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Message: 1261 Posted: Sun May 31 22:36:18 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Album Covers

I was watching the story Dateline did on Phil Hartman, and they flashed a picture of the History cover along with a short Horse sound he must have been involved with that one. It's one of my favorites...

Erin :o)

Message: 1260 Posted: Sun May 31 22:33:02 1998 By:
Subject: RE: from a moving train

Pat4, I'll see if I can get a wave file sample of the single and put it on the web site. Keep checking here because this is where I'll post a notice when it's available. --Steve

Message: 1259 Posted: Sun May 31 20:46:53 1998 By:
Subject: from a moving train

is there a chance that a wav file can be put on wth the rest of the audio files of "from a moving train"? beings it is the single

Message: 1258 Posted: Sun May 31 08:00:21 1998 By:
Subject: 30

It's an analogy about our lifestyle basically. The lyric is like our life has been. Really like a speeding train, not just a moving train. I approached the song lyrically like if we truly were on a train; what it's like. You get a destination in your sights but don't hold on too it for too long because you fly right by. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1257 Posted: Sat May 30 19:51:34 1998 By:
Subject: Dateline....

Happen to be watching "Dateline" last night, they had a special on "Phil Hartman" and some of his accomplishments. One being the artist work he did for "America". They showed the CD cover and played "Horse With No Name" in the backround............


Message: 1256 Posted: Sat May 30 09:05:36 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Album Covers

I believe he drew the History cover....


Message: 1255 Posted: Sat May 30 08:49:01 1998 By:
Subject: 31

From a moving train (hear the engine running)
From a moving train (you can get on board)
From a moving train (hear the motor humming)
From a moving train (see, you've gotta see the light)

Message: 1254 Posted: Sat May 30 02:03:46 1998 By: WGNJoeShow
Subject: Direction

The "direction" credit on the albums refers to John Hartmann, one time manager (with Harlan Goodman) of the guys in the pre Gallin-Morey days. I believe (but am not sure)that he's Phil's brother.

Message: 1253 Posted: Fri May 29 21:39:14 1998 By:
Subject: america cd

Anyone know if the america cd will be released in japan . . . and when?

Message: 1252 Posted: Fri May 29 21:38:32 1998 By:
Subject: dan peek cds

I know this is about Dan Peek and not America, but, hey, he was an integral part of America. The Dan Peek CDs ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and DOER OF THE WORD, and I don't know about the American releases, but the Japanese releases include the lyrics and original liner notes. Also, they feature the original cover art, unlike the Dan Peek ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE that was released a couple of years ago.

Message: 1251 Posted: Fri May 29 15:46:16 1998 By:
Subject: RE: Hartman or Hartmann

According to an article that I read his real name was Hartmann (he was from Canada) but he dropped the second "n" when he came to the U.S. and got into showbiz. I guess people still spell it both ways.

Message: 1250 Posted: Fri May 29 12:08:31 1998 By:
Subject: Hartman or Hartmann?

How come the spelling of Phil "Hartman", the late, great SNL comedian, differs from the Phil "Hartmann" of the America album covers? Was this a pseudonym, or something of an alternate spelling like Dionne "Warwicke" back in the '70s?


Message: 1249 Posted: Fri May 29 09:33:12 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hartman Covers

Mark, thanks for the info on the album covers. I did a little research of my own after posing the question and came up with a similar list. I found Hartman involved in one way or another with the following album covers: Hearts, History, Hideaway, Harbor, and Alibi.

Message: 1248 Posted: Fri May 29 09:28:30 1998 By:
Subject: Hartman Covers

According to the liner notes Phil Hartman designed the covers for Hideaway, Harbor, and Live. I believe he also did History too. He is listed for providing "Direction" on Hearts and Alibi. He may have also been involved on Silent Letter, but I don't have the credits for that album anymore, so I don't know.

Message: 1247 Posted: Fri May 29 08:54:31 1998 By:
Subject: America Album Covers

Does anyone know which America album covers Phil Hartman designed?

Message: 1246 Posted: Fri May 29 08:27:19 1998 By:
Subject: 32

"From A Moving Train" is the one that seems to be surfacing as everybody's favorite. Real nice with the accoustic guitar. --Dewey Bunnell

Message: 1245 Posted: Fri May 29 08:23:08 1998 By:
Subject: Opening Night

Well, just wanted to let you all know that opening night here in Sparks was awesome....the guys were terrific and I think the next two weeks are going to be absolutely GREAT!!

Erin :o)

Message: 1244 Posted: Thu May 28 19:40:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Phil Hartman's Death

That is truly awful...I thought he was great. Especially on "Playing God" from Van Go Gan and Newsradio. He will really be missed!


Message: 1243 Posted: Thu May 28 19:38:59 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Phil Hartman's Death

I personally enjoyed Phil very much on SNL. I thought he had such a cometic touch, but he also brought a respect and dignity. However, the first thing I always associated Phil with was his graphic designs for America. On later albums, his listing was "Direction" as in management I suppose.

Phil was one of the increasingly few celebrity types about which you (or at least I) really didn't hear bad press. With the magnifying glass that exists in the press, the absence of controversy in itself says a lot for a person. I think that says a lot about who Phil Hartmann must have been.


Message: 1242 Posted: Thu May 28 15:34:41 1998 By:
Subject: Phil Hartman

Up until now I never realized that was the same Phil Hartman that did the art direction and design on many of America's albums. I likewise extend my sympathy to Phil's family and many friends, and especially to Gerry and Dewey. And this coming on the heels of the loss of Carl Wilson!!

Let's hope and pray that this is it.

Jim Erie, PA

Message: 1241 Posted: Thu May 28 14:27:40 1998 By:
Subject: Phil Hartman's death

Wow, that came as quite a shock to me. I know that the guys were pretty close to Phil and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of Phil's children, family and friends. He was a multi-talented and funny man and will be missed by all. The world lost a good man, may he rest in peace.


Message: 1240 Posted: Thu May 28 09:32:46 1998 By:
Subject: piano score

Hi !
Does anybody have piano score of 1960 ?
I have easy arrangments of : Another try - I need you - She's gonna let you down - All my life - Inspector Mills. ( wrote by my teacher ).

Message: 1239 Posted: Thu May 28 09:23:37 1998 By:
Subject: re:One Way Update

Sounds like a case of good news/bad news:

"Here's more on the status of Perspective, Your Move, and hopefully Silent Letter...... the America Re-issues should be out the 2nd week of July and without bonus track"

Does "hopefully Silent Letter" mean that they might not release it? If they don't, that would be a really dumb move since that is the only America album that has yet to be released on CD. That should be the first one they release. If they do release it, I expect it to be their biggest seller, especially since the other releases won't have bonus tracks. Since I already have the French releases of Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective, without any bonus tracks I will probably pass on the One Way releases. Another missed opportunity by One Way. If they had bonus tracks I would buy them, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. It's a bummer too, I was hoping that Silent Letter would have included Norman. But I guess I'm destined never to hear that unreleased gem.

Message: 1238 Posted: Thu May 28 07:00:33 1998 By:
Subject: 33

And if by chance you find a woman
That you might love along the way
You better hold her tight
Tell her everything's alright
Or she might jump along the way

Message: 1237 Posted: Thu May 28 06:58:12 1998 By:
Subject: One Way Update

Here's more on the status of Perspective, Your Move, and hopefully Silent Letter......

From: Steve Orchard
Subject: One way records info

Hi Rick,
Here's an update for you. As a radio/retail guy,I have a few connections now and then. Talked to Frank Robertson of One Way yesterday and he told me the America Re-issues should be out the 2nd week of July and without bonus tracks. He said thats the "worst case" scenario. disks are in production right now. I know you had some info posted on the Spring newsletter,but I thought you might want to know this update.

Message: 1236 Posted: Thu May 28 06:56:48 1998 By:
Subject: Re: 34


Nice ideal with these posts. I've been trying to figure out the concept here and suddenly the light bulb went from dim to bright, "He's counting down the days until the release, duh..." Keep it up, I'll enjoy it even more now that I know whats going on. Well, I'll go back to my dream world here in the land of oz now. Take care and keep up the good work.


Message: 1235 Posted: Thu May 28 06:54:43 1998 By:
Subject: Countdown Teasers

Jessica, I won't run out of material until the CD is released. So have fun reading for the next month or so. --Steve

Message: 1234 Posted: Thu May 28 06:52:01 1998 By:
Subject: INDIO

It's almost like being there, the way you describe the Indio concert, Barb! Even the jokes of the guys sound firsthand. I enjoyed your review immensely. Looking forward to more!

To Alberto, my congratulations for the great adventure in Singapore.
Here's to more of those in the future, for you and for the others out there(including me) who are waiting for another chance.

Last but not least - Steve, your countdown teasers are getting to me. Whenever I check this folder, I just automatically locate the numbers first then read the short lines. The brevity of each one just captures more of my attention. I think I'll miss them when you finally run out of material....


Message: 1233 Posted: Wed May 27 21:18:38 1998 By:
Subject: from a moving tain

can you guys allow for a some wav of this since it will be the first single

Message: 1232 Posted: Wed May 27 08:25:52 1998 By:
Subject: 34

I've always thought our projects really had a nice span of different songs; ballads, rock and roll type songs, more poppy things, some more introspective, big longer pieces, and I think all of those elements are going to be in on this project. --Dewey Bunnell

Message: 1231 Posted: Tue May 26 23:24:40 1998 By:
Subject: HELP!!!

Could somone please help me and tell me how to play the blues on the guitar. Just the basic blues rhythm. I would really appreciate.

Message: 1230 Posted: Tue May 26 14:33:46 1998 By:
Subject: Battle of the Bands

The Classic Rock web site sponsored by the Mining Company is having a "Battle of the Bands" contest and America still has a chance to make it into the final round of 32. So far 30 battles have been held and somehow, America was beaten by The Byrds in the 22nd contest. The Classic Rock host is allowing 2 of the 30 losing bands to move on to the final field of 32. All you have to do is go to and vote for America and one other band. If we all pull together I'm sure we can get America in the final round where they belong. --Steve

Message: 1229 Posted: Tue May 26 08:10:25 1998 By:
Subject: 35

If we had a destination
In our sights
We would be helpless as
We passed it in the night

Message: 1228 Posted: Tue May 26 08:07:31 1998 By:
Subject: INDIO

And now......a few words about Indio............

Country music......horses......"Horse With No Name"?

OK.....maybe there was some connection.

Gary and I ventured to Indio, CA (home of The National Date Festival) on Saturday for the Amerifest Music Festival. A four-day celebration of country music, AMERICA seemed an unlikely choice for the lineup. But AMERICA's music does have that universal appeal, and I don't believe that any of the country fans were disappointed.

AMERICA was the first "professional" act on the bill, following a local country group named Quiksand. Having barely gotten home from overseas, I expected that the guys would be looking a little peaked., Dewey, Brad, Will and Woodz looked great.....and they were energized! The guys were on camera the entire time as the show was projected onto a large screen. This provided for some interesting close-ups and vantage points, as well as lots of sparkling smiles. Gerry, ever the comedian, quipped that no one had come as far as they had to play at Indio.....having woken up Friday morning in Bangkok, Thailand! He went on to joke that when the gig first came in, they thought it was in "India" which was in the same part of the world.

Gerry and Dewey looked tan and handsome in their Hawaiian shirts, and a very cool shirt was worn by the always fashionable Woodz. It had horses, palm trees and cacti.....very appropriate. For all of you two-steppers out there, two young girls dancing in front of the stage proved that you CAN line dance to AMERICA's music. Both of Gerry's sons were on hand to join the clan on "Horse". Gerry wittily remarked that one was 6 foot 3 and the other was 3 foot 6. Matt sizzled on electric guitar, and Joe (who did not hide behind dad this time) drummed on Will's wooden "Another Try" blocks.

After the show, Dewey gave us a good chuckle when he asked Gary if he was wearing "the belt buckle". Gerry and Dewey also conducted a brief interview backstage that was projected onto the video screen. We did not hear anything new on "Human Nature" although we did learn that both Michael Jackson and Madonna have had singles entitled "Human Nature". No matter, because as we all know, the REAL "Human Nature" belongs to our beloved AMERICA!!

No doubt that the guys are primed for the upcoming Sparks marathon! To anyone who will be attending......ENJOY!!


Message: 1227 Posted: Mon May 25 08:01:10 1998 By:
Subject: 36

When it comes time to do a project it really is a case of I'll show Dew what I've got and he'll show me what he's been working on and we set up a few week days, you know - four day things. Dew will fly down, and we'll put it all together and see where we stand. This is one of the first times we've had an abundance of material to pick from and I think that's never a bad thing. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1226 Posted: Mon May 25 03:28:00 1998 By:
Subject: Magic

So fun to hear "Magic" in a recent show. I have used this song's message with my kids since they were real little (they are now 13 & 17). "You can do can have anything that you desire" What a great self-empowerment song! A you "can-do", yes you can kind of song. I never wanted them to limit themselves in any way, so this song came along at a good time in my life...and theirs. Thanks guys!
debbiedo-yes she did

Message: 1225 Posted: Sun May 24 09:21:02 1998 By:
Subject: 37

If every venture was
A path to no avail
I'd still be rolling down
This never ending trail

Message: 1224 Posted: Sun May 24 09:19:13 1998 By:
Subject: Trade Audio's ?

Anybody want to trade live audio's ? E-mail me, I have a few....Trade Only !!!!!

Message: 1223 Posted: Sun May 24 09:09:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Trip in USA

Federico, the current schedule (which is subject to change) shows the following concerts the end of August:

8/15/98: Wichita, KS: The Cotillion
8/16/98: St. Joseph, MO: Trails West Festival
8/22/98: Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Lakefest
8/30/98: Hershey, PA: Hershey Park

If you're going to be here on the 30th you might be able to catch the show in Hershey. You could visit the chocolate factory there as well as the nearby amusement park (if you like that kind of thing). Other than that, there aren't very many tourist sites that I know of near the concerts. Perhaps some of the other fans can give you some ideas. --Steve

Message: 1222 Posted: Sun May 24 08:50:30 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Song selection for concerts

Shari, I obviously don't speak for the band but I've been told that they won't play anything from Human Nature until it's released on June 30. There's a chance that "From A Moving Train" will be released a couple of weeks prior to that so I suppose they could start playing that song a little earlier than the rest. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to hear it in San Diego. --Steve

Message: 1221 Posted: Sun May 24 02:55:11 1998 By:
Subject: Trip in USA

I think i'll leave on on the 15/16 th of August!.... :)

Message: 1220 Posted: Sat May 23 21:29:08 1998 By:
Subject: Another Fan

This is directed to Gerry and Dewey, I have been listening to your music since 1971. Throughout my life I use your wonderful music and inspirational lyrics to get me through some of my toughest times. I am hoping to get tickets to see you in NY this summer. I am taking my 13 year old for his first concert and it will be yours!!!

Since going on line I found out that so many people love you and your music and feel as I do..its wonderful.

I am counting the days until your new CD comes out. Keep on making that wonderful music we all love. I wish I could talk to the both of you in person, maybe in NY I might get that chance. G-d bless the both of you and your wonderful band!!


Message: 1219 Posted: Sat May 23 16:37:27 1998 By:
Subject: Song selection for concerts

Glad to hear the overseas tour is going well. The schedule looks exhausting! I'm still looking forward to San Diego on June 14.
Hopefully the guys will be doing more than one number from Human Nature by then.
Okay, here's my pitch - also hoping to hear Gerry do "All My Life" live, and still hoping they'll put in "Old Man Took."
Hope you see this message, Ger. Shari L.

Message: 1218 Posted: Sat May 23 08:07:49 1998 By:
Subject: 38

I like to look at words and the way they stack up and Human Nature has a lot of different reads to it, different ways to look at it. Just the word "Nature" is wonderful and "Human". You've got your "Human" and you've got your "Nature". --Dewey Bunnell

Message: 1217 Posted: Sat May 23 07:59:14 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America in Singapore on May 20th

Alberto, great review and report of the Singapore concert. I'll bet you were excited when Gerry took your camera and announced that you were a super fan from Italy. If you'd like to send me the tape and any photos, I'll see what I can put on the web. I think I'd need to get approval from the band before I put any videos on the web, but if they were willing to let you shoot it, they might we willing to let me put it on the web. I'll send you my address in a private mail message. Thanks again for the fantastic report! --Steve

Message: 1216 Posted: Sat May 23 07:54:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Trip in USA!?!

Federico, let us know the approximate dates that you're thinking of coming to the United States and we'll see what we can come up with. I'm sure we can give you some good ideas of places to visit that are near the America concerts. --Steve

Message: 1215 Posted: Sat May 23 06:41:46 1998 By:
Subject: America in Singapore on May 20th

Dear friends,
I'm just came back from a business trip in Singapore and Bangkok, I saw America in Sigapore, about the concert I have nothing to tell you more than have already told you Jessica (great job there...). I arrived in Singapore on May 19th at 4:00 PM and after checking-in in my hotel, I went to the Westin Stamford Hotel , where I supposed to find Gerry & Co. I tell you that I was a little bit embarassed when I asked in the reception for Mr. Brad Palmer. Actually I wanted to be sure America was there and when he said to me "we have a Brad Palmer Lee" , I was so happy that I went immediately to buy a one shot camera. After this I waited for a little while near the lift (I'm crazy!)since I saw Willie Leacox, whow! Soon after Gerry joined us , it was for me the third time I spoke with Gerry, we took also some picture that I hope to be able to send to you ASAP. The day of the concert I carried with me a video camera, I've filmed the entire exibition, I was so amazed when Gerry before starting "Never be lonely" came to me (I was next to the stage)he took my camera and in front of the audience told to everybody, while he was shooting," this camera belong to Alberto a great fan from Italy...." can you believe me? Steve if you want I can send to you a copy of the concert, and maybe you can put on the net! After the America's concert I met again Gerry, while Mike Love was singing, and I have promised him to make all my efford to better organize their future Italian concert ( I don't know when). Guess what ! At the end of the show Gerry joined Mike Love and the California beach to play some songs like " Help me Ronda , and Barbar-Ann". The better things is that I have filmed everything. An incredible night for me. I forgot to tell you that Gerry has played "I need you" with the guitar, duetting with Dewey.
Ciao to everybody.
Alberto (now in Italy)

Message: 1214 Posted: Sat May 23 05:11:26 1998 By:
Subject: Trip in USA!?!

Hey, you all,
i try to organize a trip in USA and i'd like to go to all America's concert as possible; what's more i 've thought that i could visit some cities which the guys will have their concert in, but maybe there are too distance among to reach in only 15 days!
Consider that i'll arrive to New York airport and i'll begin my tour from there! Are there any suggestions for places including America's concerts?

Message: 1213 Posted: Fri May 22 12:09:12 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Am. & Louisville Orchestra

My Louisville tickets arrived yesterday......I am counting down!!!
Further detailed venue info can be obtained at
Can't wait!!!

Message: 1212 Posted: Fri May 22 08:33:11 1998 By:
Subject: 39

If my life line is
These million miles of track
One thing I know by now
There is no turning back

Message: 1211 Posted: Fri May 22 08:31:52 1998 By:
Subject: Am. & Louisville Orchestra

FYI: The concert on July 18 at the Louisville Zoological Gardens will be accompanied by The Louisville Orchestra. Anyone wishing to purchase tickets should call (502)568-1111. THANKS!!

Norma Thomas

Message: 1210 Posted: Thu May 21 16:57:29 1998 By:
Subject: Re: 40

Thanks for the "countdown teasers," Steve. Gives us all a little more something to think about while we wait!

Message: 1209 Posted: Thu May 21 08:19:04 1998 By:
Subject: 40

I think you want people to reconnect with you. I mean we certainly had felt that magic throughout our career and have had more than our fair share, you know. We're so grateful for the success we've had. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1208 Posted: Thu May 21 03:47:42 1998 By:
Subject: hello

anyone want to chat?

Message: 1207 Posted: Wed May 20 08:27:19 1998 By:
Subject: 41

I've seen the Ides of March
I've seen the fall of Rome
I've seen all kinds of stuff
But I'll never see my home

Message: 1206 Posted: Wed May 20 08:25:12 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dreams Do Come True

Janice you are the BEST! What a wonderful thing to do! Who say's United has friendlier skies!! :-)))))


Message: 1205 Posted: Wed May 20 08:23:41 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

Great to hear from Jessica again with a review on the Manila show!

The wonderful thing about this network is the many foreign and domestic correspondents we have. No matter to what far corner of the world AMERICA travels, we are almost certain to receive a firsthand report. It's the next best thing to being there!!


Message: 1204 Posted: Wed May 20 08:20:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Gerry's Quote

Penny, I believe Gerry's quote was referring specifically to the songs on Human Nature but generally to all America music. As for "All My Life" ... Gerry has played this a few times over the past year so it's not a total surprise when he plays it. Perhaps the song tournament was enough to persuade him to keep playing it.


Message: 1203 Posted: Wed May 20 06:44:29 1998 By: jes297
Subject: Gerry's quote

Hey Steve, the Gerry Beckley statement you quoted...was he referring to all America music or the songs coming up on Human Nature? Also, did you notice that Jessica said that "All My Life" was one of the encore songs????Do you think your latest song tournament results had anything to do with their choice of songs? (Excellent choice, I might add!!)

Message: 1202 Posted: Tue May 19 22:52:36 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dreams Do Come True

your anniversary???? was meant to be.!

It looks as if i may meet u and Janell after all..i may be be changing my vacation so that it will encompass some days in Reno (the 4th thru the 7th)..San Juan Capistrano concert on 6/13 and the San Diego concert on the 14th..all my family is in California, so it is perfect...then of course there is the Atlantic City

Message: 1201 Posted: Tue May 19 14:04:42 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dreams Do Come True

That's great you're going to make it to Reno! I'm planning on being there either Friday or Saturday (or both if I can convice my boss for the time off)....Hope to see you there!!

Erin :o)

Message: 1200 Posted: Tue May 19 08:50:55 1998 By:
Subject: 42

Within the lyrics of these songs are the stories of our lives to a certain extent and I think that's how it should be. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1199 Posted: Tue May 19 08:48:16 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dreams Do Come True

Again, I have NEVER known a group of fans like you guys. You are amazing.

karen d

Message: 1198 Posted: Tue May 19 08:47:20 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

Way to go, Jessica: that's the spirit! Just goes to show you, where there's a will, there's a way. What an inspiring story. I won't think twice about the next 10 hour road trip.

Jessica is definately a member of the club of America Fanatics. Isn't it cool?


Message: 1197 Posted: Tue May 19 08:23:37 1998 By:
Subject: thank you

Guys, hearing your kind words and praises is as good as the feeling of having been there and meeting the guys! Thank you! I really wish that I'd meet each and everyone of you in person, in one of the Band's show.

As for the photos, all I can say is: "Hey, I wasn't even sure if I loaded the film right!" My hands were shaking a bit when I finally managed to get in the press room, then at the show, I was enjoying myself too much that I had to remind me to take the shots. I'm really happy that you're able to see and in a sense, be with me in that concert.

America fans, you're the greatest!


P.S. Way to go, Steve! Be sure to bring Reno back here. Happy anniversary, too.

Message: 1196 Posted: Mon May 18 22:24:18 1998 By:
Subject: Dreams Do Come True

Last Thursday night the Internet chat session was winding down and Janice (our friendly Delta connection) asked me why I didn't go to more concerts. I told her that I went to all of those within driving distance, including concerts last year in St. George (5 1/2 hours away) and Las Vegas (6 1/2 hours away). She then asked me if I'd like to have some free tickets on Delta so that I could fly to a concert. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Since that time we've worked out the details so that my wife and I will be able to fly to the Reno concerts June 5-6. I wanted to go the prior weekend so I could meet Janice, Erin, Maggie, and the other fans that will be there, but my son graduates from high school that weekend so I can't (you only graduate from high school once, you know).

I know that Janice didn't do this to receive any praise or thanks, but it sounds to me like a typical America fan, doing anything they can to help another fan. What Janice doesn't know, is that it is my 22nd anniversary the end of May so my wife and I will enjoy this little trip to Reno as an anniversary getaway as well as a chance to see the guys in concert Friday and Saturday night.

Thanks again to Janice. I look forward to seeing any of you who may be there that weekend.


Message: 1195 Posted: Mon May 18 18:05:10 1998 By:
Subject: Manila Magic

Thanks for bringing us all to Manila with you (sort of). Great job!!!


Message: 1194 Posted: Mon May 18 17:07:27 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

Fantastic to hear that Jessica made it OK!

Her pictures are great too......well worth checking out! (thanks Steve for putting online)


Message: 1193 Posted: Mon May 18 17:06:40 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

Great pictures!! And glad to hear Jessica made it!!

Erin :o)

Message: 1192 Posted: Mon May 18 17:06:03 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

atta girl, jessica..i was talking to jessica along with penny and steve when she got "the call"..! great pics and story..thanks so much for sharing!!

Message: 1191 Posted: Mon May 18 17:05:20 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America In Manila

Wow! Such dedication and so very glad Jessica got to attend the show. Way to go, Jessica!


Message: 1190 Posted: Mon May 18 13:17:26 1998 By:
Subject: Thrilla in Manila

Great fotos & write-up Jessica. The fotos were some of the best that I have seen in this Web page. Great job !

Message: 1189 Posted: Mon May 18 11:13:31 1998 By:
Subject: America In Manila


Rick's official AMERICA page and Steve's AMERICA Fans Page listed a May Manila show by the band early this year. I was overjoyed at the prospect of a repeat of my AMERICA experience last year at Shangri-La's Zu. But then something was terribly different. Only a week before the scheduled show, I still didn't know where it's going to be. There were no print announcements, no mention in the radio no nothing anywhere.

And then there it was, a news release from Northwest that it was bringing Mike Love of the Beach Boys and the California Beach Band to Manila for an exclusive concert. Special guest will be AMERICA!

I was so relieved that it was finally there the venue. But as I read on, I was dismayed to find that it was a "by invitation only" show, meaning only Northwest's WorldPerks members, customers and clients were given tickets. I'm not any of those I mentioned and so I was very disappointed. Then again, I'm not worthy of the name "America Fan" if I gave up that easily. So I called friends who I thought could help me out. Still, I kept on feeling this terrible fear that I won't get to see the show. Three days before May 15th, there weren't any calls to tell me I can see the band on Friday night. Two days to go, I decided to call some more people who aren't even my friends but acquaintances of acquaintances. I was told to call again the following day. Well, the next day was as fruitless as the previous ones. Thursday night, I was calling some more friends I haven't talked to for months just to try my luck. It was no use. So Friday morning, after I called one promising source and got a negative answer, I finally gave up. I joined in the Chat Session at Steve's page feeling decidedly down and blue. I couldn't even concentrate enough to type my responses on the keyboard. In the middle of the chat, I was called from my desk. I had a phone call. It was one of the friends I had contacted first. I felt heavy because I expected her to say: "I'm so sorry, I couldn't get any tickets and yada, yada ." After all, she asked for me only after talking to another office mate and I was just an after thought. Or so it seemed.

But then she said: "I wonder if you'd kiss both my feet." That was all she needed to say and I was shrieking! In wondrous amazement, I listened as she told me she got two tickets to the show and instructed where I should pick them up. But my mind was already thinking of what I needed for that evening. When I finally got back to Steve and the rest of the guys in the chat box, I was a different person. I told them about the miracle but I was sooo excited that I couldn't stay for long talking to them. Lunch break found me buying film for the camera that I just brought with me that morning, just in case luck turned and brought me tickets. Later, I couldn't concentrate on anything, too wound up about the nearing show to function normally. Steve was right to ask if I could still focus on anything else during our short chat. It was just that I really, really tried my best to get those tickets but only met dead ends. I was willing to pay for a way to get in, knowing that no one was going to hand over their ticket to me just like that. But then, when I have finally given up, lost hope of seeing the show, I was practically handed not one, but two tickets. For free.

I guess I was right when I told Alberto from Italy to not give up easily because America always seems to find its way to me and to other fans outside the US. He wanted to see the Singapore show on May 20 but it's another Northwest sponsored show and he, too couldn't get hold of tickets at that time. Well, what do you know? He got his ticket earlier than I did! And me? I got to enjoy the one night show and even attended the press briefing held just before it. I think fate was finally convinced of my dedication and decided to humor me. Only one time, one night, but finally, I got my dream as an AMERICA fan I finally met Gerry and had my photo with him and Dewey. Thanks to that friend of mine and for Gerry and Dewey who were as friendly and as wonderfully nice as all their fans claim them to be.

For a full account of the press briefing and the show (along with lots of photos), you can read my Manila Show Review.


Message: 1188 Posted: Sat May 16 23:00:33 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Delta's America Showcase Interview

Back in the mid 80's (86-87?) I flew Delta to London on business. About 2 hours out of Cincinatti after we had eaten I had my headphones on and was sitting back with my eyes closed relaxing. The next thing I know I hear the opening of "Magic" I open my eyes and on the tv screen is the band onstage. They then cut to an interview for a few minutes about how the band was making a comeback and still performed about a gazillion shows a year, ... Even back then they flew the friendly skies. Mark...

Message: 1187 Posted: Fri May 15 16:59:15 1998 By:
Subject: Delta's America Showcase

Delta ran the interview that sandman referred to for one cycle (two months) on our domestic flights. (fyi, I work for Delta as a Senior Coordinator-Consumer Affairs)..I contacted our On-Board Services Dept. and told them that the tape was mentioned on this fan page..I wanted more info as it gave me an idea for perhaps another interview to help plug the Human Nature CD. They gave me the number of our distributor/producer in California..and I had a nice chat with Tim who was instrumental in putting it together. He said the response was great, in fact the interview was part of the package that they submitted for Delta who is vying for the Avion Award (in-flight entertainment). He appreciated the info about the new CD and wants to follow up! He agrees that America has quite a following and has definitely endured. Although Delta may not run another showcase on them this soon, I suggested "other airlines"..and he agreed...I have forwarded him the home page address and gave Rick as the contact. We'll see!!

Message: 1186 Posted: Fri May 15 09:19:38 1998 By:
Subject: Delta's America Showcase Interview

Traveling to a recent concert, the Vegas show actually, I had the opportunity to listen to Delta's America Showcase Interview on the plane. Since the flight was long, I got to listen to it several times. The program was very good, and I tried to take notes of the show. I thought you all might want to see it. Now, it's not word for word, but I did the best I could. I have contacted Delta; but unfortunately, the program's transcript or audio cannot be purchased. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it. I sure did.

*** Delta America Showcase Interviews and Show by Kris Erik Stevens ***

Dewey: Well, we lived in the states early, got into the surf music scene, and my parents said I sang Elvis all the time. I self taught myself the guitar. Influences: the Beach Boys, Beatles big time. The Beatles changed everything. Started playing Gloria and stuff like that.

Dewey: It was a simple song. I lived in England from 66 to 71. Dreary England with pubs and everything, but I wanted to write about the desert. The inspiration for Horse and others like Ventura Highway came from my childhood days at Vandenburg Air Force Base growing up with my brother.
Dewey: On first album. All happened very fast. Dan went to school in Virginia (Old Dominion). Was dissatisfied. But we were all writing songs. We got back together having temporarily gone separate ways. We had four songs, which ... (Don’t Cross the River, which ended up on the second album, Submarine Ladies, and I Need You). (Sorry people, I did not get the fourth). These were the four main songs we played at pubs with. We also covered songs like "I’m coming to Los Angeles" (Arlo Guthrie) and "Pennsylvania Mining Disaster" (Bee Gees).
Dewey: About Tin Man. The biggest song he took into the first George Martin project. Inspired of course by the Wizard of Oz, Dewey’s favorite all time film. The only direct reference was ‘Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man’... the rest is surreal, word pictures. ‘Gift of gab’ who knows. Dewey doesn’t know where it came from. He had a melody first, and came up with those words to fit it. ‘Tropic of Sir Galahad’, because it sounded gentlemanly, and women like that.
Gerry: On hard times: Holland show in ‘74 was a low. We still hadn’t made contact with the audience after 2 or 3 songs. The ‘Flying Burrito Brothers’ were playing down the street, and they had a much bigger name at the time. I don’t think the people knew our style or what to expect. It was pretty tough.
Gerry: Daisy Jane: A song which is true to itself, but is not real. I had never been to Memphis before writing the song, and never knew anyone named Daisy Jane. It was just a mix of conglomerate events in my life and my family’s life which came together in one song. It’s a perfect example of how songs just get made up. There was an artist named Nick Drake several years before who had done a song I always liked, called ‘Hazy Jane’. Maybe that had some influence ...
Gerry: On the America sound: Right from the start, we relied on three writers and three singers. Every member contributed uniquely. The challenge was to make it sound united, like one band. I think we succeeded with a similar style. The last thing you would want would be three solo artists making an album.
Narrator: They met in England, gave their first concert in Canada, and called themselves America.


Message: 1185 Posted: Fri May 15 09:10:32 1998 By:
Subject: Colorado Springs Concert

*********** Colorado Springs Concert - May 3 1998 ************

I’m just settling back into the ‘groove’ of things after a fantastic trip to Colorado to see the best band whoever graced a stage, LP, or CD - America. Even though it has been a week, I thought I would drop a line about the Colorado Springs show last Sunday night.

The venue was even larger than the previous night’s show in Boulder. I would estimate it to be around 10,000, maybe more. It was packed. It’s great to see these huge shows right before the release of Human Nature. The Lovin’ Spoonful again opened things up. I’ve never really thought much about the Spoonful, but they tend to grow on you when you’ve heard them three times in a row. I’ve already picked up a Spoonful CD since the shows. Lookout for the name Lena Beckett. She’s a singer/songwriter (and Jerry Yester’s daughter) who is currently doing keyboards and guitar for them right now. She’s particularly talented, and may be one to watch for future stardom.

America got things going with the beautiful, familiar rhythms of Riverside, the great concert opener. The crowd really turned on as they played through the hits. I believe I enjoy watching other people get into the music as much as I do watching the guys perform it. Especially the one’s who haven’t heard it in awhile. The expression on faces when ‘Sandman’ starts up or ‘Only In Your Heart’ is priceless. Speaking of Sandman, the new soft, acoustic lead in to it is a great arrangement. Very well done. And for some reason, I Need You was really on. I’ve never heard the vocals and harmony sound any better. Everyone was talking about it after the show. In Gerry’s own words, "I guess I nailed it".

He sure nailed the crowd. By the end of the show there was a single file dance (the ‘Congo’ or whatever it's called) going on in the isles through out the Arena. It was cool to watch. Then, it was over too soon.

I had a chance to meet up with ‘the Wild Man’ (Willie, of course), after the show. He mentioned that the Louisville, KY show on July 18, which I also just happen to have tickets for, is a symphony concert. I’ve not seen one of those since 1976, and I’m really looking forward to it. Its the only one on the schedule that I’ve heard of so far this year. Should be fantastic.

Thanks to America for three great shows and a wonderful Colorado weekend. As usual, a great time was had by all. Gerry and Dewey seemed very impressed/excited on how pumped the folder troops are in support of Human Nature. As Jim (Nak) is fond of saying, the best is yet to come.

Thanks again guys for the hospitality. Can’t wait for Reno.

Message: 1184 Posted: Thu May 14 21:49:35 1998 By:
Subject: What A Chat!!

I thought that attendance might be a little sparse because of the final Seinfeld episode but tonight's live chat session turned out to be the most active of all of them. Special thanks to Karen from Oxygen records for showing up (she taped Seinfeld) and answering so many thought provoking questions about the new CD. To Erin, and Maggie, and any others who tried to get on but couldn't, sorry about that and hope you can make it next time.

Here are just a few of the questions that were answered:

1. What does the artwork on the CD cover represent?

Well, Gerry and Dewey chose that image from an artist's book because they thought it was a couple of things. First of all, they are both huge Magritte fans...and it's obviously kinda similar. Secondly, they both felt like it really expressed the Human Nature theme really well. Thirdly, it's such a classic image and everyone involved agreed that it would make a legendary cover that would transcend time. It really stands up well if you look at it in a record store. I took it into a record store and actually put it in the bin (nut that I am) and had my friends tell me if they thought it would catch the eye.

2. Where was the new CD recorded? Was it recorded at Gerry's home studio, hence the CD's title?

Yes. Human Nature studios and sometimes Dewey's place. Mostly Gerry's, though.

3. Do they both have home studios?


4. Did Dewey & Gerry produce any or all of the CD? If not, what other producers were used?

Phil Galdston of Celine Dion and Vanessa Williams fame, produced some of it. Gerry and Dewey produced some of it. Elliot Shiner was the main producer, he produced Fleetwood Mac's The Dance album last year.

5. How is their Asia tour going.. do you know?

They are loving Hong Kong, I know that much

6. I noticed that there were collaborative writing efforts on the new CD. Was that by design or did it just happen to work out that way? Also, I noticed that no outside writers were used for any of the tracks. Were the guys trying to establish a unique & fresh new identity with their new label?

You guys should be journalists. These are great questions. I can't say that I know the motives behind the writing duties. I wish I knew more about their writing process, but I don't. They are obviously very prolific, but that's all I really know.

7. Once the new CD is released, are there any rumors as to how many of the new songs they will incorporate into their live sets?

Not yet. They're still working that out.

There were more questions about VH-1, Howard Stern, and other things I can't recall at the moment. Unfortunately, my computer went crazy about then and I was unable to log any more of the chat session. But all of those who attended agreed it was well worth their time. We'll do it again next month on June 11 (19 days before Human Nature is released). Hope to see lots of you there.


Message: 1183 Posted: Thu May 14 14:40:48 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature guess is that the person on the left of the CD cover is Gerry and the one on the right is Dewey....mmmmm..........just a thought for an overcast day..............

Message: 1182 Posted: Thu May 14 12:07:53 1998 By:
Subject: Re: HN Lyrics???

Walt (and everyone else),

Yesterday I put the lyrics to a few of the songs from Human Nature out on the web but at the request of Gerry and Dewey I have removed them. I'll put them back just as soon as the CD is released.

Thanks for understanding,

Message: 1181 Posted: Thu May 14 12:03:26 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America in Singapore

Alberto, thanks for filling us in on your good luck. We look forward to hearing about the concert. As for missing the chat, I don't blame you. I can think of better things to be doing at 3 am (like sleeping!).


Message: 1180 Posted: Thu May 14 11:17:56 1998 By:
Subject: HN Lyrics???

Am I missing something? I could not find the lyrics to any of the songs on Human Nature. Could someone please advise. Thanks a lot.


Message: 1179 Posted: Thu May 14 11:08:20 1998 By:
Subject: America in Singapore

Dear Steve , dear Jessica
I've got a good news! Finally , after working hard on the net, I have received an invitation directly from Mr. Chan Phillips , Director Visual Services & Special Project of Northwest Airlines.
Gerry & friends will perform in the Westin Stamford Hotel in Singapore, the show is scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM.
I tell you that I made a trick, because I'm a member of Lufthansa Airline and I don't have any card of Northwest. I have a colleague that has a KLM card, in parnership with Northwest, and I have requested an invitation under his name ! I write this only in case to help someone with my same problem. Of course I will let you know my feeling next week. Unfortunately I think I won't be present in the chat tonight ( 3:00 AM in Italy !)
Thanks again for your help.

Message: 1178 Posted: Wed May 13 20:43:36 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature

Well...I'm busy learning the new all I need are the melodies, lol. Can't wait!

Message: 1177 Posted: Wed May 13 18:05:52 1998 By:
Subject: human nature album cover

I can't wait to get a hold of HN! When I saw the cover, I was surprised to see men in suits but had to ask: "Where are the faces?" What do you suppose the cover art means? Is this the guys' interpretation of human nature? Well, just wondering.

Checked out the lyrics, too and even without the melody, enjoyed just reading them. It should be a special day when words and melody meet at last for me.

I'll try to join the chat. Hope to you guys there!


Message: 1176 Posted: Wed May 13 08:47:06 1998 By:
Subject: Internet Chat

The monthly Internet chat session will be this Thursday, May 14, at 9 pm Eastern time. I've already been warned that the final episode of Seinfeld is on at the same time in many parts of the country so attendance may be sparse. Nevertheless, I'll be there and I look forward to chatting with many of you.

You can access the Internet chat folder by going to ../amchat.htm.


Message: 1175 Posted: Wed May 13 08:26:46 1998 By:
Subject: To Warren re: Reserving Human Nature

Hi Warren. Steve answered your email very accurately but I just thought I'd chime in to strengthen his answer. You will not suffer any difficulty in trying to find Human Nature in a store near you. Our distribution system is large and advanced. This record will not only be in record stores, but in your neighborhood WalMarts and Border's Book, etc.

You'll love it!

Karen D.
oxygen Records

Message: 1174 Posted: Wed May 13 08:23:25 1998 By:
Subject: Internet Preview

Here's a special preview that is available only to Internet users. The album cover and track listing for the Human Nature CD are now online. Stay tuned because the lyrics may follow shortly.


Message: 1173 Posted: Tue May 12 20:29:24 1998 By:
Subject: backstage passes nugget reno nv ????????

Message: 1172 Posted: Tue May 12 17:16:54 1998 By:
Subject: 3 Roses for.......

.......... Portland, Tacoma, Spokane, and Boise.

Pics from these concerts (Portland and Tacoma at least) are now online.

My fav. is the one of the large electronic billboard outside the Tacoma dome with "America" on the screen........because I've always hoped America would get the opportunity to play at the dome some day. If you look REALLY may see Gary, Barb, and Mary sitting near the dome.....enjoying the sunshine.

Thanks to Alan Dutton for sending pics of the Portland show......especially since I didn't have any pics from that night.


Message: 1171 Posted: Tue May 12 08:28:21 1998 By:
Subject: Asian Tour Continued


Just after I posted my message on the chat folder earlier, I found an article about the America show in Manila on May 15th. Your sources are right - Northwest is sponsoring the Asian Tour and in Manila, it's a "by invitation only" affair. I'm pulling strings and digging up connections in order to get the complimentary tickets/passes given to valued clients and travel agencies. It'll be a hard trick to pull, but I'm trying hard... I hope Alberto from Italy can get lucky and find a way to be in the Northwest-sponsored show in Singapore.


Message: 1170 Posted: Mon May 11 20:36:58 1998 By:
Subject: Chords for "Whole Wide World"

Andreas (and everyone else who is interested),

The chords to "Whole Wide World" are now out on the America Fans web site at cord153.htm



Message: 1169 Posted: Mon May 11 17:36:12 1998 By:
Subject: Asian Tour

I'm afraid that it's as you say - that the Asian shows are private gigs, because up until now, there's no word in the papers or anywhere about the Manila show this 15th of May (that's this Friday!). It's a real shame. Got my heart all set up for a Friday night treat. Oh well....

Alberto, I hope you find a way to see that show in Singapore, even if it turns out to be a private one.


Message: 1168 Posted: Sun May 10 21:20:03 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Human Nature


I'm not aware of any place to reserve Human Nature yet. Keep checking this Chat Folder because that information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. As for where it will be available, it will be distributed by BMG so any place that they serve (which is very wide spread) should have it.

"From A Moving Train" will be released as a single around the middle of June. I haven't heard an exact date yet, but it should be near the 15th. Once again, the best thing I can tell you is to keep checking this Chat Folder. The latest information will always be posted here.


Message: 1167 Posted: Sun May 10 21:15:07 1998 By:
Subject: Asian Tour

I have been trying hard to find out venue information for the Asian concerts but I haven't been able to come up with anything concrete. The best information I've been able to gather so far is that they will be playing private gigs for Northwest Airlines in some hotel ballrooms. I wish that weren't the case because I know there are many of you who would love to see them. If I find out anything different, I'll be sure to post it here.


Message: 1166 Posted: Sun May 10 02:28:49 1998 By:
Subject: America in Singapore

Hi Steve,
regarding the America's concert in Singapore on May 20th, last week I have phoned some guys there, but nobody seems to know about the incoming concert. You know Steve, for me it's really important to see Gerry and Dewey in Singapore, 'cause I have no possibilities to go to the States ideed. Does anybody know something about that concert ?
Thanks x 1000 for your help !
Alberto , Italy

Message: 1165 Posted: Sat May 09 22:36:56 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature

Hey everyone . Can anyone tell me how Ican possibly reserve 'human nature' before the release and, also, where it will be available upon it's release?...By that I like Hourglass...where you gotta go through lotsa red tape and NUMEROUS days waiting for it to arrive. Also...would any one happen to know if 'From A Moving Train' will be an actual release (like walk into K-Mart and its on the shelf witth the other stuff?) or what the deal will be. I'M to when and how this thing will work out and to what extent it will be pushed. Help, please.


Message: 1164 Posted: Sat May 09 11:21:56 1998 By:
Subject: re: GARDEN OF PEACE

you know for DEWEY the artist:
his canvas is the music in the background & the lyrics are his palette of colors layered on top. He paints a visual image through the senses & takes the listener on a journey to another place in time, with many stops along the way. SLEEPER TRAIN & WHOLE WIDE WORLD are other recent examples.

Message: 1163 Posted: Sat May 09 11:11:34 1998 By:

Thanks for posting the chords & words on your Web page of those HOURGLASS & other AMERICA songs, fantastic. The lyrics are quite nice. The GARDEN OF PEACE lyrics on paper are extremely prolific. I think some of the intricate details of DEWEY's & GERRY'S lyrics can be lost in the music. DEWEY'S lyricism is really quite intense once one reads them on paper. GARDEN is a great example. I am sure that AMERICA's upcoming release HUMAN NATURE contains new material that will set a new standard, one more slow DEWEY love song soon. If you ever wish to hear a cover of GARDEN & GOODBYE HIGHWAY, come to Southern Cal. in the fall & see Gene Oh Murrell.

"a mirror pond reflects the dawn
over the the banks .... across the emerald lawn
a breeze has come & I'm carried along ..." BUNNELL, BECKLEY

Message: 1162 Posted: Fri May 08 16:47:15 1998 By:
Subject: Fresno show....

As most of you have seen on the tour schedule, "America" will be playing in Fresno, Ca., on June 12 at the "Tower". I was e-mailed a phone # to be passed on in case any of you are interested in attending this show. It always makes purchasing tickets and making reservations so much easier...... 1-209-485-9050.

Hope the guys see some of your friendly faces there !!


Message: 1161 Posted: Thu May 07 21:43:17 1998 By:
Subject: Albuquerque Concert

Just got back from Albuquerque where, for Cinco de Mayo, America ruled. I think I'll have more to say after I decompress but my first thoughts are to also express my deepest thanks for the abundance of joy America has brought to my life. What a great birthday present it was to hear Riverside and Three Roses and Tin Man and Only in Your Heart and 10 other great tunes live. Dewey, you still owe us a verse and I hope you'll make it up by performing in Taos one of these days. The arena wasn't the greatest place but I'm glad I was able to get up close for 45 minutes of pure enchantment. Muchas, muchas gracias!


Message: 1160 Posted: Thu May 07 21:40:28 1998 By:
Subject: Tucson Concert

Hi Guys! Had the blessing of being at your concert in Tucson last night. This was my 5th America Concert (over a period of 25 years) and I was a little afraid to go you know...I have loved your music since we were all "children" and was afraid you might not 'be there' anymore. It had been five years since I last saw you. Please forgive any fears I may have just keep getting better!!! Since I have found you here, I would like to take the opportunity to FINALLY say THANK YOU! Thank you for 25 years (more than my adult life) of your light, love and laughter. Thank you for raising the kid that I was when I found you. Thank you for your souls full of music and understanding. Thank you for being able to run me through the gambit of emotions and letting me know it is OK. Thank you for always seeming to have been there ahead of me...and feeling it and sharing it and being it all. Thank you for never selling out and thank you thank you thank you for always being able to touch my soul! Sorry for rambling...I'll quit's just that there are 25 years of thank yous stored in here! You deserve them. Last night you were glowing. Thought I'd tell you that. Last night you made me glow too. Thank you again! Wishing you all of the love you so freely give.... Marilynn Joyce, in the Desert...on a horse named "Windsor".

Message: 1159 Posted: Wed May 06 21:47:21 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Chords for Whole wide world (not for the chorus)


I checked through all of the songs that Itamar sent me and "Whole Wide World" was one of them. I don't have time to incorporate the chords in with the lyrics tonight but I'll get to it sometime this week. You were correct about Dmaj7, Amaj7, and Cmaj7 being used in the verses. The chorus uses F#m7, G, Dmaj7, and Amaj7. The last verse uses Fmaj7 (beginning with Dragonflies), Em7, Ebmaj7, Dm7, Am7, D7, and G. With a little experimenting you may be able to figure out the chord progressions. I'll get them on the web site as soon as possible.


Message: 1158 Posted: Wed May 06 21:36:41 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature Goes to Press

The record is about to be advance-mailed to the press!

I'll let you know what their first reactions are and will forward press clips to Steve for display. And if you guys see anything in your local papers maybe you can make mention of them here?

Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1157 Posted: Wed May 06 10:17:02 1998 By:
Subject: Tucson, AZ Show

Anybody plan on attending the Tucson, AZ show tonight at the Convention Center?


Message: 1156 Posted: Wed May 06 08:40:35 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks Nugget

The Nugget's website has an article and a small picture of the's the address if anyone wants to take a look...

Erin :o)

Message: 1155 Posted: Wed May 06 08:30:54 1998 By:
Subject: Chords for Whole wide world (not for the chorus)

I have chords for the Song "Whole wide world"

Now the leaves are.... starting with Dmaj7 and Amaj7
..... found in you. ending with Cmaj7

And all the people in the whole wide world..... ?? missing

Maybe, some of you, guys, can complete with me together....

bye, Andreas from Germany

Message: 1154 Posted: Tue May 05 20:46:45 1998 By:
Subject: Midnight on 06/30

There is a chain of huge stores around here that carry music, movies, books and games called Media Play. About once a month on Mondays, Media Play has a midnight madness sale. The majority of new releases seem to come out on Tuesdays.

The anxious night owl fan can grab the latest releases the second they become available (at midnight....Duh!). I hung in there once for the third Beatles Anthology.

So, if there is a midnight madness sale on Monday 06/29/98, guess where I'm gonna be?


Message: 1153 Posted: Tue May 05 08:51:22 1998 By:
Subject: Order America Las Vegas After Dark TV Interview

You can now order the recent interview of Gerry and Dewey by Jim Petty of the Las Vegas After Dark TV Show from the America Home Page. You can follow this link for show and ordering info:

Order America Las Vegas After Dark Interview


Message: 1152 Posted: Mon May 04 09:44:43 1998 By:
Subject: Bangkok concert on May 21st

Hi !
Does anybody know where will be performed the concert in Bangkok on May 21st ?
It seems that I will be there for business on that day, I'm incredibily happy ! I live in Italy !

Message: 1151 Posted: Mon May 04 08:36:38 1998 By:
Subject: All My Life

The "Just For Fun" song tournament is over and the underdog winner is "All My Life" beating out "Sister Golden Hair" in the championship round. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me work the bugs out of the Beta software. I believe it's now ready to use for an official song tournament later in the year.

By the way Gerry and Dewey, the fans have spoken. "All My Life" is the championship song so it only makes sense that it be included in the upcoming concerts (wishful thinking.....).


Message: 1150 Posted: Sun May 03 19:55:23 1998 By:
Subject: Boulder CO Shows

I haven't posted in awhile, but I thought I would check in with a quick update of the Boulder Colorado shows last night.

America played to a packed house at the Coors Event Center at the University of Colorado. I would estimate the crowd to be at approximately 7000, (just a guess).

Of course, they are still touring with The Loving Spoonfulls at the moment, who did a great job of warming up the crowd. I certainly agree with the earlier comment that America's version of California Dreaming is much better, but TLS was very entertaining.

The guys put on the same great quality show they alway do. Nothing really eventful happened to speak of. Unfortuneately, no Human Nature tracks were featured before either show. Major bummer. Hopefully they will fix that tonight, at the Colorado Springs show at the World Arena, which begins in about 5 hours.

It's been worth the trip from Greenville, SC so far. The new '98 t-shirts are fantastic. Pete said to say Hi to everyone on the folder.

I'll drop a line about the next show later. Colorado is indeed a beautiful place. John Denver nailed it.

Speak the wisdom of a redwood tree,


Message: 1149 Posted: Sun May 03 19:52:30 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Updated Tour Schedule!!

I'd like to point out, yet again, that there is no specific date for America on The Howard Stern show. I am in discussions about it.

Thank you.

Oxygen Records

Message: 1148 Posted: Sun May 03 10:06:46 1998 By:
Subject: Spring Horse's Mouth Now Online

The Spring '98 Edition of "The Horse's Mouth" America Newsletter is now online at:


Rick and Barb

Message: 1147 Posted: Sun May 03 10:00:23 1998 By:
Subject: Updated Tour Schedule!!

This is the latest official Human Nature '98 Tour Schedule. There's been some rearranging of the Asian concerts in particular, and I've marked the new U.S. dates with ***** Note an appearance on the Howard Stern show and the Human Nature CD release coincide on June 30th.


Friday May 1 Lake Charles, Louisiana: Civic Center Theater
Saturday May 2 Boulder, Colorado: Coors Events Center 9pm
Sunday May 3 Colorado Springs, Colorado: New World Arena 8:30 pm
Tuesday May 5 Albuquerque, New Mexico: Tingley Coliseum 9pm
Wednesday May 6 Tucson, Arizona: Convention Center Theatre 9pm
Tuesday May 12 Nagoya, Japan
Thursday May 14 Hong Kong, China
Friday May 15 Manila, Phillipines
Monday May 18 Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday May 20 Singapore
Thursday May 21 Bangkok, Thailand
Saturday May 23 Indio, California: Amerifest Music Festival
Thursday May 28-Wednesday June 10 Sparks, Nevada: John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino (16 shows total)
Friday June 12 Fresno, California: Tower Theater
Saturday June 13 San Juan Capistrano, California: The Coach House 7pm and 9:30pm
Sunday June 14 San Diego, California: Humphrey's
Monday June 15 Kelseyville, California: Konocti Harbor Resort/Spa 8pm*****
Wednesday June 17 Richmond, Virginia: Innsbrook Pavilion*****
Friday June 19 Atlantic City, New Jersey: Shell-Trump Marina Hotel
Saturday June 20 Atlantic City, New Jersey: Shell-Trump Marina Hotel
Friday June 26 Warsaw, Indiana: Warsaw Ballroom Festival/City Park
Saturday June 27 Bloomingdale, Illinois: (Chicago) Bloomingdale FamilyFest 8:30
Sunday June 28 Norway, Michigan: Marion Park Summerfest
Tuesday June 30 Howard Stern Show and Human Nature Release*****
Thursday July 2 Arlington Heights, Illinois: Frontier Days 8pm
Friday July 3 O'Fallon, Missouri: O'Fallon City Park 9pm
Saturday July 4 Moreno Valley, California: (Riverside area) Family Fun Festival at Morrison Park 7pm
Sunday July 5 Silver Creek, Colorado: Westfest-Silver Creek Resort 5pm
Thursday July 9 Fort Loramie, Ohio: Country Fest at Hickory Hill Lakes
Friday July 10 Robinsonville, MS: Horseshoe Casino 9pm
Saturday July 11 Robinsonville, MS: Horseshoe Casino 9pm
Monday July 13 Westbury, NY: Westbury Music Fair
Thursday July 16 Cadott, Wisconsin: Rock Fest
Saturday July 18 Louisville, Kentucky: Louisville Zoological Gardens
Sunday July 19 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Heartwood Mansion 7:30*****
Thursday July 23 Denver, Colorado: Grizzly Rose
Friday July 24 Hastings, Nebraska: Adams County Fair
Saturday July 25 South Amboy, New Jersey: Club Bene
Sunday July 26 Oswego, New York: Harborfest at Breitbeck Park
Thursday July 30 Rock Springs, Wyoming: Sweetwater County Fair 8pm
Friday July 31 Corvallis, Oregon: Benton County Fair 7 and 9pm
Saturday August 1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Festival
Saturday August 8 Uncasville, Conneticut: WolfDen, Mohegan Sun Casino (two shows)
Tuesday August 11 Baton Rouge, Louisiana: The Texas Club
Thursday August 13 New Orleans, Louisiana: Bally's Belle of Orleans
Friday August 14 Bossier City, Louisiana (Shreveport) Casino Magic
Saturday August 15 Wichita, Kansas: The Cotillion
Sunday August 16 St. Joseph, Missouri: Trails West Fest 7pm
Saturday August 22 Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Lakefest 2pm and 7:30pm*****
Sunday August 30 Hershey Park, Pennsylvania 5:30pm and 8pm
Saturday September 5 Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas Silver Bowl
Wednesday September 23 Bellingham, Washington: Mt. Baker Theater 7:30*****
Thursday September 24 Pasadena, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm
Friday September 25 Newport Beach, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm
Saturday October 4 Deadwood, South Dakota: Oktoberfest
Saturday October 10 Houston, Texas: Compaq Arena
Sunday October 11 San Antonio, Texas: Empire Theatre (2 shows)

Message: 1146 Posted: Sun May 03 09:53:53 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Howard Stern

Yes.......this is something that doesn't need to be pushed at this time.


Message: 1145 Posted: Sat May 02 01:01:35 1998 By:
Subject: Vancouver/Portland Photos

Alan Dutton sent me a bunch of photos from the 1996 Vancouver concert and the 1998 Portland concert. They are now on the Internet for your viewing pleasure. Thanks a million, Alan.


Message: 1144 Posted: Sat May 02 00:30:07 1998 By:
Subject: Just For Fun - Championship

The "Just For Fun" song tournament (using the Beta software) is now in its championship round and the finalists are "All My Life" and "Sister Golden Hair". The amazing thing about this tournament is that "All My Life" beat "Ventura Highway" in the second round and has continued to win every round since then. The official song tournament that we had earlier this year ended up with "Ventura Highway" and "Sister Golden" hair in the championship round so it's interesting to see a different song there this time.

Voting for the championship round will end at midnight on Sunday, May 3. Then I'll see about putting together a real tournament using songs that never were released as singles. That will give some of the lesser known "album" songs a chance to win.

If you haven't voted yet you can do so by going to amballot.exe.


Message: 1143 Posted: Sat May 02 00:23:05 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Howard Stern

Actually, I'm going to suggest that maybe it's better if no one contacts the Howard Stern show about an appearance right now. America are already tentatively scheduled for a late June-early July appearance and I don't think it would be good to push the show, especially this early.


Message: 1142 Posted: Sat May 02 00:22:06 1998 By:
Subject: America In Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hi, I have never posted on this folder before but have been a fan of America for over 20 years. America played in Lake Charles Friday night to an outdoor crowd of several thousand. They played for a little over an hour and put on a great show. Very well received by the crowd. Played most of their greatest hits along with a few others. Good sound and vocals still great! They mentioned June 30 as the release date for their new release. I tried to meet with them after the show but were unavailable. They are playing in Colorado Saturday and were flying out later tonight. I saw them back in 1978 but I think this show was better than the one 20 years ago. Glad to hear they are still together and still making great music.


Message: 1141 Posted: Sat May 02 00:16:59 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Howard Stern

Jim...that's great! I think Karen informed us the other night at chat that she may have them booked on Stern for the release date. Let's hope it comes to fruition!


Message: 1140 Posted: Fri May 01 16:42:15 1998 By:
Subject: Howard Stern

As many of may know, during the promotional tour for that fabulous piece of work titled HOURGLASS, AMERICA did 2 stints on the Stern show, the radio version. Like him or hate him, it was good exposure (non pun intended) for AMERICA; GERRY & DEWEY patiently went thru the interview & also brought their guitars for a few songs & also plugged HOURGLASS w/YOUNG MOON played over the air. So the opportunity for another spot will probably be arriving, feel free to send some encouragement re: HUMAN NATURE. Keep up the good work & we shall listen for the word from Karen for our major push.

Howard Stern Show
40 West 57th street 14th floor
NY NY 10019-4002
fax (212)314-9340

Message: 1139 Posted: Fri May 01 11:56:24 1998 By: Anonymous
Subject: magic

remember, a vote for "Magic" is a vote for Russ Ballard.
I'm getting an uncanny sense of deja vu'. How about you?

Message: 1138 Posted: Fri May 01 08:54:44 1998 By:
Subject: Re:New Album Rituals

Robert, What a great Idea!!! I Think I will plan to climb to the top of Mt. San Jacinto with HUMAN NATURE on my walkman. When I get to the top I shall celebrate with a glass of champagne and a toast to another America masterpiece.

Message: 1137 Posted: Fri May 01 07:20:02 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mail.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: America

Welcome back John C.
Also, I just received the Horse With No Name CD Video &
if anybody hasn't bought it yet. BUY IT!!! I cannot stop watching it.
It's that great. It's a must for all America die hard fans.
It showcases America in a German Studio, 1975 at their peak.
I rate it a big 10!!! California Revisited & Green Monkey rocks...
Dan Peek is an awesome lead guitarist.

Message: 1136 Posted: Fri May 01 05:42:30 1998 By:
Subject: New Album Rituals

Does anyone have a special way of celebrating a new release by America? My wife and I do. We usually take a ride through to the nearby NW Connecticut hills, listen to the album in the car, take in some great scenery, and pick out a few favorites, then stop at a great restaurant in Salisbury, Connecticut called "The White Hart Inn". "Hourglass" was an especially good celebration because my wife and I both loved it (we don't always agree unlike most married couples -- right?) Any other OPENING NIGHT/NEW ALBUM stories????

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