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Message: 28784 Posted: Thu Jul 31 21:31:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: SteveO's Interview of Dewey

Cindy, the interview segments that are on the Chat Folder are nothing more than MP3 files. What happens when you click on them depends on a lot of things including what browser you are using, what operating system you are on, and how they are all configured. If you're using Netscape or Internet Explorer as your browser, you can usually do a right mouse click on the link and then save the file to your hard drive. After all of the files have been downloaded to your hard drive, you can play them directly and they should be fast. It sounds to me like you are using a slow modem connection and that's why it's taking you so long to download them. It also sounds like you're using AOL (which I got rid of a long time ago and I was glad I did!). Broadband is a faster, more expensive, connection which will download the files faster. However, you should still be able to download them with your slow modem connection, but it will take a long time. Try the right mouse button trick I mentioned above and see if that helps. It will still take a long time to download the files, but once you get them downloaded, you'll have them on your hard drive to listen to whenever you want.

I hope that helps.

SteveL ...from the Rocky Mountain west

Message: 28783 Posted: Thu Jul 31 21:29:54 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: various things and The Best and Worst Tracks on Each Album

Hey everyone,
Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? I know that I am because I have the weekend off from work, and I usually don't have this. Anyways...
I was thinking an interesting idea for a thread to try to start would be writing down what you think are the best track and the worst track on every America album. It will be hard for me to pick a best track in many cases because the album are generally consistently good and it will be hard to pick a worst track because America has really just a few songs that are stinkers and they are just such a great band. I guess the more appropriate thing would be to pick the "least good track" on each album. I figured that I would start:
America (self titled album)
Best Track: "Sandman"
Worst Track: "Clarice" but I really like "Clarice". This album really doesn't have any bad songs on it. I guess in my opinion this is America's best album and also one of the best albums of the entire rock & roll era of music.
Best track: "Ventura Highway"
Worst track "Till the Sun Comes Up Again"
"Hat Trick"
Best track: "Hat Trick"
Worst track: "Willow Tree Lullaby"
Best track: "Tin Man"
Worst track: "In the Country"
Best track: "Sister Golden Hair"
Worst track: "Bell Tree"
Best track: "Amber Cascades" (although "Today's the Day" is reeeeeeeally good too it's a close second ...)
Worst track: "She's a Liar"
Best track: "Are You There"
Worst track: "Hurricane" (America's first 7 albums are so great that even here with the Harbor album, the song I picked as being the worst track is still a song that I kinda like a little bit.)
"Silent Letter"
Best track: "All Around"
Worst track: "High in the City" (This is a cool song really as well.)
Best track: "Hangover"
Worst track: "Right Back to Me"
"View From the Ground"
Best track: "You Can Do Magic"
Worst track: "Jody"
"Your Move"
Best track: "My Dear"
Worst track: "Honey"
Best track: "Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye"
Worst track: "Special Girl"
Best track: "Sleeper Train" (although "Young Moon" and "Greenhouse" are both great songs, too.)
Worst track: ""Close to the Wind"
"Human Nature"
Best track: "Town and Country"
Worst track: "Moment to Moment" (although this is a pretty cool song also, Human Nature is a good album, and quite consistent)
I hope to hear your thoughts and input.
-Rob L

Message: 28782 Posted: Thu Jul 31 21:27:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: SteveO's Interview of Dewey (and BJ Thomas)

Gen - Thank you very much for your very kind offer to help me hear SteveO's interview with Dewey. SteveO also very kindly offered me his direct assistance. So, many thanks to the both of you! Fortunately, I'm able to hear the interview at the local public library. I listened to the first six segments tonight about fifteen minutes before the library closed. I look forward to hearing the remaining segments!

Serge and Nancy - I, too, am a fan of BJ Thomas. I attended a local show of his about two years ago as I mentioned here back then. During the concert, he said his favorite song that he recorded was "Mama" and his father's favorite song that he recorded is "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry".

After the show (and after he showered in his tour bus), he came back to the auditorium lobby to sign autographs. He signed 3 of his LP covers and a 45 (coincidentally, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry") that I had brought to the concert. It was either before or after he autographed them did he say to me in a half-joking, half-serious tone, "I better not see these on eBay." I assured him he wouldn't.

I believe it's on the album cover of "The Great American Dream" that BJ is wearing a horseshoe-shaped ring with numerous diamonds. When he was autographing that particular album cover, I can't help but notice that he was wearing the same ring as on the cover. I mentioned that to him. He pointed out that the main stone was now different. He said he replaced the large diamond with an amber-colored stone. He went on to say that his wife wanted the original diamond for her own ring. I thought that was very interesting. I wanted to ask him if he was familiar with Dewey, Gerry, or Dan but I decided not to -- thinking that he probably wasn't and because he needed to move on to the next fan. It wasn't until a couple of days later did I remember that he probably knew Dan in some way via their Christian connection especially via singer, songwriter, and producer Chris Christian. Occasionally, I've wondered what he may have had to say. Maybe there'll be a next time for that question. I hope so anyway.

Message: 28781 Posted: Thu Jul 31 19:56:26 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: SteveO's Interview of Dewey

Hi Steve, I just tried to listen to SteveO's interview with Dewey. It took me 30 minutes to listen to the first segment. Do you know what we need to be able to listen to it in it's entirety? When I click on the segment link, my AOL Media Player pops up, and it mostly "buffers." I called AOL and they said I needed Broadband. (I don't really know what that is.) Got any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.

Cindy ....from the South

Message: 28780 Posted: Thu Jul 31 19:43:09 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there


Three Dog Night + America would be a great combo for sure and I wish I could attend...However, the trip would take 6+ hours from New Orleans to Columbus,and given it is on a Friday, I would never make it there on time...I have to work and taking a day off is impossible, my boss will be out of town all of next week. Oh well, there will be other opportunities. Even though they sometimes call me "Power Surge" at work, I got play "Surge Protector" this coming week. Thanks for the suggestion,


Message: 28779 Posted: Thu Jul 31 18:06:10 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Detailed AMERICA site ~ Puddle ~Old Farts~& Pics ~ What a combo ;)

Hey there everyone ~~ Hmmmm ~~ It is a Cloudy, Drizzly, Warm Evening here! Oooops change that Drizzly to Steady rain.... It was sunny most of the day! :) Hmmmm ~~ Now where do I begin hahahahhaha! :)

Thanks David S ~~ WOW that is one awesome detailed AMERICA article, I too saved it to my Favorites, sooo its only a click away.

Cheers Margaret ~~ Hmmm ~~ Wouldn't it be nice to have them work on a new CD, just think then the next time they headed your way, you would get to hear some of these new songs! :)

Hey Johnny ~~ Hmmm now I see what you are talkin about, I took another look at that puddle and it sure doesn't appear big enough for that Boat that is on that trailer in the Middle of this pic! Someone musta pulled the plug on this Pond for sure ~~ Poor Ducks! :) ~~ I hope you do get to hear Dewey's interview it is really neat!

Hi Hoooooooooo Old Fart(Reddddddd) :) ~~~ You Monkeyshiner you ~~ You sure do have a load of beans in your pants! Hahahahahaha! ~~ I guess the secret is out ~~ I to am becoming an Old Fart Quickly HUH! lol ~~ Hmmmm regarding that hootenanny you mentioned, as long as I know just where the sign is that says You Gotta Go when You Gotta Go is I will be fine! Hmmm but if I were you, I wouldn't sit down my cran~raspberry snapple cause you never know what this could result in.... Hahhahahahahah! You are too much :) ~~ That is a great list of Old Fart Groups that will be there in Reno and WOW Fleetwood Mac is starting it all off (thanks Erin), only 2 other ones that I would love to see added 1- Van the Man Morrison & Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.... Gerry & Dewey I would love to see you guys added to this list, but I don't consider youn's Old Farts Yet! ;) :)

Steve L ~~~ WOW ~~ I am actually speechless these VFTWMC pics are breathtaking today.... Makes me want to call my travel agency and book the next Alaska cruise available ~~ WOW :) Oooooh well maybe one day! :)

Hi Gerry ~~ Hmmm am I presumptious thinking this is your image I see in this VFTHW pic? Cool :) This is quite the different View here ~~ Wow a Hwy. a Fair and lots of in between scenery under a blanket of rolling clouds! Neat! Thanks! :)

Hi Sergio ~~ I would love to see BJ Thomas, and to get to hear him sing one of his not soo know gems "Table for Two", it has been years since I have heard this song, I have it on 8 track., I also love his songs Most of All & Hooked on a Feeling, and of course Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head. Wow just the mention of these songs takes me back to being 13 yrs old again and babysitting at my cousins during the summer.... I listened to BJ, The Association, The Letterman, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and ooooh soo many more.... Fun Memories for sure!

One last thing ~~ Thanks for the fun at live chat last night all, nice that you joined us Karen L, glad you popped in for a Hi and good night Mo. AM Girl, traveler & I wrapped it up. Nice talking to BenDover & McFurley,hmmmm and you to Giddy_Up. Thanks for stopping in SteveO and for all of your neat input! Yoooo hoooo Red & Bones why haven't you guys been to live chat lately?????

Hey Bones have fun at the Mohegan sun tonight.... fill us all in on this ok?

I guess that about wraps it up for now! Nitey Nite all, Nancy :)

~~~~ wellll make a wish Baby, make a list now of the things I'll do for you ~~ ooooh more than an easy feeling he brings joy to me, how can I tell you what it means to me, more than a lazy river, for an eternity ~~ I've finally found someone who believes in me..... Ooooooh ooooooh late da now.... Oooooh ain't life grand..... Sing it for me Ambrosia :) ;) :)

Message: 28778 Posted: Thu Jul 31 17:02:48 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Hatch Shell

Great show at the Hatch Shell last Saturday night. The weather was perfect and the music was awesome! It seemed to me (and my brother-in-law concurs) that the guys cranked it up a notch from most shows we've seen. "Company" was a pleasant surprise. Having been absent so long from the chat folder, I had no idea they had added it to the set. For my brother Ed, it was a treat to here "Baby It's Up To You" and "Border" (it was for the rest of us as well, but they played those songs last summer at LL Bean, so we'd heard them before. Like the LL Bean show, they arrived about 5 minutes before they were on and were wisked away in a van immediately after the show. We were all waiting out by the gate hoping to catch Dewey and Gerry, but they literally walked off the stage and into the van. I said "It looks like the only shot we have to get anything signed is for one of us to throw themselves in front of the van. Any volunteers?" Needless to say, there were no takers.

Besides myself and wife (Kay Sue), my oldest and youngest daughters (Tamara and Megan) were there along with my brother Ed and brother-in-law Danny. We met Nina before the show and it was great to see her again. Thanks, Nina for trying to get us hooked up w/ Dewey and Gerry.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with Orleans as well. I never really got into their music back in the 70's. I always considered them kind of a "fluff" band. But I discovered there is a lot more to their music than I ever realized. They were great! Very talented, too. They did a lot of swapping musical instruments during the show, and each instrument they played, whether guitar, keyboards or bass, they played well. I had forgotten that they did the song "Love Takes Time" and was pleasantly surprised to hear the old King Harvest song "Dancing In The Moonlight" performed. I had that song on 45rpm when I was a kid and played it over and over again. I had no idea that 2 of the members of Orleans were in that band. They also did a hilarious blues song called "When My Kids Turned Two, My House Became A Zoo" written by one of the band members who became a father for the first time at age 45 when his wife had twin girls. Any parent that has survived the "terrible twos" can relate to this song!

One really neat thing happened during Orleans. They were throwing frisbees out into the audience during one song. We were sitting to the right of the stage near the front. One frisbee was thrown to the left, kind of hovered in one spot for a moment, then it banked to the right and headed toward us, landing right in Danny's lap! He just had to stick his hands out and let the frisbee land there. After the show, Megan and Tamara took it to be autographed. Danny gave them the frisbee.

Incidentally, I would have written this review of the show sooner, but we have been without phone service most of the week. It went out Monday and didn't restored until late yesterday afternoon, so I couldn't get on the internet from home until today.


Message: 28777 Posted: Thu Jul 31 15:45:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Grand Rapids

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Grand Rapids, MI (Gerald R Ford's 90th birthday celebration).

Message: 28776 Posted: Thu Jul 31 14:20:39 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hey Mo!!!!

Hey I am glad that you and your family made it back after your cross country trek. Surely the highlight of your trip was meeting me ( roflmho) Glad you could make it in time to see Matt and his friends, they are playing again August 8 at one of my favorite venues, Rusty's--the food is great and the setting intimate. So how 'bout it Mo, you up for another trip to CA?

Message: 28775 Posted: Thu Jul 31 12:46:57 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hey Mo!!!!

Okay, Bones, but don't hold your breath. But just in case, I'll be the tall guy standing in the bar with the light colored ball cap on. Enjoy the show.

Message: 28774 Posted: Thu Jul 31 12:04:54 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Hey Mo!!!!

I'm getting ready to leave and see Ringo at the Mohegan. I'll be on the lookout for you.

Message: 28773 Posted: Thu Jul 31 11:48:34 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

Nice info there surge protector. You have been a lucky individual to have seen these great talents. You could head 4 Columbus, Georgia on Aug 8 and catch 3 Dog Night & America for a show. That would be a blast.

Message: 28772 Posted: Thu Jul 31 10:58:27 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

I guess at age 51, I qualify as you say an "old fart"... I had a chance to see most of these acts in the last couple of years, and they are for the most part still great to see:

B.J Thomas-
After his admitted battle with drugs, he is in top form, he breezed through his impressive list of hits, including my favorite "The Eyes of a New York Woman" from the summer of 1968.

Grass Roots- The original lead singer is still with them and they sounded just great. Lots of high school memories in their hits. A tear or two came to my eyes when I heard the 1967 classic "Live for Today".

Platters- There are a couple of "Platters" groups out there, depending on who you get...The one with Sonny as the lead singer is the best one. He is an entertaining, if "hammy" performer, but his pipes are impressive. Their music brought me back to "El Club de Cazadores" in Ciego de Avila,Cuba circa 1958, when I was as you might say a "young fart", and I use to stand on tippy toes and stare into the jukebox; fascinated by the way the swift jukebox selector would race from side to side, pick up the desired 45, then bring it back and lay it gently onto the turn table, then the arm would drop and play the music. I thought it was a robot at work, incredibly cool stuff back in "oh so modern 50's." As you can see, I was a rock and roll junkie since kindergarten.

Little Anthony and the Imperials-
These guys are all the originals and they are superb, motown-like choreography and all. Little Anthony still hits the notes with such classics as "Hurt So Bad", "Tears on My Pillow" and "Going Out of My Head".

Herman's Hermits-Peter Noone is in top form and gives a great if hammy performance, even does imitations of Mick Jagger.

Gary Puckett-
I caught him on a very short set at Epcot Center in Florida last year and he was wonderful, sounds just like he did back in the mid 60's.

Paul Revere and the Raiders-
I saw them back in their heyday in 1967 when Dick Clark's "Where The Action Is" caravan show came to New Orleans and I saw them two years ago and they put on a great show both then and now. Even though Mark Lindsay is no longer with them, they have good substitutes.

Juice Newton-

I saw her last year and she was in top vocal form, although she ventures too much into country, and I sort of get lost there.

Probably more info then you need, but it is easy to get carried away when remembering...


Message: 28771 Posted: Thu Jul 31 10:36:28 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

Fleetwood Mac plays here tomorrow night...I think its kind of a kick-off concert...should be good.

Erin :o)

Message: 28770 Posted: Thu Jul 31 10:31:32 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

Thanks for the info. Perfect place for a fan reunion, if only America would play there next year. 104 sounds pretty hot, but, what a price to pay for such grand entertainment. All the no-lifers could maybe fly in and we could have a hootenanny. Just have to keep Nancy out of Lake Tahoe, as she is on water pills, Ha!!!!!!!! Tx again for the info Erin.

Show me a sign..........
Take it to the Limit.

Message: 28769 Posted: Thu Jul 31 10:21:47 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

Hot August Nights is pretty cool for everyone young and old..lots of neat cars everywhere. And tons of stuff going on all week...there are free concerts in both downtown Reno and downtown Sparks (wish America was one of them!) They even have a prom for the "adults". My parents used to go every year. I think Good Morning America is even going to do their morning weather from Reno one day next week. Anyway, those of you nearby should definitely check it out, although it was 104 here yesterday!

Erin :o)

Message: 28768 Posted: Thu Jul 31 10:08:09 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Check out this detailed site on America and MOre

Wow! This is truly a fascinating detailed "wrap-up" of America's interesting history. I'll be sure to save this web site for future reference. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


21 states! Do you have any tires left? So glad to hear your back safe and sound. Did you make it down to Louisiana? If so, what did you get to see? Fill us in on some of the highlights of your journey.

I too join you in recommending Dan Peek's "Electrovoice/Crossover" cd. The song "Crossover" is my favorite, but there are so many other worthy ones in this set. I'll be sure to catch the Fab Four is they should come to the Big Easy. Do they cover the Beatles' early years as well as the middle and the late periods?


You are truly amazing~ Such incredible knowledge and appreciation for rock and roll's legacy and history for your young years. I have yet to see Don McLean, I think he is a huge talent, his voice has such a melodic and pure tone. Hopefully, one day I will get to see him sing "American Pie", my generation's rock anthem. I really enjoy your deft reviews and posts. Thanks.

Take care all,


Take care all,

Message: 28767 Posted: Thu Jul 31 09:23:37 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: For all the old farts out there

there was an interesting article recently in the Atlantic City Press, the large daily serving Atlantic City and environs, about how 60s and 70s acts are outdrawing "newer" music acts at the casinos. apparently, the industry is currently casting about for ways to address this "problem."

Message: 28766 Posted: Thu Jul 31 09:05:36 2003 By: red oak
Subject: For all the old farts out there

I found info today about Hot August Nights from Reno, Nevada held Aug 2 - 10 that would make any old fart stop & take notice. Not only do they have an awesome classic car display but the entertainment is simply outstanding. The following is a list of entertainers participating this year:

BJ Thomas
3 Dog Night
Felix Cavaliere's Rascals
Grass Roots
Lovin Spoonful
Little Anthony & Imperials
Herman's Hermits
The Turtles
Johnny Rivers
Paul Revere & Raiders
Gary Puckett
Juice Newton
Olivia Newton-John

If any of you live close to Reno, check this out and give us a report(Are you listening Erin?) I am already planning my trip to Reno for next year & anticipate seeing America as one of the acts then. Maybe even the Doobie Bros or Ambrosia or REO or Huey Lewis or Jackson Browne might show up. That would make my vacation. Take care all and catch the Eagles at a show near you.

Message: 28765 Posted: Thu Jul 31 08:08:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Glacier Bound

From Haines we headed out to sea and proceeded north toward Hubbard Glacier which is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. During our northward trek we discovered that it got dark later and later each night and it got light earlier and earlier each morning. The first photo below was taken around midnight and it didn't get much darker after that. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View of another ship at midnight
Mountains as we approach the glacier with a solitary ice berg in the distance
Beautiful contrast of mountains and water
Mountains, water, and ice berg at the entrance to Yakutat Bay where the glacier meets the sea
The other ship stayed outside the ice berg strewn water of the bay
The opening to Yakutat Bay with the glacier visible in the background

Tomorrow I'll share some closeup photos of the glacier and some dark blue ice bergs.

Message: 28764 Posted: Thu Jul 31 01:11:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Johnny

Hello Johnny. Good to hear from you too.
Just thought maybe we can do sth for you about this interview. I've stocked it in my i-tune library and i have a simple solution to offer. E-mail me if you are interested.

Message: 28763 Posted: Thu Jul 31 00:56:32 2003 By: Margaret
Subject: starclustermusic

I enjoyed reading this David. I noted that it said "After 1985 AMERICA seemed to have retired. There were still a few concerts but it should remain quiet till 1993." We saw them in 1988 and 1991 and feel that if they played in our distant part of the world then, they were surely playing more than a few concerts elsewhere.
Steve made reference to the lack of concerts between Oct 19 and Dec11. This is often the time that the guys travel to our shores. Everyone would like a new album but we'd also like the band to travel back to the other side of the Pacific.

Message: 28762 Posted: Wed Jul 30 21:28:04 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Westbury show

Linda - I know someone that would probably pay BIG BUCKS for extracted DNA off that harmonica, harmonica, harmonica. I think you have yourself a goldmine there! :0)

Nancy - That "puddle" you mentioned in one of Ger's VFTHW photos was actually a small pond, I believe. I think I see ducks in that "puddle". `My question is: What was that in the middle of the picture? I'm "stumped". (wink, wink)

(Hello over there, Bruno and Gen!!!)

Message: 28761 Posted: Wed Jul 30 21:19:06 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: Check out this detailed site on America

Here's an interesting link

It's about the history of the different musicians of America and even pre-America. There's the early years, the America years, and the Gerry Beckley solo work.

Message: 28760 Posted: Wed Jul 30 19:00:23 2003 By: noodles
Subject: Re: Westbury show

I'm in in my mid-thirties now. I have had the best of my teenage memories i.e of heartbreak and loss with see Dewey in action for the first time across 7500 miles in person was awesome. i.e I am from Bombay. I had been to an Eagles concert couple of weeks beack in DC. And this show ranks right up with them. In the sense that they played their best songs and played them well. Well, u had to be at Neil Youngs at Jones beach to know what I'm talking about.

America rocks. In more ways than one;-)

Message: 28759 Posted: Wed Jul 30 17:44:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: This and That

Darn! Not able to hear the interview SteveO had with Sir Dew.

Bones' mention of Ringo and his All-Star band, reminds me that BeatleMania Live will be performing their second free concert here in the past three years this coming Saturday night. Man, is it ever an incredible show! It's amazing how someone can sound so much like another person. Even the guy performing as Ringo sounds like him when he sings a couple of Ringo's Beatle songs. I sure hope it doesn't rain Saturday night.

Eddy - Your mention in the recent past regarding the Fab Four has me wondering how BeatleMania Live compares to them. I believe you said the Fab Four is the best Beatles tribute band you've heard. Have you seen BeatleMania Live in the past couple of years? The members are John Preston as Ringo; Jimmy Owen as George; Ron McNeil as John; and Robert "Mac" Ruffing as Paul. To hear that the Four Fab may be even better than BeatleMania Live is saying a lot about the Four Fab in my opinion.

Yeah, welcome back, Mo. Crud, you must have misplaced my postcard when you traversed my state. :0)

<<It was not Mr. Zimmerman who coined the phrase though, so I guess I won't hold it against him.>>

The above reminds me of a Bellamy Brothers lyric, "If I told you you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?"

For those of you who haven't ordered Dan P's 2-CD offer, you're missing out on quite a deal. The songs from both of the CDs ("Electrovoice" and "Crossover") are wonderful. A majority of the songs have that incredible America sound. I highly recommend them!!!

Message: 28758 Posted: Wed Jul 30 16:03:52 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Moser

Welcome back Mo. If you're not to tired, meet me at the Mohegan Sun tomorrow night at 7:00pm. Ringo Starr and his all-Starr band is playing there.

Message: 28757 Posted: Wed Jul 30 15:55:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: CD Reviews

Welcome back, Mo, and thanks for the postcard. I hope you enjoyed your brief time in my home state.

Message: 28756 Posted: Wed Jul 30 15:42:55 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW -NY ~Westbury show & CD Reviews&VFTWMC Pics

Happy Hump Day Everyone ~~~~ Another gorgeous day here in PA! Dewey & Gerry are singing Ventura hwy ~~ Yep my Grand Cayman cd is playing loudly here. :) :) :)

Hi there Mo ~~ Glad to see you arrived home safely, hope you will join us at live chat tonight! :)

Hey Gerry ~~ Hmmmm this VFTHW NY pic ~~ soo this is your personal fave... Hmmm interesting ~~ it is neat, how this pic talks to you, the angle that you aimed for those big indigo tinted cottonball clouds, kinda makes you feel like you could step right into them from the building tops.. too much. It is amazing how little that airplane seems to be that is flying through, oh how curious I am to experience a plane ride, and to look out the window into the clouds, this again has brought my inquiring mind to wondering whether anyone has ever seen a rainbow from a airplane window while flying... and if you have could you please share what this looked like to you? ~~ Safe traveling Gerry & Dewey & Band! :)

Thanks Mark, Linda & Cathy for the great Westbury show reviews, boy this revolving stage sure sounds like a neat way to experience AMERICA with. ~~ Linda that was one nice AMERICA keepsake your little girl was handed ~~ Nice :) ~~ Wow Mark you have seen them 36 times, that is AWESOME, I think I could handle seeing them that many times and more. I have never seen Don McLean live, but I do think his America Pie song would fit in well with our AMERICA songs for sure! :)

Hey Rob ~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~ You got to hear the long playlist ~~ Three Roses & To Each His Own both are my personal all time faves... Nice, I bet you got the chills getting to hear them. ~~ Thanks for the neat info tidbits too, I gotta say you sure have experienced AMERICA shows with some really neat music artists.... I would love to hear them play with Christopher Cross & I really think it would be great to hear them do a show with Ambrosia :) that would be a neat combination. Ambrosia is going to be in an outdoor show at Seven Springs Resort coming up in Aug. I am hoping to get to see this show. :) ~~ Hmmmm I have never heard of Bright Eyes, I will have to try and find some of their stuff, as well as Aztec Two Step.

Hi Gen ~~~ Thanks for telling us about this review on Grand Cayman & Matt's Songs From My Wasted Youth ~~~ Hmmmm I think this review is definitely Heads On.... this Lee Zimmerman has to be a fan just like us. I gotta agree with all that he said about Matt being well on his way up to the big time. Nice :) I got a kick out of him mentioning the ladada doda'a that Gerry & Dewey sing on the Grand Cayman cd... Gerry just finished up singing Another Try and he added a couple of these to finish the song out... I gotta say that is one of my favorite spontanaety parts on this CD. Hmmm Dewey is singing "Three Roses" now and on this they add some of these nice ladadada's :) ~~ I will agreee with Mo AMERICA is much more than SOFT ROCK.... It was nice to see that he picked up on the way Matt has managed to combine the different accoustic musical styles in his songs. It is nice to know that there are reviews out there available like this... Thanks again Gen! :)

Hi Sergio ~~ I too gotta agree that Steve L's VFTWMC pics are Majestic for sure.. I keep saving them to use as backgrounds on my puter.... makes a nice visual escape for sure! Thanks for sharing these with us Steve. The Storyteller pics were really neat, sooo hauntingly real.

Hi Kevin S ~~~ WOW Nicely said about Dewey's interview! ~~ I found listening to this interview soo comfortable... just like Dewey was sitting here in my living room talking to Steve O (nice visual there) ;)
Hey Rob ~~ Dewey is here singing Pigeon Song on my computer speakers! :)

Well Red you are probably just getting off of the bus and walking home for dinner.... Tonight is Live Chat ~~ Hope to see you all there! :)

Take care all, see ya, Nancy :) ~~~ Hmmm Gerry is just starting to sing "All My Life" ~~~ Nice :)

~~~~ I'd be happy just to stay this way, spend each day with you, there was a time when I just thought that I would lose my mind, you came along and then the sun did shine, we started on our way ~~~~ Oooooooh what a nice song...... and yep Gerry is adding those nice lalladadalladalladallada's on here too :) :) :)

Message: 28755 Posted: Wed Jul 30 14:37:08 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Moser

Ohhh so good to hear from you, Mo. Glad to hear you got home safe & sound. Hope you had a great time.

Message: 28754 Posted: Wed Jul 30 14:34:06 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Steve Orchard's interview with Dewey.

SteveO, we really appreciated the interview, and I enjoyed it in its entirety very much but was personally delighted by the questions revolving around the fan base & getting Dewey' s view about some of the debated questions ( like Hat Trick & other songs that are not played live, & why they don't post etc). Part of the answers we knew by instinct, but we got invaluable precisions. And HEARING it was a real treat ! Thanks for ALL that. Looking forward to ... hearing the next interview. Unless it's a video ... ;-D

Message: 28753 Posted: Wed Jul 30 14:23:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: CD Reviews

Thanks for the heads up on the Lee Zimmerman review, Gen. It is a well-written, good review for both CD's. I couldn't agree more. I do, however, have to object to the label, "soft rock." Soft rock has always had such a bad connotation. It's just...well it's pansy-assed and inaccurate. It was not Mr. Zimmerman who coined the phrase though, so I guess I won't hold it against him.

Twenty-five days, 9091 miles, and 21 states later, we are home safely from our trip. Good to see you all. I guess I'm way behind on scuttlebutt. Anything exciting happen here lately?

Message: 28752 Posted: Wed Jul 30 13:45:52 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: CD Reviews

 Lee Zimmerman, music columnist for Entertainment News & Views (July 25- 31, 2003 issue) devotes part of his colums to  
America's The Grand Cayman Concert AND Matt Beckley's Songs of My Wasted Youth in the same review. You can read the review by going to :

I really found it interesting in so far as it goes beyond many a-priori (s) & ready-made opinions. On the whole very positive for both cds. Go read it & let me know what you think.

Message: 28751 Posted: Wed Jul 30 12:53:00 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Gilford show/McLean/etc

Hey everyone,
I haven't posted since going to the Meadowbrook Farm show on Sunday night. I just wanted to say that it was awesome. They played the long set, and I got to hear "To Each His Own" and "Three Roses". Aztec Two Step was a great opening act. They were really really passionate and the vocals were just as good as they sound on my Acoustic Retrospective CD of theirs. I met them after their set and chatted with them briefly. They seem very down to earth. They are very much like America except they never quite became a national act. On the east coast, they had quite the following of fans in the 70s and the 80s, and they still do today. They were probably the best opening act I've ever seen for America, although Christopher Cross and Orleans were quite good too and the Becky Chace Band was good when I saw them this spring in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
I got the chance to see Don McLean at a college right near my hometown a few years back. I remember him being very cool. He played a lot of great stuff, such as "Castles in the Air" and "Vincent" and "And I Love You So". I remember he really surprised me with his talent and his ability to put on a great show. He is definitely too talented to be called a one-hit wonder.
I was recently reading about one of my favorite artists, Bright Eyes, on the internet. Bright Eyes is a band or musical project that consists chiefly of the work of guitarist/songwriter Conor Oberst. I was wondering if anyone else on the chat folder has heard of him/listened to his stuff. The album he released last year entitled "Lifted, or the Story is in the Soil So Keep Your Ear to the Ground" is a great album and I would recommend it to any America fan. A lot of times he writes in a folk-pop style, some of his best songs remind me of America around the first album and the Homecoming album era. His lyrics are very brutally emotional and angst-ridden, but manage to also be very enjoyable. I found out on a website that Bright Eyes has played a concert with Low, so maybe someday he will get introduced to Gerry and Dewey.
I hope everyone's week is going well and hope that we all have nice summer weather.
Thanks to Steve Orchard for interviewing Dewey, and to all those who made the interview available on the chat folder. I enjoyed it very much.
I was listening to the Silent Letter album recently, wow what a great album that is. Gerry's contributions are very strong, such as on "All Around" and "1960" I think more songs from Silent Letter should have been included on the box set. But it's okay, because I have the whole album, so I shouldn't complain.
- Rob L

Message: 28750 Posted: Wed Jul 30 12:10:48 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Steve Orchard's interview with Dewey.

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview,it was certainly my pleasure! But...all the credit goes to Dewey for taking the time to speak with me. I have found that over the years he has always been very gracious with his time,and never in a rush to get me off the phone. He's also been very accomodating at the shows I've attended as well(Ditto for Gerry). I try to ask the questions that don't always get asked,and I agree--Dewey did offer up some nice insights! If the opportunities to interview the guys come up again in the future,I'll do my best to share it with the group at large here.

Message: 28749 Posted: Wed Jul 30 10:47:24 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Steve Orchard's interview with Dewey.

I just now had an opportunity to listen to Steve Orchard's interview with Dewey.

All I can say is thanks. To Steve O for the thoughtful and reverential questions. To Steve L for getting them on the folder. And, of course, to Dewey for sharing his time and thoughts and life with us.

It was pleasant. It was candid. It was down to earth. It was honest.

I don't know what to say other than it made me feel good about things. He seems like such an optimistic person.

Great vibe. Thanks guys. This is why I keep paying all my hard earned money to subscribe to this website.


Message: 28748 Posted: Wed Jul 30 10:38:05 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Double Rocking in Westbury

Hi everyone. I just finished typing a post about the excitement at the Westbury show last night on the Ventura Highway site and of course rambled on and on. What an incredible night. Keep in mind that I'm floating on an America high and functioning on about three hours of sleep~~lol. I won't repeat what I said on the other message board, but will add a few more comments. Kristal, you must have been typing your post on this board as I was typing mine on the other one. Yes, Don McLean was a great opening act for them. Also, I am excited that the Bethlehem show has been added to the schedule. I hope I can make it to this. Mark, your review of the show was right on. Glad you enjoyed it too. Wow, did my mind read correctly that you have seen them 36 times? How cool!!! Linda and family, Deb and Keith, I am so glad we connected after the show!!! And thanks to you and Jimdee for the great pictures from the Old Mill concert. Wow, it does seem like they were right in your living room.~~Cathy

Message: 28747 Posted: Wed Jul 30 10:08:14 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Double Rocking in Westbury

Hi Mark ~ thanks for the great review! I can't wait to hear from Cathy. It has been almost a year since she has seen them last. I am glad I am not the only one keeping track of the number of times I have seen them. It must have slipped my mind that Don Mclean was opening for them, how cool. I have never seen him live, but I bet he was awesome. I seen the show on tv where he performed 'American pie' with Garth Brooks. Just seeing him perform that was pretty amazing. Thanks for the review! I see they added a show in December in Bethlehem PA, is anyone planning on attending that show?

Message: 28746 Posted: Wed Jul 30 09:46:12 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Leaving Haines


These are unbelievably beautiful and majestic, thank you for sharing these great pictures of your trip with us. I usually check them during my lunch break and they really take me away...Keep them coming. Take care,

Message: 28745 Posted: Wed Jul 30 07:42:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Leaving Haines

As we left Haines we went through a narrow channel that had some interesting coloration in the water and some beautiful scenery on the shores. In the middle of the channel was a small island that had a unique lighthouse on it to keep ships from running into it. The lighthouse had 8 walls and was shaped octogonally. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

The city of Haines with mountains in the background
Entering the narrow channel (notice the water colors)
Better view of the water colors and the mountains in the background
The lighthouse on the island

Message: 28744 Posted: Wed Jul 30 06:41:01 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Concerts

Three new concerts have been added to the list and they all take place in December. Thanks to Erin for the updates!

Dec 11, Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
Dec 12, Old School Square Entertainment Pavilion, Delray Beach, FL
Dec 13, Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

If you look at the concert list, you'll notice that they don't have any concerts from October 19 until December 11. According to Dewey's interview with SteveO, that's the first time that they would be able to work on the new album. Let's hope they are able to do it!

Message: 28743 Posted: Wed Jul 30 05:18:47 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Westbury show

Hi everyone - I didn't think anything could top the fun we had at the Old Mill show, but boy was I wrong. I brought my 2 little girls and we got to meet Gerry before the show - thank you Gerry for being so cute with them at their first concert! They have seen you on DVD many times and their reaction was priceless. And thanks for signing my picture from the Old Mill show! We had first row seats, so it was a thrill when they came on and said hello to us again. They really seem to like Westbury - Dewey even mentioned it is one of the places they look forward to playing every year. The show was awesome as usual - and the sound at Westbury is exceptional. But the highlight was when, after Lonely People, Gerry handed his harmonica to Pete to give to my little one - she wouldn't let it go for the rest of the night. It was truly another memorable America evening. We met up with Deb and Keith before the show and it was nice meeting you Cathy! We managed to find each other after the show outside! Hope you all got home ok! Thank you guys for being the class act that you are. We love you!

Message: 28742 Posted: Wed Jul 30 04:47:20 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Double Rocking in Westbury

all you lucky east coast people..i'm jealous! sounds like it was an awesome show!

erin :o)

Message: 28741 Posted: Tue Jul 29 22:01:31 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: Double Rocking in Westbury

Just got back from the concert at the Westbury Music Fair. I now have my all time opening act for America, Don Mc Lean. He was great. He played his hits, but played a lot of songs I never heard of. Many of those songs sounded like the late Harry Chapin, songs that told a story. The place was jumping throughout most of his 1 hour set. The place went nuts when he did American Pie. He played the whole song, then had the audience sing some of it after. I can't believe how he aged, but his voice was great.

There was still plenty of energy when America came out. This is the 36th time I have seen them, and they cease to amaze me. The played the full 90 minute set. It was nice to hear Company back in the mix. However, I saw the playlist, and From a Moving Train was crossed out.
If anybody hasn't been to the Westbury Music Fair, it has a revolving stage. You get a chance to see them up front and you get to see the back and see Willie playing the drums close up. I had 3rd row seats so I didn't miss a beat. As usual the place was pumped up from Riverside to Horse. Since Gerry always says that he has a copy of the wonderful movie (ha ha) California Dreaming only in beta, I made a copy for him in VHS. Unfortunately they left quickly to go into Manhattan, so I gave the tape to Willie. One other note, the new bass player Rich Campbell looked like he has been playing with the group for years. He was very enthusiastic and looked like he was having a great time. The last couple of times I saw Brad, he seemed to be less interested than he used to be. How can you go wrong with a guy that used to play for Three Dog Night.

If America is coming to a town near you, make sure you go to see them. This concert was definitely a highlight of my summer. It was definitely worth the 90 minute drive from Jersey.

East Brunswick, N.J.

Message: 28740 Posted: Tue Jul 29 15:17:40 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - New York

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in New York, NY (his personal favorite).

Message: 28739 Posted: Tue Jul 29 07:56:07 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Westbury show ~VFTHW -Gilford ~Steve O &Hello My Friend Lyrics~~

Hi Everyone ~~ It is a beautiful summer morning here in PA, the skies are ooooh sooo blue, with fluffy cottonballs sailing by in this river of blue, the birds are singing & the kids are BORED (hmmmm is there something wrong with this picture LOL) ~~ I cured their boredom quickly by saying "School starts in just about 1 month" hahhahaha :)

Hi Cathy ~~ Well Your big day is finally here, I bet you will be walking on Air most of this day in Anticipation! I hope your son is feeling completely better, so that your mind is freed up to totally take this all in. Have a great time and I will look forward to hearing all about it afterwards. ~~~ I got to see STYX on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning, they were sounding pretty good, they sang a song off of their new CD, it was a nice song, they are sounding pretty good. They mentioned when talking to Regis that Brian Wilson and Billy Bob Thornton worked on this with them. ~~ Hey now I see what you mean about Tommy ~~ Nice :)

Hi Shayne ~~ Nice lyrics you posted from a great song that is such a lift me up for sure. I am sorry to hear you won't be able to take in this Westbury show ~~ I know you would have loved to be there. Hopefully You will be able to take in another one of their shows. Yes Always have HOPE ~~ I will have Hope for this to come to be for you too! Take care! :)

Thanks soooo Much Gerry! Yep, just like I said before we have been Spoiled with the Best on here and getting to take in this VFTHW pic from Gilford in this way has me a Smiling Bigtime! ~~ Wow what a view You managed to capture here, Lots & lots of green trees and Hmmmm I found myself wondering who lives it that House way up in the left hand corner of the pic, I bet they hold their breathe everytime they look out their front window at this vast green view. Nice :)

Thanks Steve L for posting Steve O's GREAT interview with Dewey ~~ I listened to these segments over and over while my slow connection downloaded each one of them. ~~ I really enjoyed getting to Hear this, this way ~~ WOW Thanks a bunch Steve O, You sure were Shining for sure. Thanks Dewey for all of your info! I loved hearing you say that you too loved all of your songs and that it would be nice to do some of these live one time or another, I agree about the songs One Morning, And Forever, Can't Fall Asleep to a Lullabye,& Nothing, So Far Away as Yesterday all are great songs. Hmmm gives me hope that maybe one day I will get Lucky enough to hear you sing Young Moon or Garden of Peace at a show :) Thanks Dewey! ~~ I will second what Steve says God I am Glad You & Gerry are still around playing all of these great songs for us! Please be sure and take care, don't overdo and burn yourselves out. I wanna have You Guys Around for a Lonnnng Lonnnnng time! ~~~~~~ I recall how it used to be, And I can feel it, feel it surrounding me, Turning the pages, We open the cages, Now I know that, Nothing's so far away as yesterday, wo, oh ~~ Nothing's so far away ~~ Sing it for me Dewey :) :) :)

WOW Steve L ~~ It was sooo Neat seeing you posted the Lyrics to this nice song "Hello My Friend" ~~~ Hmmm in between my listening to the interview segments I listened to Hello My Friend over and over again, and typed up the lyrics on a Notepad, this is such a nice song and I am loving the Lyrics for sure. I did hear Dewey say on the interview about the lyrics being translated for them. Hearing this song, tells me that whoever decided for it to be performed by AMERICA knew their stuff. ~~A Serendipity match for sure! ~~ Thanks for putting the song on here for us to download and for posting the lyrics too. :)

Hey Gen & ~~ I think the 3 of us did pretty darn good getting these lyrics down! :)

Well the fireworks that we were to watch on Sunday evening kinda got rained out, soooo they set them off last evening and it was well worth the wait. It was fun hearing the Kids with all of their Oooooo's and awwwwwww's along with my sister's little dog Zoey who wanted to give a little wooof, every now and then as she held her... I finally think Zoey realized that fireworks ain't soo bad after all LOL!!!! ~~ Hmmm I guess Fireworks has a way of bringing the Kid at Heart out in all of Us! :)

Okay I gotta get now, Missy Maytag is calling my name saying that the clothes are ready to be hung outside to dry. Have a good day all, see ya, Nancy :)

When the night turns to the deepest shade of black
At that point there is no reason to turn back
High above angels are falling from the sky

Lift your heart knowing
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna turn out fine

You gotta hope it'll be alright
Come on and hope it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope it'll be alright, please ~~~ Sing it for us Gerry ~ Gerry ~ Gerry :)

Message: 28738 Posted: Tue Jul 29 07:27:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Storytellers Theater

Situated in the middle of Fort Seward is an Indian lodge which is the home of the Storytellers Theater. Local residents don authentic Indian costumes as they tell stories that come from many years of Indian lore. Most of the stories were humorous and the costumes were amazing. Here are just a few photos from the theater to give you an idea. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5

Message: 28737 Posted: Tue Jul 29 05:37:18 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Westbury Show

Hi Shayne, it's so nice to hear from you. Sorry you can't make it to the Wesbury show. I can relate to how hard things are at times. So many things I would like to do also and can't. I will give you a report on the show. Hope you are doing well and that times will get easier for you to do more things that would like to. Take care.~~Cathy

Message: 28736 Posted: Tue Jul 29 01:14:55 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Gilford

<<You'll notice that he has listened to your requests and has made the picture larger. >>
A million thanks to you, Gerry. You're the best !
Those wonderful pics of yours really deserve the XL format !

Message: 28735 Posted: Mon Jul 28 21:04:46 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Westbury Music Fair Show

Enjoy the show. I really wanted to go, but between the cost of tickets and babbysitter, my disability payments don't cover it. Oh, there's always next year (I hope).

You gotta hope (Whenever times get tough) it'll be alright
Come on and hope (And when the road is rough) it'll turn out fine
Yeah, hope (Just when you've had enough) it'll be alright, please

Message: 28734 Posted: Mon Jul 28 21:02:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Hello My Friend Lyrics

I hope to have the lyrics to "Hello, My Friend" posted someday but in the meantime Genevieve, Nancy, and I have been trying to figure them out. The two girls did most of the work, I just tweaked the lyrics a little according to what I hear. Here are the lyrics that we came up with so you can see if you agree or not. According to Dewey's interview with SteveO, the lyrics were translated by someone else and then sung by America. Even though they didn't write it, it's still a great song.

Hello my friend
There was once a summer when we met
With the butterflies
Fluttering inside
We both fell in love
Lighting up the sky

Knew we wouldn't pass the test of time
And what remains
Memories to save
Wishes of a way
You'd be here today
Now I...

Think about the rain
And the sunny days
Waiting on the wind
To carry me home
In a simple way
If we should meet again
Could I still be calling you my friend?

Hello my friend
Written on a postcard sent to you
About the news
The parting of the sea
Passing of the tide
Sailing through a dream.

Of yesterday
I recall but I could not erase
The times with you
Beautiful the morn
Held above the storm
Smiling face to face.
Now I...

Think about the rain
And the sunny days
Waiting on the wind
To carry me home
In a simple way
If we should meet again
Could I still be calling you my friend?

Travelling at the speed of light
Into the sun
Will you guide me as if we are one

Think about the rain
And the sunny days
Waiting on the wind
To carry me home
In a simple way
If we should meet again
Could I still be calling you my friend?

Message: 28733 Posted: Mon Jul 28 20:17:08 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Gilford

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Gilford, NH. You'll notice that he has listened to your requests and has made the picture larger.

Message: 28732 Posted: Mon Jul 28 16:51:07 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Westbury Music Fair Show

Hi, everyone. I haven't had a chance to post much lately. My son is just getting over being sick and things have been so hectic. I am sooo excited about the Westbury Music Fair show tomorrow. Will fill you in on the details. Take care everyone.~~Cathy

Message: 28731 Posted: Mon Jul 28 15:50:08 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: SteveO's Interview of Dewey

Oh Yes! We owe you so much & are VERY grateful for your 'turning the desert to a sea...' now & then.
Finally got answers to some of my questions btw.
Thank you Steve L for posting the whole thing here.

Message: 28730 Posted: Mon Jul 28 13:48:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: SteveO's Interview of Dewey

SteveO interviewed Dewey a couple of weeks ago and I recently uploaded many of the interview segments to the chat folder. They will be available to download/listen to for a week or so. Simply click on the links below. Thanks SteveO and Dewey for the insights!

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Segment 7
Segment 8
Segment 9
Segment 10
Segment 11
Segment 12
Segment 13
Segment 14
Segment 15
Segment 16
Segment 17
Segment 18
Segment 19
Segment 20

Message: 28729 Posted: Mon Jul 28 07:30:15 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Haines City Tour

As I mentioned before, we took it easy in Haines but we did take a tour of the city that offered some more wonderful Alaskan views. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View #1
View #2
View #3
View #4

Message: 28728 Posted: Mon Jul 28 02:52:15 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re:Gen's trivia (Eddy)

Thanks for sharing your story, Eddy. I welcome the info. As for 'Trust' Steve informed us I think, and some of us posted here about it when the reviews started to come. From what I've read here & there in music mags & on internet over the months, it's the first Low album to get such unanimously positive response from audience & critics. Even the fans who were first disappointed to hear there was a little bit more 'pop' sound on it, eventually described it as very good. Gerry's vocal efforts are also praised in all the articles I've read, which was not 'gagné d'avance' ( so obvious at first). Don't know what the rest of you think really, but all in all, the guys' contributions to independent productions tend to comfort me, & yeah, I guess, even make me feel more & more proud of them... You diehard fans can probably understand too.

Message: 28727 Posted: Sun Jul 27 18:04:50 2003 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..

Hi Gen,
When I seen America at Fortune Bay Alan came out on the 1st show to join the band on HWNN, Afterwards I got to go backstage, & got some photos signed for my son. The photos were from the "rained out" show a few years back at Bayfront in Duluth, Mn. I mentioned to Alan how much I like Truth, & Gerry said: "I'm on that!" Anyway, Gerry asked where the photo was took, & I told him Bayfront, he then told me that's where he first met Alan. That was July 4,1999...I got to see Low at their CD release party of "Trust" & they were great! I have to admit tho, buying the CD, & reading the liner notes & seeing Gerry's name was a surprise! I also like Radiohead, the 1st Cd I got of them was The Bends....good stuff...

Message: 28726 Posted: Sun Jul 27 14:26:26 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: "Outside Projects" page (SteveO)

<< I try to stay with records that you can actually hear (them) singing on>>
Good to know it. I understand it's difficult to keep a totally exhaustive listing.
I agree with your comment on "Hello My Friend". I think Rob called it 'solid' which best conveys my own impression. Just wonder :
1) who wrote the song?
2) what was Dewey's part in the project exactly?

Message: 28725 Posted: Sun Jul 27 14:08:27 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..

Correct. And we were treated to some of the songs from this 'Trust' cd. My US friend TomK was with me & we noticed the audience's opinion was divided over their performance (well they had come to hear Radiohead, hadn't they?)
Someone told me that Gerry had met Alan Sparhawk because the latter used to drive rock stars to make a little money in the past, but this I couldn't check out anywhere. Maybe someone knows & will tell us one day? Maybe mB?
Have you already seen them live?

Message: 28724 Posted: Sun Jul 27 13:55:52 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..

Yes,The "Outside Projects" page certainly needs to be updated! Gerry has been the most prolific,adding his vocals and or/guitar/keyboard playing to a number of albums. With regards to his vocals,I try to stay with records that you can actually hear him singing on;Ditto for Dewey and Dan too. On that note,the new track "Hello My Friend"(From the Yuming Tribute CD)is a stellar piece of work from the guys. I think Gerry is in exceptional vocal form. I know Steve still has the song posted here--please take a listen and see for yourself!

Message: 28723 Posted: Sun Jul 27 13:32:35 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..


Message: 28722 Posted: Sun Jul 27 12:42:13 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..

Thanks a lot for the reviews, guys, & the priceless info.

Hello Nancy. Sorry the answer is not REM, but the band also go under a three letter name... Gerry vocally contributed to 2 of the songs on their last album released in Sept 2002 ( The la la la Song & in the Drugs. We briefly discussed his appearance on it here so maybe you'll remember...
Btw, I wonder if SteveO is planning to update his VERY interesting 'Outside Projects' page? I remember finding it really informative when I started visiting this web site.

Message: 28721 Posted: Sun Jul 27 12:15:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Saturday night & Stillwater shows & Gen's trivia ..

Hi Everyone :) Simply Sunday here ~~ starting to get more hot and humdid, but I ain't gonna complain. ~~~ Life is good Rusty and Ryan are doing good at the Pocono's race ~~ Hang in there Rusty ~~ you are overdue in winning a race! ;)

Thanks a bunch to both Rob & Chuck for the Excellent show reviews, I enjoyed reading them both.

Hey Rob ~~ You gotta be floating on your way to the NH show tonight ~~ WOW getting to take in 2 shows in one weekend, that is a nice double dip of AMERICA ice cream for sure! ~~ Hmmm ~~ Here is playing here now as I type this and I had to smile when I saw you would love to hear this done at a show, I would suggest you get ahold of the Central Park Live DVD show.... there is an awesome Live version of Here on it. This too has been one of my long time faves of theirs.... I have heard Three Roses done at all 3 of their shows I have seen so far, that song instantly can make me cry Happy Tears... Hopefully you will get to hear the long playlist tonight and you should get to hear Three Roses! ~~ You mentioned the intro to Sandman sounding different~~ Yes i too noticed this, in fact when they started to play it at the Seven Springs show, I was kinda taken back cause I wasn't quite sure what song they were beginning to play, but then they played that familiar strum and the whole crowd arose to their feet and the place was rockin for sure.... I am smilin cause now Three Roses is on here ~~ one of Dewey's magical gems for sure! :) ~~~ It was great hearing how you enjoyed seeing Orleans, and yes you are right about "Dance With Me" being a perfect summer song! ~~ I will second your saying it would be nice to hear something out of their musical attic, you have mentioned some really nice gems,they would be among my picks along with Young Moon, Hat Trick, Midnight, Moment to Moment ~~ I could go on and on! ~~ Yep Lifehouse rocks! :) ~~ Enjoy your show tonight and I look forward to hearing all about it too!

Hi there Chuck ~~ Great to hear from you ~~~ I was a smiling for sure when I read the part about your son loving this... Soooo neat that he knows all of these great songs by heart, and sings along with SGH at the top of his lungs, that had to be a memory keepsake for sure! ~~ That sure was nice of that lady to allow you to move up into the VIP section so you and your family could take this in from a closer angle. ~~ Hopefully one day you will get to meet Gerry & Dewey ~~ I am sure they would be just as thrilled meeting your son as he would be to meet them.... I will look forward to you stopping by live chat and sharing some more of this magical evening with us... Hmmm I have a suggestion, why don't you get ahold of Hourglass or Human Nature and get to experience some of their hidden gems, I bet your son would find some more favorites in these. :)

Well Gen I read your trivia question and I am thinking that this group that Gerry made a cameo appearance on their new album is REM ~~~ Hmmmm Am I thinking on the right line here! ~~~ Regarding this Radiohead ~~ I am gonna have to go to Launch and take a listen to a couple of their videos.

Hi Karen ~~ I think it is pretty neat that your 7 yr old son has taken a liking to AMERICA's music, it brought back memories of my older sons and how they used to say Mom play that song for me again, you know that one about a Horse with no name :) ~~~ I hope you do get to take in the Dubuque show... hmmm is that the one that Firefall will be opening for them at? ~~ That should be a really great show.... I would love to hear Firefall sing that oooh soo nice song "Goodbye I Love You" as well as their hidden gem "Someday Soon" or "Always" , Dolphins Lullabye is nice too.. I too have never been to any Casino shows, and I am wondering about the one that will be up by where my son will be starting college in sept... it is at a Casino up in Seneca Falls ... I would love to take this in for sure! ~~ Hmmm regarding live chat on wednesdays, do you have javascript on your comp ? If you do, all you gotta do is go to the americafansite home page and click on the little yellow square that says paralivechat and then you will have to wait just alittle bit for it to download onto your puter and you will see a screen where you are to put a user name and password,and email address, all I do is put Nancy on the user name and click enter and then you are in the live chat.... I hope you will be able to get it to work, we have a lot of fun there on wednesday nights and it would be great to have you join us. :)

Well that is about it for now ~~ Enjoy the rest of your day all, See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ somebody should come and be me, somebody should come and free me, cause I don't know how many more, I don't know how many more, how many more too seee.... Ooh darlin Oooh darlin oooh darlin, I only wanna see you.... Sing it for us Dewey ~~~ Wouldn't it be great to hear Cornwall Blank at a show! Yes Yes Yes :)

Message: 28720 Posted: Sun Jul 27 11:07:04 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: The Stillwater Show-acoustics, sons & Pete!

Hi Chuck - I enjoyed reading your post about the Stillwater show and am glad you and your family, especially your son, had a good time!

It must be frustrating for the band when the people in charge of the sound don't do enough to ensure the quality of the sound for everyone. I know nothing about how that works, and I'm sure it must be more difficult than it seems. Still, the band does so much to just get there, set up, and give it their all that you'd think the rest could be more easily controlled.

I am the original America fan in our family, but one of our sons has also become a huge fan. He just turned 7. We live in southern WI, and America will be playing in Dubuque, IA on 8/22 at a casino. We've never been to a casino, but I'm assuming it's an "over 21" venue for even the concerts. I'm not even sure we'll be able to go, but I might call and find out about the age thing for sure; Kyle would love to go if he could. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to go to another America concert, either! My husband and I did go to the one in Madison.

I have to second your comments about Pete Leonardo. As busy as he was packing up the stage after the Madison show, he did take a minute to speak with me and was very cool (nice) indeed! Wow, were they ever flying when packing up the stage - very down to business! So it's not like he had the time to sit around and chat. Ever since then, I've wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him taking the time. THANKS, PETE!!

Thanks again for posting about your experience, Chuck. Maybe I'll get to hear more if I can ever get the time to figure out how to join in the Wednesday chats.


Message: 28719 Posted: Sun Jul 27 10:48:20 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Saturday night show

Hey everyone,
I got to see America in Boston last night at the Hatch Shell. The opening band was Orleans and they put on a really good show. I've never had the presence of mind to write down setlists during a concert, so this will be a review without a setlist, just to let you know. Orleans seemed to be doing great instrumentally and vocally. They played a fun, breezy mix of their hits and a few obscure album tracks. They opened with "Let There Be Music" and also played "Juliet" "Miss Grace" "Dance With Me" (which sounded nice, it's a great summer song) "Lady Liberty" "Crazy (Keep on Falling)" "Love Takes Time" and maybe a couple other songs. I remember a song called "Half Moon" that they said was from their first album and was written inspired by Janis Joplin. They finished with the laid back groove of "Still the One". The drummer was in the pocket, and the keyboards were played really well. It really impressed me as an opener, I wasn't expecting as good of a set as they put on. Gerry described it as "a fantastic set" when they came out.
America was, as usual, great. There wasn't too much here that I was surprised by, opening with "Riverside", playing "The Border", "California Dreamin'" etc. They played "Company" which was the first time I have heard that live. They played "Lonely People" and then segwayed into "Hangover" by saying "If you do get lonely, you might have a few too many adult beverages" or something like that. I really love Hangover, it really brings some guitar rock meat and potatoes to the show, and the lyrics are really very funny. I don't care that the review on All Music Guide called "Hangover" and "faux hard rock" song and gave it a bad review. I think it's a good song. "Tin Man" seemed a little bit rushed, I would like it if they would do a somewhat extended version of this song, like I have on the America Live (1978) album. The set was very tight and the band seemed to be enjoying the good weather and the nice breeze from the Charles River. ("Down by the banks of the River Charles!") Their version of "Sandman" rocked last night, and the intro that they used sounded slightly different than I have ever heard before, does anyone else think they have shifted the intro a bit? It sounded very eerie and soft and then it made its way into the recognizable strum that begins the studio version of "Sandman". It was a great part of the show. At the end of "Sandman" it was sort of like they were trying to keep from ending the song. That final drum crash turned into around 9-10-11 drum crashes and most of the crowd rose to its feet. The volume at that point was pretty intense, just how I like it. They concluded the main set with, of course, SGH. When Dewey came back onstage for the encore he said "All this, and the Sox won tonight too!" I am a Red Sox fan, so i thought that was cool and many people cheered when he said that. They launched into the old workhorse, "Horse With No Name" and it sounded pretty good as it usually does. I noticed the drumming seemed to be all on bongos or whatever during "Horse With No Name", in other words on non-kit drums if i'm not mistaken. Did anyone else notice this? The synchronized guitar move was awesome last night, with Gerry, Dewey, and Woodsy, all doing the move together.
I hope tonight's show in Gilford, NH is slightly different. It will probably be the same I guess. But it would be nice to hear something out of the musical attic, if you will. "Here" or "Inspector Mills" or "Three Roses" or something. In my wildest dreams, they would play "Rainbow Song" or "Never Found the Time" or "All Around" or "One Morning" or "Town and Country". We'll see...
-Rob L

Message: 28718 Posted: Sun Jul 27 09:48:05 2003 By: Chuck
Subject: The Stillwater Show

Hi gang,

This is my first post to the message board. We had fun in Stillwater so I thought I would share tidbits about our trip.

First off, a little "History" about my family's America experiences. Several years ago I bought the History album because I liked several America songs. This was our 4 year old son Adam’s first exposure to the music I like. As soon as he could put the CD into the player, he would find this CD and play it. And play it….and play it…and play it. He got to know all of the songs on the CD by heart when he was 3. America played in our hometown of Oshkosh last year and we took him, not knowing how he would do waiting and then watching a concert. HE LOVED IT. He sang along, and got so excited when he knew their songs. His favorite song is “Sister Golden Hair,” and when they sang it he screamed the lyrics at the top of his lungs. The people around us thought he was hilarious. We knew we had to treat him to another concert.

Stillwater was our choice. It was the closest to our home (short of Madison, WI back in May, where I grew up. But that was an over 21 venue, and so I didn’t chance buying a ticket and then not getting him in) Anyways, we made the 275 mile trip on Friday, hoping the forecasted rain would hold off. It did.

The stage is described as a floating stage, in the St Croix River. The main area in front of the stage was VIP seating, for those associated with the show sponsors. We sat in the grass just behind the VIP barricades. America was preceded by a local Stillwater band. My wife was studying the stage with binoculars as the first band was finishing and the stage was being prepared for America. She said she saw Gerry standing next to the stage talking to someone. I said no way. So I looked. There he was chatting with the mayor of Stillwater and other people who were “backstage.” Then Woodsy came out! He had a hotdog while they waited. And Gerry drank a Coke. They stood out there for about 10 minutes, waiting, chatting, etc. Shortly before they took the stage, Dewey and Rich and Willie came out.

As far as the concert goes, I was disappointed with the aoustics. This certainly wasn’t the band’s fault. The sound was distorted. I got the feeling the concert promoters were trying to get too much out of the big speakers and had them too loud. Dewey even made the comment after one of Woodsy’s solos that he was cutting out. Near the end of the concert we got very close to the stage and it the sound got MUCH better. Once we were in front of the main speakers, the sound improved greatly—this was the music just from the band’s monitors, and it sounded a lot better. I wish we could have been that close for the entire show.

About a third of the way into the show, a woman standing at the VIP barricade asked if we wanted to go in and sit down. Of course we did! We were able to get a bit closer, and Adam could see the band better, and he really liked that. Gerry thanked “the dancers,” and we figured out there was a platform in front of all the seating where people were standing. We walked up there for the end of SGH and Horse…that was when the acoustics got a lot better.

When the concert was over, the band had to come to the front of the stage to get away. They had two big vans waiting for them. I was impressed with how respectful all of the fans were as far as not crowding them and letting them go through. I tried to get some pictures but the band was too quick getting away. I got a picture of Rich giving a high five to a fan. I yelled to Woodsy to see if he would pose for a picture. He turned and smiled as he was walking, but digital cameras are so damn slow! And they were gone…

…Or so we thought. Fireworks were scheduled after the show. We stayed near the stage to watch them break things down. Pete Leonardo, of course, seemed in charge. I yelled/asked if we could have a set list. Of course! He walked onto the stage and then back to us and gave us two, as most people had left the area. I thanked him and he was very gracious. Very cool.

The band had to leave their hotel at 3:45am the next morning, so they could fly to Boston. I noticed Willie packing up his drums. All of the stuff! I thought that was interesting, that he would stay behind to pack all of his equipment. When he was finished he hung out at the back of the stage and watched the fireworks. We thought we would try to catch him for an autograph or picture.

My wife noticed the vans were back as soon as the fireworks were over, so we moved towards them. We couldn’t see Willie on the stage any more and thought we had missed him. But we didn’t see him in the van, either….and the people started yelling to each other, asking if they knew where Willie was. I thought that was pretty funny. They quickly found him and came walking towards the vans. I asked him for an autograph and a shorter woman with dark straight hair told me they didn’t have time. He climbed into the front seat of the van and they left.

I could go on forever about things we saw, but I’ll save that for a chat session some Wednesday night. I will scan the play list and see if the webmaster will post it. I have a couple of pictures but they didn’t turn out the greatest….maybe they will show up on here…maybe not. We had fun!


Message: 28717 Posted: Sun Jul 27 06:51:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Radiohead concert & a little trivia...

Did I mention ( no, no, I didn't :-)) that these posts of mine about the concert are not totally off topic here? Because of the opening band, America was on my mind too. Well, actually it has sth to do with Gerry's 'cameo appearances' on some album recently released ... See what band I'm refering to? Their song Canada is having a little success over here. Answer to be found in the reviews previously mentioned. Radiohead will tour the USA in August & September. Be sure not to miss them !!!

Message: 28716 Posted: Sun Jul 27 03:52:35 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Radiohead (Rob)

Btw, Rob, if you want to catch a little bit of the atmosphere of the Nîme Radiohead concert I attended, you can use this link and read some of the reviews posted on their site. I didn't post one because I'm still under the emotion really but enjoyed reading those comments.
Bfn. Gen

Message: 28715 Posted: Sat Jul 26 17:30:51 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hey everyone

<<I am just about to get going to see America live in Boston>>
To quote someone I DO appreciate, you are ridiculously lucky !!! :-)
Yeah, REM rocks for sure, and M. Stipe is a real living legend. A rare person. His intensity & passion onstage will leave anyone breathless. Oh well, I guess I'll get a new chance to see them soon...Thanks for the wishes anyway.
Hope to read your review very soon.
See you. Gen.

Message: 28714 Posted: Sat Jul 26 17:17:04 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW Stillwater (Nancy) & worn out.

Thanks for the prompt answer Steve. Actually, just what I somehow suspected. Then we'll have to ask Gerry directly, I suppose... So Gerry, provided it is NO trouble for you, could you please post the views in the old larger format? That would be just great...

Message: 28713 Posted: Sat Jul 26 16:48:20 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Re: VFTHW Stillwater (Nancy) & worn out.

However, may I kindly ask Steve L. if he can post Gerry's pic in the same format he used to & which allowed us to better appreciate the views ? Hope you won't mind my asking this Steve.

Gen, I don't mind you asking at all. However, I'm afraid I can't help you because I post them exactly the way Gerry sends them to me. He used to send them in a larger format but not any more.

Message: 28712 Posted: Sat Jul 26 16:35:06 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Boston

Click here to see Gerry's view from the hotel window in Boston, MA (yea... a real town!).

Message: 28711 Posted: Sat Jul 26 15:26:36 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Frampton

Thanks to everyone for all the great info!!

Erin :o)

Message: 28710 Posted: Sat Jul 26 10:35:41 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Frampton

Erin, Congratulations on winning those Peter Frampton tickets! I just saw him last night at the Calif. Mid State Fair. He is sooo talented! His guitar playing is absolutely spectacular! I am Sure you will enjoy the concert. ---Red Oak, thanks for all of the great info on Peter Frampton! Wow! I knew I was dancing and singing along with a Legend last night! (I knew a little bit of that info on Peter, but definitely not that much!) Thanks again! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28709 Posted: Sat Jul 26 10:13:33 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Hey everyone

I am just about to get going to see America live in Boston at the Hatch Shell. I just wanted to say a few things:
Gen, REM rocks! (I wish you had gotten to see them live this week, hopefully someday.)
Nancy, Lifehouse rocks!
The song "Hello My Friend" is really really good. A solid song. The great band America is still making very good songs now , after thirty plus years as a group.
Keep on rockin' in the free world!
(I will try to post a review tonight of the concert in Boston.)

Message: 28708 Posted: Sat Jul 26 09:43:49 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Oooops one more thing Gen!

Me Again ~~

WOW thanks for those Awesome words of wisdom you quoted in your post ~~~~ WOW~~~ how they tie in with the song lyrics from "Somewhere in Between" Hmmmm ~~ What is real ~~ Just a Dream lalllallalalaldadada, llalallalalalaldada what is real ~~ just a dream ~~~ Too much for sure! :) ~~ Well the meaning I take from these song lyrics anyway... Crossroads ~~ that is the key word! :)

Take care, Nancy :)

Message: 28707 Posted: Sat Jul 26 09:35:05 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Gen ~VFTHW Stillwater (Nancy) & worn out.

Hi Gen ~~~ Hmmmm Yep nice dreams did pour my pillow ~~ Thanks :) Sorry to hear you had to give your tickets away for your music show! I hope you will be filling better soon. Be sure and take your full prescription okay :) ~~ I too miss the way we could make the VFTHW pics bigger, as to fully take in all these pics include. If it isn't too much Steve L could you post the pics that way again for us? Thanks a bunch ~~ You have us sooo spoiled for sure! ~~ Don't take that wrong ~~ We really APPRECIATE all you do for us on here!

Hmmmm Upon looking at this VFTHW pic from Stillwater ~~ I thought just how nicely the lyrics to AMERICA's song "Hello My Friend" fit this feeling I got from this pic, as well as the other VFTHW pics.... ~~~~ Iiii think about the rain and the sunny days, waiting on the wind to carry me home, and the simple way if we should meeet again, could I still be calling you my friend ~~~ Hello my friends, written on the post cards sent to you, about the news, the parting of the sea, a passing of the tide, sailing through a dream, of yesterday, I recall when I cannot erase the times with you ~~~~ Nice lyrics Gerry & Dewey ~~ I like this song more and more, please excuse any ooooops and blooops I may have let flow through my fingertips! :) ~~ Anyway my point is that I do sooo ENJOY all of these pics that you share with us! Thanks :)

Hey there Mo wait till you hear this song "Hello My Friend" ~~ I'd be willing to bet you would have loved to have it to start off each new day on your traveling adventure! Travel safely my friend! :)

Well I guess I better get for now ~~ this is kinda a lazy saturday for me.... no more family reunions, they are all done for this summer. Hubby and son's are out playing golf and Laura & I are watching Titanic again.... funny how this song could fit Rose & Jack's destiny on this fatal journey.... too much. I gotta say I love the part where Jack takes Rose up on to the Stern (I hope I am right in calling it that) and tells her to close her eyes and to trust him and then he holds her arms out and says open your eyes and WOW I even get a Rush from the feeling this would be to see the sunrise coming into you with the wind and light in your face... Nice for sure! ~~ I said to my daughter I wonder how many people try to do this on cruise ships now from seeing this on here.... I know I would be tempted to try it!!!! :)

It is finally warming up here today, soooo to the Pool we will head this afternoon.... Yes Yes Yes!!!! Take care all and Enjoy your day! Ours will be ending with taking in the Church Festivals fireworks display from my Parents backyard~~~ Aw the SIMPLE JOYS of SUMMER ~~~ How they can spark soo many nice Memories, that stand the test of time sooo well! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ memories to say ~~ Hello ~~~~ wishes on the way ~~ Hello, you'll be here today ~~ Now I think about the rain, and the sunny days, waiting on the wind to carry me home, and the simple way, if we should meet again, would I still be calling you my Friend ~~~ You betcha You can still call me your Friend! :)

Message: 28706 Posted: Sat Jul 26 07:16:28 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW Stillwater (Nancy) & worn out.

Hi Nancy. Hope nice dreams poured your pillow...Thanks for the great lyrics & news. Think you're right about Gerry's pic. Big contrast & echo between the grayish circles & houses in the foreground & vast exploding sky at the back. Loved it too.
However, may I kindly ask Steve L. if he can post Gerry's pic in the same format he used to & which allowed us to better appreciate the views ? Hope you won't mind my asking this Steve.

Unfortunately, I won't be seeing M. Stipe tonight sing 'Country Feedback' one of my fave REM's songs. Had a terrible night ( got quite sick) and my doctor - who also happens to be a school friend - didn't allow me to drive for 5 hours to reach the concert venue. Worse luck! I can't cheat with him... Had to give away my ticket. A heartbreaking experience for any music lover :-( ... The good news is I'm allowed to just relax, take loooooong sea baths & rest, rest, rest... I've seen worst prescriptions, haven't I?

<<The second half of my life will be black
to the white rind of the old and fading moon.
The second half of my life will be water
over the cracked floor of these desert years.>>
Crossroads (1995)
Joyce Sutphen

Message: 28705 Posted: Sat Jul 26 01:03:06 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: His name came to me now! :)

Yep Me again ~~
Just to say that Lifehouse was on Carson Daily's show....
Have a great weekend all, now I am headed back to my big soft pillow.... Nitey nite once again! Nancy :)

P.S. ~~ Alan, Nina and Rob and whoever is Lucky enough to be seeing AMERICA this weekend ~~ Have a great time and let us know all about it.

Ooops I also wanted to mention to Steve L ~~ I loved the pics that you posted today ~~ Majestic Beauties for sure! Keep em coming! :)

~~~ lalallalalalda dada, what is real ~~ just a dream, lalalalalalaldadada what is real ~~ just a dream ~~~~ Would You catch me if I fall, out of what I fell in, don't be surprised if I collapse at your feet again, I don't run away from this, I know that I just don't need this, I cannot just stand still, I cannot be this unsturdy, this cannot be happening, cause I'm waiting for tonight, been waiting for tomorrow, I'm Somewhere In Between, what is real ~~ Just a Dream, what is real, just a dream ~~ what is real ~~ Just a Dream ~~~ Yep i had to listen to it again !

Message: 28704 Posted: Sat Jul 26 00:38:50 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Stillwater, ??? & hmmm somewhere in between!

Hi Everyone ~~~ Yep it's me Nightowl Nancio ~~ I just discovered a new song that has me spellbound soo I needed to let my fingers get this out of my system before I call it a night!

But 1st things 1st! :)

Hey there Gerry ~~ This was a really nice new Place you were at in Stillwater. I got a kick out of seeing a mud puddle there in the pic, and all of this green grass and oooh soo nice sky surrounding this hotel ~~ Yep this definitely is a nice View for sure! Thanks for the smile! :)

Hey there paramedichuck ~~ How was the Stillwater show tonight? I bet your son was smiling and a singing for sure. You will have to come to live chat and fill us in on all of the happenings Okay? :)

Hi Erin ~~ Pretty neat you winning tickets to see Peter Frampton, I think you will enjoy getting to hear him. His song Baby I Love Your Ways is one of those songs that has stood the test of time well, and right up next to bat "Show Me The Way" ~~ wow do these songs take me back to some nice times. Be sure and let us know all about this okay?

Thanks a bunch Gen, Red eee Oak, Speech & Mark for all of the neat info on Peter Frampton. ~~~ Playing in my headphones now is another song that kinda stood the test of time well Lady by the Little River Band :):):) ~~~ soo lady let me take a look at you now, you're there on the dance floor making me want you somehow, oooh lady i think its only fair i should say too you, don't be thinking i don't want you i dooo, don't be thinking i don't want you i doooooo ~~~ Sing it LRB :)

Hmmm ~~ all the talk about Seals & Crofts lately got me wanting to hear the songs on my album that is sitting here by my comp desk.... sooo I downloaded Windflower, Castles in the Sand and Unborn Child ~~ I gotta say it is great hearing these after such a long time... Windflower is one of those songs that kinda picks you up and captures the mood of this song. ~~ Yep I have missed hearing these songs! Really some nice accoustic in Castles in the Sand! ~~ Hmm I wonder what their new cd will sound like! :)

Thanks Traveler for sharing your night with us, these meet and greet fund raisers sound neat. I can see where that would be a nice setting to get to see AMERICA one day ~~ Hope it comes to be! ~~ I liked the part of you playing your Hearts LP, how many times I have wished I could play all of my albums, that I have sitting here, that I brought out from the top shelf of my hall closet. I do agree tho, CD's and DVD's are nicer in that we don't gotta wait to hear the other side. :)

Thanks David Stengle for the King Bisquit Info ~~ I will have to check this offer out.

Thanks again Kiri ~~ I read the article that Steve posted on the whats new section and I am loving getting to take in all of these early days articles ~~ soo cool for sure! WOW those pics of Gerry, Dewey & Dan ~~ WOW!!! Too much! :)

Okay now for the new song that I have been hooked on tonight, it is called "Somewhere in Between" by the group Lifehouse and I heard them sing it a couple of weeks ago on that guy from MTV Hmmm whats his name ~~ he has the dark hair and young and he hosts that live request hour each afternoon.... darn I can hear his name but can't type it... LOL anyway Lifehouse was on a show he was doing live from a casino in Vegas and I caught it just as they were beginning to sing this new song of theirs.... This lead singer of Lifehouse has matured somewhat and I am loving his accoustic abilities as well as the way his voice has molded to his songs. He also sang one of George Harrison's songs ~~ I think it is One, I have been searching for it, I know the song to hear it, it had been a while since I had heard it, this lead singer of Lifehouse sings it really well. It made me realize that he too must have appreciated some of the better earlier day music. Sooo I will share some of the lyrics to this song that I have been hitting the replay button on tonight.... Thanks for letting me go on again.... Nitey Night all ~~ Nightowl Nancy :)

~~~~ I can't be losing sleep over this, no I can't, and now I cannot stop pacing, give me a few hours I'll have this all sorted out, if my mind would just stop racing, cause I cannot stand still, I can't be this unsturdy, this cannot be happening, this is over my head, but underneath my feet, cause by tomorrow morning, I'll have this thing beat, and then everything will be back to the way it was, I wish it was just that easy, cause I'm waiting for tonight, been waiting for tomorrow, I's Somewhere in Between what is real, just a dream lalalalallaldadada, laalalalallaldada what is real, just a dream ~~~ Sing it for me another time Lifehouse :) :) this song comes together soo nice for sure! :) Okay I am all done now (Biggggg Yawnnnnnnn) :)

Message: 28703 Posted: Fri Jul 25 22:30:18 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: King Biscuit Flower Hour

Yes, it is a rerelease, but with a special cover, because it's a 30th Anniversary Collectors' Edition. Here's the Letter from Bryan Roman at King Biscuit: New Releases - 30th Anniversary COLLECTORS EDITION - free shipping

June 23rd, 2003
Dear King Biscuit Fans,

It's summer - school's out and old-school is in! The 30th anniversary Flower Hour re-issues are here. Get them while they're hot!!

Over 20 classic concerts have been digitally remastered and completely
repackaged with new art, rare photos, and extensive liner notes.

As a special offer to our customers and fans, we're giving away free
shipping on all orders. Simply use your coupon code at the checkout to save on all shipping.

Message: 28702 Posted: Fri Jul 25 18:05:15 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Driving directions to Hatch Shell!!!

Thanks, Deb! If you DO go to Topsfield Fair, I'll probably see you there!

Message: 28701 Posted: Fri Jul 25 15:16:49 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Those ages left in my head ...

As some people here already know it, I'm a real fanatic of Hat Trick (the LP & the song, which btw won the song contest this year). I often take the time to listen to the concert version listed in the soundclip index of this site, but wonder if the total fan I am will ever get the chance to find this or a similar but higher quality live version on cd or dvd ? Well, I guess they didn't play it that often, so...

Speech, I'm sure we're all for a little musical culture here.
<< be careful about posting any reggae-related..>> I'd rather go for (unsophisticated) flamenco than reggae, but who knows, we might need your light one day in this field as well :-)

Message: 28700 Posted: Fri Jul 25 15:16:05 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: ??? (Frampton Today)

"Frampton COmes Alive" is a wonderful live album full of the raw energy and joy that was Frampton's stage show in th 70's. His sucess was so huge he lost himself in in. Recently, a local radio host had Frampton and his new band in his "living room" performing live. A freind of mine, whose musical acumen I admire proclaimed it "pretty good actually" Enjoy!

Message: 28699 Posted: Fri Jul 25 15:03:03 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: ???

Peter Frampton has been revelling in that "two hour event" since he became a professional musician at age 16. Born in Beckenham, England, Peter first became interested in music as a seven-year old, when he discovered his grandmother's banjolele (a banjo-shaped ukulele) in the attic. Teaching himself to play, he became near obsessed, and, upon receiving a guitar from his parents, mastered that as well.
By the age of 10, Frampton was playing in a band called The Little Ravens and played on the same bill at school as George & The Dragons, a group including David Bowie, then a student of Peter's art teacher/ dad, Owen Frampton. In fact, Peter and David would spend time together at lunch breaks, playing Buddy Holly songs. At the age of 11, Peter was playing with a band called The Trubeats, before playing with a band called The Preachers, produced and managed by Bill Wyman, of the Rolling Stones. By 16, Peter had been recruited to be the lead guitarist/singer in The Herd, scoring a handful of British teenybopper hits. Peter was named "The Face 0f 1968" by the UK press - he was well on his way.

By 1969, he had formed Humble Pie with ex-Small Faces singer/guitarist Steve Marriott. Peter was 19 years old. The original band stayed together for five albums.
PF - "The great thing for me about Humble Pie was that it was energy unlimited. We were all at that age where we were just going for it. lt was the perfect band for me to develop and define the Frampton style guitar. When everybody was listening to Blues Breakers and Cream for Eric Clapton, so was I. But at the same time I was listening to Kenny Burrell, George Benson, Wes Montgomery and Django Reinhardt. When it came to working my style out with Humble Pie, it was sort of a jazzy lyrical style that developed over a very rockin', blues based band. Just listen to 'Stone Cold Fever' from Humble Pie's 'Performance - Rockin' The Fillmore' album. We were on fire. We played with so many different people.....and I guess that playing Shea Stadium in the the summer of '70, with Grand Funk, was one of the biggest thrills because we were actually the first band to play Shea Stadium since the Beatles. So it was pretty historic for us. "

After five albums with Humble Pie, Frampton went solo in 1971, just in time to see 'Rockin' The Fillmore' chase up the US charts. But not regretting his decision to leave, the next five years were a period of writing, recording and touring, as well as guesting on many other artists records ( Nilsson, George Harrison to name two ). Signed to A&M, his first 3 albums were building the foundations of a solid fan base - 'Wind Of Change' in 1971, 'Frampton's Camel' in 1973 ( which featured Peter within a group project ) and 'Somethin's Happening' in 1974. Peter's live work did much to enhance his reputation and eventually the hard work paid off with the release in 1975 of 'Frampton', which gave the world a taste of what was yet to come. The album went to #32 in the US charts, and went gold.

PF - "My most prolific writing period was right before we recorded 'Frampton'. The whole album took only three weeks to write, and gave us 'Show Me The Way', which was written one day before lunch, and 'Baby I Love Your Way', which was written the same day after tea, as the sun was setting! 'Frampton' was the most satisfying album to date, as I felt I had a really good selection of songs."

All this culminated in the astonishing success of 'Frampton Comes Alive!', a live album recorded at San Francisco's famed Winterland, and released in 1976.

The concert was recorded, and the album went from a single album to a double when one of the record label's bosses, Jerry Moss ( the 'M' in 'A&M' Records ) said "Where's the rest?"! The extra tracks put on to make it a double included Peter's two biggest hits.
PF - "I remember it was one of the first nights we had ever headlined in San Francisco, or anywhere else for that matter. I wasn't worried about the (recording) truck being outside, I was worried that we had enough material to do an hour and a half act. It was a stretch at that point. We were used to doing 50 minutes. lt was a special night overall. Looking back, I like the vibe on 'Lines On My Face'. The feeling was magical for that song."

The resulting publicity and multi-million-dollar grossing tour made Peter Frampton an international superstar and launched three singles, 'Do You Feel Like We Do?', 'Baby I Love Your Way' and 'Show Me The Way' that exemplify the best of '70s rock, and remain radio play fixtures.

In 1976, Frampton was named Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Artist of the Year' and received innumerable industry plaudits for album and concert sales. The album was the biggest selling live album in rock music history, selling an estimated 10 million copies. By the end of 1976, Peter had reportedly earned an estimated gross of $70 million in concert fees and royalties. To date, the album has sold over 16 million copies.

The subsequent years were a challenge, both musically and personally. Although, he would have preferred a long break from the nonstop hubbub of '76, Peter nonetheless returned to the studio, and released 'I'm In You' in 1977, seeing the album and same-titled single reach platinum and #1 respectively. Guest musicians lined up to help out....Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder included. A version of Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours' was a single success.
In 1978 Peter appeared in the movie version of The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', alongside the Bee Gees. He played the role of Billy Shears......sadly the movie was not received well, although it did give Peter another Rolling Stones magazine cover appearance! The soundtrack WAS successful reached #5 in the album charts and went platinum! Peter appears on the album, performing Beatles tunes alongside people like George Burns!

In 1978, Peter suffered a near fatal car crash in the Bahamas, which left him with a concussion, muscle damage and broken bones. But in 1979, he released the album 'Where I Should Be', which went gold and produced the hit 'I Can't Stand It No More'.

Message: 28698 Posted: Fri Jul 25 14:51:12 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: ??? (speechwriter )

My pleasure. My main kick is listening, but I do spend a good chunk of my time plowing through, and later re-reading, rock autobiographies and reference books, so I've become a repository of useless rock-and-roll minutiae. When someone poses a question regarding an artist I actually know something about, I can't help but jump in with both feet. By the way, right now I'm plowing through "Catch a Fire," the Timothy-White-penned book on the life of Bob Marley, for the third time (highly recommended). So be careful about posting any reggae-related queries here, lest you get me going again.

Message: 28697 Posted: Fri Jul 25 14:41:21 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: ??? (speechwriter )

Thanks for the precisions, Speech.

Message: 28696 Posted: Fri Jul 25 14:34:39 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: ???

Yes, Frampton played the part of Billy Shears. If the boys in Aerosmith are to be believed, in their autobiography "Walk This Way," they had strenuous objections to a proposed script that involved Frampton's character killing off the characters played by Steve Tyler and Joe Perry, etc. So the scene was recast. On the other question, about Frampton and David Bowie, I recall from "Loving the Alien" that Bowie apparently had Frampton's father as a teacher and mentor at some point (and had high regard for him).

Message: 28695 Posted: Fri Jul 25 14:02:04 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: ???

He seemed to come out of nowhere in 1976 (I believe) with "Frampton Comes Alive" which shot to number 1 for several weeks and sold over 5 million copies (which was almost unprecedented in the mid 70s). The album had several hit singles including "Show Me The Way." As Speech said he had had some minor success prior to that album, mainly in the UK. His management started trying to market him as a heart-throb after the success of "Alive". He had a few hits like "I'm In You", "Sign, Sealed, Delivered" and "I Can't Stand It No More". By the early 80s he had pretty much faded off the map.

I bet it will be a good show. Live performances are where he made his reputation.

Message: 28694 Posted: Fri Jul 25 13:52:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: ???

<<Frampton's involvement in the universally-panned "Sergeant Pepper" movie.>> Didn't he play the part of Billy Shears?
Not a fan of his but believe he started with a school band in England with David Bowie.

Hi Jim! Hope to hear more from you soon...

Message: 28693 Posted: Fri Jul 25 13:31:53 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: ???

Peter Frampton's first band of any reknown was Humble Pie, then came Frampton's Camel, then came some decently received early 70s solo LPs on A&M and, finally, mid-70s megastardom with Frampton Comes Alive! There followed an unfortunate series of commercial "strumbles," notably the follow-up "I'm In You" LP, which didn't capture the imagination of record buyers hankering for more of that "high energy" Frampton they'd heard on "Comes Alive!" and Frampton's involvement in the universally-panned "Sergeant Pepper" movie. A bad car crash in the Bahamas was in there somewhere, too. Anyway, Peter Frampton went on to play guitar on some David Bowie tours -- in part due to an old family connection, sez the Bowie unauthorized autobiography "Loving the Alien." Interesting career.

Message: 28692 Posted: Fri Jul 25 11:26:13 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: ???

cool....thanks, jim!

Erin :o)

Message: 28691 Posted: Fri Jul 25 10:28:36 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ???

check out Amazon for a few sound bytes of Peter Frampton.
Show me the way ...

Message: 28690 Posted: Fri Jul 25 10:24:22 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ???

You will like his music. He is an excellent guitar man & has some very good songs. Some big hits in the 70's. You will know when he plays his 1 really big hit.

Message: 28689 Posted: Fri Jul 25 10:17:46 2003 By: Erin
Subject: ???

so i just won a couple of tickets to peter frampton tomorrow night...can anyone tell me anything about him?

Erin :o)

Message: 28688 Posted: Fri Jul 25 07:39:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Haines

Not too far from Skagway is the small town of Haines. Holland America is the only cruise line that stops there although many of the passengers boarded a ferry to Skagway so they could take the railroad to the Klondike. We decided to take it easy and simply take a brief tour of the city. Today's photos show views of the city from the ship including Fort William H. Seward. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View #1
View #2
View #3 (the row of white houses near the top of the photo are part of Fort Seward)
View #4

Message: 28687 Posted: Fri Jul 25 07:05:19 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: 1978 King Biscuit Flower Hour show

Outside of the official 1977 Live LP,Gerry & Dewey did their first "King Biscuit flower Hour" Circa 1978. Unfortunatly,the show was a split one,also featuring Karla Bonoff. The guys did 7 songs on the version that was broadcast:
Riverside,I need you,Daisy Jane,Miniature/Tin Man,Rainbow Song(nicelydone here!),Ventura Highway and Horse with no name. Yes,would be nice to see this thing officially released,and with additional tracks which surely were done as this show was recorded Live in L.A.

Message: 28686 Posted: Fri Jul 25 06:44:04 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: King Biscuit (Re)Release

It's good news that they are re-releasing it yet again, because it means it is selling. But I wish they would release America's first appearance on King Biscuit. They appeared in 1979, I believe, when they were touring in support of Silent Letter. I'm sure that performance includes songs that they haven't done in years. I would love to get that on CD!

Message: 28685 Posted: Fri Jul 25 06:28:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Stillwater

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Stillwater, MN.

Message: 28684 Posted: Thu Jul 24 23:20:47 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Perfect way to round off a great evening

HI All,
Tonight has been one of those amazing nights when everything just seems perfect. Went to the Civic Center in town for reception for sponsers for their ARTS programs. My small donation allowed me to sign-up for any of 6 "meet the artist" receptions to be held after the performances. I chose to meet "The Lovin Spoonful", Bob Newhart, Malachy and Frank McCourt-(authors: Angela's Ashes, Tis) and the cast of Music Man from one of the national touring productions. (Now if they will only get AMERICA to appear here so I get meet them in the same environment -- that would make an amazing evening even better).

But it doesn't end there. I won one of the door prizes that they were giving away and received a coupon for 2 tickets to any of the 22 peformances at the UNCC this coming season. (Considering I have already bought season tickets to 11 of these shows already though,... it will be hard to decide what else to go to. I already bought the shows I was most interested in seeing.) Following the reception I went down to UNC since I had a ticket to the college theater group performance of OLIVER, the musical. While it wasn't the best of the performances I have seen the students put on; it was an enjoyable evening anyway. (Scenery was magnificent, but sound was poor. Very hard to make out some of the individual singers at times: especially children.)

On the drive home, I was thinking it was a shame that I couldn't play my records anymore since the cats decided to murder my turntable. However, I remembered that last year I sent home a turntable with the stuff I had to clear out of my parent's old house. I dug it out, hooked it up, and played AMERICA's Hearts album tonight. (I realized how spoiled I am anymore by CD's or DVD's though. I couldn't understand why it stopped playing so soon when I knew there were a lot more songs left. Obviously, it has been a long time since I have had to remember to turn the record to hear the other side. LOL).
All in all though it was a perfect end to a great evening. EE

Message: 28683 Posted: Thu Jul 24 22:53:59 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Perfect way to round off a great evening

HI All,
Tonight has been one of those amazing nights when everything just seems perfect. Went to the Civic Center in town for reception for sponsers for their ARTS programs. My small donation allowed me to sign-up for any of 6 "meet the artist" receptions to be held after the performances. I chose to meet "The Lovin Spoonful", Bob Newhart, Malachy and Frank McCourt-(authors: Angela's Ashes, Tis) and the cast of Music Man from one of the national touring productions. (Now if they will only get AMERICA to appear here so I get meet them in the same environment -- that would make an amazing evening even better).

But it doesn't end there. I won one of the door prizes that they were giving away and received a coupon for 2 tickets to any of the 22 peformances at the UNCC this coming season. (Considering I have already bought season tickets to 11 of these shows already though,... it will be hard to decide what else to go to. I already bought the shows I was most interested in seeing.) Following the reception I went down to UNC since I had a ticket to the college theater group performance of OLIVER, the musical. While it wasn't the best of the performances I have seen the students put on; it was an enjoyable evening anyway. (Scenery was magnificent, but sound was poor. Very hard to make out some of the individual singers at times: especially children.)

On the drive home, I was thinking it was a shame that I couldn't play my records anymore since the cats decided to murder my turntable. However, I remembered that last year I sent home a turntable with the stuff I had to clear out of my parent's old house. I dug it out, hooked it up, and played AMERICA's Hearts album tonight. (I realized how spoiled I am anymore by CD's or DVD's though. I couldn't understand why it stopped playing so soon when I knew there were a lot more songs left. Obviously, it has been a long time since I have had to remember to turn the record to hear the other side. LOL).
All in all though it was a perfect end to a great evening. EE

Message: 28682 Posted: Thu Jul 24 16:29:47 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTWMC Pics~mB's interview~ Robert Lamm & DF's Full Circle ~

Hi there everyone ~~~~ I can't believe it is Thurs. already ~~ Someone slow the time down sooo I can Catch Up! :)

Steve L ~~ I am enjoying these awesome pics ~~ I bet it was hard getting on the ship to head back home wasn't it? I have saved some of these to use as my desktops, I find it soo easy to escape in them. ~~ Thanks for putting the Hello My Friend mp3 on here for us to download... it is kinda different, but nice. I still gotta check out Robert Lamm's and the sites Gen sent to You. I hope to catch up soon.

Hi there Gen ~~ Nice to have you back and posting again! :)

Thanks Steve O & Matt for the GREAT interview, I enjoyed it alot. I especially was smiling when I read about Jeff Larson being a great help and influence on this ~~ Nice :) ~~ I just gotta second Gen's remark about Matt managing to capture us with his songs and leaving us wanting more ~~ Soo true! ~~ I will lookforward to hearing your next CD Matt. ~ Nice of you stopping in at live chat last night! ~~ It was nice having you join us too Steve O, I was happy to hear that Jeff Larson is still working on new material ~~ I still find his Fragile Sunrise CD sooo refreshing and new ~~ I still hit the replay button when it is over. ~~ I hope to hear Heff will be doing some live shows, His time to SHINE is still to Come I feel. ~~ I just gotta say I too loved Seals & Crofts song "You're the Love", thanks for the info about Dash's solo album, I will have to check it out. :)

Hi Sheldon ~~ I just gotta say you sure do have a nice appreciation for some great music! ~~ Those pics from the Hershey show were really shining! Nice :)

Hey there Rob ~~ Thanks for the Bruce Springsteen show review... sounds like it was a great evening. I gotta say I am envious of you getting to see AMERICA 2 times this coming weekend ~~ Enjoy the shows and I sure hope Dewey plays Pigeon Song just for you! Be sure and fill us in on the shows ~~ You too have a great appreciation for some really nice music too! :)

Hi there Alan ~~ I hope you have a good trip to the Hatch Shell show! Soooo neat that your whole family is taking this in. Enjoy and be sure and all join together on the countdown to Sister Golden Hair :). ~~~ Regarding Dan F's new cd Full Circle ~~ Yes I too have it and I knew when I listened to the sound clips on his site i had to order this, I have had mine for almost 2 months and it gets played over and over again and again. I definitely feel Dan has come Full Circle, and Speech sums up my feelings on this CD, it leaves me a Hankering for more too. Reach Haven Postcard has captured my fancy this week ~~ such nice lyrics in this for sure,~~~~ now I've grown so accustomed to having you near, and I miss you sooo madly when you are not here, when I think how you love me, it brings me to tears, and I wish sooo much tonight you were here with me, and I wish sooo much tonight you were here with me ~~~~ such nice lyrics for sure.. Ooooo how I love Icarus Ascending, I hit replay at least 3 times in a row on this song, Drawing Pictures can capture me just like that, such a deep meaning in the lyrics in this song, and Dan manages to portray the full essence of this meaning in his voice. WOW Double WOW!!! ~~ I love this CD and I am glad to have it to get lost in!

Hi Valerie ~~ Thanks for telling us about the Fab Four show you were lucky enough to indulge in.... sounds like a fun show for sure! :)

Hey Nina ~~ You are one lucky lady winning those free show passes, I am very happy for you! Enjoy the show! :) I bet Gerry & Dewey find it welcoming to see your smiling face there in the crowd. ~~ I am sure some of what they give to us, is given back to them by us! :)

Hi there Mark ~~ Thanks for all of your info on AMERICA's History lp, that would be neat to see Rhino do a compilation of History & The Definitive AMERICA album and to see due credit given for these sales on this. ~~ I saw Seals & Croft 2 times in a row back in 74 and I was caught up in their mystic. I know that they asked for those that wanted to know more about their Belief's to stay after the show, they were never pushy about it, I remember looking at the pics on the Summer Breeze album and wondering what it was like to be a part of their community. ~~ I must admit, I can't fully remember the song Unborn Child, I don't have that album. I enjoyed their music alot, when comparing it to AMERICA's ~~ I can't say that I find the same familiar magic in all of their songs the way I have down through AMERICA's albums. I do agree that they kinda just dropped out of the limelight altogether and were kinda forgotten by most. It is nice to hear they have a new CD to be released, it will be interesting to hear this and how their music has aged.

Hey there Kevin S ~~ WOW I never really associated Ben Folds Five's song Brick with abortion ~~ It was always a song that caught my interest, and I must admit I haven't heard any of their other songs at all, but I do like this song Brick ~~ Thanks for the info!

I just wanted to wish Jim from England a Happy Birthday, he is a big fan of AMERICA's too! Have a great year Jim! :)

Hmmmm ~~ I have been hitting the replay button on Gerry's oooh soo nice song Kiss of Life lately and I just can't say it enough times, how much I love this song, it is the brightest Jewel in the hidden gems for sure. If you haven't experienced this great song, you just gotta hear it.... I am sure it will leave you wanting to hit the replay button again and again. ~~ Thanks Gerry, I will look forward to you taking those songs off of the back shelf and finishing your next solo release one day. ~~ That is really neat you worked on the song "Sunday Morning" and you can betcha I was smiling when I saw that Timothy B worked on this with you and Robert and Hank Linderman as well~~~ sooo neat! :)

I just wanted to say thanks for the fun at live chat last night, it was a rather interesting night for sure... I gotta say sorry to traveler tho for kinda falling asleep while talking with her... Nothing against you traveler~~ I have done this with my son and cousins on inst mess. too. I woke up and saw that you had wondered if I was still there ~~ again I am sorry! ~~ It was fun hearing all about the Utah show experience, thanks for telling me all about it. ~~ As always it was great getting to talk with everyone, it was nice of Maggie & David Dickey to stop in for a little bit~~ thanks for the smiles! I do wish I could somehow get to the Sweetwater show, that would be fun for sure! :)

Hey there Mo ~~~ Where are you now Girl! It will be great to see you joining us at live chat again! Hurry back home safely! :)

Hi Kiri ~~ Will you be going to these Canonsburg shows?

Hi Deb ~~ I too have my sites on the Topsfield show as a possibility! ~~ Does anyone out there know much about the Casino show that will be on Sept 26th up in NY???? This one is calling my name as well!

Well I guess I am done for now~~ Thanks for reading my long ramblings! I feel much better now! :) Hey Red I do hope you will enjoy the song! :)

Hi there Jimmmmmmmm(bob) ~~ Stay warm, hope to hear from you soon! :)

See ya all, Nancy :) ~~~ Hmmm Breathe the Kiss of Life into the words we speak, come on and save meeee, save meeee, give the kiss of life, breathe the kiss of life ~~~~ :) Sing it for me Gerry ~ Gerry ~ Gerry :)

~~~ soo don't look down, tho your heart may be weary, don't look down, tho your wings may be on fire, don't look down ~~~ there's a reason you're flying this fast this far, let your faith be your strength and your love be your guiding star ~~~~ Sing it Dan F ~~ Icarus Ascending :)

Message: 28681 Posted: Thu Jul 24 15:16:18 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: King Biscuit (Re)Release

Just wanted to make mention that the gang at "The King Biscuit Flower Hour" continue their "Archive Series" with another 4 releases on August 19th. "America: Greatest Hits Live" is one of the 4 titles due,but it looks to be just a remastered version of the 1982 show that has already been widely available. 14 tracks,including rare "live" versions of "Love on the vine","Inspector Mills" and "Never be lonely." Of the official "Live" releases the guys have put out,this was a great one to own with tunes from the "View From The Ground" era.

Message: 28680 Posted: Thu Jul 24 10:19:10 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Mt. Roberts

Steve, Great photo's of Alaska! Keep them coming. And American Fork!

Message: 28679 Posted: Thu Jul 24 10:13:34 2003 By: valynda
Subject: The Fab Four

Hi everyone, I went to see The Fab Four last night at The Calif. Mid State Fair. Some of us here on the Board were talking about them a few months ago. I want to say again how GREAT they are! They are the "Ultimate Beatles Tribute". If you ever get a chance to see them, you must go! It is amazing how much they sound like the Beatles! You really get drawn into the mood and feeling of the era! It was so much fun! The whole audience was totally into it! Be sure to see The Fab Four if they come to your area! Thanks for letting me share! Bye, Valerie

Message: 28678 Posted: Thu Jul 24 10:01:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cannonsburg Ski Area Concerts

I received a nice note from Kiri concerning the Cannonsburg Ski Area concerts on July 31 and August 1. She found a link that is much better than the one I have posted on the Concert List. I'll try to get the list updated tonight but in the meantime, here's the updated link:

Thanks Kiri!

Message: 28677 Posted: Thu Jul 24 08:45:58 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Message to Alan re: plans for Hatch Shell

Alan...Re: Saturday's concert, I have a minor change of plans. I WON'T be arriving early to spread my blanket at noon because I won 2 VIP tickets to the show (via being "lucky caller #15" to the radio station!) which means they'll hold a seat for me up front "somewhere"? So, early arrival is OUT for me...I'll be wandering in around 5:30. Anyway, I still have no idea if a "meet & greet" is involved. If there IS, I'll let you go in my place, as I just saw the guys 3 weeks ago and they're probably sick of seeing me! I'll STILL meet you at @ 6:15 PM at Hatch Shell public restrooms building...I ought to know more by then. Good luck with driving and parking...see you and family soon! (P.S. Don't send me any response to this message, as I have no way of logging on before Saturday!)

Message: 28676 Posted: Thu Jul 24 08:29:57 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: New DF album!

Glad to hear you picked up the new Fogelberg CD. As a fan since the beginning, and one who feels that Fogelberg lost a bit of the muse after his LP The Innocent Age, it's an inspiring return to form. Like the best releases, Full Circle continues to resonate with me, and I've got a new favorite tune on it every other week. Some recent favorites: "Reasons to Run," "Drawing Pictures," "Full Circle," and "Icarus Ascending." Only one quibble: the length. Dan is cutting CDs as if the LP was still the chief method of delivering new music. At 40-some minutes long, I was left hankering for more.

Message: 28675 Posted: Thu Jul 24 07:34:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Mt. Roberts

As promised, here are the photos that I took from atop Mt. Roberts in Juneau. Some of them show the meadows and trees that were visible above the low lying clouds and others show the valley below through the clearings in the clouds. Click the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View #1
View #2
View #3
View #4
View #5

Message: 28674 Posted: Thu Jul 24 05:55:26 2003 By: Deb
Subject: Re: HELP! Driving directions to Hatch Shell!!! - addendum

Another way you can go is if you take 93S, get off at the Mystic Ave Somerville exit. Take a left onto Mystic Ave and follow until you get to McGrath Highway. Take a right onto McGrath (BIG park on your right). Follow straight for a few miles, you will head into Cambridge and the Museum of Science will be on your right.

I'm a HUGE fan of America and wish I was going!!! I met them in '93 backstage when they opened for the Beach Boys. I got to hug both Dewey and Gerry and had my pics taken with them. A year later when they came back, my sister went backstage with my pics from the previous year and they signed them!! Meeting them was my most memorable experience and being able to tell them how much their music has touched my life.

I am going to try to talk my husband into going to the Topsfield Fair this fall!

Message: 28673 Posted: Thu Jul 24 05:23:30 2003 By: Deb
Subject: Re: HELP! Driving directions to Hatch Shell!!!

I initially would tell you to take 93S to the Storrow Drive exit but last I knew it is no longer there due to the Big Dig. So get off at the Haymarket exit. Go straight to Cambridge Street. Take a right there and follow it pass Mass Gen Hosp. Then you will see signs for Storrow Drive. Get on Storrow Drive West and when you come upon the Hatchshell either find parking along Storrow Drive or take a left onto one of the sidestreets... park your car and walk down to the concert! Enjoy!

Message: 28672 Posted: Thu Jul 24 03:24:59 2003 By: Alan
Subject: HELP! Driving directions to Hatch Shell!!! - addendum

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I DO NOT want to take take Rt 1 into Boston if I can possibly avoid it! Been there, done that, don't care to do it again! (a little too intense for this backwoods Maine driver!)

Message: 28671 Posted: Thu Jul 24 03:13:04 2003 By: Alan
Subject: HELP! Driving directions to Hatch Shell!!!

I just went to to get driving directions and they don't make any sense whatsoever. Directions from the north say to take I95 North. Shouldn't I be taking 95 South? I went to Mapquest and got even more convoluted directions (didn't even say anything about Storrow Drive). I suppose it didn't help that doesn't mention a street address and I had to use "Hatch Shell" as the street address in my search (also isn't listed under "performing arts venues" in "places of interest").

I will be coming down I95 South from Maine. I want to stay on interstate highways as much as possible. What exit should I take? On the map at, it looks as though the Mass Pike runs near there. Is there a Hatch Shell exit (or even a Storrow Drive exit near there)? I know how to get on the Mass Pike from 95/128 (Exit 25 if I remember correctly).

Any help from you good America fans in the Boston area (or familiar w/ Boston) is greatly appreciated!



Message: 28670 Posted: Wed Jul 23 19:27:01 2003 By: Alan
Subject: New DF album!

I know there are a number of Fogelberg fans on this chat folder. For those who didn't know, he has anew album out called "Full Circle". I didn't even know it was out until I came across it on last week. I ordered it instantly and it arrived today.

I have only one thing to say to Fogelberg fans out there - rush out and get it NOW (if you don't already have, that is). I have to say it is by far the best Fogelberg since The Innocent Age. I am in the middle of listening to it for the third time and like it better every time.

I highly recommend it to the serious (and casual) DF fans, especially if you're like me and feel his post-Innocent Age material for the most part just doesn't measure up to his earlier works. IMO, this album certainly comes a lot closer than any other to measuring up.

If any of you already have this album, what is your opinion?


Message: 28669 Posted: Wed Jul 23 19:13:25 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Reply To Nina re Hatch Shell

Hi Nina. I hope you read this before Saturday. Sorry I have been unable to reply sooner. We will be looking for your black and yellow plaid blanket when we set up our chairs and try to meet you by the rest area at 6:15 if we don't have to fight our way through wall-to-wall people by then. We were thinking about checking out the Museum of Science while waiting for the show, but $13 a person to get in? I don't know - we're pretty broke right now. Anywhere else nearby to hang out before the show? Also, is there a Pizzeria Uno's nearby? Or anywhere else we can get supper in the area?

(Anyone feel free to reply to the last 2 questions besides Nina).


Message: 28668 Posted: Wed Jul 23 12:34:29 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Protest songs.

The Ben Folds Five song, "Brick" was about abortion. It got airplay. Maybe it does, as Mark alludes, have something to do with how good the song is, rather than just what it's saying.

Who knows?


Message: 28667 Posted: Wed Jul 23 12:26:04 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts, (and the distinction of comment vs. preaching)

I'm not sure that it is so much the general public that causes a "protest" song to flop as it may be the program directors at the various media outlets. For most people, I think the message in a song is secondary to the music. I know I enjoyed listening to songs without necessarily agreeing with the lyrics. And songs that I thought carried a positive message, but weren't very good musically (like Unborn Child) I didn't care to listen to very much. But stations and their parent companies tend to have as much to do with what gets played as the public. And it doesn't just have to deal with the subject matter of a song. If an artist is no longer considered "in" their songs won't get played no matter how good they may be (just ask Dewey and Gerry - Young Moon and From A Moving Train were and still are better than most of the songs they play on AC stations today).

Message: 28666 Posted: Wed Jul 23 11:01:38 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: America on Compilations

Thanks Steve.Just a precision. I can't remember the third cd because it came out ealier either this year or last year, i'm not sure. What strikes me is the various labels' obvious & sudden interest for America's hit. The song was also supposed to be included on the ' Concert of the Century' cd but the album was not released as such eventually I guess (or is unavailable?). Anyway, hearing more of America throughout Europe is JUST GREAT !

As i'm about to leave home, I'm thinking that some will be lucky to see Dewey & Gerry onstage tonight... I won't :-( TOO BAD!
BUT ...flamenco night for me ... you know black-eyed Hombre, weeping guitarra, blood, violent passion etc... not America, but not that bad after all if you keep thinking positive.
See you. Gen.

Message: 28665 Posted: Wed Jul 23 09:43:48 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: SteveO Interviews Matt

Really enjoyed reading the interview...thanks for posting it!

Erin :o)

Message: 28664 Posted: Wed Jul 23 09:11:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Mt. Roberts Tramway

We were in Juneau from 7 am until 11 pm and since it doesn't get very dark that time of year, we were able to do a lot of sightseeing (in spite of the rain). Mt. Roberts tramway is just a hop, skip, and a jump from where our cruise ship docked so we walked there and rode the tram to the top of Mt. Roberts. Because of the rain and the clouds, we were unable to see the top of Mt. Roberts all day long. But as our tram climbed up towards the top of the mountain, the clouds opened up and I was able to take some shots of the wonderful view below. These photos were taken around 9 pm which gives you an idea just how long it stays light. Tomorrow I'll have some photos of the top of the mountain. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Looking up the channel where our cruise ship entered the harbor
Looking back toward downtown with our cruise ship visible on the left
A good view of our cruise ship from above
Passing the tram that was on the way down

Message: 28663 Posted: Wed Jul 23 08:44:05 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Seals and Crofts

Steve - I own Dash's solo CD "Today" and you are right, it is really good & does sound alot like a Seals & Crofts album.. definitely get it everyone!


Message: 28662 Posted: Wed Jul 23 08:36:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America on Compilations

Here are the links that Genevieve sent to me. They both point to compilations that include "A Horse With No Name" by America. Genevieve says she knows there's a third CD, but she can't remember the name right now.

Les Nocturnes de Georges Lang
Summer Breeze Part 2

Message: 28661 Posted: Wed Jul 23 08:28:15 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Subtlety & Passion

I checked with Gerry and he said that he helped write "Sunday Morning" on Robert Lamm's new album, "Subtlety & Passion". He commented that he is very proud to be a small part of that great record.


Message: 28660 Posted: Wed Jul 23 07:52:11 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts, (and the distinction of comment vs. preaching)

I never considered Seals & Crofts in the same musical genre as America. Anyone else want to weigh in on that issue?
As for protest songs, I think you're right, Mark. I think that, hypocritical or not, there's a fine line as to what the market will bear. Protest songs lamenting racial oppression, war, authoritarian violence ("Ohio"), political scumminess, etc., seem OK by the masses, and you can point to examples of each that have sold well and been embraced culturally. Historically, though, protest songs that have focused on abortion have flopped. Ask the SOS Band, who came out of the gate with a monster hit and then fizzled not long afterward when their next missive targeted abortion. Ask the Texas band Gladstone, whose 1971 single "A Piece of Paper" -- good song -- didn't get played. ("A piece of paper says the problem won't grow ... a piece of paper makes it all right"). I really don't care what anyone's view on abortion is. I have my own take on it, and I keep it to myself. However, I think the track record speaks for itself. One of the things I've always appreciated about Gerry and Dewey's work is that, even when they were sort of hinting at social comment ("Children," "Political Poachers"), I never felt they were trying to manipulate me or tell me how to think.

Message: 28659 Posted: Wed Jul 23 07:48:19 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Seals and Crofts

Just wanted to add some comments to the recent discussion about Seals & Crofts. Nice to see there are some fans of the duo here. I wouldn't say that "Unborn Child" was the beginning of the end for the guys. They would still go on to chart 4 more Top 40 singles before it was all said and done,including one more top 10 in "Get Closer"(1976).
My personal favorite,"You're the love" reached #18 in 1978 but that was the last hit they'd ever have. Dash Crofts released a CD in 2000 that is a pretty good effort--"Today"--that sounds just like a Seals & Crofts record. Fans of the duo who want to hear more should indulge on that one for sure!

Message: 28658 Posted: Wed Jul 23 06:28:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America on Compilations

Steve L: if you wish me to, I'll send you a link or a photo of the cd.

Yes, Genevieve, that would be very nice. Either one or both, whichever is the best quality.

Message: 28657 Posted: Wed Jul 23 06:21:54 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: America on Compilations

Seems America's HWNN is having what we call 'une seconde jeunesse' here as it appears on a series of various pop rock compilations released in France this year. One I'd like to mention is that released by RTL radio  to celebrate the 30 years of this late night radio program I''ve mentioned here a couple of times : Les Nocturnes de Georges Lang. A double cd set full of hits among which is our 'Horse'.
Steve L : if you wish me to, I'll send you a link or a photo of the cd.
SteveO, as a coincidence Joe Jackson's 'Steppin'Out' also appears on this 'compil'... it's a small world after all - LOL

Message: 28656 Posted: Wed Jul 23 06:07:30 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hello My Friend - credits?

Very nice song. Went to read the credit info on the site. Found the musician credit but could not find out who exactly wrote it. Someone here will have to feed me, I'm afraid. Thanks guys.

Message: 28655 Posted: Wed Jul 23 06:00:24 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: SteveO Interviews Matt

Very interesting interview, SteveO! Thanks again for sharing. And thanks to Matt for opening his heart & mind with so much kindness & honesty. Qualities hard to find these days...
My attention was particularly drawn by the Jeff Larson bit. I didn't know Jeff had a 'connection' with Matt's recently released Ep, but i'm not surprised at all by the news & it brings about a sort of mystic feeling, for some reason. Like I'm living in a meaningful world after all... :-)
I'm also one to believe greatly in Jeff L.'s talent and personality. One of my great pleasures would be to have him sing here in one of our west coast & rock music summer festivals... Maybe one day?
As for Matt's, I think he's right seeing his famous dad & the America fans as 'un plus' or a bonus in his career, no more. He's a very talented musician & lyricist, often times expressing himself using secong degree humour & not relying on his Beckley-esque tone of voice to seduce his dad's fans :-) He's left us wanting to hear more which is much more than a positive sign... Glad to see he's now constituting what seems a real band & feeling great about how things are going.
Hey, Matt, SteveO kinda made it official so we've taken note of the deadline for the next album... Already impatient. ;-)

Message: 28654 Posted: Tue Jul 22 21:41:37 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: SteveO Interviews Matt

Steve Orchard will be featuring an interview with Matt Beckley in a future column but both of them have agreed to share it with those who visit the America Fans chat folder. Here it is in its entirety with many thanks to SteveO and Matt!

S: First off, how long has the process taken to put together the first disk, or has it been an effort years in the making?

M: a little bit of both actually. im constantly writing songs, so there was never a shortage of material... those 13 just happened to be the ones hanging around while i was making the record, and came out fairly easy. at the same time, it's my first solo disc in my 23 years, so i guess that's a long time, right?

S: I read one review that talked about the disk reflecting 60's and 70's pop influences. Would that be a fair assessment? If so, is that the kind of music you enjoying listening to? Or maybe better yet, what acts from those era's have inspired you?

M: i consciously wear a lot of influences on my sleeve, so i think that's a fair assessment. there's definitely parts in the recording where it was like, "let's do the paul melody here, or the brian bit here...". i obviously am way into the beatles and the beach boys, zeppelin, the standard yardsticks of modern music... i think we all are. but to me that, while fair, is the easy call. i'm way more stoked when people pick out the more esoteric influences like low, tripping daisy, jane's addiction or failure... stuff like that. at the same time, im most thrilled that anybody finds anything they like on the album.

S: There are people who will listen to the CD because of your famous dad. Obviously,you want your work to stand out on its own. Are you pleased with the results and the reaction so far?

M: im very pleased, to be honest. people seem to really like it, and i'm very, very, greatful for that. the "america" contingency has always been very kind to me, but there is a pride that all the reviews so far have been centered around the fact that the album stand's on it's own. there's nothing i hate more then bands who use the fact they have a built in fan base as an excuse to suck, and there's a lot of them in los angeles. a notable exception to that rule is phantom planet. they're a great example of a band who were able to gain some initial exposure through ulterior means (their drummer and lead singer both have had fairly high profile acting gigs), but have managed to keep their fans and gain well deserved respect because they're a ridiculously talented and hardworking band. they didnt rest on their laurels, and are so much better off because of it. the band rooney is another example. talented kids with an intense fan base they've worked hard to cultivate.

the truth of the matter is that america fans alone cant sustain my career, so i have to go out and earn every last fan just like anyone else does. it's fun that it ends up as a lot of families at shows though, because the kids are there for the music, and i think their parents can get into it via the 70's connection. which totally works. im fairly confident that at the end of the show the parents dig the music too... i just want everybody to have a good time.

S: Your sound has been labeled as having "West coast type Harmonies", much like another California Native, Jeff Larson. Has Larsons work had any influence on you?

M: Jeff's a really talented guy, though i think we're pulling from the same pool of influences like the beach boys, rather then each other. what people don't know is that he's actually probably been the single biggest help in getting my record off the ground, as he's been through the trials of being an independent singer/songwriter, and has been really giving with guidance and advice. i owe that guy a lot, without question. the independent music scene would be far healthier if we had more guys like jeff, who are both talented musicians and smart business men.

S: I understand that over the past few months you were working 24/7 at your dads "Human Nature" studios trying to finish the disk. Were you under any kind of self imposed deadline to get it released?

M: certainly. the fact of the matter is, if i don't release something, i'll continue to produce and mix and tweak it to absolute death. there's a safety in not releasing, because you then have to be held accountable for it. the catch is i was keenly aware of the fact that i was starting to create a backlog of 30+ songs that weren't going to tape because i was too busy worrying about the record. so i gave myself a solid deadline, and it worked out fine. i'm now playing with a band, and we've given ourselves a year to put out the next one, which should be easy, because i don't have to play all the instruments this time around. deadlines are good. i want to bring back the days of the sixties and seventies where bands put out great albums year after year, rather then one hit single every four years.

S: Attention on your new CD has also been given some extra "mileage" via the America fans chat site, and of course your own website at How else can people purchase the CD?

M: you can always pickup the cd at,,, and a few other places. if you live in los angeles, you can also pick it up at the tower records on sunset blvd. all of those companies have been really good to us, and we're really greatful for it.

S: Anything else you want to add?

M: thanks for the questions... had fun answering them. i hope you enjoy the cd.

Message: 28653 Posted: Tue Jul 22 20:48:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jeff Larson Question

I haven't heard about Jeff doing any local shows but if you go to his web site ( you'll find a small update which includes a real nice review in the summer 2003 Wood & Steel (Taylor guitars) magazine. There are more reviews coming and there is a new Japanese compilation, "Best of AOR", with Jeff's "Place Where I Belong" included. There are on-going sessions for a 2004 release and I'm sure there will be lots more to come.

Message: 28652 Posted: Tue Jul 22 20:40:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Subtlety & Passion

If you go to Robert Lamm's web site ( you'll find that he'll be releasing a new CD the end of August titled "Subtlety & Passion". According to the credits on the web site Gerry Beckley and Timothy B. Schmit provide backing vocals and Hank Linderman plays guitars, bass, and also does backing vocals. Gerry's friend, Bobby Woods (Houses In White), was responsible for the album graphics. I've heard that Gerry may have had more involvement than what's listed on the web site but I'll have to check with him and see what he says. The web site has soundclips available and it can also be pre-ordered there.

Message: 28651 Posted: Tue Jul 22 20:26:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Hello My Friend

Click here to download/listen to the MP3 version of "Hello, My Friend" by America. It comes from the Yuming International Cover Album titled "Over The Sky" and will remain on the Chat Folder for a week or so.

Message: 28650 Posted: Tue Jul 22 20:23:40 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Sarnia

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Sarnia, Ontario.

Message: 28649 Posted: Tue Jul 22 19:27:42 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Mendenhall Glacier

Fabulous pictures Steve.

Message: 28648 Posted: Tue Jul 22 18:46:58 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Steve's pictures

Steve, The Whale Watching, and Glacier pictures are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Valerie

Message: 28647 Posted: Tue Jul 22 16:04:30 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Jeff Larson Question

I remember reading somewhere that Jeff was planning to do some local shows. Does anyone know anything about that, or am I making this up as I go along?

Message: 28646 Posted: Tue Jul 22 12:00:46 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts

Funny how a protest song from a conservative perspective is "preachy and moralistic" but liberal protest songs are artistic expressions against oppression, or injustice, etc... Actually Seals & Crofts recovered from the commercial disappointment of "Unborn Child" and had several hits after it. I think "Unborn Child" flopped not because of the subject matter but because it wasn't that good musically. What probably did them in more than anything was the same thing that lead to America's commercial decline - changing tastes in the marketplace. Their music was in the same genre as America (though they never achieved quite the level of success as America) and they seemed to hit their commercial decline in the late 70's about the same time as America. Though they were never able to mount a comeback like America did in the early 80s.

Message: 28645 Posted: Tue Jul 22 09:57:20 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Concerts

Sounds like Bruce and the E Street Band were incredible at Giants stadium! But then again they always are! Sounds like a great time was had by all! Three hours is one long show! Wow, two great weekends in a row and you're seeing America twice in one weekend!! Hope you have some great seats. It would be great to hear Pigeon song, and the Hatch Shell would be a great place to hear that gem! Hope it doesn't rain this time. I heard Bruce will be at Fenway Park in September, although it might be hard to get tickets for that one. Thanks for the great review!

Message: 28644 Posted: Tue Jul 22 09:18:40 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Mendenhall Glacier

Great pictures!!
Thanks for sharing...
Erin :o)

Message: 28643 Posted: Tue Jul 22 07:37:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall glacier is the only glacier in the United States (possibly in the world) that lies within city limits. From some parts of downtown Juneau the glacier is visible and it is quite a sight to see. In 1776 the glacier reached its furthest point which is a couple of miles further than where it is now. It has been receding since that time and currently travels about 2 feet per day but is losing about 3 feet per day (for a net loss of 1 foot per day). At that rate it will still be around for several hundred years so you don't have to rush up to Alaska to see it right away (LOL). Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Entrance to the visitors center area with the glacier in the background
Closeup of the glacier (the dark blue color is caused by the dense ice which only allows the blue light to escape)
Ice bergs floating in Mendenhall lake with the glacier in the background
Complete view of the glacier, the lake, a nearby waterfall, and the lower visitor center area

Message: 28642 Posted: Tue Jul 22 06:49:35 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts

I agree that Seals & Crofts are underappreciated. Their string of hits was as strong as anyone's in the 70s, and their LPs included some gems. Regrettably, they turned preachy and moralistic with Unborn Child, and I think it turned some folks off ... may be coincidence, but their career cooled after that LP.

Message: 28641 Posted: Tue Jul 22 03:28:18 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Concerts

Hi Rob,
"Genevieve you are lucky that you got to see Radiohead in concert recently."
Considering ALL the people who stayed outside cos they couldn't get tickets, I am for sure! To answer your question, yes we got to hear the new songs from the 'Hail to the Thief' album. The audience (young and older people in the same musical communion) was floating, walking on air & wishing it would never end. A mixture of energy, lyrism, tragedy and exhilaration ( lack the words for a better definition). Astounding, symbolically taking place on the National celebration day (July 14th) ...
As for Nada Surf, I seem to remember them mentioning they're from NY. Their last opus is rather good and had some expected success here. They are nice & fun onstage. As for the songs in French, they told us they try to catch some of our expressions in the streets, cafés, restaurants or on TV and use them in songs. 'Je suis là pour çà' on their last cd is about all the 'mecs' (male guys) not being all 'des salauds' - very bad slang word for machos & cheaters. They sometimes (almost) convince me ! LOL.
Glad you enjoyed your Springsteen's concert. Must have been great too indeed. But I really envy you for the next one you'll be attending. I'm sure you'll have a WONDERFUL time. Have a thought for me, then. And say hi for me to the whole band. I LOVE them.
BFN. Gen.

Message: 28640 Posted: Mon Jul 21 20:45:17 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Concerts

Hey peeps,
It's me Rob. I just got back from seeing Springsteen in Giants Stadium just outside of New York City with a bunch of my friends. It was a great concert. Bruce Springsteen (and of course) the E Street Band are the best concert act I've ever seen. I feel bad saying that because America is just so great, but Bruce is just sooooooooooo great. America is probably the band that I like better of the two, but Bruce just has a great stage presence and plays long sets with varied setlists. It rained for about the first hour of the 3 hour concert but me and my friends enjoyed that. It was kind of cool with the rain, kind of like a big communal rainstorm that drew the crowd together. I bet that's what Woodstock was like when it rained. Anyways...he played great songs like "The Rising" "Glory Days" "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" "My City of Ruins" "You Can Look But You Better Not Touch" "Empty Sky" and a cover of the Creedence song "Who'll Stop the Rain". He also invited singer Garland Jeffreys out on stage and they sang a cover of "96 Tears" (originally by Question Mark and the Mysterians and also covered by Jeffreys) and that was cool for me to hear. That is a great garage rock song from the mid 60s. Bruce put on a very cool show.
I hope my America shows coming up this coming weekend are as good. I'm sure they will be. America rocked Plymouth Memorial Hall when I saw them in April, and I am confident they have changed up the setlist a little bit and perhaps even improved their already-great show a bit since then. Maybe we will get to hear the Yu Ming cover song "Hello My Friend". Just thought it might be a possibility, and it would certainly be cool for those of us who are hardcore fans.
I am seeing them in Boston Saturday night at the Hatch Shell and then Sunday at Meadowbrook in Gilford NH. I will be the guy rocking out during Sandman and pleading for Dewey to play Pigeon Song with my friends. Hope that a great time will be had by all at both venues.
Genevieve you are lucky that you got to see Radiohead in concert recently. Their new album is great and certain songs on it like "Two Plus Two is Five" are just excellent. I hope you got to hear some new songs from Thom and the guys in Radiohead. What a great band and I have heard they are incredible live. I can picture what you mean, that they are floating above gravity with the musical intensity of their show. That's cool that you saw Nada Surf also. I remember that song Popular a few years back but I'm not too familiar with their stuff.
It was cool to read the reviews of the Utah show, thanks to those who posted them. Hope that they are as great on Saturday and Sunday.

Message: 28639 Posted: Mon Jul 21 18:31:31 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: American Fork Concert

I have to agree with Steve L. The concert was unbelieveable great. I had an amazing time, and amazingly enough while waiting in line outside ran into a couple who had also driven out from Colorado. They had driven in from Denver, a slightly longer drive then even I had. Thanks Dave and Cathy. (Hope that is spelled correct, but my sister uses a c instead of a K so...)

Not only was America Fantastic but so was Exile. I went home with each of the guitar picks for Exile and a CD signed by the whole Exile band. Plus a funny story to tell people after JP from Exile mouthed at me from the stage "Are you OK?" after I drove for his guitar pick.

Thanks to Steve I also went home with Dewey's guitar pick after I missed it when he threw it from the stage and it fell in the grass. Steve found it first but gave it too me instead of keeping it for himself. Thanks, Steve.

Luckily the drive home was uneventful and I arrived home safe but tired. Can't wait to see them in concert again.

Message: 28638 Posted: Mon Jul 21 17:08:57 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Moved, America Blues, Interludes & Gravity

Hi there Guys!!!
Hope everyone is well.
Almost one month since I last got connected to this very site. Must tell you, despite the million things ( and SOME) I did while away & busy, I've MISSED this folder & the people here, the info, trivia, photos, humour, etc... So, thanks for ... existing!!! & thanks again for the great job you're all doing!
A special thank you to all of you who minded & dropped a line. I was touched by the kindness. BTW, hello to you, Bruno & Nancy. Hey, very interesting trivia you answered, Nancy. I didn't know about this romantic French episode in the life of one of your so famous presidents ... Still have to read the subsequent messages to get the various points really. A lot to catch up with actually. Hope I will make it soon, but still have my American friends in the neighborhood and my sister with her son at home and a lot to do... Interludes desperately needed. LOL

On another musical note, I must say I had to suffer gravity laws, after seing Radiohead live in Nîmes (south of France)... God, they're GREAT!!! They reached perfection from the first seconds to the very end of the show. The audience was totally spellbound... Don't miss them if they come near your place. You won't believe it. Don't know what secret planet Thom & the other guys are from, but they can't be "simply" human... Had a 'pure' moment, the sort I'll probably have when I get to see America again, I believe. I keep hoping with you Bruno. Nothing to lose, don' you think?

Next concert here for me is on the 26th in Vienne ( near Lyon, France) with REM - seing Mickael Stipe live again IS a big event for me - and Nada Surf who are very 'Popular' (hahaha) around here. I've seen them once already and like the way they deal with different styles of music & try to keep away from classification on the part of so-called magazine specialists & critics ( PLUS they sing a couple of songs in French, which is, you know, flattering our proud ego :-))
Ok, long, boring message but i'm glad I was able to make contact again tonight. Took away the blues just to 'talk' to you. BTW, many, many thanks for all the America concerts details & photos, priceless info you are providing us with.
And of course, thank you Gerry for posting your wonderful VFTHWs.
See you all very soon. Gen.

Message: 28637 Posted: Mon Jul 21 09:04:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Whale Watching

Just because it was raining in Juneau that didn't stop us from going on a whale watching tour. The tour operators guaranteed us that we would see a whale or we would get our money back. We weren't disappointed because we got to see several whales along with other wild life along the way. The whales that we saw were humpbacks and they were huge! One of the photos below shows a whale blowing a spout of water 30 feet into the air. Compare that to the part of the whale that is visible above the water and you'll get an idea just how big they are. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Boarding the whale watching boat
Harbor seals relaxing on the rocks
A whale surfacing right next to the boat
A whale spouting it's water high into the air
Kelp hanging from a whale's tail as it flips in the air

Message: 28636 Posted: Sun Jul 20 21:07:08 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW pics, and oooh soo much more!

Hi there Everyone ~~ It was a Beautiful Sunny Sunday here in PA. It feels like FOREVER since I posted ~~ I will try to not go overboard with my post LOL!!!! :) I am here listening to the cassette of AMERICA at Pittsburgh back around 76 ~~ Thanks Johnny ~~ I still can't figure out how I missed this show back then... Its great to hear the 3 of them singing together on this.

Thanks Gerry for the Nice Pic from Utah & Oregon ~~ I loved seeing these posted, the song Company is on here now and what an appropriate song for the way these pics makes me feel ~~ can you hear the summer calling you, can you hear him call you loud, can you hear the summer calling you, can you hear him call you loud ~~ Nice Nice Nice :)

Hey there Elizabeth Eisenhauer (ee & etc) ~~ How was the show last night, I bet you were a smiling and a singing Company for sure. ~~ While you were there enjoying a big chunk of AMERICA Heaven I was in Gettysburg PA enjoying a big chunk of "Boyd's Bear Heaven" In this great big Barn there were over 70,000 Boyd's Bears of all shapes, sizes and dressed in soo many different ways, their little magical personalities were calling out to me from every angle. I must say the Imaginative Creator of this Humongous Bear Heaven, was creative in every inch, nook and crany of this 4 floors barn. ~~ My sister, sister in law and myself went on a bus trip to take this in, it was a Beary Very Enjoyable day! Hmmmm the only thing that could have made it more complete would have been if the Radio DJ that was there playing music would have had my requested AMERICA song, he said sorry I only brought my 60's with me today. ~~ He did play Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl for me tho. :) :) :)

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for your Utah show review ~~ Glad to hear you were able to get some nice pics of the show, I will look forward to seeing them. ~~ Thanks again for sharing all of your Alaska pics with us, these pics have left me with a Sensory Visual for sure!

Hi Janice ~~ Thanks for sharing the words of John Howard Payne's with us ~~ Yep the oooh soo familiar smells and touches of Home sure do have a way of soothing the soul. ~~ I hope all will continue to go well for your Mother and You, Enjoy your Birthday! :)

Hi Dave B ~~ Good to hear from you ~~ That was too much reading your post and how you mentioned the song Jet Boy Blue ~~ Gerry sang this very song at this Pittsburgh show back around 76 or 77 and in between the songs on this they do mention the Hideaway Album being their newest album. ~~ Thanks for sharing that nice AMERICA show moment with us about the song "Today's the Day" and soo neat Dewey mentioning that this song was for David & Maggie Dickey ~~ Soo Neat! ~~ Amber Cascades is on this also, this song is sooo nice ~~ I sure wished I could have been there to see this show, the crowd was really into all of the songs. ~~ Soo many neat songs on it too! ~~ WOW ~~ Eric Carmen opening for AMERICA that is a pretty neat combination. Hmmm do you remember if Eric sang that oooh soo great song "Hungry Eyes" from the Dirty Dancing movie?

Hi John Corbett ~~ I did take a listen to the Crown Trio song clips and just like Cathy Rink I too think the versions of Daisy Jane and Your Song are really nice. Sooo neat that this is Jimnak's wife playing the piano on these songs. You can really hear the appreciation for these great songs coming through. Nice :)

Thanks Steve for posting the song clip for the "Hello My Friend" song, yes definitely Beatlesque for sure. :)

Hi Sheldon ~~ Those are some really great pics you got at the Hershey Show ~~ Thanks for sharing them with us. ~~ Thanks for the Seals & Croft and Dan Seals info... I too will have to watch for this to be on again, as well as their new album becoming available too. ~~ Wow Gerry, Dewey & Dan are here singing "Today's the Day"here now~~ soooo nice, I got chills hearing them sing this, I can only imagine how great this show would have been...

Ciao Bruno ~~ Hmmmm ~~ Gen are you all moved into your new house, I hope You will get your internet all hooked up soon! :)

Hey there DanC ~~ Dan is here singing ~~ It's time to come on home and put your feet up for a while, sooo much traveling around can take away your style ~~ I hope you had a Great Vacation! :) :) :)

Dewey is singing "Old Man Took" now ~~~ such a great song! ~~~ Johnny I have been giving a thought to the 5 songs that I would love to have done in a medley at a show.... this is one tough question for sure... hearing this show from the 70's has me a hankering the older songs, but I must admit when I first read your post... I was leaning towards the newer songs... soo I am gonna compromise and mix the old with the new for my 5 choices ~~~ 1. Submarine Ladies 2. Young Moon 3. Rainbow Song 4. Moment to Moment 5. Midnight ahhh what the heck here is another list too 1. Hope 2. Garden of Peace 3. Close to the Wind 4. Whole Wide World 5. Whispering ~~ I could handle hearing all of their songs, you can't go wrong with any combination. :)

Hey there Mo ~~ Where are you now ~~ Can You Hear Me Now???? :) :) :) Hmmmm Gerry is here singing "She's a Liar" this is a nice song to hear live. Gerry's voice is sounding oooh soo good for sure! :)

Hey there Red ~~ Sandman is just coming on here now... this sure is one great song done for sure!

Well time to call it a night ~~ Nitey Nite all! Nice Dreams all! Nancy :)

Our little lizard Icky is a big fan of the song Ventura Hwy... when I pic him up and start to sing it to him, he just loosens up and closes his eyes and listens contentedly... of course his favorite line is ~~~ Ventura Hwy in the sunshine ~~ when the days are longer the nights are sronger than mooon shine, you'll never go I knowwww oooh knoooowww ~~~ Alligators ~~ Lizards in the air, ventura hwy in the sunshine ~~ I've been through the desert on a horse with no name, in the desert you can remember your name cause there ain't no one to give you no painnnnn ~~~lallalallalalalalallalalal Sing it for me Gerry, Dewey & Dan :) :) :)

Message: 28635 Posted: Sun Jul 20 19:58:51 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Lehi, UT

Shayne - It must have had one heck of an indoor pool! :0)

Message: 28634 Posted: Sun Jul 20 18:32:42 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts

This is a duo who has really been underappreciated since the 70s. Most of their stuff is out of print and they don't even have a decent Greatest Hits compilation out (the Greatest Hits CD that is available is the one that was released in the mid-70s, while they were still recording and doesn't even include their latter material). You can't even get their stuff as imports!

Maybe they could be Rhino's next project!

Message: 28633 Posted: Sun Jul 20 18:26:33 2003 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Lehi, UT

Please tell me they didn't stay at a "Super 8". Then again, it may be "the only game in town".


"My window looks down on the set each night the players strut and fret, so if you'd like to join the rest just choose the part that suits you best..."

Message: 28632 Posted: Sun Jul 20 18:23:53 2003 By: Mark
Subject: WB Please Re-certify History!

I was looking around the RIAA web page and found a list on the all-time biggest selling albums (go to )

To make the list an album had to be certified with sales of at least 5 million. History was certified with sales in excess of 4 million in 1986 when it was released on CD. That means it sold 4 million BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED ON CD. Since being released on CD it has sold well over 1 million additional units, probably more than 2 million. But the RIAA doesn't automatically recognize sales. The label must submit a request for certification, pay a fee, and have an audit. Chances of WB doing that for History now are probably slim since Rhino released Complete Greatest Hits. They will be marketing Complete instead of History, so why go through the trouble and expense of certifying a title you are no longer pushing? Bummer, America deserves to be on the list!!!!

Makes me wish that Rhino would have just done a new edition of History (with all the songs from Complete on it) similar to what they did with the Best of Bread. They probably would have gotten it re-certified as part of the marketing effort. Who knows if they had done that History might have eventually become America's first Diamond Award (10 million +)

Message: 28631 Posted: Sun Jul 20 17:12:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: American Fork Concert

Because of a company party I wasn't able to make it to the American Fork Steel Days concert until after the gates opened at 6 pm. By then the football field was over half full and all of the choice seats were gone. I walked by the front of the stage to say "hi" to Pete as he was getting things set up and several fans who had staked out spots on the front row called to me. I enjoyed visiting with them and they were gracious enough to let me and my family sit with them so I could get some great photos (thanks Natalie, Kim, etc.).

The concert openers were Peter Breinholt and Exile and I was pleasantly surprised by both of them. Even though Exile is more of a country band, they put on a great show and my daughter was lucky enough to get one of the two picks that they threw out.

The highlight of the evening was America and over 5,000 fans enjoyed the show. Between Exile and America there was a brief thunderstorm which cooled things off and while America was playing there was quite a bit of wind, lightning, and brief periods of light rain. But none of it could dampen our spirits and the guys "weathered the storm" in great style. Because of time constraints they had to cut 4 songs out of the set list but they still played for about 75 minutes (I'll have a copy of the set list with the photos). Immediately after the show there was a huge firework display that was set to music which had a USA/America theme.

The guys seemed very fresh which I'm sure was due in part to their time off. I talked to Gerry and Dewey before the concert and they said that they have been enjoying the time off with their families. I was also impressed with Rich and how well he fits in with the band. The guys were very tight and Rich's voice was perfect on the high end.

All in all it was a great concert which even a little wind and rain couldn't spoil. The guys are now on the road for a long summer tour and those of you who will be fortunate enough to see them, won't be disappointed.

Thanks Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Michael, Rich, Pete, Bill, and Erin!


P.S. I got some pretty good photos from my front row seat which I'll share with you just as soon as I can.

Message: 28630 Posted: Sun Jul 20 17:05:50 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Lisa Marie

The "right" name can be a double edged sword. There was only one Elvis and to expect his daughter to be like him is unreasonable. I think that is what happened to Julian Lennon, they wanted so badly for him to be John all over again that he burned out quickly ( I saw him and he was pretty good, but should have been an opener not the headline at that early stage of his career.) Lisa Marie will find her way and the talent she has will come thru with experience.

Message: 28629 Posted: Sun Jul 20 16:48:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Beaverton

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Beaverton, OR.

Message: 28628 Posted: Sun Jul 20 14:27:55 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Seals and Crofts/Dan Seals

Sheldon, thanks for letting us know about the Grand Ole Opry show. If anyone hears of a repeat of that performance please let me know. I love the sound of Seals and Crofts and it would be great to catch that performance. I'm glad that they are coming out with a new album too.~~Cathy

Message: 28627 Posted: Sun Jul 20 10:48:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Lehi, UT

America played at the American Fork "Steel Days" concert last night and they were fantastic! I'll have more to say about that when I have more time (perhaps later today or tomorrow). In the meantime, Gerry is happy to share the view from his hotel window which was taken in Lehi, Utah which is just up the road from American Fork. Click here to see the view from the hotel window.

Message: 28626 Posted: Sun Jul 20 08:33:05 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Lisa Marie

I agree with you Johnny, I don't see "the talent" either. I guess what it boils down to is anyone who has the "right" name and enough "money" can make a record (that's just my opinion)

Message: 28625 Posted: Sun Jul 20 03:22:15 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Hope

My usual hope: America in Europe
Hi Ciao Johnny and All (where is Genevieve?)

Message: 28624 Posted: Sat Jul 19 20:49:13 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts/Dan Seals

Hi Shelden, (Linda from the Hershey Concert) Wish I'd have been flipping channels, I'd have loved to have seen Jimmy Seals. I was also a fan of Seals & Crofts, I saw them in conect back in 1973, in fact, in Hershey, at old arena. It was great, what voices those guys have. Wish they'd come to the ampitheatre!

Message: 28623 Posted: Sat Jul 19 20:37:51 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: That Should Be...

...Lisa Marie, rather. But you all knew that. :0)

Message: 28622 Posted: Sat Jul 19 20:33:31 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts/Dan Seals

Sheldon ~ I would have liked to have seen both performances (the two Seals) on the Grand Ole Opry. I'm glad you mentioned it. Maybe I can catch a repeat of the show; I'd like to record it. I like Seals and Crofts' hit songs, but I bought only one of their LPs back in the 70s. For me, it was different with England Dan and John Ford Coley. I really liked them a whole lot more. I saw John Ford Coley on a Country Western tv show a couple of years back as well as David Gates.

Saw Lisa Maria Presley on the Letterman show a couple of nights ago. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see "the talent".

Message: 28621 Posted: Sat Jul 19 18:16:24 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Seals & Crofts/Dan Seals

I know this is off-topic but I also know there are some Seals & Crofts fans among us.. Jimmy Seals performed "Summer Breeze" on the Grand Ole Opry tonight. He sounded great & gave a great performance. His brother Dan Seals of England Dan & John Ford Coley also sang on the Opry tonight - he performed "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight".. must've been 70's night at the Opry!! According to the Seals & Crofts website, S&C have completed a new album which will probably be released in the late summer or fall..


Message: 28620 Posted: Fri Jul 18 18:00:30 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: 5 song medley

One Morning
Hat Trick
Young Moon
Right Before Your Eyes
Wednesday Morning

Oh Course I'd prefer to hear each of these in full but...hell, I would just love to have 'em come to Vancouver sometime soon. Haven't seen the guys for 3 years. Major withdrawal.

Message: 28619 Posted: Fri Jul 18 17:31:59 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Crown Trio and Yuming Cover Soundclip

JohnC, thank you for telling us about Crown Trio's Colorwave CD. I listened to the soundclips, the music is so beautiful. I do have a love of classical music, especially the sound of the violin. As you said John, they do have a modern classical sound. Their cover of "Daisy Jane" is so pretty. I also love their version of "Your Song", my favorite song by Elton John. Jimnak, it's so nice that your wife is playing piano with this wonderful group. I definitely will have to get this CD. I also enjoyed the Yuming cover sound clip of "Hello My Friend". It does sound very Beatlesque. Thanks SteveL for the link to this. I listened to some of the other clips too. Sounds like a great CD also. Haven't posted in a little while, between just getting over a summer cold, having trouble connecting to the internet lately and being so busy between work and everything else as I know we all are, just wanted to say HI EVERYONE!! Enjoy the weekend.~~Cathy

Message: 28618 Posted: Fri Jul 18 10:33:45 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Message for Alan re: Boston Show

Hi all! Am luckily near a computer and saw Alan's post re: July 26th show. Yes, Alan, they do allow those beach chairs at the Hatch Shell. I've even seen beach umbrellas there too! I'm planning on arriving around noon, or one at the we'll probably miss each other. I don't have a cell here's a thought: I plan on being back at the Hatch Shell by 6:00 PM after spending the day in Boston...if you haven't located my black and yellow plaid blanket by can try meeting in the area of the public restrooms, which, if you are looking at the stage, to the right of the stage and a bit behind the hatch shell. Let's say @ 6:15 PM? As for the VIP section, I have NO CLUE how that works...I think it's all arranged by the radio station...but I'll see what I can find out. Hope to see you there!

Message: 28617 Posted: Fri Jul 18 09:42:46 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: "In 1796 America Sang...."

My "dream" 5 medley (In the order below) with Dan back in the mix is as follows:
"Today's The Day"
"Rainbow Song"
"Head & Heart"
"Right Before Your Eyes"
"Hat Trick"
It would be my "America Heaven" medley for sure...and with that "pip" I will leave you all on this beautiful Friday in the Big Easy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 28616 Posted: Thu Jul 17 22:50:25 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: "In 1796 America Sang...."

5 song medley. Oo, tough one Johnny. I will have to think about that one for a while.


Message: 28615 Posted: Thu Jul 17 18:44:55 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Well, Not Quite

America's been around awhile, but I don't think quite that long. LOL!

1976, rather!!! Saw the mistake just after I hit "Post". It never fails. :0)

Message: 28614 Posted: Thu Jul 17 18:41:29 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: "In 1796 America Sang...."

<<By the way in 1976 America sang a ton of songs off of Hideaway>>

Right, Dave! Besides Today's The Day the other "Hideaway" songs played in concert back in '76 were Amber Cascades, Jet Boy Blue, She's A Liar, and Don't Let It Get You Down.

I think it would be really cool if the guys would play a medley of those songs or maybe a medley of five of their other fan favorites.

Any suggestions of five songs, anyone?

Message: 28613 Posted: Thu Jul 17 18:41:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: "In 1796 America Sang...."

<<By the way in 1976 America sang a ton of songs off of Hideaway>>

Right, Dave! Besides Today's The Day the other "Hideaway" songs played in concert back in '76 were Amber Cascades, Jet Boy Blue, She's A Liar, and Don't Let It Get You Down.

I think it would be really cool if the guys would play a medley of those songs or maybe a medley of five of their other fan favorites.

Any suggestions of five songs, anyone?

Message: 28612 Posted: Thu Jul 17 09:58:11 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: America w/???

I have been on vacation and a business trip...I saw where people were talking about groups they have seen with America. In 1976 I saw Eric Carmen opened for them - that night Today's the day cracked the Top 40 and with that announcement Dan also dedicated it to David Dickey who's wife was very very close to having a baby. I also saw Orleans open for them a few years later. By the way I'm not sure if the question of other songs besides You're still the one was answered - so sorry if I'm repeating anything but one of the greatest slow songs "Love takes time" is theirs along with Dance with me and Spring Fever.. I know they have John Hall (I believe he is the one with the deep voice) but the lead singer has a great voice the 26th in Boston will be a real good show. By the way in 1976 America sang a ton of songs off of Hideaway - I love the album .. Still think they should have had Don't let it get you down be a single along with the song they said was going to be the probable next single "Jet Boy Blue".

Message: 28611 Posted: Wed Jul 16 19:28:55 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Yuming Cover Soundclip

Thanks for letting us know. I downloaded the soundclip and the song sounds nice, sort of Beatlesque, or even like Oasis or Travis. I'm not familiar with the work of Yu Ming but America certainly seems to have chosen a very interesting song to cover. I can't wait to hear the whole thing.
-Rob L

Message: 28610 Posted: Wed Jul 16 15:34:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Yuming Cover Soundclip

The Yuming International Cover Album that is titled "Over The Sky" has a web page that has added soundclips from the album, including the song that America sings, "Hello, My Friend". To listen to the soundclip go to and then click on the play icon that is to the right of track 5 ("Hello, My Friend" by America). From there you can click on the Real Player or Windows Media Player icons under the "Listen To Song" text to hear a 30 second soundclip. Enjoy!

Message: 28609 Posted: Wed Jul 16 13:29:49 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Juneau

awww sorry it was raining in Juneau...but then again it rains ALOT in Juneau at times lol.. If you would have hit it the week before or the week after, you would have had blues skies and sunshine...bummer....

Message: 28608 Posted: Wed Jul 16 13:22:56 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Totems and Eagles

lol glad to hear she enjoyed the trip.. But to be honest I was thinking of her smiling alot because it was an anniversay trip after all.. ;-) lol sorry.
1100 too many pics? Nope, lol Things you saw and did are memories that will last a life time, and the pic's will take you back to that special time whenever you want... :-)
Take Care,

Message: 28607 Posted: Wed Jul 16 12:35:39 2003 By: Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Subject: Re: American Fork Concert Information

Well, Back when I called the Town Hall the supoosedly took all my information and will have a ticket waiting for me. Guess I will just have to pay the $10 if I get there and they forgot to put aside a ticket for me. But after driving 500 mile, I don't expect I am going to worry about an extra $2 dollars. Is anyone else planning on attending?

Message: 28606 Posted: Wed Jul 16 07:54:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Juneau

Juneau is a very interesting city because it's the only state capitol in the United States that you cannot drive to. It can only reached by air or by sea. The Alaska voters have considered more than once moving the capitol but the cost to do it would be extremely expensive and since government jobs are the main source of income in Juneau, they're going to do everything they can to keep it there.

Juneau was also our longest port of call. We were there from 7 am to 11 pm and it was raining most of that time. In spite of the rain we saw some great sites which I'll share with you later. Today's view from the webmaster's camera encapsulates a person's first view of Juneau as the ship arrives. Click on the links below to see what I mean.

Complete view of downtown Juneau as the ship approaches
Left panorama view of downtown
Center panorama view of downtown
Right panorama view of downtown with the tour buses waiting
The Mt. Roberts tramway which is about one block further to the right of the tour buses

Message: 28605 Posted: Wed Jul 16 07:49:26 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Home sweet home

In the words of John Howard Payne (1823) "There's no place like home"...(Robyn will understand my saying this more than anyone since we had a chance to talk while I was out in California for 11 l-o-n-g days. Mom is doing okay..maybe Meneires, but not a brain tumor. A small break from the drama was a weekend trip to Penchanga Resort in Temecula. There was, however, no break in the scorching heat, traffic or smog. Then the busy airport, crowded flights...Calgon take me away. Or just bring me home. I'm considering driving to Houston when I go next month.

Woke this morning to a deer grazing in the front yard. I love my home and I appreciate it more than ever today. I don't miss California like I thought I did, or at least not in the ways I thought I did. I read that Dewey got a place in Wisconsin? Great choice, as I have a friend that had a beautiful cabin built up there and I have seen pictures. Wow..that's great Dew! But stay off the 3 wheelers. :-)

I see that America is coming to the Greek Theater the day after my birthday. all time favorite place for a concert, having seen Elton John there in the early 70's. Wow...America at the Greek. What a birthday present that would be, but alas, I'll be celebrating my birthday in Houston. So, all who can, enjoy.

Mr. Payne writes that no place on earth smells quite like home. Excuse me while I go for a walk and a sniff.


Message: 28604 Posted: Tue Jul 15 20:32:08 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: American Fork Concert Information

Yes, Rob, it is the same group that sang "Kiss You All Over".

Message: 28603 Posted: Tue Jul 15 17:34:32 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Hi Paul,
I agree with jimnak and the others who responded...Hourglass and Human Nature are just classics and highly recommended!! But if you prefer the 70's material then definitely get the first seven albums/cd's up to Harbor. I still listen to them all daily/continually!! Also thought I'd suggest Gerry's solo CD's: Van Go Gan & Go Man Go which are just outstanding!! Very interesting tunes & high quality material, also highly recommended!!! You can get most or all of these on Amazon or Gerry's solo CD's at Never tired of listening to any one of them. Enjoy!!

Message: 28602 Posted: Tue Jul 15 17:31:14 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Breathe in, Exile

Although the Kentucky-based group Exile's first hit "Kiss You All Over" was a major pop smash, they experienced their greatest success as a country band in the latter half of the '80s. Exile was co-founded by J.P. Pennington, the son of former Coon Creek Girl Lily May Ledford, in 1963. Originally known as the Exiles, they got their start touring with Dick Clark in 1965. In 1973, they changed their name to Exile and had their first minor chart success with "Try It On." They followed it up with "Kiss You All Over," which hit number one on the U.S. pop charts in 1978. After delivering several unsuccessful follow-ups to their hit single, Exile returned to Kentucky to retool their sound by working in local clubs.
They soon gained a popular following, and several of their songs from the period were covered by major artists such as Janie Fricke ("It Ain't Easy Being Easy") and Alabama ("The Closer You Get"). By the time they finally reemerged onto the country music scene in the 1980s, the band had gone from mellow pop band to a high voltage five-piece band of Southern rockers consisting of Pennington, Les Taylor, Sonny Lemaire, Marlon Hargis and Steve Goetzman. The group signed to Epic Records in 1983 and their first country single, "High Cost of Leaving," reached number 27. An eponymous album followed and it produced two chart-toppers, "Woke Up in Love" and "I Don't Wanna Be a Memory." In 1984, Exile's second country album Kentucky Hearts, provided three more number one hits, including "Crazy for Your Love." Released in 1985, Hang on to Your Heart was even more successful, producing four number one singles, including the title track and "I Could Get Used to You."

During 1986, Exile took an extended break, returning with Shelter from the Night in 1987. Although it contained the number one hit "I Can't Get Close Enough," the album wasn't as successful as its predecessors. The band then began undergoing underwent personnel changes over the next two years. First Hargis was replaced by keyboardist Lee Carroll, then Taylor left the group in 1989 with Mark Jones replacing him. Finally, after nearly three decades, founder Pennington left and guitar player Paul Martin took his place. Exile signed to Arista in 1990 and later released Still Standing. The album produced two Top Ten hits, "Nobody's Talking," and "Yet." They released one more album, 1991's Justice, which contained the hit "Even Now." Arista dropped the group in 1993; left without a record label, Exile decided to disband.

Message: 28601 Posted: Tue Jul 15 17:22:15 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: HAPPY, HAPPY...

...BIRTHDAY today to fellow America fan and "Moon Child" Kim Rotha!!! :0)

Message: 28600 Posted: Tue Jul 15 16:09:11 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: American Fork Concert Information

Hey Steve,
When you say that "Peter Breinholt and Exhile" are opening for the American Fork show in Utah, do you happen to know if that's the same group that sang "Kiss You All Over" (Exile), that was a big hit in 1978? They became a country act in the 1980's. Anyway, I was just curious.
-Rob L

Message: 28599 Posted: Tue Jul 15 12:09:42 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Totems and Eagles

What was your wife's impressions of the trip? She was doing alot of smiling lol... (hehehe)

I think you hit the nail on the head. She loved the trip but by the end of it she practically refused to be in any more photographs. Hey, I only took 1100. That's not too many, is it (LOL)?

Message: 28598 Posted: Tue Jul 15 11:00:41 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Totems and Eagles

Hi Steve and welcome back! Am really enjoying seeing your pic's from Alaska.. Hope you caught some golden eagles on film to go along with the bald eagles..
What was your wife's impressions of the trip? She was doing alot of smiling lol... (hehehe)
Take Care,

Message: 28597 Posted: Tue Jul 15 10:48:19 2003 By: rc
Subject: Re: Crown Trio and "Daisy Jane"

Thanks John for the info.. I love instrumental music and I will be sure to check it out..
Take Care,

Message: 28596 Posted: Tue Jul 15 10:16:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: American Fork Concert Information

I have been in contact with the promoters of the American Fork, Utah concert and I'd like to pass along the information that they gave me.

Tickets are currently available for $8.00 for anyone 9 years or older. They can be purchased online at the American Fork web site (click here to go to the concert information web page), at the American Fork city building, or at the American Fork Smith's and Albertson's stores. The day of the concert (Saturday), the ticket prices will go up to $10.

The concert will be held at the American Fork High School football field which is located at 510 North 600 East. The gates open at 6 pm and the concert begins at 7 pm. Peter Breinholt and Exhile will open and America will come on about 9 pm. At the conclusion of the concert there will be a giant firework show.

It should be a great concert!

Message: 28595 Posted: Tue Jul 15 07:28:04 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Totems and Eagles

Before leaving Sitka we visited the Sitka National Historical Park which features one of the oldest collections of totem poles in Alaska. We also made a stop at the Alaska Raptor Center where injured eagles (and other raptors) are rehabilitated. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

One of the totem poles nestled in the trees
An injured bald eagle at the Raptor Center
A recuperating bald eagle at the Raptor Center
A wild bald eagle perched on a rock by the shore

Message: 28594 Posted: Tue Jul 15 06:01:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What's New

It has been so long since I made any updates to the America Fans web site that some of you may have stopped looking. I did make quite a few changes over the weekend that you may want to check out. Just go to the What's New section and you'll see links to the following:

* Archives: November 8, 1973 Rolling Stone Magazine Article and June 19, 2003 Iron Mountain Daily News Article

* Museum entries: Story Of A Teenager movie poster

* 45 Single Photos: You Can Do Magic/Never Be Lonely/Right Before Your Eyes/Sometimes Lovers [Brazil] and A Horse With No Name/Muskrat Love/I Need You/Ventura Highway [Brazil]

* Concert Photos: Harris, MI and Agoura Hills, CA

* Fan Biographies: Olivia Frey (Mexico) and Jim Crowe (Arizona)

* California Dreamin' VHS Tape photo

I still have plenty more to add and I'll be working on it slowly but surely over the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who has sent me photos and other things to post. I appreciate your patience.


Message: 28593 Posted: Tue Jul 15 05:56:23 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Crown Trio and "Daisy Jane"

Thanks for sharing that info John. Jim, be sure to give my congratulations to Beth. That's very cool!

Message: 28592 Posted: Tue Jul 15 00:14:14 2003 By: John Corbett
Subject: Crown Trio and "Daisy Jane"

Had to step out of Chat Folder lurkdom for this one...

I just received my copy of Colorwave, the debut CD by a California piano/cello/violin group called Crown Trio. No rock or pop music here - the style is more in the vein of modern classical.

On the other hand, it seems that the Crown Trio is heavily influenced by America and its hard-core fans. I came across the album because it includes a cover of "Daisy Jane" -- not something one comes across very often these days. Their instrumental rendition of the song is beautiful and stays quite faithful to Sir George's original feel. Crown Trio's focus on pianos and strings make them unqiuely suited to do justice to this classic. Thanks are also due for frequent America collaborator Hank Linderman, who served as album producer. To top it off, it should be noted that the pianist in the group is none other than Beth Nakao, wife of our own Jim Nakao.

Great work!!! The album as a whole is very much worth a listen aside from the "Daisy Jane" cover - I highly recommend it.

To learn more about the album, and to hear some sound clips, check out their website at


Message: 28591 Posted: Mon Jul 14 07:15:41 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Sitka Harbor

At the end of our underwater sea life discovery tour, we went topside to enjoy the view above the water as we headed back to the dock. We got a spectacular view of our cruise ship and the tenders (life boats) that were used to shuttle us back and forth between the dock and the ship which was anchored in Sitka harbor. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera:

Side-rear view of ship with tender loading passengers
Full side view of ship with tender unloading passengers
Closeup of tender heading to the dock

Message: 28590 Posted: Sun Jul 13 10:43:18 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

use LIFO; Last-in-first-out. Start w/HOLIDAY HARMONY then HUMAN NATURE & follow w/HOURGLASS, etc. By the way on the 2 hour cruise in San Diego harbor the ships announcer upon mentioning HUMPHREY's concert venue, he said, "they fearture some of the finest musical performers in the world & they include balh, blah, blah & AMERICA !

Message: 28589 Posted: Sun Jul 13 10:38:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Oops, I should have said Sergio and Nancy instead of John L and Nancy. Either way, a person won't go wrong.

Message: 28588 Posted: Sun Jul 13 10:31:38 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Paul ~ Like John L and Nancy recommended, I would start from the beginning of America's long string of LP releases. That way you get the full essence of the evolution of their music.

I'm wondering if Jim's mention of the America songwriters episode he saw is the taping Gerry and Dewey did about a year ago. Remember Erin Edwards announcing that D&G had flown to GA or TN, I think it was, to tape a show about singers and songwriters. I tend to recall the list of invitees were mainly country music performers.

Just for the record, my "To a deluxe apartment in the sky-i-i" post in response to Alan's history quiz is a line from the theme song for the television show, "The JEFFERSONs". :0)

Message: 28587 Posted: Sun Jul 13 07:41:16 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AMERICA -- "Fly the Friendly Skies"

Welcome back, Jim, and thanks for sharing that story with us. If you want to scan it in and send it to me, I'd be happy to archive it.

Message: 28586 Posted: Sun Jul 13 06:14:33 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Welcome to the chat folder! Like Nancy recommended,I would also recommend that you start from the beginning, their first five albums- America (self titled), "Homecoming", "Hat Trick", "Holiday", and "Hearts". Theres are as a must, then move on to the rest, that way you can see their evolution as a band. I have them all and there are gems in every one of them. So, I recommend that you eventually get them all. You can find their early albums in vinyl and cd imports on Warner Bros. has released their first, second and History album on cd, but the other early Warner Bros. albums are only available via cd imports. You can also find these by going to America- and you will find all of their music at the best prices. Good luck and enjoy!

Message: 28585 Posted: Sun Jul 13 05:16:24 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: History Quiz Answer

Thomas Jefferson-Head and Heart-Nancy had the correct answer.Congratulations! Summer school is over.You still have time to get a job or go to the beach!

Message: 28584 Posted: Sun Jul 13 05:13:08 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: History Quiz Answer

Thomas Jefferson-Head and Heart-Nancy had the correct answer.Congratulations! Summer school is over.You still have time to get a job or go to the beach!

Message: 28583 Posted: Sun Jul 13 04:11:08 2003 By: Jim
Subject: AMERICA -- "Fly the Friendly Skies"

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Although my family and I have been repatrioted back to the States (Texas)from Bangladesh, I still fly over 100,000 miles to Asia each year.

About 5 months ago I wrote to UNITED AIRLINES promotional department requesting that AMERICA be considered in their flight entertainment program. Every now and then there would be 1 song...."Horse", "Sister Golden Hair", "Don't Cross the River" and "Daisy Jane". As a Premier Executive Member, this wasn't enough!!

As I left for India via San Fran, Toyoko, and Bangkok on July 7th...there it was. AMERICA - A SALUTE TO SONGWRITERS! The picture was the one you can buy at the concerts and the interview was conducted by John Braheny. Each song preceeded words from both Gerry and Dewey. I was all set to listen ... then came the surprise. It is only available on United's 777 on channel 12. My flight from San Fran to Tokyo was a 747 .. darn, but the flight from Toyko to Bangkok was a 777.

All the song selections were from Rhino. The play list and interview lasted about 25 minutes. The songs included:

A Horse With No Name
Ventura Highway (Demo)
Ventura Highway
I Need You
Tin Man
Sister Golden Hair
Daisy Jane

Perhaps we can do this in the States for the local carriers. Just another way of giving AMERICA "Air Time".

Thanks.... Keep up the great work everyone! Steve, if you want to archive this, I can scan it and send it to you for posting. .... Jim

Message: 28582 Posted: Sat Jul 12 19:56:32 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Paul, I really do feel that each and every America album is worth getting. (sorry, with the exception of Perspective and Your Move). Might I suggest the first album, America, followed by Hat Trick, perhaps the newer ones, Human Nature and Hourglass and then maybe Homecoming, Holiday, Hearts,etc.etc.etc

Message: 28581 Posted: Sat Jul 12 18:24:37 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Head & Heart ~~ I got it!

Yes Me Again :)

Aha ~~~ Head Heart Letter

In the spring of 1786, while serving as the US minister to France, Jefferson met—and probably fell in love with—“a young, married Englishwoman named Maria Cosway. Just after Cosway left Paris in October, Jefferson composed this remarkable letter to her in which his head argued with his heart. ~~~~~ Too much! :) Thanks for this neat bit of history and AMERICA trivia....

Nitey Nite all ~~ Nancy :) ~~~~ Love me with your head and heart, love me from the place it starts, Love me like a child ~~~ Oohhhh how I love this song :) :) :)

by Thomas Jefferson

Message: 28580 Posted: Sat Jul 12 16:53:46 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Head and Heart-History Quiz

In the spring of _____,while serving as the US minister to France,this future U.S. President met and probably fell in love with a young Englishwoman named Maria Cosway.Just after Cosway left Paris in October, this future U.S. President composed the famous letter titled Head and Heart.Who is this famous U.S. President?

Message: 28579 Posted: Sat Jul 12 16:53:24 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Which America albums should I get first?

Me Again ~~

Hmmmm soo the song title is Head and Heart ~~ Nice song ~~ Nice title ~~ Hmmm ~~ Could you give us a hint for the President ~~ or would it give this away too much? ~~ Is there a place where we could check out this Letter/Essay ??? I would like to read it! Thanks Alan :)

Hi there Paul ~~ Welcome ~~ I would suggest you start right at the beginning and work your way up. I have all of their albums and I am willing to bet you will enjoy each and every one of them. I know that Homecoming is available on DVD audio ~~ I have it and I love it.... I have mostly LPs and then the rest of my collection is on 8 tracks, cassettes and CD's. Here is some places to check for them ~~,,, oh and go to VH1 and do a search on AMERICA, there is a place on there that you can find them at too. ~~ Good Luck on finding them and Enjoy getting to hear all of their hidden gems! ~~ Be sure and post, letting us know how this comes along for you Okay? :)

Oooooooh Noooo ~~ Guess what Maggie Mae the dog just tried tackling with down near the woods??? Give up ~~ Well I will give you all a Hint that you will be sure to get right off the bat..... It is Black and White it has a really big bushy tail and it SPRAYS when it feels it is being attacked..... Ooooooooooooooooooh Maggie Mae ~~ Why Ooooooooh why do you insist on messing with Pepe Lepeux ~~~ Poooooooh it stinks outside and Maggie smells worse.... My neighbor just called and said that she heard that ~~ get this ~~ Female Douche is good for removing the skunk smell..... Oooooooooooh boooooooooooy ~~ I gotta run to the store and buy Maggie some DOUCHE ~~~ LOL too much for sure!

Okay I gotta get again.... see ya Nutty Nancio ~~~ Hellllllp Red Helppppppp! :) :) :)

~~~~~ Let's give her another try..... dodoododododoododododoodododo Sing it Gerry ~~ I did change the lyric to fit Maggie's gender.... :) Hat Trick is just starting to play here now........ Nice song for sure! :)

Message: 28578 Posted: Sat Jul 12 16:32:43 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: HISTORY QUIZ -HInt #2

Alan ~ "To a deluxe apartment in the sky-i-i"???

Message: 28577 Posted: Sat Jul 12 16:03:33 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Re: HISTORY QUIZ -HInt #2

President __________ _____________ Song Head and Heart

Message: 28576 Posted: Sat Jul 12 15:58:16 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: History Quiz -Hint & Matt's gig-short post

Hi there Everyone :)

Hmmmmmm ~~~ Mr. History Teacher is the title of the AMERICA song Head and Heart??? And this is another wild guress at the President who picked this Neat AMERICA title for his Letter/Essay ~~ Hmmmm could it be President Herbert Clark Hoover the 31st President of the US? ~~~ You may be wondering why I picked this president... well I decided to take a chance playing a royal flush of H ~Names to go with your song title with H's...

Hi Robyn ~~ Thanks for letting us know about Matt's show... Matt ~~ sorry to hear you had laryngitis, take care, and get better soon. ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~ I am soo glad that Mo and Hubby Jeff and kids got there safe and sound and in time to catch this show~~ Wow!!! ~~ Hey there Mo I can't wait to hear all about this. :)

Hi Speech ~~ I had wanted to reply back to your mentioning if there was ever anything mentioned as to AMERICA doing a VH1 show. I would love to see them do a show like this. Back in the winter Erin Edwards came to one of the live chats and I cannot remember how exactly this topic came up, but I do remember she told us that they were checking out doing a show for MTV show, the title is something with Live from remote places.... I don't think that is the right show title, but anyway the jest of the show was that is was Gerry & Dewey would pick a place to do this show from and then it would be filmed. ~~ Also I know that some people had posted on the venturahwy message board as to whether AMERICA would do a A&E Live By Request show... and this was also put on the A&E message board as a petition of sorts.. Hmmm I haven't checked there for awhile I will have to see how many more people have signed this. Hopefully something like this will come to be one day! :)

Well I gotta get now, Enjoy the rest of the weekend all, Nancy :)

~~~ there's just no way to play the things I'm feeling the way to tell you all the things you mean, everyday I only feel like stealing away to where I know I can be freee, Love me with Your Head and Heart, Love me from the place it starts, Love me with Your Head and Heart, Love me when I'm wilddddd..... Sing if for me Gerry, Dewey & Dan :) :) :)

Message: 28575 Posted: Sat Jul 12 15:56:43 2003 By: Paul
Subject: Which America albums should I get first?


I just got the "Complete Greatest Hits" CD and I was wondering which actual album(s) I should get next? I prefer the 1970's material to the 80's synthetic pop type stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks


Message: 28574 Posted: Sat Jul 12 14:33:48 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Eagles Vid and History Quiz

(When I got home I sat in my kitchen
And turned the television on
The news wasn't good so I didn't listen
I started clicking around...)

...and saw on CMT [Country Music Television] the last 5 seconds of the Eagles' black and white video for their new song "Hole In The World". Saw Timothy B singing and playing his bass guitar, I believe it was. I look forward to catching the whole thing.

Alan ~ I was stumped on your trivia question. Still am for now. The hint should help. The only presidential "speech" or "letter" with a similar America song title that had come to mind was "Lady With A Bluebird". Then I realized it wasn't a "Lady With A Bluebird" but rather a "Lady With A Blue Dress". :0)

Kim ~ Sweetwater looks doubtful for me. :0(

Message: 28573 Posted: Sat Jul 12 12:04:37 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: Re: History Quiz-Hint

________ ____________-H________ and H__________
President Title of Song

Message: 28572 Posted: Sat Jul 12 08:25:23 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell - Thanks for the info!

You are correct! "Still the One" was their song and their biggest hit, it reached #5 on the Billboard charts. They are a perfect opening act for America.

Message: 28571 Posted: Fri Jul 11 22:27:56 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's gig-short post

Back from another excellent gig, by Matt and Co. New band members Mike and Leonard did an admirable job with scant practice. Kauymer did his usual yeoman's job on the drums. I look forward to seeing them all again soon.

Yes, Moser and her lovely family DID make the show ( kudos to dh Jeff for some excellent driving skills!) I had a wonderful time meeting them.
Kudos to Matt who put in another wonderful performance despite having a wicked case of laryngitis ( take care of those pipes Matt!)
In any cae a good time was had by all!

Message: 28570 Posted: Fri Jul 11 19:58:38 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: History Quiz ~ Question from a Fan ~~ and soo much more!

Hi there Everyone :)

Hey there Mr History Teacher (Alan Wind) ~~ This is a neat Question ~~ I know the 50 min time is up... I don't know both answers for sure... but I have been kicking it around in my head for about an hour now and here are some of the AMERICA songs that I think could picture as a letter/essay title ~~~ Could it be one of these ~~ Old Virginia or Even the Score, hmmmmm or 1960 ~~~ Hmmmm I am just reading your post again and I am wondering if the word "title" is the key clue here.... if soooo is it possibly "You Can Do Magic" ??? ~~~ Like I said, these are all just guesses on my part... ~~~ Hmmm now for who the President could be that wrote this letter/essay ~~~~ Was it President Harry S Truman, or James Madison or wow this one just came into my mind President Washington and the title song "Don't Cross The River" ~~~ Wow soo many possibilities are popping into my mind here... Anyway thanks a bunch Alan for this nice mind get away for me.... My work has kept me rather busy this week and I could post a book right about now ~~ LOL!!!

Hi Janice ~~ Sooo nice to hear you are there in Sunny Calif... I hope all goes well for your Mother, Take Care! :)

Hi there Alan ~~ Nice to hear from you, Great ~~ That you will be getting to see AMERICA again at the Hatch Shell show ~~ Enjoy :)

Hey there Nina ~~~ Nice to see you checking in... I am really sorry things didn't work out for me getting to the Mohegan Sun show. I bet you guys had a Blast there at your front row table..... WOW!!!!

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for those great departing Alaska Pics.... Some really nice escape pics there for sure! ~~ Thanks for posting this David Cassidy interview about Gerry & Dewey Steve O... I will check it our later.

Hi Ken ~~ That was a pretty interesting question you wanted to know too. ~~ Thanks Gerry for answering it for him and us. I am listening to my 3rd disc from the Highway 30 Years Box Set here, and I love getting to hear the original songs from the beginning on here... Nice :) ~~ I just gotta give this Definitive AMERICA CD another mention too here.... I really enjoy listening to it, there is a unique mixture of great songs on this, if there are any of you out there that was thinking about getting it ~~ I say get it... I really loved getting to hear Political Poachers as well as God of the Sun, Survival, Rainbow Song, Amber Cascades & She's Gonna Let You Down, Muskrat Love, Todays the Day ~~~ All in all I gotta say it is definitely one of those CD's that the Replay button easily gets hit more than once... Thanks for all the great songs and albums... I can't wait to hear the New One that is Possibly gonna be released! ~~ Nice Nice Nice :)

Hi there Kim ~~~ WOW ~~ What a great Birthday Present ~~ Tickets for the Sweetwater Show ~~ Yes yes Yes ~~ You lucky girl you... Sooo nice that David & Maggie Dickey will be there for this show... Enjoy and please let us know all about it Okay? :)

Hey there Mo ~~~ I hope you are there in Sunny Calif! :)

Red oooh Redddddd ~~~ I hope you parked Nelleybelle early and headed home to enjoy the weekend. ~~~ Hey it is a great night to go outside and catch a glimpse at Mr Moon and while you are out there Grab ahold of the Mrs and have a Moondance with her :) :) :)

Thanks Robyn for the Virus alert ~~ I hope you are taking in Matt's show tonight, if soooo, please be sure and let us know all about it~~ Thanks

Well I gotta get for now ~~ Another Family reunion to take in this weekend as well as it being my Daughter's 11th birthday and also my son's friend will be coming from Philly to spend a few days here with us.... It has been rainy and windy and chilly here the last couple of days.... Ooooooh Vic ~~ are you still there in NJ? ~~ I got a kick out of you saying the only pool around was a 12 inch one ~~ LOL!! I guess you could cool your feet off ~~ Right? :)

Nitey Night all, Nancy :)

~~~~ I'd be safe and warm, if I was in LA, California dreaming on a summer's dayyyyyyyy ~~~~ ooooooooooooh I'm California Dreaming on this Summer day for sure! :) :) :)

Message: 28569 Posted: Fri Jul 11 19:40:29 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: History Quiz

America song- My American Dream??!! Woodrow Wilson in his inagural speech on March 14,1913

Message: 28568 Posted: Fri Jul 11 16:27:24 2003 By: Alan Wind
Subject: History Quiz

I teach U.S. History. This is a question for all you former U.S.History students.What title song by America was also the title of a famous letter/essay by a former U.S. President? Name the title and president.You have 50 minutes. Good luck!

Message: 28567 Posted: Fri Jul 11 16:02:28 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Hatch Shell - Thanks for the info!

Many thanks to all who responded to my plea for more info. It was all very helpful. And I remember the song "Dance With Me" very well - great song. I had forgotten that they did it. Was I correct that they also did "Still The One" (another great song)?

I will plan to get there very early to stake out our "seats". Since my accident, I have arthritis pretty bad in both legs and find it hard to stand or sit on the ground for long periods of time. We are planning to bring those fold-up beach chairs to sit in. Are they acceptable for this venue?

Nina - I will be keeping an eye out for you. What time are you planning to get there? I'm thinking maybe 2:00 at the latest. I will have my cell phone with me to communicater w/ my brother who can't be there until later to make it easier for us to meet up. If you have a phone too, perhaps we could exchange #'s. Also could you look into this "VIP Meet & Greet" section and see what it takes to be there? You can contact me online or at my e-mail address "" with any info you might have.

Also, it might be fun to meet other fellow chatters at the show, especially since I missed the fan gathering at Mohegan Sun (btw, how'd that go? I haven't had time to read back posts).

Sounds like Orleans should be a great opener for our guys. I am really looking forward to this show!


Message: 28566 Posted: Fri Jul 11 11:06:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: virus warning

FYI - I have two e-mail addresses. One is an incoming address and one is an outgoing address. The e-mail address that is listed on this web site is an incoming-only address. If you ever receive a message that is supposedly from me and is from the AmericaSL address, you can be assured that it's either a hoax or a virus because I NEVER send messages from that address. Robyn was wise to check with me before opening the message that she received. I have posted this warning quite a few times on this chat folder but we have new people joining all the time so it doesn't hurt to say it again.

Message: 28565 Posted: Fri Jul 11 10:39:31 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Just Checkin' In

Hi all! Having no access to a computer in the summer REALLY stinks!

Special "hi" to Moser, as we spent some quality time together recently at the Mohegun Sun show. Lively girl, that one! She had a lot of fun "oogling" Gerry, while "I", of course, "was just there for the music"!
(The fact that "our boys" are cuties is just an added bonus!)

I have no doubt that our buddy, Bones, was lurking somehere at that show...probably the bar? (Did you have on a white baseball cap?) I can't get angry with him though, as he envisions himself as an "international man of mystery"! It would have been nice to see you Bonesy! I think he was afraid we'd actually warble a couple verses of Muskrat Love at him...but Nancy wasn't present to round out the three-part harmony!

Got to hear Dewey's "Company" and Gerry's "To Each His Own"....a real treat! Also Mo's sister-in-law Cindy took oodles of photos, so hopefully I'll have one for my 2003 Christmas card...THANKS GUYS! As always, Dewey and Gerry are so gracious to their fans...even "obnoxious" ones like me and Mo! (Mo's quote, not mine!)

Alan et al, I'll probably be at Hatch Shell in Boston. Finding each other will be difficult, unless we arrange a time to meet. I'm considering arriving early to spread out blanket before noon; but I can't sit in the sun all don't know where I'll go to spend the day...any suggestions from people who have gone before? If I remember correctly, America didn't sign anything at the end of the last Hatch Shell concert. The radio station had some sort of meet and greet or VIP section, so investigating that would be the way to go. I promise you Alan, one of these days we're going to get your stuff signed by Dewey and Gerry! If you can do Topsfield Fair again this year, that might be a good venue.

Don't know when I'll be logging on again, but hopefully soon! Have a great summer everyone!

Message: 28564 Posted: Fri Jul 11 09:04:48 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: virus warning

I got a message today that claimed to be from SteveL, it was not and it contained a virus. the subject was "Sos" don't open it delete it at once. Also, I did NOT send any messages with this heading either!

Message: 28563 Posted: Fri Jul 11 08:01:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Questions From A Fan

Ken, I got an answer to your question directly from Gerry. He said, "Rhino's very fine archive department went to great lengths to locate the original masters for the box set in order to not use the George Martin re-mixes from the History package. For example: Ventura Highway is from the original Homecoming masters and not the History re-mix."

Message: 28562 Posted: Fri Jul 11 07:55:26 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Sea Life Discovery Tour

We took several tours in Sitka but the first was an underwater cruise aboard a semi-submersible vessel. As we sailed down an inlet toward some prime viewing areas we passed lots of bald eagles that were waiting for the salmon scraps that were being throw out from a myriad of fishing boats. Long hours of summer daylight and nutrient-rich currents support some extremely fast growing kelp seaweed in the area and it is often harvested. We also saw a black rockfish which is one of 32 species of rockfish along Alaska's coast. The grand finale was when a diver went down about 80 feet with a camera and showed us everything that was on the ocean floor. He then brought up a sunflower star (which is kind of a cross between a starfish and an octopus) and held it next to our window so we could get a closeup view.

Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

The semi-submersible vessel
A soaring bald eagle (possibly my favorite photo)
The fast growing kelp seaweed
A black rockfish
The diver holding a sunflower star

Message: 28561 Posted: Thu Jul 10 21:13:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Cassidy Interview

Steve Orchard collaborated on an interview with David Cassidy today (July 10) which was conducted in full by WJNR/WOBE radio PD Keith Huotari. Steve asked Keith to ask David about his mid 70's work with Gerry Beckley. Click here to download/listen to the MP3 soundclip of David talking about Gerry and Dewey.

Special thanks to SteveO for sharing this with us.


P.S. I think I'm going to have some time this weekend to start making some updates to the America Fans web site. I apologize to all of you who have sent me things (dating back to June 10) that still haven't been posted. I'll be able to do better once we get passed these active summer months.

Message: 28560 Posted: Thu Jul 10 13:46:42 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell

Hi Alan,
I'm fairly new here, but just wanted to say Rob is right on about all the info he listed about the Hatch Shell. I used to live in Boston and the Hatch Shell is great venue! I can't add much more to what Rob said but get there early in the afternoon to stake out some good lawn/grass.
Parking is horrendous by the Hatch. I agree "pahk the cah" in a garage and take public transportation and get off at either the Charles/Arlington or Copley stops. The few times I've seen them recently they did some great gems such as Company, Hangover, To Each His Own. Have a great time!!

Message: 28559 Posted: Thu Jul 10 10:58:06 2003 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Sweetwater, TX Concert

Happy Birthday to me!!! My husband thought tickets to America for my birthday were a fine idea (especially since it saved him a trip to the mall!). I ordered my reserved seating tickets this morning and am absolutely thrilled!!! I spoke several times with Amanda at the Chamber of Commerce and also with Mr. Larry Ludlum who runs the auditorium and they both have been incredibly nice and helpful. He told me they had increased the reserved rows from only two to four and they all sound excited to have America coming to their city. I also have a co-worker who is a fan and he's ordered his tickets too.

Thanks Maggie for getting all that info to Steve. I think the phone number I got last week was for a personal office and I didn't want to post a telephone number without verifying the accuracy of that number.

Whit and Johnny are you guys going to make it? I'd love to meet some other fans. I'll be there with my hubby and kids. Counting down the days til August 31st...


Message: 28558 Posted: Thu Jul 10 10:17:33 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell

I just wanted to add on this bit of information. The parks officers allow parking on Boston's busy Storrow Drive starting at 4PM. If you arrive before 4, your best bet would be to find a parking garage nearby, possibly in the BU area. Public transportation is probably the best way to go, although it may be tough if you are unfamiliar with Boston. The stop for the Hatch Shell area is called Charles/MGH.

Message: 28557 Posted: Thu Jul 10 09:34:44 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell

Hey Alan,
This information will also help out anyone else who is going to the Hatch Shell show. I have been to the Hatch Shell many times over the past 7 years or so, seeing as I live in Mass. The America/Orleans show is being sponsored by an oldies station called Oldies 103.3 that sponsors most of the Hatch Shell concerts. This station is renowned in my local area for playing tons of great music, giving some much deserved airplay to America, and for playing "Big Girls Don't Cry" and Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" until I feel like I wanna rip my eardrums out. hehe. Just a little joke. Anyway, but they are a cool station, and they always get some of the DJ's and on-air personalities to introduce the band and the opening act.
The venue is outdoors, overlooking the Charles River, which was the subject of the great 60's garage-rock song "Dirty Water". This has prompted several bands to play "Dirty Water" as part of their set during Boston concerts. It's a really nice spot to enjoy a nice summer day, there are also jogging/rollerblading trails in the vicinity too. It is important to get there early if you want to stake out a good piece of lawn. Some people arrive as early as , say 10-11 AM. Most people get there by 4PM. If you get there after 4, you will probably have to sit about 100 feet back, at least. That is kinda the unfortunate part of a Hatch Shell concert, but I guess it's free, so I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Anyway, Orleans should be a cool band to see live. The song "Dance With Me" is a great song and sounds very harmonic, almost in the area of "Riverside". It should be a great concert. One of my friends is planning to bring a sign that says "Pigeon Song". Hopefully Dewey will trot out that old chestnut, especially now that it is on the Grand Cayman Concert album.
Thanks for reading my ramblings, and hopefully some of the information is useful to you , all who are planning on attending the concert.

Message: 28556 Posted: Thu Jul 10 09:31:46 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Sitka


What a nice lunchtime break for me! All views are very nice, but #3, #4 and #6 are truly awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Message: 28555 Posted: Thu Jul 10 09:31:11 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Questions From A Fan

I received the following questions from Ken and although I should know the answers I would have to go listen to the tracks to be sure. Do any of you know the answers or do you have time to listen and find out? Thanks! --SteveL (still backlogged and hoping to make some web site updates soon)

Hi there. Seems like you're the man who could answer this. :) Are the remixed George Martin tracks from "History" the ones that are included on Rhino's "Complete Greatest Hits"? And which versions are on the box set?

Great site!

thanks -

Message: 28554 Posted: Thu Jul 10 07:30:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Sitka

Sitka is a small little town that has a strong Russian background. It was interesting because it didn't even have a dock for large cruise ships so we had to weigh anchor in the middle of the harbor. We were shuttled to and from the dock using the ship's tenders (lifeboats). From the middle of the harbor I got some great photos of Sitka and the small islands surrounding it. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

View #1
View #2
View #3
View #4
View #5
View #6

Message: 28553 Posted: Thu Jul 10 06:33:58 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hey...

Good luck, Janice. I hope that everything turns out OK with your mom. We're supposed to reach 100 degrees today so that watermelon sounds really good...

Message: 28552 Posted: Thu Jul 10 06:30:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Story Of A Teenager Photo

Johnny made me aware of a Greg Harrison photo taken from the Story Of A Teenager movie that is currently up for bid of EBay. For any of you who are interested, here's a link to the photo: Thanks for sharing that with us, Johnny.

Message: 28551 Posted: Thu Jul 10 05:46:05 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey's Interview~PS~VFTWM's Pics & a Little Bit of this and that!

Nancy, I found a swimming pool but it's only 12 inches deep. Mercifully, as I'm sure you know, the weather changed yesterday and has become quite pleasant. Hopefully, it will stay like this for awhile.

Message: 28550 Posted: Thu Jul 10 04:34:33 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell


I got to see Orleans last year and they were excellent, many of the originals are still with the group, including the lead vocals. They also had a huge hit with "Dance With Me" and "Love Takes Time". They will make a nice opener for America. Enjoy your concert!

Message: 28549 Posted: Wed Jul 09 21:03:50 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hey...

check your e mail and call me!

Message: 28548 Posted: Wed Jul 09 19:40:56 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Hey There Janice

Hi Janice, good to hear from you. Hope everything will be okay with your mom. Take care and hope to hear from you again soon.~~Cathy

Message: 28547 Posted: Wed Jul 09 19:27:47 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Hey...

from sunny California..where I didn't exactly expect to be, but am here handling an emergency with Mom. Don't know when I'm goin' home..and I'm really not lovin' this traffic (the 91 parking lot). Ready for some fun R & R...I hear that there are casinos that opened up in Temecula?? Woowoo...! And brought Ronnie's Dodger jersey in case we can take in a game.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The drive down the coast of Texas was nice, although the beaches weren't what I expected, especially Galveston.

Gonna scroll for awhile and see what I have missed while chomping down on some watermelon. Take care everyone...


Message: 28546 Posted: Wed Jul 09 19:03:04 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Thanks To Our Two Steves

SteveO, thanks for the great interview with Dewey. I really enjoyed it. And SteveL, thanks for scanning and posting it.~~Cathy

Message: 28545 Posted: Wed Jul 09 17:56:59 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hatch Shell

Alan, I can't answer any of your questions about the Hatch Shell but I have seen Orleans open for America before and it was very entertaining. They played their hits plus some real fun songs. To this day I remember a funny one about using credit cards. I think it's the same band as back in the 70's (at least, they sounded the same).

Message: 28544 Posted: Wed Jul 09 17:54:53 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Sweetwater Info

Maggie and David Dickey sent me a toll free number number for the Sweetwater chamber of commerce for those out of town fans: 1-800-658-6757.

Message: 28543 Posted: Wed Jul 09 16:52:21 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Hatch Shell

Hi everyone! I have been away from the chat folder for a long time as I have been very busy with work and other things. My family and I and some friends are all planning to go see America at the Hatch Shell on July 26 and I just had a few questions. I would be most grateful for any information any of you that have been to this venue before can give me.

1. I understand that you have to get there early to get good "seats". How many hours before the show would you recommend?

2. I have also heard that there is no seating per se - bring your own blanket or chairs or just stand or sit on the ground. Is this true?

3. Where is the best place to sit to meet the band and get autoographs, should they decide to do so?

4. Is there decent parking anywhere near the Hatch Shell?

And a couple of questions not pertaining to the Hatch Shell venue:

1. I see the band "Orleans" is the opener. The only song I really know of theirs (at least I think it's theirs) is "Still the One". Are they any good (and are they still the same basic band they were back in the 70's)?

2. Has America added any new songs to their playlist since I saw them last summer (at the time they had recently added "Border" and "Baby It's Up To You")?

Really looking forward to seeing them again. I appreciate any information anyone has to offer.


Message: 28542 Posted: Wed Jul 09 14:20:40 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Behind the Music

Old subject, perhaps, but I'm just curious. Here in 2003, does anyone know if there's been any interest expressed in getting a Vh-1 "Behind the Music" episode done on America? Granted, no one in the band has taken his own life or encountered substance abuse problems (which often seems to be a pre-requisite). However, the America story is quite remarkable in many ways, their longevity argues for a show that earmarks America's place in the scheme of things, and there is some drama here, too (namely provided by Dan Peek's experience, but also including the Carl Wilson connection, etc.) I mean, if they can (rightfully) devote an episode to Badfinger, it can be argued that America is widely-regarded enough -- globally -- to justify a Behind the Music episode. Please refresh my memory -- has anyone ever mounted a campaign to generate VH-1's interest?

Message: 28541 Posted: Wed Jul 09 10:01:28 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: PS...


My dad lived in Tulsa for many years and I got to visit that city a few times. It's a pleasant peaceful town, lots of hills, by the way, if you get a chance visit the art museum, it is set on a lovely park. I think it is something the whole family would enjoy. If you like pottery, don't miss visiting nearby Frankoma, OK. They have a huge factory there and terrific shop. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for sharing your travels with us. I too listened to "Wheels are Turning" on the way to Florida, great driving song.


I did have a great time, dipped down to Miami to visit relatives, friends and ate great Cuban food at the "Versailles" and "Ay Mama Ines" restaurants. In Ft. Lauderdale, I visited the bar where Connie Francis, Paula Prentiss and Dolores Hart hung out in the 1961 movie "Where The Boys are" on Las Olas Blvd. However, the best part was relaxing on the beach under the coconut palms, enjoying the wild surf, and getting a healthy tan. The whole family got a nice break from life's routine.

Take care all,
Sergio, a.k.a "Sir Joe"

Message: 28540 Posted: Wed Jul 09 07:39:03 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Ketchikan Parting Shots

Ketchikan is known for several things including being Alaska's first city, the salmon capital of the world, and a very rainy city. The photos below were the final shots that I took in Ketchikan. They reflect what Ketchikan is all about.

Ketchikan sign over main street
Rain gauge showing a record 202.55 inches of rain in 1949
View #1 from the ship as we left Ketchikan
View #2 from the ship as we left Ketchikan
View #3 from the ship as we left Ketchikan
View #4 from the ship as we left Ketchikan

Message: 28539 Posted: Tue Jul 08 23:31:20 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Dewey's Interview~PS~VFTWM's Pics & a Little Bit of this and that!

Hi Hooooo Everyone ~~~~ South City Midnight Lady, I'm much obliged indeed, you sure have saved this man who's soul was in need, I thought there was no reason, for all these things I doooo, but the Smile I sent out returned with YOU ~~ HHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~~~ Ooooooh what a great song ~~ Sing it again for me Doobie Brothers :) :) :) Gee that felt good to sing that song again :)

Thanks Steve L for Posting Steve O's Dewey Interview ~~~ WOW Steve O~~ Nice to see this with the Pics. I really enjoyed reading it again, and I look forward to getting to hear this. ~~ I just gotta say it again... I love how your work brings some ooooh sooo Nice fringe benefits your way! Great Interview, I loved reading about the working of the new album with Andrew Gold.... Yes Yes Yes, and I am afraid what was said about us fans wanting a new release every 6 months is True ~~~ Hey we know when we got a good thing and it keeps us wanting more and more! :)

Thanks Steve L ~~ I really enjoyed seeing the pics of the Totem Poles ( They sure do have a Mystic about them), I am loving the neat scenery there in Alaska, it kinda takes my breath away, it must of been Majestic there for sure! ~~ Hmmmm You say you don't have Cable....that ESPN has these Lumberjack shoes on ~~ Yep they sure do have these competitions on... My Hubby loves to watch them. I can remember back when we were still dating and we went up to Potter County, right here in PA to a Lumberjack festival... WOW the Vim~Vigor,STRENGTH & Stamina that these guys had were Overwhelming! ~~ Neat ~~ You participating in the event! ~~ Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

Hey there Karen, Vic & Sergio ~~ Yep I noticed those fancy do~ma~jiggies on the side of the fenders and hood were missing, but I didn't know what to call them, soooo I kinda just stuck to guessing at the things I could name.... Sooo true Sergio ~~ I learned with Johnny's triv and things, you gotta trust your 1st instinct... cause this has proved to be my case a couple of times now.... Hmmm it was a fun getaway distraction from all of my work..... Thanks Johnny, I am always game, when it comes to my all time favorite topic AMERICA & Their History! :) ~~~ Welcome back home Sergio ~~ I'm sure you are all refreshed from your vacation, I do hope you took in some nice Fireworks there in sunny Fla....

Aha Vic from the Desert ~~~ Sooo you are here in my Time Zone for a Vacation! ~~ I definitely can relate with your Visual of NJ... This is the Greenest Late Spring & Summer I can think of for a Lonnnnnnng time.... The Robins have been out here in my back yard every day & this is too much, cause the last couple of summers were soo dry that they stayed in the deep woods where the ground was softer to dig worms... I just love hearing them sing their end of the day song, they put their all into it for sure! ~~ Enjoy your stay here in the East and I got a suggestion for the torteous Humidity ~~~ Find yourself a Swimming Pool and have some fun! :)

Hey there Mo ~~ I love it ~~ Neat getting to hear about your day to day experiences... You did great on those Tulsa lyrics,(Don Williams would be proud) Hmmm I am a wondering why you are heading downhill now... you should head into Red's part of the world and meet the Mrs and He(That would be neat to meet Him) ~~ Sounds like You are making excellent timing on your Calif arrival ~~ I gotta hand it to You this was one Great Vacation Idea... Safe traveling ~~ and I was smiling from ear to ear at the Wheels are Turning theme song...what could go wrong with a great start each day~~~ Hmmmm not much ~~~ Hit the road Murphy's Law! :)~~ Hey I hope you can join us at live chat tomorrow night ~~ too much ~~ it will be an earlier time for you. ~~ Hey Vic will you be a Nightowl and join us at live chat from NJ?????

Bones Ooooooooh Bones ~~~ So you are having a Tough time deciding which is worse being a Monkeyshiner or a Boogerhead(Mo you had me rolling on the floor with this one)~~ Hmmmm ~~ Bones You know it is all in Fun ~~ there is just something about You that causes us to react this way! I am sure You musta had good reasons for not getting to meet Mo! ~~ Mo don't get a complex... I'm thinking that The Police's song kinda fits this scenerio very well ~~~ I'll Be Watching You ~~ Every little move she makes. ~~~ I am soooo Glad you had a great table up front ~~~

Hi there Chrislin ~~~ I would love to know if you hear this commercial again with the music to Can't You See again ~~ Soooo Neat, thanks for sharing this with us! :)

Hi Jenna ~~~ I am kinda getting the impression you do lots of traveling too! So you will be heading here to the East soon! ~~ Hmmm you mentioned my fingers must get sore ~~~ Noooo sirreeeeeee never.... I love to Type Type Type ~~ especially with some great music playing in my headphones ~~ A Great Stressbuster for sure! :)

Well DanC time to pack your bags soon and head to the white sands of Fla.... Have a safe trip and be sure and request AMERICA songs at the Tookie Bar, and you better be a Smilin in your Hawaiian shirt! ~~

Well I guess I am getting carried away here ~~ Thanks for reading all of my ramblings.... I can hear my big soft pillow calling my name, soooo Nitey Night all! Nightowl Nancy :)

~~~ Sooo coooooool calm and collected, you had a style to wreck each time,when my poor heart never connected you stay sooooo long on my mind ~~~ Welllll isn't it Midnight On the Other Side Of the World, do you remember the face of a pretty girl, a face of a pretty girl, a face of a pretty girl.... Looking back soo long ago, you had a knack, a knack at making criminal, oooooooo there wasn't a time that ooooo you wouldn't be mine...... well isn't it Midnight on the other side of the world..... take it from there Christine McVie and Lyndsey B... and Fleetwood Mac ~~~ This song is such a Moving song! ~~ One of those ones that I love to blast in my headphones over and over again and again... :) ;)

Message: 28538 Posted: Tue Jul 08 21:23:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey's Interview

SteveO ~ I enjoyed reading the interview you had with Dewey.

Kiri ~ While I was "away at the convention," I really enjoyed reading the magazine articles you submitted to SteveL. That was very nice of you to share them all with us... thanks!

On a different matter, I was reading all of the past posts regarding all the different opening acts for America. No one mentioned the opening act that toured with America during the mid-70s... the opening act band that had several members who are in the album sleeve photos of "Hideaway" and the "Harbor" poster.

Vic ~ "Ding dong"...for sure not Avon calling. :0)

Sir Joe ~ Yes, always go with your instincts, I say.

Chrislin ~ Really, the music from "Can't You See"? If you see the commercial again, please let us know exactly which automaker it is so we can be sure to check it out, okay?

Message: 28537 Posted: Tue Jul 08 21:22:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: PS...

PS: Greetings from on Tulsa on Tulsa time. If I knew any more of those lyrics, I'd type them. Sorry, I don't.
Visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis today. Amazing structure, very impressive in person. Pictures don't do it justice. Can't imagine being the guys who climbed up there to 630 feet to build the bugger. I have trouble with being 3 stories up let alone that high. Yikes. It was started in '62 and completed in '65. So that means that the last time I visited it, it was only about 10 years old--younger than me. (That means it's still younger than me but you know what I mean, I hope.) I had the false impression at that time that it had been around for a much longer time than that.
The kids got National Park Passports to have stamped at each place that we visit. I think that was the highlight of today for them. They are psyched to get them as filled up as possible.
We also visited the world's largest McDonald's in Vinita, OK on the Will Rogers Turnpike. The building was cool since it spanned the turnpike but otherwise, the McDonald's was...a McDonald's. (Why do kids love this restaurant?)
Tomorrow on to OK City to see the Memorial and then head to Albuquerque by the end of the day. That reminds me. The official song (have I mentioned this already?) for the road trip is Wheels Are Turning. We play it first thing each AM when we get in the van. Thanks Dewey Dewey Dewey.

Message: 28536 Posted: Tue Jul 08 21:07:27 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: This Is Enough To Drive A Sane Person Nuts...

Why you little *#@?. You knew exactly where we were and you avoided us anyway. Nice, real nice. I guess since Nancy wasn't there, we weren't worth your time. No, I take that back. You've met Nina before so you probably weren't avoiding her...I'm getting a complex here. Oh well, I'd like to have met you, Bones, but I have to admit even though I didn't, the evening was not a total loss. I mean after all, Gerry Gerry Gerry was there.

Message: 28535 Posted: Tue Jul 08 19:26:16 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: This Is Enough To Drive A Sane Person Nuts...

I don't what's worse, being called a Monkeyshiner or Boogerhead. Hope you and Nina had fun sitting in front of Woodz during the show.

Message: 28534 Posted: Tue Jul 08 18:25:13 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Dewey's Interview

It will very likely be another 4 to 6 weeks before I have time to digitize the interview that Steve Orchard had with Dewey but I did find a few minutes tonight to scan in Steve's article that featured a few excerpts from the interview. The article will eventually make it's way onto the America Fans web site. It comes from the June 19th Entertainment section of the Iron Mountain Daily News. Thanks to SteveO for sending it to me and for doing such a great interview.

Click here to read part one
Click here to read part two

Message: 28533 Posted: Tue Jul 08 17:53:40 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Mohegan Sun

Moser, good to hear from you. Thanks for the report from the road. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.~~Hope our friend Nina can get to a computer to say hi. Nina, if you're reading this, Hello!!! How about that Bones, too bad you weren't able to meet up with him there.~~Cathy

Message: 28532 Posted: Tue Jul 08 15:57:52 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Oh, Sergio - that's too bad that you didn't also post. Good job on spotting the seamless hood and doors, too! Either way, that is really impressive artwork on that album! Karen

Message: 28531 Posted: Tue Jul 08 14:37:25 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Yuming International Cover

Click here to see the Toshiba EMI web page for the Yuming International cover album called "Over The Sky". It features America with a cover of "Hello My Friend".

Message: 28530 Posted: Tue Jul 08 11:25:18 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Lumberjack Show

About a block away from the ship's dock in Ketchikan is a definite tourist trap, but it's a fun one. It's called The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show and I understand that you can watch it on ESPN (I don't have cable, so I'll have to take their word for it). Basically there are two teams that compete against each other in lumberjack skills such as cutting, sawing, climbing, walking on logs, etc. The audience is split into two groups to cheer for one of the teams. Part way through the show I was called out of the audience to compete against a guy from the other group in an axe throwing competition. I'm sorry to say that he beat me but I had fun doing it. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

The log walking competition (somebody's going to get wet!)
The webmaster is ready to throw the axe at the target (those axes were heavy)
The sawing competition (I got tired just watching them)

Message: 28529 Posted: Tue Jul 08 11:13:35 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Hi everyone,
Nice to read all the posts I missed while on vacation. I was actually a lurking player yesterday, I got out the albums and looked carefully, then noted that the car hood and door seams/reveals were missing from the drawing on the History cover... and I said to myself "No, he (Johnny) must mean something else, like an object that I am just not seeing", so I gave up and never posted. Early this morning, I was going to post my findings anyway, then I checked the message board and there it was the very thing I had seen missing. :o( Oh well, it was a fun exercise anyway. I guess next time I will trust my instincts and not my mind. Great going Karen L!

Message: 28528 Posted: Tue Jul 08 06:16:50 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Johnny, Yeah, I probably would have figured it out, since there were no "mirrors" involved with the shooting of either album cover. : ) Way to go Karen and hubby.

New Jersey is beautiful, so green, but the humidity is torturous.

"Ding dong...", oh well. ; )

Message: 28527 Posted: Tue Jul 08 04:39:23 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

THANKS again for the fun guessing game, Johnny! Yes, fun playing along with Nancy at guessing. I wonder how many of us across the country were studying those pictures at the same time last night? Maybe a good thing Vic didn't have access to the albums. Speaking for myself anyway, it gave me a chance! (Although I did have to get help, but hey - it gets more people on board, right?) Have a good day, everyone!

Message: 28526 Posted: Mon Jul 07 22:53:54 2003 By: Moser
Subject: And Finally...

Mo's quote of the night, "Nina, have you seen Bones yet?"

Message: 28525 Posted: Mon Jul 07 22:49:22 2003 By: Moser
Subject: This Is Enough To Drive A Sane Person Nuts...

...and we know I wasn't exactly sane in the first place!! Argh.
To continue:
No, DJ was not there that I know of. But then again, I didn't think Bones was there either and it appears that he was. (Boogerhead.)

Yes, we took many pics...all the favorite kinds...a few of Gerry, Woodz wailing on guitar, a few of Gerry, Dewey, a few of Gerry, the new guy, Rich, a few of Gerry, the ZZ Top move, the infamous "rearviews," the bow, and of course the poses with our heroes after the show.
Nina's quote of the night, "I'm just here for the music." Usually this was said in response to the many times the conversation among us ladies in line turned to the subject of just how fine of a specimen Mr. Beckley really is. One lady we met, Debbie, who is another Gerry devotee, had a snapshot of Gerry from a long time ago. He was wearing a cowboy hat. A girl could build a whole fantasy life around a photo like that. Luckily it isn't mine.
Cindy's (sister-in-law) quotes of the night, "Dewey's my favorite. He's looking good." And, "Ooooo, who's the new bass player?"

Message: 28524 Posted: Mon Jul 07 22:22:09 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Third Time's A Charm

I have tried to post this message three times now and each time my hotel internet connection has timed out. So, here's the main points since the long winded version is not meant to be:
Greetings from Indianapolis.
The kids were fascinated by changing time zones especially since the cellphones were automatically updated to Central time but the van clock remained on Eastern time.
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a cool and inexpensive place to visit even for non-race fans like me. It has a long and interesting history since it was started in 1909.
Yes, we sat in the front row at Mohegan thanks to Nina's early arrival and dedicaton to standing in line for us. We saved a seat for Bones but he didn't show so the usher seated a nice woman named Cheryl with us. She said she was glad to be at our table since we were such a fun bunch. Fun may have been the polite word for obnoxious or boisterous. It was nice of her to say that anyway.

Message: 28523 Posted: Mon Jul 07 21:01:47 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

<<no "seams" (not sure what the right word is) for the door or hood??>>

Right-on, Karen! Rather, Mike! Way to go. That's it... no seams it seems. :0)

I guess Willie was suppose to climb through the car window or go through the other side of the car to gain access to the front seat. LOL

Vic ~ As you know, I knew you were in New Jersey. I'm sure you would have solved the mystery if you had access to the LP covers.

Nancy ~ Thanks for being so game. You're always a lot of fun!

Message: 28522 Posted: Mon Jul 07 20:13:21 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: song, "Can't You See" in commercial

Did anyone else happen to see the commercial, for I think some SUV, and in the background the music playing is "Can't you See", without Dan Peek singing, just the music?

Message: 28521 Posted: Mon Jul 07 19:43:16 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: VFTWMC - Saxman Village

Steve - it sure seems like you had a nice vacation! Alaska has so many neat things about it. I love the totem pole! It really must have been interesting being there this time of year with the daylight lasting so long. I suppose it was completely the wrong time of year to see the Aurora Borealis. Where I live it isn't very common to see the Northern Lights, but I've been lucky enough to see them three times. Green and red waves and ribbons in the sky - pretty awesome to see. Has anyone else out there seen them? Ranks right up there with being at an America concert!

Message: 28520 Posted: Mon Jul 07 19:29:54 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

no "seams" (not sure what the right word is) for the door or hood?? (If so, my hubby Mike gets full credit!)

Message: 28519 Posted: Mon Jul 07 19:04:06 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

I hear you Johnny. I'd like to give it a shot, but I'm in Oakland, N.J. Not an America cd, lp, or tape in the house. Sorry!

Message: 28518 Posted: Mon Jul 07 17:50:45 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Nancy and Karen ~ No, neither of the two items you mentioned. S-o-r-r-y! :0)

Vic ~ "Can you hear me now?" If so, any guesses?

Message: 28517 Posted: Mon Jul 07 17:38:52 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Westbury Show

Hi everyone. Jenna, regarding the Westbury show~~Don McLean is opening for America. I've never been to this venue before, but it seems like a neat place to see them and hopefully they will do the long set. I'll have to check my tickets again as to our seat location. I am so excited, I can't wait~~only 22 more days!!!~~Cathy

Message: 28516 Posted: Mon Jul 07 15:49:03 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Hi Johnny! Is it the windshield wiper? My sons and my husband also compared the picture, and that is all we can come up with! You have us stumped! Thanks for the fun bits of trivia! I really needed to de-stress after work today. Karen (I should probably drop the "L" - I don't see any other Karens posting, are there?)

Message: 28515 Posted: Mon Jul 07 14:22:36 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: re: Opening Acts, Happy 4th of July!!~~This and That

Hi, Cathy & Nancy (and y'all)
Thanks for the welcome! I noticed in your post's you seem to include everyone and have a great memory for everything! That's great! Wow, you're fingers must get tired!? I was hoping to catch their show at the Hatch Shell in Boston while on vacation but unfortunately, I arrive a day later. Will just have to wait for the Greek. Cathy, I noticed you'll be at the Westbury, NY show...hope you have great seats!!? I noticed Don McLean is on the double bill (hope he's opening) Guess I just don't like the short sets. Don McLean should be better than Kansas (less ear drum-cracking?)I thought Kansas was going to blow us out of the building! ha ha! Hope y'all had a great 4th!

Message: 28514 Posted: Mon Jul 07 08:48:04 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Saxman Village

Legend has it that a Tlingit (pronounced klinket) Indian village was established in 1894 and was named after Samuel Saxman who was a school teacher. Samuel was one of three men lost in December of 1896 while scouting for a new location for the people of Tongass and Cape Fox villages. Totems in Saxman Village comprise the world's largest collection including poles moved from Pennock, Tongass, and Village islands and from Old Cape Fox village at Kirk Point. Many of the poles have been restored under the federal works project directed by the U.S. Forest Service beginning in 1939.

Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Saxman Village lodge house
Closeup of one totem pole
View that greets visitors as they enter the village

Message: 28513 Posted: Mon Jul 07 08:08:06 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Hi Everyone :)

Hmmmm ~~~ soooo the hubcap wasn't the error on the History cover... well then is it the metal strip that runs through the windshield that is missing? ~~~ Regarding the buttonhole issue, I remember us talking about this before, when we discussed what kinda pop bottle Dewey was holding. ~~~ Darn that is a shame this Story of a Teenager Pic isn't on the album cover or jacket sleeve, I do hope to see it one day! ~~ Interesting!

Have a great Monday all ~~ See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Everyday I sit beside youuuu on the bus to Madison Ave., work in the big grey store with the revolving doors, You don't even know my name, I guess that I'm too blame, don't know the right things to sayyyy, sooo I pretend awaaaay ~~~ that I'm Rudolph Valentino, pull up in my limosine ~~ Oooooh won't you come in out of the rain, things will never be the same, and then just like Greta Garbo, you stare like there's no tomorrow and you know what I'm thinking of ~~~ Right Before Your Eyes I Fall In Love With You ~~~ Take it from there Gerry Gerry Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 28512 Posted: Mon Jul 07 06:56:23 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: History Cover Error

Nancy ~ The photo of the trio as found on the "Story Of A Teenager" sheet music/music sheet isn't found on any of America's album covers or sleeves.

Regarding the "error" on the "History" album cover, it's not the hubcaps that I have in mind. When you look at the "Holiday" album cover, you don't really see the omission very clearly. Maybe that's why Phil Hartmann didn't draw it in. But whether or not it's visible on the "Holdiay" cover, it really should have been included on the car in his drawing. I know this sounds a bit like a paradox, but it will make sense (hopefully) when it's solved.

Did you notice that the button and buttonhole on Gerry's button are reversed (the center drawing)? Again, it's a man's shirt versus a woman's shirt thing.

Message: 28511 Posted: Sun Jul 06 21:44:16 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun Saturday ~ Old songs revisited & History Cover Error

Me Again :)

Hi there Mo ~~ Nice to hear from you ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~ Nice to hear You & Nina found each other... Hmmmm ~~ I Wonder where Bones was too! How about DJ was she & her hubby there? Did you'ns get good seats up front? Did you take any Pics? ~~~ Nice to hear they came out and signed stuff after the show. ~~ Take care, Safe traveling ~~ Looking forward to hearing all about July 11th :) when you get back! :)

Hi there Rob ~~~ Is this your first time posting on here? If so Welcome aboard, glad to hear you were at the Mohegan Sun show on Sat. night... Hmmmm sooo you say that Tin Man & SGH drew the loudest applause ~~~ Thinking back to when I saw them on April 1st, I would have to say those 2 got the crowd applauding too. Hmmmm I think that Mo, Sheldon & Myself were the diehard fans at the April 1st show... alot of the people there only knew their known songs.... like you I love when they dust off some of their older hidden gems and I would love to hear MORE of their Newer Gems performed at the shows. I really loved getting to hear "To Each His Own" & "Baby It's Up to You". I have seen them 3 times and I to gotta agree with Mo, each time I love them more and more. They sure do have a nice way of making you wish the show could go on and on.... :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts of this show with us, and I do hope that if you haven't heard their Silent Letter, Hourglass, Human Nature, Holiday Harmony or Grand Cayman Live CD that you will check them out. I am sure you will enjoy discovering more of their great songs.

Hmmmm ~~ Johnny ~~ I checked out both covers and the only difference I could pick out was that on the History album cover, the Round Silver Hub Caps aren't as noticeable as they are on the Holiday cover. Is this the error you are talking about? ~~ Thanks for the neat pic info... I am wondering can this pic that is from the Music Sheet be found on the Holiday album cover or the inside jacket cover? I looked and I can't seem to pick out some of the intricate details you mentioned.

Nitey Night all, Nancy :)

~~~~ Sometimes when you're there all alone, someone will call you at home, You don't want to, but pick up the phone ~~ Might Be Your Love, might be your heart, someone to holllld you all alone in the darrrrrk... Someone who you thought would belong, came past, they moved right along, You don't know why but something went wrong, Might be your Love, might be your heart, someone tooooo hollld you, all alone in the darrrrk, someone to holllld you, someone to hold, someone to hollllld you, someone to hold ~~~ Sing it one day at a show for us Dewey Dewey Dewey :) :) :)

Message: 28510 Posted: Sun Jul 06 18:44:34 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Mohegan Sun Saturday Night

AWESOME!! AWESOME!! AWESOME!! I just love these guys more and more every time.

BONES, where for art thou, BONES? I looked for you (according to Nina's description) all night long to no avail. Nina looked too. We figured you couldn't have been there without saying, "Hey!" Hmph. Methinks I am insulted.

GREAT SHOW as usual, guys. Thanks so much for coming out to see the crowd and sign stuff. That's always such a great bonus. Boy, you guys were all dressed up--even Willie. Nice. We really had a great time, thanks. The Wolf Den's a cool place.

Message: 28509 Posted: Sun Jul 06 17:35:04 2003 By: Rob
Subject: Revisiting Old Favorites

America always gives audiences the best of what they have to offer. They know how much people want to hear those songs that have made them most famous. For me, I love the fact that they dust off "Wind Wave", "Company", "Baby It's Up To You", and others. They not only bring back fond memories for us, but they remind us again and again of the many reasons why we feel such affection for the group and it's "History".

Message: 28508 Posted: Sun Jul 06 17:27:47 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dirt Pit Manor - update

Hi Jason (and Karen L and welcome aboard Rick) ~ If I recall correctly, I believe you (Jason) said the drawing of Dirt Pit Manor on the "History" album sleeve is actually the back of the house. I can't remember if you stated so here or if it was in a personal correspondence we shared. Regardless, I thought that was a very cool piece of trivia you provided via Gerry himself!

While on the subject of the "History" LP, what great artwork Phil Hartmann did on that cover, huh? The drawing depicting the "Holiday" album cover is amazing just itself... all the small pieces on the ground that were represented and how much the drawing looks like the trio especially with the figures being so small. Something else that I think is particularly interesting is the fact that Gerry's image (the center drawing - not the "Holiday" drawing) is drawn with him wearing aviator-style glasses. It wasn't until the NEXT LP, "Hideaway", do we find Gerry actually wearing aviator glasses.

Another interesting item on the "History" album cover drawing pertains to the car from "Holiday". There's something Phil Hartmann omitted on the car. Can anyone spot the error?

Nancy ~ For whatever it's worth, the photo of the trio on the sheet music for "A Story Of A Teenager" is the same photo Warner Brothers selected to use as the promo photo of the guys for the "Hideaway" LP.

(Ciao Bruno!)

Message: 28507 Posted: Sun Jul 06 12:48:41 2003 By: Rob
Subject: Mohegan Sun Saturday Night

The concert at Mohegan Sun was jam-packed with people, many or most standing even beyond the Wolf Den itself. It's always great when America dusts off one of their old classics like "Company". The song list was the one that's been given on the chat folder, the selection many of us have heard already this year. I couldn't help but notice that "Tin Man" and "Sister Golden Hair" drew the loudest applause.


Message: 28506 Posted: Sun Jul 06 12:12:28 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Jim,the World's Greatest Visual, Dirtpit Manor update & hey ...

Hi Everyone ~~~ I hope You all are enjoying this Summer Holiday Weekend! We had a nice 4th of July and the Nice Fireworks were accompanied by Mr Toenail Moon & some twinkling stars... We went to my Mom's family reunion yesterday and had a nice time. We got home around 7:30 and I found my thoughts were drifting away to what was going on at the Mohegan Sun show.... (Ooooooh How I wanted to be there!) ~~~ Sooo while my hubby was watching the Nascar race from Daytona, I put on my AMERICA music and relaxed away my BLUES! :)

Hi there Johnny ~~ Bout time you returned from the Monkeyshiner convention Hmmmm ~~ Did You take any pics to share with us? :) Thanks for sharing this Descriptive Visual of this "Story of a Teenager" Music Sheet with us, I was a smiling for sure when I read your detailed description of Gerry, Dewey & Dan. Sounds like you got a pretty neat piece of AMERICA history Keepsake. :)

Hey there John L ~~ Enjoy your camping trip. I know one thing you got off on the right start, making sure you had all of your AMERICA music ready to roll. :)

Cheers Jason ~~ Neat to know that you found some more leads to check out on Dirtpit Manor. I do hope this Historian can track down some more info for you to share with us ~~ Thanks!

hey there rick ~~ Welcome aboard, nice to hear that you were brought up on AMERICA's music. Hmmmm My Inquiring Mind is Wondering if you are the same person that was working at the Pittsburgh, Pa airport the night of Feb. 7, 2002 when AMERICA played a show at the Seven Springs Resort and had to catch a plane afterwards in Pitts. for a show in Fla. the next day???? I am remembering a person posting about this on the venturahwy message board after I had posted about being at this show. Was this you? Pretty neat you getting to Jammm with these other musicians and that they were fans of AMERICA's ~~ too much. I hope one day you will get to Jammm with Gerry & Dewey at a show!

Hey there Bonesy ~~ I was soo glad to see your post about the show last night ~~~~ Hmmmmm but didn't you kinda forget to fill us in on something? I would love to hear all about the other happenings there at Mohegan, did You, Nina, Mo, DJ and anyone else who was at this show get to meet and Share the Gift of Gab with each other, as well as with Gerry & Dewey and the Band? You gotta tell us all about this, cause Mo won't be back till August and Nina won't be on the net! Sooo please share some more info about last night with us! :) Thanks Bonesy! :)

Thanks Steve L & Maggie Dickey ~~ For the info on the Sweetwater Show tickets and places to stay... I sure wished I could be there for this show... Kim & Whit I do hope the 2 of you will get to take this show in and will tell us all about it.

Hi Rob ~~ You are Welcome ~~ Yes Political Poachers is definitely one of Dewey's nice Lyrical Gems.... as well as Are You There. The Harbor Album had lots of spins on my turntable. I think all 3 of them Contributed to this final album soo nicely.... Two of my most favorite Dan songs are "These Brown Eyes of Mine" & Don't Cry Baby. And Gerry's gems on this are nice for sure.... I just love Sarah, Sergeant Darkness, God of the Sun, and of course we must not forget Monster ~~ WOW!!!!! Nice album for sure! ~~ Great ~~ that you will be getting to see a Bruce Springsteen show, and then an AMERICA show.... sounds like your summer is filled with lots of Great Music too. ~~ Nice ~~ ENJOY and let us hear all about it afterwards! :)

Okay the kids are here saying Come On Mom ~~ We wanna leave for the Pool ~~ soooo I gotta get now! Take care all and Enjoy the rest of your day... as I leave Dewey is singing Nothing soooo Far away as Yesterday wooo ooooooh, I just love this song as well.... See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 28505 Posted: Sun Jul 06 06:10:34 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Dirt Pit Manor - update

Jason - that is very cool that you are looking into more about Dirt Pit Manor! I have always been fascinated by the picture of that house on their History album sleeve. Thanks for your efforts and sharing what you find with us. Good luck with your investigation! Karen

Message: 28504 Posted: Sun Jul 06 00:57:56 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Dirt Pit Manor - update

Unfortunately, I have no real new news to report. If you recall, I had traced the whereabouts of Dirt Pit to within a few houses and surmised that as there was no house which looked like it in the vacinty that it had been knocked down and replaced by a newer property.

My next port of call was to try to track down any old photos of the area to see if I could trace a picture of this fabled house. The good news is that I found the identity and address of a local photographic historian whose published a few local history books. I wrote to him about a month ago and he phoned me recently to say that he wasn't aware that he had any photos of this road but would search through his archives and let me know.

He had missed my newspaper article from last November and knew nothing about my search or the fact that AMERICA had lived locally. For a local historian this was big news and he has stated that he will spend some time researching this and will keep me informed of what he finds.

Somewhere out there there must be a photo and I'm sure there must have been some local press interest whilst they lived at Dirt Pit and hopefully there's some actual photos of the guys at the house.

I'll let you know how things develop.


Message: 28503 Posted: Sun Jul 06 00:44:12 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: English Fans -Christine


For the record I'm from the UK but you probably knew that already. Like you I've never had the opportunity to see AMERICA live and would love to see them grace our shores. I'd even be prepared to hop on a plane and see them in Europe if the chance arose.

I can't comment on why they haven't been over but you must be aware that a lot of US established acts have not wished to travel to Europe in recent years due to the troubles. Of course I may be completely wrong and it could be to do about promoters or something far more mundane.

I've been thinking that should they come over which venue would they likely appear at. The obvious choice to me is the HAMMERSMITH Apollo (the old Odeon) which is a good size and ideal for a more mature band. I've seen BREAD and Jackson Browne there is recent years and both were great.

The positive news is that AMERICA tour every year. This year they are going to South AMERCIA as well as the home states and last year I think they went to New Zealand and Australia. So, fingers crossed, maybe Europe is on the cards sometime in the next few years.


PS: Johnny, welcome back.

Message: 28502 Posted: Sun Jul 06 00:29:08 2003 By: rick
Subject: hey

im new here , but was raised on AMERICA, im 35 and a bass player & guitar player and have actually jammed with HUGHIE THOMMASONof the 70's OUTLAWS and RICH WILLIAMS of KANSAS and both are big AMERICA fans! but there was one time i was working at the pitts. airport when i looked over to my right and lo and behold sat every member of the group..all were very nice...and i got a picture of me in the middle of dewey and cool

Message: 28501 Posted: Sat Jul 05 21:15:57 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Mohegan Sun Saturday Night

Another strong performance from the band this evening. Played the long set. Always nice hearing Hangover, Baby it's up to you, The Border, and FAMT. Sister Golden Hair brought most of the crowd to its feet along with HWNN. Really special hearing To Each His own & Company. Nice job guys. Don't want to wish the summer away but looking forward to your visit this September in Norwalk, CT.
Still hoping some day, Might Be Your Love & Hope finds its way into the playlist.

Message: 28500 Posted: Sat Jul 05 21:08:09 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Jim, The World's Greatest

<<Hi Johnny. We haven't heard from you in a while....>>

Hi Cathy (John L, Nancy, KevinS, and Everyone). Yeah, I've been gone for longer than I had planned. As mentioned by someone here previously, I was involved with the National Monkeyshiners Convention. I didn't think it would have taken me as long as it did to organize. From the convention, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news first: Bones was elected to his third straight term as Head Shiner.

The bad news: Bones was elected to his third straight term as Head Shiner.

(wink, wink)

Message: 28499 Posted: Sat Jul 05 19:36:18 2003 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: famt

YES....and I LOVE it when that happens!

Message: 28498 Posted: Sat Jul 05 10:42:41 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Jim, The World's Greatest

Hi Johnny. We haven't heard from you in a while and it's nice to see you posting. Thanks for the info about the sheet music from "The Story of a Teenager". I've always loved that song.~~Cathy

Message: 28497 Posted: Fri Jul 04 22:09:42 2003 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Welcome back Johnny!

Off for a week camping with the family. Have the America tapes ready to go.


Message: 28496 Posted: Fri Jul 04 22:05:46 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Sweetwater Concert Info

Maggie spoke to the director of the theater tonight and the tickets for the Sweetwater show are going on sale this Thursday, July 10th.

Message: 28495 Posted: Fri Jul 04 15:48:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sweetwater Concert Info

I received a message from Maggie Dickey (David's wife) today regarding the Sweetwater, TX concert on August 31st. She said that tickets for the show there will be on sale through the Sweetwater chamber of commerce. The number is 325-235-5488. The concert is being held at the Sweetwater municipal auditorium, a neat old historical theater currently being renovated. There are only 800 seats available. The rattlesnake round-up is NOT that weekend (thank goodness). David is really excited to have the guys there and it should be a great show. There are several hotels in town:

The Ranch House: 236-6341
The Comfort Inn: 235-5234
The Holiday Inn: 236-6887

Maggie believes there's a motel 6, but she doesn't have a number for them. She said that I can e-mail David or her if there's anything else they can help with!

By the way, tickets should be going on sale the middle of July. There is no reserve seating except the first two rows. Maggie thinks the ticket prices are $50 for the reserve and $35 for general admission, first come first serve. They're all well worth it. Not a bad seat in the house.

Thanks for the info, Maggie!

Message: 28494 Posted: Fri Jul 04 13:54:13 2003 By: Christine
Subject: Re: English Fans

Hi Jimbob:
I can't see America ever coming back to England to do a concert for us, which is a pitty as this is where they were born Why i've no idea perhaps someone could enlighten us as to why. It would be a great thrill for many i'm sure, just to see then live again, which i must admit i've never had the pleasure.
As for Gerry owning a house over here i don't know but he used to have family over here as his mother is English.

Message: 28493 Posted: Fri Jul 04 13:31:46 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Happy Fourth

Hey everyone,
Happy Independence Day to all of us, even those who live outside the states. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather if you're in my part of the woods. Nancy, thanks for reminding me of how great of a song "political Poachers" is. I think Dewey's songwriting was very strong on the Harbor album, although I'm sure the leading rock critics (such as Dave Marsh) would disagree with me. But that's cool, I think that Political Poachers is a overlooked gem on Harbor, and that "Sarah" is cool also.
I can't wait until I see BRUCE play at Giants Stadium this month, and then the following weekend when I get to see America with Aztec Two Step at Meadowbrook Farm.

Message: 28492 Posted: Fri Jul 04 13:14:34 2003 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

I've always thought that, Story of a Teenager, was a missed gem. I've always included it in my Top 10 America songs and always vote for it in the song contests.

It's neat having shared Dan and Gerry vocals, kinda like but a lot more than on Woman Tonight.


Message: 28491 Posted: Fri Jul 04 11:46:55 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Ahh, "The Story Of A Teenager"... what a great America song! Here's a couple of (somewhat) interesting tidbits:

Warner Bros. released a music sheet for the song! This is very odd seeing that most music sheets are published for songs that are hits.

If I had a scanner, I'd scan the music sheet and forward it to Steve. Since I don't, I'll describe the music sheet instead.

The upper-half of the front cover is turquoise in color. Appearing at the top is the title in all lower case letters: the story of a teenager

Also printed on the cover is: "'From the Universal film JIM - THE WORLD'S GREATEST'. Words and Music by DAN PEEK and GERRY BECKLEY"

Under the above is a drawing of Jim exactly like the yellow portion of the movie poster that Duffy submitted to Steve (Very cool, Duffy!) It also lists the actors in the movie. It also states: "'He took care of them all. JIM the World's Greatest'. Title Song Written - Sung by 'AMERICA'"

The lower portion of the front cover features a black and white photo of Dewey, Dan, and Gerry from the waist up and in that order. The trio is smiling very proudly.

Dewey's wearing a black t-shirt with a drawn image of what appears to be a lady with the US flag draped over her shoulders. I seem to recall reading (I may be mistaken, however) that Dewey received this shirt from an America fan who designed the image. Dewey is also wearing a unique-looking jacket. It appears to be somewhat homemade-looking... the interwoven stitching along the edges of the jacket.

Dan's wearing a light-colored pullover shirt underneath a tweed jacket with a yoke. He has a sailboat pin attached to the left lapel of his jacket.

Gerry's wearing a white suit jacket. He has his arms crossed somewhat like he does on the front cover of the "Hearts" LP. He's wearing the same Hawaiian-style shirt that he wore on the back cover of the "Harbor" LP. He is also wearing a pin on the left lapel of his jacket. Both he and Dan have scuffy facial hair!

It seems that Universal and Warner Brothers had great plans for the movie and song, but as we all know, things seemed to have fizzled.

The printed cost of the music sheet: "$1.50 in U.S.A."

Message: 28490 Posted: Fri Jul 04 10:09:33 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooooops thanks for reminding me Cathy!

Me Again :)

Hi Cathy ~~ I just was reading your post and realized that I too had wanted to mention in my post that it was really nice to see a Pic of Steve L and his lovely Wife. Thanks soo much Steve for sharing this pic with us. By the looks on your faces, this cruise was an enjoyable Memory Keepsake for sure!

Yes Yes Yes~~ All of You that are taking in AMERICA shows this weekend, we will be anxious to hear from You!

Hey there Bones ~~~ Remember sing a little bit louder for me Okay??? I sure wish I could be there! :)

Ooooooh yes Robyn ~~ Mo did come to live chat and I did give her your message! :) You Lucky Monkeyshiner's You!

Okay I gotta get ready now.... See ya later, Nancy :)

~~~~ Allllll Around, Listen and you can hear the sounds ~~~~~ Take it from there Gerry Gerry Gerry :)

Message: 28489 Posted: Fri Jul 04 09:48:54 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: re: Opening Acts, Happy 4th of July!!~~This and That

Hi, Jenna and welcome to the chat folder. Nice that you got tickets to see America at the Greek, but I agree that Kenny Loggins (a great performer also) should be opening for America. The opening acts that I have seen for America are Michael Murphy and Chuck Mangione (although the show with Chuck Mangione was a nice treat that they both played a full set).~~~Moser, have a great trip across the country with your family.~~Everyone that is going to shows this weekend, have a wonderful time and fill us in on all the details.~~Steve, I love all your pictures of Alaska. So nice to see a picture of you and your lovely wife. What a great trip you had and a nice way of celebrating all the years you've been together.~~Have a safe and fun 4th of July everyone!!!~~Cathy

Message: 28488 Posted: Fri Jul 04 09:05:49 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest ~famt & some more!

Hi Everyone ~~ Happy Fourth of the July! ~~ It is nice here again, Hot & Humid ~~ Just like a perfect holiday should be. ~~ Hmmm ~~ One thing isn't quite right tho ~~ Ya know the old saying that the Sweet Corn should be knee high by the Fourth of July ~~ Well it's not even close to knee high around here... Cause of all the rain and cool weather! :)

Hey Everybody ~~ I really have been enjoying all of the Posts regarding this Story of a Teenager & It's Life (Both songs are sooo great and all time faves of mine for sure) ~~ Neat to know that Gregory Harrison played the part of this Jim ~~ WOW ~ I definitely had a big time crush on him in the Trapper John MD show... It would be neat to get to see this movie. ~~ Thanks Duffy for sharing the Poster Pic for this Movie with us, and thanks Tim for the Movie info, and to you to Steve L for posting the IMDb site... I have gone to this site before in search of a song from a Barry Bostwick movie that was on TV back in the early 80's ~~ there was this really neat song on this movie, I only know some of the lyrics to it (~~~ Don't Stop the Dance ~~~) and it is too much, that song has stuck in my head all of these years. I do hear it played in the grocery store from time to time and it stops me right then and there and arouses this curiousity about it again! Too Much LOL! ~~ Hmmm sorry for drifting away there for a minute!

Hi there Christine ~~ Nice hearing from you again! ~~ I do hope one day you will get to see an AMERICA show there in your part of the world.... I am sure you are not alone wanting them to come perform there! Keep having Hope! :)

Hi there Mark ~~ Yes I do hear AMERICA's songs alot when I am grocery shopping ~~ it makes this not soooo favorite chore of mine, alot more bearable... I know I have mentioned this on here before, that was the first place that I ever heard the song "From a Moving Train". It sure did catch my attention and I listened and waited for the end of the song so as to hear the name of this song. ~~ I have heard others of theirs at the store too. You can betcha I am a Smiling and a Singing anytime one of their songs come on there! ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Mo is headed your way, that would be great if you, Robyn and Mary would get to meet her. ~~ When is your next AMERICA show, are you going to the one with the not so right Picture.... AMERICA opening for Kenny L?

Welcome Jenna ~~ Nice to hear from you, be sure and have a great time at the Greek show and let us hear all about it afterwards Okay? :)

Well I gotta get now, take care, be sure and enjoy some Fireworks this evening... I love sitting back and watching how they fill the night sky with soooo many nice colors! Happy Birthday USA! :)

See ya, Nancy :) ~~~~~ Another great Dewey song has been on my mind lately too ~~~

It takes one more moment of time in your life
One more light to reveal
One more place in the sun to turn ripe
One more kingdom to feel

You are one more posse to pass in the night
One more con to conceal
One more tiger to paint on a stripe
One more player to deal

It takes one more moment of time in your life
One more light to reveal
One more place in the sun to turn ripe
One more kingdom to feel ~~~~ Sing it Dewey :) This song has been playing alot here the last couple of days! :)

Message: 28487 Posted: Fri Jul 04 07:40:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Thanks for that link, Tim. There is another link on The Story Of A Teenager web page on the America Fans site that goes to the IMDb web site. The information is similar to what the MSN Entertainment site has but a little more robust.

Message: 28486 Posted: Fri Jul 04 07:01:26 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: English Fans

Christine, I have just been reading the board and see there is a LOT of you wanting a concert from the guys in the UK, and I have to say it is beyond me that they dont perform there. They travel the world performing, to sold out crowds, yet they dont hit your shores. Doesnt Gerry own a house in England? If it is all down to the promoter, why hasnt a promoter booked them? Very strange! There's questions I ask too, with no reply, and I dont know if no one knows the answers to them or its just not interesting. And David, from Australia, you sent your fan bio in, but I cant reply to you for some reason. Email me; I have been at Vidals listening to America songs in 1983!

Message: 28485 Posted: Fri Jul 04 06:41:40 2003 By: Christine
Subject: English Fans

Just out of intrest i just wondered how many English fans we have here in England, I was listening to the Radio at work this morning & they played Ventura Highyway, the 1st song from America i've heard in a very long time, It just got me wondering.
I'm sure there must me quiet a few of us.

Message: 28484 Posted: Fri Jul 04 05:54:47 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: famt

Yes,msmith, once it happened as I was on hold to a mobile phone company. This not long after Human Nature came out, tho strangely I dont think it was ever released in NZ, the album or single. Never heard it here since.

Message: 28483 Posted: Fri Jul 04 05:48:46 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Jim, the Worlds Greatest

Speech, an interesting point you make. Especially as at that time Gerry and Dan's relationship was not one that we would think they would be collaborating together. Still, given that in the America years there has been little co writing credits between any of them, I feel you maybe correct. The song is a goodie and looking at it now I actually prefer Gerry's contribution. Reminds me of another of The Beatles tunes where the two are songs linked and that is 'Ive Got a Feelin'. McCartney ROCKING!

Message: 28482 Posted: Fri Jul 04 05:48:44 2003 By: msmith
Subject: famt

i was in the grocery store yesterday and heard "from a moving train" being played over the muzak sound system. i'm sure nobody there cared, but it was a special moment for me. has this happened to anyone else?

Message: 28481 Posted: Fri Jul 04 02:25:36 2003 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Ah ...... Gregory Harrison was Jim. Here's some other cast and crew information from MSN Entertainment:

Jim, the World's Greatest (1976)


Gregory Harrison - Jim
David Lloyd
Keith Mitchell - Drunk
Charlotte Mitchell - School Secretary
David Pollock - Young Jim
Ralph Richmond - Head Coach
Larry Gabriel - Counselor
Cyndie Coscarelli - Student Body President
Reggie Bannister - O.D. Silengsly


Craig Mitchell - Director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor
Don Coscarelli - Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Executive Producer, Editor
S.T. Coscarelli - Producer
America - Composer (Music Score), Songwriter
Fred Myrow - Composer (Music Score)
The Strawbs - Composer (Music Score), Songwriter
Rexford Metz - Cinematographer
E.G. Culman - Art Director
James Catti - Art Director
Phil Barber - Art Director
Phil Neel - Art Director
J. Terry Williams - Editor
Paul Pepperman - First Assistant Director
Phil Bowles - First Assistant Director
Richard Hashimoto - First Assistant Director
Dan Peek - Songwriter
James Alexander - Sound/Sound Designer
James R. Alexander - Sound/Sound Designer


Message: 28480 Posted: Fri Jul 04 02:02:28 2003 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

From the poster, one would assume at some point the movie was titled, Story of a Teenager.

Message: 28479 Posted: Thu Jul 03 20:12:11 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the info and thanks again Webmaster Steve for the movie poster jpg file. It's still kind of a mystery to me as to how Gerry, Dewey, and Dan got involved with this obscure soundtrack, but it probably had to do with Warner Bros. or something. Anyhow, maybe someday I will come across a VHS copy at a flea market. I am curious as to how the song "It's Life" was used in the movie. This song has always been one of my favorite America songs from Hat Trick.

Message: 28478 Posted: Thu Jul 03 14:32:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Duffy sent me a digital image of "The Story Of A Teenager" movie poster which I've never seen before. Sometime in the next month or two I hope to get it posted in the America Fans museum. In the meantime, you can check it out here on the chat folder by clicking on this link. Thanks Duffy!

Message: 28477 Posted: Thu Jul 03 14:18:25 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

If you go to, they have a little information regarding this 1976 movie such as the cast etc. including the credits to America for Story of a Teenager and It's Life. They show that the movie is not currently available as well.

Message: 28476 Posted: Thu Jul 03 12:22:28 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: re: opening acts

Hi, I'm new here but just wanted to respond, I've got tickets to the Greek and I agree "something's wrong with this picture?" It's going to be a letdown to see Kenny Loggins walk on afterwards. I saw Dewey & Gerry open last year for Kansas and something was definitely wrong with that picture. Unfortunately, when they open for someone else they do a short set and you don't get to hear some great gems such as Company, To Each His Own, Three Roses, Hangover and newer material. An hour is just too short!!!

Message: 28475 Posted: Thu Jul 03 11:26:59 2003 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

The movie was indeed released in 1976, but disappeared quickly. One of the stars went on to play the young doctor in the Trapper John TV series.
In addtion to "Story of a Teenager", it also included "Its Life"
As far as I know, there was never an official video release, but it does turn up occasionally.

Message: 28474 Posted: Thu Jul 03 11:12:16 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

Not to torture this topic, but has there been much insight offered into how the Peek-Beckley collaboration on this went? To my ears, it always sound like The Story of a Teenager might have been one of those situations where the collaborators both had song snippets they'd been working on and, one day, for one reason or another, decided to try melding them. It happened to smashing effect with the late Pete Ham and Tommy Evans, who put their respective song fragments together and created the song "Without You," which became a huge hit for Harry Nilsson (though their own, more Beatle-esque version was better, sez me). And, of course, we all know the legend of the creation of the Lennon-McCartney song "A Day in the Life."

Message: 28473 Posted: Thu Jul 03 11:07:33 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

or it may been Universal.

Message: 28472 Posted: Thu Jul 03 10:58:24 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

that is tough one. Warners claims the movie was officially shelved, I have not met anyone who has ever seen it, but maybe there is someone out there who has. I believe initial promotional activities & test marketing failed to stir enough interest. THE STORY OF A TEENAGER by AMERICA is such a great song, that song could be launched today in the right movie, it is timeless, but isn't all AMERICA music timeless ? It is sort of unique in that GERRY BECKLEY & Dan Peek co-wrote this baby.

Message: 28471 Posted: Thu Jul 03 10:51:58 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Jim, the World's Greatest

I'm curious about this, too. I thought I recalled reading somewhere (Dan's autobiography maybe?) that the film never saw daylight.

Message: 28470 Posted: Thu Jul 03 10:40:07 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Jim, the World's Greatest

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone had any information about the movie "Jim, the World's Greatest". America was involved with the soundtrack to it and I believe that their song "The Story of a Teenager" was written specifically for the soundtrack. Has anyone ever seen this movie? I can't find it to rent at rental places and I'm not sure if it was ever actually released on VHS or DVD or video of any kind. Apparently it had a theatrical run. There is very little information available on the net about this movie, other than that it was written and directed by two 17-year-olds. I wonder if it was any good. Even if it wasn't very good, it would be neat to see it, just to hear America songs being used in a movie. Anyway, those are my ramblings.

Message: 28469 Posted: Thu Jul 03 09:47:52 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning ~ late again

I also wanted to post a few place names from America songs. These include "Tall treasures, large as Alaska" "Maybe Australia or North African sands
Complete the mission, supply and demand
To ports-of-call, ports-of-call "
"And I've seen the fall of Rome " -From a Moving Train
"I've been down from Nairobi" -oloololo

Message: 28468 Posted: Thu Jul 03 09:42:53 2003 By: RichM
Subject: Thorns

This is a great CD...but I might be biased since Matthew Sweet has always been one of my favorite artists. Shawn Mullins is pretty good to.


Message: 28467 Posted: Thu Jul 03 09:07:38 2003 By: HarryO
Subject: Running Horse, Thorns, and...

the Jayhawks new CD Rainy Day Music. In the same genre as the Thorns. Matthew Sweet from the Thorns provides backup vocals.

Message: 28466 Posted: Thu Jul 03 07:49:36 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWMC - Ketchikan Cannery

In the early to mid 1900's, salmon canneries were a booming business in Alaska. A few operating canneries still remain but most of them have shut down. After touring the Misty Fjords National Monument by float plane we were dropped off at an old cannery that no longer operates but has been preserved so we could see what it was like. The photos inside the cannery are rather boring unless you like old canning equipment. But I got some beautiful shots around the cannery. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

The webmaster and his wife on the dock in front of the cannery
A waterfall that runs under a bridge near the cannery
A view of the cannery and a stream from the bridge
A bald eagle perched atop a tree (photo taken through the tinted bus window)

Message: 28465 Posted: Thu Jul 03 07:42:49 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: The Thorns


I too now own this faboulous new album which was released in the UK a few weeks ago. There's not a bad track on it. My personal favourites are THINK IT OVER and NOW I KNOW.

One thing the album doesn't tell you is who sings lead on which track which is a bit frustrating especially as a lot of the songs were co-written so you can't guess.

Also did your CD include the mini promotional film and interviews which I didn't realise was on there until I was listening to it on my computer the other day and it popped up.


Message: 28464 Posted: Thu Jul 03 07:31:38 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Running Horse.

Kevin, I think that it is only available on Poco's web site. It is a great CD and I highly recommend it if you liked Poco's original sound. "Running Horse" and the eponymous Thorns CD are two of my favorite non-America albums right now.

Message: 28463 Posted: Thu Jul 03 07:26:01 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Songs by Frey

Three songs being mentioned by the Eagles to bring back for concerts are Outlaw Man, Good Day in Hell, and The Heat is On(all leads by Glen). Just depends on whether Glen can still handle the vocals, which on some songs now, has been tarnished by too many cigs.
Henley still has the strongest voice and the most note ringing ability. Wasted Time still gives me goosebumps. FWIW.

Message: 28462 Posted: Thu Jul 03 07:10:25 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Running Horse.

I've looked for Running Horse in the record stores and haven't seen it. I wonder if it's only available over the internet.


Message: 28461 Posted: Thu Jul 03 06:53:48 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

Personally, I miss the early country rock sound of Poco...

Then you'll definitely want to get Poco's latest CD, "Running Horse". You can go to their web site at to listen to some soundclips or to order it.

Message: 28460 Posted: Thu Jul 03 06:47:54 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Eagles etc

Interesting comments on the EAGLES. Although I too am a big Henley fan and agree that his is the best of their individual solo work, it often surprises me by his lack of contributions to the EAGLES debut album. In fact he only has one co-writing credit with Bernie Leadon on WITCHY WOMAN and two lead vocals on WITCHY WOMAN and Jackson Browne's NIGHTINGALE. This is not a criticism but a reminder that originally the EAGLES were a band in the true sense, each member contributing songs and vocals equally.

The Henley/Frey partnership didn't begin until the 2nd album and it wasn't until ONE OF THESE NIGHTS that they started too rule the roost as it were. The first 3 albums (my personal favourites) display a great band and benefit from individual strong contributions from each member. It's a shame that none of their current "best of" packages don't reflect this and tend to mine the Frey & Henley songs (great though they are).

Steve, no I haven't ever transferred the LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE or SHILOH lps to CD and have to admit I wouldn't know how. I did however manage in the good old days of NAPSTER to download two tracks off the Longbranch album which are on my harddrive and could be transferred to CD if you want.


Message: 28459 Posted: Thu Jul 03 06:37:43 2003 By: hekawi25
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

Don Henley was John
Glenn Frey was Paul
Walsh &
Schmidt were the George's
although Walsh was occasionally Ringo

Message: 28458 Posted: Thu Jul 03 06:13:27 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

Mark, Kevin and Speech all summed up the Eagles well. The Eagles have grown and transformed over the years and I'd bet most of us here enjoyed the older Eagles as well as the new. I think Bernie Leadon brought the early country rock sound and Joe Walsh brought the newer rock sound for the post Hotel California days. Don't forget that Henley and Frey wrote a lot of the early songs together. Personally, I miss the early country rock sound of Poco, Eagles, Ozark Mtn.,even Fogelberg's early stuff, guess that's why my favorite Dan Peek song is Don't cross the river.

Message: 28457 Posted: Thu Jul 03 05:42:34 2003 By: Lass
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning ~ late again

Moser is probably off her trip as I post this
Well I hope when she returns she will say "I remember sidewalk laughter down New Orleans, LA"

Message: 28456 Posted: Thu Jul 03 04:38:33 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

I agree, Frey was just as much the "voice" of the Eagles as was Henley. Frey tended to dominate their earlier works, Henley their latter. While they have had a good rotation of "supporting" players (Leadon, Felder, Messner, Wallsh, Schmidt...), the Eagles just wouldn't be the Eagles without either Frey or Henley.

On the other subject about the hard to find material, while the artists, record companies, and RIAA have every right to fight music piracy, their decisions not to release old material sometimes just fuels the fire.

Message: 28455 Posted: Thu Jul 03 04:24:13 2003 By: Mark
Subject: What REALLY bugs me...

It REALLY bugs me to by what I think is a greatest hits CD of a classic artist or group, only to find that it contains recent re-recordings or live performances and not the original hits!!!! In the last several years I have been burned 3 times by that - once by the Troggs, then the Grass Roots, and just the other day by Tommy James!!!! Having learned by my first misfortunes, I examined the Tommy James and the Shondells CD very closely, looking for the fine print to indicate that it was not the original recordings. But all indications were that this was a real greatest hits CD. So I buy it and pop it in the CD player and what do I hear? Recent live performances with a few recent re-recordings thrown in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There should be a law that says an artist has to clearly indicate on the cover if they are live or not the original hits!!! This is deception pure and simple and right or wrong it has caused me to think less of Tommy James that he would allow a new CD to be packaged in such a deceptive way!! The cover photo was even from the 60s!!!

I understand that artists don't own their recordings and that they are pretty much at the mercy of the record companies - so if an artist wants to release some of his classic material he may have to re-record it for his new label, etc... And to be honest, if Dewey and Gerry decided to re-record and update some of their classics, I would buy it. But at least let the buyer know that it's not the originals!!!!!

Makes me appreciate America more. At least on their budget compilations, like The Legendary America, it is clearly labeled that some of the songs are LIVE. So there is no question in the buyers mind what they are getting!

Message: 28454 Posted: Wed Jul 02 20:26:14 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning

Thanks, guys, for the city and town suggestions. It looks like quite a few of them will be possible with a few notable exceptions: Berlin, Newton under Roseberry Topping, Memphis, and Virginia. See you in August.

Message: 28453 Posted: Wed Jul 02 15:45:35 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Don Henley.

I'm with Speech on this one. I think the Eagles were a total team effort, which is why they were so special. Just like there's no one voice or driving force behind America.

I also think that the Eagles lost a little with the departure of Bernie Leadon, but gained it and more with the arrival of Joe Walsh. But I think they lost a great deal with the departure of Randy Meisner. Again, because the remaining and existing members are so talented, they can sustain a hit like that. Just like America was able to sustain the loss of Dan Peek. Because no one person was leading the charge.

While Don Henley had the more successful solo career after the Eagles, don't forget Joe Walsh was huge before he came on board. And, Don Henley's last solo album wasn't as strong as his earlier work, or as anything the Eagles ever put out.

Listen to Hole In The World. Henley is the lead vocal, but he's not the only vocal. He's a writer, not the writer.


Message: 28452 Posted: Wed Jul 02 14:56:04 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Wheels are turning , Pics & Murphy's Law

Hi Everyone Hmmmm ~~ Still nice and sunny here, I can't complain one bit about the weather!

Hey there Mo ~~ Gerry sings about Berlin and the city of LA in that great song 1960 ~~ And how about Newton on the Roseberry from that song we all long to hear done at a show one day... and my favorite line in anther great song ~~ Everyone I meet is from California! :) :) :) Thanks for the welcome distraction from my work. ~~~ Hmmmm regarding Murphy's Law ~(you mentioning this brought a smile to my face for sure ~~ a certain friend will know why ) ~~ This is our 1 and only vacation week too, and Bessie the Van isn't running up to Par.... sooo the days are going by and we are just kinda taking in the local attractions... Like the Swimming Pool, Miniature Golf and my Hubby and Son's have been hitting the local golf courses. Bessie was in the hands of Mr. Mechanic most of today and we just brought her home... all seems to be fine, but then we thought it was fine the last 2 times we brought it from the garage... sooooo Murphy's Law has been ruling our Vacation week for sure! See ya at live chat tonight! I sure wish I could say See ya to You, Bonesy, Nina, DJ & whoever else may be heading to the Mohegan Sun show on Sat! You guys have a Great time, take some Pics and sing a little extra louder for me Okay! DARN how I wanted to be there! :(

Hi there Kristal ~~ Have a great time at the Md show ~~ You Lucky Girl you, getting to see them again. Be sure and let us hear all about the show. I'm sure you will be experience Fire Works of Delight from all angles! Nice :)

Hey there DanC ~~ Did you notice that 2 shows have been added in Oct. ~~ Will you take in the show in Aurora, Ill? or the one in Dubuque, Iowa? ~~ I hope Murphy's Law takes a break around your vacation time! :) :) :)

Thanks SteveL ~~ Those pics sure are neat, alot of Nice Color Contrasting going on there. Hmmm ~~ Upon looking at them, it caused me to wonder just how much open and unhabited Spaces are there in Alaska? :)

~~ I have been enjoying all of the Posts, I just gotta get my end of the month stuff reports done again... Keep on a postin! ~~ I got my AMERICA music a playin here, I have been listening to Definitive AMERICA and to Dido ~~ Nice combination! :)

Hope to see you all at Live Chat tonight! Take Care, See ya, Nancy

The child breaks each moment of sadness for our sakes
Leaving, trying his best to believe then
Hoping this dream will come true
Sadness is only a face for you

I will try like the devil to bear your names
Anything for you
In only a moment your life can change

Still lake, rocking the boat it's not too late
Leaving, trying your best to believe then
Hoping this dream will come true
Sadness is only a face for you ~~~ Sing it Dan ~ Dewey & Gerry :) Yep for sure ~~ It's Life! :)

Hey there Jimmmmmm(bob) ~~ Cheers to you there in NZ ~~ it is nice and Hooooooooooooooooot here! Enjoy your holiday getaways! :)

Message: 28451 Posted: Wed Jul 02 14:06:23 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Last two-I promise

Memphis and Beverly Hills

Message: 28450 Posted: Wed Jul 02 14:03:28 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

I was recently having a few beers with a friend of mine who also happens to be music editor of a major entertainment magazine. We began talking about the Eagles' cover verison of "Old 55" on the On the Border LP, but ended up talking about Henley's contribution vs. that of the rest of the group. To my astonishment, he was not aware that Glenn Frey sang most of the verses of New Kid in Town. He was also not aware that Frey sang lead on Tequila Sunrise, and wrote and sang "Lyin' Eyes." Although I'm sure most folks on this board know this stuff, my point here -- or one of them -- is that a lot of people don't recognize who contributed what to the Eagles' body of work. I, for one, think that Henley -- as exceptional as his solo body of work has been -- was merely one ingredient in a potent blend of voices, musicianly skills and songwriting facility. Peaceful Easy Feeling, Train Leaves Here This Morning, Earlybird, Certain Kind of Fool, Tequila Sunrise, My Man, Is It True?, Lyin Eyes, After the Thrill is Gone, Try and Love Again, I Can't Tell You Why ... the list of classic songs laid down by the Eagles that were not primarily written or sung by Henley is a long one. He was occasionally brilliant -- Desperado, you Never Cry Like a Lover, Victim of Love and Sad Cafe come to mind. However, and this is just my opinion, I don't believe Henley was ever the whole show.

Message: 28449 Posted: Wed Jul 02 14:01:24 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning

Santa Barbara

Message: 28448 Posted: Wed Jul 02 13:55:37 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

With regards to Longbranch Pennywhistle and Shi-Loh...have you ever transferred those records over to CD? You can post a comment here or email me via my home address.

Message: 28447 Posted: Wed Jul 02 13:51:24 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning

"Old" Virginia.

Message: 28446 Posted: Wed Jul 02 12:24:01 2003 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning

Memphis and Hollywood

Message: 28445 Posted: Wed Jul 02 12:18:20 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wheels Are Turning


Message: 28444 Posted: Wed Jul 02 12:12:58 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Wheels Are Turning

Assuming that we can have the ABS on our van fixed in time...Murphy's Law dictated that something had to go wrong--the ABS light came on yesterday on my way home from Erie...the wheels will be turning tomorrow for the Bufton summer trek. We are heading east first to take in the Boston Pops and fireworks at the Hatch Shell for the 4th, on to Mohegan, then westward hoe for a 3 week roadtrip throughout the country. As I was listening to Wheels the other day, I was thinking that we will be traveling through places that are mentioned in America songs (or Eagles songs--Winslow, AZ) such as Barstow and Albuquerque. My question is this, can anyone think of other cities or towns that are mentioned in America's lyrics? If so, please share...and quickly as I will be puterless after tomorrow. Oh, the withdrawal!!! It would be fun to see how many places we will hit along the way. Hope to make live chat tonight. See ya then. Three days, Bonesy. YEA!!

Message: 28443 Posted: Wed Jul 02 11:55:12 2003 By: Kristal
Subject: Frederick, Maryland

Hello everyone ~ I haven't posted here lately and I hope everyone is doing well. I know of a few people who will be attending the show at the Old Mill on the 3rd, but was wondering if anyone will be attending the show in Frederick, Maryland on July the 4th? I will be at that concert and it is always nice to meet a fellow America fan.
Have a great day - Kristal

Message: 28442 Posted: Wed Jul 02 11:34:45 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VFTWC - Misty Fjords Group 3

Awesome shots Steve! I got dizzy from the heights just looking at them (lol)

Message: 28441 Posted: Wed Jul 02 11:11:23 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Eagles - Don Felder

My opinion is I think Don Henley is the master of the eagles and the eagles lead singer. With out Henley there is no Eagles. The eagles were always fighting over something. Ive seen the eagles and no dought about it they are great. But seeing Henley on his own was just as great. He not only plays his own songs but many of his eagle songs. That's just my opinnon.

Message: 28440 Posted: Wed Jul 02 10:12:15 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: New band - The THRILLS

You may remember a few months ago I was raving about a new Irish band called THE THRILLS that had released a single called ONE HORSE TOWN. Well their debut album was released 2 days ago in the UK called SO MUCH FOR THE CITY and it's fantastic. These guys, all in their 20s have taken the best of US 60s/70s West Coast music and made a refreshing mix which sounds both refreshing and vital. They combine the best of the Byrds, Eagles, Beach Boys and America yet give it a modern kick, so although it recalls all our country rock heros it's not exactly retro.

Even more positive is that they've cracked the UK charts(top 20) twice with their 1st 2 singles which for this type of music is very unusual in this day and age.

I'd be interested to learn if anyone's heard of them and what they think.


Message: 28439 Posted: Wed Jul 02 10:01:47 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Eagles - Don Felder

There's an indepth article as to why Don Felder got the "sack" on the Eagles Fan site: Apparently ever since he's been in the band he's been at loggerheads with Glen Frey one way or other which led, at least on one occasion, to a fist fight.

I saw the Eagles a few years ago in the UK with Don Felder in the fold and they were great. However, I still hark after the old days when Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner were part of the band. Maybe one day we'd see the original line-up do a show...but I doubt it.

The anticipation for their new album, the 1st studio album in 20+ years is so great I can't see them forfilling everyone's expectations. Their refusal to play any of the new tracks live (except for the new single Hole In The World) during this current tour just compounds the situation. They say it's because they don't want anyone copying the songs and airing them on the internet before the offical release date, which is fair comment. But after such a long wait you'd think they'd give the fans a small taster.

I love the Eagles but do find their "commercial" attitude dissappointing. They still have not released the rare B-side "Get You In The Mood" which you would have thought would have been included in the Box-Set a few years ago. Nor have any of Henley or Frey's earlier bands material LONGBRANCH PENNYWHISTLE & SHILOH seen a re-issue other than their original (and only) release on small independant labels back in 1970. I happen to own both these records and their rarity does increase the value 10 fold but a CD re-issue would be nice for those people who can't afford to shell out $100.00 for a 2nd hand copy.

Rant over.


Message: 28438 Posted: Wed Jul 02 09:17:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTWC - Misty Fjords Group 3

This is the last set of photos from Misty Fjords National Monument. It features beautiful trees, waterfalls, and deep waterways carved out by glaciers. Our pilot said that he saw some bears as we were flying over the green meadows but I never saw any. Click on the links below to see the view from the webmaster's camera.

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4

Message: 28437 Posted: Wed Jul 02 08:21:41 2003 By: msmith
Subject: re: opening acts

so america is opening for kenny loggins at the greek theatre on august 16. does anyone else see something wrong with this picture??

Message: 28436 Posted: Wed Jul 02 04:43:46 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Fla.

Nancy, good memory on your part. Departing for the white sands of St. Pete. on July 13. Just once I'd like to time my Florida trip the same time the "boys" have a show down there. Get the rumrunners ready....DanC.

Message: 28435 Posted: Tue Jul 01 18:56:45 2003 By: red oak
Subject: You want me to sit on WHAT?

The other night, while watching "World's Scariest Car Chases" or something like that, I noticed the narrator was John Bunnell. So, with my quick mind wandering, could this be Dewey's brother? So, duz anyone know if Dewey has a brother, and if so, could this person be his brother? The mind is a terrible thing and also wondering.


Farmer has three sons. One day, his oldest boy comes to him
and pleads with him that he is graduating from school and would
really like to get a car.

His father says, "Son, come with me." He takes him to the barn and
points to the farm tractor and says, "That tractor is needed here on
the farm and I promise that as soon as it's paid for, we'll get you
a car."

The boy was not too happy but he did understand that situation and
said, "Okay, Dad."
A week later, his second son (10 years old) approaches him wanting
a new two-wheel bicycle. Well, he gets the same excuse..............
"as soon as that tractor is paid for..........."
Shortly, a few days later, son no. 3, his youngest, comes bugging
him for a tricycle. Again, 'ol Dad gives him the lecture about the
tractor being paid for first.
While leaving the barn, the young boy, more than a little disgusted
with the whole thing, sees a rooster mating with one of the hens and
promptly goes over and kicks the rooster smooth off the hens back,
mumbling to himself the whole time.

His dad says, "Son, why on earth would you do something like that?
He didn't do anything to you to deserve that!"

The little boy looks Dad right square in the eye and says, "Hey,
nobody rides anything around here until that

Message: 28434 Posted: Tue Jul 01 11:00:29 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Eagles

Don Felder was told before last summer's tour that his services were not needed anymore. A lawsuit was filed and has yet to be settled. Saw the Eagles a week ago & they were outstanding!!!!!!!!!
A major complaint from some is that the tickets are too high. While that may be somewhat true, the experience of seeing music legends outweighs the cost(IMHO).

Message: 28433 Posted: Tue Jul 01 09:17:12 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Eagles

does anyone know the story of don felder's non-involvement?

Message: 28432 Posted: Tue Jul 01 08:16:46 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Eagles

I think the price of Eagles concert tickets are to expensive. Seeing Don Henley to me is like seeing the eagles because he sings most of all the eagles songs and Ive seen them both. But while Henley is with the eagles you won't see him on his own for awhile as he is making much more money with the eagles.

Message: 28431 Posted: Tue Jul 01 07:25:38 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Eagles

I've seen both the Eagles and Henley live solo. Henley was really clicking the night I caught him in Philly. However, don't know about the "just like seeing the Eagles" part. I doubt the Eagles would deviate far enough from the beaten path to perform a Celtic folk song (good thing), bring in a gospel choir to sing spine-tingling back-up on a few tunes (good thing) or launch into a "copa cabana" style version of the song Hotel California complete with a Mexicali brass section (a desecration ... coulda done without it.)

Message: 28430 Posted: Tue Jul 01 06:52:39 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: On America as an opener)

"its still hard for me to imagine wanting Dewey and Gerry to open for anyone"

Agreed. Absolutely. I saw Gerry and Dewey open for Christopher Cross at the Mann Music Center in Philly in 1982, and found it depressing. I have always felt it should have been the other way around, or at least a co-billed show.
In any case, I see Christopher Cross is still making the rounds despite flagging commercial prospects (I have all his LPs, so I'm not knocking him at all). In fact, Cross is due to appear in August, at the Atlantic City Hilton, as part of some "Walk Along Abbey Road" Beatles tribute (Alan Parsons, Denny Laine, Todd Rundgren and Joey Molland of Badfinger are also on the bill).

Message: 28429 Posted: Tue Jul 01 06:06:18 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Gerry and The Beach Boys

One more post, and I doubt that maybe anyone would know this apart from Gerry himself, but my question to you all is this: Gerry was credited as a vocalist on The Beach Boys HOLLAND album (tho as Jerry Beckley). Im going only by memory here, but that album was released in 1972. As we all know AMERICA was from 1971, thereby making Gerry 'famous', but how is it he hooked up with the Wilsons so soon, especially as they werent short of vocal talent? If Im wrong with my dates or recollection, I apologise, but I AM curious and it IS revelant to the earlier recording history of Gerry. Cheers from NZ, where its cooooooold right now!

Message: 28428 Posted: Tue Jul 01 05:51:02 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: The doobie brothers

The Doobies played Auckland, NZ, in '95, it must have been, in a huge tent which I believe held 10,000 people, and I have to say, it was a magnificent show! We were seated at the back, a place I normally dont want to be at a concert, but the way the seating was, we sorta were looking down at everyone, and the way the lighting was enabled us to see the whole crowd absolutely ROCKING to these guys! The band were real small from where we were, but it was interesting to see a concert from that perspective, and as such, it rates as one of the better shows I have been to. AMERICA opening for them is cool, but personally, its still hard for me to imagine wanting Dewey and Gerry to open for anyone; like they ARE the headliners; but to be fair, being that Im from NZ,and their shows are few and far between(like 18 years in Auckland)I guess I could handle seeing them as openers!

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