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Message: 30823 Posted: Wed Dec 31 18:53:05 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Happy New Year-Feliz Ao Nuevo and Vic's day

Happy Birthday, Vic! I hope it was a good one. (Sergio - thanks for bringing that to our attention!) Happy New Year to all, as well. I enjoyed your sunrise story, Nancy. We saw a beautiful sunset here in WI on Sunday evening. They were even commenting about it on the radio the next day. There's something special about a winter sky sometimes. Karen

Message: 30822 Posted: Wed Dec 31 13:42:54 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Happy New Year-Feliz Ao Nuevo and Vic's day

Happy New Year to Dewey, Gerry,and the band! May 2004 bring you MUCH happiness, success and maybe even a new ALBUM CD for us fans...

Vic, thanks for suggesting getting started on the Dewey birthday poem. I know that TODAY IS YOUR DAY, so happy birthday my friend.

Karen you did such a great job on Gerry's poem, you are IT friend, lOOking forward to reading it already.

Happy New Year fellow fans, Feliz Ao nuevo a todos,

Sir Joe

Message: 30821 Posted: Wed Dec 31 11:34:31 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Happy New Year (& Dewey's bday poem)

Steve - any thoughts on the chances of Dewey seeing his poem when he's in Australia? I suppose he's online no matter where in the world he is? Do you have a way to send it to him directly like you did for us on Gerry's birthday?

Karen, I would say that the chances are good that he'll see his poem while he's in Australia. However, I can send it to him directly and I'll be glad to do that to make sure that he gets it.

Message: 30820 Posted: Wed Dec 31 10:40:35 2003 By: Danae
Subject: ! (Happy New Year! in Greek)

I want to wish everyone a very, very happy New Year!
Hope this year brings you everything last year forgot to bring you!!! lol
My best wishes for a wonderful 2004*, full of happiness and joy (and good Olynpic Games ;P )

With all my love

Message: 30819 Posted: Wed Dec 31 10:24:05 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Happy New Year

Happy New Year
very great 2004 for All
ciao hi

Message: 30818 Posted: Wed Dec 31 10:03:02 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: RE:Happy New Year

Yes Vic I am sure that they will surpass all my expectations. Whenever I see them they remind my why , for the past 30 years, they have been my favorite band.

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year. It looks like it may rain here -lol!

Message: 30817 Posted: Wed Dec 31 08:02:04 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Happy New Year (& Dewey's bday poem)

Hi Hooooo Everyone ~~~ On this last day of 2003 I got to see the SUNRISE and I just have to share it with you all, it was a Magnificent Rainbow colored rippled effect that was Breathtaking for sure, it brought Happy Tears to my Eyes! :)

Regarding Dewey's Poem ~~ Yeppers, you can betcha Dewey is gonna get a B'day Poem, no open discussion on this .... Yes Gen We Love Dewey just as much as Gerry! :) :) :)

Hi Karen & Vic ~~ I too agree with Vic, Karen ~ this was such a neat idea you came up with and I have no problem with you putting Dewey's Collective Poem together again.. Thanks for the fun.

Welcome aboard Fiona ~~ Happy New Years to you too! ~~ Thanks for writing a Bio and telling us about your Love for AMERICA's music over the years. I hope you will get to take in a show of theirs soon, it is like being in AMERICA Heaven, and you just want it to never end. :)

Hmmm ~~ I just wanted to say that I feel very Lucky to have found sooo many Special friends here on this site, thanks for sharing the gift of gab, thanks for all of the smiles, thanks for the Honey & Spice, and for all the Joy that has been brought my way. Enjoy your New Years Eve, and May 2004 bring us all the Best of the Best, Hey I am not trying to be greedy here, cause in a way we already to have the Best of the Best, wouldn't you all agree? ~~ I guess I just want it to last. I guess the Gift of Friendship that I have found here, is one that I don't want to ever FADE AWAY. Thanks Everybody! :)

Happy New Year Gerry ~ Dewey ~ Woodsy ~ Willie & Richard ~~ May the New Year bring lots of Happiness & Blessings your way. I sure hope you guys will be heading my way again soon! Take care!

Gotta get now, See ya, Nancy :) ~~ Hmmmm one of Burke Roney's songs comes to my mind for the way I am feeling now, it is called the Best is Yet To Come

~~~ It's been good and getting better, better better, we've been growing strong together, climbing high and getting higher, but the best is yet to come, the Best is Yet To Come.... ~~~ Grab hands and hold on tight, we're running fast no end in site, places we can go from here, blues skies and crystal clearrrrr, it's been good and getting better, we've been growing strong together, we're climbing high and getting higher, But the Best is Yet to Commmmmme ~~~ Sing it Loud for us Burke ~~~ WOW Double WOW ~~~ I am SOOOOOO Thankful tooo for all the Awesome Nice music that has been sent my way ~ Yes Yes Yes! :)

Message: 30816 Posted: Wed Dec 31 07:04:41 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Happy New Year (& Dewey's bday poem)

Dewey WILL get his poem! This is NOT open to discussion, right? Hahaha... Of course, we'll get him a nice one. We LOVE him, don't we???

Happy New Year to everyone!


Message: 30815 Posted: Wed Dec 31 05:19:42 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Happy New Year (& Dewey's bday poem)

Hi Vic! Thanks for bringing up a reminder about Dewey's birthday poem!! I've definitely had that on my mind and was hoping others here on the chat folder would be interested in doing another collective poem. (I'm actually glad that you brought it up - I'm a little bit shy about these things:) I'd be happy and honored to coordinate Dewey's, but if someone else would like the chance - just speak up and let us know. In the meantime, all fans of the legendary Dewey Bunnell please begin putting together your part of our collective poem to Dewey. His birthday is January 19. Just post your piece whenever you have it ready! Also, any suggestions any of you have are welcome. Steve - any thoughts on the chances of Dewey seeing his poem when he's in Australia? I suppose he's online no matter where in the world he is? Do you have a way to send it to him directly like you did for us on Gerry's birthday? Thanks! Karen

Message: 30814 Posted: Tue Dec 30 18:14:37 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Drumming Notes.

You Can Do Magic. Oh yeah, that was back in the days when America still had drums. God, what great memories that brings back.

Message: 30813 Posted: Tue Dec 30 18:00:53 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Happy New Year

Karen, Fiona's post reminded me that Dewey's birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. We should begin to think about some poetic lines in his honor. I may not be the right person to suggest this, but, you did such a great job, coordinating Gerry's birthday greetings, back in September...

Robyn, hope your evening surpasses all your expectations.

Message: 30812 Posted: Tue Dec 30 14:58:25 2003 By: Fiona Guevara
Subject: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to America and all it's fans.
Happy Birthday Dewey ! Hope your day be everything
You want it to be if it isn't, just send me an e-mail and
I'll remind you how great , talented and cool you still are.

Message: 30811 Posted: Tue Dec 30 14:30:15 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: New Year's Eve


Sorry no one else has announced their attendance...I am sure you will have a great time. I can't imagine a better way to ring in the new year. Look forward to your review and have a great time time with the music and voices of our favorite group, Happy New Year,

Sir Joe

Message: 30810 Posted: Tue Dec 30 13:44:10 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: New Year's Eve

GERRY, DEWEY, Willie, Michael & Rich will be there !

It will prove to be an explosive show indeed. The final tune-up b/4 the overseas tour.

Message: 30809 Posted: Tue Dec 30 13:42:26 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Drumming Notes & a little more

Hi Hoooo Everyone :)

Just wanted to say thanks a bunch Thomas for the SMILE you brought to my day. I sure hope someone can help you with the Drum Notes to this great AMERICA song. Hmmm I am wondering how someone your age knows of this song, could it be that your Dad has Loved AMERICA's songs forever???? Nice :) Please be sure and keep us posted to your progress on this!

Hi Robyn ~~ All I can say Is I am gonna Whine here some toooo.... I sure wish I could be there at the New Year Eves show.... You are one Lucky Lady getting to start the New Year off this way. Hey Red if by chance you win the Powerball, could ya, would ya treat Mo & I to a trip out to sunny Calif next New Years Eve??????

Hi Gen ~~ I hope you are having a fun New Years Eve getting together with your friends and listening to some really nice songs :)

Well gotta go finish getting supper ready! Hmmmm I sure have been listening to some Fantastic Music... here lately! Take care everyone, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Never a day goes by without something stopping me hard in my tracks, I could be happy and I'd never know it, till never a day comes back ~~~ I can feel my heart and its feared to burst, I tried to clean it up, but I just get worse, wish I could fall on a night like this, into your loving arms, for a moonlight kiss, I thought I saw your face in the evening sky, on a lonesome cloud that was drifting by, wish I could fall into your loving arms on a night like this for a Moonlight Kiss ~~~ Yeppers I have been a listening to my Serendipity Soundtrack songs CD ~~~ Serendipity such a magical word, such a magical spell.... such a magical Afterglow it leaves on One's Heart! :) :) ;)

Message: 30808 Posted: Tue Dec 30 12:25:40 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: New Year's Eve

Have a the greatest of times Robyn ! Having a nice party out here too, but well, it's not the same, hey! Wish I could be there with you ;-)
<<Don't look for a review until sometime late on New Year's Day as I will be off line till then. >>
Ok ...sure. Though will be impatient to read the report asap!

Message: 30807 Posted: Tue Dec 30 12:24:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Drumming Notes

Hi Thomas, I'm afraid I'm not aware of any drumming notes for You Can Do Magic but maybe there are some out there. Perhaps you could pick it up by listening to the song over and over. You certainly have good taste in music if you're learning songs from America. Good luck!

Message: 30806 Posted: Tue Dec 30 11:17:14 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: New Year's Eve

hmmmm well it appears no one from either board is going ( or will 'fess up to going) oh well. I will be there as early as I can in hopes of getting a good seat--last time, the local radio station gave away tix and the house RESERVED all the good seats for the ticket winners. They gave away tickets AGAIN this year ( I am going to whine here) and even though I made my reservations for dinner and the show BACK IN SEPTEMBER, I will probably be seated waaaay back. Oh well at least I get to go. Don't look for a review until sometime late on New Year's Day as I will be of line till then.

Message: 30805 Posted: Tue Dec 30 10:58:18 2003 By: Thomas
Subject: Drumming Notes

Hi everybody I am 12 years old and learning drums. I want to play the song "You can do Magic" but dont have the Drumming notes to it. Could you help me????

Message: 30804 Posted: Mon Dec 29 12:24:37 2003 By: Paul
Subject: Re: U.K. tour and bootlegs

i shouldnt think theres that many fans of America in the UK i saw them over 30 years ago and have been a fan ever since at least i can get their albums

Message: 30803 Posted: Mon Dec 29 07:31:55 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: U.K. tour and bootlegs

Paul, there's always a chance that the guys will have a UK concert but so far it hasn't materialized. Keep checking the concerts web page on the America Fans web site for the latest additions.

Message: 30802 Posted: Mon Dec 29 03:13:18 2003 By: Paul
Subject: U.K. tour and bootlegs

Any chance of the boys coming to the UK and where can i get bootleg cd's of the boys in concert

Message: 30801 Posted: Sun Dec 28 19:11:38 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Speaking of the Color "Blue"... (Correction)

Since I provided the item number, I think maybe anyone can view it after all.

(In order to view "completed" bid items WITHOUT an item number, it's then (I believe) that a person has to be a registered user.)

Message: 30800 Posted: Sun Dec 28 19:03:40 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Speaking of the Color "Blue"...

...there's a COMPLETED bid item on eBay that's a bit unique being AMERICA-related. It's eBay item #2366711695. In order to view this item, you must be a registered eBay user.

Message: 30799 Posted: Sun Dec 28 18:39:26 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Vic ~ Your color questions blew my little mind. I will take a stab at a couple of the colors. I'm guessing "blue" appears most often in Dewey's songs or ones he co-wrote with Gerry. I'm guessing "red" is #2 and "green" is #3.

Message: 30798 Posted: Sun Dec 28 08:11:33 2003 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Hello, all

Hello to everyone on the folder. I just caught up on the past few weeks' posts. I have not kept up this year with the chat folder as in the past. Hopefully, 2004 will be better.

I was excited to see that the boys will be back in Peachtree City, Georgia next summer for 2 shows. I have seen them perform there 3 times before. My wife is due with our 2nd child just days after the shows. Therefore, I doubt I will be able to make them. Maybe he or she will come early enough for me to make it!

I was calling on an account in early December and heard America's "Winter Wonderland" come on the radio. After the song played, the DJ said it was America and that they had a new Christmas album out called Holiday Harmony. Obviously, the album is not "new", but any publicity for it is definitely good publicity. I have once again enjoyed the album this Christmas season.

Speech, I was not shocked to see no America albums in Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums list. I enjoyed the list, nonetheless, and had fun counting the number of them I have. I own around 60 of the 500, including 11 of the top 14. Not bad.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a wonderful new year!

Take care, Brad Askew

Message: 30797 Posted: Sat Dec 27 15:11:14 2003 By: valynda
Subject: America In Concert

Hey Traveler, that sounds great! -Valerie

Message: 30796 Posted: Sat Dec 27 14:58:22 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: America In Concert

WEll, if you are really going to step into the 21st century, you don't just want a CD player for your car, you want a CD player that also plays MP3's as well. I got one of those in April before a long car trip. That way one can burn nearly 8 hours of America songs onto one CD and play them continously.

>>> So I finally have a DVD player, maybe I could step into the 21st Century and get a CD player for my car! One can dream!!

Message: 30795 Posted: Sat Dec 27 14:49:54 2003 By: valynda
Subject: America In Concert

Hi all!
Well, I'm probably one of the last fans here to Finally get to see "America In Concert" on DVD. (Hubby gave me a DVD player for Christmas!) I purchased the DVD many months ago at a Borders store. I am really enjoying the concert, again and again. My 14 yr. old daughter is being very patient with me! Ha-Ha!

So I finally have a DVD player, maybe I could step into the 21st Century and get a CD player for my car! One can dream!!
Bye for now, Valerie.

P.S. Thanks Sergio, for the kind words.

Message: 30794 Posted: Sat Dec 27 10:27:29 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Any Information on the Following Album?

He sings on the track "In My Room."
I believe he sings the bridge.

Message: 30793 Posted: Fri Dec 26 23:07:50 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Concert for George DVD

Hey Rich, I got the Concert for George DVD as a gift (must've been on my best behavior lately) What a fantastic DVD, highly recommended! Great concert footage, interviews & behind the scenes footage. Great to see so many huge talents on one stage performing George's songs. I agree that America's version of the Beatles' I Need You is the best....always a highlght!! It'd be great if they could record it one day.

Message: 30792 Posted: Fri Dec 26 21:48:42 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Great answer Johnny. You also answered what would have been my next trivia question, so, one more with the "color" theme:

Of the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and purple, which colors appears in more songs written by Dewey, or co-written by Dewey and Gerry? I counted them up. I could have missed a few, but to the best of my knowledge:

Number 1 appears in 9 songs.

Number 2 appears in 7 songs.

Number 3 appears in 6 songs.

Number 4 appears in 4 songs. 2 colors tied for forth place.

Number 5 appears in 2 songs.

Indigo and violet appear in 1 song each.

What color appears most often in a single song? How many times does it appear, and in what song?

Message: 30791 Posted: Fri Dec 26 19:36:28 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

after two days in the desert sun
my skin began to turn RED

ORANGE and YELLOW and purple and GREEN
the lights of the city at night set the scene

for all your brothers feeling BLUE
blue, blue, blue

black crow with an INDIGO glow on the highway

i want to carry you across a threshold of fireflies
and VIOLET stones all alone

VIC ~ i am asleep on a RAINBOW/hiding from the wake of the tide

Message: 30790 Posted: Fri Dec 26 18:55:07 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Beach Boys

Happy Holiday Harmony to all. Just took a listen to my new "Pet Sounds" DVD Audio disc. Truly beautiful, if not haunting, songs on this classic album. The 5.1 really brings these tunes alive. The bonus material is cool too. I have to politely disagree with Jimbob's review of their Live DVD, "Good Timin' Live at Knebworth, England 1980". Granted, Brian is only half there, at best, but it showed they could really rock back then. They played the hits plus some great obscure stuff from the 70's such as "Cottonfields", "Keepin' The Summer Alive", "Good Timin'", and my favorite on the disc, "Lady Linda", which they do an awesome a cappella encore ending to. And then there is Dennis, out there baring his soul on the tune "You Are So Beautiful". While not the greatest drummer or singer in the world he injected a lot of heart and fun into this band. I would recommend this to any Beach Boy fan out there. Have a great year my fellow Americafans. DanC.

Message: 30789 Posted: Fri Dec 26 18:28:40 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Johnny, you got me. I should have known that you wouldn't miss something like that, and that you were goofin' with me.

Message: 30788 Posted: Fri Dec 26 18:16:47 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Remember Roy G. Biv, from your grade school studies? Dewey wrote a song that, sort of, brings "him" to mind. What song would that be?

Message: 30787 Posted: Fri Dec 26 17:53:32 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Vic ~ I think I had read them all before I posted my message. That included the "Don't Let It GET You Down" and "Don't Let It BRING You Down". I was just foolin' about "Horse". You know...the confusion about the REAL singer/writer ----> Dew Vs. Neil

Message: 30786 Posted: Fri Dec 26 17:35:48 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Moser, that's the one! Johnny, I think you must have missed one of our posts with "Dewey trivia" as the subject. Go back and re-read them. : )

Message: 30785 Posted: Fri Dec 26 17:24:25 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: "Hot Town"

Interestingly (as mentioned here before), the notes for the "Human Nature" CASSETTE credit Gerry with the "Hot Town" words and music instead of Dewey.

Message: 30784 Posted: Fri Dec 26 17:00:06 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

<<Dewey and Neil Young have both written songs that have the same titles, except for one word. Both titles contain 6 words....>>

Vic ~ "A Horse With No Name" was only 5 words not 6. :0)

Message: 30783 Posted: Fri Dec 26 16:46:46 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Hot Town

Message: 30782 Posted: Fri Dec 26 15:12:15 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Any Information on the Following Album?

I love that CD! I bought it in the mid '80s because I love the Beach Boys and this CD was one of the first to be digitally recorded and it sounds great (especially at the time). I took it out and Gerry's name is listed there under background and guest artists along with many others such as Dean Torrance, John Stamos, Mike Love, Jeff Foskett etc. although it doesn't mention which track he's on. If you like the "California Sound", you'll like this CD.

On a different subject and for those George Harrison fans out there, I just finished watching the Concert for George DVD and it was wonderful. What a great collection of talent playing together and what a tribute. I enjoy America's tribute to George by playing The Beatles' I Need You in their set list and I must say I like America's version the best.

Happy New Year to ALL!


Message: 30781 Posted: Fri Dec 26 13:50:27 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: New Year's Eve

I FINALLY have my tix in hand ( I ordered them in SEPTEMBER!) So who's going to be there? It would be neat to meet up.

Message: 30780 Posted: Fri Dec 26 13:36:01 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Any Information on the Following Album?

Hi all,
While searching on the B&N web site, Gerry is listed as background vocals for a CD called Papa Doo Run Run by California Project. The are covers of Beach Boys songs. Does anyone know more information about this CD or the artist and how much contribution Gerry had to it. Has there been any discussion in the past about this that I mised?

California Project Primary Artist
Gerry Beckley Background Vocals

Message: 30779 Posted: Fri Dec 26 12:54:19 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "America On AT40" Compact disk

Hi Gang,
A couple of years ago,I revised my "America On AT40" CD. This is a comprehensive montage of the guys(about 60 minutes long)and their chart runs on Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" as heard during their
heydey from 1972 through "The Border" in 1983. And While not covering every single week,its a pretty thorough look-back at how the songs performed during that period. Its complete with Casey's stories on the guys,and also includes additional snippets of other act's songs
that either followed or preceeded the America tune. I sent copies to all the guys;both Tom & Dan Peek really enjoyed it. Some of you here on this site also have recieved copies,but as a Holiday gift,I wanted to make it available to anybody who wants it,at basically the cost of shipping to you. If you are interested in recieving a copy of this disk,just email me at click on my email link)and I'll give you the scoop. To those of you that remember "American Top 40" during the 70's and the 80's,this will really give you a 'Blast from your past' and I want to be able to share this with anybody that has a fond memory for that kind of stuff.
Happy Holidays to all!

Message: 30778 Posted: Fri Dec 26 12:43:28 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

No, same "generic" type mentioned in "Horse", so... : )

Message: 30777 Posted: Fri Dec 26 12:21:10 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Are you refering to the <<dragonflies dipped on the swimming pool >> passage from Whole Wide World? I'm not sure... SO... let us know please ... ;-)

Message: 30776 Posted: Fri Dec 26 11:54:41 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

So...Genevieve, those are the 2 songs I was looking for, so... what song written by Dewey, besides "A Horse With No Name", mentions that 6 legged, buzzing creature(s)?

Message: 30775 Posted: Fri Dec 26 09:20:46 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Dewey trivia

Hi everyone,
Hey Vic, that must be Don't Let It Get You Down . NY's song is entitled Don't Let It BRING You Down, so...

Message: 30774 Posted: Fri Dec 26 08:49:58 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Dewey trivia

Dewey and Neil Young have both written songs that have the same titles, except for one word. Both titles contain 6 words and it is the forth word that is different in each of them. What are the titles of the 2 songs in question?

Message: 30773 Posted: Thu Dec 25 21:02:40 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Merry Christmas

Hi everybody,
I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my Christmas and I hope everyone else had a very good Christmas today as well. I hope the band and everyone involved with them including tour people and stuff had a good Christmas too. I think it's probably gotta be nice for people who are in a band traveling for large parts of time to be able to hang out and be with family for this day and the Christmas time of the year. America has had another year with many touring dates and it must be nice for the guys and the crew that they have on the road to chill out and enjoy some time this Christmas. They are probably in California I would assume, I guess Dewey bought a house in some other state recently so maybe he is there. I received a copy of the MusikLaden America DVD for Christmas so this will be cool to get to see this video from a concert for this show . I think it is from the mid-1970s...I bet I will watch it many times and really get into it. It's good that there are some artifacts of America performing live that we can watch on video.
Hope everyone enjoys the holidays. I am sure many people will enjoy a bit of time off from work. At the CD store that I work at, I have to work tomorrow and this will be a very busy time. But that's okay.
Take care everybody, Rob

Message: 30772 Posted: Thu Dec 25 15:41:47 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Holidays/Speech's DVD????

Well, Speech - did Santa bring you the America Homecoming Audio-DVD?? I hope so! If not, hopefully you'll have good luck in getting a copy soon.

The day is quieting down, so I thought I'd take a minute to wish all of you "Happy Holidays" and say that I'm glad I finally caught on to the chat folder this year. (For a few years I had regularly checked in to see what was new on and this web site too, but never checked out the chat folder until earlier this year!) As Nancy once put it, we're kindred spirits. It's so nice to have others with the same interest (AMERICA!) to wait for new albums with, share concert reviews with, bounce questions off of, etc. It still amazes me how technology like this makes the world a smaller place.


Message: 30771 Posted: Thu Dec 25 13:09:18 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Re: A Universal Mystery

ROTF... The little tiny pieces of the toys grow itty bitty legs as soon as the air hits them. They can run and hide at will. You will find them again when you move or when the child for whom the toy was bought turns 15. That's how it works in my house, anyway. Merry Christmas!

Message: 30770 Posted: Thu Dec 25 13:03:28 2003 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday, whichever one you celebrate!

Message: 30769 Posted: Thu Dec 25 09:58:07 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: A Universal Mystery

How do young children manage to lose pieces of new toys when they have opened it directly in front of you and haven't gone anywhere with them? And... once they (the toy pieces) have disappeared, will they ever be seen again?

Message: 30768 Posted: Thu Dec 25 09:23:31 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas To All! And Peace & Goodwill

Message: 30767 Posted: Thu Dec 25 07:29:26 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Merry X-mas to everyone!

Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!
Feliz Navidad!

Message: 30766 Posted: Thu Dec 25 04:48:35 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Earthquake

<<We moved here to Paso Robles 11 years ago. It is such a wonderful little town. I know I have mentioned it many times in my posts here and on the other site, because I am so proud and happy to live here! I do hope that the downtown area can be rebuilt to look like the original 100 year old buildings that stood here so beautifully.>>


I am sure that caring citizens like you will see to it that wish comes true. I have been following the events in California from afar, and I too wish for a swift recovery and reconstruction of the Paso Robles community. Glad you and and your family are well. Christmas greetings,


Message: 30765 Posted: Wed Dec 24 23:56:19 2003 By: Journeyman
Subject: Melbourne Concert 25Jan04

Only a month to go before my first op to see and hear America live.
Only seating available for 2600 so should be nice and close theater atmosphere.
Hope they have an autograph session....:)

Message: 30764 Posted: Wed Dec 24 14:41:20 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas to All
Buone Feste e Buon Natale
Hi Ciao

Message: 30763 Posted: Wed Dec 24 10:49:00 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Happy Holidays to All

Wishing a Happy Holidays to all (posters, live chatters, and of course all the Band - Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Rich, and Woodsy and to all their families on this Holiday season).

Message: 30762 Posted: Wed Dec 24 10:44:13 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Merry Christmas Everyone!

I would like to wish all of my friends here on the America Fans site a Very Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying some special times with their families! (As my children are yelling at each other in the background!!!)

And of course my Best Wishes go out to Dewey, Gerry and the rest of the band and crew. God Bless you all, and thank you for the joy that you give us with your music!

And Happy Holidays to Steve Lowry, and thank you for giving us this site, to enjoy our favorite band!

Merry Christmas, Valerie

Message: 30761 Posted: Wed Dec 24 10:40:22 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies (Jimbob & Robyn)

Robyn, you have to be there tonight. What would a Christmas-eve chat be without you.
Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year to you Robyn.

Message: 30760 Posted: Wed Dec 24 10:32:24 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Earthquake

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns regarding the earthquake. We went last night to view the major downtown damage. (About 1 mile from our house.) Oh, it was so sad. I've been watching it on TV, but seeing it right in front of me was so eerie. It immediately made me start crying. It looked like a scene from a movie set or something. So hard to believe that it's real.

We moved here to Paso Robles 11 years ago. It is such a wonderful little town. I know I have mentioned it many times in my posts here and on the other site, because I am so proud and happy to live here! I do hope that the downtown area can be rebuilt to look like the original 100 year old buildings that stood here so beautifully.

Message: 30759 Posted: Wed Dec 24 09:09:12 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies (Jimbob & Robyn)

Unfortunatly I do not have a definative answer. "submarineLadies" is one of my favorite songs and I did pose the question on, but did not receive an answer from anyone. For what it is worth ( my 2 here) i believe that it is not a technically enhanced vocal. I could be very wrong here, but after six years of vocal training, I found that if you sing all the time, it improves your breath control which would enable you to sustain a note for a long time. Long ago I could sustain the note, as I sang along ( something I can no longer do). Maybe someone who really knows will answer the question once and for all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! As this is Christmas eve, I doubt that anyone will be in the chat room tonight ( I know I won't be!) Happy Holidays to everyone here!

Message: 30758 Posted: Wed Dec 24 06:40:04 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies (Jimbob & Robyn)

<<Hey Johnny, where did you read that about Gerry's vocal?>>

Hi Jimbob ~ Thus far, I've been unsuccessful in locating the source although I will keep searching.

I seem to recall Robyn commenting on the topic in the past. Robyn, are you able to shed any light on the matter?

Message: 30757 Posted: Wed Dec 24 06:22:05 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies

Merry Xmas, Jim!
Hope Santa is spoiling you this year...
Though seeing America in 2004 is probably one of the best present we both could ever get, no?

Message: 30756 Posted: Wed Dec 24 04:58:25 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Double post/ Beach Boys

Sorry for the double post folks. I gotta say though, for an early xmas present, I got the DVD of the BEACH BOYS in England, 1982. Its billed as 'The last time the original Beach Boys played in the UK' or somesuch, but DONT get it! Brian is hardley present and its only the footage of Dennis and Carl that make it worthwhile. Its no wonder we dont like Love!

Message: 30755 Posted: Wed Dec 24 04:44:01 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies

Merry Christmas to all here! Although it will read the 24th December, in Noo Zealand its Xmas Day already! Hey Johnny, where did you read that about Gerry's vocal? In a short time, Im gonna have the honour of seeing these guys in concert again, but what I would really love to see, is an acoustic set, where its only Gerry and Dewey. Not like the Cayman gig, where it was still basically a rock concert, but where they REALLY get down; acoustic guitarists will know what I mean! Like MIDNIGHT for example! Anyway, Merry Xmas to you all, and Nancy and Johnny and Gen et al.

Message: 30754 Posted: Wed Dec 24 04:35:34 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas/ Submarine Ladies

Merry Christmas to all here! Although it will read the 24th December, in Noo Zealand its Xmas Day already! Hey Johnny, where did you read that about Gerry's vocal? In a short time, Im gonna have the honour of seeing these guys in concert again, but what I would really love to see, is an acoustic set, where its only Gerry and Dewey. Not like the Cayman gig, where it was still basically a rock concert, but where they REALLY get down; acoustic guitarists will know what I mean! Like MIDNIGHT for example! Anyway, Merry Xmas to you all, and Nancy and Johnny and Gen et al.

Message: 30753 Posted: Wed Dec 24 04:34:00 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Happy Christmas

Happy Xmas to all from France!!!
Hope everyone will have a safe and happy Xmas, tons of joyous moments with their loved ones and that Santa will satisfy all your (musical? ;-) wishes...
This is a time for LOVE and PEACE. Hope this is what the world will achieve at last ... Have a thought for all the ones who aren't as lucky as we are but deserve the best nonetheless.
Love to all.

ps: Jason, can't wait to meet you and Madame in march in Paris... Great perspective!!!

Message: 30752 Posted: Wed Dec 24 00:43:53 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Happy Christmas

Just a short note to wish everyone a great Christmas this year. I've got the inlaws over Christmas day and am cooking for 8 people. And then 2 days later my family are descending and I'm doing all over again but for 14 people this time.

To say the wife is happy is an understatement.

But then again I am taking her to Paris in the New Year with the bonus of seeing AMERICA live so what's there to complain about.



Message: 30751 Posted: Tue Dec 23 21:04:00 2003 By: Margaret
Subject: Christmas Greetings

It is late afternoon here on Christmas Eve. As Nancy said, things happen a day earlier here. Also it is hotter here at Christmas than many of you will be experiencing. Temperatures of 100F are forecast tomorrow for Sydney.
Wherever you may be and however you celebrate at this time of year, have a wonderful and peaceful time. My thoughts go to those in California who have been affected by the earthquake. Thank you Valerie for your message and take care.
Happy Christmas Gerry, Dewey and the band. We look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks Steve for another wonderful year and for all your hard work.

Message: 30750 Posted: Tue Dec 23 20:22:54 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Earthquake

Valerie, been thinking of you too....glad to hear you're well and didn't have much damage. Must be a scary time, hope the shaking stops. Take care & hang in!

Message: 30749 Posted: Tue Dec 23 18:00:30 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies Vocals

I remember reading some article in the not-too-distant past that stated it's Gerry himself holding the long note at the end of "Submarine Ladies". It was either Dewey or Dan discussing the matter, I seem to recall. I estimate the note-holding time is about 20 seconds. Honestly, I don't think that would be difficult at all for Gerry to do.

Warren's mention of "dizzy" being changed to "shitty" at the end of "Wind Wave" made me chuckle just like it had me chuckling the first time I heard it so many years ago.

Message: 30748 Posted: Tue Dec 23 17:12:24 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies Vocals

Speechwriter wrote "I always wondered if there wasn't a bit of studio magic -- "punching in" or somesuch -- that may have helped create that sustained vocal at the tail end of the song."

I have to wonder that, too. I know that is a technique that is used quite often to sustain a vocal longer than any human being ought to be able to. I always thought that was the case on the Eagles' "Take It To The Limit" when Randy Meisner holds the word "time" for so long during the fade. That is, until I heard the live version on the Eagles Live album. I know a lot of "live" albums get doctored in the studio - adding overdubs, repairing vocals, etc.. but you can tell by the way the audience is going wild, he was really holding the note that long.

As speech said, not to suggest that Gerry couldn't do it, but I always thought that note sounded artificially sustained. Again, not a criticism - just the effect they were going for, IMO (for what it's worth). It would be nice to know for sure, though.


Message: 30747 Posted: Tue Dec 23 17:09:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Santa Clause 2 Question

Yes and yes.

Message: 30746 Posted: Tue Dec 23 16:57:54 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Santa Clause 2 Question

Does anyone know if the little girl who plays Lucy in "Santa Clause 2" and is also in the new movie "Cheaper By the Dozen" is Bill Mumy's daughter? Her name is Liliana Mumy and she looks like she could be related to him. Just curious.

Message: 30745 Posted: Tue Dec 23 07:55:19 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Earthquake

When I heard where the epicenter was, I wondered if you were ok Valerie. Earthquakes are scary. As a So Cal native I have experienced my share. Take care.

Message: 30744 Posted: Tue Dec 23 07:20:13 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies Vocals

I always wondered if there wasn't a bit of studio magic -- "punching in" or somesuch -- that may have helped create that sustained vocal at the tail end of the song. That's not to suggest Gerry can't sustain a note. I just wondered if, for purposes of getting a flawless vocal on the record, they didn't use a bit of production wizardry for insurance. Has anyone out there ever heard them do this track live? Does Gerry nail it like on the original recording?

Message: 30743 Posted: Tue Dec 23 06:53:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Earthquake & some more...

Hi Hooooo Everyone :) Hey someone really turned the calender ahead here, I thought yesterday was the first day of winter, well outside here, today it feels and smells like Springtime... all of our white stuff is slowly melting... sooo it looks as tho we are gonna have a Muddy brown & Green Xmas day.... temps are in the 40's ~~ Toooo Much! :)

Hi Valerie ~~ Sorry to hear about the Earthquake your part of Calif experienced, that has to be a very scarey thing to go through. Thanks for posting about it.. My thoughts & prayers are with you all! Take Care! :)

Hi Warren ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Interesting info on these lyrics... I will have to give them a close listen... I just gotta say, this Spontanaety found in AMERICA's music is one of the things that grabs hold of me... one of the reasons why their music, comes to be a Lifelong Friend... Nice :)

Hey there Ladd ~~ Good Idea ~~ I will give my MusikLaden a watch... I doo remember how I loved hearing them sing Wind Wave .... :)

Last but not Least ~~ my dj~Morning Guy Jack played a surprise for me... He played AMERICA singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing ~~ You can betcha he brought a Big Time Smile to my Day! For Sure! ~~~ I took my Holiday Harmony cd to my work with me last night and played it on my Lap Top, kinda was a slooooooow night at work, soooo I loved having my Favorite Guys keep me company! Thanks Gerry & Dewew! :)

~~~ Greeting Cards have all been sent the Christmas rush is about through, but I still have one Wish to Send A Special One For All Of You ~~~ Merry Christmas Friends ~~ We're apart that's true, but Everyday's a Holiday when I'm Close to You ~~ Happy Holidays to Gerry, Dewey, Woodzy, Willie,Richard & all of their Families, as well as Erin Edwards and her family... and to all of my Friends here on this Great site... Enjoy all of the Simple Pleasures this time of the Year brings, and may the New Year be filled with lots of Health, Happiness and Blessings! See ya, Nancy :) Biggggggg Hugggggg to you all! : )

~~~ Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas ~~ make the yuletide gay, from now on our troubles will be miles away, here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of your, Faithful friends that are Dear to us gather near to us once more ~~~ Through the years we all will be together if the Fates allow, hang a shining star above the Highest bow, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Noooow ~~~ Sing it for me Gerry Gerry Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 30742 Posted: Mon Dec 22 20:51:12 2003 By: Warren
Subject: Wind Wave lyrics.

You may also notice that the very last time they say "sometimes when I'm down on my luck feeling dizzy" ..RIGHT when the song breaks into She's Gonna Let You Down they get sneaky and instead say "sometimes when I'm down on my luck feelin' shitty."'s not a joke.. listen real close. You'll also notice that in Submarine Ladies, right on the beat where the lyrics begin (Why do you laugh at me..) on that first beat, right before the vocal starts, you can hear Gerry say "Hey!" in a joking way.. sort of the same kind of.. you know.. what I call old-time black and white "humor" he kinda tried to use in the song "What Does It Matter"

Message: 30741 Posted: Mon Dec 22 20:50:08 2003 By: Warren
Subject: Wind Wave lyrics.

You may also notice that the very last time they say "sometimes when I'm down on my luck feeling dizzy" ..RIGHT when the song breaks into She's Gonna Let You Down they get sneaky and instead say "sometimes when I'm down on my luck feelin' shitty."'s not a joke.. listen real close. You'll also notice that in Submarine Ladies, right on the beat where the lyrics begin (Why do you laugh at me..) on that first beat, right before the vocal starts, you can hear Gerry say "Hey!" in a joking way.. sort of the same kind of.. you know.. what I call old-time black and white "humor" he kinda tried to use in the song "What Does It Matter"

Message: 30740 Posted: Mon Dec 22 19:10:51 2003 By: valynda
Subject: Earthquake

Hello Everyone,
We experienced a 6.5 Earthquake here in Paso Robles Ca. today.
I used to live in Southern Ca. so I am used to earthquakes, but this one kind of shook me up.
I was at the elementary school that I work at, in the cafeteria with 29 children. My assistant and I managed to get the kids under the tables quickly, within seconds. The school appears to have held up very well. We then went outside to the grass area where we stayed until the last child was picked up, about 3 hours later.
At first I wasn't too scared or nervous, (trying to stay calm for the children) but as each parent arrived to pick up their child, they told us about the things that were happening around town.
Some of our beautiful old buildings downtown collapsed. Including the old clock tower building, which is a sort of "centerpiece" of our city. Many cars were crushed that were parked along the street.
When I finally arrived home the damage wasn't too bad. Many broken knick-knacks, things thrown around, drawers were all open, lots of stuff off of shelves. Even the piano and computer desk were nearly 2 feet away from the walls! (Tile floor, not carpet.)
The air conditioner/heater unit slid slightly off of its base.
We are still discovering other things that were damaged. But thank the Lord, my family is safe and our home was not hurt badly.
Sadly though, 2 women were killed downtown as they were standing outside of the building near the parked cars. May God Bless them, and their families. -Valerie

Message: 30739 Posted: Mon Dec 22 11:39:02 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies & Windwave background guess

Best way to gain an understanding of the back-up vocals in "Windwave" is to watch the MusikLaden DVD. I had initially thought they were playing tracks backwards on the album, but watching the MusikLaden show, I saw that Gerry and Dewey were singing set lines, with one starting their line halfway through the other's, so they have a bizarre overlapping effect.


Message: 30738 Posted: Mon Dec 22 11:30:02 2003 By: Don
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies & Windwave background guess

Hi Nancy:

Great guess re: Windwave. I'll check it out in the car on my way home tonight.


Message: 30737 Posted: Mon Dec 22 10:25:49 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Submarine Ladies & Windwave background guess

Hi Hoooo Everyone :)

Hey there Don ~~ You BETCHA I have noticed how well Gerry holds that Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu in that oooh sooo AWESOME song Submarine Ladies. Ooooooooooh How I love this song, you can also betcha that I cannot listen to it just 1 time ~~ Nooo sir reeeee~~ There are times I put in on my wimamp and just let it play over and over, with the speakers on loud... sooo I can capture all of the magic in this song.. Nooow for Windwave... I have spent alot of time, hitting the replay on this Great Gem tooo and the Part you are inquiring about... Here is my guess at what Gerry & Dan are kinda singing together... It sounds to me like they are drawing Wiiiiiinnnnndwaaaave out and also saying Make it Brand New, while Dewey is singing I Got a Hankerin for something homemade, its got to beeee brand newwww ~~~ Just my guess, I can tell you I have hit the replay button on this song sooo many times as well ~~ Definitely of of the Early AMERICA Harmonizing Gems.... ~~~ Hmmmm ~~ Thanks for mentioning these 2 songs... this has been one hectic day sooooo far, and as always my AMERICA songs can calm me down and carry me away from Life's everyday sanities.... Oooooh I would love to hear Gerry sing Submarine Ladies one day live..... I try to keep up with his lonnnnnng carried out Love Youuuuuuuuu, but no can doo, my fingers do it easier... :)

Hi there Michelle R from Wis ~~ Thanks for sharing Your Happy Holiday Harmony xmas card with us... I too love to make cards here on my puter.... I could spend hours and do spend hours at doing it... I love to make mine from scratch.... My harddrive is sooo filled up now, that when I do try and make cards, I get that white screen that says my Memory is tooo low.... Boooo hooooooo ! ~~ I enjoyed seeing your card.

Hi Robyn ~~ Hmmm Nice things dd Kate & You won on the radio ~~ Tooo much that Kohls xmas cd being one of these items.... Neat how AMERICA's stuff has a way of brightening our days! :)

WOW Rich M ~~ Lucky You getting to hear Christmas in Calif... on the radio... I have only heard WinterWonderland & Sleighride here on my radio... I am still hoping on the all day xmas eve and xmas show, that I will get to hear at least 1 of the 3 played in the nonstop xmas songs playlist....

Hi traveler ~~ I doooo hope you get to book your London\England flight,to take in a show over there... Nice :)

Happy Holidays to all of our friends from NZ, Australia and that will be celebrating Christmas 1 day ahead of us... Hi there Jimmmmmmmbob! :)

Okay gotta get back to Reality here, Christmas is only 2 days away, and I still have soooooo much to doooo! Have a good day all! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Don't you know that IIiiii Love youuuu, I was hoping you loved me too, don't you know that I love you, love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, and if I seem to you indiffernt once or twice, it's because I was feeling quite that way, and the time I hung up the phone, and didn't speak again, don't you know that I loooove you, I was hoping you loved me toooo, don't you know that I love youuu, love youuuuuuuuuu ~~ Sing it for me Gerry, Dewey & Dan :)

Message: 30736 Posted: Mon Dec 22 09:44:59 2003 By: Don
Subject: Submarine Ladies Vocals

Anyone ever notice how well Gerry sustains "Love You . . . . . " about 2 min. and 46 sec. Into Submarine Ladies on Hat Trick? Try it. I'm a swimmer and I had to do it a couple of times to nail it without running out of wind. I wonder how many takes it took him? When you try it, you have to start with the words "Love You . . ." Not just the "You" part!

What are the backing vocals saying about 2 min. 6 sec. Into Wind Wave? I don't have a clue. You?

Happy Holidays . . .Don

Message: 30735 Posted: Mon Dec 22 09:43:46 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America in unexpected places

She got plush toys from the 'Cat in the Hat" Movie ( she really wanted 'Thing one' and Thing Two" ) and a Christmas stocking with two Beach Boys cds ( greatest hits and the Christmas one)

Message: 30734 Posted: Mon Dec 22 09:37:10 2003 By: RichM
Subject: Holiday Harmony

I heard "Christmas in California" while in a restaurant last night. I always get a kick out of hearing America songs in places I don't expect. The CD must be getting some decent airplay. I don't listen to the radio that much, but I've heard three plays from the CD in the last week.

Message: 30733 Posted: Sun Dec 21 20:24:54 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Chords To America's Christmas Songs

Thanks to Bob Rose we now have the chords to America's three new Christmas songs from Holiday Harmony. I don't have time to post them on the America Fans web site right now because it takes a lot of time for each song. I might have time between Christmas and New Years but that remains to be seen. In the meantime you can download a MS Word document that has the chords by clicking here. Thanks again to Bob for taking the time to figure out the chords. Merry Christmas everyone!

Message: 30732 Posted: Sun Dec 21 18:15:34 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: America in unexpected places

Congrats to Kate! What were the other items that were awarded to her as well?

Message: 30731 Posted: Sun Dec 21 17:40:10 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: America in unexpected places

Well, my dd won a contest on our local radio station , K-rth, we played 'generation gap ' and although I missed two out of three ( They were really hard!) one of the dj's ,Lisa, took pity on Kate for having such a dumb mom, and gave her the prize anyway. When we went to pick it up, among the items was a Christmas CD, with a variety of artists. Kate flips it over and says "Look AMERICA!" turns out this cd ( put out by Kohl's) has 'Frosty the Snowman'. Made my day, let me tell you!

Message: 30730 Posted: Sun Dec 21 17:40:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Baltimore concert

I'm trying to figure out what the Camden Yards concert is all about but I haven't heard anything from Erin yet. My guess is that it might be part of an oldies fest or something like that. I'm sure we'll figure it out as the date draws nearer.

Message: 30729 Posted: Sun Dec 21 17:36:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Adensam Christmas Card

Click here to see a Christmas card from Michelle Adensam in Racine, WI.

Message: 30728 Posted: Sun Dec 21 16:49:43 2003 By: Chrislin
Subject: Baltimore concert

Does anyone know anything about America being at Camdon Yards in Baltimore on July 11th, 2004, I just noticed it listed with upcoming concerts for next year. Are they playing at the staduim during an Orioles game or something?

Message: 30727 Posted: Sun Dec 21 09:06:41 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Thanks nancy - but even my trips have a limit

HI Nancy,
I assume you were suggesting I should have attended the Hollywood, FLorida concert last night but... since I was just down there last really wouldn't have been convenient. Even I have a limit to the number of trips I am able to make a year. I have to set priorities as to which ones I attend. My preference is to combine shows with a place that I would visit even if a concert wasn't scheduled there. That way it becomes an added bonus. Right now I am visiting with my niece and nephews in DC for Christmas and visiting my mom as this could be her last Christmas with us.

I am still waiting for a London trip to be announced which would be a major trip for me. Beside if that doesn't work out, I have already made reservations at Humphrey's for July (I need to dig out all my information about going salt water fishing in San Diego as well 'cause I plan on going during that same trip.) I will also be flying to Sacramento in June for a worksshop and will be flying into the Philly region to visit friends in Feb. As of right now, basically my trips for the first half of the year are mostly planned. I do actuallly have to show up to work

Message: 30726 Posted: Sun Dec 21 08:43:55 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone article, HH airplay ...

Hi Hooooo Everyone :)

Hmmmm ~~ Just had to pop in and say Winter Wonderland just played on Dick Barteley's AMERICA Gold Xmas song special edition... Nice ~ Nice ~ Nice :)

Thanks Danae ~~ I enjoyed reading this article on Gerry & Dewey.. I got a Chuckle out of Gerry saying "I am not sure what it is that keeps this magic going all of these years... Gerry said that it must be that he and Dewey are balding at the same speed... too much LOL!!! :) :) :)

Hi there Gen ~~~ Happy Holidays to You and Yours too! ~~ Are you like me at this time of year? I am like a Chicken running round with my head cut off! LOL!!! Nice to hear from you... take care! :)

Geeze Traveler ~~ You should have tried to make it to this, as a part of your traveling...

Well gotta get busy here, take care all, enjoy your day! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Lallallallallallalla ~~ Lallallallallallalla walking in a winter wonderland Sing it for us Dewey :)

Message: 30725 Posted: Sun Dec 21 07:47:39 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: what is this concert? I found this on the Kansas website

I realize the information I'm about to give you is a day late, but I was extremely busy yesterday so I didn't read my e-mail until this morning. Erin and Gerry confirmed the Holywood, FL concert last night and sent me information about getting tickets for the concert which really doesn't matter anymore. America fan, the Traveller, also sent me information and some links. If any of you did make it to the concert, we'd be interested in hearing about it.

Message: 30724 Posted: Sun Dec 21 07:42:44 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: French gigs (Steve L)

Thanks for the info, Gen. I'll make the changes the next time I update the site.

Message: 30723 Posted: Sun Dec 21 02:27:03 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: French gigs (Steve L)

There have been some changes apparently concerning the French gigs. The Nice concert will take place in the 'THEATRE LINO VENTURA' instead of 'LE CENTRE CULTUREL'. Here are links to 1) the 'Theatre' site and info page (America is not yet listed in the 'programmation' (=schedule) because they need to update obviously.... and 2) the page that includes this concert and the necessary info.
Hope it will help.


ps :(Thanks to Viviane P. in Nice for writing me & attracting my attention.)

Message: 30722 Posted: Sat Dec 20 17:36:53 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone Article

Wow what do you know something half way decent about them from RS..
By the way HH had what I totaled 50 spins. 39 Winter Wonderlands
5 White Christmases, 3 Californias and Let it Snows

Message: 30721 Posted: Sat Dec 20 11:39:33 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Milw. Concert & White Xmas in Mall

Linda - Thanks for the good news about the Milwaukee concert and the ticket sale date! My husband & I are trying to work things out so we can go.

Also, I was at a mall in Madison this a.m. and heard Dewey singing "White Christmas". (Not even in a music store, but in the middle of the mall.) Must have been my reward for getting up early to get my shopping finished.

Message: 30720 Posted: Sat Dec 20 07:18:32 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: what is this concert? I found this on the Kansas website

Hi Steve! Please do let us know if you find anything about this show as I live in S. Fla. and might want to go.

Message: 30719 Posted: Sat Dec 20 01:00:29 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Re: I'm sick again! Grrr!

I just hung up the phone. I had a conversation with Lena. She's sick too, like her older sister. Yesterday, in my class, seven of my classmates were absent. Kind of epidemic virus? I don't know.
Lena believes we will be alright on Tuesday to go shopping. I hope so!

Message: 30718 Posted: Sat Dec 20 00:51:11 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: what is this concert? I found this on the Kansas website

David, this is the first I've heard of this concert but I'm checking to see if I can find out anything else. If I do find any information I'll be sure to post it here ASAP.

Message: 30717 Posted: Sat Dec 20 00:45:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Rolling Stone Article

Danae sent me a link to a Gerry Beckley interview on the Rolling Stone web site. The article is titled "Coming Back to America: Gerry Beckley talks about thirty years of America and it was originally published on September 16, 2000. Thanks, Danae, for sharing that link with us.

Message: 30716 Posted: Fri Dec 19 21:45:19 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: what is this concert? I found this on the Kansas website

"Serving up the Rock"
Event in South Florida

Classic Rock Concert
Saturday, December 20th:
9:00 PM Concert
Great Hall in The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
3555 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019

Steve Augeri of Journey
Gerry Beckley of America
Phil Ehart of Kansas
Jimi Jamison of Survivor
Tommy Shaw of STYX
Steve Walsh of Kansas

Serving Up the Rock will benefit Here's Help,
a charity that provides help for families suffering
through drug addiction.
$37.50 Advance tickets available through

Message: 30715 Posted: Fri Dec 19 16:24:18 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: We're sick here too! Grrrrrrrr

TGIF Everyone :)

Sorry to hear that nasty flu bug is there at your place too Danae, he arrived here at my place this past teusday and still hasn't got the hint he isn't welcome here. My youngest son Nathan has it the worst, I have it too, but not as bad as Nathan... I second Beth's suggestions to you... drink lots of water or Jello water, stay warm, rest and Listen to your AMERICA music. Before you know it teus will be here and you will be up and ready to roll! Take care, Nice hearing from you! :)

Hmmmm ~~ We have found a replacement for Bessie the van... we can't bring it home till next week tho.... sooo I am still homebound and OUCH ~~ only 6 days till Christmas..... Jeff should be coming anytime now from NY... We will have to go find an xmas tree tomorrow .... Hopefully they will be alittle bit visable.... we are expected to get 5 inches of that WHITE STUFF tonight .... Hey did someone turn the calender ahead, I thought the first day of Winter was next week! hahhahahah! :)

Hmmm ~~ Anyone requesting some of the white stuff email me and I will do my best to get some emailed back to you as quickly as I can!! LOL!

Nice hearing from you Nina ~~ Way to go getting your Holiday Harmony songs playing on the School speaker system.... I love it! :)

Hey there Redddddd ~~ Be sure and tuck Nelleybelle in.... sooo she won't feel you are deserting her.... :)

Okay gotta get now, have a good weekend everyone! Nancy :)

~~~ Oooh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is soooo delightful, and since we don't have no Bessie to go go go , Let it snow, let it snow , let it snooooow ~~~ Nathan is here helping me sing this to You all! :) :) :)

Message: 30714 Posted: Fri Dec 19 15:10:45 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Re: I'm sick again! Grrr!

Sorry to hear it, Danae. Go straight to bed, get lots of rest this weekend!!! Drink plenty of fuids. Wash your hands often. Have toast and bananas.

I'm sure your mom has already told you all this! Sorry, couldn't stop myself. Rest, dear friend. Get lots of rest. You will feel better soon! Don't stress about what needs to get done in four days, only focus on you for right now, and get better soon!


Message: 30713 Posted: Fri Dec 19 13:23:29 2003 By: Danae
Subject: I'm sick again! Grrr!

Last week I didn't go to school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because I was ill. I had fever and cold in the head. I have been taking an antibiotic for this week to recover.
Today, during the English lesson at school, I started sneezing, "blowing" my nose (I hope you understand what I want to say, I translated a greek expression in english) and having tears in my eyes. It was like an allergic reaction.
Now I have a sore throat, headache and some fever. I can't stand it! I am planning to go shopping with my friend Lena and Ioanna on Tuesday morning (it's the last day of lessons, we will stay at school four hours only, the other lessons won't be done) and I really must go to buy X-mas gifts for my family! I HAVE TO go!
I want to see what I'm gonna do if I don't go!
And i realy LOVE shopping with Lena and Ioanna...

Message: 30712 Posted: Fri Dec 19 12:24:19 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Concert in Milwaukee March 3lst

Karen and Joan....Potawatomi just confirmed that America will indeed be performing on March 31, and tickets will go on sale on Feb. 21.

Message: 30711 Posted: Fri Dec 19 12:09:45 2003 By: Joan
Subject: Concert in Milwaukee March 3lst

Can anyone tell me when tickets will go on sale for the March 3lst "America" concert in Milwaukee, WI? I don't want to miss this one--it has been far too long since my last concert! Can't wait to see them again!

Message: 30710 Posted: Fri Dec 19 09:42:44 2003 By: Beth
Subject: WOW BoomerRadio!

Now playing "Today's the Day"!! YeeHa!! This is So Cool!!!


Message: 30709 Posted: Fri Dec 19 07:12:48 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Speech ~~ Hope this gets you your xmas wish!

Many thanks to those kind souls here who offered encouragement and specific referrals in my quest for the "Homecoming" on DVD. Perhaps it will turn up for Xmas, or maybe I'll be left to track it down in January. Either way, it was nice to hear from folks trying to help.

Message: 30708 Posted: Fri Dec 19 06:23:02 2003 By: Nina
Subject: "America" on School Morning News

Hi! Just a cute story. I now teach at the same middle-high school where my brother teaches. He's in charge of Media classes and supervises the student-anchored morning news on closed circuit TV every morning. (Think "Saturday Night Live"..."Wake up Wakefield"!?) Before the actual news comes on in our classrooms, there is always about 10 minutes of music played. Lately, it's been Christmas carols...sung by Dean Martin, because he's my brother's favorite. Well, the students were getting pretty bored with hearing Dean warbling every I shared this fact with big brother. He admitted he only had one Christmas CD...and asked if "I" had any? AS A MATTER OF FACT, I DO...I REPLIED! So THIS morning the students and staff were treated to HOLIDAY HARMONY! What a treat! My phone started ringing at "White Christmas"...this seemed to be the song where staff began to recognize that it was "America" singing. (Must be the "Tin Man" connection!) I must say, school is a lot more easy to take with "my guys" providing the sound track!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka, Happy Kwanza, everyone! My best to all in the new year!

Message: 30707 Posted: Fri Dec 19 06:17:47 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Your favorite America songs

I don't know if I could ever pinpoint one song but I'd maybe say Riverside. I still remember when I first heard SGH and said instantly, that will be a hit. My 14 yr old daughter's favorite is definitely SGH amd my 20yr old daughter likes everything and is my "date" when we see America annually.

Message: 30706 Posted: Thu Dec 18 17:58:11 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Review

Great review of Fragile Sunrise. Couldn't agree more. Nice work, JL!

Well, after recently having 3 feet of snow dumped on us, we got 4 inches of rain yesterday and last night. Today there was flooding state wide. Some of the rivers have yet to crest and ice jams can make the flooding even worse. Crazy winter we're having up here in Maine!


Message: 30705 Posted: Thu Dec 18 17:07:17 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Possible airplay for Frosty

My second-grader son just reported to me that in art class today the radio was on and they announced they were going to play America's "Frosty the Snowman", but then it was time for their class to leave the room. Hmmm . . . I wonder if he heard that right? I hope so!! I proceeded to interrogate him with 20 questions, trying to determine if it was really America or just someone else singing Frosty. He's quite confident they said it would be America. If he would have been able to stay to listen, he would have known for sure. He not only knows America when he hears them, but he knows whether it's Dewey, Gerry or Dan on lead vocals. (I'm sure many of your children are the same way!)

Message: 30704 Posted: Thu Dec 18 15:12:21 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Favorites and BoomerRadio

Danae, my favorite song changes from time to time. And, I can never seem to actually pin down just one! (I see your family has the same dilemma) Right now my favorites are "I Don't Belive in Miracles" and "Never Be Lonely" I guess I'm in an early 80's cycle....

Nancy, I don't know if I can request....I will do some checking someday when I have time.....I'll be off all next week, and I'm busy like crazy at the Month-End / Year-End times, so I won't have time to do it in the near future....But I'll check it out and report back!

Thanks for the feed-back, good people. Just wanted to check I wasn't getting on anyone's nerves!


Message: 30703 Posted: Thu Dec 18 12:56:58 2003 By: Danae
Subject: Your favorite America songs

My dad likes "A Horse With No Name", "Sandman", "Don't Cross The River", "Green Monkey", "Tin Man", "Sister Golden Hair", "Survival" and "You Can Do Magic".
Lena likes "A Horse With No Name" and "I Need You".
My mom likes "I Need You" and "All My Life".
My aunt likes "Hangover" and "Hidden Talent".
I like everithing.
All right. It 's YOUR MOVE now!

Message: 30702 Posted: Thu Dec 18 12:45:42 2003 By: Danae
Subject: SGH - off topic!

You remind me the joy and the surprise I feel every time I hear a song by America on the radio.
The first time was when i was nine years old and i heard "Don't Cross The River" in Radio Gold. Recently -last year- I went into a shop with accessories to by a gift for a friend and I heard "You Can Do Magic"! I didn't understand it in the beginning but when I heard "You can do magic, you can have everything that you desire/magic, and you know you're the one who can put out the fire", my brain started working!
America are all-time classic. Aren't they?

Message: 30701 Posted: Thu Dec 18 10:46:50 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Review

I'm pleased to see such a positive review of Fragile Sunrise. After I bought my copy, I bought everything else Jeff has out and still feel that it's my favorite music outside of America.

Message: 30700 Posted: Thu Dec 18 10:38:49 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: SGH & Fragile Sunrise Review

Hi Hooo Everyone :)

Hey Beth ~~ I think this Boomer radio is pretty neat... if my home pc wasn't sooo filled up right now, I would definitely have it on here, I still am gonna see about putting it on my work pc... also I am kinda curious, do you know if you can send requests into this Boomer radio, if soooo this could be a way for us to get to hear some of the Nice Hidden Gems and to gain them some Exposure! Keep on a Smilin at work with all of those great songs playing. :)

Steve ~~ Great review on Jeff's Fragile Sunrise cd... I know I love hitting the replay button on all of the songs on this cd... I am more than looking forward to getting to hear his next cd of songs in their entirety. I am enjoying the soundclips on them also. Congrats Jeff! :)

Hey Anita ~~ Nice getting to talk to you, Mary, traveler, Jenna & AM Girl late last night. My computer has been acting soo crazy lately, I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to stay on the live chat, without getting booted. ~~ Hmmmm If you haven't heard any of Jeff Larson's Fragile Sunrise songs, you should go visit his site and treat yourself.... I am sure you will like his songs. Not only Dewey is on these songs with Jeff, Gerry, Timothy B Schmitt & Jeff Foskett sing on these as well. I wrote a reiview for Jeff's cd on a couple of the music sites, and have been mentioning him to my dj friend. I would love to hear Jeff's songs playing on my fave radio station soon..

It was an awesome site here in my neck of the woods yesterday... a White Winterland for sure, Morning Guy Jack played Sleigh Ride for me, and Lunchtime dj Brian played Winter Wonderland, I won't give up mentioning the 3 new songs to both of them... till I get to hear at least 1 of them playing on the radio... :)

Take care all, See ya, Nancy :) :) :)

Message: 30699 Posted: Thu Dec 18 09:25:49 2003 By: Beth
Subject: SGH

Now playing on Boomer Radio!

....are you guys getting sick of me telling you this stuff?

I just can't contain myself! I have to share the joy!


Message: 30698 Posted: Thu Dec 18 07:01:05 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Fragile Sunrise Review

Terrific review, Steve, thanks! Is Dewey on more than one song on this CD?

Message: 30697 Posted: Thu Dec 18 06:56:09 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Fragile Sunrise Review

Click here to read a great review about Jeff Larson's "Fragile Sunrise" on the Robb Report Home Entertainment & Design web site. Congratulations Jeff!

Message: 30696 Posted: Wed Dec 17 19:28:29 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: New Gigs (Linda)

Thx, Linda! I didn't get there last time, but it does look nice. I like the name, too - Northern Lights Theater. I'd love to be at one of those tables in front of the stage. We'll have to see what works out!

Message: 30695 Posted: Wed Dec 17 19:00:35 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Winter Wonderland

Just heard Winter Wonderland for the first time while out shopping at Toy's "R" Us for our Adopt-a-Family program....after an hour of shopping got another bonus when I heard Ventura Highway! I'll have to start hanging out there since I still have many gifts to buy! Hope you're all enjoying the Holidays!

Message: 30694 Posted: Wed Dec 17 18:38:06 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Re: New Gigs (Linda)

Hi Karen - I'll be sure to let you know if I hear anything more about the concert at Potawatomi. Did you see them the last time they performed there? It's a real nice venue. Only drawback is no cameras are allowed.

Message: 30693 Posted: Wed Dec 17 16:08:08 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: New Gigs (Linda)

Linda - would you mind letting me know if/when you learn more? Thanks for looking into it. I went as far as checking out the Potawatomi Casino website last night but didn't see anything so thought I'd just keep checking back. If I learn more, I'll let you know too. Thanks! Karen

Message: 30692 Posted: Wed Dec 17 16:04:33 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Speech ~~ Hope this gets you your xmas wish!

I second that, Nancy - I recently ordered my copy from DVD Planet. It was within the last couple months - Oct. or Nov., I think. Good luck, Speech!

Message: 30691 Posted: Wed Dec 17 15:42:32 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Speech ~~ Hope this gets you your xmas wish!

Hi Speech ~~

Hmmm check out, that is where I got mine from, and I went there and checked and they have it, but it says LOW STOCK sooo you best act quickly on this... I have ordered from this place a couple times and haven't had any trouble with them. Hope this helps you out... I just love my Homecoming AudioDVD. It comes to life and you can hear every little note and sound on these AWESOME songs... I get the chills thinking about it... Good Luck, Nancy :)

Message: 30690 Posted: Wed Dec 17 12:53:33 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD/Audio

In response to the album notes question. The first America album and Homecoming both went platinum. However, the actual awards weren't made until years later. The platinum award for America was made in 1986 (when it was re-released on CD) and the award for Homecoming was made in 2001 or there abouts, right before it was released on DVD. The platinum award wasn't created until around 1976, before that gold was as good as it got. It took a few years for the award to catch on with the industry and public. By that time America had already split with WB, so obviously WB was going to go through the expense of having America's albums certified platinum when they were with another label. I have heard that some of America's other albums such as Holiday and Hearts also sold enough to qualify for platinum status, but since WB has never released them on CD in the us, they have never had them certified. Certification is as much a marketing tool to push a product as it is a reward for the artists. If WB or Rhino ever gets around to releasing the other albums on CD in the US (which I think is doubtful), I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't certified platinum as part of the marketing effort for them.

The other errors are obvious to the casual fan. Sometimes I think they get people to right liner notes who haven't even listened to the album. In the notes for the History CD, they said that America covered Captain and Tenelle's Muskrat Love - obviously it was the other way around!

Message: 30689 Posted: Wed Dec 17 12:35:45 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD.

it's an audio dvd. very cool. Steve has the bonus stuff up on his page, interviews with the guys. The dvd portion pust up some stills from the photoshoot. All in all very interesting.

Message: 30688 Posted: Wed Dec 17 12:30:26 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Homecoming DVD.


I've never heard of a Homecoming DVD. What I've spoken of recently, as have others, is the Homecoming DVD-Audio disc, which, as I'm sure you know, is high end playback in the 5.1 surround sound format that requires a DVD player that can play DVD Audio discs, as well as six speakers. Not all DVD players play DVD Audio. Is that what you're referring to? I was never aware there was a DVD for Homecoming? What's on that? Concert footage of songs from the album?


Message: 30687 Posted: Wed Dec 17 12:06:57 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Re: New Gigs

I was thrilled to see a date added in Milwaukee! However, I contacted Potawatomi about tickets and this was their reply:
We are trying to get America for March 24 but they are not confirmed yet.
As soon as we know otherwise, we will let you know.

Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Either date works for me - I just hope they're really coming!

Message: 30686 Posted: Wed Dec 17 11:34:43 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Top CD list for this Xmas

Hi there Goanna,
I work at a CD store here in the northeast US in Massachusetts, so I thought I might give my answer to your question. I will just tell what some of the CDs are that a lot of people seem to be buying for the Christmas lists that they have. This list is just a bunch of CDs as I think of them , so it isn't really a official list or anything. And it isnt CDs that I like , although I do like some of them and some of the artists, but I'm just trying to give an idea of what CDs people are buying in mass quantities here in my area.
Coldplay "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
Clay Aiken "Measure of a Man"
Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys "Kings of Crunk"
The Strokes "Room on Fire"
Sarah McLachlan "Afterglow"
G-Unit, "G-unit"
Good Charlotte "The Young and the Hopeless"
Michael McDonald "Motown"
Warren Zevon "The Wind"
Toby Keith "Shocking Yall"
Michael Buble "Michael Buble"
Rod Stewart "As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook Volume 2"
Sean Paul "Dutty Rock"
Outkast "Speakerbox/The Love Below"
Thursday "War All the Time"
Blink -182 "Blink 182"
Missy Elliott "This Is Not a Test"
Jay-Z "The Black Album"
That's some of the CD's that are selling well at the store I work at.
Take care everyone,

Message: 30685 Posted: Wed Dec 17 11:07:37 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: America's "Homecoming" DVD and Hen's Teeth

Yes Speech... as I already mentioned sometime last year I'm afraid it has become a very rare item... The editor (here Warner Vision France) has been out of stock for months & months (!) and so I have tried to find an extra copy for my sister in every possible way, which I haven't gotten yet.
I don't know if the dvd-a is easier to purchase in the US but anyway there is this zone pb (as you know Europe & Japan are zone 2...) which limits my search as well... hope you'll be very lucky this xmas, hey!

Message: 30684 Posted: Wed Dec 17 10:13:02 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Winter Wonderland

Playing on Boomer Radio at this moment! Hope you all Have a Happy and a Merry!


Message: 30683 Posted: Wed Dec 17 10:03:46 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: America's "Homecoming" DVD and Hen's Teeth

Forgive me if I missed it, but did the "Homecoming" DVD become as uncommon as hen's teeth somewhere along the line? A year ago, when it didn't matter to me because I didn't own (or care to own) a DVD player, I saw it at Best Buys and somewhere else (although I can't recall where else). Now that I'm on the verge of surprising my kids with a DVD player for Xmas, I've placed the Homecoming DVD on my own wish list. My wife just called me at work to ask what other DVDs I might want -- never a good sign. I mentioned to her that the Homecoming DVD is available online, as far as I know, but her reaction tells me she may have had trouble locating a vendor who has one. I did a half-hearted search during some down time, and I noticed that a couple of vendors who advertised having the DVD also displayed a note, once you clicked through to the "shop" page, that the item is "out of stock" or "currently on order."

Message: 30682 Posted: Wed Dec 17 07:19:07 2003 By: Erin
Subject: Re: the new gigs

maybe a reno gig sometime in 2004?? please???

erin :o)

Message: 30681 Posted: Wed Dec 17 07:18:52 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: any new material yet?

I haven't heard anything one way or the other. I've asked Gerry, Dewey, and Erin about it in a couple of mail messages and they haven't responded. I'm guessing that means one of several things: 1) they want to make it a surprise; 2) they haven't completed it yet; 3) their busy schedules didn't allow them to start; or 4) some other logical reason that I haven't thought of. If I do hear anything I'll be sure to pass it along.

Message: 30680 Posted: Wed Dec 17 06:57:44 2003 By: jeff brink
Subject: music....

Jeff Larson has some nice soundclips over on his site. America fans ought to like some of the guest he has listed.... Ladds cd and it's very good. Really nice instrumentation. Check him out.

Carry on.

Message: 30679 Posted: Wed Dec 17 03:24:09 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Top CD list for this Xmas

Sorry, forgot to mention.... It's in your neck of the woods...!!!

Message: 30678 Posted: Wed Dec 17 03:22:22 2003 By: Goanna
Subject: Top CD list for this Xmas

Hi Everyone,
Hope you guys aren't freezing too much in the Nth hemisphere. We have just starting to get our usual December days with a very warm 104*f - 39*c yesterday....

Anyway here's a quick quiz for everybody...
what are the top 10 most wanted / requested CD's for Xmas in music stores at the moment...???

have fun finding out...! let me know....

Message: 30677 Posted: Tue Dec 16 20:10:06 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: the new gigs

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the booking at Camden Yards is for an Oldies show...or as Gerry would say, a Classic Rock show with multiple acts performing. Just a thought.

Message: 30676 Posted: Tue Dec 16 20:10:05 2003 By: David Stengele
Subject: any new material yet?

Hi, just wondering if there's any news on any new material. I hope if there is news, it's good news.

Message: 30675 Posted: Tue Dec 16 16:29:01 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Re: the new gigs

Hi Rob: Yes, you're right about Camden Yards being a beautiful ballpark; it's built to look like an old-fashioned ballpark and it's a great place to see a game. I've never seen a concert there, but if it's an America show, it's going to be great. It's less than an hour for me, so I'll definitely put it on my calendar. Hope you can make it, too.

Message: 30674 Posted: Tue Dec 16 16:16:29 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: the new gigs

Hey everyone,
I was reading these upcoming gigs for next year and one of them is Camden Yards stadium in Baltimore. That sounds like a great place to see a concert. When i see the stadium on baseball games that are broadcast on tv it always looks like a really really nice ballpark. Maybe America is taking a cue from Bruce Springsteen in booking a gig at a baseball stadium, I am a big Bruce fan as well as a fan of America and Bruce has played a couple of stadium dates at baseball stadiums during his 2003 tour. The tour actually concluded recently. I believe he played at Milwaukee's baseball stadium and I am totally sure that he played at Fenway Park in Boston. I am glad that artists are starting to play baseball stadiums on their tours more in the past year or two, the parks are a bit smaller than football stadiums and so they are a little better at making the atmosphere seem a bit intimate. I am one of those people that always prefers a small club or small theatre setting for a concert. There is also something cool about playing a baseball park during the summer when fans will be seeing a game one night and then they can see a concert by America the next night, if that's the way the schedule works. Hey Dewey and Gerry and all booking agents who might be reading this, it would be cool if you came to Fenway Park to play a concert; please feel free to book a gig there at any time.
I am thinking that this booking of a stadium gig may mean that America has some new material (perhaps even that brand new album) that they will take on the road with them this coming summer. The stadium concert seems to be kind of something new for them, so I think they might be planning a tour that promotes the album. I'm always thinking...and I'm always trying to get excited about new material by Gerry, Dewey, and the guys. Hope someone out there will respond with some inside info if there is any about the tour for 2004.
I am thinking about trying to go to this Baltimore show even though Baltimore is a full day trip for me by car, but I have a long time to plan for it.
Well, just my thoughts on this posting of the upcoming gigs. Take care everyone, and have a good Tuesday night.
Rob L

Message: 30673 Posted: Tue Dec 16 14:17:13 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Homecoming DVD/Audio

Paul, you're right about #1 as well; the album America did go platinum. See this link:

Message: 30672 Posted: Tue Dec 16 13:53:03 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Homecoming DVD/Audio

You are definitely right about 2 and 3 - I'm not sure about #1

Message: 30671 Posted: Tue Dec 16 13:40:03 2003 By: Paul Fatts
Subject: Homecoming DVD/Audio

I just purchased the Homecoming DVD/Audio from and as much as I like the product, I was disappointed that the person who wrote the "Album Essay", Barry Alfonso, made, what I believe to be, 3 mistakes. 1) He said America's first album went gold. I thought it went Platinum. 2) He said Dewey and Gerry traded lead vocals on "Head & Heart". I thought all 3 guys took a verse each. And 3) He said Dewey sang lead on "California Revisted". I thought that was Dan. Any comments from anyone?

Message: 30670 Posted: Tue Dec 16 13:28:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

Here are some new concerts that were sent to me by Erin. I'll add them to the official concert list the next time I update the America Fans web site:

3.31.04 / Milwaukee, WI / Potawatomi Casino
6.4.04 & 6.5.04 / Peachtree City, GA / Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheatre
7.11.04 / Baltimore, MD / Camden Yards Stadium
7.23.04 / San Diego, CA / Humphreys by the Bay

Message: 30669 Posted: Tue Dec 16 06:19:16 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Brutus - The Skydiving Dog Triv Question

QUESTION: What do you call Brutus when his parachute doesn't deploy?

a) a not-so-LUCKY DOG

b) Spam

c) a veterinarian

d) Spot

e) all the above

Just kiddin', of course! No hate mail, please. I like dogs especially little ones like cute wienie dogs.

Message: 30668 Posted: Tue Dec 16 04:16:17 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Sergio's Christmas Card

<<You are VERY talented. I wish I had an ounce of your creative ability.>>


That was a very generous comment and I greatly appreciate it. I wish I had an ounce of your clever talent with words. Thank you, my friend,

Sir Joe

Message: 30667 Posted: Mon Dec 15 21:04:47 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Delray Trip - An Unbelievable Adventure

EE ~ Ya gotta love a littl' wienie dog even if his odd name is "Brutus" and he's sittin' beside you for hours! Seems his name should have been "Oscar" though. :0)

"I'm a MAD DOG at times like these...."

Message: 30666 Posted: Mon Dec 15 20:37:20 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Stabler Arena setlist

Thought some folks might be interested in the setlist. This is the one for the second show; the first show omitted Company, Only In Your Heart and California Dreamin'.

ventura highway
don't cross the river
daisy jane
i need you
tin man
only in your heart
california dreamin'
lonely people
sister golden hair
horse w/no name

Message: 30665 Posted: Mon Dec 15 20:22:11 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Delray Trip - An Unbelievable Adventure

Hi Karen,

Your comment of "Wow - excitement from start to finish!!" Doesn't even begin to describe the trip since I didn't even post our Saturday activities. We attended a book signing by James Patterson at the Palm Beach Bookstore.

Unlike the signing I attended in June at the Borders in Broomfield Colorado where nearly 300 people showed up to see James Patterson talk, there weren't even 15 people in the small, independent bookstore when he arrived. (This was his 2 book siging of the day with 2 more to go). With so few people in line, he spent time talking to each person individually. When he found out I was visiting from Colorado, he said he had to go the The Breaker's Hotel (5 star hotel) to take a look inside. (It is located less than 1 mile down the road from the bookstore.)

We were already planning to go but this decided it for us. When we got to the hotel, went inside to loook around. We asked one of the Hotel clerks in front of the check-in desk a simple question about the history of the hotel. This segwayed into a 45 minute to 1 hour private tour of the 1st floor of the hotel. He shared with us many of the historical and architectal aspects of the rooms along with the cultural significances of the time period. This tour provided us with more greater understanding and significance of the hotel that we would not have otherwise had. We finished it off with soup in the Seafood Bar with a large glass expanse of windows overlooking the ocean, and a clear bar that is a salt water aquarium. All in all, a wonderfull experience.

Not to mention that the Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach upgraded our rooom, so we were on the third floor, with a balcony directly overlooking the Beach. Spent much of Saturady morning sitting on the beach reading.

Heck, I can handle a small inconvenence of nearly losing my luggage to get all the rest.

(No, I didn't get an autograph from Brutus. (or should I saw pawprint. ) And I would never be lucky enought to get a seat next to one of the band member. My luck tends torward the ABSURD.

Message: 30664 Posted: Mon Dec 15 20:16:49 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Delray Trip - An Unbelievable Adventure

Great post. What a fun trip. I loved the Brutus bit. You got a Gerry pick--WAY TO GO.

Message: 30663 Posted: Mon Dec 15 19:50:17 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Delray Trip - An Unbelievable Adventure

Hi Traveler! Nice to see your post. Wow - excitement from start to finish!! I'm so glad to hear your trip went well and that it was everything you hoped for, especially after the way it started out! (For a second there I thought you were going to say that someone from the band was sitting next to you on the plane! Now that would have been a surprise!) I take it you didn't get Brutus's autograph :)


Message: 30662 Posted: Mon Dec 15 19:17:24 2003 By: Traveler
Subject: Delray Trip - An Unbelievable Adventure

HI All,

I got back from my trip to Delray Beach Florida Sunday night at midnight (MST) and had to be a work the next morning. Since I only work 2 days and leave for 2 more weeks, I couldn't call in sick. It is a good thing I am hyperactive to the extreme, since I can't really expect to get any real sleep until after I get to my Sister's house in DC on Wednesday. I still need to pack for my next trip, wash all my laundry, work, etc.....

So here is the abridged version of my trip. Thursday Morning on the way out to the airport, the shuttle driver managed to give my luggage to another passenger who checked it at 6:35 am onto an United flight to San Diego before I was even dropped off at American Airline and realized the only bag left (green) wasn't mine (blue). Apparently my luggage didn't care which ocean it went to as long as there was a beach, lol. I didn't get my bag until 8:00 am (8:10 boarding for an 8:40 flight). I rushed straight to security, hand carried my bag onto the flight since missed the deadline for checking it(45 minutes prior to flight). Good thing I printed the Boarding pass the night before. I got to the gate just as they started boarding. Luckily my flight to Dallas/Fort Worth from Denver was uneventful.

After getting on my flight to West Palm Beach, I learned that my seat companion was ---ooohh (can you just smell the sarcasm folks) -- no other than "Brutus - the skydiving dog and his skydiving companion who told me "Brutus is somewhat of a celebrity , you know" and preceeded to show me Brutus's publicity photos. (ok, while I like dogs, I like big dogs not small ones (Brutus is a dachshund, and truefully I am more of a cat person) Apparently, Brutus pays for his own seat on the airplane and gets to sit on the seat of the plane during the flight. (I swear this is true -- you can even do a search on the internet to find more about "Brutus")

Really enjoyed the Concert on Friday night. We were in the front row to the far left side of the stage. We were directly behind the speakers but once Roger stopped playing the two people left and we were able to move over to their seats. I could barely hear by the time the concert was finished even after moving closer to the center of the stage but I didn't intend to give up my front row seats to sit anywhere else. At the end of the concert, Gerry flung his guitar pick all the way from center stage to us. It landed behind me but I was still able to walk off with it. Now I have one of each since I managed to get one of Dewey's in American Fork. (Since I actually went to the concert with the intention of getting one of Gerry's pick, I can't believe I actually managed it.) Willie gave me one of his drum sticks, and the friend I went with got a playlist from that evening. All in all it was an amazing evening. Even got a few of my CD's signed after the concert.

Ok, now I am really waiting for a London conert to be anounced. I have enought Frequent Flyer miles with NWA to fly free, and possible dates for such a concert -- considering the rest of their European tour - should be just around my birthday (March 20th). I can't think of a better way to celebrate turning 38. The trip would be a great present to myself. Hopefully, things will work out and I will have the chance to go.
Sorry for such a long post guys, but.... lots happened

Message: 30661 Posted: Mon Dec 15 18:01:59 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Great Day

First she says, "Kings"
Then he says, "Aces"

Yep, the 'Ace of Spades' was TRAPPED LIKE A muskRAT without love.

(Hi Janice ~ It's great to hear from you!!!)

Message: 30660 Posted: Mon Dec 15 17:47:50 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sergio's Christmas Card

Sir Joe ~ I really enjoyed viewing your Betty Boop and Friends Christmas card that you created! You are VERY talented. I wish I had an ounce of your creative ability. I especially enjoyed the little ladybug character carrying the "AHWNN" flag. That was perfect. I'm sure Gerry and Dewey (as well as Dan) enjoyed it too!

Message: 30659 Posted: Mon Dec 15 16:59:02 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Stabler Arena

Yes, Jenna, mother nature did indeed cooperate! However, it appears that Gerry took the VFTHW pic on Saturday; Sunday AM we awoke to about an inch of snow. But driving back was OK; by the time we got to Philly it had turned to rain.

Message: 30658 Posted: Mon Dec 15 14:55:24 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Stabler Arena

Hey Anita, glad your weren't snowed in and were able to make it to Stabler Arena! It didn't look like a big blizzard in Allentown.... looks like Mother Nature cooperated? Too bad some others canceled out. Not bad, seeing 2 shows in one day. I had a friend who went to Delray Beach the night before and said it was usual!

Message: 30657 Posted: Mon Dec 15 10:15:35 2003 By: RichM
Subject: Winter Wonderland

I heard Winter Wonderland on KOIT here in San Francisco last night. Its the first time I've heard a HH song played on the radio -- a pleasant surprise.

Message: 30656 Posted: Mon Dec 15 07:38:53 2003 By: Janice
Subject: Greetings!

Just poppin' in to say hey and hope everyone is alive and well.

Holiday Harmony is the CD of choice around the house (and the car). It makes me miss "the guys" though and all of you.

Our trip to Cedar Key was wonderful, and it was great to sail around the islands and go hiking. It is a magical place, and we were lucky to see lots of dolphins, sea turtles, egrits, (so many different types of birds!) We loved feeding the seagulls from our balcony, watching the sunrise and the sunset..ahhh..truly magical and a wonderful experience for Ronnie, who brought back so many shells he can have his own beach. He found sand dollars and picked up horseshoe crabs..incredible trip.

The following week found us in Houston, with not too great news, but we forgot about our cares and went horseback riding. Ronnie rode "Big Mike" and did great as we picked up the pace from time to time.

This past weekend we took the annual trip to Lake Lanier for the light show, visited Santa, drank hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Ryan and his girlfriend went with us and we sang the 12 Days of Christmas (the parts we could remember...5 golden rings got repeated a lot!)

The house is decorated, Saddam is caught and all is well with the world. I wish each and every one of you the Merriest of Christmases and the bestest of New Years! May God grant you peace and serenity this holiday season, and God Bless America.

Love to all,

Message: 30655 Posted: Mon Dec 15 05:48:42 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Thank You!! ( Nancy)

<<Sooo Neat Sergio ~~ You sending your Betty Boop xmas card to Steve for all to see it. I will say it again, you sure were Blessed with a Unique drawing talent, your drawings on these cards sooo easily seem to come to life. I love how you sprinkled a bit of AMERICA magic on this card :) :) :)>>

Nancy, thanks so much for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. God bless you and your family during this season of joy,
Feliz Navidad,


Message: 30654 Posted: Mon Dec 15 04:28:14 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From Burke

I hope it's OK if I share a message that was posted by Burke Roney on his web site since it was directed to many of you: "December 11, 2003 - Hello everybody! This is Burke Roney wishing you a great holiday season! I asked if I could leave a message for the update this week as there is just no way I can keep up with all the emails and still have time to eat enough chocolate and goodies during this special time of the year! Christmas songs are taking over the radio waves this month and that puts "Let it all come down" on hold really until the new year, but that's the way it should be! I love Christmas music just as much as the rest of you. With your help, we will see what we can do in January on the charts. Thank you so much for the kind emails of support and for the great questions about the music. When the web people have time, they will add a section where I can leave messages more regularly and perhaps answer questions for all to see. I can see that I definitely need to put the story down behind "Hey Lori" (Track 2) as I get a lot inquiries about it -- and yes "Lori" is my cousin who passed away. I want to thank many on the "America" fans chat site for the unsolicited support and kind reviews. America -- the group, was a major influence for me and I have literally worn out cassettes of their music! I hope to get the bio updated to show them there. I'm not sure how they got left off. Take time for your families, smile to strangers, and never give up! I wish you the best Christmas and greetings of the season!"

Message: 30653 Posted: Mon Dec 15 03:54:33 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Great Day


I couldn't agree with you more! Such positive, uplifting news as we head into Christmas and the New Year. Yesterday, certainly was a great big "TEN" of a day!
Sir Joe

Message: 30652 Posted: Sun Dec 14 20:42:55 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Great Day

This has been a great day for the Iraqi people, the Coalition Forces and the people of the World.

Message: 30651 Posted: Sun Dec 14 14:51:26 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: No Show For Me Until March 04... (Mo)

will tell you more when it is settled... promise.
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Message: 30650 Posted: Sun Dec 14 12:56:17 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Stabler Arena

No, we were in the risers on Michael's side.

Message: 30649 Posted: Sun Dec 14 12:51:58 2003 By: micswife
Subject: Re: Stabler Arena

Were you standing at the front of the stage with another girl?

Message: 30648 Posted: Sun Dec 14 12:32:28 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: My Music Project~VFTHW Pic~Sergio's Card ~ my 2nd attempt at this!

Hi there Everyone :) badabadabadabadabadabadabadaaa ~~ Soon came the people from over in the valley, hundreds of them walking towards us, then we turned around and hit out in the alley, travel down the stones of tomorrow day lane ~~ badaabaadabaadabaadabaaa Dewey is singing this in my headphones right now... I am kind doing a deja vouz here, I had typed a almost finished post late late last night, and then this comp. decided to play its mind games with me and stood still in time... and then off into cyberspace my almost finished post went... Sooo I hope I can finish and send this one... :)

Thanks Alan for sharing your music project dream with us. Hmmm how does that one saying I like sooo much goo ~~~ Hmmm If you can Dream it You can Do it, sooo I say Hold onto that Hope and one day soon the Realization of this Dream will come to be and we will be getting to hear it... I look forward to hearing it! ~~ Pretty neat you calling the radio station and requesting one of Burke's songs, along with getting your dj friend to play more than just 1 or 2 of the HH songs, I have been working on getting 1 or all 3 of the new ones played... I hope I will get to hear them soon... I guess there is a radio station in Pittsburgh that plays xmas songs all day long... I should find out which one it is and contact them, maybe the chances of getting more of the HH songs heard, lies there for the asking.... :)

WOW ~~ Thanks Gerry ~~ I sure do love the Clarity of the VFTHW Allentown, Pa pic, Nice :) ~~ Yep it is time for Winter Holidays here in Pa ~~~ See the moonlight sparkle on the snow, the fireplace in afterglow, it's winter, another winter, the airs become soooo crisp and clear, all the children dress themselves for Winter, snowy winter, the holidays are here, to fill our hearts with lots of love and cheer Winter Holidays are coming its that time of year~~ By december in the candlelight, the decorations sparkle in their splendor, snow is falling, bells are ringing, santa's almost here, winter holidays are coming, its that time of year.... winter holidays fill our hearts with lots of love and cheer~~~ Sing it for me Dewey & Gerry :) :) :) I look forward to hearing which songs you sang last night! ~~ Stay warm and Safe Traveling! :)

Thanks a bunch Jason C for sharing your pics from the Fla show. Wow ~~ You managed to capture a Unique Horse Dip pic ~~ soooo neat! Thanks for sharing the playlist of songs with us too. ~~ From the Smiles on the pics, it looks as tho this was one Magical upbeat night for sure! :)

Sooo Neat Sergio ~~ You sending your Betty Boop xmas card to Steve for all to see it. I will say it again, you sure were Blessed with a Unique drawing talent, your drawings on these cards sooo easily seem to come to life. I love how you sprinkled a bit of AMERICA magic on this card :) :) :)

Hmmm ~~ Have you all heard about Saddam Hussein being captured ~~ Wow did that stop me in my tracks this morning, hearing it on the radio. Hopefully this will wrap things up over there in Iraq, and Our Service Men & Women will be able to come back Home soon!

The Snow is gently falling down here, as I look outside my windows... and I had a Hankerin to play Dan Fogelberg's song Snowfall, such an appropriate melody right about now. :)

Hi there Warren ~~ I took another listen to all of the Sticks and Stones song clips. I really like them lots! I believe it is the one song called the Long Road, that I can hear sooo much of the song Old Man Took in it, and that is the one I can hear Dan F's vocal magic on. I love how you & Donald have sprinkled all of your songs with a little bit of this and a little bit of that from all of the Music artists influences... I just loved the Melody 1 and Melody 2.... sooooo nice. Nice lyrics on these songs, nice music.. I'm sure I am gonna enjoy hitting the replay button on your cd... Lots of Success with this!

Lots of neat Xmas movies on the Lifetime channel, I hope to see the one on NBC tonight too... ~~ Enjoy the rest of your day all, I gotta get my Christmas cards signed sooo Mr Mailman can deliver them all! :)

Take care, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Do you wonder has you watch my face, if a wiser one should of had my place, but I offer all I am, for the Mercy of Your Plan, Help me Be Strong, Help me Beeeee, Helllllp meeee, Breathe of Heaven, hold me together, be forever near me, breathe of heaven, breathe of heaven, lighten my darkness, pour over me your Holiness, for you Only, breathe of heaven, hold me together, be forever near me, breathe of heaven, lighten my darkness, pour over me your Holiness for you Only, breathe of heaven, breathe of heaven, breathe of heavennnn ~~~ Sing it for me Amy Grant :) :) :) such a nice song.... Next up Dewey & Gerry are singing their nice rendition of Hark the Herald Angels Sing... I love the way they sing this one... I always hit the replay button on it... :) :) :)

Message: 30647 Posted: Sun Dec 14 12:22:31 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Stabler Arena

Hi group! Just returned from two great (albeit short) shows at the Stabler Arena. The group was in fine form despite having flown up that morning at an ungodly hour from Ft. Lauderdale. There were no Christmas songs, probably due to the very short sets. Three acts preceded America, which accounted for the sets being so short. In any case, my friend Melanie and I had a terrific time! Sorry to hear you couldn't be there, Sheldon.

Message: 30646 Posted: Sun Dec 14 10:46:32 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Holiday Harmony

I called the local radio station yesterday to request the new Burke Roney song and I spoke with the same DJ that I did a week or two ago when I requested something from Holiday Harmony. For those who might not remember my earlier post, she said they didn't have that CD but she loves America and would order it from the local music store. Well, I took the opportunity to follow up with her while I had her on the phone. She had gotten in the CD and has already played several tracks from it (Winter Wonderland, Sleigh Ride and I can't remember the other one). I suggested Winter Wonterland and Christmas In California. She said she would play them.

I have given up trying the larger radio stations in Maine for this year. It's hard to imagine, but most of them that would play America don't seem to have web sites and getting contact information for them has been like pulling teeth. And my wife is already complaining about how much time I'm spending on the computer lately and promoting all these songs, so I think I had better back off.

At least I've got my little local station playing their songs, for what it's worth.


Message: 30645 Posted: Sun Dec 14 10:28:46 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: My music project

Moser wrote: "I better get back to running the vacuum--not my favorite part of this phase"

I'm afraid housework doesn't go away in the next phase, Moser. Although it probably has to be done with much less frequency once the kids are no longer around to mess up the house.

Of course, maybe after the kids are gone, we can afford to hire maids to do our housework for us. Now THERE'S an idea!

BTW, I am still trying to make it happen sooner, but I have to be realistic about it and realize that there's a good chance it won't happen until the kids are grown and gone. I just haven't toatally resigned myself to that yet.


Message: 30644 Posted: Sun Dec 14 08:11:04 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Sergio's Christmas Card

Thank you for posting it. Holiday greetings and HARMONY to all!:0)

Sir Joe

Message: 30643 Posted: Sun Dec 14 06:27:36 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Delray Beach concert

Looking at the set list from the show in Delray Beach, I am a little surprised that nothing from Holiday Harmony was included. I guess it just didn't feel like Christmas in Fla.

Message: 30642 Posted: Sat Dec 13 23:00:30 2003 By: Margaret
Subject: Sydney poster

It was a thrill to see a huge poster at the Opera House for the Sydney shows. It's getting closer!

Message: 30641 Posted: Sat Dec 13 13:50:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sergio's Christmas Card

Sergio designs and draws a Christmas card every year. This year he included a little something in it that relates to our musical heroes. It is a small little something and he would like to share it with all.
Click here to see Sergio's Christmas card for 2003. Thanks for sharing it with us, Sergio!

Message: 30640 Posted: Sat Dec 13 13:47:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Allentown

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Allentown, PA.

P.S. I got a bunch of photos from Jason Colannino from yesterday's show which I'll get posted as soon as I can. It might take a while, though, so thanks for your patience.

Message: 30639 Posted: Sat Dec 13 13:25:46 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Wish CD

Warren, Way to go....Congratulations!! I'm only able to download bits & peices from my ancient home pc but I agree with Gen - really sweet melodies and very original material! Congrat's on getting a cd produced & marketed which must be extremely difficult for independent artists. CDBaby is great for supporting smaller, independent great talents. Wish you great success!!

Message: 30638 Posted: Sat Dec 13 11:52:52 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: My music project

I remember you mentioning that you will likely devote more time to your love of making music once your kids are older. I have to agree that, although I certainly don't wish this season of life away, I do look forward to the years following this when the kids are out on their own. I think your approach of keeping your hand in it along the way is also a good one. That way you keep your desire to do it alive. Each life phase has its joys but planning and hoping for the next phase gets us through the tougher spots in the present one. Having said that, I better get back to running the vacuum--not my favorite part of this phase, but necessary all the same!!

Message: 30637 Posted: Sat Dec 13 11:45:42 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: No Show For Me Until March 04... (Mo)

Are you hitting the US's right coast, left coast, or somewhere in between? How long will you stay?

Message: 30636 Posted: Sat Dec 13 11:44:48 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: HWNN - Robsl

I, too, enjoyed your analysis of HWNN. What a cool idea for a thesis--I hope you get it approved. Please share more of your thoughts as time in your schooling allows.

Message: 30635 Posted: Sat Dec 13 10:54:08 2003 By: Alan
Subject: My music project

Nancy wrote: "Hmmmm Alan I am kinda curious, in one of your posts you mentioned something about a music project you have been working on... I hope we will get the chance to take a listen to your cd one day soon. :)"

Yes, Nancy. I have almost enough songs that I have either written or co-written over the last 25 years to do 2 CDs. I also have a couple I am working on currently. I had put them all in a notebook for many years where they sat collecting dust until about 5 years ago, I blew the dust off and started playing them again. I was convinced they sucked. My wife would often request I play some of them (especially one I wrote for her a long time ago) whenever I got my guitar out, but I refused. Anyway, once I got the songs out and started playing them again, my wife coaxed me into playing them for some friends and extended family members. The response was very positive, but then again, would friends and family really tell your music sucked? Most of them would be polite and tell you it's great regardless of what they really thought. Nevertheless, it gave me the courage to introduce some of them to my then-partner Mike Worthley. We were an acoustic duet called Loose Ends playing local gigs - strictly cover tunes. Well, he liked the songs and we worked them in to our play list along with some of his originals and our cover tunes. They got good response from our audience, too, so we decided to record a CD. I invested around $2000 in computer-based recording equipment and turned my home PC into a recording studio. We started recording some stuff, but we had some serious creative differences. The biggest one being that I wanted our album to have bass, drums and other instruments layered on. He was against the whole idea of layering - his argument was that it's not really a performace if all the instruments aren't played in unison. On my budget and limited space in my home, we couldn't fit all the musicians in or have enough equipment to record everyone at once, so layering was our only option. His other problem with additional intrumentation was that we were a duet, not a band, and he felt like our music should be recorded exactly as we played it live - just 2 guitars and our vocals. To make a long story shor t, I made every concession to get the CD recorded, but in the end, he lost interst entirely and it never came together.

Around that same time, my best friend Scott came up from Florida for an extended visit. He is the person that I mentioned co-writing some of the songs with. We grew up together and taught each other how to play the guitar. We cut our teeth on America, The Eagles, CSNY, Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Browne and Poco among other artist. America was always our favorite music to play. When we started writing, America wa our biggest influence.

Anyway, while he was up from FL, I dragged out some of the old songs. Most of them he'd forgotten about entirely, but we started working on them and recorded 3 demo songs that summer. We never even got them completed - one of them just needs a few more backing vocals and some percussion and it's done. Anyway, we started making plans to do a CD together. I even flew down to Florida last winter to work on the project. We have tried numerous time in the last 2 years to get together for long enough periods of time to get at least one CD recorded, but the plans keep falling through. I haven't given up hope, but right now the project is in a holding pattern.

I, too, hope someday you will get to hear my CD, Nancy!


Message: 30634 Posted: Sat Dec 13 09:23:09 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: HWNN - Robsl

Liked your brief, introductive analysis and approach of the song.
Few years ago I did a linguistic-oriented study of HWNN (from a +/- structuralist perspective). If you are interested and if i can put my hand on it (you know how computers come & go and files classification tends to become a bit messy with time...), I will post it to you.

Message: 30633 Posted: Sat Dec 13 09:19:49 2003 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: You Call THAT Chilly

<<[Guantanamera] reminds me of a mis-heard lyric. My former co-worker SWORE that they were singing "One Ton Tomato".>>

Robyn ~ That's a good one. Now, I call THAT ketchup... one mighty-big bottle!

Throw in some hamburger meat, a touch of garlic, and some other fine ingredients... I call THAT chili.

(Ciao Bruno!)

Message: 30632 Posted: Sat Dec 13 09:13:19 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: No Show For Me Until March 04... (Mo)

<<We could all go visit Gen in the south of France for the weekend!! I'll bring my guitar. Well...maybe I shouldn't!! >>

WHAT???!!! Oh my G! YES, you'd be ALL welcome! Frankly... sunny spring-like day here today (though it was a bit cold last week).
And Mo, then you should definitely teleport your guitar too ! You never know...Oh well, anyway, it's still only sci-fi or am I day-dreaming ? Too bad ! :-(

I'm planning my US trip for next February btw. Would be cool to meet some of you... but for SOME reason, must ABSOLUTELY be back to France before March 7th... great date I have then ! Hehehe... and that's for real ! Yep !

Message: 30631 Posted: Sat Dec 13 09:04:07 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Gee ~~~ Sooooo Sorry Sheldon ~Darn the Weather"

Hi Everyone ~~ :)

Sheldon ~~ I am Bummed for you too! Booo Hooooo :( Darn this winter weather... We too have a winter weather alert for this evening through tomorrow, they first were saying it would probably arrive late Sunday evening into Monday... You were right in all of your decisions towards attending this, Reality Life has a way of having a Say in all of our Fun & Life choices... There will be more AMERICA shows.... For Sure! :)

Hi Rob & Vic ~~ Just like Mo, I too enjoyed both of your HWNN English Lit Class info and the 2 different ways you applied it to this great Dewey Song... Thinking Back to how HWNN has imprinted its message in my memory banks, I kinda got the message from Dewey's great lyrics, that this Horse with No Name was like an escape, an escape from the everyday hassles in life... a way of spelling out the feelings of insecurities, of not feeling like you were part of the Happening crowd... these things probably felt this way to me, cause of my age at that time.. Ooooh we all can remember what it was like becoming a teenager and all of those run amuck emotions that you have to learn to grow and deal with.... One thing I know for sure, I loved the way this song brought me a Lifelong friend in my AMERICA music ~~~ Thanks Gerry Dewey & Dan! :) Simply the Best of the Best you Guys are! :)

Hi Beth, Mo, Speech,SteveO, SteveL ~~~ I do have a Cd burner, but I don't know how to do a Darn thing with it.... I have tried lots of times... my son Adam uses it... I do have a Special friend tho, that has come my way because of AMERICA's music, that has shared alot of helpful tips as well as His time in getting me closer to actually burning my own made up CD's from my oooh sooo many songs on my puter. Nice :) Thanks a bunch!

A Special Hello right back at You too Gen! ~~ Nice to hear from You! Do You still feel like someone should Pinch you... sooo neat you will be getting to see a show or 2 in the Springtime... Yes Yes Yes :)

Yep Alan ~~ It was very Generous of Ladd to send his CD to us for free, like I said before, I am sooo glad I asked him to send me it.. I enjoy listening to it lots. :) Hmmmm Alan I am kinda curious, in one of your posts you mentioned something about a music project you have been working on... I hope we will get the chance to take a listen to your cd one day soon. :)

Enjoy your weekend all, gotta get my butt in gear now, soooo much to do... You can be sure all of my great music will be playing here all day long. See ya, Nancy :)
Headin' on down the coast
Over surf and sand
The warm wind in your hair
Make no mistake, it's here
Holiday fun, good cheer
It's Christmas time for sure
In California

People say it can't be true
That the spirit lives here, too
But you'll find Chrismtas everywhere
Under palm trees, sun and moon ~~~~ Yeppers Sing it tonight Gerry & Dewey Pleassssse! ~~ I will listen for it in the wind! :) ~~ Yep it's Wintertime in Pennsylvania ! :):):)

Message: 30630 Posted: Sat Dec 13 07:27:07 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: No Show For Me...

Don't you feel the flu coming on...cough, cough, sniff, sniff?
There's more than one way to skin a cat, as it were. Oh, I should talk. I was going to buy Anita's extra seat off of Ebay but didn't because I was afraid of the weather turning sour. I guess I'm glad I didn't, sort of. Oh well, it's true there's next year as you say.

Message: 30629 Posted: Sat Dec 13 06:47:31 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: No Show For Me...

Hi Mo - actually, taking monday off was my first thought. Unfortunately, I have no more vacation days to use so that thought was quickly replaced by the thought of having no job when I returned on tuesday!!! I knew when I bought my tickets that the weather may turn against us & unfortunately, it has... oh well!!

See ya-

Message: 30628 Posted: Sat Dec 13 06:32:40 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: No Show For Me...

PS: I'm not much of a trekkie but I think it's about time that somebody invented a real "transporter" like they had on Star Trek so we wouldn't have to worry about snowy roads and such. That would be cool. We could all go visit Gen in the south of France for the weekend!! I'll bring my guitar. Well...maybe I shouldn't!!

Message: 30627 Posted: Sat Dec 13 06:28:30 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: No Show For Me...

Wow, Sheldon, that is a major bummer. Maybe you should go, claim getting snowed in and stay on until Monday or Tuesday when the skies clear. You say you have to work on Monday? Ah, who needs it? Take a vacation day. Well, anyway, I'm bummed for you. Darn that ole man winter--he should know better.

Message: 30626 Posted: Sat Dec 13 05:51:28 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: No Show For Me...

Well gang, unfortunately, I will NOT be attending the show tonight in Bethlehem.. they are predicting a major snow/sleet/freezing rain storm beginning tomorrow morning & lasting all day - exactly when we would be driving home. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive when it's NOT snowing so I've decided not to go - can't put our safety at risk, not even for an America concert. Bummer... well, atleast I did get to see the guys on 2 different occasions this year. And, there's always next year! Hope everyone else has a great time though!!!

Sheldon (a very bummed out Sheldon at that...)

Message: 30625 Posted: Sat Dec 13 03:57:59 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Ladd's CD - My review

I got Ladd's CD in the mail last night. (Thanks Ladd, very generous of you to send it out for free). I can definitely see the America influence in his songs. I have to agree with Nancy that the lyrics are fresh and creative. Not bad for a first effort. I'd say he shows a lot of promise as a singer/songwriter.

Message: 30624 Posted: Fri Dec 12 21:14:13 2003 By: Moser
Subject: You Call THAT Chilly

<<...but it is chilly here low 60's >>
You call THAT chilly. P-LEAAASSEEE!! We skinnydip here when it's in the low 60's!!! (Just kidding.) I suspect you were just teasing me. Thanks a lot.

PS: Sheldon and the lucky folks going to Bethlehem, have a great time. Think of us while you're there. Take good pics. Give Gerry Gerry Gerry a shout from me. And report back immediately. Thank you. I'm counting on you guys.

PPS: Vic, I enjoyed your comparison of Dewey's song and Emily's poem. Very insightful. Any others?

Message: 30623 Posted: Fri Dec 12 20:03:57 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Fort Lauderdale


My name was affectionately mis heard once as "Sir Joe", I gladly took it... But "One Ton Tomato" is priceless! For the record, Guantanamera refers to being from the southeastern Cuban city of Guantanamo, adjacent to the American military base by the same name...Guajira is the Cuban word for "country woman or hillbilly woman" therefore meaning the "The country woman from Guantanamo". In the song she is the "muse" that moves the soul to sing the poetic verses. Sort of the "Daisy Jane" of the song...The verses are poetic vignettes taken from the works of the great Cuban poet and national hero, Jose Marti. He is the Thomas Jefferson/Abraham Lincoln of Cuba. Wow, I've managed to teach about the flora and history of Cuba tonight...Thanks for the chance;0)

Sir Joe

Message: 30622 Posted: Fri Dec 12 19:39:40 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Fort Lauderdale


reminds me of a missheard lyric. My former co worker SWORE that they were singing "one Ton Tomato"

Thanks Gerry for the shot, the weather is similar to LA today but it is chilly here low 60's

Message: 30621 Posted: Fri Dec 12 18:51:45 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Burke Roney

Sorry Nancy, I didn't read your post before posting mine. I guess the answer to my question would be "yes."

Message: 30620 Posted: Fri Dec 12 18:47:17 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Burke Roney

Well my dilemma of whether to keep playing the sampler and risk getting sick of the songs before I hear the rest of the CD is solved. My Burke Roney CD came today. It is currently playing for the second time this evening. My whole family is really enjoying it, like we do America.

I have been introduced to a lot of great bands and artists that I otherwise wouldn't know existed as a result of reading this chat folder. I'm glad I can return the favor by introducing some of you to Burke's music.


p.s. Nancy - have you received your CD yet?

Message: 30619 Posted: Fri Dec 12 17:25:53 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Fort Lauderdale

Glad to see the VFTHW back too! Great place Gerry selected for the pics return. Thank you Gerry! It brought back memories of my recent summer vacation in sunny Ft. Lauderdale. I still remember the swaying Cuban Royal palms outside my condo's window. By the way, you can see some Cuban Royals in the distance by the yellow building's entrance...I know you all didn't want a botany lesson, but I couldn't resist~ Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera, Guantanameraaaa, Yo soy un hombre sincero de donde crece la PALMA, y antes de morirme quiero hechar los versos del alma, Guantanamera, Guajira, Guantanamera...I am drifting away here guys, away to a field of palms in the land of my birth...:0)/:0(

Seor Joe

Message: 30618 Posted: Fri Dec 12 15:09:42 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Hooray For VFTHW

<<Hooray, hooray!! All hail the return of VFTHW. And, a real bonus, it's from sunny FLA. Good to know you're alive and likely well Mr. Gerry. Did you record an album for us? Would love that. Have fun on your short pre-Christmas tour.
I second ALL THIS, including the question & wishes !!! ;-)
Missing the VFTHW pics soooo much !!! Great sensation to get to see one on the folder, especially today (for some perso reasons). Thanks Gerry & Steve !
Hope everyone is well and happy.

ps: Hi Girls! (special hello to Mo,Nancy, Jenna and Nina)
Robyn... check out ur in-box ;-) ... and hope you find ur mB cd in the mail very very soon.

(and sorry... VO again...)
Eric. Merci pour ton message. Tu y vas toi ??? Dis-moi. Si tu as des infos sur la 'fiesta nioise' fais passer. Merci. Y a rien ni sur ticketnet, ni sur francebillet (fnac, carrefour etc...). Bizarre...

Message: 30617 Posted: Fri Dec 12 14:46:52 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Hooray For VFTHW

Hooray, hooray!! All hail the return of VFTHW. And, a real bonus, it's from sunny FLA. Good to know you're alive and likely well Mr. Gerry. Did you record an album for us? Would love that. Have fun on your short pre-Christmas tour.

Message: 30616 Posted: Fri Dec 12 12:37:02 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

Thanks for the prompt and informative replies to my question about burning CDs on computer. They were a great help.

Message: 30615 Posted: Fri Dec 12 10:39:30 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW- Fort Lauderdale pic & Burke Roney

TGIF Everyone :)

WOW Double WOW ~~~ Soooooooooo Nice to see the return of the VFTHW pics... Thanks Gerry & Steve L. Hmmm ~ We got kinda the same Cloud scheme going on here in PA today. One thing I know for sure, it is way colder here than it is there in Fla. ~~ If there is anyone out there reading this, that is heading to the show tonight... Please be sure and come tell us all about it. :) Safe traveling to PA tomorrow Gerry & Dewey & Band :) :) :) I hope you all packed your Lonnnnnng Underwear!

Hey Sheldon, Anita, Kristal & anyone else heading to the show tomorrow night.... Sing a little bit louder for me okay... I can't wait to see what HH songs you get to hear.... :) :) :)

Yeppers Steve ~~ I also would classified Burke's songs under the AWESOME category. Mr Mailman brought both Burke's & Stings cd's my way yesterday.. I have Burke's on now, and WOW I am a Loving these songs.. I keep on trying to place the familiarity in them... on his song Lucious Lips... I am kinda hearing a little bit of Freddy Fender, I absolutely love his accoustic magic on these songs ~~ A breathe of fresh air ~~ I love his lyrics ~~ WOW ~~ Mrs. Burke is one lucky lady, she gets to have him right there singing to her.. Tooooo Much! ~~ Move over Elvis ~~ I think there is someone here who has the potential to give you a run for your money! :) :) :)

Hi Warren ~~ As I said in my last post, I did go and take a listen to the song clips. You can betcha I will be placing my order soon... (gotta wait till next payday) I found all of the songs like a Carry Me Back to My Younger Years! I love how they captured a medley of sounds.... for sure I can hear AMERICA's, Dan Fogelberg's, CSNY, and I found it pretty neat Gen picking up some of Stephen Stills sound. I Applaud you & Donald on this... WOW! I wish you lots of success with this. ~~ Hmmm regarding all the talk lately about new unsigned artists... I can say I am loving getting to hear all of these great songs, and it has me a smiling, cause of how I can hear alot of my Favorite Music Artists Influence on these cds... I think it is great! Keep the great songs acoming our way! Yes Yes Yes :)

Enjoy the rest of your friday all! Hubby & I have been busy running around trying to find a replacement for Bessie the Van, and let me tell you, it isn't easy doing this. One thing that is making it alittle easier, is that all of these newer vehs have CD players in them, and I am gonna be able to take all of my cds everywhere I go now... the bad thing about it all is, here comes another Payment Book our way... OUCH! Double OUCH! ~~ The claims adjustor told me that Bessie the van more than exceeded the book value price for a 95 Ford Aerostar, that her inside and outside condition was excellent... Soooo Bessie can hold her head up high as they take her away to the big Salvage yard Heaven... I sure am gonna MISS her...

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ When I look into your Heart, I see us holding each other, I can finally seeee forever, when I look into your Heart, see the moon dance over the waters, watch the morning sun slip through the trees, but the sight of you is the vision that takes me to my knees, when I look into your heart, I see us holding each other, I can finally seee forever, when I look intoo your heart ~~~ Sing it for me Vince Gill & Amy Grant ~~ I wonder if they will sing this song at the show next teus... Wow what a great song! :);)

Message: 30614 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:41:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Fort Lauderdale

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Message: 30613 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:39:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

When burning CD's from a computer you are making an EXACT copy and that's why the quality is so good. The songs on a CD are in digital format (nothing more than a bunch of ones and zeros on the CD) and the CD players interpret the digital data to create the sound. Therefore, copying the digital data from a CD to your computer and then back again makes an EXACT copy (the same ones and zeros).

The CD burners that are connected to tapes or LP's have to go through an analog-to-digital conversion which can cause a loss in quality. The better the conversion hardware/software, the better the quality. However, the converted version will never be exactly the same as the original (but usually it's good enough).

I don't know if that answers your question, but hopefully it helps a little bit.

Message: 30612 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:27:10 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: st etienne show (Steve L)

Thanks for the link, Gen. I'll get it added the next time I update the web site.

Message: 30611 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:23:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Burke Roney

I agree with you Alan. I have listened to Burke's CD quite a few times and the more I listen the more I like it. I'd agree with the "awesome" classification.

Message: 30610 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:13:09 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

I'm in the same boat as you. I have a Philips dual tray 765 stand alone recorder that is hooked up to my main sound system. I have the capability to record LP's and tapes to the unit as well. I also have a burner on my Computer. Often times,you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference in quality. When I rip any of my America CD's to my hard drive,and then burn 'em to another CD,I can't really tell the difference. The only time I would notice anything is if I'm downloading from the so-called "Illegal" sites,and there its hit and miss as far as quality is concerned. As I have everything from our guys Anyways,I've never had a need to download any of their stuff.
Its just nice to have the ability to record from Multiple formats--videos too--as there really is alot of stuff from the guys that is out there(If you dig deep enough!)

Message: 30609 Posted: Fri Dec 12 08:04:59 2003 By: Vic
Subject: Re: English Lit Class

Rob, I enjoyed your analysis of "A Horse With No Name". The rider and horse on a "life journey", certainly has merit. Your symbolism works well through the entire song. I have a bit of a different take on the same song.

I remember the "deconstruct" exercise well. At some point, after hearing "A Horse With No Name" for the first time, I remember making a "connection" between the song, and a poem that I had to "deconstruct" in a high school English class. The poem was, Emily Dickinson's poem 465 or as it has been titled, "I Heard A Fly Buzz -When I Died". The connection is obvious from the title of Ms. Dickinson's poem. I am aware of what Sir Dewey has said about "A Horse With No Name" and it's "meaning", so anything that I may say about a "connection" between the two works, is strictly my own and has nothing to do with what Dewey has said the song is about.

I Heard A Fly Buzz - When I Died
Emily Dickinson

I heard a Fly buzz--when I died--
The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness in the Air--
Between the Heaves of Storm--

The Eyes around--had wrung them dry--
And Breaths were gathering firm
For that last Onset--when the King
Be witnessed--in the Room--

I willed my Keepsakes--Signed away
What portions of me be
Assignable--and then it was
There interposed a Fly--

With Blue--uncertain stumbling Buzz--
Between the light--and me--
And then the Windows failed--and then
I could not see to see--

Ms. Dickinson's poem is obviously about her subject's eminent death. The "death watch" scene is permeated by a "...Stillness in the Air", as death nears. Just as the subject is about to expire, he/she hears the "buzzing of a fly" followed by darkness and ultimately, death.

In Sir Dewey's "A Horse With No Name", the rider on the nameless horse, finds refuge in the desert. Light and life are all around, and "...the Air was full of sound", yet the first thing he meets is a "fly with a buzz", a subtle reminder that this place of light, life, and comfort can quickly turn to a place of pain and death, as the rest of the song implies.

For me, there are obvious parallels and contrasts with both works. Fly With A Buzz makes both scenes and is the precursor to death, in one, and a subtle reminder, that death is always near, in the other.

I could bore with more details, but won't.

Message: 30608 Posted: Fri Dec 12 07:59:28 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

A question for those better grounded in the "science" of burning CDs off a computer: I have a Pioneer "component" CD burner, and I make CD compilations on my home sound system using records, tapes and, of course, other CDs as source material. What I can't figure out is how you get the same sonic quality on a compliation CD when you "burn" using a computer. You're not using a quality "component" amplifier or receiver/amp to record through, so how is the same level of quality achieved (or is it?)

Message: 30607 Posted: Fri Dec 12 01:26:24 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: ANY Nice fans????

So, ANY America fan in the Nice area visiting here??? If yes, let me know. Thanks.
And V.O. :
Si vous tes fan d'America dans la rgion de Nice, contactez-moi, svp! Merci.

Message: 30606 Posted: Fri Dec 12 01:21:53 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: st etienne show (Steve L)

Ok,... Julien just came back to me to share the following link which is a direct one to buy tickets for this America concert . Hope it helps, Steve.

Julien also asked why the Italian & French concerts have not yet been added to the show page... don't know what to say to him... Maybe someone can supply him with an answer?...

Message: 30605 Posted: Thu Dec 11 22:28:54 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: st etienne show (Steve L)

Steve L,
I received a word from an America fan in St Etienne last night (Hi Julien !) with a link to the city agenda, that includes a ref to the upcoming America show over there. Maybe you will want to add that one to the gig page (?). Here it is:

Thank you.

Message: 30604 Posted: Thu Dec 11 22:01:39 2003 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Wish CD

Hi Warren!
Great job, bravo Warren !
Frankly, ''when I go' & 'Fallen Fast' hooked me!... Sweet melodies, great voice... Also liked the CSNY feel in 'Tumbling Stars' or 'A long, Hard Road' (especially the Steven Stills accents...well, to me). But from the soundclips I heard, the whole album sounds great, both moving and simple and very refreshing.
However, hard to get an objective opinion or post a comment over there without hearing the whole cd... I'd better not. But do like what I've heard so far. Wish you the very best with this album!

Hi everyone ! (special bisou to Bruno)
Still on cloud nine here about the guys coming to France... I'm surprised there have been no Spanish dates so far (?)... wonder why. Also as the guys are obviously keeping it very secret, I still hope that with this 2003 Xmas will come the announcement of the release of THE new America cd... yeah! call it an obssession ! hahaha ;-)

Message: 30603 Posted: Thu Dec 11 20:43:12 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wish CD

well dh and i liked it so well we bought a copy......

Message: 30602 Posted: Thu Dec 11 19:34:06 2003 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

I'll agree with Howard on his comments about Burning CD's. I have a burner on my computer,and a separate "Stand alone" unit and after 5 years or so I still don't get tired of making compilations. I'll vouch for his Dan Peek and Dewey collections,plus Howard's a master at putting together some impressive artwork,as he did on the "Rarity" collections a few of us have.

Message: 30601 Posted: Thu Dec 11 17:53:00 2003 By: Warren
Subject: Wish CD

Hi, everyone. This is Warren Woodzell from the group Wish. (and most importantly, long time America fan!) On my CDBaby member page, I notice a lot of the hits are coming from the message Steve posted about our new CD.. I was just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on it? I'm kinda startin' to think everybody hated it and no one wants to say! lol! There's been a lot of talk about unsigned artists lately... Comments anyone?

Message: 30600 Posted: Thu Dec 11 17:10:47 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Burke Roney

I first want to apologize for all the off-topic posts I've done here lately, but I just wanted to update my first opinion of Burke's music. I believe when I posted here originally asking if anyone else here had heard of him, I had only listened to his sampler CD once and I rated it as "pretty good".

Well, since then, I have listened to it many times and each time I like it better. I would have to upgrade him now from "pretty good" to "awesome". I can't wait to get his full CD! I'm trying to restrain myself from listening too much, because I am afraid I'll be sick of these songs by the time I get the whole CD. His is defintely music that grows on you more each time you hear it (like America). I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to get sick of music that I really like the first time I listen to it very quickly. It's the music that grows on me that ends up being my favorite.

OK, back to topic: AMERICA RULES!!!


Message: 30599 Posted: Thu Dec 11 10:45:23 2003 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

Once you start to learn how to burn CD's, it's like a disease and you can't stop making all kinds of mixes. I got creative and made these CD's: Best of Dan Peek: The America Years (all songs fit on 1 CD) and Best of Dewey, that was a 2 CD job. and made some creative covers.
I think some other people did something similar. But you learn to be creative,etc. But most of all, just have fun :0)

Message: 30598 Posted: Thu Dec 11 10:16:44 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: English Lit Class and Other Ketchups

Hey Moser,
That's a great idea with the English class readings of America lyrics. I am a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in English right now at Fitchburg State College, so I think this idea is great. I'm gonna run with it. I think a lot of America songs make great topics for discussing the lyrics, symbols, plots, foreshadowing, intertextuality of songs, characters, etc. In fact, I might even consider writing a thesis on the lyrics of America, which would be as far as I'm aware the first master's thesis or phd dissertation written about the band AMerica. That might be tough to get that approved, but still I can enjoy posting little bits about specific songs on here and you can guys can respond to them and agree or also argue my points.
I think I will start with some of the lyrics on the first album. I guess I will start with Horse. The song is pretty much about the appreciation of nature by Dewey. In that first verse, he is talking about his early childhood and the way nature seemed great and ripe to him. Then he grows up a little and sees the river that flowed and he becomes sad to think that the river, this sign of nature, has been made to dry up, we can guess from the growth of cities/civilization. The last verse is really hard to understand, pretty enigmatic stuff. But I think that this is Dewey saying we should become environmentalists. He lets his horse run free. He says that humans should give love to the heart of ground rather than build their huge buildings on it. The word "humans" implies I think the biological side of the whole enivronment issue, putting it in terms of humans being a part of the ecosystem rather than "people" which makes one think more of cities and social issues, humans implies that we are a species, like horses, etc.
Hope you liked that. Feel free to respond with your thoughts.
The English graduate student of the chat group,

Message: 30597 Posted: Thu Dec 11 08:32:15 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: burnin' CDs

You impress the heck outta me too, Beth. I've done something similar. I converted every album to mp3's and burned the whole collection onto a single CD to play at work. I can't listen to Boomer Radio there so I put this CD in my computer and hit shuffle and it plays the songs randomly all day. Sort of like my own America-only radio.

Message: 30596 Posted: Thu Dec 11 07:57:57 2003 By: Beth
Subject: burnin' CDs

I used to make mix-tapes (cassette) to play in my car....welcome to the 21st Century I now have a CD player in my car....Burner at home...So I finally figured out how to copy music from my CDs and make my own mix-CDs!!

Check it out: I put the original Riverside on for Track 1, followed by Riverside Live at Grand Cayman! Very cool contrast. Later in the CD, I have Monster (Harbor) followed directly by Monster (mB)! Awesome contrast!! Then of course I was obligated to record the original Pigeon Song, and follow that directly with the Live version from Grand Cayman!

I tell ya, guys, I'm so good!! I impress the heck right outta myself!!


Message: 30595 Posted: Thu Dec 11 07:49:15 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Re: English Lit Class and Other Ketchups

Mose, yes I do the same in an unusual Alibi season at the moment! Had a hankerin' to hear Hangover, and just left it in the player. Rediscovered my love of the song "I Don't Believe in Miracles". Last season I went thru was Hearts. My seasons last around two weeks. Let's not try to figure any significance there, okay!!

Don't Cross the River just played on my Boomer Radio!

I will respond with my deconstruction of song, but not right now....I am, after all, at my office, supposed to be working! Ok, I am actually doing a November Budget Report....back to the numbers!


Message: 30594 Posted: Thu Dec 11 06:52:07 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Chat Folder

My guess is that your computer (or ISP) is caching the previous contents and when your browser view the chat folder, it thinks it already has the contents cached and so it doesn't bother actually going out to the Internet, it just displays the (old) contents which are in the cache. Often times you can refresh the cache and get the latest contents by pushing the refresh button on your browser.

Message: 30593 Posted: Thu Dec 11 05:57:22 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: English Lit Class and Other Ketchups

Thanks an interesting way to put it as far as a season in reference to you playing Harbor..But I do something similar - I rotate a CD in my car and it happens to be Silent Letter Right Now - Holiday Harmony is in the home CD player and playing all the time

Message: 30592 Posted: Thu Dec 11 00:34:58 2003 By: corusgirl
Subject: Chat Folder

Steve I wonder if you can help with this one.

When viewing the chat folder when I access the page it used to bring up the latest messages. Now for some reason it brings me to a page from several days ago and I have to scroll through to the latest ones. I have no idea what I have done to make it do this.

Can you (or anyone else) please help?


Message: 30591 Posted: Wed Dec 10 18:52:34 2003 By: Moser
Subject: English Lit Class and Other Ketchups

Do you guys recall high school Literature class when the teacher would take a perfectly good poem or story and deconstruct the thing to death? Symbolism here, foreshadowing there, and myriad other twists on the whole lit theme that have been purged from my brain to make room for more pertinent information like how to change a diaper in two minutes or less. Anyway, my point is...wait for it now...since I consider Dewey and Gerry to be modern day fact, I have often wondered if they had been born at an earlier time when music and words were less intertwined and usually enjoyed separately, would they have been poets or composers? Anyway, I digress. Back to the train (of thought) now. Since I consider them to be modern day poets, I thought it might be fun to "deconstruct" a few poems (songs). Luckily, this time it won't be for a grade!! Join in if you like. It doesn't have to be fancy. Maybe you could share an impression or two of what one of the songs means to you or what you thought it meant to them or whatever. Well you knew I wouldn't suggest this without a shot or two of my own to take at this. So, here goes:
I think One In A Million might be about the night that mB was born. It could be, might be, probably isn't, but hey, it's just a guess.

I've always thought that the line that Dewey sings in Only Game In Town about, "the Prince of Alibis" was a reference to Gerry and his single life. That bubble was recently burst when I figured out that Dewey didn't even write the song. Nice try, MB, better luck next time.

Okay that's all of that for now. Any takers?

Now for the Ketchup (catch up):
**I find that I listen to a single America CD for weeks at a time rather than mixing it up day to day. Right now I am in a Harbor "season." Does anyone else do that? If so, what season are you in right now?

**I was helping Kaity with her math homework tonight and we were coming up with an answer that she doubted could possibly be correct. After doing it over a few times and thinking it had to be right, I said to her, "If it's wrong, you can give me a detention."
She laughed and said, "Yeah, right. If you're wrong, you're not allowed to listen to America for a week!"...which prompted cheers from the peanut gallery (Molly & Riley).
I tell ya, I get no respect around here.

Now off to live chat just in case I have anything left to say. Happy Wednesday, y'ans guys.

Message: 30590 Posted: Wed Dec 10 18:51:13 2003 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: 3 More Days

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the Bethlehem show. Sheldon, Kristal, Anita and everyone else who is going~~Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it.~~Cathy

Message: 30589 Posted: Wed Dec 10 16:42:59 2003 By: Sheldon
Subject: 3 More Days...

Well kids, just 3 more days until we head out for Bethlehem, PA to catch America.. I CAN'T WAIT!!! On the same bill with the guys is the Atlanta Rhythym Section & John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.. should be a great show. There is a 3:00 show & an 8:00 show - we are only attending the 8:00 show. I believe our seats are pretty decent - my tickets are the same section & row as the ticket that Anita is trying to sell for the 3:00 show.. Hopefully there will be a few selections played from the Holiday Harmony album. Actually, this show is being advertised as "The Christmas Spectacular" so I'm pretty sure we'll hear some Holiday Harmony tunes.. I'll give a full report when we return! Anita, Cathy, Kristal - hope to see you all there! If anyone else from our group is attending, please let us know..

See ya-

Message: 30588 Posted: Wed Dec 10 14:17:36 2003 By: jimmy19029
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros

So that makes the current roster as: Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, Skylark, Keith Knudson(drums, Mike Hossack(drums), John McFee(guitar, violin, vocals), M. B. Gordy(percussion), Guy Allison(keyboards)& Marc Russo(sax, flute)

Message: 30587 Posted: Wed Dec 10 14:12:08 2003 By: jimmy19029
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros

Whoops, I forgot Skylark. He's the Doobies current bassist!

Message: 30586 Posted: Wed Dec 10 14:03:30 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: airplay

Very nice work. Keep it going, e-mail & telefone calls. Most radio stations listen to their listeners. HOLIDAY HARMONY a classic in the making.

Message: 30585 Posted: Wed Dec 10 13:05:47 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: airplay

24 stations and 61 airplays - not many play Winter Wonderland more than twice - I think six. max was four on one channed and three on another three. Also six Christmas in Californias, Four Let it snows and three Frosty's and White Christmases....

Message: 30584 Posted: Wed Dec 10 11:57:06 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros

A Doobies footnote ... original Mike-McDonald-era sax guy Cornelius Bumpus turned up playing behind Steely Dan when I saw them in Atlantic City recently. I remembered, then, that he had also been with The Dan when I saw them at the Tweeter Center in Camden back in summer 2000.

Message: 30583 Posted: Wed Dec 10 11:57:01 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros

A Doobies footnote ... original Mike-McDonald-era sax guy Cornelius Bumpus turned up playing behind Steely Dan when I saw them in Atlantic City recently. I remembered, then, that he had also been with The Dan when I saw them at the Tweeter Center in Camden back in summer 2000.

Message: 30582 Posted: Wed Dec 10 11:13:11 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Holiday Harmony

Getting plenty of 'airplay' on the Boomer Radio! Christmas in CA playing now!! Heard Sleigh Ride yesterday! Too fun!!


Message: 30581 Posted: Wed Dec 10 09:30:45 2003 By: Dan
Subject: not to worry, Nancy

I can assure you that had we talked at a live chat you would have known it was me. The other night was a spur of the moment thing that I signed into something other than my usual trademark. Have a great Holiday season , all. It's getting busy out in mailman land and I don't know when I'll have the time to jump back in here.DanC.

Message: 30580 Posted: Wed Dec 10 08:34:28 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter

Happy Hump Day Everyone :)

Alan & Steve ~~ Burke also mentioned to me how he liked AMERICA's music and how it was an inspiration to him in his music. ~~ The Xmas mail rush must be on, cause Mr Mailman hasn't brought my new Sting cd to me, and I recieved my confirmation email from Amazon saying it had been shipped out early last week... I too ordered Burke's cd and my confirmation email said it would be sent out within 48 business hours... Thanks Steve for sharing the info regarding his "Hey Lori" song, I have the song clip playing here on my real player right this instance, and I just gotta say that it was the first one I clicked on to listen to the night I went to his site, and it is one of those songs that touches the Heartstrings for sure... Hmmm now with hearing the inspiration behind this song, I too will think of this each time I hear it. ~~~ Hey Lori, its been toolong, we've danced our lives through like a song, they say that time heals this Heart a True, Oooooh Lori, I'm Missing YOU! ~~ I do Love Burke's Voice and the way it adds such Sincerety to this song! ~~I am Looking Forward to hearing this in its Entirety! :)

Congrats Warren & Donald (Wish) ~~ On the release of Your New CD on, Yes ~Yes ~Yes ~~ I did take a Listen to every songclip yesterday afternoon, and WOW!~~ Some really nice songs you have there... ~~ I am loving it for sure, getting to listen to soooo Much New Stuff Lately.... It has Me a Wondering & a Hankering to hear if by Chance ~ Gerry,Dewey & Andrew got together in the studio... I am liking the name Heartstrings soooo much for a new cd name.... :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmmmmbob ~~ Great that I have you all curious about Ladd's songs ~~ I will say it again, I really enjoyed Ladd's Fresh approach to his Lyrics and Music, I feel these are the strong points of his CD. ~~ Hmmm it is sooooo cold here, and rain is on its way to Melt away our snow... was Mr Moon shining brightly there in NZ, it sure has been Overpoweringly White here the last couple of Nights... I just Love looking up at it's Moonbeams and getting Lost for sure!:);) ~~ Now that it is warming up there, I hope you will wipe the Cobwebs off of your Guitar and spend some time playing some Nice songs out on your front porch.... soooooo Nice :)

Hmmmm ~~Hey there Bones, how are ya? ~~ Too much You thinking that Nina had switched to RAP... Just last night Hubby & I had to go check out some new vehicles... (Bessie our van had a ROLLOVER mishap & she now has a Pink Slip stapled onto her steering wheel), after checking a couple replacement possibilities out... we went to Wendy's for a late supper... and the Girl taking our Order, said she had a song on her mind that she just couldn't Shake.... well you know me and my wanting things Spelled out, I said what song is it... she said Ooooooo it is one of those RAP songs.... she said I hate it playing in my head over and over like this... Both Hubby & I just said Now we understand why You Hate this...I did ask her if it was the song by Bayonce(not sure if I have her name spelled right, this would be the only Rap song that I would want to hear over & over again!:) Toooooo Muchhhhhh!

Oooooooh ~~ Just to say, Noone was hurt in the Bessie the Van Mishap~~ I am Very Thankful! I will miss Bessie! ~~~Hey Red ~~We did find some nice possibilities... we just don't want to sign the dotted line till we check out every option.... Hmmmm ~~Soooooo Nice you taking in the Magnificent Moonrise on your way home last night... Hmmm were you smiling ~~ could ya hear Van singing ~~~What fantabolous Night for a Moondance, for making romance ~~ I'll bet Mrs Red was happy to see you! ;)

Have a good day everyone! Hope to make it to Live Chat tonight! :)

~~~~ a Sparkle to itttt, a sparkle to ittttt, reasons to wish it never sets, holding the innocence at bay, I don't wanna wake you if You're dreaming for Dreams are hard to find ~~~~ Sing it for us Jeff Larson :) ~~~ Hey Jeff I am awaiting the release of your new CD too...:)

Message: 30579 Posted: Wed Dec 10 06:44:56 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter

Yes, Alan, it was in his e-mail to me that he mentioned the America influence.

Message: 30578 Posted: Wed Dec 10 05:08:20 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: holiday harmony

Hey Erin! Wow, its snowing there! I dont wanna upset Speech, with a weather report!, but may I say its hot,windy and wet down here in New Zealand at 2.30am.Thursday.

Message: 30577 Posted: Wed Dec 10 05:01:14 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter


Got a nice reply back from my e-mail to Burke. He thanked me for spreading the word about his CD. I have ordered mine from his web site and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

The song Hey Lori does take on a whole new perspective knowing the story behind it. I thought it was just another song about somebody's wife leaving him (and I guess it still is - only in a more permanent sense).

Funny, he didn't mention America as an influence on his web site. But you're right, the acoustic guitar and piano are evidence that this is the case. Did he mention America in his e-mail to you? Perhaps he should revise his web site and list them. He might get a lot more America fans interested in his music.

I'll also have to check out this other America fan's CD on CD Baby. So much good music, so little money and time...


Message: 30576 Posted: Wed Dec 10 04:49:33 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Reply to Alan in Maine


Sounds like you fared a lot better than most in your area with the snow. The crews are still out around here cleaning up from this weekend's storm. Our driveway barely has room for both our cars - the guy who ploews our driveway did the best he could, but there was just too much snow to move very far. Our driveway doesn't usually look like this until around March. If we get another big snowstorm soon, we will probably have to hire a bucket loader to haul it off.

Bones - "rap music" - now THERE'S an oxymoron!


Message: 30575 Posted: Wed Dec 10 04:12:23 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re Ladd's Songs

Hey Nance, you sure got me curious about Ladds songs! I sorta guessed by now that you know a good song when you hear it? Ladd is the only one here, that I know of, that has questioned Dewey's playing, now, to what it used to be.

Message: 30574 Posted: Wed Dec 10 04:03:55 2003 By: Erin
Subject: holiday harmony!

So it's Wednesday morning, 4:30am...just had our first snowfall in Reno. Holiday Harmony is playing. Life couldn't be better. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!!

Erin :o)

Message: 30573 Posted: Wed Dec 10 03:30:41 2003 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros

Saw them in NZ,'bout '95; Tom Johnston was on lead vocal, and my goodness, these guys ROCKED! It was in a tent, if you please, that held 10,000 people! I was right at the back, and looking down at an absolute swarm of people rocking out to these brilliant songs! And STILL they go!

Message: 30572 Posted: Tue Dec 09 20:14:21 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter

Alan, I received a package in the mail today from Burke Roney with 6 copies of his Sampler CD and 2 copies of the full CD which will be officially released in February. He autographed one of the full CDs which I thought was very nice. Anyway, he has a great voice and I was very impressed with the CD. He includes America in his list of bands that influenced him and his acoustic guitar and piano bare that out.

Here's some personal information about the second track on both the sampler and the full CD. It's titled "Hey Lori" and it was written about my best friend's younger sister. You may remember that Burke is my best friend's cousin and that's how I met him. Well, a few years ago his sister, Lori, died of cancer and "Hey Lori" was written from the perspective of her widower husband. Knowing that gave a new meaning to the song and it really tugs at my heart strings.

As you mentioned in your initial post, you can listen to soundclips of all the songs from his full CD and you can download the entire dance version of the CD's title track, "Let It All Come Down". The link for the soundclips is Thanks for making me aware of this great singer-songwriter right here in my back yard.

Message: 30571 Posted: Tue Dec 09 19:57:05 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Make A Wish

Congratulations to America fan Warren Woodzell for getting his CD out on the CDBaby web site ( His group is called Wish and the CD is titled "Sticks and Stones". This is what the CDBaby web page has to say about Wish: "Combining pop-country hooks with early seventies singer-songwriter values, this folky two-piece seems to be carrying the torch for guys like James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, America and, most recently, The Thorns." You can listen to soundclips from every song on the album at the web site.

Message: 30570 Posted: Tue Dec 09 19:16:03 2003 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Doobie Brothers

Boy, Jason, I'll give you credit, you have great taste in music to also want to see the Doobie Brothers in concert. My hats off to you, son, for being an in tune type of guy. Currently, the Doobies consist of Tom Johnston(guitar), Pat Simmons(guitar), John McFee(guitar), Keith Knudsen(drums), and Mike Hossack(drums). Also appearing with the band are Marc Russo(saxophone), MB Gordy(percussionist), and Guy Allison(piano). Plus, there is always the chance that Michael McDonald will surface out of the audience and do a few tunes with the brothers. Hope you enjoy the show and be sure and tell us about it.

Sing it Agnetha -

Half past twelve
And I'm watching the late show in my flat all alone
How I hate to spend the evening on my own
Autumn winds
Blowing outside the window as I look around the room
And it makes me so depressed to see the phone
There's not a soul out there
No one to hear my prayer

Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
Won't somebody help me chase these shadows away
Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
Take me through the darkness to the break of the day

Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight - Abba

Message: 30569 Posted: Tue Dec 09 18:55:32 2003 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Reply to Alan in Maine

Glad to hear from you Nina. Thought maybe you jumped ship and started listening to "RAP" music.

Message: 30568 Posted: Tue Dec 09 15:49:28 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: WCBS-FM Top 500

Over the Thanksgiving weekend WCBS-FM 101.1 in New York introduced an updated version of their top 500. This was the first year that the station created the list not the listeners. I was happy to see that
A Horse With No Name came in at #94. Unfortunately no other America song was on the list. This was the first time an America song landed on their top 500, which they've been doing since around 1980. By the way the number 1 song was Hey Jude by the Beatles. If you want to see the whole top 500 you can go on their website at and press the top 500.


Message: 30567 Posted: Tue Dec 09 14:24:16 2003 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Doobie Brothers

Just to let fans in the UK know. The Doobie Bros will be playing in London on Feb 2 at the Hammersmith Apollo next year. I've just got myself some tickets today which cost around 30.00 each.

I'm not sure of the full line up but assume it includes original members Patrick Simmons and Tom Johnston who featured on thier last studio album SIBLING RIVALRY which I thought was a real return to form.


Message: 30566 Posted: Tue Dec 09 12:37:27 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Sergio ~~ Yep Anne did sing those songs too!

Hi Hoooo Everyone :)

Hi there Nina ~~ Sooooo Goood to hear from you! I hope your change in job starts to get better for you... My son Adam wants to go to college to be a Math teacher, and he keeps saying he wants to teach kids in 8th gr and up.... I keep talking to him about this... asking him if he is really sure about this. That is a hard age group to deal with at times.... Don't take me wrong here, we all were in those grades ourselves once... I just want Adam to be sure that he wants to do this! Happy Holidays to you and yours too Nina ~~ Be sure to check in soon! :)

Yeppers Sergio ~~ Anne sang both Danny Boy & Oooooh Holy Night, I too love Danny boy, she shared a story with us about Oooh Holy Night, back when she was 16 yrs old this very song was what she sang as her first Solo performance infront of an Audience, she said she was soooo nervous that her voice wouldn't come out when it was time, and she said that till this day any time she sings this song, she relives that very moment.... I think she does an excellent job on Boney M's xmas song "Mary's Boy Child Jesus Christ", she sang it for us too.. The show lasted 2 hours. I got the chills when she began to sing ~~~ I cried a tear, You wiped it dry, I was confused, You showed me why, You gave me Hope, when I was at the End, Somehow you always called me Friend ~~~ You Needed Meeeee, you needed meeeeee!!! (excuse my ooops and bloops here, I tried hard to hear the words in my mind) ~~ She sure is a Legend in her Own Time! :)

Hey there DanC ~~ Tooo much you being at the Live Chat on sunday night.. I was kinda having a deja vous moment.... Funny how it relates to sunday evening... I had gone back to wash my hair and had shampoo all over my head... I came out in the living room to say something to my son Adam and I turned on the internet, checked my email and was gonna join in on the live chat... but guess what happened.... I fell asleep right there in my comp chair, with the shampoo all over my hair, I woke up an hour later... to find it all dried & stiff.... seems all the further I got was into my email inbox on the puter... I know I am one Nutty Lady right.... Oooooh well, I guess my age is starting to catch up with me ~~ Me falling asleep soo much in my puter chair... Hahahahhahahahaha! Nice that you, Mo & Anita had a Spontaneous time!! Hmmm ~~ One thing I am kinda curious about.... there have been times at the live chats, when I coulda sworn that it was you I was talking too, now with Mo saying you used a "a very interesting name" has me a wondering if my assumptions were right and it was You I was talking too, you just didn't want me to know it.... Hmmmm, too much, you always told me you signed in as DanC!

Well gotta get all, take care and stay warm! Nancy :)

~~~ What's Ya doing tonight, I wish I could be a Fly on your wall, who's stealing your dreams, doooo you even know I exist at all.... If I was invisible, then I could just watch you in your room, If I was invinceable, I would put my heart in my hand, I would be the greatest man.... ~~~ This was just on the radio... sing it Clay Aiken's ~~ he sure has some catchy lyrics in this song! :) ;) :)

Message: 30565 Posted: Tue Dec 09 12:08:26 2003 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Alan in Maine

Hi all! This is the first time I've been able to check in since I made a job change in early November. Am now teaching ( or should I say "attempting" to teach grade 8, instead of grade 6. What the heck was I thinking???!!! It's a challenge, to say the least! I miss the "little" kids terribly, and am ready to strangle these "big" ones!

Anyway, Alan, my area (northern Worcester county in Massachusetts) got a little over a foot of snow over the week-end. School was not cancelled on Monday (darn it!), but I did see on the news that alot of Boston communities gor hit pretty hard by this storm. Most people around here are saying "Too much, too soon!" It does make everything Christmas-y looking though!

Just letting everyone know I'm still alive...and lurking occasionally!

Happy Holidays to all!

Message: 30564 Posted: Tue Dec 09 04:16:38 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hmmm ~ Just a wondering something! (Nancy)


Thank you for sharing your concert review on Anne Murray. I've always been a fan of her too. She has such a great warm singing voice. My favorite songs by her are "Snowbird" and "Danny's Song". She also does a beautiful cover of "O Holy Night" on her Christmas album, my favorite Christmas carol. Did she do that one? I am glad you were able to share that experience with your father. It would be great if AMERICA came to that venue so you wouldn't have to travel like you've done in the past. I keep hoping that they will come to one near me, we have 4 casinos in the metropolitan area, three of which have shows regularly, I hope they come to one of them SOON.;0)


Message: 30563 Posted: Tue Dec 09 03:40:34 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Admittedly Up Too Late

Yes, it was the farewell that gave you away. You gave only one other previous clue which had to do with location location location. Your name was very interesting but threw me off at first. Anyway, nice talkin' with you.

Message: 30562 Posted: Mon Dec 08 20:18:31 2003 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Admittedly Up Too Late

Must have been my farewell line that gave me away, huh? Anyway it was fun. I don't get to too many live chats but like I said last night, I'm into spontaneity. I also checked out the boomerradio site and like it very mucho.DanC.

Message: 30561 Posted: Mon Dec 08 16:44:07 2003 By: Alan
Subject: What a storm!

How did all you fellow New Englanders fare the storm? When all was said and done we had just about 3 feet of snow dumped on us here in Farmington! Rangeley, a town about an hour north of here got 41"! The kids got their wish as school was cancelled here. Even though it had tapered off to flurries by the time I went to bed andf probably stopped shortly thereafter, there was just soooo much snow for the road crews to dig out from under!

Everything is a beautiful white around here though - perfect for the Christmas season (hope it all melts the day after New Years LOL).


Message: 30560 Posted: Mon Dec 08 10:36:42 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hmmm ~ Just a wondering something! & Thanks

Happy Monday All :)

You are Welcome Ladd! :)

Gee Steve L ~~ that is pretty neat to think I am getting the 10,001 copy of Burke's new CD... and to think it hasn't been officially released yet.... WOW LOL!!!!

Hi Anita & Mo ~~ Sorry I missed out on the fun at LiveChat last night. Neat Idea Anita ~~ Yep it is always fun sharing the gift of gab with other fans.... Sounds like you guys covered lots of Current Events.... too much! :)

Thanks Mr Airborne Express Man ~~ for bringing me my new Fax Modem this morning... I sure hope this new one will work right!

I just gotta share my Flabberghasting happening with you all ~~ I just mentioned in my post yesterday that Vince Gill & Amy Grant are coming to Pittsburgh,Pa next teusday night, and How I would love to see this show... Well I had the tickets almost in hand this morning... It all started with me Spontaneaously calling into the radio station to win the Kentucky Fried Chicken ~~ Backwards Oldiez song contest ... the song this morning was Snoopy's Christmas song and I knew it in an instance, sooo I was the correct caller and had the right song title.. soo I won ~~ A good thing yes, but now for the Bummer of this all... an hour later the dj said I have 2 tickets to go and see the Vince & Amy concert next teus...just be caller #7 and you will win these tickets... sooo excitedly I dialed the phone number and got a busy signal, no problem, hung up, then tried again, and yep the dj answered and I said frantically "Am I really Caller #7 and can I really win this too" He said who is this... Dummy me should have said I was someone else other than Nancy, cause once I said it was me... he said Sorry No Can Do... being that you won the BO~ KFC contest... you can't turn around and win again ... I said Oooooooh Darn, Oooooh come on Jack, I will give you back the Happy Meal.... you know how much I would love to go see this show, he said yes, but sorry no can do..... I was soooooo WOUND UP ~~ (RED You know me when I get wound up ~~ I was sooooooooo Mad, Go Figure, it just had to be my LUCK to ruin my ONE in a Lifetime chance to win tickets to go and see the show I had wanted to see.... I guess I am Greedy to want my Cake with Icing on it too.... Boooo Hooooo.... I still can't believe this happenend... someone pinch me hard and make me come around to my senses.... LOL!!!

Well thanks for reading my ramblins, I gotta get now, have a good day! Ooooh the Moral of the Story is ~~~ Always think of the consequences when calling in to win on the radio... more or less only Go for the Gusto.... Nancy :)

~~~ Hmmm what song is that, that says, ~~ I had it right in the Palm of my Hands, and I left it slip away..... Sing it for me... again and again and again.... :)

Message: 30559 Posted: Mon Dec 08 09:28:36 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Internet Tunes

Thanks for letting me know you're listening! Pretty cool, Mo....I enjoy the Cat Stevens tunes also. Did they play Father & Son? That one makes me tear up, too. They played Sad Lisa this am.


Message: 30558 Posted: Mon Dec 08 09:13:14 2003 By: Anita
Subject: New Chat Time

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining in the chat last night, it was fun. I've asked our esteemed webmaster to add the Sunday night chat as a regular feature, and he'll soon be posting it to the home page. It's always great to be able to speak with fellow fans. Thanks for your help, Steve.

Message: 30557 Posted: Mon Dec 08 05:41:44 2003 By: Ladd
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter, hmmm too much!

Thanks for the very kind words, Nancy--they're much appreciated.

To any who wants to check my CD out--this was independently recorded/produced/packaged and I've got about 100 left. Just email me your mailing address and I'll send you one free of charge. All I ask in return is your feeback on it after you hear it. I think it is probably best-suited for America fans, because that group as much as any other has inspired my approach to acoustic guitar and vocals.

My email is:


--Hmmmmmm ~~~ I also have been listening to some really Great Songs by Ladd (You all may recognize this name, he has posted here on the folder), I was reading the bios 1 night and upon reading his, I emailed him about sending me a copy of his music cd that he had made, and mentioned in his bio. Well he sent it to me about a month ago, and I have given it lots of listens, I really enjoyed getting to hear these songs. I was very impressed, I love the way he has managed to capture that fresh sound in his music, his lyrics are really nice, his vocals reminded me of Matt's cd, it is nice how all of this flows together nicely. There is a song called "Where the Waves Meet the Sand" ~~ Wow this song is sooo neat, I love the lyrics, and Ladd & his Girlfriend sing this together, this song is filled with sincerety and much more, it reminds me of the song Hat Trick sooooo much, I love how Ladd has esculated the music styles in this song to complete the effectiveness of it. I am really glad I asked Ladd to send me this CD, I definitely hear the inspiration that he got from AMERICA, Dan F, Stealy Dan & Others throughout these songs. Along with some accompliment from his friends with other musical instruments, he has captured a Unique way of taking me back to the early AMERICA days. I Applaud him on a Job Well Done, especially for a 1st time Effort. ~~ Ladd has told me that he has more copies of this CD and he will glady send it to any of you, just for the asking. His email address is , Ladd has done this, just because he enjoys it soo much. I love that about it, that he was able to complete this Project this way. WOW! He is working on some new songs now, I will be anxious to hear the outcome of these as well. ~~ I just think it is soooo Great, the way that those younger than me Enjoy & are influenced & inspired by AMERICA's and other's music! ~~ Thanks Ladd ~~ You can betcha I will be hitting the replay button on your CD lots. :) Keep on working on those new songs! :)--

Message: 30556 Posted: Sun Dec 07 22:01:29 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Admittedly Up Too Late

Okay, obviously up too late here on a Sunday night...but hey, I'm over 21. Well...way over but let's not go there. Bob Seger on the radidio (internet radidio). Weren't we talkin' 'bout Mr. Seger on chat this evening? Think so. Thought it might have been Mr. Red Oak I was speaking with b/c of his interest in Seger and the Eagles but no, perhaps not. Dan C. maybe? Don't know. Hard to say. Anyway, had a good time. Nice idea AB, thanks again.
Oh, almost forgot. Got on here to say I saw Mr. Robert Lamm and company (whom we also talked a bit about on the chat) on the A&E show celebrating the 50th anniversary of Playboy. Nice. Way to go, Chicago. Wasn't the first mansion in Chicago? I guess that would be the connection. But, hey, that is in America too. Why not invite the band of that name, too? Seems logical to me. Long live Hef, Robert Lamm (who is cute but knows it), and Jenny McCarthy. Way to go A&E. Paris Hilton was there. But then again, that shouldn't be a surprise since she is EVERYWHERE lately. Young, rich, blonde, cute. Hmm, can't imagine what people see in her. Harumph. Happy week to all.

Message: 30555 Posted: Sun Dec 07 20:16:23 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Yippee, The Sequel

Winter Holidays on Acoustic Cafe on Boomer Radio at 11:41 pm Eastern. Yippee. Thanks, Beth.

Message: 30554 Posted: Sun Dec 07 19:50:36 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Thanks

AB...thanks for the Sunday nite chat. Great idea. Between that and Boomer Radio, I am just having a great weekend. Way to go...well Bones was a nice bonus too. Have a good week everybody.

Message: 30553 Posted: Sun Dec 07 17:17:12 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Yippee

By the way...thanks Beth for the Boomer Radio heads up. Just heard a Cat Stevens song that tearfully reminds me of my father and brother. Nice to hear it though.

Message: 30552 Posted: Sun Dec 07 17:15:44 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Yippee

Winter Wonderland on Acoustic Cafe on Boomer Radio right now--Sunday eve, 8:41 pm. YIPPEE!!

Message: 30551 Posted: Sun Dec 07 16:59:35 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Chatting

Several of us are chatting if anyone wants to join!

Message: 30550 Posted: Sun Dec 07 16:27:08 2003 By: SunsetSun
Subject: Re: Chat?

Since that is only 10 minutes from now and I am already on the computer I could probably be there for a short while Anita - but I don't know how many else might show up

Message: 30549 Posted: Sun Dec 07 16:12:14 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Double post

Sorry for the double post -- I meant to refresh on the folder page, whoops!

Message: 30548 Posted: Sun Dec 07 16:10:27 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Chat?

Anyone care to chat about 8 pm eastern time tonight?

Message: 30547 Posted: Sun Dec 07 16:04:37 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Chat?

Anyone care to chat about 8 pm eastern time tonight?

Message: 30546 Posted: Sun Dec 07 15:54:02 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Hmmm ~ Just a wondering something!

Nancy, the Burke Roney CD that you ordered is the one that has the soundclips you listened to. He only has one CD which won't be officially released until February 3, 2004 but it has been pre-released in a few target markets and has already sold 10,000 copies. I guess yours will be number 10,001 (LOL)!

Message: 30545 Posted: Sun Dec 07 15:07:45 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmm ~ Just a wondering something!

Me Again :)

Alan & Steve ~~ I have ordered Burke's CD titled "Let It All Come Down 1" I just read what you wrote Steve and this has me a wondering if I will be recieving the CD with the song clips from his site, or if I will be recieving an older CD. I am hoping it is the songs from the clips I listened too, I really like "You Are The One, Hey Lori, Small World, Sound of the Ocean, & The Best is Yet To Be, I liked the rest of them to, these ones just seem to stick out in my mind the most. In the confirmation email I recieved it said this CD would be shipped within 48 business hours...

Oooooooh Mr Mailman, Mr Mailman ~~ Can You Hear Me Now??? I will be awaiting to hear from You this week, I am awaiting my long overdue new FaxModem for my work puter, and my new Sting CD hasn't arrived yet. I also will be putting in my Sony Points order... I am sooo torn what CD's to settle for, there is the Serendipity Soundtrack, Celine Dions "One Heart", Van the Man Morrison's Greatest Hits cd, John Mayer's new one, ABBA's, oooooooh my soooo hard to decide which ones to have You to bring my way... Hope you are still Smiling! :)

Hi Sergio ~~ Sounds like a nice show you saw this weekend! It is great that you heard 2 HH songs playing at the TJ Maxx store. Last Sunday Me & My Sister took our Dad to see Anne Murray's show at the next place I hope to see AMERICA come, that is close to me. It was a memory keepsake evening for sure. Anne is a very energetic performer, and her voice is always Radiant too, the first half of her show, she sang all of her songs, the second half was all Xmas songs... She brought Happy Tears to my Dad's eyes,when she sang her great song "Can I Have This Dance With You", I loved getting to hear her sing my all time favorite one of hers "Snowbird". Her new CD is called Country Crooning and on this is alot of older songs from the 60's, she did them in Medley style, let me see if I can remember some of them now, she sang Skeeter Davis's "Don't They Know it's The End Of the World, and Eddie Arnold's "Make The World Gooo Away" & Some others that I would know if I were to hear them again... She then sang "Daydream Believer", she always sings that one sooo nicely. Next teusday Vince Gill & Amy Grant are coming to Pittsburgh for a show, and OOOOOOooh what I would give to be able to go see it! They too will sing their hits as well as Xmas songs! Nice :)

Alan ~~ I am glad you have emailed Ladd about checking out his CD, I hope more of you will take him up on this Offer. Thanks again Ladd! :)

Lots of Nice Music has been playing Non Stop Here all day long... Holiday Harmony played 3 times in a row, I watched Celine Dion's music special on the Family Channel, it was the behind the scenes of her making of her "One Heart" CD, she sang her nice song "Have You Ever Been In Love, and also the song "My Heart Will Go On
from the Titanic soundtrack, what a song.... WOW!!! Then I took a couple of listens to my new Sara McLachlan ~~ Afterglow CD, and you can betcha I hit the replay button on the #5 song a couple of times... such awesome lyrics and chemistry in this song called "Train Wreck" I also watched my taped segment form the CNN show last year this very day, with Gerry & Dewey being interviewed and singing Winter Wonderland ~~ Nice Nice Nice :) :) :)

Okay gotta get now, Nathan's 8th birthday is tomorrow and I gotta make his cupcakes to take to school. Wow, I can still remember the day he was born, just like it was yesterday. :)

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~It's time again to pull out all the ornaments, the train
The kitchen towels with Santa, the lights and candy cane
Inside each box of treasure from the Christmas that's gone by
And each one will remind us how they fly

Please remember (please remember)
Please remember (please remember)
All the Christmases gone by
Please remember (please remember)
Please remember (please remember)
All those Christmases gone by ~~~~ Sing it for us Dewey : ) :) :)

Message: 30544 Posted: Sun Dec 07 13:14:30 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter

Alan, I contacted Burke via e-mail and he responded right away. He did remember me from California and he's going to send me some of his CD's (which won't be released officially until February 2004) so I'll let you know what I think of them. By the way, I tried sending a mail message to you using the link on this chat folder but it came back. Could you please send me a message and let me know if your address has changed?

Message: 30543 Posted: Sun Dec 07 12:04:53 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: "Holiday Harmony " pops up in unusual places and Brenda Lee

Hi all,
While many of you in the Northeast are digging out of the snow, "winter" finally arrived in New Orleans too.(Daytime temperatures in the upper 40's qualifies as winter here);0)It was "chilly in Gentilly" as we New Orlenians like to say. So in the nice cool weather, my wife, daughter and I were out Christmas shopping at T.J. Maxx and to my surprise two America songs were played during our shopping stay~ "Christmas to Remember" and "Winter Holidays". Hearing the smooth acoustical arrangements made our shopping day all the better, I was proud of our guys being heard there. Unfortunately, radio stations here are not playing their Christmas songs. I've e-mailed requests and even called the request line, but nothing has persuaded them. I'll keep trying...

On an off topic subject, Friday night I got to hear some Christmas classics "live" by a living legend of Rock and Roll, and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, the very talented, funny and gracious Miss Brenda Lee. She infused her 90 minute concert with humor and her million selling hits, such as "I'm Sorry", "All Alone Am I" (my personal favorite), "Jambalaya", "Sweet Nothins", "Break It To Me Gently", "I want to Be Wanted" and too many others to mention. Amazingly, her body of work, 55 charted hits, has her at Joel Whitburn's list of top 500 artists at a very lofty #32 (By the way, for those who might not know, America is at #198) Miss Lee moved effortlessly and confidently from music to some very funny one liners, making fun of her age and height. She is 59, has two daughters, and has been married to the same man for 40 years. She has the distinction oh having had the Beatles open for her during her tour in England back in her days of glory. She also covered songs that were offered to her first but turned down, as she called "her missed hits", those included "Bye Bye Love" (Everly Bros.), "Here You come Again" (Dolly Parton), "Always on My Mind" (Willie Nelson) and "Who's Sorry Now" (Connie Francis). The last portion of the show was dedicated to selections from her classic Christmas album issued in 1964, and what an honor it was to see and hear her sing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" in person, that song has been such a part of my Christmas past. I was lucky enough to meet her after the show and she graciously signed my Christmas CD "To Sergio with Love, Brenda Lee", she even took a picture with me. All in all a very nice evening. If any of you all are still with me ;0),sorry to ramble on about such an off topic subject, but it was THE big event of my weekend and I just had to share it. "Little Miss Dynamite", Brenda Lee deserves our respect, she certainly has mine. Happy holidays,

Sir Joe

Message: 30542 Posted: Sun Dec 07 11:47:49 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Ladd


I'm glad you enjoyed my "Christmas To Remember" story, as you put it. It is STILL coming down steady here, although the intesity seems to have died down just a little. At this point my kids are hopeful that school might be called off tomorrow.

I remember Ladd posting here. As I recall, for a while he was a quite regular poster. I had no idea he had a CD out. Thanks for providing the e-mail address. I have just e-mailed him for more info.

I'll probably buy Burke's CD as well when I have a little more money. I agree that with influences like his (and talent), his songs are bound to be good.

Looking forward to checking out Ladd's music, too.


Message: 30541 Posted: Sun Dec 07 07:35:53 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: I did an Ooooops sorry!

Me again :)

Just to add a t onto the Hear in the last lyric line of Meant to Shine, it should have read A Heart awaits you beyond the pale of foolish pride! Sorry bout that!!

Thanks Alan for sharing your Christmas to Remember day yesterday... Nice :) Stay warm and cozy... I am really getting anxious to go out and find a xmas tree now! Thanks for the smile you brought to my morning!

See ya, Nancy :) ~~ Hey Red is it snowing in your neck of the woods?

~~ I've been strumming my six string, I've been dancing from dusk to dawn, I got a feeling inside that's grown so strong, A chord or two oughta' warm ya', A simple slide to make those bright eyes shine, The kinda' lick that would make a grown man cry (But don't let me see no tears on that pretty face, baby) ~~ WOW Ladd I love your way with these Lyrics for sure! :)

Message: 30540 Posted: Sun Dec 07 07:24:24 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter, hmmm too much!

Hi Everyone :) We are still wrapped up in a Blanket of White here in Pa. I have to admit it does look nice! The kids have been enjoying it alot! ~ We got about 10 inches here, my son Jeff told me that he only got 3 incs up in Seneca Falls, NY. :)

Hi there Alan ~~ That is just too neat you coming across this CD sampler by a guy that Steve & his Family knew when he was growing up in sunny Calif... Small World for sure! ~~ I too went to this Burke's website late, late last night and I listened to every song clip more than once. I have to say there are some really nice songs on his cd, he does have a nice fresh sounding approach, I like the way his music, lyrics and voice compliment each other. I did write Burke an email and he answered me this morning. Too much, I had mentioned that he was influenced by some pretty Awesome musical artists, and I told him about me being a fan of AMERICA's since I was 14 yrs old, and I mentioned you telling me of his site, well it turns out that he too remembers Steve and his Family being friends of his cousins in Calif... sooooo neat. I do plan on ordering his CD soon! Thanks Alan for sharing this with us.

Hmmmmmm ~~~ I also have been listening to some really Great Songs by Ladd (You all may recognize this name, he has posted here on the folder), I was reading the bios 1 night and upon reading his, I emailed him about sending me a copy of his music cd that he had made, and mentioned in his bio. Well he sent it to me about a month ago, and I have given it lots of listens, I really enjoyed getting to hear these songs. I was very impressed, I love the way he has managed to capture that fresh sound in his music, his lyrics are really nice, his vocals reminded me of Matt's cd, it is nice how all of this flows together nicely. There is a song called "Where the Waves Meet the Sand" ~~ Wow this song is sooo neat, I love the lyrics, and Ladd & his Girlfriend sing this together, this song is filled with sincerety and much more, it reminds me of the song Hat Trick sooooo much, I love how Ladd has esculated the music styles in this song to complete the effectiveness of it. I am really glad I asked Ladd to send me this CD, I definitely hear the inspiration that he got from AMERICA, Dan F, Stealy Dan & Others throughout these songs. Along with some accompliment from his friends with other musical instruments, he has captured a Unique way of taking me back to the early AMERICA days. I Applaud him on a Job Well Done, especially for a 1st time Effort. ~~ Ladd has told me that he has more copies of this CD and he will glady send it to any of you, just for the asking. His email address is , Ladd has done this, just because he enjoys it soo much. I love that about it, that he was able to complete this Project this way. WOW! He is working on some new songs now, I will be anxious to hear the outcome of these as well. ~~ I just think it is soooo Great, the way that those younger than me Enjoy & are influenced & inspired by AMERICA's and other's music! ~~ Thanks Ladd ~~ You can betcha I will be hitting the replay button on your CD lots. :) Keep on working on those new songs! :)

Thanks Steve L & Jimnak ~~ for the info about Carols by Candlelight, I still find myself wishing there was a way to experience this magic by tape or cd... That had to be 1 Magical Moment for sure, when they sang Christmas In California ~~ WOW! I am keeping my fingers crossed for Sheldon, CathyR, Anita, Kristal and any others that are gonna be going to the Dec. 13th show in Bethlehem, that they will get to hear the 3 new Xmas songs from HH... That would be AWESOME! :)

Hi Beth & Jenna ~~ This Boomer Radio sounds sooo neat, WOW to get to hear And Forever ~ Wow! :)

Caio Bruno! ~~ Hopefully Steve O can help you out with your AMERICA statistics, I am afraid I am better at knowing their songs and lyrics.. :)

Hmmm ~~ Last year on this day we were all anxiously awaiting to see Gerry & Dewey on CNN, this was the day that they sang Winter Wonderland and were interviewed... I am gonna have to get out my tape and hit the rewind on this Memory keepsake Moment for sure! :)

Well that is about it for now, take care everyone and enjoy your day!

See ya, Nancy :) ~~ I just want to share some of the lyrics with you all from Ladd's song "Meant to Shine" :)

~~~ The funny thing is I can say today, I'm taking time to do all that I can do, Give a piece of my soul back to the world.... ~~~ For each soul there comes a spring, when we hope for better things, when we slowly realize, it's what you give, not what you take, Don't make the simple mistake of thinking you weren't Meant to Shine ~~~ Sing it for me Ladd :) :) :) ~~~ There's no promise of a brighter day, but the sun'll shine if you really want it to, Find your beauty reflects in others' eyes ~~ Would you like to turn the page? Is there no expression that can vent your rage? Will you turn your fear aside? A Hear awaits you beyond this pale of foolish pride ~~ Nice :)

Message: 30539 Posted: Sun Dec 07 06:58:01 2003 By: Alan
Subject: It's Winter!!!

Woke up this morning to our cars completely buried in snow! Winter has definitely arrived in new England! We have over a foot and a half and it's still coming down steady. I understand some parts of NE will be getting 2 feet or more!

Churches all over Maine have cancelled Sunday Services, including the one I attend. Even if they hadn't cancelled, there's no way we would have been able to get there anyway. We're just kind of hunkered down and waiting out the storm.

Here in Farmington, Maine, the storm started a little before noon yesterday. We decided yesterday would be a good day to get our tree. It was just starting to accumulate when we went out to buy our tree - a beautiful blue spruce. I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up some things and while there I saw an end-cap display of mulling spices, so I grabbed a package and a gallon of cider. I also grabbed the stuff for Chex party mix.

Yesterday ended up being a great day. It was snowing out. We put up the tree and decorated it. We drank hot mulled cider and munched party mix. And listened to Christmas music all day long (Holiday Harmony spun at least twice during the day - and we have A LOT of Christmas music). This morning we're just chilling out, watching the snow and listening to more Christmas music - Mormon Tabernacle Choir is playing at the moment.

Hope everyone else out there is having a great weekend!


Message: 30538 Posted: Sun Dec 07 04:32:51 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter


Well, it is a small world, indeed! I figured you might know something about him since he's from your "neck of the woods," but it's amazing that you grew up in So Cal with him and knew his family. Despite the lateness of the hour last night, I decided to go check out his web site after I posted here. According to the web site, he is currently living in Heber City. He says he's been a "closet singer/songwriter" for years and has recently decided to do something with his music. Sounds like me, although I have been trying to do something with mine for the last few years and every time I think I'm getting somewhere, things always seem to fall through. Of course, I'm sure Burke has the money behind him to be able to make things happen. Sounds like his whole family is quite entrepeneurial. It isn't easy trying to put together a CD when you are on a tight budget like me. Having your partner living in Florida doesn't help much, either. Best we've been able to do so far is put together demos of three of the songs we've written, and none of them have percussion yet. I see you can contact him by e-mail. I have been thinking about doing so and asking him for advice on how to get things going. Although I'm thinking my project probably isn't going to happen until after the kids have left home, and my youngest is only 11, so it will probably be another 9 - 10 years.

Really cool that you know the guy personally, though! If you can't find his CD sampler in a local record shop, he has some samples you can download from his web site. You should check it out. I'd be very interested in hearing what you think about his songs.


Message: 30537 Posted: Sat Dec 06 21:21:47 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New singer/songwriter

Alan, it's interesting that you would ask me about Burke Roney because I knew him (and his family) when I was growing up in southern California. He is my best friend's cousin and that's how I knew him. Most of his siblings have now moved to Utah and they started a company called Nu Skin. I didn't realize that Burke was a singer-songwriter but here's a link to his web page which you mentioned: I'll have to ask him or his brothers about it the next time I run into one of them at the store.

Message: 30536 Posted: Sat Dec 06 19:15:01 2003 By: Jenna
Subject: Boomer Radio Tunes

Hey Beth, I just checked out Boomer Radio Tunes.....what a great site!
Amazing they played HERE - what a rare gem. I just heard Acoustic Cafe play Ventura Highway, definitely made a bad day a lot brighter!

Message: 30535 Posted: Sat Dec 06 19:03:37 2003 By: Anita
Subject: America music videos

Who knows which songs have videos associated with them? Perhaps you've seen some on vh1 or mtv?

Message: 30534 Posted: Sat Dec 06 19:02:29 2003 By: Alan
Subject: The Beatmas

Have any of you heard of a band called "The Beatmas"? They are 4 guys from Norway who do traditional Christmas songs in the style of different Beatles songs. A friend at worked (a big Beatles fan) tracked this gem down on the internet and bought it. She had to go to their site which was in Danish, run it through an English translator, which directed her to a Canadian site where she could actually buy the CD, which was in French (probably somewhere in Quebec).

She was playing it yesterday in her office when I was there working on her PC and I thought it was really cool, so she burned me a copy. She didn't want me to have to go through what she had to to get it.

Anyway, if you can get your hands on it, it's really a gem. I've only had it since yesterday and it has already been played several times (my kids especially love it). Hearing "Mary's Boy Child" al a "Nowhere Man" and "White Christmas" al a "Ticket To Ride" is a lot of fun, and "Silent Night" in the style of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" is absolutely priceless!


Message: 30533 Posted: Sat Dec 06 18:43:42 2003 By: Alan
Subject: New singer/songwriter

I was in the local music store today to pick up a part for my daughter's violin. I was talking to the store owner when something on the counter caught my eye. It was a display case for a free 3 song CD Sampler from an artist named Burke Roney. Has anyone heard of this guy? It said on it "Salt Lake City's newest singer/songwriter" (Steve L - have you heard of him?). It looked interesting (and best of all it was free) so I picked it up and gave it a listen when I got home.

My first impression is that this guy is pretty good. His voice reminds me a little of Kenny Loggins and the musical style of the first 2 songs (Let It All Come Down & Hey Lori) reminded me somewhat of Jeff Larson. The last song (Wendy) had kind of a 50's rock sound to it. It looks like he is probably an indie artist.

There was also a sticker on it that says "ask to hear burke on WKTJ FM 99.3" (our local station mentioned in earlier post)and listed their phone number. I'm not sure how an artist from SLC got the station info for some small town station in Maine (or the record store for that matter), but my guess is he has somehow obtained a list of radio stations and music stores accross the country and is sending these samplers out to them in hopes of getting airplay.

If anyone is interested in checking him out, he also has a web site listed (which I haven't visited yet) - I'd be interested to hear if any of you around the country have heard of him or have seen the CD sampler (and if you have, what you think of him).


Message: 30532 Posted: Sat Dec 06 18:28:01 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Christmas in California

firmly agree. Can't let HOLIDAY HARMONY go unnoticed by the world. CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA simply captures everything about what is great & genuine about AMERICA, it sort of sneaks up on you.

Message: 30531 Posted: Sat Dec 06 18:25:07 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Holiday Harmony

I contacted our local radio station a few days ago and asked if they were going to be playing any songs from Holiday Harmony this year. the lady I spoke with said they didn't have it, but she would order it from the local music store. She said she loves America and can't wait to hear it and start playing. Farmington, Maine is just a podunk town, but any exposure is better than none, right? Besides, THEY played (and still do occasionally) FAMT a lot when it first came out when no other station in Maine did.

I also have a couple other "big" stations up here I've been meaning to contact, but never seem to find the time (I know, the Christmas season is almost half over and I need to get moving on this). One is an adult contemporary station called "The Star" (I think it's 103.5) and they call themselves "The Christmas Station" during the Christmas season because all they play during the holiday season is Christmas music. I think their coverage area is most of the state, too.


Message: 30530 Posted: Sat Dec 06 18:13:47 2003 By: Rich S
Subject: Christmas in California

The more I listen to this CD the more I love it. I think Christmas in California is the best new song written in some time.

Message: 30529 Posted: Sat Dec 06 17:22:40 2003 By: cfhere
Subject: Winter Wonderland/Kohl's

Today. during the snowstorm in Jersey, I was shopping in the Kohl's department store in town. At the checkout line there was a Christmas CD for the Kohl's charity for kids. To my surprise on the CD was Winter Wonderland by America. At least something positive came out of the snowstorm.


Message: 30528 Posted: Sat Dec 06 17:20:40 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show & HH airplay !

I wasn't there, only in spirit. But it was GERRY & DEWEY & the house band, so the guys had the day off. HOLIDAY HARMONY for sure !!!

Message: 30527 Posted: Sat Dec 06 15:29:14 2003 By: Gee_H
Subject: Re: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show & HH airplay !

I was just wondering Jim, was it just Gerry and Dewey at that Christmas show or was the rest of the band there?

Message: 30526 Posted: Sat Dec 06 11:48:56 2003 By: bruno
Subject: A Question for Steve and all

Hi All
America in the latest years how much records (CD) sell in average in USA and in all world. Tehere is or not a calculation?Anyone know this datum?
(I am not an agent of treasury-taxation.)Sergio Vessicchio, A journalist of newspaper "Il Cittadino", asked me for article about America ( Sergio asked me because he know that I am a great fan of Band)this datum but I don't know.
Hi Steve, Johnny, Sergio (in USA), Nancy, Genevieve and all fans of Dewey,Gerry+Band.Thanks

Message: 30525 Posted: Sat Dec 06 09:33:24 2003 By: Bob Rose
Subject: Chords for new christmas tunes

Might anyone have the chord progressions for the fellas new christmas tunes. I notice they are not amoung the songs listed on this site.

Thanks Bob R

Message: 30524 Posted: Fri Dec 05 16:03:10 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show & HH airplay !

quickie note: Steven (down in jamaica) Bishop was unable to attend due to illness. of course AMERICA made up for his absence & then some ! CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA !

Message: 30523 Posted: Fri Dec 05 12:55:29 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show & HH airplay !

Nancy, here's a link to the Carol's By Candlelight web page. It should answer any questions you have about it but here's a list of the performers: America, B.J. Thomas, Dan Seals, Kim Carnes, Stephen Bishop, Buck Howdy, and Eve Selis.

Message: 30522 Posted: Fri Dec 05 12:09:46 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show & HH airplay !

TGIF Everyone :) Well chalk up another 1 for Winter Wonderland, I heard it on my fave radio station ~~ Kind of an appropriate day here to hear it, the snow is still falling! ~~ Sooo neat Alan, you hearing Sleigh Ride played at your work, and WOW Mark, getting to hear Let it Snow ~~ On Thanksgiving day my youngest son came running upstairs at my Parents house and said Mom, Mom come quick they are playing AMERICA's Christmas songs on the radio right now ~~ Yep they played Winter Wonderland, followed by Sleigh Ride ~~ Nice :) :) :) The other day at lunch Brian the DJ played "I Need You" brought SMILES to my day for sure. :)

Hi there Beth ~~ WOW Double WOW sooo Neat You hearing "Here" playing on the radio at work... Nice :) that is some great gem exposure, I recently discovered there is another local smaller radio station that plays some of AMERICA's gems on their playlist, they play Ventura Hwy, HWNN (ofcourse), Lonely People, and Sandman ~ Yep you read that right... Nice HUH!!!! I am gonna contact them, to see if they have heard of Holiday Harmony, hopefully HH songs will be playing on there too. :)

Darn ~~ Sooo sorry to hear about the Lakeland show being canceled, Mel & Terri! Booo hooooo :(

Gee thanks Jimnak for the rumor has it scoop... Sounds like it was one Magical night at this Carols by Candlelight show... I look forward to hearing all about it Shari from Dan Diego! :) WOW lucky you if you got to hear Gerry sing Christmas in Calif... I mentioned to my dj friend that this one has such a nice early america, beach boys sound... Play it again and again and again :)

Hey Red my Memory needs some refreshing, who all was performing at this Carols by Candlelight show... I can remember Dan Seals... and Steven Bishop... who else did you tell me??? :)

I have been listening to Gerry's Van Go Gan, Go Man Go & Like a Brother CDs while I got through another round of my end of the month work... I sure do love all of these great songs... sooo nice to finally get to hear the Go Man Go songs... I just love this approach to these songs Gerry, it makes me have a Hankerin, to mention my Wonderings about your songs that you have back on a shelf for a 2nd solo album... I am gonna love seeing the outcome of this project! :) I am Missing the VFTHW Pics sooooo much.... Can't wait to see the one from Bethlehem, PA, it will be a treat for sore eyes for sure! :) Safe Traveling!

Well gotta get for now, take care all, and enjoy your weekend! Nancy :)

~~ Walking, walking in a Winter Wonderland ~ lalalalalllalalallalalalalaalallalallalalla, we're happy tonight, a beautiful sight, walking in a winter wonderlandddddd ~~ Sing it for us Dewey & Gerry :) :) :)

Message: 30521 Posted: Fri Dec 05 11:03:46 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Boomer Radio Tunes

Just so you know, And Forever is playing right now!!


Message: 30520 Posted: Fri Dec 05 10:16:23 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA in San Diego Christmas show

Well Shari ?

rumor has it that:

were played by GERRY & DEWEY. Fabulous !!! CHRISTMAS IN CALIFORNIA.

Message: 30519 Posted: Thu Dec 04 21:12:55 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Lakeland Show Canceled

I don't know. I wasn't told.

Message: 30518 Posted: Thu Dec 04 15:56:54 2003 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Lakeland Show Canceled

Who cancelled this show--America or the venue?

Message: 30517 Posted: Thu Dec 04 15:06:50 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Lakeland Show Canceled

The Lakeland Civic Center show in Lakeland, FL on 12/11/03 has been canceled.

Message: 30516 Posted: Thu Dec 04 13:20:35 2003 By: Beth
Subject: HERE!!

At this moment, 3:45PM Central Time, Acoustic Cafe is Playing HERE!! The America Song!! I am telling my co-worker, this is America. This is a really deep cut from America! This is COOL!!


Message: 30515 Posted: Thu Dec 04 13:01:23 2003 By: Beth
Subject: Re: off topic post Zevon's grammy nod

I totally agree this is a shame, altho what I know of Mr Z, he may refer to it as a sham.......I so love Warren's tunes! I've got his greatest hits loaded in my cd player this week for driving music.


Message: 30514 Posted: Thu Dec 04 12:59:58 2003 By: Beth
Subject: BommerRadio

Steve chicken! No, seriously, I understand if any are unwilling to download stuff. I didn't give it a second thought! So far I haven't noticed any problems, just to let you know.


Message: 30513 Posted: Thu Dec 04 12:28:13 2003 By: AmericaSL

America fan, Beth Gray, listens to an Internet radio station called She says that they play at least three different America tunes every day. If you'd like to check it out, just click on the preceding link and then click on "Acoustic Cafe". You will be required to download and install some special software to listen to the radio. Since I'm unwilling to download anything that I don't want on my computer, I haven't heard the station but I thought I might as well pass along the information.

Message: 30512 Posted: Thu Dec 04 11:09:09 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: off topic post Zevon's grammy nod

Well I see that Mr Z got FIVE nominations. Is it just me or is a crying shame that he is only being honored AFTER his death? "The Wind" is brilliant however, and I am hoping for a sweep ( the dichotomy of "Best Folk Album" having the "Best rock song" strikes me as an irony that would have probably amused him)

Message: 30511 Posted: Thu Dec 04 06:32:07 2003 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmm ~ Just something to Ponder on!

Hi Everyone :) This also brought 1 of my Fave AMERICA songs to my mind instantly... A nice Desert Visual! I hope you all don't mind me sharing this with you all! Have a good day! Nancy : )

Sand and Stone

A story tells that two friends were walking through
the desert. During some point of the journey, they
had an argument, and one friend slapped the other
one in the face. The one who got slapped was hurt,
but without saying anything, he wrote in the sand:

Today my best friend slapped me in the face.

They kept on walking, until they found an oasis,
where they decided to take a bath. The one who had
been slapped got stuck in the mire and started
drowning, but his friend saved him. After he
recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone:

Today my best friend saved my life.

The friend, who had slapped and saved his best
friend, asked him, "After I hurt you, you wrote in
the sand, and now, you write on a stone, why?"

The other friend replied: "When someone hurts us,
we should write it down in sand, where the winds of
forgiveness can erase it away, but when someone
does something good for us, we must engrave it in
stone where no wind can ever erase it.

Learn to write your hurts in the sand and to carve
your blessings in stone.
-- Unknown

~~ 9 ~~ Hmmm NINE more days till Some Lucky People get to see AMERICA in Bethlehem PA ~~ I sure would love to be one of those lucky ones! How neat it would be to see if they sing some Holiday Harmony songs! ~~ I was shopping yesterday, heard Chicago's xmas songs playing but no HH songs, sooo I was kinda Bummed out for sure! ~~ I am Hoping to hear more of them playing on my fave radio station... Yes Yes Yes, keep on typing those email requests... Lets keep the Holiday Harmony Flame Lit soooo it goes down in History! :) :) :)

Message: 30510 Posted: Wed Dec 03 21:14:17 2003 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: not quite last year, at least not yet

Keep chugging out those e-mails & fone calls !
Soon Shari will tell us all how it sounded live.

Message: 30509 Posted: Wed Dec 03 19:31:03 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat tonite

I got booted and could not get back in! Sorry about that all.

Message: 30508 Posted: Wed Dec 03 18:17:49 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: not quite last year, at least not yet

Got my R&R mag today and checked the internet to verify some numbers... Well we may need to start banging out more emails and phone calls - Winter Wonderland was on 12 stations with 41 spins up from 9 and 21 - there best was WBBQ - 4 times, KKDJ 6 times and another 6 at KTSM .. this week will be big to see if they are getting more airplay - seems that more stations are going with all or mostly Christmas tunes. What else I could find for others songs were; 3 stations 3 plays for White Christmas, 2 stations and 2 plays for Chirstmas in California and 1 station 2 plays for Sleigh Ride and 1 and 1 for Frosty and Let It Snow.....

Message: 30507 Posted: Wed Dec 03 10:55:38 2003 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony

Everyone must be sleeping today.

Message: 30506 Posted: Tue Dec 02 16:29:32 2003 By: Alan
Subject: Sleigh Ride @ work!

I was sitting in the office of the Cusomer Service department manager at the bank I work at, fixing her PC when America's version of Sleigh Ride came on the muzac station. I'm afraid I wasn't very productive for the next 3-4 minutes after that. I was too busy getting into the music!


Message: 30505 Posted: Tue Dec 02 09:06:33 2003 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Holiday Harmony

Linda, last year Erin said that we should let her know if there were radio stations that wanted copies of the CD and she would see that they got it. I'm guessing that the offer is still open. If you want to forward the radio contact information to me I'll see that Erin gets it.

Message: 30504 Posted: Tue Dec 02 09:05:56 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Great tickets for Stabler Arena

A friend can't attend the Stabler Arena shows next week, so I've got two extra seats (one for each show). The ticket for the 3:00 show is section 15, row AA, seat 9 (FRONT ROW!) and the one for the 8:00 show is section 15, row FF, seat 7. I'm selling these at face value which is $37.50 each plus TM costs. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

Message: 30503 Posted: Tue Dec 02 04:20:07 2003 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone. (Dave B.)

Hi Dave - loved your comment! It made me laugh - sounds like a good use of that publication, after they didn't include America. Thanks for the laugh! Karen

Message: 30502 Posted: Mon Dec 01 20:52:52 2003 By: Robsl
Subject: Rolling Stone

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to add my bit about the Rolling Stone list. Yeah, I was thinking they would probably give America the snub. They are one of those publications that is grounded in buzz, and they used to consider music and releases with some fairness, but for the past ten or twenty years they tend to be interested in seeming hip and stylish instead of really paying attention to the music itself, and really they are a pretty mainstream publication these days, which is interesting when i consider that they began as a pretty "underground" type magazine. In the past year, they have pop stars such as Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, and I think Britney Spears on the cover, and both of the guys who came in first and second in that American Idol competition. They had a lot of credibility back in the day, but they seem to be all about making money and being mainstream these days. If i ask one of the critics from RS about why America albums werent on the list, the critic would probably give me some line about America being easy listening or too light or too poppy. And yet this is the same magazine that puts the American Idol guys on its cover two times within the same year!! The logic here gets annoying to me sometimes. I hope there will be a day soon when America begins to be recognized by the rock press for being influential, creative, artful, intriguing, rocking, and all-around good , and definitely part of the tier of the best bands that started in the late 60's and the 70's. I guess, though, that I will still listen to America even if this recognition still doesn't happen. Hehehehe. Oh well. It would just be fun to see AMerica get some critical recognition, maybe some interviews on TV or inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is the same type of post i've posted before, but I really feel that the critics are giving America a raw deal. Thanks for reading my ranting post. Take care everyone.
-Rob L
"Living by the riverside,
TAking it all in my stride.
Living on the riverside,
I'm taking life like a big long ride."
-america, 1971 "Riverside"

Message: 30501 Posted: Mon Dec 01 19:49:57 2003 By: Linda
Subject: Holiday Harmony

I emailed one of our local radio stations now that they're playing all Christmas music. He said he has heard of Holiday Harmony, but hasn't found it yet. He is going to look at more stores for it, and if I have time, I'll also look. Is America sending radio stations the CD, or is it up to them to find it? Just wondering.

Message: 30500 Posted: Mon Dec 01 18:08:21 2003 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone.

I buy RS to line my cat's litter box

Message: 30499 Posted: Mon Dec 01 15:17:04 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone.

I agree. I used to subscribe but got tired of their attitude. Someone here talked about "Blender" which earned bonus points in MY book by NOT naming America as one of the 50 all time WORST bands ( I thought they might when they got off on a rant about bands that were named after places, but it was only Kansas and ASIA that took the hit). Blender combines fun interviews with irreverant reviews and some of the most outrageous lists I have ever seen. Lighthearted, it does not take itself as SERIOUS JOURNALISM, unlike RS which has become too cooperate and too mainstream to be any fun anymore.

Message: 30498 Posted: Mon Dec 01 13:39:39 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone used to matter to me. I guess I go back once in a while hoping for a return to a bygone era, when RS sought to be an informative (and provocative) read for people who were serious about rock music and the culture that spawned it. Or maybe RS was always smug and insufferable, and I was too busy being smug and insufferable, too, that I didn't notice. The "500 Albums" issue is the first RS issue I've bought in ages.

Message: 30497 Posted: Mon Dec 01 13:26:10 2003 By: KevinS.
Subject: Rolling Stone.

Is Rolling Stone magazine in anyone's list of Top 500 media publications of all time?


Message: 30496 Posted: Mon Dec 01 13:24:04 2003 By: bruno
Subject: Thanks Jenna

Thanks Jenna for beatiful expressions.
A dear ciao to all fan of America.

Message: 30495 Posted: Mon Dec 01 09:48:38 2003 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time


Thanks for the news, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear... America being snubbed from the "Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list does not surprise me either. Sadly, RS has always looked at America as being a "lightweight" or "disposable" rock group. They're myopic views and criticisms have been annoying THIS fan for the last 30 years, given that, I do not financially support their publications or books. However, I do peruse through their magazine at the newstand with an open mind just to keep informed of what the "Adversary" might have to say...Ideally, I hope one day they will "see the light" or maybe even better "listen to the music" and give our musical heroes the significance they deserve. Surely their self titled "America" album should have been on the list, but in my opinion and even more significantly, "Homecoming"~ the album that established them and their quintessentially style was a glaring omission.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I certainly did!


Message: 30494 Posted: Mon Dec 01 08:46:25 2003 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Ah, yes, here we go again with the two biggies: politics and money. Rolling Stone is a private publication. They do whatever they please. Same thing goes for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. We'd like to think these people use a democratic selection process, but, sadly, they do not.

Message: 30493 Posted: Mon Dec 01 07:21:05 2003 By: speechwriter
Subject: Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

Forgive me if this subject has already been flogged, but I just picked up my copy of Rollings Stone's elaborately packaged "collector's issue" with the 500 greatest albums of all time. Don't know about anyone else, but I was appalled (though not surprised) at the complete omission of America LPs from the list. Yes, I recognize that this is all highly subjective. And I realize RS has a long-standing loathing for all things America. However, that's true of the Eagles as well, yet two Eagles LPs and at least one Don Henley LP turned up on the list. Ditto for CSN. Anyone else think it's indefensible that the debut America LP, at least, did not find its way onto the top 500 list? Not sure what the criteria for those who voted was, but I can't see how a record as seminal as that debut LP, or as pervasive on the airwaves as, say, the Hearts LP was in the summer of '75, could be ignored. Other striking omissions, from this perspective, included the Moody Blues, Supertramp, the Guess Who, Chicago (I think) and Badfinger. If you haven't already, the RS issue is worth checking out. However, be prepared to be annoyed. Specific examples are escaping me at this moment, but there were a number of LPs included on the list that had me scratching my head.

Message: 30492 Posted: Mon Dec 01 05:27:53 2003 By: Mark
Subject: Re: airplay has begun

I heard "Let It Snow" twice over the weekend on WASH-FM, a major AC station in the Washington, DC area.

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