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Message: 279 Posted: Sun Aug 31 07:52:05 1997 By:
Subject: meadowbrook farm concert aug 30

i saw your concert and have to say that for the first time in hearing you play in person was awesome not only that but you blew the socks off of air supply. a plus performance.

Message: 278 Posted: Sat Aug 30 23:46:44 1997 By:
Subject: VINYL LP'S

In case anyone is interested in some new unused AMERICA LP's (yes vinyl), Harvard Records (617)868-3385, e-mail is still showing AMERICA, HARBOR, IN CONCERT & PERSPECTIVE. in their recent catalog. If not for historical purposes, the LP's are great to have w/their cover designs & fotos. HARBOR has that fantastic foto collage of AMERICA'S studio time in Hawaii, suitable for framing. Check w/them re: what is left in inventory, since it changes. I wouldn't pass up PERSPECTIVE, a great culmination of AMERICA'S use of the newest in digital technology & the greatest in warm melodies.

"Our lives in stereo ....." G. BECKLEY

Message: 277 Posted: Fri Aug 29 22:44:33 1997 By:

As many of you know, AMERICA did the songs for an animated movie titled LAST UNICORN; hope you have all had the chance to hear GERRY perform it.

Did you know that Kenny Loggins covered LAST UNICORN on his CD Return to Poop Corner ? Of course it was done w/a lot less emotional energy than GERRY, but isn't bad.

Message: 276 Posted: Thu Aug 28 23:17:13 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Pier Six

Subject: Re: Pier Six and Loyola
Date: 28 Aug 1997 23:28:28 EDT
Message-id: <>

Hey Wanda you gotta call em' as you hear em' as you said. You have pointed out why

AMERICA is onto 25 years of successful worldwide touring & close to 20 LP's/CD's. The

proof is readily apparent. Hope you have picked up their latest CD, HOURGLASS & VAN


Message: 275 Posted: Thu Aug 28 21:13:30 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Pier Six and Loyola

I also was at the pier six show. Even though America put on a short show, they made up for it in the quality of the show. They were definitely worth the whole price of the ticket. Unfortunately, Air Supply had to be the worst performance I ever have attended - and they filmed them for a tv special? I actually got up & left halfway thru their performance with a horrible headache. (About half the audience left after America's show, and even more were leaving when I left - and they all agreed they couldn't stand Air Supply, but they wished America would have played all night!) I apologize to any Air Supply fans out there, but I call it as I hear it. Did anyone else stay for Air Supply, and if so, what did you think about their show? I couldn't even make out the lyrics of the songs for the terribly loud & distorted music! Oh well, like I said, America was more than worth it.


Message: 274 Posted: Wed Aug 27 16:33:49 1997 By:
Subject: Concert in Bay Area, CA

"America" will be playing up north....two shows. One in Sacramento, and the other is not to far from there. There's been a couple of schedule changes, so an update should appear real soon ?

I believe the Biloxi, MS show, and for sure the Houston, TX show and the Dallas, TX show are no longer. The guy's have been offered to go on a CRUISE to Singapore, and have excepted ! ! Should be a new experience for all of them.... The guys will be performing 4 or 5 nights on the Cruise to Singapore.


Message: 273 Posted: Wed Aug 27 14:40:48 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Ocean City, MD

Greg, according to the 3 concert schedules below (dated August 1, July 10, and June 1), the only concert scheduled for Ocean City, MD was back on July 3. I haven't been aware of any other concerts scheduled for that city but I'll see what I can find out. If it's listed in Pollstar's concert schedule and if it was in a recent local newspaper, maybe it will still happen. If I find out anything I'll post it here and I'll send you an e-mail


Message: 272 Posted: Wed Aug 27 11:11:29 1997 By:
Subject: Ocean City, MD

Does anyone know whether America will be playing on 8/29/97 in Ocean City, MD? It was listed on America's home page concert schedule for months and later (maybe around 8/1) was removed from the schedule. The only reason I have not given up total hope of this event happening, is because of a fairly recent schedule posted in one of Ocean City's local newspapers and it is also still listed on Pollstar's concert schedule. I see where Gerry & Dewey will be on the east coast during late August - so maybe.....maybe I will get lucky. If anyone has this first-hand knowledge, please help. Thanks...Greg

Message: 271 Posted: Mon Aug 25 21:39:07 1997 By:
Subject: The America Experience

"Livin on the Riverside" was certainly an appropriate opening verse for this recent venue. Elgin, IL is a northwest suburb of Chicago located along the scenic Fox River. Elgin's Fine Arts Festival, held this past weekend, was centered around the the City's performing arts center-Hemmen's Auditorium. There were numerous artists and artisans displaying their works around the courtyard, with local bands providing outdoor entertainment. Those in-the-know were waiting for the artists to take stage indoors. The trick was finding out how to get inside. At 2:00 Saturday afternoon, 2 free tickets to the America concert were distributed to each person in line until sold out. As real fans arrive early, even for free tickets, I was about the 50th person inline at 1:10. At 1:55 pm, I began to panick. There were now several hundred people in line and, as I was bringing my wife and daughter (3 total), I would need to make 2 trips through the line for my 3 tickets. Just as the line was about to move, a nearby stander, who had heard about my ticket shortage from other standers, came up with a real human solution. Her 11 year old grandaughter-Jobeth-would stand with me for tickets in exchange for a lemonade. America fans, young and seasoned, play a big part in the America experience. The deal was done. We toasted lemonades and I went home with tickets for all. It occured to me, while standing in line, that this America audience would be the most eclectic crowd of which I have had the pleasure of being. There were the very young and the very seasoned and die hard fans and new fans. I heard one young one ask her dad if the band would play the song about the camel in the desert. Now, how to get inside and get 4th row center and entertain our 4 year old daughter in line prior to the doors opening and while waiting in our seats.

Doors were due to open at 7:15 so we got there at what I thought would be a late 7:00. I forgot to mention, these seats were all general admission. I should have played lotto that day seeing how we lucked out with only 15 people in line ahead of us. We made are way to the best seats in the house- yes 4th row center.

There is something about those words "Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to- America" that sends a shiver up and down my spine. With the class and talent held by a rare number of performers, America took the stage and spent the next 1-1/2 hours captivating an audience. This unique group of men, took an enthralled audience through an emotional rollercoaster, playing the familiar and not so familiar songs. Maybe it was the demographics of the audience or maybe it was just plain respect, but stone silence followed the thunderous applause after every song. At one point, Dewey commented that it was so quiet that it was eerie. It was interesting to hear Gerry discuss how excited they were to be playing their first time at the Hemmens and how nice the venue was. Having seen America play in many venues and in front of many audiences (no where near the number that B and K hold), I can tell you that this one stands out as a new benchmark. These gentlemen are performers and there is no one better at entertaining fans and making fans. My guess is that 50% of this capacity crowd had little or no recognition of America before the concert. It was a 100% crowd of fans as Horse wound up the show. The set list was consistent with the vast majority of shows held on the tour. Here are a couple of amusing sound bites from the show:

And wearing the substitute teacher look for tonight's show- Gerry referring to Willie's ensemble

Am I on the right song? Dewey with a slight mental lapse before California Dreamin'

This is her 3rd America concert. This is Emma's second America concert. My exchange with the father of the four year old girl in the 3rd row.

That is not an exit! Gerry's quip upon return for his solo encore of All My Life. This was an amazing rendition with everyone on their feet, Gerry had us in the palm of his hand. A little mock eye rubbing by Mr. Beckley after finishing the song lightened everyone up.

Cease! Gerry calming the appreciative crowd following Brad's Lonely People

All songs were notable but a couple had major impact. Sandman brought down the house with a rousing standing ovation that took the guys by suprise. Last Unicorn was outstanding and was recognized by a number of younger audience members. The best way to see America is to go with those that really appreciate them and their music. This crowd not only appreciated them but they loved them. This is the satisfaction that drives these guys to stay out on the road after all these years.

Thanks guys for an outstanding evening and for thousands of hours of listening pleasure. And thank you for reading.

Message: 270 Posted: Mon Aug 25 21:33:06 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Pier Six and Loyola

You said it all Bob. THREE ROSES is a definite classic, DEWEY at his best. Unfortunately there is no live version of THREE ROSES or RIVERSIDE on any LP, disc or laser disc, I always hope for a live version. I agree NEVER BE LONELY live is a heart stopper. The dynamic beat & the stops are superb, Willie playing a huge role in it's success. And yup that sure sounds like DEWEY, friendly to everyone. By the way you may have meant the song name as ONLY IN YOUR HEART, instead of Carrie - a song from the early years that GERRY is quite fond of & continues to play live.

Message: 269 Posted: Mon Aug 25 21:31:18 1997 By:
Subject: Pier Six and Loyola

(It was a nice cool evening. 56 degrees at showtime. )

It was a neat little 15 song set that went like this:
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross the River
Daisy Jane
3 Roses (accoustic version - a knockout!!! and the first time we've heard it concert)
I Need You ( with Gerry on guitar)
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely (Reworked and best I've heard in concert - made the 82 live KBFH version pale by comparison)
Sister G

Comcast recorded the concert and I heard has plans to air it.

Highlights: Mr. Bunnell made my daughter's week. Dewey took about 15 minutes after the concert with her. Gave her his autograph. Took pictures with her. Sang with her. (This was very big to her since she suffered the traumatic loss (death) of a pet only three days before.) He is a total class act!

Show only lasted 55 minutes. No Last Unicorn, Green Monkey, Another Try, Seargant Darkness

Left before Air Supply! "Even the nights are better"

Message: 268 Posted: Fri Aug 22 09:11:19 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Album names

It started out as an accident with Homcoming and Hat Trick. Then they decided to keep it going.


Message: 267 Posted: Fri Aug 22 09:10:08 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Album names

I don't claim to be the expert on America's album names, but I am aware of a few things. First, all of their albums don't start with "H". Here's an album by album review.

America - their first album was self-titled and didn't start with an "H".

Homecoming - this album name reflected the fact that they were returning to their home in the United States (from England). It was the first "H" album.

Hat Trick - the term "hat trick" represents 3 of something (such as 3 goals in ice hockey). This was America's third album and was hoped to be a great success, like the previous two. Even though the public didn't receive it as well, I personally find it one of their best albums.

Holiday - I don't know where this title came from but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that they went back to England to record this album with George Martin and it may have been somewhat of a Holiday (English term for vacation) for them. It also kept with the "H" theme which their two previous albums had established.

Hearts - this album was recorded in San Francisco and that may be where the title came from.

History - since this was a compilation of their greatest hits up that that point, a title like History seemed natural, and it kept with the "H" theme.

Hideaway - America went on location to the Caribou Ranch in Colorado to record this album. In their mind this was a perfect hideaway which allowed them to finish the project undisturbed.

Harbor - the final in the series of "H" albums was recorded in Hawaii and was named in honor of Pearl Harbor. This was the final album which included Dan Peek.

The next series of albums did NOT start with an "H" (Silent Letter, Alibi, View From The Ground, Your Move, Perspective, and Encore).

Hourglass - with the recent release of Hourglass, America brought back the "H" album theme. I can only speculate that the name came from the fact that America's two guitars (as pictured on the cover) form an hourglass which represents the time that America has been together and the fact that "the more things change, the more they stay the same."


Message: 266 Posted: Thu Aug 21 15:07:44 1997 By:
Subject: Album names

Does anyone know why all of America's work started with the letter H?

Message: 265 Posted: Thu Aug 21 14:26:46 1997 By:
Subject: Van Go Gan CD

Those of you who are still trying to track down a copy of Van Go Gan (Gerry's fantastic solo album) may find the following information useful. Gerry says that Renaissance Records in Nashville may start carrying Van Go Gan. He suggests we could help speed things up by calling or writing John at Renaissance and urging him to release Van Go Gan.

John W. Edwards at Renaissance Records
Telephone: 615-661-6598
Web Page:
E-Mail ID:

A fellow America Fan said that Phantom Wholesalers in California (714-650-7900) had 15 copies of Van Go Gan as of Wednesday but he had ordered two of them. He had to order through the Wall Music store as Phantom does not except orders from individuals, only from major CD stores.

It's also possible that you can find Van Go Gan at Thoughtscape Sounds and/or CD Now who both claim that they can get Van Go Gan.

I hope this information is useful.


Message: 264 Posted: Wed Aug 20 11:48:43 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA nyc, 3/1/72

For the historical record: The following is an excerpt from Variety on a show by AMERICA done at the Bitter End in NYC, dated March 1, 1972. The original author is Kirb. You are there ....

AMERICA, a trio of U.S .expatriates living in England, have returned to the U.S . for the first time in five years with a sudden fame that appears justified in their first New York dates. The act was virtually unknown a couple of months back, but their debut Warner bros. Album has really stirred things up.

The combo all played acoustic guitar with DEWEY BUNNELL & often GERRY BECKLEY on six-string & Dan Peek usually on 12. Peek, however, also plays bass guitar, while BECKLEY also plays bass & 12-string guitars. All take turns at lead guitar & they share vocal leads.

Although the youths obviously are nervous during their first U.S. appearances, the material is there with every indication that AMERICA is capable of performing it well. Most of their numbers are solid originals, but they also score with Arlo Guthrie's "Los Angeles." "SANDMAN" & "I NEED YOU" are among their many first rate tunes.
AMERICA'S vocals often hide the trio's proficiency on guitar & they were sometimes out of tune. But overall they're on the road. Kirb

Message: 263 Posted: Wed Aug 13 18:04:42 1997 By:
Subject: reply to Barb


I am so, so disappointed to read that the band won't be coming to the Philippines on Nov. 3. I haven't gotten over the excitement of reading about the concert and after reading about the concert reviews on the other venues, I feel very bad right now. I haven't dropped by the chat folder for days but I do check out Rick's concert info on his page everyday. Oh well... I hope there will be another change and America can drop by Manila after all. I've already marked the date on my calendar. Darn...


Message: 262 Posted: Wed Aug 13 16:59:52 1997 By:
Subject: Re: New CD?

Good message. I was in Japan recently and saw both the Gerry Beckley CD and America's "Hourglass" were distributed by the same Polystar label. I picked it up for the novelty - each had a "wrapper" that advertised each release. Since Japan is way ahead of U.S. in recognizing good melodic pop, maybe some label could re-issue the Capitol catalog there. They have done a great job with other such situations although it costs good $ to get 'em.

Also, FYI - the LIVE King Biscuit CD is re-packaged there (different than the two in the U.S.) with a color photo from late 79 to 80 (Silent Letter tour?) - a cool shot!

Message: 261 Posted: Wed Aug 13 14:19:42 1997 By:
Subject: NAPA..sweet wine..sweeter music

The wine was fine, but the music was finer in Napa last Friday night at the County Fair! In fact, it was twice as good to be exact, with TWO concerts. And the county fair was just plain FUN to boot.

Trust me on this one, because I became an instant "expert" on the wine industry after watching part of an episode of Falcon Crest years ago, which was supposedly based in Napa/Sonoma??? :)

With bales of hay, cowboy hats, wooden bench seats and pine shavings on the would've thought they may be at Garth Brook's big country weekend bash at Central Park.

But no way...........there was one big difference.................the music was a LOT BETTER in Napa than at Garth's big splashy hoe down which was said to be "all hat and no cowboy!!!"

Gerry commented that while some bands have mosh pits, America had a "hamster cage" least in Napa.

Dewey, near his home turf, had his work cut out for him keeping track of a large number of friends in the audience, including his doctor, painter, and roofer.....and they all had a wonderful time.

The guys were right on stride during both shows, and the audience was very receptive. When the guys played the encore "Horse," most people in the audience came right up to the stage and danced, sang along, and did some form of "the wave."
Some were just plain passionate.......which was an entertaining lil' nearby side show.

One has to deeply admire the stamina of America, being able to perform two consecutive shows. This is not an easy task for any group, and would push the limits of well......even the Energizer Bunny!!

Besides the great shows, it was very special to be there with my good FUN LOVING buds Barb and Kelly, and also having the chance to meet Ginny (huge surprise!!) and also Lillian Lee.....another online friend.......and Russ, another very special friend of America.

And.......Prof. Mary was there too of course....enjoying the Napa wine....and especially America and all our dear friends. (This was our 25th anniversary present to each other......along with a side trip to Monterrey and Big Sur after the concerts).

Most was great seeing all the guys again......and having the opportunity to pay tribute to their highly successful '97 World Tour.

Rick (and Prof Mary too!)

Message: 260 Posted: Wed Aug 13 14:16:23 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA & Russia

Just a little trivia on America's greatest band - AMERICA.

As you may know AMERICA has always been a band that handled life on the road very well. While many bands give it up after a few years on the road, AMERICA has always endured it & made the best of it, sharing their music to all who will listen. Over 25 years later, 1997 will be no different w/the current world tour now scheduled.

In the 70's there was a chance to play in Russia - mind you this was at a time when Russia was still behind the curtain. Well it was a challenge just to be allowed to audition in front of the Russian officials & the band had to do it in Washington dc, no handing over of tapes. At the time, our old friend "MUSKRAT LOVE" was a top single (b/4 kaptan & so & so had destroyed it). Well AMERICA played & they were officially, but politely told, in very stern broken english, by an official lady - that 'we cannot have you singing about muskrats in love, thank you for the audition'. Well heck, what would AMERICA be paid in ? Rubles ? Caviar ? Vodka ? Mink ?

Message: 259 Posted: Tue Aug 12 14:10:51 1997 By:
Subject: One Way Records

I spoke with Terry Wachsmuth who is the A&R director for One Way Records. Terry is in charge of all the One Way releases and he assures me that they are very much still in business and plan to proceed with all the America CD's. I know you'll all be glad to hear that!

Message: 258 Posted: Tue Aug 12 11:27:42 1997 By:
Subject: Unreleased Songs

I am looking for recordings of songs that America never released.
I have several concert tapes and a few of the earlier ones have songs that
they never released. The unreleased songs I have are:

Look Up, Look Down
Comin Into Los Angeles
Winter Of Our Love
Living Isn't Really Giving
Aint It A Shame (About The Rain)
How Long (Must This Go On)
Twist & Shout (by Dan Peek)
My American Dream (By Dan Peek)

I have heard of two other songs they used to perform but never released.
One was "By The Ocean", which they performed on the old In Concert TV
show and was on the 1973 bootleg album "America and The Eagles Live".
The other was "Norman" which they performed live in the late 70's. If
anybody has these or other unreleased songs I would be very interested
in getting them.

PS While I'm putting my wish list together, there are some out of print songs
I would also be interested in getting they include:

God Rest You Marry Gentlemen/Do You Hear What I hear (they did this for
a Christmas compilation in the early 80's)
Too Much To Dream (released by Marcus David, but Dewey sings lead)
Crying In My Sleep (released by MFQ, but Gerry sings lead)

Message: 257 Posted: Tue Aug 12 07:10:54 1997 By:
Subject: America

One Way Records has NOT gone out of business and still plays to re-issue all four Capitol America albums early in 1998.

Message: 256 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:45:42 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Paso Robles Review

I pulled out my America decoder ring and this is what it said the songs were:

1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. Three Roses
4. Tin Man
5. Lonely People
6. Don't Cross The River
7. Daisy Jane
8. Sandman
9. Woman Tonight
10. You Can Do Magic
11. Never Be Lonely
12. Green Monkey
13. Mirror To Mirror
14. Only In Your Heart
15. I Need You
16. Sister Golden Hair
17. California Dreamin'
18. A Horse With No Name

That's it! Sounds like a great mix for disc one of a box CD.

Thanks for the review Kelly!


Message: 255 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:44:24 1997 By:
Subject: Re: New CD?

Bummer, Bummer, Bummer on One Way and Katz! I guess I better start making backup tapes of the Capital stuff. Go for solo#2 Gerry!


Message: 254 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:43:36 1997 By:
Subject: Re: New CD?

The good news is that a second GERRY BECKLEY solo CD becomes a stronger possibility for 1998. VAN GO GAN was the 1st & is a critically acclaimed overseas success. Some issues remain b/4 this project is given the green light, but once that's done, you can bet that GERRY will take care of business rather rapidly in his private studio. Unlike VAN GO GAN, a domestic distributor w/good channels of distribution is needed. All fans will be welcome to participate in passing the word to their local radio stations that playing the disc on air is well appreciated.

"Between the ether & the opium lies the land of no regret ....." G. BECKLEY

Message: 253 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:42:30 1997 By:
Subject: Re: New CD?

Well, let me see if I can get this straight? Please correct me if I'm wrong here in anyway.

As far as the Capital stuff....One-Way Records has gone out of business....SO, we've been told that another record company possibly "Renisaunce" will be taking over. They would be releasing the capital stuff and with any luck "Van Go Gan" too !! (One you can't find anywhere). Keep your fingers crossed ?

As for the CD......As you have seen on the folder, the guys have added ALOT more dates to their schedule for 97'..... 98'. The CD isn't a possiblility with Gary Katz as it sits now, but the guys do have songs and lyrics put together and hopefully will be recording them and putting it together with another producer or producers sometime in the NEAR future. It will happen !!!


Message: 252 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:41:03 1997 By:
Subject: ELGIN ILL.

Here is the deal on Elgin, IL 8/23 at the Hemmens Auditorium. Two tickets per person will be given away free starting at 2:00 pm on Saturday, the day of the show. They will be distributed outside the Hemmens Auditorium, but the exact location of the ticket booth is a little sketchy. It is general seating so be early. If anyone is going that lives in the Valley (that's the Fox Valley to you folks in So. Cal.), please let me know. SJS

Message: 251 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:39:30 1997 By:
Subject: Paso Robles Review

August 6th
Paso Robles, California

"The heat was hot and the ground was dry
But the air was full of sound"...................D. Bunnell

Yes, it was about 115 degrees at the California Mid-State fair in Paso Robles. The Hills surrounding us were definitly dry, with fires burning in close by Santa Maria area. Making for a smokey sky, which in return obscured the sun to cool us all down as the show was about to start.

There were two shows that night, one at 7pm and the other at 9. The guys came out looking tanned, rested, and ready to preform for the audience. I'll be combining the two shows together, as far as the songs go. Both sets lasted an hour, so all and all we had the pleasure of hearing the LONG version.

They filled the air with their sounds starting with the one and only.... (name that song)

"You take what you want and I'll take the sunshine" and then on to (in no special order)
"Aligator lizards in the air, in the air"
"Walking through a wonderland, I got you by the hand"
"And Cause never was the reason for the evening"
"Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup"
"She's not the kind to take you down for long she knows and plays it smart"
"Well, I've been pickin' it up around me"
"Cause I understand you've been running from the man"
"I get the shivers up and down my spine"
"When you cast your spell you will get your way"
"Here in the middle of now or never finally found where I belong"
"Don't take me so that you forget how to feel"
"We stare at our own indifference by seeing the other's flaws"
"You can't disregard your friends, but life gets so hard when you reach the end"
"And everyday, I'd laugh the hours away"
"When a woman sure can be afriend of mine"
and of course the encore's.......sung under the "Young Moon" that evening,
"You know, I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray"
and .....
"The ocean is a desert with it's life underground"

Both crowds that night were so animated with a combination of generations.........


So there you have it. The first person that can name those tunes in the order that I have written them, wins an "America" mug or two.

Have fun.

Message: 250 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:37:11 1997 By:
Subject: New CD?

With the new additions to the itinerary, does this mean that no new CD sessions are in the works?

Also, are the plans still on for One Way to re-issue the Capitol "stuff"? Does anyone know of bonus tracks for the One Way releases? The studio version of "California Dreamin'" would be good to hear again.

Thanks in advance for the update.

Message: 249 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:36:11 1997 By:
Subject: Review

Hi everyone!

Yes, we did make it to the Napa show! First show, anyway. We had to leave before the second show, as we had a 3 1/2 hour drive back to South Lake Tahoe, where we were spending the week. Got back here to VA late last night. I did check the folder, but was too tired to post.

Actually, I wasn't real sure that we would make it to the show, so I didn't say anything to anyone here. It was kind of neat surprising everyone too! Of course I had no idea what anyone looked like, so I asked Pete to help me out (what a sweetie!) He introduced me to Rick, who then introduced me to Mary. Rick was about to introduce me to Barb and Kelly, but decided to make them guess who I was. Kelly guessed!! I'm not sure if it the grey hair or the 3DN button that gave it away. It was so good to finally meet all of you! You are all as nice in person as you are here online. I'm SO glad we did drive out there!

The first thing our son said when we got near the stage was "This place looks like Ratty's (our gerbil) cage!" There were pine shavings all over the ground. I tried to stake out a hay bale by covering it with a couple of towels, as did Lauren, another fan. That didn't work, so we covered benches instead. But, just as the show was starting, I grabbed my towel and sat right in front of Dewey. Soon Lauren and a few other fans joined me. Gerry remarked about how most shows have a mosh pit ....... but, this one was more like a hamster cage! The guys did a wonderful show. It was good to see Brad back again. Michael had on another crazy Tshirt! :-) This time I knew Green Monkey right away! Great song! Of course the show was over way too quick :-( I really wanted to stay for the second show.

Thank you Barb for formally introducing me to everyone! I had talked to the guys a few times in the last 6 years, but, had not really introduced myself. Poor Gerry was so confused! He recognized me, but couldn't remember from where. My daughter had seen him walking
around before the show and said hi to him also (she said he looked confused also). It wasn't until the end of the show, when she joined me up front, that Gerry made the connection! LOL I guess we need to stick together!

Thank You to America, Rick, Mary, Kelly and Barb! We had a wonderful time!!!

Ginny (and family)

Message: 248 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:33:15 1997 By:

Thanks, Jeff!

I stand corrected. "Sunny's Off" was Jeff Foskett's previous CD.


Message: 247 Posted: Mon Aug 11 22:32:23 1997 By:

For those lucky ones planning your November China/Australia AMERICA trips, it appears that AMERICA will not be returning to the Philippines on November 3. Tentative plans include a Shanghai, China, stop instead.


Message: 246 Posted: Thu Aug 07 09:05:54 1997 By:

Fosky III. I picked up "Sunny's Off" when in Japan - no Gerry on that one. It still is worth getting a hold of though - very good melodic stuff. Ironically the song Gerry sings on has "sun" or "sunny" in the title - I forgot. Word of the new Foskett CD will definitely be noted on Beach Boy related pages in the coming month(s).

Message: 245 Posted: Thu Aug 07 09:01:40 1997 By:


Is it going to be called "Sunny's Off", or "Fosky's lll".............


Message: 244 Posted: Tue Aug 05 21:44:04 1997 By:

Actually the new Foskett CD with Gerry on it will be called 'FOSKY (III) 3'. Jeff will be producing 3+ tracks for an upcoming CD of mine as well.

Message: 243 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:49:31 1997 By:
Subject: Chat Folder Crash

We've had some crazy weather out here (lightning, thunderstorms, etc.) that have played havoc with the electricity and that may have been what caused the America Fans Chat Folder to crash. All of the data after July 31 was lost but I have been able to restore much of it (Jessica, I couldn't restore your enthusiastic reply after finding out that America is coming to the Philippines again). Anyway, if your post is missing, forgive me, and please take the time to post it again. I'll back the folder up every day from now on so we don't lose the information again.


Message: 242 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:45:45 1997 By:


You are so right.......Gerry is one very busy guy! We're lucky to be blessed with his talents in such a wide array of places.

BTW, Jeff Foskett's new CD is entitled "Sunny's Off"


Message: 241 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:44:59 1997 By:

Jeff Foskett is set to release a solo disk, scheduled for release in late October of '97. The label is Pioneer in Japan & guess who appears doing some background vocals ? None other than the legendary, non-stop workaholic GERRY BECKLEY ! Jeff Foskett appeared on numerous songs on VAN GO GAN in a background vocals role. Jeff appeared on a number of VAN GO GAN songs, most notably on the fabulous song NOW SUE.
As many of you know, GERRY has appeared on numerous LP's thru the years as producer & performer. The list is extremely long. GERRY, very seriously, explains his current career as one of a working muscian. We are the lucky ones.

Let's hope for a GERRY BECKLEY solo number 2 in 1998, it's a real possibility ! Perhaps as a domestic release. 1998 is building up to be a year w/great potential.

Here are current known possibilities (note, nothing certain):
A new AMERICA disk, a new GERRY BECKLEY solo, the release of the Capitol material. 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or 3 of 3 ? Time will tell what we end up with. HOPE for 3 of 3 !

"Time will tell, how much you mean to me ......." G. BECKLEY

Message: 240 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:42:58 1997 By:
Subject: Review for Show In Wichita #2

I waited for John to do his review, so he could all the typing and I could just steal fron his review. John pretty much summed the evening up, the Cotillion Ballroom was a nice venue, kind of like a big bar. This was the smallest and most intimate setting that I have seen America perform in, which was very nice.

I finally got to hear the long set, I've been waiting a long time for that. In the 2 shows I've seen this summer I've heard 7 songs that I've never heard live before, which has been a great treat. In KC it was Three Roses, Only In Your Heart and Never Be Lonely. In Wichita it was Mirror to Mirror, Last Unicorn, Green Monkey and California Revisited. It was also great to hear Another Try, my personal favorite, I haven't heard this song since the Silent Letter tour.

From now on I'll always call Mirror to Mirror the bathroom song. To me this is a song that only true America fans have ever heard. When they started this song Friday evening a large number of people jumped up (it seemed like in unison) and ran for the bathrooms. Most of them didn't know the song and made a break for it. I personally waited for Lonely People to make my bathroom run, Sorry Brad. Like in KC Tin Man got people dancing, I don't know what it is about this song, but it makes people dance.

My brother (his first America show) enjoyed the show, along with John's local friends and even John's wife (we don't want to forget her now, do we John). John, I hope your bruises have healed from the beating she gave you after your review. I enjoyed meeting John, his friends and yes even his wife. Also it was nice to meet Ike, and Haley (who also played on Horse in KC last summer) and Pete the Tshirt guy. Maybe next time, I can meet the band.

Take Care, Mark...

Message: 239 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:41:57 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Review for Show In Wichita - Aug 1


Glad you, your "wife", friends, and Mark enjoyed your show in OZ. Thanks for the EXCELLENT recieve.....much appreciated !!

Also, great news that Ike (Do-da), and Haley (our Cinderella), joined in the fun too !!


Message: 238 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:40:28 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Review for Show in Wichita - Aug 1

Barb, I couldn't stop laughing when I read your response! I hope my wife gets a chuckle too!

John S. (If it's not Boeing, then I'm not going!)

Message: 237 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:39:02 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Review for Show in Wichita - Aug 1


Thanks for the super review!! Sounds like you had an awesome evening!!

As I read your review to Gary, he immediately picked up on this line (he's so quick!) and asked me to read it again:

"All my local friends thoroughly enjoyed the show, as well as my wife."

We both had a little's funny what we unintentionally say sometimes!

Barb & Gary

Message: 236 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:36:39 1997 By:
Subject: Review for Show in Wichita - Aug 1

Hey all,
Just got back from show and started typing, here it is (Sorry if I got wordy!):

A personal milestone was reached here in the Land of Oz, I didn’t have to leave town to see the world’s greatest band, I just had two tap my heels three times and head west to the Cotillion Ballroom.

The anticipation was overwhelming, as not only was I getting to experience another America concert, but I was going to meet up with our fellow AOLer, Mark McVey. We had e-mailed each other the last days before the show, and we had no problem hooking up as we got in line for the show. Seating was open, so Mark and his brother got to sit with my wife, six of my friends, and myself. I have to point out that Mark was wearing the shirt that he won in Kelly’s trivia quiz a few month’s ago.

We were further thrilled to get to meet the world’s greatest lonely guy, Pete the T-shirt man. Haley (Ike’s daughter) was assisting him. We talked briefly and I patronized his business, then got to speak briefly with Ike, before the show began.

The opening act was a local guitar player named Lander Ballard, who adequately performed his set. The ballroom was jam packed (I guess about 2000 folks), and everyone was eager for America to make their appearance.

At 10:15, they came on stage. The intro was a little awkward because the bone-headed radio guy introduced them too soon so their was a slight lull before they came out. My friends got a kick out of Woodz’s tee shirt (It said “Beer Nuts”) As was anticipated, the group opened with Riverside. The play list was as follows (with some of my thoughts):

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don’t Cross the River
Daisy Jane
Mirror to Mirror
Another Try
Last Unicorn (great song, the first time I had ever heard it, they said this was the encore song in Germany!)
Three Roses
I Need You
Tin Man (Dewey noted that this was an appropriate Kansas song!)
Woman Tonight (Woodz was great on the vocals!)
Only in Your Heart (I had never heard this live before, wow!)
California Dreamin (This song was introduced as a California song, whereupon Gerry played a few notes of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”)
Lonely People
Green Monkey
Never Be Lonely
Sand Man (They really rocked the house with this number!)
Sister Golden Hair (A great follower of Sandman!)

and the encore:
California Revisited
Horse With No Name (Haley came out for this one; her, Gerry, Brad, and Woodz did a nice little synchronized dip with their guitars)

The crowd really got into the whole set with standing O’s from the first song and on. Everyone in the group seemed to be having fun. Dewey just has that warm smile that says “We are really glad you came to see us.” Gerry was funny in his comments between numbers, especially when he announced they were going back to the studio. He said they were going to call the Album “Hotel California” figuring since other people have used their album
names (James Taylor “Hourglass” and Michael Jackson “History”) they might be able to rip one off themselves. During the show, some folks put up a sign that said “London Central High School Alumni Rock!” which got acknowledged by Ger and Dewey.

Unfortunately, the show had to end (the set lasted 80-85 minutes). The group had a 5:50 am flight to catch, so they were hustled out once the show ended. All my local friends thoroughly enjoyed the show, as well as my wife. It was certainly an awesome night for me (you may get Mark’s reaction later). We enjoyed meeting Pete and seeing Haley and Ike (briefly) again. Maybe there will be another show in our near future.

John S. (If it's not Boeing, then I'm not going!)

Message: 235 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:33:13 1997 By:
Subject: Loyola College Gig

For right coast fans and all others wanting to know more about the Loyola College gig in September:

Were you aware that even though this is a private gig for students, parents, families of Loyola students, that any remaining tickets for it will be available on 08/25 through ticketron?? This will be the day after the Pier 6 concert (for which I have tickets)

I hope to see some diehard America fans at Loyola as well. Call early as you will be in competition with me for the remaining seats. Ha. Ha.


Message: 234 Posted: Tue Aug 05 17:26:30 1997 By:
Subject: America Concert Update Aug 1

Dewey comes through again.....and sends the latest concert schedule!!!
There are some great surprises in this schedule, and it's obvious that America has a true WORLD following.

Appropriate additions to the concert playlist may be "Behind Closed Doors" and "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport"

Remember......this schedule is subject to change.

*****indicates most recent additions

7/31/97 St. Louis, MO Union Station 8pm
8/1/97 Wichita, KS Cortillion Ball Room 10:15pm
8/2/97 Arnolds Park, IA Roof Garden Ballroom
8/6/97 Paso Robles, CA. Mid State Fair 6 and 8:30pm
8/8/97 Napa, CA Napa Town and Country Fairgrounds 8 and 10 pm
8/15/97 San Mateo, CA San Mateo Co. Fair 5 & 7 pm
8/16/97 Boston, MA City Hall Plaza 7pm
8/19/97 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair 8 pm with Air Supply
8/20/97 Rye, NY Playland Amusement Park
8/21/97 Syracuse, NY*****
8/22/97 Kettering, OH Delco Park 8:30 pm
8/23/97 Elgin, IL. Hemens Theatre
8/24/97 Baltimore, MD. Pier Six Concert Pavilion 8pm
8/26/97 North Tonawanda, NY Melody Fair 8pm
8/27/97 Latham, NY Starlite Music Theatre 8pm
8/28/97 Butler, PA. *****
8/30/97 Gilford, NH
8/31/97 Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront 9pm
9/4/97-9/17/97 Sparks, NV 16 shows total (including 2 shows on Sat. 9/6 and 2 shows on Sat. 9/13)
9/21/97 Yakima, WA. Washington Fair 3pm
9/25/97 New Orleans, LA*****
9/26/97 Huntsville, AL*****
9/27/97 Baltimore, MD Loyola College
10/3/97 San Diego, CA Humphrey's
10/11/97 Biloxi, MS*****
10/12/97 Houston, TX*****
10/13/97 Dallas, TX*****
11/01/97 Beijing, China*****
11/03/97 Manila, P.I*****
11/04/97 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia*****
11/05/97 Singapore*****
11/06/97 Jakarta, Java*****
11/08/97 Perth, Australia*****
11/09/97 Western Australia*****
11/11/97 Hobart, Tasmania*****
11/13/97 Melbourne, Australia*****
11/14/97 Melbourne, Australia*****
11/15/97 Adelaide, Australia*****
11/19/97 Brisbane, Australia*****
11/21/97 Sydney, Australia*****
11/22/97 Cairns, Australia*****
11/23/97 Gold Coast, Australia*****
11/24/97 Australia (TBA)*****
11/25/97 Australia (TBA)*****
12/30/97 Jackpot, NV*****
12/31/97 Jackpot, NV*****
*****indicates most recent additions to schedule Aug. 1

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