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Message: 233 Posted: Wed Jul 30 16:57:18 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Finding "Timothy"

Maybe I had a morbid sense of humor back then, but I really liked the song "Timothy" (I was a teenager at the time). The song was not sung by America -- it was sung by a group called the Buoys (like the marker that floats in the water). I don't believe they had any other hits besides that one. Perhaps this information will help you find the lyrics.

Good luck,

Message: 232 Posted: Wed Jul 30 16:42:52 1997 By:
Subject: Finding "Timothy"

I've been trying to find the lyrics to that song about the trapped miners who ate "Timothy". It was out in the late 70's. Of the handful of people that remember the song, 2 have said they think America sang it. Maybe it's not called Timothy? Some of the lyrics were:

And Joe said to me, I'll take a piece,
and then, there's some, for you.
Timothy, Timothy, Joe was lookin at you
Timothy, Timothy, God what did we do?

My stomach was full as it could be
and nobody ever got around to finding... Timothy.

I would appreciate anyone who could help.

Message: 231 Posted: Tue Jul 29 10:58:58 1997 By:
Subject: Contest Page

Is everyone ready to have a little fun??? I have added a contest page to this website that will give you all a chance to see how smart (or lucky) you are.

The URL is


and the rules are explained there. The prize is the chance to be one of the first to see some never-before-seen photos.

Happy guessing!


Message: 230 Posted: Tue Jul 29 10:54:48 1997 By:
Subject: RE: New album, etc.


The guys are still planning on recording a new album but no definite timetable has been set (at least, not that I'm aware of). As for the Capitol albums, I received word from One Way records that they have been delayed until the first of the new year. It is likely that Silent Letter and Your Move will come out first follwed by Alibi and Perspective a month or so later. We're all disappointed that the release has been delayed but glad that that they are still coming. With the 4 Capitol albums and a new CD, 1998 looks like it will be a great year for America and America Fans.


Message: 229 Posted: Tue Jul 29 10:39:56 1997 By:
Subject: New album, etc.

What is the latest word on America recording a new album? The last I heard was that there were plans to go into the studio soon with the possiblity of Gary Katz (of Steely Dan fame) producing it. Is that still in the plans? Also, is it possible to get the America albums that were released on Capitol Records on CD yet? I know there were some rumors that it would be in the Fall sometime. Thanks!

Message: 228 Posted: Tue Jul 29 10:18:10 1997 By:

AMERICA has never attempted to go out & force their opinion on public issues, the way some other celebs have done. They don't try to impose their will on others except in the form of music & for that we are all greatful. When all is said & done, they just want to play their music.

Message: 227 Posted: Mon Jul 28 21:38:20 1997 By:

Yes AMERICA at various times has helped out on the "Social" scene. They have done concerts to benefit public schools & did a charity show for apartheid causes. During a long period they allowed a group to set up booths to sign people up to vote & to encourage people to understand public issues & vote for them, an excellent public service.
Thru the years they have done their share of helping out good causes. They once did a charity show for a family who lost their home in a fire. Heck everytime I get to see them play, I feel like I have received some charity & I am greatful for the opportunity ! - AMERICA music !

Message: 226 Posted: Mon Jul 28 13:07:43 1997 By:
Subject: Social activities

Anyone can tell me if the America have helped Social Communities or
or have had an interest in Social problems in the past and organized concert for these?


Message: 225 Posted: Mon Jul 28 10:12:07 1997 By:
Subject: Chat Folder Glitch

Some of you may have noticed the past week or so that many of the older Chat Folder entries were missing. This was caused by a glitch in the program that was introduced when I extended the Chat Folder life from 1 month to 3 months. I believe I have fixed the problem and I was able to restore all of the entries back as far as May 27. Sorry about that!


Message: 224 Posted: Sun Jul 27 20:30:34 1997 By:
Subject: that's our AMERICA

Over last weekend, AMERICA did a show for a community south of LaLa land. They shared the nite w/a certain band. Here's an example of the splendid & great attitude of AMERICA & as we all know it shows up in their music & their attitude towards life & their fans - that's why they have w/stood the test of time.

One of the organizers told me that originally they wanted AMERICA to headline & play last, however the other band refused to lead off & would not sign the deal. So the organizer went back to AMERICA & they agreed to go first & not be the headliner. This official also added that AMERICA was so flexible & cooperative in general that they really appreciated AMERICA & will have them back by themselves as the headliners. Just another reason why the promoters love them too & AMERICA never has trouble filling out the world tour schedule. We agree !

By the way GERRY & DEWEY are having a great time on the current tour. They are really having fun on stage & enjoying themselves. The music is better than ever & GERRY & DEWEY continue to connect w/audiences ever so intimately, note the eye contact. Observe their onstage charisma & their special ability to connect to audiences. Hope you can catch them in August on their tour thru the midwest & the east coast. August is a tough month, but AMERICA will deliver as they always have. They do a16 show run in 14 days, in-between a slew of other shows. Bring your friends & family & cheer them on !

Message: 223 Posted: Sun Jul 27 12:57:18 1997 By:

AMERICA ANTHOLOGY should still be in print. Try Fischer Music in Chicago, if they don't have, no one does - they are a very large purveyor of music. I think the number is 312-427-6652.
Unfortunately the sheet music to HOURGLASS has not been published. You would have to hire a compositionist to transcribe it. sorry, I wish I had sheet music to one of AMERICA'S greatest CD'S - HOURGLASS !

Message: 222 Posted: Sun Jul 27 12:53:10 1997 By:

The current plan in November of this year includes New Zealand, Australia & Tasmania, yes Tasmania (hope I spelled this right). The China show is in Beijing. As many of you know AMERICA'S Capitol LP's did very well overseas & you can be sure that some of the material will be revived, namely ALL MY LIFE.
Hope you all can catch a show in the August run & cheer them on. August is an extremely busy month w/a 16 shows in 14 days' marathon in Sparks Nevada. Wish them well.

Message: 221 Posted: Sun Jul 27 10:03:50 1997 By:

Looking to buy album sheet music would like to find some to the hourglass and encore albums/cd.

Message: 220 Posted: Sun Jul 27 00:31:16 1997 By:
Subject: and...

P.S. I don't think "Everyone I Meet Is From Taiwan" would go over well, either. :)


Message: 219 Posted: Sun Jul 27 00:28:11 1997 By:
Subject: New "Ports-Of-Call" for globe-trotting America

Thanks for the info, Jim. Hope they sell a zillion albums wherever they go (so they can record more here!). I just hope they don't plan any concerts in Sri Lanka, Kashmir, or Afghanistan, or any other place where they might get shot at. Keep your fingers crossed that they don't play "Political Poachers" in Beijing, OK? :)


Message: 218 Posted: Sat Jul 26 12:45:19 1997 By:
Subject: CHINA

Quick flash, details to follow, by someone else, hopefully.
AMERICA will commence an overseas tour in November which will take them to China (if plans remain) & many other exotic places. The Exotic tour. Some of these places will be a first for AMERICA, namely China.

AMERICA has historically been a world traveling group, with a very strong & consistent overseas following. I think that many overseas fans tend to be more interested in the music & less interested in the "bells & whistles" that seem to envelope so many commercially successful things in American pop culture. Substance counts.

A number of years back, AMERICA had plans to do Russia, unfortunately it fell thru, but hey it's never too late to do Russia.

By the way Happy B-day to Barbie !! I now know her as Young Barb ! She doesn't look a day over 25 ! Right Gary ?

Message: 217 Posted: Fri Jul 25 20:44:05 1997 By:
Subject: Temecula Thornton Winery Concert Photos

Bill Payne sent me several photos from the Temecula Thornton Winery Concert which was held May 18, 1997 (thanks a lot, Bill). The URL is thornton.htm. I hope you all enjoy them.


Message: 216 Posted: Fri Jul 25 19:35:09 1997 By:
Subject: america comments

hey, Steve Orchard, are you reading this!
"old man took" best song
"hearts" best CD
did anybody grow up in Germany in the middle 70's listening to america?

Message: 215 Posted: Fri Jul 25 12:40:26 1997 By:
Subject: Coming relatively soon to a web site near you

If America's next album isn't a hit, I'm going to write my local congressman!! America is long overdue for the recognition we already give them. I'm looking forward to writing Part 4, and Part 5, and 6, and so on. By the time we get to 10, Dewey and Gerry will be old, bearded men playing guitars on stage from their wheelchairs, but hey, if it sounds good...

By the way, I am currently on the lookout for recordings of unreleased America concerts. I'm thinking of putting together a couple CDs worth of material if I can get my hands on it and make it available to anyone on Steve or Rick's pages. If anyone has ANYTHING, or knows anyone who does or might, or knows someone who can get something, let me know!


Message: 214 Posted: Fri Jul 25 11:55:06 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Part 4???


Your question (where is part 4?) is something that we're all excited about because it hasn't happened yet. America has so much potential that it's hard to say what will happen in the future. I know that all of us will do as much as possible to see that the next album is a success so that the rest of the world can share our enjoyment of this great band.


Message: 213 Posted: Fri Jul 25 00:32:14 1997 By:
Subject: PART 4 1997 & BEYOND

Great stuff. Where is part 4 ?

Message: 212 Posted: Thu Jul 24 23:04:52 1997 By:
Subject: Comprehensive History - Part 3

Part 3 (the final one) of the Comprehensive History is now out on the web. A big thanks goes to John Corbett for making it available to us.


Message: 211 Posted: Thu Jul 24 16:22:34 1997 By: bebe1972
Subject: boston show, nh. show

can't wait to see you guys at Boston City Hall Plaza and again in New
Hampshire. Willie, hope to see you there. Hi Dewey, Jerry, Brad.

See you soon.

Message: 210 Posted: Tue Jul 22 21:28:59 1997 By:
Subject: Comprehensive History - Part 2

Part 2 of the comprehensive history is now out on the web. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did. I can hardly wait for part 3.


Message: 209 Posted: Mon Jul 21 22:29:26 1997 By:


Thanks for the update on American Gramaphone's 800 phone number. I had a different number listed on the CD Sources web page but I have corrected it. The price for Hourglass, however, is still the same! $9.99 is a great bargain for a fantastic album. Now that July is almost over and Christmas lists are starting to surface, it's a good time to start thinking of a perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives. Hourglass is a great gift that everyone will appreciate.


Message: 208 Posted: Mon Jul 21 19:47:29 1997 By:

Hey !!

If you need any more copies of that fabulous CD, HOURGLASS:

American Gramaphone has them for $9.99 @ 1-800-348-3434

As you may know HOURGLASS, is the latest from AMERICA & represents their finest effort to date. If you are looking for AMERICA'S uncanny ability to take everyday, down-to-earth lyrics & surround them in a blanket of warm melodic notes - you won't be disappointed; either will those looking for AMERICA'S use of the latest technologies to produce some very fine space age sounds. The single is YOUNG MOON.

Message: 207 Posted: Mon Jul 21 17:19:31 1997 By:
Subject: "Sandman" live

The best live version of "Sandman" available is from the Central Park laserdisc, which has a fairly long instrumental segment. Now that the laserdisc has been rereleased in Dolby stereo, it should sound about as good as any CD release.


Message: 206 Posted: Mon Jul 21 15:31:14 1997 By:
Subject: "Sandman" live

The best live version of "Sandman" available is from the Central Park laserdisc, which has a fairly long instrumental segment. Now that the laserdisc has been rereleased in Dolby stereo, it should sound about as good as any CD release.


Message: 206 Posted: Mon Jul 21 15:31:14 1997 By:
Subject: Sandman live

I LOVE the studio version of "Sandman", and have always thought it would make a great live song. I know it is found live on a FEW releases, and I was wondering if they ever played an extended version of "Sandman" (ie. instrumental solo, etc), and which version is the "best" and which is the "longest".
Thanx for your replies

Message: 205 STRONG>Posted: Sat Jul 19 12:34:55 1997 By:

MIRROR TO MIRROR (from the HOURGLASS CD) live, sure is excellent !
The heavy drum beat & bass lines coupled w/GERRY'S fantastic rhythm piano really make this song come alive, LIVE ! The song goes thru sections of moderation & high intensity & the band does a tremendous job w/these aspects. All the instruments have to come together in this song to make it all happen & the band has it down to perfection led by GERRY BECKLEY.

This song live, reminds me a bit of GREEN HOUSE that is led by DEWEY's vocals. This song was played live in advance of being recorded on the HOURGLASS CD & the live version is outstanding. The band just does such an outstanding job on these two songs in the live version. How about NEVER BE LONELY ?

Message: 204 Posted: Fri Jul 18 11:12:02 1997 By:
Subject: Comprehensive History

Which member of the band hurt his arm in Spain, resulting in the cancellation of a planned tour of Japan and a recording session in France?

Where did the term "alligator lizards" come from?

How did the band come up with the names "Homecoming", "Hat Trick", "Hideaway", and "Harbor"?

Find out the answers to these and many more questions in the Comprehensive History that was just added to the America Fans page.

Over the past year and a half, in his spare time, John Corbett has put together a comprehensive history of America. I realize that Jim Nakao's "In The Beginning" already covers some of the material over the Warner years but I felt there was enough additional information in this history that it was worth including on the America Fans page. John has agreed to let me post the history here and welcomes any feedback. The article contains multitudes of quotes from Rolling Stone, Billboard, CD liner notes, and various other tidbits that John has come across over the past few years.

So far, I have only received Part 1 of the multi-part history. It answers the questions posed above and is chock full of other information. It's a "must read" for all America Fans. You can find a link to the comprehensive history on the America Fans home page or you can go directly there by going to



Message: 203 Posted: Thu Jul 17 20:06:15 1997 By: jnakao
Subject: NEW CD NAME

Hey I am looking forward to AMERICA'S new cd, any name will do. Also the release of the Capitol material will be a relief. I love the Capitol material. ALIBI, SILENT LETTER, YOUR MOVE & PERSPECTIVE. The Capitol years represented some a great era of work by AMERICA. Stay cool all you AMERICA fans, the best is yet to come !

Message: 202 Posted: Tue Jul 15 22:33:52 1997 By:
Subject: H2


I understand what you say about the whole album-naming process being something that belongs to the guys, and I agree with that. All I thought we could do was perhaps give the guys some ispiration and ideas that they might not have had themselves. We know their music and have loved it for over two decades. Certainly we know enough about the essence of their music to have a few worthwhile suggestions that they might appreciate. For example, they might be able to tell that "Harmony" is worth considering, whereas "Homozygote" might have its limitations.


Message: 201 Posted: Tue Jul 15 22:27:10 1997 By:
Subject: Oops...

Now my browser seems to be working fine. Disregard the last message... not the messenger! :)


Message: 200 Posted: Tue Jul 15 22:26:19 1997 By:
Subject: Where did all the messages go?

Just came by to have a look-see at the chat folder and found that all the messages are gone. I know Steve said he cleans house every few months, but does that mean even the most recent ones?


Message: 199 Posted: Tue Jul 15 14:48:23 1997 By:
Subject: New CD Title

That's a tough one, you know the songs are kind of the creators' own kids - you tend not to have favorites & the names are kind of a personal thing. So as for the title, I leave that pleasure up to GERRY & DEWEY. Just an opinion.

Message: 198 Posted: Tue Jul 15 09:01:05 1997 By:
Subject: RE: H

One suggestion I've heard for the new album title is "Harmony". I kind of like that idea and it fits in with the "H" tradition.


Message: 197 Posted: Mon Jul 14 14:05:01 1997 By:
Subject: H

As Paul brought up Gerry's quip about their next album title, I say we do some brainstorming ourselves and come up with a name which keeps the "H" tradition alive while making a statement about their careers at this point. Perhaps we can make America's new album the first to be named via contest!!


P.S. No, I can't think of a good one yet..

Message: 196 Posted: Mon Jul 14 13:19:12 1997 By:
Subject: America In Minnesota - Correction

Here's a correction by Paul that I found on the AOL America Folder............

Subj: Re: AMERICA in Minn.
Date: 14 Jul 1997 12:54:44 EDT
From: PDKinMN
Message-ID: <>

Hmmm ... maybe they didn't play Muskrat Love. I usually keep a detailed set list but I didn't on Saturday. I was thinking that was one of the numbers sung by the bass player (Bradley?) but now that I think about it that was "Lonely People". It was still a good show.

Message: 195 Posted: Sun Jul 13 19:50:59 1997 By:
Subject: America in Minnesota

Here's a review by Paul that I found on the AOL America Folder............

Subj: Re AMERICA in Minn.
Date: 13 Jul 1997 20:34:49 EDT
From: PDKinMN
Message-ID: <>

I had the pleasure of seeing America in concert outdoors yesterday, July 12, 1997 at Summerfest in St. Paul, Minnesota. The day was hot and humid with temps approaching 90 and rain clouds threatening on and off all day long. The opening act at 3:00pm was Christopher Cross. He played for about 45 minutes and included a mixture of his couple of hits and some new stuff. The high humidity was causing havoc with his guitar and he struggled to keep it in tune.

America took the stage shortly after 4:00pm. They opened with "Riverside" which was appropriate since the stage was just a few yards from the edge of the Mississippi River just across from the skyline of downtown St. Paul. Gerry told us early on that he intended to keep the stage banter to a minimum in order to get through as much music as possible before the storms hit. He did joke around and tell us that their "Hourglass" CD was not to be confused with James Taylor's new "Hourglass" CD and their "History" CD was not to be confused with Michael Jackson's CD by the same title. Gerry said they were going backinto the studio this year to record a new album. He joking said that "Keeping with the 'H' theme were thinking of calling it 'Hotel California'."

They proceeded to play most of the "History" CD including: I Need You, Sandman, Ventura Highway, Lonely People, Don't Cross The River, Muskrat Love, Tin Man, Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane, and Woman Tonight. They also played You Can Do Magic, Three Roses, one I didn't know from "Hourglass" [I'm sure it was Mirror to Mirror], and a great rocking version of Green Monkey. One of the sponsors of the concert was Blue Bunny IceCream and they joked about the Green Monkey and the Blue Bunny. Their encore was of course "A Horse With No Name". When they came back out Gerry kidded us saying "We were coming back out anyway. We just had to check out set lists to see what to play." and then Dewey said "Oh yeah here's that one we forgot."

After America finished Sheena Easton took the stage at 6:00pm. I can't say I'm a fan of her music. In fact I hardly recognized any of her songs. However, I have to admit that of the three she by far put on the best stage show. Again, that's not to say that I liked it but she certainly knows how to entertain a crowd. The concert ended about 7:15pm as the dark clouds gathered. We hit the road for home and had to drive through two massive downpours along the way. Tickets for the day were only $10 and I certainly felt like I got my moneys worth.


PS - One thing I forgot was that they also did a wonderful cover of The Mama's and Papa's tune "California Dreamin".

Message: 194 Posted: Sun Jul 13 13:51:43 1997 By:
Subject: Virgina Beach concert info

Here's a note from the America web page about Virginia Beach..........

Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 07:24:42 -0400
From: Sheryl Evans

Additional info for the Virginia Beach concert on 8/31. It's at the 17th Street venue. I believe the Labor Day weekend at Virginia Beach is one of the biggest music events on the east coast. There are 3 venues 5th St., 17th St., and 24th St. A lot of big names will be playing - America being the best, of course. Anyway, wanted to let you know the location, just in case you wanted to add it or someone wanted to know.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Message: 193 Posted: Sat Jul 12 21:24:08 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA by Anonymous

Anonymous, we all share your thoughts. Somewhere along the way AMERICA got detached from radio airplay & I have never understood why. Of course today, songs are a little more costly to launch w/the advent of the music video, aka VH1 & MTV. I was in a deep quandry when a few LP's failed to get much airplay & then when the monster LP ALIBI was released & did not garner it's richly deserved attention - I just threw up my hands in disgust, only to reconcile w/mankind that many fine works of art are not recognized as such until much time has passed, Vincent Van Gogh to name one. You know ALIBI was an enormous effort by GERRY & DEWEY & they poured their heart & souls into it. Today HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN represent their latest & their best. Now I know that genius can be invisible to some, but luckily we can see it; when others are exposed to it, they say that's GREAT ! This happens everytime I give someone an HOURGLASS CD. You know that one music critic said that HOURGLASS is a great example of superb adult contemporary music done by a group that has continued to evolve & grow creatively - The public (radio stations too) sinply needs to give it a chance.

Message: 192 Posted: Sat Jul 12 19:17:44 1997 By:
Subject: America

I forgot my e-mail address on that last message... :-) .......

Message: 191 Posted: Sat Jul 12 19:14:40 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject America

John and Jim, I strongly believe the reason that there are so many fans like us is because the material is so strong. most bands are lucky to have a band member who can write at all....America's writing has always been is surprising to me that many of the songs have not been released as singles...and why are radio stations not playing any of the recent material........Friends of mine with whom I have shared Americas new it.....lets hope that radio gets behind the next Album!!

Message: 190 Posted: Sat Jul 12 12:53:21 1997 By:

John, funny you should mention PEOPLE IN THE VALLEY by Mr. DEWEY BUNNELL. I think it is a great song & very representative of the diverse creative skills that DEWEY & AMERICA have. I have envisioned this song w/a full orchestra & choir of some sort, doing the chorus & DEWEY doing the bridge. The song describes kind of a Frank Capra type movie during the 1930's. It has so much potential in it's rich lyrical & melodic blend. Some of the greatest material as we all know resides on AMERICA's LP's never released as singles. Heck, how would OLD MAN TOOK or RAINBOW SONG done as single ?

Message: 189 Posted: Sat Jul 12 12:07:28 1997 By:
Subject: America in the Sierras

Out here in Denver, many famous artists come to perform at RedRocks, a fantastic natural ampitheater. It would be kind of neat if Lone Pine started having concerts in the rocks right in front of the Sierras, too, but many people might not want to drive that far. They should, though -- Owens Valley and the east face of the Sierras make for some of the most spectacular beauty anywhere. If America were to play in such a setting, I'd drive al the way from over here to see them. (Maybe they could play "People In The Valley" for the heck of it.)


Message: 188 Posed: Sat Jul 12 09:07:47 1997 By:
Subject: from Mt. Whitney!!!

Just got back from a trip to the High Sierra......its great to see action on this page again.......America music always sounds so good whenever I am in the mountians...especially the first two albums.....
"the free wind is blowing through your air..."...."the moon begins to rise upon my fallen eyes..."I've been down to the water, I've been on top of the world"....."feeling like the men felt a long time ago"..."come and see me when the world has set you free"..."one more song about moving along the highway, feel the fantasy in the air"....."the world don't owe me a living"...."I'm taken life like a big long ride"......"sitting by the fireside with a book in my hand"......"the boy cried out at the joy of something he had found"......."on the first part of the journey"......."tell me a story, tell it with your eyes"......the music and words of America listened to from the top of a mountain, what could be better...perhaps a live concert from the top of Mt. never know.....!!

Message: 187 Posted: Fri Jul 11 03:03:28 1997 By:
Subject: tour

Guess St. Louis and Virginia Beach will have to do .... nothing like an America roadtrip anyway!!

Message: 186 Posted: Thu Jul 10 17:01:02 1997 By:
Subject: John

Hey John, what concering you, i think you could have the possibility to go and see the guys in USA... but....think that i really cannot see them in Europe this year....:((( ...........Arrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!! What am i going to do for the rest of the year??!?!?!?.......;-)
.....hoping to see a date in Europe........
SeeYa Later, John!


Message: 185 Posted: Thu Jul 10 12:56:09 1997 By:
Subject: If not the southeast, how about the Rocky Mountain states?

No Colorado dates? Arrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!! What am I going to do for the rest of the year??!?!?!?


Message: 184 Posted: Thu Jul 10 09:17:00 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Tour 97


I have included (below) the most up-to-date list of upcoming concerts. I doubt that any southeastern dates will be added because the guys are planning on spending time in the studio this fall (unless you consider the Virginia Beach concert a southeastern cocert). If any additions are made to the concert schedule they'll be posted on the Official America home page (by Rick Wahlgren) and I'll try to post them here, as well.

Concert Schedule (as always, subject to change)
7/11/97 Walker, MN. Moon Dance Ranch Jam Festival
7/18/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97
7/19/97 Oahu, HI Bayfest '97
7/25/97 Costa Mesa, CA. Orange County Fair 7 and 9 pm
7/31/97 St. Louis, MO Union Station 8pm
8/1/97 Wichita, KS Cortillion Ball Room 10:15pm
8/2/97 Arnolds Park, IA Roof Garden Ballroom
8/6/97 Paso Robles, CA. Mid State Fair 6 and 8:30pm
8/8/97 Napa, CA Napa Town and Country Fairgrounds 8 and 10 pm
8/15/97 San Mateo, CA San Mateo Co. Fair 5 & 7 pm
8/16/97 Boston, MA Ciy Hall Plaza 7pm
8/19/97 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair 8 pm with Air Supply
8/20/97 Rye, NY Playland Amusement Park
8/22/97 Kettering, OH Delco Park 8:30 pm
8/23/97 Elgin, IL. Hemens Theatre
8/24/97 Baltimore, MD. Pier Six Concert Pavilion 8pm
8/26/97 North Tonawanda, NY Melody Fair 8pm
8/27/97 Latham, NY Starlite Music Theatre 8pm
8/30/97 Gilford, NH
8/31/97 Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront 9pm
9/4/97-9/17/97 Sparks, NV 16 shows total (including 2 shows on Sat. 9/6 and 2 shows on Sat. 9/13)
9/21/97 Yakima, WA. Washington Fair 3pm
9/27/97 Baltimore, MD Loyola College
10/3/97 San Diego, CA Humphrey's

Message: 183 Posted: Thu Jul 10 00:11:05 1997 By:
Subject: Brief correction...

I meant to say, "come UP with an America collector's wildest dream." I need to refine my proofreading abilities. :)


Message: 182 Posted: Thu Jul 10 00:08:32 1997 By:
Subject: Speaking of George Martin...

When Jim mentioned that George Martin heard America's outtakes from their upcoming Holiday album in '74 before adding his own flourishes, that made me think if maybe America could come up with a project similar to the Beatles's Anthology. In other words, it would be interesting if the guys had saved some of those tapes of their unpolished material, plus some album outtakes and perhaps some of their pre-debut album recordings, to come with an America collector's wildest dream. As always, just a thought... Is anyone out there who could do this listening?


Message: 181 Posted: Wed Jul 09 13:51:08 1997 By:
Subject: Tour '97

Hey Steve....

Yet to see southeastern dates appearing on the '97 schedule....any idea as to plans to get down here???? ... really beginning to kick myself for missing the Miss. show earlier this year...

Message: 180 Posted: Wed Jul 09 00:21:58 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA in the studio - HOLIDAY

Re: studio work.

An interesting note if you have not heard this previously.

When former Beatles producer Sir George Martin signed w/AMERICA in 1974, he had heard that AMERICA took a long time to complete recording an LP (now keep in mind the guys were in their very young 20's & only had 3 LP's in the bag). Thus he listened to their rough cuts for the HOLIDAY LP & then asked that they record it in London where he lived so he would not get hung up away from home for too long. Well AMERICA rehearsed & refined b/4 their debut w/Sir George & then stunned him by completing the final takes in less than 3 weeks. AMERICA w/over 25 years experience in the studio & GERRY having produced LP's for others as well as w/AMERICA & w/DEWEY, are now seasoned professionals when it comes to studio work. And by the way HOLIDAY as you well know was a critically acclaimed smashing success.

Message: 179 Posted: Wed Jul 09 00:14:53 1997 By:
Subject: Multi-song song

America's distinct layering of instruments was one of the first things that I observed that made them stand out from their peers. The best example of this I can think of is "Hat Tick", which during its eight minutes is not only a combination of shorter songs written by Gerry, Dewey, and Dan, but is also a vertical mixture of vocal melodies on top of string melodies on top of keyboard melodies on top of guitar melodies. You're looking at over a couple dozen distinctive tunes in one song. I first heard "Hat Trick" in 1991; over two years later I was still hearing parts of the song that I had up until then neglected.


Message: 178 Posted: Tue Jul 08 20:07:18 1997 By:
Subject: Federico

Yes, Federico, we know where you are coming from - tough to put down in words (especially english, huh ?). Hey we know what you mean; AMERICA COMMUNICATES thru song, better than anyone ! You said it all.

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Subject: Dear.......

Dear Jim, Steve, John and all the other
one more particular ability of the guys that i can find listening America's song is that every song has a melody for every instrument: i mean that when i listen to a song i try to concentrate to one instrument and the next time to another instrument for the same song so much so that the first listening is different from the second and seemes to listen to two different song; i love to concentrate to Willie's drum or David/Brad/other bass and i like to try to understand who's the guy that is playing that particular guitar! i often rewind a piece of track on the tape and listen to it more times, i also try to listen the Background vocals try to find the person that is singing. All these facts are the reasons, that surrounded my great love in listening America, 'cause i never have been stopped to love, LovE, LOVE this music, the Gerry's OWN sound and the Dewey OWN one.
For example, the sweet sound of "Clarice" and the....sunny "Riverside" get emotions to me; "Children" with its simple sound bring me to think of my deepest thoughts; "Horse with no name " is my own personality.....and so on!
You have to think that the mostly with reference to the sound the power of their sound and less with reference to the words because i have some problem to understand all english and i've no time enough to use a dictionary every time !
However, we all know that we love ALL America's songs and, for us, listen one song of them is not always listen to it but it's to know better the spirits of Dewey and Gerry: there's no difference to listen to a programmed electronic instrumentor a real instrument when we want to catch their spirits so much so that there's no difference from an album like "America" and "Perspective". This difference is important when we want to listen the real pleasure and talents of Wiily's, Brad's and Michael's playing: When we want to catch those spirits there's no difference among albums, when we want listen their talents we all do need to listen to real instrument's songs. This is the reason for what i can to listen a song for so long time and many times: one time relaxing, one time for closing to think about me and opening my deepest thoughts, one time for band's talents, one time for catching the spirits and the messages, one time for seeking energy and one time for dancing, one time for pleasure and one time for showing to my friends how pleasure i am to be represented with their music.

If you have understand all what i have said ('cause my bad english), what do you think?


p.s. if you need to understand what i mean e-mail me....;)

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Subject: Could've used some ribs...


I used to live in Lisle, right next to Naperville, for eight years. Now I wish I'd never left!! Sounds like you had a great time out there!


P.S. Wish the Cubbies good luck for me!!

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Subject: RibFest 97

To all my fellow AMERICA fans,

I finally have some time to tell you all about the GREAT SHOW America put on Saturday night, July 5th. What a great cap to the 4th of July holiday festivities, in a park setting, in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

It was a beautiful warm night, and the guys had a great turnout spilling over from the annual RibFest. Whoever came for the ribs, left with a great taste of America in their mouths. It is always great to see the guys win over people that are not really familiar with them. This was going to be my annual visit with America, as I have seen them every year in Chicagoland since they started touring.

My cousin arrived early with his wife and daughter, and staked out the area right in front of the stage. We settled in as the prior act was finishing up, and the crowd sitting around was of a modest size. By the time I turned around near the end of the guys' set, it was a virtual sea of people, and they all were caught up in the performance.

The guys started off with the familiar riffs of RIVERSIDE, and played the long set for the hugely appreciative audience. Gerry and Dewey were in excellent voice and spirits, feeding off of the energy of the crowd, playing favorites such as THREE ROSES, LAST UNICORN, MIRROR TO MIRROR, ONLY IN YOUR HEART,DAISY JANE, VENTURA HIGHWAY, etc.

Gerry did an excellent job with the acoustic version of I NEED YOU, and it was enjoyable to hear NEVER BE LONELY. The crowd really got into the jamming guitar work on GREEN MONKEY and SANDMAN.

Woodsy was his usual excellent lead on guitar, and then his vocals sounded just right on WOMAN TONIGHT.

Willie kept the beat and drove the percussion as he always does, as well as handling a repair job to his drum set early on in the performance.

The substitute base player, "Saved by the Bell" guy, did a real good job, but I missed Brad's solo slamming of the base, and especially missed DON'T CROSS THE RIVER.

By the end of the night through their extensive catologue of hits, the crowd was going nuts. Needless to say, by the time the encores of CALIFORNIA DREAMING and HORSE were over with, everyone was up and dancing around, and wishing it could continue for hours more. The guys sounded great, and as always converted the fans that might not be aware of how great they are. How many bands can stay true to their recordings, but make each song come alive and sound better than the vinyl.

I also visited the loneliest guy at the show, Pete, and added to my wardrobe with a new T-Shirt and Hat. I think my oldest T-shirt still surviving goes back to Silent Letter.

We had our normal core America group at the show, and as always, brought other friends and made new converts. All the "new fans" wanted to know when the next area show was, and thanks to this great board, I was able to tell them August 23rd, in Elgin, Il. We will have an even bigger turn out for that show.

Sorry we missed WGN Chicago disc jockey JOE SHOW, but it was crowded, and we may have just missed seeing him. He is a big America fan, and he has interviewed and promoted the guys on his show in Chicago.

Well sorry I rambled on, but you all know about what a great evening it is with America.

Have a good summer, enjoy the WIND WAVE.

Joe K.

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Subject: favorite album

Gotta go with "Silent Letter" as my favorite with "Homecoming" and "Hourglass" close behind ... fact is, all of them are bunched together at the top!! ..... "Letter" has the great ballad "All My Life" and some edge with "Only Game in Town" , plus two of my favorite songs, "And Forever" and "No Fortune" ...

Gerry Kelley

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Subject: Welcome back, everybody!!

Congratulations, Federico!! Perhaps Steve can add a section for relatives of America fans (and hopefully future America fans themselves!!).

Jim, that was a mighty interesting tidbit about how Dewey and Gerry come up with and record their material. So many times I've heard it said that Dewey and Gerry (and Dan) were perfectionists in the studio and took the time to make their recordings just right. I found that hard to reconcile with the fact that from 1971 to 1977, they recorded seven studio albums, a live album, and a greatest hits compilation in the space of six years. I think Jim makes that a bit easier to understand. Compare that with modern artists, many of whom take three or four years between albums (Enya, Cocteau Twins, to name a couple of my recent but tardy faves).

The question of which America album is best cannot be answered definitively. It totally depends on the mood. For instance, I still see me driving my Honda through the Mojave Desert when I hear their first album, and whenever I play Homecoming, I am reminded of those haunting twilights in L.A. traffic while the moon rises through the smog over the San Gabriel Mountains. When I play "Coastline" from Alibi, I think of when I went to school in Santa Barbara. Basically, most of my America-inspired thoughts are of California, which can be difficult at times now that I'm in Denver for the time being. Hopefully, one can understand that "Coastline", "Ventura Highway", and "Hollywood" don't come across as very relevant out here. However, living in a community of California exiles such as Highlands Ranch, I'll make an exception for "Everyone I Meet Is From California".


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Subject: Favorite Album

I agree with Jim and Federico! But you know (I almost hesitate to say this), there is ONE album that I consider my favorite -- Homecoming! I really like all of the Albums and depending on my mood, I like different ones at different times. But it seems like no matter what my mood, I ALWAYS like Homecoming. It brings back thoughts of my college years, getting to know my fiance (before we got married and spent 21 wonderful years together), and all those fun, young years. Besides, every song on it is great.

That makes me pose the question to everyone else: Do you have a favorite album, and if so, why?


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Subject: Fredrico

In essence Fredrico, you are saying there is an AMERICA song for every emotion. Absolutely ! One of the keys to the magic of AMERICA is that the songs cover a wide, but very much down-to-earth, range of emotions; all of which most people w/heart can relate to. Have you noticed when you hear a new "pop" tune on the radio or tv, it may sound good initially, but the more you listen, the worse it gets; just the opposite happens w/AMERICA ! How else can we listen to songs that we have listeed to 25 years ago ! I rest my case. "Window frames a picture of wintertime, within my room". D. BUNNELL

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Subject: our presence

John, you're right!
we have to be here more often!!!
for what concerning me, during summer, i don't connect so often 'cause i spend my free time going to the beach. However, when i rarely connect, this chat folder is the first page that i check and, sometime, the only one!

Are there particular moments in which you listen to particular America's songs? for example, when i want to thought about me and my life i always listen to the CD "America" or "Homecoming" ,when i want to feel better and feel energy i listen to 1977's live concert; when i want to have a background during my workat home i usually listen to Harbor, i keep Hourglass, Van go gan and King Biscuit live concert of 1982 in my car for the stereo and ofen when i return at home from work i listen to "What happened" of VGG with loud volume or "Greenhouse". Obviousely i listen to all America's cd but these are most used cd.

Well, before greeting all of you i'd like to give my biggest Welcome to Matilde, my young nephew that, at this moment is 17 hours and 09 minutes old ....:))))))

SeeYa LaTer


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Subject: RE: Time for new CD


Thanks for the insights on what goes into making a CD and how the guys use their time (wisely) to do so. I know we're all looking forward to a new CD sometime next year (along with the release of 4 old CDs).


Message: 168 Posted: Sun Jul 06 22:34:18 1997 By: JIMNAK@AOL.COM
Subject: John re: Time for new CD

Just a thought there:
GERRY & DEWEY have purposely opened time up in the fall for purposes of doing some studio work. It's not clear yet whether they will actually begin studio work in the fall, they are keeping loose. Keep in mind that they are always working on ideas for songs. GERRY keeps extensive notes on the road & is always composing new songs. Typically a lot of songs are considered for a new CD, however few actually make the final cut. Both GERRY & DEWEY are very efficient users of time; How else could they have released a new LP & done world wide tours each year - for all those years in the 70's & 80's ? They both have studios in their homes & they exchange tapes & talk on the phone constantly after working out new ideas. So hey, I hope this helps. HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN are perfect examples of some very creative ouput in done in relatively short times in the studio, but you have to realize all the behind the scenes work that went into the song.

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Subject: Hi

Hi has been slow on here......they are a busy bunch...lets hope that they stay healthy!!!

See ya Bill

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