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Message: 33049 Posted: Fri Apr 30 22:45:45 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: mB's ep!

I can only comment on mB's CD "Songs From My Wasted Youth".

I enjoyed his cover of "Monster" as well as a couple of his other songs which were excellent. It's my opinion that the majority of the songs, though, are geared more to a younger age group... those of his generation, perhaps. Or, maybe it's just me and the type of music I like best/prefer. I guess I was hoping for an 'America' sound being that mB is, of course, gB's son.

Message: 33048 Posted: Fri Apr 30 21:23:23 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: mB's ep!

Been saying that all along! Thanks for the second opinion on it Beth glad we concur!

Message: 33047 Posted: Fri Apr 30 19:31:04 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: "Cosmic Cowboy" Triv Answer

<<Murphey, for those that don't remember, had the huge hit about a 'horse WITH a name'... "Wildfire>>

So happy to have guessed the right answer, buen amigo! Speaking of that "horse with a name" song, "Wildfire"~ It was certainly one of the best songs to come out of the 70's decade. It made its debut in March of 1975, and reached a lofty #3 on the pop charts, and #1 on the adult contemporary charts. Murphey's lilting melody and heartfelt vocal performance made it an unforgettable song, that to this day brings great memories from my senior year at Tulane University.:o)
Sir Joe

Message: 33046 Posted: Fri Apr 30 19:22:12 2004 By: Joe
Subject: America in Reading, PA

Hey, Come to America in Reading, Pa. It is a neat little venue north of Philly. Boscov's Department store Travel dept has donated two ticket to anywhere in America to be raffled off at the concert. It is the night before Mother's day, so what a great gift to get her tickets to the concert!

The concert is for the benefit of the local Mental Health Association so the proceeds go for a good cause too. They advocate and stick up for the mentally ill.

Message: 33045 Posted: Fri Apr 30 19:19:07 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Yamaha Computer CDR Burner offer

Anyone interested in a CD Burner for the computer?
It's a Yamaha CRW-F1 CD Recorder. It's an excellent burner.
I bought it in December 2003, used it for 3 months and now
it's just sitting in the original box. Reason it's sitting in the box
is because I got a DVD burner for the computer. Had to jump
on the bandwagon for the new technology. I never had a problem
with this, that's how good it is. Easy to set up. I know this isn't the place to do it and indeed apologize, but just wanted to offer it to some here, before I try ebay or one of those fandangled places.
Please email me if interested.

Message: 33044 Posted: Fri Apr 30 18:16:37 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "Cosmic Cowboy" Triv Answer

The answer to the triv question (one that went something like, "Which folk rock/pop artist turned country music artist was once called the "Cosmic Cowboy"?) was correctly answered by Sergio. Way to go, Sir Joe!

The artist is Michael Murphey (note the correct spelling of his last name... with an "e"). He later added his middle name to become Michael Martin Murphey. I suppose he did so in order not to be confused with an actor whose name is Michael Murphy.

Murphey, for those that don't remember, had the huge hit about a 'horse WITH a name'... "Wildfire".

Anita ~ Nice guess though with your Jimmie Dean Gilmore answer (if I recall it correctly).

Message: 33043 Posted: Fri Apr 30 17:50:47 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: mB's ep!

Wow Beth...I've just got to get that CD after your review. MUST be great! Thanks for the tip.

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 33042 Posted: Fri Apr 30 14:34:56 2004 By: Beth
Subject: mB's ep!

Just hafta share, my copy of matt's ep just arrived AND I AM LOVIN' IT!!!! WooooooHooooooo! Y'all, go on over to and grab this thing! It's soooooooooo lovely!

Okay, i'm okay, really.....

Just been a bundle of emotions lately!


Message: 33041 Posted: Fri Apr 30 14:13:38 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Excursion in Aigina next week

For those who don't know, Aigina is an island near Athens.
We are going to visit the island for a whole day next Friday. Of course, we will go by boat, which means we will have a great time. We will also be able to swim in the sea, but as I am sick again, I won't join my friends. (I don't want to end uo in the hospital!)
I will try to send you photos from the island.

Message: 33040 Posted: Fri Apr 30 14:13:06 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Excursion in Aigina next week

For those who don't know, Aigina is an island near Athens.
We are going to visit the island for a whole day next Friday. Of course, we will go by boat, which means we will have a great time. We will also be able to swim in the sea, but as I am sick again, I won't join my friends. (I don't want to end uo in the hospital!)
I will try to send you photos from the island.

Message: 33039 Posted: Fri Apr 30 14:01:58 2004 By: Danae
Subject: The DOORS in Greece!!!

No. Morrison was not resurrected.
The D21C (Doors of the 21st Century) as they are called now, formed by Ray Manzarek and some new members, are coming in Athens in July Or June (I don't remember the month) the 23rd, for a concert in the famous Lycabettus Theater.
Marilina and are definitely going to see them.


Message: 33038 Posted: Fri Apr 30 12:59:29 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Steve...

Don't have much to add that hasn't allready been said.
Just wanted to say THANX for all you've done, I've enjoyed this site VERY MUCH!!
Enjoy your Family!!!!
All The Best,

Message: 33037 Posted: Fri Apr 30 11:51:07 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: ...and next Wednesday

That's sounds really good. Hope to be there! Have a good weekend, all!

Message: 33036 Posted: Fri Apr 30 10:45:11 2004 By: valynda
Subject: Howard and Robyn

Hey Howard,
Wow, that brought back memories! I remember getting The Archie's "Sugar Sugar" from the back of a cereal box! I played that thing over and over again!

Yes, I am going to get tickets for that show. So far, that's about the closest America concert for me to attend this year. (And 5 hours away ain't that close!) But I am happy to drive there to see our favorite band! It's probably gonna be a sister's road trip. My two sisters and I will get away from it all for a couple of days!!
It will be great to meet you!

Bye for now, Valerie

Message: 33035 Posted: Fri Apr 30 10:28:22 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: HOB Anaheim and next Wednesday

I bought my tix to the July HOB show near Mickey's Place ANyone else going?
Since we did not get to the Group Listen on Wednesday last, I am proposing a rare "double-header" of the first two releases. What do you think?

Message: 33034 Posted: Fri Apr 30 10:13:03 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: What's After Sepia

Very nice...

Message: 33033 Posted: Fri Apr 30 09:54:38 2004 By: Maureen
Subject: To Howard

Hi Howard:
Remember me ? and Yes, I remember those records very well, cause I was a Bobby Sherman fanatic. Hope all is well.

Message: 33032 Posted: Fri Apr 30 09:53:45 2004 By: Maureen
Subject: To Howard

Hi Howard:
Remember me ? and Yes, I remember those records very well, cause I was a Bobby Sherman fanatic. Hope all is well.

Message: 33031 Posted: Fri Apr 30 09:07:42 2004 By: Deb and Keith
Subject: Re: Bobby Sherman (who remembers)

Oh, Howard. Not only do I remember doing that, I STILL HAVE ONE. I'm not sure I've ever told (admitted) that to anyone before. I think they were on Alpha Bits and Honeycomb cereal and probably one or two others I can't remember. Thanks for the WONDERFUL memory. Deb

Message: 33030 Posted: Fri Apr 30 08:07:14 2004 By: Fiona Guevara


Message: 33029 Posted: Fri Apr 30 08:00:23 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: What's After Sepia

While anxiously awaiting Jeff Larson's domestic release of Sepia, I discovered that he has posted a couple of MP3 samples on his web site. He refers to them as rough mixes of works in progress but they sound rather polished to me. Click here to go to Jeff's "projects" web page where you can listen to the soundclips.

Once again, thanks for all your kind words and mail messages. I won't be going away altogether, it will just be less frequent. I am still in the process of forwarding all of the European concert photos to Erin and should finish that within the next week or two (remember, there were hundreds of them). Who knows, some of them may even appear on the VH.COM web site.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Message: 33028 Posted: Fri Apr 30 06:20:56 2004 By: Janice
Subject: re: Radio (Parts 1 & 2)

Steve, I just read your Wednesday "Radio" posts. You are awesome, and your family is truly blessed to have a husband/dad like you. And we on this folder, as well as the band have been equally blessed. On a personal note, I am so glad to have met you and shared some fun time with you and Janelle. You two personify what I admire in a, respect and committment to family. (Although these elements of a relationship continue to elude me personally, you two give me hope that anything is possible.) You have shown the same love, respect and committment to the band and their fans here on this site. I admire you for your ability to your prioritize and wish you and your family the very best. Thanks for all you have done.


Message: 33027 Posted: Fri Apr 30 05:50:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday AM Jam

Hey, it hit over 80 degrees here yesterday. Summer, here we come!! Played a little Beach Boys and Jeff Larson to celebrate. The good weather brings back the urge to have our Friday morning music jam during the morning bustle. Today it featured "Alibi" and "Human Nature." Haven't heard those two in a few weeks. Nice to revisit them. Also, good news, I found my misplaced Homecoming CD. Jeff says he is SOOO relieved.

Happy Friday Y'all,

Message: 33026 Posted: Thu Apr 29 23:07:22 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Steve...

Just wanted to add my thanks as well Steve. You have not only been amazing at keeping this site fresh and up to date but you have done so in such a friendly, helpful and professional way.( maybe the rest of us can learn something about how to respect each other in such a way) I doubt the impact you have had on each and every one of us will really hit home until we see what we are missing. Have that line from Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi going through my head.


Message: 33025 Posted: Thu Apr 29 20:06:30 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Bobby Sherman (who remembers)

Who remembers cutting out a Bobby Sherman 45?33? record from a cereal box. I'm trying to remember (1970's) , I think it was Post Alphabet Bobby
Sherman's "Easy Come, Easy Go." How about that for memory?

Message: 33024 Posted: Thu Apr 29 17:19:21 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Re: Steve...

Hey steve also remembers this "Love is the Seventh Wave" a little help from Sting

Message: 33023 Posted: Thu Apr 29 17:08:35 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Re: Steve...

Thanks some much Steve You have helped me so much and thank you for the light you have brought to all of us on this website.

Message: 33022 Posted: Thu Apr 29 17:06:12 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

Ahh yes Leah...the memories

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 33021 Posted: Thu Apr 29 16:26:37 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Steve.

Rumor has it that Nancy is bringing the "MILK".

Message: 33020 Posted: Thu Apr 29 14:34:02 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Steve

Steve, thank you so much for all you've put into this fabulous website. I really appreciate all your efforts!!! Thanks!!!

Message: 33019 Posted: Thu Apr 29 12:43:13 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

Yes, Cindy her name was Candy, she came from New Bedford...I wished I was his girl too! I'm not that department for sure..Candy (Bridget Handley I believe) was so be around Bobby, David Soul and Robert Brown...If my memory serves me correctly!

Message: 33018 Posted: Thu Apr 29 12:40:32 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Bobby Sherman

Thanks Joe B...I stand corrected...I paramedic...and his version is better than Perry's...have a great day...

Message: 33017 Posted: Thu Apr 29 11:17:13 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Steve.

There ya go!

Message: 33016 Posted: Thu Apr 29 11:15:55 2004 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Steve.

Hey you people,

I'll only accept Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes if Teddy Pendergrass comes back as lead singer.

Joe B

P.S. Oloololo
P.P.S. Sepia

Message: 33015 Posted: Thu Apr 29 10:53:47 2004 By: Joe
Subject: Re: Steve.

Jeff and everyone...count me in!!! I'll get a band together for the big shin-dig and play America all night!

Message: 33014 Posted: Thu Apr 29 10:47:31 2004 By: valynda
Subject: Steve

Thank You Steve! We will miss you! Hey, how about some vacation pics every once in a while? I loved them!
Sincerely, Valerie

Message: 33013 Posted: Thu Apr 29 09:14:57 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Steve.

Cool idea! I'll bring the salad! ;)

Message: 33012 Posted: Thu Apr 29 09:10:48 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Steve.

Ole Slim can sure yodel! If we can't get America out to Steve's place maybe the next best thing - Joe Doyle!

Message: 33011 Posted: Thu Apr 29 08:57:45 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Steve.

Jeff B., I was hoping for Slim Whitman myself.

Message: 33010 Posted: Thu Apr 29 08:41:33 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: off topic...

God bless all of our brothers and sisters in harms way overseas... I read yesterday that my old unit was in a 5 1/2 hr. firefight and it got to me.

Message: 33009 Posted: Thu Apr 29 08:34:50 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Steve.

Harold Melvin and the blue notes? Just kidding!

Message: 33008 Posted: Thu Apr 29 08:27:58 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Steve.

Good idea, Bones. Can anybody think of a band we could book?

Message: 33007 Posted: Thu Apr 29 08:13:59 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Steve.

Steve, Thanks for all your hard work and your 200% effort put into this site. Perhaps a big party at your house this summer might be in order. I'll bring the cup cakes.

Message: 33006 Posted: Thu Apr 29 07:53:25 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Steve.

The maintenance of this site has been "a labor of love" for Steve, and I am sure over the past few years has snowballed to take up more of his precious time than he would like to give. Whether the recent dustup on these pages is the final straw that pushed him toward what must have been a difficult decision is immaterial. This is the time to thank Steve for all he has done and tell him not to be a stranger. Hey Steve! come in from time to time and let us know how you are doing! Thank you so much for all your hard work. This is an amazing site and I for one appreciate it.

Message: 33005 Posted: Thu Apr 29 05:48:41 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: Steve.

Hello everyone,may I say how shocked and stunned I am,I have aways been so grateful for a superb and informative site,perhaps the events of the past few weeks have had some major bearing.I'd like to say treat it like "water off a ducks back" but thats trite and does hurt especially when one is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Message: 33004 Posted: Thu Apr 29 03:45:40 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Steve

My very best wishes too. Thank you so much for all the America love you've been spreading and sharing to this day and for making this place a warm and welcoming one for each one of us individually and as a family group(sorta). I know it's not over. It's only gonna be different with you (partly?)away.
Let us know how you and your dear ones are from time to time, please.

Message: 33003 Posted: Thu Apr 29 02:00:39 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Steve

You have a nerve Moser.

Message: 33002 Posted: Wed Apr 28 19:16:47 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

YES Leah, I saw every single episode of "Here Come The Brides". "Jeremy" was my first love. I thought his girlfriend was the luckiest girl alive. What was her name? Candy? I forget.

Message: 33001 Posted: Wed Apr 28 18:38:59 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: SteveL

Steve, I haven't been a member of this folder for too long but I do appreciate all the work that you have done. It's a great site! It's been my link to America. I wish you all the best with your family. Thanks a million!!!

Message: 33000 Posted: Wed Apr 28 15:38:32 2004 By: Joe B
Subject: Bobby Sherman

Crazy Bobby Sherman-loving gals,

For the record, Bobby is a longtime paramedic and paramedic trainer in Southern California. He does get out for the occasional "Teen Idol" tour.

His version of "Seattle" kicks the Perry Como hit versions' buttocks.

Joe B

P.S. Steve is the BEST. Kudos on your priorities. Someday I too hope to get a life and stop spending all my time on this board.

Message: 32999 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:35:44 2004 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Re: Steve

Understood completely, Steve. Family comes first. Thank you, thank you, thank you for maintaining this site for as long as you have and for giving us a chance to share our stories and our love for "all things America." You're the greatest!

With hugs and gratitude,

Message: 32998 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:24:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New America Show

I just received the following from Erin.

6/18/04 Dubuque, IA / Diamond Jo Casino

P.S. Thanks everyone for all your kind words and for those who have sent me mail messages. Last night I went to a college orientation class with my daughter and we had ice cream together. It was wonderful!

Message: 32997 Posted: Wed Apr 28 14:23:58 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Steve

Steve...My heartful thanks go out to you for all the help you have given me in the past with "all things America"! I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so you'd be tempted to stick around and STILL have time to share with family! Your presence will always be felt on this folder. Best of luck, and have a wonderful life!

Message: 32996 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:41:00 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Steve

The talent, energy, patience, integrity, time, and love that you have devoted to this website is immeasurable. Thank you so much. I can never repay you for the countless hours of enjoyment I have derived from these pages and this folder. So, please accept my gratitude and my best wishes as you make this transition in your life.
In America,

Message: 32995 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:15:22 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Radio (Part 2) & Thank you

Hey, Steve, you've done an excellent job throughout the years.
Thank you for all that you've done. People do not realize what goes
into maintaining a website. I have a friend who did it and just wasn't worth it. Late hours, etc. You mean more to your family than a website. I can relate to what you went through over the weekend. This past weekend, I went camping with my son and his Pack and the same thing hit me. Family is so very important in this time and age. I haven't spent this much time with my son in a long time. I loved it. Friday nigth was a torrential rainstorm and we had a ball. And before he grows up too fast, I want to spend more time and enjoy him.
Enjoy Life to its fullest, HL

Message: 32994 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:11:45 2004 By: RichM
Subject: Thorns

In response to Moser's question, I believe the Thorns CD charted in the top 100 and maybe in the top 50. Also, they opened for John Mayer a few times in the fall, so they must be doing fairly well.


Message: 32993 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:06:48 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Thanks Steve!

Thanks for all your hard work on this site and all the info and stuff you have passed along! Even though we have never met face-to-face, I consider you a friend. You are making the correct choice, family comes first. I wish you all the best!

Message: 32992 Posted: Wed Apr 28 13:05:56 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Radio


Just as Beth said you may not see this.. but I commend you for taking a lesser role/involvement and spending more time with family which is really important! Just like you, I know I spend way too much time on a computer. I read the paragraph about Radio but I think I'll see it.

Thank you!

Message: 32991 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:41:18 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Steve...

I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. I wish I could give you a hug...

Carry on Mr. Lowry

Message: 32990 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:37:27 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Radio

Steve,You are awesome!!!Enjoy your family and THANK YOU!!!Kade

Message: 32989 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:32:21 2004 By: RichM
Subject: Radio


Thank you for all your time over the years - this is a truly incredible site and we owe you many, many thanks. I am saddened to hear that we may not be able to expect the interesting things that you post with the same frequency I have enjoyed them in the past. I look forward to continuing to particpate in this site in whatever form you see fit to maintain it. You have done an incredible job with this site over the years and deserve whatever flexibility you need. You sound like you are making some good choices with your life. Thanks again - you've made this a special place.


Message: 32988 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:29:44 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Radio (Part 2)

Steve, I know how precious time is and time with the family more so. I wish you all the best..and I am glad you will still be around to answer questions...etc...Family is everything..Leah

Message: 32987 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:26:28 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Radio.....for Steve

he may not see this posted here but just wanted to wish Steve the very best in the future, and countless thanks for all his hard work and dedication to us.

Glad to see you putting things in perspective, and realizing family is way up at the top of priorities!!

And also, thanks for the warning on not reading the paragraph about Radio....I haven't seen the movie yet, so I didn't read it! :->


Message: 32986 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:23:10 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Hi Ainsley - Thank you for letting us know...and to Gerry - Thank you so listened to your fans on February 27th during the Mohegan Sun concert about the reissuing of Van Go Gan....The music is wonderful Most people favor the Kiss of Life...but I also love..Van Go Gan...the intro into the running melody blows my mind...When I listen to this at work, I completely stop and become absorbed. Again...from one of the multitude of fans...thank you. Happy hump day...Leah

Message: 32985 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:10:42 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Radio (Part 2)

Since that time I have had time to think some more about things and I've changed my attitude slightly. I've decided to slowly but surely put the web site into a static format so that it can remain for as long as people feel it's useful. That means it will have all the lyrics to the songs, the chords, the archives, and all of the photos that have been posted so far. I will continue to update the concert schedule through 2004 and after that I'll put a link to the list that is on When America releases new DVD's, CD's, etc., I will add pages for those as time permits. But, effective immediately, I will no longer post photos, fan biographies, or other things that fans have been accustomed to sending to me. I realize that will cut down on the "liveliness" of the web site, but I feel good about this decision and I'm going to follow through with it.

Regarding this Chat Folder, it will continue to operate as usual, but my involvement will be much less. If you have questions for me, you're more than welcome to e-mail them to me but they may not get answered if they're posted here. I will continue to post concert updates here, View from the Hotel Window photos, information about America related items (such as Jeff Larson's "Sepia" and Joe Doyle's great covers), and information that Erin, Dewey, and Gerry send to me from time to time.

Erin, Dewey, and Gerry are aware of these changes and have been overwhelming in their support. In fact, Erin has asked me to send her all of the photos that I haven't been able to post so that she can review them and possibly post some of them on the web site. I have sent her many of them already and I filled up her mailbox (LOL). So, I'm going to have to wait for her to wade through those before I can send her the rest.

I want to thank all of you for your help and support throughout the years. The America Fans web site is what it is because of you. Without your input and help, I couldn't have done it. However, the time has come for things to change. Many of you have already found ways to post your own photos and then put the links here, so I suspect that type of activity will increase and make it so we can continue to share things.

Thanks again for everything and have a great 2004! With a new America CD and DVD, Jeff's "Sepia", Joe's covers, etc., etc., there's no reason not to have a great year.


Message: 32984 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:10:10 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Radio (Part 1)

Warning: If you haven't seen "Radio" yet and don't want me to spoil the ending, skip the next paragraph.

A couple of weeks ago my family rented and watched the movie "Radio" for the first time and it had a great affect on me. Besides having "Sister Golden Hair" in the movie, it had a message that was profound (perhaps several messages). At the end of the movie the coach who has dedicated his life to coaching and trying to build a winning team while helping an underprivileged young man, realizes that his daughter, who has grown up all-to-soon, and his wife, who has quietly stayed in the background, are the things that really matter. During a meeting in the local barbershop, people are complaining about the way things are going and recommending that they get rid of the young man, Radio. About that time the coach walks in with his wife and daughter and makes a little speech. Then he surprises everyone, especially his wife and daughter, by announcing that he's going to step down as coach so he can spend more time with his family, the people who really matter. As he walks out of the barbershop, the folks who are left behind can be heard saying to the ring leader that was trying to get rid of Radio and undermine everything the coach was doing, something like, "See what you've done. Is that what you wanted?"

Some of you may know that I'm a scoutmaster and that my youngest son (age 13) is one of my scouts. This past weekend we went on a campout into the beautiful Utah mountains and had a great time with each other and with the other scouts. It was so nice to be away from the phone, the computer, and many of the distractions of life and spend time with someone who is really important to me. When I got back from the campout I started thinking more about "Radio" and the way my life was heading. I realized that I wasn't spending as much time as I would like with my family and I wondered what could be done.

About that time I sat down to my computer and had several hundred concert photos that needed to be posted, other changes that needed to be made to the web site, a myriad of disgruntled fans on the Chat Folder who wanted me to do this, answer that, or who were just getting upset at one another. It was then that I had an epiphany. I was spending 2 or more hours almost every night doing something related with the America Fans web site or the Chat Folder. While it's something that I usually enjoy and have been very happy to do in the past, it's not something that would fall into the "really important" category. I realized that I could use those 2 hours to spend time with my family instead, and I decided that I was going to quit maintaining the web site.

--to be continued--

Message: 32983 Posted: Wed Apr 28 12:06:06 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

Cindy - you are not the only Bobby Sherman fan. I have the cassette tape Little Woman. Remember that and the show Here Come The Brides. Yes, once again I am showing my age. From what I know, Bobby became a cop in California...

Message: 32982 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:41:59 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: "Cosmic" Triv Question


My "google" guess is Michael Martin Murphy.

Sir Joe

Message: 32981 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:36:42 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Nancy's Happy Hump Day

I do believe she means the middle of the week, Wednesday, top of the hill. You're over it and the week is downhill from here! Happy Hump Day to all!! (2 more days left of school 'till the weekend!)
Re-release of VGG? Yea!

Message: 32980 Posted: Wed Apr 28 09:16:46 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Thorns & VGG & Jeff Larson's release day for Sepia ! :) :) :)

When Gerry released VGG in the US a few years ago he included 4 bonus tracks on it that were not on the original Japanese release. I wonder if that is what it is referring too instead of actually having another 4 bonus tracks?

Message: 32979 Posted: Wed Apr 28 08:39:32 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Thorns & VGG & Jeff Larson's release day for Sepia ! :) :) :)

I wish Gerry would do an extended version (say 8 or 9 minutes) of the song "What Happened" off the VGG CD. Really love that song.
Nancy - What do you mean by "Happy Hump Day"?

Message: 32978 Posted: Wed Apr 28 08:14:24 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Thorns & VGG & Jeff Larson's release day for Sepia ! :) :) :)

Happy Hump Day! :) ;)

Hi Anita & Mo ~~~ I too am wondering what the 4 Bonus tracks will be on the new re-release of Van Go Gan... I would love for it to include Gerry's song Houses In White! ~~ Wow my curious mind is running AMUCK here! Too much! ~~ Thanks for the heads up Mo on the Thorns. I have also read posts on the Eagles message board saying that The Thorns have touched on their early day sound.. In fact there are alot of younger people (20's to 30's) that have said they went to see the Thorns and that they have bought their cd... soo I too am wondering how their Cd is doing.. also I am wondering why this song No Blue Sky couldn't be heard playing on my fave radio station... I don't really think they should be classified as just Country Music... I am gonna have to email my dj friend and ask him if he is aware of "The Thorns"!

Thanks Steve for telling us about Jeff's Updated News on his site.. I do go there from time to time, but you beat me to the punch here... You can betcha I will be getting my PreOrder in on this as soon as the Availablity is there for it... Great News Huh ~~ Jeff, Gen & SteveO ~~ Neat... :)

Hmmm ~~ Beats Me Johnny ~~ My mind draws a blank on your triv question... Way to go Anita... even your answer doesn't ring a bell with me...

Ooops forgot to mention in my post yesterday a Welcome to Christina... Yeppereee it would be great to see a AMERICA & the Little River Band together... :) ~~~ Also Nice to hear from you Virginia... good luck on your training for the Bike rides this summer! :)

Okay gotta get back to my work now, have a great day all! See ya, Nancy :) ;)

Just for you Red ~~~ Time for me too Flyyyy, time for me to flyyyy, ~~~ You see in my Dreams you love me ~~~~ Roll with the Changes ~~~ Take it on the Run baby ~~~ I just wanna keep on Lovin Youuuuu ~~~ Wow 1 more day to go and you will be shining up on cloud 9 with your Mrs. has you get to head out to see REO Speedwagon & 38 Special... Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy and come back and tell us all about it Okay :) ;)

Message: 32977 Posted: Wed Apr 28 07:47:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Thorns and VGG

Regarding "The Thorns" CD. I like it very much. Great vocals and harmonies throughout. I have listened only to the 1st CD so far and have yet to try the acoustic version. These guys really compliment each other which I guess is what you need to have a successful 'supergroup.' This is an excellent addition to the genre and does justice to those who have come before such as America (of course), The Traveling Wilburys, CSN, and others. I am not exactly hip with regard to the music industry so I wonder--is this CD getting much attention or airplay? Is it selling well? Just curious.

Regarding the VGG 'hidden bonus tracks,' it is my guess that those are the same tracks (and therefore the same CD) as the 1999 US release of VGG. So, Robyn, if you have that one already, I'm betting you'll be all set. Just a guess.

Message: 32976 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:55:57 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: "Cosmic" Triv Question

Johnny, if my googling serves me correctly, it is Jimmie Dale Gilmore. But apparently he isn't the only person to have that moniker at some time or other.

Message: 32975 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:52:00 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sepia

According to Jeff Larson's updated web page, Sepia was released in Japan on March 24 and will be available in the US on June 8. Sepia features Gerry and Dewey as guest vocalists and Gerry's song "Cryin".

Message: 32974 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:45:09 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "Cosmic" Triv Question

Speaking of the word "cosmic," here's a trivia question for you all:

What pop/folk rock singer turned country music singer was known at one time as the "Cosmic Cowboy"? He has appeared on the same bill as America a couple of time in the past... around the 80s, I believe.

Regarding Ike's photos, I have photo #4 and photo #7 autographed in gold ink. Woo-hoo! At one time I had them hanging, framed, in my bedroom.

FYI: If anyone has a question for SteveL, it is better to send it to him via his person email address rather than to post it to the folder. He doesn't check the folder much anymore he told me in a message last night other than to post the VFTHW and other photos such as Ike's.

Message: 32973 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:26:59 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VGG and Cosmic

That means I have to buy ANOTHER copy ( I believe I have two...) Oh the sacrifice!

Message: 32972 Posted: Wed Apr 28 06:08:46 2004 By: Anita
Subject: VGG and Cosmic

Thanks, Mo, just checked Not only will VGG be re-released, there will be "four unlisted, hidden bonus tracks" -- WOW, WOW, WOW, and WOW! Gerry, thanks in advance!

Message: 32971 Posted: Wed Apr 28 04:45:10 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Kinda Cosmic

Mo, I especially like the acoustic "Sunset Sessions". I'll be disappointed if there's not a follow up CD someday.

Message: 32970 Posted: Wed Apr 28 04:32:02 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Kinda Cosmic

Hey Moser, what do you think of the Thorns' CD? Just curious...DanC.

Message: 32969 Posted: Wed Apr 28 04:07:19 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Kinda Cosmic

Every time I am forced to go to the mall for something, I always check out FYE (For Your Entertainment) to see what I can replace on CD that I've had from years ago on vinyl. Plus, they have an amazing collection of America music available all of the time. Last time I was in there, I think there were 13 separate America titles in stock. Ever impressive.
Anyway, the last time I was there about 3 weeks ago, I picked up "The Thorns" (double CD set), "Empire Records" (soundtrack), and Ambrosia's "One Eighty." I had bought that album during HS and pretty much wore out one side of it--uncharacterisitcally it was the B side. And here we are a few weeks later talking about Dewey appearing on an upcoming David Pack recording. Kinda cosmic. That kind of stuff just tickles me. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up.

I wondered what Ainsley was referring to regarding the news on Van Go Gan when I read her post last night. But, (duh!) I saw it this morning on's front page. Great news. Way to go, GGG. Great to see VH updated more often lately, too. Now if they would just archive that gigunda message board, we'd be in America nirvana. I guess you can't have everything.

Message: 32968 Posted: Tue Apr 27 23:25:06 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Virgin AMERICA ~ VGG ~ Ike's Pics & a little more!

been a David Pack (Ambrosia) listener for years Nancy.

Joe's WTL is quite something...yep!

Message: 32967 Posted: Tue Apr 27 21:54:31 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Virgin AMERICA ~ VGG ~ Ike's Pics & a little more!

NightOwl Nancy Here ~~ Still I need to know, what time itself, will really show ~~~ and I say, who am I to tell, a woman to tell, what will be, no one knows... what will be, we'll let it be, still I need to know... through time itself, I need to know Still ~~ Without Your Touch, I've been lost from the things I love, without your touch, I've been dreaming of Your Mouth, Your Eyes, Your Face ~~ Your Touch, badabadabaa your touch, badadabada your touch, Your touchhhhhh ~~~ Wooooo Your touchhhhh ~~ Sing it again for me Seal :) ;) Such a nice song!

Hmmm ~~ My Virgin AMERICA Album ~~ Just like I said yesterday ~~ the AMERICA album was my first bought album, after replaying the A side on HWNN sooooo many times on my 45... I found & bought the album, I can remember "Three Roses" instantly being a fave... and To Each His Own as well as Clarice, Rainy Day, Here, Children I liked listening to the whole album over and over... I loved going and getting each album as they were released and with each one I started to store all of these songs in my Memory banks, each album was a new adventure, and just brought me to love and appreciate all of the Unique Magic found on them... I always loved how I could relate to sooo many of the songs messages! I love all of the Memories of times spent listening to my albums... There was this guy he was about 3 years older than me, and I met him at a party of my friends.. He had a Chevy Blazzer... and the Paint scheme on this was done up to the theme of SANDMAN and I thought WOW, he knows AMERICA's music too, we became quite good friends, and I do get to see him every once in awhile, he has a son the same age as my son that will graduate this year... each time out paths have crossed we talk about the days of the parties and of his Chevy Blazer with the oooh soo Awesome Sandman scheme... as far as I know he still has this, he keeps it up and has taken it to many car shows, I'd be willing to bet, it strikes up some nice conversations for sure! ~~ His nickname was Sandman too ~~ Pretty neat huh!!! ~~~ Too much ~~~ I love the Touch of all these treasured memories :) :) :)

Hi there Ainsley ~~ I too have watched the Last Unicorn with my daughter lots of times.. I happened to find this movie by accident, it was on the Disney channel and my daughter loves all kinds of animal movies... when I saw it was about a Unicorn I popped in a vhs tape and little did I know I was taping something that was gonna bring a bit of AMERICA history, that I didn't know of at that time, my way... I can remember how the song The Last Unicorn starting, stopped me in my tracks that first time hearing it... I kept saying outloud that has to be AMERICA singing this song... and I eagerly watched the credits oooh sooo carefully to see AMERICA listed under the song credits... WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! A nice touch of Magic indeed! ~~~ Yeppers I too was happy to see the New News listed on the Venturahwy home page, saying that very soon Van Go Gan will be available on, and Such a great collection of gems... I currently have it in my cd stack in my Explorer and I just love how I am surrounded by the Magic of Kiss of Life when it comes on... I hit the back arrow to let it take me away again and again... Thanks sooo much Gerry for listening to the requests to make it available again... :) :) :)

Just to add my Thank You.. NO.. Thank You too ~~ to Steve L & Ike ~~ Wowsers ~~ some really neat pics you have there... Your Daughters Smiles are Radiant for sure!! Thanks for the reposting of them, this was my first time around seeing them! ~~~ Nice pic of Vince Gill and Dan Seals too :) ~~~ their eyes, their mouth, their face, I'll be dreaming of these things I almost missed .... No I'm not overboard here, Seal is still here singing this great song called TOUCH to mee... WOW ~~ Seal ~~ Seal ~~ Seal :) ;)

Hi there Steve O ~~ Thanks a bunch for forwarding the info on Dewey and David Pack to us via Steve L ~~~ Ambrosia had some really nice songs... I especially fond of Biggest Part of Me (I have called and requested my lunchtime dj friend to play this one :) ;), You're the Only Woman ~~ David worked some nice magic on these for sure! ~~ I did visit this site, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that along with Dewey, there also is appearances by Timothy B & Steve Perry ~~ Wooooo, It will be interesting to hear the outcome of this for sure! :)

Hi there Jeff B ~~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this David Pack cd too! I will have to check it out! ~~ Thanks for the email :) :) :)

Oooops I almost forgot ~~ I attempted to download Joe's version of Willow Tree Lullabye a couple of times today and for some reason it doesn't fully download... is anyone else having the same problem, or is it just me??? What I can hear of it, I like alot :)

Soooo GREAT to read all of your posts... alot of really neat songs mentioned.. for sure! Keep the posts a rollin on!!!! :)

Well I guess I have rambled on long enough here, along with letting my fingers spill out my ramblins, Seal has managed to mellow me right out with this song TOUCH... Yep I just can't get enough of it! ~~ Hey Red ~~ Don't Snore sooo Loud ~~ I can hear you the whole way over here in PA!!!!! Nitey Nite all, nice dreams I hope ~~ NightOwl Nancy :) ;)

~~~ Each day we miss, I remember times, I used to Kiss your mouth, your eyes, your face ~~ but who am I too tell a woman to tell of what will be, let it be, Still I need to know what time itself will really show, Still I need to know... Your Mouth, Your Eyes, Your Face, Your TOUCH ... your touchhhh, your touchhhhhhh, badabadabadaaaaa your touch badabadabadabaaaa your touch oooooh your touch ~~~ Carry me off to my Dreams SEAL :) ;)

Message: 32966 Posted: Tue Apr 27 20:19:16 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

My first America album was Homecoming after hearing Ventura Highway at a girlfriend's house. I was hooked...

I don't remember my very first album, but it was probably Bobby Sherman! Sigh...

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 32965 Posted: Tue Apr 27 18:03:06 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Warren and Leah

Good, Leah. You won't be sorry. I like "AIrplanes" but "girlfriend" is the pick of the teenage girls in the car.

Message: 32964 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:54:09 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Warren and Leah

Robyn - thanks for the information regarding MB...when I can, I will look into this...I appreciate the help...have a great night!

Message: 32963 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:50:46 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: First 45/First America album/78's!

Hi Nina, Mo - Funny you should ask this question...My first 45's they cost 3 for 79 cents...were 4 Tops/Standing in the Shadows of Love, Mitch Ryder/Sock it to me Baby and the Monkeys/I'm not your steppin stone. As for the albums...My first were America - Horse with no name and Bread's Baby I'm a Want You. I was 11 years old...The albums were $3.99 each. That was considered expensive...I guess I am showing my age here...but that's ok...I don't feel it...I bought America when it came out and have had my love affair with their music ever since. The only single I ever bought of America's was Ventura Highway. Otherwise, I have all their albums in mint condition and would not part of them for anything...! Great question...Hey Nina, I'm sorry to hear school stinks...will you be joining us again in July? I made my reservation and hope to see you there...take care all...

Message: 32962 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:32:12 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Question For SteveL Re: Ike's Photos

Steve ~ I remember seeing all of Ike's photos presented here before... the ones on the home page. They have me wondering something if you don't mind my asking you. Any particular reason for presenting them again? Just curious. Thanks in advance.

Message: 32961 Posted: Tue Apr 27 17:15:05 2004 By: Ainsley
Subject: Van Go Gan

Great to hear Van Go Gan will be available again. It is an awesome CD. I found a DVD in a bargain bin - The Last Unicorn. Not only is my 5 year old unicorn-mad daughter in rapture but at least I have the pleasure of hearing America sing as we watch it!

Message: 32960 Posted: Tue Apr 27 15:15:09 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

First America record was the album Hearts. Playred the grooves off that one in the summer of 75.DanC.

Message: 32959 Posted: Tue Apr 27 15:06:33 2004 By: Nina
Subject: First 45/First America album/78's!

Hi all! I still have all my original 45's in those little record boxes with the handles? If I remember correctly, my first 45 (bought with my own money) was Leslie Gore's "Judy's Turn to Cry". I even remember the sepia toned picture of her on the paper sleeve, even though I lost it 40 yrs. ago! (Funny how those things stay with you!) I'm not sure of the first album I actually bought, although I do remember that my brother and I pooled our money for the first Beatles' album. The local 5 and 10 didn't even have a record display rack, so the albums were stacked on the counter near the cash register. I still have it with my collection of over 300 albums, which until very recently I had stored prominently in my living room in a specially built wooden record stand (with my stereo turntable on top!) Unfortunately, then company started making fun of me, so I banished the entire set up to a closet! (Guess I didn't realize I was a dinosaur! I thought I was being "retro", not ancient! I kinda miss having those tunes at my fingertips, though! My first America album was "Hat Trick"...Freshman year in college. My brother has the original "America" album on 8 track so I was a big fan from the very beginning...Sophomore year in high school. (I, too, mistakenly thought for about a week that Dewey's voice was Neil Young's until a friend brought me to her home and showed me her "Horse with No Name" 45 on her turntable! Sorry, Dewey!) 78"s? Yep, my parents had a bunch. I think they are in warping in the cellar of my family home where Mom and Dad still reside! Mostly Dean Martin 78's from the VERY old days when he was with Jerry Lewis!

School stinks, Mo...thanks for asking! Bones knows what I mean!

Message: 32958 Posted: Tue Apr 27 13:39:02 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: 45's and Virgin America

My first America LP was "America". I bought it right after hearing Horse With No name on the radio.
First America concert- Feb. 11, 1973 at the Felt Forum in New York City. The Felt Forum was next to the old Madison Square Garden; it's no longer there but 31 years later America still is!

Message: 32957 Posted: Tue Apr 27 12:26:31 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: I'm back, 45..catching up

Well I'm back from my Florida vacation.

Thanks Mo, for keeping the count down going. (only 11 days) great photo of SF.

I wanted to let you know, even though I was 3 hours away from Gerry, Gerry, Gerry... (can I still say that?) I was certainly stalking the airport like a crazed teenager looking for an encounter. lol
At least I didn't pack the Sharpie and cd covers. The lifetime collection of cds was good enough for me.

Great photo of FL, it seems like I was just almost there.. sigh!

1st 45 - probably Andy Gibb. I actually picked up 2 America 45's a few weeks ago during my 'History' vinyl search.

Also, VGHOF – winners will be listed in May. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

My brain is still on vacation, so I better wrap this up for now.

Have a great day everyone ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 32956 Posted: Tue Apr 27 11:45:59 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Thank You, NO...Thank You

Yes thanks to both Steve and Ike Gauley! What wonderful pictures! And, Ike, such lovely daughters, as well!

Message: 32955 Posted: Tue Apr 27 11:04:50 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Thank You, NO...Thank You

We say thank you at work that way alot...sorry...just a bad habit. Wanted to thank Steve and Ike Gauley for the link that is posted on the Home Page to Ike's photos. Wow!! They are great. Thanks.

Also, Virginia, I got a big laugh out of your "virgin America purchase was twins." Very clever.

Message: 32954 Posted: Tue Apr 27 10:59:11 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: 45, First Album, Virgin America Album

hmmmmmmm... Maybe it was American Woman or No Sugar Tonight by the Guess who.... lol geez I can't remember.. Used to go to the record store every Sat and bought one or two, so I'm really not sure lol.

Message: 32953 Posted: Tue Apr 27 10:54:43 2004 By: rc
Subject: 45, First Album, Virgin America Album

Wow.. Not sure what the first 45 was, I keep thinking it was Sugar, Sugar by the Archies.. lol hey I was a young kid! I still have my 45's by the way.
First Album.. The first one I purchased myself was a Carpenter's album. I had gotten The Monkee's, Herman's Hermits, The Association as b-day gifts previously. Having older brother and sisters, I listened to alot of their stuff that they had purchased.

First America Album... America
Went out and bought it the day after I heard HWNN on the radio back in late winter/early spring of '72

Message: 32952 Posted: Tue Apr 27 10:48:45 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: New Song from Joe

Thanks! I sent your website link out to friends and will update them about the latest song.

Message: 32951 Posted: Tue Apr 27 10:45:47 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Dewey sings on David Pack CD

wow! Thanks for the info.. David Pack *sigh* :-) lol sorry.. First saw Ambrosia back in a small club in 1975. Love them. Was really disappointed a few years back when went to see them and no David Pack.. bummer... Thanks again for the info. Hadn't been to his site in awhile, guess I will have to get over there to read up.

Message: 32950 Posted: Tue Apr 27 09:39:56 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

Red Rubber Ball?? I LOVE that song!
( Great Now I'll be singing it all day)
I was not much into buying 45's I bought mostly LPs and I bought the first America album soon after "I need you" became a hit on the radio. As a side note my MOM bought me Homecoming for Christmas, so that album always evokes Christmas lights and my family celebrating the holiday-- even if it is rally a slice of Summer! I thought my Mom was the coolest to buy that for me.

Message: 32949 Posted: Tue Apr 27 09:31:48 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

I was a sophomore in college when HWNN hit the charts. I wasn't much of a radio listener, but heard the song blaring out of other people's dorm rooms. I was one of those who thought it was Neil Young. The guy I was dating at the time (who is still hanging around 33 years later)had Harvest and After the Gold Rush, and to my untrained ear, Dewey's voice sounded like Neil's. Now, of course, I can't believe I made that mistake. I was not a Neil Young fan back then, so I didn't pay much attention to HWNN. My roommate bought Homecoming one day and as soon as I heard the beginning of Ventura Highway, I knew I'd found "my" music. I went out that afternoon and bought both Homecoming and America. So to make a long story short, my virgin America purchase was twins.

First 45 - Red Rubber Ball by The Cyrcle (a Paul Simon penned song)
First album - Meet the Beatles

Message: 32948 Posted: Tue Apr 27 09:15:49 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Wednesday night Chat

We will have an "Encore Performance" of the one that started it all "America" on Wednesday at 7 pm. Hope you can join us.

Message: 32947 Posted: Tue Apr 27 08:56:17 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: New Song from Joe


carry on...

Message: 32946 Posted: Tue Apr 27 07:37:26 2004 By: Joe
Subject: New Song from Joe

Hey everyone! This is Joe Doyle and I have just done another America song for you to listen to. This time it is a classic from Dan "Willow Tree Lullaby". To listen go to Dan's site at and it is on the front page!

Message: 32945 Posted: Tue Apr 27 07:36:58 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Willow Tree Lullaby

Joe Doyle's latest... "Willow Tree Lullaby" from Hat Trick is now live at

Message: 32944 Posted: Tue Apr 27 06:44:05 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: First 45 and album

I'll date myself here but the first 45 I can ever recall owning was a British hit by singer Sandie Shaw,the 1967 single "Puppet on a String." It never charted here in the States. First album I ever owned,and still have to this day is the "Yellow Submarine" album from the Beatles.

Message: 32943 Posted: Tue Apr 27 06:35:43 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: 45's and Virgin America

Correction: ...a 26 (not 30) year romance with America's music. Didn't want to imply I was learning to park at age 11!!

Message: 32942 Posted: Tue Apr 27 06:25:30 2004 By: Moser
Subject: 45's and Virgin America

They say you'll never forget your first girl...St. Paulie Girl at least. Anyway, what was your virgin America record, in other words--your first? Whether it was a 45 or an album, what was your very first America recording? This is an obvious question, I know, but I haven't seen it asked at least recently so I thought it might be a fun subject.

To answer the questions myself:
My first 45 was a Partridge Family single called "I Think I Love You." I got it for Christmas one year from my folks along with a record player and an album called "Southern Fried Rock" a compilation from K-Tel. I know they wished after the fact that they had bought more than one single b/c I played it pretty much ALL day. Funny enough, I can't remember what was on the B side. Although, to this day, I remember every single word to the A side. My folks probably do too as it was likely seared into their minds! I was never much of a "flip side" girl. Always stuck to the A side whether on singles or albums...until CDs came along, of course. There has to be something deeply Freudian in that fact. Not sure what.

My first America recording:
Ahh, the fond memory.... My first was the Hearts album. It was a gift from my boyfriend. He even wrote something mushy on the inside album sleeve. Still have that album, although the mushy effect has worn off long ago!! This album was the beginning of a 30 year romance...not with the boyfriend but with the music of America. Boyfriends are usually good for at least one thing you learn from them--sometimes good, sometimes bad. This guy taught me about awesome music that I have enjoyed throughout my life. Well, he also taught me how to park but maybe I shouldn't bring that up in mixed company...just to avoid the eee-www factor. Besides, I don't want to corrupt Danae and Sean Lee.

One other thing I wanted to pick up on from a previous post from Mark...I had joined one of those record clubs, too, fairly early on in the teen years. It was something like 10 albums to start, as you said. I don't remember all of the 10 but a few were Steve Miller's "Book Of Dreams", Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours", Styx's "Grand Illusion", and Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive" (I think that's what it was called). I still love almost all of that music and listen to it regularly. I guess you always stay connected to what you "grew up" on.

Just to recap the question after me rambling on: What was your very first America recording whether a single or an album?

Message: 32941 Posted: Tue Apr 27 05:59:31 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Dewey sings on David Pack CD

Steve Lowry alerted me to the news that Dewey will be singing on the upcoming David Pack CD. Click this link on for additional details.
If the name David Pack doesn't ring a bell,he's the former lead vocalist for the band Ambrosia,who's hits included "Holdin'On To Yesterday"(1975),"How Much I feel"(1978),"Biggest Part Of me"(1980)
and "You're the only woman"(1980). The guys also scraped the bottom of the Top 40 in 1977 with a remake of the Beatles'"Magical Mystery Tour." Pack hasn't toured with Ambrosia in years,and his last solo album was way back in 1986.But if you remember the melodic rock of this band,then this may be a project you'll want to look into.
And of course,its great to see the guys keeping busy with extra curricular projects in addition to their own recorded works.

Message: 32940 Posted: Tue Apr 27 04:42:20 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: First 45

Green eyed Lady was by sugarloaf. Im a Believer was a great song written, by the way, by one Neil Diamond.DanC.

Message: 32939 Posted: Tue Apr 27 04:08:18 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: First 45

Green Eyed Lady...I can't remember the artist!

Message: 32938 Posted: Tue Apr 27 01:56:53 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: First 45

It was The Monkees,Im A Believer; I was 8 years old, in a record store, asking my mother to get it going on the sound system! And its STILL a great song!

Message: 32937 Posted: Tue Apr 27 01:11:51 2004 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Hi all

Been a month or so since my last post... hope all is well with everyone. (Good to meet you Christina!)

I think my first 45 was Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop." My babysitter gave it to me - I wasn't very old. :)

I had to share... I have mentioned that my 12 year old daughter is an America fan and that I have been working on my younger children. Tonight, all my hard work paid off. I went in to say goodnight to my five year old twins, and from their beds, I heard two little tiny voices singing "Turning the pages, we open the cages..." I stood unnoticed at the door as they finished "Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday" word for word. Priceless!

Dewey - Gerry - any hope of getting a little closer to the Seattle area this year? :)

Have a good one, all -

Message: 32936 Posted: Mon Apr 26 20:04:03 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: First 45.

John Lennon, "Imagine."

Message: 32935 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:51:17 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: First 45 RPM

Great question Mo. Mine was "Mr. Blue" by Johnny Crawford. And I still have it. I can't believe how much I played that little record. Thanks for bringing up that memory!


Message: 32934 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:51:07 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: First 45 RPM

I can't remember my first album but it had to be either Meet the Beatles or they're second album. That started me on a 15 year run of buying a lot of vinyl (around 700 albums) that stopped with the introduction of cds. I still like looking through the old 45s though. I've even burned 4 or 5 cds of nothing but my old songs I had on 45.DanC.

Message: 32933 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:32:49 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: First 45 RPM

I can still remember my first 45, Day Tripper backed with We Can Work It Out in 1966. The famous Capitol records which were orange and yellow. Cool Question.DanC.

Message: 32932 Posted: Mon Apr 26 18:23:17 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Firefall

Thanks for the info. I thought I read somewhere that Burnett had his problems with the dope but was hoping he cleaned up and returned to the lineup. That's a pity. He wrote and sang some fine tunes with that band for sure. I guess I'll see how busy I am at the time when they come to Peoria. Would like to check them out. DanC.

Message: 32931 Posted: Mon Apr 26 17:13:12 2004 By: christina
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Hi there I actually have all of the old records that were turned into cds. But would like to hear new stuff if they have any

Message: 32930 Posted: Mon Apr 26 16:26:54 2004 By: christina
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Hi there I actually have all of the old records that were turned into cds. But would like to hear new stuff if they have any

Message: 32929 Posted: Mon Apr 26 16:10:59 2004 By: christina
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Hi there I actually have all of the old records that were turned into cds. But would like to hear new stuff if they have any

Message: 32928 Posted: Mon Apr 26 16:04:30 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: HI THERE

What is the title of the last record that you have? Better yet... go to and you'll pretty much see what you're missing. At some point you might look into Gerry Beckley's solo CD "Van Go Gan" and the Beckley, Lamm , and Wilson CD titled "Like a brother". Almost forgot - the Christmas CD "Holiday Harmony".

Message: 32927 Posted: Mon Apr 26 15:49:39 2004 By: christina
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Hi there I actually have all of the old records that were turned into cds. But would like to hear new stuff if they have any

Message: 32926 Posted: Mon Apr 26 15:47:19 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Welcome. Be sure and check out the rest of America's CD's... you won't be disappointed.

Message: 32925 Posted: Mon Apr 26 14:15:11 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: HI THERE

Hi Christina and welcome. I hope you get to see the band soon, and yes America and LRB would be a GREAT double bill!

Message: 32924 Posted: Mon Apr 26 14:12:53 2004 By: christina
Subject: HI THERE

Hi there everyone this is all new to me, but I am excited to be here. A friend gave me this site, I thought the band was no longer around. I am loyal fan to The Little River Band and love their music and when a fellow fan told me America was still around I was shocked but excited at the same time. I love it. I am 22 and remember mom playing America all the time while I was growing up. My favorite song is Horse with no name. I am hoping to meet a lot of fellow fans and maybe get to see the band in person which would be great. The best thing that I would love would to see Little River Band and America perform together that would be one great concert, does anyone else agree?
Talk to you all later

Message: 32923 Posted: Mon Apr 26 10:41:07 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: First 45 ~~ LP & Listening Party

Hi Hooo Everyone ~~ We all live in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine ~~ Sing it Paul, Ringo, George & John .... ~~~ Don't you careeeeee, Don't you careeee, If You don't love me, then why don't you tell me sooo, instead of running around with all those other men ~~~ Sing it Buckingham's ~~~ Too much these were 2 of the first 45's Given to me by my cousin ... Wow did remembering this take me back in time! :)

Mo ~~ The first 45 record I bought with my very own money was none other than a group called AMERICA & Horse With No Name, and the very first album I bought was the AMERICA album, I also bought one of those little suitcase record players from Sears 'n Roebuck to listen to these on in my bedroom and get this I even took my record player and albums along with me to my friends with me.. A Nice Tag Along for sure! ~~~ Funny you bringing 45's up... my nephew who is 12 yrs old is really into listening to the classic rock station and he is familiar with AMERICA's HWNN, Lonely People, Ventura Hwy as well as Sandman, Tinman & Riverside too... while at my parents on Easter day, he wanted to put on the 45's that were still at my parents in the one light stand... so we listened to them, he thinks it is pretty neat that the songs he hears on the radio are on little records that I bought a long time ago when I was just a little older than him, I said see Kyle, good Music stands the test of time, and gets better as time goes on.. He is also a fan of the Eagles, Bee Gees and he just loves Peter Gabriel's song Big Time, do any of you here remember that song hahahhaha!!!! too much, I haven't heard that one in Moonsages! :)

Hmmm ~~~ Just want to say thanks for all the fun last night at the Listening party, even tho alot of us were had our AMERICA songs playing on our Disc from the Hwy set (cause my AMERICA album is a vinyl) we all kept pretty much in sync with one another... :) Nice to see all my "All My Lifer" friends there .... :)

As for 78's ~~~ Hmmm I have never had any, but for some reason I can remember seeing them somewhere, probably at my cousins when I would babysit... Robyn ~~ the song This Diamond Ring was always a fave of mine for sure... I loved singing along with it.... :)

Yeppers Anita ~~ I remember the Rascals... I believe DanC saw them too the other summer... they had some pretty neat songs! There is one that I had heard that I never knew it was by them... and my memory is failing me now, as to the title of this song... darn!!!

Okay gotta get now, have my monthly board meeting tonight ~ Fun, fun fun.... see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ I've been through the dessert on a horse with no name, in the dessert you don't have to remember your name, cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain... lalallalalalallalallalalalallaaaaaa :) Sing it Dewey, Gerry, & Dan :)

Message: 32922 Posted: Mon Apr 26 10:25:24 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 45's and albums

First 45 was "Love Me Do / PS I Love You" by the Beatles. I was only about 6 when I got it. My Mom took me to the store and let me pick out a 45. The reason I picked that one was because of the picture sleeve not because of the song. What do you expect from a 6 year old?

My first album was one of those K-Tel collections, Music Explosion I think. I remember it had "The Candy Man" by Sammy Davis, Jr., chopped down version of "Layla" by Eric Clapton, and "Chick-a-boom" by Daddy Dew Drops. Leave it to K-Tel to put together such I divergent compilation. It's tough to say what my first "real" album was. Several albums could qualify, because I got them when I joined the Columbia House Record Club and got something like 10 albums for $ 3.99. Among them was America's first album, along with "American Pie" by Don McLean, Sly and the Family Stone's greatest hits and a Ray Price album for my Dad and an easy listening album for my Mom (that was part of the deal for them letting me join).

Message: 32921 Posted: Mon Apr 26 10:02:25 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: 45's and albums

First 45? "This Diamond Ring" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. I heard it on the radio the other day and it really took me back!

Ist album? Three Dog Night Live.. I was a really big TDN fan in elementary school, then this other band with three guys came along..... ( and yes I know there were seven members of TDN, but you really only focused on the three frontmen back then)

Message: 32920 Posted: Mon Apr 26 09:42:47 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Listening Party

Hi Mo-Town ;)

I had a few 45's but I don't remember what they were! I was mostly a vinyl girl. My "first" albums (as in purchased with my "own" money) were The Jackson Five, Greatest Hits and of course, History . . . Love that Golden Gate Bridge . . .


Message: 32919 Posted: Mon Apr 26 09:38:57 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: First 45 RPM

Hey Mo - cool question.. let's see, the first 45 that I ever purchased was "Lost In Love" by Air Supply. I also, a couple of years later, purchased a 45 by the group America - "Right Before Your Eyes".. didn't know much about America at that time but I sure loved that song - still do! Thinking back to that time (early 80's), I never knew the names of the individuals who made up America. Dan Peek? He's the guy who recorded a Christian album or 2 that I really liked. Gerry Beckley? Years later I knew him as the guy who sang with Chris Christian on a couple of songs. Dewey Bunnell? Never heard of him.. It's amazing how much I've learned about these 3 guys in the last 2 years from all of you very knowledgeable people!!


Message: 32918 Posted: Mon Apr 26 08:33:32 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Listening Party

I actually bought a few Andrews Sisters 78's for my dad years ago in a thrift shop...

Message: 32917 Posted: Mon Apr 26 07:45:21 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Listening Party

Thanks especially to Mo and all who joined for the listening party; glad to hear a good time was had by all.

I missed the listen due to a concert by Felix Cavaliere and the Rascals. Fantastic! Does everyone remember Groovin', It's a Beautiful Morning (current Vioxx commercial!) and Good Lovin'?

Next week's listen will be Homecoming, Sunday night at 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Hope you can make it!

Message: 32916 Posted: Mon Apr 26 07:34:46 2004 By: Moser
Subject: 78 Too Fast For Me

My folks had some 78's as I recall but I have no idea what they were. Three Coins In The Fountain? Who knows. I should check if they're still at the homestead. Good idea, Bones.

NancyM., are you back to school this week too? Nina, you too? Have a good one.

Message: 32915 Posted: Mon Apr 26 07:16:42 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Listening Party

I did not own any 78rpm records. But I think my father did, but I don't recall any.
Happy first day back to school, Bones!

Message: 32914 Posted: Mon Apr 26 06:29:41 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Listening Party

Who can remember their first 78rpm record?
What was yours Mo?

Message: 32913 Posted: Mon Apr 26 05:57:23 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who joined in on the spin of "America." It's hard to imagine that such wonderful music was made by three such young people. Thanks Dan, Dewey, and Gerry.

We hit on a fun subject for a few minutes last night. What was your very first 45 record? Do you recall? I thought it might be fun to share.

Happy Monday Everyone,

Message: 32912 Posted: Sun Apr 25 21:48:37 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia (The Answer)

So what was on Dewey's belt buckle that he wore from "Homecoming" up through "Hideaway" and perhaps beyond?

the Air Force Academy?


the Colorado State Prison?

THE ANSWER: The buckle had on it the Colorado State Prison which is more correctly known as the Colorado State Penitentiary.

So, Ing, how Dewey came to own that belt buckle is up to you to find out and to let us know. I do know for certain one thing: If Dewey is ever imprisoned and is in need of a metal file, I know the "perfect" person to contact to hide such a file in a bouquet of roses.

Go Muskrat Ingbat Go!!! : )

Message: 32911 Posted: Sun Apr 25 18:23:56 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

LOVE it!! Thanks Mo! Nice way to end the evening...


Message: 32910 Posted: Sun Apr 25 17:44:36 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Warren and Leah

I had to look Warren to see if my husband had taken the cd on his trip ( he is in Vegas at the International Dart Championships...) He really likes it. It is here so it will go into my player this week. I have not had the chance to hear it ( Like I said, Alan really likes it)
Leah Matt's music is his own. He is IMHO a VERY TALENTED MUSICIAN and will go far. His version of "Monster" is in some ways better than the original. Let me know what you think.

Message: 32909 Posted: Sun Apr 25 17:09:40 2004 By: Janice
Subject: re: Lizardly Lee

Oh, my poor (dead) Mr. Lee. Thanks for remembering him Ingrid. He's buried in the backyard and since I am getting ready to put the house up for sale I have considered exhuming (spell check needed) him.

I still have Gump (the strange but wonderful cat) who 1) refuses to eat unless I stand and watch him 2) will only drink water from the sink 3)has cost me more money at the vet than all of our other animals put together..sissy cat! 4) has me trained. I'm sure Cliff and Curt wonder why we keep this trouble-maker around..they're actually scared of him..two 90 lb. dogs run for cover when Gump enters the room. Go figure.

Ok Johnny..size 30..briefs? Are those anything like..well...forget it..never mind. :-)

Hope everyone has had a splendid weekend! Love the picture of Fort Lauderdale, Gerry Gerry Gerry. Don't ya'll just want to slap me..can't help it though after someone mentioned the Gerry mantra..too funny!

Janice, (the peaceful one)

Message: 32908 Posted: Sun Apr 25 16:28:22 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Ft. Lauderdale pic & some more

Thanks for your nice words Nancy. This site I did is really very 'basic' if I may say so...and it needs updating. Will asap. But your kindness is appreciated.

Message: 32907 Posted: Sun Apr 25 16:05:42 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Ft. Lauderdale pic & some more

Hi Everyone ~~~ She's a Maniac, Maniac, and she's dancing like she never danced before ~~ Sing it Michael Zambela ~ this is a song I haven't heard for a while ~~ one moving song for sure! :)

Thanks Gerry & Steve L ~~ A Welcome site to see late last night, I played the song Coastline last night as I was posting, the words weren't coming to my fingers that easy, and I ended up falling asleep and lost my half written post to the cyber gremlins when the computer went to sleep too ~~ LOL!!!! ~~ Sorry for ramblin off course there! Such an inviting Pic ~~ I have it as my background to get lost in... I hope you all enjoyed your time there in Sunny, Warm Florida... Safe taveling!

Hmmmm ~~ Since I had no Idea what to choose as my answer for the Trivia question... and it is kinda down to the Nitty gritty now, I will take a guess that it is the Air Force Academy found in Colorado!

Sergio ~~ Sounds like a Magical night... yeppers Mr Sedaka, is a Legend in his own time for sure... I would have to say my most fave song of his is Laughter in the Rain, I haven't heard it forever tho, and reading it in your post, has me a hankerin to hear it.. thanks for sharing this with us. Keep on enjoying taking in great shows with your Mrs!

Hi there Warren ~~ Nice to hear from You, and Nope I haven't forgot who or what WISH is... I am sorry to hear that your CD isn't doing that well with sales. I have listened to it lots and I have made it a point to tell others of it.. I will say again, I feel there are some really Deep Meaning Songs on this CD and You and Donald have found a very Unique way of carrying the sound across, I will say that my most fave is Medley 1~~ I really can get into the Sincerety that I find in Donald's voice as well as the Mood that the Music sets for this. I will also say that all of the songs on this CD can bring Tears to my eyes. I can tell that Alot of Heartfelt Dedication went into writing & performing these songs. I most certainly hear alot of the Early AMERICA Magic in these songs. I love how I can hear a blend of AMERICA, Dan Fogelberg's & James Taylor's along with Your's & Donalds way of combining your talents to add a new twist of Magic. ~~ As for You comparing WISH & Dan's new unreleased Guitar Man 2 cd... and to the feeling that why bother anymore.. cause it seems that the interest isn't there.... Well to this I say ~~ Hang In There, things may be slow taking off, but Persistence & Time & most Importantly hold on to HOPE, with these 3 working together, to use one of Dan's lyric lines "All Things Are Possible" ~~ I am glad I had the opportunity to hear your songs ~~ Thanks for sharing them with us. ~~ I Hope that there is a Way for us to Help Dan get his Guitar Man 2 CD published and heard ... Again I will say to anyone here that hasn't heard WISH's Stick's & Stone's ~~ Give it a listen, it does have a way of Touching my Heart! ~~ I also watched Musik Laden last night... and Yes, what I Love most about the fact that I became a Fan of AMERICA's right from the Beginning is that I fell in Love with the UNIQUE QUALITIES of all 3~ THREE of them and that Love for that Magic is the Strong Foundation that carried me all the way to Today. Even tho I don't go on about Dan's songs the way I do about Gerry's & Dewey's, I d efinitely have my Dan Favorites, that have a very special place in my memory banks and I love to hit the replay button on them as well. ~~ What happened way back then happened, and we will always wonder what it would have been like if they were still a Trio today... but that is all we can do is Wonder! Sooo I just Love the fact that we still have the 3 of them in different ways... and I still Appreciate the Unique Talents they each bring my way! :)

Hi Gen ~~ Just wanted to say here on the chat folder that I think it is pretty darn neat you making a Site that really Compliments and Brings some really AWESOME Exposure Matt's way... Your site is a nice blend of Pics, Info and Fun! Keep up the great work! :)

Hi John L ~~ Regarding the 50 worst songs... the dj on my fav radio station read the songs off on his Monday Morning show last week and I too couldn't believe some of the ones that were listed on this.. I too really like Dan Fogelberg's Longer song... that was too much Jefferson Airplane's We Built This City, ending up #1 on the list... that song was always on the radio and it has such a good upbeat to it... I also was amazed at a couple of the newer ones that were found on this list... I wonder just how many people have a say in compiling this list... Oh well it just goes to show ~~ To Each His Own" applies to lots of situations... Too much!

Hi there Valerie ~~ Nice to hear from you.. I too will say I go to Scrapbooking workshops... it is fun sharing the gift of gab with others there, and to feel good about all of those pics that were taken, to put them together in such a fun, creative way, to cherish forever... instead of them lying all in a pile in a old shoe box... :) Enjoy all of the summer shows you will go to see! Come tell us about them Okay?

Hmmm ~~ last but not least ~~ Mo ~~ I really enjoyed the Photo's of the day yesterday and today... I would love one day to stand in the spot where your Smiling Kids were and have a pic taken to carry on some really nice memories of Hearts, and the Magic it brought our way. Today's pic of Dewey is a really good one! ~~ Just gotta say again Henry Diltz has a Nice way of really capturing just the precise moment in time and essence.... :)

Oh Sergio ~~ Yes we watched the Touching Movie RADIO on Valentine's Day weekend 3 times... then had to return the DVD back to the rental place... and I did post about how neat it was to catch the little earful of Sister Golden Hair, my son Adam just looked at me and said Geeze Mom you can pic AMERICA songs up just like that anywhere... I said Yeppers thats for sure! :) Speaking of Sister Golden Hair... I have been hitting the replay button on my SEAL IV cd and DVD and I really like the Magic Seal does on these songs... at the end of his cd's he has a Reprise of the firs songs... and on this cd it is the Reprise to his song Get it Together... well let me tell you, when he starts to play this accoustic piece to this reprise, I can hear a similarity to a guitar riff in SGH... maybe it is just the way Seal is a strumming up a storm or maybe it is the type of accoustic guitar he uses.... but I really like it alot... My fave on his cd is called TOUCH ~~ Wow do I love to hit the replay button on it.... :) ;)

Okay gotta get now, take care all, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~There is only one thing I ask, give me someone to Love ~~~ Eyes that Sparkle like the Stars above ~~~ Someone that will Love me too, Someone who'll make the Sky stay Blueeee ~~~ Sing it for me Donald & Tess ~~ Play it for me Warren :) :) :) Simply Beautiful, Simply Heartouching, Simply sooo True!

Message: 32906 Posted: Sun Apr 25 14:48:57 2004 By: jimmy19029
Subject: Re: Firefall

Larry Burnett left Firefall in early 1981 and Rick Roberts followed several months later to pursue a solo career. Roberts rejoined 1988-1993 but left again. Over the last ten years ago or so I've heard he's had problems on and off with substance abuse. Hopefully he's doing better these days. I've seen both the 80s and 90s post Roberts/Burnett lineups of Firefall and they were both quite good. Very tight! The original lineup wasn't always known for being so spot on due to Rick and/or Larry's unpredictable conditions. A recent release of a 1979 live show bears this out. I did see Rick Roberts in 1985 as part of a Byrds Tribute tour and he sounded fine, proving that he could still play fine and have great nights.

Message: 32905 Posted: Sun Apr 25 13:10:07 2004 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Off topic, again.

If you get to meet the guys from Boston, ask them about their own America story!

Message: 32904 Posted: Sun Apr 25 11:44:22 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: RADIO

I just saw the very moving movie RADIO on DVD starring Cuba Gooding, Ed Harris and Debra Winger...I don't know if anyone else on this chat folder saw it or commented about it before (I don't remember seeing anyone post on it). But, it does contain an "America" song it. The movie takes place during the mid seventies and there is a scene where a car has the radio playing America's second #1 song and you can clearly hear "Sister Golden Hair". It was pretty neat being taken back to those mid 70's years and that they chose that song to depict "Americana" then. The credits list it as "Sister Golden Hair" written by Gerry Beckley and performed by AMERICA.

Sir Joe

Message: 32903 Posted: Sun Apr 25 10:47:52 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Ing said: <<Can I guess again?>>

Ingbrat ~ I thought you were going with the Colorado State Prison as your second guess as mentioned by you in a previous posting. I now take it that you were just kiddin' with your "Dewey being in prison" comment (LOL!) and that it wasn't actually your second guess. Either way, it's fine.

Since we're down to the last two choices, it might be fun to see who thinks it's which one, or again, just observing is cool, too. I'll be posting the answer late tonight.

Sir Joe ~ That was a very nice review of the Sedaka concert you attended last night. Glad to hear that you had a grand time.

Sean ~ I'm very pleased to hear you receiving the America ad with no problems as well as knowing you like it.

Message: 32902 Posted: Sun Apr 25 10:14:47 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

yeah i did Johnny thanks some much i am soon going to get it framed. I am sorry i didn't email you sooner, thanks again it is such a cool ad.

Message: 32901 Posted: Sun Apr 25 09:58:15 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Johnny Kat,

Can I guess again? It's gotta be the USAF Academy, cuz . . .

Oh never mind.


Message: 32900 Posted: Sun Apr 25 09:56:06 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: blender magazine's worst 50 songs

"Longer" by Dan Fogelberg was on the list? I think that is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It can be about God's love for his creation and/or a human's love for his/her soulmate. When I started taking piano lessons several years ago, that was one of the first songs I learned to play. It's on my personal top 50 favorites list . . . guess that goes to show what an old "Fogey" I am . . .


Message: 32899 Posted: Sun Apr 25 08:07:52 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Off topic-But fun for anyone who likes Neil Sedaka Music

I am still on a high from the incredible Neil Sedaka concert I attended last night. By the way, the same venue where I last saw America~
This man is a GIANT talent~ a virtuoso on the piano, a superbly polished and brilliant songwriter and STILL possesses a quasi tenor voice that has not lost any of its range or purity of tone, it is as supple as ever. He was able to move the audience to 8 standing ovations from the beginning 'till the end of the concert. I am happy and full of mirth today. Thank you Neil.

He opened with a striking "a capella" rendition of "A Song" and then moved to "Bad Blood", then to a string of his 50's and early 60's hits, such as "The Diary" (his first hit), "Oh, Carol", "Calendar Girl", "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" and "Breaking Up Is Hard To do". He did not do my favorite "Next Door to An Angel", but he did Connie Francis' "Where The Boys Are" which he wrote, and obviously changed the lyrics to be gender appropriate. It came off beautifully. I had seen Neil in 1980, and then he concentrated more on his then comeback 70's material only doing a quick medley of his early hits. However, this time around for 90 minutes he gave full dignity to all his material. He is amazing, he sold over 40 million records between 1958-1963. He has won numerous grammy's and he has been inducted to the Song Writer's Hall of Fame. During the middle of the show he did more of the 70's material, beautifully played and sang "Laughter in the Rain" and did two outstanding duets, one with his daughter Dara Sedaka (present via video) and then with the late Dinah Washington, a wonderful doo wop song he wrote for her, and as with Natalie Cole/Nat King Cole, they posthumously fused the two voices together, while playing a montage of Dinah Washington's career as both voices sang and intertwined beautifully. He then did "Solitaire" which is #1 right now on the Billboard charts, thanks to Clay Aiken's cover. Then back for 4 encore performances which showcased his virtuosity as a consummate pianist, he played the slow version of "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do", tickling the ivories in a jazzy way, and then to the classics of Puccini, Rachmaninov, and Chopin. What made it so unique is that he has added his own lyrics to these classical melodies. There was not a dry eye in the house during his performance of "Turning Back the Hands of Time" ( a reworking of Puccini's "Nessum Dorma"). Voice, medody, lyrics and virtuoso piano playing (he is a Julliard graduate) came together as ONE. It was to say the least a memorable night.
Just wanted to share this special event with others on the folder. If Mr. Sedaka ever comes near your "neck of the woods" DO NOT MISS HIM! He is a true living legend. :o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32898 Posted: Sun Apr 25 07:58:04 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Warren.

Better even, Can we clone him? :o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32897 Posted: Sun Apr 25 06:45:40 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Since we're listening to the early days tunes tonight, here's an early days photo. Oh yes, and it's especially for CFTS:

Message: 32896 Posted: Sun Apr 25 06:39:18 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Listening Party

Anita is busy this evening. So is Robyn. So, Anita asked me if I wouldn't mind cueing up the Listening Party. Join in at 10 pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific for a spin of America's "America." Hope to see y'ans there.

Message: 32895 Posted: Sun Apr 25 03:00:29 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: VFTHW

Again, thank you Gerry/Steve for the nice is most soothing...and warm...!

Message: 32894 Posted: Sun Apr 25 02:57:52 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: VFTHW

Valerie - your welcome. Warren - I for one was not offended. All of America before or after Dan is talented. No one can dispute that. You are right when you say many of the folks here grew up with America and have been listening to them from the beginning...I'm one of them. It is hard to believe kids would not know Sister Golden Hair..but then I have three kids. My 17 and 13 year old's first concert was this year and I'm sure you guessed it, America. My 17 year old's favorites are Sandman and Riverside. Although I pulled out my albums and he listened to Silent Letter and Alibi and loved them as well. Kyle my 13 year old fell in love with Tin Man and The Last Unicorn. So who's to figure. Now the 19 year old is so tired of me listening to America he is totally turned off. He's into Rap, R&B and Hip Hop...Just shakes his head when I mention another concert! Then he laughs and I tell him wait your turn will come...just you wait! Anyway...I'm sure you get the point!

Message: 32893 Posted: Sat Apr 24 21:56:00 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Had me a railroad
Down on the ridge
But I done blowed up
The bridge

Dan C ~ Sorry, your selection of "a train on the tracks" as the correct answer, just got derailed. Nice try though & thanks for playin'.

So, that leaves it as an all Colorado selection of either:

the Air Force Academy (located in USAF Academy, Colorado)


the Colorado State Prison (located in Canon City, Colorado)

(Sean ~ i Hope you have received the Item via the Post office by now.)

Message: 32892 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:48:26 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: getting past it all

i know the last few weeks have been hard for the America fans chat folder, and we must get past all this Gerry conflict and reflect on bigger issues, we must not fight with each other but unite once again as America fans to order to keep this great legacy of posting strong, we should debate certain things but insult each others hear me out
Sean Lee

Message: 32891 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:42:13 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Re: Ok..let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Good point Mark, you are right we should not blame Steve because like you said he is gracious enought to give this chat folder to post what is on our minds

Message: 32890 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:40:16 2004 By: valynda
Subject: VFTHW

Aaaahhhhhhh, thanks Gerry and Steve. We needed that change of scenery around here!


Message: 32889 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:30:56 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Ft. Lauderdale

Lovely picture Gerry. Have fun in Florida!

Message: 32888 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:30:36 2004 By: valynda
Subject: Off topic, again.

Thanks cjb for the Boston info.
I did get to see Boston in about 1997, they sounded original, must have been him! I'm gonna go ahead and get tickets.
Funny thing, just after my post earlier today, I went to an antiques/swap meet at our downtown park. One vendor had only 3 small boxes of Albums, and they had the BOSTON album! I also bought Cheap Trick at Budokan, (Love Cheap Trick, would be awesome to see them in concert with Aerosmith, Ingrid.) And I picked up another Hearts and Holiday albums! All albums are used, but the vinyl looks to be in good condition. Great find!

I have a record player in my classroom, so I will be enjoying all of this great music on Monday!

Leah, thanks for your comment. You know what is too funny? I really WAS gonna do some scrapbooking!! (Oh no, did I just admit that to some of the men on this folder?) I just got hooked on the hobby after we took our Cruise in Feb.
These men just know us women all too well! NOT!!!!! Ha-Ha! (I love men and I know they love us, so I'm trying not to get into this "Battle of The Sexes")

Warren, I enjoyed reading your post. You made some good points.
I just have to say something about your comments regarding us parents and our kids.
My 13 year old son and 8 yr. old daughter enjoy my America music with me. It is my 15 year old daughter that gets sooo tired of hearing America. Probably because I play it so often!

And I promise you, I DO teach my kids about GOOD rock music. I always point out to them what a Real musician is. Songwriting, singing, playing their own instruments, etc.
And I can assure you that probably most of the other parents of teenagers here on the folder are doing the same with their kids.

Take care all, Valerie

Message: 32887 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:19:09 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Ft. Lauderdale OOPS

Well there's one waiting down and two to go. I guess my wish came true while I was wishing it. Cool.
Thanks, Gerry and Steve. That was one Gerry.
PS: Just one and only one Gerry.

Message: 32886 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:15:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Sneakin' In

Sneakin' in under the deadline before Kristal gets home from vacation and thinks I've shirked my duty: 14 days to go 'til Reading.

Did anyone go to the Seafood Festival show today?

Where's the VFTHW?


Message: 32885 Posted: Sat Apr 24 20:13:04 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Ft. Lauderdale

Click here to see the view from the hotel window in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Message: 32884 Posted: Sat Apr 24 19:43:19 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Lizardly Lee


Lovely to hear from you again on this folder!!! You know who I was thinking about the other day? Your beloved lizard Mr. Lee! Did he like swimming in your bathtub? He was very large, if I remember correctly. : )


Message: 32883 Posted: Sat Apr 24 19:43:11 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Warren.

was that quote attributed to Ralph Kramden ?

Message: 32882 Posted: Sat Apr 24 19:23:55 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Warren.

Contrary to popular opinion, the youth is not waisted on the young.


Can I adopt you?

Message: 32881 Posted: Sat Apr 24 16:47:51 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Re: Question-off topic

Boston's original lead signer was Brad Delp. He left the band for a while but returned in the mid 90's. I don't know if he is currently with them. I have seen John Fogerty in concert. He is well worth the price of admission.

Connie B.

Message: 32880 Posted: Sat Apr 24 16:20:00 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: My Random Thoughts...

" . . . it may not be as serious as football" and my SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS . . . but then again, it may be.

P.S. Yes, Jeff (Garcia) is gone and Tim (Rattay) is stepping up to the plate : )

Message: 32879 Posted: Sat Apr 24 16:08:06 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: off topic : "backstage" w/Aerosmith

As some of you classic rock fans know, Aerosmith is now touring with Cheap Trick . . . Aerosmith's touring entourage is about 140 people large, and they require 16 dressing rooms. There's a venue scheduled in the midwest that only has 8 dressing rooms AND the show is already sold out. So, the venue is scrambling to find insta-dressing rooms AND narrower chairs so that they can keep the tour happy and cram more people into the audience!!! Not the Simple Life . . . ; )

Message: 32878 Posted: Sat Apr 24 16:00:29 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...


I love your brain.


Message: 32877 Posted: Sat Apr 24 15:40:50 2004 By: Warren
Subject: Semi-Friendly Rants.

I couldn't help but notice that the tender subject of Dan Peek and his importance in the overall scheme of things came up again a few days ago. While I shall refrain from all-out taking sides with certain individuals in the matter (for fear of pretending to have my balls cut off. see: back in the day posts) I still wanted to voice my opinion on Dan and hopefully not offend.. So, hold on.. I need to put on my glasses and make sure I can find that fine line way over there first.

..Well, shoot. No, I can't seem to find that fine line.. I never can find that fine line! Well, I tell you what.. I'll try my best not to offend and we'll just see how it goes!

Regarding the Subject of Dan Peek, I have several reasons to why I feel he is, to pick just one word, vital to America's legacy, sound and place in rock history. Mind you, the majority of the people I'm voicing this opinion towards are at least thirty years older than me and half of THOSE people probably bought the first album when it came out. And yet I get the feeling that a small percentage of them (you) need some sort of a yearly reminder about Dan and exactly what his contributions were, as well as their vitality.

Not all of you.. some of you.

It's not that I'm just bursting with knowledge or even that I'm the one who's right.. Like I said, you're (mostly) all older than myself.
But in my humble opinion there is no question about Dan. He was just as big a part of the group as were Dewey and Gerry.

There IS NO question.

He WAS and he IS. Take a second and look up at that America Banner that says "Chat Folder" How many people do you see? Three.

One, Two, Three.

And I vow to all of you that each and every time the subject comes up, you'll have to endure yet another of my mind-numbing posts that will, first of all, ask why are we still on this, and second, give you that reminder you seem to need.

Reason # 428: I read somewhere.. I don't have the link.. it may have been an older article, or even in the liner notes of Highway.. who knows? No, I can't back this up. But I HEARRRRRRD ..that Gerry and Dewey had some personal differences whilst in The Daze and that Dan sort of.. I dunno.. helped them mend fences in a roundabout way. If there is any truth whatsoever in this, you may want to send Dan a nice Thank You card sometime in the near future:

"Dear Dan, even though I enjoy making a mockery of you, your importance to the group America, and the fact that you left the band in part because my best-est bud, Gerry Gerry Gerry made your life as difficult as possible during those last few years, I would like to thank you for America, because ultimately were it not FOR America, I would have to find some other chat folder upon which to overtake with my presence."

For those of you who feel that I am mocking any one person, I'm not.
That was a mockery of the vibe that myself and other people pick up on the minute they/we start reading the posts or even the subjects.
And yes, I happen to know from personal e-mails that were sent to me shortly after I posted my first pro-Dan sentiments that other people feel this way.

Reason # 516: May be a bit more personal than many of you can relate to, but only because it's a "musician" thing. It's a little something I like to call the "Well, what about me?" factor. It goes like this:

For those of you who don't know this, my friend Donald and I (remember Wish? didn't think so) recently put out an America-influenced CD of all original material (apparently only the people at CDBABY.COM, a handful of friends, and the two of us can actually hear the America in it). Meanwhile, Dan Peek also puts one out.. or records one and then hesitates.

Lo and behold, wouldn't ya know, Dan Peek and Wish as artists seem to be in agreement: Why put out your music if no one cares? There may be a few people who express interest, but why go in the hole (or as Dan said "in the red") when everybody's just going to ignore you and then never shut the hell up about a certain few people who are "in with the crowd" so they get mentioned?

I expect that if Donald had known that buying every America album from Hearts up through Human Nature whilst it was still in the "New Release" rack and studying them religiously, asking for an Ovation guitar instead of a car when he graduated high school and spending day after day writing beautiful music, would ultimatly only lead to dissapointment, with the people we both thought would go nuts over it instead only rambling on about guys that don't even sing, I suspect he would have given up on his talent long ago and rightfully so.

True, if it makes you happy, you should play, but how happy would that make you? ..and the same with Dan!

He had to do what he had to do back in 1977. If he hadn't, you and I both know he may very well be dead right now. Isn't it surprising the number of "Christian" America fans who can't seem to understand Dan's reasoning? Surprising.. and yet, not at all surprising...

reason # 604: I was a senior in high school (Class of 1997) when I first became enthralled with America's album tracks. I'd bought the History album kinda on the "classic rock staple everyone must own" basis a year earlier, but it wasn't until the school system aquired this new-fangled thing called the Internet during my senior year that I actually became aware of America's true catalog. Then there was this place called "Thoughtscape Sounds" where you could buy up America's albums for only 22 bucks a pop. I still can't say exactly what sent me over the top. Maybe it was the America lyrics that were posted on this Pacific Rim site (ya'll remember that?) ..that I would actually print out at school during lunch and read over and over, not even having heard the songs yet! Most likely, though, it was a 30 second .wav clip of "It's Life" ..and I knew there was much more to the story than History. I was sold! ..and the first America album I bought was Hat Trick.

OK, OK I know, What's the point? ..Well, I'm getting to that:

At the time, I was with my first real "girlfriend" and I felt sure (from hearing History) that she would go crazy over the Beckley love songs (she, like myself was a younger person with a soft spot for certain older music) ... Unfortunatly, I was unaware what little respect a Gen-X high school girl would have for a song about hot rat love. No, to my surprise, she was not at all impressed (well, maybe some, but not AS impressed) with the sugar soaked love lyrics of Gerry Beckley.

Instead, she opted for the simple beauty of "Willow Tree Lullabye" and the dark "summer night air blowing in your face" imagery of Green Monkey. Although she was not an America fan per say (we need to remember that this WAS 1997, and younger America fans were harder to come by) it was Dan's songs (mostly) that appealed to her,and tome she is kind of a symbol of your besic teenager.

I'm not stereotyping, I'm just saying from experience.

She and other people of the new generation (myself included) who's only insight into America's music is reading about the past and hearing the CD's for what they are, are more apt to see Gerry as the "rock star" and to rebel against that. (It's stupid, I know, but so are Gen X-er's.. what can I say?) Last year, when our group Wish was trying to get some musicians to perform live, 90% of the younger ones knew Sandman, A Horse With No Name and even Lonely People but they didn't know I Need You or even Sister Golden Hair.

I Know! How can you know Lonely People and not Sister Golden Hair? You'd think "No way" but I swear to it. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I weren't there. In the words of the kid with the one high school kid with the baggy pants and twenty-seven inches of underwear showing: "Sandman! I know dat! I downloaded it n' shit off my computer!"

In other words, I see future generations of America fans leaning towards Dan and his vibe. Please bear in mind that I love Gerry's music and his writing style. But don't put Gerry up on a pedestal. America was a well-formed triangle of talent. Those kids who are intelligent enough to turn off the radio and learn to think for themselves will surely understand that.

As a side note I also can't understand the lighthearted-ness some fans here express regarding their children's attitude towards America... almost like they think it's funny that their kids call it "lame" or "sucky". If my kids ever treated America with anything but respect, I would literally bend and crush their teeny-bopper CD's right in front of their faces. No, it's not the same as when you liked America and your parents didn't. Music now actually sucks and everone knows it. Be a true fan and don't laugh it off. Explain why music made with actual instruments is better and that they'll understand that when they're in college. If we let little kids hate America, their music will surely die with us.

Hopefully I haven't hurt anyone's feelings or made anyone mad. In fact, I would like to think that maybe I made a poit which was well-recieved. If not, please read the final reason:

reason # 913: Get out your copy of the Musikladen Live DVD, and listen to Moon Song. Listen very carefully to the guitar solo that Dan plays in the middle. Then, while that's soaking in, fast forward to California Revisited, again, listening to Dan very closely.

NOW: find me ONE member of America today who can do that, and I shall vanish forever!

In other words, talk to ya soon!

Message: 32876 Posted: Sat Apr 24 15:00:19 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Lena and the stair

Lena had a "small" accident two days ago.

It was in the second break. I was waiting for my two friends (Ioanna and Lena) near the stair. Lena and Ioanna are in the same class, and I'm in a different one, although we all have the same age. I hope you understand what I mean.
Lena came alone, as Ioanna wanted to ask something to a classmate of hers. We started climbing down the stair.
When my friend put her foot on the third step, she slipped. And then fell with a strange way, sitting on that step. I was petrified and I didn't know what to do. I was sure she had broken her pelvis. " Fortunately she stopped" I thought.
But Lena started bumping on the next steps like a ball of basket!!!!!!!
What could she do? Only scream from horror and PAIN!!!
I was at the beginning of the stair, and Lena already was in the middle. Believe me, it was a really ridiculous sight! My friend bumping on the steps, screaming and moving her arms in the air desperately, trying to stop her fall!
I want to let you know I'm a really good friend. But I couldn't stand that sight and I started laughing, so loudly that my belly hurt!
Some others who were here and saw the sight, started laughing with tears!
Finally Lena stopped. I ran to help her stand up (still laughing), and I heard her swearing and laughing too! It was ridiculous even for her!
I "carried" her to our favorite spot (another stair) still laughing. (Fortunately she is much smaller than me). Emilios and Ilias (our two male best friends) who had also seen Lena faling from the stair, came to us laughing of course, to see how Lena was.
All in all, Lena hit her right arm while moving it in the air trying to grab something, has two large bruises on her back and many more somewhere else. The result is that she can't sit on a chair.
She didn't break anything.

Why am I still laughing when I remember the scene? Am I a bad friend? I wish I had a camera when it happenned.

Message: 32875 Posted: Sat Apr 24 14:28:43 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Question-off topic

I love what you stated on the bottom of your post! Thank you...Valynda I really needed that laugh!

Message: 32874 Posted: Sat Apr 24 14:26:11 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Matt's sound

Genevieve - I'm not computer I will try and learn what you just mentioned...I thank you immensely..I would like to hear him...If he is anything like his father, I'm sure he is wonderful..musically that is!

Message: 32873 Posted: Sat Apr 24 14:20:45 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Matt's sound

Thanks for the infor Robyn. I will check it out. I do appreciate it!

Message: 32872 Posted: Sat Apr 24 10:11:29 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: hey Joe

Joe, I used your 37 address yesterday. Listening to VH as I write...

Message: 32871 Posted: Sat Apr 24 09:52:40 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Question-off topic

<<P.S.I need to go now, I've got some scrapbooking to do, after I kiss my David Cassidy poster, while indulging in some "inane girlie chatter" with my forty something friends!>>

Valynda ~ You Go Girl!!!

PS to everyone: Have you ever noticed how close in spelling the word "inane" and "insane" are to one another?

Janice ~ waist size "30" and briefs, please. : )

Message: 32870 Posted: Sat Apr 24 09:34:19 2004 By: valynda
Subject: Question-off topic

Happy weekend everyone!

My local Fair, The Calif. Mid State Fair-Paso Robles just announced some of it's entertainment line-up this week. (The fair is at the end of July.) I am SO dissapointed that America is not on the list. I've written letters requesting them, but so far no luck. They haven't played here since 2001. There are still a few concert slots open, so I'm still hoping!

I am excited that John Fogerty will be here. I have always wanted to see him in concert!

Also, Boston will be here. I have a question. Does anybody know if they still tour with the original lead singer? Tickets are $48.00. (John Fogerty is only $43.00.) I know that's not a lot compared to what some of you pay to see concerts. But to me that would be a lot to spend for the family to see a Boston "Tribute" band!
Do most of you remember that early Boston album? It was so great wasn't it?! Brings back those teenage memories!

Also on the schedule is -ZZ Top, Jessica Simpson, Smokey Robinson, Goo-Goo Dolls, Blink 182, Lee Ann Rhimes/Clint Black, Weird Al, and many more on the free stages.

Anyway, I sure would appreciate some info on Boston!

Thanks, Valerie

P.S. I need to go now, I've got some scrapbooking to do, after I kiss my David Cassidy poster, while indulging in some "inane girlie chatter" with my forty something friends!

Message: 32869 Posted: Sat Apr 24 07:38:31 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Thanks for the photo Mo. You made me feel like going back to my Hearts album... it's been quite a while I confess.
Sheldon, Hat Trick is the album that makes it to my player more often than the others. It's always been so because it contains some of my fave America tracks.

Message: 32868 Posted: Sat Apr 24 07:26:33 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Matt's sound

You're welcome dear.
I envy you and Erin now! *sigh*
Someday, someday soon! ;-)

Message: 32867 Posted: Sat Apr 24 07:22:46 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Matt's sound

Thanks Gen!

Message: 32866 Posted: Sat Apr 24 07:21:37 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Matt's sound

there are various ways you can get to hear mB's sound/music.

As Robyn said, you can visit Matt's site @ and click on the RADIO link in the MEDIA section.
But to hear more of the debut album (in the form of audio clips), you can also visit these to listen and/or buy the cd :
- (they have the sound clips but you can't buy the record online because apparently SOMWY is out of stock)

If you want to purchase some particular tracks, you can do it online from i-Tune or from netmusic at :

Of course, the debut cd AND the brilliant, recently released Ep can both be purchased directly from Matt's MERCH section on his site.
Hope this will complete Robyn's post and help you.
I'm sure you will enjoy his sound as much as some of us do here.
Have a nice week-end everyone.
( )

Message: 32865 Posted: Sat Apr 24 07:06:45 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Here's one more America 'landmark' photo. Please pardon the children in the foreground. I'm not sure who they are but they wouldn't get out of the way while I was taking my shot...

Message: 32864 Posted: Sat Apr 24 06:59:57 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: blender magazine's worst 50 songs

I actually subscribe to Blender ( it's what Rolling Stone USED to be, funnny irreverant up to the minute) I was surprised to see some of the songs on the list Obla-di a bad song I think NOT!) I did fully expext to see Muskrat Love in some form on the list.

Message: 32863 Posted: Sat Apr 24 06:11:38 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Matt's sound

Leah, visit his website at I think you will like it.

Message: 32862 Posted: Sat Apr 24 04:52:11 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: My Random Thoughts...

Hey Steve when I started reading these posts, I thought you can admire and well as discuss America. I really don't see what is wrong with admiring a musician, no matter who is it? I am some what confused. I, like many others have admired America since I was a kid. I love all of them. I have fun with being a Gerry Girl...just in fun...Is there really something wrong with this? I can only speak for myself...I meant to offend no one! I for one do not wish to see this site end... In the past year I met some wonderful people and learn more about America. I wish all peace. Have a great weekend!

Message: 32861 Posted: Sat Apr 24 04:36:22 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: fantasy Time for EVERYONE

Robyn - Speaking of mB's stuff...what is his sound like. I want to know more about him and his group before I buy...thanks for the update....

Message: 32860 Posted: Sat Apr 24 04:32:03 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson Button & Hostility on the Chat Folder

Robyn - thanks for the update...I just added the site address to my favorites file for future use. I hope we hear from them soon! I wish everyone a good weekend!

Message: 32859 Posted: Fri Apr 23 22:22:49 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Van Go Gan

I recently noticed on ebay a seller is listing Van Go Gan again. (item number: 4008485502) It seems to be available quite often lately. Interesting description of the cd as well. Here's a good chance to pick up some great music! (not much time left.)

Message: 32858 Posted: Fri Apr 23 22:13:31 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Dropping two of the choices tonight since one wasn't dropped last night: London's Central High School (sorry you two guys) and the Warner Brothers Building (if one even exists).

That leaves the following:

the Air Force Academy

the Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

John L ~ Wow, a Starship song as the #1 Worst, I see. That was a surprise to me. I've always liked Starship's "Sara" from that same album. It's a pretty good video as well, in my opinion.


Message: 32857 Posted: Fri Apr 23 21:07:06 2004 By: Moser
Subject: A Heads Up

I am sending out an email to a couple of you that does have an attachment. It is not a virus. Just wanted to give a heads up.

Message: 32856 Posted: Fri Apr 23 20:03:25 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: blender magazine's worst 50 songs


Thanks for sharing the link, I had heard a couple of songs rattled off on the radio a few days ago, but it was interesting to see the complete list. However, I was surprised and disappointed to see a few songs which I really liked make the list, such as "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg, the "Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys, "Ebony and Ivory" by Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder and "From a Distance" by Bette Midler.
How could they leave out "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" by Tiny Tim and "Gitarzan" by Ray Stevens? Well, maybe I am just digging too far back into the past...

Sir Joe

Message: 32855 Posted: Fri Apr 23 20:01:51 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: fantasy time for EVERYONE

Right on Robyn! My thoughts exactly! I hope, unlike The Central Park and 1998 concerts I have on video, that when whoever is doing the lead guitar break, the camera will focus on that person for the entirety of their solo. Being a guitar player, I found it so irritating to be able to hear a scorching lead break by Woodz, but be watching Gerry playing rhythm instead. That said, Gerry's rhythm playing was incredible in Auckland! But what would be the best is to have the dvd include footage and interviews from way back! Probably asking too much here, but hell, we're hungry for it!

Message: 32854 Posted: Fri Apr 23 19:44:51 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: America

Sorry about the double post!

Message: 32853 Posted: Fri Apr 23 19:43:48 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Blender Magazine's worst 50 songs

#41 We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel) one of the 50 worst songs?!NO! This is by far one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs ever!

Message: 32852 Posted: Fri Apr 23 19:42:22 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Blender Magazine's worst 50 songs

#41 We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel) one of the 50 worst songs?!NO! This is by far one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs ever!

Message: 32851 Posted: Fri Apr 23 19:39:31 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: 50 Worst Songs.

Thank God there were no America songs on that list. I gotta say, I have to agree with most of it. If I had to program my iPod in hell, it would have that playlist.

Don't agree with the Beatles song, though.


Message: 32850 Posted: Fri Apr 23 19:08:06 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: blender magazine's worst 50 songs

Here is a link to Blender Magazine's worst 50 songs for the past 30 years. Certainly some very, very deserving ones... but a few surprises as well. ( this was the only site I found that had the entire list )


Message: 32849 Posted: Fri Apr 23 18:18:10 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: fantasy Time for EVERYONE

ok so the DVD is going to be released ( I HOPE) Sometime this year. Play along and tell what you hope is on the DVD--bonus content-wise. For me I want a peek at the preconcert backstage doings and maybe an indepth interview with all the guys in the band participating in a Q & A session. I know the music will be fabulous and this time the camera person will capture the "horse dip" zz top move that the last dvd did not. Anyway these are my hopes and dreams ( sneaky mB reference and if you haven't checked out Matt's stuff WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?) What are yours?

Message: 32848 Posted: Fri Apr 23 17:53:11 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Battle of the Sexes

Hi everyone! I've been monitoring the goings on of the chat folder the last couple of weeks and decided I would weigh in with my opinion. I must confess, I was getting a little disgusted and very annoyed at a bunch of thirty-something and forty-something women acting like a bunch of star-struck teenagers. I found myself clicking Next way more than stopping to read the posts, so I can definitely sympathize with most of you guys out there.

However, may I make an observation. Many people have referred the posts of "the recent past" and many have also conceded that it has died down considerably lately. As far as I'm concerned, the amount of posts chanting the "Gerry, Gerry, Gerry!" mantra have died down to an acceptable level. I'm not having to click next nearly as much.

I guess what I'm saying is "You're beating a dead horse here!" Why not let the women of the chat folder have their little bit of fun, however silly or immature it may seem to us guys, so long as it doesn't get out of hand. Speaking for myself, it was the fact that this thread had dominated the chat folder that really annoyed me. That is no longer happening. So why don't both sides just drop it and get back to something we can all agree on - like how GREAT America's music is!

My two cents worth.


Message: 32847 Posted: Fri Apr 23 16:47:41 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: a new topic

I've been thinking about going to see "Beckley" even if it is a "school night" Erin if you are really going to be there then I will, that is if you would like to meet me. You will love them. The Roxy is a dive, but it is fun to go there. Hope to see you there.

Message: 32846 Posted: Fri Apr 23 16:31:39 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Harmony

It breaks my heart to hear all of the bickering on the folder lately. I've met so many wonderful people through this site, some face to face, and others only by their writings here, yet I feel a connection to you all. In my opinion you can't fault someone for their passion...and the way in which they choose to show it. Luckily, I came to my appreciation for America as a "band", not even knowing their individual names for quite awhile until I sorted them out, song by song, face by face. I don't view them with the same pre-teen worship I save for a Peter Tork or Mickey Dolenz. We have to remember that perhaps some of the membership of the folder came upon America in those formative pre-teen/early teen years where it would have been inevitable that the band's music, as well as their charming good looks, might have set hearts aflutter. It IS,to a certain extent, a girl thing. Call it a rite of passage. Guys, I'm sure you can think of some parallel. Maybe sports idols.

I finally have a working computer in my home, after two years of dusting a defunct one....and I couldn't wait to visit "my chosen family" on a daily basis again. Now I'm not so sure. What if I lapse once too often into a cute antecdote about my niece or nephew and their love for the group? I can't really discuss America's musicality as well as the musicians on this site because I'm not a musician. I can't communicate about America collectibles because I own very few and don't sell. Who decides what the purpose of this folder is? As far as I can see, it's for all of us. I applaud Steve Lowry for his restraint in allowing us all to have our say and not setting too many guidelines here.

Message: 32845 Posted: Fri Apr 23 12:02:42 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Going to Reading?

Just checking to see how many folks here are going to Reading, and if you'd like to meet up before the show, either at a restaurant or in the lobby. Email me privately if you'd like. Thanks.

Message: 32844 Posted: Fri Apr 23 11:46:39 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Hat Trick ~~ Geri & John Bios and a little more!

Hi Nancy - I sure am enjoying this album! I'm planning on buying the very first America album soon. Don't think I'll make that show in Pittsburgh - I have a very hectic June schedule!

See ya-

Message: 32843 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:59:35 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Differences

People become America fans for various reasons. Some may favor Gerry or Dewey or Dan, some may just like the group as a whole. While I have my thoughts, I understand everybody has their own reasons for liking America. Some may think that Ventura Highway is the best America song ever, others may like Sister Golden Hair, Horse, or Lonely People. I like them all, but I do have my favorites, which may not be the favorites of other America fans. While it is fun to discuss and even debate different issues about the band, we should be able to disagree without taking it personally or insulting each other. Like the old saying, disagree without being disagreeable.

We are all (or mostly) adults here and this board is supposed to be just for fun. What some people find fun to discuss may be boring to me and visa versa. Instead of attacking people for having dumb discussions or opinions, if you can't disagree without making it personal, just ignore discussions you don't care for and get involved in those you enjoy.

It is easy for people to react in ways on these internet boards that they wouldn't dream of doing in person. Kind of an internet version of "road rage". It is easy to be hard (did you catch the Three Dog Night reference?) when you are a faceless name on a board, and sometimes we will post things that we would be ashamed to say to a person face to face. So let's all try to be civil even when someone else may provoke us.

A soft answer turns away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1

Message: 32842 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:49:54 2004 By: Gee_H
Subject: Re: Ok..let's just cut to the chase shall we?

I'm not blaming him for the ongoing arguments. I am merely asking for the webmasters position on what he deems to be acceptable and proper behavior on HIS website. When I referred to "the issue is Steve Lowry" what I meant was is that there seems to be an issue (based on other's posts and not just mine) concerning confussion on what IS the appropriate content for this type of folder. I am merely soliciting clarification from the webmaster. And you are exactly correct on both accounts, he does not have to answer to me and I don't have to visit this site anymore however, it is my opinion, and I am sure others will agree, that asking the webmaster for clarifcation is not an unreasonable request.

Message: 32841 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:41:38 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Harmony

Btw, even though it was used by Three Dog Night, I still think this would be a good name for the next America CD. It would keep the "H" tradition going, plus it is a good description of the music that America makes. That and the fact that it is also a good characterization of how well all of America's fans get along with each other! ;)

Message: 32840 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:37:53 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Harmony

Harmony was my favorite Three Dog Night album. While they were known more as a singles band, I thought Harmony was a very good album. Not only did it produce 3 hit singles (Family of Man, Never Been to Spain, and Old Fashion Love Song) but my favorite album cut was Murder in My Heart for the Judge. A solid album.

Message: 32839 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:32:35 2004 By: Janice
Subject: re: Photo

Hmm..speaking of photos, I haven't received any "window shots" from Gerry Gerry Gerry. Did his camera break?
And gee, Gee. I go way back to the Rick Wahlgren days too and I think he set a fine example that Steve is following. Rick moderated only when things became vulgar or rude. I don't think Rick disallowed any topic (on or off) nor does Steve. These guys have been webmasters out of love for the band as well as for those who love the band. I don't believe it's a paid gig, except for the satisfaction they get from making this site possible.
A little fantasy playground for 40+ women to publicly idolize married men? You can't tell me that Gerry and Dewey aren't somewhat flattered by female attention both here and at their concerts, no matter what the age. And personally (if you don't mine me gushing) what makes them so attractive is not just their adorable looks but their seemingly down-to-earth demeanor. They're approachable..likeable..lovable. Women notice those things and we are a different breed. We love the music but we also love the adorable men who make the music. It's a chick thing, ya know?? :-)
And Serg..thanks for putting me in the peaceful souls group. Live, laugh, love, lust..(oops, was that an extra L word?)
Life is soooo good if you let it, let it be.


Message: 32838 Posted: Fri Apr 23 10:32:24 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Ok..let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Geeeez Gee, why blame Steve for an ongoing argument on this web page! Steve is gracious enough to keep this site going for the enjoyment of all America fans. He is free to run it anyway he wants and does not need to answer to you. If you don't like how it is run, why don't you start your own page and message board. Then you won't have to be offended by Steve's board anymore.

Message: 32837 Posted: Fri Apr 23 09:40:10 2004 By: Gee_H
Subject: Ok..let's just cut to the chase shall we?

Howard and Pete are correct in stating that the recent bickering that has surfaced here is trivial and insignificant compared to the grand scheme of events taking place in the world however, let's put this in perspective. Like Johnny, I have also been involved with this folder since the release of Human Nature and I go all the back to the Rick Wahlgren / Barbara Bickmore newsletter days. That said, I can honestly say that this site has hit the all time low and has evolved into an embarrassment. Howard made the comment "There are people acting like grade school kids fighting over what"? ……Howard, that's exactly the point! There are people acting like grade school children.

The Dewey..Dewey…Dewey...Gerry...Gerry...Gerry faction that emerged on this board about a year ago now totally dominates. These women have decided to adopt this folder as their exclusive little fantasy playground, and be damned with everyone else. This attitude of "if you don't like our posts, you don't have to read them" is basically a lame pathetic cop out to justify why 40+ year women want to publicly idolize married men that have no interest in reciprocating the gesture. The real issue here is Mr. Steve Lowry. Is this his website or is it the Gerry...Gerry...Gerry faction’s website???? Lowry has gone on record in the past stating that he will not act in the role of moderator, that he is not going to be a folder policeman and that he is not going to censor anything unless it is deemed to be vulgar. OK fine, this is his website he can do whatever he wants, HOWEVER I distinctly remember not too long ago Johnny Yee being publicly reprimanded by Lowry based on some remark Johnny made. Johnny made a very valid point in his response. He stated ”If I am going to get publicly reprimanded by the webmaster based on some comment I made, then why are people on this folder allowed to get away with posting off color jokes and making various remarks that in my opinion, are far worse than what I wrote??” That is a very good question Johnny, and one that Mr. Lowry still has not answered.

So this leads me back to Mr. Lowry. Steve, you are obviously aware based on several recent postings that there is a contingent of mostly males on this folder who are extremely displeased with the current content, specifically the Gerry..Gerry..Gerry cult. So I would like to ask you a few questions publicly that I would like you to answer publicly because I think that the people here who are dissatisfied should at least have an opportunity to hear a statement from you.

1. Is this folder going to continue to operate in a free-for-all, unmoderated mode? (if the answer is ‘yes’ please skip #2)

2. Would you be willing to assign someone (or more than one) to moderate the folder if a majority of the participants were in favor… or even better, allow the subscribers to vote for a moderator(s)?

3. Would you at least be willing to post a set of guidelines that defines what topics and what behavior are deemed to be unacceptable and allow participants to provide you with input that defines what their opinion is as to what they think is unacceptable or improper?

Message: 32836 Posted: Fri Apr 23 09:39:10 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Photo of the Day

Ventura Highway (Freeway)! One of my top 5 all time America songs! Thanks!

Message: 32835 Posted: Fri Apr 23 09:28:06 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Harmony

Hi all,

No one likes HARMONY more than me! However, I just can't look the other way when blatant half truths are presented right before my eyes. There are certain individuals on this chat folder that continually struggle to control it to further their agenda in a sometimes seemingly friendly way, or if not, via baiting sarcastic innuendos. I, as part of a now sizeable opposition, was only trying to expose firstly, that thematically this board was on the wrong track, and secondly, to make it clear that they are not the only ones that have a voice here. I sincerely and respectfully apologize to those peaceful souls on this chat folder such as Janice, Howie, Nancy, SteveL and others if the "voice" I gave my ire offended them. Derailing this chat folder is not my intent.

Robyn you are correct to say that this is only a "tempest in a teacup", I too am well aware of all the real issues that surround our lives in this crazy world we live in. Howie, I too have a family, a wonderful one, a loving wife, a great son that graduates next month from college, and an extraordinary daughter who inspires me daily given the huge challenges "life" has placed before her, and all the other petty aggravations that work and life places daily before us. America's beautiful music, duo or trio, but more so the trio's, has always given me innumerable hours of enjoyment and has been a musical highlight in my life since I first heard them in 1972. When I came upon this chat folder, I decided I wanted to stay and make some friends that shared in my interest for their music, and took it as pure escapism. Unfortunately, even escapism is not always enjoyable and requires that problems be addressed and fixed. I hope if nothing else, a more balanced folder emerges from all this bickering and that we concentrate on the music.

Janice, so nice to hear from you, you certainly are an inspiration to all of us. Your humor is well taken. Howie, stay around good buddy, Janice and a whole bunch of us would like for you to stay.:o) Happy Friday Everyone!
Sir Joe

Sir Joe

Message: 32834 Posted: Fri Apr 23 08:43:13 2004 By: Erin
Subject: a new topic

Who's going to see mB on May 13th?? I might be there.


Erin (TGIF)

Message: 32833 Posted: Fri Apr 23 08:38:36 2004 By: Erin
Subject: what?

inane "girlie" chatter that has recently dominated the folder.

What's wrong with "girlie chatter"??
Erin :o)

Message: 32832 Posted: Fri Apr 23 07:20:30 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Joe....

...can hardly wait for Joe Doyle's next America cover!

Joe, Joe, Joe!

Message: 32831 Posted: Fri Apr 23 06:52:05 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Harmony

Johnny, the problem is, what you deem as half-truths and inconsistent statements may not be what the particular poster intended. It's all in the interpretation, you see.

I'm sorry to see the flaming. Free speech is our birthright, even if we don't like or agree with what someone is saying.

But is is our birthright to use our free speech to deliberatly hurt someone?

We are all free to express our opinions, and if that means expressing our dislike for someone else's opinions, can we not do that respectfully? Must we use sarcasm and personal attacks?

I love this band. Once again their music is easing a great personal pain I am facing today. Just as they soothed my teenage soul years ago, so now are they offerring comfort in my grief. And the friends I have made here are part of that comfort.


Message: 32830 Posted: Fri Apr 23 06:42:38 2004 By: Janice
Subject: re: Photo

Thanks Moser, for reminding me why I don't want to move back to California. I commuted between Orange County and LAX for longer than I care to remember. Many an hour was spent sitting in the 91 parking lot. Great picture!
Hey Howie!! Come on..don't leave..we wuv you. :-) A boyscout campout sounds like fun! I did the Cub Den Leader stuff for 5 years and it meant a lot to my boys. Now I help out in Ronnie's classroom (somehow I got roped into helping the class dye Easter eggs..Not Fun...Nina, I don't know how you do it!)
Okay, Johnny..look for a package in plain brown wrapping Hanes, and consider yourself whacked. Just kidding, Johnny..but Robyn is one of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful person I have never had the pleasure to meet (hmm..that didn't come out right but you get my drift.) Robyn adds a lot to the folder, as you do, and I am certain that you two can find a way to "harmonize". How 'bout it, cuz if Howie goes away, then I go away. And I don't wanna go away. :-)

Message: 32829 Posted: Fri Apr 23 06:34:27 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: America

One last post before I leave for work this morning:

It seems we have all overlooked the cause of what has brought us spiraling down to this point and that, of course, is the Gerry-Gerry-Gerry adoration that has flooded this site in recent months. Perhaps with its termination (so "Baby (Ladies) It's Up To You"), we can all get back to the best topic of America which is their music.

Message: 32828 Posted: Fri Apr 23 06:21:28 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Harmony (Oopsy)

"wonderful thing" rather. And of course, we all do WONDER. : )

Message: 32827 Posted: Fri Apr 23 06:00:24 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Harmony

Yes, harmony would be a wonder thing. No one is opposed to it, I'm sure, and that includes me. HOWEVER, it's not my nature nor will it ever be my nature to tolerate half-truths and inconsistent statements posted by anyone here on this folder. I have pointed them out in the past and I will continue to do so in the future. So basically, Robyn, if you want harmony between you and me, you know what it is that you need to do (and to stop doing).

Message: 32826 Posted: Fri Apr 23 05:49:53 2004 By: Pete
Subject: Re: my 2 cents & Janice & signing off

Howard, Im with you on that one. Like a bunch of little kids fighting over candy. Like the song from the eagles: Get Over It.

Message: 32825 Posted: Fri Apr 23 05:27:44 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger than moonshine...

Message: 32824 Posted: Fri Apr 23 05:23:16 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: my 2 cents & Janice & signing off

Janice, it is so great to hear from. I missed you.
This is not pointed at any person in particular, just what is going on here. With all the bad stuff going in the world today, do we really need these negative postings? I'm so appalled and disgusted with what's going on here especially with people that I thought I knew. I just can't come back. Too much back lashing, punches, gripes, etc. Yes, true, everyone is going to have a different opinion about Dewey, Gerry or Dan. If it wasn't for them, this site we wouldn't be here at all..period! Everyone doesn't realize it, but we all share a special common bond because of this group. It's so special, that alot of us just don't realize it. MAN, you got people from all over the world posting on here. Italy, Australia, Ireland. Is that not special? I don't see any other musical groups site do this at all. I see big time unbelieveable bashing that has closed other sites down, because it wasn't worth maintaining it. I really don't want to come back to this site. As a matter of fact. I'm not going to until people can get along. The people that sponsor this site see what is going on, I wouldn't blame them if they close it down. We're all adults for crying out loud. People are acting like grade school kids, fighting over what? Not worth it. As we get older, we don't need this. I have enough aggravation in my life without this board. 2 kids, wife, mortgage, 2 hour commute to and from work, bills, the weather, getting, I wan't to live a long healthy life. I plan on singing and playing A Horse With No Name in the old age home. hahaha. "Come on people" I think everyone knows the rest of the song. Think about it. I'm going camping with my son and the boy scouts and I'm almost looking forward not readying any posts for 2 days. It's sad, but true. Everyone, try to have a nice weekend
and oh smile and be happy (Isn't that a song?)

Message: 32823 Posted: Fri Apr 23 04:50:30 2004 By: Janice
Subject: Time out...

Okay..I am going to take time out from my blissful morning to say "hey". I thought I would peruse the site here and what do I find? America fans with knots in their underwear ..which is very unsettling in my delicate condition. :-)
And if anyone deserves to have a few knots, it's me so cut it out.
I have met many of you, and those of you I haven't I feel that I know you anyway via your posts and thoughtful emails to me. And some of you have even garnered extra points for picking up the phone and calling me! ;-)
We, (yes, I say "we") are a special group of people who have bonded over a special group of guys whose music we love. Steve devotes an enormous amount of time to this folder for the band..but also for us. And all of us bring something special to the table, including opinions and insights, as well as glimpses into our personal lives.
(Okay..some of us provide more than mere I have a lot going on in my life right now..(don't worry, I won't share it in this particular and I know all of us really care about each other. So, kiss and make up and then let's have a group hug! If you don't, consider yourselves "wuzzer-whacked" up the side of the head.

Janice (affectionately known to friends as Wuzzer)

Message: 32822 Posted: Thu Apr 22 21:11:24 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...

Regarding my waffling.. I have always been clear in my mind but perhaps I need to clarify it once and for all.
America as a trio was wonderful Dewey Dan and Gerry made timeless music together. I became a huge fan in 1972.
When Dan left the band and they continued as a duo, I liked what they did and still do.
Dan is a fine musician. I do not dislike him or his music. Rejoining the band is not something I have any say over and my voicing an opinion should not be cause to attack me and look for inconsistancies in my statements.
I realize that some people here ( yes Johnny I do mean you) take umbrage to anything I might say and frankly attacking me is not doing anyone here any good. I thought we agreed to disagree last year. I hold to that and I agree to disagree. Do you?
Frankly this whole thing is a tempest in a teapot in relation to what is going on in the world. why can't we just calmly discuss music and our favorite band nicely? That would be good.

Message: 32821 Posted: Thu Apr 22 20:22:40 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: My Random Thoughts...

SteveO ~ I really appreciate your coming out and stating your opinion because it would have been much easier for you to have remained on the sidelines. You are VERY highly respected here (definitely by me for sure) so I know your words won't be taken lightly.

I suppose now I won't be writing to Nancy. I don't feel that it's necessary any longer.

Message: 32820 Posted: Thu Apr 22 19:44:25 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: My Random Thoughts...

I've been part of this chat board since 1998 or so. I have generally tried to stay out of the bickering that has gone on here. I know that a "War of the words" will do nothing but escalate a situation,and then you have people always trying to "One-up" each other. To those of you that know me,I have tried to take the "High road" here and generally stay away from taking sides. But I will say that I think Kevin spoke for me and alot of us in his recent post. I could do with less of the "idol" worship for particular band members,and more focus
on the "group" itself--be it the "duo" or "trio" era. We all know how dominant the trio was in its day,and we all know that as a duo,the group still had some good success. Thier longevity should be proof of that,not to mention a major comeback with a Hit album and single in 1982("View From The Ground","You Can Do Magic")after 6 years of basically flopping with their releases.
I think some of the idle "chit chat" I've read here is probably best suited for personal emails--but then thats just my opinion. Its true that everybody is entitled to their right to "Free speech" and I would assume that goes for posting messages here too.
This may be the only time I jump into the fray on this,as I've had a few of you solicit my opinion. I dunno...If I'm Gerry,Dewey or Dan,maybe I'd be shaking my head over all of this. Its really not THAT important is it? Then again,this isn't the only chat board where power struggles seem to occur.
Regarding Dan Peek: Ok,he's been out of the group for what seems like forever. But his impact on those first 7 albums can never be discounted. Those early years and those albums were the most prolific the group made,and Dan is equally as responsible for their success as is Gerry & Dewey.I for one am grateful that the header for this website features all 3 members at the top.
In the big picture,its supposed to be "all in fun." It may not be as serious as Baseball(or Football and my beloved Indianapolis Colts!)
but its another outlet for all of us to enjoy. Hope I made some sense here...

Message: 32819 Posted: Thu Apr 22 19:21:05 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: chat folder thoughts... (For Dan C)

Hey Dan ~ I though you and I were cool now but that was a pretty low comment that you posted, "By the way, are you Johnny's twin?"

What you don't realize, apparently, is that Robyn has a way of twisting the truth and it's very annoying as is her sarcastic attitude. Maybe it takes being the object of her sarcasm and truth-twisting for you to fully understand.

Message: 32818 Posted: Thu Apr 22 19:08:51 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...


Sorry to disappoint you...(Please don't go POSTAL on us) Oh no, I am hardly a twin of Johnny's, just a good and loyal friend, who along with others here, have voiced dislike for the overwhelming and inane "girlie" chatter that has recently dominated the folder. Furthermore, I am always in search for the TRUTH, and when I see blatant hypocrasy, I will call it as I see it. I have to assume that you condone THEIR freedom to do so, and dislike our opposition. Like I've heard recently from your pals, let me give you the same advice- "You need not read our posts, just skip over them, and continue on your merry way.:o)

Free to speak the truth,
Sir Joe

Message: 32817 Posted: Thu Apr 22 18:35:48 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...

Jeezus Serge, give it a rest will ya? You have obviously got some serious issues. By the way, are you Johnny's twin? GO CARDINALS...DanC

Message: 32816 Posted: Thu Apr 22 17:39:10 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Counting

Kristal, I didn't want to let you down about keeping up the countdown. So, only 16 days to go until Reading. Have a safe trip home from your vacation.
Only two days until the Seafood Festival. Anyone going to that one?

Message: 32815 Posted: Thu Apr 22 16:57:06 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...


<<You must have searched long and hard to find something you could use.>>

On the contrary dear Robyn, I remembered how you had waffled on the subject of Dan last September. Remember? It all happened within a time frame of a month. All I had to do was search the archives to that month/year (which took me a matter of seconds), and voila there was your post. It took me all of 10 minutes during my lunch to post the message.:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32814 Posted: Thu Apr 22 16:26:10 2004 By: Gee_H
Subject: Re: Chat Folder.

didn't you mean:

"why are 40+ year old women trying to turn a 53 year old rock legend into a stupid bubble gum" idol" Sorry David Cassidy, no offence. But I also agree Kevin.

Message: 32813 Posted: Thu Apr 22 15:56:33 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Chat Folder.

Right you are Kevin Your last paragraph nails it. ( Go Dodgers ;) )

Message: 32812 Posted: Thu Apr 22 15:49:55 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Chat Folder.

I'm the last person to judge what people say here. I've said some harsh things about America because I think it's criticism that's fair, and said out of respect.

But all this Gerry Gerry Gerry stuff, while maybe a little charming at first, is now as painful as watching the last season of Happy Days.

I also think that, while it's supposed to be flattering, it's insulting. Why turn a 50 year old rock legend into a stupid bubble gum idol? He's not Aaron Carter. He's not a Backstreet Boy. He's not a one-dimensional pretty boy.

Franky, if anyone thinks any of the three members of America—Gerry, Dewey or Dan—weren't all equally responsible for the success of that band, then frankly they have their heads too far up their asses to breath common sense and they can't be taken seriously anyway.

America as a trio sold millions and millions of albums. America as a trio won Grammy's. America as a trio sold out concerts. America as a trio was a force to be reckoned with. You can't take that away.

I'm all for having fun. This stuff should never be taken too seriously. It's just music. It's not like it's baseball or anything.


Message: 32811 Posted: Thu Apr 22 13:16:35 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...

Quotes taken out of context can mean just about anything. Has something changed or is Dan now a member of the current lineup of America which is what I believe was being discussed. You must have searched long and hard to find something you could use. I am impressed. Contrary to what appears to be a popularly held belief I am not nor ever have been anti Dan. Dan is a wonderful musician and from what I can tell a pretty nice guy to boot. I own copies of several of his solo releases and find them to be quite good. The fact that in my heart of hearts, I believe that Dan will never reunite with Dewey and Gerry and have publicly stated that seems to get someones ire up. It is just my OPINION for goodness sakes and since when do the words of a forty-something civil service employee carry ANY weight with people who could make the reunion happen?

Message: 32810 Posted: Thu Apr 22 12:40:11 2004 By: Moser
Subject: It's Raining Horses With No Name

I don't know why I'm always still delighted to hear an America song on the radio. I guess it's not that rare, especially on the CLASSIC ROCK (I know, Ger, NOT oldies but classic rock) station that my radio is nearly always tuned to in the van. But, alas, I am. On my way home from Wal-Mart just now, I was ejecting the America Live CD from the player after just listening to A Horse With No Name. Just as the radio automatically came on when the CD popped out, the DJ said, "Here's Grammy-award winning America." Then he played A Horse With No Name, not the live version, of course, but close enough. Not only is he playing an America song, he's mentioning that they won a Grammy. I like this DJ. Life is good.

Message: 32809 Posted: Thu Apr 22 11:14:43 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...

Hi Robyn,
Nice to see your "new" compassionate attitude towards Dan. One that fellow folder members such as Johnny, Vic, flywithabuzz, Howard, Nancy, SteveO, Terry and myself have had for a long time now. As I remember, back in September, during OUR last lively discussions over Dan, you mentioned the following-

<<Message: 29602 Posted: Tue Sep 23 00:24:41 2003 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America Reunion...divided by gender-a theory
Dan is not a touring member of the band. I see no need to mention him here. And no I did not join in the discussions when the solo cd was released.>>

Hardly compassionate then...huh? Well, I am sincerely glad you have changed your mind about him. Now, if only the rest of the folder members that subscribe to Mo's "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" (See Moser Bufton's Bio) attitude would do as you've done, then we could perhaps be one big happy family of fans...Giving each member of the former trio/duo equal respect, much like SteveL has kindly done by keeping the trio on the header of this chat folder. Heck,with this newly found goodwill sentiment towards Dan,we could REALLY unite to help him. I am certainly all for it.:o) Anybody else care to join in the Goodwill Conga Line?

<<This is a page to discuss the music of a band we all love, let's face it we would not be here if their music did not mean something to us. No one here ( except Steve, I believe) has the right to control the contents of the posts. I don't always agree with what is said, but as the American saying goes "I defend to the death your right to say it" Discussion is healthy and can be a lot of fun if it is constructive. I too am a long time member of this board, admittedly not as long time as some. I have always admired the "above board" discussions of the music and the shows. I eagerly await the release of the new cd and of the dvd. It will give us all something new to focus on!>>

Great sentiments! I too believe in our freedom of speech (I doubt that anyone on this chat folder knows the meaning of freedom like I do), but never at the expense of others and/or members of America. Misuse of any freedom is just as bad as the lack of it. Solo dos centavitos de un Cubano que lo perdio todo para conseguir su libertad,

Sir Joe

Message: 32808 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:38:35 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Hat Trick ~~ Geri & John Bios and a little more!

Hi Hoooooo Everyone :) ~~~ Cold outside, but I don't blame the weather, no one's calling me, no one's at the door, but I can't stay inside all day blindsssss pulled to the floor, there's No Blue Sky in my town lately.... everybody looks at the ground, and where I am is making me Hazy, but the Sun never looked sooooo pretty going down ~~~ Sing it The Thorns ~~ (Yepper's DanC now I can see what it is you like about this song ~ Finally I have found it! Such nice accoustics and musical arrangement, vocal harmonies... and best of all the lyrics are sooo neat! :) :) :) Hmmm contact your maliman buddy in my area and ask him why he is sooo late in bringing me my SEAL IV DVD\CD okay????

Hi there Sheldon ~~ Sooo neat you getting the Hat Trick album and yes you have gotten hooked right off of the bat on 3 of my faves on this album as well. Keep on hitting the replay button on these songs.. and I know you will enjoy getting to hear all of the albums... just work your way right on down the list... there is plenty of gems there to enjoy.... :) Did you see the show coming to Pittsburgh on June 11th... WOW! :)

Hi John ~~ I really enjoyed getting to read your Bio! Nice pic of you and your son Sam! I think that is pretty neat that Sam's favorite song is "Call of the Wild" he has a nice taste in picking good songs for his age... I hear Sister Golden Hair pratically everyday here, either on the radio or on my playlist of songs or on my cd in the Explorer... that song does have a nice way of taking me back to a pretty neat year in my life too, that was the year I graduated from High School and the whole Hearts album kinda spelled out the Freeness, the changing highway of lifes plans and the fun of sharing times with friends and families. It's nice that others too share in Nice Memory Keepsakes too from all of these great albums and songs.. I love both Hourglass and Human Nature songs... and I found them later than I wanted to, but I am soooo glad to have all of them to hit the replay button on for sure! ~~ Too much you liking Jethro Tull, my hubby was into his music when we were dating and I can remember the the song Aqualung... playing in the 8 track deck many a time, boy some of his songs were almost as long as my ongoing posts at times ~~ LOL!!!! ~~ Anyway Welcome aboard, and thanks for sharing your bio & pic with us.... Keep on joining in on the posting, it will be fun hearing from you... :)

Hi there Gen ~~ Nice to hear from you ~~ Are you still kinda lingering on cloud 4 from your AMERICA show? I hope soo! I hope all is going well for you! take care :)

Hi Geri ~~ I am sorry for taking sooo long in saying that I enjoyed reading your bio too. ~~ That is just sooo neat how David just nicely bent over and handed you his bottle of beer... such a neat memory keepsake. Keep on enjoying AMERICA and all of their great songs, and safe traveling on your Harley this summer... too much! :)

Hey Mo ~~ such a neat road sign and Yep the caption is soo right on the mark too! I have found that I like having Wheels a playing nice and loud when I am driving by myself, with the Blue sky ahead of me... :)

Hi there JoeB & SteveO & DanC ~~ Yeppers only Jock Bartley is left of the original members of Firefall nowadays... Steve O ~ I think that is pretty neat you got to see them in their Prime! Wow ~ I think I remember you telling us about seeing them with AMERICA & Christopher Cross, that is one Awesome trio lineup, that I would have loved to take in ~~From the looks of the areas they are working on on their site, it must be a fairly new site. Dan I checked the date of this show in Peoria and I think it may just be a tentative date for now, there is a (T) by it..and June 26, 2004... their site address is ~~ Yes please do be sure and let me know if you head out with your Mrs. to this show! :)

Hi Ingrid ~~ I meant to tell you I enjoyed your version of God Bless AMERICA lyrics ~~ Spells it out quite Nicely indeed! Thanks for sharing them with us... Hmmm ~~ Go figure the Eagles getting a shipment of Rice from Your factory ~~ too much! :)

Hi there Jimmmmmmmbob ~~ Russell Crowe has such a neat accent, I could sit and listen to him talk forever ~~ Hmmm I wonder why!!! ;)

Hey Red ~~ I guess it is back to the old grind today Huh! ~~ Just keep them great flashbacks of singing those ooh soo nice songs to Mrs Red in your head and your day will go by quickly and nicely ~~ :)

Okay gotta get for now, take care all, see ya, Nancy :);)

~~~ Blue Sky come find Me I'm waiting ( such nice harmonizing here) ..... :) Sun Never looked sooo pretty, sun never looked sooo pretty, Sun never looked soooo pretty .... Cloud and rain, smoke and smog here, won't see too many stars here tonight, bidding time here, waiting on the sunset, one last glance of gold then Goodbyeeeee ~~~ Sing it once again for me The Thorns :) :) :) :) nice song for sure!

Message: 32807 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:28:10 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Sacramento/Eagles like rice (shamelss promotion)/New Mexico Mo

That's probably why they sing so good, it's the rice!!!!!!!!!!! Since they will be in Fresno on May 30 for a show, maybe they will need some more. Do u have ur tix yet? Maybe u could barter rice for free tix? I'll be in Casper on May 26 for the show so I will be sure and tell Don to order some, ok?

Message: 32806 Posted: Thu Apr 22 08:03:27 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Dan's new cd, chat folder thoughts...

It would be a shame if all of Dan's hard work went unheard. I wonder if someone could take an informal poll as to how many people would order it, maybe make it known on a few web pages that Dan might make it available if he got enough orders. I don't know if that is feasible, but it is terrible when someones hard work is hamstringed by financial concerns. So how about it? Count me in for one!

As far as the goings on on the chat folder recently, sure some of the stuff is silly, but as my Dad always told me "Don't take life so seriously, you don't get out of it alive." This is a page to discuss the music of a band we all love, let's face it we would not be here if their music did not mean something to us. No one here ( except Steve, I believe) has the right to control the contents of the posts. I don't always agree with what is said, but as the American saying goes "I defend to the death your right to say it" Discussion is healthy and can be a lot of fun if it is constructive. I too am a long time member of this board, admittedly not as long time as some. I have always admired the "above board" discussions of the music and the shows. I eagerly await the release of the new cd and of the dvd. It will give us all something new to focus on!

Message: 32805 Posted: Thu Apr 22 07:20:54 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Sacramento/Eagles like rice (shamelss promotion)/New Mexico Mo

Is hoppin' now that Arnold and Maria are at the helm. I surely do wish that America would "hop on up" here again and do a concert or two . . .

Hey Red Oak, Did I ever tell you the story about the Eagles special-ordering Lundberg Rice to be shipped to them while they were on tour? Is that awesome or what?

Like your photo Mo. It was here in the morning, just like you and Dewey said.

Rice Lady

Message: 32804 Posted: Thu Apr 22 07:09:20 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: LRB show for Nancy & Aussie fans

Thanks for the correction careful reader (jimbob). I hate being a source of mis-information.


Message: 32803 Posted: Thu Apr 22 07:08:32 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

It will be there in the morning....

Message: 32802 Posted: Thu Apr 22 04:07:34 2004 By: Pete
Subject: Re: dan peek

What a bummer but fully understand his situation. Im still praying Dan that something will work out that we may be able to get that last CD Guitar Man 2. Peace.

Message: 32801 Posted: Thu Apr 22 01:08:52 2004 By: John
Subject: Re: John

Thanks Gen,

I feel I've joined an exclusive worldwide club with a very special taste in quality music and it's great to be here!

Since Paris I have found a couple of new UK fans who will definitely be at the next UK or near UK (ie Paris) concert - one a neighbour and the other a business associate based in Prague.

I still have lots of fond memories or Paris. One to note was that I have never seem the performers so well received by so much of the audience from the start.

Yep a truly great event.

Take care


Message: 32800 Posted: Thu Apr 22 01:01:47 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: LRB show for Nancy & Aussie fans

Russell Crowe is a New Zealander!

Message: 32799 Posted: Thu Apr 22 00:00:27 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: LRB show for Nancy & Aussie fans

Australia has blessed the world with so much talent: Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, etc. etc.

Got's more info on the LRB tour?

Glad to hear you & Mrs. Red are still rockin' . . .

Ilianna's mom

Message: 32798 Posted: Wed Apr 21 23:55:58 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Dewey was in prison in Colorado?!? He NEVER told me that!


Message: 32797 Posted: Wed Apr 21 20:57:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: venturahighway site

The VH.COM web site has a certain bandwidth allocation for a given time period (I don't know if the period is weekly, biweekly, monthly, or how it is allocated). When that allocation is reached, no more accesses are allowed. Eventually the time period will reset and a new allocation will start and accesses will once again be allowed.

That explanation is somewhat technical. In layman's terms you can think of it as a hose that is connected to a water tank. The people who drink from the tank are allowed a certain number of gallons of water each week (or month, or whatever). Once that amount is reached, the outlet is shut off. Then, it is opened up again the following week.

The bottom line is a lot of people appear to be accessing the VH.COM web site and/or message board and exceeding the amount of information that is allowed to be sent out. Eventually, the outgoing amount will be reset and it will start working again. I'm afraid it doesn't mean that updates are taking place (even though they may or may not be).

Message: 32796 Posted: Wed Apr 21 20:50:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia (Dan C & All)

I have no clue what the answer is but I would also guess London's Central High School.

Message: 32795 Posted: Wed Apr 21 20:06:14 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Hostility on the Chat Folder (Nancy)

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy ~ I don't believe any answer that I give you will satisfy you to any degree. It's not that I'm not willing nor capable, but it's that I'm very reluctant to here. I think it would be best if I answered you via a personal email message especially since you have a lot for me to address. You can forward my reply to any of the women (and men) on the folder that you wish.

Please don't look for my email message before the weekend if even then but I will get in touch with you; you can count on it!

Message: 32794 Posted: Wed Apr 21 19:42:56 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

Hat Trick is a lost classic! While it was a moderate hit when it was released, it never got the attention it deserved. You should continue building your CD collection. I would recommend getting America and Homecoming next, since they are US releases and are relatively inexpensive. Plus they are among the best work America has ever done, not to slight the other CDs. Unfortunately Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway, and Harbor have never been released on CD in the US. They are available as imports (like Hat Trick), which makes them a little more pricey, but they are worth it. Fortunately all of their albums as a duo have been released on CD in the US.

Message: 32793 Posted: Wed Apr 21 19:24:25 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hat Trick (for NancyM and Sheldon)

Correction, NancyM (our erudite speller of the folder!

<<Sheldon, get all of America's early trio LP's (CD's). They are all worth it!>>

You are steering Sheldon to listen to only the EARLY trio LP's/CD's ("America", "Homecoming" and "Hat Trick")? What about the trio's MIDDLE and LATE period? Surely you would want Sheldon to hear all of the great music contained in "Holiday", "Hearts" (Middle period), "Hideaway" and "Harbor" (Late Period). Although, I truly think you meant to say the trio's LP's/CD's as opposed to the duo's, the word "early" was redundant. Now dear NancyM, where is that eloQuence when you need it? :o)

Sheldon, in all seriousness, you really need to become acquainted with ALL the TRIO albums. Whether it be the early, middle or late period, this body of work is the hallmark of the trio/duo career. A must for any true fan of America. Happy listening,

Sir Joe

Message: 32792 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:31:31 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: venturahighway site

Recently the venturahighway site has been temporarily unavailable--hope that's because they're updating it rather than because of technical difficulties.

Message: 32791 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:27:14 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: dan peek

I hope Dan's site and his 7 Miles Record Co./store doesn't go offline. That's pretty sad news, too, that the CD of GMII is done, but can't be released because of funds. Wish there was something we could do.

Message: 32790 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:26:16 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia (Dan C & All)

Dan ~ I'm VERY sorry that I inadvertently overlooked your reply to the belt buckle trivia question. It was purely by accident, of course.

We can remove the "country barn" as a possible choice. That leaves the following:

the Air Force Academy

the Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

Warner Brothers Building

London's Central High School

Recap of the guesses thus far:

NancyM - the Air Force Academy

Dan C - a train on the tracks

KevinS - London's Central High School

Ingbat - road sign of Ventura Freeway (which I have already mentioned is not the answer)

I hope I haven't left out anyone.

Message: 32789 Posted: Wed Apr 21 18:11:07 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Hat Trick

Sheldon, get all of America's early trio LP's (CD's). They are all worth it!

Message: 32788 Posted: Wed Apr 21 17:08:10 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Firefall

Joe,you bring up a good point about Firefall and the Loss of key members like Rick Roberts or Larry Burnett. Problem is,often times these shows are promoted with little mention of who is exactly in the band anymore. I saw Firefall at their peak with all original members at the California State Fair in 1980. Guitarist Bartley,to my knowledge,is the only original member left in the band. Ok,the songs may "sound" the same,but its really a far cry from what once was. If people want to shortchange themselves by going to that kind of show,have at it.I've had the same thing happen to me in the past,but nowadays if I have a question about a certain bands lineup,I just run a google search for the bands website and take it from there. In alot of cases,there are some great message boards(like the one we have here!)where people are more than willing to tell you who's in the band and if its worth going to. In comparison,its a bit unrealistic to expect some of these bands to stay intact after all these years. Firefall's last chart hit was over 2 decades ago so sure,they were bound to have personnel changes. Uh oh,I feel another case of the "non-original" lead singers topic coming on again. Don't get me started...:)

Message: 32787 Posted: Wed Apr 21 16:56:54 2004 By: Joe B
Subject: Firefall


I caught Firefall a few years back at a bizarre, Woodstock-wanna-be fest called Itchycoo Park in Tennessee. Our boys (America) and Christopher Cross were also part of the festivities.

Firefall's only original member was guitarist Jock Bartley (he's fabulous). No Larry Burnett or Rick Roberts. They actually sounded really good, but it wasn't the same for me without those key members. Hopefully, the current lineup includes at least Rick Roberts; I know he has been back with the band on at least one tour after the group's original run. If both Roberts and Burnett were back in the band, it would be a must-see!


Joe B

Message: 32786 Posted: Wed Apr 21 16:38:01 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Hat Trick

Hey, just got the "Hat Trick" cd in the mail today. You see, I don't have many of the original albums (cd's), mainly greatest hits compilations. This is actually my first album from the Dan Peek years. Upon first listen, I'd have to say that this album is awesome! There are about 6 songs that I've never heard before. Really am loving 3 of the songs so far, those being "Submarine Ladies", "It's Life" and "Hat Trick". Looking forward to stocking up on a few more early albums.

Have a great night-

Message: 32785 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:55:35 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson Button & Hostility on the Chat Folder

The site says they will release the list sometime in May.

Message: 32784 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:50:15 2004 By: Dan
Subject: thanks

Nancy, I had no idea that Firefall was coming to town this summer. I don't know how that escaped me but thanks for the tip. What kind of lineup are we talking about these days? Is Rick Roberts and Larry Burnett still in the band? I sure hope so, as I've stated before, I really like the Larry Burnett tunes the best. Even though it wouldn't be Firefall without them both in my opinion. I will let you know if I go to this show. DanC.

Message: 32783 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:36:51 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson Button & Hostility on the Chat Folder

Thank you Nancy....Have a great evening. To turn to another subject, has anyone heard about the voting results yet? Dying of curiousity....Rooting for America as normal!

Message: 32782 Posted: Wed Apr 21 15:31:48 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Hey Johnny, back in post #32709 I guessed the train on the tracks. With all the bitching going on in here you must of missed it.DanC.

Message: 32781 Posted: Wed Apr 21 14:21:35 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

"The good news is that there is a great body of work still available from Dan's website... I recommend getting Dan's music while there is still time!"

Sounds like Dan may be considering pulling the plug on his web site and his releases on Seven Mile! I hope that's not the case, but it does sound like that may be a consideration.

Message: 32780 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:28:05 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dan Peek & New Shows!

I agree that it would be nice to be able to post a message for Dan on his page. I guess the website is in the process of changing?

Message: 32779 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:21:22 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: John

Hey John, great bio. Thanks for joining the 'wonderful fans' section . Hopefully (many) more UK / European fans will join & show their love for the music of America soon ;-)

Message: 32778 Posted: Wed Apr 21 13:02:59 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Thanks Mo for the building pics... a rare chance for me to see those. Thank you for the info Robyn and Traveler too.

ps: Mo, think today's the date for this Muse show you're supposed to attend. I'm absolutely ENVIOUS but happy for you. Drop me a line when you're back to say what you thought of the show. Good to share views with fellow music lovers. Thanks a mil and hope you enjoy the sound coming out of this fantastic lazer mansons guitar (and Matt Bellamy's style/voice) ;-)

Message: 32777 Posted: Wed Apr 21 12:38:22 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Dan Peek & New Shows!

Yep Me Again :) Thanks Red ~~ For sharing your LRB show thoughts with us.... Sounds like it was one Magical time for you and Mrs Red. WOW~~ What a triple Spinetingling Surge that had to be getting to hear NightOwls ~ Cool Change & Lady in back to back order... WOW!!!! Nice :) ~~~ Hmmm no wonder there were no stars shining here last night, they took the night off, cause YOU were Shining Extra Bright for them! :) ;)

Thanks a Bunch Steve L & Tom Peek ~~ For the news about Dan's Guitar Man 2 CD .... His reason for not releasing it yet is certainly understandable, I hope that with time, we will be able to see this released. It will be nice to get to hear it! ~~ Tom ~~ I hope you & Dan will be putting the Guest Board back on the website! :) Thanks again for your reply back to our wonderings!

Thanks Erin & Steve L ~~~ for the New Shows Added ~~~ YES YES YES ~~ Hmmm I am gonna have to find out just where this Pittsburgh Chevrolet Ampitheatre is.... wow wow wow! Hopefully Laura's dance recital won't be scheduled for this day!!!! :)

Thanks Mo for sharing this neat looking building with us, and thanks for the Morse Code Info Robyn & Trav... Hmmm too much Hollywood being coded out in a message... Always learning something new for sure! :)

Okay all done, gotta get! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ keep on searchin for kings in the street, keep on crying for something that's clear,.... You are One More Posse to Pass in the Night, one more con to conseal, one more tiger to paint on a stripe, one more player to deal ~~~ It takes one more Moment of time in your Life, one More player to deal.... Sing it for us Dewey :)

Message: 32776 Posted: Wed Apr 21 12:07:22 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Two More Concerts

The Delaware State Fair concert has been confirmed by Erin and she also confirmed one more. Here are the new gigs:

June 11 - Pittsburgh, PA / RibFest at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre
July 26 - Harrington, DE / Delaware State Fair

Message: 32775 Posted: Wed Apr 21 10:16:12 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Tom Peek sent me the following information about Guitar Man II:

Guitar Man II has been complete and "in the can" for some time. Dan is itching to release the CD, but at the same time he is not "itching" to fork out the bucks once again on a new album that does not get out of the red.

I know that Dan appreciates the support and encouragement of loyal fans who have ordered his latest works, but unfortunately the fan base is not large enough to make producing and selling CD's a viable proposition at this time.

I have been fortunate enough to hear the CD and it is fantastic. It includes a track that I wrote, with Dan contributing on the lyrics. (All three of the Peek brothers perform on the track - it's a first!) Hopefully, someday the CD will be released.

The good news is that there is a great body of work still available from Dan's website... I recommend getting Dan's music while there is still time!

Tom Peek

Message: 32774 Posted: Wed Apr 21 10:04:44 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Capitol Records Building

Actually I didn't remember what the word was either till I looked at the same site you did. I thought the America tie-in was too good to resist!

Message: 32773 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:58:06 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Capitol Records Building

Sorry Robin, I sort of cheated and got the information from the internet. Here is the whole Story of the light.

-After dark, you might notice that the spire high atop the Capitol Records building is topped by a red light which continually blinks on and off. Some people think it looks like it's sending out a message in Morse Code. It is. The red light blinks out the word "Hollywood" in code, every few seconds. In 1956, the granddaughter of Samuel Morse (inventor of the Morse code) threw the switch that turned on the tower light. This single-word message was changed only once, in June of 1992, to celebrate Capitol Records' 50th anniversary. For that one year, it blinked: "Capitol 50." In 1993, it returned to sending the original message: "Hollywood."

Message: 32772 Posted: Wed Apr 21 09:42:12 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Capitol Records Building

Mo's post of the building yesterday made me think of an urban legend I had heard concerning the building. I remember hearing that the light on top of the building blinks out a word in Morse Code and one of the local colleges has it on their "pranks to do" list to change the code to blink out the name of the college. The word it currently blinks out is the name of a song by America ( ah you KNEW there was a tie in didn't you? ) Can anyone guess what it is?

Message: 32771 Posted: Wed Apr 21 08:59:10 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Tonites Chat

Due to a family commitment I will not be "in Da house" this evening. If anyone wants to host an encore performance of Human Nature please do it! We can always do a special encore again ( it is a cd that I could listen to over and over!)

Message: 32770 Posted: Wed Apr 21 08:31:00 2004 By: red oak
Subject: LRB show for Nancy & Aussie fans

Last night Mrs. Red & I were privileged to see Little River Band here in Colorado. WOW, what a collection of musicians you have given us to hear from Australia(one being from the USA). To say they are good doesnt do justice to them. A rousing night was had by all and hopefully they will return again soon. If anyone wants more details on the show, you can email me and I will fill you in. I will, however, list the set list with some comments for LRB fans.

1) Statue of Liberty
2) Man On Your Mind
3) Back In Your Arms - on new CD coming out in May
4) Take It Easy On Me
5) Old Money
6) Happy Anniversary
7) The Other Guy - slower version with Greg Hind is great
8) I've Met Love - on new CD
9) Reminiscing
10) Should I Go - on new CD
11) Lonesome Loser - was absolutely tremendous with crowd singing along
12) Help Is On It's Way - super
13) Night Owls - what can I say, it's my fav
14) It's Not A Wonder
15) Cool Change - was superb with crowd interaction
16) Lady - was highlight w/Night Owls

And remember, the toes you step on today, could be connected to the butt you kiss tomorrow.

Later all.............:);)

Message: 32769 Posted: Wed Apr 21 08:07:48 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson Button

I actually got that button at the CarlWalk, a 5k hike in Santa Monica to raise funds for the Foundation. They have stopped doing the walk and are now concentrating on the concert, which is a huge event and the talent that takes the stage to pay tribute to Carl Wilson is amazing. The Carl Wilson Foundation raises money for cancer research and to help musicians who have the disease but no health insurance. Carl truly did have the "Voice of an Angel"

Message: 32768 Posted: Wed Apr 21 07:46:53 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day...Another Try

Thanks Moser I thought it was me not being able to open the photo!

Another Try-- Great SONG!

Message: 32767 Posted: Wed Apr 21 07:34:12 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day...Another Try

Harumph. For some reason the usual way to link to Pbase is not working so try this instead, please:

Message: 32766 Posted: Wed Apr 21 07:21:05 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Not far from the Capitol Records building (stacked 45's, spindle and all!) is another 'America landmark':

Message: 32765 Posted: Wed Apr 21 07:18:46 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Canadian "America" Withdrawl!

Howdy Elaine! Yes, I was surprised that there was no 'Rama' date yet as well. Maybe that blizzard left a lasting impression on our poor heros! Hopefully not, though. Maybe they are waiting until the fast ferry gets up and running so all of us Rochesterians (Nettie and me at least) can get up that way more easily. I'm pretty sure THAT's not it!! At least there is the Buffalo date to look forward to. I think there will be a few of us fans who could get together there. That will be fun. I REALLY, REALLY have my fingers crossed for another Bear's Den booking at Seneca Niagara b/c that was the most awesome venue I've ever been to. Don't you think? Good to hear from you guys. See you June!!
In Gerry We Trust,

Message: 32764 Posted: Wed Apr 21 06:55:28 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson Button & Hostility on the Chat Folder

Hi hoooo everyone ~~ Happy Hump Day :) ;) Hey there Reddddd ~~ I bet you woke up with a big Smile this morning ~~ Come tell us all about your time at the Little River Band Show last night Please! :)

Thanks sooo Much Jimnak for sending this neat close up pic of the Carl Wilson button Gerry wears on his guitar strap, it has such a neat way of touching me... :)

Hi Howie ~~~ Nice to hear from you, and thanks for sharing your thoughts about Carl, I really enjoyed reading your post, it was refreshing! I too agree with you, Carl definitely had and has the Voice of an Angel, I too love hitting the replay on songs of his that really can speak to me in many ways... Soooo glad to have these songs to carry on his Voice. Hope all is well with you and your family! :)

Wow Red ~~ Timmy is here singing I Can't Tell You Why on the radio... Nice Huh! :) ;) ~~ I just Love how this song Kinda carries me off at times! tooo much!

Cheers Spurs & Ainsley ~~ Nice to hear from you both, Yes Spurs, I too am anxiously awaiting the release of the Sydney DVD and I too wonder what Magic the Month of August will hold. Wow it is hard to believe how the time is flying by... seems as tho January was just here... ~~ Ainsley that is a neat request.. Yes AMERICA has done shows with backing Orchestra's sooo keep on having Hope that they will head back downunder and do a show with the MSO! :)

Hi Pete ~~ I at times recieve email messages from Mr Peek (Dan's Dad) and upon recently recieving a neat fwd message from him I replied back to him and said that I hoped all was well with their family and that I was wondering if Dan was still working on Guitar 2. I didn't recieve any reply back. I do visit Dan's site, and I find myself wondering why the Message board is not there any longer. It was nice to be able to post there too. Hopefully we will hear more news soon on how Guitar 2 is coming along!

Hey there DanC ~~ I heard the news of the bad Tornadoes that touched down in parts of Ill last night, as well as Ind & another close state there, I hope all is well there in your neck of the woods! ~~ Sorry to hear you didn't get tix's to the Eagles show. I am hoping that they will make a DVD of one of their Live Shows. I visited the Firefall website recently and I see they are heading to Peoria Ill this summer, hmmm do you think you will try and go see them? I know I am always full of questions huh! LOL!!!!!! :) :) :)

Hey Nina, Shayne, rc ~~~ I too want to see Dan Fogelberg's PBS Soundstage special... I hope I am lucky enough to catch it! We will all have to let each other know if one hears anymore definite on this ~~ Okay??? ~~ Pretty Neat Nina that your friend is gonna give you a comp to use at home... nice to hear from you always! :)

Regarding the recent Gender Nit Pickin Rounds ~~~ What is sad about them is the fact of how this makes the chat folder look sooooo Childish ... Hmmm ~~ Who would ever figure that Hostility would have to be a part of a chat folder of any group or topic!!! Unreal indeed! Johnny ~~ I know you have been a longtime chat folder member.. but where does that give you the right to say anything about what or how another person posts... I have said many times before that we are all Adults that post here and what I loved about Posting was the Comfortableness that I found here in doing it... That has changed for me tho, you wanna know why ~~~ Well the Spontanaety that was found in the chat folder posts is gone now, it is shadowed by finger pointing, nit pickin, and specifically wanting certain people not to post... attempts to drive them away.... and to say their posts aren't welcome here.... I feel this is what is ruining the Chat Folder ~~ I feel that there are those that would find reading nit pickin posts more annoying and uncalled for. ~~ Hmmm too bad there isn't a Female band member in AMERICA for you Men to all chant about.... I at times sense some Jealousy here! ~~ I think the main thing to remember here is that we all do come here because of AMERICA's music and the way we have followed them through time... We each have our own thoughts, we each have our own personalities, we each have our own true colors, why can't we respect the priviledge of having this chat folder to post on and carry on in Harmony.... Hmmm ~~ Your tongue in cheek post.... the other day was supposed to be taken for just that huh, well let me ask you this... how can one be sure of this... we can't see your expression at the time you posted it. Sergio took it upon himself to speak for you, because of the way he feels he has come to know you.... I hope I am coming across clear here ... what I am trying to say is ... that sure this may have been meant to be just tongue in cheek, but I like Mark questioned your reasoning and timing for posti ng it.... that dig is still attempted in your post... there is a difference in the types of posting here... which is found Offensive really.... Our Gerry Gerry Gerry, or the tongue in cheek one.... which one has the Hostility intent to it.... I just want to say, yes at times we do go on about the nice smiles, the dimple, the aging like fine wine ... but the roots of our Love for this Group known AMERICA is built on and based on their UNIQUE Talents, and how MUCH this is APPRECIATED By US. So let's stop this Nit Pickin Nonsense and show a Format here that is Inviting and Friendly to the Newer ones that come. Let the Spontanaety return to the Posting, and I am sure you will find Harmony here in the Posting again. After all Dewey's great line in Tin Man really says it all ~~~ Sometimes late when things are REAL and People SHARE the GIFT OF GAB between themselves, some are quick to take the Bait and catch the Perfect Prize that Waits Among the Shelves ~~~~ I feel that when One can post with ease and spontanaety, that the free flowing gift of gab will return to the chat folder... Just my two cents on this!

Thanks everyone for reading my ramblins, have a great day! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ oooo ooooo oooooo No Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man, that he didn't, didn't already have, and Cause never was the Reason for the evening, or the tropic of sir gallahad, sooooo Please Believe in Me when I say I'm spinning round, round, round ~~~~ Take it from there Dewey & Gerry & Dan :) :) :)

Message: 32763 Posted: Wed Apr 21 06:53:33 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Pete, I'll check with Tom Peek and see what I can find out about Guitar Man 2.

Message: 32762 Posted: Wed Apr 21 06:06:42 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Free Speech

<<Sergio, it's eloquently>>
Oops! I apologize to everyone for hitting the "g" key instead of the "q" key. Thank you NancyM for pointing out the typo. I hope I did not offend anyone else.

Message: 32761 Posted: Wed Apr 21 05:46:22 2004 By: pcbwu
Subject: Canadian "America" Withdrawl!

I'm just wondering if my sister Carol and I are the only ones going through Canadian "America" Withdrawl???
What is up guys??? Usually you've ventured to the Great White North by now! Okay, so when you've normally played Rama the last couple of years - you were off in warmer climes (France and Italy - lucky dawgs!!!)I can understand that - and I do remember telling Dewey and Willie to come when it's nice and warm here (instead of blizzards!). But here we are - almost MAY and there are no Canadian (southern Ontario preferrably) dates scheduled yet!
We've got our tickets for Buffalo - and hopefully you'll be back to the Bears Den in Seneca Niagara Hey Moser! Remember us now? The two sisters from Ontario? Carol and Elaine?? Maybe you could ask them what's up for us when you see them in what? Must be all of 17 days now?? (Don't forget to take pictures Moser! We live vicariously through you!) You lucky lucky lucky girl! If you meet up with Willie and Pete again, tell them we hope to see them in Buffalo and will definitely buy them a wobbly-pop or two! Hey! Why don't WE meet up again - anyone who was at Bear's Den - let's have a reunion! Dunn Tire Park - here we come!)

Message: 32760 Posted: Wed Apr 21 04:53:02 2004 By: Pete
Subject: Dan Peek

Steve or anybody out there know when Dan Peek is going to cut his new Guitar Man 2. I know he mention that he was going to do a follow up and produce Guitar Man 2.

Message: 32759 Posted: Wed Apr 21 04:25:21 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Free Speech

It's called free speech. I enjoy reading any and everyone's post no matter what they're about. Again, as Anita has stated, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Sergio, it's eloquently.

And to give each one equal time- Gerry, Gerry, Gerry; Dewey, Dewey, dewey, Dewey; AND Dan, Dan, Dan.

Have a good day!

Message: 32758 Posted: Wed Apr 21 03:59:20 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Leah)

Most accurately and eloguently said, Mr. Yee. Thank you for speaking for many of us.
Sir Joe

Message: 32757 Posted: Wed Apr 21 01:47:04 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Leah)

Johnny, thank you for your explanation. I can understand any male's point of view but I also thought this was supposed to be fun? I love America and their music more than anything else...The other is just in fun! At least to me...I have not been on this site long enough to know why there is hostility...Again many thanks...have a great day!

Message: 32756 Posted: Tue Apr 20 21:08:19 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Anita)

Hi Anita ~ I feel that it's no longer a matter of not reading particular messages posted by a particular fan or group of fans. I say this because it's my opinion that there's not a whole lot left in the recent past to read that isn't as I have described. Those that have in the past posted interesting America discussions have either stopped posting or have left the site entirely perhaps due to the folder's recent status. This is merely my opinion, of course, as a long-standing chat folder participant.

(Hey Howie! I, too, have wondered how Janice is doing.)

Message: 32755 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:35:14 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia (Ing)

Oops! Sorry about that Ing. I went up a row on the keyboard instead of down and hit an "r" instead of a "b".

Message: 32754 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:34:23 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Carl Wilson Button

Being that I'm a huge Carl Wilson Fan, I made a 2 cd collection of his
from the beach boys (post-commercial stuff) up to his solo CD's to the Like A Brother CD. I play it alot and really saddens me that his life had to be cut short. His talent was unsurpassing. Every year in California, they have a tribute to Carl WIlson. It's a huge concert
and Robyn was nice enough to get me the same button and another rectangular button which says The Carl Wilson FOundation. I play this CD at least once a week. Back in 1976, I saw the beach boys at madison square garden, along with chicago. Excellent concert.
The button tells it all.........Voice Of An Angel!!!!!!

Message: 32753 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:27:41 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

In my previous message, I meant "dominant presence"... not "dominate presence", of course.

Ingrat, you can drop "the road sign of Ventura Freeway" from the list. That leaves:

the Air Force Academy

a country barn

the Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

Warner Brothers Building

London's Central High School


Message: 32752 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:26:23 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Leah)


Last time I checked, Steve L. was the webmaster of this site (which includes this chat folder). If there was or is a problem of some sort, I feel confident Steve would take care of it. That said, if there is a participant whose posts you're not interested in, don't read it. That's what I do with my daily newspaper. JMHO

Message: 32751 Posted: Tue Apr 20 20:06:16 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Leah)

Leah ~ This is the way I see it here on the folder as a male America fan:

The majority of the men present are here mainly for America's music. We are not here for the idolizing of Gerry or Dewey for anything but for their music. Sure, we appreciate their other qualities but we don't dwell on them. The women have toned it down a lot here recently but I feel this is only because of the recent absence of one fan.

This folder in the past was a place where we discussed America's music as well as "trivial" America matters but not, for instance, a place where we obsessively discussed how one member of the band may look wearing a certain article of clothing or how attractive one member is when he smiles, etc. It's not something a majority of the men here want to chat about or even read. It's my opinion that if the women here want to engage in this type of discussion, it should be done via personal email or perhaps on the live chat session which is available to the women (and any interested men) 24 hours a day. As I mentioned, this type of chatting has declined quite a bit recently and it has been for the better, in my opinion.

I think perhaps what is upsetting to Terry (as well as some others who visit here which includes myself) is that the folder seems to have been "taken over" by one fan who has been a dominate presence in the past 12 months plus. The folder seems to have a self-appointed facilitator who delights in discussing matters that are not of interest to half of the fans who are present each day. I say "half" because I think that's a fair estimate of the number of men who log-on here daily. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I feel that the folder has become one fan's vehicle for promoting their agenda with no regard to what the other half (the other gender) thinks or feels. Until there is a change in this attitude, hostilities will continue.

My recommendation as a fellow fan who has been present here since 1998:

1) Don't dominate the board. I've done enough of that in the past for all of us. : )

2) When posting, remember there is more than one gender present.

3) Remember there's still TWO founding members of America present in the band. Give each equal time.

4) Respect Dan Peek for his musicial contribution to America.

5) Stop acting the role of a facilitator. One isn't needed here.

6) Remember that the live chat is available 24 hours-a-day to discuss most anything one wishes.

Message: 32750 Posted: Tue Apr 20 19:52:51 2004 By: Cindy

Hi Ingrid...thanks for the giggle!

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 32749 Posted: Tue Apr 20 19:43:48 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Ticketmaster Alert For Turning Stone, The Sequel

I'm sooo envious...but my day is coming!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32748 Posted: Tue Apr 20 17:23:03 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Something for the Ladies and a question for Gentleman Johnny

Ladies of the Folder:

I'm thinking of having some nice T-shirts printed up for us to wear to concerts. If you'd like to let me know here on the folder what size you'd prefer (S,M,L,XL) I may be able to work something out . . . . (Yes, I've seen the selection on VHCOM and had something a little bit different in mind, AS USUAL . . . ;)

Dr. Yee:

It's quite possible that my over-40 memory has once again failed me. Perhaps I'm confusing that belt buckle with another one . . .

Hee, hee.

Message: 32747 Posted: Tue Apr 20 16:44:22 2004 By: Ingrid

Band that I love
Stand beside them
And guide them
In the Light of Your Glory and Love

From the Gerry
To the Dewey
To the Dan Peek
Far Away

God Bless America
What else can I say?!?

Message: 32746 Posted: Tue Apr 20 16:39:56 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Ventura Freeway sign

Message: 32745 Posted: Tue Apr 20 16:15:15 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Maybe I'm taking your post the wrong way Terry...but you have some nerve...If anyone wants to admire or have a crush on Gerry or anyone else for that matter it is their business...there is no harm. We who grew up with Gerry will always be there....(Gerry's Girls) Is there an age limit? Once your can't have a crush? Where have you been....

Message: 32744 Posted: Tue Apr 20 15:21:57 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Delaware State Fair

Just so everyone knows, the Delaware State Fair concert has not been confirmed by Erin yet. It likely will happen since it's posted on the State Fair web site. But I have learned through the school of hard knocks that sometimes the venues and promoters will post something, assuming that it's going to happen, but before the deal has actually been signed. Therefore, I have sent a message to Erin asking for confirmation and I'll let everyone know when she gets back to me.

Message: 32743 Posted: Tue Apr 20 15:14:12 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: delaware State Fair

Like Cow Chip Tossing? They do that at the 29 Plams Rodeo, or used to!

Message: 32742 Posted: Tue Apr 20 14:48:13 2004 By: SteveK
Subject: Re: delaware State Fair

Yeah I think they have pig races, do you have punkin chunkin? Like to hazard a guess on what that is???

Message: 32741 Posted: Tue Apr 20 13:25:56 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: delaware State Fair

My small town here in Colorado doesn't have pig races, but they do have the preschool kids do a piglet catch (whomever catches a piglet first and can drag it (by what ever means possible) inside a marked circle fastest wins a blue ribbon)

Message: 32740 Posted: Tue Apr 20 13:18:24 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: delaware State Fair

What no PIG RACES ???? ( the staple of California County Fairs-- if you haven't seen one you are missing out!)

Message: 32739 Posted: Tue Apr 20 13:07:38 2004 By: SteveK
Subject: delaware State Fair

America has been added to this year's Delaware State Fair for July 26. I hope to see all the America fans from DE, MD and NJ there! America, tractor pulls and demolition derby, life is good.

Message: 32738 Posted: Tue Apr 20 12:03:26 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

"You're welcome" for the warm welcome! Oh gosh, we missed you so much, too, that we didn't know what to do with ourselves in your absence. I need help getting to your latest photo link, it doesn't seem to work. Even though it may be on my end, I hope I'm not missing anything!

>>As I said, naivete can be so comforting<<

so true, but IGNORANCE is BLISS

>>Yes, I did get the spindle thing.<<

Awe c'mon, Mo, that's been known for years!

Inner Happiness & Warm Fuzzies to all

P.S. GERRY GERRY GERRY (where WOULD he be without Dew & Dan?) All I'm asking is for you to just remember, and possibly give credit to, those who helped make it possible for your ever knowing that the object of your worship/lust/crush ever existed. This goes for all you other Gerry gurlz, too. I mean, give this married man a break! This is getting old, and most of you aren't much younger... not to mention that some of you have own spouses to attend to.

Message: 32737 Posted: Tue Apr 20 08:13:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Yes, I did get the spindle thing. I figured there was a remote possibility that the 45's image was what they were shooting for but the other remote possibility was that I was more imaginative and original than any one else and only I saw it. I opted to think it was the latter...bubbles bursting as we speak.

Message: 32736 Posted: Tue Apr 20 08:02:24 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Yeah if you look closely it even has the "spindle" on the top of the building . You have to be a certain "vintage" to remember stacking 45's! -- or even 45's!

Message: 32735 Posted: Tue Apr 20 07:52:52 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Well then, I guess that worked out!! As I said, naivete can be so comforting.

Message: 32734 Posted: Tue Apr 20 07:04:13 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Uh ... Moser The Capitol Records building IS supposed to look like a stack of records......

Message: 32733 Posted: Tue Apr 20 07:01:43 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Ticketmaster Alert For Turning Stone, The Sequel

To get front row tables, you have to call the Turning Stone Casino box office at 877-833-7469 (toll free). They do not sell the "stage" row of tables through Ticketmaster, only through their own box office. Tricky, eh? You might be on hold for a while but they're very friendly and the seats are right up there. I'm salivating already.
What a summer tour this is shaping up to be...sigh.

Message: 32732 Posted: Tue Apr 20 06:50:48 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Ticketmaster Alert For Turning Stone

Tickets now on sale for the Turning Stone Casino show via Ticketmaster. Just started at 10am...already in the second row of tables. Wake up, your tickets!! No waiting in line like Mohegan...yippee.
We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming....

Message: 32731 Posted: Tue Apr 20 04:03:27 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Thanks for the warm welcome back. I missed you guys, too. I was definitely in techno-withdrawal with no posting nor email. (Jeffrey found it quite amusing, I might add.) I hang my head in no-lifer shame to admit my addiction but denial will do me no good. Anyway, I've had my fix again and feel much better. Now, just 18 days 'til a fix of LIVE AMERICA and Gerry Gerry Gerry, of course. Life is good.

Photo Of The Day: I've always thought this looked like a bunch of 45's stacked on a record player. Forgive me if that is way beyond obvious to all of you as well. Naivete can be a warm, fuzzy feeling at times:
Happy Tuesday,

Message: 32730 Posted: Mon Apr 19 23:05:59 2004 By: Ainsley
Subject: MSO

I have just been reading a concert review from the archives. It was in 1997 and featured America playing with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Now Melbourne has a great symphony orchestra that loves playing with rock bands having done big tours with Elton John and Kiss! Any promoters out there - America and the MSO that would be some concert!

Message: 32729 Posted: Mon Apr 19 19:43:40 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: To Geri from Illinois

Hi Geri...I just read your terrific bio. Would love to see those pictures!

Cindy...from the South

Message: 32728 Posted: Mon Apr 19 19:35:42 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Gooood Moooorrrning America Fans

Welcome back Moser! Love the picture...funny how America reminders are everywhere. More please.

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32727 Posted: Mon Apr 19 18:44:08 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Dropping the "airplane hangar" as a possible choice for what was Dewey's belt buckle. That leaves the following:

the Air Force Academy

a country barn

a road sign of Ventura Freeway

the Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

Warner Brothers Building

London's Central High School

Recapping: NancyM says it's the Air Force Academy. KevinS believes it's London's Central High School.

Sir Joe ~ Thanks...during my absence...for explaining my "Dear God" post as being just as it was intended... purely tongue-in-cheek. : )


Message: 32726 Posted: Mon Apr 19 17:54:28 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: More Questions than Answers.

Hello everyone,some year and it's hardly begun.One wonders what shape the DVD will take,besides the concert performance will it contain an interview and will it be released with a new studio album.America interviews directed to the fans are few and far between,not that I complaining.Seems August looks like a free month will the boys be returning to Europe?

Message: 32725 Posted: Mon Apr 19 09:59:57 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re Miniature & my Requests for Joe!

Hi Hooooo Everyone ~~ Just a quickie post for now! :)

Geeze Joe ~~ Sooo neat how you captured Miniature's Magic ~~ I just wanted to add my Thumbs Up on another well done version... Miniature has always been able to captivate me... and I agree with Steve's comments, it would make a great opener for your Homemade CD. Hmmmm ~~ I can easily see this turning into a Box CD Set... I just wanted to add my requests for songs... I too gotta say Midnight, the song is simply accoustic magic, as well as Rainbow song, I have one special request tho, by chance could you do Garden Of Peace ~~ I just love how the guitars play off of each other in this song, it would be neat to hear your version of this Gem... I also would love to hear You Girl, Saturn Nights, Submarine Ladies (that would be neat for jimmmmbob to do the harmonica parts with Gerry's harmonica on this with you)hmmmm do you play the banjo??? ~~~ I know by now you are thinking, She sure wants alot.... Oooh well I do love all of these songs, and when I tried to pick just one request, I couldn't, my mind just started to think this song, that song... and I too think Head & Heart is sooo Nice... and would love to hear a version of it.. I will say it again, what a Neat Tribute to Gerry, Dewey & Dan... WOW! Keep on a playing them, thanks for the neat site too... ooh another one for consideration is on here Tall Treasures.... I could go on and on for sure! :) ~~ Another good one ~~ Nothing's sooo Far Away as Yesterday!!!!! Wow what a great song! hmmm All Around, Old Virginia, Old Man Took ~~ See why I said this could turn into a Box Set of CD's :)

Nice to hear from you Mo ~~ Glad you enjoyed your week get away vacation! ~~ Nice to get to talk late last night too... That is pretty neat you getting to see these oooh sooo familiar names popping up along the way and back ~~ Too Much! ~~ Keep the pics a coming, they brighten my mornings! :)

Thanks sooo Much to ~~ all of the fans from France, Italy and Switzerland, that sent the pics to Steve to Post... I really enjoyed seeing them ~~ Sorry it took me sooo long in mentioning it... Some pretty neat angles for sure! ~~ Alle ~~ I enjoyed that oooh sooo inner happiness I could see in your smile... I could tell you were on Cloud 10 for sure!

Well excuse me now, but I must get... I wanted to post sooo much more, but not now.. I gotta get this work done... Have a good day all! It is soooo Warm here... Wow! :)

Take care, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Now the answer is clear, everything I'd ever want, everything I'd ever need is in you boyyyyyy, everything, I'll ever want, everything I'll ever need is in your boyyyyyyy ~~~~ sorry for changing the gender dewey... I like to sing this song this way along with you! :) :)

PS Hideaway Part 2 is playing here now ~~ I have always liked this 2 part musical too.... :) ~~ I hope we can hit the replay on Human Nature on wed. since I wasn't home in time last night to listen with you guys.... :)

Message: 32724 Posted: Mon Apr 19 09:47:11 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Dear God...

I see a couple of folks here didn't understand the meaning of your tongue-in-cheek* post earlier this morning...I got your message loud and clear.LOL:o)

Function: adjective
: not meant to be taken seriously

Sir Joe

Message: 32723 Posted: Mon Apr 19 08:39:43 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Miniature


Message: 32722 Posted: Mon Apr 19 08:12:49 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Miniature

What a lovely rendition, Joe! I have always enjoyed this piece. Perhaps Hideaway, Parts I and II at a future date? Keep up the great work!

Message: 32721 Posted: Mon Apr 19 08:08:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Miniature

Hey everyone, check out Joe Doyle's Homemade web page for the latest addition, "Miniature". He played around with a synthesizer to create this cover and I think he did a great job. He was concerned that the fake strings might sound a little bit cheesy but I didn't think so. I'll let the rest of you post your thoughts about it here. If any of you have problems downloading or listening to the song, let me know and I'll be happy to e-mail it to you. It's only 1.1 megabytes so even Yahoo and Hotmail might allow it as an attachment.

This song sounds like a great opening track for Joe's "Homemade" CD and I'm guessing that we'll be hearing Tin Man before long. Keep up the great work Joe.

Message: 32720 Posted: Mon Apr 19 07:43:37 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Welcome Back

Welcome Back Mo I missed you!

Message: 32719 Posted: Mon Apr 19 07:15:14 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: photos/Dear God

Great photo, Mo! Can't wait to see the rest!

Johnny, I can have my third grade class pray for you. He listens to children really well!

Message: 32718 Posted: Mon Apr 19 06:54:33 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Vocal Group HOF

I visited the Vocal Group Hall of Fame web page and was impressed. The web page is at:

I hope America makes it, they would be in very good company. Some previous inductees include:
The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, The Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Four Seasons, Mamas & the Papas, Three Dog Night, The Bangles, The Spinners, Peter, Paul and Mary, Jackson Five, The Supremes, The Platters, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Abba, The Association, The Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire, The Impressions, Isley Brothers, 5th Dimension, The Mills Brothers, Manhattan Transfer, Coasters, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Ink Spots, The Kingston Trio, Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers, Dion & The Belmonts, Ben E. King & the Drifters, The Lettermen, The Oak Ridge Boys, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Jay & the Americans, The Shirelles, Danny & The Juniors, and Martha & The Vandellas.

Of course I also hope they would someday make it into the R&R HOF, but I think the politics of that HOF make it much more difficult.

Message: 32717 Posted: Mon Apr 19 06:51:12 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who participated in the listening party last night. We're back to the beginning already! Sunday's listening party will be America, 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Hope you can make it!

Message: 32716 Posted: Mon Apr 19 06:50:47 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Dear God...


Not sure what the previous post was about, but if you are really trying to get in touch with God I think you would have a better chance of making contact with prayer than posting to a web page. Of course talking to the minister of the church you attend might be helpful too.

Message: 32715 Posted: Mon Apr 19 06:39:38 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Dear God...

Mourning, God.

Dear God,

I thought you and I had a deal. That I would start attending church every Sunday if you would hold up your end....

Message: 32714 Posted: Mon Apr 19 05:07:51 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Gooood Moooorrrning America Fans

Hey, JB! Thanks for the three name chant. That's an honor I will enjoy.

Geri from Illinois, sorry to have said two weeks with the towel. It was more like two years, right? Oops. Sorry. All the better.

Happy Monday All.
In Gerry We Trust,

Message: 32713 Posted: Mon Apr 19 04:28:44 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Gooood Moooorrrning America Fans

Mo Mo Mo

just kidding

Message: 32712 Posted: Mon Apr 19 04:19:10 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Gooood Moooorrrning America Fans

It's a lovely Monday morning here on the tundra. The fam and I are freshly back from a week in sunny albeit windy FLA. We were hoping for a robust high 80's to 90's with loads of sun and sand but settled for sunny, breezy low 70's. Not to worry, we still got in the three R's: rest, relaxation, and for the adults--randiness. Beach or no beach, it beat the work and routine of a non-vacation week. Only regret is, too bad it wasn't this coming week for vacation since we could hit up the Seafood Festival for some good eats and a big helping of America with Gerry Gerry Gerry on the side. Guess the countdown to Reading will have to suffice for today...only 19 days to go. Probably should start packing and deciding what to wear now.

This past week wasn't completely devoid of America reminders though. It seems a few settlers in the south had a good name or two in mind for their towns. On our drive down and back we passed through Bunnell, Fla. and Beckley, W.Va. Cool.

I saw the new photos Steve has posted. Very cool. Thanks for sharing with us, Axel. Wow, as one of my fellow no-lifers said, you didn't just have backstage access, it looks like you had ON stage access. Nice point of view on those pics, especially one or two. Yummy.

Geri from Illinois--I thoroughly enjoyed reading your fan bio. Lovely first name you have there by the way. I especially liked the story of going to bed with the towel for two weeks. That had me laughing for sure. Good idea. I can hardly wait to see all of your pictures. Share with us, SOON, please.

Well, it is back to the Monday routine so I should go. Oh yes, one last thing. I was thinking of taking a new direction with the photo of the day, at least for a bit. We travel by "mini-van express" to lots of places and often see some cool signs and stuff that relate to America in some way or another. Some more obvious than others, admittedly. Anyway, I thought I might share a few of those pics with you guys for a few days or so. Hope you enjoy. Here's the obvious place to start. Gotta love West Virginia. Now I know why they say it's almost heaven...

Message: 32711 Posted: Sun Apr 18 20:00:16 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Gerry's Guitar Strap

Thanks for the info, Steve!

Message: 32710 Posted: Sun Apr 18 19:38:14 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Gerry's Guitar Strap

Thanks to JimNak and with Gerry's permission, the Carl Wilson button that Gerry wears on his guitar strap has been added to the America Fans Museum. Check out the What's New section on the main home page for a direct link.

Message: 32709 Posted: Sun Apr 18 18:49:59 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: correction

That's 55 dollars a piece for the nosebleed seats. I'll also take a shot at the lame-ass answer of a train on the tracks.DanC.

Message: 32708 Posted: Sun Apr 18 18:46:18 2004 By: Dan
Subject: bad timin'

Just got back this morning from my first ever trip to Vegas, jumped on the chat folder and lo and behold find out the band will be at the House Of Blues on July 30th. Had a pic taken right in front two days ago. Had I known that Tuesday the day before we left maybe would have postponed the trip. Anyway we had a great time, stayed at the Monte Carlo and actually brought a few bucks back on the plane...btw, Nancy, I doubt we will be going to the Eagle show. By the time I got to the ticket place I could only get nosebleeds for 55 dollars a pair, the good seats ($75/$125) were gone. Thats ok though, I consider this version of them the corporate greed version. Back to reality tomorrow, UGH!DanC.

Message: 32707 Posted: Sun Apr 18 18:39:43 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Answer.

London's Central High School.

Message: 32706 Posted: Sun Apr 18 18:20:12 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Dropping "UCLA" as Dewey's buckle. That leaves:

the Air Force Academy

a country barn

road sign of the Ventura Freeway

Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

Warner Brothers Building

London's Central High School

an airplane hangar


Message: 32705 Posted: Sun Apr 18 17:24:11 2004 By: nettie
Subject: Re: To Danae & Steve L. - email

How cuteeeeeeeeeee omg that is part of the reason i fell in love with america from the start omg they were so so hot (fanning myself) nettie

Message: 32704 Posted: Sun Apr 18 17:20:56 2004 By: nettie
Subject: hello all

well all i was in the chat room at 8 49 and no one was in there i plan to watch the sopranos and the diva show tonight on vh1 so i may not be in the chat room unless i have a burst of energy later!! love nettie have a great night!!

Message: 32703 Posted: Sun Apr 18 16:48:16 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Collectibles on eBay

Hey - pretty cool! Signed by Gerry, Dewey AND Dan! Wow! How would one get Dan's autograph these days? Does he ever do solo concerts?


Message: 32702 Posted: Sun Apr 18 14:55:33 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Collectibles on eBay

I sure wouldn't sell my autographed memorabilia, but look at the price someone got for this nice item!

Message: 32701 Posted: Sun Apr 18 11:29:37 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: To Danae & Steve L. - email

Great pictures SteveL. Thanks for posting them! Love Danae's wallpaper.

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32700 Posted: Sun Apr 18 09:05:07 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Screensavers

Hi everyone,
I hear wallpaper mentioned here quite a bit. I don't use wallpaper but do have my screensaver turned on when I'm not at my pc. Does anyone know if there are any America screensavers available for download?

Connie B.

Message: 32699 Posted: Sun Apr 18 07:45:31 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Gerry's Guitar Strap

Thanks, Anita!

Message: 32698 Posted: Sun Apr 18 07:33:22 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Tonight's listening party will feature Human Nature, 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Hope you can be there!

Message: 32697 Posted: Sun Apr 18 06:48:26 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: To Danae & Steve L. - email

Hi Karen. I got the mail message and I already sent you the answer. For the rest of you, the question was about a recent Dewey wallpaper that Danae created. Dewey wondered where one of the photos came from and he had mentioned that to Karen. The photo came from the first America songbook and it was scanned in by Bill Payne and sent to me many years ago. Here's a link to it so you can all see it:

Message: 32696 Posted: Sun Apr 18 06:16:08 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: Joe - Homemade CD

Joe - Put me first on the list for your upcoming CD - I just started taking guitar lessons in November, and bought my first Taylor acoustic 414 - the sound is amazing. I have been teaching piano here in NY for almost 20 years and always wanted to learn guitar but haven't had the extra time until recently. My teacher is awesome, and he transcribed Riverside for me and All My Life - but now I can just hand him your CD and say - teach me these! You are inspiring me - thank you! (You can email me anytime)

Message: 32695 Posted: Sun Apr 18 04:55:16 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: To Danae & Steve L. - email

Hi Danae & Steve L. - I just sent the two of you an e-mail with a question regarding wallpaper, and I forgot to add a subject line. Thought you might delete it thinking it wasn't really from me - with all the virus stuff going on. Anyway, it's real - so please read it. Thank you!! (Here I sent it via e-mail to avoid an off-topic post, and I end up having to post anyway! Oh well. :)

Message: 32694 Posted: Sun Apr 18 03:28:26 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Gerry's Guitar Strap

Nancy, it's a picture of Carl Wilson.

Message: 32693 Posted: Sun Apr 18 01:36:07 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

My guess is that it is the Air Force Academy. Looks like a "y" at the end of the last word at the top of the buckle.

Message: 32692 Posted: Sun Apr 18 01:19:00 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Gerry's Guitar Strap

I've noticed that Gerry has a button on his guitar strap. Does anyone know whose picture is on it?

Message: 32691 Posted: Sat Apr 17 19:58:43 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Remembering America...

Hi Gerry and Dewey...I was looking at the CD site...checking album covers and I just felt uplifted....wonderful...and remembering all over again ...I've recently seen GERRY, GERRY, GERRY and DEWEY, DEWEY, DEWEY...the BOTH of you are not only down to earth and friendly but wonderful musicians as well. I hope the both of you are enjoying the recent good weather...I can't want until I see the you in July! Leah.....

Message: 32690 Posted: Sat Apr 17 19:44:48 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Vocal Group Hall of Fame

Thank you Anita for this update....I hope (as do we all) that America will win....Everyone, have a great weekend....

Message: 32689 Posted: Sat Apr 17 18:57:53 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic


Message: 32688 Posted: Sat Apr 17 18:26:57 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Boneheaded Mindless Lame-Ass America Trivia

Here's one for you all. Dewey wore a particular belt buckle through the 70s. I think it was first visible on the inside photo of the "Homecoming" album cover. He wore it up to and including "Hideaway," I believe.

What did the buckle represent? Below are nine choices. Only one is correct. I'll eliminate one each day until the correct one remains. Feel free to guess each day if you'd like or just observe.

the Air Force Academy

a country barn

a road sign of the Ventura Freeway

the Colorado State Prison

a train on the tracks

Warner Brothers Building

London Central High School


an airplane hangar

Message: 32687 Posted: Sat Apr 17 15:38:04 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Gerry Wallpaper

Click here to download/view the wallpaper that Danae created featuring Gerry.

Message: 32686 Posted: Sat Apr 17 04:43:01 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: The Eagles fan club (The Code)

Yes Johnny.......I can relate to that....the tickets are $95.00 a piece (which I think is cheap for them?) they go on sale @ 9:00 am this morning (fan club members could have got them yesterday)
My Sister In-Law wants to see them REAL Bad, so me & my father In-Law are each going to to buy a ticket for her & her Hubby as a "early" B-Day present.
I love The Eagles also, & wouldn't mind seeing them myself....but $200.00 just for a couple tix? Nah....I'll pass.
In less than a couple of hrs. I'll be on the phone trying to get through........hope I can get halfway decient seats.......
BTW, I tried that code, & it didn't work! LOL!

Message: 32685 Posted: Sat Apr 17 03:49:15 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: To Joe: Taylor 110 & Suggestion for "Homemade"

Wow Joe, a Taylor 110! I figured a 710 or 810 at least. I can't get over how well it records. It sounds amazing and it's a 110! Obviously your talent has a lot to do with it, congratulations.
Joe, why don't you link these tunes over on the new "Acoustic Guitar Forum"...formerly the Taylor Guitar Forum. These would be an incredible endorsement for the Taylor sound especially a Taylor 110.

My suggestion for "Homemade".........

Amber Cascades...nice little acoustic lead riff at the end.
I think this would make a good instrumental.

Joe, have you ever fooled around with "Donkey Jaw"?

Steve, thanks for listing Joe's web page!


Message: 32684 Posted: Fri Apr 16 23:13:12 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Down Loading Joe's Songs

This is so cool. Looking forward to hearing this CD! Would like to have Midnight included too.

Message: 32683 Posted: Fri Apr 16 20:50:54 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Way Off Topic

Let's hear it ladies: GERRY, GERRY, GERRY!!!

Message: 32682 Posted: Fri Apr 16 20:40:09 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Wayyyyyyyyyyy Off Topic.... A health thing

Hey Robin C ~ An occasional "off topic" message is "a healthY thing". It sure beats some of the topics here in the VERY-VERY-VERY recent past. (wink, wink)

Message: 32681 Posted: Fri Apr 16 20:34:27 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Joe..Takes to the Highway (Next-Song Request)

Joe D ~ I would like to request the acoustic version of "California Revisited" which is better known, of course, as "Everyone I Meet Is From California". Following that, I think it would be great to hear "Amber Cascades".

I'm really looking forward to your completed CD and all of this is merely based on what others here have said about your performances.

Message: 32680 Posted: Fri Apr 16 20:21:51 2004 By: rc
Subject: Wayyyyyyyyyyy Off Topic.... A health thing

I know this is way off topic, but wanted to share. Some of you may have seen this report tonight, some may already know about this blood test.
This was on 20/20 tonight. Although they said this blood test is "new" it's not really.. I have known about it for some time. Doctors were either unfamiliar with or didn't think it was necessary. You had to ask them to take it, and you still may have to.
Take the time to go to the site and read the report. Pass the info on to family and friends. You may save someone's life who thinks they are low risk for having a heart attack.

Last May, my brother in age 55, had a heart attack. He was considered low risk for one. He was healthy, low cholestrol, normal bp, physically active and no family history of heart disease. They did this test AFTER his heart attack. His wife(my sister)who is a nurse, worked for many years in cardiac care and ICU didn't even know about it when I asked her if he had a crp test.

My apologies to those who think this is an inappropiate post, but I felt it was important to share with everyone. Don't worry I won't post anymore things like this. Steve can delete this if he wishes..

Message: 32679 Posted: Fri Apr 16 19:06:36 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Eagles fan club (The Code)

Eddy ~ Try the code: "Money-grubbing bastards"

(Just kidding... sort of)

Message: 32678 Posted: Fri Apr 16 14:13:06 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: The Eagles fan club

I was wondering if anyone here was a member of the Eagles fan club, they will be playing in Duluth, Mn. & I would like to suprise my sister in-law w/ club members w/a code can get earlier tickets....I could use a code.
If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!


Message: 32677 Posted: Fri Apr 16 13:49:24 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Vocal Group Hall of Fame

The site for the Vocal Group Hall of Fame says that results from voting ending yesterday will be available sometime in May. Keep your fingers crossed for America and Horse!

Message: 32676 Posted: Fri Apr 16 11:59:48 2004 By: rc
Subject: Joe... Your Site

Thanks Joe for putting up a website for your songs. I send the links to friends when songs are downloaded here, but I know some of them didn't get here in time.. Now I can send them the link to your webpage.

Song request... Three Roses and Windwave :-)

Have a great weekend!
Robin C.

Message: 32675 Posted: Fri Apr 16 11:57:00 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Downloading Joe's Songs

Thanks Steve for the info.

Message: 32674 Posted: Fri Apr 16 10:25:04 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Downloading Joe's Songs

Joe has put together a cool web page that shows the guitars he uses to record his songs and it also has links to all of the songs so you can download them. When I get a chance I'll add it to the Links web page on the America Fans web site. Until then, here's the address:

Thanks Joe!

Message: 32673 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:23:02 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Jeff B.

I wish I could...too far. guess I'll have to settle for Athens Ohio for now. I do most of my traveling through National Geographic magazine and the Travel channel. ha!

Message: 32672 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:18:21 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: To Fly... Re:Joe..Takes to the Highway

I've always wanted instrumentals of the songs that Joe's recording. ...wait till you hear his guitars!

Message: 32671 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:18:17 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Jeff B.

Are you going to come here in August to watch the Olympics?

Message: 32670 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:14:52 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Songwriting Contest (for Alan)

Danae, just so you know, Alan is quite the musician in his own right. By the way, I live about 25 minutes from Athens. Athens, Ohio that is! I'm waiting for the olympics to begin.

Message: 32669 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:11:28 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: To Fly... Re:Joe..Takes to the Highway

Here are some suggestions of America classics that I think would make great CD fillers:

"Rainbow Song"
"Saturn Nights"
"Wind Wave"
"Today's the Day"
"Muskrat Love"
"Head and Heart"
"Old Man Took"
"Old Virginia"
"Young Moon"

Look forward to your CD. Keep up the great work,


Message: 32668 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:11:21 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: April - Begging for Mad Dog

Hi Gerry, Once again I am going to beg for you to perform Mad Dog at Humphrey's in San Diego in July. I know it would take somoe time and effort to bring this song back into the schedule so you need as much notice as possible. Please, Please, Please

MOser, I have to agree with you. The DVD "Rockin in the USA" - the only worthwhile song on the whole DVD - not that I watched past AMERICA though - was Mad Dog. I guess if Gerry doesn't perform Mad DOg in San Diego, I can console myself with watching it on the DVD

Message: 32667 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:09:47 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Songwriting Contest (for Alan)

Just lyrics.

Message: 32666 Posted: Fri Apr 16 09:08:31 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Joe..Takes to the Highway

Let's give that man a handclap! Very nice of you Steve.

Message: 32665 Posted: Fri Apr 16 08:54:45 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Joe..Takes to the Highway

I should have saved "Don't Cross the River" as I just went back to give it another listen and can't seem to find it.

Because these MP3 files take up a lot of space, I can only leave them on the server for a few days and then I have to delete them. However, I have all of Joe's songs on my computer here at work and I'll be more than happy to send them to anyone who wants them. The files range in size from 2.3 to 3.5 Megabytes so you have to have an e-mail system that will allow large attachments (that counts out Hotmail, Yahoo, and the other free e-mail systems). Anyone who would like me to send them one or more of the songs, simply drop me a line and I'll do it right away. Just so you know, this is what I have:

All My Life
Baby It's Up To You
Don't Cross The River
Ventura Highway

Message: 32664 Posted: Fri Apr 16 05:18:55 2004 By: Joe
Subject: To Fly... Re:Joe..Takes to the Highway

Fly....I use a Taylor 110 acoustic which is the entry-level Taylor acoustic, but I really like how it records. My bass is a very, very old Greco Hofner copy (i got this used in 1975!!!) and my electric is a Fernandes Telecaster with Fender pickups put in. I also have a Rickenbacker 12-string which I have been trying to find a use for in these recordings!

I'm glad you are enjoying the covers...I am compiling them for a CD for the people on the America board! Dont Cross the River is still on Dan's is the link

Any requests for songs to fill out the CD??

Message: 32663 Posted: Fri Apr 16 04:04:37 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song

As the question asks...if I had to pick one.
Mine would be...."Three Roses"!

Message: 32662 Posted: Fri Apr 16 04:00:52 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Joe..Takes to the Highway

Fantastic Joe! You are right on with this stuff. I should have saved "Don't Cross the River" as I just went back to give it another listen and can't seem to find it.
BTW, what brand of guitars are you recording these tunes with? They are all excellent.

Message: 32661 Posted: Fri Apr 16 03:53:40 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Halfmoon Bay Chords

Hey Alan,
That is it! The infamous Bbmaj7. I just tried it and it locks right in. Thanks for tightening it up for me.

Message: 32660 Posted: Fri Apr 16 00:54:23 2004 By: rc
Subject: nancy

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the message in one of your posts. One of these days I'll get back to chat.
Thanks for thinking of me,
Robin C.

Message: 32659 Posted: Fri Apr 16 00:39:40 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.(RC)

Sir Joe,
lol I was just having fun with that post.. It's still Three Roses.


Message: 32658 Posted: Fri Apr 16 00:35:27 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: What ever happened to...? (Off Topic)

Well Shayne replied to your post about it, but I have been waiting patiently for the airing.. They just posted the list of artists for this season on the Soundstage site about a month ago, but no air dates yet. Dan is far down the list, so if they air the programs in order, I don't expect to see it till mid summer or later. I hope it's not that long a time. I'm not sure exactly when they start the summer series.
Just have to keep checking PBS listing in your area for it.

Take Care,

Message: 32657 Posted: Fri Apr 16 00:29:02 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Tumbledown songs & Songwriting contest

Hi Alan,
Well you already know I wish you and Scott all the best with your project.

I think the contest would just be for lyrics since it is a short time frame.

Message: 32656 Posted: Fri Apr 16 00:19:23 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: John L.

Hi John,
I don't have a mac, just a 6yr. old pc(yikes!)lol.. Mac's are a bit out of my league right now. I am so not a techie either. Just trial and error, with a good dose of frustration at times. Although I am fortunate to have a online friend who I affectionately refer to as my computer guru lol. But I am glad you found a way to save the files. :-)
Take care and have a great weekend.

Message: 32655 Posted: Thu Apr 15 22:11:19 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: John L.

Thanks Robin. I have a Mac so unfortunately your method wouldn't work (but I am a real techno-weenie so...) But reading your suggestions got me trying something different and it worked. I was able to save these into my itunes folder. Hope this is ok, Joe. Thanks again for sharing these gems with us.

Message: 32654 Posted: Thu Apr 15 19:28:49 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFAC - Switzerland

Tonight I'll be posting the first batch of many photos that Axel Zirkel sent me from the European concert tour. I believe that Axel was with the guys in every city and he took some great photos. A day before the Nice concert, Axel was in Switzerland and he took a beautiful photo of the Swiss mountains. Click here to see the view from Axel's camera of Anreise, Switzerland.

Message: 32653 Posted: Thu Apr 15 16:24:32 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Voting for America #1 70's Band

I thought they would be announced today too but the voting ends tonight at midnight ( like something else I don't want to thik about!)

Message: 32652 Posted: Thu Apr 15 16:09:14 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Halfmoon Bay chords - for flywithabuzz

Hey flywithabuzz,

It turns out we were both wrong about the chord in the bridge of Halfmoon Bay. It is neither Dm or Gm7. I have it on good authority that the chord is, in fact, Bbmaj7.


Message: 32651 Posted: Thu Apr 15 16:06:02 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Tumbledown songs & Songwriting contest

Hey Robin & Nancy - thanks for the kind words about our music. As you can imagine, no one is more excited than I am about this summer! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I will definitely keep you posted as to the progress of the CD.

Hey Danae - can I enter one of my existing copyrighted songs, or does it have to be something new I come up on the spot? I'm not very good at impromptu songwriting. I have to wait until the muse hits me. Also, I assume this is being judged on lyrics alone? Just need a little clarification.



Message: 32650 Posted: Thu Apr 15 15:58:43 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Voting for America #1 70's Band

Can anyone tell me how the awards went that we voted for a few weeks ago. The winners were supposed to be announced today...thanks for the update...

Message: 32649 Posted: Thu Apr 15 15:54:55 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: anybody here from and favorite song

Got to sympathize with you...I could not wait until I ate bread on Tuesday..It was garlic bread with manicotti!

Message: 32648 Posted: Thu Apr 15 15:51:25 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: General Question!

I was able to find Hideaway and Holiday at FYE record store in CT. If FYE is nation-wide, you might be able to buy them. I noticed its a hit or miss with America CDs. I'm missing six.

Message: 32647 Posted: Thu Apr 15 14:25:12 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: New Super Groovy 70's Fans' Website

Thanks Steve, Nancy, for being supportive about the website. I forgot to mention - take a peek at the weekly trivia question. In a couple of weeks I'll include a question about our favorite band. And guest book entries are always always appreciated!

The URL once more:

Message: 32646 Posted: Thu Apr 15 12:57:50 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: anybody here from and favorite song

OOPS. Sounds like I fasted and didn't eat a thing all week.
I meant, after a week not eating bread, etc.

Message: 32645 Posted: Thu Apr 15 12:56:48 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: anybody here from and favorite song

Has anyone heard from Janice or Shayne?
just curious. Hope everyone had a great Holiday.
Finally, after a week of not eating I ate bread on
Tuesday night...ahh ITALIAN SHRIMP PARM!!!

My all time favorite song is "Ventura Highway"
Great song to play on guitar.

Message: 32644 Posted: Thu Apr 15 12:43:25 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Even More Concerts

Hey, anything about Italy, France, or Greece?

Message: 32643 Posted: Thu Apr 15 12:08:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Even More Concerts

Here's the latest from Erin:

6/23/04 Hilton Head, SC / Center Court at Harbour Town
6/29/04 Newport, RI / Newport Sunset Music Festival
7/30/04 Las Vegas, NV / House of Blues

Message: 32642 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:46:53 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Hello...

I just wanted to remind everyone who will be attending the Reading PA show .... that we only have 23 days.
I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and won't be around to remind you. I will have to turn the continued countdown to Mo, Sheldon and Anita. I will however be packing my collection of America cds. You can't go on vaction with out them.

Have a good week ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 32641 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:33:53 2004 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: What ever happened to...? (Off Topic)

From his official website:

PBS Sound Stage
On August 8, 2003, Dan Fogelberg and his band performed a two hour show for the PBS program "Sound Stage". The Sound Stage crews, sets, lighting, and band all came together to create a performance that garnered a standing ovation after every song. Many thanks to Chicago's "Sound Stage" for their excellent work, and to everyone who made up the fantastic audience. Check the PBS Sound Stage website for airdates.

Accprding to the "Soundstage" site, he's among those to appear this year.


Message: 32640 Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:11:45 2004 By: Nina
Subject: What ever happened to...? (Off Topic)

Hi Everybody! Haven't posted much since I made the job change in November (due to lack of proximity to a computer) but I DO try to catch up now and then on the goings on here on the folder! I "think" a friend of mine is buying a new computer and giving me the old one for my home, so I'm hoping soon to be back on a semi-regular daily basis! Anyway...a quick question please: I remember alot of chat about Dan Fogelberg having a concert of his taped last year to be shown this year on either PBS or Comcast or some other concert venue like Soundstage...and then, pffttt!...nothing! Did I miss it? As a long time fan of his, I was so looking forward to this rare televised concert. Maybe it hasn't been broadcast yet? Does anybody know? Thanks!

Message: 32639 Posted: Thu Apr 15 07:47:25 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Dallas concert w/ Styx 5/14

For anyone interested in attending the concert in Dallas on May 14th, advance tickets just went on sale at Ticketmaster. You will need a "House of Blues" password (which is HOB) to order your tickets today. Tickets go on sale to the general public at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

I already have mine!


Message: 32638 Posted: Thu Apr 15 07:35:10 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Just to share this Off Topic ~ Scoop of Ice Cream Message with you all

Yeah Me AGAIN ~~~ I came across this message today in my card sites... and it really holds a Message sooo Simple & True and I really think everyone should benefit from it's message. ~~ Hmmm ~~ Just spells out nicely ~~ Always think before saying something to another person!

Last week I took my children to a restaurant. My six-year-old son asked if he could say grace. As we bowed our heads he said,

"God is great and God is Good. Let us thank Him for the food, and I would even thank you more if mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And Liberty and justice for all! Amen!"

Along with the laughter from the other customers nearby, I heard a woman remark, "That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice-cream! Why, I never!"

Hearing this, my son burst into tears and asked me, "Did I do it wrong? is God mad at me?" As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific job and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly gentleman approached the table. He winked at my son and said, "I happen to know that God thought that was a great prayer." "Really?" my son asked. "Cross my heart."

Then in theatrical whisper he added (indicating the woman whose remark had started this whole thing), "Too bad she never asks God for ice cream. A little ice cream is good for the soul sometimes."

Naturally, I bought my kids ice cream at the end of the meal. My son stared at his for a moment and then did something I will remember the rest of my life. He picked up his sundae and without a word walked over and placed it in front of the woman. With a big smile he told her,
"Here, this is for you. Ice cream is good for the soul sometimes and my soul is good already."

Message: 32637 Posted: Thu Apr 15 06:49:18 2004 By: Danae
Subject: CONTEST RULES (if you want it to be held)

1. All those who want to participate must send their works to by Sunday.
2. All the works must have the composer's name on the bottom (the name you use in the chat folder).
3. Everybody knows we all love America here, but that's not a reason to copy their songs, is it? (Joke) Come on, you have the skills.
4. After recieving all the songs, I will post a message that says the participations are over, and right after another with all the works. From that moment you will be able to send me your votes- just the titles. You can vote up to two songs.
5. You can't vote yourself.

I sound like the director of my school now...

Message: 32636 Posted: Thu Apr 15 06:31:26 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Are you ready for a SONGWRITING CONTEST?

As many of you have proved your skills in poetry with D&G's birthday poems, it would be a good idea to start a songwriting contest. I have discussed this with Steve and he agrees. Plese, reply this post as we need to know how many of you want this contest to be held.

Message: 32635 Posted: Thu Apr 15 06:19:45 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Simple Life sleeve

Mark, I don't know that Simple Life was a hit in Japan. It was popular because it was part of the blue jean commercial and that's why the Japanese release of Hearts included it on the album.

Message: 32634 Posted: Thu Apr 15 05:55:17 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Ooops forgot 2 ramblins!

Yeah it is me again! ~~~ Red Lady in Red is on the radio here :)

Sorry Jas ~~~ I just wanted to say I really enjoyed seeing the Simple Life Sleeve... I especially love the comfortableness of the back, Mr Peter Fonda is a very Photogenic visual indeed, I can remember seeing this movie once a lonnnnng time ago, if only I had realized it was a piece of AMERICA history.... Thanks for sharing this and the Bernie Leadon info... I am gonna have to check out Bernies site to see if any song clips are there to his new album... Take care!

Hi rc ~~ Nice to hear from you ~~ I too was saying Yipppeeeee when I read in Alan's post and his email he sent to me on Easter... saying that Scott will come up this summer to work on these songs more, and that he appreciated all of our feedback on this... It will be fun to hear the finished version of this collection.

Hi there Alan ~~ Sorry I didn't get an email back to you... this is just great news, and I am soooo Happy and Hoping beyond Hope that the Realization of this Dream is close at hand for you... Pretty neat you wanting to play some of Jeff Larson's songs as well as The Thorn's No Blue Sky... Hmmm just a wondering here, is there 2 songs with the word Blue in the title on their album... I have here playing on my speakers one of theirs that I just found... they are singing ~~~ You brought me through, You make me feel sooo blueeeee, it has a great beat to it, as well as a nice accoustic beginnning... now he just sang ~~~ Never thought that I'd Miss You, Miss You sooo much, You brought me through, .... why don't you stop, look at what's going down... I just love all of the whatever you call this overlapping Harmonizing singing they do... Nice! :) ~~ Anyway keep on enjoying playing your songs... and keep us posted please! Thanks! :)

Okay all done here, gotta get Nancy :)

~~~ He'll get the girl cause he Looks soooo Fine, he's gonna Win Her Everytime, He's a NightOwl... Move on, there's the heart of a Night Owl calling.... stay up till dawn, until the Night is gone... What will become of the restless kind... must be the GYPSY in their Soul, they Have the Need to Rock 'n Roll ~~~ Yes get the morning juices flowing again LRB :) ;)

Message: 32633 Posted: Thu Apr 15 05:37:17 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Super Groovy 70's WS & Joe's smooth version of Ventura Hwy!

Hi Hoooo Everyone ~~~ Hey there Redddd I awoke to Van the Man singing that Classic song of his "Brown Eyed Girl" You can betcha that got the morning juices flows nicely! :) ;)

Hi AM Girl ~~ Nice to see you shared your website address here on the chatfolder, just like I have said to you a couple times now ~~~ I think it is Sooooo Neat that you did this, I am sure you are gonna have lots of Fun with it, I know I am gonna enjoy checking out all the latest happenings. Thanks! ~~ It was fun sharing the gift of gab with all of my no lifer friends last night at chat ~~ We Missed You Mo!

Hmmm ~~ WOW Triple Wowsers Joe ~~~ Such a Smooth Strummin Style your Magical Fingers have! I find it really easy to sing along with your version of Ventura Hwy... Yeppers Jenna ~~ this was a great way to start my morning, what an appropriate morning to do sooo, the Sun has finally come back into my part of the world and the birds were singing, and the Horses were out by the pond and the Cows were out in the field and 2 little baby calves (must be twins) were out with their Mama moo cow... ~~~ Thanks soo much for sharing these with us, I have a Playlist made up with just your songs on too, soooo I can just take them all in at once and then I have them mixed in another playlist to hear them among my other AMERICA songs... Hmmm~ I am wondering if you play at any kinda small clubs or resturants??? If not you should! You have such a Smooooth sound for sure! :)

Hey there Mr Mailman ~~ DanC ~~ This is a Busy day for you Huh! :) ~~ You can Betch Midnight plays here on my speakers a couple times each day, it has always been a fave of mine... Dewey is simply Breathtaking in this song, and His Lyrics are sooo take me there in this song... ~~~ You are what you are, tooo far goldeeen star, aaaaa rubbbby ligggggght, cause you were running through the tunnel of life, soon you will dance around the fire of light ~~~ Ooooh what a lyric line for sure!!! I always loved how the music just kinda fades slowly as if to catch every little drop of the night darkness and every awakening glimpse of the morning light... Nice for sure! :) :) :) ~~~ Hmmmm you never did say if you were able to get tickets to the Eagles show, were you able too???? ~~~ You best be wearing your Ear to Ear Smile as you take all of those Tax envelopes to hit the big open Postal road to the IRS!!!!! :) :) :)

Red ooooh Red ~~~ Only 5 ~ Five more days till that magical setting is set for you and your Mrs... ~~ What Magical Vibes will get the Night Juices flowing Huh???? Nice :) ;)

Hey there Gerry, Dewey & Andrew ~~~ I am soooooo Hoping that you guys are Enjoying some Jammin times, and that the Mornings & Evening Rays of Inspiration are getting the song writing Juices a Flowin... I am still hear waiting Patiently to hear the release date on the Live From Sydney DVD, and I am holding back on my Hankerin on Wondering about the New CD and when it will come to be.... Just Enjoy doing what you both do best, that is all that counts in the end ~~ Okay!!!! :)

Okay gotta get busy here now.... I am still into Seal's new songs, I just can't get enough of them... Next week the Mailman will be heading my way with my SEAL IV CD\DVD set that I preordered... ooh how I can't wait to get the whole Scoop of this Ice Cream! See ya, Have a good day all! Nancy :) :) :) :)

~~~~ Northern Sunnnnn , we're walking down, let's sing of a New... Throw me a Lifeline, won't You Please, I'm watching the News, but I'm not at Ease, throw me a Lifeline, won't you please ~~~ Come to the Place I used to Play, Put on your Peace Vibes for a day ~~ Look at the Radials in the Sun ~~ can you let it pass you by, Heavenly, can't you seee, feeeels like yesterday's here now, Heavenly, trust in me, feels like yesterday now ~~~ Sing it again Seal :) ;)

Message: 32632 Posted: Thu Apr 15 05:04:44 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Simple Life sleeve

Thanks for the information. Btw, while Simple Life was a hit in Japan, does anybody actually know how far up the charts it went in Japan?

Message: 32631 Posted: Thu Apr 15 04:05:25 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.(RC)

No, I wasn't kidding. I really wanted each one of us to think back to that ONE song by America that blew them away when they first heard it and to this day still blows them away in a special way.:o) Ventura Highway still does that for me. There may be many that one likes, but there is always that ONE song that pulls at the strings ever so strongly. Thanks again to all those that participated, it's been interesting and fun reading your choices.:o)
Sir Joe

Message: 32630 Posted: Thu Apr 15 00:47:59 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

Hi Joe; like Johnny, I havnt got the means at the moment to hear your work. So....Im another taker should you put it on CD! Reading everyones fave tune, I think 'hey thats a goodie too.' So hard to choose. Midnight is a real favourite of mime too Dan. Not #1, but not far off! And Hearts is just a fantastic album!

Message: 32629 Posted: Wed Apr 14 23:30:45 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.

You're kidding right lol.. No Fair! LOL. HWNN was the one that hooked me (of course)so that one doesn't count lol. If I had to chose just one, it would be Three Roses.. Then, Windwave, Rainbow song, Letter, Tin Man, Old Man Took, Political Poachers, Sgt. Darkness,Wheels, Garden of Peace, and so on and so on.............. lol :-)


Message: 32628 Posted: Wed Apr 14 23:16:09 2004 By: rc
Subject: For Alan

Hi Alan,
I saw in one of your posts you heard from Scott and that he's psyched about coming up to work on the cd..Yippee!! :-) Looking forward to hearing more from you two.
Take Care,

Message: 32627 Posted: Wed Apr 14 23:11:48 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: John L.

I saw how you said you couldn't save them to. your computer.When I just had real player, right clicking on the link would download and save to hard drive. Since I added the crescendo plug in to my computer I had the same problem. Right click doesn't do anything anymore. Now I have to click on the link, the crescendo player kicks in. Once it downloads and plays, I have to stop it, click on the file tab, then save it to hard drive. Then I have to use real player when listening on computer afterwards. Weird I know, but it works lol.
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 32626 Posted: Wed Apr 14 22:59:13 2004 By: rc
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

Wow! I have really been enjoying these. Thanks so much for sharing them! I'm still on the cd/or even a cassette waitlist. :-)
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 32625 Posted: Wed Apr 14 22:34:46 2004 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

Another superb rendition Joe. ( although I kept hearing Janet Jackson's voice coming in ) And like Johnny said, I would be very interested in getting a copy of all of your covers. I can't seem to be able to save these on my computer.

Message: 32624 Posted: Wed Apr 14 22:31:57 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

Another fantastic job Joe! Love your talent & creativity. I'd like to contribute some funds too if you ever put them all on on a cd sometime (hopefully?) That one immediately brought a smile like it usually does. I'll have to give it a listen tomorrow; it'll definitely put me in a better mood.

Message: 32623 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:31:55 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Joe's Highway.

Another great cover, Joe. Makes you realize just how perfectly infectious that song is. I don't think it's possible to hear Ventura Highway and not feel immediately happy.

I'll put it to the ultimate test. Tomorrow's Tax Day. I'll play it then and see if it really works.

On a related note, does anyone have $2500 to lend me for the IRS?


Message: 32622 Posted: Wed Apr 14 21:11:30 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

Joe D ~ Sadly, I don't have the 'hook-up' to listen to any of the songs you have covered here, but if you should ever decide to put out an entire CD of America-covered songs, I'm one of the many on board who would be interested in getting a copy. : )

Message: 32621 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:11:40 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Joe Takes To The Highway

OUTSTANDING! are the other covers.

Message: 32620 Posted: Wed Apr 14 20:10:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: New Super Groovy 70's Fans' Website

For those of you who don't know, the Super Groovy 70's syndicated radio show is hosted and put together by none other than JoeB who posts here from time to time. I've heard several of his shows and he does a great job. Of course, he sneaks in as much America as he can! Congrats Joe!


P.S. Did I mention that Joe likes America?
P.P.S. Did I mention that Joe likes to put P.S.'s on his messages?
P.P.P.S. Did I mention that Joe likes Jeff Larson, especially when he plays songs written by Gerry Beckley.
P.P.P.P.S. Did I mention that Joe likes to say "Peace".

Message: 32619 Posted: Wed Apr 14 19:45:59 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: New Super Groovy 70's Fans' Website

A brand new fans' website for the syndicated "Super Groovy 70's" radio show (mentioned previously on the chat folder) is available. It can be found at Be sure to stop by for a visit!

Message: 32618 Posted: Wed Apr 14 19:13:40 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Joe Takes To The Highway

Joe Doyle has created another great instrumental cover of an America hit. Click here to listen to Joe's version of Ventura Highway. If you want to download the file, use the right button on your mouse and select the save option.

Super job Joe!

Message: 32617 Posted: Wed Apr 14 17:07:42 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Simple Life sleeve

Mark asked, "Was he [Peter Fonda] the star of the blue jeans commercial that the song was recorded for or something?"

Jason replied, "...I don't see any boat, unless that is a boat on a highway at the very bottom of the central picture of Peter Fonda. Actually, having just got the single cover out of its sleeve it is a boat on a highway!"

From his bio episode #39 ("A Dog's Life"), Dan Peek said the following about the song and commercial, "'Simple Life' was tied to a piece of film that featured Peter Fonda on a sailboat being towed through the desert at a high speed on an endless black ribbon of highway."

Message: 32616 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:43:34 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Re: Simple Life sleeve


Glad you like the sleeve. It was me that tracked it down from Japan. As you can see from the inner sleeve there's quite a lot of info but all in Japanese which I don't understand. However, I do know from the box set that a japanese clothing company called Simple Life Clothing Co appraoched the band to do a jingle. This ended up being the Simple Life song which was incorporated with the Peter Fonda advertisement which featured him on a boat (or so the box set states). I assume that the pictures on the single sleeve are from the advert but I don't see any boat, unless that is a boat on a highway at the very bottom of the central picture of Peter Fonda. Actually, having just got the single cover out of its sleeve it is a boat on a highway!

It would be great to know if a copy of the advert still exists.

Please correct me anyone if i'm wrong on any of the above.


Message: 32615 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:32:16 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Re: Bernie Leadon's new CD.


It's good to hear that Bernie's CD is getting exposure and good reviews at that. None of the UK magazines have reviewed it as yet, not that i've seen anyway. Apparently a single has also been released in the US called "HEY, NOW NOW".

Let me know what you think if you do get around to getting a copy.



Message: 32614 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:32:13 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Simple Life sleeve

I saw that Steve put the sleeve for the Simple Life single on the web page. I am just wondering why it features Peter Fonda instead of America? Was he the star of the blue jeans commercial that the song was recorded for or something?

Message: 32613 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:14:08 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Bernie Leadon's new CD.

I haven't heard it yet, but the Dallas paper gave it a really favorable review.

I think I'll pick it up.


Message: 32612 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:11:18 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Mason Proffit - Reformed - New CD

I'm like a London bus, I don't post for months and then post 3 in a row!

Anyway, for those that remember the late 60s early 70s Country Rock band MASON PROFFIT may be interested to learn that they've reformed and have just released a new 4 track CD which is available direct from their web site -

I've already got it and it sounds fine. There's even a re-recording of thier old single TWO HANGMEN.

If you've never heard of Mason Proffit and like the Eagles, Burritos, Ozarks, etc then I'd recommend that you search them out. They are in fact one of the earliest bands to get involved with Country Rock music but seem to have been forgotten to history which is a shame.


Message: 32611 Posted: Wed Apr 14 14:03:37 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Bernie Leadon - New CD

I mentioned a few months back that Bernie Leadon of the Eagles had released a CD called MIRROR which was available direct from his web site. It's now apparently available in the shops in the US and UK and probably all over the world. Just interested to hear if anyone has picked up a copy and what they thought.

If you've seen it and weren't sure then I'd highly recommend it.


Message: 32610 Posted: Wed Apr 14 13:59:02 2004 By: Jason Smith
Subject: Favourite song

Tricky one, but the song that I never tire of and has real emotional power is GARDEN OF PEACE. Love it!

Off to see Chris Hillman of the Byrds in concert tomorrow in London.
I'll let you know how it goes.


Message: 32609 Posted: Wed Apr 14 09:19:03 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: General Question!

Mark,you summed it up very well there. All of those albums are on CD and available as imports,but have never been available domestically on CD. If anybody is still searching for a copy of "Hideaway" or even "Holiday",I have one extra copy each that are still sealed and available via the business I work at. Lets say $14 plus $4.00 shipping. This will have to be on a first come-first serve basis.
We've had these in stock for quite awhile now,and if there is somebody still searching for these titles via this chat site,by all means let me help you out here. Just send me an email.

Message: 32608 Posted: Wed Apr 14 08:56:01 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: General Question!

They are both listed on Of course just because they are listed, doesn't mean they have them in stock. I have ordered items from them before only to have them come back and say they can't get them.

The problem is that Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway, Harbor, and Live! were never released on CD in the US and are only available as imports. I find this amazing since these albums contain some of America's finest and many of them were big hits and sold millions when they were released in the 70's. While they may not be big sellers now, you would think that there is a domestic market for them, especially since many of America's less sucessful albums, like their entire Capitol collection, have been released on CD in the US. I keep hoping that Rhino will come to the rescue, but it looks like that hope may be in vain.

Message: 32607 Posted: Wed Apr 14 03:59:48 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Early Albums on CD (shopping tip)

Just a tip for future buyers of America's early albums on CD. I found the best prices on search the item, they usually give you a range of costs from different vendors. The cyber-store,, usually sells most of the imports for around $15.00. I got my library of early albums on CD this way and it works!:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32606 Posted: Tue Apr 13 19:40:29 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: General Question!

Hi Jenna! Thanks for your answer. I jumped on the two CD's as soon as I saw Traveler's response!I've been looking for both of them and couldn't track them down. It's kind of like the ketchup bottle in the's right in front of you and you just don't see it!! I appreciate your help...Kade

Message: 32605 Posted: Tue Apr 13 18:13:45 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: General Question!

Kade, you might try if you haven't checked them out already. I've noticed them available for about $16 to $18.99. I was pretty surprised to see both of those in a rack at a Tower records recently. They're so rare I never thought I'd see them in a store. Not sure why Homecoming is always available but not Holiday? Good luck!

Message: 32604 Posted: Tue Apr 13 17:29:49 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: General Question!

Traveler, you're fantastic! Thanks!!! Kade

Message: 32603 Posted: Tue Apr 13 16:30:55 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: General Question!

Holiday used to be available at Barnes and Noble as an import but it isn't showing up on their site anymore. However, shows 4 copies available from independant dealers. Each lists as new in the original packaging. Cost varies from $14.99 for one of the 4 to $27.99 for the other 3 (each of these 3 are listed by the same seller)

Message: 32602 Posted: Tue Apr 13 16:25:05 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: General Question!

Hat Trick is available from the Barnes & Noble web site ( It is an import and costs $21.99

Message: 32601 Posted: Tue Apr 13 15:43:15 2004 By: Kade
Subject: General Question!

I am having a hard time finding Hat Trick and Holiday in CD form. I have found all the others on CD (some have been imports). Are they out there or am I not looking deep enough? Thank you... Kade

Message: 32600 Posted: Tue Apr 13 12:50:40 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Rare gem.

Another song that has gone to the top of my list, maybe because it's so new yet from their golden period, is Mitchum Junction. That would have made a fine 11th song on Homecoming. It has no weakness.

Message: 32599 Posted: Tue Apr 13 12:17:52 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.(KevinS)

I feel that is such a hard question...I have several favorite songs..but Survival, All My Life, The Last Unicorn are my favorite duets...trio...Sandman, Amber Cascades, Sara...What a question...favorite album...I could not even venture that one...

Message: 32598 Posted: Tue Apr 13 09:38:31 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.(KevinS)

>>Cornwall Blank.

It's everything wonderful about America, all in one convenient location.<<

Great choice, Kevin! No hidden talent there, it's all up front... drums and all.

Riverside still does it here. The world may not owe them a living but I will always owe them a lot.

Message: 32597 Posted: Tue Apr 13 08:23:45 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: New America Shows

I just received the following from Erin:

5/29/04 Opelousas, LA / Old Evangeline Downs
7/16/04 Verona, NY / Turning Stone Casino Resort

Message: 32596 Posted: Tue Apr 13 07:12:26 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Favorite song

I't really hard to choose one. I can easily tell other's favorite's:

DAD: Tin Man, Horse With No Name, Sandman, Ventur Highway, Hat Trick, Survival
MOM: All My Life
AUNT: Hot Town
LENA: You Can Do Magic
MARILINA: Ventura Highway, Survival

Message: 32595 Posted: Tue Apr 13 07:11:59 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Favorite Song

Because it pulled me through some of my most difficult days ( and probably will again) "Another Try" is my all time favorite America tune.

Message: 32594 Posted: Tue Apr 13 06:08:24 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Favorite Song

Can't choose just one. As a trio-I Need You, Sister Golden Hair, Ventura Highway, California Revisited, and Horse With No Name. As a duo- All My Life, The Border, Valentine, and Wednesday Morning.

Message: 32593 Posted: Tue Apr 13 05:27:09 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Favorite song and album

For me,I never seem to get tired of "Tin Man." The vocals and instrumentation are just fantastic! It also reminds me of my days living overseas. Album-wise,"Hearts" remains my favorite,followed by "America"(The debut),"Holiday" and "Homecoming."

Message: 32592 Posted: Tue Apr 13 04:42:36 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.

Seargeant Darkness. And All My Life.

Erin :o)

Message: 32591 Posted: Tue Apr 13 04:32:51 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Favorite America Song.

At the moment, Midnight, I just never tire from hearing this tune.DanC

Message: 32590 Posted: Tue Apr 13 04:09:37 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Favorite All-Time America Song


"Three Roses" and "Rainbow Song" are great song choices, favorites of mine too. To pin that ONE song, I just had to go back to the song THAT summed up all that I like about AMERICA, and the one that had the strongest emotional impact on me. Looking at it that way made selecting ONE a little easier.

Kevin and Johnny, great choices too. Thanks for participating.:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32589 Posted: Tue Apr 13 00:17:32 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Favorite All-Time America Song

Sir Joe, thats a toughie! For me it is probably something from the first three albums, but Im gonna have to give it some thought! I can tell you though, the song I go back to again and again is Three Roses! Rainbow Song used to get a hammering too!

Message: 32588 Posted: Mon Apr 12 21:32:12 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Favorite America Song.

Cornwall Blank.

It's everything wonderful about America, all in one convenient location.

Message: 32587 Posted: Mon Apr 12 20:58:25 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Listening party

Sean, you can also click on the purple Parachat icon in the left hand black border of the main home page under the words "Live Chats:". Alternatively, you can type in the actual URL and/or save it in your favorites/bookmarks. The URL is I hope that helps.

Message: 32586 Posted: Mon Apr 12 19:50:03 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who attended the listening party last night. Next Sunday we will listen to Human Nature, 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Hope you can be there!

Message: 32585 Posted: Mon Apr 12 19:49:05 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Listening party

Sean, it's on the homepage in the second paragraph: "weekly live chat sessions". You just need to choose a name and sign on.

Message: 32584 Posted: Mon Apr 12 19:45:06 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: Listening party

which link do you choose to get to the listening party

Message: 32583 Posted: Mon Apr 12 18:11:10 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: "...hit by purple rain"

<<I heard that it was a phrase for heavy rain in England, but I can't remember where I had heard it.>>

Mark ~ You probably heard it here. I even remember specifically who said it. I personally have my doubts that "purple rain" as used in "Ventura Highway" refers to a downpour.

Message: 32582 Posted: Mon Apr 12 17:21:55 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Favorite All-Time America Song

Sir Joe ~ That's a very bold question that most here wouldn't dare answer but about a year or so ago I said what mine is; it hasn't changed. It's "California Revisited". It rocks!

Message: 32581 Posted: Mon Apr 12 16:15:45 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Hi all...Mo these shots are great...where do you come across them...and the Pina Colada song ...brings back memories ...Rupert Holmes...I have the original albums...fits this photo oh so well!

Message: 32580 Posted: Mon Apr 12 16:11:32 2004 By: Leah
Subject: Re: Bonus Photo Of The Day

Mo thanks for that photo...It does speak for itself...they look good! I hope all had a good holiday..

Message: 32579 Posted: Mon Apr 12 12:07:08 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Bonus Photo Of The Day

Mo - beautiful job, and love the captions you give.

26 days until Reading, PA.


Message: 32578 Posted: Mon Apr 12 09:34:11 2004 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "...hit by purple rain" and favorite all time AMERICA song

That's exactly what many DEWEY songs are suppose to do, I think:- keep everyone thinking & allow everyone to have their own personal interpretation, space has no limits.

Message: 32577 Posted: Mon Apr 12 09:11:51 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: "...hit by purple rain" and favorite all time AMERICA song

Johnny, that term always intrigued me and I never knew what it really meant...Thanks to you and Mark for shedding light on that line in the lyrics. I too looked on the internet, and as Steve commented, only found references to Prince's big 80's hit.

"Ventura Highway" is certainly MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AMERICA song. That song no matter where I hear it, or when I hear it, always moves me and takes me back to a very special time in my youth. To me it will always be the quintessential AMERICA song. The beautiful lilting melody and lyrics, Dewey's sensitively smooth vocal performance and the trio's impeccable harmony come together to magically create, what to me seems, their most "group defining" CLASSIC song. (Just my opinion)
Any others care to share their all time favorite song,(I know it has been done before, but its always refreshing to check in on that subject, plus it allows new members a chance to voice their favorite)
Sir Joe

Message: 32576 Posted: Mon Apr 12 07:39:44 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "...hit by purple rain"

I heard that it was a phrase for heavy rain in England, but I can't remember where I had heard it. It is also slang for the drug PCP, but I don't think that is what Dewey had in mind when he wrote the song.

Message: 32575 Posted: Mon Apr 12 07:03:25 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: "...hit by purple rain"

Johnny, I also did some searching on the Internet for "purple rain" and most of the references were to Prince's song. I couldn't find anything about a heavy rainstorm. I'm guessing that it's simply part of Dewey's vivid imagery and not something that he had heard before (but I could be wrong!).

Message: 32574 Posted: Sun Apr 11 20:11:01 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "...hit by purple rain"

There's been some very brief discussion on the VH board about the words "purple rain" from the song, "Ventura Highway". It was mentioned that perhaps "purple rain" is a slang term in England for a heavy rain storm. Where on the internet can I find this term to be defined as such?

Message: 32573 Posted: Sun Apr 11 14:06:42 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: New 8x10 Publicity Photo

Hi - I was just checking out some of Mo's photos from the concert she attended in February and I noticed the new publicity photo of Gerry & Dewey.. my question is: how can one obtain this photo? Are they being sold at concerts? If so, I can hopefully buy one at the May 8th show in Reading, PA. If not, well, any suggestions??? I think this new photo is really cool, a great show of Gerry & Dewey & I would absolutely LOVE to have one!

Sheldon (anxiously awaiting May 8th!!!)


Message: 32572 Posted: Sun Apr 11 06:36:34 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party-Hourglass

A Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Tonight's listening party will feature Hourglass, 10PM EDT/7PM PDT. Hope you can join us.

Message: 32571 Posted: Sun Apr 11 04:40:15 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Easter

Hope everyone who posts and Gerry, Dewey, and the band has a very Happy Easter!

Message: 32570 Posted: Sat Apr 10 17:18:16 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Re: off-topic request for chords

Hey flywithabuzz, thanks for the chords! I had a chance to try them out this evening and they sound right to me for the most part. The only chord that didn't sound quite right to me on Halfmoon Bay was the Gm7 in the bridge. It works, but doesn't sound exactly right to me. I did some playing around with different chords and I think that Dm sounds better there instead. Try it and let me know what you think.

Thanks again! And if anyone else has some they'd like to share, keep 'em coming!


Message: 32569 Posted: Sat Apr 10 17:04:16 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Bonus Photo Of The Day

What a GREAT photo!!

Message: 32568 Posted: Sat Apr 10 14:44:04 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Gerry/Michael Bruce

This is cool, I'll have to check it out. I always thought Micheal Bruce was a very important part of the original Alice Cooper group. Thanx for the info.DanC

Message: 32567 Posted: Sat Apr 10 13:30:26 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: off-topic request for chords

Alan, I tried to figure out Jeff Larson's "Halfmoon Bay" and "Place Where I Belong" awhile ago and this is what I came up with...can't guarantee them but I think there close.

HALFMOON BAY.............
Key of "G"/"E" blues
Intro..Gmaj7 Emi7 Cadd9 D 2x
..verse 1,2,3
..Gmaj7 Emi7 Cadd9 D Ami7 Ami7
..C D C D
..C D C D Ami7 Ami7 to intro
..Gmi7 Ami7 D
..Gmaj7 Emi7 Cadd9 D 2x

Bmi7 Bmi7 Ami7 Ami7 4x
Bb F G G
Bb F G G
G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
Cadd9 G Dsus D Dadd9 D
Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
Cadd9 G Dsus D top
Bb F G Bb F G
Bmi7 Bmi7 Ami7 Ami7 4x

Hope this helps,

Message: 32566 Posted: Sat Apr 10 09:20:43 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: A TRIO of smiles

A smiling AMERICA (Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell) during their happy "days of gOLD". Enjoy! :O){67aef878-e490-4806-833c-db03bebaf448}|{ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff}&qsPageNo=1&fdid=&Area=Search&TotalCount=49&CurrentPos=2&WinID={67aef878-e490-4806-833c-db03bebaf448}

Message: 32565 Posted: Sat Apr 10 08:32:53 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Trio CD For Sale

I'm offering the following CD for sale here before listing it on eBay. It's $13.50 plus actual shipping cost via USPS 1st Class. Will be shipped in a bubble-lined envelope mailer. I have played it only about twice. Yeah, it's a trio CD but not THE trio as most here would prefer.

"Like A Brother" Beckley-Lamm-Wilson

Also, I'm reducing the "Van Go Gan" selling price to $15.00 plus actual shipping.

Email address:

Message: 32564 Posted: Sat Apr 10 07:15:03 2004 By: Anita
Subject: America/Pet Sounds

I just watched the new DVD of Brian Wilson's performance of Pet Sounds at the London Festival Hall. If you haven't listened to Pet Sounds lately, you can definitely see where America got the Beach Boys' inspiration they reference in interviews.

Message: 32563 Posted: Sat Apr 10 07:12:38 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Gerry/Michael Bruce

For all the completists out there, I discovered that Gerry appears as a vocalist on Michael Bruce's CD "In My Own Way," released in 2002. Michael Bruce is the former guitarist for Alice Cooper. Has anyone heard this?

Message: 32562 Posted: Sat Apr 10 06:17:57 2004 By: Alan
Subject: Off-topic: request for chords

I have a request for all you fellow guitar players out there. I would like to add some Jeff Larson tunes to my repetiore of songs. I just don't have the time lately to sit down and figure them out. So if anyone here has the chords to ANY JL songs that they would like to share, I'd really appreciate it. You can send them to my private e-mail address rather than post them here, if you prefer.

Also, quite by accident, I stumvbled on the chord progression for the song "No Blue Sky" by the Thorns one evening recently while noodling at my guitar. I'm kinda iffy on some of the chords in the bridge, though. If anyone knows how to play that song and would like to share as well, it would also be very appreciated. (I am playing it in the key of E - sounds at least close to the CD, but I haven't actually tried playing along to find out for sure).

Thanks for tolerating my off-topic request and now back to our regularly-scheduled America chat...


p.s. While I am off-topic anyway, I thought those who requested and reviewed my songs might like to know that I got an e-mail from Scott and he is very excited and encouraged by everyone's comments. He IS planning on coming up this summer and wants to get back to recording the CD. So thanks all for the encouragement and positive feedback!

Message: 32561 Posted: Sat Apr 10 06:08:11 2004 By: Alan
Subject: This and that

Just getting caught up on a weeks worth of posts again (my usual MO lately, it seems). I also got the ad for a bass player that so many others on the folder seem to have gotten. At least now I know where they got my e-mail address from.

Great news about America playing at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohassett. It's a great venue - saw Dan Fogelberg there about 6 years ago. It is under a circular tent with a revolving stage at the center.

Hope everyone hear has a happer Easter!


Message: 32560 Posted: Sat Apr 10 05:52:22 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Bonus Photo Of The Day

This one speaks for itself:

Message: 32559 Posted: Sat Apr 10 05:50:55 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

If you like Pina Coladas
Getting caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga
If you have half a brain...

Message: 32558 Posted: Sat Apr 10 00:35:13 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: school annual rock concert

This is the third year running that I've gotten one of our school bands to play an America song. Two years ago, it was "Sister Golden Hair"; last year it was "A Horse With No Name"; and this year, in spite of my encouraging them to play another song, again it's "Sister Golden Hair". In fact, I have gotten quite a few of the school students to like America. Many students say that if America did "Sister Golden Hair" again, and promoted it with a video, it would chart again! How about it????

Message: 32557 Posted: Fri Apr 09 20:04:45 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: Can't find a song & hippity hoppiting along!

Nancy, part of my reasoning for having "Wheels" as bumper music on coast to coast was so folks would be exposed to the song. The other part being that it (atleast to me) sounds (the lyrics) a little ominous(sp) which is in line with the usual theme of the show.

Wake up in the middle of the night, turn on the radio... hear George Noory talking about ghost and I'm telling you the covers will be over your head so quick you won't know what to do!

Message: 32556 Posted: Fri Apr 09 20:02:13 2004 By: Brad
Subject: Re: "Lonely People"

Wow I really like this song and it had a positive impact on me back in 1986 when I first remember hearing it and it is the first song I learned on guitar .And every time I have seen them perform it even when Brad Palmer was singing lead on it they got a big response. I guess To Each It's Own it plain to see.

Message: 32555 Posted: Fri Apr 09 19:50:38 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Can't find a song & hippity hoppiting along!

Hi Hoooo Everyone :) ~~~ Someday soon we're gonna quit this crazy run around, pack our bags and still away, Someday Soon we're gonna find a place and settle down, I'll be coming home soooo, Someday Sooon, Someday Sooooon, Someday sooooooooooon ~~ Sing it Firefall :)

~~~~ She was just looking ~ wondering if you might notice her Smile, She was just watching ~ hoping you might want to stay by her side, you don't have to say why, you don't have to say why.... She was just Looking at You~~~ Wanting to tell you the way she feels, don't walk away, you might need her someday, it doesn't matter she was just looking at you.... Sing it Firefall :)

~~~~ When it all goes crazy and the thrill is gone the days get rainy & the nights get long, when you get that feeling you were born to lose, Staring at your ceiling thinking of your Blues. When there's sooo much trouble that you wanna cry, the world has crumbled and you don't know why, when your hopes are fading, and they can't be found, Dreams have left you waiting, Your Friends have left you down, Just Remember I Love You and It Will Be All Right, Just Remember I Love You More Than I Can Say Sing it Firefall :) ;)

~~~~ Maybe you think I'm letting you go, maybe it's not that way ~ Maybe I love you more than You know, Maybe You'll know some day, Maybe it's easy for me, easy to say Goodbye,Maybe it hurts me more than you see, all I can do is cry, Love is not enough to make you mine, you need someone who'll be there all the time... Goodbye I Love You, goodbye I love you ~~~ Sing it again for me Firefall ~~ Ohhhhh how I love this song! :) :) :)

~~~~ How have you been, say it's meee again, it's been a long lonnnng time, there's sooo much to say where do I begin, I'll sit down and sing you a line, I'm Hoping everything is fine, You've got me thinking of you ALWAYSSSSSSS ~~~ Sing it again Firefall ~~ Another one of my most faves of theirs... :)

Hi Hooooo None ~~~ Thanks for stirring up the want in me to Listen to some really nice songs tonight.... :)

Hmmm ~~~ Sorry for my Off Topic Finger Singing there! But I must say it felt good to do that! :)

Yeppers Gen & JB ~~ Wheels would make one great song for the Bumper Music, only thing is I think only the Die Hard Fans of AMERICA would know this song... Hopefully not tho! It is one great song!

Hi there SteveO & Sergio ~~~ Yes the Peek at Dan at his Peak Pic is a nice one! I can easily get lost in all of the pics found on

Thanks Alessandra & Steve L for posting this article from Italy... Nice to know that all ages enjoy their music there in Italy... Yes Yes Yes let AMERICA's Highway continue on down through lots of Generations to come! :)

I best hippity hoppity out of here, take care all and enjoy your weekend! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ and you'll be alright, when your laughter reappears, when you learn to Count Your Blessings not your Tears ~~~ I don't wanna talk about it, you don't wanna know, Baby I can't live without it, I'm just getting strong enough to let it goooo, and I'll be alright, when My Laughter Reappears, and I learn to Count My Blessings and not My Tears... Yeppers Dan C & flywithabuzz ~~ Sooo Many great songs by Firefall ~~ Excuse me now while I hit the replay button on these great songs again! :) :) ;)

Message: 32554 Posted: Fri Apr 09 18:34:42 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Dewey/Young Moon/Camden Yards

Dewey, Young Moon would be terrific for the Virginia concerts as well!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32553 Posted: Fri Apr 09 18:03:42 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Dewey/Young Moon/Camden Yards

Dewey: I'm going to request Young Moon for one more time, then hope for the best! So sorry the Camden Yards gig was cancelled. See you at Reading!

Message: 32552 Posted: Fri Apr 09 17:25:40 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Can't find a song

Thanks for catching my typo Dan. Even hen peckin' with one finger at a time I still can't type.

Message: 32551 Posted: Fri Apr 09 17:18:20 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Can't find a song

I liked the Rick Roberts stuff but give me the Larry Burnett tunes anyday. They were Bunnell/Beckley like in their songwriting styles or should I say different styles. DanC.

Message: 32550 Posted: Fri Apr 09 17:12:51 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Can't find a song

I believe that was 1977, fly. Luna Sea was my favorite from that very under rated band. DanC.

Message: 32549 Posted: Fri Apr 09 16:33:54 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: Can't find a song

"Just Remember I Love You" written by Rick Roberts of the Colorado band "Firefall" was their 2nd biggest single in the latter half of 1997. Made it to #11 on the pop charts, #2 Adult Contemporary.
They put out some great tunes.

Message: 32548 Posted: Fri Apr 09 15:19:08 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Peek at PEEK at his PEAK

Thats a great shot! We can never forget how great the guys were as a trio!

Message: 32547 Posted: Fri Apr 09 15:06:21 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Peek at PEEK at his PEAK

Hi all,

Since I've received an inquiry (via e-mail) as to what the post means. No hidden message here...If interested, do as follows:

With your mouse highlight from "http to the end of gibberish. Right click and copy. Paste it onto your internet address window and hit GO. It will allow you to then peek at PEEK at his PEAK.:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32546 Posted: Fri Apr 09 14:14:15 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Peek at PEEK at his PEAK

PEEK at his PEAK{2927c4bb-6780-4c61-a2c4-17370e0b6ba1}|{ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff}&qsPageNo=1&fdid=&Area=Search&TotalCount=49&CurrentPos=10&WinID={2927c4bb-6780-4c61-a2c4-17370e0b6ba1}

Message: 32545 Posted: Fri Apr 09 14:03:00 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Can't find a song

It's Firefall "just remember I love you" from thier second album Luna Sea.

Message: 32544 Posted: Fri Apr 09 13:59:09 2004 By: none
Subject: Can't find a song

Anyone remember this song.....Maybe it isn't even America...can you help?
When the blues start calling at the break of dawn,
When you need a lover and you're down so low,
Get to thinking that you'll never know,

Message: 32543 Posted: Fri Apr 09 10:03:24 2004 By: maddog
Subject: recient discussions

I'm new here, but I would rather read less than to waste my time reading all the adoration stuff posted on here.

Message: 32542 Posted: Fri Apr 09 09:32:37 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: "Lonely People"

I must register an opposing opinion here. I really dislike the tune of this song. The lyrics may be encouraging, but I find the melody so freaking depressing! I disliked it even more when I WAS a lonely person. At one concert in Nevada I took a sign that had Lonely People with a red circle around it and a line thru it and the caption


I thought it was a waste of precious concert minutes to play that particular Dan Peek tune when there are SO MANY gorgeous Dewey Bunnell songs that don't get played liked Amber Cascades, Molten Love, LULLABYE . . .


Message: 32541 Posted: Fri Apr 09 06:03:51 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

The next "Man In Black"...

Message: 32540 Posted: Fri Apr 09 02:37:35 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: "Lonely People" (JB)

Omg Jeff, I luuuuurve 'Wheels'!
And frankly this song really really really ROCKSSSSS live!
I hope re-hearing it live will happen to me again. Sooon!

Message: 32539 Posted: Thu Apr 08 19:53:36 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: "Lonely People"

"Lonely People", as you mentioned, is a most appropriate choice of music for that type of radio show. Its poignant message is very fitting to those seeking companionship. I've already sent in my e-mail vote. A great suggestion and thanks for putting it out there for everyone.:o)
Sir Joe

Message: 32538 Posted: Thu Apr 08 19:27:07 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: "Lonely People"

I always thought the ominous sounding "Wheels" (barking in the canyon and whatnot) would be a good one for that show too. When I have a "bad back" night I'll listen sometimes. That is... if I'm not listening to the "Truckin' Bozo". Yes... he's for real.

Message: 32537 Posted: Thu Apr 08 18:56:17 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "Lonely People"

As a group effort, I hope we can get "Lonely People" added to the bumper music playlist of late night radio talk show, "CoastToCoastAM". It's listenership consists of millions of people! "Lonely People" would be a very appropriate addition because of its lyrics. A lot of "lonely people" (and not-so-lonely ones) listen to late night radio talk shows for companionship. Let's do it for Dan and for America! "Horse" and "Tin Man" are already part of their "Best Of" bumper music.

You may write to the following address with the subject title, "Bumper Music Request".

Email address ------>

Message: 32536 Posted: Thu Apr 08 15:43:05 2004 By: Linda
Subject: June 10 concert

The schedule has just been added to the Green Bay Bay Fest site. America will be there on June 10 from 10:00-11:30pm. I don't think I've ever seen them perform that late. Any of my new concert buddies going to that one? You can get more info at

Message: 32535 Posted: Thu Apr 08 14:24:16 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Wise words from Italy.

"Music, real music, doesn’t need many accessories."

Dear Mr Beckley: While sitting down to the drum machine, see above.

Your fan,


Message: 32534 Posted: Thu Apr 08 13:53:12 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Article About Genova Concert

Click here to see an article about the Genova, Italy concert. The article was sent to me by America fan, Alessandra. She was also kind enough to send me a translation which I have included below. Thanks Ale!

Sold-out at Mazda Palace for the 70s legendary rock band’s concert.

The America’s sheen

In the audience, fathers and sons dream together along with the band’s musical notes.

A crowd of fans acclaimed, at Mazda Palace Fiumara, the historic rock band America engaged in a world tour.
A full hour of good music intensified by a wise and sober use of lights, without special effects. Music, real music, doesn’t need many accessories.
Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, the two artists that together with Dan Peek formed the band in England where their fathers, American soldiers, were on duty, were really amazing. America, whose name was inspired by their homesickness, cut their first homonymous record in far off 1971. A record that became a legend thanks to the trio’s tremendous musical skills and that also contained one of their most famous hits: “Horse with no name”.
Even though 33 years have elapsed, America’s music still stirs up emotions. Their melodic rock, made of smooth sounds and rich harmonies, has been able to conquer new generations as well. Lots of young people at Mazda Palace joined their fathers to pay homage to this legendary rock band. Two generations confronting each other, found a common field in America’s music.
Beckley and Bunnell revived their greatest hits from “I need you” to “Sister golden hair”, from “Only in your heart” to “Ventura highway”, songs taken from much renowned records as “Homecoming”, made for the boys’ return to the States, “Hat trick” and so on.
The songs played covered all America’s artistic journey, from their beginnings in the 70s, with acoustic melodies, to the most recent pop evolution, which allowed them to adapt music’s technological progress to their most traditional sound.
The audience literally went into ecstasy for “Horse with no name”, composed by Dewey Bunnell at the young age of 18 and offered at the end of the show. It is only right and fair to mention the two support groups which opened the gig: the Genoese “The used cars” and the English “Frame of Mind”.

Message: 32533 Posted: Thu Apr 08 13:49:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America at the Hilton in Atlantic City

Thanks for the info, Anita.

Message: 32532 Posted: Thu Apr 08 12:27:10 2004 By: Anita
Subject: America at the Hilton in Atlantic City

I just spoke with Guest Services at the Hilton in Atlantic City. They tell me that America will be the only act appearing on June 27 at their beach party. I also was told that the show would begin between 5PM and 6PM, to be announced sometime in May.

Message: 32531 Posted: Thu Apr 08 12:07:13 2004 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

<<You GO! girl!>>

>>WHOA, Robyn! could you back off, just a little. You're killin' us here with your tremendous support for Moser. You're such a trooper. ; )<<

<<To quote the great Philosopher,Popeye, "I yam what I yam" Over-the-top? You bet! It is one of my finer qualities ;)>>

Uh..............I'm speechless, Robyn.

Message: 32530 Posted: Thu Apr 08 10:53:30 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Alternative Pic of the Day for EVERYONE

Very nice Sergio!

Message: 32529 Posted: Thu Apr 08 10:52:30 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Camden Yards Gig Canceled

Awh!!! Say it isn't so?????????????

Message: 32528 Posted: Thu Apr 08 09:18:55 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Alternative Pic of the Day for EVERYONE

Here is an alternative pic for EVERYONE to enjoy...

It brings to mind that old Mary Hopkins' song "Those Were the Days My Friend".:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32527 Posted: Thu Apr 08 08:43:06 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar (for Robyn)

Correction dear Robyn! Popeye would say "I amsk, what amsk"

Since we are quoting cartoon characters these days let me quickly exit for now with a personal favorite,

"A-badee, a-badee, Th'-th'-th'-th'-th'-th'-that's All, Folks!" ;o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32526 Posted: Thu Apr 08 08:01:44 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

>>WHOA, Robyn! could you back off, just a little. You're killin' us here with your tremendous support for Moser. You're such a trooper. ; )<<

To quote the great Philosopher,Popeye, "I yam what I yam" Over-the-top? You bet! It is one of my finer qualities ;)

Message: 32525 Posted: Thu Apr 08 07:06:38 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Camden Yards Gig Canceled

The July 11 concert at Camden Yards has been canceled. Sorry about that for everyone who was planning on going.

Message: 32524 Posted: Thu Apr 08 04:12:31 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Atlantic City concert

Hurray... wonderful news!
You gotta love a FREEBIE!

30 days until Reading, PA.


BTW ~ love Gerry, Gerry, Gerry being a poster boy for a barber shop!

Message: 32523 Posted: Thu Apr 08 03:55:26 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Mr. Gerry...not exactly the best advertisement for this place of business:

Message: 32522 Posted: Thu Apr 08 01:20:37 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

Oh for goodness sake Moser! The whole point of my post has been lost on you. And my point is this; what is appropriate to post on a chat folder. All I said was lets hang back on the Gerry thing, a sentiment that obviously is shared by quite a few others here. But your hear me roar thing is way out of line on this folder, it has nothing to do with my original post. Nor does it have anything to do with America.But whats most disturbing is your inability to grasp why this has occured.

Message: 32521 Posted: Wed Apr 07 22:44:39 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Reunion tour

Okay, I wanna talk about this. I luv the newer Holiday album. Someone I know who was familiar with but not fanatic about America was listening to Holiday for the first time in December and said, "It's really good, but it seems to me that "something" is missing." I said "Yeah, you're right: What's missing is Dan Peek . . . : ( "

This is not an insult to D & G! i luv them; I'd just also really love to hear D & G & D live once again in this lifetime. . . Nothin' like those enchanting 3-part harmonies.

America Fan for ALMOST 30 years (yikes!),


Message: 32520 Posted: Wed Apr 07 22:31:15 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

Moser, You talk about whatever you like as often and as much as you like! I was in "your shoes" several years ago with a Dewey Admiration Society. Some folks thought I was inappropriate and arrogant to constantly drool over Dewey but I didn't give a ship. I got some very unkind messages on and off the folder but I also got some very kind and encouraging messages on and off the folder. So do not be dismayed.

"Carry on."

Message: 32519 Posted: Wed Apr 07 22:22:13 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Why can't we all just get along

Amen Sister Anita!

Message: 32518 Posted: Wed Apr 07 22:16:48 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job.

KevinS:I also got the bass player ad. It's just so great to be included . . . ; ) The MAN takes advantage of all of us. That's why he gives Nat X. only fifteen minutes of television air time . . . LOL

THANK YOU for a great laugh tonight!


Message: 32517 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:25:48 2004 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

<<You GO! girl!>>

WHOA, Robyn! could you back off, just a little. You're killin' us here with your tremendous support for Moser. You're such a trooper. ; )

Message: 32516 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:14:09 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: posting

Jeff ~ I truly appreciate what all you have just said in your post (#32513). Unfortunately, that's not the way it has been by either side. I don't think anyone here can argue against what you have said. However, unlike Dan Peek, others are present here to defend themselves if they desire. Maybe it's only me and a few others here -- although I truly doubt it -- who never liked it from the start that Dan was spoken of very disrespectfully in a person's bio here on this website. And then to have one member of the band spoken of constantly over the other is very difficult to digest. Sadly, relationships between some fans have plunged downward from that point and will continue to until there is some type of change.

Apparently, from statements posted here earlier today, there intends to be no change to the current state of the chat folder. There's not even a willingness to compromise in any fashion; it's of the contrary. THAT is most sad in my opinion.

Message: 32515 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:06:25 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: posting

<< I just feel when we disagree with someone whether concerning an ongoing issue or paticular post that we make our point(s)in such a way that everyone retains their dignity. >>

Second that.

Message: 32514 Posted: Wed Apr 07 21:05:46 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: chat tonite

Thanks for the great great chat tonite! My first time online with you this late (for me)... ended at 6.15 am!!! What a wonderful way to spend a sleepless night.
We all missed you Robyn. Hope you're better now.
And Mo, Anita, Traveler I got badly bumped at one point and re-accessing took a while... so couldn't say good nite to ya! But I meant to... ;-)
Luv all.

Message: 32513 Posted: Wed Apr 07 20:17:40 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: Re: posting

It's difficult sometimes to interpret the written word because of the lack of tone and voice inflection. That said... I mean this in the best way... I think it's alright for us to disagree on the folder and I think debating issues related to America's music and so on is a good thing. I just feel when we disagree with someone whether concerning an ongoing issue or paticular post that we make our point(s)in such a way that everyone retains their dignity.


Message: 32512 Posted: Wed Apr 07 18:36:26 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: posting

Jeff ~ As I mentioned in my post, I said I was kidding. Those that are supporters of Mo, unfortunately, probably don't see it that way. As I said, Mo has a great sense-of-humor. I doubt that she takes offense to it. Am I right or wrong, Mo?

FYI Jeff, I've been on the live chat when someone asked how some of us got our names listed in the credit section of the "Highway" booklet. One person who's a main member of the Mo Posse said something like, "In Johnny's case, it's because he works for America. He cleans up after them."

Message: 32511 Posted: Wed Apr 07 18:19:47 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: Atlantic City concert

That's great news about the Atlantic City concert--one of the best concerts I went to was the beachfront one in Ocean City, Maryland! Hope this one rivals that concert.

Message: 32510 Posted: Wed Apr 07 17:27:31 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: posting

It's one thing to have an opinion of Mo's postings... but why responed in such a mean spirited way?

Message: 32509 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:58:32 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Mindless Trivia

think, thank, thunk, THINKING, rather. : )

Message: 32508 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:55:19 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Mindless Trivia

"...maybe someone could throw out one of those mindless trivia questions."

You got it, Bonz Buddy! Thanks for think of me as you did. The question is indeed mindless and trivial so please, all, don't throw any S.O.Y. sauce on me.

Bonz, we'll all let you go first.

Who does this Gerry-Gerry-Gerry song remind you of?


Just kiddin'. We know the person in question has a great sense-of-humor so I'm quite sure no offense will be taken by her. I hope not, anyway.

Message: 32507 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:28:58 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: tonite's chat

Please join us in a friendly chat tonight. I may or may not be in the room, as I am fighting of a miserable cold.

Message: 32506 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:24:21 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

We've all had our crosses to bear in life, I am genuinely sorry about yours. I won't divulge the many I have had to carry, it is nobody's business in a forum such as this one. However, your personal tragedy does not give you license to control EVERYTHING here with the ARROGANCE you normally display. Just like YOU will continue being the strong individual you ARE. As long as I am able, I will continue to chime in with the anti GAS repellant needed to put things in proper perspective.

It is too bad that this forum, thanks to GAS, does not give equal opportunity to all the members of the legendary group, America, the DUO and the former TRIO. After all it's our admiration for their compendium of music that brought us ALL here to begin with. Unfortunately in the last 3 months GAS has made sure that only one member is discussed ad nauseam to the point of silliness.

By the way, thanks for the compliment on GAS.:o)

Sir Joe

Message: 32505 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:08:22 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Why can't we all just get along

Seems to me that this has the makings of a great show on Gerry Springer.
Since there seems to be no takers on the lame-ass RE-UNION question, maybe someone could throw out one of those great mindless trivia questions.

Message: 32504 Posted: Wed Apr 07 16:02:45 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Steve O.

Steve Orchard:

My new email address is

Send all notices of residual checks to that address, please.


Message: 32503 Posted: Wed Apr 07 14:43:34 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Daily Photos.

Keep 'em coming my Mo please coz they're fun !!! And I luuuurve to start the day with a smile, hey!

Message: 32502 Posted: Wed Apr 07 14:39:24 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Johnny

It's sad this f**en virus apparently utilizes my e-address (probably from sby else's address-book!) to try to infect you. I'm really sorry.
But as Steve L. advertised, I NEVER send attachments these days without asking for permission first. So, if anyone gets something from me that contains attachments, please delete with no delay....

Message: 32501 Posted: Wed Apr 07 13:20:08 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: Why can't we all just get along

Well, we are like a family here. And even in the best of families you you often get fighting between siblings. But I have also seen us stick together when we are being "attacked" by outside sources. So guys got to your rooms without dinner until you all can get along again.

Message: 32500 Posted: Wed Apr 07 13:00:37 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

You GO! girl!

Message: 32499 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:36:45 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Hear Me Roar

>>And finally, it also makes me know that I will never be dominated by anyone carrying a Y chromosome.<<

I knew that.

Message: 32498 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:29:45 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Atlantic City June 27

Regarding the June 27th concert at the Atlantic City Hilton: Julie Chavez spoke to the box office this morning and was told that it is a free beachfront concert and no tickets are required. She's guessing that it is in front of the Hilton on the beach.

Message: 32497 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:28:38 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Why can't we all just get along (Anita)

>>Perhaps I'm wasting my energy here, but don't folks have anything better to do than to argue?<<

Who's arguing?

>>I was under the impression that everyone was here because of their admiration for America.<<

Well, yes... but not always in the same way. ;)

>>We all have different ways of expressing that admiration. So how about live and let live? If you don't like something, press the Next button and just let it go.<<

Right... but what if the "Next" button brings the same thing, over & over? Then it's better to hit the "Back To List" button. This applies to everyone. Don't worry... like Kevin said, it will pass.

Message: 32496 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:26:50 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Hear Me Roar

I lived with a monster of a man for the first seventeen years of my life. I watched, helplessly, on many occasions while he beat my mother into submission. It was a trial by fire that pretty much sealed the fate of who I am. I used to be ashamed to admit that anything like that could happen in my family because to the outside world, they appeared to be Ozzie and Harriet. After many years, I've come to know a few things. It wasn't my fault and I should not be ashamed. I also know that it has steeled my soul into knowing that not much could be worse than that. And finally, it also makes me know that I will never be dominated by anyone carrying a Y chromosome. So, go ahead, let off your GAS (which I think is a rather clever analogy actually). It won't bother me any. 'Cause, hey, I'm sure as heck not going anywhere after a few guys on a computer screen made fun of me from half way across the world. So, blast your GAS, it's your unalienable right, but don't for a second think it'll change what I do.

Life's too short for crap like this.

Message: 32495 Posted: Wed Apr 07 12:01:44 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Why can't we all just get along

Perhaps I'm wasting my energy here, but don't folks have anything better to do than to argue? I was under the impression that everyone was here because of their admiration for America. We all have different ways of expressing that admiration. So how about live and let live? If you don't like something, press the Next button and just let it go.

Message: 32494 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:50:32 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Daily Photos.

Hey Kevin,drop me an email. I tried to email you twice and both were sent back to me for some reason. thanks!

Message: 32493 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:49:26 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Daily Photos.

>>Sorry, guys, I haven't chimed in about the Gerry love fest, I've been ovulating lately and have been just too bloated to get to the keyboard.<<

That's OK... It's an Easter thing, my man!

Message: 32492 Posted: Wed Apr 07 11:28:22 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Daily Photos.

Sorry, guys, I haven't chimed in about the Gerry love fest, I've been ovulating lately and have been just too bloated to get to the keyboard.

I'll have to be brief because I have some cookies in the oven and I have some ironing and sewing to do.

GAS is appropriate, Terry, because I feel that it will all pass.

Well, my stories are coming back on and I have some scrapbooking to finish, so I have to go now.


Message: 32491 Posted: Wed Apr 07 10:59:28 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: my apologies

The word "lessened" may have been spelled incorrectly in my previous post.

Message: 32490 Posted: Wed Apr 07 10:53:15 2004 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...(jimbob & Sergio)

I share the nausea. Talk about in-your-face! Like those affected by that other infliction that seems to be going around, I must agree that the effects are lessend in my knowing that I'm not alone. Thanks for the diagnosis, Sir Joe! That's always the first step to a cure.

Which song on Dan Peek's GUITAR MAN says it best? Could it be "Carry On. Only Love Can Save You", or is it "Sharkey's Song", or is it really "Dead Men"?

Message: 32489 Posted: Wed Apr 07 09:00:44 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

jimbob, Good point you made mate!

Let me just add that tt's too bad the Gerry Adoration Society (GAS) does not get IT...I've certainly taken the SELECTIVE route when it comes to opening and reading posts on this folder~ I now know well enough who to ignore. It's better and more interesting that way. It's just too bad that the obsession for Gerry, who in reality is only one member of the duo (and former trio) by one member(MOSER)along with her loyal subjects has worked to erode the harmony of the chat folder and to the polarization that exists today.

Good! Excuse me! Glad that I got THAT out in the open. GAS retention is bad for you.

Sir Joe

Message: 32488 Posted: Wed Apr 07 06:50:11 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: bass player job

Hey Sean ~ I didn't receive one of those email messages regarding the bass player job, either. Darn! LOL

I did receive one of those virus-tainted messages a couple of weeks ago though with the sender name of a member from the folder here. It was listed as coming from Gen. Although, I know it really wasn't anyone here. Thanks Steve for explaining the whole process to some of us again.

Message: 32487 Posted: Wed Apr 07 06:43:16 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Question....

Thank you Kim & Johnny.

I am not sure if I will open it or not. Maybe I will leave it up to Gerry & Dewey??


Message: 32486 Posted: Wed Apr 07 06:41:21 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Nice.... 31 days and counting....

Kristal ;0)

Message: 32485 Posted: Wed Apr 07 04:18:45 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Doctors have isolated the pathogen causing Dr. Danae's highly contagious Geritis:

Message: 32484 Posted: Tue Apr 06 19:21:18 2004 By: Sean Lee
Subject: bass player job

i didn't get one of those

Message: 32483 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:51:23 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: trivia question

Thanks everyone for playing

Message: 32482 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:50:56 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: trivia question

Right David!

Message: 32481 Posted: Tue Apr 06 18:40:37 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: trivia question

The guy who ferried people across the Styx is Charon.

Message: 32480 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:52:29 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: A Message For "flywithabuzz"

Thank you very much, Tom, for your appreciation of the America items. It was extremely kind of you to post such generous and glowing words as you did. I appreciate YOU, Sir!

Message: 32479 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:44:23 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

Jimbob ~ Hey Mate! I hope you're still enjoying your harmonica and still strumming some fine tunes on your guitar!!! It's great to see you on the chat.

Message: 32478 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:38:36 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Question.... (Kim & Kristal)

Hi Kim ~ The album sleeve that you described from the first America LP with the antique-looking Burbank, California photo DOES have an America item on the reverse side of mine. Mine lists 10 "Loss Leaders" albums. Two of the ten albums list one America song.

Kristal ~ The album sleeve from one of my other self-titled America LPs has six "Loss Leader" LPs with no America songs on them. The reverse side of this sleeve has an order form for the six LPs.

Also, the earlier LP labels from the first America album are a dark solid green. The later labels are the multi-colored ones with the trees on each side.

My advice regarding your still-sealed self-titled America LP is NOT to totally remove the shrink wrap but instead merely clear off enough of the wrap on the front for autographs. Try to keep as much of the wrap on as possible. I hope some of this info is of help to you.

Message: 32477 Posted: Tue Apr 06 17:07:40 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Dallas Concert

Hi Robyn! Great trivia question!! My answer...Terran.

Message: 32476 Posted: Tue Apr 06 16:35:53 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Dolce Gabbana/D&G

Women's Spring/Summer Collection has some sexy little lace and cotton stuff (outerwear that sort of resembles underwear) with the initials D & G on it. Yes, I tried a couple of them on but I have yet to find a T-shirt for which I'm willing to pay $500. Now I must confess/brag about owning a very valuable shirt: it's one of Joe Montana's #16 49er jerseys WITH Joe's signature on the back. No, it's not for sale; yes it's one of my most prized possessions; no I won't tell the rest of the story. Aw, come on Joe . . .

Bat Girl

Message: 32475 Posted: Tue Apr 06 16:33:17 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Dallas Concert

>>Trivial question: From whence cometh their name<<

It's the River that takes you to Hades.

Bonus Question-- What is the name of the boatman

Message: 32474 Posted: Tue Apr 06 16:19:39 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Dallas Concert

I saw Styx in Reno at the Reno Hilton Amphitheatre once. They blew me away. They are otherworldly and supernatural.

PS: Trivial question: From whence cometh their name?


Message: 32473 Posted: Tue Apr 06 13:56:38 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Question....

Kristal - the sleeve on my America album is light brown and has ad's for Warner Bros. produced records on one side and an old fashioned picture(about 3x5)-think horse drawn carriages labeled Burbank, CA. There is nothing America related on the sleeve. I check out the old lp bins once in awhile and I have seen this same sleeve in several different copies of the original America album.

Steve - thanks for the Nelson info. I'll have to check it out when I get home as the "powers that be" here at work have seen fit to block that kind of thing.


Message: 32472 Posted: Tue Apr 06 11:04:51 2004 By: cjb
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

Hmmm.....I had one or two posts here within the last week and and did not receive the bass player email. Can someone please send it to me?........I feel so left out. :) :) :)

Message: 32471 Posted: Tue Apr 06 11:02:31 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Question....

I asked a question a few days ago, and did not get a response.

Could someone please tell me what is on the sleeve of the album self-titled ‘America’? I picked one up ‘unopened’ a few days ago. I have another one but think that the sleeve is a replacement.

Thank you. Only 32 days until Reading PA show!


P.S. I vote for the photo of the day! Maybe you could put an extra link to the Vicky's Secret catalog for our guy chat folder freinds. lol

Message: 32470 Posted: Tue Apr 06 10:31:10 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job & Lots More!

Hi Hooo Everyone ~~ Too Much Tuesday here! ~~ Hmm ~~ I to got this Bass Player Job email. Hey Red ~~ ABBA is here on my radio singing Waterloo :)

Geeze ~~ I was just here thinking that would be neat to see someone here from the chat folder take this job. Kevin ~ I too wondered about this Safety Duties stipulation... Maybe that could be worked on some. Maybe these Minimal Safety Duties ~ come about having to fight off Women that want to put money in your belt buckle ~~ Hmmm ~ anyhow does it capture your interest enough Bones to maybe take a Crash Course in Bass Playing, so that we all could see Mo post a Photo of the Day of YOU??? ~~~~ Hmmm ~~ I wonder if this Jason T is a fan of AMERICA's music... I kinda wish I could play Bass Guitar, I would love to travel on a Cruise ship and take in the View from the Ship.. Ohhh the Sunsets, the Sunrises, The Moon ~~ WOW speaking of the Moon did any of you capture the "Pink" Full Moon last night, I think someone Ordered a Supersized Moon this month, it was Magnificent ~~ It was soooooooo BIG, when I got home from work I just stood at took it in for awhile... I also have been trying to locate all of the Planets... they are all supposed to be visible in the night sky now... also on Saturday night did any of you notice the Rainbow cast surrounding the moon.. same way on Sunday evening, as the sky was just starting to turn to dark, there were Pink, Purple & Blue Cottoncandy clouds and then this great Big White Moon, Kinda like a Preview of last Nights Moon in the darkened sky... I know you all are saying Nancy and her Moon Ramblins... Oh well you all should know me by now! :)

Now to catch up some on things abit... Mo you have been picking some really great Photo's of the Day... as a matter of fact.. that one of Gerry & Dewey from the Encore photo's is sooooo Nice, I love the Carefree look that Henry has a Knack at Capturing soo Nicely... and the one from the Harbor shoot... with Gerry and his head back... kinda makes me think that he is saying in reply to Henry's request... (whatever this may have been) "Awwwwwww a Piece of Cake" :) ~~ as for your photo of the day for today... this one was new to me... too much... Here on my puter... I have the Pic of Gerry & Dewey from what I think is the Hourglass photo shoot... it is the one where Gerry has this neat Black Suit on with a White shirt that is buttoned the whole way up with a little collar, and it looks as tho he is wearing black belt, with a brownish plaid sash too ( I may be wrong about this tho,it just looks this way to me)... and Dewey has on ohhhhh sooo white sneakers and jeans, and a Black & Blue vest and a short sleeve white teeshirt, I love the comfortableness captured in their facial expressions.. Again, I gotta say I appreciate Henry Diltz's way of taking pics at just the right time! :)

Hey there Joe Doyle ~~ Nice version of "All My Life" ~~ I enjoyed hitting the replay button on it alot! Keep em a comin for sure! ~~ Thanks for sharing them and a big Thanks to Steve for making them available to us. :)

Thanks too Steve for the "All Shook Up" Nelson song clip... Hmmm this song kinda sounds familiar... wonder where I have heard it before. I like their voices and their music style.... it would be neat to hear what influence they feel their Father had on their music, as well if AMERICA or any other groups swayed them this way....

Hey there Redddddd ~~ I Must Be Old, cause I can remember watching the Ozzie & Harriet show, and I really thought Ricky Nelson was sooooo gooood looking, and I can remember singing along to his song "Garden Party" lots of times... :) ;)

I have one Boooohoooo for today... I still haven't been able to take a listen to the Interview clips that Federico was sooo nice to make available to Us... I downloaded it and then when I went to open it, my comp froze up and then when I restarted it... my clip went somewhere into cyberspace... and is hiding among my files that too have headed to Unknown hiding spaces... I will have to try again, I am looking forward to hearing this... I enjoyed the Pics that Federico & his neice shared with us. Thanks a bunch! :)

Well gotta get for now, take care all and have a good day! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Drifted into light, till the night came calling, nothing little moves, she can't even feel the falling moon, my broken heart smile, when will my broken heart smile, when will my broken heart smile, sooooo Hold Me, I don't hold my own too well, hold me for a reason and I'll tell, the sun repetition and joy, waiting in the distance... Getting anxious to Hear Jeff Larson sing this song in full for me, when the Mailman delivers my new Sepia CD.... :) ;)

Message: 32469 Posted: Tue Apr 06 10:26:34 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: One More Show

7/1/04 Cohasset, MA / South Shore Music Circus

Thanks to Erin Edwards for the information!

Message: 32468 Posted: Tue Apr 06 10:21:13 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

I received it also.

Message: 32467 Posted: Tue Apr 06 09:45:26 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job.

Kevin S. your post has me pretty much lol.
Rob L

Message: 32466 Posted: Tue Apr 06 09:05:47 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Bass Player Job.

I was going to apply, but that crap about "minimal safety duties" really turned me off. I mean, you want me to play bass AND perform safety duties for just two grand a month? No way. For that kinda money you either get my bass playing or my safety duties, but not both. I am sick and tired of the man taking advantage of musicians.

That, and I've never played bass in my life.

Message: 32465 Posted: Tue Apr 06 08:04:31 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

Sure hope someone here on the chat folder takes the job.
Maybe Mo could get a picture of this person and post it on "Photo of the Day".

Message: 32464 Posted: Tue Apr 06 07:54:38 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

I got one too! Looks likes they sent one to everyone in the AmFans group. So far I have not gotten any duplicates ( I do belong to other musicakl web pages.....

Message: 32463 Posted: Tue Apr 06 07:38:26 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

I got the bass player email, too.

Message: 32462 Posted: Tue Apr 06 07:09:03 2004 By: Pete
Subject: America Music

I hear America is going to cut some new music. Anyone out there no when and is it going to be a new CD. Be nice to see a new CD with about 14 new songs on it. Yeah, I also got a add for a bass player.

Message: 32461 Posted: Tue Apr 06 07:02:26 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Bass Player Job

Hi Steve! I got the same e-mail last night. I'm wondering if anyone else on this board also recieved this?Have a great day evryone!! Kade

Message: 32460 Posted: Tue Apr 06 06:37:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bass Player Job

I'm not sure why this was sent to me, but just in case anyone's interested, there's an opening for a bass player in the Caribbean:

Bass guitar position-
Working onboard a cruise ship based in the Caribbean commencing early May 2004.
Salary - $2000.00 per month.
Contract length - 4-months.
Hours – 35 weekly.
Included – Flights, accommodation and food.

Sight read all styles.
Fake standard tunes for dancing.
Experience of production shows (Broadway style pit work) and backing cabaret acts.
Minimal safety duties.

If you, or somebody you know, meets these requirements and may be interested in the job, please contact me and send a resume to address below.

Kind regards,

Justin Tundervary
Manager of Music Programs

Sixth Star Music Department
21 NW 5th street
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33301
(954) 462 6760 ext.239

Message: 32459 Posted: Tue Apr 06 05:47:50 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

Bones You crack me up!

Message: 32458 Posted: Tue Apr 06 05:29:47 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

Jimbob, I think Mo is just having fun with the photos. I consider this folder just like the radio or TV. If you don't like what you're hearing or watching, change the station or channel. If you're not crazy about the photo of the day, don't check it out. Hey, maybe instead of the photo of the day, we can get that lame-ass RE-UNION question going again. That's always good for a couple of weeks.

Message: 32457 Posted: Tue Apr 06 05:26:09 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

I actually like the photo of the day. Kinda fun and some of the photos are wonderful touchstones to some great memories.

Message: 32456 Posted: Tue Apr 06 04:19:48 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: The Daily Photos...

Ouch. Okay, Jimbob, thanks for your imput. And, seriously, I don't want to get into a discussion of who appreciates the Photo Of The Day and who doesn't because, really, that's irrelevant and counterproductive. The purpose was not to increase anyone's awareness of the photos. I know everyone has seen all the photos. Heck, some of us study them on a daily or weekly basis. The purpose was levity. Also, although I haven't kept track, I think there has been a pretty fair representation between both Dewey and Gerry in the photos I've chosen. And, finally, above all else, you are welcome to hit the next button and not look at the posts at all. So, I hope you won't mind if I continue with this because, I enjoy it.

Photo Of The Day:

Message: 32455 Posted: Tue Apr 06 03:13:40 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: The Daily Photos...

Hey Mo, you dont need to keep the daily photos coming on this page. Like, most, if not all America fans are aware of these pics anyway. We know you like Gerry, we all do, but lets just hang back a bit on the Gerry Gerry Gerry thing. These pages will benefit from it!

Message: 32454 Posted: Mon Apr 05 19:51:10 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to everyone who participated in last night's listening party. Next Sunday night will be Hourglass, 10 PM EDT. Hope you can be there.

Message: 32453 Posted: Mon Apr 05 17:31:39 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale...Thanks Johnny!

I just received the America items I ordered from Johnny. Everthing is exactly as he described, they were professionally packaged and I highly recommend any of Johnny's memorabila.
Hey Johnny, great black & white photo of Gerry playing his famous '97 Taylor 614GB Signature model. It is exactly like the guitar I own. Thanks for offering it.

Thanks Johnny!

Message: 32452 Posted: Mon Apr 05 11:30:12 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Belated Happy Birthday, Mo!

Mo - I hope you had a good one!

Love the daily photos, keep 'em coming.

Message: 32451 Posted: Mon Apr 05 11:24:24 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Belated Happy Birthday, Mo Mo!

Mo...Didn't know your birthday was upon us! So, my best LATE wishes! Hope you had a nice one! answer to your Gerry girl/Dewey girl poll...I think you know by now: "I'm only there for the music!" (Which doesn't mean I'm immune to their stunning good looks...after all, I'm not dead YET!) I WILL enter my 5 yr. old niece, Allison, as a definite Gerry girl though! (She refers to him as "GerGer"!) His framed photo is at her bedside! She's going to freak out when I give her her Easter basket with the signed America CD front and center! 8 yr. old nephew will be happy as well, but scouting out all the Lord of the Rings goodies contained within.

Message: 32450 Posted: Mon Apr 05 08:24:06 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: All Shook Up

I have uploaded the opening track on Nelson's "Because They Can" album so you can hear what they sound like. It will be available for the next day or so. Click on the link below to listen.

(You Got Me) All Shook Up

Message: 32449 Posted: Mon Apr 05 08:16:30 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Dallas Concert

Following up on what Red Oak had to say, the Nelsons have toured with America before and when they did I bought their "Because I Can" CD. It is really good and I would definitely recommend it. I'll see about posting a soundclip so you can see what they sound like.

Message: 32448 Posted: Mon Apr 05 08:10:59 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Dallas Concert

Nelson(the group) consists of twin brothers(I believe) Matthew & Gunnar and are the sons of the 50s, 60s, & 70s bebopper Rick Nelson. Since you have to be old to know Rick Nelson(Garden Party), he was on the TV show Ozzie & Harriet from the 50s. He & his brother David were the sons of Ozzie & Harriet Nelson. Saw the Nelsons on a tribute show recently covering their Dad's songs & they were very good. They should be fun to hear.

Message: 32447 Posted: Mon Apr 05 05:49:06 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo(s) Of The Day

It's a snowy (dagnabbit) Monday, so I think we all deserve a double dose of our heroes this morning. All in favor, say I (I've never known, is it say I or say aye?). Thank you. And opposed, nay. Thank you. Motion carries.

What a great looking couple. And to think these guys have been together for more than 30 years. That's more than most married couples can claim:
So, I have to ask you guys. What is your secret to putting up with each other for so long?:

Well, thank you for that insight.

Message: 32446 Posted: Mon Apr 05 05:44:09 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Dallas Concert

The Smirnoff Music Centre is a large outdoor ampitheater so I was pretty much assuming there would be other bands on the bill, which probably means a short set. They will be there with "Styx with Peter Frampton" (I guess this means Frampton is playing w/ Styx?) and Nelson. I hate to appear this ignorant, but who is Nelson? The name is not ringing a bell.

I'm going to have to revise my attendance plans and will probably now leave the kids at home. Oh well, thank goodness grandma lives nearby!

Mo - Happy (late) birthday - loved the trio pic!

Ya'll have a great Monday.

Message: 32445 Posted: Mon Apr 05 00:37:52 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Here kitty, kitty, kitty . . .

Meow Mellow Music Lovers

Feline fans: take a look at Cool. Love his music/talent/spiritual conviction.

It's the Year of Johnny Kat . . . : )

Bird Lady

Message: 32444 Posted: Sun Apr 04 22:15:07 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Italian Interview

Federico and unnamed niece,
Thank you for the wonderful video interview and all around awesome exposure for our heroes on the GQ website. Very cool. I loved it. Good questions. I loved the superstition one--that was great. Let me see, I'm taking notes, funny, and no whining. Harumph. Duly noted.

Have a good sleep, all.
(I should try doing that myself.)

Message: 32443 Posted: Sun Apr 04 18:53:51 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Subtlety & Passion

Since it has been my practice on Sunday mornings lately to play my PURCHASED mp3 track of Robert Lamm's "Another Sunday," I thought it might be a good idea to purchase the whole CD. It came in the mail about a week ago along with my other purchase--a DVD called "Rockin' In The USA" which had been recommended by our very own Traveler.

"Subtlety & Passion" is a good CD and worth the price of admission. I'm not a more than average interested fan of Chicago. I've enjoyed their music via the radio but not bought their work. So, admittedly, my interest in this CD was sparked by my bias to Mr. Beckley's contribution. Fortunately, "Another Sunday" is not the only good song here. Actually, the entire CD is worthy of finger snapping--one of my favorite pastimes. Ironically, I would say "Another Sunday" is the most Chicago-esque tune of the lot--the very one co-written by our own Beckley and his "brother" Lamm. Actually, the whole thing could probably pass for a Chicago album. There are songs here that conjure up "The Girl From Ipanema" and a reggae tune. How hip. Well, I'm not one to be defining hip, I suppose. But, hey, variety is always a good thing.

My only complaint is not a musical one. It's regarding the packaging. It's dull. The CD itself is a very dull variety of grey, as if grey is ever anything but dull. And although the CD cover boasts an original artwork by Mr. Lamm, the cover and inside is just as dull as the CD. Where is the photography? Perhaps Mr. Beckley could introduce Mr. Lamm to Mr. Diltz. Seriously, these are some pretty good looking old farts...Lamm, Beckley, Schmit. What's wrong with a little cross-marketing? Go for the visual appeal as well as the audio. Might as well be shameless. Everybody else is.

"Rockin' In The USA" is not necessarily worth the price of admission--unless of course you really love the song "Mad Dog" like I do. That is the America selection here on this eclectic mix of live versions from some of rock's most famous acts. The "Mad Dog" video is obviously an outtake of the MusikLaden footage. The question is, is this actually the audio track that goes with the video shown? Because, if so, where the heck is the horn section? I am not convinced. But, hey, I'm not one to complain about any version of my hero(s) on video, so, yes--for me--this is worth the price of admission.

Gotta go, I'm late for no lifer, Sunday version.

Message: 32442 Posted: Sun Apr 04 18:20:56 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Re: Weather Report

My bichon frise (dog) does the same thing as your cat when it is cold outside! He goes to different doorways asking to go out and when they are opened and he catches a burst of cold air, he backs up as if to say "Nope, not that one either." Reginald White "Fat Man" Carruthers is his name and eating food is his game. The average weight for the breed is 7-12 pounds and he weighs 20! He has yet to meet a food item that is not to his liking. He is aka "RJ", after Robert Wagner the actor, who was my first celebrity crush when he played in "IT TAKES A THEIF" on television. May I add that he is still a babe, and I adored his role as #2 in the Austin Powers films with Mikey M.

Girl Fan

Message: 32441 Posted: Sun Apr 04 16:54:03 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Jeff Beck/Ambitious

I believe that around this time last year there was some discussion about Gerry's appearance in Jeff Beck's 1985 video Ambitious. It's a clever video, based on the premise that Jeff is auditioning singers, amongst whom are Gerry and Donny Osmond. I have yet to find this video anywhere. Has anyone seen it and if so, do you know where I might get a copy? Thanks.

Message: 32440 Posted: Sun Apr 04 08:22:41 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party-Perspective

Tonight's listening party will feature Perspective. By popular request, the time has been changed to 10 PM EDT. Hope you can join us.

Message: 32439 Posted: Sun Apr 04 07:32:35 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: houston tickets

how can i get really good seats for the houston concert. (woodlands pavillion)

My guess is that the best way to assure good seats is to buy season tickets. Season ticket holders usually get the best seats. Other than that, you'll probably want to get tickets just as soon as they go on sale and their web site doesn't even list the show yet so it's hard to say when the tickets will go on sale. You could try calling the venue and see if they can help. Good luck!

Message: 32438 Posted: Sun Apr 04 06:34:23 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Weather Report

Believe it or not, it's friggin' snowing here. Tsk. Tsk. I suppose that is better than the weather we had this weekend one year ago. That was the incredible ice storm that knocked out our power for days and, even worse, hindered the trek to Casino Rama. Mother Nature can be such a wench. Our kitty keeps going to different doors and begging to go outside. When you open the door, she backs up and shakes her head. It's like she thinks the weather will be different at different doorways, like another whole dimension at every door. That would be cool. I think she's onto something there.

Danae, I used a program we have at work. I think it's called Adobe Photo Shop or something like that.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody. It was a bright spot in an otherwise unusual birthday since I ended up with the stomach flu along with everyone else in my family except Jeff. Unfortunately for him, that meant lots of TLC and nursemaiding for all of us la-la's. There's only one good thing about that whole sickness scenario...weight loss.

And two final notes: 1) Go Red Sox. (First game tonight.)
2) Go UConn. (If it can't be Pitt, it might as well be Big East.)

Message: 32437 Posted: Sun Apr 04 06:04:29 2004 By: Sergio
Subject: Schroeder (Gerry) Bobbin' head sale

Hello all! I have four Peanuts' Schroeder bobbers for sale! I was going to list them on e-Bay, but I thought that the "Schroeder-Gerry" fans on the chat folder might consider this a veritable piece of "Gerrybilia", so I am offering it to them first~ All 4 are mint in box, each one features Schroeder playing his piano, approximately 6" high by 5" long, and the piano has a shiny red holiday ornament on it. Schroeder is beautifully painted and sculpted to his comic strip likeness. These are now retired and no longer available. Each one sells for $15.00. If interested, e-mail me for pictures, final cost with shipping/handling and payment details. This offer is good for one week only.

Message: 32436 Posted: Sat Apr 03 17:42:13 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: happy belated birthday

Happy Belated birthday Mo - hope it was as super as your picture! Too funny!

Message: 32435 Posted: Sat Apr 03 17:25:40 2004 By: R Robin
Subject: houston tickets

how can i get really good seats for the houston concert. (woodlands pavillion)

Message: 32434 Posted: Sat Apr 03 15:08:12 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Photo Of The Day:
Goin' MY way?...

Message: 32433 Posted: Sat Apr 03 12:53:42 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Joe Does All My Life

Joe, you've done it again, a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite America songs of all time. I must confess, I sang along with it, like Karaoke, and my singing did absolutely no justice to your wonderful arrangement :>) Keep up the good work.

Message: 32432 Posted: Sat Apr 03 12:32:04 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Joe Does All My Life

I received another instrumental America cover from Joe Doyle and I love it! This time he has performed "All My Life". He approached this song as a mixture between the recorded version and the live version Gerry does now. It is a 'what if this song was on Homecoming' type of thing. Click here to download/listen to an MP3 version of the song. Thanks, Joe, for your talent and for sharing this with us. Feel free to make comments about the song on this Chat Folder.

Message: 32431 Posted: Sat Apr 03 12:15:43 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Italian Interview

Here are some links to videos and photos on the GQ web site:

Interview #1 (Video in QuickTime format)
Interview #2 (Video in QuickTime format)

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5
Photo #6
Photo #7
Photo #8
Photo #9
Photo #10

Message: 32430 Posted: Sat Apr 03 11:51:09 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Italian Interview

Federico Giampieri and his niece organized an interview with America for the Italian release of the magazine GQ's web site. Take a look at The article is in Italian but there are some cool photos and I think you'll get the gist of it.

Thanks for setting up the interview and for sharing this link with us Federico.

Message: 32429 Posted: Sat Apr 03 07:31:19 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (for Mo)


Wow. How did you make it?

Message: 32428 Posted: Sat Apr 03 05:54:05 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day (Beth)

I wondered if anyone would catch the logo. Good eye. Glad you guys got a kick out of it. It was a fun project.

Message: 32427 Posted: Sat Apr 03 00:28:05 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

My Mo,
THANKS for the big laugh!
Adorable! Really.

Message: 32426 Posted: Fri Apr 02 20:16:05 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

OMG Mo!!! Excellent work! I especially like the logo!!!


Message: 32425 Posted: Fri Apr 02 19:32:33 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Hey Moser! That picture is fantastic!! Your time at work was definately well spent! Happy Birthday...

Message: 32424 Posted: Fri Apr 02 18:28:32 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Hi Linda...I really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for making them available. It's nice to meet them, isn't it? Makes for special memories...

Cindy...from the South

Message: 32423 Posted: Fri Apr 02 18:26:17 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Moser, you are a scream!! I love it! I want a copy! Please send me one...I'm serious!

I'm still laughing!
Cindy F.T.South

Message: 32422 Posted: Fri Apr 02 18:21:52 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Happy Birthday, Moser! Loved the trio pic!

Those on the road pics are incredible!

Karen, that was during the Last Unicorn that Rick played the recorder, or whatever it's called. I think Gary(the other Gary at the hotel) said it's called a penny whistle. And speaking of that Gary, I enjoyed meeting him and Laura - now I hope I got her name correct. BTW, I only took my camera out after Pete started taking pictures. Did he say what he's doing with them? He and Willie were so easy to talk to. I think we could have gone on for hours without trying to figure out what to say next. Really enjoyed meeting Rich at the stage, too. I had to keep pulling out my pen so he could sign more autographs, which of course I was happy to do. Jan, I sing along to all the songs, too. Thankfully, the music is loud enough to drown me out. Gary, Fond du Lac, is only 157 miles from Chicago, so I expect to see you and Jan there!! Joan, we were right next to you when you sang to Willie.

Kristal, you don't need a password to see my pics. If you're still having problems, email me.

Message: 32421 Posted: Fri Apr 02 17:23:00 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert

Hey Joan! Which one were you? We also stayed and got autographs from all of the guys after the concert by the stage. We were the ones they gave one of the set list too. I was one of the only 2 guys by the stage. I heard your group singing happy birthday. Were you also by the backdoor of the stage when the guys came out? Karen,Linda,Jan and myself were right there. Sorry we didnt hook up with you at the concert. Anyway glad you had fun and we would love to drive up to the Fond Du Lac show to see everyone again. How far is it from Chicago?

Message: 32420 Posted: Fri Apr 02 17:20:40 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: Since you asked

Some of you know that I have been trying to book a private concert with the "the guys" for our baby's baptismal celebration. I just got off the phone with the person at the William Morris Agency who schedules them but they "are not available." Had they been available it would have cost "$35,000 plus, plus."

Now I'm off to find Stephen Stills or Tony Bennett . . .

Havin' a blast,


PS Moser: Hope yer Irish eyes are smilin' with a birthday sparkle today . . . : )

Message: 32419 Posted: Fri Apr 02 16:59:16 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Milwaukee Concert

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time--my computer was out getting repaired soon after my last post on this site. I wasn't able to read any of the posts until today. Sorry I didn't get to meet any of you at the concert. It sounds as though you all had a great time--we did also. We were in the Sports Grill Bar before the concert for a short time and now I am sorry that we didn't go there again after the concert and have the experience that all of you did. How exciting it must have been to sit and talk with Dewey, Willie and Pete. We ended up going to the Aqua Restaurant and Bar which was attached to our hotel, Park East, in downtown Milwaukee. Before we left though we did get autographs from Willie and Rich and even sang Happy Birthday to Willie with a couple of other fans. It was so gracious of them to come back out and give autographs. I hope we do get to meet all of you at the Fond du Lac concert.

Message: 32418 Posted: Fri Apr 02 16:47:02 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee Concert ! ( Jan and Gary)

Hi Jan! Hi to Gary, too!! I sure wish we would have been able to get a picture of all of us together. I was thinking about you today and hoping you'd share your thoughts about your concert experience, so I was glad to see your post. Hopefully we can meet up again at another America concert in our area!

Joan - are you out there? We're sorry we didn't get to meet you! Maybe at Fond du Lac, if it works out for us to go. I hope you had a fun night in Milwaukee.


Message: 32417 Posted: Fri Apr 02 16:37:54 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Happy Birthday, Mo!

Hi Mo - I hope you're having a great day!! I hope you didn't have to make your own birthday cake and that someone took care of that for you! Nice job on the "trio" photo! Looks real to me! Karen

Message: 32416 Posted: Fri Apr 02 16:31:04 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Photo of The Day

Me Again :)

Only You Mo ~~ Only You ~~ Thanks for the ear to ear smiles, I see part of my birthday wish to you came true... AMERICA as a Trio again ~~ Nice Dream You brought to a Visual there... Too Much! :)

Hi Robyn ~~ Sorry to hear about your neighbor's house catching on fire! I hope all will be well for them.

Hi there Jan & Gary ~~ I enjoyed reading your thoughts of the show, so it was your first time seeing them, what a thoughtful gift your guypal gave you for your B'day! One thing I can tell you, I have seen them 3 times and each time feels like the first, and I can never seem to get enough of their shows... I like the part where you said both of you sang every song ~~ I can relate with that visual for sure! Enjoy your AMERICA High, hold onto it as long as you can... :)

Thanks Steve for the added shows update ~~ Wow they are coming to the Keswick in Oct... Speechwriter did you see that? ~~ Sooo Happy for you Kimcabrina, that a show is heading your way again. :)

Hey there Bones ~~ What a thoughtful birthday gift you got for Mo! You are one Smooth Monkeyshiner at times, always full of Surprises! Too Much! :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone, see ya, Nancy :) ;)

~~~ and your Love is a light that binds us both, and with each breath I Hope that we won't throw it all away... I'm the Loneliest Star from the Sun... but I feel that I'm close to the One that can stop me from coming Undone, cause I'm freeee, don't you know I'm freee ~~~ with Your Love I know that I could be the best, with Your Love, I know that I could take the rest, with Your Love, if anyone would mess with your Love, we could be possessed with Your Loveeeee... Yep Seal still is holding me captive with the Magic of this song! :) ;)

Message: 32415 Posted: Fri Apr 02 15:57:01 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Photo Of The Day

Moser You crack me up! I really needed that. My neighbors house caught fire at 4 o'clock this morning and it has been an emotional day for all of us.

Have a Happy Birthday Moser!

Message: 32414 Posted: Fri Apr 02 15:37:21 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Milwaukee Concert ! ( Jan and Gary)

Wow! That is all we can say about the America concert this week. Gary and I knew it would be awesome as soon as we sat down in our booth, dead center with no one in front of us. It felt like America was playing just for us in our own living room. Before the show, we went to eat at the restaurant in the casino. You could tell we were anxious because we arrived there at 5:20, almost 3 hours before concert time. We had a great dinner with a wonderful waitress. As we were leaving we recognized Linda and Karen and her husband in the bar. It was so nice meeting them and connecting with true "America" fans. Our mutual interest bonded us immediately and made for a very nice concert experience. Gary and I LOVED the concert, sang along through the entire hour and a half. We were so sorry to have the concert end and would have loved to hear "All My Life". But we are not complaining. This was my first time seeing America in concert after loving them for years and years. I was so thrilled to be there, thanks to my friend Gary's birthday treat. Thanks America for the best birthday present ever! Can't wait until the next concert. Jan

Message: 32413 Posted: Fri Apr 02 15:18:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Thank you very much for all the great birthday wishes. I appreciate your thoughts--Cindy FTS, Gen (love the bit about the lips), Nancy, Bones (I'll be checking the mail), and AG.

I wasn't very useful at work today...well, even less useful than usual. That was mostly due to the fact that I spent a good portion of the day making this birthday present for myself...Photo Of The Day:
America is a trio again...

Message: 32412 Posted: Fri Apr 02 13:40:52 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: MOSER

Happy, Happy Birthday Moser!!! Have a great Birthday!!! :) :) :)

Message: 32411 Posted: Fri Apr 02 10:42:31 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: More Shows

Keswick.... here we come!!!! Yahoo!!


Message: 32410 Posted: Fri Apr 02 10:22:44 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: More Shows

YAHOO!!! They're coming to Dallas - I was about to give up hope. Smirnoff is an outdoor ampitheater. I'm going to start looking for tickets now.

This has made my whole week!!!!


Message: 32409 Posted: Fri Apr 02 10:17:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More Shows

I just received the following from Erin Edwards:

5/14/04 Dallas, TX / Smirnoff Music Centre
5/15/04 The Woodlands (Houston), TX / Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
9/16/04 Topeka, KS / Topeka Performing Arts Center
10/22/04 Glenside, PA / Keswick Theater

Message: 32408 Posted: Fri Apr 02 08:54:47 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: MOSER

Hey Mo, Happy Birthday. I sent you a "Michael Bolton sings the blues" CD for a present. Should be their soon. It's in the mail. Have a good one.

Message: 32407 Posted: Fri Apr 02 08:48:59 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: I found a few gems!!

I went to a music store last evening. They sell previously owned vinyl, cds, tapes, etc. I found 4 America albums, 2-45’s and a copy of Goldmine magazine!

The album self titled ‘America’ - was never opened from its original store plastic. I have this album already, but am curious what is on the sleeve. The 1st one I own that is opened is just a plain sleeve. I am curious if this was the original sleeve or not? And should I open the new one and get it autographed??

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I found Harbor and it had a poster in side. They are all in great shape and I am tickled to find such a treasure to add to my collection. I also found, History - Greatest Hits and Homecoming (I think).

39 days and counting.... Reading, PA

Kristal ;0)

Message: 32406 Posted: Fri Apr 02 08:34:45 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Last night's show

Wow ~ What a night! Thanks for all of the details. I am so excited that you got to hear Survival and the Last Unicorn.

Linda ~I tried to pull up your pictures but couldn't. Do I need a password?? I can't wait to see them.

Have a great day ~ Kristal

Message: 32405 Posted: Fri Apr 02 08:29:26 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: update

Wow Steve, how impressive my European fellow fans sent you so many pics! I'm glad for what it means (eg their interest in the band and THIS WONDERFUL site!!!). Yeah! Thank you people for showing America that we love them here very much too!

ps: Steve, sorry for not answering your message sooner, but it seems we had the same kind of hectic week! Need a good rest, really!

Message: 32404 Posted: Fri Apr 02 08:15:49 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: update

Gen, I have received over 100 photos from the concerts in Europe and I hope to have time to post them someday (life always seems to be hectic but this past week has been a double dose). It was interesting that I received very similar (almost identical) photos as the ones that you and Erin took. I appreciate everyone who sent me photos and for your patience in allowing me to post them when I have time. This weekend I have some inside remodeling to do so I may or may not have time to post the first set of photos. However, I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Message: 32403 Posted: Fri Apr 02 07:57:04 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: MOSER ~ Thanks from Dewey~Last Nights Show!

Hi Hooo Everyone ~~ TGIF :) ;)

Happy Birthday Dear Mo ~~ Have a Very Gerry Day! ~~ Best wishes to you, and May all of your Dreams become Realizations! :) :) :)

Hi Steve ~~ Thanks for passing along Dewey's message of thanks. Dewey ~~ Sooo Neat to hear you found our poems to be creative literary expertise ~~ WOW that is just Wow! Thanks! :)

Soooooo happy for You Danae! ~~ Keep on having Hope, and I am sure you will get to take in a AMERICA!

Hi there Karen & Linda ~~~ Thanks for your thoughts on the show. Nice to hear you were treated with the long set... Such a shame tho, All MyLife wasn't heard... Darn that casino and their strict time limits...I enjoyed getting to see Linda's pics, thanks Linda for sharing them with us. Soooo neat ~~ getting to spend some time sharing the gift of gab with Dewey, Willie & Pete... Nice to see the happy smiles on the pics... Karen, what a neat idea to put together the Birthday Poems in a book with the Collages as covers.. Nice Memory Keepsakes for sure! I am sure you are finding it hard to focus on your work today.. Enjoy Cloud 10 as long as you can! :)

Yes yes yes ~~ I too am soooo Excited about the update news on the venturahwy site.. I can't wait for the Mailman to bring my AMERICA Live in Sydney DVD and I will still patiently wait for the new CD to be completed. ~~~ Yep I will second JeffB's wondering if we will be treated to some Songlips along the way! I sure hope sooo! :)

Hey there Beth ~~ I APPLAUD this Boomer Radio for playing some really nice Pleasure Treasure songs... Right Before My Eyes.... such a neat Gerry song!:)

Cheers Goanna ~~ Neat triv question.... way to go Ainsley, getting it right!

Thanks Rich ~~ For sharing your NightOwl view from the camera, I just love how you have captured the multicolor night rainbow hues! :)

Hey there Redddd ~~ Get ready to park Nelleybelle and head home early to have a Moondance with your Mrs. :) Yep TGIF ;)

Well time to share my April Calender caption ~~ Spontanaety is spelled out nicely here for sure " Embrace the Unexpected! It Keeps Life Interesting" Wow what a visual burst this caption gives me! :)~~ Also time to turn our clocks ahead this weekend, sooo we can hold onto another hour of daylight once again! :)

Hey there Jimmmmmmmmmmbob~~hope all is well with you! Is it time for you to head to Sydney yet? I hope you have been practicing with that Harmonica! :)

Okay gotta get for now ~~ Seee ya, Nancy :)

~~~ And my heart is breaking Just for You, just for you... and my arms are open just for you, just foryou, and these tears I'm crying are just foryou, justforyou, I'm looking for protection, give me shelter from the storm, I just hope this light inside me keeps me strong, and my heart is breaking Just for You, just for you, and my arms are open wide, just for you,just for you, and these tears I'm crying are just for you ~~ Sing it for me again Lionel Ritchie ~~ Wow has Lionel filled his new song with a Passionate burst of Meaning! :) ;)

Message: 32402 Posted: Fri Apr 02 07:30:11 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: update

Haha! How funny to realize Erin E. took almost the same pic I took from (almost) the same angle!!! Oh well, of course, this was THE pic to take! ;-)

Message: 32401 Posted: Fri Apr 02 07:27:44 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: America

Yep, Jeff! Great suggestion!

Message: 32400 Posted: Fri Apr 02 07:26:44 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: MOSER

Oh is it your b-day my Mo?
So then a very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY B-Day to you !!!
Have a GREAT day. And smile because it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your lips, hey! ;-)

Message: 32399 Posted: Fri Apr 02 06:59:48 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Right Before Your Eyes

Ok.....someone on my Boomer Radio is doing a cover of this tune. Nicely done. Who is it??


Message: 32398 Posted: Fri Apr 02 06:55:56 2004 By: Jeff B.
Subject: America

New CD....Yep! soundclips?

Message: 32397 Posted: Fri Apr 02 06:53:23 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: MOSER


Have a wonderful day!

Cindy...from the South

Message: 32396 Posted: Fri Apr 02 04:41:22 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Thanks From Dewey

Thanks Steve.

Message: 32395 Posted: Fri Apr 02 03:15:45 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Milwaukee (correction)

Hi Jenna, and everyone! Good question about the penny whistle. It was actually a recorder that Rich played during The Last Unicorn. Mike reminded me that Willie told us that it was a recorder. I think during the show Gerry called it a penny whistle, probably jokingly. I can't remember what a penny whistle is, and I was also thinking "tin whistle" which is a celtic or Irish instrument, I think? So see what staying up late does to me - I get easily confused! : )

It's really nice of Dewey to thank us for the poem booklet.

Message: 32394 Posted: Thu Apr 01 20:01:17 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Dewey/Young Moon

Dewey, I haven't given up hope that you'll sing Young Moon at the upcoming shows! I think the fans would love it!

Message: 32393 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:55:13 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale... additional info

If there is more than one interested person, I'll draw a name. The email address for the "Johnny's Cash Society" is:

Message: 32392 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:54:47 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale...additional info

If there is more than one interested person, I'll draw a name. The email address for the "Johnny's Cash Society" is:

Message: 32391 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:47:39 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Thanks From Dewey

Bones, I'm not aware of any release dates. I know that Gerry and Dewey have been working on a new release for quite some time now, but I don't think they want to give any expectations that they can't meet. Therefore, it's my opinion that we won't hear about any release dates until it's almost done. The fact that they have mentioned it on the VH.COM web site seems to indicate that it must be getting close (whatever "close" means).

Message: 32390 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:45:56 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: AMERICA Memorabilia Sale

35) "Van Go Gan" CD. Played a number of times but not too, too many. Maybe less than twenty? Still in good condition. Complete with CD insert in English as well as the one in Japanese. Proceeds go to the "Johnny's Cash Society". $19.50 + actual shipping cost.

Message: 32389 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:26:14 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Re: The update

I just looked at my post and I wrote this : "Let's hope for some great music...although America has only disappointed with the Your Move album, and even that has a couple good songs on it."
I meant to write "America has only disappointed me with the Your Move album" I guess it sounded like I implied everyone was disapppointed which I'm sure is misleading. So I wanted to just fix my mistake.
Rob L

Message: 32388 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:21:19 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: The update

Hey David, thanks for reminding me that it wasn't Moser who initially alerted us to the Ventura information. I guess I had thought it was you. And thanks to Moser for the alert for us. Let's hope for some great music...although America has only disappointed with the Your Move album, and even that has a couple good songs on it. So I'm thinking it will be really good. Human Nature was brilliant although a bit on the produced synth-y side for my tastes. But I still love the music they've been making the past 5 years or so. I'm thinking it will be really good.

Message: 32387 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:19:07 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Off Topic, But Still....

I know, I know, this is the AMERICA Chat....but you guys!! Have you seen the newest Victoria's Secret Commercial??? Bob Dylan!!! OMG!!!


Message: 32386 Posted: Thu Apr 01 19:08:41 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Thanks From Dewey

Has there been a projected release date of the DVD and CD?

Message: 32385 Posted: Thu Apr 01 18:54:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Thanks From Dewey

Dewey asked me to pass along the following: "Thanks so much for the folder of birthday wishes I received in Milwaukee. I really appreciate the thoughtful gestures and creative literary expertise!"

Message: 32384 Posted: Thu Apr 01 18:40:58 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Milwaukee

Hey Karen & Linda,

Sounds like you had a fun night in Milwaukee! Great that you got to hear Survival & Last Unicorn too. By the way, what's a penny whistle or is it self explanatory? Way to go...that's so cool you got to hang out with Dewey & Willie too. Hope Willie had a great birthday too!

Message: 32383 Posted: Thu Apr 01 18:40:42 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: Re: Maybe


100% correct

Message: 32382 Posted: Thu Apr 01 17:38:00 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: ventura highway update

Actually, it wasn't me, but Moser, who alerted me about the update on the America site.

Message: 32381 Posted: Thu Apr 01 17:20:23 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Excited

Love all this speculation! But most of all, love the prospect of new America music; can't be soon enough for me! Looking forward to seeing the band at Reading and over the summer.

Message: 32380 Posted: Thu Apr 01 17:01:54 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Last night's show

Hi Karen L.!

Thanks a million for putting together the albums of our poems for Dewey and Gerry Gerry Gerry. Great job!!

Cindy...from the South

Message: 32379 Posted: Thu Apr 01 16:33:35 2004 By: Ainsley
Subject: Re: Maybe

I'm guessing Venetta Fields.

Message: 32378 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:58:43 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: vh site pics

My main question is how in the world Rich gets such beautiful night pictures? The images are so crisp and clear.

I don't know the answer to your question, Kim, but I wrote to Rich last night and told him what great photos they were. I'm guessing he has a very nice camera and possibly uses a tripod to get the night photos. This morning Rich replied to my message as follows: "Yep, they posted a couple more from my collection. Night photography is a great hobby for a night owl like myself... Milwaukee went great. I like the showroom there. Not too small, not too big."

Message: 32377 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:28:54 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: Dewey, I love you

Danae, I got a HUGE GRIN on my face for you! YEA!!! Yea Sir Dew!!! So happy for you, kiddo!


Message: 32376 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:14:02 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Vocal Hall of Fame

Thanks, Steve & Steve on the info on the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. I haven't voted much recently but I'll definitely vote for this one! Yay!! what a great election (and HOF) where anyone can vote as opposed to the R&R Hall of Fame. Maybe someday they'll be entered in the duo category?

Message: 32375 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:07:26 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Dewey, I love you

I LOVE YOU DEWEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen... THANK YOU!!!!


Message: 32374 Posted: Thu Apr 01 13:00:52 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Last night's show

Thanks for posting our story and your pictures so promptly, Linda! I was anxious to see those pictures!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It definitely was a fun time last night. I had taken the day off work so I could be organized and get there in an early, relaxed fashion. However, we got a later start than we'd hoped, then we hit slow traffic in Madison due to a "man-hunt" for whomever abducted that UW-Madison student (if you've followed that story on the news). So Mike & I didn't get to the casino until about 6:45.

We spotted Linda and Gary & Jan almost right away, and they seemed to see us at the same time! Good thing we gave each other our descriptions, because it was very crowded! (Once we started talking, it felt to me like we'd known each other a long time. I guess that's because we America fans are kindred spirits, right?)

Early on in the show, Gerry told the crowd that some casinos make them keep to the short set and others say they can go longer, but not too long. He said the cool thing about this casino is they let them play their entire set. So right there I was thinking that for sure would be the long set and might include two encores. As Linda mentioned, we'd find out later the casino made them stick to 90 minutes. I guess that is the long set, right? But it still went WAY too fast.

I loved hearing "The Last Unicorn" and enjoy watching Woodz do his thing to make those beautiful sounds. Gary and Linda - help me out, was it during this song that Rich played a penny whistle? I somehow missed that, and I thought I was watching Rich a lot too. I always miss something - there's so much to take in! My senses are just overwhelmed (in a good way)! And I hadn't realized that Woodz sings quite a bit during "Woman Tonight". For a second I was thinking, "where's that coming from - who's singing that?!" He did really well! A multi-talented guy. I also love hearing "Survival" and "Never Be Lonely"! I could hardly see the birthday boy behind his drums though, from my angle, but he sounded good!

When they came out to do an encore, I thought Dewey said, "we were going to do a 6-song encore, but ..." - that would have been alright with me!! I finally caught the horse dip, though! I kept missing that at other shows, it goes so quickly.

After the show, Rich came back out on stage. I yelled, "Hi Rich!" and he heard me right away, which made me happy as I can't yell loudly. He seems like such a sweetheart - came over and talked to people and did autographs. I didn't ask for his this time, as I already have one from him and it was kind of busy at the moment. We called Willie over and gave him a little birthday cake and a card we had signed. (I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a birthday cake on their birthday, and I didn't know if he'd get one being on the road and all.)

As Linda mentioned, we were fortunate enough to be able to meet up with some of them again later in the evening. I'll never forget Willie motioning that we could join them at their table. That just made my day. Pete even had a camera and took some pictures, didn't he Linda? I just love Pete and Willie and miss them already! So glad to have pictures with them to remember the time we got to hang out with them.

I did give Dewey his birthday poem booklet, and Pete said he'd give Gerry's to him. They ended up looking very "home-made", and I had a little trouble with the laminate in that I think I trimmed it too close and it didn't stick. Oh well, I hope they like them anyway. Danae - Dewey was asking where you got one of the pictures. I'll have to look at your collage again and let you know which one it was. It was toward the upper lefthand corner. I pointed out that his cover was designed by you, and he said, "oh, she's the 14-year old!" I thought that was nice. See, he knows who you are!

In my rush to get out the door from home, I didn't take pictures of the birthday poem booklets to share with you after all, but I'll try to describe. Dewey's front cover is Danae's collage on black background, as I couldn't get it to print full size for some reason yesterday. On the inside pages, I printed the poems that I'd copied/pasted from the archive to Word and put in page breaks so no poems would split between two pages. I printed them on stationery that is light purple and blueish and pinkish with white dots - kind of reminds me of the night sky. On the inside front cover I printed something like, "A Collective Poem to Dewey Bunnell from his fans on the America Chat Folder, presented on his 52nd birthday, January 19, 2004. Front and back covers designed by Danae who lives in Greece." The back cover is the wallpaper Danae did of just him and his guitar and the words, "I've been through the desert on a horse with no name . . . ". Gerry's is similar. It has Danae's collage as the front cover and Mo's collage as the back cover. Inside front cover said something like, "A Collective Poem to Gerry Beckley from his fans on the America Chat Folder, presented on his 51st birthday, September 12, 2003. Front cover designed by Danae who lives in Greece. Back cover designed by Moser from upstate New York." I three-hole punched each of them and tied gold ribbons in the holes, well actually my sister did. She came to our house to take care of our boys and I was running late so she pitched in. I should probably be embarrassed that I did that - after all I'm a grown woman with a family and responsibilities with other things I should be doing! But, this is a one-time thing, and it was kind of fun.

Oh yeah - after the two-hour drive home, it was 2:45 a.m. when we walked in the door. The alarm went off at 5:00. It was a short night, but it was fun! Gary - you'll have to post your view of the evening!

Message: 32373 Posted: Thu Apr 01 12:10:34 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

I still have an unopened copy of VGG that I offered about a month ago in exchange for a $25.00 donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please refer to message #31748 March 2. If you are interested, email me and I will give you more details.

Message: 32372 Posted: Thu Apr 01 10:21:50 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: vh site pics

Well, I see they've added captions to the "on the road" pics and it looks like Rich and Erin are the photographers. My main question is how in the world Rich gets such beautiful night pictures? The images are so crisp and clear.


Message: 32371 Posted: Thu Apr 01 09:47:27 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Excited

Hey everyone,
Thanks to David Stengele for alerting everyone to the update of the Ventura site. I'm so excited (as I'm sure we all are for the upcoming DVD release and also for the release of the brand new album. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Keep on rockin Gerry, Dewey, band, etc. Andrew Gold, you rock as well! I'm ready to bust some new America tunes for this summer, please America consider releasing the album in time so that I can play it loud in my car with windows down. I mean, i suppose it's your album and release it whenever you're ready, but I'm just really psyched for the album to come out. :) :)
I suppose we can just speculate for the next couple months...possible TV press appearances?...a music video?...a VH1 Classic promo appearance? play? I'm just getting some speculation started, that's all...
Rob L

Message: 32370 Posted: Thu Apr 01 07:25:38 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Last night's show

Last night's concert was wonderful! I hadn't seen the guys since last March, so it was about time. When I got to the casino, I sat in the bar to wait for my friend. After a while, a couple came over and asked if I was Linda. I guess my wearing pink gave it away, as everyone else seemed to be wearing black or white. The couple was Gary and gal-pal Jan. (I'm crossing my fingers that I got the name correct - I'm never good with names.) Gary even had to check out my newly-polished nails. They spotted Karen and Mike, so we all had a chance to get to know each other. These are the kind of friends that I hope to see a lot more frequently. It was finally time to head to the showroom and I was thrilled when we heard the beginning of Riverside. None of us wrote down the song list, but it was pretty much what they have been playing lately. We even got "The Last Unicorn", which was a treat for me. Unfortunately, no "Wheels" - I missed hearing that one. Barbe and I sat with 4 others at our table, and it took a while for me to talk them all into standing up when Willie was introduced and yell "happy birthday" to him. I was afraid I'd end up being the only one to do it, but they all joined in. For some reason, Gary knew it was my table right away. I was crossing my fingers when it was encore time, but was a bit disappointed when they all came out - no "All My Life." We saw the set list later, and it was even on there. Found out that they were running over their time limit, and the casino is quite strict with the timing. Darn!!! As always, the show was over way too fast. We hung out for a bit afterwards, but the guys weren't going to come out. We did find the backstage door, so we just happened to be standing there when the guys were leaving. I did yell "Gerry, Gerry, Gerry" so I got a wave. Since Karen had something special for Willie (Karen, I'll let you give more details), we asked Pete if Willie was still around. He told us we could probably catch him at the hotel bar, so that's where Mike, Karen, a nd I headed next. Willie motioned for us to sit with them - lots of fun conversation! This was the first time I got to talk to Pete away from the stage, so I enjoyed getting to know him a bit. Willie shared lots of fun stories. Dewey joined us for a while, which made it all the more fun. We pretty much closed down the bar, but I could have sat there a lot longer. I guess I'm never ready for a concert evening to be over. I hope the others will post here with more details! I only got a few pictures in the hotel bar, and since they're not concert pictures, I wasn't sure if Steve would want them for this site. If you'd like to see them, you can go to and type L.Linda at the bottom left to go to my albums. Now there's a lot more there than I'm sure you care to know about me, but the pictures from last night are at the very bottom of the album list. Karen, I'll send you copies later today.
Thanks America for a very fun night!! And thanks to Willie, Pete, and Dewey for sharing your time with us after the show!

Message: 32369 Posted: Thu Apr 01 06:21:40 2004 By: Danae
Subject: April the first: Day for jokes in Greece!

In Greece there is a custom for today: we tell funny lies to each other and we do farces.
The first who made me her joke today was Lena.
She came excited to tell me that she heard on the radio that America was going to give a concert in the Lycabettus Theater in Athens, in July. I believed it for the first seconds but I remembered the date and told her that I knew it was April the 1st.
The second victim was our ancient greek teacher.
He always does his lesson standing, especially between the desks of Dionisis and mine. So, we drew a circle with a chalk on the floor, and whenever he stepped in, Donysis or me coughed to "tell" the others to start. When the professor was OUTSIDE the circle, we were quiet as a grave. But whenever he was INSIDE, the classroom became a real hell!
Unfortunately, he understood our joke because he looked at the floor. He told us our joke was very successful!

Message: 32368 Posted: Thu Apr 01 06:01:39 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: maybeeeeeeeee

(maybee...) must have been the wine I had tonight

Message: 32367 Posted: Thu Apr 01 06:00:05 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: Here's a really hard quiz question...maybee

Hi everyone,

I haven't been around lately... busy with work and all...

anyway, here's a really good "Quiz Question"

Q/. Who is the person who is named (Vocals) on 2 x America albums that were produced in the 70's, That person NOW lives in Australia and has done for over 15 years...??? good luck..!

Message: 32366 Posted: Thu Apr 01 04:06:52 2004 By: Ingrid
Subject: G & D

Well Mo, I just hate to play favorites. Every child is unique. I was a Dewey's girl from the first time I witnessed a curtain coming up to the strains of Riverside. I thought "Oh, my God. And they're BABES too?!?" Yes I wanted Dewey, but the feeling wasn't mutual -- it was unrequited luv -- The groupie's curse :( As I continued to attend concerts with my heart in pieces (sniff, sniff), it was Master Gerry that seemed to appreciate my devotion to the band. He would smile at me knowingly and he even gave me a hug once in Mesquite, Nevada after the second show. He's easy on the eyes as well, very classy, and he wears Prada. All this to say I LIKE THEM BOTH. They both have power over me. I'm sure you understand.

The Ampersand ; )

Message: 32365 Posted: Thu Apr 01 03:56:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Photo Of The Day

Well, after staying up late with the no lifers, I was hoping to sleep in a little bit. Unfortunately, Riley is feeling a bit under the weather with the stomach flu, so there is no rest for the wicked (me).

The photo for today is a new one. It's from the site where there are new pics to view.
The comments:
Ah, Ger, the cuff of your jeans is mussed. May I just fix that for you? Nah, no problem at all.
Funny, I have a pair of boots almost exactly like that. Now, I will never ever ever throw them away.
And, doesn't it look like there's just enough space on the couch right there in the middle for some lucky draft pick to sit and chat with the team captains? Wouldn't we all just have loved to be there? Yummy.

Message: 32364 Posted: Thu Apr 01 03:40:03 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Draft Picks

By the way, Ingrid, I really would have had you pegged as a Dewey's Girl. Are you sure about the AC/DC answer?

Message: 32363 Posted: Thu Apr 01 03:37:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Draft Picks

I'm pretty sure I can explain what I've meant right here on folder without the risk of losing our PG rating or being fined by the FCC since it's all really straight forward. AC/DC as well as having your cake and eating it too are two ways of saying you don't have to make a choice. At least that's how I understand the idiom of having your cake and eating it too. But, hey, I'm just a podunk girl from western PA, so maybe I'm wrong. It's like shopping for a sweater or something and finding two that you like and instead of choosing one, you throw your hands in the air and just buy both. It is, however, a good idea to invoke the, "Ah, heck, this ole thang..." excuse when the hub says, "New sweater?" for two days in a row. But, I'm pretty sure I digress here.

After re-reading your post, I think I've answered your question but I am not sure. Is that what you meant?

Message: 32362 Posted: Thu Apr 01 01:52:56 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: Thanks, Moser

Hey, that's great news on the Ventura Highway site, about the DVD AND the new music. (I also downloaded some of their wallpapers!)

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