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Message: 32361 Posted: Wed Mar 31 23:55:06 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Draft Picks

AC/DC for me Mo. Thanks for taking the lead on this. Cookies, cake, and ice cream for everyone. (I'm not sure what this means) If someone feels the need to explain it to me, puhleeez do it off-folder so that we can all retain our posting privileges. This is a family show . . . . (and that means you too Red!)

From the world's most unsuccessful groupie! (That'd be me)


Message: 32360 Posted: Wed Mar 31 23:45:56 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Drums and Dreams do come true

Kevin: Please listen to my new record. I think you'll especially enjoy the drum mashings . . .

Cheer up Mo . . . 'cause you neva, neva, know ;)

La Principessa Francesca

PS: Lazarino, where RU?

Message: 32359 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:57:02 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Post No Lifer Chat Depression

I am a sad sorry loser to admit this but, I MISS GERRY (and dewey and rich and woodz and willie and erin and pete). The band is playing in Milwaukee. That's much too far to qualify for the 350 mile radius rule. So, here I sit. But, to remember that this time last year was the week of my four show run is very hard. I want to do it all over again!!!!! Nanc, where are you? Can we have a do over of IUP? or Cleveland? or Casino Rama? (times two)? How many days 'til Reading? You're killing me, Smalls. (movie quote from "Sandlot") THIRTY EIGHT DAYS...and counting.
Miss you,
Loser Moser

Message: 32358 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:47:07 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: New America Music!

So Kevin. How do you feel about those drum machines?

Message: 32357 Posted: Wed Mar 31 20:45:57 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: New America Music!

Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines. Please, God, no lame ass drum machines.

Yours in non-lameness,


Message: 32356 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:29:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: dvd date?

The front page of has a new message that would indicate that both the DVD as well as new music can be expected soon. AWESOME!! Check it out.

Message: 32355 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:47:10 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

From whatI believe Gerry himself stated in February (at Mohegan Sun), he has to have more copies made. There are none around at the present time......Sorry...Hey, Gerry - When are you going to do this? Your public awaits!

Message: 32354 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:33:23 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Less than 24 hours!

Please make sure to report and let us know how the concert was...Don't forget to take more pictures...I wish I was there...sigh...I'm waiting for July 3 go..its a long wait...

Message: 32353 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:31:40 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: dvd date?

Hi, any word on when the Sydney Opera House DVD will be coming out? That probably means no studio album this year, doesn't it?

Message: 32352 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:31:31 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Vote For America

I had a hunch to try and click on the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame. Sure enough, it brought me to the site and you can access a voting area to cast your vote for America. I casted my vote and had my son cast his for America...Hopefully we will hear the good results on April 15th. Have a great night! They really deserve to win!

Message: 32351 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:10:34 2004 By: Shirley
Subject: Van Go Gan

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Van Go Gan? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Message: 32350 Posted: Wed Mar 31 14:05:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Draft Picks

So far in the first round draft picks we have these results:

Dewey's Team: Valynda, Cindy FTS (A small but well-spirited team.)

Gerry's Team: Nancy H., Nancy M.(long time veteran since 1971), Beth (also veteran since 1971), Connie, Kristal, Linda S., Moser (A larger, clearly shameless team.)

AC/DC Team: Linda and Gen (The small, have your cake and eat it, too, team.)

Won't Commit Team: Traveler, American Girl, and Karen L. (The medium-sized and diplomatic team.)

Everyone else is still on waivers. Any more players?

PS: Today's The Day (Karen, Linda, Joan, Gary). Have a great time. We want immediate reports. Don't forget it is no lifer night so we'll all be waiting up for your reports and maybe pics. Yell loud.

Message: 32349 Posted: Wed Mar 31 13:28:20 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Less than 24 hours!

Linda & everyone else heading to the show. Ya'll have a great time tonight - I'll be thinking of you (and also pouting a little as there STILL aren't any shows scheduled for my neck of the woods).

Thanks for the compliment on my name. Cabrina is in fact my middle name. Seeing as my parents never bothered to give me a full first name (ie Kimberly) I was always grateful I had a kind of cool middle name!

Beth - my thoughts are with you and your mom.

Votes - I've already entered via the internet, but seeing as it's only 5% I might have to go looking for the actual magazine. Personally I think the Duo's were the hardest category of all. Too many great duo songs! Ok the 50's were a little tough too as that was tad before my time.


Message: 32348 Posted: Wed Mar 31 12:49:21 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Vocal hall of Fame

Yes, the only difference though from voting on line versus voting from the magazine (according to the article) is magazine votes carry a 30% weight to them, and the internet only gets 5%

Message: 32347 Posted: Wed Mar 31 12:21:16 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Vocal hall of Fame

Thats the one nice thing about the Internet...You don't necessarily have to subscribe to "Goldmine" to fill out the Ballot! Was quite pleasing to read about that info in the current issue. Thats one thing all of us should do--VOTE! You get to pick two bands from the 70's,just make sure one of them is our guys!

Message: 32346 Posted: Wed Mar 31 12:16:13 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: enjoy the show

Have a great time tonight Linda, Karen and I'm sorry I forgot who else was making the show tonight! Enjoy it - it goes way too quick! My prayers are with you and your family Beth. I will actually have some time to chat tonight, so I will see everyone at live chat after 9 - Just wanted to put my vote in - Gerry girl all the way!

Message: 32345 Posted: Wed Mar 31 11:57:04 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Happy Birthday Willie!

Chronia Polla, Will! Happy Birthday! I wish you the best for a life full of joy!

Message: 32344 Posted: Wed Mar 31 11:40:54 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Vote For America

Thanks for the info. Steve.
I pulled up the link and you can vote on line.

click on

YOU MAY ONLY VOTE (1) ONCE Votes must be submitted by Midnight April 15th, 2004. Click on Box to register choice.

Hopefully our guys will finally get the recognition they deserve.


Message: 32343 Posted: Wed Mar 31 11:39:12 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Less than 24 hours!

My nails are done and I am SO ready for the show tonight! I don't know if you'll be checking in here this afternoon, Karen, but I'll be watching for you and your husband at the Sports Grill/Bar. I plan to bring a camera, just in case. Don't let them (security) know you have one, though. It will be nearly impossible to take it out during the show, but I'd like to have it just in case there's some sort of an opportunity to use it. They're also very strict with cell phones, just so you know.

Happy Birthday to Willie!! Hope I get a chance to say that in person.

Kim Cabrina, I know I don't post here much, but I've always thought you have the best name, the kind of name that's perfect for an actress.

I love the Dewey pic, Mo!

Six hours and counting....

Message: 32342 Posted: Wed Mar 31 09:52:18 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Vote For America

The current issue of the "Goldmine" magazine has an article about as well as a ballot for the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame inductions that will take place in April. Thanks to Steve Orchard for making me aware of this. Only 2 acts from the 70's can be chosen and America should be one of them. You'll need to get an issue of "Goldmine" to get a ballot, so good luck picking one up. The magazine had a Rhino publicity photo of Gerry and Dewey in the article.

Goldmine readers vote for 2004 Vocal Hall inductees
Greg Loescher

Sharon, Pa. — Get your voting pens ready — the 2004 nominees for the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Museum & Foundation’s seventh annual inductions were announced at a March 15, 2004, press conference held on the induction stage at the Hall’s headquarters and museum in downtown Sharon, Pa.

Tony Butala, Hall founder/chairman and original member of The Lettermen vocal group, headed up the press conference along with induction committee chairman and former Goldmine editor/publisher Greg Loescher and Hall president/CEO Bob Crosby.

Some of the many highlights on this year’s ballot, which is inserted into this issue of Goldmine, include 1950s category nominees The Jordanaires, who did backing vocals for Elvis Presley and many other artists; The Beatles (1960s), who did three-part harmony early on and who this year are celebrating the 40th anniversary of coming to the United States; harmony trio America (1970s); and mega-selling country artists Alabama (1980s).

“What makes this hall of fame so different and important is that the inductees now have their own nonprofit foundation, museum, theater, record company, production company and more,” Crosby said. “The enthusiasm and camaraderie shared by the inductees make this clubhouse a place where they can now remake and relive their music, the music that made our pop culture as we know it today.

“Further, they can create income for their own nonprofit foundation,” he continued. “Someday when the basic bills of the hall of fame are met, the inductees will be creating health care and retirement programs and maybe even royalties that somehow the record companies left out of the equation over the years.”

The decades vary in number of nominees presented and number of artists selected as inductees. The 1950s, the golden age of vocal groups, lists 37 acts, of which five will be inducted. The 1960s has 22 acts, with the top six vote-getters inducted, while two of the 22 ’70s acts and one of the five ’80s acts will get their Harmys, as the Hall’s award is called.

The new category for Duos is a separate award from the Group Harmony Awards, much like the Hall’s Pioneer Award given to pre–World War II harmony practitioners such as previous inductees The Blind Boys Of Mississippi and The Golden Gate Quartet.

Not separated by decades as the Harmony Award is, the Duos category features top-notch acts from all eras and genres among the 11 nominees. They include the recently reunited Simon & Garfunkel; The Righteous Brothers, who lost group member Bobby Hatfield last year; surfer music kings Jan & Dean; British Invasion duos Chad & Jeremy and Peter And Gordon; and ’60s pop duo (the late) Sonny (Bono) & Cher, among others.

While the new Duos award is voted on by all segments of voters, the Pioneer Award and a 1940s category are voted on only by the Induction Committee. The latter group comprises musicologists such as Joel Whitburn, whose Billboard chart books are used to help determine the eligibility of an artist (all artists except Pioneer Award nominees must have at least one charted hit to be considered as a nominee), and several new members such as Tim Hauser of Manhattan Transfer and Goldmine price guide editor Tim Neely, among others.

Official ballots for Goldmine readers only are enclosed in this issue. Goldmine readers’ votes count for 30 percent of the weight, with the rest composed of the induction committee votes (35 percent); inducted artists (30 percent); and the general public via the Hall’s Web site ballot (5 percent).

Ballots are due by April 15, 2004. The Hall will announce the inductees for the class of 2004 along with induction ceremony and concert information in mid-May.

For more information about The Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Museum & Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, visit its Web site at In addition to this year’s ballot, the site also has a list of all of the previous inductees (also listed on the side flap of the Goldmine ballot).

Stay tuned to a future issue of Goldmine for the list of final inductees and induction week information.

Message: 32341 Posted: Wed Mar 31 09:32:40 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Willies B-day and a reminder

Have the Happiest of Days Willie! and many more.

We will be listening to an encore, albeit belated, presentation of View From The Ground. Please join me ( and the rest of the Wednesday nite No Lifers) around 7 Pacific for a group listen.

Message: 32340 Posted: Wed Mar 31 08:24:38 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Milwaukee

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Milwaukee, WI.

Message: 32339 Posted: Wed Mar 31 07:51:16 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Willie's B'Day ~~ vhhwy site update ~~ Mo's Photo of the day

Hi Everyone ~~ Happy Hump Day :);) ~~ Gotta be short here, I am running late for my hair app! :)

Happy Birthday Willie ~~ Thanks for all of the Year's You have been there and done your thing on the Drum's for this great group known as AMERICA ~~ Today is your own special day to Shine! ~~ I hope your day is filled to the brim with Happiness, and lasts throughout the year ahead. :)

Hi kimakabrina ~~ Nice to hear from you! ~~ Yes some nice new additions to the vhhwy site! ~~ Steve upon seeing the sky view I too thought it had to be the pic Rich took on the way to Genoa,Italy... I really loved the night pic of what looks to be Sydney Australia, I saved it to my files and will use it as a desktop background. We used to have Webshots for our background, but I deleted that and just use pics I have been saving from here... Much nicer, cause the pics from here have nice meanings and memories to go along with them...

Hi Gen ~~ I was soooo close to saying exactly what you said, and what you said is oooh sooo true... Both Gerry & Dewey have special and uniques qualities that I just adore! :) I hope your cloud 9 ride is still carrying you along smoothly! :)

Hey Mo girl ~~ Today's photo of the day is a Perfect Example why I am sooo close in a tie in being a Gerry/AC\DC girl..... I believe this pic is taken from the same concert where the pic of Gerry & Dewey waving from the stage at the Balloon festival concert out by where Valerie lives in Calif... One nice pic of Dewey for sure! :) :) :)

Hi there Valerie ~~~ Good to hear from you, I was wondering why we haven't heard from you... I have lost most of March to chasing the flu bug away... Hard to believe this is the last day of March! Take Care!

Yeppers Kristal ~~ All Around is found playing here quite abit too, it is such a Pick Me Up song for sure! I am glad that your hubby is sooo tolerant of your love for AMERICA, same goes out to you too Karen... I guess my Hubby doesn't look at it for what it really is! Oh well! Such is Life!

Okay gotta get ~~~ Hey Red Jackson B was just on the radio singing your fave song of his Loadout\Stay..... :) ;)

Okay all done, see everyone at live chat tonight! Nancy :)

~~~ Allllll around listen and you can hear the sounds, on cloudy days, seems like I always feel this way.... Sing it for us Gerry :)

Message: 32338 Posted: Wed Mar 31 07:28:18 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Hi Mo! Thanks for checking in on me and my project! (To everyone else - I'm making a booklets of the birthday poems for Dewey and Gerry, with Danae's & Mo's collages as the covers. Thought it would be nice for them to have them in print. I hope you don't mind!) I'm not a print shop person or anything, so they will be pretty amateur-like! Danae gave me the go-ahead, too, so I'm frantically working on it right now. Me and hub have to run to Madison to get some supplies for it. I hope to find a way to get them to the guys tonight. In Madison, Pete was my liaison. In Dubuque, a security guard was the guy. We'll see if I even finish the project and if I can find a way to get the booklets to them. Hoping to see Willie to say, "Happy Birthday" to him in person too.

Mo - did Jeff get his finger put back on? It doesn't sound like it? My husband has also had many near misses. He just now told me to let you & Jeff know that he aspires to be a member of the "Severed Appendage Club".

Message: 32337 Posted: Wed Mar 31 07:02:04 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Sorry ladies, I just can't choose. Got to be neutral coz I love them both the same way but for different reasons... which have to do with music/ songwriting. I guess bands with two (equally charismatic) frontmen are quite rare, no?

Message: 32336 Posted: Wed Mar 31 06:47:08 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: All Around

Beth ~ I have been just loving 'All around' lately myself. I had to laugh because my husband knows the words. I told him I was so impressed that he knew the words too. He said that is the only song you have playing when I am in your car. lol!! Here I just thought he liked the song... well he must a little - hee hee. My three (3) top favorites lately have been All around, All my life and Survival.

I will keep my prayers are with your family.


Message: 32335 Posted: Wed Mar 31 06:45:20 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: All Around

Beth ~ I have been just loving 'All around' lately myself. I had to laugh because my husband knows the words. I told him I was so impressed that he knew the words too. He said that is the only song you have playing when I am in your car. lol!! Here I just thought he liked the song... well he must a little - hee hee. My three (3) top favorites lately have been All around, All my life and Survival.

I will keep my prayers are with your family.


Message: 32334 Posted: Wed Mar 31 06:41:32 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Just a few things before I head out (late) to work:
Connie: Are you counting yourself on the Gerry Girl Team or the AC/DC team?
Beth: I'm sorry to hear of your mum's condition. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.
AG: Great quote from the Lovin' Spoonfuls. Appropriate, for sure.
Karen: How's your project going? Yes, that is Nina's constant motto. (And she's stickin' to it!!) Yes, my hub does have a goatee. Otherwise, he would look like he was about 12. He usually acts that way anyway (in a good way) so the goatee is assurance that he is actually an adult. Your story of your hub getting a spike in the foot...ouch!...sorry to hear that...reminded me of the day Jeff ripped his left ring finger off. I can think about it now and laugh but it was, well, yucky. Personally, I think he just didn't want to wear a wedding band any more. But, then again, a missing ring finger speaks louder than a wedding band if you ask me!!
I think there's more I forgot to mention but I gotta run.

Here's the photo for the day. One for Dewey's Team. This is one of my fave pics of him. It would be a great ad for Levi's...or Fender Telecaster Guitars...or maybe even a Panama Jack ad...Yummy.

Message: 32333 Posted: Wed Mar 31 06:36:27 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: vh page updated

True. Those "from the road" pics are simply wonderful! Love the 'bat' one! hehe. Nice. But they're all really great.
Hey! One was taken by me I think ! yay! Or it is VERY similar... haha!

Message: 32332 Posted: Wed Mar 31 06:02:13 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: vh page updated

I know that at least one of the photos was taken by Rich (the one from the airplane) and I'm guessing that they all might be. If I find out anything more, I'll be sure to pass it along.

Message: 32331 Posted: Wed Mar 31 05:21:59 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: vh page updated

Hey guys, the gallery at the vh page has been updated. It now includes some absolutely gorgeous pictures of the recent overseas tours. My question is did Gerry take these? If the answer is yes, my only thought is, if this music thing doesn't work out for him, I think he could definitely have a career as a photographer! They really are absolutely stunning.

These may have been there for awhile, but it also has some wallpapers that can be downloaded.

Ya'll have a great day!

Message: 32330 Posted: Wed Mar 31 05:06:15 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: All Around (Beth)

Hi Beth - All Around is a great song; I wish I could have heard it too. I'm sorry about your mom's condition, Beth. I'll be thinking of you. Take care - Karen

Message: 32329 Posted: Wed Mar 31 04:14:57 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Gerry, Gerry, Gerry!

Sorry Dewey!


Message: 32328 Posted: Wed Mar 31 04:14:54 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Willie's B'day

Happy Birthday, Willie! So glad your with the band!

Message: 32327 Posted: Wed Mar 31 04:13:00 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Happy Birthday Will~~

Good morning! I wanted to wish Will Leacox a very happy birthday! Have a great day!! We will see you in 38 days in Reading, PA!

Kristal ;0)

Message: 32326 Posted: Wed Mar 31 03:58:44 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Less than 24 hours!

Hello Linda! We'll look for you so we can say hi when we get there; and like you said, I'm sure we'll be able to catch up at some other point. Unless my poor husband's foot improves dramatically, you'll know us right away by his limp! This has turned out to be quite painful for him, but the doctor gave him pain relievers so that should help. I wouldn't trade my husband for the world - what I meant to say in my other post was, "ah, the joys of living on a farm"! : ) This isn't quite the same thing, but it kind of reminds me of when Kim C's husband went with her to last summer's Sweetwater, TX America concert suffering through appendicitis. What troopers! BTW, is there a way we can bring a camera for before and after the show, but not to use during the concert?

Message: 32325 Posted: Wed Mar 31 01:48:13 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Scoreboard

The score so far is:
Gerry Girls 4
Dewey Girls 2

C'mon all you Dewey Girls, "It's Your Move". Let's try to "Even The Score"!


Message: 32324 Posted: Tue Mar 30 20:16:55 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

I need air!!

Message: 32323 Posted: Tue Mar 30 20:14:13 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Dewey Girl...from the South

Message: 32322 Posted: Tue Mar 30 18:54:57 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Less than 24 hours!

To my fellow Potawatomi concert goers....I'll be hanging around the Sports Bar at 6:00. My friend is hoping to get there around that time, but with Chicago traffic, you never know. Since I'm not sure what time she'll arrive, I better not plan on having dinner with you all. But thanks for thinking of us. Karen, sorry to hear about your husband's foot! I'm sure we'll hook up at some point.

I was a Gerry's girl right from the start, but I really am AC/DC these days. Both Gerry and Dewey have a way of making my heart flutter these days. And believe me, I'm ready for some fluttering! ;~)

Message: 32321 Posted: Tue Mar 30 17:40:40 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Moser and Nancy

Mo & Nancy - thanks for your well-wishes to those of us that are off to see the show! I wish you could both be there too. (Mo - glad you liked my comments on my husband's easy-going attitude about the concert. Two funny side notes: 1- when I told him what I was planning to wear, he said, "OK - you dress UP and I'll dress down." Trouble is - they can get away with it; guys can still look good when they dress down/more casual. 2- I came home from work today and there are whiskers all over the bathroom sink, so I'm thinking - ok he shaved his goatee/beard (whatever it's called - I think your hub has/had one too?). Went outside to where he was working to check. Nope. Just trimmed, still there. BUT, I can add to the description that he walks with a limp now. Stepped on a spike outside this morning and had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics. Ah the joys of being married to a farmer.)

Keep the photo of the day coming - they're very enjoyable, and your captions are funny and right on the mark! (As far as the "pick your team" question, my official chat folder response is, "I'm just here for the music!" ;) Was it Nina who said that once??)

Message: 32320 Posted: Tue Mar 30 17:40:16 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

As spoken in the immortal words of the Lovin' Spoonful:
Did you ever have to make up your mind? :)

Message: 32319 Posted: Tue Mar 30 17:37:29 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Pick Your Team

Hummmmm...let's just say that for years I would have said I was on one team....but after going to my second concert I switched teams. But won't say which way I went.

Message: 32318 Posted: Tue Mar 30 16:42:24 2004 By: valynda
Subject: Pick Your Team

Hi all,
It's been a long time since I got to post. My 'puter's been sooo messed up!
I see it's a great time to post again!

I Love that question Moser! Hmmmm, let's see.....
I scream it loud and clear, DEWEY DEWEY DEWEY!!!!!!!!
I am truly a Dewey Girl!

It's like a teenage crush, butterflies and all! But it is kind of fun, being in my forties and having a crush on a Rock Star! I think it keeps me young at heart!
I fell for Dewey in High School when I first saw the "America" album cover!

I want to say how much I enjoyed reading all of the comments and reviews from the European tour! How exciting!
And Moser, It was so fun reading of your adventures at the Mohegan
Sun! Since I have'nt seen the guys in concert since June, I have to live through yours and the other fans experiences! I am REALLY having America cravings! I NEED to see them in concert again!
Hopefully I can make the Anaheim concert in July!

Bye for now, Valerie

Message: 32317 Posted: Tue Mar 30 15:25:39 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Since my favorite America song of all time is Sister Golden Hair, I guess that makes me a Gerry girl. Although I do like Brother Dark Hairs too :)

Connie B.

Message: 32316 Posted: Tue Mar 30 15:12:37 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Same here, Gerry Girl since '71. First, Best, and Last Love! He's there in the Best of Times, and the Worst of Times. Thanks, Gerry.

Dewey - the Same Goes For You!!!! No hard feelings, either, Dan!


Message: 32315 Posted: Tue Mar 30 14:47:49 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Pick Your Team

I have been a Gerry girl since 1971!

Message: 32314 Posted: Tue Mar 30 13:36:57 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Same Age (for Mo)

AS I suspect that the Prom is a uniquely American thing. I will do my best to clarify it. The Prom is a BIG dinner dance that you go to your last year of High School It is THE social event of High School and going to it is ot he utmost importance. Naturally what happens is the stress of the whole thing causes some people to get HUGE acne. at least that's how it was when I was in HS , but remember when I graduated HS Dan was still with the band......

Message: 32313 Posted: Tue Mar 30 12:40:46 2004 By: Beth
Subject: All Around

Playing on my Boomer Radio right now! Gerry's pic from Danae is my wallpaper at the office....converting a few more Gerry Grils!!

Thanks again, Danae. Having this pic is giving me something to smile about these days.

Tough times with my mom. Nothing more can be done for her. Gerry's pic is a welcome comfort.


Message: 32312 Posted: Tue Mar 30 12:09:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team (TerryT)

<<Wake me when it's over>> Okay, I will, as long as you promise not to snore.

Message: 32311 Posted: Tue Mar 30 11:44:22 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Awh!!! Just gotta love the photo of the day!!! awh!!!
Maybe Gerry, Gerry, Gerry could turn the camera and have his photo incorporated in his view from the Hotel window?? lol

You just gotta look forward to the picture of the day, thanks Moser.... I needed that ;0)

Kristal ~ 39 days... hurray!!!

Message: 32310 Posted: Tue Mar 30 10:42:01 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Same Age (for Mo)

Fun? I don't see where the fun is! I SUFFER!!!! You can't imagine how much it hurts!
Errr... What's the prom zit?

Message: 32309 Posted: Tue Mar 30 10:28:17 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team (Bones)

That's assuming you're not already labeled as such?

Message: 32308 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:48:11 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

Wake me when it's over

Message: 32307 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:32:37 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Catchin up on the Photo's of the day & a little more!

Hi Hooooo Everyone :) ~~~ we had the time to seee where we're going, but we're stil a long way off from knowing why... I Can't Remember the last time you looked me in the eye, I can't remember a way to make you cryyyyy, Iknow its been a long loooong time, its been a lonng lonnnnng time ~~~ The Thorns are singing here :) such nice Harmonizing for sure! Hmmmm as anyone here heard Lionel Ritchie's new song called "Just For You"????? Listen for it... it is one Moving Song every way you look at it... :)

Hey there Mo (Gerry Gerry Gerry) Girl ~~~ Hmmm ~~ I have been here been here doing some Reminiscing about last year at this, and how the days were counting down to some Nice Magic! I wish I could turn back the hands of time and do it all over again.... Regarding your question of the day, I have been giving this great thought... my first thought makes me wanna say I am a AC/DC but when I really get down to the Nitty Gritty ~~ I am a Gerry Girl! :) :) :) ~~ Regarding the last 3 photo's of the day... Good Ones... My thoughts on the one with Gerry smilin oooh soo nicely with the grafefruit section in his hand has me wondering what was being said to him at that moment, or just what was on his Mind to bring such a Nice Smile to be captured for us see....and then the one you named the Street Car Named Desire (such a fitting subtitle, you hit the nail on the head perfectly) :) I would say Whatever direction you'ns are heading is fine with me... the pics from the Hearts album all had that Carefree, I'm Me, We are We and Life is oooooh soooo Good look to them... Leave it to you Mo to put yesterday's photo with a Monday morning ~~ too much! ~~~ Today's photo ~~ Ahhhhh what can I say... there are those nice pink biboveralls, wonder why it is we find them soo nice! :) :) ~~~ I am soooo glad Henry Diltz took all of these great pics for us to go on about!

Hey there Karen & Hubby, Linda & Friend, Joan, Gary & Galpal ~~~ You guys all have a great time tomorrow night, getting to meet each other and sharing the gift of gab is sure to add to your AMERICA menu... Enjoy and come back and give us all the details... :)

Thanks Margaret & Ainsley ~~ For your inquiring efforts to track down Heritage/Hideaway for us.

Hi Jenna ~~ You mentioning trying to track down the last seat on a plane, sounds like a Movie Clip visual.... Hope all is well with your work this week. :)

Hey there Howie, DanC, JohnL, & KevinS ~~~ I too hope to hear more from the Thorns... they sure can capture a Nice Harmoizing Sound that we all fell in love with in AMERICA. ~~ Thanks for mentioning their other albums...I will have to check into them... Hmmm DanC ~~ Just here a wondering if you were able to get tickets for the Eagle show that is coming your way????? :)

Anita & Robyn ~~ It was fun listening to the Your Move songs... alot of fun songs on there... Glad I didn't miss getting to hear the View From the Ground songs afterall, I look forward to listening to them tomorrow night. Lots of great songs on there.... for sure!

Well I have been interupted sooo many times trying to post this, by the phone, by the washing machine, by the doorbell... I best hit the post your message button before I lose it to the cyber gremlins... LOL!!! Have a great day everyone! See ya, Nancy :) (All of Mo's pics and thoughts kinda have me a hankerin to hear one of my favorite songs from Your Move!)

~~~ It seems sooo sad to lose the love we had, Honey, I really Miss You, Honey, I need to kiss you, Honey, I wanna Hold You, Honey, have I told you, Honey, I really need you now ~~ Honey, Honey, Honey, I really miss you, Honey, I need to kiss you, Honey, don't you know it, Honey, don't I show it, I really need you now, I really need you now, I really need you now ~~~ Sing it for us Gerry :) :) ;)


Hi Howie ~~ nice to hear from you

Message: 32306 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:22:16 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Pick Your Team

If I pick one, will I be labeled some type of "Girlie Man"?

Message: 32305 Posted: Tue Mar 30 06:06:38 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Linda, thanks. I'm glad you are liking this--so am I!!
To go along with picking teams, here is today's photo.
This looks like it just might be in the Garden of Eden to me. And God created...Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. And it was good. (REAL good.) Amen.

Message: 32304 Posted: Tue Mar 30 06:01:34 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Pick Your Team

Guys of the folder: Here is the disclaimer, loud and clear. This post will absolutely make your eyes roll so maybe you'll want to skip it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Girls of the folder: We often call ourselves either Gerry's Girls or Dewey's Girls in jest. But, I say, it might be time to come clean and really pick teams. Just for fun. Just out of curiosity--well my curiosity at least. So, which is it? Are you a Gerry Girl or a Dewey Girl or are you an AC/DC Girl (goes both ways)? Search your heart. Tell the truth. Don't be kind and say both if that's not really what you believe in your daydreams.

I'll go first.
Just in case there was any shred of doubt left in any corner of the planet, let me be clear. I am a Gerry Girl. Big surprise.

Okay, your turn.

Message: 32303 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:54:11 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Same Age (for Mo)

Regarding your fickle skin: Welcome to womanhood, my dear, where nothing is predictable. Next on your list of joys might just be...wait for it now...the infamous PROM ZIT. Enjoy the fun of it, roll with the punches, and above all...just be glad you're not a man!!

Message: 32302 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:51:04 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert... (Gary, Linda & Joan)

Your statement, "Of course, he doesn't know yet what he'll be wearing," had me cracking up completely. That is the perfect testament to gender differences. You know what you are wearing down to the barrette in your hair. Conversely, the only thing the husband knows for sure is: he'll be there, his facial hair will be the same, and he'll most likely remember to leave his earring in his ear. That is such a set of classic truths that it is hilarious.

Sounds like things are shaping up for a great evening of America bliss. But then again, it would be even if the guys just showed up and sang the phone book as we like to say on the live chat. Enjoy, you guys. I'll be thinking of ya'll--jealously, I might add.
In Gerry/Dewey We Trust,

Message: 32301 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:31:41 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Same Age (for Mo)

I turned thirteen on March the 14th. So, that means I am two months older than your daughter!

(I still suffer from my dry skin. It used to be oily until last week. It has become like SANDPAPER!!)

Message: 32300 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:23:06 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Heritage

Thanks for trying to track down Heritage, Ainsley. That would be great if you could find a copy and send the image to me so I could add it to the America Fans web site.

Message: 32299 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:08:15 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert... (Gary, Linda & Joan)

Hey, Gary and Linda! Pretty neat that we all picked the same place to have dinner. It really would be fun to meet each other before the show and spend some time getting to know everyone!! If you'd like, I could call and see if it's possible to make a reservation, that is - if you'd like to sit together. Let me know. Linda, you could just join us whenever you get there! OR, if you'd all rather just eat on your own and meet up between dinner and the concert, we could do that too. Afterward would work as well. Joan - even tho' you're eating somewhere else, we'll keep you posted on our plans in case you can stop by.

I wonder how busy the sports bar & grill will be that evening and how hard it will be to get a place to sit? If it will be quite crowded, it might be good to get there before the usual 6:00-ish eating time. We had planned to leave our house no later than 4:00, which should get us there by 6:00 - but we could leave earlier, any time really. Anyway, let me know when/how you'd all like to meet up! I'll check for messages this evening and during the day tomorrow (I have the day off).

If nothing else falls into place and we just have to look for each other, I'll be wearing black pants, a cream-colored blouse, and a black vest with colored patterns on the front. I have medium-length straight, light brown hair pulled back in a barrette. My husband is tall and has a goatee (however you spell that) and will probably be wearing an earring. Of course, he doesn't know yet what he'll be wearing.

Message: 32298 Posted: Mon Mar 29 21:45:39 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Only in your Heart solo

Thanks Steve/Gerry for passing on that interesting tidbit of info about the "only in your heart" solo. I always wondered about that solo, just listened to it again & have a new appreciation for it!

Message: 32297 Posted: Mon Mar 29 20:57:14 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert... (Karen and Joan)

I can't believe our concert is only two nights away!! Karen and Gary, I'll be at the Sports Grill, too. I'm just not sure what time yet, depending on when my friend can get here. She'll be driving in from Wheaton. I'll be wearing a bright pink sweater, if that helps any. Gary, I'd love to talk to your girlfriend after the show - there's just nothing like seeing the guys live for the very first time! Hope to meet up with you both!

Moser, I'm really enjoying all of your captions with the pictures.

Message: 32296 Posted: Mon Mar 29 20:35:24 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Heritage


Wow, that was a great effort you made in a search for Heritage. I had similar experience recently running to get the last seat on a plane.
Heritage must be extremely rare? Good luck tracking it down!

Message: 32295 Posted: Mon Mar 29 20:18:25 2004 By: Ainsley
Subject: Heritage

After trying to say goodbye to my soon to be 5 year old schoolgirl this morning, having walked backwards, tripped over some garden stakes, ripped my jeans, hurt my leg & hand - mainly hurt my pride!- I made it to the shops!
Sanity records in Melbourne have both Highway & Heritage listed as well. However both are unavailable although they have sent an email Aust wide to try and track down a copy for me. So I will keep you up to date if I get a copy of Heritage.

Message: 32294 Posted: Mon Mar 29 20:13:35 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Milwaukee Concert... (Karen and Joan)

Hey Karen and Joan ! Were all set for Wednesdays concert. We have also decided like you Karen to eat at the Fire Pit Sports Grill. Looks like a fun place and there should be some America Fans there. How do we pick you out at dinner? We would love to say hi and maybe hang out! Also I see Joan is going somewhere else for dinner. Would like to say hi too. Were so pumped! Were praying for long set and "All My Life"! Cya there!

Message: 32293 Posted: Mon Mar 29 19:10:36 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who participated in last night's listening party. Next Sunday night will be Perspective. By popular request, we're going to move up the starting time to 10 PM EDT (don't forget to set your clocks ahead). Hope you can be there.

Message: 32292 Posted: Mon Mar 29 18:20:12 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Message for Danae & Moser

Hi Danae & Mo - I have a question for you two and sent you an e-mail. Just wanted to post this so you'd know it was safe to open. Thank you! Karen

Message: 32291 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:45:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Same Age (for Danae)

Kaity will be 14 in May. Is that the same age as you? Close enough, I imagine. She's a good kid, so far at least. I just can't get her to stop rolling her eyes when I put in an America CD!! Even so, she and her sister and brother know every it or not. We take turns picking the radio station in the car although I get longer turns...mostly because it's MY car and I said so. One of the simple joys of parenthood.

Message: 32290 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:38:35 2004 By: maddog
Subject: test

checking my registration

Message: 32289 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:28:53 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Skinless... Well, almost...

The skin on my face has peeled too much and I SUFFER!!! The more moisturizing cream I put, the more it smarts! And I can't even smile. I feel my skin stretching and it hurts. I think I will end up without skin.

Message: 32288 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:20:44 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (For Mo)

So your daughter has the same age with me!

Message: 32287 Posted: Mon Mar 29 09:11:00 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Jayhawks.

Kevin, I discovered Hollywood Town Hall awhile back and love it.
I've yet to hear any of those other cd's you mentioned. Smile and
Rainy Day music. Excellent group with great music. Thanks for your recommendation. hl

Message: 32286 Posted: Mon Mar 29 08:43:10 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: dilemma

Linda, you're cracking me up. I know exactly what you mean with the "three head syndrome." Many people look at me that way regarding the whole America obsession. Not the least of which was my Mom when she asked me why I was buying myself a SpongeBob foldable stool!! I've grown accustomed to it and find it rather amusing now. They just can't fathom the "...width, depth, and breadth of my soul when feeling out of sight..." to quote some poet or another. Elizabeth Barrett Browning maybe, ah who knows, it's Monday. Anyway, good for you, girl. Way to be dedicated on both accounts--America and family bridal shower. We do have to keep our America priorities straight because if we don't, I ask you, who will? Happy Monday.

Message: 32285 Posted: Mon Mar 29 05:54:03 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: response to Margaret in Australia

If anyone can find a cover for the Heritage CD, I'll add it to the albums section of the America Fans web site. Happy hunting!

Message: 32284 Posted: Mon Mar 29 05:49:29 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: dilemma

What a day yesterday. OK, here is what happened - I had a bridal shower to go to at 12:00 and my two girls are the flower girls. BUT tickets were going on sale at the Westbury box office at 12:30 - What to do???? To me it was a no brainer, but my family all looked at me like I had 3 heads. They just don't understand how first row is different from 15th row. OK, so I had a lot of scheming and planning to do, but I managed to get to the box office 3 hours early, was first on line, and ran out of there, drove 40 minutes home and still got to the shower before the bride. WHEW! And yes, managed to snatch first row seats! Life is good.

Message: 32283 Posted: Mon Mar 29 04:32:59 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

My little girl, who is not so little any more--soon to be 14, had a saying that we all thought was so adorable. It has kind of gone down in the family history and gets brought up every now and then when needed. She would have been toddler age, I guess. If she was in a bad mood or feeling rather pouty, she would say, "Don't talk to me. I'm cabby ." Well that is what this picture makes me think of. I think it's an appropriate one for a Monday morning. Gerry might not be saying he's "cabby" but at least don't bug him 'til he's had his coffee!!

Message: 32282 Posted: Sun Mar 28 23:30:15 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: response to Margaret in Australia

David, I also asked the girl at Warner Australia if she had a picture of the Heritage cover to see if it was the same as Highway, but unfortunately she did not.

Message: 32281 Posted: Sun Mar 28 23:21:45 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: response to Margaret in Australia

Thanks for getting back to us, and for taking all that time and trouble to find out about the Heritage/Highway name. Have any of you Australians actually bought the set with the Heritage name?

Message: 32280 Posted: Sun Mar 28 22:40:50 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: heritage in australia???

I phoned Warner Music in Sydney to throw some light on the Highway/Heritage situation. The girl who spoke to me said that Highway was listed as an import and as Australian. Then when she looked for Heritage she said that it had the same track listings as Highway and that it must have superseded Highway, as it(Highway) is no longer listed as available. She could offer no reason why the different name was used here.

Message: 32279 Posted: Sun Mar 28 19:33:22 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: the thorns

The track was " I Can't Remember" , the acoustic version. Thanks for your info/views on this band. I am going to buy their cd asap. And I agree with the comments about the Jayhawks. I too bought Smile after loving Rainy Day Music and I like it...but not quite the same as RDM.

Message: 32278 Posted: Sun Mar 28 18:55:20 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Jayhawks.


I discovered the Jayhawks backward myself. A friend of mine guaranteed I'd like Rainy Day Music, and I was blown away by it.

I figured, anyone who could create this could create other great stuff as well. So I bought Smile, which was their album prior to Rainy Day Music. I think Smile is a wonderful CD. As great as it is, though, nothing compares to Rainy Day Music. That's one of the all-time great CDs from anyone. I can't wait for their next one, either.

Another Jayhawks CD you might like is Hollywood Town Hall.

I keep going back and discovering "new" old Jayhawks.

My dream would be if America could ever record an album produced by Ethan Johns, who produced Rainy Day Music. That would truly be a classic.


Message: 32277 Posted: Sun Mar 28 18:51:35 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Question for the Wednesday Nite No Lifers

yes I was talking about this Wednesday night's chat not tonight's. As it stands I think we will do VFTG if that is ok with everyone!

Message: 32276 Posted: Sun Mar 28 18:49:33 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert (Joan)

Hi Joan! Sounds like you're in the row of booths right behind the row of tables we're at. Have fun dining out! I am going to happily sit back and enjoy whatever songs they decide to play that night and just take it all in. I've decided all these hopes and wishes just make me too nervous! :) I know we'll enjoy the show immensely no matter what. Have a great time, Joan! Karen

Message: 32275 Posted: Sun Mar 28 17:53:13 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: the thorns

John, the other member of this band is Pete Droge. I've said before this is a great sounding cd. The song "I Can't Remember" being my favorite. A beautiful tune. I would really like to see these guys Live in concert. Get this cd and you won't be disappointed. Like Jeff said, I am waiting for the next set from these guys. They also have a cover of an old Jayhawks tune on here called "Blue" that is very good. Speaking of the Jayhawks, I liked they're Rainy Day Music cd so much I went and bought an older cd by them called Smile. While not as pleasurable to my ears as Rainy Day Music was, the title track is one of my most played songs at the moment. ("Chin up, Chin up) You don't really have a problem". Cool line from Smile. Sorry for the off topic ramblings.DanC.

Message: 32274 Posted: Sun Mar 28 15:18:03 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: the thorns

John, When/if you buy the Thorns cd you'll also be getting a bonus acoustic (the sunrise sessions) cd of all of the songs. I thought the original full band cd was great... but being me... I liked the acoustic cd even better. As good as the initial cd was/is I hope they stay together and do a follow up cd sometime.

By the way, what track did you hear?

Jeff B.

Message: 32273 Posted: Sun Mar 28 14:51:30 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: the thorns

I just bought a couple of cds by "Granian". - great stuff - The company sent a free sampler along. The first track is by The Thorns. I think they were mentioned here before. Awesome sound. I am certainly going to check them out more. Anyone know anything about them apart from Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins being in the band?

Message: 32272 Posted: Sun Mar 28 14:51:09 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Virus info (for jimbob and anyone else interested)

I think if someone is going to send an attachment - they should send a message first to let folks know what's coming. I delete anything i'm wary or suspicious of...

Message: 32271 Posted: Sun Mar 28 14:29:38 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Virus info (for jimbob and anyone else interested)

I was going to share the information that Karen already shared about viruses and spoofing, but maybe I can put it in terms that are slightly easier to understand. My guess is that one or more America fans are infected with this virus which is sending the "spoofed" e-mail messages. I'm also guessing that they don't even know they are infected. This virus gets e-mail addresses from address books on a computer or from Internet web pages (including this chat folder). So, if your address is visible on the chat folder, the virus program can pick it up and send a message that pretends to come from you. If you want to keep that from happening, simply go to the Update Registration link at the top of this page and change your options so that your e-mail address is no longer visible. Of course, that means people won't be able to send you mail messages by clicking on your login ID.

I get e-mail messages and return messages frequently that are obviously generated by viruses. Unfortunately, I have to leave my address exposed so that you can send me photos and other information. I've learned to recognize the virus messages and simply delete them.

By the way, if you ever get a mail message FROM, you can rest assured that it didn't come from me. The only exception to that is the auto-generated mail messages that send out the user ID's and passwords for this Chat Folder. Any other message FROM can be deleted because that is an incoming ONLY mailbox. All real outgoing messages will come from one of my "slowry" e-mail addresses.

I hope that helps a little.

Message: 32270 Posted: Sun Mar 28 14:27:39 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Question for the Wednesday Nite No Lifers

I shouldn't speak for Robyn but I can say that I inferred that she was talking about this coming Wednesday's listening party content, not this evening's. Obviously, whatever floats everyone's boat is great but that's the meaning I got.

Message: 32269 Posted: Sun Mar 28 14:00:05 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Pages

Someone mentioned "Pages" here. great song!

Message: 32268 Posted: Sun Mar 28 13:07:21 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Milwaukee Concert (Karen)

We are so excited about the Milwaukee concert--we were at this same venue about two years ago and had front row seats on Dewey's side of the stage. He threw us his guitar pic, but unfortunately, no autographs that night. We were so disappointed about the autographs and are hoping that is not the case on Wednesday night. I hope they give out autographs for their Wisconsin fans, since there are no bookings for them to rush to in the near future. Our seats are not the greatest this time (last row of booths on Deweys side), but we are so happy just to see "America" again. Yes, I was hoping to hear "Young Moon" and "All My Life"--hopefully our wish will come true. We are going with a friend who lives in Milwaukee and therefore knows her way around, so we are dining at an Italian restaurant before the show. Have a great time at the concert--I know we all will.

Message: 32267 Posted: Sun Mar 28 13:01:43 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Question for the Wednesday Nite No Lifers

Let's listen to View From the Ground, and if everybody wants to, we'll listen to Your Move after that. Otherwise, we'll do Your Move next week.

Message: 32266 Posted: Sun Mar 28 12:45:01 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Question for the Wednesday Nite No Lifers

I vote for View since I had a late meeting last week and couldn't stop by until late. I second the motion though from Trav that whatever the majority wants is fine.

Message: 32265 Posted: Sun Mar 28 12:40:40 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Now that's A Streetcar Named Desire...

Message: 32264 Posted: Sun Mar 28 09:49:33 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Question for the Wednesday Nite No lIfers

If I am actually home this Wednesday, I will go with the majority opinion on that as I have both CD's and can be persuaded either way

Message: 32263 Posted: Sun Mar 28 09:34:30 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Question for the Wednesday Nite No lIfers

Ok since last week we did not have a quorum to listen to "view from the Ground" do you want to listen to that or skip it and go on to "Your Move" I vote for View.

Message: 32262 Posted: Sun Mar 28 08:49:50 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Song Requests - Humphrey's Concert in July

POCO has been the opener in the past. AMERICA plays the long show to a sold out crowd, including the boaters viewing from the water.

Message: 32261 Posted: Sun Mar 28 08:22:02 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Song Requests - Humphrey's Concert in July

Well, season schedule for Humphrey's was set today. AMERICA and POCO are double billed. Still not sure though who is opening for whom. Either way it should be an amazing concert. However, if both bands are playing , this means AMERICA will be playing the short set. DARN ! Even the long set is too short. (Guess I will have to wait for them to be booked in Fort Collins, CO again for the long set)

So Guys, if you are reading this, I would like to request the following songs for the concert. I realize this is way advance notice but... keep reading and you will realize why.

From Dewey I would like to hear both Hangover (probably a must for this venue) and the unlikely one of Pages (I know this is still done in concert at times) Please, Please, Please.... I first heard this song at my first concert in Fort Collins in March 2001, and immediately bought the Human Nature CD just to have this song.

Gerry, humm... my request from you is a little more obscure... which is why the advance notice... It leaves you plenty of time to bring this one back out again. First and formost I would like to hear "Mad Dog". This has been my favorite song for years since I first heard it on the radio in the mid 70's. Gerry, if Dewey could drag out "Pigeon Song" for the Grand Cayman concert, could you please consider "Mag Dog" for San Diego. Well, if I can't get that song, I guess I will just join the rest of the masses and request, "All My Life".

-- even if you don't play any of these - I will still enjoy the concert.

Message: 32260 Posted: Sun Mar 28 08:07:51 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party - Your Move

Tonight's listening party will be Your Move, 9 PM EST. Hope you can be there.

Message: 32259 Posted: Sun Mar 28 00:01:54 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: heritage in australia???

David, I can't tell you if Highway was released as Heritage in Australia, but I have never seen it in the shops.

Message: 32258 Posted: Sat Mar 27 21:07:33 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Con Tu Pelo Tan Dorado

Can anyone tell me who J.M. Pater is, and how it to came to pass that he/she translated Sister Golden Hair to Spanish? (Gerry, if you don't speak Spanish, this record sure makes it sound like you do!) Thanks.

Message: 32257 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:52:23 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Ketchup

Ok...I promise we won't be scary!

Message: 32256 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:45:19 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale

Where's the letterman's jacket?

Message: 32255 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:44:48 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Ketchup

Shhh, Cindy. Don't speak too loudly, you might scare them off and that wouldn't be any fun!!

Message: 32254 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:37:11 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert (Gary, Linda, Joan)

Hi Gary! So you're driving to the concert this Wed. from the Chicago area? We're coming from the Madison area. I hope your drive goes well!

Hopefully you've come up with some possibilities for places to have dinner. We're just going to eat at the casino, at the Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill. (We weren't up for anything fancy, either.) It sounds like a cool place, anyway! That way we don't have to drive any more than we have to.

Sounds like you've got pretty decent seats! We're way off at the last table on the left as you face the stage. I think it's the third row. (Section C, Table 10, to be exact.) I'd love to get to meet you and your date, so come over to our table to say hi if you get a chance.

I hope you guys get your wish and we hear Gerry sing "All My Life". That really would be a treat. (Joan - weren't you also hoping for Dewey to sing "Young Moon"? Wouldn't that be great?) MY big wish is that they'll come out after the show for a meet and greet. We'll have to see if any or all of us get our wishes! I also hope they get to play the long set! (Even then, it's over too soon.) No matter what, I'm sure it will be a great show - always is.

Linda - I'll send you an e-mail (before Wednesday) - as we had planned to try to meet up as well. Joan - it would be nice to see you too.

Don't forget to say, "Happy Birthday" to Willie if you see him in person!


Message: 32253 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:18:57 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Ketchup

I sure did Moser! Your hub is fabulous!

Moser is going to Meet Me In The Middle and celebrate my 50th with 2 shows at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Va in October. Isn't that super?? I'm feeling a little weird and funky about 50, so I intend to do something very special.

You'll see us there Gerry and Dewey, cos we plan to scream loudly!!

Dewey Girl,
Cindy F.T.South

P.S. Would anyone else like to join us? There will be lots of yelling! Oh, and Dewey, Young Moon is my 2nd favorite, next to Old Man Took.

Message: 32252 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:05:19 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Have to say this...

Oh...I didn't realize there was another Wolf Pack. Learn something new every day. Sorry they lost!!

Message: 32251 Posted: Sat Mar 27 20:01:22 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Virus info (for jimbob and anyone else interested)

I'm not quite sure I understand how this happens either (getting an e-mail from someone you know did not send it). I've been receiving e-mails lately that are "returned" to me as either undeliverable or because they contained a virus. Funny thing is I know I didn't send them - in all but one case I didn't even know the person it was sent to! This seems to be more common - I've heard some things about it at the office I work at, too.

Some information I looked up on my ISP's page reads, "Why am I getting returned e-mails I know I didn't send? This is called "e-mail spoofing. This can be done by either a virus finding an e-mail address on the internet and then using that address to look like it's coming from that person. Or it can be done maliciously by anyone. In most cases it is untraceable or nearly impossible to find out who's doing it." Later it also reads, "Distributors of spam often use spoofing in an attempt to get recipients to open, and possibly even respond to, their solicitations." Whew - I definitely didn't make that up!

Anyway, after the last time it happened, I decided to change my e-mail address and install a more updated anti-virus software, including a firewall, which is what my Internet Service Provider recommends. Who knows if it will help?! (I've been working on this since Thursday night and am almost there. By coincidence, our phone line went out due to heavy rain the other night. The phone company fixed that this a.m. Also, our CD drive was broken, so my husband had to replace that before I could install the anti-virus stuff. Oh yeah - I also decided to finally download the newest version of Netscape. It's been quite a project! Now my only problem is I can't send e-mail. I must not have done one step correctly. All I can say is this better help the spoofing situation for me!


Message: 32250 Posted: Sat Mar 27 18:58:06 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Milwaukee Concert

Yea Karen getting really excited about concert. Galpal and I cant wait. Were really hoping they play "All My Life" so hopefully this puts the word out. She has never seen them before live and it's her favorite group. Were sitting in a booth in the middle a few rows from stage. Can you think of a better birthday present for her? Were driving in from Chicago. We hope the show goes on and on because we won't want to leave. I wish it was Wednesday already! Cya there!

Message: 32249 Posted: Sat Mar 27 16:04:14 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: America Memorabilia Sale

Hi Johnny,
Great items! I just sent you an email. I'd like item #25 & #33.

Message: 32248 Posted: Sat Mar 27 16:02:34 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: America Memorabilia Sale

Hi Johnny,
Great items! I just sent you an email. I'd like item #25 & #33.

Message: 32247 Posted: Sat Mar 27 15:51:40 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Vince Vince Vince

Its funny that you mention Pure Praire League...If my memory serves me correctly, they once an opening act for about that Mo! Of course, that was during the 70's...They sang "Amy" during that concert! As Bob Hope used to say thanks for the memory....!

Message: 32246 Posted: Sat Mar 27 15:42:58 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale

It's time to sell the following AMERICA memorabilia items. This is a small portion of what I have. Each item listed is PLUS actual shipping cost. Condition is listed in parenthesis:

1) "Right Before Your Eyes" sheet music. Is purple in color with two oval photos. One of Dewey and one of Gerry. This sheet music for "RBYE" is hard to find! (excellent) $11.00

2) "Your Move" color magazine ad 11' x 14.5" (excellent) $7.50

3) George Martin black & white magazine ad 11" x 14.5". Shows Sir G wearing an America shirt with a conductor's baton in his hand. The words "With love and thanks..." and a small photo of the front cover of the "Silent Letter" LP (excellent) $7.50

4) Laminated "Alibi" color magazine ad. 11" x 14.5" Shows Gerry and Dewey in a criminal line-up with three other men. Very cool! Titled, "AMERICA Has A Great ALIBI!" (excellent) $14.50

5) America 8" x 10" black & white promo photo from "Silent Letter". Same photo as the front cover of the LP but with a slightly wider shot. (excellent) $10.00

6) America 8" x 10" black & white promo photo from "View From The Ground". Photo is the same as the photo on the back of the LP cover. (excellent) $10.00

7) America "1979 Central Park Music Festival" metal promo button. 2" in diameter. Has the same photo as on the back of the "Silent Letter" LP. Button is white with black letters. Image of D&G is orange in color. (very good) $9.50

8) Unused transfer from the front cover of America's first LP. It is 11" x 12". This is very rare! (excellent) $18.50

9) "Sister Golden Hair" 45 record from Japan with color picture sleeve. Flip-side is "Midnight". (good) $9.50

10) 1.5" in diameter red, white, and blue metal promo button from the "Highway" box set. Mounted on a 3" x 4" piece of cardboard with the photo of the front cover of the box set. The bottom of the cardboard reads, "This Land Is Your Land. This Band Is Your Band." (excellent) $13.50

11) "Daisy Jane" sheet music. Top half of the front cover is red in color. Bottom half has a black & white photo of the trio wearing fencing garb. (very good) $9.50

12) "Only In Your Heart" sheet music. Top half of front cover is orange in color. Bottom half has a black & white photo of the trio. (very good) $9.50

13) 4" x 7" unused "America In Concert" decal. Is maroon in color with silver letters (excellent) $9.50

14) "Muskrat Love" 45 record from Spain with color picture sleeve. Flip-side is "Rainbow Song". Has a photo of the trio on the front. (good) $9.50

15) "Highway" press kit. Has a black & white photo of D&G and a one page info sheet regarding the release of "Highway". The photo has a small thumbnail crease. Comes in a generic blue folder. (good) $7.50

16) White label "Advance Promotional Copy" of "Muskrat Love" from the U.K. Flip-side is Cornwall Blank. A "Hat Trick" song with a "Homecoming" song. The sleeve is blue from UK Records. (45 - very good; sleeve - fair) $6.50

17) "I Need You" 45 record from Spain with color picture sleeve. Flip-side is "Riverside". The sleeve has the trio on it. Dewey is in the center wearing his blue and white London Central High School varsity jacket. (45 - fair, sleeve - good) $9.50

18) "You Can Do Magic" 45 record. Flip-side is "Right Before Your Eyes". Comes with Capitol Records white and maroon generic sleeve. (45 - excellent, sleeve - fair) $4.00

19) "Daisy Jane" 45 record. Flip-side is "Woman Tonight". Comes with generic white Warner Bros. sleeve. (45 - excellent, sleeve - fair) $4.00

20) 1983 "Ciao 2001" magazine from Italy. The cover features Dewey and Gerry performing on stage. The entire mag is written in Italian. (good) $8.50

21) "Your Move" CD from One Way Records (excellent) $6.50

22) Germany CD single for "Hope" (Radio Edition as well as Album Version). Plus, "Whole Wide World". Front cover has a brown & white picture of G&D walking down a road wearing coats. (Very good - CD, jewel case - fair). $9.50

23) Cassette of "Alvin & The Chipmunks - In Low Places". Has 12 songs on it. Features Gerry on one of the songs as Theodore. (very good). $4.50

24) Chris Christian cassette titled, "15 Best Of 15 Years". Has about 15 songs. Features Gerry on the song, "Day Like Today". (very good) $4.50

25) White used guitar pick. Has in gold letters "G. Beckley" on one side and "AMERICA" on the other. (good) $7.50

26) Unused America "Backus Stage" backstage guest pass. Material is silk white with black letters. Features a drawing of Mr. Magoo. (good) $9.50

27) Tour 2000 backstage pass. Material is silk. Is black with white lettering. Has white "AMERICA" logo and the words, "Tour 2000 BACKSTAGE. Unused. (excellent) $9.50

28) Silk Tour 97 backstage guest pass. Is white with black letters. Features "AMERICA" logo and the words, "Tour '97 Backstage Guest". Unused. (excellent) $9.50

29) America Tour 83. White silk with blue lettering. Has blue AMERICA logo and the words, "Tour '83 After Show Guest". Unused. (excellent) $9.50

30) America window sticker. Has AMERICA logo with orange oval. Has "Human Nature" in black and orange under the logo. Size 3.5" x 4". (excellent) $5.00

31) 8" x 10" black & white promo photo of D&G sitting on bales of hay. Both have very long hair. (excellent) $9.50

32) Promo poster for "Human Nature" CD. Image on the poster just like the front picture on the CD. Measures 20" x 30" and has a large red "AMERICA" logo on the top. $9.50

33)EXTREMELY RARE 8" x 10" black & white photo of Gerry playing the guitar. It is the EXACT photo as found in the inner cover of the "Hourglass" CD. It's one of the photos left of the "credits" section. It's the photo on the top and in the center. It's the center one with Gerry wearing a white t-shirt and playing an acoustic guitar that he is holding up. I doubt but a handful of this particular photo exists. I received it directly from the photographer of the album shoot. Has been stored rolled in a mailing tube. (excellent) $19.50

34) The very rare AMERICA brass belt buckle. It's a beauty!!! (excellent) $99.50

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions:


Message: 32245 Posted: Sat Mar 27 15:21:21 2004 By: jimbob

How does this happen? I got a message from Erin Edwards re some document, and I was pretty sure it wasnt from her so deleted it straight away. That was a few days ago. And of course Robyn I obviously didnt send that to you, which I know you know anyway! On a positive note I DID get an email from David Dickey in answer to my question as to whether America's bass players write their own parts. They do, least he did anyway. Very cool!

Message: 32244 Posted: Sat Mar 27 14:06:52 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Vince Vince Vince

Funny, Nancy, that you should mention Vince Gill today. I was just thinking about him yesterday and your propensity to add him to our three name chant sessions on Wed. nights. We usually start out with Gerry Gerry Gerry then head on through the litany of Dewey, Timothy, and sometimes to Vince. (Love those blue eyes!) Anyway...I was thinking about Vince b/c I heard Pure Prairie League's song, "Amy." Wasn't Vince in Pure Prairie League? Was he the vocalist? It occured to me that it was prophetic that he would have sung Amy then ended up marrying Amy Grant. Funny. I'm sure this little tidbit occured to all of you a long time ago, but since you mentioned him, I figured I'd bring it up.

We're off to the famous Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Rochester tonight. I hope the band is good.

Just so I'm not completely off topic with this post, here is the photo for the day:
Makes you want to come back in your next life as a grapefruit...nay...not just any grapefruit...THAT grapefruit!!

Message: 32243 Posted: Sat Mar 27 12:29:57 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Mixed Bag Saturday Post!

Hi Nancy, I'm glad to hear you like the idea...I wish someone like Dave could design something to that effect. I can draw but not like him! I'm glad you well and thinking of Gerry. Buttons...hum...I remember at previous concerts other performers sold buttons...I wonder if Gerry and Dewey are really reading these posts. Could you guys maybe make pins from a recent promotional picture? That would be wonderful for everyone to have....Just a suggestion...while we're at it...I too would love to hear Dewey sing Young Moon! How about it Dewey!

Message: 32242 Posted: Sat Mar 27 11:40:53 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooops 1 More Jimmy Buffet news flash!

Yeah Me Again ~~ :)

Mo ~~ Someone called in and requested Jimmy's song "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" ~~~ Hmmmm what kinda Scrumptious Visual does this Stir up for YOU! LOL!!! too much!!!! :)

Hi there Karen ~~ Yeppers March 31st is Drummer Willie's B'day! ~~ Hmmm how about some Poems to brighten up his day! I will have to get my thoughts a going on mine here... should be fun! ~~ WOW ~~ It just hit me that that show is this wed.... I called to make a hair app. for that day.... You lucky girl you... Have a great time and be sure and come back with lots of nice details.... sooo we all can chase away our P A S D Okay! :) See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Walking on sunshine ~~~ yeah Im walking on sunshine ~~~ Hey did you all catch the latest Geico commercial, I just love it... there is a dad driving his family in the minivan and he looks over lovingly at his sleeping Mrs, then back to his 2 little ones in the back seat and then, there he is Little Geico all tucked in (and stretching in his sleep) his seatbelt and dreams! Soooooo Cute! :)

Message: 32241 Posted: Sat Mar 27 11:23:45 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Mixed Bag Saturday Post!

Hi Hooooo Everyone ~~ Vince Gill is here singing and he is making me feel like I want to jump and shout, feels like love wants a second chance.... Look what my heart could barely see how much I crave all of your company, a true companion I will always be, Look what my heart has done to me.... Sing it VINCE Vince Vince Gill~~(ahhhh I can see his baby blue eyes twinklin and that sideways smile with his ooooooh soo nice dimple a showin... Whooooooooooaaaaaa Nice Visual of Vince Gill ~ I saw a show of his and it was one clapping hand, foot stomping, smiling form ear to ear, and my heart was a fluttering big time as I sang along.... I just had to hit the replay button... the video to this song is sooo cute with Vince and Amy shining brightly in it.... Amy Grant is one lucky lady for sure! ~~ Soo happy for the both of them! ~~~ Hmmm just like the group 38 Special says in their oooh soo nice Every Heart Needs A Second Chance! ~~ They are at Seven Springs sometime this weekend for a show... :)

Yes Robyn ~~ I gotta second your comments about these Mind Games of the Chat Folder random Virus attempts... My friend Mary from Calif...sent me an email this morning and said that the email I sent her last night had a warning saying there was a virus detected in my message... and I upon checking my hotmail had a email from Johnny that was one of these attempts... I konw it wasn't really from Johnny tho, I haven't had an email from him in months. Robyn I can assure you that Jimbob is nowhere his puter, he hasn't answered my email to him from last weekend.... I am beginning to wonder which I am bothered more by the Mind Games of the Lurkers on the Live Chat, or the these Virus Attempts from the Lurkers that choose to act out sooo Nastily.... Any way you look at it Mind Games Bother Me! I could do without them for sure! All I can say is anyone that gets any kinda email from me with a big attachment.... If I am gonna send anything like pictures of say to share a email fwd with pics... I will tell you first, sooo never hesitate to just hit the delete button... I emailed Mary to let her know I haven't sent her an email since last week...

Hey Mo ~~ Regarding the Jimmy Buffet continuing visuals... all week long on my radio station they were giving away tickets to go see Tom Watt He is a very well known Jimmy Buffet impersonator... and I hear Jimmy B himself went to watch him and was rather impressed with his show... Sooooo Nice you mentioning Alan Jackson ~~ Whoooooooaaaaa ~~ His Baby Blue Eyes and smooth take me away voice can come my way anytime.... I am loving hitting the replay button on his new song "Remember When" Such a nice gift to his Wife this song! She too is one Lucky Lady! ~~ I could handle heading out to see a show of Alan's one day! ~~~ Hmmm I just listened to 2 of Three Doors Down Songs... that my son has here on the puter... they were rocking songs... The Road I'm On & When I'm Gone... did they do longer versions of these 2 at the recent show you just saw? ~~~ Oh Yeah about the Pic of the Day yesterday... I am hear a smilin from ear to ear... That is the Neatest Pic... Longhaired Dew & His Longearedweener dog.... Darn my friend Klaus one time told me of another name for these dogs... and I cannot bring it to my mind to use.... Darn, My Memory Replay Button needs oiled on my Mind Wheels... hahahahhahahah! ~~ Great Pic tho! : ))))))))))))))))

Hi there Robin C ~~ I hope you were hitting the Replay Button on Gerry's song In The Dark late in the night last night, that is one of my favorite songs to do that on for sure... Nice to hear from you, don't be such a stranger... :)

ALRIGHT ~~ YES YES YES ~~ Traveler great news about a possible AMERICA show heading near to you and Reddddddd, Wow ~ I am always telling Redddd, I feel that you and he will get to meet each other at a show sooner than I and he will.... Wow I can just picture you and he in the front rows, and you can be sure, I Want to see the View from Mrs Red's camera has she takes some pictures of you 2 with the whole cast and crew of AMERICA! Nice ~~ I look forward to this...

WOWSERS Reddddddd ~~ I am getting too wound up here, just thinking of all the great shows that you are gonna be taking in here in the next few months... Your eyes are gonna be Twinklin sooo bright that I will be able to get a Glimpse of them in my Night Sky! Toooo Much ~~ Soooo Happy for you my friend! :) ;)

Hi Sheldon ~~ I too want to say sooo Sorry to hear about Jan's passing on... I can remember listening to their albums at my Aunt's when they still lived at my Grandparents house... I also can remember the way they were affected about his Car Crash... I was like a little groupy around them when I visited, I loved sitting and listening to music with them! I am sure Jan's Memory will stay alive on down History's road... May he rest in piece up in Rock'n Roll Heaven with all of his buddy's there! :)

Well Erin & Mo ~~ My sons both have been following Pitt, Duke, and the Penn State Ladies throughout this March Madness season... when I mentioned to my son if he watched the game Erin referred to, he was well familiar with both teams she mentioned... and wasn't too happy about Georgia winning...

Well to Leah ~~ Last but not Least... GREAT Idea about a Dewey Tshirt and a Shroeder tshirt... I had an Idea ~~~ how about Buttons too, a WWDD & Shroeder Button.... that way those that don't wear tshirts, could have their buttons on, I must admit, thinking of Gerry having that Carl Wilson Button kinda made me think of this... :)

Hey there DavidS & Jason.... Yes I too say why haven't we heard from any of our OZ & Aussy friends about this Holiday as Heritage question... Margaret ~~ Jimmmmmmmmmmmbob ~~ Goanna ~~ Holiday ~~ Spurs ~~ or anyone else out there .... Can You hear us now????

Well I guess I Emptied my Bag of Thoughts for now, sooo I am outta here now... Take care, Enjoy your day! Nancy :) I am still hooked on Seal's Kiss of Love songs .... I kinda was in dreamland late last night hitting the replay button on both of them all alone in cyberville.... :)

~~~~ With Youuur Love, I know that I can be the best, with Your loveee, I can take the rest, with your loveeeee, I could Flyyyyyy with Youuuuuur Love, with your loveeeeee, we could be obsessed, with your loveeeeee .... I am loving this one part of the song where Seal sings this shadowy part... it really has me spellbound... his voice is sooooo Relaxing, kinda like a YOGA session of the mind... Nice :) ;) ~~~sooo sing it Seal ~~~ I have been close, I have been almost near (who do you want to wake up), I have been near (who do you want to care), for a once in a life, (not quite like here), and your love is a light that binds us both, and with each breath in Me I hope we don't throw itn all away..... don't you know that I'm free, and young ~~ I'm the LONELIEST STAR from the SUN ~~~ Such a Kiss of Life song ~~ WOW ~~ I can't get enough of this song! :):;)

Message: 32240 Posted: Sat Mar 27 11:11:59 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: March 31 - Willie's Birthday

Not only is America's next show just around the corner (only 4 more days!), it's also on the same day as Mr. Willie Leacox's birthday! Willie - I hope you have a great day in Milwaukee on your birthday. We Wisconsin fans are looking forward to the show. Karen

Message: 32239 Posted: Sat Mar 27 09:20:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Ketchup

Sheldon: I'm sorry to hear of Jan's passing. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words about him.
Trav and Red Oak: Yahoo for you guys.
Erin: I feel your pain regarding the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. My hub and I were rooting for Pitt who lost to OK State on Thurs. Major bummer.
Robyn: I don't need any encouragement, thanks. I'm bad enough on my own. It gets even worse, though. Today I saw an Alan Jackson video featuring Jimmy Buffett and what do you think I was sitting there thinking of? One guess.
One last note and the explanation of why CMT would be on MY television--Shayne and Cindy (bro-in-law, sis-in-law) are here to visit from Massachusetts. They send a big shout out to their inherited America buds Nina, Erin, Pete, and the Band. Cindy, who is a recruited Dewey's Girl and Rich's Girl sends a special hello to those guys. They hope to catch you guys again this year on the road with us.
Happy Saturday Everyone.
PS: Cindy FTS, did you get that good news email?

Message: 32238 Posted: Sat Mar 27 09:12:35 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Message to Red & Fellow Coloradoans

Well, what band wouldn't want a meet & greet with the Legendary Traveler and her sidekick, Little Red. We could maybe actually get some decent photos taken. It is your duty to follow this up and make sure it happens. Maybe we could do a fan gathering at your house afterwards? Sure they would love to smell Greeley, ha!!!!!!!!!

Message: 32237 Posted: Sat Mar 27 08:48:31 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean

How sad! I grew up listening to them and the Beach Boys...thanks for sharing the news.

Message: 32236 Posted: Sat Mar 27 08:23:37 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Message to Red & Fellow Coloradoans

Heck, by knowing the promoter, I could possibly talk him into letting us have a Meet & Greet as well, (as long as the band allows it). Advnace knowledeg also goes a long way into front row seats.

Message: 32235 Posted: Sat Mar 27 08:23:04 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean

Jan Berry of the legendary 60's surf-rock duo Jan & Dean, passed away last night at the age of 62 of an apparent stroke. Jan was the driving force behind J&D, writing & producing hits such as "Surf City", "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" & the eerily prophetic song "Deadman's Curve". Jan was in a car accident in 1966 that left him brain damaged & partially paralyzed. He battled back from his injuries & for many years has been performing on stage with Dean.

I've been a huge J&D fan since 1978, this is very sad news for me & all J&D fans. I met Jan a couple of times at concerts, he was always so sweet & kind to his fans, often signing autographs for hours after a show. Sure will miss him...


Message: 32234 Posted: Sat Mar 27 08:20:11 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Message to Red & Fellow Coloradoans

Better yet would be LRB & America at the Bud Events Center. That would be one for the highlight page. Will see LRB on April 20, cant wait to hear Night Owls live.

Get it on....

Message: 32233 Posted: Sat Mar 27 08:17:02 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Message to Red & Fellow Coloradoans

If that happens, can I get front row seats with you?

Message: 32232 Posted: Sat Mar 27 07:35:07 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Message to Red & Fellow Coloradoans

HI All, Last night while at at a music venue, I met on of the music promoters for the area (Similing Dog Productions). He said he is trying to negotiate bringing AMERICA back to Colorado to perform in Fort Collins at the Lincoln Center again. If you remember, AMERICA was there in 2001. Cross your fingers and hope it works out.

Message: 32231 Posted: Sat Mar 27 05:56:05 2004 By: Robyn

NOW I got one from jimbob!!!! whoever this scumweasel is they really need to stop this garbage ( sorry for the strong language Steve but this is not the way America Fans should behave!)
Side note to Moser--So now Margaritaville reminds you of Gerry, I thought that might be a pleasant thing!

Message: 32230 Posted: Sat Mar 27 04:01:54 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: WAY OFF TOPIC for all "Dewey's girls"

I just now took my first look at this T Shirt. Steve that was cute...but it needs something more...Like Gerry alias Schroder...What about Dewey? We need to give an equal opportunity to both guys. Any suggestions out there? Would love to have a Dewey Shirt for Friday's Concert and Gerry Shirt for Saturdays concert at Mohegan...Have a great weekend all Leah!

Message: 32229 Posted: Fri Mar 26 22:53:47 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: heritage in australia???

Maybe some of our Australian friends can tell us if the Highway Box Set was ever released as Heritage, because as Jason Smith mentioned (Post #32207), it is on Australian online stores that the box set is being sold under the name Heritage.

Message: 32228 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:44:01 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Steve L... Thanks!

Thanks. I downloaded and will make sure I don't lose it this time lol.
Have a great weekend.

Message: 32227 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:21:00 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Thanks To Robyn For This Too...

Thanks, A LOT, Robyn for adding to my misery. As if I didn't have enough reasons to think of Gerry Gerry Gerry already, now you've added another. Tonight I heard Margaritaville on the radio. And what does that remind me of but Dewey, Jimmy Webb, and Gerry trying to sneak into a Jimmy Buffet concert. Geez, Robyn, I can think of enough excuses to be reminded of Gerry on my own, you don't have to further my torture!!

Message: 32226 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:17:46 2004 By: Moser

Well, Robyn, I hope at least you had fun getting it!!!

Message: 32225 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:07:01 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Have to say this...

Sorry Cindy...Nevada Wolf Pack. From Reno. But they lost to Georgia Tech no Elite 8 for us...oh well. They still made school history!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Erin :o)

Message: 32224 Posted: Fri Mar 26 20:00:46 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Hmmm ~~ Bones I have been wondering something!

Yeah Me Again! ~~ I am having such a hard time concentrating on my work.... Just can't get focused on it... sooo thought I would free my wondering mind of something... :) Hey Mo ~~ I will have to wait to check the pic of the day out on my home pc... it shows up too dark on here... :)

First of all ~~ SHAME on Whoever Used Moser's Email Address to send Robyn a Virus! We gotta figure out a way to Trick these Whippersnappers one of these days, so they send themselves a virus... Wouldn't that be a Dose of their own crap... Too bad I couldn't have hit the Return button on my nasty virus this week... Darn gotta work on a fixit for that too... Don't mind me, I'm just wondering outloud here, trying to get this brain on track so I can get back to my out of date work...

Okay to the Subject on my wondering mind.... ATTENTION Bones ~~ Hmmm You remember going to the Poco (Geeze Nancy get with it, not Poco, I mean TOTO, yeah do you remember going to the TOTO concert at the Mohegan sun? ~~~~ Well you know their song "99" ???? What I was wondering is, Did they play the Lonnnnnnnnng Version of this Great Classic song of theirs that night you saw them???? Did they, Did they??? I recently called my lunch time dj and said to him I have a hankering to hear Toto's song 99.... sooo he said sure I'll play it for you... when he played it he left it play a little bit into the extended ending and then cut it off.... what a bummer... I love the ending to that song... He did say tho, We'll call this our Lost Hit Wonder of the day!!!!! I like making him dig into his music vault and pulling out some not sooo all the time heard songs.... :) Oh and Bones one other thing, you know that phrase you and I are stuck on "Got Milk" ???? Well it has been popping up in the strangest places... I saw it in a comic strip the other day, Yeah Mo has me looking at the comic strips now... Toooo Much.... and one more thing... tonight my son had the Natl Pool Playing Tournaments on from that place that sounds familiar to me... hmmm the Mohegan Sun... well I offered my hubby and son a Proposition... I said in July we will all go to the Mohegan Sun, You guys can go to the Pool Basement... and I will attend the AMERICA shows... only thing is, they acted like they never heard me... Wonder Why!!!!! Booooo Hoooooo! :(

Okay I best get my butt out of here and get my work done... Thanks for putting up with my nonsense this NoLifer Friday Night..... Nitey Nite All, Nancy :)

Oh wait a minute I have a Question.... there sure are lots of 70 songs being redone lately... What are any of your thoughts on some songs that would be nice to heard redone and by who???? The song that sparked this for me was Johnny Rivers song ~~ Slow Dancing ~ Swaying to the Music... I found myself wondering if Gerry & Dewey & Andrew Gold would find as a good song to remake... or maybe CSN&Y's Just a Song Before I Go..... Or ..... Let me hear all of your suggestions! See ya :)

~~~ The sailors say Brandy ~ You're a Fine Girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love, my lady is the Sea.... Sing it Looking Glass :)

Message: 32223 Posted: Fri Mar 26 19:23:47 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

I love that picture...

Message: 32222 Posted: Fri Mar 26 19:18:37 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Have to say this...

Erin, you're a Wolf Pack fan?? They're in my backyard!

Cindy...from the South

Message: 32221 Posted: Fri Mar 26 18:48:46 2004 By: Bones

Maybe Mo should see a doctor.

Message: 32220 Posted: Fri Mar 26 15:29:58 2004 By: Robyn

Beware someone using Moser addy sent a virus. My protector caught it.

Message: 32219 Posted: Fri Mar 26 13:23:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve L.

Here you go:

In The Dark - Bonus track on the import version of the Beckley-Lamm-Wilson album, "Like A Brother"

Message: 32218 Posted: Fri Mar 26 13:03:21 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Anaheim Gig

Great news ! AMERICA in Anaheim on thursday & San Diego on friday.
It will be a smashing Southern California treat by AMERICA.
2 in a row, count em' 2 !

Message: 32217 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:49:56 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Anaheim Gig

Here's the latest update to the concert list:

7/22/04 Anaheim, CA / House Of Blues

Thanks for the info Erin!

Message: 32216 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:32:43 2004 By: rc
Subject: Steve L.

Hi Steve,
Would it possible to put up Gerry's song "In The Dark" for download again? I downloaded it when you originally offered it,listened to it several times, but now has mysteriously vanished lol.. I can't find it anywhere in my files, so I think I accidentally deleted it. Bummer........
If not, that's cool.
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 32215 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:27:27 2004 By: rc
Subject: Just Stopping In To Say Hi!

Hi Folks,
I haven't been to the board that often lately, so just wanted to say HI to everyone.. I'm happy for everyone who got to attend concerts since the start of the year, especially international friends.
Hope everyone is doing well and the new year is going great.
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 32214 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:27:20 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: only in your solo & as a matter of fact

TGIF Everyone :) It's Warm here... WOW :)

Wow soooo Neat Gerry sending an answer for David, regarding the Only In Your Heart Solo part ~~ Pretty neat, the ending of this great song as always felt like a climax... Neat to know what makes it this way. ~~ Hope you will share with us what you meant David!

Hey there Redddddd & DanC ~~~ sooooooooooo Nice hearing from you both! ~~ Soooo happy your tickets to the Eagles show arrived for you Red ~~ I know that made your week! :) ~~ DanC ~~ Wow ~~ Sooo neat you have the Eagles coming close your way, you betcha I will wish you luck on getting tickets tomorrow ~ Nice ~~ That would be Awesome to hear King Of Hollywood done live, you will have to let me know if you do get to hear it... I just gotta say there are 2 Lucky Mrs's getting escorted to the Eagles show.... WOW!!! :) ;)

Anita ~~ I have been hitting the replay button on Dewey's great song Garden of Peace alot lately, sooo I will join you in requesting Dewey to sing either Young Moon, Garden of Peace or You Girl.... Just Like I will say to Gerry one day Ihope to hear you sing Kiss of Life, Moment to Moment, or Wednesday Morning... :)

Yeppers Jenna & John ~~~ Joe's songs would make up a nice cd to hit the replay button on... sooo nice of Joe to say he would offer to do this for Free, I feel it is just enough him sharing them here with us... Thanks again Joe! :)

Well it is Friday ~~ Have a great weekend everyone... I have been listening to some really Awesome songs from Seal's ~ Seal IV CD... have any of you heard his new one being played on the radio called Love's Devine ~~ well it is simply beautiful, but there is another one on the cd called Loneliest Star ~ I call this Seal's "Kiss of Life" song... Magically Moving... He sure is a Unique artist... and I can see alot of the qualities that we love in AMERICA's songs in his style... Nice for sure! Take care, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Then the rainstorm came over me, and I felt my Spirit Break, I had lost all of my belief you seee, and realized my mistake, but Timmmmme threw a Prayer to Meeee, and all around me became still, I need Love, Love's Devine, please forgive me for I have been blind, Love is what I need to know my name ~~~ Sing it Seal :)

~~~ Picture the sky that is how High I reach, sooo far along, none had been right for meeee, but your Love is a Chance at Life to Take, with each Breath in me I make if it Brings you back to me, cause I'm Free , I'm the Loneliest Star from the sunnnnn, but I feel that I'm Close to the One, that will stop me from coming undone, cause I'm freeeee ~~~~ Wow Sing it Seal..... Nice for sure! :) ;)

Message: 32213 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:23:20 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Joe's Instrumentals

Hi Joe,
Thankyou for your instrumentals. I've always been partial to instrumental music. I don't get here often but have been fortunate to catch the songs. You can count me in when ya get a full CD of them. Be more then happy to "DONATE" to the shipping/burning CD Fund lol..
Take Care and thanks again,

Message: 32212 Posted: Fri Mar 26 12:00:54 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

A prototype for a Wright brothers invention:

Message: 32211 Posted: Fri Mar 26 11:53:30 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Joe's Instrumentals

Joe, once again amazing job on "River" Very impressive...sounds just like the original! If I could I'd buy that cd too.

Message: 32210 Posted: Fri Mar 26 11:45:42 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Dewey/Young Moon

I will add to the campaign..... I'd like to request that you consider playing Young Moon at the upcoming gigs (Reading, PA). I know it would be a real crowd-pleaser. Thanks.


Message: 32209 Posted: Fri Mar 26 11:41:23 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: I need you

Awh ~ Steve.... you are the man!
Thank you very much. Yes, I must agree the America version (also heard first) is better. But the Beatles version is unique in its own way. Both are very nice!

Have a great weekend ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 32208 Posted: Fri Mar 26 10:05:28 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: only in your heart solo

Gerry sent me the following information about the Only In Your Heart solo at the end of the song: "The solo at the end is backwards. A tape of the track was reversed to play along to, then turned around again to get the effect."

Thanks for sharing that with us, Gerry.

Message: 32207 Posted: Fri Mar 26 10:01:45 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Re: heritage or highway

I've seen the HERITAGE box set for sale from Australian sites but have never seen the cover. It would be interesting to see the difference. I bleive that all other countries had the box set titled as Highway.


Message: 32206 Posted: Fri Mar 26 09:03:15 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Have to say this...

Go Wolf Pack! Tonight in the Sweet Sixteen!!

Erin :o)

Message: 32205 Posted: Fri Mar 26 07:29:36 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Humphrey's Concert Information

HI All, For any of you interested in the AMERICA concert at Humphreys's in San Diego in July (or any other bands that will be playing at this venue) Humphrey's will be officially annoucing the season lineup on Sunday March 28th on their web site. Tickets for these concerts will be going on sale on Saturday April 3rd at 10:00 am through ticketmaster and Humphrey's box office. I plan on being there at this concert, hope to see more of you there as well.

Message: 32204 Posted: Fri Mar 26 06:21:35 2004 By: David van der geld
Subject: only in your heart solo

Hi, can anyone help figure out the solo of only in your heart at the end of the song or does someone know where to find it, please mail me, when i've figured out the solo i'll put it here

Message: 32203 Posted: Fri Mar 26 05:30:12 2004 By: Joe
Subject: Re: Joe's Instrumentals

Hey John, thank you for saying you would buy a copy of my instrumentals...., but I can't sell any copyrighted songs. I just do them for fun and as a tribute to America. Wouldn't want the guys mad at me!! However, you could either download them and burn a cd or I will send you one FREE!!

Message: 32202 Posted: Thu Mar 25 21:04:42 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Joe's Instrumentals

Another wonderful rendition, Joe. Keep 'em coming. So, when you get enough to fill up a cd's worth, can I buy a copy? ( I am very serious. I can then plunk away at the keyboard, sing to my heart's content and pretend that I actually have some talent).

Message: 32201 Posted: Thu Mar 25 18:36:42 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: as a matter of fact

Dan, the talented Stuart Smith has taken over Felder's duties and quite admirably I might add. There still is a difference, but very subtle. The Eagles are still the greatest and with the horn section, blows away all the competition. Will be seeing the band in May in Wyoming. Get ur tix fast as they go in a hurry. Take care.

Oh, thank you to my very special woman for the birthday wishes. I appreciated them very much.

Message: 32200 Posted: Thu Mar 25 17:59:33 2004 By: Dan
Subject: as a matter of fact

Nancy it's funny you should ask about upcoming shows because Saturday tickets go on sale for Timothy and the Eagles for a show in P town on the 13th of May. They are calling it the Farewell I tour. Hope we can get tickets. Does anyone here know who trades lead guitar licks with Joe Walsh now that they've canned the very talented Don Felder? That double lead on Hotel California probably isn't the same without him. wish me luck on getting seats as I'm sure they will sell out fast.I could really get into hearing King of Hollywood "live".DanC.

Message: 32199 Posted: Thu Mar 25 15:54:17 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Dewey/Young Moon

In my continuing campaign, Dewey, I'd like to request that you consider playing Young Moon at the upcoming gigs. I know it would be a real crowd-pleaser. Thanks.

Message: 32198 Posted: Thu Mar 25 14:26:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: New Daily (or close) Feature

Yeah! A bunch of Parrotheads.

Message: 32197 Posted: Thu Mar 25 14:12:50 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: New Daily (or close) Feature

Another Caption "Dewy, Jimmy Webb and Gerry try to sneak into a Jimmy Buffet concert"

Message: 32196 Posted: Thu Mar 25 14:09:14 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: I need you

Right you are Steve. I always thought that was clever as both the godess that Ringo was supposed to be sacrificed to AND the Beatles had "Eight Arms to Hold You"

Message: 32195 Posted: Thu Mar 25 13:51:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: KevinS. Try This

Follow this link to the Corbis home page:
Then enter this image title into the search window: DZ002407
That will show you the postage stamp sized photo but you can click on it and it will bring up the full sized version.
I'm sorry I don't know a less complicated way to get there.

Message: 32194 Posted: Thu Mar 25 12:47:00 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Kevin ~ Hope this helps about the pic!

Me Again :)

Hi Kevin ~~ Nice to see a post from you! I went to corbis and tried to copy the site of the enlarged pic, but No Can Do... sooo here is the caption that comes up with the bigger version of the picture... Hope this answers your wonderings!

Song Writer Jimmy Webb With America
Song writer Jimmy stands with two members of the rock band America. Webb wrote a number of hit songs such as "Up, Up, and Away, " (1967); "MacArthur Park," (1968); and "Galveston," (1969). America's first hit album was "A Horse With No Name," (1972).

Too much, quite the Carefree Pic! too much!

Hey there Dan the Mailman ~~ Any good shows coming your way lately! I hope your headphones are still glued to your ears playing some nice songs! You best be Smiling too! :)

See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Ooooooooooh Iiiiiiiiiii listen to the Music, feeling good feeling fine, let the music play, oooooooohhh listen to the music all the time ~~~ Yeppers the Doobie Bros are singing this song right now on my radio! :)

Message: 32193 Posted: Thu Mar 25 12:25:33 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Miami Vice photo.

When I went to the site, the photo came up postage stamp size, and I couldn't get it any larger. Who's the guy in the middle. Is that Dan Peek? I couldn't tell. I doubt it, though, because it appears the picture was taken during the View From The Ground days.

Message: 32192 Posted: Thu Mar 25 12:21:44 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: I need you ~ for you today March 25, 2004 & then some

Hi Hooooo Everyone ~~~ Hello yeah it's me and it's been a really long time and I surely have missed your SMILE!!!! The Flu Bug caught me and got me good this time around.... Sorry I missed you all at live chat last night...

Hi Kristal ~~ Thanks for your I need you post.... thanks Steve for obliging Kristal with the clip to this song... I would say upon listening to the George H version, that Gerry & Dewey have complimented this song Nicely indeed. Thanks Steve ~~ for all the Fringes you spoil us with. I really got a kick out of the big WWDD tshirt ~~ Too much for sure! :)

Hi there Beth ~~ I Hope things are going well for your Mom!

Happy Greek Independence Day Danae ~~ Thanks soo much for the great pics of Gerry & as Mo said Gerry Beeckley & Dewey Bunnell (too much, Poor Gerry his name sure has been spelled a multitude of ways)~~ I have the Gerry Pic on my puter as a Tiled Background effect, I agree with Christine, what a nice view upon starting up the puter... Nice pic Gerry! :)

Hey there Mo & Beth ~~ Hmmmm Miami Vice ~~ Miami Mice ~~~ Miami Vice 3 times as Nice! :)

Wow Joe ~~ I second Steve's move over Garth Brooke's ~~ Wow you sure have a Smooth ~ free flowing style with these ooooh sooo great songs, you compliment Gerry & Dewey & Dan Nicely! ~~ Keep em a comin! Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

Hi Robyn ~~ Great Trivia question, way to go Steve L... I always find myself learning something new on here! Hope we can hit the replay button on the View From the Ground songs again sometime, I have always enjoyed the songs on this album as well as the Pics on the album cover.... Nice :)

Hmmm ~~ Regarding the Janet Jackson "Lets Wait Awhile" song... she sure did compliment Gerry's "Daisy Jane" nicely, she just went about it the wrong way, I am happy for Gerry that he was awarded the benefits for this... :)

Hi there David ~~ Glad to hear you will be able to take in an AMERICA show while you are here in the States this summer... Have you ever seen them live before?

Hey there Reddddddddd ~~~ It is gonna go up to 60 here tomorrow, bout time huh! Hope your day is going good today! :) ;)

Well forgive me if I have missed something I should have replied to, it feels like such a long time since I have posted... gotta get now, and take advantage of this little burst of energy I have now! Have a good day all, see ya, Nancy :) Hmmm have any of you here heard Simply Red's version of the song You Make Me Feel Brand New, well I have been hitting the replay button on it here, and I am sending it out to a special friend for their birthday today :) ;)

~~~ This song is for you, filled with gratitude and love, God Bless You, You Make Me Feel Brand New, for God Blessed Me with You, I sing this song cause You Make Me Feel Brand New !!!!! ~~~~ :) ;) ~~~Precious Friend , with you I'll always have a friend, someone who I can always depend on! :);)

Message: 32191 Posted: Thu Mar 25 11:25:30 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: New Daily (or close) Feature

Yes, I believe that's right, Mo....or as I liked to call it, Miami Mice....

Message: 32190 Posted: Thu Mar 25 11:24:21 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I need you

Originally, "HELP!" had the working title "EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU", but the band changed the title after failing to produce material relating to it.

Message: 32189 Posted: Thu Mar 25 11:15:21 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Move Over Garth Brooks

Joe Doyle has created another instrumental version of an America song. This time he did "Don't Cross The River" and it has been included on Dan Peek's web site. You can click on the link below to listen to the song:

Don't Cross The River instrumental version

Message: 32188 Posted: Thu Mar 25 09:23:23 2004 By: Moser
Subject: New Daily (or close) Feature

Just for my own amusement and those who may share a similar idiosyncratic sense of humor, I decided I would like to start posting a daily feature that is a link to a picture along with a (usually smart aleck though at times smitten) remark. For those of you who would find that beyond offensive, feel free to hit the next button. Or, better yet, wait a week or so until I grow bored with this idea.

For today, March 25, 2004 (which according to my teenage friend, Danae, is Greek Independence Day):
Was this a still shot from one of the long lost Miami Vice episodes?

Message: 32187 Posted: Thu Mar 25 09:15:30 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: I need you

Thank you, thank you, Bobby and Sissy. Wasn't that just wonderful, ladies and gentlemen?
OOps, sorry, channeling Lawrence Welk there for a second. Or was that a combo of Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan? Not sure, synapses are fuzzier every day.
Thank you, Webman Steve. I had never heard that before. Based on one of my many theorems and corollaries in life, I like the America version better, probably because I heard it first. Or, perhaps because I am biased. Either way, I like it better. I hope they keep it in the show. It's kicky. (Kicky not kinky, shame on you.)

Another one of my theorems, although completely unrelated and irrelevant here--but that I'm going to post anyways is:
To those who claim that money doesn't make you happy I say would you like to conduct an experiment to prove that? Because, you know, I'd be willing to accept a boat load of cash to live with for a while and see just how happy I can remain for the interim. So far, no one has taken me up on it. Pity.

Message: 32186 Posted: Thu Mar 25 08:46:45 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: I need you

Great song. "Help" is a great album and a really fun 60's style film. Trivia question- What is the original working title for the film?

Message: 32185 Posted: Thu Mar 25 08:42:33 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: I need you

Kristal, you're right that George Harrison's version of "I Need You" was on the Help album. Since I have every Beatles album ever made, I can help you out. For a brief time you'll be able to listen to a soundclip of the song by clicking on the link below:

I Need You by George Harrison

Message: 32184 Posted: Thu Mar 25 06:49:52 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: I need you

Happy Thursday everyone!!

1st off - What a trade off, a song for a pool. Gotta love it!

I have a question....(Sorry, if this may have been discussed previously) ...I have heard America sing the Beatles 'I need you' in concert. However, I have never heard the Beatles sing this song. I believe it was from the "Help" album, which I do not have. I have looked on the Internet to find a link or a clip of their version and have come up with nothing.

Can anyone "Help"??

Enjoy your day ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 32183 Posted: Thu Mar 25 00:37:12 2004 By: Christine
Subject: Re: Just for the ladies of the site

Thank you for the link to the lovely photoes of Gerry & Gerry & Dewey. I have now got the one with Gerry & Dewey as background to my PC Its look great every time i switch on the PC
Have a lovely day all

Message: 32182 Posted: Wed Mar 24 18:45:13 2004 By: Beth
Subject: I'm here...

Just checked into Chat, no one's there....I'll wait a bit

Message: 32181 Posted: Wed Mar 24 18:34:05 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: waiting

is anyone coming to chat???

Message: 32180 Posted: Wed Mar 24 13:33:57 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Probably Won't

Robyn, just got word from my mom's not well at all. She's in the hospital & dad will call later tonite. I won't be signing on tonite, after all.

Say a prayer for my mom, friends.


Message: 32179 Posted: Wed Mar 24 13:18:28 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Listen Party

Robyn, I'll try to sign in for the chat tonite....but i don't have VFTG on cd to listen along, sorry about that! Also, I'm feeling a bit puny with a sore throat, so we'll see how that all works out.


Message: 32178 Posted: Wed Mar 24 13:17:03 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: WAY OFF TOPIC for all "Dewey's girls"

Thanks for posting that Steve! I know "off topic" stuff can be a little touchy.

Message: 32177 Posted: Wed Mar 24 13:16:59 2004 By: Beth
Subject: ladies site

Danae - wow! Thanks, I needed that!

Message: 32176 Posted: Wed Mar 24 13:01:21 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Distractions, Distractions

Why, thank you, Mr. Steve. Yes, I do feel better. Tra La La. [Skips off into sunset.]

Message: 32175 Posted: Wed Mar 24 11:59:28 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Distractions, Distractions

For what it's worth, Mo, I have heard it "straight from the horse's mouth" that Janet Jackson paid for Gerry's swimming pool as a result of the copyright suit. There, now don't you feel better (LOL)....

Message: 32174 Posted: Wed Mar 24 11:40:02 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Distractions, Distractions

My brain is easily distracted.
Recently the distractions include hearing Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait A While." Instead of concentrating on the work at hand, I found myself listening intently to the melody and certainly recognizing the similarity to "Daisy Jane." Little bugger. If the 4th, 5th, or 6th-hand information that I've heard is true and Mr. Gerry did actually file a copyright suit against her for this song, I am proud of him. Way to claim what's yours. And if the rest of the 6th-hand information is also true and that is what financed a backyard pool for the Beckley family, bravo again. You see, I am so easily side tracked into thinking about things that have absolutely no bearing on my existence whatsoever. Perhaps it is the mindnumbingly boring tasks at hand...yes, let's blame that, tedium.

The other recent distraction caused me to have a Pavlovian reaction that sent a shot of adrenaline cursing through my brain. Jeff and I were watching TV the other evening and the first few drum beats (bongos, I think) of a commercial made me blurt out, Mohegan Sun. Jeff looked at me strangely but sure enough, it was an ad for the casino. I guess while I was there I kind of absorbed the incessant theme music that plays on the TV when you turn it on in the Mohegan hotel room. I was immediately homesick for the whole experience. I hope I don't see that commercial too much between now and July. It's just too hard to take!!

Okay, back to the tedium.

Message: 32173 Posted: Wed Mar 24 11:00:44 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Just for the ladies of the site

Yes, Kristal, I like that picture of G. Beeckley and D. Bunuell. (!!!)

Message: 32172 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:48:05 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Just for the ladies of the site

Very nice, Gerry, Gerry, Gerry!!! ooh la la!
Or try (for the Gerry & Dewey girls)


P.S. SteveL good trick

Message: 32171 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:41:00 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: WAY OFF TOPIC for all "Dewey's girls"

Sure, CJ. Here it is.

Message: 32170 Posted: Wed Mar 24 09:11:53 2004 By: CJ
Subject: Re: WAY OFF TOPIC for all "Dewey's girls"

Didn't find that one, but I did find this one. . .

Too funny!!

Chris - Cleveland
(Hey, Steve - posting the pic would be a whole lot more fun - any thoughts on the possibility??)

Message: 32169 Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:59:06 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: heritage or highway

The box set was originally going to be named Heritage, but they thought that the name would be too close to the American Heritage Encyclopedia so they changed it at the last minute to Highway. I don't know if any were actually released with the Heritage name. I also don't know about any international versions.

Message: 32168 Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:45:39 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Just for the ladies of the site

Check out this link:

I'm sure all the girls here will love it.

Message: 32167 Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:39:56 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: See You In...

You wrote on Sunday, "Hi Mo - I added the Peanuts site into my Favorites file. Ya got to love Schroeder. You hit the nail on the head with this one...I would love the Gerry Girls to wear Gerry/Schroeder shirts to the concert in July! What do you think....."

Well...I've been thinking about this and of course the answer is--YOU GO GIRL! Whatever floats your boat, cranks your turn, blows your dress up. I tend to shy away from wearing T-shirts in public b/c I tend to look like a long lost WWF participant who showed up at the wrong venue. But, alas, I might considering taking one for the team and wearing one anyway.
Last Spring I had a whole bunch of t-shirts printed up and passed them out to a bunch of people. They had David Moretti's 2003 America logo artwork on them. Unfortunately, I'm fresh out of those. Jenna just got dibbs on the last one. Jeff's a nice hub but I doubt he'd considering bankrolling another run of shirts, that kind or any kind. Perhaps we could have a few Gerry/Schroeder shirts made and each pay for our own to whomever arranges it. Or, we could each just make our own and see what kind of crazy styles we come up with. You tell me. It's your idea. I'm game.

Message: 32166 Posted: Wed Mar 24 07:54:31 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Listening Party tonight

For those who missed it or for those who want an encore discussion, we will be listening to "View from the ground" this evening at 7 pm Pacific. Hope to see you there.

Message: 32165 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:30:01 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Way off Topic

Robyn, cool comic strip about that Dewey guy! I had another Monday today so that was best laugh I had all day. I could use some guidance too. Thx!

Message: 32164 Posted: Tue Mar 23 19:57:25 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: Atlantic City concert on June 27

Hi, I'm going to be in the States this summer and see that the only concert near me is the A.C. one on June 27th. Is there any link for ordering tickets to that concert? I went to the link on the World Tour page, but it doesn't have the America concert listed yet.

Message: 32163 Posted: Tue Mar 23 19:52:45 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: heritage or highway

I still sometimes see under America at online CD Stores their box set listed as Heritage rather than Highway. Was the box set ever released under the name Heritage anywhere else in the world? Also, is the European version the same large size as the American version, or do they have a smaller sized packaging?

Message: 32162 Posted: Tue Mar 23 17:57:39 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: MOSER

Harumph. Not sure whaddup wit dat. I've sent you another email to your home address. Check it out, let me know. I have gotten emails today from Robyn and Danae so I know it's working at least some of the time. Sorry for the trouble.

Message: 32161 Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:17:20 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: WAY OFF TOPIC for all "Dewey's girls"

I found this site, a comic strip based in a library to be very funny to me on a professional level, but the t-shirt they offer might appeal to any of Dewey's fans here on the chat folder
check out the t-shirt "In these uncertain times, who can provide the guidance we need? Dewey, of course."


Message: 32160 Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:14:27 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Utah Gig

Erin just sent me another concert:

7/29/04 Layton, UT / Kenley Centennial Amphitheatre

Let's see, I wonder where I'll be on the 29th? I have no idea where the Kenley Centennial Amphitheatre is but I know where Layton is and I'll find out.

Message: 32159 Posted: Tue Mar 23 14:05:20 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: MOSER

Hey Moser! I just sent you an e-mail in answer to Yellow and it came back. What's happening???

Message: 32158 Posted: Tue Mar 23 12:58:35 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Florida Gig

Here's the latest concert information from Erin:

9/25/04 Orlando, FL / Church Street Market

Message: 32157 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:53:05 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Genova Video Clips

My my my. Great videos. I feel like I was there. What a pity they are so short.

Message: 32156 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:49:49 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Dewey/Young Moon

Yes, Young Moon would be a nice addition!

Message: 32155 Posted: Tue Mar 23 07:33:43 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Genova Video Clips

I have received many more concert photos from various Italy gigs and I will post them the next chance I get. However, it may be a week or so before I get time. I have also received some new guitar chords which will be posted. Thanks to everyone for sending me all of this great stuff and for your patience.

In the meantime, Alessandra (from Italy) sent me a couple of short MPG video clips from the Genova concert. Click on the links below to download/view them. They will be available for about a week.

You Can Do Magic
A Horse With No Name

Message: 32154 Posted: Tue Mar 23 03:42:46 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Highway box set

Ainsley, we got our copy from Amazon, but I have seen it in Sydney. I think it was at Red Eye in King Street. Ross said he has seen it a couple of times and thought it may have been at HMV.

Message: 32153 Posted: Mon Mar 22 21:08:41 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Fede

Nice so much try Fede. Your "broken" English is no big fake. Keep working on it though. How is your Italian? Why don't post something in Italian and I grade your paper too much. Due date: Tomorrow @ 5pm PST

Message: 32152 Posted: Mon Mar 22 17:35:58 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Moser...Meet Me In The Middle

Let me consult my magic eight ball...
...prospects are good.
Seriously, I am mulling it over as we speak...or write as it were. There are pros. There are cons.
Big pro= (of course) Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dewey Dewey Dew
Con=really long drive
Pro=get to meet you
Con=Neighborhood is reportedly rather dodgy
Pro=get to celebrate your big BD with you
Con=really long drive
Pro=pump up my "beat Windwave for 2004 concert attendance" tally
Con=general admission seating (hate that)
Pro=Gerry Gerry Gerry looking ever Schroeder-like
Con=really long drive
Pro=America concert is at least a two week high for me (one week pre-, one week post-)
Con=really long drive (maybe I should fly)

Okay, so I have another month to think about this. Jeff is off that weekend so he can be Mr. Mom with the kiddos. That is a plus. Where are you staying? No, don't answer that. I'll email you. Who's going with? Sister? Maybe I should pick up Nancy on the way. Then only half the trip alone. Harumph. Nanc, road trip???

Message: 32151 Posted: Mon Mar 22 17:08:57 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: Note to MacChiefs

Hey, I saw you outbid me on the America single, Wednesday Morning! If anyone else has that single and is willing to sell it, please let me know!

Message: 32150 Posted: Mon Mar 22 15:29:24 2004 By: Ainsley
Subject: Highway box set

My brother has recently returned from the States complete with the 1999 DVD concert. Thank goodness at last- it's fantastic. A bit more updated than my Central Park video!
Can anyone tell me (especially you Aussies) where to get the Highway box set - which internet site is the best? Thanks.

Message: 32149 Posted: Mon Mar 22 10:57:08 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Re: WI shows

If any of you are looking for a specific type of restaurant before the Milwaukee show, let me know and I'll try to help out. Just a word of caution, some areas near Potawatomi aren't exactly the safest, especially just south of the casino. There are three restaurants right at the casino, and if you want information on them, go to It takes a little bit to load, and then click on the card on the right, then click "dining" and the 3 restaurants will be shown on the right. If you click on each of them, you can see a sample menu, along with a price range. Again, if you still want more information, just let me know. I'll do my best to help out.

Message: 32148 Posted: Mon Mar 22 08:09:47 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who participated in last night's listening party. Next Sunday night will be Your Move, 9 PM EST. Hope you can make it!

Message: 32147 Posted: Mon Mar 22 04:14:21 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Moser...Meet Me In The Middle

Sounds fun . . .

Message: 32146 Posted: Sun Mar 21 19:49:20 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Moser...Meet Me In The Middle

2nd show. On the 2nd of Oct. We'll drive up Saturday morning, spend the nite and come back Sunday.

Message: 32145 Posted: Sun Mar 21 19:20:44 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: WI shows (Linda,Gary,Joan)

Thank you, Linda, for the details on the Fond du Lac show! I'll keep an eye on that one!

Yes, I'm looking forward to the Milwaukee show, too! So far I think there are four of us from the chat folder going. Anyone else out there going?

Gary - I've been meaning to reply to your post about a place to have dinner before the show. I actually don't have a suggestion for you, but my husband and I are also hoping to get to Milwaukee early enough to have dinner somewhere too. We've been to Milwaukee several times over the years, but not to that exact place. We've gone to Irish Fest many times (hey, Mo & Robyn - if you're reading this - I'm Irish, too; 75%!) and took the kids to the Milwaukee Zoo, but I've never been to the Potawatomi Casino. Anyway, Linda - you've been to a concert there before! Do you know of any good places nearby to have dinner? There's a restaurant at the casino, too, isn't there? I also might do some searching on the internet to see what's in the area. Gary, if I come up with any that look like good possibilities, I'll let you know!

Have a good week, everyone!

Message: 32144 Posted: Sun Mar 21 18:29:13 2004 By: Linda
Subject: WI shows

To Karen and any other WI America fans.....I found out that America will perform at 6pm on June 12 at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac. The last time I checked, the information wasn't on the website, but you can keep checking at since they said it will be updated soon.
I have enjoyed reading all the concert memories, and I'm looking forward to sharing my own - in only 10 days!!!

Message: 32143 Posted: Sun Mar 21 16:04:31 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Paris & Geneo Pics ~ Hall of Fame & Catching Uppppp!

I don't understand why America was never nominated! Maybe I'm wrong...but Jackson Brown.. Prince...My taste is definitely in another direction...Gerry/Dewey/Dan...or Gerry/Dewey. If you are reading this...America should have been nominated a long time ago. On another note...the only thing I know about Traffic is "John Barley Corn Must Die". This is a great album. Maybe America will be inducted next year! The three songs...that is so hard...I keep hearing All My Life, Survival and Hope....With Dan....Sandman, Horse With No Name, Tin Man...too hard a decision any way you look at it.

Message: 32142 Posted: Sun Mar 21 15:57:01 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: See You In...

Hi Mo - I added the Peanuts site into my Favorites file. Ya got to love Schroder. You hit the nail the head with this one...I would love the Gerry Girls to wear Gerry/Schroder shirts to the concert in July! What do you think.....

Message: 32141 Posted: Sun Mar 21 12:25:56 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Timothy B ~~ Too Much Mo!

Me Again :) Hey it is supposed to be Spring, will someone Unveil the Sun and announce it's Arrival!

Hey there Mo ~~ Too Much you getting to see a Timothy B look alike and unreal this guy didn't even know who my Timothy B was... For sure if we were to sit this dude down with Redddddddd Oak, he would learn a wealth about Timothy & The Eagles.... I just have to say I visit Timothy B's website every once and awhile, and he has a Diary that he will write something on... It is soo neat, cause he writes just how he feels and what he thinks about things in his present life. I was SMILING for sure when I checked it the other night, I sure did enjoy his most recent post... He has such a Neat way with his words... I would love to one day get to see an Eagles show, and to get to talk to Timothy B so that I could tell him just how much I admire his talent... Nice! ~~ If there is anyone here that has never checked out any of Timothy B Schmitt's solo albums, you should really do yourself a favor and take a listen to the song clips for them on cduniverse or amazon.... He has some really nice Hidden treasures to explore... I love hitting the replays on oooh soo many of his songs! :)

Hmmmm ~~ All of the talk of David Gates has me taking a listen to my CD of his songs.. He surely does have that oooh soo Magical Accoustic sounds to his songs... ~~~ This could be forever, got me thinking never, have I ever been sooo close to love, this could be forever, got me thinking never, have I ever been soooo close to Loveeeee ~~~ Soooo if you feel a little lonely, go out and find your one and only, go ahead and open your heart, and let the loving start, and never let him gooooo, never let him gooooo.... ~~~~ if you go too fast too fast, too fast, its never gonna last, gonna last, gonna last, you're gonna lose your way, your way, your wayyyy, ain't no triple aaaaaaa ..... you see broken hearts by the roadsied, old abandoned dreams that they once tried, lots of broken hearts along the Ave of Love, some will make it through, on the avenue, some won't make it through, on this avenue of love... I really love his song The Chosen ONE too, hmmmm seems like David has aged like fine wine also... If he comes my way for a show, you can betcha I will be there.

Hmmm ~~ All day friday I was out at IUP with my son Adam, he will be going to college there next fall, and when we headed to the Dining Hall I noticed the promotional pic for the Three Dog Night show that was last night... it brought a smile to my face, remembering last April and my oldest son Jeff getting me one of AMERICA's posters that was hanging in his Apartment building.. the lady that was in line behind us saw the 3 Dog Night poster and said wow does that take me back to some good old days... she looked at her daughter and said about their songs and her daughter kinda laughed, then the lady asked me to name some of their songs, and as I named Joy to the World, Shambala, One, Pieces of April, Out in the Country, Black & White... the girl just had a look on her face like Nope I have never heard any of those songs before... I looked at her Mom and said last year the group AMERICA was here for a show and as I started to say Horse with No Name her daughter said, Hey I can remember hearing that song... I Smiled.... I then said check AMERICA out some more, you will find lots of great songs that need to be heard... :) :)

Okay gotta go see who won the Nascar race.... see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Seventeen, its been awhile since I've seen seventeen, and the years since have been mighty lean, but there's no use in complaining .... and I've been waiting for someone to love the way I doo, and boy I've got my fingers crossed in Hopes it Might be You... cause it really doesn't matter, how many years you seeee, cause love is alwayssss seventeen, I wonder if you'll be the one to end this lonesome heart, cause boy I gotta alot to give and I's sure like to start, cause it really doesn't matter, just how many years you see, cause Love is Always Seventeen ~~~ Sing it David G :) :) :)

Message: 32140 Posted: Sun Mar 21 10:43:28 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Paris & Geneo Pics ~ Hall of Fame & Catching Uppppp!

Your mention of Timothy Timothy Timothy reminded me of something that happened last night. Jeff and I were out with a bunch of friends from the football/cheerleading club. We were out to see a band perform whose drummer is a friend's brother. The band was very good, did cover tunes of lots of good stuff--Led Zep, Kansas, Styx, Hendrix, Pat Benatar, KC/Sunshine Band, Four Non-Blondes--all very well done versions. Anyway, there was a guy there who apparently knew the band. Jeff and I kept trying to think who it was he looked like. Then, at almost the same time we figured it out, Timothy B. Schmitt. Being the odd and forward person that I am, I struck up a conversation with this guy and told him that he reminded us of Timothy B. of the Eagles. He'd never heard of him. Can you imagine? We should introduce this guy to Red Oak and get him edu-ma-cated in all things Eagles.

Message: 32139 Posted: Sun Mar 21 08:29:21 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Paris & Geneo Pics ~ Hall of Fame & Catching Uppppp!

Hi Everyone ~~ Hello ~ Yeah it's meee, it feels like it has been such a loonnnnng lonnnnng time, Guess I really just wanted to talk to you all! :)

Nice to see all of the Pics from the shows over in Paris & Italy ~~ Thanks for sharing them with us Gen, Jacques L, Fede & Gianni, you all have managed to piece together a Bit of the Magic that you all experienced. Soooo happy for all of you getting the chance to see AMERICA Live!

Hi Fede ~~~ Your story brought a smile to me, pretty neat way to get to meet Gerry & Dewey, I am sure you will relive this time over and over for quite some time. Thanks for sharing your Bio with us too, I can easily see how the songs Tall Treasures & All Around from the Silent Letter album held you spellbound to learn them, both are such Great songs, for sure! Nice to know that you play alot of AMERICA's songs! Continued success in your musical endeavors! :)

Ciao Gianni ~~ Nice to see you got to go to the Genoa show! Thanks for sharing your pics with us. It has been awhile since you have seen them, hasn't it. Enjoy your time up there on Cloud 10!

Regarding David Gates & Bread~~~ I have always loved sooo many of their songs.. I must admit I wasn't as familiar with David's solo works, and just how many hidden treasures were there to discover. It is great to know that David is still around doing shows.

Regarding the Hall of Fame ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~ When AMERICA is finally given their time in the Spotlight, I will Love it for sure, as for picking the 3 songs they would do... Yes Horse for sure, and how about Ventura Hwy and Lonely People or Don't Cross the River, I would hope they would recieve a Double Induction, One for the Trio years and One for the Continuing Years. I believe they have earned both without any doubt. For the songs Gerry & Dewey could do for the 2nd induction... I would love to hear You Can Do Magic, From a Moving Train & Hope, I could say oooh soo many more of their hidden gems, for sure! I can remember last year Sting singing Roxanne, I was kinda bummed, I really thought he would sing Every Little thing she does! ~~ As for tonight, I am hoping to catch the show, if only just to hear Jackson Browne & Bob Seger sing ... would be great to hear Jackson sing some of his hidden gems. One thing about the group Traffic, I never knew that Steve Winwood & Dave Mason were in this group... it should be interesting to hear them perform together now. Prince has been known to be quite the character, to say the least, it does seem tho he has straightened his act up. I did like some of the songs that he and Sheena E did together. I just am having a hard time remembering the song titles of them.

Well I gotta get now, sooo much more I could say, but not enough time to really do it in! Take care and enjoy your day all! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~Look at us baby, up all night, tearing our love aparrrrt, aren't we the same 2 people who lived through the darrrrk, ahhhhhh everytime I try to walk away, something makes me turn around and stay, and I can't tell you whyyyyyy... when we get crazy it's just not right, you don't have to worry, just hold on tight, cause I loveeee youuuu, nothings wrong as far as I can see, we make it harder than it has to beeee, and I Can't tell You Whyyyyyyyy noooo baby, I can't tellll you whyyyyyy ~~~ Sing itover and over for me Timothy B & the Eagles :) ;)

Message: 32138 Posted: Sun Mar 21 08:05:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: See You In...

...the funny papers!! Schroeder makes my day!! Our musical hero's comic alter ego is featured in this week's strip. See your Sunday paper or check out the Peanuts Gang site at What fun.

Message: 32137 Posted: Sat Mar 20 23:01:19 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Moser...Meet Me In The Middle

First show, second show, or both?

Message: 32136 Posted: Sat Mar 20 21:04:43 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Moser...Meet Me In The Middle

Hey Moser!

The Birchmere tickets will go on sale the first of May. I have my hotel reservation. I'm serious...

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32135 Posted: Sat Mar 20 21:04:01 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: japanese ld called "Everywhere"

HI, Macchiefs, do you know all the different displays that have been released? Just wondering. thanks.

Message: 32134 Posted: Sat Mar 20 19:14:35 2004 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: japanese laser disc called "Everywhere"

It is the same concert.
It was just a different package. It has actually been released in several different displays.

Message: 32133 Posted: Sat Mar 20 17:12:02 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: japanese laser disc called "Everywhere"

HI, on ebay I saw an item (which I didn't win)--a Japanese LD called Everywhere, but according to the track list, it seems the same as Live in Central Park--the cover, however, shows a scene from what looks like an indoor night concert.

Message: 32132 Posted: Sat Mar 20 15:11:01 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Hall Of Fame

I have talked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on here before. I just have to say, that's the spirit Robyn! I have also heard from a member of the voting board that America's name has been tossed about before when it comes to nominations. So there is still a possibility that they might get in. I mean, obviously I would love it if they got in. They really have enough cred with me to have gotten in the first year they were eligible. I wish i were a voter for the artists who get inducted. I remember finding out that it is made up of industry people, presidents of record labels, talent scouts, publicity people, agents, A&R people, studio technicians and people like that.
And the Moody Blues should be in too.
And a ton of other groups and solo performers.
And i could go on for very long with this but I guess I will just post this before I get too carried away.
It will be cool though to see the artists that are getting inducted this year, they all should be giving pretty cool performances. I especially love the music of George Harrison, Browne, Bob Seger, and Prince is cool for a lot of his stuff.
Hope everyone is well.

Message: 32131 Posted: Sat Mar 20 14:37:57 2004 By: Erin
Subject: NCAA

This is obviously off topic, but I just want to say GO University of Nevada-Reno...the basketball team has made it to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in school history!! Okay...back to AMERICA!

Erin :o)

Message: 32130 Posted: Sat Mar 20 11:34:03 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hall Of Fame

What exactly are the parameters for being inducted into the Rock Hall? Is the minimum time 25 years or did I imagine that? If so, the guys are currently eligible to be inducted either as a trio or a duo since it has been more than 25 years since the release of the first duo album, America Live or exactly 25 years since the first duo studio album, Silent Letter. Here's a conspiracy theory for you. Maybe the guys have already been offered induction as a trio but passed in order to wait for eligibility as a duo. Harumph.

Message: 32129 Posted: Sat Mar 20 10:55:46 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hall Of Fame

>>Hey everyone, I would like to see America put together in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if they get inducted with Dan Peek what song (s) do u think they would play think carefully <<

What do you mean IF??? WHEN they get inducted!

Message: 32128 Posted: Sat Mar 20 10:36:41 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Re: Milwaukee, WI Concert

Great request Joan! My galpal and I would also love them to play "All My Life"( Our Favorite Song). Hopefully they will read the post and play the song for us. Has anybody been to Pottawatami Casino for a concert? If so can you tell me how it is for a concert. Should be interesting sitting in a booth enjoying the concert. Does anyone have suggestions where to have dinner before the concert? (Nothing to fancy of course). Getting very excited about concert. Hope to see some of you there.

Message: 32127 Posted: Sat Mar 20 07:33:34 2004 By: Rob

In my field of corporate communications you see it all the time. These "professionals" do the splash and not the follow-up. In any p.r. endeavor you can't let your material get "cold" either. Being timely is essential. What's more, when people stop frequenting a site due to inactivity, then the web traffic starts slowing down. Gerry and Dewey really need to look at this, especially if they wish in the future for the site to be a launching pad for material and news.

Message: 32126 Posted: Sat Mar 20 04:54:58 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hall Of Fame

Sean Lee--
Thoughtful question you pose. I would guess Horse, Sister, and Lonely People. The first two because they were the number ones and the third because it is the best showcase of Peek. I have not watched many of the HOF induction ceremonies on TV, so am not aware of how many songs are generally performed by each act. Do you know?

Message: 32125 Posted: Sat Mar 20 02:42:07 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Hall Of Fame

ROAD TRIP -- CLEVELAND! Now there's a fans get-together that would be a must . . . It's only a matter of time. Timing is everything, ya know . . .

Dewey: "Young Moon" in Turlock?

If my memory serves me correctly (sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't!), this song was inspired by his daughter, Lauren, when she was little. It then became a more adult love/wedding song when he collaborated on it with his friend Gerry B.

My husband and I were married outside by the ocean in Pebble Beach, so this song is especially meaningful to me. AND, we have a baby girl now, so I also "get" the original inspiration.

Dewey: Young Moon in Turlock?!?

Message: 32124 Posted: Sat Mar 20 02:23:58 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: down again

To be honest, I don't like I believe Amarica deserve a better official site. I have on my mind something like This the site of ECHOES -a bwst of collection by the Pink Floyd. It's a great work in my opinion -includes flash, songs, information...
Fortunately we have Steve and his site.

Message: 32123 Posted: Fri Mar 19 21:36:23 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Hall Of Fame

Hey everyone, I would like to see America put together in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if they get inducted with Dan Peek what song (s) do u think they would play think carefully

Message: 32122 Posted: Fri Mar 19 20:34:33 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: down again

Yes I am thankful for Steve and the attention he gives his page , something the official webpage folks would do well to learn!

Message: 32121 Posted: Fri Mar 19 16:34:42 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Milwaukee, WI Concert

Dewey, please sing "Young Moon" for your Wisconsin fans. I know it hasn't been in the recent play lists, but please reconsider it. It happens to be one of my favorites. And Gerry you just have to sing "All My Life"--you did it in Europe, now please do the same for your Wisconsin fans? Please? Looking so forward to the concert!

Message: 32120 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:46:26 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: TGIFF (Robyn)

To my dear Robyn, fellow Celtic warrior woman:
I'm sorry to have failed you. I will not forget this Bushmill's name again. In my own defense, as I've told you already, whiskey is not my poisin, hence my unfamiliarity. I will study harder, Master Jedi. Forgive me.

Message: 32119 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:43:35 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Lena And Danae

No, I haven't heard your cinema story. Do tell.

Message: 32118 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:39:37 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Wow And Flutter

Thanks for the info, Joe!

Message: 32117 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:24:48 2004 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Wow And Flutter


Gerry sings harmony vocals on the song "Leave It Alone" on Kyle Vincent's 'Wow and Flutter' album. Gerry's voice is not out front - you can kinda tell it's him, but on the other hand, it's not obvious.
No bass for Gerry on the album.

Gerry and Robert Lamm contribute backing vocals to the song "I Used To Love That Girl" on Kyle's self-titled debut. Hank Linderman also appears on a bunch of cuts playing guitar and co-wrote on that album's strongest tracks, "All Your Promises".


Joe B.

Message: 32116 Posted: Fri Mar 19 14:13:46 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Lena And Danae

Lol. We'll see. You know, we both like Harrison Ford. We have alomst the same likes and dislikes if you except Ger. We have done things and things together!
Have I told you the story when we went to the cinema last year to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?

Message: 32115 Posted: Fri Mar 19 13:53:10 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Lena And Danae

<<(that's about my decision to enter Gerry's club).>>
Hang tough, Danae. Don't worry 'bout Lena. She'll be the one to come around.

Message: 32114 Posted: Fri Mar 19 13:35:51 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: TGIFF (For Mo)

<<There's not a girl on the planet who would turn you down for a dance. >>

Especially two younger ones!!!

For your info, Lena isn't and will never become a Gerry girl. The two top reasons are his age and the color of his hair. And if you want to know she is still "insulting" me and tells me to come round! (that's about my decision to enter Gerry's club).

Message: 32113 Posted: Fri Mar 19 13:24:43 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: TGIFF

BUSHMILL'S!!!! and you call yourself an Irish Woman! ;)

Message: 32112 Posted: Fri Mar 19 12:56:33 2004 By: Moser
Subject: TGIFF

Nettie, thanks for the tip. I got my tix. What section are you in, honey? wink, wink

Have been listening to Alibi very much this week due to the group listen. I am well pleased. I never give that record enough credit. It is very good, a worthy listen all the way through. One thought that I think everyone, or at least the females, can agree on. You Could Have Been The One is the most fictional set of lyrics Gerry has ever sung. As if. There's not a girl on the planet who would turn you down for a dance. Please. Good song though.

I was the first one to the office this morning. That NEVER happens. So, I took the opportunity to crank some tunes on the showroom system. I only had about 8 minutes to myself before others showed up and I had to return the volume to a reasonable level. But, got to hear Miniature, Tin Man, and a bit more of Holiday. That reminds me, I am now proudly displaying the new Dew/Ger photograph on my wall of fame, silver-framed and velvet backed. They're just so cute together, aren't they? Altogether now...aaaaaahhhhhhhh. No cheek pinching, please.

Have a great weekend all. Enjoy March Madness and maybe a Guiness or...what was that Irish whiskey stuff you mentioned, Robyn? Sorry, I've forgotten already. Anyway, bottoms up. Cheers, even if it is just Coca Cola. Right, PonyG.?

Message: 32111 Posted: Fri Mar 19 12:09:37 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Off-topic on David Gates & Bread

Thanks Steve O. I almost bought the cd that has "Love is always seventeen" way back when... I watched the "Goodbye girl" in Gulfport, Ms. in 1978. I remember thinking what a nice song.

Message: 32110 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:39:52 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Off-topic on David Gates & Bread

The Bread/Gates songs are all original versions,no remakes. He did redo his '94 song "Love is always seventeen" but I doubt most people here would even remember that. I think it spent some time on the Country charts breifly. The only way to get this disk with the new songs is to check out sites like CDUniverse,or maybe
"Never let her go" was Gates' first song to make the Top 40,even though the "Clouds Suite" is a pretty one too. Thats here,along with "Goodbye Girl." Its a very worthy collection to own.

Message: 32109 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:09:35 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: News Update??

When will the site be up? I miss it alot...Any info would help..I'm suffering as I post this...and again thank goodness for this site and Steve...

Message: 32108 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:08:12 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Off-topic on David Gates & Bread

I mentioned the it. It was great to know David is still doing his thing..unfortunately, we don't see him. Where can you get his CD?

Message: 32107 Posted: Fri Mar 19 08:30:50 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Off-topic on David Gates & Bread

I'll have to check out this cd. Just this morning on my drive to PT I was listening to my favorite Bread song "Never let her go". Someone here mentioned "Clouds suite"... great song too. By the way, Steve O, are his "Bread" songs redone or remixed on this cd?

Carry on.

Message: 32106 Posted: Fri Mar 19 08:04:37 2004 By: nettie
Subject: dunn tire company tickets for america concert

Just wanted to let you all know that if you are going ot the
Dunn Tire Concert in Buffalo there is a ball game first and tickets are only $16.00 each!!!the ball game starts at 2:05 and the concert to follow!!! I'm getting my tickets now!!!!!! I just purchased my tickets!!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Message: 32105 Posted: Fri Mar 19 06:15:27 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: down again

I see once again the official web page is down again for exceeding bandwidth allocations. Thanks God for Steve and his dedication to the cause or the rest of us would be going through withdrawal symptoms.

Message: 32104 Posted: Fri Mar 19 05:19:08 2004 By: Rob
Subject: News Update?? doesn't seem to be an active web site. The last news update was quite a while ago. Gratefully, we have the chat folder.

Message: 32103 Posted: Fri Mar 19 04:53:17 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Cry Baby

I just saw on the AP wires here at work that Cry Baby will be made into a Broadway musical opening sometime in 2006...just thought that was interesting.

Message: 32102 Posted: Fri Mar 19 04:52:32 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Erin from Reno and Day Trippin' to Turlock

I will be at Turlock for SURE. Can't wait!! Hope to meet up with lots of you then...

Erin :o)

Message: 32101 Posted: Thu Mar 18 20:19:28 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Gianni/photos

Gianni, great pictures! Either you were in the front row or you've got a heck of a zoom lens on that camera :>) Especially liked the one of Gerry with the "halo" effect.

Message: 32100 Posted: Thu Mar 18 19:30:01 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Off-topic on David Gates & Bread

Late last year Gates released a CD in Europe called "The David Gates Songbook." It's a 20 song Cd that mixes the best of his Bread & solo hits with 5 new songs and a re-recording of his '94 comeback single called "Love is always seventeen." Of the 5 new songs,"This could be forever" is probably the best of the lot,and shows that Gates has lost nothing on his voice over the years. And lyrically speaking,"Love is always seventeen" is one of the best songs Gates ever did,at least in my opinion. The disk is available as an import,but not available domestically. So yes,Gates is still out there doing some recording. I realize this is an "off-topic" question,but as the Music of Gates and Bread has been mentioned over the past day,I wanted to provide a bit of an update.

Message: 32099 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:08:23 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Wow And Flutter

Does anyone have Kyle Vincent's "Wow and Flutter" CD that came out in 2001? According to the album credits Gerry sings vocals and backing vocals and/or plays bass. I know that Kyle has been talked about before on this Chat Folder, but I'm curious to know if you can really hear Gerry in any of the songs and which ones he contributes to.

Message: 32098 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:23:08 2004 By: el lobo
Subject: Precisation...

My real name is Fede, but everyone call me "el lobo" since I was a kid... Don't ask me why :-)

Message: 32097 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:19:32 2004 By: el lobo
Subject: Something more from Genoa...

Hi folks,
first of all I wanna thank everyone who replied me, Steve (of course...), Genevieve, Leah and Jimnak. I will surely post the pic just when Marco will scannerize it (my scanner is broken and I gotta buy a new one...)
The quality is very low since our camera is quite old and doesn't work very well but you can easily recognize Dewey and Gerry showing our cd... oh, well, the guy in the middle it's me... :-)
It's important to notice that in Genoa there were not just people around 35/40 but also plenty of young girls and boys that enjoyed America's music very much... America's music means this and more!

Message: 32096 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:14:26 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Love the map...I knew America was popular..but wow they were so many places....thanks for the wonderful map as well.

Message: 32095 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:12:34 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Love the map...I knew America was popular..but wow they were so many places....thanks for the wonderful map as well.

Message: 32094 Posted: Thu Mar 18 15:59:47 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Bread and David Gates

I am also a David Gates/Bread fan. The very first two albums I ever bought were: America and Bread's Baby I'm A Want You! David Gates' first solo effort was wonderful as well...I remember a song called Clouds...I would love to see him with Gerry and Dewey the harmonies alone would be fantastic...can you picture it!

Message: 32093 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:41:44 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Dewey/Young Moon

It's time for my weekly request. Dewey, please consider playing Young Moon at the upcoming shows. It's one of your most beautiful songs, IMHO. Thanks.

Message: 32092 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:29:47 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Erin from Reno and Day Trippin' to Turlock

Hi Erin:

Have you been to Turlock before? Well, it's a dive! (Now don't write to me friends and relatives of Turlock. I can call it a dive because I grew up in a SMALLER dive of 250 people near another dive named Oroville, where Gerry and Dewey once played at the Feather Falls Casino. Sorry guys . . . . I bet you thought THAT secret was safe. I just can't imagine why you wouldn't book Oroville again . . . ;) But I'm up for Turlock if America is gonna sing there. Maybe I can bring my husband and girl child to their first America concert. And then if Gerry would sing "All My Life," well, Turlock would start to look like Positano, Italy. OKAY, NOT REALLY! I doubt if we could get John Tesh or Connie Selleca in Turlock, but stranger things have happened.


Message: 32091 Posted: Thu Mar 18 07:38:53 2004 By: Joe
Subject: Thanks from Joe

Hey everybody and thanks to everyone who responded positively to my two instrumental America songs! I have enjoyed reading the reviews and everyone has been so encouraging! I plan on sending more to Steve as I am having a blast with my new studio!!!

Message: 32090 Posted: Thu Mar 18 05:27:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Dewey and Penny Bunnell

Whew! I'm glad we got that cleared up. I know I'm relieved and can breathe more easily now. Okay. Alrighty then.

What is your saying JB? Carry on? Yes. Carry on.

Message: 32089 Posted: Thu Mar 18 05:01:55 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Bread and David Gates

Yes! Baby I'm A Want Him, Baby I'm A Need Him

I hear from the "grapevine" in England that he still performs from time to time in small clubs there. I would "die" if I heard him live. I might fly to England just for the chance. I think I'd be in tears the whole time. What a pathetic, sloppy, girly-girl fan I am!

: )

Message: 32088 Posted: Thu Mar 18 01:57:05 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Bread

Hi All,
Anybody else a big fan of David Gates? Did David and Gerry & Dewey ever perform together/collaborate/meet? Are they fans of each other?

Connie B.

Message: 32087 Posted: Thu Mar 18 01:06:48 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Dewey and Penny Bunnell

This is a very belated wish for happiness to Dewey and Penny Bunnell. I hope that you find as much satisfaction and contentment in your new marriage as my husband and I have.

Ingrid: America fan since 1976, America concert-goer since 1999

PS to Gerry: Please add All My Life to the set list this year : )

Message: 32086 Posted: Thu Mar 18 00:38:13 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Hey gang

Now it's working?! I dunno. HI BRUNO! Hi Yohnny Yee. I LOVE ITALY!

Where is the Submarine Beechlady and Lisa "Molten Love" Rose? Have they disappeared into the great AMERICAN past? I may get my privileges taken away again so I'm typing fast. Hey Laz, I know what it feels like now . . .

"American Woman, Stay Away From Me-e. American Woman, Mama Let Me Be-e. I won't come knockin' around your door cause you don't want to see my face no more, now woman. . ."

A big hello to the 3 Musketeers.

Message: 32085 Posted: Wed Mar 17 19:15:19 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Anita thought it might be fun to see where in the world America has been all these years. Using the archived concerts list as her primary source, she found that besides visiting all 50 states plus D.C., America has visited at least 36 countries! The list of countries is below, and she plotted them on a world map. Maybe there are even more! We knew these guys were quite the world travelers, but this certainly confirms it.

Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Diego Garcia (BIOT)
El Salvador
Java (Indonesia)
Puerto Rico
South Africa
New Zealand

Message: 32084 Posted: Wed Mar 17 17:31:55 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Photos from Paris much...wish I was there..but then I will be there again in July....thanks for the photos....

Message: 32083 Posted: Wed Mar 17 17:19:22 2004 By: Leah
Subject: St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day to all...Mo---hope all is well...I'm always catching up....Leah

Message: 32082 Posted: Wed Mar 17 17:18:25 2004 By: Leah
Subject: A Message From Genoa

It just proves that the guys are great people....and they really care about their fans....real gentlemen! I love the feeback...Leah

Message: 32081 Posted: Wed Mar 17 16:28:10 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: It's A Good Day

Yuk, yuk. Yes, that's the ticket...since my husband is such a dog and all. Right. That sawdust gettin' to ya again?

Message: 32080 Posted: Wed Mar 17 16:24:04 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: It's A Good Day

Are you "hitting" on me again Mo?

Message: 32079 Posted: Wed Mar 17 15:03:14 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chat tonite

7 pm Pacific. Hope to see you there.

Message: 32078 Posted: Wed Mar 17 14:39:55 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Chat tonite

I understand we're playing Alibi?? What time? (I'm Central)

Happy St. Pat's, all! My baby turns 19 today. Wish there was more reason to celebrate, but where there's Life, there's Hope.


Message: 32077 Posted: Wed Mar 17 13:32:47 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

Wish I could be there.

Message: 32076 Posted: Wed Mar 17 10:53:02 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: A Message From Genoa

that was a very groovy stuff you wrote. Rock on AMERICA !

Message: 32075 Posted: Wed Mar 17 10:35:53 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: A Message From Genoa

Thanks very much for sharing Fede !
Glad you were able to meet them. Hopefully you will post the pics for us to see... ;-)
Official 'thank you again' to the guys for this European tour! We all had some very best moments we will NEVER forget.

Message: 32074 Posted: Wed Mar 17 08:08:14 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Message From Genoa

Here's the complete text of a message I received from Fede in Genoa, Italia:

Hi folks,
I just wanna tell you about our amazing experience at America's concert in Genoa last night...

My name is Fede and I am Distillery's (; lead guitar and vocals. Distillery is a band from Imperia, not far from Genoa, and plays more than 20 covers of America, so when I knew that America would have soon been in Genoa I told my buddies Luca and Davide that we could never miss the show...

Unlucky, Davide fell ill the same day so just Luca and I took up the car and moved to Genoa...

The show was incredible, the music of Frame of Mind, the opening act, was really good (at the end of the show we bought their cd) but at the first notes of "Riverside" everyone felt that something in the sound had changed... America was on the stage! Great! The music we used to hear since we were kids, played for us by Gerry and Dewey themselves less than 20 yards far!

After the concert we tried to meet them and after seeking around for almost a hour we met a man who told us they were on their bus behind the stage... I had my copy of their first album with me (and a copy of our Distillery's first album...) and wanted an autograph. Just outside the bus we met the sound engineer who told me to give him the cd and he would have provided to give it them but when he did it I simply... stepped on the bus and Luca followed me! In front of us now... Mr. Gerry Beckley and Mr. Dewey Bunnell, I couldn't believe it! They've been very clever and polite with us. We surely disturbed them since they were eating something but didn't seem angry at all, they smiled at us, autographed my copy of "America", and THANKED us for Distillery's cd that we gifted them! After that I asked them if we could take a couple of pics with them and they agreed...

I just wanna say that's been one of the most beautiful days in my life and that millions of copies sold and millions of fans all around the world can't clear what's inside of REAL GENTLEMEN as Gerry and Dewey are!

Thank you, America, for the amazing night we spent with you and be always what you are, forever!


Message: 32073 Posted: Wed Mar 17 07:23:13 2004 By: Moser
Subject: It's A Good Day

It's a good day today because:
-The boys are likely on their way home after triumphantly conquering Europe. Safe trip, guys, and have a nice rest.
-It's St. Patrick's Day. Have a good one to all my fellow Mc's--full-blooded, half-breed, and just-for-the-dayers. Oh, and you too, Bonesy, since you so look the part, you (VERY) HANDSOME guy you!
-It's NO LIFER night. Yippee skippee. Me and my green beer will be there for Robyn's spin of Alibi. Hope I see all of ye then.
Maureen (The name only my mother is allowed to use except for today!!)

Message: 32072 Posted: Tue Mar 16 22:44:27 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

Thanks Pascal L. for the great pics !!!
That's the advantage of sitting/standing 'au balcon', I guess...
Some of the pics brought a few memories back as well, like that passage when Pete had to stop the smoke onstage because we couldn't see the guys anymore for a couple of minute - Dewey and Gerry had to come out of the smoke zone to get a chance to see us back too... they were making fun of it.

Message: 32071 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:26:27 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

Does anyone notice something unusual about the 8th picture in Group 5?

Oops! There were a couple of photos that were reversed when they were sent to me and I guess I forgot to flip that one back the right way. I'll get it fixed right away. (No, Gerry wasn't playing left handed for that song - LOL.)

Message: 32070 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:17:30 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Fond du Lac, WI Concert

Thanks for the info, Joan! "Walleye Weekend", huh? Only in Wisconsin! Dewey ought to love that - doesn't he like fishing, or did I dream that up? Please let me know if you find out when/where to get tickets. If we actually have any money left after sending our son on his school trip (ha,ha), we just might go. I'm told it's about a two-hour drive for us. Sounds like it's a family setting, and our two other sons would love to see America again. Our youngest (7) is a little blond Gerry-wanna-be. Every time I watch my America in Concert DVD (1999), he gets out his guitar and makes up tickets for us to come to HIS "concert". Thanks, Joan - maybe we'll see you there! Karen

Message: 32069 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:06:37 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Hi, Gary! I hope you and your girlfriend have good seats?! (Although I understand they're ALL good seats.) Maybe I'll see you there! My husband and I are in Section C, Table 10, Seats 1&2. I think that's the 3rd row from the stage, and it's the farthest table to the left as you face the stage. Look us up if you have time. Karen

Message: 32068 Posted: Tue Mar 16 19:41:13 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

Great photos...Always fun to see! Mo, that was pretty cool of you to notice that picture! Kade

Message: 32067 Posted: Tue Mar 16 19:31:56 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

It's a mirror-image, Mo, unless Gerry is ambidextrous!

Message: 32066 Posted: Tue Mar 16 19:30:42 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Photos From Paris

It's a mirror-image, Mo, unless Gerry is ambidextrous!

Message: 32065 Posted: Tue Mar 16 19:24:59 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photos From Paris

Thank you to Steve and Msr. Levouin for the additional pictures from the 3/7/04 Paris show. Very enjoyable. Does anyone notice something unusual about the 8th picture in Group 5?

Message: 32064 Posted: Tue Mar 16 16:31:59 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Re: Joe Strikes Again

flywithabuzz asked << Does anyone else here play America tunes? >>

I play quite a few America tunes plus songs from a number of other artists as well as write my own music. I'd love to hear Joe's recordings, but I never seem to get over to my brother-in-law's house where he has DSL. I have a crummy 56K dial-up modem. Even worse, the phone lines out to my house SUCK. Right now I'm on a blazing 28.8 connection.

I have a high-speed internet connection at work, but I can't use it for that purpose. Someday, I hope to hear your recordings, Joe!


Message: 32063 Posted: Tue Mar 16 14:30:17 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: question - off topic

Erin, I am going to see Prince on 4/18/04 I am sure it will be very well worth it, he will be on Jay Leno 3/22/04; was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Monday night. (on tv 3/21/04)

Message: 32062 Posted: Tue Mar 16 12:23:46 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: question - off topic

Working on the notion that there is an appropriate quote from a movie for any occasion in life, I give you this paraphrased snippet from "Pretty Woman":
Julia Roberts wearing headphones and singing along with Prince (and doing a rather poor job of it) becomes aware of Richard Gere in the bathroom with her. She says sheepishly, "You gotta love Prince."

"More than life itself," he says. Classic romantic comedy. Classic. (Oh yeah, and a great plug for Prince.)

Good enough for me, Erin. Buy your tickets now!!

Message: 32061 Posted: Tue Mar 16 11:23:28 2004 By: alberto
Subject: concert in Milano

I'm really happy! Yesterday I've seen the concert in the theatre "Smeraldo". It has been a wonderful performance, and they gave big emotions to all the public. I hope that Gerry, Dewey and the Band have been satisfied by their public....their voices and music still fill my ears!!! Ciao America.

Message: 32060 Posted: Tue Mar 16 11:13:08 2004 By: Erin
Subject: question - off topic

Prince is coming to he worth seeing? Just wondering...
Thanks, Erin :o)

Message: 32059 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:17:09 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Simple Life - Japanese

I'm already the proud owner of 2 different picture single editions of Simple Life, the rare AMERICA song used for a Japanese commerical, which appeared on the box-set. I've just had confirmation that I won an E-bay bid on a 3rd version. This one has a promo fold out sleeve and apparently depicts a scene form the advert and has Peter Fonda on it too (who directed the commercial). It's being shipped as I type so as soon as I get it i'll scan it and send it off to Steve so you can all have a look.



Message: 32058 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:10:45 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Timothy B Schmitt

Hi all,

I know there's a few fans of Tim Schmitt out there so I thought I'd let you know the following:

Just bought the latest double CD from US lo-fi Country group LAMPCHOP only to discover that track 8 (CD1)is entitled "Timothy B Schmitt". The track itself is an instrumental and there's no info on the CD cover as to why its called that. I'm assuming though that it's a tribute of some sort.

By the way LAMPCHOPS music is nothing like Tim's so I'd guard against anyone rushing out to buy it in the hope of finding a similar artist.

LAMPCHOP's music is very laid back and the singer Kurt Wagner mumbles his way through the songs. Musically their later albums are quite orchestral. The early CDs (there's 8 in total now I think) where more laid back country (with the mumblings) and more to my taste.

I'm not being very coherent today as i've just re-read what I've written and they sound crap. Don't take my inadequacy as a reviewer to heart. I own all 8 of their CDs so I must like them - but not to eveyone's taste I think!


Message: 32057 Posted: Tue Mar 16 07:54:55 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Gary, the recent set lists are spread out in various posts on this chat folder and many of them are also included in the archives. Click here to go directly to the archive section of the America Fans web site.

Message: 32056 Posted: Tue Mar 16 07:51:31 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Milano Set List

I received the following mail message this morning from Fabio Riveruzzi in Italy:

America's Milano Gig

Hi Steve,

Yesterday I was there and spent two great hours thanks to Gerry, Dewey and the guys as well as the whole audience, enthusiastic especially when the big hits were played (Gerry announced "Survival" with "and now accendini!", that is lighters).

Very very good, still much loved here and understimated by critics...

Find the 99.9% confirmed set list below.


Start: 21.10 Friend of mine support acts
21.40 America on stage until 23.40

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. The Last Unicorn
7. Company
8. Three Roses
9. I Need You
10. I Need You (George Harrison)
11. Baby It's Up To You
12. Tin Man
13. The Border
14. Woman Tonight
15. Only In Your Heart
16. Lonely People
17. Survival
18. Hangover
19. Never Be Lonely
20. Sandman
21. Sister Golden Hair
22. Everyone I meet is from California
23. California dreamin
24. All My Life (Gerry solo)
25. A Horse With No Name (Encore) - (Friend of mine’s vocalist and guitarist on stage, part of solo by him)

Message: 32055 Posted: Tue Mar 16 06:12:22 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Fond du Lac, WI Concert

Karen, I believe the Fond du Lac concert is an evening concert. Vic Farrari (a very popular local band) plays during the afternoon. I am not sure about the exact time though. This concert is part of "Walleye Weekend" in Fond du Lac and is a lot of fun. It runs from Friday thru Sunday. Hope you can make it! There is nothing better than an outdoor "America" concert!

Message: 32054 Posted: Tue Mar 16 05:11:04 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: I'd Like To Thank (for Mo)

PS to Danae:
Gerry, forever!!

Message: 32053 Posted: Tue Mar 16 05:09:35 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: I'd Like To Thank (for Mo)

Geez, Danae, I thought you had it a long time ago!! Welcome to my world, sister. Self-denial be gone.

Message: 32052 Posted: Tue Mar 16 05:02:43 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: I'd Like To Thank (for Mo)

.<< Other than Marilina and you (and me, Nina, Nancy, Linda, Leah, Lisa, etc., etc.), it must now be Lena? Do tell.>>

It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I'm embarassed.
But it was normal after messing with all those pics from Corbis to make the wallpaper. Wasn't it?

Message: 32051 Posted: Mon Mar 15 21:51:12 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Thanks for the reply. Where do you find the recent set lists?

Message: 32050 Posted: Mon Mar 15 21:05:59 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America

Thanks Steve for the heads-up on the Westbury show... Would you have a ticket sale date?

I'm afraid I don't, Linda. Erin only gives me information on the dates and the venues. I doubt that she even knows when the tickets will go on sale because that's up to the venue. Perhaps somebody who lives near Westbury can find out and let us all know. Or, you could call their ticket office and see if they can give you any information.

Message: 32049 Posted: Mon Mar 15 21:02:30 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Been wrong before.

Exactly when have you been wrong before, Steve?

Good question, Kevin. My wife and kids seem to have a long list of times that I've been wrong - and they remind me often (LOL)!

Message: 32048 Posted: Mon Mar 15 20:43:43 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: America

Gerritis in the third stage. For sure. It is terminal. Kind of takes your breath away. And it gets worse with every show. Aaaaah.....

Thanks Steve for the heads-up on the Westbury show - I have been waiting for that one - great place for the whole family. Not a bad seat in the house. Would you have a ticket sale date? Westbury posts the ticket sale date the day they go on sale! What is that about!!!

May have to make a pitstop in Mohegan again.... See you guys in line again??? Mo is so right - the waiting before the show is half the fun!

Joe, thanks for the new song - are you in the NY area? And do you teach? I think you have a few students interested if you want to. Keep up the GREAT work!

Message: 32047 Posted: Mon Mar 15 20:24:52 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Been wrong before.

Exactly when have you been wrong before, Steve?

Message: 32046 Posted: Mon Mar 15 20:17:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Gary, it's tough to answer your question but I'll do my best. Sometimes at the casinos the guys aren't given a lot of time to play so they have to do the "short set". Other times they are given more time and they can play the "full set". If you look at the recent set lists they will most likely include any of the songs that you'll hear at the Pottawatomi. Regarding "All My Life", it is more often NOT played than it is played. So the odds are against hearing it but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

This is just my opinion, it's nothing that I heard from Gerry, Dewey, Erin, or the band. I've been wrong before and I could be wrong again.

Message: 32045 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:56:08 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Milwaukee Concert

Taking my Girlfriend who has never seen them before and is a huge fan to the concert at Pottawatomi Casino on March 31.We are both very excited especailly seeing them in such an intimate setting.
Does anyone know the song list that would be most likley be played and if they include "All My Life" usually in their concerts? That is her favorite song and were wondering what the liklihood of them playing it. Thanks for your help.

Message: 32044 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:55:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: I'd Like To Thank...

I'd like to thank the academy and my agent and my lawyer and my acting coach and my plastic surgeon...
...just kidding.
I'd actually like to thank:
Danae for the great wallpaper.
Robyn for the repeat of Alibi on Wed.'s chat.
Joe for the amazing rendition of Baby.
Rich for the stage and plane photos.
Steve for making all of the above possible.

PS: Danae, who has "geritis"? (Cute word by the way.) Let me hazard a guess. Other than Marilina and you (and me, Nina, Nancy, Linda, Leah, Lisa, etc., etc.), it must now be Lena? Do tell.

Message: 32043 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:43:31 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Enjoying the Joe instrumental

Hi everyone,
Just felt like I should post to say that I'm really enjoying this instrumental of Baby It's Up to You. Great job, Joe. Someone else mentioned this, with your previous post of an instrumental, but I'll say it again, you got it right on, just as spot-on as the original recording by America. Great acoustic flavor.
Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks Steve for posting it.
Take care and keep on rockin in the free world,
Rob L

Message: 32042 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:35:39 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Aw come on, Joe.

You could always change careers. You should do this for a living, if you don't already.

Message: 32041 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:00:21 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Joe Strikes Again

That was great, Joe! Let's hear some more!

Message: 32040 Posted: Mon Mar 15 17:05:12 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Joe Strikes Again

I lurk here on occasion but had to post on this one.
Great job, Joe!
On both tunes! First "Riverside" and now "Baby it's up to you". Keep'em comin'!
Gee Joe...where do you live? I'm in upstate NY. Man, I'd love to get together to play these and other America songs with you.
Does anyone else here play America tunes?

Chewing on a piece of grass,

Message: 32039 Posted: Mon Mar 15 16:58:13 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Summer Wisconsin Concerts, etc.

If anyone out there knows anything about the time of day the concerts in Green Bay and Fond du Lac will take place, I'd be interested in finding out! I really don't think I'll be able to go to these two, but I can't rule them out just yet. The Fond du Lac one is more likely than Green Bay. We're sending our oldest son off on his first big trip on 6/12 - a school trip, his first time on an airplane. (More scary for me than him?) 6/10 is the last day of school here - not sure why that's a factor for me, but I feel that it is. Probably because I took the day off to help my son get ready for his trip. Although, hey - I already have those days off work! Anyway, the time of day these concerts take place might have to be the deciding factor for me.

Rich's pictures from the stage and airplane are very nice! Nice of Rich to think of us fans and good to hear from him.

Nancy - I almost did miss Sister Golden Hair in the Radio movie! I didn't expect it so early in the movie, and we were watching via pay-per-view, so I couldn't even rewind! I just heard "will you meet me in the middle", I think! Good movie, though! Mike had to pass me a tissue a couple times during it.

Kristal - thanks for the update on Bill Crook and Jeff Worrell. :)

Gotta go have a listen to Joe's new music - I'm sure it's great!

Message: 32038 Posted: Mon Mar 15 14:38:53 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Listening Party

an Encore presentationof "Alibi" will take place this Wednesday at 7 pm.

Message: 32037 Posted: Mon Mar 15 14:10:27 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Joe Strikes Again

Wow, Joe, that was excellent, enjoyed it very much. Yes, please keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Message: 32036 Posted: Mon Mar 15 14:06:51 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who participated in last night's listening party. Next Sunday night will be The View From The Ground, 9PM EST. Hope you can be there!

Message: 32035 Posted: Mon Mar 15 12:25:06 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Joe Strikes Again

Joe, "till the sun comes up again".

Carry on...

Message: 32034 Posted: Mon Mar 15 11:58:38 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Who caught the disease Marilina carries?

Guess who caught geritis in its serious form.

Message: 32033 Posted: Mon Mar 15 11:43:54 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Bill Crook

Hi Karen ~ Yes, Bill is focusing on his guitar business and working at a local theater. From what I understand, the gentlemen (Jeff Worrell?) that replaced Bill's place was permanent. I was also was told that Jeff worked previously with Richard Campbell. Apparently, Richard mentioned his name to Gerry & Dewey.

Again, this is my understanding of what has taken place. If I am wrong, I must have had a beer too many. Lol

Have a great day ~ Kristal ;0)

Reading ~ (54 days and counting)

Message: 32032 Posted: Mon Mar 15 10:52:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Joe Strikes Again

You may recall that Joe Doyle shared his instrumental version of Riverside with us a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic. His follow up instrumental is just as good, maybe better. Click here to download/listen to Joe's instrumental version of "Baby It's Up To You". Keep up the good work, Joe, and thanks for sharing.

Message: 32031 Posted: Mon Mar 15 07:36:50 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: For Robyn

Yes Danae, I know you are still what we would consider High School age, but here in Los Angeles High School students can choose a course of study. My dd goes to Fashion school, with an eye to going into merchandising. I have said it before, Danae you may be "only" 14 but you are more mature than a lot of adults I know!

Message: 32030 Posted: Mon Mar 15 07:15:12 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Richard's VFTS&JWpics, VFTHW ~ Milan, Alibi listen ooops~Danae WP

Hi hooooo Everyone :) Nice Monday morning here, the sky is blue on blue and the sun is shining too.... Sting is here singing "Fields of Gold" on the radio... I sure do love getting lost in the Visual I get from this song ~ Nice :)

Thanks Richard ~~ Wow what an AWESOME Breathtaking view of Mt Etna from the jet window, I really enjoyed these pics, boy your view from the stage there is sooo Dark! Thanks for sharing this bit of the magic there in Italy. I hope you all are enjoying your time there, this time sure is passing by quickly... Take care :)

Hmmm Gerry ~~ What a Unique VFTHW pic there in Milan, that green green ivy sure is running amuck on that building... what is the reddish orange stuff on the window sills? Sooo neat how these side windows look down on the Moon Roof windows.... I hope Mr Moon was there to be seen, along with the bright twinklin stars... Thanks Gerry :)

Ooooops Sorry everyone! I had all intentions on coming to listen to Alibi last night, but I fell fast asleep on the couch and didn't wake up till 1:28 am. Darn!!! Soo many of my faves on their too! Boooo hooo :( ~ I also missed Fleetwood Mac on VH1 darn!

Nice Gerry Wallpaper Danae ~ Thanks and Hope you had a nice Birthday yesterday, I hope the year ahead is filled with lots of Special Moments for you... :) Enjoy being 14... wow I was only 14 when I heard HWNN and was hooked instantly... Nice memories... :)

Hi KarenL & Joan ~~ Yeppers sooo happy for you all of these shows heading your way there in Wis. Enjoy :) ~~ Karen did you capture "Sister Golden Hairs' Magic Moment in the Radio movie? ~~ We watched that movie on Valentine's day weekend, my son Adam said to me when I picked up on the first notes of it... Geeze Mom you are good, I didn't even hear that till it was almost over... :) I think it was Johnny that had mentioned it being in this movie a while back (not sure tho) but I didn't know just where in the movie it would be, but I had no problem picking it out right from the first note...and I was smiling for sure.. :)

Hi David S ~~ Happy belated Birthday to you too, pretty neat you having the same b'day as Steve L and of course Elvis too, Red Oak's Mrs also has her b'day on Jan 8th too! ~~ Hmmm regarding The Thrills, nope I have never heard of them. Can you tell us alittle bit more about their sound? Interesting them being Irish, and having a song called "Santa Cruz"!

Take care everyone and enjoy your day! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Clarice lay down your mind, it's there just hard to find, follow me as we wind our wayyyyy awayyyyyyy, behind an open door, there lies a million more, follow me as we wind our wayyyyyy awayyyyyyy.... Time is coming soon I'll Find You... time is coming soon, I'll find you, time is coming soon, time is coming sooon.. behind an open door, there lies a million more, follow me as we wind our wayyyyyyy awayyyyyy ~~~Sing it for us Gerry, Dewey & Dan ~~ what a great song, I love everything about it for sure! :) :) :)

Message: 32029 Posted: Mon Mar 15 05:55:03 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Summer Wisconsin Concerts

Wow! What a wonderful surprise to see that it will be possible for the Wisconsin fans to see "America" three times this year so far! Milwaukee, Fond du Lac and now Green Bay! I am hoping it will be possible to get autographs at one of these concerts (maybe Milwaukee, since there are no concerts immediately after this one) since I have yet to get one. It would be such a thrill to meet all of them! As far as pictures, yes the Milwaukee venue does not allow cameras, but the concert in Fond du Lac will be outdoors and we should be able to get plenty of pictures there. We are so looking forward to the concerts!

Message: 32028 Posted: Mon Mar 15 04:33:01 2004 By: Danae
Subject: For Robyn

<<yep I'd say that's brother Ray, too!>>
Congratulations to you too. Didn't see your post.

<<Danae- your wallpaper is WOW! You are very talented and have such a keen eye. Are you an art student?>>
No, I'm not an art student! I'm just 14 (I had my birthday on Sunday) and I go to school normally. I don't study art. Actually, I'm not even planning to. My real love is archaeology.

Message: 32027 Posted: Mon Mar 15 04:29:27 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Solution to the mystery photo

It is Ray Manzarek of the doors. Congrayulations to Antoine, NancyM and David who guessed right.

Message: 32026 Posted: Mon Mar 15 01:24:01 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: somewhat off-topic

Well, Steve, happy belated birthday! Elvis shares our birthday, too, haha!

Somewhat offtopic, but does anyone here like The Thrills--I just heard a song by them (Santa Cruz, I believe it's called), and although they are Irish, they had a year or so in California, and they really have a nice, soft, melodic sound. Might have to get their debut album.

Message: 32025 Posted: Sun Mar 14 22:23:40 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Finally! (Erin)

Erin, I'm finally getting around to a late reply here, noticed recently too on the schedule that the guys will be in Turlock July 31st. Never been to Turlock....but I'm sure I'll find it. Should be fun, looking forward to it and seeing you & anyone else there too!

Message: 32024 Posted: Sun Mar 14 20:23:13 2004 By: Moser
Subject: What OTH Now?

What? Are all you ladies over the hill now or what? I get home from The Commitments show, it's barely passed 11:30pm, and I sign on to live chat to find an empty room. Stamina, women. We need to work on our stamina here. Nanc, what the heck? All right, sorry, I'll stop ranting on and try to settle down to sleep.

Coupla things before I go:

-It's lightning here. First time this year which is a sure sign of Spring. Good. All good.
-The Commitments only had two of the original members in tow this evening. Not so good. The show was very hopping and there was a dance floor. The food was excellent. Good. All good.
-Only two more dates for the heroes in Europe. They'll be home soon. Luckily, 'cause I miss them. Especially after seeing live music and dancing my a** off. (Not literally, unfortunately, only figuratively.) Good. All good.

Counting the days 'til Reading and hoping to dance my a** off there, too. Not likely, but hoping.

Sweet dreams.

Message: 32023 Posted: Sun Mar 14 20:22:37 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTS - Catania

If you haven't noticed already, I have posted some View From The Stage photos that Rich sent to me from the Catania, Italy concert. Don't ask me how he found the time to take the photos while he was on stage (I guess he gets to rest his fingers now and then), but I'm glad he did. He also sent a photo from his jet window on the way from Catania to Milan. Thanks Rich!

By the way David, the January 8th references were to my 50th birthday earlier this year, so I guess we share that date.

Message: 32022 Posted: Sun Mar 14 17:57:51 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: jan 8th?

My b'day is Jan. 8th--why did that date come up?

Message: 32021 Posted: Sun Mar 14 17:17:40 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Mystery Photo

Just checked out Corbis and it is Ray Manzarek!

Message: 32020 Posted: Sun Mar 14 17:10:38 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Mystery Photo

I think he's one of the guys from the Doors, too. Ray Manzerek? Don't know the spelling.

Message: 32019 Posted: Sun Mar 14 15:46:57 2004 By: David Orlando
Subject: Re: Danae's Gerry Wallpaper & Mystery Photo

Is this the guy from the Doors?

Message: 32018 Posted: Sun Mar 14 15:37:49 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: d'oh!

yep I'd say that's brother Ray, too!

Danae- your wallpaper is WOW! You are very talented and have such a keen eye. Are you an art student?

Message: 32017 Posted: Sun Mar 14 15:13:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New Gigs

I just received the following new concerts from Erin:

5/8/04 Reading, PA / Sovereign Performing Arts Center
6/10/04 Green Bay, WI / UW – Green Bay – Campus Grounds
7/15/04 Westbury, NY / Westbury Music Fair
11/12-13 Lincoln City, OR / Chinook Winds Casino

Message: 32016 Posted: Sun Mar 14 14:56:46 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: A bit of everything

As usual, it's very fun to see Gerry's VFTHW pics and bonus shots! Thank you, Gerry, for continuing to send those our way!!

Margaret and Steve - thanks for telling me what you know about Bill Crook's replacement. I've just wondered from time to time what they're doing without him.

Mo and Danae - very nice job on Gerry's collage and wallpaper. You guys must have had fun putting those together!

Hi, Nancy! Yes - America in Milwaukee on 3/31!! I have taken 3/31 & 4/1 off work at the office, we have arranged for someone to milk Mike's cows the night of 3/31 and for someone to take care of the kids, so I think we're ready! Linda tells me the casino doesn't allow cameras. I'll have to find out if that means all cameras or just flash ones. If they allow non-flash ones, maybe I'll invest in one. I'd just like to have one for after the show in case there are any opportunities to get a picture with them. (I wouldn't want to blind them with camera flashes anyway!) Also, I have missed live chatting with all of you! Part of it is that I don't have a lot of the early albums in a format I can listen to for the listening parties - I really need to start ordering some of them on CD! Then there's the ever-constant struggle to keep up around home, get a good night's sleep to be fresh for work the next day, etc. One of these days I'll stop in to catch up with everyone! It's nice to know I'm welcome there - thanks, Nancy! :)

We're renting the movie Radio to watch tonight - I remember some of you mentioning you saw it in the theaters last year. Looking forward to hearing Sister Golden Hair in it, even though I understand it's just a tiny bit of the song.

OK, my break is over. Back to pulling together my husband's farm records for the accountant - tax time is drawing near!!

Message: 32015 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:43:47 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Danae's Gerry Wallpaper & Mystery Photo


Message: 32014 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:37:31 2004 By: Antoine
Subject: Re: Danae's Gerry Wallpaper & Mystery Photo

Ray Manzarek frome the Doors?

Message: 32013 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:10:39 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Danae's Gerry Wallpaper & Mystery Photo

Looks like John Sebastian to me but hey I am probably WAAAAYYYY off

Message: 32012 Posted: Sun Mar 14 11:25:59 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Milan

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Milan, Italy.

Message: 32011 Posted: Sun Mar 14 11:24:02 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Danae's Gerry Wallpaper & Mystery Photo

Click here to download/view the Gerry Wallpaper that Danae created. Along with the wallpaper she also sent me a mystery photo. Click here to download/view the mystery photo of someone who looks a lot like Gerry but isn't. See if you can be the first to guess who it is.

Message: 32010 Posted: Sun Mar 14 11:19:05 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Bill Crook

You're right, Margaret, that Jeff Worrell has been filling in for Bill. I haven't heard if it's going to be permanent or not but I'll let you know just as soon as I find out.

Message: 32009 Posted: Sun Mar 14 06:16:16 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party-Alibi

Tonight's listening party will be Alibi, 9 PM EST. Hope you can make it!

Message: 32008 Posted: Sun Mar 14 04:18:38 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Mo's Gerry Collage

I use Microsoft Photo Editor for my wallpapers. It's really good. Try it.
PS: Gerry's wallpaper is ready.

Message: 32007 Posted: Sun Mar 14 01:39:02 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Re: Bill Crook

When the band was in Australia there was a new guy doing the sound. I think his name was Jeff and his surname was something like Worrell. There was also a young guy who introduced them at some of the shows, but I didn't catch his name.
Any corrections to this information would be appreciated if I am not correct.
This has been a great start to the year for the band with wonderful responses to their shows in Oz, NZ and Europe as well as the American shows.
We wish the guys well for the rest of the year.

Message: 32006 Posted: Sat Mar 13 22:08:22 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Mo's Gerry Collage & Lots of Great Oldies!

Me Again Nightowl Nancy :);)

Hey there MoGirl ~~ Wow ~~ You can betcha my eyes are wide awake and open here, and a smile from ear to ear is on my face... I ESPECIALLY Love the one You picked for the Lower left handcorner of Gerry in the Black suit ~ Whoaaaaaa all Ican say is your last row is a Perfect example of how Gerry has aged like Fine Wine... Nice :)

Now tell mehow to do this sooo I can make my own Gerry, Dewey, Dan, Timothy, VinceGill, Alan Jackson... Tooo much...

Attention Reddddd ~~~ Well it ain't the 60's reunion that is my PBS right now, but it is one called American Soundtrack...and it has alot of oooh soo familiar Oldies that Ihaven't heard for quite some time,but do remember times when I heard them babysitting for my aunts... this is a whole box set of Rock'nRoll oldies....I heard Bobby Hyland sing Well we Gotta Say Goodbye for the Summer.. hey Bobby is singing his bubbly song Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.... too much... my friend and I did a lip sync version of this at our 5th gr spring talent show.... Ooooooooh my did I just type that... LOL! :)

Nitey Nite all, I probably will fall asleep with these songs playing here... Nancy :)

~~~ Great hits of the 60's (I just had a visual of Gerry singing this classic oldie sound at the beginning of "What Does It Matter" too much sing it for us Gerry ~~~ Look the lady's got a photograph, silver framed & velvet backed, tho she took it quite a while ago, funny that she never let me know... and my favorite part is this Oooh ooh ooh In the parking lot late at night paper straws have worked out right, Iknew I wanted tooo, but didn'tknow whyyyy, Sooooo I just said Hiiiiiiii! ~~~ Nice :) :) :)

Message: 32005 Posted: Sat Mar 13 20:24:05 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: 1995 ~Bland Park -Tipton, Pa. Wondering!

Hi Ho Everyone

Hi Michelle Adensam, if by chance you read my post, could you please email me about what you know regarding the AMERICA concert in 1995 at Bland Park, Tipton, PA... I have a couple of questions for you Please, just click on my name, I will watch for your email. Thanks a bunch! :)

Ciao Bruno ~~~ Soooo Happy for you, enjoy your Cloud 10 1/2 ride... :)

Hmmm ~~ I am down here in my oooh soo cold office, catching up on work that I got behind on while Mr Flu Bug was a guest here, and I will have to wait to see Mo's Collage, I can't download it on this puter... I am sure it will be what the Dr ordered to refresh this Crazy Mind of mine! I have been listening to sooo many great cd's today... my Phil Collins ~ Testify songs are playing now (this sure has some great songs on it, I really love the lyrics) :)

Hi Gen & Anita ~~~ Neat Pics Gen ~~ thanks for sharing them with us, I have the bonus pic from Rome here on my pc as background with my little pic of inspiration (Boyds Bear Donovan) :);) ~~Hard to believe that almost a week as passed for you... I hope you are still floating on Cloud 9 1/2... Ahhhhh Nice :) ~~ Pretty Neat Liner notes Anita, I have the Holiday LP... did you get this at the Concert that you attended in St. Louis?

Hi Karen L & Tommie Girl ~~ Nice to hear from both of you, it has been awhile since either of you have come to live chat, hope to get the chance to share the gift of gab with both of you soon! Soooo Great Karen, you will be getting to see AMERICA on Mar 31st, and neat you will get to meet up with Linda and hopefully Joan.. as said before here it is always fun when you meet up with other fans at the show... Be sure and tell us all about the show afterwards and will you be taking your camera? I hope sooo! :)

Hmmm ~~ Too Much ALAN ~~ I was listening to your CD of songs today, in fact it was the first one I popped in this afternoon when I started my work. I am glad to hear alot of others took you up on your offer to give these nice songs alisten and to share their thoughts and critics with you... I sure hope your friend Scott will decide to work on this cd more soon. :)

WOW Gerry ~~ Can the Sky get any Bluer than this? ~~ Wow how Captivating it must be to take in these spectacular settings. Thanks Steve L for soo many goodies to check on tonight... what a way to finish my day! :)

Too Much Mo ~~ You mentioning the Ides of March, when I heard From a Moving Train the other day, I stopped and thought WOW what an appropriate song to use the lyrics to post while they are over there in Rome... but you beat me to the punch you Monkeyshiner... how many times have you and I shared the same thoughts and went to say the same things at live chat? Too Much :) ~~ I am anxious to download your collage on my home pc... I can just Imagine what Eye Candy I am in for :) When I read the part about your hubby saying that we all need some phschotherapy or some Hard Drugs... I had to laugh, cause the song that Phil was singing right then had the perfect Lyrics to spell out this visual... Unreal... Oh well it sure is Fun, isn't it, I am sooo glad he can have a sense of humor about this...

Boy Cindy FTS ~~ Looks like you are gonna bring your 50th b'day in on a Nice Note... Happy for you! :)

Well I am gonna head up and see who is on PBS tonight, maybe I will get lucky and see the Soundstage of Dan Fogelberg ( I listened to alot of his songs today) ~~ What was on your PBS tonight Redddd??? :)

Nitey Nite all, enjoy the rest of your weekend, Nancy :)

~~~ Come with me, Close your eyes, everythings gonna be all right, come with me, hold my hand, don't be scared, don't be shy, it'll be all right ~~~~ sing it Phil :)

~~~ through all of the High times, through all of the Low times, the farther we reach, the farther we see, the farther we'll climb.... Like the Man said, he was right, bout something coming in the air at night, well if it's coming then let it come now, I feel it's close, I can't hold on much longer, my Head is filled with wonder... carry it from there Phil, ~~~ every day the stronger it goes... I'm ready to feel, I'm ready to be.. through all of the high times, through all of the low times, the better we teach the better we learn, the more we reach... Hmmm I also listen to my Jeff Larson ~ Fragile Sunrise 3 times in a row... and I just gotta say again, what refreshing songs, I am sooo anxious to be able to hit the replay on the Sepia songs... and yes I loved getting to replay the final Norman song where Gerry shares the magic with us behind the scenes nicely :) Nice warm dreams all ~~ I'm all done now! :)

Message: 32004 Posted: Sat Mar 13 19:04:55 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Mo's Gerry Collage

Thanks for posting that Steve. If I was as clever as Danae, I would have made it with another program that is more flexible for useages--like making it a wallpaper. Perhaps Word Perfect, as you mention.

I was telling my hub about the collage being posted (he already knew I made it--there's a copy in the kitchen) and Cindy's comment. By the way Cindy, thanks. Anyway, Jeff says he thinks we may all need some psychotherapy perhaps or some heavy drugs...or BOTH!! Thank goodness he has a sense of humor.

Message: 32003 Posted: Sat Mar 13 17:50:14 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Joan/Milw. Requests, Bill Crook, Cindy's Birthday

Hi KarenL and Anita!

Thanks Anita for the scoop on The Birchmere. Intimate and relaxing sound like my kind of place! I'm very excited about it. I want to do something spectacular to celebrate, and this is surely it.

Moser, you are so funny!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32002 Posted: Sat Mar 13 17:43:34 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Mo's Gerry Collage

Moser...I'm speechless.

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32001 Posted: Sat Mar 13 16:24:31 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Joan/Milw. Requests, Bill Crook, Cindy's Birthday

Hi Joan! I'll be there too. I'd like to add that I'm hoping Gerry & Dewey (& of course Willie, Woodz, Rich, Pete & Erin!) will have the time to stick around a bit after the March 31 show. I don't see that they have any other concerts to immediately fly off to the next day, so I'm hoping the chances are good for them to stay for autographs. We fans certainly appreciate getting to talk with them! Linda (also from WI) and I have exchanged our seat location info and are hoping to catch up with each other at some point that night. Please feel free to e-mail if you'd like to do that as well.

By the way, I think it was Kristal who mentioned at the end of December on's message board that Bill Crook has decided to spend more time on his guitar business and is no longer travelling with America. Has someone permanently taken his place? I haven't heard anything more about that - does anyone know?

Cindy - it's nice that you'll see America in the same month as your special birthday! Have fun!!

Message: 32000 Posted: Sat Mar 13 16:04:37 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mo's Gerry Collage

Click here to download Mo's "Gerry Collage". It is a Word document. I tried to convert it to an HTML file so you could see it here, but Word kept screwing up the formatting. That's why I use WordPerfect. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I helped write WordPerfect (LOL)!

Message: 31999 Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:22:49 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Catania

If my geography serves me correctly, that must be Mt. Etna in the distance. Stunning view!

Message: 31998 Posted: Sat Mar 13 14:38:41 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Catania

Looks like Athens, again.

Message: 31997 Posted: Sat Mar 13 14:28:48 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve's Birthday

Steve, have you ever been East?

The short answer is "Yes". Those who are satisfied with that can hit the NEXT button.

The long answer is as follows: My parents moved to Framingham, MA (near Boston) in 1975 and I spent the summer there before going back to school at BYU in Utah. I loved visiting all of the historical sites there and it was amazing to me how close all of the New England states are to each other. In 1976 I married a girl from South Carolina and we tied the knot in Washington D.C. since it was half way between our two homes. Then we lived in Framingham that summer until we returned to Utah to finish school. We've been here ever since but I've made quite a few business trips to the east (Rochester, NY; Norfolk, VA; Harrisburg, PA; and Tampa Bay, FL) and several family trips to my inlaws in South Carolina. I enjoy visiting the east but it's way too humid for my liking (especially the southeast).

Message: 31996 Posted: Sat Mar 13 13:35:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Catania

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Catania, Italy.

Message: 31995 Posted: Sat Mar 13 13:10:53 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Cindy...Birchmere...Ides...Rome

Cindy to Mo, "Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in VA?" Just like the original lyrics. Funny, huh? Sorry, simple mind today. I should make my plans to be there just because of that...well and her birthday as well, of course! Don't count me out yet, Cindy FTS. I'm a wanderlust at heart.

Don't forget, Monday is the Ides of March:
"I've seen the Ides of March,
I've seen the fall of Rome."
Wouldn't it be funny if Mr. Gerry got to see the Ides of March IN Rome? As I said previously, forgive the simple mind.

Message: 31994 Posted: Sat Mar 13 10:13:32 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Concert Requests for Milwaukee, WI

Gerry and Dewey, if you read this, please sing--"Young Moon", "All My Life" and "Wheels" at the March 3lst concert. It would make this Wisconsin fan really happy!!

Message: 31993 Posted: Sat Mar 13 08:34:22 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Cindy/Birchmere

Hi Cindy:

I know there will be a huge crowd at the Birchmere in October. Last October was sold out, which is why two shows are scheduled this fall. It's a great venue to see the band, very intimate and relaxed.

Message: 31992 Posted: Sat Mar 13 08:29:16 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Steve's Birthday

Hi KarenL!

Mine is Oct. 13. "50" is so hard to wrap your brain around, I don't know where the time has gone. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think, Oh My God...50. Yikes! But I'm in good company. And I'll be travelling to Virginia to see them on Oct. 2. That's ALL I want this year, to see our guys! I'm trying to talk Mo into meeting me there. Any other posters close enough for a little road trip to Va? Steve, have you ever been East? We could celebrate your birthday all year...come to Virginia in October!!

It's been about 10 years since I've seen a concert, and that sound clip from the Paris show did me in. I HAVE to see them!!

Have a great day all!

Cindy...from the South

Message: 31991 Posted: Sat Mar 13 06:48:33 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Tumbledown demo songs

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who listened to my demos and took the time to write reviews and comments. I finally got the last of them in and have compiled the best comments from each of you and e-mailed them to my partner Scott in Florida, along with an empassioned plea to come up this summer and get the CD recorded. I don't know if it will work or not, but it can't hurt.

I must say I was very pleased with the results. The response to our songs was overwhelmingly positive, far more than I had ever hoped for. The criticisms were all done constructively (I really appreciate that) and were very valuable to me in helping me know what to improve upon (and what to leave alone) in the final versions of these songs.

I especially want to thank Steve Lowry again for posting MP3 versions of my songs for people to download.

I also wanted to clear up some confusion that some of you may have had. The first few CDs I sent out were labelled correctly. I had put Stardust as the second track, and Sail Away as the third. When I started getting more requests for the demo CDs I thought it would make a lot of sense to create a template and save it to make burning the CDs a whole lot easier. Well, when I made the template, I had reversed the 2 songs on the CD without realizing it. It wasn't until I started getting reviews back that I realized the songs were reversed and by that time, all requested CDs were sent. I apologize for the confusion.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to review our demo songs and for all of the encouragement many of you offerred. I hope they serve to motivate and recommit Scott to the project like they have me.


Message: 31990 Posted: Sat Mar 13 06:24:46 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Wow! What a week!

Lately I've been so busy that I usually only get to visit the chat folder once a week or so and consequently have to do a lot of "ketchup" as Mo would put it.

Well, this one took me over an hour and I ended up just skimming some of the longer posts, otherwise I would have been all day at it! What a busy week! A lot of great concert reviews. Especially after hearing all the great experiences America fans had at Mohegan Sun I REALLY wish I could have been there! (Lucky for you fans I didn't come - Gerry probably would have ended up passing another kidney stone* LOL).

When I think of great bass lines and America in the same sentence, the firstr song that comes to mind is Letter. Next on the list for me is Muskrat Love. I also think of All Around (simple, but fits so well in the song) and of course, the greast bass solo in Woman Tonight that trades off with the lead - always love to see that one in concert.

Really looking forward to the new Jeff Larson CD. Yesterday was my birthday and money's really tight at the moment so I told my wife not to spend anything on me. I was bumming about no presents, but then I remembered that we had a Borders gift card that hasn't been used, so I talked her into letting me use that to get myself something. I plan on getting JL's Room For Summer with it, which will complete my JL collection (until the new CD comes out, that is).


*It occurs to me that besides Nina, Pat B and Terry T probably no one else will understand the kidney stone reference. The last time I made the 5 1/2 hour drive to see America at Mohegan Sun, Gerry passed a kidney stone and was rushed to the hospital, so they had to cancel the show.

Message: 31989 Posted: Sat Mar 13 06:01:10 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Steve's Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday to Webmaster Steve,
You do a fabulous job with this site -
Please never leave!!
We enjoy your pics from vacations,
And all you do to bring us fans together
From our different locations!!

I was once thinking our Steve deserved some birthday greetings, and I think I checked the Global Dust page to see if his birthday was there but it was some made-up date. So I said, "harumpf", (how's that spelled, Mo?) and moved on. I guess I could have just asked, like Cindy did - thank you, Cindy! When's your big day??

Message: 31988 Posted: Sat Mar 13 01:27:17 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Wonderful

I went to see second concert of Naples (with my wife and two friends)
this second concert, too, was a very very great performance: 5000 spectators in delirium for the music of AMERICA. Palapartenope Theatre all full for second day (night).
Before of AMERICA there was a exihibition of band of support, name of this English band is Frame of Mind, a good band.
Exihibition of AMERICA electrify the spectators.
My friends of AMERICA (Country and band) please don't ask me precise list of song: for me the concert very fast escaped. D.& G. and the band sing in Naples: Riverside, Ventura..., Don't cross..., Daisy..., You can do magic, Never be ..., California dreamin ( of Mamas and Papas; Dewey speaked with spectators and defined this song very old as...Pompei), three ros..., I need...(+ Beatles version), Baby..., Tin man, The border, Woman tonight, Only in ..., Lonely ..., Survival, Sandman (this song was a super version rock), Sister..., After Encore: Everyone I meet from California, A Horse...There was a war of applauses. All Members of band were very happy for atmosphere there was in Palapartenope during the two concerts;
I don't remember if AMERICA sing some other song in Naples; I was in confusion for the pleasure to see and to listen to AMERICA.
I have photos and article about triumphant concerts of Naples.
With translation in future I send to Steve Lowry (great Steve) a selection for possible diffusion.
ciao bruno

Message: 31987 Posted: Fri Mar 12 22:45:05 2004 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Hi all

...I don't remember the last time I got to post anything! Now that I'm a working girl, my time on the computer is sorely limited. Good to touch base again -

I did cruise the Corbis site - great pictures, some I'd never seen! And I'm so glad for those of you who are getting to enjoy our favorite band in concert! Still waiting for the guys to get back to the Pacific Northwest - it was so phenomenal to see them last year. Gerry, the VFTH from Naples was incredible!

Hoping to be able to chat one of these happy nights when I'm not working! These overtime shifts are killing me. Hope all is well with you all (Miss ya, Nancy!)......

And happy belated birthday, of course, to Steve!

- Tommie

Message: 31986 Posted: Fri Mar 12 20:14:13 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Ketchup

Howdy y'all. Had a wicked two days at work negotiating my lot in life with a boss who has undiagnosed adult attention deficit disorder or manic depression--not sure which. But then again, I'm not exactly qualified to judge that. Just a bit of armchair medicine, I suppose. The experience has left me tired and in need of a gorgeous, male, Swedish massuer preferably with blond hair and blue eyes who doesn't speak much English. Somehow I doubt that's gonna happen so I'll settle for a long winter's nap.
Before I retire though, I thought I should play ketchup.

Regarding the VFTHW: I don't mean to state the obvious but that is the same view as the other day with a few less clouds and a lot more sunshine helping to reveal the lovely mountain. Reminds me of a song I once heard, "When the sky is bright...Everything's alright...All the clouds are clearin'...And I think we're over the storm." Trouble is, I can't remember where or when I've heard that. Harumph.

Regarding Cindy FTS's and Nancy's poems: Very cute, ladies. I enjoyed those. Nice of you to honor Steve that way.

Regarding basslines: I am too tired to go back and review which songs have already been mentioned so forgive me if I am reiterating. I was listening to the second CD of the Highway set today and found the bass fairly prominent in Lovely Night and Letter. I know someone or another has mentioned Letter, not as sure about Lovely Night.

Regarding the Reading Show: I see that it has been added to the front page of the Sovereign P. A. Center's website so the negotiation must have succeeded. I hope you guys get buckets of money for that show based on the expense of the tickets. Not cheap. You deserve it. I just hope most of it is going into your pockets, not theirs.

Regarding Mt. Vesuvius: I am tempted to make some kind of analogy regarding my ongoing fascination with the proverbial prom zit but can't think of how to do that exactly. Draw your own conclusions.

That last comment proves I've pretty much lost my sense for the day. So, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Message: 31985 Posted: Fri Mar 12 19:01:10 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Hi Mo,
I will be sure to bring my camera - can't miss a chance for some great photos! The drive for us approx. 3 hours. Debi is kinda rolling her eyes but she knows I'm excited so she is more than willing to go just to make me happy!

See ya -

Message: 31984 Posted: Fri Mar 12 16:29:04 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Naple & Bonus Pic & Wonderful!!!!

Hi Everyone ~~ TGIF :) Hmmm Snowflakes and Robins ~~ What a neat combo! This was what I saw all day long from my House Windows View! It at time appeared as these snowflakes were falling in slow motion, as if they were fake ~~ Tooo much, oooooh well just another reason for me to Listen to Dan Fogelberg's relaxing song Snowfall... such a magical setting for this song... Indeed! :)

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Steve L
this site of yours is oooh sooo Swell
and a Place where I love to Dwell
Hope your 50th (Oooops 30th)Year treats you Well! :)

Thanks a Bunch Gerry & Steve ~~ Wow what a Packed full Landscape there in Naples... I just Love the Indigo setting and the shadowy effect of the mountain in the far background, too much that Palm Tree that really kinda just says Here I am, Look at Me. ~~ I also enjoyed the view from your balcony pic in Rome... What a brightness in the center, when looking at this I found myself wondering if there had been an early morning storm and perhaps the storm was ending at daybreak and this brightness brought about a Rainbow to start your day there... Nice Visual! ~~ Thanks for sharing these with us! :)

Caio Bruno ~~ Thanks for sharing Your Happiness & Enthusiam about the shows with us... I especially was smiling when you said that the bus load of your friends were singing AMERICA songs, and you couldn't cause you had shouted Bravi Bravi too much and had lost your voice, soo happy for you to get to take in this Magic again. :)

Hi Anita ~~ Nice that Kristal got 2 of your tickets, and that you sold the other set as well. ~~ Regarding rarities... my list would change a zillion times.. I sure do love mixmatching all of these rare gems together. I also think it would be great to get to see a concert one day for just the Die Hard Fans, where we would be treated with lots of these Rarities.

Hi Sheldon & Mo & Kristal ~~~ Sorry to say the Reading Show, just isn't in the Cards for Me... I hope you guys all have a Great time, sooo neat that alot of you will be able to get together at one show... I still will hold out Hope for a show to come Closer my way here in Pa... Hmm too much, when I was trying to see if this would work out for me, I visited the sight of this arena in Reading and guess who happens to be there playing a Hockey game with the Reading Royals tonight... non other than our Johnstown Chiefs... and it is a venue very much like the Johnstown WarMemorial... sooo I emailed the WarMemorial and requested they bring AMERICA there ... I gave them every drop of Info I could think of sooo that all they gotta do is go for it... I know I have mentioned before on here that AMERICA had done a show at the JWM back in 1979, soo I told them about that too, I am Hoping I Have Played all of My Cards right for this to work out right! ~~~ Thanks for Bearing with my Drawn Out Ramblins....:)

Yeppers Leah ~~ I too think it would be neat for a Fan show that would work out for all of the fans near and far.... What a Blast this would be!

Have a Great Weekend All! see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ You see Love a Tight thorny thread that you spin in a Circle of Gold, to have me to hold me, a token for all to see, captured to be Yours Alone..... I need just a little more silence, Yeah I need just a little more time Sing it for me Sarah McLachlan ~~ Time :)

Message: 31983 Posted: Fri Mar 12 15:09:43 2004 By: Anita
Subject: America-The Rarities

Wouldn't it be fabulous if someone could assemble all of the rarities that the band has done and put them on one CD? I think you could sell a zillion of those! For openers, how about:

I Need You (Beatles)
Sister Golden Hair (Spanish version)
In The Dark (from the Japanese release of Like A Brother)
Last Two To Dance
Crying In My Sleep
Hell's On Fire and On Target (from Encore)
Man's Road and The Sea (from The Last Unicorn Soundtrack)
Love Comes Without Warning (The Lonely Guy soundtrack)
Norman (from Jeff Larson's Fragile Sunrise)
Sh Boom (Cry Baby soundtrack)

and I’m sure you all could think of quite a few more.

Now, I realize this would not be a simple project, what with rights to songs, etc., but it sure sounds like a great concept, don’t you think?

Message: 31982 Posted: Fri Mar 12 14:51:31 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: SteveL

Cool poem, Cindy. Thanks to you and everyone else for the well wishes (here and via e-mail).

Just because we're sort of celebrating again, I absolutely refuse to add another candle to the birthday cake. The 50 that almost burned down my living room last January were enough (LOL).

Message: 31981 Posted: Fri Mar 12 13:21:09 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Devoted Fans

It seems that I missed a lot of info in the couple of days. I'm glad to hear that Gerry and Dewey have such devoted fans in Italy and France...and they got to meet them as well. Too bad we all can't get together for one big INTERNATIONAL FANS ONLY concert! Think on that one....Mo - I wish I could join in in May...but I will be seeing you in July! My vacation week with Ken will be guess? July....hopefully for both concerts....Please take pictures...Every one have a great weekend! Leah

Message: 31980 Posted: Fri Mar 12 13:15:16 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Extra tickets for Reading, PA-SOLD

Thanks to everyone who wrote about my extra tickets for Reading. I am pleased to say they are all spoken for. Have a good weekend.

Message: 31979 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:03:59 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: SteveL

Merry Birthday to our Webmaster from the Rocky Mountain West,
I know I speak for all of us when I say you are simply the BEST!
You keep us connected to Gerry and Dewey,
Without this I would be...well...absolutely SCREWY!

Happy 50th Steve!!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31978 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:00:58 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!! Yes, I will be attending the Reading show (a special thanks to Anita for purchasing her extra tickets)! I will be in row 'C'!! And here I thought I had to wait until July to see them. ;0) I am still working on the AC show. It would be just wonderful to see America once a month like last year! Yippee, skippee!! How many days Moser? 58? Since the count down until spring is dwindling down, and July is too far away... this is a good time to restart the counting clock. BTW - Reading is only an hour away from me!
How is all going so far... Moser, Sheldon, Anita and I know I am missing one other person??? (forgive me) We will have a great time!!

Have a great weekend everyone ~ Kristal

Message: 31977 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:55:17 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples (Bonus Shot)

I second that! Does anyone know what the green-domed building in the background is?

Message: 31976 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:25:25 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: VFTHW - Naples (Bonus Shot)

Thanks for the bonus shot Gerry...what a gorgeous view of Naples! Looks like another postcard shot too. You always seem to find those palm trees. Just may call my travel agent & plan a vacation.

Message: 31975 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:02:24 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Naples (Mt. Vesuvius) Bonus Shot

Click here to see a bonus VFTHW shot from Gerry. It is a view of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.

Message: 31974 Posted: Fri Mar 12 05:04:51 2004 By: simonetta
Subject: Re: Wonderful

hi bruno! I was at Palapartenope yesterday evening, and before the concert I met Gerry and Dewey!
Then, after the concert, I met them again at the SLY in Via Orazio, where they came together with the whole staff.
I loved the concert, they have always been my idols, and I hope to go to the concert again tonight.
Message for all America's friends: come on tonight, it will be an unforgettable night!

Message: 31973 Posted: Fri Mar 12 04:20:23 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples (Erin)

Love those palm trees...Reno is getting an In-N-Out, i wonder if that means we're also getting palm trees??
Happy Friday everyone1

Erin :o)

Message: 31972 Posted: Fri Mar 12 04:16:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

I'm psyched that you're going to. Bring that awesome camera of yours, man. We'll make some photo ops if we can!! Kristal posted on the other site that she will be there "with bells on." I'm trying to talk Nancy into it, too. How far is it for you? Are you staying over? Is Debbie psyched or just rolling her eyes? Talk to you soon.
In Gerry We Trust,

Message: 31971 Posted: Fri Mar 12 03:47:01 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Wonderful

So, so, so, so GREAAAAAT to hear Bruno!!!
Give us some more details asap! And let us know about the second concert too.
Did you get to meet them last night? I hope so, anyway...

Message: 31970 Posted: Fri Mar 12 00:07:47 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Buon Compleanno

Buon Compleanno Steve

Message: 31969 Posted: Fri Mar 12 00:05:56 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Wonderful

I haven't suitable words to describe the concert of AMERICA.
Palapartenope was full as a egg, even after the beginning of concert (and after concert of a band of support) in the entrance of theatre there were numerous fans but in palapartenope every seat was occupied. Organizers to satisfy all the big request of tickets, for today fix a second concert.
The members of band were very happy for presence of spectators and for the monstruous enthusiasm of spectators.
Dewey and Gerry jumped and maked fun with Willie Leacox, Dewey did a bow verse Willie and laughed with taste, Gerry in numerous occasions speaked with the spectators and in nice Italian thanked "Grazie Napoli".
I think that I return today to see second concert.
In the travel of return with bus Naples-Agropoli in the heart of night my friends sing songs of AMERICA (I don't sing I was without voice, in the concert I shout "bravi, bravi" (good, good) to the band.continue...
ciao bruno

Message: 31968 Posted: Thu Mar 11 22:10:55 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: To Each His Own

Jason wrote:<<Sorry again Genevieve for not meeting up with you at Paris. Hope you read my mail from a few days ago.>>
Sorry too, but never mind, we'll find a way to meet up at their next show around, ok?
No, I'm sorry, I went back to my mail box and searched for your message, but couldn't find it. Can you send it again? Thanks.

Message: 31967 Posted: Thu Mar 11 22:05:49 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: SteveL

Happy belated Birthday, Steve!!!
You sure would have deserved a poem as well I think... We, America fans owe you soooo much.

Message: 31966 Posted: Thu Mar 11 21:47:44 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: SteveL

Thanks Mo and Cindy. At the time there was quite a bit of activity putting together a poem for Dewey's birthday and I really didn't want to take anything away from that. Besides, the guys at work all think I'm still in my late 30's and I'm not going to tell them any differently. When they find out that my third grandchild is on the way, I just tell them that I got married when I was 8 (LOL)!

Message: 31965 Posted: Thu Mar 11 20:57:29 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: SteveL

Everyone altogether now:

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Hapyy Birthday dear MR. WEBMASTER
Happy Birthday to you.

Okay. A little off key, perhaps, but that was good. I did not know you had passed such a milestone. Wow you sure did that quietly and to yourself. Almost worked, too. Darn. Anyway, hope it was a happy one and here's to many, many more.
Moser F.T. Tundra

Message: 31964 Posted: Thu Mar 11 20:20:22 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: SteveL

Yes, Cindy, on January 8th.

Message: 31963 Posted: Thu Mar 11 18:00:52 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: SteveL

Hi Steve...have you turned 50 yet? I know this is your year, as well as mine.

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31962 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:56:51 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Young Moon/Dewey

It is one of my very favorites...and I'll be at the Alexandria, VA show on Oct. 2 if I have to storm the place!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31961 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:50:40 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples

I simply cannot imagine what it must be like to travel to so many places. I never go anywwhere!

Love the picture Gerry...

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31960 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:50:35 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Hey Mo - I am thrilled that you are going to Reading, that's great! Can't wait to see you there! Hope Nancy can make it too... Reading is close to Harrisburg so I'm hoping Kristal will be there.. it'll be great to see everyone!


Message: 31959 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:48:33 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Hi Julie - I believe our tickets are seats 119 & 120 (I think..).. should be a great night and we will definitely say "hello"!


Message: 31958 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:33:31 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: PS

Corbis DOES rock!!

Message: 31957 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:05:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples (Erin)

You got your daily requirement palm tree!

Message: 31956 Posted: Thu Mar 11 15:55:09 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: Italy.

Hello everyone,perhaps we are seeing what a truly international band America are,they seem to have played everywhere apart from Scandiavia.A pity things didn't turn out so well for a UK show but they did try.As for bass lines "Greenhouse" stands out a mile for me.Looking forward to the review of the Naples shows. 5000 crowd,how right and proper that the boys are getting the attention they deserve,and a return to Europe later in the year.Would absolutly love it if the guys decided to make a European DVD.

Message: 31955 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:30:29 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Young Moon/Dewey

Dewey, please consider playing Young Moon at this summer's shows. I know there are a lot of folks out there like myself who would just love to hear this beautiful song. Thanks.

Message: 31954 Posted: Thu Mar 11 13:32:04 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: The Source!

Well we cant get a better source than Gerry Beckley! Cheers Steve!

Message: 31953 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:24:16 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Tickets available for Reading


Don't do that to me I thought you meant Reading, England. Oh well, I'm sure that Europe will be back on the cards for next year's tour after the reception we gave the boys at Paris.


Message: 31952 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:20:58 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Marilina's Disease

Someone to help me. Marilina's situation has worsened. She has even deleted Johnny Depp from her list!!! Do you know what that means? Things are getting serous!
I asked Lena to help today and told Marilina Gerry is too old for her. Marilina's answer? "Let's say I like mature men."


Message: 31951 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:20:36 2004 By: Erin
Subject: finally!!

It looks like I've finally found a concert close enough to Reno!! Turlock, CA on July 31st!! Anyone else going to be there?

Erin :o)

Message: 31950 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:19:36 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: To Each His Own

Although you now seem to have resolved this issue. I'm sure they played this song too. It was one of the 3 that Gerry played on the keyboards following Dewey announcing that Gerry's is the group's ballad man.


PS: I'm not the Source or any other mystery person, just plain old Jas.

Sorry again Genevieve for not meeting up with you at Paris. Hope you read my mail from a few days ago.

Message: 31949 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:15:16 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: New Information

Is it true or just a dream?

Message: 31948 Posted: Thu Mar 11 09:49:18 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Tickets available for Reading

I have two extra pair of tickets for the Reading show on May 8. One pair is row BB (second row from stage), near center. The other pair is row C (sixth row), to one side. All tickets are face value plus Ticketmaster charges and whatever shipping method is preferred. First come, first served. Thanks.

Message: 31947 Posted: Thu Mar 11 07:44:55 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples

WOW! That is beautiful! I love Italy as much as France...mostly because I got engaged in Portofino. Thanks for the great pictures Gerry, and thanks Steve for posting them!

Erin :o)

Message: 31946 Posted: Thu Mar 11 07:35:17 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Naples

Looks like Athens.

Message: 31945 Posted: Thu Mar 11 07:13:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Naples

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel windows in Naples, Italy.

Message: 31944 Posted: Thu Mar 11 07:11:25 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What To Do About Unconfirmed Gigs

The Reading, PA concert has brought to mind a topic that I want to briefly share with all of you. Some of you were aware of the concert several days ago and sent me a mail message saying that the tickets were on sale. I wrote back saying that I needed to confirm it with Erin before I posted it on the web site. Unfortunately, I didn't get that confirmation and that meant that some of you didn't find out about it until all of the good seats were gone.

So, what we can be done to avoid this problem in the future? First of all, I think it's very appropriate for any of you to post information about unconfirmed concerts here on the chat folder as long as you indicate that they are unconfirmed. Then the other fans can take their chances about buying tickets and making travel arrangements, etc. Second, I can do a better job about passing along information that I get while indicating that the information is unconfirmed. However, I have to be very careful about doing that because it makes it difficult for America's management to handle contract negotiations when an unconfirmed concert shows up on the America Fans web site or in a post from me on this chat folder. I hope that makes sense to all of you.

I want to get as much information as possible out to all of you, but I know you count on me to have it accurate. Therefore, I hope you'll understand the position that I'm in and why I can't always post everything I hear.

Thanks for understanding.


P.S. Gerry's VFTHW is still coming....

Message: 31943 Posted: Thu Mar 11 06:57:25 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Source!

P.S. Another source (aka Gerry Beckley) just sent me a mail message and confirmed that they played "To Each His Own" in both Paris and Rome. He also sent me another VFTHW photo which I'll be posting shortly.

Message: 31942 Posted: Thu Mar 11 06:54:30 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: The Source!

Gen, the "Source" also e-mailed me and told me that he/she made a mistake and "To Each His Own" was included. I'm glad we cleared that up. JimBob, I wish I could reveal who the source is but he/she prefers to remain anonymous and I respect that. I can tell you that he/she was at the concert. Sorry I can't say anymore.

Message: 31941 Posted: Thu Mar 11 05:43:42 2004 By: Moser
Subject: New Countdown

There's a new countdown in town and it's about half of the old one. Yippee!! 58 days 'til Reading and it ought to be a doozer since it's the most expensive America ticket I've ever bought. I think. Jeff's out buying new earplugs as we speak. Nah, just kidding. He's up for it. ROAD TRIP!!

Message: 31940 Posted: Thu Mar 11 04:59:35 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: The Last Unicorn

Hey, coming to DVD on March 16th, 2004!
The Last Unicorn

Message: 31939 Posted: Thu Mar 11 04:52:15 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: The Source!

So who IS the source? French? AT the concert? Please tell!

Message: 31938 Posted: Thu Mar 11 04:40:20 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Paris Set List- 26 or 27??????

Hi Jim,
Think Steve and I must have the same source... but I can't reveal mine.
I just got a mail from this person saying that after checking it out more closely, THEY PLAYED IT ! Yay!
Meaning I apparently didn't dream they played it! Haha
Thank you 'Source'!

Message: 31937 Posted: Thu Mar 11 02:54:55 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Paris Set List- 26 or 27??????

Hi Gen, what a predicament! How confusing, and I dare say frustrating for you! When I first read Steve's post I automatically assumed his source was Gerry himself, but as Steve points out his source may'nt be right, so I guess its not Gerry! Erin perhaps? You must still be up in the clouds after your magical night! Cheers, Jim.

Message: 31936 Posted: Thu Mar 11 02:40:51 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Favorite America Bass lines?

Joe, I agree with you. Silent Letter does have the bass right up in the mix.In fact the whole album is just so good; great songs, strong vocals, again, the vocals seem to be right up there, and the arranging is terrific. All Around, what a song! Why has that not been in the shows? I have it on video from the '79 Central Park concert, and it ROCKS! Strangely it didnt appear on the actual release of that show. Tall Treasures has lovely bass, another song that could easily be in the set list now, and one of the few written by both Dewey and Gerry.This album is so stong considering it is the first studio album as a duo and has so much more to it than Harbor has.If, as has been reported, the guys were atruggling a bit with getting songs completed for Harbor, they were well over that problem by Silent Letter.

Message: 31935 Posted: Thu Mar 11 01:41:11 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Paris Set List - 26 or 27 ??????

Actually, I'm losing my head trying to think hard about that...
I was really enjoying the show and didn't start writing my list from the very beginning (it took me a while to find a paper -thanks Thierry- and a pen, so...)
On second thought, outside the venue Erin mentioned two songs among which Last Unicorn (which was not new on the list actually)... And going back again to my list, I noticed I wrote Daisy Jane right next to To each his own (this is why I skipped DJ when I first wrote it down as Mo mentioned)...
So, now I'm more unsure about it than I was early this morning. Haha... America stuff does prevent me from concentrating on my job!!! Can you believe??? Shame on me...Haha.

Message: 31934 Posted: Wed Mar 10 23:36:06 2004 By: Fitz
Subject: Olympia

Our reactions after the Olympia gig are unanimous :first-rate,excellent and so on.They emanate from fans and may be a little bit subjective...I think what people did appreciate is that the songs in their live versions sound very close to the albums ones.They seem to be composed to be sung on stage, and we all like to recognize a piece as soon as we hear the first notes of an intro.Even great artists don't always succeed when they rearrange songs for a show.I've seen for instance Springsteen,alone on stage with an acoustic guitar, singing "Born in USA " in a very slow motion.I felt the audience disappointed.
Does someone remember in which song Gerry(keyboards)shared the vocals with Michaël Woods(better guitarist than singer)?

Message: 31933 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:33:50 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Paris Set List - 26 or 27?

I'm sorry Steve, but I'm sure they played it. Except for the 2 omissions, I do think my list is correct. And while discussing with Erin outside the venue, she did say they added 2 songs to the 'normal' set list... which matches my list.
But OK, I was in a bit of a transe, so a mistake is still possible... but not very probable. So, if I'm wrong, please, guys, correct me.

Message: 31932 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:25:17 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: New Information

I'm just speachless!!!!!!
Only... they already have dates int the US in July.... And Erin said they will take a month off in August... Oh, we'll see....
Thank you for the info.

Message: 31931 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:24:39 2004 By: Moser
Subject: PS

PS: One final thought: Corbis ROX!!!!

Message: 31930 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:23:00 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Yawn, Yawn...Sleepy & Dreamy

Thanks to Nancio and the rest of the no lifer women for hanging tight with me tonight. It was a late one and that means better possibilities of sweet Gerry dreams. Thanks also to some "Handsome" guy for stopping in and making our night. Beware the sawdust. Later, dudes.

Message: 31929 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:19:35 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Thierry's Web Site

Thierry's (aka Larsen) site is already on the link page (5th one from the top).

Message: 31928 Posted: Wed Mar 10 19:55:39 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Paris Set List - 26 or 27?

Gen and the rest of you who were at the Paris concert, are you sure they played "To Each His Own" as the 5th song? I have it from a reliable source that they didn't play that song at all. In fact, my source said that the set list they played is the same as the Mohegan Sun concert except that they added "California Revisted" as an additional encore number. I know they didn't play "To Each His Own" at the Mohegan Sun so I'm thinking they probably didn't play it in Paris either. That would mean they only played 26 songs, not 27. Here's what I was told they played in Paris:

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. The Last Unicorn
7. Company
8. Three Roses
9. I Need You
10. I Need You (George Harrison)
11. Baby It's Up To You
12. Wheels Are Turning
13. Tin Man
14. The Border
15. Woman Tonight
16. Only In Your Heart
17. California Dreamin'
18. Lonely People
19. Survival
20. Hangover
21. Never Be Lonely
22. Sandman
23. Sister Golden Hair
24. All My Life (Encore)
25. California Revisited (Encore)
26. A Horse With No Name (Encore)

After re-reading what I wrote above, it sounds a little bit strong. I'm not saying that my source is infallible, so it's possible that they did play "To Each His Own". I'm just asking if you're sure that they played it. Thanks in advance for your responses.

Message: 31927 Posted: Wed Mar 10 19:42:00 2004 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Favorite America basslines?

Hey You People,

I don't know if it was be design, but when you listen to "Silent Letter", (especially gems like "One Morning" & "And Forever") the bass is really cranked up high in the mix (and "High In The City".
David Dickey wails on that album!

Joe B

P.S. Super Groovy 70's now Saturday 3 pm WMGT 1220 AM Minneapolis
P.P.S. Jeff Larson rules - if you haven't yet, buy "Watercolor Sky", "Room For Summer", and "Fragile Sunrise" immediately. Then the new one the microsecond it becomes available.

Message: 31926 Posted: Wed Mar 10 19:41:10 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

I just found out about the concert in a mail message from Anita. I guess Erin is very busy over in Europe and hasn't had a chance to let me know about the new gig. I'll go ahead and add it to the America Fans web site concert list tonight.

Message: 31925 Posted: Wed Mar 10 19:13:01 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: For John L.

My pleasure to both of you. Enjoy.


Message: 31924 Posted: Wed Mar 10 18:33:49 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

What the beep beep is going on with the schedule not being available to post on this site or Got two tx in Loge Left Center Row BB. See you then, Sheldon. Thanks for the heads up, Julie. Nancy, are you going? Only 220 miles or 4 hours. Surely the hub can leave Nascar for that long, no?

Message: 31923 Posted: Wed Mar 10 17:37:31 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

My tickets are ORCH C, row T, seats 117-118, make sure to introduce yourself...cause at the concert you can't remember your name...

Message: 31922 Posted: Wed Mar 10 16:55:35 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Hey Julie - thanks for that info. I just ordered my tickets! Got 2 in Orchestra C Row T (hope those are decent seats!). I had no idea that America was scheduled to perform in Reading, no idea at all! Really looking forward to this show!

Thanks again,

Message: 31921 Posted: Wed Mar 10 16:11:33 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Reading Pennsylvania 5/8/04

Internet presale for America at Sovereign Performing Arts Center
@8:00 p.m. Best available were Orchestra C Row T. (Ticketmaster)

Message: 31920 Posted: Wed Mar 10 16:04:03 2004 By: bruno
Subject: New Information

For very great success (unexpected, as resonance, even for the organizers of Italian concerts) to satisfy fans that haven't tickets, AMERICA return in Italy (and France??) in July 2004.
This information I had from Italian organizers of concerts of this week.
Kiss Genevieve, Nancy, Danae and all.
Hi ciao bruno

Message: 31919 Posted: Wed Mar 10 15:45:08 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Rome Bonus Shot

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel balcony in Rome, Italy.

Message: 31918 Posted: Wed Mar 10 15:10:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thierry's Web Site

Gen, Thierry, or someone else, can you give me the URL of Thierry's French "America" web site? I want to add a link to it on the Links page of the America Fans web site. Thanks!

Message: 31917 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:24:45 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: The New Gerry girl: Marilina

She sighs and says :"Gerry, Gerry, Gerry..."
Like Croisos who said "Solon, Solon, Solon" when he was ready to die burnt alive by Kyros.

Message: 31916 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:21:53 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: The New Gerry girl: Marilina

<<repeating Gerry's name three times every two minutes.>>
Good mantra, no?

Message: 31915 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:19:52 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The New Gerry girl: Marilina

<<I am now trying to find a way to make her stop repeating Gerry's name three times every two minutes.>>
Very funny, Danae. Don't even try. There is no cure. It's a very contagious viral thing and I've been suffering with it for almost 26 years now. What a lovely disease.

Message: 31914 Posted: Wed Mar 10 13:50:56 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Naples

Ciao Bruno, Great news about a second one addded. Way to go!! Hope you're able to make the second one too? You've had to wait too long. Don't worry about the English, many days it's better than mine.

Message: 31913 Posted: Wed Mar 10 13:46:16 2004 By: Danae
Subject: The New Gerry girl: Marilina

There's a new girl in the club. It's my friend Marilina, who was also my roommate in France.
I had promised to show her my HIGHWAY collection ;she wanted to listen the music I'm mad about. When she noticed the booklet, she opened it and pointing at a photo of Gerry's she asked: "Who's that guy?" I answered he was Gerry Beckley. She continued staring at the photo and said: "Wow... He's really handsome!"
I am now trying to find a way to make her stop repeating Gerry's name three times every two minutes.

Message: 31912 Posted: Wed Mar 10 13:39:40 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Triumph

Nice... Even there will be two concerts held, I will attend none.

Message: 31911 Posted: Wed Mar 10 13:15:23 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Triumph

Just... WOW!
Are you going to attend both, you lucky guy???
Let us know!

Message: 31910 Posted: Wed Mar 10 13:13:20 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: To Genevieve

Olivier wrote : <<What about a French fans' reunion?>>
Let's organize that, hey ! Soon.
Got any suggestion as to when and where?

Message: 31909 Posted: Wed Mar 10 10:42:22 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Triumph (II)

Palapartenope of Naples is theatre of further 5000 seat.
Hi bruno

Message: 31908 Posted: Wed Mar 10 10:39:26 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Triumph

Yes Nancy and Genevieve.
Addedd in Naples new show to accomodate demand of tickets.

Message: 31907 Posted: Wed Mar 10 09:38:47 2004 By: pap's
Subject: To Genevieve

Je suis bien Le Olivier d'après l'Olympia,ravi d'être là grâce à toi,à quand un meeting des fans français d'America ?

Message: 31906 Posted: Wed Mar 10 09:00:13 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: That Paris Concert ~~ Thanks for the Neat Video Clip!

Me Again :)

Just wanted to say Welcome aboard to John & paps ~~~It's soooo great hearing from all of you. John ~ I enjoyed your thoughts on the show and thanks for sharing this Video Clip from the Paris show, I had downloaded it and finally figured out how to get it to work on my movie clip player... I just keep it set on loop and play, and have watched it over and over, thanks for taking us there this way! Nice that you have been a fan of theirs for sooo long, and soo neat that your 11yr old son enjoys their music too, I have 4 children and my older ones as well as my younger ones all have their favorite songs of AMERICA's. My 11yr old daughter loved hitting the replay on the Your Move and Perspective cassettes and we wore 2 of each of these out, playing them over and over... I hope an AMERICA show is booked close here soon! I just Love the way AMERICA's music loved by all ages... Nice ~ I want it to be around forever and ever! ~~ Keep on enjoying it up there on Cloud 10, I'm sure you too left there wanting it to go on. Enjoy! :) ~~~ By the sounds of it Gen you got to meet up with alot of Fans of AMERICA's. Neat!

WOW ~~ Bruno ~~ I hope I am understanding your post right, were you just telling us that there was such a demand for tickets to the Naples show on the 11th that there has been another show added to accomadate this demand? Wow Wow Wow :)

Hey there Bones ~~ Have you booked your airline tickets yet? You right to the point Monkeyshiner You! ;)

Hey there Red ~~~ Sandman is blasting here on my tv surround sound... I know how much you love to hear this song done live, and this is one ROCKIN version of it on the Central Park Live DVD.... Yes I have it playing here...with all the talk of shows, bass lines, Silent Letter songs, David Dickey, the song Here done live... and soo many more reasons... I sure am loving watching this again... Ooooooooh how I wished I could turn back time and be one of those people running into this central park setting, sooo anxious to watch this AWESOME show... and there was a Full Moon that night too.... WOW Triple Magice Power here! :)

Hmmmm ~~~ Watching this show, and wanting to go back to 1979, has my wondering mind wondering if there is anyone who reads the posts here that was Lucky enough to have been at this show.... I would love to hear your memories and ramblins about getting to take it in... Thanks :)

OK gotta get again, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Alll niggggtttt, you'll find with your mind, with your mind ~~~ Dewey sure does this song great live, they all shine nicely on this, what a Rockin show this had to be! ~~~~~ We are here with nothing to do today, something we cannot explain, and tomorrow, where will we be tomorrow, what will we see today.... Sing it, Play it ~~ WOW such a great Live version of this song ~~ Woodz is really looking good, and David is playing that awesome Bassline, they all are sooo In Sync with each other... I just love to hit the replay on this! Yes Yes Yes :)

Message: 31905 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:30:54 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: anticipation of news Naples a Triumph for AMERICA

Great news, Bruno! Thank U for sharing.

Message: 31904 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:30:06 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: For John L.

A zillion thanks John!

Message: 31903 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:27:33 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Olympia

Hi! Is that you, Olivier?
Whoever you are, welcome aboard!

( If you are not Olivier, forget this... If you are, let me apologize coz I was away and just found you mail mentioning you were having problems to register... but your posting here would then mean you found your way to the folder! Haha)

It was a pleasure to meet all my fellow fans after the gig, and what a surprise to realize what huge America fans they are! They knowledge is incredible... They made me go whoaaa. Really!
Unforgettable moments. Yeah!
Take care everyone.
ps: thanks Steve for your help. Some European posters do have trouble posting in English, but they're really wishing to join and learn more about the band... So thanks for being so helpful. I'm not surprised anyway!

Message: 31902 Posted: Wed Mar 10 07:13:16 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Harrison's I Need You

Thanks Steve! The sound on this is fantastic! Great start to the day.

Message: 31901 Posted: Wed Mar 10 07:04:12 2004 By: Kade
Subject: For John L.

Thank you! Thank You!!

Message: 31900 Posted: Wed Mar 10 06:57:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Olympia

I'll try my hand again at a French to English translation:

"Hello, it's nice to be here with you and it was a pleasure to meet Geneviève after the Paris concert."

Message: 31899 Posted: Wed Mar 10 06:55:04 2004 By: bruno
Subject: anticipation of news Naples a Triumph for AMERICA

In the city of Naples to satisfy request of tickets of very numerous fans, organizers of the concert are in pleasant coercion to do a second concert for Mar. 12 (after the first programmared concert of 11 Mar.)!!!
It is a war.
ciao bruno
(pardon for my English).

Message: 31898 Posted: Wed Mar 10 06:37:34 2004 By: pap's
Subject: Olympia

me voici parmi vous grace à Geneviève rencontrée après le concert de Paris

Message: 31897 Posted: Wed Mar 10 06:28:43 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Harrison's I Need You & Very good resonance!

Happy Hump Day All :) ;) Finally ~ Finally ~ I got to see and Hear my precious little Bluebird's this morning... I was smiling for sure. I also got a glimpse of the almost Full Moon in the pre dawn indigo sky! Sooooo Nice :)

Thanks sooo much Steen for sharing this Nice bit of AMERICA magic from there in Paris, I sure am loving hitting the replay button on it! :) Thanks Steve L for posting it for us to download! :)

Caio Bruno ~~ I love how you simply summed up your feelings in your post when you said "I am Happy" WOW ~~ Enjoy your Cloud 11 experience, I look forward to seeing these news articles! Yeppers I second your saying that Gerry & Dewey are 2 Genius's in Music! :)

Hi Eddy ~~ Yep that would be great to get to hear Richard do his Bass stuff on the great song Here, I just loved getting to hear it on the Central Park Live DVD, really a Rockin song done Live, Huh!

Cheers Jason ~~ Nice to hear from you about the show, Seeing a show of their's sure leaves you Wanting it to Go On and On, doesn't it? Huh! Sorry you didn't get to meet Gen as well as Gerry & Dewey, hopefully you will get another chance for this to be. Enjoy hitting the replay on all of the Magic you got to see! :)

Hope to see you all tonight, yep Mo you can count me in for a replay listen of the Silent Letter songs... :)

Have a good day everyone, see ya, Nancy :)

How 'bout a cheer for the piano virtuoso
I practiced 61 minutes a day
I could never reach the keys
But it was all OK

How 'bout a cheer for the humour in my brother
That could brighten up the darkest nights
It's just another sign of love
Whenever we would fight

It's all the same twenty years ago
As it is right now
Like a tour at the closing show
When I take my bow

My reputation's on the line
At the start of '79
But like the sun, just watch me shine
I've played this part so many times
Since the end of '59
But like the sun, just watch me shine
Today ~~ Sing it for us Gerry ~~ What a Visual Picturing You, Dewey, Woodz,Willie & Richard Shining brightly way over there in Italy! :):):)

Message: 31896 Posted: Wed Mar 10 05:36:39 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Very good resonance

in Italy in very important newspapers (to national diffusion) there are numerosu articles about Dewey and Gerry and AMERICA (newspapers IL MESSAGGERO, IL GIORNALE, IL TEMPO, ecc..ecc..)
I send original in the next future articles to steve Lowry (with translation in English). For dewey and Gerry, two genius of music, in Italy there is a good welcome.
I am happy.
Ciao Hi All

Message: 31895 Posted: Wed Mar 10 04:18:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Distractions For The Next 113 Days

For anyone not in Europe for the America tour, you may find some fulfilling distraction in seeing The Commitments. They are currently touring in the US. I happened to find this out yesterday and luckily they are playing here in Rochester on Sunday. They're scheduled for the Wolf's Den at Mohegan for Sunday, March 21 for those of you who live over that way. Should be a good show. Their website says they play all the hits from the 1991 (I think) movie.

Message: 31894 Posted: Wed Mar 10 00:01:25 2004 By: John
Subject: Re: I need you

Just played it, nice one to start the day with.


Message: 31893 Posted: Tue Mar 09 20:25:18 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Harrison's I Need You

Steen Pedersen was at the March 7 Paris concert and he sent me an MP3 of America covering George Harrison's "I Need You". Click here to download/listen to the soundclip. Thanks Steen!

Message: 31892 Posted: Tue Mar 09 16:37:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Full Monty Corrections

I got some email from my fellow Moheganites with the following corrections to pass along. Nina thought the publicity photo was airbrushed together from poses taken on the same day with Gerry's best of the session conjoined with Dewey's best. I understood it as two separate sessions on different days. Not sure which is correct. As I said, this time to meet and speak with our guys is not always coherent for me--cloud 10 and all setting in.

One other correction so far: Bones is not of Irish decent (how unfortunate for him) but rather some other combination. Just lucky to look so Irish, I guess. Also, he should have been described as VERY handsome not just handsome. I'll leave it to your imagination as to who sent me THAT email!

Got my reservations for July in place, Bonesy. Can't wait. 114 days.

Message: 31891 Posted: Tue Mar 09 16:15:28 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Bass Lines

In fact, I would love to hear "Here" live again, & give Rich a moment to "shine", I bet he would be Awesome!

Message: 31890 Posted: Tue Mar 09 16:11:15 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Bass Lines

Letter comes to mind w/me too.
I really like the Joe Osborne stuff on Homecoming, Ventura Highway I think has a nice bassline.
Brad's solo on the live version of Here I allways thought was cool...
& Rich's bass break on Woman Tonite!

Message: 31889 Posted: Tue Mar 09 15:09:17 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Re: We got our marks today!!! (for Robyn)

Es tut mir leid! ( I am so sorry) I did not mean to cause you any pain my dear Danae! I was just being silly -- I guess standing in the sun at the Marathon- I was working at a Water Station- has fried my brain! I was hoping your excellent marks would inspire your folks to give you the thing of your desire!!!!!

Message: 31888 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:46:43 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Gerry's wallpaper (for Anita)

Could be, maybe someone else knows for sure.

Message: 31887 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:43:18 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Gerry's wallpaper (for Anita)

Oops! I haven't noticed it! Thanks! It's from the Harbor session, isn't it?

Message: 31886 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:41:13 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Gerry's Wallpaper (for Moser)

Danae, it says 1976 if you click on it.

Message: 31885 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:37:16 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Gerry's Wallpaper (for Moser)

I'm desperately trying to find good pics. I found many good ones on but they are watermarked. One I will definitely use is one of Gerry with messy hair. How old is he in that pic?

Message: 31884 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:29:52 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: We got our marks today?

<<Mmmm... You mean Gerry's 29? I want to say, his necklace?
Hope I guessed right!>>

Yes, you are right. Just a bit o' humor. Yuk. Yuk.

Hey Danae, bebe, where's that Gerry wallpaper? Any word? Waiting.


Message: 31883 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:24:44 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: We got our marks today!!! (for Robyn)

Please, stamata na paizeis me ton pono mou. Translation: Stop playing with my pain.
Valtos eisai? Translation: You do it on purpose?


Message: 31882 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:23:54 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Reruns Aren't Just For TV

For anyone interested in a rerun of the Silent Letter group listen, tune in tomorrow on live chat at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. Either Robyn or I will cue it up. (Robyn will if she can locate her CD!!) Hey, this is the "All My (No) Life(r) CD", so it will be an appropriate one for all of us I'd say. Stop in.

Message: 31881 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:19:29 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: We got our marks today?

Mmmm... You mean Gerry's 29? I want to say, his necklace?
Hope I guessed right!

Message: 31880 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:18:50 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: We got our marks today!!!

since you posted them here I take it those are GOOD marks Danae? WAY TO GO! I hope that this will mean a reward... say a trip to see a certain band?

Message: 31879 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:17:50 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: We got our marks today!!!

Here's mine: 29

Message: 31878 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:09:33 2004 By: Danae
Subject: We got our marks today!!!

Here's mine:
19 and 9/13

Message: 31877 Posted: Tue Mar 09 11:07:34 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Paris - Show

To all those I intended to meet and didn't - sorry. But I was there! Row 6 right in the middle so had a fantastic view.. and what a show!

Although the tickets said 6.00 o'clock I honestly did not expect anything to start until at least an hour later. In the UK most headlining bands don't hit the stage until 9.00 o'clock. I tried to ring the concert hall to check but a French recorded message which meant nothing to me. To be safe we arrived at just gone 6.00 only to find that the support was just starting and the hall was in darkness.
We were shown to our seats in pitch black (or so it seemed) and apologies to the people that had to stand up to let us through.

I looked around during the break but it was very difficult to spot anyone. Everyone near me seemed to be huge fans so impossible to tell anyone from anyone.

The show was fantastic and lived up to all expectations. In fact it surpassed all expectations. The highlights for be was "Wheels are Turning" - love that song and "Sandman" which was a revelation live.

Gerry's trio of ballad's was quite incredible and his encore of ALL MY LIFE a real treat.

I had hoped to hang around after the show but I exited via a side door and then had to think about my friend and wife who arent really fans but accompanied me anyway and so left to get some dinner. By the way, although not fans they loved the show too.

I would have loved to speak to both Dewey & Gerry, but maybe next time.

Anyway a great night and one I won't forget in quite awhile. I'll post the photos I took soon.



Message: 31876 Posted: Tue Mar 09 09:33:00 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Paris Video

I feel like my mother the first time we watched the beta max years ago!! Seeing the video from Paris is amazing! Thanks ...Kade

Message: 31875 Posted: Tue Mar 09 08:46:04 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Ooooops I wanted to say this too....

Maybe the Genova, Italy show. Got Milk?

Message: 31874 Posted: Tue Mar 09 08:10:24 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Paris Video

No, I'm not talking about the Paris Hilton video (LOL). John London (from the UK) who posted earlier about getting to meet Gerry and getting an autograph for his 11 year old son, Sam, sent me a short video of the concert in Paris. Click here to download/watch the Paris concert video. Thanks for sharing that with us John!

I got a few venue photos from Gen, as well, and I'll get them posted the next chance I have. Thanks Gen!

Message: 31873 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:54:43 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Welcome Eric!

Yeah it's me againnnnn :)

Just to say I just read your post Eric, and I wanted to say BRAVO Eric, Nicely said! Hold onto that big fluffy cloud and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy....

Gerry is here singing ~~~ And from Moment to Moment your life can change, there's a storm over the horizon, a sea no one can seeee, somewhere around the bend, right when you least expect, someone can walk away, with no regret, leaving an empty space, breaking a sacred trust, all of your Shining Dreams Begin to Rust, but from Moment to Moment your life can change.... Sing it for me Gerry Promise me You'll never change, Promise me you'll stay the same, promise me you'll never change.... It will be 3 years on March 19th.... that I heard this song for the 1st time... Thanks to a Very Special Friend.... that I found here in cyberworld.... such nice memories!!!!! :) Okay I am all done now, Nancy :) See how easily I can get Lost in these great songs, How I Love how they Carry me away.... :) Thanks Gerry , Dewey & Dan tooooo :)

Message: 31872 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:45:55 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooooops I wanted to say this too....

Me Again :)

Hey Mo ~~~ Thanks sooo Much for sharing Your Full Monty with us... I read it over a couple of times and went to be with Visuals of Mohegan in my mind Saturday night... I Dream of getting to share some nice AMERICA show Magic with you all soon.... Thanks soo much again for all of your Pics too, what a Nice heaping spoonful of that Bringing Smiles to my days..... medicine... I am gonna have to put on my Central Park Live DVD or maybe Musikladen, and chase away my PASD ....

Hey Bones ~~~ Any chance of you Traveling to any other AMERICA shows????

I am sooooo Hoping that a show will be added to the schedule for the Johnstown, Pa. War Memorial building..... or maybe the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pa..... or come Back to Seven Springs..... just head my way soon Pleassse!!!!!

Hey Mo Gerry is just starting to sing Wednesday Morning here, WOW that would be awesome to see Gerry sing this song.... I hope they do consider adding as representing the Human Nature Gems..... Hope sooo.

Okay gotta get now.... Nancy :)

~~~~ I've been waiting, wondering every morning, what I'm gonna say, sometimes life can be decieving, Wednesday won't go away, Wednesday Morning, sometimes life can be decieving, Wednesday won't go away.... Ooh how hearing this song brings back to mind the first time I ever got to hear it..... Nice Memory Keepsake Times for sure ~~~~ Sing it for us Gerry & Dewey :) ;) :)

Message: 31871 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:38:20 2004 By: Eric from Paris
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

Hi everybody .

I was at the show last sunday here in Paris. Such a great show. What can I add from what Gen already told you ? Her words are so beautiful and so right. Bravo Gen !! Gen , reading you took me back there !!
Why does these great times go so fast ? I remember I booked my tickets about 4 month ago, thinking "god I have to be patient until they get here". Now they are gone ..... It is the fourth time I see America in concert, and I have the feeling they are getting better each time !! I guess their secrect is to love what they do . And to love sharing it with the band and the audience. Thank you guys. As you will not come back to France before...??? then I ll come to see you again in California !! You are all great on this site ( Steve of course is # 1 ), Gen you are great, your french translation for the frech site is great . Thank you....

Message: 31870 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:24:50 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part) ~ VFTHW pics & catching up!

Hi Hoooo Everyone :) :) :) WOW ~~ This Place is BURSTING at the SEAMS! ~~~ I feel like there is one of those Overloaded Circuits in my Mind, and my Fingers are over anxious to start typing it all~~ Oooooh noooooo Look out! LOL!!!! :)

1st of all Thanks Gerry for the VFTHW pics from Paris and Italy... Wow the pic from Paris kinda fits our sky theme here the last couple of days too, I hope those grey clouds there showered raindrops down on you rather than snowflakes... Once again ~~ We have been Blanketed with White Snow... One sure sign that Spring is trying to make an Entrance tho, is the Parade of Robins that my son Nathan & I saw as we waited for his bus to pic him up for school... We had fun watching them, have you ever noticed how much Robins can look alike yet be soooo Different from each other...(Oh no there goes my mind, I am ramblin on again ~~ LOL!) Anyway it was good to see this pic... My mind has been there with Gen as well as Bruno ~~ Just sooo happy they are getting to experience Awesome "AMERICA" Magic... ~~ The pic from Italy is How should I say it ~~ Hmmm kinda Organized, Kinda steady flowing, Kinda makes my mind wonder who all is the cars along this circular Parade... Is this the main street there?? Does it go around a Special or Significant Landmark??? ~~~ Soooo Neat that You took your Wives along to Enjoy this ~~ WOW!!! I Bet Both of You are Shining Doubly Bright, just having them there! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :)

Welcome aboard ~~ Thierry, Fitz, John & DavidM ~~~ I have been known to say this in the past and at this moment I just gotta say it again ~~ I Just Love How Soooo Many People From All Around the World Love AMERICA & Their Music as Much as I DO & Have from the Get Go! ~~ Thanks for coming and sharing your taste of Heaven with us ~~ I had the PASD sooo much that I popped in my AMERICA in Concert DVD and had my own Private Show.... Such a Nice Pick me Upper for sure! Sooo neat that you all got to talk with Gerry & Dewey, and autographs & pics... I will look forward to getting to see the pics... Just wanted to say Thierry, I took French in High School and I really liked it, but with the years I have lost most of it... some of what you posted came back to me.. I second Gen's saying that Steve L did a pretty good job translating your post for us... And I second Jimmmmmmmbob's saying that English is Gen's second language, Gen I really admire You for being soo good at 2 languages, kinda reminds me of my long lost friend from Germany... He too knew English as well as German and he too shares this Love for AMERICA, like all of us... Nice :)

Oooooooh Gen ~ Gen ~ Gen ~~~ You are too are Bursting at the Seams... I can feel your excitement and energy in your posts... and I sure am Soooo Happy for YOU! ~~ You had me smiling when you mentioned this Lady singer that did the French version of the song "LeSud" too much, tooo much for sure... I'd be willing to bet as you had a thought of me, I too was thinking of you, and wondering what surprises laid in store for you... Sooo happy you got to talk with Gerry, Dewey as well as Erin. All of your words nicely spelled out this Setting for sure... Thanks for sharing this all with us... You will be Floating around on Cloud 11 for quite some time, I'd say! Enjoy it and Hold onto it, hit the Replay button on it, let your Memory banks save every second of the Magic... Oooooooh I just love how you gave us Gerry's Message to Us... What a Visual I got from it... I am a Smilin for sure.... Thanks Gen & Gerry for a nice dose of Seratona ~(not sure how this is spelled) in other words, Thanks for the SMILES! :) :) :) Oooops one more thing Gen, soooo neat you getting to meet both Kathy & Penny and to get to share the gift of gab with them ~~ WOW!!! Neat :)

Just wanted to say a Big Thank You to Cindy FTS ~~~ WOW talk about AMERICA Heaven... this Henry Diltz has a Nice Gift for Catching all of the Hidden plus Visual talents of our guys... I saved sooo many of these pics to my puter and I put the one of Gerry & Dewey from the Hourglass years... Dewey is sitting on steps and Gerry is standing off to his side.. they are dressed in those oooh soo nice Black suits... WOW WOW ~~ I have this pic tiled, Nice effect! ~~ Hey Mo Girl ~~ sooo neat, leave it to you to find Gerry in a Ballcap... I could spend the whole day checking these pics out... Thanks Mr Henry Diltz for the way your lens allows us to Push the Pause button on some really nice moments.... Even my most favorite pic of Gerry & Dewey was there, you all know which one I mean... the Window Frame Pic... where Gerry is sitting in the window, and Dewey is standing behind him.... and that nice caption, that nicely spells it all out for sure "Still Friends After All These Years" I Love it.... yes yes yes!!!!

Hey there Jason ~~ Hope to hear from You soon about your thoughts...

Caio Bruno ~~ Have a great time! Look forward to getting a Glimpse of what we all are missing there ..... Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.... :)

Regarding Bass Lines.... Wow Good Question Jimmmmmbob... just you mentioning David Dickey takes my mind to watching the Central Park Live DVD and how he Worked Magic with his Bass Guitar there! Nice, Nice, Nice :)

Cheers Spurs ~~ I Second your comment about the Extaordinary Events that have been happening this year already... Nice to hear from you, I hope all that you have been doing to assure your future Highway is going well for you, and hopefully in the future you too will get to see AMERICA at a show again... Hmmmm ~~ My mind is wondering just when is the release of this DVD from the Sydney show gonna be released???

Looking forward to Jeff Larsons ~~ Sepia CD release, and soo neat that AMERICA may be heading to England possibly, Hey there Jim, you may just be heading to a show Soon.... I hope so! :)

Okay gotta get now, Hmmm Sleepertrain is on here now, and Us NoLifers were saying at the live chat what a great Encore song this would make, hmmm Imagine this 1st encore Wheels, 2nd Sleepertrain,3rd From a Moving Train and then the Finale Horse of Course!!!!! WOW ~~~ What a Heavenly ENCORE PKG that would be HUH !!!! A Girl can Dream, can't she??? Have a good day all, see ya, Nancy :) ;)

~~~~ I wass Dreaming of YOU Feeling LUCKY, I was Dreaming of YOU, Feeling LUCKY, ..... Play that Harmonica Gerry :) Sing it Dewey Train kept rollin.... Nice song.... Just had to hit the Replay button.... sing it again.... I was on a Sleepertrain, bound for anywhere, and I was Gazing out the window in a Lonnnnnnnnng Stare.... take it from there Dewey :)

PS ~~~ Hey there Reddddddddd ~~ I sure hope you get to Head to Casper to see the Eagles.... sure wish Mo & I could hop on a Plane and take this show in with you & your Mrs.... :) ;) :)

Message: 31869 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:14:02 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Paris (Erin)

Brrrrrr! :)

Message: 31868 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:13:22 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 26! not 25... !

S**t again! Daisy WAS on my list... I just forgot it when I copied the list for the folder and count ... I'll have to post a corrected set list, really! This is what happens when you don't get enough America concert training, hey!!! :-)

Message: 31867 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:10:33 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Paris Show (Jimbob)

thank you, thank you.
You know your comments do matter to me. Thanks for being a supportive friend in good and bad times alike.?

Message: 31866 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:08:12 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Genevieve - your account (John)

I'm glad my description sounded familiar to you!
I'll keep you posted. Promise... will come back to you later.

Message: 31865 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:05:05 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Fitz

Thanks for posting and welcome aboard!
I don't have the answer about J Taylor but Jeff is right when he says you must check out Jeff Larson!!!
Go to his site:
and get to hear his sounclips for the new album (Sepia) and for the previous ones.
Btw, he also covered Gerry's Norman on Fragile Sunrise.
Let us know what you think when you're done, please!

Message: 31864 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:02:58 2004 By: DavidM
Subject: Paris in the Spring

Just got back to the UK from the Paris concert - what a fabulous night (and weekend - even got to see Paris-Nice Prologue - pro bike race - another passion!)

Amazing night, not least because we took our two boys (aged 10 and 13) with us - and it struck me that 31 years ago I started listening to America - who would've thought that I would be taking my children to see the same group - you will be pleased to know they loved the concert.

Looking forward to the day when Americ visit the UK - last time I saw them was in Hielbron (Germany) in 1999.

Message: 31863 Posted: Tue Mar 09 05:37:17 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: Fitz

Fitz, do your self a favor and check out Jeff Larson. He has a new cd coming out soon. In the meantime there's "watercolor sky", "Room for summer" and "Fragile sunrise" available. ...all top notch cd's!

Good that Gen, Bruno, and others are getting to see america perform.

carry on.

Message: 31862 Posted: Tue Mar 09 05:01:07 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Hope This Works

Bugger. That didn't work. Try this perhaps.

Message: 31861 Posted: Tue Mar 09 04:59:24 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Hope This Works

A trucker's hat never looked so fine. Ashton Kutcher, eat your heart out!{1e1d7fb2-6e09-438e-a4c0-

Message: 31860 Posted: Tue Mar 09 04:11:46 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Paris

Love that Paris view!! Wish I could be there...

Erin :o)

Message: 31859 Posted: Tue Mar 09 03:35:44 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 26! not 25... !

I was wondering about that one Gen and surprised that it wasn't on your list. I don't think I saw Daisy Jane on your list either. Could there have been 27 songs? Maybe I just read it too quickly and missed seeing DJ. I will have to take a second look. Funny that you met John and now he has posted. It's a small cyberworld after all.

Welcome, John.

Message: 31858 Posted: Tue Mar 09 03:23:20 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Genevieve-your account

Hey John, good to have you aboard! And you got to meet the great Gerry Beckley! It must be so long since America has played in UK. No-one here can understand why!Interesting to me you live near Reading; I lived in Sunninghill in 1989 and rode my bike each day past Tittenhurst Park, Lennon's place obviously, and I used to think how The Beatles would arrive at the gate I was riding past and have pics taken there for the Abbey Road album, and then John recorded IMAGINE there. And then I saw McCartney play Wembley Arena in '89, and then NZ.What I did mean to say, was I saw Clapton play in NZ,in '92, twice, and I agree with you man, America ARE better! ROCK ON!

Message: 31857 Posted: Tue Mar 09 02:43:42 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: The Year that Was.

Hello everyone,well I don't know about you people but what a year! As of late I have been lurking but what extraordinary events have already taken place.On the one hand "our boys" recording, a DVD, in Europe with some quite tidy crowds.But what pleases me more is to hear from Bruno and Genevieve some of those truly devoted fans that finally get to see these people getting these songs across.Yet more dates to ufold in the USA can they be any busier? slowing down,I don't think these guy have heard of it,on and on it goes.Talking about the DVD World, now the guys have tested the water so to speak can you imagine Gerry and Dewey playing before a full orchestra any venue Large, medium, or small,well thats it for a spell will continue to swoop along the electronic highway.

Message: 31856 Posted: Tue Mar 09 02:05:43 2004 By: John
Subject: Genevieve - your account

I must say I wished I had the gift of words. When I posted my first message I hadn't read yours but now have. Everything was just as you described it - a perfect evening and probably one of the best concerts ever for me - better even than Eric Clapton and Dire Straits a few years back.

I'm pretty new to the chat room and haven't been listed on the fan list but I am a huge fan - all CDs and DVD's. My son Sam aged 11 is also a fan and he will be there next time for sure. Tell me more about where you are located as I can't work out where you live. Are you in France, are you French etc etc. or are you UK based but have excellent Fench?
Me I'm 50 something !!! with 2 young kids 11 and 9 and live in the UK, Crowthorne which is not far from Reading.

Keep me posted either on the Chat Folder or by direct email ...



Message: 31855 Posted: Tue Mar 09 01:48:24 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Paris Show/ Bass Lines

Gen,so good, so GOOD! I really could feel the atmosphere of the concert, thanks to your as always wonderful writing! And English is your second language...! Since Ive been on the folder, which is more than 2 years now, I have read the concert reviews with much interest as the guys make their way round the world; mostly obviously in the States, and then the lucky for me times they head down to Aussie and NZ.But reading your account of the Paris show was special, moreso by the fact that it was only 5 weeks ago I was talking to Gerry and Dewey in Auckland and since then they have played in the States as well. And I dont think it matters how long we get to talk to them;first time I ever talked to either of the guys it lasted probably 30 seconds, and 20 years later I remember it as if it was yesterday. But soon, if not already, you will be going through the PADS;it exists for sure! On to the bass lines; the first America bass line I heard was on Horse, right before Dewey sings 'The first thing I met....' and to this day I think its terrific! Sandman too, such a subtle, yet driving bass by Gerry. And there are lots more, sure, but tell me, you bass players, or anyone else, when America stopped playing bass themselves and got in the likes of Joe Osbourne, and then for a long time,David Dickey, did they(America) write the bass parts, or did said bass players lay down the parts as they saw fit, and obviously being better bass players than the guys, it was the finished product? And Gen,I do hope you get get your fellow countrypeople to join the folder, and speaking of which,you oldtimers from the folder,come back!

Message: 31854 Posted: Tue Mar 09 01:27:57 2004 By: Fitz
Subject: America/James Taylor

Hello friends,
Although I regularly take a look on the America Chords,it was the first time i let a message on the America fans chat folder yesterday.I was in "the bunch of guys"that talked with Geneviève ,Larsen(?)and Sylvie(?)after the gig, last sunday.My friend (the 2 other guys were my brothers)was so excited that he absolutely wanted to recover pics of that unforgettable moment,and gave his e-mail to many people that promised to send him photographs.
A french proverb says "un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul" and it seems to be true because ,James Taylor is coming soon (3th of July) at the Olympia too!!
Dewey said in an interview that "when America first released "Horse",people in the U.S thought it was Neil Young singing.But i think,harmonically,we were more Crosby, Stills and Nash...we happened to hit a vacuum and filled it.It was in the middle of the James Taylor / Elton John era and we were an american group in England..."
All the singers he quotes (except Elton John) belong to my favourite ones ,and i bet i'm not the only one.
But does anyone know if Gerry and Dewey ever sang with James?Where and when? Gerry and Dewey feature in Jeff Larson's Fragile sunrise and a lot of people say that Jeff's music sounds like James taylor's one.

Message: 31853 Posted: Tue Mar 09 01:01:14 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: That Paris Concert

Hey, are you THE John I mentioned in my post / review??? That would be cool... Was right next to you when you talked to Gerry.

So glad you came to Paris to catch this show. It was well worth the trip, no?

I'd love to see that little silent film of yours by the way...

Message: 31852 Posted: Tue Mar 09 00:41:02 2004 By: John
Subject: That Paris Concert

I took a solo trip to Paris on Sunday to see Gerry, Dewey and company at Olympia Hall.

It was the first time I had had a chance to see them live for over 25 years, having been a fan since the beginning.

Needless to say they were brilliant and very well received by a very enthusiastic capacity, largely French audience.

I took a couple of photos, nothing special except a short silent movie which I can send to anyone interested. I was more interested in the music and singing along.

After standing ovations at the end I took my time to leave, savouring the atmosphere and after about 5 minutes, slowly wandered out. A small croud had gathered at the corner of the building which I realised was near the stage door where Gerry was signing autographs. He sign one for my 11 year old, Sam who is a big fan (and will be at the next gig in this part of the world) and I had a brief chat with him. Apparently they tried for a UK venue for this tour but it didn't work out.

"Wheels are turning" and Gerry's solo encore "All my life" were highlights but the whole 110 minutes was filled with quality.

Did anyone else go?



Message: 31851 Posted: Mon Mar 08 22:13:44 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: 26! not 25... !

S**t guys, I went to bed last night recollecting the concert's best moments and reralized that we had heard Ventura Highway too!!! Looking back at my list, hum I noticed I had forgotten it. It was the second song, though. Was probably taken by the music...hum Anyway, that makes 26 songs, not 25.

Message: 31850 Posted: Mon Mar 08 20:09:41 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

Penny? Penny who?? (double wink)

Cindy F.T. South

Message: 31849 Posted: Mon Mar 08 19:44:22 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Pink Overalls

I did get lost in those photos...I knew you would too!!
Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31848 Posted: Mon Mar 08 19:44:21 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Pink Overalls

I did get lost in those photos...I knew you would too!!
Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31847 Posted: Mon Mar 08 17:28:25 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

I am glad to know that the guys ( at leastD&G) brought their wives along. Earlier this week I was thinking what a shame it would be to waste such a romantic city.

Message: 31846 Posted: Mon Mar 08 16:53:34 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

Kathy? Kathy who, cher? (wink)

Message: 31845 Posted: Mon Mar 08 15:59:52 2004 By: RichM
Subject: Bass Lines

One of my favorites is the bass line at the end of "Old Man Took" on the King Biscuit CD. It always sneaks up on me, which makes it even cooler.

What about "Hell's On Fire"? I recall the strong rhythm guitar but I can't quite recall the bass. Anyone?


Message: 31844 Posted: Mon Mar 08 15:09:12 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Booohooohooo! (Danae)

Keep your head up, please, little Danae. I'm sure your time will come very soon. It can't be otherwise, can it? ;-)


Message: 31843 Posted: Mon Mar 08 15:05:35 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

You're welcome Kade. Thanks for reading the whole story ! ;-)

Message: 31842 Posted: Mon Mar 08 13:38:57 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Europe

Dear Genevieve I don't speak a good English (you are very very good)
I sebd to Steve a report about concert of Naples after some days.
My friend (I hope) Gerardo Di Pasquale, teacher of English, help me for trnslation. I send photos of concert and phptos of 50 (not more 40) my friends that witm me and with bus are in Naples (from Agropoli) to see legendary AMERICA.
Dear Nina I know city of FANO: is a very beatiful city with numerous mus of art and Roman and Medieval constructions. This city is in the region of Marche, province of Pesaro-Urbino.

Message: 31841 Posted: Mon Mar 08 13:29:13 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

Gen... I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy a great concert and get autographs! Thanks for sharing! Kade

Message: 31840 Posted: Mon Mar 08 13:18:11 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Favorite America basslines?

Don't forget THE LETTER. Base feels sort of like the lead.

Message: 31839 Posted: Mon Mar 08 13:17:51 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Europe (Booohooohooo!)



Message: 31838 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:55:47 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Europe

Dear Bruno,
I hope you enjoy your Naples gig as much as I did the Paris one!
Counting on you too for a set list and (detailed) review.
Take care,

Message: 31837 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:23:07 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

Mo, here you are! Happy to share...
FYI, 'more, more, more' is 'encore, encore, encore' in French. Hahaha!


Message: 31836 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:12:18 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia ( last part)

So, we ran out to the back door….

Gerry was there signing stuff and answering questions. I’m usually rather cool but my heart started to boom when I realized his cab was already there with Kathy in, smiling and waiting for him. I hurried and heard him say to an English guy there apparently named John (if you read this, man, can you confirm ?) that they’re actually trying to tour England but nothing’s really settled now… Great news, no ? (If they tour London, i’ll go for sure ). Then he said he got to take his cab but stopped again so that I had the time to say I was gen from the folder. We exchanged our ‘oh, nice to meet you’ and he asked me to say hi to everybody and he signed my Complete Greatest Hits cover, said bye bye to the crowd and left. It was quick but so nice really. Thanks for the autograph Gerry and for taking a few seconds for me!

After that I saw Erin coming out of the venue to check out if Dewey’s cab had arrived. I introduced myself… G ! This woman is absolutely adorable ! We spoke a bit while I was waiting for Dewey to come out, about their stay in my country, the upcoming shows and the almost sold out Nice show and great audience they had over there too. I was happy to hear.
I mentioned I was lucky to see Gerry even though very quickly and she explained that they were leaving Paris at dawn to be in Rome early the next day because they had an important press interview out there…
I told her about the T-shirts we had done to promote America’s Paris show in my city and gave her the 2 units I had kept for the guys (will send a pic to Steve asap). We spoke about some of you too… hehe

Dewey finally came out with Penny. People rushed to get their stuff signed and literally crushed him against the door. Dewey, your kindness to this wild crowd amazed me A LOT ! You’re an absolutely wonderful, caring and patient person.
I was able to approach them and introduce myself as before…Dewey turned to me and said <<oh are you ?>> then turned to Penny and he introduced me to her. She gave me a very warm ‘hi’ and we all shook hands. Dewey signed my CD cover while Penny and I talked about the shopping they did in Paris. Well, she said they did go shopping and she added smiling <<not enough !>>…haha. Dewey said <<we read all your posts on the folder>>. I know, I know, some of you are so used to it that they’ll probably think it real banal. But for me it was so touching to hear that !
Anyway, wow!!! what a nice couple they’re forming. Had never seen her before but she looks so beautiful and she’s a very kind person too. As the cab was waiting for them, they left too.

And that was it… Thierry, Sylvie and I decided to have a light dinner and a beer together before parting.
At the restaurant, we were joined by a bunch of fans ( I don’t know the names of) that we had met at the concert (they saw us while passing by the restaurant) and we chatted a bit about the band, a possible upcoming cd, the announced DVD and more… Around midnight we left and walked towards the opera to catch a cab and get back to the hotel. Thierry left.

A few pics were taken but not with my digital cam because it got blocked during the concert. Fortunately, I could take a few shots before the incident, and Sylvie and Thierry had their cameras too , so we should be able to post some soon.

Thank you all guys for the wonderful time we had with you. Thanks Mickael, Richard and Willie for the formidable energy. Richard, your voice is just so beautiful.Thanks Dewey and Gerry. Now I hope you think you got real evidence that France loves you back. ! Yeah we heart you soooo much. Come back soon, please !


Message: 31835 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:03:28 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

How do you say MORE, MORE, MORE in French? Gen, I am anxiously awaiting your next installment. Hurry, girl, hurry.

Message: 31834 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:00:22 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite America basslines?

I have always loved the bass line in "Letter"

Message: 31833 Posted: Mon Mar 08 11:08:38 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Paris

Hehe! Gerry, mine is much worse!... To make up for it, I went around and took pics of the nice Paris monuments (Notre-Dame, the opera, the Louvre etc...)
Was not sad to leave the Paris chilly air. That reminded me of why I live on the Spanish border... Haha. Sorry Thierry!

Message: 31832 Posted: Mon Mar 08 11:00:25 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Favorite America basslines?

Hey everyone,
I have enjoyed reading the bunch of reviews from the concert that America did in Paris. Sounds like it was a great time. You guys were treated to a long set, and just reading the list of songs made me wish i were seeing an America concert very soon. This summer I'm sure I will see one or maybe two, three.
This post is also about your favorite America basslines. I am talking about it after reading the post of the article about America in Bass Magazine by Eddy (thanks for posting that, by the way).
I think of Muskrat Love and Lonely People. any other songs i'm forgetting that have a really good bassline. Oh I just thought of one from Harbor: "Are You There" has a really excellent bassline. Most of the time the bass is mixed kind of "in the back" of America's sound, but i think it adds something to the mix.
Any other thoughts?
Rob L

Message: 31831 Posted: Mon Mar 08 10:37:13 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia (Steve)

Hey, not bad at all, Steve!!!
<<so at the public level that at the level of the concert >> humm, this is quite meaningless to me as well. I think what Thierry meant is that the quality of the audience was matching that of the concert / guys' talent. America's success with their Olympia public was totally amazing. We all had the same reaction/opinion after the show. Hey my people made me kinda proud... haha

Message: 31830 Posted: Mon Mar 08 10:35:06 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Rome

Ah, the boys are in Italy! Home of my ancestors! "Mangia"!

Actually, I still have relatives living in the northern region of Italy. I kidded with Dewey recently, telling him that to be fed well they have to "go up to Florence, bang a right, and head towards the Adriatic sea"! I've always wanted to ask fellow folder fan, Bruno, if he knows where the town of Fano is, and if he has ever heard of it?

I hope the European fans have a blast!

Message: 31829 Posted: Mon Mar 08 10:21:18 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

Hi guys!
Yeah I'm back from Paris, physically at least, coz mentally... hum can you just guess where I am ? ... You, people on this board certainly understand what I mean.

Ok, first, before leaving the place, Gerry told me to say 'Hi ' to you for him ... so 'Hi everybody' from Gerry !!!
Second, let me say that no existing adjective can qualify last night show at the Olympia Hall. No. Really.
To me, it was heaven-like. But then the simile is still quite poor...
Except for this very insignificant technical problem mentioned in Fitz's post, the guys (let me include Pete here of course- Gerry introduced him to the audience during the show ), the music and the show's atmosphere were much more than GRAND... They rocked this mythical venue from the first song to the very last note. ABSOLUTELY.
I want to publicly thank my fellow fans here for being purely outstanding. In brief, it was a 2 hour long demonstration of our love & passion for the guys and their music . The Olympia Hall was full and rocking real hard, to my extreeeeeme pleasure. They surely got the warmest of welcomes (that they so truly deserve as you know). I was transported by their success.

But let me start from the beginning:

Unfortunately, i couldn't reach the venue in due time to get a chance to catch them on their way to it and say hi. That was the bad part but, though a bit upset, i was not going to let anything like that spoil my day. So, I decided I would wait near the main entry to meet my fave America fans and internet correspondents around, namely Thierry, Eric and his family, possibly Jason and some more (where were you, Jason???)... That didn't happen exactly this way either... but Sylvie and I got to meet new people who were huge America listeners. They promised me they would join the boards soon. Hopefully they will.
At 5 pm something, we were the first 2 to enter the venue, which amused my friend very much... hehe... coz i'm usually a 'just on time' type of person, so... twas kinda amazing.

We found our seats and watched the rest of the audience filling in the venue. Thierry arrived and we found ourselves sitting next to each other. Great moment. We had a lot to tell the other. Then Eric arrived and we talked a bit. I could not localize Jason and his folks, which was a bit sad . Then we talked with other fans in the first 4 ranks about the band and i did a little mB promo as well (you know me...hum hum...) and got a bunch of new orders for the last mB Ep. I also did some Jeff Larson promo because our guys are on the new cd as well. Twas fun. Yeah!

Then the first part began. Beverly jo Scott. Great US lady speaking French perfectly. Very good support band. She said how impressed she was to open for legendary band America. She also added that she decided to open for them because then she would be able to attend their gig without a ticket . Haha... I had a big thought for Nancy when she did her version of that French song 'Le Sud'. Of course she was greatly rewarded by the audience for it... While she was singing, I noticed busy Pete at the back of the stage doing his job. She did a few more songs and the curtain was closed to prepare the stage for the guys.

There was some waiting to do, so I took the time to speak to more fans again and give them the link to Thierry's and Steve's site. After a while, a voice was heard from behind the curtain, announcing America. The audience showed much excitement from the very beginning, clapping their hands like crazy. Gooood!
They started with Riverside. After the song they both thanked us in French but Gerry immediately added that as they don't speak French , there would be MORE music... (so we forgave them...hehe...)

Here is the 03/07/04 Paris (Olympia Hall) setlist ( had to write down the titles to avoid forgetting any).

You can do magic
Don't cross the river
To each his own
The last unicorn
3 Roses
(At that point Gerry mentioned the tech pb while they were sound checking, someone shouted 'i need you'. The guys smiled and Gerry said << we don't normally do requests, but for that man...>> and he started to sing <<We used to laugh...>>)
I need you (A)
I need you ( G Harrison)
Baby it's up to you
Wheels are turning
Tin man
The border
Woman tonight
Only in your heart
California dreaming (Dewey told us the story about the film that noone has seen)
Lonely people
Hangover (Dewey presented the song saying it’s about how you feel when you drink too much French wine)
Never be lonely
Sandman (i'm crazy about that intro they do, so great!)
Sister golden hair

All my life (Gerry solo)
California revisited
Horse with no name.

After Sandman, all the people in the audience stood up to never get back to their seats, meaning we were all standing and dancing, waving arms or singing during the last 4 songs. We didn’t want them to go, really.

After Horse, Dewey said goodbye and that he believes America is France’s friend and that << we love you >>. I don’t know why but he had a lot of success with the audience after that. ! hehe
Then they left and we applauded them again for a little while. Pete came out with picks and started to throw them to the people there. I was too far then to get a chance to catch one. Too bad ! Anyway, I wanted to see the guys before they left, so we ran out to the back door….

To be continued…

Message: 31828 Posted: Mon Mar 08 08:29:23 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Rome

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Rome, Italy.

Message: 31827 Posted: Mon Mar 08 08:28:35 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Paris

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Paris, France.

Message: 31826 Posted: Mon Mar 08 08:26:30 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to everyone who participated in last night's very lively chat. Next Sunday will be Alibi, about 9 PM EST. Hope you can make it!

Message: 31825 Posted: Mon Mar 08 08:26:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

I don't speak French (I only speak English and Spanish, and my quality in both of those is questionable) but with the help of an Internet translation service and the slight similarity between Spanish and French, here's what I think Thierry was saying:

They are gone. It was a great evening, so at the public level that at the level of the concert (this part doesn't make sense to me - help me out Gen). A very warm mood, 2 hours together with non-stop tunes. If the photos are any good, I'll put them on the French site. Genevieve will give you a review of the concert, a big one??? Thank-you Dewey for the photo ;o)))

Message: 31824 Posted: Mon Mar 08 02:35:00 2004 By: Thierry
Subject: 07 Mars à l'Olympia

Ils sont passés. C'était un grand soir, tant au niveau public qu'au niveau du concert.
Une ambiance très chaleureuse, 2 heures de concert et de tubes non stop.
Si les photos ne sont pas ratées, je les transferts sur le site Français.
Genevieve va vous faire un topo du concert, hein ma grande ???
Merci à Dewey pour la photo ;o)))


Message: 31823 Posted: Mon Mar 08 00:52:31 2004 By: Fitz
Subject: Olympia Gig

25 songs (Geneviève counted them)!!! The audience was "feeling groovy" and America seemed to have much pleasure to play in Paris.A little technical problem with one guitar connection on the first pieces , but a really great performance!

Message: 31822 Posted: Sun Mar 07 21:45:24 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pink Overalls

Cindy F.T.S.--
Thanks a gazillion, I just had to check out this Corbis that you mentioned. A girl could get lost in those pages. Nice of you to share this tip. I think I just found my new idol, Henry Diltz!!

Message: 31821 Posted: Sun Mar 07 15:32:34 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: San Fran.

...was watching public television this evening and watched Scott McKenzie sing "San Francisco" live (recorded actually) and he sounded great. Had a banjo in the band too. ...would love to see/hear Jeff L. cover this song sometime.

BTW, the show is called "American soundtrack".

Message: 31820 Posted: Sun Mar 07 09:50:07 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Pink Overalls

I spent quite a bit of time last night browsing If you do an America search, there are lots of fun photos of our dreamboats...and I finally got to see the pink overalls! Wow!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31819 Posted: Sun Mar 07 05:02:14 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party-Silent Letter

Tonight's listening party will be Silent Letter, 9 PM EST. Hope you can join us!

Message: 31818 Posted: Sun Mar 07 04:41:34 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Time Zoning

I think Paris is six hours ahead of us here on the East Coast. If so, the show is only four hours away or so. Gen, I can't wait to hear your review. Have fun.

Message: 31817 Posted: Sun Mar 07 02:58:55 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Europe

Dear Genevieve
I hope that you give a report about French concert.
Hi ciao

Message: 31816 Posted: Sat Mar 06 19:39:13 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: The Definative America...

I know I don't post much, but just picked up Guitar Magazine BASS (A U.K. publication, issue 10, Jaco Pastorius on the cover) & it has a Album review on the "Definative America"
Here it is...just thought I'd share....
Although America (oddly enough, a British Band) are best known for their international smash hit, "A Horse w/No Name" that opens this CD, they followed it up w/further hits, also featured on this collection.
Both Gerry Beckley & Dan Peek carried out bass duties for the band, alltough later albums featured session ace Joe Osborne.
Bass-wise, we're mostly treated to simple roots-based lines, leaving the song in command, but even when there's an opportunity to spice things up, the playing remains supportive-
"Muskrat Love" is A fine example.
Overall, the mood is very laid-back folk-rock, reflecting it's 70's vibe-
But what the album captures best is that the band was almost a victim of it's own success w/"A Horse w/No Name".
There are plenty of other strong hits here for the legions of America Fans.
I thought it was interesting to see America in A "Bass review", let alone get a review at all....I'm glad someone took notice...
America Rules!
Take Care All!

Message: 31815 Posted: Sat Mar 06 13:40:51 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Mohegan Sun in July

Hey Nancy,
When July rolls around, I'm going to ask you one question: GOT MILK?

Message: 31814 Posted: Sat Mar 06 13:14:55 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: And So On...

Thank you Moser for sharing, I really enjoyed reading about your trip and the concert. And I have decided to travel to Virginia in October to see them, I cannot go another year without seeing them in concert. I'm already excited! Thanks again!! You've inspired me to travel!!

cindy F.T.South

Message: 31813 Posted: Sat Mar 06 13:10:53 2004 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hello Terry T.

Hi Terry- Thanks for understanding my reference about the guitaR LEAD IN "Company". Hope everyone is doing well. See Ya TT

Message: 31812 Posted: Sat Mar 06 11:51:44 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: I'll let the moon announce my arrival...


Message: 31811 Posted: Sat Mar 06 11:07:19 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: I'll let the moon announce my arrival...

...To every eye that cares to see...

Yeah ! Full moon tonight ! Hehe... Thought it fun to mention. Ok just meant to share with you.
Will be off to Paris tomorrow very early morning. I'm already on cloud 1000000 and trying to keep control. Haha.
Hoping my English fellow fans are enjoying their stay over there...

Message: 31810 Posted: Sat Mar 06 10:02:39 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Thanks - Got my answer

I was just getting ready to let you know that it was Gerry when I saw that Johnny already sent you the answer. I know that some people don't like Muskrat Love, but I think it's a great song!

Message: 31809 Posted: Sat Mar 06 09:06:50 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Thanks - Got my answer

Johnny e-mailed me that Mr. Gerry Beckley is the crooner of the song. Thanks Everyone

Message: 31808 Posted: Sat Mar 06 08:34:57 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Need some info - know I can count on someone...

HI All, I need some information and I know someone on the chat folder can provide it for me. Only problem is I need it quickly by today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday) in order to finish the gift I am making for someone. OK Here it goes, (I know for most of the informed on this folder it is probably a very simple question)

On the Hat Trick Album Which of the guys sings Muskrat Love? Is it Dewey B.? Thanks in advance to all of you.

Message: 31807 Posted: Sat Mar 06 06:51:19 2004 By: David Orlando
Subject: Re: riverside instrumental

Joe you are my idol. I've been playing for 30 years and play America 95% 0f the time I do. I have never been able to capture Riverside the way you did. You dont live in NJ by any chance do you. If not how about I fly you out here and you teach me! David

Message: 31806 Posted: Fri Mar 05 21:08:06 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: BNL--- for Moser

I caught the Bare Naked Ladies a few years ago, they're pretty entertaining & very talkative too! Just love their classic "If I had 1,000,000 dollars" I could hear that a million times and it'll still be funny. They did that "dance routine" that was like synchronized swimming too, I see they're still doing it at their shows. Mo, sounds like you had 2 great nights and a full monty too....and got to hear a few classics!

Hope everyone who's attending in Paris has a great time!

Message: 31805 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:57:15 2004 By: Moser
Subject: And So On...

Editor's note: the dishes aren't done, the mail is unopened, I need to go to sleep. But after a week of percolating this thing up and out of me, it is finally done. Hopefully, you've enjoyed it.

And so on…

I forgot to say that I had seen David Moretti and his wife, Jane, on one of my excursions out of line to stretch and well…take a bathroom break. He was about 15 or so people back in line. He had a print of his World Tour 2004 artwork with him and an America 45 from the early days that he was going to have signed. Talk about having connections, I think this guy gets to go backstage at every show. Hmm, who does he know? I wonder. Maybe his artistic talent opens doors, or maybe he’s just a nice guy. Either way, he’s one lucky guy. Did you take photos Dave? I hope so. I didn’t know it at the time but the other folks in the photo with Dave and Jane are his fellow band members. He told me the other day that he brought them along to encourage them to play more America tunes. He says it apparently worked. Way to go, Dave, good scheming.

As if we didn’t have enough to cluck over with our whining and worrying about the seating arrangements, we (or at least I) were also fretting over whether Nina was going to make the cut off time. I knew she could not leave school early on Friday as it was Progress Report Day and there would be no cutting out, not even for teachers!! She had a 2 or more hour drive to Mohegan. I wasn’t sure what time school got out for her. I was hoping she would not hit any traffic and just get there quickly. That would be a trick and a half in Connecticut. There’s always a traffic jam there. They let too many people join the club. They should have cut off membership years ago. Anyway, Nina had until 6:30 to get to the Wolf Den. That’s when seating starts and if you’re not there when it’s your turn to get a table, you lose your spot. There’s no saving seats at that point. Just ask Michael McDonald. He’ll be happy to set you straight.

To my relief, Nina showed up while I was at the “breakroom” once again. As I worked my way back up to my spot, I saw her and nearly knocked her over with my hug of greeting and utter relief. Okay, now we could really relax. All was well with the world. The only thing left to hope for was an early glimpse of Gerry or Dewey, or (gasp) BOTH!!

Finally (after five typed pages!!), 6:30pm arrived and we got to take our seats. We settled into the booths and ordered our first round of drinks. It was the usual, beers for the table, Coke for the Nina. She’s so sensible that girl, a calming influence, a rock, someone you don’t swear in front of…or at least try not to as it were. You gotta love her. Anyway, as I was saying, we ordered our drinks. My relatively new approach to drinking after many years of trying to perfect it, is to order a beer and also an ice water with lemon. Nurse the beer, chug the water. It works wonders for keeping the lampshade at bay.

After visiting our other half in the opposite booth and taking a few photos of the group, we figured we’d better go get something to eat before the show started. Just as Nina and I were getting up to go to the food court, Erin stepped out from backstage. She had a photo in her hand. I didn’t really look at it as she handed it to me and I just said, “Oh, thanks.”

She apparently realized that I had not looked at it and said, “It’s a new one.”

I took a second look and freaked. “Wow! It’s awesome. Thanks.” She explained that she talks them into a new photo about once every ten years or so. Needless to say I was psyched. We talked for a minute or so. I asked if she had seen Dave Moretti’s artwork. She had. I asked if the guys would ever consider using his work for the t-shirts. She said they’d talked about more colorful shirts but that their thought was to stay simple with the America logo as their “brand.” She cited the Chicago logo as a perfect example of using your brand successfully and that’s what America shoots for most of the time. She did mention that the Australian Tour shirts were a color design and there might be a few leftovers floating around some time in the future. She showed me her access pass from Australia. It had the same design. It was very cool—a bright design of a desert scene of cacti in silhouette. At least that’s what I think it was. It was a quick glimpse. It’s always nice to speak to Erin. She is reserved, very conscientious, and hard working. She’s pretty quiet but always friendly. That’s why it’s so cool to see her smile now and then—hence, the picture. Thanks, Erin, you always manage to make the experience that much better.

On the way to the food court, I showed Nina the photo. It’s a wonder we didn’t just melt onto the floor right there. Hubba, hubba. Even good looking guys take bad pictures now and then but not these guys. Deep breath, now. Yeah, I love the music, no doubt. But don’t I feel privileged to have it delivered by two such fine specimens? Yummy. I have to admit I feel sorry for you male fans. You’re missing out on half the fun. My apologies.

We ran into Linda in the “breakroom.” She fawned over the picture, too. Then she was embarrassed to find out that her hub was just outside the breakroom waiting for her and had probably overheard her comments. I didn’t think he could have but she turned red anyway. Hey, I think our hubs get it. If you ask me, it’s only to their benefit anyways. At least that’s how Jeff takes it. Besides, he gets a kick out of talking to Pete, Rich, and the boys. It’s all good. I was almost missing him. Well, almost!! If I’d have taken a moment to think about it, I would have missed him. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I saw that.

Nina treated for dinner since I had done the line sitting. I said to her that it had occurred to me that the boys were going to sign autographs after the show because the picture that Erin had given me wasn’t signed. She said she had already thought of that. Been there, done that. I guess that’s why she’s the teacher. It was a good thought, even if a late one. We rushed through a sandwich and a Coke and headed back to our seats. Bob was alone in the booth and smiled like a cat when he said, “You just missed them. They just walked by.”

“Nuh-uh! You’re kidding. No way,” I said.

“Swear.” He said they had waved back to him as they walked by to get backstage. Well there you go. So much for an early sighting. D-A-am. Oops. Hope Nina didn’t hear that.

It was getting close to 8:00. The high rollers were finally getting settled. Lisa told a story of how one of their shows had been delayed by people getting to the seats late. Apparently, the Mohegan staff didn’t let the boys go on until 8:20. These guys are NEVER late. Never. She said she had heard that Dewey was NOT pleased and instead of coming out to meet the folks that night, he’d headed out to do some complaining to the powers that be, perhaps the “tribal chiefs” in this case. Not sure. Well that is all hearsay but it was in the back of my mind as 8:00 came and went and the show did not start since everyone was not settled. Come on, people, I want an autograph session here, not a perturbed hero. Sit down and shut the heck up.

Finally, at about 12 after, the guys came out. They started the lovely sounds of Riverside and Pete gave his very welcomed introduction, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s welcome, AMERICA!!” I remember thinking, “Okay we’re just starting. Savor every second ‘cause it’ll be over before you know it.” It always is.

I watched, listened, reveled in it, snapped my fingers ‘til they were raw, and concentrated very hard on staying in my seat. That’s the hardest part. I even broke out the trusty air guitar every now and then. I had resolved to only take a few pictures. I think I spend too much time trying to get the good shots and it only adds to how quickly the time passes. Unfortunately, I did not have as much success keeping my hands off the camera as I did keeping myself in my seat. Nina knew I was trying not to take a bunch of shots and laughed at me when I reached for my camera within only a few minutes. What’s a girl to do? They are very compelling subjects…begging to be photographed. Well not really but it sounded good.

It was hard to gauge the crowd from my position. I was off to the side pretty far and the sides of the booth were very high. Besides, I yell so loud myself at the end of each song that it’s hard to hear how many other people are applauding and yelling. But, in general, I think it was an enthusiastic, large crowd. A few drunken bums who couldn’t stay out of the “breakroom” but generally a good bunch of folks. Enthusiasm is definitely contagious. We learned that earlier in the day when we were all waiting in line together. It spreads very quickly.

Last Unicorn was the sixth song of the set. I think it was the first song that was not immediately recognizable to the majority of the crowd. I was very happy to hear it and thought they did a great job on it. We thought perhaps they would leave the Beatles version of “I Need You” out of the set since there were some new additions. Nope. They did it. It’s always great and the crowds always respond to it.

The next song was “Baby It’s Up To You.” That’s a personal favorite of mine and my kids. They have suffered through me trying to learn it but are kind enough to bellow the words out once I get enough of it right to make it recognizable. Darn bar chords. Who invented those, anyway? I always like to watch Gerry’s technique on it to get some insight. I usually look to the Jumbotron screen for that, especially since I didn’t have a very good vantage point this time.

It’s the tiny nuances of the live set that I always treasure. For instance, the short solo that Gerry plays between Baby and Wheels with the harmonics while the rest of the band preps for that next song is something I look forward to each time. Wheels is a highlight too because it was our family’s theme song for last year’s cross-country trip. Fond memories.

I guess if I look back over what I’ve written, it is obvious that there are not many “lowlights” for me in these shows. Well, maybe other than the last note!! I’ve read a few reviews that the sound was not great at this show. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not a very discerning audiophile or something because it sounded just right to me. I think I heard feedback for like 2 seconds on one song. I’d say that’s not bad at all. But then again, who’s asking me? I just like it loud. Really loud.

Tin Man was next and as always, it was dead on. Dewey nails this…every time. I remember yelling for Tin Man at the first show I ever went to. It was at Seven Springs and I figured they might not play it for whatever reason. Looking back, if they heard me yell, they must have thought, “There’s a newbie for sure!!”

Border is the bathroom song for me so I missed that one. It has to be because you have to be back in time for Woman. It’s all very calculated, you know. Woodz’s and Rich’s solo are coming up and you can’t miss the chance to yell for them. They work hard, you gotta show your love. That’s my theory anyway.

This is the portion of the show when Gerry spends most of his time at the keyboard that was literally six feet from our seats. (Yeah, baby!!) As he walked over to sit, the three of us held up our “Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!” signs. He caught it at the last second. He nodded and smirked. Certifiable, I know.

We think it was during this time that he saw the Schroeder sign down next to his seat. A song or two later, when he was heavily into his Schroeder posture, we held up a new sign. This one just said Schroeder in big block letters. Dewey saw it first, then Rich. They both laughed then pointed it out to Gerry. He laughed too.

During California Dreamin’ (I think) Gerry took the playlist off the top of his keyboard and taped it to the side where we could see it. He motioned toward the bottom. On the lower right of the list, the first song of the encore was listed as All My Life. It took a second to see it. I gave him the thumbs up and said, “Thank you.” He just nodded. The rest of the evening is a blur. No, not really but talk about vaklempt…oui. This, my friend, is heaven. Who knew it would be in a smoky casino?

Lonely People is a great photo op song with the harmonica and all. I love that they play this with a quicker tempo than originally done. It has a bounce to it that makes it even more appealing. Hangover is great—Jeffrey’s favorite. I did miss him then.

Survival is a great song and I would like another chance to hear it sometime because it passed by too quickly. Soon it was time for the Sandman intro. This is the ultimate rock song of the show. It’s another song that is far better live than it was originally. How many bands can claim that?

The countdown to Sister is my self-imposed cue to get the heck up out of my seat and dance—finally. I tried to pull Nina with me but she did not follow. NP. I recruited the girls in the opposite booth to join me. Leah and Linda got up along with some other folks. Pretty soon there was a bunch of us clapping and carrying on in front of the stage. Sorry if we blocked your view, Mr. High Roller. Too bad. You got the front seats for the rest of the show. If you want to see now, get up off your…bum.

This song always ends too quickly. The guys took their bow and left the stage to a huge ovation. A moment passed. I held my breath. Nina and Lisa had gotten up and joined in the ruckus now. Gerry walked back out onto the stage. Nina and I were in front of him just to his right. Nice view. He picked up his guitar and a pick and started to play this beautiful love song. All My Life—you know every word, every note but you don’t want to sing along because you want to listen…and savor. He sang it beautifully. Perfectly. His eyes were closed the whole time. Concentration? Thinking of someone it reminded him of? Or…didn’t like the view at his feet? Sorry. Just kidding. It was sweet. He nailed it. We loved it. It was a moment I will never forget.

It was over too soon and the rest of the band joined Gerry on stage. Earlier in the evening when the guys had played Survival, they had explained that they were headed to Europe and that this song was a huge hit in Italy, numero uno, in fact. When Dewey returned to the stage after All My Life, he joked, “That song was a hit in…the Phillipines?? No, that was by special request.” Based on what Linda wrote earlier this week, I’m not sure how everyone else took that comment. I know I’m sure he meant by special request of the fans on the chat folder. Whatever he meant, it was a moment to treasure. Thanks, you guys. You’re the best.

The last song was Horse, of course. The three guitar dip never fails to wow the crowd. I hope it shows up on the Sydney DVD. Hopefully someone told the cameramen to get that. It’s not on Ohne Filter. I should know, I’ve watched it 17 times since last Friday. It helps to ward off the inevitable longing.

Speaking of longing, I got to meet Bones after the show. I waited a really long time for that. I was just now checking the chat folder and found a post from Mr. Bonesy. It is classic Bones. One line, “Just skip to the good part and tell us when you met Bones.” Here goes. After the show Nina and I kept looking for Bones since we had failed to find him before the show with my goofy sign. Nina found him standing outside the Wolf Den to the right of the bar. As I walked up, I held up my sign. I’m not sure he was amused. I think he had been looking for us, too. That was good considering that last time he avoided us like the plague. I was afraid he was going to ask us to sing Muskrat Love like he’d said he would. I guess we were spared from that since Nancy wasn’t here this time. Maybe in July. That would be a hoot.

We chatted for a few minutes. Bones introduced us to his friend. The friend is a middle school principal, Nina is an eighth grade teacher, Bones is a teacher, and I have an eighth grader. So, we all had something in common. Imagine that. I should have taken a picture of Bones with Nina but I was a bit distracted, I must say. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you he’s tall, Irish looking, and handsome. That’s a combination you don’t often see considering that most of my Irish relatives are short little buggers. Nice to finally meet you, Bonesy. Maybe next time I’ll get the chance to buy you that Bud.

Gerry and Dewey had come out to meet the folks. Bones told us, “There’s your guy.” That was our cue. We bid him farewell and went over to get in line to see the guys. This part of the night is always weird. You hear lots of tidbits of conversations and you’re in such a zone that it’s often hard to recall what exactly happened. So, if I get any of this wrong, forgive me. I had promised to take pictures of a few people so I was trying not to miss anything. Luckily, we did get the chance to get everyone’s picture with at least one of the guys if not both.

Finally, it was my turn to speak with Gerry. He patiently signed four things for me and talked about the Van Go Gan CD. He also told us a story about the new publicity photo. The two guys posed separately for the picture and their images were airbrushed together. I think it’s hard to see that but if you look closely, you can see some subtle differences in the background and the lighting. (I think that is what Nina was referring to the other day on the chat folder.) I love these little obscure tidbits. What fun. A person in front of me had mentioned Wheels being a good choice and that they should play more of the Human Nature stuff. He said they’ve been thinking about adding Wednesday Morning to the show. Awesome song, I hope they do.

So now it was my turn for a photo op. Now I know you’ve all heard me rant on about prom zit syndrome in the past. Fortunately, that was not my problem this time. It was worse. About a year and a half ago I started growing in my hair after wearing it VERY short for about ten years (think Demi Moore’s haircut in Ghost). With your hair growing in, you’d think you couldn’t have a bad haircut. You’d think. A week before the show, I decided my bangs were too long. That’s not worth going to the beauty salon for, so I figured I’d cut them myself. I’d done it successfully before. I hate to tell you how bad of a job I did this time. I looked like I’d had a fight with a pair of Kindergarten scissors…and I lost. Life goes on. I had a week to grow the buggers a bit and the prom zit never materialized so I figured I was doing okay. Then, I handed the camera to Lisa who proceeded to take a photo of my hero and me. She missed getting his dimple which is bad enough. Worse yet, she succeeded in getting only a portion of me, the portion that had lost the battle with the scissors. I will treasure this photo forever just for the irony of it all.

Luckily, I did not yet know of the tragic picture. Ignorance is bliss. I remembered to ask as my parting question if I could apply for the t-shirt job for the European tour. Gerry didn’t answer but instead asked if anyone had sold tshirts during the show. “Yes,” I answered.

“Who was it?” he asked.

“I don’t know but it wasn’t me. Do you have a job application for that spot?” Sometimes I even shock myself. This time he answered me. Unfortunately it was a no. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

I made my way over to Dewey where Nina was. He posed with each of us for photos and signed the things I had with me. The last thing I handed to him to sign was the Hearts CD. I said it is my favorite album and the first America album I ever heard. He was surprised since it was their fifth album. I told him I went back and got all the earlier ones. He said I must be a youngster. I told him he should tell Jeff that for me!!

After all of us had our chance to talk to each of the guys, we gathered outside the Wolf Den, posed for one more photo, and decided to prolong the evening just a bit more. We left the casino and headed through the shops toward the hotel. In the center is a lounge at the base of a huge waterfall. We got a table there and sat down to unwind and debrief. It was so bittersweet. The picture of Linda is a perfect visual. That’s the feeling—euphoria already mixed with anticipation for the next time. We chatted for nearly an hour but couldn’t stay much more. Nina had to get started homeward and so did I. We were both reluctant to give up and go home. Everyone said their goodbyes.

Nina and I were headed out in the same general direction to our vehicles so we walked together. We stopped at the mini Krispy Kreme donut shop. If you’ve never had one of these donuts, you should find one…now. And make sure it’s a plain glazed one that is still warm. If necessary, 12 seconds in the microwave will do the trick. Dee-lish.

Nina and I parted at the end of the hallway after hugs and long sighs. We wouldn’t be seeing each other for at least a few months. Bummer. She’s so cool. Thanks, Nina. I really enjoyed the evening with you. I know, I know—you were just there for the music. Keep telling yourself that, sister. I know better. You can’t fool a fellow Gerry Girl.

Message: 31804 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:12:29 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Continuing...

More! More! More!

Message: 31803 Posted: Fri Mar 05 19:14:03 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: America

Mo, you're killing me - I can't wait for the ending ... and I was there!

Message: 31802 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:54:12 2004 By: Brad
Subject: Re: BNL--for Moser

My wife is a big fan of theres and I have seen them about 4 times with her when they come to town. They have played a few lines of Horse before . I think that the keyboad piano guy is a big America fan. They will break into a rap at every show and just rambled on for about 5 minutes.They also have a part in every show when they will just break into a cover song . The other one that I remember off the top of my head is You really Got Me the Van Halen version. Also on there live CD they have a song called These Flowers. It sounds alot like America's Company to me anyway.

Message: 31801 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:23:26 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Continuing...

Just skip to the good part and tell us when you met Bones.

Message: 31800 Posted: Fri Mar 05 16:24:28 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: BNL--for Moser

Moser you should have mentioned your"America Connection" to the band members. I read somewhere that they are HUGE fans of the band and count them as a musical influence. ( NO wonder we like them--lol)

Message: 31799 Posted: Fri Mar 05 12:18:17 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Second Annual Full Monty & a little more...

TGIF Everyone ~~ Wow it is soooo warm outside here today.... we may even have a Thunderboomer... All of the Snow is turning into running water and MUD!!!! but that don't matter, cause Spring is just around the bend! :)

Thanks Mo ~~ I soooo enjoyed just sitting back in an empty house this morning (yeah the hubby was feeling good enough to go to work, and the kids to school) :) and reading your Ramblins and taking another look at your Mohegan Pics... Thanks again for taking me away to the Magic of this show... It really helped chase away the P A S D. Again I will say how much I loved seeing the Heart Smiles... Hmmm ~~ Mo the pic of you and Dewey doesn't make you look like a geek... it shows me just how Happy You Were Right there and then at that MOMENT and that is one of the Best Kind of Pics. Same way with Nina, Lisa (dj), Linda & Leah... and WOW! Erin with a SMILE again too... it really made me feel that feeling that I experience when I get to reach that AMERICA High! Soooo since I wasn't there, this is the next best thing for me... I look forward to hear the rest of your Magical time.... Thanks for the Smiles Mo! :) Ooooh by the way ~~ Wow What a Nice new Publicity Pic of Gerry & Dewey, Hmmmm Henry has captured that Nicely Fine Wine Aging on both of them... Nice Pic for sure! :) sooo neat you came home with autographs on your Van Go Gan as well as these Neat Unique Memory keepsakes from Mohegan.... Wow!!!!

Yeppers Nina ~~ We gotta sing Muskrat Love for Bones one day, You Betcha that will be a go done in AMERICA memory keepsake, and Bones will be Smiling Heart Smiles... Hopefully that is... if he can hold back the giggles long enough! LOL!!!!! :)

Hi there Kim ~~ How have you been? ~~~ Regarding these Viruses, I too will tell anyone when Iam sending them something with a big file attached, sooo please don't be tricked by these fake identity sent emails with viruses attached.... I sure have been getting alot of strange emails lately that I just delete right on the spot...

Hmmmm ~~ I have been listening to some pretty neat accoustically done songs by a Group called Glass/Byrd , have any of you heard of them ???? I have 2 songs from this cd that I find myself just playing over and over again....1 is "This Window" and the other is "Tonight (I wanna live in your world)" ~~~ I sure hope to get a Glimpse of the almost Full Moon over the weekend. Enjoy the rest of the day, and Have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing about the European tour shows, and seeing the VFTHW pics... Nice :) See ya, Nancy :) ;)

~~~ Sometimes I feel the rain, fall on the twilight of the day, Watch the world fade away, through all the stains of time, in a far corner of my mind, All The Dreams I Left Behind ~ You'll Find.... But tonight, Im gonna live in your world, where the Stars come out and find You Beautiful Yeah tonight, I wana live in your world, Where the stars come out and Call You Beautiful.... Beautiful ~~ Sing it for me Marc Byrd :) ;)

Message: 31798 Posted: Fri Mar 05 05:53:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Continuing...


Bob and Lisa came back from lunch and joined us in line again. Not long after that, a bit past 2:00, I think, Pete and Erin arrived. As Erin walked by she said to me, “First in line.”

“You know it,” I said.

Leah talked to Pete about giving him her letter for Dewey and Gerry. He said he was really busy just then but would be around all day. True to his word, he did stop by a few times to chat with us. The first time he came by, he did take Leah’s letter. She told him to go ahead and read it but he felt it was not for him to do. So she explained that it was her birthday and since he had been so kind to her at a previous show to deliver a birthday card to Gerry, that she thought he might deliver something to them today. That’s why she had written a note to say it was her birthday and could they play some of her favorite songs. She had included a list of her top 8 or 10 (sorry—I’m fuzzy on the detail here). He asked her what songs were on her list. She named them and he said yes or no to each about whether they would be in the show. I don’t recall all of them but Survival and Last Unicorn were on her list and I was surprised to hear Pete say yes they would be playing those songs. He said they are hits in Europe and the guys would be playing them to polish them up for the upcoming shows.

I was purposely NOT asking him or anyone else if they would be playing All My Life. I did not want to know ahead of time. I felt that would be like having an ultrasound when you’re expecting and finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. It takes all of the fun out of the process--no surprise to work toward at the end. Unfortunately, I hadn’t explained my thoughts on this to Leah ahead of time in hopes of not having her ask either. So, before I could cover my ears, she asked Pete about All My Life which was also on her list. He said he wasn’t sure, maybe or maybe not. Bless you, Pete. I’m so glad you understand anticipation.

Sometime in the later afternoon, Linda and her hub arrived. Again, I had not met her before but knew of her from the chat folder and emailing. She and the hub were there for the show as well as to stay over. They have two little girls who were staying with her sister, so it was a big weekend getaway for Linda. She was just as vaklempt as the rest of us fanatics. We were a nutty crew for sure. We chatted on and on for hours, in person for a change. It was a blast. At Mohegan, the waiting is the price you pay for the otherwise free show but it was easier and quicker with all these guys around to share the experience.

It was also a treat to get to watch the set up and tune up for the show. Willie played his drums and the keyboards. Pete played on each of the guitars. We applauded. Clearly, giddiness was setting in.

On one of his later visits, Pete asked if we were going to get a front row table. I said we were hoping but since I’m not a high roller the best I can do is get there early. That’s my job and I am obliged to do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Last summer we were lucky and only one table was reserved for a high roller party. I’m not sure what it takes to be a high roller. It is a mystical distinction that implies you have no common sense and you spend inordinate amounts of money at an establishment, so they treat you to perks like free breakfasts and free shows (with no waiting). Harumph, sounds like a good reason to me to drop a few grand at the slots or tables. Yes. Right.

I digress. It’s a slippery slope. Well, I take that back. I don’t really digress because the point is valid—aside from my holier than thou pontificating about gambling—no matter what time you get there, you’re not assured a seat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against gambling. I’ll plop a spare quarter in a machine for sport now and then. But to play until it hurts just isn’t logical. But then again, a gambler wouldn’t likely see the logic in an America obsession either. To each his own is what the man said.

Back to that ever elusive point—we weren’t guaranteed good seats and a good portion of the afternoon was consumed with a community fretting over that. Toward 5:00-ish, a short version of Michael McDonald (of The Doobies) came out to the podium at the entrance where we were. He started marking off the reservations on a seating chart. We held our breath. This guy would be cute if he wasn’t such a booger. Someone had the guts to ask him what our chances were. He just looked down his nose a bit and said, “Oh, well you’ll probably get a seat but it won’t be that great. You’re probably best off in the bar.” I remember thinking I could crush fairly easily and probably no one would miss him. Troll.

As soon as he left his post, we stole a peek at the chart. Every floor table was X’d off, as well as all but two of the floor booths. Also, the best two tables on the second tier were also marked off. This was not pretty. We fretted some more and just hoped there would not be more reservations to weather. We tried to remain positive because you know what you’re getting into at this venue. It’s just disturbing that these buggers get first dibs and they may not even care who is playing. Or, they may not even show up!! The deal is, their tables are held until 8:15 (show is supposed to start at 8:00) and if they don’t come in by then, the tables get filled by whomever is LEFT in line. Foul.

We turned fretting to scheming and worked out our plan. The two end booths may not be the best seats, but they were still on the floor. We asked a nicer, younger, cuter guy how many people could fit into a booth. His answer was 4 comfortably and 6 as a squeeze. There were eight of us. We would split up and take the two booths, IF they were still available. I had first choice by virtue of being there the longest (insanity prevails) so I chose Gerry’s keyboard side after some consultation with Lisa. By the way, Lisa, good call.

Pete stopped by at least one more time in that blur of events. I asked him if he could place a sign I had made on Gerry’s keyboard. I showed it to him and he laughed. It said as you already know, “We Love You, Schroeder xox Gerry’s Girls.” There was a little picture of Gerry leaning intently over his keyboard at some previous show. Pete said he couldn’t put it on the keyboard but would put it on Gerry’s monitor. Thanks, Pete. You’re a peach. While I was at it, I handed out some of the other signs I had brought. They were the chant signs that simply said, “GERRY! GERRY! GERRY!” I’m never sure if I’ll have the guts to use them but you must be prepared.

(More shortly, must take a carpal tunnel break.)

Message: 31797 Posted: Fri Mar 05 05:43:16 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Viruses & Misc

Robyn, I can confirm that I have not sent an e-mail to anyone on the chatfolder in ages. So...If something is showing up from me don't open it-I didn't send it. I know there have been a lot of viruses going around, but our computers here at work are pretty good about stopping them. Case in point, back in January I was out of work for a week attending a funeral in Michigan and I got back to find an e-mail I supposedly sent during the week I was gone had been quarantined due to a virus. As I wasn't even in the office that day, it was impossible for me to have sent it. I asked my IT department about it they explained to me that some of these viruses can invade your computer and basically hi-jack your address book and send out e-mails to people in the hi-jacked address book and it looks like it is coming from you. Anyway - thanks for the warning Robyn.

Gen & Jason - Have a great time at your concerts. I can't wait to hear your reviews!

Mo - Great pics - and I'm eagerly anticipating part II!


Message: 31796 Posted: Fri Mar 05 04:03:40 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Nice/nice

<<Wouldn't it be nice to be in Nice>>
Oh yeah, it would indeed! And how frustrating it is to think I live so close from the Riviera but won't be able to do it, because my boss said I'm needed at work today... I usually don't (coz he's quite nice normally) but I hate him today! But ok, he gave me a day off on monday to enjoy my Paris trip, so... not that bad I guess.

Message: 31795 Posted: Fri Mar 05 02:42:49 2004 By: Margaret
Subject: Nice/nice

It is the evening of the 5th here already. Wouldn't it be nice to be in Nice and to get to all of the other European venues?
It was also nice to see your pics Mo and to hear that Gerry was such a good sport pointing out the set list.
Virginia, it was also nice to hear from you after quite some time. Keep the reviews coming everyone who is going to a concert. They are so enjoyable.
We had a nice surprise this morning to hear Angela Catterns, who interviewed the guys on ABC radio in Oz, play Ventura Highway and say they were recent guests on The Breakfast Show.
Have a nice weekend.

Message: 31794 Posted: Thu Mar 04 21:45:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: BNL and the Second Annual Full Monty, Part I

This is amazingly long and only part one. Consider yourself warned. Don't read it if you aren't interested. And, don't complain if you do!!
Here we go:

I went to see Bare Naked Ladies with Jeffrey last night. (If they were from Western Pennsylvania they would have to be the Buck Naked Ladies.) They’re his choice, not mine, although I do know them well enough to recognize the hits.

I couldn’t very well pass up a chance to give Jeff these tickets when I found out they were coming to Rochester. He has so patiently attended innumerable America concerts for me. Just the same as when he attends the America show and enjoys it very much in spite of himself, I had to admit that these guys can really rock. It was a very good show—2 hours long plus two opening acts—and very entertaining. I knew it would be my kind of show and my kind of audience when every person in the arena stood up with the very first note. I especially liked the “dance routine” that was like synchronized swimming without the water but WITH shopping carts...quite hilarious.

The banter between the band members was priceless. I don’t know if it is rehearsed but I sort of doubt it since most of it revolved around the fact that two of them had a bad case of the stomach flu. In fact, about half way through the show, the base player had to leave the stage for what ended up being three songs. Fortunately, the band invited one of their guitar techs (Dean, I think) up to play in his place. That was awesome. This guy must have been stoked.

None of these guys are your stereotypic rock star types. If fact, they are very much the antithesis of that. Nerdy chic, if that’s possible with their Semper Fi short haircuts, dress pants, shirts, and shoes. Then there is Steve’s (I think) dark-rimmed rectangular glasses that he had to have bought at Elvis Costello Eye Associates. Only one guy is cute (Ed) and that’s mostly based on the fact that he has great blue eyes (thanks to the three Jumbo-tron screens for that tidbit.) All of that being irrelevant, I suppose, to the fact that they can REALLY play.

I’ve never seen so many guitars--not even at an America show. It made me curious to know just how big of a “convoy” they had. When we had parked to go inside, we had seen the trucks and buses parked behind the arena. I wasn’t sure if they were all for them since they had two opening acts.

As it turned out, after the show we went to Dinosaur BBQ to eat. (If you are ever in Rochester, don’t miss the Dinosaur. It is THE place—good food, good music, great eclectic crowds from bikers to lawyers.) As we were returning to the car, we saw about 30 people standing on the sidewalk across the street from the trucks and buses. I figured there was no way they were there waiting to meet the band although that is what Jeff thought. Turns out he was right. As we walked closer we could see Steve, the lead singer, just about to finish up talking to the crowd. He had apparently worked his way down the sidewalk talking to people and signing stuff. Well, you know I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to say hey and get an autograph so we waited for about five minutes for a turn. We complimented the show and he talked to us about how the guys had been sick and that they were scrambling when the bass player had to leave. He signed my ticket for me then moved on.

While we had been waiting I was talking with one of the security guys there with Steve about how big the “entourage” was. He said they have 3 buses and 4 tractor trailers. Amazing. Reminded me of a certain band who used to have a plane.

The whole night made me wish I’d had the chance to see America in their salad days…at least once. The availability now is very satisfying but I would like to have experienced a big ass show with the 2 dozen hanging speakers, 10 foot high woofers, the 4 crew guys harnessed into the scaffolding above the crowd to run the lighting from up there. Obviously that is what these guys had but I’m sure it wasn’t that different back in the day. Wishful thinking. Maybe I’ll get to see mB on that scale. That would be cool. Fingers crossed.

That brings me to what I actually sat down here to write about, The Second Annual Full Monty. I guess I will do the six degrees of America to make the transition from BNL to America:
1) BNL played a cover of Rio by Duran Duran in their show last night.
2) Duran Duran was playing at the Roxy on Sunset last summer when we were in LA.
3) At the Rainbow Room, the club next to the Roxy where Duran Duran was playing, we saw mB and his band play. Funky little club that Rainbow Room!
4) Gerry is mB’s dad.
5) Gerry is half of America.
There you go, only 5 degrees in this case!! (Yes, just to confirm your suspicion, I am whacked. Jeff will tell you.) (So will Nina for that matter.)

It took 11 hours 48 minutes and 734 miles round trip and a solo drive but the weather was good and I REALLY needed a fix. So, even though my usual guideline is a 350 mile one way radius to see an America show, I had to make an exception this time. It had been over four months since I’d had my fill of Gerrymania and I was determined to change that.

It was my turn to wait in line since Nina did it last time. That meant getting there the night before the show. I got to Mohegan around 7:30pm or so. It was already dark so I didn’t see much of the surrounding area. I didn’t realize, for instance, that it is right along the river. Imagine my surprise in the morning!

I’d been to the Wolf Den last summer to see the guys so I knew where to find it. The first thing I did was go scope it out to see if they already had their gear set up. Well that would have been pretty tough since there was an act playing there that night. These guys were a Temptations sort of ensemble and sounded pretty good. I was surprised to see the Wolf Den tables set up differently than when I had been there. There was not a first row of tables but instead a space for people to dance. That was cool. I wish they would leave it that way for America, too. America is my favorite dance band after all. But that would leave less room on the floor area for the high rollers to sit and we wouldn’t want that. More on that later.

I ordered a beer at the bar connected to the Wolf Den and watched the pseudo-Temptations. They did a bunch of good covers including a 50cent song that I recognized from living with a teenager. (Jeff calls him 25 cent or sometimes Half A Buck just to get on Kaity’s nerves. He’s good at that.) I considered dancing but thought I might look pretty conspicuous doing that by myself so I finished my beer and went to get something to eat. Mohegan has a great BBQ place, too. I’m sensing a trend here. I think it is called Big Bubba’s or something like that. Luckily the waiter took pity on me for having to eat alone and got me in and out of there very quickly. His name was Matt. Funny.

I wondered around for a while through the shopping area and only stopped into one store, Yankee Candle, one of my fave places on the planet. Didn’t buy anything, just took a deep breath or two and said thanks to the clerk. I think she understood. Shopping’s not my thing and neither is gambling so I checked out the 3 or 4 clubs they have to see what was what. The Dubliner was my favorite. No surprise since the maiden name is McBride. Unfortunately, it was jam packed probably because the guy playing wasn’t half bad (playing some Bon Jovi tune, I think) but the crowd was at least one generation younger than me if not two. Amazing how quickly those demographic groups slide by you in life. So, I moved on.

I don’t smoke anymore and wasn’t in the mood to do a George Thouroghgood (drinking alone) so I retired to my room. The first form of entertainment I attempted was the Lodgenet. That is internet access at its worst. Very frustrating. Gave that up quickly and decided to rent a movie. I watched Jack Black in School of Rock. It was good. His character in the movie is named Dewey. Funny.

I got up early because that is my lot in life. I knew I would be anxious/nervous all day so I tried to pace myself. I had found out that there was a pool in the hotel, thankfully. Sometimes these casinos have no other distractions other than gambling. It’s a conspiracy, I swear. Anyway, I went down to the pool and swam a few laps. That was cut short when it became obvious that I was a distraction to a young girl who kept screaming at her mother, “I want to swim with her (me).” I retreated to the hot tub to read the morning paper.

Well all of that didn’t take long so I got busy with getting ready, repacking, and going to breakfast. Breakfast wasn’t sitting well on the anxious/nervous stomach so I paid and went back to the room. I hadn’t intended to stay two nights in the hotel since Thursday was a bit cheaper being a weeknight but Friday’s price would more than double it. So, I checked out and put my stuff in the van.

I had strategically packed a “survival” bag. It had all the essentials for a long wait-—reading material, bottles of water, a Walkman, CD’s for listening as well as for signing, camera, extra batteries, hand cream, chapstick, contact solution, and hand wipes because I am the daughter of a famous germ freak. Well only familially famous. Oh, and of course my SpongeBob portable stool. I wasn’t sure how a messenger bag of that size would fly with the security types but I was encouraged by getting passed the first guy. Unfortunately, the casino floor is a world unto itself. Once you step foot there, a whole new set of rules applies. The lovely security lady whom I had to walk passed stopped me and said I couldn’t have a large bag on the casino floor. I pleaded my case and explained that I am a diehard no lifer who will just be sitting all day at the Wolf Den to wait for tonight’s show. I would not be on the casino floor at all. I asked her if she wanted to just escort me over there and I would be happy to stay in one spot all day. She was nice but firm and insisted that I would have to check my bag. So much for planning ahead. I asked if it would be okay to carry some of the stuff with me. NP (no problem), just no large bags on the casino floor. Okay, I understand. Add 20 minutes to the ETA at Wolf Den to turn around, go to bag check, decide what items I can’t live without and then go back again. YIKEY!! Nervous stomach at DEFCON 2.

Finally, after imagining a small village of people already in line in front of me, I got to the Wolf’s Den. To my utter relief and joy, no one else was there—not even an America guitar. Okay. Relax. All is well with the world. Life is good. I will be in the front row of tables, my rightful spot. Yeah, you would think so. More on that later.

At first I was seated atop SpongeBob behind a velvet rope at the outer edge of the Wolf’s Den. Luckily, there was a nice guy working on stocking the adjacent bar who opened the barrier and told me to make myself comfortable up at the podium at the entrance to the place. He would continue to be friendly and talkative throughout the day, a nice respite to an otherwise quiet time.

That was at 11AM. I kept myself busy reading a Nora Roberts novel interspersed with total daydream distraction—the anticipation is half the fun. After what I figured was at least an hour, I looked at my watch. It was 11:30. Crimanitly. (Is that a western Pennsylvania-ism? If so, it means holy shi*.) Time standing still, Yea team. Finally, at about 12:20, I looked up from my book to see Bob and Lisa at the end of the entrance to the Wolf’s Den. Thank you, God. I needed a bit of human interaction.

Bob and Lisa (Daisy Jane 64) were with me at the Topsfield show. They were previously from Rhode Island and had recently moved to New Hampsha (local accent applied for effect). It took them about 2 and ½ hours to get to Mohegan. That’s good, heck, I’m just glad to see you. We talked for about an hour before they went for a bite to eat. Luckily at Mohegan, you can have one person save a spot in line for up to four people. So, clearly I was in charge of guarding the spots now for Nina, myself, Lisa, and Bob. NP. I wasn’t going anywhere. My Gerrymania fix was at stack here.

While Lisa and Bob were out to lunch, Leah showed up. I had not met her before but I recognized her name from the site. I think it was at about 1:40 or so. It was fun talking to her. She was celebrating a birthday. I won’t tell you which one. That’s privileged info that I will leave to her to tell if she chooses. She was incredulous that the staff at Mohegan had told her when she called that cameras would be confiscated if necessary. I told her that I had my camera with me based on the fact that the band usually allowed photography sans flash at their shows. Since she had no camera, I promised I would take her pic with Gerry if we had the chance. Luckily, it turned out that we did. YEA TEAM.

More later. I've got to get to bed before my hub files for D-I-V-O-R-C-E!!
In Gerry We Trust,

Message: 31793 Posted: Thu Mar 04 20:40:25 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: That Lucky "Gerry Girl"

Moser, your pics are FABULOUS! I can't wait to read the Full Monty. If I don't get to a concert this year, I may die. I should plan a road trip. They haven't been to North Carolina in a long while, but they do go to Virginia in October. I'll be 50 in October, that would absolutely be the best birthday gift. I need to work on this....

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31792 Posted: Thu Mar 04 19:37:57 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Mo's pics

Mo, the pics are fantastic!

Message: 31791 Posted: Thu Mar 04 16:18:51 2004 By: jeff brink
Subject: Re: Viruses

I agree with you Robyn. I'm in contact with just a few people on the web...period. Once in a great while I'll get an attached email from names on this site that I know aren't contacting me. I'll say again... when or if I send someone an attachment I'll send an email to that person first letting them know to expect it. It doesn't take a lot of effort to be safe.

It's March 4 and 65 degrees! Where's the cold... and more importantly the snow?

Message: 31790 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:43:45 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Okay Then

<<Thanks for sharing Mrs. Bufton!>>
You're welcome, Mr. Lowry!

Message: 31789 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:38:38 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Idioms

Interesting that Jason used the expression that "work has been a pig" here in the States, we say "work's been a bear" I thought that was funny.

Message: 31788 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:36:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Neighbor Came Through

Mo sent me copies of the publicity photo, playlist, and a few photos from the concert which I will post as soon as I get the chance (most likely this weekend). Of course, you can take a look at them right away by following the links that Mo has given in previous messages. Thanks for sharing Mrs. Bufton!

Message: 31787 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:35:40 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Viruses

I have gotten two email messages from fellow fans, Kevin and Kim that I believe contain viruses. I don't know if either of you sent anything but Fellow Fans, if you receive anything from me then DON'T OPEN IT. I really hate this stuff.....

Message: 31786 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:28:16 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Bed time

By the way it's past midnight in Blighty now and my taxi is picking me up at 7.00am. Time for bed now and I won't get chance to reply to any new mails. Sorry.

Hope I see you there.


Message: 31785 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:25:53 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Paris here we come


Apologises for not mailing for a while. Work has been a pig and I haven't had the time. Anyway, holiday begins now as I fly out to Paris tomorrow morning for the weekend which culiminates in the AMERICA concert on Sunday night.

I'm in row six tickets 01, 03, 05 (strange seating numbers I know but I'm assuming they're all together). By the way they are not all for me but a friend and my wife.

I'm staying in the hotel Littre on Littre Roe in the Luxemberg quarter.

No doubt i'll be found at the bar sampling the local ales. I hope I get the chance to meet a few of you over there. Either way enjoy Paris and the AMERICA experience. My first time so I'm well chuffed.



Message: 31784 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:13:23 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Gen (Nancy )

Merci to you too, dear Nancy. Fun I'll have. Absolutely.

I've just had a few e-mails from other fans who are joining. Also, I'm glad to meet Thierry (aka Larsen) there as well as Eric.
Jason, hope to meet you there too! Where are you staying?


Message: 31783 Posted: Thu Mar 04 15:04:05 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Gen

Thanks Mo. I'm touched and thankful for the kindness. Will enjoy like few people can imagine... ;-)

Message: 31782 Posted: Thu Mar 04 14:36:01 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Neighbor Came Through

Couldn't agree with you more!

Message: 31781 Posted: Thu Mar 04 14:18:38 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Neighbor Came Through

Well, Anita, as we often say at work, "Harumph." I guess I must have missed that one. Anyway, in my book, these two are always worth a second look...and third...and fourth...and so on!!

Message: 31780 Posted: Thu Mar 04 14:01:59 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Neighbor Came Through

Very nice, Mo! But I've already seen that one, just can't place where . . . maybe one of the Australian fans?

Message: 31779 Posted: Thu Mar 04 13:45:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Neighbor Came Through

My neighbor was kind enough to let me use her scanner. Here is the link to the publicity photo:
And the link to the playlist:

Message: 31778 Posted: Thu Mar 04 06:23:50 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Reply to Nancy

Thanks for that nice comment about my pix with Gerry, Nancy...I've often been told that I'm "built for comfort, not speed", so your observation made me giggle! I think that both Gerry and Dewey know by now that I simply adore them and mean them no the terror has left their eyes and has been replaced by tolerant acceptance!

By the way, at the show on Friday, I asked Dewey how he was recovering from his accident last year and was he fully healed, and he replied that his doctor says he has regained about 90% mobility in his arm and shoulder...which is great news! Gerry told us a cute story about the new publicity picture which Moser has in her possession (yes, I'm jealous, O.K.?) so she'll probably share it with you all when she posts the pix.

Hope to meet you somedsy Nancy! Remember, we have to sing "Muskrat Love" to Bones!

Message: 31777 Posted: Thu Mar 04 06:00:54 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Gen & Finally Moser : )

Hi Everyone ~~ Hmmm ~ Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 is here singing "I'm not crazy ~ I'm just a little Unwell" I guess this line kinda wraps it up for me lately ~~ Mr Flu Bug is here visiting again! ~~ nooo fun!

Hi there Gen ~~ WOW here it is March 4th and only 3 more days till you get to Enjoy Your AMERICA High ~~ Safe traveling there, what an Ultimate Thrill you are in for.... Have fun, Yeppers I second Mo's Savor it, it Flies! Absorb every drop and Hold on to that Cloud 10.. I will Look forward to hearing all about your time there... Yes I agree with Jimmmmmmmbob "You've Waited Long Enough" for sure ~~ So soooooo Happy for YOU! :)

Caio Bruno ~~ I am Sure your Excitement is beginning to Mount, soo neat that you have a whole bus load of Friends heading to the show. Have a Great time, and come back and share it with us Okay! Hmmm ~~ My wondering mind has me a wondering if Gerry & Dewey will sing "The Last Two To Dance" for you all... Such a neat song! Hmmm Maybe it will be a part of your surprise Encore! :)

Gee Danae ~~ I sure wish there were someway you could go see them. Hopefully another chance will work out for you! ~~ I sure can say that I have been there in your shoes and done that before... listen to your AMERICA songs and get lost in your Dreams, that kinda soothes these Blues away alittle.

Hmmm WOW Mo ~~ What NICE Pics, like I told you last night, Thanks for sharing them with us, it's the next best thing to being there, for sure... I sure did Miss out on a Good One Huh! ~~ I have to check your pics out better, alot was going on here yesterday and I didn't get to see them all, but what I did see, I was a Smiling for sure, sooo Nice to see those Shining Smiles and Twinkling Eyes, sooooo Happy for You, Nina, DJ, Linda & Leah & Hubby's, Dave & Mrs and Bones.... Yes Bones... sooo Glad that all of you got to meet up with each other... Hmmm ~~ Next time Bones, make sure Mo takes a pic of you, Okay! :) ~~ Mo ~ Keep on hitting that Replay button in your Mind and Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! :)

Hey there Nina ~~ You sure do have a way of Bringing such a Comfortable Look to Gerry's face... always Nice to see a pic of you with him... I Hope to meet You one day! :)

Hi Virginia ~~ I too want to second Jen's comment's, what a Good Hearted gesture both ways on your Part. I Admire the Dedication you have in participating in this, Wishing you and your hubby the best of the best! ~~ tooo much you heading to my part of the world for a bike ride too.. will you be taking Rte 22 from Pittsburgh heading to Phila??? If you see Rt 219, you are close to where you would need to head past my way... You Go Girl! :)

Cheers Goanna & Jimmmmmmbob :) ~~ Yep Goanna, it is amazing the way you can work with these Digital pics! Nice.... Hey there Jimmmmmm enjoy your weekend, I know how you love heading out to the Ironman competitions as well as the Triathilon ones too... Nice hearing from you! ;)

Well Red ~~ All I can say to you is ~~~ Hello yeah it's me again, where have you been, it been a lonnnnng lonnnnng time since we've heard from You!!! It is supposed to go up to close 70 here tomorrow, even a chance for a Thunderstorm, Imagine that! :) ;)

I sure Hope Those Big Bubbles carried Gerry, Dewey, Rich, Woodz & Willie as well as Erin, Pete and the rest of the Crew, safely to their Destination... Have a Great time there over Yonder and I am sooo looking forward to seeing the VFTHW pics & Hopefully some Bonus Pics too... You sure do have us Spoiled Gerry, I ain't gonna complain, cause I sure do Love getting to see places through your lens! Thanks a bunch for taking us there! :)

Okay gotta get my butt in gear here, have a good day everyone! See ya, Nancy :) (hmmm ~ Posting has made me feel somewhat refreshed and better) too much! :)

~~~ Feel it in your heart and in your soul, let the Music take control... come on and sing my song, Allll Night Lonnnnng, all night lonnnng, once you get started you can't come down, come join the party and see how we play.... Sing it for us Lionel Richey.... Oooh yeah we're gonna have a party, all night long, alll night, all night lonnnnng.... Have a great time all of you that will be heading to the European shows... It's gonna be soooo much Fun! Yeppers! :)

Message: 31776 Posted: Thu Mar 04 04:34:40 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Gen

I don't know how to say anything clever in French...frankly I don't know how to say anything at all in French. So just know that I am vaklempt for you. (Vaklempt is sort of thrilled beyond words, I guess.) Have a great time. Savor it. It flies. You'll love every second. Enjoy, my friend.

Message: 31775 Posted: Thu Mar 04 04:00:05 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: guitar sound/Paris show

Hey Jim! Thanks. Must bring back memories, no?
Will try to say hi indeed... will be there as early as possible in case I should get a chance... who knows? ;-)

Message: 31774 Posted: Thu Mar 04 02:34:30 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: guitar sound/Paris show

Steve, your guesses as to why America plug in as opposed to play through a mike are right. It is indeed impossible to move around without being plugged in. Actually Sean, I dont believe they are miking the guitars in the Musikladen dvd, although there are songs where it would be possible, Midnight for example, but having said that, it is very restricting. Hey Gen, will be thinking of you. Hope you get the chance to say hi. Youve waited long enough!

Message: 31773 Posted: Thu Mar 04 01:47:36 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Finally...Moser

Hey Mo,

Fantastic photo's.....!!!!! the colours are superb...!!!
you are going to put Ike Gauley out of a job...!


Message: 31772 Posted: Wed Mar 03 21:37:20 2004 By: nettie
Subject: Re: Finally...

Mo, thanks so much for taking all the time to share your pics and your happiness with all of us !!!! Annette thanks again the pics were great!!

Message: 31771 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:17:17 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

Virginia, hope you get that one buyer!

I'm sorry but I agree with're crazy girl! You're riding hundreds of miles in hot weather, that's great dedication. Hope you have the stamina to to finish the rides. I'm getting tired just thinking of all those miles. Good luck to you!

Message: 31770 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:08:34 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

You are not the first to say this and, most likely, will not be the last.

Message: 31769 Posted: Wed Mar 03 15:42:20 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

You're certifiable, Virginia

Message: 31768 Posted: Wed Mar 03 15:21:29 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

No takers as yet, so the offer still stands.

Thanks Jenna and Robyn for your kind words. This is actually the second time I'll be doing this ride and between now and then I have one metric century (62 miles) and two regular century (100 miles)rides scheduled in addition to training rides. Then there's the week long ride from Philly to Pittburgh this summer... Crazy, I know.

Message: 31767 Posted: Wed Mar 03 14:00:53 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

Virginia, what an extremely generous are very good hearted!! Hope you got some takers? I noticed that VGG is still available on ebay and may be the last chance to pick up a copy of a rare, hard to find cd. I had to wait about 6 months to finally get a copy.

Congratulations to you & Gil! Whoa, that's so adventurous....good luck with the 100 mile bike ride.

Message: 31766 Posted: Wed Mar 03 13:53:43 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: guitar sound

Sean, I can only give you my opinion. It would be tough to move around the stage if they had to stay in front of a mic that was picking up the sound from their acoustic guitars. I'm also guessing that it's easier to control and balance the sound with the electric pickups directly connected to the guitars.

Message: 31765 Posted: Wed Mar 03 13:52:56 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Italian Concert

Damn. I have no one to take me to Italy. Boohoohooo!
Dad is busy. Mum is afraid of aeroplanes. My aunt is busy too. The only people left are my grandma and Nicos (my cousin). But Nicos has his university lessons and I don't think he will be able to come with me.

Message: 31764 Posted: Wed Mar 03 13:38:13 2004 By: bruno
Subject: Italian Concert

Good news
I had contact with organizers of Italian concerts of America. There is a very great interest for next concerts of Dewey and Gerry. (to example for the concert of Naples at theatre-Palapartenope there are 5000 tickets for the spectators. Now all 5000 tickets are in the hands of spectators).
Ciao Hi bruno

Message: 31763 Posted: Wed Mar 03 13:09:05 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Bon voyage

Ok the America show is a only a few days ahead... Can you believe???
Thanks Anita & everyone for the nice words to us fans in Europe. it's been ages since we last saw them here, so , YES! it is some kind of BIG event to us...
Going with my friend (and GREAT mB fellow listener ) Sylvie who's a bit new to the music of America (yeah! I love those little paradoxes) . We'll try to post pics and reports too. Only please, don't expect to read me right after the Olympia show coz i won't be back home until the following evening, and thus won't have access to my computer. But I'll do my best to keep my head clear and let you know how it went.
Hey Erin, I hope the Paris weather will be great while we're there. Will have a thought for you. Promise!

Mo, I hugely enjoyed your pics.Hehe, the one of you and Gerry in particular, with the fun comments. You made my busy day so much lighter!!! Thanks. And let me say how you all look nice and happy on them.
Think Dewey looks great too with longer hair, no? Showed your pics to the guy I'm working with tonight and he said ' wow! those guys don't look their age! '. Sooo true, wot ya think?

Counting down the days (and thanks Nancy for counting them with me!... haha)

Take care everyone.

Message: 31762 Posted: Wed Mar 03 10:55:41 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: guitar sound

hey everyone i was wondering why America doesn't use their acoustics with out electric pick up anymore. in my oipinion i think that they should use their normal woody sound but with a mic in front of the guitar like in the musikladen dvd

Message: 31761 Posted: Wed Mar 03 09:18:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: In The Air

A pic from the San Diego Zoo last summer:

Message: 31760 Posted: Wed Mar 03 09:13:47 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Finally...

The sketch is a computer generated effect from my photo software. Unfortunately, no, I'm not that talented.

Message: 31759 Posted: Wed Mar 03 09:13:04 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Finally...

Great shots as always Mo! Also I liked the pictures from mB's Ghengis Cohen gig (Chinese Food in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood--go figure!) That was a lot of fun. I really like the picture of my beautiful daughter ( not that I am biased at all, mind you) with mB. The large blonde guy standing behind her is her father.

Message: 31758 Posted: Wed Mar 03 09:08:40 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Finally...

Mo...Bravo!!! Did you do the sketch? Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Kade

Message: 31757 Posted: Wed Mar 03 08:51:01 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Finally... are the pictures from Friday. I was hoping to post them and my version of The Second Annual Full Monty at the same time. But, this has taken too long and I need to go to work for at least a bit today. I hope I do get to writing the Monty soon before it is too late. It's a bit of a soul cleansing for me and I'm sure way too long for most of you. But I need it--it's therapy for PADS!! If it's not your thing, feel free to ignore it.

These photos are posted on a site that I have previous concert photos on as well as some of last year's vacation. The address that is here will take you to the front page of my galleries. You click on the new Mohegan gallery and it will open. It will show thumbnails of the pics first. Click on the first one to see a full screen version of it. You can scroll down to read the captions if you are interested. Some of them will help to explain the photos, others are just for fun. Then, just use the next button to go thru the gallery. If you like, you can change the size of the photo by clicking on "original" in the size section below the photo. That will make the photo even larger...nearly lifesize...well, almost. Wishful thinking, I guess.

I also just added a gallery of photos from last summer's vacation that include some of mB's show that we got to see at Genghis Cohen in LA. Check that out if you like. Nice guys and very talented. Don't know where that comes from.

I will be missing the chat tonight, unfortunately. I bought Jeff tickets for Christmas to see Bare Naked Ladies. The show is tonight. I'll miss you guys. Have fun without me and don't forget to do a Gerry Gerry Gerry chant or two for me.

In Gerry We Trust,

Here's the address: Copy and paste it into your browser since I don't know how to make it a hot link.

Message: 31756 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:24:31 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan Offer

and might I add that anyone who would like to SPONSOR Virginia on her 100 MILE BIKE RIDE. should contact her about doing that as well. It's a truly worthwhile cause and ANYONE who takes on a 100 mile ride deserves our support. (Congrats to Gil and may he have many more years to ride with you, Virginia)

Message: 31755 Posted: Wed Mar 03 04:38:43 2004 By: Erin
Subject: America in Europe

For all you lucky fans that get to go...have a great time. Paris in the spring must be beautiful.

Erin :o)

Message: 31754 Posted: Wed Mar 03 03:39:51 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Moser Moser Moser

Okay, okay, okay!!!
(Really, I'm trying. Don't get your panties in a bunch, woman. By the way (wink, wink) they're awesome!!)

Message: 31753 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:18:02 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Moser Moser Moser

Mo, I can't stand it any longer....PLEASE post your pics!! I need PICTURES!!!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 31752 Posted: Tue Mar 02 19:22:00 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Bon voyage

Safe travels to the band as they wing their way to Europe this week. Hope the European fans on the board will tell us about the shows!

Message: 31751 Posted: Tue Mar 02 18:15:54 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Re: riverside instrumental

that was awesome Joe. i thought that was America for sure. Your guitar work is incredible i hope to hear some more of your guitar work on the website.

Message: 31750 Posted: Tue Mar 02 15:47:40 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: t-shirts

I think you can buy t-shirts from the store but it looks like they only take credit cards. The only other way I know to get a t-shirt is at some of the concerts and they only take cash.

Message: 31749 Posted: Tue Mar 02 15:11:44 2004 By: Dave
Subject: t-shirts

Is there some way to buy an America t-shirt by sending a cashier's check somewhere? If someone knows please reply.

Message: 31748 Posted: Tue Mar 02 11:14:39 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Van Go Gan Offer

It’s been several years since I was a Chat Folder regular, but I think there are still a few folks out there who might remember me. I still lurk daily and enjoy reading everyone’s posts, especially the concert reviews.

It seems that there are several America fans here that are looking for, but can’t find, Van Go Gan. Last week John Lussier offered to give a fan his extra copy in exchange for a donation to a local food bank (message #31638). I have a similar offer, but with a specific charity in mind. If you are interested, please read on…

My husband Gil and I are members of the Silicon Valley Cycle Team with Team in Training. TNT is the fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Its purpose is to train participants for an endurance event in exchange for raising money for blood- related cancer research. Gil is a lymphoma survivor (thirteen years in remission this summer – whoo hoo!) who would not be alive today had it not been for medical researchers developing the bone marrow transplantation procedure many years ago. He is now a TNT cycle coach and I do the fundraising and riding. The event we are training for this season is called – get this – America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride (sigh…if only the band were actually going to be there). It’s a 100-mile ride around the circumference of Lake Tahoe on June 6th.

When Gerry released Van Go Gan domestically back in 1999, I bought two copies. One is still unopened. I would like to offer this copy to a fan in exchange for a $25.00 donation to Team in Training. If you are interested, please email me and I’ll give you more details. Donations can be made online directly into my TNT account. I brought the CD with me to work and can mail it out today once my account is credited. My email is time stamped, so first come, first served. $25.00 is the national average TNT donation and seems to be in line with the prices on eBay. Donations are 100% tax deductible and since I’ve already raised enough to cover my event expenses, 100% of the donation will go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – a win/win for everybody.

Sorry about the very long post. Heading back to lurkdom now.

Message: 31747 Posted: Tue Mar 02 09:37:36 2004 By: Joe
Subject: Re: riverside instrumental

Thanks, Linda!! Not sure what the next one is....maybe something from Homecoming (my favorite album of all time)! I'll ask Steve if he wants to post it when I'm done!

Message: 31746 Posted: Tue Mar 02 07:54:06 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: riverside instrumental

Joe, that is awesome - (I guess I will have to double up on my guitar lessons now) Whats your next recording? Make sure to share it with us!

Message: 31745 Posted: Tue Mar 02 06:50:50 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Sure Signs of Spring

Some Sure Signs of Spring
1) The ice pack is melting. Half the yard is now visible from beneath the snowpack.
2) Headline in 2-inch high font above the fold on the front page of this morning's Rochester newspaper: 56 Degrees
3) America Fever is back in the blood.

Whew, it's been a long winter!

Message: 31744 Posted: Tue Mar 02 05:29:07 2004 By: Joe
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

Wow everyone! Thanks for being so nice with my instrumental version of Riverside! America are musical heroes to me and it is soooo cool you think my version is good.....I plan on doing many more with my new recording studio!!! Thanks again!

Message: 31743 Posted: Tue Mar 02 00:15:47 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

Hey Joe,,,
Maybe you should apply for "Stand In" status with the band...

I'd have to agree with the others, you can actually hear the words
while its playing...

That was really good & I enjoyed your guitar work... I wish I could play like that... 10/10


Message: 31742 Posted: Mon Mar 01 23:22:04 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

Wow, that made me want to learn the guitar. Thanks for sharing it Joe. (and Steve, of course). Awesome.

Message: 31741 Posted: Mon Mar 01 20:00:59 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

Now thats what I call a great remake! Congrats to you Joe on taking the time to learn that! 5 Stars!!!

Message: 31740 Posted: Mon Mar 01 18:42:52 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: Westbury 2004

Wow, three days later and I still cannot focus. What a high this time left us with. I just wanted to add a few things I forgot - when I spoke with Gerry Friday after the show, I asked him about Westbury and he said they just booked it with Blood Sweat and Tears! (Steve, if you know the date, please let me know. It is not posted yet with the music fair.) Also, Nina you were right - when I thanked Gerry on behalf of the chat folder for playing All My Life, he said, "oh the chat folder, they would have shot me!" too funny. Oh, and yes, after the song, Dewey did mention that the song was by special request. We all know who that was for :-)

Message: 31739 Posted: Mon Mar 01 17:00:36 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

How did someone (Gen?) put it lately . . . "Whoaaa"! Joe - that sounds GREAT! Very nice. You chose a very cool song to be your first to record, and you did a really wonderful job! I just love that sound. You should be proud! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. Wow. I think I just might do like Nancy did so I can listen to it again and again! Karen

Message: 31738 Posted: Mon Mar 01 16:30:03 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Riverside instrumental.

Wow Joe that was awesome! Thanks for making my day a little nicer.

Kevin I have to agree when you have a drummer like Mr Leacox why you would resort to a drum machine just seems wrong

Message: 31737 Posted: Mon Mar 01 16:19:50 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Riverside instrumental.

That was unbelievable, Joe. Listening to it, I could hear the vocals in my head. Ifyuo told me you just took the vocals out of the master, I'd believe it.

As far as the new CD goes, nobody has been on the "abandon the lame-ass drum machine" bandwagon more than I have been. It's amateur hour. These guys are too good to castrate their music. I fear that maybe they've been doing it so long, they no longer know the difference. Once you've jumped the shark, it's hard to go back.


Message: 31736 Posted: Mon Mar 01 15:40:15 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Thank you so much....every day I learn more....I will be checking this out...Leah

Message: 31735 Posted: Mon Mar 01 15:27:53 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Evidence oh how it mounts

Hey everyone,
I wanted to join in on the hope that America is currently working on their new album for release this year! moser you made me think a bit, and i'm at the point where i'm 95% confident that there will be a new album this year. I hope it rocks too! I hope the title starts with an H. It's awesome that you got a hold of their publicity photo, although i'm more interested in getting my hands on the album itself. It's interesting that America manages to have both male fans who love the music and female fans who like the music and the visual umm how do i put this...bonus of their hunkiness i guess the self-called "Gerry girls" and "Dewey girls" would say. We're all excited though, i'm confident of that.
I wanted to second Terry T's post about hoping that the album has real drums on it rather than drum machines. Willie is a great drummer and he adds a lot to the sound of America. I really hope the guys are going for a real folk-rock sound on this record, I would love to hear some rough stuff like the early albums. I understand that they like to dabble in the light R&B type material, and that stuff can be cool too, as well the Pet Sounds-esque studio stuff, but I prefer stuff like "Town and Country" and "From a Moving Train".
I was at an awesome concert this weekend where I saw the great band Bright Eyes. I would recommend Bright Eyes material to anyone who enjoys the first couple albums by America, and to those who are fans of the modern retro-folk-rock sounds, groups including The Jayhawks, The Thorns, The Thrills. Bright Eyes is led by Conor Oberst and includes a lineup of many musicians from the Omaha area, all of whom work on the albums and play varied instruments. The main emphasis is on guitar most of the time, and mostly on folk-rock material. It's different from America but has a lot in common. They play a bunch of original material, and also some covers, such as Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind" and Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North County". It was a great concert, and I would recommend the music of this artist to everyone who likes America and their folksy pop and rock sound. Bright Eyes played at a club called Lupo's in Providence, Rhode Island, and it was cool to see a show at a very intimate small venue , I would love to see America at a club at some point, that would be cool. I wish I could go back in time to 1972 to see them play at some clubs and small venues.
Hope everybody's doing well.

Message: 31734 Posted: Mon Mar 01 15:26:14 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Dave was real nice...It was great to meet Debbie as well...I want to ask him if I can get a copy of his 2004 design for a T shirt. I don't know to get a hold of him..could you help me?

Leah, there is a link to Dave's e-mail address at the bottom of the complete concert list web page. For your convenience, here it is:

Dave has had other requests to use his logo for personal t-shirts and his reply is always the same. It's OK to use it as long as it is for personal use and you don't intend to sell the t-shirts. Feel free to send him a mail message if you have other questions or comments.

Message: 31733 Posted: Mon Mar 01 13:23:03 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re:Riverside Instrumental

Me Again :)

Thanks Joe & Steve ~~~ Yeppers sooo nice! Thanks for sharing this with us! I have added it to my Real Player Library list... right along with my "You Can Do Magic" & The Border videos, as well as Steve L's doing the Horse dip with Gerry & Dewey... Nice lineup!

See ya, Nancy :)

Message: 31732 Posted: Mon Mar 01 12:58:53 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Riverside Instrumental

Wow, Joe, that is just awesome. Great job. Thanks for sending the recording to Steve. Steve, thanks for posting it.

Message: 31731 Posted: Mon Mar 01 12:51:30 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Fuzz Brain

Nina, thank you for the kind words...I will be there in July. Ken told Dewey we will be there as well (not that he has a choice in the matter LOL)...take care...Leah

Message: 31730 Posted: Mon Mar 01 12:40:43 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Mo - as an after thought..for anyone who has not purchased America's Cayman Island Concert CD do is wonderful...I have not stopped listening to it since I got it on Friday. All acoustic....Gerry and Dewey still sound so wonderful...gosh...I really hope they read these postings...later leah

Message: 31729 Posted: Mon Mar 01 12:37:55 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Mo - I hope you got the chance to read the Message Board....WOW...I'm still floating...I'm looking so forward to seeing you, Nina, Lisa, Linda...respective hubbies and to meet bones in July....Dave was real nice...It was great to meet Debbie as well...I want to ask him if I can get a copy of his 2004 design for a T shirt. I don't know to get a hold of him..could you help me? It was one of the best nights in my life...My friends at work are very happy for me, but they truly don't understand just how I feel. Floating...floating...wonder if Pete/Erin and the guys know how they effect the people they come into contact? I will need to get one of those portable stools for the next concert...Would love to keep in touch with you....I felt at home and now know I am not alone I have been a Gerry Girl since I was 11....and now I belong to a sisterhood! In addition, I have so much respect for Dewey after talking with Ken. I still can't forget it..Thank you so much for urging Linda and I to go up to the stage...for a camera shy person, I broke all of my own rules...THANK YOU MO...Hope you had a safe trip home....I can't wait to see the really means so much more because I was there! Take call all Leah

Message: 31728 Posted: Mon Mar 01 12:28:57 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Riverside Instrumental

Joe Doyle has been a huge America fan for years. He is a musician and learned guitar and music from America, listening to and copying their albums. Last week he spent some money and bought an 8-track recorder to do some recording. Riverside was the first song he recorded and he wanted to share it with all of you America fans. Joe stated, "I am kinda proud of it!" I don't blame him at all because it's very good.

Click here to listen to Joe's MP3 instrumental version of Riverside.

Message: 31727 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:32:45 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Fuzz Brain

Hi Mo! It HAS been very difficult to settle back down to earth after our "heavenly" experience...but facing my evil 8th graders this morning brought me back to reality very quickly! It was great meeting new chat folder fans like Linda and Leah, while greeting, again, the old guard such as Lisa, Bones,etc. It heightens the fun factor when we can all share the experience! Wait until you people see the pix of Linda after the concert in 7th heaven! Your husband was very patient with our ramblings...please thank him!

Mo...thanks for saving me a place in line! I hereby forfeit the $50 you owe me! Spend it on your kids or hubby...or a July hotel room to come back to Mohegun Sun in July! We make a good team! Butch and Sundance? Thelma and Louise? Lucy and Ethel?!

PS : I did get to view the pix CD you gave me and already left it at CVS for printing! Allison will be estatic to have a pix of herself at Topsfield concert with "Gerry" doll!

Message: 31726 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:30:47 2004 By: terry t
Subject: Re: The Evidence Mounts (Hi Tom!)

Moser said:

"...But, I happen to have in my hot little hands, the strongest piece of evidence so far that a new CD is not far off. Drum roll, please."

I totally agree... hoping also that it doesn't mean "Drum (machine) roll, please."

My fellow TT was obviously referring to the guitar part in Company, not the author of the song. Dan is Dan and Woodz is Woodz!

Message: 31725 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:24:56 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Who won the Bet ~~ Brain Fuzz ~~ And The Winner Is!!!

Hi hoooo Everyone ~~~ I'm 45 for a moment
The sea is high
And I'm heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life

15… there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose yourself
Within a morning star

15… I'm all right with you
15… there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live… ~~~ Sing it for us Five For Fighting ~~~Yep there was never a Wish Granted Better than This Gerry! :)

Hi there Leah, Nina, Mo, Linda S & Bonesy ~~~ You Lucky Bunch of Monkeyshiners! ~~~ I would say that Everyone WON on this Bet, what a Magical Moment that had to be, standing there in front of the stage, seeing and hearing Gerry sing All My Life ~~ WOW ~~ A Priceless Mastercard Moment for sure! ~~ Such a nice surprise seeing that Survival was done too... I would love to hear it as well... Oooooooh well Nancy there's still time for you, there's never a wish better than this, when you only got 100 years too live.... Ooooooh what a Moment to wait for! :)~~Everyday's a new day ooooo, oooooooo, oooooo..

Thanks Leah for sharing your Birthday wish come true Night with us! ~~Sooooo Happy for You! :)

LindaS ~~ Thanks for coming to live chat last night and sharing your Cloud 10 time with us...

Hey there Mo ~~~ Hold on to that Brain Fuzz~~ I am anxious to see your pics, thanks for sharing them with us... Lucky You getting a copy of Gerry & Dewey's new Publicity pic... WOW too much!

Cheers Goanna ~~~ I hope Jimmmmmmmbob has that Harmonica welded to his lips playing some nice songs!!!! : ) ~~ Thanks for letting us know about the Interview... I am sure all of you there downunder are still holding onto Cloud 8, Hoping the P A S D stays away...

Nice hearing from you Fiona & Tom! ~~ Yeppers getting to see AMERICA Live ~~ It don't get better than this does it!

Gotta get now, I too am hoping that Gerry & Dewey are working on some new songs, for a New CD! Have a good day, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ I'll survive you, I will survive you, well it's too late I know, to change the way we goooo, from this day onnnn, I want to stayyy on, now that I've started learning and the tide's started turning, well it's here that I want to stay, I'll let the MOON announce my Arrival, to every Eye that cares to see, just working on the art of SURVIVAL, where do we go from here... where do we go from here.... Sooo neat, adding this as well as The Last Unicorn and what a Jackpot, doing All My Life.... I too will Wish to one day hear Dewey sing YOUNG MOON, YOU GIRL & GARDEN of PEACE.... wow a Pot of Gold!!!! :);):)

Message: 31724 Posted: Mon Mar 01 09:10:59 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Fuzz Brain

Dear God in Heaven I cannot concentrate!! This Cloud 10 in my brain is verrry distracting. Is anyone else having trouble thinking straight yet? I bet you are, Linda. I can't wait to post that final pic of you sighing and daydreaming in the waterfall lounge after the show. What a giggle. I think I'll heave a sigh myself. Mmmm. I need to focus...regroup...come back down...nah, not yet. This is just too much fun.

Message: 31723 Posted: Mon Mar 01 07:52:17 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Who won the bet?

I think Gerry couldn't pass up the chance to stick Moser for 50 bucks!

Message: 31722 Posted: Mon Mar 01 06:35:31 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Who won the bet?

Even though Moser technically lost the "All My Life" bet,(she said he wouldn't...I said he would), I'd have to say she still WON! Getting to stand at Gerry's feet and hear him sing that lovely song was a treat for us all! I believe it was Linda who told me that when she thanked Gerry for singing it he replied something like:"Are you kidding? They would have killed me if I didn't!"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, these guys are simply the best! Will post more later!

Message: 31721 Posted: Mon Mar 01 05:26:30 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: And the Winner is...... LOR - for JimBob

Hey JimBob,

Damn your lucky...!!! you guys not only scoop the pool with Oscars
but youv'e had D & G in the same year...

I think we should call it "Return of the Kiwi's" .... :))))

What next..??? hope that harmonica hasn't been welded to those lips...

have fun


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