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Message: 1593 Posted: Fri Jul 31 10:49:57 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Bill, I can atest to your liking in Taylor guitars. I work here in NYC and on 45th street all the music stores are there. And they invite you to come in and play the guitars...carefully. I've tried the Taylor, what a sound! Guitars are so expensive these! I have a Yamaha FG-? bought in 1973 and a Takamine 12 string bought in early 1980's. When you fine tune any guitar perfectly, they sound sweet! I also have a White Fender/Strat and Black Gibson Les Paul. Also, when Gerry played the red Rickenbacker lead on Horse...another great sounding instrument! That's music to my ears. What is the exact fingering for the chords does Dewey play on Horse. I've yet to perfect it. The music book has weird chords on it. Not the same Dewey plays. Jim N. do you know? anybody?
Howard L.

Message: 1592 Posted: Fri Jul 31 09:22:55 1998 By: Bill
Subject: Re: Taylor Guitars

I own a Taylor 510 guitar and love it. I was excited to see that America is now playing Taylor guitars, excellent choice. You might ask Jim N. about his Taylor-Gerry Beckley Signature Model.

Message: 1591 Posted: Fri Jul 31 09:09:35 1998 By: Steve "Nellie" dnkyjaw60
Subject: Golf

We have a golf game planned in Mpls on the 23rd of Aug. Would love you guys to join us and relax a bit before the show. If possible shoot me an e-mail. Just a shot in the dark!

Message: 1590 Posted: Fri Jul 31 07:50:46 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America's Taylor Guitars

Anybody, With America's custom Taylor acoustic guitars, the sound is so crisp, clear and resonates like a bell. I know they have electronics where they just plug into an amp with them. They don't have an insert where they have keep taking on and off their guitars, but I noticed on saturday a round black covering the whole hole on the guitar. Anybody else notice this. Not like the old days where they just miked their guitars and couldn't move around. Also as seen on the CD Video "Horse With No Name." Does Dewey always play the black guitar all the time (except when he has to change to electric). Gerry's 12 string is absolutely heaven. Has anybody noticed that Dewey doesn't play 12 string. Since 70's, either it was Gerry or Dan playing 12 string.

Music technology has come a long way trying to make the acoustic guitar sound and by george I think Taylor has got it right.

Regards, Howard L.

Message: 1589 Posted: Thu Jul 30 19:31:31 1998 By: Bob & Maureen
Subject: items for willie

Hi pete ,can you let me know if you got my last message,regarding the Macanudos,tape and the channel.
Bob & Maureen

Message: 1587 Posted: Thu Jul 30 19:23:24 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: To Karen at Oxygen

Hi Karen,I tried to email you but it didn't go through,so I'll just post this message here for now until I get a better email address from you. Being as I'm connected to both radio and retail here in Upper Michigan, I think I can give you some good promotion for the CD. the Store could use some good POP material(posters,flats etc)for display, and we should be able to get some mentions out on the morning show on the classic rock station. If you're interested,email me back and I'll give you specific phone numbers on how to reach me. there are a number of customers in town who have asked me to "hold" them a copy of the disk. Seeing as American Grammaphone was pitiful on their promotion for "hourglass",I feel I can at least do my part in this area. thanks!

Steve "O"

Message: 1585 Posted: Thu Jul 30 19:21:37 1998 By: bob & Maureen
Subject: items for willie

Hi Pete, Bill & Willie,
Pete i was wondering if you could ask Willie if he has had a chance to view the tape that i gave him at club bene?,also the pictures that we gave you & willie.Please let me know as i have some more shows that willie is interested in,What did he think of the Macanudos,I am interested in the in the books he was telling me that he has.
Thanks Pete.
Bob, Maureen, Joe & Annie from Long Island.
PS Will you get back to me asap so i can start getting more shows for Willie that he can't get.

Message: 1584 Posted: Thu Jul 30 14:01:43 1998 By: Federico
Subject: You all are great.......

i'd like to THANK everybody for what you're doing for me and your help. I think this will be my best and marvelous trip to that marvelous land that is USA. I hope to meet the guys and hope to meet
Jhon, Mark and everyone who will there. If someone of you all fans decide to go to Wichita, please e-mail me.

THANX, THANX a lot to all; THANX to the guys for all this years of dreams and love, THANX to JIM, STEVE: you 're making my dream real.



Message: 1583 Posted: Thu Jul 30 09:18:31 1998 By: John
Subject: Re: Wichita & St. Joseph

Ooops... I left the area code off the phone #.

It is 316-722-4201.
John S. (If it's not Boeing, then I'm not going!)

Message: 1582 Posted: Thu Jul 30 09:16:57 1998 By: John
Subject: Re: Wichita & St. Joseph


Here's the scoop on the Wichita show. Could you forward this to Frederico.

The Venue is the Cotillion Ballroom (Phone #722-4201, Address - 11120 W. Kellogg). There are no reserved seats for the general public, as seating is first-come basis. I would like very much to meet Frederico if he comes to Wichita. Mark McVey will be there also.

John S.

Message: 1581 Posted: Wed Jul 29 21:25:41 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: RE: gratitude


It is our pleasure. Hey everyone, don't just do it yourselves. Call your friends. I got a brother in Texas who will help and friends all over the country. Let's get to it. We got a job to do.


P.S. Howard, please send me your e-mail address. I wanted to ask you something and I misplaced it.

Message: 1580 Posted: Wed Jul 29 21:22:00 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Human Nature

Message for Karen,
    Thanks for the update. Please don't forget me. I am willing to do what ever is humanly possible to help the guys with this album. Hope to hear from you soon and Thanks again.....Maureen.

Message: 1579 Posted: Wed Jul 29 18:22:26 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Gratitude

Wow. What an incredible outpouring of volunteers to help promote Human Nature. We are shocked by the spirit of giving evident in America's fans!

In just one day, I have received emails from people who want to help out in the following states:


And even someone in The Phillipines!

This is going to be great. Here's the current plan: I will continue (hopefully) to receive emails from additional places, keep a log of everyone who has volunteered, and start gathering together the phone number and address lists of all the stores you will need to visit and all the stations you will need to call. After all of that is done, I will begin mailing materials out. I will no longer be posting information about all this in these public forums, but rather will send emails only to those who have volunteered. I don't want to bore anyone who isn't involved in it, you know?

Thank you all. How amazing that you want to help out in this way!

Best regards,

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1578 Posted: Wed Jul 29 18:20:45 1998 By:
Subject: Wichita & St. Joseph

Anyone out there in TV land who can help this fine AMERICA fan ?
Thanks !

Dear Jim,
i have to ask one more help from you to me!
Unfortunately, for work problem, i have to leave on for USA on August 8th and leave off on 22nd. So i miss Sheboygan's concert but i could see the AMERICA at Cotillon in Wichita and next day too at ST. joseph. May you tell me how can i do for reserve a seat at cotillon in Wichita and at Trail Fest at St. Joseph?

ThanX a LoT AGAIN.........


Message: 1577 Posted: Wed Jul 29 09:17:39 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Attention Rob

What time are both shows??? Is there some kind of fee or cover charge to get in? How far is it from the New York/Connecticut border? Let me know. Thanks, Howard L

Message: 1576 Posted: Wed Jul 29 08:25:19 1998 By: Steve "Nellie" Dnkyjaw60
Subject: A call to arms

I live in the Duluth/Superior area of Minnesota and Wisconsin. If there is anything I can do please get in touch at my e-mail address. I do know a couple people in different record stores in the area. Maybe I can help.

Message: 1575 Posted: Wed Jul 29 08:19:54 1998 By: Steve "Nellie
Subject: VGG

Sounds like all the recent concerts have been great. Can't wait until Aug 23rd in Mpls. Message 1525 from david says that he can get VGG. My only problem is that I have had some difficulty witht he mail here. David, if you get this can you please give some info on how I can get VGG. If anyone can help I would appreciate it !!!

Message: 1574 Posted: Wed Jul 29 07:50:26 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Directions to Mohegan

Getting Howard to that Mohegan Concert is my goal here...

Howard -- head up 1-95 past New Haven, past Saybrook. Look for I-395 as it breaks off I-95. Then head north on 395. I'm not sure of the exit number, but I believe there are signs on the highway. If you get to Norwich, you've passed it. The exit actually leads you right in to Mohegan. The setting there at the Wolf's Den is intimate. And the shows are free. My only sugguestion is get there early. A line does form an hour or more before the show. Hope you enjoy it. Stay for both shows if you can.

Message: 1573 Posted: Wed Jul 29 06:44:30 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Jim, thanks for the info. Very helpful.

Maureen, I'm coming from Marlboro, New Jersey (near Old Bridge). I'd be coming from Route 9 I guess to Outer Bridge to Verazanno Brige.
Thanks for your help.

Message: 1572 Posted: Tue Jul 28 20:54:18 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Directions.........

Hi Howard,
It was good hearing from you. If you can tell where in NJ you are coming from, I may be able to help? The Mohegan Casino is not far from Mystic, Conn. I live on Long Island, so I will probably drive to the east end and catch the Orient Point Ferry. Its takes 90 minutes to cross the sound to Mytic. I believe the casino is Exit 76 off of the Conn. Turnpike. You can email now or try me at wrok. The address is listed below in Karens' message. Hope to hear from you.....Maureen

Message: 1571 Posted: Tue Jul 28 19:53:30 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Human Nature

Hi Karen,
If you want, you can also email me at work. Here is my E-mail Address(es):
Ok. Thanks.......

Message: 1570 Posted: Tue Jul 28 19:28:16 1998 By: Maureen

Hi Karen,
I forgot to list my email address in the FIRST posting. Here it is or just click on my name to get back to me. Thanks.

Message: 1566 Posted: Tue Jul 28 19:24:12 1998 By: Maureen

Hi Karen,
You can definitely count me in. As you know, when we spoke on the phone awhile back, I work on Wall Street and live on Lon Island and I have no problem combing the island to get the information out to the stores. PLEASE email back ASAP. I am a huge Gerry fan so I will do anything to help him. Thanks.......Maureen

Message: 1565 Posted: Tue Jul 28 18:12:25 1998 By:

fyi Howard:
AMERICA rehearsed songs from HUMAN NATURE while they were in Reno in late May to mid June. They began playing them in Reno to live audiences in the latter half of the Reno run, just after June. A lot of time was spent working out the finer points & presto it was ready for prime time.

Message: 1564 Posted: Tue Jul 28 18:05:24 1998 By:
Subject: Re: A CALL TO ARMS

Ok now is the time to let loose. There's no turning back. 1 million in sales b/4 2000. Everyone is welcome to help. We need the help of everyone. Thanks !!!

Message: 1563 Posted: Tue Jul 28 13:46:43 1998 By: Karen
Subject: A Call to Arms

Hi folks.

This is a preliminary call to all America fans who may be interested in helping Oxygen Records promote Human Nature within their own cities. I am putting together plans for a system of guerilla field staff tactics, including hand delivering Human Nature window decals to all the record chain stores in your area (you will be provided with a list for your area), blanketing the telephone lines of the most important radio stations in any given city (again, you will be sent a list) to ask them to play From A Moving Train, and letter and email writing to the top levels of national press as well as local publications in your city asking them to review the album or feature the band.

If you are interested in helping us make Human Nature the hit we all know it can be, please email me directly - - and let me know what city you live in and what cities you would be willing to drive to in order to cover your area best.

Oxygen Records will offer you certain goodies for helping out, such as the From a Moving Train radio promotion single - a rarity!

Thanks for your time. I know the band appreciates it, also.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1562 Posted: Tue Jul 28 12:51:22 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Pages & From A Movin Train

To all, can anybody tell me when did the guys start performing the 2 new songs from the upcoming Human Nature album?
Thanks, Howard L

Message: 1561 Posted: Tue Jul 28 01:09:53 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Hall of Fame

Greetings, what a wonderful year it would be if Human Nature charted well and America were inducted into the hall of fame.I have found it quite extrordinary that the guys have always been overlooked.Consider this multi platinum and gold records in abundance, thirty years in the biz,recording whenever possible,touring round the globe at a consistantly high standard,you would have to ask yourself in all honesty is there anyone more deserving of recognition.In my own humble and modest opinion when America were at the zenith of their popularity they were still increadibly underrated.This from an article from Britains Q magazine,Dewey "we were always percieved as little brothers of the scene" well maybe all thats about to change!!!!

Message: 1560 Posted: Mon Jul 27 23:02:01 1998 By: Maggie
Subject: Concert Reviews

Great reviews everyone ! ! !

Message: 1559 Posted: Mon Jul 27 22:34:56 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America@Club Bene

To: Karen and Maureen,

I sat right in front of Gerry when he was playing Acoustic/Electric guitars to the right. How long of a drive is it to the Mohegan Sun Casino? I live in Jersey and that would be a long drive. At Hershey Park on Aug.30, why couldn't they play on Sat? We might stay at a hotel on Sat and go to the park on Sunday w/the kids and go home on sunday. Maybe I can say hello to the guys before the concert. Wishful thinking! Still trying to persuade my wife for that.
When are they coming back to club bene????????????????

Take care, Howard L.

Message: 1558 Posted: Mon Jul 27 22:08:14 1998 By: Steve Orchard Krock radio/The Music Tree
Subject: One way records releases/update

Ok Gang,here's the latest scoop for you! I spoke with Lynn at "One way records" today just to make sure that the America Re-issues are coming out next week. Sure enough,they are! to those of you who have pre-ordered them with Scott at Thoughtscape sounds,I'm sure you'll have em as soon as he gets em! Technically,they should be in your local record stores on tuesday of next week. however,if your dealing with any kind of a "chain" store(Sam Goody,Musicland etc) don't hold your breath. You're gonna pretty much need to ask the store to bring them in because these are disks that will not attrack the masses,just us die hards--and thats the honest truth. I have customers coming into our store interested in the new CD, but nobody's asking about the re-issues--then again,unless your in the business or a huge fan,how would you really know they are even out there? As for the talk lately on "Van go Gan" Gerry told me via my recent interview with him that he is working on getting the CD released here in the States. sorry,there is no time frame,but it is something he would like to see happen. If you'd like to read more of his comments check out Rick Wahlgrens page and the "highlights" to that recent interview.

In my ever continuing quest to keep you posted.........Steve

Message: 1557 Posted: Mon Jul 27 21:00:49 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Message Retry for Howard and Karen

Hi Guys,
I was at the Club Bene show with my husband, Bob and our friend Joe and Annie. We were all sitting right behind Gerry's piano. We got a great view of the "Master of The KeyBoard". Did you see us? It was a greeaatt show. I love it when they play over an hour show. They really seem to get into it when they are not pressed for time. We also had the wonderful peasure of speaking with them outside before and after the show. It was great to see the long line of fans waiting to get autographs!! Karen, by chance, was that you in the blue shirt talking to Gerry before the show? I came over and was asking him something I had mentioned to him at Westbury. You guys were talking about the city and musuems? If that was you, well HI. Anyway, we are off the see the guys in 12 days, at the Mohegan Sun Casino. According to Gerry, it is a very nice place to play. Maybe he will do my request there. OK, Gerry?? Take care...Maureen

Message: 1554 Posted: Mon Jul 27 18:37:36 1998 By: jessica
Subject: H.N. in Manila

Great review, Howard and Bruce! Makes me wish there's another Manila show soon (even if I just had one last May!) I wanna hear From A Moving Train live since it's gonna take me some time, a long time after Sept. 15 to get hold of H.N.

Karen, I asked the local arm of BMG Records if they're going to release H.N. here but the answer was no. Isn't there any other record company which can release the CD here in Manila? You know, after the shows of the band here the past two years, I'm sure a good number of people would be interested with a new CD by AMERICA. Besides, Hourglass was released here. Even VGG! So why not Human Nature? Just curious: will H.N. be released internationally, specifically in some Asian cities? As I said, after the band's tour of the area, it seems the logical move.

BTW, I saw the tribute done by Inside Edition for Phil Hartman and there was the History album by America which he designed. However, it was Crosby, Stills & Nash who got a mention. I can't understand why...

Message: 1553 Posted: Mon Jul 27 17:07:20 1998 By:
Subject: AMERICA in Central Park - Laser disc

CDNOW is currently showing this title, among many AMERICA music discs, as available for just under 27 clams. A great live show done just b/4 their hair was cut & SILENT LETTER came out.

Message: 1552 Posted: Mon Jul 27 16:22:12 1998 By: Mark
Subject: VGG

It's a shame to hear that Van Go Gan is out of print. That is a great CD! I liked it even better than Hourglass (which I loved). I know there was talk about it being released in the US by somebody like Chicago Records. Is there still a chance of that? Or maybe Oxygen could release it and promote it like a new release, because it is hit material. I'm sure after Human Nature becomes a hit, people will be knocking down Gerry's door trying to get the rights to it. In the meantime, if you don't already have VGG, I recommend you canvase all the online sights/stores that carry imports and hope that somebody still has it in stock. I figure the result form Human Nature becoiming a hit will also cause people to give Hourglass a listen and it will start climbing the charts too.

BTW, nice that your page has found a new home Steve.

Message: 1551 Posted: Mon Jul 27 08:34:42 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America@Club Bene

Karen, I'm sorry I missed you too. Thanks HL

Message: 1549 Posted: Mon Jul 27 07:57:57 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Desperately Seeking Howard

Howard, great review of the show. I DID look for you. It's true. But I got there just before America got on and went to your table right after the band got off the stage but you were already gone! Surely we passed each other when I was taking some Oxygen people backstage. Next show, we will work it out.

Glad you liked it so much.


Message: 1548 Posted: Sun Jul 26 23:40:47 1998 By:
Subject: Club Bene

Your experience sure sounds like the AMERICA we all know & love. When they do a show it's as if it's the only show they will do all year. It is so fresh & so alive & their hospitality to fans makes it seem like it's the ONE & only show of the year. But most of us know it is the 26th year or so of 100-200 shows a year. That's what is so amazing. Thanks for your insight. HUMAN NATURE Sept. 1998 !!!

Message: 1547 Posted: Sun Jul 26 22:21:22 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: My review

My review:
Gerry was the one that mentioned the comment about the peace CD.

Message: 1546 Posted: Sun Jul 26 22:13:20 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America/Club Bene Concert

Before I start, I was trying to locate Karen from Oxygen records. It seemed like nobody knew where they were sitting. I tried Karen!

America came on about 10P and ended about 1130P. When I received my tickets in April, I had no idea where I was sitting. It just said table 9? Had no idea. I called and lady said somewhere up front I think?? I've never been to Club Bene and a little wary of this. When I got there, I couldn't believe where I was sitting. My sister in front of me (wife home watching kids) and 3 more people and stage was about 4 feet high. If the guys were any closer, I could shave them. Amazing seats. The crowd was READY after the mediocre opening band played from 9-10P. In all my life, I have never seen such a high energy filled, enthusiastic, happy and exciting concert. My sister who new some of America songs because of me growing up, didn't know America did all these songs. She told me she had a fantastic time. They rocked Club Bene. The Taylor acoustic guitars sounded fantastic, especially Gerry's 12 string on every song (I'm partial to 12 strings I have to say). Everything sounded so fantastic, drums, bass and especially Dewey's, Gerry's and Woodz's electric guitar solos. They played every song with such enthusiasm and such energy, you wanted more and never for it to stop. Things that were mentioned: 25th anniversary of their Grammy Award, Human Nature Sept. 15 release and Lonely Pete's new technician job. At one point of the song "Another Try," I looked back and saw everybody singing the words, that gave me goosebumps. There were old and young there and this crowd was very into it and applauded like you wouldn't believe after every song, especially the new ones. After the concert I looked at my camera and noticed I had taken 23 pictures!!! I should have those developed and send in some to Steve. Here is the song list of the whole show:

Afterward, Gerry & Dewey signed autographs and take pictures for about 35-40 fans. My daughter earlier said, tell Gerry & Dewey I said hello. So I brought my little cassette recorder, her picture and both said hello to her and commented of how pretty she was. I played it for her and she blushed. Me, I had my History album signed and gave Dewey...ready for this...a copy of the 1973 Smothers Brothers Show. At first he thought it was something that I composed. But I said no, this should bring back memories. He was speechless. Someone made a comment about Dan Peek and I asked has he heard the Peace CD and thought was very good. Dewey commented on how old and new fans are really going to like the new CD. Thank you Gerry and Dewey for being courteous and nice to me. It was an absolute please meetin you. They're playing at Hershey Park on Aug. 30...trying to pursuade my wife to go there. We'll see. Anyways, I try to have the pictures really soon. Sorry it's so long. But I felt like I was a teenager again. It took all of Sunday for this rush to calm down, but I know I'll never get over it!!! It was very generous, thoughtful and extremely nice of them to stick around after the show. Hope to meet your real soon Gerry & Dewey, or next year! Some people brought every lp to be signed...Amazing!

Message: 1545 Posted: Sun Jul 26 20:27:23 1998 By: Sarah
Subject: America/Concert/Lakefest

Hi... Just want to let you know if you don't already but America will be coming to LAKEFEST in Sheboygan WI On August 22. This is a FREE concert!! right on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.


Message: 1544 Posted: Sun Jul 26 20:23:41 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: AMERICA Club Bene concert / America Concert

Thanks so much for the Club Bene review, Bruce. You hit the nail on the head when you said the guys are generous. And Carla, I'm sure you'll have a great time at Harborfest. We'd love to hear all about it.

Message: 1543 Posted: Sun Jul 26 11:27:07 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: AMERICA Club Bene concert

Saw the guys last nite at Club Bene in New Jersey- WOW!!! an incredible, energy packed one and a half hour show! There were several new songs including "Moving Train" and hearing it reminded me of when I first heard "Mirror to Mirror" and "Young Moon" for the first time sitting in that very seat at Club Bene- how I immediately thought those songs were great! Highlights for me were "Never Be Lonely" "Another Try" and "Daisy Jane". I had a friend with me who had never seen AMERICA before, but knew the songs- he was blown away by the show! Afterwards the guys generously stayed around for autographs and questions- I saw a lot of delighted faces- fans who were thrilled that their CDs and Albums were getting signed - as I watched I thought of how generous these guys are! Even though they had another show to get to in upstate New York, they still took the time to stay! THANKS AMERICA!!!!!

Message: 1542 Posted: Sun Jul 26 10:09:25 1998 By: Carla
Subject: America Concert

Well, the day is finally here. I'm going to see America in concert at the Oswego (NY) Harborfest tonight. This is my very first time seeing them in concert. I'm sure it will be great! and a night to remember.

Message: 1541 Posted: Sun Jul 26 10:07:58 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: One Way Records Web Site Update

The One Way Records web site was recently updated with a "new" letter to their customers. You can read the letter at where it mentions the 4 America Capitol albums to be released. Maybe it really will happen sometime soon.

Message: 1540 Posted: Sun Jul 26 09:57:30 1998 By: jimnak

Yup, those changes to the release are all for good business reasons - exactly the type of stuff that AMERICA needs more of. They have a history of putting out high quality material that has minimal marketing muscle behind it. So much of the material simply needs exposure & what Oxygen is doing is positioning HUMAN NATURE to have the greatest probability for success & fuel the next release by AMERICA. A little care & feeding of the release is very good. The disc is done, so let's leave it up to the record business experts to do their thing. HUMAN NATURE 1 million in sales b/4 2000. Concert on DVD to follow.

Message: 1539 Posted: Sat Jul 25 12:51:36 1998 By: Federico
Subject: Sheboygan

ohhhh......the date is getting nearer.......i'm looking forward to be there!!!!!
Anyone has more suggestions or news about that concert for me?

Karen, Oxygen, ThanK You A lot, all the guys here are looking forward to buy HN and even if Sptemer is so near, it seemes so far..... ;)


Message: 1538 Posted: Sat Jul 25 12:04:54 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: URL for St. Joseph Show

The URL (Internet address) for the St. Joseph show is

Thanks for the other details, Mark.

Message: 1537 Posted: Sat Jul 25 12:01:56 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Info on Aug 16th St. Joseph, MO Show

Here's some information on the St. Joseph , Mo America show on Sunday August 16th that I got out of todays KC paper.

America will appear at 7pm Sunday Aug 16th in the Civic Center Park in St. Joseph, MO closing the 3 day Trails West '98 festival. St. Jo is about 45 minutes North of the KC airport on I-29. Since the festival ends at 8pm that night it's a good guess that America will only play the 60 min set. This is a FREE concert, probably lawn chairs and blankets...

We'll be at the Wichita show the night before and right now I don't know if I'll make it up to St. Jo for the show or not ??? It's about 90 minutes North of my house, I'll be playing that trip by ear.

There is a web page for this I tried to contact it earlier with no luck ???

Take Care,

Message: 1536 Posted: Sat Jul 25 11:55:31 1998 By: Scott Sosebee
Subject: Gerry Beckley/Van Go Gan

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I just received confirmation from my Japanese distributor that Gerry Beckley/Van Go Gan is out of print and they will not do a repress. I have quite a few copies on Back-Order for the fans. I am really sorry but I will not be able to fill their orders since I will not be able to get any more copies.

Thoughtscape Sounds

Message: 1535 Posted: Sat Jul 25 09:45:22 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: human nature

Pat, Human Nature will be properly (read:amply) distributed. Have no fear.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1534 Posted: Sat Jul 25 09:26:55 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: Birchmere

For those interested..........

America at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA on August 7th......

Showtime 7:30 (doors open at 6:00)
Kids are allowed!

Message: 1533 Posted: Fri Jul 24 22:58:11 1998 By: adrian
Subject: promotion

Hi all,I just want to say that I concur with Kevin,let us remember the farcical efforts of American Gramaphone with Hourglass,and who could possibly forget the outragous efforts of Capitol records to promote all five America albums it just did not happen.So let us warmly commend Steve Ship for signing the chaps to a multi album deal,how many is that?and the delightful informative Karen DiGesu.With TV commercial in the pipeline,articles in Billboard,video of 96 Boston gig its ALL happening.

Message: 1532 Posted: Fri Jul 24 19:58:48 1998 By: pat
Subject: human nature

i have a qestion for oxygen records. how many copies of the new cd will be shipped to record stores this is a big thing because too little can really hurt the final sale of the cd,it happened already this past year to a group that i also like

Message: 1531 Posted: Fri Jul 24 18:44:15 1998 By: Mags
Subject: "Kevinisms"


Excellent point! Dont' worry...we'll wait until your return prior to doing anything stupid! Have fun!


Message: 1530 Posted: Fri Jul 24 16:26:51 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: America Fans Web Site Has A New Home

For those of you who came here from some place other than the main page of the America Fans web site, you may not know that the web site has a new home on the Oxygen Records server. The new URL is


so be sure to update your bookmarks.

I want to thank Oxygen Records for hosting the web site (I also appreciate Rick Wahlgren's offer to host it on the HorseWithNoName server).

Message: 1529 Posted: Fri Jul 24 09:15:51 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: Sept 15

Hey, guys, September 15th is just a slight delay. Besides, Oxygen never did give an official release date after they changed it from June 30th anyway. Sure they said August (that was just conjecture anyway) and they were right. It's August 45t. The way I look at it, we've waited 4 years since Hour Glass, so what's a few more weeks? (Now, if they delay it after September 15th, then we call Theodore Kazynski.) Karen and Oxygen know more about what it takes to market music than we do, so let them do their job. I think it's a heck of a lot better to wait a few weeks in order to give the album every chance to succeed rather than do what American Gramophone did to promote Hour Glass, which was nothing. Hey, we're getting a new America album (and, according to the press release which stated a multi-album deal, there will be more to come). So instead of chastising Karen for the delay, I want to kiss her full on the lips. By the way, I'm going on vacation for a week. Don't do anything stupid until I get back.

Message: 1528 Posted: Fri Jul 24 08:54:18 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Human Nature Release

The reason for the delay.....WAS.....well, I actually posted that a long time back so I'll just say briefly that the label wanted MORE than enough set up and pre-promotion time to give Human Nature what it needed to be launched right. And it has.

Club Bene...yes, I'll be there. Of COURSE! America in the tri-state area and Oxygen people not there? Absurd. See you there!

Karen D.
Oxygen Rec

Message: 1527 Posted: Fri Jul 24 08:53:32 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Human Nature Release


Thanks so much for the update on the release of Human Nature on Sept. 15. We really appreciate this very much. I'm sure the reason for this delay is maybe... seasonal??? September is even closer to Christmas than June? In the music business when it comes to selling cd's & it true that certain months sell more than others! Whatever...We stand by your decision 100%!!! With all the stations here in New York, I'll try to get to some to call.

2 MORE DAYS UNTIL AMERICA AT CLUB BENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have a good day everybody and speak to you'all real soon.

Regards, Howard Lieboff

Message: 1526 Posted: Fri Jul 24 08:41:51 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: "From A Moving Train" release

Yes, you seem to know the biz pretty well there. All records that are released follow their single out after two solid weeks' time. Human Nature will be no different. From a Moving Train will begin airing on radio two weeks before release date - around September 1st and 2nd.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1525 Posted: Fri Jul 24 04:42:18 1998 By: david
Subject: van go gan

Just a note for those of you who are looking for VGG. It's still available here in Japan, so if anyone wants a copy let me know, and we can arrange to get it sent to you. I still see it in record stores.

Message: 1524 Posted: Fri Jul 24 01:22:28 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Oh, and a couple other things...

By the way, I forgot to mention that they also played "Everyone I Meet Is From California" in the show, too (you big "Everyone I Meet..." fans can rest easy now!!).

As for Karen at Oxygen, I think we should be thankful for everything she and the label have done to get America back on a record label and back into the studios. It certainly is frustrating to have to wait another six weeks for Human Nature, especially with the simultaneous postponments of the One Way CDs and Dan Peek's Doer Of The Word, but hopefully the extra time will be spent well by Karen in getting the word out there to all the people who haven't had the fortune of seeing the guys live lately. As I said before, though, it would be nice to get a single like "From A Moving Train" out there on the airwaves so America can make waves of their own.


Message: 1523 Posted: Fri Jul 24 01:15:07 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: What you've been waiting for... AMERICA in DENVER!!!!

If you like ten gallon hats and country line dancing, you might feel at home at the Grizzly Rose. If you like to hear music by America (if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this, would you?), you might feel at home at the Grizzly Rose as well. The Grizzly Rose is a bar/music hall which seems like a Texas twister done pick it up and dropped it -- complete with the mechanical horse and pool tables -- in the heart of metro Denver, interestingly just a couple blocks away from a small reservoir called Dewey Lake.

The throngs which came to see Dewey, Gerry and the guys perform tonight were more than just barroom brawlers, though. Happily, the young, the old, as well as the graying hippies were there to cheer on their favorite (or soon to be favorite) bunch of musicians. And America was able to repay their gratitude. Some eighteen songs were in the playlist this evening, and as always the guys gave it their all. The songs were (in chronological order): "Riverside," "Sandman," "Three Roses," "A Horse With No Name," "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," "Don't Cross The River" (Gerry singing), "Only In Your Heart," "Tin Man," "Another Try," "Lonely People" (Dewey singing), "Daisy Jane," "Sister Golden Hair," "Woman Tonight," "California Dreamin'," "You Can Do Magic," "Never Be Lonely," "Mirror To Mirror," and then the two new songs, "From A Moving Train" and "Pages." All in all, the songs were well done. "Three Roses" sounded great in its pure acoustic form. "From A Moving Train" clearly went across well with the audience, as did "Pages". Dewey and Gerry made it a point to remind the folks of their new album coming out, so let's hope that the lines go around the corner at record stores across the country on September 15th!

Needless to say, yet another great America concert. Now if only we could get our hands on Human Nature...


Message: 1522 Posted: Thu Jul 23 20:21:52 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America

maybe when this site is on oxygen records people will be able to post stuff. i quit coming here because nothing I ever posted actually made it to the board. i'll give it another try

Message: 1521 Posted: Thu Jul 23 19:38:45 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Human Nature Delay

Another delay for the release of Human Nature?!? You all at Oxygen are starting to remind me more and more of the people at One Way. They were supposed to release the Capitol albums over a year ago. We are still waiting. They delayed so much that a French company released 3 of the 4 albums before they did. Can't tell me that that isn't going to hurt the the One Way sales when (if) they finally do release them. You know I was really excited when the first Human Nature release date was announced. Now I'm starting to adopt an I'll believe it when I see it attitude. What's the problem Oxygen?

Message: 1520 Posted: Thu Jul 23 13:00:14 1998 By: John
Subject: "From A Moving Train" release

Is "From A Moving Train" going to be released in advance of the album? Is there going to be any significant promotion of that song to drum up interest in Human Nature? After all, would America's first album had done well without "A Horse With No Name"? Would View From The Ground have done as well as it did without "You Can Do Magic"? The new album needs a breakout hit!


Message: 1519 Posted: Thu Jul 23 09:24:40 1998 By: Karen


Human Nature will be released on Tuesday, September 15th. This date is solid. This date will not change.

Thanks, everyone, for all the many concerned emails and phone calls.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

PS. So now that this date is set, this is REALLY the time to go into every available record store, music store and other stores that sell CDs and say "Are you going to be selling the new America album?!" And calling your local radio stations is even MORE powerful.

Message: 1518 Posted: Wed Jul 22 22:51:40 1998 By:
Subject: VAN GO GAN

VAN GO GAN had a limited quantity of discs printed, so it doesn't surprise me that getting the disk may be getting even more difficult. I would try all the Web based sellers, they all seem to work hard at getting all available imports. CD NOW & THOUGHTSCAPE some of the biggest. VAN GO GAN is definitely GERRY'S debut solo masterpiece. Here's hoping for a second solo b/4 2000.

Message: 1517 Posted: Wed Jul 22 20:36:24 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "Van go gan"

In regards to "Van go gan", Gerry does "endeavor" to get that CD out in the US sooner or later. He was very happy with the way the CD turned out, and says he's "always writing" so it wouldn't surprise me to see him put something else out down the line. However,when I talked to him, he said that AMERICA and the "Human Nature" project was his main priority right now.

Also,I read a comment on this site about somebody not being able to get VGG. If nothing else, I'm sure somebody on this fine site would be willing to tape it for you! but....nothing like having it on CD! I'm sure there are other import companies that have it. check "Goldmine" magazine and go from there! Also, Hello to you Jessica, and other America fans! If you have any questions or comments,let me know!

Message: 1516 Posted: Wed Jul 22 16:34:14 1998 By: jessica
Subject: More Steve's

I just wanted to say hello to SteveO and Steve "Nellie". Welcome to the home of the nicest people on the web! Hope to hear a lot from you Steve's in the coming days.

Message: 1515 Posted: Wed Jul 22 15:23:21 1998 By: Gary Hemingway
Subject: Queen Mary Concert

The August 5th date is a private gig. I called the Queen Mary and they didn't know anything about it. So I emailed a letter to Rick Wahlgren and gave me this information. Just thought you'd all like to know.

Message: 1514 Posted: Wed Jul 22 09:09:06 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VGG

To All,
According to Steve Orchard's interview with Gerry Beckley. Didn't Gerry say he was busy trying to get VGG released in the states? Maybe SteveO can elaborate more.

Regards, Howard

Message: 1513 Posted: Wed Jul 22 08:55:17 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Re: AMERICA discs


Glad you mentioned VGG. A BIG fan (who has posted on both websites - Steve Nelson) was very disappointed when contacting Thoughtscape yesterday to order VGG, and pre-order SL and HN; it seems VGG is out of stock and they have no plans to re-release it soon. Can anyone else help with this - I've instructed him to contact cdnow.


Message: 1512 Posted: Wed Jul 22 08:53:19 1998 By: JIMNAK
Subject: AMERICA discs

Another FYI:


LAST UNICORN & HORSE are tough to find. Soon they will have HUMAN NATURE & SILENT LETTER.

Message: 1511 Posted: Tue Jul 21 15:25:29 1998 By: Bill
Subject: Jennifer Diamond

If I may, I would like to plug a new singer-songwriter from the hometown of America's guitarist Michael Woods. Jennifer Diamond has just released her first CD on Diamond Records. Jennifer hopes to soon showcase her new music at the Thornton Winery in Temecula California. Jennifer's father Gill Guillen played with Pure Prairie League and Vince Gil back in the early days(pre record deals). Jennifer credits her father for giving her the love of music. Her voice has a taste of Amy Grant and she hopes to break into the pop record charts with her "Silent Words" CD. Her CD can be purchased for $15. from Diamond Record Company in Lake Elsinore. If you e-mail me I will be glad to give you the address. Thanks Bill

Message: 1510 Posted: Tue Jul 21 08:09:30 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Okay STEVEO!!!

Message: 1509 Posted: Tue Jul 21 07:41:41 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: my nickname

To save even more confusion,and as Steve Lowry mentioned it
earlier just refer to me as "SteveO"--everybody else around here does
anyway! What with so many Steve's on this site,this might help!

Message: 1508 Posted: Mon Jul 20 18:01:01 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: One way records updates

Thanks for the One Way updates, SteveO.

Message: 1507 Posted: Mon Jul 20 17:25:44 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: One way records updates

Ok Gang,here's the latest news for you! I spoke with a secretary from "One way records" today who told me the America Re-issues are due out August 4th. I asked her how sure she was on that and she said she knew they were coming out because they already had them in stock! I
guess thats fairly good news,huh? However,if you have ordered them from Scott at Thoughtscape,he sounded like he wouldn't have em for a few weeks. You can either try a conventional music store or wait if you have em pre-ordered already. I should have mine on August 3rd!
Also,the Dan Peek title "doer of the word" STILL has not been released yet. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will be out sooner or later! Those are the latest updates,I will keep you all posted!

Message: 1506 Posted: Sun Jul 19 17:25:14 1998 By: Georgianna
Subject: America

Two wonderful days in August to come! August 8th and 11th. I will finally get the chance to see America after two long years. And the best is I will be with my best friend of 23 years. It was actually "Sister Golden Hair" that brought us together. We can't wait for the opportunity to catch the band twice in one night at the Mohegan Sun!!!! I am psyched!! I just wish I could have my new Human Nature CD with me for them to sign.

Message: 1505 Posted: Sun Jul 19 16:39:17 1998 By: Steve "Nellie
Subject: Thanks!

Thanks for the warm welcome I will be a regular if you do not mind. I will work on my bio but please give me some time as I am a novice. Anyway, call me Nellie and I will try to contribute. I am just amazed at the people that are just like me. Yes, as far as I am concerned they are the best band. My childhood is full af America memories. Now when I or someone here's a song we have a story that goes along. I will promise to try to keep up! Please e-mail me I love to chat!!

Message: 1504 Posted: Sun Jul 19 11:04:26 1998 By: Mag
Subject: Welcome ! ! !

Welcome...another Steve! So glad you found the site and you've been "catching up." Visit often! P.S. Hey,'re right...we have reached a high of Steves...must be a common name among America fans!

Message: 1503 Posted: Sun Jul 19 07:15:13 1998 By: janice gabriel
Subject: America

welcome steve nelson!! i have been a fan for a long time too..went to my first America concert 25 years ago this year at the Honolulu International Center..
thanks for the clarification on the site steve (lowry)..and for all your hard are truly one dedicated soul..

Message: 1502 Posted: Sat Jul 18 23:59:45 1998 By: John
Subject: America Fan: Found


Got a bio yet? If Steve Lowry doesn't have the time to put up information about you on his page right now, perhaps you could tell us a little about you right here. Like how you have had the fortunate coincidence of liking a band which just happens to be the greatest of all time!


P.S. We've got too many Steves on this chat folder. Anyone got any nicknames to offer?

Message: 1501 Posted: Sat Jul 18 21:30:39 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Long lost America fan

I have been on the website on and off all day. I thought I would never stumble upon this until a friend called and told me about the site. I hope to keep up and get to know some of you that enjoy America as much as I have for the past 23yrs. I have had a blast all day!!

Message: 1500 Posted: Sat Jul 18 13:37:56 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule!

Just posted the most recent America in concert schedule........and there's several noteworthy additions:

Leah and about Alexandria, Virginia at Birchmere on Friday Aug. 7th!!?? (Alexandria used to be our home when I worked for a Congressman from Washington State.....and we loved it there!)

There's also shows in Lincoln, Nebraska (Oct. 5) and Harvey, LA. at the Boomtown Casino Oct. 7............and a planned tour of Chile/Argentina in November.

Go to (America's Official Website) for the complete concert schedule.


Message: 1499 Posted: Sat Jul 18 13:28:50 1998 By: Steve
Subject: The Move To Oxygen's Web Site

FYI: The America Fans home page has NOT moved to the Oxygen Records web site yet. It is still running on a Corel server and could STOP RUNNING at anytime without warning. I'm hoping it will stay up until we can make the move but I don't know for sure. When the web site does move, it will have a new address (something like /america/). At that time I will put a link from the MissionImprobable server (if it's still up) to the new web site. I'll also work with Rick to make sure the links on the America web site and the HorseWithNoName web site have been updated. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, I'm still spending a lot of time each day hunting for a new job. That's part of the reason why the web site move hasn't happened yet. I'm also waiting to get in touch with the Oxygen Records Internet provider to work out the details.

Steve Lowry
America Fans Webmaster

Message: 1498 Posted: Sat Jul 18 06:31:43 1998 By: janice gabriel
Subject: America

thank you, steve!! what a welcome sight to see this page up and running! been out of town and ran to my computer when i got home (ok...walked fast!) and thank you, karen for picking up the site! now i have to catch up on all of this info..what a pleasant way to spend a saturday morning!

Message: 1497 Posted: Fri Jul 17 23:48:28 1998 By: jessica
Subject: America

And thank you, too for the "lovely" bit, JohnC.

Hello everybody! Missed you. Glad to see this page again. Be reading a lot but for now, I've got to run! Bye!

Message: 1496 Posted: Fri Jul 17 23:14:04 1998 By: David
Subject: America Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour Show

Just a note to let you know that recently I saw a British edition of this CD here in Japan, and the cover has a picture of Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek, which I believe is taken from the poster that was provided with the Hat Trick or Hideaway album. The CD is put out by Pinnacle, and was issued this year. So now I have 4 different versions of this CD--two American ones (one was red, white, and blue, the other black and white; the Japanese version, and the British version.

Message: 1495 Posted: Fri Jul 17 22:34:43 1998 By: John
Subject: America, of course

If anybody wants, I've got a so-so quality copy of the "You Can Do Magic" video from our contact in Manila, the lovely Jessica Hidway (thanks!). Just to warn you, though, there really isn't much to see. It's basically a performance video of Dewey, Gerry, and the band. Well, not the whole band -- who's the guy with the fuzzy hair and beard playing bass? It can't be Brad, can it? Or can it?

Anyway, the video's style wasn't that impressive. The only break from the performance aspect was a deck of cards being shuffled during parts of the song. It is fun to watch, if for nothing else than it was a big hit song in its day, and for the early '80s hair and clothing styles. There really wasn't much to the video. Dewey once said that America "kinda missed the boat" when it came to music videos back in the days of Duran Duran, Devo, the Eurythmics, and company.

"The Border" is supposed to be a better video, but I haven't seen it.

Speaking of early '80s videos, to paraphrase a classic line -- I WANT MY AMERICA CDs!!!! Enough of this waiting for One Way and Oxygen!!! Let's have it, folks!!!!


Message: 1494 Posted: Fri Jul 17 19:52:55 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: kevins comments

kevin,some of your questions may be answered when that disk comes
out,which according to this fine site is August 11th. As for "Suddenly
Susan",what have you got against Brooke Shields??? And what,
pray tell,would you do with 6 bucks???
On the serious side,does anybody have a clue as to where I can find
video dubs or copies of "You can do magic" and "the Border"? I
remember WTBS playing that video show "Night tracks" back in 83
and I saw America doing "the border". Would like to get copies of
that--can also trade something I might have that would interest you.
And one final comment about the "One way records" comment I
made earlier: I was told those CD's would be released the first week
of August. I will probably check in again Monday because release
dates have been known to change many times! I'd like to speak with
the person who was SUPPOSED to call me back--the person who
apparently took over for a Mr. Frank Robertson. Secretarys are ok,
but often have limited info. Stay tuned,when I know more I'll log a
message in!

Message: 1493 Posted: Fri Jul 17 19:10:57 1998 By: Mags
Subject: I got questions. Who's got answers?

Kevin, I'd try to help with some of your questions, but first I have to stop rolling on the floor with laughter. ROFL!!!!

Message: 1492 Posted: Fri Jul 17 17:26:00 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: I got questions. Who's got answers?

Has Oxygen released an exact date that Human Nature will hit the stores? Does anyone know if, indeed, Gary Katz did produce any or all of the album? Does anyone know if America will be on Howard Stern to promote their new album? Why the heck won't America be playing Dallas? Who directed America's commercial? Did Gerry and Dewey write all the songs on the album? What's this world coming to when a turd like Suddenly Susan can be a hit and music as good as America's goes unnoticed? Can anyone lend me six dollars?

Message: 1491 Posted: Fri Jul 17 13:51:23 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: A Big Thanks To Steve Orchard

Thanks Steve for the update on the One Way Releases... This is probably to compliment the release of Human Nature, get people to get into the America spirit!!! We'll shall see. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Howard L.

Message: 1490 Posted: Fri Jul 17 12:01:47 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America Updates

Just so all the America fans know,I spoke with a secretary 2 days ago from "One way records". the normal rep,Frank Robertson,no longer works there. I was told the America Re-issues are now backed up to the first week of August. Being a music retailer with Radio connections often helps get the info you need! Also,to those of you still seeking Dan Peeks "doer of the word",that is still on backorder from "thoughtscape sounds",and they still aren't sure how long it'll be before its in. Just keep calling and bugging em! And to Steve Lowry,thanks for getting the site up and running again,and for posting the pictures from the recent Norway,Mi Summerfest!!!

Message: 1489 Posted: Fri Jul 17 09:14:57 1998 By: Rob
Subject: The One Way Delay

Having waited patiently for the four Capitol reissues, I was elated to see the 7/21 release date finally FINALLY announced by One Way. But once again, hopes are dashed because One Way now is saying maybe August. 16 months and counting.....

Message: 1488 Posted: Fri Jul 17 07:03:17 1998 By: OC-Keavin
Subject: Vote for America on the Top 100 albums of all time

Rock n World is having fans vote for their favorite album of all times. The resulting top 100 will be listed on the site. So show the music media and record companies who the fans really think are the best.

So go vote and show your support for your favorite band.

Keep Rockin


Message: 1487 Posted: Fri Jul 17 07:01:45 1998 By: AmericaFan
Subject: Amazon has a good selection of America CDs including several imports. What is neat about it, is that they let you rate the albums. So you can go to the music section at and rate America's albums.

Message: 1486 Posted: Thu Jul 16 17:26:03 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Summerfest Photos

Some backstage photos from the June 28 Marion Park Summerfest concert in Norway, Michigan are now available on the web. Special thanks to Steve Orchard for making them available.

Message: 1485 Posted: Thu Jul 16 16:45:05 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: THANKS

You're welcome Howard.

Message: 1484 Posted: Thu Jul 16 11:02:12 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: THANKS

to whom the person fixed my message about the top 40 Billboard containing America's Hits aligning them.

Message: 1483 Posted: Thu Jul 16 09:24:43 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: America Commercial

Karen, it's great to hear that the guys are going to be seen on a TV commercial. When are us folks out in the Denver area going to catch a viewing? And isn't there a music video coming down the chute? That makes for good advertising, too.


Message: 1482 Posted: Thu Jul 16 08:53:28 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America/Billboard Top 40 Singles

Found this great info and would like to share:

Billboard Top 40 Singles    Peak   Top 40 Debut    Weeks
A Horse With No Name        #1      3/4/72         12
I Need You                  #9      5/27/92        9
Ventura Highway             #8      11/4/72        9
Don't Cross The River       #35     2/24/73        2
Tin Man                     #4      9/21/74        11
Lonely People               #5      1/18/75        10
Sister Golden Hair          #1      4/26/75        12
Daisy Jane                  #20     8/16/75        7
Today's The Day             #23     6/12/76        6
You Can Do Magic            #8      8/21/82        15
The Border                  #33     7/16/83        6


Regards, Howard L.

Message: 1481 Posted: Thu Jul 16 07:55:56 1998 By: JimNak

Hope everyone has an order in at Thoughtscape 1-800-435-6185. At $10.99 they are a steal. I guess the expected release date has been moved to sometime in August now. Well heck, place your order & wait. HUMAN NATURE & Silent Letter in August will be divine. Silent Letter is a very soothing, peaceful, group of songs. The entire LP is like a single song. A very fine weave of GERRY & DEWEY collaboration throughout, very integrated & the last piece of support from Sir George Martin; all anchored by ALL MY LIFE. God save the queen.

Message: 1480 Posted: Thu Jul 16 07:53:56 1998 By: Karen

Hi again, folks.

I'm very pleased to let you all know that we (Oxygen Records) will be picking up the America Fans Website and adding it to our server! Yay!

We have been researching the process a bit and working with Steve and our IP on it and it looks like we will be able to have the entire site up and running within about two weeks.

Steve Lowry, of course, will still be in control of his site and I don't imagine he will be making any grand changes to it, though any that are made will be totally up to him. We just wanted to make sure his site had a home because it's such a cool and vital resource for us all.

Take care!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1479 Posted: Thu Jul 16 07:52:22 1998 By: Karen

Hi all.

Today was a great day. America filmed their 30-second, b&w television commercial for Human Nature in South Jersey, at an old railroad station.

The commercial features a large cast of characters, all representative of the fabric of American life today. It also features, obviously, Gerry and Dewey! The song chosen for the spot was the single, From a Moving Train, which, I am psyched to find, is getting amazing response whenever I see the band live - I'm also learning that from a lot of the emails I am getting about it.

I will let you know, after we have bought television space, exactly when and where the commercial will be airing. We anticipate a large scale television buy and the ad will run sometime before the album goes on sale.

See you soon!

Karen D.

Oh yeah, and you know what? This band is the easiest I have ever worked with in my life. It was HOT out there today and I only saw smiles for 8 hours.

Message: 1478 Posted: Thu Jul 16 07:49:39 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Heard

I have a question about a song on Heard....does anyone know who wrote Look Up, Look Down? I think it's a really cool song.


Erin :o)

Message: 1477 Posted: Thu Jul 16 06:59:03 1998 By: Penny
Subject: HOORAY!


Message: 1476 Posted: Wed Jul 15 15:02:33 1998 By: SteveD
Subject: Bad News

I just called and pre-ordered Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective from Thoughtscape Sounds and was told they will not be in Next week. They do not when they will be delivered.

Message: 1475 Posted: Wed Jul 15 13:12:00 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Mark Your Calendar...

Next Tuesday, July 21, the One Way Releases of the four Capitol albums will be released. I'll be first in line to get "Silent Letter". Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds (on the web) will be carrying these discs. All four are priced attractively -- all the more reason to order all four. (Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, Perspective)

Message: 1474 Posted: Wed Jul 15 12:49:09 1998 By: Howard Lieboff

Yeah...we're up! We have a lot of catching up to do.
There were alot of great reviews from the Westbury Music Fair
concert. Thanks to all and a big thanks to Steve for getting this
site back up, until he can find a permanent home for it.

Talk to everyone soon.

Message: 1473 Posted: Tue Jul 07 16:48:57 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Point of Clarification

Sorry to barge in again but...I felt the need to clarify!!

Last paragraph - "Their loss," I was referring to the masses not Gerry and Dew! I wish Gerry and Dewey every type of "success" immaginable!

Now that I cleared that up I know I will sleep better!

Message: 1472 Posted: Tue Jul 07 16:42:08 1998 By: Penny
Subject: What is Success?

Hi everybody. I hope I'm not beating a dead horse but....I just caught up on the last few days entries. I think America has been very successful! Gerry and Dewey are able to do something they love to do, they have their health and very supportive families. That's success.
The fact that they can share their wonderful talent with so many of us is icing on the cake for them.

As far as the "success" of Human Nature...if I had the chance to talk to the Powers that Be over at Oxygen Records I would talk until I was blue in the face and convince them that an Unplugged spot on VH-1 would do wonders for gaining a new audience. Although we all love ALL the sounds of is probably that pure, acoustic sound that made most of us stop and take notice at first.

That's my suggestion (for whatever it's worth!) Throw a couple of guitars in Gerry and Dewey's hands, start the cameras and let them do their thing. Their true talent will speak for itself. Give the masses an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with America's sound and I believe the rest will fall into place.

In other words: If you film and air it....they will come (and listen)

If they don't, SO WHAT! Their loss! Look at it this way, if Human Nature is a huge "financial" success...we'll never again get the great seats we have all been enjoying during this tour! America is the best!

Message: 1471 Posted: Tue Jul 07 07:36:53 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Enjoy your stay here in New York. It's gorgeous this time of year in upstate New York. I spent many of summers in upstate NY (camp, vacationing, etc). Just relax and have fun. Speak to you soon.

Regards, Howard L

Message: 1470 Posted: Tue Jul 07 02:46:43 1998 By: adrian
Subject: video

Does anyone know anything about a 96,America video recorded in Boston roughly 80 mins,I think some of the footage was used here in Australia to promote their 3 highly successful shows at the crown casino in Melbourne Australia,video clip had Gerry playing guitar at left side of large stage area .Also very lucky a few years back getting America CDs from Japan from Homecoming right through Live,gloriously printed in all original artwork plus lyrics included in English on every CD!!! I have a couple of other questions how many albums constitutes a multi album deal? and i have heard no mention of Gary Katz,Steely Dan producer who was meant to be producing HUMAN NATURE,with terrific credits to his name with Aja,and Goucho.What a year this is already proving for the chaps, new album which mercifully is getting promoted eg Billboard magazine,and From a moving Train has already recieved airplay in Australia.As to the drum thing all I can say after four years is that thank our lucky stars we have a new album to listen to !!! Also how about Hot Town first time female back up singers used since Hearts,and finally I would love to see the guys record their next album with the rest of the band plus whoever else the guys decide on,Silent Letter in 79 would have been the last studio album.My favorite album would be, In Concert.Listening to this album in the middle of a fierce English winter by a roaring fire two bottles of red wine something to smoke headphones on at max volume and imagine myself at the show!!!

Message: 1469 Posted: Mon Jul 06 21:27:06 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America Posters

Barb and Gary,

Thanks for sharing the posters, they look great.

Message: 1468 Posted: Mon Jul 06 20:08:03 1998 By: Rick
Subject: America Posters

Thanks to Barb and Gary, (Vtahwy) several America posters from their prized collection are now online at (America's Official Website)

The posters even look greater on the walls of their lovely home in Ventura!


Message: 1467 Posted: Mon Jul 06 19:57:45 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: How Are You?


I'm doing great. I arrived in Providence on Friday and am now in Connecticut with my extended family from California, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Utah (a big family reunion). I did a little golfing this morning and actually won. We're heading to upstate New York Thursday through Saturday to visit Niagara Falls and a bunch of interesting places in the Palmyra/Rochester area. We'll be back home on July 13th and then I'll be able to start maintaining the web site again (and hunting for a new job). In the meantime I'm staying in touch with my laptop.

Thanks everyone for all their comments here!


Message: 1466 Posted: Mon Jul 06 17:51:19 1998 By:
Subject: "What do you call successful ?"

Well said. An obvious dilemma faced by many artists. To be commercial or to be true to your heart. It's tough, sometimes you have to do both, else the next record contract & food on the table may be scarce. AMERICA has done everything they can to simply put out a high quality product. They work like hell, it's the only way they work. 27 or so years & 19 LP's, you are right that is a monument in itself. GO HUMAN NATURE ! THE WORLD AWAITS.

Message: 1465 Posted: Mon Jul 06 17:39:58 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: What do you call successful?

Of course Gerry and Dewey care if they're successful. Of course they want nothing more than to recapture the position they had in the 70s. Of course they want the entire world to appreciate their music and take something positive away from their craft. You missed the point. The point was, success is measured in many more ways than radio hits. The fact that they've just come off a year when they've had their most successful tour in a long time is one way to measure it. The fact that they have a website like this with people who are passionate about their music, both old and new, is another way. I'd love for everybody to discover them again, not just because I think Gerry and Dewey deserve it, but because it would somehow validate my sense of taste in music. But, hey, if their album doesn't spawn a top 50 hit, that doesn't mean it's not successful. To me, the fact that here they are some 27 years after their first album, still recording, still with a loyal following, still having fun, still true to themselves, when there are millions of other bands who'd kill to be able to say the same thing—that's success. So, I repeat, who cares if the rest of the world doesn't discover the joy, the satisfaction, the thrill of listening to America? I do.

Message: 1464 Posted: Mon Jul 06 16:46:11 1998 By: pat
Subject: hits

in response to kevin,america cares if they have hits,if they don't theres something wrong with them. thats what all artists are in the business for. not to just make a living but t be big and have success thats whatits all about

Message: 1463 Posted: Mon Jul 06 16:45:45 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: How are you?

Hi Steve,
Happy 4th of July. How was/is your vacation? I hope you are relaxing while you can. Hope all is well and keep up the great work with this page. Hope to here from you soon. PS. By the way, Rick responded back to me. Tell you soon....Take Care.....Maureen

Message: 1462 Posted: Mon Jul 06 16:45:24 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: How are you?

Hi Steve,
Happy 4th of July. How was/is your vacation? I hope you are relaxing while you can. Hope all is well and keep up the great work with this page. Hope to here from you soon. PS. By the way, Rick responded back to me. Tell you soon....Take Care.....Maureen

Message: 1461 Posted: Mon Jul 06 15:19:41 1998 By: Warren
Subject: Here I Go Again...

In response to what Brant wrote: Yeah, I know. Trust me on this, noone knows how underrated America is better than yours truly, the guy who graduated with the class of 1997!! It's true. And like I already said in another message, America did seem to lose their audience with Hideaway (though it DID reach #11, it's mostly because people were snatchin' up albums thinkin' they were gettin' Holiday part 2.)America still has just a good a chance as the rest of 'em...and so what about the drums? I thought they were OK. Besides, why even bother with the real thing when your album is never gonna be seen. Do you honestly think that the percussion had any impact whatsoever on the popularity of Hourglass? Come on. I mean, everyone ask yourself something. How much effort is really being pressed...hmmm?...How hard are the powers that be REALLY trying?...Face it. They're probably thinking that the album exists merely to humor the people on this page. Well, that may seem harsh, but think about it. People will more likely buy America's new album if they KNOW IT EXISTS! If I can walk into a store and see 782 diffrent Neil Diamond albums, some assorted John Tesh coupled with David Hasslehoff Sings The Blues, I best be seein' somethin' other than 'History' on that shelf. And sure, as long as we know they're good, it's OK...I agree with that.but 'we' could be alot bigger group if Dewey and Gerry were back out there where they should be. (Bitter?...maybe. but it sure is lonely being the only teenager in the free world who owns his very own copy of 'Hat-Trick'!!)

Message: 1460 Posted: Mon Jul 06 14:51:06 1998 By: JANICE
Subject: JULY 4TH..

Came on to check the posts and give you all a review of the July 4th show at Moreno Valley (which was terrific, of course!)..America should have been the grand finale rather than the fireworks..but it appears that there is a much deeper conversation going on here..and much more important than whatever tidbits I can offer.
America has mellowed..they have aged like fine wine and only us "connoisseurs" who remember their past music as well as enjoys their new music really appreciates them for where they have been..and where they are going. Are they going to get there? From what I have heard at various concerts, (which is a mix of old and new), deafening applause, their boundless well as a deep appreciation for the fans who keep coming to see them..I think they are. Yes, they are up against mega-giants, a new mix of music, as well as a new breed of listener but they still need to stay true to what has kept them going this long. Longer hair? Hippier music? I don't know..I love the "old" America, and I love the "new" America..all we can do is hope that with songs like "Pages" and "From a Movin' Train" that they can hit a nerve with more listeners..all we can do is hope and spread the word..if you have connections, use them..ideas?? share them..We're all ears and many of us want to help them continue to receive the recognition they deserve.

Message: 1459 Posted: Mon Jul 06 13:03:56 1998 By: BRANT
Subject: America and Success

Well, I hate to say it, but I have to agree with those of you who know better. The industry is a big Hitler... no doubt. There is so much good music out there, and to the industry, time is money. My realistic view on America's success: They may get a nice little play once or twice a week on your local soft rock station (at about 3 a.m.) but other than that, I just don't think we're going to hear much from them. You'll probably hear one of there new songs on hold music somewhere or in a department store over the P.A. But, unless America does some serious shmoozing with bigger names like The Eagles, or something like that, it's gonna be tough. They really need to change their format and add a big dose of "hippy" back to there music again. Though I love their music, it's all too clean cut lately. To overproduced, and again I refer to cheezey drum programming. If you're gonna do something, do it right! They need to do an unplugged show on VH1 or even MTV (if they became associated with a younger crowd again somehow -- which I don't know if that's something they want). Regardless, they need to get some punch back into their music. They need some ATTITUDE! They need to grow their hair back out.

Will this happen? No, I doubt it. They've mellowed with age as do most people. I know I'm gonna catch a lot of flack for this bit, but people these days wouldn't know good music if it hit em over the head. And even then, only a minority like us would even care. Sad but true. I hope I'm wrong and this album gets them the kind of noteriety like Eric Clapton, Rod Stuart, Sting, and those folks get. It would feel like a tremendous victory! Keep praying!

Message: 1458 Posted: Mon Jul 06 08:32:52 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Exactly Kevin. Its dedicated and enthusiastic fans like us who keep America's songs alive. It seems that every America song has a special meaning and place to us all 365 days a year. The more we listen to them, the better they get! Do you care what songs are on the top 50 list...NO!!!

Message: 1457 Posted: Mon Jul 06 07:59:23 1998 By: Kevin
Subject: Who cares?

Who cares if America's songs are hits? As long as they are good.

Message: 1456 Posted: Mon Jul 06 06:32:14 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1, Record Companies

Thanks Shayne for the great review.

Well the girl at VH1's programming department didn't lie to me.
America was not on the playlist. It's the same old story.
Well they weren't that big and famous, which we all know is...

Record companies do control this industry (have say in which songs
should be released as a single, and which should not) not matter
how much us dedicated fans complain about. A friend of mine works at Billboard magazine and said if it isn't the top 50, it just isn't
worth anything. Take my 2nd favorite musical artist...Jimmy Buffet.
In the past 8 years, he has put out at least 6-7 albums. Not one song has received air time. All you hear is Come Monday and Margaritteville, which is how old! But due to his large following,
sold out concerts, huge fan clubs, his albums continue to sell at
a huge pace. I haven't heard not one song released as a single from his past 8 years worth of albums. I've down this road to in the past.
One big headache and dead end.

Message: 1455 Posted: Sun Jul 05 18:21:56 1998 By: debbie
Subject: whoa is me?

Perhaps that should be woe is me...still gonna' eat a worm.

Message: 1454 Posted: Sun Jul 05 18:20:46 1998 By: debbei
Subject: WestFest

Am I the only one NOT at WestFest this weekend? I can't believe I am not there. America has just played and Fogelberg is ending the weekend. My other honey Hal Kethcum played yesterday. What a line up. My kudos to Michael Martin Murphy. He done good! Whoa is me...I think I'll go eat a worm.


Message: 1453 Posted: Sun Jul 05 18:07:07 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America

emailing them is a waste of time. oxygen records can't help them get a hit again no matter how good the song is. i am a big fan of america which has nothing to do with them having a hit. i am 37 years old and have done this before not ust with america,another band who started in the 60's and is still around today cannot buy a hit here in the states. its radio they play what they want you to hear not what you want to hear,also how much can the new label be doig to make this a hit sure they may be good to them and the fans but it bols down to money and they are noe going to spent it on older acts, i have heard nothing about the supertramp cd only by accident going on the oxygen site thats just the way it is,i have fought many day with radio stations over different acts its a no win situation

Message: 1452 Posted: Sat Jul 04 10:34:32 1998 By:
Subject: VH-1

You can e-mail them at their AOL sight or visit VH-1's Web site. They don't give an address on AOL, only a form & button to click to send the message. I have sent repeated messages requesting AMERICA, thus far to no avail. Let's all take a shot at this. If any gets an exact e-mail address please post it here. Thanks. By the way they do know AMERICA from the 1/2 hour show they did of AMERICA in Germany from the early 70's (around TIN MAN the monster hit). HUMAN NATURE soon !!!!

Message: 1451 Posted: Sat Jul 04 06:31:21 1998 By: Penny
Subject: VH-1

Would it help if a bunch of us contacted VH-1 and started requesting to see more America? Does anyone know how to get in touch with them.
Believe it or not - we were just offered cable in the Spring, up until then we never had it! I didn't even know there were America videos out there!! I'd LOVE to see them. If we could convince the VH-1 "Powers that Be" to show old America, maybe it would make it easier to encourage them to play new America (i.e. Human Nature videos...hint, hint, Karen!) If anyone knows who/how to get in touch with VH-1, I'm game!!

Message: 1450 Posted: Fri Jul 03 21:05:16 1998 By: janice
Subject: Happy 4th!!

Out west again and looking forward to another great AMERICA concert in Moreno Valley tomorrow!! I hope that everyone has a safe and sane holiday!

Message: 1449 Posted: Fri Jul 03 11:12:09 1998 By: john
Subject: VH-1/2

Even though VH-1 prides itself on being the network which airs the old '70s and '80s groups, the fact of the matter is that their track record is a bit spotty. They did air that 1975 America concert (also on the "Horse With No Name" double CD in a more complete form) back in 1996, but other than that, it was as if America never existed. Same goes with other groups, though. On the "Big '80s" show which supposedly runs a lot of old, forgotten groups, most of it is Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. They go for the big stars, not the best music.


Message: 1448 Posted: Fri Jul 03 06:24:32 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: VH-1

I was watching VH-1's "History of Video's A-Z" and they jumped from A-Ha to Tori Amos. They advertised that they were playing "every video". So how come they aren't playing "You Can Do Magic" and "The Border"? I remember seeing them both a number of times on VH-1. Truth is, they don't play a lot of the videos they used to (MTV either). Oh well.


P.S. Penny, I have to hand it to m kids. They were so good at the concert. My 4 year old son was trying to sing along and my 6 year old daughter was dancing up a storm. I wouldn't hesitate to take them again (although they are staying with babysitter for the Dan Fogelberg show at Ravinia next week - Mommy and Daddy's night out).

Message: 1447 Posted: Fri Jul 03 06:11:23 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Nothin' Special

Shayne, I enjoyed your report! One day I'd love to bring my kids to an America concert, I think that would be so much fun.

I wish everyone a very happy and safe Fourth of July! Don't forget to wear your red, white and blue!

Message: 1446 Posted: Thu Jul 02 22:29:44 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Oops

Maybe because it is a quarter to twelve or maybe I just can't spell, but sorry for all the typos!


Message: 1445 Posted: Thu Jul 02 22:26:28 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Frontier Days Review

OK, I just got home from the "Frontier Days" show ad I thought I would review it while it was still fresh in my mind. Let's start with the venue. I had never been their before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be a carnival (a rather nice one, at that). My kids were ecstatic. The lawn was very large with plenty of room for blankets and cairs. We arrived about an hour before the show and found a pretty good spot (in an auditorium, it would have been about 30 rows in).

Okay, the concert. From the first note, I knew this would be different from the last time I saw them (Pine Knob, MI, 1995). They opened with "Riverside" and showed an energy I noticed missing in '95. I don't remember the exact order of the songs, but here is a pretty acurate list of what they played. The only order I remember is the first song and the last two (they say the memory is the first to go):

Ventura Highway
Daisy Jane
Mirror To Mirror
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Lonely People
Never Be Lonely
Woman Tonight
From A Moving Train
Three Roses
Only In Your Heart
Another Try
Caifornia Dreaming
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name

I was a little disappointed that they did not do "Al My Life" or "The Last Unicorn". However, they were really on tonight. Perhaps it is the new excitement of "Human Nature", or maybe the size of the audience. At Pine Knob, the arena was half full. By the time tonights show began, the pace was packed. I wont venture to guess how many were there, but it was certainly in the thousands.

I felt the band was comfortible and happy. They were relaxed and played well. The only criticism is that Gerry had a hard time with the chorus to "Don't Cross The River". Dan's vice definately had a higher range and Gerry had to switch to a lower octave while singing it. I give him credit. I was singing along and he came much closer to it than I did.

The people in the audience became much more receptive as the evening progressed. Dewey used a lot of the humor that y'all had mentioned before. I di get a kick out of his saying that "Tinman" (or maybe "Another Try") was from their "Very Fourth" record and also he made a "lonely" joke about the guy selling the T-Shirts.

All in all, it was a terrific evening. I love the new songs and while I was singing along to "Mirror To Mirror", a guy came up to me and said, "What, you know that one too???" He was shocked when my four year old sang the chorus to "From a Moving Train" (he heard it here).

Well, sorry so long. Maybe I should have waited till Monday, but I couldn't resist. The only thing I truly regret is that we weren't able to stick around to see them afterwards (2 kids, expecting wife, after 10 pm...) Maybe next time (and there wll be a next time).

Happy Independance Day.


Message: 1444 Posted: Thu Jul 02 09:00:12 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Barnes and Noble

Thanks Kelly.
By the way, the Ultramarine disk is very interesting because a number of their songs use riffs from AMERICA songs. You might think they outright swiped them, which they did. A complement to AMERICA & kind of interesting how they used the AMERICA riffs. Keep in mind that you only copyright the melody. GO AMERICA!!

Message: 1443 Posted: Thu Jul 02 08:59:21 1998 By: YNG MOON
Subject: Barnes and Noble

Picked up a book today called "Rock"(The Rough Guide).....somewhat comparable to the book called "Encyclopedia of Rock Stars".

In it though, I found a few interesting facts that I hadn't read about. One being and I quote......."and the ambitious "Hat Trick" (1993), a commercial failure but arguably one of country rock's great lost albums......(this is the part that throws me..."country rock"?) (hmmm) "The band's response to this lack of sales was a characteristically pragmatic decision-they brought in George Martin as producer".

Secondly...a sweet compliment to Dewey...."Although America have tended to be seen as bland, (I can't agree with this line at all !!) they have maintained a huge international fan base, (that would be us.......) and in a few surprising quarters, too"...(here's the part that compliements our Dewey). "British indie-dance act "ULTRAMARINE" dedicated their brilliant 1992 album, "EVERY MAN AND WOMAN IS A STAR", to Dewey.

Some of you fans out there may have known about this already, but thought it might be nice to share it incase you hadn't....... Kelly

Message: 1442 Posted: Thu Jul 02 08:53:42 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Have a great and safe 4th of July weekend everyone...enjoy.
Shane, we expect to hear a great review come Monday

Howard L.

Message: 1441 Posted: Wed Jul 01 08:08:22 1998 By: jessica
Subject: happy for you, Steve!

Great news, Steve! Great about the job prospects and great for the Page and of course, great for all of us fans. What would we be without a Fans Page?

Thanks to JohnC. for the articles. I just came from the Billboard site but I wasn't able to find anything. Shows just how this page is such a necessity to an AMERICA fan.

Human Nature seems to be all set. I've already inquired from the BMG arm here in Manila if and when H.N. would be released. No answer yet, however. But - I'll get my copy one way or another. Eventually.

Message: 1440 Posted: Wed Jul 01 06:19:01 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America



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