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Message: 165 Posted: Mon Jun 30 12:12:54 1997 By:
Subject: New Photos from Reno and Rio

Luísa Künning (from Brazil) sent me some new photos from the 1995/1996 concert in Reno and the 1997 concert in Rio. You can see them at the following URLs:


Thanks a lot Luísa from all of us.

Message: 164 Posted: Sun Jun 29 20:14:57 197 By:
Subject: Video


Any news on the America in Manila video?


Message: 163 Posted: Mon Jun 23 21:38:30 1997 By:
Subject: Johnc - AMERICA 1998 (2nd reply)

I wasn't sure if my first post made it because I got kicked off by AOL. So I rewrote it and I'm going to post it again (even though some of the information is the same). Here goes:

John, sorry nothing too new in the newsletter, which is used to basically cover people at various AMERICA shows. Glad you are saving space for the expected new AMERIA CD in 1998. We are also expecting the Capitol material to be released in the near future as you have probably read.

As you may know, the Capitol years represented a sea of change for AMERICA & resulted in some of their most creative, expansive music to date. GERRY & DEWEY poured enormous amounts of time & energy into these LP'S & this effort continued onto HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN. The new CD is expected to break new ground once again with a seasoned producer at the helm & some fresh ideas at hand.

So let's all be prepared to spread the word in any way, shape or form - once the NEW one is released in 1998.

So let's enjoy them live in 1997 & look forward to some great things in 1998 from AMERICA!

Message: 162 Posted: Sun Jun 22 22:41:48 1997 By:
Subject: Johnc - AMERICA 1998

Sorry John, nothing really new in the newsletter, just as support at some shows to surface AMERICA'S LP & CD portfolio. All the best info is in this AMERICA Web page.
AMERICA 1998. Can't wait until that Capitol material is out. The Capitol years produced some of AMERICA'S most creative work. SILENT LETTER, ALIBI, VIEW FROM THE GROUND, YOUR MOVE & PERSPECTIVE.
Did you know that I NEED YOU & ALL MY LIFE were originally composed on guitar ? If you have seen AMERICA live this year, you should be able to see & hear GERRY perform I NEED YOU on his 6 string signature model acoustic guitar. Last year he performed ALL MY LIFE acoustically, on special occasions.
Stay tuned, AMERICA is forever !

Message: 161 Posted: Sun Jun 22 21:17:17 1997 By:
Subject: I SECOND THAT!!

I've got my calendar marked off -- 1998 is The Year Of America!! I have exactly five open slots in my CD collection, and hopefully they will be filled in 1998!

Hey, Jim, don't you put out a newsletter? That last one you sent me last fall was pretty good. Got anything new?


Message: 160 Posted: Sat Jun 21 23:56:25 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA 1998 & BEYOND

It's all looking like 1998 will be very big for AMERICA. GERRY & DEWEY are gathering their energies to put together their greatest collection of songs, yet. AMERICA has always put 110% into every album. The Capitol material should be out on CD in early 1998. It's all looking like a great future. We will need everyone's support to spread the word, once the new CD comes out.
I can sense an air of excitement around AMERICA, 1998 will be BIG ! Hope you all get to see AMERICA live this year & all have AMERICA'S latest HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN. They are both OUTSTANDING examples of AMERICA'S creative talents. GERRY & DEWEY forever !!!

Message: 159 Posted: Sat Jun 21 23:47:49 1997 By:

Basically 2 chord changes/measure. Em, D, Bm, cmaj7th & G#m
Pretty quick chord changes. Hope this helps.

Message: 158 Posted: Sat Jun 21 20:55:59 1997 By:
Subject: America at Pine Knob, MI 6-19-97

My wife Cheryl and I had the pleasure of seeing America perform with Three Dog Night on the above date. This was the third time we've seen the two together and as always both were excellent. We have also seen both bands perform seperately on numerous occasions. America as always was in great form. They improve with age similar to Three Dog Night. We both noted that Gerry played guitar during "I Need You", rather than keyboards. That was unusual for him. If anyone gets the chance to see these classic rockers together we highly recommend it! You won't be disappointed.

Message: 157 Posted: Sat Jun 21 17:29:37 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Gerry Beckley Signature Guitar


Jim sent me a message regarding the GB Signature Guitar. He said that only 50 GB guitars were made & Taylor has shipped all 50. He went thru a dealer in Lansing Michigan, ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS. They are a very large dealer who has a very fair mail order discount, same or better than Jim has ever negotiated. They had 2, perhaps 1 left. You can call them at (517)372-5155.

By the way, Leakycanoe, what's your e-mail address in case someone wants to send you a personal message? If you don't want to post it on this folder you could send it to me at and I'll keep it confidential.


Message: 156 Posted: Sat Jun 21 08:35:44 1997 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Gerry Beckley Signature Guitar

Hi Jim,
Your a luckyman to have the Gerry Beckley Signature Taylor guitar!!! May I ask were you were able to find one? Did you have to go to the factory in El Cajon? Thanks and enjoy!!

Message: 155 Posted: Thu Jun 19 21:06:29 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Riverside

I don't know, either, why the lyrics were changed to Riverside. If I find out I'll pass it along. Perhaps the guys simply got tired of singing the same words over and over during their opening song and decided to change it a little. I know that Gerry changes Sister Golden Hair a little in concert to say "I think we're gonna all make it" on the last verse.

Message: 154 Posted: Thu Jun 19 19:50:40 1997 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: Riverside

Good Question Federico!....... I wondered myself......Hourglass is a great cd.....Dewey really came back strong!

Message: 153 Posted: Thu Jun 19 13:58:56 1997 By:
Subject: Riverside

reading about the lyrics of Riverside: can anyone tell me why the guys changed them, it's my big curiosity!!.....;)

Gerry and Dewey: i really, really love your performance in Hourglass; i'm looking forward to listen to new cd especially those songs that will be played by all the band....:)

Thanks a lot


Message: 152 Posted: Wed Jun 18 21:02:40 1997 By:
Subject: Peace

Just got the new Peace CD a few days ago. I have to agree with the
general consensus that it is overall a better album than the first,
namely because it has a more upbeat, rocking sound than the first,
the lyrics are a bit less trite, and of course because Dan adds his vocals on many of the tracks. The problem is that on several of Dan's tracks his voice is a bit overwhelmed by the instrumentalization. Aside from the poor mixing, Dan's songs aren't half bad.


Message: 151 Posted: Wed Jun 18 20:57:44 1997 By:
Subject: Thoughtscape thought...

Scott has long been our conduit for America CD release information.
Where would we be without him???

Oh well, all you fellow Americans, looks like we've got to put our
parties on hold until January... (sigh)


P.S. The silver lining is that we might be able to usher in America's
new album with this onslaught of re-releases!

Message: 150 Posted: Wed Jun 18 16:46:33 1997 By:
Subject: One Way Releases

I spoke with Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds today and he told me that he just spoke with Terry Wachsmuth of One Way Records about the upcoming releases of Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective. Terry said that his company (One Way) is swamped with work and that is why the America albums have been delayed. No contract has been signed yet but he is confident that it will be shortly. He is so confident that he has instructed his designers to begin the artwork for the albums. Terry also said that the earliest that the albums would be released is December of this year, but more likely it would be in January of 1998. According to Scott, no one releases a CD in December because it won't make it out in time for the Christmas season. Therefore, I think it would be safe to say that the One Way Releases are coming, but it will probably be early 1998 before we see them. At least they're coming!


Message: 149 Posted: Tue Jun 17 14:04:55 1997 By:
Subject: Gerry Beckley Signature Guitar

Jim Nakao was kind enough to provide me with a JPEG photo of his recently acquired Gerry Beckley signature guitar. I have added the photo along with a closeup of the "signature fret" to the America In Concert Museum web page:


Take a look at the last two entries in "Gerry's Room" of the museum. Many thanks to Jim for these and the other photos that he has provided. He has promised that he'll continue to send more for our enjoyment.


Message: 148 Posted: Tue Jun 17 13:57:00 1997 By:
Subject: RE: You stay on yourside and I'll stay on mine


The new lyrics are:

"I won't take you anywhere you don't want to go ....."

"I won't tell you anything don't want to know ......"


Message: 147 Posted: Fri Jun 13 16:41:39 1997 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: You stay on yourside and I'll stay on mine

I have noticed that in the live version of "Riverside", Dewey and Gerry have changed the lyric line "You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine". Has anybody been able to make out what the new lyric is?

Message: 146 Posted: Wed Jun 11 22:52:01 1997 By:
Subject: RE: You Can Do Magic

I'm sorry, but I don't have the chords to You Can Do Magic. I only have the chords to the Warner Brother's songs.


Message: 145 Posted: Sat Jun 07 11:16:17 1997 By: RJEM@WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Subject: YOU CAN DO MAGIC (america)


Message: 144 Posted: Thu Jun 05 17:08:57 1997 By:
Subject: reply to John

I think we use NTSC here and I'll try to ask a friend to record the concert for me because I'm scheduled for a vacation on the weekend of the broadcast. Hope he's available!

Message: 143 Posted: Tue Jun 03 09:44:13 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Laser News


Thanks for the information on the "Live In Central Park" re-release. I was lucky enough to track down a copy of the original release a couple of years ago and it's something that every America fan should own. Even though I don't have a laserdisc player I found someone who did and they created a copy on VHS for me.


Message: 142 Posted: Tue Jun 03 01:17:33 1997 By:
Subject: Laser News

To all you laserdisc collectors:

Pioneer has just rereleased "Live In Central Park" in remastered Dolby
Digital sound on laserdisc. The tracks are the same as the original
LD, and the cover is nearly identical, but the sound should be a vast
improvement over current copies in circulation. To the good folks at
Pioneer -- way to go!!! (I believe copies are running around the
$30 range.)


P.S. A quick thought -- I know this probably won't happen, but what
if Peace was the opening act for America this summer?... Interesting
possibilities there, but I'm sure Dan, for his own reasons, probably
wants to keep his distance and his own distinct identity.

Message: 141 Posted: Tue Jun 03 00:38:42 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject: America comes to Hawaii!

Hey all America fans! This summer's the time to come to Hawaii...visit Paradise, and see America in 2 FREE concerts at BayFest '97!! They will be performing at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, with a backdrop of beautiful Kaneohe Bay on the windward side of Oahu, on July 18 and 19 at 9 pm. Concerts are free with $2.50 BayFest admission (BayFest is Oahu's biggest watersports carnival, and also has many local entertainers, carnival rides, and watersports you can take part in.) Don't miss it!

Message: 140 Posted: Mon Jun 02 08:33:36 1997 By:
Subject: Latest Concert Schedule

Here's the latest concert schedule as of June 1st. Hope all of you can make it to a show(s) this summer!!

REMEMBER, this schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, and check with local Ticketmaster or ticket agency.....or venue to doublecheck the concert and starting times. ALL VENUE INFO/TIMES ARE LISTED


6/1/97 City of Industry, CA The Hop 7:30 and 8:30
6/3/97 Victorville, CA. San Bernadino Co. Fair 7 & 9pm
6/6/97 Redondo, CA Club Caprice
6/7/97 Coto de Caza, CA Racket Club
6/14/97 Las Vegas, NV Texas Boulder Station 8 & 11 pm
6/15/97 Stockton, CA San Joaquin Co. Fair 7 &9 pm
6/19/97 Clarkston, MI Pine Knob 7:30pm
6/21/97 Ocean City, NJ "Families First Festival" 8pm
6/22/97 Uncasville, CT. The Wolf Den...Mohegan Sun Casino 2 shows
6/26/97 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest Noon & 6 pm
6/27/97 Omaha, NB. Memorial Park
6/28/97 Flora, IL Charlie Brown Park 9 pm
6/29/97 Muskegon, MI Summer Celebration 8:30 pm
6/30/97 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre 8 PM
7/2/97 Richmond, VA. Innsbrook Pavilion
7/03/97 Ocean City, MD. Inlet Beach 7 pm
7/04/97 Newport News, VA. Virginia Beach Superblock Party 8:30pm
7/5/97 Naperville, IL Rib Fest 8 pm
7/6/97 Clinton, IA Riverview Park fair 8 pm
7/11/97 Walker, MN. Moon Dance Ranch Jam Festival
7/18/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97
7/19/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97
7/25/97 Costa Mesa, CA. Orange County Fair 7 and 9 pm
7/31/97 St. Louis, MO Union Station 8pm
8/1/97 Wichita, KS Cortillion Ball Room 10:15pm
8/2/97 Arnolds Park, IA Roof Garden Ballroom
8/6/97 Paso Robles, CA. Mid State Fair 6 and 8:30pm
8/8/97 Napa, CA Napa Town and Country Fairgrounds 8 and 10 pm
8/15/97 San Mateo, CA San Mateo Co. Fair 5 & 7 pm
8/16/97 Boston, MA City Hall Plaza 7pm
8/19/97 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair 8 pm with Air Supply
8/20/97 Rye, NY Playland Amusement Park
8/22/97 Kettering, OH Delco Park 8:30 pm
8/23/97 Elgin, IL. Hemens Theatre
8/24/97 Baltimore, MD. Pier Six Concert Pavilion 8pm
8/26/97 North Tonawanda, NY Melody Fair 8pm
8/27/97 Latham, NY Starlite Music Theatre 8pm
8/30/97 Gilford, NH
8/31/97 Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront 9pm
9/4/97-9/17/97 Sparks, NV 16 shows total (including 2 shows on Sat. 9/6 and 2 shows on Sat. 9/13)
9/21/97 Yakima, WA. Washington Fair 3pm
9/27/97 Baltimore, MD Loyola College
10/3/97 San Diego, CA Humphrey's

Message: 139 Posted: Sun Jun 01 20:40:40 1997 By:
Subject: Manila concert broadcast


Aren't YOU our contact in Manila? Perhaps you could tape the video
for the rest of us... Got an NTSC VHS player? (That's American
standard, as opposed to European. I don't know what the standard
VCR is in the Philippines, though.)

Message: 138 Posted: Sun Jun 01 17:30:45 1997 By:
Subject: thanks

Thanks to all of you guys. Your messages are like bright rays of sunshine in the middle of an overcast, gloomy Monday down here. The America concert last May 22 will be aired on a local TV station on June 27, so if you have contacts in Manila, you can ask them to record it. Last week, reviews of the four-day engagement came out and they all spoke of how a lot of people (even those below 20) found America's music enjoyable. But - it's history. There are a lot of upcoming shows waiting for more people out there and I hope that I'd get another chance to attend another concert in the future. Looking forward to that new album, too.


Message: 136 Posted: Sun Jun 01 17:22:18 1997 By:
Subject: Salt Lake City Concert

Three concerts in three weeks. How lucky can a guy get? First Las Vegas, then St. George, and now Salt Lake City.

The Salt Lake City classic is an all-day affair that began in 1977. It is sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Utah and the proceeds are used to benefit the needy children of Utah. The event began with a 10K run and a 5K walk and ended with the America concert. In between there were lots of activities and plenty of food and fun.

The evening activites were held at Franklin Quest field, home of the Salt Lake City Buzz (Pacific Coast league triple A baseball team). The stage was positioned on the warning track in center field and concession stands were all over the infield area. The weather was hot (95 degrees) and the skies were clear and everybody was in the mood for a great concert. At 7 pm the opening act, Shagg, came out to warm up the audience. Since the theme of the event was "remembering the 70's", Shagg performed a number of up-tempo disco songs reminiscent of the 70's. They kept mentioning that the great band of the 70's, 80's, and 90's, America, would be coming out soon and that got a lot of applause. After 40 minutes of disco hits Shagg left the stage and then Rooster put the finishing touches on the equipment so that it would be ready for the 8 pm appearance of America.

Between the two acts, the DJ's from the sponsoring radio station announced that there were over 12,000 people in attendance, which made this the largest attended Salt Lake City classic ever. I guess they should always invite America to play.

I hung out near the side of the stage before the concert began watching for Dewey and Gerry to come out. Willie, Brad, and Michael were already warming up behind the stage but Dewey and Gerry were in the club house eating a Boston Market chicken dinner. As I was waiting, a little boy (about 11 years old) stood beside me holding a history CD booklet. He was hoping to get it signed by Gerry and Dewey. I told him that he needed to have a pen in order to get them to sign it and then I pulled one out of my pocket. I told him he could use it if they happened to stop by us.

A few minutes later I saw Dewey walking on the warning track from the club house toward the stage. As he got closer I waved to him and he recognized me. He came over to the rope where I was waiting and we exchanged greetings. The little boy then asked if he could have an autograph and Dewey started fumbling in his bag for a pen. I pulled mine out and let him use it to autograph the boy's booklet. He also took a couple of minutes to do some autographs for other admiring fans. It was almost time to start by then so he bid everyone farewell and went behind the stage. About then Gerry came walking out and he also recognized me. He walked up and shook my hand and we talked for a few seconds. Gerry then signed the little boy's booklet and then rushed behind the stage. I know that the guys were under pressure to get backstage but I was impressed by the time they were willing to spend with their fans.

Since this event didn't have reserved seating and I didn't get there in time to get near the front, I had to sit about 50 feet from the stage. But I still had a good view of the guys and I avoided a fight that broke out near the front of the stage. The fight erupted near the end of a song and after the song Gerry and Dewey tried to break it up by telling the guys to calm down. Then they suggested that those who didn't want to listen go to the side of the stadium so that those who wanted to, could hear. That got a tremendous ovation and the police were happy to escort the offenders out of the stadium. The rest of the concert proceeded without incident.

At 8 pm sharp the sponsoring DJ came out and announced that it was time for America to play. He told all of those who were sitting on the grass in the outfield to stand and welcome America. And stand they did! For the next 80 minutes everyone stood, clapped, danced, sang, and thoroughly enjoyed America.

The band started by playing Riverside and Ventura Highway. Before playing the next song, You Can Do Magic, Gerry dedicated it to John Stockton and the Utah Jazz who had just defeated the Houston Rockets. That got a big cheer from the fans.

Brad then sang Don't Cross the River which was followed by Daisy Jane, Mirror to Mirror, Another Try, and The Last Unicorn. Three Roses was next followed by I Need You, Tin Man, and Woman Tonight. Only In Your Heart received a thunderous applause as did California Dreamin', and Lonely People. Green Monkey got everyone dancing and it was followed by Never Be Lonely, Sandman and Sister Golden Hair. The guys went backstage after Sister Golden Hair while the audience stood and
cheered for them to come back.

When they did come back on stage Dewey announced that they had forgot to play a couple of songs anyway so they were happy to come back. California Revisited was the first of the duo and Horse With No Name was the finale.

All too soon the concert was over and after the cheering died down everyone filed out of the stadium, satisfied that they had seen a quality band put on a quality performance. I was especially impressed because I know that the guys had returned from Guam only two days before and were probably still suffering from jet lag. But you never would have guessed it with all of the energy and quality that they put into the concert. That's just the way America is ....


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