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Message: 337 Posted: Mon Sep 29 15:04:42 1997 By:
Subject: Jeffrey Foskett "Cool and Gone (gone, gone)"

The new Jeffrey Foskett CD is available. A great overall CD and Gerry Beckley sings on one track as well, "Sunlight" - A Jesse Colin Young tune. Beautiful stuff. The site info is as follows...


Message: 336 Posted: Mon Sep 29 14:58:06 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Loyola

As Bob said, GREAT SHOW!! One of the most enjoyable that I have seen. Hadn't seen B,S&T in 5 years, so it was a treat to get to hear them again. They did a great show. David Clayton-Thomas is such a showman. The stage lights were not where the should have been (they were frying his eyeballs), so he nicely asked that to be fixed. Next, lights were right in the eyes of my daughter, her friend and Carol's daughter ........ he stopped and fixed that also! From then on the lights shown on the girls' jackets, not really a problem, but Althea (my daughter) had on a fluorescent yellow jacket ....... it glowed! LOL!!

America really did put on a fantastic show. Crowd was good considering it was really a private (parents weekend at the college) event. Only a few real fans were there ..... those here online and those who heard about it from the band when they played at Pier 6 in August. Our group, Bob and his family and another couple that we knew from other shows made up most of the front row. I felt like they were playing for US! Our group had our glowsticks (and glowing jacket). Dewey liked them and even pretended several times to have one of his own that he was swinging around! Every time we looked over at Bob, he was grinning ear to ear :-))) Great meeting you and your wonderful family, Bob! A couple of the security guys there spent a lot of time watching us as well as the show. Not exactly a rowdy crowd, so they could relax a bit. One of them even went and pulled the set lists off the stage for Carol and I, what a sweetie! And, we hadn't even thought about doing that!

After the show, Althea managed to get her Hourglass CD signed ........ literally had to chase them down ....... upstairs .... downstairs ........ inside ....... outside. She was the one grinning that time! She even reminded Gerry about the time in 91 when he had made fun of her and her friend Aisha (who went with us to this show). Memories!

Thanks for the great evening guys!! Can't wait for next year!!


Message: 335 Posted: Sun Sep 28 14:35:37 1997 By:
Subject: Loyola

I attended the show at Loyola and thought America sounded great. It was good to here some of their more rare concert material (Survival, To Each His Own) and some new arrangements (I Need You, Never Be Lonely). I thought Dewey did a great job on the first two numbers - Riverside and Ventura Highway - and they sounded great on CA Dreamin'.
This was my 12th America concert (so maybe I'm jaded) but I left the show feeling a bit unsatisifed. America played only five songs recorded after 1975, and two of these they didn't even write. I know they rely heavily on their older material in concert and their playlist doesn't vary that much, but I think they overlook a lot of good material, especially the new songs on the HourGlass CD or Gerry's Van Go Gan. I understand they have to play all the hits, but I would lve to hear some of the newer material. Any thoughts?

P.S. Thanks for setting up the great web site, and thanks to everyone who has contributed thoughts in the past. Its good to know there are other fans out there and its been fun!

Message: 334 Posted: Sun Sep 28 12:56:26 1997 By:
Subject: Loyola

The night of the Loyola concert we showed up around a bit past six for the 8:00 p.m. start. (Incidentally, the box office stayed open right up to show time and the concert with Blood Sweat and Tears could be seen for $15.00. Plenty of good seats remained for this obscure venue that the mainstream fans didnít know about) Sara, Erin and I met up with online friends Ginny ( and Carol before the show. Since Carol came in from Jersey and Ginny from (where else?) Virginia, Iím probably beating them to this posting.

BS and T opened and did a wonderful set. What a great bunch of musicians. Itís hard to believe the first time I recollect having their music seared into my memory was on a juke box in Ocean City, MD. In 1969. It was a perfect pairing of groups who were and are contemporaries of each other.

Now to the chase! The song list for Americaís segment was:
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Donít Cross the River
Mirror to Mirror (Yes! Hadnít seen this since 94)
To Each His Own (ditto to above and "Iím gonna miss you yes I will".
I Need You (VGG version, at least guitar-wise)
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Only in Your Heart ( I do know this song by the way)
CA Dreamin
Lonely People
Survival (first time Iíve heard this long-time favorite in concert-worth the wait)
Green Monkey (ditto to above -finally got to "seek the wisdom of the redwood tree"
Never Be Lonely (by this time, as you can well imagine, the crowd was definitely feeling "LOST IN SPACE")
Sister G.

Gerry said they had just come from 2 weeks in Reno and seemed to genuinely appreciate being back among their audience as many of the patrons in Reno were people issued tickets to shows as package deals with their hotel rooms. He remarked that they were going to play a longer set which sent up an appreciative cheer.

Great show. Super Energy. Lasting memories.

P.S. Thanks a lot Pete. Erin thinks youíre the greatest.

Message: 333 Posted: Wed Sep 24 19:29:24 1997 By:
Subject: Final CD Info From France

I've made a page for people who wants to buy America 'cds

Nico :)
Eternal Lovin' Flame

Message: 332 Posted: Wed Sep 24 16:57:36 1997 By:
Subject: Even More Info On French CDs

Cds are not yet in the store
They will be available in end of this week or next week
But i 'm going to reserve cds for people who make a request cause the
person which work in the store is a friend.

i give you my address :

Nicolas Burnouf
4 Avenue Cassiopée
91100 Villabé
But please :
I can reserve for a few days (but not more of a week) and i can't buy
cds before have money to pay it.So I must have money first to buy cds
and to send it to people.

Eternal Lovin' Flame

Message: 331 Posted: Wed Sep 24 15:24:08 1997 By:
Subject: More Info On French CDs

i 've asked to my bank if i could accept checks from US banks. It told me yes but i must pay 20$ for each check. So it's impossible. But people can pay me by money (bill in dollars or other) in a letter or make an credit to my bank account in France with my bank account ref. But there's no problem. I'm a very serious person and to everypeople who send me money , i send cd. Sincerely, there's no problems. for shipping , it costs about 6 US$ , so , 36 US$ ship include.

i would also tell you that French label where America'cds are available is a little label. So cds will be manufactured in a small quantity and in a short time. "Silent Letter" for a reason i don't know , is not available (only Alibi , Perspective , Your move , are available)

See u later :)
Eternal Lovin' Flame

Message: 330 Posted: Wed Sep 24 07:44:40 1997 By:
Subject: French CDs

America's Cds (Alibi , Your move , Perspective) will be in sell this
week :) But it's a little French Label which have bought copyright ,
and it seems that distribution is only in France by Musidisc.

If you want , i can send cds of America against check or money
Each Cd 30$ + ship

Eternal Lovin' Flame

Message: 329 Posted: Tue Sep 23 12:57:39 1997 By:
Subject: Southern CA America fans who r musicians and singers

There is no one who could ever sound as good as America singing America songs. But this is a wild about American fans playing and singing America songs? Anyone interested in such a partry in Orange County, CA? I am thinking of organizing a small "We Love and Play America" party. I used to sing/play keyboards in local bands and have done years of weddings, church choirs, etc...but can't play guitar. Have always wanted to sing the harmonies of America songs (Horse With No Name, I Need You, Ventura Highway especially) with other decent singers and musicians who are America fans. The clubhouse where I live can handle 20-30 people. I'll bring the soda... If you're in So. CAL, e-mail me if interested... The rule is: Attendees must be either a decent singer or musician... they can bring one guest who can do neither. How unfun it would be if there were cool but tonedeaf people!

And ---remember what they say... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and America deserves to be flattered!


Message: 328 Posted: Tue Sep 23 12:54:01 1997 By:
Subject: Yakima Abuzz!!


For anyone who has ever wondered "Who's on first? (base), the answer was easy on Sunday, Sept. 21 at Yakima. The answer was ........ Dewey ...... then Gerry, Woodz, Brad, and Willie.

The guys performed at the Central Washington State Fair Sunday afternoon at the Yakima Bear's baseball stadium, with the stage centered near the infield. Fortunately, there were no hot line drives to contend with......and throughout the performing errors by the visiting California "team."

In fact, when we entered the concert site, we drove *right through* the stadium fence on to the outfield and right up to the stage, feeling somewhat like Ken Griffey Jr. roaming center field .... but in air conditioned limo comfort of course.

Right away, we thought of that classic song with the catchy lyrics, "the heat was hot and the ground was dry" as we took our seats. It was a blistering 85 degrees or so, which is to anyone from cooler Western Washington, 115 degrees minimum. The heat also made it somewhat difficult for the guitars to stay in tune all afternoon, but that didn't stop America from shining brightly, as always.

The luckiest person at the the concert was Willie, who sat comfortably in the shade with his drums and sunglasses, never venturing to step out in the sunlight. But that's typical Willie .............. the king of cool.

Just before the concert began, we heard some buzzing noises and saw objects whizzing by our heads ....... somewhat like a Randy Johnson fastball. But, this was even worse ......... wasps!!

I'm not sure who invited them to the concert, but apparently there was a mass invitation of some kind back at the hive. One could only hope that Gerry and Dewey would skip mentioning "honey" in any of the lyrics, knowing this could have the same result as poking the hive with a big stick!

At the beginning of the concert, Dewey graciously thanked a couple that made an authentic Tin Man, that was about 3 feet high, and was left onstage during the concert. It was a labor of love, and much appreciated by the guys. (go ahead bees ............... sting this!!)

This was also the first concert after the extended "working vacation" in Sparks, so it was a breath of fresh air ....... playing once again for primarily true America fans.

The audience was most appreciative throughout the concert, singing along and dancing. That prompted Dewey to add lyrics to "Everyone I Meet" ....... which suddenly became "they're dancing in the streets of California, AND YAKIMA, WASHINGTON!!" Of course, that comment was received by the crowd like an out of the park home run.

Then, another buzzing noise! This time it was a plane towing a banner that read, "Win at Wild Horse." No doubt this was in honor of the group that jumped on an unamed horse and took a genuine wild ride lasting more than a quarter of a century so far.

Between the bees and the heat, there was a HUGE highlight awaiting the crowd. "Survival" was added to the playlist (which happens to be my favorite America song), and also "To Each His Own," which Gerry performed impeccably.

"Survival" was a "#1 hit in Singapore" according to Gerry with tongue in cheek, and needed to be practiced in concert for the upcoming Singapore Star Cruise. Note: Ger surely must have meant Singapore, Italy???? :)

America saved some "high heat" for a "stinging" encore performance, and the crowd left thrilled ........ along with some new tan and burn lines.

But the bees weren't entirely satisfied. They swarmed univited backstage and buzzed hungrily near Gerry's salmon dinner and a tasty blue ribbon award winning piece of apple pie. (Although some seemed to prefer Dewey's choice of blackberry)

America clearly hit a major league grand slam in Yakima, even though the hard to impress bees were last heard buzzing about their plans to crash Willie Nelson's upcoming show at the Yakima Fair Wednesday night entitled "Hive Aid."

Rick and Mary

On a personal note ....... millions of thanks to Gerry and Dewey and all the guys for the memorable time in Yakima, and especially their kindness and consideration.

Message: 327 Posted: Sun Sep 21 21:43:57 1997 By:
Subject: Howy Stern Tape - AMERICA interview

As of yet there has not been a copy found & the radio station has a policy of not releasing tapes of the show,unfortunately. AMERICA appeared on the show to promote HOURGLASS when they were in New York city. The interview lasted approx. 30 minutes & included some in-studio songs by GERRY & DEWEY & their 6 string guitars. Yes the questions posed by Stern were tough, but GERRY & DEWEY as quite press savvy & quick thinkers were able to navigate through the interview. AMERICA later appeared w/Stern in Cleveland at an outdoor concert, where AMERICA played a little song of Stern's using the HORSE W/NO NAME melody & chords.

Message: 326 Posted: Sun Sep 21 16:14:34 1997 By:
Subject: Chords To All My Life

The detailed chords will be posted in detail by Steve Lowry on this Web page. But in case anyone is curious on this electronic folder.

ALL MY LIFE is the single from SILENT LETTER that indeed captures the essence of a GERRY BECKLEY penned song. ALL MY LIFE is not a terribly complicated song, there are no key changes, usually 1 chord change per measure & just 2 verses. Some of GERRY'S simplest songs say so much in such a way that only GERRY can deliver on. I hope some of you have heard the solo acoustic version of this song. ALL MY LIFE as I NEED YOU were both composed on guitar & later ported to the acoustic piano. This song has been used in quite a few weddings as GERRY has heard, including Mr. Woods' wedding where GERRY performed the song upon request. I gave it song of the year for 1979; Someday the whole wide world will discover this song.

The chords are E major, A/E, Am/E, Amaj7, G#m, F#m7, C#7, B, B7/A. In a slow 4.

Message: 325 Posted: Sun Sep 21 13:23:55 1997 By:
Subject: Radio interview with Howard Stern

Does anybody have a tape copy of the Howard Stern interview of Gerry and Dewey? It was done around the time that Hourglass was released. I would be interested in getting a copy.

Message: 324 Posted: Sat Sep 20 18:40:24 1997 By:
Subject: Help

I agree. However, try Daisy Jane, Bell Tree and Midnight. If that doesn't work, nothing will.

Message: 323 Posted: Fri Sep 19 21:56:47 1997 By:
Subject: RE: help!

My advice is that you listen to Daisy Jane, Woman Tonight, and Sister Golden Hair. That should get your boyfriend in the right frame of mind (meet him "in the middle or in the air").

Message: 322 Posted: Fri Sep 19 19:47:28 1997 By:
Subject: help!

I'm an America widow! My boyfriend is hopelessly obsessed with Dewey and Gerry and the letter "H" and refuses my love and affection until he has heard at least three songs off the "Hearts" CD. Advise, please (Valentines Day approaches!)

Message: 321 Posted: Fri Sep 19 08:41:37 1997 By:
Subject: RE: Peace w/Dan Peek

The Peace CD is great! As Mark mentioned below, you can find ordering instructions on Rick's America Home Page or you can go directly to the Peace Home Page to read all about the band and to order one or both of their CD's. Although the second CD (which features Dan) is the best, the first one is still worth getting (it was produced by Dan and has a lot of his influence).


Message: 320 Posted: Fri Sep 19 06:36:47 1997 By:
Subject: Peace w/ Dan Peek

I finally got the Peace CD that features Dan Peek on it and it is great! It has 8 Dan Peek songs on it, so it's almost like another Dan Peek album. If you haven't gotten it yet I highly recommend it! Ordering instructions can be found on Rick's America web page.

Message: 319 Posted: Thu Sep 18 14:56:59 1997 By:
Subject: RE: America Express

The America Express Newsletter is published 4 times a year by Rick Wahlgren and Barbara Bickmore. The latest edition was the Summer 1997 edition. All of the past editions can be found on the America home page. To be added to the mailing list for future editions, send a mail message to Rick Wahlgren.


Message: 318 Posted: Thu Sep 18 13:48:00 1997 By:
Subject: America Album Reviews

If you haven't seen it already, check out the America Album Reviews page (access through "links" on this home page). It gives you an opportunity to review and rate all of the bands recordings.

Message: 317 Posted: Thu Sep 18 13:32:58 1997 By:
Subject: America Express

How often does the "America Express" come out?

Message: 316 Posted: Thu Sep 18 12:11:15 1997 By:
Subject: How to order the Heard CD

The Heard CD can be ordered by sending a mail message to John Corbett. Tell him you're interested in getting the CD and he'll tell you how to order it. He's on vacation right now in the Black Hills of South Dakota so he won't respond until after he gets back on Monday.


Message: 315 Posted: Thu Sep 18 10:10:27 1997 By:
Subject: Heard CD

The HEARD CD sounds like a "must have". Does anybody know how to order a copy of it? I visited the web page but I only see information in regards to the price ($10.00). Thanks in advance for the info.

Walt Berchin

Message: 314 Posted: Tue Sep 16 12:59:00 1997 By:
Subject: Reno Photos

I put a few photos from the Reno concert out on this website for those who would like to take a look. The URL to get there directly is reno97.htm. Thanks to Connie for making them available.


Message: 313 Posted: Mon Sep 15 16:46:39 1997 By:
Subject: Have you "heard" about the new CD?

Through the efforts of John Conto, a new CD is now available to America Fans. This "home-rolled" CD contains some previously unreleased material that is fantastic and is only available to America Fans that read about it on the America Fans website. Go to the Heard Album web page to read about the album and to find out how to order it.

Many thanks go to John for a great job!


Message: 312 Posted: Mon Sep 15 08:46:41 1997 By:

I just want to add again that the guys were wonderful last night (Sunday). The show looked sold out and the whole table full of people behind me kept saying ELEPHANTS are opening for America??? I guess Bertha & Angel never fail to surprise people. Anyway, what an energetic, greatgreatgreat (I can't say it enough!) show ... Please guys ... come back to Sparks soon!

thankyouthankyouthankyou Gerry for the guitar pick and the autograph ... you're great!!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 311 Posted: Mon Sep 15 08:45:03 1997 By:


Great that you and Barb could make it to see Bertha and Angel again........and especially the main act that followed.

Someone said how they didn't expect to read the name Joey Buttafuco on this folder (from a post way back) ........ and I can say I didn't expect to read about Englebert!

Sounds like a great time in Sparks ...... and thanks for sharing.

The Nugget has given America rave reviews ....... and Gary showed us why.


Message: 310 Posted: Mon Sep 15 08:43:18 1997 By:

So there I was sitting at a slot machine, losing of course, when I Iooked up and saw an elephant walking down the street. Yes, it was Bertha. For those of you who read the reviews from earlier in the year, from the last Sparks show, you'll remember that Bertha and Angel are the two Asian elepants which open every show at the Nugget Hotel. It was, to say the very least, an unusal sight.

Of course, Barb and I thought we had bonded with ol' Bertha and Angel at Friday night's show. So on Saturday morning, we sauntered over to their home just to say hello. Bertha was out walking (these pachyderms walk a lot!), but Angel was playing in her pen. After cooing some sweet nothings to Angel, she seemed to give us a nod of recognition. However, moments later she came back to the fence where we were standing and angrily kicked dirt at us. Apparently, "Angel" has a little devil in her!

The opening act for both shows (after Bertha and Angel, of course) was Mario and Daniel, Argentinian comedians who also happen to be brothers. We highly recommend their act should you ever get the opportunity. It is hilarious!!

The Friday nite show was a sellout, as it should be. Both nights were "Greatest Hits" shows; however, songs like "Another Try" and "Never Be Lonely" helped to spice up the mix. From "Riverside" to "Horse" the sounds were perfect. As always we heard comments afterwards like, "I didn't know they still played" and "They sound better than on their records".

One of the current stage "jokes" regards Gerry's harmonica. Angel plays a harmonica during their segment and when Gerry picks up his harmonica he says "it smells like it's been in an old trunk" (laugh now).

The Saturday night audience was smaller but much more into the music than at Friday's show. There were several groups of fans standing and cheering all through the performance. We had shared our table with another couple and every time the guys would start another song the woman would jump up and shriek with delight. Having a roomful of true fans creates so much more energy in the shows. The crowd feeds off of the band's enthusiasm and vice versa. People were singing along and having a wonderful time.

There is good news on the horizon. As previously mentioned, the guys have been practicing some "new" songs for inclusion in the set list. Two favorites that are sure to please are "Company" and "To Each His Own".

Special thanks to Dewey for the guitar picks and to Gerry for the heartwarming recognition.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We had to leave Sunday to return to the real world. Waiting in the terminal we found that our "star-studded" weekend was not over yet. Sitting at a slot machine, and winning $200.00 no less, was Englebert Humperdinck. After his brief gambling mania, he came over and sat down directly across from us to await our flight to LA. With unruly hair and very ordinary looks, it was hard to picture him as a "sex symbol". It seems incredible that he has the largest fan club in the world, with more than 250 chapters and 8 million members! of Englebert's pasttimes ...... crossword puzzles ...... in case you're looking for Christmas gift ideas!! A final humorous note. While boarding the plane, one woman approached us with questions about Englebert because she had seen us sitting with him and thought we were part of his entourage! We assured here we were not!!

The other GB

Message: 309 Posted: Mon Sep 15 08:31:49 1997 By:
Subject: America Capitol re-issues

The reason the Capitol America CD's have been taking so long is that we are searching for rare tracks that we can use as bonus tracks on our CD's. Fans may want to wait on buying the imports until we can determine what extra tracks will be on our CD's.

Terry Wachsmuth - One Way Records

Message: 308 Posted: Sun Sep 14 17:10:44 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Schedule Change...Jacks

Thanks Rick. Had a feeling the Jaxx show may not happen. It wasn't listed in the ad in yesterday's Washington Post.


Message: 307 Posted: Sun Sep 14 17:08:15 1997 By:
Subject: Schedule Change...Jacks

Jacks concert in Springfield, Va. has apparently been taken off the schedule, and may be re-scheduled. That's the latest word.


Message: 306 Posted: Sat Sep 13 07:14:31 1997 By:
Subject: Thanks for the birthday greetings

Rick Wahlgren forwarded all of the birthday greetings below to Gerry and Gerry read them before the show last night. He sent back a reply thanking everyone for their thoughts and wishes. I'm sure he put on a great show after that. If anyone happened to catch his "birthday" show, give us a quick review.


Message: 305 Posted: Fri Sep 12 16:52:57 1997 By:
Subject: Rye New York

As promised, although a bit after the fact,

The show that took place in Rye was as usual from my perspective wonderful. However, this was the first time that I had gone to an outdoor concert and it had poured!

The show took place in the amusement park called Rye Playland, the only thing good about this place is that the stage is very small and it sits right in the center of the parks "midway". This really adds to the up close and personal feeling of shows there. Anyway, Maureen and I were the only ones who were able to go to the show that day and all day long it had been raining so we were really worried about the show even going on. Got there, went back and met the guys and listened to the 2 opening acts, Robert John (the Lion Sleeps) and Don McClean (fresh off his apperance with Garth Brooks) and staked out our spot amongst the people behind stage and litterally stood just inches away from Gerry's keyboard. Now everything was going great until they announced the band and the heavens just opened up. Man it poured, but the amazing thing was that the crowd, although smaller then expected because of the rain, just stayed where they were, no one moved, no one ran for shelter, it was great, just America fans standing there in the rain and watching the show. I am sure the guys got a kick out of it because they really did a great job on the "long set". Gerry played Last Unicorn and looked over at us, see before the show they were deciding to maby cut the song from the list, but I told him that it was my daughter Gia's favorite. So after the song he said it was by special request and it kinda warmed my heart. It was also kinda funny when the guys would look over at us and see us basically drenched and chuckle.

One thing that really impressed both Maureen and I was the way the guys seemed determined to play as well as they could for the huddled masses. First Class all the way!!! I also was totally impressed by the number of people still there at the end of the show, true America fans!

Unfortunatly that seems like it for the Northeast at least for now, just cant get to Maryland or Virginia so we'll just be patient.

Talk soon,


Message: 304 Posted: Fri Sep 12 12:50:45 1997 By:
Subject: RE: chords to all around


Thanks for giving us the chords to All Around. I've incorporated them into the lyrics for everyone's benefit.


Message: 303 Posted: Fri Sep 12 11:12:43 1997 By:
Subject: Happy birthday !!!

Gerry Beckley,

We want to wish you all the best !
Have a very happy birthday !


Luisa and Paula.

Message: 302 Posted: Fri Sep 12 10:26:25 1997 By:

Just wanted to wish Gerry a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
You're "One in a Million"



Message: 301 Posted: Fri Sep 12 10:20:05 1997 By:
Subject: RE: chords to all around

ALL AROUND is a song from AMERICA'S debut LP w/capitol records, SILENT LETTER. SILENT LETTER is also GERRY & DEWEY'S 1st LP of new material as a duo. The LP contains many songs co-written by GERRY & DEWEY as is ALL AROUND. SILENT LETTERS' songs are all very closely tied together & all fit very well together as a cohesive collection. I think of SILENT LETTER as one big long song. It is outstanding.

The chords are basically G, Dm7, F, C, G, Dm7, G/D, Cm, Fm, Bd, Ed if done in the same key as the original. Best done on a 12-string acoustic to get that full & mellow AMERICA sound. Arpeggios work good in the opening verses if using a 6 string.


Message: 300 Posted: Fri Sep 12 08:40:32 1997 By:
Subject: Birthday Greetings


From Steve and all of the other America Fans!!!!

Message: 299 Posted: Thu Sep 11 22:41:43 1997 By:
Subject: Sept. Concert Schedule Update

Here's the latest America concert schedule update as of Sept. 12th. NOTE: THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Verify with local Ticketmaster/venues.

9/4/97-9/17/97 Sparks, NV 15 shows total (including 2 shows on Sat. 9/13)
9/21/97 Yakima, WA. Washington Fair 3pm
9/25/97 New Orleans, LA. Bally's (2 shows)
9/26/97 Huntsville, AL. Huntsville Heritage Foundation 10 pm
9/27/97 Baltimore, MD Loyola College
9/28/97 Springfield, VA. Jack's Nightclub 8pm
10/3/97 San Diego, CA Humphrey's
10/4/97 San Ramon, CA Maestro's
10/5/97 Sacramento, CA. Gold River Raquet Club
10/12/97-10/19/97 Star Cruise....beginning in Singapore
11/01/97 Beijing, China
11/02/97 Shanghai, China
11/04/97 Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
11/05/97 Singapore
11/06/97 Jakarta, Java
11/08/97 Perth, Australia (Burswood)
11/09/97 Bunbury, Australia (Bunbury Entertainment Center)
11/11/97 Hobart, Australia (Wrest Point Casino)
11/13/97 Melbourne, Australia (Yarravale Club)
11/14/97 Melbourne, Australia (Yarravale Club)
11/15/97 Adelaide, Australia(Barooga Sports Club)
11/16/97 Sydney (nearby), Australia (Wyong Lgs Club)
11/19/97 Sydney, Australia (Parramatta Lgs)
11/20/97 Sydney, Australia (Parramatta Lgs)
11/21/97 Sydney, (nearby) Australia (Evan Theater Pennth)
11/22/97 Brisbane, Australia
11/23/97 Gold Coast, Australia (Jupiter's Casino)
11/25/97 Wellington, New Zealand (Wellington Convention Center)
12/30/97 Jackpot, NV. Cactus Pete's
12/31/97 Jackpot, NV. Cactus Pete's

Message: 298 Posted: Thu Sep 11 17:20:35 1997 By:
Subject: b-day greeting

Just wanted to greet Mr. Beckley a happy birthday!

Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful magic with words and melody, Gerry. More happy years for you and your family.

Message: 297 Posted: Thu Sep 11 16:48:47 1997 By:
Subject: chords to all around

Hi - i am looking for the chords to the song all around - can anyone help me withe that - thanks for your assistance

Message: 296 Posted: Wed Sep 10 21:49:40 1997 By:
Subject: Joe Coni is Back!!!

Well, Well, Well, it sure has been a long time! Just got myself back on line (NOTICE SLIGHT NAME CHANGE) and I have just caught up on all the posts I have missed since I have been gone. Some really great things!!

I would love to have written about the Westbury Concert but Don has said it all. It really was a great show (Yep even if it was soooo short) and got to spend some really nice time with the guys. I think we had the biggest contingent of America fans in the space, took up 2 whole rows!! Had some friends with us who hadn't seen America in years and they were just blown away! Also Maureen, from the off liners was there with her husband Rob, and just a bunch of America fans enjoying themselves.

Really great part was seeing Woods, Brad and Willie playing the blues. It at first seemed a bit weird hearing them play anything else but America tunes but they really showed thier musical abilities. Woods really said something profound when we were talking obout blues and guitar playing as a whole.He said that playing the guitar is a lot like talking, some guys can really play a lot of notes, do a lot of talking, but the ones that say what they want using just a few words are the real masters! I thought that was so cool.

Gotta say that I think Anne, my wife is about to become the official America Baker for thier East Coast swings.Seems the guys all gobbled up the cake, brownies and other goodies she made for them! (Geez 20 years ago who would have thought we'd be bringing baked goods to a show)

Anyway, I do have a review to post and that will be tomorrow, all about the Rye show which was held in a monsoon! Had a great time!

Its good to be back, Anne, Joe and Gia all say HI to everyone!!!

Talk Soon


Message: 295 Posted: Tue Sep 09 12:15:23 1997 By:
Subject: Westbury Music Fair NY

I know this concert was back in August...but it's been a really looong time since i last posted. It took me 3 days to catch up on all the old posts. Great news Re. french imports and the Capital stuff. Anyway I wanted to tell everyone about the 1 NY metro area concert at Westbury Music Fair. The WBF is a great place to see a show.. small and in the round. The stage revolves! Anyway they opened for Air Supply, which meant a very short set for the guys...50 minutes....wah! The guys came out and let us know right away they had to cram a lot of songs into a very shot period of time and would not waste too much time talking. The playlist was a "Greatestest Hits" list with a few songs added in such as Three Roses, and Never Be Lonely. The guys were really tight as they are usually. I met up with some on-liners like Maureen, ( can't remember her screen name) and Joe Iacone (Joconi) who asked me to say hello to everyone. Naturally the show ended too soon...then Air Supply came on. like previously mentioned here on the board...they were just awful (sorry Airheads!). They were the complete opposite of America, Too much talking and too loud! Any the best was YET to come. We all left early, (as did alot of people) and went to a local pub. You see it was open mike at the pub and Woodzy, Brad and willie had signed up as R.V. Parks and the Winnebago's!!!

After waiting quite some time for their turn to come, Joe asked the MC if he really knew who they were and if they could be moved up. Well the MC accomodated them after finding out the truth, and the guys asked a couple of musicians (pianist, harmonica, and guitarist) to play with them. There was maybe about 15-20 people in the pub at the time and the guys started jamming the Blues with Woodzy making up the words (I think) as they went along. It was really great and they just blew everyone away without people there really knowing who they were! After three verry loong songs it was time to give way to the next bunch of musicians (poor guys, tough act to follow!). The funniest part though was when the MC came back to announce those next musicians he said" how bout a nice hand for a fine bunch of Americans!" What a great ending to a great night!
Don P.

Message: 294 Posted: Thu Sep 04 07:17:00 1997 By:
Subject: Alibi, Your Move, Perspective

A post on the AOL America board just announced that Alibi, Your Move, and
Perspective will be released on CD in France soon! Keep an eye out for the
dealers that carry imports and lets us know if you find them!!

Message: 293 Posted: Wed Sep 03 16:45:51 1997 By:
Subject: King Biscuit CD - Live 1982

If you have had trouble finding the King Biscuit release, their number is 1-800-LIVECDS. They have a Web page at The Web page features a real nice series of write-ups on AMERICA, just click on AMERICA. The CD of a live show in 1982 has gone thru a re-packaging by King Biscuit w/respect to the sleeve. The newest one is in black & gold & has an extremely nice design foto of GERRY & DEWEY on the actual CD, a real collectors item. A live version of DEWEY'S outstanding cut LOVE ON THE VINE is included. Keep the name KIng Biscuit handy, it may loom as quite important in the future of new AMERICA CD's. Feel free to e-mail them from their Web page & let them know how much you enjoy AMERICA'S music.

Message: 292 Posted: Wed Sep 03 14:30:02 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Ocean City, MD


I'm glad that the Ocean City, MD concert HAPPENED and that you were able to make it. It sounds like it was another great concert, as usual!


Message: 291 Posted: Wed Sep 03 14:17:04 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Alibi, Your Move, Perspective

Steve -

I should have known you'd be right on top of things! Thanks for checking it out with Nicolas. Look forward to hearing whether or not the CDs show up on any of the suppliers' lists.


Message: 290 Posted: Wed Sep 03 11:05:50 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Ocean City, MD

Greg, according to the 3 concert schedules below (dated August 1, July 10, and June 1), the only concert scheduled for Ocean
City, MD was back on July 3. I haven't been aware of any other concerts scheduled for that city but I'll see what I can find out.
If it's listed in Pollstar's concert schedule and if it was in a recent local newspaper, maybe it will still happen. If I find out
anything I'll post it here and I'll send you an e-mail


Just thought I would let you know that my trip to O.C. was rewarded w/ a great America performance - right on the beach. The place was packed - beach and boardwalk (just like the VA Beach concert). It was especially good to hear songs like Another Try, Last Unicorn, Three Roses, Green Monkey, and Never Be Lonely performed live - as I had never had the pleasure before this event. The songs that got the biggest ovation were Sandman and Horse.

Gerry and Dewey were courteous as usual in staying after the show to sign autographs and to exchange pleasantries. All and all a wonderful experience. Greg

Message: 289 Posted: Wed Sep 03 11:00:28 1997 By:
Subject: Re: America Birthdays


That's understandable, just curious what the year was if it had been public knowledge and anyone knew. Anyhow, thanks for the dates, I appreciate it.


Message: 288 Posted: Wed Sep 03 09:16:16 1997 By:
Subject: Re: America Birthdays


I don't know exactly how old the guys are (and I probably wouldn't publish it if I did know). I believe they are in their middle to late forties. I do know their birthdays, however, because they are published several places in Rock and Roll web pages. Gerry Beckley's birthday is September 12 (coming soon) and Dewey Bunnell's birthday is January 19. Feel free to wish them a happy birthday on this chat folder.


Message: 287 Posted: Wed Sep 03 09:07:30 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Alibi, Your Move, Perspective


I also saw the entry that you referred to in the guestbook and I sent a message to Nicolas. He replied to me and said that those three albums would be released on the Musidisc label. I'm not completely convinced that he's right, but I hope he is. I'll check the import suppliers after the 22nd and see if they show up.


Message: 286 Posted: Wed Sep 03 08:38:04 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject: Alibi, Your Move, Perspective

Hello to all:

Noticed an entry in America's Home Page Guestbook. According to Nicolas Burnouf of Paris, France, Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective will be released on CD in France on 22 Sep 97. Since One Way Records has delayed their release, maybe the French imports will be available for purchase. He didn't say what record company was releasing the CDs.


PS to Kelly - Would you happen to have any more info as to when America will be performing in Sacramento? They haven't played Sacramento for about 5 yrs and it would be great to see them here again.

Message: 285 Posted: Tue Sep 02 23:24:31 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Birthdays

Age ? Their music is timeless, their age is ageless.

Message: 284 Posted: Tue Sep 02 17:02:04 1997 By:
Subject: America Birthdays

Hi All,

Just out of curiosity, when are the fellas birthdays? I was trying to figure out just how old (young) they are. I appreciate it if whoever answers can include the year and as many of the other band members as possible. Thanks!

Walt Berchin

Message: 283 Posted: Tue Sep 02 11:18:58 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Virginia Beach

Hey Laurin and Carolyn! We were there too!! My daughter and I were the ones upfront swinging the pink glow sticks around. Ran into Dave ( there also! Nice to finally meet you Dave!

I think Laurin about summed it up. Wanted to add that the place was packed to overflowing onto the boardwalk and beach outside. Not bad with other shows going on at the same time! Gerry tried to throw me his guitar pick........of course I missed! :-(( Next time I will bring a mitt, then again, I would probably still miss!! (Gerry, just hand it to me!!)


Message: 282 Posted: Tue Sep 02 11:16:36 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Virginia Beach

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I also saw America in Virginia Beach over Labor Day Weekend, my third time since the mid seventies. They looked and sounded just as good now (if not better) than they did way back then. Looking forward to the next time. My die hard country music lover husband really enjoyed them too.


Message: 281 Posted: Tue Sep 02 11:11:32 1997 By:
Subject: Virginia Beach

Went to the show Sunday night in Virginia Beach. This was a free show at the American Music Festival. Great show!

The set list stayed intact from recent years, really only deleting "Young Moon" and "Hope" from the recent set lists. Although the songs played really haven't change, it was nice to hear them in a different order. Also, the new acoustic intro to "I Need You" was a nice touch.

Dewey had a few humorous moments, though. During "Ventura Highway", he forgot where he was in the song and created a new bridge where the other guys didn't expect one. Later, during "Sandman", he started singing, but wasn't at the mike, so, the first thing you hear is, "...outside, all the planes have been grounded..."

He made up for it, though, dedicating "Three Roses" to princess Di.


Message: 280 Posted: Mon Sep 01 11:35:29 1997 By:
Subject: NORMAN

FYI: There were some posts regarding a song that GERRY BECKLEY wrote & briefly played near the late 70's, but never released. It is unique in that the nature of it being an autobiographical ballad. Here is some background on the subject of the acoustic piano based ballad. As you may know, GERRY had a strong interest in art & architectural design during his formidable years. It is kind of interesting to nail down the source of a GERRY or DEWEY song & this one is very specific & identifiable. Keep in mind that this song is not available. VAN GO GAN & HOURGLASS are the latest reflections of life thru the hearts & eyes of AMERICA.

An excerpt from the song: "I'd sail a ship around the ocean today with your name on it; And I've never sailed a ship before, Norman .....
How can people forget, I won't let them, Norman ..." G. BECKLEY


Theatrical producer; stage & industrial designer; author:
Those who know anything about Norman Bel Geddes know that nearly all his life the famous designer has been trying to create a world of tomorrow - today. For the New York World's Fair of 1939/1940 he designed the General Motors Futurama. This pioneer of the streamline is not content merely to make predictions; what really interests him is seeing that his own predictions come true.

His professional career, in the early years, evolved into a stage designer for the theatre. During his career in the theatre he was in charge of more than 200 productions in the 1920's. In 1927 he became an industrial designer as well as a stage designer. In 1935 he partnered with the well-known architect George Howe, in order to provide domestic & commercial building owners with a broad survey of mechanical & architectural trends for their consideration & use. He created radio cabinets, furniture, refrigerators, office, restaurant & airplane interiors, medals, gas stoves, window displays, tires. He was largely responsible for popularizing the concept of streamlining in America.

The Geddes philosophy: "For every given set of conditions, there is an ideal form which does not need to be ornamented or decorated to make it beautiful. The preamble to finding the successful solution is to master first all the facts which may properly condition that solution. This done, the designer must pursue his research for the right form with every bit of ability & honesty he possesses. The acceptance of traditional things which have been outdated Is evidence of mental laziness. Think things out fundamentally. Then express them - in the same terms".

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