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Message: 34176 Posted: Wed Jun 30 20:45:38 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: reviews

Loved the latest reviews all! Really wished I could've met you all at Atlantic City, but my 2 daughters recital took preference of course. Looking forward to the July East Coast shows though - and thanks Red, I just finally stopped singing that song after last weeks show - now I will sing it for another week! =-) Do they have a DVD out?

Message: 34175 Posted: Wed Jun 30 20:27:56 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Cohasset

Anita said: "What an idyllic spot!" and "...the petunias are gorgeous!"

I agree. Also, that colorful scene -- especially with the flowers -- reminds me of the great images on the back of some of the coolest-looking America tour t-shirt from the past. Too bad the colorful ones are no longer being offered.

Message: 34174 Posted: Wed Jun 30 18:57:57 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: Just A Few...More

A White gituar pick with a signature. Hmmm. Mine's black.
In Gerry/Dewey We Trust!!

Message: 34173 Posted: Wed Jun 30 18:16:35 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Just A Few...More

The address for that is

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Message: 34172 Posted: Wed Jun 30 18:15:18 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Just A Few...More

All of the pics are finally up. All 159 of them. Ouivey Voivey.

Message: 34171 Posted: Wed Jun 30 16:48:03 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Cohasset

Now THAT is a view!


Message: 34170 Posted: Wed Jun 30 14:33:49 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Cohasset

What an idyllic spot! They've got a pretty good groundskeeper, too; the petunias are gorgeous!

Message: 34169 Posted: Wed Jun 30 14:23:20 2004 By: Anita
Subject: More Shows in Florida

Erin has added three more Florida shows for the last week in September on

Message: 34168 Posted: Wed Jun 30 14:20:40 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Cohasset

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Cohasset, MA.

Message: 34167 Posted: Wed Jun 30 13:05:39 2004 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Review of Newport

Just went out to the website of the Newport Daily News and wanted to see if they mentioned the concert - Try front page!!!!!11

Message: 34166 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:39:40 2004 By: Jersey Boy
Subject: Atlantic City Concert

Just wanted to add my 2 cents about yet another great concert in AC. Other than the blowing sand on the beach, it was another GEM by our boys(as usual)

It was nice meeting some new America Chat Fans and hanging out with Krystal at the stage for the last few songs of the concert(even though she snatched a pic from Gerry-LOL)

I will try to post the pictures on a website and post the link within the next couple of days

Can't wait till the Keswick in October


Message: 34165 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:33:17 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Just A Few

>>What does mB stand for again?<<

My bad.

Message: 34164 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:26:13 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Just A Few

Mo, I'll bet you're right about that button... I think that "healing" I put on you a couple of weeks ago had quite an effect.... Wheeeeew!

Carry on...

Message: 34163 Posted: Wed Jun 30 12:06:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Just A Few

<<Gerry, Gerry, Gerry was sporting a lovely mb button on his guitar strap for that song! nice!! >>
Kristal, I saw that mB button, too. I think it is on the guitar strap of his 12-string acoustic. What does mB stand for again? Mo Bufton, perhaps?

Message: 34162 Posted: Wed Jun 30 11:46:49 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Just A Few

Great photos Moser~ thanks for sharing.

I forgot to add from my previous post.... When the band came out for the encore and surprised us w/ 'California revisited' Gerry, Gerry, Gerry was sporting a lovely mb button on his guitar strap for that song! nice!!

Message: 34161 Posted: Wed Jun 30 11:05:55 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Homemade America

For your information - Joe is going to call his America covers CD "Homemade America" and he even has a CD cover ready to go with it. He told me that this has been a lot of fun to do and he plans to start on Volume 2 soon (after paying some attention to his wife for a while - she truly became an America widow and he owes her a lot!!!).

Joe has about 60 names of America fans who have requested this CD. He's pretty sure he'll be sending them out to everyone the week of July 5th.

Message: 34160 Posted: Wed Jun 30 08:49:44 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: Thanks Mo!

Yes, it was the daughter of Debi's boss so we couldn't really skip out on it.. oh well!

Message: 34159 Posted: Wed Jun 30 08:41:08 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Thanks Mo!

You're welcome, Sheldon. I told you it was an absolute sick amount of photos. What's even sicker is, they're not all posted yet!! I should finish later today or this evening. I'll post a message when they are all up.
Wish you were there. That must have been one important wedding!!

Message: 34158 Posted: Wed Jun 30 06:58:13 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & Working Girl

B'day wishes to the following:

Florence Ballard (1943) - Supremes
Hal Lindes (1952) - Dire Straits
Andy Scott (1951) - Sweet
Glen Shorrock (1944) - Little River Band

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 30, 2004

38 years ago The Beatles perform the first of three concerts at Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Amateur recordings of the performance quickly became available as a bootleg album known as Three Nights in Tokyo. (1966)

33 years ago Paul Revere and the Raiders receive a gold record for their only #1 hit, "Indian Reservation". (1971)

29 years ago The Eagles' album, "One Of These Nights," goes gold. (1975)

29 years ago Gregg Allman and Cher get married. Ten days later, they separate. After an on again, off again marriage, they divorce in January 1979. (1975)

28 years ago Responding to a supposed report of burglary at Neil Diamond's house, police enter the singer's house with a search warrent. A 3-hour inspection turns up a grand total of less than one ounce of marijuana. It's so low key, Diamond gives several officers copies of his latest album, "Beautiful Noise". His debut the next night at the new Alladin Theatre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas goes on as planned. (1976)

5 years ago The "Eric Clapton and Friends" concert is held at Madison Square Garden in New York. Clapton performs with Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige and Bob Dylan. One of the shows highlights is a rendition of "Crossroads" by Clapton and Dylan. The concert raises $1 million for Clapton's drug rehab clinc in Antiqua. (1999)

4 years ago Nine people die and 24 are injured at Pearl Jam's portion of the Roskilde festival in Denmark after they are stampeded from people in the back who couldn't hear the show because of broken speakers. (2000)


Here's a heartwarming story about the bond formed between a little girl and some construction workers. This will make you believe that we CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time...

A young family moved into a house next door to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew came in and began building a house on the empty lot. The family's 5-year-old daughter became interested in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers.

Eventually, the construction crew, all of them gems-in-the-rough, more
or less adopted her as a project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they took coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important.

At the end of the first week, the men presented her with a pay
envelope which contained $200. The little girl took this home to her mother, who said all the appropriate words of admiration, and suggested that they take the money she received to the bank to start a savings account. When they talked to the bank teller, she was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had earned her very own pay check at such a young age.

The child proudly replied, "I worked last week with the crew building
the house next door to us." My goodness gracious," said the teller, "and will you be working on the house again this week, too?"

The little girl replied, "I will if those asses at Home Depot ever
deliver the f *** n' sheet rock..."

Kinda brings a tear to the eye.......

My song lyrics for today were written by today's B'day boy, Glen Shorrock, of the Little River Band. A founding member of LRB, Glen had the knack of writing great songs and also singing them while a member of LRB. Even thought Glen is not now a LRB member, his songs are still mainstays of the show today, and Cool Change is one of the best.

Cool Change - LRB

If there's one thing in my life that's missing
It's the time that I spend alone
Sailing on the cool and bright clear water
It's kind of a special feeling
When you're out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon, like a lover
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
Now that my life is so prearranged
I know that it's time for a cool change

Well I was born in the sign of water
And it's there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
There's lots of those friendly people
And they're showing me ways to go
And I never want to lose their inspiration

Sing it again Glen. Have to turn this one up real high, ain't that right Linda S?

Good luck Nancy on your work today, you will make it just fine.


Message: 34157 Posted: Wed Jun 30 06:43:33 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Great question Mo!

Ok, I thought about this for awhile and this is what I came up with.....

In 1997 just a few months after I was married, I helped the police catch a killer. Kind of a long story, but there was a 72-year-old man who shot and killed his neighbor after a driveway/neighbor dispute. 2 days later at 3:45 am I was driving to my then work (US Air) and I saw a man walking in his neighborhood. I called 911 and reported it. A few hours later they announced on the news that they caught him. The police called me to thank me for the call. Unfortunately, there was no reward.

Oh well, just doing my job as a citizen ;0)


Message: 34156 Posted: Wed Jun 30 06:37:03 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: AC photos

I've posted a few of my photos from Atlantic City on but they all did not upload. Hmmm. So I posted the ones that didn't on
Enjoy! (I did!)

Message: 34155 Posted: Wed Jun 30 05:16:36 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Thanks Mo!

Mo - awesome photos from Buffalo, thanks for posting them! Took me about 20 minutes to get through them all, you sure were a busy photographer that day, huh? We were originally going to go to this show but had to go to a wedding instead. The wedding was nice but it was no America concert, ya know?

Thanks again Mo-

Message: 34154 Posted: Tue Jun 29 23:14:45 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

Joe, sorry to hear this is the last one, you've really outdone yourself. It seems you don't take much of a break. Another great rendition!


Message: 34153 Posted: Tue Jun 29 21:42:13 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: She Flew Around,...

...not on a broom but in a mortar and pestle.

That reminds me of a true story that happened at my former place of employment.

We had an elder lady (June) who was the secretary to the head petroleum engineer; plus, she had many years of service with the company. Merely because of the fact that she worked for the engineering department and had been with the company for so many years, she often had an (unfounded) air of arrogance. One day she exchanged some very heated words with one of the employees of the natural gas department. The natural gas employee (Alan) decided he would get even with her. We all worked in a six story building.

After June and most everyone had left the building for lunch, Alan placed a broom in the elevator with a sign he had made. When we all returned from lunch, there in the elevator was the broom with Alan's newly constructed sign attached to it. It read: "June's New Ride". It remained there until June returned from lunch.

Message: 34152 Posted: Tue Jun 29 21:28:19 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

Yep it is me again :)

Hi Steve L ~~ Thanks for the after midnight treat! :)

Hey there Joe D ~~~ Yeppers ~ Right on the Money again, I gave it 2 listens and I was loving how my Windows Mediap player Ambience water colors were dancing on my screen to your rockin version of Dewey's Sensational song :)

Ooooops ~~ Bruce David Martin ~~ I am sorry for not remembering to mention how much I liked getting to hear this song you wrote, my first thoughts at hearing it were Wow ~~ You sure do Treasure your Mrs ALOT! I found your song to be very Sweet, Sincere & Lighthearted ~~~ A great big Round of Applause to you for finishing this song.. that you set your sights on a while back... Thanks a bunch for sending it to Steve, I am glad we got to hear it! :)

Okay my big soft pillow is calling me to bed! Once again Nitey Nite :) Nancy :)

~~~ That's where I saw your face, your body dressed in lace, In the Greenhouse ... Your secret hiding place, in the Greenhouse, the heat was rising, your perfume was suffocating in the Greenhouse, in the Greenhouse ~~~ Yeppers Anita ~~~ One of Dewey's more thought provoking songs for sure! Nice :)

Message: 34151 Posted: Tue Jun 29 21:20:17 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

I look forward to the time (very soon it seems) that we can order Joe D's CD!

Message: 34150 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:55:15 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Hi Hoooo Everyone ~~~~ Oooooooooh noooo in a half an hour it will be June 30th here... The big wondering is ~ Will I maked it through this day SANE!!!! ~~ Did you all check out the almost Full Moon tonight??? It is shining sooooo brightly! Kinda too chilly and damp out to sit and get lost in it's moonglow ~~ boo hooo! ~~ I had to go to the Notary's to have some signed papers notarized and on my way there Gerry & Dewey were singing HOPE it will be allright, you gotta have hope it will turn out fine, and then on the way back Gerry was singing The Call of the Wild :) :) :) such a perfect song for tonight..

hmmmmm ~~ Mo you would be surprised that I too was always one not to step on cracks... I only liked even numbers and I hated friday the 13th, that all changed tho, the day my daughter was born, I had her on Monday July 13, 1992 and it was an oooo sooo hot humid stormy night before she was born... there was a great Big Full Moon looking in my hospital room that evening after she came into the world... since then the number 13 hasnt bothered me much... Hmmm that is one big whopper of a word you wrote in your last post... I sure am at a loss what both Bones & You mean... :)

Hi Nancy M ~~~ Soooooo happy that you got to meet Gerry, Woods & Willie, Sooooo neat that Mrs Beckley accompanied Gerry there! Thanks for sharing your big night with us! Enjoy the Afterglows of seeing AMERICA... wow you will be heading to another show, before you know it. Enjoy!!! I hope you will share your pics with us!

Hi DavidS ~~ You had a pretty neat AMERICA venture too! Thanks a bunch for sharing your time with us too!

Too Much Kristal ~~ Gooo ahead and beat my longest post... I just love reading all about AMERICA Magic! ~~~ Yes Yes Yes ~~ sooo great that Dewey said that the new DVD will be realeased soon... I watched my AMERICA show from Ecuador vhs tape the last 3 nights and it kinda has calmed down my PADS from missing these great shows over the weekend. Wow there sure is an awesome playlist of songs done on this tape... :)

Regarding the VFTHW ~ Newport RI pic ~~~ WOW Gerry you have a pretty darn accurate speed setting on your camera to catch that tire in motion... I too will second georgianna's request for a Bonus pic from RI... I bet it is a beautiful state to visit.. I always loved the show Providence.. I like the quaintness and the way the harbor added a nice coziness to this city setting... I was reading on the venturahwy message board that you mentioned at the Buffalo show about going to see Poco the night before ~~ Neat, I am glad you too get to enjoy such pleasures! ~~~ Speaking of the Buffalo show, I loved the pics Mo posted on her site sooo far... I just gotta say that river of Blue Sky really is complimented by your pics... Nice Dimple shot Mo, and Definitely a NICE Dewey Smile, and to top it off the Whole band surrounded by that crystal clear blue... Thanks Mo ~ I look forward to seeing the rest of your pics!

Hey Mr Dem Bones ~~~ Are you being a Monkeyshiner??? ~~~ I Hope things work out for Jen, and that she makes it to the Mohegan show.. and remember you promised me you would let her get a pic of you!!!

Hey hooooo Red ~~ Geeze that is quite the list of Mind Bogglin Taxes... I headed to pay our land and percapita taxes today, and the taxlady said that next year they are not only raising the taxes, they are gonna be sending them out 2 months earlier.... soooo now I will have to get my income tax statement done sooner just to have my ref to pay these taxes in time.. OUCH!!!! Sleep well, nitey nite! ;)

Hi Julie & Cindy... Tooo much that being you and your chair on the VFTHW AC beach pic! ~~ Hmmm Cindy you have me curious as to why Mo is gonna be surprised when she gets to meet you!

Nice to hear from you Dave B ~~~ Booo hooo Bummer you not being able to get last minute tix for the show.... will you be heading to any of the other shows this summer and fall your way?

Nitey Nite all, I am soooo tired, I gotta get some ZZZZZZzzzz's soooo I can get up all chipper and refreshed! Nice dreams I hope, Nancy :)

Neat the song to the show Friends is on the Dave till Dawn radio show, what an appropriate leaving song ~~~ there's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you all had the time of your Life! ~~ It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life... wow now Dan Hill is on with his song that instantly brings the first Geicko commercial to my mind ~~~ Sometimes when we touch the Honesty's too much, I wanna hold you till I die, till we both break down, I wanna hold You until the Fear in Me subsides... Take it from there Dan Hill :) ;)

Message: 34149 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:54:32 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

Joe, this may be my favorite so far of all the America covers you've done! The beginning is so similar, it's amazing! I've always loved this Dewey song, and you've done a fantastic job as usual! Keep up the good work.

Message: 34148 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:47:54 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Greenhouse

If I'm not mistaken, Greenhouse is the last instrumental that Joe Doyle was going to do for his "Homemade" CD. I got to listen to it tonight and once again I was very impressed. It sounds to me like Joe had a lot of fun doing this one. Click here to download/listen to Joe's instrumental cover of "Greenhouse".

Message: 34147 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:44:56 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

I figured as much but thought I'd have some fun too

Message: 34146 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:38:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

No, it is a far more straightforward reference in that my husband is a pharmacist and not a mechanic. Bones is giving me crap b/c my Dodge Neon (that should be pushed over a cliff) has cost me a small fortune in repairs lately. And, no, there is no Mr. Goodwrench in this house.

Message: 34145 Posted: Tue Jun 29 20:06:59 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Remember I work in a Library and have a Lit degree... the mortal and pestle gave me an image of Baba Yaga a character from Russian Folklore. She flew around, not on a broom but in a mortar and pestle.

Message: 34144 Posted: Tue Jun 29 19:56:32 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...


Message: 34143 Posted: Tue Jun 29 19:36:14 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Is that an obscure Baba Yaga reference?

Message: 34142 Posted: Tue Jun 29 19:33:35 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...


Apparently, no, there is not a Mr. Goodwrench--only a Mr. Goodmortarandpestle.

Message: 34141 Posted: Tue Jun 29 18:34:32 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Is there a Mr. Goodwrench in the house?

Message: 34140 Posted: Tue Jun 29 18:26:55 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

I was...arrested...when I was 19...for trespassing. Put in the squad car and taken to the slammer. Hey...I was innocent by the way. And Moser, you'll really be surprised after you actually meet me!

No one ever believes that story about me.

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 34139 Posted: Tue Jun 29 18:10:29 2004 By: Dave Balletto
Subject: Re: Newport Pic...

I just got back from Va Beach and we wanted to go - my wife and two kids - Just about to hop in the car - I called and got the news (good news because I would have been bummed if I took the drive (about an hour and a half) and found out it was sold out....At least I think it was - I tried to order on the internet and it said America tickets no longer available - this was at 3:30. Hope so for their sake..

Message: 34138 Posted: Tue Jun 29 15:30:04 2004 By: georgianna
Subject: Newport Pic...

I was so looking forward to a great picture of Newport from Gerry's camera! I would give anyting to be there tonite in one of my favorite places to visit. New port is so beautiful and this picture doesn't do it justice. Oh well. Here's hoping for a bonus shot! I hope to See some of you at Mohegan on Saturday! We hope to get there at 3PM. Last time we never got in. Not afavorite venue of mine but only I get to see them this year. Enjoy!

Message: 34137 Posted: Tue Jun 29 12:32:53 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

You may be a (very) handsome guy, but now I know you are cruel as well. Thanks for that little jingle. I SOOO appreciate that.

Message: 34136 Posted: Tue Jun 29 11:52:33 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

Only 4 more days until Saturday night at the Mohegan Sun.
Hey Mo, Double "A" (beep beep) M C O.

Message: 34135 Posted: Tue Jun 29 11:52:15 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Atlantic City concert

Well, what could I add.....hmmmmm.

David, I am sorry that I did not get to meet you. Lucky you for getting a Hilton poster advertising the show. I tried to get one, but failed miserably. Oh well! Glad to hear Gerry was so hospitable. That is what makes America so great, they all always are!

However, myself and my niece Stephanie caught up w/ Kade, Anita, Julie, Cathy Rink and her sister Rose, and of course those fabulous Jersey Boys! And we met for the 1st time NancyM and her friend Liz, and Anita’s friend. It was so great to see everyone again and to meet a new face or two. I hope I am not forgetting anyone ;0)

We all had a fabulous time despite the sandy windstorms. I think I am still picking sand out of my teeth. I guess the perma grin didn't help. We all had a great view, and were just inches from the stage. I must admit throwing 'Bacardi' (at least I think that was the alcohol company) Frisbees to the kids was my least favorite highlight. They kept on coming out w/ more and more boxes. I didn't think it would ever end. I even got bopped with one. I didn't keep it either. I gave it to some kid. Can you just image 100's of kids yelling 'here'. Unfortunately, they didn't break out in song "Here".

The set was a good 75 minutes long. The addition to ‘California revisited’ was a nice addition and surprise. We also got to hear once again the George Martin song from the fab. 4 – “No where man”…. Very nice!! I like it better than the original!

We did encounter a few stalking moments on the boardwalk and in the hotel. It was very much worthwhile as I got my 1977 tour book autographed by all. Gerry, Dewey, Will, Richard and Michael were all very kind! Especially considering Gerry’s wife, mother in law and niece were with him. What a lovely family!

The band sounded great despite no roof or wall behind them to protect them from the wind and sun. Doesn’t the Hilton know we have a cute little red head perched in the back? Lol

Dewey said the dvd will be out soon. I told Gerry we all enjoyed the show on the History channel that talked about his father. I also added that we are just loving mB’s demo. Love it, love it, love it!!

What a great 2 days! I am so sad that it is over. ;0( We know have to look forward to the next show which is months away. I can’t think of anything else right now, but I think this is long enough. Hopefully I haven’t beaten ~Nancy’s~ bid for the longest post – lol

Have a great day everyone ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 34134 Posted: Tue Jun 29 11:46:24 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: Atlantic City concert

Yes, I made the VFTHW. The concert rocked and the chatters were awesome as well!!

Message: 34133 Posted: Tue Jun 29 11:13:00 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

THat I used to be a "roadie" working with local bands and one night I got into it with a bouncer at the club. I won. Ask me for details via email, but suffice it to say it is probably why I will NOT be seeing TEA at their Troubador show.....

Message: 34132 Posted: Tue Jun 29 09:53:21 2004 By: Moser
Subject: You Would Be Surprised To Know...

In this monthly newsletter that I receive, there is an interview each month with one or more members asking a few questions about their family, interests, favorites, etc. One of the ongoing features in these interviews is, "You would be surprised to know about me...." The interviewee is asked to finish that statement. Last night while I was out on a walk with the family I was thinking about that because you might be surprised to know that I do NOT walk on any cracks in a sidewalk or pavement. Weird, I know. Sort of reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets." It's really not much of a concern in life except when walking on a brick-paved surface. Then, it tends to look much like playing hopscotch. Perhaps not a mental picture you were hoping to have today. My apology.
ANYWAY, just for fun, what is something about you that others might be surprised to know?

Anyone? Anyone?

Message: 34131 Posted: Tue Jun 29 09:21:20 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Old Mill in Spring Lake

I'll be there! 9 days and counting...

Message: 34130 Posted: Tue Jun 29 09:18:35 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Revelation

...and my concert photo that the guys signed yesterday took place on August 24, 1975...29 years ago.

Message: 34129 Posted: Tue Jun 29 07:19:17 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Revelation

Hey, it's the 29th.

Message: 34128 Posted: Tue Jun 29 06:36:58 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 29, 2004

56 years ago - Ian Paice, drummer for Deep Purple is born. (1948)

45 years ago - Dick Clark announces he's teaming up with veteran rock and roll package tour promoter Irvin Feld. The reason is to stage a series of Dick Clark Caravans. He announced there will be four tours each year. (1959)

41 years ago - The first song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney makes it to the Hot 100. It's "From Me To You" as performed by Del Shannon. (1963)

38 years ago - The Beatles perform in Tokyo, Japan before a sold-out crowd. 500 police are called in to get the crowd under control. (1966)

37 years ago - Keith Richards is found guilty of allowing his property to be used for the smoking of marijuana and is sentenced to one year in jail and is fined. Mick Jagger is found guilty of illegal possession of pep pills and is sentenced to three months in jail. (1967)

36 years ago - Pink Floyd's second album, A Saucerful of Secrets, is released. On the same day, the band plays aat the first-ever large scale free rock concert in London's Hyde Park. Jethro Tull, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Roy Harber are also in the show's line-up. (1968)

35 years ago - The Jimi Hendrix Experience plays its last concert together on the final day of the three-day Denver Pop Festival, which is held at Mile High Stadium. (1969)

29 years ago - Elton John shows up at a concert at the Oakland Coliseum starring The Eagles and The Doobie Brothers and sings with both groups. (1975)

26 years ago - Pop singer/songwriter Peter Frampton is injured in a car crash in the Bahamas. (1978)

25 years ago - Little Feat's Lowell George dies of a heart attack. (1979)

20 years ago - Bruce Springsteen kicks off his Born In The U.S.A. tour in St. Paul, Minnesota. His single, "Dancing in the Dark," peaks at #2 on the same day. (1984)

Taxes, Taxes, & Taxes

Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt,
had the largest middle class in the world and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What the hell happened?

Accounts Receivable Tax

Building Permit Tax

Capital Gains Tax

CDL license Tax

Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Court Fines (indirect taxes)

Dog License Tax

Federal Income Tax

Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

Fishing License Tax

Food License Tax

Fuel permit tax

Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)

Hunting License Tax

Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)

Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

Liquor Tax

Local Income Tax

Luxury Taxes

Marriage License Tax

Medicare Tax

Property Tax

Real Estate Tax

Septic Permit Tax

Service Charge Taxes

Social Security Tax

Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)

Sales Taxes

Recreational Vehicle Tax

Road Toll Booth Taxes

School Tax

State Income Tax

State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Telephone federal excise tax

Telephone federal universal service fee tax

Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

Telephone state and local tax

Telephone usage charge tax

Toll Bridge Taxes

Toll Tunnel Taxes

Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

Trailer registration tax

Utility Taxes

Vehicle License Registration Tax

Vehicle Sales Tax

Watercraft registration Tax

Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

Hush - Deep Purple

I got a certain little girl she's on my mind
No doubt about it she looks so fine
She's the best girl that I ever had
Sometimes she's gonna make me feel so bad

Hush, Hush
I thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, Hush
She broke my heart but I love her just the same now
Hush, Hush
Thought I heard her calling my name now
Hush, Hush
I need her loving and I'm not to blame now

Have a terrific Tuesday all...............


Message: 34127 Posted: Tue Jun 29 06:12:28 2004 By: Deb and Keith
Subject: Old Mill in Spring Lake

Just wondering who else is going to be at the Old Mill. Can't wait for the show. And the dinner is fabulous too!

Message: 34126 Posted: Tue Jun 29 05:27:17 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Off Topic Movie Suggestion

We watched the movie, "Calendar Girls" last night. It is a very funny movie about some middle-aged English women who put together a 'nude' (not naked) calendar to raise money for charity. I recommend it highly.
The ladies make a distinction between nude and naked in the movie which I find funny. It reminded me of the politically correct distinction between classic rock and oldies. Hey, it was the only connection to America I could come up with on short notice. Give me a break, it's early yet. Besides, I haven't been properly caffeinated quite yet.
Happy Tuesday Y'all,

Message: 34125 Posted: Mon Jun 28 21:11:13 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Newport

LOL! "Wheel Is Turning"

Message: 34124 Posted: Mon Jun 28 20:33:46 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Newport

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Newport, RI.

Message: 34123 Posted: Mon Jun 28 19:57:38 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Anyone going to Cohasset?

Hey there,
Is anyone from here planning on going to Cohasset to see the guys? That show is Thursday night. I think there might even still be tickets available. I'm just asking because I know there are some other fans in addition to me from the southern New England area and New England area in general. I will be going with a friend of mine from highschool, we have front row seats as far as I can tell. They actually called me to tell me that they reconfigured the seating so that my seats are even better than the seats that are listed on my tickets and that I will be given better seats when they have the show. I have read that this venue is a theatre in the round and I'm wondering if maybe they placed all the fans near one side of the stage or something, that would be awesome with me , I would love to hear a really intimate set, something small. I mean, larger venues can be cool too but this will be great because I think we will have great sound. And of course I am going to be very close.
If anyone wants to find me and my friend, we will most likely be the only guys under 25 in the front row. I might post other details or maybe suggest somewhere to meet before or after the show if people want to. I wonder if I will be able to meet the guys again. I met them and talked for a few minutes after the show at Topsfield Fair about 4 years ago. We chatted about obscure classics such as Are You There? (Dewey told me he had always thought Dan played a great solo on that one) and guitar techniques and stuff. They seemed so friendly, just good down-to-earth guys. Pete Leonardo was cool too. That's his name , right? I may have gotten that guy's name wrong. I am considering making a big sign that says PIGEON SONG. (I know some people don't like pigeon song, but, hey, it only takes a couple minutes, so I figure I will request it)
Looking forward to rocking out in Cohasset.
Hope to hear from others who might attend. Take care everyone. -Rob L

Message: 34122 Posted: Mon Jun 28 18:53:06 2004 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Cyber Gremlins

I just lost my post on the Atlantic City show to the cyber gremlins. I hate when that happens. I think I need a new mouse. For now I'll be very brief and try to post more tomorrow. Had a great time, the weather was perfect and the guys were awesome as always. It was fun to get together with chat friends too. NancyM, so nice that you saw Willie, Gerry and Dewey. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Dewey yet, I keep hoping next time. Have met the other guys and they are very gracious. Anxious to hear from Kristal who was staying over also. Better post this before the cyber gremlins act up again.~~Cathy

Message: 34121 Posted: Mon Jun 28 18:16:20 2004 By: jimmy19029
Subject: Re: Atlantic City concert

America played most the hits as they usually do and have kept alot of the other non-hit favorites in the set as well. I enjoy Woman Tonight, for example, but don't really need to hear it every show. The same with Only In Your Heart, great song, but I wouldn't get upset if they tried another one I haven't heard in awhile. I was hoping they'd keep To Each His Own in the set from last year but they took it out. DANG! They did The Beatles Nowhere Man as a tribute to George Martin(who was their producer too, of course) Nice to hear Company and The Border again. Company was the high point for me along with another surprise, Everyone I Meet Is From California! Nice to hear Survival too. They can dump Hangover. That's been in the set over 4 years and I'd rather hear something else.
Beautiful weather on the beach! Nice breeze! Perfect! Next week it'll probably be sweltering. We lucked out!

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River(Gerry on lead vocal)
Daisy Jane
I Need You
Nowhere Man
Tin Man
The Border
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin
Lonely People(Dewey on lead vocal)
Never Be Lonely
Sister Goldenhair

Everyone I Meet Is From California
Horse With No Name

Message: 34120 Posted: Mon Jun 28 18:02:42 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Atlantic City concert

Hi, everyone!
Wow, the concert! Got there at around 10A.M. Julie was already there since 7:30! It was great meeting her. We wondered where Gerry’s hotel room was. We laughed and said maybe he’s there now snapping a photo as we speak! That’s Julie in the VFTHW! I only see 2 chairs in the view and those are Julie’s.
It was a long wait. People from the folder began to arrive. There was Anita, Cade, Kristal, and a few others that were introduced to me by Kristal but I can’t remember their names!
A few of us took a walk and met Willie over by the Hilton. He was so nice! Got my pic taken with him! He and Woodzy came over soon to check out the stage. They signed some stuff for fans. Thank you! Also spoke to Kathy Beckley at the start of the show. She’s sooo nice! Gerry, you are a lucky man (and vice versa, Kathy!). Saw G & D behind the stage and gave a wave to them!
WOW! The concert was the best I’ve ever seen! They really rocked! I held up my 1975 photo of them from Central Park and Dewey nodded and smiled. Gerry was at his piano. When he noticed it, his mouth hung open, he smiled and pointed to it!
They left quickly after the show and didn’t hang around. Sob! But we caught up with Willie later on in the Dizzy Dolphin Bar and talked for a while. He said Gerry and Dewey went to see another show. Maybe that’s why they left so quickly. We did catch up with Dewey afterwards in the lobby. He chatted with us a bit and signed my photo. He was amazed at it! Didn’t get a photo with Dewey. Forgot that I had my camera in my bag! Oh, well, next time. Didn’t see Gerry at all that night. But…
I went to eat breakfast the next morning at the Hilton’s restaurant. As I was starting to eat, Gerry, his wife, and mother-in-law walked in! OMG! I couldn’t eat after seeing him. When my friend and I were finished, we hurried out to wait for him. I didn’t want to bother him while he was eating. Kathy, her mother, and a young girl came out. No Gerry! I started to panic thinking he left another way! But then he came walking out. I apologized for stopping him since I knew he was in a hurry, but he was sooo nice and stopped to sign Highway for me. I then took out the 1975 photo and he said, oh wow, look at this, and really took some time to look at it. Then I asked him for a picture. He held up my photo and graciously stood there with me while my friend snapped away. Thank you, Gerry!
That really made my day!
It was great meeting all the people from the folder. We had a fantastic time.
Kristal, thank you, thank you, thank you again!
Anita, thank you, too!
Can’t wait until July 8th at Spring Lake and 16th at Turning Stone!

Message: 34119 Posted: Mon Jun 28 16:37:20 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Kids of Garry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell

>>One kid that is in the spotlight is Matt Beckley and you can go to his web site, to find out more about him.<<

Matt's new venture is TEA and info on that band can be found at Be sure to give a listen to the "rough mix" of "Over You".

Message: 34118 Posted: Mon Jun 28 16:32:19 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Atlantic City Concert, Part 2

David ~ I know you are a collector of America memorabilia so good going on the hard cardboard placard!

Message: 34117 Posted: Mon Jun 28 16:21:34 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Kids of Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell

Personally, I don't see what harm there in answering part of the question since it's common knowledge to a lot of us here on the folder seeing how Gerry and Dewey have mentioned their children's names at various times such as in the credits of a number of their albums/CDs as well as in the "Highway" booklet especially regarding the song, "Young Moon". But maybe if you (onlyonequestion) were willing to not use an anonymous User ID, if would appear less menacing, if that makes any sense.

Message: 34116 Posted: Mon Jun 28 16:03:09 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Atlantic City Concert

Just got back from AC because my friend and I stayed over (my birthday present to her. The show was AMAZING! Will give a full report later. I did get to meet Willie, Dewey, and Gerry. Details coming. Met a lot of people from the chat, too. Later!

Message: 34115 Posted: Mon Jun 28 15:34:19 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Kids of Garry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell

Yes they do have kids, but that information is personal and they prefer to keep it that way. One kid that is in the spotlight is Matt Beckley and you can go to his web site, to find out more about him.


P.S. It's Gerry, not Garry.

Message: 34114 Posted: Mon Jun 28 15:17:27 2004 By: onlyonequestion
Subject: Kids of Garry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell

Hi. Can anyone tell me if Garry Beckley and/or Dewey Bunnell have any kids and if yes names and birthdays? Thanks a lot!

Message: 34113 Posted: Mon Jun 28 13:43:17 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: Atlantic City Concert, Part 2

We arrived in Atlantic City early and I was waiting outside the bathrooms in the Hilton for my wife and son to come out when I saw someone passing, and I thought to myself, "That looks like Gerry" and I told my wife when she came out. She said to go see if it was. Outside, Gerry had gone to check on the concert stage and so I knew it had to be him. I waited around, and sure enough, he came back onto the boardwalk, so I approached him and asked if he was, indeed, Gerry Beckley of America fame, and he applied in the affirmative. He himself is extremely approachable and friendly and makes you feel good. He asked my wife her name, and found out her name, Akiko, is the same as his agent's (Akiko Rogers). He then bent down to my two sons and asked their names and how they were. When he found out we lived in India, he said, "Wow! I'd love to go there. Mike Love of the Beach Boys goes there quite often, but I'd love to go." He was gracious enough to have his photo taken with our family. I never though he'd be so friendly and approachable, but he is. Then we went down to the stage area to stake our claim (not on the future, as in the "Hangover" song which they sang) on the sand. Right near the front center. I took a couple of snaps of Willie Leacox, who was up on stage, and pre-concert, was mainly seen with a cigarette in his mouth; and Michael Woods. Woodzy left the stage so I went up to him and he too agreed to have a photo with me--in fact, Erin was the one who snapped the photo (I'm not sure she liked being asked, so sorry, Erin). Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet or talk to Dewey. Maybe another time. I also was the first customer at the store, and bought a colored autographed photo, a cap, and a T-shirt, although I wish America would go back to their more colorful designs for T-shirts. The concert was great, and at this concert, I thought they did a great job of talking inbetween songs. The last concerts I attended were in 1996 (when Brad Palmer used to have a birthday every concert, haha), but this concert had to be one of the best I had ever heard. It was right on the beach, and there were literally thousands of people on the sand, listening and sometimes dancing. I have already given the set list in a previous post, but let me just add that after the concert, the Hilton Entertainment manager was kind enough to let me have one of those big placards lining the boardwalk announcing the Free Summer Beach Party, featuring America and the photos of Gerry and Dewey--a big, heavy-duty, hard cardboard placard, which is now in my room. All in all, a memorable experience, especially because of Gerry's geniality. Thanks, America!

Message: 34112 Posted: Mon Jun 28 12:03:41 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: An Italian Article On AMERICA

This afternoon, I received several photocopied AMERICA magazine/newspaper articles sent to me by Bruno via postal mail. Here is one of them. It's titled, "Chats And Music With AMERICA," with a sub-title of "Beckley-Bunnell Duo Meet The Architecture Students". The article is from the Italian newspaper, "Il Messaggero" and is dated March 10, 2004; it is written by Maria Grazia Filippi.

There was the good side of the group AMERICA yesterday afternoon at the Bruno Zevi University assembly hall of the architecture faculty premises in Via Gramsci.

Fashions come and go over the years, but the Beckley-Bunnell duo that is better known as "AMERICA" still keeps the debonair look of the good American boys: a mix of wrinkles and broad Robert Redford-like smiles that go very well with their rock-pop melodies.

They arrived in Rome, the first stop of their European tour; after their first performance yesterday afternoon that thrilled the architecture students, they are ready for this evening's concert at the Pio Auditorium. A question about the San Remo Song Festival was a must. They had previously been guests there twice and remembered that the food was excellent. When asked what they think of Italy, they answered: "This is the place we prefer."

The two hours with them labeled "Chats and Music" have seen an increasing audience until the lights dimmed and, being accompanied by the bass and guitar players of the group, they chose five pieces for the evening script among which "I Need You", that was dedicated to George Harrison and the unforgettable "Survival" aroused a standing ovation, although 90% of the audience was not born yet in the 1970s. Also the recently formed and hardly known Anglo-Italian quartet "Frame of Mind" was also long applauded. They were invited as supporters of the group by AMERICA's Italian manager.

(Thanks, Bruno, for sending the articles! Johnny)

Message: 34111 Posted: Mon Jun 28 08:20:11 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ~ B'day wishes ~ (Gen)

<<I'm a gemini... was born on June 10th. You?>>

I'm a crab. But you already knew that, LOL! If you go back to post #34091, you'll "see" my birth date. I'm "big foot"... the "missing link".

Message: 34110 Posted: Mon Jun 28 07:13:18 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & 401keg

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 28, 2004

61 years ago - Bobby Harrison is born. (1943) Procul Harum

59 years ago - Dave Knights is born. (1945) Procul Harum

36 years ago - The Rascals claim gold record number three for their hit, "A Beautiful Morning". (1968)

35 years ago - Crosby, Stills & Nash release their first album and decide to tour when they find another a guitarist. Atlantic Records president Ahmet Ertegun suggests Neil Young -- and the rest is history. (1969)

29 years ago - David Bowie's "Fame" is released. (1975)

26 years ago - Members of the group Kansas are named Deputy Ambassadors of Goodwill by UNICEF in a ceremony at Madison Square Garden in New York. (1978)

Investment Advice

If you had bought $1000 of Nortel Stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.

With Enron, you would have $16.50 of the original $1,000.

With Worldcom, you would have less than $5 left.

If you had bought $1,000 worth of Budweiser (the beer, not the stock), one year ago, drank the beer and then turned in the cans for the 10 cents deposit, you would have $214.

Based on the above, my current advice is to drink heavily and recycle. This is my new retirement program. I call it 401keg.

People Got To Be Free - The Rascals

All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
Listen, please listen, that's the way it should be
Deep in the valley, people got to be free

You should see what a lovely, lovely world this'd be
Everyone learned to live together, ah-hah-unh
Seems to me such an itty bitty thing should be
Why can't you and me learn to love one another?

All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
I can't understand it, so simple to me
People everywhere just got to be free

Top of the week everyone, loooooooong weekend coming up, njoy.......

LRB's new cd should be out this week.....


All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
I can't understand it, so simple to me
People everywhere just got to be free

Message: 34109 Posted: Mon Jun 28 06:59:58 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes

A few days ago Bruce in NYC sent me a song that he wrote and after listening to it for several days I asked him if it was OK to post it here for all of you to listen to as well.

The song is titled "Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes" and it was actually written by Bruce and a couple of his friends.

Click here to download/listen to an MP3 version of "Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes". Feel free to post your thoughts about this song. I really like it.

Message: 34108 Posted: Mon Jun 28 04:18:38 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Just A Few

I took a sick amount of photos as usual at Buffalo on Saturday but only posted a couple so far. I'm headed off to work but thought I would give you the link to the first 3 photos as a good Monday morning teaser.
I hope that link works. I always forget if that is the right link. If not, I'll try again later. Don't forget to click on the thumbnails for a larger pic.

Message: 34107 Posted: Sun Jun 27 23:35:47 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: ~ B'day wishes ~ (Gen)

Thanks very much Johnny. Happy b-day to you too, then....
I'm a gemini... was born on June 10th. You?

Message: 34106 Posted: Sun Jun 27 23:34:01 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Webcast Interview

Jen, some webcast servers like (who put the festival gig online last night) still use the window media 7 technology with excellent results, which allows most internet users (read: even those who haven't upgraded their comps yet- I'm STILL on mac os 9 at home! hahaha) to see the webcast shows and hear them perfectly too. So,.... (wink, wink!).
ps: tx for the b-day wishes.

Message: 34105 Posted: Sun Jun 27 22:19:44 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: set list for Atlantic City concert

I'll have more to tell you in another post (when I'm less tired), but here's the set list for the Beach Party concert that ran from 4:30 to 5:45 p.m.:
1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic (to the unexpected accompaniment of a dancing woman in the audience)
4. Don't Cross the River
5. Daisy Jane
6. Company
7. I Need You
8. Beatles: "Nowhere Man"
9. Tin Man
10. The Border (after throwing an America T-shirt into the audience)
11. Woman Tonight
12. Only In Your Heart
13. California Dreamin'
14. Lonely People
15. Survivor
16. Hangover
17. Never Be Lonely
18. Instrumental lead-in to Sandman
19. Sister Golden Hair
20. Everyone I Meet Is From California
21. Horse With No Name

will write more later, but just got back at 1 a.m. so am too tired. But it was an awesome concert, an awesome day.

Message: 34104 Posted: Sun Jun 27 20:41:46 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: ~ B'day wishes ~ (Gen)

Gen ~ I'm curious to know which day in June is your birthday? I, too, am a June baby.

Message: 34103 Posted: Sun Jun 27 18:49:59 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Lyrics--what do you hear?

I was reading Nancy's post where she quotes from mB's new song, and I thought the chorus went "I've been watching the clock, I took every toast, threw it back to the one I love the most and you're still not even close" What do YOU hear when you listen to this AMAZING song (yeah I love it and ok I get a wee bit enthusiastic about it but hey.....)
Matt has said in the past that he deliberatly doesn't post lyrics, and lets the listener decide the lyric they hear.

Message: 34102 Posted: Sun Jun 27 18:20:59 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Webcast Interview

Gen, great idea on the webcast live performance! I'd pay money to see that. Although I'd have to upgrade my pc to view it. And a happy belated birthday to you & others!


Message: 34101 Posted: Sun Jun 27 17:55:49 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Atlantic City! Nancy M!!!!!!

Hey Nancy M. I didn't mean to leave you out!!!It was great to meet you!!!

Message: 34100 Posted: Sun Jun 27 17:51:10 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Atlantic City!

We just got back from a fantastic day on the beach. It was so nice to see some of the chat folder fans! I'm sorry if I miss a few people but...Kristal,Stephanie,Cathy Rink, Anita and Julie ( I know there's more,but my mind and body are pretty fried from the whole day!) you guys rock!! I had so much fun with you all!!!Before the show Willie and Woodsy were nice enough to sign my baseball hat! I brought my 13 year old daughter with for her first America concert. She was thrilled when Gerry handed her a guitar pick! Thank you Gerry, it made her week! We also got a chance to meet lovely Cathy Beckley before the show!The weather ,people and show were all perfect!!

Message: 34099 Posted: Sun Jun 27 17:17:17 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pics ~ B'day wishes ~ Sailing Sunday on a Sepia High!

Nancy wrote:
- "Hmmm Neat Idea about a Live Webcast with Gerry & Dewey as well as the rest of the band, I could handle that! :)"

Hmmm yeshh. For those faraway fans around the world who have been or are unable to see them live (more than once! )this year, it would be a great opportunity to share some besty time 'with' them...IMO.

"Just to pass along my Happy Birthday wish to all who celebrates a Birthday in the month of June!"
As I fall into this category, thank you very much, Nancy.

See ya.

Message: 34098 Posted: Sun Jun 27 17:09:52 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Atlantic City

I drive to the coastline
Looking for visual pleasures to catch my mind
The sun turns around and hits me on the shoulder
I fly away

Message: 34097 Posted: Sun Jun 27 16:27:10 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

Oooohhhhh...ok, I'm a little slow. I had to look at it a few times before I could see what I was looking at...Gerry in the shot taking the picture! Very cool. Thanks Gerry!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 34096 Posted: Sun Jun 27 15:59:39 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: WOW ~ Thanks Steve L!!!!

Yep Me Again :)

Just gotta say thanks for how fast you are posting the VFTHW pics this weekend... My Sepia High is now Full Tilt and this VFTHW pic from Atlantic City, really Has me a Hankerin for the Full Taste of the Senses found at this Beach Setting ~~~ Jeff & Gerry are here singing ~~ Why are you cryin, why are you cryin, why are you cryin, ~~ Well I will tell them why these Happy Tears are a flowin from my Eyes... I am caught up in the Magic of the Visual setting and what I am missing there in NJ.... Sooooo Thanks Steve L for making my day shine this way too... Okay all done here, back to listening to these songs... gonna head out on my front deck with them and wait for the darkness come into view and for the brightness of the Orange slice Moon to light my dreams! See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ It's hard finding traction in the wind, its hard to climb, you never see a change, no matter how hard I try, you gotta lock on the Memory and it's something that you'll never free, soooo stop gettin into yesterday, stop gettin into yesterday, it's all about you and your heart.... you and that heartttttt, Sing it Jeff :)

Message: 34095 Posted: Sun Jun 27 15:36:17 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Atlantic City

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Atlantic City, NJ. What a wonderful view!

Message: 34094 Posted: Sun Jun 27 15:35:43 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW Pics ~ B'day wishes ~ Sailing Sunday on a Sepia High!

Hi Hooooo Everyone :) Yeppers Mo ~ The sky here yesterday and today has been one big Awesome Cottonball Parade. It sure was a Windy Weekend, my Dad's family reunion was yesterday, and there was times that the white plastic covering on the tables wanted to take off like a Sail in a full blown breeze. ~~ I enjoyed getting to share the gift of gab with my relatives, but I must admit My thoughts were taken easily to there in Buffalo many times! ~~ Sooooo tell me more about the show please, before I burst at the seams! :) I am more than sure it was the Best Show You Ever Saw Right???? :)

Double WoWserS Gerry ~~ I like Johnny thought of the neat song Mirror to Mirror upon seeing the Buffalo VFTHW pic. Hmmmm tooo much, I can still remember getting to hear you sing Mirror to Mirror when I got to see you guys for the first time at Bland Park, Tipton, Pa... I sure was in AMERICA Heaven that day! ~~~ Noooow for the Bonus Pic, I can't get a clear enough pic of it here on my work puter, (pics always are dark on here) My Dina Dell is being sooo stinkin stubborn, that she is being sent away for Major Repairs this week. I sure hope she comes back all brand new and that none of my Treasured Keepsakes are lost! ~~ Hmmm soo sorry for getting lost on a drift there, your Bonus Pic looks to me as if it was taken at Dusk, and your son Matt's song came to my mind instantly... especially when I listen to him sing this part ~~~ Now I've been watching the Clock tick after every Dusk, threw it back for the one that I love the most, I've been watching the clock and it ain't on my side, another year and you could have been here tonight, I just wanted you to know this Admission is Overdue ~ I Know, isn't easy but I'm not ready to let you gooooo ~~~ Such a Sincerely sung song Matt ~ Simply you Shining at your Best! ~~~ Safe traveling Gerry, Dewey, Rich, Woodz & Willie along with Erin, Pete and the rest of the crew... :)

Hi there Gen ~~ Hmmm Neat Idea about a Live Webcast with Gerry & Dewey as well as the rest of the band, I could handle that! :) Ooooh yes just like a nice addiction... I love hitting the replay button on Matt's song :) :) :)

Just to pass along my Happy Birthday wish to all who celebrates a Birthday in the month of June! Enjoy the Year ahead, hope it is filled with Lots of Life's Simple Pleasures! :)

Hmmm ~~ well Yes Mr Mailman has Brought me my Jeff Larson Sepia cd and it has been playing here most of the afternoon ~~ WOW WOW WOW ~~~ Soooooo Great to get to hear all of these songs in their Entirety ~~ I really can't pick a Favorite one yet... I am Loving how these songs kinda Flow nicely.... and along with the outside weather today, it is easy for me to be carried along like a Sailboat in Full Sail with these songs... I also got SteveO's weekly column that had the Interview with Jeff about this Sepia collection... I love that Jeff says that these songs are full of him, let me tell you, it is sooo nice to get to know him this way, I have never met Jeff, I have never talked with him, but through his songs, I feel like he is a comfortable friend in my life... I kinda started off with his Fragile Sunrise cd, and I have yet to hear his Complete Works (Room for Summer & Watercolor Sky songs) I hope to get to hear them soon.... I too love the fact that he already has 9 songs completed for his future cd... I sure am enjoying the easiness in his songs, I am at a loss for words, when I try to express how much I love his Accoustical touch... I love the Harmonizing found in each and every song, I love his way with Lyrics, I love the way his songs are like a good book that I get the pleasure of having sung to me by him... I sure do get carried away in lots of Visuals when I listen to his songs... On right now is the song Cryin ~~~ Ooooooh wow, spinetingling chills still overtake me with each listen to this song... I love how Jeff said he is sooo lucky to get to work with Gerry on songs like this... and how he feels it adds such a nice tie in with his song collection at the time... I really think Jeff will be forever grateful, to have Gerry, along with Dewey , Jeff Foskett, Hank Linderman, Timothy B work on his songs with him... My fingers are here blurring my mind... they are mad at me, they want to be singing this great song to you, and instead I am trying to stay on focus with my thoughts here... it is very hard indeed as this song ends, not to hit the replay button... ~~~ Hmmm JeffB I think it was you that said you loved the Bridge on one of the songs on this... I am not sure if I know what a Bridge is... but I do know that I have been taken with certain parts of the song where the guitar playing is taking me away from the lyrics... too much huh!!! What can I say I really love the wholeness of Jeff's songs... and yes his lyrics really carry my mind away... I can relate to soooo many of them for sure! ~~ I just gotta get the dj's at the radio station that I listen to, to give this CD a listen... These songs just gotta be heard on the radio, I just know that others would be caught up in this Sepia High too! ~~ Before I started posting this, I kinda promised myself that I wouldn't go Overboard with my Post... it is tooo hard tho.... I See Red is on now and that color has a way of making me want to live dangerously for sure, this song is soooo Rockin, soooo full of Sparks, and yes is wants to unleash the Passion in me!!!! Look out! LOL!!! ~~~ When you are lost inside a crowd, there's a color screaming loud, and I see RED, like the heat of the summer moon, it's cutting through this room and I see RED, these are the dangers and the trends, when you find yourself seeing RED ~~~ Sing it, Play it Jeff :) ~~~ I do know that Broken Heart Smile is tugging at me and saying pick me as your fave.. such a beautiful song.... The all music song Surburban Lawns, is sooooo free flowin, sooo take me away on a dream, soooo relaxing.. it ends way too sooon, I could handle a whole cd of just it... it has that same guitar singing to guitar song I love in Garden of Peace! :) ~~~ Next up at saying c'mon pick me... is Hazy Sunshine... this song really can spell out Gerry's Buffalo Bonus pic quite nicely too... I love the harmonizing vocals on this song, I love the way the music kinda makes you feel like getting on a big wooden swing and just trying to touch the clouds with your tiptoes... the trumpet part really adds a nice touch to this whole jest... ~~~ and I know , I know, I'll find my way, it comes within these hours of the day ~ Yeahhhh, soon I'll be turning round to see, if everything is meant to be, like another day, nother day of Hazy Sunshine, just another day of hazy hazy sunshine..... Wooooo I am sooo bursting here... sorry... but I am loving it... Nothin on You is on now, i love all of this song... it is a fun song, one of those that you will sing along with... ~~~ Sunlight touching the floor, sometimes reaching for more, its a world away from yesterday, cold ray afternoons, I've got nothing on youuuuuu, hurry, hurry, can't you see all that moves inside of me... disappear and you see the distant ray, I've got nothing on you, dreaming always in twoooo , through the day gone wrong, where the rain belongs.. and the sea sky all in blue... oooh yes my fingers are here saying "we won, we won, we got you to let us sing these songs... this song is filled with a burst of energy... now can you all understand why I am on a SEPIA High ~~~ Thanks Jeff for making my day Shine nicely!!! Hmmm my thoughts now are taking me to the Beach in NJ.... I hope you guys enjoy the show a measure more for me.... Sing extra loud OK soooo the night breeze can carry a hint of it my way... I gotta get now... I have rambled on enough Nancy :)

~~~ She's fading awayyyyyy ~~~oooooo but here we go again, down the road to nowhere, she's a sunny day, now behind the clouds she's moving, the taste of bittersweet, her scent is long remaining, love and leave behind, the price of what she's never painted, My Broken Heart Smile, when will my broken heart smile, drifted into light until the night came calling, nothing little ever moves, she can't even hear the moon calling, My Broken Heart Smile, Soooo Hold Me I don't hold my own tooo well, Hold Me for a Reason and I'll tell, Sun Repitiion and Joy waiting In the Distance ~~ My Broken Heart Smile ~~~ Oooooooh Jeff I do hit the replay button on this... Here we go again, now she's fading away, she'e the summertime, she's fading, now behind the clouds she's fading, fading away.... Oooooooh yes yes yes... I Love this song! :) :) :)

Message: 34093 Posted: Sun Jun 27 15:26:39 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo Bonus Shot

ooohh that's nice.

Message: 34092 Posted: Sun Jun 27 12:31:13 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Buffalo Bonus Shot

Click here to see Gerry's bonus view from the hotel window shot in Buffalo.

Message: 34091 Posted: Sun Jun 27 11:54:59 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: 6/9

Yes indeed, "Happy Belated", to ALL who had birthdays this past week.

22nd...Sir Joe

Message: 34090 Posted: Sun Jun 27 11:05:36 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: KevinS.

Happy Belated to my fellow cancerians KevinS and TerryT

Message: 34089 Posted: Sun Jun 27 10:57:09 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: KevinS.

Happy Belated Birthday (June 26th), Kevin! Didn't want you to think nobody gave a rat's ass.

(Welcome back, Andy!)

Message: 34088 Posted: Sun Jun 27 09:42:19 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

Hey, Johnny - good one about this picture being like Gerry's song, "Mirror to Mirror". I thought of that very thing myself, but not until some time after I posted my other comment on the pic. Neat that it's what you thought of when you saw it! Karen

Message: 34087 Posted: Sun Jun 27 09:37:57 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Webcast & some.

As i'm preparing to watch a Gladstonebury festival live performance of Muse online tonight, I' m thinking how awesome it would be to have America do a webcast live performance too sometime in the (near) future... And maybe (in the same vein of what mB did last year) a short interview during which we could pose them our questions and even converse a little bit with them...?
What do you all think?
ps: Thank u people for continuing to review the shows. Ur efforts are deeply appreciated.

Message: 34086 Posted: Sun Jun 27 09:24:55 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

Hi everyone!

Excellent pic, monsieur Beckley ! Was it taken with a fish-eye lens? Just curious...

Message: 34085 Posted: Sun Jun 27 07:50:42 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

<<Kind of a VFTHW and "VFTHW across the street" all in one!>>

Yeah, Karen, it's like a GB song...

We're seeing mirror to mirror
Face to face

Message: 34084 Posted: Sun Jun 27 07:00:47 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Scoop On Buffalo

Buffalo Bisons beat the Durham Bulls 9 to 3.

Message: 34083 Posted: Sun Jun 27 05:40:58 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & What Would You Say

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 27, 2004

60 years ago - Beach Boy Bruce Johnston is born. (1944)

40 years ago - The Drifters' last Top 10 hit, "Under the Boardwalk" enters the Hot 100. It peaks at #4. (1964)

40 years ago - Jan & Dean's "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" is released. (1964)

35 years ago - Elvis Presley begins taping his first television special, "Elvis," at NBC studios in Burbank, CA. The show's popularity is seen as the start of his comeback. (1968)

35 years ago - The Denver Pop Festival opens at Mile High Stadium. Violence breaks out in the 50,000+ crowd and police move in with clubs and tear gas. The festival's last day (June 29) is the last concert for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. (1969)

34 years ago - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Ohio" is released. (1970)

29 years ago - Texas heavy-metal blues trio ZZ Top earn their second gold record for their fourth album, "Fandango" which includes the Top 20 hit, "Tush." (1975)

26 years ago - Bonnie Tyler's voice on "It's a Heartache" is compared and sometimes mistaken to be Rod Stewart's. The hubub helps turn the single into a hit!! (1978)

22 years ago - Virgin Music Publishing reaches an out-of-court settlement with Police bassist Sting on a 1977 contract. (1982)

16 years ago - Cyndi Lauper finally gets her high school diploma from Richmond High in New York. Meanwhile Debbie Gibson gets hers from Calhoun High on Long Island. (1988)

16 years ago - MCA Records buys legendary Motown Records for $61 million. (1988)

15 years ago - The Who performs the rock opera, "Tommy" in its entirety for the first time in 17 years at New York's Radio City Music Hall. The show raised money for a children's charity as well as the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. (1989)

15 years ago - Tom Jones is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. (1989)

13 years ago - Paul McCartney's first classical work, the semi-autobiographical Liverpool Oratorio is performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in Liverpool Cathedral. (1991)

11 years ago - Lyle Lovett marries actress Julia Roberts. They would divorce in 1995. (1993)


A farmer named Clyde had a car accident. In court, the trucking company's fancy lawyer was questioning Clyde. Didn't you say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine,' asked the lawyer.

Clyde responded, "Well, I'll tell you what happened. I had just loaded my favorite mule, Bessie, into the..." "I didn't ask for any details," the lawyer interrupted. "Just answer the question. Did you not say, at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine!'?

Clyde said, "Well, I had just got Bessie into the trailer and I was driving down the road...." The lawyer interrupted again and said, "Judge, I am trying to establish the fact that, at the scene of the accident, this man told the Highway Patrolman on the scene that he was just fine. Now several weeks after the accident he
is trying to sue my client. I believe he is a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question."

By this time, the Judge was fairly interested in Clyde's answer and said to the lawyer, "I'd like to hear what he has to say about his favorite mule, Bessie. "

Clyde thanked the Judge and proceeded, "Well as I was saying, I had just loaded Bessie, my favorite mule, into the trailer and was driving her down the highway when this huge semi-truck and trailer ran the stop sign and smacked my truck right in the side.

I was thrown into one ditch and Bessie was thrown into the other. I was hurting, real bad and didn't want to move. However, I could hear ole Bessie moaning and groaning. I knew she was in terrible shape just by her groans.

Shortly after the accident a Highway Patrolman came on the scene. He could hear Bessie moaning and groaning so he went over to her. After he looked at her, he took out his gun and shot her between the eyes.

Then the Patrolman came across the road, gun in hand, looked at me, and said "How are you feeling?"

"Now what would you say?"

The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof
And your shoes get so hot you wish your tired feet were fire-proof
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, yeah
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be

(Under the boardwalk) out of the sun
(Under the boardwalk) we'll be havin' some fun
(Under the boardwalk) people walking above
(Under the boardwalk) we'll be *making love*
Under the board-walk, board-walk!

From the park you hear the happy sound of a carousel
Mm-mm, you can almost taste the hot dogs and French fries they sell
Under the boardwalk, down by the sea
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be


Message: 34082 Posted: Sat Jun 26 17:40:48 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

What an interesting view, Gerry! Almost seems like some sort of modern art! Kind of a VFTHW and "VFTHW across the street" all in one!The "self-portraits" are always fun, too. : ) Karen

Message: 34081 Posted: Sat Jun 26 17:40:27 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

Need scoop on Buffalo today!!

Message: 34080 Posted: Sat Jun 26 17:33:58 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Buffalo

It's a Mad Hatter world!

Message: 34079 Posted: Sat Jun 26 17:06:23 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: VFTHW - Buffalo

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Buffalo, NY. Gerry sent a note along with it that said: "Self portrait".

Message: 34078 Posted: Sat Jun 26 16:34:03 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Sunday Chat/Listening Party

I won't be around for either this Sunday's or next Sunday's chats, so I was going to postpone the listening parties. If anyone else wants to take up the slack in my absence, please feel free!

Message: 34077 Posted: Sat Jun 26 13:40:11 2004 By: Andy
Subject: America

Hello everyone!

It's been years (yes, years) that I've posted here, so I wanted to say hello again after such a long time.

I will be driving down to Atlantic City (from Long Island). It would be nice to say hello to all those coming, but I have no idea what anyone looks like. So, if you see someone up front in a light blue America shirt (from the late 80s or early 90s), say hello. I should be one of the 300+ people to fit that description :-)

Message: 34076 Posted: Sat Jun 26 10:45:17 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Jeff Larson....

"Sepia" is on of the best CD's I've ever heard - Period! This kind of music is timeless IMO. I generally gravitate towards songs like "Windblown mind", "What about my dreams", "Room for summer", "Faraway Mary", "Getting into yesterday" "Lot to learn" and the like but what J.L. did with "Seeing red" and "Blur" just blows me away! The bridge on "Blur" is neat.

DB's and GB's contributions are outstanding. Jeff Fosketts BG vocals take any song up a notch. This Hank Linderman fellow has quite an ear for music.

Uncle Jed

Bugtussle, USA

Message: 34075 Posted: Sat Jun 26 09:54:34 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Cake, History & Foot in Mouth

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 26, 2004

49 years ago - Decca Records announces Bill Haley & The Comets have sold more than 3 million records in thirteen months. Both "Rock Around The Clock" and "Shake Rattle & Roll" have sold a million copies, while "Dim, Dim the Lights" and "Mambo Rock" have sold about 500,000. (1955)

48 years ago - Guitarist and vocalist Mick Jones of the Clash is born. (1956)

48 years ago - Rocker Chris Isaak is born. (1956)

48 years ago - In a LOOK Magazine article entitled, "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Controversy," swing band leader Benny Goodman comments about rock 'n' roll, "I guess it's okay, man. At least it has a beat." (1956)

39 years ago - The Strangeloves "I Want Candy" makes its way into the Hot 100. (1965)

31 years ago - Mick Jagger is named in a London paternity suit by Marsha Hunt. She claims Jagger is the father of her two year old daughter. Jagger takes a blood test and the suit is proved unsuccessful. (1973)

29 years ago - Veteran R&B arranger/producer Van McCoy earns his first gold record for the disco smash, "The Hustle". It turns out to be the biggest dance craze of the decade. (1975)

28 years ago - Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" is released. (1976)

27 years ago - Elvis Presley makes what will be his last public appearance with a concert at Indianapolis' Market Square Arena. (1977)

25 years ago - Elvis' father, Vernon, dies of a heart attack in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was 63. (1979)

12 years ago - Elton John and Eric Clapton play the first of three sell-out dates at London's Wembley Stadium. It is the first public outing for John since undergoing painful hair transplants. Bonnie Raitt was the opening act. (1992)


This had most of the state of Michigan laughing for 2 days and a very embarrassed female news anchor who will, in the future, likely think before she speaks. What happens when you predict snow but don't get any.... a true story... We had a female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn't, turned to the weatherman and asked: "So Bob, where's that 8 inches you promised me last night?" Not only did HE have to leave the set, but half the crew did too they were laughing so hard!

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you
I'd never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No I don't wanna fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you
With you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way
what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you
what a wicked thing to say you never felt this way
what a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you

Linda S., so nice to hear u had a good time with LRB. Hope ur annniversary was one to remember.


Message: 34074 Posted: Sat Jun 26 04:45:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: The Sun Is Up Again

The sun is up again here on this very AMERICA sort of day. It's very sunny with Nancy's kind of 'blue-eyed sky' overhead. YIPPEE! Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Gerry Beckley. Life is good.

Message: 34073 Posted: Sat Jun 26 04:17:18 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: AC Countdown

Hmmm, I forget, what's so special about tomorrow?? Why am I going to Atlantic City? Oh, I remember, the gambling!
NOT! ONE more day...
Gerry and Dewey and guys, I'll be seeing you when..."the Sun Comes Up Again"!

Message: 34072 Posted: Sat Jun 26 02:54:40 2004 By: Julie
Subject: AC Countdown

I got this feeling that tomorrow's the day!!

Message: 34071 Posted: Sat Jun 26 01:39:03 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: Tea song

Haha. A shot is the right word to describe what I feel too. Totally addicted to it.

Message: 34070 Posted: Sat Jun 26 00:31:22 2004 By: "Bluey"
Subject: thanks

Thanks to Mark and everyone for, I think?, answering my question about the Billboard system. Over here in Oz we just have the one listing but of course there are only about 23 million of us so they don't want to confuse us about what CD we have to buy. I looked up the new 3 CD 30 years history of America yesterday at Penrith and I'll have to thank Dewey and Gerry because now I have to buy the bloody thing because the album has previously unreleased demos on it. My wife Cheryl said to me that I've got more America CDs than Gerry and Dewey have combined but she's resigned to the fact that an extra $70 (Oz money) won't make that much of a difference.
E-mailed one of your great talents today, Stephen BISHOP, and he graciously sent a reply back straight away. He was very taken that he has fans in Oz. Great talent.
The other thing I just can't believe, and this is true, I was playing "The Jim Croce Collection" last night and I thought how much his style and singing remind me of Dewey's, particularly "I Got a Name" and "Alabama Rain". I was just taken back when I logged on and found people talking about the same thing.

QUESTION AGAIN: Does anybody know why did America change their traditional logo "America" on the front of some of their CDs such as "Alibi", "You Move" and "Silent Letter"? I know it's not asking the equation to the structure of the Atom Bomb but I wondered whether the boys wanted a change or it was just a legal thing.

I hope you blokes know that the best America concerts are held Down-Under (fair dinkum, honest) so you better start getting your Fly-Buys built up because we don't really like foreigners taking up valuable Bluey.

Message: 34069 Posted: Fri Jun 25 19:37:48 2004 By: Linda S.
Subject: atlantic city

Just wanted to say have fun everyone who is going to Atlantic City tomorrow - I'll be there with you in spirit! Will see you all at Mohegan I hope! Red - you were right, Little River Band was awesome last night!

Message: 34068 Posted: Fri Jun 25 19:33:54 2004 By: Linda
Subject: concert pictures

I'm a little late with posting this, but if you'd like to see my concert pictures from Green Bay, go to:
and you can check out the Fond du Lac pics at:

Karen, glad to hear you had such a good time at the Iowa show!

To those of you going to a concert this weekend, have a great time!

Message: 34067 Posted: Fri Jun 25 17:30:26 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Yet even more charts

Radio and Records publishes 12 different singles charts. Again, I'm not sure what distinguishes between some of them. While Billboard is the main chart publisher, Radio and Records is a respected national publication and has been much kinder to America in recent years than Billboard. In 1998 "From A Moving Train" went to 25 on the Radio and Records AC chart and in 2002 America's "Winter Wonderland" hit 26 on the same chart.

Radio and Records singles charts:
Active Rock
Adult Contemporary
Contemporary Hit Radio Rhythmic
Contemporary Hit Radio POP
Hot Adult Contemporary
Smooth Jazz
Triple A
Urban Adult Contemporary

Message: 34066 Posted: Fri Jun 25 17:21:19 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Diamond Jo photos

The Diamond Jo has posted quite a few photos from America's recent show.

Message: 34065 Posted: Fri Jun 25 16:59:44 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Charts and more charts

The "Billboard Chart" usually refers to the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, which used to be called the Pop Singles Chart until the early 80's. It is supposed to be a listing of the most popular songs of all styles in the country. Billboard also publishes an Adult Contemporary Chart, which is supposed list the most popular adult oriented songs, stuff that we used to call "easy listening" when I was young (many years ago).

The number of charts has proliferated over the years. Billboard actually publishes different 16 singles charts and 9 album charts now. It is not unusual for a big hit to make multiple charts. In fact there are soooo many charts now that I am not sure what the difference is supposed to be in some of them, perhaps some of our posters who are in the radio business could enlighten us.

While Billboard is the biggest national music chart compiler and publisher, it is not the only one. Radio and Records also publishes several national music charts similar to Billboard (America has had acouple of songs make the Radio and Records AC chart in recent years). Up until the mid-90's CashBox also published national music charts.

Here are the Billboard Singles Charts. While the type of music on of some of them are obvious, others I have no idea what the difference in them is. Like I'm not sure what the difference between the Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 is, or Mainstream Rock versus Top 40 Mainstream.

The Billboard Hot 100
Adult Contemporary
Adult Top 40
Hot Country Singles & Tracks
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
Hot Rap Tracks
Modern Rock Tracks
Mainstream Rock Tracks
Top 40 Tracks
Top 40 Mainstream
Hot Latin Tracks
Hot Dance Music/Club Play
Dance Radio Airplay
Hot Digital Tracks
Hot Christian Singles & Tracks
Hot Christian Adult Contemporary

Here are the Billboard Album Charts:
The Billboard 200
Top Country Albums
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
Top Pop Catalog Albums
Top Heatseekers
Top Electronic Albums
Top Independent Albums
Top Internet Album Sales
Top Latin Albums

Message: 34064 Posted: Fri Jun 25 16:14:41 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Tea song

ARGHHHH my computer (aka "the Dell from Hell") won't let me open anything. Fortunatly, my one of my fellow cubefarmers was able to open it so I could hear it this morning. I can listen to it at home, just needed a shot today. We are now ALL humming the song.

Message: 34063 Posted: Fri Jun 25 15:59:31 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Wallace Threlkeld

Such sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Bronwyn.

Message: 34062 Posted: Fri Jun 25 15:50:47 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Weekend Shows

I wish you could, too, Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon!!!

Message: 34061 Posted: Fri Jun 25 15:42:04 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Toast

Thank you Kristal!

Message: 34060 Posted: Fri Jun 25 13:18:50 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Weekend Shows

Mo, Kristal, Anita, Cathy and anyone else who is attending a show this weekend - have an AWESOME time!! I wish I could be there with you!


Message: 34059 Posted: Fri Jun 25 12:46:16 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam & some more !

Hi hooooo Everyone TGIF :) Kinda a dreary day here, but the weekend is to be beautiful. Nathan has had ball games 4 out of the 5 days this week, last night was his first game played under the big lights, Bugs of all sizes and shapes were partying the night away ... EEEEeeeks!!! Scratch, scratch Itchin away the day today!!! LOL!!!

Hmmmm ~~ My weeee Early AM hours were spent listening to Matt & Bryce's new song ~ Hmmmmm Wow, Double WOW ~~ Yes Gen IT IS Wonderful ~ REALLY ~~~ it has all of that mystic and magic that Matt has a knack at hitting exactly right on his more slower songs... Thanks sooooo Much for telling us all about this ~ Thanks Matt & Bryce for sharing this with us... Wow keep on working that magic, before you know it Mr Mailman will bringing your next new cd my way.... Yes yes Yes :) ~~ Just like you Cathy R I hit the replay button on it about 20 times in the weeeee hours of the morning! Nice :)

Hey there Mo neat you were listening to Fleetwood Mac's Rumors... I sure have hit the replay on it ooodles of times... I got a hankerin to get out my Fleetwood Mac Mirage Cassette, soooo I was listening to it alot this morning... This cassette is mostly known for Stevie's song "Gypsy" & Hold Me, there is a catchy Christine McVie song on this cassette tho, that has me listening over & over too... "Wish You Were Here" these songs kinda have the older Fleetwood Mac Twist to them... Next up I am gonna give their "Tango in The Night" cassette a listen too, Lots of Christine's magical gems are on it... I love "Little Lies, Mystified, Isn't It Midnight, & Everywhere" she sure shines nicely on them.

Hey Bones ~~ Wang Chung's song Wang Chung is a great Friday song for sure! ~~ Hmmm are you heading to any shows this weekend?

Hi Bronwyn ~~ Thank you for sharing this sad news with us, I am sure that your wanting to get this news to Gerry, Dewey & Dan will be appreciated. I would like to extend my Sympathy to you and your family, what a very touching way to carry on your Father's love for music, by donating to the "Mr Holland's Opus Music Fund" . :)

Cheers Bluey ~~~ Hmmmm you wondered what the difference is between the Billboard chart & the Adult Contemporary charts.... well this is just a guess on my part, I think the Billboard Chart is made up of music that is for a wide range of musical interest, whereas the Adult Contemporary is focused more on songs that are geared towards Adults with a similiar style of music... I am not for sure on this... like I said just a guess on my part. Maybe Steve O or Mark can enlighten us with the right answer for your wonderings... Yes this chat folder is a nice stress buster at times... I agree the News on tv can get you down for sure! :)

Yeppers Chuck ~~ It is a Shame that Mr Jim Croce was taken away sooo young... I love his song Photographs & Memory's a very touching reminder of just how much of a Sincere Music Artist he was! I am glad we have his songs to hit the replay button on still!

Hey there Red ~~~ Sooo many Important B'day's yesterday & today.... I really enjoyed your choice of song lyrics! ~~ Lot's of Quickies's found in your Thin Books List for reading, and just like NancyM Iiii tooo understand why I have been more tired lately... quite the calculation to figure this out... ~~ Well it is time to park Nelleybelle and head home for a relaxing weekend... I am pretty sure the Orange~Slice Moon should be out to accompany You and Your Mrs as you sit out on your back deck! I can't wait for the fullll mooon... I wish it would have been here for all of the Atlantic City show goers to have add more magic to this Beach Setting.... Oooh well Half a moon is better than no Moon right! LOL!!! Me & My Fixations on Mr Mr Moon huh!!!! ;) kinda has me a hankerin to put on Van the Man's Moondance! :)

Thanks Robyn ~~ Those were neat lyrics you shared with us ~ Now I can kinda see what you meant about saying how you left the Tangiers show longing to hear Matt's song again... It definitely does have a hauntingly beautiful glow to it.... :)

Mo ~ Jeff & Family, NancyM, Anita & Friend, Kristal, Kade,Cathy R, David S, and whoever else is heading to the weekend shows... Enjoy, Enjoy ~ Enjoy ~~~ and yes hurry back and share all of it with us! I will be Patiently waiting!

Take care everyone and Enjoy your weekend! Nancy :)

~~~~ There's distance between us, and you're on my mind, as I lay here in the darkness, I can't find no peace inside, I Wish You Were Here Holding me tight, If you were here it would make it alright, cause if you were here, it would make it alright, I wish you were here, I feel like a child tonight, there's rain on my window, and I can't count the drops, but I can't help feeling lonely, there's no way, no wayyyy I can't stop, I wish you were here ~~~ Sing it again Christine McVie :) ;)

Message: 34058 Posted: Fri Jun 25 10:11:06 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Almost put in Mr Croce myself! But my Friday morning jams were

Joan Baez "Diamonds and Rust" I had to hear the song she wrote for Dylan I love the lines

"Idols are best when they're made of stone
Savior's a nuisance to live with at home
Stars often fall
heros go unsung
and martyrs, most certainly
die too young"

Also Brian Wilson's new one. VERY BEACH BOY. Anyone else have it? What do you think?

Message: 34057 Posted: Fri Jun 25 09:41:52 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: Wallace Threlkeld

So sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Peace to you through this difficult time.

Message: 34056 Posted: Fri Jun 25 09:41:36 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Jim Croce-- Photographs and Memories-- His Greatest Hits

Damn, that macn could play the guitar. Why do some of the greats die so young?


Message: 34055 Posted: Fri Jun 25 09:06:20 2004 By: Bronwyn Threlkeld
Subject: Thanks

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Message: 34054 Posted: Fri Jun 25 09:01:10 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Wallace Threlkeld

Bronwyn, I am sorry for your loss.

Message: 34053 Posted: Fri Jun 25 08:54:53 2004 By: Bronwyn Threlkeld
Subject: Wallace Threlkeld

My dad, "Mr. T" was Jerry, Dewey and Dan's teacher back at LCHS in London during their high school years. My dad died suddenly last week of a brain aneurysm. He was so proud of America and appreciated some contact with them over the years. I wanted to somehow inform them of his death. They had invited my dad up on stage at Taste of Minnesota a few years ago, which gave me, his youngest daughter, quite a giggle. We are memorializing Wallace Threlkeld with contributions to the Mr. Holland's Opus Music Fund, to keep music alive in the public schools. Sincerely Bronwyn Threlkeld-Wiegand

Message: 34052 Posted: Fri Jun 25 08:01:52 2004 By: "Bluey"
Subject: trivia

FOR TRIVIA BUFFS;- We all know that Dewey gets a little apologetic to the audience when he introduces the title song they sang for the movie "CALIFORNIA DREAMING' which, unfortunately, didn't exactly set the cinema world on fire. WWWell I have sitting here in front of me the original LP soundtrack, in mint condition, of that movie, although it is actually titled "CALIFORNIA DREAMING" even though the title song is spelt "CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'". The soundtrack was distributed by ASTOR Records in 1978 under CASABLANCA RECORDS AND FILMWORKS, SERIAL NO AILP3001. The movie's credits are: Directed by JOHN HANCOCK, Producer CHRISTIAN WHITTAKER, Music Score FRED KARLIN and Starring GLYNNIS O'CONNOR, SEYMOUR CASSEL, DOROTHY TRISTAN and DENNIS CHRISTOPHER.
Performed by AMERICA
music and lyrics: John Phillips and Michelle Phillips
Produced by Jerry Beckley and Lee Bunnell

QUESTION PLEASE. Can someone please tell me what is the difference between the Billboard Chart and the Adult Contemporary Chart?

Hi to everyone on the line, you stop the pain I get after watching the evening news and blues...........Bluey.

Message: 34051 Posted: Fri Jun 25 06:50:44 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Wang Chung - Warmer side of cool

Message: 34050 Posted: Fri Jun 25 06:43:26 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam, Part 2 and 3

No Doubt, Jethro Tull, Abba (I am making a condensed cd for the car)

Have fun in Buffalo PCBWU & Moser.

Cindy, Thanks~ we will raise our beer glass and toast you in memory.

2 days!! The venue has no roof, so pray for good weather!

Message: 34049 Posted: Fri Jun 25 06:39:23 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re:B'days, History & Why I'm Tired

So THAT'S why I'm tired!

Carly Simon's always been one of my favorite female artist. Once, many, many, many years ago, I saw her and her then hubby James Taylor going up the escalator in Macy's in NY as I was going down. I must admit that I stared at them! They were both very tall and thin! James turned around at the top and looked back at me still staring at them when I reached the bottom!

Message: 34048 Posted: Fri Jun 25 06:13:56 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday AM Jam, Part 2 and 3

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours
Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits

Message: 34047 Posted: Fri Jun 25 06:12:19 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: One more sleep!

Please check your email for a note from me regarding tomorrow.
PS: Can't wait!!

Message: 34046 Posted: Fri Jun 25 05:56:25 2004 By: pcbwu
Subject: One more sleep!

Hi everyone - ONE MORE SLEEP until we see our guys in Buffalo! Can't wait! Hope to see some of you there.......

Message: 34045 Posted: Fri Jun 25 04:50:13 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday AM Jam

Thanks, Red Oak, I intend to ROCK, the hub, and the offspring--whether they like it or not!!

Friday Morning Jam is U2's Boy.

What's in your player?

Message: 34044 Posted: Fri Jun 25 03:57:15 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & Why I'm Tired

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 25, 2004

59 years ago - Singer Carly Simon is born. (1945)

58 years ago - King Crimson/Foreigner member, Ian McDonald is born. (1946)

52 years ago - Split Enz singer Tim Finn is born. (1952)

41 years ago - Singer George Michael is born. (1963)

37 years ago - The Beatles recorded "All You Need Is Love" live on the "Our World" program, which was broadcast worldwide. (1967)

35 years ago - Mick Taylor made his first concert appearance with The Rolling Stones. He had replaced Brian Jones. (1969)

27 years ago - The Emotions "Best Of My Love" hits #1 on the R&B charts. It does the same thing on the pop charts two months later. (1977)

22 years ago - The Rolling Stones make their first British concert appearance in six years. It's the first of two dates at London's Wembley Stadium where 140,000 show up to hear them play. (1982)

20 years ago - Prince releases his "Purple Rain" LP. (1984)

20 years ago - Backup singer Patti Scialfa joins Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band just four days before the start of the "Born In The U.S.A." tour is to begin. (1984)

12 years ago - Planners of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame held a sneak preview of memorabilia that was going on display for the public the next day. Among the items included was one of Janis Joplin's favorite necklaces. The display was held at a Cleveland museum, because the Hall Of Fame wasn't built yet. (1992)

12 years ago - Twenty-five years after leaving high school, Billy Joel gets his diploma. In 1967, the piano man had overslept and missed his English and Gym finals. (1992)


For a couple of years I've been blaming it on a lack of sleep, not enough sunshine, too much pressure from my job, earwax bulidup, poor blood, or anything else I could think of. But now I found out the real reason:

The population of this country is 273 million. 140 million are retired.
That leaves 133 million to do the work.
There are 85 million in school, which leaves 48 million to do the work.
Of this there are 29 million employed by the federal gov't leaving 19 million to do the work.
2.8 million are in the armed forces preoccupied with killing the Taliban.
Which leaves 16.2 million to do the work.
Take from the total the 14, 800,000 people who work for the state and city gov'ts. And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work.
At any given time there 188,000 people in hospitals, leaving 1, 212,000 to do the work.
Now there are 1, 211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work.
You and me.
And there you are sitting on your butt, at your computer, reading jokes.
Nice, real nice

Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best

I wasn't lookin' but somehow you found me
It tried to hide from your love light
But like heaven above me
The spy who loved me
Is keepin' all my secrets safe tonight

And nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why'd you have to be so good?

TGIF everyone & for those attending shows over the weekend, ROCK ON!!!


Message: 34043 Posted: Fri Jun 25 03:26:09 2004 By: jimbob
Subject: Nancy!

Nancy, Im tryin to get in touch with you, but your inbox is full.Ring me on mobile!

Message: 34042 Posted: Thu Jun 24 18:42:24 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City, etc...

I will be thinking of you lucky girls who get to see America on the beach...please tell us all about it after!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 34041 Posted: Thu Jun 24 18:29:04 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Front Page News

America appears on the front page of the Hilton Head Island Packet Online.

Message: 34040 Posted: Thu Jun 24 14:05:47 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: Doing Research/AC

Mo, that is my favorite movie! Don't you just love Crash's speech to Annie?
Kristal, no problem. Will bring chairs, sunblock, drinks, etc. 3 DAYS!

Message: 34039 Posted: Thu Jun 24 11:48:11 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy

I second that! Worth the long wait, kudos to Matt and company.

Message: 34038 Posted: Thu Jun 24 11:40:19 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy

Wow ~ does this kid have some talent or what???

I think it's got a good beat, and you can slow dance to it!
I give it a 10!

You are right Cathy - replay!!

Who wants to make a road trip to the roxy?

Kristal ;0)

Message: 34037 Posted: Thu Jun 24 11:15:30 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy


Message: 34036 Posted: Thu Jun 24 10:20:04 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy

WOW. You guys were right. What an amazing song. Should be on the radio NOW. Thanks Matt!
Erin :o)

Message: 34035 Posted: Thu Jun 24 10:03:19 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Doing Research

Yes, popcorn, please with extra butter. Thanks, Kristal.

Message: 34034 Posted: Thu Jun 24 08:50:23 2004 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy

Just listened to the demo that Matt has on the Teaarmy website and WOW!!!! Matt, I love this song so much I keep hitting the replay button. It's so hauntingly beautiful!!! As Robyn mentioned, everyone go to NOW and listen to it. Can't wait to hear more from them. Hitting the replay button again.~~~Cathy

Message: 34033 Posted: Thu Jun 24 08:27:11 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Doing Research

Moser - Good pick - Kevin Costner... hmmm, shall I dare say it? K, K, K... G, G, G... D, D, D - hee hee ;0)
I will cue my America DVD just for you. It will be in spirit! Would you like me to make the popcorn? lol

Message: 34032 Posted: Thu Jun 24 07:07:11 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: mB Teaarmy

It IS wonderful. Really.

Message: 34031 Posted: Thu Jun 24 07:03:03 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & Thin Books

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 24, 2004

62 years ago - Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac's drummer is born. (1942)

60 years ago - Born today are Jeff Beck and Arthur Brown (from "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown). (1944)

55 years ago - Dire Straits bassist John Illsley is born. (1949)

43 years ago - Tears For Fears singer/keyboardist Curt Smith is born. (1961)

40 years ago - Sam Cooke starts a two week stay at New York's Copacabana Club. A 70-foot billboard announcing the engagement is erected in Times Square. (1964)

39 years ago - John Lennon's second book, "A Spaniard in the Works" was published. (1965)

37 years ago - Procul Harum's first single, "A Whiter Shade of Pale" enters the U.S. pop charts where it will peak at #5. (1967)

33 years ago - The Celebration Of Life Festival is shut down by authorities after promoters fail to provide sufficient supplies of food, medical and sanitary facilities. Only eight of the advertised twenty-seven groups appeared and 150 of the festival goers were arrested. (1971)

31 years ago - Al Kooper reunited with the original Blues Project for a concert in N.Y.'s Central Park. (1973)

30 years ago - The Hues Corporation has a gold record with "Rock The Boat". It would reach #1 in July. (1974)

29 years ago - The U.S. Attorney in Newark, New Jersey hands down indictments to 19 music industry executives in a two year investigation. Counts of income tax evasion and payola are leveled. Among those named include: Clive Davis, former president of Columbia Records and Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, architects of the Philadelphia sound of the 70's. (1975)

14 years ago - Keyboardist Roger O'Donnell quit The Cure. He was replaced by Perry Bamonte, who was a roadie for the band. (1990)

9 years ago - Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder left the stage after seven songs during a concert in San Francisco because of a stomach flu. Neil Young finished the show. (1995)

5 years ago - Eric Clapton puts 100 of his guitars up for auction in New York at Christie's to raise money for his drug rehab clinic, the Crossroads Centre in Antigua. His 1956 Fender Stratocaster, named Brownie, was sold for a record $497,500. The guitar was used to record "Layla." The auction helped raise nearly $5 million for the clinic. (1999)

The Worlds 21 Thinnest Books

21. HOW I SERVED MY COUNTRY - by Jane Fonda
20. MY BEAUTY SECRETS - by Janet Reno
15. THINGS I CANNOT AFFORD - by Bill Gates
14. THINGS I WOULD NOT DO FOR MONEY - by Dennis Rodman
13. MY WILD YEARS - by Al Gore
10. DETROIT: a Travel Guide
6. ALL THE MEN I HAVE LOVED BEFORE - by Ellen de Generes

And the world's Number One thinnest book:

1. MY BOOK OF MORALS - by Bill Clinton with introduction by The Rev. Jessie Jackson

You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac

Sweet wonderful you,
You make me happy with the things you do,
Oh, can it be so,
This feeling follows me wherever I go.

I never did believe in miracles,
But, I've a feeling it's time to try,
I never did believe in the ways of magic,
But, I'm beginning to wonder why.

Don, don't break the spell,
It would be different and you know it will,
You, you making loving fun,
And I don't have to tell you you're the only one.

You make loving fun
You make loving fun


Message: 34030 Posted: Thu Jun 24 06:48:58 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City, etc...

Hi NancyM ~

Gee, so know one has a real easy drive. I think I am looking at 3 - 3 1/2 hours. I was shooting for noon. Maybe I will reconsider.

I hope the Jersey boys are coming.

I spoke with someone from the hotel yesterday, and she said the concert is on the beach, not at the bar. She also mentioned to bring lawn chairs.

Just 3 days..... Kristal ;0)

Message: 34029 Posted: Thu Jun 24 06:37:31 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: mB Teaarmy

Got a note from Matt that both his pages had crashed but he had put up a son at oh my gosh!!!!! Matt and Bryce put the unfinished demo of a song on their page. YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT go there NOW. This is the song I was enthusing over after the Tangiers show. I LOVE IT. Give it a listen and let them know what you think! NOTE to Matt- that is probably the nicest gift I got this year!

Message: 34028 Posted: Thu Jun 24 06:28:04 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Doing Research

In preparation for Saturday's game, I plan to watch Bull Durham this evening. I guess while I'm at it, I should cue up the America In Concert DVD afterwards to more closely match Saturday's line up. What makes me think my family will find other things to do???

Message: 34027 Posted: Thu Jun 24 04:06:14 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Hilton Head ~SC pic ...

Hi Nancy ~

Believe me I don't get too worried about my name being misspelled. As long as it is spelled correctly on the check is all that matters to me ;0). I have a niece named Krista. Just talking to my sister can be a challenge at times, if you know what I mean.

People can't pronounce my last name let alone spell either. I am doomed. Oh well, I learned along time ago - not to sweat the small stuff.

Have a great day ~ Kristal

Message: 34026 Posted: Wed Jun 23 22:25:51 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Hilton Head Island

Thanks Gerry for the great view! It's always nice to have a view of the pool on a sunny day. But a few too many trees possibly?

Message: 34025 Posted: Wed Jun 23 21:34:51 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City, etc...

Kristal, I'm driving from Woodbridge, NJ, about 2 & 1/2 hrs away. I hope to get there by 10 A.M. I want to be up front!! Hope to see you there!

Message: 34024 Posted: Wed Jun 23 20:17:04 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: History & the Brothel Trip

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear
They got 'em in Texas
Cos everyone's a millionaire

Well, not quite, but SOMEONE surely is to the tune of $145,000,000 during last Saturday night's Texas Lotto drawing. The ticket was purchased in El Paso, Texas. Although I live in New Mexico, Texas is just a mile to the east. My home town has had THREE Texas Lotto jackpot winners. Each has won at least 1.5 million dollars! One of the three winners nearly won it AGAIN by getting 5 of the 6 required numbers. And what did the brother-in-law (brother of the winner's wife) get from his brother-in-law and sister after the winnings? He said he rec'd nothing. Not even a lousy t-shirt. : (

Message: 34023 Posted: Wed Jun 23 18:48:19 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: More gigs

The Americaholics need more East Coast gigs during August. Pleazzzee!!

Message: 34022 Posted: Wed Jun 23 15:58:11 2004 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: More gigs

I sure hope that Fairfield means Fairfield, CA. We need a concert in Northern CA!

Message: 34021 Posted: Wed Jun 23 15:45:55 2004 By: Anita
Subject: More gigs

I noticed there are four more shows listed on the site; don't know when they appeared. They are:

10/22/2004 West Long Branch Pollack Theatre

10/23/2004 Lexington, KY Embassy Suites

11/5/2004 Long Beach The Vault 350

11/14/2004 Fairfield - Fairfield Center For The Performing Arts

None of these are marked as "Private," so I'm assuming they are open to the public.

Designed by:

Message: 34020 Posted: Wed Jun 23 15:19:58 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Willie's Portrait, Etc.

Click here to see Willie's Andy Warhol style portrait created by Danae. She said she couldn't forget the veteran of the band. She also went to an Andy Warhol BBC web page that has some soundclips of interviews with Andy. She says that he sounds like Gerry but I couldn't get them to play so I don't know.

Message: 34019 Posted: Wed Jun 23 15:01:46 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Atlantic City

The Hilton Beach Bar does not take reservations for tables.
101 and 1/2 hours till....

Message: 34018 Posted: Wed Jun 23 12:05:28 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW ~ Hilton Head ~SC pic ...

Yep Me Again :)

I heard on the radio this morning as I was doing my work the Top 10 songs that were from Movies... and the #1 song is one of My Most Favorite Songs for sure, I know you all have heard seen my use the lyrics to it.... Drum Roll ~~~ #1 is Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz movie.. Yes Yes Yes ~~ I Love the lyrics to this song, and my favorite version of it is sung by Eva Cassidy, her memory shines on nicely in her songs. :) I also heard "Tin Man" on the radio and yes I Sang along with it, and Smiled! :)

Well Upon seeing this VFTHW pic I just had to post about all of this and to say Gerry you have managed to capture a "Take Me Away Paradise Pic" here in this pic. Soooo Inviting for sure! I always enjoy seeing the Rainbow colors pulling from the sky ... and it looks as tho this is a private beach as well as a nice swimming pool to relax by or in... Nice Nice Nice! ~~ I bet this is gonna be One Nice setting for a show too, if anyone out there is heading to this show, please allow us to be there through your thoughts and words! Thanks Gerry for taking us to these places in your pics ~ I just love it! Can't get enough of it! :)

Hi Kristal ~~ Sorry I spelled your name wrong in my earlier post... I was talking to a Krysta on the phone earlier for my work and she spells her name with a "y" instead of an "i". Sooo neat you will be heading to the beach... One day I hope we get to meet, it would be sooo much fun for sure! :)

I may be really late getting to live chat tonight... soo much going on here lately! See ya, Nancy :) ;)

~~~~ Somewhere Over the Rainbow, pretty little Bluebirds fly, and the Dreams You Dare To Dream ~ Really Do Come True.. If pretty little Bluebirds fly over the rainbow, then why ooooh whyyyyyy can't Iiiii :) ;)

Message: 34017 Posted: Wed Jun 23 11:38:00 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City, etc...

NancyM - where are you driving in from??

Hopefully we can all meet before the show. What time is anyone planning on getting there??

4 days........ G G G, D D D hmmmmmm... ;0)

Message: 34016 Posted: Wed Jun 23 11:11:54 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Hilton Head Island

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Message: 34015 Posted: Wed Jun 23 10:40:17 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Thanks

to everyone for the bd wishes! I took the day off so any day I am not out there moving libraries is good. I think we have six or seven more relocations this year and then I get a whole year off ( from that part of my job I mean)

Message: 34014 Posted: Wed Jun 23 09:17:39 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: HB ~Jeff L interview ~ Dubuque Rev & tryin to catch up

Hi ~ Happy Hump Day ~~ Could someone Please slow this week down, I am getting runned over with TIME!!!!!! Ouch the end of the month is coming! Will I survive this????? I Hope sooo!

Happy Birthday Robyn ~~ Enjoy your day, and Best Wishes for the year ahead! :)

Hi Karen L ~~ Thanks soooo much for sharing your pics with us as well as your Great Review (can never be tooooo lonnnnng for me), I really enjoyed reading it. I really love the down home comfortableness in your & Kyle's pic with Gerry & Dewey! ~~ Soooo Happy for You, enjoy your Cloud 10 Ride for a lonnnnnng time! :) OOoooohh incase I forgot to mention before, thanks for the neat article about the Diamond Casino show, I really enjoyed the pics they chose to accent the article.. :) Geeze I have gotten 3 telephone calls while trying to get this post posted! Oooooh my!!!!

Hi SteveL & SteveO ~~~ Alright!!!! I loved getting to read this interview with Jeff Larson, I sure do like what makes him tick! Sooo great to know he has more songs up his sleeve for down the road. I am soooo anxious for my "Sepia" CD to arrive in the mail, still not here yet, but should be here by the 30th... oooh nooo there is that date again... Everything is geared for the 30th for me lately!!! Soooo neat SteveO you getting to do this interview with Jeff, I will look forward to reading the full interview in your weekly music column! Thanks :)

Hi Anita ~~ Interesting article from South Bend indeed, thanks for sharing it with us! I hope you, NancyM, David, Krystal, Kade, David S and whoever else I may have missed, have a great time at the Atlantic City Show, and that you all get to meet up.. I hope Mr Moon is present for this Beach Show setting... Wow thinking of that gave me the Spinetingling chills! Be sure and come back and tell us all about the show! It will help chase away the PASDS for me some... I will be thinking of all of you ~ Wish I could be there!

Hey there David S ~~~ Sooo good that it worked out for you to take in this Atlantic City show... get ready to leave there walking away as if it was the first time you have seen them... :)

Hi Hooooo Red ~~~ Still here enjoying your posts... Keep me a laughing soooo I get through the end of the Month OK!!!! :) ;)

Nice to hear from you too American Girl ~~ Enjoy your time up on Cloud 10 too... I was wondering were there any Fireflies at the South Bend Firefly show???

Hey there Mo ~~ Have a great time at the Ball Game and Enjoy the show an extra measure for me.... I will be thinking you and the Magic that you are getting to take in again. :)

Okay all done ~ I think, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Sun goes down, ooooh my how I'm Missing You... Alll Around sights and sounds remind me of You ... Used to fly me over the Ocean, but Now You're Goneee, I don't know how, I don't know how, I can go on.... Every night, I turn down the lights, I Still See YOU, Moon in the Sky FIREFLY Remind me of YOU, Used to fly me over the RAINBOW. but now You're goneeeee, I don't know how, I don't know how I can go onnnnn ~~ oooooh I'm Missing YOU, oooooh Missing You ~~ Sing it yet another time for me Dan Peek ~~ Missing You (Chelsea's Song) from Dan's Boddentown CD ~~~ ooooh How I Love Hitting the Replay button on this song it is Sooooo Hauntingly Beautiful! :) ;)

Message: 34013 Posted: Wed Jun 23 06:46:59 2004 By: Moser
Subject: HB

Happy happy, Robyn. Hope you have fun celebrating. Raise a toast of Bushmill's (told you I wouldn't forget again), close your eyes, and make a wish or two.

Message: 34012 Posted: Wed Jun 23 06:43:41 2004 By: red oak
Subject: History & the Brothel Trip

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 23, 2004

39 years ago - Motown Records releases "Tracks Of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. The same song will be a hit for Linda Ronstadt in 1976. (1965)

37 years ago - John Entwistle of The Who marries Alison Wise. (1967)

38 years ago - The Rolling Stones depart London for their 3rd U.S. tour only two weeks after Mick Jagger was hospitalized after collapsing from exhaustion at the end of huge tours of Australia and Europe. (1966)

37 years ago - Arthur Conley receives a gold record for his first hit, "Sweet Soul Music". (1967)

34 years ago - Twist king Chubby Checker and three others are arrested in Niagra Falls after marijuana and unidentified drug capsules are found in Checker's car. (1970)

29 years ago - The potential danger of performing rock at big arenas is realized by Alice Cooper who falls off the set of his "Welcome To My Nightmare" tour in Vancouver. He breaks six ribs. (1975)

29 years ago - Jefferson Starship release their album, Red Octopus. (1975)

28 years ago - Paul McCartney and Wings complete their Wings Over America tour at the Forum in Los Angeles. At a Forum show two days earlier, Ringo Starr appeared on stage during the band's final number and presented Paul with flowers. (1976)

25 years ago - Supertramp's album, "Breakfast in America" ends the week on top of the U.S. album chart. (1979)

20 years ago - Van Halen release their single, "Panama." (1984)

15 years ago - New Kids on the Block were nearly thrown out of a hotel in Anaheim after they were caught throwing balloons filled with Kool-Aid at guests. (1989)

14 years ago - Actor Gary Busey, who played Buddy Holly in "The Buddy Holly Story," pays $242,000 for one of Holly's guitars at an auction in New York. (1990)

9 years ago - CBS News anchor Dan Rather joins R.E.M. onstage at Madison Square Garden during a soundcheck to perform "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" which referred to a bizarre incident years before when Rather was beaten up by thugs demanding the answer to the question. The performance was shown on David Letterman's "The Late Show." (1995)

An elderly man goes into a brothel and tells the madam he would
like a young girl for the night. Surprised, she looks at the ancient
man and asks how old he is.
"I'm 90 years old," he says.
"90!" replies the woman. "Don't you realize you've had it?"
"Oh, sorry," says the old man, "how much do I owe you?"

Breakfast in America - Supertramp

Take a look at my girlfriend
She's the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend
Never seem to get a lot

Take a jumbo cross the water
Like to see America
See the girls in California
I'm hoping it's going to come true
But there's not a lot I can do

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear
They got to have 'em in Texas
Cos everyone's a millionaire

Happy Hump Day and it's all downhill from here........


Message: 34011 Posted: Wed Jun 23 05:13:22 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday to you, Robyn! Enjoy your day!

4 more days to Atlantic City!!

Message: 34010 Posted: Wed Jun 23 05:04:55 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Jeff Larson Interview

Steve Orchard was kind enough to give us a sneak peak of an interview that he did with Jeff Larson regarding his new release, Sepia. Steve's weekly "Music News" column will be coming out later this week and will have a bit more in it, but the bulk of it is included below. Steve asks the questions and Jeff gives the answers. Thanks Steve and Jeff!

1) What is the meaning of the title "Sepia?"

Maybe I saw it as a mood and of breaking through into color… that’s where I was. Somewhere embedded in the track “blur” (see bridge) is the line “trying to crash the sepia dream” so that’s it. Oh, I wanted a one-word title too.

2) Each project seems to evolve stronger from the previous. Whereas I thought "Room For Summer" improved over "Watercolor Sky", I thought Fragile Sunrise improved over both of them. How do you view the finished product of "Sepia" compared to Fragile Sunrise?

No competition between them. Actually I never drew a line as far as the recording process between the two and have continued recording after SEPIA. I should say that I count things starting with “Fragile Sunrise” as far as a fully realized piece of work. This is mainly due to production issues. Hank (Linderman) and I have a good relationship and kind of a sense for each other at this point. The previous stuff has it’s moments maybe, but uneven to me - most of that is my fault.

3) The path you've taken is reminiscent to me of the singer-songwriters of the 70's who seem to grow stronger with each project. Nowadays record labels are more apt to dump a singer if the product doesn't sell within the first album or so. It’s different with you. Can you explain your attitude towards each project?

I write a lot and have a backlog of songs. All I’m really trying to do is build a decent body of recorded work - that’s the drive… Whatever help comes along the way is a bonus. For example the deal with JVC Victor (Japan), they have been great, as others have been, but I would still work at this regardless. In regards to a set of songs like SEPIA, I try to always have the new material be the bulk of the project and then look at previous songs and recordings (pre-1996 usually) to see what could be done better and that fit the vibe of what I’m working on. That process has served me well since it also provides perspective within a particular set of songs. I should add that doing a cover of a song like “Cryin’” also helps in this area since it helps me get away from myself a bit.

4) "Sepia" received its initial release in Japan, with a domestic release that followed two months later. Is this your preferred method now, getting something out internationally first or did the Japanese label just come to the table with a better offer?

Nothing like that. I sent them rough mixes to about half the tracks and they were supportive in releasing it. They helped it along as far as setting the sights and giving a deadline on where to draw the line for this set of songs. In general, JVC has been great at looking for ways to getting the music out and keeping it alive there.

5) "Windblown Mind”,” Hazy Sunshine”,” Broken Heart Smile" and "Getting' into yesterday" are four good examples of songs with great lyrics and great melodies. It’s nice to see that style of music come back. I like the fact that there are still singer-songwriters out there singing about love and human experience. Is that your approach to the way you write?

A lot of me is in the songs - that has always been the case. Sometimes it’s a summary and sometimes it’s in progress. I try to write myself into different spaces, but all of it is a commentary and a way of seeing. A song like Hazy Sunshine is about waking up and getting started in the day and I think relatable to most. A song like Windblown Mind is a little more scattered, but it’s me.

I don’t think that the expression of love and human experience has ever gone away in music or the arts in general. It all depends at what angle you’re looking at things from. If you’re looking only at what is popular at a given time, you’ll never see. There’s a lot of great stuff out there and not just what sounds safe and familiar. Joseph Arthur is a very strong singer/songwriter, as is JEM, an act like Frou Frou, Guster, Josh Rouse, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), etc. There’s a real independent spirit in all this and much to celebrate. Anyway, as far as my work goes, it’s always provided the catharsis needed.

6) Tell me about "Cryin", the song you did with Gerry Beckley and how that came about...

Cryin’ is a Gerry Beckley song - I’m not sure he can write a bad song... It’s always fun to work with him on these things. In the case of "Cryin'" he came up with a gem and something that fit real well with the songs that were gathering. I’m fortunate in all this to have the input of Gerry, as well as Jeff Foskett, Dewey, Hank and others. They have helped greatly.

7) Once "Sepia" has run its course, what is next for Jeff Larson? I'm told that musicians are always writing and working on the next project.....?

I go back to the comment on building a body of work... It should be seen as a whole when all is said and done. I’m nine songs through another project and if it feels right, it could come out in mid to late 2005. That may be too soon…. In any case I should have a full tree to pick from. We’ll see.

8) What’s the distribution like on "Sepia",or rather,where can one find this disk? What are the best sources to order? (I know you mentioned, cdbaby, Tower Records online, Apple iTunes (and several other download services), Not Lame Records ( ), as well as Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. All of these should be active by late summer.

Message: 34009 Posted: Wed Jun 23 03:55:31 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Robyn/More Concerts/Dubuque & S.B.

Happy Birthday to Robyn!

Have a great time, everyone heading to America concerts this weekend. The band is heading into quite a schedule on the road now. Whatever will we do when August comes?!?

Hi Jen - I didn't do any gambling; so far the casinos have had to rely on making their money from me on the concerts! : )

Message: 34008 Posted: Tue Jun 22 23:27:42 2004 By: Vic
Subject: Re: Some thoughts....

<<All they know is Dewey & Gerry...well the Horse does not complete the journey without Dan...I'm sorry,but that's AMERICA as I know them.>>

Gary, the Horse did complete the journey, with Dan. Man, what a glorious journey. The Horse is now, dead:

Message: 34007 Posted: Tue Jun 22 22:49:26 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Robyn.

As it is June 23rd already here in France, I wanna wish a very Happy B-Day to some special someone on this folder... so, HAPPY B-DAY ROBYNNNN !!! My very best wishes to you.

Message: 34006 Posted: Tue Jun 22 19:49:49 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City, etc...

Ah, Red, you jus' gotta love Jim Bob and Mary Louise.

What is it, guys, 5 DAYS to GERRY and DEWEY? Can't wait! Sun, sand, saltwater, and Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, and Dewey, Dewey, Dewey!

Message: 34005 Posted: Tue Jun 22 18:46:09 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: Dubuque & South Bend

Karen & AmericanGirl,

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad to hear you heard the long set and to a packed house too. Hope they keep Survival and Nowhere Man in the regular setlist now, haven't had a chance to hear them yet. And what a great experience for Kyle, too bad the autographs are washing off washing off. (By the way, did you do much gambling or win anything hopefully?)


Message: 34004 Posted: Tue Jun 22 18:40:49 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: meeting Dewey & Willie

Nice post, Bluey - I really enjoyed reading your story! Those meetings make for wonderful memories, don't they? That's also great that you got to see them in January this year! I can't wait until that DVD is available. Karen

Message: 34003 Posted: Tue Jun 22 18:24:25 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: meeting Dewey & Willie

Great story, Bluey. Thanks for sharing. Nice to meet you...

Cindy...from the South

Message: 34002 Posted: Tue Jun 22 17:10:55 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: thanks anita

As the subject line reads, "Thanks, Anita" about the parking info--well, this is my first America concert since 1996, as I've been out-of-country since then and every time I returned to the States, they haven't had a concert near me. So I'm pretty excited.

Message: 34001 Posted: Tue Jun 22 15:28:27 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: atlantic city parking

In the Hilton lot, David, it will cost you $3.00.

Message: 34000 Posted: Tue Jun 22 15:11:20 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: atlantic city parking

Hey, where's the best place to park for the atlantic city show?

Message: 33999 Posted: Tue Jun 22 14:01:14 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Some thoughts....

Concerning Sister Golden Hair, I believe Gerry has been quoted in interviews as saying that he originally wrote "Will you meet me in VA" but that Jaskson Browne (if I recall correctly) suggested he change the VA to "the air" which was how it was recorded for the Hearts lp.

Message: 33998 Posted: Tue Jun 22 11:46:11 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: America in Atlantic City

Sounds great! Can't wait to see everyone!!

5 days?? hmmmm....

Moser - ??? beach balls w/ G G G and D D D - interesting.
Maybe we can get personalized beer mugs w/ it on. Do you think they sell those at BF or ACM? lol

later - Kristal ;0)

Message: 33997 Posted: Tue Jun 22 11:35:40 2004 By: Gary
Subject: Some thoughts....

afternoon on this awesome sunny summer tuesday...just picked up the MusikLaden dvd from pioneer last week from an it is awesome...Dan,Dewey an Gerry at their best from 1975.

PS: in the song...Sister Golden Hair - if you read or hear the interview that Gerry gave about the song...he's singing..will you
meet me in the middle...will you meet me in "va" (meaning virginia)
...NOT an I emphasize NOT singing meet me in the only sounds like that...some people will do anything to assume an make things out of the obvious.Shows you how some younger fans from the
late 1980's an since then really donot know the 3 of them very good.
All they know is Dewey & Gerry...well the Horse does not complete the journey without Dan...I'm sorry,but that's AMERICA as I know them.Gerry can dump the attitude anytime an lets get the group whole again.

Message: 33996 Posted: Tue Jun 22 10:39:48 2004 By: kimcabrina
Subject: Re: Road CD.

Good question Robyn as we just returned from a week long road trip tour of Arizona. The rule in our family is that whoever is driving gets to pick the tunes. When I drive I usually go with my America cd's, Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, Little River Band and Boston. When Derek drives he likes to listen to talk radio and when we couldn't get any talk stations he picked Bob Seger, Tom Petty and Sheryl Crow.
I always take along my personal cd player and my America cd's and I like to start w/ the first cd and play right through to the last one.

Vacation was great, but there's no place like home!


Message: 33995 Posted: Tue Jun 22 08:36:36 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Road CD.

Dan, don't forget "Night Shift".

Message: 33994 Posted: Tue Jun 22 07:09:11 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Icing, History & the Hinge

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 22, 2004

67 years ago - Kris Kristofferson is born. (1937) "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goal Posts Of Life"

59 years ago - Howard Kaylan, known as Eddie of Flo & Eddie of the Turtles, is born. (1945)

56 years ago - The ever innovative Todd Rundgren is born. (1948)

45 years ago - Chuck Berry's "Memphis" is released. (1959)

41 years ago - The Safaris' "Wipe Out" is released. (1963)

37 years ago - The drug possession trial of Rolling Stone members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards opens in London. (1967)

36 years ago - The Jeff Beck group makes its U.S. debut in New York at The Fillmore East. Lead singer Rod Stewart had a bad case of stage fright and hides behind a speaker cabinet through the first song. (1968)

36 years ago - Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" is released. (1968)

35 years ago - Blind Faith's first and only LP is released. (1969)

23 years ago - Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to first degree murder charges for the killing of John Lennon, six months earlier. (1981)

14 years ago - Billy Joel became the first rock artist to perform at Yankee Stadium. (1990)

The Hinge -

Bubba was fixing a door and he found that he needed a new hinge,
so he sent Mary Louise to the hardware store.

At the hardware store Mary Louise saw a beautiful teapot on a top
shelf as she was waiting for Joe Bob to finish waiting on a customer.

When Joe Bob was finished, Mary Louise asked how much for the teapot?

Joe Bob replied "That's silver and it costs $100!"

"My goodness, that sure is a lotta money," Mary Louise exclaimed.

She then proceeded to describe the hinge that Bubba had sent her to buy, and Joe Bob went to the backroom to find a hinge.

From the backroom Joe Bob yelled, "Mary Louise, you wanna screw for that hinge?'

To which Mary Louise replied "No, but I will for the teapot."

You, Baby - The Turtles

From the time I fall asleep
til the morning comes I dream about you, baby
and I feel alright, cause I know tonight I'll be with you, baby
and who makes me feel like smiling when the weary day is through?

(you) you baby and no one but you, you baby, nobody but you

(you....talkin bout my baby yeah) you baby and no one but you, you baby, nobody but you

they say candy is sweet, but it just can't compete with you, baby
you've got everything I need and nobody can please like you do, baby
and who believes that my wildest dreams and my craziest schemes will
come true?

Enjoy ur day.............


Message: 33993 Posted: Tue Jun 22 06:51:12 2004 By: Anita
Subject: America in Atlantic City

When I was in AC recently, I checked out the Beach Bar where America will be playing. Weather permitting, it should be delightful. The Beach Bar is not directly on the beach; it's more of a patio with chairs, tables and umbrellas. Looking forward to seeing some of the fans there!

Message: 33992 Posted: Tue Jun 22 06:18:03 2004 By: "Bluey"
Subject: meeting Dewey & Willie

Reading Karen L's text just reminded me what good blokes they are. About 8 years ago America played at my local club (2nd bigget in NSW, huge crowd and of course the show was sold-out). At the time I was the Police Sgt in charge of the area(now retired). When my family and friends (all fans) arrived for the show, the boss of the club (John Ward) came over to have a chat. I told him that I had been a fan of America since the year dot. At the end of the show we were all sitting around and talking when John called out that he wanted to see me. I got my beer and we walked behind the stage and without any warning, straight into the band's dressing room. DEWEY walked up to us in a friendly manner and John said to him, "This is Sgt Bluey, he's in charge around here" and then left. Dewey is a bit shorter than me and looked up and said, "How come all you red-headed Australian guys are called Blue, Blue?" Well that just broke me up. We started laughing and Willie came over to see what was going on and introduced himself. We talked about the band's history. I told Dewey that I had a Russ Ballard LP at home. He was interested but I couldn't remember the title, which is called 'THE FIRE STILL BURNS' They and other members of the crew were just great. Unlike you Karen, I wasn't prepared for any of this. It's just good to know that people you support over the years turn out to be decent and friendly. Bluey.

Message: 33991 Posted: Tue Jun 22 03:40:55 2004 By: pcbwu
Subject: Dunn Tire Park

Hello everyone - just wondering who else is "shuffling off to Buffalo" this Sat? (Besides me, my sister Carol and Moser that is!)Thought we could maybe meet somewhere before or after and share a wobbly-pop or two? I don't follow our own Toronto Blue Jays - so suffice it to say that we're not really interested in the ball game (sorry! don't want to offend anyone else who is!)I'm not familiar at all with Buffalo ... but perhaps we could arrange someplace and time (ie: will call window or something?)and take it from there? Seneca Niagara was a blast ... hoping Buffalo is too! (Since there are still NO dates listed for Canada! What's up with that anyway?)

Message: 33990 Posted: Mon Jun 21 20:41:29 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Road CD.

Foghat's classic, Energized. need I say more? DanC.

Message: 33989 Posted: Mon Jun 21 20:28:23 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Road CD.

Robyn: If I'm driving and it's late at night, I put on Earth Wind & Fire's Gratitude. Can't beat it.


Message: 33988 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:43:40 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: America Article

Anita, thanks for the link... interesting article and liked the photo too.

I had an interesting road trip with my family recently, it wasn't in my player but my brother played Jimmy Cliff's recent Anthology CD. It was a long 6 hour drive but it was also a lot of reggae on 2 disc's too. It may have been a little too much reggae but if anyone likes Jimmy Cliff it's highly recommended.


Message: 33987 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:19:22 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Dubuque

This is probably too long; but unless they book another show in my area, I won't be getting to another America concert in 2004. So this should be the only long review from me for awhile!

I don't know if any of you have checked out my pictures from Dubuque; but if you have, you probably noticed that the weather was nice. We had light rain as we made the 1.5 hour drive to Dubuque, but the sun came out not long after we got there. Temps were a little on the cool side, but not bad. Ok - enough about the weather!

The Diamond Jo Casino concerts take place at the "Grandstand Under the Stars", which is outdoors, between the riverboat and the building that you see in my pictures. The article I mentioned the other day said the show was nearly sold out. When America played there last year, it was the first concert that the Diamond Jo ever sold out. I knew they'd want to keep bringing America back!

My son Kyle has come with me to a couple concerts lately that my husband couldn't make it to (Fond du Lac and this one), and Kyle had been hoping to meet Gerry and Dewey one day. (Of course, I'm always hoping to get to talk with them too!) Before the show, we saw Erin Edwards and she mentioned the band would be arriving any minute. Kyle and I met a couple who was also hoping to greet them, and we had fun visting with them for awhile. When the band arrived, I didn't want to bother them if they were in a hurry, so I was waiting to see if they seemed able to stop and talk or not. Gerry & Dewey actually broke the ice and spoke to us first and asked how we were all doing! Kyle asked Gerry something like, "Do I look familiar to you?" And Gerry bent down and took a good look at him and said something like, "Yes, I think you do!" I wish I could have had that on video. It was nice of Gerry to say that. (I think Kyle was referring to either a picture of himself he sent with me to give the guys about a year ago when he couldn't go to their concert in Madison, or he might have been thinking they saw him in Fond du Lac - or both.)

We got our picture taken with them - me standing next to The Legendary Dewey Bunnell and Kyle next to the great musician Gerry Beckley. It was over way too fast! Kyle says I wasn't smiling much in the picture - but that was just due to the sun and trying not to squint too much. I was definitely happy! Thanks so much, Dewey & Gerry, for stopping to talk with us. It meant so much to us.

In all the excitement, I always forget to introduce ourselves, so I don't even know if they knew who we were! I remembered hearing Gerry talking to Kyle and using Kyle's name, so the next day I asked Kyle if he introduced himself - he said no. So, I said Gerry must have asked you your name then? Kyle said no, he just asked if I was Kyle! (Don't know how Gerry did it - maybe he reads our posts and really put it all together or maybe he just overheard someone say Kyle's name, but I'll just pretend they knew us. It's more fun that way! : ) : ) Ha,ha! Either way, Dewey & Gerry are such a class act they'd make you feel like they knew you even if they didn't. Kyle said both Dewey and Gerry gave him a high 5.

I should explain about the autographs on Kyle's arms in that one picture. I don't always bring CDs and things for them to sign because it's hard to know where to put them during the show so they won't get damaged. Besides, I love autographs, but photos with the guys mean more to me. We had CDs of theirs in the car, but not on us. I think it must have been Kyle's idea to have them sign his arms. It's been so sad to see those autographs wear off.

Willie Leacox came by later. We had two copies of a picture of him and Kyle from Fond du Lac the week before - gave him one to keep and asked him to autograph the other. Kyle asked him to autograph his forehead, and thankfully Willie said no! (That would have been TOO MUCH! The arm is one thing . . ) We were hoping to also catch Michael Woods to do the same - we'd brought a couple copies of Kyle's picture with him. No luck though. Hopefully next time!

Gerry walked by again and saw that we were still there talking with that couple, and he jokingly shooed us away and told us to go gambling.

We had great seats - third row, last two seats on the aisle on the far right as you face the stage. Row one was shorter than the rest and didn't extend in front of us, so we really only had one row right in front of us. Even though we weren't in the center, we could see the whole stage quite well!

They announced they'd play the long set (happiest words a fan can hear). They emphasized their river songs, Riverside and Don't Cross the River, since we were on the Mississippi River. Nowhere Man sounded excellent (Kyle says they do it BETTER than The Beatles!) They didn't do The Last Unicorn though - bummer. The crowd got out of their seats at the end of Sandman and clapped and cheered like crazy. They deserved it too, they really really rocked on that one! Only the one encore song - HWNN. Great show, though. I tried to savor every minute and almost wanted to close my eyes and really listen; but then I wouldn't be able to watch them play, now would I? (Does it ever seem to you that they're smiling right at you during the show? Kyle and I both thought so. I'll let myself just believe that, it's more fun that way, too - ha,ha!) By the way, I don't care if Survival wasn't a big hit in the U.S. -- I LOVE that song!

After the show, I went with the family of 5 that sat in front of us up to the stage to get them to meet Pete. This family had been hoping to get a pick, and I told them I thought maybe Pete could help. Of course, after we chanted his name, he came over with a smile and handed out picks. Thank you, Pete, for being so friendly with us demanding fans. I don't know how you do it.

I have to say the Diamond Jo Casino is a class venue as well. They run things really well, and the security is friendly and helpful and makes sure everyone enjoys the show.

I wonder if Rich Campbell took some pictures while in Dubuque?? His photography is just wonderful, and he would have had a lot of interesting places to photograph. The next morning we got some great pictures along the Riverwalk, which I might post a few on the photobucket site. Some of you commented on how clean Dubuque seemed, and I think Nancy H. took note of the lamp posts. So, I'll let you know when I've done that in case you're interested in seeing them.


Message: 33986 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:12:57 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

oh yea...Sack -O-Subs hoagies too!!!

Message: 33985 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:11:48 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

Hoping to see you all on the boarwalk!! Peanuts,Steele Fudge,salt water taffy and a concert in one day. Life doesn't get much better!!

Message: 33984 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:10:01 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

Yep some people are just NO FUN ANYMORE! ( meaning Security, not the band!)

Message: 33983 Posted: Mon Jun 21 19:03:23 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

On second thought, you might get yourself thrown out doing that...or even a few dirty looks from the stage!!

Message: 33982 Posted: Mon Jun 21 18:18:16 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

Do you have any prop ideas for the beach?

Sure, of course. Gerry Gerry Gerry and Dewey Dewey Dewey Beach Balls to bounce around the crowd.

Message: 33981 Posted: Mon Jun 21 17:40:28 2004 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

Kristal, I'm going to the Atlantic City show too. Looking forward to seeing you there. Nancy and Anita, hope to catch up with you also. I'll have to remember to bring my Harbor poster this time. Can't wait, only six more days!!!!~~Cathy

Message: 33980 Posted: Mon Jun 21 14:56:33 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: South Bend show

We returned late yesterday from our AWESOME weekend in South Bend where we got to see the guys on Saturday! WOW!!!! It's always wonderful to see the guys, and they ROCKED. To be honest, we had some issues with the venue (Firefly Festival) but I'd like to not pan them here. Regardless, we enjoyed our guys and they played the LONG set to a packed house, which made everything alright.

Message: 33979 Posted: Mon Jun 21 14:07:40 2004 By: Anita
Subject: America Article

Check out this article in the South Bend Tribune, done prior to the show there.

Message: 33978 Posted: Mon Jun 21 13:31:46 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: Atlantic City

I plan on being there, Kristal, and so is Anita. I'm getting my stuff ready for them to sign! Can't wait. 6 days...yea!

Message: 33977 Posted: Mon Jun 21 11:46:04 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Atlantic City

Happy Monday everyone!!

Happy Belated Father’s day - to all of you dads out there and to you mom’s that do double duty. I hope you had a great day!

I have been so busy, I haven't been able to post… just doing a little lurking.

However, we are just days away from seeing America. Is there anyone planning on attending?

Moser - I see you are going to see the game and the guys - how cool. Our concert for Baltimore was cancelled. Are you taking props this time? Do you have any prop ideas for the beach? lol

Have a great day everyone ~ Kristal ;0)

Message: 33976 Posted: Mon Jun 21 11:01:48 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: Quotes

"These are classics. They are NOT oldies. They are classics. There's a difference."

Gerry Beckley, June 12, 2004

Message: 33975 Posted: Mon Jun 21 11:00:46 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: Quotes

"These are classics. There are NOT oldies. They are classics. There's a difference."

Gerry Beckley, June 12, 2004

Message: 33974 Posted: Mon Jun 21 06:53:39 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Frosting, History & the Hindlick Maneuver

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 21, 2004

60 years ago Ray Davies of the Kinks is born. (1944)

56 years ago Columbia Records begins the first mass production of the 33 1/3 RPM LP. (1948)

54 years ago Joey Kramer, drummer for Aerosmith, is born. (1950)

53 years ago E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren is born. (1951)

46 years ago Bobby Darin records "Splish Splash." (1958)

46 years ago Entering the Top-30 today: Elvis' "Hard Headed Woman" (at #20) and Dion & The Belmonts "I Wonder Why" (at #28). (1958)

38 years ago The Rolling Stones preparing for a tour in the U.S., sue fourteen New York City hotels that won't let the group on the premises. The suit claims the ban hurts the groups reputation. (1966)

32 years ago Billy Preston has his first gold single with "Outta Space". (1972)

29 years ago Elton John headlines a bill at Wembly Stadium that also features the Eagles, The Beach Boys, Rufus and Joe Walsh. The crowd favorite was the Beach Boys, who played a 90 minute set. (1975)

29 years ago Ritchie Blackmore quits Deep Purple to form Rainbow. (1975)

29 years ago James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is" is released. (1975)

28 years ago Chicago earns another gold record for the LP, "Chicago X". Songs on the LP include "If You Leave Me Now" and Another Rainy Day In New York City." (1976)

25 years ago Four & a half years after leaving The Rolling Stones, guitarist Mick Taylor releases his first solo LP, entitled (suprise!) "Mick Taylor". (1979)

23 years ago Donald Fagan and Walter Becker announce the break-up of Steely Dan. (1981)

14 years ago Little Richard receives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. (1990)

The Hindlick Maneuver -

Two hillbillies walk into a bar.

While having a shot of whiskey, They talk about their own
moonshine operations.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress.

One of the hillbillies looks at her and says "Kin ya swaller?" The woman shakes her head no.

"Kin ya breathe?" The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up the back of her dress, pulls down her drawers and quickly gives her right cheek a lick with his tongue. The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar. His partner says "Ya know, I'd heerd of that there "Hind Lick Maneuver," but I ain't never seen nobody do it!"

The Kinks - A Well Respected Man

'Cause he gets up in the morning,
And he goes to work at nine,
And he comes back home at five-thirty,
Gets the same train every time.
'Cause his world is built 'round punctuality,
It never fails.

And he's oh, so good,
And he's oh, so fine,
And he's oh, so healthy,
In his body and his mind.
He's a well respected man about town,
Doing the best things so conservatively.

Summer is here and the living is EZ. Hope your week is full of prosperity and happiness.


Message: 33973 Posted: Mon Jun 21 04:51:35 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: A little more about the Dubuque show

Hi everyone - our family has been quite busy the last few days, and we haven't been home much. Today isn't going to be any better. I haven't had time to post about our experience in Dubuque yet. The longest stretch that we were home was last evening, and I managed to upload a few pictures to the Yahoo site that Chuck set up. Here's the address for that site, if you want to see the pictures.
You need to follow the steps to "Join" the Yahoo group, then click on Photos. I'll get my story put together and post it either later this evening or on Tuesday evening. Our hectic schedule gets better after today, thank goodness! Have a good Monday, everyone!


Message: 33972 Posted: Mon Jun 21 04:16:01 2004 By: Moser
Subject: What A Week

Today is the first day of summer. Tomorrow President Clinton's book comes out. Saturday I get to see America and a baseball game all in one day.
Wow, what a week.
Happy Monday everyone,

Message: 33971 Posted: Mon Jun 21 03:13:26 2004 By: Tinwoman61
Subject: Re: Ramblings

Road Trip - (Work commute) - The Beatles "The White Album" - still my gituar gently weeps.

Message: 33970 Posted: Sun Jun 20 15:20:18 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Ramblings

Just back from visiting my folks in what I am sure is Gerry Beckley's favorite town...29 Palms. Long trek across the desert, I brough along plenty of "road trip" music. Jackson BRowne's "The very best of.." disc two from Highway , mB's these are your hopes and dreams were in the player as well as some Warren Zevon. It helps me when I am driving long distances alone to bring "friends" with me. This trip was hard, as my mom is quite ill. Here is my question-- what does YOUR road trip set list contain?

Message: 33969 Posted: Sun Jun 20 14:27:49 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Candles, Vibrations & T's

<<Sad that these are such nasty times in the world compared to not so long ago.>>

Well, TT, I think the world ain't seen nothing yet. I think we're in for a whole lot more hell created by man as well as by nature (for the remainder of the decade regarding natural events). The show is just beginning with the military conflict, IMO. I'm still saying that the WMDs will be discovered in Lebanon and Syria next year which will lead to a whole other military event for the US.

Message: 33968 Posted: Sun Jun 20 14:11:18 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Tomorrow ~ Today & Yesterday Thoughts!

Hi ~ Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's & Grandpa's in the band and on the chat folder! "A Father's Advice is Wisdom that is Gained through Years of Loving & Learning, and it is Always there for the Asking!" I read this saying in a magazine and I just wanted to pass it along to you all! Sooooo True Huh!!!! :) ~~ Well I did take the time to post yesterday, but when I clicked submit.. my message went somewhere into cyberspace, I had gotten disconnected for a sec and I should have copied my message and then refreshed my page... Bummers it was a good post too! Sooo off we went to the Graduation party we were invited to. There was a man there that played guitar... and you can be sure I kept on requesting AMERICA songs for him to play, he also knew how to play Dan Fogelbergs song "A Place in the World for a Gambler" ~~ I just love that song! :)

Hey there Steve L & Joe D ~~ Pretty neat intro to Joe's latest Masterpiece version. Excellent Job on this song that has always been a fave of mine. Upon listening to it, it carried my thoughts back 29 years ago and to hearing it on the Hearts album for the first time. I will second Dan & Tom Peek's comments about this version of Joe's ~~ Yeppers it is soooo Smooth for sure! ~~ Keep em a coming Joe! Thanks! :)

Just gotta Thank Gerry for the VFTHW pics from Dubuque & South Bend ~ Wow 2 downtown shots, of 2 Comfy Cozy views! I had to laugh when I saw the guy in the Blazer hauling a Lawn Mower and equipment, if he wants to get on the next interstate hwy and head East, I am sure he would have lots of lawns to mow.. Our grass here is growing faster than you can even think about mowing it ~ LOL! Such comfy~cozy effects, I got from the neat lampposts,(I bet they look soo neat at night) and the flowers planted here and there, and the big clock on the tall bldg down the way. I was also curious about these 2 big busses in the SB pic.. and I am Hoping that the Fireflies were in attendance for the show.. I am looking forward to hearing more from KarenL & American Girl ~~ Hmm I can only Imagine the Magic that was taken from both of these shows! :)

Hi hoooo Red ~~~ Yeppers some well known's celebrating their b'days today for sure! The guy at the party played Cinnamon Girl yesterday ~ Neat! I bet you had to be smiling as you posted the lyrics to one of your most all time Favorite songs ~ right Red! :) ~~~ OOooooh, you know your snoring remedy, well this guy also sang an Irish tune that kinda ended with a Blue ribbon being tied under the Kilt of an Irishman that had a little bit too much to drink, and when he woke up and saw the blue ribbon, he too said I don't know where I was but I took first prize ~ LOL!!! I was a smilin from ear to ear for sure! ;)

Shayne ~~ That is some pretty interesting info on John Prine, hmmm I am wondering how many of his songs I have heard and never really knew who they were by. ~ Thanks for sharing this info with us! ~~ I got to watch Fleetwood Mac's Soundstage show last night on PBS, boy that hour flew by fast, they sure did some rockin songs. Stevie & Lindsey really have come through their past afflictions and were shining nicely together. ~ On the schedule for my area here it looks as tho Dan Fogelberg's Soundstage show will be on in August! ~ I bet that hour will fly by fast too! :)

Cheers to Bluey & Wife ~~ Lucky you getting to take in the Sydney Australia show live... I am soooo looking forward to getting to see the Sydney Live DVD, I am hoping I won't have to wait too long for this! ~~ I too will double your Simply Class Act comment about our group AMERICA! They are the best each! I hope to be seeing them soon!

Hi Jenna ~~ Sister Golden Hair was number one when I graduated from high school and I believe it was number one for 13 weeks ~~ Sooo Nice huh! :) I am soooo glad that these neat time landmarks tie in with some pretty magical times in my life!

Hi ~~ Terry T ~ Yep ~ I have been seeing lots of Yellow Ribbons around here, it is sad to think of all the lives being lost now, I hope this will start getting better instead of worse! :)

Well gotta get, enjoy the rest of your dall all! ~ I hope all the Dad's are spending their days soaking in all the simple joys that makes being a Dad sooo much fun! :) See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Time goes on, People burning candles, will I ever see you tomorrow, when will I ever be home from across the sea, when will I ever be freeee ~~ Such a nice message in these lyrics Tom P ~ Joe you have managed to compliment the treasures found in this song nicely! :)

~~~ Hello my friend, if there was once a summer when we met, with the butterflies, fluttering beside, we both fell in love, lighting up the sky, Destiny knew we wouldn't pass the test of time,and what remains, Memories to say (hello), wishes of the way that you'd be here Today, and now Iiiii think about the rain and the sunny days, waiting on the wind to carry me home, In a Simple way if we were to meet again, would I still be calling You Friend ~~~ Sing it Gerry & Dewey ~~ Hey it's the 1st day of Summer too! :) ;)

Message: 33967 Posted: Sun Jun 20 09:41:05 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the members in this chat folder who fall into this category! Also, to the guys in the band and who work with the band! I hope you all made it home in time to share this special day!!

Message: 33966 Posted: Sun Jun 20 09:19:17 2004 By: terry t
Subject: Re: Candles, Vibrations & T's

Pretty powerful day, eh, Red?! Makes one think there's something to that there astrology stuff. Good (ironic) point about Brian Wilson.

Besides those red & blue ribbons, don't forget the yellow ones... around the old Oak tree. Sad that these are such nasty times in the world compared to not so long ago. But our Fathers probably said the same thing!


Message: 33965 Posted: Sun Jun 20 08:32:46 2004 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Question For Those In The Know

Here's a bio on John Prine, from

"Perhaps the most major '70s singer-songwriter to be lauded with the inescapable "new Dylan" tag, John Prine (Oct. 10, 1946, Maywood, Ill.) has proven a deeply compelling talent with an uncanny knack for touching on universal truths via songs populated with everyday, small-town characters. His best-known compositions--such as "Angel From Montgomery," about a middle-aged woman facing an empty life, and the resonating "Sam Stone," about a struggling Vietnam veteran--have been covered by a diverse array of artists renowned for their ability to spot winning tunes, including Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, Tammy Wynette, and even Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

The third of four children, Prine, a former mailman, was raised in the Chicago suburb of Maywood by Kentucky-bred parents. He spent much time as a child visiting their hometown of Paradise, a coal town later to be the subject of a song on his debut album; the small town reciprocated in 1992 by officially naming one of its streets John Prine Avenue. The singer's big break came at the behest of an unlikely trio of fellow performer Steve Goodman, the late Chicago-based songwriter who became one of Prine's closest friends; Kris Kristofferson, who Goodman dragged along to see Prine in a small club in 1971 (and who'd pen the liner notes of Prine's debut); and Paul Anka, also present that night, who would fly Goodman and Prine to New York--where each would sign a label deal--and initially manage both artists.

Within 24 hours of arriving in New York, Prine played a conspicuous mini-set during a Bottom Line show by Kristofferson and was offered a $25,000 recording contract by Atlantic Records' Jerry Wexler. He was sent to American Recording Studios in Memphis, where he recorded his self-titled debut album with no less a backing band than Elvis Presley's. It was immediately a critical sensation, launching instant Dylan comparisons and bearing several songs that would swiftly be covered by other artists.

Prine's other albums for Atlantic included Diamonds In The Rough (1972), Sweet Revenge (1973), and Common Sense (1975). Each was similarly appreciated by critics, with Revenge earning the highest praise, but Common Sense--which, ironically, miffed some longtime fans with the string-section sweetening provided by producer Steve Cropper--becoming the highest-charting album of his career, peaking at No. 66. In some ways it was evident that Prine was at a career plateau; he seemed unlikely to have a hit single of his own, and his albums generally sold at the same levels. He didn't really seem to mind--Prine, typically self-effacing, was clearly in it for the songs, not the glory--but he nonetheless signed a new deal with Asylum Records. Many consider his 1978 label debut Bruised Orange close to his best work, seamlessly blending the most serious of subjects--such as the title track's blend of death and emotional isolation, and the wry but affecting "Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone."

Prine released two more albums for Asylum, then, lacking a label deal, moved to Nashville. There he collaborated with other songwriters such as Roger Cook (with whom he'd pen Don Williams's No. 1 country hit, "Love Is On A Roll"), Bobby Braddock (their "Unwed Fathers" was sung by Tammy Wynette), and even pop songwriter John Mellencamp, who would include their joint composition "Jackie O" on his 1983 album Uh-huh. That same year, Prine officially launched his own independent record label, Oh Boy, for which he still records. His series of Oh Boy albums showed the singer still very much at the top of his game; 1986's German Afternoons was nominated for a Grammy in the contemporary folk category, and 1991's excellent The Missing Years--loaded with famous guest stars and superbly produced by Heartbreaker Howie Epstein--not only was nominated but won. In 1993, Rhino Records released an outstanding Prine anthology set that, song for song, showed the singer to be one of the most consistent--and enjoyable--practitioners of American songwriting."

Message: 33964 Posted: Sun Jun 20 08:20:03 2004 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: chicago

I'm with you Howardlee. I was stunned to learn they wouldn't be here this year.


Message: 33963 Posted: Sun Jun 20 08:10:40 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me in the air
Will you love me just a little
Just enough to show you care

The above lyrics from "Sister Golden Hair" often remind me of a scripture from the Bible which answers the question posed in the song.

1 Thessalonians 4:17 ----> "Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air"

Message: 33962 Posted: Sun Jun 20 07:18:29 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Candles, Vibrations & T's

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 20, 2004

62 years ago Beach Boys songwriter, singer and musician Brian Wilson is born. (1942)

56 years ago The TV variety show, "Toast Of The Town" premiers. It later changes its name to "The Ed Sullivan Show." (1948)

55 years ago Lionel Richie is born. (1949)

51 years ago Cyndi Lauper is born. (1953)

49 years ago Michael Anthony, bassist for Van Halen is brought in to the world. (1955)

44 years ago Duran Duran bassist John Taylor is born. (1960)

38 years ago The New York Times reports George Harrison of the Beatles and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones have taken up the sitar. Jones would use the instrument on "Paint It Black". (1966)

35 years ago The 3 day Newport '69 Festival starts in Northridge, California. 150,000 make it to hear Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, CCR, Ike & Tina Turner, Jethro Tull, The Rascals, Steppenwolf and others. Hendrix receives $125,000 for his appearance, at the time it was the highest fee ever paid to a single rock act for a single appearance. (1969)

35 years ago David Bowie signs with Philips Records and goes into Trident Studios in London to re-record "Space Oddity." (1969)

34 years ago Neil Young's "Cinammon Girl" goes gold. (1970)

32 years ago The Tallahatchie Bridge, made famous in Bobbie Gentry's 1967 hit, "Ode To Billie Joe", collapses. (1972)

31 years ago American Bandstand celebrates its 20th anniversary with a 90 minute television special!! (1973)

27 years ago Island Records releases Steve Winwood's first solo album and first record under any name since Traffic's "When the Eagle Flies." (1977)

24 years ago "It's Still Rock & Roll" becomes Billy Joel's first #1 hit. (1980)

8 years ago The Furthur Festival kicks off in Atlanta. The show marks the first time the members of The Grateful Dead perform together since the death of Jerry Garcia. (1996)

More T-shirt phrases -

1) "Arkansas: One Million People and 15 last names"
2) "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. It comes bundled with the software."
4) "A hangover is the wrath of grapes"
5) "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance"
6) "STUPIDITY IS NOT A HANDICAP. Park elsewhere!"
7) "DISCOURAGE INBREEDING - Ban Country Music"
8) "They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken"
9) "He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless dead"
10) "Time is fun when you're having flies"...Kermit the Frog

Good Vibrations - Beach Boys

I, I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me excitations
I'm pickin' up good vibrations
(Oom bop bop good vibrations)
She's giving me excitations
(Oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations
(Oom bop bop)
She's giving me excitations
(Oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations
(Oom bop bop)
She's giving me excitations
(Oom bop bop excitations)

Boy, some very talented people born on this date. Hard to believe Brian Wilson has seen 62 candles on the cake. Who would have guessed that he would outlive his brothers & then today, not even perform with the Beach Boys. Kinda makes you wonder, don't it?

Where are those pics from Dubuque?


Message: 33961 Posted: Sun Jun 20 06:09:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Sister Golden Hair

Interesting Sister Golden Hair fact, thanks Jenna. I couldn't help but notice that it was 29 (!) years ago. What fun.

Message: 33960 Posted: Sat Jun 19 22:54:00 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Sister Golden Hair

I'm not a huge trivia buff but I took notice when I heard a local radio station say today that Sister Golden Hair was the #1 song for June 19th 1975. Pretty cool! Well, it's still June 19th in my area. Red Oak, thought it may have been noted in today's Rock & Roll
History possibly?

Karen, sounds like Dubuque was a great time! Thanks for passing on the link... interesing article.

Happy Father's Day to all.

Message: 33959 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:41:41 2004 By: howardlee
Subject: chicago

bummer, no tour dates this year in my area!! schaumburg septemberfest still has saturday eve of labor day weekend available...

Message: 33958 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:14:57 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Grandfather......

Happy Father's Day SteveL! Sounds like a wonderful day is planned.

Message: 33957 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:11:34 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Question For Those In The Know

After further research...they were also nominated for Pop Vocal Group for "A Horse With No Name" but lost that one to Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway for "Where Is The Love."

Go to for lots of fun trivia.


Message: 33956 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:06:35 2004 By: "Bluey"
Subject: Show at Sydney Opera House

My wife Cheryl was watching me viewing the Chatline last night and saw the photos of Gerry and Dewey in front of the Opera House and their comments about the shows being sold-out and the live CD. We both went to the first show (30/1/04) and I can tell you that the band haven't lost their touch. Dewey's wife and daughter were in the audience and he introduced them. Gerry went solo on "All My Life" and the whole night was just terrific. As the boys told you, both shows were sold out and for a place like the Sydney Opera House, I think it just shows what Australia thinks of this wonderful group. I have been to the shows whenever they are in Sydney,such as the Entertainment Centre with the Beach Boys and other venues but this show just simply confirmed what a world class act they are. Just keep coming back Down-Under. Bluey

Message: 33955 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:06:14 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Grandfather......

...wonder how our new Grandfather/Father-in-law is doing?

Just got back from a two-day canoeing campout with the Scouts. We spent our time on Utah Lake and went a little ways up the serene Provo River. It was very nice and we had a great time.

For Father's Day tomorrow, the new granddaughter and new daughter-in-law will be joining us for a big family dinner. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and words!

Message: 33954 Posted: Sat Jun 19 16:00:37 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Question For Those In The Know

Hi Mo!

They were: Harry Chapin, Eagles, Loggins & Messina and John Prine.

Who is John Prine? Don't know him.

GOOD question...I didn't know either, so I looked it up under Ask Jeeves Answer. Didn't know they beat the Eagles! Cool.


Message: 33953 Posted: Sat Jun 19 15:51:59 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Question For Those In The Know

I no longer have the patience to look for the answer to this question after failing to find it within about 20 minutes of trying. So, does anyone know FOR SURE who the other nominees were for the 1972 Best New Artist Grammy along with America. Thank goodness they won since the list of nominees seem to slip into oblivion once it's all over with!! Nobody seems to keep track of who was nominated, at least not that I could find. So much for the 'I'm just happy to be nominated malarkey.' Anyway, sorry to rant...I'm frustrated...does anyone know?

Message: 33952 Posted: Sat Jun 19 15:48:46 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Steve - Speaking of Jeopardy

Tim, I've never heard of Ken Jennings but he sounds like a good guy to know (especially if he likes to share-LOL). The Salt Lake / Utah County area is kind of like a mini Silicon Valley (i.e., another name for the San Jose area) so there are lots of software companies and software engineers around here.

Message: 33951 Posted: Sat Jun 19 15:44:52 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - South Bend

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in South Bend, IN.

Message: 33950 Posted: Sat Jun 19 13:45:59 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: AmericanGirl - South Bend

Hi AmericanGirl! You're in for a treat - they were really rockin' last night! Enjoy every minute. Karen

Message: 33949 Posted: Sat Jun 19 13:35:12 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Excited in South Bend

We're here in South Bend for the weekend and we're already having a great time. (I'm entering this from the hotel.) Now, only a few more hours to the MAIN EVENT - the Firefly Festival featuring AMERICA... WOO HOOO!!!!!!

Message: 33948 Posted: Sat Jun 19 13:23:53 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Dubuque

Hi everyone - I'm back from Dubuque and had a great time with lots to tell you. I'm going to post about our Dubuque experience tomorrow for a couple reasons: 1) I should have my pictures ready then and can post them on the new Yahoo! site which my fellow-Wisconsinite Chuck set up and will also try putting one on the Shows page; 2) I was a little wound up from all the excitement of the concert and couldn't sleep well after the show last night, so my review will probably make more sense if I write it tomorrow after a decent night's sleep! A great show and evening deserves a well written review. In the meantime . . .

. . . when we were checking out of the hotel this morning, I noticed some copies of the "Telegraph Herald" - Hotel Edition, and today's edition referenced last night's America show. One section of it has a picture of Gerry on the front page and reads, "The band America back for an encore", referencing an article on the inside pages. The article itself is titled, "America plays to appreciative crowd". With the article, there is also a photo of the band onstage last night. Here's the corresponding website address you can look up if you want - You need to register to read the article though, which is free to do but asks for your phone number and address. So, if you have trouble with it or don't want to deal with registering, let me know and I can type it up in another post. It's not very long. Here's an excerpt of my favorite part. It matches my thoughts exactly and ties in a bit to Robyn's comment about the picture of Dubuque looking so clean:

America played last year and decided to return. Members Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley said it was nice to be back and hoped they could make Dubuque a regular tour stop. (To this I say, "Yeah! A REGULAR tour stop!! That's what I was hoping they'd do. I'll be there every time!)

"This is such a vibrant town with a sense of civic pride, with all the development going on along the river and downtown" said Beckley. (This reflects my thoughts, too - we took lots of pictures of this part of Dubuque. It's just beautiful!)

I'll post more on Sunday - probably later in the day.


Message: 33947 Posted: Sat Jun 19 12:09:10 2004 By: Shirley
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

What's with the trailer? Here in Wisconsin, the guy would be driving his John Deere mower right down the street.

Message: 33946 Posted: Sat Jun 19 12:02:07 2004 By: rc
Subject: OT: Ladd's CD

I know some of you have heard this one already. Ladd asked in return that I give him feedback as well as post on the board. I already gave him my feedback so taking care of the second part.

I'll tell you a little of what I said to him. I was blown away by what I heard. I was hoping for something original and different and that's what I got. He used a mix of different styles, ie: a little folk, jazz, new age, rock, blues and put it together in a progressive format that works. He even throws in a little blue grass accoustic guitar between first two songs.

This isn't mainstream stuff. It's more the sit back, relax, and just listen to it type cd. If you like that type of stuff then by all means check it out.

Thanks Ladd :-)

Message: 33945 Posted: Sat Jun 19 11:37:52 2004 By: rc
Subject: Steve L. Congratulations!

Hi Steve,
Better late then never lol... Congratulations to you and the family on the birth of the newest grandchild.. And congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds! Hope you son is adjusting to life back in the states as well.
Take Care,
Robin C.

Message: 33944 Posted: Sat Jun 19 09:56:59 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: The Cost To Bring A Popular "Oldies" Group To Town

Only because it was mentioned here twice before (once by Ingrid and once by the guy who bought himself an America concert birthday present) what the cost is to have America perform at a local venue, I thought you all would be interested in comparing the cost of bringing another very popular oldies band to your town. I believe Ing and the fellow stated America would/did cost at least $30,000. With that in mind, one of the following amounts is what it will cost to bring Herman's Hermits (featuring Peter Noone) to my home town for an outdoor concert this August. It's free to the attendees; it's sponsored by the local merchants. Just keep your choice in mind and I'll let everyone know the answer sometime tomorrow morning.

Here are the choices: $15,000; $20,000; $30,000; $40,000; $45,000

Message: 33943 Posted: Sat Jun 19 09:18:32 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Grandfather......

...wonder how our new Grandfather/Father-in-law is doing?

Message: 33942 Posted: Sat Jun 19 08:09:26 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Heart, History & T-shirts

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 19, 2004

54 years ago Ann Wilson of Heart is born. (1950)

31 years ago The stage production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" opens in London. Tim Curry later reprises his role in the 1975 movie version. (1973)

31 years ago Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" is awarded a gold record. (1973)

28 years ago Blue Oyster Cult releases the album, "Agents of Fortune", which yields the hit single, "Don't Fear the Reaper". (1976)

28 years ago Wild Cherry releases "Play That Funky Music," a song that would make it to #1. (1976)

24 years ago Donna Summer becomes the first act to sign with Geffen Records, the new label started by David Geffen. (1980)

22 years ago The debut album by the supergroup Asia, entitled simply "Asia" hits #1. (1982)

22 years ago Steve Miller begins his first tour in three years in Lake Tahoe to support his current LP "Abracadabra". (1982)

16 years ago Over 3,000 East Germans gather at the Berlin Wall to hear Michael Jackson, who was performing a concert on the other side of the wall in West Berlin. (1988)

Seen on fronts of T-shirts -

1) "POLICE STATION TOILET STOLEN .... Cops have nothing to go on."
2) "FOR SALE - Iraqi rifle. Never fired. Dropped once."
4) "HAM AND EGGS - A day's work for a chicken, a lifetime
commitment for a pig."
5) "WELCOME TO KENTUCKY - Set your watch back 20 years."
6) "The trouble with life is there's no background music."
7) "The original point and click interface was a Smith & Wesson."
8) "MOP AND GLOW - The Floor Wax used by Three Mile Island cleanup
9) "NyQuil - The stuffy, sneezy, why-the-heck-is-the-room
10) "My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He
thought he was God and I didn't.

Heart - These Dreams

Spare a little candle
Save some light for me
Figures up ahead
Moving in the trees
White skin in linen
Perfume on my wrist
And the full moon that hangs over
These dreams in the mist

Darkness on the edge
Shadows where I stand
I search for the time
On a watch with no hands
I want to see you clearly
Come closer than this
But all I remember
Are the dreams in the mist

Have a nice weekend all and Happy Father's Day to all the fortunate Dads.


Message: 33941 Posted: Fri Jun 18 22:59:48 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

Los Angeles

Message: 33940 Posted: Fri Jun 18 20:49:26 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "We Call To The Man Who Walks On The Water"

I had a good chuckle when I read that some young students thought Dewey looked like Jesus (as Jesus has been depicted looking like, anyway) because I have thought the same in photos from the 70s and have mentioned so in the distant past. Well, after all, Dewey is a musical messiah. He definitely walks on the water, musically, I think.

The photo of Dewey on the back of the "Silent Letter" album cover is one of my favorites of him especially with his Jesus-looking appearance, in my opinion.

Message: 33939 Posted: Fri Jun 18 20:24:48 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

LOL... The driver was definitely caught "haulin' GRass" and mowing equipment with his little trailer. Well, okay, he appears to be stopped at a traffic light but he was caught, nonetheless. : )

A true tale from the local ER x-ray table just two or three weekends ago:

A lady's boyfriend was cutting her lawn with a riding mower. He let his girlfriend's young son ride on top of the mower toward the front. The 6-year-old fell off of the mower. Very sadly, the operator of the mower wasn't able to stop it in time to avoid running over the boy's lower leg. The result was a completely severed foot that wasn't able to be re-attached in any way. What a very sad way for a young boy to begin what should have been for him a fun-filled summer.

The Lesson: A mower is a dangerous tool never to be used as a toy nor to be used without care no matter how simple the lawn job may be.

Message: 33938 Posted: Fri Jun 18 18:26:38 2004 By: Cydnee
Subject: All the Cities

thanks Gerry for showing us the many different cities that you get to visit. i don't get to travel the mainland (haven't been there either) I just live on a rock in the middle of a big ocean. My favorite picture was the one from Hawaii (I have to I'm from Oahu).

Message: 33937 Posted: Fri Jun 18 18:18:52 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

Robyn...which big city to you live in?

Message: 33936 Posted: Fri Jun 18 18:10:33 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

Hysterical!! I guess that guy in the truck had no idea how close to "greatness" he was!!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 33935 Posted: Fri Jun 18 15:50:16 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

Living in a big city, my first thought was how CLEAN everything looked, no tagging, no liter, nada. Thanks again Gerry for taking us all on the road with you.

Message: 33934 Posted: Fri Jun 18 15:19:25 2004 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Steve - Speaking of Jeopardy

Steve, have you ever crossed paths with one, Ken Jennings?

He's currently putting on quite a display on the game show, Jeopardy. He's a 13 time champion (and still going) with winnings of $440,000 - a Jeopardy record.

Ken is from Salt Lake City and is a software engineer.


Message: 33933 Posted: Fri Jun 18 14:21:54 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Dubuque

Thanks Gerry, interesting photo and not the typical view. Friday appears to be lawn mowing day in Dubuque.


Message: 33932 Posted: Fri Jun 18 14:17:16 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Nancy....

You're gonna love the Jeff L. CD! I'm sure you'll do a 20,000 word write up on it. just kidding.

You know... since I changed my online name from Jeff to Uncle Jed no one knows who I am.... duh.

Message: 33931 Posted: Fri Jun 18 11:08:50 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam and BTO

Ahh, Jackson Browne! Yes, Robyn, that is a very nice collection of Jackson's work. Picked it up a few weeks ago myself.

Message: 33930 Posted: Fri Jun 18 10:06:41 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: A Great Deal On Sepia

I second the comments Steve! "Sepia" is a brilliant piece of work! Its a very worthy followup to his last release,"Fragile Sunrise." I would also like to let you all know that I recently conducted an interview with Jeff Larson,and I'm working on putting it into readable form for next weeks "Music News" column. Some of you on this site recieve the emailed version. For others,I will send it to Steve and get it posted on here for all to read,but it probably won't happen until sometime next week. I know that Jeff appreciates any support he can get from his fans on this chat folder.

Message: 33929 Posted: Fri Jun 18 10:00:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A Great Deal On Sepia

A pop mailorder company called NOT LAME has a great deal on Jeff Larson's Sepia for $12.00. The address is I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sepia and the more I listen, the more I like it. I would definitely recommend it to all America fans.

Message: 33928 Posted: Fri Jun 18 09:21:48 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam and BTO

Jackson Browne "The Very Best of.." disc two Nice collection of his stuff.

RE BTO. I always think of a story someone told me dunno if it is true or if I am gettting the details right. Apparently they had a very contentious realtionship with their road crew, to the point that the band would not bother to show up for sound check. The road crew did sound check themselves and by the account I heard, played BETTER than BTO who at the time were "mailing in" their performances... The road crew had a special name for them. Bachman Turner Overweight

Message: 33927 Posted: Fri Jun 18 08:41:52 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Dubuque

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Dubuque, IA. I think you'll really get a kick out of this one (I did).

Message: 33926 Posted: Fri Jun 18 08:26:15 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Tomorrow

Contestant: I'll take "Covers" for $500, Bob.

Bob: OK. The answer is "Tomorrow". And the question is.....

1. What is the day after today?
2. What do you call a pair of morrows?
3. When will the check be in the mail?
4. What is the latest instrumental America song by Joe Doyle?

Contestant: Wow, you're telling me that Joe Doyle has another America cover! I can't wait to hear it (who cares about the $500).

Go to Dan Peek's web site to read about Joe's latest cover and to download/listen to the song. As we have come to expect, this is another excellent rendition and the second-to-last song on Joe's planned America tribute CD.

Keep up the great work Joe!

Message: 33925 Posted: Fri Jun 18 08:09:08 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: TGIF Jam ~ B'days & History ~ Cute Teacher story!

Hi Everyone ~~ Dan Fogelberg is here singing Listen to the Rythmn of the Falling Rain, telling me just what a fool I have been ~~ Yep the big clouds sure have been showering us with nonstop raindrops... Even the trees are drooping soooo low, cause they have drank too much... the Flowers are gorgeous ooh! Sooo gotta take the good with the bad and hope for Mr Sun to come soon! :)

Hmmm ~~ I was up till the wee hours of the morning doing my work... and I had Carly Simon's "Reflections" cd playing over and over... I am loving hearing all of her more obscure Gems on this greatest hits collection... I just gotta say I am sooo Glad that I held out to get this one... It was well worth the wait... my only complaint... I wish she would have put the children's Itsy Bitsy Spider version of her song Coming Around on this... I just love the way she sings it with the children's choir... brings back memories of the many times I was bathing Laura when she was a baby and that was her and my fave sing a long song! :) :) :)

Hi Hoooooo Redddddddd eeeee OOooooooooo! ~~ You Sure have been bringing big time smiles and laughs to my Crazy days... I am loving the way your posts are tieing together sooooo Smoothly... and I am more than enjoying your song lyrics... WOWSERS! ~~ Get Nelleybelle all spiffied up for a relaxing weekend! :) ;)

Hi there Shayne (Yeppers ~ I love Barry M's song Somewhere in the Night too) :) ~ Nice to hear from you! I keep on waiting to see when Dan Fogelberg's Soundstage show will be on PBS, I finally did my Dish 500 upgrade and now I have my local PBS nice and clear!

Hi Howie ~~ Nice to see a post from you... I hope you are enjoying your summer! :)

Thanks Nancy M ~~ That is a cute story about your students seeing a resemblance to Jesus in Dewey's pic from the Homecoming album... Oooh wow ~~ Kids sure can brigthen our days with nice fun spontanaety Huh! I too use alot of photo's from corbis, as well as pics posted on the site here... and venturahwy and Rich's.. as my background pics... It is a neat way to add a nice touch of Honey to my day! Hmmm ~ One more week and you will be heading to the Atlantic City Show... Get ready to be up on Cloud 10... it feels soooo nice! Enjoy! :)

Hi Hooo Mo & Bones ~~~ Hmmm Vertical Horizon & BTO ~~ What a rockin combo of friday morning jams for sure.... :)

Hi Maggie ~~ Thanks for the iTunes detailed info... it is neat to get a look at what kinda songs Gerry likes, I hope Dewey will make a list up of his too.

Welcome Tim & Bluey ~~~ the Buffalo Bison game\concert is sounding mighty inviting for sure! Tooo much Bluey... AMERICA changing into Australia.... too much :)

Karen L & AM Girl~~ I will be thinking of both of you Lucky gals getting to take in some AMERICA Magic tonight and this weekend. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy and please do come and tell us all about the Happenings.... Hmmm ~~ Happenings... that is another good name for a new CD from our guys... :)

Ooooh Jed ~~ I am Anxiously Awaiting Mr Mailman's Delivery of my "Sepia" I am gonna love Hitting the Replay button on it I am sure! :)

Take care all and have a great weekend! See ya, Nancy :)

Happy B'day Paul Mc Cartney ~~~ his great song Bluebird has come to my mind and my fingertips ~~~ I'm a bluebird, I'm a bluebird yeah yeah yeah :) :)

She’s my baby, she comes out at night, she's taking me by surprise, she's my baby.
Like gravy, down to the last drop, I keep mopping her up, yeah, yeah, she's my baby.

She's a baby in the morning time when the sleep is in her eyes and the world is waking up,
she has a rhythm, oh, believe me, I ain't lying, she's a woman.
she's a lady in the evening tide, when the stars are in the skies,
that's the time she changes back into a kitten, oh, believe me, I ain't lying. Sing it for us Paul ~~ Neat lyrics huh! ;)

She’s my baby, she comes out at night, she's taking me by surprise, she's my baby.
Like gravy, down to the last drop, I keep mopping her up, yeah, yeah, she's my baby.

Message: 33924 Posted: Fri Jun 18 07:26:24 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Cute Teacher Story

On my school computer I use various America pictures from as screensavers. One that I used was #DZ002575 taken from the Homecoming days. I explained to my 3rd grade class that America was my favorite group and that this photo was from 1972. They commented that Dewey looked like Jesus! (I guess that it was the long hair and beard and that he was looking upwards!) I have used different photos, then and now, of America on my screen and this one is their favorite!

Message: 33923 Posted: Fri Jun 18 06:37:14 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Bachman Turner Overdrive - BTO II

Message: 33922 Posted: Fri Jun 18 06:37:10 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: B'day, History & Tribute to Dubuque

Happy Birthday, Paul!
Red, very fitting joke in honor of tonight's show! Anyone going? I know you'll have the best time ever!
TGIF, the weekend is here!

Message: 33921 Posted: Fri Jun 18 06:29:11 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'day, History & Tribute to Dubuque

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 18, 2004

62 years ago Paul McCartney is born in Liverpool. (1942)

30 years ago According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Rare Earth drummer Peter Hoorelbeke is arrested after throwing his drumsticks into the crowd. (1974)

28 years ago Electric Light Orchestra's "OLE ELO" goes gold. The LP is a greatest hits collection. (1976)

17 years ago Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten was slashed on his face and hands by some kids armed with knives. Apparently the thugs had objected to the song, "God Save the Queen." The next day, guitarist Paul Cook was beaten up. (1977)

24 years ago The film, "The Blues Brothers", starring Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi, premieres in New York City. Cameo's in the film include Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown and John Lee Hooker. (1980)

17 years ago Bruce Springsteen officially separates from wife Julianne Phillips. (1987)

5 years ago Disney release the animated feature "Tarzan." The soundtrack features five tracks by Phil Collins each sung in five different languages -- English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Collins did two versions in Spanish -- one with a Latin American accent and another with a Castillian. (1999)

It's a Great Life -

A young brunette woman in Iowa was so depressed that she decided to end her life by throwing herself into the Mississippi River. She went down to the docks and was about to leap into the frigid water when a handsome young sailor saw her tottering on the edge of the dock, crying.

He took pity on her and said, "Look, you have so much to live for."
I'm off to Europe in the morning, and if you like, I can stow you away on my ship. I'll take good care of you and bring you food every day.." Moving closer, he slipped his arm round her shoulder and added, "I'll keep you happy, and you'll keep me happy."

The girl nodded yes. After all, what did she have to lose? Perhaps a
fresh start in Europe would give her life new meaning. That night, the
sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a lifeboat. From then on, every night he brought her three sandwiches and a piece of fruit, and they made passionate love until dawn.

Three weeks later, during a routine inspection, she was discovered by
the captain. "What are you doing here?" the captain asked. I have an arrangement with one of the sailors," she explained. "I get food and a trip to Europe, and he's shagging me."

"He certainly is," the captain said. "This is the Diamond Jo Casino,
and we never leave Dubuque, Iowa."

Michelle - Paul McCartney

Michelle, ma belle
These are words that go together well
My Michelle
Michelle, ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
Tres bien ensemble
I love you, I love you, I love you
That's all I want to say
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that you'll understand

Michelle, ma belle
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble
Tres bien ensemble
I need to, I need to, I need to
I need to make you see
Oh, what you mean to me
Until I do, I'm hoping you will know what I mean
I love you...

TGIF everyone, tonight is the big night in Dubuque. Hope the night crawlers aren't too big underneath the chairs on the banks of the Mississippi, or you can feel the chairs move when they crawl along the ground. Hope the weather holds out and a good time is had by all.


Message: 33920 Posted: Fri Jun 18 05:51:08 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday AM Jam

Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want"

What's in your player?

Message: 33919 Posted: Fri Jun 18 05:47:13 2004 By: "Bluey"
Subject: America to Oz

All Dewey does in Tin Man is mention Oz and that's where this message is coming from. America at the Sydney Opera House, that's where they belong. They should change their name to "Australia". You Yanks have had it too easy for tooooo long. Love Bluey.

Message: 33918 Posted: Fri Jun 18 05:06:53 2004 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: B'days, History & Snoring

Shayne, been trying to email you for a very long time.
this email keeps bouncing back discontinued or not in service.
Do you have a working email? Please email me. Thanks,hl

Message: 33917 Posted: Thu Jun 17 11:04:11 2004 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: B'days, History & Snoring

I love that song (Somewhere in the Night).


Message: 33916 Posted: Thu Jun 17 06:49:37 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & Snoring

Birthdays for today of note:

Barry Manilow - 6/17/46
Greg Rolie - 6/17/47 (Santana, Journey)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 17, 2004

39 years ago The Kinks arrive in New York City to start their first U.S. Tour. (1965)

37 years ago Moby Grape releases 5 singles simultaneously on CBS Records. (1967)

37 years ago The Hollies' "Carrie Ann" is released. (1967)

36 years ago The Ohio Express get their first gold album for "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy." (1968)

31 years ago Joe Saylers, business manager for Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf, is shot in the arm after a confrontation with two strangers in his West Hollywood apartment. (1973)

27 years ago Steve Winwood releases his first solo L.P., entitled, "Steve Winwood." (1977)

26 years ago The Jefferson Starship fail to perform at the Lorley Festival in St. Goarhausen, Germany because lead singer Grace Slick, dealing with alcoholism, is unable to go onstage. (1978)

24 years ago Led Zeppelin begins a three week European tour. It is their first on the continent since 1973. It will be the group's last tour. (1980)

15 years ago Ringo Starr announces that he will tour again under the guise of "Ringo and the All-Starr Band." Members of the band include Clarence Clemons, Joe Walsh, Billy Preston and Nils Lofgren. (1989)

Cure for Snoring - (Take heed women, this may work for you)

A couple has a dog that snores. Annoyed because she can't sleep, the wife goes to the vet to see if he can help. The vet tells the woman to tie a ribbon around the dog's twins, and he will stop snoring.
That night a few minutes after going to bed, the dog begins snoring, as usual. The wife tosses and turns, unable to sleep. Muttering to herself, she goes to the closet and grabs a piece of red ribbon and ties it carefully around the dog's twins.
Sure enough, the dog stops snoring! The woman is amazed!
Later that night, her husband returns home drunk from being out drinking with his buddies. He climbs into bed, falls asleep and begins snoring loudly. The woman thinks maybe the ribbon trick might work on him. So she goes to the closet again, grabs a piece of blue ribbon and ties it around her husband's twins. Amazingly, it also works on him! The woman sleeps soundly.
He wakes from his drunken stupor and stumbles into the bathroom. As he stands in front of the toilet, he glances in the mirror and sees a blue ribbon attached to his twins. He is very confused and as he walks back into the bedroom, he sees the red ribbon attached to his dog's twins.
He shakes his head and looks at the dog and whispers, "I don't know where we were, or, what we did, but, by God, we took first and second place!"

Somewhere In The Night - Barry Manilow

Time, you found time enough to love
And I found love enough to hold you
So tonight I'll stir the fire you feel inside
Until the flames of love enfold you
Layin' beside you lost in the feeling
So glad you opened my door, come with me
Somewhere in the night we will know
Everything lovers can know
You're my song, music too magic to end
I'll play you over and over again
Lovin' so warm, movin' so right
Closin' our eyes and feelin' alive
We'll just go on burnin' bright
Somewhere in the night

Karen L, make sure you get a Dubuque Ham before you head back to Wisconsin. Would go well with the cheese & beer in Wisconsin. Have a good time Friday night & take lots of pics. Hope the river smell isn't too bad, ha.

Iowa's Best to You

Message: 33915 Posted: Thu Jun 17 06:25:33 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Message to Maggie

HI Maggie, You probably don't remember me but we met when "the guys" played the last J A Nugget in Sparks, NV in August 2001. I owe you a great big thank you. You and your friends took pity on a "newbie" at the time and invited me to join your group allowing me my first opportunity to meet both Wilie and Gerry during that trip. I also sat with you on the Saturday night concert and we managed to get the table up in front by the stage. I owe you a lot for that. Thanks. I am so glad you are back on the site and that you must be finally feeling better. (PS. Since that time I have tried to do what I could to help other friends have that same experience.)

Message: 33914 Posted: Thu Jun 17 06:13:35 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

Well Mo... how did the "healing" go? I hope you didn't hurt youself writhing around on the floor. By the way, I think you forgot to leave alittle something ($$$) on your way out.

Note: I would NEVER make fun of a true or real person of faith... but some of these TV fakes are over the top and kind of funny to watch. The track on VGG by Phil Hartman was spot on!

After quite a few listens to Jeff L.'s "Sepia"... I think the man has outdone himself!

carry on...

Message: 33913 Posted: Thu Jun 17 06:10:42 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Jeff Beck And America Ad

In the recent past, I remember seeing an ad from a old music magazine for sale on eBay that had both, America and Jeff Beck, on it. At the time I wondered why the two music entities were advertised together on the same page. Now I know it's probably because of the George Martin tie to each.

Message: 33912 Posted: Thu Jun 17 04:31:31 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Ger and Dew on iTunes

Maggie! Great to hear from you!! Thanks for all the info! I love if I just could get an iPod.
Erin :o)

Message: 33911 Posted: Wed Jun 16 21:27:06 2004 By: Maggie
Subject: Ger and Dew on iTunes

Hey everyone...

As an avid consumer of all things Apple I thought I'd share a cool bit of info for those of you who may not have access to iTunes, or perhaps do, but hadn't yet seen this. iTunes has a new series of CDs for download entitled, "Celebrity Playlists." One of those compiled playlists is by our very own America. Here are 11 tracks put togther by the guys and their notes as such in entirety:

1. "Joga," Bjork. "I missed the Sugarcubes phase of Bjork's career but became a huge fan from her first solo effort, Debut. I've chosen this track although I could have filled this entire list with favorites of hers."

2. "Don't Let It Bring You Down," Neil Young. "For those who mention to me some similarity between our music and Neil's I usually respond, 'You should listen to him again because he's a lot better.' Here's some proof. This is from After The Goldrush, my favorite record of Neil's."

3. "We Are," Vertical Horizon. "I don't know much about this band but I do know that this track is one of the best sounding records I've heard in years."

4. "Hackensack," Fountains of Wayne. "FOW are one of the few true songsmiths of this era. The three usual main ingredients of melody, lyric, & harmony add up to track after track of good solid songs."

5. "Cabinessence," The Beach Boys. "Where do I start...those who have followed our band will know we've had a long working relationship with the Beach Boys but in particular with Carl Wilson. He sang on numerous records of ours & I had the pleasure to sing on some of theirs. I'm particularly drawn to the period when Brian Wilson was working with Van Dyke Park & like all others who are fans of this era can only wonder what else might of come had they continued to collaborate. The hits are so familiar that I try to point people to some of the more obscure gems like this one from the Friends CD."

6. "Can't Let Go," Lucinda Williams. "This whole record is a bull's-eye & was reviewed as such upon its release. It's the kind of album that with repeated listenings finds you adjusting which are your favorite tracks. I love the live feel of the whole record but in particular this song."

7. "Goin' Back," Dusty Springfield. "Maybe it's because I spent a large part of the '60s growing up in England but I have always loved her voice. This song is a classic & there is also an incredible version from the '60s by The Byrds. For trivia buffs, it was Dusty Springfield who took the stage to accept our Grammy for best new artist of 1972 (we were on the road touring and couldn't be there to accept)."

8. "Mercy Street," Peter Gabriel. "So is the rare record that plays from start to finish as one complete journey. It's the kind of album that headphones were made for. I love it all but selected this song as my time-tested favorite."

9. "Round Midnight," Miles Davis. "I once checked to see what artists were in my iPod more than any other and was surprised to find that I had more Miles than anything else. I now have an answer for those who ask me in interviews what I listen to. It's impossible to pick a favorite so I did it with the old tried & tested blindfold method. Not bad..."

10. "Diamond Dust," Jeff Beck. "One of the many bonuses of a long running working relationship with producer George Martin was the opportunity to listen in on the early stages of his other projects. Blow by Blow is a masterpiece by one of the most original and creative guitarists still around today. We gathered in the control room at Air Studios in London to hear this incredible track shortly after it was mixed. It's as stunning today as it was back then."

11. "The Unanswered Question," Leonard Bernstein. "I'm trying to cover two heroes at once here. When I was growing up I remember Bernstein's fantastic series on TV for children. I recently watched the Harvard Lectures by LB, which are now available on DVD & although the subjects were treated in a more mature manner I was equally captivated. The piece I've chosen by Charles Ives is covered in depth in the series and for those not familiar with Ives' work (or equally fascinating life story) I hope this will stand as an introduction."

Pretty cool musings, n'est pas? I personally happen to have every one of these albums, and Ger and Dew beautifully put into words the feel of each one of these tracks. Like so many other Ameica fans I have a love of the old and the new, a deep appreciation for jazz, rock and the obscure. Gee, other than the Beatles, I wonder which artist shows up the most in my iPod??? Hmmm....



Message: 33910 Posted: Wed Jun 16 21:19:46 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: A Few Tin Man Trivia Facts

America (Dewey) as we all know, of course, had a huge hit in 1974 with "Tin Man". Exactly twenty years later, country music mega-star Kenny Chesney recorded a song he co-wrote titled, "The Tin Man." It became a big country music hit for him. Just like America (via "History" for America), the song was again released on another album/CD of Chesney's a year later.

Both, America and Chesney, are currently managed by Morey Management.

And, as many of us know, according to the "Wizard of Oz," the correct name of that 'metal man' is actually the "Tin Woodman". But then again, we all can't imagine the lyrics:

But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Woodman
That he didn't, didn't already have

Message: 33909 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:38:26 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Withdrawal

OH I totally get that Tinwoman61! I would NEVER leave anywhere that was playing Dewey singing Tin Man!

Cindy F.T.South

Message: 33908 Posted: Wed Jun 16 19:34:19 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: Re: Firefly

I just received my tix for the South Bend concert (ie. Firefly Fest) in the mail and CANNOT WAIT to see the guys! Wow, only three more days!!!!! Saturday, come quickly!!!!!

Message: 33907 Posted: Wed Jun 16 16:50:39 2004 By: Tinwoman61
Subject: Withdrawal

Is when you stay in the grocery store long after checking out because Dewey is singing "Tin Man" on the overhead music.

Message: 33906 Posted: Wed Jun 16 16:40:25 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Firefly

An opening-night donor gala will include an appearance by America.

Message: 33905 Posted: Wed Jun 16 16:10:22 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

I guess it was a bit ambigious. Alright get your hands back up on the screen and we'll try again. Ha!

Message: 33904 Posted: Wed Jun 16 16:04:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

I'm not sure I should answer that....

Message: 33903 Posted: Wed Jun 16 15:12:45 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

I knew you would. When I said "WHEEEEEW"... did you fall to ground writhing?

Message: 33902 Posted: Wed Jun 16 15:05:02 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

Uncle Jed--you crack me up.
Thanks for that. I do feel better now.

Message: 33901 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:19:13 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

Mo, lay your hands on the computer screen - do it now. I command that you be healed... WHEEEEEEW random thought demons BE GONE! There, you should feel better now.

Message: 33900 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:09:45 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

After posting and then re-reading those "random thoughts," I realize they were more random than I had intended. I was going back and forth between writing them and doing the work I am actually getting paid to do. Sorry for that. I didn't mean to imply I like Justin more than Matt. Rather, I think it would be more of a Justin sort of song. My apology if I offended.
Secondly, I didn't mean did anyone at all go to Mrs. Beckley's restaurant. I meant, did anyone from here ever go there. Dear gawd, I should probably just go home now. [Shakes head in dismay.]

Message: 33899 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:07:23 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Random and Various Thoughts

You're welcome Mo. You are really gonna like this CD... I'm sure of it!

Message: 33898 Posted: Wed Jun 16 13:03:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Random and Various Thoughts

I am listening to the 3rd disc of the Highway set. The lyric in "1960" that says "...Dad explained about the Berlin Wall..." takes on a new mental image since seeing Col. Beckley in the History Channel show. Kinda neat.

Erin, congrats on your marriage. I hope you guys enjoy a long and happy life together. What you said about "All My Life" reminds me once again that I think it should be re-released or covered by someone. It has more life in it, I'm sure. No pun intended. Maybe Matt will cover it someday. On second thought, no. Maybe Justin Timberlake.

I was listening to the Howard Stern interview again the other day. Gerry mentioned something about his wife either having or formerly having a restaurant. I am curious if you trivia buffs and/or you Californians know something about that. Did anyone ever go to this restaurant? What type of cuisine was it? In the scheme of life, I know it's all rather irrelevant but I think it would be fun stuff to know.

I, too, am awaiting my copy of "Sepia" as well as "Fragile Sunrise" in the mail. Maybe today. I ordered them from Melody Blvd. Can't wait. Thanks for suggesting Jeff Larson to me, Uncle Jed. Good stuff.

Message: 33897 Posted: Wed Jun 16 11:18:08 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: All Over-off topic

That's our girl! Way to go Erin, playing the PERFECT first dance song AND educating people. Welcome back and again congratulations. May you have many happy years ahead.

Message: 33896 Posted: Wed Jun 16 11:16:46 2004 By: Tim
Subject: Upcoming Concert Announcement


America is playing a concert in Buffalo, NY at Dunn Tire Park@275 Washington Street following the Buffalo Bisons baseball game on Saturday, June 26th. I hear tickets are $16 and include the baseball game. You can get them through or by calling 1-888-223-6000. You can get more information by visiting:

I know I am going to be there!

Message: 33895 Posted: Wed Jun 16 10:48:14 2004 By: Erin
Subject: All Over-off topic

So the wedding and honeymoon are over, and now it's back to reality. Just wanted to say here that All My Life turned out to be the PERFECT first dance song at the reception. Afterwards, everyone said "who is that singing...etc." I think quite a few new America fans left later that night to go buy Silent Letter.
Hope everyone is having an excellent week.

Erin :o)

Message: 33894 Posted: Wed Jun 16 09:56:03 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Nancy....

I got mine from melody blvd. They have always got stuff right out to me. As for the CD? Yep!

Message: 33893 Posted: Wed Jun 16 08:54:50 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Posting Photos On VH.COM

For those who would like to post photos and reviews of concerts, here's how to do it on the VH.COM web site. Under the "SHOWS" page, click on "See photos and reviews from past shows". You can then upload photos and reviews for each America show.

Message: 33892 Posted: Wed Jun 16 08:22:09 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Dewey's Wisconsin Home

Dewey's property is in the Land-O-Lakes area of Wisconsin. When I last interviewed him a year ago,I mentioned I live in the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area of Upper Michigan. He was familiar with the area and said he was calling me from the Land-O-Lakes area. Its not really all that far from here. And yes,the Eagle River portion of Wisconsin is a beautiful area to vacation in during the Summer. If you truly want to get away from it all,the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the "U.P." are truly the place to be. I own 40 acres of land with a cabin on it and can think of nothing more enjoyable than spending time at "camp!"

Message: 33891 Posted: Wed Jun 16 08:04:48 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: A New CD ~ Closing down for the year & a little more!

Hi deeee hoooo Everyone :) Geeze here it is Hump day already! Today is my Parent's 48th wedding anniversary! :)

Hello John & Sam ~~ Nice to hear from you ~ I just wanted to say Thanks for the Smile I got from your H suggestion for the new CD... Wow ~~ Habit-Forming ~~~ Soooooo true for sure! and definitely a Habit I don't want to break! Double Wowsers... that would be Awesome if it were a Double CD set! :)

Hi Nina ~~ Nice to hear from you too, I hope you will be able to get your home pc working. You & Mo will have to practice singing Muskrat Love at the Mohegan, while standing in line... Hopefully one day I will make it to a show with the both of you & Bones and this notion will become a Reality! Take care and Enjoy your Summer! :)

Thanks Chuck for setting up this Yahoo page to post pics, I did check out Sheldon's & Your pics last night.. Definitely some great Views from both of your cameras, some pretty unique timing too, I'd say. I am loving the Big Smiles on Sheldon't pic of the Horse Dip, and I am loving the way you captured Gerry's Wonderin Moment! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hey there Mo ~~ I just saw your post on Richard's site last night, about the Muskrat Lyrics of the day, bringing a Smile and a thought of You, Nina & I singing this for Bonesy... reading that brought a Smile my way too. ~~ Oh I finally got to check out the Buffalo Bison home page and it is neat to find the Publicity pic of Gerry & Dewey there as well as the neat way they described AMERICA in their article... Thanks for sharing this with Us! ~~ Please be sure and come back and tell us all about the show at the game on the 26th... too much, we wanted to head up to NY that very weekend to visit Jeff at College. Adam has his pretesting and scheduling for College on the 24th & 25th... ~~ I enjoyed your neat Lyrical tie in with Dewey picking a Fine Girl ~~ Tooo much! Good One! :)

Hey there Red ~~ That is quite the Line up of Music Artists at the Hot Summer Night Days, in Reno... really a wide range of music styles covered too. ~~ Thanks for the neat visual I got from the Baby's t shirt saying Party ~ My Crib ~ 2 AM ~~ it brought to mind for me that little vitual baby that dances to that song Og ga Chuga, Hooked on a Feeling !!! Hmmm ~~ Dosen't B J Thomas sing a version of this song? Neat! LOL!!!! :) ;)

Hi there Gen & Bruno ~~ Nice to hear from you guys too, it has been awhile. ~~ Bruno I enjoyed reading the news article that Allesandra interpreted into English for us! ~~ Some very Appreciative words for AMERICA for sure! I am sure both of you are still kinda floating on memory's of getting to see them recently! ~~ Gen is school out there for you yet? ~~ Enjoy your summer! :)

Jed & SteveL & Steve O ~~~ My Jeff Larson "Sepia" should be arriving here soon... the Carly Simon "Reflections" cd came in my mail yesterday. I gave it a couple listens last night as I got caught up on my reports... It was really good to hear Carly's songs that I have on albums & 8 tracks, the cassette I had of her Coming Around songs broke from playing it sooo much. I noticed in a couple of Carly's songs... her accoustic magic, I never really thought of her in this regards, I just always liked her voice and her lyrics... but her accoustics are pretty catchy too. Hmmm she ends her booklet that came with this cd saying "We all, at some part of our journey, come from drums. A womb with a Heartbeat. ... Drummers have driven me. I love the accents subtle and less subtle which connect up into heartbeats, hard and softer, that let me know what I care about.. I also drive drummers, beg them to hit the toms harder, a "step on the gas" tactic that has to be more primal than intellectual"... Wow Kinda a Neat way of looking at her, I get from this!

Have a good day everyone, See ya, Nancy :)

~~~ Why did you tell me this, were you looking for my direction,what do you need to know, don't you know that I'll always be your girl, you don't have to prove to me you're beautiful strangers, I've got loving eyes of my own, You Belong to Me, you belong to me, tell her, tell her you were fooled, you don't even know her, tell her that I love you, you belong to meee ~~ Sing it Carly ~ Wow I haven't heard this one for awhile! :)

Message: 33890 Posted: Wed Jun 16 06:54:11 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Re: Closing down for year

Yes, Eagle River is in the heart of the world's largest inland chain of freshwater lakes, so one can only guess which lake Dewey's property is near. It is such a beautiful area! We used to vacation there regularly in Three Lakes which is only a few miles south of Eagle River--I have many good memories of the area.

Message: 33889 Posted: Wed Jun 16 06:45:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Closing down for year

Nina said, "She must be a fine girl."

Penny, you're a fine girl.
What a good wife you would be.
But my life, my love, and my lady,
Is the C.

[As in C scale, C chord, Middle C, etc. No groaning, please.]

Nina Baby--
I will see you soon. I'll be in touch. Check with Bonesy to see which day we might be graced with his presence at Mohegan. You wouldn't want to miss that!!
Enjoy the start of summa and I'll see you in 16 or 17 days.

Message: 33888 Posted: Wed Jun 16 06:39:34 2004 By: red oak
Subject: History & T-shirts

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 16, 2004

39 years ago Herman's Hermits earned their first gold record with "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter". (1965)

37 years ago Monterey Pop Festival begins in Monterey, California. In three days 50,000 will see the first major appearances of Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Janis Joplin. Also appearing were The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Buffalo Springfield. (1967)

36 years ago The Fillmore West holds a benefit concert for another San Francisco venue, The Matrix Club. Entertainment is provided by Santana and The Steve Miller Band. (1968)

34 years ago Woodstock Ventures, sponsors of the original Woodstock, announces that it lost more than $1.2 million on the festival. It's hoped to be regained from the sale of the Woodstock album and releated memorabilia. (1970)

29 years ago John Lennon sues the U.S. government, charging that officials tried to deny his immigration through selective prosecution. (1975)

27 years ago Beatlemania, a revue based on Lennon/McCartney songs and starring four Beatle look alikes, opens on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theater. It runs for 1006 performances before moving to two other venues. (1977)

26 years ago The movie version of "Grease" opens in North America. The movie stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. (1978)

22 years ago .38 Special member Donny Van Zant is arrested on stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma for public drinking. Tulsa was a dry town. (1982)

15 years ago A new woman's fragrance enters the perfume market. It's creator --- Smokey Robinson. (1989)

9 years ago Pearl Jam begins a tour without using Ticketmaster. The band accused the ticket giant of monopolizing the concert ticket industry and decided to use a mail-order ticket service instead. (1995)

11) Beer ~ The Reason I Get Up Each Afternoon!

12) I Must Be a Proctologist Because I Work With A'holes!

13) "That's It! I'm Calling Nana!" (seen on an 8- year old)

14) "Wrinkled.... Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I
Grew Up"

15) "Procrastinate..... Now"

16) "Rehab..... Is for Quitters"

17) "My Dog.... Can Lick Anyone"

18) "I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts - Do You Want Fries With

19) "Party - My Crib - Two A.M." (On a baby-size shirt)

20) "Finally 21, and Legally Able to do Everything I've been doing
since I was 15"

Herman's Hermits - There's A Kind Of Hush

There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight.
All over the world you can hear the sounds of lovers in love.
You know what I mean.
Just the two of us and nobody else in sight.
There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just holding you tight.

So listen very carefully.
Closer now and you will see what I mean.
It isn't a dream.
The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear
I love you forever and ever.

There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight.
All over the world you can hear the sounds of lovers in love.

See where the entertainment at Hot August Nights has been announced. Those appearing are BJ Thomas, Heart, Felix & the Rascals, Village People, 3 Dog Night, Rare Earth, Herman's Hermits, Beach Boys & Rod Stewart. This has to be one of the top venues in the US for cars & entertainment that ever was. Get your tickets now to travel to Reno, Nevada for this great entertainment.

Happy Hump Day all...........


Message: 33887 Posted: Wed Jun 16 06:39:06 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Closing down for year

<<...Dewey has a little northwoods getaway (but I am not sure exactly where it is...anyone know a more precise location?)>>

Chuck ~ A northwoods getaway, huh? Well, that makes perfect sense since the woods of Wisconsin is where Dewey had his 4-wheeler accident. With all of us knowing how much Dewey loves the outdoors and fishing, I'd naturely assume Dewey probably lives on or near a lake.

John of the UK ~ As far as "H" titles go, "Habit-Forming", that's a very catchy title!

(Nina ~ I hope you enjoy your summer off. I can hear it "calling you" as the song goes.)

Message: 33886 Posted: Wed Jun 16 05:00:51 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: Re: Closing down for year

Yes, Neenah, as in Wisconsin, about 10 miles north of Oshkosh. Now it kind of behooves everyone to look at a map of Wisconsin and a) see where Neenah is, b) see where Fond du Lac is, and where they played Saturday, c) see where Oshkosh is, and where I live, and d) see where Eagle River is (up north!) to see the area where Dewey has a little northwoods getaway (but I am not sure exactly where it is...anyone know a more precise location?)

Let me know when you've completed your geography lesson!


Message: 33885 Posted: Wed Jun 16 04:33:49 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Closing down for year

Hi everybody! My last day of school is Monday the 21st, so I'll be "computerless" for the summer yet again! (Yes, home computer is still dead. Story of my life!) Just letting New England/east coast fans know that I AM planning on attending at least one Mohegun Sun show In July and am wondering which one most are going to attend? (I know MO will be at both!) Both Mo and Daisyjane64 have my phone number IF any news arises AFTER Monday! Have a great summer everyone!


P.S. Did I hear right? Dewey's wife is from a place called "Neenah"?
She must be a fine girl! Good choice, Dewey!

Message: 33884 Posted: Wed Jun 16 03:28:28 2004 By: John
Subject: A new CD....

Hi all,

Haven't had a chance to go into the chat-folder for a while but great to read from Dewey's interview that a new CD is in the offing.

As Dewey mentions they have plenty of material and being a greedy sod, how about a double CD and a title "Habit-Forming"?

The other bit of good news I could definitely cope with is "UK Concert Date Set".....

I reckon it could happen in 2005 ..... what do you think Gerry & Dewey?

John and Sam

Message: 33883 Posted: Tue Jun 15 19:43:53 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Shirley

Hi Shirley! Thanks for your reply! Maybe you sat down right near us and I didn't even know it!! (Your comment about the person who got in your way dancing to the first band made me laugh! I know it wasn't me - ha,ha!) You know, one drawback (if there is one) of being at the front of the crowd is not seeing clearly how many people are behind you. I really had no concept of how large the crowd was, only that it felt crowded at the front. Maybe I'll run into you at another Wisconsin show sometime! Take care - Karen

Message: 33882 Posted: Tue Jun 15 19:20:46 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Red Oak - LRB in Dubuque

Thanks for the wishes for a rockin' time in Dubuque this Friday, R.O.! I'm sure it will be. So, do you mean one of the Little River Band shows you're seeing is in Dubuque? I was just out on the Diamond Jo site again tonight to see if that's what you meant, because I remembered seeing they are playing there this summer. July 2 - I think? That must be one of your shows then. Anyway, wherever you're seeing them - have fun!

Message: 33881 Posted: Tue Jun 15 11:54:08 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Posting Photos On VH.COM

I just received a note from Erin Edwards indicating that you will be able to post photos and reviews on later today. They are putting it up on the site as I type this message. Thanks Erin!

Message: 33880 Posted: Tue Jun 15 09:30:24 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: place to post photos

Great idea Chuck. Thanks.

FYI - I modified your post so that everyone can click on the link that you created and it will take them right there.

Message: 33879 Posted: Tue Jun 15 08:42:04 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Re: place to post photos

Thanks Chuck - I just posted some of my photos from the Reading PA concert on the new site.

Anita - thanks for posting the link for the interview with Dewey, that was a great interview! Loved it!


Message: 33878 Posted: Tue Jun 15 07:48:26 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: place to post photos

HI gang,

As a temporary solution, I have created a yahoo groups page so we can post photos. I do not want this site to do anything to take away from this site, so I only ask that you post your pictures on the site. Leave your feedback on them here!

Let me know what you think of the idea, so we can improve upon it or scrap it altogether.

I hope to have some pictures posted there by day's end.


Message: 33877 Posted: Tue Jun 15 07:13:21 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & T-shirt Fronts

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 15, 2004

63 years ago Harry Nilsson is born. He dies in 1994. (1941)

46 years ago The Platters sing "Twilight Time" on Ed Sullivan. (1958)

41 years ago Jan & Dean's "Surf City" is released. (1963)

41 years ago Kyu Sakamoto "Sukiyaki" hits #1 on the U.S. pop charts. It's the first Japanese song to do so. (1963)

40 years ago Peter & Gordon arrive in the U.S. for their first Stateside tour. Four days later they will perform at New York's World Fair. (1964)

38 years ago The Beatles album, "Yesterday & Today" is released by Capitol in the controversial "butcher" sleeve, with the Beatles smiling amongst a group of decapitated baby dolls. The original photo quickly became a problem for Capitol, so it was pulled and replaced by a more conventional cover. (1966)

34 years ago Jimi Hendrix records his first session at his Electric Ladyland Studio in New York City. It was the guitarist's state of the art "dream" studio. (1970)

33 years ago The Guess Who's "Best of the Guess Who" LP goes gold. (1971)

30 years ago After several drummer-less months, Paul McCartney & Wings announce the addition of Geoff Britton, who replaces Denny Seiwell. (1974)

26 years ago Bob Dylan begins his first British tour in several years at London's Wembley Empire Pool. (1978)

12 years ago Bruce Springsteen starts his first tour in four years with a show in Stockholm, Sweeden. The tour is in support of his "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town" LP's and is the first time he has ever toured without the E Street Band. (1992)

Found on the front of T-Shirts

1) The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette.

2) I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

3) I Work Hard Because Millions On Welfare Depend on Me!

4) Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.

5) I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

6) Don't take life too seriously; you won't get out alive.

7) You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me.

8) Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

9) Earth.... is the insane asylum for the universe.

10) I'm not a complete idiot; some parts are missing.

Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talking At Me

Everybody's talking at me.
I don't hear a word they're saying,
Only the echoes of my mind.
People stopping staring,
I can't see their faces,
Only the shadows of their eyes.

I'm going where the sun keeps shining
Thru' the pouring rain,
Going where the weather suits my clothes,
Backing off of the North East wind,
Sailing on summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stone.

Karen L, I won't be able to make the show in Dubuque, but I know it will be a highlight. The Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota congregation will make sure of that. I'm trying to swing seeing LRB 3 out of 4 days over the 4th of July. Gotta wait until the tornadoes get out of Iowa before I go back. Hope you have a rockin time in Dubuque partying with my fellow Iowans.


Message: 33876 Posted: Tue Jun 15 06:11:44 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "...when she jumps on the Fed Ex truck....""

Speaking of FedEx, if you've never noticed this before, you'll never see the FedEx name without seeing it this way from now on:

Look at the FedEx logo name and see if you can spot the "arrow" that points to the right.

Message: 33875 Posted: Tue Jun 15 04:49:51 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: RE: Useless Movie Trivia/Etc....

I do. Hmmm, is that an answer to Mo's question or a reference to Runaway Bride? Both! Have the pin and love the scene where she comes back to him and he finds her in his apartment.

Message: 33874 Posted: Tue Jun 15 04:16:59 2004 By: Genevieve
Subject: Re: "I like Beck, he's very quirky"

<<I just read that interview from the paper in Wisconsin. I really love Dewey, he's the man. I'm sure Genevieve, you also enjoyed that reference to Beck. I believe i remember you saying you were a fellow Beck fan.>>
True. I am, absolutely !
And have to agree that a collaboration between those guys would be an awesome idea, for many reasons...

Message: 33873 Posted: Mon Jun 14 23:14:50 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Just me catching up on postin!

NightOwl Nancy here :) Thanks Mo for posting "Runaway Bride" was on, I just love this movie... as soon as I saw your post I turned to tbs and caught the last 45 mins of the movie... Julia Roberts is soooo radiant in this movie... I love her big ear to ear smiles! ~~ Isn't it neat that in real life she is pregnant with twins! :) :)

Hi there Cindy ~~ I too love the part where she jumps on the Fed Ex truck and the guy saying wherever she is going she'll be therte by 10 the next morning ~~ LOL!!! too much... I also liked the part where I started watching tonight, when she is at her wedding practice, to marry the guy that is a coach and as she is walking up the ailse she keeps on focusing on Richard Gere, and then they end up kissing and kissing... and my fave song comes on shortly after this part, the one that Martina McBride sings... ~~ I've known you just a week or two, but Baby I'm soooo into you, can hardly breaaathe, and I've beeen soooo totally wrapped up, emotionally attracted, sooooo physically acting, soooo wrecklessly I neeeed you, sooo desperately sure as the sky is blueeee, Baby I Love You, I love youuuu ~~ Sing it Martina :)

Happy 18th Anniversary Mo & Jeff ~~ Hey our cousins from Toledo got married the very same day and year as you... too much! :) May you be Blessed with Many more Happy Healthy Years filled with Lots of Spontaneous Moments! :) ~~ Hmmm regarding your Runaway Bride trivia... when Julia tells Richard that she does love him and that she would marry him on a weekday with just he and she there, it is a Miles Davis song they slow dance too... I also love the song that Eric Clapton sings in this movie.... you were the one who made my Blue eyes blue... I just love the way he sings this song! I love this movie... tomorrow night Sandra Bullock will be on in "Miss Congenialty" She is soooo Darn neat ~ I would say that Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan are my most favorite female actresses..

Hi Anita ~ Thanks for the newspaper article... Yeppers I second Bones in saying let's get this can open ~~ Hmmm sooo nice to see Dewey has mentioned works on a brand new cd... WOW!!! I tried to find a newspaper article from the Pittsburgh show... no luck tho.. surely there is someone who went to this show and can come tell us about it!

Hi Karen L, Chuck, Shirley, Joan ~~~ Thanks for all of your reviews of the Wisconsin shows... Chuck ~ thanks for sending these Nice pics my way ~~~ soooo cute of your son being sooo shy like this. Karen I loved reading about the special moments shared with you and your son Kyle at this show ~~ Wow sooo great you will be heading to the Dubuque show too.. Lucky You for sure! :)

Hey there Red ~~ You sure have been coming up with some good tie in schemes in your posts.. Lots of fun and interesting tidbits to think about! Jackson is here singing one of your fave songs in my headphones... Load out\Stay :) ;)

I was away at an all day long seminar on Collections\Bankruptcy's ~~ I will say I sure learned alot from this seminar.. I just hope alot of these things will never have to come into play with my work.

Hey SteveL & Jed ~~ You guys are really having me a longing for Mr Mailman to hurry up and deliver my Jeff Larson "Sepia" cd to me... hopefully it will be here by the weekend!

Hi there NancyM ~~ Neat collection, pretty neat you getting one from the Grand Cayman Island. The days are winding down to the Atlantic City show. :)

Nitey Nite all ~~ see ya, Nancy :)

~~~ She'll read your mind, she's smart as a whip, she'll suck you dry, but look at how much I dripped, at the point of ecstacy, I write a symphony of poetry in motion, and leaving me there to die, I tell myself, let no one take her place, took her by the soul and look at how much I paid, I want you next to me, what a delight you'd be ~~~ I just wanna get Closer than Close to you ~~ Sing it Maurice, Barry & Robin ~~ The Bee Gees :)

Message: 33872 Posted: Mon Jun 14 22:43:25 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: "I like Beck, he's very quirky"

I just read that interview from the paper in Wisconsin. I really love Dewey, he's the man. I'm sure Genevieve, you also enjoyed that reference to Beck. I believe i remember you saying you were a fellow Beck fan. I guess Dewey writes similar types of songs to Beck in some ways, even though Beck is somewhat younger. It would be cool to see Beck collaborate with America on something, I bet he has a copy of the first album or Homecoming lying around at his house. I could see Beck singing To Each His Own or People in the Valley. -Rob

Message: 33871 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:40:46 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

I love that line, too, CFTS. Thanks for the good wishes.

Message: 33870 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:07:51 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

Miles Davis, Mo! I watched it too. My favorite laugh is when she jumps on the Fed Ex truck and the guy says where ever she's going, she'll be there by 10 the next morning. Happy Anniversary!

Cindy F.T.S

Message: 33869 Posted: Mon Jun 14 21:07:09 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

Are you watching the movie too, Anita? Or are you just a movie trivia savant?

Message: 33868 Posted: Mon Jun 14 20:50:43 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

The album: Kind of Blue.

Message: 33867 Posted: Mon Jun 14 20:45:42 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

It's Miles Davis, Mo.

Message: 33866 Posted: Mon Jun 14 20:35:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Useless Movie Trivia With A Thinly Veiled Link To America

Runaway Bride is playing on TBS tonight. Good way to spend an anniversary I guess--watching a movie about weddings. Anyway, since Richard Gere is my second favorite good looking older man who got better looking as he aged, (Gerry is my first favorite for those not catching on quickly--and Jeff's not an 'older man' yet--although he does get better looking all the time--but still doesn't qualify for this list)...anyway, as I was saying.... Can anyone tell me what album Julia Roberts' character presents to Richard Gere's character in the movie? Hint, the artist is on a certain handsome celebrity's iTunes playlist.

Message: 33865 Posted: Mon Jun 14 20:12:55 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: History/Flag Day Y'ans Guys

Thanks for the anniversary wishes Red and NancyM.

Nancy, do you have a Hard Rock pin from Niagara Falls? If not, I will snag one next time I'm over that way.

Message: 33864 Posted: Mon Jun 14 19:42:09 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: History/Flag Day Y'ans Guys

Happy Anniversary, Mo, and many more to you and your hubby!

33 years ago today the 1st Hard Rock Cafe opened in London. I collect Rock Rock Cafe pins! My stipulation, tho, is that they must actually come from the Hard Rock in that city. I have been to a few myself and many other people get them for me, too, when they visit a city that has a Hard Rock in it. My most recent one is from the Grand Cayman Islands. Just got that one today. The secretary of my school is going to China in two weeks, and she'll get me one from there!

Message: 33863 Posted: Mon Jun 14 19:35:08 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Fond du Lac Article

Let's get a can opener and get that can opened soon, real soon.
Thanks for the link Anita.

Message: 33862 Posted: Mon Jun 14 19:20:40 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Fond du Lac Article

Here's a link to a phone interview Dewey did prior to the Fond du Lac show. And for those wondering about a new CD . . .

Message: 33861 Posted: Mon Jun 14 18:29:28 2004 By: Shirley
Subject: Re: Fellow Fond du Lac Fans

KarenL - I saw you at the concert. I should say, before the concert. We sat down early too (not as early as you, though) and 5 minutes later some girl stood right in front of us and started dancing to the Ethyl band. My friend and I weren't too happy about her butt right in our faces, but she didn't seem to mind. I guess I just thought the whole park would be packed. It was when we saw them in Oshkosh a couple of years ago. Anyway, it was a really great night.

Message: 33860 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:46:02 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: A VH.Com Posted Message

I read on the VH.Com message board under the topic, "America Music On Soundtrack," and the person who posted it was wondering about an America song that contains the word "man" but not in the song's title. I'm wondering if the song in question is perhaps, "The Story Of A Teenager," from the movie, "Jim, The World's Greatest," although there wasn't a soundtrack released from it (that I'm aware of, anyway).

You got to be a man to run the race
I'm not a hopeless man
How can you say I am

Message: 33859 Posted: Mon Jun 14 17:25:55 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Sepia....

"Sepia" ...outstanding!

Message: 33858 Posted: Mon Jun 14 16:19:57 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: History & Trailer Trash (Pictures from Dubuque '03)

Hey, Red - you're right about Dubuque; and I will not be square! I'll be there. You're not heading back to Iowa for the show, are you? For anyone interested, here's a link to part of the Diamond Jo Casino site that shows pictures from last year's sold-out concert. It was a very fun evening, as I'm sure this Friday will be too! I can't wait.

Message: 33857 Posted: Mon Jun 14 11:39:09 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Next week's Listening Party will be Harbor. Just because.

Message: 33856 Posted: Mon Jun 14 10:15:32 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Re: Flag Day Y'ans Guys

Happy Anniversary Mo!!!!!!!! May you have many more.

Message: 33855 Posted: Mon Jun 14 09:55:41 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Flag Day Y'ans Guys

Happy Flag Day to everyone. And happy anniversary to me and the hub. He's gotta be a good guy--he's put up with me for 18 years!!

Message: 33854 Posted: Mon Jun 14 08:46:16 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: History & Trailer Trash

Good one Red.
Hey Mo, she'll be back. Trust me.

Message: 33853 Posted: Mon Jun 14 06:39:44 2004 By: red oak
Subject: History & Trailer Trash

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 14, 2004

61 years ago - Muff Winwood, bassist of Spencer Davis Group, was born. (1943)

59 years ago - Rod Argent, of Argent and The Zombies, is born. (1945)

51 years ago - Elvis Presley graduates from L.C. Humes High School in Memphis. (1953)

43 years ago - Country singer Patsy Cline sustains serious head injuries and a fractured hip in a car accident in Madison, Tennessee. (1961)

43 years ago - Culture Club lead singer Boy George is born. (1961)

39 years ago - Paul McCartney records "Yesterday." (1965)

39 years ago - Bob Dylan records "Like A Rolling Stone" at Columbia Studio A in New York City. It's Dylan's first electric recording and it will make it up to #2. (1965)

34 years ago - Grand Funk Railroad spends $100,000 for a block long billboard in New York's Times Square to advertise its latest record, "Closer to Home". (1970)

34 years ago - Derek and the Dominoes make their live debut in Britain. (1970)

34 years ago - The Grateful Dead release their "Workingman's Dead" LP. The LP contained the tracks "Casey Jones" and "Uncle John's Band." (1970)

33 years ago - The first Hard Rock Cafe opens in London. (1971)

28 years ago - Six years after their breakup, The Beatles garner yet another gold album with their "Rock & Roll Music" LP. (1976)

25 years ago - Rolling Stone Magazine reports that after 10 years, Little Feat have broken up. In exactly 2 weeks, Little Feat leader/guitarist/singer Lowell George dies of a heart attack. (1979)

23 years ago - Bruce Springsteen headlines a No Nukes concert at The Hollywood Bowl. Among those performing are Jackson Browne, Gary U.S. Bonds, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Steven Stills, Nicolette Larsen and others. (1981)


1. The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your spouse.

2. You let your twelve-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.

3. You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws.

4. You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different

5. Jack Daniels makes your list of "most admired people".

6. You wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.

7. Someone in your family died right after saying: "Hey watch this."

8. You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader.

9. Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.

10. Your junior prom had a daycare.

11. You think the last words of the Star Spangled Banner are "Gentlemen, start your engines."

12. You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off its wheels.

13. The bluebook value of your truck goes up and down, depending on how much gas is in it.

14. You have to go outside to get something from the fridge.

15. One of your kids was born on a pool table.

16. You need one more hole punched in your card to get a freebie at the House of Tattoos.

17. You can't get married to your sweetheart because there's a law against it.

18. You think "loaded dishwasher" means your wife is drunk.

19. Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.

20. Your front porch collapses and kills more than five dogs.

Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin

Well my temperature's rising and my feet are on the floor
Twenty people knocking 'cos they're wanting some more
Let me in baby, I don't know what you've got
But you'd better take it easy, this place is hot

I'm so glad we made it, I'm so glad we made it
You've gotta gimme some lovin' (gimme some lovin')
Gimme some lovin' (gimme gimme some lovin'), gimme some lovin' every day

Well I feel so good, everything is sounding hot
Better take it easy 'cos the place is on fire
Been a hard day and I don't know what to do
Wait a minute baby, it could happen to you

One of the best outdoor shows is coming up Friday, June 18, when America hits Dubuque, Iowa. If you are anywhere close to Diamond Joe's, this is one of the best atmospheres going for seeing a show. Be there or be square.


Message: 33852 Posted: Mon Jun 14 05:35:18 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Fond du Lac

Thanks again, Chuck, for sharing those photos with us. They are really great! I hope I'm not that shy like Adam when I meet them.

Shirley, thank you for sharing those little details with us last night. When you mentioned the green shirt, now I see that Rich's photo is of Gerry, too, like Mo said she thought it was.

I'm glad you all had great time at the show!
Atlantic City, here I come!

Happy Monday to all (my vacation begins)!

Message: 33851 Posted: Mon Jun 14 04:38:22 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Fellow Fond du Lac Fans

Hi Shirley, Joan & Chuck - I enjoyed reading all your comments about the concert at Lakeside Park! In my previous post, I meant to address my comment about how it FELT like a big crowd, to Shirley, as it was her and not Joan that mentioned she was surprised there weren't more people there. (Sorry about getting mixed up on who said what :) Shirley - I agree, the band sure does seem to enjoy what they do - and I also hope that means they'll continue to do this for a long time!

Chuck, I look forward to seeing your pictures on the site sometime! I remember seeing you and your little guy, Adam.

It would have been nice to meet all of you!


Message: 33850 Posted: Sun Jun 13 18:27:42 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Fond du Lac

Thanks for the review Chuck. Re the pics, Erin Edwards says on the site that they are working on a place for fans to post. Keep checking there for an update. I am sure Erin will post something here as well...

Message: 33849 Posted: Sun Jun 13 18:09:26 2004 By: Chuck
Subject: Fond du Lac

I forgot what my old name and password were, so some of you may remember me as paramedicchuck. Anyways, Adam, my 5 year old son and I went to the Fond du Lac show on June 12. It was just 15 miles from our home!

We arrived at the stage about an hour beforehand, and saw Pete setting up the stage. I was surprised to se Rich and Mike and Willie all come out to check their instruments. The band members mingled to the side of the stage, all except for Dewey. I know his wife is from Neenah, WI, about 40 miles from Fond du Lac, so I am sure he had a lot of relatives there.

Adam and I stood at the fence for about 30 minutes. We were then told we couldn't stand there; they had to maintain a pathway for people to walk past. That was a bit odd. I do know they moved the stage at the last minute because of all the flooding, and the stage was not in its usual place. That must have been the reason for the oddity. Anyways, we moved back to the curbline, but were still very near the front of the crowd. Adam wore earplugs because I was afraid it was going to be too loud.

The band started just after 6pm. The view was great, cause it was still daylight and we could see so well. There wasn't any additional lighting for the show at all. We were probably 30 feet away from the stage.

The music sounded great. The acoustics were good, so much better than when I last saw them in Stillwater, MN last year. (I got the feeling the organizers there were trying to get more out of their speakers than they should have, and the sound was pretty distorted) They played the long set, including some I haven't seen them perform before. They played The Last Unicorn, which was a new one for me. They also played a song they sais was number 1 in Italy but didn't do so well in the US. They also played two songs in the encore, and I had only see them do Horse the ptrevious 3 times I saw them.

I thought the band had fun. They seemed jovial to me, which really made the concert enjoyable. Gerry kept joking about T shirt sales. I caught the first pick he threw into the crowd, which was cool. We just missed the T shirt he threw-- that really would have been perfect. After the show we hing around near the stage to try to get a play list or pick or drum sticks, but we lucked out.

I noticed the band members were hanging around outside of their "backstage" area, which was just a camper. We walked over there and stood at the yellow tape line. Gerry was greeting people and signing autographs, and I was hoping he would work our way. I had purchased the Cayman Island CD earlier in the evening and was hoping to get an autograph.

A security lady said it was OK to cross the line. Adam was in awe. I wish you knew how he feels about America. He's always asking about Dewey and Gerry. He was a little stunned we were so close to Gerry.

Gerry finally turned towards us and I asked for his autograph. He signed my CD. I introduced him to Adam, and he was so cool towards him. He gave him 5, and asked if he could have his picture taken with him! Adam is so shy, and he wouldn't do it, so Gerry asked Adam if he would be in a picture with him and me..all three of us. Adam buried his head in my chest, but we had a couple of pictures taken. Gerry was so genuine, so cool. I thought it was so cool the way he went out of his way to greet Adam. I will never forget that!

After meeting Gerry, we saw Woodsy nearby signing some autographs. He signed the CD, also. He asked Adam how old he was, and asked him for 5. He was genuine also. It was just a really neat experience.

I have about 15 pictures I took that would be worthy of the website. Unfortunately, I e-mailed the webmaster and he said he doesn't do it anymore. Is there any sort of venue for me to post these? Maybe a yahoo group or the like? Please let me know!

If you can't tell, I had a great time. I am not sure I will be able to top the performance and extra curriculars we had Saturday night. What a thrill.


Message: 33848 Posted: Sun Jun 13 17:24:07 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Buffalo Bisons, Beckley, & Bunnell

A little PR blurb on the Buffalo Bisons site:

Message: 33847 Posted: Sun Jun 13 17:07:29 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Steve L. - I'm glad to hear about all the happy things you have going on right now; thanks for keeping in touch with us! Enjoy all the excitement! Karen

Message: 33846 Posted: Sun Jun 13 16:54:20 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Fond du Lac

It was a perfect summer day, and I had one of those moments when life just seems so good. I was tossing the football around with my almost-8-year-old son Kyle, under the large shade trees in the park on a sunny day, with sailboats in the background on Lake Winnebago - and waiting for the America show. At that moment, the world just seemed perfect!

First of all, a big thank you goes to Linda for giving the Dewey guitar pick she scored to my son Kyle after the show! She had worked so hard to get it, too - had to reach through the fence to get it, so THANK YOU, Linda!

A major highlight of the day for me and Kyle was meeting Michael Woods. I'd never got to meet him before, and he was so very nice to us. WoodZ had the biggest smile for us and seemed genuinely glad to talk with us. He took the time to discuss guitars with Kyle and after the show let Kyle have one of his guitar picks. I can't wait to develop the picture of Kyle with him - with those smiles, that's going to be a picture to cheer up the gloomiest days!

Thank you, also to dear Willie, for also taking the time to pose with Kyle for a picture - it meant a lot to him. Also got to say hi to Erin finally - she was at the t-shirt table, working hard as usual, so we didn't want to bother her too much. How does she do it all?!? Pete and Rich were also approachable, and had a friendly word or two. I missed catching Gerry and Dewey because I didn't realize they were taking time to greet fans after the show! Linda, Kyle and I almost got to Gerry but then he was whisked away when a golf cart came to pick him up. (The whole gang, I think, was dropped off and picked up by golf carts - were they golf carts, Linda? That must have been kinda fun for them!) I'll have to try to meet Jeff Worrell one of these days, too. Glad to hear he got to take time out of his busy day and "drop a hook", as Gerry put it, at Walleye Weekend.

Hi Joan - it sure FELT like there was a big crowd for the show from where Linda, Kyle and I were! :) We had camped out there since noon to ensure we'd have the front and center spot. Linda even talked with security to find out where we could be. We wanted to be closer, but security was going to allow a walk way between the fans and the fence in front of the stage for passers-by to use and said no one could stand there - they would keep people moving. So we sat as close as they allowed, only to have up to 2-3 rows of people at one time or another stand in front of us. :( I felt like a sardine. Anyway, those fans that were there all wanted to be as close as possible, and it was quite an enthusiastic bunch! Hope to meet you one of these days, Joan!

Had a two-hour drive home, and Kyle was asleep in the car underneath his Green Bay Packer hat, with his "First Act" guitar in his lap. Took a picture of that to add to our memories of a fun day.

Message: 33845 Posted: Sun Jun 13 13:51:04 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Fon Du Lac

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Fon Du Lac, WI.

Message: 33844 Posted: Sun Jun 13 12:56:57 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Hi Steve:

I was away for the weekend, but wanted to post my congratulations on the new baby and the wedding!

Message: 33843 Posted: Sun Jun 13 12:53:42 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: e-mail from people on the message board

Thanks for your response! Kade

Message: 33842 Posted: Sun Jun 13 12:25:13 2004 By: Joan
Subject: Fond du Lac, WI Concert

It is the day after the Fond du Lac, WI concert and I am still in heaven. The weather held out after all of the flooding and it actually was a very pleasant 80 degrees and sunny! The guys played the long set, which we were extemely happy about, but unfortunately they didn't play "All My Life". They did an excellent job like always. After five concerts I finally had the opportunity many of you have had of actually meeting Gerry and Dewey and getting their autographs--that is why I am still in heaven! I couldn't speak though and all I could say was "I finally got one!." I guess I was in shock at finally meeting them. The wait was worth it. Dewey was in a hurry though and I hope he wasn't upset that I made him stop to get an autograph--I just never got the opportunity before and I jumped at it. Sorry! Well anyway I can't wait until the next Wisconsin concert--I will be there!

Message: 33841 Posted: Sun Jun 13 11:54:33 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Small Town

<<You know what 4-H is>>

This small town America fan defines "4-H" as: Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, and Hearts.

Message: 33840 Posted: Sun Jun 13 10:46:05 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: e-mail from people on the message board

I have the email address and I did not send anything to you. You should just delete it and not try to open the attachment.

Message: 33839 Posted: Sun Jun 13 10:41:09 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Steve, congratulations on your new granddaughter! She sure is a cutie! I'm sure it's great to have Scott back at home, and I hope Derek's wedding went well. You sure have a lot to be thankful for!

Message: 33838 Posted: Sun Jun 13 10:03:42 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: The Colder The X-ray Table....

Three true tales from the local x-ray table:

1) Q: How did you manage to get three of your toes cut off of your right foot? A: I wanted to know if the mower blade was actually spinning so I stuck my foot underneath the mower.

2) Q: Why did you stab your mother's boyfriend in the head with a kitchen knife? A: We were arguing over a Subway sandwich.

3) Conversation between two medical personnel. Q: How did he try explaining getting that lodged up his rectum? A: He said he doesn't know how it happened.

Message: 33837 Posted: Sun Jun 13 07:18:05 2004 By: red oak
Subject: History & Small Towns

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 13, 2004

55 years ago Dr. Hook, whose real name is Dennis Locorriere, is born today. (1949)

46 years ago Frank Zappa graduates from Antelope Valley High in Lancaster, Ca. (1958)

40 years ago The Rolling Stones make a television appearance on "Hollywood Palace," a show hosted by Dean Martin. Deano made some jokes at the Stones' expense -- after a trampolinist's act, Dean quipped, "that's the father of The Rolling Stones; he's been trying to kill himself ever since." (1964)

34 years ago With their "Let It Be" album at #1, the Beatles have their last #1 U.S. single with "The Long and Winding Road". (1970)

34 years ago Christine McVie releases a solo album and then announces her retirment from music. Of course, she didn't stay retired, Within the year she joined her husband John in Fleetwood Mac. (1970)

24 years ago Pat Benatar opens a home game for the Philadelphia Phillies by playing a brief set and dancing with the Philly Phanatic. (1980)

15 years ago Jerry Lee Lewis gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (1989)

Small Towns

Those of us who grew up in a small town will laugh
when we read this. Those of you who didn't will be in disbelief... but trust me every one of these are true.

1) You can name everyone you graduated with.
2) You know what 4-H is
3) You went to parties at a pasture, barn, gravel pit, or in the middle of a dirt road. On Monday you could always tell who was at the party because of the scratches on their legs from running through the woods when the party was busted, see #6.
4) You used to "drag" main.
5) You said the "F" word and your parents knew within the hour.
6) You scheduled parties around the schedule of different police officers, since you know which ones would bust you and which
ones wouldn't.
7) You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough they'd tell your parents anyhow).
8) When you did find somebody old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out into the country and drive
on back roads to smoke them.
9) You knew which section of the ditch to find the beer your buyer dropped off.
10) It was cool to date somebody from the neighboring town.
11) The whole school went to the same party after graduation
12) You don't give directions by street names or directions by references. Turn by Nelson's house, go 2 blocks east to Anderson's, and it's four houses left of the track field.
13) The golf course had only 9 holes.
14) You can't help but date a friend's ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
15) Your car stays filthy because of the dirt roads and you will never own a dark vehicle for this reason.
16) The town next to you is considered "trashy" or "snooty", but is actually just like your town.
17) You refer anyone with a house newer then 1980 as the "rich people"
18) The people in the "big city" dress funny then you pick up the trend 2 years later.
19) Anyone you want can be found at the local gas station or the town pub.
20) You see at least one friend a week driving a tractor through town or one of your friends drives a grain truck to school
21) The gym teacher suggest you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.
22) Directions are given using THE stop light as a reference
23) You decide to walk somewhere for exercise and 5 people pull over and ask you if you want a ride somewhere.
24) Your teachers call you by your older sibling's names.
25) Your teachers remember when they taught your parents.
26) You can charge at all the local stores or write checks without any ID.
27) The closest McDonalds is 45 miles away (or more).
28) The closest mall is over an hour away.
29) It is normal to see an old man riding through town on a riding lawn mower.
30) You've peed in a cornfield.
31) Most people go by a nickname.
32) You laugh your butt off reading this because you know it is all true and you forward it to everyone who lives in your town (because you know them all!)

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Cover Of The Rolling Stone

Well, we're big rock singers
We got golden fingers
And we're loved everywhere we go..... (that sounds like us)
We sing about beauty and we sing about truth
At ten-thousand dollars a show..... (right)
We take all kinds of pills that give us all kind of thrills
But the thrill we've never known
Is the thrill that'll gitcha when you get your picture
On the cover of the rollin stone.


Message: 33836 Posted: Sun Jun 13 06:06:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Dating Service

Bonesy, I don't know if J.Lo. ever called you after the Benifer thing didn't work out. But since she just got married, I figured it must not have worked out between you guys. As a consolation, I thought you might want to know that the Olsen twins turn 18 today. Good luck, man.

Message: 33835 Posted: Sun Jun 13 04:51:03 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: re: Baby Announcement

What A cute little baby!

Message: 33834 Posted: Sat Jun 12 19:26:05 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: Baby Announcement

Congratulations, Grandpa Steve! Little Abi is adorable. You must be sooo proud!

Message: 33833 Posted: Sat Jun 12 18:19:46 2004 By: Shirley
Subject: Lakeside Park concert

Just got back from the concert and it was great, as always. I was surprised there weren't more people there. A free America concert - it doesn't get any better than that. I'm just thinking that it's amazing that the guys still look like they're having so much fun. They do the same songs (basically) night after night and they still smile and look like they really enjoy what they're doing. I hope that means they'll be doing it for a while yet. Rich Campbell had a smile on his face the whole time. Anyway, it was great.

Message: 33832 Posted: Sat Jun 12 17:50:34 2004 By: Kade
Subject: e-mail from people on the message board

Hi guys! I recieved two seperate e-mails with attachments(no,I haven't opened them). One was from jimnak and the other from americafann. I wanted to double check if it was really from them. I'm guessing there not , since we usually tell eachother before sending attachments. Also, if their not from them, I wanted everyone to be aware of the mail going around. Thanks...Kade

Message: 33831 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:59:42 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: late info

Well then, a HUGE HaPpY BiRtHdAy to the super-nice Mr. David Dickey!!! I hope it's been a good one thus far, Dave!

By the way Maggie, I figured the America ticket sales at the funeral home had something to do with the proximity of the home to the auditorium and that it involved convenience in some manner. It has to be THE coolest place (in more ways than one, hee-hee) that America tickets have ever been sold. And yes, it indeed was a kickin' concert.

The Sweetwater residents that I met last August/September remind me a lot of the folks in my home town. They're really down-to-earth and very friendly people. That's one of the great things I love about living in a small community (30,000 people here). Living in a small town definitely has its advantages.

Maggie ~ As a side note, Dale Harris, the former Houston Rockets basketball coach, had a son who attended the same small New Mexico university that I did. His son played on the basketball team but he wasn't really very good. I think his playing time had a lot to do with whose son he was. I remember seeing Dale Harris at one of the university games. As he walked past my seat, I remember him smiling and saying hello.

Message: 33830 Posted: Sat Jun 12 16:38:16 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: late info

well I love you anyway meza! Glad to hear you are a Laker fan too, even if you DO bet against them....

Happy birthday to your dh! I am sure he loves his "hacky sack". From what I can tell he is still in good enough form to actually PLAY hacky-sack! Check your email

Message: 33829 Posted: Sat Jun 12 14:15:20 2004 By: mezamisses
Subject: late info

hey kids...just got back from vegas baby. was looking thru the posts and noticed johnny's comment about weird places to buy America tickets. well, i can tell ya why they were on sale at Cate, Spencer and Trent funeral home. It was the only place close to the theater that had "credit card capabilities" on the weekend. I can assure you, America was alive and kicking at that concert.

By the way Robyn, while in vegas i visited my first sports book. My 80 year old mother put $20 on the Lakers and I put $20 on the Pistons, just to be disobedient. Sorry to say I won. I'm really pulling for LA, if only on the off chance Karl Malone might finally retire. Forever a Rockets fan...

Also by the is my dh's birthday! I took him to Papa Giorgio's pizza to eat and play games. I won enough tickets to buy him a really nice "hacky-sack" ball. Not sure, but I think he would've rather had a nice Les Paul...Have a great summer ya'll!!!

Message: 33828 Posted: Sat Jun 12 13:03:07 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Sepia

P.S. I just checked the web site and on the Early Adopter Indie web page I found the following:

These are the newest and coolest products our customers of Indie are buying. This list, updated daily, is based entirely on purchase patterns.

Sepia is #11

Message: 33827 Posted: Sat Jun 12 13:00:26 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Sepia

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Mother and daughter are doing very well.

I just got back from the wedding and a luncheon and in my mailbox was my copy of Jeff Larson's Sepia. I'm listening to it as I type this message and what an awesome CD it is. I know it's available at Amazon, CDBaby, Tower Online, Not Lame Music, and Apple ITunes. Jeff's version of Gerry's "Cryin'" is a great song but so is the rest of the CD. It's one of those albums that the more you listen the more you like. I'm interested to hear what others who bought it think about it.

Message: 33826 Posted: Sat Jun 12 11:05:59 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

WOW! Congrats all the way around!

Message: 33825 Posted: Sat Jun 12 09:15:22 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "The Lost Evidence"

I was able to watch "The Lost Evidence" that I had recorded this past week for viewing this weekend. Those soldiers were indeed very courageous souls.

Regarding Gerry's dad, it was interesting to hear what he had to say about his role in the invasion.

On perhaps an America-related note, I have often wondered if the following lyrics from "Sergeant Darkness" was about Gerry's father:

Once a miser, twice a son

(Perhaps not too different than my father who's still a miser, but thrice a son)

Message: 33824 Posted: Sat Jun 12 08:54:49 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: rare, mysterious album (I think) [For Bruno]

Ciao Bruno ~ In the past, I think I may have seen the "mysterious" album you mentioned. If it's the same one I'm thinking of, the front cover (I seem to recall) has the colors: light brown, light blue, and light green or something similar. I also seem to recall that it has no photo on the front nor on the back of the cover.

Does this sound close to the album that you have?

Message: 33823 Posted: Sat Jun 12 08:52:52 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Hi Everyone :)

Hi Steve ~ Thanks sooo much for Sharing your Happy News with us. Ahhhhhh Little Abi is one Precious Bundle of Joy! Congrats to Mom & Dad & Grandpa & Grandma!!! Geeze you sure have covered the bases for a Day filled with Memory Keepsakes ~ Best wishes Scott on his wedding day, soooo great to hear Derek is home from his Mission! I bet you all are Smiling Ear to Ear Smiles! ~~ Nice for sure! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!!

Thanks Gerry for the Inviting Pic from Pittsburgh Pa... I do hope you did get to see the Skyline View that Mo described. The Big Clouds sure did shower the raindrops on us yesterday... and the temps never got out of the 50's. I hope it wasn't quite this bad there in Pittsburgh, I wasn't able to be there, but you can betcha in my thoughts and dreams I wanted to be there taking in some Nice AMERICA Heaven. If anyone out there reading this went to last nights show, I would love to hear all about it! ~~ Hey Rich ~~ Did you get a glimpse of any Fireflies... the other night there was a firefly in my living room, only when I turned out the lights did I realize it was in there... it brought a smile and a thought of your firefly post on your site to me. Too Much! :)

Hi Am Girl ~~ Thanks for sharing this info with us about Joe's site! I will get signed up soon! ~~ Wow your show isn't that far away... Lucky you getting to see them again! :)

Hi KarenL ~~ Nope I didn't make it to the show last night ~~ Bummer for sure! I still am hoping for them to come to Johnstown, Pa for a show at the War Memorial Arena soon! :)

Welcome Shirley ~~ Yes "Crying In My Sleep" is one very touching song, I am sure that Gerry & Dewey loved getting the opportunity to work with Jimmy Webb, he has written some pretty magical songs!

Thanks Linda for sharing your show from Wis. with us, Wow you are getting to take in a nice Double Dip of AMERICA Magic for sure.. I will look forward to hearing about tonights show there in Fond Du Lac, Enjoy it an extra measure for me... :)

Gotta get now ~ Enjoy your weekend all! See ya, Nancy :)

For some reason Stevie Wonder's song keeps coming to my mind ~~~ Sooo here goes my off the tip of my fingertips lyrics to this ~~~ Isn't she lovely, Isn't she Precious, hmmm I can kinda hear the song in my head, but the lyrics just aren't coming to me now... anyway a Nice song to comment Steve L's Precious Grandaughter! :) :) :)

Message: 33822 Posted: Sat Jun 12 07:57:49 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Steve she is BEAUTIFUL. Emotional me she brought tears of joy to MY eyes. Congrats for all the wonderful things that are happening.

Message: 33821 Posted: Sat Jun 12 07:44:11 2004 By: AmericanGirl
Subject: South Bend & Congrats & New E-News

The South Bend show is only a week away! WOW! I can't wait!!! The long term forecast says sunshine - c'mon, sun!!!

Steve, congratulations on your new granddaughter Abigail! That's wonderful news! :)

Info regarding the Super Groovy 70's radio show hosted by fellow America fan Joe B: if you visit the fans' website, you can sign up for the brand new quarterly e-newsletter. That way you can find out about the show happenings and get an e-mail whenever a new affiliate is added - maybe the next radio station to carry the show will be yours!

If you're interested, sign up :)

The fans' website URL is

Message: 33820 Posted: Sat Jun 12 07:17:55 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Hi Steve! Congratulations!!! Enjoy them all!!!Kade

Message: 33819 Posted: Sat Jun 12 07:07:51 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Good for you....

You lucky guy... bless your heart.

Message: 33818 Posted: Sat Jun 12 06:04:08 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

Wow, Steve, what a crazy, busy, exciting few days you're having. Congrats on all accounts to you and your family.

Life really IS good.

Message: 33817 Posted: Sat Jun 12 05:55:51 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Very Off Topic - Baby Announcement

I apologize for posting this here, but many of you asked me to let you know when my third grandchild was born and this is the easiest way to pass along the information. Abigail (Abi) Hall made her debut yesterday (Friday), June 11, at 1:29 pm. I know she weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and I think she was 19 1/2 inches long (but I'm not positive about that - hey, I'm just the grandpa). Abi had to be warmed up a little after she was born because she was rather pale but it didn't take her long to get that beautiful pink color. Click here to see a photo that I took of her just a few minutes after she was born.

As if that weren't enough excitement in my life, my second son, Scott, came home from a 2 year church mission in the Philippines Thursday night and my first son, Derek, is getting married this morning in about 2 1/2 hours. Wish me luck!

Message: 33816 Posted: Sat Jun 12 02:00:04 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: Green Bay concert

Hi Linda! Nope - we did not hear Nowhere Man at Potawatomi. I can't wait to hear it, though! Hopefully Fond du Lac will dry out enough for today's plans to go through. If so, I'll see you there! Nancy H. and anyone else that might have went - I hope you had a nice time at the Pittsburgh concert!!


Message: 33815 Posted: Fri Jun 11 19:45:20 2004 By: Linda
Subject: Green Bay concert

Last night's concert in Green Bay was so much fun! I think the weather and the fact that the concert didn't start until 10pm kept the crowd rather small. I suppose the guys would prefer to see a huge crowd, but for once, I loved the fact that we all had room to sit, stand, or even dance. I recently reconnected with friends from 30 years ago, and talked them into going with me to the show. They thought I'm a little crazy with wanting to get to every America concert that's possible, but they now understand. And getting there hours early to get a seat up front was a mystery to them - that soon changed when the girls found that it's not only nice to hear the guys sing, but to SEE them! I know most of you will understand. We actually wouldn't have had to be the first ones there at 6:00 to get good seats, but you just never know that ahead of time. Okay, on to the concert.....we were told we'd get the long set, which of course was wonderful news. Unfortunately, that didn't include "All My Life", but no complaints from me - the guys put on one wonderful show. They did a great job with Nowhere Man. To my Potawatomi buds...did we hear that one before? I can't remember. The guys looked like they were having a good time up on stage, and the crowd loved them.

Do any of you use a digital camera at concerts? I'm pretty bummed that very few of my 70 pictures turned out. Most are so blurry, and I have to wonder if that was due to my using the zoom while being pretty close to the stage. Anyone have any idea? I suppose I better use my 35mm camera next time to play it safe. (Or maybe if I'd be willing to wear my glasses, I could have actually seen that they weren't coming out well.)

I am sure we don't all see eye-to-eye politically, but I for one am emotionally drained after watching every moment of the President Reagan coverage. I am SO ready for the concert in Fond du Lac tomorrow, however, it may be canceled. Tonight's Walleye Weekend festivities was canceled due to flooding, and they're hoping the rain will ease up so it won't be canceled tomorrow. Call me greedy, but I will be very disappointed if the concert is canceled!

One more thing....I can't remember, where are we posting concert pictures?

Message: 33814 Posted: Fri Jun 11 18:05:34 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Why, Andy?

>>You look at the tree and you lose the forest'*. <<

There is a similar expression here "Can't see the forrest for all the trees."
You are a wise person Danae. I know you will come thru ok.

Message: 33813 Posted: Fri Jun 11 17:29:45 2004 By: Shirley
Subject: Crying in My Sleep

Just browsing through some of the sound clips. I'm sure all of you have listened to all of them but I hadn't. "Crying in My Sleep" is a really beautiful song. Jimmy Webb wrote some great songs.

Message: 33812 Posted: Fri Jun 11 17:02:08 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Good night

I can't remember the story exactly but someone (maybe Nancy Reagan?) criticized the Beach Boys who were to perform at a July 4th Washington DC event and it was President Reagan who stood up for them as icons of America (the country, of course) and they were 're-invited' to perform as originally planned.

And, remember his hilarious satiric reply to one of the US governors when he said, "I knew Thomas Jefferson and, Governor, you're no Thomas Jefferson"?

Message: 33811 Posted: Fri Jun 11 15:46:32 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Why, Andy?

I have fallen into depression. lol
As I see Andy looking at me from the wall behind his dark sunglasses, I feel like he tells me: "You are very strict with me. 'You look at the tree and you lose the forest'*. Don't judge me by my preferences, but my whole personality'.
Oh, yeah. You are very right. I was unfair with him. Andy was a great artist, a great personality. And he had an A preference. He was a human.
I don't want you to think I have something against homosexual men or women. These people are most times sweet, sensitive and great friends.

Well, it hurt me anyway. He could have other weeknesses. Did it have to be this? You know how much I love Andy...

*Greek proverb that means that you care only for the details and you lose the essence.

Message: 33810 Posted: Fri Jun 11 14:57:34 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Pittsburgh

I try to avoid being a whiner but there are always exceptions to every rule. Gerry, I so love your VFTHW pictures and I know they are what they are but I was SO SO SO hoping for a view of the Burgh skyline since it is such a striking one. Surely they should give a hottie celebrity like you a penthouse skyline view from Station Square. What the heck? You need to be more of a Prima Donna (or is it Diva these days?) and stomp your feet every now and then, man. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as the view of the Pittsburgh skyline as you approach from the west (where the airport is), emerge from the Liberty Tubes and all of a sudden there it is--all glass and steel and RIVERS!! I hope they have the fountain on for "y'ans." You might need an interpreter dahwn 'ere (down there), the accents and dialects can get kinda thick an' nat (and that). Hey, you can take the girl out of Pittsburgh but you can't take the Pittsburgh out of the girl. Wish I was there.
Don't forget to get a sandwich at Primanti's in the Strip--it's open late. You have to go to the Strip--it's the original location and the best.

Lonely Person,

Message: 33809 Posted: Fri Jun 11 10:47:21 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: Good night

Godspeed and Peace

Message: 33808 Posted: Fri Jun 11 10:08:10 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Pittsburgh

Thanks Gerry for the view, it appears there may be a party in the courtyard tonight? Hope they upgrade you to room with a view at the next city.


Message: 33807 Posted: Fri Jun 11 10:04:03 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: B'days, History & the Bakery

Loved the bakery one. You are one funny guy!

Message: 33806 Posted: Fri Jun 11 10:00:34 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: re: VFTHW

Much better view than Green Bay. Enjoy the concert tonight, guys!

Message: 33805 Posted: Fri Jun 11 10:00:14 2004 By: Vic
Subject: Good night

Good night, President Reagan and thank you.

Message: 33804 Posted: Fri Jun 11 09:36:20 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Pittsburgh

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Pittsburgh, PA.

Message: 33803 Posted: Fri Jun 11 09:12:07 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Pistons/Lakers

hmmm maybe when they return to LA we could direct the Pistons Team bus to the Four-level interchange on the Hollywood Freeway. They won't ever get to the Stapeles Center!

Message: 33802 Posted: Fri Jun 11 08:43:53 2004 By: bruno
Subject: rare, mysterious album (I think)

Steve too thanks for publication of Italian article. For someone numerous Italian articles Alessanda Valente is to work for translation in English (Alessandra is in the "America Guest Book", number 970).
Steve photos that I sent you are all of the concert of Naples of March 12.
With very great luck I finded album of America, Italian edition of year of 1991. This album is not in list of album of America that you, Steve, have in "America Fans". This album contains no new material, title is "The Very Best", produced by Warner Music Italia; I think that this album is rare (Or not????). This allbum is different from album "The Very Best" of year 1990; different is the cover, different are the songs of album.
in the next future I send you, Steve, photo of this "mysterious" album.
Hi ciao to Steve, Johnny Yee, Nancy, Genevieve, Danae and all dear friends of America
Ciao bruno

Message: 33801 Posted: Fri Jun 11 08:31:20 2004 By: bruno
Subject: thaks

thanks Steve por publication of Italian article.

Message: 33800 Posted: Fri Jun 11 07:45:09 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & the Bakery

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 11, 2004

55 years ago ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard was born. (1949)

46 years ago Jerry Lee Lewis performed one of two scheduled shows at a New York City club. He went home before the second show because the press had been openly hostile towards him and the ticket sales had been poor. (1958)

39 years ago It's announced that The Beatles will receive MBE awards from Queen Elizabeth in October. This sparks controversy and some previous winners turn their medals in. John Lennon returns his in 1969 protesting Britain's support of the U.S.'s involvement in Vietnam. (1965)

39 years ago The Rolling Stones release the live album, "Got Live If You Want It." The screams from the audience nearly drowned out the music. (1965)

38 years ago European radio stations report that The Who's lead singer Roger Daltrey is dead. In actuality, it was guitarist Pete Townshend who was only injured in a car accident a few days earlier. (1966)

28 years ago Santana's ninth album, "Amigos", goes gold. (1976)

28 years ago Wild Cherry's single "Play That Funky Music" is released. (1976)

26 years ago Rolling Stone Records releases the groups' latest album, "Some Girls." Once again controversy comes upon them because of their lyrics...Could they have been talking about lyrics such as " girls just like to **** all night"? (1978)

B'days over the weekend:

6/12/51 - Brad Delp (Boston)
6/12/53 - Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick)

6/13/49 - Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook & the Medicine Show)
6/13/46 - Danny Klein (J Geils Band)

Subject: The Bakery

A bakery owner hires a young female clerk who likes to wear
very short skirts and thong underwear. One day a young man
comes into the store, glances at the clerk and glances at the
loaves of bread behind the counter. Noticing the length of
her skirt (or lack thereof) and the location of the raisin bread --
on the very top shelf - he politely says to the young woman,
"I'd like some raisin bread, please."

She climbs up a ladder to reach the raisin bread, providing
the young man with an excellent view, just as he surmised
she would.

When she comes down the ladder, he says he really should
get two loaves as he is having company for dinner.

As the clerk retrieves the second loaf of bread, one of the other
male customers notices what is going on. Thinking quickly,
he orders a loaf of raisin bread so he can continue to enjoy the

With each trip up the ladder, the young lady seems to catch
the eye of another male customer. Pretty soon, each male
customer is asking for raisin bread just to watch the young
woman climb up and down.

After many trips, she is tired, irritated and thinking she is
really going to have to try the raisin bread herself.

Once again she is up the ladder retrieving a loaf of raisin bread
for another male customer. She stops and fumes, glaring at the
men below. She notices an elderly man standing among the
crowd of males looking up at her who hasn't placed an order yet.
Thinking to save herself another trip up and down the ladder,
she yells at the elderly man, "Is yours raisin, too?"

"No", croaked the old man, "but it's a quiverin."

Smokin - Boston

We're gonna play you a song, a little bit of rock-n-roll
You gotta let yourself go, the band's gonna take control.
We're gettin down today
We'll pick you up and take you away
Get down tonight.

Smokin, Smokin
We're cookin tonight, just keep on tokin
Smokin, Smokin
I feel alright, mama I'm not jokin, yeah.

Oh yeah, have a great weekend all..............

Message: 33799 Posted: Fri Jun 11 07:31:38 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: What's In Your Player?

Warren Zevon "I'll sleep when I'm dead 2"

Message: 33798 Posted: Fri Jun 11 07:15:38 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: What's In Your Player?


Message: 33797 Posted: Fri Jun 11 06:46:48 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Pistons/Lakers

I am neither a Pistons nor a Lakers fan (nor even a pro-basketball fan) but I heard a story from Jeff about that which I found very funny. Jeff was at that French restaurant, Le Hooters, watching the game on the TV--well that's what he said he was watching. When he came home, he was majorly psyched that the Pistons had won. He said supposedly a bunch of Pistons fans were in the parking garage and on the streets surrounding the Lakers' hotel making all kinds of noise the night before the game so as to keep them from getting any rest. Now that's not very nice but it is absolutely hilarious. Those are some real fans!!

Message: 33796 Posted: Fri Jun 11 06:23:31 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

XM radio,as I do every morning. First off,"Mike & Mike" on ESPN radio--nice to hear them talk about our Michigan team the Pistons pounding on the Lakers! Also,The "70's on 7". Just heard Gerry Rafferty's 1979 single "Days Gone Down."--a Nice Rarity for sure. Also heard in the last half hour: Chic/Dance,Dance,Dance;Dan Fogelberg/Longer;Marshall Tucker Band/Heard it in a Love song and GQ/Disco Nights

Message: 33795 Posted: Fri Jun 11 05:52:58 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Forgot to say Rich Campbell is on this album, and Rich and Jeff Worrell mixed it.

Message: 33794 Posted: Fri Jun 11 05:51:05 2004 By: Julie
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

"The Best of Chicago"; 26 days till I see them live with Earth Wind and Fire.

Message: 33793 Posted: Fri Jun 11 05:48:33 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Friday AM Jam

Chuck Negron Live in Concert.

Message: 33792 Posted: Fri Jun 11 04:54:37 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday AM Jam

The Very Best Of The Eagles

What's in your player?

Message: 33791 Posted: Fri Jun 11 04:14:11 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: It's Friday

Good Morning! It's the LAST day of school for me.

Those going to the Pittsburgh show tonight, have a blast! I'm sure it will be the best!

Gerry, "good" view! (haha)

Chris, sorry about your pet. I had to put down my cat Clyde a couple of years ago and it was tough.

16 days till Atlantic City, Anita!

Have a great Friday, everyone.

Message: 33790 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:56:06 2004 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Emma

Wow!, excellent job, sounds GREAT!!
I allways wanted to hear this one in concert, Jeff Foskett also does a nice version of this tune!
There is also an old Finnish tune called "Emma", I allways thought it was a Finnish name.
We used to have a cat named Emma when I was a kid. (speaking of pets, I'm sorry to hear about yours Chris)
I can't wait to get my CD Joe! (With & without bass)

Take Care everyone!
EDDY (The Finnish Bear)

Message: 33789 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:53:50 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "The Colder The X-ray Table...."

<<The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required to be on it.>>

Occasionally, young children will be brought to the department to have their abdomen x-rayed to see if they have swallowed a coin as their parent(s) may suspect.

If the first x-ray determines that a coin has indeed been swallowed, the child may be brought back a few days later to be x-rayed again to see if the coin has passed. If it hasn't, I like to say, "There's been no 'change' yet." : )

(Ciao Bruno & Family!)

Message: 33788 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:41:30 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Andy Warhol

to quote you Kevin "who gives a rat's ass"
Danae was upset about it If he was he was.

Message: 33787 Posted: Thu Jun 10 20:24:07 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Italian Article

Bruno Mautone sent me a bunch of news articles and a few photos and a ticket stub from the recent Italy tour. He sent me the translation for one of the articles which I have scanned in and posted on the Chat Folder. Click the following links to see the Italian article and the English translation. Thanks Bruno!

Message: 33786 Posted: Thu Jun 10 19:57:15 2004 By: KevinS.
Subject: Andy Warhol

"Andy was, by many accounts a good friend, a sharp wit and a supporter of other artists."

And he was gay.

Hope this helps.


Message: 33785 Posted: Thu Jun 10 19:16:21 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Green Bay

Gerry...could you BE any funnier?

Luv it!

Cindy F.T.S.

Message: 33784 Posted: Thu Jun 10 19:15:02 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Question


Message: 33783 Posted: Thu Jun 10 19:03:22 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Question

Robyn I applaud your excellently stated answer to Danae.

Message: 33782 Posted: Thu Jun 10 18:57:49 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Question

"Most people tend to think so. However, he was often perceived as asexual. He definitely had boyfriends, but whether or not he actually had sex with them is difficult to say."

In the end, Danae, his sexual orientation is not as important as his contribution to the art world and pop culture. When we find out something about our heroes that disturbs or disappoints us, it is important to remember that they are human,and as such are not perfect. Andy was, by many accounts a good friend, a sharp wit and a supporter of other artists. his image was intended to shock people so maybe they are right about the "boyfriends" being part of the act. in any case embrace his work, he obviously has influenced you in your art and that is a good thing.

Message: 33781 Posted: Thu Jun 10 18:28:47 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Evidence of Progress

I consider these quotes from two recent but separate conversations with my 14 year-old daughter to be evidence of progress toward raising a somewhat reasonable person:
While listening to a Police CD in the car with me she said, "Sting gets better looking as he gets older." A) Shows good taste in men--an important social skill. B) Shows she knows that Sting was part of The Police--an important rock history lesson. C) Shows she knows what he looked like when he was young--evidence of awareness outside her own youth culture.
After seeing Gerry's iTunes Celebrity Playlist she said, "He has good taste. Could you burn me a copy?" Need I say more?

To give credit where credit is due for Molly and Riley as well: During a recent "Rock Pop Quiz" in the van, I asked what do The Beatles, America, and The Police have in common? Riley's (8 year old) answer: George Walton. (Not bad considering Jeff has worked for Wal-Mart for 10 years. A little mix up of familial icons...but very close.) The next question was, "What else can you tell me about The Police?" Molly's (age 10) answer, "Sting was the lead singer and the bass player. A bass player is not usually the lead singer." Good girl, Moll.
Oh yeah, and in tonight's little league game--Moll plays on the boy's team--she made an unassisted double play. That's my girl. Am I wearing my heart on my sleeve? Sorry.

Life is good.

Message: 33780 Posted: Thu Jun 10 17:19:43 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: More valium, please

Robyn said, "I found that blasting music as loud as possible helped me a lot." Totally right. And playing air guitar right along with is very stress busting as well. Best outfit for this--blue oxford shirt, white briefs, and white socks...oops wrong daydream...that was Tom Cruise...sorry.

I'm sorry to hear about your bird Christine. I hope you're doing okay.


Message: 33779 Posted: Thu Jun 10 17:08:24 2004 By: Cathy Rink
Subject: Re: More Valium, Please

Hi Chris, so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet bird and of your friend's problems. It's so hard to lose a pet because they are a part of your family. We lost our cat of seventeen years right before this past Halloween and it was so difficult. He had a nice long life. Our dog missed him too. After the quarantine period is over it would be nice to get a new friend for Max. I always retreat to my music in difficult times too. We were very fortunate to get a new kitten a couple of months ago and she is quite the character and is a great companion for our dog. We love her so much!! Take care~~Cathy

Message: 33778 Posted: Thu Jun 10 16:55:10 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Green Bay

<<This either looks like jail, or....>>

I could live in the walls of a prison
Where the warm summer winds would never blow
Then again think of what I'd be missing
And how some do it I'll never know, I'll never know

Message: 33777 Posted: Thu Jun 10 16:17:33 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Question

Mom told me that Andy (Andy Warhol of course) was homosexual.
Tell me he wasn't, just tell me he wasn't!!!!!!
Pity me, my world's breaking down now!

Message: 33776 Posted: Thu Jun 10 15:01:48 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Ray Charles

Rest in Peace, Brother Ray.

Message: 33775 Posted: Thu Jun 10 12:54:32 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Green Bay

This either looks like jail, or there are some really bad bugs in Green Bay (maybe those screens would help with the cicadas here).

Message: 33774 Posted: Thu Jun 10 12:45:16 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Green Bay

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Green Bay, WI. Note from Gerry: "I couldn't remove the screen, sorry."

Message: 33773 Posted: Thu Jun 10 12:14:44 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: Emma ~ Emma ~ Emma

Hi Hooooo Everyone :) ~~ Just a Quickie!

Play it again for me Joe ~~ Thanks for another Joe Doyle Version Gem... I too can sing along easily with this Great song from Gerry. Sooo what's next??? Keep them a coming our way! :) :) :)

Hi Christine from PA ~~ Sorry to hear about your pet Bird! ~~ Hang in there ~~ I too get lost in MY Music & CHOCOLATE when I feel like I am heading for the next nervous breakdown... Take care! :)

Hey there Redddddd ~~ Thanks for posting my fave Chuck Negron ~3 Dog Night song lyrics.... I just love "Pieces of April" you can betcha I was smiling ear to ear when I saw them in your post... Too much about us eating a Spider in our Sleep.... oooooooo I wonder if that is the main culprite for Morning Breathe ~~ LOL hahhahaha!!!!! Thanks for all of the neat news tidbits, I am enjoying them!

Hey there Mo ~~~ I too am sooo hoping that this period of time where there are no shows scheduled that it will bring some new news our way eventually.

Hi David ~~ Yes My Wondering Mind, is soooo wondering why no news yet about the release of the Sydney Live DVD .... I can't wait to have Mr Mailman bring it my way... Hopefully soon! :)

Cheers Goanna ~~ Wow ~ the tix price there downunder to see the Eagles is a Big WOW!!! Will you and yours be going to see them?

Hi Danae ~~ Nice to know you are all done with your final tests, enjoy your summer break... That was some story about the young girl there in Greece, Such a Shocking Shame ~ Unreal! ~~ I enjoyed the pics of Dewey & Gerry too... :)

Okay gotta get now, I am sooo Anxious to see the VFTHW Pic from Pittsburgh, Pa.... Yahoooooo they will be heading there tomorrow... WOW!!! Safe traveling! :)

Hmmm ~~ I am sorry if I have left something out... gotta get now, take care all, see ya, Nancy :)

~~~~ Oooooooh Emmmmmma, Emmmmmmma Sure as the sunshines, Emma ~~ Emmma you're the One ..... Nice Nice Nice Play it JoeD, Sing it Gerry :)

Message: 33772 Posted: Thu Jun 10 12:11:32 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Emerald Queen Casino/Tacoma

Tickets are now on sale for this show on Ticketmaster.

Message: 33771 Posted: Thu Jun 10 11:22:20 2004 By: Beth
Subject: Re: More valium, please

Hi Christine, ditto what Robyn said. I also find chocolate helps, too. LOTS of chocolate!!


Message: 33770 Posted: Thu Jun 10 10:10:07 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More valium, please

Christine, I am sorry for your loss ( and Max's) During my recent "Crisis du jour" I found that blasting music as loud as possible helped me a lot. I was using Matt Beckley's" These are your hopes and dreams" as therapy. If you don't have that ( and WHY NOT?-lol) then find some music to cheer you.
Welcome back.

Message: 33769 Posted: Thu Jun 10 10:01:27 2004 By: ChristineInPA
Subject: More valium, please

I've been away. Since I'm new, I might not have been missed, LOL!

About 2 weeks ago, we had a pet die unexpectedly at the vet. The lab results took a week, so we were going crazy, thinking our other bird might die as well.

We found out that she died from bacterial pneumonia and the vet has no clue how she may have contracted it. Believe me, it's always like we're scrubbing up for surgery before we go near our birds.

Since they were a pair for 2 years, I had to take the deceased home for the male to see her to know she was dead. I was not previously aware of this practice, but it made sense. God, it's been hard. Max misses her and stares into his mirrors all day. We can't get another bird until the end of July due to quarantine rules.

After that situation calmed down a bit, my best friend's husband decided that he's "not sure if he wants to be married anymore". 21 years of marriage. Exactly half her life. SUCKS BIG TIME. She's a HUGE mess.

I'm ready for my 19th nervous breakdown. Thanks for letting me vent.


Message: 33768 Posted: Thu Jun 10 09:59:20 2004 By: Sherry
Subject: Re: Emma

As the British would say, Joe you've hit this one spot on! Great work!

Message: 33767 Posted: Thu Jun 10 09:02:14 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Emma

Joe, great job. It's amazing how you can hear the lyrics so cleary in your head.

Message: 33766 Posted: Thu Jun 10 08:41:12 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: Emma

Joe Joe Joe....

carry on...

Message: 33765 Posted: Thu Jun 10 08:18:24 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Emma

Today would have been my Grandmother's 115th birthday (lol) Her name was Emma. Thanks for the gift Joe ( and Gerry)

Message: 33764 Posted: Thu Jun 10 07:51:52 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Emma

Joe Doyle spent the past two weeks working on an instrumental cover of Gerry's "Emma" and he has once again done a great job. Click here to download/listen to an MP3 version of Emma. Way to go Joe!

Message: 33763 Posted: Thu Jun 10 06:44:24 2004 By: red oak
Subject: History, etc

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 10th, 2004

38 years ago - The Beatles' "Rain", their first song to use the reversed-tape effect that would later stir up the "Paul is Dead" rumor, is released. (1966)

37 years ago - In Woodstock, N.Y., Bob Dylan and The Band begin recording long un-released sessions that will become known as the infamous "basement tapes." (1967)

37 years ago - Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made To Love Her" is released. (1967)

33 years ago - A Jethro Tull concert in Denver is marred by police who fire tear gas to quiet the disturbances of the 10,000 plus crowd. Tull plays on even though keyboardist John Evans can't see his piano through the tear gas. (1971)

30 years ago - The Who begins a four day stint at Madison Square Garden. Tickets sold out in 60 hours -- a full two months before the concerts. (1974)

26 years ago - Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good" is released. (1978)

just in case you were wondering!!!

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a bellybutton.

A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately 2 teeth every 10 yrs.

People do not get sick from cold weather; it's from being indoors a lot more.

When you sneeze, all bodily functions stop .... even your heart!

Only 7% of the population are lefties.

40 people are sent to the hospital for dog bites every minute.

Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until they are
2-6 years old.

The average person over fifty will have spent 5 years waiting in lines.

The toothbrush was invented in 1498.

The average housefly lives for one month.

40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year.

A coat hanger is 44 inches looooooooooooong when straightened.

The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute.

Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than the rest of the day.

Most of us have eaten a spider in our sleep.

The REAL reason ostriches stick their head in the sand is to search for water.

The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning it's head are the rabbit and the parrot.

John Travolta turned down the starring roles in "An Officer and a
Gentleman" and "Tootsie".

Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem.

In most television commercials advertising milk, a mixture of white paint and a little thinner is used in place of the milk.

Prince Charles and Prince William NEVER travel on the same aeroplane just in case there is a crash.

The first Harley Davidson motorcycle built in 1903 used a tomato can for a carburetor.

Most hospitals make money by selling the umbilical cords cut from women who give birth. They are reused in vein transplant surgery.

Humphrey Bogart was related to Princess Diana. They were seventh cousins.

If coloring weren't added to Coca-Cola, it would be green.

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good

I have a mansion but forget the price
Ain't never been there, they tell me its nice
I live in hotels, tear out the walls
I have accountants pay for it all

They say I'm crazy but I have a have a good time
I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime
Life's been good to me so far

My Maseratti does one-eighty-five
I lost my license, now I dont drive
I have a limo, ride in the back
I lock the doors in case I'm attacked

I'm making records, my fans they can't wait
They write me letters, tell me I'm great
So I got me an office, gold records on the wall
Just leave a message, maybe I'll call

Half the people you know are below average.

Have a good day all..............

Message: 33762 Posted: Thu Jun 10 06:15:48 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Conspicuously Conspicuous

There is a rather conspicuous 'hole in the world' tour schedule. (Pardon the Eagles pun...been overdosing on their "Very Best of..." collection for about a week--which is amazing by the way.) As I was saying, there is a conspicuously conspicuous hole in the summer tour schedule from August 1 through September 15. That's 6 and 1/2 weeks for those who hadn't comtemplated the withdrawal factor yet. Six and 1/2 weeks off at the height of the summer festival/state fair/hog tying/truck pulling season? What is that? What do you have to do? This better be good. There better be some higher calling, spiritual enlightenment form of an excuse that is above reproach for this time away. Listen, we have to go all winter without seeing you all. And now summer, too? I am vaklempt.

Crying in my beer,

PS: You may ignore all of the previous self-righteous indignation if the 6 and 1/2 weeks in some way brings us new music. Thank you. That is all.

Message: 33761 Posted: Wed Jun 09 20:17:39 2004 By: David Stengele
Subject: dvd and cd???

what's happened to all the buzz about the sydney opera house dvd and the new music from america? seems the buzz has become a silent letter.

Message: 33760 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:43:00 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: It Has To Be THE Strangest. Place To Purchase An America Ticket

Last year at the Sweetwater Texas concert, there was a sign on one of the front doors of the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium that read something like, "To purchase America concert tickets, please go across the street."

So, what business was it that was across the street from the auditorium? It was a funeral home! Yes, the tickets were being sold at the local funeral home. I mentioned the sign to Rich Campbell the next morning after the concert. He said something like, "Yeah, I saw that, too. I was hoping it wasn't an indication of what they may be thinking of our performance." He and I both had a big laugh.

Message: 33759 Posted: Wed Jun 09 17:12:44 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: America can't intrest fans.

Spurs, that's why I'm hoping satellite radio will come through... have to wait and see I guess...

Message: 33758 Posted: Wed Jun 09 15:35:00 2004 By: Spurs
Subject: America can't intrest fans.

Hello everyone,with the way radio is these days it would be a miracle if anything new by veteran bands no matter how good was played on a consistant basis.As for a reunion sparking interest,I doubt it.

Message: 33757 Posted: Wed Jun 09 13:12:38 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

I think one thing that keeps America from being a huge concert draw is overexposure. They have toured every year for 30+ years. Fans know that if they can't catch them this year, they will probably be back through next year. Just the fact that they can keep drawing even moderate crowds after so many years of touring says something about their drawing power.

Getting fans interested in new music is tough for all the "oldies" artists not just America. Younger audiences drive the charts and younger people account for the majority of CD sales. Old folks like us just don't buy as many CDs and don't call into the pop radio stations asking to hear a song or artists like the young kids do. It is just a fact of life.

I agree that a reunion would spark more interests in a CD and tour. I would love to see it, but I'm not holding my breath. That subject has been beat to death on this board several times.

Message: 33756 Posted: Wed Jun 09 10:29:21 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America Portraits By Danae

Danae sent me a couple of America portrailts with the note: "Andy Warhol now draws for America".

Click here to see Dewey
Click here to see Gerry

Message: 33755 Posted: Wed Jun 09 06:37:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Wood & Steel Article

Like the good lemming that I am, I looked up the article you referenced, flywithabuzz. Thank you for that link. It looks like a good article. I've only quickly skimmed it and have printed it to read later. (Score=6)(10 would have been if I already knew about it; 8 would have been if I read it immediately.) ANYWAY--I think that might be poor Woodz being tagged as Dewey in the photo on page 11. Tsk, tsk to the research dept.

Thanks again for the link,

Message: 33754 Posted: Wed Jun 09 06:33:43 2004 By: red oak
Subject: 6/9, History and The Bible

Happy B'day to:

Jon Lord - 6/9/41 (Deeeeeeeeeep Purple)
Les Paul - 6/9/15 (inventor of the solid-body electric guitar)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 9th, 2004

89 years ago - Guitar pioneer Les Paul is born. (1915)

63 years ago - Jon Lord, keyboardist for Deep Purple, was born. (1941)

46 years ago - Jerry Lee Lewis, with the help of his producer Sam Phillips, take out a full page ad in Billboard Magazine to explain about his second divorce and third marriage to his 14 year old cousin Myra. (1958)

35 years ago - Guitarist Mick Taylor joins The Rolling Stones as Brian Jones' replacement. (1969)

34 years ago - Bob Dylan receives an honorary doctorate of music degree from Princeton University (1970)

33 years ago - Paul McCartney's "Ram" LP goes gold. (1971)

32 years ago - Columbia Records, in particular John Hammond, signs Bruce Springsteen. (1972)

22 years ago - James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne appear at another Peace Week benefit. This one's at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, N.Y. (1982)

A little boy opened the big family bible. He was fascinated as he
fingered through the old pages. Suddenly, something fell out of the
Bible. He picked up the object and looked at it. What he saw was
an old leaf that had been pressed in between the pages. "Mama, look what I found", the boy called out." What have you got there, dear?" With astonishment in the young boy's voice, he answered, "I think it's Adam's underwear!"

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

We all came out to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didn't have much time

Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

Happy Hump Day and remember:

The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required
to be on it.

Rawk on............

Message: 33753 Posted: Wed Jun 09 05:44:04 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

I think a lot of the reason that they "can't interest" fans in new music has to do with the way they are operating today. "Back in the day" America had the huge "star maker machinery" of Warner Bros pushing them. Warner made sure there were displays in every major music store and that every radio station got a copy and a press kit. There were print ads in all the major music and entertainment magazines. In other words money-- lots of it-- was spent. Prince is doing something interesting, as I believe that the "sale" of his new cd is being counted, even though it is included in the ticket price. But I will say this, has anyone here actually heard anything new from Prince on the radio? Just wondering as I have not.

Message: 33752 Posted: Wed Jun 09 05:15:53 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

Hi Anita, I was interpreting the comment with the author's point being that these bands can't interest fans with their "new" music. I think the underlying point is that they can't interest their fans like they used to. The fans primarily come to hear these bands older stuff and generally don't have as much of an interest in their newer material.
America, by far, is my most favorite band of all time. America has a distinct advantage over most bands. They can over come this authors point by reuniting with Dan Peek and unite as a threesome. Only with a reunion will we know for sure whether or not the interest in new music would be there. I bet it would. I also feel that America would be able to sell out crowds, as they do now, but larger crowds than @2500 if they reunite, release a new CD, and tour promoting it.
America's touring resiliency is lengendary. I recognize it and I'm not questioning that. It's one heck of an accomplishment.
Read the article in Taylor Guitars "Wood and Steel" spring 2002 issue.... It's a great read. Cudos to the guys. I think America puts more miles on per year than possibly any other band.

Johnny makes a very good point.
What attendance number is considered a "big show"?
I'm not sure. I guess it's relative to the individual, their expectations, and their experiences.
Would America play for bigger shows if they reunited?
I think this is a good question.
For me, playing in front of 20 people is big.
For America? Perhaps, only Gerry and Dewey can answer the question of what they feel constitutes a big show.

Thanks for this great web site.

Message: 33751 Posted: Wed Jun 09 04:27:25 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Mohegan Crowd Guesstimate

Standing room only.

Message: 33750 Posted: Wed Jun 09 04:21:03 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

When ever America plays at the Mohegan Sun there seems to be a large number of people there for the show. Curious as to how many people are there just for the show. Care to take a guess MO or anyone else who's been to the Mohegan show.

Message: 33749 Posted: Wed Jun 09 04:17:58 2004 By: Moser
Subject: America iTunes Selection

Gerry or whoever else might know--why is the America selection of songs on iTunes so incomplete? Where's Hat Trick, Holiday, and Hearts at least--not to mention everything thereafter? You guys definitely need a better representation there. By only having a small presence like that you welcome the "waders"--the people who stay only in the shallow depths and don't look any further for the deeper, often better, cuts. What's the deal?

And where the heck are the Beatles? Did I miss something?

Scratching my head,

Message: 33748 Posted: Tue Jun 08 20:49:57 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

<<"...long-running acts that easily sell out big shows every year -- from Poison to America...">>

I wonder what attendance number is considered as a "big show" though. I'm guessing America's average attendance is about 2,500 but I don't know. Maybe someone else knows for sure what it is.

Message: 33747 Posted: Tue Jun 08 19:48:47 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans"/flywithabuzz

Flywithabuzz, let's not take that quote out of context. The first part read "long-running acts that easily sell out big shows every year — from Poison to America . . ."

Selling out dozens and dozens of shows every year is quite an accomplishment!

Message: 33746 Posted: Tue Jun 08 19:43:11 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: America iTunes Playlist/Gerry

Gerry: Thanks for doing this iTunes playlist! It was fun to see what music interests you and why. I particularly enjoyed the cuts from Fountains of Wayne, Lucinda Williams and Jeff Beck.

Message: 33745 Posted: Tue Jun 08 19:06:19 2004 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Complete NY Daily News Article

Here's the complete article for those who can't access the Daily News site:


Some call it a stroke of genius. Others call it a scam. Either way, Prince's decision to give away his latest album, "Musicology," to everyone who attends his concerts — giving the CD a steroid boost on the charts — has paid off for His Pur­pleness.

Last week, "Musicology" leaped from No. 16 back to No. 8 on Billboard's Top 200 list. Aided by albums given away at two big arena shows in California, that represents a 41% increase in CDs moved.

Of the 703,000 copies counted by SoundScan so far, roughly 25% were freebies, according to Billboard.

Though Prince's tour started on March 28, the company has added those CDs given away only since "Musicology" hit stores on April 20.

That any free copies are counted has caused major grumbling in the industry. It's cheating, critics say, because those "sales" haven't been voluntary.

Prince insists that the album's price was built into the concert tickets' prices, and that attending a show demonstrates an interest in any music the star makes.

There are several problems with this.

First, Prince's ticket prices — $45 to $75 — are too low to account for an added-value CD. Compare them to Madonna's tickets, which run up to $300.

Second, scores of long-running acts that easily sell out big shows every year — from Poison to America — can't interest fans in any new music.

Then there's the problem of couples attending Prince's show. Such folks have complained on his fan sites that they have no use for two copies of the CD. And concert­goers who haven't heard about the bonus may already own the album, so Prince is counting them twice.

To thwart such sneakiness in the future, SoundScan just announced a tweak in its policy. From now on, as far as it's concerned, performers offering concert giveaways will have to use a two-tier ticketing system: a lower price for just the concert and a higher one to include the album, clearly indicating a desire to purchase it.

The group Gomez has already employed this plan. Fans who attended some shows were able to pick up the album at the event (and get some extra music downloads) for an additional $10.

It didn't exactly send sales through the roof. The band's "Split the Difference" opened with just 5,732 copies purchased.

Prince, however, will definitely keep raking it in.

He has 42 dates left on his tour, with an average 14,624 capacity at each, according to PollStar. So even if his album didn't sell one more copy in stores, it would still add 614,208 to its final figure.

Fair? Maybe not.

Smart? Definitely.

Message: 33744 Posted: Tue Jun 08 17:15:11 2004 By: flywithabuzz
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article. "America can't interest fans".

"America — can't interest fans in any new music."
I bet if America reunited with Dan Peek, recorded a new acoustic CD with new music with some re-mixes of old tunes and then followed it up with a reunion tour they would have fans VERY interested in their new music.
If you could chose only 2 what tunes would you like to hear re-mixed?

I also think, with a reunion, all the fighting and bickering that goes on here on this chat folder, almost on a daily basis, would disappear.

I pop in and out looking/hoping for some news that maybe the boys can reconcile their differences.

You gotta'll be alright.
Come on and Hope it'll turn out fine
yeah, Hope it'll be alright...please.


Message: 33743 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:47:04 2004 By: Goanna
Subject: Eagles - Concert Ticket Prices...!!!

Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted for a while, but have been reading some very interesting articles & opinions on the chat folder. this is just a quick note to all Australian fans, re; Eagles upcoming concert tour to Australia... Tickets go on sale in a week or so for a November gig, through,,, be prepared however, if you want to get up close & personal with the band you will be paying for it... a whopping $560.00 per ticket...!!! for what they class as "Diamond" seating... (which is similar seating distance to what we had when America came on tour here in January). the next level will be "Gold" @ $230.00 per seat... and possibly these prices are EX-GST tax......

So, get your Visa or MasterCard out, you'll need to take out a mortgage on these ones...!!!

take care everyone,

Goanna & Co.

Message: 33742 Posted: Tue Jun 08 15:18:30 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Exams over & the shoking story of an 11year-old girl from Greece. READ

My exams are over. Everything went well. From tomorrow... relax!

The real reason for which I write this post is to tell you the story that shocked the whole Greece this week.

It might disgust you, but I will post it anyway.

It starts four months ago. The main character is an 11-year-old girl.
She had a problem: her breasts were very developped beyond her age. That made her classmates make fun of her, or sometimes do other things (I hope you got the meaning).
The girl told her problem to her mother, who indicated her to WRAP HER BREASTS WITH A BANDAGE.
So she did. WITH HER MOTHER'S HELP, she wrap her breasts with an extremely tight bandage.
THE GIRL WORE THE BANDAGE CONTINUOUSLY FOR FOUR MONTHS. She never took it off, not even when she was sleeping or having a bath.
Four months after she put the bandage on, she started breathing difficultly. Her parents took her to the hospital.
The girl was still wearing her clothes, when a nurse noticed her body was giving off a strange smell -like rottinness. She told the parents. The father was surprised and the mother kept an indifferent attitude, like sayong "and so what?".
The doctors got the girl undressed.
Her breasts had rotted and a new layer of skin was created over the bandage. EVEN WORMS were found in her body, and her ribs were in terrible situation because of the pressure of the bandage.
Now the young lady is in the hospital in critical condition and there is a big possibility that the doctors will cut her breasts.
Her mother will go to prison.

Message: 33741 Posted: Tue Jun 08 13:40:23 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article

It's an article about Prince giving away copies of his new CD at his concerts and counting that as CD sales. It says this was largely responsible for his CD moving up to number 8 on the charts. That it may be unfair to count concert CD giveaways as sales. America is mentioned in the following quote:

"scores of long-running acts that easily sell out big shows every year — from Poison to America — can't interest fans in any new music."

Message: 33740 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:41:29 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article

...maybe satellite radio will be the answer?

Message: 33739 Posted: Tue Jun 08 12:31:31 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: NY Daily News Article

Bruce, I can't seem to access it or the powers that may be at my company have prevented us from accessing or doing anything but work related. Anything interesting in it?

Thanks, Jen

Message: 33738 Posted: Tue Jun 08 10:52:47 2004 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: NY Daily News Article

Wow! AMERICA is mentioned in an article in today's New York Daily News. Check it out:

Message: 33737 Posted: Tue Jun 08 09:02:54 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Seals & Crofts New Album

Seals and Croft is a group that is overdue for a complete greatest hits CD. The current greatest hits CD that is available is simple a re-issue of their mid-70s greatest hits album, with no additional songs. It is missing their later hits. Time for Rhino to come to the rescue! Maybe they could even include the remix of their classic Summer Breeze that is being used in a commercial.

Message: 33736 Posted: Tue Jun 08 08:58:44 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Boz, Chuck, History & Pepper

Speaking of Three Dog Night, they have finally released a new "greatest hits" compilation that has all 21 of their top 40 singles AND it contains the 45 single mixes of their hits and not just the album versions. Several Three Dog Night singles were remixed when they were released as singles, so they were jazzed up some over what you would find on the album. The most obvious ones were Joy To The World, Liar, and Old Fashion Love Song. I remember when I bought the Three Dog Night album "Naturally" back in the 70's the version of Joy To The World on the album just didn't sound has good as my cousin's 45 version of it. Even their "Best of " compilation used the album versions. Up until recently the only album that had the single mixes was the 2 CD "Celebrate Three Dog Night" release.

Message: 33735 Posted: Tue Jun 08 08:18:58 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Boz, Chuck, History & Pepper

Chuck Negron: one of the most amazing survival stories in rock n roll. For more, read his fascinating autobiography, Three Dog Nightmare.

Message: 33734 Posted: Tue Jun 08 06:52:33 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Boz, Chuck, History & Pepper

Boz Skaggs - 6/8/44 (Low Down)
Chuck Negron - 6/8/42 (3 Dog Night)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 8th, 2004

36 years ago - The Rolling Stones release "Jumpin' Jack Flash." (1968)

35 years ago - Brian Jones announces he was leaving The Rolling Stones because he didn't agree with the band's musical direction. Less than a month later he would be found dead in the swimming pool at his home. (1969)

30 years ago - The group Yes loses member Rick Wakeman, who decides to go solo. (1974)

22 years ago - A re-united Simon & Garfunkel leave for a nine date European tour starting at the Hippodrome d'Auteuil in Paris. It ends June 19th in London. (1982)

15 years ago - Noted vegetarian and Pretenders' leader Chrissie Hynde announces at a Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors conference in London that she once firebombed a McDonalds. The next day a British McDonalds restaurant is firebombed. The fast food chain threatens legal action against Hynde and asks her to sign a written document agreeing not to repeat her statements. She signs. (1989)

13 years ago - Bruce Springsteen marries for the second time --- this time to fellow Jerseyite Patti Scialfa at their Beverly Hills mansion. It was Scialfa's first marriage. (1991)

A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first class
section of the plane. The woman sneezed, took out a tissue, gently wiped her nose and then shuddered quite violently for 10 or 15 seconds. The man went back to his reading.
A few minutes later, the woman sneezed again, took a tissue, gently
wiped her nose and shuddered quite violently as before.
The man was becoming more and more curious about the shuddering.
A few more minutes passed and the woman sneezed one more time. Again she took a tissue, gently wiped her nose and shuddered violently. The man couldn't restrain his curiosity.
He turned to the woman and said, "You've sneezed three times, wiped your nose with a tissue, then shuddered violently!
Are you all right?" "I'm sorry if I disturbed you," the woman replied, "I have a rare condition; when I sneeze, I have a spasm."
The man was a little embarrassed but even more curious and said, "I've
never heard of that before. What are you taking for it?"
The woman looked at him and said, "Pepper!"

Pieces of April - 3 Dog Night

April gave us springtime and the promise of the flowers
And the feeling that we both shared and the love that we called ours
We had no time for sadness, that's a road we each had crossed
We were living a time meant for us, and even when it would rain
we would laugh it off.

Joy to the World - 3 Dog Night w/Chuck

Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Was a good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said
But I helped him a-drink his wine
And he always had some mighty fine wine

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

Rawk on Chuck(one of the best voices ever in R & R)

Message: 33733 Posted: Tue Jun 08 05:35:35 2004 By: Sheldon
Subject: Seals & Crofts New Album

Hi - Seals & Crofts new album is now available for purchase. Go to for ordering info.


Message: 33732 Posted: Mon Jun 07 19:10:51 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Re: Lemmingness: The CosMo Quiz

Oh my God, it's true. I'm not a Lemming...I failed the barely conscious by noon, have all my teeth and am nowhere near a cliff! YIKES! Is there a doctor in the house??

Cindy FTS

Message: 33731 Posted: Mon Jun 07 18:39:28 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: Lemmingness: The CosMo Quiz

Score: 26. Put up a fence so I don't fall off!

Message: 33730 Posted: Mon Jun 07 17:52:38 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Lemmingness: The CosMo Quiz

Lemmingness: The CosMo Quiz

How much of an America Lemming are you? Take the following highly scientific quiz to rate your level of Lemmingness:

When you read that Van Go Gan was being re-released you:
A. Ordered the new release immediately even though you already own both the Japanese and previous domestic releases.
B. Did nothing because you already own the Japanese and previous domestic releases.
C. Ordered the new release because you only have the Japanese release.
D. Ordered the new release even though you have the previous domestic release just to show your support.
E. Ordered the new release because you didn’t have any copies of Van Go Gan.
F. Didn’t know about the re-release.

When you read that America had some connection to Randy Wayne White’s new book, "Tampa Burn," you:
A. Ran right out and bought the $24.95 hard copy and have already read the whole thing.
B. Ran right out and bought the $24.95 hard copy and are in the process of reading it.
C. Borrowed the library’s copy of it and have either completed reading it or are in the process of reading it.
D. Intend to wait for the paperback copy to be released.
E. Don’t intend to read it since you spend every spare moment listening to America music.
F. Didn’t know about Tampa Burn.

When you read that Gerry’s father would be featured in an upcoming special on the History Channel you:
A. Watched every minute of the show and recorded it as well.
B. Watched every minute of the show.
C. Recorded the show and have already watched every minute of it.
D. Watched at least half of the show.
E. Recorded the show and intend to watch it sometime soon.
F. Didn’t know about the History Channel special.

When you read that America had a Celebrity Playlist album available on iTunes you:
A. Did nothing because you already knew about that and had downloaded and burned the album previously.
B. Immediately downloaded and burned the album.
C. Downloaded and burned some of the songs from the album.
D. Intend to download and burn the entire album soon.
E. Intend to download and burn portions of the album soon.
F. Didn’t know about the Celebrity Playlist album on iTunes.

For every A answer, give yourself 10 points.
For every B answer, give yourself 8 points.
For every C answer, give yourself 6 points.
For every D answer, give yourself 4 points.
For every E answer, give yourself 2 points.
For every F answer, give yourself 0 points.

If you scored:
33-40 points—You are a MAJOR America Lemming. Characteristics include highly organized, clean behind the ears, well-pressed clothing, and still have the ticket stub for every America concert you ever attended neatly pressed into your scrapbook. Be careful you don’t drown when you walk over the cliff. Be glad you never met Jim Jones.
25-32—You are an America Lemming. Characteristics include well informed, highly lucid most of the time but easily distracted by the first few notes of Riverside. You have most of your ticket stubs and a few guitar picks stuck into your scrapbook. Try to stop before you walk over the cliff.
17-24—You are an America Lemming but there is still hope for you. Characteristics include punctuality if properly caffeinated, can hold a steady job as long as it includes internet access. You have a stack of ticket stubs and guitar picks sitting in your cabinet next to the complete America collection—both vinyl and CD. If you think of it, turn around and walk away from the cliff.
9-16—You are not an America Lemming. Characteristics include usually conscious by noon, have most of your teeth, if you pull it together soon, you might lead a productive life. You’re not walking much at all, let alone toward a cliff.
0-8—You are on the wrong internet chat folder. Hit the back button before it’s too late!!

Message: 33729 Posted: Mon Jun 07 16:56:49 2004 By: Cindy
Subject: Good Day

Hi Gerry & Dewey! Today at work on my favorite radio station I heard "Sister Golden Hair," "Ventura Highway" AND "Horse". It was a good guys so rock!

Cindy FTS

Message: 33728 Posted: Mon Jun 07 16:49:00 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Listening Party

You are so right, Mo, my mistake.

Message: 33727 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:37:21 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Woopsie Daisy

My mistake in regard to Uncle Jed being in the Gulf War. Please accept my sincere apology. If I have it right this time, he is a veteran but did not serve in a war.

Message: 33726 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:32:18 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: Listening Party

Father's Day is on the 20th.

Message: 33725 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:18:13 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: Listening Party

Correction: We will be listening to Harbor.

Message: 33724 Posted: Mon Jun 07 14:13:54 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party

Thanks to all who participated in last night's listening party. Next Sunday night's Father's Day listening party will feature Hideaway, 10PM EDT, 7PM PDT. Hope you can be there!

Message: 33723 Posted: Mon Jun 07 11:42:27 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: thanks...

I taped the History channel show, and did get to see a few tidbits. Very good coverage, and thank you for all the bravery!!

My flag has been flying before 9/11 and will always fly every 365.

Message: 33722 Posted: Mon Jun 07 11:20:09 2004 By: Midnight
Subject: Re: thanks...

The flag still flies!!

Message: 33721 Posted: Mon Jun 07 11:18:11 2004 By: Midnight
Subject: Re: thanks...

Who am I??!! I'm a person who has been a longtime fan of about some 30 years. I've been around the chat folder for years!I'm someone who enjoyed posting once in awhile,until lately. I certianly don't expect everyone to agree with my thoughts,but it seemed that some people were responding to almost any post with personal verbal attacks.I'm not trying to speak for anyone. Maybe you do enjoy the nasty comments,so if I stepped on your toes,I apologize.Frankly, I find the continuation of these types of posts BORING.

Message: 33720 Posted: Mon Jun 07 09:27:02 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Concert Playlist

Gerry and Dewey, hi! Again, if you are thinking of switching around songs, how about "Till the Sun Comes Up Again" and "Hell's on Fire"? Thanks!
See you guys in AC and Spring Lake!
Gerry, "The Lost Evidence"- great show. Thanks again for the info.
Red- good one!

Message: 33719 Posted: Mon Jun 07 09:18:52 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: thanks...

My flag still hangs proudly from my porch.
My father was also a vet from WWII. He served in the navy. I remember some of the stories he would tell us as we grew up. Thanks to all who served in whatever way for this great country!

Message: 33718 Posted: Mon Jun 07 08:59:37 2004 By: Janie
Subject: America Merchandise Store

Greetings! Hope you are all well. I have been unable to access the America Merchandise Store! Does any one know how to access the store or any places to purchase America memorabilia? Thanks!

Message: 33717 Posted: Mon Jun 07 08:37:56 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: thanks...

Since 9/11, how many people still have an American Flag hanging from their house?

Message: 33716 Posted: Mon Jun 07 08:07:59 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence ~ iTunes list & just alittle more!

Happy Monday :) ~~ A Beautiful Sunny morning here ~~ Well another year of Dance Lessons Climax into Smiles, Happy Tears and a Big Round of Proud Applause for a Job Well Done at my daughter's Dance Recital yesterday. :) Another day of Mixed Emotions for sure!

Hi there KarenL ~ I too watched "The Lost Evidence" and found it very Interesting to Listen to Col Beckley & his fellow Officers and Soldiers recall remembered detailed moments of this Unforgetable day in History. I too found myself wondering if the filmed footage was actual pics of these Gentlemen. I didn't get to see close to the end, cause I got a telephone call from my sister, saying my Parents had been involved in an automobile accident, sooo I headed into the hospital. Thankfully they weren't hurt seriously, mostly bruises and lacerations from the airbags going off. They both were a bit shaken up, which is certainly understandable... The other driver involved mustn't have seen my Dad coming, he just drove right out into my Dad's path and his car ended up on the hood of my parents car~~ Tooo much, you just never know! Huh!! ~~ Anyway Thanks Gerry & SteveL for letting us know about this D Day show! My 8 yr old son watched it with me, and he kept saying Mom what does D in D Day stand for ... soooo his wondering mind got my mind a wondering just what does the D stand for??? :)

Thanks Jim M ~~ For passing this neat iTunes info onto us... Hmmm this is pretty neat to see this collection of songs that Gerry has put on his list... I was surprised to see Gerry's comments about the group Vertical Horizon's song "We Are" ~~ Wow... Neat... I really like this song alot, it sure can Kick Butt Nicely, my son has the CD that this song is on and it is one Rockin CD for sure, Yep I have been found hitting the replay button on this song quite a bit :) ~~ Also this song called "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel has my mind a curious too.. sooo I am gonna have to do some searching to find this song. Sooo neat to read that Gerry always liked Dusty Springfield's songs... Neat! I will have to see if I have this Beach Boy's song Cabinessence song among the many songs a friend has shared with me of theirs! Thanks Gerry for your thoughts on these songs! Hmmm ~~ Just wondering if Dewey will be doing an iTunes list of his one day??? It would be interesting to see his list as well. :)

Just to add ~~ Yes when we say Thanks to all who have Served our Country in any of the Wars or in any other way, there just isn't Enough or Exact words to show the Deepness of the Gratitude felt for all of these Veterans. All of our Support, Appreciation, Respect & Prayers, Hopefully will give Back to them in one way or another! :)

Hey Jed ~~ Thanks for the Smile, I got from your famous Jed Clampit saying.... too much! ~~ I ordered my Jeff Larson "Sepia" cd and amazon said that it should be here anytime between June 21st to the 26th ~~ Can't wait to hear it for sure! :)

Hi Hooooo Reddddddd ~~ 2222 much, 2222 much, I always had a small time crush on Mr Tom Jones, thanks to my Aunts, who had a major crush on him... and seeing the lyrics to this famous song of his really brought back some long ago memories for me... Thanks for the smiles! ~~ Hey, how about that Mark Martin winning the Nascar race at Dover, Del yesterday... we were sitting at Marzoni's waiting for our dinners to be brought to us and watched the finish on the big screen tv... Don't know if any of you are familiar with Marzoni's resturant.. they also make their own Beer as well as Rootbeer... and Let me tell you, this homemade rootbeer is Soooo Yummy Yummy in a Rootbeer Float, now don't that just make your mouth start to water.. LOL!!!! :) ;)

Sorry I missed you all at Live Chat last night! Take care, Nancy :)

~~~ Sometimes there are teardrops acrossed your face, Sometimes, there are Rainbows in the same place, I don't know which way to turn, Sometimes Lovers don't act like they should, sometimes lover's don't do what they could, Sometimes Lover's hide in the covers of Innocence and Blame, I know sometime we act just the same ~~~ Geeze poor Edna ~~ Sing it for her Gerry :)

Message: 33715 Posted: Mon Jun 07 07:48:38 2004 By: Vic
Subject: Re: thanks...

<<Most fellow chatters are wonderful,let's ALL join together to ignore the few spoiled apples!>>

<<If you can't recognize where the mistake was made...I think WE ALL wish you well and goodbye.>>

<<Gee,Maybe you haven't noticed...but your nasty comments are not really welcomed here.>>

WHO ARE YOU, I mean, besides being the new, self-appointed spokesperson for the chat folder? You assume way too much. Maybe YOU haven't noticed, until now,...but you don't speak for everyone. How long have you been coming here, anyway? If you haven't been coming here for at least the last year and a half, to two years, then you haven't got a clue as to WHY thing are the way they are. Yes, there is a lot of "bad blood", hard feelings and resentment that has been expressed lately. This use to be a fun place for EVERYONE to visit before the "polarization" of the chat folder. Maybe you've been "filled in" by a few of the participants. That's all well and good, but I still post here and until I decide that "I'm done here" or am 86ed, please don't speak for me.


Thanks, Johnny.

Message: 33714 Posted: Mon Jun 07 07:01:32 2004 By: red oak
Subject: TJ, History & Jim & Edna

6/7/40 - Tom Jones (She's a Lady)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 7th, 2004

46 years ago - Prince is born Prince Roger Nelson in Minneapolis. (1958)

41 years ago - Decca Records releases "Come On", the Rolling Stones' first record. That night the group appears on "Thank Your Lucky Stars", their TV debut. The single peaks at #21 in the U.K. (1963)

38 years ago - Roy Orbison's first wife Claudette is killed in a motorcycle accident that Orbison witnessed. (1966)

35 years ago - The Who's "Tommy" enters the Billboard chart at #96. It would peak at #7 on July 26th but would soon fall back down. However, with the success of their follow-up album, "Live At Leeds", "Tommy" shoots up to #4...It falls back down and surfaces once again for a 16 week stay in 1975 after the "Tommy" film is released! (1969)

34 years ago - The Who perform "Tommy" at New York's Metropolitan Opera House. It was the first time that The Who performed at the venue, and it is the last time they would perform "Tommy" in its entirety until 1989. (1970)

33 years ago - Carole King's album "Tapestry" goes gold. The album retains on the charts for three years and produces her biggest single, "It's Too Late". (1971)

29 years ago - Elton John's album, "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" enters the U.S. chart at #1 where it stayed there for seven weeks. (1975)

25 years ago - Chuck Berry is charged with three counts of tax evasion -- this coming one day before Berry performs on the White House lawn in front of President Jimmy Carter at the Black Music Association gala. (1979)

11 years ago - Ground is finally broken on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland - 7 years after the city won the right to build the building. Pete Townshend and Chuck Berry were among those who were present for the ceremony. (1993)

11 years ago - Prince changes his name to an unpronounceable symbol. Most just refer to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince." (1993)

Jim and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital.

One day, while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool,
Jim suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the
pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She swam
to the bottom and pulled Jim out.

When the medical director became aware of Edna's heroic act, he
immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as he now
considered her to be mentally stable.

When he went to tell Edna the news he said, "Edna, I have good
news and bad news. The good news is you're being discharged; since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of another patient, I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness.

The bad news is, Jim, the patient you saved, hung himself right
after you saved him with his bathrobe belt in the bathroom. I am so sorry, but he's dead." Edna replied "He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry. How soon can I go home?"

Tom Jones - Its Not Unusual

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone,
But when I see you hanging about with anyone
It's not unusual to see me cry, I wanna die

It's not unusual to go out at any time,
But when I see you out and about it's just a crime,
If you should ever wanna be loved by anyone,
It's not unusual, it happens every day,
No matter what you say
You'll find it happens all the time

Message: 33713 Posted: Mon Jun 07 06:44:39 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: thanks...

Yes, merely saying "thanks" isn't enough to honor those that valiantly served our country (I do realize though that not everyone here is from the US). These brave US soldiers include our very own Vic Roman who DID serve our country. He served in Vietnam!

I have yet to see "The Lost Evidence". I do have it recorded on tape for viewing sometime this week. : )

Message: 33712 Posted: Mon Jun 07 05:49:26 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: thanks...

Thanks is really not enough for those who put their life on the line for all of us. My own dad was at the Battle of the Bulge, and my dd recently interviewed him for a class project on WWII. He said that , almost 60 years later those images are still with him every day.

Message: 33711 Posted: Mon Jun 07 04:37:45 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: The Lost Evidence

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching this show last night. Thanks again to Gerry and Steve for letting us know about it ahead of time. It was great that Gerry's father was featured often throughout the entire two-hour show, and it was very interesting to hear him talk about what must have been a very challenging but exciting role as a Photo Recon Pilot! Yes, thanks go to him for his important work and service. Toward the very end of the show they talked about him ending his day and showed a pilot getting out of a plane - I wonder if that was actually him?

My dad went into WWII later (his first day of basic training was on his golden birthday - he was 19 years old - in 1945). He served in Manila and didn't see any combat but definitely had some experiences he'll never forget. He was a farm boy from WI, and just the trip across the Pacific was a big deal for him. I appreciate hearing his stories now more than ever.


Message: 33710 Posted: Mon Jun 07 03:48:08 2004 By: Uncle Jed
Subject: The greatest generation...

Actually I'd like to thank all of the men and women that sacrificed in so many ways during WW2.

Mo, Bless your heart, "ole Uncle Jed" didn't serve in the Gulf war but he was there in spirit - just as he is with the men and women there now.

Mo, Midnight, and the others thank you....

Now... Sit a spell, take your shoes off, put your feet up, Y'all come back now...hear?!

Message: 33709 Posted: Sun Jun 06 20:46:22 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: America iTunes Playlist

I was gonna say that the iTunes list had Gerry written all over it but I hesitated...darnit anyhow. Guess I could have trusted my instincts after all. Now I just have to see if I can get iTunes to work on this crazy machine. I've failed at it once before so wish me luck.

Message: 33708 Posted: Sun Jun 06 20:28:18 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: thanks.../Moser

Yes, Jeff's comment (or Jed's... whatever his name is now on the folder) was nice BUT Gee_H has the right to ask his question. It's a fair question especially since Jeff previously stated that he was going to leave the folder. I see that Steve has removed Jeff's bio as Jeff had requested so, again, it's a fair question to be asked.

Message: 33707 Posted: Sun Jun 06 20:11:12 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: America iTunes Playlist

FYI - I got a note from Gerry saying that the iTunes play list is his. Dewey didn't have any input in the list.

Message: 33706 Posted: Sun Jun 06 20:05:59 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: America iTunes Playlist

Funny that the song Hackensack was on this list, by the band Fountains Of Wayne. I also got this album a couple months back and thought it was quite good. Even though Hackensack is one of the mellower tunes on the album I would guess it was chosen by Dewey for the list. By the way the album is titled Welcome Interstate Managers and it really cranks. DanC.

Message: 33705 Posted: Sun Jun 06 19:23:31 2004 By: Midnight
Subject: Re: thanks...

Gee,Maybe you haven't noticed...but your nasty comments are not really welcomed here.

Message: 33704 Posted: Sun Jun 06 19:18:15 2004 By: Midnight
Subject: Re: thanks.../Moser

Well said Macchiefs and Moser!!BTW Jed,I'm also glad you're still here! Also,thanks to Jed and all who are serving and have served our country so bravely.

Message: 33703 Posted: Sun Jun 06 18:55:49 2004 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: thanks.../Moser

Well said Moser. Jed, your posting was a nice, honorable thing to do.

Message: 33702 Posted: Sun Jun 06 18:47:44 2004 By: Gee_H
Subject: Re: thanks...

Hey Mo,

Remember that door Jed was talking about a few weeks ago??

Message: 33701 Posted: Sun Jun 06 18:38:36 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: thanks...

Gee H--
How 'bout you spare us your poison tongue. Jed served our country himself in the Gulf War. There is no need for him to thank your father nor mine.
Mo Bufton

Message: 33700 Posted: Sun Jun 06 18:31:54 2004 By: Gee_H
Subject: Re: thanks...

Hey Jed,

I thought you were leaving? Oh well

Message: 33699 Posted: Sun Jun 06 17:48:28 2004 By: Jed
Subject: thanks...

Thank you Mr. Beckley for your service...

Message: 33698 Posted: Sun Jun 06 15:28:53 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: America iTunes Playlist

Jim Matulevich saw something interesting on the Apple iTunes web site yesterday morning. It's from a feature called Celebrity Playlist. A famous artist picks some of his/her favorite songs and you can buy the list as an "album". Each song has a brief description of why it was selected by the artist for the playlist and a listening sample.

Click on the following two links to see screen captures of the playlist which was picked by America.

Screen 1
Screen 2

I find the list very interesting and it makes me wonder which songs were picked by Gerry and which were picked by Dewey? What do you think?

Thanks to Jim for sharing this with us. Enjoy!

Message: 33697 Posted: Sun Jun 06 14:30:16 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: RE: VFTHW - Orlando

Gerry, a great view! Looks like the weather is better in Florida than in my hometown. Get to Disney World?

Message: 33696 Posted: Sun Jun 06 11:08:22 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Orlando

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel room in Orlando, FL.

Message: 33695 Posted: Sun Jun 06 08:13:08 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Listening Party-Harbor

Tonight's Listening Party will feature Harbor, 10 PM EDT, 7 PM PDT. Hope you can be there!

Message: 33694 Posted: Sun Jun 06 06:40:42 2004 By: Jed
Subject: satellite radio...

Satellite radio: Maybe this is where we can someday hear the Jeff Larsons and others that should be on commercial radio. I grew up with commercial radio but if I have to move on to satellite radio so as to hear the music that is equal to or IMO, many times better than what's being played on Commercial radio then that's what I'll do.

Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the radio and hear "Room for summer" or maybe America's "Pages" or whatever?

I'll wait awhile and see if satellite radio gets it together....

carry on...

Message: 33693 Posted: Sat Jun 05 20:11:22 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: VFTHW~Peachtree Pic ~Friday Jam & Catchup!

Hi Everyone :) ~~~ There's a little black spot on the sun today, it's the same old thing as yesterday, there's a black cat caught in a high treetop ~~ Sting is here singing ~~ It is my destiny to be the King Of Pain on my radio.. :)

Hmmmm Gerry ~~ These VFTHW pics kinda leave me with a Longing, a Longing to see the Morning light, and to see Happy faces, and to hear the sounds of children playing. ~~ Was Mr Moon hiding behind some big dark storm clouds??? Thanks soo much for letting us know about the D-Day show that is to come on tomorrow night, that is pretty neat that your Dad's name will be mentioned on this! :)

Hi there Brad & Bruce ~~ Nice to hear from you both... Best of Luck to Brad & His Mrs on the arrival of their new baby, please be sure and come let us know all the details... :)

Hmmm ~~ I just had to stop in and Post, like Mo I was starting to have the DT's & Withdrawel finger spasms... LOL!!! This last week has been a very Busy one for sure... My Friday Jam was "Garden of Peace" as Dewey sings Over and Over and Over ~~ Again.. along with Gerry's "Kiss of Life" over and over and over Again.. I had a Funeral to go to first thing in the morning, it was the kids last Hour of school, Adam Graduation started at 7 pm and One Line that was mentioned in the Class Validictorian (probably mispelled) summed up the Mixed Emotions felt... She said On our first day of Kindergarten we were filled with Fear & Excitement... Feared of leaving our Homes and going to school for the first time, and with Excitement to see what it is that we would do at school. She said that she was having the very same feelings on this Graduation day... Feared of how the new road she was heading on would turn out, and what it will be like leaving once again and heading off to college. Yet Excited that She had made it through the last 12 years of school and had met so many friends, and shared soo many Nice memories along the way... Excited of all the new Friendships & Memories that are to come her way in College. ~~ Funny how sitting there through this you relive your own graduation day, then our first son's graduation day 5 years ago the very same day, and to think that in 6 more years, once again we will be heading off to Laura's Graduation ... WOW ~ 222222 much! :) To all the Graduating Seniors and College students ~~ The Best of Luck & Happiness as you start down a new Highway of your Life! :) Sorry for kinda getting on the wrong track there!

Today was Laura's dance recital rehearsal and tomorrow is the Recital, this years recital focuses on Movie songs... Laura's Jazz group is dancing to the Wild Wild West.. she also took Tap lessons for the very first time this year.. The youngest group of Jazz dancers are dancing to a medley of songs from the Wizard of Oz and they end it with my fave song ~~ Somewhere over the rainbow, the Dreams you dare to dream, really do come true~~~ their dance costume is made of rainbow swirled colors, and they all look soooo adorable in them performing. :)

By now you all probably have heard about President Reagan passing away this morning... he was 93 years old... I can't even Imagine my self living to be that old ~ Wow!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Nitey Nite :) Nancy (I can hear my big soft Pillow calling my name ) :) Oooooh I ordered my Jeff Larson "Sepia" CD today along with Carly Simon's "Reflections" sooooo Mr Mailman it will be nice to see you come my way soon... Hmm and sooo neat to hear Mark & Steve O mention a song that is here playing on my cd player... Looking Glasses "Jimmy Loves MaryAnne" I love this song... I love to hit the replay button on it again & again.. :) I too have been listening to the 70's or the Love songs Sirius channels on my Dish network... I am Loving it for sure! Okay all done now!

~~~ there's nobody home, Mary Ann's alone, almost fully grown and wordly wise.. Jimmy gets all the breaks cause he knows how... Jimmy loves Mary Ann, Jimmy wants to be her man, Mary Ann thinks it's alright.... there's sweeter music calling us away, let it play, Jimmy loves Mary Ann, Jimmy wants to be her man, Jimmy loves Mary Ann, He thinks it's alright... Sing it Looking Glass :) ;)

Message: 33692 Posted: Sat Jun 05 16:49:47 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Peachtree

A case of beer, a smile, a golf cart child


Orange funnels but no snowy tunnels

(It appears that there's one orange funnel stacked on top of another.)

Message: 33691 Posted: Sat Jun 05 14:37:12 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Peachtree 2

Where are the scantily clad, amazonian beach babes who should be playing on that court?

Message: 33690 Posted: Sat Jun 05 14:32:53 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: VFTHW - Peachtree 2

Gerry, nice to see they gave you a better view the second night, LOL!

Message: 33689 Posted: Sat Jun 05 14:14:41 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Peachtree 2

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Peachtree, GA the second night.

Message: 33688 Posted: Sat Jun 05 14:13:51 2004 By: VFTHW
Subject: VFTHW - Peachtree

Click here to see the view from Gerry's hotel window in Peachtree, GA.

Message: 33687 Posted: Sat Jun 05 13:31:58 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question (Answer)

Well, it was a difficult question!
I didn't know anything about that, and it was by luck that I guessed right on whose murder it was. I don't know american history.
I'm sure you wouldn't be able to answer me how the byzantine emperor Julian died and why! lol

Message: 33686 Posted: Sat Jun 05 10:21:01 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question (Answer)

<<I don't know what has happened, but I imagine... This man with the name "Beckley" was the one who shot Kennedy?>>

No, Danae, his name wasn't "Beckley". The person history has portrayed as being the lone killer of JFK was Lee Harvey Oswald. He was shot to death while in police custody. His address at the time was 1026 North BECKLEY.

Message: 33685 Posted: Sat Jun 05 04:31:51 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question (Danae)

UMMM, No! DanC

Message: 33684 Posted: Sat Jun 05 00:51:07 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question (Danae)

I can't believe I guessed right!

I don't know what has happenned, but I imagine... This man with the name "Beckley" was the one who shot Kennedy?

Message: 33683 Posted: Fri Jun 04 20:06:48 2004 By: Brad Askew
Subject: Hello, all / Peachtree City

Hello, everyone. I haven't even been a lurker in recent months on the folder but wanted to say "hello". My wife and I are expecting our second child any day now.

When I found out America was going to perform in Peachtree City, GA again, I was excited, until I realized it would be this weekend - our due date!

I hate it that I won't be able to see either show. I have seen them at that venue 3 times, including back to back nights the weekend before 9/11. If anyone is attending, please post the set list, if possible.

Hope everyone is well, and I will try to "stop by" more often.

Brad Askew

Message: 33682 Posted: Fri Jun 04 18:45:13 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Friday Jam

Pink Floyd - The Wall Live

Message: 33681 Posted: Fri Jun 04 17:30:55 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question (Danae)

Danae ~ It actually IS the JFK assassination that I have in mind. Can you finish it up now?

Everyone ~ At work Wednesday, someone came in with the last name of "Peek". Yesterday, someone came in with the last name of "Beckley". Honest! How weird is that?

Would someone come in today with the last name of "Bunnell"??? No such luck but it sure had me wondering.

Message: 33680 Posted: Fri Jun 04 15:42:08 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Friday Jam

The Great Lost Twilley Album, Dwight Twilley Band.DanC

Message: 33679 Posted: Fri Jun 04 15:14:29 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Friday Jam

I was in the car a lot so...

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars- David Bowie

I'll Sleep when i'm dead" Warren Zevon

Van Go Gan

all helping clear my head as we move yet ANOTHER library collection.

Message: 33678 Posted: Fri Jun 04 15:06:58 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever"

Mark,great mention on the forgotton song of "Jimmy Loves Maryanne" by Looking Glass. That song spent 3 weeks in the top 40 back in 1973,peaking at #33. Its basically ignored though,and certainly on XM radio. They wouldn't even play it for request for me some months back,and when "70's on 7" recently ran their "1973 Timeline" it was also missing. Oh,but some programmer still got his own way with the inclusion of the #56 single "Smarty Pants" by First Choice! I couldn't believe that was included at the expense of so many other missing tunes! One thing "Jimmy Loves Maryanne" has going for it is that its included in Rhino's CD series "Super Hits Of The 70's" Vol.10,and those CD's are decent sellers.

Message: 33677 Posted: Fri Jun 04 14:42:37 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Spring Lake, NJ show

Erin has confirmed the Spring Lake concert so I'll be adding it to the concert list this weekend. Sorry I didn't make you all aware of it sooner. Thanks Lorraine for bringing it up!

Message: 33676 Posted: Fri Jun 04 14:25:21 2004 By: Robsl
Subject: Friday songs

I was listening to these today:
Modest Mouse "Good News for People Who Love Bad News"
Ben Folds Five "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" (i think that's what it's called, and though this is completely unindicated by its title this album is a set of very good piano-riffin' rock tunes and pop tunes. I have a suspicion that Gerry is a Ben Folds fan).
and some other stuff too, i can't really remember what. I work in a Strawberries CD store, so that's what we had on the stereo today.)


Message: 33675 Posted: Fri Jun 04 14:07:13 2004 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever"

I was not impressed with Blenders list. It had several great songs and artists on the list that never should have been on it. It also left many awesomely bad songs that would have been better contenders off the list. I suspect that a few editors got together and came up with a list more designed to create controversy and publicity than to actually document bad songs. It worked, we're still discussing it. VH1 loves to do lists shows. They usually get decent ratings and tend to suck you in once you start watching: "I gotta keep watching now so I can see who number 1 is!"

You are right about the "one-hit wonders" too. I remember VH1 mentioned Jimi Hendrix as a "one-hit wonder" during the show because he only had 1 top 20 hit. Of course he had a few others that made the top 40. But they wanted to mention him in the show, so they arbitrarily defined a hit as having to be in the top 20 to count.

VH1 isn't the only one guilty of that. Radio stations are real bad about it too. For example many stations mention the group Looking Glass as a one-hit wonder with their big hit "Brandy", but they ignore their other top 40 hit "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne." Of course they only play Brandy and never Jimmy, so according to their play list they are one-hit wonders.

Hey, maybe I should contact VH1 about doing a count down of the top two-hit wonders who are mistakenly identified as one-hit wonders! It would give them another chance to slam Vanilla Ice, which they seem to enjoy doing!

Message: 33674 Posted: Fri Jun 04 11:59:46 2004 By: Lorraine
Subject: Spring Lake, NJ show

Hello all. According to the Mill in Spring Lake the guys are scheduled to appear on July 8th and they say tickets are going fast. Anyone who was there last year knows what a great place it is to see them at. Just thought I'd pass it along.

Message: 33673 Posted: Fri Jun 04 11:54:55 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever"

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF

Bruce & Steve - thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. As I mentioned in my post, apparently the out of work actors who give their 2 cents worth have nothing better to do - lol. And yes, I know they probably don’t come up with these lists. I guess we have to chalk these types of lists up to the ever so famous movie reviewers. Don't these people get it… that a movie is pure entertainment. It doesn't have to necessarily be believable. Ok - better stop and get off my soapbox - I could go for hours on that topic. haha

Bruce - I hope your business is doing well. Is your wife an America fan too? I am also planning on attending the AC show. (Anybody counting down? How many days?) I also like the song ‘From a Distance’. How cool that you know the person who wrote the song! It is a lovely song and I think Bette Midler did it justice.

I do agree that VH1 has changed quit a bit. I remember reading that someone posted about VH1 classic – know that sounds like a tv channel I could watch. Just like the good ole days! Lol

Thanks for the update on Sunday night on the History channel. I will tape it for sure!

Have a great weekend everyone ~ Kristal

Message: 33672 Posted: Fri Jun 04 11:44:36 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: Friday Jam

Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
mB - songs of my waisted youth
Elton John - GH

Message: 33671 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:40:59 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: Friday Jam

XM radio all morning long. Jumping around from "The Groove"(Channel 64,"Old school R&B")to "70's on 7" which speaks for itself.
An interesting sidenote: On Memorial Day,"70's on 7" ran "Chart-toppers",a Chronological review of all the #1 songs from 1970-1979.
253 songs in all,and it was great to hear America listed twice,in 1972 and 1975. Its not AM...Its Not FM...Its XM!

Message: 33670 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:38:28 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Friday Jam

Busy day here so this is my first chance to sign on today...nearly had the DT's from the withdrawal! This morning's jam at home was Mellencamp's Mr. Happy Go Lucky and on the commute it was the Beatles' recent CD of their number one hits. I love The Long And Winding Road (among others of course).

What's in your player?

Message: 33669 Posted: Fri Jun 04 10:37:46 2004 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Re: "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever"

Polls and lists such as Blenders Top 50 are just geared to get a reaction. I learned long ago to take it all with a grain of salt. Blender--like VH-1--are in the market to sell magazines and grab ratings. VH-1's Credibility with me went way out the window when they counted down the Top 100 "One-hit wonders" of all time,and probably a quarter to a half of the artists listed all had more than one charting Top 40 single. I think Vanilla Ice was listed in the Top 10 strictly because of "Ice Ice Baby". But the Producers conviniently "forgot" about his other hit,the #4 followup "Play That Funky Music." Also worth laughing about was the Omission of the Zager & Evans hit from 1969,"In The year 2525." That song was the only chart single for the duo,and it spent 6 weeks at #1--yet never made VH-1's listing. They probably should have clarified the countdown as the "Top 100 Greatest One hit wonders,1970-to the present."
I used to be the kind of guy that would immediatly fire off a letter to a magazine,but its just pointless. Blenders list was amusing,but so waaaaaay off base. VH-1? They sold their soul for ratings,and ticked off numerous chart fanatics like me by skimping on their research.

Message: 33668 Posted: Fri Jun 04 09:09:41 2004 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever"

Re: Kristal's post VH-1 "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever", I noticed that #39 is "From a Distance" by Bette Midler. I have always liked that song, and I can't believe it made this list. The lyrics are very deep and affecting. The song has a genuine message, and certainly stands out among the crap normally played on the radio. Having said that, it just so happens that my friend Julie Gold wrote "From A Distance". Having her song played TWO MILLION TIMES ended up changing Julie's life. But I liked it way before I met her. I think a lot of people really like the song. I think the people who write these lists are just jealous that they couldn't write such a great song that will live on for years. Opinions, America fans? PS I haven't posted here in a really long time because my wife and I started our own business which takes up most of our time, but I do read the posts whenever I can. And I'm hoping to get to the June 27th concert in Atlantic City. -Bruce

Message: 33667 Posted: Fri Jun 04 07:21:20 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence

The History channel has done a great job all week long with showing old film footage of the events leading up to D-Day. What I find amazing is how problems were quickly solved with the use of Technology. If you're a history nut, Sunday night should be a great show.

Message: 33666 Posted: Fri Jun 04 06:56:36 2004 By: red oak
Subject: Pot-porri & TGIF

Friday's B'days:

6/4/37 - Freddy Fender (Before the Next Teardrop Falls)
6/4/44 - Roger Ball (Average White Band)

Saturday's B'day:

6/5/47 - Tom Evans (Badfinger)

Sunday's B'days:

6/6/36 - Levi Stubbs (4 Tops)
6/6/44 - Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 4th, 2004

29 years ago - The Rolling Stones become the first Western rock band to receive record royalties in the Soviet Union (1975)

27 years ago - Supertramp's "Give A Little Bit" is released. (1977)

21 years ago - Steve Nicks releases "Stand Back." (1983)

20 years ago - Bruce Springsteen releases his "Born In The U.S.A." LP. The album tops the chart for 7 weeks and spawns 7 top-10 singles. (1984)

11 years ago - Singer Mariah Carey marries Sony Music executive Tommy Mottola. They divorce in 1997. (1993)

4 years ago - Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker suffers a broken pinky after being attacked by two men outside a fast food restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Barker had argued with the men earlier inside the restaurant after they made passes at Barker's girlfriend. The injury sidelines the drummer during the band's tour. (2000)

4 years ago - Elton John and Tim Rice win a Tony for best score for their work on "Aida." They were not there to accept. The Broadway show also wins Tonys for scenic and lighting designs. (2000)


A woman was trying hard to get the ketchup to come out of the bottle. During her struggle the phone rang so she asked her 4-year-old daughter to answer the phone. "It's the minister, Mommy," the child said to her mother.
Then she added, "Mommy can't come to the phone to talk to you right
now. She's hitting the bottle."


(1st Verse)
Wasted days and wasted nights,
I have left for you Behind
for you don't belong to me,
your heart belongs to someone else.

(2nd Verse)
Why should I keep loving you,
when I know that you're Not true?
And why should I call your name,
when you're to blame
for making me Blue?

Don't you remember the days
that you went away and left me,
I was so lonely
prayed for you only,
my love.

Message: 33665 Posted: Fri Jun 04 00:12:13 2004 By: Danae
Subject: Re: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question

John Kennedy! lol!
I don't know actually.

Message: 33664 Posted: Thu Jun 03 20:29:10 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: The "Beckley" Name Trivia Question

What connection does Gerry's last name have with one of the greatest US murder mysteries of modern time (say in the last 50 years) and who was murdered?

Message: 33663 Posted: Thu Jun 03 19:47:38 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence

argh!! my stupid cable company does not have the History channel!!! ah well, maybe i can buy it somewhere. On a side note my dd interviewed her "Opa" (my dad) this weekend for a school project on WWII. it is a wonderful thing to have. My dad was at the "bulge"

Message: 33662 Posted: Thu Jun 03 19:25:29 2004 By: Jenna
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence

Another thanks Gerry & Steve for the notice. If I'm not home to catch it I'll be sure to tape or tivo it. I'll make a mention of it to my Father who's a history buff too.

Message: 33661 Posted: Thu Jun 03 19:03:24 2004 By: Karen L
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence

Yes - THANKS for the info, Gerry and Steve! I'll be sure to watch as well. We always enjoy watching The History Channel at our house; and there have been a lot of interesting shows lately, with Memorial Day and the dedication of the WWII Memorial. It will be fun to see one of the fathers responsible for making the meeting of Dewey, Gerry & Dan possible; and it will be interesting to hear what Colonel R.E. Beckley has to say.

Message: 33660 Posted: Thu Jun 03 16:34:31 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Re: The Lost Evidence

Thanks Steve and Gerry! "The Lost Evidence" sounds interesting. I'll be sure to watch it.

Message: 33659 Posted: Thu Jun 03 10:36:01 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: The Lost Evidence

Colonel R. E. Beckley (Gerry's father) is featured in a special airing on the History Channel this Sunday, June 6th and it is called "The Lost Evidence". The show airs for the first time at 8 pm Eastern and Pacific and 7 pm Central (and Mountain I think). This is a show about about the D-Day invasion. Set your TIVO if you can't watch....

Thanks go to Gerry for making us aware of this show.

Message: 33658 Posted: Thu Jun 03 10:23:25 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: concert playlist

Hi :)

Yeppers Rich M ~~ I too think it would be awesome to have a 3 encore solo.. My Gerry solo request would be "Kiss of Life" and my Dewey solo request would be "Garden of Peace" and I think it would be neat to Rotate different songs for the last song.. soo many possibilities would work.. How about it Gerry & Dewey will you Consider Our Ramblins on this???? :)

Hey there Tommie Girl ~~ Yahooooo! Soooo Happy that there is another show coming your way soon! Thanks for the email, I hope you got my reply back email to you. :)

Three Cheers to Guillermo Albelo and Etcetera on really nice versions of Lonely Night & California ~~ A Nice Touch of Magic for sure! :) Keep on enjoying playing these great songs!

Hi there Cathy R ~~ It would be nice to get to meet you one day too! ~~ Scout meetings are over for the summer, but my son's basball games are keeping us a running still. :)

Hey there Reddddd ~~ Keep the Informative music dates a comin our way... Nice to learn some neat tidbits from these. I really liked your tied in theme for todays post... Wow it has been a long time since I heard this song "Stumblin In" by Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman! :)

What a Bummer AMERICA not getting the into the final nominations for the Vocal Hall Of Fame for next year.... Congrats to the Doobies & the Stylistics! ~~ Gotta try for it again next year, can't give up HOPE of them Getting the Recognition that they are Deserving of. :)

Hmmm~ Just this week we got our Dish 500 upgrade installed and I now have these Sirius music channels in my package upgrade... I had the all 70's channel on yesterday and I heard Ventura Hwy, and Sister Golden Hair... I heard alot of neat songs... I am gonna enjoy having these .... one bummer tho... VH1 Classic isn't in my package ~~ Booo hooo!!!!

Well the Special Meeting set up for the voting on the Merger for the credit union I work for is done and the Yes's won... so it is onto the next step with this... Lots of great news is coming my way about the new Job Position I will be taking on after I am trained on the other Credit Union's system and procedures... Looks like this is gonna make Summer fly by fast!

Thanks to everyone for a fun time at Live Chat last night! Windwave ~~ Sorry you never got on to talk with us... I hope you can get it working again soon!

Hi Nina ~~ I too am having problems with my home PC, not the same as you, but none the less it has been giving me Grief... I will have to have Dr Tech operate on it .... Hope you get yours working soon! :)

Thanks a Bunch Gerry for the nice VFTHW Pic from LA the other day... Our sky views here have been WOW over the last couple of days... I even got to see a Double Arched Rainbow, when I was leaving the Meeting the other night ~~ I took it as a Message of Hope& Inspiration that all will be well with this Merger venture... Guess what song was up next on my CD player in Bessielouhooo as I started up to leave.... World of Light... Wow talk about Spine Tingling sensations taking over my body... Kinda sealed this Magnificent sky view Perfectly! Hmmmm ~~ How about World of Light as one of the songs in the final Encore Rotation List??? :)

Take care ! Nancy :)

Rainbows over the world of light
People rushing to the holy site
Sidewalks sizzle in a summer night
Of love

Come on baby hold me tight
Everything's gonna be alright
I can't wait for the morning light
To come

Come on let it rain
Come on let it rain

Come on let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
You know you can succeed
Let it rain ~~~ Sing it Gerry & Dewey :) :) :)

Message: 33657 Posted: Thu Jun 03 09:46:20 2004 By: Moser
Subject: Re: concert playlist

A three song encore with a solo from each then Horse is an awesome idea. Bravo.

Message: 33656 Posted: Thu Jun 03 09:25:35 2004 By: RichM
Subject: concert playlist

I've Hells on Fire live a few times and, yes, it truly rocks. I would love to see this added back to the set. Greenhouse is good live as well. I'm still holding out for an encore with a Gerry solo, a dewy solo (One morning? Garden of Peace?) and then Horse.

Message: 33655 Posted: Thu Jun 03 07:25:16 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B, H & Death

John Paul Jones - 6/3/46 (John Paul Jones)
Ian Hunter - 6/3/46 (Mott the Hoople)
Curtis Mayfield - 6/3/42 (Superfly)
Suzi Quatro - 6/3/50 (Stumblin In)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 3rd, 2004

54 years ago - Singer Suzie Quatro is born. (1950)

52 years ago - Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist Billy Powell is born. (1952)

40 years ago - The Beatles' Ringo Starr collapses during a photo shoot for the Saturday Evening Post in London. He is hospitalized with tonsilllitis and pharyngitis. The next day, the Beatles leave for a world tour with drummer Jimmy Nicol as Starr's replacement. Ringo returns June 12th in Australia. (1964)

37 years ago - The Doors "Light My Fire" is releasd. In two months, the song is number One. (1967)

37 years ago - Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell make their debut as a duo on the R&B chart with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." (1967)

34 years ago - Head Kink Ray Davies jets from New York to London to re-record one word in the song "Lola." The BBC banned commercial references in songs so instead of "Coca-Cola," Ray had to say "cherry cola." (1970)

34 years ago - Jimi Hendrix's live album "Band of Gypsies" goes gold.

32 years ago - The Rolling Stones begin their eight week "Exile On Main Street" North American tour in Vancouver. Stevie Wonder is the opening act. (1972)

32 years ago - The Eagles "Take It Easy" is released. (1972)

23 years ago - Phil Collins releases his first solo alum, Face Value. (1981)

13 years ago - Willie Nelson releases his "Who'll Buy My Memories - The IRS Tapes" LP. The album is comprised of tunes seized by the feds and will go towards paying off his $16 million tax bill. (1991)

11 years ago - U2 signs a 10 year, six album deal with Island Records. The deal includes a 25% royalty rate. (1993)


While walking along the sidewalk in front of his church, our minister
heard the intoning of a prayer that nearly made his collar wilt.
Apparently, his 5-year-old son and his playmates had found a dead
Feeling that proper burial should be performed, they had secured a
small box and cotton batting, then dug a hole and made ready for the
disposal of the deceased. The minister's son was chosen to say the appropriate prayers and with sonorous dignity intoned his version of what he thought his father always said: Glory be unto the Faaaather, and unto the Sonnn ..... and into the hole he gooooes."

Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman - Stumblin In


Our love is alive and so we begin
Foolishly layin' our hearts on the table, stumblin' in
Our love is a flame burnin' within
Now and then fire light will catch us, stumblin' in

Wherever you go, whatever you do
You know these reckless thoughts of mine are followin' you

I've fallen for you, whatever you do
'Cause baby you've shown me so many things that I never knew

Whatever it takes, baby, I'll do it for you

Happy Thursday.............

Message: 33654 Posted: Thu Jun 03 04:21:07 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: RE: Concert Playlist

DanC, that must have been great! I wish Gerry and Dewey would play it again. How about it, guys?

Message: 33653 Posted: Wed Jun 02 23:45:47 2004 By: TommieGirl
Subject: Tacoma, WA

Whoo hoo! Looove it! I've been waiting and waiting for the guys to get back to the boat. Dewey - Gerry - I'll be there with bells on!

Message: 33652 Posted: Wed Jun 02 19:21:13 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: live chat ~ windwave

Hi windwave :)

Yep we are at live chat, try to reload it... you may have to lock in a user name... some have had to do that to get in. Hope to get to talk soon Nancy :)

Message: 33651 Posted: Wed Jun 02 18:58:01 2004 By: msmith
Subject: live chat

i haven't chatted in a while. clicked on the link for live chat and the parachute chat thing wouldn't load. a couple of questions. is anyone chatting tonight? is the parachute chat thing working or is it my computer that's at fault for not loading it up? thx. msmith aka windwave

Message: 33650 Posted: Wed Jun 02 18:45:17 2004 By: Dan
Subject: Re: Concert Playlist

I got lucky and caught them performing Hell's On Fire back when they were touring for Encore. First time we got a pick. First row for two sets on Peoria's riverfront back in 91. Hell's on Fire definetly rocked out "Live". Other highlights that night, if I recall, were Here and Old Man Took, both of which rocked. Got my ticks for John Fogerty in July. One of my all time faves and I can't hardly wait.DanC

Message: 33649 Posted: Wed Jun 02 18:27:25 2004 By: NancyM
Subject: Concert Playlist

Hi, Gerry and Dewey! As a longtime fan of America (since 1972), if you are thinking of adding new songs to your list, how about "Till the Sun Comes Up Again" and "Hell's on Fire". I just love that oldie- it's one of my favorites. And "Hell's on Fire" really rocks!
See you in Atlantic City!

Message: 33648 Posted: Wed Jun 02 16:54:28 2004 By: RichM
Subject: Birchmere Random Thoughts

I used to live in DC...the Birchmere rocks. I've seen America there twice now. Once for a sold out show, the other for a packed (but not quite full) house. Last time I saw them there they played a really long set. 4 songs from Human Nature plus Last Unicorn (and maybe Survival).


Message: 33647 Posted: Wed Jun 02 15:01:00 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Birchmere

Tickets are now on sale for the Birchmere shows on October 1 and 2.

Message: 33646 Posted: Wed Jun 02 07:26:06 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Bones!/Re: Erin

Nina, the word "steal" isn't really a good word to use when dealing with school equipment. You'll have to hear to line of B.S. I got waiting for them when the big copier in the media center doesn't make it back this fall. Don't teachers take copiers home for the summer at your school? (hehehe)

Message: 33645 Posted: Wed Jun 02 06:45:52 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B, H, &

Charlie Watts (6/2/41) - Rolling Stones
William Guest (6/2/41 - Gladys Knight & the Pips

This Day in Rock & Roll History
June 2nd, 2004

108 years ago - Guglieimo Marconi's radio is patented in the U.S. (1896)

40 years ago - The Rolling Stones play their first show in the United States as part of a tour that also included The Chiffons, Bobby Goldsboro and Bobby Vee. The show took place in Lynn, Massachusetts. (1964)

40 years ago - The Associated Press writes of the Rolling Stones "..they are dirtier and streakier and more disheveled than the Beatles and in some places, they are more popular than the Beatles."

37 years ago - David Bowie releases his debut album. (1967)

31 years ago - Paul McCartney and Wings have the #1 song on the chart with "My Love"...It's in the first of its three straight weeks at the top. (1973)

31 years ago - Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham dumps a bucket of water on legendary concert promoter Bill Graham following an argument at a show in San Francisco. (1973)

26 years ago - Bruce Springsteen's long awaited album, "Darkness On The Edge of Town" is released. Springsteen was prevented from recording for a year due to litigation involving his former manager. (1978) The album included the tracks "Badlands," "Prove It All Night" and the title track. (1978)

16 years ago - True story -- James Brown's wife Adrienne claims diplomatic immunity while fighting numerous traffic violations under the grounds that she's the wife of the Official Ambassador of Soul. (1988)

15 years ago - Rolling Stone bassist Bill Wyman marries 19 year old model Mandy Smith. He is 52. They divorce 2 years later. And in a twisted side note, Wyman's son dated Mandy's mother! (1989)

12 years ago - Rod Stewart and his model wife Rachel Hunter have a baby girl, Renee. (1992)


1. "Okay, okay! I take it back. Un___ you". * Excuse the language

2. "You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing".

3. "Well this day was a total waste of make-up"

4. "Well aren't we a bloody ray of sunshine?"

5. "Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after."

6. "Do I look like a people person?"

7. "This isn't an office. It's hell with fluorescent lighting"

8. "I started out with nothing and still have most of it left"

9. "Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble wrap is cheap. You choose"

10. "I'm not crazy. I've been in a very bad mood for 30 years."

11. "Sarcasm is just one more service I offer."

12. "Do they ever shut up on your planet?"

13. "I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable"

14. "Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you
haven't gone to sleep yet"

15. "Back off!! You're standing in my aura."

16. "Don't worry. I forgot your name too."

17. "I work 45 hours a week to be this poor."

18. "Not all men are annoying. Some are dead."

19. "Wait...I'm trying to imagine you with a personality"

20. "Chaos, panic and disorder ... my work here is done."

21. "Ambivalent? Well yes and no."

22. "You look like crap. Is that the style now?"

23. "Earth is full. Go home."

24. "Aw, did I step on your poor little bitty ego?"

25. "I'm not tense, just terribly, terribly alert."

26. "You are depriving some village of an idiot!"

I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no

When I'm drivin' in my car, and the man come on the radio
He's tellin' me more and more about some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination

I can't get no. Oh, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey
That's what I say
I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no satisfaction
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no

When I'm watchin' my TV and a man comes on and tell me
How white my shirts can be
But, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke
The same cigarettes as me

Message: 33644 Posted: Wed Jun 02 06:17:17 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Re: Bones!/Re: Erin

Bones...As always, you come through for me in a pinch! Do you rescue damsels in distress for a living? (Did you REALLY steal a computer from school????)

P.S. My brother tried a second cable modem, and NO luck!

P.P.S. Erin...Best wishes on your wonderful wedding this coming Saturday! Hope the sun shines for you!

Message: 33643 Posted: Tue Jun 01 21:31:55 2004 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: totally off topic

much love to u both Erin! remember that a "perfect" wedding results in no stories for your children. have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Message: 33642 Posted: Tue Jun 01 18:45:21 2004 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Emerald Queen Show

The following show has been added to the summer concert schedule. Thanks go to Erin Edwards for letting us know about it.

7/24/04 Tacoma, WA - Emerald Queen Casino (

Message: 33641 Posted: Tue Jun 01 16:59:41 2004 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Off Topic/Computers

Nina, here's what you do cause it worked for me a few years ago. Tell your school you would like to take one of the better computers home for the summer. When school starts up again, tell them "your" dog chewed the computer up so bad you had to throw it away. Also tell them you yelled at the dog for 25 minutes after it happened. Then tell them the dog was badly injured by a tank while you were at the July 4th day parade. If that doesn't work, try a cable modem. See you at the Mohegan.

Message: 33640 Posted: Tue Jun 01 11:51:24 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: VH1

Has anyone seen VH1 latest countdown list??
It is called "50 Most awesomely bad songs ever". I have watched a few songs here and there, and disagree with most of their picks. However, my niece (Stephanie, who also adores America) told me that the song 'Final countdown' - Europe was ranked #20. Apparently, one of the stars (who must be currently out of work) was giving their tidbit of information and said that all bands named after countries suck.
They mentioned Asia and America and even went the distance to show the "Homecoming" album. She of course screamed at the TV. I hate to report such bad publicity, but who comes up with these lists?
I must say I do like a few of these songs, and admit at the time there were quite a few hits in this group??

If you are interested in the rest of the list:
50 Sunglasses at Night Corey Hart
49 I'll Be Missing You Various Artists
48 Something in Common Bobby Brown
47 Two Princes Spin Doctors
46 Sorry 2004 Ruben Studdard
45 We Didn't Start the Fire Billy Joel
44 Make Em Say Ugh, Pt. 2 Master P
43 Some Girls (Dance With Women) JC Chasez
42 What's Up? 4 Non Blondes
41 Informer Snow
40 Mesmerize Ja Rule
39 From a Distance Bette Midler
38 I Wanna Sex You Up Color Me Badd
37 Heartbeat Don Johnson
36 Jenny from the Block Jennifer Lopez
35 Broken Wings Mr. Mister
34 You Remind Me of Something R. Kelly
33 Pimp Juice Nelly
32 I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Meat Loaf
31 Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley
30 Rump Shaker Wreckx n Effect
29 The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You Bryan Adams
28 You Rock My World Michael Jackson
27 Sussudio Phil Collins
26 Thong Song Sisqó
25 Dancing on the Ceiling Lionel Richie
24 Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) Toby Keith
23 You're the Inspiration Chicago
22 Pumps and a Bump Hammer
21 I'm Too Sexy Right Said Fred
20 The Final Countdown Europe
19 MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM Crash Test Dummies
18 Will 2k [Featuring K-Ci] Will Smith
17 Hangin' Tough New Kids on the Block
16 The Heart of Rock & Roll Huey Lewis
15 Don't Worry, Be Happy Various Artists
14 She Bangs Ricky Martin
13 Party All the Time Eddie Murphy
12 Breakfast At Tiffany's Deep Blue Something
11 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
10 Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) Limp Bizkit
9 Everybody Have Fun Tonight Wang Chung
8 We Built This City Starship

7 - 1 not listed on VH1

Message: 33639 Posted: Tue Jun 01 11:38:19 2004 By: Kristal
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Very well said Kade!

Congrats Erin!!

Message: 33638 Posted: Tue Jun 01 09:58:07 2004 By: Traveler
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Machiefs, That advice only works if you are a guy. Erin was asking as a female. WE ARE NEVER WRONG !!! lol

Message: 33630 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:21:11 2004 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: totally off topic
My best marital advice: Repeat after me, "You were right, dear. I was wrong. I've never been happier."

Message: 33637 Posted: Tue Jun 01 08:41:11 2004 By: Erin
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Thanks to everyone for the great comments....they are very much appreciated. We picked All My Life as our first dance song...should be pretty cool.
Hope you all have a great week!

Erin :o)

Message: 33636 Posted: Tue Jun 01 08:11:33 2004 By: Kade
Subject: Re: totally off topic

HI Erin! Since you asked...As tough as it may seem at times,keep communicating with eachother.Also,fight fairly!! As far as your wonderful wedding day goes...Right before you take those first steps down the aisle,STOP...LOOK AROUND YOU!!! Even for just 10 seconds. No one else will notice! Look at your beautiful wedding and future husband and all the friends and family that are there and love you.It will be a picture that you will always remember and better than any photo. Have a great day and wonderful future!! Kade

Message: 33635 Posted: Tue Jun 01 07:28:12 2004 By: Jed
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Erin - Bless your heart... good luck!

Message: 33634 Posted: Tue Jun 01 07:08:37 2004 By: Nancy
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Hi :)

Best Wishes Erin & Hubby to be! ~~~Hmmm ~ Your Wedding day will fly by quickly so be sure too Enjoy it, take the time to do what you want on this day, things have a way of falling into place. Marriage is kinda like a full time job, soooo stay focused on the Friendship that brought you to this day and sprinkle it with Love, Laughter & Respect for one another, and it will grow on a Strong Foundation. Wishing you lots of Blessings & Many Happy, Healthy Years together!

Take care ~~ Nancy :)

~~All my life, without a doubt I give you all my life, now and forever, till the day I die, you and I will share~ all the things this changing world can offer, and soooo I sing, I'd be happy just to stay this way, spend each day with you, there was a time when I just thought that I would lose my mind, you came along and then the sun did shine ~~~ Sing it Gerry :) All My Life, I will carry you through all my life, between each hour of the passing days, I will stay with you.... Want this all my life, wanted this all my life...:)

Message: 33633 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:46:14 2004 By: Anita
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Erin: RUN, NOW!!! Just kidding!!! I've been married 27 years! There will be good times and bad . . . sometimes you'll need to count to 10 . . . but it's definitely worth it! Congratulations!

Message: 33632 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:41:13 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: totally off topic

Remember Erin, there's a "slight" difference between your wedding vows and your fiance's.

Your wedding vows: "I promise to love, honor and cherish."

Your fiance's vows: "I promise to love, honor and obey."

See? Slight but VERY important! :o)

Message: 33631 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:37:22 2004 By: Nina
Subject: Off Topic/Computers

Hi all! Has anyone been having trouble with their home computer(s)? I'm a true novice, but have had two fairly expert computer friends stop by to see what the problem could be...and neither have set it right yet! I can't connect with the internet because "something about the modem and dial tone?" If it's something "I" did, I'd like to correct it; if it's a virus, etc. I'd like to know! Haven't called netzero yet because they always put me through to someone I can't understand...whether it's the high-tech lingo or a foreigner, I don't know! HELP! Thanks!

Message: 33630 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:21:11 2004 By: macchiefs
Subject: Re: totally off topic

My best marital advice: Repeat after me, "You were right, dear. I was wrong. I've never been happier."

Message: 33629 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:20:37 2004 By: red oak
Subject: B'days, History & more Stella

6/01/47 - Ron Wood (Faces, Rolling Stones)

This Day in Rock & Roll History
Today is June 1, 2004

57 years ago Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood is born. (1947)

40 years ago The Rolling Stones arrive in New York to begin their first U.S. tour. Their first gig was at a high school stadium near Boston. (1964)

37 years ago The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" LP is released in Britain. Two days later it will be released in the States. (1967)

36 years ago Six months after quitting Traffic, guitarist and songwriter Dave Mason re-joins the group. He quit again that October. (1968)

33 years ago Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi is opened to the public. (1971)

31 years ago The James Bond thriller, "Live and Let Die" opens. The movie features the title track by Paul McCartney and Wings. (1973)

30 years ago Alanis Morisette is born. (1974)

29 years ago The Rolling Stones begin their first tour with new guitarist Ron Wood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (1975)

13 years ago Ex-Temptation David Ruffin dies in Philadelphia of a cocaine overdose. Ruffin had sung lead vocal on some of the Temps biggest hits, "My Girl" and "Ain't Too Proud Too Beg." (1991)

1st Place. This year's runaway winner was Mr. Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mr. Grazinski purchased a brand new Winnebago Motor Home. On his trip home from an OU football game, having driven onto the Freeway, he set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left the drivers seat to go into the back and make himself a cup of coffee. Not surprisingly the RV left the Freeway, crashed and overturned. Mr. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not advising him in the owner's manual that he could not actually do this. The jury awarded him $1,750,000 plus a new Winnebago Motor Home. The company actually changed their manuals on the basis of this suit just in case there were any other complete morons buying their recreation vehicles!

It's Only Rock n Roll - Rolling Stones

If I could stick my pen in my heart
And spill it all over the stage
Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya
Would you think the boy is strange? Ain't he strange?

If I could win ya, if I could sing ya
A love song so divine
Would it be enough for your cheating heart
If I broke down and cried? If I cried?

I said I know it's only rock 'n roll but I like it
I know it's only rock 'n roll but I like it, like it, yes, I do
Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it
I said can't you see that this old boy has been a lonely?

Get down Mick!!!!!!

Message: 33628 Posted: Tue Jun 01 06:07:28 2004 By: Johnny
Subject: "California"

Saw on tv the other day an advertisement for Wilson Phillips' new CD of cover songs titled "California" which was released last week. It's a tribute to the 'California sound'. Thought maybe an America song would be included such as "Ventura Highway" but unfortunately not.

The songs are: You're No Good; Old Man; California; Already Gone; Turn! Turn! Turn!; Monday, Monday; Get Together; Doctor My Eyes; Dance Dance Dance; In My Room.

[Best wishes, Erin!]

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Relax. Have fun. Everything will fall into place. Anything that goes wrong will be what you'll get to laugh about together over the years.
And by the way: Congrats!

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