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Message: 453 Posted: Sun Nov 30 16:40:25 1997 By:
Subject: Eckerd Part II

TZMAC, just had to add my own memory here. The very first America LP I ever bought was "Holiday" in 1975. Guess where I bought it? Yup, you got it...Eckerd's. Corner of Preston and Royal in Dallas, Texas (I don't think it's there anymore).


Message: 452 Posted: Sun Nov 30 15:29:21 1997 By:
Subject: Eckerd Hark!!

After many unsuccessful tries in KMarts and music stores, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing has been found alive and well in Eckerd Drugs!! Isn't that where everyone does their music shopping??!!

HTHAS is indeed on volume three of A Christmas Miracle, sponsored by The Children's Miracle Network. I found all three volumes contained in their own little display, up front near the checkout aisles. The price is very reasonable: $4.99 for 15 songs.


Message: 451 Posted: Sun Nov 30 15:26:47 1997 By:
Subject: 1998 CONCERT NEWS

It looks like So Cal is going to be the happening place once again as AMERICA's 1998 concert schedule starts to take shape. Mark your calendars now for a sensational concert weekend at the end of March!!

The weekend kicks off early when AMERICA performs two shows at The Coach House in Santa Barbara, CA on Thursday, March 26, 1998. This is a brand new venue......and what better way to christen the place!! There are 2 shows......7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $22.50 each plus a $2.00 handling fee. Tickets can be ordered by phone by calling: (805) 962-8877.

Friday (3/27) and Saturday (3/28) nights find AMERICA sharing the stage with Ambrosia at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos, CA. Both shows begin at 8:00 p.m. Arena seating is available with prices ranging from $30.00 to $45.00 (ouch!). Tickets can be ordered by phone by calling: (800) 300-4345.

Sounds like an exciting time......."hope" to see you there ! !


P.S. Ricky......don't lose those's time for another So Cal visit!!!! : )

Message: 450 Posted: Sun Nov 30 10:31:48 1997 By: DRUNST6OZ@AOL.COM
Subject: Favorite tunes

Am I the only one that thinks "She's A Liar" absolutely MUST be included in ANY sort of America Anthology?? The guitar riff (Gerry?) and Willie's drums really propell that tune. Otherwise I can't complain about many of the choices for that long awaited collection.

Message: 449 Posted: Fri Nov 28 16:58:11 1997 By:
Subject: Re: America Preformances on Video

Jesse, You can buy the Live In Central Park laserdisc in most stores that carry laserdiscs. It was recently remastered and re-released. If you can't find it at a local store check out the CDNow website or various other sources that are listed on my CD Sources web page.


Message: 448 Posted: Thu Nov 27 21:47:15 1997 By:
Subject: America Preformances on Video

I have been a fan of America for a long time now and was wondering
if anyone has a copy of the live in central park concert, i know it
was put on a laser disc. I am very much intrested in purchasing
any type of live shows . Thank you Jesse .

Message: 447 Posted: Thu Nov 27 17:47:30 1997 By:
Subject: View From The Ground

Hey everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. I was wondering something. I was listening to ""View From The Ground" recently and I know there were a bunch of guests on the LP (Christopher Cross ...). However, the liner notes never mention which artist appears on which song. Does anybody know? The only one I can figure is Timothy Schmidt singing in the background on "You Girl".

Actually, for that matter, what other America songs have famous voices singing backup (except "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby - that one is obvious). Thanks for the help.

P.S. The diet starts tommorow!

Message: 446 Posted: Thu Nov 27 09:59:23 1997 By:
Subject: Welcome home Guys!

I justed wanted to say "Welcome Home America". I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I give thanks to you guys for still writing and recording all of your excellant music and for still touring after all of these years. Happy Holidays form an America Fan forever! P.S. I love your "Hark" version, any chance of an America Christmas CD, that would be excellant. Take Care. Maureen.

Message: 445 Posted: Wed Nov 26 16:34:48 1997 By:
Subject: just great!

Way to go, Rick! Your page is really visually exciting and the content well-organized. My officemates here think so, too. They were very impressed when they saw me going through it one morning.

It's also great to be reading about the Australia tour - at last. I've been dying to hear about it. How about the China and the Southeast Asia tour? Anyone got any news?

To the band, hats off to you for another successful round of shows. More to come!

And to everybody, happy thanksgiving! (Even if we don't have thanksgiving here!)

JohnC., I'm still sending the tape so have no fear. I may be slow, but I never forget a promise.


Message: 444 Posted: Wed Nov 26 14:23:12 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject: This and that

That's great news about the America Home Page being chosen as one of the most popular sites on the internet. Of course, it's not a wonder to the many fans out there. Congratulations Rick, and keep up the great work.

I also just bought the Christmas Classics CD. Thanks Steve for letting us all know. I haven't listened to "Hark!" yet (planning on listening while I bake my pies), but from the chat folder reviews, I know it will be great.

Wishing all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Message: 443 Posted: Tue Nov 25 19:41:15 1997 By:
Subject: America "Most Popular" Website!

Was informed this past week that the America Home Page was chosen as one of
the "Most Popular Sites on the Internet" by Lycos in their most recent
publication....2nd Edition. Only a few music sites were included.

This book is for sale at Barnes and Noble, and it can be found in
other bookstores as well.

This is a real tribute to America and their enormous popularity throughout
the world. All the guys haved worked extraordinarly hard to achieve this
great success......and the result is that the America page is a busy site.


Message: 442 Posted: Tue Nov 25 19:39:59 1997 By:
Subject: They Love America!

The guys are returning home after another extended roadtrip......and
sometimes have to wonder if it's all worth it and what have they accomplished.

These fans answer that question very well......and here's just a fraction of the huge volume of positive comments that roll in daily to the America page.


Name: brosseau
From: Syracuse, NY

Comments: I love you America!!!!! Always have and always will. You have helped me thru some really tough times, and made a lot of great times for me too! Thank you in a big way!!!!!

Name: Craig A. Keith
From: Watseka, IL
Comments: America is the greatest! Wish I had a nickel for every minute of enjoyment we've gotten from your music

Message: 441 Posted: Tue Nov 25 19:37:44 1997 By:
Subject: America Sensational Down Under!

Here's just a few samples of the steady stream of mail from Australia. America once again was a smashing success!!

Name: John Rose
From: Australia
Time: 1997-11-18 12:24:00

Comments: I just saw America last Saturday in Melbourne. A great gig. It's good to see a band that's been together for so long still really enjoying playing. To Gerry and Dewey thank for all the music and the perseverence, the belief in the band America for so long. I look forward to a new album and another tour to Australia. Once again thank you for so many great songs.

Name: David B
From: Melbourne, Australia
Time: 1997-11-17 03:18:00

Comments: Saw the concert at Crown on 14/11/97, was fantastic. Hope you guys come back to Australia soon!

Name: Chris Rogers
From: Melbourne
Time: 1997-11-14 08:50:00
Comments: Seen you guys in concert last at Crown. You were fantastic!

Name: Glenn Price
From: Launceston Tasmania
Time: 1997-11-12 10:19:00

Comments: Caught your concert in Hobart Tasmania on 11th November 1997
Fantastic and I think the crowd that was there enjoyed every minute of it.

Message: 440 Posted: Tue Nov 25 16:22:19 1997 By:
Subject: GREAT song!

I just got my Christmas Classics CD (after quite an extensive search) and I just wanted to say that I LOVE Hark. The guys sound wonderful and I think that's definitely the best song on the CD!
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Erin :o)

Message: 439 Posted: Tue Nov 25 10:45:28 1997 By:
Subject: Ventura Highway - CNN Web

Thanks for tip Steve. Any feedback to CNN on the Web page may be a request to give DEWEY BUNNELL & AMERICA credit for the "free winds are blowing thru your hair" quotation. I told them DEWEY is the song writer. Typically many people identify AMERICA w/HORSE since it was their biggest single & their debut, however I sense that those same people equally adore VENTURA HIGHWAY for it's calming, compassionate influences. Oh those major 7th chords.

Message: 438 Posted: Tue Nov 25 08:42:10 1997 By:
Subject: Gobble gobble

Hey, all!

Not only do I want to wish our favorite musical group a "Happy Thanksgiving", but I want to wish one of my favorite GROUPS a "Happy Thanksgiving! This is one enjoyable folder to be in, and I am thankful for the "America" camraderie and fun through out the year!!!!! Best wishes to ALL!

Save the turkey!

"Maintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee"....

Message: 437 Posted: Tue Nov 25 08:40:06 1997 By:

I also would like to say WELCOME HOME guys!
I hope you have a wonderfully restful Thanksgiving!
You guys are the best!

Erin :o)

Message: 436 Posted: Tue Nov 25 08:39:01 1997 By:

Our "AMERICA"n ambassadors will be touching down on "AMERICA"n soil on Wednesday just in time to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones.


As I consider my many blessings on Thursday, I will also give thanks for AMERICA's safe return to the good ol' USA.



Message: 435 Posted: Tue Nov 25 08:36:49 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Hark!

Hark! The angels appear to be singing in record numbers this year!!

Our K'Mart has three different CD's which feature AMERICA's "Hark!"

Christmas Classics: The front cover is green and features a scene of a family opening presents by the tree. Contains 18 songs and costs $4.99.

Christmas Classics: The front cover has a green Christmas tree with red and gold ornaments. Contains 12 songs and costs $6.99.

The Holiday Collection: The cover is red with 1/2 a Christmas tree on the right-hand Volume I border. Contains 15 songs and costs $6.99.

In addition, Carol has reported that "Hark!" is available on yet another CD, "A Christmas Miracle, Volume 3".

All are charity CD's benefitting the Children's Miracle Network.

I have extra copies of the $6.99 "Christmas Classics" CD and "The Holiday Collection". Just let me know if you are interested.


Message: 434 Posted: Tue Nov 25 08:32:26 1997 By:
Subject: Hark!

Tonight while in Eckerd's (of all places), I found a Christmas CD called, " A Christmas Miracle, Volume 3". It benefits the Children's Miracle Network. Anyway, guess what wonderful group is on the CD singing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"?!!! It was only $5.99!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Message: 433 Posted: Mon Nov 24 13:58:14 1997 By:
Subject: Ventura Highway

The CNN Travel web page for Friday demonstrates just how much a song like "Ventura Highway" has entered popular culture. Check out the web page at and have a look-see. The article is about an exhibit of the early years of the Pacific Coast Highway, and while there is nothing written specifically about the song, there is a snippet of the lyrics from "Ventura Highway" featured as a caption under one of the pictures. Thanks to John Corbett for making me aware of the article.


Message: 432 Posted: Mon Nov 24 09:16:01 1997 By:
Subject: Latest CD Info From Thoughtscape Sounds

Scott (owner of Thoughtscape Sounds) sent me a message this morning indicating that he spoke with the head of "Magic" Friday of last week. Scott's order will leave France Friday of this week and he should receive it Mid-week next week. The Price he quoted will stand ($18.99). Scott also wanted me to tell everyone thanks for their patience.


Message: 431 Posted: Sun Nov 23 21:23:35 1997 By:
Subject: America TV appearances

My wife and I were in LA at the Tonight Show in '89 and saw America perform "Sister Golden Hair" and "Ventura Highway". I have a tape of them also appearing on Solid Gold at Christmas time circa 1982. Does anyone happen to have (on tape) their appearance on a Bob Hope Special around '75, or a Smothers Brothers appearance around '74? Also does anyone know how the China appearances went over? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Message: 430 Posted: Sun Nov 23 11:54:07 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Christmas CD

Hidy Ho- ho-ho all:

Yeah, and MY "Christmas Classics" is a dark picture of a Large Christmas tree near a fire place and says "C.C" in white letters! Not the LEAST bit confusing, eh? I'm going back there today, and if I find more, I'll buy. BUT the price here is $6.99 NOT $4.99 as previously posted. The cassettes (of which there were NO "Christmas Classics") are $4.99. So anyway, I'll keep you all posted!


Message: 429 Posted: Sat Nov 22 19:47:41 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Christmas CD

Maureen, thanks for the additional info on the Christmas CD.


Message: 428 Posted: Sat Nov 22 19:42:58 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Christmas CD

I just returned from K-Mart. As soon as I saw Steve's message I ran out to look for the CD. I had to go to two K-Marts, but I found the Christmas CD he spoke of. The cover of the one I found is a little different then the one he posted. I thought I would pass this along, just in case people are looking for it by the front cover. The one I found just says "Christmas Classics", on a green background with what looks like a watercolor look of a Christmas tree.


Message: 427 Posted: Sat Nov 22 19:39:40 1997 By:
Subject: Quality of French CD's

Steve asked me about the quality of the French CD's that I just received. I decided to post the answer here for everyone else to read. The quality sounds excellent to my ears. It is a typical analog to digital re-master & no re-mixing seems to have happened. The sound is very clear & I absolutely think the quality is superb. Many of the songs contain lots of different sounds & instruments that are definitely more clear on the discs than on vinyl.

Message: 426 Posted: Fri Nov 21 23:44:03 1997 By:
Subject: New Lyrics

I just finished putting the lyrics to the unreleased songs which are on the Heard album out on this website. Those of you who are fortunate enough to have the CD might take a look and check for errors in my transcriptions (I don't claim to have perfect ears). Any corrections would be appreciated. You can find links to the lyrics at album91.htm. The songs that now have lyrics are:

Look Up, Look Down
Comin' Into Los Angeles
The Winter Of Our Love
Living Isn't Really Giving
Ain't It A Shame (About The Rain)
How Long Must This Go On
Twist And Shout
My American Dream

-- Steve

Message: 425 Posted: Fri Nov 21 20:07:28 1997 By:
Subject: Re: New CD???

I haven't heard anything official about a new CD. The last rumour I heard was that the guys would possibly cut a new album next year but things had to fall in place with a new label, etc. If I hear anything (either officially or of the rumour variety), I'll be sure to post it here.


Message: 424 Posted: Fri Nov 21 20:04:18 1997 By:
Subject: Nicholas of France - CD's

I received my 6 Capitol discs, 2 each. Three cheers to Nicholas (KOUROS@WORLDNET.FR) for a great service he did for me & Kelly. Thanks Nicholas, you are a great guy. I will send that package of AMERICA goodies very soon, included are a GERRY & DEWEY guitar pick.

Again THANKS !! Jim

Message: 423 Posted: Fri Nov 21 14:24:13 1997 By:
Subject: New CD???

Anybody Heard any romours about a new CD? I haven't Heard anything for a while.

Message: 422 Posted: Fri Nov 21 14:19:29 1997 By:
Subject: Imaginary Box Set

Steve, excellent packaging for your "High Times" box set! I still like the name "Harmony" for the package though. "High Times" might be taken as a subliminal drug message. I think you need some help with song selection. Below is my wish list for a box set with about 18 songs per CD. I included some of Dan and Gerry's solo work to make it truely comprehensive. I think it should include as much unreleased songs and alternate versions as possible. It should be much more than a repackage of History and Encore. Anyway here's my list (a 4 CD box set may not be enough, we may need 5):

CD 1
Horse With No Name
Three Roses
I Need You
Everyone I Meet Is From California
Submarine Ladies (alternate version from HWNN session)*
?? (4th song from HWNN session)*
Ventura Highway
Don't Cross The River
Hat Trick
She's Gonna Let You Down
Green Monkey
By The Ocean *
Lonely People
Baby It's Up To You
In The Country
Tin Man (version from HWNN CD)
Moon Song (version from HWNN CD)

CD 2
Rainbow Song (version from HWNN CD)
Sister Golden Hair
Old Virginia
Daisy Jane
Bell Tree
Story of A Teenager
Simple Life
Today's The Day
Lovely Night
Amber Cascades
Jet Boy Blue
God Of The Sun
Don't You Cry
These Brown Eyes
Another Try (live)
California Dreamin'

CD 3
All Around
And Forever
All My Life
Norman *
All Things Are Possible (Dan Peek)
I Do Believe In You
Right Back To Me
Catch That Train
Doer Of The Word (Dan Peek)
You Can Do Magic
Right Before Your Eyes
Love On The Vine
Inspector Mills
Sandman (live from KBFH CD)
Here (live from KBFH CD)

CD 4
The Last Unicorn
Man's Road
The Border
She's A Runaway
Tonight Is For Dreamers
Love's Worn Out Again
Survival (live)
Young Moon
Whole Wide World
Call Of The Wild
Sleeper Train
Van Go Gan (Gerry Beckley)
Garden Of Peace
Emma (Gerry Beckley)
Revolving Door (Dan Peek w/Peace)
New Song By Gerry*
New Song By Dewey*
Goodbye Highway (Gerry Beckley)

Message: 421 Posted: Fri Nov 21 08:27:24 1997 By:
Subject: AMERICA ANTHOLOGY - sorry

Sorry to mention, but the AMERICA ANTHOLOGY sheet music book is now officially out of print. AA contained approx. 35 songs from AMERICA'S Warner years. The sheet music contained the guitar chords as well as the melody line, treble & bass clefs - very complete. If you can find it somewhere, I say grab it. Fischer Music in Chicago just sold it's last one & the publisher confirmed that no more copies will be published. The prelude to this book was AMERICA COMPLETE which contained every song that AMERICA did for Warners, it has been out of print for many years now. If you can find this book it may be a major miracle. God save the queen !

Message: 420 Posted: Wed Nov 19 13:51:23 1997 By:
Subject: Christopher Cross Interview

Joe (from Chicago's WGN radio) sent me his interview with Christopher Cross which has a small portion where they talk about America. I have created a Real Audio file with the excerpt where America is mentioned. Thanks Joe for the interview.


Message: 419 Posted: Mon Nov 17 13:26:24 1997 By:
Subject: Christmas CD

I had to go to Kmart today (even though I hate shopping there) so I thumbed through their box of Christmas CD's and found the "Christmas Classics" CD which has America's version of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing". At $4.99 how could anyone go wrong. They had several copies of the CD so I suspect that other Kmart stores will also have it.

To help others who want to get the CD I'll put a photo of the CD on the America Fans page later today. It has a green cover with a picture of a family (mom, dad, brother, and sister) sitting to the side of a Christmas tree. In addition to America, it has quite a few other superstars including Paul McCartney, The Moody Blues, Kenny Loggins, etc.


Message: 418 Posted: Mon Nov 17 09:35:35 1997 By: JIMNAK@aolcom
Subject: Lonely Guy - Movie

Around 1984 Steve Martin starred in a movie "Lonely Guy", AMERICA sang one of the feature songs. GERRY handles lead vocals & DEWEY does a great job on the chorus'. The song really sounds like a GERRY song & the lyrics are in line with his thinking - I was thinking. It has fast parts & slow interludes, all very well done by AMERICA. I think the video is still alive on vhs tape as is Middle Age Crazy.

Steve Lowry will post the lyrics permanently on this famous Web page later today. In the meantime, here they are:

by John Bettis & Jerry Goldsmith On Backstreet Music ASCAP/Music Corp. of America (MCA) BMI produced by Matthew McCauley
Performed by AMERICA

When life was just empty rooms, for company I talked to the moon
I dreamed alone to my own song that no one could hear
When nights were silent & dark, I lay in shadows, stare at the stars
The quiet voice that lifted my heart was always so clear
It told me that the chance for love comes without warning
So don't stop looking for it

Yeah, love comes without warning so be ready for love
I dreamed it thousands of times
I even felt your skin touching me mine
I knew you were here,
it kept me believing love comes without warning so don't stop looking for it
Love comes without warning so don't stop looking for love

Those are the eyes I have spent my life looking for, If they're not telling lies
You were looking for me, I wanna tell everyone who's waiting in the dark for the sun
Before your chance in life is gone, you'ill be in the light
Remember the chance for love comes without warning, so don't stop looking for it
Yeah, love comes without warning so be ready for love
Your chance for love comes without warning so don't stop looking for it
Repeat & fade.

Message: 417 Posted: Mon Nov 17 09:32:32 1997 By:
Subject: Power Outage

My apologies to any of you who tried to access the America Fans website over the weekend and were unable to. We experienced a power outage Saturday night and didn't get the circuit fixed until this (Monday) morning. Everything should now be back to normal.


Message: 416 Posted: Fri Nov 14 16:33:14 1997 By:
Subject: New Contest

I'm sponsoring a new contest for all of you America Fans which Steve has agreed to include on the America Fans website. The idea is to come up with ideas or designs for an album cover which will be used on an imaginary (but earnestly hoped for) America box CD set. Go to contest.htm to see the rules and a sample design. The winner will get an autographed copy of Hourglass so why not enter?

"Maintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee."

Message: 415 Posted: Fri Nov 14 09:56:40 1997 By:
Subject: Video Trade ?

While on vacation with my family back in August, I had a chance to see the band in Boston, I noticed a guy video'ing the show, I finally did get a copy from him. Its great !
Would anybody like to trade any video's they might have for a copy of this one ? I'm trying to get something from the early 90's ! Mainly looking for shows when they were doing " The Border " & " Survival " Let me know.


Message: 414 Posted: Fri Nov 14 09:52:23 1997 By:
Subject: Chat Session

The chat session last night was a definite success. The ParaChat software was much faster and crisper than the EarthWeb software so we'll stick with ParaChat from now on. The next chat was scheduled for November 27 but we'll skip it because of Thanksgiving. Therefore, the next live chat session will be on Thursday, December 9, at 9 pm Eastern time. Hope to see you all there.

In the meantime, feel free to post your questions or comments in this Chat Folder.


Message: 413 Posted: Thu Nov 13 09:08:12 1997 By:
Subject: Update on French CD's

I spoke with Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds this morning and he asked me to pass along the following information. Apparently America's Capitol CD's are selling like hotcakes in Europe (that's no surprise to us America Fans) and Magic doesn't have enough CD's to export. Magic told Scott that they are going to do a repress and just as soon as they do, they'll fill his order for 500 CD's (that should be enough to take care of all the pre-orders).

I asked Scott when he thought the CD's would arrive and he said he wasn't sure. Magic told him they would be here by the end of November but you never know for sure. I guess if we've waited this long, we can wait a few more weeks. I also asked him about the price and he said that it looked like the price would remain the same, possibly a little cheaper depending on the quantity discount that he gets.

That's everything I know for now. As more information becomes available I'll post it here.


Message: 412 Posted: Thu Nov 13 08:46:04 1997 By:
Subject: Optek System


As many of you know, GERRY BECKLEY endorses the Optek Smartlight Interactive Guitar System. It is a system w/lights on the fret board of an electric guitar, a learning system for budding guitarists. Ads have run in the guitar magazines w/GERRY'S foto. This year I recall a few fotos were taken by Henry Diltz, AMERICA'S official foto man, at the Mission Viejo gig in Calif. w/GERRY using the Optek guitar for YOU CAN DO MAGIC - of course the lighted dots were off.

Well Optek also sells diskettes of midi based guitar lines from popular songs, which can be used w/their system or for your simple listening pleasure. Optek's game plan is to begin selling an AMERICA disk w/8-10 songs sometime in early January. They can be reached at 1-800-833-8306. This has been in the works for sometime & the plans sound rather definite for release.

Message: 411 Posted: Thu Nov 13 08:41:04 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Middle Age Crazy

Middle Age Crazy was a movie from around 1980 that featured Ann-Margaret & Bruce Dern. The highlight of the picture was a song by GERRY BECKLEY & Lisa Del Bello titled "Now that I know", written by none other than Matthew McCauley, AMERICA's sometimes producer. GERRY's voice is very much alive in this song & he does a splendid job. You can bet that Matthew M. upon writing the song for Capitol could only only think of one guy to do the song - our own GERRY BECKLEY. GERRY pulls it off in exceptional style & onto the next project he goes.

Message: 410 Posted: Wed Nov 12 09:16:22 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Middle Age Crazy

Sorry, Shayne......I'm drawing a blank.

To my knowledge, no soundtrack was released from "Middle Age Crazy".


Message: 409 Posted: Wed Nov 12 02:38:14 1997 By:
Subject: deal still on


I haven't forgotten!

Good news: I've got it with me already. Bad news: I might be able to send it late December (c/o of someone in L.A.).

I've included an "extra" to compensate. Hope it's enough to make up for the dee-lay.


Message: 408 Posted: Mon Nov 10 11:41:01 1997 By:
Subject: America Fans Live Chat Box

The next chat session in the America Fans Live Chat Box will be this Thursday, November 13, beginning at 9 pm Eastern time. You must have a Java enabled browser to use the chat box. If you have a particular topic that you'd like to discuss, be sure to bring it along. We may even have a pop quiz to see how much you know about America's quarter century worth of songs. See you Thursday.


P.S. If you can't make it right at 9, it's OK to join in later. We'll keep the chat session going as long as there is interest.

Message: 407 Posted: Mon Nov 10 09:13:30 1997 By:
Subject: Shayne's Questions


I don't know the answers to your questions but I've posted them on the AOL folder and if anyone there knows the answers I'll post them here. Keep checking back.


Message: 406 Posted: Sat Nov 08 19:23:34 1997 By:
Subject: Middle Age Crazy

That last post reminded me...Does anyone recall the film "Middle Age Crazy"? It came out in 1980 and during the closing credits we are treated to a song by Gerry Beckley and (I think) Lisa Del Belo. Does anyone know the name of the song they performed and whether or not it is available anywhere?


Message: 405 Posted: Sat Nov 08 19:11:40 1997 By:
Subject: The Lonely Guy

I was just wondering. Does anyone have the lyrics to "Love Comes Wthout Warning" from the "Lonely Guy" soundtrack? I've noticed it isn't listed on the lyrics page nor is it mentioned on the comp. history. I believe the movie came out in 1984. I used to have the soundtrack (I bought because of the America song) and I'm sure there is no way to get a new copy.


Message: 404 Posted: Thu Nov 06 10:17:49 1997 By:
Subject: One Way

That's good news that the One Way releases will include unreleased bonus tracks. Hopefully "Norman" will be one of them. I have never heard the song, just heard of it. If they do have unreleased material, I will get them even though I have already ordered the French releases. The more "new" tracks on them the better!

Message: 403 Posted: Thu Nov 06 10:12:52 1997 By:
Subject: Warning: fake America

Somebody in the aol folder recently listed Chaqullia Bonita as an America CD. While it is by a group called America, it is NOT the real America. It is by a latino group and has nothing to do with Dewey, Gerry, or even Dan. Just wanted to warn any America fans that see it and think it might be an import by the real America.

Message: 402 Posted: Wed Nov 05 21:28:28 1997 By:
Subject: Re: Road Warriors


I think we all agree with your thoughts but thanks for stating them so well and for including them here.


Message: 401 Posted: Wed Nov 05 17:27:49 1997 By: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Road Warriors

I know Dewey, Gerry, Brad, Willie, Mike and their crew give their all at each concert. I appreciate their professionalism and expertise in all they do. However, let's remember their families that they leave at home during their long road trips. Their wives and children have in the past and continue to sacrifice the time they would love to spend with their husbands/dads.

So to the wives and children of "the guys":
A BIG THANK YOU!!!! Your sacrifices on the "home front" make it possible for fans to enjoy America in concert. You are all greatly appreciated!! As they say . . . "Behind every great man . . . is a supportive and understanding wife and family."

May God bless.


Message: 400 Posted: Wed Nov 05 07:39:29 1997 By:
Subject: Love On The Vine

I was recently asked when was the last time that Love On The Vine was played live. Here's my response for all to read:


It was originally recorded on the smash LP VIEW FROM THE GROUND in 1982. As many of you know VIEW FROM THE GROUND re-established AMERICA'S presence on top ten radio w/the hit YOU CAN DO MAGIC & RIGHT B/4 YOUR EYES. In fact DEWEY'S neighbors had what they called a "Top Ten Again" party for him.

LOVE ON THE VINE was regularly played live for a year & sparingly for the next few years after that & I believe around 1985 was the last period it was played live. In fact the King Biscuit CD has a terrific live version of LOVE ON THE VINE w/a nice re-mix. I agree it is an outstanding song & as is true w/many AMERICA songs, it tends to get better w/age. It is a perfect example of the seemingly subtle, but highly skillfull technique employed by DEWEY to communicate emotions, he is a magician in this regard. I really wish it was still part of the live shows.

Message: 399 Posted: Mon Nov 03 08:19:42 1997 By:

I'll probably get ROASTED for this post, but...............

I agree that we should see America when we can, but some of us CAN'T DO IT as much AS WE'D like. An eight or four hour road trip is TOTALLY out of the question for some of us (finances, as well as work schedules and our own family). As much as I LOVE this band (they've been my all time favorite since 1972) I can only DO so much. I'll support them as much as I can and if the unthinkable happens (a breakup) I'll be sad, but will still have 27 or 28 (if the Cap's EVER get here) albums to cherish.........

No put downs intended for those of you who CAN see them when you can, I ADMIRE that! But I don't think ANY ONE OF US really takes them for granted ........ THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS CHAT FOLDER (and all the people on it) SO MUCH. I can live vicariously thru them or even just discuss (when I need my America Fix and listening to an album is NOT quite enough.......)

Once again, NO slams intended, I just had to state an opinion...... (((((c:


"Maintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee"....

Message: 398 Posted: Mon Nov 03 08:17:00 1997 By:

< not take it for granted.>

Very well said, Rick! I have been living by that motto for a while now. And, as I follow several groups, it has me quite worn out! But, I have no regrets. In fact, one of my favorite singers recently turned in his notice to quit the band he is with ....... he wants to spend more time with his wife and family. Saying goodbye to him a week ago was one of the hardest things I have ever done. So, don't wait! See your favs as often as you can. You never know when there is not going to be a "next show"!


Message: 397 Posted: Sun Nov 02 21:34:53 1997 By:

Just in time for Christmas!!!

America t-shirts have been reduced to $15 plus shipping/handling ($5 in U.S.) for the perfect Christmas presents. At this time, there are still black or white t-shirts available, in either large or xtra large.

And if you're really lucky, maybe the person will return the t-shirt to YOU!

This offer will last until the end of the year only.

Let me know if your interested ....... and check out the America Home Page for t-shirt ordering info.

Will post more info on this soon.


Message: 396 Posted: Sun Nov 02 21:30:43 1997 By:

It's amazing that America has been able to survive all these years on the road........and it certainly has taken its toll at times which is only inevitable.

The one thing that all America fans should realize not take it for granted. It's not easy for the guys to be away from their families and have their home lives disrupted continually.

That's why I think it's important for fans to be willing to "go the distance" to see America, and not wait until they come right to a particular city. A four/five/six/eight hour drive is well worth it ..... and more.

We are very fortunate that Gerry and Dewey are still so willing to go on the road, and each concert is very special.


Message: 395 Posted: Sun Nov 02 21:19:26 1997 By:

One of the many amazing things about AMERICA is the well disciplined approach to touring that has been a hallmark of their career . The typical band who hits it big is around for a few years & then they break-up. In those few years, you hear all the complaints about life on the road, etc., etc. AMERICA will pass the 200 show mark this year, not unusual for them. Anywhere that their booking agent can do a deal, they are there - China, Australia, Tasmania, Java. Hey they once auditioned to play in Russia & this was during the cold war period in the early 70's.

Not that life on the road is any bag of strawberries for AMERICA, they have endured. There is nothing worse than being sick & not being home, but that is business as usual for AMERICA. I think some of their sturdiness on the road comes from all the years that they moved around the world as military kids. The song MONSTER by GERRY came about as a result of the weariness of being on the road, somewhat abstract but the feeling is real. So is DEWEY'S song ARE YOU THERE, which came about during a period on the road when the flu & colds seemed to hit most of the band all at the same time, amid other road problems. For fans of AMERICA we are fortunate that they have toured so much; every summer in my youth I could count on them being there & nothing has changed in that regard.

Message: 394 Posted: Sun Nov 02 14:04:47 1997 By:
Subject: One Way Records

I received the following message from Rob Guinan about the One Way releases scheduled for next year.

"Martha Wilkes at One Way Records tells me that when they release these albums (Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective), plus "Silent Letter" next year, they will have more bonus tracks (i.e., more than what are on the French releases). Apparently, One Way Records is able to go through EMI vaults for additional tracks. The collection is looking good!"

Message: 393 Posted: Sun Nov 02 13:07:12 1997 By:
Subject: Our Best in China

Today's the Day..........

America will make history performing for the first time ever in China. (Saturday in Beijing and Sunday Shanghai)

This is an extraordinary event which goes well beyond music, and the guys were understandably excited about these concerts.

With Jiang Zemin, President of China, currently visiting the U.S. and discussing issues such as expanding democracy, human rights, trade, and easing tensions between our countries, the timing is right for Gerry and Dewey to build on this rare era of good feelings and help create an even wider window of opportunity.

This past month, our governor Gary Locke of Wa. St. (first Asian-American governor in the U.S.) also visited China and was given celebrity status. Gov. Locke put our best foot forward in this highly successful return to his family's roots.

Now it's America's turn, and you can bet that Gerry, Dewey, Michael, Willie, and Brad will be impressive ambassadors in the country that still carries the hopes of those who stood tall at Tianeman Square in their courageous quest for freedom.

For the thousands in China that will be fortunate to see America in the next couple days and love their music, we share a common bond that bridges any cultural or political barriers.

We wish the guys the very best.......


Message: 392 Posted: Sun Nov 02 13:04:41 1997 By:
Subject: More On Jackpot Tickets

I received some more information from Maggie regarding the Jackpot tickets:

2 tickets for all 4 shows (12/30 8PM and 11PM and 12/31 8PM and 11PM). The first two shows are the $40 seats, and the New Year's Eve shows are the $35 seats.

Tickets are all paid for and I don't need to be reimbursed (just have a great time, is all I ask). I believe a call/letter to Cactus Pete's would allow someone other than myself to pick them up at the will-call window. I'll find that out.

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