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Message: 1834 Posted: Mon Aug 31 23:02:14 1998 By: Karen
Subject: HEY! NY-AREA FANS...

....wanna meet up before the taping of the Today Show? I think we should. I am having HUGE posters of the album cover laminated for you guys to hold up and show the world.

Call me at Oxygen (212 758-4636 ext 239) and we'll set up a good meeting place and time. Actually, when I figure out that place and time I will post it here and whoever wants to show up right then can do so and get a laminated poster for the taping from me.

This is going to be GREAT!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Oh, and re: Regis & Kathi Lee - no, seems that snail mail is the only way to get letters to Gelman. Believe me, I checked it out!

Message: 1833 Posted: Mon Aug 31 23:01:19 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hershey / Sept.4 America Today Show In NYC

Hi all,
Hershey was great. Only saw 530P show and took pic's. I was the one who went up to center stage on encore..Horse and took a picture. I'll tell all about it in the coming week. It was great meeting everyone. Ginny, Wanda, Penny & Beth. I hope I have everyone's name's right. It was just a warm feeling associating faces with the names. Funny part about the show was after the third song, Gerry's son was running up and down the stairs. Couldn't sit my 4 year old son Stephen. What kvetch!!! My 6 year old daughter Emily enjoyed it. My wife got into it too. But you saw Gerry Smiling and thinking I wish he'd sit down (like my son), and I might add that he has very pretty wife too.

Great news Karen D. I'll have to catch a very early bus to be there at 7A. I catch a 601A bus as it is and I'm in the city about 7:05A. I'll have to catch the 545A...I think.

Speak to everyone soon, Howard L

Message: 1832 Posted: Mon Aug 31 22:59:24 1998 By: Rick C.

This is awesome!!! I watch the today show every morning while getting ready for work and have been watching their Friday concert series with interest. I had HARBORED HOPE that America might get a shot at this vast audience. I just didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. Then last week they had Dolly Parton on and I figured she hasn't had a big hit recently so maybe....

This is great news! Who do we have to thank? Oxygen Records? Gallin-Morey? Whoever it is, they're on the ball! Seems like all the right things are falling into place for a big hit with Human Nature! (When I ordered my the re-released Capital CDs from Thoughtscapes a couple of weeks ago, I had to wait on several of them because they were out of stock. The guy I talked to said that interest in America has really picked up recently.)

Rediscover America!

Message: 1831 Posted: Mon Aug 31 22:57:04 1998 By: Gene

Once again I'll say this..
It is so nice to see a record company getting behind the group and making an active and concious effort to make this a BIG success...

Good job Karen


Message: 1830 Posted: Mon Aug 31 22:03:21 1998 By: Marshall Smith
Subject: Van Go Gan is still available!

I am pleased to report that I just received a copy of VAN GO GAN (with booklet and all) through a japanese CD mail-order service. It was very efficient (took about 2 weeks) and helpful(e-mailed back promptly with the availability of the CD and order status), but it did cost about $41 total (cost of CD, international postal money order, registered mail costs, etc). For those interested, the web site (Ray Mundo) is:

Message: 1829 Posted: Mon Aug 31 21:24:05 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Regis Show

Perhaps even better, a fax number would be great. I will send snail mail anyways.

Message: 1828 Posted: Mon Aug 31 21:08:07 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Help is on the way

Karen, I've put a letter in the mail already, but I don't understand something. What other producer are you talking about? Were the guys going to be on another tv show that day too? If so, what and when?

Message: 1827 Posted: Mon Aug 31 21:05:01 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Today Show

What a wife and I will be in New York that weekend celebrating our 10th anniversary. I guess we'll need an early wake-up call Friday. One thing though.....I don't pay much attention to the Today show, but aren't their music spots always between 8:30 and 9am on Fridays? Are America really performing between 7 and 7:30? And as for the songs...why not do "Tin Man" and give Dewey a chance to sing?

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 1826 Posted: Mon Aug 31 21:03:57 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Regis & Kathi Lee

How about an email address for the producer. It's nearly impossible to get a snail mail to New York by Wednesday. Help us to get the word out.

Message: 1825 Posted: Mon Aug 31 20:27:28 1998 By: John Foltz
Subject: giving back

America touched me with their first Album ... a breath of peace and calmness in the insanity of my teenage years ....

It was from this first album that I learned to play guitar .... record copying the notes by ear .... learning the subtle nuances of the syncopated strum patterns ..... the beautiful vocal harmonies ...

the soul soothing effects of music based on peaceful living ... as opposed to the deleterious effects of the hatred and anger in so much of today's music ....

America touched the hearts of my generation with peace ... this peace will ripple throughout the generations to come ... to touch one soul with peace ... is to touch infinite souls ....

How can I pass along what I have been given .... how can I give back to those who gave to me? ... I would like to put many of the America songs I know into the MIDI format for guitar ... I think the technology is almost developed enough to faithfully reproduce the guitar work. The key word here is "faithfully" reproduce. Once in MIDI format, ... these guitar works could be instantly translated into sheet music, or tablature, or lights on an electric guitar neck .... or the MIDI files could be sent out over the Internet, from America's homepage. MIDI files are so much smaller and more rapidly transmitted than Wav files. In short, in some small way, I could help contribute to a whole new generation learning from ... and sharing in ... the America experience.

The last I saw of America was at the Riverside Amphitheater in Augusta Georgia, .... where I was finishing medical school. Yep, that was me over in that lawn chair, .... singing like I belonged in the group ... because that's how I felt. I belonged. Thank you.

............ I'm in Atlanta .... Put me in contact with someone who has the MIDI capabilities and I will do the work .... faithfully giving back to you what you have given to me.

Songs ready for MIDI format:

Horse with no Name; Sandman; Three Roses; Here; I need you; Rainy day; Clarice; Donkey Jaw; Ventura highway, Don't cross the river; etc..

Every time I pick up the guitar (25 years now) .... the younger guitarist love for me to teach them the early America stuff ... One of the DJ's here in Atlanta said .... "It's Timeless".

Like the Man said ....... "I am Here, ...... "

Message: 1824 Posted: Mon Aug 31 19:21:53 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: More Today Show info

Gerry mentioned today that Horse, Sister, and Train will most likely be the songs played this Friday on the Today Show.......but this is still being worked out. Everyone is really excited about this opportunity!


Message: 1823 Posted: Mon Aug 31 18:09:14 1998 By: Karen
Subject: This One's Gonna Be Tough...

Hey folks listen....we are dangerously close to losing our spot on Live with Regis & Kathi Lee (originally booked for Tuesday, September 22nd) because of infighting and one- upmanship between producers on both shows.

Letters at this time would GREATLY help the chances of the band being able to do Live with Regis & Kathi Lee. Truly, though, you must act immediately. We expect their producer to make his decision by tomorrow or Wednesday, the latest.

Please send letters in support of seeing America perform their new single From a Moving Train on Live with Regis & Kathi Lee to:

Michael Gelman
Live with Regis & Kathi Lee
7 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023

This one is going to be determined by you guys. We've done all we can here.



Message: 1822 Posted: Mon Aug 31 18:05:22 1998 By: moltenlover
Subject: steve o.

steve, thanks alot for the info on the other projects - i appreciate it. If you come up with any more, let me know. now that i think of it, i think both gerry and dewey worked on the novelty song "Fishheads" by barnes and barnes (featuring bill mumy of lost in space fame) from the early 80's but i'm not 100%.

Message: 1821 Posted: Mon Aug 31 16:27:30 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Today Show

Hi Karen, We just got back from the Hershey Park show earlier this afternoon. Of course, they were EXCELLANT!! I learned of the Today Show from 'the guys'. I told them I may see them there before I got to work (I work in Manhattan). I'll have to leave my house by 5:45AM to get there by 6:45am, so if you want me take a poster with me, you must send it to me ASAP!! I must receive it by Thursday latest, or I can come to your office on Thursday night on my way home at pick it up. I hope it just won't just be me and Howard, all thou, we would have not trouble being up front-Ha, Ha. Please email me either way. Take Care and Thanks. Do I get the 'Most Devoted NY Fan' award for being there to show my support at the Crack of Dawn!! See Ya.......Maureen

Message: 1820 Posted: Mon Aug 31 16:05:49 1998 By: Jamey Karr
Subject: Human Nature

I GOT IT! I got the full length and it's great!

Message: 1819 Posted: Mon Aug 31 13:47:28 1998 By: Karen

America is going to be appearing LIVE this Friday on NBC's THE TODAY SHOW!!

A live performance of three America songs (Sister Golden Hair, You Can Do Magic and From a Moving Train) will happen in NYC's Rockefeller Center between 7 and 7:30AM this Friday, September 4th.

I am looking for all NY area fans to show up and hold up signs and scream and yell for America!! Even more importantly, I am making some large Human Nature poster signs and I need volunteers to hold them up. All kinds of signs are welcome and appreciated. This appearance goes worldwide on NBC's international affiliates and is seen domestically by over 9 million viewers.


Karen D.

Hey, whoever knows Maureen in NYC, please let her know about this. She and Howard are emerging as the most pro-active America fans in NYC.

Message: 1818 Posted: Mon Aug 31 12:02:59 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Where to buy Human Nature

Instead of ordering Human Nature from an internet vendor, it might be more helpful if you buy it from a local CD chain. Ordering it from a chain might be a way to ensure that they stock it on their shelves. If they stock it on their selves, there is the opportunity that people just browsing might pick it up and buy it.

Just a thought.

Message: 1817 Posted: Mon Aug 31 11:24:51 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren

America ***may be*** on the NBC Today show on Friday Sept. 4. I will confirm this with Gerry and stay tuned.

Message: 1816 Posted: Sun Aug 30 21:31:38 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: an "unplugged" recording

Today while browsing through cd's at Media Play, I came across one called "Unplugged...Acoustic Versions by the Original Artists" (or something like that). Anyway on it was "I Need You". Does anybody know anything about this cd or if in fact this IS an "acoustic" version? I don't remember it being on a major label...definitely not Warner Bros or Rhino.

Jim...Erie, Pa.

Message: 1815 Posted: Sun Aug 30 09:13:31 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Earth to Kevin

Kevin Sutton, I sent you several messages this weekend (thanking you for Love Comes Without Warning, some Song Tournament info, etc.) and all of them have been returned to me with the following error message:

User not listed in public Name & Address Book

I need to get in touch with you about the Song Tournament so please write back to me as soon as possible with an e-mail address where you can be reached. Thanks.

Message: 1814 Posted: Sat Aug 29 23:23:50 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Corvallis Photos

Alan Dutton sent me some photos from the July 31 concert in Corvallis, Oregon and they are now available for you to see on the America Fans home page. Thanks a million, Alan.

Message: 1813 Posted: Sat Aug 29 20:09:28 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Love Comes Without Warning

When I came home from work on Friday I had a package waiting for me from Kevin Sutton (Kevin, I've tried to e-mail you all weekend but your mail messages keep coming back to me). Anyway, inside the package was a cassette tape of "Love Comes Without Warning". I suspect that many of you are like me and have never heard this song before. So I have digitized the song and put it out on the web. You can listen to the entire song or just a sample (depending on fast your connection is and how patient you are waiting for it to download). Thanks Kevin for making this available for us.

Message: 1812 Posted: Sat Aug 29 18:30:36 1998 By: Rick C

I haven't been checking the board recently, but it sounds like you're doing some exciting things to promote Human Nature. I'd like to sign up to help! I'm a huge fan from way back and am a happy man now that I have every studio album ever created by America...thanks to the fine folks at Thoughtscape Sounds.

I'll call stations, e-mail VH-1, put up decals...whatever you need.

Just let me know what I can do. I'm tired of all of the great music of America getting to so few (but obviously rabid) listeners. I'll help spread the word.

Message: 1811 Posted: Sat Aug 29 18:27:46 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Latest Am. concert dates!

Here's the latest schedule......Newest dates are marked with ***** And, as always, this schedule is subject to change.........
Rick (America's Official Website)

  • Sunday August 30 Hershey Park, Pennsylvania 5:30pm and 8pm

  • Thursday September 3: Oroville, California: Feather Falls Casino

  • Friday September 4: Kelseyville, California: Konocti Harbor Resort

  • Saturday September 5 Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas Silver Bowl

  • Sunday September 6: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Taste of Iowa


  • Wednesday September 23 Bellingham, Washington: Mt. Baker Theater 7:30

  • Thursday September 24 Pasadena, California: Twin Palms 7pm and 9:45pm

  • Friday September 25 Newport Beach, California: Twin Palms 7pm and

  • Saturday October 3 Clear Lake, Iowa: The Surf Ballroom 9pm*****

  • Sunday October 4 Deadwood, South Dakota: Oktoberfest

  • Monday October 5: Omaha,Nebraska: Ranch Bowl*****

  • Wednesday October 7: Harvey, Louisiana: Boomtown Casino: 6:30pm and 9:30pm

  • Friday, October 9: Biloxi, Mississippi: President Casino (2 shows)

  • Saturday October 10 Houston, Texas: Compaq Arena

  • Sunday October 11 San Antonio, Texas: Empire Theatre (2 shows)

  • Monday October 12 McAllen, Texas: McAllen Civic Center Auditorium*****

  • Friday October 16 Reno Nevada: KOZZ Radio Listener Appreciation Show: University of Nevada*****

  • Wednesday November 11 Santiago, Chile (more Chile, Argentina dates TBA)

  • Sunday November 15 Montevideo, Uruguay: TBA*****

  • Saturday December 5: Ventura, California: Ventura Theater*****

  • Sunday December 6: San Ramon, California: Maestro's*****

  • Wednesday December 9-Tuesday December 15: Possible European Tour*****

  • January 30, 1999: Cincinnati, Ohio: Aronoff Center of the Arts

  • February 14, 1999: Clinton Township, Michigan: Macomb Center for the Performing Arts

  • March 7, 1999: Fort Myers, Florida: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center

  • March 19, 1999: Providence, Rhode Island: Providence Performing Arts Center

  • Message: 1810 Posted: Sat Aug 29 18:20:45 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Gerry & Dewey singing on other projects

    Thanks, SteveO, for the info on the guys' other projects.

    Message: 1809 Posted: Sat Aug 29 14:45:47 1998 By: Steve Orchard
    Subject: Gerry & Dewey singing on other projects

    To those of you who were asking what Gerry & Dewey have done apart from "America"....Gerry has certainly been more visible. Here's
    what I can add: He co-wrote and sang a number of songs with David
    Cassidy during the 70's. the Most noteable is a song called "take this
    Heart" which can be found on Cassidy's CD "When I'm a rock & roll
    star: the David Cassidy collection". That CD lists 5 songs that Gerry
    sings on and Dewey does background vocals on one. You'll have to pick up that Cd and check out the liner notes. It is NOT a Cassidy
    "Greatest hits" disk despite the albums title. Beckley did a duet with
    Chris christian on 1987's "Higher ways",a song called "Day like today". That can be picked up on Christians CD called "the Producer". In 89 Beckley sang again with Christian on his "focus"
    project on a tune called "the man behind the man"(about former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry). that is not available on anything
    to my knowledge,though I do have the cassette of it. I know Gerry has
    also sang background on one of the "Nelson" CD's,and did work on
    2 of Dan Peeks solo LP's. Dewey appeared in the video for Steve
    Perry's "Oh Sherrie" but didn't sing on the LP. He did do some background work on Gerry's CD "Van go gan". Hope that helps you
    people out a bit!

    Message: 1808 Posted: Sat Aug 29 10:37:34 1998 By: Mags
    Subject: Elite Eight

    Subliminal message there, Kevin? ROFL. Hmmmm...tough one for me...I'm rather partial to both Cornwall Blank and Moon Song.

    Message: 1807 Posted: Sat Aug 29 01:56:08 1998 By: adrian
    Subject: review

    hi all,
    just thought i'd put in an America Live review taken from the UK`s Q magazine as all warner brothers albums have been re- released in the UK and in Australia.Twenty years on and it's still a Holmesian mystery what on earth America were on about-step forward clear as mud examples,Muskrat Love(Muzzle to Muzzle,now/Anything goes)or Tin Man (Image going down,down,down,down/Soapsud green like bubbles).This live album from 1977 catches them at their perplexing best,the songs like nursery rhymes,but with darkness around the edges as if Neil Young were more than a musical touchstone.Produced by George Martin,here finishing his three year stint at the controls,Live sits alongside 1975's Greatest Hits as an America album to own,and if Horse With No Name is a little over engineered,ecstatic versions of Daisy Jane,Ventura Highway and Sister Golden Hair complete a baffling but exhilarating re-issue. I now look foward to Human Nature even if I do have to wait that bit longer to import it from the U.S. Seems this album is causing all kinds of excitement amongst fans, but I can wait and look foward to some of the fans reviews,God Bless you all!

    Message: 1806 Posted: Fri Aug 28 16:50:58 1998 By: KevinS
    Subject: Elite Eight

    Now that Cornwall Blank we're down to the Cornwall Blank Elite Eight in the America Song Cornwall Blank Tournament, I just Cornwall Blank wanted to Cornwall Blank say that while Cornwall Blank there are eight Cornwall Blank wonderful America songs left, Cornwall Blank one in particular Cornwall Blank deserves to go all Cornwall Blank to the top. While I Cornwall Bland would never want to Cornwall Blank influence anyone's voting, I do Cornwall Blank hope everyone goes back and re-listens Cornwall Blank to all the songs left Cornwall Blank and make the right choice.

    Message: 1805 Posted: Fri Aug 28 10:14:34 1998 By: Ginny
    Subject: Re: Human Nature Packet

    So far, TOWER RECORDS has been the only place to allow the stickers here. I noticed that most stores in malls don't have stickers on their windows. Maybe those are "mall rules"?

    Thanks for the warning, Mark. I'll be sure to get mine out of the van, and only take what I need for the day.

    BTW...........stuck one on the back window of the van. It's not real visible with the tinted windows......but it looks great from the inside!


    Message: 1804 Posted: Fri Aug 28 10:12:37 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Re: Human Nature Packet

    Here's a simple suggestion on the Human Nature Decals. Don't leave any of them on your car seat all day in 95+ degree weather. I left 5 of them on my seat and they really bonded. They formed a cool phsycadellic collage thingy, kind of like that round green miracca shaky thing that Willie plays, ha... They'll now make a great conversation piece at partys. I still have plenty left, so I can still wage my war with the record stores here in KC.

    Message: 1803 Posted: Fri Aug 28 10:10:59 1998 By: Rick and Barb
    Subject: Horse's Mouth....coming soon!

    The "dog days of summer" edition of the Horse's Mouth is in the works! This will be a special one....with the upcoming release of Human Nature!

    Rick and Barb

    Message: 1802 Posted: Fri Aug 28 10:09:20 1998 By: Rick
    Subject: updates

    Just got back from a final vacation fling over on the Washington coast, and have been updating and the America Home Page

    If you get a chance, you may want to check out:

    --Carol Thompson's highly praised newspaper article about the Lake Oswego, NY show with Three Dog Night

    --More info about Jeff Larson's FABULOUS CD "Watercolor Sky" (with some special songwriting and guitar work of Gerry Beckley

    --Haley (Ike's daughter) rocking OKC and Wichita!

    --All AMERICA cheering for Mark McGwire! (to break homerun record!)'s album of the month....Sept. (guess which one!)

    --cover (front and back) of Human Nature

    All can be found on (America's Official Website)


    Message: 1801 Posted: Fri Aug 28 08:54:26 1998 By: KevinS
    Subject: Other Stuff

    Don't forget that Dewey and Gerry also sang on "Love Was Just Another Word" on Dan Peek's "All Things Are Possible" album.

    By the way, does anyone have the latest information on how "From A Moving Train" is doing on the charts? I'm pounding the local radio stations here in Dallas. Hopefully something good will come out of it. Keep the faith.

    Message: 1800 Posted: Fri Aug 28 07:22:52 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Re: AMERICA question

    Look on the misc page on the album list. Steve has listed some other appearances. I have heard that Dewey sang lead on "Too Much To Dream" on an album by somebody called David Marcus (?) in the early 80s. I have never actually heard the song, just heard about it. If anybody has the song, I would love to get a tape of it.

    Message: 1799 Posted: Fri Aug 28 00:17:03 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: AMERICA question

    As far as I know, all that I am awhere of for DEWEY is his cameo in Steve Perry's video, not aware of any singing parts for him on others' Lp's. Yes GERRY thru his singing, instrument playing, producing & vocals has a personal resume a mile long. When he did VAN GO GAN, the record company wanted a complete bio, but it was not possible due to the extensive nature of it & the lack of a tracking system going back over 20 years.
    AMERICA's next release HUMAN NATURE ! The BEST YET !! 9/15/98

    Message: 1798 Posted: Thu Aug 27 20:20:30 1998 By: moltenlover
    Subject: one-way releases, plus an America question

    Just found 3 of the 4 reissues (no View unfortunately) at a local Circuit City - it's nice to finally retire my vinyl copies. While these are not among my favorite America albums, it's great to have the likes of Tall Treasures, High in the City, Catch That Train, and Lady with a Bluebird on CD.
    But on a different note, does anybody out there know of any other albums by other artists that feature Dewey or Gerry as guest musicians or vocalists? I am aware of the fact that Gerry played guitar on Dan Fogelberg's Souvenirs album. I also know that he was on the Crybaby soundtrack and the Harry Nilsson tribute album. But that is about it. I don't think I've ever seen Dewey on anything. So if anyone can enlighten me on this topic, I would appreciate it. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Human Nature.

    Message: 1797 Posted: Thu Aug 27 13:03:55 1998 By: Ginny
    Subject: Hershey Park

    For all those planning on going to the shows at Hershey Park on Sunday........

    They are playing at the Amphitheatre inside the park. Shows are at 5:30 and 8:00. There is supposedly only one entrance to the amphitheatre for the general public, the "Top Entrance" which is up a hill. I didn't get a definite answer, but, I think the doors will open at about 4:30. I'm not sure what time I'll park myself at the gate, maybe 3:30. Depends on the weather and what else is going on. So, why don't we plan to meet by the amphitheatre...... or down front if you come after it opens! Should we wear name tags with our screen names on them? LOL

    Message: 1796 Posted: Thu Aug 27 10:20:46 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Silent Letter

    I finally got my copy of Silent Letter. One Way did an excellent job! It sounds GREAT and the packaging is as true to the original album packaging as can be done with a CD. It took them a while, but One Way finally delivered. I just wish they had included some bonus tracks like they said they were going to do. But I guess that was just a line to try to keep people from buying the french releases.

    Still waiting for HUMAN NATURE and DOER OF THE WORD!

    Message: 1795 Posted: Thu Aug 27 01:12:49 1998 By: EDDY
    Subject: Concert & mess. to Karen

    Hello, I really don't have much to add to "Nellies" comments on the concert, it's really a great place to see America, & you can't get a bad seat in the house. Steve, I'm glad to have met you & your wife,& happy that you liked the signed photo, what a great nite, Eh? (can't wait for the next one!!) KAREN: I just recieved your "promo pack" in the mail, It was nice to see Manseaus Range Music (in Virgina,MN.) on your list, Don (the owner)is a good friend of mine,he used to be my boss, when I managed his other store in Hibbing(where I first met Gerry) I'll be heading there tommorrow, & On-cue in Hibbing. This weekend, me & the kid (wifes working) will head out to Duluth, & hit Best Buy,Musicland,& The Electric Fetus(nice people there, I used to do alot of orders w/them) I'll give you a private E-mail from now on to keep you up to date on things. I'm really happy to be doing this, America has given me alot of pleasure through out the years, & now, this is my chance to say "THANX" See Ya! EDDY

    Message: 1794 Posted: Wed Aug 26 13:33:23 1998 By: CMW
    Subject: Sheboygan Experience (Part 2)

    Well, yesterday, I decided not to go to a reenactment, too many things blocking it, and I just figured for some reason I was just not meant to go. However, I did find something out, there is life past reenacting, I mean there is another world out there. Yesterday I walked among non-reenactors, (none...absolutely none !!!) and they weren't all that bad. I went to Sheboygan, eastern part of Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, on Lake Michigan. All I knew when I got in my car is I wanted to go by the lake, so I hopped into my car, and just headed in that direction. I thought about fishing, but I changed my mind on that, and I almost changed my mind on going to Sheboygan, altogether.

    I did go to Greenbush, and leave a few calendars off there, next calendar I make will be for the year 2000, and I just might make a go on that...get people interested in them before I get them printed up, at a cost that is more competitive. Well, I left a note for Jeff, the main man there asking him to contact me if he needs help getting the site together for the upcoming reenactment.

    By the way, any confederates out there? We will need you, we always are a little low on me and I will point you in the right direction. Dates on this last weekend in September, every year. No registration fees, and you are given powder. at least that is how it was last year.

    After I stopped there, I checked things out at a gas station to see if anything was going on in Sheboygan, and you know what there was....a lake fest.

    Got there and parked a bit from the location, and then I saw it, the lake, the wind and the tides making the waves come on in sort of gave a peacefulness of things. Yes, it was beautiful...calming in a way. Wisconsin is a beautiful state, just too bad it gets cold here in the winter.

    Well, I walked it a bit looking for a small stone that I could home...I just started doing a reminder of where I had been. These small stones will be put on a necklace, sort of how a pearl, a lone pearl is put, but it will mean more to me than a pearl..because I was there. Well, I found one, but the stones I wanted, were embedded into the rocks, pretty yes. I try to see beauty in whatever is around me.

    Now let me get back to life besides I walk the shore of the lake a band started playing, a pretty good one and I wandered on in. The people were elated as they watched this band, and as I stood there, I found out why they were good...darn being polite there, they were damn good. The group involved the audience; the band and the audience became like one. The name of the group was America.

    Now I heard the songs before, but I never knew the name of the group, or evened wondered who the artist was.

    I found myself getting into the music almost as much as the other person next to me. In a way it was awesome and different. After they were done ?? they took their bow and went off stage. The crowd kept cheering to get them out there, and there was no way they could just leave, not with that kind of demand for one more song.

    Bishop, whoever he is, came out with them, and I noticed the fun this group had, this wasn't work for them, it was their entertainment too. They joshed a bit, and just had fun acting a bit crazy...and I was laughing and smiling at it all.

    After they got done, they had to leave, and one of the main guys just waved good bye, and since I was so caught up in it, I waved back.


    Well, you have to be polite, at least that is what my moma taught me. The gentleman looked surprised, and you know what I probably did too. Others did, like a fist, being that they were good, but I swear I was the only one that waved back. Well, anyhow, I enjoyed myself, without being at a reenactment !!

    I found myseIf thinking about Sarge and the things I will write down about all of what we were and what we went through together. Love is eternal, and I will always have this love, I will always have the memories, but I think now he wants me to get on with things. Not forgetting him, but honoring him, by continuing on and doing my best, I know he would want me to be happy. I have grown a lot in this past year with your help, as well as a few others.

    After all I even found out today, no, I mean yesterday, there is a life outside reenacting (and the web), and once in a while like I did today, I will go there, and visit. :>)

    Message: 1793 Posted: Wed Aug 26 13:24:23 1998 By: CMW
    Subject: Sheboygan Experience (Part 1)

    Hi !

    This is just a note on my experience watching you, last Sunday, in Sheboygan. You are a fantastic group, and I don't say that lightly I think this is the only "fan letter" I have ever written. As I listened to you I knew some of the songs that you sang, but I did not know the name of your group.

    I have been going through some challenges, a lot of them, I had lost my memory for a bit in '92. I died for a bit, I was told, due to
    encephalitis of the brain...and I lost some of my memory, and some of my outgoing personality due to this. I have tended to hold myself back, except, maybe even there, with the man that I love. He died last July, I wish you could write a song about him, now he was a AN. (, but that is not why I am writing, let me continue. He died last July, and I have been going through a bit, we were going with each other for close to 13 years. I think he was bothered by the age gap.

    Well, anyhow, as I watched you play your music, I noticed the love and compassion you have for it. This is what first attracted me to your group, you had fun, you were having fun, doing what you were doing. I used to be spontaneous like that, but due to the difficulties mentioned, I now find myself quite reserved, mainly because I have felt a little scared. Now I know that, now I know I want that back, and I wish to thank you for that.

    I am a Civil War Reenactor, and usually go to those events, but last weekend was a bit different for me. Part 2 is a letter I mailed to a couple Civil War Reenactors list. It is about reenacting, how some things went down, and how I enjoyed your group. It was written the day after hearing your group, I am including all of it......

    Message: 1792 Posted: Wed Aug 26 00:24:03 1998 By: Sam
    Subject: One Way issues

    If you are having a hard time finding the 4 One Way releases, try a used CD store. I found all four at used CD store here in the Los Angeles area for around $6 to $7 each.

    Message: 1791 Posted: Tue Aug 25 23:24:33 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Human Nature Packet

    I got my Human Nature packet today and it was filled with "Human Nature" decals to plaster on the record store doors and windows. If you're interested in taking a look at the decals, go to /america/jpg/album/album27c.jpg.

    Message: 1790 Posted: Tue Aug 25 22:45:18 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Review...Wichita Show (Mark's) Aug 15th

    Ok, I finally got around to sending out my Wichita America review. John you did a great job in your review and you covered all the bases. It was good to see John and his wife again, my wife (Stacey) enjoyed meeting them. It was good to see Ike and Haley again, there was no sign of Frederico ??? I have not heard back from him since my last email in early August with all the #'s, he must not have made it back from Europe or he looked at a map and realized that Wichita was in Kansas and didn't want a house to land on him.

    John and I couldn't figure out why they cut Unicorn, To Each His Own and Green Monkey off the play list ??? They didn't seem to be under any time constraints, but hey we take what we can get, right. Like John said our seats where great, we were right in front of Brad's mike and once Ike told is Brad wasn't feeling too well we started to get a bit nervous, seeing we where right in his path... He either had a case of the summer flu or the "mad dog" was biting him...

    I loved the new songs, Pages will keep growing on me the more I listen to it and Moving Train has great Hit potential. It was good to hear Another Try again this year, that is my all time favorite song! After Sister I did get Dewey's guitar pick and shook his hand, and after the show one of the crew got the play list off Gerry's piano for me. It's amazing what you can get if you only ask... I did get both Dewey and Gerry to sign the playlist after the show, John did make Dewey jump and half blinded him with the camera flash, but I think he was used to it. Dewey did spend a lot of time talking to the fans while signing the autographs and he stayed there until everyone was gone. Gerry seemed to be more preoccupied, he took the playlist signed it and handed it back without ever looking up, but like I always say, I'll take what I can get.

    Haley did handle the guitar volume problem great during her solo on Horse, she started playing, her eyes got big, she looked at Dewey and said "It's Not On". Dewey quickly turned the knob and got the volume up and she continued right on playing.

    There was a young boy (9 or 10) sitting next to us, it was his first concert. After Horse he was standing with his hand out toward Dewey and Dewey leaned forward and gave him his guitar pick. His eyes were wide and he was grinning fron ear to ear. A little later we saw him with one of Willie's drums sticks, the band really made his day.

    Sitting that close to the band we were able to really see Willie on the drums. He really does a lot of work back there with a lot of precision, I've never had a chance to notice that before. From the chimes to using the Tymphony (sp?) mallet to the green round miracca (sp?) thing to the bongos he was great. I'm sure the round green miracca thing has a real name that can be spelled correctlly.

    Take Care,

    Message: 1789 Posted: Tue Aug 25 22:39:46 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Thoughtscape Sounds

    Rob, I'll second that! Thoughtscape has treated me and everyone else I know very well. Their prices and availability are hard to beat!

    Message: 1788 Posted: Tue Aug 25 21:28:22 1998 By: Rob
    Subject: Thoughtscape Sounds

    Just a thought...if you're looking to add some "back up" copies of America Classics, be sure to contact Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds. At no other place are America Fans treated so well. Scott keeps a good supply of most all America titles. And you'll get your order within days -- not weeks.

    Message: 1787 Posted: Tue Aug 25 10:20:14 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: HUMAN NATURE

    Maureen, several people on the AOL chat folder have mentioned that they have received their packets. I think Karen told me that there were 36 in all that had been sent out and that she would send more if others wanted to volunteer. If anyone reading this message wants to help call radio stations, put posters in record stores, etc., send Karen a mail message at

    Message: 1786 Posted: Tue Aug 25 08:02:35 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
    Subject: America at MN Zoo

    Sunday night was a beautiful night for a concert at the Minnesota zoo. Might sound kinda funny to have a concert at a zoo but in all actuality the ampitheatre is very nice and cozy.
    I got the chance to meet Eddy there and he was so kind to give me a very nice autographed pic of Dewey. Thanks Eddy and it was real nice to meet you and your wife. I am sure our paths will cross at more America concerts.
    As for the show it was a real strong night for the group. They seemed to talk a lot more in between songs which I felt brought them closer to the audience. The playlist seemed to be quite similar to past concerts with the exception of the new stuff. From a moving train is destined to be big. The crowd seemed to enjoy it right away. All in all the concert was a hit. The big radio station in the Twin Cities morning host Dave Lee mentioned on the air that he had attended the concert and that the band was great. He also mentioned what a fan he was. Maybe Karen should call him and see if he can get some materials out for the album. Anyway, the night was once again magical. Can't wait for the next stop!!


    Message: 1785 Posted: Tue Aug 25 07:55:07 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: Chart Update

    Latest chart info...last week "From A Moving Train" picked up three more adds in Radio & Records. It's now in their "New and Active" section with a total of 13 stations out of 113 reporters.

    And in Gavin, it's listed in "Up and Coming" with 36 adds out of 175 reporters (second only to Lee Ann Rimes and just ahead of Hootie and the Blowfish). All in all a good showing considering the major label heavy hitters it's up against.

    As for my station, the music director wanted to add it but he was overruled by the program director who wanted to "wait another week or two". He'll come around.

    You can't stop a "Moving Train"

    Jim...Erie, Pa.

    Message: 1784 Posted: Tue Aug 25 07:43:13 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: HUMAN NATURE

    To All, I received my 'volunteer' information from Karen yesterday. So later today, I will be off to the record stores. KAREN, I did not get a list of stores, so I am relying on my yellow pages to help me 'do the walking '(driving). Hope this is OK. Let me know if anyone else received their package. Take Care.......Maureen

    Message: 1783 Posted: Sun Aug 23 22:14:37 1998 By: Jennifer
    Subject: Sheboygan

    I'm glad you ended up being able to go to the Sheboygan concerts. I went to the second concert and had a great time too! I hope you enjoyed your entire trip to the U.S.


    Message: 1782 Posted: Sun Aug 23 15:50:53 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: R&R

    People...people...let's be patient. It's going to take a few weeks at least before it shows up on the top 30. Once more stations add it...then increase the number of times it's played...THEN you'll see it on the top 30. But give it a bit of time.

    Jim...Erie, Pa

    Message: 1781 Posted: Sun Aug 23 11:26:27 1998 By: Steve Orchard
    Subject: From a Moving train

    I've been checking the R&R Adult contemporary charts and I've yet
    to see "from a moving train" listed in the top 30. If it was the 3rd most
    added song,its not getting any airplay on the Major stations. Unfortunatly for this area,there aren't any straight AC stations that will
    play it. I'm encouraged in that the retail business I work at,people
    have been coming in and requesting the disk. to Karen at Oxygen:
    If you want extra promotion from a retail business here in Upper Michigan,get ahold of me!

    Message: 1780 Posted: Sun Aug 23 03:35:11 1998 By: Federico
    Subject: Sheboygan

    Hi all guys,
    just return two hours ago from Sheboygan`s concerts.
    In particular the 2nd was marvelous. The first concert was a little bit short than 2nd. The guys were very strong, really, very, very strong.........
    Finally i saw the concert that was a reason which i have organized my trip for.

    Thank you guys.... :)


    Message: 1779 Posted: Sat Aug 22 22:38:24 1998 By: Fran
    Subject: America in Las Vegas

    For those fans who (like me) weren't aware that America will be performing in Las Vegas on Sept. 5, here's the great news - they'll be appearing at Desert Breeze Park from 3:00 - 9:00 p.m. that Labor Day Saturday and tickets are only $2. What could be better than America in the Valley? Hope to see you there.

    Message: 1778 Posted: Sat Aug 22 22:24:56 1998 By: KevinS
    Subject: Human Nature

    I went to the Blockbuster down the street, it's a huge one, the biggest CD store in Dallas, and asked the guy behind the counter if he knew of a new album by America coming out. He got on his computer and said, "It ain't showing up here. So if they got a new CD coming out, it ain't any time soon. Check back the first of the year." The world is run by idiots.

    Message: 1777 Posted: Sat Aug 22 08:40:00 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: "Moving Train"

    I checked the latest issue of "Radio and Records" and while "From a Moving Train" was the third most added song at Adult Contemporary radio, from what I could see none of the adds were at any R&R reporters in the top 25 radio markets. But that's to be expected at this point...those guys are so "consultant driven" that they're not likely to jump on a new tune out of the box unless it's Celine Dion. It's the small and medium market stations (like mine) that will help propel this exceptional song along and FORCE the big guys to play it once they (and their consultants) recognize it as the HIT song that it is!!

    By the way, our music director returns from vacation this week, so I'll start working on him

    Jim...Erie, Pa.

    Message: 1776 Posted: Sat Aug 22 02:01:30 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: Vacation!

    I figured that one good way to pass the seemingly endless time before the release of Human Nature is to go on a long car trip, which is what I'm doing all this week. For those of you who have sent me correspondence, don't worry if you don't hear anything from me -- I'm just out in California having a good time. I'll attend to everything when I get back. Thanxx!


    Message: 1775 Posted: Sat Aug 22 01:07:23 1998 By: mags
    Subject: Round 3 of The Tourney

    Monster and Saturn Nights lost out??? Tsk, tsk.

    Message: 1774 Posted: Fri Aug 21 22:11:22 1998 By:
    Subject: OLOOLOLO

    Heard it in Reno. Rob, I agree this song is a masterpiece. Co-written by GERRY w/lead vocals by DEWEY, this is a great example of the depth & breadth of AMERICA. This song should get strong recognition by the scholars of this world. I hope Paul Simon gets a copy of this, he would be proud. It could be used in some of National Geographics' specials on Africa. HUMAN NATURE contains some very innovative & thought provoking material. It just needs exposure. There will triger a wave of interest in AMERICA that multiplies & snowballs into widespread recognition & praise. This is my dream .... A million sales for HUMAN NATURE b/4 2000.

    Message: 1773 Posted: Fri Aug 21 19:51:15 1998 By: Rob
    Subject: Message to Oxygen Records

    Please don't miss the song "Oloololo" when it comes to singles and other promotions. I think this song is one of Dewey's finest songs ever. Having had the chance to interview him, and review the album, I continue to marvel at his songwriting talents.

    Message: 1772 Posted: Fri Aug 21 13:47:46 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Time For The Media Blitz?

    I guess it's time to start the media blitz. I plan on emailing radio stations in Richmond VA and Washington DC requesting From A Moving Train. Most stations have WEB pages and you can email requests or the program director. If you need to find station pages I found a great web site that lists many stations all over the US. It is

    I plan on hitting the local Adult Contemporary and Pop stations to request From a Moving Train.

    I also plan on hitting the oldies stations and request various of America's old top 40 hits.

    Not only that but I'm going to bug the Classic Rock stations too and see if I can't get them to add songs like Ventura Highway, Sandman, Moon Song, Donkey Jaw, Cornwall Blank, Only In Your Heart, Hat Trick, and Green Monkey to their playlists.

    It's time for America fans all accross the country to take matters into theirown hands and bug the crap out of stations until they START PLAYING AMERICA!!!!!!

    Message: 1771 Posted: Fri Aug 21 04:31:22 1998 By: John
    Subject: Review...Wichita Show (Aug 15th)


    Since we were in the front row, I was able to see the playlist. I copied the songs on some index cards I had brought along. This was the only show where I knew the entire playlist before the show (and the ones crossed off - come on...I wanted Green Monkey!) and I was anxious to get the show going!

    At last, the boys came on the stage to a near full house and began playing the familiar guitar chords to the familiar song we all know opens most of America's show. The play list was:

    Ventura Highway
    You Can Do Magic
    Don't Cross the River
    Daisy Jane
    Mirror to Mirror
    Another Try
    Three Roses
    I Need You
    Tin Man
    Woman Tonight
    Only in Your Heart
    California Dreaming
    Lonely People
    From a Moving Train
    Never be Lonely
    Sister Golden Hair
    California Revisited (encore)
    Horse With No Name (encore)

    As you can see, we got the long show as they were on the stage for almost 1 1/2 hours. One thing we noticed was that Brad did NOT sing the "Dan Peek" songs. Since I had not read any posts here stating that this had happened before, I saw that as unusual. Gerry sang Don't Cross the River and Dewey sang Lonely People (with Gerry on the Harmonica). Later, Ike mentioned to us (he was taking pictures next to our table) that Brad was not feeling very well that night. We could tell later as one time he sat on Gerry's piano bench between numbers. But the trooper that he was, the show went on. The two new songs from Human Nature were fantastic. I would hope that From a Moving Train might become a single. Both the songs featured Willie shaking a form of Maracas (sp?), and a catchy beat. I think this might even attract young listeners. Besides the new songs, I think that I heard Only in Your Heart for the first time live. During Horse, Haley (Ike's Daughter) joined the band. This time however, she did a guitar solo bit during the instrumental part of the song, which got started quietly as her guitar was not on (Dewey came to her rescue). She was a hit!!!!

    After the show, we stuck around as the house emptied. Mark was able to get a playlist taped on one of the instruments, and he had Dewey sign it. I snapped a picture as this was happening (sorry for the flash Dewey!). I have to say that the guys were very accommodating to the fans (especially Dewey, who thanked every person who complimented him on the show).

    On the way home we had to go through a Kansas Highway Patrol DUI checkpoint about a half mile from the venue. I played the Designated Driver pretty well, and we were waved through anyway. It was a great night had by all, and I look forward to the next time I get the chance to see them again!

    Stay tuned for Mark's post to fill in all the fun details I missed!

    John S. (It's not my fault Boeing Stock is falling!)

    Message: 1770 Posted: Fri Aug 21 04:27:24 1998 By: John
    Subject: Review...Wichita Show (Preamble) Aug 15th

    Sorry this took so long!!!

    This review begins before the actual concert as my wife and I met up with Mark McVey and his wife and we went to dinner. I had met Mark at last year's show, but didn't get to talk too much. This year we shared old "America stories" and other stuff. It was a lot of fun getting to know a fellow America fan. We got to the venue about an hour and 45 minutes before the doors were to open. We could have been the first in line, but we decided to wait in the car until someone else got in line.

    When someone else did head for the door, so did we. In line we met another couple from the Kansas City area (like Mark). They were quite a bit younger than Mark or myself, so it was great to see that they were avid fans like us. They were also planning to go to the show in St. Joseph, MO the next night.

    Needless to say, we were able to get a table just in front of Gerry's keyboard and Brad's mike. We were able to meet Ike before the show and chatted with him briefly, plus we saw Pete preparing the what seemed to be a hundred guitars. The warm-up band was a local 4 person band with a lady lead singer who couldn't keep her eyes off of Mark during most of their set. They did a couple of Heart songs (including Magic Man), and a Fleetwood Mac number in about an eight song set. When they got done, the anticipation was overwhelming. The boys were about to hit the stage!

    and next post... The Show!!!
    John S. (It's not my fault Boeing Stock is falling!)

    Message: 1769 Posted: Fri Aug 21 04:23:42 1998 By:
    Subject: AMERICA - a fine bio

    Click at the arrow for a fine write-up on the super group AMERICA ----> Biography:

    There is a great Web page @ that features Billboard charts & various music related info. If you do a search on AMERICA & click on AMERICA'S LP'S, it will show you quite a few LP's that they sell & also 2 biographies. Below the display of LP's is an area called Read about AMERICA, the bio by Ed Decker is outstanding. It is very comprehensive, largely accurate & does discuss their post Warner years in fairly good detail. One of the better & more comprehensive articles I have seen. One error listed is their current record company, it should be Oxygen, right.

    Message: 1768 Posted: Thu Aug 20 23:06:27 1998 By: pat
    Subject: charts

    the main chart position comes at billboard. is there any hint of this song charting there on the billboard ac charts? if not sorry to say theres no hit coming here. its early but needs to charts there in the next couple weeks.

    Message: 1767 Posted: Thu Aug 20 14:48:09 1998 By: KevinS
    Subject: From A Moving Train

    That's great news. You guys at Oxygen have your act together. You said you needed to delay the release of Human Nature until September 15th to give you the necessary time to promote the record correctly. It's working. I haven't heard the song on the radio here in Dallas yet. But let me know which stations in Dallas I can start hounding to get airplay for From A Moving Train. One station happens to be in my building, on the floor right above my office. So I can get a whole lot of people to do some serious hounding.

    This is exciting. Gerry and Dewey deserve to be heard again. With all the great music they've given us over the past 25 years, for them to have been reduced to anonymity, or worse, a joke on VH1's game shows, is a shame. Maybe this is the break they couldn't get before.

    Message: 1766 Posted: Thu Aug 20 10:43:18 1998 By: Eddy
    Subject: The charts

    Hey!, I'm glad to hear about "From a moving train"!! You know what would really help promote this song (and HN) would be a music video on VH-1 or maybe even one of the country channels. Being it is the 1990s, most artists(alot of them are CRAP anyway) reach alot of people this way. I think a low budget b&w video (of them at a train station or something) would be good, because the song does speak for itself,& like someone else said, a great product is not hard to sell. It really gets my goat sometimes, when I see the s$%* thats getting airplay nowdays,& plastic UNreal people like Michael Jerkson can pour billions into their promotion, And that stuff sells!!! So, I really hope America gets the promotion they need, to reach the status they so truely deserve,once again.(I know your doing your best, Karen!!) EDDY

    Message: 1765 Posted: Thu Aug 20 07:40:20 1998 By: jessica
    Subject: To JimN. on Big News

    Go, Wednesday Morning!

    Looks like H.N. is on it's way. I really wish I could flood the radio stations here in Manila with requests for "From a Moving Train", but they don't have it. And I'm afraid won't have it at all. Darn!

    Still, there are other ways to promote H.N. and America. After all, a good product is never difficult to sell.

    Message: 1764 Posted: Thu Aug 20 05:03:27 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: Charts

    Yes...those changes will be reflected in THIS weeks charts. Check them after Friday of this week. Unfortunately the music director at my station is on vacation this week so we won't have any new adds till next week. I'll keep plugging away...although I think the song speaks for itself!

    Jim Erie, Pa.

    Message: 1763 Posted: Thu Aug 20 00:06:18 1998 By: pat
    Subject: r & r charts

    i was just on the ac chart at R & R and theres no sign of the single on it,lee ann rimes is on there this is ending the week of the 14th. will this show up on next weeks chart?

    Message: 1762 Posted: Wed Aug 19 21:17:34 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: BIG NEWS AT RADIO !

    A million in sales b/4 2000 !

    2nd single, WEDNESDAY MORNING ? PAGES ?

    Message: 1761 Posted: Wed Aug 19 19:09:52 1998 By: Karen
    Subject: BIG NEWS AT RADIO!

    So I JUST got back from my summer vacation in Hilton Head to hear the following news:

    The first single from Human Nature, From a Moving Train, got a tremendous amount of radio adds in the first week following its mailing! The song is going to be the 3RD MOST ADDED song for the week on the Radio & Records AC Chart, after Leeann Rhimes and John Tesh's new singles and BEFORE the new Hootie and the Blowfish single. It wins the 2ND MOST ADDED spot on the Gavin AC Chart, after Leeann Rhimes and BEFORE Hootie and everyone else.

    This is huge news. Radio programmers are jumping all over this song. There is no doubt that From a Moving Train is about to become a tremendous hit!

    I haven't even been back to my desk yet. But as soon as I have my hands on the list of cities that have committed to adding the song and the station names, I will list them here.

    Karen D.
    Oxygen Record

    Message: 1760 Posted: Wed Aug 19 13:34:09 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: Florida/Re-issues

    Hi there everyone, I'm here in Florida on vacation. And boy is it
    hot down here, PHEW!!! I've checked alot of stores down here...
    Peaches, Record Town, Best Buy, Borders, CD-Connection and nothing
    about the Capitol re-issues. I'll have to order it through either
    Thoughtscape or the shack. Enjoying my vacation and talk to everyone
    soon. Have to catch up on alot.

    Howard Lieboff

    Message: 1759 Posted: Wed Aug 19 06:07:01 1998 By: Adrian
    Subject: Dark Years

    Hi,one & all,
    I`m sure we all remember the terrific America in concert album,but after that dark years were to follow recording wise, as Dewey was to comment in the U.K.s Q magazine "If you can`t get people behind you,It doesn`t matter how great the music is".But after the release of the truly remarkable Hourglass look what has been laid at our table since then,Gerry`s solo gold nugget,and where would we be to-day without King Buiscuit`s America in Concert album.As Steve Shipp was to say,eyebrows were raised with the sales of the afore mentioned album,which seems has been responsible for guys getting a multi album deal,and not forgetting Steve liked the guys and their new material.Wasn`t it also mentioned that King Buiscuit had recorded America in 78'' what are the chances of that being released at some point.This brings me to two recordings made by the BBC in England the first made around 72'' lots of America's first album,and a second recording including a fair sampling from Hat Trick at a later date.The BBC have released a fair amount of recordings on disc most notibly Led Zep,and Dire Straights.Let us hope and prey Human Nature gets to do the buisiness and AMERICA get the respect and acclaim they so richly deserve.

    Message: 1758 Posted: Wed Aug 19 00:01:34 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Re: Coming Up Later...

    Hey all!

    A lot of fun was had last night in Wichita. Mark McVey was there, Ike was there, Haley was there, Pete was there, America was there, and so was I! I will post the review in the next day or so.

    John S. (It's not my fault Boeing Stock is falling!)

    John, I'm waiting for you to post your review, since Wichita is your town. Once again this year I'll make you do all the hard work with the review and I'll just ride on your coat tails. Here are my brief details, I'll elaberate after your indepth and brilliant review. Front Row, Guitar pick, set list, autograph's, 2 nites in Wichita with my wife and no kids (Yes, Hawaii would have been nicer, but you have to take what you can get). Mark ...

    Message: 1757 Posted: Tue Aug 18 23:56:42 1998 By: Erin
    Subject: Re: Heard


    I was wondering the same thing about Look Up, Look Down....I love it! It's one of my favorites on Heard. It would be great to find out who wrote it.

    Erin :o)

    Message: 1756 Posted: Tue Aug 18 23:55:52 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: Heard

    I have had the CD Heard in my player since Saturday I really like the song Look Up Look Down. Is this originally done by America or who was the orginal artist???? What about the other songs??? I know Coming in to LA is Arlo Guthrie?


    Message: 1755 Posted: Tue Aug 18 23:52:46 1998 By: Steve Lowry

    Dave, I don't know about getting the CD's in the New Jersey stores, but I know you can call Scott at Thoughtscape Sounds (1-800-435-6185
    ) and he'll have them off to you in no time. You don't have to order them over the Internet, you can talk to a live person at Thoughtscape to get them, and their prices are extremely competetive.

    Message: 1754 Posted: Tue Aug 18 15:29:47 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: Alibi

    Isn't it great to have Alibi on CD? I bought that album five times because I played the hell out of it so much that I wore the vinyl down. It was America's best album on Capital (and right up there with their first three albums). Not a lame song in the bunch.

    Message: 1753 Posted: Tue Aug 18 14:45:38 1998 By: DAVE M.


    Message: 1752 Posted: Tue Aug 18 12:12:11 1998 By:
    Subject: Critics

    Yup as you said Mark. And Sir George Martin once said that they never garnered publicity for any outrageous acts like many groups of that time. They let their music do the "talking." Unfortunately in pop culture attention is gotten thru various means other than the music. Where would Madonna be today w/out the shock affect ? She might be sharing the podium w/Marie Osmond ? AMERICA is pure down-to-earth music for real people. HUMAN NATURE will reinforce this on 9/15/98.

    Message: 1751 Posted: Tue Aug 18 11:39:39 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Critics

    I think part of the reason America doesn't get the respect they deserve from the musical elite is because they weren't really part of the hip drug and protest culture. While they may have sowed their wild oats as young rock stars, their music didn't advocate drug use or the overthrow of the government. They were just decent guys from military families (BIG strike against them) making great music. If they had identified themselves with the counterculture and sang protest songs about doing drugs then I think they would already be in the R&R HOF. The way things are now, I think the only shot they have at the HOF is for Human Nature and subsequent albums to be successful.

    Message: 1750 Posted: Mon Aug 17 23:46:26 1998 By: Dnkyjaw60
    Subject: America rocks Mpls

    The countdown is on for the Sunday concert at the zoo ampitheatre in Mpls. It is an outdoor venue that is superb. They do not play for a whole week after so maybe they will do a long show. The last one there was great so if it is anywhere close to that it will be a late night. We have a group of eight and the brew will be cold!!


    Message: 1749 Posted: Mon Aug 17 23:27:12 1998 By: Shayne
    Subject: VH-1

    While we are on the subject of VH-1's treatment of the band, I was watching "legends" tonight and saw a promo for a new "Behind The Music" featuring Jan and Dean. JAN AND DEAN??? C'mon. Okay, they had a hit record, they almost died in a car accident, but..Jan and Dean???

    I doubt America will ever find respect. Jan and Dean...sheeesh!


    Message: 1748 Posted: Mon Aug 17 19:20:46 1998 By: Bob
    Subject: Message to Willie

    Hi Willie,
    I hope that you are having some good shows since spoke to you last.
    Willie I will give you a call when you get home for a break,I have got another tape that you may be interested in. I will mail to you and hope that you enjoy it. I was wondering if you had a chance to see the last one.
    I will talk to you soon.
    P.S Say hi to Michael for me.

    Message: 1747 Posted: Mon Aug 17 18:40:54 1998 By: Bob
    Subject: Message to Willie

    I Willie,I hope that the shows are going well for you and the rest of the band.
    Willie i will call you when you get home for a break,as I have some more tapes for you.I will talk to you soon.
    Thanks Pal
    Bob (Long Island)

    Message: 1746 Posted: Mon Aug 17 14:33:35 1998 By:
    Subject: The critics

    Well said Mark. The critics are just frustrated wanna be's. Some of the createst artistic treasures of the world were viewed as non-events in their current time, only to be re-discovered as "treasures" decades & even centuries later. We know they are treasures - TODAY !
    HUMAN NATURE we await the launch !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Message: 1745 Posted: Mon Aug 17 13:07:22 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
    Subject: Mark is right

    Mark is right on! I am sick of the sh--. Nuff said!!

    Message: 1744 Posted: Mon Aug 17 11:27:37 1998 By: mark
    Subject: America on "Rock & Roll Jeopardy"

    I saw that. It was nice to see them get a little publicity. But I think you are right, I think they were poking fun at the lyrics. The selection of Muskrat Love, which wasn't even written by them, tends to bear this out. Face it, most of the musical elite think of America as lightweights. They constantly refer to them as a sweet little pop band. The critics are trying to re-write history. During the mid 70s America was a major talent, who not only got airplay from their top 40 hits, but were major players on FM rock stations that played album cuts (the forerunners of today's classic rock stations). I'm offended by the snobbery, and get sick of hearing Eric Clapton and Jethro Tull played over and over again on classic rock stations, while great America songs gather dust in the archives. Hopefully Human Nature will catch the public's attention and correct this situation. There, I'm done. I feel better now.

    Message: 1743 Posted: Mon Aug 17 06:57:25 1998 By: Shayne
    Subject: America on "Rock & Roll Jeopardy"

    I saw it last night. VH-1 ran the same episode. In the second round, one of the catagories was "lyrics by America". The host had to explain what that meant. Anyway, the songs that were quoted were "Horse With No Name" (for 200), "Tinman" (400), Ventura Highway (600), Muskrat Love (800) and "Lonely People" (1000). All of the questions (answers?) were correct except no one got "Lonely People". In fact, "Muskrat Love" and "Lonely People" were the last two questions (answers?) on the board.

    Does this mean that after 30 years, they've ARRIVED? Personally, I think (by the way the host was reading the lyrics), they were poking fun at the songs. But then again, how serious can you take "Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam, doin' the jitterbug out in Muskrat land...".


    Message: 1742 Posted: Mon Aug 17 00:02:09 1998 By: John
    Subject: Coming Up Later...

    Hey all!

    A lot of fun was had last night in Wichita. Mark McVey was there, Ike was there, Haley was there, Pete was there, America was there, and so was I!

    I will post the review in the next day or so.

    John S. (It's not my fault Boeing Stock is falling!)

    Message: 1741 Posted: Mon Aug 17 00:01:07 1998 By: America Fan
    Subject: Re: One Way Releases

    I think it's ironic that the Capitol albums, which were considered commercial failures (with the exception of View From The Ground), have all been released in the US now, but most of the WB albums, which were huge hits, can only be purchased as imports. Makes me wonder if the guys didn't tick somebody off who's now in a position of power at WB? Go figure. But hey, it's great that all their stuff is now available on CD, even if it's an import.

    Message: 1740 Posted: Sun Aug 16 23:58:29 1998 By: Justme9321
    Subject: Re: One Way Releases

    I was lucky, the store near me only had one copy of each album, im sure they'll get more. Its great hearing those songs on CD. Best day to check is on Tuesdays thats the day the new stuff comes out.

    Message: 1739 Posted: Sun Aug 16 23:57:42 1998 By: Tim
    Subject: Re: One Way Releases

    I was so happy when i went into the local curcuit City and there i found the One Way Releases of Americas Capital albums, : Justme9321

    I tried the same thing yesterday! However, the Circuit City I tried didn't have the America releases yet. Circuit City does seem to be one of the few who stock One Way releases.

    Message: 1738 Posted: Sun Aug 16 23:56:41 1998 By: Justme9321
    Subject: One Way Releases

    I was so happy when i went into the local Circuit City and there i found the One Way Releases of Americas Capital albums, I ended up buying, Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move and Perspective. My America collection is complete. Im a happy man :)

    Message: 1737 Posted: Sun Aug 16 23:55:12 1998 By: Ginny
    Subject: Re: Birchmere

    Thanks for bringing back the memories of last Friday, Kevin! Got to go back and relive it a bit :-)


    Message: 1736 Posted: Sun Aug 16 23:54:19 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: Birchmere

    Hey Gang,
    I am SO SORRY that my post is late work was killer this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, about the show....... It was a night of GREAT MUSIC and meeting new friends. I got to the Birchmere at like 4pm that afternoon & hung out and talked to people online. The doors opened at 5pm, everyone was so keyed up for the show. The Birchmere has this really cool system, they give you a number when you go thru the door and when they open the concert hall you are seated in order of your number which was great since I had number 4! I was really eager to meet some of the AOL folks. I knew Ginny was planning to be there, I did not see anyone with a caravan of kids with the green twirling lites like they had at the Loyola show last year so I went on the look out. I met a lot of people with kids LOL and also told a few folks about the America message board on AOL. At last I finally found them in the parking lot munching away on food before the show (sorry for the scare guys). We talked briefly before the show, it was so nice to finally get to meet you after all this time.

    I took my girlfriend who is slowly but surly becoming an America fan, this was her third show I think? After my search for Ginny ended :) I went back to my table that was right in front of the stage in front of Dewey and got ready for the show. We sat with two great couples that evening Amanda & Tim (soon to be married..... Hey do the guys play weddings? LOL ) and Tim & Mieta. We laughed and shared stories of America and became fast friends. I was amazed how much our taste in music overlapped. I hope that time allows our paths to cross again.

    I chatted with Pete who is no longer the lonely T-shirt guy but now the guitar tech to the band. He seems to enjoy the work he said that he likes being able to work closer with the guys. Pete was very excited about the release of the new CD as we all are, September 15 will not come soon enough!!!!!!!

    Time for the show .......................
    The guys opened with Riverside of course and if I remember correctly this was the rest of the set Ventura Highway-Magic-Don't Cross The River-Daisy Jane-Mirror To Mirror-Another Try-Three Roses-I Need You-Pages-Tin Man-Hold Me Tight-Only In Your Heart-California Dreamin-Lonely People-From a Moving Train-Never Be Lonely-Sandman-Sister Golden Hair..... And for the encore they did Everyone I Meet Is From California & Horse With No Name.

    During several opening numbers there was some feedback thru the monitors, which was later determined to be sounds in Woodsy head that he was sharing with all of us. A funny part of the night was when Gerry introduced his Mother-in-law the band played and sang a few lines from the song Mother-in-law which sounded cool and got a rise out of the crowd. At the end of the show Gerry threw his guitar pic to me I was so excited!!!!

    As always the time goes so fast whenever I see them and the show was over. I was told before the show that the guys would probably not be around to sign autographs or chat with the fans. After the show, I (as well as 50 other folks) went back and hung out by the bus and waited. The guys did come out and sign autographs pose for some photos and talk to the fans, further demonstrating that they are as devoted to us as we are to them. I got to say good-bye to Ginny and Family and to my new found friends. It was as always a wonderful night!!!!!! That's my America memory..........................


    P.S. I will try to foward the photos to Steve to post on his website as soon as I get them back

    Message: 1735 Posted: Sun Aug 16 18:45:28 1998 By: moltenlover
    Subject: Donkey Jaw

    I have been silent for far too long. I hope you vote for the likes of Moon Song, Children, Clarice, Cornwall Blank, Saturn Nights, and, of course, Molten Love. THESE ARE THE TUNES!!! By the way, what were you guys smoking when you failed to vote for Donkey Jaw? I want you all to go to your stereos and crank up Donkey Jaw and think about your mistakes. Before you cast your votes, please listen to the tunes. How does Lady with a Bluebird receive only 14 votes? A travesty!!!

    Message: 1734 Posted: Sun Aug 16 04:37:36 1998 By: Trevor
    Subject: Greetings

    I'm 42yrs and have been listening to America since their first album, which might I add sounds magic and stll holds lots of memories of where I was on the ladder of life. I've seen America each of the three times they've visited New Zealand and Sandman does it for me!!

    Message: 1733 Posted: Sun Aug 16 01:50:43 1998 By: America Fan
    Subject: Round 2

    The choices get tougher. Steve, thanks for setting up the song tournament while we wait for the release of Human Nature. You're just too good to us. I've been trying to resist listening to the sound clips of Human Nature, but it's hard because I keep hearing rave reviews about From a Moving Train and Pages. 989's review almost had me too. Wish the 15th of September would hurry up and get here!

    Message: 1732 Posted: Sat Aug 15 19:13:38 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: America on jeopardy!

    Guess what??? My son just told me that "Lyrics from America" is a category on a VH-1 Jeopardy game! Too cool! Now, if we could just get that channel to play some old music videos...or tape an unplugged concert...wouldn't that be great?

    Message: 1731 Posted: Sat Aug 15 18:56:16 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: Van Go Gan


    Message: 1729 Posted: Sat Aug 15 18:15:01 1998 By: pat
    Subject: van go gan

    i just got a copy of van go gan autographed for $15.00 is this a good deal

    Message: 1728 Posted: Fri Aug 14 22:10:47 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: TV Appearances

    While we're talking TV gigs, lets not forget Rosie...or Dave...or Jay...or Conan. At least on those shows they can accommodate the whole band!

    And is it too late to get America on the Today show's Friday morning outdoor concert spot?

    Jim...Erie, PA

    Message: 1727 Posted: Fri Aug 14 21:52:44 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: America on TV

    Did I miss the announcement of when America would be on Howard Stern and Regis and KathieLee? (I heartfully apologize to Howard for putting his name and Kathie Lee's in the same sentence!) BTW: is it September 15th yet????

    Message: 1726 Posted: Fri Aug 14 21:16:11 1998 By: Rob
    Subject: America on TV

    Message for Karen and others...
    Any TV appearances set yet? I've heard Kathie Lee and Regis, and Howard Stern. Hopefully it's time to buy a new blank tape.

    Message: 1725 Posted: Fri Aug 14 18:57:48 1998 By: jessica
    Subject: misses

    I'm very sorry to miss the chat! I got too busy at work and forgot. When I remembered and tried to make it at around 10, I couldn't get a connection. time, Steve and you guys who were there.

    Federico, I'm sorry to hear about the Wichita show. Maybe better things are in store for you in Europe. Take heart.

    Message: 1724 Posted: Fri Aug 14 17:16:47 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Someplace other than Thoughtscape

    Hi Howard,
    I also work in Mahattan and JnR Music Stores (down by City Hall on Park Row) have ALL FOUR of those albums. I was very angry with them, because before I ordered them through Thoughtscape I asked the record manager, Charlie, if they are going to be carrying them and he said "No". But to my surprise, I went there a Monday and surprise, they were all there - even Silent Letter. I was so mad. So much for knowing your job. Good Luck........Maureen.

    Message: 1723 Posted: Fri Aug 14 15:38:47 1998 By: mark
    Subject: From A Moving Train


    Does this mean we should start calling radio stations to request it?

    Message: 1722 Posted: Fri Aug 14 13:50:55 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: From A Moving Train

    Well, the radio station I work for (WXKC/Classy 100) received it's cd-single copy of "From A Moving Train" I imagine the other radiostations already have theirs...or should have it soon. Since I'm not in a programming capacity I can't put it on the air...but the music director and program director trust my "ears" who knows.

    It's good to finally hear the complete song...and it sounds great. Now my appetite is further whetted for "Human Nature".

    Jim...Erie, Pa.

    Message: 1721 Posted: Fri Aug 14 11:32:30 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: Love Comes Without Warning

    Steve Lowry: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'd be happy to get you a tape of Love Comes Without Warning. Even though it's not one of America's best efforts, it's still worth having as a fan. Gerry sings lead on it. It was written by John Bettis and Jerry Goldsmith and produced by Matthew McCauley. It was recorded in 1984, around the time of Perspective, and, unfortunately, they used the same crappy Ronco drum machine they used on Perspective. But, all in all, it's one more piece of the puzzle. Let me know how to get a tape to you and I'd be more than happy to do it. Also, I'm trying to get a hold of a copy of Heard so I can get the studio version of California Dreaming, but I can't seem to get an e-mail through to John Corbett. John, if you read this, could you let me know how to get a copy? Thanks.
    Kevin S.

    Message: 1720 Posted: Fri Aug 14 10:42:44 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: Silent Letter

    There sure is a lot of interest in SILENT LETTER. I always thought it was so down-to-earth in theme & the music was so soothing. It all added up to an LP that, like other AMERICA songs, holds up very well nearly 20 years later. Human Nature just doesn't change too much I guess, hence it will be good over the next 20 years. Speaking of HUMAN NATURE, September 15th is only 30 or so days away ..... We gotta keep hitting all angles, it only takes the trigger of the right publicity display to begin a ground swirl that snowballs into the masses .........

    Message: 1719 Posted: Fri Aug 14 09:02:46 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
    Subject: Reviews

    I agree with Mark on a few points about Silent Letter. I do believe it was a different time for both Dewey and Ger as they were without a colleague and a friend in Dan. Unchartered waters as it were. I tend to be unconditional at times when it comes to both Gerry and Deweys music. Some of their cuts take time but they do find there way to my heart. It is just one of those things. I love their style and how they have not really changed for the sake of change. They have done it how they feel they should do it not becoming influenced by the changing times.
    I have had the pleasure of listening to VGG this past week for the first time. I will wait for a full review but nevertheless I am very impressed with Gerry's work. Now it is Dewey's turn. Time passes with this band and the tunes keep rolling. I am just a happy listener .

    Message: 1718 Posted: Fri Aug 14 08:10:46 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Silent Letter

    Back when Silent Letter first came out, I rushed out and bought a copy, but I was disappointed when I listened to it. To me it just sounded like they were trying too hard to make up for the loss of Dan, or something. Plus I thought the album cover was very bad. I'm not saying the guys are ugly, but it was too close-up and the pale tint made it look sickly. IMHO it is America's worst cover. And I have to agree with Joe about Only Game In Town. I really didn't care for it as a single. I thought And Forever and Foolin' were the best songs on the album. Not to be totally negative, the production on the album is excellent and I must say the songs have grown on me over the years, maybe my tastes have matured. But it is still not one of my favorite America albums. Though it is GREAT to have it on CD.

    Message: 1717 Posted: Fri Aug 14 07:25:11 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: One Way Reissues

    Is it my imagination or the only place to get Silent Letter, Alibi, Perspective and Your Move is either Thoughtscape or The Shack in Albany, New York. Here in New York City, I've been to HMV, The Wiz, Sam Goody, Virgin Mega Store, Tower Records, etc...Nothing. Also looked in the main computer database and not a mention about them being available. They have Human Nature as TBA for the date. Also, I remember no promotional efforts whatsoever done from Capitol to help promote them. One month from tomorrow and counting...

    Regards, Howard L

    Message: 1716 Posted: Fri Aug 14 04:57:35 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: Silent Letter

    I'll go back to what I said earlier. At the time of Silent Letter's release, I was Music Director at a top 40 FM and Adult Contemporary AM radio station and Capitol did NO real promotion of the album or the singles (which order of release..."Only Game In Town", "All My Life", and "All Around") At the time if you weren't Bob Seger, Capitol didn't seem to care about you. Let's hope "Human Nature" doesn't encounter the same fate (which is doubtful since Oxygen seems really committed to this project)

    Jim...Erie, Pa

    Message: 1715 Posted: Fri Aug 14 02:56:27 1998 By: Adrian
    Subject: ONLY GAME IN TOWN

    just have to say I can`t agree with Joe B,when Only Game in Town was realeased in the U.K. It recieved a quite glittering review from Melody Maker describing the single as upper crust.The tune had everything pumping bass line,fuzzy lead guitar,sharp brass,great acoustic guitar,all topped off with quite splendid vocals.Strange thing about this album was that the only tune to recieve airplay was All my Life,this was on Londons Capital Radio.At the moment I am busy trying to get all four Capitol one way release`s and have ordered Human Nature,the waiting is almost torture.

    Message: 1714 Posted: Thu Aug 13 23:20:28 1998 By: Jimmy
    Subject: Question


    I am a big fan of America's. I turned 40 this year, and I am proud to say that I have been listening to Dewey, Gerry, and Dan's music since the first album. I think it is a total shame that Warner Brothers Records (U.S.) has failed to release the entire early catalog on CD. I recently wrote to ICE (International CD Exchange) about this, and here is the reply I got:

    Hi Jimmy:

    No, there are presently no plans to upgrade the F Mac or Dire Straits
    catalogs in America. A lot of consumers share your frustration; WB just isn't playing this game like the other labels are, even though it would be a win-win situation.

    Like with just reissuing missing titles, period; thus the America titles you mention. The label is just very tough on catalog.

    with best wishes,
    Pete Howard
    ICE Publisher

    It would seem that Warner Bros is just simply apathetic. Does anyone know if Dewey, Gerry, and Dan have attempted to reacquire their WB catalog? I thought that there was some sort of law about artistic property reverting to the creators after so many years of unavailability. I would appreciate any info you might have.


    Message: 1713 Posted: Thu Aug 13 23:11:41 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Bummer!

    Hey Joe, sorry we missed you. We had a great chat session tonight. Most of the chatters were from the east coast although Alan Dutton and I tried to represent the west a little bit being from Oregon and Utah. Joe, if you're running Windows 95 and you upgrade to AOL 4.0 it should come with Java. If you're on a Mac or using Windows 3.1, I'm not sure what to tell you (except bummer!).

    Message: 1712 Posted: Thu Aug 13 22:12:48 1998 By: Joe B
    Subject: Bummer!

    Hey You People,

    For once, I was actually around during chat time. And I don't have Java and can't get to it. AAARRGGGHH!!!!

    Message: 1710 Posted: Thu Aug 13 19:51:45 1998 By: Shayne
    Subject: Silent Letter

    I remember the first single being "All Around". In fact I bought it (no clue where it is now). I attribute the lack of interest in the album to the effect that their sound was not as "in vogue" as it was earlier in the decade. Then again, what do they know...they liked disco.

    John, I know you aren't taking orders, but when you do, sign me up. I don't know if you can do it, but it would be great if you were able to get a hold of the song from "Middle Age Crazy".


    Message: 1709 Posted: Thu Aug 13 16:49:17 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: SILENT LETTER

    OOps this was supposed to be below, wrong button pressed.

    ALL MY LIFE was the single that I heard on the radio. But it was a time of disco & emerging new wave muzak. That's what I attributed the lack of interest to SILENT LETTER. You know the mellow James Taylor type of stuff was being routed by the start of the roaring 80's. Just my thoughts.

    Message: 1708 Posted: Thu Aug 13 16:44:55 1998 By:
    Subject: AMERICA - Capitol

    Wow all the Capitol disks for $10.99 each ! You don't want to know what I paid for my 2 copies of each of the French releases. Momma mia.

    Message: 1707 Posted: Thu Aug 13 16:41:57 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: "California Dreamin'" and "Love Comes Without Warning"

    There has been quite a bit of chat about the two songs no one seems to able to find from America -- "California Dreamin'" and "Love Comes Without Warning". Recently, I have had both of those songs professionally remastered to CD from excellent record copies. They sound great and are well worth hearing. (I have made available a copy of "California Dreamin'" on Heard, but it originates from a tape as does the rest of the CD.) What I'm trying to do -- once my equipment is up and running -- is to put together an America anthology based on some of their side projects, unreleased live tracks, interviews, etc. I'm currently looking at about four CDs of material for limited release to the great fans on this page. If you are interested in such a project, send me an email with your thoughts. Don't request orders -- this is all tentative and I'm not taking any names.


    Message: 1706 Posted: Thu Aug 13 16:01:29 1998 By: Gary Davis
    Subject: One Way America re-releases

    The latest Artist Shop newsletter is out and you'll find it in its entirety at The news of most interest to this BB regards the One Way reissues of four America classics - Alibi, Perspective, Silent Letter and Your Move - which you'll find at

    Message: 1705 Posted: Thu Aug 13 15:51:08 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Watercolor Sky

    I received a note from Jeff Larson informing me that "Watercolor Sky" will be delayed a couple of weeks until August 25. It's still in manufacturing. It's such a great CD that it will be worth waiting for. If "Human Nature" can be delayed, then I suppose "Watercolor Sky" can be, too. "Watercolor Sky" has the great single, "Annabelle", which was written, produced, and accompanied by Gerry Beckley. You can even listen to a sound clip of "Annabelle".

    Currently Jeff is being interviewed by a writer/critic from Amplifier magazine (POP) that will be up on the New Surf site in the near future.

    Message: 1704 Posted: Thu Aug 13 15:49:19 1998 By: Joe B
    Subject: Silent Letter

    Hey You People,

    I know everyone gets a little freaked out when something negative is posted. However, I will bravely go forth with an opinion that I've had for many years. I've always felt that "Only Game In Town" is what killed 'Silent Letter'. A non-Dewey/Gerry tune, not particulary good that opened the LP and was the first single. I always thoought there were many other, better songs. I'm not sure what the politics were at the time, but maybe Capitol in their infinite meddling felt they needed to give the guys a 'Hit'. Good going, you dills. Also, I agree with the comments on Warner Bros. They are so bleepin' slow on getting catalog material out it's pitiful. I'm done and will now calm down. Have a pleasant day.

    Joe B

    Message: 1703 Posted: Thu Aug 13 15:33:47 1998 By: Joe B
    Subject: Playlist Archives

    Hey You People,

    The playlist archive totally rules!!! Great memories, songs you haven't heard live in a long time, etc. Cool!! Hope we can fill in some more.

    Message: 1702 Posted: Thu Aug 13 09:23:24 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: noooooo

    Federico, I'm really sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it to Wichita after coming all this way. At least you'll have the chance of seeing them when they go to Europe. In any case, welcome to the United States!

    Message: 1701 Posted: Thu Aug 13 08:55:53 1998 By: federico
    Subject: noooooo

    now that i`m in USA i can`t find a flight avaiable for coming to WICHITA!!!!!!

    i have to wait for Europe tour!!!!!!
    I`m very unlucky....sigh....sigh


    Message: 1700 Posted: Wed Aug 12 23:55:43 1998 By:
    Subject: VAN GO GAN

    Re: Unavailable status
    Remember GERRY as the artist has little control over the distribution & ultimate number of copies etched. Most artists don't own record companies, unfortunately they "own" the artist so to speak. If it was in GERRY's power he would have had it done by a domestic label, fortunately there was a label willing to support him & it turned out to be overseas. There is still a chance that another batch will be created but nothing firm thus far. Please don't blame GERRY.
    Economics is a driver.

    Message: 1699 Posted: Wed Aug 12 22:51:17 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: California Dreamin'

    Kevin, the version of California Dreamin' that is on the America Live 1982 album is different than the one on Heard. The version on Heard was taken from the title cut of the California Dreamin' movie soundtrack. It's quite different from the live version and well worth having.

    Message: 1698 Posted: Wed Aug 12 20:51:17 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Lonely Guy

    To Kevin,
    I have seen the movie available on video, but I never bought it, but I think if you go to Blockbuster Video, it is listed in there catalog. You may have to order through them and then rent it. Also, California Dreamin' is also on the America Live 1982 album. Take Care......Maureen

    Message: 1697 Posted: Wed Aug 12 19:31:43 1998 By: Marshall
    Subject: Van Go Gan

    I had procrastinated ordering the Gerry Beckley Van Go Gan CD for several months. Last month, when others said Thoughtscape didn't have it anymore I scrambled and have tried the past two weeks to get it through other import CD vendors on the WEB. Unfortunately they also can't get it.

    This is terrible!
    Why did Gerry Beckley issue this on an obscure import label and not in the U.S.?
    Why doesn't Oxygen Records pick this up?
    Anyone know of a way to get this CD? From the WAV clips on this website it sounds great.

    Message: 1696 Posted: Wed Aug 12 18:30:41 1998 By:
    Subject: 1975 Foto's

    Very groovy ! Great foto's !

    Message: 1695 Posted: Wed Aug 12 13:07:02 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: 1975 Central Park, NYC Pictures

    Mark, excellent pics of the guys from central park 1975!!!
    Thanks for sharing them!!!

    Message: 1693 Posted: Wed Aug 12 12:53:23 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: America

    Kevin, I've never heard Love Comes Without Warning but I'd like to someday. Perhaps you'd be willing to make a copy on tape and send it to me. As for California Dreamin', it's available on the Heard CD.

    Message: 1692 Posted: Wed Aug 12 12:35:19 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: 1975 Concert Photos

    Go to the What's New section of the America Fans Home Page if you want to see some cool photos of the guys (including Dan) at the Schaeffer Summer Music festival held in New York's Central Park back in 1975. Thanks to Mark De Clemente for making the photos available.

    Message: 1691 Posted: Wed Aug 12 08:02:34 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: America

    I was going back through all my old America stuff on vinyl. Now that all the America albums are available on CD, it seems that there are still two America songs that I can't find anywhere on CD: California Dreaming and Love Comes Without Warning from the Lonely Guy soundtrack. Does anybody know if those songs are available anywhere on CD? And have I missed any others? Thanks.

    Message: 1690 Posted: Tue Aug 11 18:26:49 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Adortion of Cassidy & Beckley

    Hi joe,
    Thanks for the informatio.. I just checked it out. It is very interesting. Those photo's Gerry are really cool, too. Thanks agian.

    Message: 1689 Posted: Tue Aug 11 16:20:29 1998 By: WGNJoeShow
    Subject: GERRY BECKLEY.....TV STAR?

    Hey You People,

    You might get a kick out of this web site: "Adoration of Cassidy and Beckley". It's at

    It includes photos of David & Gerry circa 1976 for the Cassidy album "Home Is Where The Heart Is" which Gerry & Dewey sang backup on. Gerry also helped write a couple of the tunes.

    Note from webmaster: This link is no longer valid and was changed to a porn site in 2001. Go there at your own risk.

    Message: 1688 Posted: Tue Aug 11 15:59:57 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: King Biscuit Concert

    Howard, I'm fairly certain that it's a previously taped concert. I'll let you know if I'm wrong.

    Message: 1687 Posted: Tue Aug 11 14:08:49 1998 By: Kevin
    Subject: America

    Damn. Not only can I not remember my wife's birthday, but I got my facts for "Two Car Garage" wrong. But, I was close. Although that excuse usually doesn't work for her. Thanks for setting me straight.

    Message: 1686 Posted: Tue Aug 11 12:31:17 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: Two Car Garage

    Actually, "Two Car Garage" was the planned name for what eventually surfaced as View From The Ground. I have an interview from 1981 in which Dewey and Gerry, while on the Tom Snyder Show, played a new song they had written for what they were calling "Two Car Garage" -- "Even The Score".


    Message: 1685 Posted: Tue Aug 11 11:06:18 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: King Biscuit Concert


    Is this a previously taped concert or is it the one they're
    performing at Hershey Park on Aug.30???????????????????????

    Howard L

    Message: 1684 Posted: Tue Aug 11 10:08:28 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Live Chat Session

    Here's a reminder that the monthly Live Chat Session will be this Thursday, August 13, beginning at 9 pm Eastern time. We'll talk about One Way record's recent releases, the upcoming release of Human Nature, and anything else that is of interest. Hope to see lots of you there. --Steve

    Message: 1683 Posted: Tue Aug 11 09:49:42 1998 By: Karen D.
    Subject: Re: HUMAN NATURE - publicity

    America's King Biscuit concert is airing on August 30th, I believe. I'll check that date just to be sure.

    Incidentally, the King Biscuit Radio Network is in production on a brand new one hour radio special about the career of America. We are including a never before heard, recent interview with the band and lots of other treats. I will fill everyone in when there is an air date.

    Karen D.

    Message: 1682 Posted: Tue Aug 11 08:30:57 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: WB Releases

    It's funny how that all the Capitol albums have now been released in the US, but only a few of the WB albums have. The WB albums were bigger hits and sold far more copies, but most of them can only be found as imports. I wonder if WB will ever do domestic releases of some of the best albums to come out of the 70s?

    Message: 1681 Posted: Tue Aug 11 06:48:47 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: TV Appearances

    To Rob and other:
    Go to WWW.ROCKONTV.COM. This is a great website, I check it every
    week. It tells what tv show (including cable) is carrying what
    music group for that week. check it out. It's very helpful.

    Howard L

    Message: 1680 Posted: Tue Aug 11 06:35:17 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: Silent Letter

    I agree with Jim!!! I am enjoying this CD so did I go so long without it? I'd also like to hear "Tall Treasure" live. I was lucky enough to hear Gerry sing "All My Life" and it was beautiful. Of course, I'm a bit partial...that was my wedding song. I think Jim's suggestion is terrific. Dew and Ger: more Silent Letter music, please.

    Message: 1679 Posted: Mon Aug 10 22:03:51 1998 By: Jim Griffey
    Subject: Silent Letter

    Now that "Silent Letter" is finally out, might a song or two be added to a live show? I know "All My Life" shows up on occasion...but how "bout "Foolin"....or "All Night"?

    Jim..Erie, PA.

    Message: 1678 Posted: Mon Aug 10 20:01:54 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Mohegan Sun and Silent Letter

    Hi Everyone, Went to the Mohegan Sun Casino over the weekend the see the guys. As usual, they were excellant. I can not get enough of Pages and From a Moving Train. I have seen them four times in the last 5 weeks. I have one more show, Hershey Park. I think I am getting a little spoiled. The set list was exactly like the show at Club Bene, NJ. They played 2 shows, a little short, only 50 minutes or so, but they were GREAT. I also had my copy of Silent Letter-CD with me. Gerry was so excitied to see it FINALLY be released - as we all are. He didn't know it was released already. I told him what a great help - Scott from Thoughtscape was, for getting ti to me so quickly and he was happy to hear that. So Scott, 'Good Job from Gerry!!' Gerry and Dewey were gracious enough (as usual) to autograph it for me. So I guess you can say, I have THE FIRST autographed copy of the Silent Letter-CD. You see, Silent Letter is my favorite album, so I will cherish it. Take care all, and lets here it for HUMAN NATURE!!!!

    Message: 1677 Posted: Mon Aug 10 19:24:50 1998 By: Rob
    Subject: TV Appearances

    Message for Karen and others:
    Any TV appearances scheduled yet in support of Human Nature???
    Let's get those VCR's rolling....

    Message: 1676 Posted: Mon Aug 10 16:43:35 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: SILENT LETTER

    Well said Kevin. I am playing it over & over again. SILENT LETTER is quite therapeutic. It does what good music is suppose to do, communicate directly to one's heart & soul. The instrumentation & counter melody harmonies are classic AMERICA, no can do it like this.

    Message: 1675 Posted: Mon Aug 10 16:36:37 1998 By: Kevin Sutton
    Subject: Silent Letter

    God, hearing Silent Letter again brought back some wonderful memories. Does anyone else remember the original name of the album? I remember reading an article sometime in 1978 or '79 about the new project America was working on for their new record company, and Dewey said it would be called Two-Car Garage in deference to it being the first effort by just he and Gerry, without Dan. Then, when the album came out, I read that they decided to call it Silent Letter as a nod to the "H" thing they had going on with all their previous albums. So, it could have been called Two-Car Garage. Why I remember this, and I can't seem to remember my wife's birthday, I don't know. (Maybe it has more meaning.) I also remember expecting this album to be huge since it was their first album on Capital. But the boneheads at Capital did nothing to promote it. It seems the record company was either too lazy or just assumed that if it had America on it, it would sell. I agree with others who said it was the best example of George Martin's production. I think the other thing that makes this album so good, in retrospect, is it's the last studio album that America actually used the band on. From then on, it was different session players and, for the most part, a variety of producers on each album. I think that's the cohesiveness Silent Letter boasts that Your Move and Prospective and View From the Ground lacks. It was an album, rather than just a collection of songs. Yesterday, I played "All Night" about 65 times in a row. CD technology is great.
    "Lady With A Bluebird" is one of the ALL TIME BEST songs America has ever done. I may have to vote for that song a few hundred times. (We're allowed to cheat at the ballet box down here in Texas. Just ask LBJ.)

    Message: 1674 Posted: Mon Aug 10 13:10:37 1998 By: Beth
    Subject: Re: Birchmere

    Ginny said that Kevin would be posting a review of the concert at the Birchmere from Friday, so I will not spoil his fun. I will say that the concert was great, as always.

    For those of you who debate taking your children to the concert . . . Do It!

    We brought our nine-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son with us Friday. John, who is usually bouncing off the wall, was never so still and quiet. My daughter thought that the "Guy with the blond hair and glasses, was cute." When my husband told her that Gerry was older than him, she said "but he looks younger." She hasn't quite gotten this diplomacy thing down yet, but I am working on it.

    The point is that the concert is great, but the smile on your child's face only adds to the enjoyment.

    Can't wait for Hershey Park.

    Have a great week everyone.


    Message: 1673 Posted: Mon Aug 10 13:08:14 1998 By: Karen
    Subject: Re: HUMAN NATURE - publicity

    I love you people. I LOVE you people.


    Message: 1672 Posted: Mon Aug 10 13:07:40 1998 By:
    Subject: HUMAN NATURE - publicity

    Hey just a thought:

    The Parade magazine that comes w/many sunday newspapers has a celeb. q &a by a Walter Scott. If anyone would like, perhaps drop a line & say something like:

    "I heard the band AMERICA is putting out a new CD. I think they have been around for over 25 years & have done something like 20 LP's. What's the scoop on this enduring super group ? "

    Volume counts here. The publcity would be devine. Just an idea.

    Walter Scott
    Box 5001
    Grand Central Station NY NY 10163-5001

    Message: 1671 Posted: Mon Aug 10 13:06:27 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Hershey Park

    Howard, it has been my experience that when the guys do two shows the playlists are pretty much the same with the possibility of one or two songs that are different. If I had to choose between the shows, I'd go to the second (often times they are less constrained to end on time) but my preference would be to attend them both. I attended two shows in Reno and they were both great (even if the playlists were basically the same).

    Message: 1670 Posted: Mon Aug 10 13:04:22 1998 By:
    Subject: SILENT LETTER - revisited

    SILENT LETTER is on CD, finally. This CD is very significant in the study of AMERICA since it was their 1st effort as a duo, the last production by Mr. Martin, is a very unified on song cohesiveness & is fotographed in black & white (very approriate for the song content). If you know what time it is on GERRY's watch, then either you might have good eyesight or you are a great fan. If you can read the lyrics enclosed w/the CD, then we know you have great eyesight. Many of the songs have some very important, but seemingly subtle instrumentation coloring; this coloring comes thru very well on the CD & really seems to add a lot to the songs. Listen for the guitar spikes & the drums on NO FORTUNE's opening, it is very clear.

    Thanks to Nick for the tip on Music Shack (518)436-4581, they have a very close relationship w/Thoughtscape. I received my SILENT LETTER from them & have not yet received my order from Thoughtscape.

    Message: 1669 Posted: Mon Aug 10 12:42:40 1998 By: Peter
    Subject: Wolfs Den 8/8

    I attended the performance at the Wolfs Den in Uncasville, CT last night and it was excellent. AMERICA performed as great as always playing some new tunes with the classics. The two songs off the new album that were played are awesome. Can't wait for the release!

    Message: 1668 Posted: Mon Aug 10 08:59:28 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: Hershey Park

    To everybody:
    On Aug. 30, My family (kids, wife) and me are going to Hershey Park
    for a mini vacation for Sat & Sun. America is performing 2 shows on
    Sunday night 530P & 8P. My question is for anybody that has seen
    them do 2 shows. Do they perform the same songs in both shows or
    with each show do they perform different songs. Let me hear from all
    you. Also, anybody see the guys at Mohegan Sun Casino?
    Regards, Howard Lieboff

    Message: 1667 Posted: Sun Aug 09 18:26:37 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
    Subject: Silent Letter

    I,too, received my copy of Silent Letter from Thoughtscape. This has been my favorite album from the time I purchased it on vinyl. The cd quality is fantastic. IMHO this is George Martin's best production on any of America's albums. Listen to the sax on "And Forever", the Tower Of Power horn section on "No Fortune", the orchestration on "All MY Life" and the haunting background vocals on "All Night".There is not a bad track on the entire album. Also, I like the songwriting collabiration on "Tall Treasures" and "High In The City" by the guys.It's true that sometimes the best is saved for last!! Go "Human Nature".

    Message: 1666 Posted: Sun Aug 09 17:22:23 1998 By: Shayne Zucker
    Subject: Tourney

    John -

    I can't believe "She's Beside You" is beating "Seasons". Oh well.


    P.S. Steve, you are still my hero. Thanks.

    Message: 1665 Posted: Sun Aug 09 11:03:07 1998 By: Ginny
    Subject: Re: Thoughtscape

    I can't wait for Kevin's post, did you guys have fun, Ginny??!!!!!!

    GREAT TIME!!! But, you already knew that! LOL Hope Kevin recovers enough to post his review soon.


    Message: 1664 Posted: Sat Aug 08 23:39:55 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: Song Tournament

    Come on guys!! Doesn't anybody like "Lady With A Bluebird"? And I thought I KNEW you people!!!!!!!!


    Message: 1663 Posted: Sat Aug 08 22:35:58 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: One Way CDs

    I just got my copy of Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective in the mail today, and they sound great. And to all of you who think all you needed was the Silent Letter album, I have to tell you, in comparing the sound quality of the French CDs with One Way, there is no comparison -- the French CDs are junk. You've never heard those albums so crisp and clear until you've heard One Way.


    Message: 1662 Posted: Sat Aug 08 21:39:07 1998 By: Beechlady
    Subject: Thoughtscape

    Isn't Thoughtscape the GREATEST? They're always so courteous and efficient!

    Just got Silent Letter yesterday!!!!!!

    Now I can finish unpacking with some new tunes!!!!! (One can only listen to Sting and the Grusin Brothers SO many

    I can't wait for Kevin's post, did you guys have fun, Ginny??!!!!!!


    Message: 1661 Posted: Sat Aug 08 21:37:44 1998 By: TDNMOUSE
    Subject: Birchmere

    We had a great time at the Birchmere last night! Kevin (KAlton) is going to give the details, but...........

    The venue was a bit different. When you arrive, you get a number (like at some stores). Then, you show up at the "opening" time and they hollar out the numbers and everyone goes the order that they had gotten butt parking by the door!! We had packed food since we didn't want to starve like at the Loyola show last fall, so we went out to the parking lot to eat. Just as we were finishing up, we saw a guy walking towards us like he was on a mission. We thought for sure that it was the bouncer to tell us that we wre not supposed to be having a picnic in the parking lot. False alarm! It was Kevin! So nice to finally meet him! He had #4 ..........uh....... we had #55. We did manage to get good seats though and had a great time. Got to see the guys for a bit in the alley by the bus after the show.......Thanks Guys!!

    Ginny (....and Ray, Althea, Cory, Carol & Gretchen)

    Message: 1660 Posted: Sat Aug 08 21:35:37 1998 By: JIMNAK
    Subject: Re: Finally

    Manuel you are gaining humor, must be the aging process or is it the heat ?

    Message: 1659 Posted: Sat Aug 08 21:34:48 1998 By: SgtDrkness
    Subject: Re: Finally


    Message: 1658 Posted: Sat Aug 08 17:10:31 1998 By: jessica
    Subject: S.L. and H.N.

    I want to have a birthday, too! So I'm going to order my own copy of Silent Letter (even if my b-day will have to be sometime in September yet...) Maybe I could order it with H.N. already since imports take a long time to get here in my little city.

    Incidentally, I got a word from Karen asking me for my address because she's planning on sending me promo kits (posters and decals, plus list of music shops and the like). Karen, does this mean H.N. will be released here in Manila? My inquiries so far have gotten negative answers. Still, I'd be glad to have those posters out where people can see them (so they'd want to get the CD!).

    And "finally", I reviewed the wave files of H.N. to refresh my memory. I found that I still like "Wednesday Morning" best. It's hard to tell by the short files but I really liked that one from the time that it was just words posted by Steve when the melody wasn't available yet. It's just good to hear that you like it, too, 989.


    Message: 1657 Posted: Sat Aug 08 04:52:36 1998 By: Manuel989
    Subject: Re: Finally

    rarely post but often read.
    The Beckley way.


    Message: 1656 Posted: Sat Aug 08 04:51:28 1998 By: SgtDrkness
    Subject: Re: Finally

    Thanks for the your writing (and reviewing) style.
    I loved From A Moving Train and Pages when they played them at the Nugget....Can't wait to hear the rest.

    Erin :o)

    Message: 1655 Posted: Sat Aug 08 02:42:36 1998 By: America Fan
    Subject: One Way CDs

    It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I've been reading all your posts and keeping up with the news. Hope all of you don't mind someone in the background sounding off once in awhile.

    Just got my package of One Way CDs today. What a treat! Thanks Scott, you really made my day! I thought the color coordinated CDs to match the covers were a nice touch. Sooooo did anyone else catch the typo on one of the CD liners? Maybe there are more, but this one was just too obvious.


    Message: 1654 Posted: Fri Aug 07 23:31:08 1998 By: YNG MOON
    Subject: Re: Finally

    Coming from someone who "rarely" posts here on the folder .............(but knows good music when he hears it), is much appreciated !!

    Thanks Matt, for the beginning's of some insight on the new CD......looking forward to purchasing it come September !!

    Message: 1653 Posted: Fri Aug 07 23:30:11 1998 By: Mags
    Subject: Re: Finally

    Hey...thanks for the personal insights and unbiased review, Matt. I know all of us are indeed in for a treat!


    Message: 1652 Posted: Fri Aug 07 23:27:31 1998 By: Manuel989
    Subject: Finally

    Got a copy of Human Nature.
    I wasn't there for much of the production (for once) so a lot of it is still pretty new to me, so I think I can give some fairly unbiased opinions, although I tend to be a little harsh sometimes.

    All in all, I actually really enjoyed the album. Not in a "Good Job" kind of way but in a "Would buy it if I hadn't got sent a copy" kind of way. And this is rare. I don't buy CD's unless they're good. Wednseday Morning is great. Pages, Whispering, OLOOLOLO (seriously) too. I tend to like the back ends of albums, and HN is no exception. I REALLY wanted to not like Overwhelming World (anything that wants to be a suite or Double Album or 7 minute rock instrumental I usually want to huck write into the pacific) but this one is really, REALLY good. There are one or two songs that could join that Double Album at the bottom of the ocean, but they're hard to find. And easy to skip over. (The miracle of CD). I'd actually go out and buy this America CD.

    And this is rare.


    P.S. Surprises from me coming soon.

    Message: 1651 Posted: Fri Aug 07 20:57:20 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: Christmas in August!

    It was just like Christmas in my house today! The mailperson (is that the politically correct title?) delivered one of those cute little packages from Thoughtscape! Oh boy! It has been sooooo long since I heard the wonderful music of Silent Letter! I'm ashamed to say, I think I forgot how great that album was!! It just doesn't get any better than this...thank you Scott! Of course, now that I've reacquainted myself with these songs...I have to go back to that Tournament and lament over some of the choices....for the millionth time! Well, Merry Christmas everyone....all I need is a little snow here in New Jersey and I'll be all set!!!

    Welcome to America, Federico! Enjoy!

    Message: 1650 Posted: Fri Aug 07 14:21:33 1998 By: Federico
    Subject: Steve....

    Steve, i'm glad for you... 8-D

    9 hours left before leave on for USA, hoping i can reach Wichita for America's concert.


    Message: 1649 Posted: Fri Aug 07 09:59:50 1998 By: Joe
    Subject: VH1 Top 100

    Hi. I am a big America fan. I saw just a little of VH1's Top Rock and Roll Artists of all time. Did America make the list? If not, it is a travesty. Thanks.

    Message: 1648 Posted: Fri Aug 07 08:28:03 1998 By: janice
    Subject: America of luck to you! The tournament was fun..some pretty tough choices though..but you knew that!

    Message: 1647 Posted: Fri Aug 07 06:54:36 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: New Job

    Steve, Just wanted to say congrats on your new job. You'll do just fine. Thanks for the song tournament. Some hard pics there. I had to sing the songs to find out which one I really like.
    Regards, HL

    Message: 1646 Posted: Fri Aug 07 00:50:35 1998 By: tom tantillo
    Subject: america helps keep friends in touch

    I'm finally on line and i just wanted to say hello to all my friends of America; past, present and future. Gerry and Dewey are the greatest!!!! let's all make sure we rally around them in support of their latest masterpiece, "Human Nature"!!!! I can't wait to hear it!!! see you on September 15th... yeeeehaaaaa!!!!

    Message: 1645 Posted: Thu Aug 06 23:29:44 1998 By: Camille
    Subject: America concert

    Today was the first time I really heard America and if any of you have the oppertunity to go to their concert, it's really worth it.

    Message: 1644 Posted: Thu Aug 06 23:18:44 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Pete's Interview

    On June 26 the guys were in the Chicago area and WGN's Joe Bartosch had a brief interview with Pete, the new guitar technician (no longer the lonely t-shirt guy). Thanks to Joe for making the interview available.

    Message: 1643 Posted: Thu Aug 06 20:01:38 1998 By: Jim G
    Subject: Song Tournament

    Aw Gee...Do I REALLY have to choose between "She's A Liar" and "Seasons"?? Can't I pick BOTH???

    Jim...Erie, PA

    Message: 1642 Posted: Thu Aug 06 19:54:24 1998 By: Roy
    Subject: America

    Now I'm getting jealous. New York and Utah so far. Has anyone from California received there One Way CD's from Thoughtscape? Do they ship UPS?

    Message: 1641 Posted: Thu Aug 06 18:37:35 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: One Way Releases

    For a minute I thought today was my birthday! I just got home and there was a package waiting for me from Thoughtscape Sounds. In it, 2 copies of Silent Letter plus single copies of Your Move, Alibi, and Perspective. Way to go Scott (and the rest of you at Thoughtscape Sounds) for getting them here so quickly. You're making lots of America Fans very happy. Any of you who haven't ordered your copy of Silent Letter, etc., better do so quickly (Thoughtscape Sounds).

    Message: 1640 Posted: Thu Aug 06 18:36:56 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Congrats!!

    Hi Steve,
    I justed wanted to say 'CONGRATULATIONS' on your new job. I am sure you will enjoy it! Now, you can relax (mentally) and enjoy the rest of the summer. Oh, and thanks for the new songs tournament for the 'not so popular' songs. Speak to you soon....Maureen

    Message: 1639 Posted: Thu Aug 06 17:47:25 1998 By: mags
    Subject: Contest

    "Children" versus "You Girl?" My heart is breaking!!! LOL

    Message: 1638 Posted: Thu Aug 06 17:24:38 1998 By: jessica
    Subject: very happy for you, Steve!

    The perfect job did find you! Congratulations and good luck! I'm really happy for you, like all the other guys here who'd been waiting with and praying for you.

    I guess this new song tournament is a good way to celebrate. I'm going there right now to make my vote.

    Message: 1637 Posted: Thu Aug 06 16:45:19 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Job Hunt Is Over

    Many of you have asked me how the job hunt is going, so I hope it's OK if I post this reply here. A week ago Wednesday I received a call from a friend at Novell asking if I had a new job yet. When I told him "no" he asked me to send in my resume. The next day (Thursday) I got a phone call from Novell asking me to come in for an interview. I ended up having 3 interviews that lasted over 3 hours. The following day (Friday) I received a very attractive offer from Novell after receiving a less attractive offer from another company earlier in the day.

    My wife and I thought about it over the weekend and decided it was too good to pass up. It met all of our criteria (good salary and benefits, no relocation, no travel, working with good people--many that I already know) so on Monday I called them and told them that I accepted.

    I'll stay at Corel until August 17 but after that I'll be with Novell. For those of you who don't know, I used to work in the WordPerfect group at Novell a couple of years ago but we were sold to Corel. I guess I've come full circle now.

    Thanks again for all of you who expressed your concern, thoughts, and prayers in my behalf. It's good to know that it's all behind me now and I can move on.

    Message: 1636 Posted: Thu Aug 06 16:19:30 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Song Tournament

    We have 39 days until Human Nature is released and I thought it might be interesting to do something fun while we're waiting. Many of you may remember the "Just For Fun" song tournament that we held in April. Well, I have modified the program so that it will run on my new server and I have introduced a whole new set of songs so that we can vote again for our lesser known favorites.

    Here's the criteria I used to pick the songs: 1) I eliminated any songs that were in the 64 song tournament held in April (typically, the most popular songs); 2) I eliminated any songs that were NOT written by Gerry, Dewey, or Dan; 3) I didn't include any songs from Van Go Gan; and 4) I eliminated any songs that were released as singles and charted in the top 50. That left me with exactly 64 songs. Even though the song tournament shows the songs as being seeded (much like the NCAA basketball tournament), I just paired them off at random. The only place the seeding comes into affect is if two songs tie (in which case the higher seed will move on).

    To enter the tournament go to the America Song Tournament login page and enter your ID and password. You can change your votes as many times as you'd like during each round. Each round will last approximately 6 days, with the championship round ending on September 14.

    Happy voting!

    Message: 1635 Posted: Thu Aug 06 11:09:36 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Van Go Van

    Hi Eddy,I will be more than happy help you out,Please send me your e-mail address and i will get in touch with you this evening.

    Message: 1634 Posted: Thu Aug 06 10:27:17 1998 By: janice
    Subject: chipmunks!!'ve been holding out on us...(good investigative work, Penny..) Maybe Gerry could humor us all by adding some Chipmunk rock to the playlists at upcoming concerts..I'll be sure to request..And can always tell who the real fans are at the concert..we wear a big grin..a tour t-shirt..and sing along with EVERY song! lol....

    Message: 1633 Posted: Thu Aug 06 08:37:57 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
    Subject: Can you help?

    I am also looking for Van Go Gan. Can you also help me with this? I can also send a tape or whatever needs to be done.

    Message: 1632 Posted: Thu Aug 06 06:41:28 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: DUH!

    I am such a jerk! I've been frantically searching the net trying to find a copy of Van Go Gan since I found out my backordered copy wouldn't arrive. Did I think to go to Steve? NOOOOOO! But I did find something interesting (and don't ask where because it's a blur...remember, I was frantic!) Well, anyway, in my search I found a list of some of the things Gerry has done in the past and according to this list...he was a voice on some Chipmunk albums...yes, I said Chipmunks....does this man's talent ever cease? Now, as a devoted America fan, I have to add Chipmunk albums to my collection, (my younger kids will love this) my older kids will think I've lost it! I knew Gerry worked on a Simpsons thing, but I never heard about Chipmunk work. Go figure.....
    Have a great day everybody!

    Message: 1631 Posted: Wed Aug 05 22:41:22 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

    Eddy, I think I can help you out. I'll send you a private e-mail message with the details.

    Message: 1630 Posted: Wed Aug 05 22:01:20 1998 By: Eddy
    Subject: Van Go Gan

    HI!, Im having trouble finding Van Go Gan on CD, if theres anybody out there that can make a cassette copy for me, Ill send you the blank tape,pay for postage, and include two 8x12 photos of Dewey & Gerry that I took of them in concert.(the one of Gerry is real nice,up close!) If theres someone that can help me out, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANX A MILLION TO ANYONE THAT RESPONDS TO THIS MESSAGE! A Big America Fan, EDDY

    Message: 1629 Posted: Wed Aug 05 20:16:29 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: FINALLY - Silent Letter is here!!

    To All of you true AMERICA fans: Finally, I have my copy of Silent Letter, CD. I am listening to it right now. If you are a true long time fan, (and you new ones, too) you must get this CD. This is my favorite. Especially 1960 and All My Life. I think I got it just in time, my cassette copy of the LP is just about shot!! Thank you One Way Records and Scott at Thoughtscape, for the speedy delivery!! Take Care...Maureen.

    Message: 1628 Posted: Wed Aug 05 13:03:22 1998 By: John Corbett
    Subject: Just how many of us were at the Grizzly Rose show, anyway?

    I thought I was the only one of us who actually went to the Grizzly Rose show. With so many fans there enjoying themselves, its kind of hard to pick out you guys from the chat page!


    Message: 1627 Posted: Wed Aug 05 13:03:10 1998 By: Mags
    Subject: Memories...'re the BEST!!! What a great way to reminisce! Thank you so much for sharing with us all!

    Message: 1626 Posted: Wed Aug 05 11:45:11 1998 By: Jamey Karr
    Subject: America & My Radio Station

    Please count on me to play the next America record on KACV in Amarillo. We can be heard world wide on the internet. I fell in love with this band when I bought their first album.!!!

    Message: 1625 Posted: Wed Aug 05 10:34:32 1998 By: Ottobabble
    Subject: Re: Haley Wows OK City!

    They were at Frontier City?????

    I swear I checked every web page having to do with OK City...and saw nothing!!!!!!! Funny, I believe I saw another act booked at Frontier City the night of August 1 (can't remember who it was).

    My folks live no more than 8 miles from Frontier City...we were so close!!!!!!

    Oh well, I have my tix for the August 15 show here (in Wichita).

    John S. (It' not my fault Boeing Stock is falling!)

    Message: 1624 Posted: Wed Aug 05 10:33:05 1998 By: Mark
    Subject: Re: Haley Wows OK City!

    I emailed Ike a few weeks back too see if he and Haley where going to make the Wichita show again this year. At that time he wasn't aware of the show, but said that they would probably make it. So hopefully on the 15th John (ottobable), Fredrico and I will meet up with them again to see America at the Cotillion and Haley doing Horse.

    Take care, Mark...

    Message: 1623 Posted: Tue Aug 04 20:46:46 1998 By: janice
    Subject: grizzley rose show..

    Thanks for the review of the Grizzley Rose folks who do reviews must go with pad and pencil..i just stand there in a stupor, I guess..anyway, I was there too..(sans pad and pencil) and it was great!..loved the Grizzley Rose..a huge place with all the comforts a cowgirl (or cowboy) could want! Took a few relatives (one was my brother-in-law that hadn't seen them in 25 years..and he was very impressed!) Couldn't stay for the whole show as I had a flight to catch (redeye..yuck!)..sure wanted to stay for the whole thing..and learn to line dance!!!! hee-haw!!!!

    Message: 1621 Posted: Tue Aug 04 19:24:50 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Memory Lane

    Steve and Howard, I checked out your new playlist info. It DID bring back alot of memories. Especially the Westbury Music Fair. I know I was there and I can picture Gerry signing Baby It Up to You! Great song!! I Just wanted to say 'THANKS"!! See ya...Maureen.

    Message: 1620 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:36:21 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Memory Lane

    How would you like to take a stroll down memory lane. Thanks to Howard Lieboff, I have been able to add a new section to the America Fans Archives. This section contains the playlists from past concerts beginning with Paris in 1974 and ending with Salt Lake City in 1998. To start off the new section, we have included 11 concerts but Howard has promised that he'll be making more available as time goes on. We'd also like to invite all of you to submit any playlists you might have from past concerts. We're especially looking for concerts from the lates 70's and early 80's.

    Message: 1619 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:27:41 1998 By: Rick
    Subject: Haley Wows OK City!

    Received a report from Ike on the OKC show Aug. 1st..........(Ike is Haley's proud poppa by the way)

    Haley played the lead on Horse and just killed them,,the crowd of around 5000 went wild,,,yes,,I said 5000. The arena was full and they were several deep out on the road and up in the entries. My buddy got a close up of her while she was playing it and the guys where really grinning ear to ear.

    It was at Frontier City, 96 degrees at show time (8:30 pm) and all the
    major classic rock stations were on hand for the concert and at the bar after. Made some good contacts and am in the process of trying to set up a benefit thing for the OKC bombing memorial to include "America". Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck? and Merle Haggard are just some that have committed to come. Hopefully, America can be involved.

    Rick here again.......wanted to mention that Ike is one of the founders of the America folder on AOL, and is one of the co-founders of the America Home Page and (America's Official Website)

    Message: 1618 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:25:24 1998 By: Rick
    Subject: Green Acres....Corvallis

    Was very fortunate to see the guys in Corvallis this past weekend.

    Mary and I drove down to Portland and picked up Barbie (Vtahwy) at the airport.....and kept heading south on I-5. At PDX, we ran into a band that just arrived from Wyoming.....and all other parts of the world........that was rushing to get their vans! By co-incidence.....this same band was heading to Corvallis!

    Corvallis is really a charming community......a college town (Oregon State University)......and the home of the Benton County Fair.

    The fairgrounds were just outside the city limits......and were a little taste of Green Acres, Hee Haw, and Bonanza. Lotsa fun......and the people were especially friendly.

    The main question.......would tonight's show be as good as the barbecued chicken and Marion Berry pie with fresh whipping cream????? The answer was...........yes indeed!

    Surprisingly, the *same band* we saw at the airport played two shows.....which featured two extraordinary songs......."Pages" and "From A Moving Train." We all thought they even sounded better live than on tape!!!

    One person may have been somewhat disappointed however, because he kept requesting "play Bye Bye Miss American Pie" and even sang a few verses to jog memories. (was this crossed off the playlist??) :) :)

    Was very pleased to meet Alan Dutton and his family, who has contributed pictures to the America Home Page.......and they all got a chance to meet Gerry and Dewey and take pics!

    The band rushed back to the airport so they could head to Oklahoma early the next morning for the show........and see Ike and Haley!

    Mary, Barbie, and I were very appreciative of the Benton County Fair having America in concert.......and are now lifetime "Friends of the Fair" members.....and even have buttons to prove it!


    Message: 1617 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:22:51 1998 By: Triple R3R
    Subject: Grizzly Rose in Denver

    Sorry I have been planning on putting this in for 10 days. Caught the boys live in Denver @ the Grizzly Rose - here is the set list. they said the release date for the new cd is Sept 15 - they were the consumate gentlemen and invited everyone to stay and autographed things for 30-45 minutes after the show - quite the contrast to Boz Scaggs who was in town earlier in the week for a private party and played the "rock star" act to the hilt.

    notes: They looked and acted like they had fun - Willie Lecoiux - it was his 25th anniv of being with the band - kidding around about Tin Man and saying there is a follow-up song on HM "Scarecrow"....

    Ventura Highway
    Don't Cross The River
    Daisy Jane
    Mirror To Mirror
    Another Try
    Three Roses
    I Need You
    Pages (Human Nature song - Dewey) sounds like secret agent man on the verse sides
    Tin Man
    Hold Me Tight
    Only In Your Heart
    Calif Dreamin
    Lonely People
    From a Moving Train - ? (from Human Nature Gerry song)
    Never Be Lonely ( HN)
    Sister Golden Hair
    Everyone I Meet Is From Calif
    Horse With No Name

    I may have missed one or two or misnamed them - it was a great show!

    Message: 1616 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:19:37 1998 By: Rick
    Subject: Re: Annabelle

    Here's part of a note from Jeff I received today about "Watercolor Sky."

    I received a call from Jeffrey Foskett this morning informing me that the CD's are in production and will be out in 2 weeks (8/18). New Surf will have their site updated with ordering information this week, as well Thoughtscape Sounds will be carrying the disc.

    Jeff's influence of course is America and the Beach Boys......and he's right in there between them......with his own unique style. Jeff could easily go onstage with either group, and be an asset.

    All I can say is do yourself a HUGE favor and get a copy of WCSky. It's one of the best albums I've heard in years!

    It's going to be fun watching Jeff's ride to the top!


    Message: 1615 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:14:13 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: America On Howard

    Penny, I haven't heard anything about America appearing with Howard Stern yet. I'm quite sure you haven't missed it. When I do hear a date, I'll be sure to post it here.

    Message: 1614 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:11:07 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Watercolor Sky

    Janice (and everyone else), the release date for Jeff Larsons, Watercolor Sky is August 11. You can pre-order it today from Thoughtscape Sounds for $15.99 or you can wait until it's released and get it from New Surf for $14.00.

    Message: 1613 Posted: Tue Aug 04 17:08:51 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Re: Got my Silent Letter CD today!

    Nick, that's great news about Silent Letter. I know what I'm going to be doing tonight (if any of the record stores around here have it in stock).

    As for the line 23 JavaScript error you keep getting, it's not a critical error, it's a line of code that's trying to move your cursor to the "Name:" entry box so that you can immediately begin typing your name. This error only occurs in older browsers and there's not much I can do about it. My recommendation is to upgrade to a newer browser (both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers can be upgraded for free
    off of the Internet).

    Thanks again for keeping us all informed!

    Message: 1612 Posted: Tue Aug 04 14:59:51 1998 By: Nick
    Subject: Got my Silent Letter CD today!


    Why do I keep getting a Netscape alert - line 23 java script error everytime I get into the chat folder??

    What a day! I listened to Van Go Gan during lunch today to 'get away from it all'. In the afternoon I decided to make my weekly call to One Way Records about the Silent Letter CD. They said it was out. Did I mention I work in downtown Albany, NY where One Way is located? They told me it was being carried locally by a place called the Music Shack which is only 4 blocks away. I didn't even have to think about leaving the office and just about jogging down there in the heat. Believe me, it was worth it - only $9.99. Now my collection is complete - until Human Nature and ? of course. Just in case anyone needs it, here's the phone number for Music Shack: 518-436-4581. I believe that they have mail order. Hope this helps you guys.


    Message: 1610 Posted: Mon Aug 03 21:36:13 1998 By: Steve Orchard
    Subject: One way reissues/updates

    OK people,here's the latest: Tuesday,august 4th is the "street date" for the america re-issues. However,you may have an initial problem getting yours. The company we get our product from("Pacific Coast"- its a "one-stop" for stocking retail stores)did not recieve their disks. That explains why I did not get mine today,most noteably "silent letter". I did talk to "One way" again today and I'm just gonna order straight from them. However,they will not sell to individual customers, but they will sell to retail stores with a minimum order of 10 copies. Anyways,the new "One way" catalog is out and the 4 America re-issues grace the cover. If you still have them on Pre-order with "thoughtscape sounds" that'll probably be your best bet. In the meantime, the disks "seem" to be out there,you just have to know who to get in contact with. I'm not sure which stores in your area will stock them; You need to check with your individual record stores to see who will actually order them. good luck!

    Message: 1609 Posted: Mon Aug 03 18:16:40 1998 By: Penny
    Subject: America on Howard

    I've been out of the loop for a week while I enjoyed the Delaware Beach. Did I miss Dew and Ger on Howard Stern? I hope not! Has anyone heard when the actual date of the appearance will be...please tell me it's sometime after August 3rd!!! Thanks for the info.!

    Message: 1608 Posted: Mon Aug 03 18:15:22 1998 By: janice
    Subject: watercolor sky

    Rick had just told me about that CD..must be a "gotta have"..he says it is great too! (Please let us know the release date, Steve).

    Message: 1607 Posted: Mon Aug 03 15:04:12 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Annabelle

    One of America's biggest fans, Jeff Larson, has released a new CD called Watercolor Sky which should be available within a couple of weeks. The second track on the CD is a song called "Annabelle" which was written by our very own Gerry Beckley. You can see the list of tracks on the album, listen to a sound clip of "Annabelle", or read about Jeff in the America Fans biography section. I have heard the entire CD and it is absolutely fantastic! Way to go Jeff!

    Message: 1606 Posted: Mon Aug 03 11:01:16 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: Horse

    Jim, thanks again. I'll try it out tonight. Absolutely weird tunning.

    Message: 1605 Posted: Mon Aug 03 10:53:44 1998 By:
    Subject: HORSE

    The actual tuning is: D E D G B D
    See how that sounds. take care.

    Message: 1604 Posted: Mon Aug 03 10:26:39 1998 By: Rob
    Subject: Silent Letter No Longer Silent???

    Anyone know if "Silent Letter" has finally been released as promised. More than one source has said that is due August 4.

    Message: 1603 Posted: Mon Aug 03 09:49:35 1998 By: jessica
    Subject: horse mtv

    Since we're talking about Horse, I just have to mention that an officemate of mine caught the end part of a Horse MTV on MTVAsia. He recorded the bit he saw and showed it to me. There were scenes from a live performance (from Silent Letter tour I gathered since at one point, one of the audience held up an LP cover of S.L.) alternating with the guys in some desert scenes. There was really so little to see but I did notice that Gerry, from that early time (and even before, I'd think) threw his pick to the audience at the end of each show while Dewey did the closing spiel.

    Maybe I should be writing to MTVAsia to urge more of America videos (the few in existence) to be aired, especially now that H.N. is due out. Just a thought...

    Message: 1602 Posted: Mon Aug 03 07:31:55 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: Horse

    Jim, thanks a million jim. #1 is supposed to be the E minor chord. strings look like they're tuned low. In regular tunning they use that same pattern in California revisited.


    Message: 1601 Posted: Mon Aug 03 00:39:01 1998 By:
    Subject: HORSE

    Ok here's the basic chord, see if you can figure out the tuning:

    1) E(low) 3rd fret, A 2nd fret, B & E (high) 3rd fret.
    2) simply move your middle & pointer finger over to the next string, holding B & E (high) the same as #1 above. The chord looks like a G chord, using 4 fingers, you know the Eagles chord.

    To be continued ......

    Message: 1600 Posted: Sun Aug 02 22:13:56 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
    Subject: Horse With No Name

    Jim, Is it a D tunning of the strings? That's the only that I can think of. Richie Havens uses that type of tunning. Find those tunnings Jim, it's bugging me for 26 years. Trying to see on some of my videos the way he fingers the chords, but too hard to see!!!

    Message: 1599 Posted: Sun Aug 02 08:53:24 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Web Site Stats

    I thought some of you might be interested in the America Fans Web Site statistics after it's first couple of weeks on the Oxygen Records server. So here they are:

    Total Number of Hits: 32577

    Web Pages Visited The Most (20 or more times)
    Home Page - 782 times
    Song List - 84 times
    Chord List - 72 times
    CD Sources List - 69 times
    Links to Other America Info - 65 times
    Human Nature Album Page - 60 times
    List of Fan Bios - 41 times
    Index of Sound Clips - 41 times
    Index of Photos - 33 times
    List of Archives - 31 times
    List of Albums - 30 times
    Chords for Horse With No Name - 27 times
    Comprehensive History - 25 times
    Lyrics to Horse With No Name - 24 times
    In The Beginning History - 22 times

    Message: 1598 Posted: Sat Aug 01 21:55:06 1998 By:
    Subject: Re: Horse With No Name

    HORSE WITH NO NAME is played exclusively by DEWEY on his 6-string Taylor grand concert, it has rosewood back & sides & an englemann spruce top, a custom made job. There is a different tuning on this guitar & the exact tuning slips me at the moment, I have it written somewhere & will post in the near future & I will attempt to explain the chord formation he uses. As for HORSE, the key to this song is the rhythm & the variations on the damps. There has to be a bassy, chugging feel. With standard tuning, I think it sounds pretty good w/E minor & then changing to simply fretting the G string (no pun intended) at the 2nd fret, not sure what the chord is, perhaps a suspended chord. I think GERRY plays some sort of inversions. Originally the song had a 12-string acoustic rhythm companion, but now GERRY usually uses the 12 string electric to kick it up, I guess. DEWEY uses fender medium picks so acoustically his rhythm playing has a very smooth & mellow feel to it.

    By the way in answer to another post: DEWEY normally does not play the 12-string, although thru the years there have been occasions when he has played the 12, but rarely & when he has, it has been on a GERRY song. DEWEY is a great rhythm player, hope you can all hear & see them play PAGES & FROM A MOVING TRAIN from HUMAN NATURE - due in September for release.

    Message: 1597 Posted: Sat Aug 01 18:12:31 1998 By:
    Subject: Howard's foto's

    Great shots Howard !!!!

    Message: 1596 Posted: Sat Aug 01 12:51:10 1998 By: Maureen
    Subject: Photos

    To Steve and Howard,
    Thanks for the Club Bene photos. I was there and they are excellant! I hope to get the photos from Joe soon and then I'll email them to you Steve. Take Care........Maureen

    Message: 1595 Posted: Sat Aug 01 11:20:05 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Club Bene Photos

    Howard Lieboff's photos from the Club Bene concert in New Jersey are now on the web. Thanks a million, Howard, for sharing them with us.


    Message: 1594 Posted: Sat Aug 01 10:28:53 1998 By: Steve Lowry
    Subject: Dewey's Fingering on HWNN

    Howard, the reason you can't figure out Dewey's fingering on Horse With No Name is because he uses a guitar that is tuned different than all of his other guitars. If you watch carefully during any concert, you'll notice that he only uses that guitar on Horse With No Name (no other songs). That's why JimNak and I refer to it as his Horse guitar. I don't know how he tunes it but I know it's different.

    By the way, if you go to Dewey's Museum Room on the America Fans web site you can see a photo of the "Horse" guitar (courtesy of JimNak).


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