeping? It's 1:15 a.m. eastern and I know you're not still at the concert so where's the review and the playlist? Wake up. Post. Let's hear it.

Message: 27070 Posted: Fri Mar 28 21:50:56 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: German dvd

Ok, this is another one of my posts that puts me in the "I'm not worthy to call myself a true fan" category. (there have been several over the years). I bought the DVD of the 1999 America concert in Germany. I actually bought it about 4 or 5 months ago. I don't own a dvd player so i had a friend put it onto vhs for me... and i finally watched it tonight for the first time. It's been sitting in my closet for that long. Finally had an evening to myself so I put it on. What a great tape. Wonderful to have some of the newer or more rare tracks. I had that concert giddy feeling just watching it. Three Roses never sounded better and i still feel FAMT is a strong song. Wish Gerry and Dewey would keep it in the current playlist. (not that I'll ever be able to see them live again....). The band was very tight, as always. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course now i am really kicking myself for waiting this long. Think I'll go watch it again.

Message: 27069 Posted: Fri Mar 28 13:47:10 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Other Message Board.

I am so glad that many of you have a "gift of words" and really told that guy off!

Dewey and Gerry- Most of us fans absolutely Love and Adore you. We want you to continue to put out more material, Especially Live!!
The Cayman C.D. was such a Wonderful gift to all of us! Thank You!

With Love, Valerie

Message: 27068 Posted: Fri Mar 28 12:48:04 2003 By: WHIT






Message: 27067 Posted: Fri Mar 28 12:13:56 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Mode of Transport? - Steve L

I think their mode of transport tends to be based on whatever is most practical (logistically), given the wild schedule, weather conditions, air traffic controllers' strikes, etc.

Message: 27066 Posted: Fri Mar 28 11:53:12 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: anticipating keswick show this weekend

I am also very much looking forward to the show at the Keswick!!We'll be in row 16-seats 5and 7 left.I got these tickets the day they went on sale and had hoped to be alittle closer,but am still very happy to be there!
I was trying to remember the first time I saw America live and decided to open an old memory box I haven't looked at since we bought our house 12 years ago.I found my first ticket stub from an America concert from 1975 along with the concert ads from the newspaper.Also a full page ad for the Hearts album from "Teen" Magazine dated June 1975!There was another magazine ad(magazine unknown) for the Holiday album.There is also a page from a magazine called Creem's Profiles.Gerry,Dan and Dewey are featured along with what looks like a beer called Boy Howdy. It looks like a beer advertisement and promotion in one!If you'd like to see any of these,I'd be happy to bring it with me to the concert.Looking through all this stuff really brought back some good memories,although alot if it gave my 16 year old a good laugh!!
All this looking back reminds me that I once had a guitar pick knocked out of my hand at a concert years ago.Anyway to finally get on at Keswick?!

Message: 27065 Posted: Fri Mar 28 09:54:06 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Tour Bus

Regarding the tour bus, I don't know much for certain. Here is a pic of my girlie girls, Molly & Kaity, standing in front of America's bus that the guys travelled to the NY State Fair in on September 1, 2002:
It was parked right behind the stage at the Fair and we were there when the guys came off of the bus after having some dinner between the shows. Also, we watched them start loading it up with all of the guitars and equipment following the show. It was pretty cool.
From the conversations that I had that day with the guys, Pete, and Erin, I kind of inferred that it was their own bus, not a rented one. However, it is very possible that I made an incorrect assumption. I don't recall the specific conversation that gave that impression but it is what I remember concluding. So, although that may not help much, I do know that is the bus they were traveling in on that given day.

Message: 27064 Posted: Fri Mar 28 08:11:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: anticipating keswick show this weekend & The Bus!

Hi Everybody ~~ Hey it is Friday! A Nice Chilly Spring morning here in PA, I awoke to the sun shining and the bluebirds a warbling. The sky is oooh soo nice blue eyes colored with some strechy cottonball clouds ~~ BUT Oooooh Noooo in the weather forcast, those nasty Snow Clouds are headed our way again for Sunday into Monday, they say no accumalation, they better not be wrong... Red did you really do that Snow dance?????

Hi there Speech, long time no hear from, sorry to hear about your skiing accident. I hope it heals all up good! WOW ~~ Your big night is here tomorrow... Have a great time, and let us hear from you afterwards.... You musn't have read Duffy's post on here, he and Tommiegirl attended the Tacoma, Wash. show this past weekend.... Duffy said that Gerry & Dewey had played some different songs and that he felt they were from the Human Nature album, also Dewey's Dad was in the audience for this show, Pretty Neat HUH!!! ~~~ Hmmm now the question is Did they do different songs only for this show, or will You and I be in for some pleasant surprises at our shows???? I am hoping to hear YOUNG MOON!!!!! :)

Hi Steve ~~ Too much about this Basketball Coach liking HWNN as his favorite all time rock and roll song.... Just goes to show AMERICA's music still is APPRECIATED by People from all ages and walks of Life.... Nice! ~~~ Now in regards to the bus question Goanna (Caio Goanna) brought up, my curious mind is remembering a bonus pic that Gerry sent us one time of a Bus, I thought it was their own Tour Bus, I believe they had it when they were in Cincy last fall.... I may have the wrong show tho.... so would this have been a rented tour bus that he took a bonus pic of.... Mo you mentioned they had a bus when they were at the fair in New York last early fall, right???? ~~ Hmm Just wondering here that is all!

Hey there DanC ~~~ Hope you are still Smiling, and listening to some really nice songs!!!! :)

Hmmmm ~~~ Jimmmmm(bob) oooooooh Jimmmm(bob) ~~ How was the Springsteen show???? Have a nice weekend! ;)

Well I gotta get for now, take care all and have a good day! Nancy :)

~~~ I will always think about you, even if I live without You, please don't let that ever happen, I have too much Love within me for You, for youuuuu, baby its true, for youuuu, Baby, I can't find the words to tell you, just how much I really love you, if you feel the same way I do, you will know the Love I have here for you,for you, Baby it's true, for you ~~ Baby the days we spent together were fine, the nights, the nights were yours and mine, its trueeeee, I'll always Love You, always Love you..... Ooooh such a nice early 70's classic, sing it New Colony Six :) :) :)

Message: 27063 Posted: Fri Mar 28 06:57:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mode of Transport? - Steve L

The guys typically hop on a plane but they may rent a tour bus after they get there (or the bus may be provided by the venue). Each city is different. I don't know if they still have a personal bus for the gigs that are in the southern California or not. Maybe JimNak or somebody else knows.

Message: 27062 Posted: Fri Mar 28 06:30:36 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: anticipating keswick show this weekend

anyone who has seen dewey and gerry on the current go-round want to offer a heads up on what the show is like these days? any new tunes added, concert staples retired, etc.? also, how has dewey been faring with his injury? i broke my left wrist in two places skiing recently and am in a cast ... can't imagine how dewey deals with a guitar.

Message: 27061 Posted: Fri Mar 28 06:06:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: For DaisyJane64

Dear DJ,
Would you please send me your email address? Thanks. Have a great weekend.
In Gerry We Trust,

Message: 27060 Posted: Fri Mar 28 05:46:51 2003 By: Moser
Subject: For Mr. Bo Bones

Dear Bonesy, I know that this will likely freak you out but don't let it. I tried to email you at the address that your name is linked to but it got kicked back to me. Would you please email me? Thanks. It's nothing strange, perverted, or otherwise dubious. Ask Red, he knows what it's about. Thanks.

Message: 27059 Posted: Fri Mar 28 04:55:30 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Mode of Transport? - Steve L

Hi Steve,

Just wondering after seeing this pic. Do the guys have their own bus? when they travel within the states or is it easier for them just to hop on a plane??


Message: 27058 Posted: Thu Mar 27 20:26:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Greatest Rock And Roll Tune Of All Time

Brigham Young University lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament so they are finished for the season. That gave their coach (Steve Cleveland) some free time and he allowed reporters to spend 20 minutes each to have a private interview with him. The Deseret News sports writer (Dick Harmon) decided he would ask Steve a bunch of questions that weren't even related to basketball. Click here to read his answers. Pay particular attention to the 9th question, "What is your greatest Rock and Roll tune of all time?"

Thanks to Marshall Smith for sharing this link with me.

Message: 27057 Posted: Thu Mar 27 18:43:29 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Chat Chat Chat & Nice Things! (Gen)

Hey there Bones!
Hmmmm ~~ My inquiring mind is wondering about this BO, can you give me a brief description and roundabout image of him. ~~ I was kinda upset with Pete last night.... He just ignored the rest of us and hogged all the goodies to Himself. ~~ I Hope BO is more of the Sharing Kind! Hmmm Regarding Pete's Ball Room dance lesson, I wonder if he will get confused when it comes to the Skip and Repeat step!!! Let us know ok??? Thanks! :)

Ooooh Gen ~~~ Thanks a bunch for your Kind Words! ~~ I May be addicted to this chat folder (as my Hubby says) but it sure has brought a lot of Happiness & Possitive Feedback into my Life. I am sooo Glad to have had the chance to find some really Special Friends here, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! ~~ Gen :) For Sure I will tell Gerry & Dewey and the band Hi From You and Your Appreciation for them! :)

Hey Mo ~~ We will Miss you at Live Chat, Our thoughts will be with YOU as You spend your Birthday in such a NICE WAY ~~ WOW ~~ I sure Hope your Wish comes TRUE! Too Bad you didn't have access to one of those new wireless LapTops with wireless internet service, YOU could report Live to the Chat from the Show, that would be soooo Neat! :)

See ya all Nitey Nite!!!!! Nancy :)

~~~~~ Soooo Follow the path through the Knowing Trees, and when YOU Laugh it is LOVE YOU Release, this Love will come Back in the Garden of Peace~~~~~ Sing it Dewey ~~ Such an inspiring message in these Lyrics for sure! Thanks! ~~ Wow could I handle getting to hear this song at the IUP show! :)

Message: 27056 Posted: Thu Mar 27 18:17:46 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Chat Chat Chat

Pete's brother Bo might make it.

Message: 27055 Posted: Thu Mar 27 17:13:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Chat Chat Chat

Well, Bones, if Pete is off doing the waltz with Arthur Murray who's gonna bring the wings and beer?

Message: 27054 Posted: Thu Mar 27 14:30:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Nice things (Nancy)

Hi there!
Thanks for the kind words and wishes, Nancy. Merci pour les encouragements aussi. There have been (so) many ups and downs in my life these past few years. BUT, turning the pages one by one also means opening new ones each time, and I was really lucky to meet a bunch of wonderful people who often helped me think positive. And YOU ARE one of them, dear Nancy!
"I can feel there's better days
Well, they're comin', they're comin'
I can see them through the haze
So can you"

Hope you and Moser ( and all the other fans) have a great time seing the guys very soon. Say hi to them for me and how we love them here, too.
See you soon. Gen.

Message: 27053 Posted: Thu Mar 27 14:26:15 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Chat Chat Chat

Hey Mo, Pete told me that if you're not going to be there next week, neither is he. I believe he's going to use one of his ball room dancing lessons he won on a radio trivia contest.

Message: 27052 Posted: Thu Mar 27 08:30:36 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re : Matt's show - Nancy

Hi, Nancy, I wish you the best with meeting Jeff's friend. I left the chat room a little sooner because it sounded as if that gee was the antagonist that he was referring everyone else as. I know how it goes with meeting your son's friend. Have gone through that quite a few times with George. Have a great day. Heading down the mountain with my sister today so she can pay bills and we will do the Wal-Mart scene. Take care. Mary

Message: 27051 Posted: Thu Mar 27 07:21:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Matt's Show ~ VFTHW pic ~ Lyric tie ins!

Hi there Everyone ~~ Little Papa Bluebird was out here a warbling in our apple tree, and I listened closely and he sang this Five days down and F~I~V~E more to go!!!! Yes yes yes!

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for your review of Matt's show... Wow ~~ Nice that he gave you a copy of his new CD! Neat that you were sitting by Mrs Beckley, I am sure this was a very Proud night for her, filled with many mixed emotions, I'll bet she was smiling from ear to ear. Nice! It is AWESOME to be able to watch our children Grow and to succeed in their expectations! ~~ Hey Matt ~~ Keep on writing & playing these nice songs ~~ Okay! ~~ I am sure this was a night filled with lots of nice mixed emotions as well! :) Hmmmm ~~ My inquiring mind is a wondering just when your new CD will be released, I can't wait to hear this song Sarah of yours.

Thanks Gerry & Steve ~~ Now this VFTHW pic sure spelled out alot, kinda of a city and country setting.... all of those rolling hills across the way were neat, and the Sky was making it's own statement as well. ~~~ Hmmm this bus tho, it doesn't look like the other pic of your bus.... Is it your bus??? ~~~ Sooo it time to leave Canada and head for Phila. Pa. ~~~ Speech, Kade, Kristin ~~ Have a great time at the show, and we will be anxious to hear about the playlist of songs for sure...

Hey there Mo ~~ That was pretty neat how your Elvis Costello song lyrics kinda rapped things up here on the chat folder... I really haven't heard any of his stuff, I am kinda curious now to check some out. ~~ Neat how your van has those hooks for plastic grocery bags... I gotta fight the Battle of Mt. Heap a Top ~~ whenever I return from grocery shopping... I have lots of back storage room in my Ford Aerostar van ~~~ I just gotta get more organized putting the groceries in there.... LOL!!! It is pretty cool how the newer vehicles are coming out with convenient gadgets. ~~ Nice talking to you at live chat! ~~ I want Teusday to come fast, but then for time to stand still, soo I can soak up as much of this AMERICA Bliss that I can. :)

Wow Red ~~ I never knew you could sing French Lyrics ~~ you sure do have a way of finding the tie in lyrics as well....

Hi Whit ~~~ Don't worry those 5 months will fly by and before you know it you will be heading off to your next AMERICA show! Hmmm ~~ You will have to let us know if David Dickey makes a Guest Appearance there Okay???

CHEERS Jimmmmm(bob) ~~ Have a great time at the Bruce Sprinsteen concert there in NZ this evening! I bet you will be doing some singing in Frann's ear! ;)

WoW Gen ~~ Hmmm I was kinda reading in between the lines of your post, and it sounds as tho some really nice things may be coming into play for you. I wish you the best, way to go!!!! :)

Okay I gotta get now, my Son is bringing home a new girl to meet me a little later.... :) Have a good day! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ I was falling for some time, passing others as they climbed, in a moment, very clear, seemed to beckon, come here dear, Emmmmmma, sure as the sun shining onnnnn you, I can tell, I'm in your spell, Emmmma you're the one Awwwwww, if they ever change your mind, time to leave them all behind, if there ever comes a time, you go your way, I'll go minnnne, Emm mmmmmaaaaaaaaa, sure as the moon circles over, heaven knows thats how it goes, Emma you're the oneeeee ooooooooohhhhh ~~~ Sing it Gerry :) Hmmmm will Nicki be the one???? Hmmm I wonder!!!!

Message: 27050 Posted: Thu Mar 27 07:14:36 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re : Chat Chat Chat

Please look a litle at DEWEY , DEWEY , DEWEY for me, please, Mo. Great chatting with everyone last night. Take care and have lots of fun at your show. Mary

Message: 27049 Posted: Wed Mar 26 22:35:26 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Chat Chat Chat

Nice chatting tonight people. Thanks for sharing the gift of gab. I'll miss you next week but not too much 'cause I'll be looking at my main man Gerry Gerry Gerry. He's just sooo easy on the eyes. Ah, sweet dreams.

Message: 27048 Posted: Wed Mar 26 20:10:05 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Kelowna

Gerry, I love pictures of the bus!!

Message: 27047 Posted: Wed Mar 26 14:13:40 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Matt's show (& petit mot pour TKG)

Hi everyone,
Just dropping in for a short moment coz it's already late here (around 11.30 pm), but I wanted to catch your review Robyn. Thanx for being so prompt to post it. I see both the audience AND Matt had a great time together. I do believe in his musical talent, and really appreciate what I've heard of the coming cd. Plus he's a real nice person with everyone. I think he deserves the best in his future musical career. Btw, good thing Mrs Beckley could come with the camcorder to shoot the event. He will probably enjoy the memory in a distant future when he's become an international (but still modest & very humane) superstar.
Thanx again for being our eyes & ears last night, Robyn.
See you all.

TomKing, if by any chance you happen to read this, I'll post a much longer message for you tomorrow in your hotmail inbox. Received THE word I expected from Dear Mr Editor today. Appointment taken for next Wednesday pm. Just GREAT! Cloud 9 and all for me. Will soon let you know. Bisou. Gen.

Message: 27046 Posted: Wed Mar 26 13:29:54 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Hershey Show

Thanks for checking that out Steve! I appreciate it...


Message: 27045 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:59:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Hershey Show

Erin confirmed that the date has been moved to June 1st. They just haven't updated their web site yet.

Message: 27044 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:43:46 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's show (aka Moser's in denial)

Hate to break this to you Moser....

Message: 27043 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:38:37 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Matt's show (aka Moser's in denial)

Kathy who?

Message: 27042 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:19:41 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Kelowna

Gerry is in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 27041 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:13:39 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's show at Ghengis Cohen

Ok, I know everyone has been waiting for my review of last night’s AMAZING set turning in by Matt Beckley. Matt did six songs “all about women” he said. Matt looked wonderful, relaxed and in his element as he played to a packed house of appreciative fans. Dd and I were waaaay in the back, seated behind Kathy Beckley who was recording the event. Did I say it was amazing? Yes. Matt platyed keyboards “for the first time in public” I don’t remember all the songs he played ( some from his new cd , thanks again Matt for the copy it sounds GREAT!) He tore thru a rockin’ version of his soon-to-be classic song “Sara” (Matt that is how it SHOULD be played IMHO!) Matt bantered with the crowd. He had the drummer from HeadParade ( also a pretty terrific band if you ask me) They were perfect together. We had to leave before Breanne Martin finished her set ( it was late and dd and I get up early. ) Amazing show. Matt has really grown as an artist. I can’t wait till next time.

Message: 27040 Posted: Wed Mar 26 12:11:25 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Oklahoma City

Yes, that concert in OKC should be a HOT one in August. Many goo acts will hit OKC this summer. Doobie Bros, 3 Dog Night, REO, and THE EAGLES to just name a few.
Yes, 40 inches of snow(or 2 and 3 quarters John Holmes) however u want to look at it, hit Denver with a vengance. Took 3 days of shovelling to get out of the driveway. Still some left piled up on side streets, but no problem otherwise. Yes, Westminister, the home of the annual dog show. How duz ur daughter like it here?
Have fun in OKC if u go. Until next time.

People everywhere
A sense of expectation hanging in the air
Giving out a spark
Across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark
And here we go again, we know the start, we know the end
Masters of the scene
We've done it all before and now we're back to get some more
You know what I mean

Take it now or leave it
Now is all we get
Nothing promised, no regrets
Ain't no big decision
You know what to do
La question c'est voulez-vous

Voulez Vous - Abba

Message: 27039 Posted: Wed Mar 26 11:31:25 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

Steve, in the next concert update there must be Greece on the list! If there isn't, I'll send you a virus! Last warning! (LOL) Do something, send Gerry and Dewey a message, help the Greek fans, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!
(I hope u don't laugh)

Message: 27038 Posted: Wed Mar 26 09:45:52 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Paul McCartney, etc.

Let me get this straight! Paul McCartney has a practice of visiting small clubs/bars in out of the way places...and actually performs for the patrons? ...And all "I" get in MY small town is Chubby Checker's bus?!?!?! Life is unfair.

Regarding the recent Hall and Oates "Live by Request"; I've always enjoyed their music, actually have some of their albums, but have never seen them perform live. I wasn't disaappointed by the show, but did notice that Hall's beautiful voice can't quite hit those high notes every time. I DID wish his vocals were sung closer to the original version of the songs...but I guess a concert would be quite boring if everything sounded like a record? (Wait! I've seen the Eagles, and they put on a super show and sound almost identical to the recordings...and IT wasn't boring!) So there goes my theory.

Message: 27037 Posted: Wed Mar 26 08:59:06 2003 By: WHIT
Subject: Oklahoma City

Only 4.5 months till the guys will be in Oklahoma City! close as they will get to Texas this year so far.

Johnny...are you going? Only 4 hours from Amarillo. Must be a little farther from where you are. Would go to Dallas if they were going to be there. 6 hour drive is no big deal around here!

red oak....have you dug out from the snow? I have a daughter that lives in Westminister. She tells me that was the deepest snow she had ever seen...and she is from the Texas panhandle where it can get ___ deep to a giraffe! (Know what I mean?)

Nancy...only 3 more days!!!

Have a great day everyone, WHIT

Message: 27036 Posted: Wed Mar 26 07:36:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Speaking of Which...

I wanted to share these thoughts regarding some previous conversations.
Re: #26480 "Plastic Grocery Bags and Other Annoying Stuff"
Just to get back at the goofhead (male or female) who invented plastic grocery bags, someone--who is very resourceful--at Dodge (male or female) invented something really handy. It's a strip of hooks on the back of the seats in their minivan for hanging these unruly, defiant little buggers. It works wonders. Hurray for Dodge making my life a tad less complicated.
Re: 26572 "Thoughts on Van Go Gan" & Several mentions of Elvis Costello
Speaking of loving the cornet in Sunrise Sunset on Van Go Gan, Elvis Costello does a great song called Shipbuilding that features cornet. It's awesome, check it out. It's on the Punch The Clock or The Very Best of Elvis Costello and the Attractions albums. The latter is a great collection of Costello songs, 22 in all. It's the perfect selection if you only intend to buy one of his albums. Definitely worth a listen.
Re: Discussions on quotation marks & several mentions of Elvis Costello
Here's an appropriate song from the man:
Everyday I Write The Book
Don't tell me you don't know what love is
When you're old enough to know better
When you find strange hands in your sweater
When your dreamboat turns out to be a footnote
I'm a man with a mission in two or three editions
And I'm giving you a longing look
Everyday, everyday, everyday I write the book

Chapter One we didn't really get along
Chapter Two I think I fell in love with you
You said you'd stand by me in the middle of Chapter Three
But you were up to your old tricks in Chapters Four, Five and Six

The way you walk
The way you talk, and try to kiss me, and laugh
In four or five paragraphs
All your compliments and your cutting remarks
Are captured here in my QUOTATION MARKS

Don't tell me you don't know the difference
Between a lover and a fighter
With my pen and my electric typewriter
Even in a perfect world where everyone was equal
I'd still own the film rights and be working on the sequel

Message: 27035 Posted: Wed Mar 26 06:02:01 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Regarding some OF the things, rather.

Hi Everyone ~~~~ Ooooooh noooo, Rain & Thunderboomers are expected here today! ~~ S~I~X More Days!

Ooooh Yes Johnny ~~ Another Oooops on my part, Yes Paul Young had a big hit with "Every Time You Go Away", and he sings this song oooooooh sooo nice for sure.... John Waite sings "Missing You" and boy does he sing that song oooh soo nice too.... I love both of these songs for sure. ~~ I did enjoy the songs that Hall & Oates did accoustically, it was nice to hear them that way. Looks like they have a good Bass player, he really gets into it (T-Bone was his name, Hey Bones any relations to you???)

Yes Yes Yes Mary ~~ Alright!!! I knew there would have to be more shows added out your way, nice that they are coming back to Anaheim again. ~~ How long till this show ~~ Just a little under 6 months!

Hi Cathy ~~ Yes Nice that a stop in Chocolatetown USA has been added. Hmmmm ~~ I don't know if I will be there for sure. I was kinda DREAMING out LOUD!

Hi there Raul ~~ I checked out your end of song clip, that is pretty neat, One Classic ending for sure! I liked the pics too! Thanks!

Hey it's Wednesday again, time for live chat tonight, hope to see you there! :)

Have a great day all, Nancy :)

~~~~ Missing YOU, missing you, missing you, missing you, missing you, missing you ~~~ Everytime I think of YOU, I always catch my breathe, and I'm still standing here, and you're milllleeeees away, and I'm wondering why you left, and there's a storm thats raging through my frozen heart tonight, I hear your name in certain circles, and it always makes me SMILE ~~~ I spend my time thinking about you, and it's almost driving me wild, and there's a heart thats breaking down this Long Distance Line tonight..... ~~ There's a message in the wire, and I'm sending YOU this signal tonight, you don't know how desperate I've become, and it looks like I'm losing this fight, in your world I have no meaning, tho I'm trying to understand, and it's my Heart thats breaking down this long distance line tonight ~~~ Sing it John Waite... one great song for sure! ;)

Message: 27034 Posted: Wed Mar 26 04:10:42 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

<< P.S. American Fork is about 5 miles from my house (give or take). I wonder if I should go (LOL)????? >>

You should invite the guys and Erin over for dinner or a BBQ, Steve. Wouldn't that be a blast? By the way, what's your address? Maybe I can make it!!

Message: 27033 Posted: Tue Mar 25 20:16:36 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Conflicting Hershey Dates...

Erin told me that she was working out some details and that's why she couldn't sent me the updated list until today. I'm guessing that she's right and Hershey needs to update their web site. However, I could be wrong so I'll check with Erin to make sure.

Message: 27032 Posted: Tue Mar 25 19:33:06 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Calgary

I just love that Gerry.

Message: 27031 Posted: Tue Mar 25 18:17:56 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: A Message For Red

Regarding some OF the things, rather.

(Nancy ~ For what it's worth, it was Paul Young who recorded and had a big hit with Daryl Hall's "Everytime You Go Away". I noticed that Carly Simon requested "Everytime WE Go Away". That made me chuckle.)

Message: 27030 Posted: Tue Mar 25 18:00:09 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: A Message For Red

Red ~ Regarding some to the things you said in your post #27009, I'll be writing you a personal message within the next hour so please look for it. I'll be sending it to the e-mail address that appears when I click on your log-on name. Johnny

Message: 27029 Posted: Tue Mar 25 17:43:28 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re : Concert dates

YES!!!! Finally a date for The Grove in Anaheim!!!! I'll definitely be there!!!! Mary

Message: 27028 Posted: Tue Mar 25 17:20:36 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Conflicting Hershey Dates...

OK, Hersheypark website says May 25th, Erin Edwards says June 1st... which date is most likely the correct one?


Message: 27027 Posted: Tue Mar 25 16:58:54 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Concert Updates

Still nowhere near Reno!! Anyone know why??
Erin :o)

Message: 27026 Posted: Tue Mar 25 16:39:28 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Red's Big Day

Happy Birthday to You, Red Oak.

Message: 27025 Posted: Tue Mar 25 16:36:57 2003 By: Raul
Subject: Listen to a sample of America's greatest ending to a song!

Hi there!
Please click on the link below and listen to a short 30 second sample of my "greatest America ending" to song.
The vocal chorus on this song is so typical of their unique "sound".
To listen, go to:

Message: 27024 Posted: Tue Mar 25 16:36:54 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Bonus Pic and Chocolatetown USA

Hi Nancy, so nice that Gerry answered your request for a bonus picture with "A Horse With No Name". Thanks Gerry!! And I am so excited that you will be at Hershey Park on June 1st. Chocolatetown here we come!!!

Message: 27023 Posted: Tue Mar 25 15:33:32 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Concert Updates

Here's the latest updates that were sent to me by Erin Edwards. Be sure to take note where they'll be on July 19th!

5/29 Madison, WI Luther's Blues
5/31 Hamilton, OH Butler County Fairgrounds
6/1 Hershey, PA Hershey Park
6/3 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion
7/19 American Fork, UT American Fork Steel Days
9/19 Modesto, CA State Theatre
9/20 Anaheim, CA The Grove of Anaheim

P.S. American Fork is about 5 miles from my house (give or take). I wonder if I should go (LOL)?????

Message: 27022 Posted: Tue Mar 25 15:32:41 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Matt's big night

Have fun Robyn. I'm jealous. Take notes!!

Message: 27021 Posted: Tue Mar 25 15:13:08 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's big night

Yes I did get the password!

and yes I will post sometime tomorrow regarding the show. Matt always puts on a great show and I have no doubt he will again ( did I encourage everyone who can to see him before he gets too famous for us to get in to see him???)

Message: 27020 Posted: Tue Mar 25 15:03:01 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re : somebody's birthday

Happy Birthday, Red. Hope you have a fantastic day!!! Mary

Message: 27019 Posted: Tue Mar 25 14:21:57 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Matt's big night

Great thing you're going! Matt will rock for sure.
Have a wonderful evening... I'm curious about the details, so, yes please, don't forget to post about the show.
(Btw, did you get the password?)

Message: 27018 Posted: Tue Mar 25 14:05:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: VFTHW ~~Edmonton Pic & Great News for PA Fans!

Me Again ~~

AHA ~~~ Thanks Gerry this Pic is ooooooh sooo nice, the sky looks the same here today, I am up on Cloud 9 and from up here it looks like smooth flying till next Teusday, with all of these blue sky days, the grass is bound to turn greener and the buds should start bursting on the trees. ~~ Hey Indiana PA ~~ Put on your best COLORS cos Gerry & Dewey are coming to town! :)

Hey Sheldon ~~ That is great that you discovered another PA show added to this show list. Hmmmmm My 25th wedding anniversary is on May 20th ~~~ I wonder if the Hubby wants to spend the weekend in Chocolatetown USA!!!! ~~ Thanks Sheldon ~~ Boy are you in for a magical night next Teusday ~~ WOW your first AMERICA show ~~ ENJOY!!!

Thanks Gen for reminding us about Matt's big night..... Yes Robyn Enjoy and take some pics and be sure to fill us in on this as soon as you can ~~ OKay! :) Hey Matt go out there and break a leg! ( I can't figure out why that is a saying) anyway, I'm sure this will be a Magical night for you, I am looking forward to hearing your new CD sooooooon! :)

Well I gotta get ~~ Dance class is this evening! See ya all, Nancy :)

Ooh Red it definitely is a GREAT day for a B'day! :) Remember it isn't how old you are, it is how old you allow yourself to feel!!! :)

Message: 27017 Posted: Tue Mar 25 13:58:58 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Re : Genie, you can pop out ... ( & Q for Robyn)

Yes we are! Anyone else going? Should be a lot of fun. I will post all about it tomorrow ( hey it's a school night!)

Message: 27016 Posted: Tue Mar 25 13:47:40 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re : Genie, you can pop out ... ( & Q for Robyn)

of a bottle of Champagne. Hope you're having a great B-day, Red !
I'm glad my little lamp could bring you some light on such ESSENTIAL matters as puctuation. LOL

Now do me a little favor: never tell ANYONE here I told you about my soft side ( or else I'd have to deny it officially!) ... You know, the usual reputation thing...

Robyn, D-day for mB! Are you going? Just let us know.

Message: 27015 Posted: Tue Mar 25 13:21:25 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: PA Fans - Great News!

Hey guys - I was just on HersheyPark's website & they have AMERICA on the schedule for Sunday, May 25th!!! What great news! They will be performing at the Amphitheatre...


Message: 27014 Posted: Tue Mar 25 13:12:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America in Modesto, CA

Thanks for the info, Don. I'll get it added the next chance I get.

Message: 27013 Posted: Tue Mar 25 13:10:51 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Edmonton

Gerry is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 27012 Posted: Tue Mar 25 12:42:41 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Red's BIG DAY!!

I don't admit to any past 49. Tx 4 the wish.

Message: 27011 Posted: Tue Mar 25 12:17:20 2003 By: WHIT
Subject: Red's BIG DAY!!

Happy Birthday, Red! Just completed half a century myself. How many for you?

Message: 27010 Posted: Tue Mar 25 12:07:03 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Sir Paul in Paris tonight +some.

I think it's natural for people when they reach a certain point in their life to start thinking of the legacy they are leaving behind. My understanding of what Paul wanted to do was that on the songs that he had written or was the primary writer, he wanted them listed as McCartney / Lennon instead of Lennon / McCartney. He wasn't asking to have Lennon's name removed, just flip the order.

I can understand it, and I can understand Yoko's objection. I think if John were alive he probably wouldn't care. In the last years of his life he seemed to grow beyond some of the petty ego disputes he had had with Paul. But we will never know. I think 100 years from now Lennon and McCartney will be remembered as one of the best songwriting duos of the 20th century. Both of their legacies are secure and I don't think will be affected by the order of their names on the songs.

Message: 27009 Posted: Tue Mar 25 11:55:51 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Genie, you can pop out of

my bottle anytime! On that British or American punctuation, I never realized the Brits had any rules, I thot they slurred their sentences together like that on purpose. I never doubted ur romantic side as most teachers have a soft side;)
Nancy, only 7 more days till u can teach Gerry how to take quality pix. Course, maybe in some of these cities, there isnt anything better to see.
Saw on DonkeyJaw where there was a tremendous voter turnout on the Q of who they would like to see help sing Hat Trick(should this ever be done.) I think Matt with 4 votes won out.
Was not impressed by Hall & Oates on Live by Request. The heyday has passed for these guys, so get over it!!!!! Now if only Jackson Browne or America would do the show, the quality would be improved. Can u imagine hearing Hat Trick on Live by Request.
Until next time, shoot the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 27008 Posted: Tue Mar 25 11:54:33 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: 7 More Days...

7 days, 4 hours & 54 minutes until my first AMERICA concert! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Mo & Nancy, I know you both are as excited as I am! Hope I get to meet you both... see ya next tuesday!!!


Message: 27007 Posted: Tue Mar 25 11:23:03 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Nappy Nirtnay

Howdy Redster. Hope you have a wonderful birthday today. Good luck blowing out the candles in a single breath!

Message: 27006 Posted: Tue Mar 25 10:45:38 2003 By: Don
Subject: America in Modesto CA -Correction

Thanks to America fan Virginia for noticing that the date has changed for the America concert in Modesto, CA. I just called the theater and they said that they moved it to a Friday night in Sept. So, the date is now Friday, September 19th. The link is


Message: 27005 Posted: Tue Mar 25 10:12:11 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Trip to France?

WOW! How great to think you're coming around. When exactly are you paying 'us' a visit? Is it on a business trip occasion or a touristic choice? I wonder if we could not organise an even brief meeting, somewhere?
I don't know what places you are planning to visit, but on the way to 'les Châteaux de la Loire,' Carcassone's Medieval city or Collioure are very fine places to visit, as well.

The weather in Paris is usually quite fine in May, depending on the year of course, but today they're having a comfortable 20°C over there and no wind, but the usual temperature in March is around 16-18°C. Difficult to know what it wiil be like when you get there, actually.
Biarritz is (south west in the 'Basque' region- Spanish border like here) on the Atlantic ocean, usually already hot in May (people lying on sunny beaches -but not the same 'farniente' habits we have near the Mediterranean sea-, and miles and miles of pine forests on the shore, the mountain AND the sea, exquisite food and world famous cheese called 'Tome des Pyrénées', a game named 'pelote basque' that looks very much like cricket and baseball, except you play it with a 'chistera', not a bat...)
Today's temperature was around 25°C. Hope it doesn't rain much in May this year.
Did you know Dewey & Gerry started their French tour in that very same city in 1985? Isn't it fun?

Message: 27004 Posted: Tue Mar 25 09:54:38 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: A Celebration Of Ian Samwell

A poignant and moving statement indeed. Our lives are all richer for having been touched by America's music as a result of Ian Samwell's efforts and vision. Thanks you for sharing that with us,

Message: 27003 Posted: Tue Mar 25 09:53:54 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Emerald Queen

Me Again ~~
Thanks Duffy! WOW that is sooo neat Dewey's Dad was there ~~ that had to have Dewey Smiling & Shining for sure! ~~ I bet Proud Mr Bunnell was easy to pick out of the crowd as well! Thanks for sharing this with us.... See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 27002 Posted: Tue Mar 25 09:23:45 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Emereld Queen

Nancy~ You are correct, Dewey's Dad was there, and the guys did put on a SHOW!! I will talk with my wife tonight, and will see if we can come up with the songs.

Message: 27001 Posted: Tue Mar 25 09:07:44 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Sir Paul in Paris tonight +some. boyfriend and I are taking a trip to France in May...Paris, Biarritz and a few other's the weather that time of year?

Erin :o)

Message: 27000 Posted: Tue Mar 25 09:03:17 2003 By: Don
Subject: America in Modesto, CA

Hi Steve:

Just found out that America will be performing in my town on June 5th! They will perform at the coolest renovated old movie house in downtown Modesto, CA. Here's the link:

Two shows! Too cool!


Message: 26999 Posted: Tue Mar 25 08:39:04 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Sir Paul in Paris tonight +some.

Funny Erin, i've heard a similar story that's supposed to have taken place in Luberon (south of France - French Riviera area) which shows the guy is great, in spite of all that's being said, true or not.

Hey Nancy, have you solved your camera pb yet?

Message: 26998 Posted: Tue Mar 25 07:38:06 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: WOW ~~ Gerry & Dewey are the BEST!

Hi Everyone ~~~ An absolutely beautiful spring morning here in my little corner of the world. I am smiling from ear to ear, and my little bluebirds are a Warbling for sure.... Hmmmm ~~ It is someone's birthday here on the chat folder today ~~~ How about all of you join me in sending Birthday wishes to Reddddd Oak! ~~ Have a great day Red :)

Wow Steve ~~ Thanks soo much for posting this message for Ian, from Gerry & Dewey ~~ WOW soo nice you guys, I am sure Ian's smiling down on you with Love & Pride, it had to be hard on you both not getting to be there for this. You guys never cease to stop touching my Heart Strings in the nicest of ways! Thanks for Your on going Legacy! :) Hmmmm ~~ Keep on making Ian SMILE!!!!!!

Hi Duffy ~~ Thanks so much for your perspective on the Tacoma show.... Hmmm did I read and take your post right when you put <<<<Well Dewey’s Dad was in the crowd and they put a show on! >>>>> I loved your Wowzer, was Dewey's Dad really there at this show???? AWESOME for sure! ~~ I must say you have peaked my curiousity too, My inquiring Mind is running amuck wanting to know just what songs they sang at this show.... By some chance did they sing YOUNG MOON ( I know it is from Hourglass) and you mentioned Human Nature songs, but this has me on the edge of my comp. seat.... Please could you try and recall some of the song titles or some of the lyrics that come to mind from these songs that were played that evening.... Sooo neat that They downloaded the lyrics from Steve's site here.... I remember when coming to this site for the first time, I was in AMERICA Heaven for sure.... this is the best site ever, it has a Wealth of info, to satisfy any inquiring mind. Thanks Steve! :)

Hi Gen & Erin ~~ Hmmm thanks for the neat info on Sir Paul.... wow Erin that is a one in a lifetime hidden opportunity that your friend got to witness at this small resturant.... Hooow Lucky for sure!

Hmmm Mo ~~~ Me a Special Girl ~~~ Hmmm no, I do love that song tho, Gerry sings it oooh sooo nice. I think we all are pretty darn special on here, and we are soo lucky to have this nice touch of Honey to add a Smile to our day. ~~~ Yes Sergio ~~ too much that this pic was of a single horse ~~~ A Horse with No Name ~~ a legend in its own time! This song opened the door to AMERICA Heaven for me 31 years ago....WOW I love it for sure! :)

Hmmm ~~ Last night when I did come to the chat folder, my intentions were to post about the Hall & Oates Live by Request show.... I got to see it all, (Hubby gave in for one time) ~~~ I loved getting to hear them sing Forever for You, and my request for the evening was D & J's request ~~ I Can't Go For That (No can do) that song has always been a fave of theirs, I did go on line and try to email in a request for Romeo's Bleeding, but no such luck, I also thought it was neat when Carly Simon was one of the telephone callers... I never knew that she and Daryl sang Jon Waite's "Every Time You Go Away" All in all it was a good show, but I couldn't help but notice they aren't as good as I remember them.... I think they shined the most on their 2 new songs and yes I must admit when Daryl sang Me and Mrs Jones ~~ I had a rush of chills go through me, that is one classic song that has been redone over the years for sure... I couldn't help but say to myself oooh soo many time while this was on, HOW I would love to get to hear Gerry, Dewey & Dan in a setting like this for one Magical evening ~~ Now wouldn't that Have Ian Smiling from above for sure!!!! I know I would be smiling, taking in as much as I could get and storing it deep inside for safe keeping. Nice Dream! :)

~~~ Yes I am walking on Cloud Nine today, Hey in only 7 more days, I will be going to see Gerry, Dewey, Woodzy, Willie (and still hopin here for David Dickey to be there too) for a night of AMERICA Magic, I can never get enough of this for sure! WOW Look out it is a Uphill climb from here, and my Excitement is mounting for sure!!!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!! :) :) :) Enjoy your day all!!!! Nancy :)

~~~~~ Fascination with the light in your hair, Celebration,nothing else can compare, an Invitation to share my life with you, stepping forward reaching out for your hand ~~~~ All My Life ~~ I've wanted this All my Life ~~~ You came along and then the Sun did shine, and we started on our way ~~~~ Thanks you guys, you are the Best for sure! :)

Message: 26997 Posted: Tue Mar 25 06:58:56 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Various

Erin, a couple of years ago Paul McCartney stopped at a famous bar here in Greenwich Village called "Hogs & Heifers" where female patrons routinely get up on the bar, dance, then throw their bras into a huge pile against the wall (there must be 1,000 of them there). Men are generally not allowed to dance on the bar. However, in Paul's case, they made an exception. He climbed right up there and the crowd went nuts!

Johnny, <<"I had always figured the "Live By Request" calls were somewhat staged. I thought, however, the calls were legit but the A&E folks put through only the request calls that matched the pre-selected playlist.>>. This may very well be the way it's done, but that would still make it impossible to actually call in a request during the show, so draw your own moral conclusions.

Gerry, keep those pictures coming! If it's a wall, then it's a wall! This is "reality pix"!!! And I did chuckle at the "horse in the hallway"! I have one of your pictures saved right now as a screensaver.

Message: 26996 Posted: Tue Mar 25 06:40:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Celebration Of Ian Samwell

This past Sunday about two hundred friends gathered and six bands played as a tribute to Ian Samwell. But the most special point of the evening was when Ray Baisden (webmaster of the Ian Samwell site) was able to read to everyone a message from Gerry and Dewey. The message is as follows:

"Unfortunately, we cannot be with all of Ian’s friends and family on this night of memorial and celebration. We cannot be there because we are currently on the road in Canada. We have certainly given a great deal of thought lately about how we came to be performing our music, 30 years later, throughout the world. One overwhelming reason is Ian Samwell. He helped to pave this road that we are still traveling today. As most of you know, Ian was an early force in our careers and lives and his presence and influence survives him in our music and in our hearts.

"We are honored and humbled to be a part of Ian’s legacy. We can only hope that the choices we’ve made and the paths we’ve followed pleased Ian and reaffirmed his confidence in us. We would like to believe that we continue to be a tribute to a legendary man.

"So long Ian and thanks."

Message: 26995 Posted: Tue Mar 25 04:43:39 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Sir Paul in Paris tonight +some.

Paul McCartney was in Truckee, California ( a TINY town about 30 miles west of Reno, NV) a few weeks ago...I guess he was vacationing at Lake Tahoe and went to dinner in Truckee...anyway, he just got up and performed some songs at the bar in this small little restaurant, including one he made up on the spot about Truckee...wasn't there, but heard from friends that it was absolutely amazing.

Erin :o)

Message: 26994 Posted: Tue Mar 25 04:07:32 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Sir Paul in Paris tonight +some.

McCartney is starting his European tour in France this very day in the Bercy venue. First date on the Tour calendar and already sold out... More than 17,000 fans will attend the concert. The European press published the figures in US $ of his American/Japan tour ( I was tempted to write 'promenade' - Spring's on my mind these days!)... He shouldn't be forced to make ends meet for a few centuries.
Meanwhile, the British musical press seems to be at him, reproaching him with his past attempts to modify the signatures of the songs he co-wrote with John L. In the Beatles' ealy years, they had both agreed to sign their songs Lennon-McCartney. Some time ago , Paul asked for more copyrights (legal ) recognition and demanded that the signature should be reversed in McCartney-Lennon. But Yoko (Zorro) immediately took the case before some justice court, to denounce Sir Paul's increasing greediness I suppose? Brit 'Word' magazine relates that lawyers have undertaken to establish who has actually written the biggest % of each of the songs they co-signed. To this day, John is said to be slightly ahead in the number of songs he wrote without Paul but co-signed with him...

Well, somehow I can't help getting sick when I read about their disputes over money and recognition. I hate seeing the world go crazy. I'm happy Dewey, Gerry and Dan had agreed that each one would sign his own songs in the past. That was very wise of them imho, though I can't imagine them fighting over copyrights or the like.

Message: 26993 Posted: Tue Mar 25 03:52:26 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Bonus Picture

"A Horse With No Name" for Nancy...Congratulations Nancy!

Message: 26992 Posted: Tue Mar 25 03:27:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Bonus Pic

Wow Gerry! Spring Fun in perspective on that one!
Good thing you didn't slam the door, btw...

Message: 26991 Posted: Mon Mar 24 21:54:31 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Bonus Pic

Nancy you are a Special Girl!!

Message: 26990 Posted: Mon Mar 24 20:30:27 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Bonus Pic

Me Again :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

DOUBLE WOW!!! Geeeeeee Thanks Gerry, this pic is indeed a Bonus Pic. I am actually Speechless right now ~~ Imagine that! LOL! I guess we were lucky that this Horse Picture was in the Hallway right??? Nice Blue Sky, hmmmm Green green pasture field, one running horse ~~ Very relaxing affect. Hmmm those colorful diamond shapes kinda pull out the colors in this pic to round it off.... Thanks Gerry you made my day for sure! WOW!!!! :) :) :) Nancy

Message: 26989 Posted: Mon Mar 24 19:56:11 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bonus Picture

Nancy asked for a bonus picture and Gerry was happy to oblige. Click here to see the view of the hallway.

Message: 26988 Posted: Mon Mar 24 18:17:33 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: This and That

Gerry's most recent VFTHW was sure funny! Could have also passed for the ceiling or the floor.

Bruce ~ I had always figured the "Live By Request" calls were somewhat staged. I thought, however, the calls were legit but the A&E folks put through only the request calls that matched the pre-selected playlist. Whatever the arrangement, for me it's the performance that counts. I wouldn't ever think about calling in a request...not even if it were D&G performing. I'd be too afraid of muffing-up the call live!

Nina ~ I can relate to your story about missing out on America's performance. My family had a reunion planned for Dallas a number of years back. When one of my brothers from Albuquerque arrived, he told me America was scheduled to play in Albuquerque the next day. I was so mad at him for not telling me ahead of time. He said something like, "If I had told you, you wouldn't have come to the reunion." I told him he was absolutely right. I remember looking at my watch and thinking about what the chances were of still making it. I resigned to the fact that it wasn't possible. It would have been only the second time to have seen the guys in concert.

Message: 26987 Posted: Mon Mar 24 18:09:29 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re : This And That

Hi, Cathy, in my message to Nancy, I was telling her that you can find The Bee Gees - Live By Request on DVD. Just check different DVD stores. Yes, it is a really great show. I'm so glad that I purchased. have a great evening. Mary

Message: 26986 Posted: Mon Mar 24 17:29:12 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: VFTHW - Calgary

Gerry, your VFTHW of Calgary is an "interesting" picture. Thanks, it made me laugh. Keep sending them to us. We love them.

Message: 26985 Posted: Mon Mar 24 17:23:34 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: This and That

Hi everyone! Well, the car has been fixed. I was glad to have it back so soon after my problems with it.~~~Nancy, it really does mean a lot to me, especially now to have seen Andy Gibb performing with his brothers. He was a surprise guest at that show back in 1979. It was awesome. And now Maurice is gone too. It's so sad. I did see them on Live By Request and it was a great show. It figures that those phone calls are staged. It's still a fun show to watch. They'll probably show the Bee Gees again. I remember I missed it the first time it was on and was able to catch it later. I should have taped it.~~~SteveL, thanks for the information regarding Ray Thomas from the Moody Blues. I'm sorry to hear that he is having problems with diabetes. I wish him well and hope he will be able to rejoin the other Moodies on tour if he desires to in the future.~~~Hi Goanna, so neat that you have so many signed albums by the guys. I don't blame you one bit for telling your wife that you sold them. I only have The Grand Cayman Concert signed by Gerry and Dewey which was such a thrill to get when I ordered it from Melody Blvd. Thanks again Gerry and Dewey for doing that. I really do love this CD and hope you will do more "unplugged type" recordings for us. The sound is so crisp on it too. It would be nice to hear more songs that you don't normally do live. Think about it for us diehard fans.~~~Sheldon, I checked out that website about Seals and Crofts and it's neat. Wow, I didn't realize they had so many albums. I don't have much by them, but I love their music. I'll have to see if some of them are still available. Maybe I can find them used. I get a lot of stuff that way.~~~Also, it's nice that Chicago won best picture. My sister and I saw it and loved it. Nice to see a musical win after all these years.

Message: 26984 Posted: Mon Mar 24 16:24:19 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: GMG & I Need You

<<My second point of confusion is, why then is it on Go Man Go as well?>>
Well yes, I too find it a little bit confusing when it comes to the track list on Go Man Go that Gerry should have added three short new tracks plus three versions of Van Go Gan on the remixed album while taking off five of the original tracks and finally kept I Need You on it despite the opposition he revealed in his message concerning its appearance on VGG. Just a bit strange when you are out of the music/record business.

Message: 26983 Posted: Mon Mar 24 16:03:03 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Emereld Queen

"Carousel is wishing well ...
As a wonder night that spoke delight ..."


Message: 26982 Posted: Mon Mar 24 15:48:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: On Another Subject

Hi Mo, Gen is right that it was the original 1995 Japanese Polystar label.

Message: 26981 Posted: Mon Mar 24 15:44:20 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: On Another Subject

Moser, I suppose the 1995 original label was Polystar Japan.

Message: 26980 Posted: Mon Mar 24 15:01:52 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Finally, Red...

Did my 1st degree answer satisfy your thirst for knowledge? I'm not the sort to use 'dark sarcasm in the classroom.'
See you.
Genie in & out of the bottle.

Message: 26979 Posted: Mon Mar 24 14:53:43 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Olympic moment? (Red)

My dear Red,
<<U didn't answer my Q about the quotation mark!>>

It all depends if you are using American OR British puntuation.
But true, sometimes we all need reminders to help avoid the most common errors in standard American punctuation. It can sometimes be confusing because there are differences between the 2 practice. (Many of the errors European students make they have seen printed in books published in America and conversely.)
As for periods and commas, they go inside quotation marks, even for single words:
-----> Her mouth said, "Yes," but her look said, "No."

BTW, nothing can be better than running, walking, living, loving on a Mediterranean beach ! From sunrise to sunset. Taking the time to sit and watch the horizon, listening to the sound of the (wind) waves while sipping a glass of fine Bordeaux... I'm much more romantic than you seem to think. Sorry, guy.

Message: 26978 Posted: Mon Mar 24 13:31:57 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Nancy - Live By Request

Hi, Nancy, Wanted to let you know that The Bee Gees - Live By Request is on DVD and it is really great. It's really worth getting. Only 8 more days for you and I am a little envious. wish I were there near you to go also. Haven't heard anything yet for The Grove in Anaheim or for California Adventure. Sure hope they include them. Take care. Mary

Message: 26977 Posted: Mon Mar 24 12:34:16 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: On Another Subject & Emerald Queen

<<Gerry asked me to pass along the following: "The only reason 'I Need You' was included on Van Go Gan is because the label insisted that I re-record it. As far as I'm concerned it's not part of the album and I wish I didn't have to include it.">>
Wait a minute. That all sounds very dire and serious so I am hesitant to think you could be kidding but I'm going to ask this question anyway. Who is "the label" exactly? VGG is on Human Nature Records which is the name of Gerry's studio. I inferred from that in my recording industry-naive brain that that meant he put out the album. My second point of confusion is, why then is it on Go Man Go as well? Please accept my apology for my lack of knowledge regarding the recording industry. I'm just intrigued by it all. Wow, Gerry Gerry Gerry, that post was almost 3 weeks ago. Thanks for the input.

It sounds like the Emerald Queen show was great, Duffy. I hope we get to hear the new material here in PA next week. Lots of stuff from HN would be great. Counting the days...

Message: 26976 Posted: Mon Mar 24 12:24:13 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Emereld Queen

Thanks for the great concert review, Duffy. I'd sure like to know what the new songs were that they added to the list. That's cool that they printed the lyrics from this site. I hope I got them right (LOL)!

Message: 26975 Posted: Mon Mar 24 12:05:38 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Emereld Queen

Gerry, Dewey & crew, Thanks for a great concert last Saturday evening at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma Washington. Like you said Gerry, you all might be older but never better!

To all~ At 8Pm the house lights came on, the announcer said please welcome AMERICA, the applause was thunderous and everyone was on their feet. WOW! there was magic in the air. Right away I knew something special was up. Gerry’s guitar playing, and Dewey’s voice were as clean and crisp as I have ever heard. After a couple numbers Dewey told us all briefly about going to school and graduating in 1969 in England @ London Central, he said this because his as father was in the military and stationed there. Well Dewey’s Dad was in the crowd and they put a show on!

Like TommyGirl, I quickly forgot to list the songs as we were hearing a few numbers That I have never head live, Gerry showed everyone a paper with all the lyrics that had been downloaded and printed from this site. (The heading was very visible) and said that it had come from a “Fan Site” (Way to go Steve!!). Gerry said he hadn’t performed that song in a long time. Dewey then told everyone that we were all guinea pigs as they were trying some new things. (Wowzer!!) Seems to me that they did a lot of things from HN.

Well the show was sold out! There were fans on the feet after every song, 1 hour and 40 into the show and still no Sandman or Sister Golden. These two numbers were the last ones, and when everyone heard Sandman they jumped to their feet and sung along. The same thing with SGH. The noise was incredible as they all left stage, and quickly returned for HWNN. (Being in a crowd of 2000 fans all singing Horse as loud as they could was GREAT)

Willie & Woodz were great! And the new guy, “Chaz” fits well. I think Chaz got as may laughs and claps for Gerry telling us all he was the voice of that great hit, The theme song to “Saved by the Bell” than he did for his bass playing.


Message: 26974 Posted: Mon Mar 24 10:43:22 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Olympic moment? (Red)

U didn't answer my Q about the quotation mark! Are u ready for some co-ed wrestling? That would be better than running on the beach, huh? Nothing like a little vino for gas, or is that Beano?
Until next time!!!!!!!!!

Message: 26973 Posted: Mon Mar 24 10:27:15 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Olympic moment? (Red)

Hey Red,
Are you trying to play Zone offense? Well, you'll find me a non-starting athlete... unless we find some approved referee - lol. SO, Time -OUT!
As for the French wine story, I'll have to disallow your goal, as well.

Message: 26972 Posted: Mon Mar 24 10:18:41 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: VFTHW pic & Hopefully! & Live by Request

Me Again ~~
Wow those are some huge grey bricks ~ blocks ~ whatever, they do seem to have multicolored dots all over them, but they sure don't compare to the rainbow colors of the sky.... Sooo how about it Gerry, could you take a Bonus Pic from Calgary and show us another perspective from Canada??? Thanks! :)

Hi Kade ~~ I must admit, I have been alittle worried about what the view will be for the Indiana VFTHW pic... Oooooh boy I guess this is something building architects need to start taking into consideration, when building hotels. Have a great time at the show in S~E~V~E~N days at the Keswick theatre, and be sure to let us know all about it.... Hmmm Kade you didn't list your other concerts you have seen!

Hmmmmm ~~~ Speech you too, Can You Hear Me Now??????

Wow Bruce ~~~ That is a bummer about what your friend told you about Live by Request.... I have to admit tho I did wonder, if they really were spontaneous calls getting put on. I think the one that it was most noticeable on was Phil Collins lbr show... He seemed to have a story for every song, and it just seemed as tho you could tell that he wasn't just addressing these calls right there and then... I do enjoy the show oh, I like the setting and Mark McQuewen is a good commentator. ~~ Like I said hopefully I will get to see Hall & Oates this evening, that is if Hubby isn't watching a hockey game.... I was just trying to remember if I saw the Bee Gees Live By Request show, I think I missed that one DARN!!!! :(

Hey there Redddddd ~~~ I sure do hope we don't end up with a brick wall VFTHW pic here in PA, that would be such a shame, we do have lots of rolling hills and hillsides covered with trees. Our sky here today is Awesome, it is nothing but wall to wall blue eyes with hardly no cottonball clouds at all, just lines of jet stream smoke, the bluebirds are out here in my backyard and they are warbling sooo nice. Hey I got a yellow splash of color down in my yard, Yep my little yellow crocuses have popped up and opened up ~~~ WOW! :) ~~ The bridal shower I went to yesterday was at the golf course country club hall and lots of guys were out with their golf clubs, riding around in those little carts taking their first putts and drives of the season. When I had drove past there a couple of weeks ago, to get my taxes done the whole course was covered in a thick layer of snow, but it sure was starting to show its oooh soo nice green color yesterday and NO snow in sight... Sorry for getting carried away with the moment there.... Hey Red I think when I was watching VH1 Classic at my sisters the other night, they said that today was gonna be Pink Floyd day today on there... they are gonna have his latest live concert on as well as his videos... hmmm I am not sure, but something is making me think he has a new cd out. Maybe not tho! ~~ You are soo good at coming up with those lyrics for sure!

Hmmm ~~ I know alot of you on here don't care for Celine Dion ~~ but tomorrow night her latest music show for TV will be on, it is tied in with the Circus De Soleil act there in Vegas, Justin Timberlake of N'Sync will be on this special as a announcing host. ~~ I really like her alot, I wonder if those of you that don't like her have ever taken a listen to her "Falling Into You" album??? WOW ~~ some really nice songs on there, and she sure can sing them in such a nice way! I like the way she can sing from her Heart! :) ~~ I know Shut Up Now Nancy ~~~ Oh well To Each Their Own ~~ Right???? :)

Gotta go, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ and just outside lies the Garden of Peace, oooooh tell me is this really true, can it be, peace has come to me and you, tell me over, over and over, is this really happening ~~~ A mirrorred pond reflects the dawn, over the banks cross the emerald lawn, a breeze has come and I'm carried along,soooo follow the path through the knowing trees, and each time you laugh, it is love you release, that love will come back in the Garden of Peace ~~~~ Carry me Away Dewey with the ooooh soo nice accoustics in this song :)

Message: 26971 Posted: Mon Mar 24 09:24:59 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Another brick shot

Calgary must be trying to get a NBA team, thus the phrase "Shooting another brick". Is that an Olympic moment? Can't wait til Gerry gets to Pennsylvania and see what the pic is.
Nancy, only 8 more days. Have u been practicing doing the "Wave" for when they do Windwave? Did I mention earlier that JB will be in Denver on July 18 at Red Rox?
Gennie Mae, does the period go after a quotation mark or b4? What will France do with no Americans buying wine from there? Maybe sell 2 Sudam?
Until next time, the mind is a terrible thing.

We don't need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd Kramer

Message: 26970 Posted: Mon Mar 24 09:21:39 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Calgary

Very inspiring... and I thought Tacoma was gray... hee hee!

Message: 26969 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:53:13 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Calgary

A picture is worth 1,000 words??!!Now I know the view from Phila. this weekend has got to be better!!

Message: 26968 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:47:59 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Calgary

Nice 'tête-à-tête' with a brick wall ! LOL
Is it an encouragement, an invitation, a challenge to live our lives large? And to think some are still confined ( and punished! yes Moser!) for a couple of days at least !... I would have loved to forget about the bed & travel a little bit farther. But REALLY appreciate the fun of it. Give us more!

Message: 26967 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:31:40 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Calgary

Gerry is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window. I think you'll really get a kick out of this one (I did).

Message: 26966 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:26:09 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Live By Request"

Johnny, I don't want to spoil tonight's "Live By Request", for you or anyone else, but I thought I'd share this "behind-the-scenes" information. I have a good friend who attended "Live By Request" with the Bee Gees about a year ago. He is in the music business so he let me in on something- the entire show is a fraud. All the phone calls and "requests" are scripted in advance. Nothing is spontaneous. There is zero chance that you at home can call in a "request". My friend saw the actual script. Now, this shouldn't keep anyone from enjoying the show, and I'm going to watch Hall & Oates myself, but it doesn't seem right that the audience and viewers are led to believe that the performers are actually playing spontaneous requests. Oh well, that's hollywood, right?

Message: 26965 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:20:32 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: On Another Subject

I guess Gerry meant here to reply to Speech's post # 26591 about the remake of "I Need You" which he thought could not surpass the original. Precious info, for sure!

Message: 26964 Posted: Mon Mar 24 08:02:27 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Reply back to Nina ~~ Ooh noooo! & Alot More!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Hmmmmm ~~ only E~I~G~H~T more days till I get to see Gerry & Dewey ~~ No you all aren't seeing this wrong, I kinda jumped a day ahead on my post yesterday ~~ Yes Mo I am getting Physched too!! ~~ I gotta get all of this nervousness outta me now, for sure! LOL!!!

Hi Nina ~~ Ohhhh my that wasn't such a happy AMERICA Show memmory at all, sorry I kinda rehashed it for you.... Poor Christopher Cross to go down in your memmory with this too. ~~ I don't blame you for giving the Blond Ditz the cold shoulder, that was unexcusable for sure! ~~ I am glad you have More Happier AMERICA show memories!

WOW ~~ Thanks Steve for relaying this message from Gerry about I Need You ~~ I guess I can understand why he didn't want it to be on Van Go Gan, but I will say it again, I loved this version of it alot, so I am glad to get to hear it.

Ooooooh Gen ~~ I hope to take my sister's digital camera, my camera died and I haven't got one to replace it yet, I want to get a digital like Gerry's, I keep looking around to find a good deal on one. ~~ Please don't envy me, I have Hope that you too will get to see them and meet with them sometime.

Yes Johnny I too hope that it was D & G tonight on Live By Request! I have work this evening so I hope to catch the replay of it, they still do that don't they? I am remembering other times that they put it on again right after the first show.

Hmmmmm ~~ Eric Clapton is on the radio here singing Layla the slow version.... someone here had mentioned seeing him in a show... that had to be a good show too. He definitely is on my wanna see list!

Pardon me Mo ~~ I extend my congrats to you on your Oscar award, my inquiring mind would love to hear all about it. ~~ I didn't get to watch the beginning of it, Hubby isn't into this entertainment stuff like I am, soooo when I turned it on, Adrien Brody was just winning his Oscar for the Pianist ~~ WoW that was some kiss and hold that he placed on the beautiful Halle Berry. I enjoyed when they showed all the past award winners of the Oscar, that was a neat trip down Movie memory lane. I missed seeing Catherine Zeta Jones winning her Oscar ~~ Darn! She sure was shining tho coming out at the end!

Well I gotta go unload Missy Maytag she is calling my name! LOL
Have a good Monday all, Nancy :)

~~~~ Late at night when the wind is still, I'll go flying through your door, and you'll know what love is for, I'm a Bluebird, I'm a bluebird, I'm a bluebird I'm a bluebird ~~ yeah yeah yeahhhhh ~~ touch your lips with a magic kiss and you'll be a bluebird too, and you'll know what love can do ~~~ Sing it from there Paul McCartney (lots of nice memories are rushing through my mind now) Nice! ;)

Message: 26963 Posted: Mon Mar 24 07:12:36 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Nancy re: Christopher Cross

Hi Nancy! The Christopher Cross concert I attended DID have America as the opening act; it was around 1980/81 in Rhode Island. A not-so-funny story here: I attended with my brother's ditzy blond girlfriend and a friend of hers. Nothing against Cross, but the only reason I agreed to go was because I wanted to see America! Anyway, we get to the Civic Center around 7:20 PM and the girls want to eat supper, so we get food at some sort of food court attached to the arena. About twenty-five minutes later, as we're munching on french fries, amidst the food court noise I hear the thumping of a bass drum and recognizable harmonies. My companions both just looked at me as I turned pale! "Let me see MY ticket!" I say to the blond ditz, who had been in charge of buying and bringing the tickets. Showtime: 7:30 PM!!!! By the time we made it into the arena, I heard maybe ONE song, and the encore. I didn't speak to either girl for the rest of the night, and blond ditz got the cold shoulder for at least a few weeks! I WAS LIVID!!! So, Nancy, it was one of the worst concerts of my life. I honestly couldn't tell you if C. Cross put on a good show or not...I was fuming!

Message: 26962 Posted: Mon Mar 24 06:58:14 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: I Wish It Were D&G...

Interesting tidbit there regarding "I Need You" on "VGG"! I love knowing these things. Sure would welcome more info like this in the future. :0)

Tonight, I wish it were D&G instead of D&J on "Live By Request". Nonetheless, Hall & Oates are sure to be very good. After all, they're not the most successful duo in rock/pop history for nothing. For those interested in tonight's program, it's 2 hours long, I believe, and it starts at 6:00 PM Pacific (thanks Nancy for the reminder).

Message: 26961 Posted: Mon Mar 24 06:44:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: On Another Subject

Gerry asked me to pass along the following: "The only reason 'I Need You' was included on Van Go Gan is because the label insisted that I re-record it. As far as I'm concerned it's not part of the album and I wish I didn't have to include it."

Message: 26960 Posted: Mon Mar 24 06:19:02 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Steve L..

thanks for the moody blues set list. i've never seen them live, maybe i can catch them soon. "i know you're out there somewhere" is my favorite song of theirs and i think dewey and gerry could do a killer acoustic cover of it.

Message: 26959 Posted: Mon Mar 24 03:45:54 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Tacoma

hi Tommie!

Seems you had a wonderful first time ! i'm just a little bit sad for you that you couldn't make it backstage. The same happened to me back in 1985 when they came for a series of three shows in the south of France (very near MY place, actually), because i had to take a flight back to England where i then used to live and work... ahh.... the little ironies of life!
The good thing for you is that you'll probably have your 'next time' long before i can have mine. i'm sure you won't miss them, then...

Nancy, i have to tell you how much i envy you these days! Don' t forget to share some pics with us if you are allowed to take one or two rolls! lol
See you all . Gen

Message: 26958 Posted: Mon Mar 24 03:32:46 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Impromptu Oscar party (Moser)

What a good idea, Moser! I'm happy you got THE Oscar, but still don't know in what category you had previously been nominated ? Anyway I have to agree with your thanking Gerry... lol

Message: 26957 Posted: Sun Mar 23 21:26:02 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Tacoma

Last night - the Emerald Queen in Tacoma - I was in the second row center, and what a high!!!

The show started with "Riverside," as always... and Duffy, I hope you got the rest of the playlist, because I was so enthralled that I wrote nothing down. It was pretty close to the Plymouth playlist, but "Another Try" wasn't in there. "Woman Tonight" was thrown in to great response from the crowd. They rocked out, and so did the audience! Couldn't choose a favorite - the harmony was good and tight, and I was on Cloud Nine! The show was everything you all told me to expect.

Sadly, I did not get backstage to meet the guys. They hustled out of there pretty quickly - had a 700 mile drive ahead of them. Ah well... maybe next time, and there WILL be a next time!

This is no news to anyone who has seen America live, but nobody told me - Michael Woods RULES! What a guitarist! Sooooo good... my husband was more impressed with Woodz than he was with Dewey and Gerry, I think! Not so me... Dewey - Gerry - you don't know - seeing you perform was a dream 20 years in the making, and I thank you for making it wonderful. See you next time!


Message: 26956 Posted: Sun Mar 23 20:11:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Speech, Speech

I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother, my father, my husband--Jeff, and Gerry Beckley. Thank you.

Message: 26955 Posted: Sun Mar 23 17:19:23 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: More Madness

I would rather be called a cellulose and lignin teacher.

Message: 26954 Posted: Sun Mar 23 17:02:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Oscar Madness

Well we were so sick of our "punition" (now that's a $5 word, Genevieve!) here that we decided to throw an impromptu Oscar party for the five of us. We're finally out of our pj's, cleaned up, and dressed in our finest black tie attire. We made a few hors d'oeuvres and poured a bit of pseudo-champagne (apple juice). If you're in the neighborhood and not afraid of a little flu bug, come on over.
One thought, I always root for Nicole Kidman since her ex turned out to be such a schlep. Also, I'm looking forward to Steve Martin's hosting humor. He's great. Happy Oscars!!

Message: 26953 Posted: Sun Mar 23 16:50:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: More Madness

Bones, You never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thanks. Perhaps I should have said for those of you who are keeping score or keeping track or something like that. I guess any statistician worth his salt wouldn't have to be told the percentage. Sorry to be sloppy with my word choice. Speaking of which, I thought you liked to be referred to as a wood technology teacher?

Message: 26952 Posted: Sun Mar 23 16:46:58 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Checking out the Oscars (Nancy)

You should see Bono (U2) as presenter or/and performer I suppose. Think he has one of his songs nominated too as movie soundtrack. The ceremony will be broadcast on Canal+ here around 5 am. Might have a look at it too since my 'sniffles' (as you put it) obviously won't leave me alone ! ... The good side of it is I have excellent friends who often visit or phone & (one point that shouldn't be neglected), my doctor is a handsome young man LOL. But being confined at home is a real punition, anyway, for someone like me... See you soon. Gen.

Message: 26951 Posted: Sun Mar 23 16:29:06 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: More Madness

If I was a statistician, I could figure that out myself but seeing how I'm a "shop" teacher, I thank you for doing the math. for me Mo.

Message: 26950 Posted: Sun Mar 23 16:28:25 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Dan's 69 (&some)

Hi there Gen :)
Yes I read Dan's 69th episode ~~ Good word Edifying! ~~ Hmmmm quite the Visual Memorization wouldn't you say? ~~ Ouch that had to hurt when Gerry got hit in the mouth with a frizbee! ~~ It is pretty neat Dan sharing all of these past experiences with us. ~~ Thanks for sharing that neat poem verse with us... Wow ~~ Isn't it neat how Gerry's pics bring about all of these different thoughts. I hope your sniffles will leave quickly, is it spring time there in your part of the world? Take care! :)

Hmmm ~~ I will have to check out the Oscars!

Take care all, Nancy :)

~~~~ there's a song in the heart of a woman, that only the truest of loves can release, there's a song in the heart of a woman, set it freeeeee, oooh set it freeee, set it freeeee, ooooooh set it freeee, aaaaaawwwwwww aaaaaaawwwwwwaaaaa aaaaaaaaawwwwwaaaaa ~~~~ there's a light in the depths of her darkness, there's a calm at the eye of every storm, there's a light in the depths of her darkness, let it shineeeeee ooooh let it shinnneeeeeee, let it shinnneeeee, oooh let it shinnnneeeee, Sing it Dan Fogelberg, play it Gerry ~~ Oooooh how I love this song (There's a Place in the World for a Gambler") :)

Message: 26949 Posted: Sun Mar 23 15:17:13 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Dan's 69 (& some).

Did anyone read Dan's 69? Edifying IMHO !

BTW, Oscar night tonight in LA, no? Will The Pianist make it? (think it got 7 nominations). Wait & see.

Message: 26948 Posted: Sun Mar 23 13:45:02 2003 By: Moser
Subject: More Madness

Four of the Sweet Sixteen are Big East teams. (That's 25% for you statisticians in the crowd.) Way to go.

Message: 26947 Posted: Sun Mar 23 11:13:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Madness

Pittsburgh moves on to the Sweet Sixteen. Way to go.

Message: 26946 Posted: Sun Mar 23 11:11:07 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Live in Central Park Video

So, the "Live in Central Park" video is also available in DVD? Great! Do you know any internet sites where I can buy it?

Message: 26945 Posted: Sun Mar 23 09:54:19 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

Hi everyone,
Great view despite the penetrating coldness due to that steel-blue tone which dominates in the pic . Conform to what we expect Gerry's now obviously experimented eye to catch. But as the poet writes:
' in love, all colors
are whispers from somewhere
a memory borrowed
for this moment of seing'
Edwin Torres "Sun Colors"

Moser, i too am living with 'the everpresent kleenex and medicine' fighting against a very bad flu. Guess i was too early to take advantage of the sun colors, jogging on the beach the other day... now just paying the price of it but not sure i did learn the lesson this time! :-)
Hi Nancy! hope you can get Jim to post a little here one of these days! LOL

Message: 26944 Posted: Sun Mar 23 08:29:49 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmmm ~~ Just stopping in to catch up a little!

Hi Everyone ~~ E~I~G~H~T DAYS ~~~ Yes ONLY 8 more days till I am in AMERICA Heaven again!!!! I was Nanny Nancy this weekend (was at my sisters watching her 2 daughters 3 & 8,her bosses daughter 5, and my daughter 10 1/2), sooo let me tell you a combination of Spongebob ~~ alittle bit of VH1 Classic ~~ (Hey I got to see the video to TOTO's Africa song ~~ WOW!) A Cheerleader Movie that my daughter is presently into big time... and Naming every Character immaginable in the "Just Makes Me Smile" sticker book makes for one exciting Sat. evening For Sure! LOL!!! :) Hmmm and now my daughter informs me she wants a Spongebob bedspread with a large Patrick pillow ( who would figure this ~ too much), meanwhile when my 7 yr old son wants to watch Spongebob she says no way are we watching this..... Girls ~ Girls ~ Girls!!!!! We kinda have a way of getting our own way tho ~ HUH! :)

Thanks Steve for posting the VFTHW pic, Wow Gerry this was a neat perspective of water, land, fog, clouds and the sky blending into this neat landscape there in Tacoma, Wash.... Hmmmm was one that great big SNOW cloud getting ready to explode? ~~ Hey there Tommie Girl & Duffy ~~ come back down long enough to fill us in on the show, Okay???? :)

Hi Sergio ~~ WOW ~~ Thanks for sharing your Carole King story with us. Nice song lyrics too, I haven't ever heard this song of hers! ~~ Regarding the Central Park Live DVD ~~ Yes ~~ I have it, I love it, it is AWESOME, one rockin live show, soo much energy, some really neat songs done live on this, Gerry & Dewey both look oooooh sooo good and sound oooooh sooooo good for sure, seeing David Dickey on this has me a Hankerin for him to make a guest appearance at the IUP show next week, Wow could I handle that for sure! ~~ Soooo yes you are in for a real treat when you watch this, I can't get enough of it.... Hmmm ~~ like Eddy I paid $25.00 for mine too. ~~ On Ebay I mostly like to find the Buy it Now Offers, that is how I got my Highway Box CD set. I got it for an excellent deal!

Hmmmm ~~ Pretty Neat Eddy, you getting to hear Timothy sing "I Can't Tell You Why" at a Ringo Starr show!!!! Too much, and yes these now a day kid shows have a way of capturing us parents too don't they??? LOL!

Hi rc & Cathy & Sheldon ~~ Thanks for the Tears for Fear info, WOW Cathy ~~ you getting to see Andy along with the Bee Gees, has to be a nice memory keepsake for sure, Hmmm Sheldon I had heard that Seals & Croft were working on a new album, I am kinda curious to hear the outcome to this.... I have their first 2 LPs, they were played lots in my teenage years.... Oooooh My Cathy what an experience that was with your car, glad all turned out okay, and yes I would have grabbed my AMERICA tapes too for sure!

Hey Johnny ~~ That is pretty cool getting this 8 track of Hideaway after all of these years, thanks for sharing the difference on the track listings with us. ~~ Remember Hall & Oates will be on A&E tomorrow evening! :)

Hey there SteveL ~~ I am willing to pay what you offer to come and spring clean my house for me ~~ LOL!!!! ~~ Hey it came to my mind, so I just had to mention this.... Dream on right! LOL!

Hey there Jimmmmmmm(bob) ~~~ we haven't heard from you yet as to what all other concerts you have seen ~~~ Hmmm I know it is summer there and you are busy working and having fun in the sun, but hope to hear from you soon my friend! ;)

Well I probably have not caught up the whole way, but I have a bridal shower to go to and I gotta get for now! Enjoy your day all and Mo I hope your kids will be feeling better soon. See ya Nancio :)

I was sooo hoping to catch this great video on VH1 Classic at my sis's but no such luck :(

~~~~If I could make it to the Border, if I could make it to the coast, If I could make it to the Border, I'd be in the arms of the Girl I Love the Most.... dodododooddo Make it to the Border ~~~ Sing it for Me Dewey & Gerry ~~~ Great song, they both look sooo good in this video for sure :) :) :) :) :) :)

Message: 26943 Posted: Sun Mar 23 07:18:56 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

Mo, try calling Sanford & Son

Message: 26942 Posted: Sun Mar 23 07:15:12 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: America Live at Central Park Video

I had not seen it anywhere and much less on DVD. So I ended up paying a high price of $37.00 for the video...

Message: 26941 Posted: Sun Mar 23 06:46:49 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: America Live at Central Park Video

It's a GREAT video, has David Dickey on bass. I was just much did you pay for it? I have it on DVD now, & paid $25.00 for it.

Message: 26940 Posted: Sun Mar 23 06:41:26 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Spongebob

I can relate, We get ALOT of Spongebob in our household, their showing the lost eposode again this morning as I type.
I just wanted to mention they also have Spongebob on video & DVD!
(It was just my youngest son's B-day, he turned 3, got lots of SB stuff!,Yikes!)
I have to admit tho-, SB has come to my rescue on a number of times, when my youngest gets hard to handle, if SB's on he will stop ANYTHING he's doing & sit quietly & watch him.
Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one surrounded by "SpongeMania"
I have to admit, I am growing fond of Mr.Crabbs.........

Message: 26939 Posted: Sun Mar 23 06:36:18 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: America Live at Central Park Video

I was the high bidder in a recent e-Bay auction for an "America Live At Central Park" video. I can't wait to receive it...I would appreciate comments from any other fan that has it or has already seen it.

Message: 26938 Posted: Sun Mar 23 06:08:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

I have a garage you could work on. What's your fee?

If you have to ask, you can't afford it (LOL)!

Message: 26937 Posted: Sun Mar 23 05:43:41 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

Quite all right there Steve. I was just posting to vent a bit--trying to amuse myself on an otherwise boring day filled with ibuprofen & Sudafed doses and updating my criminally negligent Quicken files. I appreciated the VFTHW as usual. By the way, do you rent out, I have a garage you could work on. What's your fee?
Today will be a similarly mundane day filled with the final Quicken work, catching up on a week's worth of the kids' homework in addition to the everpresent kleenex and medicine. So, feel free to post furiously, everyone. I will appreciate the distraction. Happy Sunday to y'ans.

Message: 26936 Posted: Sun Mar 23 00:37:11 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Smoke was Coming out of My Car-Made Sure I Grabbed America CD's

Hi Cathy,

I can sympathize with you... sort of reminds me of back in the 80's when I got divorced from my first wife..
I had my entire collection of 'signed" LP Vinyls of the guys at home
on the shelf. We were fighting over property rights when I decided to
take all of them and get a safe deposit box from my bank and put them in there until the heat cooled off... she mentioned what had happened to the collection and I told her I sold them all for $80 at a second hand record store... anyway to cut a long story short, I didn't & I still have them... I gave her $40 to get her off my back...

there's just somethings that I aint parting with, and the signed collection is one of them!!!

Message: 26935 Posted: Sat Mar 22 20:53:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

You're welcome, Mo. It's my fault that it didn't get posted earlier. Gerry sent it to me about 10:30 this morning but I have been busy cleaning out my garage. It's one of those projects that started at 10 am and didn't end until 8 pm. I'm a little bit sore but it looks much better than it did this morning. I can even find things now (LOL).

Message: 26934 Posted: Sat Mar 22 20:37:30 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: "Homecoming" 8-Track Tape

I purchased a "Homecoming" 8-track tape recently that's from the UK. Oddly, the photo on the front of the cartridge isn't the same photo as the front cover of the album. Instead, the photo is the one on the INSIDE of the album cover. You know, the one with the trio in the forest. I was quite surprised. The cartridge isn't black like the ones from the US but green instead. Even the program listing is different, as follows:

UK (Track 1): Ventura Highway, To Each His Own, California Revisited (Part 1)
US (Track 1): Ventura Highway, Don't Cross The River, Till The Sun Comes Up Again

UK (Track 2): California Revisited (Conclusion), Moon Song, Only In Your Heart
US (Track 2): To Each His Own; California Revisited, Only In Your Heart (Beginning)

UK (Track 3): Cornwall Blank, Head & Heart
US (Track 3): Only In Your Heart (Conclusion), Moon Song, Saturn Nights

UK (Track 4): Till The Song Comes Up Again, Don't Cross The River, Saturn Nights
US (Track 4): Cornwall Blank, Head & Heart

Message: 26933 Posted: Sat Mar 22 20:31:24 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

Thank you, Gerry and Steve. I feel much better now.

Message: 26932 Posted: Sat Mar 22 20:14:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Moody Blues Live

I wonder why Ray Thomas isn't touring with them.

According to a Moody Blues fans web site, he simply doesn't want to tour anymore. According to a local radio station, it's because he has diabetes and he's suffering from it's effects. I'm guessing that the diabetes is the reason that he doesn't want to tour so both answers are probably correct.

Message: 26931 Posted: Sat Mar 22 19:58:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Tacoma

Gerry is in Tacoma, WA today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26930 Posted: Sat Mar 22 18:08:15 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Seals and Crofts

Sheldon, thanks for the info about Seals and Crofts. I love their music~~so relaxing to listen too. Too bad they don't tour, but it would be great to have a new CD. Hopefully, they will tour again. I'll have to check out that website.

Message: 26929 Posted: Sat Mar 22 18:03:27 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Spongebob

Moser, my son has been driving me crazy about that lost Spongebob episode too. He had to make sure that we were home from the Mother/Son dance at the school last night in time to see it. And then he started to get upset when he thought that the pirate had unravelled the tape and that he would never see it again. As if that would ever happen. Actually, I don't really watch it, but have seen a few episodes and think they're silly but cute. I must be a little crazy too. I like Patrick. I understand it is very popular among the college kids also.

Message: 26928 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:58:51 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Where's the VFTHW??

You're whacked, Bonesy.

Message: 26927 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:57:01 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Where's the VFTHW??

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Moser and three bears..................................

Message: 26926 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:56:09 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: For Moser

Thanks, Cathy.

Message: 26925 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:55:13 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Typo on Psycho

Sorry for the typo...I meant I'M so psyched, of course.

One more complaint while I'm on a roll: If I hear "He lives in a pineapple under the sea. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS...." one more time I might...well let's not go there. We're apparently waiting (with much anticipation by the Bufton offspring) to see SpongeBob, The Lost Episode at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central. The Lost Episode? I ask you, did they lose more than one episode? They must have because from what I can tell, there are only about four episodes. They just keep playing them over and over and over. Sorry to be whining but was The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family this corny? I don't think so.

Message: 26924 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:54:23 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: For Moser

Moser, I hope the kids get over the flu soon. And yes, we must have our priorities straight.

Message: 26923 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:43:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Where's the VFTHW??

Sadly, I live my life vicariously through the experiences shared on this folder. Well, not fully, but a little bit anyway. Hence, I've been checking all day for the Tacoma, WA VFTHW and it's not here yet. What seems to be the difficulty here people? I've been home all week with sick kids who aren't shaking the flu bug very easily. I love them and all but am suffering, quite frankly, from a bit of cabin fever. Help me out here. Would somebody please post something for me to read or view? By the way, Cathy Rink, thank you for your humorous posts. You acted very rationally in my opinion. One should never leave the America tunes behind in a time of danger. That's what I call priorities.
The countdown is down to nearly nine days. Can you stand it, Nancio? I so psyched.

Message: 26922 Posted: Sat Mar 22 17:22:32 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Concerts I Would Love to See

Hi Cathy - I too am a big Seals & Crofts fan & they are definitely a concert I would love to see. Unfortunately, they do not tour anymore. They did tour in 1991 or 1992 I think but it was a small tour. However, they have completed a new album but it has not been released yet. So there is hope that they may tour again... you can find more info on them at ...


Message: 26921 Posted: Sat Mar 22 16:56:07 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Smoke was Coming out of My Car-Made Sure I Grabbed America CD's

It's me again. I just wanted to tell you about something that happened to me the other night. I had a bit of a scare and my actions went with my heart towards America and not necessarily with my head. I was driving home and the temperature light came on in my car. I thought, oh no this is not a good thing, but was hoping to make it home without incident. A few minutes later, I smelled something like burning rubber. It was pouring rain that night and then I looked and thought~~is that the fog or is there smoke coming out from under the hood. At this time, my panic button had definitely been pressed!!! I immediately pulled over into the closest parking lot and at this point was thinking that my vehicle was possibly on FIRE!! I was alone in the car. Did I just get out as quickly as I could. Well, I jumped out of the car, but first grabbed my purse and the bag that was on the front seat next to me that has my precious America CD's in it (I almost always have them with me). I jumped out of the car and started yelling for help. Someone who was driving thru the parking lot stopped and ran up to the door of the business there (which happened to be a tire, minor auto repair shop that was closed for the night). Fortunately there was someone still there. He ran over to the car (I had backed away and was too scared to touch it). He threw up the hood (a lot of smoke was pouring out from under it). I was very lucky that the car wasn't actually on fire (I have a close friend whose car caught on fire). He thought it was probably a leaking hose~~possibly coolant that was getting on the hot engine parts and creating steam. I was so relieved, but still shaking. I then had to have the phone operator interrupt a phone call my husband was on at the house (I kept getting a busy signal) so I could tell him what happened and to come get me. Fortunately, this wasn't too far from where I live. My actions probably weren't the smartest under the circumstances, but it just goes to show how you don't always think rationall y during an emergency. The guy at the auto shop told me that I could leave the car there and if it was just a hose, they could fix it the next day. I thought how many times can that happen?~~to actually break down right where they could fix your car. But, the problem is much worse than that. I had to have the car towed somewhere else because a very expensive part needs to be replaced. Well, it's an old car, but I'll have to get it fixed because I can't afford a new one just yet. I like my car but a car to me is only a means of transportation, a necessity but much less important in my heart than America's music. I know I'm rambling here~~but just wanted to let you know what happened.

Message: 26920 Posted: Sat Mar 22 16:17:52 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Moody Blues Live

SteveL, I'm glad you enjoyed the Moody Blues show. They are one of my very favorite bands and I've seen them live twice. They put on a fantastic show~~~a band I would see again and again. I wonder why Ray Thomas isn't touring with them. I especially love Justin Hayward. I have all of their studio albums (I think) and Live at Red Rocks. I have one greatest hits compilation (I know there are a lot of those out there). If anyone is a fan and has the opportunity to see them~~~definitely go.

Message: 26919 Posted: Sat Mar 22 16:07:01 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Concerts I Would Love to See

I forgot to mention in my last post some other concerts that I've never seen, but would love to go to. The ones that definitely come to mind are: U2, Aerosmith (Nancy and Moser, I agree~~~always thought Steven Tyler has something about him that's so cool!), Dan Fogelberg, Eric Clapton, REO Speedwagon, John Mellencamp, Three Dog Night, Phil Collins, Bread, Seals and Crofts, the Association (do the previous three still tour?) My question is, of the concerts that you haven't seen, which ones would you like to attend?

Message: 26918 Posted: Sat Mar 22 13:12:25 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re:Nancy...TFF

Hi Nancy,
Regarding the concert, to be honest I don't recall if that sang that or not.. They broke up late 80's and went their separate ways, and did some solo projects.. From what I understand they didn't even talk to each other for 9-10 yrs. But last summer I read somewhere that they getting back together for a reunion album of sorts..Tentatively titled Everybody Wants a Happy Ending..I think it may be releases sometime this spring but havent heard or seen anything yet. Will have to a search and see if any news about it..

Message: 26917 Posted: Sat Mar 22 12:52:02 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Cathy...Mr. Mister

Hi..The band broke up in 1989.. After Welcome to the Real World, they released another album title Go On..In 88 they recorded another album title Pull but it was never realeased. Richard Page did a album with Third Matinee , and a solo project titled Shelter... A compilation of their hits was released that featured one track from the Pull album.. As to what each of the members is doing now, I can't sure you can find more info on a search engine such as
Take Care,

Message: 26916 Posted: Sat Mar 22 09:18:26 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Concerts Attended

Great question, Rob. It's been fun to read the responses. Here's my list.

America (3 times so far~~1st favorite band that I got to see live!)
Styx (2 times~~both with Dennis, one with Tommy)
Tommy Shaw
Damn Yankees
Bad Company (opener for Damn Yankees)
Moody Blues (2 times)
Harry Chapin (2 times~~glad I saw him way back when)
Michael Murphy (opener for America)
Chuck Mangione (opener for America)
Paul McCartney
Bee Gees (with brother Andy as special guest)
Bon Jovi
Skid Row (opener for Bon Jovi~~didn't like Skid Row)
Diana Ross
Monkees, Herman's Hermits, Gary Puckett, Grass Roots (combo show)
Beach Boys (after Yankee game~~would love to see full concert)
David Cassidy (2 times~~post Partridge days)
John Waite (solo)~~opened for Peter Frampton & Journey
Peter Frampton
Journey (without Steve Perry~~I missed him)
Billy Squier (opened for Queen)
Mark Farner (of Grand Funk Railroad), Doctor Hook & Medicine Show, Rare Earth, Guess Who (combo show of the previous four)

At top of list of shows never seen would love to go in no particular order: Elton John, Billy Joel, Eagles, Barry Manilow, Meatloaf, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Ringo Starr, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Faith Hill, Carole King)

Sadly missed and will never get to see (George Harrison, John Lennon, John Denver, Jim Croce, Karen Carpenter)

Message: 26915 Posted: Sat Mar 22 06:33:50 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

I've been attending concerts since 7th grade (I am now 41) so there are way too many to list, but can put down some of my faves:
Paul McCartney
Frank Zappa
& of course America would be my top faves
Cheap Trick LOTS of times, Robin Zander even sang w/a local band in Rockford,IL. I was running sound for at the time.
It seems in high school there were bands playing every wkend, used to see 3 or 4 bands in one night for 5 bucks, Kansas, Heart, Scorpins, Ted Nugent, UFO, The Firm, AC/DC (w/Bon Scott) many hard rock & metal bands.
When I lived in Madison Wis., used to love to go to the pubs & see Jazz bands, & I also like to see the Duluth/Superior Symphony Orchestra when they include a piece by Mozart.
Bands I would like to have seen would be the Beatles (in The Cavern or Hamburg or any place w/no screaming),Harrison & Lennon solo, Still want to see YES live.....I know I'm missing alot of artists here.....just putting down what comes to mind.
Nancy- you mentioned wanting to see Timothy B. Schmit do "I can't tell you why" I got to see him do it...but not w/The Eagles it was W/Ringo & his all Starr Band, they did a great job!(much cheaper too!)
I've got to see 4 lineups of Ringo's band which is fun, because of the various artists he brings w/him. I think the last concert I've seen was Joey Molland's Badfinger, & if anybody gets the chance to see "The Fab Four", they are THE BEST BEATLES tribute band I've ever seen (& I've seen MANY)Well, this was fun, I hope I didn't ramble too much...

Message: 26914 Posted: Fri Mar 21 20:54:43 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Carole King's gift to me-One to One

Nancy, the way you ended your last post with a Carole King song, I couldn't help but remember a really neat Carole King experience that I had many years ago~

Carole King music came into my life pretty much at the same time America's did. That whole singer songwriter movement of the early 70's was brilliant and memorable to this day. From the many singer/songwriters my clear favorites were America, Carole King, James Taylor and Carly Simon.

Back in 1982, when Carole first signed with Atlantic Records, after leaving Capitol records, she had a mild hit with "One to One", same title of that album. At the time no radio station was playing the song, so I wrote a letter to my favorite radio station requesting that they give her new song a chance. Well the station did just that and even gave me on-the-air credit for adding it to their play list! However, then they went ahead and did something even nicer, they forwarded my letter to Carole King! Well,one day out of the blue, I received a package in the mail with a congratulatory letter, a poster, a booklet about Carole, and a gold plated pin with Carole's logo signature on it. Truly, one of the nicest surprises and gifts I have ever received.

So let me just end this post to the song that made it happen~

by Carole King and Cynthia Weil

If I am the question
you are the answer
If you are the music. I am the dancer
Through all of the madness
And all of the sadness
Of day to day living
We gotta keep giving

One to one
Me to you
Pure and simple
sweet and true
One to one, you to me
Sending the love so it's
spreading out endlessly

Now there are those moments
when life loses meaning
And we lose our faith in
The dreams we've been dreaming
When people seem mindless
And plain human kindness
Appears to be dying
We gotta keep trying

One to one
Me to you
Pure and simple
sweet and true
One to one, you to me
Sending the love so it's
spreading out endlessly

I know this world needs changing'
I know the shape we are in
But with all the confusion
I've reached the conclusion
There's only one place to begin
And that's

One to one
Me to you
Pure and simple
sweet and true
One to one, you to me
Sending the love so it's
spreading out endlessly

Message: 26913 Posted: Fri Mar 21 20:13:34 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: America in Kelowna BC

I was just up visiting my sister in Penticton BC (about an hour from Kelowna where America is playing next week... and I can't make it!!)
Anyway, America was featured in their local paper. The entertainment section had a full page of Gerry and Dewey on the cover with the title "Made in America" . The inside article was very positive as well. (I was meaning to bring it back and post it here but forgot.) They are playing at a relatively new venue called Skyreach Place. Seats about 4500 and has hosted in the last 2 years Elton John, Rod Stewart, Styx etc. Good company.

Message: 26912 Posted: Fri Mar 21 20:08:54 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

Ok, let's see. In no particular order...

Al Stewart
Johnny Clegg and Savuka
Third World
Hall & Oates
Doobie Brothers
Jon Anderson (Yes)
Nylons (Canadian acapella group)
Great Big Sea
Melanie Doane
Billy Joel
Bryan Adams
Neil Diamond
Diana Ross
Doug and the SLugs
Powder Blues
Red Rider
Simon and Garfunkle
Mike and the Mechanics

The memory is going. I am sure there are more...

Message: 26911 Posted: Fri Mar 21 19:59:36 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

Does anyone know what happened to Mr. Mister? (I loved them!) Haven't thought about them for a long time.

Message: 26910 Posted: Fri Mar 21 17:48:00 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

Oh jeez, let's see:
Grand Funk Railroad
Chuck Negron
Tommy James & the Shondells
Felix Cavaliere
James Taylor
Davy Jones
These were just last year,,,,
years gone by;
Three Dog Night
Bob Welch
Dave Mason
Pablo Cruise
Alice Cooper
Marshall Tucker
Rick Nelson
Farm Aid 1
Gary Lewis & the Playboys
Peter Noone
ZZ Top
Bad Company
Mark Lindsay
Barry Manilow
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Reo Speedwagon
Damn Yankees
B J Thomas
Blue Oyster Cult
hey you asked for em, I'm sure there are more but my brain's been racked enough for one night.DanC.

Message: 26909 Posted: Fri Mar 21 17:10:48 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Eagles Tix~a little extra~~ Boz Scaggs & a little more

Me Again ~~

AHA Redddddd ~~~ Yes in the case of the tix price for the Eagles Show, I do agree with You that they are worth this. It would definitely be a 1 in a lifetime experience for me, I mean just to hear Timothy sing "I Can't Tell You Why" would be sooo nice, it is the Hubby I have to convince that it is worth paying this price to go and see them..... and that isn't such an easy task for sure!!! ~~ Wish Me Luck ~~HUH! :)

Hi there Mary ~~ Yes you sure have seen some really great shows too, my son went to see Kenny Chesney las summer and he said it was a great show.... his songs are alot like storytelling songs, he has a unique way of singing them. I think it is pretty neat that your daughter Leslie has such a good taste in music (I guess Mom is to blame for this Huh!) Nice :)

Nice visual Sergio ~~ Picturing all the azaleas blooming! ~~ Wow getting to hear Boz sing my favorite song ~~ Neat. Double Wow! Getting to see Carole King sing that oooooh sooo great song "You've Got a Friend" she sure can put her all into a show, I have her Her Greatest Hits ~~ Songs of Long Ago LP and it sure was played lots and sang to for sure. Aaron Neville has such a nice voice, that would add a nice touch with Carole's voice, a memorable music event indeed... I just watched her last concert special on PBS the other Sunday, I enjoyed it alot. :)

Hi Nina ~~ You have taken in some really good shows too, I like Christopher Cross too, I was wondering did you see him by himself or when he was in a show with AMERICA?

Hi there RC ~~ WOW Tears for Fear ~~ My inquiring mind would love to hear more about them, did they sing Advice for the Young at Heart????

Hi TW ~~ I believe Rodney & Batdorf has been brought up here a time or two before... I will have to remember to check them out.

Oooh Jimnak ~~~ I am sure curious as to just how many AMERICA shows you have been too.

Hi there Robyn ~~ You are one lucky Lady, getting to attend soo many concerts and shows from such an early age. ~~ I sure would love to be there next tuesday with you to see Matt's show. Be sure and let us know about this okay?

Yes Mo ~~ We to had our first thunderboomer of the Spring this afternoon, it didn't last long, but it sounded neat to hear the thunder rumble.... The 11th day is winding down, tomorrow it will be only 10 more days till we get to take in a night of magic, I am looking forward to it for sure!!!!

Hmmmm ~~ Keep those other concert that have been seen posts coming ~~ Hey Speech ~~ 8 more days till the Keswick show!!!~~ hmmm what about your list of shows???

Well the weekend has begun, have a good one all! Nancy :)

~~~ Now and forever I'll remember all the promises still unbroken and think about all the words between us that never needed to be spoken, We had a moment, just one moment, that will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime, We are the lucky ones, some people never get to do all we got to do, Now and Forever I will always think of YOU~~~~ ooooooh such a nice song from "A League of Their Own" sing it Carole King :)

Message: 26908 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:33:31 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

geez.. was just asking Steve about M.Blues and realized I left them of the list...don't tell hubby

Message: 26907 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:27:39 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Steve L..

Wow...what a set list..The second 2nd is pretty much the same. Different songs in the first..haven't heard them play Steppin, in long time, glad they pulled that one out of mothballs..Glad they are still playing The Other Side of Life..They usually do an extended version of that song..Well they do here when they play...
A funny/weird story around Rock and Roll Over You..We went to see them at an outdoor venue. We decided to sit on the lawn instead of the pavillion..As they started to play the song, we were watching lightning in the sky of an approaching storm..During the song they would flash lights and crash cymbols..Believe it or not, The lightning and thunder outside, was in sync with the music LOL...It was really weird..But certainly added to that experience.. And yes, it poured rain and we headed for cover lol.. Guess one of those times you had to be there..
Glad you enjoyed the show! Have a great weekend...

Message: 26906 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:16:01 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Springtime

It's officially Spring in upstate 'cause we're having our first thunderstorm. Let it roll!!!

Message: 26905 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:15:05 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Other concerts attended...

Have to make the old brain cells kick into gear to
Let's See......

America(of course)Fogelberg, Ambrosia, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Kenny Loggins, Jim Croce, Phil Collins, Genesis, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper(Welcome to My Nightmare,excellant show) Pink Floyd, Yes, Lynard Skinner(don't think I spelled that right lol) Mr. Mister, Pat Benatar, Reo Speedwagon, Jimmy Buffet, Beach Boys, Foreigner, Styx, Kansas/Alan Parsons, Yanni, John Williams/Boston Pops, Henry Mancini/orchestra, Sha Na Na, Manheim Steamroller, CSN, CSN&Y, David Bowie,Elo,Golden Earring, Joe Walsh, Tears For Fears, Elton John, Toto, Huey Lewis, Hall and Oats, Heart, Jefferson Starship, Monkees/Herman Hermits/Gary Pucket/Grass Roots(combo show) Guess Who, Fourplay, Steely Dan....All I can recall at the moment...

Take Care,

Message: 26904 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:10:41 2003 By: TW
Subject: Great acoustic music

I've enjoyed America's music since they first came out in 1971. Seen them about 7 or 8 times in concert. If you enjoy acoustic guitar oriented music somewhat similar to America's first album then you might enjoy the following two bands:

Batdorf & Rodney - three albums for 1971 - 1975

Off the Shelf - basically two acoustic guitars with vocals
- first album (nice lead and rhythm acoustic guitar)
- not available on CD

Batdorf & Rodney - second album (not available on CD)
- very acoustic

Life is You - third album (import CD)
- nice mix of acoustic and electric guitars
- beautiful arrangements
- one of my favorite CDs

Second Artist is - Aztec Two Step - two acoustic guitarists with vocals. Favorite CDs include Acoustic Retrospective (two guitars and vocals with harmonica on two songs; some of their best songs from 1971 to 1986 done acoustically), Aztec Two Step ( self titled first album) and Living In America (released in 1986).

Both artists have websites. Type their names in a search engine and you should find their sites.

Also, check Ebay because they do have some listings for these artists.

Take care.

Message: 26903 Posted: Fri Mar 21 13:00:16 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve L..

They played one of those two songs. Here's the playlist.

Set 1:
Lovely to See You
Gemini Dream
Tuesday Afternoon
Lean On Me (Tonight)
English Sunset
Words You Say
The Actor
Steppin' in a Slide Zone
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Story in Your Eyes


Set 2:
The Voice
Your Wildest Dreams
Isn't Life Strange
The Other Side of Life
Higher and Higher
Are You Sitting Comfortably
I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Nights in White Satin

Ride My See-Saw

Message: 26902 Posted: Fri Mar 21 12:29:17 2003 By: rc
Subject: Steve L..

Hi There..When you went to see the Moody Blues, did they play The Other Side of Life and Rock and Roll Over you? Have seen them several times over the years and they always sounded great..

Message: 26901 Posted: Fri Mar 21 12:12:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Message to Steve Lowry

Hi Nina. You can usually send a message to me by clicking on my name associated with each post. If that doesn't work you can try typing my e-mail address in directly: I'm anxious to see what you have to say (LOL)!

Message: 26900 Posted: Fri Mar 21 10:55:19 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Message to Steve Lowery

Steve, Could you please post here on the chat folder or e-mail me YOUR e-mail address? I've tried to send a message to you twice this week, and obviously I'm using the wrong address. Thanks!

Message: 26899 Posted: Fri Mar 21 10:43:32 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Be Still My Heart

Any moment now Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dewey Dewey Dew will be heading out on the road again to start a two week, nine show swing that will lead them!!! I'm short of breath and blushing already.

Message: 26898 Posted: Fri Mar 21 10:37:42 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Other concerts i've seen- long

I have been going to concerts since I was thirteen. I had season tickets for a number of years to the Universal Ampitheatre and went to a lot of concerts. To try to list all the people I have seen over the years would be darn near impossible!

So I will list some of the more memorable:

First - James Taylor, Unlike Steve I loved it, James was at the height of his “you’ve got a friend” popularity, it was 1972

Best “surprise” Guests- Before the CSN reunion, I went to see Graham Nash at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. From my 7th row seat in the mud, I spotted Steve Stills backstage(!!!!!) When David came out to sing with Graham, I knew that I would be seeing CSN. I gave my husband a gnarly bruise pounding on his arm. He was just as happy as I was.

Band who could have phoned it in- the Cars. Dull is not a strong enough word for the boring 45 minutes I endured. It was (IMHO) the double bill from Hell. The headliner was Styx. I am not a big fan of their music, my then-best friend persuaded me to go. I remember it as being a particularly dismal evening.

Best Opening Band- Jackson Browne

Opening band that should have had greater success- (tie) Silver and The Georgia Satellites. The GS played with Tom Petty and I saw them a number of times on that tour (someone gave me free tix, and I had tix for another date, so I went twice!)

Acts I try to see whenever they come to town- Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty Jackson Browne and ( gee) America

I’ve seen most of the “mainstream” rock acts of the 70’s ( Bonnie Raitt, Journey, Heart, Yes—in the round with a revolving stage, the mike dangled from the ceiling and Jon Anderson sang up into it) most of these acts I’ve seen more than once. Saw Jethro Tull once. Never saw the Stones or Bowie. Saw a few country acts, Charlie Daniels and an act we referred to as Bobby Bunny,( Jimmy Rabbit?) That was at the now defunct Palomino in North Hollywood. Saw various players from Genesis ( Phil Mike and the Mechanics Peter) but never the whole band for some reason.

Anyway it’s been my turn to ramble here. It’s been fun thinking about all the great music I have heard and think about more to come

Oh yeah one final thought. Act to see before he gets famous and ticket prices are unreachable—Matt Beckley ( see you Tuesday)

Message: 26897 Posted: Fri Mar 21 10:07:23 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Boz Scaggs and more

Nancy, It is a beautiful spring day here in New Orleans, temperature in the mid 70's and all the azaleas in bloom, and too boot it's Friday! I caught Boz Scaggs at the Jazz Fest here about 14 years ago and he was terrific. He did all his hits including "Look what you've done to me" and another one of my favorites "JoJo." What was even better is that Carole King followed him and she was the ultimate artist. What a great lady! She did an electrifying "You've Got a Friend" duet with our own Aaron Neville who was a surprise guest, a memorable stage moment for sure, then they ended the show together with the "Locomotion". Music history for sure...

Message: 26896 Posted: Fri Mar 21 10:02:51 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Answer for Moser

No, I attended Akron University during 68-69. In September of 69, I was drafted, into the Army. By May of 70, which I believe was the month the incident occured, I was stationed at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey.

Message: 26895 Posted: Fri Mar 21 08:54:48 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Yo Robyn

sadly, no.

Message: 26894 Posted: Fri Mar 21 07:34:18 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: a little extra and my inquiring mind

Hi, Nancy, yes,Larry Stewart was still with them. and they did put on a great show. As I was thinking about it, I hadn't realized that I had been to soooo many concerts. And I still forgot to mention a couple of them. I also saw Garth Brooks twice and my friend bought me tickets for my birthday once to a Country Music Awards show, but I can only remember Kenny Chesney from that because my sister about beat my leg off me because she was crazy about him. First time she has seen him. He performed "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" and she went absolutelt nuts.LOL. Everytime that we have seen Alan Jackson,twice, I think, he has never taken his hat off. Leslie really likes him and she's only 13. Gonna have to watch that girl!!! Have a great day, everyone!!!!

Message: 26893 Posted: Fri Mar 21 07:10:16 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Mother Cabrini, Eagles Tx prices, Nancio,etc

I just had to answer this statement about Eagles tx. You have to pay more for excellence. Since they are the greatest American band of our time, ticket prices are high. But, given that they play for around 2 and a half hours, and every song is recognizable, it's by far worth every penny. Now, that they've added a horn section, makes the sound a once in a lifetime experience. Having had the chance to see them 4 times in the last few years, I for one, can attest to the tremendous chill one gets when they start to play. They are better now than yrs ago. Treat urself to the ultimate high and go for the tremendous feeling that only the EAGLES can give you.

Nancy, I am back to work today. Man, what a snowstorm!!!! 40 inches of snow will make for a huge melt-off. Some places in the foothills received over 70 inches!!!!!!!! That would be over 4 of John Holmes, ha. Anyway, our reservoirs should be filled to capacity for the summer months watering of yards.

Until next time, see an Eagles concert near you. Remember, you only live once!!!

Just noticed that Jackson Browne will play Red Rocks on July 18. Hallelujah and a hand basket. God, that will be awesome!!!!!!!

Message: 26892 Posted: Fri Mar 21 07:08:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmm ~~ Thanks Steve!

Me Again ~~
Thanks Steve! ~~ I have always like the Moody Blues, sounds like this was a great show for sure. I will have to keep that in mind if they come my way. See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 26891 Posted: Fri Mar 21 06:58:54 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: a little extra & My Inquiring Mind is Wondering about!!!

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Moody Blues show you saw.... Hmmmm I know you said that this Norda Mullen plays instruments at the show, but does she sing any? Without Ray ~~ it has to take away from there all around harmonizing on their songs, but the question is, is it enough to leave you missing their original sound?

She did sing some backing vocals but there was another girl who was playing keyboards that took over Ray's vocals. It sounded perfect to me. There are very few bands that do just as well in concert as they do in the studio (America being one of them, of course). The Moody Blues certainly qualified for that in this concert, even without Ray.

Message: 26890 Posted: Fri Mar 21 06:45:16 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: a little extra & My Inquiring Mind is Wondering about!!!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Wow it is Friday again ~~ 11 more days :)!

Yes Kim ~~ The cost of the tickets for the Eagles shows are kinda a drawback for me too.... Red has told me that they sing for 2 hours and more, and that they not only sing the Eagles songs, but some of each of their Solo ones too. I would love to see them Live tho! ~~ Hmmm I am wondering if the price of their tickets are higher because they seem to take in the larger Venue places, whereas Gerry & Dewey go for the medium to smaller venue places? ~~ I know one thing when I mentioned these shows to my Hubby, he just looks at me, like I have completely gone overboard and there ain't no sign of coming aboard again LOL!!! ~~ Oh well I have always loved music more than him.... Ohhhh yes I was also wondering which Eagles DVD it is that you have Kim? As I said in my other post, I have the Hell Freezes Over VHS tape, and the sound on this is very good, I love putting it on when I am the only one here, and turning up the volumn, WOW when Timothy sings I Can't Tell You Why ~~~ Wooooo I get those oooh soo nice chills all over me. Nice! :) ~~ Now regarding my thoughts on the price that is charged for shows.... I myself think that AMERICA's approach is the best one..... I like the smaller venue settings, I feel it is a much more personal setting, and most of the time You can see the stage at all times, where in the bigger venues there are those upper tier and behind the stage seats that only allow you to hear what is going on, and not see anything, I feel that takes away from the whole experience... This also assures you that it won't be overcrowded, because there is a limit on the seating, and of course a more reasonable price is charged for the show... Soo all in all a more appealing experience, however you look at it. ~~~ Good question Kim ~~ Thanks :)

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Moody Blues show you saw.... Hmmmm I know you said that this Norda Mullen plays instruments at the show, but does she sing any? Without Ray ~~ it has to take away from there all around harmonizing on their songs, but the question is, is it enough to leave you missing their original sound?

Cheers Jason ~~~ Wow you have seen alot of good shows.. Hmmm ~ do you recall the Van Morrison show? ~~ I just love the way he carries a song across, such a classic style for sure, alittle bit of romance, alittle bit of jazz, alittle bit of mellowness, his voice and all around mystique can carry me away just like that. :)~~ Pretty neat you seeing Bread too, there is another one of my wanna see shows.... Wow Sting too ~~ that had to be a unique show! ~~ You have a great taste for music for sure! :)

Hi there Mary ~~ Wow I never knew you saw Restless Heart, weren't they great, I have their cassettes and they have been played and sang along with many times... some really good songs and nice lyrics. Hmmm was Larry Stewart with them when you saw them, Wow wasn't he good looking, my cousin got to talk with him and got his and the rest of their autographs..... Woooooo~~ Hmmmm ~~ I am not real sure, but isn't he with his brother in the group Montgomery Gentry?

Hmmmm was it you Sheldon that saw Richard Marx ~~~ Wooo be still my heart, he sure does have a way about him as well... I wonder why he faded away!

Hey Vic ~~ I like Amy Grant! ~~~ Soo neat you seeing The New Colony Six, they had just a couple great songs, hmmm wonder why they faded away so fast too... I really had a lot of favorite 60's songs and groups... Oooooh the good old days, sooo nice! :)

Hi Erin ~~~ Wow Faith Hill & Tim McGraw ~~ such energetic shows for sure, I have liked Faith from her start as well. ~~ I have heard Alan Jackson's shows are good.... hmmmm does he ever take his hat off, doesn't he have the nicest blue sky eyes and smile???? Yes Yes Yes ~~ Alan Alan Alan :)

WOW ~~ Sergio ~~ That is quite the impressive list of shows you have taken in.... Boz Scaggs's ~~ I just love his Silk Degrees album, I have it on 8 track and it has been tooooooo long since I have heard those songs for sure....My favorite song of his is "Look What You've Done to Me" ~~ Wow some really nice lyrics in that song! ~~ hmmm that reminds me, my hubby was supposed to hook up my 8 track player down in the basement for me... I have alot of good 8 tracks that I haven't heard for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time.

Well Red ~~~ Your Snow Days are over for now, time to WARM up Nelleybelle and let her have some fun making her way through the slushy melting snow.... Have a good friday, hey it is the end of the week :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmmm(bob) ~~ I hope you are having fun in the sun, take care, hope to hear from you soon! ;)

Now come on DanC ~~ Why haven't you posted all the shows you have gone too.... I know you have to have quite the impressive list as well... Hurry and deliver this post as quick as you can ~~Okay???? :)

Hi TommieGirl & Duffy ~~ Have a great time at the show this weekend and be sure to let us hear all about it Okay? :)

Hey wasn't there anyone out there that went to the show in Nebraska this past week, I would love to hear about it too....

Have a great day all, Gotta go for now! Nancy :) Oooooh one more thing Mo ~~ I like Gwen Stefanni too, I just think she was nervous presenting her presentation on Sting, that is sooo neat how she had a crush on him... You could tell that meant the world to her getting to sing along with him at the Super Bowl halftime show... I too thought Steven Tyler did a great job on his presentation.... and you sure hit it on the head with him being the not so best looking SEXY Guy....Pretty neat ~~ Matt liking Sting's music alot.... WOW!!!:)

~~~ When I was young I'd listen to the radio,waiting for my favorite songs, when they played , I'd sing along, it made me SMILE~~~ Those were such happy times, and not so long ago, how I'd wondered where they'd gone, but there back again, just like a long lost friend, all the songs I LOVE sooo well ~~~ Every shalalalallalala, every woooowwooooowwwoo still shines ~~~~ Take it from there Karen & Richard ~~ Wow those CHILLS are kinda taking me back to the good old days again..... Nice :) :)

Message: 26889 Posted: Fri Mar 21 05:02:17 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Question for Vic

<<When they were playing the celler bars in Kent, Ohio, in the late 60's.>> Vic, did you go to Kent State? If so, were you there on that infamous day in history?

Message: 26888 Posted: Fri Mar 21 04:08:02 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Other concerts i've seen

"Great Balls of Fire!" I forgot to mention 50's rock n'roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis!

Message: 26887 Posted: Fri Mar 21 00:01:52 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

The Doors(Disappointing. Morrison was so ripped, he stumbled around, mumbling obscenities at the crowd, for the first 20 minutes
Credence Clearwater Revival(Great concert.
Johnny Winters
Blues Project
Blood Sweat And Tears
The James Gang(When they were playing the celler bars in Kent, Ohio, in the late 60's.
The New Colony Six
Sam the Sham(Was booked at a college night club, I tended bar at, in the late 60's. I'm older than both Sergio and Red.
Smokey Robinson
Michael Murphy
The Eagles(Great concert.
AMERICA(The Greatest.
Amy Grant(Forgive me. Went with a girl friend, in the early 80's.

Message: 26886 Posted: Thu Mar 20 20:18:15 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen


"Before he left... he said, now young man...
please make sure to say a word at night ..." D. BUNNELL

Message: 26885 Posted: Thu Mar 20 17:47:22 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Yo Robyn

Any cute guys in the Sherman Oaks Library branch today?

Message: 26884 Posted: Thu Mar 20 17:33:42 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

My list of performers is small but I guess that's life in or near a small town.

Randy Meisner
Eddie Money
Michael Martin Murphey
Rick Nelson
BJ Thomas
The Platters
Three Dog
Phil Driscoll
Hall & Oates (Nancy ~ I forgot about the upcoming "Live By Request")
Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Rick Springfield (for a song-and-a-half)
Oakridge Boys
Mark Lindsey
Willis Alan Ramsey
Beach Boys
Beatle Mania <---- Incredible!
Doobie Brothers

Message: 26883 Posted: Thu Mar 20 17:30:05 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Other concerts I've seen

Forgot a few...:o)
Garth Brooks
Alan Jackson
Tim McGraw
Terri Clark
Faith Hill
Tim McGraw
Neil Diamond
The Scorpions
Deep Purple
Counting Crows
BB King
Dave Koz
Boney James
Luciano Pavarotti

Message: 26882 Posted: Thu Mar 20 15:53:55 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

For what it's worth, all you people who told me that the Moody Blues were still putting on a great concert were absolutely right! Last night was fantastic even though Ray Thomas isn't touring with them. They have a very talented flutist named Norda Mullen who is replacing Ray on this tour. Word has it that he isn't going to ever tour again so it may be a permanent replacement. Besides playing the flute, Norda plays guitar, keyboards, and host of other wind instruments (although she only does flute, guitar, and percussion during the concert). She also sings backing vocals but it's not quite the same as having Ray (i.e., Ray's voice) there - although she's much better looking - LOL.

Message: 26881 Posted: Thu Mar 20 15:37:24 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

I forgot three: Suzy Boggus , Hal Ketchum and Charlie Daniels

Message: 26880 Posted: Thu Mar 20 15:00:44 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Other Concerts I've seen

America (only once in the early 80's)
Charlie Daniels
Elton John
Heart (serveral times)
Bob Seger
Van Halen
Greatful Dead
Dave Mason
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Moody Blues
Page & Plant
Jethro Tull
I think that's about it

Message: 26879 Posted: Thu Mar 20 12:00:46 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

Make that Vince Gill 4X's.

Message: 26878 Posted: Thu Mar 20 11:59:25 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:Other Concerts I've Seen

Good morning, Everyone, Here is a list of the concerts that I have seen: Jan & Dean , Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Reba McEntire, Patty Loveless, Bryan White , Vunce Gill 4 X's , Yanni 3 X's , America 5 X's , Trace Adkins , Alabama , Restless Heart , Brooks & Dunn , The Judds , Lee Roy Parnell , N-SYNC , The Monkees , Paul revere & The Raiders , The Bangles , Gary Morris , and Mark Wills. As you can see my taste for music really varies. I wish that I could have seen The Bee Gees live. Also wish I could have seen Seals & Croft.

Message: 26877 Posted: Thu Mar 20 11:26:50 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: a little extra

Nancy - You might need to win the lottery to see the Eagles if the prices up there are anything like they are trying to charge down here. The want $175 for a seat in the lower tier in front of the stage and $85 for a 2nd tier seat which is BEHIND the stage or 3rd tier seats which are in the rafters. They also had $45 tickets available and I suspect these are probably behind the stage in the 3rd tier seats. I like the Eagles ok but for that kind of money and considering where the seats were located I told my husband we could sit at home, plug in our Eagles DVD (which is great by the way), turn on the surround sound and actually be able to see.

I don't mind spending some $$$$ for tickets but I at least want a somewhat decent seat. Case in point - the second time I saw America was at a small 300 seat theater in Austin. The tickets were $60 but I was in the 2nd row. (And in this theater there really is not a bad seat in the house) I would even be willing to pay more for a seat in a venue like this than in a huge arena like the American Airlines Center.

Any other thoughts out there on ticket prices?


Message: 26876 Posted: Thu Mar 20 11:08:15 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Other Concerts I've seen

Good question - here goes...
Ted Nuegent (First concert I ever went to-I was totally shocked!!! He came out swinging on a rope w/ not much more than a loin cloth on and the f-bomb being dropped left and right)
Loverboy (once in the 90's too - Played before America. They were much better in the 80's)
Def Lepard (2-3x)
Scorpions (2x)
Judas Priest (2-3x)(I finally quit going to see them as I would always fall asleep!)
Deep Purple
Rush (good show)
Pat Benatar
Rick Springfield (2-3x)
I have to add a little bit of a disclaimer to the above. My husband at the time really loved hard rock so I accompanied him to these shows (ok - except Rick Springfield. I dragged him to those)
Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gale (went w/ co-workers-ok concert not a big country fan though)
Jimmy Buffet
Julio Iglesias (hey - my Dad & step-mom took me & my current husband to his show the day before we got married in Lake Tahoe. Worst show I have ever seen - He acted like he didn't even want to be there)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
America - 5 times (all since 5/2001)
Grand Funk Railroad
The Doobie Brothers

The one concert I wish I could have seen - John Denver.


PS - Spring is here in Texas - the bluebonnets are starting to bloom!!

Message: 26875 Posted: Thu Mar 20 09:24:26 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Other Concerts I've seen

Well you asked for it so here goes:

David Bowie x2
Bob Dylan
Van Morrison
James Taylor
Jackson Browne x2
David Crosby
Roger McGuinn
Don Maclean
Steely Dan
The Band
Tom Petty
Sting x 2
Depeche Mode
Chris Rea
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions x 4
Big Country
Counting Crows x 2
Suzanne Vega

plus a load of up and coming US country rock bands like:

The Jayhawks
Jim White
Handsome Family

There's more but I can't think of any at the moment.


Message: 26874 Posted: Thu Mar 20 08:40:03 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Other concerts I've seen

Neat question! I'm sure this list is incomplete, but here goes:

My FIRST concert:Carole King! America, Beach Boys, CSN&Y, John Sebastian, Jonathan Edwards, Bonnie Raitt, Association, John Denver, Richie Havens, Chicago, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg, Joni Mitchell, Christopher Cross, Eagles, Monkees, Genesis, Elton John, Everly Brothers....???? I "think" I saw Jackson Browne...but I should be remembering it more clearly, so maybe I didn't!

I always wanted to see James Taylor, but in all these years haven't made it yet! I guess there's still time!

Message: 26873 Posted: Thu Mar 20 08:06:47 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Other concerts I've seen

Besides America (I've seen them almost 40 times in the past five years!)my favorite concerts have been Jimmy Buffett, Elton John, Live, Blues Traveler, Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford.
Gerry and Dewey - come back to Reno!!! We miss you guys!!
Hope everyone is well!

Erin :o)

Message: 26872 Posted: Thu Mar 20 07:47:19 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Other Concerts I've seen & alittle extra

Hi there everyone :) ~~~ Rainy, Windy, Chilly day here.... Ooooh Red is it done snowing there yet? I heard on the news that this was the worst storm there for a long time... I didn't mean to Dance up this much snow for ya ;) ~~ Hopefully the sun will return and melt it into much needed water there slooooooooowwwwlyyyyyyyy, so that it soaks into the ground and doesn't run away.... Wow 3 Snow days in a row for you and the Mrs..... too much!!!!! :)

Hey there Rob what a great question ~~ Wow you guys sure all have seen alot of great music artists.... My list isn't quite sooo long, but my wanna be list would take in alot of the ones mentioned here.... Neat! :)

1 ~ Seals and Croft 2 times in 1974 (I loved their show soo much ~ alot of great songs)
2 ~ Three Dog Night 1 time in 1974 (It was neat seeing them a really fun live concert)
3 ~ Lee Greenwood
4 ~ AMERICA in 1997 (WOW ~~ I sang my heart out and cried for sure)
5 ~ Vince Gill ( He really put on a good show, I love his baby blue eyes and his adorable smile and, he has a dimple too WOW!!!! )
6 ~ AMERICA Feb 7th 2002 ~~ I was in AMERICA Heaven for sure, I left there walking up in the clouds.... I sang my heart out again, and my hubby had a sore leg from me clapping on it and grabbing it with each start of my most favorite songs.... :)
7 ~ In 12 days I will get to see Gerry & Dewey again.... I can't wait, I am gonna love it for sure, I just want it to last lonnnnnnnggggggggerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! :)
8 ~ I won the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" VHS tape on a win it before you can buy it from my fave radio station, I feel like I have been to see them live, from watching this, they are coming to Pittsburgh this summer... I sure hope to see them! I need to win the Lottery!! :)
9 ~ Same with Fleetwood Mac as well as Stevie Nicks ~~ I have taped alot of their live concerts from tv and I love watching them, they too are coming to Pittsburgh in May ~~~ Hey Red win the Powerball Okay ;)
10 ~ Same applies to the Bee Gees ~~ Oh how I would have loved to see them live.... I have their special from PBS the other year and I love watching it....
11 ~ I love the show Live by Request on A&E ~~~ I have taped Kenny Loggins, Phil Collins, Vince Gill, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers, and if I am right Hall & Oats should be coming on there next week right Johnny???? ~~ Oh also Gloria Estefan...
12 ~ I also enjoy the VH 1 music artist shows..... I have watched soo many of my faves on there.
13 ~ I once had a chance to see Chicago ~~ but it fell through, Darn that would have been when they were all together too!!!! :(
14 ~ I hope to see Dan Fogelberg and Jackson Browne, they too are coming to PA this summer for shows ~~ Now do you see why I wanna win the Lottery of for Red to win the Powerball!!!!

Thanks again Rob ~~~ Wow for as young as you are you sure have been to quite an impressive list of shows.... You were brought up on a Great Taste for music..... Keep on enjoying AMERICA's magic, sooo cool you play the guitar! :)

Hey there Mo ~~~ Wow last nights live chat was a FUN one for sure.... nice you came back to close it down with me.... nice seeing all of my faves there as well as Matt stopping in to talk some ~~ nice seeing you Matt! ~~ We had an early April Fools Joke played on us (I think) ~~ Hmmm Howie was it really YOU???? ~~ Nice to talk with you TommieGirl, have a safe business trip amgirl.... Nice you came too Mary and DaisyJane.... Red got there alittle late, glad you made it there tho.... Bones was quite the Monkeyshiner last night.... he came up with some really fast good responses!!!! Hope you feel better soon Robyn ~~ take some pics at Matt's show ok? Sheldon even popped in for his first time as well as NK ~~ Thanks everyone for sharing the Gift of Gab late at night!!!! :)

Take care all and have a good day ~~ Thoughts and Prayers go out to all of our servicemen and women ~~ Hopefully this war won't last long and will accomplish what it has too.... Think Peace!!!!! see ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Sooooooo many great songs come to my mind now.... One kinda sums up what they mean to me tho ~~~ As time goes on I realizeeee, just what they mean to meeeeeeee ~~~ Color my world with hope of loving youuuuuuuu ~~ I love how they Color my world for sure ~~ Sing it Chicago :)

Message: 26871 Posted: Thu Mar 20 07:41:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Other concerts I've seen

Hey Steve L, how was that Seals & Crofts show in '75? I would've loved to seen them, I love their music!

It was a fantastic concert but it was bittersweet. I was dating a wonderful girl at the time and I took her to the concert and we had a great time (at least I did). After the concert she informed me that she didn't want to date me anymore. I was heartbroken. I decided I still wanted to hang around her so I started dating all of her roommates. She eventually started dating me again and we were married the following year. We've been married for almost 27 years now, with 5 children and 2 grandchildren. I think she still likes me (LOL).

Reading the other concert lists has reminded me of some other concerts that I've attended that I forgot to list on my first try. There's probably still more, but here's my addendum #1:

Paul Revere and the Raiders (in the newly built John Wayne theater at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA)
Orleans (played with America - great opening act)
Lovin' Spoonful (played with America - OK, but just not the same without John Sebastian)
3 Dog Night (in the late 70's or early 80's with Chuck Negron - great!)
Donny Osmond (in the 80's when he put out his eponymous album - one of the better concerts that I've attended, so I went twice in 2 nights)
Air Supply - twice (one of my wife's favorite bands, I think they're OK)

Finally, the one that should have been on my list but didn't make it:

Kenny Logins - I went to his concert but as he was walking up the stairs onto the stage, he missed a step and fell off cracking several ribs. Instead of performing, he spent several days in the Utah Valley Regional Medical center.

Message: 26870 Posted: Thu Mar 20 06:34:28 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Other concerts i've seen


Thanks for the idea of sharing our concert experiences, I too enjoy seeing what other artists America fans like. I've been lucky to see many of my favorite artists, mine is an eclectic mix, my music tastes are pretty broad spanning from rock, r&b, jazz, salsa through mainstream pop.

50's artists-

The Platters (twice)
The Coasters (twice)
Danny and the Juniors
Paul Anka (great showman)
Frankie Avalon
Celia Cruz (Cuban salsa queen)

60's artists-
The Beach Boys (original group, great show)
Little Anthony and the Imperials (three times, Little Anthony is a great showman and his voice has not tarnished)
The Four Tops
The Temptations (great show during their prime)
The Supremes (great show during their prime)
Gary Lewis and the Playboys
The Shirelles, The Crystals, and The Chiffons (together)
Lesley Gore (great show, the teen queen)
Little Peggy March
Chubby Checker
Bobby Rydell (great voice)
The Drifters
Neil Sedaka (funny and accomplished showman)
Herman's Hermits (three times)(fun show)
Eric Burdon and the Animals
The Turtles
Gary Puckett
Steppenwolf (electrifying show in their prime)
The Byrds
Paul Revere and the Raiders
The Happenings
B.J. Thomas
The Association
5th Dimension
Dionne Warwicke (great classy artist)
Astrud Gilberto (Brazilian jazz, "The Girl from Ipanema")
Jack Jones (great voice in the Sinatra vein)

70's artists-
Liza Minnelli(Saw her in her prime, great voice and show)
Carole King (my favorite artist along with America)
America (twice and not enough, great musicians, but then you all know that)
Chicago (Great band,twice)
It's A Beautiful Day (White Bird is still a hippy era anthem, caught them in their prime)
Jefferson Starship
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Kenny Loggins (great show)
Diana Ross (the diva of divas)
Sister Sledge
Gloria Gaynor
KC and the Sunshine Band
Boz Scaggs
Bette Midler (too funny!)
Julio Iglesias
Natalie Cole (incredibly talented and classy artist)

80's artists-
Juice Newton

Message: 26869 Posted: Thu Mar 20 06:17:15 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Other concert i've seen

my list of concerts i've been to:
America (1975)
Paul McCartney (best concert ever)
Simon & Garfunkel (early '80s reunion tour)
Poco (when timothy b. was still with 'em)
Joe Walsh (also pre-Eagle)
REO Speedwagon
Hall & Oates
Jackson Browne
John Denver
John Prine
Huey Lewis & the News
John Sebastian (opened for Jackson Browne)
and lots of lesser knowns at smaller venues

Message: 26868 Posted: Thu Mar 20 05:32:14 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Other Concerts I've Seen

Billy Squire
Billy Joel
James Taylor
John Mellencamp
Steely Dan
Steve Morris
Herman's Hermits
Lou Christie
N Sync-as a parent
Puff Daddy-as a parent
Three Dog Night
Frankie Valli
Rare Earth
Phil Collins
'Til Tuesday
November Group
Becky Chace Band
Wow the cobwebs are just flying out of my ears.
Funny thing my husband said when he was helping me remember who we've seen, "And there was that garage band we saw, you know, ah, what was the name? Oh yeah, America. I'm not sure if they're gonna make it or not." Wise guy.

Message: 26867 Posted: Wed Mar 19 20:26:34 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hall of Fame Show

It is my understanding that if a band is an inductee, all of the band members do not have to appear nor perform together. I doubt that a performance is required. That would seem a bit strange to me.

When CCR was inducted, Fogerty performed with Springsteen and someone else who I can't remember at the moment. Fogerty refused to perform with his former bandmates because he said they were backstabbers. Two of them were in the audience. One walked out during the performance.

Message: 26866 Posted: Wed Mar 19 19:35:38 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Other concert i've seen

This is a super question. And since I'm around the same age as our Dewey Dewey Dewey and Gerry, it is quite diverse:

The late 60's:
The Cowsills (I was a teenager and I loved them)
The Carpenters
The Osmond Brothers
David Cassidy (he was the bomb!)
The 70's:
John Denver (I still can't believe he's gone)
Andy Gibb (a tragedy)
Elton John (Many many times, his 70's music is my favorite)
America (not as many times as I'd like!)
Seals and Croft
Linda Ronstadt (did I spell that right?)
The 80's on...
Tanya Tucker
Neil Diamond
ZZ Top
The Black Crows
Dan Fogelberg
Beach Boys/America
Eddie Money
Glenn Frye
Don Henley
Bruce Springsteen (3rd row from the ceiling, so this may not count)
Bryan Adams
Michael Bolton (I was kidnapped and taken to that concert!)

I know there's more, I just can't remember them right now.

Fun question!

Message: 26865 Posted: Wed Mar 19 18:36:34 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Other concert i've seen

The concert I really want to see is the group I haven't seen yet - AMERICA!! However, that will soon change (April 1st!!) .. concerts I have seen...

Jan & Dean (6 times - got to sing on stage w/ Dean at one show)
Beach Boys (Mike Love's group) - twice
Al Jardine's BBoys - once
The Monkees - once (Gary Puckett, Herman's Hermits & The Grass Roots also played the same show)
Colin Raye (a concert my wife wanted to see)
Loretta Lynn - twice
Johnny Cash
Richard Marx
Natalie Cole
Air Supply (great show!)

Guess that's about it... Hey Steve L, how was that Seals & Crofts show in '75? I would've loved to seen them, I love their music!


Message: 26864 Posted: Wed Mar 19 16:34:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Bass Player Info

Richard Campbell will be starting with the band in late April. Charles Frichtel will be filling in thru the two shows at the Casino Rama in Orillia.

Message: 26863 Posted: Wed Mar 19 16:26:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Hall of Fame Show

Okay, I have to admit that I watched the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. I didn't catch it until last night but I was glad I got to see it. All of the bands were favorites from my late high school and college years. I wouldn't say they were equal favorites since I loved The Police and Elvis Costello but only appreciated the music of The Clash and AC/DC. Certainly, though, all of them defined that time period.
The induction show was entertaining enough. The performances were good, not exceptional, but good. I would say the highlight was the two speeches offered by The Edge and Steven Tyler to honor The Clash and AC/DC respectively. I was impressed by both men. Both had written tributes that were personal and eloquent. I didn't expect that from either man. Until recently, you never even heard The Edge speak at all let alone forthrightly. And Steven Tyler was down right intelligently amusing. Very cool.
On the other hand, Gwen Stefani's tribute to The Police was less personal and a bit self-absorbed. That was a disappointment. This is a woman for whom I have great respect. She is a very talented musician and, well, just beautiful. I guess that doesn't mean she can deliver a good speech but I thought it would be better than it was. Better luck next time.
I've realized one thing lately. The best rock stars are the ones who can play or sing but who also have that innate sex appeal. It's nebulous. It's not always sexy for the same reasons. For example, Gerry's got it. Dewey's got it. Both are sexy for the same reason, they're cute...or handsome might be a better word. But then there is Steven Tyler who is the ugliest sexy man I've ever seen. There is not a single thing about him that is handsome on its own. And yet, he is really hot. Then, of course, there's Sting. He's handsome enough but his body is his best feature. He wears clothes REALLY well. His voice ain't bad either but we're talking sex appeal here. He's even able to carry off sexy despite male pattern baldness. Not everyone can do that.
Well now that I've objectified all of these very talented men, I should probably apologize. But why? Men have been doing it for years. I'll apologize later. Maybe.
I read the following in some young guy's cyber-journal, " enthusiasm about getting to see the police reunite (if only for 2 songs) at the rock and roll hall of fame. we're convinced over here that sting "threw" the event and gave a bit of a lackluster performance in order to squash reunion rumors. you know what? i don't care. i've waited seventeen years for that performance to happen. the police were my first favorite band." That's a quote from mB, of course. But it got me to thinking. If you are elected to the Hall, do you have to reunite and perform for the ceremony? I don't know enough about who is in the Hall and who has or hasn't performed to know the answer to that. But maybe that is why our guys aren't in the Hall. Maybe they are not willing to appear together or perform together for the ceremony thereby "disqualifying" themselves. Who knows, I could be full of crap. Wouldn't be the first time. Anyway, it's just a thought I had and wanted to share.
I thought the song Elvis Costello and The Attractions played was an appropriate one, "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?"
And after reading this long post you might be thinking of another one of his songs, "Everyday I Write the Book." Sorry. Hit NEXT, next time. See you at chat.

Message: 26862 Posted: Wed Mar 19 15:48:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Other concert i've seen

Good question, Rob. I'm going to see the Moody Blues in concert tonight at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City. From what I've read on this chat folder, it should be a great concert. I saw the Moody Blues one other time at the Salt Palace in 1972 (also in Salt Lake City). I haven't seen that many bands in concert besides America but I'll do my best to remember the ones that I have seen.

America - many times ranging from 1972 to 2002
Moody Blues - twice (counting tonight)
Beach Boys - twice (once with America)
Elton John - twice (once in 1976 with 100,000 other fans at Boston's Schaeffer Stadium, probably the best concert I've ever been to)
The Guess Who - once (last year, great concert)
Joe Cocker - once (played with the Guess Who, I didn't care for him)
James Taylor - once (rather boring, all songs sounded the same so I left early)
Chicago - once
Seals And Crofts - once (back in 1975)
Franki Valle - once (put on a good concert a few years ago, but he can't hit the high notes any more)

There may be a few others, but that's all I can think of for now. I'm off to see the Moody Blues!

Message: 26861 Posted: Wed Mar 19 15:39:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Latest News?

Thanks Lass. It does take quite a bit of time and I haven't been able to be as prompt lately as I'd like to be. But I try.

Message: 26860 Posted: Wed Mar 19 15:25:33 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: The Latest News?

Yeah I noticed. As a web developer, I would love to get my hands on that site. Hats off to SteveL for keeping the fan site current. You do a great job Steve!!!

Message: 26859 Posted: Wed Mar 19 15:18:26 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Other concert i've seen

I decided i would post again. I was wondering if we could start another discussion of what other concerts we've seen and liked in addition to America. I've seen a pretty eclectic mix of bands and singers, including a few from my generation. America probably would be my 2nd favorite live performer. My favorite, just for sheer performance ability is Bruce Springsteen. I've seen him twice, both times on his Rising tour last summer.
Other artists i've seen:
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Johnny Rivers -amazing singer live, quite a stage presence
Paul Simon
Bob Dylan
Smokey Robinson
Don McLean
Elton John
Tommy James and the Shondells
Ben E King
The Spinners
Three Dog Night
Christopher Cross (at an America show, as opener, he was very good)
Jefferson Starship
Better Than Ezra (three times and theyre a really good band, good and randomly-chosen covers each time)
Billy Joel
Fifth Dimension (they really disappointed me by putting on a very Vegas-y show)
Freddy Cannon
The Association
The Grass Roots
Brian Wilson
Spencer Davis
The O'Jays
Neil Sedaka
Wyclef Jean
Chuck Berry
Anyways, that's about every concert ive seen. What acts have other fans enjoyed? I am always curious to find out the diverse musical interests that America fans have in addition to liking America. Ihave read about how lots of you like Jackson Browne, I would love to see him in concert at some point, I wish he was doing more tours with Gerry and Dewey. Anyhow, that's my bit to say and hopefully America will have success with their new bass player.
Sorry for the long rambling of the post.

"War is not the answer,
For only love can conquer hate."
_Marvin Gaye, 1971

Message: 26858 Posted: Wed Mar 19 13:56:12 2003 By: Moser
Subject: A Unique Chat Tonight

Tonight's chat should be a unique experience since we will be able to listen to the war start on TV while we chat. That doesn't happen often. Thankfully.

Message: 26857 Posted: Wed Mar 19 13:39:51 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 30 inches and counting

Red, The words Wal-Mart and union should never be used in the same sentence. Big Brother is watching.

Message: 26856 Posted: Wed Mar 19 13:25:15 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: The Latest News?

If you go to to and click on "News", this item is listed: "Catch America in The Cayman Islands: Rhino Records and are currently auctioning off a trip to The Cayman Islands to see America in concert at the historic SeaView Hotel in April, 2002." And don't get me started about some of the other items listed. Has anyone who runs this site looked at a calendar lately?

Message: 26855 Posted: Wed Mar 19 12:08:38 2003 By: WHIT
Subject: Re: Welcome Richard and Ian's Celebration

Steve, thanks for the update. I know Ian would appreciate the guys dedication to their fans and to their music. Whit

Message: 26854 Posted: Wed Mar 19 11:48:34 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Welcome Richard and Ian's Celebration

Will Gerry or Dewey get to be there?

Unfortunately, Gerry and Dewey will be heading out on tour that weekend so they won't be there. They were very disappointed but there wasn't much they could do about it.

Message: 26853 Posted: Wed Mar 19 11:32:02 2003 By: red oak
Subject: 30 inches and counting

Wanted to welcome the new member to the wacky world of America. Hope now maybe we will hear Hat Trick in concert. That's right Nancio, over 30 inches of snow and counting. That snow dance you did for me really worked, but enough is enough;) Heh Mo, I hear Wal-Mart needs a union rep, maybe you could get that job:):) Well, off to see if I can find my cars in the driveway. If I'm not dead from shovelling 2nite, I'll see you at Live Chat. Until next time.

The days of spring have just begun
And melted snow begins to run
Aspen is a fine place where many people go
And so you're bound for Colorado

Don't send me cards from where you've been
Or tell me 'bout the friends you win
But send to me a new leaf just begun to grow
And hurry home from Colorado

Bound for Colorado - JB

Message: 26852 Posted: Wed Mar 19 10:34:10 2003 By: WHIT
Subject: Welcome Richard and Ian's Celebration

Welcome Richard to one of the greatest rock groups in history! We all look forward to seeing you on stage with our guys. Thanks Steve for posting the info about Ian's Celebration of Life. I am sure the folks that get to attend this party will not be disappointed in some of the entertainment. Will Gerry or Dewey get to be there? Hope so for their sakes. It is raining here in Amarillo today(finally)! I am looking forward to green grass and blue skies soon. Have a great day! WHIT

Message: 26851 Posted: Wed Mar 19 10:27:35 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: 4th Thing ~~ Vic's Pics ~~ Celebration for Ian

Hi Everyone ~~ A nice Dry, Breezy Cool day here, lots of Rain is heading our way for tomorrow ~~ must be the after affects of Red's all in one snow storm. ~~ Spring arrives tomorrow! :)

Hey Mo ~~ Good Luck in your new Job ~~ hmmm as long as you are happy with your job what else matters ~~ Right? ~~~ 13 more days till the IUP Show ~~ Yes Yes Yes! :)

Hi SteveL ~~ I didn't mean to beat you to the punch, I was just soo taken with finding that news on the venturahwy front page, that I had to let it out in a post... Thanks for the link to Richard's website ~~ he sure has worked with a variety of musicians, I am sure this will add a neat touch of his magic to the band. Also thanks for all the info on Ian Samwell, sounds like a nice farewell tribute to him, I am sure the ones that can't make this will be there with them in thought and spirit. ~~ Hmmm my inquiring mind is wondering if either of his sons followed in their Father's steps career wise????

Hi there Vic ~~ Thanks soo much for Nice pics and concert souveniers, as well as the view from the theater ~~ You sure do have some awesome sky shots there in Ariz. ~~ Soo neat you getting one of Gerry's guitar picks! ~~ Have you tried it out yet???? :)

WOW Nina ~~ You sure are one lucky lady, having these opportunities at having pics taken with Gerry & Dewey ~~ I Love the excitement that shows in your eyes and smile, I bet each time you get to see them it is like the 1st time all over again ~~ Nice! :)

Thanks Gen for telling me about your St. Patty's Day festivities... No I didn't actually do the Jig, but I did hum the traditional Llllalallalalalalalallalalalalalallllalallaallalllalalallalaaaa ~~ I guess you could say I did the Jig in my mind LOL!!! I definitely was walking on Sunshine tho, I do believe this was the warmest St. Patrick's Day we have had in a while... Take care! :)

Sorry Sergio ~~ For it kinda seeming that we passed over your thoughts about Dan getting back together with Gerry & Dewey... We have touched on this subject quite a few times, and yes there are many of us who would like to see a reunion show with the 3 of them, (even if it is just one show) but that is very unlikely to come to be... I will repeat what I have said many times before in my posts, that we are very lucky to have the Best of all 3 of them still, I will always treasure those early days, as well as the nowadays, and Dan sure has some Nice stuff that he has made on his own. It would be nice to be able to see him in a show one day.

Hi Mark ~~~ Hey we can always have HOPE! Nothing wrong with that!!!

Hey there Reddddd ~~~ I sure hope you get all of your shoveling done in time for Live Chat Tonight!!! ~~ Wow when you guys get a snow storm you really get one don't you!!! ~~ Hopefully it won't stick around long! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!!!! Nancy :) (Hmmmm ~ Birthday wishes to a Special Friend :)

~~~~ I've been searchin along time, for someone exactly like you, I've been traveling all around the world, waiting for youuu to come through, Someone Like You to make it all worthwhile, someone like you to keep me satisfied, someone exactly like YOU, waiting for the light to come shining through ~~~ Sing it Van Morrison ~~ You do it oooooh soo nicely for sure! :)

Message: 26850 Posted: Wed Mar 19 10:27:32 2003 By: bruno
Subject: A thanking and a reflection

Thanks to you, Steve, for publication of the shirt with logo America, that I sent, in Home page, Museum entries-souvenir room.

Today I went to shop of cd\record; I purchased "America in concert", I have this cd but I purchased it for birthday of my friend and various cd of "easy listening": Gibson Brothers, KC Sunshine band, Kool and Gang. I noted with pleasure that in the space of America, in reference to last week, records of the band, except one, there aren't because all selled. the shopkeeper, after my request, specificy that America please to very young boys, too.
I think that America if in television and mass media give more space to they music this band arrive, with new cd, to the peak of sale of cd\record; but Dewey and Gerry are poets and live in a spiritual world and perphaps neglet excessive publicity; someone singers\bands are pimps\bootlicker with television and newspapers and obtain space with little merit. Ciao all

Message: 26849 Posted: Wed Mar 19 08:37:46 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Lucky Richard Campbell

Lucky Richard Campbell! Not only does he get to tour with our favorite band, America,...he also "inherits" this loyal following on the chat folder as immediate fans! Looking forward to seeing the "rookie" of the group at Mohegun Sun in July! Have fun, Richard, and welcome!

Message: 26848 Posted: Wed Mar 19 08:17:25 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Celebration Of Ian Samwell

Ian's sons arrived in California (from England) late Monday, and since then they have carefully considered how most appropriately to deal with what has happened.

The conclusion is that there will be no funeral or memorial. The family will privately say good bye to him tomorrow, and his ashes will be returned to England.

Everyone who had a say in the matter has agreed that there will be a public celebration of Ian's life, and his passing this coming Sunday, March 23, at 8:00pm in Folsom, California at the Power House Pub, 614 Sutter Street.

His sons will be there, and so will a great many of his friends, including several musicians whose lives he has touched who want to play for us. So far they include Bob Cheevers, The Beer Dawgs, Mick Martin and Willie Hines. There are expressions of interest from others who cannot as yet be confirmed, and the family is reaching out to yet more who would want to be here if such short notice permits.

I want to thank Ray Baisden for getting this information to me so I could share it with you.

Message: 26847 Posted: Wed Mar 19 07:39:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Fourth Thing

Here are the links to Vic's photos:

Group 1
Group 2

Thanks again Vic!

Message: 26846 Posted: Wed Mar 19 06:45:09 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Welcome to the New Bass Player! & "Hearts"

Greg ~ It was mentioned here that Brad has permanently "moved on". To where and to do what is anyone's guess, I suppose.

Pat ~ Regarding the chicken (the "Hearts" album title) or the egg (heartbeat sounds on "Daisy Jane"), exactly what I was thinking! As to why the chicken crossed the road, I would say it's because he was on his way to the bank and laughing all the way (very much like the guys on the back of the album cover).

Vic ~ Very nice photos!

Message: 26845 Posted: Wed Mar 19 06:22:21 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Richard Campbell

Thanx for answering my question I asked on the VH board about R.C. having his own website, it was nice to get a taste of his bass playing. I'm looking forward to seeing him play w/the guys in June!

Message: 26844 Posted: Wed Mar 19 04:55:20 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hearts

Johnny~ Kinda like "which came first, the chicken or the egg"?

Message: 26843 Posted: Wed Mar 19 02:48:29 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Welcome to the New Bass Player!


so what's happened to Brad Palmer or is it an "off limits" subject

Message: 26842 Posted: Tue Mar 18 23:36:56 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Fourth Thing

You're welcome Moser.

Message: 26841 Posted: Tue Mar 18 20:04:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Richard Campbell

I don't know much about Richard Campbell so I was doing a little research on the Internet. I came across his personal web page which he calls "Access Backstage with Rich Campbell". It has some photos of Richard and some links to other web pages that he has apparently created. Here's the link:

Message: 26840 Posted: Tue Mar 18 19:53:11 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Fourth Thing

Almost forgot...great pictures Vic. Thanks for sharing with us.

Message: 26839 Posted: Tue Mar 18 19:50:34 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Casino

Last July Nina was at the Mohegan Sun casino where they don't allow photography during the concerts. However, after the concert she got a photo with Dewey and Gerry. Click here to see Nina's July 2002 picture from the casino.

Message: 26838 Posted: Tue Mar 18 19:49:39 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hearts

Pat ~ I, too, think the heartbeat sound on "Daisy Jane" is very cool. But, really, which did come first... the LP title or the heartbeat sound? I know from your post that you think the heartbeats came first. I don't know why, but I have always thought it was the the opposite. Having never heard or read about this topic being discussed before, it would be interesting to know which really did come first. Perhaps someone can ask Gerry or Dewey in person.

Message: 26837 Posted: Tue Mar 18 19:48:09 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Three Things

First: Welcome to Richard Campbell. Can't wait to hear you play with my favorite guys Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dewey Dewey Dew. See you soon. (Well, and Willie and Woodz, too, of course.)
Second: Some things are just better left unsaid.
Third: I mentioned needing to get a life the other day. Well I didn't get a life but I got a new job. I start tomorrow. It's still not in pharmacy (sorry Red Oak and Mom) but it'll do. Hey if you're willing to give me a job and still give me time off for the Fourth Decade Tour, HECK YEAH, I'll work for ya!!! Wish me luck...or better yet, wish my new employer luck!! Tee hee.

Message: 26836 Posted: Tue Mar 18 17:24:42 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Welcome to the New Bass Player!

Nancy beat me to the punch. I just received this message from Erin Edwards to post here:

"Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell are pleased to announce the addition of Richard Campbell on bass and vocals for their 2003 tour dates.

Campbell began his music career in the 1980s, spending most of the decade touring with Natalie Cole. With Cole, Campbell made several television appearances including “The Tonight Show,” “Top Of The Pops,” “Solid Gold,” and “The Nelson Mandela FreedomFest Concert” broadcast worldwide live from Wembley Stadium and was part of her international concert performances throughout North America, Asia and the U.K. In 1989 Campbell joined with the 70's rock group Three Dog Night, featuring Cory Wells and Danny Hutton, touring North America and the Far East through 1996. After a seven week tour with Ringo Starr's All Starr Band in 1997, Campbell joined with Three Dog Night's former lead singer Chuck Negron touring and recording through 2000. Over the past 10 years, Campbell has performed often with classic rock artist Edgar Winter and singer-songwriter Dave Mason, and Campbell joined the Dave Mason Band full time in the spring of 2000.

Campbell has appeared in co-billed concerts with America while performing with Three Dog Night and others, and is very excited to now have this opportunity to join Beckley and Bunnell onstage and share their music with the world. "I've always enjoyed the strong harmonies and timeless performances of this group, as well as Gerry and Dewey's songwriting genius. Being given this chance to tour and perform with these industry giants is truly an honor and a privilege, and it's an understatement to say I'm anxious to hit the road!" said Campbell."

Message: 26835 Posted: Tue Mar 18 16:09:38 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Welcome to the New Bass Player!

Hi Everyone ~~ Wow! Check out the front page to the Venturahwy site! Richard Campbell is now the newest member to AMERICA. He says this <<<< Campbell has appeared in co-billed concerts with America while performing with Three Dog Night and others, and is very excited to now have this opportunity to join Beckley and Bunnell onstage and share their music with the world. "I've always enjoyed the strong harmonies and timeless performances of this group, as well as Gerry and Dewey's songwriting genius. Being given this chance to tour and perform with these industry giants is truly an honor and a privilege, and it's an understatement to say I'm anxious to hit the road!" said Campbell." >>>>> Welcome Richard! :)

Hmmmm ~~ Pretty neat he played with Dave Mason in 2000, Dave Mason is at Seven Springs for a show next week. I also learned that Dave Mason once played with Fleetwood Mac ~~~ WOW My Inquiring Mind is always finding out neat info!!!!

Hi there Rob ~~~ Keep on playing those ooooh soo nice songs, I love your taste in music!!!!!! :) I have a son your age!!!

~~~ We just got back from my daughters dance class ~~ gotta get them something quick to eat and then homework time!!!!! See ya Nancy :) Oooooooh one more thing the Mother's are dancing to Saturday Night Fever.... as a tribute to the Bee Gees should be fun!!!!

Message: 26834 Posted: Tue Mar 18 15:41:12 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Longing.

"12 string rhythm tracks layed down like a grand prix race course, sprinkled w/electric or acoustic leads, all supported by the steady hand of the supreme drummer & layered within by richly defined vocal arrangements. That's AMERICA ! Nothing like em' ever was. Don't forget the damping on the acoustic instruments."

If only the drummer part were still true. If only.


Message: 26833 Posted: Tue Mar 18 15:24:18 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Plymouth was an awesome concert

12 string rhythm tracks layed down like a grand prix race course, sprinkled w/electric or acoustic leads, all supported by the steady hand of the supreme drummer & layered within by richly defined vocal arrangements. That's AMERICA ! Nothing like em' ever was. Don't forget the damping on the acoustic instruments.

Message: 26832 Posted: Tue Mar 18 14:06:17 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Plymouth was an awesome concert

keep plugging away on the guitar. i suggest going to the "chords" section of this web site to learn some of the songs. "tin man" is simple but sounds really cool and once you get the riff for "ventura highway" down you'll play it every day.

Message: 26831 Posted: Tue Mar 18 13:23:27 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Plymouth was an awesome concert

Hey everyone,
My name is Rob and I'm a 22 year old college student from Massachusetts. I haven't written any posts in the folder in like a year, or even more than that even. But I'm back. I really enjoy reading all the posts, and I love to analyze America's music, lyrics especially. I love Dewey's super-obscure references such as "Newton-under-Roseberry topping".
Anyways, I had to post to say that I saw the guys in Plymouth, MA when they played there a few weeks ago, and the show was so cool. This time they really ROCKED! I've seen them about 7 times, dating back to when i was in middle school, and they are always good. They really got everyone into the song for "Sandman" and that cool guitar synchronicity on "A Horse with No Name" was cool as usual. They both seemed to be in a good mood. It was a really good little set.
Dewey's guitar playing is so intricate, and I love to hear the mesh of guitars on Riverside. I'm learning to play acoustic, and I only know a few chords so far. Oh well, maybe I will learn soon. Every time I see America or any concert really, I get inspired to learn to play guitar.
Thanks for reading and I hope to keep posting regularly.

Message: 26830 Posted: Tue Mar 18 11:49:08 2003 By: WHIT
Subject: Thanks Steve

Steve, thanks for posting Ian's article and obituary. Our condolences go out to Gerry and Dewey(Dan also). I know the guys have some fond memories of their association with Ian. Thanks, Whit

Message: 26829 Posted: Tue Mar 18 09:44:49 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson (Robyn)

I agree it would be a great billing!

Message: 26828 Posted: Tue Mar 18 09:09:22 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

yukMcFu? Really how ORIGINAL. Very nice name his mother must be so proud...

Message: 26827 Posted: Tue Mar 18 08:36:16 2003 By: Mark
Subject: My America Dream

My dream for America for the last two decades has been for a reunion album with Dan produced by Ian Samwell - sort of a follow-up to the first album. But with the passing of Ian that is a dream that will never be realized. Now I can just wish for a reunion album.

Message: 26826 Posted: Tue Mar 18 07:35:49 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: LA Times Article About Ian

To the Late, Great, IAN SAMWELL;

THANK YOU for your contribution to one of the greatest musical record albums ever made: <<"America">>. Rest In Peace.
~Pat B.

Message: 26825 Posted: Tue Mar 18 07:27:12 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Hearts

In the intro to "Dasiy Jane", which is the first song on the album, it sounds to me like a bass drum is beating to produce a sound simular to a heart-beat. Perhaps that is why they chose the title "Hearts". That was always my interpretation. I thought it was very creative and real cool. ~Pat

Message: 26824 Posted: Tue Mar 18 04:44:52 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Dan's 68th Episode and a wish for a trio reunited

I really enjoyed reading Dan's last episode about forgiveness, I interpret it as a hint for reunion. How wonderful it would be if Dewey, Gerry and Dan could come together again as one, full circle, permanently back as a trio in the spirit of forgiveness~Perhaps a naive wish, but an honest one just the same...Back in the early and mid 70's, there was something magical about them, hard to describe, the three voices, and their unique writing skills blended together seamlessly, made them a significant cohesive force in the music scene of the time.

Perhaps it will take another reunion for them to convince themselves that without each other they should never be. I have my hopes that day will come..."I've got a feeling that today is the day" (Continue singing, Dan)

Fans, please don't misconstrue my observation above, I think the world of Dewey and Gerry as a duo, their musicianship has improved with the years. However, it is more about Dewey's songs and Gerry's songs since they became a duo. When Dan was in the mixture each had their songs but somehow to me, at least they melded better as a group.

Message: 26823 Posted: Tue Mar 18 03:18:04 2003 By: bruno
Subject: A sweet regret

you have reason!!
In the years 1996\1997 in quality of mayor of Agropoli I sent official municipal fax to America to invite for pubblic concert in my city (of course all cost of the concert and trasfer was burden for municipality of Agropoli in agreement with alderman of the culture of the Region Campania (district of Napoli-Neaples). Alderman of the culture of Region Campania mr. Vincenzo Fasano, member of Parliament,
was enthusiastic for possible concert of the legendary band.
Unfortunately arrived end of my administration and was not possible to do possible concert.
Local newspapers dedicated various article to my idea to try presence of the famous band in Italy.
I remember that the fax of invitation I sent to Miss Akiko.
Hi Genevieve simpatica amica.

Message: 26822 Posted: Tue Mar 18 00:22:06 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: St P. / Nancy

Hi Nancy!
The festivities went well, thanks ! The music was great & we had much fun with the unexpected company of a group of Irish rugby players who had decided to stay over the week-end in France ( they had come to play a match against our local Catalan team). I don' t know if you did that little jig (?) but i hope you had a good time too. See you. Gen.

Message: 26821 Posted: Mon Mar 17 23:42:31 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Dear friends of America

Ciao Bruno!
<<Genevieve: I haven't, unfortunately, power to bring in Europe...America>>
Well, I know we don't have the power, but I remember you said you were thinking of it too some time ago. Now how can they hesitate to come if you offer to give them your rare Topolino? It's well worth a friendly visit AT LEAST! lol
Hope you & your nice family are well. See you. Gen.

Message: 26820 Posted: Mon Mar 17 23:32:48 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson (Robyn)

<< I think Joe B just suggested it >>. It's the way I understand it too. But what about day-dreaming & projecting my virtual prolongation to JoeB's suggestion? :-)(-:

Message: 26819 Posted: Mon Mar 17 19:21:06 2003 By: Trab
Subject: Brad Palmer???

I'm new to the list..What happened to Brad Palmer and who is the new bass player? Please email me if you

Message: 26818 Posted: Mon Mar 17 18:40:44 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

Robyn ~ Thanks for your concern, but I'm not worried about any "Celtic Warrior Woman" since I'm protected by the spirit of my great, great grandfather Yuk McFu, who's of Chinese and Irish descent.

Message: 26817 Posted: Mon Mar 17 16:17:57 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Welcome T. G.

Hi Tommie Girl, Welcome! I am sure we all totally understand your excitment about seeing America live!! Have a fantastic time at the concert! Take lots of pictures!! ----Valerie.
P.S. Say Hi to Dewey for me!

Message: 26816 Posted: Mon Mar 17 15:13:39 2003 By: Moser
Subject: While Doing Dishes & Laundry

With the talk of the names of the America albums and plenty of time for the mind to wander while doing low brain capacity chores like dishes and laundry, I had a thought. The stops on the Fourth Decade Tour are shaping up to be named similarly to the America albums. The first stop was in Plymouth, birthplace of America (the country). So, well, that would go along with the first album, America. Next stop, Indiana University of PA--not exactly my hometown but close enough that I'll be staying with the Rents. (Too bad in a way, no chance of having the same view from the hotel window as Gerry Gerry Gerry for that one.) But anyway, it could be called Homecoming like the second album. Next of course is Hat Trick. It'll be the third stop, and it'll be a great time just like the rest. Would you expect anything else from an America show? The fourth stop is over a weekend and I'll be going with my hub so it will guessed it...a Holiday. The fifth stop is likely to be Mohegan where all the east coaster fans plan to be--all with Hearts full of love for America's music. Okay, okay that's stretching it a bit. The similarities may end there, I'm not sure. I haven't thought beyond Mohegan yet. Perhaps I've had too much time on my hands lately you say. Well, perhaps. Maybe I should get a life!!

Message: 26815 Posted: Mon Mar 17 15:07:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sacrament Bee Obituary

Here's a link to Ian's obituary in the Sacramento Bee:

Message: 26814 Posted: Mon Mar 17 15:04:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: LA Times Article About Ian

Donald Drysdale was kind enough to send me an article about Ian Samwell from yesterday's Los Angeles Times. You can read the text below or go directly to the article by clicking on the following link:,1,1626093.story

Ian Samwell, 66; British Rock Guitarist, Songwriter
From Associated Press

March 16, 2003

SACRAMENTO -- Ian Samwell, the British rock guitarist and songwriter who wrote the 1958 hit "Move It" for Cliff Richard and the Drifters and later was credited with helping popularize the 1970s band America, has died. He was 66.

Samwell died Thursday at Mercy San Juan Hospital in Sacramento. The cause of death was heart failure, said Jeff Hughson, a longtime friend, who added that Samwell had undergone a heart transplant in 1991.

The British-born musician had been playing with a London skiffle band when he hooked up with Richard's group in 1958 after seeing it perform in a London coffee bar.

A few months later, Samwell wrote "Move It" as he sat on a bus trying, as he recalled later, to play guitar like Chuck Berry.

The song peaked at No. 2 in the United Kingdom and was followed by a string of other British hits, including "High Class Baby."

Samwell switched to producing in the 1960s, and in 1971 he produced America's first album, which included the hit "A Horse With No Name."

He moved to Sacramento in 1980, but remained active in the music business.

Among Samwell's more recent production credits was the album "Blonde on the Bayou" for the Sacramento-area rock band The Beer Dawgs.

Samwell received a transplant after being diagnosed with an enlarged heart, Hughson said, adding that the musician's friends raised nearly $100,000 for the operation.

Samwell is survived by two sons, both of London.

Message: 26813 Posted: Mon Mar 17 14:09:05 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Dear friends of America

Hi Genevieve, Steve, Johnny and all
Genevieve: I haven't, unfortunately, power to bring in Europe...America. If only I have this power Gerry every year send to Steve Lowry photo of hotels of Paris, Roma, London, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, ...Agropoli ( this last city is a poetics permission).
I confirm that when America are in Europe (and Italy) I give to Dewey and Gerry (if Dewey and Gerry welcome) my rare and ancient convertible car "Topolino" of year 1951 as ...contribution for expenditure of transfer USA-Europe.
ciao amica di Francia!!

Steve, Johnny I'm very happy that shirts are appreciated;
logo AMERICA on the shirts derive from original writing on cellophane of album Hideaway with addiction of a truth: (America) one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.
the work was in special laboratory of tipography.
Ciao Bruno ( I hope that my language was clear).

Message: 26812 Posted: Mon Mar 17 13:42:33 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: So.Cal.-ians

That is: The kids look forward to their snow days. Email me sometime, Nancy, Miss hearing from you. Take care. Mary

Message: 26811 Posted: Mon Mar 17 13:40:09 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:So.Cal.-ians

Hi,Mo, We had quite a few really nice days last week, but as Robyn said we got quite a bit of rain this weekend and last night it snowed on us up here in the San Bernardino Mountains. We love the sunny weather, but are so glad to get our snow in the winter. The kids look forward to theirnow days.we still have some gray clouds with some sun peeking through. I just love it up here. Take care. Mary

Message: 26810 Posted: Mon Mar 17 13:33:58 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson

IS he touring with the guys? that would be awonderful bill, but I think Joe B just suggested it, or did I miss something?

Message: 26809 Posted: Mon Mar 17 11:59:56 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Hi again (TommieGirl)

Hello Tommie! Welcome! I hope we see many posts of you in the folder!
Danae :)

Message: 26808 Posted: Mon Mar 17 11:59:21 2003 By: John Corbett
Subject: Hearts

Johnny's right. My explanation for the Hearts title was merely speculation. I have no idea why the album was named as it was, and none of the band members to my knowledge have gone on record explaining it. (SteveO - there's a good question the next time you interview one of the guys!)

Tommie... I think I know of a way you can get a hold of the Central Park DVD...


Message: 26807 Posted: Mon Mar 17 11:31:02 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: So. Cal.-ians

I agree the good weather spoils us. Just the other day , a dj on the radio was commenting that when we get one grey day we get depressed! It rained cats and dogs on Saturday, ( Or should I say cars and logs, that's what was washing down the street during some of the flooding in my neighborhood!)Today is absolutly glorious.

and I see a Robin every day! ;0)

Message: 26806 Posted: Mon Mar 17 10:37:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: So. Cal.-ians

It's our third sunny day in a row here. I feel so spoiled. Today it's in the mid-60's and yesterday was nearly 70. There is still some snow left but it's melting quickly. Hopefully the green in the trees and grass will return soon b/c it is still kind of gray looking out there. I, too, saw my first robin today. Lots of geese are coming back too. Anyway, my point is--and I do have one--after having such a long and very cold winter, it's very gratifying to have a warm, sunny day or two. It's like a gift. So if you live somewhere that has innumerable sunny days to enjoy, do you enjoy them? Or do you take them for granted? Just curious. Any of you So. Cal.-ians or other sunbelters care to comment? Someday I will live where it's mostly warm and sunny. [Happy graduation, son. See ya later!! Feel free to visit us anytime in So. Carolina.] I complained enough about the winter that I felt compelled to praise the nicer weather now. Happy Monday everyone.

Message: 26805 Posted: Mon Mar 17 10:36:54 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Hi again

Thanks for the great welcome! Right on, Duffy - maybe we'll see you there!

Nancy - As to your inquiring mind - looks like war, doesn't it? And I don't have the "Central Park Live" DVD either - where can I get it??

Again, Erin Go Bragh! Enjoy your pancakes, Steve.


Message: 26804 Posted: Mon Mar 17 10:08:23 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Hi all ~ America's album titles ~~Hearts ~ a different perspective

Hi Nancy!

You mentioned a "Central Park Live DVD"... I know I don't have this one... where can this one be purchased??

Thanks Nancy!

Message: 26803 Posted: Mon Mar 17 08:55:05 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

In honor of my grandmother Jennie McCue, who passed away recently at the ripe old age of 101 (!!!!) Happy St Patrick's Day and Erin Go Bragh! ( that's Ireland forever)
And Johnny, be careful where you drag out that bad pun. Some Celtic Warrior Woman might not think it's very funny and practice her Celtic Art on you!

Message: 26802 Posted: Mon Mar 17 07:46:28 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: TommieGirl

Welcome TommieGirl, I am happy for you, to see America for the first time live. I will also be there (Emerald Queen) with my wife who feels the same as you husband. We are both lucky they let us drag them along with us.

Message: 26801 Posted: Mon Mar 17 07:40:23 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hi all ~ America's album titles ~~Hearts ~ a different perspective

Hi Hoooo Everyone ~~ Happy St. Patty's Day! ~~ May the Luck of the Irish be with You! ~~~ It is a beautiful day here and I saw my first Robin in a tree last evening, as I was checking out the ooooooh sssoooo neat post sunset sky... The Full Moon was starting to glow and there were such neat deep colored rainbow bands through the sky, it was soooooo AWESOME!!!! It seemed the Robin was chirping his amazement at this neat sky too... and then this morning I saw another robin in the tree by the front of our house... Soo I am feeling quite Chipper this morning for sure! :)

Hi there Steve L ~~~ Nice tradition ~~ Enjoy your green pancakes! :)

Hi there Tommie ~~ Welcome to the chat folder, and I am sure you will leave your first AMERICA show walking in the clouds, it is a nice High for sure.... Let us know all about it Okay? ~~ In 2 weeks I will be getting to see them for my 3rd time.... I only hope I can somehow make time stand still that evening... sooo the show will last longer, they seem to go sooo fast, leaving you wanting more and more....

Hi Johnny ~~ Hmmmm ~~ I really don't know the real reason for the name Hearts, but my inquiring mind does wonder why on the LP by the word Hearts it shows the Deck of Cards Hearts symbol.... I just always felt that by the sound and looks of this album they just went for their Hearts content when making it.... and that they were very pleased with the outcome of it....

Hi there JoeB, AMGirl, & DanC the mailman ~~~ I hope there will be a show added in you guys part of the world soon ~~~ Yes JoeB ~~ Lady with a Bluebird has always caught my interest, and attention as well as the song Greenhouse (which I feel is one of those songs that you gotta sit back and take a close listen to the lyrics ~ and get carried away with them) ~~ Wow DanC ~~ The song My Dear is a great example of this, Dewey's mystique is sooo intriguing on this song. I don't know if you ever saw the Central Park Live DVD that John Corbett was offering us.... Dewey sings All Night on this and they kinda have a video effect to it... this song sounds really good on this for sure. ~~~ Hmmm I know Hearts is your favorite album DanC ~~ what are your thoughts as to why they named this Hearts???? ~~ I'll bet you're all pumped up with the Baseball spring training season here.... ~~ I guess those ooooh soooooo Hot Summer Nights aren't that far away! :) I'll bet you got a Hankerin to get your pool uncovered and ready for summer!!!! :)

Hmmmm ~~~ I enjoyed reading Dan's 68th addition to his America bio..... Nicely put Dan! :)

Hey there Gen ~~ Enjoy your day of festivities and dancing! I may even have to go outside and do a little jig.... LOL ~~ I am thinking green for sure! ~~~ the song Walking on Sunshine comes to my mind just about now ! :)

I have been checking out Phil Collins new CD Testify this weekend, and I must say he has some really nice lyrics on these songs and I am loving the music with them.... My favorite one soo far is called Come With Me ~~ I can't get enough of the lyrics to this song! Phil has always had a way of picking me up with his songs! They always have a Neat Beat to them... I know he can get politically orientated at times, but all in all the songs on this new CD have a much more possitive message to them...

Well ~~~ My inquiring mind is wondering what President Bush will decide to do as of tomorrow.... My prayers and thoughts go out to all of our Military forces that are over there ready to defend our country.

Enjoy your day all ~~~ Erin Go Bragh!!!! Nancy :)

~~~ I'll try to make the sun shine brighter for you and I will even play the fool, it it Makes You Smile, I'll try to make you laugh if there's a tear in your eye, after all is said, after all is done, I'll do anything for you, Come with me, close your eyes, hold my hand, it's gonna be alright, don't be scared, don't be shy ~~ It's gonna be alright.... I'll even chase the rainbow high in the sky for you..... Look through the eyes of innocence, because after all is said and done, it'll be alright, Come with Me, close your eyes, take my hand, it will be alright, lift your head, cos its gonna be alright..... Sing it Phil Collins ~~~~ Nice song :)

Message: 26800 Posted: Mon Mar 17 06:48:05 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hearts (hekawi25)

25 ~ Your idea fits well with what Gen pointed out. This is regarding what John Corbett said in his "Comp. History". I believe John was merely stating his opinion though and not saying it was a fact just as you are (stating an opinion).

Message: 26799 Posted: Mon Mar 17 06:40:58 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America 's Album Titles (Vic)

Vic ~ Something to do with George Martin, huh? Not that I've ever heard, but it definitely sounds intriguing. Is it anything you can tell us here?

(TGirl ~ I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at your first America concert. )

Message: 26798 Posted: Mon Mar 17 06:28:40 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Hearts

maybe they left their hearts in the same place as Tony Bennett

Message: 26797 Posted: Mon Mar 17 06:10:37 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: America 's Album Titles

Joe B, strange favorites of mine; "All Night" and "My Dear". Love Grand Funk's music like "Creepin'" from the We're An American Band album and "Look At Granny Run Run" from All The Girls In The World Beware. There was also the song "Born To Die" from the album of the same name. Very underated record in my opinion anyway. sounds like the mailman came through again for some of you lucky people. Another long, hard winter is winding down for the men and women in blue. GO KORDELL....DanC.

Message: 26796 Posted: Mon Mar 17 04:28:08 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hi all

Hi Tommie!
Always nice to see new posters here! Welcome aboard. I sure understand your excitement to see the guys onstage for the first time! As they don't come to Europe that often, I've only seen them once in the mi-80's ( ages back). I long to have your present luck in turn. Just enjoy it !

St Patrick's Day in France means a lot of Celtic music and excellent musicians to make us dance 'jusqu'au bout de la nuit'! ... So, Happy St P. to you all.

Message: 26795 Posted: Mon Mar 17 04:17:40 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Hi all

Welcome TommieGirl,

It's fantastic that you're getting to see the guys in concert on the 22nd. I predict you'll LOVE the show! Enjoy it!!!!!

Joe B, I agree, having Jeff Larson open for America here in Chicagoland would be a dream come true! I'll settle for the guys simply coming here to play, so long as they have top billing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Message: 26794 Posted: Sun Mar 16 22:48:35 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Hi all

I've never posted in the chat room before, but I had to share with someone who would understand my excitement (Besides my husband). I'm finally going to see America live at the Emerald Queen in Tacoma on the 22nd! I know that most (if not all) of you have seen the guys in concert, but it's my first time and I can't wait!! Only one week to go...
Thanks for listening! Happy St. Paddy's Day - Erin Go Bragh!

Message: 26793 Posted: Sun Mar 16 22:40:27 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: America 's Album Titles

<<But HEARTS...why this title?>>

Johnny, I have an opinion on this, also. Do you think that it has anything to do with George Martin?

Message: 26792 Posted: Sun Mar 16 19:52:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning making green pancakes for the family. It's a tradition at the Lowry house on St. Patty's Day.

Message: 26791 Posted: Sun Mar 16 19:20:55 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

Oops! Should have been -----> Erin Go Braghless!!

Message: 26790 Posted: Sun Mar 16 19:18:44 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

Is "Bragh" pronounced "bra", "brog", or "brag"? If it's the first one, I like it this way better ----> Erin Go Braless!!

(Hi Ing!)

Message: 26789 Posted: Sun Mar 16 18:27:22 2003 By: Moser
Subject: To Honorary Irishmen Everywhere

Just a reminder from me, Maureen McBride Bufton, to all you honorary and authentic Irishmen to remember the wearin' o' the green tomorrow. Happy St. Patty's Day!! Erin Go Bragh!!

Message: 26788 Posted: Sun Mar 16 14:57:25 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Danae

NO, not in the NEAR future, Danae. Sorry ! Though many European fans have tried to convince them to. We need to find a venue to welcome them first. Maybe Bruno will have THE solution. Think he's working at it. Aren't you, Bruno?

Message: 26787 Posted: Sun Mar 16 14:52:14 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson


Message: 26786 Posted: Sun Mar 16 14:50:45 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Jeff Larson

VERY GOOD NEWS about Jeff Larson touring with the guys as opening act ! Hope they DON'T change the program when they come to Europe ! :-)
BTW Jeff's last MP3 early sample 'Hazy Sunshine' is simply outstanding. We love your music & talent, Jeff L.! Looking forward to hearing your new stuff...

Message: 26785 Posted: Sun Mar 16 14:42:47 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hearts

In his Comprehensive History - America Revisited - Part 3 John Corbett writes about the album :
"The album was completed in a little over three weeks -- about the same time it took to make Holiday. It was called Hearts, possibly in reference to San Francisco being known as the home of the "Summer Of Love" of 1967. By 1975, it had become something of a tradition for America to pick an album title that began with the letter "H." Homecoming and Hat Trick had coincidentally started with "H," but by Holiday and Hearts it was something of a running joke. "

Message: 26784 Posted: Sun Mar 16 12:54:42 2003 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: America 's Album Titles

Hey You People,

As the resident hockey fan (even though my Chicago Blackhawks have been a joke for years), I feel compelled to interject that a "hat trick" is actually when 1 hockey player scores 3 goals in a game. The funny part is, in an interview I heard or read years ago, Dewey didn't seem to exactly know what it meant either.

Joe B

P.S. "Oloololo" and "Lady With A Blubird" atypical but great America songs. Any other 'strange' faves?

P.P.S. Jeff Larson rules. he should tour witrh the guys as opening act. At least for a few dates (specifically in Chicago)each year.

Message: 26783 Posted: Sun Mar 16 12:18:31 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Those Lovely Dark Glasses

Hmmm... Matt doesn't resemble his dad, isn't it?

Message: 26782 Posted: Sun Mar 16 11:54:56 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: America Album Titles (Johnny)

I think "Hearts" got that name because there are plenty of love songs in this album. You can't find any rock songs, like "Green Monkey" for example. Only ballads, with a lovesick theme, like "Daisy Jane", "Bell Tree", "Sister Golden Hair", "The Story Of A Teenager", e.t.c.

Message: 26781 Posted: Sun Mar 16 11:37:36 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: America 's Album Titles

AMERICA...the name of the first LP. That makes sense.

HOMECOMING...America "coming home" to the US.

HAT TRICK...a soccer term for scoring three goals and this being the third America LP. We all get the connection, right?

HOLIDAY...British term for what we Americans call a vacation. The LP cover conveys the theme quite well.

HISTORY...A "history" of hits, of course.

HIDEAWAY...Again, the LP cover is self-explanatory.

HARBOR...The same is true with this one.

But HEARTS...why this title? Other than the heartbeat sounds on "Daisy Jane," why do you suppose the guys selected this name? I don't know the 'correct' answer myself (although I have my opinion). I was hoping maybe someone has heard from either Dan, Dewey, or Gerry.

Message: 26780 Posted: Sun Mar 16 10:45:50 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: T-Shirts From Italy - Thanks Bruno

BRUNO! And it's not even Christmas.

I, too, received a surprise package in the mail late yesterday afternoon. I immediately know it was from Bruno when I saw the handwritting on the package, but I had no idea that such a package was coming. Like Steve's, there were three white t-shirts (XXL, L, M) each with the very cool AMERICA logo in red boldly displayed on the front of each shirt. Underneath the 10" x 5 1/2" AMERICA logo, it reads: "ONE OF THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BANDS OF ALL TIME"

Thank you VERY much, Bruno!!! Did you have these shirts especially made for you? They look absolutely wonderful. The medium-size shirt will fit just fine. It's great to know that I still have two sizes to grow into over the years. I hope though that it will be a long, long time until the XXL-size shirt makes it over this puny body! :0)

A fine example of what one America fan will do for another ----> Mr. Bruno Mautone

(And the same is true with Steve Orchard who sent me a copy of Daryl Hall's "Can't Stop Dreaming" CD. Thanks again Steve)

Message: 26779 Posted: Sun Mar 16 08:56:23 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hi from......Genie Lou :-)

Hi Red
<<Genie Lou>>.... Ironic but lovely. Like it. Si, si.
Anyway Red, you're so right on that one! Beggars are no choosers indeed!

Hi Ingrid!
It's been a long time! ( since I was away from the chat myself for a while). How's this happy couple of yours? Is your 'moitié' (loved one) enthusiastic about the music of America? Having been a (VERY happy) divorcee for some years now, it would probably reassure me if you told us that marriage CAN bring happiness. LOL. As for me:
"There will be no more confusion
There will be no more ball and chain "...
BTW all those lyrics on the folder made me realize they are many hidden treasures that will never make it to our European ears... Too bad! :-(

Hi Nancy.
Funny you mentioned Moon Song. I TOTALLY RE-discovered this particular track when I bought the DVD audio. I'd love to ear the Hat Trick Lp ( Molten Love for ex) in the DVD format too. But I don't know if Rhino will re-issue the opus in this format one day? See, still asking too many questions!

"I want to carry you across a threshold of fireflies
And violet stones, all alone (all alone)
Volcanic silver clouds fill pools and canyons around us
All around (all around)
But molten love
Cooled by your kisses
Take me down, take me down "
See you
PS: I'm curious to see Vic's pics when Steve gets them posted.

Message: 26778 Posted: Sun Mar 16 08:36:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: California Rock, California Sound"

You're right Johnny, I will get it posted as soon as I have time. It might take a little while, but I promise I'll get to it. Thanks for sending it to me.

Message: 26777 Posted: Sun Mar 16 08:35:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: T-Shirts From Italy - Thanks Bruno

I received a surprise package in the mail this weekend from Italy. When I opened it up I found three very nice t-shirts with America logos which Bruno had sent to me. As soon as I get some free time I'll take a picture of the t-shirts and post them for you here and also in the America Fans museum. Thanks Bruno!

Sorry that I haven't posted the concert photos that Vic sent to me yet but this weekend turned out to be busier than I thought. I may or may not have time this coming week but I'll get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.

Message: 26776 Posted: Sun Mar 16 08:02:40 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Omaha VFTHW pic & Those Lovely Dark Glasses

Hi there Everyone :) ~~ It is a beautiful SUNNY Sunday morning here, the birds are singing.... I haven't seen any robins yet here in my yard, but I could hear them from over in the woods yesterday... Papa Bluebird is anxious for his Spring Quarting Ritual to begin, he keeps flying in and out of the bluebird boxes to see which one he will make the nest in... I just love watching this little birds, they can warble oooh soo nicely for sure! :)

Hi there Mo ~~~ Yes this pic of Gerry Gerry Gerry is a nice one... I had checked Matt's site out on Friday evening... Gerry sure blends in well with these younger guys doesn't he???? Nice :) ~~ Looks like fun was had by all in this Willard Session... Matt seems to be axiously awaiting this upcoming Live performance he will be doing.... that sure would be neat to be able to see this.... Wouldn't it be nice also if Matt would join his Dad and Dewey for a couple of shows... Hint Hint (The IUP one), I could handle that for sure!!! How about you Mo? :) ~~ WOW ~~ Neat you posting lyrics from Grand Funk!!!! That song brings back memories of being at my cousins and we always pretended to be a group and the old red baseball bats were our guitars.... I always sang and wanted to be the keyboard player.... American Band was one of the songs we thought we were the best at LOL!!!!! :) :) :) Hey DanC does that trigger any memories for you as well? :)

Thanks Gerry for the VFTHW pic... I guess You can't always be looking out into a landscape or nice sky.... This is a very neat all brick building... and yes Sergio I was thinking to myself how these art nouveau details added a NICE ~ NEAT Touch to this building... the white from the windows and the curtains seem to draw out the perfection of this brickwork and art nouveau detail... this sure makes me think that the inside rooms are Quaint and Homey.

Nooo Reddddd ~~ We didn't get to see any of the famous landmarks you mentioned ~~ thanks for touching on some of the more known visuals there in Omaha! Hmmm one thing tho ~~~ doesn't it make you wonder what stories those walls could tell, when you look at this pic of brick walls and windows?????

Hmmmm ~~ The Hubby, I & his sister and hubby went to a small Italian Ristorante last evening to eat... it was a small all tan brick building with front windows and those old time cloth petitions that kinda resemble an umbrella out front.... inside the ristorante was decorated with lots of Italian pics and lots of little clown figurenes and many many pics of famous people with autographs, there was a big pic of the Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates (Mo ~~can you help me out ~~ his name is right on the tip of my tongue) Hmmm ? __Rooney ~~ well anyway a pic of him shaking hands with someone, maybe one of the Italian ancestors!!!! We got a seat by the front windows and when I looked out I could see the Main Street happenings, it was warm enough for no coat, when I looked into the oooh soo nice blue sky I could see Mr Moon's sihlouette and a very nice song popped into my mind for sure (A Fantabolous night for a Moondance :)~) We had a nice supper and drive. The night sky was sooo beautiful as it got dark last night, Mr Moon was sooo bright as the sky turned to midnight blue and I could see the small dipper and big dipper standing out soo nicely... ~~~ Well it was a marvelous night for a moondance, with the stars up above in your eyes, a fantabolous night to make romance ~~~ You know the nights magic seems to whisper and hush, you know the soffft moonlight seems to shine in your blush, can I just have one more moondance with you my love ~~~~~ Take it away Van Morrison ~~~ Wow what a magical song! :)

Hi Gen ~~ Thanks for sharing that nice poem that tied in with Red's mood (just joking ;)~) and the theme of the vfthw pic soo well... Oh yes I also read that page on the Homecoming DVD ~~ what a great all in all review... and yes I definitely agree the outcome of the sound of the songs on this are soooooo good, in some cases even better than the original LP... soo much more distinctive and clear.... Moon Song a perfect example, as well as Cornwall Blank ~~ both sent spinetingling chills down my back.... Nice ~~~ the still pics along with these songs are really neat too. If there are any of you questioning if you should buy this DVD ~~~ I say get it, you won't be disappointed at all. ~~ Hey we gotta keep that Mailman busy delivering all of this great music to us for sure! ;)

Hey Sheldon ~~ Keep on enyoying your new DVD's ~~ it is soo neat to see the three of them on the Musikladen one for sure!

Hi there Jimmmmm(bob) ~~Hope you are playing some nice music on your 3 day weekend, and enjoying the nice moonlight summer evenings there in NZ....

Oooooh Red ~~ Did you get your flowerbed and shrubs cleaned out, so they can absorb some of that much needed rain & snow there in your part of the world? ~~~~ Hey the race is in Darlington... I wonder if Rusty will do well today???? He better be Smiling for sure! :)

Have a great Sunday all! Nancy :)

~~~~Up ahead in the distance I saw a shimmering light, My Head Grew Heavy and my sight grew dim, I had to stop for the night ~~ There she stood in the doorway with a mission bell. I was thinking this could be heaven or this could be hell. ~~ Then she lit up a candle and she Showed me The Way, there were voices down the corridor, thought i heard them say ~~ Welcome to the Hotel California ~~~ Play it the Eagles, sing it Mr Henley ~~~ this is definitely one of their nicely done accoustic songs.... both the accoustic and electric version of this is nice for sure :) :) :)

Message: 26775 Posted: Sun Mar 16 07:39:40 2003 By: Ingrid
Subject: Omaha - Moser

Excellent choice of song Moser; a rock-on-the-road classic, with some kick-ass drum work. (After Johnny's jokes, I figured I could say that. That's me and Yee, always raising the bar . . . LOL)

This is another in that genre:

"Well, it's eight o'clock in Boise, Idaho
I found a limo driver, Miss, to take us to the show
I done made some plans for later on tonight
I found a little queen and I know I can
Treat her right . . . .

Back at the hotel, Lord, we got such a mess
It seems that one of the crew had a go
With one of the guests, ah yes
Well the police said we can't drink in the bar
What a shame
Why don't you come upstairs girl
And have a drink of champagne"

What's Your Name, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hi Janice : )

Message: 26774 Posted: Sun Mar 16 06:24:07 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Those Lovely Dark Glasses

Here's a pic of Gerry Gerry Gerry wearing the lovely dark-rimmed glasses I mentioned in The Full Monty. Left to right in the pic: mB, unknown persona, Crispin Glover (Willard), and Gerry Gerry Gerry.
Copy and paste this web address into your browser:

Message: 26773 Posted: Sun Mar 16 05:02:33 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Just goes to show that one can find something nice even in a plain old red brick building. Did anyone notice the nice decorative art nouveau detailing under the windows?

Message: 26772 Posted: Sat Mar 15 20:22:46 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Love your "views" that make me laugh Gerry Gerry Gerry! Thx

Message: 26771 Posted: Sat Mar 15 20:06:55 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Big East Yeah Baby

And now for a completely off-topic subject:
The hub is in NYC tonight for the Big East Tournament Final--8th row from the floor. He's there to see Pitt. I just watched ESPN and saw that Pitt won over UConn by 18. He'll be so pumped. Way to go, Pittsburgh!! Yeah, baby.

Message: 26770 Posted: Sat Mar 15 19:27:42 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Omaha Riddle

Question: What do you call leaving Omaha in a big hurry?

Answer: Omahaulass

True story ----> A former co-worker told me that he and his twin sister were born in Oklahoma. Being very proud of "The Sooner State," their father wanted to 'honor' Oklahoma by naming one twin "Okla" and the other "Homa". I told Homa it was a darn good thing he and his twin sister weren't born in Texas!!!

(Hi Janice!)

Message: 26769 Posted: Sat Mar 15 19:24:51 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Omaha

Very good tie in Mo & Gennie Lou, but I was looking for more of a dynamic pic. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

Well, since my baby left me
Well, I found a new place to dwell
Well, it's down at the end of Lonely Street
At Heartbreak Hotel
Where I'll be--where I get so lonely, baby
Well, I'm so lonely
I get so lonely, I could die

Although it's always crowded
You still can find some room
For broken-hearted lovers
To cry there in the gloom
And be so--where they'll be so lonely, baby
Well, they're so lonely
They'll be so lonely, they could die

Heartbreak Hotel - Big E

Message: 26768 Posted: Sat Mar 15 17:28:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Omaha

Red, here's a semi-appropriate lyric:

Four young chiquitas in OMAHA
Waitin' for the band to return from the show
A feelin' good, feelin' right and it's Saturday night
The hotel detective, he was outta sight

Now these fine ladies, they had a plan
They was out to meet the boys in the band
They said, "come on dudes, let's get it on"
And we proceeded to tear that hotel down

We're an America[n] Band
We're an America[n] Band
We're comin' to your town
We'll help you party it down
We're an America[n] Band

Grand Funk Railroad (of course)
I hope those lyrics are correct or at least close. You never know about stuff from the internet!!

Message: 26767 Posted: Sat Mar 15 17:21:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Hi Red,

<< We were talking about the space between us all
And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion>>
G. Harrison - Within you, Without you.

Don't be disappointed ! A VFTHW is only supposed to be a VFTHW ! No more. Even if Gerry 'spoils' us with his bonus pics from time to time...
'Windows & curtains' is a recurrent theme in Gerry's series of pics. It also finds much echo in international poetry. As you like posting quotes from lyrics, I'd like to share this opening a Donne's poem with you:

Busy old fool, unruly sun,
Why dost thou thus,
Through windows and through curtains, call on us?
Must to thy motions lovers’ seasons run?

John Donne “The Sunne Rising”

Have a nice week-end. Gen.

Message: 26766 Posted: Sat Mar 15 17:20:57 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Hi!

Just checking in as it has been awhile. Was soooo happy to be able to read some more bio chapters from Dan! Please keep 'em comin'!
Ronnie has been home since the beginning of Feb with mono, and so I have been home-schooling him. Good thing he's in 4th grade and not high
Cat has settled in and has his own place by the picture of those cat skyscrapers..a mini apartment. Yes, he has taken over the place.
Steve, such a wonderful miracle about Elizabeth Smart! I am sure you can see and feel first-hand the excitement in SLC. What a blessing.
I love the pictures "from the window" and look forward to my regular doses of "Where in the World is America".
The dogwoods and cherry blossoms are in full bloom and spring is in the air. I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy.


Message: 26765 Posted: Sat Mar 15 13:55:08 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Best Of MusikLaden

Hey I got the "Best Of MusikLaden" DVD today. I watched it & really loved it! This is the first time I've seen video footage of Dan Peek. I really enjoyed his performance on the DVD! It was cool to see video of Dewey with all that hair & the beard too! I also have the much more recent "America In Concert" DVD (1999 I believe).. are there any other America videos available for purchase anywhere? I would love to have MORE, MORE, MORE!!! More America is never enough, right????

One more thing - to my fellow PA residents, isn't the weather today great?!? I love it! Finally some warmer temps!!


Message: 26764 Posted: Sat Mar 15 10:18:31 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Gerry's photo made me chuckle! Also, it reminds me of his lyrics:

I could live in the walls of a prison
Where the warm summer winds would never blow
Then again, think of what I'd be missing
And how some do it, I'll never know


Message: 26763 Posted: Sat Mar 15 10:08:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: California Rock, California Sound"

I'm sure as soon as Steve has time, (thanks in advance Steve!) he'll be posting a small 1979 magazine photo clipping under the "What's New" section. In the meantime, here is what's printed under the black and white photo:

"CALIFORNIA ROCK, CALIFORNIA PARTY -- Author Anthony Fawcett and photographer Henry Diltz unveiled their new book, "California Rock, California Sound," at a reception in Hollywood's S.I.R. Studios. The book features photos and interviews with numerous California based groups including Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, America and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, among others. Pictured at the gathering are (l-r): Fawcett; Browne; Dewey Bunnell of America; Diltz; and Gerry Beckley of America."

Message: 26762 Posted: Sat Mar 15 09:56:04 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Was expecting to see an exhilirating picture of my old stomping grounds, but instead we get a voyeuristic pic of some brick. There is much more in Omaha, including the Henry Doorly Zoo, Rosenblatt Stadium(home of the College World Series), or The Might Mo River. Or at least take a drive to Shenandoah, Iowa(hometown of Willie Leacox) and take some pics. Needless to say, I'm disappointed in the choice of pics from Omeeeeeha.

Message: 26761 Posted: Sat Mar 15 09:36:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Omaha

Gerry is in Omaha, NE this morning. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26760 Posted: Fri Mar 14 20:32:21 2003 By: PlayItLive
Subject: Ian's touch

So very sorry to hear of Ian's passing. I can remember learning songs like THREE ROSES and CLARICE. We had Radio Shack mic's, and would record in stereo on our cassette deck. We would then play it back, while driving down main street, thinking we had become deity.

Would have loved to hear ANOTHER project with AMERICA, produced by Ian.

If possible, PLAY IT LIVE.

Message: 26759 Posted: Fri Mar 14 19:18:09 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Ian Samwell

I would like to echo the comments of John Corbett in regards to Ian Samwell. John interviewed Ian on October 21st 1998 and was kind enough to send me a CD-R copy of the interview--a Very thorough conversation I may add. If you can't get enough of the History of America,please check out John's "Comprehensive History" located on the main page of this website for additional details.

Message: 26758 Posted: Fri Mar 14 18:52:00 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Sad News

Just saw that flash by on CNN ticker - Former America and Cliff Richard producer Ian Samwell dies at 66. Way too young

Message: 26757 Posted: Fri Mar 14 18:22:32 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: America Music in the Classroom-This and That

It is so neat to hear comments from others that have enjoyed America music in their classrooms too.~~~Nina, it is great how you have incorporated them into your lessons and work with your students to listen and try to identify who is singing, etc. Although there are so many great solo artists, I've always loved bands the most~~especially when they have different song writers/lead singers. It's fun to listen to the different styles of songs and vocals and how they blend them together to have a certain sound that you can identify with them. Since I was in the school chorus for so many years I really have an appreciation for the voices and love harmony. America's voices are so beautiful and relaxing to listen to~~~you can understand what they are singing.~~~Moser, thanks for your comments about playing the guitar. It's cool that you are working on your first song. A boy in my neighborhood is taking lessons. We were over their house one day and he answered the door with guitar in hand. Another scout leader plays the guitar too and we have so much fun singing at scouting events, especially while he's playing. Our church is really known in our area for their music. We really enjoy singing in church and listening to the bell choirs and all the other great music.~~~I will definitely have to check around about taking lessons. Gerry and Dewey are such talented musicians and I really do appreciate them. When I was in high school a friend of mine who played the guitar was trying to show me a little bit and I had trouble just holding the strings down. He said it takes a lot of practice and you get used to it, but it was tough. I remember he was showing me a little bit of Chicago's "Colour My World". I love that song.~~~It's sad to hear of the passing of Ian Samwell, a part of the America legend.~~~Spending the weekend with my son, at my mom and sister's house for a change of pace.~~~Enjoy the weekend everyone.~~~It's going to warm up a little in my corner of Northeastern PA. We can actually see more and more p atches of grass in the snow cover that has been here all winter.~~~I have Spring Fever!!!!

Message: 26756 Posted: Fri Mar 14 15:11:54 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Ian Samwell

Hi Everyone ~~

Thanks Steve, Scott & Tom for sharing this sad news with us. I am sure that Gerry, Dewey & Dan had a great love and respect for Ian as well. I would like to extend my Sympathy to Gerry, Dewey & Dan.

Hi John ~~ Nice that you were able to interview Ian and to be included in his Legendary history.

Thanks Steve for listing the site, it is a really nice tribute, and filled with lots of neat info.

Have a great weekend all! Nancy :)

I just wanted to share this with you all from the Highway Box Set Book : Another song cut at these sessions, "Satan" was rerecorded and included on America's debut LP under the title of "Donkey Jaw." This moody number ended up being sung by Bunnell, although Peek essentially wrote it. "Ian Samwell (the album's producer) gave it the name "Donkey Jaw," says Peek. "It comes from this strange percussion instrument that you slap to make a sound that's used on this tune. The song came out of just sitting around jamming with Dewey, and he had a little lick that the whole song became based on. It was a throwaway, and I said. " If you're gonna throw that away, let's write a song around it." And we just started hammering away with the lyrics. It was a combination of a lot of things-it was a war-protest song, generally speaking. I felt like, Is it going to take a whole generation of children being killed for people to wake up? I don't know why Dewey sang it-it was probably my way of saying thank you for letting me steal his riff." Hmmmm ~~ Pretty neat knowing that Ian thought up the name Donkey Jaw ~~ it is a song that catches your curiousity right from the get go. :)

Message: 26755 Posted: Fri Mar 14 13:58:57 2003 By: John Corbett
Subject: Ian Samwell

That's a shame about Ian. I did a lengthy interview with Ian back in 1998 for the Comprehensive History. In the near future I'll try to post a transcript of his comments. He didn't just have great things to say about America; he was like a walking encyclopedia of the UK rock scene from the '60s and '70s. He will be very much missed.


Message: 26754 Posted: Fri Mar 14 12:25:17 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sad News

I just received word from Scott West and Ray Baisden (via Tom Peek) that Ian Samwell passed away yesterday afternoon. Scott is the owner of the server that hosts the America Fans Chat Folder and he is also a good friend of Ian's. Ray has a tribute web site for Ian at

Ray said that it has been eleven years since Ian had a heart transplant, and apparently his body just wore out. His heart, lungs and kidneys all failed at the same time. He died peacefully and without pain at 5:24 pm on Thursday, March 13, in his hospital bed.

During Ian's time with America, he helped make music history, and he loved and respected Gerry, Dewey, and Dan. He will be missed.

Message: 26753 Posted: Fri Mar 14 11:58:37 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Cathy

Cathy...No, I'm not a music teacher, although at one time I considered becoming an Art teacher! I'm just a "regular" classroom teacher specializing in Language Arts (English), Composition, Reading, Spelling....and some Social Studies; grade 6.

Message: 26752 Posted: Fri Mar 14 09:54:04 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: The sound of America

It's the BEST! (either live or studio produced).
Read those 2 highly praising written tributes - sorry! REVIEWS, even if you needn't be convinced, just for the record.

Tom Miller's classic concert review of Humphrey's Concerts
by the Bay (6/14/02) on review page:

<<At 8:45pm America opened with "Ventura Highway". My first thought was "Is it live or is it Memorex" yes, it sounded that good! >>

Homecoming DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson at :

<<‘Homecoming’ is typical America and the group at their best; gentle folk rock ballads with an edge, typified by the use of duelling electric guitars over what is primarily an acoustic background, together with the unmistakable lead vocals of Bunnell and Beckley and sweeping multi-layered harmonies. In light of present-day production techniques, one could be forgiven for assuming that the elements of many tracks were likely to have been over-dubbed, but aside from the occasional additional vocal track, the entire album was recorded ‘live’ as an integrated performance, rather than each instrument and vocalist being laid down individually.>>

I know I already mentioned a very interesting, technical review of the Homecoming DVD-audio some months ago, but I don't remember if I have ( or anyone else actually) ever refered to this VERY POSITIVE ( though not recent) review from Nancy's words reminded me of it. The exact address is:
Have a look at it if you haven't yet. Quite informative and also praising Rhino's noticeable efforts to re-issue albums from the 70's. The next question to ask the people at Rhino would have to be the one about the sales figures for the DVD-audio. I'm really curious to know how it sold. Any info welcome.
BFN - Gen.

Message: 26751 Posted: Fri Mar 14 09:12:16 2003 By: Tailgunner
Subject: Mi consert July 31 Aug 1

Ill be looking forward to going to Michigan for this concert.I have read other messages and hope to catch a pick as others have in the past.I also play the guitar and have picks from other bands.
I cant tell how much America has ment to me.There music has influenced
thousands.Thanks for the Memory.

Message: 26750 Posted: Thu Mar 13 20:51:45 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Long reply to .....Nina...

Nina, no doubt, is the COOLEST sixth-grader teacher around! Ironically, it was also a female teacher who introduced me to America's music (11th grade, 3rd period). I can still visualize in my mind the set-up of the classroom and exactly where the record player was located plus all the cool and colorful posters she decorated the room with. To this day, playing "Riverside" brings all those memories "right back to me". ----> :0)

Message: 26749 Posted: Thu Mar 13 19:57:47 2003 By: Moser
Subject: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

Two thoughts before I say adieu to you and you and you...
1) Check out for his latest journal entry regarding the opening of Willard and the debut of mB's song in the movie. I believe he has said it is played during the final credits. Matt also mentions having a long talk with his dad. What a cool mental image that is for me--Gerry Gerry Gerry and mB having a heart to heart. Sorry, I'm just naturally sappy.
2) Cathy, like you, I was inspired by America's music to learn to play the guitar. Sometime in October I borrowed a friend's guitar to just get an idea if I would enjoy it or hate it before buying something. Well I didn't learn a whole lot in that time but enough to know I wanted my own. Santa came through at Christmas and I've been taking a few lessons since then. Finally, tonight, I am learning my first song. I'm not very good at it yet but I'm working on it. I knew I would have to learn a Beckley tune first--kind of the virgin song. And I've absolutely fallen for the acoustic version of Kiss of Life. So, I lent my CD to my guitar teacher and asked him to figure it out. We started working on it tonight. I am so psyched. You should definitely get into it. It's amazing. The funniest thing is, the more you learn, the more you realize how much there is to learn. It also gives you a new perspective on just how amazingly talented these guys are and totally enhances your appreciation of their music.
Good night everybody. Have a great weekend.

Message: 26748 Posted: Thu Mar 13 19:27:40 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Long reply to Nancy and Genevive/"America" week

When I read about your "America" class, I couldn't help but remember my own similar experience in 4th grade back in the early 60's. Boy, I'm getting old! Our teacher at Auburndale Elementary in Miami, much like you, would bring out her old 78's of the Andrews Sisters and she would talk about their unique harmonies and catchy songs, about what great artists they were, and in retrospect they really were. In fact, given that exposure,I still have an appreciation for songs like "Rum and Coca-Cola", "I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time" and "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree". When Bette Midler did her cover of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, I already knew where the song came from...In fact, I knew about Maxine Andrews before I knew about the Beatles...So keep up the great work and teach those children well...

Message: 26747 Posted: Thu Mar 13 18:44:50 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Long reply to .....Nina...

Nina, it is so nice that you are teaching your students about America. You remind me of a school music teacher who used to let us bring in albums to listen to sometimes in class. I remember like it was yesterday, that the first America album was played a lot. That teacher was also my chorus director from sixth grade thru senior year and we loved her class and singing at our concerts and going out on "tour" at Christmas time. Although I wish I had spent more time learning to play a musical instrument (I gave up on clarinet after about a year), it was so much fun to sing even on such a non-professional level. Music has been my favorite past-time since about sixth grade and I think music class and chorus made me appreciate it even more. Nina, I'm curious~~~are you a music teacher or have you incorporated the study of America into other lesson plans? Keep up the good work.~~~Also I want Gerry and Dewey to know that they really make me want to learn how to play the guitar~~~especially around a camp fire with my Cub Scouts. That would be so much fun to sit there and teach the kids America songs.~~~I think I'll have to make a plan to do that.~~~My son will be nine soon and has expressed interest in learning to play the drums~~~ever since he was very little he has been fascinated watching drummers~~~we'll have to both sign up for music lessons.

Message: 26746 Posted: Thu Mar 13 18:13:03 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Wish list

I hear the new Fleetwood Mac song all over the place. Any news of any deal or potential deal - With the solid Christmas effort and a little money and strong production skills from some of todays better companys maybe just maybe...............

Message: 26745 Posted: Thu Mar 13 16:32:18 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Long reply to ......Nina :-)

Very cool indeed! One of the best ways to spread their music & talent as singer-songwriters, and pass this wonderful heritage on to the younger generation.

On some occasions I had the opportunity to use a few songs by various artists in linguistics-oriented lessons (with older teens who learn English as 2nd language). One of my best pick was 'I Need You' because, though very simple, it is perfect to introduce 'used to' & 'would' - a combination of structures which doesn't exist in French, as well as going deeper into other notions like how to build comparison / analogy in English (making appropriate syntax much easier to remember ). The lexical fields are immediately identifiable, and the mental images are universal & thus culturally transferable. As follow up I usually want to test their ability to communicate & so I asked them to either imagine what they would advise the singer-narrator to do if he was their best friend or to write him back as if they were the girlfriend in question. Had some wonderful papers in return. Think i have photocopied one. If you are interested & provided I can find it, I'll try to post it one of these days.
Last year a handful of my adult students visited this site to read the lyrics of Sarah as we had studied G Greene's "The End of The Affair "(and I told them I sensed there was some intertextual connection... Gerry never mentioned any however). They had personal poetry projects & they were very enthusiastic about the song.
'Horse' is potentially interesting too, mainly for the cultural elements in ti but because of the 'poetic licence' (quoting Dewey here) in the chorus, it is not very easy for foreign students to understand , though NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Some of them already know the song ( they often hear it on the radio).
The thing is, having many activities & professional charges I don't teach (in a school) that much these days. But who knows, maybe one day?

Hi Nancy! Talk to you soon.

Message: 26744 Posted: Thu Mar 13 16:13:24 2003 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

Catching up on posts (WAYYYY Behind!), but I wanted to say "Great story, Moser, and I did read all of your LONG post" Take care all, Brad

Message: 26743 Posted: Thu Mar 13 15:48:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Re : Elizabeth Smart ~~ Danae

Here's a link to the web site for one of the major TV stations in Salt Lake City which seems to have the best coverage about Elizabeth Smart. It should fill you in on just about everything you would want to know. Click here to go to the KSL web site.

Message: 26742 Posted: Thu Mar 13 15:27:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re : Elizabeth Smart ~~ Danae

Hi Danae,
I just sent a card referral to you, it is about Elizabeth Smart and has a pic of her, I thought You might like to read for yourself about her. I sent it to the hotmail address, I got when I right clicked on your name, it may go to your junk mail, it will say that your friend Nancy Holtz wishes you to see this page and then when you open the email there will be a site address for you to click on to view this card, I also put a message with this it will be on the main email page... :) See ya Nancy :)

Message: 26741 Posted: Thu Mar 13 15:08:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Long reply to Nancy and Genevive/"America" week

Me Again ~~
Hey Nina ~~ What a NEAT way to share your love for AMERICA's music with Your classes... and in the meantime exposing them to some of the Finer Music in life! Keep it up... My daughter will be in the 6th gr. next year and I sure wish she had you for a teacher. Thanks for satisfying my Inquiring Mind! :)

Hi Danae ~~ Sorry! I guess when we post on here, we assume everyone will know just what and who we are posting about.... Elizabeth Smart is a 15 year old girl that was abducted from her home in Utah 9 months ago.... Her Family never gave up on trying to find her. She was abducted by a Man that had done some work for them at their home. After Elizabeth's disappearance, her younger sister went to her Father telling him that she saw this man that came into their home and took her sister, so then all focus was put on finding this Man, Just yesterday someone had seen this Man and at a fast food resturant and notified the Police. The Police came and sure enough Elizabeth was there with him, and they took her back to her Family, and they took this man and another lady into custody.... I sure hope he get just punishment for traumatizing this young girl. Who knows just what he did to her, that is the scarey and sad part. ~~ I don't mean to scare you with telling you this, Please always be careful just who you talk to, and who you go over too when called out to. Ok! :)

AHA Bones ~~~ Sooo these Chocolate Flavored Ex-Lax Milk Shakes are the reason for your QUICK Unannounced EXITS from the live chats.... Hmmmm ~~~ I agree with Red You can feed the Fishes toooo much for sure.... Keep this in mind next live chat OK!!!!!! LOL You are too much for my Inquiring Mind to Handle at One time!!!!!

Gotta get now! See ya Nancy :)

White capped clouds
Dance in the sunlight
Purple fishes watch
And show you some of their delight
The weather's fine
And everything's all right
So let's go down to the water tonight
Let's go down to the water tonight

Come on down, come on down
Come on down, down to the water
Come on down, come on down
Come on down, down to the water
Down to the water ~~~ Sing it Dewey!!!!! :)

Message: 26740 Posted: Thu Mar 13 14:22:52 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Miracles

Err... Who is Elisabeth Smart?
(Don't forget that I live in Greece and I don't know what happens in the States!)

Message: 26739 Posted: Thu Mar 13 14:20:57 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Pete, Oh Pete

Yes, you can feed the fishes TOO much!!!!!!!!!

Message: 26738 Posted: Thu Mar 13 13:47:13 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pete, Oh Pete

Guess I should lay off those chocolate flavored ex-lax milk shakes on chat night.

Message: 26737 Posted: Thu Mar 13 13:41:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Long reply to Nancy and Genevive/"America" week

Wow, Nina, that's just great. You are one COOL teacher.

Message: 26736 Posted: Thu Mar 13 13:13:05 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Long reply to Nancy and Genevive/"America" week

"America" week started in my classroom about six years ago. I noticed that I had "hit the age" where the singers, groups, and rap stars my sixth graders were writing about were either unknown to me...(Nelly? Nelly-who?)...or the music was of such low quality (IMHO), that I decided to show them exactly what GOOD music was! I chose "America" because, even though I had logged more hours in my life listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Carole King, "America" has always been "my" passion, "my" group, "my" boys! When a student gets assigned to my room, they have usually already heard from older brothers, sisters, or friends that Miss N.'s favorite group is this OLD group called "America". They ask just WHEN am I going to start "torturing" them, like I did their sibling(s). I start with posters from Hat Trick and Harbor, so the kids can identify each by face and name. I give lectures on the family background of the boys, history of the band, the origin of the band name "America" and a brief description of the writing style of each member. Then I hold up the first album, tell the title and year, place the record on a turntable (yes, they do still exist at my school), and I ask students to identify which member they think is singing or has written each song I play. On the first album I start with Horse, I Need You, Sandman, and one of Dan's which I can't think of at this time. (That's not a DAN SLAM, I really can't remember right now!) Within 10 minutes time, we have 11/12 year old "America" experts! They coach each other in attempts to recognize voices: "That CAN'T be Dewey, Miss N. said that if we hear high harmony it's probably Dan." There's the usual silly questions: "Miss N., why didn't you marry one of them if you love them so much?" My answer: "Well, they never came to town, but if they HAD...I'm SURE they would have proposed!" Mostly it's serious questions, though. A question came up this year: "Is there a song that all three members wrote together?" My immediate answer was no, then I thought of the snip pets of three different compositions in Hat Trick...and played it for the class. They could pretty much identify which guy wrote/sang each snippet! By the time I hit Your Move and Perspective, I am playing less and less cuts, but make sure I play a couple new ones from Human Nature to let the kids know the band is still out there producing new music. I give them an "America" quiz (for fun...not a grade) and most score pretty high! (Dewey even looked over the quizzes once and wrote my class a lovely letter of appreciation! Isn't he a peach?) I tell my students that the band KNOWS we're studying about them this week...which is a bit of a stretch on the truth...but they DO read the chat's NOT an out and out lie, right?...and the kids look at each other like "Wow!" Mostly, they walk away from the experience actually liking the music that I "tortured" them with!

Message: 26735 Posted: Thu Mar 13 09:10:37 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Yes Reddddddd !

Hi hooooooo there Reddddd :)
Hmmmm ~~~~ RePete was left! LOL
Sooooo neat that JB is coming to Pittsburgh.... Yes I will definitely have to check into seeing this show. ~~~ DaisyJane64 also told me last night that Dan Fogelberg will be here in Pa. in June for 2 shows, 1 at the Keswick Theater, and the other at Hershey Park too... and then add to that the Eagles will be at the First Union Center in Phila on July 7th and Fleetwood Mac will be at the Mellon Center in Pittsburgh on May 10th.... WOW ~~ It looks as tho I could be in Music Heaven all summer long.... I have heard that Santana will be coming to Pittsburgh in Aug... too...... Nice!!!! :)

Have a good day monkeyshiner! Nancy :)

Message: 26734 Posted: Thu Mar 13 08:42:11 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Nancy

JB is playing 6/25 at Amphitheatre at Station Square in Pittsburg. Also, 6/29 at Montage Mtn in Scranton, Pa. On 7/5 he is playing in Hershey, Pa. Lots of chances to see a great entertainer.

Message: 26733 Posted: Thu Mar 13 08:12:27 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Pete & Repeat

Pete & Repeat sat on a fence. Pete fell off, who was left?

Message: 26732 Posted: Thu Mar 13 07:58:05 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Miracles!

Hi Everyone ~~ "Faith Precedes The Miracle" ~~ WOW ~~ nice saying Steve thanks for sharing it with us! ~~ Such a Blessing Elizabeth being found alive. I too hope that she will be able to get back to Her normalcy and that this senseless act will not scar her for life. I thought it was very touching how Mr Smart and his Parents when interviewed both brought up the many children that are still missing and need to be found, and that their prayers and help are with them. I am very Happy for their Family, the sky is Full of Love & Thanks in their part of the world today for sure! :)

Hmmm ~~ Last nights live chat was kinda a whirlwind for me... Sorry for my unattentivness... My friend Cheryl from Tex. was on my MSN and it had been awhile since we talked, and she is a Fast typer for sure... It was nice seeing all of you there! ~~ Hey Pete (Bones) ~~ You left right when Red did.... Darn I wanted to talk to you about "Muskrat Love" !

Hi Gen ~~ Yes Nina I too would like to know how many of the songs you share with them and what they say about these songs... I was on EBay this morning and I saw a sealed Hearts LP there for bid there.

Thanks Steve for the new updated CD & DVD lists ~~ Yes Sheldon you will enjoy your new AMERICA in Concert DVD ~~ It sounds sooo good, I recently got the Homecoming DVD and I love it as well.

Johnny ~~ that is too much about the names of the Port a potty's!

Have a Great day all! Nancy :) ~~ It is raining here, melting all the white stuff!!!!

~~~~ and I never gave up Hope when things got me down, but I just bit on my lip, and my faith began to frown, cause that was just my pride, and with nothing left to hide, another way is clearer, and all I wanna say All of My Life the doors have been closed now, all my dreams were just locked up inside, you came along and captured my heart girl, you're the Key to My Life Yeah yeahhhhhh ~~~ Sing it Backstreet Boys ~~ Nice song :)

Message: 26731 Posted: Thu Mar 13 04:33:51 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Miracles!

Joyous news indeed! My heart goes out to the Smart family. I wish them well and that Elizabeth can settle back to normalcy. I hope and pray Elizabeth can now work through the psychological aftermath of this cruel and senseless abduction.

Message: 26730 Posted: Thu Mar 13 01:02:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: "America" week in my classroom (Nina)

Hi Nina,
Was just wondering if you introduce the kids to their music too, and how? For instance, do you have some lesson plans based on one or two of their songs? I'd be interested to know.

Message: 26729 Posted: Wed Mar 12 21:09:16 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Pete, Oh Pete

You left without saying goodbye. Naughty.

Message: 26728 Posted: Wed Mar 12 20:29:20 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Miracles!

Today is a GREAT day indeed. (we have not had many of those lately)

Message: 26727 Posted: Wed Mar 12 20:21:35 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Miracles!

I know that the Elizabeth Smart story has received nationwide attention but living here in Utah, it has received non-stop coverage on every TV and radio station in town. Her parents are very religious people and they always believed that she would be found alive. They had a tremendous amount of faith. As a famous author once wrote, "Faith Precedes The Miracle". We're all excited for her and her family.

Message: 26726 Posted: Wed Mar 12 18:43:50 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Miracles!

Amen! Wonderful news about Elizabeth Smart.

Message: 26725 Posted: Wed Mar 12 18:18:54 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Miracles!

For sure, Valerie!

Message: 26724 Posted: Wed Mar 12 18:02:42 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Vic and Robyn-Thanks!

Vic sent me a photo of the band on stage at the Chandler show and it looked great. It was very colorful. That particular one may have been with flash...I don't know but it was very nice. Regarding the port-o-potties that Vic (and Gerry) joked about, it reminded me of a '98 outdoor America show I attended in Albuquerque which was about a month or two after the '98 release of "Human Nature". There were a couple of potties that were furnished by a company that had the same name as one of the songs from "HN". The company's name was on each of the three potties. So what was the name? It was "Town & Country". Maybe, according to a couple of fellow-fans here, the name "Hidden Talent" would have been a bit more "appropriate". It definitely would have been funnier. I like Dew's "Town And Country" (as well as Ger's "Hidden Talent") so the sight of the port-o-potties was funny to me.

Message: 26723 Posted: Wed Mar 12 16:24:06 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Miracles!

Just heard the wonderful news that Elizabeth Smart was found, alive!! Miracles do happen! Thank God!

Message: 26722 Posted: Wed Mar 12 15:43:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Janet Jackson Episodes

Hey, what's going on with Gerry and Janet Jackson? Can someone explain me? I think I've missed some episodes...

Danae, several years ago Janet Jackson wrote a song called "Let's Wait A While" which sounded a lot like "Daisy Jane". Gerry won a law suit against Janet and with the money he put in a pool. Recently, Janet decided to do another song which uses the riff from "Ventura Highway". This time she got permission from Dewey and he is included in the credits.

Message: 26721 Posted: Wed Mar 12 14:35:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Cd source update & anthology (Steve L.)

Hi there everyone!

Steve, saw your great job concerning the update list of cd/dvd sources on the site. Just wanted to let you know the live in Beat-club video (from I mentioned the other day, has got a different cover picture. Amazing how many different packages of the same product we can find !

BTW, no one here seem to have the answer regarding those two albums which were added on the Anthology cd-rom ( Christie & For All Mankind). Hard to know but I'd like to find out.
I think you must be right - there is perhaps no connection even if it sounds a bit crazy that it should be so! However, I wonder if after all the guys have any idea why those particular cds were chosen to appear on an America anthology ? Or is the whole thing totally out of control?

Message: 26720 Posted: Wed Mar 12 12:56:12 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Sergio

Hey, what's going on with Gerry and Janet Jackson? Can someone explain me? I think I've missed some episodes...

Message: 26719 Posted: Wed Mar 12 12:55:42 2003 By: WHIT

Hi ya'll. Just got back from Vegas. Came to the chat folder to catch up on all the news. Some of this stuff is hilarious! Diva's....Ostriches??!!!!....and Mo's picture's(or should I say Nina's). Only America fans can truly appreciate each other and their great love of great music. I am planning a trip to Oklahoma City in August(4 hour drive) to see the guys at Six Flags. I will be taking my children....ages 24, 20, 13, & 7....because they like America just as much as I do. They should, that's all they hear when they get in any of our vehicles. HAHA!!! Can anyone give me an idea how I can get backstage passes for my family to meet the guys? I know Mo won't tell!

Message: 26718 Posted: Wed Mar 12 11:27:55 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Stuff.

Hi, all! -Vic, funny story about the "port-a-pottys"! I too am looking forward to your pictures.

Nina- I Love your classroom lesson plan! (You teach sixth grade? My son is in sixth grade. What an exciting age to teach!)
I work with Kinders and First graders in a before and after school program, as a teacher/provider. I play my America music everyday! And one of the great things about working with this age group is that I can sing right out loud to the music, and no one makes fun of me! Also, for most of the day I am the only teacher in my classroom. So no adults can make fun of me either!!

Nancy, Mo and Nina- You three better start your rehearsing as "Destiny's Middle-Age Diva's" for Bones! That was so funny!

Lass- You will have to listen to some of Shania Twain's songs! She really has some good music, fun and upbeat! Give it a try!

Mo- You asked a few days ago about how I got my chat board name. It is the first few letters of my first, middle and last name. Thanks for asking!

Also, I am still thinking about the music that I would never listen to. Probably stuff like- 1. Rap/Eminem 2. "Oakie from the Stokie" type of Country music. 3. Whitney, Mariah, Christina Aguilera.
Bye for now.---Valerie

Message: 26717 Posted: Wed Mar 12 07:49:58 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Sergio ~~ Hmmm ~~ Glue you say!!!

Hi there everyone ~~ Kinda Mild and Sunny here today ~~ looks as tho we are in for a break, it is expected to go up into the 50's over the weekend... Nice those little crocuses and daffodil bud will be popping up soon! Yes Yes Yes 9 more days till Spring! :)

Hi Sergio ~~ Thanks for you kind words, soo you think I am the glue to the chat folder... well let me tell you this chat folder is like Glue to me, I just love coming here and posting for sure! ~~The comfortablness and warmth found here must reflect in my posts.... sooooo I say we all are the glue and we stick together quite well!! :)

Yes Mo ~~ We may not know Bones by sight, but I too am sure we would be able to pick him out of the crowd.... I love how Nina said it tho ~~~ You can run Bones, but you cannot hide.... Look Out Bones!!!! :)

Thanks Vic for your perspective on the Chandler show ... Yes Wheels are Turning is one great song done live... and sooo appropriate there in Ariz. with the purple mountains with indigo glow ~~ Nice :) ~~ I am sooo glad you got Gerry's guitar pick, nice how even tho you missed it, it was there at your feet... Hey just a reminder here, have you been working on that project you had mentioned to me awhile back ??? Soo you will be seeing them again in June ~~ sounds like a nice taste of AMERICA Heaven for sure! ENJOY!!!! ~~ I look forward to seeing the pics you got, don't worry they will be fine ~~ it's the thought that counts!!!! :) ~~ Tooo Much about the olfactory momment!!

Yep Live Chat tonight! See ya there! Nancy :)

~~~~ So I go on down the road, one more little town that I don't know, I'm running late, and I'm running low on cold coffee & the radio, and things we like to do, and Every Song Is Youuuuu ~~~~ Sing it Timothy B Schmit ~~ This song sure has alot of the early days Eagles sound to it... :) ~~~ ooooh I'm coming home, ~~~~~ I'm slipping through the cracks, that time slipped on and broke its back, everyone begins to laugh, but I'm laughing to, cause they claim they like it too...... :)

Message: 26716 Posted: Wed Mar 12 07:47:34 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Best Of MusikLaden Live

I just ordered the Best Of MusikLaden Live DVD from cduniverse .. I can't wait for it to get here, I'm sure I won't be disappointed!!


Message: 26715 Posted: Wed Mar 12 07:26:35 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Vic and Robyn-Thanks!

I apologize for the over all, poor quality of the pictures. Most are under exposed and blurred. the "Ostrich Folk" allowed me to take pictures but I was not allowed to use the flash.

I received Vic's photos this morning and I'll do my best to get them posted by this weekend (things are a little hectic right now). I think they turned out pretty good overall. Regarding the use of a flash, it's best NEVER to use a flash when taking pictures of the guys on stage. There are a couple of reasons. First of all, the flash only goes about 15 feet so you're usually too far away to have it do any good. Second, the flash is very distracting (blinding) to the guys on stage. Your best bet is to use a camera and/or film that works well in low light situations. Thanks for the photos Vic!

Message: 26714 Posted: Wed Mar 12 05:42:35 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Destiny's middle-aged Divas

Nina, we may not recognize Bonesy by sight but certainly by wit! He would not be able to fool us. And by the way, America's Hearts through Harbor, wow, I love that lesson plan. Where were you when I was in sixth grade? Oh yeah, probably in sixth grade too!! I'm sending your pics today so keep an eye out.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. Chat tonight--be there, Aloha!!

Message: 26713 Posted: Wed Mar 12 04:56:09 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Destiny's middle-aged Divas

Bones, my friend, a word of caution here: There is a chance that all THREE of us (Mo, Nancy, and myself) will be at the July Mohegun Sun shows...and although they may not know you by sight, I certainly do!

Imagine yourself SURROUNED by 3 middle-aged divas, all warpling "Muskrat Love", slightly off-key? Do you like this picture I paint? (Should we costume up in those "Wonder Woman" boots and cape that you are so fond of?)

You can run, Bones,...but you cannot hide!

P.S. How's the school year going? It's "America" week in my classroom this week. Today I cover Hearts through Harbor...including Dan's departure.

Message: 26712 Posted: Wed Mar 12 01:00:50 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Speculation

Hiya Steve,

No prob's ~~~ love the logo's....all of them, I guess the bill is filled as they say for this year... and I guess we're all blown away by their schedule anyway... phew, I've got trouble just turning up for work for that amount of dates... :))

Message: 26711 Posted: Wed Mar 12 00:56:14 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Speculation

Hi Moser,,,

O/S = short for "Overseas"

Message: 26710 Posted: Tue Mar 11 23:31:10 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Vic and Robyn-Thanks! back to the Ostrich Festival and AMERICA. The band was superb. The high point for me, musically, was hearing them perform "Wheels Are Turning"(Howard), such a wonderful song. Linda commented, how much she liked the song, as soon as she heard the intro. I have a question for Dewey: Would you say, that some of those "wheels" have never ceased turning, especially the big one in the sky?

Also, during the song "Hangover", the guys became a bit more animated, looking around, making faces at one another, and grinning a lot. We could tell something was going on up there, but exactly what, no one knew. The song ended and Dewey was just crackin' up. Dewey said, something like, 'If I didn't have a hangover before this song, I have one now'. Gerry then elaborated: 'One of the draw backs of doing these fairs is, sometime the winds shift. Can't blame it on the ostriches this year.'(something like that) Everyone knew what he was refering to, as it hit the crowd at about the same time. We were all down wind of about 20 "port-a-pottys". What a great "olfactory" moment.

As "Sister Golden Hair" came to an end, the crowd was on there feet. I know Gerry was not aware of me, but he looked in my direction and tossed his pick. I had it in my sights as it came towards me. I thought I had it, but I lost it. I looked down and there it was. Based on the dark scuff marks at the business end, on both sides of the pick, realizing Gerry is right handed, would you say that Gerry played with the "AMERICA" side up or the "Gerry Beckley" side up. Guitar players will know.

I apologize for the over all, poor quality of the pictures. Most are under exposed and blurred. the "Ostrich Folk" allowed me to take pictures but I was not allowed to use the flash.

Message: 26709 Posted: Tue Mar 11 20:10:56 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Vic and Robyn-Thanks!

Vic and Robyn,

Thank you both for your tips and insight on the "Let's Wait Awhile"/"Daisy Jane" sound alike issue. Although I am one of America's oldest fans, I am fairly new to this chat room and therefore had not read any of the past entries. I am glad Gerry got credit for his music on "Let's Wait Awhile". Justice was served!

Message: 26708 Posted: Tue Mar 11 20:03:49 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Further Speculation ~ Dewey's Interview & World Tour Revisited

Hi Nancy,
I want to let you know how much I enjoy your fun contributions to this forum. Keep up the great work! You are the glue in this "chat highway".

With regards to Janet Jackson's being a fan of America...It was only speculation on my part, coming from the fact that 17 years after ripping off the melody to "Daisy Jane", she now legitimately borrows "Ventura Highway". Back in '86, I too liked "Let's Wait Awhile",but more so because it reminded me of "Daisy Jane". Janet's lame vocals and trite lyrics can not compare with the textured and poignant delivery that Gerry Beckley created in "Daisy Jane". A masterpiece for sure!

Message: 26707 Posted: Tue Mar 11 19:46:20 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Destiny's middle-aged Diva's

Hey there Bones ~~ Are You watching me with a Spy Cam or something... how did you know I was walking around singing this neat song all day yesterday!!!! My favorite verse to sing is ~~~~ Nibbling on bacon, chewin on cheese ,Sammy says to Susie "Honey, would you please be my missus?"
And she say yes
With her kisses

And now he's ticklin' her fancy
Rubbin' her toes
Muzzle to muzzle, now anything goes
As they wriggle, and Sue starts to giggle ~~~~ Such a Nice song!!!

Bones this is one song I can actually sing pretty nice, sooo it hurts me to think that I made your Top 3 list of things you wouldn't be caught listening too.... :( :( :(

Mo ~~ Regarding "The Boss" Bruce Baby ~~~ I like him alot too. I have a cousin that loves him as much as I love AMERICA, and she can tell you just about anything you wanna know about him, she has been to many of his shows... What stands out the most about him in my mind is the Video to his song Dancing in the Dark, and the way he sings to Courtney Cox ~~ wouldn't we all have wanted to be her in this video??? WOW!!!! ~~~ Those ooh soo nice lyrics that Red posted yesterday to his song Human Touch from his new cd is a very nice song for sure! :)

As for my Top 3 things I wouldn't be caught listening too
1. Rap
2. Hard Rock (their lyrics turn me off big time)
4. The Redbones Revisited (Bones,Red & Windwave) singing "Come and Get Your Love" LOL!!!!! ;)

Hey Mary ~~~ Great that they added a show in Anaheim!!!! I know You are smiling for sure! :)

Hi Eddy ~~ Thanks for sharing this Intriguing Deal with us!

Nitey Nite all! Nancy :)

She came out of the blue and into my world
Oh, she came out of the blue and into my world
She was a lady with a bluebird sleepin' in her chair
She was dreamin' 'bout a girlfriend and wishing she was there
She was a lady with a bluebird ~~~ Sing it Dewey (this song cracks me up! ) It kinda describes me (I love bluebirds, and I do sleep in my computer chair with my music playing in my headphones) but I sure as heck don't dream about no Girlfriend! For Sure!!!

Message: 26706 Posted: Tue Mar 11 18:53:43 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Destiny's middle-aged Divas

(Imagine this being sung way off key.)
Muskrat, muskrat candlelight
Doin' the town and doin' it right
In the evenin'
It's pretty pleasin'...

Take it away Nina Baby!

You crack me up, Bones.

Message: 26705 Posted: Tue Mar 11 18:44:03 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Little more on Bruce

I saw Bruce in concert during his Tunnel of Love tour....well, actually...I kinda saw him. It was in the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill, NC, and I was 3 rows from the ceiling. I was barely there. He is definitely a favorite. But tickets are so hard to get, and I have no connections! (Bad)

Message: 26704 Posted: Tue Mar 11 18:34:03 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: 29 Minutes

Oh Mo...Bruce is The BEST! Right up there with our Dewey Dewey Dewey & Gerry!!

Message: 26703 Posted: Tue Mar 11 18:15:22 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: New Question, But Answer the Last One While You're at It

1) Slim Whitman - The Very Best of:
2) Louis Marshall Jones - aka Grandpa Jones (Hee Haw)
3) Mo, Nancy, and Nina better known as "Destiny's middle-aged Divas" -
singing "Muskrat Love"

Message: 26702 Posted: Tue Mar 11 17:44:25 2003 By: Moser
Subject: 29 Minutes

Springsteen is in town tonight playing to a sold out crowd. The tickets to his show at the 12,000 seat Blue Cross Arena sold out in 29 minutes. His set list for Monday night in Providence, RI included 25 songs--18 songs then an encore of 3 songs and a second encore of 4 songs. Love that idea of multiple encores--hint, hint. Any Springsteen fans out there?

Message: 26701 Posted: Tue Mar 11 16:41:17 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: New Question, But Answer the Last One While You're at It

Great question Moser....
1. Eminem (I so agree with you)
2. Anita Baker (I just don't like her voice for some reason)
3. Kiss (too......loud, ugly)

Message: 26700 Posted: Tue Mar 11 16:38:32 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: New Question, But Answer the Last One While You're at It

That'a a tough question Moser since I like just about all music. With teenaged step son in the house I am exposed to lots of R&B/Hip-Hop/top 40 music most of it's pretty good. So I guess I vote country music. For some reason I want to say I wouldn't be caught dead listening to anything by Shania Twain or Alan Jackson but then again I have never really heard any of their stuff. Who know I might like them. If someone had asked me a few years ago if I would be listening to the likes of Eminem or Nelly I would have told them they were Nuts....

Message: 26699 Posted: Tue Mar 11 15:34:42 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New Question, But Answer the Last One While You're at It

Good question. Have to completely agree with Celine Dion as the # 1 on this list. Then Chris Isaac, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston.... Oh the list is long.

Message: 26698 Posted: Tue Mar 11 15:32:51 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Allways a pleasure, anything for Gerry,Gerry,Gerry!
(sorry, couldn't help myself!)

Message: 26697 Posted: Tue Mar 11 15:10:12 2003 By: Moser
Subject: New Question, But Answer the Last One While You're at It

So, we've covered who we listen to when we don't have America in the CD player. Let's flip that around and ask, who would you not be caught dead listening to? (Top 3, please.)

My votes:
1) Celine Dion
2) Michael Bolten
3) Eminem
Honorable mention just to be antagonistic: Dan Peek. (Just tongue in cheek here, you don't have to pelt me with tomatoes, please.)

Message: 26696 Posted: Tue Mar 11 15:01:00 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Thanks for the info, Eddy.

Message: 26695 Posted: Tue Mar 11 14:57:13 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Blatant Adoration

<< I mentioned earlier, the guys do read this chat folder and Gerry has a question for you...>>
With that in mind...Hi Gerry Gerry Gerry, miss you.

Message: 26694 Posted: Tue Mar 11 14:26:01 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Hi Steve (& Gerry)
He couldn't really tell me because it went to quite a "name" client & he wouldn't be too happy if he he announced that transaction, but did tell me that typically the 1/12 combo's are selling around #10-12k.(he was really nice about it.)
I thought this was interesting... This same guy had sold Carl Wilson's 1966 360/12 fireglo Rickenbacker that Carl gave away as a gift to James Honeyman Scott (of The Pretenders) for $30,000. WOW!
Guess I'll just have to be happy w/my America picks!

Message: 26693 Posted: Tue Mar 11 08:43:20 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Further Speculation / Dewey's Interview & J. Jackson

Sergio, I don't know about J Jackson's songs, having no fan around but I guess (the prestigious) VH and Daisy Jane can't be but excellent musical references... She could have had worse tastes. LOL.
I remember when the guys were interviewed for the Hourglass release, Dewey said "It's mostly flattering when another performer covers your material".

Moser, you are very welcome. Everybody on this folder is doing their best to keep the others informed, out of true, genuine love & respect for the guys & their listeners.
I, for one,appreciate the guys' efforts (with the Homecoming dvd-audio for ex.) to share with us & let us know about their working process, sources of inspiration and anecdotes (even if they're still reticent on some subjects...). To give just one example, I truly enjoyed reading Gerry's Mirror to Mirror was inspired by the vision of a couple wearing mirrored goggles which he thought was a good analogy for a lack of communication in "some relationships." I find the 'creation' aspect very interesting, though coming far behind the work of art itself. The song had struck my imagination and the 'anecdote' made it twice as good to me.

Nancy, thanks for the precisions about this very interesting taped interview. Concerning the video I mentioned, I regret those changes of names & covers should be so confusing. There should be more legal protections against that IMO.
BFN - Gen.

Message: 26692 Posted: Tue Mar 11 08:42:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America In Anaheim, CA

JimNak tried to post a message here last night but the Chat Folder server was temporarily out of service. He was able to post it on the VH.COM Message Board. For your information, here it is:

"AMERICA will be back ! a message from the Grove of Anaheim California. HI Jim, Thanks for contacting The Grove of Anaheim! Yes, we will have America back this year - stay tuned for on an on sale date to be announced soon. Thank you!"

Message: 26691 Posted: Tue Mar 11 08:34:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Speculation

What does "World Tour" mean?

This title came from me, not from the guys. I was trying to come up with a cool logo to put on the concert web page and when I saw they were playing Central and South America it reminded me of the fact that they have played all over the globe. While it's possible that they may still add some concert dates outside of North America, I haven't heard of any in the planning stages. So, I'll take blame for the slightly misleading title of the concert list. But you have to admit it's a very cool logo that was made by Dave Moretti. --SteveL

Message: 26690 Posted: Tue Mar 11 08:28:55 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Live In Beat Club

BTW, Steve, some of the DVD/Video links on the cd source page are broken.

Thanks for letting me know, Gen. I'll try to get them fixed up the next time I update the site.

Message: 26689 Posted: Tue Mar 11 08:27:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Eddy, as I mentioned earlier, the guys do read this chat folder and Gerry has a question for you. Do you know how much the dumble sold for?

Message: 26688 Posted: Tue Mar 11 07:56:02 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Sergio

Well Gerry and his lawyers noticed the "coincidence" I seem to recall Gerry saying that Janet "paid for his pool" At least this time she asked and gave Dewey songwriter credit.

Message: 26687 Posted: Tue Mar 11 07:25:10 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Further Speculation ~ Dewey's Interview & World Tour Revisited

Hi Everyone ~~ It's a crisp Sunny morning, when I took the kids down to the bus stop everything was dressed in a fine layer of ice, the night sky was soooooo Nice last night, almost a Half Moon and lots of twinkling stars ~~ :)

Hey there Mo ~~ I would love for the answer to your question be D) They have a lighter schedule because they're working on a new album. (Yeah, baby.) ~~ but I have to go with B) The schedule will begin to fill in more quickly as the summer approaches ~~ Last years schedule seemed to follow this pattern, as the summer came more and more shows were announced and kept on coming with each month... Hmmmm Red I kinda agree with your speculation on this, yes the economy isn't that great right now, but it seems that the same venue's rebook AMERICA ~~ probably because of how well they do fill the house up with their shows, same would apply to the Eagles ~ a Venue isn't going to hesitate rebooking them because they know they are going to pull in the crowd. Even with the sluggish economy, I think Music & Concerts are things that people are going to spend their money on, because it is something that gives back to them 100fold (maybe I am just speaking for myself here), I just think that the things that bring enjoyment to ones life, are gonna be things that people will find a way to get. ~~ Those are some nice lyrics you posted there by "The Boss" :)

Hi Gen, Goanna & Sergio ~~~ Thanks for the link to this interview Gen, I hadn't seen it yet. Much of what Dewey said in this interview is the same as what I just heard him say on The Equador Show tape that I got from Howie (I watched this again, yesterday and this show was AWESOME ~~ the playlist was really a long and good one, this was at the time they were promoting Human Nature, Dewey sang Pages, and From a Moving Train, Mirror to Mirror & also The Last Unicorn is on this, and the encore consisted of 3 great songs All My Life, Only in Your Heart and HWNN... Following this show is an interview with Gerry & Dewey too. This Lady (wow she was one lucky one at that is sitting on a couch in between the 2 of them)She had to be a big fan of theirs ~~ and she asks them sooo many questions, alot were similar to this interview that Gen mentions. When asked about there once being a third member in the group Dewey says that Dan Peek left the group in 77 to pursue other areas in music (I am not quoting the exact words here), and then this lady said have you thought of not going on when he left and much like what Dewey said in this Louisville interview he says on here too, except he says that to keep the 3 part harmonizing at times they have brought other artists in on these songs, he names Timothy (yes yes yes)and I don't remember the rest.. He says that Gerry and He enjoyed working together and wanted to continue on with their music, and that they keep Lonely People & Don't Cross The River ( 2 of Dan's big songs with them) in the shows to keep the early AMERICA legacy going on... Now when this Lady asked if they would return to Equador in the future ~~ Gerry says they will be returning, soooooo still have Hope that in this World Tour that a show could possibly come your way Gen & Goanna... Hey call some of the Vendors in your part of the country and request they contact AMERICA to come for a show! ~~~ Oooh and one more thing she asked them ~~ if there would be more new albums from them ~~ Gerry said yes that he hopes fo r there to be more new albums to follow. ~~ This interview was sooo neat, it was in a hotel lobby and lots of phones ringing and other distractions, yet this Lady and Gerry & Dewey seemed to be Still in time, the camera man must have been a big fan too, because he just kept the camera going even when the interview was over, this Lady ended up getting a Kiss from both Dewey & Gerry, it was such a neat look at them.... Thanks Howie for sharing this great show with us! :) Yes Sergio ~~~ I too noticed the similarity in Janet's song Let's Wait Awhile (such a nice song)to Daisy Jane (WOW~ I love this song), hmmmm neat that you said you think she was a Fan of theirs from way back... I would love to hear if she was a fan, and which song or album of theirs captured her interest.... Daisy Jane is playing here now on my speakers.... this song can instantly bring me to happy tears.... soooo nice for sure! :)

Hi David ~~ Yes I remember you mentioning this America in Live Beat Club cd... I really didn't know anything about it, but I too have seen it available on the different cd & dvd sites that I have checked out.
Hey there JohnL ~~ now that would be AMERICA Heaven for sure, having them there in Halfmoon Bay for a whole Month of shows!!! Hey maybe Jeff Larson could even come and do a couple of the shows with them, that would be kinda neat wouldn't it... I love his song Halfmoon Bay! :)

Hmmm ~~ not last Sunday but the Sunday before that Dick Bartley solid gold countdown featured an interview with Gerry, it was when HWNN was at the number 3 position and was on its way to the number 1 spot, and right next to them in the number 2 spot was Neil Young's Heart of Gold... in the interview with Gerry ~~ he says how they came up with the name AMERICA (the jukebox called Americana) and how they all met in High School and formed this band and traveled, due to their Father's being in the Service... Sooo neat to think that 31 years later AMERICA's music is still heard and we also have had a taste of 3 new songs from them on their Holiday Harmony CD, and with them releasing the Grand Cayman show.... (such an AWESOME thing to do for us Die Hards~~ Thanks ooooh soo much Gerry, Dewey & Hal Linderman), I am all excited about getting to see them again in 3 WEEKS from TODAY... I think I may have to shout out at the show.... Hey Everybody check out the rest of AMERICA's Hidden GEMS! How I would love to hear some of these played at the shows for sure!!!!

Have a great day all! Nancy :)

~~~ dododoodododoododooo aaaaaw yeah~~ Your love is better than Ice Cream, better than anything else that I've tried, your love is better than ice cream, everbody knows how to crrrryyyyy, its along way down, its a loonnnnng waaaay down to the place where we've started from doodoododoeeodoodododoe awww yeah, your love is better than CHOCOLATE, better than anything else that I've tried, your love is better than chocolate,everbody knows how to fight, and its alonnnnnnnng way down, its a loonnnnnnng way down to the place where we started from ~~~ Play it and Sing it Sarah McLaughlan ~~ this is such a neat song from the movie Bed Of Roses soundtrack..... Good Movie too!!! ;)

Message: 26686 Posted: Tue Mar 11 07:22:22 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Sergio

Sergio, you were not alone, in what you thought you heard, in Jackson's, "Let's Wait Awhile". It must have been discussed, at some point, here on the chat folder. I'm not sure when though. Something like that, could not go unoticed here! On the VenturaHighway site, if you scroll down to about 9/02/02, posts 2172 through 2185, you will find that it was discussed briefly there. I also found information by going to the search engine "Google" and entering Gerry's and Janet's names, as key words in a 'search'

Message: 26685 Posted: Tue Mar 11 06:36:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Speculation

What is O/S?
I think the graphic on the tour dates page with the World Tour 2003 label is a creation of David Moretti for use on this website not something done for or by the band. Am I right on this, Steve?

Thanks for the interview insight. It seems the guys are highlighting similar themes in their press coverage. Thanks for sharing your find.

Message: 26684 Posted: Tue Mar 11 04:15:00 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dewey's interview

Given Dewey mentioned Janet Jackson in that interview~ "this past year alone (we've) been fortunate to have the younger generation become more familiar with us after Janet Jackson incorporated 'Ventura Highway' into her song 'Someone To Call My Lover.'" It reminds me that Janet Jackson may be a big America fan from way back...I wonder if anyone ever picked up that an early Janet Jackson song "Let's Wait Awhile" from her 1986 album "Control" had more than a passing resemblance in the melody line to "Daisy Jane." I remember at the time commenting to friends at work, whether they had outright copied "Daisy Jane's" melody. Then perhaps it's just me, but I wonder if anyone else noticed that???

Message: 26683 Posted: Tue Mar 11 04:00:51 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Speculation:what does "World Tour" mean?

E) They are saving dates for new overseas concerts... before they go back to the studio :-)

Message: 26682 Posted: Tue Mar 11 03:46:25 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Speculation

Now,,, that ponders another question we have overlooked...
it's supose to be the "2003' World Tour" is that like O/S or what
or do we eventually get to see the guys going overseas too this year... what does "World Tour" mean?

Message: 26681 Posted: Tue Mar 11 03:38:15 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Dewey's interview

Talking about Dewey, I was interested to read his words in the Louisville internet review entitled << America, friends to rock Palace>> and signed by GIOIA PATTON (dated Jan. 10, 2003)at
A series of long quotes from one phone interview he recently gave from his home. I apologize to those of you who may have already read and/ or commented the article. Nice to have Dewey's opinion (even if mostly) on the usual topics. My attention was particularly attracted by some passages that either raised questions or showed Dewey's ( or the guys'?) position concerning some of the topics already discussed here (eg Hall of Fame etc...)
Here are my picks:

"Legend has it (we) named ourselves America because we hung out at the Air Force base cafeteria and listened to music on a jukebox named Americana and as expatriates the name kind of clung to (us)," he said, admitting there was some truth to the story.
(my naive self thought the fact had been established...)

"And of America's 20-odd albums, I'd say 90 percent of the songs were written by (us)."
(Good thing! except for some maybe... )

By 1977, Peek had become a "born-again" Christian and left the group. "Gerry and I supported Dan's decision and continue to wish him well," Bunnell said.

Did he and Beckley consider disbanding America with Peak's departure? "No, never," Bunnell said. "Music has always been what's inspired (us) and it's (our) 'job,' for lack of a better word."

"The Grand Cayman Concert" cd is "America's belated 'unplugged' record," Bunnell joked, "just Gerry and I on acoustic guitars and Gerry on piano."

Typically, America does 150 to 200 concert dates a year, and Bunnell said the ages of their fans always has been pretty diverse.
(So, yes Moser, they are far from it on this year's list)

"During the early 1970s, America was enjoyed by the older generation after popular crooners of the day like Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams covered Beckley's penned ballad 'I Need You.' And now that Gerry and I are older," Bunnell said, "this past year alone (we've) been fortunate to have the younger generation become more familiar with us after Janet Jackson incorporated 'Ventura Highway' into her song 'Someone To Call My Lover.'"
( Who said this particular cover was not a good idea?)

Bunnell said the group's hard-core fans "are screaming mad" that America has yet to be inducted into rock 'n' roll's Hall of Fame, but he remains philosophical about the group's place in music history.

"The point is the music of America has made a lot of people happy, and (our) records have found their way into a lot of people's history, including books and movies," he said.

Very philosophical and so very true, too!
BFN- Gen.

Message: 26680 Posted: Tue Mar 11 02:45:29 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: America Live In Beat Club

Thanks. I too suspected it might be a clone of the Musikladen video except it doesn't include the bonus track Mad Dog as found on the German release.
(BTW, Steve, some of the DVD/Video links on the cd source page are broken.)

Message: 26679 Posted: Mon Mar 10 19:42:33 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Little ? for Dewey

Do you remember meeting a girl in '91 after a show in a small bar in North Carolina with a quarter size piece of Iraqi scud missle in her purse? (from the Gulf War - brother had come home with souvenirs for family)......that was me.....I'm a Dewey Girl!

Message: 26678 Posted: Mon Mar 10 18:49:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America Live In Beat Club

Thanks for the clarification, David. I suspected that that was the case.

Message: 26677 Posted: Mon Mar 10 18:48:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: With a little help from my friends...

I doubt that there is a connection. My guess is that there was some room for a few more albums on the MP3 CD and the people who threw it together had the Christie stuff available and it fit so they included it. Since I've never heard those songs I don't know what they sound like. Perhaps they are similar to America but that's not even necessarily the case. Has anyone out there heard these songs or do they have any other information?

Message: 26676 Posted: Mon Mar 10 18:48:00 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: America Live In Beat Club

Yes, actually, a long time back, I posted that they were selling a DVD of this on HMV in Canada, but no one responded. It's the same as the Musikladen Video/DVD.

Message: 26675 Posted: Mon Mar 10 16:23:33 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: With a little help from my friends...

Thanks for answering Steve. I suppose there must be some sort of connection though (?).

Message: 26674 Posted: Mon Mar 10 16:12:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: With a little help from my friends...

All I know is that they're not by America.

Message: 26673 Posted: Mon Mar 10 16:11:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Live in Beat-Club 1975 VIDEO?

And has anyone heard ( or seen) the AMERICA Live in Beat-Club 1975 VIDEO sold for $19.99 at
They say it includes:
1.Ventura Highway
2.I Need You
3.Don’t Cross The River
4.Horse With No Name
5.Moon Song
6.Lonely People
7.Wind Wave
9.Tin Man
10.California Dreamin'
11.Green Monkey

Message: 26672 Posted: Mon Mar 10 16:02:13 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: With a little help from my friends...

Could anyone please give some info about those tracks :
Christie (1970)
For All Mankind (1974) )
found on the Russian release 'America Anthology' CD-Roms ? Thanks for your help.

Message: 26671 Posted: Mon Mar 10 14:57:12 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Further Speculation

I vote for D)... New songs... a nice perspective!...

Message: 26670 Posted: Mon Mar 10 14:57:08 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Speculation

My speculation is the number of concerts will be considerably lighter due to the economy sucking like it does. I know last summer here in Denver at the City Lights Pavilion, only 2 shows all summer were sellouts. All places are slow to announce anything due to the sluggish economy. Until next time.

You might need somethin' to hold on to
When all the answers, they don't amount to much
Somebody that you could just to talk to
And a little of that Human Touch

Baby, in a world without pity
Do you think what I'm askin's too much
I just want to feel you in my arms
Share a little of that Human Touch
Feel a little of that Human Touch
Give me a little of that Human Touch

Human Touch - Bruce Springsteen

Message: 26669 Posted: Mon Mar 10 14:05:18 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Further Speculation

Or they are holding out for a month long gig in Halfmoon Bay BC. Ya, I am sure that is what it is.

Message: 26668 Posted: Mon Mar 10 13:38:19 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Further Speculation

D) They have a lighter schedule because they're working on a new album. (Yeah, baby.)

Message: 26667 Posted: Mon Mar 10 13:16:36 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Reply to Valynda..."in Gerry's arms"

Nina, the picture of you and Gerry is absolutely adorable!!

Message: 26666 Posted: Mon Mar 10 12:36:52 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re:Speculation

Hi Moser! I'm thinking that the 54 concerts have nothing to do with Dewey's injury, because he's been through the worst of it these first two months...And that although it's Gerry's wish to "slow down" eventually, I'm not sure that the're ready just yet...So I vote for "B".
I'm taking an educated guess that "summer" is their busiest time, and seeing that we're still 4-5 months away from those summer months of June, July, and August; I'd say there's lots of opportunity to schedule in more shows. How about a NORTHERN Massachusetts show...if I may be so greedy? At least a Southern New Hampshire, like Keene, NH again?

Message: 26665 Posted: Mon Mar 10 11:41:20 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Speculation

A new question to ponder:
So far, there are only 54 concert dates on the tour list. I've only been hanging around this joint for about a year so I have little to go on but it seems to me that the schedule is filling in more slowly than I recall from last year. If this is true, what do you think the reason is for this?
A) Because of Dewey's injury, the guys have decided to limit their appearances this year.
B) The schedule will begin to fill in more quickly as the summer approaches.
C) The schedule already reflects the "But now that we're both fifty...take it down to about 80 or 90 shows a year...." idea that Gerry expressed in the Rick Greenwood interview.
Just curious what you guys might think.

Message: 26664 Posted: Mon Mar 10 09:26:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Eddy, the guys read this chat folder and when they want to reply they send me their replies and I do the posting. So, if they let me know the answer to your question about the amp, I'll be sure to pass it along.

Message: 26663 Posted: Mon Mar 10 09:16:59 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: 79' Dumble overdrive special

Never mind...........I just got my e-mail.....The Dumble got sold the day he got it.........oh well.......

Message: 26662 Posted: Mon Mar 10 09:11:06 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: 79' Dumble overdrive special

First of all, I'm glad I'm not the only one here that likes a couple of beers, I had quite a few in me on my last post!(LOL!)
Mo: nice photos, I really enjoyed the interview!
I was going through my vintage guitar mag, & came across something interesting.... it's a 1979 Dumble overdrive special. Built in 1978, delivered to the group America in Jan. 79", it's dead mint, finished in light brown suede. Studio & home use only.
I'm waiting on an e-mail on the price, I guess my question is: what did they think of this amp, & did they use it on any recordings?
Steve, I know their busy, but I was wondering if you could ask them.
If you don't want to bother them w/that, I understand.

Message: 26661 Posted: Mon Mar 10 08:46:23 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: VIC-tory!

Sorry about not posting sooner. Had to work Saturday and Sunday. The concert was great fun, a good time was had by all, especially Linda and me. The temperature had been in the high 70's during the day. The sun was setting just as we arrived in Chandler. Once the sun sets, this time of year, the temperature drops quickly. By the time the band took the stage, it was probably in the mid 50's, so it was quite cool. The band seemed unaffected by the temperature. The interaction between band members was great. You can tell that they enjoy being up there and playing together. After "Riverside", Gerry greeted everyone, saying that it was great to be back, in Chandler again, at the "Ostrich Fest", minus the ostriches. That got a chuckle from crowd. At that time I wasn't sure why but since have found out why no ostriches this year. More about that later, Johnny and Nancy. Did not make note of the set list as I was busy going from one side to the other, trying to get pictures. I checked the set list from one of Moser's posts, and it is the same, except neither Linda or I remember "Three Roses".

Must close for now as I have to get to work. Will post more later and get some pictures to Steve soon.

Message: 26660 Posted: Mon Mar 10 07:28:40 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: From the Mouths of Babes

I've always wondered how Gerry came up with the idea to play the song backwards. Did he try other songs too but they didn't work? Just curious about his thought process to create such a gem. Anyone know?

Message: 26659 Posted: Mon Mar 10 07:18:17 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Valynda..."in Gerry's arms"

Regarding one of the Plymouth photos posted by Moser of me "in Gerry's arms": you'd better take another close look. That's Gerry "in MY arms!" There's a BIG difference! If I were in HIS arms I'd probably have fainted and Moser would have had to scrape me off the floor. (Or gotten Pete to help because he's the only one with muscles enough to pick me up!!!)

After chatting with Dewey and then waiting over 30 minutes in the lounge of the Radisson hotel for Gerry, I had just given up, put my winter coat on, and started saying my good-byes to Moser and Cindy when Gerry finally arrived. I certainly wasn't going to let him get away; thusly I tackled him! (Caroe Diem!) Didn't injure him in any way, though, so he should be able to continue the tour!

Message: 26658 Posted: Mon Mar 10 07:03:16 2003 By: Moser
Subject: From the Mouths of Babes

Like most of your kids, my kids are continuously bombarded with America music. They hear it in the house, in the car, and the other day in McDonald's when SGH came on. They groaned. Anyway, they know the words by heart. Since we've been listening to VGG continuously for the last 10 days, they already know those lyrics as well. On Saturday, Kaity who is 12, asked me if Now Sue was supposed to make sense. Well, no I told her and tried to explain why. I played Till the Sun Comes Up Again for her, then played the backwards version of it, then played Now Sue. I had her listen carefully to the backwards track and listen for the similarities in Now Sue. She wasn't overly impressed at the time but was at least patient enough to let me play all three tracks for her. (Small victories when they're preteens, people.) About an hour later she looked at me and said, "Gerry Beckley is very creative."
"Well, yeah," I said. "But what makes you say that?"
"To play a song backwards and make a different song out of it, that's what," she said.
It was a very cool moment. They might groan, but I think they're coming around. At the very least, when I'm old or dead and they hear SGH at McDonald's they'll think of me like I think of my dad when I hear The Last Farewell, The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald, or Danny Boy. Thanks Gerry.

Message: 26657 Posted: Mon Mar 10 06:27:03 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW pics, Changing Styles & Episode 67...

Hi Everyone ~~ Another White Monday morning wakeup!!! Only 3 more weeks till the IUP show!!!!! WOW! :)

Thanks Gerry for Nice Taste of Decor & Landscape ~~~ I agree with Gen these 2 pics are very inviting for sure! I love the color of the buildings and roofs and how they tie in with their surroundings, neat that you happened to catch that plane flying over the purple mountains in the Tempe pic.... I loved all the trees and flowers in the LaQuinta pic. Both were Visual Delights! ~~ Hmmmm as I was listening to my Homecoming DVD this weekend, I couldn't help but notice in one of the pics a background setting similar to the LaQuinta one.... Could this be possible???

Hey there Jimmmmm(bob) ~~~ Yes it is kinda understanding what Gerry says about keeping the playlist of songs the same.... Tho I kinda look at it this way, if even the casual fan is coming and likes all of these great songs....wouldn't they be pleasantly surprised and their interest kinda peaked when they hear some of the more unheard gems that AMERICA has to offer??? Can you imagine how Hat Trick would get the Crowd up on their feet and into it!!!! WOW!!! ~~~ Oooh yes Dewey's influence on the early stuff was sooo predominant, it would be great to get to hear a Solo effort of his as well as Gerry's.... I was reading Dan's Episode 67 and by the sounds of it they sure had some unique things happen along the way.... I just love how all 3, Gerry, Dewey & Dan are sooo talented in soo many ways, and how AWESOME it was when all of their talents meshed together... A Nice touch of AMERICA Heaven for sure!!! I know I have said this many times before ~~ but here goes again.... We sure are lucky to have the BEST of all 3 of them Now and forever!!!!! :)

Well Vic ~~~ Have you come back down to the ground yet??? Nice to see You got one of Gerry's Picks, I am looking forward to hearing all about the show and to see your pics.... Hmmmm ~~ My inquiring mind is wondering tho.... what did you mean when you put "NO OSTRICHS" on your post on the venturahwy mess. board???? Sounds like you had really good seats too ~~ WOW!!!!! :)

Hey Mo & Nina ~~~~ We have some pretty cute competition to look out for as far as Gerry Gerry Gerry goes.... Little Miss Melina (my 3yr old niece) was here with me on Sat. and she loves listening to my Homecoming DVD too, she says I like Gerry, Aunt Nanny! :) Look OUT!~~ She is starting to know most of these songs pretty good, she even took notice to all of the distinctive bug and evening sounds at the beginning of Moon Song... Head & Heart is still her favorite one, she sings to it every time along with Aunt Nanny!!!! :)~~~~ I was also watching the Central Park Live DVD and this was one rockin show for sure.... I just love it, and it has me a Hankerin for a Guest Bass Appearance at the IUP show, with none other than David Dickey!!! ~~ WOW!!! ~~~ And yes Red & Mo ~~~ it would be neat to add a Sax Player to the shows again too.... This Jim Calire, that is on this show is pretty darn good!!! ~~ Gerry & Dewey look ooooooh soo good on this, Woodzy can be quite the character as well as Willie, it looks as tho they all had a great time doing this show together.... :)

Well gotta go for now, have a great day all! Nancy :)

~~~ Sooon came the people from over in the valley, hundreds of them walking towards us in the rain, then we turned around and hid out in the alley, travel down the stones of tomorrow day lane.... Sing it Dewey,Gerry & Dan :)

Message: 26656 Posted: Sun Mar 09 15:20:00 2003 By: Andie Frederick
Subject: Pics from Plymouth, Mass.


I just saw the pics from the concert in Plymouth. You did a job well done. Many thanks for letting us see the photos. I would say you were givin a blessing. I wished that was me instead of you. Bye!

Message: 26655 Posted: Sun Mar 09 10:58:50 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Styx, Queen and Meeting the Guys

Hi Valynda (Valerie), I met Tommy Shaw almost 20 years ago when he was a solo act. He was playing at a very small venue near where I live and I went to his show with my husband (who at many times thinks I'm crazy). I was just dying to meet Tommy and began talking to this guy who worked there and asked him if there was any way that I could get to talk to Tommy. He told me he was the bouncer for the place and somehow I convinced him how much I really wanted to meet him. He told me to just hang out with him before the show and that Tommy would be walking right thru the front doors of the place and it was his job to look out for him right before the show. True to his word he let me go right over to Tommy immediately before he took the stage and I had the opportunity to talk to him for a few minutes and get his autograph. Tommy was really nice. I remember telling him that I had seen him before with Styx in Philadelphia and he asked if it was at the Spectrum. I told him it was. I really didn't have much time and unfortunately didn't have my camera with me, but it was a magical momemt I will always remember. He's very good looking and still is, I think he will be 50 this year. So sometimes I guess you just hit it lucky and it could depend on a person working at the place they are performing giving you the opportunity to meet them. His show was incredible. I have seen him several times and he can be very acoustic and can really rock too.~~~So neat that you saw Brian May. He is my favorite member of Queen. What a guitar player. His solo albums are great. I saw Queen a long time ago too in Phila.~~~It was terrible to lose Freddie. He had a beautiful voice and incredible stage presence. And the Queen harmonies~~~WoW!!!~~~I hope to have the chance to meet America. I have loved them for a long time too. Their music really touches my heart.

Message: 26654 Posted: Sun Mar 09 09:16:42 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: VIC-tory!

Vic ~ Nice goin' snagging Gerry's guitar pick that he tossed in your direction! It only seems right that it would go to someone here on the chat. Looking forward to hearing some of the details from the show when you have time.

Message: 26653 Posted: Sun Mar 09 07:01:29 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: Valynda & Then Some

Sorry, I misspelled your name, Valynda. And I meant to say California Adventure.

Message: 26652 Posted: Sun Mar 09 06:59:01 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:Valynda & Then Some

Hi Robyn & Valenda, I made it also to California Adventure to see America, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Bangles, and The Monkees last year. Of course, my absolute favorite was, our guys, DEWEY & GERRY. We had a great time. Sure hope they have these concerts going again this year. I'll be there for sure. I live in Running Springs, in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. So we try and get to Disneyland and California as much as we can. Beautiful day out here today. Take care. Mary henderson

Message: 26651 Posted: Sun Mar 09 03:15:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - La Quinta

Very Mediterranean sort of setting on this one: white walled houses with blue blinds and dark pink Bougainvilleae ('Bougainvillier' in French named after French explorer Louis de B.) growing here and there but with a lot more discipline than on the Guatemala pic posted some time ago, palm trees, distant mountains etc... Very inviting... Well, this won't be a surprise : I like this view very much! :-) Enjoying both the scenery AND the music of America live must be SOMETHING indeed !

Message: 26650 Posted: Sat Mar 08 21:22:14 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Valynda and Then Some

aw my cousin Bill made it in three days ( 'course he drove nonstop like a madman.....)
let me know if you are coming in July would love to meet somewhere! (Going to Disneyland right?- 50 miles from me!)

Message: 26649 Posted: Sat Mar 08 20:29:51 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Dewey, Styx and Queen.

Hi, all! Lass, it sounds like your Rampage is just what we all need once in a while! Ignore your husband, and keep on singing! You Go Girl!

Cindy, Mary H., Lass and all of Deweys Girls. I am so glad that we have all realized that we can share him! He's worth it!

Cathy R.- Yes, I too have been a fan of Styx from way back. How exciting that you have met Tommy Shaw! Please tell us how you met him. I do hope you get to meet our guys soon!

You also mentioned Queen. I love their music also. I have a couple of stories to share.---When I was about 19 or 20 my girlfriends and I would often go to Dance Clubs. Every time a guy would ask me my name, I always answered, Valerie, Valerie Mercury. Of course Mercury isn't really my last name. I just really loved Freddie Mercury and Queen! (What a sad loss that was.) And my girlfriend always introduced herself as Trish, Trish Stewart. She loved Rod Stewart at the time. Oh, this brings back such memories, what big teases we were in those days, (my mind is wandering, all of that is a whole other story!)
Anyway, back to Queen.
When I went down to Anaheim this past August to see our guys at California Adventures, I was totally Star Struck! First of all, Two concerts of America, with me sitting right if front of My Guy, oops, I mean, Our Guy Dewey! Then the next day when my family and I were visiting Disneyland, we were hanging out in New Orleans Square. Then I noticed a tall guy with long curly hair, walking with a Disneyland employee. My eyes immediately opened as wide as they could, and I started trembling a little bit. I said to my husband, "Oh my Gosh, do you know who that is?!!" He said, "No." I said, "Quick, quick, give me the camera!" I ran over to where BRIAN MAY of Queen was walking. He stopped to talk to a woman for a minute or so, and I just stood there waiting to ask him if I could take his picture. (Now, I am so stupid, you see, after many years of trying to get pictures or autographs of performers, I have become very polite! I always ask first.) When he was done talking to the woman he looked at me and smiled, and I said, "May I take your picture?" The Disneyland employee said, "He will not be staying for pictures today." Brian again smiled at me and as they were about to enter into a doorway, he stepped forward and shook my hand! I said something brilliant like, "I love your music!" He said, "Thank You." I could feel the tears coming to my eyes, and I think I started crying right in front of him. He said Goodbye to me and they went in the door. Well, I did not get to take any pictures of him, but my husband did have the video camera on, but only faced at Brian for about 5 seconds. Oh well, that will have to be enough to capture the memory!

Also during the whole Disneyland-America weekend, we saw the actor from General Hospital that plays Lucky Spencer. (I'm sorry, his name escapes me at the moment.) We ran into him about 3 times at Calif. Adventures. Including at the America concert. He was in the VIP seating, so maybe he is a friend of theirs?

Anyway, as we were heading home after my fantastic weekend, I wondered who we may run into next. One can only imagine what movie stars were driving next to us!
Or maybe Paul McCartney would be gassing up at the AMPM in Buellton! Ha-Ha! ----Valerie

Message: 26648 Posted: Sat Mar 08 18:29:23 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America Music Rampage

Lass ~ Your "America music rampage" post brought these lyrics to mind:

<<...cranked up the stereo....>> We hear both sides/We sympathize/We live our lives in stereo

<<...lit a few candles....>> Muskrat, muskrat candlelight/Doin' the town and doin' it right

<<...drank a few beers....>> Amidst the dancing paradise/A case of beer, a smile, a motorcycle child

<<...the neighborhood dogs were howling....>> At some old cafe tonight/You hear the dogs bay

Go Lass Go!!! :0)

Message: 26647 Posted: Sat Mar 08 17:45:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: America Music Rampage

Lass, You're cracking me up here. Next time you're having an America blowout, give me a call. I'll bring the beer. Heatwave here today too, 44 degrees, sunny. Definitely a CW day (car wash). There is hope for this month after all.

Message: 26646 Posted: Sat Mar 08 17:03:21 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Mo's photos(Cindy) & America Music Rampage

Yup Cindy, you're right Dewey forgot alright...that's because I am his perfect match *lol* (in my dreams)
Being "men", I am sure the guys don't mind having all of us gals being "ga ga" over them.

Went on a total America Music Rampage last night. Put on the head phones, cranked up the stero, lit a few candles, drank a few beers and sang along to my fav America tunes. I had a great time...but then got told this morning by hubby that singing is now "outlawed" in our house because I sounded so bad and off key that the neighborhood dogs were howling (must have been the beer).

Heat Wave (yipee) here in NE PA today got up to 42 degrees, sunny with beautiful blue skys. I gave me hope that spring really is right around the corner!

Message: 26645 Posted: Sat Mar 08 16:34:51 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - La Quinta

The previous photo from Gerry was sent to me this morning. Here's one from this evening that was taken in La Quinta, CA. Gerry certainly gets around. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26644 Posted: Sat Mar 08 14:05:38 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Tempe

Gerry is in Tempe, AZ today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26643 Posted: Sat Mar 08 09:41:14 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Mo's photos

I, my dear Mary, am a perfect match for Dewey. He just doesn't know it! (or he forgot!)

Message: 26642 Posted: Sat Mar 08 08:23:24 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: Mo's photos

And all this time I thought Dewey was only mine. Oh, well, I guess it's all right to share as long as his wife doesn't mind. Oh, yes, and of course my hubby, too.

Message: 26641 Posted: Sat Mar 08 07:57:52 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Photos from Moser

Hey, Mo, you wear glasses? I've never seen you with them!

Message: 26640 Posted: Sat Mar 08 06:11:39 2003 By: Moser
Subject: VicMeister

Okay Vic. I've got a jones for an America fix. How was the Ostrich Festival show? I know you're probably still sleeping but get up, man. We need to hear this. Any pics? Boy it's a long time 'til April.

Message: 26639 Posted: Fri Mar 07 21:00:24 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Changing Styles

So long as the set list remains as it is I dont think there are too many changes that the guys would make as all their live stuff remains pretty true to the original recordings. As Ive often said, nothing Ive heard live captures the beauty of the originals. Sure, in a live setting an uptempo version is going to keep the crowd rocking, but to me, sometimes to the detriment of the song as it was recorded. Old Man Took for example, while always a pleasure to hear done live, seems to my ears, to not have quite the same loveliness as done on Holiday. much as we all want to hear the gems, it makes perfect sense for the guys to keep the set list as it is. The interview with Gerry that Mo posted says as much. My favourite America stuff though, is the quiet accoustic songs with the superb 3 part harmony. Midnight, I would love to hear on their 'next' CD, preferably done in a studio as opposed to live. People In The Valley is another, the harmonies on Hearts are sensational! Makes me think of Dan! Moser, thanks for your story; good on ya and enjoy the rest of your tour! On the topic of VGG, it is superb, and with Dan's recent fantastic stuff, it is little wonder America has such a huge body of great work. The talent is awesome. And lets not forget the early sound of the band was Dewey, so I eagerly await his first solo effort!

Message: 26638 Posted: Fri Mar 07 19:52:35 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Valynda and Then Some

You could do worse, Bonesy.

Message: 26637 Posted: Fri Mar 07 19:24:50 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Hoyt Axton - My Griffin Is Gone

I usually just lurk here, but I have some news that I'm so excited about, and I know some of you will understand...I just made reservations to Ontario, Canada April 4-6...which includes two nights of America! I can't wait! Hearing about the recent concert experiences and seeing all the pictures really has me pumped up.

Jason, if you'd like to read a little about Hoyt Axton, you can go to Michael Allsup plays lead guitar for Three Dog Night, and he wrote down some memories of Hoyt, including the last time he saw Hoyt shortly before he died. Someone mentioned Hoyt's mom - she wrote Heart Break Hotel for Elvis. If you read Michael's tribute to Hoyt and are interested in hearing "Some Women", I highly recommend purchasing Michael's CD. This was the last song that Hoyt wrote, and Michael did a great job recording it.


Message: 26636 Posted: Fri Mar 07 19:20:30 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Valynda and Then Some

I guess there's nothing worse than a "geek groupie" hanging on ya.

Message: 26635 Posted: Fri Mar 07 19:16:13 2003 By: Lass
Subject: VFTHW, new question & other stuff

Looking at Gerry's latest View From The Hotel Window had me wishing I was on that hitting a few on that golf course below, especially when it was 14 below zero here in NE PA this morning (BRRRRR).
My favorite music besides America
Phil Collins
Paul Simon (especially Rhythm Of the Saints)
Lately I have been listening to Avril Lavigne and Creed.

Great second set of Pics Mo!!! That Gerry is still one handsome guy...but it's Dewey that sets my heart on fire!!! So back off Cindy and Valerie....oh I suppose we can share...

Message: 26634 Posted: Fri Mar 07 18:55:05 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Valynda and Then Some

First of all, I am always interested in how people come up with their screen names. So, how did you put together Valynda? Tell us, please. And welcome to our humble America abode. You have my vote for newbie of the year especially after your 'cute couple' comment. Geez, you made me blush almost as much as I'm blushing in that picture. But don't tell Gerry Gerry Gerry the cute thing 'cause you'll scare him away throughout my whole Tour!! And you know we can't have that!! Besides, his half of the pic might be cute (well definitely is cute) whereas I just look like an embarrassed geek. Next time I'm not gonna be scared, darnit!! Yeah, right.

Cindy & Valerie--
Now, girls, fight nice over Dewey. And don't tell Lass that you want him 'cause she'll be all over you. Besides there's lots of space in Dewey's Girls or Gerry's Girls for everyone. Then, of course, there are the girls who go both you know what I mean--the Dewey-Gerry-Dewey-Gerry Girls who can't decide on one or the other. Wonder what it's like to have multitudes of people all ga ga over you? I guess it can't be a bad thing.

Speaking of that...
Red Oak--
I'm all for the sax. Maybe Jimmy Calire has a free month or two to go on tour with the guys. I'd pay an extra buck or two per ticket to see that, wouldn't you?

Thanks again, everybody, for the good karma on the pics and interview. Hopefully by next week this Rick Greenwood guy will get back to me about it and you can read the whole thing.

Oh, I almost forgot. Yes, Plymouth rock is a rock--a much smaller rock than I had imagined--on the beach but surrounded by a monument of stone and iron. There was a whole history lesson of info at the site but I don't remember the whole thing. The most curious thing is that no one spoke of the Plymouth Rock legacy until the mid-1700's. The guy who did finally tell the story of it was really old and claimed to have heard the story when he was in his 20's from some of the old-timers from the Mayflower. There is also detail about the boulder being in the harbor originally and the top being broken off, then reattached, then moved, yada yada yada. I don't remember it all. Sounds a bit like folklore to me but it was neat to see it.

Nina and I were talking (emailing) today and one thing is clear--we both wish it was last Friday again. We had such a blast.

Robyn, I checked it out on Mapquest, the LA area is about 2600 miles from here. That means the minivan express would have to travel for five or six days in a row to see mB. I'd have to leave on the 19th or so and get back on the 31st. That's a bit much even for this wacky woman. Besides, I need my beauty rest for April 1st at IUP!! I'll have to take a raincheck to see mB for the next time we're in Calif. which could be this July. Maybe he'll have some show dates during July.

Message: 26633 Posted: Fri Mar 07 18:27:42 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Photos from Moser - This and That

Moser, the pictures you took are great. So nice to see you, Nina and your sister-in-law with Gerry, Gerry, Gerry! He is so handsome. Thanks for the excerpts from the article with Gerry too, some interesting comments.~~~Nina, thanks for your posts too about meeting the guys. I really wish I could have been there. I have vacationed in the Plymouth, Boston, Salem area a couple of times and it is really nice. I encourage anyone to visit there if they get a chance.~~~Hi, Valynda and welcome to the chat folder. So you're a Styx fan too. I've loved Styx for a long time and met Tommy Shaw once. He was really nice. Now, I really have to get working on meeting America.~~~I can't wait to see them again.

Message: 26632 Posted: Fri Mar 07 17:58:25 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Van Go Gan

Hi everyone,

No doubt Van Go Gan is a gem ! But I partly disagree with you , Speech, on one point when you write : <<I find that an air of sadness and resignation permeates Van Go Gan>>. These are not really the remaining feelings for me each time I take a listen to VGG. Of course sadness is very present in the album (though not omnipresent) but not resignation IMHO. For instance, in the 'religion' oriented songs Mo cited, I see a more 'combative' Gerry, who obviously has grown wiser & means to open his listeners' eyes (and ears) too . 'Playing God' is unequivocal. The message in the lyrics of 'International' ( which btw has a lot of success among my friends and with me), is nicely but surely ironic, sad in no way for me. As for the music, it's working perfectly too.
However, I totally agree with you when you say the opus is criminally underrated and thinking it was originally ONLY released in Japan, makes it all the more terrifying! No one is a prophet in their own country, as the saying goes.

Mo, thanks and bravo for for your wonderful pics and the concert review. Nice to see the guys through other fans' eyes when one is so far.
And thanks very much Steve for sharing your perso pics. The kids are very cute. Who said Amlerica fans are not (a bit ) like a BIG extended family?

Last but not least, thanks Gerry for this VFTHW. As always, you are capturing the light with disarming simplicity ...
See you all very soon. Gen.

Message: 26631 Posted: Fri Mar 07 16:05:37 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Photos from Moser

Valerie! Dewey is MINE!!!!!!!................ok.......I might share since you love him so.

Message: 26630 Posted: Fri Mar 07 15:58:45 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hoyt Axton - My Griffin Is Gone (Jason)

Jas ~ When I think of Hoyt Axton, I think of country music first. But as Mark mentioned, Axton has written some very cool rock/pop songs. He also had a career as a movie and television actor, I remember. Axton's mom was a very successful country music songwriter although I can't remember any of the songs she wrote without looking them up. I know though that she's now deceased. I haven't seen Hoyt on television in a long, long time so I wonder if he's still living.

Regarding Andrew Gold, I have only his "All This And Heaven Too" and the album that contains his hit song "Lonely Boy". On the album sleeve of "ATAHT," Brad Palmer's name is mentioned for his playing on one of the songs. I wasn't aware of Andrew Gold's country LP that you mentioned. It sounds very interesting.

Message: 26629 Posted: Fri Mar 07 14:40:12 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Photos from Moser

Loved the pictures from Plymouth that Mo took. What beautiful scenery and historic sites. (So is Plymouth Rock really a rock in a cage? Forgive me, I am from California so I don't know much about the East Coast!) Anyway, the pictures are great, thanks for sharing them. Of course the best ones are the three of you ladies with Gerry! Mo, you and Gerry really do make a cute couple! Maybe Dewey and I and You and Gerry can double date sometime!! I guess we better ask our husbands if that's okay! (Oops, and their wives of course!) And Nina, you look so happy, in Gerry's arms!! You all must have had a Terrific time! Moser, PLEASE try to get one of those close-up pictures of Dewey at your next stop on your "Tour". ---Valerie P.S. Thanks Nancy and Johnny for the welcome! I am so happy to be a part of this America site!

Message: 26628 Posted: Fri Mar 07 13:04:23 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Big Yellow Taxi

Me Again ~~
Hey there Bruce ~~ I am 45 yrs old biologically ~~ LOL!!! ~~ Of course I knew that Big Yellow Taxi was an older song ~~ thanks for refreshing my Memory on who did it first.... It's just that when I hear that song I think of Amy's version. ~~ Avril is on the radio right this minute singing ~~~ I don't know who your are, but I'm with you, take me by the hand, take me anywhere, I don't know who you are but I'm with you ~~~ Wow she sure can put expression into her songs~~~ doesn't she for all the older she is!!!! ~~~~ Now back to Big Yellow Taxi ~~~ yes it is amazing how many times this song keeps popping up again.... I got to see the video with Vanessa Carlton and the lead singer of Counting Crows (I know I know his name but it escapes me right now) and I like the way they sing it as well, I have been hearing it on the radio here too. ~~~ Yes I agree that a good song is a good song and it is nice to see in this day and age some of the newer music artists having that appreciation for these songs as well..... Hey maybe just maybe the fact that we "older" people listened to these songs and sang along with them, left our children liking them too.... I like the saying You are only as Old as You feel or as Old as You allow yourself to feel!

Cheers Jason ~~ Thanks for the review from the JB show, sounds like it started off great and ended just as great.... WOW ~~ I love Somebody's Baby ~~ I instantly got chills when I read that he started out with this great song..... Nice!!!! :)

Wow ~~~ What interesting facts about Hoyt Axton ~~ I never knew he wrote Never Been to Spain & Joy To The World for Three Dog Night.... that is pretty neat!!!!

Nice Lyrics Red ~~~~ Hey JB started with my fave and ended with Yours, sounds like the spinetingles would have lasted the whole show for sure!

Vic ~~ Nice posting those spine chilling lyrics from that Classic tear jerker..... Wow does that take me back years ago!!!!! :)

Well my taxes are done for another year Yes Yes Yes!!!! Nancy :)

Rod Stewart is singing Forever Young ~~~~ WOW what an appropriate song to end my post with ~~~~ May good fortune be with you wherever you may gooooo ~~~~ May you remain Forever Young!!!!!

But this song has been playing in my head all morning long ~~~~ Don't say words you're gonna regret, don't let fire rush to your head, I've heard the accusation before, and I ain't gonna take anymore, believe me the sun in your eyes and some of the lies worth believing, I am the Eye in The Sky lurking at You, I can read your mind, I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools, I can cheat you blind, and I don't need to see anymore to see I can read your mind, I can read your mind...... don't leave false solution behind, don't cry I ain't changing my mind, so find another fool like before, cause I ain't believing, and I don't need to see anymore to know I can read your mind.... lookin at you, lookin at you I am the Eye in The Sky ~~~ Sing it Alan Parson's Progect :)

Message: 26627 Posted: Fri Mar 07 12:52:45 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: One last thing - changing styles

I think adding a saxophone player would add a new dimension to some old songs and some new ones. Like they say "A little sax never hurt anyone!) That way when they've added Hat Trick, they can utilize the sax sound. Course that means paying another person, but would be well worth it, don't u think.

Clap for the Wolfman
He gonna rate your record high
Clap for the Wolfman
You gonna dig him til the day you die

Do Ron Ron and the Duke of Earl
They were friend's of mine
The highway's on my moonlight drive
Snuggled in, said "baby, just one kiss"
She said "no, no, no"
Romance ain't keepin' me alive
I said "hey babe, do you want to coo, coo, coo"
She said "uh, uh, uh"
So I was left out in the cold

Clap for the Wolfman - Guess Who

Message: 26626 Posted: Fri Mar 07 12:24:43 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Jackson Browne at the Hammersmith Apollo

The man can pick em up and lay em down allright. Sends chills down my spine to hear a review of JB. Surprised he did Rosie(that's about a palmreader right)? I like For a Rocker, but then all of them are good. Tx for sharing ur experience at the concert.

A Child In These Hills - JB

I am a child in these hills
I am away
I am alone
I am a child in these hills
And looking for water
And looking for life
Oh, well show me the river and ask my name
Is there nobody here who’ll do that?
Well I have come to these hills
I will come to the river
As I choose to be gone from the house of my father
I am a child in these hills

Message: 26625 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:41:42 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Sheldon

Hi Vic - yep, "He's Alive", that's my fave of Don's also! He has alot of great songs, doesn't he? I saw Don in concert 3 times within 8 days in 2001 and each time he sang "He's Alive" it gave me the chills!! And "Deadman's Curve" is certainly a classic Jan & Dean song, just one of my favorites of theirs. That song really came back to haunt Jan, didn't it? Wow...


Message: 26624 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:39:59 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hoyt Axton - My Griffin Is Gone

Hoyt Axton wrote several hits recorded by other artists in the 70s including Never Been to Spain and Joy to the World by Three Dog Night and The No No Song by Ringo Star.

Message: 26623 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:27:51 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Big Yellow Taxi

<<have any of you heard the remake that she and the lead singer of the Counting Crows have done of Amy Grant's song Big Yellow Taxi>>
Nancy, I don't know how old you are (I'm biologically 49), but in the Summer of 1970 (oh, to be 16 again!) two versions of "Big Yellow Taxi" hit the Top 100. According to Billboard's "Top Pop Singles", The Neighborhood's version went to #29 and Joni Mitchell's version (she wrote it) went to #67. In Summer 1995 Amy Grant's version got as far as #67 also. It fascinates me that songs keep getting covered over the years by different artists (and of course in commercials. That goes to show that a good song is a good song, and the songs then get exposed to a whole new generation of listeners, in addition to us- ahem- "older" listeners!

Message: 26622 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:24:47 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Sheldon

Sheldon, I too enjoy Don Francisco's work. He's a great story teller. My favorite, by him, is "He's Alive". I remember buying Jan & Dean's single, "Dead Man's Curve" and playing it ad infinitum.

...Well the last thing
I remember Doc
I started to swerve
Then I saw the Jag
Slide into the curve
I know I'll never forget
That horrible sight
I guess I found out for myself
That everyone was right
Won't come back from
Dead Man's curve

Jan & Dean

Message: 26621 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:21:56 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: One last thing - changing styles

I'll shut up soon I promise. But whilst I'm on the subject of changing music styles as in the case of Andrew Gold, I wondered whether any fans would like to see AMERICA move in a different direction musically or are happy to have them stick to their guns as it were.

I'm a sucker for a banjo and loved HUMAN NATURE's TOWN & COUNTRY and would love to see the guys mine this vain a bit more. A pedal steel and fiddle would be nice too and I think it would really suit their style, especially Dewey's, if it was subtley done.

What do you think?

Message: 26620 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:20:07 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

Moser~ I really enjoyed reading the interview with Gerry, thanks for sharing it.

PS: If you do end up in jail, maybe Gerry and Dewey could schedule a performance at your prison, and then sneek you out inside one of their equipment tour cases. ~Pat

Message: 26619 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:14:32 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Hoyt Axton - My Griffin Is Gone

Another recent find in the same bargain bucket was Hoyt Axton's album MY GRIFFIN IS GONE. This was another blind buy as I'd never heard Hoyt sing before and knew only that he'd written Steppenwolf's THE PUSHER. My 99 pence was not wasted though as this is a fine album.

This lp was released in 1969 and has that era's fine combination of rock, folk and country, although it is a bit more traditionally country than the other 2 catagories.

I have no idea if any of these songs were hits or singles but songs like SNOWBLIND FRIEND and WAY BEFORE THE TIME OF TOWNS deserve to have been.

Again, if anyone out there is a fan or knows more about this guy please let on.



Message: 26618 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:04:49 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Jackson Browne at the Hammersmith Apollo

Well, last night was the night and what a fine night it was.

Jackson promptly started at 8.00pm with a fine version of Somebody's Baby and then proceeded to play a fair number of tracks from his latest album including NAKED RIDE HOME, MY STUNNING MYSTERY COMPANION and THE NIGHT INSIDE ME.

Other highlights included a piano solo of ROSIE, THE PRETENDER and the fabulous IN THE SHAPE OF A HEART.

My personal fav was a more obscure track of his first LP called A CHILD IN THESE HILLS which included the amazing harmonica finale.

His blistering 2.5 hour set was nicely rounded off with RUNNING ON EMPTY and of course THE LOAD OUT/STAY.

Damned fine music from a damned fine talent.


Message: 26617 Posted: Fri Mar 07 11:02:53 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

Ah, but remember that while the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the REALLY SQUEAKY wheel gets REPLACED.

Thanks for the photos Mo. It's high 70's and blue skies here in LA. Are you SURE you can't get here for mB's MArch 25th show?

Message: 26616 Posted: Fri Mar 07 10:53:10 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Andrew Gold - The Spence Manor Suite

I picked up this CD last week after finding it in a bargain bucket sale for just £0.99. I knew it was a fairly new release but suspected that for that money it must be a bit of a dud. Well, i've been pleasently surprised and can't stop playing the thing.

If you didn't know this is Andrew Gold's "Country" album which was recorded in Nashville. For many this might be enough to leave it well alone. The good news is that amongst the country there's enough rock and pop to hold the interest of old fans.

The most astounding thing about this album is Andrew's vocal dexterity. Listening to some of the songs its hard to believe its the same guy singing. There's tracks where he sings just like Johnny Cash but without sounding like a bad copy. He also tackles other Country trends with just as much success.

This is a fine album and a brave step which probably never received the rewards it should have.

Let me know if any one else has heard or has this album and what they think.



Message: 26615 Posted: Fri Mar 07 10:24:23 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Scottsdale

Scottsdale is indeed a beautiful city. Spent a whole month there last year when my brother had a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic. Howard has accompanied me to each of the 3 America concerts I've been to.

Scottsdale is very clean and very ritzy. Isn't it sarcastically known as "Snotsdale"? The only America song I heard on the radio during my month's stay was "Lonely People". Heard it several times.

Message: 26614 Posted: Fri Mar 07 09:36:55 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Scottsdale

Steve - thanks for sharing that photo, that's awesome! One of the best shots that Gerry has taken.
Moser- thanks so much for sharing the photo's that you took, they were really great!!! Also thanks for sharing the portion of the interview with Gerry, that was very kind of you.
Sergio- I agree with you, Jan & Dean should be in the R&R Hall Of Fame..


Message: 26613 Posted: Fri Mar 07 09:27:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Scottsdale

Ooooommmmyyyy, groan, groan, grumble. Look at all that green grass and flowers and palm trees. I'd like to walk into that picture. I guess I'll have to settle for making it my desktop wallpaper. Grumble, grumble. Hey, it's a scorcher here today--supposed to get into the 40's. The sun IS shining so that's a plus. I, too, could use some Spring there Nancy-girl. Winter has had its say. Give me some July, please. Save me, save me pull me from deep snowbanks.

Message: 26612 Posted: Fri Mar 07 07:51:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window -Scottsdale

Hi Everybody ~~~ Hey it's Friday! The Sun is shining here and the sky is finally Blue again with lots of Wispy White cotton candy layers and writings :)

WOW Gerry ~~ Thanks for this Awesome Landscape Pic ~~ I Am loving all the colors that came alive as this pic downloaded in front of my Eyes!!!!! I can Handle as Much of these Colored Landscapes you wanna give us, it is still soooooo white and brown here in my little corner of the world. I am Thinking GREEN for sure! ~~ I'll bet you guys were glad to head back to where it is Warm. 25 More days till you come my way, I sure hope it will be turning Green here by then!

Hey there Vic from the Desert ~~~ Enjoy the show tonight, and I will look forward to hearing all about it from You. I am sure you will be singing and smiling.... WOW!!!!! :)

Hey Bones ~~ I had wanted to mention in my last post that I too like TOTO & The Alan Parson's Project, especially their song Eye In The Sky.....

Hey there Red ~~~ It's Friday ~~ Take it easy on Nelleybelle today, and get your work done early, so You can enjoy the weekend!!!!

Well I gotta get, I have an appointment to go and get our Income Taxes done ~~ I will be glad to get this overwith!!!! Have a good day all! Nancy :) Hmmm when I saw Gerry's VFTHW Pic the song Van Go Gan instantly came to my mind ~~~~~ From this day on, I watch the setting sun as if it might be my last, and I as I view the changing color hue, I see the long shadows pass ~~ Van Go Gan Van Go Gan ~~ Get a grip if you can, Van Go Gan, Van Go Gan, watch it slip through your hands, and through these eyes all the starry skies that are in my mind will explode, as I lye in my bed at night I see my life fly abroad ~~~~ Sing it Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 26611 Posted: Fri Mar 07 07:33:32 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New Question

Johnn Clegg
Third World
Al Stewart

As least for now. Tomorrow will be different.

Message: 26610 Posted: Fri Mar 07 06:34:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Scottsdale

Gerry is in Scottsdale, AZ today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

Message: 26609 Posted: Fri Mar 07 04:42:03 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

I totally agree that Chicago should be inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They were innovative and had a sound all their own for over a decade. Wonderful live act, I saw them in 1972 and 1974.

Other acts from the 70's that should be considered beside our obvious favorite are the Doobie Brothers, Cat Stevens, John Denver,Bread, and Carpenters.

From the 60's, I think Jan and Dean, The Ventures, Johnny Rivers, Bobby Vee, Gene Pitney, Lesley Gore, 5th Dimension, and Herman's Hermits should be considered.

Message: 26608 Posted: Fri Mar 07 04:26:30 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

Moser thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics of the concert and Plymouth. I have never been to Plymouth and I really enjoyed the beauty and serenity of your pictures, such a wonderful slice of Americana. I also enjoyed the excerpts from the interview with Gerry. I hope you get to share the entire interview with us at some point. Keep up the great work!

Message: 26607 Posted: Fri Mar 07 01:14:29 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: New Question ~VGG~R&R Hall of Fame & Mo's Pics and Excerpts~~

Me Again ~~ Darn I was almost done posting this just a few minutes ago and my comp. locked up and I lost it to cyberspace!!! Sooo this is my 2nd attempt at this! ~~~ Here goes ~~~ Submarine Ladies was playing in my headphones, I would love to hear this song done on the next all accoustic cd ~~ DanC your songs you listed for starters are good, I could also handle hearing the song "Honey" on this too! :)

Hi Duffy ~~ Good Question ~~ Kinda hard to just pick 3 tho, but here is my pics 1 ~ Dan Fogelberg (next to AMERICA he touches my heartstrings ooh soo nice! 2 ~~ The Eagles & Timothy's Solo Stuff (for sure) 3 ~ Fleetwood Mac & Stevie's Solo Stuff ~~ I like Sheldon's idea of Honorable Mentions too ~~~ Sooo here are mine ~~ Beach Boys, Firefall, Celine Dion, Savage Garden, Seal, Tears For Fear, Matchbox 20 ~~ For New Stuff ~~ Jeff Larson, John Mayer, Dido, I like Avril Levigne's new song "I'm With You", also Vanessa Carlton too, have any of you heard the remake that she and the lead singer of the Counting Crows have done of Amy Grant's song Big Yellow Taxi, for the Sandra Bullock ~ Hugh Grant movie ( hmm the title has escaped me now) Gerry is singing Kiss of Life along with Wilson & Lamm, this great song is also on the Like a Brother Album.... Noo wonder the movie title has left my mind..... breathe the kiss of life into the words we speak, into the words we speak yeah yeahhhhhh!!!! Give the kiss, give the kiss of life, save me, when you love someone, give the kiss of life, when you love someone, breathe the kiss of life, treasure, give the kiss of life.... WOW!!!! ~~~ Sorry for getting sidetracked there.... Duffy you had also mentioned Dan Hill ~~ Yes I like his songs alot, he kinda sounds like Dan Fogelberg ~~ hmm I am thinking that he and Dan F did a song together, anyone know if this is so???? ~~ Thanks Duffy ~~ a great question! :)

Yes Mark ~~ You sure do have a good question & point there regarding why isn't or hasn't Chicago been inducted into the Hall of Fame..... They sure did have a lot of great songs in the top 10s, 40s, & 100's! ~~ Hmmmm ~~ Has The Eagles or The Bee Gees ever been inducted ??? I saw on my VH1 newsletter that the inductee nominees this year are The Police, Elvis Costello, & The Righteous Brothers ~~ Boy didn't they have to wait a long time to be inducted! I may have forgotten one of the inductees, bear with me here it is late! LOL!!!

WOW Mo ~~~ Thanks for sharing these great pics with us, soo nice to see 3 Nice Smiling Ladies along with Gerry Gerry Gerry ~~ Yes Yes Yes !! :) ~~ Hey your VFTHW pic was a good one, I also enjoyed getting to see the sunrise and surroundings at Plymouth Rock ~~ Thanks for the Virtual tour my friend!!! :) ~~~ I sure hope you were able to get permission to reprint that Interview with Gerry, sooo neat you sharing some of these interesting excerpts from this, Hmmmm I'm not gonna tell on you! Thanks for all the interesting stuff!!

Hi Valerie ~~~ Nice you are able to post on here now ~~ Enjoy! :)

Sorry DanC & Speech ~~ I gotta disagree with you on how you feel about Gerry putting I Need You on the Van Go Gan album. I just love the upbeat to this, Gerry's voice is soo nice on it, and I love the sax added part, and the Hint of romance in this version.... I think it is Gerry's much more mature attempt at this great song.... Oooooh well ~~ It must be a Guy ~~ Gal thing :):):) ~~~ I do agree that this collection of songs is definitely a set of GEMS for sure, the lyrics and Gerry's voice & the song settings are captivating and mystifying ~~ I look forward to Gerry doing another Solo release....

You're Welcome Leaky! :) Enjoy your special weekend!

Well I gotta get to bed now, Nightowl Nancy is tired (Biggggg Yawwwwn) Firefall is singing that ooooh soooo nice song in my headphones now!

~~~~ Love is not enough to make you mine, you need someone who is gonna be there all the time, someone to treat you better, somone to see you through, someone who'll be there all the time and not say Goodbye I love You ~~~~~~ You need the time to let yourself live, you haven't lived enough, you need the one thing I cannot give, you need someone to love,~~~~ you need a man who's always around, you need your man at home, someone who treats you better, someone to see you through, someone who'll never say GoodBye I Love You, Goodbye I love you, goodbye I love youuuuuuuuu ~~~~ Take it from there Firefall ~~ Great song!!!!!!

Message: 26606 Posted: Thu Mar 06 20:45:59 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: New Question

last three things to come out of my speakers besides America;
1. Creedence, just got the box set, finally
2. Brownsville Station, Martian Boogie is classic
3. Spirit, Dark Eyed Woman has a great groove...
I also agree on the Van Go Gan review from Speech, I did not think I Need You revisited fit well on that CD...
Songs I'd like to hear on an all acoustic CD, Midnight, Bell Tree, Moon Song, Amber Cascades, Catch That Train, One Morning, One In A Million, Sarah, for starters...DanC.

Message: 26605 Posted: Thu Mar 06 20:45:44 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: More Photos From Mo

GREAT pics Moser! I swear, that Gerry is the best looking 50-year old man I have ever seen in my life.

Message: 26604 Posted: Thu Mar 06 20:21:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: New Question (Valerie)

Welcome to the chat folder (I hope)!

Message: 26603 Posted: Thu Mar 06 20:17:18 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

Before several glasses of wine: Concern about copyright laws.

After several glasses of wine: What copyright laws?

Message: 26602 Posted: Thu Mar 06 20:02:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

Thanks for sharing that interview, Moser. You don't have to worry about any of us turning you in!

Message: 26601 Posted: Thu Mar 06 19:56:19 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Photos From Mo

Click here to see the second group of photos from Mo. Thanks Moser!

Message: 26600 Posted: Thu Mar 06 19:40:09 2003 By: Moser
Subject: The Squeaky Wheel or Nagging: A How-to Guide

I have been diligently trying to gain permission to reprint an interview with Gerry that appeared in an arts and entertainment paper from Plymouth. Unfortunately in my attempt to abide by copyright law, I may fail to get permission and then I'll be stuck and not able to scan it. Naivete. Anyway, while I'm waiting for a return call or email to my many messages, I thought an excerpt or two would be in order.
Talking with...Gerry Beckley of America by Rick Greenwood

RG: How do you feel about the name of the band with respect to current political and world events? Do you tour outside the U.S., in Europe?
GB: Well, we haven't been to Europe in the last year or so. But, yes, we tour Europe a lot and we were just in Central America. We've been very proud of the name over the years. It's come up in some situations over time, and we say, "Hey, first of all it is just a name, we're not representing the embassy or anything." But in a time like this, it is starting to get a little be kind with my wording. It's a difficult time for many reasons around the world and Dew and I...I don't want to get into too much depth, but we are both registered and voting Democrats, so, needless to say, our feelings are somewhat different than the policy at the moment. We try...we've tried for all of these years, to make "America" a place where you can go and listen to great music and put aside the issues of the day.

RG: After all, the band is called America not The United States.
GB: There you go.

RG: Some songwriters start with the music, some start with the lyrics. What is the songwriting process like for you?
GB: In my case, I write virtually everything that I do myself. I don't collaborate a lot. So, therefore, you would think that the formula would be more set. But it really isn't. Because I'm very involved with melody, very often the song can start with a melody, or series of chords, that I am then looking for the lyric to it. Then other times, a group of words just sounds so interesting to me that they stand out and that can be the start. I don't have a formula as rich as some of my friends. My good friend Jimmy Webb ["Wichita Lineman", "Up, Up, and Away", "MacArthur Park"] who is one of my favorite composers, starts with titles. He has a book of titles. He writes down these great titles and works from there. I have found that sometimes the greatest sparks come at the most inopportune times. It was a great revelation the other day to find that my Nokia phone also had a feature that made it a dictation device which was fantastic, because the notion of always having a cassette recorder handy late at night, or these weird times driving down the highway handing a notepad to my wife and saying write this down, doesn't always work. You comes when it comes. And thank god that it does because I love the cathartic feeling writing gives me.

RG: How many new songs will there be in the lineup for Memorial Hall?
GB: Well, we do change the show from year to year, but we are very wary of putting in too many brand new, never been heard before songs. In an America show you have a high amount of familiar material, more so than people might expect. But people walk out going, "Wow, I knew almost every one of those songs." Yet, when you play several songs that the audience doesn't recognize, it's amazing how you can feel the attention wander. We make sure that we play every hit so that people won't leave saying, "Oh, they didn't play 'Lonely People.'"

RG: Do you think you'll ever stop doing this, touring and all?
GB: You know, I don't want to stop doing it. It's very important to me. Not the least of which it's how we provide for our families and such. But now that we're both fifty, I think Dewey just turned fifty-one, we still tour a lot. We have done, for almost 30 years now, up to 150 shows a year. And as they say, you can never play your own town more than once, so that means a lot of one-nighters and a lot of travel. And it does get to you. But the show itself is the pay off. I think what we would like to do is to get it down to 100 shows, or maybe take it down to about 80 or 90 shows a year. That would fulfill our desire to keep on working, and still give the fans a chance to come out, without it being quite so back-breaking for us.

In Gerry we Trust,
Brought to you by Moser (I hope they serve good food in prison) Bufton.

Message: 26599 Posted: Thu Mar 06 19:23:11 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: New Question

My three favorites in addition to America are:
1)Don Francisco (Christian Recording Artist)
2)Jan & Dean (60's surf-rock duo)
3)Beach Boys

Honorable mention goes to Seals & Crofts, The Doors, Air Supply & about 10 others!!! Pretty tough to narrow it down...


Message: 26598 Posted: Thu Mar 06 18:10:54 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: New Question

Great question, Duffy. I listen to so many different artists and it varies a great deal depending up on my mood. Besides America of course, I can't list only three~~the five I probably have listed to the most over the years are: The Beatles, Styx, Queen, The Moody Blues and The Doors.

Message: 26597 Posted: Thu Mar 06 18:02:29 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Listening To...

Recently I've been listening to:
(these are the last 3 CD's that have gone in my player)
1) Avril Lavigne "Let Go"
2) The Strokes "Is This It?"
3) The Rascals "Best Of"

Message: 26596 Posted: Thu Mar 06 17:58:10 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Steve, your grandchildren are beautiful. You must be very proud of them. I love their names.

Message: 26595 Posted: Thu Mar 06 16:54:38 2003 By: valynda
Subject: New Question

Hi everyone! Thanks to Steve L. (and the help of my 13 yr. old daughter,) I finally can post on this site! I want to begin my adventure here by answering Duffy's great question! Yes, it is true that America is the music that usually flows from my speakers. (My family has actually hidden the CD's and cassettes from me, from time to time. Mostly as a joke to tease me, but they say, "mom, can't we please listen to anything else?" That is when I pull out my other "classic" favorites. 1. Hall and Oates. 2. Styx. and 3. Cheap Trick. So then of course those choices don't go over so well either! I am happy to be joining all of you! ---Valerie

Message: 26594 Posted: Thu Mar 06 15:05:14 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: New Question

2) Marshall Crenshaw
3) The Alan Parsons Project

Message: 26593 Posted: Thu Mar 06 15:03:20 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Thanks for sharing your grandchildren's pictures. They are great looking kids and they must fill your life with great joy. I can't wait to be a grandfather, but I still have a few years to wait...

Message: 26592 Posted: Thu Mar 06 14:07:44 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

It's amazing to me how some of the acts have gotten into the rock & roll hall of fame. Some are deserving, some not. In light of the induction ceremonies this weekend, besides America who do you feel should be in the hall of fame who is not in at this time.
My vote goes to Chicago. They were dominate in 2 decades(70's & 80's).
They are one of the most successful acts in rock history. They had at one time, 5 straight #1 albums. Altogether they also had 12 top 10 albums and 18 top 40 albums. They had 49 charted singles of which 34 were top 40, 20 were top 10 and 3 number 1's. They rank with most of the all time greats. How in the world are they not in? They also introduced a new jazzy time rock with saxophones, trombones , and many other instruments.

Does anybody agree? and who are some of the other acts you feel should be in?


Message: 26591 Posted: Thu Mar 06 13:44:34 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Van Go Gan

I agree that Gerry's Van Go Gan is a gem. I find parallels, not musically, but in terms of lyrics and feel -- with Don Henley's brilliant Inside Job CD release. Both CDs are evidence of mature artists at their peak as writers. (Ex: Gerry writes ruefully in "House of Cards" that, "the more I got around, the less I had to say." Henley writes in "Annabelle," the song to his daughter, that, "I have had my days of glory, under sunny skies, but these days, your bright dreams are all I want to see."
For my part, I find that an air of sadness and resignation permeates Van Go Gan. "Goodbye Highway" contemplates the ache of parting that, inevitably, comes with any relationship. "Only a Kid at Heart" doesn't flinch about admitting that all us grown-ups are just scared kids playing house. "Kiss of Life," with that line about "I will cease with the illusions, and I will ask of you the same" suggests the cost of growing wiser. Same for "Sunrise, Sunset." Despite the melancholy -- or maybe because of it -- I find Van Go Gan pretty uplifting, because I think it's probably the most honest writing Gerry's ever done, and because it all hits home with me on my "average joe" level. My only quibble -- I really didn't need a remake of "I Need You." The original was a precocious jewel. It can't be surpassed and Gerry shouldn't have tried. Still, Van Go Gan is a rare and special CD, and one that is criminally underrated.

Message: 26590 Posted: Thu Mar 06 13:19:05 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New Question

in Addition to the aforementioned J's I am listening to Warren Zevon, old stuff from Phobicman,Matchbox 20 and I hope to soon be listening to new stuff from Matt Beckley ( I am NOT a patient person!)

Message: 26589 Posted: Thu Mar 06 13:07:21 2003 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: America

Hey Nancy thanks for the song lyrics..precious time does go by way too Steve knows (great pics of the grandkids)...this is the last of our two daughters who will be getting married....we also have a son who is 21 and single...

P.S. I Loved Moser's America Story!!

Message: 26588 Posted: Thu Mar 06 12:08:44 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Pete Pete Pete

Message: 26587 Posted: Thu Mar 06 12:06:47 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: New Question

Although my top three choices beyond America would vary from week to week, I will answer your question based on what else I listened to most recently:
U2's first (and best) album, Boy
Eric Clapton's Slow Hand (Peaches and Diesel is the last track and it is an instrumental, excellent mood music.)
Squeeze Singles
(Honorable mentions to Steely Dan and Elvis Costello)
(Perennial favorite almost as long as America=The Beatles)
Good question.

Message: 26586 Posted: Thu Mar 06 11:58:19 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: New Question

We would most likely all agree that music by America flows from our speakers the majority of the time. My question therefore is when you are not listing to America, what or who are your top 3 other favorites? I have seen Jeff Larson, & Jackson Browne, both mentioned as possibilities. Anyone listen to Kenny Rankin, Jesse Colin Young, or Dan Hill?

Message: 26585 Posted: Thu Mar 06 10:39:56 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

GOD Bless Pete!!!!!!!!!

Message: 26584 Posted: Thu Mar 06 09:48:22 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos and the radio gods

it is NOT POSSIBLE that Trent is FOUR! I remeber his birth like it was yesterday! Keep putting the pics up Steve. They are darling.

Yesterday, trapped in a traffic jam rushing out to an agency that needed some items for their grand opening today, I said out loud "c'mom I need some America ANYTHING by America" A minute or so later HWNN came on! Who says the radio gods don't listen. It was very cool I haven't heard that on the radio in a long time. Hearing it yesterday means it's probably back in rotation on Arrow93. ( Someone at the station is a fan, I hear SGH alot)

Message: 26583 Posted: Thu Mar 06 09:22:56 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Steve~ Thanks for sharing! They are great. For those of us who dont have grandchildren yet, you just post their pictures anytime.

Message: 26582 Posted: Thu Mar 06 07:14:21 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Hi Everyone ~~~ Another Snow Day here today, first it was a 2 hr delay and then school was fully cancelled.... it seems our 1 to 3 ins. has turned into 7 inches of snow! ~~ Soo add another make-up day to the end of the year!

Thanks Steve for sharing your nice pics with us, your granchildren are adorable! I'm sure they add lots of Honey to your days! I like all the new ways they can make up the Photo collages.

Hmmmmm ~~~ Last nights live chat was fun, sooooo fast paced you had to be on your toes to follow it all. Hmmmm 3 words that kinda sum it all up Pete ~ Pete ~ Pete ~~ Hey Pete can you hear us now ~~ Where did you take our PIZZA???? LOL!!!! tooooo much for sure! Leakycanoe and I closed it down. I want to extend best wishes to Leaky & his Family, his Daughter is getting married this Saturday! ~~ I just wanted to remind you all to go and check out Leaky's song voting polls that he set up on Yahoo. Here is the address to check it out <<< >>> Feel free to set up your own voting polls there too! :)

Hi Danae ~~~ I hope you too will get to see AMERICA in a show and to meet with them as well!

Have a good day all! Nancy :)

~~~~ all the precious time, ooooh like the wind the years go by, precious butterfly spread your wings, and fly, she'll change her name today, she'll make a promise and I'll give her away, standing in the bride room just staring at her, she asked me what I'm thinking, I said I'm not sure, I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl, she leaned over and gave me Butterfly Kisses, with her Mama there sticking little white flowers in her hair, walk me down the aisle Daddy it's just about time ~~~~~ I know I gotta let her go but I'll always remember the love every morning and butterfly kisses ~~~ Sing it Bob Carlisle ~~ what a beautiful song "Butterfly Kisses" :)

Message: 26581 Posted: Thu Mar 06 06:02:37 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Hey Gramps ~ You have full right to be proud!!!

Message: 26580 Posted: Wed Mar 05 22:01:50 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Steve's Photos

Great photos, Steve. What cute kids. Thanks for sharing.

Message: 26579 Posted: Wed Mar 05 20:39:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Steve's Photos

This is a proud grandpa warning! This post has absolutely nothing to do with America so my feelings won't be hurt if you simply click next.

About 4 years ago (you can check the archives if you don't believe me - LOL) there was quite a bit of activity on the chat folder because I became a grandpa for the first time. Little Trent was born back then and I posted several photos of him at the request of some of you. When Trent turned 1 I posted some more photos but I haven't burdened you with my little bundle of joy since then. Well, my daughter gave me some great photos of 4 year old Trent and his 18 month old sister, Britney, tonight and I just had to scan them in. Those of you who would like to take a look can click on the links below:

Britney and Trent
A Trent Photo Collage

Now back to our regularly scheduled America programming.


Message: 26578 Posted: Wed Mar 05 14:26:07 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Mo's Photos

Mo, your photos were really great! To be honest, I feel a little bit jealous of you! You're so lucky that you've seen America live!

Message: 26577 Posted: Wed Mar 05 12:33:06 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Thoughts on Van Go Gan

Van Go Gan has got to be one of the best CDs "you never heard of" of all time. I think it is Gerry's finest work, period - including his prime America stuff. All the songs are great, but unfortunately it was only released in Japan initially in 1995. It took Gerry a few years to get the rights to release it in the US on his own Human Nature label. But Van Go Gan rates right up there with Hourglass as the best CDs you never heard of!

If anybody out there has bought either Van Go Gan or Hourglass, you don't know what you are missing!

Message: 26576 Posted: Wed Mar 05 09:52:34 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Postscript...Plymouth Show

Forgot to mention this in earlier post, and I believe it needs to be shared. The entire half hour BEFORE showtime I was racking my brain, trying to figure out just how I could get Moser backstage...along with her co-pilot, Cindy, and my co-pilot, Don.(It may be easy for some fans, but it's not always an easy task for me...Did I mention I'm NOT young, thin, blond, or beautiful???) Anyway,...time was running out, so I got up to begin my search for Bill, who I had chatted with briefly as I entered the auditorium. Just as I was doing this, over swoops Mo with an extra backstage pass for ME! Is that sweet, or what? Just goes to show how "America" fans help each other out in situations like these. Thanks again for your kindness, Mo, you're a doll! (Yes, I DID ask Mo her secret, but on pain of death, she couldn't reveal her source!)

P.S. Come to find was Bill who was not feeling so well that evening. The ambulance EMT crew was for him. Be careful when you order seafood in Plymouth!

Message: 26575 Posted: Wed Mar 05 06:47:42 2003 By: ROGER WHITAKER


Message: 26574 Posted: Wed Mar 05 06:27:48 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: America Live in concert DVD- Where can I get it?

Hi there Everyone :) Hey it is Raining here this morning and it is to go up to 40 degrees, there are actually spots in our yard that the grass is showing. 16 Days till Spring and I am thinking GREEN!!!! Well I have been listening to Clarice here over and over again ~~ Yep I finally found it late last night ~~ I inst. mess. the person I got it from and said WOW have I been looking for this song forever, thanks for sharing it with me. It is sooo good to hear this song again, it is one of those Gerry songs that have that mystifying affect on ya.... I was just thinking if there is another Accoustic done CD this would be one of those hidden gems to be heard on it. ~~~~~~ Behind an open door there lies a million more, follow me as we wind our way awaaaaaay, time is coming soon, I'll find YOU, time is coming soon, I'll find YOU, time is coming soon, time is coming sooooooooon, behind an open door there lies a million more, follow me as we wind our way awaaaaaaaay ~~~ Sing it Gerry (this song has that same accoustic magic as Garden of Peace) I love it!!!! I love the ending on it.... Sooo glad I finally found it! :)

Welcome Raul ~~~ I got my AMERICA in Concert DVD from, they are located out in Calif and have a other warehouses, I felt they were reasonably priced, and I recieved my DVD promptly, I just recently got my Homecoming DVD from them as well and I had it within 4 days of ordering it. These are both excellent DVD's, Good luck in getting this.

Well Mo ~~~ Uncle Kracker's version of the old 70's Drift Away is playing here now, this is pretty neat he and Doby redoing this classic song, sure does take me away to my teenage days, I have sang this song many a time. ~~~ I imagine you are still Drifting away! Nice! ~~ Thanks for answering my questions! Funny how you said about the Phil Hartmann televangelist intro to Brothers & Sister's ~~ that has awakened me many times here in my headphones! LOL!!! ~~~ I don't have Go Man Go yet, I am looking forward to hearing it! ~~ Regarding your Hubby saying those ooh soo nice words "Save Me", I was telling my Hubby all about your out of body experience and of course he thinks I am overboard with my love for this great group, he started a new job and get this there are 2 ladies that work there and their names are Gerri & Vinny, he said to me, I hear Gerry & Dewey from you and I go to work and have to hear Gerry & Vinny there ~~ LOL!!!! ~~~ Oh well when you love someone its gonna take some time, come on and save me, save me, pull me from deep water, give the kiss of life, now is the moment treasured, breathe the kiss of life into the words we speak, save me, give the kiss of life, its gonna take some time, when you love someone, breathe the kiss of life ~~ Yes it is playing here now.... (Sighhhhhhhhhhh) Oooooooh how I love this song! :) ~~~~ I checked out your Nice Pics last night,(Wow you got some of Woodzy's nice moves), thanks for sharing them with us, and thanks Steve for posting them sooo quick. ~~ I was just thinking you shoulda had Gerry & Dewey sign your Back Stage Pass, WOW that is one nice Memmory Keepsake for sure! :) You Lucky Girl YOU!!!!! :)

Hmmmmmm ~~ Nice to hear that Jeff Larson's Halfmoon Bay will be a part of this Breeze CD release ~~~ Wow Gilbert O'Sullivan's Claire is on this, I have happy memmories regarding this song.... I recognize alot of the artists names on here, but the song titles aren't ringing any bells, maybe if I hear the songs I will remember them...

Hey it is Wednesday, time for live chat tonight, hope to see you all there! Have a great day! Nancy :)

~~~ Day after day, I'm more confused, yet I look for the light through the pouring raiiin, You know that's a game that I hate to lose, and I'm feeling the strain, Ooooh ain't it a shame, Ooooh give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock 'n roll and Drift Away, oooh give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock'n roll and drift away, won't you take me awaaaay ~~~~ sing it Uncle Kracker & Doby Gray :)

Message: 26573 Posted: Wed Mar 05 05:57:37 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Thoughts on Go Man Go

I was glad this wasn't a waste of my money--not a boring rehash. I especially liked The Sporty Remix. That would go really well with my mid-life red sports car--oh never mind. The perfect setting for Go Man Go:
The kids have gone to bed, you've turned off the TV, and poured two glasses of wine...
Love the sax.
(Be sure to read that last word carefully.)

Message: 26572 Posted: Wed Mar 05 05:54:07 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Thoughts on Van Go Gan

Thoughts on VGG: Love pretty much all of it. The Di Farrelly intro is neat. My kids thought that was great. Love the cornet on Sunrise Sunset. Emma rocks. The lyrics throughout are very thought provoking. From House of Cards, "There was a time I walked the earth as if I knew my way." Who doesn't agree with that--the arrogance of our youth? The intro is reminiscent of the Wilburys whom I love. And from VGG, "From this day on, I'll watch the setting sun as if it might be my last." Good advice. I perceive Only a Kid at Heart to be for mB or for a younger Gerry himself or both for that matter. There are lots of religious overtones here which I welcome but have yet to fully digest. Kiss of Life is a gorgeous song. I applaud that two instrumental tracks are included. That is unusual and brave. The idea of creating a song out of the rhythm and intonations of a previous work played backwards is plainly genius. Now Sue is a great song even if you don't know that. The vocals played alone on the bonus track are absolutely awesome harmony.
There is only one problem with this album, it was born too late. If Van Go Gan was created and released in the era of The Beatles' White Album, it would have been received as a major masterpiece. Unfortunately due to a seriously skewed landscape within the music industry which I don't understand exactly but loathe just the same, this work of art is left to virtual obscurity. Shame.

Message: 26571 Posted: Wed Mar 05 05:11:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Nancy's Answers

Nancy, Sorry I didn't answer you sooner.
<<Hmmmm just curious as to your thoughts upon hearing Kiss of Life for the first time????>> I loved it, of course. I remember thinking about you being ga-ga over this song and I could easily see why.

<<I am also wondering if you had Gerry sign your favorite pic of him in his pink bibs???>> No, I didn't. You're right, I should have. I thought of that later but I was clearly not myself, darnit. I had him sign the shot inside the front cover of the tourbook that is a close-up of his gorgeous blond hair--down right yummy.

<<Nice that you have a Hubby that is supportive of You, so that you can take in these 8 concerts for your 40th birthday bash ~~ I think he deserves a Nice Pat on the Back for that as well!>> Yes, he's a good guy. I think I'll keep him. Right now, he is a bit sick of hearing about my adventure. He has been quoting the Kiss of Life lyric that says 'save me' only he's not talking about from the deep water!!

<<How in the world did you stay focused driving?????>> I'm not sure. I do have a funny story about that though. I was listening to Van Go Gan for the first time ever and had it pretty much cranked. My back was getting a bit tired so I leaned forward and put my chin on the steering wheel to stretch. Just then the bonus track of Phil Hartman doing the televangelist came storming out of the speakers. Yikes, I almost went through the roof.

Message: 26570 Posted: Wed Mar 05 01:05:12 2003 By: Raul
Subject: America Live in concert DVD- Where can I get it?

Dear Fans, I'm after the "America live in Concert" DVD. I already know that AMAZON.COM has this DVD, but in previous posts I have read that AMAZON.COM takes forever to deliver items, so I was wondering if anyone could guide me on a site where I could buy such DVD. Any info will help. Raul, Melbourne, Australia.

Message: 26569 Posted: Tue Mar 04 21:26:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Problem with Real Audio soundclips

Mo's photos have been posted. Click here to see them. Thanks Mo!

Message: 26568 Posted: Tue Mar 04 20:34:36 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Problem with Real Audio soundclips


Message: 26567 Posted: Tue Mar 04 18:50:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Problem with Real Audio soundclips

Danae, the links to the RealAudio soundclips have been fixed. Happy listening!

Message: 26566 Posted: Tue Mar 04 16:05:32 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: The Full Monty & inquiring minds

Mo and Nina thanks for filling us all in on your Plymouth adventure and the updates on Dewey and Brad.
What a heck of away to celebrate the Big 40 lucky girl!!!
Robyn I was wondering the same thing about the back stage access.
Anyways I can't wait to hear about the next Mo's next stop on the 4th decade tour.

Message: 26565 Posted: Tue Mar 04 15:55:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson Question

I don't know if Jeff is going to do a tour in the near future but I did find out that he's going to be included on a new compilation CD, "Breeze Vol 4 AOR Best" which is due out March 31 on JVC Victor (Japan). Jeff will be putting more information about this on his web site fairly soon. Here's the track list:

Bobby Caldwell / Come To Me (Caldwell / Kari)
Gilbert O'Sullivan / Clair (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
Christopher Cross / Open Up My Window (Christopher Cross and Rob Meurer)
Todd Rundgren / Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
Rupert Holmes /The Hurting Part (Rupert Holmes)
Randy Vanwarmer / Call Me (Randy Vanwarmer)
Robert John / Sad Eyes (Robert John)
Ned Doheny / Follow Your Heart (Ned Doheny)
Nicole Wills / Fallin' (Lauren Wood)
Adrian Gurvitz / Love Space (Adrian Gurvitz)
Joe Chemay Band / Once In A Life (Joe Chemay)
Jeff Larson / Halfmoon Bay (Jeff Larson)
Pages / You Need A Hero (Page - George - Lang)
Byrn and Barnes / Making Love For The First Time (Robert Byrn, Bill Fair, Alan Shulman)
Frankie Bleu / You Never Ever Call Me Baby (Frankie Bleu)
Robert Byrne / Blame It On The Night (Howerd Brasfield, Robert Byrn)
Carole Bayer Sager / I Won't Break (Carole Bayer Sager / Burt Bacharach / P. Allen)

Message: 26564 Posted: Tue Mar 04 15:45:06 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Problem with Real Audio soundclips

Danae, there's nothing wrong with your RealAudio player. The problem is with the webmaster (yes, I'm accepting full responsibility). Actually, what happened is I forgot to modify all of the .RAM files that point to the .RM files which contain the RealAudio media. They are still pointing back to the old server which no longer exists. I'm glad you pointed it out to me because I didn't even think about modifying them. I'm rather busy this week so I'm not sure when I'll get around to fixing them but they are on my list of things to do. I have also received a ton of great photos from Mo which I'll try to get posted sometime this week.

Message: 26563 Posted: Tue Mar 04 13:03:45 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Problem with Real Audio soundclips

I think there is a problem with the Real Audio soundclips. My Real Audio player can't identify them. Maybe it's because the site changed adress. Does anybody else have the same problem?

Message: 26562 Posted: Tue Mar 04 11:42:01 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: The Full Monty & Plymouth Impressions

Moser~ Thanks for the posting. You have a gift in you writing; it made me feel as if I was there with you. I am looking forward with anticipation to your future installments of the next 7 concerts you plan on attending.

I was given a great birthday gift last night, tickets to see AMERICA @ the Emerald Queen in Tacoma (March 22). This appears to be their only remaining appearance in the Northwest this year. Anyone else planning on this one?

Message: 26561 Posted: Tue Mar 04 10:50:32 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Jeff Larson Question

A while back someone here mentioed the possibility of a small tour. Is this still in the works?

Message: 26560 Posted: Tue Mar 04 10:19:52 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Reply to Robyn/Reply to Mo

Nina, I did not mean to imply that Gerry was not friendly. Quite the contrary. He has always been very nice to me.
Nice that he regcognizes you from the stage. He wouldn't know me from Adam!

Message: 26559 Posted: Tue Mar 04 09:59:16 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Robyn/Reply to Mo

Robyn..I find your post interesting...about Gerry being reticient. Ya know, before I met "the boys" for the first time, I had impressions in my mind of what each one would be like: I figured Dewey would be the happy-go-lucky friendly one, and that Gerry would be the brooding, serious, "rock star". (Sorry, Gerry!) I really didn't have much to base my expectations on, just their music and an occasional magazine article was all I had to go on. How nice it was to discover, on first meeting, that Gerry was just as friendly as Dewey! At some shows I've been to, sometimes Dewey isn't available to talk to fans and autograph, but Gerry usually is. If Gerry recognizes me from the stage he'll usually give me a "Hi, Nina!"...which makes me feel just so special! (Once I was not paying attention, god forbid!, and my eyes weren't on the stage and I heard..."NINA"! "NINA"! And when I looked up, it was Gerry yelling to get MY attention!) And when I have my 7 year old nephew with me...oh, my goodness...they give him waves, and special autographs, and they take the time to actually ask HIM questions! I guess the "dad" in each of them shows through! I can't say enough about how Dewey and Gerry value their fans!

Mo! Don't apologize for "tunnel vision"...I had a bit of that myself, Friday night! I hope I didn't get in your way too much with my enthusiasm. But what you didn't know, and I guess I can tell you now, is that Gerry hired me as security that night to protect him from Mo Lutton!

Message: 26558 Posted: Tue Mar 04 09:02:25 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Three New Concerts

These will be added to the concert list the next time I update the web site:

4/26/03 Irvine, CA - Hidden Meadows Park / "The Great Escape Festival"
5/3/02 Freeport, Grand Bahama - Royal Oasis Resort & Casino
7/29/03 Westbury, NY - Westbury Music Fair

Message: 26557 Posted: Tue Mar 04 08:30:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Karma

Thanks for all the good karma you guys. I appreciate your positive feedback. Icing on the cake.

Message: 26556 Posted: Tue Mar 04 06:44:20 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Mo.

Good post. Almost groupiesque. Tbis is why every guy wants to be a rock star.


Message: 26555 Posted: Tue Mar 04 00:06:16 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: The Full Monty & Plymouth Impressions

Hi Everyone :) ~~~~ Thanks Nina & Mo for satisfying out Inquiring Minds about Brad.~~ Best wishes to him in his new ventures!

Hi Nina ~~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts of the evening with us! I love how you said that seeing one of their shows leaves you feeling uplifted. WOW!! Getting to spend some time with Gerry & Dewey and Woodzy & Willie ~~ what a nice added touch to a Special evening for sure! :)

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Mo ~~~ What a way to start off your Fourth Decade! Thanks for sharing this Fantobolous weekend with us! I really enjoyed reading your post! I am sure that this year will be one that will never be forgotten for sure. I agree with Mark & Red you sure do have a way with writing, hmmmmmmm ~~ you should consider putting all 8 of these out of body experiences into a book. ~~~~ Reading about your pre show jitters and excitement & hearing those ooooooooh sooo spine tingling words "Let's Welcome AMERICA" took me back to last Feb. ~~ what a day of Sentimental Memories that was for me, and the Rush of emotions that went through me, that I actually was getting to see them again. ~~ Soo Neat you got VGG & GMG ~~~ Hmmmm just curious as to your thoughts upon hearing Kiss of Life for the first time???? I am also wondering if you had Gerry sign your favorite pic of him in his pink bibs??? ~~ YOU sure are One LUCKY GIRL to have gotten backstage passes from Gerry & Dewey! ~~ WOW that alone had to be a DREAM COME TRUE for sure! ~~~ I'd be willing to bet this AMERICA High carries you right to the IUP show! Keep on Enjoying it, SO Neat to think you stayed right in the very same hotel and got to see them the next morning as well! WOW!!! :) I look forward to seeing the pics you got! ~~~ You know how you said you should take up flying lessons in your post from the road.... well after reading all about your weekend, I am convinced you did fly home on a Magic Carpet in your Minivan ~~ How in the world did you stay focused driving????? ~~~ Gerry is singing I Need You from the Van Go Gan CD in my headphones ~~ I bet you got some nice chills upon hearing this for the first time..... I just love this version of this song!!!! ~~~~28 Days till the IUP SHOW ~~~~~ YES YES YES!!!!!!!! :) ~~~ Regarding your son's pine wood derby ~~ Congratulations to he and your hubby for winning Most Creative on his car! :) ~~ Also ~~ Nice that you have a Hubby that is supportive of You, so that you can take in these 8 concerts for your 40th birthday bash ~~ I think he deserves a Nice Pat on the Back for that as well!

CONGRATULATION'S "HAT TRICK" for winning the Song Tourny....... Hmmmm my inquiring mind is wondering if we will get to have an out of body experience getting to hear this great song done at the shows..... Wouldn't that be AWESOME for sure! ~~~ Dewey I still could handle getting to hear YOUNG MOON done at the IUP Show!!!!! ~~~ Kiss of Life is playing in my headphones now ~~~~~ Oooooooh Gerry how I could Handle getting to hear you sing this Song! :)

Cheers Holiday ~~~ I was checking out the other day and the Hat Trick LP is avalable there, those interpretations you shared with us are too much for sure!

Cheers to you to Jason ~~~ I look forward to hearing all about the JB show you will see on thursday evening!

Hey there Robyn ~~ I sure wish I could hope on a plane and come out there to see Matt's show..... Please be sure and tell us all about it, Enjoy it alittle bit more for me Okay?????? :)

Well time for me to head back to my big soft pillow! Nitey Nite all! Nancy :) ~~~~ Matt is singing one of his song clips in my headphones now ~~~~ it all depends did you make more enemies than friends, tuck you in and you'll sleep tight now, sorry doll(I may be wrong with this word here), ~~~ But This was Life and it was Goooood, and it was Gooood, and it was Gooood, and it was Goood, and it was Gooood ~~~~ Sing it Matt :) I look forward to getting to hear these songs in their entirety soon!

Message: 26554 Posted: Mon Mar 03 21:40:54 2003 By: msmith
Subject: re: full monty

moser--i think you win the award for the looooooongest post ever. i usually don't read long posts, but the enthusiasm you exuded in your post kept me interested til the last word. the info on brad was really appreciated. i'm sorry to see him leave the band after so many years. also thanks for the play list. i write it down at every gig. it's kind of hard sometimes since it's so dark you can't see the paper :-). mo--you've got me pumped up for my next concert. too bad it's not until june.

Message: 26553 Posted: Mon Mar 03 18:44:35 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

Moser, I loved reading all the details you posted about the show and especially about meeting the guys!!~~~YOU LUCKY GIRL~~~It's neat that you also got to see them again before they left.~~~Thanks for sharing this with us.

Message: 26552 Posted: Mon Mar 03 18:09:42 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: The Full Monty go girl!! And thank you soo much for sharing your first tour stop. I knew you would not let us down and we would get the full experience. I have been waiting all weekend to hear...and I loved it! You are is short so you enjoy!!!! I hope to one day see them again. You are one lucky and smart girl.

Message: 26551 Posted: Mon Mar 03 17:20:53 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

Ah, the inevitable question. Unfortunately, inquiring minds will have to continue to wonder. As they say, if I told you I'd have to...well you know the saying.
PS: Thanks, Red, for the good review of my review.

Message: 26550 Posted: Mon Mar 03 16:02:43 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

ok ok ruin my fun (lol) But Moser one burning question...How did you get backstage access? Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!

Message: 26549 Posted: Mon Mar 03 15:21:36 2003 By: red oak
Subject: The Big 4O

That is one of the finest examples of fan loyal reviewing I've ever witnessed. Who else but you could pull this off(with Nina's help). You should seriosly investigate a job in journalism or be America's publicist. Let you handle the business venture and they would be back in the forefront again. Can't wait til you and Nancy hook up for the IUP show. Between you and her I'm expecting volumes written regarding your experience. Such a different perspective from the fans viewpoint of a concert. Keep up the good work and come down slowly from your out of body experience. You did good!!!!!!!

Message: 26548 Posted: Mon Mar 03 15:21:33 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

Robyn, If you don't mind, I'll stick to the Decade moniker rather than the Over The Hill moniker. I'm going for uplifting here, not Prozac-ville!! You crack me up.

Message: 26547 Posted: Mon Mar 03 14:55:04 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Full Monty

Well Moser you really did have some fun on the first leg of your "I AM NOT OVER THE HILL" Tour! Nice that you got to talk to them all. Dewey always seems more greagrious, while Gerry is quiet reticent. Just his nature I suppose. He has always been gracious to me, as has Dewey.

Get those photos up on the web soon!

Message: 26546 Posted: Mon Mar 03 14:01:51 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Plymouth impressions

Let's call the whole thing off.

Message: 26545 Posted: Mon Mar 03 13:41:09 2003 By: Moser
Subject: The Full Monty

The Full Monty

If you don’t like long posts, scroll back up to the top and hit NEXT. Otherwise, welcome to The Full Monty!

The Fourth Decade Tour, Spring/Summer 2003, commenced on Friday, 2/28/03 at Plymouth Memorial Hall, Plymouth, MA. “What is The Fourth Decade Tour?” you ask. Well, as I’ve been telling anyone who will listen lately (and a few who are just too polite to walk away), I will be turning 40 in about a month. Rather than having the obligatory party to celebrate where you basically shell out big money for other people to have a good time, I've decided to splurge on myself and a few choice people instead. My plan is to attend any America concert within a day's drive of here. So far, that means I have plans to attend 8 concerts.

A plan as grand (and wacko) as that deserves a name. Wouldn’t you agree? Hence, The Fourth Decade Tour which carries two meanings. Obviously, it’s how old I’ll be as well as how many decades in which our favorite band has continued to tour uninterrupted since their auspicious debut in ’72. Plymouth was the first stop. Indiana University of Pennsylvania is the second. That night will be a really special one for me because I will be attending with some of my high school friends who will also be celebrating the big 4-0 this year. It’s kind of a collective birthday present, I guess.

I’ve even made up Tour T-shirts. Dave Moretti was kind enough to give me his permission to download and iron-on the America World Tour 2003 logo that he designed. Thank you, Dave. I’ve just added a few graphics to it and there you have it, The Fourth Decade Tour official apparel. My theory is—you only live once. And, you only turn 40 once—thankfully!!!! Would you rather I have the more typical mid-life crisis and buy a red sports car and have an affair with a younger man? Oh, sorry, that’s more of a guy thing.

Let’s get back to the story. As I’ve said previously, when we got to the hotel, we were pleased to see the back courtyard looked suspiciously familiar. It was the very one pictured in Gerry’s VFTHW. Be still my heart. From that time on, my eyes were peeled for a Gerry or Dewey sighting, for sure.

The venue was very unusual. Plymouth Memorial Hall is a typically New English brick building, very stately and austere. On the inside, it was very elegant with high ceilings in the entry hall and large circular marble steps down to the floor seats. There were two sections of floor seats surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped raised seating area. According to my memory of the on-line seating chart, I was expecting three sections of floor seats with our tickets in the right side section. I was psyched to find out that we were in the right section, on the aisle first two seats. You know what that means—right in front of Gerry and Michael. YEAH BABY! I wasn’t sure if the old heart could take it.

I immediately looked for Nina who I was sure had tickets for the same row of seats. Sure enough there she was already in her seat just like any loyal fan should be. We introduced our respective captive audience escorts, talked about our good fortune to be on GERRY GERRY GERRY’s side of the stage, prepared our somewhat obnoxious plan to hold up Gerry signs, and then settled in for the night. It was a blast to know that I was not the only certifiably insane fan in the building.

There was an outside chance that I was going to get back stage passes. Unfortunately, since it wasn’t for sure, I had to ask some embarrassing questions. First, I checked at the will call table. They explained that there was a list being tracked down, please wait over by the T-shirt table. Okay, no problem, while I was there, I bought Van Go Gan and Go Man Go ($20 a pop). In about a minute or two, the list materialized. Unfortunately, I wasn’t on it. A good 20 or so other names were on it but not mine. Heart sank. Somehow I figured out that this was not the list I wanted to see. Yes, it was for backstage passes but for radio station contest winners. Well, no, I hadn’t won a contest. I have to admit, at this point, I was a bit discouraged because even if it turned out that I would get passes, I would obviously be among a group of people who would ask questions like, “Hey, man, when did you guys get back together?” When, you ask, did I turn into an America Fan Snob? I’m not sure but apparently, I have.

I would not be deterred. I went back down to the stage and tried to get Pete’s attention. He was not looking up, very busy apparently. Okay, panic rising quickly, I looked around. There was a guy standing nearby who had an official looking America pass rather than the generic Memorial Hall Pass that most of the other security types were wearing. I told him my name and he said yes, there were passes for me, at the will call desk for after the show. After the show? That’s not what I was expecting but it would definitely be better that way rather than being among the 20 or so pseudo-fans. (Snob, snob, snob.)

I went back to the will call desk and asked again. The first person who checked said no. Heart sinking further. But, oh here, check with this lady, she’s in charge. I told my story again, for the fifth time.

“Are you with the band?” this person-in-charge asked me. Imagine my thoughts in response to this question…well no but could you arrange something, perhaps? No. Down girl. Think rationally now. Speak rationally.

“Well, no,” I said. “I’m not WITH the band. It’s just that my possible passes are FROM them and not from the radio station.”

“What was your name again?”

“Mo…Mo Bufton.”

“Oh, wait. Here’s the only one I have. It’s for Mo Lutton.”

“Well that must be it, I guess they just got the last name messed up or something.” Thankfully, that was good enough for her. YEAH BABY! Finally, I could return to my seat and breathe normally once again.

The opening act was The Becky Chace Band from Rhode Island. They dedicated their set to their friend, Abby, who had perished in the nightclub fire in West Warwick, RI. After the audience applauded their sentiment and the two girls in the trio wiped away a tear or two, they played. They played their own songs—sort of bluesy, roadhouse-inspired good ole rock ‘n roll. The lead singer, Becky, was definitely channeling a young Bonnie Raitt. Her voice was clear and strong. This was their acoustic set but they also do an electric show including a fourth member, a drummer. They sold their CD’s and signed them after their show. I did buy one but haven’t paid much attention to it since VGG and GMG definitely trump it. It was a good way to start the night. The crowd was definitely into them.

After what seemed to be a really long wait but probably wasn’t, our boys walked out in front of the stage and into the stage entrance. Yes, of course, the crowd went wild. As they started playing Riverside and the familiar introduction was made, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Let’s welcome, America,” I had an epiphany. (Probably once again late to the party, forgive me.) That was exactly the same voice and intro that is on the Cayman CD. There was Pete Leonardo leaning over the mic on Gerry’s keyboard introducing them. Wow, that must be Pete on the Cayman CD. I never realized that before. Hmm, and to think I was having snotty, superior thoughts just a few minutes earlier about my fellow concert goers. I guess there’s always some detail to learn—brought me down a peg or two.

I couldn’t help but discreetly play air guitar in my seat. I’ve done it so many times at home, it was just a Pavlovian response. It was just awesome and amazing. They really kick butt on stage. As many times as they have played this same show, you would think they would just look robotic. But that’s not it at all. These guys really play their hearts out and you can tell they still love doing it. They often turn to each other and laugh or make a comment or something. It’s a joy to watch. Geez, I’m not biased or anything, am I?

Both Gerry and Dewey had more to say to the crowd than I’ve ever seen. Of course we heard the usual quips about George Harrison, the Calif. Dreamin' movie on Betamax, and Best New Artist of ’72 Grammy. But there was some extra stuff that night. Perhaps it was because the venue was ‘just the perfect size’ as Gerry said. Or maybe it was because they have been off the road for a couple of weeks and were well rested. Whatever the reason, it was good to see some spontaneity in their presentation. It’s stuff like that that keeps us ‘repeat offenders’ going back for more. Good going guys.

After the show, we headed proudly backstage to do some serious hero worship, Sharpie’s in hand. Unfortunately, we had to wait in the hallway because there was a bit of a medical problem with someone backstage. I immediately worried that it was Dewey and that his arm was painful. Fortunately, it was quickly clear that it was neither Dewey nor Gerry that needed help. I don’t mean to diminish the fact that someone else was ill, it’s just that I was happy it wasn’t one of them. We waited for a few minutes, talking to Woodz who was out in the hallway too. He signed something for both Cindy and me. He’s always very friendly.

After about 5 or 10 minutes, Gerry popped out into the hallway to let us know what was up. “Hello, Moser,” he said.

Yikes, I thought, try not to faint. “Hello, Gerry. Good to see you.” I reached out to shake his hand while introducing my sister-in-law, Cindy. She later thanked me for not forgetting about her in my moment of swooning! Gerry went on to explain that one of the crew was ill and needed some medical attention. He apologized and asked us if we would meet them back at the hotel bar in a bit. We said yes, of course, in a polite, respectful manner all the while thinking who would say no to that question?

I checked with Nina, who I forgot to mention was right there in the hallway with us (sorry, I did have a terrible case of tunnel vision that night), to see if she was up to going over to the hotel (of course she was). They were going to drive over. Cindy and I headed out the back door to walk the block or two back. We quickly stashed our coats and stuff in our room, freshened for a sec so we wouldn’t waste time and miss anything, and headed to the pub in the lobby. Willie and his harem du jour were already there. He was gracious and signed something for each of us.

We waited for a while, who knows how long, near the entrance to the pub and then out into the hotel lobby after a few minutes. There was a musical act playing in the pub and we didn’t want to distract the patrons with our babbling—Nina and me, that is. Cindy and Nina’s date (was it Don?) were planted on a couch in the pub no doubt trading stories about how crazy all of this really was.

Dewey came downstairs first. He was just as friendly and gracious as ever. I’ve already told the story of our encounter with him. He talked to us about Brad, his arm, the heyday of rock ‘n roll (in response to signing the Anaheim poster), his previous broken wrist, and maybe more. It’s already a bit fuzzy to me as if it was a dream. Well, in a way, it was but you know what I mean. After about ten minutes of talking with us, he headed into the pub to say hello to Willie and guests.

We waited a bit longer talking and stuff. Just as Nina was about ready to give up on Gerry and head home, our main man appeared. He was also gracious but less talkative than Dewey. I rarely say anything negative about Gerry but I must say he looked tired. Perhaps that is why he was less talkative. Anyway, he did sign stuff, pose for pictures, and answer our questions about Brad. What else is a hero to do? He too joined the group in the pub.

Nina and date left then, they had a two-hour drive ahead of them. We said our goodbyes and see you at Mohegan and she was on her way.

That left Cindy and I to decide what to do next. She was hungry. I was just nauseated from nerves. We decided to put our newly signed treasures away in the room and then come back to the pub. What would you have done? We waited an awkward moment near the bar looking at the menu and scoping the seating situation. Fortunately for our fragile egos, two seats at the bar opened up within a minute or two. Here we were just five or so feet away from two of the world’s musical giants. Now that’s one heck of a good way to spend a mid-life crisis if you ask me.

Within a few minutes, Gerry stood to pose for a picture with Willie’s guests then retired for the evening. Dewey stayed a bit longer but not much. That left the count at zero heroes, one drummer, two marginally talented entertainers at the front of the bar doing Billy Joel and Eagles cover tunes, one grouchy lady bar tender (who lightened up noticeably after I started over-tipping her), and one cute, young (29 yr. old) kid wearing a turtleneck sweater (do men know how good they look in turtlenecks?) sitting on the barstool next to Cindy. He had light colored hair and round wire-rim glasses. Aha, maybe the evening had some remaining potential after all!!

The kid turned out to be the production manager for the Pendragons, a magic act that would be appearing at Plymouth Memorial Hall the next night. We all ate some pretzels (the kitchen was closed), drank some beers, and had a few giggles. I promise you we did not take advantage of this poor young soul but we did enjoy his company. We did get a laugh to ourselves the next morning when we saw him and a young woman eating breakfast in the dining room. As we were leaving, we patted him on the shoulder and said, “Good morning, how ya doin’?” He answered us nicely enough. Her chin just dropped.

Earlier on Saturday morning, I had awakened at my predetermined-biological-get-the-kids-up-for-school time of 6:25 a.m. I remembered that the guys had said to the crowd the night before that they had an early flight at 6:30 and all that meant to Willie was ‘ALL-NIGHTER!’ On the outside chance that they had a 6:30 ride to the airport as opposed to the flight time being 6:30, I checked my VFTHW which looked out on the front entrance canopy. Sure enough I could see a white van and the very same “America” guy who had told me that, yes there were passes at the desk for me. Bingo. Maybe I could catch a final glimpse of the guys before this first stop on the Decade tour was officially over.

Fortunately enough, I wasn’t suffering from my usual case of bedhead so I quickly got dressed and grabbed my coat and camera and headed to the lobby. There they were all fresh and ready to go. Dewey and Pete were standing closest to me. Dewey saw me and said, “Hey, you stayed here?”

“Yeah, I came a long way to be here.” I hope I didn’t sound too off-handed like a smart-mouthed teenager or something. Anyway, I made a thinly veiled excuse about being up to take some sunrise shots over the water and stood and talked for a bit. They were nice about it. Hey, I was glad they didn’t call security or anything! Gerry came down to the lobby too. He looked great. We spoke about his glasses for a minute because they were a darker pair that I had never seen in any pictures before. He looked very handsome. Well, they were all there and accounted for and needed to head out. I wished them a safe trip and thanked them for a great show then headed to the water to actually take those pictures. The first installment of the Decade tour was now officially over. It was awesome. I’m still recovering. I’m very distracted. Maybe I’ll be over it by the time of the Indiana show. Then, here we go again. Turning 40 might not be half bad after all.

Message: 26544 Posted: Mon Mar 03 12:04:16 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Plymouth impressions

Nina and Mo have pretty much summed up everything I have been able to find out about the bass player. However, I can tell you the full name of the guy playing bass at Plymouth. It is Gerry and Dewey's old friend Chas Frichtell and I believe he played with Michael McDonald.

Message: 26543 Posted: Mon Mar 03 11:11:46 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Moser

Thanks, Mo, for having better short term memory than I do! (I'll blame it on that chatty lady on my left who wanted to know if Dewey and I were related!!!) I wanted to scream: "Lady, leave me alone!" "I'm trying to listen ,here!"

Message: 26542 Posted: Mon Mar 03 10:31:25 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Plymouth impressions

Nina has pretty much covered the bassist issue. I would say that my impressions of their answers can be summed up by these paraphrased take home phrases:
Brad's his own man, always has been.
He will not be returning.
He has moved on.
There is no mystery.
There is no melodrama.
No, he does not have any health issues.
We have not made an official announcement because we have not found a permanent replacement. (My thought was immediately, "Hmm, wonder how long it would take me to learn to play the bass?!!")
Our bassist was named Chas but I am vegging on the last name. It did start with an F, Fructou perhaps. Who knows. The Saved by the Bell part, I do remember that. I guess I should have taken notes on that too.

Message: 26541 Posted: Mon Mar 03 09:28:20 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Original drummer, etc

Hi all,

Been busy recently. My office in london is closing down and is to be relocated to my 3rd bedroom at home. That will cut down the commuting time from 1.5 hours to about 30 seconds. Yippee!!

Hello, David Attwood Jnr. Yes, we'd love to hear more about your father and his involvement in the early days. See if you can twist his arm to let us in on some old memories.

Good to see HAT TRICK won the song tournament. It's nice too as all 3 members sing on this song and share writing credits. So no one's left out.

The Jackson Browne concert is this Thursday so I'll let you all know what it was like.



Message: 26540 Posted: Mon Mar 03 09:27:49 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Plymouth impressions

Hi all...Sorry I'm late, but remember, I don't have a home computer; so don't think I've been being coy since Friday's concert...I just haven't had the chance to share yet! First of all, it was great fun meeting Moser...Thanks, Mo, for the lovely "America" tour shirt you made was very thoughtful! We hit it off immediately, as only two adoring America fans can, and I'm afraid our respective "co-pilots" thought we were marginally insane to say the least!

Now, I'll need Moser's help to clarify this stuff about Brad because some unknown lady was asking ME questions as I was asking DEWEY I may have missed some of what HE said. From chatting with both Dewey and Gerry I get the distinct impression that Brad has moved on and will not be returning to the band. Both claim there is no big mystery about his going...Brad's always been a bit of a loner, they say. They (Dewey and Gerry) want to be the ones to announce who the new bassist will be. (Does this sound right, Mo?) So, I'm assuming that when the final decision is made, Gerry and Dewey will announce it. (Our bassist, on Friday night, was named "Chas Fritz", I think? Gerry said he had written the theme song for "Saved by the Bell"?)

More impressions of Plymouth? The rock the pilgrims stepped on is in a pit, the ocean is beautiful, the Mayflower II is docked at.....

Oh, you want "America" impressions? Let's see....I can honestly say that any time I get to see America, it lifts my spirits. This time was no exception. The concert was great...the setting was an old refurbished auditorium. And the fact that we got to spend a little time with Gerry and Dewey makes it all the more special. They are consistently gracious and kind. Whereas Moser tends to "clam up"...I start "babbling" about God knows what...and they are just so...tolerant of my ramblings! I truly love, love, love these guys...they are the best!

Message: 26539 Posted: Mon Mar 03 06:34:04 2003 By: holiday
Subject: Re: Down The Road ... and Some!

It was interesting to hear that the Hat Trick through to Harbor albums have not been released on CD in the States. I have not seen a Harbor CD in Oz, but I have all the other trio albums on CD issued here either by Warner Australia, Warner International or by EMI Australia. They say Australia is The Lucky Country.... lol

The only vinyl trio album I am missing is Hat Trick (I bought it on release in '73 but wore it out!!)

The Warner International releases are made in Germany - Homecoming, Hat Trick and Holiday. The neat thing with these German releases is the 'alternative' lyrics inside. Let's take "It's Life" for example.
I see that the lyrics posted on this site by Steve L has the following line:

I will try like the devil to bear your names
but the Germans say it is:
I'll try to take them to better games

Instead of:
Leaving, trying your best to believe then
The Germans say:
Even trying your best to believe in

You found a direction, you hope will say more
With your life, it's taken every one in view
The German version is:
You found it perfection, you opened some more
It's your life, you've taken every one of you

You don't get to heaven
If they don't say you do
Well the Germans say:
It took you to heaven
You think that's how you do

Dan's already esoteric lyrics are almost rendered rambling by the translation.... and sometimes humorous. You should see Hat Trick - from the opening lines:
You, can I make it known
I'd like to take you home
Ooh, can I make it moan
I'd like to take you home

.... hmmmmm

Mind you, the 'official':
I saw that you were dancing with a rent-a-cop
may have been improved by the Germans with:
I saw that you were dancing in a rented gown

.... maybe Dan could see the rental tag showing.

And how about:
The minute you pulled me through
You thought that then you knew
The minute pulled me through
You thought that men you'd woo

Maybe the Germans know a lot more about America's hidden meanings than we do?


Message: 26538 Posted: Mon Mar 03 05:54:52 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Set List

Ok Moser, I had to laugh at your "taking notes" comments. I too have done the same thing, but what I do is type out one of the most recent set lists I can find and then print it off in really small print. That way all I have to do is to cross off or jot a quick note as the show goes along. And yes I did feel like a total goofball but hey, I wanted to make sure I got it right. I am also now relieved to know that I am not the only one out there that has dones this!!! Can't to wait to hear more details of the show.


Message: 26537 Posted: Sun Mar 02 19:39:10 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Derby Update

Bones ~ The words "wood" and "technology" don't seem to go together, but then again, it might just be me.

(SteveO ~ I'm still enjoying Daryl Hall's "Can't Stop Dreaming" CD that you sent me. I have a number of favorites, but I'm still listening to all the songs closely.)

Message: 26536 Posted: Sun Mar 02 18:55:37 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Derby Update

Moser, your husband should of taken my wood technology class.

Message: 26535 Posted: Sun Mar 02 17:13:36 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Coincidence

Yeah Gen, #66 was a VERY COOL episode. I sure do look forward to reading each of Dan's new epis. I wish they were available every Saturday for the rest of the year, but I'm grateful for these few thus far.

A fellow fan mentioned to me something I hadn't thought of before. Do you all suppose that plaid wool jacket is long gone due to the Malibu house fire Dan and Catherine suffered? What about his official maroon-colored America tour jacket? Probably both went up in smoke. :0(

Message: 26534 Posted: Sun Mar 02 16:48:23 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Coincidence

Hat Trick is also one of the topics of Dan's episode 66. Had fun reading about the jacket / G. Harrison ' diplomatic incident ' :-D.

Message: 26533 Posted: Sun Mar 02 16:06:03 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Dewey's "Young Moon"

Thanks for so pertinent a transition, Johnny. And for satisfying my natural curiosity for foreign languages :-) ...
BTW, bravo all you guys for turning the (hat) trick too!!! How I love that song! Nancy, hope you'll be happy about the vote anyway.

Message: 26532 Posted: Sun Mar 02 13:14:29 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey's "Young Moon"

<<From the Highway booklet, page 67>>

Ahhh, from the "America bible".

Since "Wu Ming" means 'nameless' then a close translation of "Horse With No Name" would be "Mah Wu Ming" for whatever it's worth. :0)

Message: 26531 Posted: Sun Mar 02 12:48:47 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: more mB news

If you are going to be in the LA area on March 25 ( Moser get the minivan warmed up!) mB is FINALLY returning to the stage as a solo act. He will be playing at Genghis Cohen at 9:15 . I am planning on being there ( even if it IS a school night and I will probably pay for it in the morning!) BE THERE IF YOU CAN.

Message: 26530 Posted: Sun Mar 02 11:56:40 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Dewey's "Young Moon"

From the Highway booklet, page 67:
"'Young Moon' was a return to form for the band--highly melodic, a little moody, with a poetic lyric. 'That was the very first song that Gerry and I started for the album,' says Bunnell. 'I brought it down to Ger when we first started compiling, and it turned out to be the strongest song. The title phrase referred to my daughter Lauren at first. Then it became more of a love song.' Adds Beckley: 'Dewey basically had the structure for it, and I wrote a bridge for it. It sounds like real vintage Dewey to me. We got some good Adult Contemporary airplay on that one.'"----->a photographic mind

Message: 26529 Posted: Sun Mar 02 11:55:41 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Genevieve

I don't know yet about Wu Ming's position on the Iraq question. This is not what interested me when I heard of them. I was more interested by the contradiction they had to face knowing that one of their books was a best-seller in Italy while their attitude towards stardom was that of a total refusal of any form of popularity ( one of the little ironies of life :-) since Wu Ming means "nameless").
This forum is no place for a debate about a possible war in Iraq, but we are so very lucky that in our democracies freedom of thought and speech should be legal rights...
To put an end to this off topic discussion, I'll just quote the Xtian metaphisical poet John Donne (1573-1631) who wrote :
'No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; ANY MAN'S DEATH DIMINISHES ME, because I AM INVOLVED IN MANKIND; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.'
This is how my sensitive self feels. Thanks for you courage and now back to the music of America! BFN - Genevieve.

PS: What about you girls, Moser & Nina, did you take pics at that concert of your life? Let us know.

Message: 26528 Posted: Sun Mar 02 11:46:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Moser: Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Lass: Yes, we had a great time. The guys were in rare form if you ask me. We got to talk to all of the guys but Dewey, Dewey, Dew (he's gaining ground toward the full 3 name chant status based on his gracious and accommodating nature) was the most talkative. While he was signing my '76 Anaheim stadium poster and '77 Tourbook, he was talking about his wrist. The pin/cast set-up he had has been removed but he is still healing. He showed us the scars the pins had left and that he still does not have rotation ability. There is still some visible swelling and it is painful but, to his credit, he soldiers on. You would never know that he was hurt from watching him play. What a guy. My sister-in-law Cindy was well impressed with him and is the newest member of "Dewey's Girls." She was bumming b/c we forgot to ask him to pose for a picture with us.
He thought it was kind of funny that I asked him to sign my favorite picture of him in the tourbook and it happens to show his same wrist in a brace since that was the first time he broke it. He said they had been playing softball with Poco and he hurt it but didn't realize it was broken until later.
I also checked out the scar on his eyebrow and told him it adds character to his face. He just laughed, I don't think he was convinced. I asked him if he sold that darn ATV yet and he said no, it's brand new, only 40-some miles on it. It doesn't sound like he's convinced that he should sell it. Anyone else care to join me in nagging him?
It was awesome. Once again, proof that these guys are truly loyal and kind to their fans or "repeat offenders" as Gerry called us.

Message: 26527 Posted: Sun Mar 02 11:00:32 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Dewey's "Young Moon"

I was told by a participant from last Wednesday's live chat session that there was a discussion about Dewey's song "Young Moon," and that it was written for/about his daughter Lauren (at least initially) or something about it being Dewey's nickname for Lauren. Who said this and where did this information can from? -----> an inquiring mind

Message: 26526 Posted: Sun Mar 02 10:24:05 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Moser: Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Mo ~ sounds like you and Nina had a great time!! Did ya happen to notice how Dewey, Dewey, Dewey is? Is his wrist still in cast?
BTW it wasn't me who wanted to know about mB's band, but thank for that tidbit of info

Message: 26525 Posted: Sun Mar 02 10:19:08 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Set List

Thank you Moser. That is the exact set they performed at Bay St. Louis last January. However, I was so immersed in the performance that I had forgotten the order, thanks for putting it all in perspective.

Message: 26524 Posted: Sun Mar 02 06:40:09 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Set List

Fair warning, I won't ever do that again!!

I know exactly what you mean, Moser. I did it once at a concert and I felt like I missed too much worrying about what the song was and making sure that I wrote it down. It's more fun to simply enjoy the concert and not worry about the titles of the songs that are being played. At all the concerts after the one where I wrote them down I have tried to get the set list from Pete after the show. That way I don't have to worry about it. However, we really appreciate you doing it and sharing it with us.

Message: 26523 Posted: Sun Mar 02 06:23:26 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Genevieve

Genevieve you are very positive and sensitive.
Too I appreciate social themes and art(In quality of mayor of community where I live (when was mayor) , I organized various manifestations of culture).
With artists of Wu Ming I don't share idea of Saddam Hussein and question of Iraq;
I am favourable to do war against Saddam Hussein; Saddam Hussein is a big murderous of Curda (Curdi) people.
Hi Ciao bruno

Message: 26522 Posted: Sun Mar 02 05:55:51 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Set List

Like the dutiful chatter that I am, I have the set list for y'ans guys. Unfortunately due to a lack of brainpower during the adrenaline rush that is an America show for me, I knew I would not be able to remember the songs or their order of play. So, embarrassingly, I took notes. Fair warning, I won't ever do that again!!
There are no surprises here:
Plymouth, MA 2/28/03
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
I Need You (Beatles)
Baby It's Up to You
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
The Border
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
A Horse With No Name

Message: 26521 Posted: Sun Mar 02 05:44:36 2003 By: Moser
Subject: mB Tidbit

Recently someone was asking about what band matt had played with. Was it Mel or Lass? Anyway, since I don't know if you got your answer, here is a tidbit of info I saw on matt's site today:
<<(a little background: headparade, aside from being good friends, is the band that matt was playing guitar with before he went to australia... we dig headParade, headParade digs mattBeckley, love fest all around... even our forums are shockingly similar)>>
That was from the news section of his site. Hope that helps.

Message: 26520 Posted: Sun Mar 02 05:42:52 2003 By: msmith
Subject: song tournament

congratulations HAT TRICK!!!!!!!!!! i am soooo happy that HAT TRICK won. g & d--how about debuting it on the playlist in june at the canyon club or humphreys. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Message: 26519 Posted: Sun Mar 02 04:24:01 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Friends of America alias my friends

Thanks for the info. You are right. Music can help escape problems & you know how much I like it. But i'm one among those who think Art has a social, historical & political part to play. It can be regarded as playing a cathartic role actually ( purging us of our overwhelming emotions by bringing them to consciousness). All my fave artists from the 70's up to now, from John Lennon to -let's say- Radiohead or Muse etc (and of course America who have been a company for 30 years!) ... possess this dimension. Even a love song, which is the particular story of 2 (fictitious or not) individuals has a more general and symbolic value as it can say a lot about the woman/man relationship of a particular time (or period) and place in human history. Well, I'm a curious person who never finds satisfaction in what I already know. My avidity to learn new things and ideas has no frontier. So thanks for giving this info. BFN - Gen.

Message: 26518 Posted: Sun Mar 02 01:52:26 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Friends of America alias my friends

Ciao Hi Genevieve graziosa amica di Francia
Wu Ming are writers that treat social themes in their pubblications. They express their ideas often in cultural meeetings. The publisher that collaborate with this writers is, too, "Feltrinelli".
Dear Genevieve (Genoveffa) the life is dense of dilemmas and I prefer to fly on the wings of the music.
Hi friendly Moser and Nancy; pardon Moser for my...fucture. but fucture or future important is that America come in Europe.
Nancy you are the writer of the Century.
Always thanks to Steve Lowry for the direction of this site and Johnny Yee for deep knowledge of music and life of America.
Hi Ciao

Message: 26517 Posted: Sat Mar 01 20:11:55 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Derby Update

Hi Moser - thanks for the sovenier info, I appreciate that! I'll be sure to take a few extra bucks and a sharpie marker (per Steve's advice!).. I'm glad you had a great time at the show.. thanks again!


Message: 26516 Posted: Sat Mar 01 18:16:47 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Derby Update

Well, folks, I'm home safe and sound. Had my new Van Go Gan & Go Man Go to keep me going. Thanks for the music, Gerry and company. (Sheldon: There were lots of things to spend your disposable dollars on so bring a few along. CD's, t-shirts, hats, & glossies.)
Life does go on while you're away so I wanted to tell you that the Pinewood Derby was a success. Jeff (the hub) and Riley's (the son) car was named Most Imaginative. That's the good news. The bad news is, he came in next to last in his age group's race. I guess it pays to look good at least. I do have lots of fun stuff to share about the show but I'm too darn tired to think straight so I'll post more tomorrow. Life is good.

Message: 26515 Posted: Sat Mar 01 13:46:22 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Report From the Road & the VFTHW Philly Pic

Me Again :) ~~~ I know I am supposed to be getting all of my reports done here, but I was sooooo Excited when I read Mo's post that I just had to post again..... :)

Hey MO ~~ You Lucky Girl You ~~ staying in the very same Hotel as Gerry & Dewey ~~ WOW!!!!!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Drive Safely and Hurry up and get your Butt back home, you have me soooo CURIOUS, as to all of your news about the show ~~beforehand, during and Afterwards, and then some..... By the sounds of it this show was One Nice AMERICA High for sure!!!!!!!! Thanks Mo!

Hi Nina ~~ I too look forward to hearing all your thoughts and details about the show too.....

Hmmmm ~~~ After I posted my earlier post, I realized there was a new VFTHW pic.... Thanks Gerry & SteveL ~~~ Gerry I just love how you manage to capture that Opalessence color in the sky in the neatest ways.... those neat colored & shaped skyskrapers sure pulled these rainbow colors into our view nicely..... I have never been to Philly sooo thanks for a hint of the buildings there.... by chance are you close to the First Union Center???? ~~~ I talked with Kade in the live chat and she told me about getting to seeing AMERICA in a show there back in the late 70's, she also shared her dream come true experience of meeting you and Dewey.... Nice for sure, Lucky you Kade! :)

Hmmm regarding the Song Tourny I just checked the results... and Hat Trick is only 8 ahead of YOUNG MOON.... speaking of YOUNG MOON it is just starting to play here on my CD player here in my office... Hmmmm ~~~ I am wondering if my friend from Germany (You know who you are) will read this by chance.... if you do read it, You better go and vote for this great song for memories sake, for sure!!!! Fascination, Celebration, an Invitation to share my life with you ;) ~~~~ We are here in this moment shining twice as bright, we are here for you to see, Bright Lights, long shadows, tonight we can handle all the doubts we hold inside, its a new day things are different, we got each other, we'll keep looking for that Young Moon ~~~ Sing it for Me Please DEWEY ~~~~~ Ohhhhh how I love this song, it sure does have a way of Bringing Happy Tears to my Eyes for sure! :)

Okay gotta get back to my reports now.... Nancy :)

Dewey is singing Sleepertrain here now, another great song ~~~ and I was dreamin of you feeling lucky, I was dreaming of you feeling lucky, Play that Harmonica Gerry ~~ Nice :)

Message: 26514 Posted: Sat Mar 01 11:21:50 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Report from the Road

Greetings from Cloud Nine!! The minivan express rolled into Plymouth last night just in time to catch a quick bite to eat at our hotel--same one as the VFTHW (YEAH BABY!)--and walk over to the show. Just a quick report since I'm still enroute to NY. I've stopped off in Clinton, MA to drop off the loyal sister-in-law, Cindy. Cindy says, "DEWEY, DEWEY, DEWEY." The show was great. The guys were very energetic and more animated and talkative than usual. The venue was really cool, very elegant and historic. The show was sold out. Even the opening act was awesome, The Becky Chace Band, an acoustic threesome (more about them later). Got to meet Nina who is great fun. We really enjoyed the night. And, Red, we remembered to get the scoop on Brad. I'll leave that to Nina to give you the goods 'cause she remembered to ask. Me...I was...well I was having an out of body experience and forgot to ask anything much of value. Do you think I could remember to ask if they might play a song from the tournament in their upcoming sets? NO. Oh well, there'll be a next time, I guess. Well I've gotta get rolling again. It's strange to know that the guys are already in Philly and I haven't even gotten home yet. I should learn to fly a plane instead of a minivan!! More details and pics later after I've recovered a bit. Can't wait 'til IUP, Nancy. Have a good weekend everybody.

Message: 26513 Posted: Sat Mar 01 09:48:40 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic, What's Up With Jeff & some more

Hi Everyone :) ~~~~~ Hey MO & Nina I bet you both woke up in the clouds somewhere ~~ Nice!!!!! Hurry and let us know all about the show last night, I thought about the both of you last night as I was doing my dishes and baking chocolate chip cookies last night! ~~ MO ~~ Thanks for the smile yesterday when I read your lyrics, have you considered going into the song writing business girl! :) ~~ Hmm Just be careful when you head out on the big Hwy back home that you pay attention to the road, I know it will be hard to stay focused, when you feel like you are floating on air! :)

Hi SteveL ~~ Thanks for posting the VFTHW pic and Jeff's link to check out his new song clip, I checked it out last night and it is nice, sooooo relaxing I fell right asleep here in my comp. chair listening to it (darn I wanted to post this last night) LOL!!!! My friday night life sure is an exciting one ~~ Hahhahahahahah! ~~ Well Gerry & Dewey I hope you guys took Nina's advice and wore your Long Underwear, here in the Freezing Northeast part of the US. Sooo when you took the pic was it softly snowing or just getting ready to begin snowing. ~~~ My son came home from college last evening and brought me my tickets for the IUP show (WOW) ~~ hopefully in 31 days when you come here to Indiana PA, we will be done with the snow and signs of Spring will be all around. I am looking forward to the VFTHW pic from my part of the world. Hmmmm ~~ My son told me that there is a nice big poster of You and Dewey hanging inside of his on campus apartment bldg..... I sure hope to have that poster next month at this time for sure!!!!! :)

Hi there Leaky ~~ I see you are still afloat LOL!!!, nice hearing from you again.... I will go and check out your DonkeyJaw voting poll! Hmmm Donkey Jaw ~~ now there is one of AMERICA's songs that I have not heard for years... it sure is a hard one to find on the net, same way with Clarice... I think that those are the only 2 I am missing.....
Hmmmm ~~~ Playing here now all around me is my Central Park Live DVD ~~~ Wow the goosebumps are attacking me from all directions! :)

Hi there D. Atwood, Jr ~~~~ How neat of you to post here on the chat folder.... I would love to hear anything you want to share with us about your Dad ~~~ sooooo Post away Okay????? ~~ Do you know Gerry's son Matt? Do you play or sing music? ~~ My son is the same age as you and Matt. Pretty neat that Leaky mentioned the song Donkey Jaw, I believe that would be one of the songs your Dad played drums on.... :)

Ooooooh Robyn ~~ I finally get the real just of "Rosie" ~~ too much, thanks for sending me the lyrics. ~~ WOW that would be neat a Coffee table release of photos taken by Gerry, I love his view and perspective for sure! :)

Bonjour Gen ~~ I too will wish all of the Leap Year People a Birthday, Hmmm any chance of me trading birthday's with any of them.... I could handle just having a birthday every 4th yr.... LOL!!! Take Care! :)

Oh Yes Regarding the possibly new material that the Warner Music Group will be releasing, this sure has my Inquiring Mind a wondering for sure...... I will be anxious to hear more about this, Sounds oooooh sooo Good tho! :)

Hi there Vic from the desert ~~ Thanks so much for pointing out this Liz-Michelle's post in the Guest Book, very nice sentiments she wrote, thats the neat part about all of us fans.... we sure can relate to this love for AMERICA's music and how it touchs our Heart Strings! ~~ Hey Neat that you will be goint to the Chandler show in just 6 more days there in Ariz.... WOW ~~ I am soo happy for you, I hope you get lots of pics and won't it be nice to be carried away by all of these great songs again.... Let us know all about it too! :)

Wooo there just went another rush of chills through me, Dewey & Gerry just started playing Ventura Hwy.... WOW all of their excitement has this crowd sooo ALIVE at this show.... David Dickey sure is a rockin on here! ~~ Thanks again John Corbett for giving us the opportunity to obtain this DVD Masterpiece..... :)

Hey there Mailman DanC ~~~ Nice to hear you are listening to your Homecoming DVD, I'll bet it takes you back to some Nice SMILES for sure..... I too would love to hear more of the Obscure songs released accoustically just for us die hards ~~~ Hmmm my Inquiring mind is wondering just which songs would be your pics for this??????

Hey there Red ~~~ It was soo neat to read the lyrics to "It Never Rains in Calif" Wow does that take me back to my high school days... that was back in 1972 wasn't it.... hmm the same year another Song started a life long love for me...... Nice! Is it snowing there in Colo???? ~~ Enjoy your weekend! ~~ Hmmm regarding Timmy coming to Philly.... Wow ~~ I would love to get to go to see he and the Eagles... but I am wondering,if maybe just maybe they might come to Pittsburgh too, sooo I will hold out a little while longer, that would be much closer for me to travel to..... Let me know if you see Pittsburgh added to the list of shows Okay???? Thanks King Masabeeeee :)

Hey there Jimmm(bob)~~~ How was the Triathalon races... are you back yet????

Ciao Bruno ~~~ WOW you sure are having some good luck finding some of the Early year stuff, I hope you are able to find the rest to complete your collection.

Well I think I got everything.... now I gotta get the rest of my end of the month work done for my Credit Union work, I am beginning to dread the end of the Month coming anymore!!!!

Have a good day all, Nancy :) Oooooooh Gerry is just starting to sing Here ~~~ I am thinking about the days we led ourselves astray, here within the time we spent, wondering what they meant, living all those years..... WOW this live version of this song is sooo AWESOME, I just love it... I can't begin to count just how many times I listened to or sang this great song..... Thanks Gerry, Dewey & Dan.... and WOW I just gotta say it again this is one ROCKIN version of it Gerry & Dewey & Band ~~~ I am soo thankful to get to see all of these earlier shows.... makes me feel like somehow I got to take them in for sure! :) :) :) I look forward to all the shows I have yet to take in toooooooooo WOW!!!!

Message: 26512 Posted: Sat Mar 01 09:25:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Philadelphia

Gerry is in Philadelphia, PA today. Click here to see the view from his hotel window.

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