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Message: 2776 Posted: Sat Oct 31 20:05:58 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America on the radio in the U.P.

Just to let you people know...."From a moving train" is getting steady
airplay on a station out of the Marquette area called "sunny 103".
I'm pretty sure this is a satellite operation,so thats good to know that
whenever its getting played up here,its getting played on lots of radio
stations across the U.S. at the same time. K-rock here in iron Mountain-Kingsford also was playing "train" but not on any steady
basis. some airplay is better than none though! Hello to you to rob,
I did get your email and saw your message on the board here!

Message: 2775 Posted: Sat Oct 31 19:31:11 1998 By: Georgianna
Subject: Me too!!

Mark, I also experienced hearing FAMT for the first time on the "outside" in the produce section of a local Price Chopper supermarket in Poughkeepsie, NY. I could barely hear the words but recognized the music as I walked in. I wish I could hear it on the radio but my boss insist on playing country music all day long!!

Message: 2773 Posted: Sat Oct 31 15:05:23 1998 By: leakycanoe
Subject: moving Train radio play

I was lucky enough to catch Moving Train On a top 40 L.A. radio station this morning.....what a way to start a day.....hope to hear it more on the radio......

Message: 2772 Posted: Sat Oct 31 14:20:58 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: From A Moving Train Guitar Chords

A big thanks goes to Terry Trost for sending me the guitar chords for From A Moving Train. He did a great job figuring out this current hit single.

Message: 2771 Posted: Sat Oct 31 12:45:58 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Last week in the Toledo Blade...

from a Human Nature review...

"the band also incorporates elements of soft funk and ballads that are easy on the ear without being 'easy listening'...when America does what it does best, it reminds that there is a timelessness to well-structured songs well sung".


Message: 2770 Posted: Sat Oct 31 12:41:39 1998 By: Mark
Subject: America Acoustic show in K.C.

Listen to 98.1 KUDL while you "cuddle at work" for your chance to win tickets to a rare private acoustic concert by the Grammy winning band, America, Tuesday, November 3rd at Club 427 in The City Market. Be the ninth or tenth caller when you hear a classic America hit and win tickets for two to this private performance from 98.1 KUDL.

At about 2:30 this afternoon, the opening riffs of "Sister Golden Hair" came across the KUDL air waves. I called in and was caller #2, and then caller #5 and then caller #9. I got myself on the guest list for this show, it sounds like a great time. My birthday is this weekend, so this makes a nice birthday present, being my 12th America show over the years. America has been getting at least one song played every hour during the working hours for this promotion, I have yet to hear FAMT, but my wife heard it the other day on this station at Hyvee (grocery store). She came home saying "Hey, I heard that train song while I was in produce".

Take Care, Mark...

Message: 2769 Posted: Sat Oct 31 11:54:39 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Human Nature" receives ***1/2 stars

Beautiful ! Thanks for the report.

Message: 2768 Posted: Sat Oct 31 11:01:02 1998 By: Jim
Subject: "Human Nature" receives ***1/2 stars

The Baltimore Sun printed a review of "Human Nature" this Thursday in their "LIVE" insert section. It's a short, but positive review ... *** 1/2 stars (out of 4)!

Human Nature (Oxygen 90004)

Seems they can still do magic. It's been 15 years since America last saw the Top 40 charts, but with its latest release "Human Nature," the group seems to reconnect with its golden past. Mellow, folksy and largely acoustic, the album succeeds in offering up catchy light pop songs worthy of any AC radio play. From the opening riff on "From a Moving Train" to the smooth lull of "Whispering," the songs are as easy a listen as "Daisy Jane" and "Lonely People." America's trademarkk sound and distinctive harmonies are ever-present, from "Wheels are Turning," with Dewey Bunnell's straightforward vocals giving it a "Tin Man" feel, to Gerry Beckley's rock opera-ish "Overwhelming World Suite," with its Beach Boys-style harmonizing. A magical creation indeed. ***1/2 - Lori Sears

Message: 2767 Posted: Sat Oct 31 08:41:03 1998 By: TOM T.
Subject: Re: Russ Ballard

Sorry Mark, Rod Argent is famous for his keyboard/ Hammond B3/ Organ playing. He's exteremely famous for his outstanding Organ Solos in songs by that great 60's Brit-invasion Band, The Zombies. On those classis tracks "Time of the Season" and"She's Not There" that's Rod Argent!!! Russ Ballard sang and played Guitar in the group Argent. Happy Hollowe'en.

Message: 2766 Posted: Sat Oct 31 06:32:39 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Next Single--The best choice is...

"Wednesday Morning". My kids like it. My wife likes it. I think it's good too, though not my first pick for a second single. I would actually choose "Oloololo" because it's just plain intriquing. It's an example of how Dewey is always so innovative. (Hello to Tom T., Steve O, Steve L., Jim N., and Kelly -- are you still out there?)

Message: 2765 Posted: Sat Oct 31 00:31:52 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Airplay,News from the Northland

HI, Well, here's my report on FAMT. A few days ago, I called KDAL 96 LITE FM in Duluth(again) to see if they would play the new single, the DJ told me he was still "working on it" he seemed to know about the single, & the fact that it was on the charts, but said: When we do play it, I'm only "allowed" to give it a couple of spins until it gets up higher on the charts.How is it suppose to get higher on the charts unless they play it, I don't get it. Well, the DJ was very nice & polite, I turned the radio off, got in my car to head out to work, & heard "Lonely People" (on the same station) caught it in the middle of the song, so I don't know if he mentioned anything at the begining of the song or what. IT WAS nice hearing an America song on the radio, but it would be nicer to hear the new stuff, are there any other angles to doing this? THANX

Message: 2764 Posted: Fri Oct 30 19:37:34 1998 By: Jerry
Subject: RE: Next single

Is Marshall a music critic or what? I think "Wheels are Turning" is a good choice because it has great roots. This one reminds me of both "Horse..." and "The Border. "Pages" is also a great choice simply because it has all the things that have always been America. I personally believe they could release any song they choose because all the tracks on "Human Nature" are very good. I can't wait for the next album. This one has already been worn out on my CD player.

Message: 2763 Posted: Fri Oct 30 18:25:45 1998 By: Marshall
Subject: No go on Van Go Gan

I got Van Go Gan two months ago from this Japanese CD mail order site.

Unfortunately, now it is listed as "sold out". Glad I got mine, but sorry it may not be available anymore. Hope it gets re-issued (?Oxygen Records?)

Message: 2762 Posted: Fri Oct 30 18:12:02 1998 By: Zeke
Subject: Other Favorite Music

America has, since the 1970's when I was in grade school, been a favorite, despite my ever-changing interests, tastes and talents.

Among my other favorite artists, but by no means all of them, are Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, Richard Thompson, Bob Franke, John McCutcheon, Phil Ochs, Incredible String Band (Robin Williamson), old music from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, as well as the more recent material from David Wilcox, Patty Larkin, Bill Morrissey, Christine Lavin and many others..

Message: 2761 Posted: Fri Oct 30 17:20:18 1998 By: Brian
Subject: Good music

My favorite music is similar to the one's already listed. The Beach Boy's are awsome, Roy Orbison, Sinatra, CSN, Neil Young (great voice for his music, a lot of texture similar to a Van Gogh painting), Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Mark Heard, Bruce Cockburn, Dylan, James Taylor, Poco. As far as newer talent I have enjoyed Jeff Larson, and Ben Folds Five. Hey Craig did you get my e-mail.?

Message: 2760 Posted: Fri Oct 30 16:49:48 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Chart position & upcoming video release

For those who follow the appears Radio & records is current again. "from a moving train" has "inched" its way up to #25. What an
injustice. Not only that,my attitude is,if its not charting in billboard,its
not really charting. but I've always felt that way.
also,on November 24th an America video is due out. to be honest,
I believe the video is just a re-hash of the Music Laden series(thats
the company/group issuing it). My video distributor faxed me a track
listing of the video. Its 45 minutes long,and the track listing is the same
as the "horse with no name" 2 CD set--just in different order. Plus,
I saw a breif photo from a Flyer that was issued and it IS the same show. to those who do not have the "Horse with no name" 2 CD set,
this might interest you. also,Rhino records has released 2 videos
called "Have a nice day". Each video includes 1 America song/video.
the performance is the same as what is coming out. Still,if you need
to get some early America(with Dan Peek) on video,you might want
to look into purchasing this stuff.

I will continue to keep this chat site posted on the latest doings on
the band!

Message: 2759 Posted: Fri Oct 30 16:43:03 1998 By: MIchelle
Subject: which radio stations?

Karen did you get a chance to find out which radio stations in Cleveland picked up FAMT ? please let me know when you find out. id really appreciate it. thanks

Message: 2758 Posted: Fri Oct 30 15:35:59 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Answer to Leroy's Trivia

Yes, sarcasm and dry humor are hard to detect without seeing the wink of an an eye or grin on the face. But WOW. My answers to Leroy are to check the yellow pages, and my favorite groups/artists are (judging by the cd collection):

CSN (including Buffalo Springfield & CSN members' solo works), Neil Young, Steely Dan, Journey, Santana, Eagles, Foreigner, Eric Clapton, ELO, Beatles, Alan Parsons, Hall and Oates, Poco, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Firefall, Gerry Rafferty...all in no particular order.

So There, Y'All


Message: 2757 Posted: Fri Oct 30 14:17:10 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Old Man Took

I figured as much, as the lifestyle depicted isn't really very "Tookish". Dewey is, however extremly literary in his work, and it is interesting to me, as a person with a degree in English Literature ( which when accompanied by $2.50 will get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks). I always enjoy looking at the lyrics as poetry, as well as enjoying the musical aspect!

Message: 2756 Posted: Fri Oct 30 13:59:16 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Old Man Took

I don't know where he got the name Took from, but in the Encore CD booklet Dewey says the song is "based on a lifestyle I experienced as a kid living in Biloxi, Mississippi."

Message: 2755 Posted: Fri Oct 30 13:51:40 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Old Man Took

Silly me, I always though Old Man Took was a Tolkien reference! (The family name of one branch of the Baggins clan!)

Message: 2754 Posted: Fri Oct 30 13:44:23 1998 By: Gerry Keenan

Thank you , Karen , for such a swift and welcome response !
This is indeed music to my ears.
Look forward to receiving the details in due course.
Gerry Keenan.

Message: 2753 Posted: Fri Oct 30 12:30:05 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: A Touchy Question: Religion

Other than Dan, I don't know about their religious beliefs. But several America songs have Biblical allusions in them. You mentioned "Amber Cascades" other songs that I recall are "Donkey Jaw," "Old Man Took," "Hurricane," and from VGG "International" (which was not written by Gerry).

Message: 2752 Posted: Fri Oct 30 11:15:15 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: A Touchy Question: Religion

Several of ShariL's other favorite performers are Christian artists, I see. That brought to mind another thing I have wondered about AMERICA. I probably shouldn't ask because as they say to not talk about politics, sex, and religion.

Gerry has worn several necklaces with crosses on them. Does anyone know Gerry's denominational belief? And Dewey's, too? I know it has absolutely no bearing here; however, as a Christian myself, I was curious. I read in John Corbett's, "America Revisted" that Dan Peek has a Southern Baptist background. Does anyone know Gerry and Dewey's? I figure if it's important enough to Gerry to wear a symbol of his faith, he wouldn't mind someone asking.

In "Amber Cascades" Dewey sings "....the man who walks on the waters."

Message: 2751 Posted: Fri Oct 30 11:12:16 1998 By: HealthGuru
Subject: Re: A few America incidents

Matthew Sweet is great, and admired by Gerry, therefore he is good for the soul.

Message: 2750 Posted: Fri Oct 30 10:27:23 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Other fav music

Since America has been my one and only favorite band since 1974, the others take a moment of thought.
Eagles, Carly Simon, Elton John, Michael Card (a Christian artist), Wayne Watson (ditto), Journey, Dan Hill, Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Kansas (and now John Elefante as a solo artist), Mannheim Steamroller, Amy Grant.
I'm not surprised to see so many similarities in people's lists, since I'm gathering many of us are "of an age" now. Aging baby boomers! Ha!
Note to Steve: Saw the Padres signed your cousin Wally again. You'll have to come to San Diego to visit him when America plays Humphrey's next year (assumption on my part,since they've played there for at least the last six years.) ShariL in San Diego <><

Message: 2749 Posted: Fri Oct 30 08:31:52 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Who or What is "Wally"

On the "Silent Letter" album, the name "Wally" is inscribed on the area between the last song and the label. Does anyone know who Wally is? I don't.

Message: 2748 Posted: Fri Oct 30 07:23:19 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Russ Ballard

I know Ballard was a member of Argent, but I thought Rod Argent was the lead singer for the group.

Message: 2747 Posted: Fri Oct 30 07:21:00 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Answer to middle names

The answer to the middle names are:
Daniel Milton Peek
Gerry Linford Beckley
Lee Dewey Bunnell (I know Lee is first name but middle I'm not sure)
Regards, HL

Message: 2746 Posted: Fri Oct 30 04:45:34 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Russ Ballard

Congrats Tom H. you got the correct answer! Isn't it amazing when you think back to 1972 and see how much really great music was being recorded and released? That was the year of "The Horse..." See Y'all

Message: 2745 Posted: Fri Oct 30 03:22:02 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: KevinS & The Beach Boys

I can relate to your earlier comments about not caring much for The Beach Boys in the 60's. Growing up in Colorado, I couldn't find anything in the surf/car songs that I could relate to. I do remember buying "Good Vibrations" as a 45RPM (boy- that dates ME!). However, what changed my mind was an album no one ever mentions- "Holland". Our turntable died years ago and I haven't been able to play this record in so long that I can't remember most of it. What I do recall is that it is very different. I dug it out of storage this evening to see if looking at the album cover would help my memory. It did to an extent, but I also found something of a surprise on the lyric page inside. There is a thank you to Jerry Beckley. Obviously, the spelling is wrong, but I didn't realize that Gerry's relationship with The Beach Boys went back as far as 1972. Any of you trivia buffs know the story here? Does anyone else even remember this record? A couple other things- Ricky Fataar, who co-wrote "Foolin'" with Gerry, wrote a song called "Leaving This Town" on "Holland" and is pictured on the back cover. This album contains a 12 inch and a 7 inch 33 1/3 RPM disc which I have never heard of before or since. I checked the on-line sources that I know of in hopes of finding it on CD, but had no luck. If anyone can help in this regard, I'd appreciate it. Anyway Kevin, if you like "Pet Sounds", see if you can find "Holland". On to my contribution to the favorite music list: Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Dan Fogelberg, Carly Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, CSN, Loggins & Messina, Elton John, Hall & Oates, various classical- particularly Vivaldi and Bach concertos, swing from the 30's & 40's--my mind is going blank now. It's 1:30am and I have to get up at 6. Gotta go...

Message: 2744 Posted: Fri Oct 30 02:14:38 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Human Nature

I have it !

Message: 2743 Posted: Fri Oct 30 00:31:44 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: bands

Oops I hit the post button before I finished!
Wheels are Turning is my favorite song on the new CD. Wed Morning is my least favorite.
Other favorite bands include Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Orleans,HARRY CHAPIN,Dan Fogelberg, Doobies, Jim Croce, Genesis, The Police , Paula Cole, and last but not leas Pearl Jam !! Thanks guys , Joe Knight

Message: 2742 Posted: Fri Oct 30 00:20:25 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: re: fav bands

Maybe I just don't get it. I can hear NO resemblence in the voices of Dewey Bunnell and Neil Young. I mean , Dewey can sing. Neil cant. I guess I will never get it. ( I love to isten to Mr. Youngs guitar work) but remember Mr. Young ,a southern man don't need you around anyhow.
You guys are right about one thing! Everyone knows Americas music even if they dont know who they are.

Message: 2741 Posted: Thu Oct 29 20:55:23 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: George Martin interview & CD

Thanks Steve. There is a foto of Sir George Martin w/AMERICA in his book & I have seen the same foto in other publications.

Message: 2740 Posted: Thu Oct 29 20:52:29 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: RE: America video

Hey that is probably the show they did in Germany around 1974, right after TIN MAN was released. It has been shown on VH1 & is fantastic. In fact this version has a jazzed up version of TIN MAN, the great DEWEY doing the opening licks. If you notice that Willie is concentrating very heavily, it's because he was relatively new to the band & he had just learned some of the songs. This video is excellent if it's the one I am thinking of. HUMAN NATURE, AMERICA'S latest & greatest.

Message: 2739 Posted: Thu Oct 29 19:21:13 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: George Martin interview & CD

For America fans hungering for every tidbit of info,I offer up the following: Former America & Beatles producer George martin has a new Cd out utilizing the talents of some of his "heroes" like Jim Carrey,
Goldie hawn,Celine dion & Robin williams doing covers of Beatles songs. Whats interesting is the picture on the inside of the cover for the liner notes--Martin is shown with an "america" shirt on,with that familiar Logo. Also,Martin had some comments on "America" in the current issue of "goldmine" magazine(dated Nov. 6 '98). The interview was conducted by Ken Sharp. Here's a transcript of the segment on "america". It picks up with Martin talking about the Beatles.....
Martin: .....It was inevitable that the Beatles would spawn imitators and emulators. People wanted to be like the Beatles. So there's nothing wrong with that.
Sharp: STILL do
Martin: Still do. How are you Liam?(Laughs).In an oblique way I worked with another group who had much more individuality but they weren't dissimilar with the Beatles and they were "America". America were like an american version of the Beatles but they had their own homespun kind of songs. They were all good guitar players and all good singers and harmony singers. So there was that kind of illusion there. But I don't find anything wrong with people providing they don't imitate. I think Oasis have made a mistake in being so close to the beatles and admitting. Noel actually said to me if he'd been born 20 years earlier he would have been Paul McCartney.....

Thats the main portion of the interview. Just wanted to pass some info along.

Message: 2738 Posted: Thu Oct 29 19:19:59 1998 By: Marshall
Subject: Next Single

Thoughts on the next single from HN:

Wednesday Morning: a reasonable choice since it has a very catchy chorus. Lyrics about lost loves are always popular. But, the start of the song drags with a long slow guitar entrance before the singing begins, then the first verse plods (probably intentionally) until the drum beat starts at the second verse. But I think it would likely do at least as well as FAMT, if not better.

Hidden Talent: Sounds too much like so many other pop songs to be memorable or "catchy". Gerry's voice doesn't quite carry well enough with this "Boz Scaggs" or "Backstreet Boys" beat style. I like the Jason Scheff bass line, the Lamm-Wilson background chorus is nice to hear but not very strong. The organ solo interlude is weak. The song is also fairly long at 3:55

Moment to Moment: I like this song alot. But it starts right off with vocals. That makes it hard to play on the radio, skipping the 30 sec DJ chatter. It is also fairly long at 4:56

Wheels are Turning: I like this song alot with Dewey's voice. A good traveling/driving song. But the chorus line is too short "those wheels are turning once again".

Whispering: I like the idea of this song as a single on the radio. It is different. Has catchy vocals just soft enough to make you need to turn up the volume. It highlights both Gerry and Dewey's voices. Is not too long at 3:27

Message: 2737 Posted: Thu Oct 29 18:58:26 1998 By: DaveSS
Subject: RE: America video

While visiting the CDNOW website, I noticed that they have an America video listed called "America- Best of Musikladen". Does anyone know anything about this video ?

Thanks, Dave

Message: 2736 Posted: Thu Oct 29 18:31:28 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Russ Ballard

The answer to the song that Russ Ballard sang is Argent's "Hold Your Head Up". It is a great song.

Message: 2735 Posted: Thu Oct 29 18:30:58 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: CONCERTS

Actually, America ARE due to be in Europe...most likely this January or February. The specifics of those cities/shows are still being put together but you can be sure you will find out about it here.

Message: 2734 Posted: Thu Oct 29 18:02:41 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: trivia answer

Hi Gang! Wow, great to see lots of posts from so many nice people who appreciate great music. The "Song Link" between AMERICA & Three Dog Night is "You Can Do Magic"/AMERICA & "Liar"/3 DOG NIGHT because they were both composed by Russ Ballard. Does anybody out there recall the early 70's rock tune that featured Russ singing lead vocal on? Hint: It Featured a prominent organ....part, really! Ha Ha! Answer will be revealed tomorrow A.M. Nice Chatting with you!!!

Message: 2733 Posted: Thu Oct 29 17:07:27 1998 By: Gerry Keenan

It's OK for you guys living in the States but are America ever likely to be touring in The UK or , even better, in Scotland ?
If so , when ? If not , why not ?
Looking forward to receiving clarification in due course.
Incidentally , many thanks to those responsible for compiling such a great site !
Gerry Keenan Glasgow Scotland UK

Message: 2732 Posted: Thu Oct 29 16:54:33 1998 By: mr. mills
Subject: middle names

That is - Gerald Linford, or so I remember reading once....

Message: 2731 Posted: Thu Oct 29 16:52:54 1998 By: mr. mills
Subject: middle names

Gerry Linford?

Message: 2730 Posted: Thu Oct 29 16:22:06 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Beach Boys

I have to admit I wasn't much of a Beach Boys fan growing up. Maybe they were just of the generation right before mine. I didn't own anything of the Beach Boys until last year, after reading so much about Pet Sounds, I bought it the CD. I was curious as to why so many people have called it a seminal record in rock history. And, having heard Carl Wilson sing background on so many America tunes, I figured it was time to see what this was all about. It is everything it's advertised to be. I found it to be wonderful. And "God Onl Knows" is one of the best sung songs around.

But, I haven't had the courage to buy anything else of theirs.


Message: 2729 Posted: Thu Oct 29 14:43:12 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Kevn,Robyn

No sarcasm here, just a friendly correction.
Nothing wrong with beautiful harmonies.
Also love Beach Boys. saw them and Chicago at Madison Square Garden
in 1973. Great...Great SHOW!

Message: 2728 Posted: Thu Oct 29 13:43:32 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: reply to Kevin

You are so right, sarcasim IS impossible to detect in print!!! Glad to hear you share my sentiments :D !

Message: 2727 Posted: Thu Oct 29 13:00:41 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Howard, Robyn: CSN

My comment on Crosby Stills and Nash was totally tongue in cheek. America was always accused of being a CSN rip-off, so I was just joking. Turning the tables. I think it would be very difficult to like America's music and not like CSN's music, because they do share common elements.

I do agree that, as Robyn said, the world can always use more beautiful harmonies. And I do realize that CSN was around before America (I think their first ablum came out in 1969).

Sarcasm is harder to detect in print than it is in person. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your loved ones.

Message: 2726 Posted: Thu Oct 29 12:57:54 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Favourites

Since you asked...
Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Cowboy Junkies, Paula Cole Warren Zevon and yes, of course, the Beach Boys, CSN (as previously noted!) Journey Traveling Wilburys

Just to name a few!!!

Message: 2725 Posted: Thu Oct 29 12:43:38 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Favs

Poco,Chicago,Cat Stevens,Beach Boys,Fogelberg,SuperTramp,Hall@Oates(Abandoned luncheonette),Sly and Family stone,Eagles,Bread,David Gates(solo),Buffalo Sprinfield,CSNY,Fleetwood Mac,Average Sun (local),Melissa Manchester,Beatles,..............Gotta run.

Message: 2724 Posted: Thu Oct 29 12:28:51 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: More on CSN

KevinS--Really! Don't you believe there is more than enough room in the world for beautifully crafted, well executed harmonies? Please re-think your nasty snipe!

Message: 2723 Posted: Thu Oct 29 12:07:51 1998 By: Cap
Subject: Re: Wednesday Morning Chords

Hi Steve,
Thanks for putting together the tabs. I think I misnamed some chords. The corrected chords (at least the fingering) should be as follows:

Dsus4   B7
------  ------
||||||  ******2fr
|||*||  ||||||
||||**  ||*|*|

This site is truly a wonderful place!


Message: 2722 Posted: Thu Oct 29 11:20:11 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Similar Incident

I really liked KevinS' last comment about CS&N.

I had a similar incident happen to me yesterday regarding AMERICA. A co-worker age 25-27 asked me about my AMERICA Human Nature decal on the back windshield of my car. He said, "What's Human Nature? I
happened to have the cassette in my hand as we were walking into
the office building. I couldn't believe his next question, "Who's AMERICA". I was shocked!! I named the hit songs and he said,
"I know those songs." Incredible!!! He's a professional engineer so education has no bearing.

Message: 2721 Posted: Thu Oct 29 11:04:39 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: CSN

KevinS, I believe Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young started before
or the same time America did. Yes, Neil Young's Heart of Gold came
out same time Horse did..CSN played at Woodstock, so yes they started before America. HL

Message: 2720 Posted: Thu Oct 29 10:57:20 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: A few America incidents

A couple of America related incidents happened in the past couple of days I thought I'd pass along.

I teach a class in advertising at Texas A&M-Commerce and the assignment I gave my students was to do ads for a local radio station, a station that plays 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s stuff. One guy took the approach of highlighting all the stuff the station plays by mentioning the bands. One billboard he came up with said, "We play music from all over the world: Chicago, Boston, Kansas and America." One of the other students said, "I get the Chicago, Boston and Kansas part, but what's the America mean?" He'd never heard of the band. (Guess who's getting an F?) Only 3 of my students, out of 18, had heard of America. So I gave them a brief History lesson. Funny thing was, every single one of them knew the songs, very few knew the band. Once again proving John Corbett's point that America is known for their music more than they are known themselves.

Then this morning I was driving into work listening to Human Nature at full volume. When I got to the toll booth, "World Alone" was playing. I turned it down so as not to disturb the toll booth guy, a friendly black man in his late 60s. He said, "Hey, don't turn that down, that's a nice song." And he started humming the medody of a song he'd heard all of 15 seconds. Yeah, their music is infectious.

As to what other groups I like: America has always been my favorite, but the top ten among others are: Dire Straits, Eagles, Peace, Matthew Sweet, Whiskeytown (awesome new band), John Hiatt, Beatles, REM, Billy Joel, Pretenders, Poco, Steely Dan (everything before Aja), Matchbox 20, John Mellencamp, Sheryl Crow, Firefall, Supertramp (although I haven't heard their new release on Oxygen), World Party, Neil Young, Fastball.

Never been much of a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan (they're too much of an America rip-off).


Message: 2719 Posted: Thu Oct 29 10:16:35 1998 By: Dennis
Subject: Hi

I'm an old highschool buddy from London. I just wanted to say Hi.

Message: 2718 Posted: Thu Oct 29 09:31:48 1998 By: Randy
Subject: traveling

I'am a outside sales rep, I leave mondy get home friday. I took a look at your schedule and my mouth dropped; how do you keep your families together(parenting,marriages,etc). Also I eat just about every meal out as you do,you guys stay slim with the exception of palmer, how do you do it! (sorry brad). take care,randy

Message: 2717 Posted: Thu Oct 29 09:15:18 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Need to Hear More Favorites

Thanks to those of you who have listed your favorite performers. It's very interesting to see the diverse range of musical tastes.

I am amazed at the absence of the Beach Boys as a favorite since Carl Wilson had such strong ties to Dewey and Gerry. The same with the absence of Journey's Steve Perry. I can see Timothy Schmit's presence through the listing of the Eagles and Poco.

There's still a lot of people we haven't heard from yet. So, how about it?

Answer to Howard's Triv: I know only Dewey Lee.

Message: 2716 Posted: Thu Oct 29 09:02:12 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Another Trivia Question

Being a guitarist, I have many favorite artists with different tastes. I couldn't begin to tell you. From Larry Carlton to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Poco to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Eric Clapton to Jeff Beck to Kinks to Alabama to Leo Kottke to Jimmy Buffet. See what I mean.

What is Dewey's, Gerry's and Dan's middle names?
I only know two myself.

Let it rip everyone!!!!!!

Message: 2715 Posted: Thu Oct 29 08:00:39 1998 By: jessica
Subject: finally!

Hi all! I'm listening to Wednesday Morning right now - my tenth or so today. It took me more than a month's wait but it's worth it. (Hey Barb, I got it finally. I was about to e-mail you to ask for a copy!)

For those of you out there who still can't get hold of H.N., don't give up looking for it. The clips were very helpful but they don't do justice to the whole thing. So get the CD!!!

Jen, I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this! Must have been too harassed and excited at the same time...

Tower Records is opening a branch here in Manila soon. I wonder if they'd carry H.N.? Karen, would you know? And - the store where I got my CD from still has a few copies. The problem is nobody knows about it. If I had a poster I'd have given the very helpful manager.

Anyway, about other favorite artists... I don't follow other artists like I do America but the following are next in line: David Gates, Eagles, Carly Simon, Semisonic, Christopher Cross, Lisa Loeb - and a song or two by 70's artists whose names I can't all recall right now plus more recent artists like Garbage, Red House Painters and The Wallflowers. On certain occasions, I listen to Acoustic Alchemy and The Cake.

Message: 2714 Posted: Thu Oct 29 07:10:08 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Sister Chords

Yes...Terry, Tom & DaveSS are correct to the Sister Golden Hair Chords question. Now, let's all jam (I wish)!!!
Hey the AOL chat was alot of fun last night.
Regards, Howard

Message: 2713 Posted: Thu Oct 29 05:04:23 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Trivia Answer/ New Question

Yes Howard, the answer to the question..Which AMERICA song stayed on the charts the longest? "You Can Do Magic". New Question, Besides constantly touring with one another what is the "SONG LINK" between Three Dog Night and AMERICA? This chat folder is great...My list of favorites is far too long and it seems to depend on my mood, the time of year etc... But I guess it's safe to say AMERICA is on the top of the list then...Beatles, Raspberries,Yes, Rush, October Project, Heart,Gentle Giant, Early Genesis, Bread, Badfinger, Orleans, Three Dog Night, The Mamas & The Papas, Oh I could go on & on! That's just the Groups, You can only imagine the rest of the list as far as solo singer/ songwriters go! Looking at the list I almost forgot Fleetwood Mac OOPS! They're actually on of my top 3 faves...Gotta Go...

Message: 2712 Posted: Thu Oct 29 03:16:12 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Other Artists

Back again,dragged off to look at curtains or drapes,Ainsley in Melbourne try Gaslight Records famous for its one day a year nude shopping anyone removing their clothing gets free c.d. Reguarding other favourites they would be,Tom Petty,Ozark Mountain Daredevils,Peter Green,Poco,J.J.Cale,Allman Bros,Van Morrison.

Message: 2711 Posted: Thu Oct 29 00:37:13 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Other favorite artists

My favorites have always been Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel, Don Henley (with and without The Eagles), ELO and of course The Beatles. Okay, I'm 36 years old and the fther of 4. I can admit it now. I have always loved The Bee Gees. It feels good to bare my soul.

Regarding the next single, let's take it logically. When the band "came back" in 1982, they relied onthe familarity the new listeners had to Gerry's voice. Hence, they released "Right Before Your Eyes". If "FAMT" becomes a hit, it would then make sence to release anoter "Gerry" tune. While I agree that "Wenesay Morning" is the best track on the CD, te question is - will it be a good single? Maybe. Based on what is popular today, I think that with proper airpay, "Whispering" could be huge. It's different, catchy and would stand out. I also believe releasing "Hidden Talent" would be a mistake. If they decide to release a "Dewey" song, my vote would be for "Pages" for the same reasons.

It's nice to see so many new faces(?) on this folder. Steve, you should feel like a proud Papa.


Message: 2710 Posted: Thu Oct 29 00:01:48 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: TRIVIA Answer and more trivia

Hi all,so much for the Australian postal service, express post indeed the wait goes on!
Hope I did'nt upset anyone with my trivia question, the name of the british DJ was JOHN PEEL.His comments took place on a show called Top of the pops which at the time was attracting regular viewing figures of 17 to 18 million viewers every week,personally I think the mans an odious reptile.Busking is putting on a perfomance for free or for some kindly soul to throw some money into a hat.One piece of trivia involves the song Survival,in Italy the song was huge and was accompanied by a vidieo which involved large chess pieces on a huge board.

Message: 2708 Posted: Wed Oct 28 23:58:12 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: RE: Sister Chords

You gotta thank Steve Lowry for all the work on gathering, organizing & inputing the words & chords. A lot of tedious typing for a very busy man.

Message: 2707 Posted: Wed Oct 28 22:58:05 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Wednesday Morning Chords

A big thanks to "Cap" for the chords to "Wednesday Morning". That now gives us the chords to two of the songs on Human Nature: Wednesday Morning and World Alone.

Follow this link for a complete list of America songs with chords.

Message: 2706 Posted: Wed Oct 28 22:57:35 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Twins,and FAMT

I was fortunate to see America at Tower records last month in NYC. The boys gave us a promo poster and signed it to our twin 3 yr. old girls. In the Tower records Pulse magazine(Oct.,issue),there was a page promo of athe same poster so I framed it . The poster is above my desk in my music studio. My daughters came in the room and said "thats FAMT,play the song". I of course put it on, and they immediately starting singing and dancing!(Of course not anything we could really understand, but they are only 3!) Thanks America!
Anyone in NYC near The Museum of Radio and TV(52nd st.,between 5th and 6th ave.) WHUD 100.7 is broadcasting from there tomorrow am(thursday). Stop in and request FAMT. Station # is 914-736-WHUD. They are the only station that reaches NYC that has been playing FAMT. It is only played "off peak" so far.No e mail as of yet,but WALK 97.5 is the most listened to AC station on all of Long Island, this is a station we could definately use. Rob Miller is assisstant Prog. Dir.( or 516-955-9750.
Jim Croce
Frank Sinatra
Various Big Bands(Artie Shaw,Harry James,Glenn Miller,Count Basie)
Huey Lewis
Gloria Estefan,Classical, alot of different styles. I am a Instrumental music teacher in the Public Schools here on Long Island so I really love music!GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Message: 2705 Posted: Wed Oct 28 22:45:07 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: Other favorite artists

Jumping into the fray, here are some of the other artists that I love besides America...

Cocteau Twins, the Doobie Brothers, Jim Croce, Saint Etienne, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Enya, Warren Zevon, R.E.M., 10,000 Maniacs, Men At Work, early Asia, the Fixx, A Flock Of Seagulls, Van Halen (on occasion), Basia, Eliza Gilkyson, Eleanor McEvoy, Liz Phair, Quarterflash, Pages/Mr. Mister, Gordon Lightfoot, Kajagoogoo, 'til Tuesday, and others.


Message: 2704 Posted: Wed Oct 28 20:55:48 1998 By: Terry trost
Subject: Sister Oxygen

Ok, ok...Dave should give credit to Tom for the sustained that the hammering on the G string 2nd fret with your pinky while in open E?
Gosh...haven't heard from Jesse in HOURS!!! Maybe he's jammin'on his new (or used) axe. Next phase: 12 string
And Mark, whatever did you SAY?

Keep it light, a beautiful site...


Message: 2703 Posted: Wed Oct 28 20:51:50 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: re:other favorite performers

I'm all over the place...James Gang...3 Dog Night...Grand Funk...Earth Wind & Fire, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mandy Patinkin, Guess Who, Tony Bennett, early Chicago, Moody Blues, Count all depends on my musical mood.

Jim, Erie, PA

Message: 2702 Posted: Wed Oct 28 20:27:32 1998 By: Jim Grieger
Subject: FAMT

This morning at 7:10 am Lite 97 in Central New York (Cortland/Ithaca) played From a Moving Train. It was great to hear it played during the prime morning hours. The station reaches to Syracuse so I think it was a good exposure moment. This station has been playing it on a semi-regular basis in the mornings.

As for other related news to the list, for what it's worth I would like to see Pages as the next release from HN. A few of my other top favorite artists are Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Jim Croce, John Mellencamp and REM. This list is great and it is nice to know there are so many true America fans out there!

Message: 2701 Posted: Wed Oct 28 20:11:30 1998 By: DaveSS
Subject: RE: Sister Cords

I beleive Terry is correct. The first three cords are C#m, A, E, then the E(sus). I wish I had found the America websites sooner ! They are great.

Message: 2700 Posted: Wed Oct 28 19:59:00 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Another Trivia Question

C#m-A-E(sus)-E ....E...:) Isn't that it Howard?

Message: 2699 Posted: Wed Oct 28 19:33:44 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Re:Msg#2673 Adrian/Australia


Please pardon my admitted ignorance, but what is 'busking'?! Great story! I have no clue as to the DJ's name.

Most Sincerely,

Message: 2698 Posted: Wed Oct 28 18:23:41 1998 By: Craig the Rig
Subject: Re: Still need alot more responses!

For starters... get a Yamaha - A good one can be gotten for $200. Also,
you may want to see about finding a Guitar Center because the "small"
shops will kill you... rumour has it America used Yamaha's on the
first CD (very acoustic)... They are usually thought of as good starter
guitars and stay in fair tune... Best, Craig the Rig

Message: 2697 Posted: Wed Oct 28 15:56:35 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Howard's Sister Chords

C# minor, A, ends on E


Message: 2696 Posted: Wed Oct 28 14:44:34 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: I Wrote You... Please Read It

Mr Rose, I did reply to you privately. Perhaps we can keep our conversations in that realm instead of posting them on this global internet chat folder.

Thank you.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2695 Posted: Wed Oct 28 14:14:42 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: re:other favorite performers

Rush, Kansas, Styx, Genesis, Pink Floyd, REM, Dream Theater, Elton John, Yes, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills & Nash

Message: 2694 Posted: Wed Oct 28 14:11:40 1998 By: Mark
Subject: What's Up Oxygen?

Brandon offers to help promote HN but can't get a reply. A guy from a radio station can't get a return call after 6 tries and has to "slow the rotation" whatever that means, but it doesn't sound good. Any way you look at it this doesn't sound good. Are there problems at Oxygen, or are these just isolated cases?

Message: 2693 Posted: Wed Oct 28 14:07:17 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Another AMERICA on TV Trivia Question

Nobody took a stab at my trivia question on what TV show did America do a parody music video to Right Before Your Eyes?

I don't know if nobody cares or if everybody is getting triviaed out. Anyway the answer is SCTV.

Message: 2692 Posted: Wed Oct 28 13:44:03 1998 By: Jamey Karr- KACV
Subject: Slower Rotation

We had to slow the record down here. I left 6 messages at Oxygen and couldn't get anyone to call us back. I hope other stations had better luck that we did.

Message: 2691 Posted: Wed Oct 28 12:20:48 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Guitar

Jesse, instead of busting your brains waiting for answers from here,
look in your yellow pages and find a bunch of music stores
in your hometown or wherever and go to them and see what each of them
has to say and offer (price range.) Really that's the best way.
You really need talk to a bunch of salesman and get their opinions. I think this is as far as you're gonna get with recommendations. Regards and good luck, Howard L

Message: 2690 Posted: Wed Oct 28 11:56:38 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: Still need alot more responses!

Howard Leiboff has helped alot and so has a few other people, but no one else has I would like more responses so I can make a better choice on what guitar I should get. I don't know any guitar brands , I'm a beginner. And I only have $200-$250, and please e-mail me the responses. Thanks!

Message: 2689 Posted: Wed Oct 28 11:14:12 1998 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: I Wrote You... Please Read It

Dear Karen,
Please read your e-mail. I wrote you offline.

Best Regards... Brandon

Message: 2688 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:50:01 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Who are Your Other Favorite Performers?

Here is something that I have often wondered about: What other performers do other AMERICA fans listen to? I think I can safely say that AMERICA is our favorite. How about posting your top five to ten favorite artists excluding AMERICA.

Here's mine in no particular order: Toto, Steely Dan, Dan Fogelberg, Daryl Hall, Eagles, The Mamas and The Papas, Paul Young, Journey,
Crowded House, and the early works of the Beatles.

Message: 2687 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:44:04 1998 By: Ken Jang
Subject: Human Nature in Japan?

Curious if Human Nature is to be released in Japan? And with any bonus
tracks? I know the previous CD was out there on Polystar (same as Van
go Gan). I was curious about Human Nature?

Message: 2686 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:30:40 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: Still looking for a guitar

I'm still looking for a guitar, if any knows a good place in Portland Oregon to look for one e-mail me. I'm looking for a beginner guitar, I have never really played one before. Well actually I have played them a little bit but have never owned one. I'm fast learner too. I'm looking for acoustic and my price range is $200-$250. Thanks!PSI would prefer to be e-mailed, it's alot faster on my part.

Message: 2685 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:20:22 1998 By: Thomas
Subject: love comes without waring

Dear America-Fans,

For several years I seek the song "love comes without warning" from the movie
"The lonely guy" with Steve Martin.
Over here in Austria the record is either not available anymore, or it never was.
Could anybody help me out ?
mp3-format or sources which offer the record?
I´ll be pleased for any informations.

best regards and greetings from lovely Vienna.

Message: 2684 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:13:40 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Another Trivia Question

I want to see who all the America Guitar buffs are on this board.
What are the first 3 chords to "Sister Golden Hair" (before the lead guitar begins) and what chord ends the song?

Message: 2683 Posted: Wed Oct 28 10:08:33 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Answer To Trivia Question (Tom T.)

The answer to Tom's trivia question for which single stayed on the
chart the longest is "You Can Do Magic"?

Message: 2682 Posted: Wed Oct 28 09:44:08 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Human Nature in Australia

Ainsley, TWA has not yet released Human Nature in Australia but will be doing so very soon. Please check back here for the release date. I will post it today or tomorrow.


Karen D,
Oxygen Records

Message: 2681 Posted: Wed Oct 28 08:32:31 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "TV Show" Triv Answers and a Message To Brandon

As for the answer to what tv show AMERICA performed on wearing their "Hat Trick" suits, I was thinking about the music show, "The Midnight Special". Tom T was thinking the same.

The answer to what dance show Dewey and Gerry played "You Can Do Magic", I was thinking about "Dance Fever" hosted by the guy that taught John Travolta how to dance for his role in "Saturday Night Fever". I think his name was Denny Terio or something similar to that.

A message to Brandon: As far as not receiving a reply to your e-mail
messages, don't let that discourage you although your feelings are understandable. Your fellow fans (all of us) appreciate your efforts!

Message: 2680 Posted: Wed Oct 28 07:03:55 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: I Give Up!


About all you can do now is to bug your local AC radio stations to play From A Moving Train.

Keep in mind that Oxygen is not a major label so their resources and influence are limited. All things considered, I think they have done pretty well in promoting HN. They have already gotten them much more exposure than American Gramaphone did for Hourglass. And From A Moving Train is creeping up the Radio and Records AC chart. So at least call or email radio stations. Remember you're doing it for America!

Message: 2679 Posted: Wed Oct 28 05:21:59 1998 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: I Give Up!

As an AMERICA fan from the very beginning and with the best intentions in mind... I give up trying to do my part in helping promote them. I have contacted Karen with Oxygen Records several times asking to get involved and have yet to receive a reply of any kind from her... my first e-mail explained in detail how I became an AMERICA fan at the get-go while in college at my first listen to "A Horse With No Name"... right through to their latest effort "HumanNature." I am not some crazed fan... just a fan wanting to contribute to their effort. It was only after reading Karen's own edict somewhere online asking AMERICA fans to get involved promoting "HumanNature" that I attempted to contact her. After hearing nothing at that point I was ready to throw in the towel when some of you that post here regularly personally e-mailed me, "Not to give up on Karen, that she's busy." Well with that in mind, I sent a couple more e-mails in her direction. When yesterday's e-mail met with the ill-fated "deleted" status I decided... enough is enough.
AMERICA will be here in Fort Myers, Florida March 7, 1999 performing at the Barbara B. Mann Hall. My wife, Anne and I will enjoy the concert just the same. FYI, we both have resided in Fort Myers for many years, thirty and twenty years respectively, and are professionals that have media contacts. I am not saying we would have made a difference. But, who the hell will ever know?
In regards to AMERICA... I wish Dewey and Gerry nothing but the best. I have enjoyed their music for so long that they truly are a part of my life. I hope the single "From A Moving Train" keeps moving up the charts along with their terrific new cd "HumanNature." I am sure their recent success will mean we will be hearing even more from them. You've got to love it! The boys are back!

Take Care All... Brandon

Message: 2678 Posted: Wed Oct 28 05:03:16 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Trivia

What AMERICA single stayed on the Billboard charts the longest? Not too difficult, but I know how we love trivia. As for a decent, economical acoustic guitar to purchase- Check out the Applause line by Ovation. I have actually played some pretty decent ones; however, as previously posted, definitely take the time to try each one that seems promising to you. If you shop around, sometimes you can find a high quality used guitar too. I play a Takemine Acoustic/Electric for playing out and recording purposes and i must say I LOVE IT!!! Always check the action of the strings, make sure there's no fret-buzz and make sure it's comfortable to play. You don't want to get bloody fingers while trying to JAM with your favorite AMERICA tune! See Ya...

Message: 2677 Posted: Wed Oct 28 04:28:38 1998 By: david
Subject: tokyo concert

Help! I see that America is coming to Tokyo on December 1st, but I can't find any venue information, either on the internet or here in tokyo. If anyone knows where America will be playing, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Message: 2676 Posted: Wed Oct 28 02:34:44 1998 By: Ainsley
Subject: Human Nature in Australia

I am desperate to get my hands on a copy of Human Nature. Have any stores in Melbourne Australia received any copies of the CD? If anyone can help me please let me know.
P.S. I can't wait to see them here in Melbourne again in December with the Beach Boys

Message: 2675 Posted: Wed Oct 28 01:59:57 1998 By: Zeke
Subject: Re: Finding a Guitar

Have you looked at a Simon and Patrick? I have one -- and they sound great. I highly recommend getting one. You just might be able to find one in your price range...

Message: 2674 Posted: Wed Oct 28 01:09:16 1998 By: Cap
Subject: Wednesday Morning Chords

I have the chords for Wednesday Morning:

---Capo at first fret

Em Am Dsus D
C G C G(add F#)
C D Bm Em
Am B7

It never fails to amaze me that such simple chords can be used to create such a beautiful song. I am not sure if the Dsus is correctly named. I could do the tabs if anyone is interested.

Message: 2673 Posted: Wed Oct 28 00:06:37 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Human Nature / Trivia

Hi all, Human Nature arrives tomorrow by express post from Melbourne Australia AT LAST!!!
Here's something that may cause some difficulty amongst fans,before America had a recording contract they did some busking outside a famous british D.J.s home he opened the door and promtly told them where to go in no uncertain terms,he delighted himself by telling a nation wide audience on prime time T.V. AND almost promtly stopped '' You can do magic'' moving up the charts,increadibly he is still in the same job, who is he ?

Message: 2672 Posted: Tue Oct 27 23:34:11 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Radio Concerts

America performed acoustically last night in Sioux Falls, SD for that city's KELO-FM. They did all their hits and included some amazing versions of songs I'd never had the pleasure of seeing them do acoustically before, including Sandman. Absolutely unforgettable.

Next week, the band will be performing at radio events in Wheeling, WV (for WKWK-FM) and in Kansas City, MO (KUDL-FM) before they leave for South America.


Message: 2671 Posted: Tue Oct 27 23:29:28 1998 By: Karen
Subject: International Releases

The record distributor TWA (The World's Address) has just taken on Human Nature for release in Australia as has Inakoustik in Germany will will handle Human Nature's release in most European countries.

As soon as I have each company's release dates (each European country will most likely have a different release date) for the album I will let you know.



Message: 2670 Posted: Tue Oct 27 23:26:02 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: HN - "new single"

We've still not determined the next single....the decision is being made as we guys will be the first to know...and we have NOT given up on FAMT. The first single is still climbing the charts and just got picked up in Cleveland and Baltimore with cities following suit just about every single day. There's a LOT of life left for Human Nature's first single and it is our main focus.

Karen D.

Message: 2669 Posted: Tue Oct 27 23:20:41 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: HN - "new single"

Penny...What a great post! I am pretty confused about that Hidden Talent thing you saw and I'll check into it tomorrow.

No, it's not the next single and I have no idea where that came from. Tell me this, was that on a sticker? On a Border's sign?


Message: 2668 Posted: Tue Oct 27 21:51:43 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Venting on Hidden Talent

About Penny reading the sign in the record store that America's new single was "Hidden Talent": I've got to think that was either a typo or just a mistake. NOBODY WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO RELEASE THAT SONG AS A SINGLE. That song sounds like it fell off the back of the Perspective album--it's "Special Girl" all over again--and we all know far too well how miserably that musical attempt by America failed on the charts. Why would anyone repeat the same mistake?

As for "Moment To Moment" I agree 100% with Mark that that song doesn't come close to measuring up to "Wednesday Morning" or "Wheels Are Turning" and that if it is the next song released (hopefully in about 6 months after From A Moving Train has had a good long run on the charts), it would simply be another in a long string of unfortunate single choices America has endured. Sure, it's an okay song. But "Wednesday Morning" is lightning in a bottle.

It would be like 1982 all over again when after America finally got back on the charts with "You Can Do Magic" they followed it up with a sappy love ballad like "Right Before Your Eyes" and promptly fell back off the charts. A move Gerry himself said wasn't the smartest.

But, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the next song they release. Probably some contractual thing they have with Phil Galdston, the producer of both Hidden Talent and Momemt To Moment, which are, in my opinion, the two songs on Human Nature they should have left off. My opinion.

This has been a Special Venting On Hidden Talent Break. We will now resume regular programming.

Hey, everybody, how's it going? I'm happy. Are you happy? Sure have enjoyed those great trivia questions...

Message: 2667 Posted: Tue Oct 27 21:21:13 1998 By: Pat Brown
Subject: Dog's name ?????

A trivia question at the fire station coffee table is what the name of the dog in the song " A horse with no name". Answer we had was Bo, Blue, Sue and a lot of others. Please help with delema. A couple of firefighters will be buying some pies.

Thanks, Pat

Message: 2666 Posted: Tue Oct 27 18:51:05 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: still need more responses with begining guitars

Thanks to everyone who helped me already. But I still need more responses on to what kind of a guitar a beginner should get. I'm getting an acoustic, and my price range is $200 to $250. What brands should I start with? And what should I look for in a guitar? And what should I do in order to find a good sounding guitar. And are there any guitars that look and sound nice? I would like one that is nice looking but I can't find any that are good sounding too.

Message: 2665 Posted: Tue Oct 27 16:39:56 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: release of singles

"Moment.." is actually a great choice because it features both Gerry & Dewey singing lead (Dewey comes in towards the end with " Every Moment is a guiding light, Every Moment is the darkest night...etc.) and it does sound extremely contemporary. I agree wholeheartedly that "Wednesday Morning" sounds like a sure-fire smash, but I would understand "Moment To Moment" as a single release. C'mon OXYGEN Let's see a Video of "From A Moving Train"! That would be the boost the song needs!!! How about inviting all of us Die-Hard Friends Of AMERICA to appear in the video? Sounds Cool, HUH? Keep up the good work Karen...I still haven't heard the song on any Hartford/ New Haven radio stations....When I do I'll flip! Well maybe not flip, but you know what I mean...ha ha ha...

Message: 2664 Posted: Tue Oct 27 16:30:03 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: AMERICA on TV Trivia Question

Wasn't the HAT TRICK appearance on "Midnight Special"? I know that the second answer is "Solid Gold". I also remember a great appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show" as a Duo. "Silent Letter" had already been out awhile and for some reason "All Around" was getting some attention after the album had just about fizzled out. If I recall correctly Gerry & Dewey, while being interviewed by Mr. Douglas explained that the song was attracting a following in the Northwest part of the Country.(ie:Washington, Oregon). I also recall that they were really good (of course). In the course of that interview they also touched upon the departure of Dan Peek. That was in the days of Dewey's long Hippy-Hair. I Know it was ages ago, but that's what I remember. I also remember an appearance on a Bob Hope special, but for the sake of all America Afficianados(Spelling:?) all I'll say is the excerpt that was shown was great("Sister Golden Hair") but apparently during the taping let's just say The guys were made to look bad because of a faulty tape. The backing tracks stopped working mid-performance and the studio audience was not impressed. They were playing their acoustics live, and their vocals were live but the rest of the band was represented only by a backing track. They DID however manage to win the crowd over by starting over and doing the song better than ever. If Gerry & Dewey are reading this please don't feel bad- **it happens to the best of 'em. Besides, we all know how professional you ALWAYS are. It was just one of those memories I wanted to share with all of my Friends Of AMERICA. Uh Oh, is that too many trivia facts at once Johnny? I guess I got carried away...Sorry...Buh BYE.

Message: 2663 Posted: Tue Oct 27 15:13:58 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Another AMERICA on TV Trivia Question

On what TV show did America do a parody music video to Right Before Your Eyes?

Message: 2662 Posted: Tue Oct 27 15:10:53 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: AMERICA on TV Trivia Question

I'll guess Smothers Brothers and Solid Gold.

Message: 2661 Posted: Tue Oct 27 14:49:21 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: release of singles

one of my favorite songs is whispering. it sounds so different from their usual stuff that it might have a chance of making it. also wednesday morning or wheels are turning would be great singles. but i think moment to moment is too slow even though its a good song.

Message: 2660 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:46:26 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Brands of Guitar

These brands are good with a little about cost:
Taylor, Gibson, Martin: expensive (might have specials)
Yamaha, Takamine: About your price range

Make sure you tell the salesman the action is somewhat easy and low,
so you don't get finger strain. even thought you don't know the guitar
hold them and drag your thumb across the strings and strum alittle.
After awhile, you'll hear a difference in the sounds of each guitar
and it should sound nice and sweet. HL

Message: 2659 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:27:31 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: What is a good beginner guitar?

Thanks for help guys. I am going to acoustic so what brand should I get? Remember I only have $200 dollars maybe $250, This is going to help alot. I hope to get one this weekend. And if any of you know any good stores in Portland Oregon, tell me! thanx again!

Message: 2658 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:25:57 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Correction: It's Not a New Song

That's "You Can Do Magic" not "You Can Be Magic" on my previous posting.

Message: 2657 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:22:52 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: What is a good beginner guitar?

Thanks for help guys. I am going to acoustic so what brand should I get? Remember I only have $200 dollars maybe $250, This is going to help alot. I hope to get one this weekend. And if any of you know any good stores in Portland Oregon, tell me! thanx again!

Message: 2656 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:21:50 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: AMERICA on TV Trivia Question

Trivia facts are good too but trivia questions are a lot more fun.
It makes us think. Having said that, here's another trivia question: What 1970's music show did AMERICA appear on wearing their "Hat Trick" suits? Also, what 1980's TV dance show did Dewey and Gerry perform "You Can Be Magic"?

Message: 2655 Posted: Tue Oct 27 13:06:51 1998 By: Cap
Subject: Batdorf

Has anybody heard the CD "Don't You Know" by Batdorf and McLean? It is an astoundingly high quality collection of songs. I would recommend that any America fan give it a listen. If you can find it, of course.

Message: 2654 Posted: Tue Oct 27 12:08:00 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Release of singles

While I like "Moment to Moment" better than "Hidden Talent" it still doesn't measure up to either "Wednesday Morning" or "Wheels Are Turning." Besides, I think it may be permature to release a second single. I think "From A Moving Train" still has a shot at making it.

Message: 2653 Posted: Tue Oct 27 11:20:10 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Bruce, I'm not saying "This Kiss" is bad. In fact, it's pretty good
and catchy. As we all know, catchy songs are what makes it in this
crazy world of music. And as far as trivia questions, how about
trivia facts (like did you know that...etc...). Like from an interview
with Dewey Bunnell, about a month after Dan Peek left the group, he
came up on stage to play a couple of tunes with them and much to Dewey's surprise, it wasn't even mentioned in the press, news, etc.

Regards, HSL

Message: 2652 Posted: Tue Oct 27 10:38:10 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Release of singles

The promo stuff I got from Karen at Oxygen included a $2.00 rebate form that says "HUMAN NATURE CD (then gives the part #) Features the singles From A Moving Train and Moment to Moment"
That would appear to me to be Oxygen's chosen direction, as this was prepared before the release.
Karen, any comments or clarifications?
I was a little surprised that they would choose two "Gerry" songs to release, rather than one of each. Personally, Moment to Moment wouldn't be the one I'd try to get air play with. I love it, but it's really slow for radio.

Message: 2651 Posted: Tue Oct 27 09:59:11 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Guitars & Other Stuff

Jesse, I agree with Howard, your first guitar should be an acoustic! If you get an electric, you will never build up the right strength in your fingers (besides the fact that you can take an acoustic anywhere and still hear it!) It would be like starting to play piano on one of those Casio keyboards that don't have weighted keys. These days, for $200 you should be able to pick up something fairly decent. Howard, as far as "This Kiss", the FIRST time I heard it (thought it was Mary Chapin-Carpenter) I really liked it! The fact that it is being played a lot doesn't make it bad- I STILL like it! it's REALLY CATCHY! It's like the FIRST time I heard "Wednesday Morning", I thought the exact same thing- that song is REALLY CATCHY! Seems that a LOT of folks on this chat board agree WEDNESDAY MORNING should be the next single! But wait! NEXT single? What happened to FAMT? It's over already? Come on, it takes awhile sometimes! (Has anyone actually SEEN the single? I haven't- I mean actually physically seen & touched it?) Look what happened with the JEWEL album- it was out for a year before anything happened with it- then...BAM!!!) Howard, As far as LITE-FM (aka WLTW) look back at my post re: my conversation with the program director- when you call him, you'd better have a winter coat on! (IF you can get him on the phone- got voice mail lots of times!) This site is GREAT!!! Keep all those postings coming!!!

Message: 2650 Posted: Tue Oct 27 08:15:15 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Alibi" Trivia Answers

Tom T. was exactly right with his answer to what band John Batdorf
sang with....Silver. Batdorf co-wrote, "You Could've Been the One".

Tom Kelly who sang background vocals on "Alibi" sang with a band called "Fools Gold". Note the omission of the apostrophe on
Fools. I don't recall any hits from this band but they had a lot of backing from various members of the Eagles (especially Glenn Frey) and from Dan Fogelberg.

Way to go Tom T. with your "Silver" answer!

"Wednesday Morning" and "Wheels Are Turning" are wonderful songs. I vote for each of them but I've said before, I really like "Hidden Talent".

Message: 2649 Posted: Tue Oct 27 07:27:14 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: HN - "new single"

I hope "Hidden Talent" is not the new single, "Wednesday Morning" and "Wheels Are Turning" are far superior to it! But it wouldn't surprise me. Some of the online CD sites have it as the only sample from the CD. I think it would be a big mistake, but America seems to have a history of selecting the wrong song to release. It's not that "Hidden Talent" is a bad song, though I must say it is my least favorite song on the CD, it is just a shallow little pop song. I don't know, maybe that's what it takes to make the charts. If "Hidden Talent" has been released, that must mean Oxygen has given-up on "From A Moving Train". Both would be big mistakes I think!

Message: 2648 Posted: Tue Oct 27 07:10:10 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: trivia: Song Name Changes Answers

Good guess Michelle, but those songs were changed before they were released. I was talking about song titles that were changed after the original album was released. Johnny got one of them, "Now She's Gone" was listed as "She's Gone" on the original Harbor release. The other two are "Don't Cry Baby" which was originally titled "Don't You Cry" (which may help explain why it didn't make the charts when released as a single), and "Letter" was changed from "The Letter".

Message: 2647 Posted: Tue Oct 27 07:03:28 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Buying A Guitar

Go To several music stores, they usually run specials and check out
what the salesman have to say. Go to a couple of stores. I'm here
in New York and on 1 block, there's about 5-6 music stores to pick
from. Electric guitar might be easier on the figures, etc...but
there's nothing like an acoustic guitar sound. Would you believe
my first guitar, a Yamaha cost $100 back in 1973. The same guitar
goes for 400-500 now. Get one with easy fretboard action, so you
don't kill your fingers, calises, etc. Definitely start with
lessons and stay with it. You'll have alot of fun. HL

Message: 2646 Posted: Tue Oct 27 05:13:05 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Ian Thomas

Yes Glen..The answer is Dave Thomas. For those of you who still aren't sure who he is (Like Glen said,NOT the Wendy's guy) he Co-starred with Brett Butler on her now syndicated sitcom "Grace Under Fire". He played Russell the pharmacist. And yes, he's one of the Mackenzie Brothers. Ian Thomas is an extremely talented songwriter who never really got the credit he deserved. I have to admit that part of the reason I got into his recordings was because of a similarity to AMERICA's style. His one hit here stateside, "Painted Ladies" clearly demonstrates this. It reminds me of a song Dewey could've composed- and it resembles Dan Peek's vocal stylings. Does anybody know what Ian Thomas is doing now? Thanks...oh one more little Trivial tidbit...After mentioning the well-known backing vocals of Carl & Bruce ironically on Eric Carmen's song "She Did It", the awesome guitar solo is by Andrew Gold,who also helped AMERICA on the "Barstow" passage of the "Overwhelming World Suite". Isn't it amazing how so many of these great musicians experiences overlap one another? It's kinda like "6 Degrees Of Seperation"....Have a Great Day!!!

Message: 2645 Posted: Tue Oct 27 05:07:36 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Human Nature

Next week my wife and I are off for our yearly R&R in Orlando/Disney, so I was looking through some sights from that of them being radio station WMMO (one of the best stations on the PLANET IMHO) Anyway, one of the music features they have is something called the "Perfect Album Side" where they play 5 or 6 cuts from either a new or classic album. And while I know this is after the fact, I saw that yesterday (Monday 10/27) the featured album was "Human Nature"!

By the way..."Hidden Talent" as the next single??? NO WAY...Got to be "Wednesday Morning" Why don't they do that in concert anyway?

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 2644 Posted: Tue Oct 27 02:16:10 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: Finding a Guitar...

Finding a good guitar, like stretching, Van Go Gan, and Wednesday Morning, is good for the soul.

You will actually find a better electric for cheap then accoustic, and it sounds like your beginning, so you might have more fun with an electric (bit easier on the fingers) The key is to have a trusted friend help you pick one with a good feel. Enjoy and have fun.

Message: 2643 Posted: Tue Oct 27 00:40:52 1998 By: Zeke
Subject: Re: Finding a Guitar...

You might be able to find a Yamaha for about two hundred dollars... And, by the way, having an acoustic guitar is not, in any way, inferior to having an electric, for they are quite different instruments altogether...

Message: 2642 Posted: Mon Oct 26 21:39:16 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: FAMT

Penny I can really relate to your excitement with your daughters actions to FAMT. My twin girls are 3 years old, and i am proud to say that they requested the "TWAIN,by Amica" Let me translate that into adult talk-Train by America. This is the first song that they requested that is not from SesameStreet,Barney ,or Disney! And they sing their little lungs out. It is great that my favorite group is being requested by my toddlers!
Howard, any luck with the program director at Lite-fm regarding FAMT? Try WHUD-100.7#-914-736-WHUD. I have more info on a proir post from this afternoon.

Message: 2641 Posted: Mon Oct 26 21:34:10 1998 By: Jesse Guitar Slinger
Subject: I need help on what kind of guitar to buy

I'm buying an acoustic guitar (cant afford an electric) and I need to know what kind a beginner should get. I've never had a guitar before and need to know hat a beginner should get. I am going to buy a used one and my price range is only to $200. Please help! ThAnX!

Message: 2640 Posted: Mon Oct 26 20:17:52 1998 By: Penny
Subject: HN - "new single"

This may have been posted already...I haven't been able to keep up with this message folder lately. Sorry, if this is old news. I was in a Borders Book Store in NJ yesterday. I was THRILLED to see America's Human Nature promenently displayed in the "new releases" section. It was even featured at the headphone board, where people could listen to selections from the CD! Very cool! My daughter and I went up and grabbed the headphones (looking back now, I'm not sure why we did that! It's not like we haven't listened to Human Nature atleast 500 times already, but...) while pushing in our America selections I noticed that the little sign below the picture of HN said, "make sure you listen to their new single: Hidden Talent.
Did I miss something? Has that been released as the new single? I was just wondering if anyone knew what the scoop was on this.
I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see America right out there for EVERYBODY to see. My five year old talked the manager into putting the CD on in the store so everyone could check it out. I was so proud of her! We left Borders with a couple of new HN CDs, big smiles on our faces and my youngest singing From A Moving Train at the top of her lungs! Go figure!

Message: 2639 Posted: Mon Oct 26 20:12:13 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: I'm back

Was in Myrtle Beach the past 3-4 days on a station trip.
If I hear this country song "This Kiss" played on 1 more AC station
here in New York, I'll vomit. Haven't heard FAMT on Lite FM here
in NY at all. Speak to you all soon. HL

Message: 2638 Posted: Mon Oct 26 19:45:56 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Daytona: We Were There

Night before last, Jane and I made it to the outdoor free concert at Riverside (fitting for an openening number) Park in Daytona Beach, FL. Our chins on the stage, looking up the lads' nostrils, flanked and packed to the rear with motorcycle enthusiasts, previously sitting on a limited number of folding chairs, or blankets, or on the bare grass, but ALL standing for the entire show no sooner than immediately after the first chords were struck. On a beautiful night with a young moon in the sky (at least), we heard/saw them and they heard/saw us.

Any questions?

Still Feelin' It...


Message: 2637 Posted: Mon Oct 26 19:41:21 1998 By: Glen Bourgeois
Subject: Re: Rudolph Valentino

Dave Thomas, and not the Wendy's guy.

Ian's also a great songwriter (Of course, he wrote "Write Before Your Eyes", and recorded it before America did (did they?), but he also wrote and recorded the classic "Painted Ladies", "The Runner" (covered by Manfred Mann's Earth Band), "Flyer" (another of my favorites)... the list goes on.

Glen the Canadian, eh!

Message: 2636 Posted: Mon Oct 26 19:39:37 1998 By: Glen Bourgeois
Subject: Bruce and Carl and other projects

For what it's worth, Bruce and Carl also appear (although I'm not sure if the other Beach Boys did) on Chicago's "Wishing You Were Here" (that sounds incredibly like something the Beach Boys should have done themselves) and Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". Supposedly, they even performed it with him live once.


Message: 2635 Posted: Mon Oct 26 19:39:05 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Trivia...Trivia...Trivia

Re:Rudolph Valentino....Is Dave Thomas (as in one half of the MacKenzie Brothers) Ian's brother?

Tom T's post mentioning Silver reminded me that Silver's drummer Harry Stinson...who is now a respected producer in Nashville...once filled in for Willie on short notice when he injured his hand just prior to a tour. (I'm guessing this was the "Hideaway" tour). Harry tells of doing the tour on about a weeks notice and having Willie sit just below the drum riser shouting out cues ("double time"..."half time"...etc) during a show. But I guess only a drummer would know this sort of thing.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 2634 Posted: Mon Oct 26 18:04:44 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Tom Kelly

Sorry about the double posting...Johnny, I can't think of the band Tom Kelly sang with; however, I do know that his voice is the one that's very prominent backing up Kevin Cronin on REO Speedwagon's mega-hit LP "High Infidelity". He is also responsible for writing some really big hit songs. "Alone" by Heart, "True Colors" Cyndi Lauper and I think "Eternal Flame" By the Bangles.Oh they're so many but contrary to what all of my friends here in this chat folder think- I DO have a life,really. GOTTA GO....

Message: 2633 Posted: Mon Oct 26 17:57:03 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Rudolph Valentino

Hey Here's a cool Trivia Question....Ian Thomas,The composer who wrote"Right Before Your Eyes" is the brother of what famous Comic/ actor? Hint: They're Canadian...Answer Tomorrow A.M.

Message: 2632 Posted: Mon Oct 26 17:51:28 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Rudolph Valentino

Hey Here's a cool Trivia Question....Ian Thomas,The composer who wrote"Right Before Your Eyes" is the brother of what famous Comic/ actor? Hint: They're Canadian...Answer Tomorrow A.M.

Message: 2631 Posted: Mon Oct 26 17:46:25 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: "Alibi" Album Triv

Wow! Great Question!!! The answer is ...John Batdorf sang with a band called SILVER and their big hit song was "Wham Bam(Shang a Lang)" and a Sha la la...or something wimpy like that. I Got the album and I remember a really great track called "Musician(It's Not An Easy Life)". It was along the lines of "Keep On Trying" The opening track of Poco's 1975 lp "Head Over Heels". Really exquisite harmonies!!! Yes Friends the answer to my trivia was "Horse ..." and the track in it's place (Which was the B side of the 45) "Everyone I Meet Is From California". I actually have a copy of the initial pressing that I picked up at a tag sale. It's beat up but it's great to have!!! By the way, along with the great back-up work that Carl & Bruce did for AMERICA, On Eric Carmen's "Boats Against The Current" They added their Beach Boy trademark vocals. And I must say their vocal harmonies are, and sadly, were some of the best ever!!! The song "She Did It" even though somewhat plagiaristic it clearly demonstrates Eric Carmen's strength as a songwriter, arranger & producer. Great Trivia Johnny...Don't worry, I'm trying to come up with some more! SeeYa...t.t.

Message: 2630 Posted: Mon Oct 26 17:13:33 1998 By: ron
Subject: van go gan

please help me find a copy of this cd.

Message: 2629 Posted: Mon Oct 26 16:27:00 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Alibi" Album Triv

From the "Alibi" album, John Batdorf co-wrote "You Could Have Been the One". Tom Kelly sang background vocals on "Alibi".

Does anyone know what 70's band Batdorf sang with? The same for Tom
Kelly. (Hint: The name of these two bands are a type of metal.)

Answer will be given tomorrow morning.

Message: 2628 Posted: Mon Oct 26 14:31:35 1998 By: Glen Bourgeois
Subject: Sorry about the double post... Warning: don't try to reload your page.

Sorry, no other message in this one.

Message: 2627 Posted: Mon Oct 26 14:30:37 1998 By: Glen Bourgeois
Subject: Would "Overwhelming World" be kinda like a tribute to Carl?

Hey all,

Parts 2 of "Overwhelming World" sounds so close to songs on the Beach Boys' "Surf's Up" album (most notably the feel of "Till I Die" and "Feel Flows") that I was wondering if Dewey and Gerry had Carl in mind when they recorded this one. "Overwhelming World" itself sounds like something Carl might've written in recent years, and the answering "Barstow" in the choruses of the same song sounds so close like something Brian would shout in song... Well, what can I say, apart from I love this suite, as well as "Wednesday Morning", which I think should be the next single.

Who's the distributor/promoter in Canada here? Who do I have to bark at to get them to promote this album?

Oh, and by the way, hi, my name is Glen, pleased to meet you.

Message: 2626 Posted: Mon Oct 26 14:26:35 1998 By: Glen Bourgeois
Subject: Would "Overwhelming World" be kinda like a tribute to Carl?

Hey all,

Parts 2 of "Overwhelming World" sounds so close to songs on the Beach Boys' "Surf's Up" album (most notably the feel of "Till I Die" and "Feel Flows") that I was wondering if Dewey and Gerry had Carl in mind when they recorded this one. "Overwhelming World" itself sounds like something Carl might've written in recent years, and the answering "Barstow" in the choruses of the same song sounds so close like something Brian would shout in song... Well, what can I say, apart from I love this suite, as well as "Wednesday Morning", which I think should be the next single.

Who's the distributor/promoter in Canada here? Who do I have to bark at to get them to promote this album?

Oh, and by the way, hi, my name is Glen, pleased to meet you.

Message: 2625 Posted: Mon Oct 26 14:17:02 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Trivia - unamplified instrument

Ok, ok my trivia question may have been a little dumb. But here's the answer: On PAGES, that fabulous new song lead by DEWEY's vocals, there is no drumming, Willie uses a shaker (unamplified) thru out the entire song. If you look closely, his shaker is in the form of an orange. HUMAN NATURE, the latest & greatest.

Message: 2624 Posted: Mon Oct 26 13:40:13 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: (Now ) She's Gone: Possible Answer to Mark's Triv

Is the third song that has a different name on CD, "She's Gone"? The Harbor album has "She's Gone" while the album sleeve has "Now She's Gone".

Message: 2623 Posted: Mon Oct 26 12:22:37 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: WHUD Peekskill,NY

WHUD 100.7 is the only radio station that reaches NYC and Long Island that is playing FAMT. I saw the station on the list that Karen printed of the stations playing FAMT. I called to request the song on Friday during pm drive time. The dj said they play it, but later in the day.The morning show is broadcasting live this thursday,10/29 from NYC'S museum of radio and television. They also interview artists with new albums. Karen, maybe there is a possobility here. In 1991 they played" Nothing's so far away"when it was released on More Greatest Hits. There # is 914-736-WHUD. LETS CALL NEW YORKERS!

Message: 2622 Posted: Mon Oct 26 11:38:56 1998 By: Bob Dunford
Subject: K-Rock


Thank you for clearing that up for me. Now that I think of makes sense to me now!! I appreciate your quick turn response.

In reference to the K-Rock in Southern California....that is a station that is hard to listen too... stretching is preferred.

Message: 2621 Posted: Mon Oct 26 10:53:06 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Answer to "the other Beach Boy" and AMERICA's Song

Bruce David Martin, you are exactly right. The "other Beach Boy" is Bruce Johnston. He and Carl Wilson sang on the song "Hat Trick".
I don't know if he still sings with the Beach Boys but he did in the 80's.

I originally saw the movie, "California Dreaming" when it was at the theater. Occasionally, it's shown on TV. I'm surprised it's not available through video rentals....not often in demand I'm sure.

Message: 2620 Posted: Mon Oct 26 10:17:30 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Johnny

I didn't disappear. It's just that I usually don't get on the internet on the weekends, unless I go into the office, which, with five kids, is hard to do. And my wife's internet connection at home is so bad that the system usually crashed when I log onto the internet. So I don't even try.

So quit asking your trivia on the weekend. Do something else, like mow the lawn or grout the tile in the bathroom. Or listen to your Rick Springfield albums and dance naked in the backyard.

As far as Mark's trivia, this is just a guess, but I think one of the songs renamed on CD was probaby from Harbor. I remember on the album sleeve there was a Dan Peek song (a great one, I might add) called "Don't Cry Baby" and on the actually label on the album it was called "Baby Don't You Cry" (or vise versa) so my guess is they renamed that song to one or the other. The second song might be "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" which was spelled wrong originally. And the third song I have no idea. (Not that my first two were right or anything.)


Message: 2619 Posted: Mon Oct 26 10:10:49 1998 By: Jorge Ribeiro
Subject: guitar chords

Would someone please send me any or all available guitar chords of America's greatest hits?

Message: 2618 Posted: Mon Oct 26 10:03:42 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Trivia Answer

OK Johnny Y, how about this? Is the answer Beach Boys producer Bruce Johnston? The same guy who wrote "I Write The Songs" which was a hit for Barry Manilow? (Isn't it weird that someone would record a song with that title that they didn't actually write?) On another subject, I have never seen the movie "California Dreaming" nor have I ever seen a copy at any video store- has anyone else? I'm looking at my promo 45 copy that says on the picture sleeve (don't get TOO excited folks, no picture of the boys, just a drawing of a guy walking towards a girl standing under a palm tree!) "Music from the original motion picture soundtrack" So where's the movie?

Message: 2617 Posted: Mon Oct 26 10:01:30 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: song name changes

a horse with no name originally titled desert song
the border originally titled burning bridges

sorry im not sure about the third one

Message: 2616 Posted: Mon Oct 26 08:29:37 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: "The Other Beach Boy" Trivia Question

We all know that Carl Wilson has sang background vocals on numerous AMERICA songs. Can you tell me which other Beach Boy has also sang
on an AMERICA song and what that song is. Also, how is this Beach Boy linked to Barry Manilow?

Howard L - Where are you? You're good at trivia. We haven't heard from you lately.

Message: 2615 Posted: Mon Oct 26 08:21:48 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: S. Perry is the Answer

Jimnak - Your guessing is great. It is Steve Perry's video.

Shayne - Right on! You finished the trivia questions correctly. The video was "Oh Sherrie". It is Dewey "Stevie Baby" Bunnell and what Steve Perry hands Dewey is a medieval-type stringed instrument.

Tom T. - I agree with Jim Griffey about "Horse" being omitted from the first pressing. That's why "Everyone I Meet is From California" is titled "California Revisited" when released on "Homecoming".

Mark - I'm stumped on your CD trivia question and which 3 songs but I'm still thinking.

Message: 2614 Posted: Mon Oct 26 07:21:54 1998 By: Mark
Subject: trivia: Song Name Changes

I know of three America songs that were renamed when released on CD. Name them.

Message: 2613 Posted: Mon Oct 26 05:05:48 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: RE:Fogleberg and more trivia

"Horse w/no Name" was left off the original pressings of the first album. And I'll take a wild guess that "Everyone I Meet is From California" was in its place.

Am I right??

Jim, Erie, Pa

Message: 2612 Posted: Mon Oct 26 04:46:10 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Fogelberg and More Trivia

Howdy! Steve Perry hands Dewey a Tennis Racquet which he then "plays" like a guitar. Whenever I see the video for "OH Sherrie" now they seem to edit Dewey's moment right out. It's a bummer because even in VH-1's "Pop Up Video" they didn't keep it in. That would have been a nice little factoid for them to throw in! Bye the way "jimnak" Como se llama means, "What's your name". or by more defined interpretation what do you call yourself. Don't worry Johnny, I'm still working out some more Trivia for you. How about this one...What is the song that was left off the initial pressings of one of the early AMERICA LP's? And What was the song that was released in it's place? I didn't want to be too specific because it might give you and all our other Friends the answer too easily. The question isn't too hard, but I thought I'd give it a try!!! See YA

Message: 2611 Posted: Mon Oct 26 04:40:16 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Fogelberg and More Trivia

The answer is "Oh Sherrie" by Steve Perry. Dewey "Stevie Baby" Bunnel is handed some sort of guitar (looks like a giant ukelale(sp?)).


BTW - Souvenirs is a wonderful album. Gerry's work is reminicent to the guitar work he does on "Monster".

Message: 2610 Posted: Mon Oct 26 00:11:24 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: K-Rock

KRoq, is a southern Califiornia radio station After they decided to only put three songs on their rotation, they became no longer good for the soul, unlike stretching.

"lala lalalalala" D Bunnell.

Message: 2609 Posted: Sun Oct 25 20:45:33 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: K-Rock

Hi Bob,
I believe the K-Rock bit is for K-ROCK here in NY. I think that is why Howard Stern was thanked on the Human Nature Cd, becuase he is on K-ROCK, but I could be wrong? See Ya.....Maureen from LI, NY.

Message: 2608 Posted: Sun Oct 25 19:45:17 1998 By: Bob Dunford
Subject: Overwhelming World Suite Question

In the song Overwhelming World Suite there is a transition from Overwhelming World to Barstow. In that transition is there mention of K-Rock eluding to a radio station in Southern California? I'm just curious; I'm not sure what I'm hearing exactly? Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!!


Message: 2607 Posted: Sun Oct 25 19:19:36 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Fogelberg and More Trivia

Here's a guess at one - Steve Perry.

Message: 2606 Posted: Sun Oct 25 17:45:19 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Fogelberg and More Trivia

Jimnak and Tom T., you guys were right-on with Dan Fogelberg. Very good Tom T. with your Joe Walsh and "Green Monkey" answers. KevinS, where are you? Need I threaten you with another Springfield "hit" record?

Another triv: Dewey was in a video of which solo artist? In the video, what does this artist hand to Dewey? What is the title of this video song? Also, what nickname does this artist call Dewey?

(Tom T., I love The Mamas and the Papas' music. So, when AMERICA sang, " California Dreamin' " it was doubly great!)

Message: 2605 Posted: Sun Oct 25 15:42:00 1998 By: pat
Subject: Re: vangogan

i have a autogarphed cd of this and am taking offers nows thur emails

Message: 2604 Posted: Sun Oct 25 15:37:48 1998 By: John
Subject: Re: vangogan

I want a copy of Van Go Gan real bad. Please tell me how we can accomplish this. Thank you very much.

Message: 2603 Posted: Sun Oct 25 14:49:51 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America

Can anybody translate this ?
Como se' yama ?
I barely got by in spanish I in HS.

Message: 2602 Posted: Sun Oct 25 12:29:31 1998 By: Arturo Murrieta Lobato
Subject: America

La música de America es sin duda la mejor, llevo veinte años escuchandolos y cada disco nuevo que graban es nueva vida para mi. Felicidades por el album "Human Nature". La canción WEDNESDEY MORNING, OVERWHELMING WORLD SUITE, PAGES, Y TOWN AND COUNTRY, las mejores, realmente buenas canciones. Tengo casi todos sus discos en LP'S pero espero encontrar más en CD'S. me gustaria poder estar algun dia en alguna de sus grabaciones, ¿seria posible eso? pues me considero su Fans numero 1. Hasta pronto, su amigo Arturo

Message: 2601 Posted: Sun Oct 25 12:21:45 1998 By: An AMERICA FAN
Subject: Re: never stop!!!!

Postings like this one from Mike & Justin are what makes this chat folder so great! Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story!

Message: 2600 Posted: Sun Oct 25 12:18:35 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Trivia: Name that Artist and that Song

OOOPS! The song Joe Walsh played on was "Green Monkey" from HAT TRICK. I recall watching Dick Clark's "In Concert" when AMERICA performed and they had Joe Walsh come out & Jam with them! It was awesome!!!

Message: 2599 Posted: Sun Oct 25 12:15:40 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Trivia: Name that Artist and that Song

Hey Johnny- The answer is Dan Fogelberg and Joe Walsh!!! I'm impressed that you knew "Safe In My Garden" great tune!!!! And a great trivia question! (Fogelberg's "Souveniers" is a Great LP too!)

Message: 2598 Posted: Sun Oct 25 12:00:13 1998 By: Mike & Justin
Subject: never stop!!!!

dear; Gerry & Dewey I became your biggest fan in the everly 70's and Iam to this day with sister golden hair being my favorit and now from a moving train. WHAT A SONG it's great!! and so is the rest of the cuts from your new CD there is no reson your new CD should not go to the top for a long time! My son Justin started taking guitar listens in early 97 he has a super instuctor. The only music My son has learned has been America History,He love all the songs,he now is 10 years old and is playing and singing Sister Golden Hair & HORSE WITH NO NAME at the local coffee house in Springfield,OH. He has deloped his own little fan club in our community by playing your music. When he first started to learn I told him that if he could play Sister Golden Hair and sing it at the same time I would buy him a new guitar. He worked very hard at it for Two month every day. One dayaskedJuntin to play the song, and He did and did great. So his Mom & I took him to the local music store and he picked out his new Baby Tayor guitar. He sat down in this music store which was full of people and began to play Sister Golden Hair. When he was finished I said it yours son you've earned it. And tears of happiness was coming down his face, there was a large group of people that was watching and listening to this little boy playing his heart out with Sister Golden Hair that night, Guys, there was not a dry eye in that store that night. He has now earned a amp. for playing the lead to S-G-H.
and now he is tring to learn all of the song on History and he get a Tayor ALCOA. I know he will do it. Playing your songs in front of people makes this boy so happy, "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC". Our family sew you at FT. Loramie, OH in July. Justin was in front of the stage with his baby Taylor playng right along with you.What a thrill for a little boy.He played right with you on every song but he was really waiting on S-G-H and toward the end he was really getting down thinking you was not going to play S-G-H Then you started to play a intro that we did not know and you went right into S-G-H He jumped right up with his guitar and began playing with you guys, What a smile this 10 year old had on his face. After the show we went to the fench close to the bus when Justin saw both of you he put up over his head his America History song book and began yelling America LOVE YOU, America I LOVE YOU. That was one happy kid! to top it out your side guitaristseen Justin holding his book over his head.He came over to myson and signed his music book and talked to him.
Justin thought that he was in the clouds at that time. Gerry & Dewey Thank You both for making me so happy over the years with your music and now for making my son so happy,At this time he's tring to learn from a moving train. Hope to see you Cincinnati in January 99.
Best wishes and to the top with Human Nature

Message: 2597 Posted: Sun Oct 25 10:57:51 1998 By:
Subject: Trivia - current

Ok all you folks out there in TV land. Try this one:
What is the instrument used by AMERICA in today's shows that is unamplified ?
No not the Tamborine now.

Message: 2596 Posted: Sun Oct 25 10:45:33 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Trivia: Name that Artist and that Song

A wild guess, Daniel Fogelberg ?

Message: 2595 Posted: Sun Oct 25 07:45:40 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Trivia: Name that Artist and that Song

I woke up this morning with what I thought was the answer to Tom T's trivia question but I see that I wasn't right. Before Tom gave his answer, I was going to say that the AMERICA, Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas link was this: Carl Wilson sang on AMERICA's "Garden of Peace". The Mamas and The Papas" had a song called, "Safe in my Garden". I thought the theme of a garden was the link. I was really stretching for a connection. Tom, your answer was much better, need I say?

OK everyone, here is another AMERICA-linked question. Gerry played acoustic guitar for this solo artist. The song was called "There's
a Place in the World for a Gambler". Who is this artist?

On this same song, a well-known guitarist played electric guitar. He also played electric guitar on one of AMERICA's 1970's song. Who is this famous guitarist and what AMERICA song did he play on?

Message: 2594 Posted: Sun Oct 25 00:08:41 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: America, etc.

On behalf of us all, Virginia, welcome.


P.S. Still haven't heard "FAMT" here in Chicago.

Message: 2593 Posted: Sat Oct 24 21:14:27 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Tom T's Trivia Question

The song link (for lack of a better discription) is "Kokomo". It was recorded (obviously) by The Beach Boys and it featured the Great Carl Wilson's vocal- as do some AMERICA tunes. The Tie-In with The Mamas & The Papas is the fact that John Phillips (With Scott"San Francisco/Flowers In Your Hair"Mackenzie) composed "Kokomo" as well as "California Dreamin'". John Phillips also gave songwriting credit to his then-wife Michelle Phillips on "California Dreamin'".And We all know AMERICA covered "California Dreamin'" for the soundtrack of the film of the same name. Does this make any sense? I hope so. Don't worry, I'm still trying to think of some more cool trivia. Hey Johnny, it's your turn again.....I admit it is tough when everybody already knows all the coolest facts about the greatest band around! Rock On AMERICA!

Message: 2592 Posted: Sat Oct 24 17:56:09 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: America, etc.

I've been reading everyone's posts for quite a while now but never felt especially inclined to respond until today. Maybe it was the gloomy day and this morning's strange diatribe in the chat folder (since removed I see). Anyway, I thought I'd say hello to all of you fellow America fans and friends. Like many of you, my experience with America's music goes back to 1972. I was a junior in college, waiting tables to put myself through school. I remember complaining to my roommate that there wasn't any good music anymore. Led Zeppelin and Yes were what was being blasted throughout the dorm then. She handed me an album she'd just bought and said, "Play this." It was Homecoming. Just a few bars into Ventura Highway was all it took- I'd found my music. Fast forward 26 (!) years and here I am writing this. Who could ever have predicted any of what is happening now- a website where we can all communicate, or even that America is still together giving me the music I love. To Dewey and Gerry I'd like to say thanks for all the music which has been so much a part of my life, for staying together through the difficult times, and for continuing to write and record and tour. In me you have a fan for life. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Vivien Bunnell and Kathy Beckley for sharing their husbands with all of us.
same goes for Dylan, Lauren, Matt, and Joe-thanks for sharing your dads. I can't even imagine how difficult life must be for all of you with the band on the road so much of the time. You all have my deepest respect and admiration. I'll close with thanks to Rick, Steve, Ike, Barb and anyone else I might have missed for keeping these websites going for all of us fans. One day earlier this year I put "Beckley + Bunnell" into Yahoo just for grins and found a whole bunch
of new friends!
My best to all of you,
Virginia, Morgan Hill, CA

(since removed I see), but I thought today that I'd say hello to all you fellow fans and friends of America. Like many of you, my first experience with their music goes back to 1972. I was a financially strapped college junior waiting tables and going to class. I didn't own a car and I couldn't get a decent radio station in my dorm room so I was really out of it as far as what music was being played then. Most of my friends seemed to be into heavy metal and Led


Message: 2591 Posted: Sat Oct 24 17:12:53 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Tom T's Trivia Question

Tom T: Thanks, but you're giving me more credit than I deserve.

Your trivia question is a toughy. I'm still thinking.

Message: 2590 Posted: Sat Oct 24 12:59:11 1998 By: Oulahan, Jessie
Subject: Eileen's baby

Hey, Gerry, Eileen had a baby on Sept. 20. Boy, 7lbs, healty and gorgeous! Drop her a line at the above e-mail address. His name is Gradon McAlpin.

Message: 2589 Posted: Sat Oct 24 12:49:51 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hey Johnny....

Here's an interesting trivia question....By song connection how are The Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas and AMERICA are linked- Besides "California Dreamin'"?, of course. Can you name the song? (Hint- AMERICA did not sing this particular song-it's just a link to the chain). Don't worry Johnny, I'm still wracking my brains for more AMERICA trivia. I have a feeling you know all the answers anyway. Tip of the hat to you my friend.

Message: 2588 Posted: Sat Oct 24 10:51:55 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Answer to Another "California Dreaming" Trivia Question

The answer to what other connection the movie, "California Dreaming" has to AMERICA other than performing the title song is (if my memory serves me right): Dewey's wife, Vivien, played a bit part in the movie. I remember seeing her name in the credits as one of the actresses.

Does anyone else remember that? I don't want to be like Paul McCartney was to John Lennon in this regard. Lennon once accused McCartney of re-writing Beatle history with "inaccurate" recollection
of different Beatle events.

(Tom T: That's the answer.)

Message: 2587 Posted: Sat Oct 24 09:01:48 1998 By: pat
Subject: VGG

ok the peole who bid on the autographed copy of VGG do not reply back to me, so starting now i am taking offers again till late monday please email me with the offers

Message: 2586 Posted: Sat Oct 24 07:27:02 1998 By: Tommy G.
Subject: Favorite L.P. , C.D.

Found Homecoming on C.D. at an Arlington , Texas bookstore.I bought two or three of their LP.s in the early 70 s . This was the best to me . Still think so today,Oct. 98. Get it and listen again. I wish I was playing these songs live somewhere and sounding as good as the three of them.

Message: 2585 Posted: Sat Oct 24 03:28:38 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: vangogan

Van Go Gan, like stretching, is good for the soul.

Message: 2584 Posted: Sat Oct 24 02:16:20 1998 By: david
Subject: vangogan

I was just browsing in Virgin Megastore here in Tokyo, Japan, and saw three copies of VANGOGAN by Gerry Beckley in the stacks. They're about 2400 yen each, with the dollar-yen exchange rate variable every day. If anyone wants a copy, please let me know.

Message: 2583 Posted: Fri Oct 23 23:02:46 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Another "California Dreaming" Trivia Question

Hey Johnny- Great Trivia!!! You Got Me Stumped on this last question.That always cracked me up of the TYPO on the "California Dreamin'" listing the guys as Jerry(with a J) and Lee. It was only recently that I found out,if I'm not mistakened, that Lee is Dewey's real first name. See Ya....

Message: 2582 Posted: Fri Oct 23 20:44:33 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: The guys?

Keep up the great support Oxygen !!
It's a team effort.

Message: 2581 Posted: Fri Oct 23 20:33:36 1998 By: Karen D
Subject: Re: The guys?

Hi Maureen.

Well, this Monday we will be in Sioux Falls, SD where America is playing an intimate acoustic show for the radio station KELO. Then on Monday, November 2 they will play a full show in Wheeling, WV for station WKWK and on Tuesday, November 3 they'll play a full show for Kansas City's KUDL. That leaves little time to get them to NY before they have to leave, but believe me, I'm working on it. Howard Stern I don't know about, but they DO need to come to town to do interviews with MJI, Westwood One, AP Radio and several other syndicated radio networks who all want to interview them, so we'll do what we can.



Message: 2580 Posted: Fri Oct 23 18:40:17 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: The guys?

For Karen,
Hi Karen, since the guys have almost two weeks before they go to Chile, and chance for some NY appearances anywhere, say maybe Howard Stern. Just a thought? Thanks.......Maureen

Message: 2579 Posted: Fri Oct 23 16:22:00 1998 By: sean m miller
Subject: autographed CD

i've been a long, long time fan and have seen the band many times live in both ca. and nev.
the last few times i have tried very hard to get a CD signed but have been unsucsessfull.
is it possible to send a disc in to be signed by both Gerry, and Dewey. it would mean a lot to me.
thanks for the years of great music.
PS: Human Nature is everything we have been waiting for. sean (Hollister, Ca.)

Message: 2578 Posted: Fri Oct 23 14:31:20 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Another "California Dreaming" Trivia Question

Besides Gerry, Dewey, and the band members, what other connection to AMERICA was there with the movie, "California Dreaming"? Hint: It's linked to Dewey.

Message: 2577 Posted: Fri Oct 23 14:10:18 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: " California Dreamin' " Trivia Answer

Mark, you are correct that "California Dreamin'" was produced by Gerry and Dewey.

KevinS: Your answer is exactly what I was looking for: Jerry Beckley and Lee Bunnell.

The other band members were oddly listed with their formal names...William Leacox, David Dickey, James Calire, Thomas Walsh, and not to forget the talented Michael Woods.

Thanks Mark and KevinS for playing!!! KevinS, you came through again!

Message: 2576 Posted: Fri Oct 23 13:54:47 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: California Dreaming trivia

I think the answer to Johnny's trivia question is that Gerry and Dewey did produce the song, but if I remember correctly, on the album jacket the production credits are listed as "Jerry Beckley and Lee Bunnell."

Message: 2575 Posted: Fri Oct 23 12:41:20 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "California Dreaming" Trivia Question

I don't know about ver batim, but I think Gerry & Dewey produced that song themselves.

Message: 2574 Posted: Fri Oct 23 08:12:09 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: "California Dreaming" Trivia Question

This one I have no doubt that some intelligent AMERICA fan knows.
For the movie album, "California Dreaming", tell us verbatim who
produced "California Dreamin'" sung by AMERICA?

Answer to be given at 2:30 pm today.

Message: 2573 Posted: Fri Oct 23 07:43:09 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Willie Trivia Answer

Tom T: That was a great trivia question about Willie. The answer (George Strait) was a big surprise and I'm a country music fan.

Message: 2572 Posted: Fri Oct 23 00:47:03 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Ian Samwell website

Hey Rick! Thanx for informing us on this website, interesting reading! I would like to correct something if I could, they claim the Small Faces song "Whatcha gonna do about it" was the first ever example of "recorded feedback" , I believe that "title" belongs to THE BEATLES song "I Feel Fine"(which hit #1 the week of Dec.26,1964) The distinctive opening, featuring a single note of feedback, marked the first use of such a device. Responding to a question about which Beatles songs were written by John and which were written by Paul McCartney , Lennon told David Sheff (in a Playboy interview: "Thats me, including the guitar lick with the first feedback ever recorded. I defy anybody to find an earlier record-unless it is some old blues record from the twenties-with feedback on it" On another note, it has been said: Lennon's musical experiments were encouraged by George Martin and the other three Beatles, notably the first recorded use of feedback on 1964's "I feel fine" I know this is a AMERICA message board, but I just wanted to set the record straight. THANX

Message: 2571 Posted: Fri Oct 23 00:20:12 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: R&R charts

stretching is good for the body and soul

Message: 2570 Posted: Thu Oct 22 19:39:21 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Willie Trivia

The Country/Western artist that Willie Leacox has performed with is George Strait. When I spoke with Willie he explained that it was a gig he really enjoyed. I guess George is a nice guy. Thanks Pals...See Ya

Message: 2569 Posted: Thu Oct 22 17:44:37 1998 By: jessica
Subject: Ronald V.

Hi Ronald, welcome to this great site!

Hopefully, there'd be a Manila date in America's concert schedule next year. They've been to the Philippines about five times, I think. First was in the 70's then once in the 80's (I'm not so sure of these two), then again in Dec.4&5,1992; May 21-24, 1997 and most recently, May 15, 1998.

Keep checking out the America pages for that info. Again, welcome!

Message: 2568 Posted: Thu Oct 22 15:48:55 1998 By: Rick Bell
Subject: Thanks Gerry B.

I would like to thank you, Gerry, for your kind words about our song 'Gentle Soul' by Grown Men, at the Carl Wilson tribute concert last Sunday. It is our honor to record something in tribute to Carl, and I'm glad you thought so highly of it. Hope you get this and to talk with you soon.


Rick Bell

Message: 2567 Posted: Thu Oct 22 11:29:24 1998 By: Howard
Subject: Iam Samwell Website

To Maureen and all, Rick mentions this site in post too.
But here it is:

Message: 2566 Posted: Thu Oct 22 10:53:22 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Ian's website

Hi Howard,
Do you have the web site address to Ian? Thank you.Maureen.

Message: 2565 Posted: Thu Oct 22 09:47:10 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Rick, thanks for the info on Samwell's website. It's excellent
reading and a tribute to a great man. All should visit the website.

Johnny Y. & others, thanks for the trivia questions. It makes it
fun and to pass the time quickly.

Also the Gavin & RNR Charts are about 1-2 weeks behind in reporting,
according to Karen. So, don't even look at them. Wait until we
hear from Karen.

Regards, Howard

Message: 2564 Posted: Thu Oct 22 09:16:46 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Trivia Answer to 1987 Playlist Song

Thanks to KevinS, Howard, Michelle, and Tom T. for being brave enough to give an answer to the trivia question: What Human Nature or Hourglass song was on AMERICA's 1987 playlist?

KevinS and Howard said "Greenhouse". Michelle said it was "Call of the Wild". Tom T thought it was both. Michelle and Tom mentioned they heard "Call" in 1988. Since the question was about 1987's playlist, the correct answer is "Greenhouse".

Thanks again KevinS, Howard, Michelle, and Tom T. for playing!

(KevinS: Lucky for you that your answer was right. You avoided receiving the dreaded "Jesse's Girl" by Rick Springfield.)

Message: 2563 Posted: Thu Oct 22 05:11:16 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: trivia...

Yes, Brad Palmer recorded and performed with Andrew Gold(Who happens to appear on "Human Nature" on the "Barstow" passage of the "Overwhelming World Suite". Hey Rob G.- What Connecticut stations are you listening to? I have yet to hear FAMT.I'd appreciate a reply-thanks....

Message: 2562 Posted: Thu Oct 22 01:04:04 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: Re: Touring

Gerry told me a tour of the Canadian provinces would be fun! Hope this can become a reality.....but I'm not aware of any specific plans at this time. Canadian promoters.....take note!

Message: 2561 Posted: Thu Oct 22 00:58:54 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: Ian Samwell 40 Yr. Tribute Page w/Am. info!

Several years ago, Ian Samwell and a friend were surfing the net, and were thrilled to find America on the internet......and sent a very kind message. It's one of the most memorable and meaningful I've received, because of what Ian discovered for the rest of us.

Ian, of course, helped produce the GREATEST album...... "America" that got the ball rolling for America......with the mega hit......"Desert Song".....which of course was changed to "Horse With No Name."

Now, Ian has a home page that is a special tribute to his 40 years in the music industry, with some unique info and pics about America.

You can find out where the famous "America" cover idea came from, and see a great picture of Gerry and Dewey in concert.

Here's a sampling from Ian's page about America........

"In 1971 Ian undertook the project for which he is best known in the United States. It is a curious quirk of history that they were actually all in England at the time they met, but that's where Ian discovered America.

Drawn from his office at Warner Bros. to listen to yet another demo tape of a hopeful band, Ian's attention was captured by a guitar solo which stood out from the rest of the performance. The agent who had presented the tape told Ian that the guitarist wasn't even part of the band. Ian told him he wasn't interested in the band but he insisted on knowing who that guitar player was.

His name was Gerry Beckley, and it was quickly arranged for him and his partners Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek to play an audition for Ian and his roommate Jeff Dexter at their home.

As a result of this fateful first meeting, Jeff became America's manager and Ian
helped them make a demo tape which he used to get them signed by Warner Bros."

(check out Ian's page for more!!)

Also, here's a note I received about Ian's page.............


Ian Samwell
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 02:04:03 -0700
"Ray Baisden"

I thought you might like to know that I have just created a new website in honor of Ian Samwell's 40th
anniversary in music which features some information about America.
You know, of course, that Ian produced the first America album back in '72, and part of the biographical
information Ian has given me includes a few details about that time period which I haven't seen anywhere else.  I
hope you'll find it of interest;  it's at
Ian introduced me to Gerry and Dewey a few years ago, and I've always been a fan.  I've also been enjoying your
work on the various America sites for some time.  I've taken the liberty of publishing a link to this one, and I
confess to borrowing a logo from you.  I hope you don't mind; it was done with the best interest of the band at
heart.  I also put in a plug for the Human Nature album, and borrowed the image of the album cover.
Thanks again for all your good work.  I'd be interested in anything you have to say about my new effort.
Ray Baisden
Hope you get a chance to check out the Ian Samwell tribute!


Message: 2560 Posted: Wed Oct 21 21:11:23 1998 By: Debbie Salisbury
Subject: Touring

Hi there!!I've been a fan of America's since 1975....have all their albums and have seen them inconcert a few times...however, I'm disappointed that they rarely tour here in Canada. Any idea when they may return to the Toronto area? Thanks.

Message: 2559 Posted: Wed Oct 21 20:17:10 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Message to Karen D.

I was curious as to when the TV commercials were going to begin and what stations are they going to be played on? Any more appearances on national TV?? You must have inside info from R&R Records. I pulled up their website and am seeing w/e 10/16/98 a #29. What gives?? Thanks for the great work promoting the guys.


Message: 2558 Posted: Wed Oct 21 19:39:45 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Radio & Records

I received a nice note from the AC Director at Radio & Records...

I wrote:
As a longtime friend/fan of "America", I must say it's great to see them on your chart. "From A Moving Train" has been getting its share of airplay here in Connecticut. The thing I like most about this band is that they have that special "personal quality" (not unlike performers like Amy Grant, Vince Gill) that finds a way of turning fans into friends. Hearing them, is a lot like getting a call from an old friend.

He wrote back:

Those are very nice words about America and the reason why
they're still around.

Mike Kinosian

>Best wishes to you.
>Rob Guinan

Message: 2557 Posted: Wed Oct 21 19:08:52 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: trivia

Didn't Brad play for Andrew Gold?

Jim...Erie, Pa.

Message: 2556 Posted: Wed Oct 21 18:19:11 1998 By: Craig

Barb & Gary thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Carl Wilson tribute. It was a sad day when Carl passed away. It's nice to hear of all the people that loved him and appreciated him as a good man and artist. I wish I could have been part of such a special evening.

Message: 2555 Posted: Wed Oct 21 15:15:59 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Trivia Time: More Trivia...

Actually, Throughout the latter part of the 80's I saw AMERICA perform BOTH "Call Of The Wild" and "Greenhouse". I saw them perform NUMEROUS times with Three Dog Night(no relation to "Two Car Garage" ha ha) and I saw the guys open up for Joe Cocker in '88 and literally blow him right off the stage. In fact, I still feel that was the best live performance I had witnessed by AMERICA. No offense to the Joe Cocker fans, it was just that Gerry & Dewey and the band was wicked hot that night. That was the night I heard "Call Of The Wild" for the first time. As far as "Greenhouse" I heard that back in '86, '87 '88, '89.....Well, I guess you could say that I've seen them alot. By 1990 I was very discouraged by their live shows because they were playing the same exact songlist for what seemed like an eternity to me. It's great to see them now and see how they've rejuvenated their live show not only with new songs, but with some of their gems. I hope that I can see them tour this time out just to see if they dare to play "Overwhelming World". Actually, I'd love to hear all of "Human Nature" perfomed live!!! More TRIVIA.... What Pop/Rock singer songwriter did bassist Brad Palmer Perform with before joining AMERICA? and What Popular Country singer does Willie Leacox perform with when AMERICA is on hiatus? How are those questions? Answers will be posted within 24 hours...Thanks Guys & Gals-Known as AMERICA's PALS!

Message: 2554 Posted: Wed Oct 21 13:32:14 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: The Ultimate Daytona Concert Info

Well fans, here it is. Thanks to the detective work of Terry Trost, we now have the low down on the Daytona concert. This is a message I received from Terry:

WHOG Radio (studio phone 904-257-0324...Frank) is sponsoring the concert which will be across the street from the Harley dealership at Riverfront Park. America to take the stage around 7:30 or 8pm after preceding activites. Mentioned the Fans Page and gave him your EMail address.

Daytona Harley-Davidson Dealership - Festival, fun, live entertainment, Harley displays & Hawaiian Tropic girls - Riverfront Park, 290 N. Beach Street - 12 Noon-8 PM - (904) 248-0580

Spread the word.

Shortly after that I received a message from Frank Scott at WHOG radio which said:

I got a call from a listener who said the America show in Daytona was not on the web page. The show is Saturday October 24th 7pm in Beach Street, Downtown Daytona Beach. This is the big show of Biketoberfest '98 and 8,000 to 12,000 people are expected.

Classic Rock radio 95.7fm "THE HOG" is presenting the show and has a track record of making every show a huge event. This will be no exception.

Any questions, drop me a line.

Message: 2553 Posted: Wed Oct 21 12:11:38 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: trivia answer

its "call of the wild" saw them play it in 1988

Message: 2552 Posted: Wed Oct 21 09:41:56 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Trivia Answer

It's "Greenhouse", they played that song in 1986 at Westbury Music
Fair, NY. HL

Message: 2551 Posted: Wed Oct 21 09:22:50 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Trivia Answer.

My guess is "Greenhouse".

(Johnny: I'll trade you one Rick Springfield album for four Spice Girls and a Backstreet Boys to be named later.)

Message: 2550 Posted: Wed Oct 21 09:02:11 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Trivia Time: Name that Tune

It's trivia time. So show us your brains and name that tune.

Which one of the 24 songs on Human Nature and Hourglass was on AMERICA's 1987 playlist?

In 1987, Gerry or Dewey said that this song would be on their Two Car Garage album. However, that album was never recorded. Can you name that song?

Answer to be given in 24 hours. Prize: Being recognized as one smart AMERICA fan! (KevinS: If you guess it wrong, you win Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl")

Message: 2549 Posted: Wed Oct 21 06:24:10 1998 By: RONALD C. VILLARUEL
Subject: greeetings

first of all let me greet you both a pleasant day. Hey guyz your both good keep up the good work, I have your album "you can do magic" but I refer all my life that song is memorable, well guyz I hope you can visit to philippines to see your fanz.

Message: 2548 Posted: Wed Oct 21 03:44:01 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: R&R Chart PANIC!!!

That IS wonderful! But what about Billboard?


P.S. Chicago is still "America-less". What's the deal?

Message: 2547 Posted: Wed Oct 21 02:17:06 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Re: R&R Chart PANIC!!!

#25! Hey that's great news!! It'll just keep going up!!
Congratulations guys!!

Erin :o)

Message: 2546 Posted: Tue Oct 20 22:50:02 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: More Daytona Concert Info

The guys will be playing at the Daytona Harley-Davidson DEALERSHIP... Riding on an iron Horse!

Message: 2545 Posted: Tue Oct 20 22:28:04 1998 By: Barb & Gary

Well, Jim......since you asked.............

Last night was just incredible!! A very, very special and memorable evening.

An amazing roster of talent gathered at the Roxy in Hollywood to pay tribute to Carl Wilson at a benefit for the American Cancer Society. Friends, family and fans assembled in the intimate venue to show their love for this gentle, caring and talented man. One after another, the performers shared stories and memories of Carl and his impact upon their lives, while images of Carl were projected on a large video screen.

The hosts for the evening were Billy Hinsche and Ricci Martin. Billy (who you probably remember from Dino, Desi and Billy, as well as his performances with the Beach Boys) was the executive producer and musical director, and we must say, he did a fantastic job!! Billy was also one of the supporting band members, along with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Bobby Figueroa, Jeffrey Foskett, Terry Reid and Wayne Tweed.

The evening began spiritually with an invocation and some great gospel music by the St. Agatha's Choir. During the next four hours, there was a nonstop parade of unbelievable musical artists that included (in no particular order): Robert Lamm; Desi Arnaz, Jr.; Steven Bishop; Joe Walsh; The Righteous Brothers; Jackson Browne; Wendy and Carnie Wilson; Van Dyke Parks; Al, Matt and Adam Jardine; Terry Reid; Brian Setzer; Venice; members of El Chicano; The Honeys (Marilyn Wilson, Diane Rovell and Ginger Blake); Mike Kowalski; Myrna Smith; Geoffrey Cushing-Murray; Carl B. Wilson; and Justyn Wilson (who is the spittin' image of his dad, Carl).

And of course, our own Gerry Beckley performed "I Need You", accompanied by Brad Palmer and the multi-talented Jeffrey Foskett. Gerry's name was mentioned several times as other artists reminisced about Carl.

About halfway through the evening, John Stamos assumed the role of auctioneer. Three lucky guests went home with beautiful electric guitars signed by all of the performers: a Fender Strat, a Rickenbacker and a Gibson. We would have loved to have been able to participate in the bidding for these collector's items, but the bidding quickly escalated beyond our means! Happily, one of the lucky recipients was Carl's son, Jonah, who became the proud owner of the Gibson!!

An added special touch......each of the concert goers received a program, small poster, and red pouch containing a limited edition Beach Boys CD and souvenir candle and matches (so that Carl's memory may always burn bright). In addition, each guest will be receiving another CD of Carl's songs in the near future.

As one might guess, the festivities were full of emotion. There were poignant moments as memories of Carl were shared, and a couple of the artists seemed to be a little choked up. But mostly the evening was an uplifting celebration of Carl....the man with a "voice like an angel" and his many musical contributions. Throughout the evening, there was such a sense of intimacy that we felt like members of Carl's extended family. This was one of those rare nights that we will treasure forever.

For anyone who is interested, additional contributions can be made to The American Cancer Society at Unit 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 701, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Attn: Yumiko Carr. Please specify "In Memory of Carl Wilson".

Barb & Gary

Message: 2544 Posted: Tue Oct 20 20:55:58 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: R&R Chart PANIC!!!

Mark...Mark...chilllll...that was a week ago...we DID go to number #26...but even that isn't really current now...we just went to #25 tonight. With a bullet, to boot.



Message: 2543 Posted: Tue Oct 20 20:30:03 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Daytona Concert Info

If some of you have had a hard time finding venue and other information about the Daytona concert, you're not alone. Apparently this is a free concert and the free ones tend to be info-challenged. Here's what I know so far (thanks to Terry Trost). A week-long event called Biketoberfest is kicking off in Daytona and from what Terry has gathered from the locals, America will be playing in the street in front of the Daytona Harley Davidson Store sometime between noon and 8pm. Details will be announced on Thursday at They have their own chat area, too, which is where he got this info. The phone number for the bike store is posted but he got no answer at this late hour. Terry admits that he could be wrong in that the store may be sponsoring the event which will actually be in a park. We'll definitely know by tomorrow via phone call, or Thursday on the web.

Note that this seems to be the lads' last scheduled event in the contiguous 48 for 1998, as they soon blast off to exotic ports!!!

Message: 2542 Posted: Tue Oct 20 18:05:05 1998 By: David
Subject: European Tour?

Disappointed that the planned european tour will not happen - anyone know whether or not America will reschedule for '99.

There are stlill some of us out there in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 2541 Posted: Tue Oct 20 13:54:59 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: R&R Chart PANIC!!!

I just visited the R&R web site and contrary to what was reported in another post, FROM A MOVING TRAIN did NOT climb two spots to 26, it DROPPED one spot to 29! TIME TO PANIC! Start bugging those radio stations! We need to get it moving back up the charts!!!!!

Message: 2540 Posted: Tue Oct 20 10:48:39 1998 By: pat
Subject: vann can go

i have a autographed copy of this on cd. i will take offers till friday thru email.

Message: 2539 Posted: Tue Oct 20 08:10:48 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "SILENT LETTER"\

Silent Letter is currently available on CD. It has been released in the US by One Way Records. You should be able to order it through Thoughtscape Sound or one of the other vendors listed on this web page.

Message: 2538 Posted: Tue Oct 20 07:18:02 1998 By: MAURIZIO NOLI

MY ADDRESS: Maurizio Noli - via Barzoni, 9 - 20139 MILAN - ITALY

Message: 2537 Posted: Tue Oct 20 02:03:22 1998 By: 'thew 'ley
Subject: Re: R&R Chart

wasn't there a House of Blues show?!

"Stretching is good for the body and mind"

Message: 2536 Posted: Mon Oct 19 22:11:07 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: TO: Camila in Santiago

Hi, Camila, my name is Karen. I coordinate press for America by way of their North American record company, Oxygen Records.

Can I be of any help to you? Please let me know. You can respond here or email me directly at

Take care.


Message: 2535 Posted: Mon Oct 19 21:20:19 1998 By: Rennie
Subject: Where To Get Van Go Gan

Hello Fellow America Fans,

I order quite a few CDs through the Internet and keep a list of online CD stores. Although I've never ordered from them, I see that "Van Go Gan" is listed at for $31.66. When you go to their homepage, click on "Search Japan Catalog" and then do a search on "Beckley" and "Van Go Gan" will come up. You can then go through the ordering procedure and hopefully get the CD. As I said, I never ordered through them and don't know if they can actually get the CD, but it is listed in their catalog. I was able to get a copy of "Van Go Gan" through a Japanese lady I met on the Internet. I had to send her a Gipsy Kings CD she couldn't get in Japan in return but it was worth it. As with everything Gerry and Dewey do, it's first class. I hope this information helps you.


Message: 2534 Posted: Mon Oct 19 21:00:15 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Taking Our Hits!

I was in two stores in Torrington,CT over the past three days. Both times, "From a Moving Train" was playing. Congratulations to Karen (who I met at Tower in NYC) and Oxygen for a good launch. For those of you who haven't met Karen, she's great! She fits right in with the rest of us.

On another note, thanks to the lead on this chat page, I picked up King's Singers "Spirit Voices". On it was Gerry and Dewey singing the Crowded House classic "Weather With You".

Message: 2533 Posted: Mon Oct 19 20:45:57 1998 By: camila
Subject: chile

I´m Camila from Santiago, Chile. I work in the production office of America´s concert here and I would like to say hello to the band and ask some more information because I´m in charge of all the chilean press.
I hope someone will answer...bye...Camila

Message: 2532 Posted: Mon Oct 19 18:57:39 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: R&R Chart

correction, misspell:
calling those DJ'S !

Message: 2531 Posted: Mon Oct 19 18:56:43 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: R&R Chart

26 w/a bullet !!!!!
Keep on callomg those DJ's !!!!! Please ..................

Message: 2530 Posted: Mon Oct 19 17:50:45 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: R&R Chart

Hey, don't get so excited about being #28...after all, we just moved on to #26 with a bullet!


Message: 2529 Posted: Mon Oct 19 17:37:35 1998 By:
Subject: GERRY BECKLEY at the Roxy

Ok, who saw the legendary GERRY BECKLEY at the Roxy in Hollywood ?
Come on some of you saw the Carl Wilson tribute which was suppose to be fantastic. To see GERRY perform as a solo, unbelievable !! Come on let's hear a review.

Message: 2528 Posted: Mon Oct 19 15:47:30 1998 By: Esther
Subject: James Calire

Hi James how come I never see what you look like? Your Mario's dad and I just want to say that he is my favorite musition and the most handsome Itallian I have ever laid eyes on!! I visit his web page as much as I can!! I also sent him a happy birthday postcard requesting for an autographed picture but I still havent recieved anything after several months!! Please ask him if he got it because,I sent it to Andy Slater management. Thanks for reading this!!

Message: 2527 Posted: Mon Oct 19 15:32:10 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Re: #28 on R N R Charts

And in a few more weeks...#1!!

Erin :o)

Message: 2526 Posted: Mon Oct 19 12:44:59 1998 By: Howard
Subject: #28 on R N R Charts

Folks, From A Movin' Train onthe R N R Charts:
Last week...#30


Message: 2525 Posted: Mon Oct 19 09:53:47 1998 By: Howard
Subject: Karen's Challenge

Karen, Someone sent me a tape full of various America stuff.
I haven't looked at it yet. Who knows, it might be on there.
I'll search for it tonight.

Message: 2524 Posted: Mon Oct 19 09:32:46 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Box Cd

This is something that most America fans have longed for for many years, but as far as I have heard, there are no plans to do a box set. It would be great especially if they included alternate versions and previously unreleased stuff.

Message: 2523 Posted: Mon Oct 19 09:13:48 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Budweiser Commercial?


I know nothing about this. Now here's a challenge for you all - who can find this for me on ANY format?

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2522 Posted: Mon Oct 19 08:05:50 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Mispelling

Hi howard,
sorry for the mispelling. I knew what to write, but I was thinking about something else. I just so flustered when I have the chance to hear GERRY sing a new song!! Thanks for the correction, but hay, where can I get Henry Diltz's album, can anyone help, Thank you...Maureen.

Message: 2521 Posted: Mon Oct 19 07:58:22 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: #7 on Gavin Charts


GO AMERICA...GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 2520 Posted: Mon Oct 19 06:58:03 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: correction

Maureen, I think you meant Henry Diltz's band

Message: 2519 Posted: Sun Oct 18 22:26:03 1998 By: Marty Faile
Subject: America in San Antonio

I meant to send this last week right after the concert but had to go out of town. America really smoked 'em in San Antonio's newly re-opened Empire Theater on Sunday. I've been to four other America concerts this year and this was the best ever. The elegant setting added a nice touch as well. Dewey's voice seemed better than it did a few days earlier in Biloxi. The playlist included 24 songs (10 songs/intermission/11 songs/3 song encore. Here's the playlist:

Ventura Highway
Do You Believe in Magic
Daisey Jane
Don't Cross the River
Mirror to Mirror
Another Try
Three Roses
I Need You
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
To Each His Own
Only In Your Heart
Calif. Dreamin'
Lonely People
Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
All My Life
Calif. Revisted
Horse With No Name

According to the playlist Pete gave me - they scratched Unicorn and Green Monkey and added Mary. Gerry did All My Life as a solo for the first song of the encore and brought the house down. Dewey came out with the rest of the band after Gerry's solo and told us that we were all lucky to see Gerry do the song since he only does it a few times a year. It seems like the guys have changed up a few of the songs. Especially evident was the change in Magic. Seems like Woods is playing it a little differently (as in better).

The band hung around as usual to greet their fans and sign autographs. Both Gerry and Dewey made a point of giving their picks to a young boy and girl in the front row. Both guys seemed a little more animated than usual and had several new quips. They combined for some banter about the current situation in the White House (somewhat risque I might add).

These guys continue to prove that they are in a class of their own. I just hope the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes that some day.


Message: 2518 Posted: Sun Oct 18 22:25:34 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Budweiser commercial

I remember it. They did the Bud song in the same style as "You Can Do Magic". Speaking of which, I know this has been brought up before, but as most of you know, "You Can Do Magic" and "The Border" had videos that were payed on VH-1 in the 80's . Why then, when VH-1 says they are "playing all there video's from A-Z", they exclude those? They do the same with "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes" by Asia and a whole lot of others. Why?


Message: 2517 Posted: Sun Oct 18 22:18:13 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Box Cd

Why doesn't America produce a CD anthology? I would love to have all their work in one package on CD. I already have eveything they have produced but a lot of what I have is 12" LPs. I have taken good care of them but the oldest ones have a few sratches . Are you listening Karen? If a 16 year old concert can sell 12,000 copies just think how well this CD set would sell.
That Cd set would have to have Last Unicorn, Caifornia Dreamin as well as other work the guys have done!!!!!!!
Also does anyone remember the Budweiser radio commercial that Gerry and Dewey did in the 80s? Joe

Message: 2516 Posted: Sun Oct 18 21:59:53 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Dallas

I am going to Dallas 11/1 I wish they were playing there every weekend too!
Its funny guys ,I check the chat folder before I check my mail. This is a great sight .Keep up the good work guys . Joe

Message: 2515 Posted: Sun Oct 18 21:33:32 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Re: Promoting New Work

I too am disappointed America is only playing two songs from Human Nature in concert, but my biggest complaint with their live shows is that they don't play in Dallas every weekend.

What's up with that guys?

Message: 2514 Posted: Sun Oct 18 17:50:36 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Hal Dietz album?

For Steve Lowry,
Thanks for posting the lyrics from the song we all were discussing at the last chat session. I've been meaning to ask you for them. Do you have any idea where to get Hal's new album. I'd love to hear that song. Thanks.
PS - Just did some up-grading on my PC so could you please email me with your reply, but you can post it hear, too. Thanks...Maureen

Message: 2513 Posted: Sun Oct 18 16:10:13 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: America/Poco


Wish I was at that Springfield Civic concert! Appreciate your insights and opinions, especially about the programmed tracks on the album before Your Move. When I heard the first sounds of America, I, like many others thought it was Neil Young (Dewey)! Also, I believed, like many, that Rusty and Neil were related, but supposedly not so...Rusty was born in California, although there IS a physical resemblence. Richie Furay claims to be the founder of Poco. Rusty DID jam with Buffalo Springfield at least once, though.


Jensen Beach, FL

Message: 2512 Posted: Sun Oct 18 13:30:29 1998 By: James Broyles
Subject: Horse With No Name

Whatever happened to that Tommy freak that helped with the song?Last I heard, he was in Sweetwater, TN with his own dinky music store.What a loser!

Message: 2511 Posted: Sun Oct 18 09:40:46 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: America's popularity

Hi John! Just wanted to thank you for your tremendous efforts in putting together the "History Of America". Your insights have been greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work! Just a little tidbit that you might find interesting...Back in 1975, the week that "Sister Golden Hair" was #1, I saw America at the Springfield Civic Center. The opening act was POCO! For the very last finale ( After "Sandman" & "Horse...") POCO joined AMERICA onstage to perform "Don't Cross The River". It was awesome!!! Rusty Young (Neil's Brother & Leader of POCO) played the banjo and they all sang harmony too. Timothy B. Schmidt was the bassist & Lead singer of POCO at the time so the harmonies were flawless!!! If I'm not mistaken, Dan actually let Tim do the lead vocal on the second verse. It was a moment that any AMERICA FAN would never forget!!! I thought you might enjoy that take care and THANKS again!!! Tom Tantillo

Message: 2510 Posted: Sun Oct 18 09:27:52 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Overall View Of The Chat Folder

Hello! I love checking in everyday to see how the FRIENDS OF AMERICA are doing. For starters the latest C.D. is really great! Unfortunately, none of the Connecticut radio stations are playing FAMT yet. If they are I haven't heard it. I HAVE e-mailed a few stations and the only favorable responses tend to be from the Massachusettes radio stations. Anyway, I also wanted to add my two cents in regards to the "Perspective" opinion bandwagon...I'm dissappointed that no one truthfully admitted that when that particular L.P. came out, AMERICA was being rather bold to have been one of the first established Pop/Rock Artists to use Programmed Drums, Bass and Keyboard tracks. As we see, again Gerry & Dewey were victims of bad timing and the negative corporate machinery. I guess I'm in the minority that enjoys "Perspective" because so many fans express displeasure with it. I feel that when Russ Ballard took over with "Your Move" he really destroyed their momentum. Hearing Dewey trying to evoke a Sinatra-like pose on "Tonight is For Dreamers" simply makes me shudder. And on that L.P. the guys really were invisible. Like each AMERICA release there are shining moments, but for me (even though Russ Ballard is a great composer, instrumentalist & producer) "Your Move" is still very difficult to listen to. Let's admit it, even "The Border" was simply trying to cash in on the Christopher Cross/"Ride Like The Wind" craze (if there was one). My main interest right now is to see Gerry & Dewey get the proper credit they deserve for a job well done!!! "Human Nature" is spectacular! I agree with many or you ( Sorry, your names escape me right now) that they should push the new tunes with PRIDE!!! And it's because they are GREAT!!! And to my other FRIENDS OF AMERICA ....Dan Peek hasn't been a part of this situation for 21 years!!! Yes I admire him, I enjoy his solo stuff, but look at the whole picture- He's happy doing what he loves and Gerry & Dewey are doing what they love so please GET OVER IT!!!! So Let's UNITE in support of this Grea t work of musicianship and put AMERICA back on top!!! I really love this chat folder!!! Hi to Steve, Jim, Rob, Johnny, Joe & all the others too numerous to mention!!!! And to Gerry & Dewey...ROCK ON!!

Message: 2509 Posted: Sun Oct 18 02:26:29 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: pictures

Michelle, sorry I haven't posted the pictures already but I discovered today that you sent them to my old e-mail address (which I seldom check). They are really great and I'll get them out as soon as I can. In the future it's best to send pictures to Thanks so much for sending them.

Message: 2508 Posted: Sat Oct 17 18:55:36 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: pictures

Steve about a week ago i e-mailed some pictures--4 to be exact--not sure if you got them or if i was supposed to send them somewhere else besides to you. they were really good pictures but im not sure if they look as good on the computer. if you want to display them you have my permission. and if you dont thats ok too.

Message: 2507 Posted: Sat Oct 17 18:13:21 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Dan Peek and John Corbett's "America Revisited"

I really enjoyed reading John Corbett's "America Revisited". It is
excellent work. I learned a lot about AMERICA that I didn't know.
As I was reading, I could feel the disappointments and frustation
that Dewey and Gerry experienced while recording one album after
another with little to no radio play. Dewey called "Silent Letter" the "Silent Record". It may have been silent to the general public
but not to us die-hard fans. Because we as fans know that Dewey and
Gerry are so talented, it makes us desire so strongly for the continued success of "Human Nature".

I thought one of the most interesting parts of John's writing was Dan
Peek's longing to return to the group in 1986, I believe the year was. I erroneously had thought Dan didn't want to return due to his
Christian music pursuits. Twenty-plus years is a long time since his departure. I commend Dewey and Gerry for continuing on as a duo.
Lesser men would have called it quits. They have blessed us
all with so many beautiful songs. Nevertheless, I guess it's just natural for a devoted fan such as myself to dream of what it would be like to have Dan return. Sadly, the possibilites are nil from what
I read.

Message: 2506 Posted: Sat Oct 17 17:06:04 1998 By: Terry Trost
Subject: Daytona Beach

Does anyone know details of the October 24 Daytona Beach concert?


Terry Trost
Jensen Beach, FL

Message: 2505 Posted: Sat Oct 17 16:53:06 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Crying In My Sleep

Jim, thanks for the additional info on this song.

Message: 2504 Posted: Sat Oct 17 11:47:08 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Crying In My Sleep

Just a few added notes to the previous post re: Crying in My Sleep
The disc by Henry Diltz' & his band MFQ (modern folk quartet) is titled Highway 70, around 1995 by Polystar records. This is an import from Japan & contains 1970's songs including, Don't Cross the River by AMERICA. Crying in My Sleep was originally recorded by Art Garfunkel on the LP, Watermark. Jimmy Webb has done lots of great material for Art Garfunkel. Crying in My Sleep is available on CD as is all of Arty's work. Gee one year I thought AMERICA was going to tour w/Arty. It would have been a smash doubleheader.

Message: 2503 Posted: Sat Oct 17 10:51:59 1998 By: Keith Werness
Subject: Promote New

First of all, let me say that I have been a HUGE America fan ever since they began. They are the only group that I have bought every album, tape, or CD. I am one of the many America fans that would love to see a reunion with Dan Peek. I read Dewey's interview regarding that question and came away feeling like there are some differences that need to be addressed and mended before that dream tour could ever happen. Let's face it, with the three of you, there WAS magic. AIthough I think some of your best stuff has come after Dan's departure, I am continually disappointed in the lack of air play and promotion America gets. I am a former DJ and really feel that if the right songs were promoted from each album you would have never experienced an hiates from the charts. I can take each album from Silent Letter on pick out a minimum of 3 chart songs per album. And with the crossover diversity in music now, America could and should be hitting on four formats at least! The final prong in my thrust is the America concerts themselves. I have loved every new project you have guys have done. Why do you insist on apologetically at best promoting the new songs in concert? For instance your hourglass tour contained TWO songs from the CD!! I was recently center stage at the Zoo in Apple Valley and again was disappointed by the lack of Post Peek songs in concert. My suggestion, PLAY WITH PRIDE YOUR NEW STUFF!! It's great music. Be proud to share it. Every concert I go to featuring other artists ranging from rock to country to CCM all play their latest work. Then, in the second half of the show, they play a medley of "the hits" for those fringe and nostalgia fans. I would love to go to hear the boys, and listen to 80% of Human Nature. Think about it. I doesn't only make sense, it sells CD's. I have also written two songs with Gerry And Dewey in mind that a record producer in Milwaukee told me he thought if done by the right artist, would be a top ten hit. I would love to share it by request with Gerry An d Dewey. Thanks for letting this two plus decade America Fan get this growing weight off my chest!! WHEW!!

All the best,
Keith Werness

Message: 2502 Posted: Sat Oct 17 10:34:55 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: America's popularity

With regard to the Perspective album, I actually thought it was a great album for what it set out to do. People who don't like seem to not like it based on its overall style, not on whether the sound works with what they attempted to do. And in all honesty, I like early '80s New Wave music (I've got a pretty large collection of everything from Taco and Men Without Hats to Naked Eyes and Kajagoogoo), and America did an admirable job of taking that sound on within their own musical context.

As far as America's commercial decline in the late 1970s went, you have to remember that, unlike the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac, America's MUSIC entered the mainstream consciousness, but not the GROUP itself. If you'll notice in America Revisited, I left the original spelling errors of Dewey, Gerry, and Dan's names intact to show how many rock observers were unfamiliar with the group which recorded some of that decade's most memorable hits. As a result, society wasn't holding its collective breath for a follow-up America album the way they did for the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac after their Hotel California and Rumours albums. Without being a recognized supergroup in and of itself, America had to prove itself with each new album to keep the publicity going. And for a long stretch of time in the '70s, they were able to do just that. But when radio stations turned away from soft pop and toward disco and new wave in the late '70s/early '80s, America wasn't able to get the exposure they needed to keep their music at the top of the charts. Like other soft, country pop acts of the late '70s, including Player, England Dan & John Ford Coley, and Firefall, they had trouble sustaining their popularity as they were running against the tide of pop music. The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac were able to buck the trend because of their inherent superstar status as pop standards by which trends can be judged.

Message: 2501 Posted: Sat Oct 17 08:57:00 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: 1974 pics of University of Maryland

Jim, thanks for the pics. Excellent! more and more are coming out
of the woodworks. There's got to be more out there. HL

Message: 2500 Posted: Sat Oct 17 08:44:17 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Crying In My Sleep

During the last Internet chat session, Matt Beckley told us that one of the songs that his dad likes best is a Jimmy Webb tune called "Crying In My Sleep". The song was originally written in the 70's and has been included on Henry Diltz's new album (sorry I don't know the title) sung by Gerry Beckley. During the chat session Matt played the album and transcribed the words as best he could. Here they are:

I took a walk around the yard
Dug the flowers til it got too hard
I smoked my first pack of cigarettes today
And I watched the children play

And then I went down, down to Lucy's old Cafe
Put a half a case away
Took a sleeping pill and tried to watch TV
But you know baby the leading lady looked too much like you for the likes of me

And I woke up crying in my sleep
I was talking to your pillow
And I reached out to touch your hand
And knocked the phone off the nightstand
And the operator said, "Can I help you please?"
And I said no thanks baby there's nothing you can really do for me
I just had a bad dream, that's all that's wrong with me
I just had a bad dream

(Gerry's favorite verse)
Went out to loosen up the car
Some how I wound up at the rainbow bar
I had a scotch and soda on the run
But I didn't even get far

Then I ran down, down some friends I used to know
Dragged them out to see the show
Drew myself a bath and tried to read your book
But you know baby this time it didn't seem quite worth the time it took



Thanks Matt, for sharing that with us.

Message: 2499 Posted: Sat Oct 17 07:59:03 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Reno...GREAT SHOW!!

America totally ROCKED Reno last night....The guys were fantastic, playing to a huge crowd at Lawlor. Everyone went crazy when they came on, screaming and cheering...and it just continued throughout the show! It was really cool to get to hear them in such a big place. The opening group (local band called Smokin Caterpillars) was good, although to me, it all sounded kind of the same. Kansas (what I heard of them) was great, too. But America (as usual) really stood out....the guys all looked and sounded terrific!!
Here's the playlist:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
I Need You
Tin Man
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin
Lonely People
From A Moving Train
Never Be Lonely

Thanks guys, for a very memorable night!!

Erin :o)

Message: 2498 Posted: Sat Oct 17 01:10:57 1998 By: Joe
Subject: Re: America

Additionally I would like to say that I liked Perspective! Yes it was definately different' but it was still a good album

Message: 2497 Posted: Sat Oct 17 01:07:45 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: America

I think all of the things you and I listed were correct. I mentioned mine because it not been considered before. I was aware of the circumstances that you listed and they have been discussed many times previously. I really hate that Dan left because America was Gerry, Dewey and Dan. I am still a huge fan of Gerry and Dewey but I think they are a better band with Dan. I was never a big fan of the Eagles. I was hot for Stevie Nicks though!!!!!!!!

Message: 2496 Posted: Fri Oct 16 21:36:33 1998 By:
Subject: Last Unicorn


The tape of the animated film LAST UNICORN is available thru Movies Unlimited (1-800-4-movies) @ $14.99. The highlights being GERRY'S unbelievable performance of the song LAST UNICORN & DEWEY'S magnificent vocal work on MAN'S ROAD.
Definitely another dimension to the vocal explorations of AMERICA. Plus, the kids will like the film.

Message: 2495 Posted: Fri Oct 16 10:43:53 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Moon Song

Here's a little tidbit about "Moon Song"...whether it's true or not?
Just listening to a concert tape of the guys & the intro to the song:
Here's a song about "partying in the woods."?
Go figure!

Message: 2494 Posted: Fri Oct 16 10:43:27 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America


Maybe you're right about what caused America's popularity to dwindle, but I think it was something different. After all, those same people who were starting families didn't abandon the Eagles or the Doobie Brothers or Fleetwood Mac.

Three other things happened, I think.

First, there was a change in musical tastes in the country, first with disco and then new wave. A lot of bands got swept aside. One of them, unfortunately, was America.

Which leads to the second thing: a lazy record company. I think Warner Brothers took America for granted. I remember reading a comment Gerry made where he noted that Warner Brothers just put America's albums out there without much fanfare or backing or marketing effort and expected them to do well. Had they have pushed a little when the musical tide started shifting, like the Eagles got from their record company, maybe things would have been different. After all, Hideaway and Harbor were as good as their earlier efforts. Masterpieces in the own right.

The third cause of their demise was a change in personnel. Dan Peek's leaving hurt them, plain and simple. When you're a guitar band and your lead guitarist leaves, it leaves a big hole. If you follow along John Corbett's history, you see the band struggled with his loss, trying different approaches from album to album to fill the void--at times almost desperate approaches. Silent Letter was great. Alibi was, to me, even stronger, and View From the Ground was wonderful well. But all three were different attempts to figure out the direction of the two-man band, using different producers, different backing musicians, different writers. Then they really got lost and turned the reins over on Your Move and Perspective. Listen to Perspective and then listen to Homecoming and it's not hard to realize why they fell off the world. That wasn't America.

I think Encore, Hourglass and Human Nature are all solid examples that America has figured it out again. I really hope that success will follow. Because, I, like you, have been a lifelong, devoted fan and totally swept away in their musical genius.

Why can't more people see it?

Message: 2493 Posted: Thu Oct 15 23:41:24 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: History

Great job on America's history John! I believe that th lull in America's popularity in the late 70s and early eighties was the fact that most of their fans were starting families and unable to keep up with them. I know that certainly was what happened with me. I too,saw the Alibi album in the record store and didnt buy it because I thought it was a rip off of America's name. After my children grew into grade school I started looking for new albums by America,especially after "Majic" and the last Unicorn. I bought Alibi and Silent letter ,Harbour and Hideaway in a used record store. I had Hideaway as an 8 track but my daughter pulled all the tape out. I really yelled at her and I will never forgive myself for that. She was only 4.
I completed my collection and have kept up with the band ever since. I saw them in concert twice in the early 80s ( the last concert in NC I took my daughters who loved the show). I finnally got to meet Gerry and Dewey in Myrtle Beach SC in 1991 at a club called Atlantis. To me America is and always will be the greatest band of all time. Everyone who knows me ,knows who my favorite band is! If you get tired guys just slow down , but PLEASE never quit
Joe Knight

Message: 2492 Posted: Thu Oct 15 21:51:56 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Correction on E-mail address
Sorry I got dot happy!

Message: 2491 Posted: Thu Oct 15 21:44:05 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Bridgeport,Conn. Radio station

Southern Conn. 99.9fm(Star 99) is another station us New Yorkers,Long Islanders and residence of Southern Conn. can go to work on to play FAMT.Toll free request line is 800-330-9999. Program Director's e-mail

Message: 2490 Posted: Thu Oct 15 18:46:15 1998 By: mitch
Subject: Spirit Voices feat: America

There is a CD out there by the King's Singers called 'Spirit Voices'
which is only about a year old tat features America. The track is
listed as Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell and is a cover of a Crowded
House tune "the Weather with You". The track was done, I believe, at
Human Nature studios and sounds great... I found it at Borders Books
and Music. It is found in the Classical section - I guess a Cd done by
the King's Singers with various POP artists as guests.

Message: 2489 Posted: Thu Oct 15 18:43:21 1998 By: mitch
Subject: Re: Windham CD features America

'NOTHING SO FARAWAY AS YESTERDAY' is included which also is present on
ENCORE - america's greatest hits vol.2 The songs fits into the America
90's sound well...

Message: 2488 Posted: Thu Oct 15 18:36:15 1998 By: Mike Robinson
Subject: Windham CD features America

Windham Hill has a CD called "Honor Them All" with an all-star line up that includes America, Carly Simon, Carole King, Brian Wilson and Janis Ian.

Does anyone know which song America performs?

Message: 2487 Posted: Thu Oct 15 17:58:43 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: Radio Airplay

After numerous calls, WAJI in Ft. Wayne, In. is finally playing FAMT. Persistence appears to pay off. Also, a local FM station in Angola is playing it. This pretty much covers northeast Indiana. It's great to hear new America on the radio once again!!

Message: 2486 Posted: Thu Oct 15 17:36:23 1998 By: America Christmas
Subject: America X-mas

Just read something of this on a previous post.. it is a great idea to
have FAMT as a single with a Christmas bonus track like 'Hark' already
recorded. This could an extra push for folks to buy with the upcoming
holidays! Thoughts? Karen...

Message: 2485 Posted: Thu Oct 15 17:32:40 1998 By: Tommy Deleesee
Subject: Re: Larson-Fossket

I think Beckley's solo CD 'Van Go Gan' contains some of his best writing.
I also think Oxygen should release FAMT with an X-mas bonus tracks like
"Hark" - this may bring some added sales to a CD single and of course
is great for the fans.

Message: 2484 Posted: Thu Oct 15 15:34:45 1998 By: Karen D.

Hey guy...have you been able to speak to our radio promotions man here at Oxygen? I see Maureen has posted my direct line here but I haven't heard from you yet.

Feel free to call me right away and I'll hook you up with the radio dep't ASAP, ok?

212 758-4636, ext 239

Karen D.

Message: 2483 Posted: Thu Oct 15 15:30:01 1998 By: Karen D.

Thought I'd post the list of all the stations currently spinning the single.
In some cases you will see a station listed twice - this is because the station reports to both lists.

It would be difficult to say with any certainty which stations were inspired to add this single because of all the hard work and attention America's fans have given to calling the request lines and writing and emailing the program directors, but to be sure, you have ALL had an effect. The key with these stations is to now force them to keep spinning this record and, indeed, to add to the number of times weekly they play it. Keep going at them - I hope this list shows you all that you seriously do make a difference!


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

R&R Reporters
WLTQ Milwaukee, WI
WKWK Wheeling, WV
WDEF Chatanooga, TN
KHLA Lafayette, IN
WGLM Lafayette, IN
KKLI Colorado Spgs, CO
WLRQ Melbourne, FL
WTFN Johnson City, TN
KVLY McAllen, TX
WQLR Kalamazoo, MI
WSWT Peoria, IL
WOOF Montgomery, AL
WINK Ft. Myers, FL
WTVR Richmond, VA
KLTA Fargo, ND
KEFM Omaha, NE
WYJB Albany, NY
KSSK Honolulu, HI
WMJY Biloxi, MS
WLQT Dayton, OH
KWAV Monterey, CA
WWLI Providence, RI
WTCB Columbia, SC
WRWC Rockford, IL
KISC Spokane, WA
KJSN Modesto, CA
WGSY Columbus, GA
WFMK Lansing, MI
KELO Sioux Falls, SD
WAJI Ft. Wayne, IN
KRBB Wichita, KS
WVEZ Louisville, KY
WLTE Minneapolis, MN
KKMG Austin, TX
WHUD Newberry, NY
KMGL Okla City, OK
KUDL Kansas City, KS

Gavin Reporters
WATD Marshfield, MA
KORQ Abilene, TX
KSCB Liberal, KS
KRTI Newtown, IA
KKRB Klamath Falls, OR
KXML Carthage, MO
KTQM Clovis, NM
WSNN Potsdam, NY
WSNU Lockhaven, PA
WBDL Reedsburg, WI
WKHG Leitchburg, KY
WJDF Orange, MN
WDEF Chatanooga, TN
WRWC Rockton, IL
KSND Newport, OR
KWAT Watertown, SD
KLWN Lawrence, KS
WLKG Lake Geneva, WI
KGY Olympia, WA
WRJC Mauston, WI
KOJM Havre, MT
KWAV Monterey, CA
KDAA Rolla, MO
WPXZ Punxsutawney, PA
KRRY Quincy, IL
WWLI E Providence, RI
KFMN Lihue, Kauai, HI
WLQT Dayton, OH
WKWK Wheeling, WV
KLJM Hampton, IA
KKBN Twain Harte, CA
WOYS E Point, FL
KQIS Crowley, LA
KAYL Storm Lake, IA
WNNC Newtown, NC
KIKO Miami, AZ
KKLI Co Springs, CO
WKTJ Farmington, ME
KLOG Kelso, WA
KCWD Harrison, AZ
WDKB De Kalb, IL
KISC Spoakne, WA
WJTW Joliet, IL
WVHQ Dowagiac, MI
WKXD Cookeville, TN
WQXQ Central City, KY
KMVX Jerome, ID
KFML Little Falls, MN
WGSY Columbus, GA
WQLR Kalamazoo, MI
KATW Cedar Falls, IA
KCVM Cedar Falls, IA
KFYR Bismarck, ND
WAYN Rockingham, NC
WILI Williamanic, CT
KLKC Parsons, KS
KMAS Shelton, WA
WFDL Fond Du Lake, WI
KBOI Boise, ID
KMSO Missoula, MT
WLTE Minneapolis, MN
KSSK Honolulu, HI
KUDL Kansas City, MO
KCCR Pierre, SD
WRCO Richland Cent, WI
KNTI Lakeport, CA
WPXN Paxton, IL
WMVA Martinsville, VA
WBLG Bowling Green, KY
KOKO Warrensburg, MO
WKST N Castle, PA
KIZZ Minot, ND
WAWV Sylacauga, AL
WHIZ Zanesville, OH
KVRH Salida, CO
KAKQ Fairbanks, AK
KBLQ Logan, UT
WPHM Pt. Nuron, MI
WSFW Seneca Falls, NY
WZDQ Jackson, TN
WVLT Vineland, NJ
WEVA Emporia, VA
KVLY Wesload, TX
WVRO Fremont, OH
KCHA Charles City, IA
KEZU Ft Smith, AR
KMBQ Wasila, AK
WEAI Jacksonville, IL
KBIU Lake Charles, IA
KCRE Crescent City, CA
WCEM Cambridge, MA
WRZI Elizabethtown, KY
KLTA Fargo, ND
KZSQ Sonora, CA
KTRN Pine Bluff, AR
WLKI Angola, IN

Message: 2482 Posted: Thu Oct 15 14:58:53 1998 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Larson-Fossket

Hi Craig. I think you are right about us having similar tastes. I took both Human Nature and Water Color Sky with me on a recent car trip down the coast of Cali. Totally enjoyable. FAMT is so good. I'm glad that it's receiving attention. "Town & Country" reminds me of somthing off of Hatrick, or Holiday. I notice that you like "Touch of June" from WCS your right about the Beckly influence. "King of Summer" is kind of like a Birds thing, great melody. "I'm Gone" is very well produced kudos to Foskett, with two T's btw. I do have Foskett's Christmas CD. I have never thought about it being one of the best holiday CD's but I can't think of a better one. The Beach Boys may be i'ts = . Foskett's " Live for the Sun" and "Fish" from "Thru My Window" is just a couple of my favorites from his solo stuff. "It's My Fault" from "Cool and Gone" too. If you don't have these you should get them. I to am Jazzed about these recent releases. who else do you listen to?

Message: 2481 Posted: Thu Oct 15 14:17:49 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Jeff Larson and Performing Songwriter's Magazine

I got a note from Jeff Larson regarding my previous "Performing Songwriter" post and he said that the magazine has a review of his BEGGARS CD in their latest issue (Sept/Oct 98) - over a year after it was released. It's in their top-12 indy's. The America issue will have an ad for Beggars that was submitted by the Holland record company that distributes Beggars. It happended too fast to get something for Watercolor Sky, but that is the project that NEW SURF is trying to get out to people.

"Performing Songwriter" is out on the racks in the middle of November and available at all Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Tower Records as well as miscellaneous other outlets.

Message: 2480 Posted: Thu Oct 15 09:57:15 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Karen's telephone number

Hi Jamey,
Here is Karen's telephone number at Oxygen: 212-758-4636 x 239. Best bet is too leave amessage if she doesn't pick up. WHY? Whats the matter? Hope it is not too serious. Good Luck....Maureen

Message: 2479 Posted: Thu Oct 15 09:29:24 1998 By: Jamey Karr- KACV
Subject: Help ....someone at Oxygen.

I need to talk to someone in radio promotion at Oxygen. Anyone got a name or number?

Message: 2478 Posted: Wed Oct 14 19:34:03 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Performing Songwriter's Magazine

The following message was recently posted on Ike Gauley's "America In Picture's" web site:

Performing Songwriter Magazine

Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell will be featured in November's issue of Performing Songwriter Magazine. Their picture will grace the cover along with more pictures accompanying the magazine's featured article about the group. More information can be obtained on the Performing Songwriter's web page.

Message: 2477 Posted: Wed Oct 14 17:14:28 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: From a Moving Train - Great Office Pick-Me-Up

Being a bit tired at work today, I was suddenly awakened when I heard "From a Moving Train" on the company's sound system. I was sure great to hear it being played throughout the entire building!

Message: 2476 Posted: Wed Oct 14 15:15:50 1998 By: Craig
Subject: Larson-Fossket

I relize that this site is for America fans, which very much includes me, but I would like to talk about That Jeff larson CD and also the very talented Jeffery Fossket. Being a Beach Boys fan I am very aware of "The Voice" Jeffery Fossket who has lent his excellent vocals to many America projects. Fossket's vocals send a shiver down my spine. You should all check out his solo stuff on the New Surf site. I ordered "Water Color Sky" a little while ago and can't get enough of it. I keep trading off between HN and WCS. Unfortunately my friends don't share my taste in music so I don't have anybody to share my excitement over these projects. Excellent harmonies and melodies. "Touch of June" sounds as if it could be a Beckly tune. "King of Summer" is also a great song. Gerry's "Anabelle" is great! America, Larson and Fosskett i'm so excited. (I've had too much coffee.) I have read a couple of other peoples opinion on this site about this. Brian who posted earliar about these guys please post again it sounds we have similar tastes. Do you have Fosskett's Christmas CD "Christmas at the Beach" best Christmas CD ever!

Message: 2475 Posted: Wed Oct 14 10:35:29 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Archives

My two-year old daughter was walking around the house with the old Alibi album, you know, the kind they used to make out of vinyl
After panicing and chasing her down and telling her is she wants to play with old records, use her mommy's old Linda Ronstadt albums, I opened the sleeve and came across two old yellowed newspaper articles from 1981 I must have stuck in there way back when.
If anyone's interested, I thought I'd share them here:
The first is a from the Indianapolis Star, August 24, 1981. It's preview of their concert the following night. The next was a short article from a small weekly Indianapolis paper called the Hot Potato that featured music and entertainment. It's a review of the concert.
I've left the misspellings of Gerry's name intact.



America isn't what it used to be.
One of the group's original lead singers is gone. Record sales have dipped, and the band doesn't draw the crowds it used to when it was a major musical force in the early '70s.
But as one of the remaining members, Dewey Bunnell, said in preparing for tomorrow night's 8 o'clock concert with Christopher Cross at the Sports Center, "At least we're still around."
Groups of less strength have long since disappeared since America's string of hit singles that began with "Horse With No Name" 10 years ago. One common cause of disbanding is personnel changes. Perhaps, one or two members of a band becomes disenchanted and decide to move to a new project, leaving the rest of the band to sink or swim without them.
That time of reckoning came four years ago when Dan Peek left the band to go solo.
"That was probably our shakiest period," recalled Bunnell, who co-founded the group with Peek and Gerry Beckley in 1970 in London, where their fathers were serving in the US Army. "If we were ever going to disband that would have been the time."
"It was just a matter of that's what we do and what we like to do. We're still young enough to do it and carry on. Even at the end of a tour when you're exhausted and don't ever want to see a guitar again, within a couple of weeks we're already saying, 'Let's do something again.' It's in our blood."
There was never any consideration to find a replacement for Peek.
"We've always been America--Jerry, me and Dan--since we started the band, "explained Bunnell, "and we kinda made it a pact that only we would be America and everyone else would be additional and on salary."
Despite Dan Peek's departure, the strong harmonic sound of America remains the same.
"The vocal blend--the three-part harmony--was something we had to be careful not to lose," said Bunnell.
Not only did America lose Peek's vocals, it also lost his lead guitar playing and writing. Michael Woods has since replaced Peek in guitar and Bunnell and Beckley have picked up the extra writing chores.
"I don't want to take anything away from Dan but I know that we've managed to carry on without him," stated Bunnell.
Peek or no Peek, the hits aren't flowing as they used to in the 70s when tunes like "I Need You," "Ventura Highway," "Tin Man," "Lonely People" and "Sister Golden Hair" set the pace. In turn, the albums haven't done as well either.
"It's been a big problem with choice of singles for one thing," explained Bunnell. "We can't get on the radio without a single. If you pick the wrong single from the album, they won't program it and you might as well forget it."
Despite containing strong material, America's latest album for Capital, "Alibi," was a flop at the record stores. It wasn't a case of the group's unwillingness to change a formula either. In a complete turnaround the band changed producers, used studio players for the first time and even changed its album cover design.
"We just wanted to do something different to wake somebody up who might be nodding off," said Bunnell, "but I don't know that we'll follow that path again this time."
Bunnell and Beckley have material ready to go for their next LP, two songs of which they will perform in concert tomorrow night, "Even The Score" and "Inspector Mills." They will probably go into the studio when the current jaunt with Cross ends Sept. 7 and before they begin a three-week tour of South Africa in October.
America is extremely grateful to be on tour with Cross, whose last album has sold nearly 4 million copies and earned five Grammys. Although it is technically a co-billing, America is the opening act, a first for Beckley and Bunnell.
"It's a great billing for us in times that are as lean as they are these days for a lot of rock 'n' roll bands," remarked Bunnell. "A lot of people wanted to get on the Cross thing because he's so hot."
"I'm telling you, we're real low to the ground now--buses, light crew. It's all economics at this particular moment. Last year we had a big tour cancelled--state of the economy, state of the music business, state of the nation--it's scary to go out and try to do anything alone. That's why there's a lot of security in this dual billing."
America will perform for about 50 minutes tomorrow night. The sound will be mixed by Indianapolis native George Strakis, a member of the America crew.


The summer concert series at the Sports Center could have ended with fireworks but got a bomb instead when Cross trudged through a sub-par performance. If it hadn't been for America's spirited opening set, in which Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley treated their old hits from the 70s as valued jewels, the night would have been a complete waste.

Message: 2474 Posted: Wed Oct 14 09:25:39 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Albuquerque Photos

Steve, Cathy McAleer deserves all the credit for the nice pictures she took during AMERICA's visit to Albuquerque. I took only one of the photos....the one of Cathy and Gerry. To answer Cathy's question about whether she could be any happier...the answer in no! Thanks Cathy and thanks Steve Lowry for posting them. It was a nice surprise.

Message: 2473 Posted: Wed Oct 14 08:45:44 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Great Pics

Great pics by Eddy and Johnny. Also, great work by John Corbett. This page continues to be awesome!!!

Message: 2472 Posted: Wed Oct 14 07:20:10 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Reno/sparks

Hi Erin,
I would love to go, but can't. Have a great time and take lots of pictures for us who can't make it..Maureen

Message: 2471 Posted: Wed Oct 14 03:57:22 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Re.Warning

Hi all,those warnings about future sales being pivotal to America's future multi album deal are cause for concern I dont think these guys need to worry to much, in Oxygen they seem to have found a recording label that refreshingly seems to care about its artists.This so far has been a huge year once again embarking on a huge tour,new album,t.v. radio and a number of newspapers and magazines.When America step in to the studio again where should it be? possibly Sir George Martins new A.I.R Studios in London which was once a church,thats if their looking for divine intervention,take a look at the facts look what was reorded there,AMERICA first album plus Horse,Ineed you,The album Holiday,Tin Man,Lonely People,Magic,The Border.

Message: 2470 Posted: Wed Oct 14 00:40:14 1998 By:
Subject: Comprehensive History - AMERICA

Great job John Corbett ! This is a work-in-progress for sure. There are many, many more roads to be traveled by AMERICA, so please keep adding on to your great book.

Message: 2469 Posted: Tue Oct 13 23:34:12 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Reno this Friday!!!

If anyone is (or will be) in the Reno/Sparks area for this Friday's concert, I have an extra ticket. Seats aren't reserved so I'm planning on being there REALLY early so I can get front row. If anyone is interested, just email me. This is going to be a GREAT show.

Erin :o)

Message: 2468 Posted: Tue Oct 13 22:55:05 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Albuquerque will be there in the morning...

Actually, the guys were there earlier this month and so were a couple of online America fans, Cathy McAleer and Johnny Yee. Cathy took some great photos which I'm sure you'll all want to see. Thanks Cathy!

Message: 2467 Posted: Tue Oct 13 21:05:24 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: New Updated America Schedule!!

REMAINING 1998 America SCHEDULE (and some 1999 dates)

This is the new official schedule sent to for use on America websites. All venue info is posted, and this schedule is subject to change

Friday October 16 Reno Nevada: KOZZ Radio Listener Appreciation Show: University of Nevada

Saturday, October 24 Daytona Beach, Florida

Wednesday November 11 Santiago, Chile

Friday, November 13 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Saturday, November 14 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sunday November 15 Montevideo, Uruguay

Tuesay, November 17 Equador (TBA)

Wednesday, November 18 Kito, Equador

Thursday, November 19 Kito, Equador

Saturday, November 21 Costa Rica

Tuesday December 1: Tokyo, Japan

Thursday, December 3 Beijing, China

Saturday December 5 Shanghai, China

Wednesday, December 9 Bremen, Australia with Beach Boys

Friday, December 11 Australia with Beach Boys

Saturday, December 12 Australia with Beach Boys

Wednesday, December 16 Australia with Beach Boys

Thursday, December 17 Australia with Beach Boys

Friday, December 18 Australia with Beach Boys

Saturday, December 19 Australia with Beach Boys

*****note: venues in Australia not listed as yet in master schedule*****

January 30, 1999: Cincinnati, Ohio: Aronoff Center of the Arts

February 14, 1999: Clinton Township, Michigan: Macomb Center for the Performing Arts

March 7, 1999: Fort Myers, Florida: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center

March 19, 1999: Providence, Rhode Island: Providence Performing Arts Center

Message: 2466 Posted: Tue Oct 13 09:13:18 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: John Corbett

I just wanted to say Thanx for "America Revisited" (Part 1-8). I enjoyed it very much, great reading!!

Message: 2465 Posted: Mon Oct 12 22:20:26 1998 By: Tim
Subject: Radio & Records Chart!

Chart links!!!! Need a Chart link buddy?
Get your Chart links here!!

Gavin chart, no problem GAVIN.COM ( Charts:  A/C - Issue 2225,  10/02...

Radio and Records chart, no problem R&R The Week In Music-AC

Billboard's AC Chart, no problem Billboard Charts: Adult Top 40 (only shows Top 20)

Message: 2464 Posted: Mon Oct 12 22:17:32 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: WLTW(NYC) Bruce David Martin's call

Why would a station who programs America's older songs tell a caller that they have no plans to play FAMT? They are the highest rated station in NYC(not just soft rock,but all stations).I hope FAMT keeps moving on up the charts, and Mr.Ryan will have to eat humble pie(along with his stupid reply) when he finally plays the record! What kind of answer is"their is alot of songs out there like them". I guess they play it very conservately?, and play the h-ll out of Elton, Eric,Rod,and Billy Joel. At least once every hour!Then you have Estefan and Dion once an hour like a prescription! Anyone want to tell Mr.Ryan he is wrong with his reasoning, he is at 212-258-7000.
Columbus discovered America today, maybe WLTW should also!

Message: 2463 Posted: Mon Oct 12 20:36:08 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Home Shopping Network

Just wanted to let everyone know that according to the Home Shopping Network, autographed copies of Human Nature and AMERICA's King
Biscuit Live, CD's are both still available as of today.

I recorded Dewey and Gerry's appearance on the show last week and
replayed it today. I decided to order the autographed copy of Human
Nature if it was still available. The original offer for the
autographed CD's were for the first 500 callers. Apparently, there were less than 500 callers. I asked the order-taker how many autographed CD's of both were still available, she said "quite a few".

After having viewed Dewey and Gerry's appearance again, I understand why "Horse with No Name" was played. It was to promote the "King Biscuit Live" CD and "From a Moving Train" was to promote Human Nature. If you were like me, I had forgotten that HSN was trying to
sell the "Live" CD as well. I must have been too focused on Human
Nature and "FAMT" because I want it to do so well.

So that's the scoop from the HSN. I asked the order-taker if she was positive that I would be receiving an autographed CD and she assured
me that I would be. So if any of you decide to order either CD, be
sure to ask if it is autographed.

Their number is 1-800-284-3100. Ask for item number 009-762.

Message: 2462 Posted: Mon Oct 12 17:50:19 1998 By:

I second that emotion, you are right on Mark. A key phrase, "The CD will sell itself IF it gets a fair hearing." Keep calling those DJ's !
I am still predicting a million in sales b/4 2000.

Message: 2461 Posted: Mon Oct 12 14:15:38 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Being the Headliner

Jim, Your Houston review makes me think of AMERICA's recent performance in Albuquerque. I asked one of AMERICA's staff members
why AMERICA performed before Rick Springfield instead of the other way around. He said they both have the same booking agent and Springfield "cried" about wanting to be the headliner. Thou he was. It's my guess that Dewey and Gerry aren't concerned about who performs first. No doubt they are beyond the need of an ego trip. We all know they provide an excellent show regardless of whose the headliner.

When AMERICA was in Albuquerque touring with Three Dog Night about ten years ago, I asked one of AMERICA's staff members why AMERICA wasn't the headliner instead Three Dog Night. He told me that the two groups alternated being the headliner during the tour.

Just thought you and others might be interested in knowing that.

Message: 2460 Posted: Mon Oct 12 13:55:20 1998 By: Joe Polito
Subject: human nature

Is "Human Nature" CD ranked on any of the muaic charts? If so, which one(s)? Thanks.
P.S. 'World alone' may be their best work to date.

Message: 2459 Posted: Mon Oct 12 12:41:01 1998 By: Jim
Subject: Houston Concert Review

America performed at the Lovin Feeling's Concert October 10th along with Jan & Dean, Ben E. King, Ronnie Spector and Three Dog Night. The guys stole the show with their 30 minute set. No surprise!! Their play list included: Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, I Need You, Tin Man, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, and Horse With No Name. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed their music. I was hoping to hear "From A Moving Train" and a plug for HN, but no one mentioned it. Not even the band or disc jockey introducing them. Very disappointing since HN reflects vintage America! After the show we were hoping to meet the guys backstage, but they had already left. My 9 year old son was disappointed in not getting his HN cd signed. Looks like we'll have to wait another year.

Gerry and Dewey, thanks for coming to Houston! Let's do it again next year, or sooner, but be the HEADLINER!!

Karen, here's a thought. What steps are needed so America can receive the "Artist of the Year Award"? How can we help promote this? They deserve it.

Message: 2458 Posted: Mon Oct 12 12:19:13 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: WLTW

Just spoke to Jim Ryan at WLTW-FM (in NYC) asked when they were going to play "From A Moving Train"-he said "we have no plans to play it". When I asked why, he said "there are lots of things like that around". Let's just say that to say I got a cold reception would be an extreme understatement.

Message: 2457 Posted: Mon Oct 12 12:07:19 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Politics & America

Regarding all the political talk on this site lately, I offer this:

Want to feel good about "America" again?

A: Buy "Human Nature". Or better yet buy two copies!

Message: 2456 Posted: Mon Oct 12 11:43:53 1998 By: Mark

John Corbett's history, America Revisited, brought an interesting fact to light. Everybody was happy when Oxygen announced a "multi-album" deal with America, thinking that we are assured of future new America material. But did you know that America's 1994 deal with America Gramaphone (the one that produced the excellent HOURGLASS CD) was also a "multi-album" deal? These multi-album deals have clauses in them that gives the record company the OPTION for future albums. However, since record companies are in the business of making money by selling CDs and tapes, and producing a CD is exspensive, if HUMAN NATURE doesn't sell well enough to provide Oxygen a decent return on their money, then Oxygen may (like American Gramaphone) decide to opt out of future releases. So the best way for America fans to ensure that they get future new releases is to bug radio stations to play FROM A MOVING TRAIN and any future singles from HUMAN NATURE, to get America the widest exposure possible. The CD will sell itself if it gets a fair hearing. It takes more than good music to sell a CD, HOURGLASS and VAN GO GAN prove that. It takes promotion and exsposure! So don't stop calling radio stations until FROM A MOVING TRAIN is #1!

Message: 2455 Posted: Mon Oct 12 11:27:05 1998 By: Mark
Subject: America Revisited

Just finished reading your expanded America history, America Revisited. Excellent work! Very interesting and informative! You should expand it into a book. One thing that I would like to get more information on is why they left WB? They really never say, I guess they are too much of Gentlemen to say what they weren't satisfied with. But leaving WB may have had as much of an impact on their commercial decline as anything else. WB didn't seem to put much of a promotion effort behind Harbor or Live (their last two WB albums). Was the writing on the wall then, and WB figure why promote somebody who is leaving? Though I must take issue with your criticism of Dan's work on the Peace CD. I think you were a bit harsh. I really like the Peace CD, some of Dan's songs have an edge to them.

Great work John!

Message: 2454 Posted: Mon Oct 12 10:09:53 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Getting airplay

Great to see "From A Moving Train" is #28 on the R&R Adult Contemporary chart this week. Moving up to #8 on the Gavin is good, too. In emailing and talking to my most accessible dj, he told me to keep working on the Production Director and the Music Director to get airplay. He said that fans really can't do a whole lot to get it on the air to begin with, just to call the djs to request it once it gets on the playlist. But the strategy I am taking is to email the production director and music director each week, updating them on the Gavin and R&R chart (which he told me they watch closely) to bring it to their attention. I'm taking the tack of hey, why aren't we contributing to those numbers rather than just watching them?
It takes a lot of perserverance because there's so much new material out there.
But if we can't get it on the stations, no one but us knows it's out there to buy it to get in on the Billboard charts. How frustrating! But because we are dedicated fans, we'll keep it up.
Got a typical reaction from some people at dinner last night when I brought up America. "Oh, they were a great band. But they broke up about 15 years ago, didn't they?" I, of course, patiently explained that they haven't gone anywhere, they've had a number of albums (I date myself) out, just not had good promotion from record labels.
One on one works, too! Keep it up, gang. We'll get there. We have a great product to promote! Thanks again to Karen for her extensive efforts. ShariL in San Diego

Message: 2453 Posted: Mon Oct 12 06:45:20 1998 By: Mark
Subject: More Songs from HN!

I agree with several posters that America needs to add more songs from Human Nature to their live performances. From A Moving Train and Pages are good but there are several other songs on HN that are just as good or better. They need to do all they can to push HN while it is still "fresh." Songs I would like them to add are:
Wednesday Morning
Wheels Are Turning
Hot Town
Overwhelming World

Message: 2452 Posted: Mon Oct 12 06:40:29 1998 By: Mark
Subject: re:America

Joe said "I believe we should let God punish sin. We punish actual PROVEN law breakers."

I agree and that's exactly what is happening now. Star has documented a strong case of aledeged wrong doing, and now Congress is fulfilling it's duty of investing. BTW impeachment is not a criminal proceding, since Congress cannot send the President to prison or fine him, all they can do is remove him from office. It is the equivelant of being fired for misconduct.

Message: 2451 Posted: Mon Oct 12 05:09:31 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: RE;Gerry too

What was that "piano virtuoso" line from "1960"..."I could never reach the keys, but it was all OK."

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 2450 Posted: Mon Oct 12 01:55:01 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: Gerry, too.

Ok, I have gabbed with Mr. B as well a couple times. Not as long as with Dewey or as meaningful, but
what he told me kind of conjurs up a fun image. I asked him, after the same concert where I was Dewey's
cousin, if he had ever taken piano lessons (my now 17 y/o, then 2 1/2 daughter was showing some interest and
we wondered about starting her on why not ask a professional!?). He told me that when he was two he TOLD his parents
that he was going to take lessons!!! My, my aren't we precocious! Can't you see him now??? Blonde angel baby Gerry with his feet dangling
over the piano bench, barely being able to reach the keys!!!

Such glad he was...aren't you?!?


Message: 2449 Posted: Mon Oct 12 01:41:30 1998 By: debbiedo
Subject: Deweydo

About a dozen-ish years ago I had the chance to spend about 30-45 minutes-ish talking one on one with Dewey. I had bought Gerry a drink and he came over to
our table to thank us and invited us back to their table to visit. Dewey was out with this parents at first and then came in and sat down next to me. Let me tell
you~ it was the conversation of lifetime (for me!). He is SO NEAT!!! We talked about what it was like when our kids were born, buying houses, being married, about how life was treating us, etc.
I told him that we all get a glimpse into their lives by reading LP covers. And how fun it was through the years to see his family grow. And how we had all "grown up" together
through the music (I am close to his age). We laughed a lot and had a good time. He is a very kind and caring man. It is obvious that he is happy in his life
and with himself. His parents taught him well in the manners department. It was the conversation you DREAM about having with a fave
entertainer...just talking about REAL life with another person. Esp. one so down to earth. It has not surprised me at all to see others
talk about the guys the same way and how everyone talks about how sweet/polite they's 'cause it's true.

It is a time I will cherish forever...thanks again Dew!!!

OHHH, I just thought about another fun Dewey story...
It was after a show in the beautiful Paramount Theater in Seattle...Dewey has
lots of family in this area, and they were all waiting in their seats to talk with him
and they happened to be sitting close to where my sis and had sat. So we just stayed in our seats and enjoyed
watching him greet all these long lost cousins, etc. He began to finish up and I said, "Come on!" to my sis, and we got "in line" to
say hi to cousin Dew. And that we did. "Hi Dew, we're your cousins Deb & is ya?" He greeted us so warmly!!! Shook hands, smiled, made small talk
and then paused and said, "Are you really? (cousins)" Ahhhh,the gig was up!!! We laughed and said, "Naaa, but we wish we were!" He laughed outloud (whew!)
and we small talked a little more and said our farewells.

What a guy! What a good sport!

Message: 2448 Posted: Sun Oct 11 22:44:41 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: NYC and Long Island soft rock stations

Long Island and New York City America supporters let's keep calling and e-mailing these top rated soft rock stations and ask them when will they be playing "From a moving train"?
WLTW-212-258-7000,no e-mail
Rob Miller, assistant program director
Charley Connelly program director

Message: 2447 Posted: Sun Oct 11 22:14:24 1998 By: Ike
Subject: Magazine Article

Gerry and Dewey's picture will grace the front page of "Performing Songwriter" magazine in the near future (as I understand it at present). There will be an article and pictures featured in the publication possibly the Nov. issue. More information will be available this week (tomorrow).

Gerry and Dewey are very excited about this kind of exposure because it completes the circle of media exposure,,i.e. television, radio, internet,,now newspaper\magazine.

They also wish to express their deepest graditude to all you kind people who have supported them thru the years. They are very appreciative of all the online support they've received from everyone. Rick and Steve have done a wonderful job keeping the fans informed and involved and Gerry and Dewey are simply overwhelmed with the success of of the web pages,, etc.

They pass on their best wishes to everyone.

Message: 2446 Posted: Sun Oct 11 19:48:16 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America stuff

While its nice to see America on the "Radio & records" charts,I was
hoping for a debut on the billboard 200 LP charts. When that didn't
happen,I realized there is still a long way to go to get this "Human Nature" project distributed. Billboards LP chart is strictly based on Sales which is the one measure to really tell how an artists project is
doing. In regards to America's concert performances,its obvious they
have to play songs like "horse" and "sister goldenhair". but when
they get booked for ANY National TV appearances,they should be
focusing on a new song. Lionel ritchie has been around as long as
America. You know darn well if he's playing "the tonight show" he's
playing his current single "time". (He did this a couple of months back). It should be the same for America. Jay should flash the new
CD cover before the camera's,maybe say here's a band who's hits
have included........and then introduce them playing their new song.
If they have time to do an it later! Now some people reading this may say "oh yeah,everybody's got their own opinion on
how to do it" but coming from a radio background,this IS the sensible
way to approach this. I want to see the project do as well as anybody,
but this means "from a moving train" needs to be the song getting
the visibility at this point,not one of the biggies Like "Horse","I need
you","sister goldenhair" or "tin Man". Lets move on!!!

Message: 2445 Posted: Sun Oct 11 18:48:56 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Several Topics

Re: Making themselves available after shows
GERRY & DEWEY do everything they can to accommodate requests for autografs & good tidings, however there is no systematic process once a show ends. They get tugged in many directions by their families (rightly so) their management, the venue's mgmt., AMERICA's road manager, etc. Their patience after thousands of shows is unbelieveable, so play it by ear after shows, you may be lucky.

Message: 2444 Posted: Sun Oct 11 18:43:02 1998 By: AmericaFan
Subject: Radio & Records Chart!

From A Moving Train is at #28 on the Radio & Records AC chart! This is great news! R&R is much bigger than the Gavin Chart. R&R polls something over 1000 stations, Gavin about 200 stations. R&R is the number chart publication in the country behind only Billboard. Once America takes R&R, Billboard can't be far behind!

Don't quit calling & emailing stations to play FROM A MOVING TRAIN! We really need to push it to the top!

Message: 2443 Posted: Sun Oct 11 18:13:03 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: Johnny Yee

ive seen america 12 times and met them 8 times. about 8 years ago after a concert the band announced where they were staying and invited everyone to join them for a drink. we went and sure enough they were there. gerry left early as did the rest of the band but dewey stuck around. myself as well as 4 other fans got to hang out with him for about an hour and a half. that night is something ill remember forever. as for the other times ive met them it was quicker but dewey always made himself available. i dont know if things have changed recently because they havent come to cleveland in 3 years.

Message: 2442 Posted: Sun Oct 11 17:47:39 1998 By: Marty Faile
Subject: Biloxi - Great Show!!!!

Wow, my wife and I just got back from Biloxi whre we saw the guys perform at the President's Casino. They were great. They did two back to back shows. We took my parents (in their late 60's), my sister and her husband (40's), my nephews and their wives (early 20's)to the concert. To say that everyone had a great time would be an understatement!! It was fun to watch the reaction of my parents and my nephews to the music. All of them had professed ignorance of the group and only agreed to humor me and go. Hah!!! As the guys performed each song, I could see the lights go on!! I even caught my father and nephews singing along to "You Can Do Magic", "Tin Man" and several others. My mother who wasn't totally sold on the music (hey, she's a Buck Owens fan) couldn't get over the crowds reaction to the music as she commented..."These people in Biloxi must really like these guys". Oh well, nine of the ten people in our group were totally impressed. Seems Dewey's laryngitis is getting to him. He did realy well until "Pages". They had to start the song three times. The first time his voice just cracked and you could see he was having some trouble. The second time he opened his mouth to sing and nothing came out. Looks like he was sucking on a lemon between songs. The guys just joked about the problem. The third time was a charm - although I hope he doesn't over due it just to make his fans happy. The crowd in Biloxi was perfect for an America show. They were celebrating the "Crusin' the Coast" festival and had over 2000 hot rods and custom cars in attendance. It looked like Southern California everywhere you looked. Dewey made several references to the "cool cars" and even blamed his voice problem on yelling to the hot rods as they cruised by.

Go to go for now - we're going to see the guys here in San Antonio tonight.

marty faile
san antonio, tx

Message: 2441 Posted: Sun Oct 11 17:05:01 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: Several Topics

Hey there fellow AMERICA fanatics:

Can someone please tell me if Gerry and Dewey usually make themselves
available before and/or after their performances for autographs? As
you all probably read in my Albuquerque review, Gerry was available
both before and after the show; whereas, Dewey wasn't. I was curious
if Dewey was absent because of his recent "vocal problem" as he
called it or if he normally chooses to be secluded. I tend to think
it's the former because he appears to be a very socialable and friendly person. I would appreciate knowing what the case is.

Unfortunately for me, I can't access the once-a-month evening chat
board due to problems with the equipment on this end. However, I
found the comments on this message board very interesting about Hot
Town's "sweaty and sweet" lyrics being called a "guy thing". My
interpretation of the word, sweet, as used in the song is not about the sense of taste but about a personality trait. For example: The
girl is sweet. It doesn't mean she tastes sweet but it's her personality that's sweet although she might physically be sweaty.
That's how I see it (or should I say hear it).

On another matter...for "Horse" and "Sister Golden Hair" to not be played at a live performance as a few have suggested is like Paul
McCartney not singing "Yesterday" or "Sargeant Pepper's". I would
not be happy if I were a concert goer! "Horse" and "Sister Golden
Hair" are Dewey and Gerry's signature songs as well as "You Can Do

Regarding another matter, some fans thought Dewey and Gerry shouldn't
have sung "Horse" first on their recent HSN performance. I disagree because of the following reason. Living in the Southwest U.S.,
country music is king around here. I mention this to say that Ty Herndon is a big country star and is very recognizable to country music fans. Lionel Richie...nothing needs to be said about his
notability. Unfortunately to a majority of viewers of HSN, I don't think Dewey and Gerry are known by sight as AMERICA. Playing "Horse
with No Name" got the viewer's attention and probably held their attention until "From a Moving Train" was played (and unfortunately
cut off). I just don't think the general listening public knows AMERICA one-eighth as well as we do. So often when speaking to friends about your and my favorite group, friends are surprised about
all the hit songs that AMERICA has when I name them all. They know the songs but not necessarily that it's AMERICA. For this reason, I
think playing "Horse" first followed by "Moving Train" was appropriate.

Lastly, from AMERICA's first album, what is it that was found on the
song, "Children"? The lyrics are, "If I were you, I'd throw it far away." Does anyone know what was found and should be thrown away?

All that I have said is just my opinion. What's yours? Someone
please be sure to let me know about whether Dewey makes himself
available to fans at their performances. How many other rock/pop performers would do that? Not many, I think.

Message: 2440 Posted: Sun Oct 11 14:41:43 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: More airplay!

I have them on my call list tomorrow. We will get HN going in these parts! Thanks Eddy!!

Message: 2439 Posted: Sat Oct 10 22:43:51 1998 By:
Subject: Re: opening acts

The venue decides on the opening act, seldom does AMERICA have a say in who they are.

Message: 2438 Posted: Sat Oct 10 22:24:17 1998 By: Joe
Subject: video

I agree ! America need a video. Anyone know of any plana for one yet?

Message: 2437 Posted: Sat Oct 10 20:32:59 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Video

Hi all , just wanted to say what a superb job Karen and Oxygen records are doing, heaps of T.V. and Radio spots reguardless of the amount time afforded to the guys.Has the ad appeared for the FAMT single started to air,just wonder why it was'nt possible not to kill two birds with one stone when shooting the ad maybe a bit of extra footage would have completed a video,but at least the guys are getting nationwide airtime.Have excellent tickets for Melbourne Park show,which America and Beach Boys will cause quite a stir,would anyone know if these great bands have appeared together on stage before? Well roll on Dec 11,and I hope my copy of Human Nature arrives before then.

Message: 2436 Posted: Sat Oct 10 17:24:48 1998 By: Rodney
Subject: broken heart

Miss you Bill....and who were the other guys?

Message: 2435 Posted: Sat Oct 10 17:20:07 1998 By: Frank
Subject: opening acts

Gerry and Dewey have been in this Biz forever. They know how tough it is to break a new songwriter into the mainstream. Why in the world would they continue to use comedians. In 1974, I was 11yrs old. I listened to "To Each His Own" 3,654 times a day. I knew then that I found myself. I must say, America fans would love my songs but as long as my favorite acts (like America) choose to help "break" comedians, we are all missing out on the new gifted Gerry's and Dewey's of the world. The next one who runs into those two, pinch them or something.

Message: 2434 Posted: Sat Oct 10 16:46:47 1998 By:
Subject: Re: More airplay!

Great job Eddy ! Keep calling those DJ's to spin MOVING TRAIN & give HUMAN NATURE a listen. Spread the word ! HUMAN NATURE is the best !

Message: 2433 Posted: Sat Oct 10 10:07:14 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: More airplay!

HEY! I think I got KDAL radio 96 lite FM in Duluth to start playing the new single, the DJ told me to start listening for it next week! Hey, "Nellie" try to give them a call(or 2) if you can! Well, 1 down, lots to go! SEE YA!

Message: 2432 Posted: Sat Oct 10 09:56:20 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: My Two Cents

OK, I'm way behind, so a little catch-up! The Tower Records appearance in NYC was absolute greatness! I'll never forget when the sound system went out and everyone kept the chorus of "Sister" going real LOUD anyway!!! Good to meet you Maureen and Jen. And before I bitch a little, Karen & Oxygen, you guys are doing a great job!!! We should all feel grateful that the guys hooked up with you! Now, Steve Orchard, you are absoloutely right, when the guys are performing live to a national audience like on Home Shopping Club, enough with "horse"!!! The FIRST song should have been "Train"!! I mean, what did Sheryl Crow play on Letterman last night? Her new single, not "All I Wanna Do"!! Also, RE: "Train", Karen, will there be a video clip for "Train"? The Gavin chart is certainly cool, but to get on Billboard, from what I observe, there MUST be a video! And it MUST get played on VH-1 or MTV! Even if it was cheaply made, just the guys playing SOMEWHERE! - look at the Lisa Loeb example: After her #1 song "Stay",and the #18 hit "Do you Sleep", the next single "Waiting for Wednesday" tanked at #83, even though that song was really catchy. Why? I truly believe it was because there was no video availability. Just go to your record store and look at the Billboard Hot 100. Check how many top 40 records have no video availability. See what I mean? So we need SOME kind of video for "Train". Speaking of that song, has anyone actually seen the single?? I live in Manhattan (the heart of New York City for you guys around the world) and even in Tower records (a huge record store), I have not seen it. "Train" can NOT get on the Billboard Hot 100 without that single!!!
Someone on a previous post (I'm too lazy to look) commented on "Wednesday Morning"- I couldn't agree more!! As I told Gerry at the Tower appearance, the first time I heard that song, I found it to be instantly catchy!!! This song has GOT to be the next single!! It is greatness!!! It would be a crime if it didn't become a huge hit! Video? a MUST!!! And again, it doesn't have to be an extravagant video. Look at that "Stay" clip I mentioned earlier- there were NO edits and all it was was Lisa Loeb walking around an apartment! NO edits- just a camera rolling!!! OK, enough rambling! LONG LIVE AMERICA!!!! Comments from you folks around the world????

Message: 2431 Posted: Sat Oct 10 08:12:17 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Never a disappointment

I'm always pleased with whatever happens with this band. Everyone was friendly at Tower. I met the "great" Karen. And I think Steve Lowry is responsible IMHO for making us all feel good about "America" again.
(Hi Steve)

Message: 2430 Posted: Sat Oct 10 07:32:20 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Home Shopping Network

Nice to see everyone's comments on the show. To call it an "experience" would be putting it VERY lightly. Let's just say that by the time we left that place, we'd ALL learned some very valuable skincare techniques and also learned the differences between diamonds and diamonique. Lionel Richie and his people too, from the looks of it. Don't know about Ty H. Oh, and Bruce was everything you all said he was and more.

As you can imagine, I had no control over the amount or order of the songs...and the Train cut was due to an unexpectedly lengthened piece by another guest.

Very nice people there at the HSN, though, and their entire staff (which must have numbered in the thousands or something) seemed absolutely thrilled to have America there for a visit. The band played some songs and took some calls on a radio show at a classic rock station called WCOF, or, The Coast and appeared live Friday morning on a show called Jack Harris Live. The NBC affiliate in Tampa should be running some of the JHL footage on the evening 11pm news show. Very welcoming, that Florida place.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2429 Posted: Sat Oct 10 06:40:24 1998 By: Bruce
Subject: The Old America

For those of you who dont think the Human Nature CD doesn't sound like the old America, LISTEN AGAIN! Tell me you can't hear the Beach Boy's musical influence throughout several songs. America has always credited the Beach Boys as one of their early influences.

One more thought: America has been making music and releasing albums for almost four decades now. In this day and age of one hit wonders, America has been able to craft their music and change with the times. Almost every bio of America that I have read uses phrases like, "savvy about the music industry" and "survivors". You can't achieve that by just copying previous hits. I look forward to listening to new America albums in the 21st century.

Has everyone called their local radio station to request FAMT?

Message: 2428 Posted: Sat Oct 10 05:11:03 1998 By: david
Subject: america, dan peek and dewey bunnell

A couple of messages back, one fan lamented that the new cd didn't sound like the old America. If that fan wants to hear a band that sounds more like America than America, listen to Dan Peek's album PEACE. His songs on that cd sound like the old America.

Also, judging from the dewey bunnell songs on the new cd, it would be great if he could also put out a solo cd, as gerry beckley did. Any plans, dewey?

Message: 2427 Posted: Sat Oct 10 01:16:12 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America odds & ends

for those who haven't checked...."from a moving train" is #28 on this
weeks AC chart at "Radio & records". I have to agree with the comments I'm hearing in regard to America's Live performances. ENOUGH with "sister goldenhair" and "Horse with no name". those
are perhaps the 2 most overplayed America songs! and while I love em,we need to see the band performing something from "Human Nature" and most noteably the "from a moving train". I only caught
the tail end of the Home shopping network show,but it sounds like
what happened on the "today" show,happened again with the HSN.
The "masses" will never know that America has a new song out if
they don't see it played live. Playing an oldie like "Horse" only leads
a viewer to believe they are watching some kind of "oldies" show...

Message: 2426 Posted: Fri Oct 09 22:25:12 1998 By: tom t.
Subject: legacy music poll

Hey Friends! I just voted ,as I do each day and I noticed that our Favorite band is now tied for FIFTH place!!! Pretty cool, huh? When I first surfed into the Legacy site I remember seeing AMERICA listed as number 10 out of 10. Next thing I want to see is "From a Moving Train" move up the charts to the top. And a video would be cool too! Does anyone out there have any inspiring thoughts on how the video should be done? I think a Train motif is predictable, yet highly appropriate. See ya...

Message: 2425 Posted: Fri Oct 09 20:26:02 1998 By: jessica
Subject: live appearance / chat access

Though I'm not able to be part of seeing all the promotional activities of H.N (thanks to the dynamic duo of Karen and Oxygen Records!), I'm happy with the way things are going for the new CD.

Sorry that I can't share in the review of the songs yet. My copy isn't due for a week yet.

As for the chat session which I missed once again, I finally learned that the server I use at the office isn't able to connect to the Chat Box once more. I don't know why. I just tested my connection at home(right now) and I got in just fine. The problem is, I'm at work every Thursday, 9pm Eastern - because it's Friday 10am here at that time. Well, I guess one of these days, I'll call in sick and stay home to join the chat session! LOL!

If anyone wants to chat, I'll be at the Chat Box for a while after this message to try it out once more.

Hi to Jen (hey you, don't overwork!) and to Guillermo of Tenerife who sent me a hello mail.

Message: 2424 Posted: Fri Oct 09 19:58:41 1998 By: Rod Farrar
Subject: Re: Albuquerque Show

Johnny's review of the Albuquerque show is excellent. Gerry was
gracious to all the fans indeed. I was embarrassed after the show
by a young lady at the side of the stage yelling, "Hey, Mr. America,
come over here." Obviously not much of a fan if all she knew him
by was "Mr. America." It was great to hear a beautiful old song,
"Another Try." Nice to have some non-greatest-hits songs in the
setlist from time to time.

Thanks again Gerry for saying hello to me and signing my CD. For 20
years I've wanted to shake his hand and greet him, and Friday night
in Albuquerque turned out to be a wonderful opportunity. Gerry's
second cousins were great folks. Out of several hundred people,
they ended up sitting right next to my family. Can't wait for the next
rod farrar

Message: 2423 Posted: Fri Oct 09 17:39:29 1998 By: Joe
Subject: Re: America

Its also funny how people use the bible to further their own political views. I believe we should let God punish sin. We punish actual PROVEN law breakers.

Message: 2422 Posted: Fri Oct 09 17:36:42 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Hot Town

Penny: Yeah, it's a guy thing. I had the same feeling about Moment To Moment—must be a "girl thing" because it makes me cringe.

Message: 2421 Posted: Fri Oct 09 16:31:47 1998 By: Georgianna
Subject: HSN

Ditto!!! I was very disappointed more for Gerry and Dewey than for myself. They appeared to be very happy to be there so i guess that makes up for it. I can only wish to have half the energy and vitality they express when i see them. How do they keep up with these schedules? I want the secret!!! i guess if you really love what you do makes all the difference.

Message: 2420 Posted: Fri Oct 09 16:22:34 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Hot Town

Penny - I'm figuring a guy thing. One comment I made before - if the guys ever do that song in concert, all us "girls" in the audience will have to sing those back up parts. Ha! Then we'll know who the REAL fans are - the ones who know it!
Was fun chatting with you last night - great experience for my first time. Thanks also to Matt for all his nice insights. Pretty mature young man. (Makes me feel old!) Take care. ShariL

Message: 2419 Posted: Fri Oct 09 12:45:04 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Last Night's Chat

Thanks to everyone who made last night's chat session so entertaining! I was in the mood for a good laugh and there were quite a few! Maureen, you crack me up!
I have been reading the past posts and can someone tell me: is this "women sweaty and sweet" line, a guy thing? I love that song,but that line makes me cringe a bit. Just wondering....

Message: 2418 Posted: Fri Oct 09 10:45:40 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Wolfman Jack


1989 TNN Classic Rock Show, with Wolfman Jack!!!

Excellent show!!!

Message: 2417 Posted: Fri Oct 09 10:45:36 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Wolfman Jack


1989 TNN Classic Rock Show, with Wolfman Jack!!!

Excellent show!!!

Message: 2416 Posted: Fri Oct 09 10:39:29 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Wolfman Jack

Thanks, Steve. My flub-up on Karen's name reminds me of Dewey and Gerry's appearance on Wolfman Jack's music show in Baltimore about 5-9 years ago. Dewey was answering Wolfman's question about how Gerry and him met...both fathers in the service. Wolfman said, "That's a good answer isn't it GARY". Gerry shyly smiled while looking down and answered, "Yes".

Wolfman also called Dewey and Gerry, "a couple of doll faces" referring I think to the "Alibi" album cover.

Message: 2415 Posted: Fri Oct 09 10:23:08 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Nancy or Karen?

Johnny, it's definitely Karen!

Message: 2414 Posted: Fri Oct 09 09:49:48 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Nancy or Karen?

Ooophs! Is there a Nancy at Oxygen? I think I should have said Karen. Someone tell me, please.

Message: 2413 Posted: Fri Oct 09 09:42:45 1998 By: Johnny Y
Subject: Ceramic Monkey

I enjoyed the appearance of our guys on HSN although it was the most brief of the three artists. I think we all agree that some exposure
is better than none.

Don't laugh or boo me but what about Nancy trying to arrange an appearance on Donnie and Marie Osmond's new talk show. They're musical performers and their market is for baby boomers and the younger generation.

Nancy, you're doing a fabulous job. Thanks for the hard work!!

Kevin, the only monkey I want is Dewey's "Green Monkey".

Message: 2412 Posted: Fri Oct 09 09:06:04 1998 By: Howard Lieboff

Without a doubt, the guys are receving much more national exposure
than they did with Hourglass (probably none what-so-ever) thanks to
Karen & Company (Oxygen Records). We all agree that it's a slow start and I think we all have to be very patient with Karen. I guess it's okay to vent, it's a fact of life.
Let's take it one day at a time (I'm calm now) and be thankful
for Oxygen.

Regards, HL

Message: 2411 Posted: Fri Oct 09 08:52:58 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Anyone want a ceramic monkey?

Talk about frustrating. I looked in the paper yesterday to see what cable channel the Home Shopping Network was on. It wasn't listed. So I called TCI Cable. The lady there said they didn't carry the Home Shopping Network. Then one of the media buyers at my office said they did, but she didn't know where. So I called back and this time was told it was on channel 48A. Thinking America was on at 8Eastern, which would be 7Central, I turned on Channel 48A. There was nothing but video snow. So, in the words of Dewey, "I started clicking around." I found the Home Shopping Network. On Channel 105. I didn't think the channels even went up that high. But no America. So I called the 800 number on my screen and asked the guy if there was any music shows coming on. He said none was planned for tonight. So I watched the Braves lose to the Padres. Guess I missed it. By the way, while watching the Home Shopping Network, I bought two ceramic monkeys. Anybody want to take one off my hands?

Message: 2410 Posted: Fri Oct 09 08:12:52 1998 By: Mark
Subject: America

Funny how people love to quote scripture out of context whenever it's to their convence. The fact is that the Bible clearly condemns lieing, and adutery. And the "judge not" and "let he who is without sin cast" portions are the most abused portions of scripture nowadays because they were directed at hypocrits who wanted to judge others but didn't want to be judged and truely repentant sinners. Neither case applies to Clinton. Portions of scripture that are more applicable would be "be sure, your sins will find you out", "whatever a man sows, that will he reap", and "he who covers his sins shall not prosper." But this isn't the Clinton's defenders chat room. For that you should try CNN.

BTW, be patient about America's press coverage. Yes they are getting the short end for now, but that will change once FROM A MOVING TRAIN becomes a bona fide hit. They are getting much better exposure now than they did when Hourglass was released. It will just take sometime to get back in the public spolight. So don't get discouraged and don't give up. Keep bugging the radio stations to play FROM A MOVING TRAIN!

Message: 2409 Posted: Fri Oct 09 08:10:45 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: HSN

I was at the chat last night. I had a great time. Penny, you're crazy!! I did manage to stay up to watch the HSN. It is very hard to try and fall asleep when your favorite band is about to sings some songs, LIVE. They looked great and horse, as usual, was great, but when they cut away during FAMT, I screamed and say, S - - - !! I can't believe they went to a commercial. WHY?? Once again, America got screwed.. Why did they not get the air time they deserve?? Some new guys gets to play 2 songs and an interview and Gerry & Dewey, got waht--, NOT MUCH. Very disappointed. Karen, how come?? Thanks for letting me vent!! See ya....Maureen

Message: 2408 Posted: Fri Oct 09 06:49:24 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: HSN

I, too was very disapointed. How is anyone supposed to hear the full
version of FAMT if it keeps getting cut. Enought of performing
Horse, everybody knows the new single. If we're trying to
push FAMT and get it up the charts. PLAY IT...PERFORM IT...PUSH IT!!!

But I guess we shouldn't complain. They did get the national airtime
exposure and people did see them perform, etc. Ty is a very big
country star, and for the past 10 years...hate to say
music has gotten bigger than ever.


Message: 2407 Posted: Fri Oct 09 05:26:59 1998 By: Bruce
Subject: HSN

The one time in my life that I want to see HSN and my local cable provider puts on local access programming! Oh well, it sounds like from the other posts that AMERICA did not get the time they deserved

Message: 2406 Posted: Fri Oct 09 04:53:44 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: HSN

I had to get to bed early so I taped HSN...and after reading all these posts I'm glad that I didn't lose sleep time by staying up to watch it! Course that means that I had to miss Letterman :(

Jim..Erie, PA

Message: 2405 Posted: Fri Oct 09 00:12:09 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: HSN again

country guy = 2 songs + interview
lionel ritchie = 3 songs + interview

America = 1 1\2 songs + no interview

WHAT HAPPENED? why did they get the shortest segment?

Message: 2404 Posted: Thu Oct 08 23:08:40 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: America

This is not the Clinton Haters Chat room. If you want to bash Clinton call Rush !
There are so many perfect people in this world . Remember what Christ said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" In todays world the woman would have been stoned by a sanctomonious mob

Message: 2403 Posted: Thu Oct 08 23:06:17 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Home Shopping Net

My cable company cut the performance off 1/2 way through. Would any one out there be able to provide me with a video dub of the performance? I will pay for the tape, and give a copy of "Yesterday Live" -- a radio show Gerry appeared on to someone who could help. On this radio show he intros some of the more popular America songs (circa 1995), and explains their origins.


Message: 2402 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:37:36 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: HSN

How upsetting!!! Dewey and Gerry came on and did Horse with No Name. Pam called in. There was a little chit-chat but when they went on to perform From a Moving Train they were cut off by commericals half-way through! Then it was Lionel Richie....

Message: 2401 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:36:58 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: HSN

ok better than cnn but cutting away to commercial in the middle of from a moving train is ridiculous. mini concert---1 1\2 songs give me a break. even that unknown country guy got more air time. and that guy bruce ( i think thats his name ) what a complete moron !!!! maybe if he had just shut up they could have played 2 whole songs!! why cant they get decent airtime?

Message: 2400 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:32:07 1998 By: Penny
Subject: I'm agravated...

Commercial it's Lionel Ritchie!!! Where's Dewey and Gerry.
How am I going to get to sleep when I'm so angry? Gotta try...will someone post if Dewey and Gerry came back on this stupid show later?

Message: 2399 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:29:14 1998 By: Penny
Subject: HSN...again

GEEZ! They were singing From A Moving Train...sounded great...and they cut it for a commercial! What is it about this song and not getting air play on TV?

Message: 2398 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:23:31 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Home Shopping Network

They are on right now....they look great and they sound great! Of course! Singing Horse right now, but lady anchor says they are singing a "mini concert"! Oh boy!

Message: 2397 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:07:50 1998 By: Josh
Subject: Larson CD / Beckley song

There has been some talk of this release here. While placing an order with Thoughtscape Sounds I saw that "Watercolor Sky" is "Pick of the Week!" on their site. Just thought I'd share.

Message: 2396 Posted: Thu Oct 08 22:01:47 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: chat session

Jessica, sorry to hear you couldn't make it. There were a ton of people that showed up and we had a great time. Hope you can make it next time.

Message: 2395 Posted: Thu Oct 08 21:14:40 1998 By: jessica
Subject: chat session

Trying to get in the chat box but can't!

What could be the problem? I can't get conneciton even with the alternate chat box. Grrr...

Message: 2394 Posted: Thu Oct 08 20:51:22 1998 By: Brian
Subject: Jeff Larson

I just read that review of Jeff Larson's "Water Color Sky". I would have to say that I agree with it 100%. I am a hugh fan of America's and the Beach Boy's and this CD is a perfect combination of what I like from both groups. Larson adds a little touch folk with great harmonies and melodies. Every song on his CD is a winner. I'm very impressed by it. I saw on the Thoughtscape web page that his CD is "Pick of the Month". It makes me feel good that someone out there was inspired my two favorite groups and is making great music.

Message: 2393 Posted: Thu Oct 08 19:35:18 1998 By: ron
Subject: san francisco radio

just finished talking to a KFOG fm disc jockey about americas new
cd..rcommended "wheels are turning"perfect ne w song


Message: 2392 Posted: Thu Oct 08 19:21:01 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: HSN

For all of your east coasters, the HSN will be airing at 11:00pm EST and AT 8:00 PST...I was panicing when I saw a technibond show, but I called my friend Joe I. and he saw a preview. They will also be on with Lionel Richie. They proboably will split the 60 min show - 30 min each. Take Care All......Maureen

Message: 2391 Posted: Thu Oct 08 17:34:06 1998 By: Lenny Daniele
Subject: Thank you

Thank you America and Oxygen for yet another timeless journey in music. It's been a long wait since Hourglass but worth it. Thanks again, congratulations, and best of luck!

Message: 2390 Posted: Thu Oct 08 14:17:52 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Dan Peek

I just got the CD from Dan Peek's new group PEACE. What's up with the picture of Dan? The photo they show of Dan Peek is from the Hat Trick poster. FROM 25 YEARS AGO! It's the exact same picture from 25 years ago. What's the deal? Surely there's got to be a more current photo of Dan Peek than one from 1973. Oh, by the way, the album's good, and Dan's songs are wonderful. It's great to hear from him again. You can really hear his early America guitar influence in a lot of the tracks.


Message: 2389 Posted: Thu Oct 08 09:52:19 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: HSN

Does anyone have a # for the home shopping network? We do not get the feed here as our campus tv station uses that channel. Would appreciate it if someone could help.
Also, how does someone go about booking the band? I would like to get them on our campus in the future. Any info would help. Do I go through John Himmelstein at Gallin Morey or what? I also realize that the band has been sponsored by Northwest airlines and they are big in this area. Maybe I could find a contact person there. Thanks to anyone that can help.


Message: 2388 Posted: Thu Oct 08 09:11:33 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Agreement

We all agree....AMERICA is the greatest band. Can you imagine if there never were an AMERICA? A very sad and scary thought!

Message: 2387 Posted: Thu Oct 08 08:19:29 1998 By: Yet Another America Fan
Subject: America Fan

America=greatest band
Clinton=lying, adulterous, felon, who abuses his office and position at tax payer exspense just to get his rocks off.
just the facts

Message: 2386 Posted: Thu Oct 08 05:53:55 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: My Vote!

God bless "America". And I vote for Karen and Oxygen. Go Home Shopping Channel. (Just goes to show you how awesome and creative this record label is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Message: 2385 Posted: Thu Oct 08 00:20:24 1998 By: Henry
Subject: Tonight's concert

Attended tonight's concert at Boomtown in Harvey, LA.
Really enjoyed it.
Come back soon.

Message: 2384 Posted: Wed Oct 07 23:37:15 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Hats off to Oxygen

Agreed. Oxygen is doing everything they can to support AMERICA & AMERICA is returning the support - it is a team effort for sure. And everyone one of us is doing a great job spreading the news to others, the calls to local DJ's does wonders, you can't imagine the simple act of playing HUMAN NATURE on the radio & the impact it has.
GO AMERICA & OXYGEN, building a better tomorrow.

Message: 2383 Posted: Wed Oct 07 22:58:35 1998 By: Another america fan
Subject: america fan

America=greatest band
Clinton=best president
just my opinion

Message: 2382 Posted: Wed Oct 07 22:41:51 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: Watercolor Sky...A "Rare Pearl"(Review)

Jeff Larson's new "Watercolor Sky" CD continues to receive rave reviews by the press and the music industry!! And.....Gerry was impressed too!

JEFF LARSON "Watercolor Sky" (New Surf LTD 98-4803)
Young artists seizing upon the momentum of the California wave have become
more and more rare, and work of quality has become an exception in this brutal
arena. We have spoken to you of JEFF LARSON as one of the most explosive hopes in the acoustic niche of the 70's style, and this album is like a bomb
detonating: a total delight at every instant! If you are especially
appreciative of the group AMERICA, you must rush out to find this rare pearl
of an album. The connection is immediate: conveyed imagery, melodic power
of titles, carefulness in the
execution of arrangements, resonates with a touch of nostalgia in the voice.
The album starts with a burst with "Nothing But Air" reinforcing this evidence
of Jeff's simplicity and effectiveness . There follows a magnificent new
ballad by Gerry BECKLEY, "Annabelle", where the vocal harmonies make
everything unfurl as they pass by. "Shades" and "Another Highway Song" play
also in that style of small, immediate happiness and success. "Song for
Renee" recalls for us the golden era of Jackson BROWNE. There is that subtle
touch of song in the style of Timothy B. SCHMIT on "Touch Of June". No title
is superfluous (not even the ghost tracks!) It is all very beautiful! You've
got the message. This is a brilliant album (produced by Gary GRIFFIN and
Jeffrey FOSKETT). We want more and more of it! (J.-L. R.)

West Coast Rendez-vous

(note: this CD can be ordered at

Message: 2381 Posted: Wed Oct 07 20:20:26 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America

Please, do not mention America in the same sentence as Clinton. Thank You!!!

Message: 2380 Posted: Wed Oct 07 15:58:54 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Hats off to Oxygen

It is dissappointing that America got only 21 seconds on CNN, but at least they got something. To me it's only one more reminder of just how far these guys had fallen off the world, and just how much of an uphill battle Oxygen has fought to get America back on the map. It's so great to finally have a record company working its butt off for these guys. While it's extremely gratifying as a lifelong fan to see "From A Moving Train" moving up the charts, that news also brings with it the frustrating realization of what could have been if only Rhino or American Gramaphone (or Capital for that matter) had put even half the effort behind America that Oxygen has. All that great music on Encore and Hourglass would not have gone unnoticed. And instead of an album and a half in the 14 years between Perspective and Human Nature, we would have had so much more. But that just gives us more to look forward to.

While "From A Moving Train" looks like it will be a big hit for America (assuming it cracks the Billboard Charts), I predict "Wednesday Morning" will take them to the top. That song is awesome. I read recently where Aerosmith just set a record for the longest time between #1 hits. I think "Wednesday Morning" will help America break that.

Oh, one more thing. Does anyone else get all Clintony inside when you listen to Hot Town and you hear Dewey sing "the women are still sweaty and sweet" and then the female singers repeat "still sweaty, sweaty and sweet"?


Message: 2379 Posted: Wed Oct 07 15:48:52 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: CNN

I haven't seen it yet, but most of clips/interviews of musical, movie
stars range from 20-60 seconds. They try to shove so much info
in a half's ridiculous...

Message: 2378 Posted: Wed Oct 07 14:42:05 1998 By: Janice
Subject: CNN

I too was 5 year old Ronnie was so excited knowing that they were going to be on TV..he has gone to a couple of concerts with me this year (and still talks about how Gerry smiled at him!)..and within seconds it was over! what to do with the rest of our day! Well..we'll tune into Home Shopping Network tomorrow expecting a call from Ronnie voicing his concerns, guys!

Message: 2377 Posted: Wed Oct 07 14:04:00 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: CNN

I work in television news- it is extremely common to do a lengthy interview and then air only a few seconds! At least HUMAN NATURE got national exposure in that 21 seconds! :)

Message: 2376 Posted: Wed Oct 07 13:58:04 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: CNN

Hey! 21 Seconds is better than nothing!! I timed it- it was 21 seconds!!!

Message: 2375 Posted: Wed Oct 07 13:55:49 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: CNN showbiz today

is cnn planning to air more than the 10 second sound bite they showed today? im disapointed, thought it was supposed to be an interview!!!

Message: 2374 Posted: Wed Oct 07 11:22:29 1998 By: Bob

I am sorry that it has been more than 24 hours,but the answer to the question is that Willie and the guy's were doing a gig Vegas and Willie was doing some gambling anhe took some of the money and bought the wrench as it was the best thing that he could see.
I can tell you that this is true as Willie lives on the west coast and i live on the east coast, and we talk to each other a couple of times a month.I happened to mention it at one of the gigs here on the east coast and he told me how it came around,and i am happy to say that he is a great friend and you will not find a more down to earth guy around,

Message: 2373 Posted: Wed Oct 07 10:19:36 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Want Answer to Trivia Question

Bob, it's past 24 hours now. So, what's the answer to the trivia
question about Willie and his necklace with the wrench on it? My
guess (and it's just a wild one) is that it has something to do with a motorcycle????

Message: 2372 Posted: Wed Oct 07 09:33:34 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Last two to dance

As Mark correctly stated, "Last Two To Dance" was only released as a single (and then only as a 45 record in Italy). You can read the lyrics and the information about the song by going to ../song/song802.htm on the America Fans home page.

Message: 2371 Posted: Wed Oct 07 08:17:11 1998 By: Sam
Subject: Re: Gerry Beckley's solo- "Van Go Van"

For those fans interested in purchasing "Van Go Gan" please contact Ray at the following web site.

Expect to pay around $40 or more. This is probably the only way to find the CD until a domestic distribution is available.

Message: 2370 Posted: Wed Oct 07 07:38:49 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Gerry Beckley's solo- "Van Go Van"

As far as I know it is out of print. It was released on a Japanese label so you might be able to find an internet vendor that carries imports. Somebody might still have it in stock. I highly recommend it, it is an excellent CD.

Message: 2369 Posted: Wed Oct 07 07:25:04 1998 By: Lisa Rose
Subject: Gerry Beckley's solo- "Van Go Van"

How can I buy this CD?

Message: 2368 Posted: Wed Oct 07 07:01:34 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Radio & Records Charts

Hey if you want to see something great go to

That's the Radio & Records AC chart and America makes it's debut in the top 30! R&R is much more significant than Gavin (not knocking it, just stating a fact) because it polls over 1000 stations nationwide, while Gavin polls less than 200. R&R is the number 2 national chart behind only Billboard. Once America takes R&R can Billboard be far behind?

Don't let up now! Keep bugging the radio stations to play FROM A MOVING TRAIN by AMERICA!

Message: 2367 Posted: Wed Oct 07 06:54:36 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Last two to dance

To my knowledge Last Two To Dance wasn't on any America album. It was released as a single in Italy in the early 90s.

Message: 2366 Posted: Wed Oct 07 06:49:08 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Karen at Oxygen

I vote to recognize Karen as honorary #1 America fan of the week!

Get those VCR's rolling this week. Hi to Maureen, Karen, Howard and the rest of the gang I met at Tower Records in NYC two weeks ago.
FYI- Dan Peek's "Doer of the Word" remastered, and out on CD in just
about two weeks.

Message: 2365 Posted: Wed Oct 07 06:45:14 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Smothers Brothers

America performed 3 songs on the Smothers Brothers in 1974.
A Horse With No Name, Tin Man & Lonely People.
And Yes Tommy Smothers played harmonica on Lonely People, came
the harmonica break, Dan Peek yelled out take it Tommy!

Regards, HL

Message: 2364 Posted: Wed Oct 07 02:38:13 1998 By: Martijn
Subject: Last two to dance

I discovered the AMERICA-internetpages and downloaded 'the last two to dance'. A typical America-song. But is there anybody (just anybody) who can tell, me on which CD I can find this beautifull song? (and please specify this CD for me if you can).

Thank you people, greetings from Martijn.

Message: 2363 Posted: Tue Oct 06 23:24:19 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Chat Reminder

The monthly Internet Chat session will be this Thursday, October 8, at 9 pm Eastern. The URL for the Chat Box is /america/amchat.htm. I realize that for some of you it will interfere with the Home Shopping Network broadcast so we'll understand if you can't make it this time (although you can always record it on your VCR). I look forward to visiting with lots of you this Thursday.

Message: 2362 Posted: Tue Oct 06 23:14:05 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Hi, Can I Talk To Dewey, Please?

Will wonders never cease.....Just heard from the producer at the Home Shopping Network that the band will be taking calls from viewers during their visit on the program this Thursday night.

Get your dialing fingers ready! This should be great.

Message: 2361 Posted: Tue Oct 06 22:26:19 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Smothers Bros

I remember that show! But just barely.I was the first time I saw them on TV.I believe it was earlier than 1974 ,but I could be wrong

Message: 2360 Posted: Tue Oct 06 22:02:12 1998 By: Terry
Subject: Smothers Brothers Appearance

Requesting recollections and/or ways to obtain video, if one exists, of America on an episode of the Smothers around '74 or early '75. Lonely People was played, among possibly others, with Tom Smothers playing around on harmonica. Anyone remember? I do!

Terry Trost

Message: 2359 Posted: Tue Oct 06 21:29:35 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Moving Train

In the new R&R chart that'll be out by weeks end, "Moving Train"
moves up to #28.

Jim, Erie, Pa

Message: 2358 Posted: Tue Oct 06 21:21:33 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: HOWARD

Hi Howard,
I am fine. How are you? I think the HSN will be over buy the time the chat session should start. Anyway, my VCR will be rolling. Plus my TV is not to far away from my computer. I'll guess we will talk then. See ya......Maureen

Message: 2357 Posted: Tue Oct 06 21:15:03 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Videos and Thursday Nite

Michelle, to date there are 3 America videos.
You Can Do Magic
The Border

This Thursday night...The Chat or Home Shopping Network...
Decisions...Decisions...Could life get any better than this!!!

Hey Maureen, how've been. Thanks again, appreciate it.

Howard Lieboff

Message: 2356 Posted: Tue Oct 06 21:10:04 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: FOR RICK....

Hi Rick,
Have you recieved any of my email messages I sent to you last week? If so, can you respond to me either way. Thank You......Maureen.

Message: 2355 Posted: Tue Oct 06 21:08:31 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Gavin Charts

Hi Karen,
First, I wanted to say Welcome Home!! Hope you had a great trip. Thanks for the update on the Gavin Charts. That is excellant!! Thanks to Rich, I have been calling and emailing some LI/NYC radio stations to request the song to be played. Unfortunately, I'll probably won't get to hear my request because I am always playing the HN tape, either in my car or on my walkman. Did you get my message I left on your voice mail?? Did you give Patrick my number? If so, thanks!! Any news on a Howard Stern reschedule?? Keep up the great work and hope to hear from you soon..Bye for now.....Maureen.
PS-Will you be joining us thursday nigths for the chat session??

Message: 2354 Posted: Tue Oct 06 20:50:58 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: videos

ive never seen the "hope" video but i remember seeing a video for "you can do magic" years ago. i havent seen it recently. are either one of these videos available anywhere? are there going to be any videos from "human nature" ? this brings to mind a complaint about vh1---every year on july 4 (i think) they run all videos a-z and every year there are no america videos. whats their problem?

Message: 2353 Posted: Tue Oct 06 20:46:45 1998 By: Tim
Subject: Gavin Charts

For those of you like me who enjoy seeing such great news, here's a link to the Gavin Charts:

The charts are updated on Thursday.

Message: 2352 Posted: Tue Oct 06 20:38:01 1998 By: Karen

From a Moving Train jumped to NUMBER EIGHT this week on the Gavin chart. The chart number was just called in to us.

The single surpassed Leeann Rhimes, Shania Twain and AEROSMITH. This is truly FANTASTIC news.

karen d.

Message: 2351 Posted: Tue Oct 06 18:58:27 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: Re: Glad I found America on WWW's been a lot of fun meeting so many new people that are long time America fans, and appreciate the websites. We have been working very hard at making a co-opertative effort in support of America on the WWW......a show of unity for a band that deserves the very best of everything......because that's what America has always given its fans and supporters over the years.

Message: 2350 Posted: Tue Oct 06 18:13:27 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: european tour dates

Chris, the concert dates listed on the web pages are always subject to change but the latest information that I received indicates that the guys will be in Australia December 9-15. The America Fans home page has already been updated with this information including links to the ticket agency where tickets can be purchased. I'm sure that Rick will have the and America web sites updated with the official information as soon as it becomes available.

Message: 2349 Posted: Tue Oct 06 16:49:16 1998 By: Jerry Reynolds
Subject: Glad I found America on the web.

Iam totally excited about the various websites available to America fans. I have been a fan since the early seventies and have owned at one time or another every America album ever released. I have "lost" some and miss them. I just wanted to say hello and tell Gerry and Dewey how much I have enjoyed their music over the years. The new album is great. I'm having a hard time deciding which track I like best. I really enjoyed the classic acoustic work and vocal harmonies. I will be here for a while. It's been 24 years for me. I look forward to the Cincinnati concert. I have decided I must attend at least one America in this lifetime. Hopefully I will see more.

Message: 2348 Posted: Tue Oct 06 15:07:39 1998 By: chris
Subject: european tour dates

does anyone know any more about the european tour dates listed as provisional for december 9 through 15 1998?

Message: 2347 Posted: Tue Oct 06 13:41:33 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Hope Video & Trivia

Howard, I saw a small portion of the "Hope" video on VH-1 several years ago. I was able to record only the last minute of it. It was in black and white and it depicted two boys around the age of 7-9 playing baseball. It the end of the video, the two boys were walking off with their arms around each other's shoulder. I wondered if it was representative of Dewey and Gerry's friendship with each other. Someone needs to ask them at one of the upcoming concerts and report back to us. Anyone fit for the assignment?

Bob, regarding the Willie trivia question, does the wrench have
anything to do with a motorcycle? A motorcycle comes to mind for some reason.

Message: 2346 Posted: Tue Oct 06 13:27:07 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Autograph

Thanks for setting the record straight, Cathy. Sounds like that crumpled piece of paper needs to be replaced by a "HN" poster signed by Gerry. As soon as I get a cardboard tube, I will be sending it your way.

Message: 2345 Posted: Tue Oct 06 12:38:16 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: Re: Albuquerque Concert

Thank you Johnny for that descriptive recapturing of the concert in Albuquerque. Just for the record, I didn't get a poster and Gerry didn't sign it. But, in the afternoon while Rick's band was blasting our ears with a soundcheck, Gerry graciously signed a crumbled piece of paper I had with me. He also kindly stood for photographs later on. I would like to add my own thanks to the band for a delightful concert, for their patience and consideration towards us fans and for coming back to New Mexico.

Message: 2344 Posted: Tue Oct 06 12:24:40 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hope Video

Hey you didn't know this.
While watching a America concert in Konz, Germany (TV Broadcast)
they did the song Hope and in between songs they were interviewed.
Looks like they understood a little German. But anyway, they were
talking about the song Hope and on came a video, with the guys
standing in a lake and the shot to kids. It was very quick.

Is anybody aware or seen this video? ? ? ? ?

Howard L

Message: 2343 Posted: Tue Oct 06 09:32:34 1998 By: Bob
Subject: Let's try another trivia question

I was just thinking about the trivia question,and i have one that i am sure that someone will get. I have seen and i am sure others have seen on many of Willie's pictures he always wears a wrench on a chain,can anyone tell me how he came about the wrench?.
answer to follow 24 hours

Message: 2342 Posted: Tue Oct 06 08:59:15 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Trivia Question Prize

Johnny: You ought to give him something for getting it right. How about, say, the entire catalogue of Rick Springfield CDs or something?
Good trivia question, though.

Message: 2341 Posted: Tue Oct 06 07:45:58 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: Answer to Trivia Question

Congrates for getting the answer right! There's no stumping you.

As Gerry was signing autographs, I asked him what the number "29" meant to him since he worn a necklace with that number and his
publishing company's former name was "Twenty Nine Songs". Gerry said
the number "29" was the first number that he learned as a child. It was also his grandmother's address in England. Because of these two reasons, Gerry said "29" is his favorite number.

Way to go, Jim. How did you know the answer?

Message: 2340 Posted: Tue Oct 06 07:16:42 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Jim, great pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Karen, thanks for the info about CNN. I've been recording everyday
for the past 2 weeks and viewing at night. Finally..thanks again.

So, what's the answer to the trivia question???

Message: 2339 Posted: Mon Oct 05 21:56:48 1998 By: Karen
Subject: CNN Showbiz Today

The America piece will (FINALLY) air this Wednesday, October 7th at 2:30pm and, we believe, later in the day as well. I don't have a TV Guide here but check your local listings for CNN's Showbiz Today.

I'm anxious to see how much of the lengthy interview they used in this piece. The band was truly outstanding throughout.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 2338 Posted: Mon Oct 05 21:44:52 1998 By:
Subject: Re: Triva Question Answer

Grandmother ? address ? UK ?

Message: 2337 Posted: Mon Oct 05 18:54:34 1998 By: Hannah Connelly
Subject: Harvey Concert Boomtown Casino

My parents wanted to take me & my brother Cole to see you, but they won't let us in because we're too young. Too young for America? I don't think so. My favorite songs are Daisy Jane, You can do Magic, and your version of California Dreaming. Cole's favorite is Sandmand. Dad likes OZ and the old songs but has really been listenening to some of your newer stuff too! So... we're coming to Houston to see you at the Compaq Arena. Any chance we can meet you? Hannah

Message: 2336 Posted: Mon Oct 05 18:37:55 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: Albuquerque Show

Thanks to Rod Farrar of Albuquerque for sending a message to this site informing interested fans in New Mexico about the 10/02/98 AMERICA performance in Albuquerque.

Friday morning I left home to travel to Albuquerque for AMERICA's performance at the Garduno's Chili Festival. That's a 640 mile round trip for me but worth every mile of it. For fellow fan member Cathy of Taos, it was approximately 150 miles one-way to Albuquerque.

AMERICA was scheduled to perform at 7:15 P.M. Cathy and I had never met before but we had corresponded via e-mail about "Human Nature" and Gerry's "Van Go Gan". We met at the concert at about 5:00 that evening ready for a great time and we had just that. Cathy was really ready. She was at the site at 11:00 a.m. We had to sat with a group of Rick Springfield fans (he has fans?????) since he was to perform after AMERICA.

AMERICA arrived at 6:30 and went immediately to a tent in a restricted area behind the stage. Cathy and I charged over there hoping to get Dewey and Gerry's autograph. We weren't allowed beyond a certain point but we could see the guys through a slit in the tent. They were only about 30-40 feet away. We were so close yet so far.

I spotted Wood-z outside the tent and begged him to come over to autograph my "Silent Letter" album cover which he kindly did. He's a super nice guy! He pointed out Willie to Cathy and me. Willie came right over and signed the cover too. That's two down and three to go. Brad came walking by and I asked him for an autograph and pointed to where he should sign. He jokingly said, "Telling me where to sign, are you?" I apologized saying Dewey's forehead on the cover were reserved for Dewey. Brad pretended that he was going to sign on that spot.

It was nearing showtime and Cathy and I could still see Gerry and Dewey through the slit of the tent. Shortly after, Gerry stepped out and we shouted his name and gestured for his autograph. He kindly signed my "Homecoming" and "Silent Letter" album covers. Some of his distant relatives came over to visit with him so Cathy and I started concentrating on Dewey's appearance. In the meantime, I saw Gerry pull out his wallet to show the young boy relative a picture of his son, Joe. I wanted to say, "Show me too, Gerry. I've "known" you since 1971. We're old friends." Then I thought, Gerry doesn't know me. It's only a one-sided friendship. I felt a bit sad because of that.

At this point, still no Dewey and it was nearing showtime even more. We're talking about two desperate fans at this point. Cathy and I were debating who was the number one fan and who was number two. It's still unresolved. Bill, the Soundman, who's a super nice guy, said Dewey appearnce may be soon. I showed one of the staff members (I didn't get his name but another great guy)went to the tent and apparently told Dewey about a desperate guy with two album covers needing his autograph. The staff member came back and said only one of us could go in the tent to visit with Dewey. I am ashamed of myself for not thinking about Cathy but I wanted that autograph badly. I'm sorry, Cathy. Please forgive me.

I stepped through the tent and was face-to-face to Dewey. I think Brad and Wood-z were in there too. I know Gerry was. He was sitting down and going through vocal exercises. Dewey smiled and said hi.
I couldn't believe that I was in the band's tent!!! It was a small area....about 15 ft. by 10 ft. I told Dewey how much I appreciated his and Gerry's music and how much pleasure their music has given me for so many years....happy and sad ones. Dewey smiled and said they were having some vocal problems. I assumed he meant his recent bout with laryngitis. He said, "I hope it (the upcoming performance) meets
your expectations." I thought to myself, "Dewey, this moment has surpassed any expectations!" Wow...what a super, super nice guy!!! He said, "Do you want your name on it?" I said, "That would be great. It's Johnny spelled like Johnny Carson. On the "Homecoming" album cover, Dewey signed it, "Dewey Bunnell". On the "Silent Letter" cover he signed it, "Johnny - My Best, Dewey Bunnell". Dewey if you read this, thanks again so very, very much! It means so much to me. I plan to have it framed.

As for the show, it was great. Dewey and Gerry were in perfect form. I never would have detected that Dewey had any vocal problems at all. The play list was exactly like the next night's list in Iowa as mentioned by Paul.

Brad sang the lead vocals on "Lonely People". A first according to Gerry. Brad did a superb job. Wood-z was having a great time. He's all smiles throughout the performance. He has having a wonderful time and he even gets paid for it too! We liked his "Beer Nuts" t-shirt. "Horse" was the encore song. Afterwards, Dewey said that was all his voice could give.

The show went by so quickly. A great time was had by all, no doubt.
I never saw Cathy again after the show. She sent me a message an hour ago and said she had a great time and that Gerry signed her "Human Nature" poster. We both hoped the guys would sing "Wheels are Turning" since we were in Albuquerque and the purple mountains were right there. I didn't mention that the show was outside and the weather was wonderful. But "Wheels" wasn't to be. Nevertheless, it was a great, great time.

I stayed for two of Rick Springfield's songs (don't ask me why) and left right afterwards. His pretending to play the guitar took me over the edge.

Gerry kindly signed posters and t-shirts after the performance. What a nice thing to do!

In closing, thanks again Dewey and Gerry for all the wonderful years of music! Thanks Wood-z, Willie, and Brad. "Human Nature" is
wonderful and you guys deserve the best. I speak for all the fans world-wide. We all love you and the beautiful music you guys have blessed us with for all these years. May it continue until we are all old and gray and when "what we say is what we really mean".

Eternal thanks,
Johnny Yee
Hobbs, NM

Message: 2335 Posted: Mon Oct 05 16:57:35 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Triva Question Answer

My guess is: The 29 referred to both Gerry's age at the time and also the number of Gerry Beckley-written America songs that he had recorded to that point. In fact, before he called his publishing company Human Nature Songs, Gerry called it 29 Songs for one album (all the songs on Silent Letter are published by 29 Songs? Do we win a car or something for getting this right.

Message: 2334 Posted: Mon Oct 05 12:33:10 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Trivia Question: Gerry

Couldn't be his age. He was born in 1952 and he was 29 in 1981. Harbor
was '77, so..............................

Message: 2333 Posted: Mon Oct 05 12:15:26 1998 By: Paul Crawford
Subject: America concert at the Surf Ballroom 10/3/98

This was my 4th America concert but the first indoors. Some initial sound problems with Gerry's guitar. It wasn't coming through the speakers until in the midst of the solo at the end of Riverside. Played two new songs: Pages and From A Moving Train. Gerry announced that Train had just reached #30 on the charts ("everybody needs a hit every 15 years or so" was his comment). Willie's parents attended (it must have been a good 5-6 hour drive for them each way. Tonight's show in Omaha is much closer to home in Shennandoah, Iowa. John Leacox "played" drums (tapped the cymbals) during the encore of Horse (kept good time too) as Willie played the bongo drum. I actually liked Pages better than Train. Standard 75 minute show but its amazing how many songs they played. Reminded me of a Roger McGuinn show of similar length. Glad someone posted about Dewey's voice. For awhile there I thought it was the Gerry Beckley concert. Yet Dewey sounded great on his songs (e.g. Pages). Setlist: Riverside, Ventura Hwy, Magic, Don't Cross the River, Daisy Jane, Mirror to Mirror, Give It Another Try, I Need You, Pages, Tin Man, Woman Tonight,Only In Your Heart, Lonely People, Train, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair. Encore-Horse. My tape sounds nice through Train. Then had some speed problems with Never be Lonely. Then corrected the speed but must've bumped another button to cause the rest of the show to be a mono recording. Have many other recordings I'm willing to share in trade with other fans. Thanks for coming to Iowa. Please come back!

Message: 2332 Posted: Mon Oct 05 11:09:37 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: Trivia Question about Gerry

His age that time???

Message: 2331 Posted: Mon Oct 05 09:27:31 1998 By: Johnny Yee
Subject: Trivia Question about Gerry

Trivia question: What does Gerry's necklace with the number "29" represent? He can seen wearing it on the "Harbor" album cover, sleeve, and poster, I believe. Any guesses?

Answer: To be given this evening or tomorrow.

Message: 2330 Posted: Mon Oct 05 07:40:08 1998 By: TERRY GAINEY

I am really looking forward to seeing you guys in Sydney in December, as I missed you last time. I finally found a copy of "Last Unicorn" soundtrack after many years of searching - it is very good. How about a remastered "greatest hits' boxed set sometime ?
All the best ... Terry

Message: 2329 Posted: Mon Oct 05 00:22:37 1998 By: Brett Lucas
Subject: Re: VH1

Has VH1 (cable music channel) ever done a artist profile or feature any of America's music.

Thanks, Brett

Message: 2328 Posted: Sun Oct 04 23:11:57 1998 By: John L. Rodriguez
Subject: Enjoyed you in concert

Last March I took my wife to the Cerritos Art Center and saw you guys...I sat right above the stage, it was awesome. I have been a huge fan since the beginning. I was in the army in Germany when your first album came out. I'm bummed I missed you guys in Pasadena and New Port last week. I just pulled up the Web Page. Well I hope to see you in Ventura. I want my brother to see you guys live..Keep up the good work and be safe. I can't believe your schedule on the road. Wow. My favorite song is Tin Man.. and Daisy Jane.....Later....

Message: 2327 Posted: Sun Oct 04 22:26:30 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: The Home Shopping Network

America will be performing this Thursday evening, starting at 8pmEST on The Home Shopping Network. They will be singing four songs and their appearance will be broken up into a few intervals.

Yes, the purpose is to sell Human Nature and get the band more national exposure right now, when we need it the most. No, we are not doing a cooking segment. Artists who have done this recently are: Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Willie Nelson, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias.

Set your VCRs!

Karen D.

Message: 2326 Posted: Sun Oct 04 15:00:17 1998 By: John Lussier
Subject: Re: Bellingham Show

thanks for the review of the show. I live just outside of Vancouver BC and was unable to make it down for the show due to a meeting early the next morning. After reading your review I am now REALLY choked. Oh, well. One can just hope for a return to Vancouver in the new year some time.

Message: 2325 Posted: Sun Oct 04 14:46:46 1998 By: Antoine GOSSELIN
Subject: FAN from FRANCE

I’ve got it! Finally I’ve received the new America ‘s CD last friday (Thanks to music Boulevard)
After many listens, I can say It’s a good album..”Wheels are turning “,”moment to moment “are
among my favorites songs,Town and country,my wife ‘s favorite.
The music of America recalls us all the important moments of our life.
I began my first year in a medecine school the year of “a horse with non name”.
I met my wife The year of “ Don’t cry”(Harbor)
“Your move” was our wedding’song.
“Young moon “was the lullaby of our fourth child.
All my children love America .Three plays music and my eldest daughter already plays the Clarinet
accompaniment of “come back”.
We don’t Know them but they are our friends since so many years.
So,Thank you Gerry and Dewey (and Dan) for all these moments of joy and emotion.

Message: 2324 Posted: Sun Oct 04 12:11:50 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Home Shopping Network

Terrific !

Exposure, exposure, exposure. More is better in this case. National exposure is best.

All well known Popular music is supported by a strong Marketing effort, as much as the budget & the artist's can bare, it's just a fact of life today. GERRY & DEWEY are really reaching out to support these efforts by Oxygen & their management. We all know how tough this is on the artist's. By the time HUMAN NATURE sales reach 1 million we will see a proliferation of AMERICA Web sites by fans across the globe, news stories in the papers/magazines, etc.. We salute GERRY & DEWEY for hanging tough.

Message: 2323 Posted: Sun Oct 04 08:54:38 1998 By: Rich C.
Subject: Adult Contemp. Stations,NYC and Long Island

Now that we are on the Gavin and RandR charts,Billboard is NEXT!
For those of us in the New York City,Long Island area(or any from other areas) these are the highest rated AC formats who already play America's older songs. Karen said that the NYC market is the last one to earn(it's the toughest to crack). Here are 3 stations to be called,or E-mailed.
1-WALK,Suffolk County Long Island( 516-475-5200.
2-WKJY,Nassau County,Long Island( 516-294-8400
3-WLTW,New York City 212-258-7000( no e-mail address)
Wltw's program directorr is Jim Ryan, and WALK's assisstant pd is Rob Miller, And WKJY's big cheese is Charlie Connelly.
Good Luck, and maybe you can post your e- mails(phonecalls) on the chat folder. Thanks!

Message: 2322 Posted: Sun Oct 04 02:45:50 1998 By: Another fan
Subject: Search Engine

I tried to use the search engine, but got a "Forbidden" message. It also said I didn't have permission. Could I be doing something wrong?

Message: 2321 Posted: Sat Oct 03 19:20:07 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: America Tour Down Under

Hi all,wonderful to see America and the Beach Boys coming down under,I did'nt expect to see the guys again so soon,it was only last year that they were here.I suspect that the Beach Boys are testing the waters after the sad and tragic departure of Carl Wilson.If Karen is reading this there would be no better time to realease Human Nature in Australia.I have noted that all tour dates are at very large venues and after Americas last visit there was a fair bit of television coverage,on a TV show in Melbourne area America performed a medely of songs and a chat with the TV host about their 25th annerversary.

Message: 2320 Posted: Sat Oct 03 15:24:58 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: Dewey's laryngitis

I hope you're better real soon, Dewey!

Message: 2319 Posted: Sat Oct 03 11:09:29 1998 By: jessica
Subject: greetings

Hi Steve! It's been along time since I've been here. Just wanted to say that the changes are nice, though I kinda prefer the previous, "dispay all" format. Makes reading messages that reply to previous ones easier. I can appreciate the flow of the conversation better, too. I like the new format when I only need to look for a specific sender or topic and don't have much time to read all the messages. But - since you're one incredile guy, you have the perfect solution and included the two options here! Realy great thinking on your part.

Hi to Jen, too! Vacation over, I suppose? Thanks for the long letter

Finally to Rick W.: I think I saw the new Chat Folder banner but then, when I checked again, it was back to the old one. Hmmm...

Message: 2318 Posted: Sat Oct 03 10:32:34 1998 By: jessica
Subject: human nature

Just wanted to share my experience on trying to get hold of the Human Nature CD: I went to my favorite CD shop here in Manila - CD Warehouse, and asked if they have it. I added helpfully that it was a new release (I was just making a try, not expecting anything because I knew the CD wasn't released in this part of the world). It was then a shock when the guy there said they have it. He remembered it listed under the new releases list they keep. My eyes were wide and I was suddenly anxious to see it. Buy it!!! But - of course they didn't really have it. The guy made a mistake. As it happened, there is a group called Human Nature and it was their new CD he was talking about! Never heard of that band or their CD but it's available here. How can life be so unfair? Anyway, I ordered my copy from the same store - they'll buy it from the U.S., and I hope I'll get it soon.

BTW, thanks Barb, for the offer. I may have to you up if nothing happens in the next few weeks. I wonder how you're doing with the Human Nature promo now hitting the West Coast? I hope you're having a really fun time! Regards to the other GB...

Message: 2317 Posted: Fri Oct 02 19:46:32 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: The Long Wait

I've had a spot of bother getting Human Nature the people I normally go through have been very good at getting import albums,they already have Alibi waiting to send me (USA) recording,but they told me Human Nature was delteted,said cant be its only just come out,especially as I had ordered it months in advance.They said could be obtained from Germany at an eye wateringly expensive $61 australian,after further negotiation they are to try the States again but it will take another month,but wonderful things are worth the wait.Have really enjoyed the postings on Human Nature, all has been so positive.

Message: 2316 Posted: Fri Oct 02 16:42:08 1998 By: Jamey Karr
Subject: Good Response For The Single!!

We are uping the rotation of From A Moving Train. Listeners love it. AMERICA NEEDS TO PLAY AMARILLO!!!! It's been to long.

Message: 2315 Posted: Fri Oct 02 13:20:13 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: S.F. Borders show

That's our GERRY !!! True to form.

Message: 2314 Posted: Fri Oct 02 11:36:44 1998 By: Marty L.
Subject: S.F. Borders show

I saw Gerry Beckley and Brad Palmer at S.F. Borders books last night. Dewey Bunnell had to cancel. Gerry played From a moving train, Daisy Jane, Another try, I need you and sister Golden Hair. Both he and Brad sounded great. What really impressed me was how down to earth and unpretentious Gerry was while signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. This guy and all of the America team deserves all the success they've had and will have in the future. P.S. Sean thanks you for the poster

Message: 2313 Posted: Fri Oct 02 10:41:34 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Gavin

Hey everyone...
You want to see the most greatest thing in the world.
Go to


Message: 2312 Posted: Fri Oct 02 10:32:26 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Dan Peek

I have the first 2 Dan Peek albums on CD. Earlier this year, I
purchased the Doer of The Word CD from a place in Texas that I
found on the net. And it was reasonable too. Mark, I think this is the place I bought it from Las Colinas. I thought Dan was in the studio recording new material with Peace??? Mark, have you heard his last 2 solo lp's "Electro Voice" and "Crossover"? and his Peace CD work? Just Curious.

Welcome Mark to this site. Thanks for the update.


Message: 2311 Posted: Fri Oct 02 10:17:14 1998 By: Mark Tye
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Albums

Thanks for the welcome Rob. I have enjoyed reading all of the postings to the AMERICA home page. Great stuff, and they are lucky to have such great fans. Look forward to reading reactions about the Dan Peek material we are releasing. I don't know that he is aware it is coming out on CD yet, maybe he will find out through this page. I know he is living out of the country. Be well, America fans.


Message: 2310 Posted: Fri Oct 02 10:06:29 1998 By: Rob
Subject: WZBG Litchfield, CT

The station owned by Susan St. James in NW Connecticut, WZBG, has been getting a number of phone calls for "From A Moving Train". This station helped make the last Hall & Oates single a breakout hit last year. If you're in this area, please call the station. They do listen!

Message: 2309 Posted: Fri Oct 02 07:49:48 1998 By: Tim
Subject: NY Entertainment News Wire

Putting Gerry & Dewey's name in my AOL news profile over 2 years ago finally paid off. They made the Entertainment News today.

The headline contains, "We've Got a Hit!" It says

"From A Moving Train" makes a stunning debut at No. 30 on Radio & Records Adult Contemporary charts, and has been added to Dick Clark's and Casey Kasem's countdown shows.

The single is also No. 12 on the Gavin Adult Contemporary radio charts, and has over 1900 radio spins this week.

Congratulations America!

Message: 2308 Posted: Thu Oct 01 23:38:29 1998 By:
Subject: HUMAN NATURE - Support

Hey everyone, please keep up the good work on your promotional efforts for HUMAN NATURE. The calls to your local DJ's have enormous positive impact. I think we all realize that getting HUMAN NATURE "exposed" to the rest of the world is all that it takes to gain new fans. So many fans say they were not aware that AMERICA has continued to put out a constant stream of new material over recent decades. Please keep up the calls/faxes/e-mails to the DJ's of the world. The ground swell is building, steady & w/a firm foundation - the future is quite bright. Fans for life .....

Message: 2307 Posted: Thu Oct 01 20:00:49 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Dan Peek Albums

I would just like to welcome Mark and The Studios At Las Colinas to the best chat page on the web. For the best band too! In case you don't know, the Studios at Las Colinas is the professional home of Chris Christian. Chris has worked with Dan, as well as Gerry and Dewey. Mark will keep us updated on the "Doer of the Word" release. This I can tell you, it'll be affordably priced, and available within the next few weeks. My wife, Sharon, thinks that "Old Virginia" is Dan's best song ever. If that's the case, this album is a very close second.

Message: 2306 Posted: Thu Oct 01 19:41:47 1998 By: Don
Subject: Moon Song

Help! It's one of my favorite America songs. Just wonder what it's about. In those days, anything cryptic we figured had to do with Vietnam. Anybody know?

Message: 2305 Posted: Thu Oct 01 18:42:31 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: YEAH, its back!!

To Steve Lowry,
YEAH, thank you. I am able to get to the America Fans Home Page again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. PS - I love the new format on the Chat Folder, too. Thanks again......Maureen

Message: 2304 Posted: Thu Oct 01 18:38:16 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: CNN

To All,
About a week ago, my husband, Bob, called CNN in Georgia and they that they think America will air on Oct 14th, but call a few days in advance to confirm. Hope this is accurate. ..Maureen.

Message: 2303 Posted: Thu Oct 01 17:19:56 1998 By: Rick Wahlgren
Subject: Combined Message Board/New Format/Alibi

Have really been enjoying all the posts here in the chat folder.

Steve, Ike, and myself are directing all the America pages here into one combined message board, and it's been great to see all the participation. This is an exciting time for America!

Also, Steve's new format is great, and I hope all of you like the new banner for the chat folder that I've been working on (with the "Human Nature touch."

About Alibi cover.....Henry Diltz took this unique picture....and it was so bizarre and unique that it was chosen for the fabulous ALIBI album cover. Very appropriate for the times!

My daughters, when they were young, saw the cover and it scared the daylights out of I always turned it around! They grew up on Alibi music.....and loved it.


Message: 2302 Posted: Thu Oct 01 16:22:47 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: "Alibi"cover

Alibi has always been my favorite America album as a duo. I loved the cover, I thought it was hilarious. About ten years ago, I was in a used record store rummaging through their bin of rock buttons (the metal kind with a pin on the back that you stick through your shirt) and couldn't believe what I found. A button of the America Alibi album cover. It's been pinned to the cork wall in my office ever since. What's great is that everyone who sees it comments on it.

Message: 2301 Posted: Thu Oct 01 15:50:52 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: dan peek

Don't know about those two albums, we only own two of Dans' projects, masters only. Not sure about those two projects, sorry about that.

Message: 2300 Posted: Thu Oct 01 13:55:25 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: America Fans Home Page Alive And Well

Thanks for all your patience. I worked things out with Oxygen Records and their ISP this morning so that I was able to move the America Fans web site over to the new Oxygen Records server. You should all be able to access the home page using the normal address: /america/.

Message: 2299 Posted: Thu Oct 01 11:13:17 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: CNN

I've been recording CNN Showbiz everyday and haven't seen any
America interviews. Karen said it was taped that Monday or Tuesday
of the Tower Records gig. Keep everybody update. HL

Message: 2298 Posted: Thu Oct 01 11:04:36 1998 By: Jason
Subject: hi

Hope everything is going well.

Message: 2297 Posted: Thu Oct 01 10:57:53 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: Steve Lowry

Thanks for e-mailing me back and thanks for getting this working again. couldnt figure out what was happening, thought it was my computer. i got in off my favorite places do i need to change the way its listed on there?

Message: 2296 Posted: Thu Oct 01 10:33:59 1998 By: ShariL
Subject: "Alibi" photo

Thanks for the question and answer on the Alibi cover.
About six months ago I was in Blockbuster Music and as always, I checked to see what "America" they had in. They had Alibi, but I couldn't believe that our guys would put out such a bizarre cover. I looked on the back, and the way that cd was labeled, I couldn't find their names anywhere or anything to confirm to me that it really was America. SO I DIDN"T BUY IT!!!!!!!! I thought maybe the group was Alibi and they called the record America and it had been filed in the wrong bin. My mistake, and I've never seen it since! It sure doesn't seem to fit the easy, clean style of America. More like Smashing Pumpkins or someone like that.
I think you might be right about the guys not wanting their pictures on, since the Human Nature cover doesn't show their faces. But really guys, I think visual recognition of the group is important! Plus, I like to see your faces. Next time, hope we get to see you on the cover! ShariL in San Diego

Message: 2295 Posted: Thu Oct 01 09:27:17 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Radio and Records chart

That's good news that From a Moving Train has made the Radio & Records chart! From my understanding, R&R is the number 2 national chart behind Billboard! Once we conquor R&R, can Billboard be far behind!

Keep calling and emailing those radio stations asking them to play FROM A MOVING TRAIN by AMERICA!!!!!!

Message: 2294 Posted: Thu Oct 01 08:50:17 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: America fans homepage

Thanx Steve,it's working for me too, so I think everyone else should be able to get into it with no problem. Any news on the CNN showbiz thing?

Message: 2293 Posted: Thu Oct 01 07:05:08 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: America Fans Web Site - Try Again

I'm still trying to get Oxygen Records to allow access to the America Fans web site using the old name (/america/) but in the meantime, I believe I have enabled access using the following address: (at least it works for me).

Once again, thanks for your patience and understanding while we try to work this out.

Message: 2292 Posted: Thu Oct 01 06:00:09 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: America and the Beach Boys Down Under

I received the following concert information from a fan down under. I presume the information is accurate because he was already able to buy tickets. As always, however, the concert schedule is subject to change.

The concerts for America and the Beach Boys in N.S.W Australia are:

Sydney Entertainment Centre - Tues 15th Dec
Canberra A.I.S Centre - Wed 16th Dec
Newcastle Entertainment Centre - Fri 17th Dec
Wollongong Entertainment Centre - Sat 19th Dec

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