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Message: 2290 Posted: Wed Sep 30 20:29:28 1998 By: bob dunford
Subject: newport california show

America played extremely well the other night! My wife and I and son from time to time usually see America play 1 to 3 times per year or when ever they are in southern californai.

Janet and I where able to catch the second show at the twin palms the other night. The guys mixed it up really well. Just wanted to mention
that once again anyone interested in listening to another great America CD should seriously take a look at "Human Nature" (spread the word) Sure from a moving train is great but how about wheels are turning (my favorite) and world alone to town and country (my son likes that song because he agrees with dewey there is nothing on TV especially the news and he is always "clicking around")to....moment to moment to....hidden talent. Just another great job!!

Thanks again for another great night out. Janet and I had a great time
sitting up front at the bar listening to the show and meeting a bunch of America fans. This one gal Mary (cute as a button) had grown up with America songs and it was here first time seeing the show. She had a ball. She was glade she came to the show.

Gotta run. Buy "Human Nature" You will not be disappointed!!! Where off to mammoth for some mountain bike riding and R&R. Then we will drop into Tulomea Meadows for two days of Sierra hiking sun and fun.

By for now..take care!

Message: 2289 Posted: Wed Sep 30 18:44:05 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Thanks for the info, Mark. We'll keep checking back here for your updates.

Message: 2288 Posted: Wed Sep 30 18:42:57 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: TV

FYI: Karen is on the road promoting Human Nature and I don't think she has a laptop that allows her to access her e-mail or the chat folders. It may be a few days before she responds to any questions. In fact, it's possible that she has so many mail messages and questions when she gets back that she may not be able to respond to them at all. This is just my perception, nothing definite that I've heard from her or anyone else.

Message: 2287 Posted: Wed Sep 30 18:40:33 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Willie's Status and More

Is the second Peek Dan's wife, Catherine.

Yes. In the America Songbook it lists both of them explicitly.

Alibi... Any guesses as to why the detached doll's head?

Gerry and Dewey wanted to do something different on that album cover and so they looked through a bunch of Henry Diltz's photographs. They came across that one and it appealed to both of them because it was so different. I think they were tired of having their own pictures on the album covers and they wanted something different -- the doll head was certainly different!

Message: 2286 Posted: Wed Sep 30 15:50:56 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Dan Peek

I am the VP of the record label releasing the Dan Peek projects. We expect it to be available in the next month. It is at the plant now. His "All Things are Possible" project is available now, and his "Doer of the Word" project is at the pressing plant. I will post specific ordering instructions when the project is closer to completion.


Message: 2285 Posted: Wed Sep 30 15:25:16 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: TV

Karen, are there any plans for TV apperances on Leno or Letterman? America was on the tonight show a few years back. Jay seemes to be a fan of theirs. I have also heard Letterman and Paul Shaffer discuss having them on sometime. Now would be a great time! Any info on how the CD is selling would be great also. Thanks

Message: 2284 Posted: Wed Sep 30 15:02:29 1998 By: J. Yee (a.k.a. Yee-ha!)
Subject: Willie's Status and More

Don, I haven't looked closely at the Holiday album cover in a long, long time. It is my guess (and only a guess) that Dan, Dewey, and Gerry appreciated Willie's efforts on the album and wanted him to feel like one of the guys. It's even more evident on the album sleeve.

I've noticed a couple of discrepancies on the Holiday album. On the album label, Peek is listed as the writer of "Glad to See You".
Whereas, on the album sleeve, the writer is listed as Peek and Peek. Also, Peek is listed as the writer of "Lonely People" on the Holiday album label; however, on the History album the writer is listed as Peek and Peek. Is the second Peek Dan's wife, Catherine, or his brother Tom? Anyone know?

I remember seeing in a song magazine back in 1974 the different Holiday album cover photos that DD&G posed for. I thought it was unusual the picture that was selected for the cover seems to show Dan with his eyes closed. Holiday is a great album, don't you think? It has such a sophisticated sound and feel. I remember the first time I saw AMERICA in concert in 1975 in Albuquerque, the guys opened up with "Miniature" followed by "Tin Man" of course. Dewey came out wearing a blue suit jacket, blue jeans, a white cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. Above the stage, the spotlight hit a sequined banner with the AMERICA logo. Boy, did it make a great first impression.

A year later in the same song magazine but for their Hearts album, I remember seeing photos of DD&G dressed up in white fencing uniforms with a red heart on the chest. I was surprised the photos never appeared as the album cover or sleeve.

It's been 24 hours and no one was given their thoughts of AMERICA's most unusual album cover, Alibi. So how about? Any guesses as to why the detached doll's head? It was definitely an attention-getter!

Message: 2283 Posted: Wed Sep 30 11:24:39 1998 By: Don
Subject: Willie's status

On the Holiday cover Willie Leacox appears to have the status of being "one of the group". Was his status different for that year? I suppose it's is legal matter that the group was always Gerry, Dewey, and Dan.

Message: 2282 Posted: Wed Sep 30 09:34:07 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Love it

Greg, that's great to hear about your success with Thoughtscape Sounds and I'm glad you're now able to enjoy Human Nature along with the rest of us. Any other fans who are outside the United States and are interested in getting Human Nature, check out the Thoughtscape Sounds web site for information on contacting them.

Message: 2281 Posted: Wed Sep 30 09:30:48 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: America fans homepage

I talked with the folks at Oxygen Records and found out that they're in the process of restructuring all of the King Biscuit web pages into a single area. Since Karen is on the road promoting Human Nature, she wasn't there to remind them that the America Fans page was also part of the Oxygen Records area and they sort of forgot about it. They're now very much aware of it and they're going to work on getting it back online. It may take a few days, however, so all I can do is ask for your patience. As Eddy stated, if you try to access the web site using my previous instructions, you'll get a "Forbidden" message. Sorry about that. Hopefully, we'll be back up soon.

Message: 2280 Posted: Wed Sep 30 06:11:25 1998 By: Rob
Subject: "Doer of Word" Dan Peek

The company that owns the master to Dan Peek's "Doer of the Word" is busy "pressing" it right now for a second printing. Though the first pressing was small, this one will be larger, and the sound quality will be noticeably better. I should have more info soon. The first two solo albums by Dan are, in my opinion, exceptional pieces of work. They remind us what a great talent he is. Also, you'll appreicate hearing Dewey and Gerry helping their friend out.

Message: 2279 Posted: Wed Sep 30 02:44:00 1998 By: Greg Thomas
Subject: Love it

I just received Human Nature via Thoughtscape and have listened to it a number of times and haven't been disappointed. Thoughtscape provided great service to me in Australia.

Message: 2278 Posted: Tue Sep 29 23:50:26 1998 By: Sam
Subject: Re: Borders mini-concert

Hi Gang,

I also saw Gerry, Dewey, and Brad at Borders today. They sounded great; this was the second time I saw them live - I attended their Twin Palms Pasadena last Thursday and was totally impressed. I am definitely attending their next concert in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. After the concert was over I had the great pleasure of meeting Gerry and Dewey for the first time and got them to autograph a few CD covers including Human Nature and Gerry's "Van Go Gan". When I showed Gerry the Van Go Gan cover he was surprised to see it and showed some others behind him including Kaz who worked on the album with him; I was able to Dewey to sign Van Go Gan as well.

Dewey, Gerry, and the rest of band - thanks for the many great songs you have provided thru the years and the many years to come. It was a dream come true to meet them after listening to their music in the beginning and appreciating their music as time went on.

By the way, the House of Blues show has been moved to October 28.

Message: 2277 Posted: Tue Sep 29 23:22:09 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: America fans homepage

HI Steve, I just tried to get into your website w/the instructions you gave,but all that came up was: FORBIDDEN you don't have permission to access /america/ on this server Just thought I'd let you know. EDDY

Message: 2276 Posted: Tue Sep 29 22:40:54 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Accessing America Fans Web Site

Sometime Monday night (September 28), access to the America Fans web site was cut off. I don't know who did it nor why, but I'm trying to find out. For you technical types, the basic problem is that the DNS address for the web site was changed from to but all of the files remained the same place. So, until I can get it fixed you can still access the America Fans Web Site by going to and I'll let you know when you can go back to using /america/. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

P.S. The reason you don't see a banner at the top of this page is because of the change. However, the chat folder will work just fine, even without the banner.

Message: 2275 Posted: Tue Sep 29 22:09:41 1998 By: Aloha Bob
Subject: Borders mini-concert

Aloha, Gang.

I just got back from seeing the boys at Borders in Santa Monica. What a great little gig. It was just Gerry, Dewey and Brad playing (they also introduced Michael and Willie, who weren't there, to a rousing applause). The first song was "Ventura Highway". As great as always. Then "I Need You", with Gerry and Dewey on guitars and Brad on bass. So different to hear without piano, but it was great. I wish I knew the chords Gerry played to make it sound so good. Then came two from HN. "Pages" , exellent, considering Dewey said he was battling a bad case of larengites (?) , could have fooled me. He sounded great. Then "From a Moving Train", the first time hearing it live after playing it over and over on cd. I loved it!. Finally, "Sister Golden Hair" (always the best), and then what Gerry refered to as the Fat Lady, "Horse". It was very cool. The whole store was singing. They had a great afternoon crowd there. After the show they signed cd's and posters (Of course, I got mine!) It was also great meeting Karen from Oxygen Records. As well as meeting Jim, Brad and Pete. Great show guys! The store sold a ton of Human Nature, so that should help spread the word. Gerry and Dewey also expressed to me all the thanks for what we are all doing to help and support them. They read the boards quite often. I hope to see them again Oct. 18th at The House of Blues here in L.A.

Take care everyone and keep promoting!

Message: 2274 Posted: Tue Sep 29 22:05:22 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Radio stations

I was able to find the e-mail addresses to WALK,andWKJY for those of you who are out of the calling area, or those who would rather e-mail instead of call.WALK-(,WKJY-(
The assisstant Program dir. at WALK is Rob Miller, and the PD at WKJY is Charley Connoley.

Message: 2273 Posted: Tue Sep 29 21:59:02 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: "Moving Train" moving up the charts

Saw the Radio and Records chart for the upcoming week and "From A Moving Train" is FINALLY on the top number 30! But still, this is impressive because the R&R chart is a tough nut to crack. Nice work Oxygen and everyone else involved. Let's keep it up!!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 2272 Posted: Tue Sep 29 21:15:55 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: America CD's

Hi Glenn,
I live on Long Island and work in Manhattan. If you want, I can pick up Human Nature for you and mail it to you, just email me and let me know. I know how fustrating it can be trying to find America CD's. you can also order them thru Thoughtscape and talk to Scott. He is very helpful. If you go to the America Home Page there is a link to Thoughtscape. Let me know and Good Luck...Maureen from LI, NY

Message: 2271 Posted: Tue Sep 29 20:47:50 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: NYC and Long Island Adult Contemp. Radio

For those of us in the NYC,Long Island area I researched 3 stations with the highest ratings of their regions that already program America's older music. Lets give them a call and request "From a Moving Train".
2-WKJY-516-294-8400-Nassau County-98.3fm
3-WALK-516-475-5200-Suffolk County-97.5fm
Let's rattle their cages! This album is to good not to get the recognition America deserves. I have already been calling ,writing ,and e-mailing them.
Good Luck!

Message: 2270 Posted: Tue Sep 29 20:10:26 1998 By: Glen Grant
Subject: New CD

How is the new release ? Is it at least as good as good as Hourglass or is it better . So far haven't seen it in the stores here in upstate NY . Could always find Hourglass when it came out . Also has anyonehgeard if Warner will ever release any of their older stuff besides Homecoming on CD . I know you can find imports if you really look . I would like new copies of Holiday and Harbor .

Message: 2269 Posted: Tue Sep 29 20:04:39 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA House of Blues, LA

Yes Jason, the 10/18 is a no go. Thanks, sorry for the confusion.

Message: 2268 Posted: Tue Sep 29 18:26:08 1998 By: Jason Anderson
Subject: Re: Suprise :America Live in Santa monica!


I left out a song on the set-list for today's performance at Borders Bookstore (Sorry but I'm still very excited about meeting the guys today and my brain is on overdrive).The complete set-list is as follows:

Ventura Highway
I Need You
From a Moving Train
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name

Take care Everybody,


Message: 2267 Posted: Tue Sep 29 18:22:09 1998 By: Jason Anderson
Subject: Re: AMERICA House of Blues, LA

Fans and Friends,

While attending the Borders Bookstore FREE mini-show today I mentioned to Gerry that I was looking forward to the House of Blues Show on October 18, Gerry told me that the date had been changed to October 28 (10 days later). I have not confirmed this with HOB yet , but that was the heads up that was given to everyone who mentioned the HOB show.

Please confirm this for yourselves before making travel plans , I hope to see everyone there having a great time!.

Your right about one thing for sure L.A. LOVES AMERICA!!!


Message: 2266 Posted: Tue Sep 29 17:58:11 1998 By: Jason Anderson
Subject: Suprise :America Live in Santa monica!

Hello fans and friends,

Well I just got back from the FREE mini-show that America held at Borders bookstore in Santa Monica today at 1:00pm.The boys (or lack of , it was just Dewey , Gerry and Brad) did a great but short acoustic set to a packed house at Borders Books and Music store in the 3rd Street Promanade , the set-list was as follows:

Ventura Highway
I Need You
From A Moving Train
Sister Golden Hair

It was VERY cool and afterwards the guys did an autograph session and sold copies of the new CD "Human Nature".The lines for autographs went smoothly and Dewey and Gerry were in good spirits (as always) and seemed to be having a good time doing it.I got my "Anahiem Stadium" Poster - from the Harbor LP signed as well as 3 copies of the new CD, took a picture with the guys and then it was back to work for me, but what a suprise lunch break it was!. Thanks also to the very cool Stagehand who gave me the matching Dewey and Gerry guitar picks , Thanks Alot!.

Can't wait to see America at House of Blues in October and then again at the Ventura Theatre in December.Until then you know I'll be listening to Human Nature and loving every minute of it.

Long Live America!!!


Message: 2265 Posted: Tue Sep 29 10:22:39 1998 By: J. Yee
Subject: "Alibi" Album Cover

The most unusual AMERICA album cover has to be "Alibi"
with the detached doll's head. Does anyone know the
meaning behind it. Could it be, "I didn't do it! I have
an alibi."


Message: 2264 Posted: Tue Sep 29 08:22:24 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Who Wrote Catch That Train?

The French release of Alibi just lists Dewey as the writer.

Message: 2263 Posted: Tue Sep 29 08:05:46 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Who Wrote Catch That Train?

Kevin, I always considered Dewey as the lone writer of Catch That Train but now I'm not sure. I'll see what I can find out. As for the Bellingham concert, I'm fairly certain that From A Moving Train and Pages were the only two Human Nature songs.

Message: 2262 Posted: Tue Sep 29 07:15:53 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Dan Peek

Good news for all you Dan Peek fans!

"Doer of the Word" is in the re-mastering phase and within 3-4 weeks will be available on CD for the low price of $12 plus $3 shipping and handling. Gerry provides excellent backup on the title track. And you may recall on this chat page that the song "Everything" (also on the album) was a tremendous source of strength to a family struggling with a serious album. I'll post ordering info here in the next week or so.


(Tower Records was great. Gerry, my son Matthew, loved your story.)

Message: 2261 Posted: Tue Sep 29 06:35:59 1998 By: Cindy
Subject: "Twin Palms"

Everyone -

Twin Palms was wonderful!!! The guys were a little crowded on the stage in Pasadena, but they still sounded great! They did "Pages" & "From a Moving Train" from HN, and of course, all of our other favorites that we never get tired of hearing. I especially enjoyed the Newport Beach shows. The location was much better and I think the band was even better than the night before. The crowds were very much into the shows both nights and I heard several people talking about how good the band sounded and how happy they were to finally get a chance to see them. (I always feel lucky to see them.)

It was great to see everyone I haven't seen in a while - I hope to see you all again very soon.

Message: 2260 Posted: Tue Sep 29 06:31:59 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: PULSE!

The October issue of Pulse! (Tower Records) has a full page ad for Human Nature! It's right in the front, so it's pretty hard to miss. Noticed that their supply of the CDs is a lot less than on the 15th :-) BTW, it's on sale now for $13.99 (it was $17.99 before). Of course, I had just been to Sam Goody, where I bought their last 3 copies......for $16.99 each (thought I was getting a better deal than I did at Tower,


Message: 2259 Posted: Mon Sep 28 23:05:41 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: No billboard chart position....:(

Checked the current issue of Billboard Magazine today(October 3rd) did not see "Human Nature" anywhere on the Billboard 200 LP/CD charts. I guess I'm not too surprised. I've read lots of comments where
people are saying they "can't find" the CD anywhere. What a shame. for all the promotion and Hoopla,I think Oxygen should rethink their promotioning on this. They still need to get the word out to the masses!
I can say that our store "the Music Tree" has sold 10 copies to date,and thats more than we sold with the new Hootie & the blowfish release!

Message: 2258 Posted: Mon Sep 28 18:46:38 1998 By: ShariL
Subject: Brandon

As I'm sure others will tell you, don't give up on Karen. She's really busy and has been doing a lot of traveling promoting our guys. I had to email 3 times before my stuff showed up in the mail. She sent posters and great window decals. These need to be taken to all the music stores in as big an area as you can stretch yourself.
Next suggestion is to call the radio stations in the Ft. Myers area that play America or their type of music. Talk to the DJ's and tell them about this great new release, of which they should have a promo. "From A Moving Train" is the song you should request. Expect them not to know anything about it, so again, YOU have to let them know about this terrific song they should be playing! I found (at least in San Diego) that trying to go through the Production Director and the Music Director was somewhat of a waste of time. DJ's get excited about things and have some pull as to what get's played.
By the way, I never did actually get a response from Karen. The box just showed up one day on my doorstep. Please be persistant!
This is so worth it. Best wishes.
ShariL in San Diego

Message: 2257 Posted: Mon Sep 28 17:56:23 1998 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Can I Help?

Dear America Folks,
The new cd "HumanNature" is fabulous. America is back! I live in Fort Myers, Florida and they will be here on March 7, 1999. I have lived in the Fort Myers area for 30 years. I would like to help promote the new cd with the local radio stations and the concert as well... if at all possible. A good friend of mine has a sportstalk radio show every afternoon andhs already told me he'd do what he could with his local media connections. I have written Karen twice at Oxygen Records and didn't get a response. Please, let me know if there is anything I can do.
America and their music have been an important part of my life since their beginning. I have always felt that Dewey and Gerry are two of the most talented people in the world. It has always bothered me that they seem to be unappreciated by so many supposed music experts and critics. Of course what do they know. I wish Dewey and Gerry nothing but the best and I think "HumanNature" is going to get them the notoriety they haven't gotten commercially the last ten or more years. America is back! All is right with the world!
Again, let me know if I can be of any help to the cause!

Best Regards... Brandon Rose

Message: 2256 Posted: Mon Sep 28 11:49:33 1998 By: Christina
Subject: America to appear in Memphis Nov. 7

The chance to see America up close and personal in an intimate concert is now yours!
The legendary group will perform classic hits and new favorites November 7, 1998 at The Peabody in Memphis, TN. The concert is part of the Memphis Symphony Ball, the largest fundraiser for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.
America's performance is sponsored by Northwest Airlines.
For more information on how to get tickets to this rare opportunity, e-mail or call (901) 323-0060.

Message: 2255 Posted: Mon Sep 28 09:56:06 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Who Wrote Catch That Train?

I was looking at my One Way Records CD release of Alibi and I noticed they have both Gerry and Dewey listed as the writers of Catch That Train. But on the old vinyl album Dewey is the only writer credited. Does anyone know which one is the mistake?

Also, at the concert in Bellingham, did they play anything else from Human Nature besides From A Moving Train and Pages?

Message: 2254 Posted: Mon Sep 28 06:45:49 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: All My Life

Sure...On the west coast Gerry plays "All My Life."

Message: 2253 Posted: Sun Sep 27 23:15:00 1998 By:
Subject: AMERICA House of Blues, LA

AMERICA is scheduled for the House of Blues in LA on Sunday 10/18 at 8pm. If there is a show to fly in for, this is it. The fan enthusiasm is unbelievable at this venue. LA loves AMERICA ! Here is the on-line info:
ps - HUMAN NATURE is the greatest !

Message: 2252 Posted: Sun Sep 27 22:44:31 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Gavin Charts

Maybe Karen D. or Steve L. might know. Thanks!

Rich, I'm afraid I don't know anything about the Gavin Charts other than what it says on the web page. Maybe Karen or somebody else can enlighten us.

Message: 2251 Posted: Sun Sep 27 22:10:09 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Gavin Charts

Can someone explain the meaning of the Gavin charts. "From a Moving Train" has moved from 21 to 16. The chart says it has 93 stations that mentioned the album or track,1676 times played, 230 spins more than last week. These figures are as 9/25/98. Is this a testing ground for new singles before a larger market (like New York) will play the single? For anyone interested in the charts,""
Maybe Karen D. or Steve L. might know. Thanks!

PS-Also mentions that there is" potential for further growth". Lets HOPE!

Message: 2250 Posted: Sun Sep 27 21:45:35 1998 By: Don
Subject: TV Appearances

Karen D.

What's the story on the appearances a la Stern, et. al.?

Message: 2249 Posted: Sun Sep 27 21:11:26 1998 By: linda cota-robles
Subject: Twin Palms Concert

The second dinner show at Twin Palms in Newport Beach was enjoyable for us - great table, good food and service, beautiful setting,. and great America music - probably our 25th show to see America over the last 8-10 years. We even got to visit with soundman Bill, who we have come to know over time and is a terrific guy, and The Professor, who is a pretty great guitarist. Only disappointment was Brad's rudeness when we asked him for his autograph - he refused saying he had to get to his waiting car. Would 15 seconds really have mattered?? Oh well, we consider him to be the weak link in the group anyways.

Keep up the America music coming...we bought Human Nature CD today!

Message: 2248 Posted: Sun Sep 27 20:52:32 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Human Nature CD

Not a glitch, Brent. That's part of the suite.


Message: 2247 Posted: Sun Sep 27 12:45:11 1998 By: Beth in Atlanta
Subject: HumanNature CD

I like the new CD - you have to listen to it a few times as you would with any new CD - the first time I listened to it my favorite song was Wheels Turning, and I still think it is the best song, although now that I've listened to the whole CD several times I like it all, my least favorite being the "suite". Thanks so much guys for new music, and I hope we'll be seeing you in Atlanta very soon!

Message: 2246 Posted: Sun Sep 27 10:58:41 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Human Nature CD

Brett, that radio static is no glitch. It was put there on purpose by Gerry. When I used to drive on I-15 from Utah to California I would always go through Barstow and I remember scanning the radio dial trying to find a radio station that I could pick up, particularly one that was playing something that I wanted to hear. I don't know for sure what was going through Gerry's mind when he inserted that piece in front of Barstow, but in my mind it's a classic segue-way from one part of the suite to the next.

Message: 2245 Posted: Sun Sep 27 02:55:23 1998 By: Brett Lucas
Subject: Human Nature CD

I picked up my human nature CD the other day. It is a great CD, but there is a glitch in the pressing or recording of track 8. Around 5:45 into the track it sounds like radio static, and lasts for about 5 seconds. Is anyone else having the same problem with their CD.

Thanks, Brett

Message: 2244 Posted: Sat Sep 26 22:40:12 1998 By: Mary Wahlgren
Subject: Bellingham Show

Wednesday evening, September 23, 1998 was an evening I'll always treasure. America performed their "Magic" to a sell out crowd in Bellingham, Washington less than 15 minutes from our home. The Mt. Baker Theater built in the 1920's was once slated for demolition, but is now beautifully restored to its original splendor. It provided a beautiful venue for the fantastic music of the guys. Both Dewey and Gerry noted that the theater was "gorgeous".
Many of our friends and colleagues joined Rick and I in welcoming America to our corner of Washington state. The band had us rocking in our seats and loving every minute. Everyone was wowed by "From a Moving Train", and many teachers and librarians were especially impressed by "Pages". Dewey had several family members from Snohomish, Washington in attendance. They were really having a good time.
The highlight of the concert was when Gerry came on stage by himself and performed "All My Life". I have never heard it in concert before, and words cannot portray the absolute beauty of hearing it live. Gerry brought tears to my eyes with his rendition of the song.
After the concert Rick and I were pleased to give Dewey and Gerry copies of Jeff Larson's cd "Watercolor Sky" that Jeff had sent up for them. Both were very pleased. Gerry had it playing in his Disc man as they left for Seattle.
The concert has been a major topic of discussion at my school. "Everyone I know" commented that they absolutely loved the concert and were very impressed by the high level of professionalism and musical talent of the band. One of our friends had a large part in the restoration of the Mt. Baker theater, and this was his first concert in the theater. He continues to thank us for such a special evening. The local radio station who did a wonderful job of promoting the concert, is now playing even more America music than ever before. The Mt. Baker Theater had blanketed the area with posters, fliers, and TV ads.
The more I see America in concert the more deeply impressed I am by the professionalism of the guys. They had flown into Seattle from New York, motored two hours to Bellingham, performed, and then headed back to Seattle to fly to Pascadena for 2 concerts the next night. They truly are "Supermen" to keep up their demanding schedule. As they travel along their "moving train" they left many more devoted fans in their wake.

Message: 2243 Posted: Sat Sep 26 21:06:01 1998 By: Federico
Subject: This is what happened at Sheboygan

First of all i do have to say something about USA! you all can't imagine what this trip to USA has meant for me. I was very young when i began to listen to America and already i dreamed of being there one day, to be in USA. I grew up with listening to America and dream to come to USA.....well, without being so long in explaining everything i just wanna say that you all USA's people are lucky to live in a great, beautiful, marvelous sweet & heavy land of USA: I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY AND PEOPLE THERE!

Well, at first my trip was organized to come to an America concert but
unfortunately, a few days before i leave for USA i had to change the date of flight because i had problem with work. It was so bad 'cause changing dates meant to miss the concert: very unlucky!!!! but i thought" well, maybe 2 dreams are too much for having in only 1 time!!!" and i left for USA even if i knew i could't go to Sheboygan and Wichita: the first place was not good 'cause i had to leave for italy one day before that concert and the second 'cause that city was too far from Chicago. But, in the middle of my vacation, i tried to go to an Alitalia planes office at Chicago tried to find any flights avaiable with free seats in accordance with my return in Italy in a certain date and a certain time: I FOUND IT . I was so excited for it.... :)))) Then i arrived at Sheboygan place of concert while America were playing Ventura: you can imagine how short was the time in which i reached the stage running from the parking lot! I could go in front of them; what i felt is not explainable but you know what i mean: 9 hours of Airplane and i was there. You know all about the songs they sang. While they were playing they sometimes looked at me and sometimes i saw Gerry or Dewey or Michael in front of their face and i kept on asking my self" could this be Barcellona"? this is the thought of every fan that sees a concert after the first time, i think! The first concert ended and i suddely went to see if i could meet any of them and i could meet Willy and i said to him Hi and all things that i can't remember now. I asked him if i could meet Gerry and Dewey and i went and looked for them; after a short time Gerry arrived and greeted me telling me that he remembered me at Barcelona in 96 and then i asked him for photos to take with him. Then i greeted him and he went with all the rest of the band except Brad. In fact, during the time between the 2 concert i met Brad while he was eating and after a little talk to him i asked to him for photos. So this was the same after the end of 2nd concert but this time i could meet Dewey, c alling him while he was going into the car; he came to me and i thanked him telling that they are so nice with all of us fans. While i was speaking with Dewey, Gerry arrived too and Dewey went. I remember every pictures of those moment as i can remember the power of their music that night and i noticed that the second concert was the best among all considering the 3 nights at Barcelona and the first concert at Sheboygan. In particular i was surprised about the release of Sandman and i was so excited to listen to Moving train and Pages. Then those concerts were so funny 'cause the songwriter Steven Bishop went onto the stage to sing the background vocal on "Horse".

So i have to say once again that what happened to me was unbeliveable, great and marvelous. Everybody was so nice with me, all the band was so nice with me: THANX AGAIN GUYS. A special thank you is for: - JIM and STEVE who helped me find all the information necessary to reach America, - Mark who reached me by e-mail telling me that i could reach him at Wichita and he could help me; - the policemen that helped me at Sheboygan to meet the guys seeking them when they arrive and went to backstage: after the concert one of them stopped me and asked to me if i talked to them, and when i said -.yes- he said to me something like - i'm happy for you- and i answered to him - I love your country: everything is possible here!!! -- all the other fans that reached me by e-mail for helping me; - my loveable relatives in USA like Bonnie, Sheila and her frinds that let the dream to be real.



p.s. Hey, Michael, you're the only one of which i miss a photo with: be ready for the nex concert... ;-)

Message: 2242 Posted: Sat Sep 26 20:21:31 1998 By: Ron Dyches
Subject: van go gan

need a copy!

Message: 2241 Posted: Sat Sep 26 16:52:11 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: re; muskrat love

Ok guys I stand corrected. Thanks

Message: 2240 Posted: Sat Sep 26 15:54:58 1998 By: Ashley Baker
Subject: Human Nature

Hello Dewey & Gerry, I am 8 yrs old and I love your music since I was 4 years old. My dad always plays your cd in the car. We have Human Nature cd and it is great. I like your old songs too. I love when you sing about outdoors and animals and things. Butterflies, alligators, dragonflies and horses. oloololo has zebras and wildebeest sounds thats cool! When will you play in Dallas my Dad said he will take me to see you?
love Ashley

Message: 2239 Posted: Sat Sep 26 12:06:50 1998 By:
Subject: AMERICA Rocks Twin Palms

4 shows in 2 days in Pasadena & Newport Beach California. We are awaiting a full report from some fine people, mmm, Barb, Kelly, Gary, come on you guys. There was very strong interest in the new disc HUMAN NATURE. In Newport there was even a bachelorette party of 7 late 20ish gals. Thanks to such interest in retro music, AMERICA's influence is spreading. By the way there was a Dutch couple, straight from the Netherlands who came to the show after seeing the schedule on the famous Web page. I think everyone there would buy the new disc if they knew it existed, now they know.

"In these pages, we consume, lives in many colors, lovers in full bloom ........"

Message: 2238 Posted: Sat Sep 26 11:39:18 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Go Sammy!!!!!!

Not to offend any of you Mark McGuire fans out there, of which I have been assured there are plenty, but I've just got to say...

GOOOOOOOO SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey -- I originally come from Chicago... Whaddya want?

(And once the Cubs clobber the Mets, Giants, Astros and Braves -- look out Yankees!!)

Message: 2237 Posted: Sat Sep 26 10:39:26 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Muskrat Love

Here's what I've been able to find out about "Muskrat Love." Hope this will clear up some of the controversy...

The song was originally written, of course, by Willis Alan Ramsey, and the song was first released as "Muskrat Candlelight" in late 1971 or early 1972 on his self-titled album, the only one he ever made.

Whether or not Lani Hall made a cover of the song was something I couldn't confirm, but America recorded their cover of what was by then called "Muskrat Love" in the Hat Trick sessions during the spring and summer of 1973. That version peaked at Billboard number 67 on September 22, 1973.

The reference on the History CD to the "elegant cover" of the "Captain & Tennille hit" was misleading. It was an attempt to show record buyers who were only familiar with the Captain & Tennille version that America had one, too. For the record, the Captain & Tennille were formed at almost exactly the same time that America's "Muskrat Love" came out, in late 1973. Their first single, recorded in 1973 -- "The Way That I Want To Touch You" -- was released in 1974 but was commercially invisible. Then they covered Neil Sedaka's "Love Will Keep Us Together" and took it all the way to the top in June 1975, their first hit, which incidentally knocked "Sister Golden Hair" off the Number One position. They then turned around and covered "Muskrat Love" in 1976 -- and since they were in that "can't go wrong" period of success in their career (they even had a TV variety show in the works), the song bolted to Number Four on November 20, 1976.


Message: 2236 Posted: Sat Sep 26 09:41:36 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: To: Dave re: Packaging

You hope Human Nature sells well enough that they can go back to jewel box design??

Ummm, digipacks are FAR more expensive to produce that jewel packaging.

Message: 2235 Posted: Sat Sep 26 07:33:10 1998 By: Tony Hallett
Subject: Human Nature

Human Nature,another brilliant CD From Gerry & Dewey to add to my collection.Hope to see you in concert in the UK one day.

Message: 2234 Posted: Sat Sep 26 07:17:35 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Human nature reviews

Outside of Billboard magazine, have there been any other reviews of "H.N."? I know "Entertainment Weekly" hasn't had anything yet, but has anyone seen anything good, bad, or otherwise in other magazines?

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 2233 Posted: Sat Sep 26 05:33:36 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: one more thing..I promise

The "History" C.D. liner notes also stated that in 1982 Dewey,Gerry AND Dan Peek reunited to record their comeback hit "You Can Do Magic". We All Know that is wrong..."..Magic" was AMERICA's first major hit as a DUO. So yes, WB did make mistakes of misleading fans with incorrect information when they released the C.D. version of "History". That's all I'm gonna say about this topic...I promise.

Message: 2232 Posted: Sat Sep 26 05:18:31 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: reply to Joe re: Muskrat controversy

well...guess what, When Warner Bros. put the "History" L.P. out they made a mistake! So the answer is still...Yes, AMERICA recorded their version before Captain and Tennille!`According to "Billboard's Top 40 Hits" CAPT. & Tennille's version was released 10/09/76, while the L.P. "Muskrat Love" (Hat Trick) was released early 1973. also, not trying to be a stick in the mud but according to "Billboard's GOLD & PLATINUM Records" "Hat Trick" and "Harbor" are the two Warner Brother L.P. releases that did NOT achieve Gold, or Platinum Status. I really share this info in good faith and NOT as a Know-it-all because I just want help out the original question....America DID record "Muskrat Love" before Captain & Tennille. Please, somebody back me up on this!!! Also, let's get back to reality by stating once again that "Human Nature" is fantastic!!! This Chat Folder is great...THANKS for letting me CHAT! oh, one more thing...yes, I like "Hat Trick" immensely too. So by my relaying the news that it didn't achieve "a-zillion" sales wasn't intended in belittling any of their recorded works!!! thanks

Message: 2231 Posted: Sat Sep 26 01:08:29 1998 By: Don Drysdale
Subject: Human Nature

Having listened to HN 10 times since buying it earlier this week, glad I hung in there as an America fan through some lean times.
I'm probably not an average fan, given that I prefer the harder-edged songs to the ballads. It was hearing live-concert version of ``Sandman,'' ``Cornwall Blank'' and ``Here'' that made me a fan in the first place. Some of the more off the wall songs, such as ``My Dear,'' ``Sergeant Darkness'' and ``All Night'' are among my favorites.
It's too early to tell, but HN may rank among my favorite America albums. ``Hot Town'' and ``Hidden Talent'' are outstanding rockers. ``Wednesday Morning,'' ``Wheels are Turning'' and ``Whispering'' are very strongs songs. While ``Pages'' isn't a great song, the guitar work is outstanding. ``Oloololo'' is growing on me. The one I can't get out of my mind, however, is ``World Alone.'' It's downright haunting, one of the best breakup songs I've ever heard.
I just hope the album gets the attention it deserves and that America keeps on rockin'.

Message: 2230 Posted: Sat Sep 26 00:09:12 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Reply to Tom

Tom I think the question was who recorded Muskrat first America or the Cap+T? Even Americas History album says " an elegant cover of the Capt and Tennilles Muscrat Love which would indicate that C+T did it first. Also your info on sales of Hattrick is incorrect. This was a Gold album selling more than a million copies. I dont think the guys were disappointed over the sales of that album.
On another note What difference does a cover make??!! Be happy for the new music. I absolutely love Wheels are Turning. I cant get it out of my mind Thanks for the music!!!! Joe K. Fan since 1972

Message: 2229 Posted: Fri Sep 25 22:22:07 1998 By: Tony Ortega
Subject: Response to John Lyle in South Africa

John, I can't imagine waiting months before Human Nature is released in South Africa! It's too good an album. I'd be happy to purchase a copy here in the US and ship it to you! If you're interested send an EMail to Steve at Then he'll contact me and I'll EMail you directly to discuss shipment etc. Go America!!!

Message: 2228 Posted: Fri Sep 25 19:53:08 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: words to "I Don't Believe in Miracles" on ALIBI

Jamie, the lyrics to all of America's songs are on the America Fans web site. From the home page you can click on the button that says Songs and then find the title of the song that you're interested in. Click on the title and you'll have the lyrics. Many of the songs also have guitar chords (indicated by a small guitar icon). If you click on the guitar, it will take you to the chords for that song.

By the way, All My Life is a favorite wedding song of many America fans!

Message: 2227 Posted: Fri Sep 25 19:14:35 1998 By: moltenlover
Subject: Cardboard, etc.

The packaging is fine. It puts Human Nature right up there with the likes of Achtung Baby and Vitalogy as essential 90's classics. Well, in my book, anyway. I remember when I was young and they used to have the audacity to put vinyl records in cardboard. The nerve!!! Let's all consider ourselves lucky to have CD. I remember having records that got scratched and tapes that got warped. But I did always love the cardboard packaging. Homecoming had a nice gatefold cover. All CD reissues should be cardboard like they were originally. If you drop one of these plastic jewel cases, its gonna break 9 times out of 10. Not to mention the space they take up- I try to put most of my CD's in plastic sleeves that take up a third of the space of the cases.

On a different note, Human Nature is a great album. I like Wednesday Morning, Town and Country, Wheels, Pages and Whispering. Whispering reminds me of Clarice. Dewey sounds great. I wish he would write more tunes because he's a great singer. One just has to listen to Molten Love and Man's Road or Town and Country for that matter to come to this conclusion. A great backup singer, too. Whaddya think?

Message: 2226 Posted: Fri Sep 25 18:10:52 1998 By: Buzz Hagaman
Subject: Human Nature release.

Dear Dewey and Gerry: I've been waiting a long time for a new album and let me say this. In 1998, the year of the Great Home Run chase between McGwire and Sosa, you guys have hit a Grand Slam. Vintage stuff! Thanks for some terrific music and well done!

Message: 2225 Posted: Fri Sep 25 15:08:46 1998 By: Antoine GOSSELIN
Subject: Human Nature

HUMAN NATURE has been released since september 15 th .
It seems to be a great album (as all the others ,but am I really objective?).
I ve not listen to it (no disponible in France for the moment).
I bought it by Internet ,and everyday I wait for the postman with the same anxious question
Have you a postal packet from the States?

Message: 2224 Posted: Fri Sep 25 14:44:01 1998 By: Fede
Subject: HN

by the way, anyone might tell me if America are going to export their cd in Europe or not? have they aready decided, with OXYGEN, a date to do it or are they thinking about do it or not do it?


somedays ago i said about Hot Town and Hidden Talent might be the best songs to present them in Italy; i said that because you know that in Italy people don't speak english so well yet, so we, at first, are hit by music better than lyrics and then, when people find a music that they do like, we try to translate the meaning. For this reason i find Hidden talent a music so close to the kind of music we often listen to by radio and Tv in Italy, what's more Hot Town is a very rhitym classic rock that make you dance like other rock's songs that we listen to every day.
What concern the other songs we all America's fans know that they are pieces of masterpiece and we all know that HN is one of their best album considering a lot of reasons. but you know that the first listening of a song is so important 'cause the song could or couldn't remain in your brain; obviousely as more a song is close to the largest way of preference of people as more it can arrive suddenly to people after the first listening.
For all these reasons i think that Hot and Hidden are good for present them in Italy even if i think there's Overwhelming and Oloololo and..... that are their best.
i'm telling all this beacuse, when i told "might i give a suggestion" i meant "this is my thought" i didn't want permit myself to give you Suggestions: you already know what you have to do, it was only a thought of a fan of which you know his love for you!

Message: 2223 Posted: Fri Sep 25 14:38:55 1998 By: Jamie Yousaitis
Subject: words to "I Don't Believe in Miracles" on ALIBI

Can the lyrics to America songs be found on any web sites? I've never been able to understand a word or two from the song: "I Don't Believe in Miracles" on the Alibi album. P.S. My wife ad I are celebrating our 9th anniversary this month. "All My Life" is our wedding song, and it is inscribed in my ring!

Message: 2222 Posted: Fri Sep 25 13:49:15 1998 By: FEDE
Subject: HN

Anyone can resolve my curiosity? how is the sale of HN in USA after 10 days?
Karen, what's about it?


Message: 2221 Posted: Fri Sep 25 11:46:02 1998 By: Dave
Subject: Re: Cathy's Cover Comment

I know the cardboard cover is "environmentally-friendly" but I'm just sure as heck glad America wasn't "environmentally-friendly" when it released Hourglass and Encore and everything else CD-wise they had a hand in releasing and I hope this Human Nature CD sells so well they can afford to not be "environmentally friendly" on the next one!!!!Go plastic!!!!

Message: 2220 Posted: Fri Sep 25 10:04:16 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: muskrat love

Sorry folks...Willis Alan Ramsey, who composed "Muskrat.." was the first person who recorded it. Then Lani Hall recorded it as "Muskrat Love, Muskrat Candlelight". She used to sing lead for Sergio Mendes and the Brasil '66(later'77).She also married Herb Alpert. Then America recorded it and it didn't help their career too well due to a Vinyl shortage that saw them touring to support an L.P. that wasn't yet released. That was one of the big reasons that "Hat Trick" fared poorly in sales. The timing was way off, NOT the album. Too Bad, because "Hat Trick" was, and still is, a terrific recording. Now you see why people call me the male "Rosie O'Donnell" because my brain houses all this warped information. If my facts are slightly off, please correct me; however, I don't think they are. Bye the way,
"Moment To Moment" from "Human Nature" is my fave(BUT "Overwhelming World" is really the best!!!! See Ya...

Message: 2219 Posted: Fri Sep 25 09:43:51 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Muskrat

Right on! America did it first and did it better.

Message: 2218 Posted: Fri Sep 25 09:18:37 1998 By: Ed Schramm
Subject: Who sang it?

I'm trying to win a bet. Did America sing 'Muscrat Love", and if they didn't, who did?

Message: 2217 Posted: Fri Sep 25 09:02:27 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America


You can't always judge a book by its cover.
Everything has substance, and we always overlook these important
things and we shouldn't!

As I said and learned from management courses, as humans we're
always quick to condemn and criticize, whether its cds or anything
else. We have to soak in the music...listen, listen again...think and then react!!! How old were the guys when they wrote Horse, Ventura
Highway, I Need You, Sister Golden Hair, Tin Man, Old Man
their 20's and how old are they nownow with Human Nature? You figure it out. People change...I rest my case.

Regards, Howard L

Message: 2216 Posted: Fri Sep 25 08:04:40 1998 By: Chipmunk
Subject: KevinS Your head was not thinking correctly

Hi Kevin,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that you did not sell yourself short. I think that you were thinking that you were going on the assumption that you were going to here vintage America,but as you know we all grow and learn new things everyday.
I beleive that as both you and i grow and see things in a new light we are a little too fast to prejudge.I know that the guys travel all the time and experience new and exciting things and draw from these things to put their songs together.I was watching with interest to see if you would come back and give us some more of your comments which i can say that i appreciate and admire it as we all make a mistake now and then,but what the heck. I hope that you enjoy the album even though there are some tracks that you dont like, I have many albums ad must admit that there are some songs that i dont care for that much,but i always listen to the rest of the album.
Kevin take care and good health.

Message: 2215 Posted: Fri Sep 25 07:51:02 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Steve Lowry

Steve has done a lot to enliven my interest in America this year. This chat page has been a terrific forum to meet fans and friends of the guys. Tower in NYC two nights ago was just another of many great events. This group simply attracts some great people!

Thanks again, Steve -- for all your great web work this year!


Message: 2214 Posted: Fri Sep 25 07:40:53 1998 By: Kyle
Subject: Pasadena last night

The show was was Matthew's rockin' solo on 'Horse'!

Thanks guys!


Message: 2213 Posted: Thu Sep 24 23:09:47 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: First Human Nature Guitar Chords

Human Nature has only been out a little more than a week and someone has already submitted the guitar chords for one of the songs on that fantastic album. Many thanks to Billy Shepherd for submitting the chords for World Alone. If anyone else has figured out the chords to any of Human Nature's songs, feel free to send them to me and I'll put them out for everyone else to enjoy.

Message: 2212 Posted: Thu Sep 24 21:44:41 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Reply to: Bernie Friederici...

...and anyone who cannot find Human Nature in their country...

You can order the CD or cassette of the album at the record company's website...

We're getting lots of orders from out of the country this way and shipping the same day.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2211 Posted: Thu Sep 24 21:31:12 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: Rankings

On a lark I subtracted the number of songs I liked from the number of songs on each album and surprised myself. Here are my own little rankings:
1. Homecoming
2. Hat Trick
3. America
4. Human Nature
5. Hearts
6. Silent Letter
7. Hourglass
8. Harbor
9. Holiday
10. Hideaway
11. Your Move
12. Perspective
13. View From the Ground
14. Alibi

As to remarks about the cover, I think America should be commended for using a somewhat environmentally-friendly cd case.

Message: 2210 Posted: Thu Sep 24 20:44:11 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: sales

Karen!!! How is the CD selling? Any info ? I bought 2 copies for my wife and me for each car, I may buy another to keep at home

Message: 2209 Posted: Thu Sep 24 19:58:56 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: CNN time??

Hi all,
Does anyone know have a time and date for the CNN showing? Tomorrow is Friday? Hope you can help. I don't want to miss it. Thanks....Maureen

PS - Thanks to all of you for your nice comments on my pictures. Lets here for Steve Lowry who took the time to scan all of them. Yeah, for Steve!!!
Hay, do I get the award for the most concerts (8 appearances) the shortest time (10 week span)!! I also have some Tower Record pictures, but they are still in my camera. Take Care All...

Message: 2208 Posted: Thu Sep 24 18:45:20 1998 By: Don Hoffman
Subject: Moon Song

One of my favorites is Moon Song from Homecoming. I bought the vinyl album when it was brand new. Wasn't it just yesterday? Does anybody know what the song is about? I'm thinking Vietnam. But who knows. Please respond.

Message: 2207 Posted: Thu Sep 24 16:18:21 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Gavin Charts

I just checked the Gavin chart ( "From A Moving Train" has moved up from 21 to 16 this week. Considering their past chart success, not bad!


Message: 2206 Posted: Thu Sep 24 15:04:53 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Borders Books

Hey Karen, any chance America can appear at Borders Books in Houston before their October 10th concert? I've got my fingers crossed hoping you'll say, "YES!"

Message: 2205 Posted: Thu Sep 24 14:47:19 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Look, mom, I took my head out of my ass.

It's not easy admitting when you're wrong. Even more difficult when you're dead wrong.

I was wrong.

It was foolish and, frankly, immature of me to have condemned Human Nature so harshly, so quickly, as I did. There's so much on this album that is great. Whispering and Oloololo in particular blow me away.

I do think that, as the album rankings people have been doing show, different America songs and albums affect people differently. Which is a tribute to their greatness.

The only way I can explain my thoughts at the time were that, for me, there were three songs that when I heard them, I wasn't too wild about (I'm still not) which had never happened to me on a non-Perspective America album. Unfortunately for me, those three songs came in a row, and unfortunately for me they were at the front half of the album. I guess I let that influence the rest of what I heard and didn't give it a chance. I am an idiot.

And while there are still some things I miss on the album (1. to me this is the least guitar-oriented album they've ever done, and that's what their legacy was created on. 2. I can't believe Dewey only played on 5 of the songs. 3. the cheap cardboard cover didn't help my mood either), the reality is, I don't remember Gerry or Dewey calling me when they were making it and asking for my production help.

I guess the reason I was so harsh is that we hold our gods up to higher standards. Mortals make mistakes. Sometimes very stupid ones.

In my defense, I do find it very interesting that the one song everyone seems to universally agree on as being the best on the album is Wednesday Morning. The one song that sounds most like America.

But, if that's what I want to hear more of, there's always the next album or the 13 before it.

What occured to me is that, while debate is a good thing and fans should have a right to not just blindly accept what's handed them, an even better thing is that finally after four years we have something to debate about.

Everybody has his own opinion. I'm embarassed that mine was 95% wrong. For me, if I hit the SKIP button after Wednesday Morning and go to Wheels Are Turning, this is a masterpiece. For you, it's something different. But for both of us, it's an America album.

I apologize for my foolishness.

P.S. And even though I was very critical of the album at first, it hasn't stopped me from calling every single radio station on Karen's list at least two or three times a day requesting "From A Moving Train." Who do I send my phone bill too?

Message: 2204 Posted: Thu Sep 24 13:48:57 1998 By: Kevin Deeney
Subject: Bellingham Concert

Caught the Bellingham gig last night and was enthralled the entire show. They played two sets (including two songs from Human Nature) with an interlude and at the encore Jerry played a solo acoustic number (all my life) which was very special. Afterwards I met with the guys (after 23 years waiting) backstage and they autographed my Homecoming cd. It was one of the highlights of my life. Thanks for continuing to write and perform America. Don't ever stop - there is no replacement.

Message: 2203 Posted: Thu Sep 24 11:15:51 1998 By: J. Yee
Subject: Rankings

As Joe Knight did, I have to separate my rankings into two

AMERICA as a trio:
1 Homecoming
2 HatTrick
3 Hearts
4 Holiday
5 America
6 Hideaway
7 Harbor

AMERICA as a duo:
1 Human Nature
Hourglass (tie - a year from now it may be different)
3 Alibi
4 Your Move
5 Silent Letter
6 View from the Ground
7 Perspective

AMERICA: United We Stand!

Message: 2202 Posted: Thu Sep 24 10:17:50 1998 By: ShariL
Subject: In store appearances

Okay, Karen, bring 'em further south! San Diego is waiting, as always. The Borders (where I bought by HN copies) in Carmel Mountain Ranch on Rancho Carmel Road does a lot of instore stuff. (They had Kevin Bacon and the Bacon Brothers, for heavens sake)
Everybody keep calling your radio stations for air play. We want the whole world to know about this great new effort by our guys.
ShariL in San Diego

Message: 2201 Posted: Thu Sep 24 09:52:29 1998 By: Mags

Jeff...what a weird twist of fate, huh? Guess you were destined to meet her so that you could become an America fan!

Message: 2200 Posted: Thu Sep 24 09:01:49 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: photos

Nice photos Maureen & Bob!! Beautiful pic's w/the band! EDDY

Message: 2199 Posted: Thu Sep 24 06:39:11 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: pics

Maureen, great pics, thanks for sharing them with us.

Message: 2198 Posted: Thu Sep 24 01:07:06 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Albums

I dont see how you guys can rate the albums 1 thru 14. They have to be judged in 2 categories. America as a trio and America as a duo
My picks for America as a Trio
4.Hat Trick
America as a duo
1.Hour Glass
2.Human Nature
3.Silent Letter
5.Your Move
Of all of those I feel Strongly that Hour Glass is their finest work from cover.I am however totally mesmerized by Wheels on HN. Gotta be the best song I have ever heard!. But I thought the same thing about a dozen other America tunes over last 26 years KEEP ROCKING AMERICA.

Message: 2197 Posted: Thu Sep 24 00:20:08 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Photos Galore

I have been busy tonight scanning in TONS of photos that Bob and Maureen Morrison sent to me. All of them are now on the America Fans web site. Go to the America Fans Home Page and scroll down to the "What's New" section for links to all of the photos. Included are photos from Rye Playland (Summer 1996), Westbury Music Fair (July 13, 1998), Mohegan Sun Casino (August 8, 1998), Hershey Park - First Show (August 30, 1998), Hershey Park - Second Show (August 30, 1998), and live shots from the NBC Today Show (September 4, 1998). A big thanks to Bob and Maureen for making them available!

Message: 2196 Posted: Wed Sep 23 23:17:35 1998 By: Jeff

Back in the seventies I became aquainted with America because a girl I was interested in worshipped them-Gerry in particular.She knew everything about him. My only choice was to share her interest in the band.At first it was to get close to her but I developed an interest in their music and,in my capacity as a writer,got the chance to interview them for the cover story of "Music Connection." Boy,did that gain me some points! But it also gave me a deep appreciation for the band and the way they make music.Dewey was friendly,co-operative and even said hi to my girlfriend.That girl is married and living in California now.I heard from her about 3 years ago and she admitted she had not listened to an America song in quite some time. Me-I have every album they've ever put out,and rushed out to get "Human Nature" yesterday after Chicago's Steve Dahl played a couple of cuts on his show on WCKG. I've had the pleasure of speaking with them and enjoying their music for years.I'm glad they are still making memories and playing them as well.

Message: 2195 Posted: Wed Sep 23 20:48:13 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: album rankings

Here's my two cents:
2.Silent Letter
5.Human Nature
6.Hat Trick
11.View From The Ground
13.Your Move

(Numbers 6-8 are interchangeable...depending on my mood)
And I know we weren't supposed to count these, but my live album rankings would be
1.King Biscuit
3.In Concert

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 2194 Posted: Wed Sep 23 20:46:15 1998 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: :-)

"touched by a butterfly on my way home
flying who knows where
walking down that dusty road
without a care

up on the hill I got a better look
I watched the river run brown
and then I heard those songbirds singing
the country sound"

Message: 2193 Posted: Wed Sep 23 20:28:21 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: ranking

1. Human Nature
2. Holiday
3. Hearts
4. America
5. Homecoming
6. Hat Trick
7. Alibi
8. Harbor
9. Perspective
11.View From The Ground
12.Silent Letter
14.Your Move

Message: 2192 Posted: Wed Sep 23 20:09:36 1998 By: Karen D.

The San Francisco Border's Books in-store is now going to happen on Thursday, October 1st at 6:30PM.

The Santa Monica in-store remains where it is.

Hope to meet all the west coast fans now!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2191 Posted: Wed Sep 23 19:27:38 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Songwriting

Dear "Chipmunk" Person`

WHO are you?! No, don't tell me, but if you DO, i will feel more connected to whom i am writing...but anyways, RITE ON regarding the songwriting thing. Time has no bearing on how deep one searches his soul, how much pain (or joy) was felt, and how much of one's self is laid out there for some amateur to critique, when a song 'comes'. I see and feel where we're at regarding what goes into the making. Opinions such as the anonymous Dan's go with the territory (God i hope it wasn't Dan Peek!) and i hope he got SOME of what you were trying to explain. Don't forget, though, that the energy he put into his written opinion was founded upon a love for the band as he once knew it. He was touched in a big way by previous songs and wants more of the same. He doesn't realize that we ALL are growing up together. It's a compliment in itself, that he bothered to write his mind at all. You and i can probably relate similar personal experiences/feelings with our observations of the Beatles' and Bob Dylan's evolution, to mention a couple. This then gets into the area of the motive for songwriting, where Dan may seem suspicious that broad-spectrum popularity is intended. He was obviously once touched in a very personal way by more tha one of America's songs, and now feels that they have 'sold out', because he isn't the 'only' one enjoying the private message sent to him long ago. Perhaps he should realize that we all have more in common with each other than originally imagined, if we would only communicate more. On a more agreeable note with Dan, i feel that new killer acoustic jamming songs ARE on the horizon, if he'll be patient. In the meantime, he should attend a concert. He will be fulfilled to the max with what he wants jam-wise, because the songs he loved are still there (as are all songs) and will always be, not to mention the fresh updated-but-preserved soul put into each and every one of them! Was nice to read your letter in the Chat Folder... terry

Message: 2190 Posted: Wed Sep 23 18:53:12 1998 By: Don Hoffman
Subject: Human Nature

First the bad news. It's the same old stuff. Now the good news. The same old stuff was, is, and always will be FANTASTIC. Thanks for getting back into the studio ... and coming out with a terrific product. Do I note a jazzy element in a couple of the songs? How do the voices and harmonies get better and better? How about a tour thru Little Rock, Arkansas?

Message: 2189 Posted: Wed Sep 23 18:26:55 1998 By: michael koch
Subject: I love the new album

Thanks for the new album guys! It's GREAT!!!
Stop by for dinner when in Richmond next time.
Any pictures/autographs to send?

Message: 2188 Posted: Wed Sep 23 18:01:39 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: CNN Show?

Debbiedo, according to Karen (on the AOL chat folder) the CNN show was taped on the 22nd but won't air until Thursday or Friday of this week. CNN isn't even sure when it's going to air but Karen promised to post it as soon as she found out.

Message: 2187 Posted: Wed Sep 23 17:10:43 1998 By: FEDE
Subject: ranking


p.s.: Overwhelming world suite: i really can't stop me to listen to it, i could pay 1 million dollars to be in Gerry's mind when he makes songs like that!!!!

Message: 2186 Posted: Wed Sep 23 16:32:33 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Album rankings

1. America
2. Hearts
3. Holiday
4. View From The Ground
5. Homecoming
6. Hattrick
7. Silent Letter
8. Human Nature
9. Harbor
10. Hourglass
11. Your Move
12. Alibi
13. Hideaway
14. Perspective

Message: 2185 Posted: Wed Sep 23 14:58:45 1998 By: Michelle

1. Human nature
2. Hat Trick
3. America
4. Alibi
5. Homecoming
6. Hearts
7. View from the ground
8. Your move
9. Hourglass
10. Harbour
11. Hideaway
12. Silent letter
13. Holiday
14. Perspective

Message: 2184 Posted: Wed Sep 23 14:41:30 1998 By: Chipmunk
Subject: Dan In Danville

Dan,Dan the funny wee man. I would like to let you know that everyone has the right to say what they feel about this particular album,including yourself.I will go by the name Chipmunk and i am a well known celebrity who is in the music buisness and have written many number one songs and albums. I do not know if you are aware of how a song or album is written,I will give you a little insight as to how some songs that i have done came about.I will see a sign in a store window and i may think about that sign for five or ten minutes then i will jog it onto a napkin or just a scrap of paper that i have in my pocket,then i will work with it for a while or leave it for another time. I can say that the way that i work is to go back and forth with the sign adding words here and there until i have something that i can say 'perhaps i can use this bit of work with a bit of work from another piece that i already have and put the two parts together and end up with the completed piece.I have taken one year to write a song and think that i had made a mistake here and there and i can't go back and change it now that it has sold x amount of millions of albums.I also have words from perhaps another scrap of paper and i can combine them with another couple of lines that will work to make a song. I have written songs that have sold millions of albums that took me half of an hour to write,and i have worked on a certain song for as long as one year and that song was not received as well as the half hour that i put into the first one. This is just an example of one way that an artist can work and there are many different ways to go to to get the right lyrics and then you have to do the music. I think that the perfect example is Sir Elton John and Bernie Topin one does the lyrics then hands them to musician to do the music. Please don't take this the wrong way as i do not want to come off too strong, but you see there is more to putting an album together a song or an album together than most people think.I guess you are entitled to your opinion as am i.

Message: 2183 Posted: Wed Sep 23 14:36:50 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: CNN SHOW???

Will Karen or someone let us know for sure pretty please when they will be on CNN Show Biz news...watched it twice yesterday and wondered what happened to them. I must have misunderstood that they were going to be on the 22nd. Must have been only for the Tower appearence. And Stern...sorry Dew is sick. Get better soon my friend.

Thank you, thank you...debbiedo

Message: 2182 Posted: Wed Sep 23 12:57:12 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Ranking

I like the idea of ranking but I need to think about it. As far as Mark's rating I am not sure about Hearts ranked as low as #7 and Hat Trick #2. My 2cents worth.

Message: 2181 Posted: Wed Sep 23 11:07:46 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Rank The Albums

This might be fun and interesting, but everybody rank AMERICA's 14 original studio albums (no compilations or live albums please). Here's my current rankings, they change from time to time, but the ones at the top stay at the top and conversely the ones at the bottem stay there too. The ones near the middle frequently flip flop with each other depending on my moods. In my mind the top 3 tend to stand out and there is a big drop off between # 11 and #12. Anyway here's my rankings:
1. America
2. Hat Trick
3. Homecoming
4. Human Nature
5. Hideaway
6. Holiday
7. Hearts
8. View From The Ground
9. Hourglass
10. Alibi
11. Harbor
12. Your Move
13. Silent Letter
14. Perspective

Message: 2180 Posted: Wed Sep 23 10:23:06 1998 By: Mark

Dear Dan,

Your criticism of HN focuses on what others think about it and two songs, Town & Country and Barstow. Your criticism of T&C is that it is a rehash of One Morning. Having listened to both, I hear very little similarities, other than the theme of a walk through the country. Musically they are very different. And comparing it to what Capt & Tennelle did to Muskrat Love because there are bird two short clips of bird sound in the background is a big stretch. Dewey does not deliver the vocals in a sappy sweet style and the bird sounds are in the background and not brought to the front, as C&T did with the muskrat noise. Your only criticism of Barstow is the lyrics. I've heard far worse, besides the lyrics may be very insightful, maybe you just don't get it. As far as comparing it to other America albums, I think it stands up well with any America album. The first three albums, which IMHO are their best, were the products of three artists, so any comparison would be unfair, but I think HN is as good as Gerry & Dewey's work on those albums. I also think that HN is BETTER than View From The Ground, which I thought was their previous best as a duo. Now when I first listened to HN I didn't think so. In fact I didn't care for a few of the songs, like Town & Country, when I first listened. But HN tends to grow on you the more you listen to it. IMHO HN IS THEIR BEST ALBUM AS A DUO!

Message: 2179 Posted: Wed Sep 23 09:51:52 1998 By:

I vote album of the year. AMERICA's greatest effort to date. It has something for everyone. An album w/much depth & diversity in musical expansion.

Message: 2178 Posted: Wed Sep 23 08:55:20 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Tower Records Concert

For the first time in my life I'm jealous of people who live in New York. I would have loved to have seen them at Tower Records. How many people showed up?

Message: 2177 Posted: Wed Sep 23 07:24:58 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Tower Records

Hi all,
I was also at the Tower Records last night. The guys sounded excellant as usual. They were also very professional and gracious when the PA system failed TWICE. I had the opportunity to speak with Karen and Patrick - Hi Guys. Thanks for everything! You are the best. Karen also mentioned that the guys shot CNN yesterday and it should be on Thurs or Fri, CNN didn't even know. Also, Gerry and Dewey were doing some taping for the VH-1 show 'Were are they Now?' It should air sometime in November. Cool!! Thanks again to Gerry and Dewey and Brad for a very well done performance. A CLASS ACT all the way. Howard and Penny, I have your CD's. Howard, if you can email Penny, she has my work number so give me a call. Take Care.....Long Live Gerry and Dewey and AMERICA.
PS Also got to meet fellow chat people: Bruce, Jen, and one other person, sorry, I can't remember his name.

PSS- Steve lowry please email me here at my job if you can, otherwise at home later tonite. Thanks!!

See Ya.....Maureen

Message: 2176 Posted: Wed Sep 23 04:40:21 1998 By: Bernie Friederici
Subject: The new Human Nature Album

Now I am a great America - Fan since 20 years now. Now I want to buy a copy of the new Album at my Record Store in Germany. And ?? There is no listing!!!

Now my question: When and where can I get Human Nature in German Record Stores ? And what about Silent Letter, Alibi, Perspective and Your Move ? Can I get them in German Stores ?

Thanks a lot for answering

Message: 2175 Posted: Wed Sep 23 04:24:40 1998 By: Lus Ea
Subject: Europe

I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and I have all the America albums. I am still waiting for the year they come to play in Portugal. My hope
these days is that they come to play in Europe. Are there any plans to
come to Europe ?

P.S. : Human Nature is great!

Message: 2174 Posted: Tue Sep 22 22:09:30 1998 By: georgianna
Subject: JOY...JOY...JOY

i am a very happy girl! The "mini" concert was great. i wish America would do more "unplugged" concerts. Especially the singalongs!! It took me 24 years but I finally got the opportunity to meet Gerry and Dewey. I wish i could have stayed longer. What was the camera crew there for Karen?? i guess you won't be using the PA mishaps. It was a
great idea WHOMEVER'S it was. You deserve a raise!

P.S. Met a "younger" man in line who had just been introduced to America by a friend of his. This was his first America concert. And he plans on many more. America is TIMELESS!!!!!!!!!!
Dewey and Gerry thank you!! You are sweethearts even under pressure!

Message: 2173 Posted: Tue Sep 22 22:04:55 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Tower Records

Rich, thanks for the review of Tower Records. Yes, I'm jealous.
As you all know I was home for the Jewish Holidays with family.

Let's hear from other people too who were there...please.

Glad everyone had a great time.

Dewey, hope you're feeling better!!!Take that Coldese!!

Howard L

Message: 2172 Posted: Tue Sep 22 21:30:54 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Tower Records NYC

Just returned from the Promo concert/autograph signing with my wife at Tower Records in NYC. They were AWESOME! They not only sounded great, but they have to be the most down to earth people in show-biz! There was only Dewey and Gerry along with Brad Palmer. It was a very relaxed evening. At one time the power went out ,and the fans carried the words to Sister Golden Hair. America played 6 songs(Dewey was under the weather with a bad throat, although you would not have guessed it), Ventura..,I Need..,Sister..., Two from HN, ...Train,and Pages, and of course Horse...! I dont know why VH-1 or MTV Unplugged does not feature America. I have seen them in concert over 12 times, but this evening was a very memorable performance! America is two very classy guys who appreciate their fans genuinally! They signed our Cd cover,the cd itself,a store flyer (that promoted the event), a guitar pick, and they gave out and signed a HN poster! Christmas was early thanks to this evening! They took time to listen to our comments ,and were very receptive and responsive.
Thanks America for a cherished memory, and I HOPE this album gets the recognition that you deserve! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Rich,Rosalie, Julianna,and Carmela

PS-Thank you Dewey and Gerry for signing the HN poster for our3 year old twin girls, of whom I mentioned to you sing" from a moving train"!

Message: 2171 Posted: Tue Sep 22 21:27:48 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: Dan in Danville

Hi Dan! You're critisisms of "Human Nature" are strong and, to be fair, they're pretty correct; however, in many ways I DO find this recording a very strong effort if you weigh the content & quality to all the other crap that has been released lately. Don't overlook the impact of Carl Wilson's passing had on this project, and don't forget that AMERICA has consistently tried to come up with something unique, new and yet still AMERICA! I have heard other grumbling from other fans concerning this latest release, but as a TRUE DIE-HARD FAN I feel that with each listen of "Human Nature" you can really appreciate the hard work they put into it! It ranks up there with any of their classic L.P.s ..."View From The Ground" was alright, but it wasn't no John Kennedy...if you get my drift(ha ha) See Ya!

Message: 2170 Posted: Tue Sep 22 20:44:37 1998 By: Jim Grieger
Subject: Human Nature

I think the new CD is great! Had the chance to see them at Harborfest in Oswego NY. Brought my 8 year old daughter for her first concert. We got there early and were front row. Before the conert began we went backstage and were able to talk with Gerry. We talked about the new album and some of my favorite songs he's done in the past. He was great with my daughter and even showed us a picture of his son in his baseball uniform.

They played "From a Moving Train" and "Pages" during this concert and they were perfect. It was unbelievable how fresh those songs sounded and they seemed to be a lot more enthused and sharper about those songs than the oldies...understandably so. There vocals were incredibly sharp on those songs. Overall, the concert was great even though there were many technical gliches that were not their fault. They kept a great attitude given the circumstances.

Human Nature is just quality music. Keep up the great work! A die-hard fan in central New York

Message: 2169 Posted: Tue Sep 22 18:52:47 1998 By: BILL LUNNA


Message: 2168 Posted: Tue Sep 22 18:33:54 1998 By: Virginia Mitchell
Subject: Borders appearances-CA

We America fans in the San Jose, CA area would LOVE an appearance at Borders in Old Town Los Gatos (408-395-6622). Anything you can do? It's on the way south from San Francisco to Santa Monica. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for all your hard work promoting Human Nature.
Virginia, Morgan Hill

Message: 2167 Posted: Tue Sep 22 14:09:41 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: CNN showbiz today

for the second time today i watched\listened and no America. Whats going on ? Did someone get the date wrong or what? Any word of rescheduling this one?

Message: 2166 Posted: Tue Sep 22 13:44:47 1998 By: Dan in Danville
Subject: America

I've sat here silently reading these postings over the past few months...but now I feel I must speak up!!! While I'm glad to see everyone is digging HN, to say it's the best album America has ever done is rediculous. It's not even close to the Horse With No Name record or the next one called Homecoming or even the one they did called Hat Trick or my favorite which is an album they did called View From The Ground. Like, the song called Town And The Country is just a remake of a song Dewey did on the album called Silent Letter, the song was called One Morning. Both songs are just songs about Dewey talking a walk. It's the exact same song...but on this song they didn't know what to do with it so they just stuck some banjo behind it...and then did just what Captain and Tennele did on Muskrat Love with those churping muskrat sounds by putting churping bird sounds!!! We all hated when they did that but now it's okay? The words to this song are kinda silly too--that part about him going in and watching TV and clicking around. Come on, you can do better than that. Why not tell me you read a book and took a nap too. If you stack all of Dewey's songs up, this might be at the bottom of the stack. And that song called Barstow has silly words in it too...about Barstow, Barstow Showplace of the sounds like one of those parady songs they did in the movie called Waiting For Guffman when they did a song about Blaine, Missouri, or one of those songs they do on the Simpsons when there was a musical about Springfield and they talked about it being the jewel in the crown. And for my tastes there are too many love ballads and not enough acoustic guitar jams that America became famous with. They just tried to do too many song styles hoping they would have a song that appealed to everyone. Most of them do..but best ever---don't make me come over there and hit you.

Message: 2165 Posted: Tue Sep 22 13:17:36 1998 By: Hank
Subject: America

Makes you wonder why the hell they'd be doing on his show in the first place, doesn't it?

Message: 2164 Posted: Tue Sep 22 12:17:15 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: stern show

I usually dont get up early and i NEVER listen to howard stern but this morning i was up at 6:30 listening to that jerk. He didnt announce that they werent showing up till 9 am. did they cancel at the last minute?I hope theyre ok. Is this being rescheduled?

I thought it would be a great way to start the day hearing america on the radio instead it was a crappy way to start the day listening to that jerk for 2 1\2 made me realize why i never listen to him !

Message: 2163 Posted: Tue Sep 22 11:55:48 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: "Hidden Talent"

I agree with Joe B. about "Hidden Talent". It is one of my favorites, too. But it's like having to answer which of your children do you like the best. All of them, of course.

As I have mentioned before, "Hidden Talent" has a Daryl Hall flavor
but much better because it's performed by Gerry and Dewey.

I'm enjoying "Human Nature" so very much!!!

What qualifies me as an ardent AMERICA fan is that I've listened to Dewey and Gerry so much and for so many years that my 75 year old
dad can recognize an AMERICA song when he hears one on the radio.

Thanks Dewey and Gerry for all the years of wonderful music!!

Congratulations on this beautiful group of songs.

Johnny Yee
Hobbs, NM

Message: 2162 Posted: Tue Sep 22 10:27:49 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Tower Appearance

Just got off the phone with Tower Records- they say everything is a GO regardless of the Stern cancellation- is this true Karen?

Message: 2161 Posted: Tue Sep 22 08:39:38 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Tower Records

Karen: Please let us know as soon as possible if America has cancelled their appearance....some of us need to get an early start to get into the city in the afternoon. (I truly don't want to risk my life for nothing!!!)

Message: 2160 Posted: Tue Sep 22 07:52:03 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: No howard

I just spoke to my husband, Bob, who listens to the Stern all the time and Howard Stern said that 'America cancelled their appearance because someone was sick'. I hope whomever is sick, will feel better soon!! I hope you didn't eat of of those 'dirty water dogs'!! Does anyone know if they are they still going to be at Tower Records this evening? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.......Maureen

Message: 2159 Posted: Tue Sep 22 07:24:06 1998 By: Rich C
Subject: Howard Stern

Listened to HS from 7:00-8:30am this morning. No America? Anyone help?

Message: 2158 Posted: Tue Sep 22 07:23:54 1998 By: Nellie
Subject: Stern

I just called the # Karen left for the Sern show to ask a question. The phone screening person said that they cancelled. Anyone know anything about this?

Message: 2157 Posted: Tue Sep 22 02:45:01 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: Open House :o)

Wanna' bet I was one of the only moms around walking thru the halls of her daughter's high school at the open house tonight singing over & over to herself "From a moving train" (ok, unless the Wahlgren's had open house tonight!? lol!). Got a kick out of it too. Would have been blown away if someone had chimed in. My son kept saying sing the rest of the song, quit singing just that part (13 & 3/4 yr olds!). Ah, sorry son, but I have not learned ALL the words yet, but I really like that's kind of catchy ya'know. Love the guitar on this song...the high strung (?) one. That and "Oloololo"...what a DYNAMITE song!!! Love the sound effects in the middle part...the xylophonelike thing, the chimes, the stomping/clapping (?), the animals, Dewey's voice!

I just got it and love it! Even got it free! Got a promo copy from Sam Goody where my daughter works...hey, it was my birthday I'm allowed one special goodie, aren't I? Seeing as Gerry & I are virgos and have bds 5 days apart and all.

I am partial to the first couple songs and I absolutely LOVE the last couple lines from "Moment to Moment" where Dewey does harmonies for Gerry. "Promise me you'll never change"-Ger, "Promise you'll never change" Dew. That is SO pretty!!! And I am blown away by the next part where Dew does the last verse. "Every moment is a shining light, every moment is the darkest night, every moment gotta GET it right, every single moment". It's just what the song ordered.

One of the songs made me think about the Hideaway days, one made me think of my aunt teaching me to dance in the late 50's, early 60's (World Alone), and some are definitely the 90's (Hot Town sizzles). And, am I the only one who can see them dancing with top hats and canes,and kicking up their heels,while I listen to "Town & Country"? LOL!

The highlights for me are where Dew & Ger do what they are best known for and do so damn good...harmonize. They are legends in the business, esp the 70's sound for their clear crisp harmonies. How sweet they are.

I think it is truly wonderful and a sure fire winner. As many have said it bears listening to many times to even appreciate more. They have a lot to be proud I am sure they are. They sound amazing.

Setting the tape for tomorrow and CNN Showbiz News. I think the card board container is clever. Sure appreciate the words being included. Can't wait for the next pressure boys...enjoy the success this work brings you.


Message: 2156 Posted: Mon Sep 21 21:33:32 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Where to get Van Go Gan

I received a message today from an America Fan who was able to get VAN GO GAN through a Japanese CD mail order site (Ray Mitzutani). He said that it was great, with the CD notes and all. The Internet address is

Message: 2155 Posted: Mon Sep 21 21:25:57 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Howard Stern - CBS & E!

Hi, Karen

Would you happen to know when America's appearance on Howard Stern will be shown on E! and CBS?

Message: 2154 Posted: Mon Sep 21 21:08:30 1998 By: Karen

September 28th and 29th are slated as California Human Nature promo days.

America will be doing an in-store performance at Border's Books on Post Street in San Francisco at 12:30pm this Monday, September 28th. They will be doing another in-store performance at Border's Books on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica at 1pm on Tuesday, September 30th.

Human Nature CD autographing will follow each appearance.

We are still in the middle of adding more appearances and interviews for the band during those two days.

Expect additional Border's Books dates in the future.

Hey, and come find me and say hello in California!

karen d.

Message: 2153 Posted: Mon Sep 21 20:08:50 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, and other members of "America"

Thanks everybody for the quick answer on the Jeff Bridges deal. If only the Last Unicorn soundtrack had any information on it -- besides saying "America" was performing on it -- this wouldn't be an issue.


Message: 2152 Posted: Mon Sep 21 20:00:16 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Tower Records

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the updates. I am going to Tower and 3 other people are going to meet me. So, if it is just the 5 of us, thats ok by me, but I have a feeling we won't be alone. Take Care....Maureen

Message: 2151 Posted: Mon Sep 21 18:46:50 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Singer

Jeff Bridges did sing that song in " The Last Unicorn".
Also I love the new CD! Does anyone know how it is selling? Cya

Message: 2150 Posted: Mon Sep 21 18:43:02 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Howard Time

America will be on Howard Stern starting at 7am tomorrow and ending....hey...whenever it ends!

Listen in!


Karen D.

Message: 2149 Posted: Mon Sep 21 17:27:27 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: CNN Appearance

Just got off the phone with CNN in Atlanta. "CNN Showbiz Today" will air Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 230PM Eastern & will be repeated at 300AM Eastern. Also, called Tower Records this afternoon and and was told "I doubt that too many people will show up". HE may doubt that, but I can tell YOU that I will be there, and my friends from Greenwich Village will be there, and I'll bet whoever he was(didn't get his name) well, boy, is HE gonna be surprised!!! I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!

Message: 2148 Posted: Mon Sep 21 16:46:51 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Howard Stern show, too

To all of you Howard Stern fans: does anyone know exactly what time Gerry and Dewey will be one. I do not listen to him in the morning, so I was wondering what time he usually puts his guests on. Thank You. Maureen

Message: 2147 Posted: Mon Sep 21 16:42:21 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: CNN - what time ??

Does any body know what time they are showing the Showbix Today segment on CNN? Usually it comes on here in Long Island at 5:30pm to 6:00pm (ET), but I was told by someone that it will air at 2;30pm because of all the 'Clinton Garbage'. So I went to their web site and it shows Showbiz Today at 2:30 but then it says no Showbiz shows will be shown. (Say that 3 times fast). Please helps, so I can set up my timing on my VCR while I am at work. Thanks a million to all...Maureen from LI, NY.

Message: 2146 Posted: Mon Sep 21 16:37:36 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Last Unicorn question from John Corbett,

Hi John, I have both the CD and the video of the Last Unicorn and I FF to the part where the song is sung, and both my husband, Bob and I agree that it is not Dewey singing. Althought, on the box to the video it says 'All songs by America!' Very confusing. I hope we are right and I hope this helps....Maureen

Message: 2145 Posted: Mon Sep 21 15:40:59 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Stern Show Tuesday Morning

The telephone number to call The Howard Stern Show and get on the air with Dewey and Gerry is:

212 314-9322

But you better have something good to say - you know how strict those phone screening interns can be!

: )


Message: 2144 Posted: Mon Sep 21 15:24:08 1998 By: joe b
Subject: HN

Hey you people,

Contrary to popular opinion, "Hidden Talent" is one of my fave tunes on the CD. A great contemporary twist on the America sound. "Oloololo" might just be the most unique (and one of the best) songs the guys have written/recorded. Many new sounds bode well for the artistic future of our fave band.
Joe B

P.S. The packaging is just fine everyone, please relax.

Message: 2143 Posted: Mon Sep 21 13:27:03 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Last Unicorn question

Does anybody know for sure whether the male singer on "That's All I've Got To Say" is Dewey or Jeff Bridges? If not, does anybody have an educated guess?


Message: 2142 Posted: Sun Sep 20 22:09:12 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: inquiry

Rick, it is very unlikely that Dan will ever reunite with Gerry and Dewey for an album or a live performance. Dan left in the late 70's so Gerry and Dewey have been without him for most of their career and it will most likely remain that way.

Message: 2141 Posted: Sun Sep 20 22:08:05 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

As always All Things Are Possible, but there are currently no plans for a reunion. It's been over 20 years now since Dan left AMERICA & both have gone off in different directions. It gets talked about here & there so hey you never know. One thing that has not changed is the well disciplined work habits of GERRY & DEWEY & even a single year of touring w/them usually can be very difficult to keep up, so let's hope for a show or 2 someday w/Dan.

Message: 2140 Posted: Sun Sep 20 22:04:49 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: MIDI

Michelle, the MIDI files for Sandman and Sister Golden Hair appear to be corrupt on the America page. Go to the Sound Index Page on the America Fans home page for a list of WAVE files and MIDI files that are on the Fans Page. At the bottom of the index you'll find several America MIDI files including Sandman, Sister Golden Hair (2 versions), Sergeant Darkness, Ventura Highway, and California Dreamin'. All of these files should work.

Message: 2139 Posted: Sun Sep 20 21:30:25 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: MIDI

I was just looking at some things on the America home page---on the MIDI files a horse with no name plays fine but im getting an error message on sandman and sister golden hair and they wont play. Is there a problem or is the problem with my computer only?

Message: 2138 Posted: Sun Sep 20 18:39:39 1998 By: Rick Tindall
Subject: inquiry

REALLY like the new CD!
Is there any chance of Dan Peek ever reuniting with Gerry and Dewey for a project (album or live apprearance)?

Message: 2137 Posted: Sun Sep 20 10:01:57 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: NYC Postering

We've been having the upper west side and the midtown areas of NYC wallpapered this weekend with Human Nature posters announcing the Tower records in-store.

Anyone in NYC, go check it out!

Karen D.

Message: 2136 Posted: Sun Sep 20 09:52:11 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Reply to Rich C. re: Q-104 NYC

An interview between Gerry and Q-104's afternoon drive-time DJ Mark Parenteau was taped on Thursday afternoon.

When the station gives me an airdate and time, I will be sure to let you know.

Karen D.

Message: 2135 Posted: Sun Sep 20 09:47:12 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Reply to Tom Hullinger re: Billboard review

Billboard's Chuck Taylor featured America and reviewed Human Nature in that magazine's June 27th issue.


Message: 2134 Posted: Sun Sep 20 08:42:21 1998 By: Georgianna
Subject: My time for HN

I finally got my HN for $17.99 at Record Town in Poughkeepsie, NY. I have just listened once so far. Here are my favorites so far in no particular order: From a Moving Train, Wednesday Morning, Town and Country( LOVE Dewey's vocals on this one-HOT!),World Alone,Pages and Hot Town. I hope as time goes on more songs will be appreciated. Dewey and Gerry, thank you for the music and the strength it gives me to get thru this topsy-turvy life of mine! Always, Georgianna

P.S. Anyone taping the Howard Show, please make it available to us poor saps who live in a too conservative town. Thanks!

Message: 2133 Posted: Sun Sep 20 07:02:00 1998 By: Federico
Subject: HN

Just receive today my copy of HN from USA......
...what can i say that nobody has said??.....
are here, playng by my cd.
I really think this cd is one of their best masterpiece, it's no commercial music, it's a masterpiece.

Thank you guys again for make me dream at Sheboygan and let me to keep on dreaming with HUMAN NATURE.

Well, when the next cd?....hehehehehe



HEY Dewey & Gerry TRY to came in EUROPE this DECEMBER and Don't forget ITALY.
(might i give you a suggestion? considering italian people and the music they like, i think that songs as Hidden talent or Hot town
are very good to present your new cd!)

Message: 2132 Posted: Sat Sep 19 23:46:07 1998 By: Rod
Subject: America - 10/2/98 - Albuquerque

Hello All,

I just now learned that America will perform in Albuquerque October 2, at the Garduno's Chili Fest, Winrock Mall. Apparently Rick Springfield will also be on the bill, so I gather it will be a short set. But still will be great to see and hear Gerry and Dewey for the first time since the Human Nature release. And it will certainly be appropriate for them to perform in Albuquerque (See Track 6, Human Nature - "Wheels are Turning")!!!

I notice this is not listed on the concert schedule, so maybe Rick would want to add it to the list.

Incidentally, the following morning marks the opening of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. So you could stay at the Marriott across from Garduno's, have dinner at Garduno's, hear a great concert, and then take in the Mass Ascencion of the Balloon Fiesta at 7:00 a.m. Sat. morning.

Let me know if anyone wants more info.
Go "Human Nature"!!!

Message: 2131 Posted: Sat Sep 19 15:47:45 1998 By: Mark Payne
Subject: HN

Thanks to America for another fine Album (oops, I'm showing my age, CD). I to think "Moving Train" should be the single that will get the worlds attention. Love "Wheels Are Turning", classic Dew. Thanks to all who have helped promote America; Can someone confirm that America will be making another CD? * Two suggestions if you guys don't mind: 1)More photos in the CD. 2)A couple songs more accoustical, sort of unplugged, around the campfire; Emphisizing those great one of a kind voices and the fine fingering of those fantastic Taylor guitars. Alison and I Camped at the "Out of Africa" camp (Bushbuck)near the Oloololo escarpment in the Masa Mara (Romantic/Mysterious all in one)where the Masai speak to the other tribes in Swahili and the Giraffes move across the grassland savanna like sailing ships on an ocean. Thanks DB for the bringing back some fond memories. Please keep on making music we so enjoy. One more question, Why isn't Woodsy playing on the CD? We think he's great! Hank Linderman is great too! Hey Dewey, I hear Wilderbeasts but no Zebras, do we need a better stereo? Howdy Pete!

Asante Sana, Kwaheri

Mark and Alison Payne (Bill Payne's cousin)

Message: 2130 Posted: Sat Sep 19 10:59:06 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Jeff Larson's Watercolor Sky CD

There have been several posts talking about Jeff Larson's Watercolor Sky CD but I'd like to add one more. This weekend I was able to digitize ALL of the songs on Jeff's wonderful CD and I have placed some sound clips on the America Fans web site. One of these songs is "Annabelle" which was written and co-produced by Gerry Beckley. My favorite song is "Coast" which sounds like a mixture between the Beach Boys and America. If you don't have this CD yet, take a few minutes to listen to the sound clips and I'm sure you'll be impressed. --Steve

Message: 2129 Posted: Sat Sep 19 10:53:04 1998 By: Gary
Subject: Rock Report on KLOS

Yesterday I was listening to KLOS 95.5 FM, which is one of the biggest rock stations in So. CA. On their "Rock Report", they annouced that AMERICA's HUMAN NATURE had been released on the 15th. I've noticed that KLOS has been playing more AMERICA lately, maybe this is a good sign. These reports are usually broadcast several times a day and are a great way to get the word out.

the other GB

Message: 2128 Posted: Sat Sep 19 08:33:17 1998 By: Rich C
Subject: Q-104?,Finally got my copy of HN

Well I got my copy of HN yesterday! A new store here in Westbury,Long Island had onet copy left and they held it for me. Thanks to Jen on the chat folder for steering me to Music Arcade! Anyone in the NYC area know what happened to the Q-104 interview yesterday? Maybe it was pushed back?
My favorite tracks are ...Train,Wednesday Morning,Wheels are turning,Pages, and Hot Town so far.Great Job!

Message: 2127 Posted: Sat Sep 19 08:06:00 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: HN Revelation/Elation

After listening to the latest C.D. over and over these last few days, I guess it's safe to say that I think "Human Nature" may very well be the finest recording that AMERICA has ever done. The production quality is phenomenal and the songs are each little gems with the word MASTERPIECE written across each one. Thank you Gerry and Dewey...I'm in the studio halfway through completing my own C.D. and hearing "Human Nature" reassured me that Thank God good music is STILL being recorded. It gives us struggling POP/Rock Songwriters hope that what we do is still appreciated!!! Now Let's see it Breakout in a HUGE way across the country. To all of the "FRIENDS OF AMERICA" you are truly the greatest!!! I Love this CHAT FOLDER!! (thanks steve)...see ya..

Message: 2126 Posted: Fri Sep 18 23:30:49 1998 By: jessica
Subject: welcome

Welcome, Glorito! It's great to have yet another fan from the Philippines. Hope you enjoy checking out this wonderful page. If and when the band comes to Manila once more (maybe next year!), I hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, join in the fun and get to meet the many, really nice people here. If you need to know anything about America, this is the place.

Again, welcome and enjoy!

And to Jen: have a relaxing vacation! You lucky you!

Message: 2125 Posted: Fri Sep 18 23:21:15 1998 By: Rick C
Subject: Whispering

Human Nature. What a terrific new addition to the America's body of work. I've listened to it about a dozen times already and it keeps getting better. The song that rises to the top for me...Whispering. I don't think I've ever used this word to describe an America tune Makes me want to chase my wife around (even more than usual.) Never heard Gerry sing the way he does in the song. There's a real haunting, ethereal mood to it. Very impressed with the way the guys keeping trying new styles on their latest albums but still stay grounded to their "classic" roots.

Lots of diverse sounds on the album. From the expected acoustic guitars and harmonies (not that there's anything wrong with that!) to the blue-eyed soul of Hot Town, to the African rthyms of Oloololo, the down-home flavor of Town and Country, the driving beat of Hidden Talent, the bass line of Wheels Are Turning and the Power Pop of Moment To Moment, the early sixties feel of World Alone......Human Nature delivers a wide array of musical styles. It'll be hard to tire of this album.

Congratulations Dewey and Gerry!

Message: 2124 Posted: Fri Sep 18 23:12:04 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Oloololo

To read all of the lyrics from Oloololo go to the Oloololo web page where you'll also find translations of many of the Swahili words. There are also links to web pages that talk about the places in Kenya that are being referred to in the song. I was so intrigued by this song and it's lyrics that I had to find out what it meant and I'm glad I can share it with the rest of you.

Message: 2123 Posted: Fri Sep 18 22:25:24 1998 By: Marty Faile
Subject: Life is Good

....and then there was Human Nature and life was good. Wonderfull, wonderfull, wonderfull. "Oloololo" may the song of the century!!!!

Message: 2122 Posted: Fri Sep 18 20:48:26 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: Happy in New Mexico

No longer waiting... Thanks.
(esp. for Wheels Are Turning)

Message: 2121 Posted: Fri Sep 18 20:05:19 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Signed HN CD

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply on my questions. I knew the q-rock stuff was a joke. I was just checking to see if anyone was reading my review Ha, Ha. Oh, would you like me to get a copy of Human Nature signed for you when I go to Tower Records? I'd be more than happy to do that for you. You're the best. Also, you should get the pictures any day now. Let me know.....Take Care.......Maureen.

Message: 2120 Posted: Fri Sep 18 19:58:34 1998 By: Marshall
Subject: No Human Nature on Billboard on-line mag

America's release of Human Nature isn't even listed on the new releases of Pop/Rock albums for September 15th, 1998.

I couldn't find anything on Human Nature on the billboard website.

Message: 2119 Posted: Fri Sep 18 19:26:55 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Billboard Review??

Has anyone seen the review of Human Nature by Billboard magazine?? My plastic covering had a quote from Billboard saying it was vintage america - familiar harmonies - gentle melodies. i would like to read their entire review. Anybody??

Message: 2118 Posted: Fri Sep 18 14:37:30 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Oloololo

To all, ready for this:
Masai Mara is a Game Reserve in Kenya: it's a very special corner of Africa and Kichwa Tembo is a part of it. In English, Kichwa Tembo would be called Elephant's Head camp. Captures real excitement of the real African safari and the thrill of camping. This is a well established permanent tented camp, which is situated at the foot of the Oloololo escarpment (steep slope) on the edge of the riverine forest.

My take on this is that the guys are singing about their actual
traveling experience or fantasy to this place???

For the first paragraph
Lala Salama To The Masai Mara
Lala means ? and Salama means Good

And asante sana (thank you very much) to Kichwa Tembo.

It's Swahili. regards Howard

Message: 2117 Posted: Fri Sep 18 14:26:57 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Q 104

Hi everyone,I was wondering will be able to get me a copy of the Q 104interview with the guys. I cant do it as i will be at work and my husband Bob will be sleeping as he works the graveyard shift,12.30-7.30 and will not be able to do it for me.
Thank you

Message: 2116 Posted: Fri Sep 18 13:57:03 1998 By:


OLOOLOLO means a zig, zag type of road. A masterpiece of a song, indeed.

Message: 2115 Posted: Fri Sep 18 13:41:38 1998 By: JOHN LYLE
Subject: America

How I wish I was in the USA - we'll have to wait several months before we can even
even hope to see Human Nature here in South Africa ... if it's released
at all .... We're still looking for the Last Unicorn soundtrack..
I just thought you'd like o know that even at the tip of Africa, America
still has fans.

Message: 2114 Posted: Fri Sep 18 11:42:54 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Yet Another Human Nature Review!

Well I think Ive listened to HN enough times to give a song by song review. As a whole, I like the CD more the more I listen to it. The first time I listened to it I thought it was on par with Hourglass (which is good, I really like Hourglass). But the more I listen to it, Human Nature is BETTER than Hourglass. In fact I think it is probably one of their finest works PERIOD! It ranks right up there with ANY of their WB albums and IMHO is certainly their best as a duo! Anyway, heres my song by song review:

From a Moving Train When I first listened to the CD, I thought they had made a mistake releasing this song as the first single, I liked Wednesday Morning better. But after listening to the CD a few times this song really grew on me. I found myself singing it even when I wasnt listening to it! No mistake here, it has become my favorite song! We have to keep bugging radio stations to play this song, because it is good enough to be a hit if people hear it.

Wednesday Morning My next favorite song. Kind of drags as it opens, but really takes off once it gets moving! Also very memorable. Kind of a Sister Golden Hair for the 90s. Gets my vote for second single, I think it also has hit potential if it gets heard. Recommend they add this to their live performances.

Town and Country Different. Kind of pop but also kind of country. Kind of has a late 60s hippie feel to it. The more I listen to, the more I like it! Very nice!

Moment to Moment Classic Gerry. Moves along nicely. Reminiscent of Sunrise Sunset from VGG.

Hidden Talent Features the late great Carl Wilson on background vocals. Not a bad song, but it is my least favorite on the album. A nice little pop song, but not very innovative.

Wheels Are Turning One of my favorites!! Kind of just rolls along. I think this one could be a hit too. Gets my vote for 3rd single. Recommend they add this to their live performances.

World Alone Has a 50s feel to it. Very pretty.

Overwhelming World Suite 3 songs in one. Gets stronger as it goes. First two parts are strongly influenced by Beach Boys/Carl Wilsons monumental Pet Sounds. In fact in places Gerry sounds hauntingly like Carl. A fitting tribute. The last part (Barstow) is uptempo, reminiscent of the Beatles. An EXCELLENT piece of music. Deserves air play!

Pages Another strong song. Has a Latin beat, which works very nicely.

Hot Town Their best rocker since Valentine (which is my personal favorite America rocker). They should definitely start playing this one live!

Whispering Different. Recalls Gerrys work on VGG. You have to listen to this a few times to appreciate it. Again, this is one where the more I listen to it, the better I like it! Should have dedicated it to Bill Clinton;-)

Oloololo Very different. I didnt care for it the first time I listened to it, but once again, the more I listen the better it gets.

The only negative I have about the CD is its packaging. The cover looks great, but I saw it in the rack at Best Buy (they had about 30 of them!), and at first glance it looks like a CD single. I know Oxygen isnt a major label and they are doing everything they can, but I doubt that the packaging will help sales. Hopefully it wont hurt sales once word gets out. All the King Biscuit CDs come in the jewel cases, so maybe the second pressing could be in a jewel case.

Message: 2113 Posted: Fri Sep 18 11:37:28 1998 By: Gabriel Lim
Subject: Singapore concert please....

You know, now with the release of HN, maybe it's about time for America to come down to Singapore for a concert. We have been left out in the cold for too long already. Any idea when they might want to come visit?


Message: 2111 Posted: Fri Sep 18 10:46:50 1998 By: Walt
Subject: Oloololo

Does anybody know what "Oloololo" means, if anything? Thanks.

Message: 2110 Posted: Fri Sep 18 10:39:44 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: "Overwhelming World" Suite

Am I mistaken, or is that Dewey singing the second of two falsetto parts in "Come Back"?


Message: 2109 Posted: Fri Sep 18 10:35:22 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Rick's Post titled "America Everywhere"

Rick, that post was adorable. America IS everywhere.

I loved that post.


Message: 2108 Posted: Fri Sep 18 04:18:10 1998 By: Glorito C. Balista, Jr.
Subject: So Glad I Found You Page !!!

Hi Gerry and Dewey:

Hope you two are very fine! I'm one of your countless fans since I heard your kind of music during my highschool days. Now, I'm 33, I still listen to your music with great eagerness. My classmates and friends way back literally grew up strumming and rocking to your songs. My favourite is Sister Golden Hair! It's still being played here in Cebu, by the bigger FM stations, along with "I Need You", and "Horse With No Name", also songs from your "A View From The Ground" album. Just hope that you will come back and set another concert here in Cebu City, Philippines.

It's really unbelievable that, at last, I can personally greet the two of you. Thanks to the arrival of the Internet. My name's Glorito, but most folks call me Junbal (my nickname). Now that I found your web page, I discovered that you have your newest album released just recently!

Congratulations on your new album. Wishing you to have many more albums. Keep it up and more power to the two of you.

Mary's really been seeing better days!!!(Only In Your Heart)...

See you around...

Message: 2107 Posted: Fri Sep 18 00:15:45 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: God Bless America!!(!)

At the time of this writing, my ears are still virgin to HUMAN NATURE. This is rapidly becoming a unique but certainly not alone situation in that hearing the feedback from all you Annointed Ones can be likened to "foreplay", prefacing a much anticipated experience. Warmest ovations go to Steve Lowry and Crew for the BEST fan website honoring the BEST MUSICIANS out there. HOURGLASS still seems sooo new! Looking forward to receiving the mail-ordered CDs, and if the local shops come up with a copy in the meantime, then more for our friends! Jane (my Love) and I will be rockin' soon, and re-reading the letters and reviews from all you lucky fans out there will take on so much deeper meaning. Love and thanks to you all!

Message: 2105 Posted: Thu Sep 17 23:33:45 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Thanks

BTW, thank you for all the kind wishes and greetings. Now if any of you like to babysit...


P.S. Is anyone planing on taping the CNN or Howard Stern shows? Being Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) I won't be able to see/hear them. Thanks again.

Message: 2104 Posted: Thu Sep 17 23:29:40 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: My Turn

Okay, the kids are asleep (not the twins, they'll be in the hospital for a few weeks) and it's time for my review. I'm going to review it song by song. I think it's the best way. I will try to be completely unbiased and I apologize if I am critical about someones favorite song.

"From A Moving Train" - I like the opening, but I'm not thrilled with the song. Don't get me wrong. It's a sweet tune, but I am not sure I'd have made it the first release. However, I do like the guitar work near the end.

"Wednesday Morning" - The best track on the CD. It reminds me so much of the best of Tom Petty (maybe because of the way GB sings it?). The lyrics and tune are outstanding. It should definately be the next release. It fits in very well with what the listening audience is now in tuned to.

"Town And Country" - Boy, I hated this song when I first heard it and now I can't get it out of my head. The only thing I would add would be more of that "Beach Boy" bridge.

"Moment To Moment" - This is the most emotional song I have ever heard from GB. It shows the continued maturity (which is very evident in "Van Go Gan") of his songwriting. I like the ending by DB. It adds additional emotion which is a good thing.

"Hidden Talent" - I agree with Johnnie Yee. It is very reminicent of Daryl Hall. I give GB credit because the style is not "close to the vest". However, I found the song drags too long. I can picture a video to the song taking place at night in a New York club.

"Wheels Are Turning" - I remember when I first heard "Hourglass" and I thought it was a throwback to DB's earlier material. This takes it one step further. I would have liked the guitar work (following the chorus) to continue instead of abrubtly ending, but it is a very good song. It reminds me of a lot of late night drives from Phoenix to Denver when I was first married.

"World Alone" - Dewey Bunnel meets the Beach Boys and The Lettermen. What a wonderful song. It would fit very nicely on either "Silent Letter" or "Pet Sounds". The lyrics are wonderful and the style is so nostalgic that it's fresh. My favorite DB tune on the CD.

"Overwhelming World Suite" - The first two parts make sense. "Overhelming World" and "Come Back" belong with each other. I'm just not sure why "Barstow" is there. It's a catchy tune, but I don't get it (maybe that's the point). I am especially impressed the way the songs are meshed together. However, the other time they did this ("Hattrick"), all three did the lead. I would have liked to hear more DB on this one.

"Pages" - Dewey Bunnel meets Dan Fogelberg. This would have fit perfectly on Fogelberg's "River of Souls" album. It plays very well live and is lyrically charming. In the middle when the music stops and you suddenly her a drum, that drum should have been much stroger (I had the same criticism of "Playing God" from VGG). I realize that this is picky, but a stronger beat at that point would make it an even better song.

"Hot Town" - When I heard the WAV file, I knew I would not like this song. Of course I was wrong. It is very catchy and the backing vocals (Robbyn Kirmsse and Serena Nelson) remind me of Don Henley's "Driving With Your Eyes Closed". It's a better rocker than "Hells on Fire".

"Whispering" - Boy if FM radio ever picked up this song... It is so "un-America" they might actually play it. The music fits the lyrics so well. It is he second best track on the CD.

"Oloololo" - Again, DB needs to add more power to the music. It is a beautiful song that should be extended with instrumentation for at least 2-3 minutes.

In closing (and I know this is long), this is the album they should have released after "Your Move". It has a very strong "mid to late '80's" feel (which is not neccesarily a bad thing). They seem rejuvenated in their songwriting. This is a better CD than "Hourglass". Some of the tracks are clearly influenced by their earlier style, while some could have fit very nicely on "Endless Summer" by the Beach Boys. If radio is willing to give these guys a shot, this could be a big album. If not, it's their loss.

Good night and God bless (I've always wanted to say that).

Message: 2103 Posted: Thu Sep 17 22:01:06 1998 By: Rick
Subject: America Everywhere!!!

Even after working on the America Home Page......and now going on five years, I'm very surprised (and even startled) to travel around Whatcom County and see America everywhere I go!

OK.........I pick up the Bellingham Herald and there are ads for the Sept 23rd concert that says "America....the music that inspired a generation." The picture is from the back cover of Human Nature. Also mentioned is the fact that this is the first show after the release of "Human Nature." This has been going on for weeks!

Then......I read the Lynden Tribune, and there's nearly a half page ad and picture of the guys! Later, I read the Ferndale paper.....more of the same!

When the mail comes.....there's Gerry and Dewey again! This time it's a beautiful flyer from the Mount Baker Theater.

And, while going to Dutch Village and Bellis Fair Mall.........I see America posters in the windows everywhere!

When I turn on the TV.....there they are again...... in concert......advertising the upcoming show!

While driving to work, listening to the radio.......I hear "From A Moving Train" and more ads for the show, plus info about a two hour special on the radio when tickets can be bought for a special price. (reg. tickets are from $26-$29)

And.......reading the "Take Five" Entertainment section today, there's yet another article about America and called "America Wired."

It's been very impressive to see such great advertisements for the show and is a real tribute to America's remarkable achievements......and the success of Human Nature!

And.......if that isn't enough......there goes our phone again.........from another friend......excited about having front row seats and getting a chance to see America for the first time ever!


Message: 2102 Posted: Thu Sep 17 21:49:20 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: My HN Review

Maureen, the radio announcement right before "Barstow" is not a defect... it's in the promotional cassette that I have and all of the CD's. It's a great transition from one part of the suite to the next. As I listen to "Barstow" I can picture driving on I-15 through Barstow and flipping through the radio stations. The radio announcement in the suite reminds me of that.

Message: 2101 Posted: Thu Sep 17 19:44:30 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: My HN Review

I have an America since the first time I heard their first album, back in high school, 1976. The first time I saw them in concert, I was REALLY HOOKED!!!. I love every one of their albums. And I must say, Human Nature is growing on me real fast!!Gerry is FANTASTIC!! I can't stop listening to it. I am listening to it right now, as I type. I especailly LOVE "From a Moving Train". Specially since I can hit rewind or repeat and play it as many times as I want. I have seen the guys play it six times this summer and that wasn't enough times for me. Next fav has to be "Wednesday Morning", I think this one should be released as a single, as well. And from what I have been reading on the chat folder, alot of other people agree with me. Dewey does an EXCELLANT job in all of his songs, too. "Town and Country" is really cool!! "Pages" is great. "Wheels are Turning", sounds like a great driving song. "World Alone" is wonderful!! I was alittle overwhelmed at first with "Overwhelming World". It is amazing to me how Gerry can still hit those 'high notes'. Great Job GB!! In this song, is it my CD or does everyone here a sort of radio annoucement in the song right before Barstow?? Do I have a defect in mine? Please, someone tell me??
Well, as I sum it up - I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM - These guys are like FINE wine, they are defintely getting Better and Better!! It was nice to hear all the acoustic sounds again. Afterall, thats what made me first fall in love with AMERICA. Great Job to GERRY and DEWEY. Hopefully, next years concerts, they will add more songs from Human Nature album to thier sets - (hint, hint). Take Care all, and Gerry and Dewey, I'll see you guys on the 22nd at Tower Records. All my best....Maureen from Long Island, NY

Message: 2100 Posted: Thu Sep 17 19:22:14 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Coconuts in Levittown

When you went into Tower Records in Carle Place and Coconuts in Levittown, did you happend to notice the Human Nature Decals? I went there personally and put them up and told them about Human Nature. I also placed one in The Wiz in Carle Place. I also went to the two record stores in Roosevelt Field. They were also very helpful. Please let me know. I guess if they heard about it, my promoting helped. Take Care. PS. Where do you live? I am orignally from New Hyde Park, moved to Hicksville last Sept. See ya Tower on the 22nd?......Maureen

Message: 2099 Posted: Thu Sep 17 18:26:45 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Human Nature in Long Island

Hi, Rich!

I also had difficulty finding Human Nature in Long Island. At first, I called the record stores that I frequent, they didn't have it. Then I called all the other record stores that I know of in the vicinity, they didn't have it. I finally had to break out the Yellow Pages! But I'm happy to tell you, I FOUND IT! In case you'd like to get your copy before the 22nd, the record store is called "Music Arcade," and it's in Westbury. Their phone number is 338-0788. (You may want to call before you stop by to make sure they didn't run out of stock.) Good luck!

Message: 2097 Posted: Thu Sep 17 16:09:40 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: "HN" Release

Great, great work guys!!! I love all of the songs. "Hidden Talent"is wonderful. Reminds me of Daryl Hall's music. The raunch of "Hot Town" is so cool. Makes you feel like you're there. Love the ladies doing the background vocals. The wait was worth it. So surprised to hear Albuquerque in "Wheels are Turning". It's one of my favorite cities in my state of New Mexico. AMERICA is number 1 and the country ain't bad either!!

Message: 2096 Posted: Thu Sep 17 14:59:09 1998 By: Nick
Subject: Human Nature

Got my copy of Human Nature Tuesday morning at Borders in Albany (Colonie) NY. Like so many of you I had to ask why Human Nature wasn't on the 'new releases' board. No one seemed to know about it. They all said it was probably pushed back. After begging them to check their computer system they realized that the CDs were still packed up in the back room! It was 11 AM. I asked them if I could get one and they asked if I could come back when they had a chance to unpack them. Being a man of peace, I gave them this scenario: One of us is going into the back room and dig out a copy of Human Nature. If one of your employees does it there will probably be a lot less of a mess to clean up back there. They thought about it and went back and got me a copy. After 2 days of listening, I must admit I'm really impressed. The only song I'm not sure of yet is Overwhelming World Suite. My attention span may not be as long as it used it be... How do these guys keep coming up with so many variations of their style (and that's exactly what it is) to keep their sound so fresh and different and yet recognizable as America? What I find is that some of these songs sound like they could have come from the first album thru Hearts. These just happen to be among my favorites. Regarding Oloololo: I read the name of it, couldn't pronounce it, read the lyrics, couldn't make heads nor tails of them, listened to it and was TOTALLY blown away by it! Incredible tune. Karen - I can accept the cardboard jacket. Obviously Dewey and Gerry are concerned about the environment. Isn't that important to all of us? I have to go and replace the Korn CD in my teenagers CD player with Human Nature before she gets home. It's time for her introduction to real music, music that endures... Hey Dewey and Gerry, I know this may be kind of pushing it, but when is the next CD coming out? How about a double live CD? Beautiful job on Human Nature - Thanks. (and Oxygen Records too!)

Message: 2095 Posted: Thu Sep 17 14:55:10 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Q104

Sorry to be a pain Karen, any word on if Q104 will be airing
the interview today or tomorrow. I've been listening to it since 1P.
I haven't heard anything yet. HL

Message: 2094 Posted: Thu Sep 17 13:45:42 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Reply to Rich re: Lite-FM

Rich, regarding Lite-FM, New York City radio play is just about the most difficult thing in the world to get. Just in case you were not the one who phoned me yesterday about this particular station, I will tell you that you need to create a "story" at radio in many other markets around the country before NY radio stations will touch you. We're working on it.

Every request line call helps. And when the record gets picked up in NYC you will be the first to know.


Karen D.

Message: 2093 Posted: Thu Sep 17 13:16:45 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Commercial

In other words Karen, Still negotiating the buy...Right!!!

Message: 2092 Posted: Thu Sep 17 12:38:27 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Commercial

Thank you very much...Karen!

Message: 2091 Posted: Thu Sep 17 12:24:12 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: The TV Commercial

Howard: With regards to your question about the Human Nature television commercial, when the ad buy is complete I will be posting stations, dates, and times here on the chat folder.

You will not miss any airings of the Human Nature television commercial. Overall, we are going for VH-1 nationwide in the evenings, but that isn't all.

You'll know when I know.


Message: 2090 Posted: Thu Sep 17 12:19:47 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: To: Don


In answer to your question, please request the first single from Human Nature, currently working its way up the charts - it is called From a Moving Train and is the first cut on the album.



Message: 2089 Posted: Thu Sep 17 12:13:12 1998 By: Rich
Subject: No HN on Long Island

Went looking on the 15th in Tower Records in Carle Pl., and today at lunch to Coconuts in Levittown. One of the sales person said it was on the sheet for the 15th, but another salesperson said it was pushed backed. Anyway, thank GOD they heard of it! I'll wait to buy it when America performs at Tower in the city next week. Karen any news from Lite-fm when they will start playing the cd?THANKS.

Message: 2087 Posted: Thu Sep 17 11:06:02 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: waiting...

Well, so, Human Nature hasn't made it up to Taos yet. But I put in an order and maybe it will make it up the Mountain one of these days. In the meantime, I'll check out Albuquerque and see what stores have it down there. Also, Will tapes be available of these radio interviews for those of us unable to receive Howard Stern and NYC's Q104?

Message: 2086 Posted: Thu Sep 17 10:33:19 1998 By: Don
Subject: Which song should we be requesting???

A couple of local stores have Human Nature now. As someone else mentioned, it was NOT in their "New Releases" bin and was NOT priced
as a New Release. I may take this issue up with them in the near

My first listen was so-so, but now I've come to appreciate it a lot.
(Most of my favorite albums started out that way!)

Question, which song should we be requesting radio stations to play
so that it gets the deserved air-time? I'm willing to spend the time
necessary to call ALL local radio stations to request it.


Message: 2085 Posted: Thu Sep 17 07:41:45 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Commercial


Whatever happened with the commerical, did it air or is still airing?
and I believe you said on cable. Just curious.

Howard L

Message: 2084 Posted: Thu Sep 17 07:30:28 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
Subject: HN

I am proud to announce that at about 5 pm central time on Wed my office phone was ringing off the hook as I requested a call when HN was available in local record stores. Anyway, all stores in the Duluth, Superior area of MN WI have HN stocked. I also ordered Silent letter,harbor,alibi,perspective, therefore I purchased from the electric fetus. [I am sure you are familiar with them Eddy] I also encountered the problem that they had all the new releases listed on a big grease board but failed to mention HN. I will be giving them a call today. Hopefully I can correct this problem. I am listening to HN while working so... Gotta go!

Message: 2083 Posted: Wed Sep 16 23:33:03 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Some final musings on Digipak

It's not that Digipak doesn't look nice -- it does -- but I don't think it will hold up as well over time. The thing about a jewel case is that if you damage it, or drop something on it, or wear it down, you can just get a new one. If the Digipak is damaged, that's pretty much it. For most of us collectors, who plan on keeping these albums a very long time, biodegradability on a trash heap is not something we're concerned about in the near future.


P.S. Having said all that, thank you Karen for all your hard work in getting Human Nature off the ground. It's up to the rest of us to make sure the word-of-mouth gets around. No more of this, "Nope, haven't heard of a new album for twenty years" baloney at the record stores.

Message: 2082 Posted: Wed Sep 16 23:09:13 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Performing Songwriter

America will be a feature cover story in the October issue of Performing Songwriter magazine. A 1/4 cover, that is. I'm finding a great shot for them to use.


Karen D.

Message: 2081 Posted: Wed Sep 16 23:02:49 1998 By: Karen
Subject: NYC Radio Telephone Interview

Hi all. Gerry is going to be interviewed by telephone for NYC's Q-104 Classic Rock station either tomorrow or Friday. The interview will air during Mark Parenteau's afternoon drive time show.

I will have a better idea in the morning of when, exactly , this thing will air and I will post the info here.


Message: 2080 Posted: Wed Sep 16 22:49:02 1998 By: Karen
Subject: "Digipacks"

Hi all. I'm so glad to see all your great reviews of the Human Nature! Somehow I KNEW Wednesday Morning would gain great favor here. Shhhhh - it's my favorite song on the album, next to Come Back.

ANYway, digipacks. Digipacks for full length albums were introduced in, oh, I wanna say about 1992...I should check that but I think it's correct. U2's Acthung Baby was one of the very first CDs to ever be released in the Digipack format, and that band was credited with the wide introduction of environmentally effective packaging.

While some bands/labels still opt for jewel cases, many more go for the Digipack these days. It's cleaner, easier to display, lighter and generally favored. Hope this clears up some of the raging "why did they go for that cardboard crap from 15 years ago?" debate.


I'm glad you guys are loving the album!


Message: 2079 Posted: Wed Sep 16 21:56:43 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Hey Karen!

What an adventure it was to find Human Nature in New Jersey! We tried 4 stores: two Border Books (had a gift certificate!), two The Wiz stores. Neither Wiz had it...WHY? One Border Book had it, but get this: (this makes me very mad) it wasn't in the rack with the other "new releases" it was in the America section. There's a big sign that says all new releases on sale $11.99/$12.99. When the lady rang up Human Nature it came to $16.99. "Isn't this a NEW release?" I asked. She said, "evidently not." Yesterday isn't new enough for them? What's going on? HN should be out their in front with all the other new stuff don't you think? Is there anything that can be done? And, why no HN in The Wiz...that's a MAJOR record store in NJ. Tell me what to do to get the word out! HN is too good to get lost in the crowd! HELP.

Message: 2078 Posted: Wed Sep 16 21:50:58 1998 By: Penny
Subject: OH BOY, OH BOY!!

TWINS! Shayne that's wonderful news! Please send your wife my congratulations as well. And, if you ever need a shoulder to cry me! I have twin boys too! Boy, oh boy...are you in for an exciting upheaval of life! Hold on tight and hang in there! The first year's a blur, but then it truly become fun (honest) until they reach the age of 10...YUCK! Best of luck!

Message: 2077 Posted: Wed Sep 16 21:42:35 1998 By: Tony Ortega
Subject: Human Nature . . . What Else

"Every Moment (of this album) is a shinning light" Congratulations to Gerry and Dewey for another winner. I've listened to it several times in the last two days and I've got to say it grows on you!!! My favorite cuts are Wednesday Morning, From a Moving Train, Pages, Every Moment and yes Oloololo. I had no trouble finding the CD at Media Play on Tuesday. On my way out of the store I stopped a salesperson and left a note in the suggestion box asking them to ad the CD to their in-store listening system. I'm looking forward to America's appearance on Howard Stern next week. Thanks Oxygen Records!!! And thanks Steve . . . for this excellent web site!

Message: 2075 Posted: Wed Sep 16 20:05:58 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: What else..."Human Nature"!!!

The Erie, Pa. Media Play had no less than 15 copies of "Human Nature"...It was even in one of their feature you absolutely COULD NOT miss it.

It usually takes an album time to really sink in with me, but overall this leaves a very good first impression. For the life of me I cannot understand why radio has not embraced "From A Moving Train". It's hook is very subtle. It doesn't reach out and grab you, but after only one listen the song is literally imbedded in your brain. THAT, my friends, is the mark of great songwriting, craftsmanship, and production. And why it's not climbing the charts quicker is a mystery. Other stand-outs for me include "Wednesday Morning" "Town and Country" (which would have fit nicely on "Holiday"), "World Alone" could be the album's "sleeper", and "Oloololo" is absoulutely OUTSTANDING.

I didn't really care much for "Hidden Talent". I don't really know why. Maybe because the quasi-hip hop beat didn't really fit in with the rest of the album. Maybe I need to listen to it again.

This is one of those releases that will yield new riches on each listen.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 2074 Posted: Wed Sep 16 19:10:27 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "Human Nature" sales

I'm happy to report that our store here in "small town USA"(Iron Mountain,Michigan)has already sold 7 copies of "Human Nature" and
I have 3 on hold for other customers. As we are a "soundscan" info provider,I should be able to track the sales status fairly easy,and I'll keep the chat site updated. One of the main suppliers of music to dealers across the Country("Pacific coast")is just this week listing it on their pre-orders for NEXT week. Now even though they had the disk,and we had it by its release date,this is something they should have listed earlier so buyers nation wide could order it. but,whats done is done,and hopefully we'll see the band rack up some numbers that will help it chart on the Billboard 200......I'll keep everybody posted on this end. I made sure our store was well stocked!

Message: 2073 Posted: Wed Sep 16 18:46:39 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Human Nature thank yous

John, when Mark McGwire and Tony LaRussa were still with Oakland, Gerry and Dewey were asked to sing the national anthem at one of their games during spring training and there's a photo of Dewey and Mark on the web site. I'm guessing that it might have something to do with that.

Message: 2072 Posted: Wed Sep 16 18:40:07 1998 By: jessica
Subject: congratulations

Shayne, congratulations with your two bundles of joy! Working on their "American" education really early, I see. I hope you didn't name them Dewey and Gerry???!!!

To Jen: happy listening to H.N.! Sorry to report that I didn't get your wave file. And I still can't get into Parachat.

Message: 2071 Posted: Wed Sep 16 18:19:36 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Fast typist, slow mind

Sorry. I realize there is no such word as "digets." I was shooting for "digest."


Message: 2070 Posted: Wed Sep 16 18:18:06 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Human Nature thank yous

Does anybody know why Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa and slugger Mark McGuire were thanked in the Human Nature album credits?


P.S. Love the album. I vote for "Hot Town," "Town And Country," and "Oloololo" as the best on the album, but hey, check back with me tomorr to see what I think then. It'll all take time to digets.

P.S.S. Why does the album have a cardboard cover? People might get confused and think it's a CD single.

Message: 2069 Posted: Wed Sep 16 15:42:20 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: Definitelt worth the lonnnnng wait

Well im a day late but i finally got to listen to Human Nature WOW !!!!! ITS GREAT !!!!! My favorites are whispering, From a moving train, Wednesday Morning and Pages but i love every song on here. I think this is one of their best or maybe the best. but whats with the cheap cardboard cover? oh well it doesnt really matter the cd will not be spending much time in the cover anyway.

it was extremely tough to find most record stores dont even know about it. the marketing effort has got to get better on this one. without my computer i never would have known about it.

Gerry and Dewey you have got to get to Cleveland Oh soon !!!!!!!!!

Message: 2068 Posted: Wed Sep 16 14:06:36 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: Thanks Alan Bescan

Thanks for your tip about finding it at Best Buys I live on the east side of Cleveland found it at best buys at Golden Gate JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW YOUR TIP WAS GREATLY APPRECIATED
now im finally going to go listen to it

Message: 2067 Posted: Wed Sep 16 13:59:54 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Radio Push

Since the CD has been released now, everybody needs to renew their efforts to get radio stations to start playing From A Moving Train. Don't get discouraged. I remember You Can Do Magic took a long time to climb the charts, but it stayed on the charts longer than any other America single, so don't give up! Keep bugging them!!!

BTW, Karen any updated chart info on the single?

Message: 2066 Posted: Wed Sep 16 13:59:40 1998 By: chipmunk

I would like to congratulate Shayne & his wife upon the new arrivals,I guess that he has the first of many new listeners of the guys new album. Shayne i have one question to ask,and that would be are you planning a special name?,such as gerry by chance.I would like to congratulate you and youre wife on this special day for the new album and new fans.

Message: 2065 Posted: Wed Sep 16 13:55:48 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Another Hole

HN isn't listed online by yet.

Message: 2064 Posted: Wed Sep 16 11:30:40 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: TWINS

Congrats to you and your wife on the birth of your twins.
2 new America fans are born into this world. How great!

Listened to Human Nature on the bus ride home yesterday...
I absolutely love it and listened to it on the way to work. Every song is a masterpiece in itself.I don't believe in disecting or reviewing each individual song separately. But, each song flows with greatness and versatility. I guess when you're recording artists like Gerry & Dewey who have been writing and recording for the past 26 years, you try to make each album tastefully differently. Does anyone
play an instrument here? Do you know how hard it is just to write a
piece of music.. very hard I know we all hate change(s) and love for every album to be like the 1st...2nd...3rd...4th...etc., but we all have to adapt. Like Shayne, he better adapt or he'll go out of his mind with the twins! And this is Gerry's & Dewey's way of maturing musically! So...



It touched my heart that they dedicated this album to Carl Wilson!
Did you also notice the thanks to Howard Stern and Gary Dell'Abate!

Message: 2063 Posted: Wed Sep 16 11:13:29 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Asia Trip

Just returned from overseas and displayed America stickers in a Hong Kong HMV music store. The store is located in the middle of the tourist area, four stories tall and carries over 500,000 cd's. They had five America cd's on sale [History, The Best of America --EMI (Holland), Encore, America Live, and America in Concert (1985)]. I spoke with several Americans shopping and they were excited that the band was still together and releasing music. Karen, I'll send you an email with details. Off to get my Human Nature cd!

Message: 2062 Posted: Wed Sep 16 11:11:52 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Human Nature

I think this may be one of the best CD's was definitely worth every second of the wait. It's so hard to pick favorites. I truly love EVERY song....Great job, guys!!!
Erin :o)

Message: 2061 Posted: Wed Sep 16 10:33:49 1998 By: Walt
Subject: My 2 Cents on Human Nature

Excellent album!!! My favorite is "Overwhelming World Suite". I feel this is a beautiful & clever arrangement, reminiscent and worthy of comparison to Brian Wilson's classic arrangements from the Pet Sounds era. Admittedly, at first listen HN seemed to be a "Gerry" album, but magically and like all America albums you soon realize that there is a nice & fair balance between the two musicians. It's those synergies between the two that make this timeless and enduring band the great one that it has been and continues to be. Let's face it, America's the best and this is another FINE project. I love it!!!

Message: 2059 Posted: Wed Sep 16 10:00:45 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Apology

I have to apologize.I know y'all were waiting with baited breath for my review today, ut my wife decided to give birth to twins at 5:00 this morning, so the review will have to wait. I will tell you that while in labor she asked that we listen to the new CD, so I guess mine are the youngest audience to have ever heard America!

Incidently, they are both boys (their brother is happy, I'm not sure about their sister).


Message: 2058 Posted: Wed Sep 16 01:25:01 1998 By: Cap
Subject: HN

My main criticism of Human Nature is that crappy cardboard folder case. I thought these were banished ten years ago! The contents of the CD: a collection of wonderful songs, gorgeously arranged and impeccably recorded. Then again, I enjoy everything America has done.

Message: 2057 Posted: Wed Sep 16 00:56:04 1998 By: jessica
Subject: review

I haven't got my H.N. CD yet, but I've listened to the wave files of all the tracks in the CD. Not the same, I know, but if I wait to review until I get my copy, you'd all have moved on to other topics by then (I have to import the CD coz it isn't available here in Manila!).
Anyway, I have to agree with Kevin that the new CD isn't "America" anymore - America meaning the early years. From the time of Alibi, View, Your move, Perspective, Hourglass and VGG, the guys had been different. As time passes, people change, and they grow. Same as their music. I think every artist evolves into something different. If one does not, he or she has probably stopped his/her work.

Human Nature isn't like the early America we know, but I still love it. It's just unfortunate, Kevin, that you were disappointed because it didn't sound as you expected it to.

I'm glad that a lot of you share my liking for Wednesday Morning!

Message: 2056 Posted: Tue Sep 15 22:41:12 1998 By: ShariL
Subject: Human Nature!

Keep looking!
I went to Blockbuster Music- had to ask, girl looked it up, said they had ONE on order but it wasnt' in yet. Went to Borders Books and Music, the guy in the music area said, "oh yeah, it just came in, we don't even have it on the floor yet. I'll get it for you." They had three, I bought two of them.
Listened to it in my car right away. Great to hear "From A Moving Train" again after hearing it in concert in San Diego in June.
My girls were in the car with me when Town and Country came on. My 11 year old said, "That sounds like Greenhouse!" (Future America buyers.)
Have to agree that "Wednesday Morning" is nice, and OLOOLOLO is Wonderful:)
"Hot Town" will make a great concert song, but all us "girl fans" in the audience will need to sing the girl backup parts for them. No problem!
Way to go, guys. I'm also telling everyone I know about the new release. Unfortunately, what I hear most often is "Really? They put out a new cd?" It's education for the music stores and for the whole world. It's our duty, gang!
Thanks, Gerry and Dewey. It was worth the wait!
Thanks, Karen. I know there's an incredible amount of competition out there. Keep up the good work.
ShariL in San Diego

Message: 2055 Posted: Tue Sep 15 22:14:34 1998 By: chip crouse
Subject: Human Nature was hard to find

I just wanted to let all of my America Fan Pals know I raced down to Best Buy here in Knoxville where I live &
went in very excited to purchase Human Nature, I figured they would have a bunch of them in stock, no such luck.
I didn't even see one. So I asked one of the clerks to look it up for me (probably didn't know who America is) & they didn't even have it in their computer system!!! I ended up finding it in a local CD store that at least had
few in stock. The distribution needs to get better on this one. Thanks again Gerry & Dewey for another wonderful CD.
I work in a stereo store & Human Nature will be my main demo disc for people who appreciate real music.

Message: 2054 Posted: Tue Sep 15 22:12:41 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Guess?

All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! I picked up my copy at Manseau's Range Music in Virginia, MN. before work (still copys left "Nellie" if you can't wait for Best Buy) I'm not gonna get technical about it, it sounds great, & my ears tell me that their pleased, so thats all that really matters to me. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!!!! Oh, by the way, Penny, your photos look FAB. EDDY

Message: 2053 Posted: Tue Sep 15 21:54:03 1998 By: Alan Bescan
Subject: new cd

to anyone in the Cleveland area,Best Buys had 30 copies of Human Nature at Midway Mall in Elyria,Oh. Just finished playing it favorite is far.

Message: 2051 Posted: Tue Sep 15 21:30:00 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Human Nature

Hi everyone. I found my copy at Tower Records in downtown Chicago. I had a real good listen tonight in the car and am preparing a review (I know y'all can't wait). My first impression is very positive. I have to agree with KevinS in the fact that the individual songs are stronger than the album concept, but I don't think that is neccesarily a bad thing. I will say that "Wednesday Morning" is the best track and should be released as a single and I especially like the "Beach Boyization(?) of a couple of the songs. It is a very strong tribute to the influence Carl Wilson had on them.

However, like all of you, I'm biased. I will try to give a non biased review later.


Message: 2050 Posted: Tue Sep 15 21:11:26 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Hay, where have you been??

Hi Karen,
I guess you have been very busy. GOOD JOB!! Penny and I were wondering, do you have the picture of Gerry & Dewey, the ones that Oxygen gave out for holding up their signs?? Please E-MAIL NOW if you please. Thank you.....Maureen from LI

Message: 2049 Posted: Tue Sep 15 21:07:04 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: CNN show

Hi Rich,
I live on Long Isand and work in Manhattan, and today I went to Tower Records to get my copy of HN and to scope out the place for next weeks appearance. They do have alot of copies and they told me that they generally don't run put of new releases. Gofor them, bad for the artist!! Anyway, they should still have them when you get there. Also, I am pretty sure the CNN Showbiz show airs at 5:30pm-6:00pm (ET) and 2:30pm-3:00pm (PT). I hope the CNN building is close by because they are to be at Tower Records at 6:00. Unless they tape it, but I thought it was a LIVE show. Anyway, hope this helps. Good Luck.....Maureen

Message: 2048 Posted: Tue Sep 15 20:59:33 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: To: Rich Thomas

The Tower Records in-store starts at 6pm on Tuesday, September 22nd. Tower Lincoln Center. Live performance followed by signing of the new album.

As for CNN, we still do not know what time that will air, but we are taping that afternoon.

Karen D.

Message: 2047 Posted: Tue Sep 15 20:55:59 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Human Nature


Folks, I gotta tell you, your emails and phone calls and faxes are valuable - they are handed to the right people as soon as I get them. We are doing everything in our power to see that this record gets distributed as far and wide as we can get it. Human Nature was largely focused upon in our distributor's New Release section in July...orders are coming in fast now...the orders to the largest chains are rolling out ASAP....

but please....please....try to understand that I, personally, am neither to blame nor in direct control of what you are finding at your local record store. I'm doing my best. Everyone at Oxygen is working like mad to get this record out there. Tell the stores to call Oxygen Records or Koch Distribution directly to order it if they don't know about it. Human Nature is Oxygen catalog number 90004-2. We are at 212 758-4636. Koch Distribution is at 516 484-1000.

By the way, CDNow.Com is doing a great job selling the record. Check it out. Also, see the first review at

Best regards,

Karen D.

Message: 2046 Posted: Tue Sep 15 20:21:40 1998 By: Rich Thomas
Subject: New CD

Have not been able to get the cd yet, alot of stores dont have it! I hope that we (online fans) are not the only ones who know about the new release. When Karen from Oxygen posted the info. about the promo commercial for "From a ....train", and all the TV and radio shows I was really excited that this group will finally get back to the charts ,a place that they so deserve! Silent Letter, Alibi, Perspective, and Hourglass all had songs for the charts but never got there! It is frustrating that a group with their talent gets silenced from the airwaves. I got a little nervous when Karen asked us to call stations and record stores, thinking that maybe Oxygen does not have enough clout to push this disk. Lets all HOPE for the best for this AWESOME group! I am hearing new songs from Chicago,Hootie,Ace of Base, Faith Hill,etc.,but no America.(yet)
Does anyone know what time their appearance on CNN is? Is the promo concert for Tower records still on? I am making the trip to NYC with my wife ,and I will get the disk then. Till then I will keep reading all the reviews on-line.

Message: 2045 Posted: Tue Sep 15 19:11:33 1998 By: Mary Kolcum

WOW!!!! this is great!. I have heen a fan since WAY WAY BACK, I was in my teens living in Geneva, Switzerland when Horse With No Name came out, and ever since them I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH AMERICA, I haven't been to a concert in years!!!! I LOVE THE NEW CD, PLEASE COME TO ATLANTA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, and I have to thank you for dedicating Human Nature to Carl Wilson. It's just a wonderful CD and like all the others ...I LOVE IT,

Message: 2043 Posted: Tue Sep 15 17:59:37 1998 By: Leigh Moylan
Subject: Human Nature

I bought Human Nature today. Gerry and Dewey, you have outdone yourselves!! It was definitely worth the wait. Congratulations on what I know will be a HUGE success!! I already love "From A Moving Train", "Wednesday Morning", "Momemnt to Moment"and "World Alone". It was great seeing you in Hershey...I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Message: 2042 Posted: Tue Sep 15 17:56:27 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: Great CD!

Hi Everyone!

I bought Human Nature today during my lunch break. Fortunately the first store I went to (Exclusive Company) had it in stock. The HN decal I gave them is also displayed on their front door. It's the only decal on the door - can't miss it!

Unfortunately I had to wait until I got home from work to listen to the CD - well worth the wait! I'm listening to it right now. Overall I think it's a great CD. My favorite songs are Wednesday Morning, Moment to Moment, Pages and From a Moving Train.

I haven't heard From a Moving Train on the radio here
(in Madison, WI) yet, but I'll continue to call the radio stations and request it.


Message: 2041 Posted: Tue Sep 15 17:43:03 1998 By: tom tantillo
Subject: "Human Nature"

Yes folks I just had my first listen to the new C.D. and I love it!!! I feel that Gerry is to be commended for his production and musical talent. Dewey"s input is extremely valuable as well. As far as the recording quality I feel that this is Grammy nomination material. "OOOLOLO" is an unequivocal masterpiece. "From A Moving Train" clearly shows how mature their songwriting is. I am surprised to so no collaborations with Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer; however, I am pleased to see that Gerry and Dewey's co-writing efforts are fantastic! It was also nice to see and hear Andrew Gold involved on the "Barstow" portion of the Suite. Alot of fans don't realize that Brad Palmer played in Andrew Gold's band and on some of his recordings as well!!! If I have any critisisms at all the deal with song structure (like the abrupt end of the SUITE; and one too many musical pauses in the songs) but I do see great potential for some radio airplay, as well as some hits. "Wednesday Morning" really jumped out at me (nice hook, and vocal) and the previously mentioned "OOOLOLO". Let's keep fingers crossed and hopr America gets the airplay they deserve. By the way, I've checked all the record stores in the greater Hartford, Connecticut area and they each had at least one copy of "Human Nature" arrive today. The sad truth is the record store I went to, the salesperson said, "Wow, No one told me America had a new release out." I asked, "You didn't know about it?" and the clerk said "LOOK< it's not even on our list of new releases!" Come on Oxygen...let the consumers in on this tremendous recording!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Gerry and Dewey. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!

Message: 2040 Posted: Tue Sep 15 16:36:27 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Hey Oxygen!

Why don't you update your web page. It still says Human Nature is "coming soon"!

Message: 2039 Posted: Tue Sep 15 15:58:30 1998 By: Mark
Subject: I GOT IT!!!

I got it (Human Nature)!!! I went to the mall, no luck there. So I went to Borders. They didn't have it in the rack, so I asked the guy at the counter. He checked his PC and said they had it in the back (seems like a real good way to sell CDs, keep them hidden in the back). He went back and I got it!

My initial impression is very positive! And while I have been an America fan for 25 years, I'm not one to say that something is good just because America did it. To prove my point, I really didn't care for Live, Silent Letter, Your Move, Perspective, or even the compilation Ventura Highway and Other Favcorites. But on the first listen, I really liked Human Nature. The sound clips really don't do it justice. It seems to have a simiplier production and is a step closer to the "old" America sound. Gerry dominates the CD, but that's ok because I thought Dewey dominated Hourglass so turnabout is fair play. My favorites are Wheels Are Turning, Wednesday Morning, From A Moving Train, and Pages. Overwhelming World is kind of a one man Hat Trick and Dewey rocks on Hot Town. The ONLY song that didn't do much for me was Hidden Talent (too pop), though that song features the late great Carl Wilson on backing vocals. Overall first impression is GREAT! I highly recommend this CD!

Message: 2038 Posted: Tue Sep 15 15:27:22 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Human Nature from the Internet

I should have mentioned that Human Nature is also available from Thoughtscape Sounds for $16.99. You can visit their web site or call them direct at 1-800-435-6185 (tell Scott or Teri that you read about it in the America Fans web site).

Message: 2037 Posted: Tue Sep 15 15:21:36 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Human Nature Availability

I spent my lunch hour calling around for Human Nature and found that the three stores I usually go to (Media Play, Circuit City, and Future Shop) don't have Human Nature. But I was persistent and found that MusicLand in our local mall has it in stock. I believe that MusicLand and Sam Goode (sp?) are part of the same chain so if either one of those stores are in your area you might be able to find it there. Good luck finding it because it's well worth the effort!

Message: 2036 Posted: Tue Sep 15 14:58:07 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Can't find HumanNature?

Can't find HumanNature in the record stores? Order it over the web at Soundstone: I was able to order my copy a few days ago. I received confirmation that it was shipped to me today.

Message: 2035 Posted: Tue Sep 15 14:53:13 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
Subject: CD

Just spoke with Best Buy in Duluth MN and although they do not have the CD in today they said there wharehouse is getting the Human Nature CD in in the next week. I am just happy to hear that we will be getting it soon here in the northland. Hurray!!! Can't Wait!!!

Message: 2034 Posted: Tue Sep 15 14:35:26 1998 By: Don Edson
Subject: Not here

Well, I'm glad that some have been able to purchase Human Nature. But,
I can't locate a copy here in Burlington, Vermont!

I go into these stores armed with money and they don't have it, it's
not on their "release" sheets, and the comments have been, "...are you
sure it's due out today?"


Message: 2033 Posted: Tue Sep 15 14:03:45 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: human nature

ok its sept 15 the day ive been waiting for and not one record store in the city of cleveland ohio has the cd whats going on? I found a store thats willing to special order it but i have to wait 2 weeks. Am i the only one whos having this problem? Whats going on? Ive heard the sound bites and i want this cd NOW !!!!!!

Message: 2032 Posted: Tue Sep 15 12:57:59 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Purchased Human Nature 9/15

Purchased my copy of Human Nature at HMV at lunctime.

First not a happy camper...why, I'll tell you. Karen..Karen...
First went to coconuts on 6th and 51st, no Human Nature in sight.
Went to Manager...Not aware of new release by America.

Next stop...The Wiz, 5th and 46th...No Human Nature in sight...
Went to Manager...Not aware of new America release..

Somebody's not doing their job, unless there's a valid explanation!!!

Hey everyone, take a look on back page of booklet...
absolutely great dedication to us (especially steve and rick).
It says:
...and appreciation always to our friends on the Internet for
their web page designs and continued support...

Message: 2031 Posted: Tue Sep 15 12:50:06 1998 By: MAUREEN


Message: 2029 Posted: Tue Sep 15 12:20:35 1998 By: chip crouse
Subject: Hooray for Human Nature !!!

Finally, Human Nature is released so we America fans can
gobble it up. I purchased what I hope was the first copy where I live in Knoxville. It was well worth the wait, I
have played it all the way through once so far & I
absolutely love it. I am so glad that Gerry & Dewey went back to their acoustic roots. It sounds like classic America. I having a difficult time deciding what song I
like the most, I think it's a 12 way tie. I really like
From a moving train, Wednesday Morning, Pages & I love
Hidden Talent. I just wanted to encourage everyone to
purchase this CD. It is as fine of a collection of songs
as anything they've ever done & I have been an America fan
since day one. Thank you Gerry & Dewey again, you guys
never cease to amaze me. Just when I think they can't
possibly outdue themselves they do.

Chip Crouse

Message: 2028 Posted: Tue Sep 15 08:49:32 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Kevins review/todays the day!

While I found Kevins review to be interesting,and maybe a little bit
"On target",I think the LP harkens back to their early era. True,it doesn't have Dan Peek,but the guys have been recording without Dan for over 2 decades! And when "You can do magic" hit the top 10,it just proved that their success never really depended on them being a trio anyways. As for "Human Nature",I've had my copy for about 2 weeks now,and am getting more familiar with it. The best tunes,in my opinion include "world alone"(great harmonies!),"Pages",
"Wednesday morning","From a moving train"(Harkens back to the original america sound!) and "Oloololo"--3 of these being Dewey tunes! Everybody will have their own opinion,and it will be interesting to read the message board in the coming weeks to hear all the comments! Please make sure to pick up your copy and support the
band! And even though I did get a promo CD,I'm still gonna pick up the cassette today for my car just to support the band!

Message: 2027 Posted: Tue Sep 15 08:11:00 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Finally ready to mail my pictures

Message for STEVE LOWRY,
Hi Steve,
Yeah, I have the pictures ready to mail to you, but I forgot to bring your address with me. Can you please send me an email to me hear at my job, os I can get your home address. Thank you....Maureen

Message: 2026 Posted: Tue Sep 15 08:05:51 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Song Tourney Winner

Even though I was pulling for Moon Song and then Clarice, congrats to Amber Cascades...people's choice of the song tourney!

Message: 2025 Posted: Tue Sep 15 08:03:45 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Howards comments on Human Nature

Hi Howard,
I agree totally with what you said. Although I have been an America fan for almost 20 yrs, I can remember buying one of thier albums and the first time I listen to it, there were times I didn't care for a song or two, but after listening to all the harmonies and guitar and piano chords, I'd fall in love with. I plan on going up to Tower roecords today at lunch time to pick up my copy. Can not wait any longer to hear ALL the new songs. Hay, what about the 22nd, have decided yet? Try emailing me hear at work, here is my address: Maureen_Morrison.BNY@LNOTES. Hope to hear from you soon...Maureen.

PS Penny, please post me a message if you would like me to get a copy of Human Nature, I am going uptown at lunch time..see ya...Maurren

Message: 2024 Posted: Tue Sep 15 07:12:23 1998 By: HOWARD LIEBOFF




Message: 2023 Posted: Tue Sep 15 06:54:08 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Review

If you've seen America in concert performing Pages and From A Movin'
Train, you'd think differently. They're performed with such versatility and emotion, they're already concert favorites. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, this is what alot, I mean alot of people
have said about some of their past lps, you have to give them time.
You just can't listen to something right away and review. I've
learned from management courses, that as human beings, we're always quick to critize and condemn!!! We all do it, in one form or another.

Like all America albums, give Human Nature time, listen with an
open heart and ear. We're expecting something similar to their
older albums. Fact is...the guys are maturing, they're changed musically...we have to respect them for this. Besides, we're their biggest fans. Just think how far they've come and progressed since 72!

I have about an hour bus ride home and can't wait to listen
to the cd today. Before we all start reviewing this CD rightaway, give
it a couple of weeks...listen to each song 3 or 4 times consecutively, think and then review. Thanks...Howard Lieboff

Message: 2022 Posted: Tue Sep 15 05:26:35 1998 By: Adrian

Hi all, here it is, hot on the heels of Hourglass if you take into account that it was nearly a decade since Perspectives their last eighties album of new material and the afore mentioned album.Let's congratulate the guys on a new release and wish them well,and let us warmly commend all at Oxygen, at least this cd wont just slip out quietly.I'm still eagerly awaiting my import copy have read Kevins review,scallywag !!! Their remarkable career continues unabaited. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

Message: 2021 Posted: Mon Sep 14 23:37:13 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Human Nature IS Great!!!!!!!

With all due respect to Kevin, Human Nature is a GREAT album. Fortunately everyone will soon have the opportunity to judge for themselves as it should be.......but I'm betting that it will receive rave reviews overall.

One reason I say this is because I've received many notes this summer from people who have had the opportunity to listen to advance copies of Human Nature, and their comments have all been extremely positive.

"From A Moving Train" and "Pages" have already been warmly received by fans this summer on the "Human Nature" tour, and "Train" has been charting well.

Both are vintage America, and will rate right up there with songs from any previous America album.

Interestingly, Kevin pointed out that "Wednesday Morning" is the best song on the album......and he may very well be correct. I've heard this from several people that have reviewed the album and "Wednesday Morning" seems to be the favorite with most.

From my standpoint, there are five key tracks that have major hit potential......Train, Pages, Wed. Morning, Wheels Are Turning, and Whispering. Only time will tell.....but each song is top of the line America. may be none of these......because there are several other great songs as well that have been mentioned by others!

Yes, Gerry makes an excellent showing on Human Nature, but Dewey's contribution to Human Nature is equally strong. "Pages" is one of Dewey's best efforts, but there is another song that is just as great: "Wheels Are Turning." It is the type of song that is typical Dewey........showing a deep appreciation and unique observance of the simple and delightful things in our environment........."black crow with an indigo glow"..........."thunder (and barking) in the canyon, waking up the night" "Wheels Are Turning" will always remain one of my favorites from any America album......and it helps in a big way to make Human Nature the great album it is.

"Hot Town" by Dewey could very well create some heat on the charts, and "Oloololo" shows an incredibly creative side of Dewey that comes from his vast travels throughout the world and intense curiousity to learn about other cultures and places......and to expand his horizons. "Oloololo" could be the sleeper on Human Nature......and will be most appreciated by America fans for the great song that it is.

The long awaited day has finally arrived, and it will be fun reading everyone's opinions about Human Nature. Everyone will find something a little unique to share with the rest of the crowd!

Gerry and Dewey are very proud of Human Nature as they should be. It is a true representation where they are in 1998.....and I am truly very proud of them and happy for their continuing success.

Time for all to give it a listen...........


Message: 2020 Posted: Mon Sep 14 23:23:30 1998 By: Alexis
Subject: Horsewithnoname Lyrics

Can someone please interpret these lyrics for me....?
Thank You....

Message: 2019 Posted: Mon Sep 14 22:44:57 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Oops!

Sorry for all the typos. It's late on the east coast. I'll say it one more time. "Human Nature" is a terrific album. There are at least 6 great songs. "From A Moving Train", "Wednesday Morning", "Oloololo",
"Wheels Are Turning". Be sure to listen to the tribute-like touches to the Beach Boys in songs like "World Alone" and "Overwhelming World". I must say "Town and Country" is, to me, real americana, with banjo strumming and just a much needed "at peace" look at the world. I truly feel that "Hourglass", "Van Go Gan", and "Human Nature" mark a real creative renewal for both Gerry and Dewey.

Message: 2018 Posted: Mon Sep 14 22:24:10 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Human Nature

I too have had a copy of this album for several months. I'm a writer. And you know what? I like it quite a bit.

"Oloololo" is simply one of the best written America songs I've ever heard. It show some real reaching on the part of Dewey

I wanted to not like "Overwhelming World", but now I find myself singing almost non-stop. "From A Moving Train" is like a welcome return of some old friends.

Every album has its own character is very good. "Wheels are Turning" is another early favorite of mine. "Hourglass" was one of my five favorite albums. This one is not too far behind.

Message: 2017 Posted: Mon Sep 14 21:58:53 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Kevin's Review

I appreciate Kevin's subjective and honest review. I believe that we're all entitled to our own opinion and as Bob said, we each need to draw our own conclusions. Wouldn't it be a boring world if we each had the same tastes and opinions. We wouldn't even need to have a song tournament (which ends tonight, by the way) if we all felt the same about America's songs. I've had Human Nature for about 4 months now (the promotional cassette) and I think it's a great album (my opinion). I'm probably not as interested in the technical aspects of the album as I am in how I enjoy it and how I feel when I listen to it. I consider more than half of the songs on the album to be excellent and the rest of them are very good with only one or two exceptions (depending on my mood). As the rest of you pick up the CD and get a chance to listen to it, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Message: 2016 Posted: Mon Sep 14 21:14:30 1998 By: Bob
Subject: Human Nature

I don't think that there is any reason to panic.
Regarding Kevins recent comments,I do not want to sound disrespectful but i think that we should listen to the final production.
Kevin has every right to make his comments, but i am sure that we can all draw our own conclusion. when we hear things we all hear we all hear different things when we listen to it.I have heard of the people who like one album and not another,so please do not jump the gun and just remember who wrote and performed & produced the album.we only have a small time to wait after four years of waiting what is a couple of hours.

Message: 2015 Posted: Mon Sep 14 20:01:29 1998 By: Penny
Subject: KevinS' Review

I agree with Shayne! That was truly PAINFUL to read.
I guess time will tell...

Message: 2014 Posted: Mon Sep 14 18:41:08 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: KevinS' Review



Message: 2013 Posted: Mon Sep 14 17:16:59 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Human Nature Review (as if anyone asked)

I got the new CD.

Here's my review.

Anybody looking for the old America sound of the Warner Brothers days--acoustic guitar oriented music with their trademark three-part haromonies--won't find it here.

What you will find is yet another sound for the post-Dan Peek America. A sound that's played very close to the vest. Production is very conservative, risk averse, too technical for its own good, and at times goofy (bird chirps in Town & Country, for instance).

Whereas past America production efforts were layers of sounds that, upon each subsequent listen, like a goldmine, would always seem to yield some new priceless nugget of sound, what you hear on Human Nature is what you get: Bland, not a whole lot of emotion, few memorable riffs, and few musical hooks.

You sing along to the songs, but after they're over about all you remember is the chorus.

Not a whole lot of spark. Just a few nice songs. In fact, the individual songs here are stronger than the album.

Human Nature is less "vintage" America and more like Gerry Beckley, with Dewey Bunnell sitting in. Not that that's a horrible thing; it's just not America. It's not an equal partnership. And it's not nearly as good as Van Go Gan.

It's as if Gerry Beckley had some songs left over from his solo album and invited Dewey over to sit in on some of them. What the hell happened to Dewey? Of the 13 songs on Human Nature (if you count Overwhelming World Suite as 3) Dewey plays guitar on only 5 of them. The remaining songs he's relegated to lead or background vocals. His guitar work doesn't even show up until the 7th song, then it's used more as sound design.

It's a long way from Ventura Highway and Horse With No Name and Moon Song.

While overall there is some very good songwriting (after 27 years these guys can still write a song), it's the production that's lacking. The voices sound good, it's just the instruments aren't that important. The acoustic guitars for the most part sound like they were programmed, not played. They rely too heavy on soul-less drum programming rather than the real thing. Another contributing factor to onsetting rigermortis.

I'll be surprised to see how many non-America fans flock to "Human Nature." "Hourglass" was a better effort. Even the highs on "Perspective" (and there weren't many) were higher than the highs on "Human Nature." (Except for "Wednesday Morning" which is the one great song on the album.)

When word of the new America project first surfaced, it was mentioned that legendary Steely Dan producer Gary Katz would be producing it. He's not. Production credits go to is a Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Hank Linderman. It was recorded in Gerry's Human Nature studios.

I think in the future the guys need to get out of the house, get a producer, get the band together (Woods, Palmer, Leacox) and record an album. Not just engineer one.

I wanted this to be great. It's only good.

Message: 2012 Posted: Mon Sep 14 15:20:25 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Moving Train?

Has anybody actually heard the song on the radio?
Any more chart data from last week?
How long will it take Human Nature to actually start showing up on store shelves?

Message: 2011 Posted: Mon Sep 14 07:51:46 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: America in Boston 1996 Video

This is a belated reply to the request for a review of the America In Boston video. It is available over the Internet from Lenny Scolletta at bang! imports. He was most obliging and prompt.
The video was recorded on August 24 1996. It captures the feel of recent concerts and features Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross the River, Daisy Jane, Mirror to Mirror, Last Unicorn, Three Roses, I Need You, Tin Man, Woman Tonight, Only in Your Heart, California Dreamin', Lonely People, Green Monkey, Never be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, Everyone I Meet is from California and Horse With No Name.
If you have been spoilt with front row seats, it may seem a bit distant and, occasionally, heads appear in front of the camera. Sometimes the spotlights tend to bleach Gerry's and Dewey's faces, it is sometimes difficult to hear Dewey when he speaks and the sound does not always reflect the "true to the recording" quality of the concerts. Overall, however, we feel it is well worth adding to your collection.
All credit to them for filming it and making it available for those who do not get the opportunity to regularly attend concerts.
I notice that bang! now has a 1997 video listed with the following description, "close!". Perhaps someone has seen this and could review it.

Message: 2010 Posted: Mon Sep 14 03:25:48 1998 By: Ken Chong
Subject: I'm so Happy!

Aloha, I can't believe I found this web-site. America is my favorite group, still. I have all their albums and waited a long time for the CD versions. My birthday is on the 22nd and I look forward to seeing them on NBC. What nice timing. Looking forward to the new release of the Human Nature CD. All I need now is to meet them oneday in person and ask them if they want to go surfing or something and just hang out. Wishful thinking in Hawaii. Mahalo Nui Loa! (Thank you very much)
Surfs up! KC

Message: 2009 Posted: Sun Sep 13 20:17:44 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: This is the big week!!!

Tom, you can find the lyrics to ALL of America's songs on the America Fans home page. Just click on the button at the top of the home page that says "Songs" and then look for the title of the song that you're interested in. Many of the guitar chords are also there (indicated by a little guitar icon next to the title).

Message: 2008 Posted: Sun Sep 13 18:11:31 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: NYC LITE FM

To Rich Cavallo,
Thanks for the info on LITE FM. I live on Long Island andmy husabd Bob and I have been searching everywhere for an email address. I will certainly call them, because they play ALOT of America's songs. Take Care.......Maureen.

Message: 2007 Posted: Sun Sep 13 16:41:38 1998 By: tom tantillo
Subject: This is the big week!!!

Howdy! I hope everyone will be out at the record stores Tuesday awaiting "Human Nature"! I can't wait!!! I was getting revved-up by listening to some of my old America recordings and believe it or not, I have 8-Tracks that i still play of theirs! I was listening to "Alibi" when it dawned on me...What are the lyrics in the second verse of "I Don't Believe In Miracles"? Sorry, but that's one of the times that I cannot really catch what Gerry is singing. The other time is in the song "Special Girl". Can anybody help me in this regard? I am truly hoping for all the best for the latest America release. Dewey and Gerry, best deserve all the success you can receive!!

Message: 2006 Posted: Sun Sep 13 13:28:46 1998 By: Erin
Subject: KOZZ Reno concert

If any of you are planning on going to the KOZZ Listener Appreciation concert in Reno on October 16th, I just found out that the tickets are free, and are only available at different businesses around Reno. So if you want to go, let me know and I'll get tickets. And as far as I know, seating isn't reserved. Lawlor seats 12,000 (I think). So if anyone is interested in going, email me.

Erin :o)

Message: 2005 Posted: Sun Sep 13 13:23:46 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Chat Session Schedule

Jessica, I'd be happy to change the day that we hold the live chat session except for the fact that Thursday is the only evening that I'm available each week. There's no reason why we couldn't do it twice a month if someone else would like to be the host (i.e., make sure you show up every time) of the second night. If someone is interested, let me know and I'll schedule a second night (other then Thursday) each month. Thanks!

Message: 2004 Posted: Sun Sep 13 13:20:09 1998 By: Steve Lowry

Eddie, as Jessica mentioned below, you can find the lyrics to All My Life on the "Songs" web page of the America Fans web site. To make it easier for you, here's a link to the All My Life lyrics.

Message: 2002 Posted: Sun Sep 13 12:37:33 1998 By: Lanny & Candice Douge
Subject: concert in Humboldt

Sorry we missed you guys in Knocti this year. Didn't see you on the schedule, was raceing in Redwood Regatta anyway! Candice appreciates partying with you after waiting 20 years on seeing you at Tahoe.Would really like to get something going with you guys up here.Remember Potter Valley? WE can work something out. Know you're busy now.

Message: 2000 Posted: Sat Sep 12 21:43:56 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gerry! If this next year brings you a fraction of the happiness your music has brought to me and my family you'll truly have a wonderful year! My 9 year old daughter, Meaghan, who wished you a "Happy Almost Birthday" during your concert at Hershey Park also sends her, "Happy TODAY birthday" greetings! We also hope you and Kathy enjoyed a very special anniversary.

Message: 1999 Posted: Sat Sep 12 18:18:48 1998 By: Gustavo Gomes Cursino
Subject: HEY!!!!!

Hi,Dewey and Gerry.
I'm your biggest fan here in Brazil and I have some of your CDs.
Here in my country I couldn't find all of them!
I just have the CDs: America(of course),Homecomming,History,Hat TricK,Hearts,Harbor,America in Concert,Encore More Gratest Hits,Perspective and Hourglass.
I'd like to know if you could send me some of yours CDs, or just one of them.
When will you come bacK here in Belo Horizonte for another show?
My address:
Street:Industrial Jose Costa #286
District:Nova Granada
City:Belo Horizonte
State:Minas Gerais

Message: 1998 Posted: Sat Sep 12 09:22:08 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Happy Birthday!!!

Hi, Gerry!

I have been a huge fan since I saw you guys perform in Sparks, Nevada. I have seen you twice more since then (Club Bene in NJ & Mohegan Sun in CT). My friend said you're going to think I'm stalking you. ha!ha!ha! And I'm not quite done yet - I'll be at Tower Records on the 22nd. You guys are just absolutely WONDERFUL!

Have a Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more years of beautiful music.

Message: 1997 Posted: Sat Sep 12 06:27:34 1998 By: Rich Cavallo Long Island,NY
Subject: Lite-Fm,New York City

Hi everyone! For those of you in the NYC area,Lite-fm's # is 212-258-7000. The assistant program director is a woman named Morgan. The program director is Jim Ryan. I was fowarded to Morgan's voice mail from the receptionist yesterday. I also wrote the station at WLTW,1515 Broadway,NY,NY10036. This is the most highly rated station in the NYC area. There are alot of us supporters on line so now is the time for letters and phone calls. Good Luck to all!

Message: 1995 Posted: Sat Sep 12 04:12:31 1998 By: jessica
Subject: kababayan Eddie

Hey Eddie! I'm so glad to see a countryman out here. Welcome to the wonderful site of wonderful people! Look up All My Life under "Songs" at Steve Lowry's Fans Page. I hope yu'll join in the fun and the excitement of waiting for the new CD - Human Nature.

To Steve L. : I found the time for the chat session and tried to get into the chat box but failed. Needless to say, I had a bad day. And I wasn't the only one, it seems. Jen couldn't get in, too. Anyway, Oct. 8 might be a luckier day. Will it be too much trouble if the chat is scheduled a little earlier than Thursdays? Lines are always busy on that day.

Message: 1994 Posted: Sat Sep 12 04:00:07 1998 By: jessica
Subject: happy day

To Gerry, more blessings and happiness on your birthday. All the success and love in the world. For all that you've shared with us through your music, we thank the Lord. May you be given back all the joy you have brought to all of us, your fans.

Happy 10th, too! More happy years to you and Kathy.

Message: 1993 Posted: Sat Sep 12 02:37:36 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: Happy BD GB!

Happy Birthday GB!!!

And it looks like Happy Anniversary sweet it is!

From one virgo to another~
hope it's the best yet!

Message: 1992 Posted: Fri Sep 11 22:10:31 1998 By: Eddie Aquino

Im from the philippines and I am an avid fan of AMERICA. I like all your songs particulary " all my life". I was wondering if you could help me get the lyrics of " all my life". I really appreciate it if i could have those because my gf and I really like that song and I was hoping I could surprise her by sending her the lyrics through email and through my audio file.It would really mean a lot to me if you could honor my wish.
Anyway, more power to AMERICA and Im looking forward to buying your new album when its released here on the record store.


Message: 1991 Posted: Fri Sep 11 15:39:39 1998 By: Mike Crosby
Subject: Live on NBC today

Did anyone tape this? I missed it and would love to get a copy.

Message: 1990 Posted: Fri Sep 11 14:24:27 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Confusion on America Posters?

To all America fans and band management: I AM NOT SELLING THE
AMERICA POSTERS! I am providing them to fans who want one free
of charge minus the shipping charges of which run about $5.00. The
Radio station is covered,our store is covered,and Oxygen was very
generous in the amount of posters they sent me. Please note that
the posters are FREE! If some die hard fan wants one to hang up in their room,den or whatever,who am I to deny them? I still have a few
posters available to those who would like one. Just email me! And
don't forget to spread the word about "Human Nature" out on tuesday!

Message: 1989 Posted: Fri Sep 11 13:16:50 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Happy 10th Anniversary

To GERRY and KATHY: We just wanted to wish you both a very 'Happy 10th Anniversary' and many, many more, and also a very special 'Happy Birthday' to Gerry. I hope you both are enjoying your vacation. Take Care and Best Regards.... Maureen & Bob from Long Island, NY

Message: 1988 Posted: Fri Sep 11 13:08:18 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Radio Comment

Hi all. I just had a bit of a mishap with the POST YOUR MESSAGE button there so if I just posted radio stations several times over, mea culpa.

I wanted to address, in a mass format, some of your concerns about what's happening when you call a radio station and the person on the other end of the phone tells you they don't know anything about the new America song.


This is the basic message I want to give you.

See, every station on the official record company list that I post here each week HAS added From a Moving Train. Each and every one. Problem is this: request line folks don't usually work full time shifts and more often than not are not brought up to date on recent single adds or full playlists. The fact that you are educating these people is a great thing, and you mustn't feel misinformed if you are calling a station and being told that you don't know what you are talking about - you do. A funny example of this is the guy from Brooklyn who keeps calling NYC's Lite-FM to request From a Moving Train and getting this request line guy who insists that "if America had a new song out he'd KNOW about it" and hanging up. I guess that's NY for ya.

Keep up the good work.


Karen D.

In addition, getting the radio to "add" the single is one thing...getting them to repeatedly play it is ANOTHER. Keep calling back!

Message: 1987 Posted: Fri Sep 11 12:57:27 1998 By: Karen D.


WLTQ Milwaukee, WI 414 799-1997
WKWK Wheeling, WV 304 232-9700
WDEF Chatanooga, TN 423 321-6200
KHLA Lafayette, LA 318 436-5299
WGLM Lafayette, IN 765 449-1067
WLQT Dayton, OH 937 457-5483
KWAV Monterey, CA 800 304-5928
WWLI Providence, RI 401 272-5483
WTCB Columbia, SC 803 796-2106
WRWC Rockford, IL 815 624-1103
KJSN Modesto, CA 209 545-5590
WTFN Johnson City, TN 423 245-9898
WGSY Columbus, GA 706 966-1000
KVLY McAllen, TX 956-994-1079
WFMK Lansing, MI 517 363-4399
WQLR Kalamazoo, MI 616 345-7121
WSWT Peoria, IL 309 698-1069
KELO Sioux Falls, SD 605 332-3113

Let's force them to keep up the spins!
Call as much as you can!

And if one of these stations is not in your listening area, you
can always call the stations in your town and ask them WHEN
they are going to be playing the new America song.


Message: 1986 Posted: Fri Sep 11 12:11:35 1998 By: Mark Lacy
Subject: concert

please have some on contact me about possible concert on saturday october 10 th at South Padre Island. Notice you will be in San Antonio
on the 11th. A hope skip and a jump to South Padre Island. We are hosting a motorcycle rally with over 2000 motorcyclist to attend.
Could be a great venue for us both.

Message: 1985 Posted: Fri Sep 11 12:09:48 1998 By: Richard Cavallo
Subject: airplay for new cd

I am hoping that the new cd gets all of the attention that it,(they) deserve! A great band that i have been hooked on since junior high,1977! I e-mailed 3 stations(2 on long island,1 in nyc) and wrote to 1 in nyc requesting from a. .train America's older material gets played,
why not the new songs? To much grat material goes on only noticed by loyal fans like us! Good Luck Oxygen on spreading the news and keep up the great promo work!

Message: 1984 Posted: Fri Sep 11 11:30:48 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Matt's Message

Matt, excellent and touching message. I believe in the
Hourglass CD liner notes, Kathy gets considerable mention for her
help/hospitality/etc. during the making and recording of the great Hourglass CD. Happy 10th Anniversary to 2 special people..
Kathy & Gerry. Next month it'll be my turn to celebrate this same occassion.

Regards, Howard Lieboff

Message: 1983 Posted: Fri Sep 11 09:02:30 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Charts

Anyone have the latest updates on how "From A Moving Train" is doing on the charts? I've called all the stations that Karen listed in her post as having added the record to their playlists at least five or six times this week requesting the song. (My long distance bill will be a nightmare.) I got a variety of responses. Some DJs loved the song. Some said they didn't play it in their daypart (am) but it was played after 8 pm. Some said their station didn't have it all (Milwaukee and Kalamazoo). Some said it was in light rotation. Even the DJs that never heard the song, or of the song, seemed interested that, as one DJ put it "that 'Horse With No Name' group from the '70s had a new song out." Oh, well, I'll keep hounding the stations here in Dallas to play it. No luck next. I think the DJs here are getting sick of me calling. I won't rest until I hear the damn thing at least once on the radio.

Message: 1982 Posted: Fri Sep 11 08:55:32 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Happy Birthday, Ger

A very happy birthday (tomorrow) to Gerry. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Message: 1981 Posted: Fri Sep 11 08:53:01 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Sorry, A public personal note

The following message was posted yesterday (September 10, 1998) by Gerry Beckley's son, Matt, on the AOL message board. I trust that he wouldn't mind it being shared here as well. Matt is truly a class act, just like his dad:

I would just like to take a time out to wish my father and Kathy a very, very special and happy tenth anniversary. Their marriage has led to immeasurable happiness, a wonderful family, and a beautiful child. It has been a wonderful ten, and I hope it lasts forever more. They are both wonderful people that make me proud to be a member of their family.

I have known Kathy for pretty much as long as I remember, and ten years ago today in England she made my Dad the happiest man on earth. (Plus, and I mean this without a hint of exageration; she is by FAR the most amazing Chef I have EVER seen. Name the dish and she'll make the BEST you've ever had of it. It earned HN liner notes.) But she is much, much more then that.

So, on their well deserved vacation, I send them my best and my love.


Message: 1980 Posted: Fri Sep 11 08:47:36 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: GREAT Jeff Larson article

Rick, thanks a million for the great article about Jeff Larson. Although I don't have the CD yet, I do have the promotional cassette and I would agree that it's full of great songs. By the way, Jeff has a personal bio on the America Fans web site which is interesting to read. It also has sound clips from most of his CDs, including "Annabelle" on Watercolor Sky.

Message: 1979 Posted: Fri Sep 11 08:42:35 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: I'm Surprised

Flavio, as America Fan pointed out below, you can find the lyrics to ALL of America's songs in the Songs section of the America Fans web site. You can find the lyrics under the title "A Horse With No Name" or "Horse With No Name". To make it easier for you, you can also follow this link.

Message: 1978 Posted: Fri Sep 11 07:52:42 1998 By: Howard
Subject: Chat Session

To all,

I joined the chat session from 10-11:115P.
Subjects we talked About:
Human Nature: thanks to Steve L for his comments and review on HN.
Today show and my burgundy
Great work Oxygen is doing marketing and promoting HN. Thanks Karen.
VGG. Someone asked where VGG is available. Does someone know. I
think it's going for $40, kinda steep.
Then a special guest joined us...Matt. A good portion of the chat
we asked him questions about various things.
Thanks Matt for being very courteous.

That's all folks, have a good weekend! Howard

Message: 1977 Posted: Fri Sep 11 07:18:39 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: chat session

How was the chat seesion. I missed it. please let me know...Maureen

Message: 1976 Posted: Fri Sep 11 00:58:17 1998 By: John Linden
Subject: 3 Days With America

As a radio DJ, I had the opportunity to hang and chaperon them for 3 days in 1990. The MOST down to earth and fantastic guys you'll ever meet. I got great pictures, stories, and Dewy Gerry taught me "Sister Golden Hair" on the guitar. They really are true legends.

Message: 1975 Posted: Thu Sep 10 18:49:14 1998 By: pat
Subject: human nature

well i get my copy tomorrow,i cannot wait to get it home and listen to it.vh1 should do something with the guys after all they do it for every other group

Message: 1974 Posted: Thu Sep 10 18:27:37 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: A Horse With No Name Lyrics

Hi Flavio,
If you go to the America Home Page and click on SONGS, 'Horse' is listed under 'A'. Good luck.....America Fan

Message: 1973 Posted: Thu Sep 10 18:22:46 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Jeff's Articles

Hi Rick,
Thanks for sharing the Jeff Larson articles. They were very interesting. I have been meaning to pick up his new album. I will check Tower Records on the 15th, when I pick up my Human Nature CD, I'll check for Jeff's. My two favorite instruments are the piano and guitar, so I am sure I will enjoy it. Take care and Thanks again.......Maureen

Message: 1972 Posted: Thu Sep 10 18:19:05 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: TRIBUTE

Hi Barb,
How have you and Gary been? Just wanted to tell you what a BEAUTIFUL poem you posted. Being a HUGE America fan, I think it sums everything up quite nicely!! I have been thinking about putting something together like that myself. Hah, you beat me to it!! I do alot of cross stiching, and when I get some free time, I am going to cross stich it. That may not be till December, because I attend college at nite, twice a week for 3 1/2 hours a nite. So, as you can see, that is where all of my time will be going. Hope all is well and again THANKS for sharing your Tribute......Maureen

Message: 1971 Posted: Thu Sep 10 17:04:39 1998 By: Flavio Prior
Subject: I'm surprised!

I'm surprised....
I couldn't find the lyrics of the song "Horse with no name"
Why not??????

Message: 1970 Posted: Thu Sep 10 10:17:19 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Jeff Larson Article pt 2


(by John Holcomb of Amplifier Magazine)

Tell me about meeting Gerry Beckley, I'm not familiar with "Annabelle" previously. Was it
written especially for this record? Great haunting melody, and Jeffrey's vocal
complements yours perfectly.

JL: Gerry is a good friend of Jeffrey's and have sung on each others projects in the past.
As I understand it "Annabelle" was a song written between Gerry's solo CD "Van Go Gan"
and the upcoming America album, and was unreleased. I was considering doing an older
tune of America's as a cover and somewhere in a conversation between Jeffrey and
Gerry "Annabelle" was suggested. I flew down to L.A. and we met at a Starbucks where I
was basically handed the lyrics, track, and a demo to learn the song. I've been influenced
by his work ever since I picked up an instrument so it was an obvious thrill to sing and
record this song.

JH: "Definite Blonde" is a dynamic song (with a really neat title). I especially like the
vocals on this track. Did this one come together at about the same time as "Nothing But

JL: "Definite Blonde" was one I wrote during the sessions. The song is drawn from a
couple past relationships - maybe only one being blonde. I have several of these type of
songs, one other being on this recording, "shades", where I'm a participant as well as an

JH: Tell me a little about "King of Summer". It's a great track, and I love the segueway
between it and "Touch of June".

JL: "King of Summer" contains the most "out there" lyrics of the set from the opening
lines: 'Landlocked in Sacramento, so insecure, reservation signal change, something's a
blur' to further on with 'daydreaming like I always seem to do inside'. It's mainly a
collection of images. I know that I wanted each verse to reflect a different mood with
the answer coming out in the chorus: 'then skies soon clear, faraway is near, so says the
king of summer'. The king of summer is a reference to Brian Wilson / Beach Boys and the
effect of that music and it's ability to move and actually bring you out from somewhere
to a better place. "King of Summer" is a celebration in a way. As far as the segueway
between "Touch of June" and "King of Summer" yeah I've always loved that kind of stuff
on records. Makes the listener feel a part of it.

JH: What instruments do you play, and how much of the guitar work did you do yourself
on "Watercolor"?

JL: I play guitar and piano. The guitar is my main instrument. On "Watercolor Sky" I did
less of the guitar work as on previous work where I did all of it. As a solo I did much
with alternate tunings and hand work. This approach works great for a solo where you
tend to fill in for what you lack as far as backing, but this music was to be more
textured with various sounds coming in so it needed to be steady and straightforward.
Bob (Bobby "G") Gothar did the fine electric guitar work on most of the tracks.

JH: Do you think your years as playing as a solo puts a different spin on your songwriting
than if you'd been in a band?

JL: I think it does - mainly because you have to kick yourself in the ass to write music
that's up. Then again writing is often a solo and personal endeavor so the difference may
be minimal. There have also been times of duo, trio, and bass-drum situations for
recording purposes or just banging things around with friends. These often do lead to a
flurry of songs. It would be safe to say that "Watercolor Sky" is a beginning since it
provided me with a larger pallet of colors to work with. During the sessions I wrote
"Definite Blonde" and "King of Summer" so I would expect more along those lines in the

JH: We may have discussed this somewhat already, but was there a general, overall vibe
you were going for with this record, and was there any specific record out there you
were shooting for in terms of feel, vibe, atmosphere, or whatever? Not trying to copy,
but in terms of conjuring up similar magic. Does that make sense?

JL: Yes, that makes good sense. I wanted to reflect something of my childhood and
growing up in California. "Watercolor Sky" as a title comes from that - there are many of
those here (and elsewhere) - I also recall the title as a song I tried to write in high
school but never finished. As far as albums that provided a feel for what I wanted , I
would say Beach Boys "Sunflower", America "Harbor (Hawaii)", with general West Coast
touches: harmonies, wet jangly acoustic and electric guitars, vibes, etc. Much of the idea
behind this record comes from a coastal drive from Northern to Southern California, so I
suppose those scenes I wanted to capture as well as love interests.

JH: I'd say you did a great job capturing exactly what you set out to do. Do you have a
"big picture" plan as far as where you want to go with other records?

JL: I'm still running through ideas for the next project... I have plenty of songs I've
written, but I'm still writing. 80% of the new project was written within the year it was
recorded. So even though I have 14 or so tracks set aside it all may change by the time
the sessions start. I know the subject matter has to vary, at least in perspective. The
music will pick up from "Definite Blonde", "Nothing But Air" and other recent songs. I'm
having a blast thinking along these lines so it should be "framing up" soon.

JH: Do you write by taping demos, or do you do the paper and pencil thing first? Or both?

JL: I usually keep ideas in notebooks until I have a build up of tunes and then book a
session to put the guitar / piano and vocal track down. Sometimes I do a little more by
adding harmonies or a rhythm track. I also walk around like a nut with a micro-cassette
recorder that I talk or play into to preserve a verse or chorus here and there.

JH: Are there any contemporary artists out there (besides Jeffrey) that you listen to?

JL: Besides Jeffrey - Ben Folds Five, some High Llamas, Junior Brown, Matthew Sweet...
All with a strong degree of melody. Usually I go back to go forward you know - Byrds,
Beatles, Beach Boys, Carpenters, Eric Carmen / Raspberries, Jackson Browne, Bruce
Cockburn, or way back - Bach, Handel, Corelli. Art knows no age really.

JH: We haven't talked much about "Shades". Another good one. Any comments on it?

JL: Thanks. "Shades" was the main tune on the demo I was shopping around prior to this
project and I believe is what initially got Jeffreys ear. It was the first song we did.
Jeffrey's vocals are incredible on that tune and, I believe, took the song once step
further than where I had it. I knew after this song was recorded that the sky had

I wrote the lyrics to "Shades" in the Winter 1996 mostly on a plane from Phoenix to San
Jose - a short ride - but I remember it long. It came from my recollections and some
early notes I had written from a day at the beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It was one of
the key songs that helped me change directions musically a bit. The subject matter
centers around the girl behind the shades - hoping for more than the obvious where the
"soft spoken wonder" gets the girl.

JH: Who played the 12 string electric on "King of Summer?

JL: That would be the ever steady Mr. Foskett.

JH: What do you feel that Jeffrey brought to the sessions and the songwriting?

JL: I benefited by both Jeffrey and Gary and their working relationship up to "Watercolor
Sky" so things were pretty tight between them as far as getting things done. Jeffrey's
ability to work out and execute vocal parts is amazing and with that he tends to take
the song one step further. Gary as well is a master of his craft with his arrangements
and overall musicianship. I felt fortunate to have the songs sound and feel they way I
wrote them. I tend to write in bunches, so when I delivered the demos some tunes were
in need of a bridge, Jeffrey helped with his perspective there and contributed in that
area. I went from a do-it-yourself situation to a beneficial collaborative effort and it
feels good to have done it.

Message: 1969 Posted: Thu Sep 10 10:14:00 1998 By: Rick
Subject: GREAT Jeff Larson article pt 1

Was pleased to receive the following article about Jeff Larson from Amplifier Magazine. The author, John Holcomb, shares the same enthusiasm for Jeff's "Watercolor Sky" CD that has been expressed online recently on all the America pages.

The article discusses background info about Jeff; mentions the story behind Gerry Beckley's "Annabelle" found on the album; tells who inspired "Nothing But Air," and reveals who the "King of Summer" is.

You can find ordering info for the Watercolor Sky CD at or go to

Interview by John Holcomb of Amplifier Magazine

John Holcomb: So...what were the first records that really made an impact on you as a
child, and was there any record or artist that specifically motivated you into

Jeff Larson: The records that really caught me were America in the later 70's, specifically
their "Hearts" to "Harbor" albums. Very melodic songs full of imagery that took you
places. I started to play (and write) about 1977. The "Hearts" album specifically was the
first I bought because it contained the song "Daisy Jane" which really made me want to
write songs and sing. In general though I listened to all pop music that was melodic and
painted pictures through the music and lyrics. "The feel" has always been key.

JH: Have there been bands that you've kicked around in through the years, and if so,
what were they like?

JL: John, this next answer is easy - none... I've been solo "forever". However I've always
been into bands - especially those with harmony associated with them. I did a couple
CD's basically solo (with studio musicians) for a label based in the Netherlands the most
recent being two years ago. I also have toured in Northern Europe several times as a
solo - the most recent being last November. But I was tired of being a lone ranger by

I made the decision that I needed a producer who would be sympathetic to the material
and fit what I was trying to get across musically and lyrically. I started listening to the
Beach Boys very heavily about 4 years ago - That led to me picking up some publications
related to them - enter Jeffrey Foskett who was often mentioned. I picked up his "Thru
My Window" CD which pretty much became a soundtrack for the summer of '97. I had
also just finished a 3 song sampler CD (demo) in the direction I wanted to go. The
production was sparse, but the songs were there. I sent it out to many in various circles
I was interested in, needless to say it got to Jeffrey and a few months later I did
"Nothing But Air" and "Shades" with he and Gary (Griffin) producing.

JH: "Nothing But Air" is an incredible song, maybe the best I've heard all year. I've done
nothing but hum and sing it in my head the last two days. Tell me a little more about the
writing/recording of it.

JL: It was also one of those songs I wrote in about an hour. I wrote it for my wife and
was pleased with the outcome since it reflects something further along in a relationship
and not only the infatuation at the start. It's main point is how life is made lighter by the
effect of someone to where there's freedom to move. In my case it was creatively -
being a songwriter, musician, etc. and have that support behind my actions. Something I
had not had previously. The song was one of the first three recorded for "Watercolor
Sky" - and since I had written it about a month before going in, it was fresh. More than
any other song "Nothing But Air" signifies the music and mood change I wanted for this
project and fittingly opens the disc. Jeffrey added the nice instrumental bridge that fit
so well.

JH: It's an amazing track, gets better with every listen. Everything about it is perfect.
The structure of the tune, your voice sounds fantastic, and the instrumental bridge does
fit perfectly. It had to be a clear cut choice for the opening track.

Message: 1968 Posted: Thu Sep 10 10:10:48 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: GREAT Jeff Larson article

There's a GREAT article about Jeff Larson from Amplifier Magazine about his new WatercolorSky CD on

I've been trying to post the article here in the chat folder, but have been having some difficulty. I'll keep trying

Message: 1965 Posted: Thu Sep 10 05:00:25 1998 By: jessica
Subject: america postcards

I hear you Debbiedo! My friends will definitely get a fill of america stuff this weekend! It's the only thing I can contribute for H.N. (that and writing to BMG which I already did).

Great news about CNN Showbiz Today, Karen! At least that show has a 98% chance of reaching me here in Manila. I hope it'll push through. If H.N. promotion does a California leg, please post the details earlier so I can ask a cousin in LA to do something about it.

Lovely poem, Barb. Read it before but this is an apt time to read it again.

Message: 1964 Posted: Thu Sep 10 02:07:20 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: pics

Sure glad you all are enjoying the corbis tis fun tisn't it?! Did you notice you can send the pics as postcards??? I sent my sis a couple good ones. You can make them look old fashioned, in between, etc. All free! Send one to an old friend/fan today! Great way to announce the new cd.

Have fun!


That's an order!

Message: 1963 Posted: Wed Sep 09 22:38:33 1998 By: Mags
Subject: "Tribute To America"

Thanks for posting Barbie's poem again...I was the one who requested it and it certainly is something to share with all!

Message: 1962 Posted: Wed Sep 09 21:37:11 1998 By: Karen D.

Well, it's almost the 15th folks...Things are really heating up here at Oxygen. I only had about 5 minutes time to go over this entire chat board today - I think I should try to get to it daily if I am to keep up.

I'd like to answer some questions/address some concerns, ok?

First, to the guy selling posters - dude, please don't sell the posters :)

Secondly, hey of COURSE we wanted The Today Show to air "From a Moving Train" live. Of COURSE, Pat. Why wouldn't we? But, you see, the show makes that decision - not the band, the manager, or the label. We were there to promote the fact that your favorite band has a new record out. And we did. And to all those many cool early bird fans who turned that television taping into an America concert, the band and I and everyone at Oxygen Records thank you so much. Again. You were wonderful.

Third, cool idea to merge the chat boards, Steve and Rick! thank you thank you thank you. A necessary and wise move, I think.

Fourth, let's chill on Kathie Lee. Yeah, she's not everyone's favorite but there's a lot of other cool stuff for the band to do.

Fifth, yes, I know we need to promote on the "other" coast. And we are. We are setting up press and promotions days in northern and southern California. When things start getting booked and coming together for those two days, I will post the information here.

OK, on to new business - I want you to know that every time you guys call a radio station or call a record store it is having a direct result. We got a radio add today in a small city where a particularly zealous fan lives. That means his or her actions resulted in the station finding out about and adding the record. WAY TO GO!! That's how you do it! Also, someone working in the California area had the wits to make sure a window decal went up in one of the band's favorite record stores, much to the delight of someone on the crew. If you have emailed me and asked me to send you an America Fan Promotional Volunteer Kit and you still have not received it, please email me again. I am quite certain that my mailings are all up to date, but I would hate it if anyone fell through the cracks. Keep calling those radio stations and, better yet, those record stores (calling stores always makes the most sense after release date).

The following list is the cities that are included on the 30 TOP MARKETS FOR AMERICA list where I do not have any volunteers and where I think we may need a little extra help:
Boulder, CO
Denver, CO
Buffalo, NY
Guilford, NH
San Antonio, TX
St. Louis, MO
St. Paul, MN
Washington, DC
W. Palm Beach, FL
Yakima, WA

Anyone in any of those areas who might want to join up? Contact me directly. Thanks.

And, lastly, another new thing has just been booked:

America will be appearing on CNN's Showbiz Today on Tuesday, September 22nd. Yay! I'll let you know more about this as the day's schedule starts to firm up.

Best to you all,
Karen D.

Message: 1961 Posted: Wed Sep 09 21:29:26 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Am. Prose.....Barb's poem

Someone on the AOL message board requested a poem that Barb ( wrote some time ago. Rick was able to find the poem and give it an encore as requested........

Tribute to America
Boyish blonde, bearded gent
Think you both were heaven sent.
My destiny was sealed that day
In 1980 when I saw you play.
Does your "View From the Ground" allow you to see
How your music touches me?
I don't need an "Alibi"
Sometimes there's joy, sometimes I cry.
The "Silent Letter" wends its way
With secret messages you convey
Coloring the canvas of my "Perspective"
I cherish all you have to give.
Adrift on your songs I always find
A peaceful "Harbor" in my mind
A special place to "Hideaway"
To escape the confusion of today.
Sharing your "Hearts" with faithful fans
In foreign and domestic lands.
I anticipate each "Homecoming"
And the magic that your concerts bring.
Warmth like "Holiday" candle glow
Radiates from every show
Make "Your Move" as the curtain rises
Weave the spell that hypnotizes.
Your "Hat Trick" always seems to be
A performance of highest fidelity
Blending words and notes and harmony
Into a perfect symmetry.
How quickly now the years do pass
Sands racing through the "Hourglass".
The beard comes and goes, the sons now shine
As you age with grace like vintage wine.
Twenty-five years of musical treasure
Unsurpassed by any measure.
Will your silver "History"
Become a golden legacy?
Someday when you close that door
Depart the stage in your last "Encore"
A piece of "America" will always be
Cocooned in my heart and memory.

Message: 1960 Posted: Wed Sep 09 21:15:30 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: RE:

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie... I just checked out the photos and there are some real treasures there. I have added a link to the photos on my America Links web page so that everyone can see the photos (there are about 130 of them).

Message: 1959 Posted: Wed Sep 09 16:00:28 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1 America Special/Germany

Does anybody have a copy of the entire VH1 Special aired of America
in Germany/1975 on VHS Tape? I can offer a trade of 3 tapes to pick from. Please email me at HLieboff@aol.Com.

Thanks all, Howard
for anybody.

Message: 1958 Posted: Wed Sep 09 11:43:37 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: WWW.Corbis.COm

To All, the site has ALOT of great pics!
Debbie's right, it's excellent!!!

Message: 1957 Posted: Wed Sep 09 09:06:53 1998 By: jessica

Debbie, you are so right!!! It took me ages to go over all 13 pages but I just loved the photos. I've always wondered about those America years I've missed and these great photos helped a lot. Really interesting, too. Like that one of Gerry holding a snake (hmm...), and then wearing a pink overall by the beach? I also noticed that he always was drinking soda or something else; and there's even one of him eating breakfast. I therefore conclude that he'd had a good life (LOL)!

As for you people, better troop to this site and enjoy.

Thanks a lot, Debbie! Bless you for this find.

Message: 1956 Posted: Wed Sep 09 00:56:40 1998 By: debbie
Subject: site

Hi all...been awhile since I've been here. I have learned of a fun site that has some great America pics~ 13 pages to be exact! Perhaps you have covered it here before, but I just learned about it on the Fogelberg site (Dan only has two pages...they oldies but goodies-check them out too). It is It is a place that has many mainly (lots of H Diltz-that man was DID he do it?). In the search area type in folk rock America...then grab a tissue so you won't droll on the keybrds.

I now have a rather good one tiled on my desktop to greet me each day..hubba, hubba Dew & Ger!!!

Enjoy...let me know what you think~

PS HN-only one week and counting...daughter works at Sam Goody..get a good family discount...hope they have plenty of copies!

Message: 1955 Posted: Tue Sep 08 22:26:25 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: CD reissues

Rob, go to the CD Sources web page for a list of lots of places that sell America's albums on CD. With the recent release by One Way Records, ALL of the albums are now available.

Message: 1954 Posted: Tue Sep 08 22:24:17 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Number 62

Way to go Mark McGwire!! I haven't followed baseball much this year (except for the Padres because my cousin, Wally Joyner, plays for them), but I've been caught up in the homerun fever lately and it was great to see Mark break the record. I was an avid fan in 1961 and remember Roger Maris breaking the Babe's record (OK, I was only 7 but I still remember it) and I never thought anyone else would break the record. I'm glad I got to experience it with Mark and the rest of the nation (or world) tonight. The question now: How many more will he hit?

Message: 1953 Posted: Tue Sep 08 22:16:51 1998 By: Rob
Subject: CD reissues

Replacing my vinyl with cd's, "Holiday is WB 7599 27501" Where can I buy it? Are there any chances of a release of "Hearts" on CD?


Message: 1952 Posted: Tue Sep 08 19:36:47 1998 By: Shayne

Howard - I feel your pain.


Message: 1951 Posted: Tue Sep 08 18:45:33 1998 By: pat
Subject: human nature

something i found to be normal for the "older acts" i called my local cd store to find out if they would have my cd,i get them on fridays a little early. anyway they said the warehouse.which supplies nt only them but the large stores as well nrm camelot ect.. they wre out of them already they had two copies i could not believe this two lousy copies no wonder these groups can't do well on the charts

Message: 1950 Posted: Tue Sep 08 18:39:14 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: TODAY show pictures?

Hi Steve,
One more thing, would you like copies of my Today show pictures, too. I think they came out pretty good. Your's and Rick are MUCH better. Oh, I remember seeing the NBC guys setting up the egg on the horse. They were right in front of us. It was pretty funny watching them do it. Anyway, let me know. See ya......Maureen

Message: 1949 Posted: Tue Sep 08 18:35:21 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: You GEM

Hi Steve,
CONGRATS on your GEM award. You deserve it!! Also, I received the tape today. It is excellant!! Now, I must have a CD copy. Is there one? Can Yuri look into it. Also, I have all of my pictures, FINALLY, ready to send to you. Some from Westbury, Mohegan Sun, and Hershey shows. I will get them to you sometime over the next few days. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!! and keep up the GREAT work.......Maureen

Message: 1948 Posted: Tue Sep 08 17:16:57 1998 By: Rick
Subject: America cheering for Mark McGwire!

Great to see Mark McGwire hit his 61st home run!

You can bet that there were plenty of cheers around Dewey's home.....and Gerry's too....being friends and fans of Mark.

There's a great pic of Dewey and Mark on that was taken by Ike at a Spring Training game in Vegas between Oakland and California......before Mark was traded to St. Louis. Many of us were fortunate to be there for the game, and the shows at the Desert Inn.

A real highlight of the game was Dewey and Gerry singing the national anthem!


Message: 1947 Posted: Tue Sep 08 14:35:09 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Vocals on View From The Ground

This is a response to Shayne's question about guest vocalists on "View From The Ground." Looking at the vinyl LP jacket, there's no information regarding who sang background on what song in particular. Only a list of background singers on the album in general. Among them were Carl Wilson, Timothy B. Schmit, Christoper Cross, Chuck Kilpatrick, Russ Ballard, Chris Cote, and Michael Mirage. Michael McDonald was not on the album, or, if he was, he wasn't credited. While the background vocals on "Desperate Love" sound a little like Michael McDonald, I think that's Dewey's voice mixed in with others. As far as I know, Michael McDonald hasn't been on any America album.

Message: 1946 Posted: Tue Sep 08 13:51:59 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Monthly Chat Session

The monthly Internet chat session will be held this Thursday, September 10, at 9 pm Eastern time. You must have a Java enabled browser in order to participate. I look forward to visiting with many of you this Thursday and talking about the pending release of Human Nature and other topics of interest.

Message: 1945 Posted: Tue Sep 08 13:48:40 1998 By: bob
Subject: jimnak

Hi Jim,I was wondering if you are the same Jimnak on e-bay?.

Message: 1944 Posted: Tue Sep 08 13:45:38 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Thankyou

Adrian, it's interesting that you would ask about Jim Calire and Joe Walsh because the same question was posed on the AOL Message Board last month. Here's the reply that was given by Gary (

I don't know anything reagarding Tom Walsh, but Jim Calire lives about a half hour from us. He lives in Ojai (O-hi) CA. As he performs in this area, he is mentoned quite often in the local paper, sometimes alone and sometimes with other local people. He directed a musical version of Tom Sawyer a couple of years ago and it was very entertaining. We had a opportunity to talk with him at one point and we asked him about touring with the guys. If I remember right, he said that he enjoyed his time with AMERICA. One story that he told us involved "ordering drinks by color!" As you may know his son, Mario, is the drummer for the WALLFLOWERS.

Hope this helps!

the other GB

Message: 1943 Posted: Tue Sep 08 12:59:21 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hershey Park/Today Show

I still have about 9 pictures left in my camera to take.
But I have pics of the guys from Hershey Park and Today show.
As soon as I get them developed, I'll scan (Yes I got a scanner
that works) and send to Steve for this site.

Do you believe on Sept.22, it's the Jewish Holidays and I always
take off to be with family. UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOT FAIR!


Message: 1942 Posted: Tue Sep 08 11:22:53 1998 By: Erich Bohme
Subject: Thanks !!!

Thanks Dewey and Gerry!!!... for all these great years of SUPERB music...
thanks also for all those songs that made great moments in my life
(Or... as Mr. Beckley would say "I wanted this all my life...")

Message: 1941 Posted: Tue Sep 08 09:41:43 1998 By: jessica
Subject: another award!!!

Hey Steve, for a man who's supposed to be up to his neck with his "other" work, you sure show great capability for achieving more and more!

Congratulations, once more. Now, we're really rolling, aren't we?

Message: 1940 Posted: Tue Sep 08 09:02:51 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Thankyou

A BIG THANKYOU TO STEVE LOWERY,all my questions answered in one hit thanks Steve,and a BIG pat on the back for the gem of the day award!!! Here's one that may test you what ever happenend to Tom Walsh,and Jim Calire? What about one of America's unsung hero's Scott Harder road manager for many years who very kindly asked me what my story was before introducing me to the guys backstage,briefly it was the fact that America as a band had not toured the U.K. since 1975, but recording there was an entirely different matter,but take me backstage at St.George's League's Club he did,felt a bit of fool but I needent of worried these guys put me at my ease straitaway hardened seasoned professionals that they are, can anyone think of a harder working band?Great musicianship,showmanship,first class recordings,and all done with the minimum fuss and bother.By the by does'nt seem that Human Nature has been around a long time and still not officially released,with all that has been going on this year this album is going to come out of nowhere and knock em dead!!!

Message: 1939 Posted: Mon Sep 07 22:23:26 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Gem of the day

Steve: Congratulations on the Gem of the day award, it is truely well deserved, you put alot of time & effort into the America fans homepage, and is greatly apprecated by America fans everywhere!!!! THANX for the homepage, now that I found it, I don't know what I'd do without it! EDDY

Message: 1938 Posted: Mon Sep 07 20:59:05 1998 By:
Subject: New Promo

Ok here is an idea:

We get Mark Mcgwire to wear an AMERICA/HUMAN NATURE cap. Come on there must be someone in AMERICA who knows him very well, afterall he did support the band.

Message: 1937 Posted: Mon Sep 07 18:41:29 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Human Nature

Hi Warren,
Where do you live?? Did you know that Gerry and Dewey are scheduled to appear at a Tower Records store in Manhattan, NYC, on the 22nd? So I am pretty sure the store will be carrying the CD. I plan on going to the store on the 15th. I am going to call the store tomorrow to confirm this. If you would like me to pick you a copy, please let me know, and I will let you know if they are going to have on the 15th, too. Take Care.....Maureen
PS Penny, would you like me to get a copy for you, too, or will you and Vivian be going on the 22nd?? See ya soon.......Maureen

Message: 1936 Posted: Mon Sep 07 14:50:18 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Human Nature posters

To those of you trying to email me and not getting through,here is my
official email address:
At this typing,I still have about 3-4 posters left. If you're interested,email me and let me know. The posters are the same ones that you could see held up during the "today show" performance. The guys faces are
NOT on the Poster,but its still very colorful and sharp! let me know!

Message: 1935 Posted: Mon Sep 07 11:41:00 1998 By: Penny
Subject: You're a GEM, Steve!

CONGRATULATIONS Steve! That's wonderful news! Are we on a roll or what? Human Nature is almost here, Today Show appearance, your website winning the "Gem of the Day" award AND Howard's burgundy shirt on national TV!!! I think someone "up there" is trying to tell us that America's time to shine once again is upon us! Human Nature WILL be a phenomenal success!

Message: 1934 Posted: Mon Sep 07 10:46:04 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Gem of the Day

I'm excited to announce that the America Fans Home Page has been chosen as the Gem of the Day by the Classic Rock home page sponsored by the Mining Company. This is great timing for this award because it will steer a lot of classic rockers to the web site where they can learn about America's new CD, Human Nature.

Message: 1933 Posted: Mon Sep 07 10:33:41 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Chat Folder

Hi, Jessica and EVERYONE!

Glad to be here.

Message: 1932 Posted: Mon Sep 07 05:42:15 1998 By: jessica
Subject: posters and video tape of Today Show

Hi Jen! Like you, I'd love to have the latest materials on America. But - I still have to talk to my relatives over there in the U.S. and ask for their help.

"Glad To See You" here.

Message: 1931 Posted: Sun Sep 06 23:45:17 1998 By: David J. Gillespie
Subject: Taste of Iowa

I was at your concert tonight and just wanted to say thanks for a great evening. I love listening to all of your sonh\gs. I have all but your first album and even a Lazer disk of your group at Central Park. I wish that I could have gotten your autograph, but my kids were gettting bothered by some of the people there and I had to leave during "Horse with no name". I am looking forward to your next album coming out in a little over a week.
I remember when you guys were here back in the early eighties. You guys were the first concert I ever went to. Keep up the great work and the excelent songs.

Dave G.

Message: 1930 Posted: Sun Sep 06 22:48:24 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Human Nature Poster

I am also interested in a poster. But, like Tom, I couldn't retrieve your e-mail address. Please send me a message at Thanks!

Message: 1928 Posted: Sun Sep 06 20:28:58 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Howard

Howard - cool shirt!

Quick question, I remember on the "View From The Ground" LP that there were quite a few guests on it. Does anyone know which guest sings on which song? I'm pretty sure that Timothy B. Schmidt sings on "You Girl" and Michael McDonald on "Desperate Love". Any ideas.


Message: 1927 Posted: Sun Sep 06 20:26:23 1998 By: Warren Woodzell
Subject: Human Nature

Greetings again from the "Young One" ...hmm..or is it...Young Moon? Anyway, I see there is plenty happenin' around
here lately. I have to first I was thoroughly convinced that Human Nature would go un-noticed. Completly set on the idea that the album would make a great "buy this stereo" demo record in K-Mart someday (Of course only shortly after being ripped apart in boring critical manifestos written by alot of half-witted intellectuals.) but even I'M startin' to take notice of the efforts now! Yeah! ME!.. Warren! ..The kid! The harshest of critics! (as far as commercialization goes anyway) and fellows, I gotta hand it to everyone.. you're all trying hard to get the guys back up where they belong by the big 15th!..keep trying and GO Human Nature!! NOW I have a small proposition for you readers here! LISTEN UP!! I AM WILLING TO PAY ANYONE HERE WHO READS THIS UP TO 200 DOLLARS IF THEY CAN GET ME MY COPY OF HUMAN NATURE ON THE DAY IT COMES OUT!!!!!! NOT THE 16TH!... NOT THAT WEEKEND.. THAT DAY!!!! If anyone can tell me HOW I'd be forever grateful, naturally but if someone here can get me my copy on the day of all days...then you name your price, my friend! Till Next Time..
Stay on "Track"

Message: 1926 Posted: Sun Sep 06 20:20:34 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: AOL Message Board

Those of you who have AOL accounts and have never visited AOL's America message board (similar to this chat folder) will find these directions to the message board helpful (the directions in the recent version of The Horse's Mouth Newsletter no longer work).

1. Type in the KEYWORD music
2. Click on the Chat & Messages icon or text (in the bottom left half of the window)
3. Scroll down to the Pop/Rock folder and double click on the folder
4. Double click on the Classic Rock folder (near the top of the list)
5. Double click on the Heart in the top right hand corner of the window to add it to your favorites folder (or drag the heart to your favorites folder).
6. Double click on the America: Beckley and Bunnell topic in the Classic Rock window to view the most recent posts

Once you have the Classic Rock window in your favorites folder, you can bring up your favorites folder, click on the Classic Rock window, and then go straight to step 6.

Message: 1925 Posted: Sun Sep 06 20:00:21 1998 By: Joyce
Subject: Re: CARL WILSON

Hello, Hey that benefit concert will also include as of this date, Robert Lamm (CHICAGO FAME) Van Dyke Parks, Carnie & Wendy Wilson. Justyn Wilson (Carl's son), Carl B. Wilson (Dennis's son) Billy Hinsche, Desi Arnez jr. , John Stamos.......To name a few ! Now this is also going to take place After a special WALK AGAINST CANCER WALK FOR CARL WILSON earlier that day that will take place in LA. Also there will be a special autographed items section of this benefit, That many artists have given special items to auction off, All the proceeds will go the the American Cancer society in Carl's name!! There's much more to this than I can go into right now , But if you want further details as to where the walk will take place , You may e-mail me or you may know all ready , Who live out their in sunny LA. Otherwise if you don't & wish to attend, I wish you would go if you can? e-me & I'll tell you where & when, I have spoken with 1 of the organizers already & they have alot planned for that day!!! Let Carl shine...... PEACE JOYCE

Message: 1924 Posted: Sun Sep 06 18:44:54 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Human Nature Poster

Hi Steve,
I am interested in a poster. I can't retrieve your e-mail address. Please e-mail me at Thanks.


Message: 1923 Posted: Sun Sep 06 18:37:04 1998 By: Howard
Subject: Today Show

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

Ready to see what I look like. Watch the Today show tape and before both songs Matt introduces Dewey & Gerry. After the split second to Gerry's right of the screen that's me holding up the sign. See if everyone can find me in my burgundy shirt.


Message: 1922 Posted: Sun Sep 06 12:07:32 1998 By: Barb

A tribute concert honoring Carl Wilson is scheduled to take place October 18, 1998 at the Roxy in Hollywood. The show, which will benefit the American Cancer Society, will feature Jackson Browne and Joe Walsh.

Message: 1921 Posted: Sun Sep 06 12:06:29 1998 By: Barb

While browsing the KLOS 95.5 website, I discovered a section called Band Links which provided links to home pages for various bands/artists. But I couldn't believe my eyes.....a certain special band was not listed. That's AMERICA! Why, the noive!! This will never do, I thought to myself.

So.....I dashed off a quick E-mail to inform them of AMERICA's official website. I received a brief reply indicating they would check into it.

I visited the website again tonight, and lo and behold......AMERICA is now listed.....and with a direct link to!! Hooray!!

For anyone who is interested, the website address is:

Message: 1920 Posted: Sat Sep 05 23:54:44 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: How Many Albums Is Multiple?

How many albums is America's multi-album deal with Oxygen records?????

Adrian, no specific number has been specified -- I think a lot of it depends on how well each album does. When Karen (from Oxygen) was asked this question, she answered simply, "multiple albums".

Message: 1919 Posted: Sat Sep 05 23:49:41 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: CD releases

Ed, "Silent Letter" and "Alibi" were just released by One Way Records. You can pick them up from Thoughtscape sounds and many other places. Check out the CD Sources page for a list of places that sell those CD's.

Message: 1918 Posted: Sat Sep 05 23:01:09 1998 By: ED
Subject: CD releases

I need to get " Silent Letter " and " Alibi" on CD . Does anyone know if they were ever released on CD ?
Please respond ASAP
Thank you

Message: 1916 Posted: Sat Sep 05 20:42:13 1998 By: Sam
Subject: America Fans in the Los Angeles area

I would like to talk to any America fans in the Los Angeles area.

Message: 1915 Posted: Sat Sep 05 20:41:34 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Set List

Just wanted to point out what a wealth of material America have to choose from,just a few of the songs that dont make the shows at the moment,Survival,Here,The Border,Hells on Fire,Old Man Took,Company.
If Margaret is reading this could you please tell me where you got your copy of America Live in Boston video,i'm also living in Australia,Bendigo to be more precise.

Message: 1914 Posted: Sat Sep 05 20:38:34 1998 By: georgianna
Subject: Sept.22nd

By the way, doesn't cold and flu season begin on Sept. 22nd???? I think i feel it coming on! Can't wait! i hope to meet some onliners. Email me anyone so maybe i can meet up with you. Thanks!

Message: 1913 Posted: Sat Sep 05 19:47:38 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: America Video

Hi all, was interested to see that Margaret has the America Live in Boston video, I wonder if Margaret would be so kind as to review it or at least tell us what tunes are on it,seems strange that there seems very little interest in this video.Now that Human Nature is looming on the not to distant horizon would some kindly soul review an advanced copy because Australia does not appear to have a release date so I will import it from the States.One question that I have not seen answered how many albums is America's multi-album deal with Oxygen records?????

Message: 1912 Posted: Sat Sep 05 16:52:22 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: Re: Today Show

What an experience!!!

Althea and I got dropped off at Union Station (thanks Ray and Cory!) Thursday night and got on the moving train (Amtrak) at 10:30pm. Got to Penn Station at 2:10am and found Carol waiting for us. Hung around Penn station (!!!) until 5:00am and got a cab over to Rockefeller Plaza. There were already people there! Hung on to our rail positions for dear life! The guys came out for sound check at 5:30am......looked and sounded great (can't say the same for us!LOL) It was such fun chatting with Pete!

Carol had a black Tshirt on. Althea had a white America shirt, Penny had a green America shirt, and I had a black one on. Penny's friend, Vivien, was behind us (I think she had on a white blouse), Howard was behind us too. I'm not sure if Maureen stayed back there or had moved.

They guys did a great job!!! Too bad Train got cut, at least we got to hear it! That was our theme song for the whole trip!

Thanks for the signs, Karen! I think we got some attention! And, just so you know...... those signs went all over.......Times Square, Penn Station, and to the top of the Empire State Building! We could see people trying to read the signs. I think they thought that we were protesting something! LOL

It was great seeing everyone again........can't wait 'til next year!!


Message: 1911 Posted: Sat Sep 05 15:31:20 1998 By: Penny
Subject: I apologize!

I apologize if I came on too strong about Kathie Lee. I couldn't help it. She IRRITATES me sooooo much! I hope I didn't offend any Kathie Lee fans who HAPPEN to be smart enough to also appreciate AMERICA!

Message: 1910 Posted: Sat Sep 05 15:28:47 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Hey Maureen

Maureen it doesn't matter if you spell my name wrong because you always spell the most important name correctly: AMERICA! I know what you mean about getting flustered just thinking about Gerry! Too cute!! (Sorry Bob!) Tower Records Trip? I don't know, do I dare risk a trip to the city twice in one lifetime? You know how long it took you all to talk me into going in yesterday!!! I'll think about it and get back to you!

Message: 1909 Posted: Sat Sep 05 13:54:26 1998 By: Marshall
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson recording news?

This message below was recently posted on a Chicago chat folder. Anyone here have information on a Beckley/Lamm/Wilson recording? I really liked "Kiss of Life" from Van Go Gan, a BLW collaboration.

Any updates of joint America (Gerry Beckley) and Chicago Records projects?
Friday, 04-Sep-98 09:34:58 writes:

I had a chance to catch America on the Today Show's Summer Concert Series, and could not help thinking if there is any latest informtion about the joint projects that Gerry Beckley (and /or the entire band America) and Chicago Records have going on?

How about the recording Beckley, Robert Lamm and the one Beach Boys singer are working on?

Are there any release dates on any of these works?

Please clarify any information about these recordings.

Larry Launstein, Jr.

Message: 1908 Posted: Sat Sep 05 13:28:13 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: Message to AMERICA

To Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Brad and Michael:
I just wanted to say THANKS for a great time on the Today Show. I was there. Thanks for laughing with me when you were looking up at the girls in the window in the office building on your left. Thanks for the dedication at Hershey, too. You guys are the best!!!!!! M&B.

Message: 1907 Posted: Sat Sep 05 13:22:52 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: My message

Hi Penny,
Sorry for spelling your name wrong. I kind of type too fast sometimes whenever I am thinking about AMERICA and GERRY and what to write. Sorry again. See ya soon. Maybe at Tower Records?........Maureen

Message: 1906 Posted: Sat Sep 05 13:16:31 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Yuck to Kathie Lee

Hi peent, I TOTALLY AGREE with your comments regarding Gerry and Dewey. She is such a jerk!! Well you know what they say, 'It is her loose now - ha, ha to her!!' I also agree about a bunch of old ladies watch that show. Down with Kathie Lee, now lets go for Rosie O'Donnell. She is much cooler anyway!! See ya.....Maureen

Message: 1905 Posted: Sat Sep 05 11:17:41 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Kathie Lee is a jerk

I agree with Howard! Kathie Lee is such a jerk! I honestly don't think an appearance on Regis and Kathie Idiot will effect America's promotion one way or another. A bunch of old ladies watch that show!
America's true fan base will be enjoying America's appearance on the Howard Stern show. A good Stern appearance will definitely reach the age groups that appreciated America year's ago and will convince them to check out their new stuff. A good song parody will get hours of air play on Howard Stern. Don't forget there is also the E! show and his new Saturday night CBS show. (Ofcourse Ger and Dew might have to share the stage with a two-headed man or some other type of freak...)
But, I still think a STern appearance is better than having to go kiss up to Kathie Lee....I heard that she had the nerve to want to sing a song medley with Ger and Dew. WHAT IS SHE NUTS??? "I'll let Mr. Beckley and Mr. Bunnell share my national tv audience...who is filled with my adoring fans....but only if I can sing with them!" DREAM ON!
Soon Kathie Lee will be begging Ger and Dew to come on her show and then they can decide whether she's worthy of THEIR company!

Message: 1904 Posted: Sat Sep 05 10:20:07 1998 By: Federico
Subject: Today's show

Hi all guys!!
Unfortunately i couldn't watch Today show! If someone of you might send me a copy of the tape of Today show, i'll pay everything of shipping, and tape and record sending money before you send me the tape.



Message: 1903 Posted: Sat Sep 05 09:12:40 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Link to Today Show Pics

Here's a link to the Today Show pictures that Rick put out on the web site. Thanks Rick for putting them out there so quickly and for doing such a great job on them!

Message: 1902 Posted: Sat Sep 05 08:59:07 1998 By: Michael
Subject: Re: Hershey

Ok so its "From a Movin Train". So shoot me... it's a fine piece of music whether I get the title right or not. LOL

Message: 1901 Posted: Sat Sep 05 08:58:04 1998 By: Michael
Subject: Re: Hershey Park Concert

Hi folks, I too was at the Hershey concert. Sorry I haven't posted til now. I guess seeing these fine men perform again after a a year or two hiatus would have to be described as a little piece of heaven again... gee I even bought a t-shirt and that's a rarity for me. The performance was superb as I expected and the music... well... there are some things in life that are just ageless and as sweet as the first time you heard it. I was kind of hoping the 2nd show would vary from the first more but then again repeats are better than no peats. I really appreciated the freshness of "Fast Moving Train". I foresee the purchase of a new cd in my near future. The only song I really wanted to hear that they didn't play was "California Revisited". Beyond that for some reason I couldn't keep from smiling... but then again I would think you'd all understand that pretty well. Take care.

Message: 1900 Posted: Sat Sep 05 08:14:03 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America

I can't believe Amber Casades beet One in a Million - bumper!!

Message: 1899 Posted: Sat Sep 05 05:38:00 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: America Today in Australia

We were thrilled to see America on TV today. I rose for the 2.00am start, with America appearing at 3.40am.
It sounds as though we fared a little better here as we saw the interview, Sister Golden Hair, From A Moving Train (abbreviated for a commercial) and Horse. It was fantastic to see, especially because we have to wait a long time between tours here and America news is sparse except via the Internet.
Thanks for this wonderful service which has kept us informed, provided us with contact and photos, enabled us to get the America in Boston video, as well as VGG from Japan.
Gerry and Dewey, Good Luck with HN. We still do not know if it will be released in Australia. BMG know nothing of it at this stage.
Here's hoping for a speedy return to Australia.

Message: 1898 Posted: Sat Sep 05 00:54:58 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Great Week for America!

It's really been a great week for America!

Everyone's been scrambling to help out with Human Nature......and it's working! The timing couldn't be better!

Several thousand quickie email notes about America appearing on the Today Show were sent out.......followed by the "Horse's Mouth" newsletter. There were tons of VCRs whirling away this morning across the U.S. And then, the poster holders made everyone's day!

The mailbox has been **jammed** with positive responses about today's performance and people excited to see America live on national tv.

Exciting stuff.......just in time for Human Nature!


Message: 1897 Posted: Sat Sep 05 00:52:27 1998 By: Rick
Subject: Today Show Pics Online!

A collage of about 14 pics from today's GREAT live appearance are now online at (America's Official Website)

Really enjoyed and appreciated seeing all the Human Nature posters.....and the fact that many online fans made an extraordinary effort to make it into NYC *early*

Also, the egg riding horseback was "eggscellent"..........great fun!

As always, Gerry and Dewey were very poised and eloquent.......and Woodz, Brad, and Willie did a fantastic job!

Super highlight.........Pete mouthing "hi Mom". She is a great lady!!


Message: 1896 Posted: Sat Sep 05 00:15:29 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Today Show

Hi all,

They played about a minute of Ventura Highway to cut to a commerical.
They played Sister Golden Hair (televised)
They played Horse With No Name (televised)
They played From A Movin' Train (not televised)
They played Ventura Highway (not televised)

It was great seeing everyone again (previously from Hershey). I met 2 new people. Maureen, Margaret (who's due soon) and her husband. I hated all these tourists who were not fans and there for those stupid eggs and dumb signs. Hello Australia!!!

The guys were friendly as usual and smiled alot for the camera. Matt really gave them alot of attention. Fa Fa Fooey on Regis & ugly Kathie Lee!!!

And as a thanks, Karen gave autographed picture of the guys of which we really appreciated very much. I'll scan and send it to Steve for the site.

Had to throw my poster away, sad to say. But I got extra's. My excuse for work is that I had a blood test and to walk in with a poster board...Not Kosher.

Tired and have to go to sleep. Regards and speak to everyone soon.

Also, took some pics, which is still on roll of Hershey Park and haven't developed them yet. Regards and speak to everyone soon.

Message: 1895 Posted: Sat Sep 05 00:11:57 1998 By: Carol
Subject: 8:45 a.m. Friday, September 4th 1998

Hi everyone!!!

What a totally awesome experience -- from arriving at NBC a little after 5 am, to chatting with Pete, being there for the sound check (we got to hear SGH, HWNN and FAMT about 4 or 5 times each!!!), chatting some more with Pete, trying to persuade the roving camera people to focus on us and the signs, chatting still more with Pete, and then finally, FINALLY enjoying the show.

It was so nice to be with Penny and Howard again (after meeting them at Hershey last weekend). And it was great seeing Karen again -- my sign made it home safe and sound!

We were having as much fun as we appeared to be having.

Too bad I can't see what we looked like -- I had mistakenly set my VCR to tape CBS, who had HANSON on their morning news program! =( LOL!!!

What an incredible day. Please pardon me now if I go get some sleep!!

Carol =) (Black t-shirt - Ginny's friend)

Message: 1894 Posted: Sat Sep 05 00:07:23 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Dan Peek

Dave, you can also read several of Dan's newsletters that came out between 1980 and 1986 by going to the America Fans Archives. That will give you some insights into what he was doing after he left the band.

Message: 1893 Posted: Fri Sep 04 23:14:37 1998 By: Dave Sheehan
Subject: Dan Peek

Thanks, Mark, for the info on Dan Peek. I'll check out Rick Wahlgren's page because I am interested in ordering one or more of his CD's. I am curious, though, why none of his music shows up on CDNOW or MusicBoulevard.

Message: 1892 Posted: Fri Sep 04 22:51:56 1998 By: mark
Subject: Dan Peek

Dan released 5 Christian solo albums in the late 70s and 80s after leaving America. All Things Are Possible (which was not only a hit on Christian charts but crossed over onto the pop and AC charts in 1979), Doer of the Word, Electrovoice, Crossover, and Best of. All Things Are Possible has been released on CD both domestically and as an import. Doer of the Word is supposed to be released on CD in Japan this month. Dan is currently a member of the group Peace and they also have a CD out with 8 of Dan's songs on it. You can find ordering info on Rick Wahlgren's page (go to the links page).

Message: 1891 Posted: Fri Sep 04 21:38:01 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America Posters

Oxygen records was kind enough to send me MORE than enough
Posters to display. Between the radio station and the retail store,we
are covered. I have 8 posters left on a first come-first serve basis.
guess I should have realized they would be in Hot demand! If you
are interested and you haven't already contacted me,I will offer them
free to you. but,I need to cover the shipping & handling charges
which will be $5.00 . to those of you who have already emailed me
requesting a poster,the same applies. Just let me know for sure if
your up for sending the postage,and I'll get them out to you. Poster
is beautiful! Pretty much looks like the cover to the "Human Nature"
CD,with the America Logo "blasted" right across the top! I already
have one in a poster board frame on my wall. but like I said,I have
8 left and I'm willing to send them to any diehards who want to cover
the shipping. Just email me at the address above and I'll hold one for
you until you send the shipping charges. Being in radio & retail has its
advantages,and I've been listening to the full length CD--Excellent
work by the guys! I really like the tune Dewey has done called "world
alone"--reminds me of a slow 50's era pop song. Gerry & timothy B.
Schmit of the Eagles do the background work!
Hope to hear from you diehards!!!

Message: 1890 Posted: Fri Sep 04 21:15:43 1998 By: carole robinson
Subject: Missing you NOW

Damn babysitter is late and we are missing the concert now

Message: 1889 Posted: Fri Sep 04 21:14:37 1998 By: Dave Sheehan
Subject: Dan Peek

I'm just wondering whatever happened to Dan Peek. Did he put out any CD's? If so, what are the titles? And what label(s) are they on?

Message: 1887 Posted: Fri Sep 04 20:35:20 1998 By: donna englebrook
Subject: sept.4th,98 nbc

I'LL KEEP IN TOUCH. MISS YOU , DONNA E. from cincinnati ohio

Message: 1886 Posted: Fri Sep 04 20:00:53 1998 By: Leigh Moylan
Subject: America

Message: 1884 Posted: Fri Sep 04 16:15:11 1998 By: pat
Subject: today show

now i feel a little different about the today show they guys were great and looked great also but it doesn't do much justice if you don't get the single aired. i wish someone would have known and they could have switch with a horse so the single could be heard by mllions who know nothing of it. just my opinion but very disappointed,waste of a perfect op. to promo the new stuff

Message: 1883 Posted: Fri Sep 04 13:38:13 1998 By: ShariL
Subject: TODAY spot

What a great promo! Showed starting about 8:35 am Pacific time, which means you New Yorkers were going to lunch by the time it played out here. The guys looked great. Good to have the mention of the new album both by the hosts and by Dewey and Gerry.
You guys sounded great for so early in the morning, and you looked BEAUTIFUL! They didn't have the cameras on you for the ZZ top move in Horse, but I know you did it because I heard it, and they panned back off the audience just as Brad was moving back to his spot and laughing.
Karen - we so appreciate all you hard work here. GOOD JOB! I'm waiting to hear back from the program director and music director of the #1 station in San Diego. Told them I would get them promo copies if they don't have them.
Yesterday was my birthday, so thanks, America, for a day late birthday concert. Wish I could have been there live!
Thanks to all you die hards who were out there waving signs. (Yes, I spotted you one time, Howard.)
ShariL in San Diego

Message: 1882 Posted: Fri Sep 04 12:06:55 1998 By: steve jones
Subject: DA' GuYs!

wasn't Dey great on TODAY?

Message: 1881 Posted: Fri Sep 04 11:25:11 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: Today Show

Saw the Today Show. America was great! I was so disappointed that From a Moving Train was not broadcast. Thank you to all the NY fans! You all did a great job! I loved seeing all of you holding up the Human Nature and America posters. I don't know who was holding the sign that read "I travelled across America to see America", but that was great too. Karen, you've been working so hard. We all appreciate you! GO HUMAN NATURE!!!


Message: 1880 Posted: Fri Sep 04 11:24:20 1998 By: Penny

Hi everybody! Yes, I did survive the trip into the big apple! It was so much fun to meet and greet so many America fans! I brought a friend along with me and on the way home she said, "you're right, these America fans ARE really friendly!" I can't believe they didn't televise "From a Moving Train," the guys did a superb job on it! I hope Kathie Lee was watching and eating her heart out! Who needs her? We had Matt Lauer, so there!!! Oh boy Howard! Told the office you had to have some blood work done, eh??? Since when do they take blood at Rockefeller Center????? What a great day! Thanks Karen and Oxygen Records!

Message: 1879 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:36:47 1998 By: Maureen

Hi All, My husband, Bob and I, also just got home from the Today Show and I rewided my tape that I put in the VCR. I, too, was disappointed that NBC didn't show them singing 'From A Moving Train', but the did play it. They looked and sounded EXCELLANT. I was especially happy to finally meet Karen, Howard, Ginny, Penny and Vivian. Karen, thanks again for the posters. I enjoyed holding it up to help show my support! Penny and Vivian, I hope you made it home OK. Howard, I hope you didn't get nailed, because I DID see you on the tape!! How was the blood drive? Can not wait to get my copy of the CD. I will be at Tower Records on the 22nd. Karen, I will email you personally for the picture. Take Care All.......Maureen

Message: 1878 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:26:28 1998 By: Steve "Nellie"
Subject: Today Show

The show was great! I do not think we should be critical that from a moving train didn't get the air time. The show was billed I believe for the old tunes which builds the foundation for the new album. I did notice a man holding a sign for the album wearing a burgundy shirt. At that moment I did wonder if that was Howard and lo and behold I find out he was indeed wearing a burgundy shirt. Great job by all of you. The ground swell is getting larger!
Lastly, I have mentioned numerous times to Karen that I would help with the promo stuff here in my town. They say they havn't heard about the new release. I will help so please get in touch. Again, good job getting the posters on the air!!


Message: 1877 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:24:32 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Today Show

Howard: All they showed in Dallas was the interview with Dewey and Gerry, then Sister Golden Hair and Horse With No Name. As much as I had hoped they'd show From A Moving Train, I knew there would be no way in hell that that would happen. So while I was dissapointed, I wasn't surprised. This is, after all, network TV, and From A Moving Train is new and new things frighten people.

Message: 1876 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:19:15 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: 5 before the hour

in our business (I'm in tv biz), that's called news adjacency and
its common to show news 5 before the hour. That's tv biz.

Message: 1875 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:08:41 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Today Show

Great job, Today Show!!! Special thanks to Matt Lauer. In 26 years of following this band, speaking with them on numerous occassions, and watching them perform -- I would rate this guest spot among the best. In the words of my 6-year old, "what a treat!!!"

Message: 1874 Posted: Fri Sep 04 10:06:32 1998 By: Tim
Subject: Today Performance

Great job guys and great job by all the gang there holding up signs and supporting!!!

Very good publicity for America and Human Nature!!

Wish that From A Moving Train could have been performed before a lot of the NBC affiliates cut away for local news at 5 before the hour.

I did see FAMT but only because I have a dish and pick up the direct feed from NBC. Even at that, NBC didn't show the entire song.

Still all in all, was great! Those who were there, maybe identify yourself by what you were wearing or sign you were holding!


Message: 1873 Posted: Fri Sep 04 09:49:50 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Play List

This is what they played in Order:
Opening notes of Ventura Highway to lead into a commercial.
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name
From A Movin' Train
Ventura Highway

What songs did you see everyone?

Message: 1872 Posted: Fri Sep 04 09:42:48 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Today Show

Yeah, it's too bad they didn't get to play "From A Moving Train", but they did mention (and display) the new CD thats coming out Sept.15th, so all in all I thought it was a great performance, & great promotion. Good job, Karen & oxygen!! EDDY

Message: 1871 Posted: Fri Sep 04 09:24:59 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: No Train

While it was great to see America on the Today Show, it sucked that they didn't play From A Moving Train.

Message: 1870 Posted: Fri Sep 04 09:21:04 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Today show appearance

Was nice to see America on the "today show" this morning. Would have been nicer had the band done "from a moving train". Don't get
me wrong,I like the old hits,but with a new CD coming out they should
have performed "from a moving train" for a National TV audience!
The single recieved some airplay this morning on the local rock station,and the posters are now up in the store I work at. Oxygen was
very gracious in regards to getting me posters,so I do have extras if
anybody didn't get one,and would like a good one for your home,den
or whatever. As I type this,I am listening to the full length copy of
"Human Nature",trying to give it the Honest listen without any distractions. One song worth pointing out that really stands out to me
is Deweys song "world alone". Excellent! Has a good Pop feel to it,
a nice mellow tune. Hope everybody out there was also able to record
their performance this morning!

Message: 1869 Posted: Fri Sep 04 08:42:42 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Today Show

Hi all, Just got back. It was great. Except for the tourists who
were there just to be on tv with their dumb signs. A whole bunch of
us were past Woodz side. My arms are killing me. I was holding up
the Human Nature sign up the whole time. As fast as it started,
it was over just as quickly. They were very enthusiastic for that early in the morning. I got there 720AM and it was packed. Supposedly
they had a sound check 6A. Talk to everyone soon. Howard L

Message: 1868 Posted: Thu Sep 03 21:59:49 1998 By: Mags
Subject: Re: Today Show

Can't wait for tomorrow...and hoping to see many of our bright, shining New York fan faces there. If you get on camera, or get to talk to Matt or Katie, be sure to yell out your names so the rest of us 'round the country can identify you. you'll be front and center! Will look for that burgundy shirt! Have a BLAST, you people!!!


Message: 1867 Posted: Thu Sep 03 21:59:17 1998 By: Rob
Subject: 97 Miles North of the Today Show Set

Good luck Gerry, Dewey. It's been a pleasure to have been in your company a number of times. Dewey, thanks for the interview. The article turned out great!! I'll get you a copy! Thanks for always treating your fans like friends. THANKS NBC & THE TODAY SHOW!!!!


Message: 1866 Posted: Thu Sep 03 21:58:42 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Today Show

Hi all,
Met Karen today and got my poster board. Can't wait for tomorrow. It's going to be very exciting and then on September 22, Stern and Tower Records. Life can't any better than this. I'm just giving back to America what they gave me all these years. GREAT MUSIC!!! Talk to everyone tomorrow.

I'll be wearing a burgand short sleve shirt holding up a Human Nature poster.

Regards, Howard L

Message: 1865 Posted: Thu Sep 03 21:46:33 1998 By: Mags
Subject: GO AMERICA ! ! !

Wow...all America sites are abuzz with activity lately...yeah! Thanks to all who've posted pics and concert reviews as of late. Was supposed to hit both the Oroville and Kelyseville venues, but no can do :( I'm certain some of the rest of our troops will be there, and will look forward to thoughts on these, as well as tomorrow's gig on The Today Show.

Message: 1864 Posted: Thu Sep 03 18:36:30 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Today Show

Hi Karen, If you are reading this message, please email me back ASAP so I can give you my home phone number for tomorrows Today Show. I did leave a message on your voice mail, well, actually my husband Bob did. OK....Thanks...Maureen

Message: 1863 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:43:17 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Commercial For From A Movin' Train

Did the commercial start airing yet. And I think you said only on
cable, Karen? Is that correct?


Message: 1862 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:19:10 1998 By: Karen

Ginny, Althea, and any others, call me if you want to arrange to meet under the America Today Show banner. I am meeting several others there at 7am Friday to hand out signs.

I'm at 212 758-4636 extension 239

karen d.

Message: 1861 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:18:13 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Human Nature On Cassette?

yep. Cassette and CD available September 15


Message: 1860 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:17:49 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: Human Nature On Cassette?


Will Oxygen also release Human Nature on cassette?

Message: 1859 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:16:16 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: Purchasing Human Nature

Instead of ordering Human Nature from an internet dealer, it might be better if you ordered it from a local chain like Borders or Tower Records. If you order it from a store, they are more likely to stock it on their shelves. If they have it on their shelves it is more likely that some just browsing will see it and pick it up and buy it.

Just a thought.

Message: 1858 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:15:33 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: Radio Stations

This is a good way to get in touch with radio stations in your area. Most stations have WEB pages and you can email requests or the program director. If you need to find station pages I found a great web site that lists many stations all over the US. It is

I have already emailed Adult Contemporary and Pop stations in the Washington DC and Richmond VA area to request From a Moving Train.

I also plan on hitting the oldies stations and request various of America's old top 40 hits.

Not only that but I'm going to bug the Classic Rock stations too and see if I can't get them to add songs like Ventura Highway, Sandman, Moon Song, Donkey Jaw, Cornwall Blank, Only In Your Heart, Hat Trick, and Green Monkey to their playlists.

It's time for America fans all accross the country to take matters into their own hands and bug the crap out of stations until they START PLAYING AMERICA!!!!!!

Message: 1857 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:13:45 1998 By: Tim

I heard that the Today show has been pitching the upcoming AMERICA appearance. JIMNAK

On Wednesday's Today Show, they came back from the 7:30 local stations break playing several seconds of You Can Do Magic. That of course was followed by the announcement of, live Friday from the plaza: AMERICA!


Message: 1856 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:11:53 1998 By: Kristal
Subject: Hershey Park Concert

Since no one has gave a review on the Hershey Park concert here it goes....

The 1st show at 5:30 was always good as expected...the guys started off with Riverside, following TinMan, Daisey Jane, You Can Do Magic. Gerry of course filled in for Brad who has been suffering voice problems, he did a wonderful job on Don't Cross the River. As Dewey stated a very upbeat version! The guys sang 2 songs off of the new CD Human Nature, which was promised to be released Sept 15. The songs certainly had the traditional America flare w/a litte bit of a southwestern touch. Diffentely something to look forward to picking up. The comment was also made that radio stations have been playing the songs and are having a terrific response. America of course played not an original but one of my personal favorites, Mama's & the Papa's "California Dreamn'". Thanks guys I just love it when you play that tune. They played SandMan and the usual other favorities. And ending the show w/Sister Golden Hair and for encore the legendary Horse with No Name.

The 8:00 show was pretty much the same as the first, of course I know I will forget to mention a song or two, but it is always a quality show. The guys did mention in both shows that they are celebrating their 25th anniversary in being nominated f/the best new artist of the year! When Gerry sat down to play Daisey Jane, there was a note on his keyboard to play a special tune f/a couple celebrating their anniversary. Gerry told them he could not play the song they requested but he would play Daisey Jane for them. After he played Dewey read the note left on Gerry's keyboard. He mentioned to the audience that the tune they requested was the WRONG BAND. The song they wanted to hear was "Peaceful Easy Feeling." Obviously not an America release. Gerry humored us all and broke out in song w/guitar in hand and sang 2 lines of the song! Gerry said, "they sold just a few more records than they did."

I am sorry I did not get to meet the other America fans that were present in the audience that are online, but the New Jersey guys were there w/mother Mare. Sally from BWI was there. And of course Joe and Anne from Long Island.

At the end of the 2nd show, during Horse with No Name, I stood up to dance. Since living on the east coast this will be my last show of the year. I diffintitly wanted to enjoy every moment and show my appreciation. No one else stood up, so finaly Anne came down and we danced to the rest of the song. Yes that was me!! Gerry did thank us for dancing and Brad seemed to be amazed that I was singing my heart out and knew every word.

The show was my 1st for the year and sorry to say my last for this year. I will certainly have my vcr programmed on Friday to record the Today show.

Thanks for the great music & long memories.... And Gerry, wishing you a happy birthday... Sept 12.


Message: 1855 Posted: Thu Sep 03 10:07:43 1998 By: Karen

So hey, Maureen, Howard, anyone else in the NYC area who wants to hold up one of the signs for the Today Show - PLEASE call me at Oxygen ASAP so we can arrange for the pick up of the mounted signs.

212 758-4636, ext 239.

To everyone else: Enjoy watching the show! The promos have been running all day yesterday and better ones began today at 6am.

Karen D.

Message: 1854 Posted: Thu Sep 03 09:51:21 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Howard Stern?

AMERICA will be appearing on the nationally syndicated Howard Stern Radio Show on Tuesday, September 22nd at 7am.

Hope you get Howard in YOUR town.

A brand new song parody is definitely NOT out of the question.


Karen D.

Message: 1853 Posted: Thu Sep 03 09:41:36 1998 By: Karen
Subject: The New America Single...


=======    ================    ============
WLTQ       Milwaukee, WI       414 799-1997
WKWK       Wheeling, WV        304 232-9700
WDEF       Chatanooga, TN      423 321-6200
KHLA       Lafayette, LA       318 436-5299
WGLM       Lafayette, IN       765 449-1067
WLQT       Dayton, OH          937 457-5483
KWAV       Monterey, CA        800 304-5928
WWLI       Providence, RI      401 272-5483
WTCB       Columbia, SC        803 796-2106
WRWC       Rockford, IL        815 624-1103
KJSN       Modesto, CA         209 545-5590
WTFN       Johnson City, TN    423 245-9898
WGSY       Columbus, GA        706 966-1000
KVLY       McAllen, TX         956-994-1079
WFMK       Lansing, MI         517 363-4399
WQLR       Kalamazoo, MI       616 345-7121

If one of these stations is not in your listening area, you can call the stations in your town and ask them WHEN they are going to be playing the new America song.


Message: 1852 Posted: Thu Sep 03 00:30:39 1998 By:
Subject: Today Show appearance

I heard that the Today show has been pitching the upcoming AMERICA appearance. A friend saw it on today's (Wed. 9/2) show. A million sales b/4 2000 for HUMAN NATURE !
The ground swell will sweep the nation & spread very fast.

Message: 1851 Posted: Wed Sep 02 22:14:17 1998 By: Karen

From a Moving Train has made its big debut at Number 33 on the Gavin Hot AC Chart!

This is an AMAZING debut number and we are all absolutely thrilled. The Gavin chart is based soley on radio airplay. The single got 937 spins to achieve that number and we fully expect it to not only top a thousand by next week but to come in on their Top 20 list. Already!

Keep calling those radio stations. Every single call counts!


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 1850 Posted: Wed Sep 02 21:51:44 1998 By: KAREN

America will be appearing on the nationally syndicated Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, Septmeber 22nd at 7am.

I hope you get Howard in your town because a brand new song parody is NOT out of the question!

; )

Karen D.
Oxygen Rec

Message: 1849 Posted: Wed Sep 02 21:49:09 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren

AMERICA will appear on NBC's Today Show on Fri. morning Sept. 4th. AMERICA'S new Human Nature CD will be released on Sept. 15th, and the "Dog Days of Summer" Horse's Mouth America newsletter will be online by tomorrow.

Rick Wahlgren (America's Official Website)

Message: 1848 Posted: Wed Sep 02 13:21:07 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Tower Records/Lincoln Center

No, Howard, actually you will have to go inside the store to see them perform.

Message: 1847 Posted: Wed Sep 02 13:20:25 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Tower Records/Lincoln Center


Is America performing outside in that area? I work about 10-15 blocks from there.
That is really great news. Way to go Karen & Oxygen Records.

Regards, Howard Lieboff

Message: 1846 Posted: Wed Sep 02 08:12:50 1998 By: Steve "Nellie
Subject: 1st grade

My daughter came home from her first day of first grade yesterday. The teacher had them write down the answers to some questions. One question was who would you like to meet that is important or famous? My daughter wrote Jim Carey and Jerry Beckley. Don't worry I will straighten her out that it is Gerry with a G. Nevertheless, maybe we do have an influence on our kids.


p.s. Karen, the local store here in Superior,WI say they have not recieved anything about the Human Nature release. I will help if you want.

Message: 1845 Posted: Tue Sep 01 23:02:52 1998 By: Jen
Subject: Human Nature CD

Karen and Oxygen - thank you so much for working so hard to promote the new CD. Us fans really appreciate all your effort!

Message: 1844 Posted: Tue Sep 01 22:02:06 1998 By: Wanda

Major coolness "Seconded". My only regret is that I can not be there - still, it is wonderful to see a record company that is really behind the group they have signed. Such a refreshing change! Thanks Karen & Oxygen records. America, you are awesome! Wanda

Message: 1843 Posted: Tue Sep 01 22:01:21 1998 By: Mags

Major coolness, Karen!


Message: 1842 Posted: Tue Sep 01 21:58:00 1998 By: Karen

Copy of a flyer that is being produced as a bag stuffer at Tower Records...

Oxygen Records Presents a LIVE performance by


Appearing Live to Celebrate the Release of their New Album HUMAN NATURE

LIVE on September 22nd at 6PM

See AMERICA perform classic hits and hear songs from their
new album HUMAN NATURE only at:

66th and Broadway

See America perform LIVE and have them sign your copy of their
new album HUMAN NATURE!

"HUMAN NATURE is vintage America...beautiful harmonies and gentle melodies."
Billboard Magazine


Message: 1841 Posted: Tue Sep 01 21:53:02 1998 By: Karen

Just spoke with the segment producer for the Today spot. The band is expected to begin playing at 8:30-ish, BUT, she said that for the prime spots she encourages fans to get there a LOT earlier than that...she said some even get there by 6:30-7am.

The song listing, though I didn't realize it, is still under discussion so let's just do a wait and see on that one.

See you there!!

Karen D.

Message: 1840 Posted: Tue Sep 01 21:25:14 1998 By: Penny
Subject: 4th Grade Ingenuity!

Please forward this message to James Strong, 4th grader extraordinaire! I'm impressed! As an America fan since 1972, I just wanted to send my thanks for your wonderful help in promotion! I think you did a great job!

PS. To KevinS, I did my part for "Cornwall Blank," now it's up to the rest of the fans to speak! I know how great the song "Clarice" is, but take another listen to "Cornwall Blank," for that matter, listen to the entire Homecoming's TERRIFIC!

Message: 1839 Posted: Tue Sep 01 20:59:20 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Sign

Hey, if they're playing bright and early Friday morning and they're on the Today Show, wouldn't a good sign to hold up be, "Good Morning, America"? Just a thought.

Message: 1838 Posted: Tue Sep 01 12:51:57 1998 By: Jim Strong
Subject: Human Nature Package

I received my "volunteer" package of stickers from Karen late last week. Although I did not get a list of stores, I'm hitting malls and record stores like Best Buy, Blockbuster Music, etc. Some of the mall stores won't allow stickers in the windows, but will hang posters. Let me know how I can help further. My son James is also helping. He is in the fourth grade and one of his assignments was to write a paragraph about an unforgetable person whom he met. He wrote about his meeting with America backstage. He passed out 20 stickers to his classmates so they could take them home to their parents. James also told them that America would be in concert on October 10th. What a great kid!

Message: 1837 Posted: Tue Sep 01 11:00:54 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for providing the wav files for the two out of print America songs! I especially like Last Two To Dance. It's very nice, I wish they would release it in the US. Thanks for giving us songs that we probably would never have heard!

Message: 1836 Posted: Tue Sep 01 10:11:48 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: NBC Today Show

To All,
Just called NBC Today Show here In New York, 212-664-4249 X-4249.
For anybody who wants to call and reconfirm.
In computer, he said America is to perform around 830AM eastern.
Regards, HL

Message: 1835 Posted: Tue Sep 01 08:52:12 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: today show/CD singles

recieved my CD singles yesterday,one goes to the radio station
immiediatly for airplay! The King bisquit 1982 concert aired here in
Northern Michigan/wisconsin Sunday morning! good to hear that on
the airwaves! Is the song list set for the "today show"? I'm assuming
if the band is playing at 7:30,thats EASTERN time,which would mean
6:30 Central time. Would appreciate some clarification on all of this.
Should have my promo package for the store hopefully today,with
the full length CD's. Plan to start doing the in-store airplay right away!

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