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Message: 1439 Posted: Tue Jun 30 22:47:17 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Frontier Days

Shayne, yes it was "Sister Golden Hair" that beat out "Ventura Highway" by one vote. I presume that whoever wrote the article wanted their first number one hit to be the winner. Oh well!!!

Have a great time at the Frontier Days. We'd love to hear about it afterwards on this chat folder.

FYI: On the job front, I've had several interviews already and things are looking very promising. It appears that I won't have to relocate and that I'll be able to have a comparable job that will still be in the Internet field. And, I don't know about being a hero, I just enjoy what I'm doing and hope I'll be able to continue for a long time.

Message: 1438 Posted: Tue Jun 30 21:50:12 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Frontier Days

I just read the Billboard articles. Didn't "Sister Golden Hair" beat out "Ventura Highway"? Well, anyway, jus two more days till the Frontier Days show. Has anyone ever been to that venue? I know it's all lawn seating. How big an area is it? Since it is a "festival" show (no seats, no charge), will that affect their song list?

Well, since it will be the fifth time I've seen them, I'm just happy to be going.

BTW, Billboard Online has made available a large number of their past album reviews. Check it out. It shows the original reviews of a few of our favorites (Your Move...).

Well, I'll review the concert on Friday. Steve, I hope things are working out. You're still my hero.


Message: 1437 Posted: Tue Jun 30 20:11:25 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Review

Steve, thanks so much for the insights...and for also doing your little part of helping with the promotion of Human Nature. You can bet it will NOT go unnoticed!

Message: 1436 Posted: Tue Jun 30 19:40:02 1998 By: jim n.
Subject: Norway Mich. Review

Great piece of writing Steve. That's our AMERICA !!

HUMAN NATURE very soon !!!!!

Message: 1435 Posted: Tue Jun 30 14:01:15 1998 By: Steve Orchard (K-rock radio)
Subject: America/June 28 1998/Summerfest,Norway Michigan/Review

A sunny 87 degree day greeted the throng of fans waiting to see classic rockers AMERICA perform! It was their first time back in this area since 1989. I had been waiting for this show for quite some time,and my own anticipation had been building. Two weeks earlier I had the opportunity to talk with Dewey via a phone interview while they were playing a 2 week engagment at a location in Las Vegas--believe it was "sparks" or something like that. Anyways,I think the band has some definate momentum going now,and it certainly helps with a new CD on the way! Plus,Billboard Magazine had a nice 2 page story on them in the June 27th issue!

Anyways,it was still very hot when the band hit the stage just after 6PM. The guys were in great spirits; they had been laughing and joking backstage and were very patient with all of the media that had congregated for the usual "meet & greet" and autograph signings. I was prepared to interview Gerry,but we decided it would be easier to do after the show as they were very pressed for time. The set opened with "Riverside",which was the first time I have heard them do that live. From there it was "Ventura Highway","You can do magic","Daisy Jane" and "don't cross the river" which Gerry sang lead on from the front of the stage! Dewey had told me earlier that he & Gerry were rotating some of the Dan Peek songs that Brad was singing due to some voice problems Brad was having. Next up was "Another try",then back to the first LP for "Three roses" and "I need you" which Gerry is doing with the guitar now instead of the piano--just like the way it sounds on "Van go gan". Up next was one of the two new songs from "Human Nature"--The Dewey vocal on "Pages" which was very pleasant sounding considering my first time hearing it! "Tin Man" followed that with "woman tonight" hot on its heels,sung by Gerry at the Piano. what a great song to hear, considering it was another Dan Peek song. "Only in your heart" was next--great to hear that Live!!! The show continued with "California Dreamin"--Gerry & Dewey both Joked onstage that they hadn't been able to do this song much lately because one of the recent tours they were on had a couple of other bands also doing this in their sets--The Beach Boys being one of them! Dewey then took the vocals for "Lonely People" and then it was on to the first single from "Human Nature" called "From a Moving train". this single has potential,so listen for it soon! A rockin' version of "Green Monkey" was next,followed by "Never be Lonely","Sandman" and "sister Goldenhair". The Band left the stage following that,but came back for the encore of "Horse with no name".

Following the show I found a set list that had 3 songs omitted that they were slated to do: "Mirror to Mirror","Last Unicorn" and "to each his own". Would have been nice to hear them,but the show was still great! I think they might have slowed the pace of the show down a bit had they stayed with those!

Following the show,the guys were very gracious,willing to talk to the Media, sign autographs,take pictures and mingle with some of the fans who were gathered near the gate. I must say,Dewey is VERY appreciative towards the Media and radio in General. He's always been very kind to take the time to speak with me,and this was the 5th time or so I've had the chance to talk with him. I had met Gerry before,but this was the first time I had the chance to actually interview him;he was here for a show in 89 but was sick,so he kept his speaking to a minimum. but...he was very talkative and friendly on stage and backstage as well. To Gerry & Dewey--thanks for all the help with the radio stuff! We'll give you whatever promotion we can!!!!! It was also fun to have them sign my copy of "silent letter" which they both refer to as "silent record"--because nobody heard it!

The band is playing at the rock fest in Cadott,wisconsin on July 16th. I might try to take that show in too. Once again guys,great show!!!!!!

Message: 1434 Posted: Tue Jun 30 12:28:48 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Billboard Articles

John, thanks so much for taking the time for the articles. Very much appreciate it. I think for the next 2 months, we'll see more and more articles about the release of "Human Nature." Let's all keep an eye out for them. And the one hour radio special, being syndicated by Oxygen Records for the King Biscuit Flower Hour network should be very interesting. Karen, any word of when its airdate might be?

Message: 1433 Posted: Tue Jun 30 11:55:10 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Billboard Articles

Both of the June 27 Billboard Magazine articles are now online. Thanks so much to John Corbett for taking the time and effort to type them in.

Article #1
Article #2

Message: 1432 Posted: Mon Jun 29 20:22:18 1998 By: John
Subject: The link

I wrote the link to the bio, honest, but it didn't go through.

It was:


Message: 1431 Posted: Mon Jun 29 20:20:34 1998 By: John
Subject: America bio

There's a web page called JamTV which has a better than average America bio, but it claims that America split up after the commercial failure of 1984's Perspective. It goes on to say that Dewey and Gerry "reunited" for Encore, and then decided to begin touring again. Some of these writers have very fanciful imaginations!

The bio can be found at:
Click on "artists", search for America, then select their bio.


Message: 1430 Posted: Mon Jun 29 20:16:45 1998 By: Mags
Subject: VH1 Special

Oops...spoke too soon before reading your second post....rats!

Message: 1429 Posted: Mon Jun 29 20:13:30 1998 By: Mags
Subject: VH1 Program

Howard...great news! Thanks for the heads-up!


Message: 1428 Posted: Mon Jun 29 19:52:15 1998 By: John
Subject: Lyrics to Saint Etienne song

One of my other favorite groups for a long time has been the British pop group Saint Etienne. They had a minor hit over here in 1992, a dancy remake of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart". While they are virtually unknown in the U.S., they have produced some of the best pop music of the '90s over in the UK. And now it's come full circle... Check out the lyrics to this song off their brand-new album, Good Humor:


Hair in curls
Not quite as tall as the other girls
I'd ran away from the laughter upstairs
Wear high heels and I cut my hair
Try to conceal

So tired of their small town games
Whistle a tune of a horse with no name
Hang around by the stadium
Drinking a wine like a bowry bum

Erica let's go out tonight
Staying out till the morning light
Erica let's go out tonight
Everything's gonna be alright

Etc., etc.

Somebody has to tell these people that we're not all a bunch of drunken small-town bums!! :)


Message: 1427 Posted: Mon Jun 29 19:46:07 1998 By: Jim
Subject: The "Real Drums" controversy

Being a drummer from the old school...that is the only good drum is a double headed acoustic one...I agreed with what Kevin said about acoustic vs electronic drums. I've also been in recording situations both with my "real drums" and studio kits...and they CAN be a pain to record properly, which may explain in part why Gerry and Dewey chose to go the machine route. What I missed in the rest of Hourglass was the "band" feeling that they had on "Greenhouse" and "Everyone..California". I would bet that "Greenhouse" was done live with few, if any overdubs. Gerry and Dewey ARE exceptional songwriters (in addition to the above two songs, "Ports of Call" and "Hope" were other personal favorites from "Hourglass"...drum machines notwithstanding) but remember, Gerry and Dewey, together with Willie, Michael and Brad are also an exceptional BAND, as anyone who's been to a show will attest, and THAT's what I'd like to see more of in their albums.
I'd also like to see them come to Erie since they haven't been here since 1987!

Jim Erie,Pa.

Message: 1426 Posted: Mon Jun 29 16:04:17 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule!!!

The latest America concert schedule is now online at

One highlight.......a tour of Europe in late October-early November that is being put together. Hopefully this will include venues in England.......America's "second home".......for the many fans that have written in and called.


Message: 1425 Posted: Mon Jun 29 16:00:58 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: America and Success etc...

Brant, In response to your question about Dan Peek making an appearance on the Human Nature CD, the answer is no. While Dan is still a good friend of Gerry and Dewey, they have been on their own much longer than they were with Dan and America now is Gerry and Dewey. After you listen to Human Nature, you'll be convinced that they still have what it takes to make some great music!

Message: 1424 Posted: Mon Jun 29 15:20:08 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: Fake Drums

I have been a lifelong America fan. They are my all-time favorites and there isn't a close second. I couldn't agree more with Brant about the use of fake drums. Aside from the fact that they sound cheesey, they also don't have a very enduring quality to them. No personality. I thought Hourglass was a great album that was kept from being a classic by the use of fake drums. I was dissapointed America did that. While I'm sure it was a financial decision, it wasn't the wisest musical decision. And while all the songs were great, the one real classic song on the album--the song that jumped off the page--was "Greenhouse." I don't think it was a coincidence that that was the only new song on the album with real drums. There was an energy there that fake drums just can't capture. Listening to Eric Clapton's new album is the same. He uses fake drums throughout and the songs, while good, don't seem to last much past the initial listen. Fake drums lack soul. If you're going to use fake drums, why not just go all the way and use fake guitars and fake keyboards? What you end up with is the electronic crap you hear in every dance bar. To me, the real testament to the genius of America's songwriting is that the songs on Hourglass were strong enough to rise above the production economies. I really doubt Ventura Highway or Sandman or Sister Golden Hair would be the classics they are today had they used fake drums. Something about them would have just laid there. With what I've heard of Human Nature, I know it has a heart (all the songs are wonderful) the be endearing. I can only hope it also has the soul to be enduring.

Message: 1423 Posted: Mon Jun 29 14:46:04 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1 Special

Bad news folks...Spoke with VH1 programming department.
This special is only for music groups with videos, and
you know the rest...

Message: 1422 Posted: Mon Jun 29 11:47:50 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1 SPECIAL



Message: 1421 Posted: Mon Jun 29 10:44:59 1998 By: Brant Satala
Subject: America and Success etc...

I've been a fan of America since I was a kid (mid to late 70s). I'm 30 now. In highschool I had an obsession with collecting all of their albums on vinyl. Not an easy thing to do considering most were out of print. This group got me through highschool when everyone else was listening to Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Ratt etc...

To make a long story shorter, I stopped listening to them through college. I've seen them in concert 4 times, and met them. Great guys. Recently, I've had this craving to hear their smooth vocals, and unoffending, catchy songs. Just before I started college I started listening to more progressive, and alternative music like Yes, Marillion, Icehouse, Big Country, U2... and many others. It's funny how some music helps you appreciate other types of music. With my recent return to listening to America again, I've realized how simplistic their songs are. Their songs aren't (recently) complicated compositions, and their lyrics never really get too political at all. They are, instead, little messages from the hearts of the songwriters, some simpler than others, and it's taken me about 15 years to realize that's what I love about them. I do think they have a couple weak albums like Your Move, and Silent Letter is O.K., but imho not that great. Hourglass would be better with a real drummer on all the tunes. But I like Hourglass.

So, to wrap it up, I just wanted to say I hope Gerry and Dewey use real drums on the new album, and plenty of acoustic and raw electric guitar (like the old days). Drum and synth programming isn't IN anymore, and only fits their style occasionally (like on Perspective). Does anyone know if Dan Peek will be making any appearances on this album?

Message: 1420 Posted: Sun Jun 28 22:45:41 1998 By: jim n.
Subject: New Brian Wilson CD

Just an FYI:
As you all know AMERICA has a very close relationship w/Brian Wilson & the Beach Boys. Heck GERRY even filled in for Al Jardine on the Beach Boys tour for a bunch of shows a few years ago. Well Brian has a new CD, Imagination. It is very good & highly recommended for those who love AMERICA. GERRY BECKLEY & Brian Wilson share many song writing attributes.

Message: 1419 Posted: Sun Jun 28 21:36:04 1998 By: Frank
Subject: America In Bloomingdale

What can I say? The concert last night in Bloomingdale, IL. was fantastic! The guys sang two songs from Human Nature---Gerry with "From A Moving Train" and Dewey sang" Pages". Both great songs! I can't wait until the CD is released. The whole band was in great voice. I never heard the harmonies sung so well. Gerry and Dewey talked to the crowd more than I have ever seen. They showed the crowd that they were having fun and very happy to be playing for them. This was the first time that I head Gerry sing , "Don't Cross the River". He did a fantastic job. I have seen over twenty concerts during the past twenty years, and I have to say that every subsequent year I see them, I become more and more impressed. I listened to WGNJoeShow's interview with Gerry the night before the concert. Joe, you did a great job! I also saw Joe at the concert. I hope to see America once again in Arlington Heights, IL next month.

Message: 1418 Posted: Sun Jun 28 20:28:34 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Hideaway

Thanks to "" I finally have my CD copy of "Hideaway"...and I know I'm out of step with some, but overall this IS my favorite America album. Anyway, I was wondering...a few of the tunes feature a solo sax. Could this possibly be the first (uncredited) appearance of Jimmy Calire? (His son, by the way is drummer for the Wallflowers). Or is that a George Martin session guy?

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 1417 Posted: Sun Jun 28 17:49:37 1998 By: jim n.

The Billboard article is superb & great for AMERICA. I am still predicting that this will be another fantastic year for AMERICA. Oxygen's promotional plans along w/AMERICA's promotion of HUMAN NATURE on the road should make HUMAN NATURE a smash & new fans gained. GO AMERICA !

Message: 1416 Posted: Sun Jun 28 17:44:19 1998 By: jessica
Subject: preparing the way for H.N.

On Warren and John's thoughts: I very definitely agree. With Jim, too, on the album needing more time and effort.

You know, it does take very little to remind people how much they enjoy America's music. Take the concerts here. The audience here had n't heard any news or word about America for years, and yet when the show dates arrived, the people were there. And they loved every minute of the shows. I believe it takes just a little bit more to show that America is still enjoyable. And that they're here! For my part, I made an announcement at my local internet circle about the new album, citing the guys' previous hits. This August, I'll write to the local BMG company to ask about the release of Human Nature in Manila. I just don't know how much of an effort and how long it will take to do what Warren cited. How much money. Maybe Karen can give us an idea if these are possible for Human Nature.

Message: 1415 Posted: Sat Jun 27 13:50:37 1998 By: JIM

Great thoughts by all. AMERICA's music will be recognized for what it is. Sometimes good things take time & effort. Excellent insight !

Message: 1414 Posted: Fri Jun 26 21:22:20 1998 By: Mags
Subject: I second those emotions ! ! !

Here, here...Warren and John both! I couldn't agree more with your insights. It's time for America's music to once again be in the forefront and stoplight of every musical outlet.

Message: 1413 Posted: Fri Jun 26 17:54:34 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Friggen' Unbelievable Song

Gotta agree with you 100%, Warren. What we have to avoid is the Hourglass promotion debacle. No videos. No articles. No major talk shows. No radio airplay. No retail saturation. Human Nature, and especially "From A Moving Train", has to become part of POPULAR CULTURE, as did their early hits and "You Can Do Magic" later on. You want to be able to say to a stranger, "Hey, did you hear that new America song?" And they should be able to say at the worst, "Yeah, I heard it on the radio, and I saw the video on VH-1. Great stuff. Maybe I should get the album and see if the rest of it is any good..." [Ed. note -- Which OF COURSE IT IS!!!] Or, "I think I remember hearing it at the supermarket." Or perhaps, "Yeah, they had some big article about America in this week's Rolling Stone." Or... "Hey, they were on Leno last night and were FRIGGEN' UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!! I dig that stuff, man. Let's go to the record shop and find it!!" [Ed. note -- Thanks to retail saturation, it'll be there, whether they choose Tower Records or Wal-Mart!]


By the way, Steve Orchard says this week's Billboard Magazine has a large article about America. We can't find the article on their website, but you may want to check local newsstands.

Message: 1415 Posted: Fri Jun 26 13:27:15 1998 By: Warren Woodzell
Subject: EXPOSURE!!!

To whom it may concern...PLEASE...whoever reads this stuff needs to pay CLOSE attention here! I just heard the wave of 'From A Moving Train' and...well..., I'm too excited to make it till August...BUT... the sacrifice may need to be made...heed my words, America fans. I AM BEGGING whoever is out there, whoever is in charge of this whole Human Nature thing: DON'T LET THIS ONE PASS THE PUBLIC BYE!! PLEASE!! The song is friggen''s one of those songs that people could turn on the radio to and get going on!! Now, as much as I hate to say it, let's all face it...the REAL market for MOST America stuff was gone shortly before I was born (the Hideaway era) save View From The Ground, but this could be it!...Don't you all SEE?!THIS could be THE ONE!! THE album that SHOWS all the critics and skeptics that drew a sraight line through America on their list of bands!! THE album that people will stare at as soon as they turn the corner and see the 'A's!!....Folks, it could very well be THE album that returns America to the top where they belong. All I'm saying is August is gonna seem like a long way off...but UTILIZE this time to put Dewey and Gerry back up top!! MAKE people realize that they exist again and are just as good as EVER. Everyone here, on these home-pages, knows the truth...don't you think it's time for the buying public to get a dose of the same? PLEASE!!! do what needs to be done!

Message: 1411 Posted: Fri Jun 26 12:40:52 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Liz Smith's Article

Here's what Liz Smith wrote:

America, the rock group of "Ventura Highway" and "Horse With No Name" fame, celebrates its 30th anniversary with the release of a new album, "Human Nautre," on the Oxygen Record label. This disc of fresh material arrives in August.

Message: 1410 Posted: Fri Jun 26 12:02:03 1998 By: John
Subject: New York Post

To check out the little aside about America in the New York Post from Thursday in Liz Smith's column, follow this link to

Sorry to hear about your server problems there, Steve. We're keeping our fingers crossed that you find something even better!


Message: 1409 Posted: Fri Jun 26 09:05:15 1998 By: jessica
Subject: going "offline"

I was stunned when I found out what happened. I've been getting bad vibes when I couldn't get to your page earlier today. You see, I have this paranoid thought that one day I'd get online and find that all my America links are gone. Everything lost. But then, now - I thought, I had very strong America "links" even before I got online. I'll always have the band and you guys with me even without the Internet.

So Steve, just hang in there. We're all behind you. This is just a bad patch, like the one were having here in Asia. Get that America spirit high, okay?

Message: 1408 Posted: Fri Jun 26 07:45:14 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Offline

I haven't found a new home yet. Corel has turned the server back on and I'll find out later today how long it may stay on. They have talked about a "60 day transition period" so I'm guessing it could hang around that long. In the meantime, I'm exploring the possibility of moving the America Fans site to another server, to the Oxygen web site, or to the HorseWithNoName web site. One way or another, we'll find a place for it.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and concern. I'm sure things will turn out OK.


Message: 1407 Posted: Fri Jun 26 06:19:36 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Good Luck Steve

Sorry to hear about the lay offs. Good luck in finding new employment. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us informed.

Message: 1406 Posted: Fri Jun 26 06:12:55 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Offline


Now that it's back online, does this mean you found a new home?


Message: 1405 Posted: Thu Jun 25 17:34:35 1998 By: Bill
Subject: Re:America

DITTO!!!!!!! Thanks Steve,for your hard work and effort.......I really dont know how you find the time.........hope all is well with you.....its been a tough few weeks with the LP and know the web site....but I have faith that all will be worked out..........Long Live America!!!

Message: 1404 Posted: Thu Jun 25 14:45:45 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Thanks for the message and your all hard work, dedication and efforts Steve. We sure do appreciate it!!!

Message: 1403 Posted: Thu Jun 25 14:37:48 1998 By: steve
Subject: America Fans Web Site Offline

Some of you may have noticed that the America Fans web site was offline yesterday and part of today. That was due to an announcement by Corel (who hosts the site) that they would be shutting down the Orem office and laying off the 530 people who work there. I'm working on finding another home for the web site and you can look on Rick's America home page or the HorseWithNoName web site for a link to the new web site when it moves. In the meantime, I'll keep this site up and running as long as I can.


Message: 1402 Posted: Thu Jun 25 13:23:57 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Liz Smith's Column

"America" received special notice in Liz Smith's Syndicated Column today. She mentioned the upcoming album, and drew attention to their years in the business. Her column is available on the web. See, or check out the NY Post. Thanks Liz!

Message: 1401 Posted: Tue Jun 23 21:57:39 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

I'm still flying high from the shows in Richmond and AC! Thanks America, you really gave us some wonderful memories!

Wanda.....yes, that was us with the glow sticks! Though, I think I did more waving than my son did (I was sitting opposite my son, and my daughter was next to me). Sure do hope we get to meet at Hershey Park. Do we need reserved tickets for those shows?


Message: 1400 Posted: Tue Jun 23 20:49:31 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: RE: Have Been Waiting All My Life For "ALL MY LIFE" LIVE

I'm going t be at "Frontier Days" in Illinois next week ad I would love to hear "All My Life" live. It's my wife's favorite GB song (and one of mine). I sing it as a lullabye to my daughter (who, at six years old,CAN fall asleep to a lullabye - no matter how it's spelled). She'll be at the show also (it's a family thing). Can't wait.


Message: 1399 Posted: Tue Jun 23 17:14:34 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Have been waiting all my life, for "ALL MY LIFE" LIVE

This message is for Gerry and Gang. I am a friend of Joe I. and I have meet all of you, and Pete, quite a few times. (Rye Playland, in the monsoon). I have been reading all of the wonderful concert reviews. Everybody is having a great time at every show. We will get our turn in July at Club Bene, in NJ and at Westbury Music Fair, (to bad it is with Air Supply), no offense you Air Supply fans. Anyway, I have noticed that every now and again, in the concert reviews, Gerry has been driving the fans wild with "All My Life." Gerry, this is a special request from myself, and Joe, if you could please play 'All My Life' at those 2 shows (or one) that we will be at. I have been an AMERICA fan 'all my life', and it would be the BEST, if I could hear if LIVE, acoustically. I know you have a set list usually planned in advance, and I know all of you guys are very busy, but I hope you take the time and read this message. When my husband, Bob and I got married (5 1/2 yrs ago), I wanted that song to be our wedding song, but he was a baby America fan then. I have since converted him!! Well, keep up the GREAT work. Can not wait for the release of Human Nature and the shows in July. Take Care and Thank You for the bottom of my soul!! You guys are THE BEST.....Maureen.

Message: 1398 Posted: Tue Jun 23 17:00:51 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Rooster & Sue

I just wanted to say "Congratulations" to Rooster & Sue. I have had the pleasure of meeting both of you. Sue, at Hershey park with Joe I. and Rooster at Rye Playland last summer. I wish you nothing but the best. You guys make a great couple!!

Message: 1397 Posted: Tue Jun 23 14:30:02 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Wednesday Morning!!!!

Execellent wav files!! Thanks Steve!!!!!!

Judging from the clips Wednesday Morning sounds like the best song on the album!!!! I like it even better than From A Moving Train. Wheels Are Turning also sounds very strong!!! But Wednesday Morning has big hit potential! Karen, Gerry, or Dewey, if you are reading this, Wednesday Morning should be the second single released from the album (actually I think it should be the first, but it's too late for that). Overwhelming World Suite sounds great too, kind of like a one-man HatTrick.

Dewey & Gerry, sounds like you did a great job!!!! The clips sound like it should be a great album!

Message: 1396 Posted: Tue Jun 23 12:54:09 1998 By: John
Subject: Wave files

WOW! I just finished listening to all 12 songs from Human Nature, or at least their brief wav files. This album has GOT to be a winner, as long as people hear it. Go get 'em Karen!!!

Personal faves: From A Moving Train, Town And Country, Hidden Talent, Pages, Hot Town, and Oloololo. That's nearly half the album, isn't it? Oh, well. It's all great!!

Message: 1395 Posted: Mon Jun 22 21:38:06 1998 By: Wanda
Subject: Re: Atlantic City

WOW!!! What fabulous shows America put on both Friday & Saturday night. My sister, my dad & myself were also right in front of Gerry (Saturday night I set right against the front of the stage) & Friday night just 3 seats back at the same table. It was the first time we had heard them in such a small setting & everyone (except poor Brad) was in top form. Get better soon Brad! Ginny, were you the one with the little boy who had those glow in the dark "things" waving around? If so, we were at the very next table. I wish we could have met, but I had almost completely lost my voice & so could only lip synch to the songs, so I didn't really get to talk to anyone. I did get to "whisper" Hello to Gerry in the lobby bar later-I think you were there talking to him first. But I didn't get too close--wouldn't want to do anything to ruin that beautiful voice! I think the part I liked best was when Gerry did his solo performance of "All My Life" which he dedicated to Rooster & Sue, who had just gotten married. But I also loved Dewey's performance of "Pages"-Dewey's voice just keeps sounding better & better and I love all the enthusiasim he puts into everything he does (even his tambourine playing). Also Gerry's performance of "From A Moving Train" blew us all away. It has #1 written all over it, all it needs is proper airplay & I think Oxygen records will be on top of that! Thanks Dewey & Gerry for a wonderful Father's Day weekend-my dad loved both shows & just listening to your music made me forget how much my throat was hurting (unfortunately, it didn't bring my voice back--went to the doctor today & I'm on antibiotics for 5 days) - I probably should have stayed home & gone to the doctor but NO WAY was I going to miss America in Atlantic City! Now for the countdown of days till the Hersheypark Show! Hope to see you there Ginny (with my voice)! Wanda

Message: 1394 Posted: Mon Jun 22 09:06:03 1998 By: Beth
Subject: Atlantic City Concert

Hello Everyone,

I have been quietly reading your posts for the last couple of months, but had to take a few moments to tell everyone how great Saturday's concert was in Atlantic City. As someone mentioned earlier, the place was small with less than 500 seats. I was probably 50 feet from the stage. We drove about 200 miles for the concert and it was well worth it.

I started listening to America in 1994 when I heard them at a concert for the first time. Of course the concerts were great; I was obviously hooked. As good as those concerts were, I have to say that the Atlantic City concert was much better, if that's possible. (Any possibility of having this one released on a live album)???? Actually, I had been listening to them long before but I didn't realize that all those great songs were theirs until then. I thought that Lonely People was a Beatles' tune.

At one point in the concert Dewey said that they were going to play something from their first album. He said that they were playing unplugged long before it was cool and proceeded to play Three Roses. I liked it then, but the sound has definitely improved with age. As Karen said, they dedicated Lonely People to a couple of the guys from Oxygen Records. Gerry announced that the next song was dedicated to the loneliest guy in the audience. Someone in the audience shouted out and Gerry started laughing and said you make it too easy.

Someone said that they didn't like Dewey and Gerry taking the lead on Don't Cross the River. They must have been having a bad night. I thought it sounded terrific. Of course we missed your voice Brad. By the way, I saw you moving your lips a few times; don't rush it. At least I think that was you. The last time I saw the group you had long hair pulled back in a ponytail.

After singing Daisy Jane, I think I saw Gerry wiping a tear away from his face. How wonderful that you can still have so much feeling for a song after singing it for twenty-five years. After playing California Dreaming, Gerry said that it felt good to play it again. He said that they had been touring Asia with a group that had it in their act and then another group on the West Coast that had it in their act, so they were not able to play it themselves. And, he said, they didn't do it good. He then went on to tell us the names of the two groups (The Beach Boys and the Loving Spoonful). The audience laughed and he said he knew that statement would get them in trouble. I hope I haven't dug the hole any deeper for you by putting your statement in writing. I wouldn't say that they do it bad, but I do have to agree that you do it better.

The two new songs (Pages and From a Moving Train) sound fantastic. I can't wait until the new album comes out. Meanwhile, I am going to drive myself crazy by singing over and over in my head ---- from a moving train, la la la la . . . , from a moving train. Don't you just hate when that happens? Oh well, what better song to have it happen with.

Other songs played included, Sandman (I loved the intro), Everyone I Meet Is From California, Mirror to Mirror, Daisy Jane, Sister Golden Hair, Mary and of course Gerry's solo of All My Life, to name a few. I wish I could remember them all, they played several of their older tunes that I hadn't heard in concert before. The concert lasted about ninety minutes, much too short for me, but then again four hours would have been too short in my opinion. I could have stayed there all night.

Gerry mentioned that it had been twenty-five years since they won "Best New Artist." He said it looked like they were going to be nominated for "Best Old Artist" this year. I hate to burst your bubble, but I think that there are a few groups out there that have you beat, I won't name names. Now, "Best New Song," I would vote for that one. I would venture to say that the Shell Showroom will be too small for you next year.

During the concert I couldn't help but to think, most of us spend our working life simply doing something to make a living. How wonderful it must be to have their talent and to be able to do something that you really enjoy. I am so glad that you have managed to stay together all these years. Good luck with the new album and thanks for the music. I hope to catch you again at Pennsylvania in August.


Message: 1393 Posted: Mon Jun 22 09:01:21 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: Atlantic City

All I can say is.........WOW!!

Saturday's show was incredible! They said that Friday's show was just a soundcheck for Saturday's show.........must have been!

Our friend, Carol, and her daughter, Gretchen, got there at 5:30 and were the first in line. There were a few others there in line when we (myself and kids, Althea and Cory) got there, thank you for not lynching us for joining our friends! Paid off the maitre d' and got right in front of Gerry!

The guys all looked great in black. Don't usually see them inside, so this was a different look. I didn't "time" the show, but I think it was somewhere between 75 and 90 minutes. Not much was crossed off the playlist, only Unicorn, Sgt. Darkness and Green Monkey were gone.......and Pages and Train were added :-) Pages is a wonderful song. Dewey really shows his writing and vocal abilities on
this one! From A Moving Train is a very catchy tune, I think it was the song needed to turn our son into a fan!

Congrats to Sue and Rooster! Wishing you both all the happiness in the world in your new life together! All My Life was a very beautiful tribute, Gerry. Great to have Rooster come out and play on Horse........we will never forget that one!

Thanks for all the picks guys :-)))

So nice to meet you too, Karen! Keep up the great work........keep that train moving right along!

We got to see Willie and Gerry at the Lobby Bar after the show. Thanks for being so nice! Sorry we couldn't hang around longer, but we had a 45 minute drive back to Carol's house.......and, I had been up since 4AM!

Thanks for the great time guys!! Looking forward to Hershey Park!


Message: 1393 Posted: Mon Jun 22 08:39:32 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Album Reviews

I found another place for all America fans to sound off about how much they like certain America albums. carries a fairly wide selection of America CDs, including several import titles like Holiday, Hideaway, etc... Anyway they also let you rate the albums and write reviews of them too. When I discovered the place, to my dismay, none to the America albums had been rated or reviewed (other than a few excepts from critics who gave then backhanded "compliments" as being a sweet little pop band). I entered ratings and reviews for all the albums, and in a day or two, my reviews popped-up with the album listings. So all other America fans need to head to the music section of, and enter their own reviews and ratings. It's your patriotic duty for America.

Message: 1392 Posted: Mon Jun 22 06:07:10 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Club Bene America Concert 7/25/98

To: Karen D./Oxygen Records & All America Fans

Glad all of you enjoyed the America concert at Atlantic City.
Karen, by chance will the folks from Oxygen Records & yourself be
attending the concert at Club Bene (New Jersey)? If so looking forward
to meeting all of you. This will be my second America concert and looking forward with great anticipation, not only to the concert...
but for the new album. Been a fan since first LP. Just a warning, now that you're're a fan for life. America just keeps on getting better and better and better...
By the way Happy Father's Day to Gerry, Dewey & all other Dads on this
site. Hope your day was special.

Regards, Howard Lieboff (One of New Jersey's biggest America fan)

Message: 1391 Posted: Sun Jun 21 21:23:14 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Memorabilia

Just thought i should let people know that a 77''tour program is also available from GEMM,as is old singles etc,have to say when America played the Crown Casino in melbourne not only was the show fantastic,but i do believe the guys seem to be getting younger.I`m hoping the new HUMAN NATURE cd is a raging success then they may well appear in Australia.Loved wave files,after living in England most of my life America last toured there in 75`` with Poco,getting in info on the band in the U.K. was almost impossible so thank god for the America home pages.

Message: 1389 Posted: Sun Jun 21 19:56:42 1998 By: adrian
Subject: america video

Greetings from down under,i saw america at the crown casino in melbourne recently, and in sydney a few years back got to meet Gerry and Dewey backstage found out Gerrys parents lived near my old home in sussex england.i think a few fans will be interested to know that it appears there is an america video available through GEMM,AMERICA in Boston aug 96 80mins.

Message: 1388 Posted: Sun Jun 21 19:26:06 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Atlantic City

I just wanted to thank all the America fans who located those of us from Oxygen at the Atlantic City show on Saturday and told us how excited you are about Human Nature. I thought the show was amazing, too, and it was fantastic meeting you all. Also, it was my very first America concert ever and I am completely converted now. I thought the new stuff went over really well, too! The band dedicated Lonely People to the heads of Oxygen, Steve and Kevin, for their birthdays. We all had an amazing time.

Special thanks to TDNMouse - what a nice lady!

See you soon.

Karen D.
Oxygen Rec

Message: 1387 Posted: Sun Jun 21 16:44:50 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Atlantic City Success!

I've waited so long to see America live again and it was truly worth the wait. It was so much fun to watch them work together and create that remarkable sound. Saturday night's concert was a bittersweet one. You could see how sad the guys were about losing Rooster. Gerry's guitar solo of All My Life was unbelievably beautiful. Rooster himself knocked down the house when he took the lead on an electric guitar during Sandman (I think). The worst part about the evening was that it was over in what seemed a second. I could have sat and listened to them forever. The concert was in a place called "The Shell," and there truly were no bad seats. I was right up front! I couldn't believe my luck there. Gerry announced that Human Nature would be coming out IN THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST!!! The Oxygen Record Execs. were right up front, so I doubt that Gerry would say it if he wasn't sure! From a Moving Train was EXCELLENT! I think I need to hear Pages again before I give a review. The words in Pages are so thought provoking that I found myself listening intently to them and not so much to the melody. Oh Dear! I'll have to check out Steve's new wave files. America is still tops in my book! Happy Father's Day to all Dads....especially the really cool ones who are America fans!

Message: 1386 Posted: Sun Jun 21 09:40:08 1998 By: Mags
Subject: From A Moving Train & Pages

Steve...I think I have worn out both of the wave files already! Thanks again.

Message: 1385 Posted: Sat Jun 20 22:22:21 1998 By: Don
Subject: AMERICA Rocks Atlantic City, Pt. 2

Hey, I inadvertantly reported that Gerry took the lead on Lonely People....should have said Don't Cross the River....never heard him do it....but it was great.

The 2nd show on Sat was even better than the first......a real surprise at the end of the show before the two song encore, Gerry appeared by himself and dedicated a very special number to their tech, (I believe Rooster), who was just married a few days earlier, and thrilled the crowd with an incredible performance of "All My Life",.

I have always wanted to hear it live and Gerry really sang his heart out in honor of the newlywed couple.....a wonderful night. Make sure you see them leave when they come to your areas....each performance is so special and the energy they exert is so obvious.

The new album is bound to be a winner. The new record management Co. was also on hand....but I didn't see any advance copies anywhere....(guess we'll have to wait until August....but Gerry did say the beginning of Aug).


Message: 1384 Posted: Sat Jun 20 21:24:48 1998 By: pat
Subject: wavs

thanks steve they sound great as always

Message: 1383 Posted: Sat Jun 20 20:08:13 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Wav Files're the BEST. Thanks...didn't think I was gonna make it another couple of months to hear these two fabulous songs again, of what will surely be an excellent album. Thanks for sharing!

Message: 1382 Posted: Sat Jun 20 18:44:50 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Moving Train/Pages Wave Files

Are you just dying to hear the new songs that the guys are playing in concert? Now you can hear a sound clip from both of them which includes the bridge and the chorus. I'm sure it's not as good as hearing it live ... but hopefully it will do until you can hear them in concert or until the CD comes out. Enjoy!

From A Moving Train

Message: 1381 Posted: Sat Jun 20 18:42:02 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: USA

Federico, we're glad you're going to be able to make it and know that you'll enjoy ALL of the shows that you get to attend. It certainly shows dedication that you're willing to come all the way from Italy to see the guys. Have a great time!

Message: 1380 Posted: Sat Jun 20 18:40:56 1998 By: DON
Subject: AMERICA Rocks Atlantic City!

What an opening show, Friday night in Atlantic City, Gerry and Dewey were on fire!

From the very beginning thru the encore of Horse w/ No Name, you could feel the excitement and energy the guys were putting out.

The cuts from the new Cd were excellent, (I think I liked From a Moving Train the best of the two), but all of the favorites were included. I think I appreciated hearing Gerry on the lead in Lonely People the most. I don't believe I ever heard him sing the lead on that before.

America was on fire in a very intimate arena, (which only holds about 500 people, and boasts that every seat is right up front) I think they were right. We are going back for the final show tonight, (Sat). Can't wait for the new release. Regards, DON

Message: 1379 Posted: Sat Jun 20 16:56:13 1998 By: Federico
Subject: USA

....i'm looking forward to rech USA and America at Sheboygan......and maybe at Apple Valley too and St.Joseph......


Message: 1378 Posted: Sat Jun 20 03:43:42 1998 By: debbie
Subject: Pics/Steve

Thanks, Steve for the answer. Just wondered which one of you got to be in the studio recording day?!? I got an email from Rick last night telling me they guys will be in Bellingham, Wa on 9/23. Will just
have to take a trip up and see them and hear the new music live. I just saw them here at the Tacoma Dome in April, but what the heck. You
can never see them enough, right? I wish I could be as active as you all, but I will have to settle for all your reviews and fun stories.

Take care and thanks for the all the hard work.

Message: 1377 Posted: Fri Jun 19 21:47:32 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Wedding Song

David, congratulations to the newlyweds. You certainly have an excellent taste in music. Gerry's "All My Life" has been a favorite at many wedding receptions. If I remember correctly, he even played it in person when one of the band members got married. With a start like that you and your new wife can't help but have a happy marriage!

Message: 1376 Posted: Fri Jun 19 21:45:19 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Atlantic City-here I come!

Penny, there's no sure fire way to meet the guys when you attend a concert. Sometimes we're lucky and sometimes we're not. I've usually found that if I hang around long enough, Gerry or Dewey (sometimes both) will come out and sign autographs. However, at the Sparks concerts neither one of them came out although Brad and Willie hung around the bar afterwards. There will be several onliners at the concert and I believe that Karen (from Oxygen records) will also be there. If you hang around the stage before and after the concert (and don't be afraid to ask around), you might get to meet them. I wish you the best of luck.

Message: 1375 Posted: Fri Jun 19 20:53:45 1998 By: David Stengele
Subject: America

I got married last weekend, here in Japan, with a Japanese woman, and guess what our theme song at our reception was? Yes, an America song--"All My Life" Throughout the reception, America music was playing over the speakers. It was a fun time, and everyone commented on the great music.

Message: 1374 Posted: Fri Jun 19 18:17:43 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Atlantic City-here I come!

In less than 25 hours I'll be there, enjoying the sounds of America!! It's been about 6 years since I've seen them and I am so excited. Now...fess up? How do all you people get to meet the guys and take the pics with them? Is there a secret trick to this? Or, do you just hang around after the show? How long does it usually take for them to come back out? This is important information because I'll have a 2 and 1/2 hour drive back home and an anxious husband ready to hit the road. I know I can count on America fans for good advice! What's the inside scoop?

Message: 1373 Posted: Fri Jun 19 08:28:30 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Human Nature

Jim, it's my understanding that Michael, Brad, and Willie were NOT involved in the making of Human Nature.

Message: 1372 Posted: Fri Jun 19 08:25:42 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: good enought

I haven't heard a release date for the single yet. I would suspect that it will still go out prior to the CD but who knows for sure. As soon as I hear anything official I'll be sure to pass it along.

Message: 1371 Posted: Fri Jun 19 03:50:52 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Human Nature

Does anyone know how involved Michael, Brad and Willie were in the making of "Human Nature?" On "Hourglass" they were only on two cuts and I'm kinda hoping they help out a little more on this project.

Jim Erie, Pa

Message: 1370 Posted: Thu Jun 18 18:03:36 1998 By: pat
Subject: good enough

good by me steve,i was hoping you would say thats the date but oh well, is there a date on the single yet? just curious seems it wouldn't hurt to put the single out even if the cd is delayed its not like its being delayed for months

Message: 1369 Posted: Thu Jun 18 17:07:41 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: why the countdown

Pat, your point is well taken but so many people like the countdown that I decided to put it back with an "approximate" date. I am using the date of August 11 until Oxygen gives us a firm date. Why August 11? Well, they said it would be released in "early August" and most releases come out on a Tuesday so I picked the Tuesday that came just before the middle of the month. As long as we all realize that it's an "approximate" date, I don't think it will bring anyone down when the "real" date is announced and I recalculate the counter. That's just my opinion.

Message: 1368 Posted: Thu Jun 18 17:03:52 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: New Pics

Debbie, the photos from Gerry's HN studio were still clips taken from the promotional video that was produced and distributed by Oxygen. No credits were given on the promotional video so there's no way we can give anyone credit other than to say thanks to Oxygen records. BTW: Rick was the one who digitized the photos and put them on the web (thanks a lot Rick!).

Message: 1367 Posted: Thu Jun 18 16:38:44 1998 By: pa
Subject: why the countdown

why haas the countdown started again? if the dates not a sure thing then i thing its a bad idea it will most likely put everybody down when we find out its wrong maybe we should wait till we hear a comfirmed date then count it down,just a thought

Message: 1366 Posted: Thu Jun 18 16:26:46 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: New Pics

Just checked out the pics from Gerry's HN studio...what a kick!!! Thanks to whomever took them. Was it you Rick or Steve...there were no credits given. I LOVED the one from the "old days" thrown in!!! Long hairs(don't get me wrong...I LOVE long hair (and beards) on men...I'll be 90 years old and still like it long!)! I have that book of pictures. A fav.

I will say again I am so impressed with this site. You are the most sincere, polite, enthusiastic,respectful fans and people I have encountered yet on the net! My heart broke in two when I heard of the delays of the cd. You know I picked my daughter up from work the other night, she works at Sam Goody and as I sat outside waiting for her to close I noticed the board with all new releases listed. I saw Linda Ronstadt's new cd on June 23rd...but NO America...what gives I wondered? It wasn't till I got home and came here to visit later that I saw the reason why. I thought oh, no that is gonna' KILL these people. But you seem to have taken it in stride and are just working even harder to make sure the release is a hallmark day!!! Way to go guys! No wonder Gerry & Dewey value you all so much.

I appreciate you too.

Been a fan longer then I can remember!!!
How sweet it is~
debbiedo in Auburn

Message: 1365 Posted: Thu Jun 18 15:18:36 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Visit Human Nature Studio

You can now go to and visit Gerry's Human Nature Studio where the HumanNature CD was produced.......and see Gerry and Dewey working (and even having some fun) on the latest and greatest CD.


Message: 1364 Posted: Thu Jun 18 12:46:23 1998 By: Brian White
Subject: Richmond Report


After missing a lot of shows because of my schedule, I finally got to see America last night. A lot of beer guzzlers there, but also plenty of real fans that came for the music. Really great sound from their company, and very, very great music. Two new songs from August cd fit in very nicely, and California Dreaming was a show stopper. Amazing they can be so good after all these years, and so many shows around the world. An intersting note is that they did same series in Richmond last year, and they were only group that had over 5000 requests for a return to Innsbrook in 98. Hope they had a good trip in and will come to Virginia often.


Message: 1363 Posted: Thu Jun 18 08:41:38 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Howard Stern

Good question Kevin. An appearance on the Howard Stern show has always been tentative and I suspect that it WILL be delayed. The original idea was to have them appear the same day that the CD was released and I presume that Oxygen records would still want to do it that way. As I get more information I'll be sure to post it here.

Message: 1362 Posted: Thu Jun 18 08:38:10 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Albums Title´s Coincidence?

Remolca, I'm not aware of any book that has been written about America. However, you can find a couple of online histories about the band on the America Fans web site.

Regarding the "H" titles of the albums: The first couple of albums just happened to begin with "H" and after having so much success with those albums, the guys decided to stick with it. When "Silent Letter" was released they got away from the "H" titles but with the release of "Hourglass" in 1994 and "Human Nature" in 1998, the "H" titles have returned.

I look forward to reading what you have to say about the Madrid concert.

Message: 1361 Posted: Thu Jun 18 08:14:34 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: Howard Stern

Now that the release date of Human Nature has been delayed, will America still be on the Howard Stern show on June 30th?

Message: 1360 Posted: Thu Jun 18 07:18:04 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Thoughtscape Sounds

See message #1352 from Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds---
If any one is looking for a great place to order "America" CD's, check out Thoughtscape. Scott has the complete catalog available, and he gets most of the specialty albums as soon as they are released. Another thing I like about Thoughtscape is they get the order out to you quickly!!!

Message: 1359 Posted: Thu Jun 18 02:49:48 1998 By: RemolcaMadriņa
Subject: Albums Title´s Coincidence?

I´m a America´s fan since 77. And everyplace I´ve travelled in the world I searched a book about the history of the group. Imposible to find it. Does Anybody Knows , exist ?
And one more question: Why all the title´s all the albums (before Dan peek leaves the group - nice site this one I Thought Dan was dead-) begun with H ( Horse witn no name, homecoming, Hearts, Harbor, holiday, Hat Trick, Hideaway, ?
I´ve been on Madrid´s concert(Spain)and it was unbelivable great. Soon I´ll write abou it

Message: 1358 Posted: Wed Jun 17 21:33:52 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: horse with no name 2cd with video

Pat, the Horse With No Name 2 CD set has been out since 1995. If you go to the HWNN link you'll find a description of the CD and wave file samples from every track on the CD. It's definitely worth having.

Message: 1357 Posted: Wed Jun 17 21:31:09 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: from a moving train

Pat, I'll see if I can track down a copy of "From A Moving Train" and put a sample of it on the web site. It may take a week or so to find it and get it digitized so please be patient.

Message: 1356 Posted: Wed Jun 17 20:31:18 1998 By: pat
Subject: horse with no name 2cd with video

is this a new set put out? is it out yet and do you think it will be in stores also is this a greatest with demos of the hits. i know lots of questions but i think i want this one

Message: 1355 Posted: Wed Jun 17 16:32:01 1998 By: pat
Subject: from a moving train

is there anyway we can hear from a moving train since the cd is delayed

Message: 1354 Posted: Wed Jun 17 08:14:30 1998 By: JIMNAK

As many of you know AMERICA has begun playing these songs in concert. They start w/PAGES & then play a few previous hits & then play FROM A MOVING TRAIN. So in that order, here is some insight. The yet to be released disc is titled HUMANNATURE.

An outstandingly refreshing musical & literary journey thru time. PAGES is ingeniously interwoven with all the thoughts & feelings derived from one's own travels through the written word. You might say the 6 paragraphs of lyrics portend quite a scholarly approach to a very interesting subject, namely books & written words. The subject matter is not any easy one to write a song about, a pretty complicated theme to tackle & the results are overwhelmingly successful. The song is acoustic based & moves along rather swiftly to the coloring of some lead notes on the 6 string guitar & the precise pattering of notes from the keyboard. It does have a fabulous bridge interlude where DEWEY changes his tonal pitch & really solo's it. Overall the song is outstanding & does supreme justice to both DEWEY's singing prowess & his ability to pen some very scholarly lyrics. Along w/GERRY, we expect DEWEY to continue stepping out of the "box" to anchor some real innovative & very difficult subject matter. A Renaissance man he his.

Here is a terrific song born of the travels & views of someone who has seen the world many times over at warp speed. This song is acoustic based & is anchored by GERRY's 12 string custom made Taylor guitar & his outstanding lead vocals. The musical chorus is very catchy & easily lingers on, long after the song has ended. Of course there are some lyrics that have a link to human relationships as many of GERRY's songs do. And in this song are some great build-ups & rhythm changes that add a very exciting touch to a terrific song. This is the song tentatively selected as the single & the song that will lead HUMANNATURE onto victory. GERRY is a musical master & with this song & the new CD, his reputation for perfection remains intact.

Message: 1353 Posted: Tue Jun 16 17:30:30 1998 By: jessica
Subject: Pete and Rooster

Just read Barb and Gary's announcement and would like to say good luck to Rooster on his new endeavor, whatever it may be. There's one great, always-ready-to-help guy if you need one.

To Pete, good luck,too as America's new guitar tech and I hope to meet you when the band comes my way again down here in Manila - soon, I hope!

Message: 1352 Posted: Tue Jun 16 17:19:30 1998 By: Scott
Subject: One Way Releases


I guess it's official. One Way put out a press release saying that the 4 America CD's (Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective) will be out on July 21st. All 4 will be available here at Thoughtscape Sounds for $10.99 the day they get released. I also found a place to get A horse With No Name and I'll have a batch in stock in a couple of days for $26.99.


Thoughtscape Sounds

Message: 1351 Posted: Tue Jun 16 13:57:51 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Hershey Park Concert

Penny, sorry to cause you any concern. The Hershey concert is still scheduled for August 31. In order to keep the "Upcoming Concerts" list at a reasonable size, I only list the next 4-8 weeks worth of concerts as well as any NEW concerts that have been added to the list. That's why you don't see the Hershey concert listed right now (but it will be there eventually along with the other August concerts). You can always click the "Entire Year's Concerts" link at the bottom of the list to see the scheduled concerts for the remainder of the year. Thanks for the question.

Message: 1350 Posted: Tue Jun 16 13:18:23 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Hershey Park Concert

I could have sworn that I saw a late August date for America to play at Hershey Park, PA. Now I don't see it on Steve's list. Does anyone know if the concert is still on? Thanks!

Message: 1349 Posted: Tue Jun 16 08:48:36 1998 By: Kelly
Subject: "Humphrey's"(short & sweet)

"America's" favorite place to play in the "Whole Wide World" !! (err)

What a perfect evening for an "America" concert !!

Clear blue skies with a lite breeze blowing...... this outside venue in San Diego, Ca. is a favorite spot for a lot of us southland people. It's on the bay with views of personally owned sail boats, yachts, and of course home of the popular "Stars and Stripes" catamaran that has been involved in the "America's Cup" races in recent years.

A band called Venice opened for "America"...some of you might have heard about this group in past posts on the folder (about a year ago or so??), they have been said to have the sounds of "America", Poco, CSN.......??? Their two lead singers are the son's of the Lennon Sisters....remember them ?

"America" took the stage about an hour after Venice and sang flawlessly !! Especially their two new songs "Pages" and "From a Moving Train". I have had the pleasure of hearing them sing these two songs for the past week, on and off, and have to say the more they sing them..... the more I fall in love with them. They bring tears to my eyes everytime......I'm so proud of their new music...they have worked very hard to play and sing them with perfection, and have definitly accomplished this goal of theirs in my opinion...(whatever that's worth). Of course along with those, they played all the crowd pleasers..which still happen to please me everytime I hear them......... obviously !!!!

It was GREAT to see those of you who had the chance to come to some of these recent concerts, and of course Erin, it was a real treat to finally meet you in Sparks. I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say it's so nice to meet people who belong to this "America" gang !!

This all comes from my new computer I am soooo excited about. I can finally go to all those favorite places and SEE all of the super pictures Rick and Steve have been sharing with all of us. Thanks to those of you who have contributed their pictures from the different shows....always much appreciated !!


Message: 1348 Posted: Tue Jun 16 08:45:29 1998 By: Gary
Subject: "New Album"

As I was looking through the stack of used albums today I came across one I hadn't seen before. The label is AMERICA'S GOLD. On the cover is the picture from Anaheim in 1976 (the Harbor poster). It has most of the hits, "Horse With No Name", "I Need You", "Sandman", "Sister Golden Hair", "Ventura Highway", 'Tin Man", "Lonely People", "Daisy Jane", "Don't Cross The River". but also includes a few lesser know songs, like "Baby It's Up To You", "Cornwall Blank", "Today's The Day", "Donkey Jaw", "California Revisited", and "Muskrat Love", and "Here". The album is dated 1981 and is/was put out by Warners.

It always surprises me, just when you think you've seen or heard it all, something else shows up!! Makes me wonder how much more is out there ....waiting to be "found"!!!!

the other GB

Message: 1347 Posted: Tue Jun 16 08:41:39 1998 By: Gene
Subject: Young Fans

Last night I was playing and someone asked for "Horse". So I played it. A few minutes later this little kid comes up and asks if I know "Eagle In The Eye". uhhhhh...oh yeah...Sandman...So I played it and this 5 year old kid danced and sang every word...So I thought I'd take a chance, and let the record run, and played "3 Roses" and every time I sang "Stop", he'd throw his hand up and sing along. I wish you guys could have seen this 5 year old, singing and dancing to songs off the first album. Well, I don't know "Children" and I already played "Horse", so I ended the little set with "Here" and then took a break. But this is definitly one of these moments that I will not soon forget.

Still trapped in South Carolina......but having fun!

Message: 1346 Posted: Mon Jun 15 10:14:45 1998 By: Eddy
Subject: Music in the Zoo Concert

I just want to let everyone know that America will be playing at Music in the Zoo at Applevalley, Minnesota on Aug. 23 (can't wait, weve seen them there before!!). Felix Cavalleres Rascals are also on the bill.

Message: 1345 Posted: Mon Jun 15 10:01:36 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Dewey and Kin

I received one more photo from Sparks featuring Dewey with his mom, dad, and a few other relatives. Thanks to Jim Nakao for making it available and to Dewey for allowing us to post it.

Message: 1344 Posted: Mon Jun 15 09:56:29 1998 By: Barb & Gary
Subject: GO PETE!!

A lot of people on this folder have had the pleasure of meeting Pete ("The Lonely Guy"), AMERICA's T-shirt salesman extraordinaire. Well, Pete will be "the lonely guy" no more!

Beginning June 21st, Pete will be AMERICA's new guitar tech!! We know that Pete will treat those precious AMERICA guitars with lots of TLC!!

"Rooster" will be leaving life on the road to pursue other interests and we wish him well.

CONGRATULATIONS, PETE ! ! ! ! Best of luck in your new endeavor ! ! ! !

B & G

Message: 1343 Posted: Mon Jun 15 09:54:40 1998 By: Barb & Gary

We had the great pleasure of hearing "Pages" and "From a Moving Train" at last night's shows at the Coach House.

Gerry and Dewey have returned to their acoustic roots on these two selections......a winning formula. Both songs were AWESOME and well received by the crowd!!

B & G

Message: 1342 Posted: Mon Jun 15 09:52:57 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: San Diego concert June 14

Thanks for the great review Shari. Sounds like you and everyone else had a great time. Human Nature for Christmas gifts sounds like a great idea!

Message: 1341 Posted: Mon Jun 15 09:17:59 1998 By: Shari L.
Subject: San Diego concert June 14

The guys put on a rocking show last night, but sure looked ready for a few days off.
Had heard Brad cut off the pony tail, but wasn't prepared to see him with his head almost shaved! He was trying to sing along, but was in pain from whatever is going on with his vocal cords. Let them rest so you can recover, Brad! (Gerry and Dewey never got around to introducing him, either. Too many shows and you forget what you've said and not said on stage!)
Opening act was "Venice" from Venice Beach, CA. They were pretty good. This let our guys do "California Dreamin" which the audience loved. Gerry commented that they haven't been able to do it recently because their opening acts have been doing it.
Our second row seats were terrific, Humphrey's (outdoor - 1295 seats) is a wonderful venue. Unfortunately, front and center were four people(??) who were there on free tickets from a radio station. They must have gotten free drinks too. We finally had to tell them to shut up because they were talking LOUDLY through the songs. Sorry guys, you know your REAL fans would never dis you like that.
"Pages" (Dewey) and "From A Moving Train" (Gerry) were WONDERFUL! They mentioned the new album and August 1 release date, but didn't promote as much as I wished. Maybe they're also still disappointed at the delay.
Folks stormed the front of the stage during "Sister Golden Hair" and security gave up trying to keep them back. That was the closing song, and they encored with "Horse with No Name." Had hoped for two encore songs.
Now I'll have to wait another year to be there live, but you can be sure everyone I know will be getting "Human Nature" for Christmas gifts! Be sure Humphrey's stays on your tour dates, guys.

Message: 1340 Posted: Mon Jun 15 01:09:39 1998 By: debbie
Subject: Gerry the Rockette

Just visited the new Sparks photos and it raised a question I've had for awhile...and that is Gerry and his encore kicks. I've seen him do them a number of times myself and wondered if the others mind, as it looks like it would be hard on the shoulders! lolol Perhaps they are just used to it. Perhaps Dewey says: He ain't heavy...he's my partner.

Just wondering~

Message: 1339 Posted: Sun Jun 14 21:00:08 1998 By: JIMNAK

AMERICA launched the Southern California debut of MOVING TRAIN & PAGES. They played to 3 sold out shows on Saturday nite in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. And many fans asked about the release date of the new CD, so there is very strong interest. These songs are fabulous !!!

Message: 1338 Posted: Sun Jun 14 14:08:58 1998 By: gump
Subject: america

Form this fine sight i've gotten all the chords but would also like the pikins so if anyone out knows them please send them to me

Message: 1337 Posted: Sat Jun 13 20:22:16 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Sparks Photos - Part III

I have put even more photos from the Sparks concerts out on the Internet for your enjoyment. I have included some fun shots of Angel and Bertha as well as the classic ZZ Top move from the "Horse With No Name" encore. You'll also want to check out Willie in his "substitute teacher attire".

Message: 1336 Posted: Sat Jun 13 17:20:04 1998 By: jessica
Subject: delay

It's disappointing to hear that H.N. realeasewill be delayed, but hey, it if it'll mean that if August is a better month for it come out, then so be it.

It'll be hard to wait after all our excitement, but we can do it, guys.

Message: 1335 Posted: Sat Jun 13 08:56:05 1998 By: Steve
Subject: 16, 15, ...

I guess I ought to put my countdown on hold until we find out the new official release date of Human Nature. However, I have two more quotes that are worth posting now:

I like to think of the four corners of this thing; if you thought of it as a square. You've got this real nice ballad; there's a little mini suite on this project called "Overwhelming World"; and we've got a song called "Hot Town" that's kind of a sweaty, bar rock and roll song; and maybe something a little more poppy like "Moving Train", or something. Then you fill in the rest of it and I think you've got a nice, big picture. And the album has a feel. --Dewey Bunnell

We've really done our best and really ready to send it out there and let everybody have a listen. But it's probably time to go out and do a few more shows again. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1334 Posted: Sat Jun 13 08:51:53 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Delay / Fresno / Bootleg

I'm afraid I don't know the answers to many of the "delay" questions posed below (especially regarding the single). Perhaps Karen will be able to answer some of these questions.

Donna, thanks so much for the note about the Fresno show. Glad that you and the other America fans could make it.

Kenji, go to the list of America albums to see all of the America albums that I'm aware of (including bootlegs and "home-rolled" albums). I don't know of any way to get the bootlegs but if you read about the "home-rolled" album (Heard), you'll find out how to pick it up.

Message: 1333 Posted: Sat Jun 13 06:02:04 1998 By: Kenji Harada
Subject: Bootleg?

Is there any bootleg CD of America? Or anthing like that? If there are some bootlegs of America, please let me know. I appreciate your help.

Message: 1332 Posted: Sat Jun 13 02:09:51 1998 By: Donna Wightman
Subject: Fresno Show

Just got back from seeing the guys in Fresno, what a great show!
I've been playing guitar since I was 14, and America was a huge influence on me. I am just so very happy that they are still playing, and I finally got to see them live after all these years.
They look and sound great, and Gerry is still a doll LOL! The new tunes are great, can't wait for the new CD.

Message: 1331 Posted: Fri Jun 12 23:21:23 1998 By: pat
Subject: delay?

will this delay the single or will the single still be out on time so it has time to build whatever airplay it can before the cd comes out this sounds like a good idea,its going to be hard enough getting radio to play it as it is

Message: 1330 Posted: Fri Jun 12 17:19:24 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Delay of Human Nature??

I am very upset and disappointed at the delay of Human Nature. I hope the guys are not having any trouble with Oxygen? Well, we have waited this long, I guess a few more months won't hurt. Has anyone heard anything about 'Silent Letter' (my favorite) being re-released onto a CD? My best to Gerry and Dewey and the guys. Can't wait for July. I will see you all at Westbury. Take Care and Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Message: 1329 Posted: Fri Jun 12 14:35:45 1998 By: Shari L.
Subject: re:Waiting for Sunday night

What disappointing news from Oxygen! We were all counting down the days. Personally, I am counting hours till the San Diego concert on Sunday night. I see by the updated concert schedule the guys will have a couple of days off after that. Don't go on break til the concert's over, ok?
Don't know if the guys will look at this folder before then, but it would be so terrific to be able to get backstage to get autographs.
Gerry, Dewey, any chance?
Security if very tight at Humphreys, they search you for cameras going in. Wish I could pull that one off!
My husband and I will be in the second row, straight out from Gerry's keyboard. Still wishing to hear Old Man Took, as well as whatever we can get from Human Nature. Love to you, guys!

Message: 1328 Posted: Fri Jun 12 14:18:47 1998 By: Frustrated in Virginia
Subject: re:Human Nature Release

Why the delay after promotional copies had been released to the media? Was it getting a poor response from the media? Is the content of the album going to be altered? Is Oxygen having production difficulties? I hope Oxygen isn't going to be like One Way, which promised to re-release the Capitol albums with bonus tracks almost two years ago (still waiting, now they are supposed to be out next month sans bonus tracks). I guess this means that the release of the single is also being delayed. Bummer!!!

Message: 1327 Posted: Fri Jun 12 13:28:48 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Human Nature Release

As some of you may have already heard, the release date for America's upcoming album, Human Nature, has been postponed until early August. The reason for this delay is that our company felt we needed more time for advance marketing and promotion prior to the street date.

Please rest assured that America is this company's number one priority, and we view this delay as a very positive thing - waiting until August merely insures that Human Nature will have the most widespread release and promotional campaign we can possibly give it, which is everyone's ultimate goal.

Thanks for understanding. And thanks for being so positive and excited about Human Nature. I know I speak on behalf of the label and the band when I say your consistent support is highly valued.

Best regards,

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1326 Posted: Fri Jun 12 08:42:53 1998 By:
Subject: 18

I like to start with a title sometimes. Other times I have a melody and songs will exist for maybe a year or so as an instrumental. The famous Beatle story is that "Yesterday" was "Scrambled Eggs" for quite a long time. Well, I know how that occurs because I'll have a melody and a year later a line or a phrase will come and I'll apply it to that and all of a sudden the song will start again. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1325 Posted: Thu Jun 11 21:23:16 1998 By:
Subject: chat

Just closed the chat box. It was fun talking to Steve, GH, tom and Leah. See you other fans there next time.

Sparks reviews really spark! Belated happy b-day to Maggie.


Message: 1324 Posted: Thu Jun 11 18:44:12 1998 By:
Subject: Dew's "View"

Great interview...thanks for sharing!!!

Message: 1323 Posted: Thu Jun 11 15:58:03 1998 By:
Subject: Interview with Dewey

As some of you know, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dewey Bunnell for an upcoming article I'm writing for a Connecticut newspaper. Dewey, as usual was very nice. Here are just few excerpts:

They met when they were 14 years old. He credits the friendship with being a factor in the longevity of the band.
It looks like the group will be heading to Spain in near future.
"The songs are timeless, and easy to listen to." By the way, Scott
at Thoughtscape commented for this article, that there is definitely a renewed interest in America happening.
Acoustic. Outdoorsy. Kind of how they feel about their lives sometimes.
Dewey said there's been some talk about it over the years. Dewey says he loves that time of year, and would really enjoy recording some traditional favorites. But for now, just a thought!

Dewey ended the conversation wishing my family the best. That's the way these guys are...they treat you like friends! By the way, "Oloololo" written by Dewey for the new album is nothing short of sensational!!!!!!!!

Message: 1322 Posted: Thu Jun 11 08:44:06 1998 By:
Subject: 19

Just like a person from another world
My eyes can see inside you little girl
I see things that you don't wanna see
I see things you're trying to hide from me

Message: 1321 Posted: Thu Jun 11 08:41:50 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks Closing Night

Well...the two weeks are up and tonight was the last show. But it was a GREAT one. We got to hear California Dreamin again, as well as From A Moving Train and Pages. Both of which are, as I've said before, absolutely outstanding. I also had the pleasure of meeting Kelly (YNG MOON).

I just want to thank Gerry and Dewey again for the picture and autographs, Willie for the drum sticks, and Pete and everyone else for a really great two weeks...see you guys next time! I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and take care!

Erin :o)

Message: 1320 Posted: Wed Jun 10 21:56:57 1998 By:
Subject: Re: This Is Nifty

Just yesterday, I asked my brother if he had heard the song "The Way" by Fastball. I told him that it really sounded like an America song and that they were obviously influenced by them. Now I have proof!

Hope to see you at Frontier Days, Joe.


Message: 1319 Posted: Wed Jun 10 19:42:09 1998 By:
Subject: Re: This Is Nifty!

Thanks for pointing that out...I read that magazine every week, and I didn't even see that! That really is cool!! I have friends that love History now, especially after I took them to the show last week...Sparks has a few new America fans now!

Erin :o)

Message: 1318 Posted: Wed Jun 10 19:41:28 1998 By:
Subject: This Is Nifty!

In the current edition of Entertainment Weekly (great mag by the way), in the "Who the #@%!" Are They" section, current alternative faves 'Fastball' are featured. They have a cool song out called "The Way". Definitely worth catching on MTV or VH-1. The one page article is a mini-profile with various questions including "Albums That Never Leave The Tape Player On The Tour Bus". Their answer was Tom Waits, "Small Change" and America, "History: America's Greaest Hits". Gee whiz, I guess even the kids are digging the guys these days.

Joe B

P.S. Probably won't be able to make the chat, but hi to all who attend. It's great to see a couple of Illinois dates on the calendar. I can't make the Bloomingdale date in late June (wedding conflict) but I will be there in July at Frontier Days in Arlington Heights. Yeah!

Message: 1317 Posted: Wed Jun 10 16:51:04 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Human Nature cover

Good eyes John! I looked at the cover closely and I believe you're right. I don't know if it was done on purpose or on accident, but they sure do resemble guitars. --Steve

Message: 1316 Posted: Wed Jun 10 15:18:48 1998 By:
Subject: Human Nature cover

Is it just me, or are the shadows of Dewey and Gerry on the new Human Nature cover guitar-shaped?


Message: 1315 Posted: Wed Jun 10 11:32:11 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mail.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: Concert Pics

Excellent pictures Maggie & Jim. I'm Glad to see all of you enjoyed the America concerts. It just makes it even more exciting for the America concert I'm going to on July 25 at Club Bene in South Amboy, New Jersey...only 20 minutes from my house. I'll definitely take and share pics of the group on this site. I just have to say that there are alot of nice and interesting people from this site, who take the time out to chat, help, trade and are interested in only one thing... AMERICA!

Message: 1314 Posted: Wed Jun 10 11:32:03 1998 By:

The wait for this CD will be well worth it. AMERICA has already begun playing some of the new songs in their concerts. See them live, soon !

Message: 1313 Posted: Wed Jun 10 08:35:58 1998 By:
Subject: 20

Yeah, from Pink Floyd to George Burns. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1312 Posted: Wed Jun 10 08:34:00 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sparks Photos - Part II

Great pictures, Maggie....LOVE the white shirts!!
Thanks for putting them on your page, Steve!

Erin :o)

Message: 1311 Posted: Wed Jun 10 08:30:25 1998 By:
Subject: Live Chat Reminder

Hi Everyone,

Here's a quick reminder that the monthly America Live Chat Session will be held this Thursday, June 11, at 9 pm Eastern Daylight Time. I will be a little late for the session but Tom Hullinger (Fuller) has agreed to be the host until I can get there. Hope to see lots of you there.


Message: 1310 Posted: Tue Jun 09 23:52:49 1998 By: jgabr92262
Subject: beat goes on...

hi all ... still posting from southern calif...great pics jim and mags!! i have some i need to still get developed and will forward...had a real treat today in newport beach where my kids and i had lunch..sat down and on came "Sister Golden Hair" via their music system..just can't escape those guys..(not that i want to.)..hahhaaa..hope you are having a great week..keep those reviews of sparks coming erin...sorry i missed the new songs and the chance to meet kelly and the rest of the gang...sure hope they play "moving train" at San Juan Cap on Sat.. Janice

Message: 1309 Posted: Tue Jun 09 21:47:54 1998 By:
Subject: The New America fan

Thank you very much for your message, Steve! I'm very glad to read your message. I'm happy receiving e-mails, because yesterday I sent an e-mail for the first time. And I've found it fun to sending e-mails. I think it's fabulous we're communicating each other. It's a Human Nature, isn't it? I like it! I like human relationship. I'll Never Be Lonely. I'll Never Be afraid. That's very nice of you and me, isn't it?

If you got a time to kill, please e-mail me. I want more e-mails from a lot of America Fans.

Thank you very very much.


Message: 1308 Posted: Tue Jun 09 20:50:34 1998 By:
Subject: America Fans

I'm thrilled to have found this website, I wish I would have had the sense to look for it sooner. I'm very excited about the new "Human Nature" CD, it has been 4 years since "Hourglass" was released which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I work in a stereo store & I have used many America cuts for demos over the years, my favortite newest songs are "Young Moon", "Sleeper Train", & "Whole Wide World". "Greenhouse" is a cool acoustic cut as well. You always wonder how on earth they can match what they've already done but they always seem to come through with flying colors. They are the definitive popular music group of the past 25 years, not even close !!!

Message: 1307 Posted: Tue Jun 09 19:38:14 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks Photos - Part II

I received some more photos as well as some articles from Maggie which you can now view. Thanks a lot Maggie.

Message: 1306 Posted: Tue Jun 09 18:51:15 1998 By:
Subject: Sing Along

I haven't written much lately, but I've been reading all the posts and am getting ready for two wonderful events. The release of Human Nature and the Frontier Days concert here in Chicago. And you can't beat the price (it's free!). I just received the brochure and I'll have to mail it to Steve to have it posted.

What really motivated me to write was the lyics to Pages. That is truly a work of art. I'm very impressed. Can't wait till the end of the month!


Message: 1305 Posted: Tue Jun 09 11:32:30 1998 By:
Subject: 20 Days!!!!!

Twenty whole days to wait??!?!?! I can't stand the anticipation!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!


P.S. A way to pass the time -- just play one America CD every day, and by the time you get to the end, you'll have one more to play!

Message: 1304 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:48:13 1998 By:
Subject: Sing Along

With the introduction of "From A Moving Train" and "Pages" to the playlist, I thought it would be fun to try to sing along the next time you attend a concert. I've done my best to transcribe the lyrics for those two songs. Here goes:

From A Moving Train From Human Nature

I've seen the Ides of March
I've seen the fall of Rome
I've seen all kinds of stuff
But I'll never see my home

If my life line is
These million miles of track
One thing I know by now
There is no turning back

From a moving train
From a moving train
From a moving train
From a moving train

If every venture was
A path to no avail
I'd still be rolling down
This never ending trail

If we had a destination
In our sights
We would be helpless as
We passed it in the night

From a moving train (hear the engine running)
From a moving train (you can get on board)
From a moving train (hear the motor humming)
From a moving train (see, you've gotta see the light)

And if by chance you find a woman
That you might love along the way
You better hold her tight
Tell her everything's alright
Or she might jump along the way

From a moving train (hear the engine running)
From a moving train (you can get on board)
From a moving train (hear the motor humming)
From a moving train (see, you've gotta see the light)

From a moving train (hear the engine running)
From a moving train (you can get on board)
From a moving train (hear the motor humming)
From a moving train (see, you've gotta see the light)

Pages From Human Nature

In this bookcase full of stories
You find some of them are true
Tales of love and glory
Many lives of daring do
There is mystery and adventure
They lie waiting there for you
So step inside and find the other you

Take the high road tomorrow
But the low road today
Reading other's sorrow
Might just be the only way
The father hears confession
While the mother's feeling blue
These characters do what you want them to

In these pages we consume
Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom
And through the ages words are born
Speaking to the senses lifting the forlorn

There's glamour and dementia
A message from the tomb
Staircase to the heavens
And secrets in the room
When you are riding on the dark horse
To the one that got away
There's no regrets and no dues left to pay

'Cause in these pages we consume
Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom
And through the ages words are born
Speaking to the senses lifting the forlorn

Drifting down the river of the make believe
We laugh and breath
Hoping for an ending of our own design
Where all is fine

In these pages we consume
Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom
And through the ages words are born
Speaking to the senses lifting the forlorn

In these pages we consume
Lives in many colors lovers in full bloom
And through the ages words are born... (fade)

Message: 1303 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:40:10 1998 By:

Well said Young Erin. MOVING TRAIN is outstanding & PAGES is a musical & literary masterpiece, PAGES must be read on paper to further appreciate it.

Message: 1302 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:39:17 1998 By:

Tonight was another energetic, rockin concert...and it included two new songs! Pages and From A Moving Train!!! And I have to say that they are two of the most incredible songs I've ever heard. Very, very cool lyrics and music. If the rest of the CD is anything like those two songs, (which I know it will be) Human Nature is going to be a huge hit. I feel SO lucky that I got to be there tonight....Thanks guys, you were AWESOME.

Erin :o)

Message: 1301 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:37:59 1998 By:

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the superb Sparks reports.....thanks!! I can't top the rave reviews presented thus far (so I won't even try), but ditto.....ditto.....ditto.

The support for AMERICA has been FANTASTIC!!!! First, Jim and Maggie with their marathon!! (Maggie......Belated Happy Birthday......hope it was GRAND!! Also, sorry I didn't get a chance to see you and "mom" again.) Then Dave, Janice (sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you), Steve & Janell, and Cindy & Bob. And of course.......Erin......who wins the blue ribbon for Sparks concert attendance!! Way to go, Erin!!!! It was great to meet up with Steve again (we last met in Park City in 11/95) and to meet his lovely wife!! And it was terrific to finally meet Erin after conversing with her here and in the chat room!!

And last but not least, Kelly arrived on Sunday to keep the guys company. Hopefully, she'll have a report for us on the possible debut of "Human Nature"!!

The guys have appreciated seeing all of those familiar, friendly faces in the audience. I think it helps them to know that they're playing for "somebody".

What a success these shows have been!! AWESOME job, guys!!!! GO AMERICA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Message: 1300 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:34:16 1998 By:
Subject: 21

Every moment is a shining light
Every moment is the darkest night
Every moment gotta get it right
Every single moment

Message: 1299 Posted: Tue Jun 09 08:32:13 1998 By:
Subject: Re: A New America fan!

Kenji, welcome to the Chat Folder and the worldwide group of America Fans. I can't think of a better way to teach English. --Steve

Message: 1298 Posted: Tue Jun 09 02:22:47 1998 By:
Subject: A New America Fan

Hello, I'm a new America fan!

My name is Kenji Harada. I'm the student of Ibaraki University in Japan. I'm majoring in English course in Faculty of Education.

I've come to like America through the Beatles. I've been the Beatles fan (or freak) for 3 years. As all the America fans know, Sir George Martin, who had been a producer of the Beatles, was also a producer of America from "Holiday." That's why I knew America through the Beatles.

I really appreciate America as a harmony, chorus group. As a harmony, chorus band, I do love America more than the Beatles. They
composed and still now are composing songs with a cool & beautiful harmony. They really do. "Ventura Highway" "Tin Man" "Simple life" and everything are very good!

One more thing I like about Ameica is, they are now exsisting as a band. The Beatles broke up in 1970. They are not exsisting now. There is no Beatles without John Lennon, after the assassination of John Lennon. This is the vey sad thing about the Beatles. I also adore America that they, Gerry Beckly and Dewy Dunnelle, are doing well without Dan Peek.

Yesterday ... all my troubles seemed so far away
(Sorry, I'm kidding!)
Yesterday, I listened to this song "Never Be Lonely." And I wanted to find the guitar riff (lead guitar) of this song, because this song
has really cool guitar riff within it. So, I tried to find the guitar riff and found that. In near future I want to send an e-mail
of this cool guitar riff of "Never Be Lonely." (Speaking of "Never Be Lonely," I'd mistaken the lyrics "in the middle of now or never" as
"in the middle of now and forever." This is the terrible thing about
non-native speaker of English. I'm Japanese.)

Anyway, There are two reasons why I listen to the Beatles, America and
other musicians. The one is, as all the people do, I naturally enjoy
the music; melody, harmony and lyrics. The other reason is, I really want to teach English through music. That's my dream. Is it nice to teach English through America, the Beatles and everything? This is why, I'm now studying about this method "English Through Music" in university. If you'd have any advice, suggesttion or recommendation,
please e-mail me.

Thank you very much! I bow my head.

Kenji Harada

Message: 1297 Posted: Mon Jun 08 22:18:12 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks Photos - Part I

I have put a few photos (courtesy of Jim Nakao) from the Sparks concerts out on the Internet. You can see them at reno98.htm.

Maggie has also sent some photos and I'm getting mine developed so I'll get all of those out later this week.


Message: 1296 Posted: Mon Jun 08 22:15:00 1998 By:
Subject: How Fun ! ! ! eloquently put! Sounds like we both lived parallel lives back then, lol. Great memories, indeed...keep enjoying the music! Mags

Message: 1295 Posted: Mon Jun 08 20:35:16 1998 By:
Subject: Gerry's "Annabel"

Here's a note that I thought many of you would be interested in. I sure appreciated receiving this info from Jeffrey.......and will be looking forward to the release of the CD he mentions.

Hi Rick............

"My name is Jeffrey Foskett. I am a friend of Gerry and Dewey's and I recently finished producing (along with the very talented Gary Griffin) Jeff Larson.

He is an up and coming artist from Northern California. The connection to America with this new CD is that Gerry was nice enough to let us have one of his unreleased songs entitled "Annabel". It's a very tender ballad in the true Beckley style. Jeff Larson sounds remarkably like Gerry in his timber and inflection in most of the songs on this new CD. As a matter of fact, Hank Linderman thought it was Gerry singing "Annabel" when I played it for him in Gerry's studio the other day.

The release date for Jeff Larson's "Watercolor Sky" is 2 July 1998."

Message: 1294 Posted: Mon Jun 08 20:18:37 1998 By:
Subject: More Fun at Sparks

Janice...have fun down South...glad Ellie could make it too! Take care. Mags

Message: 1293 Posted: Mon Jun 08 19:53:14 1998 By: jgabr92262
Subject: sparks!!

sending this from my folks house in southern calif..mags, that was a great the way it was great meeting you and your mom!! and erin..and jim, and steve and janelle..and the loads of other great people that seemed to there as regulars enjoying the glad my fried ellie made it in..she said that the few days there were like a "dream"..she was so excited to meet the guys and had a lengthy chat with brad who was very gracious..i came away with a t shirt that all 5 guys graciously signed, 2 guitar picks (gerry and dewie's) for my son who plays guitar, as as well as a set of drumsticks for my older son who is a drummer..(thanks willie!!)..shows were wonderful..they never skipped a beat..hope that they didn't tire of us gazing up at them everynite..what a way to spend a vacation and still more to come at san juan capistrano..will keep u posted!! thanks guys for a wonderful week of great music, memories and hospitality!!

Message: 1292 Posted: Mon Jun 08 15:38:33 1998 By:
Subject: How Fun!!!

I have enjoyed reading all these reviews. :o) Was writing today to tell Steve just that and came across Frederico's most marvelous tribite to the guys. So nicely put Frederico, thank you. Thank you, too, Steve. So glad you had a good time. How special!!! Isn't it amazing that we humans can be so touched by music? I know it soothes this savage beast. Dewey and Gerry were a big part of my "growing up". Couldn't have done it without them. They are always on my mind in these first days of spring and summer. I am instantly 19-20 again and footloose and fancy free. Tape deck is blaring a fav America tape. (NO cds in those days) Sun is shining, arm out the window of my 61 VW bug, cruising some beautiful Seattle site. Or it's my sister and I together at America concerts in the Paramont Theater. Those were the good old days. Even though I wouldn't trade my life today either. A teeage son & daughter (had the best talk with Dewey once about our kids and lives), hubby of 21 years. No more 61' VW, but still got the arm out the window, America on the cd player and sunny days around this beautiful city. As Bob Hope says: "Thanks for the memories guys"

debbie :O)

Message: 1291 Posted: Mon Jun 08 13:30:16 1998 By:
Subject: Sheboygan Wisc. - Help !

Anyone out there who can help Federico? In Wisconsin? Joyce? I will e-mail venue info to Federico & any help I can give. But perhaps someone can help the lad who lives closer to the show venue. An AMERICA fan in need is a friend indeed. Thanks!

Subj: Sheboygan
Date: 98-06-07 18:46:20 EDT
From: (Federico)

Hi JIM, this is Federico!! I need an help from you. This August i will be in USA and my trip is organized for coming to America's concert at Sheboygan. I will be in a city near Chicago on 14th ready to reach Amerrica on 22nd. But, you know, i'll have hard problems 'cause i'll have to buy the ticket for the concert of 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock pm. I don't know much about that city and "Lake fest" although i had tried to find something on Internet! What's more unknowing the place i don't know at what time it'd be better to arrive for entering and take the nearest seat of the stage. i wonder if you may tell me something more about that concert, something that helps me to be there and present for both the concerts of that day, near the stage; how can i buy the ticket and do i risk that i won't find the ticket buying it the same day of the concert? is there a possibility to have ticket some time, some day before the concert?.

You know, this concert is so important for me: i've been working hard to earn money enough for coming in USA and see the concert even if a little help comes from my family in USA, and what's more i 've been having a lot of problems with my Girlfriend for this trip 'cause i'll come alone.

I hope that i'll meet the guys, i'll talk to them and spend more time as possible with them as it happened at Barcellona '96; my dream is to have a dinner with them in which i could cooke the Italian pasta...hehehehehehe.......!!!!!

My love for them began in the far 1983 when i bought "History"! well from that moment to now they've been my shelter in bad moments and my energy, my spiritual energy, in beautiful moments; they are as if they had been in every things of mine, in every choice i've done and i do, their music and lyrics are always, ALWAYS present. When i listen to their music i can really think about me, my way of being, my life, i can take decisions, and concetrate myself of everything. As you can understand, they are really a part of me: thay were playing from my cd when i decided to change work, when i decided to stop with studying, when i decided to go in militar corp; when my daddy died the guys helps me in worst moments, when my mother had an accident they helped me, when my nephews borned, when i met my girlfriend, when i told her that i wanted a child, when i feel strong in working, when i think that i love the life and when i'm full of joy, their music plays! They inspire me as the ancients artist of the past inspire new artist. For all these reasons and a lot of other i think i'm th best lover of their music in Italy, not only a fan but lover of that way of making art, their own art that nobody, no groups in the world can copy: there are a lot of rock groups in the world but, for the majority of those, more or less, the rythm, the words, the music are the same; a few groups in the world can make art for more than 25 years: Dewey and Gerry are among those, they are artists not ony musicians!

Thank you for your interest. I had desire to tell to someone why i love those guys so much.


Message: 1290 Posted: Mon Jun 08 10:05:50 1998 By:
Subject: Ok, Here's your chance for VH-1

Hi all.

If you go to VH-1 Greatest Artist of all time you'll be able to cast your vote for America! Maybe they'll get the HINT if enough of us do it.......

Maybe a ground swell of us can change their (VH-1's) minds on a trial basis.....WHO KNOWS if you don't TRY, eh?


Message: 1289 Posted: Mon Jun 08 10:03:44 1998 By:
Subject: Re: More From Sparks

Steve...thanks for the great update, and glad you and Janell enjoyed yourselves. Happy Anniversary, once again! I remember hearing that Brad was gonna chop his you think his tired vocal chords suffered more as a result of having his mane chopped, lol? So THAT'S where he drew all of that enormous strength he has to sing and strum his bass from...his ponytail! Just teasing, Brad, and I bet the new "do" you're sporting is quite fashionable! Feel better soon before G&D get too used to exercising their pipes for you.


Message: 1288 Posted: Mon Jun 08 10:02:25 1998 By:
Subject: Re: More From Sparks

Right on Steve, you dapper dresser you. Was that a suit you wore for the 2nd show on Saturday nite ?

By the way, the Nugget crew lead & their management had this to say about AMERICA:

'We love their music, they draw great crowds, they have fun & they are easy to work with.'
In so many classy venues, this has been repeated by others & I think contains keys to AMERICA's longevity. AMERICA works very hard, but they have fun, the crews have fun & it all translates to the fans who have the most fun. After seeing 11 shows at Sparks, I am now more impressed than ever at how AMERICA performs nite after nite & stays fresh.

Message: 1287 Posted: Mon Jun 08 09:29:52 1998 By:
Subject: 22

With a career like ours that's spanned 25 years it's pretty amazing when you look back and your agent reminds you in '74 you had Bruce Springsteen as your opening act for three nights. That aspect of this, being with your peers and artists that you really admire and enjoy working with; such as the Beach Boys and Jackson Brown who opened for us, and Pink Floyd. --Dewey Bunnell

Message: 1286 Posted: Sun Jun 07 20:27:44 1998 By:
Subject: More From Sparks

I just got home from Sparks and want to give a quick run down on the two Saturday night concerts (the Sunday concert will be starting in an hour or so). Janell and I decided to see the first concert Saturday night because we had to pack and get ready for a red eye flight. We were fortunate enough to get front row seats with Erin on the right side of the stage. As we looked to the left of the stage we saw Barb and Gary thoroughly enjoying themselves. Jim was also there so we all got to visit before and after the concert.

Bertha, Angel, and the comedian were all wonderful again but the real show started when America took the stage. I forgot to mention yesterday that Brad has injured his vocal chords so Gerry sang "Don't Cross The River" and Dewey sang "Never Be Lonely". We love Brad and hope he gets well soon, but it was great to hear Gerry and Dewey take the lead on those songs. Friday night they mentioned that they were singing the songs for the first time because it was the first Friday of the month and they always mix things up on the first Friday. Saturday night, they sang the leads once again on those two songs but they didn't mention anything about it. One other thing about Brad, he was sporting a REAL SHORT hair cut and Wood-z looked sharp in his western attire complete with bolo tie and boots (were those snake skin boots???).

The guys left out "California Dreamin'" in the first concert Saturday night but the rest of the play list was the same. Willie was the dapper Dan this night in a white shirt and tie. Gerry said that he was wearing something from his "substitute teacher wardrobe".

After the first concert I had to pack, check out, and get ready to leave. The free tickets that Janice gave me required me to dress up so I also had to change into a suit and tie. In spite of all that, I was able to make it backstage for much of the second concert. This time "California Dreamin'" was included. Looking out at the audience as the guys played was a real treat. It was obvious that everyone was enjoying the music and I especially enjoyed watching Erin who was on the second row. She had a smile a mile wide!

After "Sister Golden Hair" the guys ran offstage and I stayed back in the shadows so I'd be out of the way. Then Dewey looked up and said "Is that you, Steve?" I don't think anyone has seen me in a suit and tie before so I was surprised he recognized me!! He and Gerry both shook my hand and then ran back onstage for the encore. I appreciate their thoughtfulness, even in the middle of a concert. But then, that's just they way they are!

I had to leave before the encore was over so I'd catch my limo to the airport but I had a wonderful time in Sparks and I'm glad I got to meet a few more onliners.

I'll have some photos from the concert sometime this coming week. Maggie got some great photos and I took quite a few that I hope will also turn out.

And a special thanks to Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Michael, and Brad. Keep on rocking!


Message: 1285 Posted: Sun Jun 07 19:51:28 1998 By:
Subject: 23

Yes from moment to moment your life can change
There's a storm over the horizon
The sea you cannot see

Message: 1284 Posted: Sat Jun 06 09:18:51 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks II

As the second week of the Sparks concert run continues, my wife and I were fortunate enough to take in the Friday night concert. Thanks again to Janice for the airline tickets. Our flight was a little late getting in but we made it in plenty of time for the 8 pm show. We even got to visit with Janice, her friend, Ellie, Jim, Pete, Brad, and Willy.

Bertha and Angel were in great form to start the show (I hope to have photos sometime next week) followed by a great comedian/postman. People from the audience would shout out there ZIP code and he would tell them exactly where they were from (he was always right) and something about them (he was seldom right there, but it was always funny).

Immediately after the comedian finished, the opening strains of Riverside could be heard followed by the same set as Thursday night (including California Dreamin'). I love the new intro to Sandman and the accoustic version of I Need You is fantastic. Never Be Lonely played live gives a whole new meaning to that song.

Even though I didn't get to talk to Dewey and Gerry, I appreciated them acknowledging me from the stage. When the concert was over, Gerry made a perfect flip of his guitar pick to my seat across the stage and on the second row (thanks Ger).

We look forward to another concert or two tonight and then we've got to hop on a red eye flight back to Salt Lake (via Dallas???). Although it has been short, it has been very sweet!


Message: 1283 Posted: Sat Jun 06 09:07:13 1998 By:
Subject: 24

We've made a great effort to try and keep the stuff fresh. The challenge is how do you do that. So I just personally go out and try and sing it as good or better than I've ever sang it before and that seems to work for me. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1282 Posted: Sat Jun 06 09:03:39 1998 By:
Subject: Picture Sleeves

I will be selling two America picture sleeves I found recently -near Mint condition-no record for:

I Need You/Riverside- WB 7580--nice color photo

Lonely People/Mad Dog-WBS 8048-

Accepting offers until June 12 midnight

Message: 1281 Posted: Sat Jun 06 09:01:26 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Sparks

I'm really looking forward to hearing the new material...and I brought a friend to the show last was his first concert and he LOVED it....said he's very interested in buying the new CD! Also, every morning, a local radio station plays an America song (this morning it was Ventura Highway) followed by a lyric-finishing contest and a chance to win tickets for the show. So I bet they'd definitely play the new music...

Erin :o)

Message: 1280 Posted: Sat Jun 06 08:59:51 1998 By:
Subject: Sparks

Other than the fact that I know nothing, see nothing & hear nothing:
I can say that the preparations to begin playing material from HUMAN NATURE are shaping up & readiness for prime time should be very, very, very soon. You will all be very impressed w/the new live material. Bring new fans to the upcoming shows, they will love the new material! AMERICA continues to work very hard & they have a great time along the way - the music is reflective of this.

Message: 1279 Posted: Sat Jun 06 08:57:36 1998 By:
Subject: Re: SPARKS ! ! !

Great review Maggie! If I could write like that, that's exactly what I would have said...everyone has been absolutely great! Tonight's show (Thursday) was terrific...Dewey sang Lonely People (GREAT JOB, Dewey!! Feel better soon, Brad!) and California Dreamin was back. So was Angel the elephant after a few nights off, and her and Bertha performed for quite an enthusiastic crowd...Again, great job guys, and thanks for everything!! You are the BEST.

Erin :o)

Message: 1278 Posted: Sat Jun 06 08:55:43 1998 By:
Subject: SPARKS ! ! !

Hi everyone!!!

I figured since I've gotten used to staying up well past 2 A.M. for the past week, I could post about the shows tonight (just got home) and still get to bed at a decent hour, lol. It certainly was a treat to spend a week in the company of America...and their fans! Thank you all for the warm birthday greetings - I spent the day listening to great music and being around great people...what more can one ask out of life? I even had a drink sent to my table last night from a couple who ended up coming back for another show...they're hooked! Thank you Bill and Amber!

The guys have performed 8 shows in 7 days...and are still going strong! Although they've been limited in time and perfomance material due to the venue, we certainly appreciate the energy and enthusiam they've shown for each and every gig. Most important, it seems like they're having a good time onstage and savoring some well-deserved R&R. Their graciousness in chatting with their fans and signing autographs does not go unnoticed. Many people were delighted not only with their onstage talents, but with their offstage presence, as well. Best wishes for the second half of the run...continue knocking socks off! It's been a pleasure seeing so many smiling faces exiting the showroom each night...whooooppeeee!!!

Round 1 of the guys' "two-week paid vacation" (LOL) has gone splendidly. I second everything Erin's said so far...lots of energy, great stage banter (did you know that Willie MAY have already won the Publisher's Clearance House Sweepstakes, LOL?), rich music and vocals...many die-hard America fans (and some new ones too!). I think I must have canvased the casino looking for disciples! Had some great conversations with folks from all over who've either been fans a long time and haven't seen them recently, or who knew of them and needed a gentle nudge. I tried to make sure that management had the flyers (do you THINK I could have corrected my one crucial typo BEFORE I printed them, lol?...1971!!!) on the table every night (I've been quite the pest), detailing the guys' accomplishments, staying power, new release et al). People were TAKING them when they all they gotta do is READ them, and purchase Human Nature and go to a show or two!

As Erin mentioned, we were treated to Ger's take on "For No One" on Sunday night. While Ger was at the piano a fan yelled out, "What's your favorite Beatles tune?," so Gerry replied, and then just started playing it (it took a few seconds, but then Dew and Brad followed his lead and got into the mix). The guys have made nightly mention of Sir George's recent retirement, so this was a perfect way to honor him.

G&D have also made nightly mention of the continuing celebration of their 25th silver anniversary of winning best new artist. However, poor Dewey was a bit tongue-tied on opening night and referred to it as their "Silver Wedding Anniversary." Members of Dewey's family (including his parents who traveled from England) have been in attendance as well, which made poor Dew both proud and nervous! Many fans have approached his parents to congratulate them on their son's success. I had the pleasure of meeting them, and when Dew's dad thanked us for our warm support, I merely stated what we ALL feel: that we love them to death and we want them to still be onstage, creating beautiful music and having fun for quite some time (with their walkers and false teeth, if necessary!), until whenever they feel like hanging it up. G&D...we won't LIKE it, but we'll deal with it whenever that day comes. We promise to show you as much graciousness as you've shown us over the years. Now...about those shows in 2025...when do tickets go on sale, LOL?

Separated at Birth: fashion-conscious Dewey (who's always saying, "Nice shirt, Ger") decided to change the top half of his ensemble...just before the encore Wednesday night. So he comes back onstage wearing a white silk, "now I look just like Gerry Beckley" shirt. OK, guys...I give up...was this planned, lol? I got a picture of it...hope it turns out.

Overheard in the Casino: "You know...considering they're from Germany, those boys speak perfect English!" Also..."Gee, I wonder why Gerry wrote that new intro to "Sandman." (Because he CAN!).

Stage Banter 101: When talking about how he and Gerry first met and about music they'd grown up with, Dewey made mention of, "...stuff we sing in the shower." Gerry than politely added, "But not together." (laugh now).

Shows so far have included audience support from local gal Erin (SgtDrkness), Dave (SandmanDJ) who traveled from South Carolina (hope you made that red eye, Dave!), our Jim (JIMNAK...well, where ELSE would he be, LOL, Jim!), Lillian from Santa Rosa who's a BIG fan, but has no AOL access (she promises to post on the web pages), Janice (JGabr92262) vacationing from Georgia (and winning on the slots!), and me (and that lady who CLAIMS to be my mom, lol). Steve (SDJYLowry) and his wife will be in attendance Friday and Saturday (celebrating their anniversary!), along with the rest of your bright, shining faces that are due in town as well. We all have had a great time from our front row perches, smiling and singing along (sorry, Ter, no flying objects or mosh pits!). We hope the guys didn't get sick of our mugs! BTW...Dave is an excellent showmate to have around (I think we were doing background vocals there for awhile)...I highly recommend having him in your entourage at a concert (and such impeccable manners, lol!). It certainly has been a treat to meet our ONLINERS...I think we are a pretty good bunch of folks - we have wonderful taste in music!

Many thanks to Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Pete(y!) and Bill for all of the warm hospitality each and every night, and especially for the birthday greetings! Special thanks for the sticks, Will!

Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives...we love you all!

Maggie (Mags)

Message: 1277 Posted: Sat Jun 06 08:42:25 1998 By:
Subject: 25

Touched by a butterfly on my way home
Flying who knows where
Walking down that dusty road
Without a care

Message: 1276 Posted: Thu Jun 04 17:46:33 1998 By:
Subject: One Way Records

A friend of mine called One Way the other day. The woman that answered there said that there were FOUR America titles coming out "some time in July". Four would no doubt include "Silent Letter".

Message: 1275 Posted: Thu Jun 04 08:03:45 1998 By:
Subject: 26

The shows are great. We enjoy the work. We've got a nice, tight knit group. There's a lot of fun involved. A lot of those benefits of seeing the world. --Dewey Bunnell

Message: 1274 Posted: Wed Jun 03 13:55:59 1998 By:
Subject: More Sparks

The guys just keep rocking here in Sparks....
All the shows have been so energetic (last night was the seventh) and they're really getting into it on stage. They are so fun to watch, as well as listen to....And there was a good crowd for a Tuesday night! Everyone seems to be having a great time....

Erin :o)

PS...Happy Birthday Maggie!

Message: 1273 Posted: Wed Jun 03 13:53:58 1998 By:
Subject: Re: America Concert Pictures

Howard, the easiest and fastest way to get the photos on the web site is to scan them in yourself and then e-mail them to me. The best format to use is JPG or GIF but I can convert Windows BMP files or TIF files if you need to use an alternate format. For those who don't have access to a scanner, they can send me the photos and I'll scan them in for them. In that case they'll need to send me a mail message and I'll give them the address where they can send the photos. --Steve

Message: 1272 Posted: Wed Jun 03 12:46:51 1998 By:
Subject: My trip

Hey, you all, is there anyone you think to go to Sheboygan, Winsconsin for America's concert on August 22 ??

Message: 1271 Posted: Wed Jun 03 11:46:30 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mail.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: America Concert Pictures

I'm sure there are alot of us who frequent this site who are going to see America in concert this year, and it goes without saying that we're going to take pictures of them to share with everybody here.
How should we go about them getting them onto this website?
Should we scan them to send them to you or just send the pictures to you.

Message: 1270 Posted: Wed Jun 03 08:27:30 1998 By:
Subject: 27

I've been waiting every evening
Wondering what I'm gonna say
Sometimes life can be deceiving
Wednesday won't go away

Message: 1269 Posted: Wed Jun 03 08:24:43 1998 By:
Subject: Re: One Way Records

Rob, the latest information I have on the One Way releases is in Message 1239 below (posted May 28). It states that they will be released the second week of July and will NOT contain any bonus tracks. If more information becomes available, I'll post it here. --Steve

Message: 1268 Posted: Wed Jun 03 06:47:31 1998 By:
Subject: One Way Records

Does anyone have any updated info on One Way Records, and the much talked about reissue of "Silent Letter". There's obviously been a renewed interest in "America" over the past two years...hopefully One Way Records won't miss the opportunity.


Message: 1267 Posted: Tue Jun 02 08:07:44 1998 By:
Subject: 28

When you do over a hundred shows every year for 20 some years you start to see faces again and again. And I've got to know many people and that was really the way we could stay in touch. --Gerry Beckley

Message: 1266 Posted: Tue Jun 02 05:59:32 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mai.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: Phil Hartman / America album covers

Looked at my America lps and here's the lowdown on Phil Hartman(n):

Hearts: Direction: Hartmann & Goodman
Hideaway: Art Direction & Design: Phil Hartmann. Dir:Hartmann& Goodman
Harbor: Cover design: Phil Hartmann. Direction: Hartmann & Goodman
Silent Letter: Cover design: Philip Hartmann.Direction:Hartmann&Good.
Alibi: Direction: Hartmann & Goodman.
America Live: Cover Design: Phil Hartmann. Direction:Hartmann & Good.
History: Cover Design: Phil Hartmann. Direction Hartmann & Goodman.

When I moved, my Perspective lp got lost.

His work will be remembered. Long live PHIL!

Message: 1265 Posted: Mon Jun 01 15:03:12 1998 By:
Subject: Audio tape trades

I have been an America fan for years, finally getting to see them perform in 1996. I have live concerts on audio tape by America, Poco, Firefall, and related artists. I'd like to trade for more.

Message: 1264 Posted: Mon Jun 01 08:13:17 1998 By:
Subject: 29

Wednesday morning was the last time we talked
I guess she figured it was better if she walked
It could've been me just the same
There's no winner in this game

Message: 1263 Posted: Mon Jun 01 08:11:17 1998 By:
Subject: sparks

Another GREAT show tonight...and listen to this... Someone from the audience asked Gerry what his favorite Beatles song is...and we were lucky enough to hear him sing and play part of it (on the keyboard)...For No One...Maggie and I thought it was very cool. We are having so much fun, and it's been great meeting Maggie (ToEaHisOwn), her mom, Dave (SandmanDJ) and Jim (JIMNAK). The shows (I've only seen two so far) have been just incredible. Really energetic, and the guys definitely look like they're having fun up there. The comedian (Mark Kornhouser sp..?) is good, and Bertha and Angel have changed their show from when I saw them in September...So for those of you that are coming, you're going to have a great time and I hope I get to meet you! I'm planning on being there for almost every show!

Erin :o)

Message: 1262 Posted: Mon Jun 01 05:44:44 1998 By: Howard_Lieboff_At_Seltel-NY@KATZ-Mail.KATZ_Media.Com
Subject: Phil Hartman

From what I heard, Phil Hartman developed over 40 album covers for
various groups as America, Poco, etc... History, Hearts. etc...
A very talented and funny human being who will be missed.

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