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Message: 1135 Posted: Thu Apr 30 09:15:02 1998 By:
Subject: OK, try this address

Sorry, I'm still trying to get used to having a ".net" suffix on my address. Try that address and it should work.


Message: 1134 Posted: Thu Apr 30 08:27:43 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hello everybody!

John, I tried sending a mail message to your new e-mail address ( and it came back with an "unknown user" error. Are you sure you typed it correctly below or is it possible that US West hasn't set it up yet? --Steve

Message: 1133 Posted: Wed Apr 29 22:56:39 1998 By: DocRG
Subject: hi to Gerry

Hi Ger....Haven't seen you at the gym lately, I've been walking on my treadmill at home. Hope all is well. Maybe I'll see you before you go to the Far East.....My belly is growing rapidly, I feel like I'm gonna pop. Randy wants to play America music to my tummy!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions for getting a table at Twin Palms in September, we will definitely be there with our crew....Hope to see you soon....Michelle

Message: 1132 Posted: Wed Apr 29 22:38:02 1998 By:
Subject: Hello everybody!

Sorry to anybody who has inquired about the Heard CD over the last week and not gotten a response. My server had some problems, so I changed email accounts. My new address is above for anyone who needs to contact me.

Viva la America!


Message: 1131 Posted: Wed Apr 29 12:53:54 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Harbor Poster

The HARBOR LP & poster is a must have. The poster has a foto of AMERICA in Anaheim stadium in July of 1976. There were quite a few folks there. Also there are fotos from their days in Hawaii recording the HARBOR LP along w/their entourage. This poster is suitable for framing, excellent quality. Did you know that there was a TV airing of the Making of HARBOR, approx. 30 minutes. And yes GERRY is featured w/the greatest love song ever written - SARAH.

Message: 1130 Posted: Wed Apr 29 12:46:31 1998 By:
Subject: Just For Fun - Final Four

The Beta version of the Song Tournament is winding down and the final four have been chosen. The current round has pitted "All My Life" against "You Can Do Magic" and "I Need You" against "Sister Golden Hair". You can try out the Beta software and vote in this round until midnight on Friday and in the championship round until midnight on Sunday. You can reach the Beta software from the America Fans home page or you can go directly to amballot

Happy voting!

Message: 1129 Posted: Wed Apr 29 08:38:04 1998 By:
Subject: Re: lyrics

Mike, I wouldn't try too hard to figure out the lyrics to Tin Man. In an interview that I once heard, Dewey was asked about the lyrics to that song and he replied that the main line came from The Wizard of Oz and the rest of the lyrics were just words that he threw together (he does that in many of his songs). Other examples of his whimsical lyrics can be found in "Ventura Highway", "Political Poachers", "Moon Song", and many others.

Message: 1128 Posted: Wed Apr 29 08:17:49 1998 By:
Subject: Harbor Poster

To anyone interested in acquiring the Harbor poster (and LP), I saw two of them in a store this weekend. I didn't pull them out to check their condition, but when I pried open the LP sleeve they did seem as if they'd never been unfolded. Very well creased.

The bad news is that this store does not label anything with a price. It's negotiated at the checkout with the owner. The place is called Bill's Records and Tapes, I think. Its in Dallas on Spring Valley Road.

I've been told that he doesn't give receipts either, otherwise I'd offer to purchase them for anyone who wanted one, provide you with the receipt, and let you reimburse me for the LP and postage.

You can ask for Bill. Good luck to you.

Message: 1127 Posted: Wed Apr 29 04:30:11 1998 By:
Subject: lyrics

Does anyone know what the lyrics in the last two lines of the chorus of Tin Man mean. It's driving me crazy. Thanks,

but Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man
That he didn't, didn't already have
and Cause never was the reason for the evening
or the tropic of Sir Galahad


Message: 1126 Posted: Tue Apr 28 11:24:15 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Windham Hill News

The Windham Hill disc has AMERICA singing NOTHING SO FAR AWAY. The disc includes a song by Brian Wilson also. $1.25 is being donated to MADD (Mothers against drunk driving) for each disc sold. The title of the disc is Honor Them All. More info is available on their Web site All for a good cause & a great contribution by AMERICA to this effort.

Message: 1125 Posted: Tue Apr 28 11:03:15 1998 By:
Subject: Windham Hill News

Windham Hill and MADD, (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), have teamed up to bring you HONOR THEM ALL, a special collection designed to increase awareness of and help support the on-going work of MADD. This compilation features songs by Yanni, America, Carly Simon, Lorrie Morgan, Jim Brickman, Janis Ian, and more!

Why wait for Mother's or Father's Day to show you love them? Order this special album today at or call toll-free, 1-888-64W-HILL, (1-888-649-4455). Order now through June 30th and receive a free exclusive Windham Hill gift box with each HONOR THEM ALL CD ordered.

ALSO A WEB EXCLUSIVE! Windham Hill has teamed with Stonehenge Limited as proud sponsors of MADD.

Show that you love them all year long - enter to win a scarf and a tie every month for the next year, courtesy of Stonehenge, Ltd! Stonehenge products are designed with a limited edition of unique patterns.

Total retail value for this grand prize is $850.00! A guaranteed donation from the sale of Stonehenge scarves and ties goes to MADD.

And if that doesn't move you...

Let George Winston's new album, ALL THE SEASONS OF GEORGE WINSTON, take you on a musical journey!

At Windham Hill, we're celebrating 25 years of classic George Winston by giving away another classic-a 25th anniversary Regal by Buick!

As our valued Windham Hill web consumers, we would like to offer you the opportunity to enter to win!

All you have to do is submit your name and address, (entries must be received by June 30th), and we will enter you in our sweepstakes! The winner will be announced on or about July 6th, 1998.

For official rules, visit our website at

And remember, you can order George Winston's new album through our website, or by calling toll-free, 1-888-64W-HILL, (1-888-649-4455).

You might just wind up listening to your new CD in your new car!

From Your Friends at Windham Hill

Message: 1124 Posted: Tue Apr 28 09:16:04 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Where to purchase Human Nature?

Dear America Fan:

No bonus track - I'm sorry! But I can promise you that every one of the tracks on Human Nature is a beautiful gem and you won't be left wanting for more.

By the way, I'm getting a lot of emails from you guys about one specific thing, so I figure I'll address it here: Human Nature is made up of twelve tracks - six are Dewey-written and six are Gerry-written.

Oh, and as for retailers, our promotions guy is still putting together the list of the best retailers and radio stations to frequent and contact when the single is released.


Karen D.

Message: 1123 Posted: Tue Apr 28 09:14:36 1998 By:
Subject: Where to purchase Human Nature?


Does it matter where we buy the CD after it's release? I mean, do some retailers matter more than others? Would it make a difference if I bought the CD at Borders, Wal Mart, or ordered it from a web retailer, etc...?

BTW, have you found out if the single will have a bonus track yet?


Go Tops!!!

Message: 1122 Posted: Tue Apr 28 09:13:27 1998 By:
Subject: Re: fone tip

GREAT idea, Jim!!! I already rotate all my America cds and use 'em for "hold" music at the office. Around football season, you can always hear a goofy message on my home machine, and I have Young Moon playing now, but never thought to do otherwise. Spread the word!


Message: 1121 Posted: Tue Apr 28 09:12:00 1998 By:
Subject: fone tip

Just a little tip re: your fone answering machine. A little 10-15 second intro is always good when done w/an AMERICA song. Perhaps rotating GERRY & DEWEY songs on a periodic basis. Also a nice way to promote HUMAN NATURE when it's out, perhaps w/a quick word to the caller that you are listening to AMERICA's newest release. Again just a little fone tip (fip). Please don't say this is going too far - the best is yet to come.

Message: 1120 Posted: Mon Apr 27 19:31:55 1998 By:
Subject: Horse's Mouth in making!

Barb says it's time for the Spring edition of the Horse's Mouth (America newsletter) we hope to have one soon.


Message: 1119 Posted: Mon Apr 27 16:51:21 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Human Nature Songs

According to Karen (at Oxygen Records) the guys could start playing "From A Moving Train" as early as the middle of June when that song is released as a single. She says that they won't begin playing any of the other songs from the CD until after it is released on June 30.

Message: 1118 Posted: Mon Apr 27 10:46:52 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature Songs

Are the guys playing any songs from the forthcoming album in their shows? Might be good to build some anticipation for the new album, but then I don't know much about marketing music.

Message: 1117 Posted: Sun Apr 26 21:53:54 1998 By:
Subject: Re: A Spoonful of Human Nature Rolls Through SLC

Although The Lovin' Spoonful lacked the unique flavor of John Sebastian's voice, the band did a credible job of recreating the group's hits in true-to-original form. I enjoyed them very much.

I tend to dislike reformed "pseudo" groups, but with three original members, TLS did not fall into that category.

The original members are Joe Butler (the former drummer and now the lead singer), Steve Boone (the bass player), and Jerry Yester (lead guitarist and singer). They are joined by Mike (unfortunately I don't remember his last name..... it was Italian, I believe) on drums and Lena Beckett on keyboard and guitar (I believe she is Jerry Yester's daughter).

(Joe Butler's daughter is Yancy Butler who is an actress and has appeared on Brooklyn South and other shows.)

The Lovin' Spoonful/America shows will continue next week in Colorado, Albuquerque and Tucson. To Joyce and anyone else who may be attending....... ENJOY!!

The Lovin' Spoonful will also be performing on Tuesday evening (4/28) at the Ice House in Irvine, CA.


Message: 1116 Posted: Sun Apr 26 00:12:38 1998 By:
Subject: SLC Pics


Loved the photos! Glad you and Janell, and the 10,000 other America fans, had such a memorable time!

Message: 1115 Posted: Sat Apr 25 21:44:00 1998 By:
Subject: Salt Lake City Photos

The Salt Lake City photos are now on the Internet. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the concert.


Message: 1114 Posted: Sat Apr 25 21:40:45 1998 By:
Subject: Head or Heart

We knew that the guys were headed for Boise after Spokane but that was just too far to drive, or was it??? We figured out the mileage.....tough, but "dew"able. The problem was going to be the return trip to Seattle. This is where Head or Heart comes in. Do you follow your Head and go back, or do you follow your Heart and go to Boise for another show? Well.......with a little encouragement from the guys and after a "short" eight hour drive, we arrived in Boise. The weather was threatening all the way and just as we exited the freeway all "hail" broke loose. We made it to the hotel just in time. Like the previous three shows, this one was in an arena and was also a benefit for the Firefighters Association.

Inside the Boise State University Pavillion, they have a cow. Not just any cow, but a 30 foot inflatable "Got Milk" cow which flew over the crowd mooing and dropping gift certificates. They have unusual forms of entertainment in Boise!!! Joe Butler (lead singer of The Lovin' Spoonful) thought it was "udderly" ridiculous.

Again we enjoyed The Lovin' Spoonful. They had CDs for sale and after each show they generously signed autographs and posed for pictures. We were introduced to them early in the trip and they all seem like extremely nice guys (and gal).

Finally our "last" show began. The playlist was the same as the other nites and it sounded just as sweet to our ears. Once again, AMERICA captivated the audience with their splendid sounds. We dared Gerry and Dewey to add "California Dreamin'" on this evening but they didn't. (No offense to The Lovin' Spoonful, but AMERICA's version is 10 times better!) Knowing this was "the end" for awhile didn't help. It's so sad when they start "Sandman" because we know there are only three songs left. The night ended with a rousing rendition of "Horse" and it was over.

Salt Lake City?.......hmmmmmm? Could we?? Should we?? No, we didn't travel to SLC! We had already extended "our trip" and now it was time to head home. As we pulled out from the hotel, sadly the bus went one way and we went the other.

Barb and I would like to thank everyone involved this past week for the wonderful time we had. Gerry, Dewey, Will, Brad, Woodz, Scotty, Bill, Pete, Rooster, and John, the promoter, THANK YOU so very much!!! Hope to see you all soon.

the other GB

Message: 1113 Posted: Sat Apr 25 21:38:10 1998 By:
Subject: 3, 4, 1828

What do these numbers have to do with AMERICA? Well....... 3 states, 4 shows, and 1828 miles later, we are home. Yes, it was time for another road trip. When we saw the schedule early in the year and noticed the shows lined up in the Pacific Northwest, we decided "here's our chance". The trip was timely for three reasons. First, we had never been to that section of the US. Second, we wanted to visit with our very good friends, Rick and Mary. And lastly (sort of), there were three shows in the area (more on that later).

It all started last Saturday, April 18th. We flew to Seattle and rented a car. Then the short scenic trip to Rick's place in northern Washington. They have a lovely home on several wooded acres. After Rick's expertly guided sightseeing tour, we had a wonderful dinner overlooking the water in Vancouver, BC (thanks again, R+M). The next morning Barb and I headed for Portland, OR. We arrived a day early to allow time to sightsee. What a beautiful city! But of course, the main attraction was still yet to come.

We got lucky in our choice of hotel in Portland. It was within easy walking distance of the Memorial Coliseum. The show started with The Lovin' Spoonful taking the stage at 7:30 p.m. As usual, we were not too excited to sit through an opening act......we were there to see AMERICA!!! But wow, was I surprised!! They put on a great show. No, John Sebastian was not there but he wasn't missed either. The Lovin' Spoonful played all their "hits"......and more......including a group whistle- and sing-along. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

AMERICA took the stage right on time at 8:45 p.m. for their "greatest hits" show. The guys played with great enthusiam, helping to keep these songs fresh. Songs like "Never Be Lonely" and the new intro to "Sandman" also added some spark to the familiar mix. The audience was up and dancing before the third song. Like most AMERICA shows, it was over way too soon.

The quality of the sound was impressive for a large arena (thanks to Bill's expertise!). It was also encouraging to see such a tremendous turnout when Sarah McLachlan and Lisa Loeb were performing right next door. All of these shows had larger audiences than I am used to, and it was fantastic seeing everyone enjoying themselves so.

As Rick said, we followed the bus up to Tacoma on Tuesday. The Tacoma Dome is soooooo huge that they can set up a football field inside. But this night it was reserved for music!!! The guys really rocked the place, and the appreciative fans were singing along. I'll always remember the girl sitting next to me. When Gerry started to play "I Need You", she started to melt down in her chair. I thought that we'd have to scrape her off the floor. Fortunately, she seemed to recover in time for the rest of the show.

On this particular night, Pete was not "The Lonely Guy". Instead, Barb and I were spotlighted as "The Lonely Couple" (gee thanks, Ger). And the guys thanked all of us (Rick, Mary, Barb and I) for attending (thanks back at ya, guys!).

A banner in the Tacoma Dome proclaimed Tacoma to be an "All America City", and on this night, it definitely was!!

On to Spokane.......another beautiful Washington city. It was a long drive but the diverse scenery made it well worthwhile. Once again, the show was in a large venue.....the Spokane Arena. This arena was located near a riverfront park with waterfalls, an amusement park, and the biggest red wagon I've ever seen!! It was so so big that the handle was a slide for kids. Once again we were lucky to see The Lovin' Spoonful perform. They really got the crowd into it with their sing-along (hint-hint).

AMERICA came on and performed flawlessly. The set list was the same, but to the unsuspecting fan, it seemed as if AMERICA were playing the songs for the very first time. As Joe Butler of The Lovin' Spoonful would remark to Dewey later, AMERICA is "so smooth". It always amazes me how the guys can perform nite after nite and keep up their grueling schedule as they do!!! The guys traveled all nite to get to Spokane, having left Tacoma at 2:00 a.m.

That about does it for our "scheduled" trip. We had planned to return to Seattle for more of our vacation but................ to be continued!!!!!!

the other GB

Message: 1112 Posted: Sat Apr 25 03:44:12 1998 By:
Subject: A Spoonful of Human Nature Rolls Through SLC

The University of Utah basketball team finished second in the NCAA tournament this year but America finished first as they visited the home court of the Runnin' Utes in Salt Lake City. The venue was the Jon M. Huntsman Center on the University of Utah campus and about 10,000 screaming fans were treated to a show that rivaled the championship game of the NCAA tournament.

The show was sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police and they encouraged the fans on the floor level to take plenty of photos and to dance in the aisles. I'll have photos to share in a few days.

The concert opened with the Lovin' Spoonful playing many of their hits from the late sixties and early seventies. They were in fine form as they offered their renditions of "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind", "Do You Believe In Magic", and many others. When they played "Summer In The City" I couldn't help but think of the Human Nature CD which will be coming out soon which features a song titled "Hot Town". Soon they were finished and the crowd gave them a very polite standing ovation but they were really waiting for the act to follow.

It wasn't long before the opening chords of "Riverside" were floating through the Huntsman Center and 10,000 anxious fans were finally getting what they came for. "Ventura Highway" was next followed by "You Can Do Magic". As Gerry introduced the band and talked about their "grueling five day tour" (LOL) he said it was good to be at the end of the tour and that they'd give everything they had since this was the final concert of the tour. They certainly did give their all as they continued with "Don't Cross The River" and "Daisy Jane".

"Mirror To Mirror", "Another Try", and "The Last Unicorn" would normally be played at this point but the guys had a limited amount of time to play so they had to skip those three songs and move on to "Three Roses". "I Need You" was next featuring Gerry on guitar. After so many years of hearing Gerry play this love song on piano, it's refreshing to hear it on guitar. Gerry has stated that he wrote the song on the guitar so it's only natural that he come back to that.

The tempo picked up after that with "Tin Man" and "Woman Tonight" followed by "To Each His Own" and "Only In Your Heart". Dewey mentioned that they were glad to be celebrating their 25th anniversary of winning the Best New Group award and that brought a big ovation from the appreciative crowd. "California Dreamin'" was next on the playlist but they skipped that song because the Lovin' Spoonful had played it in their set. The Spoonful did a decent job on the song but it was nowhere near as good as America's rendition.

Before playing "Lonely People" Gerry joked about the security men being lonely because no one was dancing in the aisles or rushing the stage. They hadn't made it through the first verse before a group of people rushed the stage and started dancing in the aisles. It was a very orderly, although enthusiastic, crowd so the security let them "do their thing".

It's unfortunate that the guys had to skip "Green Monkey" at this point because the crowd was really into it. But rousing versions of "Never Be Lonely" and "Sandman" followed by the classic sound of "Sister Golden Hair" with it's new intro was enough to keep them going. After "Sister Golden Hair" the crowd stood on their feet cheering, clapping, screaming, whistling, and stomping their feet to encourage the band to come back for some more. The guys waited quite a while to let the fans fully express their appreciation and then they came out for the encore of "Horse With No Name" joined by the Lovin' Spoonful.

All too soon the concert was over and I was once again amazed at how flawlessly the entire band performed and how much energy they put into it. You would have thought it was their first year on the road rather than their 27th (or whatever it is).

There were a couple of things that were very special to me about this concert. First of all I was once again impressed with how personal Gerry and Dewey are. Before the concert they were behind the stage signing autographs and taking pictures. They showed genuine interest with each fan as they spoke with them and gave them their autograph or allowed them to take their photo. After the concert a handful of handicapped fans were allowed to meet the guys. Once again they were extremely personable and took time to ask them their name, to introduce themselves, and to make them feel special. It's a great tribute to Gerry and Dewey to continue to hold their fans in high esteem after all these years.

The second thing that was special about this concert, didn't really have anything to do with the concert at all. As I walked into the Huntsman Center I heard a song playing over the speakers with the words "from a moving train". I listened carefully and sure enough it was Gerry Beckley singing the song with Dewey Bunnell singing backup vocals. I found out later from Dewey and Gerry that they had told Bill to go ahead and play Human Nature before the concert started. I didn't hear many of the other songs but I definitely heard "From A Moving Train" which I'm sure is going to be a great success. Gerry told me that as far as he knows this is the first public playing of Human Nature so if they keep this up, you fans at the upcoming concerts should have a real treat in store even before the concert begins.

As I look back on this concert I have more than a spoonful of good memories and now I anxiously await June 30 when Human Nature will be released.

Also, I want to thank Scott, Bill, Pete, Rooster, Willie, Brad, Michael, Dewey, and Gerry for making it such a wonderful evening for my wife and I. They'll never know how much we appreciate them.


Message: 1111 Posted: Fri Apr 24 16:41:02 1998 By:
Subject: Stormin' Thru Boise

Boise was rockin' last night... not only with America... but also with widespread power outages due to a severe wind, rain... hail... lightning storm. Even a mini-tornado was spotted.

But I did receive a concert report this morning from some very IMPRESSED Boise fans... and everything went well... storm and all.

Maybe an all acoustic show via candlelight??? :)


Message: 1110 Posted: Fri Apr 24 13:22:39 1998 By:
Subject: Silent Letter


I spoke with Frank Robertson from One Way Records today (4/24/98) at 3:23 PM EST. I asked him for an update on the release of Silent Letter on CD. He said (this is a direct quote) "Probably within the next 60 days". Just in case, his phone number is 518-489-3288. This is great news - 2 America CDs in the next couple of months!

Oh yeah, it's real important to keep one thing in mind. I'm just the messenger... if he's wrong PLEASE don't shoot ME! I'll call him again REAL soon.


Message: 1109 Posted: Thu Apr 23 21:02:52 1998 By:
Subject: Wierd America Story

WIERD AMERICA STORY! A few years ago, I was at an AMERICA concert at the Westport playhouse in St. Louis. The theater is in the round with a cool, revolving stage that allows everyone to see the front many times during a show. I had 3rd row (which put me about 8-10 feet from the front of the stage), and this guy in 1st row was drunk and always standing and yelling and making a nuisance of himself. I yelled at him to sit down, and he turned around and gave me a gesture. At this point, I have to explain that the front of the stage was coming around as was Michael Woods who was sitting at the moment--perhaps playing a steel guitar(?)--on the edge of the stage and facing out, which would put him at about my eye level. So anyway, I come up with a hand gesture of my own (ah, youth) at the moment that the drunk decides to turn around and sit down. This left me standing with an enraged look on my face, my finger high in the air, and Michael looking directly at me like "What'd I do?". So anyway, to make a novel into cliff-notes; Michael, if you read this, sorry buddy. I didn't mean you. That night happened to be AMERICA's (20th?) anniversary, and they invited everyone to join them at the hotel lounge for a celebration. My friend and I, about 20 yrs. old at the time, and both singers and big fans of Gerry's, somehow wound up on the elevator at the same time he was. My friend and I kind of elbowed each other as if to say, "I'm not gonna talk to him, YOU talk to him. I know...let's get Mikey, he'll try anything!". So we just kind of nervously stood there and stared silently at him. I'm sure we looked like a couple psycho, stalkers or something. So Gerry, if you read this, sorry buddy! The end.


Message: 1108 Posted: Thu Apr 23 21:00:03 1998 By:
Subject: History

Just wanted to let you all know (in case anyone's interested) that I found the "History" music book when I was in New York City this week. A store called The Colony also had Hat Trick for $25. (I think that's how much it was.) But anyway, they do mail orders and their e-mail address is

E-mail me if any of you want the phone number and/or address.

Erin :o)

Message: 1107 Posted: Thu Apr 23 20:58:52 1998 By:
Subject: Showmanship.....Energy

I just saw America for the first time in concert on Tuesday April 21 in the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington along with the loving spoonful. Although I have every album America has produced except Perspectives--I never could find it--and I have every CD they have released, I had never had the opportunity to see them in person. My wife, who is as big a fan as myself, and I were amazed at the showmanship and energy that Dewey, Gerry and the rest of the band displayed. I was sitting just three rows back and seeing this group that I had grown up with less than twenty feet away was a dream come true. My wife and I had not been to a concert in nine years and we could not have picked a better one. America's music has meant so much to us and obviously to the thousands of people there with us that night. I am so excited to hear that they will be releasing another album in June. I enjoyed there last album by American Gramaphone--Hourglass. I sort of wished they could have given us a sampling of what was upcoming, but at the same time, I so thoroughly enjoyed all of the old favorites, I can't imagine which song I would have had them drop to make room for the new stuff. Guess I will have to wait for Human Nature to be released in June. Thank You Gerry and Dewey for all the good tunes. And thanks to Dan for his part.

Steve McCartt

Message: 1106 Posted: Thu Apr 23 20:46:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: searching for a song

Sorry, but America doesn't sing any song with the word "Stonecold" in it. In fact, I searched through all of their songs and only three of them even have the word "stone" in them. I guess you're getting them confused with another band. Good luck in your search.

Message: 1105 Posted: Thu Apr 23 20:16:17 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Concert on the 24th

Hey Steve! I know you'll have a SUPER time at the concert
on Friday night-I'll be looking forward to hearing your
review. Don't forget any details...some of us will be
hanging on your every word until America comes to our neck
of the woods. ENJOY!

Message: 1104 Posted: Thu Apr 23 13:41:05 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: America

For the "stonecold" message, our address is sithe.belux at

Thanks (I got some problems with my keybord!!!)

Message: 1103 Posted: Thu Apr 23 13:39:24 1998 By:
Subject: searching for a song

We are looking for a song from America that contains the following lyric
"Stonecold". Can anybody help us. Thank you very much!!!!

Message: 1102 Posted: Thu Apr 23 13:09:06 1998 By:
Subject: Update

Hi everyone. Just so you know, I haven't forgotten about you - I am putting together a great list of stations, shows, and journalists, complete with addresses, phone numbers and emails, that you can contact when the time is right to begin promoting "From a Moving Train". You know I'm all about timing.

We are putting the finishing touches on the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for Human Nature and I will be sending it to press next week, along with advance cassettes and photos of the band. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for some amazing reviews. I'll update you on that progress, as well.

I'm glad everyone seems so psyched about pushing Human Nature. The band is really, really happy that "the troops" are lining up to do it!

Best regards,

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Oh yeah, and Jim Nakao, THANKS AGAIN!

Message: 1101 Posted: Thu Apr 23 12:19:50 1998 By:


Message: 1100 Posted: Thu Apr 23 08:38:31 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature

The artwork of the Human Nature CD is very creative and top of the line... very impressive!

Was very pleased that Gerry made a special call to Oxygen to make sure that Human Nature will be displayed on the America Home Page at the soonest possible date for everyone to see.


Message: 1099 Posted: Thu Apr 23 08:36:53 1998 By:
Subject: Rose and "All America City" Concerts

Mary and I got back late last night from the Portland and Tacoma shows, and they were spectacular!!!

We raced down I-5 for five hours after work to there only 10 minutes before the show started... met Barb and Gary and the guys... and then walked in backstage to a darkened Portland Memorial Coliseum (home of the Trail Blazers). Suddenly, the lights came on and there was a THUNDEROUS greeting for America by 8000 plus fans!!!!

America was off to a magnificent start of the Human Nature tour in the Rose City... and the Portland fans were very grateful when America said a special thank you with "Three Roses."

This intense crowd started singing, dancing, and celebrating right away and were thrilled to see America... and didn't slow down all night. (Gary will provide full review when he returns this weekend... so hold on for details)

The next morning we went up to Tacoma with the "Ameribus"... checked out the concert arrangement inside the beautiful Tacoma Dome... and later went on a Mississippi River steamboat! (Gary will explain)

Tacoma's nickname is the "All America City"... so could it live up to its image by matching Portland's wonderful welcome???? The answer was... "YES" times 12,000 appreciative fans!!!!! The Tacoma Dome was packed!!!!!!

Since Gary will fill in the gaps about the shows... there was something rather special that happened after the show. We went back to see the guys, and they were in a locker room... the *exact* locker room our basketball team used in '90 and '91 when they won two state boy's basketball championships!! I found myself looking for our kids in their white, green, and gold uniforms... the chalkboard with our game plan... could almost hear the kids saying the team prayer... their cheers, tears of joy, hugs and laughter afterwards.

But... this night it was another brilliant team of winners in the Tacoma Dome... Gerry, Dewey, Woodz, Willie, and Brad... true champions in the hearts of the "All America City."


PS: Very exciting that many of you will see the continuation of the tour... in Salt Lake... Sparks etc. Gerry and Dewey both send their "best wishes" to everyone on the folder and appreciation... and to let everyone know they still read it frequently.

Also... these shows will soon be featured on the America Home Page

Message: 1098 Posted: Wed Apr 22 03:08:29 1998 By:
Subject: SHOW TONIGHT at Tacoma Dome!

Twas much too short and much too fun!!! Firefighter benefits tend to run a bit shorter then a regular show. The guys were looking and soundin' pretty darn good. They rocked AND rolled. They sang sweet, sweet harmonies.

They filled the need...the need for some of the wonderful music of the 70's. Lovin'Spoonful, the warm-up band, were a definite trip down memory lane. Made me realize how fast time goes by and how we better be enjoying ourselves while we can.

Had hoped to meet Rick Wahlgren in person, but missed him. Gerry said hi to him in the beginning of the show.

Well, I better head to dreamland...before I go, will someone
please tell me what is it about Dewey's laughing eyes and Gerry's dimples that get a girl every time?!?

Puddin' in their hands,

Message: 1097 Posted: Tue Apr 21 17:56:41 1998 By:
Subject: chat session time


Just found out that 9pm(Thursday)Eastern time is 3am(Friday) in Italy. Well, I hope you make it! I know the fun from talking to these guys will be worth the trouble of waking up in that unholy hour.

Good luck!


Message: 1096 Posted: Tue Apr 21 16:36:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Too slow!

Mark, perhaps I could change my server from a Pentium 166 to a Pentium 400 and we could see if that would speed up the clock! For those of you who don't know what Mark is talking about, the America Fans Home Page has a clock on it that is ticking away the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Human Nature is released. If your browser supports JavaScript you'll see it counting down. --Steve

Message: 1095 Posted: Tue Apr 21 13:15:54 1998 By:
Subject: Too slow!


Can you speed up your Human Nature clock? It is taking too long, I can't stand the wait!

Message: 1094 Posted: Tue Apr 21 08:50:21 1998 By:
Subject: PDX Concert

The America Concert ROCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Gerry and Dewey signed autographs to a crowd of about 15 around the buses after the concert. Both were very friendly. Got one of the new T-shirts. Nice, but a little spendy @$23.00, which was more than the concert tickets.........

They opened the set with Riverside, and played basically the same song set as they did at their last concert in March.....


Message: 1093 Posted: Tue Apr 21 08:00:54 1998 By:
Subject: Show tonight

Tonight's the at the dome in Tacoma!!! Can't wait!!!
Let you know how it goes, if Rick doesn't do that first! Gotta' dig out the binoculars right now, and put the tickets in my purse, before I forget cause I'm too excited.

Message: 1092 Posted: Mon Apr 20 14:27:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re:How I became a fan

Just a quick note to you Northern California Paynes.......I'm glad you have found the number one Page on the Web......Steve has done a great job!!! Long Live America!!!


Message: 1091 Posted: Mon Apr 20 08:42:06 1998 By:
Subject: Autographed Hourglass CD For Sale

I have a signed Hourglass CD for sale. It's signed on the CD itself by the 2 members. Please, look at my auction here:


Message: 1090 Posted: Sun Apr 19 18:06:28 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: America

Hi guys! Back from vacation and just finished my voting. Missed the first round but hope to do much this second round. Especially since All My Life is losing (to Ventura Highway...again). I think I need my friends to do some voting...

About Human Nature, I'm hopeful that it will be released here in Manila. BMG has a local company and it might distribute the new America CD through this local arm. Well, I did find Van Go Gan and Hourglass last time.

For my fellow fans outside the US, always have hope! America always finds a way to me, somehow.


Message: 1089 Posted: Sat Apr 18 14:51:45 1998 By:
Subject: Re: CIAO

Federico, good to hear from you again after a long absence. I don't know if Human Nature will be released in Italy. It is being distributed by BMG so if they distribute in Germany then I'd say there's a good chance you can get it. If not, I'm sure you could order it over the web using a Visa or Mastercard credit card (or call Thoughtscape Sounds). Also glad to hear you will be able to make it to the next chat session. New York is in the Eastern Time zone so you should be able to figure out the time difference between Italy and New York. Hope to see you then. -Steve

Message: 1088 Posted: Sat Apr 18 05:10:42 1998 By:
Subject: CIAO

Her i am after a long time!!!! but i can't send email for chat folder... :(.
Well: the first thing i've to say is: "M A R V E L O U S ", a new cd...WOWWW"...... i hope it will be release in Italy too!!...Steve, will it be released in Italy too? in case not, could someone buy a copy more for me and keep it until i will send money?
I will be on next chat session, i couldn't miss it again...but....Steve....what time will be in Italy when you say Eastern time?
Hallo Karen, i'm Federico from Italy, the BEST fan the guy have in Italy, they know it well... ;), have we the luck to buy Human Nature in Italy?

Message: 1087 Posted: Fri Apr 17 20:06:03 1998 By:
Subject: How I Became A Fan


Message: 1086 Posted: Fri Apr 17 19:48:07 1998 By:
Subject: Concerts in Virginia

Okay, this is my yearly message. Where are the concerts in Virginia this year? I don't see any listed. What about Innsbrook in Richmond, or the Norfolk/Virginia Beach areas. Later, Sheryl

Message: 1085 Posted: Fri Apr 17 16:44:07 1998 By:
Subject: mhodges - funniest song mis-lyrics!

I gotta tell ya, yours belongs in the books.....

It's "the world don't owe me no livin'".......not "the world don't come in a lid bin"!! That's hysterical!! Hope you don't mind me pokin' fun, and I hope you find the album - you can get it on CD from

Message: 1084 Posted: Fri Apr 17 12:02:26 1998 By:
Subject: AOL 3.0 Users Rejoice!

I figured out why AOL 3.0 users couldn't use the song tournament Beta software and I have fixed the problem (for you technical types, it has to do with Cookies which are used by advanced browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer). Anyway, I have fixed the problem by removing the Cookies (which means Netscape and Internet Explorer users will have to type their alias in every time because that information was stored in the Cookies). I also took the Name and E-Mail fields off the first screen since you don't have to enter those once you have registered. There's still a couple of days of voting left in the first round so go try it out. The URL is amballot.exe.


Message: 1083 Posted: Thu Apr 16 20:49:16 1998 By:
Subject: New Tourney

Steve...I can get in fine from Netscape, in case anyone's got access to fine.


Message: 1082 Posted: Thu Apr 16 18:46:51 1998 By: jes297
Subject: New Song Tournament

Love the new America Song Tournament, thanks Steve!!!

Message: 1081 Posted: Thu Apr 16 16:44:39 1998 By:
Subject: I Told You It Was Beta...

It has been brought to my attention that the new Beta Software that does the America Song tournament doesn't work on the AOL 3.0 browser (don't ask me why -- it's just one more thing that I don't like about AOL). I did try it with the new AOL 4.0 software and it works fine. So, if you have AOL 3.0 you won't be able to try my Beta software until I can figure out why it doesn't work (and then hope that I can overcome the problem) or until you upgrade to AOL 4.0 (requires Windows 95).

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Message: 1080 Posted: Thu Apr 16 12:16:59 1998 By:
Subject: Just For Fun...

We had so much fun with the 1998 Song Tournament that I couldn't resist writing some software to make it much easier to vote and tabulate the votes in the future. I have created a Beta Version of a Song Tournament program which I thought would be fun to try over the next couple of weeks.

Since it's a beta version, I've used the same 64 songs that were in the 1998 Song Tournament. However, in this beta version, each round will only last 3 days and then the winning songs will move on to the next round. This means you'll need to vote every few days to have your vote included in each round.

There are a couple of unique things about this beta version. First of all, anyone can see how the songs are doing at any time (no need to wait until the end of the round). That also means you can see the current standings immediately after you cast your votes. Second, if you decide to change your votes, you can do that as long as you do it before the round ends.

To use the software go to the Beta Version page and enter your name, e-mail address, and alias (i.e., nickname) along with a password. The password is used to keep others from changing your votes. Follow the instructions from there and have fun.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the software, feel free to mail them to me and I'll try to incorporate them into the final version. I like Gary's idea of having another tournament sometime in the future where we eliminate the "charting" songs and only vote on the other America songs. By using this software, the voting and tabulating can happen automatically without any human intervention (hooray, Mark and I can do something besides count votes over the weekend!).


Message: 1079 Posted: Thu Apr 16 10:06:59 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mail.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: Dan Peek's All Things Are Possible

To all: I've been an America fan since album one and love everything
the group has done. I'll tell all about it in another message.
A web site I came upon after searching and searching which is in Canada (Rock Solid). I bought Dan Peek's All Things Are Possible CD for 15.00 + 4.00s/h He said he has a bunch left from when they ordered it a while back. The phone # for Rock Solid is 905-471-5070.

Also, I'm going to the 7/25/98 concert here in South Amboy, New Jersey
at Club Bene...front table I might add. Very excited about it and hope
to them afterwards and thank them for the many years of wonderful music of which I immensely enjoyed. This is my first time seeing them.

From New Jersey's Biggest Fan, Howard L.

Message: 1078 Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:15:24 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Good advice, Joe.

Remember, folks, I will be posting a listing on this board of both the stations and cities we are targeting with the single.


Message: 1077 Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:14:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

FYI to all if you did not know. Joe is the DJ for WGN radio in Chicago & has played quite a bit of AMERICA as well as interviewed GERRY & DEWEY thru the years. It's the only station that I ever heard WHOLE WIDE WORLD played on. The classic song of summer romance & reminiscing by DEWEY from HOURGLASS. It all happens on Lake Shore drive ..... doesn't it Joe ?

Message: 1076 Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:13:18 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Sorry Karen. Hey Jim, sorry I gave you extra credit. I'm sure you'll get over it.

Joe B

Message: 1075 Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:12:06 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Hey You People,

Keep in mind that the best bet for airplay on the single will be at the adult contemporary and soft rock stations. A lot of the classic rock stations don't necessarily play new tunes. Some do; it's definitely worth checking in to. Also, as Jim mentioned, there's no point in bugging radio folks until the single is available; once promotion is underway by Oxygen, then it's time to start working the phones.

Joe B
Radio Guy

Message: 1074 Posted: Wed Apr 15 22:10:49 1998 By:
Subject: GUITAR WORLD - Acoustic

FYI: The latest Guitar World-Acoustic features 70's acoustic rock bands - America is included. The America piece has an early color photo of the group and detail concerning "a horse with no name".

Message: 1073 Posted: Wed Apr 15 19:00:46 1998 By:
Subject: America


Message: 1072 Posted: Wed Apr 15 18:28:51 1998 By:
Subject: title of song for mhodges

hi mhodges...the song you are looking for is called 'riverside' which is the 1st track on the original album titled 'america'.....bill lunna

Message: 1071 Posted: Wed Apr 15 17:33:50 1998 By:
Subject: Song to identify

The band had a song that I never knew the title,not much airplay where I lived. It talks about "you be on your side I'll be on mine". Then the chorus sounded like "you know the world don't come in a lid bin" and this is repeated several times. It was a long song. Could somebody help me with this. I wish I could hear it again. I hope I'm not off base too bad.

Message: 1070 Posted: Wed Apr 15 15:59:47 1998 By: Paul
Subject: Record clubs, etc.

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to E-mail some record clubs and mail order companies to request more America releases and especially their up-coming "Human Nature". I receive the Collectors Choice catalogue every month or so, and am disappointed this time to find NO America titles listed. I intend to bring this to their attention. I thought it might pay to put their e-mail address here in case others would like to write them, too. Collectors Choice E-mail is: Others that I intend to mail are the Columbia House, and BMG music clubs, who also are lacking in any America releases. Just thought I'd let you all know.

#1 Fan, Paul

Message: 1069 Posted: Wed Apr 15 08:16:36 1998 By:

Maybe. I'll let you know.

Karen (Oxygen Records)

Message: 1068 Posted: Wed Apr 15 08:15:48 1998 By:

Will the single be released in advance of the album? Also, will the single have a bonus track on it not found on the album? Some groups do that to help boost single sales. Plus it let's the fans have a song that they normally wouldn't have gotten.

Message: 1067 Posted: Tue Apr 14 17:12:22 1998 By:

Penned by the legendary GERRY BECKLEY & sung by him on lead vocals w/vocal support by DEWEY. I think we have a monster hit on our hands. Lets all keep up the rally for communicating it to the world as the June 30 point approaches. From a moving train .......

Message: 1066 Posted: Tue Apr 14 08:28:10 1998 By:
Subject: Info on the Wichita Show

For those folks interested (especially Commissioner McVey) in the Wichita concert ...

America 9:00 pm Saturday, August 15. Doors open at 8:00 pm. Advance
tickets go on sale June 6 for $14.00 at all Select-a-Seat Outlets, The
Cotillion and the plant employee clubs. Admission at the door will be
$16.00. Presented by Star 104.5.

Cotillion Ph # (316) 722-4201

I'll check on info on the OK City venue (two weeks before the Wichita show) later.

Undoubtably the success of last years Wichita concert sparked a return date...there's Joy in Kansas!

John S.

Message: 1065 Posted: Tue Apr 14 06:31:32 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Promotion

Just a point of information...when HOURGLASS was released, the only way I heard about it was through friends who called me to say America was on Howard Stern. Everybody was talking about their visit and new version of "A Horse With No Name." According to regular listeners the Stern show replays America's original visit in the studio, a 3 or 4 minute song medley that Gerry and Dewey did and their appearance with Stern in Cleveland quite frequently.
Seems to me, that the Howard Stern Show is an easy way to get word out to a lot of people. I know he's not popular with everyone, but he does have a huge following. Just a thought...

Message: 1064 Posted: Mon Apr 13 19:43:20 1998 By:
Subject: Contacting the media


Do you think we outta be calling the radio stations, retail outlets, etc., or do you think email or snail mail is better?


P.S. With regards to advertising, I'm hopeful that the Human Nature print advertising is more widespread than what little was done for Hourglass. The ONLY promotion I ever saw for that album outside of their live concerts and the web pages was a full-page ad in a single issue of Pulse Magazine, the publication of Tower Records. I'm sure we can do a lot more than that. Hell, we CAN do magic!

Message: 1063 Posted: Mon Apr 13 18:26:13 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101


Thanks much...will one month prior to release be too soon?

Look forward to the post re the radio markets, too. Glad to know how personally involved you and Oxygen are in helping folks get back on the America train.


Message: 1062 Posted: Mon Apr 13 17:17:43 1998 By:
Subject: Great Fans!

You know Karen is so right...this is one of the funnest, most respectful fan message centers I've been to in my whole two months online. Everywhere else THEY FIGHT (even the darn PTA site at times)and say some incredibly outrageous, personal, private things about people they profess to admire. It is always fun to pop in here and get a pick me up. We have created a happy, very fun Dan Fogelberg site that is so busy cracking each other up we can't stand it. Isn't that what live is all about? Living, Laughing and Loving? You know it!!! Only 8 days and counting till the Dome show in Tacoma.

Message: 1061 Posted: Mon Apr 13 13:54:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Mags, that's definitely a cool way to go. The most important issue, unfortunately, is timing.

See, you can all be involved in a really amazing letter writing and phone call campaign, but if it happens too early, it'll lose momentum by the time Human Nature even lands in the correct hands at any radio station or at any store headquarters. I'd hate for that to happen. The pace of this business is so frenetic that I want to make sure we all work on a really tight calendar to get the maximum impact out of the promotion.


Oh yeah - We are putting together a list of the strongest America radio markets and I'll post it here so that everyone can focus their efforts in those areas when the time comes.

Message: 1060 Posted: Mon Apr 13 13:53:54 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Wow...Karen, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that any suggestions you have are certainly welcome. I think I'm a good letter-writer and phone-caller, but, obviously, I don't know the first thing about record promotion, and probably this is not everyone on this folder's area of expertise, either. Let us know what a good strategy would be. Jim Nakao has already formulated a great "plan of attack," so that folks know where to begin. I was gonna focus on classic rock stations in the SF Bay Area, but would like to know how best to address the selling chains, too. I know someone who works in promotion at Tower Records, and planned to ask about distribution, etc. Is this the route to take? Thanks!


Message: 1059 Posted: Mon Apr 13 13:51:45 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101


By all means forward specific names & companies. Fax numbers & e-mail addresses are great too. You know the material is superb, only the channels of distribution & awareness levels have been lacking. We need some mass market promotion to get AMERICA back in the public eye. Thanks !

Message: 1058 Posted: Mon Apr 13 13:50:38 1998 By:
Subject: Re: MARKETING 101

Dear America Fans:

I really have to say that I have never witnessed such an enthusiastic and well-thought-out group of fans in all my life. I mentioned what you guys are planning in today's marketing meeting about Human Nature and I want you guys to know that we are so happy about and completely appreciative of what you are up to.

I am wondering if you all would think it's ok if I make suggestions to you about things you can do that will make a really huge difference in the sales and promotion of Human Nature? There are key radio markets that need to be given special attention and, perhaps more importantly, key retail chains. And they are most often NOT in the markets you might think. A handful of tastemakers do more than you could ever imagine with regards to promoting a record.

This is not in any way meant to put a stop to what you guys are doing. I think it's amazing and I know the band appreciates your efforts. And they WILL make a difference in sales. An excellent goal is 10,000 units in the first week of sales.

Let me know if I should go ahead and forward specific names and companies to you all.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1057 Posted: Mon Apr 13 11:23:43 1998 By:
Subject: The Last Unicorn !?!?!?!

Please Help!
I'm trying to find the chords or guitar TAB to the songs on The Last Unicorn soundtrack by America. I've been without food or water of weeks because I've been searching the Internet day and night. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. Please, I you know where I can find them, tell me please.....I beg of you!!!
Thank you!
Jason Glisson

Message: 1056 Posted: Sun Apr 12 22:48:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Portland, OR Concert

Hi all,

If there are any other "America" fans that will be going to the Portland concert on April 20th. Please contact me. It would be fun to get some of us on-line folks together.


Message: 1055 Posted: Sat Apr 11 21:38:56 1998 By:
Subject: MARKETING 101

Ok folks, here are a few starters for our HUMAN NATURE marketing 101 campaign: Of course a few cautionary guidelines are in order. Please ensure that you don't give any impression that you are w/AMERICA or their managment, don't think that should be a problem, just a heads up to everyone to be doubly safe. I am always going to sign simply as "AMERICA's greatest fan," along w/my name You know it only takes an article or two in a People or Time magazine or a spot on Entertainment Tonite to launch a wave of AMERICA hysteria. I plan to write snail mail letters & pitch the aspect of the HUMAN interest aspect of AMERICA, heck this is their 20ish new CD & their 26+ years & still going strong; I bet they have done between 4,000 & 5,000 live shows in their career. Isn't that a Guiness record ? Thanks to everyone for your support. Please feel free to post other e-mail addresses & faxes.

People Magazine - e-mail EDITOR@PEOPLE.COM fax # (212)522-0794 they ask that you leave your name, address & daytime fone #. The managing editor is Carol Wallace.

Time Magazine - Terry Teachout, David Thigpen Music Critics. Address is Time, Rockefeller Plaza NY,NY, 10020 fax (212)522-8949

Rolling Stone Magazine - Music editor Joe Levy (212)484-1616, 1290 Avenue of the America's NY, NY 10104-0298 no fax or e-mail given.

Message: 1054 Posted: Sat Apr 11 13:44:16 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Human Nature Press Release

Great work Mark. Volume is a good thing in this situation. The more the better. Fax, e-mail em,' fone em.' We are mass marketing here. We need to get their attention !!!
Please feel free to post addresses (e-mail, snail mail), fone numbers, names etc. of those media types. They will listen to the "public" if the volume is sufficient, keep in mind that it is crowded w/competition & to stand out, volume matters. 1 million in unit sales !

Message: 1053 Posted: Sat Apr 11 13:43:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Human Nature Press Release

I went ahead a emailed a copy of the press release to the radio station here in K.C. that has had America play at their yearly birthday party for the last 2 summers. I sent it directly to one of the DJ's that was grealty involved. The radio station will probably get the press release through a more formal procedure, but it never hurts to see it from a fan. I'm also going to do this with 2 other stations here in town that play America now and then. Give this a try it may help spread the word. Mark...

Message: 1052 Posted: Sat Apr 11 00:13:14 1998 By:
Subject: Got my tickets

Got my tickets for the show at the Tacoma Dome on the 21st. Any plans for we online folks beng able to meet? Might be fun!

Message: 1051 Posted: Fri Apr 10 19:08:34 1998 By:
Subject: Any suggestions

While we are all excitedly waiting for America's new release, any substitute artists to pasify us? My recommendations are "Jayhawks- Tommorow The Green Grass Grows", "Poco- Legends", "Firefall-Firefall" and "Lucinda Williams-Sweet Old World".

Thanks for your recommendations on good acoustic music/harmonies

Mark (Lump) Payne

Message: 1050 Posted: Fri Apr 10 11:31:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Promo video

John, I would suggest that you send a mail message to Karen at Oxygen Records and see what the availability is for the promo video. I know that the main purpose of the video is to get the media fired up -- something that has already happened with all of the fans -- so I don't know if they'll make it available to the fans or not.


Message: 1049 Posted: Fri Apr 10 10:58:28 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Chat Session, again

Of was a bit difficult getting up at seemed like
my head just hit the pillow!

Message: 1048 Posted: Fri Apr 10 10:55:16 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Chat Session

That was a TERRIFIC chat session! Thanks Steve! Thanks to Karen,too!

Message: 1047 Posted: Fri Apr 10 09:03:43 1998 By:
Subject: Promo video

Can we get our hands on any spare copies of the promo video? That sounds like a neat thing to have!


Message: 1046 Posted: Fri Apr 10 08:26:18 1998 By:
Subject: Review of Chat Session

The chat session last night was fantastic! Mags, we were going until well past 11:30 pm (Eastern) so I'm not sure why you missed us. Karen DiGesu (of Oxygen Records) had a ton of questions posed to her and she did her best to answer all of them. One thing's for sure, with people like Karen and the others at Oxygen Records, Human Nature is destined to be a great success.

First of all, let me answer the Billboard trivia question. In the tribute section to George Martin, Parlophone took out a full page ad with a 1973 picture of Sir George -- wearing none other than an America t-shirt. Congrats again to Maureen Morrison for being the first one to spot it. I don't have a copy of Billboard so if any of you do, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a copy of the photo so we could put it on the web site.

Now for a quick summary of the chat session (which will answer some of the questions below). As already announced, Human Nature will be released on June 30. "From A Moving Train" will be the first single released from the CD and it will most likely come out a couple of weeks before the CD. The guys will start playing songs from the CD in concert beginning June 30 although it's possible they could play "From A Moving Train" before then.

Oxygen Records is putting together an Electronic Press Kit (a 6 minute VHS video) which will be sent to the media to get them informed and fired up about the new CD. They'll be targeting distributors, TV, and radio (specifically the contemporary adult market). In response to John's question below, the single will be released on both audio and video.

A few other tidbits: There will be 12 tracks on Human Nature and they are all highly produced studio versions, more electronic than accoustic. Oxygen records has only been around for a couple of years but their records are distributed by BMG so there will be mass distribution. The president and other managers of Oxygen are very big America fans and are excited to have this multi-album deal signed. When Karen was asked how many albums that would include, she said that there was no limit -- it was simply "multi".

I probably missed a few items but that's all I can remember right now. Those who missed the chat session really missed a great one. We'll do it again next month on May 14 (always the second Thursday of the month). We should have a lot more information about the new CD by then.


Message: 1045 Posted: Fri Apr 10 01:32:16 1998 By:
Subject: "From A Moving Train"

"From A Moving Train" sounds like a Dewey song (remember "Sleeper Train" or "Catch That Train"?). Does anyone know if it is? 989?


Message: 1044 Posted: Fri Apr 10 01:29:47 1998 By:
Subject: Video?

Back in the '70s, when America first became popular, the key to success was getting regular play on FM radio and performing on gigs like the "Midnight Special", etc. Nowadays, the key to success seems to be to have a video on regular play on VH-1, or even better, MTV. America has been notoriously cold to the idea of music videos, but if it could make "From A Moving Train" a big hit, would they make one for it? Does anyone close to Dewey and Gerry or Oxygen records know anything about this?


Message: 1043 Posted: Thu Apr 09 21:46:01 1998 By:
Subject: Casiotone Commentary

Thanks for the tidbit, 989...I bet we're all gonna love it!!! BTW, I'm off to hear some great jazz tomorrow night...can't wait!


Message: 1042 Posted: Thu Apr 09 21:43:56 1998 By:
Subject: Blockbuster Time!

John...I second that emotion about Oxygen. Promote like crazy!!!

Message: 1041 Posted: Thu Apr 09 21:42:32 1998 By:
Subject: Rats...I missed chat AGAIN!!!

Well...the FIRST time in 3 months I make a point to attend Steve's chat, and then I end up being stuck at work until 8:30. I THINK, I loaded correctly, Steve, but, alas, no other chatters at 8:45 PM. Hope it was well attended and that many new-release questions were asked/answered! BTW, meant to pick up the BB mag, but no time. Kudos to Maureen for finding the America reference! Mags

Message: 1040 Posted: Thu Apr 09 17:13:12 1998 By:
Subject: Blockbuster time!

The last couple of days have been so exciting, if for nothing else than the Oxygen press release, and "989"'s fabulous report. After some thirteen years of spotty releases, we may really be able to witness the renaissance of the world's greatest band. Imagine having great new America albums coming out on a regular basis again!!! I only hope Oxygen records works hard to promote America unlike Capitol back in the old days.

Message: 1039 Posted: Thu Apr 09 16:55:26 1998 By:
Subject: Re: My two cents

All indications are that HUMAN NATURE will be a blockbuster ! Hopes are very high. Everyone can do their part by communicating w/any of the media entities, especially your local DJ's. Faxes, e-mails, phone calls, snail mail will work. I am predicting a million sales for this effort. This may be the year for a huge ground swell on AMERICA that will culminate in a great year. The power is in the hands of the people to make this happen.

Can you picture AMERICA on the cover of People magazine ? I can see it all now ....

Message: 1038 Posted: Thu Apr 09 16:51:17 1998 By:
Subject: My two cents

Hi everybody, it's been a while since I've checked in, I'm sorry, But I have news. Was at the mixing of Human Nature in L.A. yesterday and was actually very impressed with what I heard. The new album sounds VERY good. (And I'm one of the first ones to say when it doesn't). In the word's of a great casiotone composer, "It's a winner!" (even the cover's pretty neat)

Take Care

Message: 1037 Posted: Thu Apr 09 08:25:28 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Session Tonight

Just a reminder that the live chat session will be tonight at 9 pm eastern time. Karen DiGesu of Oxygen Records will be on hand to answer questions about the new CD, Human Nature. I'll also give the answer to the Billboard trivia question (BTW: Maureen Morrison has already figured it out and was the first one to e-mail the answer back to me). Hope to see you all there tonight. --Steve

Message: 1036 Posted: Thu Apr 09 08:19:56 1998 By:
Subject: Re: TOUR UK at all?

David, the current schedule is listed below (message 1008) and, unfortunately, the UK is not included. As new concerts are added they'll be posted here so keep checking back.

Message: 1035 Posted: Thu Apr 09 01:58:29 1998 By:
Subject: TOUR UK at all?

Steve, do u have any info on AMERICA Getting to England this year?
Great news about multi-album deal!!!!

Message: 1034 Posted: Wed Apr 08 15:11:39 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature Press release


Thanks for the information on the new America CD. After wading thru the entire message I came back and focused on one short phrase: "a multi-album deal". There will be even more beyond this next CD to look forward to!


Message: 1033 Posted: Wed Apr 08 13:30:09 1998 By:
Subject: re:A Different New CD

More great news. Nice to see "Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)" gain a wider audiance. Plus MADD is a good cause.

Message: 1032 Posted: Wed Apr 08 12:16:11 1998 By:
Subject: re:Human Nature Press Release

Great news!!!! Even better news is that it is a multi-album deal!!!! That means that we should keep getting more new America music for the next several years!!!!! We need to start calling the radio stations requesting the single "From a Moving Train" to make sure it gets airplay!!! The only down side is that it won't be released until 30 June!!! I want it NOW!!!!!!!

Message: 1031 Posted: Wed Apr 08 11:43:31 1998 By:
Subject: Old Man Took

Just wanted to put my vote in for Old Man Took to be added to the play list.......

I also also want to say Hi to L.U.M.P. ( It's about time you joined in on the America Chat Board!!!

Bill (the other Pain)

Message: 1030 Posted: Wed Apr 08 00:34:17 1998 By:
Subject: WestFest info

Thank you so much for the info. I did find out from friends on the Dan Fogelberg site more particulars I thought I'd share. This sounds like a great weekend...three days of the music we all love. Dan & America play together on the 5th of July, along with a few others:Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Suzy Bogguss and Baxter Black. The address for more info is: Prices are very reasonable and the area sounds beautiful. Was thinking of Paris this summer and now am torn...?!?! A girl can dream, can't she?!? So much little time and money.

Message: 1029 Posted: Tue Apr 07 23:16:41 1998 By:
Subject: Greenhouse

The guys played "Greenhouse" at Konknock Ti Harbor Inn (Sp?) in Clearlake before Hourglass came out. It was mesmorizing. I hope they consider adding this one to the list. Gotta keep "Green Monkey". So why don't they play any of America's great new music on the radio. I don't get this. Maybe they do, but what venue, Alternative? Classic Rock? Has anyone heard any of the new stuff on the radio? I should count my blessings they don't become too popular again. I sat in the back at the Greek Theatre in 1974 and now we can sit up close. Speaking of great albums, have you heard Gerry's "Van Go Gann"? Shades of "Hat Trick" with the unusual "Side Bars?" You know, like the bubbles before "Green Monkey". Let's hope that they throw some of that in on "Human Nature". Gerry mentioned that he was working on another Solo project with Hal Lindman. Go Gerry!


Message: 1028 Posted: Tue Apr 07 22:33:15 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Old Man Took

I'm not sure how to get "Old Man Took" back into the lineup. There are so many great songs that we'd love to have included, but typically they have a limited time to play and they are usually asked to make sure that they include all of their "hits". With the new Human Nature CD coming out, I suspect that cuts from that album will fill in any new slots rather than some of our old favorites. But who knows, maybe Dewey and Gerry will read this and decide to include it?


Message: 1027 Posted: Tue Apr 07 21:32:18 1998 By:
Subject: Old Man Took

How do we get the guys to put "Old Man Took" back into the lineup? It's been two or three years since it was there. It is still one of my favs, and they acknowledged the crowd reaction to it.
Put it back in, guys! I'd love to hear it again in June when you come to San Diego and play at our our awesome oceanside venue, Humphrey's. We'll be there, second row, straight down from Gerry's keyboards.

Message: 1026 Posted: Tue Apr 07 16:09:26 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature Press Release

Oxygen records sent me the following press release which will be going out to the press very soon. By the way, Karen DiGesu from Oxygen Records will be attending the chat session this Thursday and will be able to answer any questions that you have.

New Album, Human Nature, Scheduled for Release June 30

New York, NY - Oxygen Records, a division of the King Biscuit Entertainment Group, announces a multi-album deal with 70's rock group AMERICA. The group is getting ready to release Human Nature, their first album for Oxygen, on June 30, 1998. The album marks a continuation of their collaboration with the likes of The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmidt and the Beach Boys' Carl Wilson, each of whom worked on songs on the record. The signing of America, who came to the world's attention with their record-breaking hit A Horse with No Name is a boon to Oxygen's roster of adult contemporary artists. King Biscuit president Steve Ship says of the signing, "We are very proud to be working with America, whose music has had a tremendous impact on all of us here at Oxygen and on popular culture. America's legacy places them at the very heart of California's legendary rock sound."

For their upcoming album, Human Nature, America assembled a group of musicians that reads like a Who's Who of rock. Playing on the album are Phil Jones (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers), Timothy B. Schmidt (The Eagles), Robert Lamm and Jason Scheff (Chicago). Elliot Shiner (Fleetwood Mac's The Dance) mixes two songs for the album, including the first single, From a Moving Train.

After 30 years of making music together, America's Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell continue to tour the country and record new material. Their many hits through the 70's and 80's include Ventura Highway, Sister Golden Hair, I Need You and You Can Do Magic.

1997 marked the group's highest grossing tour of recent date, and America continues touring the country this spring and summer, making stops in Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Houston and other cities.

Message: 1025 Posted: Tue Apr 07 16:03:53 1998 By:
Subject: Billboard Magazine

This week's Billboard Magazine has something very COOL for America Fans, but you're going to have to have a good eye to find it. It's inside the special tribute section to George Martin. I'll give you until Thursday night to find it and then I'll give the answer to those who attend the chat session.


Message: 1024 Posted: Tue Apr 07 15:59:59 1998 By:
Subject: Gold and Platinum Database

The Gold and Platinum Database is now online. You can search it to find out which of America's songs and albums reached gold and/or platinum status.

Message: 1023 Posted: Tue Apr 07 08:18:34 1998 By:
Subject: Re: WestFest Appearance


I checked out the current schedule for this coming year (see message #1008 below) and America is scheduled to play at Michael Martin Murphey's West Fest in Silver Creek, Colorado on July 5. The concert will be held at the Silver Creek Resort. They are also scheduled to play at the "Trails West Festival" (which is also known as the "WestFest") in St. Joseph, Missouri on August 16. I don't know if one of these concerts are the one you're referring to or if there's another WestFest in the Seattle area. There are two concerts scheduled for your area later this month. The first one is on April 21 at the Tacoma Dome and the second is on April 22 at the Spokane Arena. I hope this helps. Current information regarding all upcoming concerts can always be found on the main home page of this web site.


Message: 1022 Posted: Tue Apr 07 07:06:32 1998 By:

Although it is great to speculate on where a songs origins come from, or relate it to your personal experience, I wonder if anyone has compiled the initial inspiration for all the self penned AMERICA songs?

Message: 1021 Posted: Mon Apr 06 23:18:38 1998 By:
Subject: WestFest Appearence???

Can anyone tell me about something called WestFest? I heard they were playing there with Hal Ketchum and Dan Fogelberg (probably others as well). Does this ring a bell for anyone? Interested in the location and any other particulars you may have.

Thanks in advance,
debbie in Seattle.

Message: 1020 Posted: Mon Apr 06 21:26:16 1998 By:
Subject: Re: WOW! just dropped in and think I found heaven.

Anyhow, just wondered if America has or would do crossover into Christian music. Their style is dynamic. I enjoyed Dan Peek's work but would like to hear more.

America has not crossed over into Christian music (although Gerry and Dewey did back up Dan on a song or two during Dan's early Christian career) and I doubt that they ever will. They're having too much fun doing what they're doing now.

My son is trying to figure alligator lizards in the air. Dad, where did they get that?

There are a couple of theories to the meaning behind those words. It's well known that Dewey got the idea for this song while he was changing a flat tire along a southern California highway. One theory is that as he was changing the tire he looked in the sky and saw some cloud formations that reminded him of alligator lizards (what's an alligator lizard anyway?). The other theory (and the one I like best) is that he saw tire treads being thrown in the air from cars and trucks that were passing by. Truck drivers commonly call tire treads "alligator lizards" so "alligator lizards in the air" would be tire treads in the air. You can choose which theory you like best, or make up one of your own.


Message: 1019 Posted: Mon Apr 06 21:15:31 1998 By:
Subject: Re: A Champion Crowned

Steve and Mark,

Thanks for the news regarding THE winner of the song tourney. Now I suppose we all be seeing bumper stickers saying ......... "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Ventura Highway".

the other GB

Message: 1018 Posted: Mon Apr 06 19:55:25 1998 By:
Subject: A Different New CD

Hey you people,

Another one for the collection. In late April/early May Windham Hill records will be releasing a charity CD "Honor Them All", a fundraiser for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Artists include Carly Simon, Carole King, Brian Wilson, one of my personal fave bands The Rippingtons (incredibly melodic jazz pop - check out "Curves Ahead" or "Welcome To The St. James Club" - wow!), and America. Cool choice of cut - the underrated Dewey Bunnell masterpiece "Nothing's So far Away (As Yesterday)". Very exciting!

Joe B

Message: 1017 Posted: Mon Apr 06 18:42:41 1998 By:
Subject: WOW! just dropped in and think I found heaven.

I have enjoyed America since I was a kid riding the school bus. I promised my 15 yr.old $50 if he would learn Ventura Highway. He says he'll take my money real quick. He has to learn it ALL. Anyhow, just wondered if America has or would do crossover into Christian music. Their style is dynamic. I enjoyed Dan Peek's work but would like to hear more. My son is trying to figure alligator lizards in the air. Dad, where did they get that?

Message: 1016 Posted: Mon Apr 06 08:50:25 1998 By:
Subject: A Champion Crowned

Over the weekend Mark and I recounted the ballots from the 1998 America Song tournament and found out why we came up with different results. It turned out that one of the voters cast two ballots and on one of the ballots she voted for Sister Golden Hair and on the other she voted for Ventura Highway. Since only one ballot per e-mail address was allowed, Mark and I each threw away one of her ballots. However, Mark threw away the first ballot and I threw away the second ballot. I was willing to ignore both ballots and have co-champions but Mark (who was the brain behind this contest) said that the first ballot should be the official one so Sister Golden Hair ended up winning by a single vote. You can see the results of the entire song tournament by going to the What's New section of the home page. This was a lot of fun and we might do another tournament later in the year (but this time we'll eliminate all of the charting songs to give the other songs a chance).


Message: 1015 Posted: Mon Apr 06 08:44:42 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Silent Letter


Silent Letter is the ONLY America album that hasn't been released on CD yet. One Way Records is still saying that they will release it (along with Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective) later this year but they haven't given a date yet. We're all crossing our fingers and hoping that One Way will come through.


Message: 1014 Posted: Mon Apr 06 02:46:34 1998 By:
Subject: Silent Letter

Does anyone know if SILENT LETTER is still available? What Label is it on? There is some nice stuff on that album! "All MY LIFE" would be a great wedding song. The album seems like a cross between HOLIDAY and HIDEAWAY.Cheers! Dave

Message: 1013 Posted: Sun Apr 05 17:21:21 1998 By:
Subject: concert dates

Hey Barb, I'm very happy to see that the Manila date is in your updated list. I was almost afraid that it won't be. You were the first one to say that the Manila date last November won't push through. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time will be different...

Belated happy birthday to Willie! Wild Willie, I understand he is called. Well, Wild Willie, here's to more years of playing and travelling with America.


Message: 1012 Posted: Sun Apr 05 09:55:54 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hey, wow! My post actually got posted!


You aren't the only one who has been losing posts. It's a problem that many other fans have been suffering from. The problem was caused by the sheer volume of posts to the chat folder. When I wrote the software to manage the folder I had no idea it would become as popular or as big as it has. Last week I rewrote the software so that it can handle the large volume! That's why your post finally worked. I hope that many more fans will begin to post their thoughts to this chat folder.


Message: 1011 Posted: Sun Apr 05 09:15:24 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Schedule Update/Unplugged

Thank you for the venue listing! Look out America!
Here we come! As far as the unplugged in the living
room idea...I think it is a TERRIFIC suggestion!! I
will personally volunteer my living room to Ger and Dew.
Quite a sacrifice, huh? Seriously, pure acoustic
America...that is truly the stuff that dreams are made

Message: 1010 Posted: Sat Apr 04 21:36:51 1998 By:
Subject: Hey, wow! My post actually got posted!

For months I've been posting tidbits to the Chat Folder, but it never stays on the site. Finally, one of them worked! Hooray!


Message: 1009 Posted: Sat Apr 04 21:15:38 1998 By:
Subject: French America CDs

You know, I hate to beat up on the French CDs of Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective, but the quality of those recording transfers really stinks. Alibi is recorded at the wrong speed -- and the speed changes in the middle of "You Could've Been The One". "Cast The Spirit" on Your Move has two significant defects, and all three of the releases are muffled, as if taken from cruddy second-hand masters. For example, comare tracks like "We Got All Night" or "Lady With A Bluebird" to those on the Premium Gold Collection, and you'll hear a major difference in clarity. I don't really even consider these French CDs to be legit releases. As far is I'm concerned, I still have my fingers crossed that One Way Records comes through finally.


Message: 1008 Posted: Sat Apr 04 17:05:08 1998 By:

Here is an updated AMERICA schedule WITH VENUES (yea!) ! ! ! !

Time to start making those vacation plans to join AMERICA on their "HUMAN NATURE" tour ! ! ! !

(REMEMBER......all dates are subject to change.)

4/20/98: Portland, OR: Memorial Coliseum
4/21/98: Tacoma, WA: Tacoma Dome
4/22/98: Spokane, WA: Spokane Arena
4/23/98: Boise, ID: BSU Arena
4/24/98: Salt Lake City, UT: Jon Huntsman Center

5/1/98: Lake Charles, LA: Civic Center Amphitheatre
5/2/98: Boulder, CO: Coors Event Center
5/3/98: Colorado Springs, CO: New World Arena
5/5/98: Albuquerque, NM: Tingley Coliseum
5/6/98: Tucson, AZ: Convention Center Theatre
5/10/98: Beijing, China
5/12/98: Taipei, Taiwan
5/14/98: Singapore
5/17/98: Bangkok, Thailand
5/18/98: Hong Kong, China
5/19/98: Manila, Philippines
5/23/98: Indio, CA: Amerifest Music Festival
5/28/98-6/10/98: Sparks, NV: John Ascuaga's Nugget

6/12/98: Fresno, CA: Tower Theatre
6/13/98: San Juan Capistrano, CA: The Coach House
6/14/98: San Diego, CA: Humphrey's
6/19/98 & 6/20/98: Atlantic City, NJ: Shell-Trump Marina Hotel Casino
6/26/98: Warsaw, IN: Warsaw Ballroom Festival/City Park
6/27/98: Bloomingdale, IL: Bloomingdale Familyfest
6/28/98: Norway, MI: Marion Park Summerfest

7/2/98: Arlington Heights, IL: Frontier Days
7/3/98: O'Fallon, MO: O'Fallon City Park
7/4/98: Moreno Valley, CA: Morrison Park
7/5/98: Silver Creek, CO: Westfest - Silver Creek Resort
7/9/98: Ft. Laramie, OH: Country Concert at Hickory Hill Lakes
7/10/98 & 7/11/98: Robinsonville, MS: Horseshoe Casino
7/13/98: Westbury, NY: Westbury Music Fair
7/16/98: Cadott, WI: Rock Fest
7/18/98: Louisville, KY: Louisville Zoological Gardens
7/23/98: Denver, CO: Grizzly Rose
7/24/98: Hastings, NE: Adams County Fair
7/25/98: South Amboy, NJ: Club Bene
7/26/98: Oswego, NY: Harborfest at Breitbeck Park
7/30/98: Rock Springs, WY: Sweetwater County Fair
7/31/98: Corvallis, OR: Benton Country Fair

8/1/98: Oklahoma City, OK: A Proven Venue(?)
8/8/98: Uncasville, CT: The Wolf Den - Mohegan Sun Casino
8/11/98: Baton Rouge, LA: The Texas Club
8/13/98: New Orleans, LA: Bally's Belle of Orleans
8/14/98: Bossier City, LA: Casino Magic
8/15/98: Wichita, KS: The Cotillion
8/16/98: St. Joseph, MO: Trails West Festival
8/30/98: Hershey, PA: Hershey Park

9/5/98: Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Silver Bowl
9/24/98: Pasadena, CA: Twin Palms
9/25/98: Newport Beach, CA: Twin Palms

10/4/98: Deadwood, SD: Oktoberfest
10/10/98: Houston, TX: Compaq Arena
10/11/98: San Antonio, TX: Empire Theatre

Message: 1007 Posted: Sat Apr 04 13:56:45 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Early America

If you look at the bands play list for the past year, it appears that the early material works well in concert. Out of the 20 some odd songs 15 to 16 are from the first 5 albums. Great stuff!!

I have always wanted to see Gerry and Dewey in a living room type setting, playing acoustic guitars. Un-plugged, mmmmm, I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Message: 1006 Posted: Sat Apr 04 04:23:44 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Early America

Those first five albums are pure Heaven..."slowry" you
are indeed a kindred spirit.

Message: 1005 Posted: Fri Apr 03 17:09:31 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Impressed!

Depending on the mood I'm in, I like to listen to different America albums. Overall, however, I would have to say I like the early albums the best (especially the first 5). I can listen to those 5 anytime!

Message: 1004 Posted: Fri Apr 03 16:42:45 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Impressed!

WOW Steve! As usual, you are right there with the info.
Thank you! What is your opinion of old vs. new America
music. Yes...I know it's all good, but do you have a
preference? Just wondering...

Message: 1003 Posted: Fri Apr 03 16:31:35 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Roots

There's not much inside information to be had regarding the new album. We know that it's scheduled to be released this summer on Oxygen records and that they did some promotional filming for the album during the Cerritos concerts. As more information becomes available, you can read about it right here.


Message: 1002 Posted: Fri Apr 03 15:59:43 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Roots

Thank you to the America fan in London...I thought I was
the only one who wished to hear the America acoustic
sound of the past. I think you will enjoy Hourglass,
it has a more vintage America sound to it. I'm
hoping that Human Nature has a lot of acoustic guitars
as well. Does anyone have any inside information
regarding the new album???

Message: 1001 Posted: Fri Apr 03 08:56:55 1998 By:
Subject: re: H's • Dan • Willie

The "H" titles got started by accident, with the first few, then they decided to keep it going. Dan has joined a new group called PEACE. They have a CD out, you can find ordering info on the PEACE home page in the Links section. It is a very good CD, I highly recommend it. They have the simplier, early America approach to their music. BTW, Dan's second solo CD, Doer of The Word, is going to be released on CD next month. I like it better than his first album, All Thing Are Possible, which is also available on CD. The other guy on Hearts was David Dickey, their regular bassist at the time. I think he is now a music teacher in Dallas, Texas. I agree with your evaluation of HAT TRICK and HIDEAWAY. Do you have a copy of America's last CD, HOURGLASS. I would highly recommend it too. It is much better than PERSPECTIVE and YOUR MOVE. It has a simplier more accoustic approach similar to their earlier work. A new America CD will be released sometime this spring. The title is supposed to be HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 1000 Posted: Fri Apr 03 08:18:14 1998 By:
Subject: H's • Dan • Willie

What was the idea behind all the trio album titles (old albums) beginning with "H's" just kinda happened? - what is DAN PEEK up to these days? Happy Belated Birthday to Willie Leacox!-who was the other preformer pictures with Willie on HEARTS, I know he was a regular too
thannks everybody!!!!!!!

Message: 999 Posted: Fri Apr 03 08:09:50 1998 By:
Subject: HAT TRICK • Gearge Martin • Roots

Hello! I was able to pick up HAT TRICK on CD lately. I am in London, it was an import from Germany. That Album is great!, I am rediscovering it! It just flows together I think my favorite? HIDEAWAY is quite interesting too! Fan for a long time tho. Was AMERICA present at any Retirement functions for Geaorge Martin? I too thought that Tom Petty song was a vintage AMERICA harmony and sound. Has anyone else wished AMERICA would go back to a more rootsier (not specifically hippy) sound? I love them dearly but too much of there later stuff is like AIR SUPPLY or somthing-just listen to HAT TRICK! Awesome work!!!!
I would love to hear them make a great musical statement again! Put the acoustic guitars back on the albums!-not trying to upset, AMERICA was a big part of my growing up years!

Message: 998 Posted: Wed Apr 01 08:37:52 1998 By:
Subject: Happy birthday Willie

Happy birthday to that most solid of drummers......Mr William Leacox

Message: 997 Posted: Wed Apr 01 08:35:46 1998 By:


As has already been mentioned, the venue was filled both nights and is not only an acoustically-pleasing place, but aesthetically-pleasing as well! I did, however, have to gently remind a couple of folks that had had one too many, and were sitting behind me on Friday night, that my reason for being there was to hear Gerry and Dewey sing and play...not to hear them cackle like hyenas about a ski trip gone sour (considering they left before the set had barely even begun, they had no $^@# business being there to begin with...don't mess with me when America's on stage!). once the "riff-raff" left the building, the rest of us had a great time!

Ambrosia opened the show and played 9 songs and an encore (including most of their biggest charters, "You're The Only Woman," "That's How Much You Feel," "Holdin' On To Yesterday," and "You're The Biggest Part Of Me"). Dave Pack and company still know how to rock and time has been exceptionally kind to their vocal chords...lots of strength and range. The Saturday show deviated a bit in terms of song placement.

America took the stage and we were treated to a 75-minute set Friday ("To Each His Own" and, I think, "Don't Cross The River" were not played Friday), and a bit longer set on Saturday:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Daisy Jane
Another Try
The Last Unicorn
Three Roses
I Need You
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
To Each His Own
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
Green Monkey
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair

Encore: Horse...including...drumroll please...the addition of both The Professor and our own Gene! I was also delighted to meet both these fine fellows, and am looking forward to catching a Gene-o gig at Sloppy Joe's in the future!

Gerry's son Joe was onstage both nights during the encore as well, but the little guy's a bit shy and kept hiding behind Dad and his guitar, no matter how many times Ger moved. Maybe your big brother can help you out in that area!

The crowd, acoustics and pure talent of Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Michael and Willie led to two very memorable evenings that won't be forgotten. The guys remind me of The Energizer Bunny; they keep going, and going, and going...

Last, but certainly not least, it was truly special to meet Gerry and Kathy, Dewey, Brad, Wood-z and Willie...much nicer people you will not meet!

Well, the guys seem to have a well-deserved three weeks off, then it's off to entertain America fans the world over. It's great having you home in California venues, but we realize we must share!

Thanks, guys, for giving us such a great time...we truly appreciate it. Looking forward to Reno/Sparks, where Erin and I are planning on making certain you have a full house of America fans each and every night...if not a personal cheering section, at least!


Message: 996 Posted: Wed Apr 01 08:27:01 1998 By:

Hi all,

Well, I just got back from a trip down South and I have reviews of the Santa Barbara show held at the Coach House, March 26, and both Cerritos shows held at the Cerritos Center for The Performing Arts, March 27 and 28 (I think I got "volunteered" to post reviews by Kelly, Barb and Gary, who have certainly been to so many shows by now (many more than my 30 or so), they must somehow admire my rookie enthusiasm!). Anyway, it was gracious of them to allow me to do so, so here goes! The Cerritos review will be on a separate post:

SANTA BARBARA: What could have been a potential "bummer" ended up being such a BONUS; the guys were supposed to have played two sets that night, but ended up being able to perform only one due to a booking problem (i.e. ticket sales). Ahem...fellow America fans...where ARE you?! BUT...this was fine by me, cuz it allowed for a 22-song set (including a two-song encore), AND...I think it allowed the crowd to hear a few extra-special tunes!

I'm sure Gerry and Dewey must have been a bit disappointed by the venue in general, but as long as the smaller, funkier venues can be tempered with the nicer, larger-capacity ones, all this touring can continue to be well-worth it for them! doesn't matter to any of us WHERE you guys play...we'll gratefully take what we can get...just knowing how hard you work creating and performing, and how difficult it must be to be away from your families so much, is just more reason to give you our support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Another bonus to this once-thought dilemma is that it allowed the guys to have an opening band, namely that of a very talented duo, Jon and Anastasia, (who are local - from Carpinteria). They played 6 songs, all acoustic, and were a delight to hear. They are both EXTREMELY talented, and Anastasia's voice alone is so powerful and ethereal, especially for her being such a litle slip of a thing!

The good folks at The Coach House must've thought some of us needed to be able to know the thread count of Ger's and Dew's shirts, or else they seated us so close as to help, "kick an amp" should the need have arisen. No matter, cuz we didn't have a mosh pit or anything, although I think at one point Dewey looked down and wondered what the heck I was writing down (just some thoughts on the song, Dewey, I promise it wasn't my grocery list).

Poor Dewey spent the day sweatin' in the sun watching his son's baseball game, then spent the evening sweatin' up a storm on stage! All a part of Sweating/Stage Dancing 101 that makes up their touring exercise regime, I guess. Dewey was going on and on about his afternoon, and good ol' patient Gerry was waiting to start "California Dreamin',"which prompted him to comment that Dew could go on and on, but it's Ger that has to start the song - eventually.

Also, I was delighted to finally meet Kelly and Steve, Barb and Gary, and Jim Nakao; they are such nice folks!

Imagine my sheer delight when I viewed the set list taped to the stage floor and saw some of what was to be played...can you say, "To Each His Own," anyone???!!! I know I must have squeeled out loud. Although, sadly, I must report to Erin (Sgt Drkness) that "To Each His Own" had been written over the previously-crossed out "Sergeant Darkness." Whether it was a typo, or the guys changed their minds, I don't know...but I was thrilled!!! (uhmmm, sorry, Erin). Also, the set list mentioned "All My Life" as part of a three-song encore but, no dice (rats!).

Also, no "Young Moon," (even though our Kelly yelled out for it, Ger said they had to stick to their set list!). I SECOND THAT EMOTION, KEL!!! To be fair, we gotta give the guys credit for knowing what works best for THEM, and what THEY want to PLAY, but, on the other hand, oh please, oh please, oh please? Anyway, here's what we were treated to:

Encores: post is Cerritos...


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