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Message: 28427 Posted: Mon Jun 30 18:23:32 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Burton Cummings.

Burton Cummings did an outstanding job opening for America at the Hartford Civic Center back in 1977.

Message: 28426 Posted: Mon Jun 30 17:44:36 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Burton Cummings

Rich, how do you mean Dan was having a difficult time that night? His voice?

Message: 28425 Posted: Mon Jun 30 13:27:50 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Burton Cummings.

Thanks Kevin, I know I was at that show, the Sportatorium I believe, but I don't remember Burton Cummings. Either I got there late or my age is getting to me more than I thought. I remember Dan having a difficult time that night so it didn't surprise me when I heard that he was leaving later on. That was the first time I saw them open with Riverside after using Miniature and Tin Man for a few years. Oh the good old days!

Message: 28424 Posted: Mon Jun 30 12:18:06 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: The doobie brothers

I just noticed that America appears to be opening for the Doobie Brothers in Oregon on July 20th. I love the Doobies and I hope someone from this board will maybe catch that show and post a review or something. I'm so psyched for this summer's tour dates. America really is taking their shows to the next level lately. They were amazing in Plymouth, MA and I can't wait till they swing back to the northeast.

Message: 28423 Posted: Mon Jun 30 12:12:54 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Eagles

Hope you enjoyed the eagles. Ive seen them before and they are great. If you ever see Don Henley in concert its just like seeing the eagles.

Message: 28422 Posted: Mon Jun 30 11:19:26 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Burton Cummings.

I went down to Florida for Spring Break of 1977. So that was probably in March or early April. I looked in the paper and saw America was going to be in Hollywood. So I jumped on the opportunity to see them.

As it turned out, that was one of the last concerts of America as a trio. It was the only time I ever heard Today's The Day live.

Burton sang "Stand Tall" and a lot of his material from the Guess Who. His set was great.

I still have very fond memories of that show. Spring break my senior year of high school and seeing my favorite band. Started a string of my being lucky enough to have America performing nearby when I happened to be travelling.


Message: 28421 Posted: Mon Jun 30 10:35:12 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Opening acts.

Hey Kevin, when was the America show in Hollywood, FL where Burton Cummings opened for them? Did I miss one year?

Message: 28420 Posted: Mon Jun 30 08:10:43 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: It's Catch Up Time!

Hi there Everybody ~~ The weekend sure flew by, and the weather has really been Great! It feels like forever since I have posted.... Oooooooooh nooo look out! LOL ~~ I will try not to go Overboard! :)

First of all ~~ Hmmmm there was a Birthday Fairy that kinda left a Belated Birthday post on the venturahwy message board... Sooo I just wanted to extend my belated wishes to Robyn, Johnny, KevinS & TerryT ~~ best wishes for the year ahead, may it bring lots of happiness and blessings your way! :)

Thanks Steve L ~~ for your reply back as to the low lying clouds in your pic... by the looks of the other pics you have posted since, this must be a common site there in beautiful Alaska. Keep the pics a comin ~~ sooo nice!

Hi Rob ~~ Hmmm I just wanted to add Firefall to the list of musicians that has played with AMERICA... I am not too sure if they opened for AMERICA or the other way around. ~~ I would love to one day see both Matt & Jeff Larson do a show with AMERICA. That would be Awesome! :) For sure Mo! :)

Hey there Mo & Bones ~~~ Only FIVE more days till the Mohegan Sun show... and my Milk supply is running on empty :) Hmmm ~~ 1 retry down and 4 more to give a shot at!!! :) ~~~ Thanks Mo for the retro on the Dave Matthew's show ~~ I only know a couple of his songs, but I must say the songs I do know of his had a way of taking hold of me mysteriously... His lyrics are really too much ~~ WOW! ~ :) Too neat him playing Taylor guitars! :) His voice is kinda Neat too!

Hi there Kim ~~ I hope you and Whit will be able to take in those shows, Wow just to think the chances are oooh sooo good at you getting to see David Dickey join them ~~ Lucky You'ns! ~~ Hmmm regarding Get togethers and slide shows, I remember going to my Uncles each summer when our relatives were in and we would always get to watch a slide presentation of the year before activities and family reunion. ~~ More recent... my sister in law and her hubby do this too... they video tape all of the family get together's for the year and then on my in laws anniversary coming up here in July, they play this for all to see... Soo I think it is kinda a common thing that has carried on through the years! Nice :)

Welcome & Happy Belated 50th Birthday to you Terry ~~~ That sure was a Nice way of celebrating your birthday. Thanks for telling us all about it! :)

Hi Karen L ~~ Pretty neat you getting to attend this special Madison show! I liked your story about hearing this group Alibi on the radio station singing none other than Tin Man ~~ Too Much ~~ I wonder if their parents were big AMERICA fans ... Hmmmm ! :)

Yes Yes Yes ~~ American Girl ~~ I am soooo Happy for you that 2 shows has been added close to your part of the world! :)

Hi Valerie ~~ I hope things will work out for you to go to see the Eagles! ~~ WOW!!!

Hi Cathy ~~ I hope you had a great weekend.... I would love to hear all about your show you took in! It sure was a perfect weather weekend here in Pa ~~ wasn't it? :)

Hey there Linda & Jimdee ~~ Only 3 more days till the show there in NJ ~~ Have a great time and be sure and let us know all about it Okay? :)

Hey there Mr Mailman ~~ It is your vacation time? Are you gonna be visiting that little Tokie Bar and taking in some nice Songs? I sure hope so! :)

Red ~ Red ~ Red ~~ Are you still walkin on sunshine this week? :)

Well I gotta get now, have a great day all, this is our vacation week as well as a busy time for my work... Bessie the Van is acting up sooo it kinda has put a hamper on our traveling plans! Never a dull Moment here in Paradise! :) Oooooooh well! See ya, Nancy :)

~~ Like a weathervain following the wind, the sun, & rain, the ecstacy & pain, and all that comes between, cause in the morning summer breezes will be coming my way, then in the evening, I believe I'll be ready to say, that I'm living here in Paradise ~~~ Sing it for us Dewey & Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 28419 Posted: Mon Jun 30 08:05:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWC - Misty Fjords Group 2

It was a unique experience taking off from the Ketchikan boat harbor in a float plane. As we headed up toward the low lying clouds we got a good view of our cruise ship. Then we headed to the Misty Fjords national monument which is full of spectacular forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and the clouds that give it its misty appearance. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View of our cruise ship - the ms Ryndam
Entering the Misty Fjords national monument - notice the small waterfall on the left

Message: 28418 Posted: Mon Jun 30 07:56:15 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Opening acts.

A few I can remember: Stephen Bishop in LA. Burton Cummings in Hollywood, Fl. And Firefall in Indianapolis one year, although I could be wrong about that one.


Message: 28417 Posted: Sun Jun 29 19:13:08 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Opening acts -Silver

Yup I saw them with Silver at UCLA in the mid 70's Very cool. Also saw them with Jackson. Funny, those are the only two openers I can remember. I think JD Souther was with them for the initial tour in 72-73 but I can't remember.

Message: 28416 Posted: Sun Jun 29 11:10:29 2003 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Opening acts

i'd open for jeff anyday... that guy's been nothing but cool to me.


Message: 28415 Posted: Sun Jun 29 10:04:26 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Opening acts

Maybe Matt opening for Jeff Larson then America. What an encore that could be!

Message: 28414 Posted: Sun Jun 29 09:28:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Payback Time

After much longsuffering as the husband of this America fan, Jeffrey had his day last Thursday when we went to see the Dave Matthews Band at the Post Gazette Pavilion in Pittsburgh. I'm not overly familiar with his music--I know maybe 3 or 5 of his songs--but even so the concert was awesome. I don't even know what kind of music it is. Well, it's rock but it's more than just rock. Any way, I've never liked labeling things so let's not go there. These guys are just great musicians. I couldn't tell for sure from the Jumbotron screen, but I think Dave uses Taylor guitars. So, hey, he must be a good guy, right? They played for 2 and 1/2 hours with a two song encore. Definitely worth the price of the tickets ($52-ish). The funniest thing is how Dave dances once in a while on stage. It's reminiscent of Fred Sanford to me. Very funny. Very endearing. It was a good time. We were definitely on the eldest end of the bell curve and the soberest for that matter but the crowd was cool. No major idiots. I would do it again...maybe not 8 times in a year, but once a year perhaps. Dave's alright with me. He's cute...not as cute as Gerry, of course...but cute.

Message: 28413 Posted: Sun Jun 29 09:12:20 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun

And on the sixth day, God created...America. Six days and counting. Running low on milk yet, Nancy?

Message: 28412 Posted: Sun Jun 29 09:10:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Opening acts

A cool opening act for America in the near future would be Matt Beckley. What a great show that would be.

Message: 28411 Posted: Sun Jun 29 08:03:24 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Opening acts

Hey everyone,
Thanks for your replies as to the opening acts question, Steve, Steve, Rich. That would have been cool to see Three Dog Night open for America. If I remember correctly, I saw a concert program that had been scanned to this site that made it appear that the band Silver had opened for America in the 70's. I remember reading that Nelson had also opened for America.

Message: 28410 Posted: Sun Jun 29 07:19:53 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Opening acts

On a pre-1990 list, in 1975 Poco opened for America, great show!

Message: 28409 Posted: Sun Jun 29 06:44:41 2003 By: Steve
Subject: Re:Opening Acts

To add to your lists of opening acts I have seen Poco open for America as well as Livingston Taylor (James'brother) and Three Dog Night. Gerry and Dewey had Three Dog Night come out and play with them for the encore "A Horse With No Name" Hope this helps your list a little.

Message: 28408 Posted: Sat Jun 28 22:19:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Opening acts

I have seen America play with Sawyer Brown (at a private concert), Orleans, The Beach Boys, The Lovin' Spoonful, and quite a few local performers. I know that Jeff Larson has also opened for America and that they have played with Ambrosia, Kenny Loggins, Al Stewart, and soon-to-play-with Chicago.

Message: 28407 Posted: Sat Jun 28 21:52:12 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Madison concert

Very nice ! That's the AMERICA we all know. For a long time AMERICA played Alpine Valley in East Troy Wisconsin, always to a standing room only crowd. AMERICA loves Wisconsin.

Message: 28406 Posted: Sat Jun 28 20:32:24 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Opening acts

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone had ever compiled a list of all the bands that America has had open for them/play a double bill with them, etc. As I'm typing this I'm realizing that would be quite a formidable task, so I don't really expect this list to exist, but I just figured maybe someone had made a list of this sort. Even a post-1990 list or something. I am only familiar with the opening acts that I have seen at America concerts. These include Christopher Cross, Becky Chase Band, Aztec Two Step (coming up), Orleans (coming up). I know they have been playing certain shows with Low lately and some with Jackson Browne if memory serves. Anyways, it would be interesting to read what other opening acts have played with America.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying the nice weather.


Message: 28405 Posted: Sat Jun 28 19:27:37 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Madison concert

Terry - Thank you!! My husband and I were at that concert and had an absolutely wonderful time!! Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great year for you!!

Message: 28404 Posted: Sat Jun 28 19:15:23 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Mohegan Sun

Start the countdown Mo.

Message: 28403 Posted: Sat Jun 28 17:00:10 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Madison concert

Terry what an awesome way to celebrate your 50th!!!

Message: 28402 Posted: Sat Jun 28 14:18:00 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Madison concert

Very cool story, Terry. Thanks for sharing that with us - and happy 50th! I'm not far behind you (LOL).

Message: 28401 Posted: Sat Jun 28 13:06:05 2003 By: Terry
Subject: Madison concert

I'm about a month late getting this message out but I would feel remiss if I didn't. I turned 50 at the end of May and wanted to plan something special for it and began thinking of sponsoring a favorite group to play in a smaller venue here in Madison. To make a long story shorter, I had a promoter friend of mine line up America to play at Luther's Blues in Madison and I cosponsored the show. To say it was a success is an understatement. We about sold the place out (with about 150 of my guests partying beforehand and then the general public coming in about an hour and a half before the show). My wife and I met Dewey and Gerry before the show and they were extremely polite and comfortable to be around and they both signed pictures and had some taken of us together. They then proceeded to put on an unbelievable show with the crowd absolutely into it. A local DJ called me up on stage and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to me. I had 7 people that I didn't even know thank me for supplementing the cost of the tickets to enable them to see America in a smaller, upclose venue. For two weeks afterward my friends were still talking about what a unique but awesome way to spin the clock to 50. One of the local papers even had an article two days later about the event that was titled, "Birthday Party, America Style". In this day and age it is truly remarkable to have such guys like Dewey and Gerry whose voices still ring pure and whose warm, classy demeanors remain solid. Take the time to get to one of their concerts.


Message: 28400 Posted: Sat Jun 28 10:08:23 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Eagles

Thanks Red Oak, I will check out ticketmaster. I don't know which ticket agency I found. They sure are greedy with their ticket prices! Thanks again! --Valerie

Message: 28399 Posted: Fri Jun 27 19:39:39 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Eagles

I just looked on ticketmaster for Bakersfield and they show 65 -125 depending on where you sit. Go on and search for Eagles. Find Bakersfield on the list and click on tickets. You will see the price range then. Good luck. Treat yourself.

Message: 28398 Posted: Fri Jun 27 16:33:44 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Eagles

Hi all, I was excited to see from the tour schedule that Red Oak posted, that the Eagles were going to be in Bakersfield. That is about 2 hours from me. But oh my gosh!! Red Oak, you were right about the tickets being pricey! The range was from $510.00 down to $295.00!! Then I checked another Calif. venue and the tickets were, get this $830.00!!!!!! Well, I do like the Eagles but Geeez! I enjoy America MUCH more than I do the Eagles, so I am thankful that we can see them for reasonable prices! ---Valerie

Message: 28397 Posted: Fri Jun 27 15:41:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Sweetwater TX concert

Kim, can you share the correct phone number for the Sweetwater concert with us? Thanks!

Message: 28396 Posted: Fri Jun 27 15:16:46 2003 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

At long last, a show booked in my area (Aurora IL)! FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Something great to look forward to...

Message: 28395 Posted: Fri Jun 27 14:45:19 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Sweetwater TX concert


If I can get to the Sweetwater concert I'll probably skip the OK City concert. My husband is not quite as understanding as your wife appears to be! I will give him credit though--we did attend three concerts last year, two of which were only a couple of weeks apart. Ok I'll fess up. I didn't quite inform him that I knew the guys were going to be at the Texas State Fair two weeks after our trip to see them in San Antonio. The problem as to how to tell him about the State Fair was solved when the that concert was announced on the radio during our drive to San Antonio. I'm still not sure he bought my act of total suprise, but he was a real good sport about it!

Please note... after disturbing two unsuspecting families at home I have discovered that the phone number listed for the municipal auditorium on their website is WRONG. 1st the area code has changed from 915 to 325, and even when I used the new area code the number is wrong. I finally called the parks and rec center, who told me I needed to speak to someone named Ludlum (I think) and gave me another phone number. I just got off the phone with a lady who was talking to the guy who runs the auditorium and apparently the tickets are not in yet, so she took my name and number and will give me a call when the tickets are available. (I am nothing if not persistent)

Depending on the concert time we may drive back home that night as it is only 2-1/2 hours from our area. However, Abilene is maybe fifteen minutes east of Sweetwater so I'm sure hotels won't be a problem.

Rattlesnake Roundup - Much to my RELIEF... the roundup is held the 2nd weekend in March. I HATE snakes and would have really had to think twice before I headed to Sweetwater when a bunch of snakes were going to be in residence.

Another advantage of the Sweetwater concert, I would assume that David Dickey will make a special appearance!

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Message: 28394 Posted: Fri Jun 27 12:28:51 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Styx, REO Speedwagon, Journey Concert

Hi Cathy - The Westbury concert will be here before you know it! Have fun seeing Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!


Message: 28393 Posted: Fri Jun 27 12:05:28 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Sweetwater Texas Concert

Whit--What a schedule! I am exhausted just reading it!

Message: 28392 Posted: Fri Jun 27 11:57:13 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: Sweetwater Texas Concert

Hi Kim, I am in process of trying to schedule the Sweetwater concert. Let me lay out our plans so far...Leave Amarillo Aug. 8 for Las Vegas, see Celine Dion in concert at Caeser's Palace Friday night(my wife's totally excited), leave Saturday morn, drive to San Diego, stay 3 days doing Seaworld, beaches, etc., drive to Los Angeles, stay 5 days doing Disneyland, Universal Studios, baseball game, etc., go to concert at the Greek Theater with America and Kenny Loggins, drive back to Vegas, fly home, work a week, take off to Oklahoma City for Six Flags, see America in concert, and this is where it get's sticky...Do we stay and let kids go to the water park or load up and drive to Sweetwater for the concert? Tough choice...but I'm leaving it up to the kids and wife. I know what I would like to do!!! Do you know if this is the rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater? If so, may have a hard time finding a place to stay. Oh well, we'll know more about what we are going to do a little later on. Will you be at OKC?

See ya,


Message: 28391 Posted: Fri Jun 27 08:19:42 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Steve's Pics

I too grew up in So Cal ( still live there-lol!), but yeah, I had a neighbor who went to a number of very interesting places ( National Parks mostly) and upon their return they would host a "pot-luck" supper, the highlight of which was a slide travelouge of the places they went.

Message: 28390 Posted: Fri Jun 27 07:53:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWC - Misty Fjords Group 1

The Misty Fjords National Monument has been carved to impressive perfection by millions of years of glacial activity. On this popular air tour it takes only the blink of an eye to appreciate nature's handiwork.

The Misty Fjords National Monument is a 2.3-million acre piece of pristine wilderness that must be viewed by floatplane; it is the only way to truly take in its majesty - soaring cliffs, saw-tooth ridges blanketed in trademark mists, sky-blue lakes, endless waterfalls, icy saltwater fjords and miles of glacier-carved gorges.

It's difficult to appreciate the beauty of this area without actually seeing it because it is so misty. Most of my pictures look a little blurry because of the mist, but I'll try to pick a few that demonstrate the beauty. This is the first group of photos with more to come. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

The floatplane that took us on our tour
A view of the floatplane taking off

Message: 28389 Posted: Fri Jun 27 06:39:03 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve's Pics

I was just wondering does anyone out there remember doing something like this, and if so, was this just a small town type of event or did folks in bigger cities do this too?

I grew up in southern California and at the tender age of 19 (hey, America was BIG by the time they were 19) I served as a missionary for my church in Colombia. My two best friends were also missionaries in Mexico and Bolivia. When we returned from our 2 year missions we had slide presentations with travel logs. In fact, I still have those slides and every once in a while I break them out (much to the dismay of my family - "not the slides again, DAD!"). Maybe it was more of a 70's thing rather than a small town thing.

Message: 28388 Posted: Fri Jun 27 05:44:18 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Sweetwater Texas Concert

Yahoo! A concert in Texas--unfortunately it is over labor day weekend and we usually spend that weekend w/ my husbands brother and his family. I just might have to put a nix on those plans as I really don't think I can miss a concert only 2-1/2 hours away. Plus I've got a birthday coming up, so I think I'll request tickets for my birthday!

I've already checked out the website and got a chuckle at a part of the description they give for the city "...with mild weather throughout the year...". Okay--only in Texas would someone consider summer highs in the 90's and 100's "mild"!!! I will grant them though, that for all you snowbirds out there, our winters are probably very mild.

Whit, do you think you are going to make it down for this one? How about you Johnny? (PS where have you been?)

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Message: 28387 Posted: Fri Jun 27 05:32:02 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Steve's Pics

Steve, I'm really enjoying all the pictures from your various travels. Seeing them has reminded of something that I hadn't thought of in many years. My dad served two different tours in Viet Nam in 63 and 70, and while he was there my mom, sister and I lived in their home town of Reed City, Michigan. Reed City is a little town of about 3,000 people and I remember anytime someone took an exotic trip (and if you crossed state lines that could be considered exotic!), they would sometimes give a travelog (sp?) upon their return. These travelogs consisted of a slide show with narration and were held up at the high school cafeteria. I also seem to remember going to travelogs when we were stationed at a small post in Turkey. I was just wondering does anyone out there remember doing something like this, and if so, was this just a small town type of event or did folks in bigger cities do this too?


Message: 28386 Posted: Fri Jun 27 05:04:24 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Styx, REO Speedwagon, Journey Concert

Saw that show in rocked! I thought REO was the best...
Happy Friday everyone!!

Erin :o)

Message: 28385 Posted: Thu Jun 26 21:01:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: In The Wings

I just finished going through all of my e-mail and I have a ton of stuff to put out on the web site. It's going to take me a little while (possibly weeks with my current schedule), but I'll eventually get it all out there. Here's a taste of what's waiting in the wings:

Jim Crowe's fan biography (from Phoenix, AZ)
Photos from the June 7 Agoura concert
Some America icons for your PC
A photo of the California Dreamin' VHS tape
Olivia Frey's short biography and photo (from Mexico)
An updated e-mail address for Chip Crouse's biography
Lots of photos from the Harris, MI concert
A few new singles covers
Some Rolling Stone and other magazine articles
Steve Orchard's interview of Dewey

I did add all of the new concerts tonight along with links to the venues. If you ever find new or better venue links, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience (yes, I do have a life - LOL).

Message: 28384 Posted: Thu Jun 26 19:53:53 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Styx, REO Speedwagon, Journey Concert

Hi Nancy, I had heard that Styx, Journey and REO were in State College recently. I am going to their show near where I live this Sunday~~only three more days!!! I love all three bands, but especially Styx and have been a big fan since my teenage days. Tommy Shaw is absolutely adorable and I love their music~~can't wait to go!!! I'll let you know about it. This will be a fun weekend for me on Saturday also because I'm going to Hershey Park with my son and sister. Several weeks too late to see America there, but I am anxious to see them at the Westbury Music Fair at the end of July.~~Enjoy your family reunion.~~Cathy

Message: 28383 Posted: Thu Jun 26 18:59:33 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Ketchikan

Steve, on second thought, I know you didn't hit the lottery. :)

Message: 28382 Posted: Thu Jun 26 18:55:28 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Ketchikan

Still more great pictures, Steve. One question - did ya hit the lottery er somethin?

Message: 28381 Posted: Thu Jun 26 16:05:36 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Tin Man, other songs, Midwest shows

Hi everyone! I was driving one of our sons to summer school this morning and heard "Tin Man" on the radio, but I could tell it was not America singing it. I wondered if someone did a remake, but it turned out the the 70s/80s station I had tuned to had another band live in the studio and it was one of the songs they do. I was just catching the end of the show so only heard one other song after that - they did Incubus's "Drive". Another interesting thing about this is their name is Alibi and they are three guys - Dan, Gerry/Jerry (not sure how HE spells HIS name), and Donnie. (Alibi? Dan - Gerry/Jerry? Tin Man? A few things in common with America, anyway!)

About those Midwest shows - Dubuque isn't that far a drive from where we are . . . hmmmm. I'd love to see America again soon - I was just hoping for next year! Sooner would be even better! I'll have to see if we can make it there.

Steve - welcome back! Love the pictures from your trip and looking forward to seeing more of them!

Can't wait until Gerry & Dewey are back on the road - I miss the VFTHW pics, too. I hope they are enjoying their time off, though!

Take care -

Message: 28380 Posted: Thu Jun 26 14:19:25 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Eagles and other stuff

Here is the schedule for the Eagles next couple of months shows. Hope u can make it to 1. Save ur money & go, you won't be disappointed, trust me.

July 8 First Union Center Philadelphia, PA
July 9 First Union Center Philadelphia, PA
July 11 MCI Center Washington, DC
July 12 MCI Center Washington, DC
July 15 Fleet Center Boston, MA
July 16 Fleet Center Boston, MA
July 18 Fleet Center Boston, MA
July 19 Mohegan Sun Uncasville, CT
July 21 Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester, NH
July 22 HSBC Arena Buffalo, NY
July 24 Pepsi Arena Albany, NY
July 25 Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City, NJ
August 5 America West Arena Phoenix, AZ
August 6 Centennial Garden Bakersfield, CA
August 8 Coors Amphitheater Chula Vista, CA
August 9 MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV
August 19 ARCO Arena Sacramento, CA
August 20 Chronicle Pavilion Concord, CA
August 22 HP Pavilion San José, CA
August 24 White River Amph. Auburn, WA
?? ?? Indianapolis, IN

Rock On

Message: 28379 Posted: Thu Jun 26 13:41:55 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Eagles and other stuff

Hey all,
I enjoyed very much reading the wrapup of the Eagles show in Denver recently. Thanks Red Oak and I'm very jealous that you are going to this show. I hope the Eagles keep on touring for a few more years, so that eventually I will get to see them in concert. I'm sure it was great, I love the Eagles music and I like a lot of their solo material as well. I would like to hear some solo Timothy B his solo material good? I wish the radio stations around me (i.e. the classic rock and AAA and modern rock etc stations) played a better variety of music so that I could hear some Timothy B Schmit solo instead of The Long Run for the trillionth time. (Good song tho). Anyways...hope everyone is doing well and those of us on the eastern seaboard are enjoying the hot weather.
I have a song in my head right now by a band called the Korgis. Has anybody heard of them? "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime." Great rock/pop song from late 70s/early 1980's. 1980 to be exact.
Man, I can't wait for a new America album...
But good things come to those who wait I guess.

Message: 28378 Posted: Thu Jun 26 13:37:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Trust In Gerry

As promised, Eddy sent me the two songs on Low's "Trust" album that have Gerry singing backup vocals. Both songs were written and performed by Low (Alan Sparhawk, Zak Sally, and Mimi Parker). On the first song Bobby Woods is also featured on organ and accordion, and Marc Gartman on banjo. The soundclips below will be available for a limited time on the chat folder. Simply click on the song title to download/listen to the song.

In The Drugs
La La La Song

Message: 28377 Posted: Thu Jun 26 12:00:42 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Ketchikan

Steve, I really enjoy your photos of places I will probably never get to see. Keep them coming please!!

Message: 28376 Posted: Thu Jun 26 09:20:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Ketchikan

Our first port of call was in Ketchikan, Alaska. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Ketchikan boat harbor
Downtown Ketchikan

Message: 28375 Posted: Thu Jun 26 09:07:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

Did ya see me when you went by?

I missed seeing you John because of the terrible storm. I'm sure I would have been able to see you otherwise (LOL)!

Message: 28374 Posted: Thu Jun 26 09:06:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: VFTWM'sC pics & Eagles Roost in Denver

I must say that view from the ship deck was Awesome. Hmmmm ~~ Was that Fog, or Steam or Vapor Mist that we could see among the tree tops???

Those were low lying clouds. It had been cloudy most of the day but at that point the skies were clearing with patches of clouds all around.

Message: 28373 Posted: Thu Jun 26 08:55:37 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hole In The World.

Jason: I'm not sure if it's available everywhere in the US yet. I read in the Dallas paper a couple of weeks ago that it was to be released to radio stations first, then available only through the retail store Best Buys for a couple of weeks (must have signed a sweetheart deal), then in general release shortly thereafter. I haven't seen any chart info. When I see it, I'll let you know.


By the way, it's released on their own label, Eagles Recording Company II.

Message: 28372 Posted: Thu Jun 26 07:58:43 2003 By: red oak
Subject: 11 days of enjoyment

I see by the schedule that one could attend 5 shows in 11 days by going to Rapid City, Dubuque, Perry, OKC and Sweetwater. This would certainly be a chance to see how different each show is in a different town. How much the voices change from show 2 show. Anyone located in the midwest should certainly explore this possibility.

A mother and father took their 6-year-old son to a nude beach. As the boy walked along the beach, he noticed that some of the ladies
had boobs bigger than his mother's, and asked her why. She told her son, "The bigger they are the dumber the person is".
The boy pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger 'units' than his dad.
His Mother replied, "The bigger they are the dumber the person is."
Again satisfied with this answer, the boy returns to the ocean to play.
Shortly after the boy returned again. He promptly told his mother,
"Daddy is talking to the dumbest girl on the beach and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets."

The mind is a terrible thing...........

Message: 28371 Posted: Wed Jun 25 23:56:32 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Eagles - Hole in the World single (Kevin)


Thanks for you info on the Eagles single. Is it on general release in the US? I've checked the usual internet music sites in the UK and I can't find it for sale. Can you tell me where you bought it from as i'd like a copy. Also is in in the US charts as yet?



Message: 28370 Posted: Wed Jun 25 19:21:01 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

hey, Steve. You sailed right past my place. About an hour out of Vancouver. We watch the cruise ships go by nightly. Did ya see me when you went by?

Message: 28369 Posted: Wed Jun 25 17:32:17 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTWM'sC pics & Eagles Roost in Denver

Hi there Everyone ~~ It was a really nice day here today ~~ We finally headed to the Pool and bought our Family Season Pass and then headed on it for some fun in the sun.... The temps are expected to reach into the 90's tomorrow soooo I guess it is safe to say Summer has finally arrived! :)

Hi there Steve ~~ Thanks for sharing these neat pics with us... I have been seeing lots of green here too, but I must say that view from the ship deck was Awesome. Hmmmm ~~ Was that Fog, or Steam or Vapor Mist that we could see among the tree tops??? ~~ I really like how the Green trees kinda made the Ocean water take on a whole new color... How relaxing this must have been ~~ WOW!! Thanks for giving us a Glimpse of this. Keep the pics a comin our way, I do enjoy seeing them alot! :)

Hey there Red ~~ Thanks a bunch for the great review of last nights Eagles Show... I bet you are all refreshed and ready for the Lonnnnnnng Runnnnnn ;) ~~ I watched my Hell Freeze's Over VHS tape last night and after rewinding Timothy singing I Can't Tell You Why 5 times ~~ I was lulled to dreamland ~~ Nice Nice Nice :) :) :) Talk to you at live chat in just alittle bit~~ Okay! :)

Hi Cathy ~~~ I just wanted to tell you that REO Speedwagon, Styx & Journey was at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College last night, my cousin went to see this... I will get to hear all about it when I see her at our family reunion on the 5th... Is it this weekend you will get to see this show? Enjoy and tell us all about it! :)

Okay gotta get, It is time for live chat tonight ~~ Come and join in on the fun ~~~ See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 28368 Posted: Wed Jun 25 17:10:16 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Eagles and Steve's Pictures

Red, thanks for your post about the Eagles show. Wow, what an exciting night for you!!! I've never seen them live but I know it would be fantastic. Also, your post regarding remedies cracked me up~~I'll have to keep some of them in mind, for future reference.~~Steve, glad you're back from your vacation and had a great time. I loved your pictures and am anxious to see more.~~Cathy

Message: 28367 Posted: Wed Jun 25 14:59:29 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

Welcome back! "A little boat sailing..." is breathtaking. One can truly get lost in the sumptuous don't bore us one bit
Thanks for sharing,

Message: 28366 Posted: Wed Jun 25 14:27:11 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Eagles Roost in Denver

I have recovered enough to write about the Eagles show last night here in Denver. What a demonstration of musical prowess I had the chance to witness. Had great seats 5 rows up from the stage on the right side. The backing group of musicians are excellent and add so much to the overall sound. Don was awesome with his strong voice, Glen was for the most part entertaining, Timmy looked good in his tight jeans, and Joe was dressed in a red mobster suit. Stuart Smith(who took over for Don Felder) was exhilirating with his guitar work. Hole in the World was included in the first set(which consisted of 12 songs. It's OK but no big deal. Highlights of the first set were Wasted Time, Boys of Summer, Take it to the Limit, and Already Gone(dynomite). Highlights from the second set were I Can't Tell You Why:):):):):), James Dean, Lyin Eyes, Life's Been Good, Dirty Laundry, and Heartache Tonight. The best of the encore songs were Rocky Mountain Way and All She Wants To Do is Dance(Glen does a mean stomp dance to this along with the horn section). They took the stage at 8:20 pm and played til 11:30 pm with a 15 minute break between 1st and 2nd sets. The lighting and stage presence was outstanding and the band played off the crowd immensely. What a night, I have no voice and my hands hurt from clapping so much. The Pepsi Center and over 14,000 people got there money's worth and more. You pay for what you get nowdays, and the Eagles delivered big time. If they are coming near you this summer, and you are a fan, go see them. You will kick yourself if you don't. Included is the set list below. Tx for letting me tell you about this terrific show.

First Set

Long Run
New Kid in Town
Wasted Time(Henley at his finest)
Wasted Time reprise
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Hole in the World
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Boys of Summer(great)
Take it to the Limit
Already Gone(great rendition)
In the City
One of these Nights

Second Set

James Dean(fun to hear)
Lyin Eyes(awesome)
I Can't Tell You Why(a crowd fav)
Walk Away(joe at his best)
Tequila Sunrise
Sunset Grill
Turn to Stone(Joe W again)
You Belong to the City(Glen's voice not good for this song, but background horns were great)
Life's Been Good(super)
Dirty Laundry(outstanding)
Funk 49
Heartache Tonight(had everybody groovin)
Life in the Fastlane

Encore 1

Hotel California

Encore 2

Rocky Mountain Way(theme for us Coloradans)
All She Wants to do is Dance(Henley, the man)

Encore 3

Take it Easy(how it all began)
Desperado(Henley with a sad ending)

Message: 28365 Posted: Wed Jun 25 13:53:11 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

I'll second that Steve! Great photos of interesting places. Thanks for taking us along.

Message: 28364 Posted: Wed Jun 25 12:30:59 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

Steve, good pictures...keep 'em coming!!

Message: 28363 Posted: Wed Jun 25 11:28:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Inside Passage

My 11 day vacation began by flying from Salt Lake City to Seattle and then taking a motor coach from Seattle to Vancouver. The scenery was beautiful but I'll spare you those photos. We boarded the Holland America ship ms Ryndam (pronounced rhine-dam) in Vancouver and spent the first day sailing up the inside passage of Alaska. We encountered rain, high seas, and gale force winds much of the time so we didn't go on deck very much. The weather finally cleared up for the last few hours before we reached Ketchikan and we got some beautiful views. Here are a couple:

The Ship's On Deck Pool With Green Hills In The Background
A Little Boat Sailing Along Side Our Ship With Green Hills Behind

Message: 28362 Posted: Wed Jun 25 11:26:31 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Hole In The World.

I have the CD. I came with a DVD of the video and a couple of other things—like outtakes and preparing for the tour—that don't add much.

But the song itself is good. If you like the Eagles, it's the Eagles. I'm not as worried about Don Felder not being around as much as I am about Randy Meisner's absence. His voice was such an integral part of their sound. (Timothy Schmidt is great, but much different.)

Anyway, to put it into Eagles context, the song is reminiscent of "Seven Bridges Road" in the harmonies.

There's not much guitar, though. In fact, there's not much music at all. It's mostly a showcase of voices. And a drum beat (real, not fake—the benefit of having a drummer as a key member of the group, I guess.)

Interstingly, there's a Glen Frey piano solo intro on the video that isn't on the single. I wish it were.

But all in all, it's a great song. Very simple. Good hook. A Henly/Frey-written comment on the state of the world we live in today.

It's the Eagles.


Message: 28361 Posted: Wed Jun 25 11:22:17 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve's Vacation

I debated whether or not to post any pictures because I was sure I had bored you with all of my previous photos. However, since I've had multiple requests I guess I'll pick out a few of the best ones and post them here. I took over 1,000 photos while I was gone so it will be tough to pick out just a few!

Message: 28360 Posted: Wed Jun 25 10:54:46 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

I'd love to make that Niagara Falls date in September .. does anyone have any details on this show such as how to get tickets??


Message: 28359 Posted: Wed Jun 25 10:04:31 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Updated Concert List

Thanks Steve for the Concert List Update. I see that America will be at the Norwalk Oyster Festival here in Connecticut in September.
I have already written it on my calendar, Cool! ~PatB

Message: 28358 Posted: Wed Jun 25 09:19:58 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Eagles new single

Has anyone heard the new Eagles single - HOLE IN THE WORLD? It's released in July in the US (no idea when it'll be released elsewhere). If you haven't you can get a preview from the Eagles fan site:

I've had a listen and its not bad. It's a Don Henley led vocal which sounds kind of gospel. I have to admit it sounds more like a Don Henley solo track than an Eagles song if you know what I mean. There's no big guitar riffs in the snippet I heard. But then Don Felder has now been sacked so there's only Joe Walsh to provide the electric guitar work. Timothy Schmit's background vocals are very noticable though which will please a few fans of this site.

Either way it's destined to be a hit single. I'm interested to find out what the album will be like which is destined for release later this year/early next.



Message: 28357 Posted: Wed Jun 25 04:47:19 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: National Monkeyshiner Convention

Bones, That's a mighty loooong convention...I thought you would be there too, that is, presiding over it...LOL. Let us know about the Eagles concert. They were here just a couple of weeks ago, and I certainly wanted to see them, but not for $150 a pop.

Welcome back Steve! I look forward to seeing some of your excellent photography of the trip.

Message: 28356 Posted: Tue Jun 24 20:32:58 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Update, Please ~~ Tooooooo much ! LOL!

Me Again :) ~~~~ Hey Reeeeeddddddd ~~ It is 11:15 pm here is Timothy singing that WOW What a song right about now... ~~~ When we get crazy, it just ain't right, tearing our hearts apart, are we the same 2 people who lived through years in the dark, cause I love youuuuu, I Can't tell You Why oooooooh noooo I can't tell you whyyyyyyy ~~ Sing it over and over and over again Timothy B :) :) :)

Welcome Home Steve L :) ~~~ Thanks to you and Erin for the great job in keeping us up to date on all of the up and coming AMERICA shows! ~~ Wow Busy ~ Busy ~ Busy schedule! Gerry & Dewey don't burn yourselves out ~~ Please! :)

Hey there Bones ~~ You crack me up ~~ Thanks for being you! Darn ~~ and to think you were gonna shave for the Mohegan Sun show, and I may miss this ~~ Geeze ~~ that isn't Fair at all! ~~ Hey Mo will you take your camera and be sure and get a Pic of this for me to see???? Hmmm ~~ Just a wonderin here ~~ Will you shave for the show that you will see on your Birthday???? You know my birthday is shortly after this... :) I wonder!!!!

Hmmmmm ~~~ <<<<<Perhaps Mr. Yee is at the National Monkeyshiner Convention. >>>>> Johnny did you attend this? ... I seem to remember you saying to me one time that you had heard the term Monkeyshiner used before. ~~ I hope all is well for you! :)
Hi there Valynda ~~ My daughter is just short of turning 11 and I too did a double take on that "Antiboyotics" remedy too! Too much for sure! :)

Congrats Linda ~~ Thanks for letting us know that you won one of the Poco Running Horse CD's ~~ Glad to hear you enjoy it.. I know I really liked the soundclips that I listened to of these songs. ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Anybody else out there besides Vic & Linda that won this CD???

Well that's about all for now folks ~~ Nitey Nite ~~ Nancy :)

~~~ I've got a Peaceful, Easy feeling, and I know you won't let me down ~~~~ ..... Every night I'm lying in bed ~~ holding you close in my dreams, thinking about all the things that You've said, and coming apart at the seams ~~ We tried to talk it over, but I guess that wasn't enough, So here in my Heart I give you the Best of My Love, oooooooooh ooooooooh sweeet darlin, you get the best of my love, ooooooooh ooooooooh sweet darlin you get the best of my love ~~~ Sing it for us EAGLES ~~~ Timothy ~ Timothy ~ Timothy :) :) :) Sooo many great songs for sure! I bet you are a Smiling Red! :)

Message: 28355 Posted: Tue Jun 24 19:21:36 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Steve's Vacation

Hi Steve, Welcome Home! I hope you had a Wonderful vacation! You know we will all enjoy seeing the beautiful scenic pictures you must have taken! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28354 Posted: Tue Jun 24 19:13:13 2003 By: valynda
Subject: The Remedies

Hi all, Hey Red Oak, I hope you have a Great time at the Eagles concert! Looking forward to your review. Also, I just love the "remedies" you posted, especially the "Antiboyotics"! I have a fourteen year old daughter and that definitely applies to her! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28353 Posted: Tue Jun 24 16:20:02 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Update, Please

That's too bad Nancy. I was even going to shave that night.

Message: 28352 Posted: Tue Jun 24 16:17:35 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Buon Compleanno Sergio

Perhaps Mr. Yee is at the National Monkeyshiner Convention.

Message: 28351 Posted: Tue Jun 24 16:09:44 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Poco

I meant to post sooner, but I've been super busy....I'm one of the lucky ones who won a Poco CD. I've listened to it a oouple times, and it's great! It's their "Running Horse" CD, and it will definitely be one that I listen to frequently - along with my America CDs, of course! They played near here recently, but I had to miss it cause it was the same day as my son's graduation. Sorry I missed it, but thank you Poco for the CD!

Sure wish there'd be an America concert around here this summer!!
Welcome back home, Steve!

Message: 28350 Posted: Tue Jun 24 13:59:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert List

Hi Everyone,

I left Anchorage this morning at 1 am (3 am Utah time) and it was still light outside. Unbelievable! I arrived in Salt Lake City 4 hours later at 7 am. It was colder in SLC than it was in Anchorage and there was snow in the tops of the mountains. I dropped my wife off at home and then I went straight to work (which is where I am now). I have a ton of stuff that I need to do at home the next few nights before I'll have time to post any of the concert photos, but I'll get them out as soon as I can. I'll also try to respond to the many mail messages that I got while I was away. If you have written to me and I haven't responded, please be patient. I'll get to you as soon as I can.

I just received a mail message from Erin Edwards with the latest UPDATED concert list. I'll be checking it against my list and making any corrections to my list the first chance I get. But I want to post it here right away so you will have access to it. Thanks Erin, for keeping us updated!

7/3/03 Spring Lake, NJ / Old Mill Inn
7/4/03 Fredrick, MD / Baker Park
7/5/03 Uncasville, CT / Mohegan Sun
7/6/03 Uncasville, CT / Mohegan Sun
7/19/03 American Fork, UT / American Fork Steel Days
7/20/03 Beaverton, OR / Griffith Park
7/23/03 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / Hiawatha Racetrack Slots
7/25/03 Stillwater, MN / Town Square Park
7/26/03 Boston, MA / Hatch Shell City Park
7/27/03 Gilford, NH / Meadowbrook Farm
7/29/03 Westbury, NY / Westbury Music Fair
7/31/03 Belmont, MI / Cannonsburg Ski Area
8/1/03 Belmont, MI / Cannonsburg Ski Area
8/3/03 Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada / Little River Rockfest
8/8/03 Columbus, OH / Columbus Civic Center
8/9/03 Hot Springs, AR / Magic Springs Theme Park
8/16/03 Los Angeles, CA / The Greek
8/20/03 Rapid City, SD / Central States Fair
8/22/03 Dubuque, IA / Diamond Jo Casino
8/23/03 Perry, IA / Lake Robbins Ballroom
8/30/03 Oklahoma City, OK / Six Flags Frontier City
8/31/03 Sweetwater, TX / Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium
9/4/03 Madera, CA / Madera District Fair
9/6/03 E. Norwalk, CT / Norwalk Oyster Festival
9/7/03 Wooster, OH / Wayne County Fair
9/18/03 Marysville, WA / Tulalip Casino
9/19/03 Modesto, CA / State Theatre
9/20/03 Anahiem, CA / The Grove of Anaheim
9/26/03 Niagra Falls, NY / Seneca Niagra Casino
10/7/03 Cumming, GA / Cumming County Fair & Festival
10/9/03 Alexandria, VA / The Birchmere
10/12/03 Rutland, VA / Paramount Theatre
10/13/03 Topsfield, MA / Topsfield Fair
10/18/03 Aurora, IL / Paramount Arts Center

Message: 28349 Posted: Tue Jun 24 07:55:06 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Update, Please

Hi there Everyone ~~ Another Beautiful sunny morning here... hmmm if I am Dreaming this ~~ Don't Bother Waking Me Up ~~~ Wow Jeff Larson's song Sparkle to It fits this dream to a tee.... Nice :)

Hi there Mo & Red ~~~ This is definitely Red's day to SHINE ~~ I am all excited just thinking about you getting to see the Eagles again... Have a Fantabulous Time! And Yes I would love to hear all about it too. ~~~ Well Mo ~~ You had wanted to know if there was any new developements on me being at the Mohegan Sun show.... I'm afraid nothing new to tell you there.... That day is my Mom's family reunion and I had thought my son Adam could watch the kids at this to help my sister out some... but it turns out that is right when my son Adam will be going with his friend to Ocean City, Md.... He had asked way back in May if he could go to the beach with them.... and dummy me never asked when this was... it figures it is this same weekend. Sooo it kinda looks like I will need some kinda magical luck or a miracle to be there.... Darn it Anyhow! I hope you all know just how much I did want to be there tho! :)

Ciao Bruno ~~ Nice hearing from you...

Hmmm ~~ "Get your money for nothing! And your checks for free" Wow Mo that is a nice concept for sure.... I like it! Too much how the songs that we love kinda find a way into our everyday lives.

Hey there Rob ~~~ Yes Orleans song "Dance With Me" is one great song, takes me back to my late teens... lots of nice memories for sure! ~~ Hmmm I am kinda thinking that Mel from Florida got to see Orleans open for an AMERICA show last summer.... Mel if you read this, am I thinking right about this????

Okay gotta get now, have a great day all! See ya Nancy :)

Hmmm a great song for today ~~~ I'm Walking on Sunshine ~~Yeah walking on sunshine ~~ Funny I can hear this song as plain as day in my mind but the lyrics are a blurr.... Sooo take it from ther Katrina & The Waves ~~ sing it for us! :)

Message: 28348 Posted: Tue Jun 24 06:35:08 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Update, Please

Since my mind will be wasted after the Eagles show 2nite, a review will be forthcoming, just not very soon. This is an event everyone should witness in their lifetime. This will be the 6th time in 9 years I've been fortunate enought to see the EAGLES. They always amaze me as to their talent. Tonight will be no exception.

Message: 28347 Posted: Tue Jun 24 04:16:19 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Madison Ave. Revisited

Speaking of using popular music to sell your product, I've noticed today that this can even be accomplished in the print media. In the mail yesterday, we got a flyer from a bank that had these words on it, "Get your money for nothing! And your checks for free!" Using music in print, what a concept.

Message: 28346 Posted: Tue Jun 24 03:39:17 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Update, Please

Bonesy, how was CDB? By the way, Red, even though it isn't an America show, please give a full concert review about the Eagles show tonite. Thanks.

Message: 28345 Posted: Mon Jun 23 20:52:44 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Buon Compleanno Sergio


Buona notte e molte grazie per la felicitazione(?), amico! I am really stretching my Italian here,and as we say, going out on limb, I hope I said it right...I took a semester of Italian in college, I can usually read and understand it due to its similarity to Spanish, but writing and speaking it is another thing. In those days, I was so obsessed with Sophia Loren, I was a "one man Sophia Loren fan club", I wanted to know the language in case I'd ever meet her...Oh, was I dreaming then!! My cousin once told me that he was in an elevator at the Madrid Hilton (Sophia was in Spain filming "The Fall of the Roman Empire" circa 1963)and he said that she smiled at him and that he had never seen anyone so beautiful in front of his eyes. Well, she appeared to the wrong cousin for sure, because it should have been me...Years later,when I visited Rome, I thought for sure that the same thing would happen to me, I was looking for her in elevators, at restaurants, at all the fountains, but no luck...Came away empty handed.:(

I too had been wondering about Johnny's absence from the message board???


Message: 28344 Posted: Mon Jun 23 17:45:07 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Orleans

hmm I was in "da house" at the show where they suffered a meltdown and got into a donnybrook on stage. Hope this show is entertaining in a more professional way.

Message: 28343 Posted: Mon Jun 23 17:43:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: One Twisted Sister

I guess it could be that I am just as twisted as you are, Red Oak, but whatever the reason, I enjoy your posts and encourage you to post on and on. Have fun at the Eagles. I Can't Tell You Why is a great song. I would pick Those Shoes as my fave, though. Do you think they will play that one?

Gen and Danae, oday ouyay eakspay igpay atinlay? If we're gonna speak a foreign language, I thought maybe we could pick one that we all know such as pig latin. Just an idea. French is over my hick head. Did I miss anything juicy?

Speaking of foreign languages, what the heck is a monkeyshiner? I know I've heard you say this before, Nancio, but you're the only person I've ever heard say that. I hate to tell you the mental picture it conjures up in my admittedly sick little mind. Don't even go there. Less than two weeks 'til Moooooohegan. Did you talk the hub into it yet? Give us an update.

Message: 28342 Posted: Mon Jun 23 13:56:15 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Buon Compleanno Sergio

Buon Compleanno Happy Birthday Sergio
ub saluto a Genevieve and a question to friends of America
where is Yohnny Yee?
ciao hi bruno

Message: 28341 Posted: Mon Jun 23 12:42:36 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: America with Orleans?

The schedule for the Hatch Shell lists America with Orleans on July 26 from 7 - 9:30pm. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 28340 Posted: Mon Jun 23 12:37:05 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: America with Orleans?


I have not heard anything, but if they do, I saw Orleans last year at around this time, and they sounded real good. They will definitely set the right tone for our favorite band.

Message: 28339 Posted: Mon Jun 23 12:19:14 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: America with Orleans?

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone has heard that the band Orleans will be opening for America when they play in Boston next month? Is this true? I hope it is...Orleans is a cool band and I love their song "Dance with Me".

Message: 28338 Posted: Mon Jun 23 11:55:28 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re`gle d'aigles & So tempting Gen!

Hi Hooo Me Again :) Hmmmmm ~~~~ I feel like singing and dancing, everythings going my way ~~~~~ :) :) Today is more than making up for all of my last week headaches!

Ooooooh Red ~~ You are too much for sure! Regarding these rememdies... I will keep a copy them handy for future needs.... I do see a couple that could accomodate my needs at times ~~ LOL!!!! Nice to see you posting again my friend! Thanks for the SMILE! ~~~ Hmmm Regarding you having to get yourself physically and mentally prepared for your big night tomorrow.... all you gotta stay focused on is getting all Spiffied up and grabbing ahold of the Mrs.'s arm and getting there early to take in all the sights and sounds and also be sure to grab a camera and have someone take a pic of your shining moment... Then sit back hold the Mrs's hand tight and get ready to sing sing sing and listen extra closely when Timothy sings I Can't Tell You Why, cause you know just how much I would love to hear him sing that song ~~ RIGHT??? ;) Enjoy ~~ Shine ~~ Enjoy~~ Shine! You lucky Monkeyshiner you! :)

Hey Gen ~~ Your offer for me and Mo and her guitar to come there to France and join in on one of your oooooh sooo nice get togethers is quite tempting to say the least! I am sure we would be welcomed and accepted there quite nicely. What fun it would be ~~ Nice to know that your friend Tom plays guitar and lives soo close there to you now.... WOW I am sure you will be having lots of fun talking about AMERICA and sharing their great music... Nice! :) Thanks for the neat info about Roland O. and his present works.... He has such a neat voice! I know I have said it before on here, I just love his song Advice for the Young at Heart ~~ Such an awesome song! :)

Okay back to work for me, see ya Nancy :)

Oooh when I woke up this morning I turned on the radio and Jack the morning DJ was just saying and here is AMERICA singing Sister Golden Hair ~~~ You can betcha I was a smiling and singing then ~~~ Hmmm no wonder my day is going soo good, it sure got off to a nice start~~ :)

~~~ Would you meet me in the middle ~~ Would you meet me in the end, would you love me just a little, just enough to show you care ~~ Sing it Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 28337 Posted: Mon Jun 23 10:42:10 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: règles d'aigles (correction)

Hummm, still WISH actually. I've found some alternative with time. I remind everyone about my birthday date. No more headache, see. Doesn't keep you from hangovers, though!

Message: 28336 Posted: Mon Jun 23 10:29:53 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: règles d'aigles

Hi Red!
Funny rules. Cheered me up. Thanks a mil ! Wished I knew about that JackAsspirin of yours before I got a divorce years ago :-).
Love your terrible, boyish mind.
Enjoy your Eagles concert!
see ya. Gen.

Message: 28335 Posted: Mon Jun 23 08:53:13 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re`gle d'aigles

As I prepare myself mentally & physically for the BIG EAGLES CONCERT tomorrow night, I can't help but reflect on some past posts by ladies about their predicament, kids, jobs, etc. So, I found some remedies for what ails some people and their life situation. These are not my ideas nor can they be associated whatsoever with me. Nor are they meant to disrespect or anger anyone.:):):):):):) Live and learn is my motto. Remember, the mind is a terrible thing!!!!!!!!!!

Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 hours.

St. Mom's Wort
Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering preschoolers
unconscious for up to six hours.

Empty Nestrogen
Highly effective suppository that eliminates melancholy by enhancing the memory of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out.

Liquid silicone for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an
evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and improves flirting.

Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers.

When administered to teenage girls, is highly effective in improving
grades, freeing up phone lines, and reducing money spent on make-up.

Potent antiboyotic for older women. Increases resistance to such lines
as, "You make me want to be a better person...can we get naked now?"

Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping. Increases potency and
duration of spending spree.

Extra Strength Buy-One-all
When combined with Buyagra, can cause an indiscriminate buying frenzy so severe the victim may even come home with a Donny Osmond CD or a book by Dr. Laura.

Relieves headache caused by a man who can't remember your birthday,
anniversary or phone number.

A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on anyone too eager to
share their life stories with total strangers.

More effective than Excedrin in treating the, "Not now, dear, I have a
headache," syndrome.

When administered to a husband, provides the same irritation as ragging on him all weekend, saving the wife the time and trouble of doing it herself.

Message: 28334 Posted: Mon Jun 23 08:30:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Nancy

Hi Nancy,
Nice to hear from you too. Working like a dog these days on personal & professional projects + d-day approaching...
Yes really happy to have my friends around. Tom & I have been friends AND America fans for ages now. He's bought a nice little house not far from my place. This year he's brought the whole family to renovate the house & garden. Of course, I made sure he had not forgotten the guitar either :-) Some wonderful nights ahead, with music & excellent local wine & food... Are you planning to join? Ask Mo to take her guitar & America songbook too! :-D
I'm glad people in the US don't get manipulated by the press. I had to laugh when Tom told me his sister was scared they might not be welcome in France! Only people who don't know us can have such a distorted view of things. We are naturally undisciplined and critical ok, BUT we are in no way anti-American. Sorry for refering to this controversial topic, but for some reason, I HAD to say it.
See you soon.

Message: 28333 Posted: Mon Jun 23 08:06:10 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Tears for Fears

<<its a shame tears for fears didn't last longer>> .
Don't be sad, TFT is NOT DEAD !!!
Actually, to me at least, TFT was merely Roland Orzabal's work and talent and the band's music still exists through him. He's released a couple of albums since 1995, notably 'Raoul & the Kings of Spain' (1995) & 'Tomcats Screaming Outside' (2001) and produced Emiliana Torrini's EXCELLENT cd 'Love in the Time of Science' . Very Bjork-esque. He also released 'Saturnine, Marshall, & Lunatic' ( 1996 ), a VERY INTERESTING compilation of B-sides and rarities on which he magnificently covers Bowie's 'Ashes to Ashes' and Robert Wyatt's 'Sea Song', and some more... To me Roland is simply a musical genius (and physically very 'craquant' :-)) Just LOVE him.

Message: 28332 Posted: Mon Jun 23 07:53:47 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: hekawi25 ~Right on the money! & a little more!

Hi there Everyone ~~ Hey it is Monday Morning and guess what the Sun is shining ~~ Wow I think we broke the chain of grey and dreary Mon. mornings! Nice :)

Hi there hekawi ~~ You're welcome ~~ Thanks for your thoughts on the Fleetwood Mac show, that would have been neat getting to watch the lyrics as Stevie was singing them. I really like Stevie alot! I do think it would be quite noticeable ~~ Christine McVie's added talent, not being there, she definitely completes their sound. I got their new Say You Will audio dvd and with each listen I am hearing earlier qualities come through with the newer comp. techniques added to this. ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Yep, you are right on the money with Tears for Fear and their Sewing the Seeds of Love album ~~ I have it and I really like it alot. They sure do put their all into their songs! Quite the powerful message tool!

Hi there Gen & Danae ~~ Nice hearing from you both! ~~ Hang in their Gen! Hopefully having your American friends there will help this go by more quickly and you will be all settled and back to posting regularly again... Hmmm Danae ~~ I haven't heard of this Eric Clapton CD ~~ is it a new one from him? Mr. Slooooooowwwwww Hand sure has some nice songs! I hope you are enjoying your summer break! :)
Ooooooh Yes Gen that is a nice list of AMERICA songs, some really nice exposure for sure! :) Take care!

Hi Hooooooo Red ~~~ I sure hope Nelleybelle is completely fixed and ready to roll! Hey in only ONE more day you will be heading to the Eagles show a the Pepsi Center..... WOW ~~ I am sooooooo excited for you! :)

Well gotta go for now, have a good day all, See ya, Nancy :)

Ohhh Gerry I forgot in my post the other day to mention Thanks for the VFTHW pic from Harris, Mich... Nice to see a shot of the Night scene there around the Casino, I bet it brought a nice smile to your face Steve O. :)

~~~ Taken care of business, tacken care of business ~~ take it from there BTO ~~ Wow that song takes me back to my high school days for sure! I am a Smilin just a thinkin about it :) :) :)

Message: 28331 Posted: Mon Jun 23 07:35:33 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Ce n'est qu' un aurevoir... pour Danae

Oui Danae, mais seulement physiquement! Hahaha...
(En argot, 'demenager' signifie aussi devenir fou, perdre la tête ou être anormal.) Je pars à quelques petits Kms de ma maison actuelle que je viens de vendre. rien de bien méchant, tu vois. Comment se sont passés les examens pour toi? Dis-nous :-)

Message: 28330 Posted: Mon Jun 23 06:25:20 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: New shows, VFTHW ~Harris & Best first album

hey nancy,
thanks for remembering that i was going to the fleetwood mac show. the concert was great! had excellent seat with a good view of the girl running tele-prompter for stevie nicks....never got to read along with the lyrics at a concert before...pretty cool! buckingham is an amazing guitarist and mick fleetwood is still one of the best drummers ever. it was missing something without christine mcvie who's not with them in this incarnation...but then we know what its like when a group no longer has one of their important members.
liked your "first albums" list, yep that dido album is sweet, and its a shame tears for fears didn't last longer. their "sowing the seeds of love" album was good, too.

Message: 28329 Posted: Mon Jun 23 03:44:13 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Riding With The King

My cousin sent me a CD of Eric Clapton, "Riding With The King". Very good album. My favorite tracks: "Riding With The King" and "Marry You".
My advice: BUY IT NOW!!

Message: 28328 Posted: Mon Jun 23 03:38:58 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Ce n'est qu' un aurevoir...

Vous demenagez?

Message: 28327 Posted: Mon Jun 23 02:06:55 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir...

Moving in two days in difficult conditions with the overwhelming heat we have to face in France presently (around 35°/40° C)... Will be away from the folder for a while as I told you previously, but will enjoy the presence of my American friends who arrived yesterday.
So enjoy your life everyone. Don't forget to post the concert reviews because I WILL catch up as soon as possible.
See you soon.

Message: 28326 Posted: Mon Jun 23 01:51:35 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: RTL radio's saga Of America

For the 2 guys who asked me directly, RTL radio's saga Of America was broadcast on January 3rd 2002. Here the set list that accompanied the loooong bio:

(Titles in order of their passage)
- "Woman tonight" (CD "Hearts")
- "Today's the day" (CD "Hideaway)
- "Everyone I meet is from California" (CD "Hourglass")
- "Don't cross the river" (CD "Homecoming")
- "Rainbow song" (CD "Hat trick")
- "A horse with no name" (CD "America / A horse with no name")
- "I need you" (CD "America / A horse with no name")
- "Ventura Highway" (CD "Homecoming")
- "Muskrat love" (CD "Hat trick")
- "Tin man" (CD "Holiday")
- "Lonely people" (CD "Holiday")
- "Sister golden hair" (CD "Hearts")
- "Only in your heart" (CD "Homecoming")
- "Sandman" (CD "America / A horse with no name")
- "Daisy Jane" (CD "Hearts")
- "Old man Took" (CD "America / Live")
- "The last unicorn" (CD "The last unicorn")
- "Survival" (CD "Alibi")
- "You can fo magic" (CD "View from the ground")
- "The border" (CD "Your move")
- "Young moon" (CD "Hourglass")
- "Greenhouse" (CD "Hourglass")
- "Never be lonely " (CD "America in concert")
- "From a moving train" (CD "Human nature")
- "Amber cascades" (CD "Hideaway")
- "Special girl" (CD "Perspective")
- "She's gonna let you down" (CD "Hat trick")
- "Nothing's so far away (as yesterday)" (CD "Encore : more greatest hits")
If you can read French, here's the link :

Message: 28325 Posted: Mon Jun 23 01:49:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Hip Hop Horse

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is just fine. Guess our webmaster is having a great time in Northern Land...taking a million photos for us to see :-) Can't wait , Steve!
Just noticed I missed some fans' birthdays. Sorry. Want to wish all the Geminis & Cancers of this folder a very happy birthday !!!

To go to the topic, some French fans of the band asked me about The hip-hop remix version of "A horse with no name" by the Neptunes ( that's to say producers Chad Hugo et Pharrell Williams), but actually though I know about its existence as we all do, I've never had a chance to hear it. Anyone got info?

Message: 28324 Posted: Mon Jun 23 00:37:58 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Nancy and Whit, thank! Best wishes to Vic, Red Oak

Nancy, Whit and Sergio, thank you for your kind words, and concern, for those who have suffered loss.

Message: 28323 Posted: Sun Jun 22 17:59:03 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Current Song List

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Hmmmm Finally a Sunny day today with a East to West side Blue Eyes sky with a Cottonball Cloud Parade~~ Nice!

Hi Rob ~~ Here is the Playlist that I heard at IUP on April 1st
1. Riverside
2. Ventura Hwy
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Daisy Jane
5. To Each His Own
6. Company
7. Three Roses
8. I Need You
9. George Harrison Tribute ~~ I Need You
10. Baby It's Up to You
11. Wheels
12. Tin Man
13. Border
14. Only in Your Heart
15. California Dreamin
16. Lonely People
17. Hangover
18. From A Moving Train
19. Never Be Lonely
20. Sandman
21. Sister Golden Hair
22. Encore ~~ Horse With No Name

Hi Whit ~~~ I liked how your song lyrics kinda fell right into line there. Yes the Sun was a guest here most of the day!

Sergio ~~ You're welcome! I remember each of those songs by the Classics IV ~~ Nice songs for sure! I hope you had lots of cake and ice cream! :)

Hi there Lass ~~ I agree with you about Avril Levigne's Let Go being a best first album, I really like her song Tomorrow, as well as I'm With You, Skaterboy, she really has a way with her voice for all the bigger she is. I also like Phil Collins alot and yes Face Value has some really good songs on it. I like his new Testify CD too all of the songs flow together nicely, it is easy to listen to it over and over again.

Take care everyone, See ya ~~ Nancy This neat remake of an older song by Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton has been on my mind since watching the 2 Weeks Notice movie...

~~~Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you got till it's gone.... they paved paradise and put up a parking lot (Vanessa does a neat job on the ooooo bop bop bop oooooooooo) ~~~ Listened late last night I heard the screen door slam and a Big Yellow Taxi came and took my girl away ~~~ Now don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you got till it's all gone ~~ Sing it Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton lalallalallalalala :):):)

Message: 28322 Posted: Sun Jun 22 14:06:20 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Current Song Set

Hi Rob - I saw America on June 1st in Hershey, PA & they did indeed play "Company" .. enjoy that show in two weeks, wish I was going too!!


Message: 28321 Posted: Sun Jun 22 13:38:40 2003 By: Rob
Subject: Current Song Set

Dear F.O.A. (Friends of America)

Does anyone know America's current concert song set listing? I'll be seeing them in two weeks. I thought I heard something about "Company" being part of the playlist this time around.


Message: 28320 Posted: Sun Jun 22 04:55:03 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: best first album

In no particular order:
America - America
Counting Crows -August and Everything After
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Himself (US release)
Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
Nora Jones - Come Away With Me
Junkyard Jane - Washboard Highway
Phil Collins (solo album)- Face Value
Arvil Lavinge - Let Go
Dido - No Angel

Message: 28319 Posted: Sat Jun 21 19:56:20 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Nancy and Whit, thank! Best wishes to Vic, Red Oak

Whit and Nancy,

Thanks so much for your kind words and birthday wishes, I look forward to it tomorrow, specially since it is on a Sunday. Whit, you are not alone in this chat folder when it comes to hair loss, I started losing my hair back when I was in my late twenties too and today I have a shiny blinding bald spot in the back of my head...Heredity can be very cruel!

Those were great first album selections. You and I have similar tastes aside from America, I could easily have included Steely Dan, Restless Heart, and the Carpenters on my list, Karen C. really sang like an angel.


I've been following the news about the fires surrounding your area and my heart goes out to all those folks losing their homes and belongings. It is heartbreaking to see all the people in shock over losing their life's dreams. Hopefully the devastation will end soon.


Great going identifying the Classics IV, this somewhat forgotten soft rock group fell into obscurity after 1969. I would just like to mention their other notable hits~ "Traces" "Everyday with You Girl" and my favorite "Stormy". That song in particular brings back such sweet memories of high school dances back in '68.

Bye for now,


Message: 28318 Posted: Sat Jun 21 12:20:42 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: best first album

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

oh yeah and a guy named matt Beckley has a stunning debut cd.....

Message: 28317 Posted: Sat Jun 21 07:55:05 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Happy Birthday Sergio and Sad News

Hey Everyone, Whatup?

Happy Birthday Sergio!!!
Hope you have a great day. I know what you mean about losing the neurons. Trouble is, at our age, there is a lot of things that get lost. They tell me the memory is the first to go but I can't remember if that's right. I lost my hair when I was in my 20's, so I can't blame that on age, just heredity! Have a great birthday and keep up the posts. You are a very important part of this board!


So sad what is happening in your beautiful desert. I've just read the paper about all the homes lost and the desperate struggle to control this wildfire. I hope they get it under control soon before any lives are lost or any more homes. Look at the positives(if any), the new growth after a burn is extremely prolific. Before you know it, the desert will be in bloom again!!!

Hey Nancy,

Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow...
Hummmm, seems like a song in there somewhere.

Hey Red,

How's the weather in Denver? I talked to my daughter Father's Day and she said the mountains were really beautiful right now after all the snow this past winter. Wish I could come up and fly fish sometime(my favorite pasttime) and Colorado is the best place!

See ya'll,
Have a great weekend everyone!


Message: 28316 Posted: Sat Jun 21 07:38:26 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Yes Vic ~~ soooooo sad to hear about the fires there!

Me Again :)

Hi there Vic from the Desert ~~ I sure wish I could somehow put these leaking grey clouds in a seal proof bag and send them Via the internet there to Ariz.... I hope some much needed rain will come there soon... Yes definitely a Blessing No Lives lost from this fire! Take care ~~ Hmmmm ~~ Hint Hint ~~ Have you been working on your AMERICA project???? I hope sooooo!

Gotta go now, see ya Nancy :)

Dewey is singing Garden of Peace in my headphones right now sooo I just gotta let my fingers sing my favorite lyrics

~~~ a mirror pond reflects the dawn, over the banks cross the emerald lawn, a breeeeeeze has come I'm carried along, sooo follow the paths through the knowing treees, and each time you Laugh it is Love you Release, that Love Will Come Back in the Garden of Peace ~~~ Sooooooooo nice for sure ~~ sing it Dewey Dewey Dewey :)

Hey there Leaky ~~ How are you doing ~~ I hope good, I hope you are enjoying some nice times in your leakycanoe ;) ~~ come join us soon in live chat...... :)

Message: 28315 Posted: Sat Jun 21 07:29:44 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Thanks Red!!!!

Hi Everyone ~~

Thanks Red I knew I could count on you for that answer! I have always liked that song, and Yes Atlanta Rhythm Section did a great remake of it. :) :) :) It is grey and chilly and rainy here again! I sure hope the sun is shining there for you. Take care :)

Hmmmm ~~ I did a double take on the 2 Week Notice movie ~~ It was oooooooh sooo good. I am a big fan of Sandra Bullock's and I like Hugh Grant too... If there is anyone out there wondering if this Movie is good ~~ I give it 5 stars out of 5 ~~ it is a light hearted, cute, funny, romantic, 2 on the same Wavelength kind of Story! I think I will watch it again.... :) ;)

Have a great weekend all, we have a graduation party to go to later this afternoon ~~ I sure hope the Sun is an invited guest! Happy 1st Day of Summer..... Hey there Jimmmmmmm(bob) ~~ toooo much your Winter Season is just beginning there in NZ! ~ I sure hope You will be getting more time to get out your guitar and play some nice songs! ;) Seee ya ~~~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ This is a song about Your wavelength and my wavelength Babyyyyyy, you turn me on when you get me on your wavelength nowwww, with your wavelength, with your wavelength, with your wavelength.... ooh mama, oooh mama, oooooh mama ~~~ waveeeeeeeeeelllength, ooohh mama waveeeeeelength,~~~~ you never let me down no no, you never let me down, no no, when I'm down you always comfort me, wwhen I'm lonely you tryyyyy see about me, you are everywhere you are supposed to be.... Sing it for Me Van the Man Morrison :) :) :)

Ooops one more thing ~~ Hey there Steve O ~~ that was neat seeing the song I'll Be Good To You by the Johnson Brothers... Wow did that song bring back memories to me... A great song for sure! :)

Message: 28314 Posted: Sat Jun 21 07:28:11 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: New shows, VFTHW ~Harris & Best first album

<<It is still gray and gloomy and rainy here in PA ~~ Hmmm tomorrow is the longest day of the year and the first full day of SUMMER ~~ the weatherman says its gonna get nicer next week...>>

Nancy, we could use some of your gray and gloom, here in Tucson. It is terrible what has happened in the mountains around our fair city. 2 days ago, the smoke plume, above the mountain, was so thick and high that it appeared as if volcano had erupted. Very sad, especially for those who lost their homes and businesses. No lives have been lost, Praise God.

Message: 28313 Posted: Sat Jun 21 07:04:41 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: New shows, VFTHW ~Harris & Best first album

Nancio, Spooky was first done by the Classics IV back in the 60s and later redone by Atlanta Rhythm Section(key word being rhythm):):):):) Tx for the question.

Message: 28312 Posted: Fri Jun 20 23:20:03 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: New shows, VFTHW ~Harris & Best first album

Hi there Everyone ~~~~ Nice to see sooooooo many POSTS ~~ Yes Yes Yes~~~ I am on a Fantasy Train Ride right this moment.... Nice ;)( No I didn't go Overboard, I am just listening to my playlist of songs and right now the songs from Tom Cruise's movie "Risky Business" are playing... I think that instramental song called Love on a Real Train by Tangerine Dream is sooooooo relaxing)~~~ I am just unwinding from 2 Crazy days... TGIF for sure! :)

Howdy Right Back at you Steve L ~~ What a surprise to see you posting ~ I'd be willing to bet you wished you were boarding the cruise ship again! ~~ I hope the skies are sooooo Blue and filled with rainbow colors for sure.... It is still gray and gloomy and rainy here in PA ~~ Hmmm tomorrow is the longest day of the year and the first full day of SUMMER ~~ the weatherman says its gonna get nicer next week... Hmmm I sure Hope soooooo! ~~ Neat to see some new shows added.... that Niagara Falls show is Kinda calling My Name..... It will be nice seeing all of your pics and the pics from the piled up emails.... But don't You be thinking about that now.... Take Care & Enjoy the rest of Your trip! :)

Hey there DanC ~~ AM Girl ~~ JoeB ~~~ Mark your calenders for Oct. 18th and be sure and order your tickets early to get some good seats..... Yes Yes Yes AMERICA is coming your way for a SHOW! :)

Happy Birthday Sergio! ~~ Enjoy your special day! ~~ I really thought that was kinda cute you getting a valentine from a little 9 yr old girl with your name as Sir Joe! :)

Hi Rob ~~ Neat you will be going to see AMERICA on July 27th in NH, this opening act has a pretty unique name, that is great you will be able to see them the same night.

Hi Shayne ~~ I Hope all has been going well for you!

Hmmmmm ~~ hekawi ~~ How was the Fleetwood Mac show you and your Mrs saw? ~~~ Neat Question you have posted ~~~ I gotta agree with Mo on Matt's new CD being the most recent best first album , and The Thorns could very well be listed here too, I have listened to the clips from their new CD and I gotta say I really can hear some nice accoustics and harmonizing there... :) ~~ Mr. Mailman get ready to deliver my new Thorns CD soon! ~~ Now for the rest of my List of albums....
Of course AMERICA was an instant first for sure.
2. Summer Breeze ~~ Seals & Croft ( I really like this too Sergio)
3. Can't Buy A Thrill ~~ Steely Dan ( For sure Hekawi!)
4. Have You Never Been Mellow ~~ Olivia Newton John
5. Hmmm not sure of the title ~~ Barry Manilow (maybe not even his first album... the one with Mandy on)
6. Restless Heart (self title)
7. Celine Dion (self title)
8. Songs From the Big Chair ~~ Tears for Fear
9. No Angel ~~ Dido
10. Firefall (self title)
11. We've Only Just Begun ~~ Carpenters (not sure if this was the right name... I will have to dig out my album..

Othere faves that wasn't necessarily 1st albums... Christopher Cross, Dan Fogelberg's, Eagles, Carly Simon, Fleetwood Mac's, Genesis's, Sade, Gloria Estefan, Savage Garden, Matchbox 20, ~~~ My list could go on and on... lots of older groups too. ~~

Well it's been fun ~~ Enjoy your weekend ~~ Nitey Nite all, Nightowl Nancy... I am gonna go watch the movie 2 Week Notice with Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant!

~~ In the cool of the evening and everything is getting kinda groovey, I call you up and ask you if you'd like to go with me and see a Movie, first you say no, you got some plans for tonight,& then you stop and say alright.... Love is kinda crazy with a SPOOKY little girl like you, You always keep me guessing, I never seem to know what you are thinking, and if a fella looks at you, it's for sure your little eye will be a winking ~~ I get confused cause I don't know where I stand, then you smile & hold my hand ~~ Love is kinda crazy with a Spooky little girl like you ~~~ Take it from there Hmmmmmm Red ~~ Help me out ~~ Who is it that sings this great 60's song???? :)

Message: 28311 Posted: Fri Jun 20 21:17:24 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Concerts

Here's an updated list of concerts that I received from Erin Edwards while I was on the cruise ship. I'll update the concerts web page when I get home later next week.

7/20/03 Beaverton, OR / Griffith Park
7/23/03 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / Hiawatha Racetrack Slots
8/8/03 Columbus, GA / Columbus Civic Center
9/4/03 Madera, CA / Madera District Fair
9/26/03 Niagra Falls, NY / Seneca Niagra Casino
10/18/03 Aurora, IL / Paramount Arts Center

Message: 28310 Posted: Fri Jun 20 21:10:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Harris

Howdy everyone! I got off the ship in Seward, Alaska this morning and now I'm in Anchorage for the evening (at the Hilton hotel). Tomorrow morning I head to Denali National Park and I'll be spending several days there. I just finished checking my e-mail and I had over 50 messages. I received a bunch of photos to post on the web site but it will be a week or so before I get home and have time to work on them. If any of you have written to me and I haven't responded, you'll know why.

In the meantime, I got a View From The Hotel Window photo from Gerry. It was sent earlier this week from Harris, MI. Click here to see the photo.

Message: 28309 Posted: Fri Jun 20 19:53:13 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: best first album

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out, Dan. I was thinking of the right album but remembered the wrong title...I'll be 51 in less than 48 hours and my neurons are already failing me...

I then retract my erroneous selection and will substitute it with "Santana", Santana's self named debut album from 1969, which gave us the landmark hit "Evil Ways". By the way, have you all heard his newest cd "Shaman"? It is hot, hot, hot! The first single "The Game of Love" with Michelle Branch doing the vocals is a gem of a song~ ¡Una tremenda cancion!
Have a great weekend,

Message: 28308 Posted: Fri Jun 20 19:49:36 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: best first album

Here are 5 choices from me,in no particular order...
2)Christopher Cross/Christopher Cross(1980)
3)Carl Douglas/Kung fu fighter(1974-Awesome R&B LP!)
4)Sade/Diamond Life(1985)
5)The Brothers Johnson/Look out for #1(1976,included the hit "I'll be good to you")

Message: 28307 Posted: Fri Jun 20 17:47:55 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: best first album

1. Boston's first
2. Van Halen's first
3. The Thorns' only one
Hey Sergio, I hate to be picky but I Got A Name was Jim Croce's last album before that fateful plane crash. His first credible album was You Don't Mess Around With Jim even though there was an album he recorded with his wife Ingrid before that.
4. Lynryrd Skynyrd's debut (pronounced' leh-'nerd 'skin-'nerd)
5. Bad Company' first album "Bad Company"
6. Dwight Twilley Band's "Sincerely"
7. Heart's "Dreamboat Annie"

Message: 28306 Posted: Fri Jun 20 16:59:51 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: OT: Shayne...Thank You

Thanks Shayne.. I appreciate the help..
Take Care...

Message: 28305 Posted: Fri Jun 20 14:59:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: best first album

U2--Boy (Amazing debut)
Matt Beckley--Songs of My Wasted Youth (Amazing Debut, hopefully as successful as U2!!)

Message: 28304 Posted: Fri Jun 20 13:53:17 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: best first album

My top 10 nominees are:
Meet The Beatles-The Beatles
Sweet Baby James- James Taylor
If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears-The Mamas and the Papas
Christopher Cross-Christopher Cross'debut album
Carly Simon-Carly Simon's debut album
Summer Breeze-Seals & Crofts
I Got A Name- Jim Croce
Jon Secada-Debut album
Sade-Debut album

Fun game,

Message: 28303 Posted: Fri Jun 20 11:42:41 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: best first album

Hey Hekawi25,
Interesting post. I have often thought that America typifies the common trend of a band's first album being their best. (Although I love just about every America album, with the exception of "Your Move") I thought of a few examples of other GREAT first albums, artists really coming out of the box at the top of their game:
Billy Joel "Cold Spring Harbor" (My favorite Billy Joel album at this point...very much an underrated emotional masterpiece.)
Bruce Springsteen "Greetings From Asbury Park"
Pearl Jam "Ten"
Train's self-titled album
The Mamas and the Papas "If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears"
Simon and Garfunkel "Wednesday Morning 3AM" (It's not their best, but I enjoy it sometimes.)
Weezer, self-titled debut album
Pete Yorn "Musicforthemorningafter"
I'm sure there are others too


Message: 28302 Posted: Fri Jun 20 10:11:03 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: best first album

most of us here agree on how great the first America album is, and as the commercial says, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So I'm curious...what are your nominees for best first albums....(first solo by a former group member doesn't count)
my top 10, in alphabetical order:

America (self titled)
Bangles: All Over The Place (it was great knowing about these girls before they hit it big)
Beatles: Please Please Me (restored to original British version for did they do this all in one day?)
Cars (self titled) (weird and quirky and lots of fun)
Crowded House (self titled)(still sounds brand new)
Dire Straits (self titled)(My favorite guitarist Mark Knopfler still hasn't topped his debut)
Eagles (self titled) (from "take it easy" to "peaceful easy feeling" great stuff)
Kate Bush: The Kick Inside (still amazing)
REM: Murmur (the got more popular later, but this was their best)
Steely Dan: Can't Buy A Thrill (yes you can, this album is full of 'em)

Message: 28301 Posted: Fri Jun 20 04:25:44 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: You are Correct!


You got it! I knew that would give it away...Thanks for playing along.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend,

Message: 28300 Posted: Thu Jun 19 22:51:16 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Off topic-Non-Anglo, "foreign" sounding names-mine

"...Hop on the bus, Gus...", from "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" Gustavo?

Message: 28299 Posted: Thu Jun 19 20:54:37 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: What The Heck?

Ahhh, CDB. Good for you, Bones. He won my respect forever when he included Pittsburgh Steeler fans in the lyrics of one of his hits. We listened to him a lot in HS during the whole Southern-fried rock era.
Yes, please let me know about the seats at Mooooohegan...the ones in the back of the joint most likely.
Have fun.

Message: 28298 Posted: Thu Jun 19 20:28:36 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: What The Heck?

Hey Mo, going up to the Mohegan Friday night to see The Charlie Daniels Band. I'll let you know how the seats are.

Message: 28297 Posted: Thu Jun 19 19:53:47 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: OT: Help.. Who sang this song?

Painted Ladies - Ian Thomas


Message: 28296 Posted: Thu Jun 19 19:38:34 2003 By: rc
Subject: OT: Help.. Who sang this song?

Was talking with a friend and was asked who did this.. the lyrics go...oooo oooo feeling fine mama, painted ladies and a bottle of wine...oooo feeling good mama...etc.. I can hear it in my head but for the life of me can't remember who sang it..
Robin C

Message: 28295 Posted: Thu Jun 19 19:09:14 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Off topic-Non-Anglo, "foreign" sounding names-mine

Red and Vic,

Nice try, but no...I will give you a musical clue~ Paul Simon used it in his lyrics, that is a shortened version of my middle name, in one of his great solo hits in the mid 70's. This will surely give it away.

I would imagine that in the West with such a high Mexican immigration the name, Sergio, is more commonly heard.

Happy Friday everyone,


Message: 28294 Posted: Thu Jun 19 17:28:29 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Off topic-Non-Anglo, "foreign" sounding names-mine

Sergio, great story about your name, that is. It's quite common, here in Tucson, as you might expect.

Red, I think "Guido" is a name, more likely to be found, in my family tree, than in Sergio's. :)

Sergio, my guess is, Guantanamo or perhaps, Geraldo.

My grandfather had a great handle - Vitto Martino Savatori Romano.

Message: 28293 Posted: Thu Jun 19 15:35:36 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Meadowbrook Farm anyone

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to post to say the youngster of this board (me) is going to see the July 27 show at Meadowbrook Farm in NH. Anyone else planning on taking in this show? I'm excited for it and I might actually be at the Oldies 103.3 show the night before in Boston. We'll see about that though. I'm psyched that Aztec Two Step is opening for them in NH. Aztec is a cool folk-rock duo that I started to get into a little while back, all I have by them is the acoustic reworkings of their greatest tracks, which is a cool album. I listen to it quite a bit and some of my favorite songs include "The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)" "Living in America" "Dance" "Cosmos Lady" "Prisoner" and etc. They are a cool group, I am thinking of saying they are the east coast 70's version of America, but that would be really generalizing things and pigeonholing them. Very catchy, folksy, fun, songwriter rock. It should be cool to see them live for my first time. I've seen a number of America concerts, though.
I wonder if Gerry and Dewey will perhaps be joined onstage by the guys from A2S for a song or two at this show, maybe for Sandman or SGH or Horse with No Name. This should be a great show. I can barely wait until America swings through my neck of the woods.
Hope everyone's week is going well.
Rob L

Message: 28292 Posted: Thu Jun 19 15:29:11 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Meadowbrook Farm anyone

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to post to say the youngster of this board (me) is going to see the July 27 show at Meadowbrook Farm in NH. Anyone else planning on taking in this show? I'm excited for it and I might actually be at the Oldies 103.3 show the night before in Boston. We'll see about that though. I'm psyched that Aztec Two Step is opening for them in NH. Aztec is a cool folk-rock duo that I started to get into a little while back, all I have by them is the acoustic reworkings of their greatest tracks, which is a cool album. I listen to it quite a bit and some of my favorite songs include "The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)" "Living in America" "Dance" "Cosmos Lady" "Prisoner" and etc. They are a cool group, I am thinking of saying they are the east coast 70's version of America, but that would be really generalizing things and pigeonholing them. Very catchy, folksy, fun, songwriter rock. It should be cool to see them live for my first time. I've seen a number of America concerts, though.
I wonder if Gerry and Dewey will perhaps be joined onstage by the guys from A2S for a song or two at this show, maybe for Sandman or SGH or Horse with No Name. This should be a great show. I can barely wait until America swings through my neck of the woods.
Hope everyone's week is going well.
Rob L

Message: 28291 Posted: Thu Jun 19 15:14:53 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Off topic-Non-Anglo, "foreign" sounding names-mine

My guess is Guido.

Message: 28290 Posted: Thu Jun 19 10:47:37 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Off topic-Non-Anglo, "foreign" sounding names-mine

I can relate to what your grandparents did with regards to changing their name...I was given the chance to change my own in 1971, when I became an American citizen, and actually toyed with the idea, but in restrospect I am proud I did not. Prior to that, when I arrived in the states in 1960, age 8, it seemed that no one had ever heard of the name Sergio. A few months after my arrival in Miami, I went to live in Rome, NY, and for me it was like arriving on Mars, I can imagine that for the "Romans" I must have seemed "not from this earth" as well. With this total immersion away from anything Cuban, came the beginnings of my americanization process and unfortunately some unkind, although sometimes funny, permutations of my name,i.e. "Serigo", "Sergigo", "Serio", "Sergo" and the more acceptable Serg. The funniest one was "Sir Joe" (I once got a valentine from a girl addressed to Sir Joe). At age 9, knowing very little English, I thought the Shirelles' hit song "Soldier Boy" was all about "Sergio Boy"...I was so elated that my name had finally arrived...Yeah! However, it wasn't until Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 arrived on the music scene that my name got some publicity. Gladly, today we live in a more open minded society, a global community, and people don't have to feel ashamed or awkward about something as personal as a name. I know this is way more information than anybody wanted to hear, but I just had to tell about it... Thanks for listening. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to divulge what the G. in my middle name stands for and it ain't George. Take care everybody, have a great day,

Message: 28289 Posted: Thu Jun 19 07:52:15 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Poco contest

Robyn, yes I am Irish. The name used to be O'Roman. After my grandfather came to America, he dropped the O from his name. ;) Just kidding. The O was actually on the other end, hence, Romano. After marrying my grandmother, who was also Italian, but born in this country, they dropped the O, from the end of the name, to avoid the "WOP" connotation. That's what my grandmother told me. Sad but true. I know, more info than you were looking for, but nothing else going on here.

Nancy, please forgive me. I know there will be something in your inbox soon.

Message: 28288 Posted: Thu Jun 19 07:51:34 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: What a Relief!!!! Toooooooo Much Mo!

Hey there Everyone ~~~~ Yooooooo Hooooooooo ~~ Wake Up ~~ Tickle Tickle Tickle ~~~ Let's get this chat board a Booming with Posts again..... Okay??????? :) ~~~ Another Gloomy morning here.... I have about had it with this weather.... I wanna know the answer to that oooooh soo famous lyric line from CCR's song ~~ Iiiiiiiiiii wanna Know Who'll stop the rainnnnnnnnnn, Iiiiiiiii wanna know will it ever stop coming downnnnnnnnnn, I said Iiiiiiiii wanna know just Who'll stop the rain....... Long has I remember the rains been coming down, caught up in the showers, confusion all around, still the rain kept pouring, and I wonder oooooh I wonder just Who'll stop the rainnnnnnnnnnnn ~~~~ LOL!!!!! Yes I must be cracking up ~~ FOR SURE! LOL!!!! ~~ The kids keep saying we wanna go swimming, then the next minute they are saying they wished there was still school and then the next minute they are Hungry again.... it is a nonstop Circle of Deja Vous allll day long here.......... CALGON take me AWaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! :)

Hey there Mo ~~~ You are too much.... thanks for the smile.... and nice getting to talk at live chat last night... How was it that Para worded it.... hmmmm something like okay I give in and it is even an hour earlier in time here..... and something about us being late nighters..... Tooooo Much!!!!! ~~~ What can I say wednesday night is my night to follow that ooooooh sooo nice song lyric from one of our favorite AMERICA songs.... ~~~ Sometimes late when things are real and people share the Gift of Gab among themselves, some are quick to take the bait and catch the perfect prize that waits among the shelves.... and Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have.... and cause never was the reason for the evening or the tropic of sir gallahad..... sooo please believe in me when I say I'm Spinning down, down, down, soap suds green like bubble spinning round, round, round.... Take it from there Dewey Dewey Dewey.... (please excuse my ooooops in my singing there ... my brain is on fast forward this morning.... and my fingers are trying hard to keep upppppppp! LOL!!!!

Nice talking to all the rest of you at live chat too! It was kinda a Quickie Night.... mostly people just stopping in and leaving quick.... still a fun night tho! ~~ Hey there Bones are you taking dancing lessons now??? ~~ Where have you been on wednesday nights??? Hi DJ toooooo, we miss you joining us! :)

Hey there Redddddddd ~~~ I sure Hope ~~ Mr. Mechanic gets Nelleybelle back to running smoothly again... Is the sun shining there? ~~~ I know it will be shining in your eyes in SIX more days for sure!!! :)

Okay I know I am getting carried away here.... sooo I will go for now! Have a great day all! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Ain't no sunshine when you're gone, it's not warm when you're away, ain't no sunshine when you're gone..... and you're always gone too long, ain't no sunshine when you're gone, Wonder this time where you've gone , wonder how long you're gonna be away..... this chat board just ain't no funnnnn when you're away...... Come back soon all~~~ :) :) :)

Message: 28287 Posted: Wed Jun 18 22:46:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Yikes, It Was a Hoax

Newsflash: The chat folder is working. Good thing I didn't give away any state secrets in that last post. Whew. Close one.

Message: 28286 Posted: Wed Jun 18 22:44:25 2003 By: Moser
Subject: What The Heck?

Is it true? Is it possible? IS THE CHAT FOLDER NOT WORKING???? ARGH. Do you realize what kind of withdrawal that can cause? Break out the sliding scale dosages of Librium to make it through the DT's. (Hey Red, there's evidence of my $50,000 education. Don't blink or you'll miss it.) Well this will not likely post but I'm trying, baby, I'm trying. Happy Wednesday...or actually Thursday morning already. Only two days 'til the weekend and only 16 days 'til Mooooooooohegan. Can't wait to meet you Bonesy. Oh, and I guess it'll be okay to see that band you mentioned. Who was it, again? Oh, yeah, America. Right. What do they sing?

Message: 28285 Posted: Tue Jun 17 10:42:34 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Poco contest

Hi Vic ~~ Congrats to you you Lucky Monkeyshiner you! ~~ Hmmm I just checked my email and Nope no such luck for me! Let us know what you think about it after you listen to it.

See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 28284 Posted: Tue Jun 17 10:38:03 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Poco contest

No, I didn't. You aren't Irish are you, you sure have the luck in any case!

Message: 28283 Posted: Tue Jun 17 08:46:17 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Poco contest

Speaking of Poco, I was just notified that I have won an autographed Poco cd. I think it's the "Running Horse" cd. Anyone else recieve notification about having won a Poco cd?

Hi --

You recently entered a contest for a Poco autographed cd at I would like to let you know that you were drawn as one of the winners! Congratulations!
Please email me back with your mailing address so that I can send you your prize.

Lucy Beer
Klew Media

Message: 28282 Posted: Tue Jun 17 07:31:36 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Nancy...Hate to correct you but......

Hi Everybody

Thanks RC ~~~ Me and my Ooooops! LOL!! ~~~ I was posting in rather a hurry yesterday... and any time Timothy is being mentioned my mind kinda runs a muck with all of the great songs he has done or worked on... and as I was posting the lyrics to "I Won't Hold You Back Now" I kept thinking to myself that this song was by TOTO ~~ but with all the POCO talk I put POCO down.... I do remember Bones going to the TOTO concert a little while back and I had asked him if they sang this great song that it was one of my favorites. ~~ I think it is Awesome how many different music artists and groups Timothy has worked with. :)

Hey there Redddddddd ~~~ In ONLY SIX More days you will be getting to hear Timothy sing My Most Favorite song he sings.... I Can't Tell You Why ~~ Nice Nice Nice ~~ I wish he would sing it 4 times in a row! WOW!!!!!! :) :) :)

Hi there on the Gooooooo Eddy ~~~~ Thanks for sharing this neat info with us! I hope you will send your pics of the show to Steve to post for us all to see. ~~ It will be neat getting to hear these Low songs that Gerry piped in "Hey, I'm on that" Too much!!! :) ~~ Have a good fishing trip! :)

Hi there Spurs & Whit ~~ Thanks for the neat perspective on the Timothy B info. :)

Okay gotta get now ~~ Have a great day all! See ya, Nancy :)I can't seem to get this song out of my head since yesterday sooo I just gotta post some of the lyrics, there will probably be some ooops and boops in my posting the lyrics, cause I don't have time to search through my long playlists of songs for it now....

~~~ Sooooooo far awayyyyyy doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore,it would be sooo fine to See Your Face at My Door, but you're just time away ~~ Long ago I reached for you and there you were,thinking of you again would only do me good, but you're sooo far away, it would be soo fine to see Your Face at My Door ~~ One More Song about Moving along the Highway, can't see much of anything thats new, If I could only figure out things my wayyyyy, I'd be spending time with you ~~ but you're soooo far awaaaaaaaaay doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore, it would be soooo Fine to See Your Face at My Dooor, soooo far away.... soooooooo far away ~~~ Sing it for me Carol and Rod Stewart.... Ooooh what a great song for sure! ;) :)

Message: 28281 Posted: Tue Jun 17 05:40:18 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Speech, Moser, Eddy, Erin...

Thank You, Robin, (& Sergio), for the B-day wishes, it was one of the BEST!
Yesterday I got the photos w/Rich, gB, & Dewey, turned out pretty good!(except for the fact that I'm in them, LOL!)
It's a little rainey here, but still getting ready to go fishing! Speaking of fishing, The night of the concert Dewey mentioned that he caught a 20" walleye, Lake Vermillion is one of the best walleye lakes in this area.
When I talked to gB, I forgot to tell him how much I enjoyed mB's CD, kinda got caught up in the moment I guess..... I did tell Alan Sparhawk (of Low) how much I liked his CD (Trust) & Gerry piped in, Hey, I'm on that! I told him that I sent the 2 tracks w/him on it to Steve.L.
2 photos that I got signed (for Tommy) were from when they played Bayfront in Duluth(VERY short set, thunder & lighting) & Gerry mentioned that's were he met Alan.....That's all I can remember at the moment, better get ready to go! Have a great day, everyone!

Message: 28280 Posted: Tue Jun 17 04:32:59 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Speech, Moser, Eddy, Erin...

Thanks, Robin C.

Message: 28279 Posted: Mon Jun 16 18:43:59 2003 By: rc
Subject: Speech, Moser, Eddy, Erin...

Speech, man I was heartsick for you after I read how you missed DF concert..He was in state, sat, but had prior commitment and couldn't get there. Saw him last summer, but really would have liked to see/hear him play some of the new stuff live..ah well...
I left tickets on table one time, got half way there, realized it, and had to go back..was late for concert and another time showed up a week early for family gig lol..The worst part of that one was on the sheet of directions to get to my cousin's house the date of the gig was printed on it! DUH.....But had a nice time with cousin and her hub, and nice drive through the Amish countryside.

Moser: would like to wish you and your DH Happy Anniversary, although belated. Hope you have many more happy years together.

Eddy and anyone else who's I may have missed..Happy Birthday, again belated..sorry lol.. I don't get here often.

Erin:Glad to hear you had a good time in Europe, I know you were a little concerned about going at the time.. Congratulations!! on your engagement and I wish you and your fiance' all the best now and in the future..

Think that's all..
Take Care,
Robin C

Message: 28278 Posted: Mon Jun 16 18:30:08 2003 By: rc
Subject: Nancy...Hate to correct you but......

Poco did not sing "I Won't Hold You Back"( song you wrote lyrics for in your post) Tim B did sing back up on the song but it is a TOTO song.. Written and lead vocal by Steve Lukather... Album is TOTO 4
Still an excellant tune....


Message: 28277 Posted: Mon Jun 16 17:46:38 2003 By: Spurs
Subject: Re.Grocery Store Sernade (Timothy B)

Hello everyone,Charlie Harrison and Stephen Chapman are credited as the rhythm section on Legend,the two were formerly in Leo Sayer's back up band.Both were fired by the by the original producer of Poco's Inamorata album.Poor Charlie has not been well since having one lung and gall bladder removed.Interestingly Timothy B did vocals on the Inamorata album and then did a few tours with Dan Fogelberg.

Message: 28276 Posted: Mon Jun 16 15:41:49 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade (Timothy B)

According to the All Music Guide(AMG) website, Timothy B. Schmidt had departed POCO before the LP legend was released. Also, the credits do not show Timothy as player or singer. Hope this helps!

See ya, Whit

Message: 28275 Posted: Mon Jun 16 14:24:14 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade (Timothy B)

This kind of minutiae always interests me. Are you saying that Timothy B. Schmit played and sang on the Legend LP but was uncredited because he was on his way out?

Message: 28274 Posted: Mon Jun 16 13:57:23 2003 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade (Timothy B)

Legend was begun about the time Timothy was leaving Poco for the Eagles. As memory serves, the other credited members are the new English guys who were just then being brought into the fold.
But you should hear some familiar harmony there.

Message: 28273 Posted: Mon Jun 16 13:50:15 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade

Hi Everybody ~~ Finally a Sunny Monday ~~ It is Absolutely Gorgeous here today! :) Nice to see the Blue sky with the White Cottonball clouds for sure!

Hi there Speech & Welcome macchiefs ~~ Hmmm thanks for the interesting info regarding POCO and their ooh soo nice song "Crazy Love" ~~ You have all probably gathered by now that I am a big fan of Timothy B too... I must admit tho, my knowledge of him and his Poco days isn't that great. I did love the song "Crazy Love" tho and I do remember it well. It seems to me that among the brand new Poco clips from their new "Running Horse" CD the ones with both Rusty and Paul doing leads caught my attention. Some really nice voices make up POCO, no doubt about it. ~~ Hmmm another one of my favorites of theirs that Timothy sings such nice back up vocals is "You Know I Won't Hold You Back Now" :)~~ Hmmm My wondering mind is wondering if it is Rusty or Paul that does leads on this great song?

Hi there Rob, Sergio ~~~ Saturn Nights is one great song for sure, it has been a favorite of mine for always... Too Much it having the very same lyric line in as another one of my all time favorite songs by Carol King and I really like Rod Stewarts version of it as well. Just like Speech I too never really noticed this till you pointed it out Rob... I hear So Far Away on the radio almost everyday... that is something I never noticed this before... I am curious now too, to know whether Dan had this great song in mind when writing the lyrics to Saturn Nights ~~ even tho these lyrics have 2 seperate meanings in these songs.... Interesting Indeed! :)

Hi Nina ~~ Take care! Have a great summer vacation... I do hope you saw my earlier post suggesting you check your Public Library out to see if they have computers there with internet access to use. Nice that you will be going to a couple of AMERICA shows ~~ If I don't get to go to the Mohegan Sun show... I do have my mind set on the one in October thre in Conn. I believe it is the Oyster Festival.... :)

Okay I gotta go for now, enjoy the rest of your day everybody!

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~~ Time can't erase the Love we shared, but it gives me time to realize just how much you cared... Now that you're gone, I'm really not the sameeeee, I guess I have myself to blameeee ~~ Time can erase the thengs we've said, but it gives me time to realize you're the one who's there ~~ You Know I Won't Hold You Back Now, the love we had just can't be found ~~~ Sing it Poco & Timothy B :) :) WOW what a song!

Darn I would love to post those great lyrics to Carol's song "You're sooo Far Away" but I gotta get for now... maybe next time :)

Message: 28272 Posted: Mon Jun 16 13:44:02 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade (Timothy B)

There's an excellent chance you know more than me about the fine detail of Poco's history, but this much I know: Timothy B. Schmit is not credited with having written any songs on the Legend LP, I do not hear his voice on the Legend LP and, if memory serves, he is not credited as a contributor on the Legend LP. Also, if you do a search on the Web site, under Timothy Schmit, you'll get a page that lists the Poco albums on which Schmit played. Legend came out in 1978, followed by Under the Gun. According to the Web site, Timothy Schmit ain't on either of them. (In fact, he is last credited with appearing on a Poco LP that came out in 1977, and then not until much later, for obvious reasons ... he was tied up with the Eagles and pursuinga solo career). In any case, either Timothy B. was "ghosting" on the Poco LPs, which is entirely possible, or you're thinking of another Poco LP besides 1978's Legend.

Message: 28271 Posted: Mon Jun 16 12:50:07 2003 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade

Timothy B was in Poco at the time of the Legend album, but it is Rusty Young on lead vocals.

Message: 28270 Posted: Mon Jun 16 12:40:23 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Grocery Store Serenade

Pardon me for sticking my nose in here, but I just wanted to mention that "Timothy B." was not in the Poco line-up that cut the song "Crazy Love." That line-up was led by Paul Cotton and Rusty Young... not positive which of the two sang lead on that tune, but it was one of 'em (I think it was actually Paul Cotton. Rusty Young's vocals tended to be recognizable, too, but in a slightly rougher manner.) The LP was "Legend."

Message: 28269 Posted: Mon Jun 16 12:15:17 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Saturn Nights

I'd be interested to know what influenced Saturn Nights. I personally never linked Dan's tune with the Carole King song. The line "One more song about moving along the highway" isn't that screamingly original, so I didn't necessarily see a surefire connection. I always thought the "feel" of the performance of "Saturn Nights" was its calling card. And some of the lyrics -- for example the line "made a sign above your doorway, to show I care" or something like that -- hint at something spritual. Again, I always loved the feeling being conveyed in this tune, and I always heard it as a feeling about something deeper than the person-to-person longing expressed in Carol King's (fine) song. I don't recall if Dan ever revealed in his autobiography what prompted him to write Saturn Nights, but I don't believe he did.

Message: 28268 Posted: Mon Jun 16 10:03:41 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Saturn Nights

Being that I am also a big fan of Carole King, I had noticed the similar lyrics too. There has to be a connection in them... "So Far Away" was a huge hit at the time and in the radio waves all over the nation. Carole's music was influencing many writers of the day, it wouldn't surprise me if Dan had borrowed a thing or two from her. Carole King, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell defined the singer/sogwriter movement when Dan, Gerry and Dewey were coming into their own.

Message: 28267 Posted: Mon Jun 16 10:01:41 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Signing off

Hi all! Signing off for the summer at 3:30 PM this afternoon! Will miss everybody..but will check in for news a couple of times over the summer. Mo and Daisyjane64 have promised to inform me me if any new concert info. arises, or if present concert info. changes.

I'm planning on attending Mohegun Sun on July 5th and Hatch Shell in Boston on July 26...hope to see some familiar faces at each event.

"Yoo-hoo, Gerry and Dewey"..."I'll see you soon!" Looking forward to both shows!

Message: 28266 Posted: Mon Jun 16 09:32:43 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Saturn Nights

Oops . I just realized that in my previous post I had credited Gerry with writing Saturn Nights but actually it's Dan's lyrics apparently.

Message: 28265 Posted: Mon Jun 16 09:30:28 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Saturn Nights

Hey everyone,
I just was reading the posts and I thought of a question that I've had for a few years about an America lyric that maybe someone could clarify. I am pretty sure the Highway booklet doesn't really answer it. It's about the song "Saturn Nights". This song starts with the lyric "One more song about moving along the highway," and then repeats that lyric again later. I was wondering if the song "So Far Away" by Carole King is related to this lyric here at all. Because in "So Far Away" one of the chorus lyrics is "One more song about moving along the highway." Is the similarity just a big coincidence? Carole's lyrics were written first, and it is possible that Gerry was using the technique of making a pop culture reference that is subtle but that it is part of what makes songwriting interesting. Or maybe he was just listening to Carole King one day and he got that line stuck in his head and ended up kinda using it.
Either way, "Saturn Nights" is a pretty cool song and so is the Carole King song and I didn't mean to bash either of the songs. I was just wondering if anyone has any information about how the connection between them came about.

Rob L.

“Some came down to hang out by the river
Others were waiting to find the night
We stood long just waiting for the picture
Looking at people to see what was right

Soon came the people
From over in the valley
Hundreds of them walking
Towards us in the rain
Then we turned around
And hid out in the alley
Met along the stones
Down Tomorrow Day Lane

Take away the road and no one will remember
How many journeys we hedged in the stone
Friends around will take away the wonder
Sharing a moment of being alone”
go Dewey! great song

Message: 28264 Posted: Mon Jun 16 01:24:34 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: To each his own...

Hi there!

Thanks Nancy for the kind words. Hopefully the telecom guys will be quick to get me a solution.

Hey Mo,
<<The rear view is just as nice!! >>
And to think some say marriage is sentence!!! :-D

Have a great day. Gen.

Message: 28263 Posted: Sun Jun 15 19:43:57 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: To each his own...

Hi Everyone :)

Hi Gen ~~ Happy Belated Birthday! Nice hearing from you! Happy Moving... I hope all goes fast and smoothly for You! ~~ We will miss you too ~~ Take care! :)

Hi Cathy ~~ Glad to hear you are enjoying Matt's new "Songs Of My Wasted Youth CD ~~~ I agree with your sentiments regarding it ~~ Nicely said! :)

Hi there Mary ~~ Sorry to hear your allergies are acting up. I hope you will be feeling better soon. We missed you at Live Chat! Take care!

Nitey Night Everyone ~~ Take Care! Nancy :)

Midnight rolling in, sunlight
Reaching out for your return

As you were running through the tunnel of life
And soon you'll dance around the fire of fright

When you're standing on the corner
And the sun is getting hot
Does this day begin to worry you a lot

You are, what you are, too far
Golden star, a ruby light ~~~~ Sing it Dewey :)

Message: 28262 Posted: Sun Jun 15 14:44:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: To each his own...

Thanks, Gen. Yeah, he is kinda cute. I guess I'll keep him. The rear view is just as nice!! Oh...did I say that out loud?

Message: 28261 Posted: Sun Jun 15 14:32:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: To each his own...

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is fine.
Don't have much time to drop by & catch up with all that's going on here these days as I'm planning to move (AGAIN!) to my new place on the 26th of this very month( a lot of stuff to prepare...) BUT I'm glad I did today so that I can still wish Mo & her very handsome husband, a happy anniversary.
Btw, Mo, I joined your club last week when I too turned 40 - and YES Jeff, I do feel I'm fifteen forever :-) The kids had to run to the nearest cd store to pick up this long awaited Radiohead new album I was expecting (+ a Beatles 5dvd set bonus which was a REAL surprise!)
I know it's probably not everyone's cup of tea here on the folder, but it's a GREAT opus, very modern, but sometimes just a little bit reminiscent of 70's band Soft Machine here & there, or like R. Wyatt's solo stuff - here thinking of Sea Song for ex. Thom Yorke's voice is absolutely great but that's my opinion, of course...

Was also happy to see your souvenirs de voyage, Gerry! Thanks for keeping on posting your wonderful pics. We love them, you know.

I'll try to post a little bit until I move but then I'll be out of internet connection for 3 weeks or so and WILL MISS YOU very much!
Anyway, see you very soon.

Message: 28260 Posted: Sun Jun 15 14:12:00 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Matt B's New CD and Love at First Listen

Hi there everyone. I didn't really get a chance to post some of my love at first listen songs, but have enjoyed reading them~~so many great songs and some of mine are on some of the lists I've read. I would like to mention though that for me Matt Beckley's CD falls into the love at first listen category. I'm lovin every track on it and playing it a lot!! I think Matt is a very talented and versatile performer who appeals to several generations of fans with a neat blend of acoustic and really rockin' tunes. My young son was cute when he started doing a robot dance to the song "Mork and Mindy". It does have some really cool music and I can see why he just started dancing when he walked into the room. Matt has a way with lyrics and arrangements that really stay with you~~so if you haven't gotten it yet~~you definitely need to check it out. I wish Matt a lot of success!!!~~Cathy

Message: 28259 Posted: Sun Jun 15 12:12:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Happy Father's day

Good to hear from you, Mary. I'm glad you are feeling better from those pesky allergies--definitely no fun. Thanks for the wishes. Yes, we had a good day. Hope to see you Wed. at chat.

Message: 28258 Posted: Sun Jun 15 10:40:33 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Hope you all get some time to relax and enjoy the day.~~Cathy

Message: 28257 Posted: Sun Jun 15 07:45:55 2003 By: Mary Henderson
Subject: Happy Father's day

Wanted to wish all you Fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!!!! Mo,I know I'm a day late but wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you had a great day. Haven't posted for awhile because I have been working lately and have had sinus and allergy problems for the past few days. Kind of zapped all the energy. But I'm doing better. Take care and enjoy the day. Take care. Mary

Message: 28256 Posted: Sat Jun 14 22:33:56 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Love @First Listen thanks,Mo'sToday's the Day,Happy Father's Day!


Thanks for your kind words, it really is fun to remember all those great songs. Today, I was still playing the game in my mind and thought of so many great ones I left out. Thanks Bruce for initiating the game..."Wildfire" was and is an enduring classic, so beautiful on so many levels. It is one of those songs that never gets old!

Eddie and Steve O. thanks so much for your great reviews. I am glad that Dewey and Gerry were in great form. I wish I could have been there...


Happy 17th Anniversary! May the happiness that surrounds you now be always with you.

Thanks to the ladies for the Father's Day wishes. Well tomorrow, I am going to get off my diet and eat, eat, and eat! Have a great one fellow dads!

Message: 28255 Posted: Sat Jun 14 19:14:51 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Harris Mich show & Tower Mn show reviews & Deja Vous!

Hi Everyone ~~ Happy 17th Anniversary Mo & Hubby!!! ~~ I hope you are enjoying an evening out! ~~ Thanks for the smile I got from your Grocery shopping serenade ~~ Nice getting to hear Gerry~Dewey~Dan & Timothy Timothy Timothy at the grocery store! ~~ Makes me kinda wished I'd gone grocery shopping today! :) ~~ We had Graduation party to go to today. It was a nice day, but the rain had to make it's appearance as well....

Hi there SteveO ~~ Thanks for your Nice review ~~ Sooo glad you got to hear the long playlist. I think that is really neat you got to hear Gerry do I Need You this way... I really do like the way he sings I Need You on Van Go Gan. I too feel they have been on target all of these years ~~ all 3 times I have seen them I left completely satisfied and wishing it could have lasted longer... I am glad you got to talk with Gerry after the show... I am sure you appreciated his Honesty in regards to declining an interview! ~~ Maybe next time! :)

Thanks to you too Eddy ~~ Sorry your show was the short playlist... by the sounds of it tho, You had one great night, great songs, great seats and a lot of brewskis.... leaving you wanting for more... Hmmmm sounds a COMPLETE slice of AMERICA birthday cake! :)

Hi there Jimnak ~~ Sooo true ~~ Your posts nicely wraps up all that I APPRECIATE about Gerry & Dewey! :)

Hi Cathy & Dave ~~ Thanks for sharing this Interesting info with us... I am sure this was a memory keepsake event topped of with the cute magic of your son sharing this with his team.

Hi Whit ~~~ WOW what a Firt Love at Listen song list!

Well take care all ~~ Nitey Night ~~~ Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Father's Day! See ya, Nancy :) Be sure and check out the Full Moon tonight ~~ Nice :)

The moon begins to rise upon my fallen eyes
I'm taken back to firelight
A drunken dreamer's plan to stay just as I am
Amidst the dancing paradise
A case of beer, a smile, a motorcycle child
I feel the glow surround me
And you, and you, and you, and you, and you

Orange funnels and snowy tunnels
Summer troubles and books in bundles
Orange funnels and snowy tunnels
And you, and you, and you, and you, and you ~~ Sing it Dewey :)

Message: 28254 Posted: Sat Jun 14 17:54:56 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Concert stuff

I would like to see them play, especially at the longer shows - the 20 - 22 song shows - Say the 7 top 10's plus Daisy and Sandman and then make sure they cover a least one song from every album - Hangover is great from one of my favorite albums Alibi, Like to see a couple from that. Also maybe its time for Gerry to put his spin on Today's the day from Hideaway.

Message: 28253 Posted: Sat Jun 14 17:51:34 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Completely Off Topic - Roger Clemens

A tremendous class professional that always gives it his all - Like two other guys we know...

Message: 28252 Posted: Sat Jun 14 15:34:05 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen

matt Beckley's new's awesome.

Erin :o)

Message: 28251 Posted: Sat Jun 14 10:09:10 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Concert Reviews

Steve O and Eddy, thanks for the great concert reviews.

Message: 28250 Posted: Sat Jun 14 10:05:39 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Completely Off Topic - Roger Clemens

I know this is completely off topic, but for those of you who are baseball fans I just wanted to let you know that my family and I were at Yankee Stadium last night to see Roger Clemens earn his 300th career win and 4,000th career strikout. It was exciting to be there for this and a neat thing for my nine-year old son to see. He was thrilled too and was so cute this morning as he relived the moment with his young friends at their Little League game.

Message: 28249 Posted: Sat Jun 14 10:01:50 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: oh........

I believe that AMERICA's vocals are stronger than ever. silky smooth & fluid. You have to keep in mind that there can be differences in the various sound systems & venue acoustics, most of which is out of their control. Also where you sit can make a big difference. When the volume of shows & the longevity are weighed in & you take (as someone mentioned) the big picture perspective, you will find that AMERICA is in a league by themselves w/respect to quality & energy, no one comes close. Not too many bands have been successful for 3 decades, thousands have tried.

Message: 28248 Posted: Sat Jun 14 09:59:20 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Thanks

Thanks, Cathy. I hope to.

Message: 28247 Posted: Sat Jun 14 09:56:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Grocery Store Serenade

I just had the strangest thing happen. Well, maybe not THE strangest thing but at least a weird thing. We were at the grocery store and Crazy Love was playing. (That's a Poco song isn't it? Was Timothy Timothy Timothy the singer then, Nancio?) Anyway I was listening to this song which I haven't heard in a really long time and I thought about how a few people had been posting lately about hearing America whilst at the grocery store. So, I thought, "Hey it's gonna be my turn today, I'm gonna hear America while I'm here." You can probably guess the rest of this story. Sure enough, about half way through the store, I turned to the kids and said, "Stop, wait. Shhh, listen. What do you hear?" Of course they looked at me strangely as usual. Tin Man was just starting to play. I got goosebumps. Twilight Zone time. I hadn't told them about expecting to hear an America song while I was there but when the song came on, I felt compelled to tell them. "Isn't that weird?" I said. They just looked at me and slowly shook their heads, looking somewhat amused at their nutty mother. Oh well. Simple joys, I always say.

Message: 28246 Posted: Sat Jun 14 09:55:37 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Today's The Day...17 Years Ago

Moser, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband!!! Enjoy your day.

Message: 28245 Posted: Sat Jun 14 07:31:36 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: oh........

I almost forgot, I have to agree w/Vic, they have been "On Target" for the last 30 + years!
Strained Vocals!? No, didn't hear any! Everyone has a right to their opinion, & maybe they have "off" nights, I don't know..........But your talking about one of the hardest working bands around, they play night after night....I can't remember who said it, but before being such a critic, maybe look at the "Big picture" first, & realise how many shows they do a year, everyyear. I betting you, or any other band for that matter couldn't keep up that kind of pace for too long....I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh......just MY opinion....

Message: 28244 Posted: Sat Jun 14 07:21:07 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Today's the Day...17 Years Ago

Thanks Steve O. and Eddy for your reviews. It's always great to hear about the shows. I knew we could count on a prompt review from you, Steve O., and you did not disappoint. Thanks.

Today the hub and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. I guess that means I got married when I was 12...!! But, the time just flies.

Happy Father's Day to all of you guys. Enjoy your day.

Message: 28243 Posted: Sat Jun 14 07:06:35 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Review of Tower,Mn. gig for June 12,2003

Steve.O, you got a longer concert than I did, the setlist was the same for me minus Wheels, Beatle tune, FAMT, & Hangover......The song they replaced on the 2nd show was Cal. Dreaming.
Company was nice to hear! I for one, enjoy "woman tonite" Rich did a awesome bass"fuzz" lick in there, (this is also one of my wife's fave tunes!)
The 1st show I was sitting right in the middle in the front row, this is the CLOSEST I've ever been to the stage, they had the seats just a few feet away! In fact, I could see the Carl Wilson button on Gerry's guitar strap plain as day! Sitting in the middle, I got more of a stage mix, both shows it was kinda like having America play in your living room! On the encore of the 1st show Alan Sparhawk of Low joined them for Horse, Gerry was trying to show him the "ZZ Top moves"! The 2nd show we were more off to the side by gB's keyboards, could hear the vocals alot better from there.
At the 2nd show Gerry asked is there anyone here from the first show?
(I hollered WHOOOOH & claped) he then said, well, we will be doing the same set....only BETTER this time! (ha,ha!)
My Wife & I got to meet Rich before the shows, a VERY NICE guy, & a GREAT bass player, we even got a photo w/him.
In between sets, I got to go backstage, chat alittle, got 2 photos & my son's Highway booklet signed.
I would have liked to hear a longer set(who wouldn't?), but am just thankful I get to see them at all......I had a GREAT time, drank LOTS of brewskis, really enjoyed myself, as I ALLWAYS do at every America concert I've attended so far. A very nice B-day............ I will write more later, we're heading out to the lake, & everyone wants to get going!

Message: 28242 Posted: Sat Jun 14 00:55:34 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Review of Harris,Mi gig for June 13,2003

<<" Despite some of the comments I've read in recent weeks here,I couldn't have been happier with the show that was performed tonight. Who knows,maybe the guys have taken some of those comments to heart because they were simply "On Target"
for 90 minutes tonight.>>

Or perhaps, they have been "on target", as usual, just as they have been for the last 31 years.

Message: 28241 Posted: Fri Jun 13 21:35:59 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Review of Harris,Mi gig for June 13,2003

My wife and I took in the 1st of the 3 shows to be performed at the Island Resort and Casino in Harris,Michigan earlier tonight. Two more shows will be performed Saturday Night,but I won't be making either of those due to prior commitments. Here's my take on what I saw...
The show started just after 7 PM central time. Both Gerry & Dewey were in fine form all night long,with some nice stage banter,a good rapport with the crowd and...they just seemed to be really rejuvenated and hitting everything on all cylinders. Maybe its knowing they have a few weeks off after the Saturday gigs,or maybe its just that a Casino setting is a much better venue to "Let loose." Gerry seemed particularly energized tonight,while Dewey seemed happy and back to form following his arm accident from late last year. The guys played almost 90 minutes. Here's the order of the songs tonight,with additional comments....
2)Ventura Highway
3)You can do magic
4)Don't cross the River
5)Daisy Jane
6)Company-Nice to hear this back in the set,one of the better tracks from the "Hearts" LP. Dewey had a good command of the vocals here.
7)I need You-Gerry performed this much like he did on the "Van Go Gan" project. He played guitar instead of Piano,adding a different twist to it--at least from what I've seen in the past. Nicely done here.
8)I need you(Beatles Version)-Gerry preceeded to tell a story about George Harrison prior to playing this. I thought their harmonies were VERY Beatle-esque on this one!
9)Baby its up to you-Very nice to hear this one!
10)Wheels are turning-I was surprised that this one was added,but it was certainly a welcome change of pace!
11)Tin Man
12)Woman Tonight-A collaborative effort with Gerry,Dewey and even Woodz getting into the vocals
13)Only in your heart
14)California Dreamin'
15)Lonely People
16)Hangover-Dewey said something to the effect of "Here's another one we dragged out for tonight..." A doctor friend I know commented to me after the show that he thought it was a great song and had never heard it before! Also wanted to know what LP it came from!
17)From a Moving Train-This has been "recycled" back into the set
18)Never be lonely
20)Sister Goldenhair
21)Horse with no name(1 song encore)
I thought it was a generous song selection,with a few tunes being added and some others dropped--most notably "Another Try" and "The Border".
As for the rest of the band,the new bass player Rich did really good,helping on the background vocals and hitting the bass well,particularly on "Woman Tonight." Willie was his usual steady self on the drums and Michael Woods has to be one of the most underrated musicians around. Not only is "Woodz" singing,but he's versatile enough to play a number of instruments--most noteably his guitar work which had the crowd going on a number of tunes.
Following the show,I hung around the Casino for awhile,eventually running into Gerry. He took the time to sign a couple of things for me,but politely declined to answer any questions on tape. He told me he can hardly hear after a show,and as we were near a section where a cover band was playing,it was still loud enough to be an annoyance.
His guitar "tech",Pete Leonardo was very friendly to me,and when I inquired about Dewey,he mentioned that he was in his room "calling home."
The Crowd was a bit reserved in the beginning,but things built steadily through the night,particularly during "Sandman." Things really built for "SGH" and then "Horse." Despite some of the comments I've read in recent weeks here,I couldn't have been happier with the show that was performed tonight. Who knows,maybe the guys have taken some of those comments to heart because they were simply "On Target"
for 90 minutes tonight.


Message: 28240 Posted: Fri Jun 13 17:05:26 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen

Ok Bruce,
Good game buddy, but when your as old as Sergio and I, we can bring up some from the very distant here goes~~~~~

1."Ballad of Davey Crockett"-I can't remember
2."Raunchy"-Dwayne Eddy
3."Leaning On The Lamppost"-Herman's Hermits
4."Mrs. Brown You Have A Lovely Daughter"-Herman's Hermits
5."Papa Jeans Blues"-Monkees
6.Anything Beatles-1964 to 1968
7.Anything Beach Boys-1960's
8."Ring of Fire"-Johnny Cash
9."Ballad of Jed Clampett"-Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
10."Duelling Banjo's"-Eric Weiss & ?
11.HWNN(will always be #1)
12."Thick As A Brick"-Jethro Tull
13."Ya Dig"-James Gang
14."Joy To The World"-Three Dog Night
15."Tommy"-The Who
16."Taxi"-Harry Chapin
17."Cat's In The Cradle"-Harry Chapin
18."The Point"-Nillson
19."Piano Man"-Billy Joel
20."Send In The Clowns"-Judy Collins
21."Blue Bayou"-Linda Ronstadt
22."Big John"-Jimmy Dean
23."Pretty Woman"-Roy Orbison
24."City Of New Orleans"-Arlo Guthrie
25."Ride Captain Ride"-Grand Funk Railroad
26."He Ain't Heavy"-The Hollies
27."The Unicorn Song"-The Irish Rovers
28."Wonderful World"-Louis Armstrong
29."Return To Innocence"-Enigma
30."Lonely Bull"-Herb Alpert
31."Heart Of Glass'-Blondie
33."Everybody Wants To Rule The World"-Tears for Fears
34."Bridge Over Troubled Waters"-Simon & Garfunkle
35."Mr. Bojangles"-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
36."Teach Your Children"-Crosby, Stills, & Nash
37."Blinded By The Light"-Manfred Mann
38."I Get Knocked Down"-Chumba Wumba
39."LaGrange"-ZZ Top
40."Amazing Grace"-Royal Scottish Bagpipers
41."New York, New York"-Frank Sinatra
42."Baba O'Reilly"-The Who
43."Ventura Highway"-America
44."Classical Gas"-Mason Williams
45."Ballad Of The Green Beret"-Barry Sadler
46."Go Your Own Way"-Fleetwood Mac
47."I Started A Joke"-BeeGees
48."If I Had A Hammer"-Peter, Paul, & Mary
49."Groovin"-The Rascals
50."Lyin Eyes"-Eagles

and so many more will probably come to mind later, but I better check I think I'm having an anuerism(sp)!!!

See ya'll later,
your friend in AMERICA,

Message: 28239 Posted: Fri Jun 13 09:38:05 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Tower, Mn pic and Happy Father's Day!

Hi Everyone :) Hey it is friday again... Have a good day! Hurry and head home to enjoy the weekend! ~~~ Another one of those ooooooh sooo Cloudy days here in PA! ~~ But there is hope for next week ~~ Mr Weatherman says there may be a couple of dry days in a row next week and the Pool finally opened up yesterday ~~ Yes Yes Yes! :)

Hi SteveL ~~ Have a safe trip and Enjoy those Tall Treasures ~Large as Alaska ~~ Nice :)

Thanks Gerry for the Hmmmm Interesting Pic from Mn. ~~~ Looks as tho the Clouds are playing a big part in this scenery too... I just gotta say there has been some awesome Cloud displays here in on these grey days.... Safe traveling ~~ Happy Father's Day, I hope you have a nice Relaxing day! :)

Hi Steve O ~~~ Tonight is the big night! I bet you will be smiling from ear to ear.... and looking really good in your neat Hearts shirt! Have fun! ~~ Looking forward to hearing all about your evening! :)

Hi Sergio ~~ Nice Love at First Listen song list ~~ I can see you and I share alot of the same tastes in music :) ~~ What a coincidence you listing the song Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy, yesterday as I was posting my songs that song was on the radio, I have always loved it, it is one of those songs that when you hear it you kinda stop and take it in as tho it is the first time hearing it. :) ~~ I could have had a list that was endless for sure! Hmmmm Boring you say ~~~ No way !!!! Never Boring! :) Thanks for the nice enthusiam your posts add to the chat folder!

Hey there Terry T ~~ Your Ever Done This Story is too much!!! You must be quite the character! :)

Hmmmm ~~ I just wanted to add a couple more Love at First Listen favorites.... Jeff Larson's ~~ Fragile Sunrise CD ~~ I just gotta say that from the very first listen all of these songs captured me for sure... I still find listening to it as refreshing as the first time... ~~ Matt's CD is falling into this category quickly too... I do love the way all the songs come together in such a nice way! ~~ Upon reading Sergio's list of songs... I realized I too could start way back in the middle 60's and list songs for every year till now... Soo many good songs ~~ I could make a new list up every day for a year probably and then some ~ LOL!!!! :)

Hey there Reddddddd eeee Oaaaaaaak ~~~ It's time to park Nellybelle and head home to relax some for the weekend!

Hey there DanC ~~ I sure hope the weekend is nice there for you soo you can enjoy some fun in your Pool.... :)

Just a simple wish to all of the Father's here on the board ~~ Happy Father's Day! ~~~ Hmmm a Dad can wear many different types of Ties, but one thing is for sure is a Father's Strong but Gentle Love nicely ties a nice Family Knot! Enjoy your day on Sunday! :)

Take care all, See ya ~~ Nancy :)

~~~~ No Man's got it made till he's far beyond the pain, and we who must remain go on living just the same. ~~~ I once knew a man, very tallented guy, he'd sing for the people and people would cry, knowing his song came from deep down inside, you could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyeeee, sooo he traveled alone, touched your heart and then be gone, like a flower he bloomed till that old Hickory wind called him home, My Man's got it made, he's gone far beyond the pain, and we who must remain go on living just the same ~~~ We who just go on living Laughing just the same ~~~ Sing it Eagles ~~ My Man! ~~ Such a nice song :) :) :)

Message: 28238 Posted: Thu Jun 12 20:37:10 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday and Love At First Listen (a very long list)

Celebrate and have a great Happy Birthday with our favorite group and music! Be sure to give us a full report.

On "Love at first listen" (excluding America), I have so many...I could go year by year and name hundreds (songs are like keys that unlock my memories), and bore you all to sleep, so I won't, well maybe just a little, many were the times I'd be driving or riding in a car and a song would come on that would just blow me away...Here are a few that easily come to mind, not in any "favorite" order, just as they pop up. An ecclectic group for sure~

1. "Summer Breeze" Seals & Crofts
2. "Lying Eyes" The Eagles
3. "It's Too Late" Carole King
4. "Been To Canaan" Carole King
5. "Only Love Is Real" Carole King
6. "Wild Fire" Michael Murphy
7. "Wildflower" Skylark
8. "How Much I feel" Ambrosia
9. "Just Remember I Love You" Firefall
10. "Long Ago and Far Away" James Taylor
11. "Up On the Roof" James Taylor
12. "Day by Day" Robin Lamont from the cast of "Godspell"
13. "I Saw the Light" Todd Rundgren
14. "American Pie" Don McLean
15. "Vincent" Don McLean
16. "My Sweet Lady" John Denver
17. "Country Roads" John Denver
18. "Our House" CSN
19. "Walk Don't Run" The Ventures
20. "D'yer Mak'er" Led Zeppelin
21. "Stairway to Heaven" Led Zeppelin
22. "Layla" Derek and the Dominoes
23. Rikki Don't Lose that Number" Steely Dan
24. "Oye Como Va" Santana
25. "Live for Today" Grass Roots
26. "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" Spiral Staircase
27. "Laugh, Laugh" Beau Brummels
28. "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" Gerry & the Pacemakers
29. "Ferry Cross the Mercy" Gerry & the Pacemakers
30. "I Saw Her Standing There" The Beatles
31. "This Boy" The Beatles
32. "So Much In Love" Timothy B. Schmit
33. "Heart Hotels" Dan Fogelberg
34. "Keep the Fire" Kenny Loggins
35. "This is It' Kenny Loggins
36. "JoJo" Boz Scaggs
37. "Laughter in the Rain" Neil Sedaka
38. "Crazy Love" Poco
39. "And I Love Her" The Beatles
40. "Memory" Barbra Streisand
41. "Help Me Rhonda" The Beach Boys
42. "I Can't Help Myself" The Four Tops
43. "Surf City" Jan and Dean
44. "Elenore"-The Turtles
45. "California Dreaming" The Mamas and the Papas
46. "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" Spanky and Our Gang
47. "Rag Doll" The Four Seasons
48. "I Go to Pieces"-Peter and Gordon
49. "Reflections of My Life" The Marmalade
50. "Year of the Cat" Al Stewart
51. "Every Time You Go Away" Paul Young
52. "The Sweetest Taboo" Sade
53. "Crystal Blue Persuasion" Tommy James and the Shondells
54. "Killing Me Softly" Roberta Flack
55. "Reflections" Diana Ross and The Supremes
56. "Penny Lane" The Beatles
57. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" Paul McCartney
58. "Hurt So Bad" Little Anthony & the Imperials
59. "Be My Baby" The Ronettes
60. "Hungry Heart" Bruce Springsteen

Wake up guys, did not mean to put you to sleep... Oh but just one last one, I forgot #61."Friday on My Mind" Easybeats. Happy Friday, everyone!

Message: 28237 Posted: Thu Jun 12 17:45:26 2003 By: Spurs
Subject: New Recording and other grumbles.

Hello everyone,great news concerning recording at the end of the year with Andrew Gold.Most critics suggest America's best work was on their greatest hits 75,and I concur with those thoughts.America have much to offer and have always struggled to shake off the CSN&Y soundalike tag simply because reviewers have heard HWNN and thats it.America have in fact created a sound all of their very own and several tracks on the"Human Nature" album were right out of their bag of tricks although it lost continuity with "Hidden Talent" which seemed not to belong to the album as did the rather more than overwhelming world suite,"Hourglass" sounded smoother in terms of feel and a Steely Dan style of production.Good news that "our boys" have their own label but for the life of me the official home page brings a whole new meaning to ordinary,I'm simply at a loss to understand it espcially when trying to flog a new album i.e. the Cayman set,seemingly recording on one's own record label is the way to go as so many groups are doing including the poorly off Eagles.

Message: 28236 Posted: Thu Jun 12 14:59:36 2003 By: Pat B.
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

You're not alone Speech~

I had tickets to see Keb Mo' (a wonderfully talented modern blues artist for those who don't know) and was certain that the concert began at 9pm. As we were leaving the house at 8pm I happened to look at the concert tickets and noticed that the concert start time was 8pm, not 9pm! Yikes! So unfortunately we missed the first half of the concert.
I have been making very sure about concert times ever since. ~Pat

Message: 28235 Posted: Thu Jun 12 14:30:08 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: That song.

Bruce: They sang "Save It For A Rainy Day." One of the best songs of all time.

By the way, the album was produced by Ethan Johns who is the best producer I've heard in a long time. Everything he touches is awesome. If only he could hook up once with Dewey and Gerry. If only.


Message: 28234 Posted: Thu Jun 12 12:51:57 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Tower

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Tower, MN.

Message: 28233 Posted: Thu Jun 12 12:23:45 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Love At First Listen

Well ok- I see that some of you like the idea! Interesting varirty of artists and songs- hey Kevin, I saw the Jayhawks on Leno (or Letterman) recently and I immediately liked the song they sang- but I dont know the title!

Message: 28232 Posted: Thu Jun 12 12:20:45 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday.......

Steve, I forgot to mention I (finally) sent you those 2 tracks off the LOW CD yesterday that gB is doing backup vocals on....

Thanks Eddy. My wife and I will be leaving bright and early in the morning for our Alaska cruise-tour so I probably won't get to hear them or post them until after we get back (on the 25th).

"Tall treasures, large as Alaska..."

Message: 28231 Posted: Thu Jun 12 11:59:40 2003 By: terry t
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

I feel your pain, Speech.

On one particular Ft. Lauderdale summer evening inf 1976, three of us had just scored some good pot and were heading home for a much-anticipated Jefferson Starship appearance on TV. It had all the significance of going to a concert and we were going to make the best of it, considering. As we were sampling just a small taste of our booty in the car, there appeared these beautiful flashing red lights through the rear window. I told the officer it was mine. It was confiscated. After they booked me into the Lauderdale Hilton, I was led down the hall by a trustee who offered joints for $2 apiece. I took two. He "let" me into the holding tank where I sat down on the floor in a corner. I immediately befriended a couple of fellow guests (it wasn't me that they liked!) and since smoking was then allowed there, well... I looked up at the TV on the wall and Starship was just beginning to play! I felt bad for my two sober friends, missing the show while they were running around trying to bail me out. I told them all about it later that night when freed.

Next Episode: Getting lost on the way to a George Benson concert

Message: 28230 Posted: Thu Jun 12 11:07:45 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday.......

THANX Steve & Nancy for the B-Day wishes, I'm chomping at the bit to head out!
Steve, I forgot to mention I (finally) sent you those 2 tracks off the LOW CD yesterday that gB is doing backup vocals on....
all 4 now!

Message: 28229 Posted: Thu Jun 12 10:03:13 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Love at first listen ~ Happy Birthday ~ Depressing for sure!

Hi there Everyone ~~~ I hope the SUN is shining for the rest of You, cause if Is Just Another Rainy Day here in PA again.... I need a Double dose of the SUN to pick me UP and bring me a Rainbow! ~~ Oh well I got lots of great music surrounding me sooo that helps! :) Thanks for letting me get my whining out for the day!

Ooooooh Speech ~~ What can I say, I felt instantly for You upon reading your Dan Fogelberg loss.... Darn I wished I would have posted about how I wanted to be at that show, it may have caught your attention and you would have checked your tickets just in time to make the show.... Soo Sorry! ~~ I hope the next chance you get to see him will be like 2 shows in one for you and your Mrs. ~~ I know that I had a Dream that I missed the IUP show SOOOO I kept checking my tickets to make sure of the date and time, they had changed the date on the schedule at one time and it wasn't the same as on the site....I think Dan us coming to Harrisburg soon for a show ~~ Isn't He?

Hey Eddy ~~ I bet you will be smiling from Ear to Ear taking in your Double dose of AMERICA Heaven.... Kinda makes having a Birthday worth while Huh! :) Happy Early Birthday! ~~ It'll be nice hearing all about your shows afterwards!

Hi Nina ~~ Glad to hear you got your Matt CD, I know what you mean about some of todays music... I just love how Matt's Neat way of Kickin Butt in such a classy style blends in with the ooooh soo nice accoustic songs like Airplane.... and yes he does such a great job on Monster! ~~~ Hmmm regarding your school being out for the summer and you not having any exposure to a computer.... You should check out your local library, I know that ours here have 4 or more computers that are on the internet and are available for the public to use. ~~ Maybe that would be away for you to stay in touch with us from time to time! I hope this is available in your area! :) Have a great summer.... I am still hoping to make it to the Mohegan Sun show, I look forward to getting to meet you! :)

Hi there Bruce ~~ Thanks for your idea to post on.... My mind has been searching and I could come up with soo many songs that fit into this category.... what can I say I just Love Music... it is a Lifelong friend of mine for sure! Here are a few of mine off the top of my head
1. I Can't Tell You Why ~~ Timothy & The Eagles :) :) :)
2. Shower the People ~~ James Taylor
3. The Thank You Song & Resting Here with You by DIDO
4. Falling Into You ~~ Celine Dion
5. Into the Sunset & Fingers of Love ~~ Neil Finn ;)
6. Goodbye I Love You, Just Remember I Love You, Sometime
Soon ~~ Firefall
7. The Chosen One ~~ David Gates
8. The Ghost of You & Me ~~ BB MAC
9. Moondance& Brown Eyed Girl ~~ Van Morrison
10. Bombay Sapphires ~~ Stevie Nicks
11. Kiss of Life ~~ Gerry Gerry Gerry Beckley :)
12. Young Moon ~~~ Dewey Dewey Dewey :)
13. I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You ~~ Savage Garden
14. Forever & For Always ~~ Shania Twain's new song
15. Bluebird ~~ Paul Mc Cartney
16. Don't Cry ~~ Seal
17. Angel By My Side ~~ Sade
18. This Used to Be My Playground ~~ Madonna
19. Seasons Change ~~ Expose
20. All I Want Is You ~~ Carly Simon
Ooooooh My I could go on and on for sure ~~ One thing I gotta say is that a very special song by the name of Horse With No Name ~~~ was for sure the best Love at first sight song.... It brought sooo many more AMERICA Gems to my life ~~ A nice Kiss Of Life for sure! ~~~ I will have to say Dan Fogelberg has this way with me too... and Timothy B Schmit ~~ I just love the way his music touches me too.... WOW I could post a Book on this topic easily! Thanks Bruce :)

Okay Okay Okay ~~ DanC ~~ Kevin ~~ Jeff B ~~~ I hear your great reviews on The JayHawks and The Thorns... I did get to see the Thorns Video yesterday... they do harmonize well together... I like the Jay Hawks song Rainy Day Music... it is just I am sick of rainy days and am kinda staying away from that topic in songs for now LOL!!!! ~~~ Hmmm regarding Allison Krauss's music ~~ I agree with you Jeff B I am liking her newer songs better, also coming to my mind is the group Nickel Creek, I love their song The Lighthouse & When You Come Back Down... I am not too crazy about their new song tho, it is kinda dumb... I am glad that groups like The Thorns & such are coming back, it is nice hearing this accoustic harmonizing again.... But I must say AMERICA wrote the book on this and has the Magic that it takes to deliver it.... Thanks Gerry, Dewey & Dan! :)

Live Chat last night was a lot of fun! Thanks Everybody :):) ~~ I just gotta say that I am very Happy for you Steve O and your interview with Dewey, I am very much looking forward to hearing it and to your next weekly article. Thanks for joining us last night, have a great time at the show on friday.... I hope all works out for a Gerry Interview as well ~~ Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Shine Steve Shine!! :)

Hi Janice ~~ Take care ~~ Blessings to you too! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day! Nancy :)

~~~ There must of been an angel by myside, something helped me, led me to you, look at the sky its the color of love, there must of been an angel by myside, something helped me, came down from above, he led me to you, led me to you.... He built a bridge to your heart all the way, how many tons of love inside I can say... When I was led to you, I knew you were the one for me, I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat, when I lay eyes on you.. Iiiiiiiii, you wrap me up in the color of love, you gave me the Kiss of Life, kiss of life, you gave me the kiss that's life... kiss thats life...... Sing It Sade.... this song wraps it up nicely ~~~ Angel By My Side :) :) ;)

Message: 28228 Posted: Thu Jun 12 09:46:44 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen.

Here are 10 or so non-America "love at first listen" songs from over time, in no particular order. May have mangled a spelling, may have mangled a title here or there:

Dan Fogelberg -- These Days (not the Jackson Browne tune).
Steve Forbert -- Streets of This Town
Old 97s -- Imaginary Friend
Tommy James -- Kelley Told Ann
Gerry Rafferty -- Baker Street
Til Tuesday -- The Other End of the Telescope
James McMurtrey -- Levelland
Foreigner -- Urgent
Dan Peek -- The Hill
Don Henley -- Boys of Summer
Flying Burritos (Rick Roberts) -- Why Are You Crying?
Northern Pikes -- Is It Love She Wants?
Guess Who: Sour Suite

Message: 28227 Posted: Thu Jun 12 09:26:22 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

Well, not exactly, but years ago when I was dating my husband he got tickets to see some southern rock band I wasn't crazy about. So the day of the concert, we get in the car and drive to thge "Fabulous Forum" but we don't hit any of the hideous traffic that is part of the Forum Experience. Strange I thought. When we got to the Forum, the parking lot was EMPTY. He handed me the tickets, the show was for Next week! We gave the tickets to some friends who really enjoyed the show

Message: 28226 Posted: Thu Jun 12 08:09:42 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Speechwriter, and other things heart breaks for you re: those Fogelberg tickets! To be so close, and not grab the golden ring! Disappointment, for sure!

Received my Matt Beckley CD in the mail and was pleasantly surprised at just how much I like it! I'm showing my age here, but a lot of "today's" music just doesn't impress me. I'm not exactly sure what it is I expected from Matt's CD...but, between you and me, I didn't think I'd like much of it! What an idiot I am! I've only listened twice, but "Airplane" sticks with me as a favorite...and you've got to love his version of "Monster". You rock, Matt!

Will be signing off next Monday, as school closes Tuesday! (HURRAH!)
I'll miss you all...but will see some of you over the summer at various America events!

Message: 28225 Posted: Thu Jun 12 07:32:54 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday.......

Happy birthday, Eddy. I look forward to reading about the concert. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

Message: 28224 Posted: Thu Jun 12 07:31:04 2003 By: kiri
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen

these came to mind initially. i wonder if love at first listen has anything to with setting, time period, people (i.e. Jorge).

Take 5 – Brubeck
She Will Have Her Way - Neil Finn
Cry Love – John Hiatt
Secret Separation – The Fixx
1999 – Prince
Hanky Panky – Tommy James (their greatest hits is the first album of my dad’s i ever listened to)
Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac
Question – Old 97s
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
This Must Be the Place – Talking Heads
Sister Golden Hair

Message: 28223 Posted: Thu Jun 12 07:05:16 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Happy Birthday.......

To ME!!
Well, it's not till the 14th, but will celebrate it tonite, w/America, go off my diet (BEER!), & have a great time! The only thing that is abit depressing is my 6 year son wanted to go BAD, but no kids allowed at this one. He really enjoyed himself at the last concert we went to. I'm going to try to get "his" Highway booklet signed by Gerry (he allready met & got it signed by Dewey) so hopefully that will make up for it a little bit......
Have been enjoying mB's CD very much, love ALL the tracks, but "Airplanes" seems to stick in my head the most...I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.....
Well, I'll post after the concert, can't wait to get my "America Fix" it's been awhile!

Message: 28222 Posted: Thu Jun 12 07:02:14 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Love At First Listen.

Most recently, Jayhawks Rainy Day Music. It only got better after that.

Message: 28221 Posted: Thu Jun 12 06:48:08 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

... $47.50 ... that's admittedly a hefty price tag for tickets, and I don't/can't cough up that kind of coin very often. That's why my wife and I were gonna see only two shows this year: America (already done) and Fogelberg (already gone). Gee, I feel a lot better now.

Message: 28220 Posted: Thu Jun 12 06:45:38 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

"Depressing" captures it entirely ... even now. Thanks for the kind words. To quote an old Dan chestnut, I'll be sure to "play my cards a little smarter next time."

Message: 28219 Posted: Thu Jun 12 06:38:24 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen

Matt Beckley's "Songs of my Wasted Youth".......

Message: 28218 Posted: Thu Jun 12 04:42:27 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Love At First Listen

The Jayhawks'"Rainy Day Music", the entire album.DanC.

Message: 28217 Posted: Wed Jun 11 18:40:32 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

No, I have NEVER paid $ 47.50 for a concert ticket!

Message: 28216 Posted: Wed Jun 11 15:28:47 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

That's mY not mt. DanC.

Message: 28215 Posted: Wed Jun 11 15:27:40 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

Speech, that's about the most depressing thing I've ever read on this board. Mt condolences for sure. DanC.

Message: 28214 Posted: Wed Jun 11 14:13:48 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: songs...

Jeff Larson has some nice sounding soundclips on his site.

Saw Alison Krauss and Union station on TV a couple of weeks ago... really tight band. I've been listening to her since her more hardcore Bluegrass days. However, I like the direction she and her band have taken these days. I don't know how to define it? Some may call it progressive Bluegrass. For now I'll call it darn good acoustic music.

carry on...

Message: 28213 Posted: Wed Jun 11 14:13:28 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Love At First Listen

A few weeks ago there was mention here of the term "Love At First Listen". Now, I have an idea but don't want to repeat something that's been discussed here already. The idea is, how about folks post the names of songs (and their artists) that they "Loved at First Listen"? OKOK, again, if it's already been done please let me know. And I thought of putting a reasonable limit on the number of songs, but hey, why do that right? Should the list be unlimited? Here's a few of mine- and I just want to say that it's very hard for me to love (or LIKE) a song the very first time I hear it. It usually has to grow on me. Oh yeah, I'm excluding America songs-(or should they be allowed?) Comments y'all?
"This Kiss"- Faith Hill
"Last Night"- The Strokes
"All About Soul"- Billy Joel
"Kiss Me"- Sixpence None The Richer

Message: 28212 Posted: Wed Jun 11 13:09:44 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Boneheaded.

A guy I do a lot of editing with called me a few years ago, knowing I'm a huge baseball fan, and offered me four tickets to the Rangers/Yankees playoff game that night. Of course, I said yes.

My in-laws were in town and it was a perfect thing to do. My wife got a sitter at the last minute, and off we went to the ballpark. Fought the traffic. Got to the gate. Handed the guy the tickets. Not so fast, pal.

"Sorry, these are for Game Four." Tonight was Game Three. If anyone knows the history of the Texas Rangers in the playoffs, there's never a game four. It's get swept in three (always by the Yankees) and go home.

The guy who gave them to me got ripped off. He bought the tickets from a guy in the paper that were supposed to be for that night's game. He never opened the envelope. And neither did I. So what began as good client pr for my friend turned into an embarrassing situation for him.

I'm sure my in-laws chalked it up to just another reason their daughter made a huge mistake.


Message: 28211 Posted: Wed Jun 11 12:40:26 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Ever Done This?

I haven't done something like this, no. But I'm young--give me time!! Missing Fogelberg would cause me spiritual pain, but take heart, he will be back soon enough!


Having enjoyed Gerry and Dewey when I saw them at the Keswick Theater in Philly earlier this year, I was really looking forward to going back there to see Dan Fogelberg this month. My wife and I ordered $47.50 a piece tickets to the show by mail, and were counting the days until concert night. I had bought the new CD, Full Cicle, and was looking ahead to hearing some of the new stuff, as well as old favorites. More to the point, the show was a rare night out (we have kids 8 and 12), and loomed as an oasis of spiritual refreshment after a three-month span in which I've broken my wrist, my mother was hospitalized from a bad fall, my 12-year-old badly sprained his thumb and a number of other calamities befell us. On the appointed night of Thursday, June 5, we sent our kids to a friend's house for the evening, packed up a cooler with a few cold beers and hard lemonades, and merrily headed out into the garage -- my wife ahead of me. Suddenly, she turned back into the house, looking very stunned, and asked me if I realized the tickets were for Sunday June 1. Somewhere along the path we had gotten it into our heads the show was on Thursday night June 5 (probably because Thursday was the night we saw Fogelberg at the Keswick last year, when he came in June). When the tickets had come in the mail, I was so certain it was June 5 that I never even broke the seal on the envelope -- not until concert night. I can't think of one positive thing to say about the whole sorry episode, except I'm glad I didn't pull a similar, stupid stunt when America hit town. Anyone on this board ever done anything this block-headed?

Message: 28210 Posted: Wed Jun 11 12:22:10 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Erin

Congrats, Erin! Re: your wedding? Go easy on the flowers, food, gown,and guest list...and heavy on the soloist!!!!!!!! In addition to singing, maybe he'll offer to toss rose petals?

Message: 28209 Posted: Wed Jun 11 12:11:12 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: I have one better

I live in New Jersey and take the kids to into NYC to shows. My sister got us tickets to see a kids shows about 2 years ago. I think sesame street live or something like that. and I drove into the City that Sunday. Now, same as speechwriter, didn't look at the tickets.
My sister told me it was at Radio City Music Hall. FINE!!! parked the car, walked over to Radio City Music Hall. About 3 blocks away from the garage. got there and it just seemed too empty for a kids show, maybe we're very early. mabye, yes..............WRONG!!! Ticket taker looked at tickets and said, that's not here, it's at Madison Square Garden's little theater. My wife and me looked at each other and laughed out very loudly my sister's name E I L E E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Radio City is on 51st and 6th and Madison Square Garden is on 34th and 8th. With 10 minutes before the show started downtown, we grabbed a cab and said, as fast as you can, MSG baby!!! The cabdriver got us there just in time for the show to start. Sorry speech, I got to see the show, but with kids screaming ,singing, crying!!!!!!!!ARG!

Message: 28208 Posted: Wed Jun 11 11:33:15 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Ever Done This?

Having enjoyed Gerry and Dewey when I saw them at the Keswick Theater in Philly earlier this year, I was really looking forward to going back there to see Dan Fogelberg this month. My wife and I ordered $47.50 a piece tickets to the show by mail, and were counting the days until concert night. I had bought the new CD, Full Cicle, and was looking ahead to hearing some of the new stuff, as well as old favorites. More to the point, the show was a rare night out (we have kids 8 and 12), and loomed as an oasis of spiritual refreshment after a three-month span in which I've broken my wrist, my mother was hospitalized from a bad fall, my 12-year-old badly sprained his thumb and a number of other calamities befell us. On the appointed night of Thursday, June 5, we sent our kids to a friend's house for the evening, packed up a cooler with a few cold beers and hard lemonades, and merrily headed out into the garage -- my wife ahead of me. Suddenly, she turned back into the house, looking very stunned, and asked me if I realized the tickets were for Sunday June 1. Somewhere along the path we had gotten it into our heads the show was on Thursday night June 5 (probably because Thursday was the night we saw Fogelberg at the Keswick last year, when he came in June). When the tickets had come in the mail, I was so certain it was June 5 that I never even broke the seal on the envelope -- not until concert night. I can't think of one positive thing to say about the whole sorry episode, except I'm glad I didn't pull a similar, stupid stunt when America hit town. Anyone on this board ever done anything this block-headed?

Message: 28207 Posted: Wed Jun 11 10:52:45 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: Interview this morning with Dewey Bunnell

Steve, Andrew is not the only one "chomping at the bit" to see a new release from America. I'm sure everyone on this site will be adding a comment about your great interview with "the main man, Dewey"! Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the interview posted here.

Your friend in AMERICA, Whit

Message: 28206 Posted: Wed Jun 11 10:39:44 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Interview this morning with Dewey Bunnell

I was fortunate enough this morning to be granted an interview with Dewey for airplay on one of the local radio stations in town. Some of the interview will also run in my "Music News" column of which some of you recieve now,otherwise next weeks column will be posted on this site. Dewey was in fine spirits and we spoke for about 45 minutes on a wide number of topics. I've already spoken with Steve Lowry about the logistics of getting the interview posted here,otherwise I will do my best to share what I can as time permits. Regarding a new studio album...its being discussed,and some time has been earmarked for later in the year. Dewey told me its all a matter of timing. However,I wouldn't hold out hope for a new record this year,but its encouraging to know that the guys are still interested in doing another studio disk. To quote Dewey,"Andrew Gold is chomping at the bit" to get started.

Message: 28205 Posted: Wed Jun 11 10:30:08 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Harris,Michigan gig Friday Night

Just wanted to know if anybody else from the U.P. or Northern Wisconsin were heading to the shows this weekend at the Chip-In Casino in Harris,Michigan. I will be there For Friday nights show and will post details afterwards.

Message: 28204 Posted: Wed Jun 11 10:21:11 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Erin

Yes, Gerry as the wedding singer. I could see that. One thing is for sure, he's cuter than Adam Sandler!! Maybe if we all pitch in a $100 or so...

Message: 28203 Posted: Wed Jun 11 09:01:00 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Erin

Thank you to everyone! You're all invited to Tahoe next summer for a big party. I REALLY want Gerry to come sing All My Life, but I think that's slightly out of the budget. Anyway, thanks again!

Erin :o)

Message: 28202 Posted: Wed Jun 11 06:33:16 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Ketchup

Erin: That is so romantic. Congrats.

Steve: Hope your son's arm is healing well. Kaity broke hers at the wrist around this time last year and had to drop out of softball as well as miss going to canoeing camp. She was not too happy but learned the valuable lesson of not wearing sandals while riding her bike. Costly lesson for her, I'm afraid.

Janice: Ah, to be in of my favorite places on the planet. I hope everything goes well for you at Dana Farber. They do top notch work there. I will keep you in my prayers. I just wanted to tell you that if you are in Boston on the Fourth of July it's always fun to go down to the Charles to the Hatch Shell to see the Pops play and see the fireworks. It is quite an experience. They usually finish with the 1812 Overture accompanied by some major firework explosions from a barge in the river. Lots of ooooo's and aaaaaa's from the crowd and stuff. Or, if you have access to drive a little, take a trip to Uncasville, CT to see America at Mohegan Sun on July 5 or 6. It would probably be less than a two hour trip if you're into it. Anyway, just some ideas. Hope you are doing well. Have fun in Texas.

Message: 28201 Posted: Wed Jun 11 03:41:41 2003 By: Janice
Subject: re: happy to see America

Erin, Congratulations!!! Wow..what a romantic holiday for you both.

Robyn...wait a minute...3 concerts in CA and you went to a balloon and wine festival? Which of course would not be a bad thing if you had seen balloons and tasted some wine. Robyn, Robyn, Robyn...tsk tsk.

I see that America will be in Boston at the end of July...doesn't that figure? I will am there during the first part of July and will get to see the exciting sights of the Dana Farber Center. Wow.

Just enjoyed a wonderful sunrise on the deck with my coffee, and Gump the cat. I am leaving for Houston next week for several days, but will spice it up with a weekend jaunt down the Texas gulf coast towards Matagorda and Palacios. Never been there, and am excited that I found a Jeep Wrangler to experience it in.

This weekend is Ronnie's birthday party with a Carnival Events huge Slip and Slide, pinata, water balloon relays and our Sound Machine disc jockey to play "nothing but America mustic"..per the birthday boy. Have I taught this kid right, or what???

Blessings to all,

Message: 28200 Posted: Tue Jun 10 20:54:15 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Erin

Hello Erin, Welcome Home!! Congratulations to you!! What a thrill it must have been to go on such a romantic vacation! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28199 Posted: Tue Jun 10 18:53:56 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Paradise Pic , happy to see America ~ WOW Jorge!

Hi there Everybody ~~ This is just too much how all of the pics and posts are kinda interweaving tightly with nice tangling subjects... We finally had a rain free day! :)

Thanks Gerry for all the VFTHW pics from Va to Ca. ~~ I enjoyed taking them all in, but I gotta say that the Paradise Valley, AZ pic takes the spot on my mantel shelf. What a nice view, such an appropriate name too... You guys sure did put on the miles this past week, Nice that you are back home for some shows. :)

Hey there Mo ~~ I too would love to take in a Humphrey's show one time too! ~~ Regarding mB, and his joining them at this show, that would be nice to see too, hopefully we will get to see Matt travel here to the East for a show in the future. ~~ Thanks Jimnak for the nice pics from the Humphrey show!

Welcome back home Erin and Congratulations on your Engagement ~~ Thanks for sharing this romantic visual with us! :)

Hi there Ivy ~~ Welcome aboard the chat folder, nice to hear your review on the show you saw. ~~ Nice that this great music is such an inspiration to your work!

Thanks Steve L for your neat pics from your weekend adventure, sorry to hear about your son breaking his arm, I hope it heals completely and quickly. ~~ Enjoy your Alaskan cruise, looking forward to seeing the pics when you get back.

WOW double WOW Jorge ~~ Thanks for sharing this Captivating Bio with us ~~ I agree with Mo, Whit & Sergio ~~ this story is like a Time Capsule that was filled to the rims waiting to burst open... I too am anxious to see if this Kathy came back into your life and if the 2 of you ever got to go to an AMERICA show together... You sure put a whole new meaning into a FOREVER Post.... the words sure do pour like rain from your fingertips! ~~ Nice that you got to meet them, I can relate to that, I too have been a fan of theirs since the very beginning and my Dream come true night came to be this past April 1st, that night was a One in a Million Delight for sure! :)

Cheers David ~~ Nice Bio ~~ Sooo neat that You play AMERICA songs on your guitar with your brothers (mates) ~~ Thanks for the nice Visual! Pretty neat you being from Hastings, NZ, I am from Hastings, PA ~~ Maybe you and Jimmmmmmm(bob) from NZ, can get together sometime and play some nice songs ony your guitars. Nice :) ~~ Thanks for sharing your love for this great group and music with us!

Hi Robyn ~~ Hmmm pretty neat you going to the Balloon festival,why didn't you get to see any of the hot air balloons? ~~ Sounds like this would be a nice place to for an AMERICA show. ~~ Thanks for the ZZTop Visual, those guys have a SMOOTH style all of their own.

Hi there DanC, KevinS & JeffB ~~~ Hmmm all 3 of you saying how good this Thorns CD is, you all have me sooo curious to hear this. ~~ Hey Jeff nice to hear you are liking Matt's new CD, I hope your daughter likes it as well. ~~ Mr Mailman if you haven't checked out Dan Fogelberg's new Full Circle, I say this best be your next bought CD, it is really nice from start to finish.... I am really liking the song called Icarus Ascending, hmmm Reach Haven Postcard has a nice message too,( I just wonder if the postcard will ever get read) ~~ Whispers in the Wind has really neat lyrics, I'd be willing to bet you would like this song for sure. ~~ Let me know if You got it or not and what your thoughts are about it.... :)

Hey there Redddddddd ~~ The days are counting down only 13 more to go till you are smiling from ear to ear! ~~ Tell Timothy B to sing I Can
t Tell You Why 3 times for me Okay? :)

Hey there Vic from the Desert ~~~ By chance did you go to the show there in AZ? How about letting us hear all about it, if you did?

Thanks Jason ~~ for the neat cover pics... I especially liked the Last 2 To Dance one, I saved it to use as my Background here on my work computer...

Well I gotta get now, Nitey Night all, Nancy :)

~~~ Don't look down, tho your heart may be weary, Don't look down, tho your wings are on fire, Don't look down, tho the night may seem endless ~~ There's a reason you're flying this fast and this far, Let your faith be your strength, and your Love be your guiding Star~~~ Sing it Dan F ~~~ such a beautiful song for sure! :) :) :)

Message: 28198 Posted: Tue Jun 10 18:00:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: New Nick

My new nickname with the onslaught of so many gray hairs...Sister Silver Hair! Forgive me if someone else already thought of that. It just hit me today during a moment of vivid neuronal activity.

Message: 28197 Posted: Tue Jun 10 10:39:58 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Jorge

As we say in Spanish "un cuento lindisimo" ... A truly beautiful and sincere story told through a virtual odyssey of events. Thanks for putting your "heart" in words, I too look forward to part two. Take care amigo, glad you finally sent your story to the web site, definitely post those great pictures you sent me previously for everybody to see,

Message: 28196 Posted: Tue Jun 10 10:13:36 2003 By: Whit
Subject: To Jorge

My friend, that is an incredible life story and saga about AMERICA! Congratulations on a well written and gripping biography. Like Moser, I look forward to the second part. I must know....Do you find Kathy Mallory?

Your friend in AMERICA,

Message: 28195 Posted: Tue Jun 10 10:10:08 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: Jorge, Jorge, Jorge

Hey Mo,
After your post, I also read Jorge's incredible biography and story! All I can say is "WOW"!!!-- what a way to relive the first time to meet Gerry, Dewey and all the guys. Jorge must be very well-traveled to be able to relate all those happenings. Everyone--If you get the chance sometime to read Jorge's bio on the AMERICA fans web site, take the time...It's well worth it!!!
Your friend in AMERICA, Whit

Message: 28194 Posted: Tue Jun 10 09:31:43 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: happy to see america

Congrats Erin and every happiness to you both

Message: 28193 Posted: Tue Jun 10 09:06:01 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: happy to see america


Message: 28192 Posted: Tue Jun 10 08:38:26 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: happy to see america

>>My boyfriend even proposed on a hilltop over looking Portofino, Italy<<

So are congratualtions in order?

Message: 28191 Posted: Tue Jun 10 07:57:50 2003 By: Erin
Subject: happy to see america

Just got home from a 20 day trip through England, Belgium, France and Italy...Lots of train stations, traveling and sightseeing. My boyfriend even proposed on a hilltop over looking Portofino, Italy. Anyway, the reason for this post...I picked up some great America CD's with covers that I've never seen before. Very exciting...Also got the Beckley, Lamm, Wilson with the extra tracks...what a great CD.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Erin :o)

Message: 28190 Posted: Tue Jun 10 07:55:54 2003 By: Moser
Subject: mB, mB, mB

I see from Jimnak's pictures that Matt played with the guys at Humphrey's. I was thinking he might be there. I would love to see that some day. Or, better yet, maybe Matt will go on tour out East where we can enjoy seeing him rock the house on his own. The Big Apple awaits you, mB. Thanks for the pics, Jimnak.

Message: 28189 Posted: Tue Jun 10 07:40:35 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Jorge, Jorge, Jorge

Oh my gosh, what a great story, Jorge. I'm so pleased there is a second part yet to come. I'm looking forward to it. For one thing, the next day is 9/11, a day to live in infamy. What happens next? Does this tragedy in America have effects in the country you are visiting? Does the day go as planned inspite of the events in the world? Do you get to interpret for the guys? Do you ever call Kathy Mallory? Does your book get to be published? Very compelling story. Thank you for sharing.

Message: 28188 Posted: Tue Jun 10 05:38:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America's Yuming Cover

I received a mail message from Scott Sosebee at with new and pre-release information. Included in the mail message was an announcement for the Yuming International Cover Album. Besides America, the album features Michael Franks, Stephen Bishop, Rita Coolidge, Patti Austin, Oleta Adams, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Pauline Wilson, Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta & Bruce Gaitsch. This Japanese release is due 07/16 and can be purchased for 27.99.

Message: 28187 Posted: Mon Jun 09 23:35:03 2003 By: ivy
Subject: Just got home from the concert

I just came home from seeing America at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale and they're still as awesome as I remember them. I've been a huge fan of theirs since I first heard them around 1974. I have seen them in concert many times about 20 years ago back in NY. This is the first time I've seen them since I was about 16 and they're still as wonderful. The music was fabulous and I loved seeing them again!! I hope they play on forever!
I'm a Jeweler and I do my best creating when I'm in my studio listening to an America CD...I wish I could hug them and thank them for giving me so much fabulous music throughout the years. Their music touches my soul!

Message: 28186 Posted: Mon Jun 09 19:09:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Paradise Valley

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Message: 28185 Posted: Mon Jun 09 18:19:42 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Interesting...


As far as George's comments from 25 years ago, hey they are what they are. While sometimes people can change, most of the time you are the same basic person - just that you hopefully get wiser with experience. So it doesn't surprise me that the comments may be similar through after so many years. Maybe that's why I still like America after all these years.

But you do make an excellent point about doing their songs in a more "mature" style. I would love to have Dewey and Gerry re-record some of their classics today with a new, more mature twist. Kind of like what Gerry did with "I Need You" from Van Go Gan.

But first I want the all new album collaborating with Andrew Gold. Ladd, I understand your reluctance to buy Christmas albums, most of them aren't that great and sound like retreads. But I really like Holiday Harmony. The guys and Andrew Gold just click and it is great music for any season!

Message: 28184 Posted: Mon Jun 09 18:12:21 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: California Concerts

weltanschaung= world view, it's German but they use it in Philosophy too

Message: 28183 Posted: Mon Jun 09 17:09:38 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: California Concerts

Robyn, Was ist weltanschaung? Ich bin nicht sehr gut mit meine Deutch?
Windwave, Where are you, man? Didn't you go to one or more of these shows in Caliorn-I-A this weekend? Details. We need details.

I don't like Mondays. --Boomtown Rats

Message: 28182 Posted: Mon Jun 09 16:41:03 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve..another ? about valley

The moon was quite bright so it wasn't that dark and no flashlights were allowed. Once you captured the glowstick you had to run fast because everyone could see you. I did not take any night shots because I don't think they would have turned out (besides, I was playing and didn't have my camera).

Message: 28181 Posted: Mon Jun 09 14:57:35 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: California Concerts

America played three shows here in CA over the last three days. Did I make it to any of them? NOOOOOOO! Where was I? My Sister convinced me to go to the Temecula Balloon and Wine festival. Did I taste any wine? No.. See any balloons? no again. I did get to see that incredible liitle blues band from Texas, ZZ Top. They were grerat! However, they had Ted Nugget opening for them. Now Ted has never been one of my favorites and this show underscores why. His stage was decorated like a bunker, and above it all was an American flag emblazoned with his website address. Now I know I may take a few shots for this but that is just wrong. Ted styles himself as a patriot, but uses it to sell his product. He went on more than one tirade about peopel who do not share his weltanschaung, went so far as to name-call. Nice. and the show was pretty boring. His music has an unrelenting sameness to it that wears thin after the third or fourth sustained chord. Nice that he gave Animal from the muppets a job drumming ( I swear the guy not only looked like Animal, he had the same flail-at -the drums technique) But ZZ top was great, their trademark unison movements looked relaxed and the crowd ate it up. I found myself wondering if they practice that or is it the fact that these guys have been together over 30 years?

I am waiting for reviews of the three concerts this weekend from fans lucky enough to attend.

Message: 28180 Posted: Mon Jun 09 14:32:05 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: damn good music

Got the cd the day it came out and couldn't agree more. By the way, saw in the Columbus paper that the Thorns and the Jayhawks are going to be at the Columbus zoo June 25th...I think.

You'uns ever give Jeff Larson a listen? Harmonies, acoustic guitars and the occasional mandolin.

Been listening to MB's cd too. Not all the songs work for me but the ones that do...DO!


Message: 28179 Posted: Mon Jun 09 11:48:13 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Interesting...

Just a few days after my recent comments on the America performance at Nissan Pavillion, I read this quote by George Martin in the 1977 Rolling Stone article on the band:

After noting America's strong points...he acknowledges there are weak spots, too. "I don't think their voices are terribly strong," Martin says. "Also, I think there's a slight tendency to be a little un-adventurous in their music."

Bizarre...those were my two primary criticisms of the band last week...


Message: 28178 Posted: Mon Jun 09 11:35:10 2003 By: rc
Subject: Steve..another ? about valley

When you were playing that game was it really dark there? lol how in the world did you find way back to home base area with glowstick once I don't know if were using flashlights or some such but curious... Did you take any night shots from a higer advantage point of the game going on? Sorry just be nosey lol..

Message: 28177 Posted: Mon Jun 09 11:22:37 2003 By: rc
Subject: Steve L..Goblin Valley..Bon Voyage!!(early)

Hi Steve,
That Goblin Valley was cool. And I can imagine what fun you all had playing that game of capturing the glowstick in that kind of setting..
Sorry to hear though that your son broke his arm..bummer, Hope he heals up quick.

I know this is a little early, but again, have a great time on your cruise (leaving wed. right?) and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back..
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 28176 Posted: Mon Jun 09 10:16:36 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - San Diego

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in San Diego, CA.

Message: 28175 Posted: Mon Jun 09 07:18:14 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Thorns.

Dan, I agree. The new CD by the Thorns is great. See if this sound familiar. Three part harmonies, acoustic guitars. Three part harmonies, acoustic guitars. I swear a couple songs sound exactly like CSN singing (back in the day).

For those of you who don't know, the Thorns is a new group with Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins and Pete Doge.

It's not three solos albums under one roof. It's all three singing harmony throughout the entire disc. Riveting.


Message: 28174 Posted: Sun Jun 08 21:39:40 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Goblin Valley

I love all of the pictures you have been posting. They're very interesting and so different than anything we see in PA. Please keep posting them and tell us a little more about Goblin Valley.

Even though I've been to Goblin Valley three times over the past 10 years or so, I don't know that much about it. It's a State Park that has a web page (click here to see the Goblin Valley State Park web site) which should describe a little more about it. I know that the film "Galaxy Quest" was filmed there because of its space-like scenery.

Message: 28173 Posted: Sun Jun 08 21:34:35 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Goblin Valley

Is this in Utah?

Yes, it's in southern Utah on the way to Lake Powell (a popular recreation spot around here).

Message: 28172 Posted: Sun Jun 08 20:22:11 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Goblin Valley/3 chess pieses

Make that, 4 chess pieces.

Message: 28171 Posted: Sun Jun 08 19:17:48 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Goblin Valley/3 chess pieses

Steve, I see 2 bishops, a queen and a rook.

Message: 28170 Posted: Sun Jun 08 18:12:10 2003 By: Dan
Subject: damn good music

Just got done listening to the Thorns new CD, three times. Outstanding CD. Standouts are I Can't Remember, Think It Over (fits my life right now to a T),No Blue Sky, Such A Shame, and the beautiful, Among The Living. For all you America fans out there yearning for new material I suggest you pick this great music up and it surely will satisfy you. Excellent CD.DanC.

Message: 28169 Posted: Sun Jun 08 17:13:31 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Goblin Valley

Steve, so sorry to hear that your son fell and broke his arm. I hope it mends very quickly for him. I love all of the pictures you have been posting. They're very interesting and so different than anything we see in PA. Please keep posting them and tell us a little more about Goblin Valley.~~Cathy

Message: 28168 Posted: Sun Jun 08 14:41:19 2003 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Goblin Valley

Steve, I hope your son recovers fast from his accident. How did you manage to get through the trip with the broken arm? Hey those pix of "Goblin Valley" are great! Is this in Utah? We sure never see anything like that landscape here in New York City!

Message: 28167 Posted: Sun Jun 08 12:39:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Goblin Valley

I made it back after a 3 day weekend in Goblin Valley with 40 young people aged 12 to 17. We really had a great time and the only casualty was my 12 year old son who tripped and fell while running down a steep hill and he broke his arm. He's doing fine and will get a hard cast tomorrow.

I took about 100 photos but I'll only bore you with 2. The first is a view of part of the area known as THE Goblin Valley. The formations that you see are anywhere from 5 to 25 feet high. We played steal the glow stuck (i.e., steal the flag) down there from 9 to 11 pm each night and it was a lot of fun. The second photo is just a short drive away from the valley and we called the formatioin the Three Wise Men. Actually, they look more like three chess pieces to me. You can use your own imagination. Click the links below to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Goblin Valley
The Three Wise Men

Message: 28166 Posted: Sun Jun 08 12:23:49 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What Dan Is Up To

As promised, I sent a message to Tom Peek asking about Dan's Guitar Man 2 project. I received the following reply from Tom which he said I could post here:

Dan's tentatively named "Guitar Man 2" album is a completed project musically. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a scheduled release date.

Dan Peek independently covers the full cost of all aspects of production, manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, the timing of the release of each new album is dictated by numerous factors.

Reviews/feedback/comments from fans of "Guitar Man" have been extremely positive, and we look forward to the release of Dan's next album when conditions are right.

The fantastic news is that "business is brisk" for Dan's E/C (Electrovoice & Crossover) project. We may have found a selling price (free) that is compatible to today's music climate. The combined Electrovoice/Crossover project ( is something that Dan has been wanting to do for a long time... here's hoping it will keep the music flowing!

The interesting part about the E/C project is that Dan is actually burning the CD's himself... If I could just get Paul McCartney to do the same for me (lol). I don't think many people realise just what they are getting.

Tom Peek
Webmaster for:

Message: 28165 Posted: Sat Jun 07 18:49:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Los Gatos

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Los Gatos, CA.

Message: 28164 Posted: Sat Jun 07 18:48:25 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Tysons Corner

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Tysons Corner, VA.

Message: 28163 Posted: Sat Jun 07 18:02:30 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Matt's CD

I ordered Matt's CD on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday!! Now that's service! ----It sounds great! -Valerie

Message: 28162 Posted: Sat Jun 07 17:47:08 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Montalvo

I just got back home from my trip to Saratoga for the Montalvo concert last night. First of all the show was Terrific as always. Dewey and Gerry were witty, enthusiastic and fresh sounding. After reading all the posts about their voices straining or not, I wanted to really try and listen to how they sound, instead of just admiring them adoringly! Well I didn't notice any straining at all. Dewey never once put his hands to his throat as if joking about not reaching the high notes. (As mentioned in earlier posts.) These guys always give a fantastic performance. Every time I see them I get tears in my eyes, (and butterflies in my stomache) and realize how fortunate I am to have their music in my life, and that I am lucky enough to get to see them Live in concert once in a while. Bye, Valerie

Message: 28161 Posted: Sat Jun 07 14:08:27 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Back to strained voices

I'd like to comment on Ladds comment on Dewey and Gerry having sounded like they were straining their voices on some songs during a recent concert he attended. I have heard, on live tv concerts and concerts I've attended, people who are 20 and 30 years longer than these guys, who on some songs would sing off key, or strain a little. Now, do they do this every time they sing, no, but it happens now and again to performers. These guys are on the road alot, they do alot of concerts, its gonna happen once and awhile. But I don't think every time Gerry sings "Daisy Jane", he is sounding like he's staining. Yes, I've been to concerts where one time he does sound like he is, but the next time I see them, he's not, so I just chulk it up to being human. As for your comment on Deweys La La La's on "Horse", I saw them in back to back concerts last weekend at Hershey, and I didn't notice anything wrong with the La La's. How exactly was he singing them? You said that was your first concert in years, maybe you just caught them on an off night.

Message: 28160 Posted: Sat Jun 07 12:41:55 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: America (for Rob)

I agree with you Rob. Me too, I'd like America to sing "Survival" and "We Got All Night" in their concerts.
America also don't sing their latest songs, like "From A Moving Train" -wich became a hit in the states-, for example. It's the same with some albums from the 80's, like "Your Move" and "Perspective". But I think it's a pity, cause those albums have really good songs.

Message: 28159 Posted: Sat Jun 07 10:14:27 2003 By: Rob
Subject: America

We all know that America has opened concerts with great songs like: "Riverside" and "Tin Man". Here are a few songs that I think would ALSO be good opening numbers:

"Lovely Night"
"We've Got All Night"

Also: "Right Before Your Eyes" should never be absent from the playlist, in my opinion, it may be the group's most underrated song, and still loved by many.


Message: 28158 Posted: Sat Jun 07 08:21:41 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: on the subject of concerts

Completely agree, David. I have seen Al Stewart 4 or 5 times and he certainly is a story teller. Another performer, whose banter in between songs is a huge part of the experience, is Johnny Clegg. Given that most of his tunes are about the political situation in South Africa or other African issues it is wonderful listening to him tell how songs were formed etc. I know many people here will disagree, in that they go to concerts to hear music, period. Fair enough. I would still attend any and every America concert I could, even if the "lines" are the same. The quality of their music is equalled by none.

Message: 28157 Posted: Fri Jun 06 23:05:38 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: on the subject of concerts

About concerts . . . I don't know about now, since I've been in India and Japan for the last 7 or so years, but when I used to go to America concerts, when they had Brad playing bass, at every concert I went to, even if the concerts were only a few months apart, they announced it was Brad's birthday. And a lot of their chatter inbetween songs was repeated ad verbatim. I understand that doing concerts day in and day out, they would get tired, and so find it easier saying the same things over and over again at each concert, but it would be more entertaining to the audience if they could be a bit more imaginative in their talk between songs. Al Stewart, now . . . he's a real racconteur--it's almost as interesting listening to his inbetween talk as it is to his music. (Just my two bits.)

Message: 28156 Posted: Fri Jun 06 21:19:45 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Thanks! it would be cool if...

Thanks so much!;o)


How about-
James Taylor-"Today's the Day" or "Sarah"
Gloria Estefan-"I Need You"
Michael Buble- "All My Life"
John Mayer-"Here"
'Nsync-"Right Before Your Eyes"
Tift Merritt-"Don't Cross The River"

Have a great weekend everyone!


Message: 28155 Posted: Fri Jun 06 17:50:24 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: strained voices

Rob, I'd like to hear Metallica's cover of "Sandman" and Neil Young's cover of "A Horse With No Name". ;)

Message: 28154 Posted: Fri Jun 06 11:24:50 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: strained voices

To give my two cents to the debate about Gerry and perhaps also Dewey strainging their voices...I haven't really noticed much of a vocal strain when I've seen them in concert in the past year or so. That may be just becuz I am so psyched to be at an America show and becuz I am psyched that they still tour so frequently. It is kind of comparable to when I saw Brian Wilson live and his voice strained a little bit on some songs, but I didn't mind it, because it was like the whole audience was pulling for him, and just to hear him sing was cool. It kind of brings to mind what Neil Young would call ragged glory I guess. Hope this post makes sense to people. I want to stress that I do kind of understand what some of you are saying in regards to strained vocals. It's just that America comes across as so "real" in all their performances to me, so I only notice the strain a little. Anyway...just thought i would post on the ongoing debate.
Thanks for those who have added other suggestions about possible modern bands covering Gerry and Dewey and the guys. Thanks to Robyn and Nancy for this.
PS I am just remembering yet again what a solid album Driftin' and Other Tales of the Lost Islands good acoustic guitar here.
Go Dan Peek!

Message: 28153 Posted: Fri Jun 06 11:21:10 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

Sergio, I agree with you!

Message: 28152 Posted: Fri Jun 06 09:58:02 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: it would be cool if... & Misc. topics & then some

Hi there ~~~ Hmmmm the SUN is trying oooooh soo hard to come out here today! Too much Mo ~~ I gotta a laugh out of this thanks! :)

Hi there Robsl & Robin ~~~ Wow that was some list of tribute artists and songs you posted Rob! I was trying to hear a little bit of each in my head... too much! The one that really took hold of me tho is the Foo Fighters doing Cornwall Blank ~~ WOW I have never seen them do this type of song at all! This I would love to see, I really like their song Learning to Fly ~~ Hmmm I will say one thing the lead singer does have a nice voice.... Pretty neat Robin ~~ You suggesting Cold Play to do Here, I could picture them doing "Only in Your Heart" I was thinking I would like to hear Lifehouse do the song Here or Midnight, and then for some reason I keep thinking that I would like to hear Linkin Park do Sandman, I would like to hear BBMac do Hat Trick just to see if their 3 way harmonizing could come close to Gerry, Dewey & Dan's.... I could handle hearing Matchbox 20 singing the song Greenhouse, I think Ben Fold could do a nice job on Monster, How about David Gray doing Three Roses, Jeff Larson doing Riverside as well as John Mayer doing both of these too, interesting you mentioning him doing Tin Man ~ Rob... I thought it would be to hard to picture alot of their songs being done by todays groups... but now that I think of it, it is pretty easy picturing these great songs being sung by alot of them... I would like to hear Puddle of Mudd sing You Can Do Magic, Vertical Horizon doing All Night or Hollywood, Too much Dido singing I Need You, I could picture Vanessa Carlton doing a nice job on it as well. ~~ Thanks for the neat question Rob!

Hi there Linda (Chrislin) ~~ Welcome ~~ Very good point ~~ The Holiday Harmony songs definitely are their today voices. Glad to hear you had a great time at the Hershey shows, and getting to meet Sheldon & Debi & Kristal.

Hi Ladd ~~ You definitely have some really good points this time around... and I appreciate the manor with which you are posting about them. ~~ Hmmm Each time I see them, I just love getting to hear them again... I guess I don't pick up on strained voices and such, and I never stopped to really listen to see if they were trying to sing these songs the same way as when they first made them... I do know that I have said many times that I feel they have aged like fine wine and that in ways they are better now. ~~ I think whatever their approach will be on this new CD, I will enjoy getting to hear its outcome, I was soo excited to hear they were doing a Christmas CD last year and I was very pleased with it... I do hope that you will get their Holiday Harmony CD soon, and listen to how well done these songs are and how they managed to add a touch of that early AMERICA magic to these traditional Christmas songs, making them unique in a really neat way, and the 3 new songs that are on here are definitely brand new songs from them and I do think it would be worth your while getting this just to hear them sing these.

Hmmmm ~~ My 2 cents worth about Woman Tonight ~~ I must say that it isn't one of my favorite AMERICA songs, I do understand why they leave it in the show tho, this is definitely Woodzy's time to Shine! He does do a really nice job with this song.

Well tonight is my Daughter's Dance Recital ~~ They did well at the dress rehearsal last night... soo we are all set for tonight...

Take care all and enjoy your weekend! Nancy :)

~~~ You are the strength that keeps me walking, you are the hope that keeps me trusting, you are the light into my soul, you are my purpose, You're Everything, and how can I stand here with You and not be moved by you, would you tell me how could it be any better than this... Yeaahhh ~~~ You calm the storms, and you give me rest, you hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall, you steal my heart and you take my breathe away, would you take me in, take me deeper now, how can i stand here with you and not be moved by you, would you tell me how could it be any better than this, and how can i stand here with you, and not be moved by you, would you tell me how could it be any better than this ~~~ You're all I want, You're all I need, You're Everything, everything, everythingggggg ~~~ Sing It Lifehouse ~~~ WOW What a song !!! :) :) ;)

Message: 28151 Posted: Fri Jun 06 08:46:22 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

--Such was the case last January, when I saw them, I went with two other couples (who are by no means America fans, they just remembered a couple of their songs), and they EXPECTED to hear them sound just like the record, I would say they came away very satisfied.--

That might be true, but other casual fans (like the girlfriends/wives previously mentioned) are picking put that their voices sound terribly strained. On "Daisy Jane" Gerry sounded at times like he was trying to sing like a 12 year-old boy. The truth for casual fans is probably that some will go your way in interpretation, some mine.

But as a serious fan of the band who listens closely, I don't want to hear straining. I'd rather they change the arrangements (as so many artists do as they age, including Stevie Nicks, for example) and sing the songs full voice, full power, from the diaphragm. It would be beautiful to hear what they actually sound like now that they have aged (and aged well). Trying to sing like they're young makes them sound less relevant. Embrace the changes that have occurred and I am totally confident the fans would embrace this, too. These guys are just too cool for them not to...


Message: 28150 Posted: Fri Jun 06 08:27:57 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: it would be cool if...

I'd like to hear Coldplay doing "Here"

Message: 28149 Posted: Fri Jun 06 07:04:53 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003


Thanks for your reply, and I just want to say that I did not miss the point...Perhaps I did not address it fully in my reply. However, I definitely understood that you would like to see them use their voice differently and more naturally befitting their age, Hence my "Yet, rather than ask them to drastically adapt or rework their songs, I celebrate the fact that they are still out there, doing the best they can, and still in a class of their own."

I just don't think that if they did so, the "run of the mill" or casual fan, would appreciate it. In fact, I think it might end up having negative results~Casual fans, which to me make up the majority of their listening audience at a live concert, usually come to a concert expecting to hear the songs as they remember them. Such was the case last January, when I saw them, I went with two other couples (who are by no means America fans, they just remembered a couple of their songs), and they EXPECTED to hear them sound just like the record, I would say they came away very satisfied. So gauging from that, and the overwhelmingly positive response of the audience at the sold out concert, I believe for the "greater good" or the "masses" they should continue as they are, and not tamper with a good thing. However, I also understand your point, and that with us "aficionados" a change here and there can be refreshing and experimenting would be welcome and fun. A compromise somewhere might be the answer. Have a great weekend,

Message: 28148 Posted: Fri Jun 06 06:40:27 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

--So Ladd, just wondering if you have listened to their Christmas CD, since you say you are wondering what their 50 and 51 year old true voices sound like. Do you think they are also trying to sound like 20 year olds on it?--

Linda, I'll never buy a Christmas album (until I have kids, MAYBE), but if I did, America's would be the first.

--I'm just happy to see and hear them in concert, cause at their ages, you never know when they may decide to call it quits. I'm sure they are not just doing this for the money, they must truely still love performing.--

No doubt about that. You never doubt their honesty or authenticity for a second up there.


Message: 28147 Posted: Fri Jun 06 06:35:29 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Live America, Aging Gracefully and "Woman No More"

--I just wanted to say that, when I sw them recently at the Keswick in Philly, my wife and I had a good-natured disagreement over this. She said she felt the vocals were in some places embarassingly strained, and I said I felt the vocals sounded pretty damned good to my ears, save for maybe "Daisy Jane," which sounded odd to me (as opposed, say, to "Never Be Lonely," which I thought was a great vocal rendition by Gerry).--

My lady was with me that night as well, and she also noticed it.


Message: 28146 Posted: Fri Jun 06 06:15:22 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: No comment.

Moser: I just had my 20th anniversary on the 4th, so I will offer a no comment. Hey, I just hope she gets her money's worth, if you know what I mean.

I would try a new habit, but she'd probably leave me for it. She didn't think it was very funny last year when she turned 40 and I suggested exchanging her for two 20s.


Message: 28145 Posted: Fri Jun 06 05:59:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Prozac Nation

It is sunny here today...finally...thankfully. It's just in time too, because the city council was supposed to meet today to decide whether they were going to have Prozac added to the water supply instead of fluoride since the weather is do darn depressing.
Friday Morning Jam: mB, again
We usually avoid repeats on the FMJ but we just can't get enough of this music here lately. Happy Friday everyone.

Message: 28144 Posted: Fri Jun 06 05:00:30 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: "Woman Tonight"

Someone just mentioned "Woman Tonight" in a previous post (was it speechwriter?) and I know its been a topic of conversation on this folder before, as to whether it should be replaced with another song or remain in the set list. It's funny because ,even though I could take or leave the song, there are some fans who remember America primarily for this tune. At two separate concerts I have heard people talking before the show, once in line and once at dinner, where the the first song referenced out of someone's mouth is "Woman Tonight". Being such a long time fan of the group I find this strange...but maybe there are those who came to know America through this minor hit in the late 1970's, perhaps through discos?

Message: 28143 Posted: Thu Jun 05 21:05:10 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

So Ladd, just wondering if you have listened to their Christmas CD, since you say you are wondering what their 50 and 51 year old true voices sound like. Do you think they are also trying to sound like 20 year olds on it?
I'm just happy to see and hear them in concert, cause at their ages, you never know when they may decide to call it quits. I'm sure they are not just doing this for the money, they must truely still love performing. I'm sure that life on the road does take a toll on them, and some concerts they probably sound better than others. I think they still sound and look great.

Message: 28142 Posted: Thu Jun 05 19:49:19 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Sorry, I Just Can't Resist

You said, "I've seen America probably more times than I've seen my wife naked, and I will say that never, not once, have I come away feeling like I didn't get my money's worth." I have to tell you this line really cracked me up. Good one. But, I have to also say, it begs the question, when did you get your money's worth--at the concert or seeing your wife naked? Since you say you are a creature of habit, may I suggest a new habit? Try seeing your wife naked more often. Could be a lot of fun.

Message: 28141 Posted: Thu Jun 05 18:45:35 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: it would be cool if...

Hey everyone,
I realize this has been brought up numerous times on this board in the past couple years, and I don't mean to beat a horse with no name, but here goes...Wouldn't it be cool if there were an America tribute CD? There have been probably over a hundred tribute CD's during the 1990's/2000's for artists who, like America, were popular in the 70's. I would probably buy it, as I enjoy hearing new interpretations on my favorite bands' work, even though tribute albums are usually very patchy and sometimes downright unlistenable. Anyway, I have been thinking about which artists of today's music scene would be asked to cover America songs for the tribute CD, if there was one. Some possibilities...
Ryan Adams "Riverside"
Dido "I Need You"
The Jayhawks "Sister Golden Hair"
Pete Yorn "A Horse with No Name"
Lucinda Williams "Children"
Spiritualized "Here"
The White Stripes "Pigeon Song"
Pearl Jam "Hat Trick"
Ben Folds "Daisy Jane"
Nelly Furtado "Lovely Night"
Beck "Three Roses"
Radiohead "Rainbow Song"
Sheryl Crow "Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye"
Garbage "You Can Do Magic"
The Vines "Only Game in Town"
Tori Amos "She's Gonna Let You Down" (she could change it to "he's gonna let you down)
The Strokes "Ventura Highway"
The Counting Crows "Lonely People"
Vertical Horizon "Rainy Day"
The Foo Fighters "Cornwall Blank"
Jack Johnson "Only in Your Heart"
Indigo Girls "Wind Wave"
REM "Green Monkey"
Weezer "Woman Tonight"
Vanessa Carlton "Another Try"
John Mayer "Tin Man"
Phish or Trey Anastasio "Old Man Took"
Anyways there's my thoughts...feel free to add your own thoughts, or to disagree or etc.
Take care and have a good weekend everyone,

Message: 28140 Posted: Thu Jun 05 18:20:00 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Ladd.

I think the worst thing we can do, as fans, is be so blinded by love that we fail to ask questions. I'm glad that Ladd challenges convention. I don't always agree with everything he says, but I agree with some of it. Annd I wholeheartedly endorse his need to be critical.

For instance, I look forward to the new CD with Andrew Gold at the helm. I don't look forward to their lame-ass drum machine and bass programming. I'm sorry, but there's no excuse for sucking. They're too good for that. Chances are, though, if the past 20 years is any indication, they'll fall into the same trap.

I'm grateful that America still tours, that their live act still makes me walk away confirming my lifelong devotion to them. That they're not in it just to make a quick buck like the Beach Boys and CSN and other bloated acts.

I've seen America probably more times than I've seen my wife naked, and I will say that never, not once, have I come away feeling like I didn't get my money's worth. Yeah, it might be predicable, but I've seen every Seinfeld eposide a hundred times and I still laugh my ass off at the same jokes. Maybe I'm a creature of habit.


Message: 28139 Posted: Thu Jun 05 15:17:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Fogelberg/Speech/Gene Clark

<<Just be thankful you get the opportunity to see these guys live.>>
(Though waiting for my second opportunity) I must say I agree with you Jason ! And frankly, when I listen to my GC Concert cd i find the vocal job they do live totally amazing & even more impressive when you consider the number of dates they have on the calendar...

Message: 28138 Posted: Thu Jun 05 14:45:11 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fogelberg/Speech/Gene Clark


I'll have to pick up a copy of Dan's new CD, especially if it harks back to the good ole days. Thanks for the review.

I own both of Dillard and Clarks 2 lps on vinyl. Fantastic Expedition is extraordinary but Through The Night... doesn't quite hit the mark for me although there are some good songs. When you think about it Gene Clark was unafraid to experiment during this period. What with his folksy debut with the Gosdin brothers, Country rock outings with Dillard and singer songwriter phase with White Light. I suppose his origins with the BYRDS made sure that the record companies gave him a free reign. It's just a shame that none of these albums were successful to lead him on to a greater artistic phase. Saying that though, NO OTHER, which i belive was released in 1975, could be his defining moment.

Finally, for all you people discussing whether Dewey and Gerry can still cut the mustard... Just be thankful you get the opportunity to see these guys live. I'm still waiting for my first opportunity.

Guy's, London's nice this time of year. How about it?


Message: 28137 Posted: Thu Jun 05 12:13:30 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: My 2 cents..

Robyn & Janice - I am with you. I will see them every chance I can get. I think they get better and better!

Message: 28136 Posted: Thu Jun 05 12:03:48 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Live America, Aging Gracefully and "Woman No More"

I think it was "Ladd" who posted a few pages back about America live and the vocals being a bit strained, etc.

I just wanted to say that, when I sw them recently at the Keswick in Philly, my wife and I had a good-natured disagreement over this. She said she felt the vocals were in some places embarassingly strained, and I said I felt the vocals sounded pretty damned good to my ears, save for maybe "Daisy Jane," which sounded odd to me (as opposed, say, to "Never Be Lonely," which I thought was a great vocal rendition by Gerry).
I mention it only to let Ladd know that others have been struck by the vocals in the same way, although I really didn't think it was much of a concern. (Perhaps I'm in denial, or maybe it was the Labatt's Blue).
Anyway, what I find remarkable about Gerry and Dewey, thought, is their energy level and respect for the audience. Yeah, the schtick gets a little thick, and the song set needs some new blood. But they play hard, they have fun, and I always leave their shows feeling like this very cool, communal thing has happened between artist and fan that is rare anymore.
The other thing, though, is that I agree wholeheartedly about "Woman Tonight." I'm sorry. It was a minor hit by contrast with their other hits, and I don't think it would be missed. As pop, it's lame, and as reggae, it's irritating. I wouldn't mind seeing "Woman Tonight" become Woman No More. (Perhaps I should stay quiet on this. With my luck, they'd select "Slow Down," or "Down to the Water" to replace it ... the only other songs in their body of work I truly avoid.)

Message: 28135 Posted: Thu Jun 05 12:00:46 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: My 2 cents..

Wishing for what once was is a waste of time. Be thankful for the DVD and be even MORE thankful we can still see them live!

Message: 28134 Posted: Thu Jun 05 11:46:30 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Fogelberg / Gene Clark/Single Covers

Thanks, Jason, for the heads up about Gene Clark's "White Light" being available on CD. I have a vinyl copy on A&M, I believe, but I've been hoping it would see release on compact disc. Incidentally, I was lucky enough a few years back to stumble across a Mobile Fidelity Labs "audiophile" CD that included both the "Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark" and "Through the Morning, Through the Night" LPs. I agree with you. Dillard and Clark's material was really first-rate, and Gene Clark was/remains an under-appreciated talent. As for Dan Fogelberg, I must confess "Full Circle" is, for me, a welcome return to former glories. He might just as aptly entitled the record Echoes. I own all of the releases, but I had begun to long for a taste of the rootsier, more rusticated ambience of his early-to-mid-period LPs. (I wouldn't mind seeing Gerry and Dewey explore a similar project someday).

Message: 28133 Posted: Thu Jun 05 10:24:00 2003 By: Janice
Subject: My 2 cents..

I am getting in on tail-ends of posts here, but I personally don't care if Gerry and Dewey stand on stage in their walkers, flapping their gums because they forgot to put their teeth in...given the chance, I hope to be there in the audience someday to see them again, flapping my gums right along with them. :-)


Message: 28132 Posted: Thu Jun 05 09:44:01 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

--I respect your position and your right to voice your opinion, but you are needlessly picking at the inevitable aging process and missing the greater good. Gerry and Dewey are 50 and 51 respectively! I will also be 51 in a couple of weeks and I can attest that there is no way I could be 20 again, or sound and do the things I once did in the same way-Theirs has to be a similar experience.--

Sergio, I think you missed my point. I agree with you totally here. Aging is totally natural and there IS no possible way they can sound like they are still 20. The problem is that is what they are still trying to do. These are two men who are now older and wiser. I'd like to hear what their TRUE voices at 51 now sound like. I'm not hearing that. I think it would be wonderful if I could hear that. And it would also be wonderfully NEW, an introduction to a new America now. It was just painful to me to watch Gerry and especially Dewey trying to hit these ball-grabbing notes that are a physical struggle. I'd rather here something lower, but full-force, full-wind.

--Yet, rather than ask them to drastically adapt or rework their songs, I celebrate the fact that they are still out there, doing the best they can, and still in a class of their own. It is admirable how they still play the same songs over and over again through hundreds of concerts a year, and yet they continue to infuse a high level of energy and bring their refreshingly unique sound to each and every performance. All the reviews from the many fans on the two web sites easily confirm it so.--

On that we agree. They give it their all every night and are two of the finest people you could ever hope to be a fan of.


Message: 28131 Posted: Thu Jun 05 09:24:11 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: America picture locations

On the final point of my last mail regarding the picture location of the single cover, it got me to thinking. I don't know if anyone is aware but the image of Dewey, Gerry and Dan by the fountain which appeared on the UK edition of HORSE WITH NO NAME is the EROS statue in the centre of PICADILLY CIRCUS, LONDON.

Check out this link for confirmation

I only realised this recently when I did an Insurance Call in Picadilly and thought "that looks familiar!".

Does anyone one know of any other locations which may have been featured. I've alwayd wondered what and where the building is feature on the PERSPECTIVE cover.


Message: 28130 Posted: Thu Jun 05 08:59:48 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Fogelberg / Gene Clark/Single Covers

Thanks Speech for your review of the new Fogelberg CD. As you know I own a few of his earlier lps of which SOVERNIRS is my favourite. Interesting to hear that he's covered the Gene Clark song FULL CIRCLE. I've become a real fan of Gene Clark in recent years and would recommend his music wholeheartedly. In fact is album WHITE LIGHT has only recently been issued on CD. This is a fantastic collection of songs which deserves a far wider audience. I'd also recommend his album NO OTHER which is a later release but just as good.

For those country rock fans Gene's collaboration with Doug Dillard entitled the FANTASTIC EXPEDITION OF DILLARD & CLARK is a must. It includes Bernie Leadon (Eagles) on banjo and features the Clark/Leadon composition TRAIN LEAVES HERE THIS MORNING which later featured on the EAGLES debut lp.

Hope you all enjoyed the last batch of single covers I sent to Steve. The TIN MAN Thailand cover should bring a smile. I especially like the image on the Italian HORSE WITH NO NAME single which is the first time I've seen this image. I think it's of KEW GARDENS in South London. The photo from the AMERICA album with the band standing amongst some ferns is the same location.


Message: 28129 Posted: Thu Jun 05 08:33:48 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

I remember them mentioning a Guitar Man 2 CD also. Which would be great since I loved Guitar Man. Also he is making single CDs available of two of his CCM albums that have yet to be released on CD (Electrovoice and Crossover). Visit his web site ( for details.

Message: 28128 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:57:54 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

My understanding is that Dan is working on a new project,but there is no release date set yet. Wouldn't surprise me if its sometime this year.

Message: 28127 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:56:10 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "Bones in the Sky"

The song you are asking about came off of his 1990 CD "The Wild Places." It spent 13 weeks on the Billboard Top 200,peaking at #103. Should be readily available on CD,even though you might have to special order it,or try some place on the net.

Message: 28126 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:16:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Aloha

I'll be offline for the next few days because I'm heading to southern Utah with a group of young people from my church. We're going to a beautiful area called Goblin Valley. I suspect I'll have one or two pictures to share when I get back. In the meantime, I thought it was appropriate to share this final picture taken from the Honolulu airport on Oahu. Aloha!

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28125 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:14:57 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Nissan Show & Dan Peeks CD & Dan F's Full Circle cd

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Well it is the Last Day of School here for my kids, I just took them to the bus and they will be back in about 2 hours... Just a day to get their report cards and say Thanks to their Teacher's and to wish everyone a Nice Summer... As I am typing this I am finally getting to hear my Dan Fogelberg's new CD... WOW Full Circle what a title... it is kinda appropriate for the feelings that the kids have about today.. When my son came over to my bed, (like he always does ~ we listen to the backwords oldie contest song and then Mom sees if she knows it) ~~ He said to me "Mom I wish there was one more week of school yet" I said really Nathan, and he said yes, it is gonna be hard to say bye to my teacher and friends today, Funny Dan is singing right now Funny how the circle comes around.... sooo true in this case.... at the beginning of the year they are sooo mad that the summer is over and that they gotta go to school... and now they are mad that school is over ~~ too much for sure! :)

Ok now where do I begin, it feels like forever since I have posted ~~
First of all Thanks Steve for the nice Pic yesterday with the half rainbow in the sky there in Hawaii... I have it on my desktop down on my work comp. ~ It sure brought a Smile to my day yesterday... yes it brought a shimmer of hope that these rainy days we are having will kinda take a break soon. It is all it has been doing, and it is all everyone is talking about on the radio, at the Mall, everywhere... Dan is singing Wonder when this Storm will end, there is a reason for everything.... Ooh I just gotta say that Dan Fogelberg is sooo good at touching my soul with his songs, he has a way of making you feel sooo calm and his lyrics kinda fit into life's everyday feelings. I have always liked that about him.... I haven't got to hear Drawing Pictures in full yet, but I too was caught by it when I listened to the song clip on Dan's site, Once in Love is on here now ~~ Nice :)

Hi Nina, RC & Speech ~~~ Regarding the song Bones in the Sky ~~ I am not familiar with this song either, I finally got to hear Wysteria and I do agree that song sure has a mysterious way of taking hold and keeping you spellbound to it. Dan's voice is soo convincing in this song that it makes you feel so deeply for this person that the song is about or the feelings that it is meant to get across. I don't think I have ever heard Home Free, I do have Souveniers, Netherlands, Phoenix,Age of Innocence, and his Greatest Hits.... I also have searched for many of his songs on the net. I haven't got to see him yet in a show, I sure would love to see him tho!

Hi there Ladd ~~~ I APPLAUD Your review, I am soooo glad that you did go to see them again. Your thoughts and opinions are very well expressed and I was happy about the tone of them. Much better than your first time review. Especially your saying that you went to this show accepting that they are not gonna be the way they were when they made Musikladen. To Me that showed You took a big step in the right direction! Nice :) ~~~ Now I suggest you go see them again, and just appreciate the Full Circle that their songs and Talent have taken. I feel that they have given us their ALL in all these years, and I APPRECIATE Them for that! ~~ I do agree with you that it would be a welcome to have more surprises added to the shows routine. We all love all of their songs for sure, I just think a bit of Spontenaety would add a Nice Touch to their shows! ~~~ Hmmm I just wanna know one thing Ladd ~~ Did you leave there wanting to hear more ? I am sorry if this is putting you on the spot, my intents are not that, I just wonder about this! ~~ Thanks for your thoughts about Chicago, I have not seen them ever. I do agree with MikeB about Robert Lamm, I always felt that Peter Cetera was the real force in Chicago's drive... and the same way with Beckley,Lamm,Wilson Robert's voice kinda is in the background on both. ~~ It would be interesting to hear them after all these years. ~~ ooooooooh how I wish I would win the Power Ball, soo I could spend all summer taking in some great music shows.....

Hmmmm ~~ WOW ~~~ Drawing Pictures is on here ~~~ Oooooh yes this song has that oooooooh soo nice Dan way... the simply beautiful accoustics and the touching way he sings the lyrics... what a message this song comes across with... wow ~~~~ She has searched for a shoulder and Mine was gone ~~~ what powerful lyrics for sure. ~~ Just knowing that he kept this song on hold all of these years is soo neat, sooo WOW!! I bet soo many of us could relate to this song in this day and time in our relationships... Yes this song is my favorite too, I love it! ~~ Taking turns at being friends and lovers, ~~~ No one ever told us we were wrong, no one said when love is weak it was wrong.... WOW! :) I love this music in Icarus Ascending it is nice! Soo far every song just fits like a glove...

Hmmm Hearing this Dan F cd sooo far, has my insides screaming Gerry Gerry Gerry ~~ Please take those songs off of the shelf sometime soon and finish them.... Oooh how I will love hearing the outcome to them for sure! :)

Well Mr Mailman has been sooo KIND to me this week ~~ I got my Dan Peek Electro Voice\Crossover CD in the mail on Monday and I was soo anxious all during my work to get home and to listen to this.... Sooo Neat ~ Dan put on the CD ~~ Prepared Especially For Nancy Holtz ~~ A nice smile maker for sure~~ I listened to this CD 3 times in a row late Monday into early Teusday and I loved it for sure..... I heard a wealth of Magic in these songs. I loved hearing Dan's early AMERICA accoustics and harmonizing.... You sure can tell he put his whole Heart in all of these songs, very touching indeed! ~~ I am very thankful for Dan offering this Generous offer, I love getting all of these missing pieces to my big AMERICA Puzzle! ~~ If anyone here has been hesitating taking Dan up on this, I say Get It ~~ You will see what I mean! It would be such a shame to miss out on these songs! Thank You Dan Dan Dan :) :) :)

Last but not Least ~~ Another Fun night in the Live Chat, thanks to All of YOU! ~~ I got to talk with Valynda (Valerie) for the first time last night, it was really nice getting to share the gift of gab with you Valerie. ~~ Soo nice too ~~ Matt stopped in to say hi and thanks for all the well wishes on his CD. ~~ I listened to Matt's CD over and over on saturday and Again I must say that I love how he has blended the Music Styles on this CD ~~ His songs have a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make for complete circle of tastes for the whole family. My daughter is really liking this CD too. If any of you reading this are kinda hesitating getting this, Again I say Get It, you will be surprised and you will see what I mean here too! ~~ I told Matt to keep on singing and playing these great songs, and how nice of an interview he gave Gen... Nice for sure! :)

Well this week sure has alot packed into it soo far ~~ Both my son and daughter's class trip days were rain rain rain, but they managed to have fun days anyway.... Teusday was my daughter's last dance class for the year and it was a total emotional disaster due to her dance outfit being soooo BIG on her, and she thought it was the End of the World... I took her and it to my sister in laws, and she fixed it to a tee, Laura was a Smiling then for sure, I told her See why did you get soo worked up for... I just think it was the mixed emotions of the whole dance year catching up with her.... Yesterday was her class trip to an amusement park, they got home around 5:30, just enough time to get her dance outfit on and touch up her hair and put some make up on ... and off we were to get the dance Pics taken.... Now tonight is the Dress Rehearsal and then tomorrow is the big day.... This will be interesting to see how it all comes Full Circle this year.... this is the first time the Dance Recital is in the evening, instead of during the day.... ~~ Oh well all we can do is hold on and take this ride, enjoying every performance for the time spent in preparing for it.... A bunch of Happy Tears will be Flowing for sure! ~~ :)

Well thanks for letting me spill my overflowing thoughts through my fingertips here.... thanks for reading my FOREVER posts! I do appreciate the nice way this chat folder fits into my life! :)

Take care and have a great day and weekend! Nancy :)

~~~ Funny how the circle turns around, first you're up and then you're down again, tho the circle takes what it may give, each time around it makes it live again, Funny how the circle is a wheel and it can steal someone that is a friend, Funny how the circle can take you flying, and if it's right it brings it back again.... tho you always look for what you know, each time around its something you know..... WOW ~~ I do like this Dan F CD alot!!!! but then I knew I would! :)

Message: 28124 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:13:33 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Thanks Steve, I remember reading last year that he was going to working on Guitar Man 2. Great CD.

Message: 28123 Posted: Thu Jun 05 06:07:11 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

I don't know but I'll check with Tom Peek and see if he knows.

Message: 28122 Posted: Thu Jun 05 05:39:02 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Steve or anybody know when Dan Peek is going to come out with another CD. Got his last CD, Guitar Man and from what I understand he is suppose to come out with Guitar Man 2.

Message: 28121 Posted: Thu Jun 05 04:33:19 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: "Bones in the Sky"

I'm a Dan Fogelberg fan from WAY back, and am anxious to hear his new CD. Can somebody tell me which album/CD includes the song: "Bones in the Sky" ? I'm sure I've missed a few of Dan's more recent attempts, but I have all the "older" stuff and this song is not familiar to me. Thanks!

Message: 28120 Posted: Wed Jun 04 20:40:41 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

I respect your position and your right to voice your opinion, but you are needlessly picking at the inevitable aging process and missing the greater good. Gerry and Dewey are 50 and 51 respectively! I will also be 51 in a couple of weeks and I can attest that there is no way I could be 20 again, or sound and do the things I once did in the same way-Theirs has to be a similar experience. Yet, rather than ask them to drastically adapt or rework their songs, I celebrate the fact that they are still out there, doing the best they can, and still in a class of their own. It is admirable how they still play the same songs over and over again through hundreds of concerts a year, and yet they continue to infuse a high level of energy and bring their refreshingly unique sound to each and every performance. All the reviews from the many fans on the two web sites easily confirm it so.

I have to admit that I enjoyed reading your well written review and critique, even if painfully frank. However, I have a different set of expectations for a live America concert, and not necessarily lower, just kinder. I had not seen them in 30 years until earlier this year, and even though I would have liked for them to still be a trio, I enjoyed their concert immensely. Their harmonies may not have been as tight, but their concert had a deeper, more varied song set and their musicianship was still intact, if not better. I also think their stage personalities have improved and at the concert I attended, they gave it their all. They left me, not questioning why Dewey's La la La's might have sounded different, but rather rejoicing that I had once again heard these great musicians of my generation perform the music, that for the last 30 years, has been a significant and integral part of the "soundtrack" of my adult life. Sincerely,

Message: 28119 Posted: Wed Jun 04 17:00:08 2003 By: Mike B
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

Please never take "Woman Tonight" off the stage!!! That song is great--I look forward to it every concert and love how much fun Woodsy has with it. I also look forward to Sandman. But wouldn't mind seeing "Here" in concert again sometime.

Some can see it's poetry - I can hear the summer calling the Company...of America this summer at the American Fork Steel Days.

By the way Ladd, Lamm is my least favorite voice of the three mature voices on Beckly/Lamm/Wilson. To each his own it's plain to see. Keep the varied opinion coming. And, expect some counter opinions.

Message: 28118 Posted: Wed Jun 04 16:25:38 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

I enjoyed reading your review of the show last night. I think you may demand more out of a show than most of us here on this site,but if you're paying for it,you're entitled to put your 2 cents in. I'll be seeing the guys on June 13th at a Casino near here in Harris,Michigan. I too will also post a review when its said and done. As for song selection,I've never been a big fan of "Sandman",but I realize its an integral part of the show. On the other hand,I've always enjoyed "Woman Tonight" and I'm glad its in the set. Just goes to show you that we all have our own favorites that we love & enjoy.

Message: 28117 Posted: Wed Jun 04 16:02:27 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

If it's not broke, leave it alone.

Message: 28116 Posted: Wed Jun 04 13:15:13 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: A Note for Dan (Fogelberg) Fans Re: Full Circle

Cool! Glad to know I'm not alone there lol... I heard it,(Bones) during one of his solo accoustic shows.. It was a small venue and he intro'd that song as well as Forefathers.. When he played Bones in the Sky, I got goose bumps all over..
You know what's funny..For as many concerts of his that I have attended and it has been alot, Wisteria is the one song you hear people saying over and over again, that they would like to hear him play in concert.. Even if he sings it in a lower key then the original I would be a happy camper...

Message: 28115 Posted: Wed Jun 04 12:53:16 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: A Note for Dan (Fogelberg) Fans Re: Full Circle

Just for the record, "Wisteria" and "Bones in the Sky" are two of my favorite Fogelberg songs. A highlight of the shows I've seen him do was hearing him introduce, and perform,"Bones in the Sky" live, just before he put it out on CD. He was playing Valley Forge, and he introduced "Forefathers" at the same show. Nice to know someone else likes "Bones."

Message: 28114 Posted: Wed Jun 04 12:44:37 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: A Note for Dan (Fogelberg) Fans Re: Full Circle

Hi Speech,
Thanks for your review..Glad you like it.
My favorite is Drawing Pictures as well..And as you described it, it is a haunting ballad..Glad to know someone understands what that means . I have said that about Wisteria, that it is a hauntingly beautiful song, but then I feel that away about Bones in the Sky which not many like lol....
There's not one song I don't like on it and it's one I play from start to finish..
As another who has been listening since Home Free, I was ready for one like this...
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 28113 Posted: Wed Jun 04 12:02:29 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Hershey concert, met Sheldon and Kristal

I am with you, lets turn the clocks back to Sunday at 5:30. But maybe we can do with out all the rain. I am still on my concert high! Which concert did you like the best the 1st or 2nd? Sheldon-I don't know if I have ever seen Woodsie come out for autographs. He is quite the character on stage, but is pretty shy.
Enjoy your day - Kristal

Message: 28112 Posted: Wed Jun 04 10:43:34 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: A Note for Dan (Fogelberg) Fans Re: Full Circle

Just wanted to add my two cents on the new Fogelberg release, since I know Fogelberg fans lurk here, and occasionally post. First and foremost, I like it. I've been buying Dan's LPs since the original release of Home Free and, to my ears, the new one has a very "autumnal" feel, much like Home Free and Captured Angel.
Those who are yet to take the plunge should know -- the acoustic guitars are there in full force, as are the trademark harmonies (albeit, a little lower register and rougher than in the past). However, it's a pretty mellow (melancholic?)record, nothing with the "kick" of "These Days," from Captured Angel or "As the Raven Flies" or "Morning Sky" from Souveneirs. My favorite tunes -- at least at this early juncture -- include Dan's cover of the old Gene Clark tune "Full Circle," and the song "Reasons to Run," which offers musical echoes of "Last Nail" and "The Innocent Age." My absolute favorite song right now is a haunting acoustic ballad entitled "Drawing Pictures." I was not surprised when, a few minutes ago, on his web site, I read that Dan wrote the tune in 1972-73 and has been holding it all these years.

Message: 28111 Posted: Wed Jun 04 09:23:50 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

Ladd, good review from last night's performance. Somewhat critical in spots which makes us all stop and think...these guys are great no matter what age they are! I would like to say I could do the same things I did 30 years ago...and do it better! I'm sure when the new cd comes out, we will see a new and different set of music that we can appreciate. Thanks again for your review and insight...

Your friend in AMERICA, Whit

Message: 28110 Posted: Wed Jun 04 09:06:38 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: America/Chicago at Nissan Pavillion June 3, 2003

Saw America for the second time last night and enjoyed it much more than the first time I saw them with Michael McDonald at Westbury Music Fair last year.

I think this is largely because I made peace with the fact that this is not the same band--and never will be again--that I saw on the Musikladen video from 1975. The first time I saw them, this fact haunted me and depressed me. Last night, it dawned on me that this is probably the best America can sound in 2003. They're a two-man unit, they've lost one third of their vocal/guitar/keyboard power, and they're a hell of a lot older.

Two positive things I will say right off the bat--they really come out and give you their all on stage. Not just Gerry, who has so much fun up there, but Dewey, too, in his own way. The harmonies sounded great last night and "Sandman" was again the single best number of the night, just rocking! Tons of energy on that number and the crowd responded.

I also gained a greater appreciation for Woodsy. This guy can definitely play. He had a good sound last night and lit it up at times. Again, he can't fill Dan Peek's shoes (either on guitar or vocals), but he has fun up there and does a professional job all the way. The new bassist was good, too, and sounded good on the harmonies.

And they played an interesting and fresh set, featuring some more obscure numbers like "Company." That was nice.

Now, for some criticisms:

-It occurred to me last night that both Gerry and Dewey are still trying to sing like they are 21 years old and it just is not working. For Dewey, in particular, it is a struggle. He is very good humored about it (bringing his hand up by his neck after every song to signify that the notes are a reach now), and I appreciate that. But listen to his "la la, la-la-la-la's" on "Horse With No Name"... Why doesn't the band rearrange his vocals to reflect the natural changes that have occurred in his voice over the years? It would sound SO much better if they did, so much more authentic NOW. Gerry, too, I realized, has a much different voice now than he did then. You could really hear it on songs like "Daisy Jane," as he was singing so much higher than his voice is naturally now. I love the guy--he really puts his heart and soul into every note and you feel it--but I would love to truly hear the 2003 Gerry--what does THAT guy sound like? The contrast to these two was Robert Lamm of Chicago, who sounds every bit as good today as he did in 1970 (full power on every note), and the contrast was noteable.

-The band did rework some of its material last night, and it spiced up quite a few pieces with little jams, new hooks, extended solos, etc. But I'd like to see more of this. The one thing that still haunts me about Musikladen is that these guys REALLY USED TO JAM THE S*** OUT OF THEIR TUNES. That's not there anymore. Why not craft a set to really bring that old energy out? Take a chance--you've been at it for 30 years. If it doesn't work, go back to plan A. This band used to have Dewey strumming hard, why Dan rocked the keyboard and Gerry lit up with a blazing lead. I'd like the see the band at least shoot for that--Chicago, with a mix of veterans and younger guys did this last night, rocking their classic material REALLY hard.
Also, feature the duo more than the rest of the band. I'd rather see Gerry take a lead than Woodsy. No offense, but Gerry is the legend and he's a better guitarist, too.

-Dewey, take more leads! I want to hear you play guitar! Again, what have you got to lose? Go for it--everyone in the audience loves these guys and would support him no matter what.

-Please never play "Woman Tonight" on stage again!!! That song is awful--Gerry even had to condition it with a joke before they started it!

They put on a great show, though, and the crowd definitely responded and still was incredibly fond of these guys. They have a very honest feel about them that is truly refreshing--no ego, just love of the music and love of the fans.

Gerry said they had been playing something like 108 shows a year for 30 years. That says it all--but I hope they will be aggressive in looking for NEW ways to improve the product and spice it up so it stays fresh (and maybe even improves) over time.


Message: 28109 Posted: Wed Jun 04 07:38:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - The Hotel Window

Early in the morning on my last day on Oahu I took some photos from my hotel window (a la Gerry's VFTHW). Here are a couple that I thought were interesting.

A faint rainbow over Waikiki
A bird sharing our Radisson hotel veranda

Next stop, the plane ride from Oahu to Maui.

Message: 28108 Posted: Wed Jun 04 06:30:20 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Hershey concert, met Sheldon and Kristal

Hi Linda - I totally agree with you, I would LOVE to re-live those 2 concerts again! What an incredible & unforgettable day! Like you said, it was great getting to talk with Gerry, Dewey, Willie & Rich between shows. I was hoping that Michael would come out but I don't believe he did. You are right, we all share that common bond!
Hope to see you at another concert SOON!


Message: 28107 Posted: Tue Jun 03 23:11:49 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: The Matt interview

Sorry I meant
<<If you liked the web page>>


<<please don't forget to leave a little comment in the guest book.>>

Message: 28106 Posted: Tue Jun 03 23:09:07 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: The Matt interview

Thanks a lot, Valerie! If you liked the web page, please don't forget to leave a little comment in the guest book. Btw, thanks a mil to all of you who've already done so.
To answer Mo & Nancy's question, next time you see Gerry & Dewey, you can tell them I'm fully READY for an interview with them ! =:-D
See you.

Message: 28105 Posted: Tue Jun 03 20:42:43 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Hershey concert, met Sheldon and Kristal

Hi, Linda here. In case your wondering, Flavor is my greyhound. Anyway, I wish there was a time machine, because I'd travel back to Sunday and relive the concerts in Hershey all over again. The best part was in between, getting to talk with Dewey and Gerry, and meeting Richard, he's a really nice guy. Dewey and Gerry really seemed to make sure he felt welcomed by everyone. Hey Sheldon, thanks for remembering me! It was great meeting you, felt like I knew you forever. I guess because we have something in common. And Kristal, it was great meeting you too, it just seemed like we all new each other forever, I guess its that common bond!

Message: 28104 Posted: Tue Jun 03 19:12:48 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Rolling Stone 1977

Interesting article from Rolling Stone in 1977. Especially the part talking about album sales. If that is correct it seems that WB did not get all their sales certified by the RIAA.

Message: 28103 Posted: Tue Jun 03 19:04:25 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Madison Avenue

I always thought "From a Moving Train" would have been ideal for an AmTrack or any commuter train company commercial (or maybe even "Sleeper Train."

Message: 28102 Posted: Tue Jun 03 18:57:37 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Madison Avenue

I always thought that "It's a Beautiful Morning" by the Rascals would of made a good Viagra commercial.

Message: 28101 Posted: Tue Jun 03 18:18:24 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Madison Avenue

Thanks to everyone who played the Madison Ave. game so far. You had some great responses to add to the list. Thank you, Sergio, for answering all of the questions. Very cool. Thank you, KevinS., for your advertising inside info. Very insightful. Anyone else?

Message: 28100 Posted: Tue Jun 03 17:46:48 2003 By: valynda
Subject: The Matt interview

Hello to Genevieve, I really enjoyed your Web page and the interview with Matt Beckley!! I've just ordered his CD and looking forward to hearing it! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28099 Posted: Tue Jun 03 15:13:32 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Madison Avenue.

Since I write commercials for a living, this is a topic that I deal with a lot.

The only time I would ever use a pop song in a commercial is if it enhances the idea. (And I can afford it.) Unfortunately, far too many people use it as the idea. Which is why so many commercials suck.

I used "Mr Sandman" in a commercial for Hampton Inn, because the entire commercial was about people sleeping, and at the very end you see the marquee out front reading, "Welcome Insomniac Convention." It added to the idea. Without the song, it would have been weaker. You had to understand they were deep asleep.

We used War's "Low Rider" in a Miller Lite Hispanic Commercial last year and, without it, the commercial would have been a lot weaker. We had a car driving around the hood, with its back end scraping. Typical low rider scenario. Until the driver pulls up to a party and takes a keg out of the trunk. The car pops up. It wasn't a low rider after all. It was the weight of the keg. Without the song, the idea's a lot weaker.

If done right, (and I'm not suggesting the above ideas are) using pop music in a commerical can be very artistic. And can introduce an artist to a new audience. The VW commercial from a few years ago is a good example. It used Nick Drake's song, "Pink Moon." Here was an artist who had zero commercial success before that ran, but found an audience after it ran.

The song set the right mood the commercial was after.

Too many times it's like, "Hey look, we had a boatload of money and we were able to buy a song." Cadillac spent $4 million on a Lead Zeppelin song and to me it's a huge waste. Any song would have done. Better yet, come up with a stronger idea and scrap the song altogether.

It's certainly a financial boon for the artists or, to be more precise, the publishing company that holds the rights to a song.


Message: 28098 Posted: Tue Jun 03 10:27:29 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music & Hershey


Great suggestion Mo! My answers are as follows: Question 1-I think it is a good thing if the song cleverly accents the product being advertised. I think "Anticipation" by Carly Simon started it all with the Ketchup commercial. Question 2- Since I am a big Brill Building fan a couple of songs stand out in my memory-Two songs written by Carole King have made it to commercials recently- Herman's Hermits' "Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good" is presently a McDonald's breakfast commercial. Bobby Vee's "Take Good Care of My Baby" was a diapers commercial not too long ago. Many years ago "Calendar Girl" by Neil Sedaka was a commercial for a cat food company and it was called "Calendar Cat". Question 3- Yes, I think we will someday hear America's music in commercials. I would certainly add "You Can Do Magic", "Tin Man", "Ventura Highway" (great for a car or motorcycle commercial), and "I Need You", (even though not top 10) "Today's The Day" (catchy and applicable to anything we might anticipate)to the list of possible America songs. Question 4- I think it would be a good thing, it would further immortalize them in the public mind in a subliminal way, and that can't be bad for record sales and concerts. It would reintroduce some of their older music to young audiences. I just hope that if it is ever done that it is done tastefully and in a clever way.

Hershey concert attendees,

Thanks so much for sharing your reviews and posts on the concert. I look forward to the pictures. You all are lucky to have seen them in concert and face to face! I hope they come back to the New Orleans area again soon. Take care all,

Message: 28097 Posted: Tue Jun 03 09:53:49 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Hershey Concerts

Very well said Sheldon. Even though it was a fabulous concert, words can not describe how awesome it was. Or both shows were. I hope everyone keeps in mind, it rained from 10am until about 3pm. I am sure the photos of Gerry & Dewey and the band are great, but I am sure I look like a drowned rat. I must agree with Karen on that. Kade ~ I am glad your daughter was able to attend, but I am sorry you couldn't make it. We certainly thought of all of you! Have a great day everyone, I am still on my America high! Kristal

Message: 28096 Posted: Tue Jun 03 08:37:23 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Pali Lookout

Gilligan's Island? Why sure, they have that on Nick at Night, don't they???

Message: 28095 Posted: Tue Jun 03 08:03:19 2003 By: Whit
Subject: Re: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Pali Lookout

Great view Steve. And yes I remember Gilligan's Island too! Are we dating ourselves here?

See ya, Whit

Message: 28094 Posted: Tue Jun 03 07:42:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Webmaster's Camera - Pali Lookout

In the early 1800s you had two choices if you wanted to travel between Honolulu and Windward Oahu. You could take a canoe trip around the southern end of the island or hike over the steep cliffs of the Koolau mountains. The pali (cliff) trail was the quickest and most direct route but it was very steep and slippery. Hawaiians traveled the trail with ease but foreigners had a very different experience.

Today's photo was taken near the peak of the trail which is referred to as the Pali Lookout. I was looking toward the windward (eastern) side of the island. In the photo you will see a lagoon with a small island on the left side of the lagoon. This is the island where Gilligan's Island was filmed back in the 60's (I hope I'm not the only one to remember that show - LOL).

Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28093 Posted: Tue Jun 03 04:46:48 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

If I remember correctly, "You Can Do Magic" was featured in a paper towel commercial on TV...can anyone back me up?

Sheldon...So glad you got to experience an America concert from the front row! Autographs, too? You had one heck of a day! It what we all dream of!

Message: 28092 Posted: Mon Jun 02 20:24:41 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

Hi there everyone :)

Good one Mo ~~~ Hmmmm The Rascals song "Its a Beautiful Morning ~~ I think I'll take a walk outside" on the commercial for Zrytec Hmmm and then there is Van Morrison's great song Moondance on the Infinity car commercial, and another car commercial where that girl is doing that dancing in the car.... hmmmm darn I can hear the song but don't remember the name of it, put that one on the back burner for a minute I just thought of another one.... Pinks song Let's get this Party Started on the Toyota commercial, Bob Seger's song "Like a Rock for Chevy Trucks..... Alan Jackson's ~~ song that is on a Ford truck commercial, that one that has me crazy goes like this ~~ without you, without you.... without you... it is either for Saturn or Honda.... I know more... I know I do.... Thanks Mo for the fun! ~~~ tooo much I just thought of the Geicko one where the lady is holding the gecko by the arms and swinging him around outside in the field..... too much I know the song, my mind is going on another one of those circuit overloads.... ooh it just came to me Dan Hill's song "Sometimes When We Touch" that is the song that is on the Geicko commercial.... LOL ~~~ That little Geicko Gecko cracks me up.... especially the one where he is driving along in his little red car and there is a parking spot reserved just for him.... My son has a little red toyota corolla and we call it the Geicko mobile... when I drive it I feel like I am riding along in the little red geicko mobile.. I would love to hear Sister Golden Hair on a commercial, or You Can Do Magic that would be neat. Hmmm ~~ I do think it is a good thing to use songs in commercials, Songs have a way of sticking in your mind and catching your attention....

I will be back ~~~ I gotta find some of these songs that have my mind running a muck right now! LOL Nitey Nite all, Nancy :)

Hey there Bones ~~~ Hmmm you wanna know what a TV is ~~ Hmmm well I do believe that is what I saw the commercial on that says "Got Milk" maybe they should reword it to "Go Get Some Milk" :)

Message: 28091 Posted: Mon Jun 02 20:14:20 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

"Like A Rock" Bob Seger for Chevy.DanC.

Message: 28090 Posted: Mon Jun 02 20:00:26 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

Today's The Day by some band I can't remember the name of - Buick (ok, maybe it's not all that recent but still)

Message: 28089 Posted: Mon Jun 02 19:39:35 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

Sheraton commercial using The Stones' Let's Spend the Night Together. Come on, anyone else wanna play?

Message: 28088 Posted: Mon Jun 02 19:29:43 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

What's a TV?

Message: 28087 Posted: Mon Jun 02 18:56:22 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

Thomas Dolby's Blinded Me With Science for Pantene products...tsk...tsk.

Message: 28086 Posted: Mon Jun 02 18:38:01 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Madison Ave. Stole My Music

I've noticed lately, much to my chagrin, that what I would consider "my music" is showing up in more and more commercials. There's one on the TV right now--a TGIFriday's ad with The Romantics' song What I Like About You. I can think of at least five more without breaking a sweat: a Tears for Fears song on a long distance commercial, a Blondie song on some crazy cow commercial for fruity milk or something, Led Zeppelin on Cadillac commercials, The Partridge Family for a Cheerios ad, and yesterday I heard a Queen song on an ad for something. I was so stunned that I didn't really pay attention to what the commercial was for. So, three questions for you guys: 1) Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 2) Can anyone add any more examples to the list? and 3) Do you think we'll ever hear SGH or HWNN or any other America song on an ad? 4) (Yes, okay, four questions.) If so, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Here's more proof on the TV once again--a B-52s' song on a Clarinex commercial. What is the world coming to? Repent, the end is near.

Message: 28085 Posted: Mon Jun 02 18:09:24 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Hershey Concerts

Sheldon, I'm so glad you had a great time at Hershey. Thanks for the update. I really wish I could have been there and missed being able to meet all of you!!!! It's great that you and your wife met up with Kristal and Stephanie. I really hope that we can all get together at a show soon. It's so nice that you got autographs and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. My son is now feeling better and was able to go to school today. It was their field day. He was disappointed to miss out on going to the park though. I'll make plans to take him there soon. I am looking forward to attending the Westbury Music Fair show on July 29th. I've never yet had the opportunity to meet Gerry, Dewey and the band and hopefully will get a chance then.~~Kade, it's great that your daughter got to see them and brought home some of that wonderful Hershey chocolate that we all love.~~Cathy

Message: 28084 Posted: Mon Jun 02 16:57:20 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Hershey Concerts

Sheldon - glad to hear you had such a nice time!! I love the story about the trolley car! Can't wait to see your pictures. I got mine developed today. I got plenty of great pictures of Michael Woods since he was the closest, which makes up for the fact that I didn't get to meet him. Our pictures with Gerry and Dewey are about what I expected - the guys look as handsome as ever, and Mike & I could have looked better : ) Of course, I have to say - at least we have pictures with them standing right next to us - how GREAT is that; who cares what I look like?!!? Maybe next time they're in Madison I'll have a better camera! I still might send a few to Steve. Also, I can relate to the part about "then, sadly, it was over". Take care - Karen

Message: 28083 Posted: Mon Jun 02 16:47:25 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Lonely Island

Steve - I love pictures of lonely islands! The main reason is that my dad was in WWII and was stationed in Manila. He often tells me about being on the ship in the South Pacific on the way there and/or back and seeing lonely little islands here and there. For an Irish farm boy from Wisconsin, that sure was a different view of the world! Also, I've always had a fascination with islands (and palm trees) and have a few "escape" pictures hanging on my walls at the office, for when I need a peaceful moment. Thanks for continuing to share the pictures! Karen

Message: 28082 Posted: Mon Jun 02 15:18:38 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Lonely Island

Steve, Nice pictures. I'd love to see the hawaiian Islands. I flew through Hickam AFB Hawaii many years ago on my way to the very remote Island of Diego Garcia. Keep the pics coming.

Carry on....

Message: 28081 Posted: Mon Jun 02 12:45:09 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Heshey Concerts

Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while...
I was Hersey in 1998 only for the first show. My son fell asleep
and my daughter who was 8 at the time loved the concert. First show
was absolutely packed and I heard from friends the 2nd show was packed. From the 2nd show, there was a hysterical moment. Somebody
requested "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and Gerry told the crowd, last time
we received that request was..........................NEVER!
I remember it was August 31, 1998 and it was a very humid and hot day.
What memories!

Message: 28080 Posted: Mon Jun 02 09:59:31 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Heshey Concerts

Hey everyone! Well, we made it to both shows at Hershey yesterday and to say that both shows were awesome is an understatement! We arrived at the park around 1:00 or so & the weather was not good - rain, wind & chilly temperatures. But we braved the elements & by 3:00 the rain had stopped & the sun actually made an appearance. Debi & I met up with Kristal & her niece Stephanie & we all waited in line together. Kristal & Stephanie are both very nice & we really enjoyed visiting with them. When the doors opened we were lucky enough to snag front row seats, right in front of Gerry's mic. While we were waiting for the show to begin, Stephanie & Debi went out to get some food & sure enough, Gerry, Dewey & the guys rode right by them on a trolley car! Debi said she could've reached out & grabbed them (but she didn't...)!! First show started & I was in heaven listening to "Riverside". The show was great, much greater seeing it from a front row seat!! It was great watching Woodsy play guitar so close to us! The man is incredible! As always, the show ended with "HWNN" & then the guitar picks were thrown. Kristal was lucky & got Dewey's.
We all had to leave the amphitheatre & then get back in line for the next show. Again, the doors opened & again, we were lucky & got the same seats we had for the first show! The day got even better - Kristal went outside & I soon followed.. sure enough, there's Gerry & Willie out back of the Amphitheatre talking to Kristal & signing autographs. I got 2 cd covers signed by Gerry & also got a photo with him. Then Rich came out & then Dewey came out! Got autographs from Rich & Willie and got an autograph from & photo with Dewey!! WHAT A DAY!! The 2nd show began & was as good as the first. Then, sadly, it was over...

Cathy - we were looking for you! Sorry you couldn't make it..
Mo & Nancy - sure wish you could've been there, that would've made the day that much better!!!
Oh, we met another fan who reads the posts on this site but has not yet posted.. Her name is Linda & she introduced herself to us between shows. She said she recognized me from the IUP photos on this site!
One more thing - first show was absolutely full. 2nd show was not quite as full - Gerry remarked that it was "a more intimate setting than the first show"..

Guess that's pretty much it... I took lots of photos (almost 3 rolls!), if they turn out well I'll send 'em to Steve to post..


Message: 28079 Posted: Mon Jun 02 09:26:41 2003 By: Kade
Subject: O.K. I didn't get to Hershey but...

My 12 year old daughter did!! On a class trip! I sent her with paper and a pen for an autograph just in case she recognized anyone from the band ! It's a good news ,bad news story... Bad news first - she saw no one(and this child has seen plenty of pictures!) Good news...I'm proud to report that on her own she took her best friend with her to see the early show. They had a great time. She said she knew all the songs!Continued good news... without asking,she brought home two big Heshey bars(one with nuts and one without) and a jumbo Hershey Kiss as a consolation prize! Gotta love those kids!!! I hope those of you who made it had a great time. Kade

Message: 28078 Posted: Mon Jun 02 08:31:09 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Lonely Island

From the famous blow hole I headed up the southeast tip of Oahu toward the Pali lookout and I saw a lonely little island sitting out in the middle of the ocean. Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28077 Posted: Mon Jun 02 08:21:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Hershey PA pic & Jeff Larson Goldmine article

Hi there Everyone ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Oh yeah I almost forgot how to type the words ~~ It is a Sunny morning here in PA and it is to be nice and warm up here today... Bout time! :) :) :)

First of all ~~ Hey Gerry who put that great big Bounty Paper towel over the sun and blue sky there in Hershey? LOL!!! Were you taking this pic through some kinda plexiglass window... that quilted effect on the clouds is neat! Yes Yes Yes it looked the same way here early yesterday, all cloudy and lots of Green green trees... I hope it was warmer there than it was here tho! ~~ Such a neat double treat for sure AMERICA and Chocolate Town USA ~~ Nice :) Safe traveling today!

Hey there Sheldon & Kristal ~~ Looking forward to hearing all about the show.

Merci Beau Coup Gen ( I sure hope my french wording is interpreted correctly by you... I am a little rusty remembering this, but I am hoping I wrote Thank You Very Much!) ~~ That is such a neat thing you did making a webpage for Matt ~ WOW! I enjoyed it alot, especially the interview with Matt ~~ Great Questions ~~ Great Answers & Great Pics for sure ~~ Thanks for sharing this with us! :) Nicely said about the Jeff Larson Goldmine article too! ~~ I too feel that this is just the beginning of his musical highway, the best is coming up, all the signs just need to be read clearly. And just the right person is gonna read one of those signs and that will be all it takes. I look forward to hearing Jeff's songs on the radio... I have felt right from the first listen to Fragile Sunrise that he has what it takes to make it big.

Hi SteveO ~~ Thanks for the neat magazine article info... Jeff has to be smiling for sure, this was nicely said and spelled out. Hmmm I really like your Pick for record of the year 2002, I second it! When I listen to his Fragile Sunrise CD one time isn't enough, I gotta play it at least 4 times in a row.... I love all the songs, I know I have said this before, but I still find these songs sooo refreshing and relaxing... I still am gonna be getting his Complete works cd too, when I was ordering my Dan Fogelberg Full Circle cd the other night I checked to see if I could get this Complete Works CD , only thing is I keep finding the 2 cds available seperately ~~ soo is the only way to get the Complete Works cd through Hmmmm I believe it is shipped from out of the US from this site....

~~~ You'll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley, you'll forget the sun in it's jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold.... ~~~ I never made promises lightly, there have been some that I've broken, but I swear in the days that are left, we'll walk in Fields of Gold... Sing it Sting ~~~ Hmmmmm Good Question for Gerry ~~ Jimmmmm(bob) ~~ Would you be nervous to meet Sting Gerry ? :)

Message: 28076 Posted: Mon Jun 02 02:19:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: More in "Goldmine" on Jeff Larson

Thanks for the mag extract, Steve O ! Yes, it's very nice to read positive words about Mr Larson & this last opus we all loved here!I totally agree that :'Jeff Larson ought to be ruling radio 'round about now ' but I'm not sure it was so very different 30 or 20 years ago. The music market was already under control at the time, if we remember well. Many great bands or artists used to keep away or be excluded from the media but made their place in the sun all the same even when they stayed away from the supply & demand logic that has always been the rule in the music business.
I think it's a pity that it should take Jeff Larson so long to reach the masses but the one thing you learn with experience, is that it's not because you go faster that you get higher!...The long distance runner's worst ennemy is his own lack of endurance (or creativity)... breathlessness can kill. Maybe Jeff will make it soon because he is so 'regular', his songs & melodies are so touching... I'm sure the Larson story is just beginning.

Message: 28075 Posted: Sun Jun 01 19:23:00 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Merci Genevieve

Mercy buckets, Gen. I really enjoyed your website and interview with mB. Way to go!

Message: 28074 Posted: Sun Jun 01 19:22:24 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: More in "Goldmine" on Jeff Larson

Just wanted to point out that the current issue of "Goldmine" magazine(The Issue with Canadian Rockers RUSH on the cover)has more on Jeff Larson's "Fragile Sunrise" CD. In a section called "Short Takes",the article says: "With his perfect pop vocals,radio-made melodies and oh-so-iridescent arrangements,Jeff Larson ought to be ruling radio 'round about now. Unfortunatly,most music directors don't always recognize the obvious,and talents such as Larson are left to ponder what might have been had they been around in a more Top 40-friendly time,say the 70's and 80's. As it is,however,Larsons latest,FRAGILE SUNRISE,is a heretofore undiscovered gem,a treasure trove of wistful melodies and alluring mainstream pop. Basking in a sunny California glow,Larson's sound is nestled comfortably between the Beach Boys and America--who's Gerry Beckley-penned "Norman"--with Bryan Adams commanding the microphone("Sparkle to it" may be the best tune Adams never wrote). "Watershed girl",with its catchy chorus,is a clear stand-out. Once hooked,listeners will want to catch up with Larson's comprehensive collection of earlier recordings,the double disk import "Complete works 1998-2000" as well as the expanded import edition of "Fragile sunrise"that includes four bonus tracks..."
As always,good to see any attention thrown towards a project like "Fragile Sunrise",my pick for record of the year in 2002!

Message: 28073 Posted: Sun Jun 01 19:06:00 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: New records

Hi Rich,
lol 8 tracks and vw's...ahhhh the memories :-) I still have some around here but nothing to play them
Yes, you are right about how you have songs that are love at first listen. I have many, as well as those songs that just hit a place, and give you goosebumps or make the hair on the back of your neck stand up..did that make sense? Now those are the keepers.
Hope you like the new cd and will give your opinion about it. He is right saying the time was right for this cd. After going through his musical progression with different styles, coming back to this style does these songs justice..Don't think it would have happened during the other times.. listening to it definitely leaves you wanting more. Just my opinion lol ..
Take Care,
Robin C

Message: 28072 Posted: Sun Jun 01 18:34:28 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Hershey

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Hershey, PA.

Message: 28071 Posted: Sun Jun 01 14:54:14 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Merci Genevieve

Thanks for the kind words & opinion, Steve. And for posting the link.

Hope you'll all enjoy the interview because Matt took the time to answer every question with patience & sincerity. This web site is a very small contribution ... my way to show I'm grateful and willing to spread the music that positively affected me as well as many of us here, emotionally speaking. And though it can indeed be puzzling to read about yourself in a foreign language, it also emphasizes the fact that music is & will always be the best of common languages & the best way to share the good feelings & often get rid of the bad ones.
Btw, YES YES YES I'd love it if you guys posted your opinions in the guest book too (livre d'or in French). See you. Gen

Message: 28070 Posted: Sun Jun 01 14:28:29 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Hamilton pic & Dan & Rusty - let's do lunch

Hi there Everyone ~~ Hey the SUN is Shining here in PA today and the Blue sky has returned. I sure hope it is nice in Hershey too for tonights show. ~~ I have Jeff Larson's Fragile Sunrise playing here now. ~~~ Hmmmm lots of nice relaxing songs for sure! :)

Hi there Gen ~~ Nice to find your poem to go with the Hamilton pic, very appropriate indeed! :) ~~ Too much how it tied into the VFTWM's pic from Oahu's Blow Hole too ~~ WOW! Hmmmm I could just picture a night shot of this very pic.... and the Moon's reflection shining off the water. Take care :)

Thanks Gerry ~~ I guess I kinda had you guys in PA a day sooner than you were to be here... I do hope your scenery in PA was not soo grey and stormy this time around. ~~ Upons seeing this pic of the bridge and water and the city surroundings the song Norman came to my mind. ~~~~ Norman it's raining here, but soon the skies will clear, leaving you with nothing to fear... Hallelulia Norman~ You know that I'd sail a ship round the oceans if it had your name on it, and I've never sailed before, and I'd fly a plane through the heavens and I've never flown a plane before... Sing it Jeff & Gerry :)

Hi there Cathy & Mo ~~~ Sorry to hear you guys won't be getting to take in the Hershey show. I hope your son is feeling better Cathy. I am glad you got your tickets for the Westbury Fair show. Hopefully all will work out for that!

Hi there Harry O ~~~ Hmmm that is pretty darn neat Rusty and Dan getting together for a lunch and catching up and exchanging music cd's. ~~ I also noticed that Timothy B Schmit also contacted Rusty and gave them tickets to catch one of the Eagles shows and Timothy will be going to one of POCO's up and coming shows in Calif... I think it is pretty neat how they all get along with each other... That would be a nice treat for Timtothy to get up and join them in a song or two. WOW! ~~ Thanks for drawing our attention to this info.

Hi there Rob ~~~ I to wish you well in finding a more full time job, but I do think it is kinda neat that you are working in a CD store... I was smiling reading that you will be Cranking out some AMERICA songs while you are at work.... Nice :) ~~~ The most recent TV appearance that I can think of for Gerry & Dewey was last Dec.when they were on CNN Headlines show they did an interview and sang WinterWonderland... I know that they were on Jay Leno a while back. I don't think they have been on David Letterman although that would be neat to see them on there now or in the near future promoting a brand new CD! Hmmm as for the group 50Cent ~~ Nope I have never heard of them!

Hmmm ~~ If there is anyone out there that went to the Hamilton Ohio show, we'd love to hear all about it!

Sheldon & Kristal ~~ I hope you guys have good weather for the show and we will look forward to hearing about tonights show. :)

Thanks Karen for your kind words regarding my posts ~~~ I know I definitely get carried away at times. Thanks everybody for putting up with my FOREVER posts! :)

Okay I gotta get for now, take care, Nancy :)

~~~ clouds are clearing as I write you, the words I'm setting free, awaiting your reply to and turning as I see a Sparkle to It, a sparkle to it, a sparkle to it reasons, to wish and never say, holding, the innocence at bay, I don't want to wake you if you're dreaming for dreams are hard to find , it takes a world of understanding and the time to make it Shine ~~~ Take it from there Jeff Larson ~~ I love this song :)

Message: 28069 Posted: Sun Jun 01 14:08:43 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Merci Genevieve

Genevieve has created a French web page for Matt Beckley and I think it's worth checking out. The link is

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find a link that says "INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE avec MATT". Click on that link and you'll find a wonderful interview with Matt that gives some amazing insights to his thoughts and his new CD (which I just received but haven't had a chance to listen to yet). Thanks, Genevieve, for putting this page together and congratulations, Matt, on reaching one of your many goals. Keep up the great work!


P.S. I know that Genevieve would appreciate it if you signed her guest book at the very bottom of the web page.

Message: 28068 Posted: Sun Jun 01 10:21:20 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise


Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the picture.

Message: 28067 Posted: Sun Jun 01 08:17:56 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Oahu's Blow Hole

Great pic too, Steve! So, I knew I'd find the sea, didn't I? LOL

Message: 28066 Posted: Sun Jun 01 08:13:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: View From The Hotel Window - Hamilton

Hi everyone!

Thanks for this VFTHW, Gerry. As I said before, those bridge pics, they touch me. About water & river, I'd like to share this Cecilia Howard's little poem extract. Quite moving to me.


I walk in a foreign city,

the same city in all my dreams -

gray buildings drizzled in pearl gleam

of familiar springlight.

I walk along the riverbank,

my compass the idea

that if I follow the river,

I will find the sea.

Message: 28065 Posted: Sun Jun 01 08:04:03 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Oahu's Blow Hole

Not too far from Hanauma Bay is Oahu's famous blow hole where the incoming waves cause water to spout high into the air. The picture that I took really doesn't do it justice but it does give you the general idea. Click here to see the view from the Webmaster's camera.

Message: 28064 Posted: Sun Jun 01 07:11:11 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: View From The Hotel Window - Hamilton

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Hamilton, OH.

Message: 28063 Posted: Sun Jun 01 06:00:35 2003 By: HarryO
Subject: Dan & Rusty - let's do lunch

Check out the journal entry from Poco's Rusty Young:

Message: 28062 Posted: Sun Jun 01 05:35:36 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: The Moon Begins To Rise


Somehow I had overlooked the post with the picture link, and I read Cindy's post and went went back to look for it...Wow! What a incredibly beautiful picture~ Masterful composition with the Saguaro cactus majestically juxtaposed against the shimmering moon...Thanks for sharing it with us. It is such a different landscape from our swamps here in Louisiana, truly exotic for me...Have a great Sunday,

Message: 28061 Posted: Sun Jun 01 05:18:56 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Saturday night Live etc.

I don't remember seeing them on SNL, however, I have seen them on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Good luck with finding a better paying job. Best wishes,

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