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Message: 663 Posted: Sat Jan 31 21:52:37 1998 By:
Subject: Re: What a great day!

Gerry........ Gotta love him! He's great that way, He in his own little way just let all of us know that he reads our posts ! That he cares enough, To come to the board & read the posts & even mentioning to Jetboyblue, That he knew him as that , Tells me what an incredible memory he has. I knew he was special ! --:)-PEACE, JOYCE-MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN----- "Gerry, You said say thanks for our support!, Thank YOU for giving us somthing to support!" ---:)

Message: 662 Posted: Sat Jan 31 21:51:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: What a great day!

That's cool Bob

I 'm going tommorrow. Willie will be at Ludwig at noon signing autographs. Also, former guitar tech Doug, The Professor" Suman will be there with his Dad. . Should be a good day.

See you

Message: 661 Posted: Sat Jan 31 21:50:39 1998 By:
Subject: Moon Song Question

Forgive me if I've already posed this question, but does anyone know the genesis of Moon Song? When I was enlightening my friend to the sounds of America last night, this seemed to be one of his favs, and I don't know anything about it... other than it's beautifully written, composed and performed. Any ideas? Thanks.


Message: 660 Posted: Sat Jan 31 21:49:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: What a great day!


Wow...all those toys and meeting Ger too! Sounds like you had a splendid day. I envy you; spent part of mine cleaning out the garage (ewwwww...but I did find some old music books from the 70s, so it was well worth it), but then, like any good female, I went shopping! And how gracious of Ger to once again acknowledge America's fans. So, did you see any good demos, and did you drool over all the equipment? Better yet, did you BUY anything fun to play with? The most exciting thing in my neck of the woods today was a sports fishermen expo... never knew one could do that many things to a trout!


Message: 659 Posted: Sat Jan 31 21:47:09 1998 By:
Subject: What a great day!

I just got back from the international NAMM convention at the Los Angeles Convention center. That's the music manufactures and merchandisers anual convention. There were over 1200 booths and exibits in 3 convention halls. Wow! So much great stuff! From instruments to accesories to computerized digital recording. I was in heaven. But that isn't the main reason for the great day. Because there at the show, checking out the exibits and demos was... Gerry Beckley! So cool. I went up to him and introduced myself He was very nice. He said he knew me as JetBoyBlue from the AOL folder. He also said to say HI to everyone of you and thank you so much for your support. It was so great to hear. After he left I regained my senses and hit my self for not asking him about "the new baby", but now I'm sure he's read everything we've said about it. So Cool!.

And how was you're day?

Aloha Bob

Message: 658 Posted: Sat Jan 31 17:07:54 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

I hope you have HOURGLASS, the latest & greatest from AMERICA & the CD that has GREENHOUSE as written & recorded by the legendary renaissance man DEWEY BUNNELL. GREENHOUSE was a song conceived well b/4 HOURGLASS was released & AMERICA played the song for quite a long time prior to the release of HOURGLASS. It was a rare song that was played b/4 it was ever recorded among a song or 2 in the past. The live version was truly exceptional & I agree it was outstanding.

Message: 657 Posted: Sat Jan 31 07:58:43 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Greenhouse

Since I don't make the playlist, I can't tell you what the guys will and won't play. But I can give you my opinion. I know that they used to play "Greenhouse" but it has been out of their playlist for quite some time now. It used to be included in the "loud" part of their concert. "Sandman", "Green Monkey", and "Never Be Lonely" seem to be the songs used in the "loud" part these days. I don't know if "She's A Liar" has ever been performed in concert (with the possible exception of the 1976-77 tour when Hideaway was being promoted). I doubt that it would be added to the playlist. "Only Game In Town" used to be played in the 80's concerts, but I don't know that it has been played recently. As for "Here", I don't know if it has been removed or not. I do know that the guys have a set of songs that they practice and are ready to play and then they select from those songs at each concert.

I agree with you that it would be great if the guys would add the songs you suggested to their playlist. Perhaps our requests will be satisfied sometime in the future. In the meantime, I'm happy to enjoy the fantastic songs that are included in the playlist now and looking forward to a new set of songs when the new CD is released.


Message: 656 Posted: Sat Jan 31 06:40:33 1998 By: DRUMST6OZ@AOL.COM
Subject: Greenhouse

Back in the 80's I remember seeing America in concert at the old Front Row theatre and I remember at they played a song that, at the time, I wasn't familiar with. The sound wasn't the best where I was sitting and I couldn't tell if Dewey was singing "Greenhouse" or "Glasshouse" but I remember the tune really rocked. Then when I got my copy of "hourglass" I saw a song called "Greenhouse" so I immediately cued it up and there was the song I heard at the Front Row some ten years prior! By all means, put it in the set list...along with "She's A Liar" and "Only Game In Town". And by the way, has "Here" been removed from the show?

Jim...Erie, Pa.

Message: 655 Posted: Fri Jan 30 22:04:31 1998 By:
Subject: Concerts

Hope your current concert tour is going well. We'll see you when you come to California later this year. What are the chances of adding "Greenhouse" to you play-list? See you soon. Ritch and Jeannine.

Message: 654 Posted: Thu Jan 29 08:50:42 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Birth of the New Baby

Yeah...can't wait for this baby to be born!!

Erin :o)

Message: 653 Posted: Thu Jan 29 08:50:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Birth of the New Baby


You startled me there for a minute. I didn't think any of us were PG, so I was wondering who had the baby!

Good analogy. I'm sure that nurturing and giving life to your creative ideas must be somewhat like giving birth. And just like a baby, a new CD must be given a suitable name.

(G & D......we're ready with the cigars!)


Message: 652 Posted: Wed Jan 28 21:49:24 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Birth of the New Baby

Well put! We gotta help make it happen and spread the word.


Message: 651 Posted: Wed Jan 28 17:03:41 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD


Sorry you missed the live chat session. There's not a lot that we know about the new CD but I'll be happy to share with you what we do and don't know. According to the America home page (and other sources) the guys are working on the new CD right now and are aiming for a spring 1998 release. Nobody (that I know of) knows what the name of the new CD will be but the prevailing thought is that it will definitely start with an "H". The only label I've heard mentioned is Chicago Records and that was in a post about a Gerry Beckley CD to be released on Chicago Records sometime the first quarter of 1998 (the post was made on the Chicago Records chat board in early 1997 by their website administrator). I know that the guys are trying to sign a deal with a major label but that's all I know. As more information becomes available I'll post it here.


Message: 650 Posted: Wed Jan 28 13:39:20 1998 By: robert.j.guinan
Subject: New CD

I wasn't in on the Live Chat. Are there any details on the new CD.
Anything at all? Name of it? When it might come out? What we can expect in terms of direction? Label? Thanks.


Message: 649 Posted: Wed Jan 28 12:58:02 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Birth of the New Baby


Count me in, we must be relentless in our efforts to get the new CD
as much recognition as possible. I anticipate that once people hear
it they won't have any choice but to go out and buy it.


Message: 648 Posted: Wed Jan 28 09:47:25 1998 By:
Subject: Birth of the New Baby

After 25 years of some of the greatest music on the good earth, just what will AMERICA come up with next ? If you listen very closely to their last effort, HOURGLASS, the songs are masterful & once again carved out a place in the hearts & minds of many people, including many music critics. I know we are all waiting for the NEW baby to be born, please be patient, AMERICA is planting the seed right now. The input to such things is enormous & the output is shall we say, simply splendid. Just what will AMERICA come up with next ? The waiting will all be worth it. Everyone will be able to help with an e-mail blitzkrieg to every radio, TV, magazine, newspaper etc. in the country. The power is in the hands of the people. In the eyes of record company execs, the only difference between a commercial success & an artistic masterpiece is the number of sales. So we all need to do a little Marketing 101 to ensure the birth of the next baby after this one & then the next & the next .....

Message: 647 Posted: Tue Jan 27 21:22:40 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Session

What a great chat session we had tonight. We had fans from Florida, Indiana, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and New York. We talked about the new CD, our favorite albums and songs, and enjoyed guessing the author(s) of random America songs. The time went all too quickly and we're all looking forward to the next chat session which will be on Thursday, February 12, at 9 pm EST.


Message: 646 Posted: Tue Jan 27 09:25:44 1998 By:

I'm so happy my review was able to be posted. The town is talking about the concert everywhere I go. At the beauty salon everyone was so excited by the experience. At the market the news is seriously buzzing. We are a small town and America made a big hit here.


Message: 645 Posted: Tue Jan 27 04:06:26 1998 By:
Subject: living by reviews

Hiya, guys! Nothing going this side of the globe so the concert reviews are mighty helpful. Thanks Barb - as always, you give the most informative and fun info about our favorite group. Same goes for the others who write reviews. Bless you, guys.

Still can't join the chat session, Steve, but have fun. There will come a time when I'll be there.

Got myself the Encore CD. I know this must be ancient history to most of you but I just want to say how much I love "Nothing's So Far Away Than Yesterday" and "To Each His Own", the live rendition of which must be something special(heard it was added to the concert playlist). And - I think "The Farm" will join my top 10 America songs.

Well, keep those reviews coming. Think of us unfortunate ones out here.


Message: 644 Posted: Mon Jan 26 10:29:58 1998 By:
Subject: Next Live Chat Session

The next live chat session will be Tuesday, January 27, at 9 pm EST. The URL for the chat session is amchat.htm. You must have a Java enabled browser in order to join. Hope to see lots of you there.


Message: 643 Posted: Mon Jan 26 10:19:57 1998 By:

Sunsational review always Barb!! You're the best!!

Glad to hear you guys could make it!!

Maybe an ARF concert for Buddy?????? :)


Message: 642 Posted: Mon Jan 26 10:17:07 1998 By:

The beautiful Sundome Center for the Performing Arts seemed an unlikely setting for AMERICA's Saturday night (1/24/98) performance. Operated by the Arizona State University but nowhere near the campus, the facility was donated to the university by Del Webb, the renown developer. The Sundome is located in the heart of Sun City, AZ, an immaculate retirement community. Naturally, we were curious and somewhat apprehensive about the type of audience AMERICA would draw. When upcoming shows included Steve and Eydie, Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain, and Branson on the Road with Mickey Gilley, we wondered where AMERICA fit in. Would we be the only "youngsters" in a silver-haired dentures and wheelchair crowd?

Well......not to worry. The roughly 2,500 person crowd proved to be a healthy blend of all ages. Yes, the elderly were amply represented, but there were many baby boomer attendees as well.

AMERICA was "sun"sational in Sun City!! The set began with the lesser known but popular "Riverside" and proceeded to "Ventura Highway" (we must admit that this one tugs at our "VTA HWY" hearts just a little). "You Can Do Magic" and "Don't Cross the River" followed in all too quick succession.

Gerry commented that AMERICA was going to perform the long show so they would be having an intermission but would come back and play some more. This announcement brought cheers from the audience (as well as sighs of relief from the oldsters who no doubt welcomed a "facilities" break).

Gerry ventured over to the piano for an emotion-packed series of songs which included "Daisy Jane", "Mirror to Mirror", "Another Try", and "The Last Unicorn". A real gem of this grouping was "To Each His Own" which sounded so wonderful. We were delighted with this addition to the playlist. "Three Roses", "I Need You" and a couple of other favs concluded the first half of the show.

After the intermission, Gerry and Dewey welcomed everyone back for the "loud" part of the show (at this point, several hearing aids were probably either turned off or removed). True to their word, the second half featured blistering versions of "Green Monkey", "Never Be Lonely" and "Sandman". Gerry's acoustic solo lead-in to "Sandman" was magnificent.

Dewey offered some humorous political commentary about the recent events in Washington, D.C. when he posed the big question, "If Bill and Hilary divorce, who will get custody of Buddy (the Clintons' new chocolate lab)?"

The two-song encore brought the appreciative baby boomers to the front of the stage where they sang and danced to "California Revisited" and "A Horse With No Name". Gerry's friend, Tom, joined the guys onstage for the encore. Tom was a former bandmate of Gerry's back in high school (HOW many years ago?), and he certainly must be proud of his high school buddy's astounding success.

Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Will and Woodz were all in fine form. They looked and sounded terrific! They have obviously been putting their down time to good use pursuing their other interests and getting plenty of R & R. However, they played with great enthusiasm and energy and seemed ready to return to the stage.

If this performance (only the 2nd show of the season) was any indication, 1998 is going to be a "sun"sational year!!

Message: 641 Posted: Mon Jan 26 10:09:53 1998 By:
Subject: America Tour in Prescott Truly Rocked!!!!!!!!

We experienced the splender of America last night in Prescott. It was an unbelivable treat. They were so fine. Their voices were in magic harmony. It shook the pleasant memories of growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the seventy's up. The quality of their song writing, I appreciated more today than as a teen. I'd love to see them on a VH1 musical history moment. They are the fathers of the foundation of rock music today. I know that the croud was fully impressed with their ability.. The evening was more enjoyable than was anticipated . Thanks for a musical night of good feelings. Come back to Yavapai College again.


Message: 640 Posted: Mon Jan 26 05:09:45 1998 By:
Subject: America

hi!whats up?i,m from Sweden

Message: 639 Posted: Fri Jan 23 12:39:13 1998 By:
Subject: Arizona Concerts

If anyone makes it to either one of the Arizona concerts (tonight or tomorrow night) we'd love to hear all about it. You can post your review here for everyone to read.


Message: 638 Posted: Wed Jan 21 09:03:47 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Simpsons.

Thanks for the info!

Erin :o)

Message: 637 Posted: Wed Jan 21 03:02:55 1998 By:
Subject: america title

HIATUS . . . because we had to wait a long time for it

Message: 636 Posted: Tue Jan 20 09:09:24 1998 By:
Subject: Simpsons.

I believe the Simpson reference probably had something to do with Beckley's work on the Simpsons sing the blues album. (A modern classic)

Hope that helps.


Message: 635 Posted: Sun Jan 18 18:18:04 1998 By:
Subject: Re: All this "H" Stuff

now now you two...are we going to have to separate you?

besides..... everyone seems to be part of the guessing pool, and with all our suggestions, plus the names I'm sure that the band is considering, it's gotta get confusing.

I think it would serve us right if Dewey and Gerry just called the album... H

That's it... just the initial "H" . short, sweet, to the point, possibly contraversial ("what do you think they mean by that????, "H"???? I don't know but I bet the walrus was Dan")

It really doesn't matter anyway, because I wager to guess that we all call it the same thing.....

The NEW America CD........

(which by the way I would love to add an "ohh" or "ahh" or other tasty harmony line to...... hint... hint)

I'm going to sleep now.

Message: 634 Posted: Sun Jan 18 11:26:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: All this "H" Stuff

Tough to keep any secrets around here!!! (that the new CD is "Home Alone 4")

Apparently, "Humble Pie" didn't make it then!!!?????


Message: 633 Posted: Sun Jan 18 11:24:56 1998 By:
Subject: America & the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Hey Gang,

Watching VH1 tonight seeing all the commericals about the Eagles induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame on Monday night at 9pm, really started me thinking...... Undoubtedly America will get inducted to the hall of fame, it is only a matter of time(the sooner the better). We should start laying the ground work for a huge party in Cleveland. All of us online fans make reservations at a hotel and plan to celebrate!!!!!!!!! Maybe even invite the guests of Honor (oops theres another H title). Food for thought..............


Message: 632 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:42:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

Yeah..thanks for posting the schedule!!
Can't wait for MAY!!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 631 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:41:56 1998 By:
Subject: Re: CD question.

Thanks for the info!

Erin :o)

Message: 630 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:41:24 1998 By:
Subject: Re: CD question.

I believe that AMERICA's Simpson contribution was to an episode of the show, therefore I am not aware of any CD. AMERICA has done quite a few projects aside from their usual LP's/CD's & touring so you can imagine all the stuff that is tough to track down. A thought was given to doing a detailed artist's bio for GERRY for his debut solo VAN GO GAN, but he has contributed so much work to so many other projects that it was deemed mission impossible to collect & tabulate - for the time being. History in the making .....

Message: 629 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:40:19 1998 By:
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Walnut Creek


Thanks for filling us in. Glad you had such a great time, and the guy's did so well !!

( I guess I should have gone to visit my sister....darn) !!


Message: 628 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:39:31 1998 By:
Subject: Re: All this "H" Stuff

Oh Barbie, Barbie, Barbie........if you must know, I guess I'll spill the beans. (Gerry, Dewey.....please forgive me for letting the cat out of the bag), but Barbie seems to think I have my sources ? What is a source anyway ?

Here it is guy's the title to the new CD iiiiiiiiis.......

"Home Alone 4"......."Hope" you all like it ?

Message: 627 Posted: Sat Jan 17 19:22:24 1998 By:
Subject: Walnut Creek Photos

The Walnut Creek Photos are now online. Thanks to Jim Nakao for sharing them with us.


Message: 626 Posted: Sat Jan 17 17:10:07 1998 By:
Subject: Re: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

Mahalo Rick, for the update !!

We're so fortunate to live here on the "West" coast !! Lot's to look forward too !!

As for the mid west and east assured there's lots more to come your way in 98 tooooooo !!!


Message: 625 Posted: Sat Jan 17 17:09:17 1998 By:
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Walnut Creek

Thanks for the wonderful review, Jim! That really must have been an event! Sounds like a real treat for a real America fan. I'm sure they won over some new fans as well.


Message: 624 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:48:02 1998 By:
Subject: Walnut Creek Photos

Jim sent me a few photos from the Walnut Creek concert which I'll get out as soon as I can (hopefully, this weekend). I'll post a note here as soon as they're out there and I'll also put a link to them on the main page of the America Fans website.


Message: 623 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:46:39 1998 By:
Subject: Re: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

Thanks Rick for the early report!!! Hope I can make it to the four!!! shows in Connecticut. Still wishing for a show in New York (near Poughkeepsie) Please!!!!

Message: 622 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:45:49 1998 By:
Subject: CD question.

Okay I have a question. . .I was at Barnes and Noble tonight and I read that America contributed to a Simpson's CD. . .did they sing? What's on it and is it still available?
Just curious. . .

Erin :o)

Message: 621 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:44:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: All this "H" Stuff

Don't let Kelly fool you......she DOES know the name of the new CD. But she promised her source that she would not tell.

In fact, she hasn't even told me.......yet, that is.

Guess I'll just have to wait and be surprised like everyone else. But I'm willing to bet that it won't be "Hanson"! : )


Message: 620 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:43:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

WOW.......Rick!! Thanks for the schedule!!!!

And many thanks to AMERICA's management, too, for putting out a schedule so early in the year!! We fans appreciate having the early opportunity to plan our business trips, spring breaks, vacations, etc. to coordinate with AMERICA's schedule.

A new abundant tour schedule.......yes, 1998 is going to be a banner year!!!!


Message: 619 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:43:11 1998 By:
Subject: Re: AMERICA in Walnut Creek

AMERICA has always been the epitome of class, so it seems they would have been right at home at the ARF benefit. It is nice to know that AMERICA is recognized for their professional reputation in addition to their outstanding musical talents!!

Good thing Gary and I weren't able to make it......we would have been underdressed!!

Thanks for the great report, Jim!!


Message: 618 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:38:47 1998 By:
Subject: WALNUT CREEK Saturday 1/11/98

The show at Walnut Creek for the ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) was truly an experience. The benefit is headed up by St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa who gained the support of Mark McGuire (52 homers in '97) & many well-heeled, be-jeweled, tuxedo'd folks. With the best seats running at $250, the parking lot looked like a luxury car dealership. I think someone anonymously donated $500,000, that's how serious this annual event is. Some of the artists who donated their services were AMERCA, Huey Lewis & Paul Williams. We have a few fotos from the show & perhaps a few more later. GERRY & DEWEY worked very closely w/Tony to coordinate their parts. AMERICA opened the show w/a few songs & came back for a few more & finally closed the show w/Huey Lewis & the news. The entertainment was very carefully interwoven w/various ARF related events. DEWEY opened the show w/a thundering version of VENTURA HIGHWAY. These performing arts centres usually have impressive sound/acoustic systems & DEWEY'S voice thunders thru like blue lightening. Even Jerry Reinsdorf (white sox & bulls owner) was said to say wooh !, AMERICA is damn good ! As one of the organizers said, these benefits are always tough on the performers since the entertainment needs to weave around all the perfunctory aspects of the cause. He said that one reason that AMERICA was asked is because they have a reputation for being cooperative & easy to do business with & therein remains one of the hallmarks of GERRY & DEWEY & the crew & one of the reasons for their longevity. The program contained an extensive bio on GERRY & DEWEY & mentioned the great work on their latest CD, HOURGLASS. So we salute GERRY & DEWEY for their great work for a great cause. Also, just to mention that Paul Williams is quite a gentleman too & we will include a foto of him & his piano player. It was heart warming to see AMERICA in this classy setting. All amid the work that is going on to create a new CD, perhaps we may see a single, first. You know they work so hard to produce new material & the work is stressful, but you all know the final product. Please continue to give them big applause & support at the next show. And now onward & upward for AMERICA in 1998, all the best is yet to come.

Message: 617 Posted: Sat Jan 17 11:25:51 1998 By:
Subject: Miscellaneous Replies

>>By the way, does anyone know how the China dates went over?

Rob, I've been checking the AOL folder and I've talked to several fans who have talked with the band after the China tour and there hasn't been very much said about it. They did say that it was successful although it was tough on the guys. It seems like Gerry or Dewey had the flu part of the time and that didn't help any. I'm sure they were glad to get back home and see their families.

>>I heard the new America cd, date of release unkown, will be called "Hopeless" can anyone deny or confirm this.

Nobody knows what the name of the CD will be yet so there's no way to confirm nor deny it (although I think Dewey and Gerry can do better than that--my personal opinion). I doubt that anyone will know the title until just before they release it.

>>There is a artist out there named Jeff Larson who is really good.

Jeff Larson is one of the many America Fans who has a biography on the America Fans website. He was definitely influenced by America and you can hear sound clips from all his songs by following the links on his biography page. I have all of his CD's and I thoroughly enjoy them.


Message: 616 Posted: Sat Jan 17 07:40:59 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: jeff larson

There is a artist out there named Jeff Larson who is really good. I heard a cd sampler of his and it was great. It sounds as if he was heavily influenced by America and Beach Boys. I hope he will soon have more material to listen to. You should all check it out if you can find it.

Message: 615 Posted: Sat Jan 17 07:29:27 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: New America cd

I heard the new America cd, date of release unkown, will be called "Hopeless" can anyone deny or confirm this.

Message: 614 Posted: Sat Jan 17 04:48:40 1998 By:
Subject: Thanks Rick!

Thanks for the dates, Rick! So much is happening: the Capitol discs, new album, the two web sites. I can't think of a more exciting time over the past ten years to be an America fan!!! (Pete, if your reading, looking forward to seeing you in Connecticut!)

By the way, does anyone know how the China dates went over?

Message: 613 Posted: Fri Jan 16 08:53:37 1998 By:
Subject: Re: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

Thanks for the new schedule Rick. I know where I'll be on April 24.


Message: 612 Posted: Fri Jan 16 08:50:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............

Jet Boy,

The guy's ARE working on a new for the title of the new "H" CD......title to be announced when produced !!

Knowing Gerry and Dewey, it'll be an ingenious (in other words a very clever) one for sure !!


Message: 611 Posted: Fri Jan 16 08:44:28 1998 By:
Subject: First 1998 Schedule!!!!

Here's what has been confirmed so far regarding the 1998 concert schedule. More dates will be added. ******Remember, this schedule is subject to change******



Saturday, January 10 Walnut Creek, California: Regional Center for Arts: Animal Rescue Benefit 7pm (with Huey Lewis and Paul Williams)

Friday January 23 Prescott, Arizona: Yavapai College 7:30pm

Saturday January 24 Sun City, Arizona: Sun Dome 8pm

Saturday February 14 Las Vegas, Nevada: Harrah's (Spellbound Showroom)

Sunday February 15 Las Vegas, Nevada: Harrah's (Spellbound Showroom)

Thursday February 26 San Juan, Puerto Rico: 8pm and 10pm

Saturday February 28 Hallendale, Florida: Gulfstream Park 12:30 and 3:30 pm

Friday March 13 Uncasville, Connecticut: two shows

Saturday March 14 Sandusky, Ohio: Sandusky State Theatre 7pm

Thursday March 26 Santa Barbara, California: Coach House 7pm and 9pm

Friday March 27 Cerritos, California: Cerritos Center

Saturday March 28 Cerritos, California: Cerritos Center

Monday April 20 Portland, Oregon: Memorial Coliseum 8:30pm

Tuesday April 21 Tacoma, Washington: Tacoma Dome 8:30pm

Wednesday April 22 Spokane, Washington: Spokane Arena 8:30pm

Thursday April 23 Boise, Idaho: BSU Pavillion 8:30 pm

Friday April 24 Salt Lake City, Utah: Jon Huntsman Center 9pm

Saturday May 2 Boulder, Colorado: Coors Events Center 9pm

Sunday May 3 Colorado Springs, Colorado: New World Arena 8:30 pm

Tuesday May 5 Albuquerque, New Mexico: Tingley Coliseum 9pm

Wednesday May 6 Tucson, Arizona: Convention Center Theatre 9pm

Thursday May 7 Pasadena, California: 7pm and 9:45pm

Friday May 8 Newport Beach, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45

Thursday May 28-Wednesday June 10 Sparks, Nevada: Nugget Casino (16 shows total)

Saturday June 13 San Juan Capistrano, California: The Coach House 7pm and 9:30pm

Sunday June 14 San Diego, California: Humphrey's

Friday June 26 Bossier City, Louisiana (Shreveport): Casino Magic (two shows)

Saturday June 27 Bloomingdale, Illinois: (Chicago) FamilyFest 8:30

Thursday July 2 Arlington Heights, Illinois: Frontier Days 8pm

Friday July 3 O'Fallon, Missouri: O'Fallon City Park 9pm

Saturday July 4 Moreno Valley, California: (Riverside area) Family Fun Festival at Morrison park 7pm

Thursday July 16 Cadott, Wisconsin: Rock Fest 11pm

Thursday July 30 Rock Springs, Wyoming: Sweetwater County Fair 8pm

Saturday August 8 Uncasville, Conneticut: WolfDen, Mohegan Sun Casino (two shows)

Sunday August 16 St. Joseph, Missouri: Trails West Fest 7pm

Message: 610 Posted: Thu Jan 15 21:34:18 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Session

I want to thank everyone that joined in on the first live chat session of the year. It was a great success with fans from Oregon to Florida, from Utah to Indiana, and a brief message from California. We also had a lyrical quiz which turned out to be a little tougher than I had planned. All in all it was a great success and those fans who joined in had a great time discussing lots of different things about America and trying to figure out which songs the lyrics came from. The next live chat session will be on Tuesday, January 27, at 9 pm Eastern. Hope to see you all then.


Message: 609 Posted: Thu Jan 15 15:11:58 1998 By:
Subject: All this "H" Stuff

Here's a question that I have never seen posted before on the board I was wondering as I sit here listening to ALIBI, PERSPECTIVE & YOUR MOVE. Why did America stray from the "H" theme for the capitol releases? Was it because of the evil wrath of the Brothers Warner and contract stipulations? Could it have been new label and new direction of career. I am so glad to see that they returned to the theme, it has provided us America fans hours of enjoyment trying to guess the next title.
Here's Waiting For The Next ~~~~~~~~

Message: 608 Posted: Wed Jan 14 18:12:38 1998 By:
Subject: More Than A Feeling

Wow. That's even a bigger rip off than "Let's Wait Awhile" by Janet Jackson. If Steve Rodway did not get permission from the band to record this, he better find a good attorney.


Message: 607 Posted: Wed Jan 14 15:22:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: The Standard Is Set


Thanks so much for your kind words about the website. I checked out the FX Music News Page and played the TTF song ("More Than A Feeling") and there's no question in my mind that the verses are a 100% rip off of "Sister Golden Hair". At least Steve Rodway has good taste when it comes to choosing a band and a song to rip off.

Steve (Webmaster)

Message: 606 Posted: Wed Jan 14 15:09:05 1998 By:
Subject: The Standard Is Set

Dear Webmaster,

Though I am not a fan of America, I could not leave without commending you on a most excellent site. So thorough and inclusive. I certainly wish my favorite groups had such informative sites.

I found your site while looking for info on the song "Sister Golden Hair". On another site I heard a song (dance pop) that is to be released soon, and though it bears no other resemblense, I immediately recognized the verses to be those of SGH. The lyrics are changed and chorus is different, but each verse is sung by a woman to the same melody as SGH. I wonder if there's been a legal agreement between the two parties.

If you're interested in hearing this mysterious item, go to the FX Music News Page and click on the Real Audio File at the bottom of the page for TTF. It's a song called "More Than A Feeling" which was produced and co-written by Steve Rodway. Rodway is a producer/remixer in the UK who has seen enormous success. His site contains much information on his accomplishments and background, even studio set-up. You can read more there, if you're interested.

I'm sure the fans of America are grateful for this great web site. I can appreciate it and I'm not a fan. Though I am now considering checking out one of the Best Of discs next time I'm in a store.


Bill Myers
Houston TX

Message: 605 Posted: Wed Jan 14 09:11:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............

Thanks, Kelly. Getting all our hopes like that. But is it true they are planing on a new cd? I hope so.

Message: 604 Posted: Wed Jan 14 04:01:41 1998 By:
Subject: new america album

A possible new title . . . HALCYON

A possible title for the box set . . . HERITAGE

Message: 603 Posted: Tue Jan 13 15:31:05 1998 By:
Subject: It's High Time For High Tide

"Hightide" is very similar to the "High Time" title that I came up with on my imaginary album cover. When the new CD is finally released, I'll bet Gerry and Dewey come up with a title that none of us have thought of yet, but one that we'll all love (it may not even start with "H", Heaven Forbid).


Message: 602 Posted: Tue Jan 13 08:29:39 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............

Sorry!! :)
I think High Tide would be a good name though....

Erin :o)

Message: 601 Posted: Tue Jan 13 08:29:05 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............

by the way,

'Hightide" is NOT I repeat NOT the name of the new CD, just having fun with the "H" thing !!


Message: 600 Posted: Tue Jan 13 08:28:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............

High Tide!!! WOW!!! Can't wait to hear it...keep up the great work guys!!!

Erin :o)

Message: 599 Posted: Tue Jan 13 08:27:46 1998 By:
Subject: Re: "H" is for............


Thanks for the post...this is FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Godspeed, Ger and Dew...keep those creative juices flowing!!!


Message: 598 Posted: Tue Jan 13 04:08:53 1998 By: DRUMST6OZ@AOL.COM
Subject: The new album

Like everyone else, I too look forward to the new release. I'm kinda hoping this one will be more of a band effort. I loved the live feel of "Greenhouse" and "Everyone I Meet Is From California" on the "Hourglass" cd.

Message: 597 Posted: Mon Jan 12 23:44:57 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: Re: America's staying power

Your're right, Robert. I think their longevity as a duo says alot about Gerry and Dewey's character. They have stayed together for nearly 28 years and have not let egos ruin their friendship or working relationship. There aren't too many groups out there that can boast that either.

Looking forward to the new CD currently in the works and a whole new string of hits. I'm sure we'll all be swept away by "HIGHTIDE".


Message: 596 Posted: Mon Jan 12 17:08:05 1998 By: robert.j.guinan
Subject: America's staying power

Did you ever notice how many groups come and go. One or two hits and they're gone. Even in the current batch of new artists, consider how many run out of steam by their second album. Two dozen albums and 27 years of touring -- and America is going strong. How many so-called big acts can boast a catalog of hits like America, either. (Gerry if you're reading, my kids are still asking me to play "Last Unicorn" and "Goodbye Highway" over and over and over and over again -- thanks for the great entertainment!!)

Message: 595 Posted: Mon Jan 12 17:04:45 1998 By:
Subject: "H" is for............

"Hightide"....the highest level to which "America" CAN reach !!

The guys are hard at work as we speak, getting their new CD ready to go. Let's all send lots and lots of support their way!! The timeless hours they're putting into this will surely pay off for ALL!!


Message: 594 Posted: Mon Jan 12 16:58:10 1998 By:
Subject: america's next release

is there a new america cd on the horizon? when we saw them perform at the mohegan sun casino in connecticut they mentioned something about going back in the studio in the fall.

Message: 593 Posted: Mon Jan 12 10:12:50 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Session

The next live chat session for America fans is this Thursday, January 15, at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific). You must have a browser that supports Java in order to join the chat session (AOL users must have the 32 bit version of AOL on Windows 95 or Windows NT). This is a great chance for America fans to share thoughts and ideas with each other and to discuss the upcoming year (concerts, new CD's, etc.). We may even have a brief quiz to test your lyrical expertise. I hope to see you all there. You can follow the link above to get at the Chat Box or you can access it from the America Fans home page.


Message: 592 Posted: Mon Jan 12 09:02:03 1998 By:
Subject: America In Reno

America will be playing May 28-June 10 at the Nugget Casino Resort in Reno. They will be playing in the Celebrity Showroom at 8 pm each night with an additional show at 10:30 pm on Saturday night. Visit the Nugget Web Site for more information or call 1-800-648-1177. Be sure to check out the Internet Special to get some great rates at the hotel and a package that includes two tickets to the Celebrity Showroom.


Message: 591 Posted: Mon Jan 12 08:46:53 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America and Ambrosia

I am so looking forward to this show!!!! I of course love AMERICA, But the thought of seeing AMBROSIA just makes the pie sweeter !-:) I love "How much I feel" & You're the only woman (You & I) " I love David Packs voice ! 2 great band's in lovely Southern California ! I cannot wait I will be flying out for this baby!!!---PEACE & LOVE JOYCE HALL-MILWAUKEE, WI

Message: 590 Posted: Mon Jan 12 08:36:01 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hideaway Album

HIDEAWAY is currently available on CD as an import only, from Japan. You may need to special order it from a store that deals in imports. AMERICA's debut LP, HOMECOMING & GREATEST HITS were released domestically by Warners. AMERICA'S latest is HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN (GERRY'S SOLO MASTERPIECE). Good luck ! The best is yet to come for AMERICA !

Message: 589 Posted: Sun Jan 11 21:02:19 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hideaway Album

Hi all,

Does anybody know if the "hideaway" album is available on CD. I have a LP copy, but would like a CD copy.



Message: 588 Posted: Fri Jan 09 12:21:20 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

Great, Steve! Lets all innundate them with calls/emails like we did Thoughtscape (but in a nice way, of course). Let 'em know we fans aren't passive!


Message: 587 Posted: Fri Jan 09 09:18:30 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

BTW: Nick sent me another message stating that he will call One Way Records every month until he gets a release date from them. If the rest of us call them (518-489-3288) or send them an e-mail message (, perhaps they'll get the idea that we want the CD ASAP!


Message: 586 Posted: Fri Jan 09 09:10:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

Let's just hope "Silent Album" doesn't STAY that way (in the CD realm),,,,,,

C'MON ONE WAY.............! :-)

TKHMaintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee....

Message: 585 Posted: Fri Jan 09 09:07:58 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

Why no date yet?!? I want it and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 584 Posted: Fri Jan 09 09:07:18 1998 By:
Subject: GRAMMYS

I can picture it all so vividly. It's late February or early March 1999, and the 41st annual Grammy Awards are in full swing. The audience falls silent as the next category is announced. "The Grammy for best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal is ........ AMERICA!!" The audience responds with thunderous applause.

Then best Pop Album is announced ...... and, yes, once again the winner is AMERICA!! Now deafening applause and cheering!!

And finally the climatic moment ...... the "hat trick" ...... as AMERICA captures the Grammy for Album of the Year!!!! The audience is now on their feet and cheering with wild abandon!!!!

Wow ....... I can hardly wait!!!!

With veteran artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and James Taylor (for "Hourglass" no less) garnering nominations, "hope" springs eternal for AMERICA to revisit the Grammy arena.

C'mon guys ...... get that CD out in 1998, and we'll all do our part to spread the AMERICA gospel!!

Your loving disciple,


Message: 583 Posted: Fri Jan 09 09:03:26 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter


Thanks for the update. Let's all keep those fingers crossed!


Message: 582 Posted: Thu Jan 08 16:53:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: beckley solo?

I keep hearing about a gerry solo album on chicago records. What do you know?

The Chicago web page Rock Group Chicago Rocks the Web! has been down for several days, at least for me it has. As of last week Chicago Records had not added Van Go Gan to their on line list of available music.


Message: 581 Posted: Thu Jan 08 16:51:01 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

Cool!! That is definitely great news...can't wait til they announce the release date!

Erin :o)

Message: 580 Posted: Thu Jan 08 13:59:21 1998 By:
Subject: Silent Letter

I received the following message from Nick in New York:

I live about 10 miles north of Albany, NY where One Way Records (phone 518-489-3288) is located so I called them today and asked about the release of 'Silent Letter'. They said that it is definitely scheduled for release in 1998 but they didn't have a date set yet. Hope this helps.

Message: 579 Posted: Thu Jan 08 09:52:00 1998 By:
Subject: America In Arizona

America will be playing at the Sundome Center for the Performing Arts at Arizona State University on January 24 at 8 pm. Check out the Sundome web-site for ticket/venue information or call (602) 975-1900. Tickets can also be purchased at Dillard's outlets or by calling (602) 503-5555. Ticket prices are $12, $18, and $24.


Message: 578 Posted: Thu Jan 08 09:38:01 1998 By:
Subject: beckley solo?

I keep hearing about a gerry solo album on chicago records. What do you know? Also, beckley, lamm, and wilson. Any info?

Message: 577 Posted: Wed Jan 07 18:20:08 1998 By:
Subject: Re: H Guess


We were positive that NOBODY would guess Hanson!!!! (as the name of the new CD) And ...... you guessed it right away. You must have been in the balloons at Jackpot as you mentioned!!

It was hilarious when Gerry said this onstage ........ all in fun of course.

Kelly's "Hot and Spicy" name .............. hmmmmm

Could this mean that America and our beloved Spice Girls are working on a combined project????!!!


Message: 576 Posted: Wed Jan 07 09:33:40 1998 By:
Subject: America and Ambrosia

America will be playing with Ambrosia at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos, California on Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28 (8 pm both nights). Tickets are available for $45, $40, $35, and $30. Call 1-800-300-4345 for tickets or visit the Cerritos Center website for more information.


Message: 575 Posted: Tue Jan 06 14:51:41 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Newsletter Archives

Ain't this a WONDERFUL world????


TKHMaintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee....

Message: 574 Posted: Tue Jan 06 11:14:16 1998 By:
Subject: Newsletter Archives

Rick Wahlgren and I have worked together to create an archive area that contains all of the past issues of the America newsletters. Additionally, it contains the past entries from this America Fans Chat Folder. The archives are now searchable by the America Search Engine so that you can quickly and easily find information from any of the back issues.

The newsletters began in the summer of 1995 and the chat folder archives begin with the May 1997 entries. There is a lot of valuable information in both of them which is now easily accessible for all America fans.


Message: 573 Posted: Tue Jan 06 08:52:51 1998 By:
Subject: Re: H Guess

Well folks,

You're all WRONG !! The name of the new "America" cd is.........."HOT & SPICY" !!

Just kidding........... Tery, you catch on way too fast.... you're a winner !! Gerry did make us all laugh when he said the new title to their cd would be "Hanson"...... he's such a funny guy isn't he ?


Message: 572 Posted: Tue Jan 06 08:51:43 1998 By:
Subject: Re: H Guess

I'm still going with "Happy Campers"


Message: 571 Posted: Tue Jan 06 08:50:59 1998 By:
Subject: H Guess

I am going on a hunch based on an assumption. How's that!

My assumption is that the number of ??????? listed in the posting are the number of letters in the new album name (7). My hunch of a guess is HONESTY.

Hey, I predicted the split Nebraska and Michigan polls. Maybe I'm on a roll!


Message: 570 Posted: Tue Jan 06 08:50:03 1998 By:
Subject: H

ok, for lack of a better guess, I'll throw my brain to the wind and stick with



Guess I really need to go and get some sleep, I need it....LOL MBop, bop, bop,,,,,,
TKHMaintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee....

Message: 569 Posted: Mon Jan 05 16:30:37 1998 By:
Subject: Turning on to America

Hi all,

I had the opportunity to turn on and re-turn on some folks at Candlestick on Saturday. I was tailgating and setting up the portable cd player I got for my mom for Christmas (how else is she gonna learn that there's SO much more music than her cassette tape of Greatest Hits?!), and I popped in Homecoming. Before too long we had people flocking around the car like seagulls looking for scraps. This one guy came running up and said, "Is that Gerry Beckley I hear?" So we spent a good two hours playing the first album, Homecoming, King Biscuit, Hourglass and VGG for like twenty people (hey...even some Viking fans too!).

It was a regular Americafest...singing, dancing, learning lyrics, sharing music-evoked memories. I think a lot of people didn't realize how much more music was made past the mid-70s, and most were BLOWN AWAY by Hourglass (take the fork out, cuz Ger and Dew ain't done yet!!!).

It was great, and I told everyone to expect a repeat come Sunday!


Message: 568 Posted: Sun Jan 04 22:11:53 1998 By:
Subject: AMERICA - Benefit in Walnut Creek (SF)

Re: the SF (Walnut Creek) Gig Saturday 1/10/98

It begins at 7:30pm at the Walnut Creek Regional Centre for the Arts 1601 Civic drive, at the Dean Lescher (sp ?) hall (510)943-7469. The benefit is under the umbrella of the Tony Larussa (sp ?, St. Louis Cardinals manager) Annual Art Benefit; AMERICA is donating their services for the Rescue Fund for Animals portion of the benefit. AMERICA will share the bill w/Huey Lewis & Paul Williams. The $35 tiks are sold out, all that remains are the $75 & $250 tiks.

Keep in mind that this is a very big Bay Area benefit & most of the ticket cost is tax deductable. AMERICA's services are donated 100%.
The 1998 schedule is already begining to fill for AMERICA, e.g., Arizona 1/27, 1/28

AMERICA on the journey of a lifetime .............

Message: 567 Posted: Sun Jan 04 10:37:14 1998 By:
Subject: Music to fly by.....

So .......... we were winging our way home on New Years Day in the friendly skies of Delta Airlines when we noticed something in the on-board magazine. On page 125 of "Sky" they listed their music programs. And there on channel nine was "Showcase: America". The entire channel was just America. It was basically the Greatest Hits CD plus "Riverside", "Right Before Your Eyes", "Three Roses", and "Here".

The only drawback was that our plane ride was so short that they were not offereing that channel on our flight. Bummer man!!!! But then we had just heard most of those selections "LIVE" so it was ok.

It might be worth flying somewhere just for the music......

the other GB

Message: 566 Posted: Sat Jan 03 19:28:05 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Jackpot review


This was truely an "EXTRA SPECIAL" review !! First of all because YOU are "extra special" to all of us, and secondly, you sure have a way with words !! He didn't leave out a thing folks, you should all feel as if you were there with us....(as you all were in spirit) !!

"America" did play flawlessly, and with much enthusiasum on stage...... everybody was a "Happy Camper"!!

"I.... da.... ho"....... about all you guys, but I sure had a great time.... wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was worth the hassle of getting there....... which really wasn't as bad as we thought it could have been.

Rick, you were such a pleasure to be with, along with B and G too !! I look forward to being together once again real soon !! And of course the rest of the gang too !!

Thanks so much Rick for the luxury of reading your awesome review !!

all my love to a friend up north,


Message: 565 Posted: Sat Jan 03 18:15:02 1998 By: robert.j.guinan
Subject: Rick's Review

Rick, you always write such great reviews! (If anyone doesn't believe me, check out the Vancouver review on the America Home Page). Question----Anyone have any details on a new album??? Label? Producer? Rel. Date?

Message: 564 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:42:38 1998 By:


Thanks for the great review !!! You captured the true feeling of that oasis known as Jackpot. After locating it on a map, I figured it wouldn't be much of a place and boy, was I right!!! And now having been's still not much of a place. It does prove that someone there is smart though, because they brought America there.

the other GB

Message: 563 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:41:50 1998 By:

Great review, Rick! So glad everyone had a great time! More memories for the America scrapbook. Let us know when you put the pictures on your web site.


Message: 562 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:40:15 1998 By:
Subject: Re: SF (Walnut Creek) Benefit 1/10/98

Anyone going...this is a FANTASTIC cause, and has been so since Tony got involved years ago. The music and good times have always proved a blast in the past, and it's helped to raise much-needed funds for our furry friends. Would love to go, but playoff tickets ain't cheap, and I gotta cook for Sunday tailgaters. Huey and boys always give it up for the crowd, and I bet there will be some fun times on stage with Ger, Dew, Brad, Michael and Willie, as well.


Message: 561 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:39:12 1998 By:

Ahhhhh.....that amazing Ricky!!

His incredibly clever and entertaining review captures the true ambiance of Jackpot. (Bet you all didn't know that a town such as Jackpot could even have an ambiance!)

It was a magical two nights with AMERICA, and we are truly honored to have welcomed in the new year with Dewey, Gerry, Brad, Will and Woodz (as well as our dear friends and crew members, Bill and Pete)!!

Many thanks to the guys for their tremendous talents and warm hospitality!! And many thanks to Rick for his special friendship and his stupendous review!! This man's awesome writing talents are unparalleled!!!!

B & G

Message: 560 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:38:03 1998 By:

Thanks much for the lovely memories from Jackpot. I was supposed to be there, but not as adventurous as you (ie I'm not a champion snow-navigator). I DO hope all my tickets didn't go unused, however, cuz I made sure to tell Cactus Pete's to give them to folks who definately wanted to hear the band. But I was there in spirit and fondly thinking of the guys and fellow AOLers in attendance. Sounds like a superb time was had by all!!!

Looking forward to the new release...and Santa Barbara shows too!!


Message: 559 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:36:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

Great job Steve!!!
Keep it up!!

Erin :o)

Message: 558 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:36:15 1998 By:

Great review!! Now I REALLY wish I could've been there...guess I'll just have to wait til May!


Erin :o)

Message: 557 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:34:18 1998 By:
Subject: SF (Walnut Creek) Benefit 1/10/98

Re: the SF (Walnut Creek) Gig Saturday 1/10/98

It begins at 7:30pm at the Walnut Creek Regional Centre for the Arts 1601 Civic drive, at the Dean Lescher (sp ?) hall (510)943-7469. The benefit is under the umbrella of the Tony Larussa (sp ?, St. Louis Cardinals manager) Annual Art Benefit; AMERICA is donating their services for the Rescue Fund for Animals portion of the benefit. AMERICA will share the bill w/Huey Lewis & Paul Williams. The $35 tiks are sold out, all that remains are the $75 & $250 tiks.

Keep in mind that this is a very big Bay Area benefit & most of the ticket cost is tax deductable. AMERICA's services are donated 100%.
The 1998 schedule is already begining to fill for AMERICA, e.g., Arizona 1/27, 1/28

AMERICA on the journey of a lifetime .............

Message: 556 Posted: Sat Jan 03 14:32:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

What a marvelous enhancement!!

Kudos to "Engineer Steve"!!!!


Message: 555 Posted: Sat Jan 03 11:23:24 1998 By:


Even though we're now a couple days into 1998, the coyotes, jackalopes, and three legged deer in the desert around Jackpot, Nevada must still be shaking their collective heads about all the commotion on New Years eve at Cactus Pete's Casino, where America performed a spectacular New Year's Eve concert.

And they must also wonder how any of these noisy human celebrators even found Jackpot, for it took an all out geography lesson to discover that Jackpot is: #1. In the USA #2. in northern Nevada and #3. right on the Nevada/Idaho border...... just a mile or two from Nowheresville and next to the Matterhorn.

One could easily identify with a Lewis and Clark pioneer type adventurist in trying to reach Jackpot. First it was an easy one hour flight from Seattle to Boise, but then it was on the actual Oregon Trail to Twin Falls dodging Idaho spuds falling from flatbeds, and then an Evil Keneivel jump across the Snake River Canyon, with a final grueling haul to legendary gunslinger Diamond Jack's hole in the wall hangout now called Cactus Petes.

Jackpot also was alleged to be the place that inspired that now famous song about a nameless horse in a desert (who ran with the local three legged deer???)......... well maybe at least.

Cactus Pete's was a happening place at New Years with 300 HIGH ROLLERS invited to lose big money with generous donations to the Cactus Pete's general golden fund. Plus, the population of Jackpot soared from about one hundred (including all Jackalopes) to several thousand with a flood of PARTY HARDY Idahoans and Nevadians that came to town to "kick it."

America actually performed four concerts, two on Dec. 30th, and two on New Year's Eve. The last two concerts included the final performance of nearly a couple hundred in 1997, and the very first one of 1998.

Here are the highlights..............

The Gala Showroom is a cozy miniature version of a Vegas or Reno showroom, and every seat in the house is fairly close to a front row seat.

The management of the showroom was extremely excited to "finally get America here," and had their "History" CDs ready for autographs. A former manager of the showroom, who we had the pleasure to sit by in the last performance, said she used to try to stuff the ballot box for America when they voted on which groups to invite! YOU GO GIRL!!

Gerry noted watching all the high rollers landing behind Cactus Petes in their Leer jets........ and later informed the crowd that the movie "California Dreamin" (which America did the title soundtrack) immediately became a major blockbuster hit.................. that is............... went *directly* to Blockbuster video!

Gerry also mentioned that just before the concert, the guys had finally agreed to another "H" name for the new CD, called "???????" (see previous post for contest about this...... and Kelly will give answer soon)

Dewey mentioned to the crowd that "Another Try" was one of the first songs that America worked on with the famous "5th Beatle" producer George Martin, and then said that now it's officially Sir George Martin. Gerry responded, "I always called him Sir!"

Dewey and Gerry had difficulty choosing the "Lonely People" award, finally concluding that nobody in cozy Jackpot could possibly be lonely due to its size!

America gracefully overcame a disaster of near Titanic proportions as one of Brad's bass guitar strings broke, and Brad had to play with only three strings. According to Gerry, "thank heavens Jackpot isn't in the boondocks and our sound people were able to go to the local Guitars R Us"............. as another bass guitar was brought to the stage several songs later.

Actually, it was a borrowed guitar from Paul Revere and the Raiders, or as Gerry put it, "Paul McCartney Revere and the Raiders." Even the most fanatic Beatle fans haven't heard yet that Paul M. joined the Raiders! :) :) :)

After the first night, Kelly and her husband Steve, Barb and her husband Gary, and I were eating "breakfast" at 3am, and heard the first few chords of "Sister Golden Hair."

No........... it wasn't America performing for the 3rd time that night....... it was a group called the Redstones playing the graveyard shift at the casino. They ably followed "Sister" with "Ventura Highway" to our delight.

On the afternoon of New Years Eve, we went for a walk through Jackpot and the Jackpot National Forest with Dewey. The forest consists of about thirty scrubby pines and a few birch trees, one tumbleweed.................. and a deer leg. (proves the three legged deer rumors/theories we heard from the locals). And we also admired a nearby mountain called the Matterhorn. (no kidding). Maybe Jackpot is in Europe after all as we first suspected????? We also visited Jackpot's local mall, called the General Store, which featured all the beef jerky and pepporoni sticks a person could eat.

On the town limits of Jackpot is a Mountain Time Zone sign as one enters, and a Pacific Time Zone sign as one leaves. This prompted Dewey to comment that we could celebrate New Years TWICE in Jackpot by just moving up the road!!! That's why Jackpot is sooooo special......... twice the fun.

In fact, that's why the movie "Groundhog Day" was likely filmed right in Jackpot if my sources are correct. :)

Later, Kelly discovered a lucky slot machine called "Three Roses" and Gary found one called "Hat Trick," but both machines were reluctant to share the wealth! We also looked in vain for a "Horse W/No Name" slot.......... with but without any luck!

But............the biggest highlight was the New Year's Eve performance , and the crowd was ready to have fun with party hats, horns, kazoos, noisemakers, leis, and several hundred balloons.

Dewey and Gerry looked frequently at their watches, and at midnight, Gerry began playing a piano intro to Auld Lang Syne and Dewey led the crowd in singing........ while Woodz added a real America flair to this traditional song on lead guitar.

Did anyone know the lyrics????? I think not!!! (especially since Dewey and Gerry left the lyrics on our table) And of course, nobody noticed!!

Meanwhile, hundreds of balloons were brought into the Gala Palace, and were bounced around repeatedly, popped, and even sat on. Gerry used his guitar to whack several balloons floating in the air WHILE playing "Sister," and Dewey accompanied with a horn covered with stars and confetti. It was a wild scene....... that surely made the coyotes outside Jackpot howl a much longer than usual!!

Simultaneously, outside of Cactus Petes at the Jackpot Times Square, a lighted tumbleweed rolled down an extra tall cactus in the local version of the New York's Times Square celebration.

It was over all too soon and time to hit the dusty trail home, but New Years in Jackpot, Nevada with America will never be forgotten.............. and the all the fond memories of that special western town.

As always, thanks to everyone in America............ and to Gary, Barb, Steve and Kelly for being so gracious and fun.

Message: 554 Posted: Sat Jan 03 11:18:40 1998 By:
Subject: Jackpot review

The next post is the Jackpot review, and I tried to make it a little extra special because there hasn't been one in awhile due to the guys being in China and Australia.

This review will soon be on the America page, with pictures etc.

It has the usual embellishment........and was a lot of fun to write. :) :)

Looking forward to reading everyone's upcoming reviews of the 1998 season!


Message: 553 Posted: Fri Jan 02 16:56:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: AULD LANG SYNE.....


That's great about the announcement. In all our ramblings it was never guessed? Hmmm, that has me VERY intrigued...can't wait to find out what it is!


Message: 552 Posted: Fri Jan 02 14:11:37 1998 By:
Subject: Search Engine

I've just returned from visiting the Search-Engine-to-End-All-SearchEngines...
Another triumph! are a genius!!

Message: 551 Posted: Fri Jan 02 10:17:24 1998 By:
Subject: Re: AULD LANG SYNE.....

So does this mean there really will be a new CD????

Message: 550 Posted: Fri Jan 02 10:15:40 1998 By:
Subject: America back at Nugget!

This is indeed a great opportunity to see the guys .......... and a great venue as well.

Bertha and Angel must have demanded America back, and who could argue???

The Nugget has repeatedly expressed via email how impressed they are with America ....... and yet another lengthy engagement there is proof positive.


Message: 549 Posted: Fri Jan 02 10:14:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

This search engine would've come in handy to find Jackpot, Nevada! :)

Nice job Steve.


Message: 548 Posted: Fri Jan 02 10:12:44 1998 By:
Subject: AULD LANG SYNE.....

do do ...... do do do ..... do do do ....... um bop shuwap

America's version of Auld Lang Syne was the biggest hit at Jackpot New Years Eve ........ and a complete review will be posted on the America page ...... with pics and all ASAP.

But ...... one lil' tidbit. A possible "H" name of the new CD was announced, and Kelly will reveal this name in a couple days ........ only after you guys have made some guesses.

One hint ........ it's never been mentioned on the chat folder before in all the "name the new CD" posts.

And yes ........ there will be a prize of course!

1998 will be a memorable year for America!!!!!!!


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Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine


As usual you continue to amaze me with your foresight and dedication! Thank you a bunch!


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Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

I'm glad you guys like the search engine. I had the idea to create it several months ago but I never got the time until the holidays slowed things down at work. Usually, the things I add to the website are things that I want (or expect) so I just assume others want them, too. And Gene, yes I do sleep occasionally.

Jim wanted to know if I was volunteering to help at the winter olympics in '02 in my hometown? If America plays at the olympics and I can get backstage passes, then yes, I'll volunteer.

I'm still waiting to hear some reviews from the Jackpot concerts!! That's great that they'll be there again later this year. Perhaps more of us will be able to go because the weather will be better.

Happy 1998 to everyone!


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Subject: Re: One Way Releases

Good question!!! I've sent mail messages to One Way asking them about their plans but I haven't received any reply. Terry Wachsmuth used to be their A&R director but when I sent him an e-mail, I received a "No such user" error, so I don't know if he's still with One Way or not. I guess we can be thankful that France was willing to put out 3 of the 4 Capitol CD's and hope that One Way will still pull through sometime this year (their home page says that they're still planning on releasing the America CD's).


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Subject: One Way Releases

It's 1998! So where are the One Way releases of the Capitol albums with the new bonus tracks?????????

Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!

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Subject: Re:Heard CD

The sound quality of the live tracks is not great, but it is still worth getting, since it has songs on it not available on any other CD.

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Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

Steve--you are my HERO!!!!! LOL
How cool. You are one V-E-R-Y organized dude!!
Thanks for the time and effort!!!!!! It's appreciated here!!!!! :-)
TKHMaintain thy flight speed, lest the ground rise up and smight thee....

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Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine


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Subject: Re: Jackpot!

I spent last night (after seeing Carrot Top, who is great, by the way) listening to America and wishing I was in Jackpot...then I was reading the paper this morning and it says AMERICA will be back at the Nugget May 28-June 10!!! That really made my day, even though it is five months away...that's okay...lotsa time to save $$$!
I hope you all have a great New Year!

Erin :o)

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Subject: Re: America Fans Search Engine

That global search engine that you created to search the AMERICA Web page is fabulous ! Just how do you do it all ? It is an outstanding tool to find any specific information on the greatest & most enduring musical group in this century. Heck, just type in any word associated w/AMERICA & presto you can click & go ! Great work once again ! AMERICA info at your fingertips. Are you volunteering to help
at the winter olympics in '02 in your hometown ?

Message: 538 Posted: Thu Jan 01 08:58:21 1998 By: robert.j.guinan
Subject: New Album?

Yesterday, some Connecticut Rock Station aired an interview with two members of America (I'm told). They were discussing a new album. We've all known something is in the plans, but is it in the works. Gerry Beckley told me two summers ago that the Steely Dan producer (Katz) would likely be involved. That's all I know. If it's as good as "Van Go Gan" or "Hourglass", we're all in for a treat!!! Take care, all.

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