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Message: 28060 Posted: Sat May 31 21:34:16 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: I Won't Make It to Hershey After All (Me Neither)

I like you guys (Gerry & Dewey) but not that much.

Message: 28059 Posted: Sat May 31 21:31:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: I Won't Make It to Hershey After All (Me Neither)

The Hershey experience will have to wait for the Bufton chillens too. The ark is in the shop so we didn't have any way to sail down there through all this flippin' rain. No seriously, I just couldn't justify spending $135 and traveling 350 miles to Hershey on such a crappy weekend. I like you guys but not that much. Have fun Sheldon and Kristal.

Message: 28058 Posted: Sat May 31 20:30:00 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Saturday night Live etc.

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to post after a night at work. I have a job now at a local CD store in the area, hopefully I can find a job that pays a little better soon, but it's a hard time to get a job for recent grads. In any event, I used to work at the store in 2001 and it's great to come back. I hope to crank some America in the store, at some point while I'm working.
I'm planning to watch Saturday Night Live tonight, and I was just wondering if anyone has any information as to late night appearances by America. Have they ever played on SNL, or the Tonight Show or Letterman or Conan? It's just something I was wondering about...hopefully someone can give me a response to this.
50 Cent is the musical guest on the episode they are showing tonight. I know most of this board doesn't like hip-hop but 50cent has some serious lyrical skills.
"If i got locked up for a quarter century,
Could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?"
Anyway, he's a pretty good rapper, but what I really would like would be if America was the musical guest on SNL someday. I guess it still is never too late. Maybe they will have a return to media appeal with this upcoming Andrew Gold collaborating album.
Just some ramblings.

Message: 28057 Posted: Sat May 31 19:27:47 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise

Cindy, You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

Message: 28056 Posted: Sat May 31 18:46:06 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: I Won't Make It to Hershey After All

Yes, it's sad for me but true that I won't be at the Hershey show tomorrow. My son is not feeling well, so we had to change our plans. I told him that I will take him to Hershey some other time. Since I am disappointed my sweet husband has agreed to take me to the Westbury Music Fair show on Long Island on July 29th. I just ordered tickets and can't wait to go!! I was really looking forward to seeing our guys and meeting fellow fans tomorrow. Those who are going, have a great time!! Let us know all about it.~~Cathy

Message: 28055 Posted: Sat May 31 17:59:04 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: New records

Thanks rc for your input on the DF cd. I tried Best Buy and Circuit City to no avail so I ordered it on Amazon. It reminded me of the day in 1975 I picked up a new 8 track called Hearts. I popped it in the player in my old VW and after those first few C#m chords of Sister Golden Hair, I knew that was going to be a big, big hit and it was. It's funny how some songs you instantly love from the first listen. I've had many of those from America, Riverside, Amber Cascades, Call of the Wild, etc. I'm sure all of you have yours too and they're just as special to me today.

Message: 28054 Posted: Sat May 31 16:01:15 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Responding to Jimbob about Madison

Hey, Jimbob! I was even nervous about posting my update to you guys, so I appreciate the replies! I just couldn't be that close and not meet the guys, though. So I blindly went in and did what I had to do! After all, it was always my dream to meet them one day. I really enjoy other bands too, but none that I feel I can connect with so much that I'd care so much to meet them as I do Gerry & Dewey. On the way home, Mike and I joked around about who it is that we have a mission to meet next. We threw out ideas such as Brett Favre, Bono of U2, John Mellencamp and Elvis Costello - but for me it came down to that if I don't ever meet them, I would be ok! If I wouldn't have ever met Dewey & Gerry, however, I would have been heartbroken.

OK everyone, I'll quit going on and on before you all get sick and tired of me. Thanks again, though, for allowing me the time!

Message: 28053 Posted: Sat May 31 15:44:22 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: RE: Responding to Nancy about Madison

Nancy - I just love the way you post, taking the time to address so many of us individually! I'd like to try to be more like that. Right now we're in the process of fixing up a house that we're about to move to, so I'm always short on time. When things settle down I hope to do more of that kind of responding to everyone else's posts AND order Matt's CD. (I hope I don't seem like "it's all about me" right now!:) Although I am still going on and on about the concert the other night - I tell my husband I need to process what happened.

I am planning to finish my film and get it developed on Sunday, or Monday at the latest. I'll get 2 or 3 sets made so I can send some to Steve for possible posting out here somewhere. (I'll have to find out how to get them to Steve - I don't have computer equipment to do so and will have to send them via snail mail, I guess.) I messed up in my Madison post - I was actually on the RIGHT as you face the stage (see what Dewey and Gerry do to me - I don't know left from right)! I was right near Michael Woods the whole time, and sort of near Gerry some of the time. As far as the pictures, my husband took one of me & Gerry - but Mike was able to get in on the one with Dewey because Penny offered to take it.

Have a wonderful week! Don't work too hard on that month-end stuff.


Message: 28052 Posted: Sat May 31 14:27:14 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: RE: VFTHW pics, VFTWM's pics, Madison show & Dan F's new CD

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Quite the Soggy Saturday here, a great day for some nice music. Laura, Nathan & I went to my Neice's Piano Recital ~~ It was nice hearing all of these aspiring young musicians play their songs. :) I said to my neice "One day you will have to play "Daisy Jane" for me! :) ~~ Of course it is the end of the month again ~~ sooo I am here in my Office getting my work caught up ~~ Matt's CD is playing and I must say I am really into his song "end of the year" as a matter of fact ~~ I had this playing on repeat last night and I was writing a Loooooooonnnnnnng Post of course, and I was almost done when my computer LOCKED up ~~~ Ooooooooooh I Hate when that happens soooo bad.... sooo I lost my post! :(

Ooooh Matt this is one beautiful song for sure ~~~~ Here in the morning the sky is grey and blue, there's dust on the window, it's hard to see you through, but then the sun comes and everything's clear, Say that you'll remember me at the End of the Year ~~~ Once that were green fields but those were long and gone, time was of concrete, a shadow alone, all those forgotten, won't shed a tear, for this busy city at the end of the year ~~~~~ Smile a little Smile for me at the End Of the Year ~~~~~ I love this song, it is sooo nice! :) Hey there Eddy glad to hear you got your CD enjoy Cranking it Up! :)

Thanks Gerry for the Neat Pics ~~~ Hmmm by the looks of that statue on the tip of this Majestic Capitol Bldg. it almost touches the clouds.... The clouds and sky here look like the way ours have been lately and there is something unique about the way the big cottonball clouds have taken on an opalescent color to them, one minute they are grey~blue and the next they are rain threatening blue. ~~ We went out to eat last night and our table was facing out towards the big sky and it was a site to behold, you could see the pink, purple, red, blue colors bordering underneath these big opalescent clouds.... it was neat! ~~~~ By the looks of both of these pics Madison & Milwaukee are nice cities to visit ~~ thanks for taking us there ~~ Well by now you are here in Rainy Pa ~~ I hope that we got the soggies here in my part of PA so that the sun will be shining there in Chocolate town USA!

Hi Cathy ~~ Have a great time at the Hershey show, be sure and indulge on a nice big chunk of AMERICA Heaven! ~~ I am sure you, Mo, Kristal & Sheldon will all be smiling from ear to ear. ~~ Looking forward to hearing all about it! :)

Hi Karen ~~ Thanks soo much for sharing your Magical evening with us.... I gotta hand it to you ~~ walking up to Gerry & Dewey the way YOU did, I would have been shaking in my shoes for sure. Nice of your son Kyle writing to them and giving them a pic.... I bet that had Gerry & Dewey smiling ear to ear for your Pic with them! Will you send them to Steve to post for us all to see? ~~ Keep on enjoying being on that AMERICA high, nice that your hubby enjoyed the show! :)

Thanks Steve L ~~ These Waikiki & Haunama Bay pics are sooo inviting right about now... I could get lost in their nice wall to wall BLUE colors ! Too much that your anniversary is the day after mine! Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

Hi Robin ~~ Thanks a bunch for the Dan F info.... I read the interview and listened to the clips and I ordered my copy of Full Circle from last night, I am anxious to hear these songs in full. I really enjoyed Dan's shared thoughts about how these songs came to be and how neat it is that he felt the time was right now to take them off of the shelf and finish. ~~ It brought a smile to my face ~~ I was remembering Gerry saying in an answer to one of Speech's post that he had some stuff tucked away on a shelf to finish for his second solo release.... WOW!!!!! :) ~~~ I will third you and Rich's sentiments about after AMERICA ~~ Dan Fogelberg's CD is one I will just go and buy... Dan's music has a nice knack of touching your heart!

Hey there Ladd ~~~ Sooooo GREAT to hear you will be going to see AMERICA & Chicago on teusday.... This should be a really great show. I am not sure if you read the Canada Interview with Gerry where he said that after all these years it is nice that finally he and his friend Robert Lamm will be playing a show on the same date at the same venue together.... Have a good time and be sure and let us know about it okay??? ~~~ Hmmmm was this a Compliment you saying <<<<< If anyone on this list (premeir 70s pop fans) give me the "go," I will buy it immediately.>>>>>> WOW ~~ Thanks if it was! :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmmm(bob) ~~~ I sure hope you get your guitar out and start playing some nice songs again..... Enjoy your extra holiday off! :)

Hey Mo ~~~ Girlfriend is on here now ~~~ Pretty neat friday morning Jam you had yesterday! ~~~ I do think Matt has covered some nice Bases on this CD he has managed to have some really nice accoustic songs for us and some unique Kickbutt songs along with some of the newer sounding songs... Oooh my another great one Airplanes ~~~ sooo nice for sure and WOW Matt's version of Monster has to have taken Gerry back to when he first sang this song. ~~~~ It is soo nice hearing Matt's nice talent blended with a touch of his Dad's music style.... Nice :)

Hey there Redddddd ~~~ Is the sun shining there in your part of the world? How about I send the Rain God your way now , so we can have the sun and heat here?

Hey Mr Mailman ~~~ Looking forward to getting my new Dan CD this week! :)

Take care and Enjoy the rest of your weekend all ~~~ Listen to some GOOD MUSIC! I know I am gonna be doing this for sure! Nancy :)

~~~~ Yeah thats it, this time I'm leavin ~~ but you sure looked nice this evening, time to say good night, no more pain, no more sorrows ~~~~ Tuck you in and you'll sleep tight! ~~~~ That was Life and it was Goood, that was life and it was gooood ~~~~ Sing it Matt :)

Message: 28051 Posted: Sat May 31 12:52:28 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise

Vic, I LOVE this picture. Absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing it.

Message: 28050 Posted: Sat May 31 10:45:38 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: OT: Dan Fogelberg.. Rich

I don't know what stores you have in your area, but I found my copy at a local CD store. They had just received them the day before I bought mine, so maybe it hasn't hit your area yet? Call around and ask if they are getting it and if not ask them to order you one if possible..Not sure if the chain store type places will order one for you but I know smaller stores will.. There is always online purchase as well..
I am like you..Besides America, Fogelberg is the only other artist I will run out and buy a CD without hearing a note off of it..others, I take awhile to decide lol..

Hope that helps

Message: 28049 Posted: Sat May 31 07:10:20 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Karen L

Hey Karen L; what a great story that is! How cool you were able to meet the guys! Ive been nervous both times Ive met them; 18 years apart! I wonder, though, if there is any one around that Gerry or Dewey would be nervous meeting. I cant imagine Gerry being nervous about meeting anyone; tho I see he hasnt met Sting yet! Would you be nervous, Gerry?

Message: 28048 Posted: Sat May 31 06:42:03 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Songs of my wasted youth...

Is excellent! Got it in the mail yesterday, I've only had a chance to listen to it once, but will CRANK IT UP today while me & my oldest boy start getting packed for our 2 day fishing trip.
Thanx for the cool sticker also, I'm going to stick it on my bass case......

Message: 28047 Posted: Sat May 31 05:41:17 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is one of the best places on Oahu to go snorkeling. Click on the links below to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Overhead view of Hanauma Bay
Closeup of some snorkelers

Message: 28046 Posted: Fri May 30 20:14:13 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Milwaukee

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Milwaukee, WI.

Message: 28045 Posted: Fri May 30 17:18:29 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Madison for Karen L

Cathy - thanks for your response! Gerry & Dewey were both very, very nice about Kyle's efforts. Gerry wanted to be sure he did what Kyle wanted him to with it and asked if Kyle wanted him to sign it and send it back or keep it. I told him Kyle wanted them to keep it but asked if they could sign their picture for him, and they did. Gerry told me they had a place they keep things like what Kyle gave them. It made Kyle very happy! I'm sure you'll see a very enjoyable concert at Hershey Park, Cathy! I wish I could be there!! Let us know all about it! Karen

Message: 28044 Posted: Fri May 30 16:48:14 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Madison for Karen L

Karen, I am so excited for you! What a great experience in America heaven. Thanks for sharing it with us. So adorable that your son made a note and drawing with his picture for them. I'm sure Gerry and Dewey were very touched by that. Yes, only two more days to Hershey Park!!! I can't wait. I'm ready to bounce off the walls here.~~Cathy

Message: 28043 Posted: Fri May 30 16:30:00 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Madison (warning: rather long!)

Hello, fellow gators! Did you see Gerry's VFTHW in Madison?!!? (THANK YOU for sharing that with us, Gerry & Steve!) The funny thing is I had Thursday off work to chaperone my 4th grader's (Adam's) field trip to the capitol. Little did I know the boys were so close. Although, I was on the alert for an AMERICA sighting!

The AMERICA show in Madison last night was absolutely WONDERFUL!! I knew they would be awesome, but they somehow exceeded our expectations, if that's possible! Ladies - you'll be happy to know that my husband, Mike, THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the evening!! (Maybe he won't become a member of "Husbands-With-No-Name-(around Dewey & Gerry)" after all. He certainly does like AMERICA's music anyway, but he couldn't get over how good they sounded. We saw them in a smaller type of place and it was packed! The crowd was very enthusiastic. We didn't get there in time to get a table, so we found a place to lean against the wall to the left as you face the stage - just in front of the stage! Not very far into the show, everyone pushed up to the stage, so I had to climb up and sit on the back of the tall chair/barstool someone had given me earlier, just so I could see! (Was enjoying the show so much I didn't mind it that my backside and legs were going numb from perching on the chair the way I was!) I was still right in front of the stage and was able to get a few pictures here and there. I was definitely in AMERICA heaven.

Even though they weren't able to stick around after the show for autographs (I'm guessing because it was a small, crowded place - I don't know where they would have had room), Mike & I actually happened upon them elsewhere after the show : ). They were involved in conversations with people in their group, but - as politely as I could - I humbly approached them to thank them for the great show and express my appreciation for their music, and of course - ask for their autographs and a picture with them. Also, the youngest of my three sons, first grader Kyle, had glued a 5x7 of his school picture to a sheet of paper and wrote a note, drew a picture for them because he couldn't be there to meet them. (He did this with no prompting from me, all on his own - it came from his heart!) I was able to spend a few minutes talking with both Dewey and Gerry and was introduced to the others in their group. Everyone was exceptionally nice (but we already knew that, right?)! I also was able to get Willie's autograph while he was still at Luther's, and later I got Richard's too! After all that, Mike and I had a really nice, long conversation with Bill Crook, who is - I hope I get the wording correct - their production manager and coordinates many other things for them related to equipment, etc. What a nice person he was, too!

Needless to say, I'm thrilled I got to meet them - Woodsy was the only one I missed getting to meet in person : (. I was nervous - mostly because I knew I was interrupting their time. I don't think I would have been quite so nervous if they were making themselves available to autograph, meet & greet, etc. Feeling like I was representing all AMERICA fans, I wanted to "preserve our good name" and didn't want to be annoying or make them feel like the hunted. Of course, I have some "I wish I would have asked . . " and "I wish I wouldn't have said . . .", but all fairly minor.

As we were leaving, Mike had to use the restroom and came out laughing saying he and Willie couldn't figure out how to get the urinals to flush : ) I just had to let you in on that bit of humor!

Thanks for your support as I anxiously awaited my big day! To those of you awaiting the Hershey concert - have a great time!!

Have a good weekend ~

Message: 28042 Posted: Fri May 30 14:18:40 2003 By: Rich Snyder
Subject: Re: OT: Dan Fogelberg...Ladd

I heard the clips on the DF web site and you're right, they were great. I haven't seen the CD in any of the major stores so I was wondering who is carrying it. Next to America, Fogelberg is the only other CD I will run out for. Where do i run??

Message: 28041 Posted: Fri May 30 12:41:04 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: OT: Dan Fogelberg...Ladd

I have been listening to it practically non-stop since I got it yesterday lol...Wish it had a few more songs on it though considering it has been a long time since he released a cd of new stuff.. But my opinion right now is very biased because I really like it..

Have a great time at the America concert next week!
Robin C

Message: 28040 Posted: Fri May 30 12:39:34 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: OT: Dan Fogelberg...Ladd

I have been listening to it practically non-stop since I got it yesterday lol...Wish it had a few more songs on it though considering it has been a long time since he released a cd of new stuff.. But my opinion right now is very biased because I really like it..

Have a great time at the America concert next week!
Robin C

Message: 28039 Posted: Fri May 30 10:45:39 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: OT: Dan Fogelberg. Article about new CD

Hey Robin,

Have you heard the album yet? I just listened to some clips and it sounded pretty damn good! If anyone on this list (premeir 70s pop fans) give me the "go," I will buy it immediately.


PS Seeing America at Nissan Pavillion on Tuesday with Chicago.

Message: 28038 Posted: Fri May 30 08:37:37 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Friday Morning Jam

New jam music this morning: Matt Beckley--especially Girlfriend. This is a great head bobbin' get your butt awake and enjoy the day, kickass tune. Great song. Great CD. If you don't have it already, what the heck are you waitin' for? Kaity (13 year old daughter) even loves it inspite of herself because, you know, like it was Mom who discovered this, how like totally uncool is that? Kait even took the CD with her to school the other day and played it for her best friend who admitted to liking it too. They say that it's punk rock. I guess they're too young to remember original punk but I didn't want to have that argument. They want to know if we can try to have it played on their favorite radio station, 98 PXY. I gave my standard answer, "We'll see--maybe next week when I (ha,ha) have more time." Weekend's almost here. Happy Friday, everyone.

Message: 28037 Posted: Fri May 30 08:01:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Waikiki

Today's photos were taken from a boat that was taking me out to a submarine. Click the links below to see the views from the Webmaster's camera.

North end of Waikiki
South end of Waikiki with Diamond Head crater in the background

Bonus Photo: The submarine

Message: 28036 Posted: Thu May 29 18:00:22 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Madison

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Madison, WI.

Message: 28035 Posted: Thu May 29 16:47:16 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Congratulations Steve on 1,000,000

oops that's right.. okay a Belated Happy Anniversary then :-) lol..sorry.....

>>My camera is ready (LOL)!>>

And the camcorder, tapes, batteries/charger lol.. uhhh but don't forget to pack those things they say you have to clothes, rain gear..ya know that trivial stuff lol...
I am so psyched for you! Eagles, and whales, and bears oh my!! lol

Message: 28034 Posted: Thu May 29 15:58:35 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Congratulations Steve on 1,000,000

Thanks Robin.

Start the count down to Alaska yet?

T-minus 14 days and counting. Our anniversary was actually on May 21st but things worked out better to have the cruise in June. My camera is ready (LOL)!

Message: 28033 Posted: Thu May 29 14:14:00 2003 By: rc
Subject: oops forgot this link..

This is the link to the page for the CD with lyrics and sound clips..

Message: 28032 Posted: Thu May 29 14:01:19 2003 By: rc
Subject: Congratulations Steve on 1,000,000

Hi Steve,
Congratulations on the Fan page hitting that 1 million mark! Here's to the next million. Okay...Now was this rigged that Matt would be the 1 millionth hit? LOL..JUST KIDDING MATT!! :-)
Although it has been said many times before, Thankyou very much for all the work you do and to the fans who visit and keep the place going.

Start the count down to Alaska yet? You two have a wonderful time and will wish you a Happy Anniversary now.
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 28031 Posted: Thu May 29 13:55:32 2003 By: rc
Subject: OT: Dan Fogelberg. Article about new CD

Hi Everyone.
I know there are some Fogelberg fans here..His new CD "Full Circle" is out.. Have been listening to it and this one resembles earlier Fogelberg style, hence the title Full Circle.. There is a really good article/interview on his website .

Take Care,
Robin C

Message: 28030 Posted: Thu May 29 11:17:53 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Thanks Kem!

Hi Kem, Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures! Love all of the close-ups! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28029 Posted: Thu May 29 09:53:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: fleetwood mac

Hi there Ron :)
Hmmmmm That is pretty neat your wife winning tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert. WOW ~~ They were here in Pittsburgh, PA on Mother's Day and I didn't make it to the show. I would have loved to be there tho. I did get their new Say You Will Audio DVD and I must say they have found a way to come up with their own unique new sound for this day and time.... I like alot of the songs on this, you can mainly hear Lindsey and Stevie on most of them. I am not sure if you know this or not but Christine McVie decided to sit this tour out, so her voice is definitely missing. I have heard tho that Cheryl Crow is to join them at some of the shows. I just wanna add this too, on this audio dvd the pics of them together working in the sound room are really nice, and they all seem to look into it and refreshed. This refreshed sound is there in these songs on this Say You Will. I hope you have a good time at the show, I would love to hear all about it afterwards. Hmmm I love the song Peacekeeper and let me know if they sing the song Say You Will it is really nice too, oh they also have a song about 911 on this too. See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 28028 Posted: Thu May 29 08:14:59 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: fleetwood mac

any of you guys see fleetwood mac on this current tour? my wife won tickets and the concert is sunday night (June 1). just wondering what to expect.

Message: 28027 Posted: Thu May 29 08:07:12 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Right back at You Nina :)

Me Again :)

Hi Nina ~~ You are welcome! ~~ Nice of Mo sending you the info! Yes you are ooooooh soooo right ~~ We sure are a Nice BUNCH of Grapes clinging to this AMERICA Vine! :) Have a good day! :)

Hi there Kem ~~ I just wanted to say Thanks a Bunch to you for the great Pics from the Jacksonville show. WOW You managed to get a pic of Gerry with his oooh soo nice Dimple showing! :) Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for the neat Hawaiin History ! :)

Okay back to my work now, See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 28026 Posted: Thu May 29 07:49:36 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - King Kamehameha

Kamehameha the Great was born somewhere between 1748 and 1761 in North Kohala on the island of Hawaii. Although the exact date is unknown, by royal Proclamation in 1871 of King Kamehameha V in honor of his grandfather, June 11 of each year was designated as a holiday to honor the life and times of Hawaii's greatest statesman, warrior and king.

I was in Hawaii on June 11, 2001 and got to experience some of the King Kamehameha celebration. Click here to see a lei-draped statue of King Kamehameha in front of a government building.

Message: 28025 Posted: Thu May 29 07:06:27 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Nancy

Hi Nancy! Thanks for thinking of me! Moser was kind enough to send me some Matt Beckley CD info., so I'm hoping I will be able to own one soon! That's one of the nice things about this chat helping other fans! Have you ever noticed what a wonderful bunch we are?

Message: 28024 Posted: Thu May 29 06:54:33 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hmmm just about all of the posts! I gotta catch up too!

Hi Everyone ~~~ WOW sooo much going on here I am behind again ~~ I feel another one of those Brainwave short circuts comin on LOL!!! Nothing new here tho ~~ Another cloudy dreary Rainy day, I guess I can't complain tho, cause I did keep wanting to see GREEN and WOW let me tell you from all of this rain I am seeing GREEN everywhere! :)

First of all ~~ I also want to say that I too am loving the news articles that Kiri was soo great to send to Steve to post for us. I gotta say that when I started reading the article on Harbor I kinda felt like I had just popped in the Harbor Promo tape that I have and that George Martin was taking it from there in my head, such a Deja Vous for sure! I thought that was too much on how Dewey's wife was being called Barb too! ~~ Sooo a big Thanks Kiri & Steve for all of this Wealthful info, I sure am enjoying absorbing all of it. :) AMERICA's History is the Best of the Best! Hmmmm Gen & Jimmmmm(bob) I sure love sharing having this common interest with such great friends! :) :) :)

Hi Karen ~~ Well today is your big day, I bet you went to work this morning with a smile on your face. Have a great time at the show and be sure and wear that T Shirt :) Please be sure and come post and let us know all about your night in AMERICA Heaven there in Madison, Wis. Okay? Nice hearing from you! :) ~~ Hmmm regarding your post Jimnak ~~ I know that the Chicago fans American Girl, DanC & JoeB would be sooo glad to see a show added to the tour schedule for them soon!

Hi Kim ~~ Thanks for the big smile, I enjoyed your Catching up story. ~~ WOW those day to day moments are priceless for sure! Enjoy, they grow up soooooo fast! :)

Hey there Vic from the Desert ~~ I Absolutely loved Your Moon Pic, thanks for capturing it and sending it to Steve. It brought to mind Easter morning here to me, just as the sun was beginning to rise to the East of Me the big Full Moon was setting to the West of me and both for a short time could be seen clearly in the sky, I loved it, I went from window to window taking this in while it lasted. It was such a calming, peaceful, contentful feeling, and there was even a Deer casually walking along my hillside stopping here and there to nibble at the fresh new buds on the trees. ~~ Nice hearing from you, keep those awesome pics coming our way from the Arizona desert, I love getting to see these places through nice friends eyes! :)

WOW ~~ Thanks Erin Edwards for sharing this neat insight pic with us, so neat to see everyone just sleeping and relaxing on their flight to the Bahama show.... I took a double look at Gerry that sure looked like Matt sitting there for a moment, also brought the pic on the View from the Ground LP to my mind ~~ another great pic of Gerry & Dewey kinda taking it easy and relaxing! Nice :)

Hi Sheldon ~~ Only 3 to 4 more days till you see them at Hershey, I will be looking forward to hearing all about this, good luck on getting some nice pics too. Have a great time there in AMERICA Heaven! Nice that you, Cathy, Kristal & even Mo will possibly get to meet with each other, kinda has me here pouting big time for sure! I sure would love to be there too! :)

Yes Yes Yes Sergio ~~ Soo nicely put in your post regarding the Grand Cayman review in this magazine.... I second your thoughts. Thanks Steve for posting this ~~ Nice Exposure for sure and a nice lead into another article saying that AMERICA has a brand new CD releasing this year.... Yes Yes Yes ~~ I can't Wait!!!! ~~ This is sure to attract some interest and sales for the Grand Cayman Cd, which we already know it to be Vintage AMERICA for sure! :) So Nice to see this positive feedback about such an AWESOME Requested CD made just for us Fans ~~ I say Thanks a Million to Gerry, Dewey & Hank Linderman for this! :)

Last but not least ~~~ Thanks to all for the fun at live chat last night.... I got there sooo Late, I really thought I was gonna miss everyone. Nice getting to talk to my favorite No Lifers and then some. I wanna say to a Sarasmile thanks for stopping in and letting us know you know Richard, I am sure he is a nice addition to the shows. ~~ Thanks to you too Mrs Dickey for stopping in too, it was nice getting to talk to You too, I wish David the best in his future endeavors, nice to hear he is doing some backup playing for Willus Allen Ramsey. It would be great to be at a show one day where you and David are there and David joins in on the Encore song... that would be a memorable keepsake for sure! ~~ Till then I will keep on enjoying my Central Park Live DVD :)

Hey Red ~~ I sure can't wait for you to get to see this Central Park Live DVD, I know you will enjoy it Big Time. ~~~ Hmmmm the days are counting down till your big night getting to see the EAGLES, that was a nice dream come true thought last night about Mary & I coming there to the Pepsi Center to take this show in too.... WOW :) I heard I Can't Tell You Why yesterday afternoon shortly after lunch ~~ Nice :)

I sure hope I caught up now ~~ Ooooooh I just thought of something else Hi Nina ~~ I hope you will be able to get Matt's new CD. somehow! :)

Have a great day all, I gotta get now, Nancy :)

~~~ I look to the sun as the day is dawning, I carry my dreams, from a moment before, I try to recall, but I find myself yawning, I guess they are gone but there's more, so I head out the door ~~ Allll Around Listen and you can hear the sound, on CLOUDY days seems like I always feel this wayyyy ~~ First break in the day, if the time is right, nobody minds, I stroll down the lane take a breath of air and Drift on a Dreammmm ~~~ I look to the sun, as the day is warming ~~~~ Take it from there Gerry & Dewey ~~~ Oooooh how I love this song and Hey guess what there is a touch of Sunlight here now ~~ Nice :)

Message: 28023 Posted: Thu May 29 05:51:48 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Raising him right!

Last night when I picked up my 5 year old son from pre-school, we began catching up on the days activities and he told me he had listened to Jerry's song today. I start going through the list of kids in his class and I can't think of which one is Jerry, so I asked him "who's Jerry"? To which he responded "Mooommm, you know Gerry, the one you like" (wow! - he knows his mom well), to which his big sister adds "you know mom, America!". They were both quite disgusted I wasn't quicker on the uptake. I asked him what song he heard, thinking I'd get his normal version of a title like the swimming song, the horse song etc but he piped right up and said Sister Golden Hair. We had a good laugh the rest of the night at how dumb Mom was!

Ya'll have a great day!!


Message: 28022 Posted: Thu May 29 05:46:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Steve & some

Daytime... eyes open... PLEASE, Steve, forgive. I didn't mean to write 'Mrs L.' BUT 'Mr S. L.' . Sorry abot that !

Share Sergio's opinion. ALWAYS nice to see positive reviews/article about America, though I believe the band deserve s a still BETTER treatment in the press/media both qualitatively & quantitatively. Well, just my opinion.

Kem, I know I already told you, but I LOVE you pics. Great job, guy !
Hope everyone is fine. See you.

Message: 28021 Posted: Thu May 29 04:40:58 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Cayman CD Review

Wow! What a nice and well deserved positive review! Nice to see that some in the media are paying attention and appreciating Dewey and Gerry's efforts. Thanks for sharing the article and the link and let me just say you are truly a class act, I greatly appreciate all you do for the fans and the web site, take care,

Message: 28020 Posted: Wed May 28 19:56:41 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cayman CD Review

A guitar magazine, 20th Century Guitar, out of New York reviewed the Caymans CD in their latest issue. It's out on the shelves (May issue) at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Tower Records, etc. Here's a link to the the cover of the magazine on their web site:

The Grand Cayman Concert
(Human Nature)

America burst on the pop scene in 1972 with their self-titled debut album. Recorded in London and produced by the late Ian Samwell, the "America" album spawned numerous FM radio classics such as Horse With No Name, and I Need You. The debut recording by this young trio went on to become one of the most enduring albums of the early 1970's winning them a Grammy for best new artist in 1972. Soon after America fell into the production graces of famed Beatles producer George Martin. In 1977 the trio became a duo and has continued to record and tour -- charting again in the early 1980's with "You Can Do Magic". America's latest, The Grand Cayman Concert, was recorded in April 2002 on the Island of Grand Cayman. Released on their own Human Nature Records, The Grand Cayman Concert features the duo of Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell performing all the vocal, guitar, and piano duties on this 16 track live CD. Included here are all the hits: Ventura Highway, I Need You, Sister Golden Hair, Horse with No Name, as well as rare performances of Windwave and Another Try. Expertly recorded and produced by Hank Linderman, The Grand Cayman Concert is a classy example of America¹s still timeless pop appeal.

Message: 28019 Posted: Wed May 28 19:06:54 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise

Thanks, Steve and Whit.

Message: 28018 Posted: Wed May 28 17:18:24 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: ...From me to you, Red :-D

Hahaha Red, I just couldn't resist. Too bad, i'm in a very good mood again - ROTFL.
<<Oh God, if you want women to never again raise their voices, then create an adult man! >>
(French playwright) Jean GIRAUDOUX, Sodome et Gomorrhe, acte II, scène 6

Message: 28017 Posted: Wed May 28 17:10:36 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Back

Hi everyone!
How come I just went away for less than two days and when I come back this site's pages are full of new stuff, info, messages and so many pics I can't even try to post a comment for each ! ??? So, you guys NEVER stop ! LOL.

Ok ok, great pictures from you all who had them posted by the king of webmasters, Mrs L :-)
VERY VERY beautiful. And all these bonus photos were really worth seeing! I'm glad I could catch up... fortunately I even noticed the one with the bridge from Gerry taken in Jacksonville. Well Gerry, I do hope Dewey & you (and the band) will SOON cross the bridge between our two continents because your Europe based fanatics are TRULY expecting you here! And sorry if it's my millionth occurence on that topic.

I also mean to second Jim's opinion about these interesting articles that we are so glad to read after all those years! Thanks again Kiri & Steve for sharing.
See you all

Message: 28016 Posted: Wed May 28 12:36:40 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise

Wow, what a beautiful moonset! Definitely a desert picture with the Saguaros in the foreground. Way to go, Vic!


Message: 28015 Posted: Wed May 28 12:15:51 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America in Madison!

We shall be waiting for that Madison report at Luthers. AMERICA has a long & highly successful history in Wisconsin & the midwest, including Chicago & Indiana among others. You will be seeing them in a very intimate setting.

Message: 28014 Posted: Wed May 28 07:47:06 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Punchbowl National Cemetery

Hi Steve- really enjoying all of your photos.. thanks for posting them & keep 'em coming!


Message: 28013 Posted: Wed May 28 07:35:19 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Punchbowl National Cemetery

On a large hill overlooking Pearl Harbor and the major cities of Oahu is a large national cemetery named Punchbowl. Many of our fighting men and women from World War II and other Pacific military campaigns are buried there. At the cemetery there is an overlook where there is a beautiful view of Honolulu, Waikiki, and Diamond Head Crater. Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28012 Posted: Wed May 28 06:26:37 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The Moon Begins To Rise

A few weeks ago Vic took an awesome photo of the moon (it was actually setting) just to the west of his home. The cacti in the picture are called Saguaros. Click here to see the photo.

Message: 28011 Posted: Wed May 28 06:22:23 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bahama Bound

In the spirit of bonus photos, Erin Edwards sent me a picture of the guys in the plane on the way to the Bahamas. Click here to see this bonus photo.

Message: 28010 Posted: Wed May 28 04:41:27 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: America in Madison!

Hello, everyone! I just need to share my excitement - my husband and I get to see the America concert in Madison tomorrow night!! I am SO hoping that I'll be lucky enough to have the honor of meeting them. Another thing that I'm looking forward to is seeing what Gerry's VFTHW in Madison is like! I always enjoy them - getting to see cities I've never been to - but it will also be cool to see what "my" town looks like through Gerry's eyes. Take care everyone! I'll let you know about the show, which I'm sure will be great! Karen L.

Message: 28009 Posted: Wed May 28 03:47:33 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Old Magazine Articles

Having just read the 2 articles on the Fans Page, from the late 70's, I must say how enjoyable it is to see these. From about 1980 on, I scoured every music book I could find in Record/book shops in the hope of learning more about AMERICA. And apart from the usual 'airforce brats living in England' I could never find anything to satisfy my yearning for info about them. So thanks heaps to those who have these articles and make them available for us to read. I wonder why the journalist kept referring to Deweys wife as Barb? And isnt it funny to read that Gerry was just 24 at the time of Harbor? And that was the last album as a trio and they had done such magnificient things before that. I marvel at all that indeed, cos Im 42 now and STILL bull.... on about one day going into a recording studio!

Message: 28008 Posted: Tue May 27 23:19:04 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re : VFTHW Bloomington Pic, Bonus Pic from Gerry , & Gerry Pic

Hi Everyone ~~~ As the sun goes down waking up my dreams, and in my mind You're with me once again, Outta my heart Into your head, and inside my heart there's a place for you, and in my mind I'm with you once again, outta my heart into your head..... Hmmmm ~~ Nooo I am not crackin up here, Hmmm all of these great pics have brought this song to my mind and finger tips, so I gotta get it out of my system!

First of all Mo & Sergio ~~ Glad to hear you guys got your CD's ~~ I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I am enjoying mine. Each time I listen I pick up more neat lyrics. I really enjoy the different levels of accoustics in the songs. Sergio you have hit on most of my favorites too, in fact they are all becoming favorites for sure, I love the individuality in them. :)

Next ~~ WOW WOW WOW ~~ Thanks Gerry, Steve L & Richard for the nice visual escapes from the dreary rain, with these oooooh sooo nice pics. I definitely hit the save to background on the bonus pic from the Grand Cayman show. I just love the way this pic takes me away to its atmosphere. I really like Gerry's smile on the view from the stage pic that Richard took for us. Sure looks like a great time there in Bloomington :) ~~ Thanks Steve for the neat Waterfall pic and the Pearl Harbor pic too ~~ wow I love the way the sky colors pull out of this pic. I really have enjoyed this neat getaway today! With all of the rain we have been having lately, it was a nice escape! Nice :) Keep the pics a comin!

One last thing ~~ Too much Mo you mentioning Toby Keith & Willie Nelson's new song Whiskey for my Men, Beer for my Horses ~~ that just happens to be my Hubby's fave song at the moment, and when we are going anywhere if it comes on the radio ~~ Lookout complete silence has to fall and he sings that oooooh sooo famous line ~~ LOL, it is a pretty neat song tho. Good old Willie and his smooth voice, my son firs told us of this song after hearing the story of how it all came to be... I guess Toby wrote the lyrics with Willie in mind, and then approached him about singing this with him, and when Willie took a look at the lyrics he didn't even hesitate, he said yes I will do this song with you... It is pretty neat how soo many music artists look up to him and love to have the chance to work with him on a song. That would have been neat hearing Sheryl Crow sing with Kris Kristoferson.. Hmmmm Montgomery Gentry has some pretty good songs, T-Roy is kinda taking on a whole new look with his goatee, I have liked him since he was a part of the group called Restless Heart ( if you think he is good lookin now you should have seen him then)~~ we sure wore out the cassettes of theirs that we had. ~~ My son saw Kenny Chesney last summer in a concert and he said he put on an awesome show, had the Bryce Jordan Center on their feet! ~~ I will have to look for the rerun of this.

Hey there Jimmmmmmmm(bob) ;) :)

Well I guess that is about it for now, I was kinda talking to my sons girlfriend on inst mess while posting this sooo if there are any ooops and bloops sorry! Nitey Nite all, Nightowl Nancy :)

~~~ Chasin the sun, trying to get away from the rain thats gonna come, hope I make it all the wayyyy, I'm lost in a crowd, tryin to find my way, but the rain keeps fallin down, but it doesn't matter anywayyyyy... Catch me if you can, I gotta make a getaway ~~~ Take a look at the sky, feel the sunshine, in your heart in your head, in your own time, as the sun goes down, waking up my dreams and in my head, I am with You once again, outta my heart and into your head ~~~ Outta my Heart Into Your Head ~~~ Sing it BB Mac WOW what a pick me up song :) :) :)

Message: 28007 Posted: Tue May 27 21:06:50 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: JACKPOT!!

Moserama...ah, okay then, Dan C. That's a first for me. But anyway, you're welcome.

Message: 28006 Posted: Tue May 27 20:26:22 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: JACKPOT!!

A quote from one of my all time Stones' faves "Far Away Eyes"..That brought back a memory or three. Thanks Moserama. DanC.

Message: 28005 Posted: Tue May 27 20:06:59 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Lightning Fast Arrival!

I got mine too! It took only 4 days and that's with a holiday in between...(Mo, don't mean to rub it in ;-)) Just from a first listen, the tracks that stood out in order of preference are~
"That Was Life..."
"The Disappointed"
"If Only I"
"End of Year"
"Wish You the Best"
All in all a proud effort for a "Rising Son"! Papa Gerry must be very proud. Best wishes to Matt on its success,

Message: 28004 Posted: Tue May 27 19:44:11 2003 By: Moser
Subject: JACKPOT!!

Yippeekiyaaaa!! I got my "29jr" CD today. To quote the Rolling Stones, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord." Or perhaps, more appropriately, thank you, mB.

Message: 28003 Posted: Tue May 27 13:21:37 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Great Picture!!!

By the way, that picture was taken by Rich Campbell.

Message: 28002 Posted: Tue May 27 10:29:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Pearl Harbor

This next photo was taken from the Pearl Harbor visitors center looking out toward the Arizona memorial. Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28001 Posted: Tue May 27 10:21:29 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Great Picture!!!

I love that stage picture! Thanks Gerry! Of course I immediately was reminded of the poster insert from the 70's--but this is a great updated "point-of-view" shot! More! More! More! I just set it as my wallpaper!

Message: 28000 Posted: Tue May 27 09:34:49 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bonus Photo #2

Here's another bonus photo from Gerry. In fact, it's a picture of Gerry and a few thousand of his closest friends (LOL). Click here to see the view that Gerry sees from the stage.

Message: 27999 Posted: Tue May 27 07:16:41 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Matt B.'s CD/Mailing info.?

I read a recent post from EDDY mentioning that Matt B.'s record co. would accept a money order if anyone preferred to order by mail instead of by computer. Would it be inappropriate for me to ask if mailing info. could be posted HERE, as it would make life so much easier for "non-computer geeks" like me to order?

Message: 27998 Posted: Tue May 27 06:37:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bonus Photo From Gerry

Click here to see a photo of Grand Cayman Beach that Gerry took when he was there recording the Grand Cayman CD.

Message: 27997 Posted: Tue May 27 06:34:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Bloomington

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Bloomington, MN.

Message: 27996 Posted: Tue May 27 04:35:28 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: C,S, N in concert

C,S,N were here recently at the Jazz Fest, but I was unable to see them. However, some friends of mine saw them and had positive things to say. One of them did say they got off to a rocky start, but then quickly warmed up and then the harmonies came together. So, I would definitely check out these lengends.


Message: 27995 Posted: Mon May 26 20:38:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Willie on USA

Did anyone catch Willie Nelson and Friends: Live and Kickin' on USA network? Talk about a guitar fest. Wow! Lots of excellent musical talent and a bit of eye candy, too. No, not Shania or Sheryl. I'm talking about my long time idol, Mr. Slow Hand himself, Eric Clapton. Okay, yes, he could pass for somebody's grandfather now but he is still a joy to watch. That Kenny Chesney guy is really all right from the neck down. He must be doing some weight training to be looking that good. Levi's has a new model in him--their jeans have probably never looked better but does anybody have a paper bag? Paul Simon sang Homeward Bound which is an absolute classic and one of my all time favorite songs. Willie even got all misty when Ray Charles sang. Sheryl Crow and Kris Kristoferson did a fine version of Bobby McGee. Toby Keith and someone who I did not catch his name but was an incredibly talented singer and guitar player sang a very funny song about never smoking weed with Willie again. Very clever. The whole show was really quite good. If you missed it, try to catch it in a rerun. (My favorite President even made an appearance, W.J. Clinton, but don't let that deter you from watching if you don't like him. He was only on for a minute or two.)

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law from Massachusetts were here for the holiday weekend. You'd never know they're yankees from the music they're into these days. We watched lots of CMT in the last three days since they don't get that channel on their cable system at home. What an education. Toby Keith seems like he'd be worthy of some attention. I like his song with Willie Nelson (sung on the aforementioned TV special) about whiskey for my men and beer for my horses. Clever. Montgomery Gentry seems like a present day Skynyrd-style act. They're not bad looking either, especially T-Roy (is that the Montgomery or the Gentry?--I'm not sure). Whichever. The other one is not as handsome but he sure has nice blue eyes. I think I may be spotting a trend in my musical taste here, I think I like it to be available in attractive packages. Perhaps that is not a NEW trend, ie: Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dewey Dewey Dewey with honorable mention to Woodz Woodz Woodz, too.

Anyway, back to the country music phenomenon. I will never admit to liking any of it. That would tarnish my rep but I have to say that a lot of it would not have been considered country music about 20 or 30 years ago. It would have been Southern Rock. Perhaps this is best proven by the fact that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow's duet was one of the top five videos on the CMT countdown. Does that mean that country music has changed that much or did the middle of the road acts have to go to country labels to get any attention in the Hip Hop, Boy Band culture that is Top 40 music today? I don't profess to know the answer to that but I'd like to. The music business has forgotten about my demographic group and I'm tired of it and I'm not gonna take it anymore!! Well, maybe I am because I don't have a say in the matter. Oh well, it's nice to vent anyway.

Well it is late and I have rambled on long enough. Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. Happy Tuesday.

Message: 27994 Posted: Mon May 26 15:22:01 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: C, S, N in concert

Whit, its my opinion that its a MUST to see these guys in concert! Ive seen Neil Young twice, Nash once, but never Crosby or Stills. As you saw them way back, you probably know better than me, but Im sure they will be great. Stills did come to NZ in the early 90's for a celebrity golf match of all things and played some songs at the after game dinner. It was a closed event so I wasnt able to attend, but a good buddy of mine did and he said Stills just rocked! If CSN ever do hit these shores, Im in row 1!

Message: 27993 Posted: Mon May 26 14:03:28 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC (Memorial Day Edition) - Stewart Falls

Here's a brief respite from the Hawaii photos (I'll continue with them tomorrow). This afternoon I decided to drive up Provo Canyon a little ways above Robert Redford's Sundance ski resort to a beautiful area called Aspen Grove. From there I hiked a mile and a half to a breathtaking waterfall called Stewart Falls. There were lots of young college aged kids there and one old Webmaster (LOL). Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27992 Posted: Mon May 26 13:41:04 2003 By: Whit
Subject: C,S, N in concert

Has anyone seen Crosby, Stills, & Nash in concert recently? They are coming to Amarillo, June 10 and I would like to know whether to spend $40 a ticket to see them. I saw them in concert in 1972 and of course they really rocked. Have they retained their stuff as well as our guys?


Message: 27991 Posted: Mon May 26 13:15:33 2003 By: mBluLight
Subject: off topic - orders

i figure that because so many here have ordered cd's this would be an appropriate place to mention this.

orders almost always ship out within 24 hours of the order being recieved (notable exceptions are memorial day weekends, which due to postal closings means i dont get to ship eddy's till tuesday, but it's packaged here sitting on my desk looking at me, promise.) the mail has been ridiculously finicky, with some orders across the country getting there in a day, while one order for stickers took 2 whole weeks to get 45 miles. there's not much rhyme or reason in it, but in the highly unlikely scenario that you dont recieve your orders within two weeks, drom me an email and we'll try to figure out where the glitch is. though i now understand why the standard lead time for packages is 4-6 weeks, i refuse to believe anything we send to our kind listeners will take that long.

hope all is well. and everyone survived their memorial day weekend, and yes, a bit of a trip seeing the odometer at 1 mil... neat.


Message: 27990 Posted: Mon May 26 12:22:13 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: PayPal, and Good Wishes to all on Memorial Day

Wow, what a nice vacation Sergio, for you and your family. I can relate to sitting on the beach under swaying palm trees. Here in Texas it is like laying in the sand under a big yucca plant!Ha-Ha... BTW--great lyrics!
Hi Nanc, thinking about you guys enjoying your holiday. Can't wait till August. We'll be in Calif. watching the guys at the Greek!
Have a great day.....Whit

Message: 27989 Posted: Mon May 26 10:52:58 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Jax Concert ~This & That ~ Paypal & 2,000,000

Hi there Everyone ~~~ I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day, it is cool and very dark here now, a threatening rain storm is taking its time getting here and leaving. ~~ Sorry to hear you guys had work today Sergio & Whit ~~ I hope your day goes fast! :)

Hi there Mel(zer) ~~ WOW~ You are on a roll seeing them this year ~ Aren't you??? Nice:) Nice to see your post about the Jacksonville show ~~ Ahhhhh darn ~~ I wished you could had the long playlist of songs! I bet you left there smiling anyway... It's just nice getting to see & hear them right? See ya at live chat! :)

Hey there Mo ~~ So you were the lucky duck that was closest in guessing the date of the Million rollover ~~ Congrats to you! :) I really liked how you just let out your real wish for being the closest to this date.... Too much WOW what a nice Dream HUH!!!! I gotta hand it to you for going for it! :)

Hi Cathy & Sheldon ~~ Only 6 more days till the Hershey show! I sure wish I could be there! I hope you guys get great seats and lots of nice pics too. I look forward to hearing all about the show afterwards from you guys. ~~~ Regarding Paypal ~~ I didn't mention in my email to you, that I use it with the same credit card info each time, but the option is there to completely remove the credit card info if I wish to do so. I haven't had any problems using Paypal either in different cases, it is very user friendly! ~~ Hey Eddy ~~ Good Idea sending a Money Order ~~ that is my second preference in paying with things on the net, it does take a little longer tho.

Aha John L ~~~ Sooo that is your official guess for the 2,000,000! It will be interesting watching this unfold.

Ooooh my the big rain cloud has opened and it is pouring here now, and Phil Collins is singing in my headphones the sun is rising in the North ~~~ through all of the high times, through all of the low times, the farther we see, the farther we reach, Like the man said he was right, about something coming in the air tonight, but if its coming let it come now, I feel its close, I can't hold on much longer, my head is filled with wonder.... Sing it Phil ~~ Hey raincloud hurry up and empty and passover us....

Hey there Reddddddd ~~~ I bet you too wanna add your plea to Steve to send the Central Park Live DVD your way, since Mo already has it, and he has one to give away..... Hmmmm Maybe We can think up some kinda contest for you guys to partake in and see who the lucky winner will be.... :)

Hey there DanC ~~ Congrats to your daughter on her graduation, too bad it wasn't warm enough to go swimming ~~ I know one thing tho ~~ I bet you still had on your Hawaiin shirt doing your grilling and Smilin for sure HUH!! Proud Dad ~~ I just had a nice visual! :)

Take care all, enjoy the rest of your day! See ya Nancy :)

~~~ No Matter where you go I'll be there ~~~ I'm right behind you everyplace you run to... cause being without you is driving me crazy, driving me crazy.... and I don't know what to do, cause being without you is driving me crazy, I don't know how long I'll last, my palse is going sooo fast.... Yooooooouuuuuuu youu drive me crazy, meeeeeeeee I'm out of my minddddddddd, yooouuuuuuuu make me crazy, meeeeeee I'm running out of time ~~ I am your conscience I am your guide, there's no escaping me, i'm with you when you sleep.... take it from there Phil Collins.... kinda off the wall lyrics but one moving song for sure ;) :) Yes I am listening to his new Testify CD now! I like it lots! it is good! :)

Message: 27988 Posted: Mon May 26 10:24:59 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: PayPal, and Good Wishes to all on Memorial Day

Glad to see you are back! You are so right about (Oh well, it's how I can afford to take wife and kids to see America) Come June 27th, I am packing up our van and heading South to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a week of R&R on a condo by the beach and some swaying palm trees. We will be watching the fire works from the beach on the 4th. Oh well, enough daydreaming and back to work, which is our "ways and means" to a vacation...All this makes me think of Dewey's "Back to the Water" from Harbor...

The waves come in
Crash on the shoreline
Salty water, don't you know
It's yours, yours and mine
So grab your girl
And don't go wastin' time
And let's go down to the water tonight

White capped clouds
Dance in the sunlight
Purple fishes watch
And show you some of their delight
The weather's fine
And everything's all right
So let's go down to the water tonight
Let's go down to the water tonight

Come on down, come on down
Come on down, down to the water
Come on down, come on down
Come on down, down to the water
Down to the water

Island music
Sways with a palm tree
Friends of mine lay back
And talk of times that weren't so free
So let's have fun
And that means you and me
And let's go down to the water tonight
Let's go down to the water tonight.

Down, down, down to the water
Down, down, down to the water
Down, down, down to the water
Down, down, down to the water
Down, down, down to the water
Down, down, down to the water ...

Message: 27987 Posted: Mon May 26 08:59:35 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: 2,000,000

Ah, a close second on the guess for when the 1M mark would be hit. So, 2,000,000? Approximately 1,000 visitors per day, that's 1,000 days or about 3 years so my guess for the next million will be Feb. 27, 2006.

Message: 27986 Posted: Mon May 26 07:38:43 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: PayPal, and Good Wishes to all on Memorial Day

Hey Sergio,
Bummer we gotta work on a holiday, huh? The rest of the world will be grilling out and soaking up rays while we sweat and toil. Waaaa...give me some cheese with my whine!!! Oh well, it's how I can afford to take wife and kids to see America.

I'm with you. Pick me, pick me! LOL

Hi Mo,
Glad to be back. Thanks for your PPS! I really have missed you guys. I am at work right now but will be getting the new comp up at home to come back to live chat! Wouldn't miss all the comedians.

Cathy, Sheldon,
Hope you guys have a blast at the concert. Tell our boys that Whit from Texas says "howdy"!

Hey Kim,
Are you coming to OKC Labor Day wekend? Hope to see you there!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Be safe......Whit

Message: 27985 Posted: Mon May 26 05:52:03 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Cathy/paypal

If you don't want to use paypal(I don't really like to order online), Matt will let you send him a money order or check to his record label. I sent him a M.O. last wk. because a check would take a couple of wks to clear.(I want this CD ASAP!) Just thought I'd let you know, in case you wanted to go that route......

Message: 27984 Posted: Mon May 26 04:40:10 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: PayPal, and Good Wishes to all on Memorial Day

Signing on with PayPal at is very easy and you can feel confident in using it. I've been using PayPal for a couple of years now for almost all my e-Bay purchases and it is a very fast and secure way of paying. You can either give them a credit card number or your bank account number and they will pay via your choice. The quick start up way is with a credit card number, the bank account part requires a few days for verification.
I too ordered my Matt Beckley cd last week and I am looking forward to receiving it in the coming week. I look forward to your post on it.

Yesterday, I drove around town listening to "Hideway" and I can't get "It's A Lovely Night" out of my head. Suddenly, it has become a new "rediscovered" favorite.

To all that have a Memorial Day holiday, have a great day! Very few of us in the "Big Easy" ever get Memorial Day off, they swapped it for Mardi Gras...


Message: 27983 Posted: Sun May 25 21:09:51 2003 By: Dan
Subject: stinkin' DVD

Hey Steve if your're lookin' for someone else to give that "stinkin'" DVD to, I'm not below beggin' thirteen yearold nephew in the pool yesterday at my daughters' graduation party. water was 68 degrees so needless to say it was one lap and out. it's been way cool for a swim so far but it will get there. DanC.

Message: 27982 Posted: Sun May 25 19:25:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 7 Days Til Hershey, This and That

Now that is a word and a half. I don't want no stinkin' DVD. ('Cause I have them already.) I want a date with Gerry. You got connections, Steve? Just kiddin', of course. But if we're ever both divorced.... Nah, love the the the hub. Okay, now, back to reality.

Cathy, Paypal takes a day or two to set up. I don't remember the exact procedure but it does work well for Internet purchases. I'm still waiting for my mB CD and hope it comes on Tuesday. Only 7 days 'til Hershey. Anybody got connections for good seats?

Message: 27981 Posted: Sun May 25 18:50:21 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: 7 Days Til Hershey, This and That

Yes, 7 days until Hershey and I can't wait!!! I just got the America In Concert DVD of their TV performance in Germany and I love it. I was holding my breath when I bought it at Borders, because I know some people had trouble getting it to play on their DVD players, so I was thrilled when it played on mine. So nice to hear "Pages", "Last Unicorn" and "From a Moving Train" performed live. Gerry, Dewey and band really give a fantastic performance on this and it's so nice to be able to watch them on TV to tide me over a little until I get to see them in Hershey.~~It's neat that Matt Beckley is the one millionth visitor. Way to go, Matt!! I was away from the chat folder for about 24 hours and I didn't even know we were getting that close until after it had happened.~~SteveL, thanks again for such a fantastic website to visit. I've been doing a lot more lurking lately than posting because I've been so busy running to baseball practice and games, dance recitals and the like, but it's great to relax and visit with all of you when I get a little time to myself. I would like to order Matt's cd, but I'm not sure how Paypal works. I've hardly ever ordered anything online before. Do you need to set up a PayPal account first? If someone could explain this to me I would really appreciate it.~~~Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Stay safe and have fun!!!~~~Cathy

Message: 27980 Posted: Sun May 25 16:46:54 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: 7 Days Til Hershey

One week to go, I can't stand the wait! I was really anxious to see America in April as it was my first show.. now, I am REALLY anxious to see them because I now know how great the shows are!! I am hoping to have much better seats for this show than I did at Indiana (poor Mo had worse seats than me!) so I can get some decent pictures. Just in case I'm stuck towards the back again, I have purchased a zoom lens for my camera.. Ofcourse, I'll give a review of the show & I will get the photos to Steve as quickly as possible so he can put 'em on the site..


Message: 27979 Posted: Sun May 25 16:05:47 2003 By: melzer
Subject: Jax-Concert !!!!

The concert was excellent as always.We had beautiful weather. I think they played extra loud this time it was great. The only problem was that they opened for Kenny Loggings; it should of been the other way around. I stayed awhile after America played and I notice after they finished their set the crowd really didn't get into the music like they did with America. That goes to show ya that "AMERICA ROCKS". Come on back to Florida SOON!!! Mel :)

Message: 27978 Posted: Sun May 25 15:36:23 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

Sign MY body parts? LOL I missed that part of the evening. It was a nice night al the same

Message: 27977 Posted: Sun May 25 15:11:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

Of all the people who guessed what date the counter would roll over to one million, John Lussier and Mo Bufton were the closest. John guessed June 2nd and Mo guessed May 22nd. If my math is correct, Mo was the closest of the two. I was thinking of giving the winner a Live In Central Park DVD but she already has one. So, I'll check with her and see if she'd like another one or if she'd rather have some Human Nature stickers or something like that. Congratulations Mo for being the super prognosticator.

If you want to see the screen shots of the millionth and the million-and-first visitors, click on the links below.

Matt Beckley - visitor number one million
Terry Trost - visitor number one million and one

Message: 27976 Posted: Sun May 25 15:04:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Jacksonville

Gerry was in Jacksonville, FL yesterday. Click here to see the view from the hotel window.

Message: 27975 Posted: Sun May 25 13:08:20 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

Hi there Everybody ~~ Finally the rain has left for a little bit and it is sooooo nice out today! :) Hmmm it gotta warm up some more to go swimming tho! :):) Hey there DanC was it warm enough there to go in your pool? :)

Hey Congrats to Matt & Terry Trost ~~~ WOW ~~ That is pretty neat that they took a pic of the number and emailed you Steve! I know I was the 8th person to sign on after it rolled over to the magic number. ~~ Hats off to Steve and to all of Us this is a nice slice of AMERICA cake and I sure do enjoy indulging in it! :) Hmmmm I wonder how long till we hit the 10,500.00 mark!!!!

Well I gotta get for now, I just wanted to say way to go Matt & Terry! Hmmm just think I may have been listening to Matt's CD here at the time he was clicking and taking the pic..... too much! ~~ Thanks Robyn for letting us in on Matt's unplugged show, I will have to go and read Matt's Journal to catch up with you Mo.... :)

See you guys later, Nancy :) Hmmmm ~~~ this site is a One In A Million Delight for sure! :) :) :)

Message: 27974 Posted: Sun May 25 10:49:31 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

<<You're never going to believe this but it was Matt Beckley who was the millionth visitor.>> Well, Steve, I just have to say, isn't that the coolest? That is the most fitting person for it to be. And, it was on the night of his very successful unplugged show at Genghis. Love the story about autographing some exclusive body parts, Matt. My hub got a kick out of that bit of info. Was it anyone we know? Robyn? Nah, couldn't be, not with the dh and the dd along. So, who? Oh, well, I'm sure we'll never know but it's fun to ponder.

Message: 27973 Posted: Sun May 25 08:52:55 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

Another sincere thanks from me... Your web site has given all the fans a great place to visit and be a part of. Great news that we now know who the Millionth visitor is and who better than Matt! Enjoy your vacation, and again sincere thanks,

Message: 27972 Posted: Sun May 25 08:42:47 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Matt 1,000,000

Great story Steve! Thanks "a million" for this site! As far as I'm concerned, this is the REAL chat board. I rarely look at "that other" board and have never posted to it.

Message: 27971 Posted: Sun May 25 07:31:22 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 1.000.000 thanks

After my last post I checked my e-mail and I had a couple of messages that solved the mystery. You're never going to believe this but it was Matt Beckley who was the millionth visitor. He sent me a picture of the chat folder and the hit counter which I'll post when I get back home. The next visitor after Matt was Terry Trost and he also sent me a picture of the hit counter at 1,000,001. I'll also post that one.

Congratulations Matt and Terry for setting and breaking such an awesome milestone. It's a credit to all of you fans for making this chat folder what it is. My hat is off to all of you!


Message: 27970 Posted: Sun May 25 06:57:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: My Kids' Favorite Line: It Wasn't Me

Way to go Steve. Now I have a question for you, who guessed the date right?

I don't know, Mo. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm on vacation and I'm using the Internet computer in the hotel lobby. I have the guesses written down at home so I'll check it out when I get home on Monday. I have an idea for a prize for the person who got the closest but we'll have to see. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Message: 27969 Posted: Sun May 25 01:17:30 2003 By: bruno
Subject: 1.000.000 thanks

Thanks America for the music
Thanks Steve Lowry for this site
Thanks Fans to follow the band
ciao hi

Message: 27968 Posted: Sun May 25 00:34:26 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's show

Just back from another wonderful performance by Matt. Matt treated the crowd to an unplugged version of the new cd (minus a few songs that would not be possible to do this way) Very relaxed set, Matt was accopmanied by Gary Stockdale of the jenerators and by Bill Mumy ( who opened for Matt--lol) The begining was a bit rough, but by the time they got to 'the disappointed' they were cookin! Matt was laughing and joking with the crowd. Everyone had fun. We picked up two more cds one for my dh and one for the dd (Note to Matt, dd's name is KATE) Matt graciously signed them both. My copy came signed, which was very cool!

We had a few friends with us, they were very impressed and were glad they came out with us. If you were in town and you missed it, you only have yourself to blame

Message: 27967 Posted: Sat May 24 21:31:15 2003 By: Moser
Subject: PPS

Welcome home, Whit.

Message: 27966 Posted: Sat May 24 21:30:32 2003 By: Moser
Subject: PS

PS: Kem, post your pictures fast, man. We're suffering from major Gerry Gerry Gerry withdrawal here lately. We need something fresh and new.

Message: 27965 Posted: Sat May 24 21:28:24 2003 By: Moser
Subject: My Kids' Favorite Line: It Wasn't Me

Well to quote a mini-Bufton or two, "It wasn't me." Like Nancy, I checked the chat earlier and thought it wouldn't go by so fast to 1,000,000. But it's cool that it did. Way to go Steve. Now I have a question for you, who guessed the date right? I guessed but I can't remember what date I had decided on. Did anyone hit it on the head?

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I hope tomorrow and Monday are less soggy than today. Rain, rain, go away.

Message: 27964 Posted: Sat May 24 20:35:32 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Ok Ok Ok ~~ Who was the Lucky Duck ~~ Darn it wasn't me!

Wasn't me either. I checked in a few hours ago and there were still about 250 visitors needed. Just checked in and we are now 90 over the 1M mark. Congrats Steve.

Message: 27963 Posted: Sat May 24 19:35:41 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Ok Ok Ok ~~ Who was the Lucky Duck ~~ Darn it wasn't me!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ WOW Talk about a quick jump cross the finish line..... I can't believe this... I had just checked it and 61 more people needed to sign in... to get there.... and I wrote a short email and when I hit refresh it was already over the 10,00000 mark darn ~~ darn ~~ darn...... anyhow!

I listened to Matt's new cd a couple times in a row here again, and I am really liking the song "End of the Year" and "If Only I" and wow "Monster" is really great in my headphones... sooo nicely done Matt for sure... I just gotta say it again, I love how you blended the accoustic songs with the newer and rockin songs.... soo neat how this all comes about. I really like it alot! Oooooooh yes "Wish You the Best" is really great music, I am trying to make out all the lyrics to this ~~ Matt's voice is sooo soft on this.... sooo all in all I am giving this CD a 10 out of 10 for each songs own individuality and style.... Sooo Nice for sure! :)

Well Robyn ~~ By now you should be getting to hear Matt Live again... You are soooo Lucky! Hey Kevin S ~~~ My curious mind is a wondering if you found a way to check out this show???

Thanks Sergio & Robsl for the info on Andrew Gold ~~~ Tooo much Sergio you getting to see the Captain & Toni sing Muskrat Love ... I must admit when the Captain plays all of that magical Muskrat chatter, it is my favorite part... :)

Hi Danae & Gen ~~~ Nice hearing from you both... I am glad your tests are almost completed for the year Danae ~~ I am sure you did well on them. ~~~ Gen I hope your dinner party this evening included some singing and guitar playing some nice songs.

Welcome Back Whit ~~~ Well as I started my post out... it wasn't me that had the magic hit... I sure wonder who it was tho.... Hmmm ~~ One thing that does have me curious ~~ if it is a Lurker that was the one to get the correct click ~~ will they come forward and let us know??? I hope so!

Red Ooooooooh Red ~~~ Just what are we to do with you, oooooh my your post cracked me up big time.... You better watch out that little Caddyshack Gopher doesn't come and take up residence in your back yard... over this! ~~~ This is too much, on tv right now is the movie Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler and if you aren't familiar with this movie.... it is about GOLF ~~ Man can he hit that ball off of the tee like a baseball.... This movie is a real Hoot!!! tooo much! ~~ Everybody just wants Happy Gilmore to be HAPPY that is the real DRIVE behind his success. (He has the craziest fantasies) LOL!!!

Well take care all and Nitey Nite! Nancy :)

~~~~ please don't tell me noooo, God I Misssssss Youuuuuuuuuu sooooo, one thing you should know God I Love Youuuuuuuu sooooooo ~~~ Oooooooooh ~~~~ had way too much tonight, I'm a Mad Dog at times like these, don't know where to turn, ain't the time to learn my lesson, had way too much tonight, ain't the time to learn my lesson, had way too much, really too much , had way too much toonight.... Alright !!!! Take it from there Gerry Gerry Gerry :)

Message: 27962 Posted: Sat May 24 15:23:10 2003 By: AmericaSL

I'm in the lobby of the hotel that me and my family are staying at tonight. They have an Internet connection which is rather cool. I just checked the counter and it's at 999,792 so I'm guessing that we'll hit the one million mark later today (or possibly early in the morning). I don't have any way to tell who the 1 millionth visitor is, but if you notice it's you, be sure to let us know.

I should be back home by Monday but in the meantime I'm enjoying my Memorial Day vacation. I hope everyone else does and that you all stay safe!

Message: 27961 Posted: Sat May 24 10:57:12 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Exams & Eurovision show

Hi everyone! Hpe you're all having a great week-end...

Special Hi to you, Danae!
How did your French exam go exactly? -hummm, just the curious 'Mr Hyde' part in me coming to the surface, that is, the teacher part returning to possess my soul, hahaha! Scary, huh?
I don't know if I will watch the Eurovision show tonight, firstly because I'm having a dinner party at home & secondly because unlike you, I find this program quite boring musically speaking. BUT I admit people can find interest in discovering other countries/cultures' musical & lyrical particularities. Just for the record, the only time I enjoyed the show was in 1974 (was a kid then) when Abba won the contest with their song titled 'Waterloo'. I never bought any one of their singles or albums but I nonetheless enjoyed their performance that night. Anyway, i respect your tastes ( & I know they are quite good!), so hope you have a nice time watching tv tonight. let me know what you've heard & thought. Would be great to get the show reviewed by you and MAYBE I'd even find some interest in it one day? :-)

Message: 27960 Posted: Sat May 24 10:56:11 2003 By: Whit




Message: 27959 Posted: Sat May 24 09:45:07 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Andrew Gold

Hi all,
I remember listening to Barry Scott's Lost 45's radio show a few years back and hearing an interview with Andrew Gold. He talks about the rather odd lyrical story of "Lonely Boy," which is sort of a lament about sibling rivalry or about not getting adequate attention from parents or something. It's a good song, in my opinion, don't get me wrong, but kind of a strange set of lyrics.
Anyway, Gold also talked about "Thank You for Being a Friend" and about the lesser-known track "Never Let Her Slip Away". Gold said, if I remember correctly, that he thought the Eagles kind of borrowed the drumbeat or melody for their hit "Heartache Tonight" from "NLHSA". I think Gold and the Eagles used to have the same studio and spend a lot of time together. Check out if you aren't familiar with the Lost 45's. I think it's a really good radio show. They interviewed Dewey one time and talked about "Today's the Day".

Message: 27958 Posted: Sat May 24 08:11:52 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Muskrat Love" (the other hit version); Andrew Gold tidbits

You might just say It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world !

Message: 27957 Posted: Sat May 24 08:02:10 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: "Muskrat Love" (the other hit version); Andrew Gold tidbits

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Saturday morning, sunny and mild in New Orleans! I woke up to "Muskrat Love" on the Today show. Unfortunately not America's version, instead the more cutesy version by the Captain and Tenille. They were the live guests in the plaza. It was nice to see and hear old faces and voices from the 70's. They performed "Love Will Keep Us Together", "Do That to Me One More Time", and then closed the set with "Muskrat Love". I was hoping they would mention our favorite group, but that didn't happen. Toni Tenille, who has lost a lot of her upper register, managed well through the song, displaying a lot of affection for it and her Captain and that was nice. The Captain did his muskrat chatter with the keyboards, which was interesting to watch. All in all it was a nice nostalgic set. But it had me hankering for the more wistful and melodic America version.

Since there has been a lot of buzz about Andrew Gold again producing America's next album, here are some chart facts I recently found about the man~He had two top forty hits: "Lonely Boy" and "Thank You for Being a Friend"(which later became a huge song as the title song to "The Golden Girls), respectively reaching #7 on the Billboard charts, debuting on 3/19/77, and #25, debuting on 2/11/78. He charted two other times with less success with "That's why I Love You", reaching #68, debuting on 1/3/76 and "Never Let Her Slip Away", reaching #76, debuting on 6/17/78. I also found out he is the son of Marni Nixon, the soprano that lent her lovely voice to famous screen actresses of the 50's and 60's, the likes of Audrey Hepburn ("My Fair Lady"), Natalie Wood ("West Side Story") and Deborah Kerr ("The King and I"). His father Ernest Gold was the composer of the 60's movie "Exodus".

Have a great weekend,


Message: 27956 Posted: Fri May 23 17:41:17 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Matt's cd

Just got my copy so am only on my first listen. Great stuff. If you haven't ordered this you need to. Thanks mB. And, as you wrote, Go Ducks!

Message: 27955 Posted: Fri May 23 14:24:31 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Why red you old Knuckle-dragger! It is interesting how you have managed to alienate a whole lotta women and a good bunch of the guys with one meger post. While I agree with the sentiment attributed to Mark Twain that golf is a good walk, spoiled, There are many who love the game.

Now, If you're talking a battle of the sexes, I'd love to see Lisa Leslie take on some of these trashtalking clowns in the NBA.....

Message: 27954 Posted: Fri May 23 14:04:36 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Okay Red - I must admit I can't EVEN think of a way to respond to that!!! (I will however admit you made me laugh.) I will also admit that I, myself, am a fledging golfer and am actually learning to enjoy chasing around a little white ball. I am taking up golf in self defense as my husband, his whole family and now my kids are major golfers (note--I did refrain from using the term fanatic as I am now somewhat joining the ranks). Hey, I've even played in a scramble w/ a member of a famous heavy metal band (at least here in Texas and Germany). He has a really cool golf cart: flames down the side, mag wheels, cd player, plus he gave the proshop a gold record of his to display. Oh, he's a nice guy too.

Boy oh boy - I really need to get a life!!! It sure doesn't take much to impress me does it!

Ya'll have a great and safe Memorial weekend.


Message: 27953 Posted: Fri May 23 12:52:07 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Since golf is such a wuss, girly activity anyway, it's no wonder a woman should play with the men(if u can call them that). Anyone can learn a skill, even if it's only hitting a ball and then chasing it. I guess her bending over and placing a ball is better than watching half the men wearing knickers. At least it gives more meaning to the phrase FOUR-PLAY. :):):):)

Good Day In Hell - The Eagles

Move in,
Can't you see she wants you
She has you deep in her eyes
You been wond'rin' why she haunts you
Beauty in the devil's disguise
She can tell you all about it
She sees it in the stars
She'll burn you if you try to put her down

Oh well, it's been a good day in hell
And tomorrow I'll be glory bound

Message: 27952 Posted: Fri May 23 10:33:18 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's cd

Well, by now most of you should have received Matt’s new cd. Any thoughts? Here are mine.

First of all I am impressed with the variety of styles that Matt is using here. “Girlfriend” really rocks, but “the airplanes” is as fine a ballad as I have heard in a long time. Matt has a fine ironic sense in his lyrics (I always stood when I should be seated, failed the test even when I cheated”)

All in all, a fine debut effort.

Ok, so who’s going to be there Saturday night?

Message: 27951 Posted: Fri May 23 08:49:27 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Exams

Hi all! Hope everyone's fine.
I haven't written on the chat folder for quite long, because of my school examinations of the year. The exams are still going on, so that's just a break.
It's Friday afternoon here, 18:51 pm. I decided to spend my afternoon with doing nothing, cause Monday, we will write only on ancient greek and English. I just finished my revision on the latter, and now I'm free! I'll continue with Ancient Greek tomorrow.
Today I had an exam on maths. It was TOO easy, I can say!
Wednesday, we had an exam on French and History. (We write day by day)
I wanna watch the Eurovision competition tomorrow. t.A.T.u. are also in the candidates (that's why I want to watch the competition)! Their music is really good, altough nasty things are told about them- I suppose you understand what I'm talking about. I can't understand why people are sure about what they are, just because of a video clip!
Anyway, the Eurovision has always been interesting.
See you soon

Message: 27950 Posted: Fri May 23 08:48:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTWM'sC pics, Man's Road & Way off Topic ~~ Hmmm

Hi there everybody ~~~ It's a Rainy Day another Rainy Day here in my neighborhood and is gonna be a rainy weekend too....

Thanks Steve for the nice pics from Hawaii ~~ My son looked at the ones of the canoe parade yesterday and he said Mom why are those Men wearing those Skirts!!! ~~ we both enjoyed them alot and I told him you will be going to Alaska for your next trip and he said WOW I can't wait to see the pics from there... Also thanks for putting the mp3 to Man's Road on here for us to listen to, I was wondering if it was the same version I had of it, after reading Eddie's post about the guitar chords, I had always thought this song was more of a Piano sound in the front and some flutes. It is a very nice song and Deweys voice is soo sincere in singing it. The very first time I heard it was when I was taping this movie for my daughter off of a HBO free movie weekend, and as a matter of fact I didn't even know that AMERICA had anything to do with this movie until I heard the introduction song and I stopped and said that sounds like AMERICA singing this, sooo I watched the movie with my daughter and kept saying to myself WOW I never knew of these songs that Gerry & Dewey were singing on here. ~~ I really liked how Dewey's way of singing this song so well portrayed the part on the movie. Nice :)

Hmmm Regarding the Annika Sorrenson situation ~~ My Hubby and son's were furious with this... I stayed clear of the topic with them, being that I don't know that much about Golf... Then this morning I was taking the kids to the bus and the Morning DJ (who is a golfer) said that it was announced that Tiger Woods requested he be allowed to play in the next Womens PGA tour and that he also wanted to be able to use the womens regulated tee offs.... he then said I wonder if anyone out there will believe this LOL!!!! ~~ Well much to my surprise he then said this ~~ He said that he had to hand it to her for her great T-off and a couple of the shots... (I'm not that Golf orrientated, so I don't remember the exact shots) and he said he was impressed and that the 2 Guys that were on her team, were really happy with her for her contribution to their team.... I got to see her on the news last night, she does seem to have a very confident look to her, so I feel that she just had her mind set to doing this and wanted to accomplish it... I guess we all have that Drive that Want at times in soo many different ways.... Soo Hey I gotta say to her "Go For It, Go All the way with it" ~~~ Hey Bones on the flip side of your post ~~~ I bet you would love to be her Caddy on her Good Hair days ~~ wouldn't you????? :)

Hmmmm ~~ Just a reminder that The Thorns will be on Kraig Kilbourne tonight..... Darn on tuesday night when they were on Leno ~~ I was awake up to the very commercial before they were to come on and my heavy eyelids..... just went shut during the commercial and I missed them ~~ too much ~~ don't you just hate when that happens, I dooooo!!!! LOL!!! Soo I am thinking I should just set the tape player to record this.... so I don't miss them tonight! ~~~ Darn I even missed the Country Music Awards Show on wednesday night.... !

Hey there Reddddd eeeee Oakkkkkkk ~~~ hmmmm the days are winding down to about a month away from you getting to see Timmy sing "I Can't Tell You Why" ~~ wow before you know it you will be heading there. ~~ Get Nelleybelle all shined up so she can enjoy her weekend off. :)

Take care everybody and Yes enjoy this unofficial start to the summer weekend. Stay safe and dry! See ya Nancy :)

~~~~ Ooooooo warmth of the sun, within me at night Ooooooooo Oooooooo oooooooooo warmth of the sunnnnn, oooo within me tonighhhht, ooooooooo warmth of the sun ooooo it won't ever dieeeeee, ooooooooo ooooooooo aaaahhhhhhh ooooooooo ~~ Sing it Beach Boys :) :) :)

~~~~ everywhere you go, always take the weather with you, every where you go always take the weather with you, weather with you..... sing it Gerry & Dewey :):) :)

Message: 27949 Posted: Fri May 23 07:16:52 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Bones

Bones, because I am a LADY, I will NOT repond to your one-liner about Annika Sorenson...

A famous line from Saturday Night Live is appropriate here:

"Bones, you -------- ----!"

Have a great Memorial Day week-end everyone!

Message: 27948 Posted: Fri May 23 06:56:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Temple

Next to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the BYU-Hawaii campus is a beautiful LDS temple. Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

I'm heading out of town for the Memorial Day weekend so I won't be posting any more views until I get back. I hope you all have a fun and a safe weekend. Remember to wear your seatbelts and watch out for the other guy!

Message: 27947 Posted: Thu May 22 18:44:58 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Hate to be her caddy when she's having a "bad hair day".

Message: 27946 Posted: Thu May 22 15:57:56 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Man's Road

Hey Steve, thanks a lot! Will have a listen when I get home from work. Cheers!

Message: 27945 Posted: Thu May 22 10:30:13 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re:View from the Webmaster's camera-PCC

Hi Steve & all, Steve, These pictures make me wish that we were back in Oahu. We were there last year when my husband took me and our daughter, Leslie, for my birthday. What a fantastic birthday present. It was our second visit to Hawaii. We hope to go again soon. And these pictures are really making me want to go as soon as possible, Great shots. really enjoy seeing all your photos. Please keep sharing. Take care. Mary

Message: 27944 Posted: Thu May 22 08:02:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - PCC

Near the north end of Oahu in a little town called Laie is one of the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. The Polynesian Cultural Center sits next to the Brigham Young University - Hawaii campus and provides jobs for hundreds of students at the university. These students come from countries all around the world including many of the Polynesian islands that are represented at the PCC.

In the mid afternoon there is a canoe parade with various Polynesian dancers. I took LOTS of pictures during the parade so it was tough to pick out just one or two to share with you. I finally narrowed it down to 4 photos from the canoe parade, 1 from the luau that I went to, and a bonus photo from one of the villages. I hope they don't bore you too much.

Canoe parade photo #1
Canoe parade photo #2
Canoe parade photo #3
Canoe parade photo #4
Cooked pig dug up from the underground oven and ready to eat at the luau

Bonus Photo: The Webmaster standing between a couple of good looking Polynesians in one of the villages

Message: 27943 Posted: Thu May 22 07:35:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Man's Road

JimBob, "Man's Road" is from The Last Unicorn Soundtrack which was released in 1982. The Last Unicorn is an animated family video that is a very fun story and contains a great soundtrack written by Jimmy Webb. America sings several songs on the album. I have downloaded the MP3 version of Man's Road so you can listen to it (it will be available for a week or so).

Click here to listen/download the MP3 version of "Man's Road".

Message: 27942 Posted: Thu May 22 07:22:14 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Ok Dan!!! :0) - Annika is playing from the men's tees and no special provision was made for her. (And don't give me the exemption bit. The sponsors have an allotated amount to give and they chose to give one to her) There is also no rule in the PGA that says only men golfers can participate. If there were then she shouldn't be there.

By the way - I fully support Augusta National's right to remain an all mens golf club, just as the Boy Scouts is for BOYS, the Girl Scouts is for GIRLS and the WNBA - WOMEN's National Basketball Assoc - is for WOMEN. Each of these outfits are private entities and are entitled to run their organizations as they see fit.



Message: 27941 Posted: Thu May 22 06:57:25 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

So I suppose the next Micheal Jordan will be allowed to join the WNBA? Just a very unpolitically correct thought. Go ahead and cane me now girls.DanC.

Message: 27940 Posted: Thu May 22 05:53:26 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Way Off Topic

Good morning from Ft Worth! For all you golf fans out there the folks down here have two words "GO ANNIKA"!!! There are buttons, banners etc. It's fun to feel the excitement in the air. We're all hoping she'll make the cut.

mB cd - As I was going into tuck my daughter into bed last night, I hear her singing "The Dissapointed" word for word. She then requested a cd of her very own, so it looks like I'll be ordering another one for her.

Ya'll have a great day!!


Message: 27939 Posted: Thu May 22 04:26:29 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Man's Road

I have never even heard of this track! Eddie, tell me do, is it accoustic, a rocker(must have a good bass riff if you are after the chords, right?!) On another subject, today at work the radio played SGH, and the DJ then related the story of Gerry playing it backstage to Jackson Browne, and the whole thing about the lyrics changing from VA to air. Considering in all the years Ive heard DJ'S playing songs by America in NZ, and them having virtually nothing interesting or new to say, I thought this well, interesting! And cool!

Message: 27938 Posted: Wed May 21 12:18:00 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Man's Road

Have never seen the sheet music for LAST UNICORN, have not seen it in any Jimmy Webb books either. Perhaps contact the publisher & see if they have every published the lead sheets. Would be nice to have.

Message: 27937 Posted: Wed May 21 11:26:02 2003 By: Jami Fitzpatrick
Subject: Reno

Hi to everyone I haven't seen for a while. Guess what? I'm now 25, as of yesterday. No, no America goodies or Dad would have comfiscated them (sp?). Time flies, and Mom says it only gets worse. I do have a question, though. I haven't seen the guys booked for Reno in some time, and I wonder why? I've heard rumors that no one here(meaning the casinos and what-not) in Reno won't bother paying the guys what they're asking. Anyone know if this is the truth or what exactly is the truth? Any news if they're coming back here soon? We miss them!

Message: 27936 Posted: Wed May 21 11:08:47 2003 By: RichM
Subject: Man's Road - no chords, just comments

Man's road is one of my favorite America songs. Even though it was written by Jimmy Webb it really sounds like it could have been written by Dewey. I always wondered if Dewey worked some of the lyrics given the references in the song to "purple' and "dust demons" (as I recall), which are obviously similar to phrases used by Dewey in other songs. Another one that I would love to hear live someday.


Message: 27935 Posted: Wed May 21 08:40:02 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki Beach

Great pics but cruel, so cruel. It is a drab, grey, drizzly kind of day here and the forecast is for more of the same. Ah, to live somewhere where it is sunny and warm....


Message: 27934 Posted: Wed May 21 08:14:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki Beach

Next stop is a block or two from the hotel, at Waikiki Beach. The word Waikiki comes from two Hawaiian words. Wai is water and kiki refers to spouting water - the area was named for the many springs.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27933 Posted: Wed May 21 08:03:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: yuming

No additional information, yet, David. I'll be sure to post it here if I hear anything.

Message: 27932 Posted: Wed May 21 07:30:31 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: I got 'em

my mB cd's were pearched in my mailbox yesterday evening when I arrived home. Will post specific thoughts later I have been listening to an advance copy Matt graciously gave me a while back. Let me just say that I think it's wonderful. Good work Matt!

Message: 27931 Posted: Wed May 21 05:27:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Goofy Story

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching the Musikladen DVD. Kaity and Riley happened to be taking a break from playing outside and were also watching it with me. Gerry was soulfully singing I Need You when Molly burst into the door half whining, half moaning, "I need juice!" Kaity, Riley, and I looked at each other and starting cracking up. Molly looked at us like we were nuts (which, clearly, we are). We asked her if she was purposely saying I need juice while Gerry was saying I need you. "No!" she said. "I just need JUICE." We cracked up again. Well, I guess you had to be there. It's bound to go down in the mutual history of Buftonism/Americaism along with Bar O' Soap (Barstow) and Three Girls in a Bar (Three Roses were bought).

Message: 27930 Posted: Wed May 21 01:08:52 2003 By: Eddie
Subject: Man's Road

America fans, please help me out.

I'm a guitar player, and I've searched all over the web for the tabs to Man's Road from the Last Unicorn soundtrack, to no avail. I've tried tabbing it out myself, but there's still some chords near the verses' end that I just can't pinpoint. I know that the song was written for piano, so that would explain why I'm having such difficulty.

Does anyone have these tabs, or perhaps sheet music? Even a midi of the song would help out, which I also have been unable to find. If anyone can email me scans of the piano score for the song, the internet can be assured that I will post these tabs when complete.


Message: 27929 Posted: Tue May 20 21:10:40 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: yuming

Any further news on the America tribute song for the Japanese artist, Yuming (who, my wife [who is Japanese] says, is very famous)?

Message: 27928 Posted: Tue May 20 19:18:36 2003 By: Linda
Subject: re: and more H

Janice, when I sent you the e-card, I told you how much I love your spunk. Well, I now also love how you handle your ex! You manage to keep a wonderful sense of humor, and that's something I should probably try to do with my ex. That hat you gave him is too funny!

Steve, I loved all the Utah pictures, and I wish I could jump into that Hawaii one!

Erin, I'd definitely go to Europe right now if given the chance. Have a safe and fun trip!


Message: 27927 Posted: Tue May 20 16:12:26 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Feeling Left Out

Ok, now that's more like it. DanC.


Message: 27926 Posted: Tue May 20 11:37:35 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Feeling Left Out

Actually, our mailman is a wonderful person who has rescued several elderly residents along his route. He is top notch in my book and if he wants to borrow my matt Beckley cd I say go for it ( I do have a copy..)

Message: 27925 Posted: Tue May 20 11:17:50 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Getting closer...

We're getting closer to that milestone of the one millionth hit on the chat folder. Hmm, when will it be?

Message: 27924 Posted: Tue May 20 10:47:28 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: very off topic

Erin, my sister lives in Germany (Heidelberg) w/ her family and I think she feels relatively safe and I know she goes all over the place. She's been to Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland to name a few. I do know that when my husband, my daughter and I visited her in July 2001 (pre 9/11), we were still careful not to wear any 4th of July shirts, or flags or display anything overtly "American". We traveled all over Germany and Italy and found everyone very friendly. Watch out for the pickpockets and gypsy's in Italy though! Our tour guide knew exactly which folks were the pick pockets and the minute she saw one she'd start hollering pickpocket, pickpocket and they'd go scurrying off. I about died of embarrasment the first time she did it, but I must say none of us lost any money.

I do have a kind of funny story though. Growing up in Panama I speak enough Spanish to go shopping with, and I found that while in Germany when I would try to carry out a transaction, the first words out of my mouth were invariably Spanish. I knew I had to speak a foreign language, I just could never get the right one started!

Also, if you speak any Spanish at all you will do fine in Italy as a lot of the words are very similar. My sister and her family are all fluent in English and Spanish, can carry on a decent conversation in Italian and are getting pretty good at German too! The one thing she pointed out to us, was that if you at least make an attempt to converse in the language, a lot of the folks over there speak English and will be very helpful in responding to you.

I hope you have a great time and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!


Message: 27923 Posted: Tue May 20 10:41:06 2003 By: rc
Subject: Happy 25th Anniversary,Nancy,Mary and spouses!

Just saw in your post you both are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary..
Congratulations and best wishes for many more to come!
Take Care,

Message: 27922 Posted: Tue May 20 10:37:16 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki

Wow..Now thats a pic that will make you drift off and daydream for a bit.. :-) Thanks for the Utah pics as well.. I visited that place back when my younger brother lived in Salt Lake in the early 90's..

When are you going to Alaska? Doing the Inside Passage cruise? I have a friend in Juneau, and maybe I can get you two in contact if you'd like. Hope you have a great time!


Message: 27921 Posted: Tue May 20 10:08:36 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki

Hi Everybody ~~~ An Absolutely Beautiful Sunny Day here today! Nice :)One of those mornings where I put on Garden of Peace and play it over and over again ~~ soooo follow the path through the knowing trees, and each time you Laugh it is Love you Release, that Love will come back to You in the Garden of Peace ~~~ sing it Dewey :)

Hmmmm ~~~ Tooo much Steve you just happening to post this nice pic from your 25th wedding anniversary cruise today.... Today just sooo happens to be Me & My Hubby's 25th Wedding Anniversary as well as Mary and her Hubby's Anniversary! ~~ too much for sure! Thanks for sharing this Nice pic with us! Sure does give a nice Visual to get lost in! :)

Hey there Mo ~~~ I sure hope your CD arrives in the Mail today! It is sooo good, I second Nina's thought on Gerry being One Proud Pop for sure! :)

Hey there DanC ~~~ Now would we really believe any of those Rumors about the Mailman! :) ~~~ Hmmmm I am wondering if you have The Bee Gees "One Night Only" DVD ? If you haven't got it, you best check it out.... especially the nice song "Closer than Close,I just can't get enough of it.... hmmm one of Maurice's precious hidden gems left for us to remember him by! ~~ Hey the Cards won last night! I bet you're smiling! :)

Hi Robyn ~~~ I was thinking you already had a copy of Matt's new CD!

Hmmm ~~ My curiousity is peaking on thie video with Gerry and sooo many other music artists on, that I somehow missed on Solid Gold, Darn I watched Solid Gold all the time, I must have been too much involved in Baby Mode then to remember this. It would be neat to see this ~~~ Hey Howie is it on any of your tapes???? :)

Well enjoy the rest of your day all, my little niece Melina is here and I called the radio station to request they play "Color My World" by Chicago in hopes that the Hubby would hear this request on his lunch break at work.... I am gonna take her up and show her Mama Bluebirds 4 little bluebird eggs that are in the bluebird box nest... See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ She'll read your mind, she's smart as a whip, she'll suck you dry, but look at how much I dripped, at the point of ecstacy, I write a symphony of poetry in motion, and leaving me there to die, I tell myself let noone take her place, took her by the soul, and look at how much I paid, I want you next to me, call it delightful, we'll be, we drifted into vision and look at how much we see aaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh I just wanna get closer than close to you, closer than close to you ~~~ Sing it Maurice, Barry & Robin ~~~ What a song ~~ WOW!!! ;) :)

Message: 27920 Posted: Tue May 20 09:52:49 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki

Steve, that is so very beautiful! Once again, thanks for sharing your great photos. I look forwarda to the others. I couldn't help but think of my birthland, Cuba, and its similar beauty...Ah, turquoise memories of my childhood in Varadero, Cuba! Hopefully someday when Cuba is free from Communist tyranny, I will revisit my island of dreams. For anyone interested here is a glimpse of Varadero,

Message: 27919 Posted: Tue May 20 09:49:56 2003 By: Erin
Subject: very off topic

Well, tomorrow my boyfriend, two friends and I head off to Europe for a 19 day vacation...a quick many of you would travel overseas (London, Paris, Venice, etc...) right now? Just curious...

Erin :o)

Message: 27918 Posted: Tue May 20 08:41:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Waikiki

My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in June of 2001 by spending two wonderful weeks in Hawaii. I think I'll share a few of the beautiful photos that I took while I was there. The first one was taken from the Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel looking toward Waikiki Beach.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

P.S. For our 27th anniversary this year we're going to do an 11 day Alaska cruise/land tour. I hope to bring back some good photos from there next month.

Message: 27917 Posted: Tue May 20 08:26:04 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Feeling Left Out

Hey, Hey, watch it now. That's how rumors get started. DanC.

Message: 27916 Posted: Tue May 20 07:40:46 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Feeling Left Out

Moser, don't feel too bad. I figure I live about SIX MILES from the orginating point and I didn't ge MINE EITHER ! I live in hope ( and suspect the mailman)

Message: 27915 Posted: Tue May 20 04:59:46 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Gerry, Jeff Beck, Matt B., etc.

Yes, I ,too, remember that Jeff Beck video featuring various artists "applying" for the job of lead singer. I've been racking my brain for
years to remember the title, so "thanks" Jimbob and Steve O.! Marilyn McCoo of the Fifth Dimension also sang a line or two, I think,...but Gerry, of course, was the highlight for me.

Cannot believe that little MattB is all grown up now! Punched up his CD cover and there he is...with hints and traces of "Dad" all over him! (I hope he condiders that a GOOD thing!) I've never been able to hear any clips of his music, so everybody keep sharing your thoughts on the new CD until I, too, can purchase one.

I'll bet Gerry's one proud pop!

Message: 27914 Posted: Tue May 20 04:35:51 2003 By: Janice
Subject: re: and more H

Haha! Fooled ya..I'm out of H titles!

Busy, like some of you getting ready for the onslaught of relatives for AJ's graduation Friday. Let's see, Mom and Dad who will fuss over me like 2 mother hens. (ok, I kinda like it.) Then they'll be off to New Jersey to visit relatives and pose in front of their new cemetary plot (yes, with names already on it.) Such a highlight..I guess they want to do a "before and after" photo shoot.

Then, of course is AJ's dad, my ex. We'll exchange pleasantries and he'll ask me if I've gained a few pounds and I'll comment about how his grey hair makes him look so much more distinguished. I'll ask if his oldest has started pre-school, and if his youngest is out of diapers yet. Last time he was here I gave him a hat that reads "I'm not the grandfather". What is it...guys turn 50 and they want to marry someone 20 years younger? (hope I'm not offending anyone here...just an observation.) I once dated someone 10 years younger and remember it to be the biggest mistake of my life! Anymore, anyone younger than 60 need not apply. :-)

Have a great week everyone. As you can tell, I plan to. :-)


Message: 27913 Posted: Mon May 19 23:33:31 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Rick Danko LP for sale

Just to let any one whose interested know, there's a "still sealed" Rick Danko's LP currently on sale on E-Bay in the US for $9.99. There's only 1 day to go and at present there's been no bids.

Good luck bidders


Message: 27912 Posted: Mon May 19 23:28:33 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Gerry's contribution to Rick Danko's album

Just to clarify. On my CD there's only the one specific mention of Gerry playing Acoustic Guitar on one track "SHAKE IT". However, on the rear cover it also credits him for background vocals and therefore he could be on any number of the tracks if not all of them.

Unfortunately, my CD does not include any inner photos so I can't confirm if Gerry was pictured on the original LP.

I've listened to the CD a few times now since these these mails and I think I can hear Gerry vocals on a number of the tracks. However, there are 4 backing singers so it may be wishful thinking on my part.


Message: 27911 Posted: Mon May 19 20:13:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Feeling Left Out

It's 11:20 p.m., do you know where your Matt Beckley CD is? Ah, no, I don't. I just went outside to recheck the mailbox but, alas, no I hadn't missed anything. Excuse me...ah...mB, you didn't forget me did you? Perhaps it just takes a bit longer for mail to reach the northern outposts here along the Canadian border. I'll look forward to hearing it tomorrow hopefully.

Message: 27910 Posted: Mon May 19 19:30:22 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: and more H

Still like "Huh?"

Message: 27909 Posted: Mon May 19 18:51:40 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Matt's New CD

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Finally a Sunny Monday! Mr. Mailman delivered my Matt's New CD to me today also! Nice :)

I listened to it while I was getting ready for work this afternoon. I really like it alot, at the moment my faves are Looking at You, Girfriend, Airplanes, End of the Year, Monster, That was Life and there is one that is an instrumental, that is kinda neat....I must say Matt that the ones you Kick Butt on, you sure do, do it with a nice style for sure. I like how the 2 different music styles blend well together on this. Nicely done Matt, I liked your version of Monster too, very nice! :)

I am enjoying all the neat H titles ~~~ I too thought of Heartstrings or Heavens Hues!

Thanks Steve for putting your pics in a zipfile for us to download.

Thanks Jason for the info and for trying to find this song to send to Steve for us all to hear. I did search for it, and I did find some of Rick Danko's songs, but not this Shake It one.

Nitey Nite all ~~ I gotta get my work done here! Nancy :)

Heart, court and harmony just ain't the same
My black and their green playing some games
I've got all these pictures I just need the frames

These are the things that you'll never do
Feeding the wife on the phone
And there you are, all on your own ~~~ Sing it Matt and Gerry :)

Message: 27908 Posted: Mon May 19 18:41:31 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: the androids/ more Beckley contributions

Jimbob,I also remember the video you're referring to. It was for Jeff Beck's "Ambitious" song,and the video included Cameos from not only Gerry Beckley and Donny Osmond,but Jimmy Hall who was the vocalist for the Southern Band "Wet Willie"("Street Corner Serenade","Keep On Smilin'"etc). I believe the Premise of the video was that Beck was looking for a singer for the song,and these "guys" showed up to audition. I thought it was pretty interesting,and would be worth viewing again if anybody can ever find it!

Message: 27907 Posted: Mon May 19 16:00:36 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's New CD

Dd her best friend have a preference for "GIrlfriend" ( I like it too!)

Message: 27906 Posted: Mon May 19 15:32:04 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: the androids/ more Beckley contributions

Matt, the androids "do it with Madonna" got lots of airplay in NZ too, and I believe did well in the charts here as well as Oz. For those interested, or who can get it, Betchadupa is Neil Finns son Liams band, and its graet stuff. Very Finn in a lot of its sound. Thanks for the response re the Rick Danko album. What I didnt mention is I had it on vinyl but it has got lost in one of my frequent moves! I was sure Gerry was one more than one track, but Im only going by memory; I do know he was in some of the pics on the record sleeve. I am so interested to know how this contribution from him came about. One of the tracks from the album was featured on 'The Last Waltz' a little bit, with Rick Danko in the studio. It came out not long after the film and as the performers on said film were friends/collaboraters I wonder if America were ever on the same bill as The Band? Also I remember from the '80's seeing a Jeff Beck video in which Gerry appeared singing a line, as did Donny Osmond! Anyone else recall that?

Message: 27905 Posted: Mon May 19 15:21:12 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: and more H

A few more:
"Harmony Inn"
"8th Letter"
"honorable friend"

Janice, you are so right about "Headache"...

Message: 27904 Posted: Mon May 19 13:54:09 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Matt's New CD

Received my cd also. I can't wait to get home so I can turn it up and really listen (as opposed to the lower volume required at work!). My top four so far Looking at You, Airplanes, The Dissapointed and If Only I.


Message: 27903 Posted: Mon May 19 13:26:33 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Matt's New CD

Got M.B.'s cd today and have had one listen so far. "Looking at you", "Airplanes", and "End of the year" caught my ear right off.

carry on....

Message: 27902 Posted: Mon May 19 10:58:27 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC Zip File

I have received some requests for ALL of the photos that I took at Dead Horse Point and Arches National Park. Therefore, I have ZIPed them up into a single file and posted them on the Chat Folder temporarily. I have removed all of the photos that had me or my wife in them because I didn't think you would really want my "family" photos. But the rest of them are there in case you're interested. Click here to download the 14 Megabyte ZIP file.



Message: 27901 Posted: Mon May 19 09:57:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Matt's New CD

I decided to take a little break from the View From The Webmaster's Camera series today and give you a view of Matt's New CD. Click on the following links to take a look.

Front of the CD
Back of the CD

I don't actually have the CD, these images were sent to me by JimNak. Thanks, Jim, for sharing them with us and congratulations Matt!

Message: 27900 Posted: Mon May 19 09:55:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: More Beckley contributions

Thanks Jason. That would be great if you could find those tracks and share them with all of us. Good luck!

Message: 27899 Posted: Mon May 19 08:45:47 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: More Beckley contributions

After tracking down the Rick Danko info, I thought I'd do a bit more digging. Apparantly Gerry also played guitar on a 1972 album by an English chap called MIKE HOGG on his album SOMEWHERE. Mike Hogg apparently was a member of Manfred Mann. I don't know anything more but will keep digging.

Also a new AMERICANA band called TANDY have apparently recently covered SISTER GOLDEN HAIR on their lastest album. I have one of their albums SOME SUMMER'S DAY which is good and so will look out for their new release. Their version of SISTER GOLDEN HAIR apparently also includes vocalist JIM WHITE whose debut album WEIRD EYED JESUS is fantastic. If you like your country rock music strange - ie straight our of DELIVERENCE you'll love this.

I'll see if I can track the song down and send it on to Steve with the Rick Danko track.


Message: 27898 Posted: Mon May 19 08:09:39 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: and more H


Message: 27897 Posted: Mon May 19 06:26:52 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: and more H


Message: 27896 Posted: Mon May 19 05:32:27 2003 By: Janice
Subject: and more H

How about
(what I just got by thinking too much about H titles)

Message: 27895 Posted: Sun May 18 19:50:06 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: another H

Not to beat a dead horse, but how about HAVEN?

Message: 27894 Posted: Sun May 18 19:36:49 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: H album titles (revisited)


Whatever happened to the suggestion way back that they would put out an album with the full photo of the Native Americans that was partially shown on their first album? They could put this picture on the album of HORSE FOUND A NAME.

Message: 27893 Posted: Sun May 18 18:40:16 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: New America CD

I hope this project comes about. I thought their colaboration with Andrew Gold on the Christmas CD was excellent! I would love to hear more.

Message: 27892 Posted: Sun May 18 18:37:27 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Electrovoice and Crossover by Dan Peek

I've ordered mine. I have them on tape, but it is badly worn and of poor sound quality. I have always thought Electrovoice was Dan's strongest album of that era.

Message: 27891 Posted: Sun May 18 18:31:02 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Fab Four & mB

Matt Beckley's debut CD is officially out ! He gives warm thanks to 29.

Message: 27890 Posted: Sun May 18 17:06:56 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: The Fab Four & mB

Hey Valerie!
Thats Great! I think this band is THE BEST Beatles tribute band period. I wish they would come up here in the North woods again.....I know it's not Christmas, but they have a couple of CD's w/Xmas tune's done Beatle style, it's AWESOME! I can get both CDs on one CD-R if your ever interested.....
Is the Matt Beckley CD offically out? I think it's time to order some new music! I really like his tunes, & his version of "Monster" is fantastic!

Message: 27889 Posted: Sun May 18 16:43:35 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Electrovoice and Crossover by Dan Peek

What generous offer from Dan!!! It's too good to pass up :-)

Message: 27888 Posted: Sun May 18 16:41:31 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: H albums

How about:
Here & Now
Hand to Hand
Hiatus (previously mentioned, but I like it)

Message: 27887 Posted: Sun May 18 14:16:33 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Matt Beckley debut CD

Songs of My Wasted Youth, the CD debut of Matt Beckley. This one's a winner, give this a try. Outstanding work by Matt ! Includes Monster.

Message: 27886 Posted: Sun May 18 13:17:27 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Title

Hi everyone,
I hope the album starts with the letter H as their best albums usually do. (Although I love Silent Letter, but that's a pun on their letter thing anyway.)
Okay so titles...I've often thought that Hillside would be cool , or Hot Springs, something outdoorsy. Homeland would be cool. Homerun would be kinda corny but is a possibility. I always wondered why "Hourglass" wasn't just called "Hope" because that is one of the songs on it. Hybrid would be a cool title, and that would reference the involvement of Andrew Gold, so that the title would imply that it is a hybrid work of musicians. Anyways, those are my rambling thoughts.
Take care,

Message: 27885 Posted: Sun May 18 12:49:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Survived, Title, and Sun

Yes, we survived the slumber party. They were good and I did get my sleep. The only bad report I got was from the neighbor who said she heard them outside at 1:30 in the morning yelling "FORE!" at the golf course. Teenage sense of humor I guess. They had fun, that's what counts.

The album title I suggest is Heroes.

It is sunny here today, finally. It is 75 and cloudless. That is rare lately in Rochester. It has been rainy for a week. We are enjoying the sun by cleaning up the garden. The kids are shooting hoops. Kaity's birthday present was a basketball hoop. That was her only request. Oh, excuse me, she had one other one, a Password Journal. It is a voice activated diary. She got that from one of her girlfriends. I guess you gotta balance the girly stuff with the tomboy stuff even at thirteen.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. Gotta get back outside.

Message: 27884 Posted: Sun May 18 08:48:13 2003 By: valynda
Subject: The Fab Four

Hi all, A few weeks back some of us were discussing The Fab Four, (The Beatles Tribute Band.) I think that was Eddy and Jimnak. Well anyway, I wrote a letter to The Califorinia Mid-State Fair, which is about 2 miles from me. I told them about The Fab Four and how great they were when I saw them in Irvine. I just checked the Fair's website and guess what? They booked them for the Fair in July!! Isn't that great!
Of course I have written them many times asking for America, but it just doesn't look like that's gonna happen this year. The Fair's schedule is almost completely filled up. America was here 2 years ago. Well it's a good thing that I live in California and I am catching other America shows that are booked around the state!
Bye, Valerie

Message: 27883 Posted: Sun May 18 07:56:13 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: H albums

How about "Hotel California". Wait... I think that one has already been taken (LOL).

Message: 27882 Posted: Sun May 18 07:52:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Cove Arch

This is the last photo from Arches National Park. It was also taken in the Windows area and is very close to the Double Arch that was posted yesterday. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that this final arch is named Cove Arch.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27881 Posted: Sun May 18 07:50:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Electrovoice and Crossover by Dan Peek

FYI - I spoke with Tom Peek about this little project and he told me that Dan is the one who will actually be burning the CD's. That could turn out to be a lot of work. It's a very generous gesture indeed.

Message: 27880 Posted: Sun May 18 07:14:11 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: gerry / rick danko & Re: New America CD and "H" title suggestions

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Another Rainy day here in PA ~~~ but the rain did take a break yesterday, it was a cloudy but nice day as the Hubby and I drove to Erie, PA for a credit union workshop. Everything was soooo green green green, I got to see the Bayfront of Lake Erie afterwards and it was an AWESOME sight for sure, it was sunny then and I could see the rainbow colors of the sky reflecting on the nice rippling water... I smiled and again said ~~ Darn I wish I would have bought one of those disposable cameras to take a pic, I am missing some really good pic keepsakes lately. ~~ Looks like I will have more chances tho.... 3 more workshops on my agenda over the next couple of months! ~~ I know that was kinda off topic there, but in a way to me it isn't, cause all that I take in on this great site is on my mind in one way or another! :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmm(bob) soooo nice to see a couple of Posts from You Boy! ;) ~~~ Wow that is pretty neat you asking about this Gerry\Rick Danko working together, WOW another piece of AMERICA history unfolding right before my eyes again.... Neat! ~~~ Gerry is singing ~~~ got you by my side, never be lonely, got you by myside, never be lonely, never be lonely, never be lonely :) :) :) Hi there Gen :)

Hi mB ~~~ Neat hearing from you, yes I too like Neil Finns and his brother Tom's great songs, thanks to Jimmmmm(bob) for sharing them with me... I may not be able to take in any of your live shows there in Calif., but I have ordered my copy of your New CD "My Wasted Youth" and I am sooo anxious for Mr Mailman to bring this my way! I'm gonna love getting to hear it! Take care, and too much a group called Androids singing a song called "Do It With Madonna" ~~~ WOW what a title, hmmmm are they talking about the Madonna we all know???? :)

Hi there Jerey & Marshall ~~ Thanks for sharing your neat stuff with us. ~~~ Jerey ~~ Hat Trick a great album for sure! ~~ I have all of their LP's and I will treasure them forever. ~~~ Yes Marshall ~~ I second your thoughts on this very Thoughtful and Generous offer that Dan has made for us ~~~ I look forward to hearing this for sure! :)

Cheers Jason ~~~ Hmmmm thanks for the next piece of the puzzle that fits into this gerry\danko project. Hmmmm ~~ I sure would love to hear this song! :)

Hi Sergio & David S ~~~ Nice suggestions for the new CD ~~~ I too have mentioned View From the Hotel Window a while back as one of these possible ongoing H titles... I like your Hiatus suggestion David, as well as Sergio's Here and Now.... Hmmm ~~ I kinda came up with "Heart Handles" ( hey I know it is kinda moushy) but it came to my mind just like that sooo of course I had to say it. You all know that when thinking of , seeing or hearing AMERICA that famous H word comes from my mouth and fingers just like that, yes I am talking about Heaven sooo I was thinking Heaven's Honey (another moushy one)or how about "Happenings", hmmm whatever the new H title may be, I am just glad to hear that this is gonna come to be... Yes Yes Yes thanks Gerry & Dewey! WOW!!!! :)

Hi there SteveO & Jeff B ~~ Nice hearing from both of you! ~~ I will watch out for the video to The Thorns new song on CMT, I noticed when going to their site, that they will be on The Jay Leno show on teusday May 20th and then on Kraig Kilbourne's Late show on friday May 23rd. I hope to be awake to catch them on these! ~~ Sooo neat Jason you mentioning that one of these guys is Shawn Mullens, I just love his song Lullabye. ~~ I too noticed that The Thorns are touring with The Jayhawks too... sounds like a nice show to get to see! ~~ Hear that DanC ~~ Keep your eyes and ears open to the possibility of getting to see this show come your way.... :)

Yes SteveL ~~ I second Jimmmm(bob's) thoughts on your VFTWM'sC pics ~~ Man they are AWESOME for sure! :)

Hey there Mo Girl ~~ Did you survive your daughters Sleepover party? ~~ Let me know what I will be in for in a couple of years with my daughter, she will be 11 this summer... she has had one friend stay over and that isn't soo bad! :) Hmmm yesterday on our way home from Erie, the hubby looked at me and said do you wanna go for a ride up to Buffalo and see the bayfront there? I was thinking to myself I should of emailed you to see how close you were to there, and we could have stopped to say Hi!

Thanks Bones ~~ I am keeping the Milk scenerio in my thinkings... it possible could work! ~~ I am playing it kinda low right now, and when the time is right, I am gonna convince the hubby we gotta go to this! :)

Take care all and enjoy the rest of your weekend! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ I didn't know it would be so strong, waiting and wondering about you, I didn't know it would last sooo long, Nights are forever without you, Nights are forever without youuuuuuu, nights are forever without youuuu ~~~ Sing it England Dan & John Ford Coley ;) :)

Message: 27879 Posted: Sun May 18 01:22:17 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Gerry/ Rick Danko

Yep, Gerry does appear on Rick Danko's self titled lp. I'm looking at it now and it says he contributes Background Vocals and Acoustic Guitar on a song called SHAKE IT.



Message: 27878 Posted: Sat May 17 23:23:46 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: H albums

How about HIATUS, or HERITAGE (to rehash that old one) for the title of the new CD? Or, View From a Hotel Window (in line with their photo series).

Message: 27877 Posted: Sat May 17 22:04:58 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: New America CD and "H" title suggestions

What great and refreshing news that a cd of new material is in the works, at least even if only under discussion... I can't help but wonder if it will have an "H" title? If so, wouldn't it be fun if us, the fans, would write in suggestions for such a title?? I'll start with "Hologram", "Here and Now", and "Hi-Fi". Come on guys join in...

Message: 27876 Posted: Sat May 17 18:53:17 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: gerry / rick danko

I'm not aware of anything from a Rick Danko album,and I've got alot of oddball stuff. Howard Lieboff may also be able to shed some light on that,as Jim already did.

Message: 27875 Posted: Sat May 17 16:40:43 2003 By: Jerey
Subject: FREE America Music !

I recently purchased a quanity of America Music. In it I received a second vinyl copy of Hat Trick. I am willing to share the joys of my favorite band with whosoever. If anyone on the chat folder would like to have the vinyl copy I will send it to them for the cost of shipping. The only set back for this particular vinyl is there is no art work included. The vinyl is in nice shape. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Message: 27874 Posted: Sat May 17 16:16:41 2003 By: Marshall
Subject: Electrovoice and Crossover by Dan Peek

Dan Peek is offering these 1986, 1987 solo albums for $5 (cost of burning and mailing) on a combined CD. A generous gesture from Dan Peek to allow these lost solo albums of his to be heard again. See the link below. Thanks to Dan.

Message: 27873 Posted: Sat May 17 15:24:03 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: The Thorns - America mention in UK press

Thanks Jeff! Song 'I can't remember' sounds really good indeed!

Message: 27872 Posted: Sat May 17 13:55:16 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Matt's show - Jimbob

Hi guy ! Sooooo nice to hear from you and see a post of yours on the folder.
Ok, ok, Matt B. won't go to NZ, neither will he come to Europe btw....that's bad news BUT for all of us who can't attend the shows there is yet a good ALTERNATIVE : contact that mysterious Merch Guy (LOL) on Matt's page and order a copy of mB's first cd.
Also, Matt will probably add more live video very soon, I guess.

Message: 27871 Posted: Sat May 17 12:11:47 2003 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Matt's show

big fan of tim and neil finn... the finn brother's record is one of my favs...

unfortunately, no NZ tour in the near future, though i might go back to australia to do some recording... on that sunject, please check out the last band i was working with over there called "the androids" whose single "do it with madonna" went to #4 over there and just debuted at #15 in the uk. rock. fun guys.

lotsa love.


Message: 27870 Posted: Sat May 17 09:20:10 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: gerry / rick danko

I think 1977 on the Rick Danko by Rick Danko LP.
You know GERRY has appeared on so many works, it is difficult to keep track. He is the supreme musician.

Message: 27869 Posted: Sat May 17 08:59:14 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: gerry / rick danko

Does anyone recall a Rick Danko album that had Gerry singing and playing acoustic guitar? Steve O? jimnak?

Message: 27868 Posted: Sat May 17 08:21:46 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Steve's pics

Thanks Man,they are awesome!!

Message: 27867 Posted: Sat May 17 08:13:25 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Matt's show

A great thing surely, about living in LA,is one gets to see Matt Beckley live! And living in NZ,we sure aint gonna see him, least not that I know. And Matt, if you are reading this, for some reason I cant read your page cos its too light. I believe you like stuff by the Finns; have you heard Betchadupa? Nancy,hi and to you too Gen!

Message: 27866 Posted: Sat May 17 07:25:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Double Arch

Across the parking lot from Turret Arch, North Window, and South Window are several other uniquely shaped arches. The first of these is the magnificent Double Arch.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27865 Posted: Sat May 17 05:49:31 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: The Thorns - America mention in UK press

Jason, here are the soundclips.


Message: 27864 Posted: Fri May 16 23:55:57 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: The Jayhawks

Some one a while back gave the JAYHAWKS new LP RAINY DAY MUSIC a rave review on this site and I can only agree wholeheartedly.

I had the opportunity of seeing the JAYHAWKS live last week at a tiny club "Dingwells" in Camden London and got 4 rows from the front. The concert was incredible - probably the best of the 3 occasions I've seen them.

I also had the pure luck of bumping into lead singier Gary Louris whilst on my way to the loos during the support. I was determined not to act a groupie prat and so asked him what it was like working with Bernie Leadon (EAGLES) on the new album. He said it was great, a real experience and then disappeared into his dressing room.

A good night out but I drunk far to many lagers - Well, i suppose that's rock n rock for you!


Message: 27863 Posted: Fri May 16 23:47:34 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: The Thorns - America mention in UK press

Hi, all. It's been a while I know.

Interesting the recent post about new band THE THORNS. I've yet to hear any of their songs but in UK music mag UNCUT there was a recent review which went something like this.

...this makes them more like AMERICA than CSN, and the songs are not so much "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" as "Horse With No Name". But, hey, it's a long time since we heard three-part harmonies as good as this from anyone.

I've been sending this magazine my own articles and reviews trying to give AMERICA and lesser 70s bands a well over due reassessment. Although they haven't published anything so far maybe the content is working.

By the way, the THORNS is a sort of supergroup in a way and feature singers Shawn Mullins who had a hit with "Lullaby", Matthew Sweet "Girl friend" and Peter Droge (not sure).

I mentioned another band a while back called THE THRILLS. Check out thier UK hit ONE HORSE TOWN if you get the chance.


Message: 27862 Posted: Fri May 16 20:29:55 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Waaaaaay Off Topic

As if one rite of passage for this year wasn't enough for the whole family to survive (me turning 40), the second one is about to kick in. In 15 minutes, it will be midnight Eastern time and therefore, the thirteenth birthday of my eldest child. This means many things, not the least of which is I'm now officially the UNhippest person on the planet--to Kaity at least. Well, maybe to many others, too, but you get the idea. It also means, in the immediate sense, that I am surrounded by 5 other 13 year old girls who are here for the birthday slumber party. Pray for me. It's gonna be a long night. The tables have turned. Instead of the stereo cranking out vintage America tunes like every other day of the year, so far I have endured the American Idol CD and Avril Lavigne. I'm afraid to ask what's next. If we all make it through the night, I'll let you know how it goes. Who knows what other lovely surprises await us down the road of the teen years. Well at least there are three whole years until she drives...don't even GO there.

Message: 27861 Posted: Fri May 16 19:44:26 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Speaking of Fan Gatherings...

Mo, I was talking about the number of days left in the school year.
25 school days left
50 days until the Mohegan Sun show &
48 days for our friend Nancy to come up with a good excuse to get to the Mohegan Sun. (go out for that gallon of milk nancy)

Message: 27860 Posted: Fri May 16 15:40:41 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Damn.

What did the fish say after running into something hard?


Sorry, I couldn't resist. Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 27859 Posted: Fri May 16 14:30:20 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Damn.

BUMMER! Ghengis Cohen is in Hollywood, the Fairfax District to be precise. Bands play there regularly, it's a really small place, the stage is barely large enough to accommodate people.

Consider a stay over till Sunday???? ( I Know your wife would probably just LOVE that--lol)

Are you going to be anywhere near Downtown during the week?

Message: 27858 Posted: Fri May 16 13:16:07 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Damn.

Looks like I'm going to miss the Matthew Beckley concert by a day. I get in Sunday the 18th and leave Friday the 23rd. Oh, well. Maybe some other time.

Thanks for responding, Robyn.


Just out of curiosity, where is Ghengis? Do bands play there nightly? (If so, this gives me a place to go drink when I'm there.)

Message: 27857 Posted: Fri May 16 12:27:59 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt Beckley concert.

SATURDAY MAY 24TH!!!! I have made reservations at Ghengis and you are welcome to join us. Anyone else going to be there?

Message: 27856 Posted: Fri May 16 11:04:15 2003 By: Nina
Subject: To Nancy

Nancy...Tell your hubby that we're a harmless bunch (a BIG lie) and MAKE him take you to see us in July! I hope to meet you there!

Message: 27855 Posted: Fri May 16 09:54:46 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Here you go....

Message: 27854 Posted: Fri May 16 09:52:33 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Music...

...surfing through the cable channels this morning and caught about 2 minutes of song titled "I can't remember" by The Thorns. VERY NICE SONG! Looked 'em up on cdnow and saw the song/cd is to be released May 20. By the way, the song/video was on CMT. Check this song out...

Carry on

Message: 27853 Posted: Fri May 16 08:51:45 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Matt Beckley concert.


Did you post recently that Matt Beckley was going to be playing in Santa Monica some time next week? I'll be there all week. What day and where is he playing? I'd love to go see him.


Message: 27852 Posted: Fri May 16 08:29:21 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: WOW ~~ Did I really just read what I read!

Me Again :) :) :) Hey there Red & Nelleybelle ~~ Hold on ~~ Did I just read what I thought I did???

Thanks Steve for telling us this great news! WOW Double WOW!!!!! ~~~ I love what I just read about Gerry & Dewey planning on doing a New CD with Andrew ~~~ Oooooh Yes Yes Yes ~~ WOW this is GREAT NEWS ~~~ Thanks Gerry & Dewey ~~ Thanks a BUNCH! I will anxiously await this New CD, I promise I will be Patient about it too! ~~ Well maybe just a little Patient :) Ooh boy, I had just emailed the DJ at my favorite radio station the other day, when he played the new Eagles song Hole In The World, and I told him I have been a big fan of AMERICA's music since I was 14 and that their music has been appreciated, and that I am glad it is still being heard today, and that I hope that AMERICA will be releasing some new songs too soon!!!! ~~~ Too Much!! I JUST LOVE IT! :)

Hi Gen ~~ this is great news isn't it!!!!!!! :)

Hey Jimmmmmm(bob) ~~~~~ Are you there, are you there, are youuuuu there Is on here now.... What great news for sure! :) :)

Oooh Mr Mailman ~~ Sergeant Darkness is playing here now ~~ Hope you are smiling ! :) I bet this good news has Us all SMILING For Sure!!!!

See ya, Nancy :) You say that fortune brought you sailing crossed the sea, I don't believe you, I don't believe it's true, I think my DREAMING brought YOU here....... and if I wake tomorrow will you still be here ~~ Sing it Gerry :)

Message: 27851 Posted: Fri May 16 08:16:46 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: New America CD


Message: 27850 Posted: Fri May 16 08:09:51 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Speaking of Fan Gatherings... & VFTWM'SC Turret Arch & cameras

Hi Everyone ~~~ Hey it is Friday again! Hmmmm ~~ Was anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse at the Lunar Eclipse last night ~~ I didn't get to see any of it, it started to cloud up here again yesterday afternoon and then rain, rain, rain.... What a Bummer! :(

Hi there Nina ~~ Regarding your wanting to know about the Mohegan Sun shows and who is gonna be there and what day or days.... Well I haven't given up HOPE on getting to be there for this. I don't think I will be able to make it to both shows, soooo if I am there it will be for the Saturday show! ~~ Hmmm It isn't me that is hesitating about this decision, it is my Hubby, one minute he says yes we will go and then the next minute he says no we won't go to this one... Funny you mentioning us talking about this in Live Chat, I have been given many suggestions from my buddies at the Live Chat on how I should make sure to be there for this show... I really think we could have a Blast all getting together for this show, I have even had dreams about this, they seem soo real at times, one of the nicest parts of the dream, is that being that this is the Fan Get Together Show ~~ we are surprised by a totally newly made-up Playlist of songs, just for US the Die Hard Fans!! ~~ Just to think of that happening is more than enough incentive for me to get my Big Butt there for sure !!!!! :) I look forward to meeting both you and Yes ~~ You too Bones & DJ. ~~~ Hey Red ~~~ Sure wish you would change your mind about it being too far to travel for this show! :) I would love it if alot of us could be there for this, that would be an AWESOME Night & Memory Keepsake for sure!

WOW! Steve this Turret Arch Pic is really neat too, they just get better and better, just seeing how small the people walking there close to this look,really gives me birdseye view on just how much of a Large Breathtaking View this must be..... WOW!!!! Thanks for taking us there! :)

Hey there Desert Rat Vic ~~ Good to hear from you, hope all is well for you. Hmmm reading your post sparked a reminder in my head, one that I want to pass along to you.... Have you been working on that desert project you mentioned to me a lonnnnng time ago? I hope you have been! Take Care! :)

Hi Kiri ~~~ I just wanted to say a Big Thanks to You again, for sending these Circus Articles to Steve to post for Us. I really enjoyed reading them, sooo neat to kinda be taken back to this time and perspective. A Nice taste of AMERICA Honey for sure! ~~ Regarding your wondering about Digital cameras ~~ I too have been wanting to get one, I used my sister's the night of the IUP and I can see that they are very sensative to work with (at least her's is). I was at our neighbors last friday for a cook out and their brother in law was telling me about his new Kodak Easy Share camera and how easy it is to work with, and all of the things you can do with it, and how computer friendly it is. He even mentioned that Consumer Reports gave this very camera a great review.... I know that I need a digital camera that isn't soo sensitive when taking pics, I tend to be a little shakey at times with a camera and even tho, the little green light says the pic is all focused, when I actually push down on the button to take the pic, I must lose the focus of the pic and it ends up blurry or off the wall soo to speak. I asked this guy if the Kodak camera was this touchy, he said No that found it not to be touchy! Good Luck to you in deciding on which one to get! I sure hope to get one soon too, our 35 millemeter camera has been broken since last fall.... I don't have many pics since then. The few that turned out from my sister's camera the night of IUP are OK, but I am very thankful that Mo & Sheldon got pics too and shared them with me and us here on the site.... They turned out much better than mine did. :)

Well I gotta get for now! Take Care everyone and have a good weekend! I have a Credit Union Workshop to head to this weekend sooo I gotta get moving here! See Ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Watership down, gather around there's a story to be told it's for the young and the old, you might hear them in the distance if your ears to the ground, whisper it loud, carry the sound of the footsteps alone, and their heading for home, thru the rain and the dangers, the greyness of the dark ~~ I can feel there's Better Days, oooh they're coming, they're coming, and I can see them through the Haze.. Sing it Gerry Gerry Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 27849 Posted: Fri May 16 08:08:15 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: New America CD- WOW ! & What's in "contain"?

Great news, hey!

<<The CD will contain newly released songs>>
Hopefully, when they finish discussing, it will be a totally NEW release! But maybe I would have to 'allow ' them ONE cover provided it is Andrew's 'Genevieve' LOL (ok, ONLY kidding!)

Message: 27848 Posted: Fri May 16 07:53:27 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New America CD

According to Andrew Gold, Gerry and Dewey are making plans to do a CD with Andrew starting sometime this year. The CD will contain newly released songs. Andrew cautioned that nothing has been started yet, they're just discussing it. By the way, Andrew's father was an award winning composer, (remember IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD) Ernest Gold!

Message: 27847 Posted: Fri May 16 07:46:02 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Thought of the day...

....and a great quote to live by:

"A guitar's all right John, but you'll never earn a living by it."
(Aunt Mimi's remark to her nephew John ... Lennon !!! Hahaha)

Amazing how adults can be wrong, no? Just working hard to try NEVER be one!... LOL

Message: 27846 Posted: Fri May 16 07:45:12 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Windows

The Windows area of Arches National Park gets its name from a couple of huge arches that are named North Window and South Window. Click on the link below and I think you'll see why they got those names.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27845 Posted: Fri May 16 07:41:16 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Articles

Hi everyone!

Thanks for posting that 1974 article, guys... I, for one, have enjoyed this little trip back in the 'mood' & tone of the time with this series of articles/interviews. It's fun to read those reviewers/critics ' comments today & notice how some of their statements or predictions were wrong...Anyway, thanks for sharing them.

Message: 27844 Posted: Fri May 16 04:59:01 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Bones/Moser

Bones and Moser...Sounds like you'll BOTH be at the Mohegun concert the first night, July 5th, so that clinches it! I'll only travel back down the second night IF some helpful soul saves me a place in line SO I don't have to get up early to arrive at NOON to wait all day just for HIGH ROLLERS to be seated in the FRONT section where TRUE fans should be!

Yes, Bones, I AM counting the days until then...for TWO reasons!

And yes, Moser, one of those reasons is BONES! He's a swell guy!

See ya both soon!

Message: 27843 Posted: Thu May 15 21:10:17 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Speaking of Fan Gatherings...

Nina Be-Be,
Barring a family emergency or a freakish July snowstorm, the hub and I will be at both Mohegan shows. Jeff's brother, Shayne, and wife, Cindy, whom you've met, will be at the July 5 show. We've rented a room for the 5th at the Days Inn in Mystic. As you said, the rooms at Mohegan are very expensive, $375 for that holiday weekend or up to $900 for a suite. Even if it was affordable, the rooms have been sold out since earlier than February when I started trying for a reservation. There are no rooms at the Inn, as it were--well, at least not for normal, non-high-roller folk like myself. I am counting the days until I get to see you, my friend. (Well...and just a tad bit excited to see Gerry, too, just a tad.)

Message: 27842 Posted: Thu May 15 19:50:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Speaking of Fan Gatherings...

Question is, Bones, are we to count the days until then because we get to see you or because we get to see Gerry Gerry Gerry? Just curious, Bones Bones Bones.

Message: 27841 Posted: Thu May 15 19:16:26 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Speaking of Fan Gatherings...

Nina, I'm going to the Saturday night show, July 5th.
Did you start counting the days yet?

Message: 27840 Posted: Thu May 15 18:34:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

Here a two more concerts that have been added to the tour:

7/23/03 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / Hiawatha Racetrack Slots
8/8/03 Columbus, GA / Columbus Civic Center

Message: 27839 Posted: Thu May 15 17:11:51 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Erin

Erin, thanks for the info regarding the Styx, REO, Journey concert. I know I'll have a great time. I think Glen Burtnik from Styx is the one that usually runs thru the audience. This talk of a fan gathering really makes me wish I could go, but I know I won't make it to the west coast as I live in PA unless I win the

Message: 27838 Posted: Thu May 15 15:50:15 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Turret Arch

Steve, being a desert rat myself, I have really enjoyed the View(s) From The Webmaster's Camera. Reminds me of how much I enjoy being out in the elements, as you were, and how seldom I do it any more. Keep the views coming.

Message: 27837 Posted: Thu May 15 12:17:01 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: views from cameras

If you send me a fax number, I will send you the latest Consumer Reports article on digital cameras.

Message: 27836 Posted: Thu May 15 10:33:37 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Turret Arch

The last 4 photos from the Webmaster's camera were taken in the Windows area of Arches National Park (no, it doesn't have anything to do with Microsoft - LOL). The first of the 4 photos is the incredible Turret Arch with its massive arch on one side and a small round window next to it.

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 27835 Posted: Thu May 15 09:36:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: views from cameras

Good question, Kiri. Unfortunately, I don't know much about the moderately priced cameras. Mine was rather expensive (about $950) because it has a super zoom lens on it and other nice features. I would guess that you could get a decent camera for around $200. If I were you I'd check out some of the camera reviews on the Internet and see what they have to say. That should give you some ideas of what to look for, what to avoid, and the price range that you'll be looking at to get what you want.

Message: 27834 Posted: Thu May 15 07:25:55 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Speaking of Fan Gatherings...

Hi all! Erin's mention of "fan gatherings" prompts me to ask, once again, about the east coast fan gathering in July at Mohegun Sun? I KNOW it's still early, but I'll be "sans computer" in about a month when school I'm hoping that most involved can make a solid decision before then about which day is best, July 5 or 6? I checked into the cost of renting a room at the casino hotel...and it's a bit ridiculous to spend that much for two nights; I think I'd rather drive the distance both days than blow $300.00 to sit in a room most of the day until concert time! (A casino gambler I am not!)

So, I'm "calling all east coast fans" to begin to post here their thoughts and plans? Maybe decisions are being made on "live" chat? If so, please begin sharing info. with us "non-live" chatters!?

Thanks so much!

Message: 27833 Posted: Thu May 15 07:06:37 2003 By: kiri
Subject: views from cameras

i don't want to take up "off-topic" space, but with the concert, vacation, and hotel-view images we love to see, i'm hoping for suggestions.

i want to buy a moderately-priced, decent digital camera and wondered if there were opinions/advice you'd like to share. i want quality America concert photos, you know. :-)

hope you're enjoying the articles

Message: 27832 Posted: Thu May 15 04:54:24 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Erin

REO was first, and that was cool, because that's who I really wanted to see...they were awesome. They did an acoustic version of In My boyfriend's first concert as a kid was Styx, so he especially enjoyed them. Thought they stole the show. One of the guitar players spent a lot of time running through the crowd...that was pretty cool. Journey was last, didn't stay for them, but heard from friends that they were just okay. Have a great time at the concert!!
Hopefully America will be coming to Reno soon!!
I want to have another Fan Gathering like we had a few years ago...

Erin :o)

Message: 27831 Posted: Wed May 14 20:15:36 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: A Groovy Request

I second those thoughts. JoeB did a great & very professional show in Chicago on WGN radio. He also covered AMERICA & was always there supporting them, even did interviews w/GERRY & DEWEY & even Pete AMERICA's guitar tech.

Message: 27830 Posted: Wed May 14 20:06:35 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: A Groovy Request

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing a local version of Super Groovy 70's on a regular basis a couple of years ago. Awesome show! Joe B is an incredible host - knowlegable, personable, filled with great ideas. The music is fantastic and so are the extras. Plus Joe always gives our guys their proper due during his shows. I plan to help spread the word about this new show!

Message: 27829 Posted: Wed May 14 17:50:14 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Erin

Hi Erin, Cathy from PA here. I'm going to that same Styx, Journey, REO show on June 29th. I'm so excited!!! I especially love Tommy Shaw from Styx and he does play a lot of acoustic tunes. I met Tommy about 20 years ago at one of his solo shows and he was very nice. Check out Tommy's solo work and his recordings with the Damn Yankees. They're really great. I've seen Styx and Tommy several times and they're always fantastic shows. I've never seen Styx before without Dennis however. I'll miss him. I saw Journey about two years ago (but without Steve Perry), but have never seen REO live. What band took the stage first at the show you saw? I wonder if they always keep the same order or if they alternate them. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it, haven't seen Tommy with Styx in 22 years!!

Message: 27828 Posted: Wed May 14 17:18:49 2003 By: Spurs
Subject: New Release

Hello everyone,sounds like Gerry and Dewey will record at the end of the year with Andrew Gold at the production helm.The official site is still a bit on the dodgy side especially if America are going to release material on their own label.

Message: 27827 Posted: Wed May 14 10:53:40 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: new CD's ~ Groovy Request ~ VFTWM'sC pic

Hi Everbody ~~ Hey I finally got a peek at the Sun! WOW it has been awhile, lots of those fluffy white cottonball mountains in the sky today, with just a touch of BLUE! :)

Hi Steve ~ I think this is my favorite of all the arch pics, I like how the colors blend in this pic. The big tunnel and little tunnel kinda leave me with an inviting feeling, to want to see what is on the other side of these. Hmmmm ~~ The Devils Garden Trail ~~ What a name for this! tooo much!

Hey there DanC ~~ Thanks for letting us know The Jayhawks were on Letterman last night. I checked them out, they sang "Save it For a Rainy Day" ~~ they sounded pretty good too. In fact I am listening to this song right now as I type this and this is just the way it sounded last night! I am glad you told us about this ~~ I made sure I stayed awake! Hmmmm ~~ about my new CD's that I ordered, actually they are audio dvds and 1 CD, I ordered Matt Beckley's new CD (I am soooo anxious to hear it) and I got the new Fleetwood Mac ~ Say You Will audio dvd, and The Bee Gees ~ One Night Only dolby digital dvd.... Now before you say whats wrong with You Girl, why didn't You get The Jayhawks new cd instead.... I did look for their CD, but the coupon I had to use was on an all DVD site soooo! I did do a search to see if The Jayhawks were for sale there tho. I will get it, just give me a little more time! Ok :) ~~ They do have a nice sound to them! :)

Hi there JoeB ~~~ Pretty Neat! You starting a 70's radio show... I will give it a mention to my radio station, they play songs from the 70's 80's & 90's and some of the softer new ones. Nice hearing from you, and best of luck with your new program! :)

Hmmm ~~ One more group I came up with that it wouldn't be hard to list 50 of their songs The Bee Gees & Chicago! I still wouldn't be soooo good tho at getting the names to all of their songs right, like I could when listing my top 50 AMERICA songs for sure!

Nice lyrics you posted there Red ~~~ You gotta remember what I told you before ~~ the Best is Yet to Be! I do know what you mean tho, when I think about back in the 70's, I recall fun carefree times, and lots of GREAT music for sure!

Hi Erin ~~ Glad you had a good time seeing Styx & REO Speedwagon, too bad you missed out on Journey tho!

Yep Mo ~~ The Live Chat is definitely Gratifying! See you all tonight!

Take care, Enjoy the rest of your day! Nancy :)

~~~ I guess it's time for moving on, I don't expect you to see, but she's important to me ~~ BABE ~~ I guess it's just One Man's Problem ~~ there's a sliver of a Moon above our heads, Laughing at the little problems we take to our beds~~~~ Sing it from there Jayhawks :) :)

Message: 27826 Posted: Wed May 14 10:43:51 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Erin

Hi Erin, Nice to hear about the Styx show! As we have posted before, Cathy and I are big Styx fans! (Of course we love AMERICA best though! Ha-Ha!) I've seen them three times. Once with Dennis DeYoung and twice without him. I truly wish that Dennis was still touring with them, but they still put on a fantastic high-energy show! Bye, Valerie

Message: 27825 Posted: Wed May 14 09:57:17 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

<<I go back to the 70s, which for me, represents the only gratifying years of my life.>>
Wow, Red. I hope that isn't actually true b/c if it is, that is a really depressing thought. Besides, Red, it can't be completely true since I know you didn't know me until after the 70's!! Just kidding, of course, I'm not quite that arrogant. Close. See you at chat tonight...another reason that the 00's are gratifying...America fans live chat.

Message: 27824 Posted: Wed May 14 09:01:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Tunnel Arch

The first arch along the Devil's Garden trail is Tunnel Arch. It's name comes from the fact that it is one of the deeper arches practically forming a tunnel.

Click here to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Message: 27823 Posted: Wed May 14 08:02:30 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

Naming 50 songs from any band would be hard, except for one. I could easily name 50 from the EAGLES. So many timeless songs, one can get lost so easily in the persona of the EAGLES. Each time I see them, I go back to the 70s, which for me, represents the only gratifying years of my life. Such will be the case on June 24, when I will once again be able to regress, along with the band, in sure ecstasy. See history, see the EAGLES, in your area soon.

When you're out there on your own
where your memories can find you.
Like a circle goes around you were lost until you found out
what it all comes down to.
One by one the lonely feelings come.
Day by day they slowly fade away.

Ooh, the look was in her eyes,
you never know what might be found there.
She was dancing right in time and the moves she made so fine
like the music that surrounds her.
Should I stay or go? I really wanna know.
Would I lose or win if I try and love again?

Oh o-o-o-oh, gonna try and love again.
O-oh o-o-o-oh, I'm gonna try and love again.
O-oh o-o-o-oh gonna try and love.

Try and Love Again - The Eagles

Message: 27822 Posted: Wed May 14 07:52:12 2003 By: Erin
Subject: great show

Saw a great show last night...REO Speedwagon and Styx. Didn't stay for Journey cause I have to be at work at 4am, but it was GREAT...especially the acoustic stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Message: 27821 Posted: Wed May 14 06:48:03 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

I must agree that Wednesday Morning is way up there along with some other of the 90's stuff like Hope and Garden of Peace - Plus my second favorite of Dan's Jet Boy Blue.. Tough though - Like I say between Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Mario and Gordie Howe.. Who's the best and who is last - tough to rate great stuff

Message: 27820 Posted: Wed May 14 06:15:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: A Groovy Request

Joe was kind enough to send me a CD with his first show on it and it was "groovy". Since I was a teenager in the 70's it brought back a lot of memories and it was filled with plenty of interesting (sometimes little known) facts. If you can help get it on your local radio station, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Good luck in your new venture Joe!

Message: 27819 Posted: Wed May 14 04:55:53 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

There is also Neil Young who has many top hits.

Message: 27818 Posted: Wed May 14 04:35:06 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs


I couldn't agree with you more on our favorite group and the Beatles as top choices. However, I think a fan of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Rolling Stones, or Elvis could easily rattle 50 favorite songs of thiers. Personally, I can think of one other artist that I am a big fan of and that is none other than Carole King. With her dozen or so albums, she has a substantial body of work on her own, and as a songwriter, she has written hundreds of songs for other artists going as far back as 1961. So, naming 50 of her songs would certainly only scratch the surface.

Message: 27817 Posted: Tue May 13 23:28:10 2003 By: Joe B
Subject: A Groovy Request

Hey You People,

I'm launching a new venture and could use some help. It's a weekly hourlong 70's music show for syndication to radio stations. If you have an oldies or soft rock station in your town that might be a good fit, let me know, or tell them about the show, "Super Groovy 70's" with Joe B. They can get more info at It's a lot of rare tracks and one hit wonder-type pop tunes, though I did manage to sneak 'Ventura Highway' into the 1st show for good luck. Thanks for any help in getting the word out.

Peace (and have a nice day)
Joe B

P.S. The program is scheduled to debut the weekend of June 28th.

Message: 27816 Posted: Tue May 13 22:00:53 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Jayhawks

thanks for the heads up Dan. I am up working late tonight so i will definitely check it out. Still loving the Rainy Day Music cd.

Message: 27815 Posted: Tue May 13 20:33:58 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jayhawks.

Thanks for the heads up on the Jayhawks. I'll certainly check them out.

Message: 27814 Posted: Tue May 13 18:13:08 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Call of the Wild

I don't think I could pick one favorite AMERICA song, either! My favorite this week :) is Call of the Wild. I have to admit that when our boys were very young (mid-90s) I didn't do as much for myself and didn't get out to buy their new music - even though they (Gerry & Dewey) ALWAYS had a special place in my heart. (I'm catching up now!) Anyway, I recently got Hourglass and can play Call of the Wild over and over and over and not get tired of it! Not that I ever get tired of any of their songs, of course!

Message: 27813 Posted: Tue May 13 17:18:50 2003 By: Dan
Subject: new CDs

Nancy, I'm hoping one of those CDs on order was Rainy Day Music, if not it should be. Talk about great pop songs, take a listen to Tailspin; That's also got number 1 potential. DanC.

Message: 27812 Posted: Tue May 13 17:04:34 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Jayhawks

That's SOONER. DanC.

Message: 27811 Posted: Tue May 13 17:03:39 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Jayhawks

Hey KevinS, John L. and anyone else who cares, the Jayhawks are gonna be on Letterman tonight. Sorry I didn't post sonner but I just found out. DanC.

Message: 27810 Posted: Tue May 13 16:54:50 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: This and That

Valerie, I will see Tommy Baby on June 29th. I can hardly wait!~~Nancy, sorry you can't make it to Hershey Park. Hope to meet you sometime at one of their shows.~~Karen, welcome to the message board. Neat, that your son thought the T shirt was for our favorite band. He has great taste in music too.~~Robl, congratulations on your upcoming graduation and best wishes to you in your future endeavors. You have great taste in music. Sounds like fun to sit around a campfire and play America songs.~~Cathy

Message: 27809 Posted: Tue May 13 12:13:43 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Top 3 music groups

Of course my first is America -who else could be there? (he he he)!
I also like t.A.T.u. and Aqua.

Message: 27808 Posted: Tue May 13 09:05:37 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Wednesday Morning

<<Wednesday Morning is THE perfect pop song>> I second that Moser! I loved this song the first time I heard it! This song has "Number One" written all over it. What an infectious hook!

Message: 27807 Posted: Tue May 13 07:25:08 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs & AMERICA Perfect Pop!

Hi Everyone ~~ Still rainy, cold and windy here! One thing nice tho, the outsides are alive with COLOR for sure!

Hi Mo ~~ Nicely said <<<Isn't it amazing that one can pick 50 favorite songs and still barely scratch the surface of America's gems?>>> soooooo true for sure. I enjoyed reading Rod's top 50 and I was thinking what my top 50 would be and it is amazing how sooo many of their songs come to my mind just like that. Nice I love it! ~~ Hmmmm you asked how many other favorite artists you could think of listing their top 50, I think that I could come up with 50 combined from the Eagles & their solo works, especially Timothy~Timothy~Timothy's :) Yes The Beatles, The Beach Boys, ~~ WOW the more I think about it, AMERICA is really the only one for me that I can come up with the song titles just like that too. ~~ I just emailed my favorite radio station before coming here today, the morning DJ was soooo excited about playing the Eagles newly released song "Hole in the World" this morning, his enthusiam was nice to hear. I told him how I was a fan of AMERICA's as well as the Eagle's for all of these years and that it is soooooo AWESOME to still get to see them at shows and to hear new songs from them too. ~~~ I thanked him for continuing to play all of these great songs and for playing the christmas songs from Holiday Harmony. ~~ It is soo nice how their music has aged like fine wine.... I am hoping we will get to hear some new songs from Gerry & Dewey soon too, the grapes are sooo ripe on the vine right now, the time is perfect! For Sure! :) Oooooh yes regarding the song Wednesday Morning from Human Nature ~~ I agree with you 100% ~~ what a AWESOME hidden gem! :) Perfect Perfect Perfect!

Welcome Karen L. ~~ Thanks for sharing your cute AMERICA tshirt story. Have a great time at the show in 16 days ~~ I definitely can relate with your excitement about getting to see them. I saw them on April 1st, for my 3rd time, and it is sooo nice being in AMERICA Heaven... Be sure and let us hear all about the show too OK? :) ~~ Nicely said about AMERICA's music and Nature being such nice escapes! :)

Hi Cindy ~~ Nice hearing from you too!

Keep them VFTWM'sC pics coming our way Steve ~~ I am enjoying them alot! Yes Gerry's VFTHW pics are sooo nice, I love getting to go on this Visual Sight Seeing Tour of places I may never go to. Thanks to both of you for your Nice Visuals Perspective! :)

Hey there Reddddd Eeeeeee Oaaaaaaaak ~~ Have you heard this new Eagles song "Hole in the World" on the radio yet? ~~ You Lucky Monkeyshiner getting to see them in about 41 days! :) :) :)

Yoooooohoooooo Mr Mailman ~~ I am looking forward to you coming my way and delivering some nice new CD's I ordered soon! You best be smiling! :) :) :)

Have a great day all! Nancy :)

The summer was unending
I had to see it through
No use in my pretending
I love everything you do

All the people in the whole wide world (whole wide world)
Don't mean nothin' if you ain't got your girl (got your girl)
All the people seem so far away
'Cause I only want you to stay
With me, with me

Dragonflies dipped on the swimming pool
By July I had to keep my cool
(You were shining) You were shining like a living jewel
Inside I knew
Time stood still with you ~~ Sing it Dewey ~~ WOW what a great song! :)

Message: 27806 Posted: Tue May 13 07:23:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Partition Arch

The Devils Garden Trail, including the primitive loop trail, is the longest of the maintained trails in Arches National Park. That hike competes with Delicate Arch as the best hike in the park. The Devils Garden area of Arches National Park contains the largest concentration of significant natural arches in the world. Landscape Arch is about a mile from the Devil's Garden trailhead and another quarter of a mile along the trail is Partition Arch. The group I was hiking with was worn out from a full day of hiking and didn't want to continue beyond Landscape Arch so I had to take a long range photograph of Partition Arch (thank goodness for a good zoom lens). The next time I go to Arches I'm going to hike all the way to Partition Arch and the other arches that are beyond it.

Click here to see the long distance view of Partition Arch.

Bonus Information about Landscape Arch: I ran across the following on the Internet which gives a little more information about Landscape Arch - "It is hard to believe that a piece of rock like this can exist. In its thinnest section the arch is only 11 feet thick, yet it supports a span of rock approximately 300 feet long. This arch could collapse at any time. On September 1, 1991, a 73-foot slab of rock fell out from underneath the thinnest section of the span, reducing the thickness of the span from 16 feet to 11 feet. On June 5, 1995, a 47-foot mass of rock fell from the front of the thinnest section of the arch, followed by another 30-foot rock fall on June 21, 1995. The short loop trail that went directly underneath the arch has been closed because of government liability should more rock fall."

Message: 27805 Posted: Tue May 13 06:02:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

Isn't it amazing that one can pick 50 favorite songs and still barely scratch the surface of America's gems? How many other favorite artists can you think of that you could list 50 favorites from their body of work? Maybe the Beatles but who else? Anyone, Class, anyone?

Message: 27804 Posted: Tue May 13 04:44:09 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: View From The Webmasters Camera - Landscape Arch

Steve - I agree with everyone else, your pictures are great! They are a nice "escape", and they aren't necessarily off topic - they give me the same type of feeling I get when I listen to America music. Nature and music are both nice escapes. Thanks for sharing them!!

Message: 27803 Posted: Mon May 12 22:29:23 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: My top 50 favorite America songs

Now wouldn't that be a concert to remember?

Message: 27802 Posted: Mon May 12 22:22:03 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: My top 50 favorite America songs

I hope this will be a fun post and please be warned that it will be kinda long so don't feel like you absolutely gotta read it...but anyways. I decided to post my list of 50 favorite America songs. these are just my 50favorites by the guys and this list includes one cover (of course California Dreamin')..they go from my favorite to my fiftieth favorite. This was a hard list to make, with a lot of peculiar personal favorite, hopefully you will enjoy some of my picks and maybe remember a great song that you haven't listened to in a while.
1. Sandman
2. Tin Man
3. Riverside
4. Here
5. Lonely People
6. Hat Trick
7. Ventura Highway
8. Three Roses
9. Sister Golden Hair
10. Old Man Took
11. A Horse with no Name
12. Don’t Cross the River
13. Amber Cascades
14. Only in Your Heart
15. Are You There
16. Children
17. Molten Love
18. I Need You
19. Daisy Jane
20. Wind Wave
21. Pigeon Song
22. Town and Country
23. One Morning
24. My Dear
25. All Night
26. Rainy Day
27. Hollywood
28. Muskrat Love
29. Today’s the Day
30. Woman Tonight
31. Hell’s on Fire
32. Rainbow Song
33. Political Poachers
34. It’s Life
35. Hangover
36. Sleeper Train
37. Cornwall blank
38. Green Monkey
39. You Can Do Magic
40. To Each His Own
41. Old Virginia
42. She’s Gonna Let You Down
43. And Forever
44. Company
45. Slow Down
46. California Dreamin’
47. Another Try
48. Young Moon
49. People in the Valley
50. California Revisited

Message: 27801 Posted: Mon May 12 21:13:43 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: New Little AMERICA Fan ~ VFTHW & VFTWM'sC pics and Graduating

Hi Everyone ~~ Another Cold, Windy Rainy Monday just about over! Too Much Rob ~~ I was listening to Silent Letter today as well, lots of Hidden Gems on this album for sure ~~~~
I look to the sun
As the day is dawning
I carry my dreams
From a moment before
I feel like I'm one
With the wind on the hillside
I feel like I'm one with the
River that runs by my door

All around, listen and you can
Hear the sound
On cloudy days seems like I
Always feel this way ~~~~~ Sing it Gerry & Dewey :):):)

Congratulations Rob! ~~~ Best of Luck in your Future Endeavors! ~~ Hmmmm ~~ I Like the way You plan to Celebrate this Special Occasion for sure! ~~ Keep on Playing & Listening to these Great Songs! I must say You have good taste in Music! :)

Ciao Bruno ~~ Thanks for sharing this Nice news with us ~~ Congratulations to you and your Mrs. on the birth of your new little baby boy! What a Special Mother's Day this was for Your family. I just love the thought of a New Little AMERICA Fan ~~ sooo great to keep AMERICA's music around forever and ever! ~~ May God Bless & Watch over your family! :)

Ooooooh Yes ~~ I have an update on the Spongebob Baby fan ~~ I saw both big sister and little baby sister this past weekend. The oldest of the little girls is walking now and she had stuffed spongebob shoestring toppers on here shoes ~~ Too much ~~ LOL! ~~ The baby sister is in her making strange stage ~~ But not to me, she came to me the whole day. My little niece was kinda jealous of Aunt Nanny holding the baby, sooo I had to tell her all about holding her when she was this age, and then I said let's sing the Spongebob song for the baby, she was all smiles then and sang Spongebob's theme song soo nice ~~ this had the baby's eyes twinkling with familiarity and smiling from ear to ear.... Nice :)

Thanks Steve for the neat pics, the Landscape Arch is sooooo neat, the colors of these rocks, along with the little bit of grass and ground have a beauty in a different way, I love how it looks as though we can step right into these pics! ~~ The VFTHW pic ~~ sure looks as tho it could be taken around PA too, the bright blue sky with those cottonball cloud, with the trees and the electrical transformer poles. ~~ Safe traveling Gerry & Dewey! :)

Hey there Cathy & Sheldon ~~ I sure would love to make it to the Hershey shows ~~ I don't think it will come to be tho, with my hubby not being able to get time off from his work and the kids still being in school, I will just have to be happy reading all of your reviews, just know that my thoughts will be there with you all for sure! ENJOY! :)

Sorry Lass to hear that you won't be making it to the show, I hope you will be able to travel and take in one soon!

Thanks Janice for sharing your Cinderella evening topped with Simple Delights Pampering! Reading your post brought Jim Brickman's son Simple Things to my mind, have you ever heard this song? The lyrics are very nice and true. Nice that you find Solace in the simple things life has to offer! :)

WOW Kim ~~ Thanks for this news about Matt's new CD, I will have to get mine ordered for sure, I look forward to hearing it! WOW!!!! :)

Hi Gen ~~ Thanks for sharing your neat SNF story with us, I really like your song choice Call of the Wild. Take care! :)

Hmmmm ~~ Regarding Highway the 3 CD boxset and Book ~~ Bruno I love mine, I am sooo glad that I bought it! ~~~ Oh yes that reminds me ~~ I was wondering if that ooh soo nice pic found in the highway book of Gerry & Dewey in a Window setting, with the caption of them saying that they have been good friends all of these years and they remain best of friends to this very day ~~ I was wondering if it is available in the pics here on the site, I would love to make that my desktop wallpaper here on my computer... Nice Pic, Nice comparison of how I feel about AMERICA and their music!

Hi there Jimmmmmmmm(bob) :)

Nitey Night all, Nice dreams!!!! Nancy :) :) :)

Can you feel it moving inside of you? Can you let it go?
The purple ghost of England in winter time, and who I used to know
Blowing leaves, broken dreams
Seventeen, dancing queen, dancing queen

I am asleep on a rainbow
Hiding from the wake of the tide
I am a sleep on a rainbow
Hoping for the rest of the ride ~~~ Such a nice song ~~ take it from there Dewey, Gerry & Dan :)

Message: 27800 Posted: Mon May 12 20:54:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Perfect Pop

I just made a quick trip to the grocery store. During the ride, I was listening to Human Nature. This may well be my favorite America record. But, as we all know so well, picking a favorite is fruitless since there are so many great ones from which to choose. Favorites are constantly changing. Anyway, I just have this observation: Wednesday Morning is THE perfect pop song. After reaching over to turn up the volume three times, I realized this. I know I've listened to this song a gazillion times before but it is just great.

Message: 27799 Posted: Mon May 12 20:46:40 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Celebrate America

Great story, Karen. Thanks for sharing it with us (and have a great time at the concert!).

Message: 27798 Posted: Mon May 12 20:45:38 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Webmasters Camera - Landscape Arch

I appreciate the positive feedback on the photos. I was worried about posting them since they're quite a bit off topic. But I know how much you all enjoy Gerry's View From The Hotel Window photos so I thought this might be fun. My wife says that once you've seen one or two of the arches, they all look the same. But I think they each have their own beauty. I have 6 more photos of arches which will take us through Sunday and then I'll move on to something else. --SteveL

Message: 27797 Posted: Mon May 12 20:18:43 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Celebrate America

Hello everyone! I'm new to this message board but am not a new fan - I've loved America since I was a kid! I have a story to tell you that shows how I've been living on America music more than ever lately. (Counting down - only 16 days until I get to see them in concert!) The CEO of the company I work for is receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor this month, so tomorrow we're all wearing t-shirts that read, "Celebrate America" and have a flag on them. Our youngest son (almost 7) saw my shirt and said, "Oh - you must have gotten this to wear to the America concert, Mom!" (So that's when I realized I've been playing America music so much that he sees something like that and thinks of our favorite band right away!) He's also a big fan, of course! Thanks for listening.

Message: 27796 Posted: Mon May 12 19:59:13 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: View From The Webmasters Camera - Landscape Arch

Steve..thanks so very much for sharing your photos. I live on the east coast (N. Carolina) and have never been out west. I hope to visit one day, I have only heard from friends how truly breathtaking the landscapes are. To actually be there would be amazing.

Message: 27795 Posted: Mon May 12 19:39:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Graduating

Con-grat-u-ma-la-tions, Robsl, on your college grad-u-ma-way-tion. Pardon the crazy spelling. That's the way I've always preferred to pronounce those words. Man, alive, you must be a youngsta. Enjoy.

Message: 27794 Posted: Mon May 12 19:20:24 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: 2 show

Thanx for the info, hey, 1 song is better than none! Plus, like you said, you can never hear their songs too many times!
Janice: All I can say is........WOW, thats alot of America concerts in such a short time span! It just goes to show how much we love these guys! well, only 1 month more to go!

Message: 27793 Posted: Mon May 12 18:40:57 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Graduating

Well everyone,
I moved all my stuff out of my college dorm today, and I am excited to say that I will be graduating on the 23rd, which is coming up. I hope to party with my old friends that night and play along to Pigeon Song on my guitar while sitting around the campfire. (That has become a favorite pastime of ours kinda.)
I decided to put all my America CD's in a different spot than the rest of my CD's today after I moved back in with my folks. I am thinking about listening to Silent Letter now...what a great album...One morning when the mist came down
I woke up early and I looked around
My baby slept, the sky was blue
I started walkin' thinkin' only of you
Up the hill and down the road
Past the people that I barely know
Round the bend to the run-off wash
I found a feather that a quail had lost

Where are you goin' now my friend
Where are you goin' now
Are you going to see them on the mountain now
Goin' to see them trees
Goin' to watch the circles take a bow
Goin' to help agree
To be

Word up dewey...:)

Message: 27792 Posted: Mon May 12 17:50:28 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Bruno, Lass, Cathy, Steve.

Hi everyone! Bruno, Congratulations on the birth of your son! What a blessing!

Lass- So sorry to hear about The Hershey Heartbreak! Hopefully you will get to see them sometime soon! Just keep chanting- Dewey, Dewey, Dewey!!
Your family reunion will probably be a blast!!

Cathy- When do you get to see Tommy Baby? I forgot when you said that concert is.

Steve- I am still LOVING the pictures. WOW! They are spectacular!! I am so happy that you are sharing them with us! Please keep them coming! ---Bye, Valerie

Message: 27791 Posted: Mon May 12 17:06:31 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Hershey Heartbreak

Lass, Hi from Cathy. Sorry to hear that you will not be able to make it to Hershey Park. I know you are disappointed, but it does sound like you will have fun with Aunt Ruth. God bless her for being 75 years old and still going strong like that. It sounds like you probably live only about 30 minutes or so away from me. I'm 20 minutes north of Scranton, PA. I'm hoping for some America shows close to us and hope to be able to catch up with you sometime.~~Cathy

Message: 27790 Posted: Mon May 12 17:03:26 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Prompt information

Thanks Grazie Steve for prompt information
(Pardon for me! I was in mistake because photo of presumed new album-C.D. that I... hope to see, photo that I see on site of music, is different in comparison with photo of real C.D. of America Highway 30 years of America (Rhino producer).
I aspect, Steve,C.D. 40 years of America, and various new albums since this year to 2013 and years to follow.
Thanks Cathy and Lass
Hi ciao

Message: 27789 Posted: Mon May 12 16:19:04 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Hershey Heartbreak & catching up

Hubby informed me this weekend that we are NOT going to the Hershey concert as his Aunt Ruth is flying in from Culver City, CA that weekend and that we are hosting a little family reunion for her. Aunt Ruth is a 75 year old dynamo who still works a 40+ week. I have never met her and I am thrilled that she is coming out but at the same time I am heartbroken about not to be able to attend the Hershey show. This was the closest venue to my PA location (45 minutes north of Scranton, right on the PA/NY border). Hubby was not excited about going any ways.... Oh well maybe I can sweet talk him in to driving to CT for one of the shows at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

SteveL: Thanks for sharing the great photos!!

Janice: Sounds like you had a great time at the prom and a wonderful mother's day!

Bruno: Congratulations on the birth of your son

Moser: had to laugh at you driving the "roller-skate". I've been driving hubby's "toaster" as he calls it (1988 Nissan Sentra) while my Mazda 626 is in the garage for repairs from my winter mishaps.

Message: 27788 Posted: Mon May 12 15:13:42 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Highway: 30 years of America, question for Steve and All

Bruno, if you haven't checked out the America Fans web page that talks about the Highway box set, click here to go there now. The box set was released about 3 years ago by Rhino and it is a compilation of some previously unreleased material along with a lot of America's hits. It has great liner notes and photos and is a must have for all serious America fans!

Message: 27787 Posted: Mon May 12 14:51:20 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Highway: 30 years of America, question for Steve and All

Pardon Steve for my English. You perhaps already illustrated this piece of news. I finded on site of music that Rhino produce a new C.D. of America that contain 64 classic songs of this band (From Riverside to James Holladay), title of C.D.: Highway 30 years of America; producer of C.D.: Russ Ballard, George Martin, Bill Mumy, Dan PeeK, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Jeff Dexter, Robert Haimer, Bill Inglot, Matthew Mc. Cauley, David Mclees, Ian Samwell, Richie Zito.
I don't understand, or this C.D. is a new work of Rhino.
Thanks Hi

Message: 27786 Posted: Mon May 12 11:51:10 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Hershey Park & View From The Webmaster's Camera

Hi Sheldon, good to hear from you. It would be nice to meet you at Hershey Park. So you live about 35 miles north of Williamsport. I'll have to pull out my PA map and see where that is. I'm about 20 minutes north of Scranton.~~~Moser and Nancy, do you think you will be able to go to Hershey? I hope you can make it.~~Steve, I'm really enjoying your pictures. They're incredible and do make me wish I could visit there. Hopefully someday, I will. Thanks for telling us about the history regarding these sites too.~~~Cathy

Message: 27785 Posted: Mon May 12 10:53:13 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: mB's cd & misc.

Steve - Great pictures! Are you sure you don't work for the Utah Tourism office. I think my family needs to make a road trip to take in some of these great sights!

mB's CD - For those of you interested in Matt Beckley's new cd, it is now available at his website for pre-orders. From the sample tracks I've heard there are some really great songs on there and I can't wait to get my copy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Message: 27784 Posted: Mon May 12 09:11:46 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmasters Camera - Landscape Arch

The biggest arch in Arches National Park is called Landscape Arch (click here to see the view from the webmaster's camera). It is 306 feet long (just about the size of a football field) and visitors were allowed to hike around it until 1991. On September 1, 1991, hikers thought they heard cracks of thunder from distant clouds. Visitors resting under Landscape Arch also noticed loud cracking and popping noises overhead. They fled as small rocks tumbled from the slender 306-foot long span. Moments later, a sixty foot long rock slab peeled away from the arch's right side! When the dust settled and shouts subsided, 180 tons of fresh rock debris lay scattered on the ground. Ever since then, hiking around it has been prohibited.

Message: 27783 Posted: Mon May 12 07:53:18 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Moser, I Did Miss You

Hi Cathy - hope to see you at Hershey .. we are planning on catching atleast the 5:30 show and I'm still hoping to catch the 2nd show as well (though highly unlikely).. It's about a 3 hour drive for me, I live 35 miles north of Williamsport, PA...

Mo & Nancy - it would be great if you both could make it to Hershey.. Please try!!!!


Message: 27782 Posted: Sun May 11 18:18:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Fiery Furnace

Click here to see one view of the area called Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park. Behind this wall of rocks is a literal maze of high rock walls where many hikers have been lost and then perished. These days hiking is only allowed by experienced individuals and they have to have a hiking permit so that the rangers can come looking for them if they don't come out at the expected time. It's beautiful but I think I'll let somebody else hike it. I'm sure that Dewey could write a wonderful song about it!

Message: 27781 Posted: Sun May 11 17:24:01 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: For Janice

Hi Janice, happy mother's day to you too. Glad to hear that you had fun at the prom and are being pampered.~~~Cathy

Message: 27780 Posted: Sun May 11 17:19:44 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Moser, I Did Miss You

Hi Moser, I did miss you on the board. Good to hear from you. I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't heard from you for a while and was hoping everything was okay. So you are now working outside of the home too. I do the same full-time and it is tough, although my husband helps out around the house a lot. As life always is for everyone, too much to do and never enough time for everything. But make sure you do take some time out for yourself every day. Everyone needs to. Hope you are having a great mother's day. Let me know if you can make it to Hershey Park. I think I'll be able to get to the earlier show, although my dedicated husband is grumbling about making the trek.~~Cathy

Message: 27779 Posted: Sun May 11 16:50:19 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: New Little Fan of America and Happy Mother's Day

Bruno, congratulations on the birth of your son. That is wonderful news! And Happy Mother's Day from this mom to all the other moms on the board.~~Cathy

Message: 27778 Posted: Sun May 11 14:11:23 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Happy Mother's Day!

To all the fellow Moms out there, hope you're having a great day!

Eddy, I have gone to 2 shows in one night, (Reno) only to follow it up with a show the following week, (San Juan Capistrano), followed by the next month at Riverside (4th of July) and the following month 2 birthday shows at Shreveport (back to back, compliments of Pete & a little begging for seats!) Yep, groupie I am!!

Felt like Cinderella last night at the prom! But what's up with this strange little dance the kids were doing?? (that caused the principal to intervene upon several couples!)

Been pampered with breakfast in bed at the hotel, and returned to find flowers, journals and a wonderful book about "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach. She is a wonderful writer who lives in the english countryside, enjoying her simple life. Yes, life is good, albeit simple these days. I also have her book, Romancing the Ordinary. Between her and Hugh Prather, (whose books I have read since the early 70's), it's a toss up who is my favorite.

Simply yours,

Message: 27777 Posted: Sun May 11 13:13:02 2003 By: bruno
Subject: thanks

thanks Sergio, Moser, Steve, Genevieve, my dear friends
your friendship and music of legendary America render me very happy
Hi ciao

Message: 27776 Posted: Sun May 11 10:42:01 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: SNF- the story

Dear Gen,
Sounds like a great Saturday night once again. Thanks for the invite to join you but I think I may have given you a false impression. If I were to join you, you would see that I would only be famous for my UNTALENTS as a guitarist--me and my three or four chords. I think I'll need to hone my talent a bit before making the trip to debut in France. Carry on without me and keep us updated on the fun.
Happy(soon to be)Monday to you,

Message: 27775 Posted: Sun May 11 10:16:41 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Freeport

Those posts... the expression of Man's Power, huh? No way! NATURE is THE LAW.
Nice VFTHW. Thanks for the 'vision',Gerry.
Hope the concert was as great as usual !

Message: 27774 Posted: Sun May 11 10:02:39 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: SNF- the story

Guys, i had a wonderful saturday night ! Again it was a real pleasure to be with great people/musicians as my friends are! A LOT of good, eclectic music and some VERY funny parodies as well - one of the best was Nicolas' version of Elton John's Blue Eyes. I did Call of the Wild and did it quite 'well' according to my own standards (LOL) and the songs I mentioned in an earlier post, plus K. Bush's Man With A Child In His Eyes and joined my friend Fanny for a duo on Portishead's Glory Box...

Moser, it would be GREAT to have you (and your now famous talents as a guitarist) join us one day.
There were incredible moments yesterday with guy Marc who sang Doors songs The Cristal Ship & Wishful Sinful, or Stephane who treated us his version of Bowie's Absolut Beginners & Nada Surf's French title 'Là pour ça'.
I'll try to fix a few things with my comp. to see if I can post a pic or two. We'll see.
Have a great Sunday (past 7pm here, so i'm thinking about Monday already :-( ...

Message: 27773 Posted: Sun May 11 09:33:08 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: New little fan of America

How nice, Bruno! Congratulations to you & your wife (hope it all went well for her ...) and welcome to Pierfrancesco ! At least we know what sort of stuff he'll get for 'lullabies' , as his dad loves GREAT music ;-) ... should grow up wonderfully in this excellent musical environment! lol
See you dear Bruno.

Message: 27772 Posted: Sun May 11 08:28:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New little fan of America

Congratulations Bruno on the new addition to your family. Another America fan for sure!

Message: 27771 Posted: Sun May 11 08:22:04 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: New little fan of America

Congrats, Bruno! What wonderful news.

Happy Mudder's Day to all of you mudders. Thanks, too, for all the well wishes already given. Don't forget to call your mums!!

Message: 27770 Posted: Sun May 11 04:38:57 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: New little fan of America

Ciao Bruno,
Congratulations on your new son! What a beautiful name! Share some pictures of him when you can. My best to you,

Message: 27769 Posted: Sun May 11 02:27:34 2003 By: bruno
Subject: New little fan of America

Hi Ciao All
in my family there is a new member, born my second son: Pierfrancesco.
He is a secure new fan of America; music of this band is very good for the near or remote future.
Hi all

Message: 27768 Posted: Sat May 10 20:40:40 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Crying In My Sleep

Steve,you made my day! Thank you!! What a great song. Gerry's voice is just lovely on this song. I hope that anyone who hasn't heard this song before will take advantage of this chance to listen to this. Thanks again Steve!!! It is truly appreciated... Kade

Message: 27767 Posted: Sat May 10 20:09:19 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Freeport

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Freeport, Bahamas.

Message: 27766 Posted: Sat May 10 20:06:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Crying In My Sleep

Kade, I have posted a version of Modern Folk Quartet's "Crying In My Sleep" featuring Gerry Beckley on lead vocals on the America Fans web site. The MP3 song will remain there for about a week for those who want to listen to it.

Click here to download/listen to the MP3 file

Message: 27765 Posted: Sat May 10 19:58:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Moser and Eddy

Eddy, I have been to two shows in a single night twice (once in Reno, NV and once in Mesquite, NV). Both of those shows were at casinos and it seems to me that they changed one song both times. The only bad thing about two shows in one night is that they typically play the short set whereas they're more likely to play the long set if they only play one show. Still, seeing two shows in one night is a lot of fun because you can never hear any song too many times.

Message: 27764 Posted: Sat May 10 18:21:31 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Crying In My Sleep

Hello from soggy Philly! I love the version of Gerry singing Crying In My Sleep. I had a copy of it on a tape,which was stolen with my car a few months ago.Does anyone know if it is on a CD or tape that I could buy somewhere? I've been having a hard time finding this great version again! Thanks! Kade

Message: 27763 Posted: Sat May 10 14:36:49 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Moser and Eddy

Hi Steve, Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for this concert(can't wait!), I'll post right after the show!
Valerie, Yes, we ALL need our America fix! I think it's been a year for me, I hope you have fun on June 6th!( get to see them 6 days before I do!)LOL!
Nancy, I think your right, I did hit the Jackpot seeing 2 shows! My wife loves America....but she couldn't see going to 2 shows in a row, "To each his(her)own" I guess! (at least she let ME go to both,LOL!)

I was wondering......has anybody out there went to 2 shows in a row? Do they change a few songs in their setlist on the 2nd show?
I know they have to keep the hits, but was hoping that they would drop a few from their first set, & add some different songs for their 2nd.
thanx again, for the well wishes guys! I know I'll have a great time! In fact, every America concert I've attended has always been a fun, magical, great experience for me!

Message: 27762 Posted: Sat May 10 11:25:55 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Head & Heart

You really got to me by mentioning "Head and Heart"...Wow, that song is so sublime!, A treat on so many levels, one of the many gems on "Homecoming". It's my favorite America "non hit" song and a song that I dedicated to my wife, then fiance, such a long, long time ago, back in 1972...

Welcome back! Missed, your unique and entertaining posts! Good luck on your new job!

What a double treat on you birthday! Congratulations on getting such terrific seats, I know you will enjoy it. Please be sure to let us know the differences between both shows and all about the concerts. It will be interesting to compare them. I have a birthday 10 days after yours, but no such luck to have an America concert nearby...:(


I am enyoying all the pictures, I've never been to that part of the country, and the landscape is so different from our swamplands...This is a great geography lesson! Look forward to the next installment.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and again may all the moms have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Message: 27761 Posted: Sat May 10 10:53:24 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Moser and Eddy

Hi everyone, Happy Weekend! Hey Moser, Welcome back! I have been wondering where you were. I thought maybe another vacation? Sorry to hear that it's nothing that exciting that kept you away! Just lots of hard work. Most of us can definately relate to that! Anyway, I'm glad that you are back, I always enjoy your posts!!

Eddy, Good for you getting to see 2 shows in June!! Have Fun! I will also get to see them again on June 6th! We all need our AMERICA fix!!! --Bye, Valerie

Message: 27760 Posted: Sat May 10 10:00:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: AMERICA ~~ TGIF ~~ VFTW'sC pics

Hi Everyone ~~~ Hope you all enjoy the weekend! There are soooo many things going on this weekend! WOW!!! :)

Thanks Steve for the neat Pics, I like your nice touch of creativity in presenting them too us! I've been showing them to my kids and my 3and 1/2 yr old niece too. Neat ~ A History lesson! Nice how a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes up this great chat folder and site! I am sooo glad to have this AMERICA Heaven in my life. Thanks Everybody! :)

Hi there Mo ~~ You betcha I missed You Posting Girl! ~~ I sure can relate that it feels like forever for posting... I am feeling quite the same way too right now. It was nice talking to you at live chat, that was too much Bones lasting the whole way till the end. Lots and lots of interesting fun for sure! :) Take care, and I hope your new job is going well for you. ~~ I like how you keep your wallpaper fresh and updated with Gerry Gerry Gerry pics... the pics in the newspaper article, sure were nice! :)

Hey there Eddy ~~ I love your excitement about you getting to take in 2 shows in June, and WOW soo close to your birthday.... Sounds to me, we the die hard fans oughta name this years tour "A Nice Slice of AMERICA Birthday Cake" Have a great time at the shows and I will be anxious to hear all about them from you. ~~ Toooo much your wife hitting the Casino's while you take in the 1st nights show.... I think you will be hitting the real Jackpot tho! :)

Oooooh Janice ~~ I hope you had a good time at the Prom ~~ WOW!!

Hey Gen ~~ I am sure you are having a fun time this weekend. Hey that would be neat to see your pics from these parties... ENJOY! :)

Thanks Sergio & Eddy for the Mother's Day Wishes! Hmmmm "Homecoming" what an appropriate album for a Friday morning Jam! :)

Well I gotta get for now ~~ my other little nieces birthday party is tonight, we went to the neighbor's last night for a cookout, then tomorrow of course Mother's Day and to my sister's, her daughter is celebrating her First Holy Communion. Sooo lots of sharing the gift of gab and laughter! :)

Happy Mother's Day! ~~~~ One of my favorite gifts from my children is a framed stenciled picture that says "Mother's hold their children's hands for awhile ~~ their hearts forever" ~~~ Sooooooo true for sure ~~ hmmmmm just thinking back over all these years, sooo many Happy Tears cried for sure! Life is Great isn't it! :) See ya, Nancy :) :) :)

~~~ There's just no way to say how much I love you, and that could make me cry and thats just fine, I've only got my fear to build above me, you know we all get scared from time to time, Love me with your Head & Heart, love me from the place it starts, love me with your head and heart, Love me like a Child ~~~ Sing it Gerry, Dewey & Dan ~~ ooooooh how I love this song! :)

Message: 27759 Posted: Sat May 10 07:26:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America.........

Congratulations Eddy. I'm sure you'll have a great time and it sounds like a wonderful birthday present. We look forward to hearing all about it.

Message: 27758 Posted: Sat May 10 07:22:40 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: America.........

IN JUNE!! Yes! just ordered my tickets to see the guys at Fortune Bay casino. They're doing 2 shows! Diehard that I am, I'm going to BOTH shows(never got to do that, why not?!), I'm going solo on the 7 PM (while the wife gambles) & then she's joining me on the 9 PM concert.....Got front row tickets for both shows! It's on the 12th, & my B-day is the 14th, so it's a wonderful early birthday can't get any better than this!
Steve, nice photos, & all you moms out there have a WONDERFUL Mothers Day!!;-)

Message: 27757 Posted: Sat May 10 07:01:06 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Petroglyphs

This is the weekend edition of the VFTWC. Click here to see some Ute Indian petroglyphs. The stylized horse and rider surrounded by bighorn sheep and dog-like animals is typical of Ute rock art. These petroglyphs were carved sometime between 1650 and 1850 and are found near the trail leading to Delicate Arch. I wonder if those horses had names?

Message: 27756 Posted: Fri May 09 16:42:55 2003 By: Moser
Subject: TGIFnight

Dear family of posters,
Yikes, it has been forever since I posted. Hope you didn't miss me too much...or worse yet, hope you weren't happy I was gone!! I have been working for a living now (perish the thought) and can't seem to keep up with the posts and new stuff here. I need to reallign my priorities once again! I have yet to read the articles--I see there are two already--from Kiri. Thank you for sharing. I did check the first one for the pics. I took the time the other night before retiring to nab the one of Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dan singing together. I took an extra minute to crop out Dan and used this newly acquired Ger-pic as my computer wallpaper. Gotta keep the Gerry wallpaper fresh. This one replaces a close up of him at Mentor which replaced one of him (w/ Dewey) at Plymouth which replaced one of him from the '77 tourbook which replaced one of get the idea.

Despite the wonderful new picture (love that western shirt) I think I may be suffering from Gerry withdrawal. The symptoms are strange. I saw a mobile crane the other day with the name Becklet on it. Close, but no cigar. Today I saw a landscaping truck with the name Buckley on it. Close, but no cigar. I'm not sure I can wait until July for a Gerry fix. Hershey's sounding closer every day, the signs are everywhere!!

I was hoping to post this morning regarding my out of the ordinary Friday morning jam. Unfortunately, I was too busy at work all day to get on the internet for anything other than actual work. Imagine that, humph. Anyway, my hub took a road trip to pay homage to his mutter using the nice vehicle, the Bufton Bus. So, I was driving the "rollerskate" this morning. The skate is a Geo Metro. It's a stick shift, three cylinder car--or perhaps a large lawn mower, not sure which. (Isn't driving a manual shift one of the simple joys of life?) Anyway, the skate is quite small but works well. Of course, it has no CD player, so I got to listen to Classic rock radio for a change. That was my Friday morning jam, some great tunes--He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Hollies?); Rock On (David Essex); Sweet Home Alabama (Skynyrd); Those Shoes (Eagles); Long, Cool Woman in a Black Dress (Hollies again?), etc. He Ain't Heavy was a treat since it was the song a friend of mine sang at our HS graduation oh so many years ago. Nice memories. And, Those Shoes, wow, I haven't heard that in eons. Back to the point, and yes I do have one--listening to these songs gave me an epiphany. The reason God created the commute to work is so we have a chance to veg out to some favorite music and decompress from the morning's inevitably (at least at my house) frazzled routine. Thank you God.

Other random thoughts:
Janice, who is the "player," your son or the girlfriend? Just curious. And one other thing, my Kait (she's 12.99) would say that is "playa" in her best gangsta impression.

Steve, love the nature pics. I am inspired to stop in Utah on the grand Bufton summer tour of US hot spots. What gorgeous landscape out there. I can't wait.

Sergio, nice Friday jam you chose. Homecoming is definitely great from the beginning to the end.

Gen, I would pay BIG money to see these Saturday night sessions. You go, girl. Can you post video here? That would be a hoot.

Well, I know there is more I wanted to say but I've rambled long enough. By the way, I really enjoyed chat on Wednesday. Bones Johnson stayed up with the big girls until late at night. Thanks for the company. It was great. Right, Nanc?

Have a great weekend everybody,

Message: 27755 Posted: Fri May 09 10:03:12 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Balanced Rock, Kiri's Article, Mother's Day and Homecoming

What incredibly beautiful pictures you've been sharing! Balanced Rock actually has a hidden face in the rocks on the right, I see a rugged old man's profile and the balanced, but almost teetering boulder, is almost whimsical. Great composition!

The spray of desert flowers picture is also beautiful and appropriate on this Mother's Day weekend. An early Happy Mother's Day for all the mom "posters" from me!

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures from your travels.

I also enjoyed Kiri's "blast from the past" article on America's "Hat Trick" tour. One can always learn more about Dewey, Gerry and Dan from articles like this. That's the tour I caught them in and my first time seeing them here in the "Big Easy" at the Loyola Field House. An incredible 1973 memory for sure.

Today I started my day with some America music. I played "Homecoming" all the way to work. That is one album that really gets to me, from the first masterful chords on "Ventura Highway" until the end, this album puts me at ease, sentimental and in the greatest frame of mind.
Really tugs at the heartstrings...
Take care all and happy Friday,


Message: 27754 Posted: Fri May 09 08:29:51 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Balanced Rock

Another major attraction at Arches National Park is a formation called Balanced Rock. Click here to see the photo and I think you'll understand why it has that name.

Bonus: Click here to see a photo of a beautiful Indian Paintbrush flower growing out of the red rocks.

Message: 27753 Posted: Fri May 09 04:45:54 2003 By: Janice
Subject: TGIF!!

Yah, like I know the difference anymore! Haha..

Big weekend planned. Going to see Footloose, where Ryan is doing the lights and music. And tomorrow night (drum roll please) I am going to the Prom! Yep, haven't been to one of those since high school, and I even have to get DRESSED UP! Agh...hate that. :-) It's at a swanky place in Buckhead.

My date is Ryan's girlfriend (of the moment..such a player) and I hope he doesn't play that rap stuff. Should be fun to kick up the heels (that is, if someone asks me to dance!)
Have a great weekend!


Message: 27752 Posted: Thu May 08 14:50:37 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Great Minds - Great new party - Nancy

<<Great Minds are in sync>> Quite true, dear Nancy!

Just for the record, to entertain you with my little stories, I'm preparing my performance for the next party at my friend's. I'm not sure I can be as good as I was last time ( with the castanets players if you remember). I have to pick two or three songs before Saturday and the choice is hard to make. I went through all my America albums from H to ....H !!! (lol) & thought I could select one or two tracks from Hourglass. Now gotta choose between going for a space trip -Young Moon- and hearing the Call of the Wild (lol). As I can't always sing America songs only, I've made up my mind about the other 2 tracks: 'Cold' by Roland Orzabal (TforF) -- She saw me on the television underneath the sun, Thought that I was warm like mother, lover, brother, Brother, she was wrong, Me, I don't long to belong, Cold, been excommunicated cos I'm cold My temperature's been rated and I'm cold Bring to me my big old sweater, Nothing can make me better-- and 'Baker Baker' by Tori Amos --Baker Baker baking a cake Make me a day Make me whole again And I wonder what's in a day What's in your cake this time. I guess you heard he's gone to L.A. He says that behind my eyes I'm hiding And he tells me I pushed him away That my heart's been hard to find... -- Great night in perspective as you can imagine. This time I won't forget to take my digital cam !!! lol
See you.

Message: 27751 Posted: Thu May 08 13:53:33 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Radiohead (Rob)

Rob, you must definitely seize a chance to see them live. If you like the cd version of Paranoid Android, the concert version will leave you 'bouche bée" ( mouth wide open & breathless) !!! BTW, great set of Radiohead songs you listed. Maybe I would add No Surprise & Let Down ( my all time fave) from the OK Computer cd to your picks.
Transport, motorways and tramlines,starting and then stopping,
taking off and landing, the emptiest of feelings, disappointed people, clinging on to bottles,and when it comes it's so, so, disappointing. Let down and hanging around, crushed like a bug in the ground.Let down and hanging around. Shell smashed, juices flowing,wings twitch, legs are going,don't get sentimental, it always ends up drivel. One day, I'm gonna grow wings,a chemical reaction,hysterical and useless hysterical andlet down and hanging around, crushed like a bug in the ground. Let down and hanging around.

And YES, you're right, I too believe that a lot of America fans would appreciate their sound and ain't the guys themselves Radiohead listeners? (I don't know if they are huge fans of them , though.)
Now, what is a bit sad and ironic is that I've seen a lot more of Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay, Travis, Tears for Fears than I have seen America since 1985. All the European fans I'm in contact with really long to welcome them here... Nice dream, nice dream. I'm the optimistic. LOL
nice dream ... :-)

Message: 27750 Posted: Thu May 08 12:38:30 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Radiohead

Hi everyone,
I was just reading some of the newer posts, and I wanted to mention how much I enjoy Radiohead. Genevieve, you are so lucky that you have tickets to see them, I have heard they are amazing live. My friend went to see them and was blown away. I hope to eventually see them live.
I think a lot of America fans would appreciate their sound, some very mellow acoustic guitar songs are especially appealing to me.
Some of my favorite songs by Radiohead include: The National Anthem, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Creep (their biggest hit on the pop charts), Everything in Its Right Place, How to Disappear Completely (good acoustic guitar on this song), Idioteque, I Might Be Wrong.
I also like Coldplay, especially Yellow, Clocks, etc. Also "Trouble" is a nice, relaxing song.

I also wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to Janice.

Message: 27749 Posted: Thu May 08 10:50:05 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: "Circus" magazine article

What an interesting article....thanks for posting it!
It's almost Friday!!

Erin :o)

Message: 27748 Posted: Thu May 08 10:35:20 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Coldplay ~~ Too Much Gen :)

Me Again ~~
WOW Gen that is too much that you were listening to that very song. You are right about the lyrics, I admit I was winging the lyrics to it as I was posting them, thanks for clearing them up for me. It was too much how I came to hear this song... I happened to flip the channel to vh1 on saturday and the top ten video countdown was on and this song was just beginning... I thought Wow this is that son I had heard on the radio, which my daughter was changing the radio stations and this song was on the channel she stopped at... I like the music to it, different but kinda neat. I can see tho why they have a way of leaving their audiences in a Trance LOL!!!! You know as I was posting those lyrics I was thinking, I should put that I was just winging them, and that I would probably end up on that site of Misheard Lyrics with them. LOL!!!! Take care Gen and you too keep on posting from great Poems and songs!!!! Too much how many times Great Minds are in sync HUH????
See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 27747 Posted: Thu May 08 10:20:35 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Coldplay part II & some

I meant ColDplay of course!
Btw, I saw them live last year and they were outstanding! Maybe except for 'Yellow' which for some reason they sang a bit out of tune. But the rest was really great.
My next concert is Radiohead in Nîmes in July. I was lucky with the tickets which I bought just in time last month because the show is now totally sold out. Nobody can wait to hear the new album live (they have the good taste to release it for my birthday in June - LOL). Every time I saw them I could measure the GENIUS in these guys which can easily turn the audience into faithful followers like they are in a transe. One must say the music & sound are so good that you can't believe it's being played live. Though a bit different in result (no noisy public hysteria here actually) it's amazing to see that their impact is very close to that of the Beatles or the Stones in the 60's.

Message: 27746 Posted: Thu May 08 09:24:51 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Colplay lyrics-Nancy

Hi Nancy. Nice to see you back. Just a coincidence probably BUT I was JUST listening to that SAME song when I read your message !!! Can you believe it ??? Amazing, really amazing!

Only one thing caught my attention a little : you wrote <<i beg, i beg them please, singing, calling out the things I've said>> while I seem to hear <<I beg, I beg and plead - singing - come out of things unsaid>>. Well, that doesn't make a BIG difference, but maybe I'll check the lyrics out just in case.
Anyway, go on singing those great songs for us!

Message: 27745 Posted: Thu May 08 09:00:47 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pic & Webmaster pics, & Circus article.....

Hi Everyone ~~~ WOW!!! this place is booming with lots of neat things, I gotta catch up again! Hey somebody slow down the clock for me.... NO FAIR! LOL!!!! :)

Thanks Steve & Gerry for the VFTHW pic from San Francisco, such a neat shaped building, hmmm the way some of the curtains are tied back and then others straight and closed and then one window with them just alittle seperated, kinda makes me curious to the many different things taking place in this building, at first I thought it looked like a Courthouse... or some kinda Municiple Office Bldg.... How neat it would be to get to go to San Francisco! ~~ Nice seeing some really green green grass, around this bldg too, amidst the tall buildings.... WOW!!! ~~~ A song by an English group (Beautiful South), kinda came to my mind just now.... Too much, this song is abit risque, so I won't post the lyrics, but they do mention San Francisco in the lyrics, WOW ~~ too much this song coming back to my mind just now, oooooh happy memories of time spent with a certain friend! ~~ Sorry for getting carried off there!! Oooh my :)

Hi Kiri ~~ I second Gen's Wow Wow Wow Wowwwwwwwooooo! ~~ I sure did enjoy reading this article about Hat Trick, and the pics with this article are sooo nice! Thanks for sharing it with us, I look forward to seeing the other ones you are sending to Steve too.

Thanks Steve ~~~ Great pics you got of the sights there in Utah, wow they look soo real, just like I can step right into them. The Arch one kinda looked familiar to me too, almost as tho I was taken back to Literature class, and seeing this in my book... (too much!) I liked the rock formation one too, soo neat, it kinda looks like the Flinstones table there on that ledge and a chair to go with it... LOL, Keep on posting them, I enjoy being taken on this visual sight seeing tour of places I may never get to go too. :) ~~ I too found the HWNN archive story and pic very neat.... WOW!

Thanks Duffy ~~ for sharing that neat poster with us... That had to be a neat tour with POCO.... WOW back in 1975~~ Yes hekawaii I too noticed the Hearts album there in the corner too.... Either year, these had to be Great shows to get to see for sure!!! I sure wished I had known about that Penn State one back in 73, WOW that close to me and I missed it ~~ Darn!!!

Hmmmm ~~~ Thanks everybody ~~ Live Chat was fun last night... Nice getting to share the gift of gab with all of you.

Hi there Whit ~~ Sorry about your comp. crashing, neat to hear you are getting a brand new Dell tho... Don't worry about your typing ~~ you do just fine... Hurry and come join us in live chat soon, Okay? take care :)

Oooooh DanC ~~ good to see your post again, but my inquiring mind is wondering why you won't come and join in on the fun at live chat???? :) Nice that you are still enjoying some good songs... I do like the Jayhawks song All the Right Reasons and Save it for a Rainy Day ~~ I looked for it at walmart on Sunday, but no luck finding it, so I will check into it here on line.... Nice to hear you like it too JohnL...

Oooooooh Red ~~~ I am sooo envious of you getting to see the Eagles again.... and getting to hear Timothy sing that great song again. ~~~ How great that would be if you would win the Powerball, I am here with my fingers crossed for sure! :)

Stay safe Janice ~~~ Those sure were some bad tornadoes that hit there over the weekend. How devastating this has to be to experience this, I find it very overwhelming to watch on the news.... take care all!

Well I gotta get now, enjoy the rest of your day all! Nancy :)

~~~~ Clocks go round and they can't be seen, tides that I've tried to swim against....have put me down upon my knees, oooooooh i beg, i beg them please, singing, calling out the things I've said, shoot an apple off my head, trouble that can't be made..... Sing it Cold Play and play it.... I know crazy lyrics, but a really catchy song... kinda has me mesmorized..... :) :) :)

Message: 27744 Posted: Thu May 08 08:32:32 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Park Avenue

One of the first areas that you come to as you enter Arches National Park is called Park Avenue. It has high walls on the east and the west and a trail that you can hike down between the walls (I guess someone thought it was like strolling down Park Avenue). Click on the following links to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Park Avenue east wall with sun shining on it
Park Avenue west wall in the shadows

Bonus Shot: Before the webmaster hikes down the trail, he wants to call ahead to make sure that there's a nice hotel, a good restaurant, and maybe even a movie theater along the way (LOL!)

Message: 27743 Posted: Thu May 08 07:45:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "Circus" magazine article

Nina, Kiri told me that she has 4 different magazine articles that she is going to send me, one at a time. This is the first one and it's obvious that she has very good scanning equipment so why don't you hold off until she sends me the other 3. After that, if you have articles that she didn't send me, then it would be great if you could do so.

Message: 27742 Posted: Thu May 08 07:35:42 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: View from Webmaster's camera & Janice

Good morning, Steve & Janice, Fantastic shots, Steve. Makes me want to come for a visit. Maybe one day my husband will have a business trip near there and he can bring along me and our daughter and we could get to see these spectacular sights. We do so love to travel whenever we can. Yes, Janice, I guess we are transplanted in different areas. I still have many family members that live in Pensacola and get to go visit once in awhile. I love going back and getting to see the place where I grew up. I also have family in Kentucky, also go there when we can. This country of ours have so many beautiful places for us. i'm so proud to be a part of this great and beautiful country that share the same name of our great band, America. Take care and have a great day. Mary

Message: 27741 Posted: Thu May 08 07:10:28 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: "Circus" magazine article

I have the very same America/Hat Trick article from Circus magazine, along with a couple of others. you want me to photocopy them and send them to you for the archives? (I guess I always assumed these articles were already posted somewhere on this site!) I have limited computer equipment so I can't send them by'll have to be by mail. I'll start searching for them tonight...IF you want them?

By the way, thanks for all the work you do for us die-hard America fans!

Message: 27740 Posted: Thu May 08 07:00:25 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America and Poco

The poster can't be from 1972 because it shows the "hearts" cover and the "holiday" version of the america logo. got to be from '75.

You're absolutely right. I just copied the information that Duffy sent me without paying much attention to it. Thanks for the correction. I'll fix the web site the next time I make some updates.

Message: 27739 Posted: Thu May 08 06:36:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: re: View from Webmaster's Camera

Breathtaking views, Steve ! I agree with Janice : you look great under the Arch. I also liked your nameless horse with a taxi-driver air :-)

BTW Janice, though we don't know each other, I'm glad you & yours could go through the bad storms without damage. Saw the news on French TV and was sadly impressed by the disaster.

See you all.

Message: 27738 Posted: Thu May 08 06:28:46 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - San Francisco

Thank you Gerry for this SF red brick house pic. Very poetic contrast, this echo from the past ! Please, keep on enriching our reflection :-)

Message: 27737 Posted: Thu May 08 06:19:32 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: America and Poco

the poster can't be from 1972 because it shows the "hearts" cover and the "holiday" version of the america logo. got to be from '75.

Message: 27736 Posted: Thu May 08 06:16:11 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Circus Magazine article

Wow,wow,wow !!! What a great, interesting article from the nov 1973 issue of Circus Magazine !!! How fascinating to read about how Hat Trick was made ! Feel like I've finally found a long lost piece that fits and complete the puzzle... Thank you, thank you SO MUCH Kiri & Steve for posting it.

Message: 27735 Posted: Thu May 08 02:40:48 2003 By: Janice
Subject: re: View from Webmaster's Camera

Hey Steve! Love your "Arches" photo, (especially the bonus pic..Steve under the golden
Great pic of San Francisco...great city! How about one of the guys on rollerblades, wheelin' down Lumbard Street??
Erin, another birthday? Are you 21 yet???? :-)
Yes, it seems like there are lots of concerts in Florida. I particularly, however, favor Howie's idea of a concert at my house in GA. Let's see...set them up on the deck overlooking the backyard. We'll all spread blankets under the trees, scatter some chimineas around for effect. The fare will be Dodger dogs (provided by Robyn) and beer. Ok, I'll provide the beer.
Mary, you are now in San Bernardino (moved from Pensacola??) We're all a bunch of transplants. I'm from So. Calif, now in Georgia. Florida seems like a nice compromise, since my kids will be in college here in Georgia. No real reason to stay here other than that. I moved here for Delta, and although I still work for them, I don't anticipate having to stay based near their headquarters anymore. If I ever go back to work, maybe I'd like to be one of those ramp agents that roar around on their ATV-looking things. Get some steel-tipped shoes and a hat...yah, I'm ready!
Well, had a wonderful time in the storms that came through here last night. Made a roast and ended up eating it on paper plates in the downstairs closet. The lantern added a nice effect. Yep...Ronnie, me, the dogs and Gump (former CAT with no name). All crammed in the closet eating roast beef.
Wow, and who says life is dull?


Message: 27734 Posted: Wed May 07 20:22:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America and Poco

With all this talk about Poco on the America Fans chat folder, you might enjoy looking at a 1972 America-Poco England Tour poster which was just added to the museum. Thanks to Duffy for sharing it with us.

Message: 27733 Posted: Wed May 07 17:35:45 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: jayhawks

I consider Rainy Day Music some of the best new music I have listened to since, uh, the albums Human Nature and Guitar Man.....DanC.

Message: 27732 Posted: Wed May 07 16:00:22 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - San Francisco

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in San Francisco, California.

Message: 27731 Posted: Wed May 07 14:57:31 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: jayhawks

Based on the strong recommendation from members of this folder, I ordered the new Jayhawks cd, "Rainy Day Music". I have been listening to it on and off over the past week and it is one of those that grows and grows on you. I am thoroughly loving it. Thanks for steering me this way!

Message: 27730 Posted: Wed May 07 13:48:09 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Central Park DVD

I may have another source for the Central Park DVD's (still at a hefty price of $20 to $25). If any of you are interested drop me a line and I'll give you the details offline. --SteveL

Message: 27729 Posted: Wed May 07 13:44:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Dead Horse Point

Looks like the beginning of the Grand Canyon. ???? How far from your home is this beautiful scenery?

It's fairly close to the beginning of the Grand Canyon. From my house it's a 4 hour drive south to Dead Horse Point and another 20 minutes or so to Arches.

Message: 27728 Posted: Wed May 07 11:07:03 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Dead Horse Point

WOW, Steve, great pictures of the Colorado River! Looks like the beginning of the Grand Canyon. ???? How far from your home is this beautiful scenery? I also remember the "HORSE" posts from the past. Great that your boys get to learn about the history of the "HORSE" first-hand.

Hello Nancy, Moser, red oak, bones, Val, Mary H., and all the great folks on this board. Glad to be back! Had a computer crash at home a couple weeks ago and I am posting from work today. New Dell 4550 is on its way as I speak! Maybe it will help my typing skills....Naaaahhh! Anyway, should be back up and running within the week(LOL) See Ya'll, Whit

Message: 27727 Posted: Wed May 07 10:56:34 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: June release?

I received a message from Rhino today indicating that the hoped-for June release isn't going to happen. No further information is available but they promised to let me know if any other releases are planned. I'm sure that Erin Edwards will also keep us updated.

Message: 27726 Posted: Wed May 07 10:43:52 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Pictures

Hi Steve, I am really enjoying the "View From The Webmaster's Camera" pictures! The Horse With No Name is too funny! Sad, but funny! Please keep sharing your vacation pics with us! ---Valerie

Message: 27725 Posted: Wed May 07 09:51:34 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Dead Horse Point

On my way to Arches National Park last weekend, I did stop for a couple of hours at Dead Horse Point State Park. Since MikeB mentioned that in his post, I figure I might as well share a couple of photos from that visit. Click on the links below to see the photos:

View of the Colorado River as it bends around some beautiful formations
Some interesting rock formations

Here's the question of the day. Is this where the Horse With No Name ended up (LOL)? I always thought that it was in Nevada near Lehman caves (click here to see what I'm talking about).

Message: 27724 Posted: Wed May 07 07:04:49 2003 By: John Corbett
Subject: Central Park DVD

Sorry to announce this, but I don't have any more Central Park DVDs coming down the pike. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any in the near future. If anything changes, I'll post an announcement.


Message: 27723 Posted: Wed May 07 06:35:37 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The Devil Made Me Do It

Erin, you can always drive to California. I am sure that thought has crossed your mind. On the road w/AMERICA in 2003 !

Message: 27722 Posted: Wed May 07 04:45:38 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: The Devil Made Me Do It

And since America isn't scheduled to come to Reno (YET, anyway) I have to settle for REO Speedwagon, Styx and Journey...on my birthday, no less...should be a great show!
Hope to see America SOMETIME this year!!

Erin :o)

Message: 27721 Posted: Tue May 06 13:01:48 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: June release?

"You got me Genevieve"

I didn't mean to, but like Kimcabrina I had a vague feeling that some release was 'due' for June and that we had heard of it from the WebMaster Himself... :-)

This well-organized archive section is very useful not (only) because we are aging (hummm what when I turn 40 too, however? LOL) but (also) because there's a lot of life here on the folder. Gerry & Dewey have a large bunch of regular posters on both official message boards, actually. So, it would be difficult to remember the contents of all the posts without it.
Anyway, thanks for keeping us informed when you know about a possible release.

Message: 27720 Posted: Tue May 06 12:37:47 2003 By: red oak
Subject: The Devil Made Me Do It

Since, Dewey & Gerry won't be coming to Denver this year, I was forced to buy tickets for the Eagles & Jackson Browne. I'll have to settle for Timmy singing I Can't Tell You Why, Glen singing Take It To The Limit, Joe singing Rocky Mountain Way, Don singing Desperado and JB singing That Girl Could Sing. Let the good times roll. Time to go get some Powerball tickets, this could be my lucky day.

Desperado why don't you come to your senses?
You been out ridin' fences for so long now
Oh you're a hard one
I know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones that you can't get

Message: 27719 Posted: Tue May 06 11:36:19 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: June release?

You got me Genevieve. The reason I create the Chat Folder archives is because I have such a terrible memory. Is it OK if I blame it on old age (LOL)?

I haven't heard anything else from Rhino but I'll check and see if anything is coming. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Message: 27718 Posted: Tue May 06 11:16:24 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: June release?

Come on America, we want some new material,new songs. PLEASE!

Message: 27717 Posted: Tue May 06 11:04:18 2003 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: View from the Webmaster's Camera and Let the Contest Begin

Delicate Arch has been one of our favorite Family Hikes. I was there and nearby "Dead Horse Point" in early October. Southern Utah scenery and Dewey’s outdoor tunes go well together. Here is a my own outdoor lyrical phrase inspired from Southern Utah trekking and Dewey:

Cool waters cascade into emerald pools
Where rocks tower against the deep blue sky
Mighty pillars dare to stand, don’t ask why
Hold on tight along the razor backbone

Message: 27716 Posted: Tue May 06 11:02:41 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: June release?

Thanks Genevieve! I thought I had read something like that but couldn't quite place my finger on it.


Message: 27715 Posted: Tue May 06 10:46:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: June release?

Steve, in Message #26504 Posted on Fri Feb 28 2003 entitled 'Down The Road', you wrote
<<According to a mail message I received today from a publicist at Rhino, the next America release from Rhino will be a a remastered and expanded version of the very first America album. It is scheduled for a June release. I don't have any specific details at the moment but as we get closer to June I'll find out more and be sure to share it with you. >>

Message: 27714 Posted: Tue May 06 10:21:04 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #2

Steve, bet it also felt good to be out of the rain.

Message: 27713 Posted: Tue May 06 10:19:04 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: June release?

I don't remember posting anything about a June release but there might have been something mentioned in one of the many articles that have been posted here. As of now, there hasn't been any official word about an upcoming release. If I hear of anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

Message: 27712 Posted: Tue May 06 10:02:45 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: June release?

Steve, I may be remembering this wrong, but didn't you post a while back that there were going to be some new America re-releases in June?
Any word?


Message: 27711 Posted: Tue May 06 10:00:18 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Autographed America T-shirt on Ebay

Aagghh!!! How could you do this to me? I have been e-bay free for over six months now, but I had to go look, and now my little clicker finger is just itching to click on my favorite America search. LOL

Steve great pictures! Thanks for including the one of you, as it really helped with the perspective as to how big that arch really is.


Message: 27710 Posted: Tue May 06 09:50:54 2003 By: skarocks
Subject: Autographed America T-shirt on Ebay

Guess what I just saw on eBay? Rhino Records is auctioning a woman's t-shirt right now. I don't know anyone who would wear it so I thought I'd share my find with you. You can check it out here:

Good luck!

Message: 27709 Posted: Tue May 06 09:48:49 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #2

Awesome pictures, Steve!
Thanks for sharing!

Erin :o)

Message: 27708 Posted: Tue May 06 08:17:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #2

Click here to see a closer view of Delicate Arch. This view is more similar to the ones that you'll see in the brochures and on the Utah license plates.

Bonus View: Click here to see the webmaster standing under Delicate Arch.

P.S. I believe I heard a fly with a buzz as this picture was being taken!

Message: 27707 Posted: Tue May 06 08:07:28 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View from the Webmaster's camera

We have a picture of that very same arch in our language/grammar textbooks here in my classroom! (pg. 39, Delicate Arch, Arches National Park in Utah).

Delicate Arch is probably one of the most famous arches in the world and the one that appears on most brochures, pamphlets, etc. In fact, it's even on the Utah license plates. I took 30 or more photos of that beautiful arch and I had some photos taken of me standing by and under the arch. Maybe I'll share some of those with you in some forthcoming VFTWMC shots.

Message: 27706 Posted: Tue May 06 07:14:17 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: View from the Webmaster's camera

Steve! We have a picture of that very same arch in our language/grammar textbooks here in my classroom! (pg. 39, Delicate Arch, Arches National Park in Utah). I THOUGHT I recognized that arch! Our view has snow on it and in the distant mountains. Small world, isn't it!

Message: 27705 Posted: Mon May 05 20:23:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America in Concert DVD and Others

John Corbett was the one who found the Live In Central Park concert on DVD. It was originally released on LaserDisc. It's a little pricey at about $25 but well worth it. I believe you can still reach John at For other DVD's, check out the CD sources web page on the America Fans web site.

Message: 27704 Posted: Mon May 05 19:28:29 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: America in Concert DVD and Others

Steve, thanks for the information regarding the DVD. I hope it does work. There was also one that was mentioned about a concert in Ecuador, that I believe someone made a copy of. Who should I contact to see if I can still get a copy? I'm also not sure what other DVD's there are of America. Are the Live in Central Park Concert and Musikladen available on DVD?~~Cathy

Message: 27703 Posted: Mon May 05 19:14:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America in Concert DVD and Others

Cathy, the code free (region free) DVD's should play in your region one DVD player. I was one of the ones who had problems playing the DVD's on my pioneer player, but I eventually got it to work after updating the flash ROM in the player. I think that the newer players should work fine and you shouldn't have any problem. If you do run into problems, get someone who is computer savvy before you start messing around with updating your flash ROM, etc. It's not trivial and you could ruin the DVD player if you make a mistake.

Message: 27702 Posted: Mon May 05 19:09:16 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: America in Concert DVD and Others

I just got a DVD player as an early birthday present and am anxious to get some America DVD's. I know there was some discussion when the America in Concert DVD of a performance in Germany was released that some DVD players were not capable of playing it. My DVD player says that it will play code or region one DVD's for the USA and Canada. Does anyone know what the german concert DVD is coded as? I looked in the archives and someone mentioned that it is code or region free? Does that mean that it will play on a DVD player that is coded for the USA and Canada? And what about the other America DVD's~~has anyone had problems playing them?~I would appreciate any information you may have.~~Cathy

Message: 27701 Posted: Mon May 05 18:26:04 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: View from the Webmaster's Camera and Let the Contest Begin

Steve, what a beautiful picture! Please do keep posting them.~~And regarding the Poco contest, I think it's a great idea. Thanks for posting the link. I already entered.

Message: 27700 Posted: Mon May 05 16:48:06 2003 By: msmith
Subject: thanks bones

bones, i tried to e-mail you but it bounced. thanks for the america goodies! please e-mail me your e-mail address. my link should work. americaly yours, mark p.s. shayne & janice--you provide inspiration for us all.

Message: 27699 Posted: Mon May 05 16:20:05 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Let The Contest Begin

SIMPLE enough for me ! :-)
Thank you.

Message: 27698 Posted: Mon May 05 15:53:28 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Let The Contest Begin

The contest is simple. You enter your name, e-mail address, and a little demographic information and then your name is entered into a drawing. Two names will be selected and they will each win an autographed CD.

Message: 27697 Posted: Mon May 05 15:01:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Let The Contest Begin

This 'Poco contest ' concept is a very good idea. The only problem is I don't exactly understand what it will consist of (is it a quizz or sth?). Sorry about that, Steve, but can you give more info?

Message: 27696 Posted: Mon May 05 14:57:49 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #1

Majestically awesome picture!Please Post others!

It made me think of a 50's Sci Fi set...I bet they used to film those Sci Fi "B" movies in locales like that, it looks like the Mars from a "B" movie that is...Thanks,

Message: 27695 Posted: Mon May 05 14:50:06 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #1

Great, great pic, Steve!!! Our webmaster has got an eye for sure! -or maybe two in fact ;-)- Keep on posting them, please.

Message: 27694 Posted: Mon May 05 13:09:37 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Let The Contest Begin

The Poco contest has already been set up and those of you who are interested can register to win one of two autographed Running Horse CD's. Click here to register for the contest which will run until June 6, 2003. You can also listen to a couple of full soundclips from that album by going to

Thanks to Lucy Beer of Klew Media for setting this up for us.

Good luck everyone!

Message: 27693 Posted: Mon May 05 12:58:55 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Florida Concert

I just received the following concert information from Erin Edwards:

5/24/03 Jacksonville, FL / Metropolitan Park

Who's going to be there?

Message: 27692 Posted: Mon May 05 11:51:49 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #1

Wonder if this is where McDonald's got the idea for their arches? Great picture Steve, keep em coming.

Message: 27691 Posted: Mon May 05 11:43:35 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Arches #1

Click here to see my first VFTWC photo. It is a view of Delicate Arch (in Arches National Park) as I was approaching it from the west. I may continue to post additional photos every day or so unless you guys beg me to quit.

Message: 27690 Posted: Mon May 05 11:09:26 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Poco contest.

A Poco CD signed by Gerry and Dewey? What a great idea. I'm in.


Message: 27689 Posted: Mon May 05 10:16:52 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Back in the ballgame

AMEN. So guys, how about it?

Hey Janice, speaking of ballgames, we still have a date to see the boys in blue ( no NOT LAPD)

Message: 27688 Posted: Mon May 05 09:41:50 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: POCO Contest

Me Again ~~
Yes Yes Yes, I am all for it, I sure could handle winning a signed Poco CD!
Hey Steve ~~ Glad to hear you took some time off for this Neat Sight Seeing adventure. I look forward to your View From the Webmasters Camera". Thanks for sharing this with us!

See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 27687 Posted: Mon May 05 09:30:25 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Poco Contest

Lets do it.

Message: 27686 Posted: Mon May 05 09:29:31 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW & WPB show & some more!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Starship is singing Saraaaaaa, Saraaaaaa, storms are brewing in your eyes ~~~ It is a windy, rainy, cool Monday here, can't complain tho, the weekend was absolutely beautiful. Lots of Majestic White Cottonball Clouds with an ooooooooh soooooo Baby Blue Eyes sky. Hmmmm ~~ my weekend consisted of Lots of Great Music, went to a wedding and Lots of Dancing and sharing the gift of gab, and then went shopping yesterday and SPENT wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo much Money for sure! Oooooh well Life is Good tho! :)

Thanks Steve & Gerry for the NICE Blue ON Blue VFTHW pic ~~ WOW I am turning my thoughts from GREEN tooooo BLUE after seeing this pic. What a breathtaking view! I like how the color of that hotel or building kinda pulls the rainbow colors from the sky and accents this pic. ~~~ Hmmm I guess this one makes up for all the brick walls, doesn't it! :)

Hi Gen ~~~ Nice how your poem verse complimented and fit the VFTHW Pic, such a nice perspective you add to the pics for sure! ~~ I gotta second your sentiments regarding that Gerry & Dewey think about adding their Impressions and thoughts on the shows in Journal form again, that would be an appreciated extra bonus to the pics for sure!~~ We don't mean to sound Greedy, we just appreciate all of your Hidden Talents sooooo much! :)

Hi Mel & Mary ~~ Nice hearing from you both about the West Palm Beach show, sounds like the evening was as breathtaking as the view there in Sunny Florida. ~~ Hey Mel ~~ soooooo neat you getting to take in all of these shows, I am sure there you will take in alot more too ~ Right? :) ~~ Hey Mary ~~ soo neat you getting to go backstage and meet the guys and getting the setlist signed by Gerry ~~ a nice chunk of AMERICA chocolate huh! :)

Hi Janice ~~ Good to hear from you again, I like the sounds of you moving to sunny Florida, best of luck to your son and his college courses and Yes those sandy beaches, palm trees, and lighthouses sure do sound inviting. ~~ Soo neat, you won't believe what song is on here now.... Ain't no Mountain High Enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you... Go for your Dreams Janice, your outlook and will to overcome this is definitely a Possitive force. ~~~ My favorite verse of inspiration is ~~~ somewhere over the rainbow, where bluebirds fly, and the dreams you dare to dream really do come true ~~~ Take care! :)

Hi Shayne ~~ It is good to hear from you too, I hope all has been going well for you. I have an Uncle that had a Heart transplant 18 years ago, what an inspiration he is to all of my family. Because of this gift of a new heart he was blessed getting to see his family and their family grow. Soo much precious time this allowed him! My prayers and wishes of continuous Blessings to You and Your Family. ~~ Hmmm regarding moving to Key West in a Heartbeat ~~ I think we all can say we would do this at one time or another. :) ~~ Hmmm nice lyric line you picked to post! :)

Howie Oooooooh Howie ~~ Good to hear from you too, I hope all is well for you and your family as well!

Hi Jeff B~~ I will have to go and take a listen to the other Jeff Larson Windblown Mind mix.... Keep on listening to all of this great music.

Hey there Mary ~~~ Lucky you, having called home, some really nice places. I know all of your Hubby's business traveling has it's bad parts, but it is nice that it can also allow you these opportunities to travel back home once in awhile. That is Nice! Take care! :)

Well I gotta get for now ~~ Have a good day all! Nancy :) Hmmm the VFTHW pic brings a couple of songs to my mind!

~~~ 1) Blueeeee after alllll ~~~ 2)Days when the sun is sooo clear and bright, a dream that's has real as the stars in the night, I wish for youuu alwaysss ~~~ a heart that can heal, when you love in vain, a Friend who can hold you through all the pain, I wish for you always Wish you HOPE through your share of Tears, I wish you peace all your living years, when the Moon is high, I'll wish you were here ~~~ the wisdom to trust in sombody else, the strength to believe most of all in yourself, I wish for you always, wish you hope through your share of tears ~~~ 3)We both stare at the same Blue Moon under the same Sheltering Sky... ~~ If we wake from an endless dream, will our walls come tumbling around us, I can hear a Silent scream crying in the night, am I fading in Your Eyes, Is my Memory Clear as the Day we Me, but for now we most both remain under the Sheltering Sky ~~~~ Sing it Carl Wilson, Gerry Beckley, & Robert Lamm ~~ Wow 3 great songs! :) :) :)

Message: 27685 Posted: Mon May 05 09:28:44 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Poco Contest?

Autographed CD?! I'd go for it!

Message: 27684 Posted: Mon May 05 09:08:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Poco Contest?

The Poco web folks have taken notice of my posts about the Poco CD and they approached me with the idea of a Poco contest. I realize that this is the America Fans chat folder and the America Fans web site, but would you guys be interested in a contest where you could win an autographed Poco CD? If so, they'll do all the work and all I have to do is post a link to the contest page. Let me know what you think about it.


P.S. I have been offline for a few days because I finally got around to visiting Dead Horse Point State Park and Arches National Park in my home state. You'd think that I would have seen these two landmarks after living here for 30 years but this is the first time. I took about 200 pictures with my digital camera. It's hard to describe the breathtaking beauty but maybe I'll share a few "View From The Webmaster's Camera" shots in the near future.

Message: 27683 Posted: Mon May 05 04:44:12 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Back in the ballgame

In the same vein as Shayne, I rarely post on the board, but read on a daily basis of what's going on. I'm so busy these days with the family. Janice, you're an inspiration to us all. You hang in there girl, I've never seen anybody with so much spunk and so much positive and wonderful attitude toward this, that you deserve an award of some kind. Hey, as a goood gesture, I think the guys should perform a private concert at your house. Who's up for a road trip to Georgia???
or Florida??? My parents live in Boca Raton and it's gorgeous there,
I've never seen prettier sunrises and sunsets, it's mesmerizing.
To lift your spirits, you should then go see a Jimmy Buffett concert!
Thanks for keeping us informed. Take care and remember....keep on
smiling, Howie :0)

Message: 27682 Posted: Mon May 05 03:19:17 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: West Palm Beach

Since I moved to New York last year, I've missed Dallas terribly. However, I'd pack up everything I had and would move to Key West in a heartbeat (no pun intended) if my wife said OK.

"Then in the morning summer breezes will be coming my way and in the evening I'm believing I'll be ready to say that we're all living here in paradise"

Message: 27681 Posted: Sun May 04 17:39:59 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: J.L.'s music....

You're welcome.


Message: 27680 Posted: Sun May 04 16:30:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: J.L.'s music....

Thanks for the update, Jeff !

Message: 27679 Posted: Sun May 04 16:29:09 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:VFTHW

<<(...)like a luminous arrow created
by the after image of staring
out the window into the limitless
blue with clouds which exist no more
than my illusions, all body-attached.
But the limitlessness, the blueness --
ah even the blueness is an illusion (...) >>
Sri Nisargadatta, Sense of I Am.

Message: 27678 Posted: Sun May 04 16:07:17 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: RE: West Palm Beach- Janice

Hi, Janice, So nice to hear from you again. I know that you would really love it there. Hope all go wells for a trip planned out that way. I grew up in Pensacola, Fla. and when we were young ones , my father and mother would take us all to the beach to spend the night and have picnics there. Made for some fantastic memories. I now live in the San Bernardino Mountains in So. California and I really love it here. I still have family that live there. So whenever my husband has business back that way, my daughter and I go along to visit. They don't allow you to spend the nights there anymore. The beaches are still as beautiful as ever. My best to you and yours. Take care. Mary

Message: 27677 Posted: Sun May 04 15:54:22 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: J.L.'s music....

check out Jeff Larson's soundclips. "Windblown mind" early acoustic mix and "Windblown mind" early mix 2.


Message: 27676 Posted: Sun May 04 15:09:57 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: wpb concert !!!!!!!

Thanks Melzer & Mary for sharing! Btw, good job about the setlist Mary!
I know i've already mentioned that, but I keep hoping that one of these days, besides the VFTHW series which I EXTREMELY enjoy , Dewey & Gerry will think about re-opening their tour journal for us to know a little bit about THEIR impressions regarding the various shows, places & ...inevitable little incidents. I'm sure we would fully appreciate their efforts & sense of humour ( as we already do with Gerry's photos)... Well, just a hint from some unconditional fan, after all but I guess it helps to keep the troops motivated ... ;-)

Message: 27675 Posted: Sun May 04 12:37:56 2003 By: melzer
Subject: wpb concert !!!!!!!

They really put on a good show as always.They played the long set but you know, never long enough...I looked back at the crowd the whole place was full and rockin.. The new bass player fit right in you would never have know it was his third show he sounded great.Thanks again for the great show!!!!!!! Keep on rockin us here in Florida Mel :)

Message: 27674 Posted: Sun May 04 08:49:08 2003 By: Janice
Subject: West Palm Beach

That picture is so the beach!

I just wanted to add that there are so many heroes here..Shayne, Steve, Sergio, Mary, Virginia and so many others that have either had a life threatening illness, or lost loved ones to one. All of you are an inspiration to me and I feel so thankful for all of you to share with.
Since AJ is off to college this year, my "big secret" is that I am considering moving to the coast of Florida. Trees are nice, but white sandy beaches and lighthouses sound better. A week in a timeshare is never long a road trip (no flying!!) is in the planning stages.
Hey, there are lots of America concerts in Florida, aren't there??


Message: 27673 Posted: Sun May 04 08:09:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - West Palm Beach

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Message: 27672 Posted: Sat May 03 21:20:17 2003 By: Mary
Subject: W.P.B. Show

Great show tonight in West Palm Beach, was able to go backstage, meet the guys, grab the setlist Gerry used and had him sign it for me!


Message: 27671 Posted: Sat May 03 21:00:51 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Back in the ballgame

Hang in there,'re in our prayers!

Erin :o)

Message: 27670 Posted: Sat May 03 17:36:49 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Back in the ballgame

Hi Janice, Good to hear the hopeful news! --The fishing pole story is too funny! God Bless You, take care! --Valerie

Message: 27669 Posted: Sat May 03 15:54:34 2003 By: Erin
Subject: stickers!!

I am now proudly displaying a new Matt Beckley on my car...they're should all order some!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

Erin :o)

Message: 27668 Posted: Sat May 03 05:36:58 2003 By: Janice
Subject: I'm back in the ballgame

I upped my dosage of Gleevec and have new appointments in Houston for June, as well as a 2nd opinion in Boston's Dana Farber. I was misdiagnosed 3 times (1995, 1998 and 2001) and I intend to take a proactive approach.

Ronnie took off with his dad to go fishing and I have a free weekend. Last time they went, Ronnie caught a bass and a stick. He brought home the stick! His dad watched as a fish took off with his own pole across the lake (I'm sorry, but under the circumstances, I thought that was extremely funny!!) So, Ronnie caught a fish, and his dad caught a cold (from trying to retrieve his pole from the lake, which didn't happen!) Haha!!

Ryan DJ'd a Prom at Stone Mountain..he is on a roll and has added some Mac 250 lights and other fancy stuff. This was his 4th prom and he has a live production play next weekend, as well as another prom!

Anyway....thanks for your loving posts, and have a wonderful weekend, (and now if you will excuse me, I have an aerobics class to get to.) :-)


Message: 27667 Posted: Sat May 03 04:22:24 2003 By: psu hooked
Subject: Re: An answer for psu

Well I guess we both did them right. LOL! We must have had more fun than I remember! Told the love of my life about the date and his reaction was the same, NO WAY! He was convinced it was April/May too. We are both a bit baffled by this but still a sweet milestone to know. How funny.

BTW, University of Md was the 22nd of Feb, knew they were in Feb sometime!

Thanks again!

Message: 27666 Posted: Fri May 02 13:45:13 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me...

Hi Janice,

Although I rarely post anymore, I have been lurking out there and follow the site regularly. Even though our situations are/were different (I had a massive heart attack and have since had a heart transplant), I can truly appreciate the stress and fear you must be feeling. Some days I would feel optimistic, other days I would feel like calling it quits. I was one of the fortunate ones. What was unimaginable not to longer (heart transplant) is common today. My father lost his battle with cancer 5 years ago (I can't believe it's been so long - I remember posting on the chat folder about the time my twins were born and Human Nature). However, I am convinced that if it were today, he'd have survived. Never under estimate the power of medical science. Never under estimate the power of prayer.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We sometimes forget how much this affects them as well. May your prayers be answered.


Message: 27665 Posted: Fri May 02 13:39:22 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me...

Hi Janice,

Although I rarely post anymore, I have been lurking out there and follow the site regularly. Even though our situations are/were different (I had a massive heart attack and have since had a heart transplant), I can truly appreciate the stress and fear you must be feeling. Some days I would feel optimistic, other days I would feel like calling it quits. I was one of the fortunate ones. What was unimaginable not to longer (heart transplant) is common today. My father lost his battle with cancer 5 years ago (I can't believe it's been so long - I remember posting on the chat folder about the time my twins were born and Human Nature). However, I am convinced that if it were today, he'd have survived. Never under estimate the power of medical science. Never under estimate the power of prayer.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. We sometimes forget how much this affects them as well. May your prayers be answered.


Message: 27664 Posted: Fri May 02 12:45:36 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: An answer for psu

you are most welcome. You know what they say, "if you remember the 70's you didn't do them right" (lol) I met my dh on November 2, 1973, we will celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary this July. I will pass your thanks on to my friend.
Have a great weekend.

Message: 27663 Posted: Fri May 02 11:57:48 2003 By: psu hooked
Subject: Re: An answer for psu

I must have done far too many drugs back then!!! FEB!!! Hmmm, don't suppose they rescheduled?? Well, we've been together longer than we thought! LOL!!! That is amazing... I never would have guessed. Robyn, you are an absolute star. I can't thank you enough. Oh well, guess we are timeless!

Have a great holiday. You deserve it! And thank your friend too.
best regards,

Message: 27662 Posted: Fri May 02 09:50:54 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me...

I am fairly new to the board, and though we have never "chatted", I was sincerely moved by your posting and inspired by your valiant attitude and steadfast resolve. Like Johnny and some of the others,I too was touched by cancer via my mother, whom I adored, and lived with me and fought the disease from 1984 until 1991, when she finally succumbed at age 73. However, her attitude and valor during those difficult years of treatment are still an inspiration to me and my family. I know that her indomitable spirit got her through those tough years and she fought vigorously to stay on this earth for us. There is so much more they can do these days, I sincerely hope that they can find the appropriate treatment for you, keep the hope, and your admirable courage. I will be sure to keep you in my prayers. God bless,

Message: 27661 Posted: Fri May 02 09:43:26 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: An answer for psu

Here is the response my friend got-- did I get the wrong university again?
>> looks like it will be a belated anniversary. America played Penn State on Sunday, February 4, 1973, at 8:00 p.m. in Rec Hall. Lee Stout<<<

Let me know, otherwise have a great beleated celebration ( hey you can say you are using the gregorian calendar or soemthing.....)

Message: 27660 Posted: Fri May 02 08:32:07 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Anyone have a 73 tour schedule-any luck Robyn?Part 2

I did go back through the microfilm to double check it. Rolling Stone only listed tour dates for them for the months of February and August. What a trip to go back through the magazine like that, I wanted to read a lot of the articles, including reviews by the legendary Lester Bangs, but didn't have time. Our archives are pretty complete. In 1986 we had an arson fire which for all intenets and purposes destroyed the building, but we came back bigger and better.
I am hoping for a response from PA soon! Curiosity is getting to me too!

Message: 27659 Posted: Fri May 02 07:10:53 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me...

I applaud your toughness and resolve. Please know that I add my sentiments to all of the heartfelt well wishes spoken here. Our family will keep you in our prayers. That's a great song choice by Danae--never lose hope.
Joy and blessings to you,

Message: 27658 Posted: Fri May 02 06:44:40 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me

Hi, Janice, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Like Johnny, I had a loved one that had cancer. It was my mother-in-law. We were very close. She had breast cancer. She went through radiation and chemo. and for a couple of years it went into remission. She and my daughter were very, very close. Four months before my daughter's 8th birthday, she passed away. It had come back with a venegeance. The song by Steve Wariner, Tears from Heaven, remind me so much of these times. It was so very hard on all of us, but more so my daughter, because of their love and closeness. But I think of all the good times we had and very special memories. My most precious memory was of her going to LaMaze classes with me and being in the room when I gave birth, of course along with my husband. You will always be in my prayers. My sister has crippling arthritis and has been through nine surgeries for it. She , as you, has such temendous strength. Take care. And hope to hear from you again soon. Mary

Message: 27657 Posted: Fri May 02 05:34:19 2003 By: psu hooked
Subject: Re: Anyone have a 73 tour schedule-any luck Robyn?Part 2

Have I mentioned how wonderful you are!!! This is amazing. I tried the RS archives online here but they only go back to 92. I am getting really excited about this!! I might actually find out this date. I may have missed the date to do a special anniversary celebration but just even finding this date out is amazing! Curiosity is killing me. You are a star! Fingers firmly crossed!
Thanks again and have a nice holiday!

Message: 27656 Posted: Fri May 02 04:54:16 2003 By: Nina
Subject: To Janice

Janice...Just letting you know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. I wish you the best.

Message: 27655 Posted: Fri May 02 01:55:16 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Hello It's Me for Janice

There's a clock timing the world as it turns
There's a man marking the candle as it burns
Keeping track of every minute that remains

Still we hope somehow
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna turn out fine

There's a light shining beyond the southern cross
Burning bright for everyone of us who's lost
More than faith more than a reason to go on

Rise on up knowing
You're gonna win the fight
It's gonna turn out fine

You gotta hope it'll be alright
Come on and hope it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope it'll be alright, please

When the night turns to the deepest shade of black
At that point there is no reason to turn back
High above angels are falling from the sky

Lift your heart knowing
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna turn out fine

You gotta hope it'll be alright
Come on and hope it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope it'll be alright, please

You gotta hope, ya gonna win the fight
Come on 'n hope with all your might
Yeah hope it's gonna be alright, please

Millions of people alone in the dark
Awaiting a moment of hope


You gotta hope (Whenever times get tough) it'll be alright
Come on and hope (And when the road is rough) it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope (Just when you've had enough) it'll be alright, please

You gotta hope (Whenever times get tough) you're gonna win the fight
Come on and hope (And when the road is rough) with all your might
Yeah, hope (Just when you've had enough) it's gonna be alright, please

You gotta hope (Whenever times get tough) it'll be alright
Come on and hope (And when the road is rough) it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope (Just when you've had enough) it'll be alright, please

You gotta hope, you're gonna win the fight

Don't stop hoping, Janice. Cause after the storm, the rainbow appears.
HOPE, "you're gonna win the fight "...

Message: 27654 Posted: Thu May 01 21:22:04 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 73 Tour Schedule

Janice ~ You posted your latest message while I was composing mine. Yes indeed, you are a tuffy, and righto, no messin' with you!!! :0)

Message: 27653 Posted: Thu May 01 21:20:35 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Hello It's Me for Janice

Our Family will keep you in our prayers.........

Message: 27652 Posted: Thu May 01 21:13:54 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Hello It's Me for Janice

Hi Janice ~ Thanks for sharing with us the status of your stituation. You have lots of friends here who will continue to send up their prayers.

I can very much relate to how you and your family are feeling at this moment. Well, as much as a person can who has/had a loved one diagnosed with cancer. When I was in x-ray school about 25 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with a type of lymphoma. It was very difficult to see her as a patient in the cancer therapy section of the same department I was being trained in at the time. Like you, my mom was cancer-free for a couple of years, but regrettably, her cancer returned. Because she received her limit of radiation, she couldn't be given anymore. She tried chemotherapy, but the effects were too much for her to tolerate. I was crushed, of course. Like you, my mom was in deep despair. All the family members were, of course. When I think back to those times, I try to remember all of the good times we had with my mom during the not-so-pleasant ones. To this day, I still wonder why my mom wasn't able to continue being cancer-free. I just know that God loved her (and she Him) whether she was cancer-free or not. So, just remember, life isn't over until it's over, but even then, it's really not. It's my belief that each one of us never ceases to be. Our soul continues on eternally. So, continue to fight the good fight. We're all in your corner! We love you too!!!

Message: 27651 Posted: Thu May 01 20:41:35 2003 By: Janice
Subject: 73 Tour Schedule

Ok, back to "topic"
I know of ONE concert in 1973, as I was lucky enough to be there! Honolulu, Hawaii!! Aloha. :-)
And thanks for your's going to take something stronger than cancer to knock me down. Ooohhhh...that felt good! I am so tough so don't mess with me. ;-)


Message: 27650 Posted: Thu May 01 17:49:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me...

Janice, thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I know a little bit of what you're going through, being a cancer survivor myself. But I certainly haven't been through everything that you have been through. I know that you have a tremendously positive attitude and that if anyone can beat these tumors, you can. Janell and I will continue to keep you in our prayers and hope the best for you and your kids. Hang in there!

Message: 27649 Posted: Thu May 01 17:49:12 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Hello It's Me for Janice

Janice, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers too and hope that they will find a cure soon. New treatments are being discovered all the time, and there is always hope. Always know that we are here for you. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and God Bless You.~~Cathy

Message: 27648 Posted: Thu May 01 17:34:41 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Hershey Park - Lass and Sheldon and Journey, Styx, REO

Hi Lass, we might be neighbors. I live about 20 minutes north of Scranton, PA. I am hoping to make it to the earlier show at Hershey Park and will travel south on route 81 for most of the trip. I don't think there is any way I can stay for the later show, because I can't take the next day off from work and my son is in school. I really wish I could hang out there, but I guess this isn't the right time. I've never met them and I really want to. Where do you live? Let me know if you can make it and we can meet each other. That would be fun. I think Kristal who posts sometimes on this chat folder, but usually on the vh message board is going too. Sheldon also, just mentioned that he is hoping to catch the earlier show. Sheldon, where do you live? It would be nice if we could all meet there. If anyone else is going let us know.~~Also, I want to mention that I'm a big Styx fan (I especially love Tommy Shaw) and am going to the Journey, Styx, REO show on June 1st in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I miss Dennis DeYoung and Steve Perry too, but I'm still anxious to see the show because I haven't seen Tommy with Styx in 20 years (although I have seen him solo and with the Damn Yankees). I've also never seen REO live and I enjoy them too.~~Cathy

Message: 27647 Posted: Thu May 01 16:48:17 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Anyone have a 73 tour schedule-any luck Robyn?Part 2

Working at the Library I have some wonderful resources, not the least of which is a top notch reference staff. I asked a friend of mine and he is doing a reference search. I hope to have something for you before the weekend, but you never know. It depends on how fast the librarian on the other end of the search answers. Keep your fingers crossed!

Message: 27646 Posted: Thu May 01 14:51:39 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Anyone have a 73 tour schedule-any luck Robyn?

Ok so I blew that one. It's on microfilm and I will see if I can get it back, give me a few. I am actually going on vacation but I'll try to get it today.

Message: 27645 Posted: Thu May 01 14:27:52 2003 By: Duffy
Subject: Janice & Prayers


My prayers for you, your healing and your family are being said as I write this. You keep a positive attitude!! I will look forward to hearing your story of total healing and recovery at some future point.

Message: 27644 Posted: Thu May 01 14:15:34 2003 By: psu hooked
Subject: Re: Anyone have a 73 tour schedule-any luck Robyn?

Robyn my dear!
My heart stopped with that, but University Park is University of MD, I had that date. The one I am looking for is State College, Penn State University. I am sure it is April/May of 73. Wish I had the archives you have access to! I'll come and help you move the shelves if you find this one! And thank you sooooo much. You are a right little Sherlock! Check Rolling Stone Apr/May if you have it in archives.
Bless your cotton socks!!!

Message: 27643 Posted: Thu May 01 13:46:31 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hello, It's Me

Hi Janice :)
Thanks for sharing this news with us all. I am very sorry to hear of these new tumors and I Hope that there will be a way for them to treat these that will not be so hard on you. I can't say that I know what it is like to be in your shoes, but I can say that I have an Aunt that has been through ooooooh soo much and keeps on coming back. She is a true inspiration to me and a pilar of strength. She is proof that HOPE is ALIVE and WELL ~~ I will keep on having HOPE for all to work out for YOU. My Prayers are still there with you and your family, for always. I am glad that you feel comfortable enough to go Off Topic on this here with Us, I am glad that we all can be a source of comfort and strength for you in your time of need. Take care and hope to hear from you soon! Nancy :)

Message: 27642 Posted: Thu May 01 13:25:41 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Hello, It's Me...

Catchy subject title (courtesy of Todd Rudgren)....

I have sad news, but news that I want to share, nonetheless.

I have new tumors that are inoperable, and my doctor in Houston thinks that I will not be able to tolerate the increase in chemo. There is no depth to my despair, but there has to be something good to come of this..I just know it. Cancer research has come a long way, and with hope there will be a cure in the not very distant future.
I thank God for the chance to have been part of this very important clinical trial. With your prayers and donations to key organizations a cure is imminent.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers, along with my wonderful children, Ryan, AJ and Ronnie. Thanks for your emails, your America CD's and videos. Thanks for letting me rant once in awhile, and go "off topic"..(many of you know I do that on purpose just to tick you I love you all and God willing, I will see you again.


Message: 27641 Posted: Thu May 01 12:56:39 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Player & Some More --oops

I meant to say that it sure was wonderful to hear "Monster" oerformed that way. I felt like I had been given a great gift. I was sitting there, I am usure , with my mouth open. That was special. Matt's version of that song is wonderful, buy the cd!

Message: 27640 Posted: Thu May 01 12:52:34 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Player & Some More!

I just gotta say it again, that would have been a One in A Million Delight to get to see you and your Dad sing Monster together. Nice:) WOW!!!!

Message: 27639 Posted: Thu May 01 11:19:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dewey's testimonial at a Carl Wilson web site

Click here for a direct link to Dewey's testimonial. You'll need to scroll down near the bottom of the page to read it.

Message: 27638 Posted: Thu May 01 10:42:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Player & Some More!

Hi Everyone ~~~ Wow Red! Thanks for the lyrics, that is one of Van's catchier tunes! You are too much, this Banana Split Joke is too much ~~ Poor Guy! Hahhahahah! LOL :)

Hi John ~~ WOW ~ thanks for all the neat info on Player! I had NO Idea they had this many albums. I am familiar with Ron Moss and his part in Player tho, I thought that was pretty neat him being in this group. I will definitely check into more of their music! Thanks for your reply. I hope all is going well for you! You too add a nice Touch of Honey to the input here on the site and folder. :)

Hi there Dan C ~~ I'm a little speech(less) at the moment, can you believe that.... :) Regarding the one show that is there in your part of the world, can't say I blame you for not being that thrilled in taking it in ~~ especially the Journey (Steve PerryLess) part! ~~ Hopefully there will ba an AMERICA show added soon, for your way! ~~ Thanks for Your reply too! ~~ Keep on playing those great songs Okay! :) :) :)

Darn ~~ I was sooo late getting to live chat again last night! It was Great seeing sooo many of you there last night... I bet we broke our record, for most people there at one time! ~~ It was nice seeing Matt was there, Hey Matt ~~ You're welcome! Regarding our support and inquiring about you and your music. The time and effort you have put forth has come through in a nice way on your songs, I am anxious to hear the new CD.~ I just gotta say it again, that would have been a One in A Million Delight to get to see you and your Dad sing Monster together. Nice:) WOW!!!!

Oooooh yes one more thing ~~~ Hey Bones ~~ was Pete the guy in Red's joke today, after all we did send him to DQ to get us some treats last night! Too much! :) ~~ I am glad you had a great time at the TOTO concert, WOW soo neat you getting to here them sing "I'll Be Over You" Oooooooh how I love that song! that one and "You Know I Won't Hold You Back Now" (hmmm did they sing that one too?)

Hi Sheldon ~~ Thanks for sending your pics to Steve too! ~~~ I finally got my pics from my sister, I will be emailing you the one of us 3 it turned out good. I am glad Mo's turned out soo good, the rest of mine didn't. ~~ Hmm Just think 1 month ago, we were about to experience this AWESOME Night... I wanna go back to that day and time! sooo nice.... Yes, I can sympathize with your saying that getting to meet Mo & I was ALMOST has much fun getting to Meet Gerry & Dewey. The Pic of You & Gerry turned out sooo good! Treasured Keepsakes for sure ~ Right? Enjoy the Hershey show! :)

Okay gotta get now, my Niece is here with me and my son is moving home his stuff from College today.... WOW ~~ Wasn't that just yesterday I posted he was packing these things to go to College! The time sure has flown by... for me that is, I am sure it went slow for him, he had to do all the hard work. ~~ My Hubby & I are Very Proud of Him! ~~~ soooooo now it is onto New York Chiropractor College for 3 more years in the fall!

Take care and have a great day! Nancy :)

~~~Lessons learned are like bridges burned, you only need to cross them but once ~~~~ Sing it Dan Fogelberg :) :) :) aaaaahhh aaaaaah ooooooooooo oooooooo oooooooooo ~~~~

Message: 27637 Posted: Thu May 01 10:18:21 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Human Nature

Hi all! Enjoying everybody's new concert pix! Just wanted to share this info.: Picked up a copy of America's "Human Nature" CD for $3.99 in a discount bin!!! Found it at a "Christmas Tree Shop"; there are a zillion here in New England, but don't know if it's a nation-wide chain or not? It's always worth a try, scouting the discount bins, never know WHAT treasures you'll find!

Message: 27636 Posted: Thu May 01 10:10:30 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Dewey's testimonial at a Carl Wilson web site

Hello fellow America and Beach Boys fans,

I don't know if you've had a chance to visit this, if not, then check it out, it includes a heartfelt testimonial from Dewey for Carl Wilson as well as other interesting testimonials.


Message: 27635 Posted: Thu May 01 06:57:39 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Banana Split

This happened to me last night when I went to Dairy Queen:

Banana split

A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor....he
climbed slowly.....painfully...onto a stool. When he had caught his
breath...he ordered a banana split. The waitress said, "crushed
nuts"? The little old man said...."No....arthritis!"

For Nancy:):):):):):)

As you brush your shoes, you stand before your mirror
And you comb your hair, grab your coat and hat

And you walk the streets trying to remember, ee-yea
All those wild nights breeze through your mind

1-And every thing looks so complete
When you're walking down on the streets
And the wind, it catches your feet
Sets you flying, crying

Ooh ooh-ooh wee, wild night, is calling
Ooh ooh-ooh wee, wild night, is calling

Wild Night - Van (the man) Morrison

Message: 27634 Posted: Thu May 01 06:26:45 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hershey Concert

Well, thanks, Sheldon...I think. Great pic of you and the Ger-Man. I think he was standing on his tippy toes to be as tall as you. Funny.

Message: 27633 Posted: Thu May 01 05:55:16 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Hershey Concert

I was planning on attending both shows at Hershey on June 1st but then those plans hit a major snag .. however, I believe I can work it out so that I can atleast catch the 5:30 show.. We are going to be in Harrisburg that weekend anyway and I just can't be in the same town as America and not see them perform. So, somehow, I'm going to catch atleast one of the two shows..
I'm glad everyone liked the photos from IUP. I think you can easily tell by looking at the photos that I was in Heaven! I think it's safe to say that Nancy & Mo were as well! It was an incredible night & I'll never forget it. It was almost as much fun meeting Nancy & Mo (almost, but not quite) as it was getting to meet Gerry & Dewey!


Message: 27632 Posted: Thu May 01 04:28:24 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Fourth Decade Tour:Cathy Rink

Cathy~I am planning to attend the Hershey Concert, but I haven't decided which show. Where are you coming from that you have a 2-3 hour drive to Hershey? The reason I ask is I have about the same amount of driving time from my PA location, right down route 81. We might be near neighbors and not even know it :-)

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