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Message: 995 Posted: Tue Mar 31 17:28:56 1998 By:
Subject: Declare a winner


You and Mark should get together and pick a winner. Either go by total votes or flip a coin or something.

One thing's for sure........ We are all winners getting to listen to AMERICA whenever we want to, either on CD or tapes.

the other GB

Message: 994 Posted: Tue Mar 31 16:10:21 1998 By:
Subject: Cerritos Playlist

Playlist for Friday's concert:
1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. Another Try
7. Last Unicorn
8. Three Roses
9. I Need You
10. Tin Man
11. Woman Tonight
12. Only In Your Heart
13. California Dreamin'
14. Lonely People
15. Green Monkey (sounded great-Dewey really shook the rafters)
16. Never Be Lonely (this song is much better live than the studio version-IMHO)
17. Sandman
18. Sister Golden Hair
19. Horse With No Name-With help from Joe Beckley and nephews

Saturday Night:
1. Riverside
2. Ventura Highway
3. You Can Do Magic
4. Don't Cross The River
5. Daisy Jane
6. Another Try
7. Last Unicorn
8. I Need You
9. Three Roses
10. Woman Tonight
11. Tin Man
12. To Each His Own
13. Only In Your Heart
14. California Dreamin'
15. Lonely People
16. Green Monkey
17. Never Be Lonely
18. Sandman
19. Sister Golden Hair
20. Horse (with help from the professor, a roadie-can't remember his name, Jim would know, and Joe Beckley)

Saturday night's performance included the one extra song-To Each His Own. Ambrosia also added one extra song-Their version of Magical Mystery Tour. America's playing was very tight. Their harmonies were superb. The performing arts center had the best acoustics of any place I've ever been. I would highly recommend it for future shows. This was truly a weekend that will be remembered forever.


Message: 993 Posted: Tue Mar 31 15:14:37 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tourney

Well, I'm happy with the result. I still think "She's A Runaway" should have made the 64 round. So what now? An album tourney? It's a thought, it's a thought.


Message: 992 Posted: Tue Mar 31 11:31:33 1998 By:
Subject: Santa Barbara America Concert

Saw the guys again last thursday at the Coach House in Santa Barbara. Dewey's son was sitting behind me with his friends and we had a nice chat. We have seen America numerous times in the past 5 years and love them every time! The show at the Coach House was very intimate, the total audience was probably less than 200 and all seats were good. Terry Forster

Message: 991 Posted: Mon Mar 30 17:04:52 1998 By:
Subject: Cerritos Photos

Jim Nakao has made some nice photos of the Cerritos concert available. You can find them under the "What's New" section of the Home Page. Thanks a million Jim.

Message: 990 Posted: Mon Mar 30 09:39:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results

WHAT!?!?!?! Ventura Highway lost!?!?!?!? I smell a rat! I demand and recount! Lock up the rsults and turn it over to the FEC to investigate! What am I saying? The FEC can't even keep real elections clean!

Just kidding. Great job with the tournament. It was fun. And Ventura Highway is still #1 in my heart.

Message: 989 Posted: Mon Mar 30 09:34:53 1998 By:
Subject: Utah in San Antonio

I'm sure Steve and the rest of Utah will be watching Monday night when Utah plays Kentucky in the real Final Four.

Rick, thanks for bringing up this subject. I kept wondering how I was going to mention it on this folder without getting the America fans upset at me. But since you brought it up let me say:

Go Runnin' Utes!!

Sorry that you Kentucky fans will have to see your team lose. But, hey, Utah hasn't won the national championship since 1944 so it's about our turn.


Message: 988 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:58:42 1998 By:

The Ambrosia/AMERICA show last night at Cerritos was a sellout. Both bands were excellent!!

The show drew AMERICA fans from near and far. There was Tom, an onliner who made the trek all the way from Indiana. And then Mags, who traveled from Northern California. Of course, the So Cal contingent was well represented, too. Familiar faces included Kelly and Steve, Jim, Bob and Kathy, and Gene.

Mags has promised a full report soon so I don't want to steal her thunder.

Anxiously awaiting,


Message: 987 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:57:53 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results


I can't believe how close the contest was between "Ventura Highway" and "Sister Golden Hair". (Guess I should have voted for my own screen name, huh?) But you are so right, both songs are winners!

I'd like to join the others in expressing my thanks to you and Mark......THANK YOU ! ! ! !


Message: 986 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:56:50 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results

Steve and Mark did a great job with the tournament! It's been great fun following the results......with some *tough choices*

I'm sure Steve and the rest of Utah will be watching Monday night when Utah plays Kentucky in the real Final Four.


Message: 985 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:55:55 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Santa Barbara Gig

Upcoming reviews on Santa Barbara and Cerritos gigs sometime Tuesday.

A lot of us had the "PLEASURE" to meet "MAGGIE" and her mom "PEGGY" at the shows. Two of the sweetest women......and lots of fun too !!

Maggie wanted to write up a review or two and then maybe some of the rest of us that were there, can add our two cents ?

Maggie, hope you made it home safely, we'll be waiting !!

Message: 984 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:55:03 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament

I too want to thank Steve and Mark for a fine job. This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it immensely.


Message: 983 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:54:28 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results

I want to third what Ginny and Tim said....THANKS for your hard work!!

Erin :o)

Message: 982 Posted: Mon Mar 30 08:50:29 1998 By:
Subject: A Different Finish To The Song Tournament

Mark had a different vote count than I did so we're attempting to do a recount. Here's what Mark tabulated:

SisterGoldenHair 33
VenturaHighway 37

Mark added, "This was a good close match as it should have been. If you could have found just a few more Lowry's to vote for Sister it might have pulled it off."

It's probably a good thing I declared them co-champions because Mark and I came up with different results.


Message: 981 Posted: Mon Mar 30 07:50:53 1998 By:

Oh dear lord, three things I pray: AMERICA live, 3 nites in a row to full houses. Friday & Saturday was at the Cerritos Performing Art Centre, a $64 million dollar architectural wonder w/AMERICA centre stage for 2 nites on prime time. A few fotos to follow.

By the way all systems are go for the release of the NEW CD sometime in 1998. There is big excitement about this & everyone can play a part in supporting it's success; a simple call, e-mail or fax to your local FM radio station & the print media will be well appreciated, repetition here is fine, volume counts. You all know the title, HUMAN NATURE & the label Oxygen a sub. of King Biscuit. Oxygen was taping a short video promo at Cerritos that will be distributed to certain media segments to help promote HUMAN NATURE. Just think of a CD of songs w/the title HUMAN NATURE by AMERICA; we all embrace the humaness in their music & here is a disc specific & explicit to the very core of what we desire. GERRY & DEWEY approach every new project as if it is the One & only project they have ever done, only 110% effort is given. AMERICA is being assisted by a very high profile New York producer. I can see a major media splash on AMERICA this year & the interest will rekindle waves of new interest, that will multiply & snowball into something more than we could ever imagine; The AMERICA WAVE is coming soon ....

ps - this is not hallucination, only inspiration, sprinkled w/intuition.

"Wasn't I the one love never came too ?
Wasn't I the one so misunderstood ?
All because my heart wasn't sure,
never felt a love like this before ....." G. BECKLEY

"Smell the perfume of a silent dream,
fly the ocean, read a story to me
Speak the wisdom of a redwood tree ......
speak to me ......." D. BUNNELL

Message: 980 Posted: Sun Mar 29 17:45:13 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results

I echo Ginny's comment, thanks Steve and Mark!

This was extremely fun!


Message: 979 Posted: Sun Mar 29 17:44:35 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament Final Results


Thanks for all your hard work in the tournament!


Message: 978 Posted: Sun Mar 29 06:43:53 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament Final Results

The final results of the championship round are in, and the voting couldn't have been much closer. Even though Sister Golden Hair ended up winning by a single vote, I'm inclined to declare Ventura Highway and Sister Golden Hair co-champions. Check out the bracket page to see the final results and/or to see how your favorite song did in the tournament.


Message: 977 Posted: Sun Mar 29 06:34:30 1998 By:
Subject: Dan and "Everything"

Here's a post from the Peace website that was very meaningful, and shows the impact of Dan's contemporary Christian music.........

Name: Stan Adams
From: Southern California
Comments: I am a fan of Dan Peek. In 1987 my wife had cancer and we almost lost her. She lost her leg to cancer and the Chemo therapy has caused her many helath problems. The song that Dan sang called "Everything" became our theme song and helped us through some really rough times. I just wanted to say thanks to Dan for that song. We have played the tape so much that it no longer works and was thrown away by one of my sons. We would like to get a CD of that album or just that song if possible? Dan Peek thanks and keep singing.

The song "Everything" is beautiful and inspirational, and on Dan's "Doer of the Word" album. Another copy of this album was sent to Stan and his wife through the Peeks.


Message: 976 Posted: Sun Mar 29 06:31:34 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America on DATELINE NBC

Mary and I were watching Dateline, and were more than pleased to hear America and "Horse" featured.

America sounds as refreshing in 1998 as they did in 1972........that was our reaction.


Message: 975 Posted: Sat Mar 28 10:39:53 1998 By:
Subject: Wisconsin Summerfest-94 Photos

Joyce Hall sent me some photos which you can now find on the Internet. There are a couple of photos of Gerry and Dewey from the Wisconsin Summerfest-94. I also got a photo of Joyce and I updated her bio for those of you who want to see what our lovable Joyce looks like.


Message: 974 Posted: Fri Mar 27 18:35:07 1998 By:
Subject: re:insight from a DJ

Hey...if you're tired of cookie cutter radio stations playing the same 500 consultant approved safe songs from a playlist that's the same from Boston to Buffalo...Cleveland to Chattanooga, why not get off the FM band and check out AM radio? That's right AM radio. Oh sure, you don't get the fidelity and you have to wade through a lot of syndicated satellite talk shows...but in my travels cross country I've come across some small town stations (and stations in the suburbs of bigger cities)that aren't afraid to take a chance and veer off the beaten musical path. I've heard some AM classic rock/oldies stations take a chance on that oddball hit that would make a consultant cringe...or delve a little deeper into an artist's catalogue. It's the 60's it was the FM stations that were adventurous and the AM's that played it safe. Now it's just the opposite. So the next time you hit that "Ventura Highway", switch to AM...hit that scan button...and maybe you WILL hear "Don't Cross the River"...or "Young Moon" even. I've caught them both on AM in the last couple of years. Of course if THAT fails, there's always the in dash cd player.

Jim Erie, PA.

Message: 973 Posted: Fri Mar 27 15:35:09 1998 By:
Subject: Santa Barbara Concert

Hi Folks! The America concert at Santa Barbara was fantastic . Such a polished beautiful show they have and they seem to get better and better! Gerry was so classicly Gerry and soothed the soul with his beautiful lyrics, voice and keyboard, (guitar too of course.) Dewey really looked like he was having fun and he's sooo great on that guitar. Dewey's voice is........ notably strong and beautiful and in great shape! Not that it's ever been otherwise........ I just particularly paid attention to it this time and really enjoyed his singing A LOT!

Sometimes it's easy just to focus on watching Gerry and Dewey, but when you see them next......... be sure to check out The lead guitarist (Michael Woods) He's fabulous and also fun to watch. (Great facial expressions!) Brad Palmer's voice has always blended so nicely with Gerry and Deweys and he did some really nice solowork. We were so close to the band, that the angle didn't allow us to even SEE Willie Leacox, the drummer! But he sounded Good !! The same Concession sales and Sound men had also been at the Montana concert and we got to giggling about that Very windy concert day! Two Very nice gentlemen indeed! Also had the very good pleasure to meet fellow AOL America fan, Jim, who was helping with sales and really enjoyed chatting with all of them! Jim writes a newsletter that was handed out (........but you guys probably already knew that!)

After the concert Jim led me into the staging area after the show - (thank you Jim!) where both Gerry and Dewey were "on the run", but wanted to say hello. In reference to the concert where I'd booked them in Montana, we laughed (?!?) about the strong winds knocking down scaffolding, the driver trying to drive the tour bus out to the 7th hole, etc., (I have NO idea why they asked me to do the encore with them in 92 - we didn't really make their stay easy and now YOU know why they probably remembered me!!) Anyway.... Santa Barbara has REALLY strong winds going now and one of them commented on how it was always really windy whenever I was around. (Which is a little wierd!!) and Dewey recalled how beautiful the Northwest country side was.

There were of course a zillion things I wanted to mention to them......... like how great Steve and Rick manage the websites, etc., etc., but they were kind enough to invite me up, and I didn't want to detain them and encouraged them to not let me keep them.... so off they scurried with smiles to face the fans! It was brief visit but very, very nice. Did anyone else go to this concert?

Message: 972 Posted: Thu Mar 26 20:40:33 1998 By:

DEWEY's vocal attributes surface in a way that is quite astounding in the J. Webb song Man's Road.

I had wanted to comment about this the other day... but forgot :-(

Man's Road has got to be one of the hardest songs in the world to sing! I'm not a musician, but it just seems to me that it would take a lot of vocal control to get through this one. Of course, Dewey does it to perfection!


Message: 971 Posted: Thu Mar 26 16:11:18 1998 By:
Subject: Insight from a DJ

Just wanted to add to the radio station/DJ issue.

It's true anywhere, I guess, that the station owners or the sponsors dictate the playlist of a station, not the DJ. I guess I'm luckier to be in a country where America songs are still being chosen regularly by those people. America always seem to find a slot in the classic rock format, the retro programs, the light rock, and the mellow tunes format. It's a rare day when I don't catch an America song when I listen to the radio. Sometimes I even get lucky and stumble into a mini concert feature of the band. One station has this Three-Of-A-Kind feature where three songs of one artist are played one after the other. Well, America is a regular there.

I don't think badly of a DJ or a station for not playing more America songs and more of the band's other materials. I just take advantage of the request portion to compensate. As I mentioned one time, All My Life is no.6 most requested song over one station.

I heard Stereo on air a couple of times the past week and I was surprised. It hasn't been played before then. I found out later that it was included in a new Various artist CD released locally and the stations got the usual promo round.

Not bad going here for America.


Message: 970 Posted: Thu Mar 26 14:25:31 1998 By:
Subject: re:Insight From A DJ

Thanks for the post Steve. I had heard stuff like this before. I have gotten tried of hearing the same songs and artists over and over again on both Classic Rock and Oldies stations. So I do alot of channel surfing or listening to news stations or talk radio. It's a shame, because there is an untapped wealth of classic rock and oldies matterial out there that is just gathering dust. I think the radio stations are only hurting themselves, as listeners like myself tune out. In the last 5 years or so I have only heard the local classic rock station play two America songs, Ventura Highway once and Sandman once. The oldies stations seem to focus on 1 or 2 of an artists biggest hits and forget about the rest of their material. It seems like when they do play America the only songs they ever play are Horse With No Name and Sister Golden Hair. What happened to their other 9 top 40 hits???? For that matter why limit yourself to the top 40? There were plenty of great songs that just missed the top 40 (like Right Before Your Eyes). Also America has plenty of material that would fit the classic rock format like Donkey Jaw, Here, Moon Song, Cornwall Blank, Hat Trick, Green Monkey, Its Life, In The Country, Half A Man, Jet Boy Blue, She's A Liar, She's Gone, Hurricane, Tall Treasures, Valentine, Even The Score, and Hell's On Fire. Any radio station owners reading this, if you want to boost your ratings play somthing you've never played before.

Message: 969 Posted: Thu Mar 26 13:56:33 1998 By:
Subject: Insight From A DJ

A letter from a Classic Rock radio disc jockey -

I'm an APD of Toledo's Classic Rock 97.3 WJZE, and Morning Show host. In regards to finding peoples complaints about radio stations on various chat folders, I thought I'd reply. Even jocks get SICK of playing certain songs. Trust me, I've heard artist played over and over more than the average listener because I've been there almost 2 yrs. It's NOT THE JOCKS FAULT. It's CONSULTANTS!!! They feel a "core" of 500 or so songs is what the public wants! It's everywhere and always very frustrating to JOCKS and PD's. So understand when you hear certain songs over and over (and you will), remember some corporate idiot is looking at a survey probably done in one BIG market and used for 3-5 other stations. We don't get to play what the LISTENER WANTS and I've been in radio 14 + years. It SUCKS, trust me. Classic Rock is an attitude, not a certain band, and there's probably 3000 or more tunes you could play, but what you like and I like could be different as well. So in closing try to grin and bear it, as they say, and hopefully someday someone will buy a station that was a jock and show them Corporate numbers people what radio's about.

I guess that helps us understand a little better why more of America's songs aren't played on the air.


Message: 968 Posted: Thu Mar 26 13:51:11 1998 By:
Subject: Re: One Way / Silent Letter ?????

Nick (an America fan that lives in New York) has been calling One Way records weekly to find out when Silent Letter will be released. He then reports back to me to let me know what they said. So far their reply has been a broken record. One Way continues to say that they will release Silent Letter later this year, but they can't give a definite date. I haven't given up hope, yet. But I'm not holding my breath, either.


Message: 967 Posted: Thu Mar 26 09:25:44 1998 By:
Subject: One Way / Silent Letter ?????

Has anybody heard anything about One Way Records' release of Silent Letter or anything else? I keep checking their web page but it doesn't look like it has been updated for months. Anybody know what's going on?????

Message: 966 Posted: Thu Mar 26 08:05:37 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Santa Barbara Gig

Just a note:
The Santa Barbara Coach house is relatively new & is in a college town as a new upstart & it just getting itself going. So it may not be surprising to hear that it is not garnering packed houses just yet, unlike it's mother in San Juan Capistrano. So there will be the energy of 2 shows in 1 & then onto the 2 shows at the Cerritos Performing Arts Centre.
3 shows in 3 days.

Message: 965 Posted: Thu Mar 26 08:04:20 1998 By:
Subject: Santa Barbara Gig


I got a call from the Coach House today. Unfortunately, the two shows scheduled for tomorrow night have been condensed to one show at 8:30 PM. According to them, they didn't get the bookings for two shows (impossible, I say!!!). is sure better than none! Hope the weather holds out and these winds die down.


Message: 964 Posted: Wed Mar 25 19:46:07 1998 By:
Subject: Baseball Weekly

Just another media outlet influenced by America. On page 11 of the March 25-31 issue (current), there is a picture of Robin Ventura (of the Chicago White Sox) with the caption, "Ventura Hi-Way". Just thought y'all would appreciate that.



Message: 963 Posted: Wed Mar 25 08:27:47 1998 By:

What a sweet attribute to Dewey, Jim !!!!

Dewey has his own individual style that is so unique. His songs have always been # 1 hit's in my (hazel) eye's !!!!!!

Dewey has a heart of gold !! He has definitely maintained his beautiful voice and through his music, has always given me a feeling of pleasure, emotion, passion, and imagination !!!

(Of course I have to add........... Gerry's music isn't half bad either......... but that's for another post down the road)

Thanks for all that you do for all of us Dewey !!! We appreciate you very much and we're all looking so forward to this next CD !!

Message: 962 Posted: Wed Mar 25 08:26:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America on DATELINE NBC

Dateline..... Timeline....... "Horse With No Name"....... where were you in 72' ??

What a pleasent surprise it was to hear this on Dateline tonight, and an honor to "America" !!

Message: 961 Posted: Tue Mar 24 21:58:48 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America on DATELINE NBC

Jim and Leah, I was on my computer just finishing up the America Fans chat session when my wife and son yelled for me. They wanted to know what year HWNN was on top of the charts. I quickly told them 1972 and then asked why? "Because it's the NBC DATELINE question" they responded. I was going to post something about it here but see that you two beat me to the punch. Go Leno!


Message: 960 Posted: Tue Mar 24 21:57:45 1998 By:
Subject: America on DATELINE NBC

AMERICA (Horse) was part of the NBC DATELATE / TIMELINE question tonight! They played HORSE just before and after the commerical. Horse was Number One...this date in 1972.

Way to go NBC!!! Now, if we could just have a Leno booking!

Leah Salyers

Message: 959 Posted: Tue Mar 24 20:56:58 1998 By: Drummer814@AOL.COM
Subject: Dateline NBC

Hey...America featured in tonight's Dateline Timeline on "Dateline NBC". Cool!!!!

Jim Erie, Pa.

Message: 958 Posted: Tue Mar 24 16:33:29 1998 By:
Subject: America on Tour

America will be at he Lovin' Feelings concert on October 10, 1998, in Houston, Texas.

Message: 957 Posted: Tue Mar 24 08:41:03 1998 By:

IMHO Dewey defined the early America sound and gave them that one-of-a-kind sound. I'm not knocking Gerry or Dan, they are great too, but Dewey's style is just different and I think it made America stand out.

Message: 956 Posted: Mon Mar 23 17:05:22 1998 By:

It is well known & much has been written about the wonderful songs that GERRY has written through the years. We are all aware of the internal need for GERRY to constantly & consistently write new songs, it is an outlet that we are grateful for. His treasures are our treasures.

Have you ever thought about the quiet way in which DEWEY creates his masterful songs of life, love & wonder ? I have often thought about where it all comes from. DEWEY is a master at invoking feelings of life, love & wonder through some combination of people, place & time. I think VENTURA HIGHWAY is a very good example; RAINBOW SONG is another; PEOPLE IN THE VALLEY is another; WIND WAVE is another; WHOLE WIDE WORLD is another; SLEEPER TRAIN is another, just to name a few. DEWEY has always been an explorer of life, always willing to seek out all things that the good earth has to offer. As a boy he was known to go exploring in the desert & would frequently scare his mom, returning very late in the day. He is always exploring & learning new things.

I think DEWEY's writing comes more spontaneously, some peaks, some valleys. It's a natural order sort of thing, you can't dictate creativity to a calendar or a clock. HOURGLASS contained very strong contributions & has set the stage for the next release. Every one of DEWEY's songs in HOURGLASS could have been the single, if you really examine it all. I wish everyone could hear LAST UNICORN, for DEWEY's vocal attributes surface in a way that is quite astounding in the J. Webb song Man's Road. DEWEY skillfully uses his voice to weave some very deep & complicated feelings. You have all heard DEWEY's thunderous voice open shows & close them; Very appropriate for the man integral to the original AMERICA sound & essential for their ongoing success. Today we salute Mr. DEWEY BUNNELL & in quiet desperation await his subsequent contributions to the new CD.

Sincerely, people of earth

Message: 955 Posted: Mon Mar 23 17:02:05 1998 By:
Subject: Last but not least....the new CD

NEW CD release tentatively scheduled for June/July time period, some flex has to be allowed around this given final mixing issues. The World awaits in quiet desperation ......

Message: 954 Posted: Mon Mar 23 12:02:29 1998 By:
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule

Young Moon, THANK YOU!! If you have any other specifics regarding the two New Jersey appearances (Atlantic City, South Amboy) would you be kind enough to let me know? You made my day!!! Penny

Message: 953 Posted: Mon Mar 23 12:01:11 1998 By:
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule

Young Moon, THANK YOU!! If you have any other specifics regarding the two New Jersey appearances (Atlantic City, South Amboy) would you be kind enough to let me know? You made my day!!! Penny

Message: 952 Posted: Mon Mar 23 11:59:48 1998 By:
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule

Young Moon, THANK YOU!! If you have any other specifics regarding the two New Jersey appearances (Atlantic City, South Amboy) would you be kind enough to let me know? You made my day!!! Penny

Message: 951 Posted: Mon Mar 23 10:43:25 1998 By:
Subject: re:Hat Trick

I agree, Hat Trick was one of America's all time best! I still don't understand how their version of Muskrat Love was a flop and C&T's cheesey version was a big hit, since their's was soooo much better and classy. Maybe it just wasn't what America's fans had come to expect from them. Afterall it was a departure from the likes of Horse and Ventura Highway. Since the single was released prior to the album, perhaps people wrote the album off based on the single and never gave it a listen.

Message: 950 Posted: Mon Mar 23 04:11:45 1998 By:
Subject: new concert sked

Young Moon, you are the bearer of great news! I know the dates can still change - like last time when I already got excited about a Nov. date in Manila and then it was scrapped...

But wow! A night of America in May (again!) would be a great b-day gift to myself. Hope it'll push through. Now this kind of news is what I call NEWS!!!

Thanks a lot!


Message: 949 Posted: Sun Mar 22 20:02:58 1998 By:
Subject: Latest Concert Schedule

Many thanks to Dewey for sending this schedule:

3/26/98 Santa Barbara, CA
3/27/98 Cerritos, CA
3/28/98 Cerritos, CA.

4/20/98 Portland, OR
4/21/98 Tacoma, WA
4/22/98 Spokane, WA
4/23/98 Boise, ID
4/24/98 Salt Lake City, UT

5/01/98 Lake Charles, LA
5/02/98 Boulder, CO
5/03/98 Colorado Springs, CO
5/05/98 Albaquerque, N.M.
5/06/98 Tucson, AZ
5/09/98 Travel-Asia
5/10/98 Beijing, China
5/12/98 Taipei, Taiwan
5/14/98 Singapore
5/17/98 Bangkok, Thailand
5/18/98 Hong Kong, China
5/19/98 Manila, PL
5/23/98 Indio, CA.
5/28/98 through 6/10/98 Sparks, NV.

6/12/98 Fresno, Ca.
6/13/98 San Juan Capistrano, CA.
6/14/98 San Diego, Ca.
6/19/98 Atlantic City
6/20/98 Atlantic City
6/26/98 Warsaw, IN
6/27/98 Bloomingdale, IL
6/28/98 Norway, MI

7/02/98 Arlington Hgts. IL
7/03/98 O'Fallen, MO
7/04/98 Marino Valley, CA
7/05/98 Silver Creek, CO
7/09/98 Ft. Laramie, OH
7/13/98 Westbury, NY
7/16/98 Cadott, WS
7/18/98 Louisville, KY
7/23/98 Denver, CO
7/24/98 Hasting, NE
7/25/98 South Amboy, NJ
7/26/98 Oswego, NY
7/30/98 Rock Springs, WY
7/31/98 Corvallis, OR

8/01/98 Oklahoma City, OK
8/08/98 Uncasville, CT
8/14/98 Bossier City, LA
8/16/98 St. Joseph, MO
8/30/98 Hershey Park, PA

9/05/98 Las Vegas, NV
9/22/98 Dallas, TX
9/24/98 Pasadena, CA
9/25/98 Newport Beach, CA

10/10/98 Houston, TX

Message: 948 Posted: Sat Mar 21 22:08:51 1998 By:
Subject: Re: HatTrick

Yes definitely. HAT TRICK was truly a magnificent LP. It was the last Warners LP in which it was 100% pure AMERICA from a production perspective. GERRY, DEWEY & DAN produced it by themselves & did exactly what they wanted to do. The sound is so pure. The songs are very emotional with a mellowness that weaves together quite nicely. AMERICA's original version of Muskrat Love was indeed the most magnificently interpreted; the copy cats later turned it into commercial cotton candy. The song HAT TRICK really goes against the book, in terms of length & creatvity. You get three songs there. RAINBOW SONG is quite splendid & succeeds in the DEWEY tradition of songs that take you away to better places in time.

Message: 947 Posted: Sat Mar 21 18:52:05 1998 By:
Subject: HatTrick (was Re:Muskrat Love)

For anybody that hasn't heard the Hat Trick album, I must say it's one of the most underrated albums ever. It's fantastic, from the writing to the arrangements to the special guests (Joe Walsh,Tom Scott etc.) I'm sure at the time, radio stations wouldn't have given any of the songs a chance, given that they're not "pop" oriented. Regardless, this album's in my top ten to have if stranded on a desert island. And if you think Dewey doesn't do love songs, think again...


Message: 946 Posted: Sat Mar 21 18:22:51 1998 By:
Subject: A Spoonful Of America

When the concert schedule came out in January, America was scheduled to play in Salt Lake City on April 24 at the Huntsman Center. I checked out the web page for the Huntsman Center and found America listed there and was really excited. A couple of weeks later the web page said that the Lovin' Spoonful was playing instead. What a let down! I happened to be looking over the other concert dates today and noticed that America was playing with the Lovin' Spoonful in Boise on April 23. I figured they were probably making the trip together so I called the ticket agency here and found out that America will be playing with the Lovin' Spoonful on April 24 at the Huntsman Center. For those Utah fans who want to get tickets, they will go on sale Monday morning (March 23) at 10 am through SmithsTix (1-800-888-TIXX). I'm a happy camper once again!!


Message: 945 Posted: Sat Mar 21 18:15:35 1998 By:
Subject: The Vote

Finally made time to listen to the Final Four songs and cast the vote. I couldn't resist a peek at the bracket and the current count before voting.

Well gang vote your conscious!! My two votes are hopelessly behind.

I couldn't vote against the simplistic beauty of I Need You.
Likewise, I couldn't abandon the lonely violin in Daisy Jane.

Looks like the Final will be the other signature song (behind Horse) Ventura Highway versus the most popular song, Sister Golden Hair, from what I would think was America's most popular time period (until the new album of course!).


Message: 944 Posted: Sat Mar 21 18:13:43 1998 By:
Subject: Coach House

Just a reminder to all our California friends that tomorrow night at the Coach house (SJC), former America guitar tech Doug "The Professor" Suman and his band Small Change are playing. Showtime is at 8pm. Rumour has it he'll be debuting a new telecaster built by America sound man Bill Crook.


Message: 943 Posted: Sat Mar 21 10:19:30 1998 By:
Subject: More on Dan Peek

I agree about Dan's talents. On the latest "Peace" album, there's a song called "Right Now". I think this could easily find its way on almost any great "America" album. What's more, Dan's albums as a solo artist, especially "All Things Are Possible", are what I would call vintage stuff. It's great hearing Gerry and Dewey back Dan up on his solo efforts. It proves that their friendships are as enduring as their music. Individually. And collectively.


Message: 942 Posted: Sat Mar 21 09:49:56 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Muskrat Love

Muskrat Love was the opening song on the "Hat Trick" album which was released in 1973. The album made it as high as #23 on the pop charts. Muskrat Love (with Cornwall Blank on the flip side) was released as a single and went to #67 on the pop charts in September of 1973. It did much better on the adult charts where it climbed as high as #11.

The band used to play Muskrat Love in concert but after the Captain and Tennille ruined it, they stopped playing it. It's really too bad because America's version is much better and really puts a lot of feeling into the song.


Message: 941 Posted: Sat Mar 21 08:39:35 1998 By:
Subject: Muskrat Love

According to Billboard, Muskrat Love hit #4 in the fall of '76 for the Captain and was a million seller too. America's failed to make the top 40...I think it only made it up to the 50's on the hot 100.

Jim...Erie, Pa.

Message: 940 Posted: Sat Mar 21 08:18:47 1998 By:
Subject: Muskrat Love

Please resolve a family debate: Was Muskrat Love a "hit" for America or Captain and Tennille. (Please include number of weeks on Billboard Top 40 or some sort of proof, if possible.) Thanks. (E-mail answer to address above, please.)

Message: 939 Posted: Fri Mar 20 20:59:04 1998 By:
Subject: Dan Peek's talents

Although this is a somewhat late response to the discussion on Dan Peek, I would remind anyone who thinks his talents have declined to listen to the new PEACE album. Dan's songs are reminiscent of his America days, and are as good as before.

Message: 938 Posted: Fri Mar 20 08:13:39 1998 By:
Subject: Re: GERRY Lectures

That is so cool that Gerry takes time out to talk to college kids. I wish our music department at UNR had guest lecturers like that. Gerry, you are one awesome guy. Keep up the great work!

Erin :o)

Message: 937 Posted: Thu Mar 19 22:01:09 1998 By:
Subject: GERRY Lectures

Mr. Gerry Beckley recently took some time out to give a lecture at Loyola Maramount University in Los Angeles to some music students. He discussed issues related to the music business & the agents, management & labels. He discussed his process for writing songs & the whole creative side of the business. He did bring his guitar & played 3 songs which included SISTER & HORSE. Those lucky students got a private concert by the one & only. One of the students described GERRY as very energetic, engaging & well spoken. Also the fact that he always had something funny to say. Well that's our GERRY, always keeping busy & always willing to give back. HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN (GERRY'S solo debut) are their latest masterpieces.

Message: 936 Posted: Thu Mar 19 16:43:18 1998 By:
Subject: More Info on "Last Two To Dance"

I found out some interesting information about the "Last Two To Dance" single that was released in Italy. First of all, it was released as a 45 record, not as a CD. The flip side was an instrumental version of the same song. Second, I received the following information from Dewey in response to my query for information about the song:

It was a song written by an Italian artist and performed at the San Remo Song Festival on the Italian Riviera. We then wrote English lyrics of our own to the exsisting melody, called it "Last Two To Dance", and performed it at the festival. There were several acts doing the same thing with other Italian artists that year. I think it must have been around 1990/91 but I'm not sure. Dewey

So it appears that this song has been around for some time now and it doesn't look like it will be on the new CD. All we have for now is the 90 minute sound clip that is on the web site.


Message: 935 Posted: Thu Mar 19 11:01:46 1998 By:
Subject: America Concert, Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville CT

I was lucky enough to be at the America concert on March 13, 1998 at the Wolf's Den at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I was seated for the second show about 25 feet from the elevated stage. I had already stood outside the club and watched the entire first show, mostly on the huge screen above the stage. Both shows were fabulous, even though the songs were much the same for both shows. I've been an America fan for 22 years now. I started out when my first boyfried introduced me to their music in 1976. My relationship with him faded, but not my love for America and their music. I've seen them perform a total of 4 times over the years. I caught the show in St. Louis last summer. (Actually, I planned my visit to my sisters in IL around the show). The show at the Wolf's Den was wonderful. They received a standing ovation after both shows. I'm watching the schedule to see which show I can go to next. I've collected most of the band's records and some CD's and I'm currently updating all the albums to CD's. There is something calming about their music. Something that transports me back to a simpler time. A time without stress or worries. It's good to go there now and again.

Forever a Fan,
Cyndy P.

Message: 934 Posted: Thu Mar 19 08:12:59 1998 By:
Subject: re:Off The Subject

I thought the same thing when I heard that Tom Petty song. Does anybody know if it was America singing back ground for Tom on that song, because it sounds just like them. The only hit song that I can recall that has an obvious America influence was "Painted Ladies" by Ian Thomas. It was a top 40 hit around 74 or 75. It is done in a Dewey Bunnel style. America would later record another Ian Thomas song, "Right Before Your Eyes" which was a hit in 1982. Of course Ian is the brother of Dave Thomas, of SCTV and movies not of Wendy's. I remember watching SCTV in 1982 when America appeared on the show and sung "Right Before Your Eyes". The SCTV cast did a music video parody during the song.

Message: 933 Posted: Wed Mar 18 17:14:40 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Cornwall Blank

I agree with Diane.....I would also like to see Cornwall Blank added to the play list..........I can hear it now........
" wrapped up in a blanket, lyin' in the snow
feelin' like the men felt a long time ago
goin' find me a home, goin' to build it with my hands
can't you see there's food to be grown
got to dig up, dig up the land"

Message: 932 Posted: Wed Mar 18 08:33:14 1998 By:
Subject: Off the subject

Funny you should mention Tom Petty, because I've always thought the opening and verses of Gerry's "House of Cards" sound an awful lot like Tom Petty. --Rich

Message: 931 Posted: Tue Mar 17 20:36:45 1998 By:
Subject: Off The Subject

OK, I was driving home from work and I heard a song that, when I had first heard it, sounded like America. The song is "Last Dance With Mary Jane" by Tom Petty. Only the chorus sounds like them and when I first heard it about 3 years ago, I thought "wow, America and Petty, whoda thunk it". Anyway, it got me thinking about other songs that sound like the band. One that comes to mind was "Cruel To Be Kind" by Nick Lowe. It was a top 40 hit in 1980. Does anyone remember it? Can y'all think of any other songs that sound to you like America? Just wondering.


Message: 930 Posted: Tue Mar 17 20:02:37 1998 By:
Subject: Last Two To Dance

Hi Steve,
Just read your message and listened to that song. It is BEAUTIFUL. If you can get a full version, please let me know. I have got to have it. I think if we can get this song out to our local radio stations before the 'June Wedding' rush, it just may be a big wedding song hit!! Thanks. Maureen.

Message: 929 Posted: Tue Mar 17 20:00:23 1998 By: Drummer814@AOL.COM
Subject: Last Two to Dance

It sounds like something you'd hear over the closing credits of a movie. I wonder if it'll appear on "Human Nature"? And what a wife and I are going to Italy in April...I'll have to get my own copy.


Message: 928 Posted: Tue Mar 17 19:57:49 1998 By:
Subject: Concert Review, Sandusky, Ohio

In the spirit of the chat folder, I got myself an America address at yahoo (I'm usually at

Mark and I (our bio is posted here) went to the March 14 show in Sandusky Ohio at the State Theatre. It was a very good show (as we expected!) As usual, my personal faves were Riverside (the opener), Sandman and Green Monkey (always a jam on either tune), Three Roses (I like to see Dewey and Gerry playing their guitars, even though they've been more experimental with synth in the past 10 years or so), and To Each His Own (still makes me cry). Oh, yeah, and a nice job on tambourine by Dewey on Another Try (tee hee!) I'll definitely drive out there next time (only 1 1/2 hr - we drove once 3 hr from MD to Dewey Beach (yes, DEWEY Beach), DE). I've seen them three times, and have to rate this one third, only because of the venue. In Frederick, MD, we were able to meet them after the show because of the outdoor "festival" atmosphere - that I'd rank #1. In Dewey Beach, at the Bottle & Cork which is more of a big bar/live music place, there was lots of standing room and dancing. I really felt strange in Sandusky sitting in a seat in a theatre where the ballet might perform. I hope the band didn't take it personally when people just sat there watching the show like it was a movie. There were actually complaints if you stood up from your seat. Forgive us guys, the acoustics there are great, but the room doesn't lend itself to partying, despite the beer!!!

Finally, a special request to my dearest Dewey - please please please play Cornwall Blank at an Ohio concert!!!!! (Except Cincinnati - can't make it 5 hours!) Okay, enough begging - sorry!


Message: 927 Posted: Tue Mar 17 18:03:19 1998 By:
Subject: Re:Last Two to Dance Single

After giving the song a listen....It Sounds like it would make a good wedding song.............also Gerry and Dewey go back and forth with the lead vocal......I don't recall hearing any other America songs where Gerry and Dewey share lead vocals like this.......are there any other? I would also be interested on who wrote the song and when it was released.


Message: 926 Posted: Tue Mar 17 15:44:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Search for Chords

If anyone does have the chords to The Border or any of the Hourglass songs, please send them to me and I'll see that they get forwarded to Peter. I'll also post them on the web site for the benefit of everyone else. Thanks. -- Steve

Message: 925 Posted: Tue Mar 17 15:00:29 1998 By:
Subject: Search for Chords

If anyone can help me with the chords/words to THE BORDER and the songs of HOURGLASS-album, I'd be more than grateful.Thanks, take it easy, Peter from Essen, Germany

Message: 924 Posted: Tue Mar 17 09:51:51 1998 By:
Subject: Last Two To Dance

Yuri Costantino, an America fan from Italy, sent me a wave file sample of the song, "Last Two To Dance" sung by Gerry and Dewey. He also sent me a photo of the CD cover. I don't know much about the song except that it has been released in Italy as a single. I don't know when it was released, nor who wrote it. If any of you have any information about the song, please send me a message. I have placed the Real Audio file and the CD cover on the web site.


Message: 923 Posted: Tue Mar 17 08:29:34 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...

"Human Nature"..... it is !!

Thanks for the info. Gina. It's been along time waiting !! If you think about it though, it's "Perfect" isn't it...... Gerry being a humanistic individual, and Dewey being Mr. Nature man.... I personally like it !!

I look forward to "Human Nature" I know it's going to be one of their "BEST" yet !!!

"Congratulation's".......... Gerry and Dewey for this really creative title !!

Message: 922 Posted: Tue Mar 17 08:27:49 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

I'll are my top 10 choices in no particular order:

1. Young Moon...(obviously)
2. Van-Go-Gan
3. Sleeper Train
4. Kiss of Life
5. Garden of Peace
6. Hope
7. Greenhouse
8. Whole Wide World
9. Old Man Took
10. Sunrise Sunset

Message: 921 Posted: Mon Mar 16 14:41:16 1998 By:
Subject: Live from SE Connecticut

America put on two SRO shows at Mohegan Sun Friday night. Not too far from New London, CT on your Rand Mc Nally. They were happy to announce their new CD, due out in June. I told Willie that the Web Sites were cited as "Web Sites of the Week" on WCBS in New York. He seemed pleased. I love watching Gerry on lead guitar, especially on "Riverside". Because I was up close, I got a neat perspective on how well they all are instrumentally. One little joke. This place is decorated in Indian Motif. There are lots of trees, and it's very outdoorsy looking inside the building. Gerry said, "This is our kind of place. There's plants, and birds, and rocks, and things!" The crowd laughed!


Message: 920 Posted: Mon Mar 16 13:30:13 1998 By:
Subject: Re: NEW CD

I'm going to start calling the radio stations around here, too. A few of them already play a lot of America, so I'm sure they'll be thrilled that they'll have some new music to add to the stuff they already play!!

Erin :o)

Message: 919 Posted: Mon Mar 16 10:04:34 1998 By:
Subject: re:HOT CD NEWS!!

Great news! Doer of The Word, which I think is better than All Things Are Possible, will finally be available on CD! I'll have to call Thoughtscape Sounds and reserve my copy. Do you know if the All Things Are Possible release is the previous release by Diadem, and Thoughtscape is just adding it to their catelog, or is it a new issue? The reason that I ask is that the Diadem release of All Things Are Possible doesn't have the original cover. I was just wondering if it is a new issue, it might use the original cover.

Message: 918 Posted: Mon Mar 16 08:31:49 1998 By:
Subject: The Final Four

The final four songs have been determined for the 1998 America Song tournament. The songs are:

Ventura Highway vs. Daisy Jane
I Need You vs. Sister Golden Hair

Ventura Highway started out as a #3 seed while Daisy Jane was seeded #2. They have done great to advance to the final four. I Need You is the only #1 seed left in the tournament but it will be up against some stiff competition against #2 seed Sister Golden Hair.

These are four great songs that all deserve to win, but only two of them will advance to the championship round. You can vote for your favorites by going to


Happy voting!


Message: 917 Posted: Mon Mar 16 08:22:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: NEW CD

Good going Jim! We will all need to start doing our part. I'll see what I can do around here.


Message: 916 Posted: Mon Mar 16 08:21:44 1998 By:
Subject: NEW CD

I sent the NYC DJ Bob Shannon HOURGLASS with some other AMERICA souvenirs. HOURGLASS is just to warm him up for the NEW CD. Any contact any of you can make w/your local or national DJ's is a big plus & I am sure AMERICA will be greatful for the support. We will not stop short of our goal of 1 million CD sales in 1998 & a contract for another new disc in 1999. For GERRY & DEWEY another blood, sweat & tears session is almost over & soon they will be on the road again & by early summer the promotional tour for the new disc will commence. Let the new songs flow.

Message: 915 Posted: Sun Mar 15 21:05:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Review

Very kind thoughts on a tough situation that worked out for all involved. Thanks.

Message: 914 Posted: Sun Mar 15 02:25:35 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...

"Human Nature", huh?

Seems appropriate considering Gerry's studio is Human Nature Studio. I remember "human" being a topic of conversation with Ger almost 2 years ago at Konocti Harbor (even got to hear him sing a few strains of "Human" by the Human League). This appears to be a title near and dear to the guys' hearts and one with lots of thought behind it.

Thanks for the newsflash, Gina.


Message: 913 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:33:39 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...


Do you think I will win a contest???? I was the first one with info.

PS They all looked great....Scott was stressed as usual, but in great spirits anyway.


Message: 912 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:32:36 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...

The concert review is coming....I'm still recovering from last night. It was two shows, then a drive back to Massachusetts.

More later,

Message: 911 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:32:01 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...

Thanks SO MUCH for the info....what a great CD name. June isn't going to get here fast enough!!

Erin :o)

Message: 910 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:31:19 1998 By:
Subject: Re: New CD to be released...and the name is...


WOW! Thanks for the update! concert review? :)


Message: 909 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:30:11 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Review

Thanks you so much for sharing this experience. I hope Dan has finally attained the inner peace that had elluded him for so long. He will always be a part of America's history to me.


Message: 908 Posted: Sat Mar 14 21:25:25 1998 By:
Subject: New CD to be released...and the name is...

Gerry anounced last night at a concert at Mohegan Sun Casino, that a new CD will be released in June. He also said that it became official on Friday......and the new CD name is (according to Ger) ........Human Nature.


Message: 907 Posted: Sat Mar 14 06:42:21 1998 By:
Subject: HOT CD NEWS!!

Word has just come out from Thoughtscape Records today that Dan Peek's first two solo albums, All Things Are Possible and Doer Of The Word, are going to be released on CD in May. They are currently accepting pre-orders for the CDs. For more info, check out their website at:

In matters related to Dan Peek, producer Chris Christian's 1981 album is now also available from Thoughtscape.

Also, the One Way Records web site still claims that the America's Capitol CDs will be released in 1998. They admit that they've had some problems and had to slow down production of new CDs and abandon certain projects, but America is still slated to move ahead. Their website is:


Message: 906 Posted: Sat Mar 14 06:32:46 1998 By:
Subject: re:Official results

You think Joe B hates Russ Ballard as much as I hate Capitol Records? :)...just a thought


Message: 905 Posted: Sat Mar 14 00:27:17 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: Dan Peek Article and Concert Review

Thanks Steve, for posting the article about Dan Peek. I enjoyed reading it. And thanks,, for your concert review and personal thoughts.

I think Dan Peek appeared on the Johnny Carson Show (or it may have been another late night talk show) many years ago. He sang "All Things Are Possible" and "Divine Lady". He also talked about the circumstances that led to his recommitting his life to Christ. Does anyone else remember seeing it?


Message: 904 Posted: Fri Mar 13 16:47:07 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Thanks everyone for the good word concerning the web pages. Even though the America Fans page won the award, it's really both of America's web pages that are being recognized. Here is the announcement that is on Bob Shannon's web site:

America A page with a name: America Fans Home Page, of course...Actually, there are two pages that work together to provide a unique experience for America fans worldwide. Among the highlights: a list of all 168 of their songs, with lyrics for each one! Steve Lowry and Rick Wahlgren have done a great and thorough job; there's so much here, it's mind-boggling. Includes newsletters, t-shirts, MIDIs of America songs, a photo album, links, and news on America's latest CD.

So, a big portion of the praise also goes to Rick for his efforts on the America home page, and to all of the America fans who make them both a success.


Message: 903 Posted: Fri Mar 13 16:41:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Way to go Steve, always putting forth the best for America.


Message: 902 Posted: Fri Mar 13 15:34:13 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Official Results

Hey You People,

For those of you experiencing deep-rooted emotional breakdowns, remorse, guilt, or deep-seeded disappointment over the tourney results please remember this: Even though the voting is very important, in the overall scheme of life, it's not that big of deal. So for your mental health and well-being HAVE SOME #$*$#*#$ FUN WITH IT. THAT'S WHY WE'RE DOING THIS!!!

Joe B

P.S. Remember, a vote for "You Can Do Magic" is a vote for Russ Ballard.
P.S.S. I do not practice what I preach. If "Magic" wins, I WILL KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 901 Posted: Fri Mar 13 15:32:10 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Way to go Steve!!!


Message: 900 Posted: Fri Mar 13 15:30:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Symphony Orchestra Performance?

Bill, I haven't heard of any performances with any orchestras but if any are announced, I'll be sure to post it here. --Steve

Message: 899 Posted: Fri Mar 13 14:06:17 1998 By:
Subject: Symphony Orchestra Performance?

Will America be performing with any Symphony Orchestra's this year? If so....when and where.


Great article on Dan and congratulations on site of the week.....!!!

Message: 898 Posted: Fri Mar 13 13:31:01 1998 By:
Subject: All Things Are Possible

BTW, "All Things Are Possible" is currently the only Dan Peek solo album that has been reissued on CD and cassette. It was issued in 1995 on Home Sweet Home Records/Diadem Music Group. You should be able to order it from any Christian music store. When I got mine last year, it was going for almost what the orignial album was selling for in 1979, $8.99 for CD and $4.99 for tape. You can't beat that price! I would highly recormend it for any America fans that haven't gotten it. It has some really nice songs on it plus Dewey and Gerry sing backup on "Love Was Just Another Word."

Message: 897 Posted: Fri Mar 13 13:13:34 1998 By:
Subject: Dan Peek Review

How about a Dan Peek concert review about 19 years after the fact? I was in my senior year at Western Kentucky University (go Hilltoppers!) in late 1979. "All Things Are Possible" had just hit the charts and Dan Peek was doing a one-man tour to promote it. To be honest, at that time I was still mad at Dan for leaving my favorite group. I still remember the shock I felt when I found out he had left. Back in 1978 I had purchased the "Live" album, opened it up and started reading the liner notes. I remember finding the pictures of Dewey and Gerry then flipping the liner over several times looking for a picture of Dan. But no Dan was to be found. Then I noticed that there were no Dan Peek songs on the album! The shock set in. Dan had left. I felt personally betrayed. I heard nothing else about Dan until the following year when I saw a flier from a Christian student group that was sponsoring a Dan Peek concert on campus (a state university could not sponsor a concert by a Christian performer, but it could sponsor a Seals & Croft concert in which they openly push the Bhia faith, a double standard? but I digress). I wondered why a Christian group would be sponsoring a Dan Peek concert? Then I heard "All Things Are Possible" on the radio. I went to several record stores looking for a Dan Peek album to no avail. Then I happened to be walking off campus and walked in front of a Christian bookstore that had the album displayed in the window. I didn't buy it, I was still resentful. Then the day of the concert came. I wasn't planning on going, I thought the $5 ticket price too steep, but that was just an excuse because I was still mad at Dan. Then I ended up going to the concert because a girl I knew wanted to go (and some people still have the nerve to say that men rule the world). Dan came out and sat at a piano and started playing and singing. He sang many songs from the "All Things Are Possible" album and several of his America songs. Between some songs he would tell stories about them and about his life experiences. I remember a story he told before doing "Don't Cross The River." He said the song was inspired by a story his Grandfather told him when he was a boy. When his Grandfather was young he decided to swim across a river near his home. He jumped in and began swimming. He began to struggle when he had gotten just past the half way point. Then when he was almost to the other side, he realized he wasn't going to make it, the river was just too wide; he couldn't make the last few feetů so he had to turn around and go back (collective groan from the audience). He also told why he left America. He said he had actually become a Christian as a boy, but as he grew into adulthood and became a rock star he basically left Christianity behind. But he soon found that he felt something was lacking in his life. He tried everything from drugs, and alcohol, to eastern religions but nothing satisfied him or brought him inner peace. He then decided to had to return to Christ. To quote from the article "I knew that no matter what I'd done, I could repent and God would accept me." At that point I forgave Dan for leaving my favorite group. I understood he left because of convictions and not because of a petty dispute. During the intro for "Love Was Just Another Word" he said the song was very special to him because it was the last song he did with Dewey and Gerry. The concert was a very enjoyable and changed my attitude about Dan. I'm glad I attended. Needless to say I went out and bought his album. It also gave me insight into some of Dan's America songs. Several of them have Biblical allusions (as do some of Dewey's and Gerry's) like "Donkey Jaw," "Jet Boy Blue" (thief in the night), and "Hurricane" (some will be taken, some will remain). I understand Dan, but I would still love to see a reunion.

Message: 896 Posted: Fri Mar 13 13:08:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Article


Great article on Dan Peek. How did you find it? Very informative. I did not realize that "All Things Are Possible" had stayed on the Adult Contemporary charts for a record 34 weeks. I have been looking for information on how Dan's solo stuff did on the Christian charts without success for quite some time. Thanks to the article I now know that "All Things Are Possible" was a number 1 hit (which is what I thought) and "Doer Of The Word" went to number 2. I think Dan left the business a few years too early. In the late 80's Christian music sales really took off. Today Christian artists like Amy Grant and DC Talk sell millions. If Dan had stuck with it, he might have cashed in on the rise in popularity. But how was Dan to know, hind-sight is 20-20. If anybody has any additional info concerning how Dan's other songs did on the Christian charts please email me at

Another thing that I found interesting was that the article stated that all 8 of America's albums with Dan went "Gold" and 4 went "Platinum". I had heard something like this before, but according to all the current publications I looked at only 6 albums went "Gold" and 2 "Platinum." I know this is nit-picky, but why the discrepancy? I have heard that sometimes record companies would issue Gold and Platinum albums without ever submitting their sales data for official certification from the RIAA. Perhaps this accounts for the differences. I have seen similar discrepancies with "Sister Golden Hair" some list it as a "Gold" single, others do not.

Message: 895 Posted: Fri Mar 13 10:27:43 1998 By:
Subject: America's Longevity

Looking at this year's group of Grammy winners, can anyone remember the winners from even just two years ago? The truth is many bands, and artists, come and go. Few, like America, have the staying power to go more than 27 years, and still be a draw all around the world, including China (last year). America has a catalog of hits that are has great to listen to today, as they were 20 years ago. If the new album is anything like "Hourglass" or "Van Go Gan", it's gonna be a great summer!!!!


Message: 894 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:28:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Congratulations! Steve and Rick!!!!!

Message: 893 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:27:27 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Article, Hmmmmmm

Ok, here goes...... don't stone or trash me, I'm just rendering an opinion......

I'm SO happy for Dan. I'm glad he could find peace in his soul. BUT (and isn't there always one of these) why is it, that when I read articles about "Christian" values and "Christian" beliefs, it is to the EXCLUSION of all else around it? There's the "before/after" syndrome going here.

I don't particularly believe that America's music was UNchristian. I don't remember ANY lyrics about the dreaded "drugs and sex" and all........ Maybe I'm being rather MYOPIC about this. I think it underscores the "us against them" mentality that the right-wingers have taken lately to make their cause look a little more "underdoggish"...... Just another form of labeling. Hey, whatever happened to judge NOT lest ye be JUDGED?

It's almost like a backhanded slam, "well BEFORE, when I made my hits......" and "now that I'm not with them and I'm SAVED......" (MY quotations, not Dan's). Where has all the personal culpability gone? Don't we all make our OWN choices? Isn't our soul the thing that ultimately guides us? Blaming the environment can be easy, but to me it's a cop out. (ok, ok, maybe I'm being harsh.)

So, is this topic WAY off the beaten path or what? Sorry. I'm just Our Lady Tery of Pontification, this morning......


Message: 892 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:22:39 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week


You guys make cyberworld our world just that much RICHER!

Thanks LOADS! :-))))))))))))))))


Message: 891 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:21:34 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week


This is quite an honor!!



Message: 890 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:20:32 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

My "Best of the 90's" selections are as follows:

1. Kiss of Life
2. On Target
3. Sunrise, Sunset
4. Garden of Peace
5. Hope
6. Call of the Wild
7. Goodbye Highway
8. Hell's on Fire
9. Now Sue
10. Young Moon

Of course, that's today's list.....and subject to change at any time!

Message: 889 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:19:21 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament Ideas


In the "next" tournament you could eliminate the final eight from this current tournament and include all those which didn't even make the original pairings. And because this is an AMERICA folder you would have to leave out VGG material again. Or/also you could have everyone vote for their ONE and only ONE favorite song (as a write-in vote) and see if it turns out to be the winner of either tournament.

the other GB

Message: 888 Posted: Fri Mar 13 08:17:42 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Site of the Week

Jim, it's my understanding that the new album will be coming out on a major domestic label. As soon as I hear anything official, I'll post it right here. --Steve

Message: 887 Posted: Fri Mar 13 03:59:15 1998 By:
Subject: re:site of teh week

Since Mr Shannon works for an oldies station it's unlikely he'll play anything from the new album. But there ARE a lot of Adult Contemporary stations out there. Is the new album coming out on a major label? (ANYTHING but Capitol records...see my earlier posts) Let's hope it gets the label support it will no doubt deserve.


Message: 886 Posted: Thu Mar 12 19:09:17 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

Here's my list of my fave '90s America/Gerry songs:

1. Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)
2. Young Moon
3. Hope
4. Van Go Gan
5. Goodbye Highway
6. Now Sue
7. Whole Wide World
8. The Farm
9. Hell's On Fire
10. Emma


Message: 885 Posted: Thu Mar 12 16:41:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Great job Steve oh !
Can we get this DJ, Mr. Shannon to support the new LP when it comes out in early summer ? Let's start w/a copy of HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN for a taste test. What is the snail mail address ?
Lots of market potential in the big apple.

Message: 884 Posted: Thu Mar 12 16:39:56 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Web Site of the Week

Congratulations Steve!!
That is fantastic and totally well-deserved!!!
Keep up the awesome work!

Erin :o)

Message: 883 Posted: Thu Mar 12 16:39:15 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update

Hey Tery...CUTE!!

We have two poets now!!

Erin :o)

Message: 882 Posted: Thu Mar 12 10:48:53 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update

Tery, you goofy gal...somehow I knew that your's would be the most appropriate response to our witty Steve's stanzas. Now, if you can only pen a poem about your move to Florida...the good and the bad! Something like, "I just left Michigan, where it's 20 degrees, I see a palm tree, I'll take two, please."

Ugh! OK, I know that's awful, but no throwing of rotten fruit!


Message: 881 Posted: Thu Mar 12 10:44:14 1998 By:
Subject: 1986 Dan Peek Article

There's an interesting article about Dan Peek from the June 1986 issue of Contemporary Christian Magazine at news8606.htm.

Message: 880 Posted: Thu Mar 12 10:27:33 1998 By:
Subject: thanks from Newbie

I was so happy to have a response to my question. Thank you! My husband just took me to Hawaii to help take my mind off of 8 miscarriages, the last one we lost halfway through. It was terrific, but he knows that what I'm REALLY looking forward to is seeing AMERICA on 3/26. They once asked me to sing the encore "Horse With No Name" with them, 5 years ago........and was the thrill of my life! They are very, very kind and I'll always appreciate that happiness they gave me as well as their music that always soothes my soul. Glad to have also "met" others who appreciate all the happiness America gives us through shariing their talents!

Message: 879 Posted: Thu Mar 12 09:50:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update

Steve sat at his desk and penned the tome
for others to read from their office or home.
He put his heart into every line
and I must say it reads real fine!

I am really impressed with your skill at prose,
it's succienct and light without being verbose!
So, a big "Here Here" to the man from Utah
with the mighty pen, "Here, Here, HuZZah"!!!!!

I made a rhyme, so what did you expect?
It looked like fun, so WHAT the heck!!!

Thanks Steve!!!!! :-)


Message: 878 Posted: Thu Mar 12 09:44:32 1998 By:
Subject: Web Site of the Week

Bob Shannon, the afternoon DJ on WCBS-FM 101.1 in New York City, has named the America Fans home page as the web site of the week. Take a look at Bob's home page for all the details.

Message: 877 Posted: Thu Mar 12 08:12:12 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update

cute, Steve!

Message: 876 Posted: Thu Mar 12 08:11:34 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update're a poet and we didn't know it!!! Many thanks for the clever update. You know, of course, that this means we'll expect this of you from now on (or at least through the end of the tournament!). Great job!


Message: 875 Posted: Wed Mar 11 21:57:51 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Midweek Song Tournament Update

Hey Steve.....GREAT POEM!!!!

You are quite a poet!

Erin :o)

Message: 874 Posted: Wed Mar 11 21:51:37 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hourglass Day

Bill, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you expressed the way that many of us feel.


Message: 873 Posted: Wed Mar 11 21:50:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Newbie with a question

Welcome, "Newbie". Both Gerry and Dewey have AOL accounts and they do make it a habit of reading the America folders although the refrain from participating so that they can retain their anonymity and privacy.


Message: 872 Posted: Wed Mar 11 21:29:18 1998 By:
Subject: Newbie with a question

Hello all, Could someone let me know if any of the America Band members read these chats?

Message: 871 Posted: Wed Mar 11 21:12:07 1998 By:
Subject: Hourglass Day

I thought I would share my hourglass day that I had today.

After spending a long day at work watching a very slow hourglass, I jumped in my car and began my commute from the south side of the lake to the north end of the lake where I live. I put on my tape copy of hourglass and looked out the window at the sunset over the Santa Ana Mountians, Sleeper Train was playing. I found to my amazement that I was connecting with the words, the sunset, the lake, and purple lupine flowers that had ejoyed a sunny day in the mid 70's. My Hourglass had slowed tremendously. It was then I realized, that for me, America's songs have always been able to focus my attention to what is important in life. Early America songs as well as 90's America songs have never lost the ability to connect and communicate to our "Head and Heart". (maybe Head and Heart should be the Title for the new CD, it's got the H).

"I was on a sleeper train bound for anywhere
and I was gazin' out the window in a long stare
watchin the sagebrush go by
and a pink and yellow sky
thinkin' 'bout your eyes
feeling good to be alive
I was dreamin' of you feelin' lucky" :-)

Message: 870 Posted: Wed Mar 11 14:59:17 1998 By:
Subject: Midweek Song Tournament Update

Wednesday is here, so it must be time
For a midweek review and a little rhyme
Eight songs are left; hits that's for sure
But after this week we'll only have four

So how are your favorites doing this week
Here are some hints that will give you a peek
The songs which were written by Dewey and Ger
Are doing the best, in case you might care

And none of the races are close so far
Though the "ancient" song is almost on par
Eleven of the voters should have a happy face
Because all of their songs are winning the race

There's Daniel, Chrissie, John, and Tery
Jessica, Kathy, Richard, and Gary
SubLady40 and Ginny join the club
While Barb ends the list of those we can dub

The luckiest voters in the elite eight round
Yes, the luckiest America Fans that can be found
While down at the other end of the scale
Are Nick and Bill who have reason to wail

None of their songs have done very well
But at least they voted and only time will tell
If in the next days as the ballots come in
Their songs will overcome, and triumph, and win

So if you haven't voted, or made up your mind
Which songs are the best, then you will find
You have until Saturday, take heed what I wrote
Til the stroke of midnight to make your vote


You can vote at tourn98.htm.

Message: 869 Posted: Wed Mar 11 14:24:34 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Session

The next live chat session will be this Thursday, March 12, at 9 pm Eastern Time. The URL for the chat box is


You'll need a Java enabled browser in order to join.

Hope to see many of you there,


Message: 868 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:59:23 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

Hmmm.....let me see....Top 10 '90s? That's hard.......I don't like to narrow things down, so.......sigh

1. Kiss of Life
2. Close to the Wind
3. Call of the Wild
4. Garden of Peace
5. Sleeper Train
6. Emma
7. On Target
8. Hell's on Fire
9. The Farm
10. Sunrise, Sunset

There! :-)


Message: 867 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:58:07 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!


Sorry if I sounded a bit crabby. I just don't like it when someone takes something that was supposed to be fun and starts questioning the qualifications of the voters. Maybe I missed the point, but, that's how I read it.

Barb has a good idea with the non-hit survey. Another way might be to just have everyone pick maybe 10 favorites, and see what happens. That way no one would have to choose between their two favs as in the tournament style.

Funny thing, there is a survey of sorts going on in The Guess Who/Burton Cummings AOL folders (AOL & imusic) and seems that, over there, if one likes the new stuff........ you are considered insane! (LOL) We just need to accept the results of whatever survey we participate in.


Message: 866 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:55:11 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

this is tough

1. Call of the wild
2. Whole Wide World
3. Goodbye highway
4. House of Cards
5. International
6. Garden Of Peace
7. The Farm
8. Hell's On Fire
9. on Target
10. Sleeper Train

Message: 865 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:53:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!


That's a great idea...maybe vote on the lesser-charted songs...


Message: 864 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:52:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

Everything off Hourglass, VGG, and a sprinkling ofEncore!!! Seriously, Hourglass is a daily MUST listen for me...the entire release is a masterpiece.


Message: 863 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:51:19 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

Good topic!!
Here's my top ten:

1. Now Sue
2. Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday
3. Goodbye Highway
4. Van Go Gan
5. Young Moon
6. Call of the Wild
7. Ports-Of-Call
8. Garden of Peace
9. Only A Kid At Heart
10. Whole Wide World

Message: 862 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:50:43 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!

Maureen makes some "On Target" points.

I didn't like the idea that the song tournament would eventually become a "greatest hits" contest, but I think that was probably pretty predictable.

Steve and Mark, I know this song tournament has been a huge amount of work for you both (your efforts VERY much appreciated!). But...... after you've had a chance to take a breather...... how about a new song tournament where we eliminate the "hits" from the very beginning?

I know.... I know.... where do you draw the line between "hit" and "non-hit"? But I'm sure there are several songs where we could reach a consensus.

Any interest in this?


Message: 861 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:48:35 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Official Results


I agree with Mags. The song tournament is all in the name of fun. What is important is that through the voting process, your voice is heard!


Message: 860 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:47:44 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

Horray ! GERRY & DEWEY'S material in the 90's is some of the best music in the world. Just when you think, they can't possibly come up with something to top the last CD - THEY JUST DO IT !

HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN are the greatest works on earth. And the best is yet to come by early summer, at a record emporium near you.

All AMERICA songs have their own unique beauty & emotional expressions: Think of a circle, let's call it Life with many lines; each representing an AMERICA song running concentric to the edge of the circle of life, kind of like a spoked tire, with the centre representing Life. Each song in it's own way is expressing some facet of life, the key is that every song is hitting from a slightly different angle & there are many, many more angles to be explored in AMERICA's creative spirit. More angles on life are yet to come.

Message: 859 Posted: Wed Mar 11 08:46:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Best of the 90s?

My 10 favorite America songs of the 90's are:

1. Greenhouse
2. Call of the Wild
3. Mirror to Mirror
4. Young Moon
5. Hell's on Fire
6. Hope
7. Van Go Gan
8. Goodbye Highway
9. On Target
10. Emma


Message: 858 Posted: Wed Mar 11 05:36:10 1998 By:
Subject: 90's Tunes

Okay, here are my top 5:

1. Close To The Wind
2. On Target
3. Garden of Peace
4. Mirror To Mirror
5. Young Moon

I still don' have "Van" yet. I need to get it, though.

Y'know, I have found the "Sweet 16" and the "Great 8" a lot easier than the first 2 rounds. On the other hand, only half the songs I pick move on. Go "Sister Golden Hair"!


Message: 857 Posted: Tue Mar 10 23:00:25 1998 By:
Subject: 90's tunes

90's favorites are Garden of Peace and Kiss of life

Message: 856 Posted: Tue Mar 10 15:33:22 1998 By:
Subject: 90's tunes

Since I don't have Van Go Gan obviously I can't include any of those songs. But here are my 90's faves...Greeenhouse (I know, this tune dates back to the 80's, but it was finally recorded in the 90's)...Hells On Fire...Ports of Call...Hope...Mirror to Mirror...On Target. Looking forward to adding to this list once the new CD is out.


Message: 855 Posted: Tue Mar 10 14:25:06 1998 By:
Subject: Best of the 90s?

Let's start a new discussion. What are everybody's favorite America songs of the 90s? That would be limited to the new songs on Encore, Hourglass, and Van Go Gan. Here's my top 10:

1. Whole Wide World
2. Call of the Wild
3. Goodbye Highway
4. Garden of Peace
5. Sleeper Train
6. Van Go Gan
7. Young Moon
8. Emma
9. On Target
10. Nothing's So Far Away as Yesterday

Message: 854 Posted: Tue Mar 10 12:32:56 1998 By:
Subject: Millennium

I was watching the first part of "Millennium" Sat or Sun nite (I forget which one) and danged if they didn't play almost the entire tune "Horse" during an intense part. I'd like to find someone that may have recorded it or would record it if it comes on at a different time. Please let me know if you have it.


Message: 853 Posted: Tue Mar 10 08:53:41 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Elite Eight

Man... it's tough to choose between grade A bodies of work! I'm just glad we HAVE all of these wonderful songs to CHOOSE from. Thank you, Gerry and Dewey, for giving us something to vote on in the first place!


Message: 852 Posted: Tue Mar 10 08:52:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!


I'm sure I speak for everyone here... the contest is for ALL fans (new and old alike)!!! You did the best possible thing in your decision-making; you stuck to what you knew, and felt comfortable with. I hope everyone followed your example (if they couldn't remember a particular song, they found it, gave it a listen to decide, or, didn't vote at all between the pairs). You have so much insight to offer on your favs to not be part of the fun!

Take care,


Message: 851 Posted: Tue Mar 10 08:50:26 1998 By:
Subject: Sheet Music - AMERICA

Just a note re: sheet music for AMERICA. Officially the Deluxe Anthology is out of print; if you find it, BUY IT ! The publisher had ceased publishing it some time ago, however it doesn't mean that the stores/distributors don't have left-over inventory. The good news is that the AMERICA: HISTORY (greatest hits) is still in print, around $16.95 w/the full melody, treble & bass clef. There are still books out w/some of AMERICA's mega hits, usually in guitar tab. AMERICA's merchandiser may have a few song books for sale during the coming summer. The latest is HOURGLASS & VAN GO GAN (GERRY'S debut masterpiece).

"You are here, in this moment; mother to the stars ......." D. BUNNELL, G. BECKLEY

Message: 850 Posted: Tue Mar 10 08:20:12 1998 By:
Subject: Elite Eight

Darn, and you all thought the other rounds were tough. I had to agonize over each and every choice and I'm still not sure.


Message: 849 Posted: Mon Mar 09 21:07:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Concert Schedule

Yes Jim....I second that !! I believe that all their hard work is definitly going to pay off !!!

Message: 848 Posted: Mon Mar 09 21:07:14 1998 By:
Subject: Concert Schedule

When the new CD is released, hopefully things will heat up, as the tour supporting the release unfolds in early summer. We've all got hound every media entity (radio, TV, magazines, etc.) to help publicize the new CD. The power is with the people. AMERICA will sell 1 million units in 1998. The summer of 1998 will be quite big for AMERICA.

Message: 847 Posted: Mon Mar 09 21:06:04 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!

Yeah! You're right, some of us haven't finished completing our collections. Sorry, I got started later than some fans. In fact, I didn't vote on some of the stuff, because I hadn't heard it, or heard it maybe once somewhere. Some of my votes went to songs that I was familiar with and liked....... and I hadn't heard the one it was competing against. Maybe I shouldn't have participated in this? I'd be happy not to vote if anyone cares to do this again.


Message: 846 Posted: Mon Mar 09 17:12:55 1998 By:
Subject: VOTING

Hey You People,

One more time: Remember, a vote for 'Magic' is a vote for Russ Ballard. Think about that. That's all I have to say for now.

Joe B

Message: 845 Posted: Mon Mar 09 17:12:01 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious

Amen, Brother Mark.

Bell Tree, Never Found The Time, oh, geez, I could go on and on and on and on.... sigh.


Message: 844 Posted: Mon Mar 09 17:08:18 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!

My sentiments EXACTLY !! I for one LOVE their new stuff . The results of the winning songs are all winners of course, BUT........ it looks like the ol' "song list". I for one, would like to see a huge change in the traditional "song list". I know, that the oldies are the ones that are the crowd pleasers, but wouldn't it be nice to add slowly but surely, some of the awesome NEW STUFF (aka...."Hourglass, maybe some of Van-Go-Gan... ones that Deweys included in, and the incoming NEW CD stuff ??)........ err


Message: 843 Posted: Mon Mar 09 17:06:40 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!

Some of my favorite America songs are the ones that never were released as singles. Three Roses is probably my all time favorite song (it's in a perpetual battle with Ventura Highway for that coveted position). Other great non-hit songs that rank near the top in my book are To Each His Own, Another Try, Windwave, Baby It's Up To You, Old Virginia, Bell Tree, and Jet Boy Blue. They are all shoulda been hits in my book. And a few of America's hit singles are among my least favorites, like Woman Tonight and Daisy Jane (not trying to start an argument, just sharing my thoughts). Just goes to show you that one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Message: 842 Posted: Mon Mar 09 17:05:03 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sweet Sixteen Preliminary Results


True... but at least what's winning happens to be some of our favs as well!


Message: 841 Posted: Mon Mar 09 08:45:34 1998 By:
Subject: Official Results

Mark and I recounted the ballots and the preliminary results were correct. There was one late ballot (it came on Sunday, after the midnight deadline) which Mark counted but I ignored. As things turned out, the late ballot didn't make any difference other than giving Riverside a 2 vote victory rather than a 1 vote victory. You should be able to begin the next round of voting this afternoon.

I'm intereted to see what you think about Maureen's post below (Song Tournament and the Obvious). Please feel free to share your thoughts on this chat folder.


Message: 840 Posted: Mon Mar 09 08:41:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sweet Sixteen Preliminary Results

WOW, I can't believe that Riverside upset Horse! Perhaps Horse being on several "worst songs" lists and being the butt of jokes is having an impact on even America fans.

Next round should be very interesting.

Message: 839 Posted: Sun Mar 08 21:06:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sweet Sixteen Preliminary Results

And as posted by Steve, the balance between Dewey and Gerry songs (defined as writer and/or principle singer) continues into the Round of Eight! Four each!

Biggest surprise from the Sweet Sixteen was Riverside over Horse.

Toughest choice for me in the Round of Eight.........I Need You vs. Old Man Took.


Message: 838 Posted: Sun Mar 08 21:06:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sweet Sixteen Preliminary Results

Well Maggie, looks like we both lost...

Erin :o)

Thanks for the post Steve!

Message: 837 Posted: Sun Mar 08 01:35:20 1998 By:
Subject: Sweet Sixteen Preliminary Results

OK sports fans. The preliminary results from the Sweet Sixteen round of the song tournament are in. For some crazy reason I can't access my server from home so you'll all have to wait until I get to work on Monday before I put the results on the web site. It's probably just as well because Mark and I are having a ballot recount to verify the results of the first race. As of now, here are the Sweet Sixteen round results:

Riverside (30) - A Horse With No Name (29)
Ventura Highway (40) - To Each His Own (19)
You Can Do Magic (32) - Inspector Mills (27)
Daisy Jane (31) - Tin Man (25)
I Need You (42) - Lonely People (15)
Old Man Took (32) - Till The Sun Comes Up Again (25)
Three Roses (31) - Sergeant Darkness (26)
Sister Golden Hair (47) - Sandman (12)

As for the lucky voters. If the first race stands with Riverside as the winner, then there will be six lucky voters who had 7 of their favorite songs win: DENCELEN (Dennis), DESTADOBE (Mary), JBUNKE1044 (whoever that is), KALTON1012 (Kevin), MANUEL989 (Matt), and RUSSELL702 (Russell).

Look for the official results on the web site on Monday. I'll make a post here if the results of the first race change.


Message: 836 Posted: Sun Mar 08 00:52:55 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament and the Obvious!!

Hi Steve,

Just voted in round 3. Some were tough. The only thing that bothers me is that all or most of the songs people voted on came from their first 5 albums. Don't people know what other beautiful songs there are by America. I think a lot of people who voted don't even own or know half of their albums. Maybe you should have another tournament without the obvious songs. Your input on this will help ease my mind. Sorry for sounding so abrupt, but it bothers me that people only like the songs, Sister Golden or Daisy or V. Highway, etc....

Don't get me wrong. I love all of the songs that have been in all of the rounds. My very first favorite song was Ventura Highway. But, there are sooooooo many others. I am curious as to what some other fans have to say. Hope they won't be angry or upset with me.


Message: 835 Posted: Fri Mar 06 20:14:19 1998 By:
Subject: America Web Page

I am enjoying the America Song tournament very much. I have a little story to tell you. I listen to WCBS-FM in New York, the most listened oldies station in the U.S. The afternoon drive time DJ is Bob Shannon. He has his own web page at In one of his sections he lists artists with web pages. To my dismay I did not see America listed. I e-mailed Bob and told him all about the America Web Page. This past Tuesday he put America on his artist page and he e-mailed me back to thank me. Now everybody can experience the America Web Page. By the way today he made mention of the America Web Page and promptly played the Horsey, which by the way is going to win the song tournament.

Have a good weekend. Jersey's biggest America fan.

Message: 834 Posted: Thu Mar 05 19:56:05 1998 By: RCar128@aol
Subject: Ooops!

Ignore my first ballot in the sweet sixteen round. Just like in High School, I forgot to check my work and didn't realize until after I sent the ballot that I'd forgotten to complete one choice. It was a tough one and was going to come back to it and yada, yada, yada.

Message: 833 Posted: Thu Mar 05 11:41:12 1998 By:
Subject: Las Vegas After Dark

I've been having this ongoing conversation with the folks at this TV show. They said.....

Dear Tery,

I just wanted to pass along that America will be on Las Vegas After Dark on March 13 and March 15.... Check out our webpage for channel numbers, cable operators, city and state where you can catch the show...Pass it along to others....Tell America fans to e-mail us where they saw the show and we will enter them in our Grand Canyon giveaway and LVADTV logo wear...

Mary Anne
Las Vegas After Dark

So, there. I've done my civic duty for the week!!! :-)


Message: 832 Posted: Thu Mar 05 08:31:39 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament Update

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to give my mid-week tournament update. So here it is a little late, but better late than never.

It's obvious that there are some great songs in the Sweet Sixteen because most of the races are very close. Only two of the races have obvious winners but the rest could easily be decided with just a few votes one way or the other between now and Saturday night.

The three luckiest voters so far are Sublady40 (whoever she is?), TheOtherGB (Gary), and VTAHWY (Barb). All 8 of their favorite songs are currently winning. But the races are very close so that could still change.


Message: 831 Posted: Wed Mar 04 16:32:09 1998 By: InspMills
Subject: choosing

Just did my voting - and I was reminded why I haven't a list of my top 10 America songs (not even top 20). It's sooo hard to choose between pairs of great tunes!!!

Those I that I want to see in the final round are not necessarily the best ones. They just have some personal, special meaning to me.

By the way, though I obviously am rooting for Inspector Mills, you have my vote, Erin and Mags. I'd be equally happy to see either of you win. Good luck!

Just an idea... Is there any way we can find out what some certain songs are about? Tin Man came up for discussion recently, and I've been wondering about so many songs myself. This might be futile endeavor since only Gerry and Dewey really know the answers, but well...

Message: 830 Posted: Wed Mar 04 12:05:51 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America/Eagles Bootleg

Mark, thanks for the album information. I'll copy it and put it on the web site so we don't lose it again. -- Steve

Message: 829 Posted: Wed Mar 04 06:29:08 1998 By:
Subject: America/Eagles Bootleg


Here's the America tracks from the album:
Title: America & The Eagles Live
1. A Horse With No Name
2. Sandman
3. I Need You
4. Ventura Highway
5. By the Ocean

I don't have it and have never heard it. I read about it in a book that listed information about old bootleg albums. It was released in 1973 under the Phonygraph label (catelog # 1101). That was a fairly well known bootleg label in the early 70s. The album was a recording of their appearance on the old In Concert TV show, which if I recall correctly was on CBS. America was on side one, and the Eagles on side two, since America was more popular than the Eagles at that time. It has one song not included on any other America release, By The Ocean. If any body does have a recording of the performance, I would love to get a copy of it. Anyway, that's all I know about it.

Message: 828 Posted: Tue Mar 03 16:03:56 1998 By:
Subject: America/Eagles Bootleg Album

I used to have a link from the Albums web page to an America/Eagles bootleg album that was listed in the Mind On Music database. The database entry has been deleted and now I don't remember what America songs were included on the album. If you have the album or happen to know what tracks were included, would you please send me a mail message or list them on this folder.


Message: 827 Posted: Tue Mar 03 11:33:55 1998 By:
Subject: song chords


I'm desperately lookning for the chords to the song Young Moon. I'm in an acoustic/electric band which plays several America tunes. If you know where I can find them I sure wour appreciate it.


Message: 826 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:39:22 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed


No problem...glad you like it! I need to frame mine, so if I ever get an office, I can hang them up...

Erin :o)

PS - I bet Sergeant Darkness and To Each His Own will make it! (Maybe one will even win!!)

Message: 825 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:38:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Well..........

I'd have to agree with you Tim.....

"Horse" has always been the people's favorite, but can't EVEN compare to "Young Moon" can it ???


Message: 824 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:37:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Well..........

Also so true...Horse started it all, and will always be the "trademark" song, but maybe we fans are a little more tuned in...or just spoiled to death with new music that can, and in some cases has, surpassed that which has come before. Young Moon just completely knocks me over every time I hear it.

There's SO much more music yet to be me shivers and a warm glow to know it ain't over yet! Can't wait to find out what my new favorites on the new release will be!


Message: 823 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:36:18 1998 By:
Subject: Re: The Perfect Balance


Never thought of it that way're so right!


Message: 822 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:35:41 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed


You pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and thank your lucky stars that even though it "lost," it'll always be around to listen to!

Take care,


Message: 821 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:34:59 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed


Let's keep our fingers crossed...Sgt. Darkness and To Each His Own are still alive!!!


P.S. THANK YOU (!!!), once again, for the wonderful Harbor looks great in my new office (best thing about the whole entire move), and has good company with other America posters!

Message: 820 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:34:03 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hallendale Concerts


Thanks for the fantastic best thing to being there!


Message: 819 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:33:21 1998 By:
Subject: America

Guess it had to happen the upstart Young Moon vs. the band's signature song, A Horse With No Name. Horse is a great song, but Young Moon has my vote as the best!

It's hard to compete with the classic Horse. Everyone in the civilized world knows Horse, but if they also knew Young Moon......................


Message: 818 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:31:43 1998 By:
Subject: The Perfect Balance

With 16 songs left isn't it something to see the balance between the guys. If you look at the principle singer and/or writer of the 16 surivors, it looks to me to be a 8-7 and one Dan song.

This balance has been a big part of the appeal and longevity of America.


Message: 817 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:30:53 1998 By:
Subject: Erin....It Has My Vote


Your song has my vote without a doubt!

Dave (o:

Message: 816 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:30:03 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed

I contend that WATERSHIP DOWN penned by GERRY BECKLEY should have been the closing song to the movie the Titantic.

"Better days ..... they're coming, they're coming ...." G. BECKLEY

Message: 815 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:28:59 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed

I'm sorry! I'm hoping my song will make it through this round...

Erin :o)

Message: 814 Posted: Tue Mar 03 02:28:16 1998 By:
Subject: Watership Down Lost, . . .I Am Crushed

Hi Folks,

Well, My favorite song "Watership Down" lost. I am crushed. What am I to do?

In A Pool Of Tears,

Message: 813 Posted: Mon Mar 02 20:45:43 1998 By:
Subject: Dewey Bunnell: Spokesman for the dehumanized

Could there actually be some meaning behind the key phrase of Tin Man: "Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have"? Three decades ago, a lively debate sprang up in academic circles about the possible political meanings of the story when L. Frank Baum wrote it back in the late 1890s. Henry Littlefield thought that the Tin Man represented the "dehumanized industrial worker" in Gilded Age America (no subtle pun intended), while Richard Jensen pointed out that "Oz" may be in reference to the debate over the inflationary policy of a silver standard instead of a gold one -- coined 16 oz. of silver to 1 oz. of gold. Could Baum -- and Dewey -- have been implying that money would not have been the answer to the plight of the urban industrial worker, or is it that the line just sounds way cool? You decide. By the way, there's a great web page all about this topic at

By the way, my two cents on the Middle Years controversy... I think people have been too hard on Harbor. Actually, that's one of my more favorite America albums. It's got, well, spunk -- and I'll admit a certain guilty pleasure in hearing Dan go disco on Slow Down. It was a good album to close out the Dan Peek years. Why there wasn't a hit song from the album is probably better explained by Warner Bros. lack of publicity than a lack of decent material.


Message: 812 Posted: Mon Mar 02 09:28:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hallendale Concerts


Please give my regards to the "anonymous fan"....... his review of the shows were very "Hallendale"(?) indeed !!

The Compliments about the guys are very sweet.......they do try their best to please they're fans !!

Thanks again for sharing "anonymous fan" ....we all appreciate it here on the chat folder !!!


Message: 811 Posted: Mon Mar 02 09:26:31 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Tin Man Lyrics


I was listening to an interview with Dewey and Gerry and one of the questions had to do with the lyrics from Tin Man. Dewey said that the line "Oz never did give nothing to the tin man, that he didn't already have" came directly from the movie The Wizard of Oz and the rest of the lyrics were just random thoughts associated with that one line. Sorry, it didn't have anything to do with the Populist movement. Dewey is well known for his crazy (but very catchy) lyrics.


Message: 810 Posted: Mon Mar 02 08:38:24 1998 By:
Subject: Song Tournament

Do I really have to choose between Daisy Jane and Tin Man?

Rich, Washington, DC

Message: 809 Posted: Sun Mar 01 20:36:24 1998 By: SSulli9931
Subject: Tin Man lyrics

Anyone out there have the scoop on any possible historical relationship between the lyrics in Tin Man and the history of late 19th century America? The question results from the fact that the story of the Wizzard of Oz is actually a political allegory of the late 19th century Populist political movement. Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

Message: 808 Posted: Sun Mar 01 20:19:26 1998 By:
Subject: third round ballotting

Sister Golden Hair vs Sandman????



ps....Sister Golden Hair" won by virtue of a coin flip

Message: 807 Posted: Sun Mar 01 19:32:47 1998 By:
Subject: Hallendale Concerts

I received the following message from an America Fan who prefers to remain anonymous. I think you'll all enjoy it:

Hi, Steve. I just got home today and just had to tell you about yesterday! We went to the Hallendale concert(s) and to put it mildly - had a GREAT time. I'll have to fill you in on all the details sometime, but here's a brief rundown.

We arrived at the show about an hour and a half early and were milling around in front of the stage with only two other fans when we saw a van pull in next to the stage. And out of the van jumped -you guessed it- Gerry, Dewey, Woodz, Willie, and Brad!!!!!! They casually walked to the back of the stage where they had a trailer for the band to prepare in. I walked up behind them, and said- "Hi, Dewey!" He turned and said hi, and then we talked a while and had him sign our cd we had brought. Then, as I was snapping his picture with my wife, out of the trailer walked Gerry. I said hi to him, and talked to him a while, and was very grateful that he, too would sign our cd and submit to the picture routine. Then as luck would have it, Woodz came out and we had a great talk with him (He's really quite the character!), and he also signed our cd (I was a little embarassed by the cd, I had just bought it at a mall and it has THE WORST picture of the band ever- it's half greatest hits, and half live, from the '82 release I'm pretty sure). Anyway, then we cornered Willie, same routine- Just us, and by then two other fans!!!

I think it helped that my wife was wearing her America shirt, and I was wearing my tour hat. It gets even better! Later, outside the concert area, we saw Dewey walking around, and having borrowed someones black marking pen, we had him sign my wife's shirt, and my hat. Then we found the other guys, too, and were surprised to find them more than happy to sign them, too!! We even found Brad walking the grounds there and when I said Hi, Brad, I think he was shocked to be recognized (most people at this horse track were not really America oriented). I complimented him on his renditions of Dan Peek vocals, and found that he, too has a disarmingly silly sense of humor when he offered to sign the cd in Dan's name! He was a blast, and I could just imagine how fun it would be to have him and Woodz together at a party!

Their sets were both one hour long, and for the most part were the same show repeated, but the second show included Green Monkey, unlike the first.

One event that I'm sure they would rather NOT remember happened during the intro to Sandman- just as Dewey was preparing to do his snarling guitar intro, the first note out of the paisley telecaster was horribly out of tune. So, with the roadies flying around trying to do a last minute guitar swap, the rest of the band did what amounted to the longest Sandman intro in history! As Gerry introduced the song again in the second set, he quipped that it had gone so well in the first show, he couldn't IMAGINE that it could go any better!!

Well, I could go on, and on, but was anxious to share some of this with you!

Message: 806 Posted: Sun Mar 01 06:08:52 1998 By:
Subject: ALIBI - notes

Some thoughts from Fred Mollin who co-produced the famous ALIBI LP about working w/GERRY & DEWEY:

GERRY is a gifted, kind & as generous a soul as you will ever meet. A great team player as well who allowed us (Fred & Matt) the producers great creative license which was incredible. We had great laughs from start to finish & remain close friends today. All in all true gentlemen & very diplomatic.

DEWEY is also a very gifted singer & writer. Great to work with & fun to be with.

Fred Mollin hopes to work w/them again someday. He believes that the LP was simply a year too late; it was 1980 & the Knack & disco type stuff was emerging, acoustic rock was no longer in. The work w/GERRY & DEWEY once again sounds just like our AMERICA, always building strong relationships & forging new bridges.

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