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Message: 391 Posted: Fri Oct 31 16:03:06 1997 By:
Subject: Jackpot Tickets

If anyone is interested in free tickets to all 4 shows, let me know.

Message: 390 Posted: Fri Oct 31 13:21:29 1997 By:
Subject: Java and AOL

AOL users have indicated that the AOL browser is not Java enabled so they can't join the Live Chat sessions. I found the following information on the ParaChat website which should provide AOL users with a Java enabled browser:

17. I use AOL, how can I use ParaChat?

Just connect to AOL, go to the Word Wide Web, minimize the AOL window and launch a Java enabled browser. You can download Netscape Navigator v3.01 from or Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.0 from

I hope this helps.


Message: 389 Posted: Fri Oct 31 13:06:56 1997 By:
Subject: Report on Live Chat Box Session

The Live Chat Box session that was held last night was definitely a success. The Java chat software that we used was kind of slow and we may switch to a different software package for the next chat session, but it was certainly usable. Bill was unable to attend at the last minute because his computer had technical difficulties and TK discovered that her browser didn't support Java. But Bob (from Kansas), Carrie (from Missouri), and I (from Utah) had a great time chatting for a couple of hours. TK was able to join us vicariously by sending messages back and forth to me and then I posted them to the Chat Box.

The next Live Chat Box session will be November 13 at 9 pm Eastern. More information will be posted here as it gets closer.


Message: 388 Posted: Thu Oct 30 08:32:16 1997 By:
Subject: Live Chat Box Tonight!

All America Fans are invited to join us tonight, October 30, at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific for the inaugural run of the Live Chat Box. We'll keep the chat session going as long as there is interest. Keep in mind that you must have a Java enabled browser to join the chat session. The URL for the chat session is fanschat.htm. Feel free to check it out before 9 pm to make sure that your browser supports Java.


Message: 387 Posted: Tue Oct 28 20:22:07 1997 By:
Subject: this is a test

for the next 60 seconds.
"Some doors I've closed just to be open
& then sometimes I find, everything wrongs'
turned to right ........." G. BECKLEY

Message: 386 Posted: Tue Oct 28 14:35:48 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Bill Mumy Interview

Correction: I said that Bill Mumy sang with Robert Haimer in Barnes and Barnes. I meant Robert Neemer. Sorry about that.

Bill has written several songs for America with Robert Haimer however:

You Girl (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Love On The Vine (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Someday Woman (Beckley, Mumy, Haimer)
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby (Bunnell, Perry, Mumy, Haimer)
Lady With A Bluebird (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Hell's On Fire (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Sleeper Train (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)
Greenhouse (Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer)

Also, if you want to read more about Bill Mumy, he has a web page at which is very interesting.


Message: 385 Posted: Tue Oct 28 10:09:42 1997 By:
Subject: Bill Mumy Interview

I received a tape of the Bill Mumy interview on WGN Radio's "Joe Show" which was broadcast October 18, 1997. Thanks to Joe for making it available. The interview talks a lot about Billy's acting and music career, particularly in his starring role as Will Robinson on the 1960's hit TV series, "Lost In Space". He also talks about his singing with Robert Neemer in the group "Barnes and Barnes" (they sing some real off-the-wall songs). The interview begins with a song titled "Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes (it has extremely crazy lyrics) and ends with a song from Billy's new CD called "Captain Will".

Of interest to America fans is a 2:15 minute excerpt where Bill and Joe talk about America and Billy's relationship with Gerry and Dewey. He talks about how they met and how they have done things together over the past 20 years. I have put this excerpt on the website at mumyint.ram. It can also be accessed from my Bio page or from the Sound Index page.


Message: 384 Posted: Mon Oct 27 08:23:07 1997 By:
Subject: French Kiss

Just a note re: the French Capitol CD's & thanks to Kelly for lending them to me:

From what I can determine, the analog to digital conversion was done w/out any re-mixing of the music. It all sounds just like the original LP'S, perhaps w/an increase in clarity. This is great news. There is nothing worse than someone outside of AMERICA'S team messing w/the final product.

By the way as a side note: AMERICA'S CD, HISTORY does contain some material that was re-mixed by AMERICA'S producer, Sir George Martin. Sir George started w/AMERICA on the HOLIDAY LP & so when the HISTORY LP was compiled, some songs recorded b/4 HISTORY were not produced by Sir George, most notably HORSE W/NO NAME. So when HISTORY was being put together, Sir George took the master tapes & re-mixed a few songs. If you listen to HORSE on the original LP/CD & then play HORSE from HISTORY, you will hear the difference. In this case, who would know better than AMERICA'S very own producer, to re-mix some of AMERICA'S previous work. The results here are excellent. Since, the original AMERICA LP was produced on an extremely skinny budget (Warners' on any debut LP's back then, kept it lean), the re-mixing was definitely a plus.

"Some doors I've closed just to be open & then sometimes I find ....... everything wrong's turned to right ...... all of my dreams go with you tonight ........." G. BECKLEY from ONE IN A MILLION

Message: 383 Posted: Sat Oct 25 08:11:39 1997 By:
Subject: Chat session - Thursday October 30 - 9 pm (Eastern)

Bill, here are some answers to your questions.

How does the America On Line chat work, do you have scheduled days for chat?

The AOL chat takes place every other Wednesday from 9 pm to 12 midnight (Eastern). The west coasters often times don't get on right at 9 pm (6 pm Pacific) but they often stay on well past midnight Eastern time (which is ony 9 pm Pacific). The last AOL chat was this past Wednesday. That's why I was thinking it would be good for us to do it on a Thursday and do it on the alternating weeks when AOL isn't having a chat. That way AOL members who want to chat every week can join this chat session too.

What is the role of the arbitrater?

Arbitrator is probably a bad word to use. It's really an organizer. This person is in charge of scheduling the chat session and putting information about it on the web (basically by making a post to this chat folder). The person tries to be one of the first ones to be on and often times suggests a theme or topic for each chat session. In the AOL chats, they usually end up deviating from the suggested topic, but that's OK. It's just a chance for fellow America fans to discuss whatever they want and to get to know the other fans a little better. The arbitrator/organizer also steers the conversation back toward America when it occasionally veers off course (like talking about the world series, etc.).

Have you been able to get any of the band members to participate?

Gerry and Dewey both have AOL accounts but only a few people know their screen name/e-mail ID (I'm not one of them). I know that they monitor the posts on the AOL and this Chat Folder but they don't join the chat session because that would reveal their identities and they would rather remain "underground". I respect their privacy.

How has the turn out been for the AOL chats?

The most they have ever had is 14 fans in one night. There are usually about 6-8 fans at any given time, but I've been there when there were only 2, me and one other person. In those situations it makes it very easy to get to know the other person (or persons) a lot better and to discuss topics that are of interest to us.

See you Thursday.

I'll be there. All other America Fans are invited to join us Thursday night, October 30, at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific. We'll keep the chat session going as long as there is interest. Keep in mind that you must have a Java enabled browser to join the chat session. The URL for the chat session is fanschat.htm. Feel free to check it out before Thursday to make sure that your browser supports Java.


Message: 382 Posted: Sat Oct 25 07:52:35 1997 By:
Subject: Gerry's Songs

GERRY BECKLEY is a master song writer & performer. Debuting in 1972 w/a song originally written in his teens, I NEED YOU stunned the music world w/it's richly crafted melodic touches of irony & very penetrating lyrical content. Not exactly the type of song that the pop world was accustomed to; I NEED YOU raised the pop music "bar" & gained enormous credibility for GERRY & AMERICA. Here was a song w/lyrics that read very well on paper, start to finish & was accompanied by acoustic piano. Parents of the time could listen to this one & understand it's meaning. Everyone could identify w/what GERRY was saying, "we used to laugh, we used to cry, we used to bow our heads, then, wonder why. But now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on & make the best of what you've left to me ......."

GERRY has written an enormous number of songs. Especially in the early years, they tended to be highly reflective of the human experience, that is relationships - the ups & the downs. Yes, his songs tend to be anchored to people & relations. Sure he is tagged by some as being a writer of love songs, but that is far too simplistic. GERRY is a musical artist who blends music & literary competency to create songs of the heart. His versatility on many instruments is an enormous asset in finding the right sounds to support the invocation of just the right emotions at just the right time.

WHO LOVES YOU, is a fabulous song, written in 1st person, like I NEED YOU & ALL MY LIFE & many of GERRY'S songs. The song is straight from GERRY, admitting that there is someone he cares very deeply for, but in that bewildering quandary about just what is going thru the mind of "her". Perhaps SARAH is the finest love song ever. GERRY pleads for a reason why a promised love was not saved for him; he brings in Dad too, "Golly Dad, she was the best thing that I ever had, torn & battered now & due for repair, but she's not there ......". One thing that some people may not know is the enormous amount of work that goes into the songs. From conception to completion, GERRY invests an extraordinary amount of sweat & brain drain into his projects. He is a well disciplined, highly energized perfectionist. Music is in his blood; blood is in his music. As any artist will tell you, regardless of the amount of work & effort that goes into a project, there is no guarantee of commercial success. If that was the case, every AMERICA CD would sell in the millions. But it is this issue that needs to be reconciled in the minds of all artists. The point is that GERRY works so hard at his craft & we all should appreciate the gigantic effort that has gone into such projects as HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN. A GERRY song is usually, 99% rehearsal, 1% performance. The Capitol effort will be recognized someday.

GERRY'S portfolio is really quite rich & diversified. In recent years some of his material has really branched out & demonstrated his wide range of interests in the things that he has experienced in this world. VAN GO GAN is his debut solo master piece. Here's a salute to GERRY & hope for a continuance of his great work. We need you.

Message: 381 Posted: Fri Oct 24 11:56:23 1997 By:
Subject: Just a side note

For those of you who live in Southern California (who wont be going to Beijing to see America) here's a hot tip. On Saturday November 1st, Little Chris and the Nightcrawlers and the Jon Laskin Band will be playing a concert in Temecula from 4pm to 8pm. Michael Woods has sat in with both these local bands when hes been in town. If you like good blues music you wont want to miss this one. For more info call 909-694-0866.

Message: 380 Posted: Fri Oct 24 09:23:47 1997 By:
Subject: Re: JAVA chat

Steve, Thursday the 30th sounds great for JAVA! Iv'e got it on my calender. I usally get home from work close to 6pm (Pacific time), so I should be able to log in shortly after six. I can't commit to being the arbitrater, but I'm sure that if we get a good turn out someone will be willing to fill those shoes. I would suggest that we try Thursdays for a while and see what happens. By the way how does the America on line chat work, do you have scheduled days for chat, and what is the role of the arbitrater? Have you been able to get any of the band members to participate? Also how has the turn out been for the AOL chats?
See you Thursday

Message: 379 Posted: Thu Oct 23 21:24:11 1997 By:
Subject: Re: JAVA chat

Bill, I just finished testing the JAVA Chat Box using my 33.6 modem and it seemed to work OK. It took about 3 minutes to load but after that the response time was pretty good. I'd say it's worth trying. My only problem is that I can't commit to spending the necessary time to arbitrate a chat session. Perhaps you'd be willing to fill that role. If you'd like, we could try a test session with you and I (and anyone else who would like to join) next Thursday (October 30) at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific) to see how it works. Let me know what you think. Others who would like to join in could let us know on this Chat Folder or just show up Thursday night.

Message: 378 Posted: Thu Oct 23 21:06:02 1997 By:
Subject: Hourglass - Christmas Gifts

American Gramaphone still has copies available of the latest & greatest CD from AMERICA at the special price of $9.98 each, 1-800-446-6860, 24 hours. HOURGLASS makes an excellent xmas gift to anyone. Weeks later people say, "hey that CD is superb, where has it been hiding All My Life?" Pick up a dozen. The very contemporary nature of the material ensures that it's appeal crosses all age boundaries & all heart sizes.

Message: 377 Posted: Thu Oct 23 18:33:37 1997 By:
Subject: JAVA chat

Steve, How is it going with the JAVA chat box thats on your links page? For those of us who do not have America On Line this would be a great place to meet and chat.

Message: 376 Posted: Thu Oct 23 15:53:45 1997 By:
Subject: Some ponderings...

I got an email from a guy who received one of the "Heard" CDs with some questions about the origins of the various songs and thought you might find some of my musings worthwhile...

Hi John: I got your CD Monday the 20. The CD was alright, quality wasn't the greatest, except for the last two songs. Most of the other songs I never heard of which was nice to have, although I have all America's albums and all the CD that are available, I even have Gerry Beckley's solo CD called Van Go Gan (GREAT CD). I was wondering about the songs on that cd that I got from you, were they famous when it was made, and was it taken in a club.


I've got all their CDs (Van Go Gan, too), so I didn't want to be redundant on any of the material. The majority of the first ten tracks were taken from the 1972-73 period when America was at the peak of its popularity, although some of the non-album tracks seem to have come from early in 1972 before "Horse With No Name" broke the charts, most likely from a radio show somewhere in Europe. My guess is that the early shows generally come from clubs. America started off in a lunchroom in Ontario on their first U.S. tour in the summer of '72, and didn't really graduate to arenas until around 1973. My guess is much of that material comprised their pre-America (the album) days when they were an opening act in London with a growing reputation. Word has it that not only did they open for Elton John once, but that they were also featured on the first episode of "The Old Grey Whistle Test" TV concert series in late 1970. I have inquired to BBC about getting a hold of that show, but they say it's locked up due to copyright obligations (pity). The only tracks from the first ten which seem to come later than early '72 are "Don't Cross The River" and "Submarine Ladies", which didn't surface until early and mid-1973, respectively. Tracks 11 and 12 are excerpted from a tape of a 1986 concert by Dan Peek. Track 13 is the original version of "California Dreamin'" taken from the 1979 film of the same name. It was their only charted hit between 1976 and 1982 in the U.S. Track 14 was taken from a Christmas compilation from the early '80s, but outside of that, information on its origins are a bit sketchy. While the quality of the first 12 tracks leaves a lot to be desired, it's the best quality that we currently have available. I'm trying hard to get more material from this time period, and as I do, I'll make it available to
everybody else who frequents Steve's website. Keep your eyes open, too, and let me know if you stumble across anything.

Regarding whether or not those early extra tracks were famous in any way, they probably were well-known among watchers of the group. I recall reading an early 1972 review of an America performance in which it was noted that they had a good rendition of Arlo Guthrie's "Coming Into Los Angeles", which of course appears on this album. Apparently, this and the other songs received fairly regular concert exposure before America developed its own repertoire of commercially successful favorites like "Horse", "I Need You", "Riverside", "Here", etc., to captivate the audience. What would be interesting to see is what songs they made and covered in the 1970-71 period, but understandably, recordings from this period ought to be sparse. That's why the "Old Grey Whistle Test" show seems to me of critical importance in giving us the flavor of some of their earliest, post-Daze material.

Hope this answered your questions!


Message: 375 Posted: Thu Oct 23 08:27:08 1997 By:
Subject: Re: DEWEY SONGS

Jim and I had a nice lunch together the other day, and he shared some of his sentiments on Dewey's songs. I was so excited listening to what he had to say. Jim has a beautiful way of putting his thoughts into words and once again is right-on about all of Dewey's awesome songs. And I know there's a lot more where those came from inside that creative and intelligent head of go man !! "Enlighten" us with more Dewey in 98'. We're counting on you !! (Oh the pressure) :-)


Message: 374 Posted: Wed Oct 22 20:52:48 1997 By:
Subject: CAPITOL CD's

Thanks to Kelly for lending me her Capitol CD's, I will have them back to very soon, as soon as my porsche turbo carrerra (ptc) gets back from the shoppe.

The truth be told:

The Capitol years were extremely creative; GERRY & DEWEY reached far & wide to produce music that reached new heights of artistic expression. The 4 (3 released) Capitol CD's contain & demonstrate a tremendously wide diversity in stylistic impression. Their voices come thru so clear on the CD's. The 3 songs added on the YOUR MOVE CD are splendid representations of just how far GERRY & DEWEY'S voices can take them when interpreting others' songs, they reached further than ever. I hope everyone can get the Capitol CD's, including SILENT LETTER, in the near future. AMERICA'S Capitol work is perhaps the largest single label of undiscovered musical treasure on earth. Take a listen during a quiet time & listen to the depth & emotional energy in every song. GERRY & DEWEY poured their guts into the Capitol years & are still ready to give more.

The seeds were planted during their growth on the Capitol label to position them to reach their highest levels of musical perfection w/their latest CD'S, HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN.

Message: 373 Posted: Wed Oct 22 10:34:43 1997 By:
Subject: Dewey and Gerry Songs

Very well put. I would add a few equally meaningful tunes. "Midnight", "You Girl" and "See How The Love Goes" create a very unique sound that plays very well with Dewey's voice. Two other songs that evoke strong feelings are "Hollywood" and "Company".

In regard to Gerry Beckley, I could comment on his singing style and my feelings about his music, but I would have to list all his songs to do so. I don't think there is a song he sang, that I do not like. As most would agree, he has remarkable ability when it comes to singing ballads. I've always admired the emotion he puts into songs like "Inspector Mills", "Who Loves You", "Love's Worn Out Again", "Daisy Jane", "The Last Unicorn", "I Don't Believe In Miracles" and "All My Life" (just to name a few). His central themes seem to be love, longing and yearning (and of course Daisy). Just my .02 worth.


Message: 372 Posted: Tue Oct 21 19:30:33 1997 By:

Just some thoughts on Mr. DEWEY BUNNELL's song writing. I will let someone else complete the analysis of the legendary GERRY BECKLEY'S style, why hog it all to myself. Through the years, DEWEY has contributed significant contributions to the health & welfare of the worlds' population thru his music. DEWEY'S songs are filled w/emotion & feelings; key to his themes are that many of his songs tend to be anchored to images, places, things - sort of as a backdrop or reminder to an emotional feeling; THREE ROSES is a good example. THREE ROSES is a masterful love song in which the artist anchors on the "Roses" as perhaps key to remembrance of a warm place in time. VENTURA HIGHWAY is another. On a splendid tour thru time & space w/stops along the way & vivid images of a world filled w/beauty & delight. What feelings do those songs invoke in you ? WHOLE WIDE WORLD is a recent work of art by DEWEY that once again takes the listener on a ride thru nirvana. A true outdoors man, an adventurer by nature, one truly at home with his surroundings & always willing to explore, both on land & under water. During the HARBOR project, completed in Kawai, Hawaii, DEWEY commented on the beauty of the island by saying that 'it felt like you had come home, even though it's a place you have never been to before.' I think that is an example of his love of nature & how it affects him. Many songs point to scenes, objects & things - a descriptor & the object/place. GREEN HOUSE, THREE ROSES, VENTURA HIGHWAY, GREEN MONKEY, SLEEPER TRAIN, WIND WAVE ...... you get the picture. Some people have said that there is contrast in his & GERRY'S song writing styles. For sure & I would say they complement each other, the result is the AMERICA sound, pure & not so simple. The legendary GERRY BECKLEY has penned quite a few songs on human relationships( a future discussion in itself). Sure many of DEWEY'S songs involve human relations, but notice the title anchors to one's visual surroundings. DEWEY'S songs paint rich visuals' layered upon a canvas of music, "watching the sage brush go by & a pink & yellow sky", from SLEEPER TRAIN on the HOURGLASS CD. Did you know that RAINBOW SONG is really about warm thoughts & remembrances of some great days in high school that DEWEY sort of missed ? This central set of themes, combined w/GERRY'S portfolio of very deep & emotional relationship centered songs is what makes AMERICA - AMERICA; it is an unmatched creative partnership. HOURGLASS being the latest & best example. DEWEY, like GERRY, is of course very capable of a variety of styles & subject matter. SEASONS, PEOPLE IN THE VALLEY, LOVE ON THE VINE, GREEN MONKEY & GARDEN OF PEACE are a few excellent examples of his wide range of interests & diversity in his song writing. When DEWEY'S voice comes thundering over the sound system to open up a show, I know I am in the right place at the right time. Granted they have both done & continue to do very diverse & innovative projects, but perhaps in their formidable years they did truly have central themes. The above is just my wild eared opinion & after hundreds of AMERICA songs & 20 or so LP's, I could go on & on, but I shall restrain. Anyone wish to take a shot at analyzing the legendary man of the heart, GERRY BECKLEY & his style & central themes ?

Message: 371 Posted: Tue Oct 21 13:59:11 1997 By:
Subject: Photos of French CD's

I know we're all anxiously waiting for the arrival of the French Capitol CD's through Thoughtscape Sounds. Kelly wasn't as patient as the rest of us and she's enjoying the fruits of her impatience (way to go Kelly!). Jim should receive his CD's that were sent from Nicolas very soon, as well. Even though the rest of us won't be able to listen to the CD's for a few more weeks, Kelly and Jim have made it possible for us to at least see what the packaging is like. Jim took some photos of Kelly's CD's and the photos are now available on this website. You can surf the website and find them under the photos for the three albums or you can follow these 3 links:

Your Move

Special thanks go to Kelly and Jim for making them available. Those of you who still haven't ordered your copies can do so by calling Thoughtscape Sounds at 1-800-435-6185.


Message: 370 Posted: Mon Oct 20 17:06:01 1997 By:
Subject: Re Live in England


The CD you found is the English (i.e. British) release of the 1977 America Live album. If you don't already have it, it's a great CD to own. It includes live versions of Muskrat Love, Old Man Took, Sergeant Darkness, and Amber Cascades to go along with some of the more traditional live cuts.


Message: 369 Posted: Mon Oct 20 16:59:54 1997 By:
Subject: Live in England

Hey Folks

I was browsing the internet today and found a CD Called "America - Live In England" WB 7599266902 . I found it at CD Universe for 19.95. They were selling this as a new title. I am sure it is a re-release of old material. Is anyone familiar with this title ??? Could it be an old CD released under a new name?


Message: 368 Posted: Sun Oct 19 13:58:08 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Billy Mumy


That must have been great interviewing Billy Mumy. Thanks for keeping us updated!


Message: 367 Posted: Sun Oct 19 13:56:35 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Billy Mumy


Thanks for the update on Bill Mumy. Great to hear what he had to say about "America". He has been a long time friend and co-writter ect....for many years with the guy's. I'm sure Gerry and Dewey would only have kind words to say about him too.

Also, I wasn't sure of the title of his new CD, so thanks for posting the info. for all of us.

Take care Joe, and stay in touch we love hearing from you !!

Message: 366 Posted: Sun Oct 19 13:55:02 1997 By:
Subject: Billy Mumy

Hey You People,

I had a chance to interview Billy Mumy for the Joe Show the other day. Great guy!!! He had nothing but great things to say about working with and being pals with Gerry & Dewey. They met back in 1972 at America's first Whiskey A Go-Go appearance. Billy was there checking it out with Brian Wilson!! Cool!! And, as they say, the rest is history. He mentioned that it looked pretty good for the guys to be going into the studio in January, with a good shot for a new record deal in 1998. I know we've been through this before, so keep thinkin' those positive thoughts. He said there are a few tunes that they were workin' on. New material! Yippee!! Off the air, he was very complimentary and had some great insight on the guys. Gerry - very prolific, has a couple of hundred great songs already written....Dewey - pure, great voice. Here's the number for Bill's new album "Dying To Be Heard". 800/851-2503.

Joe B

P.S. I have no patience and will order the French cd's via Thoughtscape. Big surprise there.

Message: 365 Posted: Fri Oct 17 12:12:00 1997 By:
Subject: Used Vinyl LP's

Bill Krohn has lots of used America vinyl lp's available. He's getting out of the business so you may be able to pick up some lp's at a great price. You can check out the list of available lp's at his website ( or you can check out the America Fans CD Sources page.


Message: 364 Posted: Thu Oct 16 17:32:51 1997 By:
Subject: Gerry's Birthday

Dear Gerry,
My name is Maureen. I recently had the pleasure, again, of meeting you w/ Joe at The Rye Playland "Monsoon" Concert in NY. You guys are THE BEST. I have been a big fan of yours for over 20 years. I hope you never stop touring. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, and sorry that it is a bit late. Hope it was a happy one. Take care. Hope the overseas tour didn't wipe you guys out. Take care. From a Fan for Life. Mo.

Message: 363 Posted: Thu Oct 16 08:49:21 1997 By:
Subject: JACKPOT's the scoop!

Tickets are now on sale for AMERICA's shows at Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, NV on December 30 and December 31!!

There are two shows each night......8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Ticket prices are $30, $35 and $40. This is an intimate venue......the showroom only seats 300.

Call now for a New Year's Eve you'll never forget ! ! ! !
(800) 821-1103


Message: 362 Posted: Wed Oct 15 09:08:08 1997 By:
Subject: French CD's Available in US

I spoke with Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds this morning and he said that within the next 2 weeks he will have copies of the French CD's (Alibi, Perspective, and Your Move--with 3 bonus tracks). The tentative price for each CD will be $18.99 although it may end up being a dollar or two higher once the monetary conversion is made. He plans on getting 100 to 150 copies in as soon as possible and he IS TAKING PRE-ORDERS (I've already ordered two complete sets for myself).

Scott also said that he doesn't have any news yet on the One Way releases. He has been unable to reach Terry Wachsmuth at One Way. We do know that One Way filed bankruptcy and has reorganized but they are still putting out products--it's just that they are only putting out a couple of releases each month instead of 14 or 15. We're guessing that the earliest the One Way releases would come out would be early next year and only two albums would come out at a time.

Get your pre-orders in soon before they are all spoken for. The number to call is 1-800-435-6185 and you can ask for Chantell, Terri, or Scott.


Message: 361 Posted: Tue Oct 14 20:33:07 1997 By:
Subject: Re: They have arrived via Nico

Good for you Kelly!!! You took a chance and you WON!!!
Let us know how they sound! Also, how is the packaging??


Message: 360 Posted: Tue Oct 14 20:28:59 1997 By:
Subject: Re: They have arrived via Nico


You are SO lucky!

I know that in "these days" one can never be too careful, but isn't it cool that America fans all over the world are so TRUSTWORTHY?!!!!

"Maintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee"....

Message: 359 Posted: Tue Oct 14 16:59:14 1997 By:
Subject: They have arrived via Nico

Hey gang,

The CD's have arrived !! Thanks so much to Nicolas for his trouble ...... xo

They came in a neatly packed Postbox and not a scratch on them !!




I haven't listened to them yet, thought I'd let you all know first in case you want to get ahold of Nicolas ASAP. Jim should also be recieving his any day now too. We'll be meeting for lunch so we can check these awesome CD's out together. ready?


Message: 358 Posted: Mon Oct 13 09:10:08 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

After leaving America Dan put out several Christian albums and he did a little touring. A few years ago he produced an album for the group "Peace" and earlier this year he joined "Peace". "Peace" really isn't a gospel band, it's a pop-rock band that has some songs that sound very much like America (especially the songs that Dan wrote). For more information on Dan and Peace go to the "Peace" home page.


Message: 357 Posted: Mon Oct 13 08:25:07 1997 By:
Subject: Dan Peak

I wonder if anyone can tell me a little about Dan Peak the former member of America.I know he left the band on good terms, after he became a Christian.I am interested to find out about his solo career and if he made any albums and if they sound like America at all.I do know he plays with a gospel band called Peace .

Message: 356 Posted: Sun Oct 12 19:48:02 1997 By:
Subject: Daisy Jane

I was on the newsgroup "" and was reading a post called "Plagerism for 100, Alex". I posted that "Let's Wait Awhile" by Janet Jackson is a clear copy of "Daisy Jane". Am I the only one who hears this?


Message: 355 Posted: Sun Oct 12 13:37:16 1997 By:
Subject: Re: FYI: French CD Update

Jim and I are very excited about the CD's. I heard from Nicolas the other day. He say's as of Monday morning they were in the mail. So I'm figuring sometime next week I should recieve them. I'll let you all know ASAP !!


Message: 354 Posted: Sun Oct 12 13:36:14 1997 By:
Subject: Re: FYI: French CD Update

I agree a few bucks profit is ok w/me, hey our markets are performing better than the Paris bourses.

Kelly & I are on the line for a few bucks; she should receive her's first. The Capitol material is too good to wait.

By the way most record chains don't import French CD's, for whatever reason. Germany, & Japan most common. Henk

Message: 353 Posted: Sun Oct 12 13:32:57 1997 By:
Subject: Re: FYI: French CD Update

So what if the guy is making a few bucks for his efforts, as long as he delivers the product.

BTW has anybody actually gotten anything from him yet?

Message: 352 Posted: Fri Oct 10 21:45:32 1997 By:

In recent months' GERRY took possession of a brand new custom made Taylor 12 string acoustic guitar, similiar to his signature model except w/12 strings. This guitar can be seen on Steve's Web page ( GERRY, as a perfectionist when it comes to his craft, was not satisfied w/the amplified sound from this custom guitar, so it made a few trips back to Taylor & saw sporadic action in various shows since July of this year. Finally, in San Diego he tried it out b/4 the show, playing various parts of new songs. The one song he dabbled w/was PLAYING GOD from his solo masterpiece CD, VAN GO GAN. I was real fortunate to hear this PLAYING GOD riff. I was really hoping he would do the opening act as a solo !! But, maybe someday .....

GERRY as an all-around musician has played many instruments in his career. He is quite fond of the 12 string & has done some masterful work on it. In recent shows, SURVIVAL & SISTER GOLDEN HAIR are his 12 string babies.

Message: 351 Posted: Wed Oct 08 22:50:08 1997 By:
Subject: FYI: French CD Update

Here's some info I received today about the French CDs that is interesting.........

Rick Wed Oct 8 10:18:17 1997
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 16:59:33 +0000
From: Jean-Luc RAYMOND
Organization: PROWEST
Subject: AMERICA LP reissues in France

Dear Rick,

Thanks for the Horse Mouth new edition. It looks very informative. I
want to correct some informations that you give in this edition
regarding the reissues of 3 AMERICA LPs on CD format:

The reissues are :
- YOUR MOVE (+ 3 bonus tracks)
all with original artwork and liner notes (except the words).

The label is MAGIC (c/o MAM PRODUCTIONS). This Frenc label is
specialized in CD reissues. The name of the catalogue is : California.
Please note that MUSIDISC is the French Distributor (and not the label).

Who offers you to sell these albums at US$ 30.00 + US$ 6.00 for
shipping??? Please advise me. This is really too expensive in comparison with the rates of these albums in France... I don’t know the person but I can tell you that a lot of money is going on his pockets. Please advise me on that point.

I head an organization named PROWEST (based in France) that takes care
only about West Coast Music/A.O.R. I add a short introduction about our activities at the end of this mail. We have sponsored the last year tour of AMERICA in France!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

(PROWEST / President)

Our E-mail box, use now preferably:
Our web-site URL (visit it now!!):

Our snail-mail address:
35 rue Dalou
Batiment C
94400 Vitry Sur Seine

Our fax #: +33 5 53 09 46 90
Our phone #: +33 1 49 58 21 08

############### PROWEST ###########################
###- The Ultimate in A.O.R. & West Coast music -###

° The First, One and Only French organization devoted to West Coast
music/A.O.R. rapidly established itself as an integral member of the
West Coast music worldwide community.
° PROWEST is a non-profit organization only devoted "to promote and
develop West Coast music in France, in Europe as well as worldwide." All our profits are reintroduced in our own development. We don't do money for money. We take up a challenge: share our musical tastes with
hundreds of readers and listeners who are West Coast music fans.

° WEST COAST RENDEZ-VOUS is the only mag in French tongue that represents and writes about A.O.R./West Coast music (a 12/16-pages
quarterly bulletin). At the moment, WEST COAST RENDEZ-VOUS has 1012
permanent subscribers in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain,
Germany, Scandinavia and Italy. Our magazine is only available via mail order.
° WEST COAST RENDEZ-VOUS contents: interviews, CD and advance tapes
reviews, an incredible amount of news, focus and various articles.
Advertising rates are available upon request.

We are in charge of the careers of 3 artists:
° Greg GUIDRY - representation for Europe & Asia:
The well known West Coast singer/songwriter/musician, one of the most
talented US A.O.R. artist of the '80s (he wrote songs for Johnny TAYLOR, Robbie DUPREE, Dan ENGLAND & John Ford COLEY...). His one and only "OVER THE LINE" LP (released in 1982) is a classic A.O.R. album!
° Robbie DUPREE - representation for Europe:
Incredible West Coast artist with a real talent in studio and live.
Great voice, good guitar player... 5 solo albums available! He has
produced some artists like Bill LaBOUNTY, Debbie LAN, ORLEANS, Tony
° Eric RUSSELL (his real name is Olivier CONSTANTIN) - worldwide
The West Coast music French singer who has a first solo LP out in Japan as well as in Europe: "PERSONAL". Eric is one of the Top 10 most
requested backing vocalists in France. His first single "Never Be Mine" was a Top 20 hit in Japan.

° PROWEST helps artists to find license or/and distribution deals in
Europe and Japan too.
° We can also promote West Coast music stuff in France and Europe and do design for your CD booklets and various sheets.
° We re now the exclusive distributor in Europe of the Robbie DUPREE
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SITE OFFICIEL DU ROCK CALIFORNIEN EN FRANCE) develops an interactive and updated vision of West Coast music market & fans.

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° Olivier LOUSSERT: Photographer.
° Chizuru MIKAWA: Permanent Correspondent in Japan.

° In March '97, PROWEST has signed a partnership with 2 other non-profit organizations devoted to West Coast fans in foreign countries: THE A.O.R. CLUB (Japan) and THE DANISH FRIENDS OF WEST COAST MUSIC (Denmark). We now exchange news, interviews and informations about West Coast music between us. The goal is to gather together West Coast fans worldwide and to offer to the West Coast music business a unique kind of promos on 3 different Press medias and in 3 different countries.

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° In January '97, we sponsored and helped to conceive a special
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° In October/November '96, we collaborated with and sponsored the FIRST WEST COAST FESTIVAL at DISNEYLAND PARIS and helped to book some artists.
° In October '96, PROWEST conceived a complete interactive article of
several pages about West Coast classic albums for MOUSTIK, the first
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France as well as Michael RUFF concert in Paris.
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WEST COAST RENDEZ-VOUS will continue to use its wealth of experience to inform, influence and reflect the West Coast music market with a global interactive determination and objectivity that it has demonstrated since 1995.

Message: 350 Posted: Mon Oct 06 16:19:00 1997 By:
Subject: America Newsletter - The Horse's Mouth

Barbara Bickmore and Rick Wahlgren have just released the Autumn 1997 edition of the America Newsletter which has been renamed to "The Horse's Mouth". Those of you who haven't subscribed to the newsletter can read it here. Be sure to subscribe for future editions by sending a mail message to Barb or Rick. You can also read past editions of the newsletter on the America Newsletters page.


Message: 349 Posted: Mon Oct 06 11:57:22 1997 By:
Subject: What's New On This Website?

Several songs have been added to the playlist recently, including "Comin' Into Los Angeles" which was performed in Brazil in March. I had never heard that song until just recently. If any of you would like to hear the song, I've put a one minute sound clip out on this website which you're welcome to download and listen to. There are other old songs out there, too, that you may be interested in.

Go to album91.htm and click on the WAVE FILE SIZE which follows the name of the song. It will take about 4 minutes to download on a 33.6 modem so be patient. If you've never heard the song before, it's worth the wait.

Jim Nakao sent me a few photos from the October 3 Humphrey's concert in San Diego. You can find them at hump97.htm. There was another fellow there who had a digital camera and he promised to send Jim a copy of his photos. When (and if) Jim receives the photos, we'll add them to the ones already on the page.

Have you ever wondered why the album Alibi was labeled "our side, their side" instead of side 1, side 2? Did you know that the San Diego Federal Bank theme song which is still used today was inspired (ripped off?) from an America song? Read Steve Johnston's biography at fan38.htm to find the answers to these questions.


Message: 348 Posted: Mon Oct 06 10:01:25 1997 By:
Subject: French Kiss

It is reported from one Nicholas B. in France that the French release CD, YOUR MOVE contains 14 tracks - yes count em' 14 !! Ah, so what is the significance of 14 you ask ?

A quick check of the original outstanding domestic LP (vinyl) release displays only 11 songs, which includes MY KINDA WOMAN, SHE'S A RUNAWAY, CAST THE SPIRIT, LOVE'S WORN OUT AGAIN, THE BORDER, YOUR MOVE, HONEY, MY DEAR, TONIGHT IS FOR DREAMERS, DON'T LET ME BE LONELY & SOMEDAY WOMAN. Every song on this LP is outstanding & truly conveyed the versatile vocal reach of one GERRY BECKLEY & DEWEY BUNNELL. Ok it is true 3 bonus tracks are included THE LAST UNICORN, MAN''S ROAD & an unreleased song. I can't remember the name but it is an unknown song & it is not NORMAN. More to follow once the discs are received.

By the way, you probably have heard what a beautiful job that GERRY does on the LAST UNICORN, splendid indeed & very much on target when done live; please pay special attention to MAN'S ROAD if you get the French disks or the LAST UNICORN disk. DEWEY'S ability to weave a compelling curtain of emotion over a very fine story line is occasionally overlooked. GARDEN OF PEACE on HOURGLASS is another excellent example of DEWEY'S ability to achieve emotional heights, seemingly effortlessly.

Message: 347 Posted: Mon Oct 06 09:57:40 1997 By:

Just a few quick comments about Friday night's show at Humphrey's in San Diego. We're certain that Kelly and Jim will have some additional observations to share.

The evening was perfect. Humphrey's overlooks the bay, and the water glistened by the light of the first autumn moon. A warm, summery afternoon gave way to an equally mild October evening. And the 1300-seat venue was a sellout!

It was GREAT to hear the LONG show once again......seems like it's been a long time. We were delighted to hear the latest playlist additions: "To Each His Own" and "Survival". "Survival" seems to have a lusher arrangement than on Alibi. With Gerry on piano, "To Each His Own" and "Another Try" are a powerfully poignant combination. Poor Brad was feeling a bit under the weather, so Dewey had to take the lead on "Don't Cross the River"......and a fine job he did (hope you didn't strain anything, Dew!). "The Last Unicorn", beautiful as always, commanded a respectful silence from the crowd. But the crowd rallied to the task when the guys kicked a** on "Green Monkey". Throughout the set, AMERICA showed their incredible versatility to play mellow love songs and to play blistering rock-n-roll.

There were several River Dance wannabes who entertained AMERICA and the crowd.......prompting Gerry to quip one of the most humorous lines of the evening, "I remember when I had my first beer."

Fantastic show......beautiful weather.......good time..........ah, life is good! Many thanks to Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Will and Woodz for another special evening!!
Love, ya, guys!!!!

Barb & Gary

Message: 346 Posted: Mon Oct 06 09:56:03 1997 By:
Subject: Re: concert dates

America doesn't have any more concerts in the United States until December 30th. Their next concert is a week long Star Cruise beginning in Singapore which runs from October 12th until the 19th. From there they go to China, Malaysia, back to Singapore, and then down under to several different cities in Australia with a final stop in New Zealand on their way home. After that long road trip, their next scheduled appearance is at Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, Nevada where they will help welcome in the new year.


Message: 345 Posted: Sat Oct 04 09:53:46 1997 By: Sandmann81
Subject: concert dates

Looking for concert date in maryland on October 11

Message: 344 Posted: Fri Oct 03 17:26:28 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Loyola

In reference to Kevin's article on the show at Loyola...I was one of the people standing by the bus with him with a backstage pass waiting for America to arrive. Then we were informed that America had already entered the building so we went up to the 5th floor and talked to them 4 a while. My dad went to high school with Gerry and Dewey in England. We met them at their show at Pier Six which is where I got my backstage pass, also and they are real nice about talking to you and signing all of your stuff. They will be in the recording studio working on there new album after they finish the foreign leg of their tour under their new label. Just a little info for you guys.


Message: 343 Posted: Fri Oct 03 17:24:37 1997 By:
Subject: Foskett CD Update

I spoke with Jeff on the order link missing from the site. So this should be adjusted shortly. This will work:


Message: 342 Posted: Fri Oct 03 08:27:10 1997 By:
Subject: Loyola

Hi Eveyone

Finally ...... My America story from Loyola.

On Saturday night I arrived at the hall at 5:30pm I was told that the doors opened at 6pm so I thought that I would be early to get a good seat. WELL doors did not open until 7pm !!!!!! So I had lots and lots of time to kill. I met Pete (The T Shirt God) as he was setting up his area. He was So Cool! We talked about alot of you guys that he has met and have become his friends. He commented that all of the people the have created the web sites are awesome and do it as a "labor of love" and it is much appreciated. Pete told me that the guys would get in about 8:15pm. I of course had my many CDs to be signed, so I blew off seeing Blood Sweat & Tears for the chance to see Gerry & Dewey. So at 8pm I stood by the bus hangin out waiting. At 8:30 a guy came over and said that the guys had gotten there like ten minutes ago and were in the dressing room. Disappointed that I had missed them, I had met these folks standing by the bus that had America Backstage passes form the Pier Six show several week ago. I told them that I had heard the dressing rooms were on the 5th floor. So "Up we went". The elevator opened basically in the lounge area where the guys were. They were going over the line up of songs for the night. Everybody was there except Willie. After the show was layed out I had a chance to get all of my CDs signed (Yes Thank You God!!!!) Gerry and Dewey were so great!! The consumate pros that I knew that they would be. After my CDs were signed Dewey said that if I would like I could hang out till show time. There were reporters there from VOA (Voice Of America) We hung out while they did their interview. It really was a neat experience for me I met them briefly last year at Jaxx in Springfield. This meeting surpassed all expectations. I really enjoy meeting the entire band and asking all those burning questions that had been plaguing me as an "America" fan all of my life. Gerry and Dewey asked that if I wrote about the show to make sure to say hello to all of you and to thank you so much for all of the support over the years. At last my time with the band was winding down it was almost show time. We said our goodbyes and I returned to my front row seat to thoroughly enjoy the show. I can't even begin to remember the play list, needless to say it's all of the songs that we know and love except "Three Roses" with congas (Joke). I hope that this was not a chance meeting with the guys. If it was let me say that I will have a night that I will never forget and dammit next time I will bring my camera!!!!!

Thanks Again Gerry, Dewey, Woodsy & Brad

A Euphoric America Fan

Message: 341 Posted: Thu Oct 02 17:10:39 1997 By:
Subject: Update Foskett CD

It appears that the Foskett web site does not have ordering info available for the "Cool and Gone (w/Beckley bgv track)" and other CD's. Until that is updated you can find order info through the Beach Boys site where there is both cost and address listed -

Message: 340 Posted: Thu Oct 02 17:05:21 1997 By:
Subject: Sacto concert

Just scored great tix for Sunday's show (still available). Can't wait. Try Bass and/or call Raquet Club direct.

Message: 339 Posted: Thu Oct 02 10:09:02 1997 By:
Subject: French CD's Now In Stores

Eternal Lovin' Flame

Message: 338 Posted: Wed Oct 01 19:57:51 1997 By:
Subject: Guitar Chords For Capitol Songs

Many months ago Jim Nakao sent me the guitar chords to some of his favorite songs from the Capitol albums. No sheet music exists for these songs so he spent his own money to get compositionists to figure out the chords. Tonight I finished putting the chords to the last of those songs out on this website. I hope you guitar players enjoy them and I really want to thank Jim for his help.

You can go to the America Fans Songs Page at amsongs.htm to find links to all of America's songs. Those songs with a guitar icon () behind them have chords and you can go to the chords by clicking on the guitar icon. The following Capitol songs now have chords --

Silent Letter: All Around, Foolin', No Fortune, All My Life
Alibi: Survival, Catch That Train, You Could've Been The One, Right Back To Me, Coastline, One In A Million
View From The Ground: You Can Do Magic, Never Be Lonely


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