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Message: 3688 Posted: Thu Dec 31 18:43:11 1998 By: Ron B
Subject: A Wonderful New Year

Just wishing everyone a wonderful new year and looking forward to the next 365 days of America.

Message: 3687 Posted: Thu Dec 31 17:22:55 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: Ring out the old

To all, I wish you a Wonderful l999. To jimnak, thanks for your responses to my questions. I'm sure I'll have more. I have not yet heard the Daisy Jane commercial, but, I don't think I'd mind. I love that song so much it sounds good even when I sing it! Other possibilities for America-nationally syndicated radio shows like
"Imus" or "Don & Mike."

Message: 3686 Posted: Thu Dec 31 16:47:10 1998 By: Mark
Subject: A Horse With No Name

Hi Everyone. Happy New Year!

For Your Information. WABC-77 AM radio was the most listened to radio station in the New York City area and the United States in the 60's and 70's. At one time it had a 25.0 rating, meaning 1 out of every 4 people in New York had WABC on. For the past few weeks, the WABC web page (, wanted to know everybody's favorite songs. You voted for your 3 all time favorite songs and sent it in. Over 500 people and some 850 songs were voted on. At #16 was A Horse With No Name, and it was the #7 song for the 1970's. I thought you would like to know.

Happy New Year and a great 1999.

Mark - New Jersey's Biggest America Fan

Message: 3685 Posted: Thu Dec 31 16:30:49 1998 By: Norman Vincent Peal
Subject: Re: Negative thoughts

What was so negative about those posts...? Seems a bit unfair to not allow any opinions - they were not against America - just some treatment or marketing thing. Otherwise all you have on this board is a bunch of "fluff". A little engagement never hurts and it's not like obsentities were used or name calling.

Message: 3684 Posted: Thu Dec 31 16:25:51 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Concert

Joby, we haven't received the 1999 schedule yet but we'll post it here as soon as we do.

Message: 3683 Posted: Thu Dec 31 15:57:53 1998 By: Joby Meuris
Subject: Concert

Do you have any concert schedules for Europe (Brussels) next year?

Message: 3682 Posted: Thu Dec 31 11:04:35 1998 By: Maureen

Hello Everyone:
I, too, wanted to wish the greatest fans in the world a very, safe and Healthy New Year. Of course, Best Wishes and Happy 1999 to Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Michael, Brad, Pete, Scott and Bill. Once again, much thanks to everyone who helps to keep this fan folder up to date. Take Care all and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

PS - Hi Howard, I received my RI show tickets yesterday, are you going?? Happy 1999.


Message: 3681 Posted: Thu Dec 31 10:36:11 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Happy New Year "1999"

To all. Like to wish everyone here (and of course Gerry, Dewey, Dan, Brad, Willie, Mike, Guitar Pete and their families) a Safe and Happy New Year. May 1999 bring great and positive things for America.
They're counting on us for our support. Let's continue it. We
can't give up. A big thanks to Karen & the crew at Oxygen, Rick and Steve for their dedication and maintaing of these great websites. Without them, we wouldn't have a place to call home. Peace everyone!

P.S.Look for me and my burgundy shirt at times sqare tonight...
just kidding :0)

Message: 3680 Posted: Thu Dec 31 10:05:14 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: A great 1999!

Hi, gang. Haven't posted in a while, and just catching up with about the last week's worth of stuff on the board. WOW!
Wishing OUR FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME and all of you a safe, healthy and blessed new year.
Matt - anything scheduled that we can go see you at soon in San Diego?
Steve - Again, as always, thanks for all you do so that we have this medium to share and get to know each other. You're the greatest!
Karen - We really appreciate you! The guys sure needed someone at a label that even cared if they existed, and you know how much WE care!
Johnny, keep up the trivia. Even though I don't play, it's fun to watch. It also gives us variety and keeps things interesting.
To all you other fans that I have either chatted with, emailed, or just read and enjoyed, keep up the promotion. It's great to be connected with you.
In message 3568, Robyn gives the address for D&M show. Whether you like them or not, it's a public appearance with lots of exposure, which is a GOOD thing! Everyone, please send them a message, telling them why America should be on their show!
God bless each of you. ShariL

Message: 3679 Posted: Thu Dec 31 09:59:04 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Need Help With Real Audio

Does anybody out there know how I can really "download" the Real Audio songs, like you can with wav files? Or how to conver them to wav files wjile they're playing? Real Audio sounds better and is a much smaller file, but it doesn't save the file to disk when played. Any Real Audio experts out there?

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!!

Message: 3678 Posted: Thu Dec 31 07:59:29 1998 By: 2 picky to post
Subject: Negative thoughts

It's not even 1999 and already 2 people have to spoil our
spirits with negative vibes!!! Are you 2 always this negative.
Think positive, it's good for the soul. Go to some other board
and vent there, maybe Celine's or Beach Boys. We're always

Message: 3677 Posted: Thu Dec 31 04:49:42 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Commercial

See that's exactly what I mean. I haven't seen this particular commercial...I'm sure it's heartwarming and tastefully done. But this kind of thing can lead to that slippery slope that could take us to junk like "Sister Golden Hair" being used to sell L'Oreal shampoo or something even sillier. You gotta admit, America's music deserves better treatment. Exposure is one thing...exploitation is another

"And that's all I have to say about that!"

Everybody have a happy 1999 :~)

Jim Erie, Pa

Message: 3676 Posted: Thu Dec 31 03:07:30 1998 By: Alessandro Fiore
Subject: Congatulations for cd Human Nature

Sono un vostro vecchio fan e vorrei augurarvi un 1999 ricco di soddisfazioni e naturalmente quando suonerete in Italy a Naples?
Thank you

Message: 3675 Posted: Thu Dec 31 00:27:41 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Commercial

Yeah... I don't know how to feel about it... all I know is when I hear "after midnight" I think of beer... it kinda loses its coolness or something. But then again how many beach boy songs have been used for commercials and they're the ultimate american band! A tough one.

Message: 3674 Posted: Wed Dec 30 23:39:17 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Happy New Year

Happy 1999 to everyone also. Thanks for all the support of our favorite group AMERICA. I heard VENTURA HIGHWAY on the radio today (93.1 Arrow in LA) it still feels like it did to me when the song broke some 25 years ago. There is a a richness, a compassion that runs thru AMERICA's songs & this is ageless.

Message: 3673 Posted: Wed Dec 30 18:25:15 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy New Year

to all of you. It has bben wonderful meeting all of you this year. I have enjoyed the quizzes (kudos to Johnny and Shayne!) and the lively discusions. All the different opinions and ideas confirm my suspscions that America Fans are a bright well rounded bunch! Have a Happy and safe New Year!

Message: 3672 Posted: Wed Dec 30 17:50:13 1998 By: janice
Subject: SNL

How about it Karen..have you considered trying to get the guys on SNL..?? Oh yes..and HAPPY 1999 TO EVERYBODY!!

Message: 3671 Posted: Wed Dec 30 17:34:27 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: End Of Year Musings

Virginia, thanks for your thanks. I do try to keep the America Fans web site up-to-date as frequently as possible. Over the holidays it has been a little easier because I haven't had to go to work. By the way, that grandbaby (Trenton Chyenne Hall, to be specific) is due the end of February and I'll be sure to let you (and everyone else) know when he arrives. I've been told that grandparenthood is just as fun (and maybe more so) than parenthood. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year to everyone!

Message: 3670 Posted: Wed Dec 30 15:22:30 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: How could I forget Karen?!

So sorry Karen- Thanks so much for your tireless efforts promoting America and Human Nature. It was nice meeting you at Borders in San Francisco last Oct.

Message: 3669 Posted: Wed Dec 30 15:07:41 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: End of year musings

Hi Everyone,
I always take this week off from work to reclaim my house from the holidays and to spend time with my daughter before she heads back to college. But since she rarely surfaces before 2pm, I thought I'd take a few moments to say thanks to all of you out there in America Fanland. Some of you may want to hit the 'next' button now.
I'm a late-comer to this message board. Last year at this time, I had no idea any of the America websites existed, or that there was such a fervent bunch of fans exchanging information, opinions, and news so enthusiastically. After I stumbled in last spring, the chat folder was the last place I went since there was SO much to read/see on the other pages. The excitement about the release of Human Nature was starting to pick up steam, so it was the perfect time to "find" all of you out there. It's been interesting, to say the least, reading what everyone has to say about America and their music. I haven't always agreed with your opinions (and haven't posted some of my own for fear of castigation from the more passionate amongst you), but it certainly has been lively sometimes! I scrolled back through the postings thinking I could thank each of you by name, but there are just too many fans to do that! However, I would like to express my gratitude to a few of you:
To Steve Lowry-Thanks for your hard work in keeping the America Fan Page up-to-date(practically on a daily basis!), for keeping the chat folder clean, and for taking the time to answer my occasional question personally. Be sure to let us know when that grandbaby arrives- I know it's just a few more weeks.
To Ike Gauley-Thanks for your photo page. I look forward to seeing more of your great photographs of America in 1999. Love the black and whites especially.
To Johnny Yee and Shayne Zucker(King and Prince of America trivia)- Thanks for the fun you have given us, particularly when the band was out of the country and there was no news for weeks. I was surprised at how many questions I could and (mostly) couldn't answer.
To Matt Beckley and the Health Guru- Thanks for gently putting us in our places when things would get "hot" on the board. Matt, enjoy the rest of your break and good luck with school and your music winter quarter.
To the rest of my fellow America Fans- I'm so glad you are out there! I hope everyone is able to attend at least one concert in 1999. To you Southern Californians- see you in Temecula in February.
Finally, to Gerry, Dewey, Brad, Michael, and Willie, and to Pete and the rest of the crew- I thank you for the music and all the hard work it takes to make the concerts happen. America's music has seen me through college, the real world, good times and bad. I can't imagine life without it. I hope 1999 is the best year ever for all of you. I'll see you at as many concerts as I can get to.
Feliz y Prospero Ano Nuevo to everyone!

Message: 3668 Posted: Wed Dec 30 11:29:49 1998 By: JOERN SCHMERSAHL


Message: 3667 Posted: Wed Dec 30 09:25:38 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Commercial

I think it's a good thing. Many other songs, including Beatles' songs have been used. It's a way to increase exposure for the song and the artist. Face it, many people have forgotten or never knew who America was. I have heard Daisy Jane on the radio maybe twice in the last 20 years. Anything that introduces new fans to America's music, or sparks the memory of old fans is a good thing.

I would love to hear more America ssongs used for commercials. From A Moving Train was taylor made to be used by Amtrak or some other comuter rail.

Message: 3666 Posted: Wed Dec 30 09:12:08 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Daisy Jane

Right Steve! ANY Exposure is good exposure!!! HAPPY 1999 Everybody!!!

Message: 3665 Posted: Wed Dec 30 08:45:03 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: Commercial

C'mon. Flying me back to Memphis and your sponsor is an airline. Who cares! Any airtime is good airtime. No brainer!!! People are getting way to cynical about every little thing on this chat board. From the band Chicago to this. Life is way too short. Nuff said.


Message: 3664 Posted: Wed Dec 30 05:06:50 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Commercial

So "Daisy Jane" is being used in a commercial? I'm really sorry to see one of my favorite America songs...heck, one of my favorite songs in general...used for a commercial. Many of you will probably disagree, but that's just the way I feel. I'm real disappointed.

Jim Erie, Pa.

Message: 3663 Posted: Wed Dec 30 01:11:11 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Rensel 2

Hello, would like to mention that Sir George Martin was in Sydney recently working with Glenn Shorrock of Little River Band fame, was heard to comment " people these days tend to listen with their eyes."

Message: 3662 Posted: Tue Dec 29 17:45:19 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: "Last Two To Dance" Live

A few weeks ago a dedicated Italian fan, Luigi Mancini, sent me an MP3 file with the live version of "Last Two To Dance" as it was performed in Italy. I converted the MP3 file to a WAV file and then converted that to Real Audio format and have included it on the America Fans web site. Considering all of the conversions that it has gone through, it still sounds very good!

Link to lyrics and comments
Link to Real Audio file of entire song

Message: 3661 Posted: Tue Dec 29 14:22:18 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Rensel2

Thank you for sharing that great article with us.
It's very encouraging. Let's keep pusing HN!!!!

Message: 3660 Posted: Tue Dec 29 13:18:54 1998 By: Rensel2
Subject: Newspaper Article Mentions America

I was just reading my local newspaper, the Burlington County Times of South Jersey, and there was an article titled, "Singing a Different Tune". It was written by Marty Franzen and he stated, "In 1998, the best albums weren't always the most popular. This year no doubt will be remembered for adult-oriented rap stars like PuffDaddy and the Notorious B.I.G., in addition to Garth Brooks' multi-million album sales. But the best music of 1998 was rarely heard on radio stations across America. Artists likes The Tuesdays, America, Frances Black and The Corrs struggled to be heard, even though they found fans around the world." Later on the article states, "America - Human Nature (Oxygen) The Southern California duo's harmonies are still intact and the hit songs just keep coming. 'From a Moving Train,' 'Overwhelming World Suite' and 'HiddenTalent' are three more examples of this act's enduring appeal."

I really couldn't agree more. I don't think my dislike of rap or other contemporary singers is a generational thing because from time to time, I hear something that I like coming from my teenage daughters' CD players. And when they're around when I'm playing America or Gordon Lightfoot, they also comment that they like the music. Speaking of Lightfoot, I think the world has turned upside down when a fellow Canadian singer like Alanis Morrisette can sell 12 million albums with her whiny self-absorbed moans when a poet like Lightfoot can't make a mark with his beautiful CD "A Painter Passing Through". I just thank the heavens that there are people like America and Lightfoot who continue to make music in the face of big odds.

Message: 3659 Posted: Tue Dec 29 08:49:10 1998 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Commercial

Just wondering if anyone else has heard the Northwest airlines commercial featuring America. The commercial itself is built around the song Daisy Jane. I had a chance to hear most of it while I was in Minneapolis for the holiday weekend. My kids were playing so I could not hear the whole thing. Anyway, what I could hear was cool. Also, I did verify this with a friend that is a Northwest employee and he said it gets a lot of air time in MPLS. Has anyone else heard it?


Message: 3658 Posted: Mon Dec 28 23:56:18 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour-1999

There is a recent listing of a concert Feb. 26 in Temecula at the Pechanga Pavillion. Check the America Fan page. Steve gives links to the venue and Ticketmaster. Tickets go on sale online Jan 1 at 10am.

Message: 3657 Posted: Mon Dec 28 23:18:34 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: New dates

America is also scheduled for Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL sometime between Jan and March.

Message: 3656 Posted: Mon Dec 28 23:17:50 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour-1999

Robyn, Bruce, and others,

We haven't received an official schedule of the 1999 tour dates but as soon as we do we'll see that they get posted. The agency usually sends the schedule to Rick and then he posts them on the HWNN and America web sites. I keep the upcoming concerts on the America Fans web site with links to venue and ticket information. We'll let you know just as soon as we have any information. For now, I have posted the concerts that I've been able to glean through my Internet surfing.

Message: 3655 Posted: Mon Dec 28 22:18:29 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Seasons Greetings

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas,and what a year it's been.Early on this year I gained access to this quite extraordinary medium,from 85 on I did'nt have a clue to what these chaps were up to but checked out CD racks time and again hoping something new may appear and even reading the fine print in many music magazines.Then suddenly there it was an America web site which took weeks to unravel from knowing nothing to reading one post that informed us all what Gerry and Dewey were having for lunch.
Looks like Human Nature has been released in Australia with one difference this copy comes in it's own CD case like most. Wishing all those concerned with this quite fabulous group,and the chaps and their nearest and dearest a Happy and safe New Year.Human Nature is right out of the top draw.It's hot down under so i'm off to the fridge,an orange juice I think. Yours responsibly Adrian.

Message: 3654 Posted: Mon Dec 28 21:29:44 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: VH-1's Where Are They Now

Thanks for the info, Karen, you workahololic! Gotta get that grouping thing right...Happy New Year!

Message: 3653 Posted: Mon Dec 28 21:09:13 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: VH-1's Where Are They Now


Message: 3652 Posted: Mon Dec 28 19:39:57 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: VH-1's Where Are They Now

Finally got an answer from the people at VH-1 regarding America's appearance on their "Where Are They Now" series. We filmed the America segment in NYC in October and I've been trying to get an airdate since then.

Seems America's segment will run in their highly anticipated "Classic Rock Heroes" episode which should run the first Tuesday in February - this episode is still in production because of some scheduling difficulties with the Boston segment. Also, they want to include Kansas in that episode and that interview isn't finished yet. The producer didn't want to put America in the Captain and Tenille/Air Supply episode because she sees them as "more a classic rock act than a light rock act." Either that or she wanted to save them for the "Bands Named After Cities/Countries" episode, huh?

Rock on.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3651 Posted: Mon Dec 28 18:06:12 1998 By: Joe K
Subject: Russ Ballard

I liked "Your Move". I didn't like all the songs but most of them. They also did a video for The Border which was kind of neat.

Message: 3650 Posted: Mon Dec 28 17:32:29 1998 By: bruce
Subject: 1999 schedule

I've noticed that the tour schedule for 1999 looks sparse. I'm sure after being on the road for all of 1998 they are exhausted and need a rest. Is America taking a break from touring in 1999?

Message: 3649 Posted: Mon Dec 28 16:26:59 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Human Nature Tour-1999

Is there a more complete schedule of tour dates and locations available? I am interested in Los Angeles area dates. Thanks!

Message: 3648 Posted: Mon Dec 28 15:27:39 1998 By: David Bau
Subject: Horse Guitar Tuning

Does anyone know the guitar tuning used in Horse With No Name? The guitar tech for America told me the tuning at a Minneapolis concert, but I forgot. I think Dewey plays the strange tuning part. In concert he played a black Taylor for that song only. Its' something like DGDG?D (???)

Message: 3647 Posted: Mon Dec 28 15:14:58 1998 By: Dale

I haven't heard anything about Human Nature on the radio in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Is it being promoted here? It is one of their best CD'S. I hope they come to our area this summer.

Message: 3646 Posted: Mon Dec 28 15:07:41 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: The Book

"If You Could See Me Now" by Peter Straub- Great book too,BTW! Happy Holidays to One And All!

Message: 3645 Posted: Mon Dec 28 14:31:56 1998 By: DiB
Subject: An America Concert Date

For all America fans in the PA, MD, VA area, I just heard the guys will be appearing at the American (how appropriate!! : ) )Music Theater in Lancaster, Pa on March 6th. I just got off the phone from ordering my tickets!! Hope to see some of you there!!!


Message: 3644 Posted: Mon Dec 28 10:05:12 1998 By: SLK03
Subject: Re: The Book

the book dewey is reading is "if you could see me now" by peter straub. there is an advantage to having record albums---you can pick out the small details on the cover.

Message: 3643 Posted: Mon Dec 28 10:03:35 1998 By: Tim
Subject: The Book

OK all you brilliant minds.

What is the book that Dewey dozed off while reading, as pictured on cover of View From the Ground?

Message: 3642 Posted: Mon Dec 28 09:35:27 1998 By: Mark
Subject: New Year & America

Geez, I never thought people wanting to get America TV exposure would lead to a Donnie and Marie debate. The fact is that exposure on any show would be beneficial, regardless of if you like the show or not. For example, I cannot stand the Horward Stern show, but I didn't blame the guys for wanting to get on it. They need to line-up as many TV and radio shows as possible to promote HN and the new single. Their 1999 tour needs to be the HUMAN NATURE tour! They need to perform 4 or 5 songs from HN, decorate the stage with HN banners and posters, sell HN CDs and t-shirts, and give people who buy HN CDs head of the line previliges for autographs!

BTW, I haven't seen a concert schedule, but it sounds like they may be overseas early in the year. It might be best to hold up release of the new single until America is going to be "in-country" for a few months, to give them the maximum chance to promote it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 3641 Posted: Mon Dec 28 09:10:27 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Right on Eddy!

Happy Holidays to you too, Penny! Hope everythings going well! No, I never got to see America on their "Holiday" tour, but it sounded fantastic!! In fact, the way you described it, I could allmost imagine myself being there! Well, all for now, Take Care!

Message: 3640 Posted: Mon Dec 28 06:42:37 1998 By: coxa
Subject: I found a great place to buy VINYL rarities from your favorite band

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Message: 3639 Posted: Sun Dec 27 18:28:57 1998 By: Penny
Subject: Right on Eddy!

Hey Eddy! Happy New Year! I totally agree with your opinion on Gerry's masterpiece, "Minature." It is so very beautiful. Were you lucky enough to see America in concert when they first put out Holiday? The stage would be dark and then all of the sudden you would hear the beginnings of Minature being played over the loud speaker. As you got caught up in the music you saw 3 shadows holding candles walk on to the stage. By the time Minature was done, the men had put the candles down and picked up their instruments. They went right into "Tinman" just like it sounds on the album. I don't think I'll ever forget that concert. It was such a beautiful way to start what turned out to be another excellent show.

Are these guys great, or what? Happy New Year AND Peace on Earth and on this message board! :)

Message: 3638 Posted: Sun Dec 27 17:56:40 1998 By: jessica
Subject: Human Nature in the Phil.

Hi Alex! Great to have you here in AMERICA Land. Sorry to tell you that I hear no plans of Human Nature being released in the Philippines. However, you can check with the newly opened shop of Tower Records in Glorietta, Makati City. I believe HN is available at Tower Records, NY (if I recall correctly...). Anyway, if you want the CD badly, you can order it through CD Warehouse, a cool CD shop in Greenbelt. I got my copy there.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Message: 3637 Posted: Sun Dec 27 13:35:22 1998 By: georgianna
Subject: An "America"n Christmas

Hello everyone,

i am a very happy Fan this Christmas. I received my CD's of Hat Trick, Hearts and Silent Letter. Holiday is on backorder (Boo-Hoo). I must have played each three times already since Christmas Day. I can never get enough of Hat Trick!!! I hope for all a happy, healthy and an America concert-filled New Year! Please come to Poughkeepsie, NY!!
Love You Always...And Forever! Georgianna

Message: 3636 Posted: Sun Dec 27 10:30:15 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Happy Holidays

I would just like to say Happy Holidays to America & their families, & all the people on this message board (& Karen!) I got "Holiday" on CD from my sister in-law for christmas (another one to add to my WB collection!)Now, I can put away that old format they call the album. I'm also into some classical music, & think "Miniature" is a FINE piece of work, Gerry, if you ever consider doing a whole album of that stuff, I would be 1st in line to purchase it!!! Oh, and to Scott at Thoughtscape, My sister in-law was Very impressed on the prompt service she got from you, she couldn't believe how fast you shipped the CD. As far as the other "Stuff" (WOW!) thats been on the board, well....everyone has their own tastes in music, if it brings you pleasure, then by all means, enjoy it! If you don't like a certain artist,singer,whatever Well, just don't buy their CD!(or turn them off!) I've made the same mistake once putting down a "singer" my wife really likes(why, she doesnt even write her own songs,she's crap!)to listen to. Man, did I feel like an ass, & to do it to someone you love, what right did I have to put down her(my wife's) music down? NONE! Everyone has a right to listen to what they want, we may not all agree on the other "people" we listen to, but we all agree on one: AMERICA Take Care Everyone!

Message: 3635 Posted: Sun Dec 27 05:01:13 1998 By: manuel989
Subject: ...

BAM! BIFF! POW! CLANG! Could this be the end for our harmony laden dynamic duo? will they fall at the hands of the online fight over the dangerous diva Dion? tune in next time kids, same matt time, same matt channel.

I would like to wish everyone a healty and happy holidays and upcoming New Year! (That would look cool in blue, my favourite colour)

with extra special mad prop shout outs to:
*29 Sr., Kathy and Joe and Lucy and Ethel
*The Linderman Family
*Karen D. and all at oxygen
*that pillar of wisdom, HealthGuru
*Robert Lamm (who used to be my neighbour for years, and no matter what you say about Chicago, MAN is he a sharp dresser)
*The entire Detroit Lions squad, who give me something to beilieve in
*all the online friends (even when you don't get along)
and finally
*all the people who have listened to the Other: Harry Goes Surfing EP(or parts of it) so far and have promised it doesn't suck too much

all my best to all who care, take care of yourselves

m Beckley

Message: 3634 Posted: Sat Dec 26 23:11:10 1998 By: Brad Council
Subject: Re: Cincinnati show

America is playing with Blood Sweat and Tears and America is opening .There was not many seats available when I got my tickets about a week ago

Message: 3633 Posted: Sat Dec 26 19:37:59 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Cincinnati show

It might be Christopher Cross, but not entirely sure. Perhaps check w/the venue.

Message: 3632 Posted: Sat Dec 26 16:28:12 1998 By: mike/sn justin
Subject: Cincinnati show

does anyone know the other group who will be with America in Cincinnati, OH. Jan 30, 1999. nd which will be on stage first.

Message: 3631 Posted: Sat Dec 26 06:11:46 1998 By: Phil
Subject: America Down Under

I had the pleasure of seeing America in concert (again) in Wollongong Australia on December 19 with the Beach Boys. They were fantastic and received a standing ovation from the 6,000 or so in attendance. That Daisy Jane always sends a shiver down my spine - its one of the most moving songs I have heard. I bought the new Human Nature album and its excellent. The America "Magic" is still there with tracks like Wednesday Morning , Pages and Moment to Moment. My baby girl loves Wednesday Morning and danced with enthusiasm normally only reserved for "Good Vibrations" . I think this could be a major hit with the right video and promotion. Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

Message: 3630 Posted: Sat Dec 26 03:52:11 1998 By: alex
Subject: p.i. release

please release "human nature" in the philippines.

Message: 3629 Posted: Sat Dec 26 03:43:12 1998 By: Zeke
Subject: Re: Russ Ballard & America

I respect your opinion, but I think the early eighties material, especially "Your Move" is not very representative of America's better works. Both the sound and songwriting, I think, though catchy in some ways, lack both originality and vision...but I suppose those who like that kind of synth-rock pop would disagree... Just a thought from someone who is still moved by the acoustic-laden America of the first three albums...

Message: 3628 Posted: Sat Dec 26 03:34:56 1998 By: alex
Subject: p.i. release

please release "human nature" in the philippines.

Message: 3627 Posted: Sat Dec 26 00:50:41 1998 By: Joe B
Subject: Hey You People

There's so much negative/defensive garbage on this board lately it's really depressing. And kinda sad. I'm not talking about honest/constructive criticism, just all the worrying/comparing with all the other artists/bands. Cut it out.

Joe B

P.S. "Hidden Talent" totally rules!

Message: 3626 Posted: Fri Dec 25 23:14:03 1998 By: norm
Subject: van go gan

ok, i realize that nobody on this here planet who has a van go gan cd(you incrdibly fortunate souls) is willing to part with said cd...i understand that...because i wouldn't either. but, is there one kind soul who would be willing to dub a copy onto a cd for me? i'd be willing to reimburse you. it would make my year. i have surfed on the internet and have struck out. many thanks.....norm email:

Message: 3625 Posted: Fri Dec 25 14:44:27 1998 By: Connie
Subject: German tour dates

i heard a rumor that America is on tour in germany in the spring...
is this true? thanks for your help!!!

Message: 3624 Posted: Fri Dec 25 14:41:04 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: van go gan

Unfortunately it is out of print. Outside of finding an individual willing to part w/one, you have to find an overseas retailer who happens to have it left over. It is tough. One of the executive producers even said that he cannot even find it anymore. Currently it is not distributed in the US, except thru an import order (when it was available). Anyone other there in TV land got one to spare ?
In other words, Brother/Sister can you spare a VAN GO GAN, the GERRY BECKLEY debut solo masterpiece ?

Message: 3623 Posted: Fri Dec 25 13:48:32 1998 By: Ivy Dawn
Subject: Russ Ballard & America

Hello everyone,

I was going through the previous messages listed in your Chat Folder and I noticed that you guys have a strong dislike for Russ Ballard. It is true that "Your Move" had quite a strong "Ballard" influence but that does not mean that you guys should put all the blame on Russ!! I think the album has many fine songs such as "She's A Runaway", "My Kinda Woman", "Cast The Spirit" and "The Border". The album has a strong rock influence which would not have been possible without Russ! America is a fantastic group but they required a push towards the stong "guitar rock" sound which only Russ Ballard could provide!

All I am saying is that America has chosen Russ Ballard to write a whole bunch of songs for them and therefore there must be a reason why they chose him! He is a great musician and it is horrible they way you people are downplaying his brilliance and trashing his name!

Give the guy some respect for heaven's sake!

Best wishes,

Message: 3622 Posted: Fri Dec 25 11:53:49 1998 By: norm
Subject: van go gan

hi....does anybody know where on this planet i can get gerry's van go gan cd? i have struck out thus far. thanks, norm

Message: 3621 Posted: Fri Dec 25 11:34:14 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Happy Holidays

Thanks for all the kind messages. Here's for a joyous & prosperous New Year to everyone. It is a Wonderful Life.

Message: 3620 Posted: Thu Dec 24 23:05:38 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Good Tidings And Cheer

May all of you have a happy and healty holiday season. May only happiness and good health come your way. May your good wishes and dreams come true.
The Zucker Family - Shayne, Renee, Rachel (7), Mayer (5) and the twins, Elisha and Mendy (15 weeks).

Message: 3619 Posted: Thu Dec 24 22:56:16 1998 By: Ron B
Subject: Happy Holidays

To everyone who contributed to this message board and all who have made it possible,Happy Holidays and best wishes to you and your families. Merry Christmas, Dewey and Gerry.

Message: 3618 Posted: Thu Dec 24 21:46:56 1998 By: Howard L
Subject: Happy Holidays

To all on this message board,

Happy Holidays to everyone, especially Gerry, Dewey & the band.
They've made 1998 a very special year for us fans. Now let's give
them back what they deserve...respect, courtesy and our SUPPORT...they are going to need it, especially for 1999!

Steve has worked tremendously hard on this website, and we have
what to be thankful for. He's doing a terrific job...keep it up.

And a BIG THANK YOU to Karen & Oxygen, those folks were nice enough
to take continue this website, so us fans have a place to go to and
schmooze, talk, babble, laugh, tell trivia....
but for god's sake, let's keep this bickering & rivalry off of this chat board. Let's make it ONE hell of a place in which we can
make it proud.

Especially yours, Howard "I don't post too much" Lieboff

Message: 3617 Posted: Thu Dec 24 19:03:01 1998 By: John Nelson
Subject: Merry Merry to all

To all my new friends in America land, and especially to my favorite group, have a merry, safe, and joyful Christmas. I thought those blue letters had something to do with a "blue" Christmas!

Message: 3616 Posted: Thu Dec 24 18:30:16 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: D+m Celine Dion

Ah come on Joe...

Merry Christmas

Message: 3615 Posted: Thu Dec 24 18:10:39 1998 By: Joe
Subject: Happy

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!! To Dewey and Gerry keep the music coming, and PLEASE come to North or South Carolina!!!! Joe

Message: 3614 Posted: Thu Dec 24 18:06:48 1998 By: Joe
Subject: D+m Celine Dion

Here we go again. To say that Donnie and Marie ,Celine Dion,and Chicago have no talent is ludicrus. Some people get their little computers and all of a sudden the become experts and music crtics. All of the afore mentioned people are extremely talented and hard working professionals. If you don't like there work thats OK,thats why there are so many musicians. But just because you don't like their music doesn't mean they SUCK... I guess it's easy to sit back behind your computer and be critical. You know D+M have a TV show, you guys just have a TV.
Another thing.. I wonder how many other Web sights for other groups have negative people saying negative things about America

Message: 3613 Posted: Thu Dec 24 14:12:24 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Have a very...

Happy, safe and wonder filled holiday. To all of you,I have enjoyed meeting you, playing the Triv and having discussions.

Take care of yourselves! Enjoy your families (and play Human Nature REAL LOUD!!!


Message: 3612 Posted: Thu Dec 24 12:01:53 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Holiday Greeting

Todd Fare, a Merry Christmas wish to you too. Happy Holidays to all of my new AMERICA "family" members. I dare not list individual names in fear of leaving someone out but if I've corresponded with you, then you know who you are. May 1999 be the best year for Dewey, Gerry, Brad, Willie, and Michael who is known to me as Mr. Nice Guy!

Message: 3611 Posted: Thu Dec 24 11:07:35 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: On this Christmas Eve...

... I want to wish all of you the most joyous Christmas. I don't dare to even start naming names because I know I would miss one or more of you (but you all know who you are). This past year has been wonderful and much of that has come through getting to know many of you through the wonders of the Internet. I'm not very good at sending out Christmas cards (OK, so I don't send them at all), but I have created a special Christmas card that I'd like to share with all of you. Happy  Holidays to you all!

Message: 3610 Posted: Thu Dec 24 09:07:11 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: To Johhny (Switchblade)

I must say I'm sorry to have ruffled some feathers - I only wished to provoke some decent interaction. Maybe something beyong endless trivia... National exposure of course - I think Human Nature is their best in 15 years! I don't think you have to be desparate about it. I merely stated an opinion and not towards anyone (except maybe their professional indentity). It still sounds a little hokey to do that show (Donny/Marie), but it's not that big of a deal - really. We all hope the best for this band and for future releases. Long may they run... Merry Christmas!

The switchblade thing is just a joke (from SNL)

Message: 3609 Posted: Thu Dec 24 08:31:18 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Happy Holidays

To All:
I would just like to say 'Happy Holidays' to all of my new found friends, (thanks to this wonderful fan page) Steve Lowry, Rick Wahlgren, Jim Nakao, Penny, Howard, Steve Orchard, Karen (the best), and to my long time friends (well, it feels like they are) Gerry and family, Dewey and family, Willie, Michael, Brad, Pete, Scott, Bill and their families. I love you guys. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year.
And if I left anyone's name out, sorry about that, but Happy Holidays to You All!! See you guys, Gerry & Dewey, in March 1999, in Rhode Island....Maureen & Bob from Long Island

Message: 3608 Posted: Thu Dec 24 04:49:09 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: Christmas Message

I'd like to share an unexpected and pleasant Christmas message that we've heard on a Sydney radio station . It was Gerry saying " Wishing you a Happy and safe Christmas ." Ditto.

Message: 3607 Posted: Thu Dec 24 03:24:43 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Asbestos


Whaddya mean "wannabe"? I'm tuning my guitar as we speak and practicing all of Dan's songs! IT COULD HAPPEN!!! Really. I'm not dilusional! Shhh. What's that noise? Hey. It could be Santa. LOL.


Message: 3606 Posted: Wed Dec 23 23:00:12 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Season's Greetings

Peace and Love to Steve Lowry, Johnny (The Master), Howard L, Mark, Shayne, Tom T, Karen D, Steve Orchard, Robyn, Jimnak, Truthsaint, Health Guru (Our Conscience, Good For The Soul), Michelle, Down Under Folks, Rob, Brandon Rose, Virginia, Jennifer, America Fans Everywhere...if I left you out, which I'm sure I might have, drop me a line and I'll mention you, too. Keep it going!
So Much Music, So little Time.

Message: 3605 Posted: Wed Dec 23 22:44:32 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: How To Write In Blue

TerryT, Karen was right when she said she has no idea how to write in blue. Here's what happened. She created a post where she copied some text from a previous post. She enclosed the copied text inside angle brackets (mathematical less-than and greater-than signs) so everyone would know what text she was replying too. Unfortunately, HTML (which is the language of the Internet) interprets those angle brackets as special symbols and it made all of the text that she had copied invisible. So I took the liberty of changing the angle brackets into colored font codes which changed the text to blue. It's kind of a technical thing so I won't say much more about it. However, if you have some special text that you'd like to see in blue, go ahead and post it on the chat folder and then send me a mail message with the Post Number and the text that you want changed to blue and I'll do it for you as quickly as possible.

Message: 3604 Posted: Wed Dec 23 22:08:07 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: To Todd Fare

Todd, you said to please not take you seriously. I'm glad you weren't serious when you said, "I for one hope no Donny and Marie appearance happens." I'm glad because I shutter to think a "fan"
would hope to deprive Gerry and Dewey an opportunity for national exposure merely because of their personal disdain for the hosts of the show.

Message: 3603 Posted: Wed Dec 23 21:42:06 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "In The Middle" Quiz Answers

To Robyn and anyone else who cares. Here are the answers to the "In The Middle" quiz and credit to each person who got the answer right.

"Sister Golden Hair"
Will you meet me in the middle,
Will you meet me in the air

"No Fortune"
We were dancing in the middle
We could hardly hold our heads up

"Never Be Lonely"
Here in the middle of now or never
Finally found where I belong

Red and blue I want to like a hole in the head
It slopes in the middle and is stopping them dead

"High In The City"
A nightclub in the middle
Tapping time to my song

Thanks Steve Lowry for the excellent song clues. Way to go Virginia, Shayne, and Robin! I'm glad you played.

PS to Tom T: Thanks Tom for the kind holiday greeting. Happy Holidays to you as well, my friend!!

Message: 3602 Posted: Wed Dec 23 20:17:35 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Season's greetings

Happy Holidays to all of you great people in this chat folder! Special wishes to Rob ("Mr. Personality"), Steve Lowry, Johnny, Shayne, Robyn, Howard L.,Terry T.,(Your last post really said a lot- We gotta get together and Jam),John C., Jim N., and all the others too numerous to mention! I especially want to wish Gerry,Dewey,And the rest of the band Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and restful Holiday. Let's Show 'Em That AMERICA Rocks!!! And Let's make 1999 a very successful year for All Of Us!!!! God Bless you with Love and Peace! Tom T.

Message: 3601 Posted: Wed Dec 23 20:01:59 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Holidays Best Wishes

I'd like to send my best to some of the nicer folks out there...some regular visitors to this page.

Happy Holidays Steve Lowry, Tom T., Howard, Karen at Oxygen, Gerry, Dewey and their families. Gerry, I told my son the "Joe Story" you told me in New York about the "telephones in your house". He loved it. Matthew wanted to assist you in your Christmas shopping again this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

I wish you all health, and happiness, in 1999.

Message: 3600 Posted: Wed Dec 23 19:49:44 1998 By: Karen D
Subject: Re: Enjoying the Energy

p.s. show me how to write in BLUE, Karen...please!

To be honest, I have no idea how I did that, Tery...

Message: 3599 Posted: Wed Dec 23 19:35:06 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Asbestos

Sure, I could transcribe all the lyrics to all America's songs into one word processing file and then do a computer search for whatever. Maybe I already have done that. Is this what we do while the Guys are away? Drum our fingers while they're gone and play trivia games? Nothing against the genius behind many of these quizzes, but is this the only thing allowed on this folder? There are many types of fans out here: Those who those who are obsessed, those who just dig the music but sit quiet, and those who are musicians (America wannabes who feel they could get onstage with the Guys at any given moment and fill in for where Dan left off). Some of us see the Guys as idols, some see or know them as peers. The Guys are human (it's their nature), and so are we. I will always love them from my own perspective, regardless of what I read or hear. I feel some posts which have been slammed were sincere opinions and represented a good many folks' feelings. This folder should not tolerate obnoxious sabotage, but at the same time should not become a blind partisan clique.

Message: 3598 Posted: Wed Dec 23 18:35:23 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: "in the middle" quiz ?

Somewhere in all the asbestos posts today, I lost track. Did we get all the answers?

Message: 3597 Posted: Wed Dec 23 18:34:30 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Enjoying the Energy

I don't have statistics to prove it, but I bet America, having been constantly on the road since day one, has done more concert dates than Chicago, The Osmonds, and Celine combined. Each "tour" is only defined by the calender year(s) at the time, and it has actually been just one continuous tour. I dare say most folks I know who are passionately into America's music probably do not have very many of the other above-mentioned artists' recordings nestled in the same collection, except maybe for some very early Chicago, and , if female, some more recent. Maybe the Guys choose to have it that way. Some "groups" are strictly studio and crank out albums but tour close to never. They may come out for a short promotional appearance, if at all. Consider the latter day Beatles and Steely Dan. America stays close to the people of the world in a personal way. So they don't go platinum each new least they are creative enough to write and record new material on a constant basis. They aren't stagnating as a performing band, as witness any concert-goer. I feel it is a fine balance of keeping in musical shape and remaining creative. They have already stood the test of time. Quality isn't measured by units sold, and never was. I won't mention rap music or Spice Girls, but heck, America = freedom of expression. Regarding the last few opinionated but heartfelt posts, I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend until death your right to say it.

Variety and healthy discourse is good for the soul. God Bless America and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL participants on this folder. I love you all.


p.s. show me how to write in BLUE, Karen...please!

Message: 3596 Posted: Wed Dec 23 17:14:50 1998 By: Brian
Subject: Todd Fare

Todd, I agree with your assessment of Donny @ Marie and Celine Dion. I have enjoyed reading your postings. You make this board more intresting. I think in the future we will see America produce new projects independent of record labels, using the inter-net to help promote it and selling stock to the distributers themselves.

Message: 3595 Posted: Wed Dec 23 15:22:50 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: autographed guitar

That guitar, if Beckley didn't smudge the paint pen, is worth roughly 8.2 million big ones at auction.

Call Sotheby's!

Message: 3594 Posted: Wed Dec 23 15:20:33 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: "Talentless"????

Makes me wonder about the musicial appreciative depth of America fans if they can't see past this.

Wow, nice guy. Somehow, this board is turning into the Who fans' board so I'm calling Rageaholics Anonymous right now to schedule a group session...

...but before I do, let me say this: Happy Holidays, Folks...Thanks for making Oxygen's 1998 so special and fun! You're all fantastic.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3593 Posted: Wed Dec 23 15:11:00 1998 By: America Fan
Subject: America

True, Donnie and Marie weren't "cool" at the height of their popularity, but...what the heck, some people liked them and others didn't. You could also look at it another way...they have a TV show and Gerry and Dewey don't. If you think about it, a whole lot of less than flattering things could be said about America...a friend of mine calls them one-hit wonders because as a duo the only hit they ever had was "Magic." He's wrong, but if you're looking for targets, you can find them anywhere. As far as Celine Dion, I don't care for her, but Gerry sure must. He hired Phil Gladston to produce two of his songs on Human Nature, and Phil was the force behind much of Celine Dion's work...which also might explain what went wrong with "Hidden Talent."

Message: 3592 Posted: Wed Dec 23 14:10:55 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Talentless" Part 2

Todd, you are comparing apples and oranges. Celine has a beautiful expressive voice. Just because she doesn't write her own material, she has no talent? Please. Just how many songs did Frank Sinatra write? By your definition Todd, he has no talent.

I will climb off my soapbox now, and get back to the issue at hand which is getting more visibility for America. They have an absolutly terrific CD out and people from a broader fan base need to hear it!

Message: 3591 Posted: Wed Dec 23 13:53:13 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: "Talentless" Part 2

I think the songwriting separates the artist from the entertainer. Real life from the big show. Celine Dion - well she sucks - All I hear when she sings is herself (showy), that has never been the case with America and they have always been in the singer/songwriter circle - respectfully so.
Don;t take things so seriously please.

Message: 3590 Posted: Wed Dec 23 13:19:24 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: autographed guitar


Message: 3589 Posted: Wed Dec 23 12:48:50 1998 By: bj weikert
Subject: autographed guitar

i recently aquired a new peavey electric raptor guitar signed by the two original members of the band America. does anyone have any idea what it might be worth?

Message: 3588 Posted: Wed Dec 23 12:29:58 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Quiz: "In The Middle"

" in the middle of now and never..." - NEVER BE LONELY

When I was a kid, I had a crush on Marie. I didn't care if she had talent or not!


Message: 3587 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:59:23 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Quiz: "In The Middle"

Number 2 is "Monster"

Message: 3586 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:57:20 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Quiz: "In The Middle"

NO FORTUNE-"We were dancing in the middle.."
Happy Holidays to all of my fellow America fans and to Gerry and Dewey and their families! I'm off to make my famous gingerbread cookies. Martha Stewart would weep with envy if she saw them!

Message: 3585 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:56:26 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "Talentless" Part 2

Right you are, Johnny! I was not a huge fan of D & M when I was a kid (even though they lived in my neighborhood and had a pretty large fan base among my friends) I was especially impressed with the work Donny did on Mulan. I think that an appearance by America would be a good mix!

Message: 3584 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:47:52 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Talentless" Part 2

Since when did songwriting become the criterion for being talented? Todd, I would guess you consider Celine Dion to be "talentless" become she is a huge musical entertainer who writes very few of the songs she sings.

Message: 3583 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:36:28 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Quiz: "In The Middle"

Fun quiz, Johnny. Robyn already got the "obvious" one ("Sister Golden Hair") so here are some clues to the other 4. I'm not very good at giving clues so don't throw sticks and stones if they don't help very much.

1. The sibling blonde lady ("Sister Golden Hair")
2. Godzilla
3. Bad luck
4. Empire State Building
5. I have lots of friends

Message: 3582 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:14:51 1998 By: Trudy
Subject: Re: Chicago's current popularity vs. America's

They do. Jason Scheff (a friend of Gerry's - see credits to recent CD's) and Robert Lamm (recorded as a new unit w/Gerry) - both of these guys have been there and new hits happened as they changed. There should be no comparison with Chicago. America and they stand on their own. Two very respectful sounds. Can we just leave it at that.
Chicago's new CD is Chicago 25 (fits well with Christmas. I think an America Christmas album is a great idea.

Message: 3581 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:08:53 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: "Talentless"????

I for one hope no Donny and Marie appearance happens. Talenless - well there isn't much there on the creative angle is there? How many songs have they written anyway? I'm afraid they are a bit "talenless". Makes me wonder about the musicial appreciative depth of America fans if they can't see past this.


Message: 3580 Posted: Wed Dec 23 11:08:53 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Chicago

Excuse me, I just woke up from a long Chicago-induced nap. Have I missed anything lately?


Message: 3579 Posted: Wed Dec 23 10:45:13 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Talentless"????

"A Fan", you are entitled to your opinion; however, I disagree with your assessment of Donny and Marie as "talentless". Marie is a very talented country music singer. Donny has in the recent past been very busy performing in Broadway musicals. Time will tell about how successful their show is. Aside from all of this, I hope you contacted their site for AMERICA's sake.

Message: 3578 Posted: Wed Dec 23 10:42:47 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Quiz: "In The Middle"

The obvious one "Sister Golden Hair" BTW, I remember reading that the original for that line was "will you meet me in Virginia" but there was no real rhyme for that and Jackson Browne (who I believe was touring with them at the time) suggested the change. Anyone else remember that story, or is my memory faulty???

Message: 3577 Posted: Wed Dec 23 10:06:22 1998 By: "A Fan"
Subject: Re: Please E-mail "Donny and Marie"

Donny and Marie,"fellow musical entertainers??" pleeeese......... It's great what your doing, but as far as "D and M" goes.... their a couple of talentless teen idol, TV show hasbeens. And I really don't think their show will last too much longer.

Message: 3576 Posted: Wed Dec 23 09:24:34 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Quiz: "In The Middle"

I wouldn't be surprised if Gerry writes a song in the future called, "In The Middle". I can think of 5 songs (4 by Gerry and 1 by Gerry and Dewey) that have "in the middle" as lyrics. Can you name the songs and give the lyrics? Steve Lowry, you are the "King of AMERICA's Lyrics" so if no one else knows the titles, you can finish it up.

Message: 3575 Posted: Wed Dec 23 09:15:11 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: I Ain't Foolin' Answers and Credits

Way to go Virginia, Shayne, Tim (TZMAC), and Steve. Here's who got what:

Virginia: Foolin'

Shayne: Sarah and Jet Boy Blue

Tim: 5th Avenue, Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Never Be Lonely, and Inspector Mills

Steve: Jody

Thanks for playing!

Message: 3574 Posted: Wed Dec 23 08:24:16 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Please E-mail "Donny and Marie"

Thanks Robyn for the E-mail address of the "Donny and Marie" show. I just finished requesting the appearance of AMERICA on their show. Please everyone, send a message to them. For their web site address, please see Robyn's post, number 3568.

With a new AMERICA release, looks like "Wednesday Morning", we stand a good chance of having AMERICA on "D and M". What makes it different than other talk shows is the fact that Donny and Marie are fellow musical entertainers (as if you didn't know).

You can send them an e-mail via their address. From there, I selected "Talk To Us". Please do it! Karen will need proof of a strong AMERICA following!!!! Thanks.

Message: 3573 Posted: Wed Dec 23 05:06:39 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Chicago's current popularity vs. America's

How can you say that Chicago still has their signature sound? First off, two original lead vocalists (Peter Cetera and Terry Kath) are no longer there. The horns seemed to take a break sometime in the early 80's and you seldom hear them on any new singles. "Make Me Smile" is a far cry from ANYTHING they did since 1982. Whereas America still has two of the three original vocalists and anything from "Hourglass" and "Human Nature"...well anything except "Hidden Talent"...would have fit nicely on their 70's albums.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Jim Erie, Pa

Message: 3572 Posted: Tue Dec 22 23:12:52 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Where Are They Now

Well, maybe next week. With Air Supply, Christopher Cross and the Captain and Tenielle, I was certain America woud be on that show. I'm not terribly disappointed that they weren't grouped with them, though.


Message: 3571 Posted: Tue Dec 22 22:35:42 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Where Are They Now

Well, maybe next week. With Air Supply, Christopher Cross and the Captain and Tenielle, I was certain America woud be on that show. I'm not terribly disappointed that they weren't grouped with them, though.


Message: 3570 Posted: Tue Dec 22 22:13:32 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Chicago's current popularity vs. America's

happy holidays, lenny

Message: 3569 Posted: Tue Dec 22 19:38:34 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

SARAH w/an "H"

Message: 3568 Posted: Tue Dec 22 18:55:22 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Donnie and Marie,etc.

The "talk to the show" site is as follows:
I agree that we have seen WAY TOO MUCH of CHICAGO and not enough AMERICA on the tube these days. But then,I never was a fan of Chicago(I always thought that they latest hit was their previous one, PLAYED BACKWARDS!) I also agree that Rosie O'Donnell would be a great venue. Her show plays to a pretty broad audience.

Anyway, Happy Solstice to all! Stay warm and keep safe.


Message: 3567 Posted: Tue Dec 22 18:43:33 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

Good job you guys. You got 7 of the 8 "fool" songs. Here are links to the lyrics for all 8 of the songs that have "fool" in them. The only one that hasn't been guessed so far is "Jody".

Inspector Mills
Never Be Lonely
Jet Boy Blue
Don't Let Me Be Lonely
5th Avenue

Message: 3566 Posted: Tue Dec 22 17:55:18 1998 By: jessica
Subject: greetings

In case I get too busy later on (as I have been the whole month), I'll greet everybody now.


May you have a fun time with your families and friends and of course, with America on your minds and in your hearts.

And to Gerry and Dewey and Brad and Michael and Willie - I wish you all the best this season and always.

All my love,

Message: 3565 Posted: Tue Dec 22 17:55:17 1998 By: Lenny
Subject: Chicago's current popularity vs. America's

Regarding why Chicago is getting these bookings and not America...
Chicago has had more hits than America. Chicago has never had a period of nearly a decade without recording an album. Chicago hasn't gone 15 years without a hit. And Chicago has stayed close to its signature sound.

Message: 3564 Posted: Tue Dec 22 17:40:00 1998 By: TZMAC
Subject: Re: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

5th Avenue: What kind of fool am I

Don't Let Me Be Lonely: But I'm the one (oo) who plays the fool

Foolin': So I think you better stop this foolin' 'round

Inspector Mills: Inspector Mills is it any crime for a fool like me

Jet Boy Blue: You're a fool and you know it

Never Be Lonely: Turn away the fools from my door

Sarah: Am I a fool to think that something's strange


Message: 3563 Posted: Tue Dec 22 15:59:49 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Donnie and Marie" Show Site Address?????

Does anyone know the site address for the "Donnie and Marie" show? I would like for us to request AMERICA's appearance like we did for "Live By Request". Does anyone know if our "LBR" requests resulted in anything? Back to "D and M", now is the time since AMERICA's fellow performers, "Chicago", were on today.

Karen, thanks for your reply!!

Message: 3562 Posted: Tue Dec 22 15:48:51 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

"am I a fool to think that something's strange. I think you've changed..." - SARA

"...You're a fool and you know it, tryin' your best not to show it..." - JET BOY BLUE


Message: 3561 Posted: Tue Dec 22 15:00:42 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Talk Show Circuit

I agree with all concerns regarding America getting overshadowed by other artists on some of these talk shows. I've noticed that no one ever mentions Rosie O'Donnell's show. I am well aware of the bad vibes from Howard Stern towards Rosie, but you gotta give her credit! She IS the reason you now see shows like Donny & Marie, Howie Mandell even Rosanne. One appearance on her show promoting "Human Nature" would guarantee sales for sure! With Stern no longer getting the spotlight and Regis & Kathy Lee falling by the wayside I think it would be great for AMERICA to reconsider some of these other Talk Show options! Don't worry Karen from Oxygen, I am contacting these people ASAP! Happy Holly Jolly Daze!

Message: 3560 Posted: Tue Dec 22 14:57:37 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

The only one I can come up with off the top of my head is a no-brainer-FOOLIN' by Gerry and Ricky Fataar. "So I think you'd better stop this foolin' 'round".

Message: 3559 Posted: Tue Dec 22 14:15:55 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: "Donnie and Marie" Brought My Mood Down

I recommend you let the Donny and Marie show know your feelings. ASAP.


Message: 3558 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:48:14 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Triv Question And I Ain't Foolin'

About a month ago, I mentioned Gerry's use of the word, "game" in the lyrics of his songs. I asked a triv question about naming the songs with the word. Steve Lowry came up with all of the ones I had plus several more that I missed.

Likewise, Gerry has used the words, "fool", "fools", or "foolin'" in no less than six of his songs. "Fool" appears at least once in a song by Dan and a song by Dewey.

How many of the eight songs can you name? Please be sure to give us the lyrics.

Message: 3557 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:25:59 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Bug's Life" Triv Answers

I could find only four references to insects in AMERICA's songs. What a crazy topic, don't you think? Anyway, Virginia hit a triple with her answers: flies from "Hot Town"; fly from "Horse"; and dragonflies from "Whole Wide World". Eddy brought it on home with fireflies from "Molten Love". Great going, you two!!

I did find three other references, however. Two of the three are far stretches. Here they are:

He said now young man
Take good care don't let the BUGS bite

Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam
Do the JITTERBUG out in muskrat land

You know your past is what's been BUGGING you
If you're ready girl, do what you gotta do

Message: 3556 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:24:29 1998 By: TZMAC
Subject: Re: "Donnie and Marie" Brought My Mood Down

I agree.
Since November Chicago has been on Today Show (they did summer concert appearance too), Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Tonight Show, Rosie O'Donell, Donny and Marie, General Hospital and some local LA radio and TV shows. Since November!!


Message: 3555 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:14:21 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: One Way - America

All of America's recent one-way releases are on sale for $7.98 each on CDnow. This would be Alibi, Silent Letter, Your Move, View from the ground, and Perspective - basically the 80's.

Message: 3554 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:12:25 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Donnie and Marie" Brought My Mood Down

I have the day off today so I watch "Donnie and Marie". Their musical guest(s) brought my mood down quickly. Their performance was good so why my depression? It's because it was a band that's been around at least 25 years with no less than 25 albums. Nevertheless, they have nothing over AMERICA in my opinion. So, who was the guest? It was "Chicago". They played a Christmas song from their new Christmas CD followed by their classic hit, "Saturday In The Park". If "Chicago" can make an appearance, why not "Our Guys"?
Donnie and Marie raved about Chicago's longevity and how great they still sound. So Karen, PLEASE see what can be done to get AMERICA on. If they reject AMERICA, it's their loss, but let us know either way. Gerry and Dewey deserve their shot!

Message: 3553 Posted: Tue Dec 22 13:08:37 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: VH-1

Hi Howard,
Thanks for the reminder. Hope all is well. Happy Chanukah.
Take care……Maureen

Message: 3552 Posted: Tue Dec 22 12:47:44 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1's Where Are They Now! Tonight

As per Karen's message about the guys appearing on VH1's
Where Are They Now. Don't forget to watch it tonight at 10P
eastern time. Maybe tonight.................

Message: 3551 Posted: Tue Dec 22 10:56:04 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: RE: Tom's "Single" Post

Tom, I think that what Bruce is referring to regarding the recent "singles" is that they don't really refer to songs being released individually in record stores. They simply refer to songs that are being sent to the radio stations to play. Therefore, there won't be an "A" and "B" side since there won't actually be a "single" to be purchased in stores.

Bruce, the results of the votes for the next single can be found by going to and clicking on the view the results at the top of the screen. Currently, "Wednesday Morning" is beating "Moment To Moment" 44 to 14.

Message: 3550 Posted: Tue Dec 22 10:23:56 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: ? about song "1960"

Just an opinion:

When "1960" came out, I was intrigued by it. For one thing it was apart from GERRY's reputation for writing love songs. It was in my ears, sort of a nostalgic look back, taking stock of where he's been & where he's going. All the content lines up chronologically & figuratively w/GERRY as a young boy. His father was a military person, eventually base commander in the Air Force, hence the mention of the Berlin wall & the Asian trouble brewing; he does have a brother; he did start playing piano when he was very, very young. It also was a period after the Warner years had ended & Dan Peek had left the group. GERRY & DEWEY had done some deep soul searching, contemplating the major change in career direction. Taking stock of himself, examining things that have passed, feeling perhaps a little down, "In the city of the lost & found, it's hard to get a break. Hard to stop from getting turned around, and make the same mistakes ......" But gladly ending on a positive set of feelings w/his confidence restored & his energies poised for bigger & better things, "But like the sun just watch me shine today ...." A great song & one that tells us all a lot about GERRY the man.

Message: 3549 Posted: Tue Dec 22 06:44:47 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: RE: Tom's "Single" Post

RE: Tom's post about "A" & "B" side singles - you may be under the wrong impression about "singles" lately- namely the one being discussed on this board. I suggest you ask Karen about this before you assume anything! Also, where ARE the results of the voting?
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all AMERICA fans worldwide!!!

Message: 3548 Posted: Mon Dec 21 22:49:50 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Insects

Well, I'll give it a shot I guess, MOLTEN LOVE: I want to carry you across a threshold of fireflies and violet stones......all alone.

Message: 3547 Posted: Mon Dec 21 18:40:41 1998 By: Tom Hullinger
Subject: New Single

I was thinking as I found out the voting tabulation for the new single. In the old days, the record companies used to issue double sided "A" singles. Many times, both songs would chart. What a great single, Wednesday Morning b/w Moment To Moment. Many of the Beatles singles were released this way. I always figured the record company execs weren't sure which song was the "A" side. Anyhow, food for thought.

Message: 3546 Posted: Mon Dec 21 17:08:57 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: ? about song "1960"

This may be a naive question, but here goes: re: Gerry's song '1960,'
is this song in any way biographical? Has he ever said? Input welcomed!

Message: 3545 Posted: Mon Dec 21 16:08:58 1998 By: John Corbett
Subject: A couple things...

First of all, to all those who have sent in payments for the Heard CD, I appreciate your patience while I get the CD machine back on track. The holiday season is about the worst time to have a problem which requires shipping your unit, as I have found out. As soon as I'm able to make copies, I will send out everybody's CDs.

Second, those who recall the All Things Are Possible record copy as being different from the CD release are correct. The original record from 1978 has a picture of Dan standing on a beach, with a blue sky dominating the background. Dan's name and the album title are displyed in small white letters at the top. On the back, Dan is walking barefoot in the waves.


Message: 3544 Posted: Mon Dec 21 15:16:13 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Dave S and Virginia

Dave, my recollection of the front cover of "All Things Are Possible" shows Dan walking in the water on the shore, barefoot. I'll know for sure when I get home this evening.

Virginia, you are persistent which is great. You are right with your three answers. I'll have to check for more references tonight. What made me think about the triv question was, "A Bug's Life". Saw it last month. I'm not into cartoon type movies but my niece wanted to see it. I enjoyed it a lot.

Message: 3543 Posted: Mon Dec 21 14:39:19 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Message to Shayne, Matt B, and Another Triv Question

OK- this is definitely the LAST one from me. I've got REAL work to do, Johnny (but this is a lot more fun!). From HOT TOWN, "And the flies on the window climb up just to fall". Interesting how these are all from Dewey, the "outdoor song" writer. Now- back to work...REALLY!

Message: 3542 Posted: Mon Dec 21 14:27:00 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Message to Shayne, Matt B, and Another Triv Question

Oh- another one, then back to work. From WHOLE WIDE WORLD, "Dragonflies dipped on the swimming pool".

Message: 3541 Posted: Mon Dec 21 14:20:38 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Message to Shayne, Matt B, and Another Triv Question

From HORSE WITH NO NAME, "The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz"

Message: 3540 Posted: Mon Dec 21 14:08:14 1998 By: DaveS
Subject: Re: Dan Peek's album covers

I appreciate the new posting of Dan Peek's solo album covers. I have the save cover on my "All Things Are Possible" cd. Doesn't the original album cover show Dan knee deep in the ocean? Does anyone remember?

Message: 3539 Posted: Mon Dec 21 13:39:27 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Shayne, Matt B, and Another Triv Question

Shayne, hope all is going well following your knee surgery. While you recuperate, here is a triv question for others (and you if you feel up to it). Besides the butterfly in "Town and Country", can you name and give the lyrics of other insects mention in AMERICA's songs?

Matt B, I think we can now use your help in identifying the people in the "Harbor" poster photos. I'm sure you know all of them. How about it?

Message: 3538 Posted: Sun Dec 20 17:34:28 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: China concerts

AMERICA did shows in Beijing & Shanghia at the Hard Rock Cafe & the Hilton. The shows went over very well w/some very enthusiastic crowds. The shows were corporate sponsored w/employees & special guests. A very special trip for AMERICA & a treat for the lucky crowd. And now a little break for AMERICA, just a little one however, the almost non-stop Lifetime Tour continues in early January 1999. And we all wonder where the time & energy comes from to develop & record new material ......

Message: 3537 Posted: Sun Dec 20 10:44:14 1998 By: Cathy
Subject: China concerts

Does anyone know how/if the China concerts earlier this month went?

Message: 3536 Posted: Sun Dec 20 08:53:44 1998 By: Bob
Subject: Willie

Hi Willie,
Please call me if you get a chance,failing that i will call you next week.
Long Island

Message: 3535 Posted: Sat Dec 19 18:18:01 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: AMERICA - 1999

1999 is looking like a pretty incredible year insofar as AMERICA's plans for touring the globe. Their booking agent is gathering lots of steam for another terrific year. Keep an eye open as dates get firmed up, in many cases very close to the actual date schedule. The Performing Arts Centres are the ones that tend to book acts far in advance. W/the release of HUMAN NATURE, the release of the live in Germany (hopefully the Central Park show is next for DVD & tape, Pioneer involved in both), the many recent articles (Songwriter mag, Acoustic Guitar, etc.) on AMERICA & all their promotional efforts will really raise awareness for AMERICA'S finest. AMERICA 1999.

Message: 3534 Posted: Sat Dec 19 17:52:50 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Johnny's Trivia and Message to Adrian


I don't want you to think I wasn't interested in your quiz. I had knee surgery this past week and am only now coming "down" from the medication. Even if I were coherent enough to type the answer, I'm sure I would not have been able to come up with the answer (I probably would have asked, "what's America?").

Keep up the good work.

Adrian, you're not in trouble. You didn't mean any harm. We still like you.


Message: 3533 Posted: Sat Dec 19 15:56:54 1998 By: janice
Subject: It's a rainy day in Georgia...

Just catching up on "the page"..thanks for the "Guitar World" tip, Erin..picked mine up today..good pic and article..Margaret..glad you enjoyed the guys while they were on loan..(don't mean to sound stingy but thanks for sending them back home!)..sounds like you had a great time at the shows..! Well..I am sure that my friends, relatives, kid's teachers, vet, postman, and babysitter will all enjoy their copy of Human Nature..only 5 more shopping's the best gift for those hard to buy for folks...I'm sure Mom and Dad will love their's! Merry Christmas to all.and have a SAFE and Happy New Year!!!

Message: 3532 Posted: Sat Dec 19 09:09:54 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: The Summer Event .The Last Show.

We travelled 100 kms south on Saturday to see America at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. Again it was a lively, packed house. The guys looked like they were really having fun again. We were treated to a bonus song tonight. It was Daisy Jane which we had missed at all the other concerts.
Both Gerry and Dewey came back on stage for the final part of The Beach Boys concert and did they have fun! In the absence of a guitar, Dewey got great mileage out of a mineral water bottle! We have never seen him let his hair down so much.
While we have enjoyed seeing them in small venues in the past, there were advantages for them appearing as guests on this tour. Huge crowds have been reminded about what a great band America still is. This would have been a good opportunity to sell copies of Human Nature.
This was America's last concert of this tour and the last concert for 1998.
We feel privileged to have been part of such a great experience.
Gerry and Dewey, enjoy your break and thanks for a wonderful week.

Message: 3531 Posted: Fri Dec 18 23:37:39 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America

AMERICA has a strong following Down Under & they enjoy doing shows there. You can bet that they will be back in 1999. Certain Capitol material like VIEW FROM THE GROUND was released there on CD very early on. Enjoy your great weather & thanks for the support for AMERICA. They really do down-to-earth music & we know how you feel.

Message: 3530 Posted: Fri Dec 18 22:57:29 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Trivia Answers

Great Trivia ! Steve maybe Gerry doesn't drink now but you can bet he used too!

Message: 3529 Posted: Fri Dec 18 20:30:22 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: That 70s Show

Do you like That 70s Show? I think it's actually pretty good, and I can relate to most of the characters. We need to hear an America song in the background, though!

Message: 3528 Posted: Fri Dec 18 18:47:55 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: America

Hello, indeed America do seem to be very popular here,only last year America were to perform one show at Crown casino,this was then increased to three shows.There have been a fair number of hit records here as well,so when America appeared here this year what a bonus! when will we see them again ? oh you lucky people stateside. Johnny excellent choice of quiz, I decided not to play as I'm in enough trouble as it is.

Message: 3527 Posted: Fri Dec 18 18:28:48 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: For: Adrian, JOHN & ELIZABETH, Margaret, SLUGG, Mark...

I have a feeling America is kicking butt DownUnder. There is a lot of love in the mix with that band. Finely honed, tight musicianship only comes with time and respect for each other AND the fans, even if the band sometimes have to jet out right away. Glad SLUGG saw that not-so-hidden talent, and that Margaret's (she's everywhere!) driving was worth the while. John and Elizabeth, THANKS for the insights and songlist. Mark, I'd like to hear those songs, too! Again, the diehard fans who travel so far and care so much know what a personal thing it is. Thanks for bringing me there with your words.

Message: 3526 Posted: Fri Dec 18 14:41:48 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America Christmas

Speaking of Christmas, I think it would be great if the guys did a Christmas CD. They really sound nice doing Hark, very unique unlike any previous interpretation of the song that I have heard. They could do old standards in the America style, and mix in some original compositions and you would have a Christmas classic. In fact they might even be able to rework some of their classics to fit the Christmas season. Like "I Been To Bethlehem On A Camel With No Name", "It's A Silent Night", "Every Present I Get Is From Wal-Mart", or "From A Moving Caravan." And the list could go on....

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Message: 3525 Posted: Fri Dec 18 12:43:02 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Guitar World Acoustic

It's got Goo Goo Dolls on the cover and across the top it says How To Play John Lennon....hope you find it!
Erin :o)

Message: 3524 Posted: Fri Dec 18 12:19:29 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Guitar World Acoustic

The magazine is Guitar world-ACOUSTIC with the goo goo dolls on the cover.

Message: 3523 Posted: Fri Dec 18 11:26:56 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Guitar World Acoustic

Can you please help me and tell me what picture is on the cover of the edition with America inside. There are so many guitar magazines in Borders I can't tell which one to look for. Thanks very much for your help......Maureen

Message: 3522 Posted: Fri Dec 18 06:43:57 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: Summer Event-Next Installment, or If It's Friday It Must Be Newcastle

We travelled 150km north to Newcastle to see America perform to a packed house that received them enthusiastically. The guys looked like they were really having fun. We certainly did! We had great seats which added to our enjoyment. We opted for an early departure after America, as they did. Thought we'd better get some sleep in preparation for ........

P.S. SLUGG - we bags first position in the line.

Message: 3521 Posted: Thu Dec 17 23:57:25 1998 By: SLUGG
Subject: America in Sydney

I am a Beach Boy fan and went to the Sydney concert on Tuesday Dec. 15. I have never been a fan of seventies music but after seeing America perform I'd like to say how impressed I was. Their songs were
great, they played great and they sang great. If they ever decide to return to Australia to do a show on their own I will be the first in line.

Message: 3520 Posted: Thu Dec 17 22:34:51 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: America Christmas

HELLO, Just a note for you fellow America fans that don't have a copy of them doing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" I found the CD at K-MART where the christmas music is, it's called: A Christmas Miracle-Volume 3, A portion of the net proceeds benefit children's miracle network (helping hospitals help kids) The CD costs $6.99, other artists on the CD are: John Tesh,Air Supply,Dionne Warwick,Brenda Lee,John Schneider,Maureen McGovern,Melissa Manchester,John Denver,Oak Ridge Boys, and Cindy Williams W/Mick Fleetwood & Billy Burnette(WOW!), just to name a few. Of course, I just bought it for the America song. END OF MESSAGE!

Message: 3519 Posted: Thu Dec 17 20:56:19 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Chat room

Robyn, I tried getting into the Live Chat Room tonight and it didn't work for me either. It gave me a Java Exception error which means there's a problem in the ParaChat Java code. I do have an alternate chat room which I've kept just in case the primary one stopped working (like now!). The alternate is powered by Earth Web and takes longer to load and runs a little slower, but at least it works all the time. I'll switch the links on the home page to point to the Alternate until such time as ParaChat can get their act together. I should have it fixed by tonight (Thursday). For those of you who want to try the alternat now, here's the URL:

Click here

Message: 3518 Posted: Thu Dec 17 18:00:39 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Chat room

Is anyone else having trouble getting into the chat room? Is it only open set hours? I cannot access ( although it is possible I have a firewall, I just do not know) Any thoughts?????

Message: 3517 Posted: Thu Dec 17 17:52:00 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Trivia Answers--tis the season!

Excellenet Trivia, as ususal Johnny, tried to play, but got so very busy :) I suspect everyone else is much the same!

Message: 3516 Posted: Thu Dec 17 16:57:17 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Answers

No one wanted to play my beer/liquor trivia question but here are the answers anyway:

A drunken dreamer's plan to stay just as I am
Amidst the dancing paradise
A case of BEER, a smile, a motorcycle child

Funny, I've been there
And you've been there
And we ain't had no time to drink that BEER

'Cause it's time for another BEER run
Or something as equally true

Don't know no person to call
And this here cafe
Don't serve no BEER at all

He drank the whole week away

I tried magic and potions
But I could not shake you loose

I drank a little bit
So underlit to see it now

I stayed up all night long
Drinking and thinking about you

Had a drink,
Stop to think we had a few

Your imagine lingers, a faded picture
Your past erased by untold elixir

Oh, I ain't nothing but a drunken loser
And my liver's overfeed

What does it matter now that everything is fine
When I can't eat, sleep, or even walk a straight line

As I walk through marble
Finding my way out to daylight
One drinking orange vodka

Stumble through the bars of forget-me-not lane
Sparkle through the glitter but don't show the pain.

Come to the party the drinks are on me
For free

Come to the tavern
I'll meet you up above

But I know that the berry's ripe on the vine
And I know that the grape will soon turn to wine

For the last time
I watched Old Man Took bait his hook
And then throw his line
Pic up his wine

Ventura Highway in the sunshine
Where the days are longer
The nights are stronger than moonshine

Drank the potion stronger than me
Got me all confused

I think we had too much to drink
I remember wondering what they'd think

Oh, you look like an angel outo of place
At this downtown devil's bar

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Message: 3515 Posted: Thu Dec 17 16:55:35 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: reply to jmnak re: sequels

Wow! I hate to admit it, but I totally missed the reference to Daisy in "The Farm." Thanks so much.

Message: 3514 Posted: Thu Dec 17 16:52:45 1998 By: Erin
Subject: Guitar World Magazine

The current issue of Guitar World Acoustic magazine has an article about America plus a really nice picture of the guys on page 13. Also, the guitar chords for Tin Man on page 77.

Erin :o)

Message: 3513 Posted: Thu Dec 17 14:29:29 1998 By: Pete
Subject: Happy Holidays

Wednesday morning will do good and could be a nice christmas gift for all you america fans. Good luck america in the top 10

Message: 3512 Posted: Thu Dec 17 08:00:47 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: Voting

just Thought you'd like to know......
I voted the other night for Wednesday Morning, although, I LOVE Moment to Moment, I just think Wednesday Morning would do much better as a released single. Just a thought. See ya. Maureen

Message: 3511 Posted: Wed Dec 16 23:41:25 1998 By: Helene
Subject: FAMT

Heard FAMT in McDonalds in Lancaster C.A. and my 3 year old comes running out of the toys and says Mom, thats America!!!!!!!She knows them anywhere, even in noisy places filled with kids. America is the BEST!!!!!!!

Message: 3510 Posted: Wed Dec 16 21:29:41 1998 By: R Bolton
Subject: Americafest

Cheap Trick has an annual event called Trickfest. It is a two or three day event for fans across the nation. It includes an all-request concert, meeting the band with plenty of time for conversation, photo opportunities with the band. Basically,it's a private time for the band and the very loyal fans to show how much each is appreciated. How about an "Americafest"?

Message: 3509 Posted: Wed Dec 16 20:51:09 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: song sequels

I think they did finally marry but ran into some tough times as the roaring 80's started to wind down, listen to THE FARM by the legendary GERRY BECKLEY.
What is the follow-up to WHOLE WIDE WORLD by DEWEY BUNNELL ?

Message: 3508 Posted: Wed Dec 16 20:14:25 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: song sequels

I've never been a fan of song sequels, but have you ever wondered
"what if" in certain songs? For instance, did Daisy Jane take him back? Remember, in the lyrics, he "blamed her." In Sister Golden Hair, "he wasn't ready for the alter." Is he ready now? In Right Before Your Eyes," he was going to ask the girl on the bus out. Did he? I'd be interested in hearing your response. Hey, does anybody think we'll see a White Xmas here in the east??? Doesn't look good!

Message: 3507 Posted: Wed Dec 16 20:01:29 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Summer Event Continued

Margaret, thanks so much for the report on the Canberra concert. That is true dedication to hear how far you drove for the concert!

Message: 3506 Posted: Wed Dec 16 16:53:08 1998 By: Gary
Subject: AMERICA Songbook

Selling my America Songbook ('77) at # 49359727...
book is in good condition.

Message: 3505 Posted: Wed Dec 16 15:01:34 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: Summer Event Continued

Canberra was the location for the concert on Wed 16 Dec. America's performance was relaxed and polished with the same playlist as the previous night.No wonder it passed so quickly.They sang for 50 minutes.We had disappointing distant seats despite buying them as soon as the went on sale.A vacant front row seat beckoned. It took half the concert to pluck up the courage to aim for it and a good move it was. These are remarkable people. We thank them for making the night so special. When Gerry didn't appear for Kokomo that was our cue to start the 300km drive home. We've had just a couple of hours sleep and are off to work now.

Message: 3504 Posted: Wed Dec 16 13:04:06 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Your Vote Counts

My daughter just voted for "Wednesday Morning". If you haven't voted yet for what you think should be the follow-up to "FAMT" (boy, it's a good thing it wasn't called "From a RUNNING Train"), do it now. The total so far is "Wednesday Morning" 34, "Moment To Moment" 11.


Message: 3503 Posted: Wed Dec 16 00:39:08 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: VH-1 Where Are They Now premiere

WOW!, Can't wait! This might be a great leadin to storytellers & other shows on VH-1, I'll have my VCR ready! Thanx for the Info, Karen!

Message: 3502 Posted: Tue Dec 15 23:29:26 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: VH-1 Where Are They Now premiere

yup, Ginny....the show will be on every Tuesday night at 10pm. Tonight's was "The Bad Boys" and unfortunately I cannot even find out which show America will be on in this series....kinda frustrating... guess we will all have to tune in every week until we see it!


Message: 3501 Posted: Tue Dec 15 23:28:06 1998 By: Ginny
Subject: Re: VH-1 Where Are They Now premiere


I didn't know that America was supposed to be on that show! It wasn't tonight though. I watched it to see Chuck Negron. Guess I watch again next week! Is that show going to be on in that same time slot each week?

Message: 3500 Posted: Tue Dec 15 20:50:49 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: VH-1 Where Are They Now premiere

Don't know if tonight's premiere episode of VH-1's Where Are They Now (Tuesday, 10pm) is the one that will show America but it's a good possibility. I tried to find out several times in the last month but couldn't get any answers.

Check it out!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3499 Posted: Tue Dec 15 16:42:19 1998 By: Bobbee
Subject: Stocking Stuffers

I read that Karen told the chatters that Human Nature only sold about 6700 copies, so I went out and bought some for stocking stuffers. Every bit helps.

Message: 3498 Posted: Tue Dec 15 16:19:51 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: The Answer To The Hints

It didn't dawn on me to count the number of letters. Very smart Tom T.

Here are the answer to the hints.

Hint #1 - I never got one when I was a kid. My wife gave me one just after we were married,but none since. - VALENTINE

Hint #2 - I guess you would have to include Iraq and Pakistan. - WHOLE WIDE WORLD

Hint #3 - I got it when I mixed Vodka and Southern Comfort (not a confession - ed.) - HANGOVER

Hint #4 - If you accept the theory that every song recorded was recorded in chronological order, this would be Russ Ballards second collaboration). - YOU CAN DO MAGIC

Hint #5 - The best song on this album. Okay, it's only my opinion, but I'm right on the money. I mean, I hit the nail on the head. - ON TARGET

Hint #6 - Jimmy Buffet would have been proud. Had he been there, he would have discussed slavery with everyone else. - DOWN TO THE WATER (Friends of mine sit back and talk of times that weren't so free)

Hint #7 - I've used this hint a couple of times. It's the only song that begins with this letter. - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Hint #8 - I think he was looking for someone hiding from the enemy during the war. The song makes very little sence and I'm not sure how the sand, surf and sun motivated him to write it. - ARE YOU THERE (Made a cry to the underground, are you there?)

The order is as follows:

downtotHe water

"Hope" you had fun.


Message: 3497 Posted: Tue Dec 15 15:15:32 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Daisy Jane

"Let's Wait Awhile" was from Janet Jacksons' LP "Control". It was one of her many big hits- 1986>'87. The plagiurism always bugged me because EVERYBODY noticed it. The melody of the first two lines is uncomfortably close to "Daisy Jane". If you friends can recall, the late '80's hade a lot of hit melodies that were stolen from other songs.(Freddie Jackson-Ironic,don't you think- "You Are My Lady" ripped off Chicago's "Just You & Me"-The opening line..."You Are The Love Of My Life...etc-get the picture)I don't know what's worse-the blatant lifting of melodies or the sampling of small pieces of songs and claiming that you composed it. What a world!

Message: 3496 Posted: Tue Dec 15 15:03:58 1998 By: Tom T. alias Genius,only kidding
Subject: Re: Tom T. You're A Genius

Hey Shayne! I just took a guess from the ones I COULD answer and then calculated the number of letters in the LP title. That's why I jumped the gun and said HARBOR first. Anyway, I figured out #1- H-ickey(ha ha)(I'm not even going to go there) #2 W-ar (?) #3 D-runk (?) #4 Y-ou Can Do Magic....The rest were really vague so yes indeed Shayne, this was a great Puzzle. I took The H-W-D-Y and put it together to spell TAH-DAH "Hideaway"! Now I have to deal with the added pressure of living up to the Genius title. I think you folks in this chat folder are the real geniuses for loving AMERICA! Thanks!

Message: 3495 Posted: Tue Dec 15 15:01:51 1998 By: Karen
Subject: Re: Airplay for america

America DID play From a Moving Train on NBC's The Today Show. It was only aired in 44 markets, however.

Message: 3494 Posted: Tue Dec 15 14:35:55 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Similar Music

I'm not sure if the theme song is still the same with new hosts, but I always thought the intro music to "America's Funniest Home Videos" sounded a lot like the beginning of "Tin Man".

Message: 3493 Posted: Tue Dec 15 14:16:31 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Daisy Jane

GLad to hear it, thanks!

Message: 3492 Posted: Tue Dec 15 14:10:05 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Daisy Jane

That Janet Jackson rip-off of GERRY'S classic was taken care of by the lawyers. Everything settled. She lost big time, the song can still be played however.

Message: 3491 Posted: Tue Dec 15 10:42:04 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Daisy Jane

Yeah, I had posted something on this a few months ago. The song is called "Let's Wait Awhile" and it came out (I think) 3 years ago. Obvious plagarism, no doubt.


Message: 3490 Posted: Tue Dec 15 10:01:20 1998 By: R Bolton
Subject: Daisy Jane

The radio station that plays a lot of America (with a lot of my requests) also plays a newer song by Janet Jackson. This song starts out sounding exactly like Daisy Jane. I'm dissapointed to hear a ripoff of such a great song. Has anyone else noticed this?

Message: 3489 Posted: Tue Dec 15 09:39:35 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: The Border Video

I believe they are playing Chinese Checkers.


Message: 3488 Posted: Tue Dec 15 08:11:56 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Autographed CD

Autographed copies of "Human Nature" are still available from the Home Shopping Network. Today is the last day to place an order and have guaranteed arrival by Christmas. The phone number is
1-800-284-3100. Ask for item #009-762. I repeat, AUTOGRAPHED by Gerry and Dewey!!

Message: 3487 Posted: Tue Dec 15 07:47:11 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Airplay for america

Right-on Steve O. It's nice to hear that FAMT made R&R top 100 for 1998. While the single only peaked at 25, it did stay there for about a month.

Time for America fans to start getting energized and excited about the next single! We've got to push the next one to the top 10!

PS. Remeber Human Nature makes an excellent Christmas gift for friends or those office parties!

Message: 3486 Posted: Tue Dec 15 07:44:29 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Liquor Trivia Question

With the recent mention of beer cans, I can think of four AMERICA songs that have the word "beer" in its lyrics. Can you name the songs and give the lyrics?

There are at least sixteen more songs that have references to liquor or liquor establishments. Can you name them and give the lyrics?

The twenty songs appear on albums as follows:

Holiday 4
Perspective 2
Silent Letter 3
Harbor 1
View From The Ground 2
Alibi 2
Encore 1
Human Nature 1
Homecoming 2
America 1
Hideaway 1

There may be more that I've overlooked.

Message: 3485 Posted: Tue Dec 15 07:18:58 1998 By: Margaret
Subject: "The Summer Event of 98"

There were plants, no birds and rocks and things on the stage for the concert featuring Richard Clapton, special guests America and the Beach Boys in Sydney, December 15. America's one hour on stage went too quickly but was thoroughly enjoyable. The playlist was Riverside, Ventura Highway, You Can Do Magic, Don't Cross The River, I Need You, Tin Man, Only In Your Heart, Lonely People, From A Moving Train, Never Be Lonely, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair and Horse With No Name.
Pages and California Dreamin' were omitted.
It was great to hear From A Moving Train live.
Gerry joined the Beach Boys for the last half an hour of their set. The place was really jumping.
We thank Gerry and Dewey for their gracious hospitality and everyone who helped make the night so memorable.

Message: 3484 Posted: Tue Dec 15 06:41:53 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Adrian

Adrian, the only videos by America that I know of are:
->The Border
->You Can Do Magic

The Border video has the guys facing each other at some kind of
board game moving something like chess pieces. Maybe this is
what you're thinking of?

Howard Lieboff

Message: 3483 Posted: Tue Dec 15 02:46:31 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Oh Dear.

Dear all,first and formost please accept my sincere and humble apologies to those I have offended.Just my sense of humour,I'm genuinely supprised, but then we are unable to chat face to face.
To those who have never seen America and living in the UK I know how you feel,their last appearance was in 75,with these super web pages should the chaps tour Europe,sell the car the house but see them it'll be worth it. Would anyone out there have seen the video to Survival with the chess pieces moving around the board? I'm also of the belief that the guys should show off more,the crowd on friday loved the dipping guitars,if there was a time to release Human Nature in Australia it is now ! especially after large audiences have seen them.When America take to the road in the new year are they able to take large amounts of the new CD and sell them before and after the show,thus increasing sales and then being able to toddle off and record a new album when the mood takes them.Once again to those who are offended by my tongue in cheek remarks sorry.

Message: 3482 Posted: Tue Dec 15 00:19:39 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Thanks Karen

I must say things are so much better with Oxygen and Karen's help. I don't remember any features for Hourglass like we're getting with Performing songwriter and now Guitar World. And now selling the new release at shows is long over due. So thanks for handling this one right!

Message: 3481 Posted: Tue Dec 15 00:18:20 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: The Star

I received my own copy of On This Christmas Night today with Dan Peek's 1979 Christmas song, "The Star". You can go to /america/song/song804.htm to read the lyrics and you'll also find links to Real Audio sound clips, CD photos, and ordering information in case you'd like to get the CD for yourself or someone else. I think you'll all enjoy this CD.

Message: 3480 Posted: Mon Dec 14 23:50:46 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Behind The Music, Legends and Storytellers

I just sent an e-mail to suggesting America for one of their shows. It's worth a shot.

Karen D., has this been considered?

Message: 3479 Posted: Mon Dec 14 23:05:21 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Tom T. You're A Genius

Okay, I'm shocked. How did you come up with "Hideaway"? Yes, it is the right answer, but ...

Please post the answers to the hints that you came up with. I really thought it was tougher than that.

I am amazed.


Message: 3478 Posted: Mon Dec 14 22:53:08 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Airplay for america

I'm told America made the Top 100 for "Radio & records" year end
issue,though I'm not sure of the exact number. Seeing as the record
charted around #25,I'm sure its probably below #50. Still,its good
recognition. However,any future TV or radio appearances have to
focus on CURRENT material so that the public at large is aware they
have something new out there. My suggestion is if they get to play
2 songs,one should be a current,and one should be a popular oldie--
but the current should be played first. Had they done "from a moving
train" first on that Today show appearance,the masses at large would've known the band had something new out there instead of
maybe being percieved as an "oldies" act who just happened to get
the spotlight on that summer concert series

Message: 3477 Posted: Mon Dec 14 18:12:34 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: reply to Bruce David Martin

Thanks for your response to "Lonely People." As you noted, I am in Hagerstown, MD. My first name is John and I use 'truthsaint' to distinguish myself from any any other Johns out there. Yes there's a joke in there somewhere. Briefly, by way of explanation, and to possibly bore everyone else, I'm a museum curator, who works hard to
research historical things accurately; but in this job, and other jobs, I run across people who are considered to be such experts that their opinion is unimpeachable. Doesn't matter if I show them a reference which completely contradicts what they think! They just ignore it. My ex-girl friend and I decided these people are saints
while the rest of us, like Fox Mulder, seek the truth. Getting back to Lonely People, obviously America has a lot of built-in lonelyness and sadness in their songs (yes, sometimes, though sprinkled with optimism). This is one reason why I'm drawn to their music.I'll finish
boring everone when I put together a bio.

Message: 3476 Posted: Mon Dec 14 18:05:17 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Wanna Chat in real time?

How about it? anyone want to chat on Christmas eve morning? I am in Los ANgeles, Pacific time--- I will be there if I get ANYONE responding! ok?


Message: 3475 Posted: Mon Dec 14 17:30:32 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: One More Time (AKA I gotta get back to work)

OOPS-wrong guess!!!It's "HIDEAWAY" I miscounted the questions and jumped on the answer because everyone always gets to solve these things before I Do! I hope thats correct....Gotta Go

Message: 3474 Posted: Mon Dec 14 17:26:51 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: One More Time (AKA I gotta get back to work)

Shayne, is the answer "HARBOR"? The reason I came up with that is because of the clue referring to the song that doesn't make much sense and..Political Poachers. "Monster" is a mysterious tune isn't it?

Message: 3473 Posted: Mon Dec 14 17:19:50 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Answer to T.T. Song Puzzle

Yes Shayne and Connie the answer is "Clarice". Everyone here is just too quick and too smart. the answer spelled out as follows.....: 1.) C-oastline 2.)L-ovely Night 3.) A-nother Try 4.) R-ight Before Your Eyes 5.) I- Need You 6.) C-inderella 7.) E-veryone I meet Is From California Spell out the first letter of each answer and you've got "Clarice". Remember Clarice is the name of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer's Girl Friend- so in a way I almost asked a Holly Day question! Now it's time to make up another question...BuhBye

Message: 3472 Posted: Mon Dec 14 16:31:45 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer to Allen's Trivia Question

The answer to Allen's trivia question is four times.
Post Number and Date:

3424 12/11
3374 12/09
3312 12/07
3240 12/02

Why? I don't know for sure. All I know is if I were an advertising account executive and I wanted to use one of AMERICA's songs in a commercial, I would've received a response. All I'm trying to do is get AMERICA more public exposure because Gerry and Dewey are awesome and the rest of the world deserves to know!!

Message: 3471 Posted: Mon Dec 14 16:22:27 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Guitar world-Acoustic (w/America)

The new issue of Guitar World-ACOUSTIC (at tower, borders, etc w/goo goo dolls on cover) has a short article on America with a new picture and mention of new album. It also has their comment on playing new songs in concert... something recently discussed here. Check it out

Message: 3470 Posted: Mon Dec 14 16:22:05 1998 By: janice
Subject: ashtrays and beer cans

don't think so...last time i saw gerry he was sippin' ginger ale..a real party hearty kinda it!! Happy Holidays everyone, by the way! I love Christmas!! (I think I love it more than my kids..hmmm..maybe not...) to the Mall!!!

Message: 3469 Posted: Mon Dec 14 15:49:32 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: One More Time (AKA I gotta get back to work)

Okay. This one is quite a bit more difficult. Here are the rules:

1. We are looking for the name of an America album (CD/LP/Cassette/CD - you figure out how old it is)

2. It is hidden in the hints (as always)although the hints will be tougher.

3. The hints ARE NOT in the correct order (oooh!!!)

4. The name of the album may be written in any direction.

5. The name of the album does not neccesarily begin with the first letter of that particular hint (i.e. if the album title was "Rolling Stone" you may find the "R" NEAR the beginning or end of the hint).

6. There IS an order to the name. All you have to do is put the hints in the right order and you will be able to find it.

The title (clue) to the quiz is "Album released with Gerry Beckley on it" (HAHA).

Hint #1 - I never got one when I was a kid. My wife gave me one just after we were married, but none since.

Hint #2 - I guess you would have to include Iraq and Pakistan.

Hint #3 - I got it when I mixed Vodka and Southern Comfort (not a confession - ed.)

Hint #4 - If you accept the theory that every song recorded was recorded in chronological order, this would be Russ Ballards second collaboration).

Hint #5 - The best song on this album. Okay, it's only my opinion, but I'm right on the money. I mean, I hit the nail on the head.

Hint #6 - Jimmy Buffet would have been proud. Had he been there, he would have discussed slavery with everyone else.

Hint #7 - I've used this hint a couple of times. It's the only song that begins with this letter.

Hint #8 - I think he was looking for someone hiding from the enemy during the war. The song makes very little sence and I'm not sure how the sand, surf and sun motivated him to write it.

There you have it. I know you will come up with the answer. If anyone needs additional clues, just ask.


Message: 3468 Posted: Mon Dec 14 15:12:10 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Ashtray And Beer

Point well made, Matt B. I think Adrian meant well, however. The rest of Adrian's message was positive and upbeat. After all, Adrian is one of our own kind, a "Horsehead". You might say the beer and ashtray comment was from the horse's other end.

Message: 3467 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:54:40 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Johnny, You're Too Quick (Or That Was Too Easy)

Geeez, Johnny. I didn't think you'd get it that quickly. Well, I'm working on another one and I can assure you, it will be more difficult.


Message: 3466 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:38:04 1998 By: Steve
Subject: Re: Choice Of Next Single

People that assume or stereotype are rarely correct. To put ashtrays and beer cans in their statement was irresponsible.
As for me the next single is Wed A.M.


Message: 3465 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:34:24 1998 By: Allan
Subject: Trivia question

How many times has Johnny submitted his question without receiving one single answer to "What is the status of America appearing on LBR, Austin City Limits, and Donnie and Marie?"

Message: 3464 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:31:04 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Choice Of Next Single

wondered about that image myself :0)

Message: 3463 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:14:49 1998 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: Choice Of Next Single

ashtrays? beercans?

Message: 3462 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:14:49 1998 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: Choice Of Next Single

ashtrays? beercans?

Message: 3461 Posted: Mon Dec 14 14:10:16 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Puzzles and chats

Johnny, what can I say? You are just too quick. I am a mental slug by comparisson. Does anyone want to meet for a chat in the chat area on Christmas Eve morning? Let me know. I am in the Pacific time Zone.

Message: 3460 Posted: Mon Dec 14 13:45:34 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Answer To Shayne's Puzzle

S leeper Train
T he Border
H igh In The City
G oodbye Highway
I n The Sea ????
N ever Be Lonely

N o Fortune
R ight Before Your Eyes
U nconditional Love
T oday's The Day
A re You There
S he's A Liar

Great puzzle, Shayne. SATURN NIGHTS

Message: 3459 Posted: Mon Dec 14 13:00:42 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: "It's Out There" - Another Riddle

The rules are as follows: I am looking for the title to a particular America song. The hints are not by any particular artist, but by all the members. Furthermore, the hints are in "conversation" form. For example, if the hint were, "My name is Bob, I'm 16 years old and this is what happened...", then that clue is "Story of a Teenager". Got it? Good. Here we go.

Hint #1 - "Wake me at the next stop"
Hint #2 - "They will check your ID. Usually a birth certificate will do, but sometimes you may need a passport"
Hint #3 - "I smoked weed when I lived in New York" (not an admission of guilt - ed.)
Hint #4 - "See ya later Interstate 40"
Hint #5 - "It's located only a few miles west of the Hawaiian Islands"
Hint #6 - "I won't once I get married (at least I hope not)"
Hint #7 - "I don't have any money"
Hint #8 - "Can't you see it??? It's right there!"
Hint #9 - "You're my child, I will always love you."
Hint #10 - "It ain't tomorrow."
Hint #11 - "Hello? Hello?"
Hint #12 - "Y'know, it's probably what they would call the victims of 'Tailhook'."

Okay, there you have it. Good luck.


Message: 3458 Posted: Mon Dec 14 07:01:23 1998 By: adrian
Subject: Choice Of Next Single

I have voted on the choice of next single,shame I would have liked to have had the choice from all the album cuts. The reason being I feel this would be a barometer reading , just what tunes are so popular that perhaps the guys would play a few more in concert,after all this is a super album in every way,I'm still enjoying it immensely.I beleive Oxygen are right behind America, and have done a much better job than Capitol than the entire time the band were on that label.The choice I would have made would have been Pages or Wheels are Turning.Time grows short before the band return to the States for Christmas,one cant help but wonder if Kathy (Gerrys wife) has finished domestic duties in the Beckly home after the mammoth recording sessions on Human Nature,mountains of empty beer cans,ashtrays full to over flowing,and muddy footprints all over the carpet,look out here comes Christmas!!!

Message: 3457 Posted: Mon Dec 14 06:15:41 1998 By: Mark
Subject: I think I figured it out

All the posts that have been edited related to the number of units Human Nature has sold. I guess somebody doesn't want it to be public knowledge that Human Nature has sold less than 7000 copies in it's first three months of release. Which is pretty silly considering that it is public information to anyone who has access to the Soundscan info. I personally think it's a good idea to let the diehard America fans know that it is not selling well. It could help to energize the fan base into action.

Message: 3456 Posted: Mon Dec 14 04:54:33 1998 By: Manuel989
Subject: Re: next single

Yes. The opening line for lonely people just might be one of, if not the, best opening line ever to a song.
all the drama on the board... what a bummer.

Take care,
Matt Beckley

Message: 3455 Posted: Mon Dec 14 04:49:50 1998 By: Mark
Subject: To The Censor

Whoever is censoring my messages, in the future, if you don't like what I post, just delete the entire message instead of editing it to say what you want it to say. Thank you.

PS. To those interested, the message I posted Friday was heavily edited. Not because of vulgarity (I don't do vulgar posts) but because someone evidently disagreed with the content. It will be interesting to see if this message remains on the board, or if it is blasted away into cyber oblivion.

Message: 3454 Posted: Mon Dec 14 04:44:40 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hey, what happened?

You too!? My posts have been censored too. I guess if you're too honest that's not a good thing.

Message: 3453 Posted: Mon Dec 14 01:32:19 1998 By: Connie
Subject: Re: Another Song Puzzle

I think you're right, Shayne. I came up with the same answer.


Message: 3452 Posted: Sun Dec 13 21:18:03 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Another Song Puzzle

Is it "Clarice"?


Message: 3451 Posted: Sun Dec 13 19:44:32 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: FAMT

My wife came in from christmas shopping (she was at Sears,in Duluth, MN.) and said: You'll never guess what song I heard at Sears! I said: From a moving train? she said: how did you know? My response: Just a lucky guess, I guess! (She was very AMAZED) If she only knew..........

Message: 3450 Posted: Sun Dec 13 18:43:47 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Oh, OK, it's Maryland!

Hey TRUTHSAINT, I just noticed after my last post that you are in Maryland! I have cousins in Potomac!

Message: 3449 Posted: Sun Dec 13 18:40:24 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: "Lonely People"

"Truthsaint", regarding your comment about the opening line to "Lonely People", you are so right. I once heard Gerry comment about that same line. He said "How can you lose with that opening line- "This is for all the lonely people" - I couldn't agree more! It's a KILLER line- it just reels you in! By the way, where are YOU located? I'm in NYC!

Message: 3448 Posted: Sun Dec 13 15:51:51 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne's Right: Dan Peek

You are right, Shayne. The answer to my puzzle is DAN PEEK. Here's how it went:


As mentioned in my instructions, Hat Trick is intentionally spelled that way. Good going, Shayne!

Message: 3447 Posted: Sun Dec 13 13:54:42 1998 By: Joe B
Subject: Fan Poll

Hey Everybody,

Yes, the fans matter - but when all is said and done, the record company has to choose the song THEY think has the best chance of getting airplay. It's incredibly tough these days. Some songs on the album are great (and my personal faves) but wouldn't be good single choices. And no matter what is picked, there is no guarantee it's going to make it. Monday morning quarterbacking is very easy. Hey, I did it myself regarding past single release choices. But the fact that Oxygen was able to chart FAMT is a credit. Airplay is all about momentum, and the guys haven't had a "hit" in nearly 20 years. Whatever gets chosen, get behind it, make the request calls, and do what you can to spread the word. Happy holidays.

Joe B
Joe Show

Message: 3446 Posted: Sun Dec 13 11:36:57 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Another Song Puzzle

OK Folks, Can you find the hidden clue...? 1.) Visual pleasures.. 2.)Opening track on HIDEAWAY 3.)Reading Leaves of Grass 4.)Ian Thomas Hit 5.) 2nd Top Ten Hit For AMERICA 6.)Glass slipper 7.)Song that was the "B-Side" of "Horse With No Name" Put them together to figure out a certain song title. Good Luck- Don't Forget, I like a good challenge too! See Ya..TeeTee

Message: 3445 Posted: Sun Dec 13 04:31:33 1998 By: Shayne Zucker
Subject: Re: Another AMERICA Song Puzzle

The answer is...(drumroll, please)...DAN PEEK. It took me a while and I'm not certain about clue #7 (is it "Hattrick"?).

I'm working on another one. Hopefully, it will be done by Monday.


Message: 3444 Posted: Sat Dec 12 23:44:27 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Hey, what happened?

Hey, someone changed my last post (it wasn't even sarcastic or cynical or anything). That's why the heading says "Soundscan" and the message below has nothing to do with Soundscan. Very eerie.


Message: 3443 Posted: Sat Dec 12 22:24:56 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: 8-Track Song Order

Earlier this week, we talked about AMERICA on 8-Track cartridges and what order the songs were. Here they are for the one's I have:

Track 1: Venture Highway, Don't Cross The River, Till The Sun Comes Up Again. Track 2: To Each His Own, California Revisited, Only In Your Heart (Beg). Track 3: Only In Your Heart (Concl.), Moon Song,
Saturn Nights. Track 4: Cornwall Blank, Head & Heart.

Track 1: Hat Trick, Willow Tree Lullaby. Track 2: Wind Wave, She's Gonna Let You Down, Green Monkey. Track 3: Rainbow Song, Submarine Ladies, Molten Love. Track 4: Muskrat Love, It's Life, Goodbye.

Track 1: Miniature, Tin Man, Another Try. Track 2: Glad To See You, Baby It's Up To You, What Does It Matter. Track 3: Mad Dod, You, Old Man Took. Track 4: Lonely People, Hollywood, In The Country.

Track 1: A Horse With No Name, I Need You, Lonely People. Track 2: Sandman, Ventura Highway, Don't Cross The River. Track 3: Only In Your Heart, Muskrat Love, Tin Man. Track 4: Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane, Woman Tonight.

Track 1: Amber Cascades, Can't You See, Watership Down. Track 2: Lovely Night, Don't Let It Get You Down, Hideaway Part 1. Track 3: She's A Liar, Letter, Jet Boy Blue. Track 4: Today's The Day, Who Loves You, Hideaway Part 2.

Track 1: God Of The Sun, She's Gone, Political Poachers. Track 2: Slow Down, These Brown Eyes, Hurricane. Track 3: Don't You Cry,
Sergeant Darkness, Monster. Track 4: Sarah, Are You There, Down To The Water.

Track 1: Tin Man, Muskrat Love, I Need You, Old Man Took (Beg.).
Track 2: Old Man Took (Concl.), Daisy Jane, Company, Hollywood.
Track 3: Sergeant Darkness, Amber Cascades, To Each His Own, Ventura Highway (Beg.). Track 4: Ventura Highway (Concl.), Another Try, Sister Golden Hair, A Horse With No Name.

Track l: I Do Believe In You, Hangover, Valentine (Beg.). Track 2: Valentine (Concl.), Right Back To Me, Might Be Your Love. Track 3: Survival, Catch That Train, You Could've Been The One. Track 4: One In A Million, Coastline, I Don't Believe In Miracles.

I don't know why I don't have SILENT LETTER. I'm curious; does someone have it in 8-Track? If so, would you please tell me the song order?

Message: 3442 Posted: Sat Dec 12 21:31:21 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Another AMERICA Song Puzzle

Here's a puzzle from me to Shayne, Virginia, Robyn, Terry T, "Truthsaint", and anyone else who's bored with nothing else to do.

When jotting down the song titles, omit spaces between words and don't write down any apostrophes. Here is what the puzzle is about:

Guess the song titles from the following hints and you will find his name. The hints are:

1) Cool it with the tears, honey.
2) We went to Disneyland again.
3) A question about your vision.
4) This living is easy.
5) What is this song that Dewey sang but our mystery guest wrote in the early years?
6) "'Cause I know just how it feels"
7) The magician made the rabbit disappear so he wants you to do the same. When you write down this song title, eliminate one of the t's or else this disappearing act won't work.

Good luck!

Message: 3441 Posted: Sat Dec 12 19:48:10 1998 By: Ainsley
Subject: Melbourne Concert

The Melbourne Park concert was brilliant as usual.At five and a half months pregnant didn't quite feel like storming the stage to say hello to Gerry but if he tunes in HI! Great to see you again and hope all is well.

Message: 3440 Posted: Sat Dec 12 18:48:41 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: next single

Very boring Saturday here in Hagerstown, MD. The best part was listening to HUMAN NATURE (again), and I agree Wednesday Morning
should be the next single. As stated several weeks ago, I'm new to
this message board, and so, will be sending in a bio soon. Does
anyone agree with me that the best opening line for any song EVER has to be 'This is for all the Lonely People?'

Message: 3439 Posted: Sat Dec 12 13:20:37 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Virginia and Robyn: The Clues

Virginia and Robyn, Shayne's clues are:

gOd of the sun
whAt does it matter
uncondItional love
all arouNd
all my lifE

So cool, don't you agree? Shayne's the man!!

Message: 3438 Posted: Sat Dec 12 11:22:20 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Chat & Next Single

Howard, I got in the chat at 950 and nobody was there! How long does it usually last?? As far as the "next single" vote, while I adore "Moment to Moment", this is a no brainer!!! Now, if only a New York City station would play any songs from "Human Nature"!!! Anyone got a million dollars to pay off the right people? OK, maybe a half million- sad but true!!!

Message: 3437 Posted: Sat Dec 12 09:15:43 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Melbourne Park Concert

Thanks for the insightful play-by-play description of the show! I wish I was there! What part did Gerry sing in "Kokomo"?

Message: 3436 Posted: Sat Dec 12 07:35:45 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Melbourne Park Concert

Isn't Mike Love the only one left? When Carl left this world there was no point in the Beach Boys carrying on (does Mike Love REALLY need the money???) What's the point of the Beach Boys anymore anyway? American sghould have headlined that concert and got to play more!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 3435 Posted: Sat Dec 12 05:30:57 1998 By: JOHN AND ELIZABETH NEHEZ
Subject: Melbourne Park Concert

AMERICA were special guests ,alongside Richard Clapton for the Beach Boys.Richard Clapton came on at 7.09 pm,and was not a good preformer.Sadly to say his 5 songs for the night was off a very poor quality and style.Beer belly and looked an overgrown Leo Sayer.To say i sat five rows from the front scared the living daylights out of me,fancy dring VB on was America`s turn.
They came on at 8.12 pm and were brilliant,except in small sections of songs due to feedback and acoustic problems.The last concert at the Crown Casino to a smaller auditorium was PERFECT,the sounds were just like a CD.Here at the larger venue,the sound got lost especially in the final song.HORSE WITH NO NAME,the sound was playing up.Michael Woods never stops smiling.AMERICA is BRILLIANT and deserve more.
The playlist was as follows:-
As for the Beach Boys ...they sounded like the three little mouses in BABE.We left after 6 songs,couldnt stand the self admiration of John Stamos and the songs were just terrible.Their voices were not in tune.Sorry to be so critical.

Message: 3434 Posted: Sat Dec 12 01:11:49 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Previous America LP's...

The last America LP to make the billboard charts was 1984's "Perspective" and that barely made the Billboard top 200, peaking at #185 and falling off after 3 weeks. The last successful America LP was 1983's "Your Move" which was helped out by the single "The Border". That LP peaked at #81 and spent 14 weeks on the charts. It still boggles my mind that an act like Chicago can continue charting when an act like America, who's been around just about as long, has trouble reaching the masses with a new release. My guess is that Oxygen is doing the best they can, but maybe they are not as huge as some of the big record labels who can fork out a lot more money on promotion. I still feel that America is a viable commercial act TODAY, and radio programmers need to take note first and foremost to get this song played to the masses! Problem is, you've got too many Young program directors who don't care about America and would rather focus their attention on something or someone else. Just because an act is a "veteran act" doesn't mean they can't be a viable commercial act in the late 90's.

Message: 3433 Posted: Sat Dec 12 01:09:43 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Official Vote For Next Single

Karen DiGesu sent me a mail message earlier this week asking me if I'd like to put an "Official" ballot on the Internet so that all of the fans could vote for the next single from Human Nature. She said that they are weighing only two songs right now for the second single, "Moment to Moment" and "Wednesday Morning". It has been wonderful that there has been so much chatter regarding both of these songs as second singles, not to mention talk about so many other tracks. But it would be impossible for Karen to be able to print out ALL those posts and go through them and be able to come up with the clean, precise "decision" that a true, simple ballot form vote would engender.

Therefore, I have put together The Official Song Ballot which will run from now until January 4 where you can vote for your favorite song. Everyone is allowed one vote and they must register with their e-mail address and a password. Once you have voted, the totals will immediately be available so that everyone can see how their favorite song is doing.

Karen has assured me that the results of this ballot will be seriously considered by the people making the final decision. The fans' opinions MATTER.

Message: 3432 Posted: Sat Dec 12 01:00:57 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Melbourne Park Concert

Adrian, thanks for the great review. It almost made me feel like I was there (except that it's below freezing here -- nowhere near 43C). It's wonderful to hear that the guys are holding up well down under and putting on the same kind of great show that they always do.

Message: 3431 Posted: Sat Dec 12 00:13:21 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Melbourne Park Concert

Hi all, America appeared at Melbourne Park with Richard Clapton and the Beach Boys.The day was stunningly hot 43 degrees celsius a real stinker. America performed in front of ten thousand people but more of that shortly.Richard Clapton was the opening act, and quite frankly was appalling and was very grateful for a merciful conclusion.America took to a stage festooned with potted palms and towering drum kit.There was the stout muscular frame of Brad Palmer,flame haired Willie Leacox,and the dashing Micheal Woods,last but not least our hero's those travelling troubadours Gerry and Dewey both with neatly coifferred hair, Gerry dressed in all black and Dewey in black jeans and blue short sleeve shirt.The band were inroduced to the audience by an American chap and then it was in to Riverside with Gerry playing an acoustic solo leading into the song to rapturous applause the sound was fabulous truly enhansing a wonderful song.Ventura Highway was magnificent as one has come to expect,also You Can Do Magic sounded quite splendid.This was followed by Gerry saying that Melbourne was one of their favourite cities, tongue firmly in cheek,what is so refreshing, these fellows self deprecating humour which went over very well with the large crowd.There was also I Need You when played drew gasps from several female admirers,and one young lady danced the entire show, a gorgeous creature just in front of me a nubile nymphet.Also Tin Man was first class and the rip roaring electric version of Sandman had the crowd going as did a wonderful From A Moving Train,Sister Golden Hair was sublime and Horse was delightful with one of the keyboard players from the BB playing a piano solo would you beleive,there were other tunes, these guys are the epitome of cool,please come back when you are able!
As for the so called Beach Boys one original member remains and that is Mike Love , Bruce Johnson was there but not an original BB.As it happens this group of musos were very good and harmonies sounded first rate,I thought Mike Love a trifle on the camp side,and Bruce Johnson reminded me of Benny Hill,at first I thought it was string hanging out of his shorts but it was his legs.What is also interesting is the fact that Al Jardine has refused to ever appear on the same stage as Mike Love,he is recording an album with his two sons.Brian Wilsons career continues to go from strength to strength.This was not a bad show by any means as Gerry reappeared played several numbers and sang a solo spot on Kokomo,still Mike Love masquerading as the Beach Boys I wonder what Brian Wilson thinks? To be fair the audience enjoyed it,varying age groups which was pleasing to see,compliments of the season to you all.

Message: 3430 Posted: Fri Dec 11 22:29:32 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Chat

I have AOL and got same error message as Robyn. Then I tried
Microsoft Internet explorer and got in. Last time I got in
through using AOL. ??? But as I said nobody was there???

Message: 3429 Posted: Fri Dec 11 20:58:08 1998 By: Michelle
Subject: getting into chat room

i would have been in the chat last night but i couldnt get in. i was having the same problem with another parachat chat room the other night. it gives me this message: Load: class parachat not found. ive just started having this problem recently. if anyone has any ideas how to fix this id appreciate it. after reading Howard's post i guess i didnt miss anything anyway but id love to be able to get in in the future.

Message: 3428 Posted: Fri Dec 11 17:59:07 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Shayne & Gerry: Looking For Visual Pleasures

Me too!!! a few of the clues had me stumped!

Message: 3427 Posted: Fri Dec 11 17:42:46 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Shayne & Gerry: Looking For Visual Pleasures

Please post the answers to the clues. I got most of them, but not enough to get the song title. Thanks.

Message: 3426 Posted: Fri Dec 11 17:09:22 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne & Gerry: Looking For Visual Pleasures

Shayne, COASTLINE!!! You are the King of Puzzle Makers! I am so very impressed how you were able to construct the puzzle with the answer appearing diagonally! Incredible!

Message: 3425 Posted: Fri Dec 11 15:23:49 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Human Nature

The quality of the songs on the CD is great. It's time for Gerry and Dewey to refocus! They need to make their 1999 tour THE HUMAN NATURE TOUR! They need to be performing more Human Nature songs in concert! The focus of their concerts needs to be Human Nature not the oldies!

Message: 3424 Posted: Fri Dec 11 14:19:23 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Karen D of Oxygen: Are You Out There?

Karen, any news on the "Live By Request" show and 'Austin City Limits"? Should we start posting our requests again? Mariah Carey is scheduled for this coming Monday on the "Donnie and Marie" show. What are your thoughts about AMERICA's chances of being on their show as fellow musical performers?

Message: 3423 Posted: Fri Dec 11 13:58:36 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Soundscan

A second single in January -- Go, Wednesday Morning.


Message: 3422 Posted: Fri Dec 11 13:54:44 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Various Topics

Shayne, Alright! Another puzzle.

Song for these times...."Pigeon Song" because she sung like a canary. Hey, that's as close as I could get since there's no "Canary Song".

Similar songs to me are "Jody" and "Honey". I love 'em both. I have two of Russ Ballard's albums and I would have never guessed that he was the writer of many of AMERICA's songs. The music he performs is so different, I think. I guess that's what makes a great singer/songwriter.

Message: 3421 Posted: Fri Dec 11 11:47:29 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Are Y'all Ready For Another One??

Johnny, Terry or anyone else who wants to try. I call this one "It's All Gerry". It's similar to the last one, but the answer is harder to find. Here are the clues to the 9 hints. Remember, it's all Gerry!

#1 - Ahhh, to be young and on the first album
#2 - Pharoah used to worship him in Hawaii
#3 - Great hits of the sixties
#4 - Shhhhhh
#5 - Ding-dong branches
#6 - Caroline doesn't tell the truth (geeez, how easy!!!)
#7 - I'll love you no matter what
#8 - If you are in Texas, I guess you'd be looking at Louisiana when the day is done
#9 - Since 1962 (because I'm 36 years old)

After you figure out these clues, you will have what you need to answer the riddle. Good luck!


Message: 3420 Posted: Fri Dec 11 11:25:14 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Song for the times

How about "Even The Score", "Desperate Love", "Half a Man", "Sometimes Lovers", "Survival" and for extra credit "Lady With A Blue Dress" - OK, I know it's "Lady With A Bluebird", but I couldn't resist.


Message: 3419 Posted: Fri Dec 11 11:07:37 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Song for the times

How about "Don't Let it Get You Down'?

Message: 3418 Posted: Fri Dec 11 10:53:31 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: What Chat?

I checked 2 to 3 times on the chat about 1020P and 1130P.
And there was not a soul around in that chat area.
Did I miss something? HL

Message: 3417 Posted: Fri Dec 11 10:47:36 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Interesting Topic

One of the best things about the band is their ability to continuosly create original material. Rarely do they copy an old song in a new song (unlike, say...Hootie and the Blowfish - all their songs sound alike).

I'm curious what all of you think are two America songs that sound alike. I'll put my two cents in with "Honey" reminding me quite abit of "Clarice".

Let me know.


P.S. You lose points if you say "California Revisited" sounds a lot like "Everyone I Meet Is From California"!

Message: 3416 Posted: Fri Dec 11 09:57:54 1998 By: George
Subject: Human Nature

Thanks for the info, Steve. I hope the concertgoers are buying the CD, too.

Message: 3415 Posted: Fri Dec 11 09:29:44 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Soundscan for "Human Nature"

To those of you who are interested..... I spoke with Karen at Oxygen records last night via the Live chat held here on the America site. she told me that a second single will be issued in January. We need to get out there and spread the word about America! Bug your local radio stations and record stores about this! If bands like Chicago and black Sabbath can still be charting--bands that started BEFORE America--there is no reason or excuse that the masses at large can't be made Aware that America is still a viable commercial act TODAY and not an "oldies" band!!! One listen to "Human Nature" will tell you that the guys are just as creative today! And if you're still "sitting on the fence" and haven't picked up the CD, what in the heck are you waiting for? Get to a store and buy it!!!!

Message: 3414 Posted: Fri Dec 11 08:08:23 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Song for the times

Another song for what's going on in Washington could be "What Does It Matter."


Message: 3413 Posted: Thu Dec 10 23:36:37 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Way To Go!!!

The perfect song for these times is definately "Political Poachers".


Message: 3412 Posted: Thu Dec 10 23:17:42 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Melbourne Concert Dec 11

John & Elizabeth hope you enjoy yourselves & will be looking for your comments on the show.

Message: 3411 Posted: Thu Dec 10 23:12:12 1998 By: John and Elizabeth NEHEZ
Subject: 5 Hours Until Melbourne Park Concert

Hello All! 5 Hours to go! Looking forward to seeing the band at Melbourne Park as both my wife and I are mad america fans here in Australia. 5 rows from the front and very keen to see the guys again. Will send a review straight after the concert. Richard Clapton is on first then AMERICA then the BEACH BOYS. The weather is very hot here this afternoon. 105 degrees.

John and Elizabeth
Melbourne, Australia

Message: 3410 Posted: Thu Dec 10 22:47:11 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Way To Go!!!

No tie, Shayne...all credit should go to the tortured Johnny. He alone constructed the clue groundwork while having many tastes of his own "medicine". As in the words of another tortured soul, "I feel your pain". I only got it after the "look down" clue, and have no doubt in Johnny's assertion that he already knew by then. Saving the answer for someone else's glory is good for the soul, but the glory still goes to you two super America-loving Dudes. I just got excited again when I saw the song title there.

These are sad times for our country (America). Someone needs to pipe some America music into those hearings. What would be the best song for this occasion?
'Nuff said. Keep smiling, like when you're at an America concert. The Guys know what they're doing...they've been rockin' through at least six presidents!

Message: 3409 Posted: Thu Dec 10 21:33:38 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Way To Go!!!

Terry, congratulations on getting the answer first.

Johnny, I am impressed with your perseverance. I have decided to consider it a tie.

Way to go guys. It's too bad nobody else has gotten involved with these.


Message: 3408 Posted: Thu Dec 10 21:32:06 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Way To Go!!!

Terry, congratulations on getting the answer first.

Johnny, I am impressed with your perseverance. I have decided to consider it a tie.

Way to go guys. It's too bad nobody else has gotten involved with these.


Message: 3407 Posted: Thu Dec 10 21:18:25 1998 By: JOHN & ELIZABETH NEHEZ
Subject: Melbourne Concert Dec 11

Hello all,
My Wife and l are eagerly awaiting the concert of our lives.America is due on stage in 5 hours.The line up tonight to my understanding is Richard Clapton ,AMERICA (YEAH!),then the Beach Boys.We are going again as we are very keen America Fans (We have every version of all the albums(vinyl,cassette,and now C.D.Im sure i was the first person to own the Human Nature CD in Australia,IT COST ME HEAPS!I dont care it was well worth it.Its our anniversary tonite and it should be a great evening.Will send a concert review straight after(unless something stops me!).
Elizabeth and John Nehez

Message: 3406 Posted: Thu Dec 10 21:05:40 1998 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: AMERICA in NYC

Hey Karen, you promised to address the issue of why AMERICA never performs in the largest city in the United States!!! So...what gives???
We want AMERICA in New York City!!! It's been YEARS!!! (Yeah, I know they played at Tower Records in September! - I mean a REAL venue!!!

Message: 3405 Posted: Thu Dec 10 20:29:27 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "First she says 'Kings'"

I was hoping no one solved Inspector Shayne's excellent "All Dewey" song puzzle because I finally saw the answer myself. To my disappointment, Inspector Terry T proves to be too much and beat me to the punch. I know you're thinking, "Right, yeah sure!" At least Terry has allowed me the pleasure of "spelling" it out.

aMber cascades
dOn't let me be lonely
aLl night
iT's like you never left at all
vEnture highway
aNd forever

hOt town
eVen the score

Shayne, that was great even though I spent way too long before seeing it. Your "Look Up, Look Down" was so appropriate.

Terry T, did you know the answers to Shayne's clues. I mean like "Amber Cascades", "Don't Let Me Be Lonely", etc.?

Good deal, Inspector Shayne! I'm ready for more torture. Anyone else have a puzzle?

Message: 3404 Posted: Thu Dec 10 18:10:52 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Dewey Lyrics


Message: 3403 Posted: Thu Dec 10 16:28:53 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Just About Ready To Holler "Uncle"

I've tried standing on my head. I've jumped up and down on one foot.
I've even "danced naked to Rick Springfield's 'Jesse's Girl'" as KevinS once suggested I do. I still don't get it but I'm still determined! Is this a good case of "What goes around, comes around"?
I'm beginning to think so.

Message: 3402 Posted: Thu Dec 10 15:43:51 1998 By: Gustave
Subject: Letters

Could somebody send me the letter of the best songs os AMERICA?
I would like to have them all, 'cause English is not my first language

Message: 3401 Posted: Thu Dec 10 15:35:48 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: What I Mean Is...

What I mean is, don't "Look Up, Look Down". It's "Right Before Your Eyes". You don't need any "Hidden Talent". Just "Slow Down" and give it "Another Try".


One more hint: If the songs (hints) were in any different order, it wouldn't make sense.

Message: 3400 Posted: Thu Dec 10 15:24:04 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Lyrics

Dave, go to /america/ then follow the lead to songs. That is the America Fans Home Page. Or, just follow the link on the bottom of this page.


Message: 3399 Posted: Thu Dec 10 15:22:19 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Help Me Solve The "All Dewey" Song Puzzle

Don't look up, look down.


Message: 3398 Posted: Thu Dec 10 15:15:06 1998 By: Dave Forbes-Austin, TX
Subject: Lyrics

Where can I find America's lyrics online, including "horse", "Lonely People", and "Sandman"? Please e-mail me any info. Thanks.

Message: 3397 Posted: Thu Dec 10 14:38:03 1998 By: Rob
Subject: My mistake...

See Steve's message no. 3383. I didn't see it. But there's all your ordering information for the Christmas album which features Dan's great song "The Star". (Don't be surprised if you see Dan's other two solo albums out soon on CD, I'm told. Remember, all things are possible).

Message: 3396 Posted: Thu Dec 10 14:31:55 1998 By: Rob
Subject: "On That Christmas Night" w/Dan Peek

This year ends on a high note...

The company that put out Dan Peek's "Doer of the Word" and "All Things Are Possible" is set to release "On That Christmas Night" with the great song "The Star" performed by Dan Peek. It originally came out more than a decade ago, and now it's been reissued on CD. It addition to Dan, it features: B.J. Thomas, Steve Archer, Amy Grant, and a great song by David Meece too, called "Almost Christmastime". There's a lot to like about this disc. The price is only $12 plus ship & handling. I'm told that Steve Lowry will be posting more on this.

Message: 3395 Posted: Thu Dec 10 13:41:04 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Help Me Solve The "All Dewey" Song Puzzle

I need someone to help me solve Inspector Shayne's song puzzle. Shayne says, "The song I'm thinking of is NOT in the songs that are hinted, but in the TITLES!" We are looking for Dewey's song among the following songs:
Amber Cascades
Don't Let Me Be Lonely
All Night
(It's Like You) Never Left At All
Ventura Highway
And Forever
Hot Town
Even The Score

I'm stumped! Does anyone have an idea?

Message: 3394 Posted: Thu Dec 10 11:45:47 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Shayne, What's Next?

#7 - The Zebra and Wildebeast were recorded in Tanzania. It's where Dewey was going when he went "back to the world where I'm from".


The song I'm thinking of is NOT in the songs that are hinted, but in the TITLES!

When you have the answer, post it here since it doesn't seem anyone else is trying to answer it. Plus, I won't be home till late tonight and won't be able to check my e-mail till then (time to switch to AOL??? Naaa, WebTV is great).


Message: 3393 Posted: Thu Dec 10 10:43:08 1998 By: Dan in Danville
Subject: songs

I don't get a chance to get on the ol' magic box all that often so pardon moi (french for pardon me) for being a little late on the draw about all this fuss about America not playing more songs from their new album and I just wanted to add what hopefully will be the last thing so we can move on...let's not call one another naive for expecting America to play more songs from their new album like they used to in the glory days when they'd have a new album...and we won't call one another naive for predicting HN sales of one million by Y2K. Let's just call one another a fan... and respect the fact that we have stuck with the band through thick and thin and everything is driven by economics everything whether its decisions on what to play or not play in concert and what to record or not record and which musicians to use or not use and which studio to use or not use and who produces or doesn't produce...It's all a money thing. If the money ain't there, America doesn't have the luxury to do what they want and make their own decisions. Some of you want in your heart to hear more songs from HN but in reality that ain't gonna happen..even though it seems so simple that playing three more songs is just adding ten minutes to the show--nobody's asking for a three-hour concert--it's just that America doesn't get the luxury of even an extra ten minutes. And some of you think HN will sell a million copies but in reality that ain't gonna happen. It's all well meaning frustration on everyone's part. If you fans think you're frustrated imagine how Gerry and Dewey must feel. They used to be kings of the world now they are at the mercy of promoters who don't give them enough time to perform their new songs and even worse don't give a golly gosh darn about their new songs... And then they go on the Today Show and have their new songs cut off and they go on the Home Shopping Network and get treated like a piece of cheap you have any idea what it must be like to get slapped in the face by the Home Shopping Network ? Let's all pray that something on Human Nature will be a hit and then America can regain some of the clout they used to have and can start calling the shots once more. And the Health Guru's cryptic messages are kernals of wisdom especially his nugget on Hot Town...Don't let the features you read control the tickets you buy. Bye.

Message: 3392 Posted: Thu Dec 10 09:33:18 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne, What's Next?

Inspector Shayne,

#2 would be "Don't Let Me Be Lonely", right? Since it's "All Dewey", I thought it would be disqualified because it was written by Russ Ballard. Therefore, I selected "Old Man Took".

#7 is Tanzia?

#10 is of course, "Letter". How dumb of me!

Are these all correct? If so, what's the next clue? I need it.

Message: 3391 Posted: Thu Dec 10 08:32:00 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Rebuttal

Playing new songs is like stretching, it's good for the soul;)

Message: 3390 Posted: Thu Dec 10 03:38:19 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Clarification

#2 - I mean that it's Dewey's last song on that particular CD.

After you get the hints correct, I'll give you an additional clue.


Message: 3389 Posted: Wed Dec 09 23:18:21 1998 By: R Bolton
Subject: Songs in concert

You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But you can't please all of the people all of the time. I,too would have liked to hear more off the new CD. I would have liked to hear more off Hourglass and perhaps something from Van Go Gan. Heck,I would have liked to stay all night and hear them play everything they ever recorded. But you know what? Everytime I see them in concert they put on a show that leaves me with a big smile on my face. So really maybe our only complaint is we want more. (That's "Human Nature")

Message: 3388 Posted: Wed Dec 09 22:00:03 1998 By: craig the rig
Subject: Re: Rebuttal

reality... check please!

Message: 3387 Posted: Wed Dec 09 21:16:19 1998 By: Concerned
Subject: Rebuttal

As a devoted fan I have to get something off my chest! Human Nature is a great C.D. After reading the postings regarding the Live Playlists and the songs America should and shouldn't play I just wanted to add my "Entitlement"(Pay attention Guru, please) I have seen Dewey and Gerry many times, maybe too many because there WAS a stretch of years when the songlist and the stage banter was exactly the same show to show to show. And I'm not talking just each tour, I'm talking for what seemed to me like five or six years in a row. So a few of us fans would like some added pizzazz- don't hold it against us.( Howard, Honesty and criticism are two different things). It was great this past year to hear "3 Roses", "Never Be Lonely" and "Sandman". I understand that in order to perform the latest material it must be rehearsed so the solution is take a couple of weeks off and add some of the new stuff. Yes, I understand the commitments to each contractual agreement but as a concerned Fan I feel that in order to keep the momentum of Human Nature going a sacrifice should be considered. After all it shouldn't take one of the best performers too much trouble to spice up the act. The new CD deserves to be heard- and America deserves to be on the top of the charts, selling out arenas and getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame! Rock On!

Message: 3386 Posted: Wed Dec 09 21:10:51 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: At Least I'm Trying!!

So close. Problem is you are incorrect on hints #2, 7 and 10. Here are additional clues for those hints:

#2 - His last top 40 song featured Raphael Ravensscroft on horns. This song is HIS last song on that LP/CD.

#7 - You must read the liner notes. It's not in the USA.

#10 - From the same LP/CD as hint #1. Wait, oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman...

I know you can do it.The answer is in the clues. You just have to figure out where.

Good luck.


P.S. "Hangover" is a cool guess, but I'm not so abstract.

Message: 3385 Posted: Wed Dec 09 20:16:21 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: At Least I'm Trying!!

Shayne, are you sure that I'm wrong AGAIN!!?? I would have bet "The Farm" that the answer was "Hangover" because of all the liquor references.

Am I right about the following:
#1 Amber Cascades 'Cause it's time for another BEER run
#2 Old Man Took And then throw his line Pick up his WINE
#3 All Night All night you'll fight with your mind
#4 It's Like You Never Left At All I tried magic and POTIONS
#5 Ventura Highway The nights are stronger than MOONSHINE
#6 On Forever Had a DRINK, stop to think we had a few
#7 ?
#8 Hot Town Don't serve no BEER at all
#9 Even The Score I stayed up all night long DRINKING and thinking
#10 ??? maybe Valentine because HANGOVER is from the same album, Alibi.

It should be HANGOVER because I now have one!!! I'll keep trying though!

Message: 3384 Posted: Wed Dec 09 19:06:21 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: America In Australia

America is currently touring in Australia and an online magazine has written a great article about them. You can read the article by going to The picture at the top was taken by none other than Ike Gauley. Way to go Ike and way to go America. Knock 'em dead down under!

Message: 3383 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:58:22 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Dan Peek's "The Star"

I received a message from Mark Tye earlier today with information about "The Star". "The Star" is a Christmas song that was written by Dan Peek and up until a couple of weeks ago, wasn't available in any format. Here's what Mark had to say:

I wanted to let all of the America fan base know that On This Christmas Night just came off of the press about two weeks ago in its original order, with all original artwork. The only thing changed this time around was the addition of 3 tracks, and the removal of a Mike Warnke's "Christmas Story". He was a Christian comedian who has since left that particular vocation. Anyway, it is available through me for $12 plus $2 s/h. I will invoice anyone who wants to purchase it and they can mail in a check. I have been doing that for two years and have never had anyone not pay me, so until such time as I do, I will continue to avoid the dreaded 2% Credit Card charge that we have to absorb in other areas of our business. The project is ready to ship now!

I have already asked Mark for a copy of the CD and as soon as I get it I'll post sound clips and photographs from the CD. I'm sure it's one we'll all want to have for our Christmas collection. Mark can be reached via e-mail at

Message: 3382 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:54:16 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

you guys are a riot. I'll post the number for their management so you can apply for a job running their tour...
I have read the posts closely, and understnad what you're trying to say and for the most part agree. But some people seem to have some sense of unwarrented entitlement.
I love HN. Play more HN songs on your tours. I trust the Gerry and Dewey with their choice of playlist.

Health Guru

Message: 3381 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:49:51 1998 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: I Second Johnny's Questions For Karen

How have you been? When you get a chance could you let us know how negotiations are going with A&E and PBS regarding any chance America will be on their "Live By Request" or "Austin City Limits" shows. Have you had any contact with the "Donnie & Marie Show?" As a group do you think our posts at A&E's or PBS's webpages will have any effect on A&E's or PBS's decision making regarding America? Once again, thanks for all of the tireless work you've done for America... Brandon

Message: 3380 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:41:20 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

Couldn't agree with you more. I am sure the guys will add more HN stuff, it is just too good not to share it!

Message: 3379 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:25:26 1998 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

How about my place for Monday Night Football? Let Gerry & Dewey know. The fridge is full of beer and the pantry is full of snacks. On a serious note... I'm with you all the way regarding the importance of more of HumanNature's stuff getting played in concert issue. With the release of HumanNature and knowing the grueling concert schedule they faced, why not expand the concert from 70 to 90 minutes and add three or more HumanNature offerings. It would benefit everybody. Especially America's. I know I've mentioned this several times here and I hate beating a dead horse [with no name]... BUT... HumanNature is the best stuff America has done since their "George Martin" days. How in the hell is anybody going to know about HumanNature if they don't play more selections from HumanNature in concert? America is coming to my hometown in March 1999, Fort Myers, Florida... I am hoping to hear more than From A Moving Train and Pages when they are here. Hey, this isn't a criticism, I love these guys just like everybody else here... I sense a great deal of frustration by most of us knowing how talented Gerry and Dewey are and what a struggle they've had getting recorded. I don't want wht they've started with HumanNature to end. Oxygen Records, primarily through the endless work of Karen D., has done right by them. I think it's time that in concert they do themselves right and play more selections from HumanNature and keep the momentum building. Afterall, we all want to hear MORE from America!

Message: 3378 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:23:16 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

Sorry, but I don't see what would be so difficult about adding 2 or 3 more songs from HN to the line-up. As for adding them later, you need to push the cd NOW, while it is still new. Doing them next year will be too late. They've already missed out on introducing the new single to thousands of fans (assuming it isn't Pages). I guess I just don't understand. Why make a cd of great songs and then not perform them?

Message: 3377 Posted: Wed Dec 09 18:02:27 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Sorry Johnny

Sorry Johnny, your answer is not correct. Remember, the answer to the quiz is in the answers to the hints. Keep trying, I know you'll FIND it.

Sorry for not answering earlier. I had meetings all morning and went to the twins two month check-up.


Message: 3376 Posted: Wed Dec 09 17:01:07 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

Sounds good to me! ;)
may I add, just keep playing whatever you want to, Guys

Message: 3375 Posted: Wed Dec 09 16:51:23 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: More Human Nature Songs

And while you're at it: more songs from Alibi, free T-shirts, a backstage pass, autograph my Silent Letter album cover, let's bowl a few frames together after each show, poker at my house every Thursday, let's hang out Dewey's and watch the Simpsons next Sunday night, play Pigeon song, record a live album in my garage and help me move some furniture from the living room to the den.

(Lighten up. We all love the guys. We all wish them the best.)

Message: 3374 Posted: Wed Dec 09 16:20:16 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Karen D. of Oxygen

Karen, can you tell us if there has been any news about the possible appearance of The Guys on "Live By Request" or "Austin City Limits"? Also, what are your thoughts about trying for an appearance on the "Donnie and Marie Show"?

Message: 3373 Posted: Wed Dec 09 15:28:02 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: New Songs from HN in concert

I have been reading everyone's posts about adding new songs to the sets the band is currently doing. i had two thoughts to throw into the "mix"

1--this band has the most grueling tour schedule I have ever seen! sometimes a list of songs can remain unchanged to balance out a hectic schedule. I have worked for bands who felt the show was more fluid that way. Someone needs to shake it up a little bit.

2-While it is true that the guys are professional musicians, sometimes they do not like to perform new material until they are completly comfortable with it. I am certain we will be hearing more and more songs from Human Nature as the band becomes more comfortable with doing the songs live (Hey, at last by the time they come back to L.A.!!!)

Finally a note to KevinS, I LIKE Hidden Talent, but think that WHeels are Turning should be the next single. :0)

Message: 3372 Posted: Wed Dec 09 14:27:13 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America

Understanding instead of criticizing is good for the soul.
:O) (O:

Message: 3371 Posted: Wed Dec 09 14:18:21 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

I agree with Kevin. America can play ALL THEIR OLD HITS plus 4 or 5 songs from HN and I'm sure fulfill any contractual time requirements. America has had 11 top 40 hits in their career, mix in 4 or 5 HN songs and you've the basis for a great playlist. I don't buy the "they haven't had time to learn them" arguement. These guys are highly skilled professional musicians with more than 20 years experience. It shouldn't take them long to learn 4 or 5 new songs. Like I said before, the focus of this year's tour should be HN! If HN doesn't do well, it maybe America's last! Then they can settle into the "we're just an oldies band" mind set.

Reading an entire post before criticizing it is good for the soul.

Message: 3370 Posted: Wed Dec 09 13:48:51 1998 By: Gary
Subject: AMERICA Songbook ('77)

I just listed my AMERICA COMPLETE Songbook ('77) for sale on EBAY...
it contains all of the words & music for the songs from the first
seven albums. The book is in good condition. Go to, it's
listing # 48134779.

Message: 3369 Posted: Wed Dec 09 13:04:46 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Commerical

Howard, I don't recall the channel because I wasn't actively watching TV. It was on and when the commercial said, "The Best of the Best", I looked up to see if AMERICA might be included. I can positively say it wasn't VH-1 or MTV. As far as the footage, it rolled a number of songs by and I saw AMERICA's name twice as mentioned before. Neither of their songs were given additional attention, unfortunately. Like the typical CD/cassette tape advertising commericals, they feature several songs by different artists by playing snipets of their songs and AMERICA wasn't one of them.

Message: 3368 Posted: Wed Dec 09 12:46:22 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: King Biscuit Commercial

Johnny, in regards to the commercial, what channel did you
see it on, vh1, mtv and what footage did it consist of?

Message: 3367 Posted: Wed Dec 09 10:46:11 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: Re: Concert Schedule

Thanks for the input. I'll keep checking for updated concert info.

Message: 3366 Posted: Wed Dec 09 10:34:21 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: King Biscuit Commercial

I saw for the first time several days ago, a commercial advertising the best 70's rock music. It was King Biscuit's "Best of the Best". It had AMERICA's "A Horse With No Name" and "Sister Golden Hair"!
Does anyone know if this is a new commercial or has it been around awhile? It was good seeing AMERICA's name on TV.

Message: 3365 Posted: Wed Dec 09 09:16:15 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

One other comment:
The length of time to play is typically stipulated in their agreement w/the venue. AMERICA puts out 100% to all of their fans but must also adhere to their contractual agreements. That usually means being ready to go at a set time & finishing at a set time.

Message: 3364 Posted: Wed Dec 09 09:14:56 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan

Donna, I'm afraid that Van Go Gan is out of print. Hopefully, someone will pick it up domestically and reissue it.

Message: 3363 Posted: Wed Dec 09 08:56:51 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Good Game, Shayne

Shayne, your game is excellent. I don't want it to be over for others so I'll just hang around for your response which I hope is soon.

Message: 3362 Posted: Wed Dec 09 08:18:33 1998 By: Donna
Subject: Van Go Gan

Can anyone help me find Gerry Beckleys "Van Go Gan" cd?

Message: 3361 Posted: Wed Dec 09 08:07:36 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne, Are You Out There

I know the answer but I don't want to spoil it for everyone else. To prove it, if "Hollywood" isn't one of the clues, then it would be a good one. Right?

Message: 3360 Posted: Wed Dec 09 07:28:21 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne, Is The Answer........

Shayne, I sent my answer to you via e-mail again this morning. Did you receive it this time?

Message: 3359 Posted: Wed Dec 09 02:35:42 1998 By: Zeke
Subject: Regarding any misunderstandings and...

I suggest to those people who are upset over the recent assertions that America should drop their old hits from their shows, should read the posts by KevinS again -- more carefully, for he never suggests dropping any hits from the songlists, nor does he propose three-hour shows...I don't think anybody here on this forum has suggested that. Some people haven't read very carefully -- that is all... I, for one, suggest a mix of songs, both old and new -- and, definitely, Human Nature songs need to be represented if there is to be any substancial or even modest public recognition of America's latest effort at all. Just a thought...

Message: 3358 Posted: Wed Dec 09 01:51:13 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

some people really don't get it, and no disrespect intended, but I'd figure that they would do a little more research before they criticized a band that has been touring and doing shows for over 26 years (and threfore probably might know something about the process)

It's as naive to think that America could drop their hits from the live show without alienating the vast majority of the people in the audience as it is to think that America gets to play for as long as they want to and can keep throwing in more songs at will. And even if they could, would anyone want to play over 200 three hour shows a year? That's not fair to ask of a band you don't admire, let alone one you do.

and the same person who criticized Hiddentalent let HotTown pass? ummm......

I have to side with Jim on this one, his comments are good for the soul.


Message: 3357 Posted: Tue Dec 08 23:47:36 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Re: More Human Nature Songs

Jim, Todd:

If you go back and read what I wrote, you'll see I never suggested America drop the hits from the show. What I suggested was: they play the hits AND they play more new stuff.

And even if I was one of the "diehards who want all that LP music," what's wrong with that? Those songs were great too.

The difficult thing about an America concert is they have way too many great songs. It's truly an embarrasment of riches.

I've seen them in concert nearly 35 times. I've been surprised at how fresh they've kept songs like "Horse" that they must have played ten thousand times.

You say they and their management know you gotta give the fans what they want, well, guess what? A lot of fans here want more songs from Human Nature to be played.

In the words of Dr Evil: You just don't get it, do ya...until you ask for it?

Hopefully once Wednesday Morning hits the top ten, they'll add it.

Your fellow America loyalist,


Message: 3356 Posted: Tue Dec 08 22:44:23 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: I Left Out A Clue

Oops, I left a hint out.

#10 is United States Postal Service"
but #9 is - The Cowboys TD makes it a 13 - 13 game.

Sorry for the screwup.

Message: 3355 Posted: Tue Dec 08 22:24:12 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: The Answer: I Got It!!!!!!

Johnny, I didn't get your e-mail. My address is

Message: 3354 Posted: Tue Dec 08 21:43:36 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: The Answer: I Got It!!!!!!

Shayne, check your e-mail from me!

Message: 3353 Posted: Tue Dec 08 21:38:49 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Wrong Answer?

I sure sounded confident with my wrong answer, didn't I?

Message: 3352 Posted: Tue Dec 08 21:20:21 1998 By: Rick, a fan
Subject: RE: More HN songs

I saw america in Richamond VA in the summer of 1994. They were promoting "HOURGLASS" and they played four songs: Young Moon, Hope, Mirror to Mirror, and Call of the Wild. Maybe they will play more from HN soon.

Message: 3351 Posted: Tue Dec 08 21:04:23 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "All Dewey" Answer

Nope, not Valentine. I am curious though how you came up with that.

Keep trying.


Message: 3350 Posted: Tue Dec 08 21:01:33 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: RE: More HN songs

Jim, Thanks for that.

Message: 3349 Posted: Tue Dec 08 20:59:10 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Need More "HN" Songs In Concert

I the words of Dr. Evil: you just don't get it do ya...?

Message: 3348 Posted: Tue Dec 08 20:19:46 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: RE: More HN songs

You know AMERICA has gone thru periods attempting to wean people away from all the old hits. They found that the vast majority of people want the oldies, it's the diehards like you all who want all that LP music. "Play The Pigeon song, Play Whole Wide World, Play The Farm" etc. They once tried to drop HORSE from the show & the crowd let them know in no uncertain terms that it was unacceptable. They & their management know you gotta give the fans (majority) what they want, forcing new material can be a tough sell. By the way they rehearsed PAGES, FAMT, WEDNESDAY MORNING & HOT TOWN early in the year. So they do what they have to do to keep things cooking.

Message: 3347 Posted: Tue Dec 08 18:46:03 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "All Dewey" Answer

Shayne, the answer to the quiz is "Valentine".

Message: 3346 Posted: Tue Dec 08 18:34:30 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Concert Schedule

Jennifer, I haven't received a schedule for next year except for the following 4 concerts:

Jan 30, Aronoff Center of the Arts, Cincinnati, OH
Feb 14, Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, Clinton Township, MI
Mar 7, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center, Fort Myers, Florida
Mar 19, Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, Rhode Island

As soon as the schedule is available it will be posted on the America and America Fans web sites.

Message: 3345 Posted: Tue Dec 08 17:52:30 1998 By: A Fan
Subject: RE: More HN songs

I agree- 100%

Message: 3344 Posted: Tue Dec 08 17:44:25 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: RE: More HN songs

A Fan:

You're probably right. (In fact, that's what I was alluding to when I said they're not playing songs from the album because Dewey only played on a few of the songs. He hasn't learned them yet.)

The same thing, however, happened when they released Hourglass. I saw them twice between when that album came out and Human Nature was released. Once was two years after the album came out--certainly enough time to learn the songs--and they still only played two songs from Hourglass: Mirror To Mirror and Young Moon (not counting You Can Do Magic and Everyone I Meet Is From California). And while it's true that even then they were on a breakneck tour schedule, two of the other songs on the album (Greenhouse and Call Of The Wild) were songs they played seven or eight years before, so they certainly knew those songs. They didn't play them to support the album. But, hey, it's their band. Their career. Their choice. Until they ask me to be tour manager, I don't have a say. Just an opinion.

I can't speak for Mark, but I imagine he feels the same way I do: I'm not saying this out of spite, I'm saying this with the deep respect and admiration I have for the band. And because for the I really think it's the best way to ensure many more America albums in the future.

And because, dammit, I'd love to see Wednesday Morning and Wheels Are Turning and Whispering and Olooloo live. Those songs are too good to be left in the studio.

That's not out of line, is it?


Message: 3343 Posted: Tue Dec 08 17:08:17 1998 By: A Fan
Subject: Re: Need More "HN" Songs In Concert

I reiterate, maybe the band hasn't had a chance to rehearse the Human Nature songs enough for performance.

Message: 3342 Posted: Tue Dec 08 16:52:59 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Need More "HN" Songs In Concert

I would have thought "Wheels Are Turning" would have been played in Albuquerque this past October. To my disappointment, it wasn't. What better song then "Wheels" to help promote "HN" in the city that has its name mentioned twice in the song? My AMERICA friend, Cathy, mentioned to Gerry after the performance that she had hoped that they
would have played "Wheels". Cathy said Gerry's comment was, "You like that song, do ya?" Cathy and I talked about how perfect it would have been with the concert being outdoors and the purple mountains in the background. I remember reading about the next
night's performance. It was in Iowa and the playlist was identical. Apparently there's no deviating from the playlist. I'm not sure that I understand it but it was very disappointing not to have heard "Wheels". It was overshadowed by being able to meet all the guys in person.

Message: 3341 Posted: Tue Dec 08 16:52:22 1998 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Just an oldies band... KINDA...

They are an oldies band. It is an unfortunate label, but the days of AM radio are gone! Formats focus on special sectors (i.e. AC) which had FAMT up to #25. There is no shame in it since they have an abundance of "hits" - Remember Oxygen would not have even put out the new release unless it "greatest hits" live King biscuit CD didn't get their attention. So we can be thankful of that. I love the new stuff and miss the T-shirts and new live tracks like they did up until mid-80's, but it is more of a perspective thing now. I'm just hoping Rhino puts out a box set since they do re-issues and Warner owns them!

Please keep going...

Message: 3340 Posted: Tue Dec 08 16:09:35 1998 By: A Fan
Subject: Re: Just an oldies band?

While I agree with what both Mark and KevinS are saying, I wonder if the band has had a chance to rehearse any more than just FAMT and Pages. It seems like the America has been going at breakneck speed through all of 1998. Musicians other than Brad, Willie, and Michael appeared on Human Nature, so perhaps TIME has been a problem and the three of them simply haven't had a chance to learn the songs. I don't know anything about how this industry works-it's just a thought in the band's defense.

Message: 3339 Posted: Tue Dec 08 15:45:28 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Re: Just an oldies band?


I think your comments are dead on. I've wondered why America doesn't play more from Human Nature. Hey, you got a new record deal, treasure it. It may not happen again.

Awhile back, someone's response was that with so many songs, they have to be selective about what they play.

I say, sorry, but play longer.

A group that has 14 or 15 studio albums and as many songs as America has out, should be playing longer than 70-minute concerts.

A few months ago I saw Hall & Oates in concert. It was about a 90-minute show, they opened for Chicago. Hall & Oates also has a new album out after a few years of not recording. They played 7 songs from it. And they played all of their old hits (they have as vast a catalog of old hits as America, so the comparison is fair). And I noticed a couple of interesting phenomenons.

One, the audience really got into the new stuff. It was very apparant that their new stuff was just as good as their old stuff. It had the same energy. Anyone walking away from that concert left with the feeling that these guys hadn't lost a step.

Two, the guys in the band got instant confirmation that their new stuff was just as good as their old stuff. And that's probably more important. They were energized at the reception they got for their new songs, even though I'd bet less than a tenth of the audience had even heard the songs. By playing their new stuff, seeing how it works, seeing how it feels to perform live, I'm sure Hall and Oates feel more in tune as songwriters--and it keeps them more contemporary.

(Of course, the cynic in me has another reason why they don't play more of their new songs in concert: Dewey didn't play in over half the songs on the album. But I won't mention that.)

Come on, guys. Play the songs from the album--except for Hidden Talent. (Ooops, sorry, that was the cynic in me coming out again.)

You're not an oldies band. You're a band with a long legacy of great music. A legacy that continues to grow.

My two cents worth,


(The opinions expressed on this post are those of KevinS and are not necessarily shared by this web site, its affiliates, agents or signatories, the internet or people who like the song, "Hidden Talent." Thank you.)

Message: 3338 Posted: Tue Dec 08 15:16:00 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: It's All Dewey

OK guys, my turn. Johnny, that was indeed tough. Let's see if you or anyone else can get the answer to this:

What Dewey song am I thinking of?

The rules are as follows: the following hints will not give you the answer, but will give you the clue that will give you the answer. When you have all 9 hints figured out, you will have what you need to get the answer (if you can). Good Luck. Oh, to make it easier, I will put the hints in their proper order. And remember, IT'S ALL DEWEY!

#1 The last top 100 song (Billboard) that he wrote by himself
#2 His last song on the album of his last top 40 song.
#3 An echoing rocker at the end of '79.
#4 He's "tried magic and potions"
#5 A flat tire on a west coast freeway can be very inspiring.
#6 The "Tower of Power". And it goes on and on and on...
#7 I had never heard of this place. The Wildebeast and Zebra had.
#8 From the same place as #7, he made the Beach Boys (and the Lettermen) proud.
#9 United States Postal Service (additional hint for #9, from where it starts is where it ends).

Remember, these hints will only give you the clues, not the answer. You can only get the answer from the clues. Good luck.


Message: 3337 Posted: Tue Dec 08 14:44:14 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Just an oldies band?

I am wondering if Gerry and Dewey might not have fallen into the trap of thinking of themselves as “just an oldies band.” What makes me say this is that they have been performing only two songs from the new album, Human Nature, in concerts. Also, a while back somebody posted that when America performed a short set as part of a larger concert, not only did they not perform anything from HN but they didn’t even mention the new CD. I remember back in the old days, when they had a new album they would perform almost the entire album live, and the tour would really push the new album, eg Silent Letter tour or Alibi t-shirts. While I realize that most fans come to hear the old songs, they could be performing at least 4 or 5 songs from HN. As it appears now, the other song that they have been performing, Pages, may not even be the second single from the album. So they have missed an opportunity to introduce to thousands of fans the song that will be the next single. The stage should be covered with HN posters and the focus of the tour should be HN not the old stuff. They really need to start pushing the next single too. This may be their last chance! If the next single doesn’t do well and help push the album, there may not be a next album!

I suggest Dewey and Gerry start performing the following HN songs in addition to FAMT and Pages:
Hot Town (this song rocks, and was made to be done live)
Wednesday Morning (should be the next single)
Wheels Are Turning (should be the third single)

PS. Don’t forget Human Nature would make an excellent Christmas gift!

Message: 3336 Posted: Tue Dec 08 13:17:22 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Virginia's Correct! But why "Wally"?

Virginia, you are absolutely correct about the tree and pineapple. Only this year with the interest in the "Harbor" poster, did I notice that it was a pineapple! Way to go, Virginia!

I asked this before but no one gave a reply: Why is "Wally" inscripted on the margin of the "Silent Letter" album near the label? I don't know why myself.

Message: 3335 Posted: Tue Dec 08 12:54:37 1998 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Triv Question: "Harbor" & "Hideaway" Lp Labels

I'm at work, so I'll have to guess without taking a look. Hideaway had a cross-section of a tree. Harbor was a pineapple(?). I haven't taken either of these LPs out of the sleeves for years and years.

Message: 3334 Posted: Tue Dec 08 11:45:47 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Question: "Harbor" & "Hideaway" Lp Labels

ShariL, you're right. The labels on my 8-tracks are pretty worn but I still have a portable player that still works. I haven't played it in years but I think I'll give it a try tonight. My player in my '75 Grand Prix ate its share of tapes. My old car has probably been recycled as someone's front fender now.

Here's another trivia question: On the label (or hub to some folks) of the "Harbor" and "Hideaway" albums, there's a cross-section of what? The "items" are different on each album. I have two "Hideaway" albums but only one of them has the unique label. The other is the typical Warner Brothers multi-colored label with the palm trees all in a row.

Message: 3333 Posted: Tue Dec 08 11:19:58 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: Concert Schedule

I was wondering if someone could provide me with some concert information. I attended the October 3rd concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa and heard that America is coming to Des Moines, Iowa in the spring of '99. Has anyone heard the same, or could someone let me know if they have a schedule with that concert listed on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Message: 3332 Posted: Tue Dec 08 10:53:56 1998 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: 8 tracks

Hi, everybody. Haven't logged in since Friday so had some reading to do.
Johnny, you are amazing. As to the comment about what are those 8 tracks worth? My guess would be absolutely nothing! Does anybody still have an 8 track player that works? Unless things are in mint condition (and none of us would have anything by America that would be in mint condition!)they are, for most everyone, unplayable.
How many of us (those of us that are old enough!) watched our favorite tapes get eaten up by an 8 track machine?
There's a trivia question for you!
If you're not old enough to remember what an 8 track is, don't answer! It's too hard to explain, other than to say it's what was around before cassette tapes were popular.
Happy holidays, everyone! ShariL

Message: 3331 Posted: Tue Dec 08 08:23:34 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Jim Griffey's Right!

Jim Griffey is absolutely right about the AMERICA LIVE 8-Track songs being exactly in the same order as the album. Good job, Jim!!

Message: 3330 Posted: Tue Dec 08 08:10:50 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: 8-Track Triv Answers

Jim Griffey, you are right that "She's a Liar" is the first song on track 3 of HIDEAWAY. However, "Amber Cascades" is the first song on track 1. "Lovely Night" is the first song on track 2. You did better than I could have strictly from memory!

Tom T, you blew us away with all the correct answers for HOMECOMING, HARBOR, AND ALIBI. Good going!!

Message: 3329 Posted: Tue Dec 08 08:05:36 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Next Live Chat

The next live Internet chat session will be this Thursday, December 10, at 9 pm Eastern (that's 6 pm for you left handers). You can access the chat box from the America Fans home page or by following this link:

America Fans Live Chat Box

Because of my extended work schedule I won't be able to join in until after 10 pm Eastern and possibly not at all. However, I hope the rest of you will have a great chat session as you discuss Human Nature, the Holidays, the Harbor poster photos, and anything else that comes to mind.

As a reminder, you must have a Java enabled browser in order to join in.


Message: 3328 Posted: Mon Dec 07 23:21:07 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: A Dewey Song Riddle/Harbor Poster

Could the sleeve pic and credit text be scanned/transcribed to this Site so as to enhance our information, Steve?

Terry, I don't have the sleeve pic or the credit text so I can't scan it in. However, if you (or someone else) would like to transcribe it, I'd be happy to put it out on the web site.

Message: 3327 Posted: Mon Dec 07 21:28:16 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: 8-Track Trivia

HARBOR...Track 2:Slow Down,These Brown Eyes & Hurricane/ Track 3:Don't You Cry(alias..Don't Cry Baby), Sergeant Darkness & Monster...Track 4: Sarah, Are You There & Down To The Water ALIBI....Track 1: I Do Believe In You, Hangover & Valentine(PT. 1)Track 2: Valentine(PT. 2), Right Back To Me & Might Be Your Love Track 3: Survival, Catch That Train & You Could've Been The One Track 4: One In A Million, Coastline & I Don't Believe In Miracles HOMECOMING...Track 1: Ventura Highway, Don't Cross The River & Till The Sun Comes Up Again Track 2: To Each His Own, California Revisited & Only In Your Heart (PT. 1) Track 3: Only In Your Heart (PT. 2) Moon Song & Saturn Nights Track 4: Cornwall Blank & Head And Heart AMERICA previously mentioned the same as the L.P. That's all for now...I wore out all my 8-Tracks too. How about when Warners put out those wierd cassette tape covers where you just slid the tapes in a heavy plastic sleeve. The one end remained open and you just had to pull the tape out of it's cover. I had (actually I may still have them in storage) HEARTS, HAT TRICK, HOLIDAY AND HIDEAWAY in those funky tape cases. Each one of those tapes didn't last too long at all! Anyway, I'm going to try to get some more of those answers tomorrow! Pretty cool, HUH Johnny?

Message: 3326 Posted: Mon Dec 07 21:03:56 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: 8-Track Trivia

I had the 8 tracks of "Hideaway", "Live" and "Alibi" (all loooonnnggg gone). If memory serves, the "Live" 8-track was in the same order as the album. In other words, they didn't change the line up of songs to accomodate the 8 track program restrictions. I used to hate it when they'd fade out of a song, switch programs, then fade the song back up. As for "Alibi" and "Hideaway", I can't remember the order, but I think "She's A Liar" led off program 3. And I'm certain "Lovely Night" was first on program one.

Boy, what must those things be worth?

Jim, Erie, Pa

Message: 3325 Posted: Mon Dec 07 20:22:39 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Clarification On the Triv Question

I wasn't very clear on my previous message. On the ALIBI 8-track, the word "program" is used instead of what I usually call tracks. So the trivia question is: Can you name which songs are on which programs (or tracks) on all eight of the releases I mentioned?

Message: 3324 Posted: Mon Dec 07 19:59:06 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: 8-Track Trivia

Here is a trivia question that you either know it or you don't. There's no middle ground. For the majority of us, we remember the ole 8-track cartridges. I pulled out from my dusty vault eight of AMERICA's 8-tracks. Can you name which songs are on which of the 4 programs. For instance on HARBOR, program 1 has GOD OF THE SUN, SHE'S GONE, & POLITICAL POACHERS. Can you name the songs on
the other three tracks or programs as they're called on ALIBI's.
I have 8-tracks of the following releases: HOMECOMING, HAT TRICK,
HOLIDAY, HISTORY, HIDEAWAY, HARBOR, LIVE, & ALIBI. On HOMECOMING, HIDEAWAY, & HISTORY, there's no photo on the cartridge. I have two of HOLIDAY and one is with and the other is without the photo. I wish I still had the cardboard sleeves that each cartridge came with. I made mobiles out of them while in high school so they're long gone. So, who can answer this trivia?

Thanks Inspector Terry T. for the kind words about the HARBOR captions. If we can call our former presidents, "President", I can still call you Inspector!

Message: 3323 Posted: Mon Dec 07 18:01:28 1998 By: Terryt
Subject: Follow-Up

I meant that I sometimes doubt that the encrypted lyrics of Dewey are just coincidence.

Message: 3322 Posted: Mon Dec 07 17:55:46 1998 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: A Dewey Song Riddle/Harbor Poster

Yer killin' us, Johnny! I'm catching up on the reading here, and am not even a third of the way through the Poster captions (msg #3290), and can't take it anymore! Very good. We seem to have not named all the pictures yet. I discovered that I DO in fact have the sleeve to that album. It has another great pic of the 3 Lads, along with various credits, written in a pseudo-Oriental font. Could the sleeve pic and credit text be scanned/transcribed to this Site so as to enhance our information, Steve?

Johnny, you're getting fairly scientific lately with your quizzes! Fellow Dewey Man that you are, I really appreciate what you see in the lyrics, and sometimes can't doubt that it is mere coincidence. I would never have guessed the answer becasuse I, too, would have thought it was a song with 7 words in the title.

I predict new, unleashed creativity by Dewey in the (yes) next CD to be released, due to many reasons. Hear me now, believe me later.

Former Inspector

Message: 3321 Posted: Mon Dec 07 16:44:27 1998 By: David
Subject: Re: Concerts

Likewise, I too am disappointed that no UK tour looks likely. However, I intend to "invest" in a trip to europe, should for example, a German concert occur. We can only live in hope!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 3320 Posted: Mon Dec 07 16:02:12 1998 By: jimnak

I realize everyone does not have a DVD w/digital dolby yet. But I must say that the DVD version is quite extraordinary. Hey ths may be a reason to pick up a machine. You may have seen the VH-1 showing of this & it is up close & very AMERICA. You feel like they are in your living room. Where else can you see WIND WAVE & RAINBOW song live ? This disc appears to be sponsored by Pioneer so perhaps we shall see the Concert in Central Park on DVD soon. And maybe just maybe a modern day AMERICA on DVD !

Message: 3319 Posted: Mon Dec 07 15:59:42 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Answers to "Dewey's Song Riddle"

Below are the seven words from Dewey's songs that when combined together gaves us another one of his songs, RAINBOW SONG.

After two days in the desert sun
My skin began to turn RED

ORANGE funnels and snowy tunnels

The YELLOW racing dreamboat

You hear the dog bay
At the GREEN neon light

For all your brothers feeling BLUE

Black crow with an INDIGO glow on the highway

I want to carry you across a threshold of fireflies
And VIOLET stones, all alone

you have all the colors of the rainbow, hence, Dewey's RAINBOW SONG!

The Wizard, Dorothy and Toto, Yellowbrick Road, and Kansas all refer to the song, "Somewhere Over the RAINBOW".

Pot and lucky charms are to remind you of a leprechaun who is always seeking a pot of gold at the end of a RAINBOW.

What do you often see on a rainy day especially in Hawaii? A RAINBOW!
The University of Hawaii is known as the RAINBOWS much like UCLA is known as the Bruins.

Noah and the Flood is to remind us of God's promise. He said that everytime we see a RAINBOW, we are to remember that He promised to never destroy Earth again by water.

Yellowbrick is also to remind you of the color yellow. House Monkey is referring to the color green. Dewey's two songs are GREENHOUSE and GREEN MONKEY.

And then there's good ole Roy! Elementary students are often taught how to remember the colors of the RAINBOW by remembering the name,
Roy G. Biv. The name stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo, and violet!

To Shayne goes the title, "Inspector Shayne Mills"! Congrats Shayne and thanks for being interested and daring enough to play "Dewey's Song Riddle"!!

Message: 3318 Posted: Mon Dec 07 15:51:06 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Re: Karen


Even though I think too many commercials use rock songs as a crutch rather than an idea, believe me, I'd love to use something from Human Nature in a spot. I've just got to think of where it would be appropriate. It would be one of the proudest days of my live if I could somehow repay Dewey and Gerry for all the great moments they've given me. And, if it could also be a way of saying thanks to Oxygen for keeping the faith, all the better.

I'll keep thinking. You keep cranking out America albums. One of these days we'll get together.


Message: 3317 Posted: Mon Dec 07 13:57:14 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne, You Got It!!

"Dewey's Mystery Song" is RAINBOW SONG. I will explain how the clues are related around 3:30 pm today. Sorry, but I have to take care of some business until then. It's currently 1:10 pm here. Later!!

Message: 3316 Posted: Mon Dec 07 13:36:09 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Shayne's So Very Close!!!

The only thing I can come up with is "Rainbow Song". However, certain clues don't fit. So...once again...uh...


Message: 3315 Posted: Mon Dec 07 13:04:24 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Shayne's So Very Close!!!

Shayne, you are right on one of your guesses but I won't say which one yet. I know you can figure it out. It's right in front of you.

Message: 3314 Posted: Mon Dec 07 12:33:31 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: I Forgot One Very Important Clue

From the clues, I can only come up with scattered possibilities.

1. The reference to Wizard of Oz. I though perhaps it was that the song is on Hourglass, until I realized Hourglass was recorded in Nebraska.

2. Perhaps a rainbow (hence the link to Noah's Ark, pot of gold...)

3. The Hawaii reference could be that the song is from Harbor. I couldn't find it though.

4. No idea about Roy or House Monkee.

So, based on all this, I have no idea.


Message: 3313 Posted: Mon Dec 07 11:53:32 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: I Forgot One Very Important Clue

When I gave the recap, I overlooked the clue, Roy.

Message: 3312 Posted: Mon Dec 07 11:49:41 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "LBR" and "Donnie and Marie"

Karen, I never heard back from you about what the chances are for AMERICA appearing on "Live By Request" and "The Donnie and Marie Show".

Message: 3311 Posted: Mon Dec 07 11:44:57 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: To Lessen The Confusion

Shayne, In the following songs, there is one particular word in each song that when combined with one particular word from the other six songs, you get the song title of the mystery song.

All of the clues that I have given so far, are to help you determine what that mystery song is that is sung by Dewey. Maybe if I group the clues together, it won't be quite so confusing. They are:
(1) The Wizard, Dorothy and Toto, Yellowbrick Road, and Kansas;
(2) pot, rainy day, lucky charms
(3) Hawaii
(4) House Monkey

Ask me any questions that you might have. Here is another clue: Noah and the flood

Message: 3310 Posted: Mon Dec 07 11:16:03 1998 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: America Music in Commericals

Hey Kevin....

I can tell you this: I would be very interested in having music from Human Nature appear in national television commercials and would be very helpful in seeing that you experience none of the afore-mentioned stresses in helping you get everything you need as quickly and inexpensively as possible.


Message: 3309 Posted: Mon Dec 07 10:52:18 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Even More Clues

I must be missing something. I'm stumped.


Message: 3308 Posted: Mon Dec 07 10:22:09 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: America Music in Commericals

I write commericals and I too hate using rock songs in commericals. About the only exception is if the song really is an integral part of the idea. But most of the time it's a lazy way to cover up the fact that the commerical has no idea.

Having said that, I tried to use a song Gerry sang on in a commerical I wrote back in January. It was a commercial for Hampton Inn and it featured shot after shot of people sound asleep in their hotel rooms, and at the end we cut to the marquee in front of the hotel saying "Welcome Insomniac Club" with an announcer saying, "We can assure anyone gets a good night's sleep."

I wanted the commercial to be quiet, but my client insisted on some music. So we decided to use the song, "Mr Sandman." I realized Gerry sang a version of that on the Cry Baby soundtrack in a band called Baldwin and the Whiffles, so we tried to get it. (I figured, if I have to pay someone, might as well put a little money in Gerry's pocket and repay him somehow for all those years of great music he's given me.)

As most of you know, you can't just use a song. You have to pay for the rights. If you wanted to use an America song, for instance, you'd have to negotiate and buy the rights to the song from whoever holds the publishing rights.

Then, you'd have to negotiate and buy the rights for the performance. That means paying the record company that the song you're using was recorded on (you could also re-record the song and then not have to pay the record company), and then paying the principal performers.

With Mr Sandman, we licenced the publishing rights for the song. Then we set out to get the performance rights. We called MCA (the record company the Cry Baby sound track was recorded on). After getting the name of the person at MCA to talk to, we called and left messages at least three dozen times in a two-week period. Nobody from MCA ever called us back. Obviously, they didn't need the money. (It's easy money, too. All they have to do is return a phone call.)

So, needing to get the commercial on the air, we said the hell with MCA and we hired singers and recorded the song ourselves.

MCA lost out on a nice chunck of cash, and so did Baldwin and the Whiffles, featuring Gerry Beckley.

Sorry, Gerry. MCA is run by idiots.


Message: 3307 Posted: Mon Dec 07 10:18:06 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Even More Clues

Here are some major hints within this sentence:

"Roy, the house monkey, hit the Yellow Brick Road to Kansas looking for lucky charms on a RAINY DAY."

The individual clues are: Roy, house monkey, Yellow Brick Road, Kansas, lucky charms, rainy day.

Message: 3306 Posted: Mon Dec 07 08:53:39 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: A Few More Hints

Here are several more hints to "Dewey's Song Riddle":

1) pot
2) Dorothy and Toto
3) Hawaii

Message: 3305 Posted: Mon Dec 07 08:25:55 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Dewey's Song Riddle" ....Still An Unsolved Mystery

"Dewey's Song Riddle" isn't IT'S LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT AT ALL. Thanks for trying Shayne. You must be wondering how this can be since it's the only song title with seven words. That's why it's a riddle. Keep thinking! Here's another hint: The Wizard

Message: 3304 Posted: Mon Dec 07 08:02:46 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Dan Peek Christmas Song

If someone has a GOOD copy of Dan's Christmas song, "The Star", perhaps they could copy it onto cassette and mail it to me so I could digitize it and put it on the America Fans web site for everyone else to enjoy. By the way, I'm slowly but surely going through and changing all of the sound clips from WAVE files to Real Audio files. Real Audio files are much smaller so they download faster and they have better quality sound than the WAVE files that I've been using. You can check out all the sound clips by going to the sound clip index.

Message: 3303 Posted: Mon Dec 07 04:23:14 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Dan Peek Christmas Song

The Dan Peek Christmas Song, "The Star", first appeared on vinyl circa 1981. The album featured an all-star collection of singers. Amy Grant. B.J. Thomas. Two years ago, this album was re-released on cd. But here's the did not have Dan's song on it. I can't remember what was subbed in. The original title of the album was "On That Christmas Night". Dan's song is great for many reasons. 1. It's all heartfelt. 2. It's an original. 3. It fits in nicely with all the other classics from the season. For those of you who have never heard this song, it's about the wise men following the star.

Message: 3302 Posted: Sun Dec 06 23:43:51 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: More Photos - 1983 and 1998

Some new photos have recently been added to the America Fans web site courtesy of Jim Griffy and Howard Lieboff. Jim's photos were taken almost 13 years ago in Cleveland and Howard's photos are from this year's Hershey concert. I really enjoyed the 1983 photos because they show how much the guys have changed in the past 13 years. This is what Jim had to say about the photos: "These are photos of the guys in concert that I took during an appearance at the late, great Front Row Theatre in Cleveland back in February of '83. The nice thing about the Front Row was that it was in the round and the stage rotated (very slowly of course) thus affording the chance to see the guys from ALL SIDES. This combined with my cousin's zoom lens (and VERY STEADY hand) made for some decent pictures." You can access both sets of photos from the home page of the America Fans web site.

Message: 3301 Posted: Sun Dec 06 21:06:28 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: A Dewey Song Riddle

I'm thinking that it's "It's Like You Never Left At All"


Message: 3300 Posted: Sun Dec 06 19:43:15 1998 By: Mark
Subject: re:dan peek christmas song

Hey be sure and let us know if it does get released. I would love to get a copy of "The Star." Last year I heard it over the PA at a store during Christmas shopping season. Maybe I'll hear it again this year.

Message: 3299 Posted: Sun Dec 06 19:40:22 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Rate A Record: "Hidden Talent"

Actually Hidden Talent is my least favorite song on the CD. It's just a shallow little pop song, not much substance to it. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just that there are about 11 other songs on the CD that I like better.

Message: 3298 Posted: Sun Dec 06 19:40:16 1998 By: pat
Subject: 8x10 autographed pic

i have a 8x10 autographed picture of america from the gammaphone days its a black and white photo. i am taking offers. thanks

Message: 3297 Posted: Sun Dec 06 15:03:38 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: A Dewey Song Riddle

Here is a riddle that I hope you enjoy playing. To the person who solves this riddle goes the title of, "Inspector Mills". The current title holder is Terry T. Terry T., can you retain your title?

The situation: Take one particular word from the lyrics of each of the following seven songs:

A Horse With No Name
Moon Song
Catch That Train
Hot Town
Old Man Took
Wheels Are Turning
Molten Love

Then combine these seven words together and you get another AMERICA song title.

The question: (1) What are the seven words from the seven songs?
(2) What AMERICA song do you come up with after combining these seven words together? (Here's a hint: Notice that each of the seven songs listed are either written or sung by Dewey. The "mystery" song
is also a song written and sung by Dewey.) Good luck my fellow

Message: 3296 Posted: Sun Dec 06 13:57:16 1998 By: Kathy Hansen
Subject: Thanks!

Just a note to say thank you for keeping the music alive. I've listen to America since the beginning. Happy to be able to keep listen.

Message: 3295 Posted: Sun Dec 06 12:08:36 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Cincinnati concert

Mike & Justin, the Cincinnati concert will be held at the Aronoff Center of the Arts so I would presume that you need to contact their ticket office in order to buy tickets. I don't have a phone number or address but you should be able to look it up in the phone book or by calling information. Good luck!

Message: 3294 Posted: Sat Dec 05 23:39:38 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Album Cover Trivia

HEY, I remember Gerry talking about that, when he was in the music store where I worked at, he noticed that I had the album cover within his "eyesight" and mentioned why the indians had such a "sadface" , I can't remember all the details about it ( you have to remember, I was kinda in the "twilight zone") ,but I do remember him pointing that out. Also, Gerry was the first guy that made me aware that Phil HartmanN" was involved w/America , when I showed him my 45 picture sleeve, which Phil did cartoon characters of the three of them,on the cover. (Lonely people/mad dog) I know we're only "human" , but that was one of the greatest experiences of my life, to meet (by surprise!) An artist/composer/musician/ I have admired "All my life" ,to me it was like Lennon or McCartney coming through the door, (I know some people might think , yeah, right!) BUT that's the way I felt, I guess , I've had the experience of meeting a couple of "Great People" , but no one can top the experience I had meeting MRSR. BECKLEY , It was just alot of fun I guess, Hey, to Rooster! EDDY

Message: 3293 Posted: Sat Dec 05 21:55:31 1998 By: Adrian
Subject: Concert

Hi all,less than a week away America in Melbourne Park with the Beach Boys,what a way to start the summer! Being an ex-pat from the U.K. Christmas has taken some getting used to in hot weather.I'm still listening to Human Nature it just seems to get better,I hope the guys do some songs from the new album because they are so much more than a greatest hits outfit.

Message: 3292 Posted: Sat Dec 05 21:38:50 1998 By: The other Johnny
Subject: Re: America's Xmas Song?

Actually "The Star" is a Dan Peek Christmas song that was featured on a various artists (contemporary christian) LP in the early 80's. Good song "twinkle twinkle christmas star... etc." much the same as his albums from that period - very pop with simple messages. If they ever do a Christmas Cd it would be nice to include this one. MCA put the LP out I know. The America tune is "hark the herald angels sing" is at any k-mart with a various artist package called "christmas collection" or something. It goes for about $4.00 (really).


Message: 3291 Posted: Sat Dec 05 19:59:39 1998 By: R Bolton
Subject: Town and Country

I was just kidding, a little humor. My feelings are mutual about a commercial. Just joking around a little, having a little fun, not serious,just playing. Understand?

Message: 3290 Posted: Sat Dec 05 18:11:06 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Lighthearted Captions To "Harbor" Poster Photos

Here are some lighthearted captions that I thought of for the "Harbor" poster photos. They are merely for fun and not meant with any seriousness. No disrespect is intended if anyone should think so.


#1 Dan: "Ouch! I think I just sat on a pineapple."

#2 Catherine: "Darn it! My new hat just doesn't keep the sun out of my eyes."

#3 Happy Guy: "This is the, women, and song!"

#4 Henry D: "Gerry, how old were you when you learned how to play the piano?"

#5 Vivien: "Dewey, what's the deal with the coconut?"

#6 Mustache Guy: "I wish I had one of those good lookin' Hawaiian shirts."

#7 Dewey: "Wow! The pecans here are huge! Does anyone know how to open one of these things? Okay, I'll trade my lei for your machete."

#8 Gerry: "Wow!! It sure looked like one...round, rotating, blue and green flashing lights! Who's going to believe me?"

#9 Child: "And to think, I get all this lovin' just for not poopin' in my Pampers!"

#10 Henry: "I knew I should've put my camera equipment in a carry-on!"

#11 Dewey: "I like it better on the main land 'cause we use stakes and horseshoes. Holding my arm up this long makes me tired."

#12 Gerry, Dewey, & Dan: "It's even bigger than OJ's place!"

#13 Lady: "Hey good lookin'! You rang?"

#14 Lady: "OK, I'm gonna pop you in the belly again if you don't stop wearing my purse!"

Guy: "But it goes so well with denim."

#15 Dan: "I was playin' it right. I think Dewey messed it up, not me!"

David thinking to himself: "It was me but I'll let Dewey take the blame."

#16 George: "Who's the fourth guy? This is America not the Beatles."

#17 Michael: "I get to pose for only one picture. So Henry, you better make it a good one."

#21 Native: "How much longer are they stayin'? That long!"

#22 Jim: "Did I hear you say a worm? Great, now you tell me!"

#23 Ladies: "That's very funny Henry but you told that same joke at the "Hearts" album shoot, didn't you?"

#24 Gerry: "Ha, ha, ha!" Nobody but me knows that "29" is my favorite number."

#25 Dewey: "Yeah, it was incredible! I saw plants and birds and rocks and things!"

#26 Gerry: "Hey buddy, you talkin' to me? Hell no these aren't my pajamas!"

#27 Dan: "Hmm! A solo career sounds tempting but no way! Not me!"

#28 George: "Hip, hip, cheerio!"

#31 Lady: "And just what gives you the idea that I'm a flirt?"

#34 Dewey: "With this blue, green, and brown shirt on, maybe they won't notice me behind this tree."

#35 Mystery Lady: "Hey, there's Dewey wearing a blue, green and brown Hawaiian shirt. Why's he hidin' behind that tree?"

#36 Gerry: "Oh, I'm just trying to come up with some new lyrics since I'm lookin' to the east now that the day is done and I'm just thinkin' about it all."

#37 Dan: "Henry, how much longer? I need to visit the little boy's room?"

#38 Young Lady: "They don't eat cats on the island, do they?"

#39 Raccoon: "Officer, you say you want a urine sample in this cup? But why? What could possibly make you suspect something?"

#40 Guy: "Be honest with me, okay? Do I look better with my bangs on or off my forehead?"

#41 Gerry: "Hey, I'm ready but where's all the babes?"

#43 Dewey and Gerry: "Dan, we warned you what would happen if you didn't stop drinkin' all that Hawaiian punch!!"

#44 Dan: "Catherine, are you goin' eat the rest of that mango?"

#45 Willie: "Hey, look everybody! There's Connie Cheung! Oh,'s only Don Ho."

#46 Doug: "Yeah, my favorite college team is the University of Hawaii Rainbows. How'd you know?"

#48 George: Wow! Just as I thought! These Americans are crazy!"

#49 Scott: "Of course these are ivies on my shirt! What did you think they were??"

#50 Dewey: "Vivien and David!! Smile 'cause the free wind is blowin' through our hair."

#51 David: "No way man, I will not smile! I absolutely refuse to smile!! I won't, I won't, I won't!!"

Remember, it was all in fun. AMERICA's the best!!!

Message: 3289 Posted: Sat Dec 05 17:38:23 1998 By: Joe Anderson
Subject: America's Xmas Song?

Does anyone know where I can find America's Xmas song? I think it was called "The Star"?? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Message: 3288 Posted: Sat Dec 05 17:13:04 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Rate A Record: "Hidden Talent"

Hey Johnny, I think "Hidden Talent" is a decent tune! I give it an A-. It would fit Adult/Contemporary & Top 40 Formats very well. I just wish there was more to the "Middle Eight/Instrumental Bridge"! The cheesy sounding keyboard solo is, for me , one of the Low Points of "Human Nature"; however, the chorus and the vocal arrangement are really hot! Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy to Howard L.!You don't look a day over 38!

Message: 3287 Posted: Sat Dec 05 15:38:22 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Thanks

Thanks all for the B-Day wishes.
mB is absolutely correct. If you have somewhat of an ear for music,
best chance is try to figure out the song by ear, or underwater
basket weaving via left or right foot. I have all music books up to
Harbor, most of songs I figured out by ear. HL

Message: 3286 Posted: Sat Dec 05 15:23:41 1998 By: mB
Subject: Re: America Songbooks

it's been my experience that the transcriptions (esp. the tablature)have been horrendously innacurate, with you having a better chance getting the song right lefthanded upside down uderwater while basketweaving with your left foot. (?)


Message: 3285 Posted: Sat Dec 05 13:58:46 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Songbooks

At times there have been tab books on AMERICA, such as Greatest Hits & I have seen HORSE W/NO NAME in some of the 70's compilation books. You really have to search though. The complete sheet music (bass, treble & melody) of AMERICA COMPLETE (100% of the Warners material) is out of print. AMERICA deluxe anthology (perhaps 60% of the Complete book) by Warners Publications is supposedly out of print by many times you can find copies in large sheet music houses. Fischer Music in downtown Chicago is a major sheet music house & worth a try, they do mail-order.

Message: 3284 Posted: Sat Dec 05 13:51:52 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Happy Birthday Howard!

Happy Birthday to my friend, Howard. Yes, the same Howard who appeared on The Today Show.

Message: 3283 Posted: Sat Dec 05 13:42:46 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: how did you know

Johnny, thanks very much. My day is going great.
THank you I appreciate it. Howard Lieboff

Message: 3282 Posted: Sat Dec 05 09:51:16 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Rate A Record: "Hidden Talent"

As I've said several times before, I really like "Hidden Talent". I know some of you have said it's just okay. I'd like to know who thinks what about the song. How about letting me and others know by rating it: excellent, good, fair, poor.

Message: 3281 Posted: Sat Dec 05 09:43:20 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: "Today's The Day"

I've got a feeling that today's the day. Whose day? It's the birthday of an avid AMERICA fan, Howard Lieboff! Happy birthday Howard. Howard is a mere 39! Hope you have a great day!

Message: 3280 Posted: Sat Dec 05 08:31:02 1998 By: Mike & Justin
Subject: Cincinnati concert

where can we buy tickets for the Cincinnati concert in January 1999?
We are in the Dayton/Springfield Oh area. Our whole family is excited about going. We seen Gerry & Dewey July 98 at Ft. Lorime OH.
that was so great. We hope they return to Ft. Lorime Oh. in 99.

Message: 3279 Posted: Sat Dec 05 07:58:30 1998 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Town and Country

OH MY GOD NO!!!!! The absolute LAST thing we need is for another rock/pop song to be prostituted for use in a commercial (as you can see I have very strong feelings on this subject) It's an advertising tactic that I cannot stand and I am immediately turned off to whatever it's advertising. So far America (I assume Gerry/Dewey/Dan would have some say in they own the rights to their songs?) have resisted this offer. Please guys...don't sell out! Respect the integrity of your music.

Thank you for letting me vent :-)

Jim Erie, PA

Message: 3278 Posted: Sat Dec 05 07:54:45 1998 By: Jeffrey J. Smith
Subject: America Songbooks

I was wondering if their are any authentic tablature books available featuring America songs. I am an acoustic guitarist for 21 years now and would love to get my hands on a book with all of the best acoustic based songs that the group has. These kinds of books are very popular now and feature all of the guitar parts written out exactly the way they were recorded. I use them all the time now since I love to play in open tunings and I know America utilizes them all of the time. Any infomation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Message: 3277 Posted: Sat Dec 05 06:43:01 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Concerts

Gerald also.

Message: 3276 Posted: Sat Dec 05 04:20:49 1998 By: Manuel
Subject: Did you know?...

that the constitution doesn't delegate the power of ultimate judical review to the Supreme Court (or anyone for that matter)?

Message: 3275 Posted: Sat Dec 05 02:57:53 1998 By: Gerry Keenan
Subject: Concerts

Extremely dissapointed to note that we may never again see the band in the UK.It's difficult to accept that there is insufficient interest here.
By the way no relation to Mr.Beckley.However this raises an interesting trivia question."Gerry" is an abbreviation for ,in my case, Gerard,or Gerarld.Which is Mr.Beckley's?

Message: 3274 Posted: Sat Dec 05 01:16:07 1998 By: Kari Simpkins
Subject: America Fan

I'm new at this chat stuff, so bare with me. Just wanted to say that I've been a huge America fan for a very very long time. I've seen them in concert more times than I can count on both hands, have all of their albums and cd's (some on both album & CD) even the new Human Nature. I met Gerry and Dewey once when they came to town and got autographs and then at another show, got to talk to Gerry and the rest of the band and had them autograph all my cds. Dewey never came out that time, so next time they are in town, I hope I can catch them again. I had a great time meeting them and I was so excited, like a little kid at Christmas. Just wanted to thank Gerry & Dewey for all the great music over the years and I look forward to more. If anyone out there knows of a way to get Gerry's solo CD, I'd love to know. I've tried ordering it from some of the local stores, but none of them seem to be able to get it, even though they do get imports from time to time. Gerry, you probably won't remember me, but (and this is kind of a mixed up long story, so I'll try and keep it brief), but you guys came to the Big Kahuna, here in Wilmington a couple of years ago and my cousin Sheila is actually your wife's cousin. I had a blast that night. You guys gave a great show and I would love it if you would come back again. Your loyal fan, Kari

Message: 3273 Posted: Sat Dec 05 00:31:48 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Album Cover Trivia

Here's something interesting I just read on the AOL chat folder about America's first album cover. The information is regarding the Native Americans that are pictured behind Dewey, Gerry, and Dan.

The 3 chiefs of the Nez Pierce Tribe posed for that picture shortly before their whole tribe was massacred in Oregon. They had been fleeing the U.S. Cavalry for some time, trying to escape to Canada. They were "officially" labeled the most peaceloving tribe of Indigenous Americans! Downer though that may be, I found it interesting.

Thanks to Tery Holly for enlightening us on this subject.

Message: 3272 Posted: Fri Dec 04 23:42:25 1998 By: david
Subject: dan peek christmas song

A while back, I had posted on this chat page about a Dan Peek Christmas song on a record. Well, in Japan, the same CD company that is releasing Dan Peek's two albums on CD is also releasing that Christmas record on CD, with the Dan Peek song on that. Is it being release in the U.S., too?

Message: 3271 Posted: Fri Dec 04 23:05:30 1998 By: david
Subject: tokyo concert

For all intents and purposes, America might not as well as had a concert here in Tokyo, because all members of the public who wanted to go couldn't go.
Despite my attempts to find out where America was giving the concert, my search was in vain. The America homepage couldn't tell me where the concert was, and no radio station here, no ticket agency here, no music store here, no nothing had ever heard that America was here in town. . . . Were they?
I just hope that their concerts in other cities are better advertised than the nonexistent one here in Tokyo, otherwise America will be playing to an empty audience.
Yes, I was truly disappointed. Why couldn't the agency who books America's concerts have given venue information to the America homepage?
Even an advertiser who specializes in concert tickets could tell me nothing, and he even emailed America to find out, but no one emailed him back.
Come on, you can do better than that!!!!!!!!

Message: 3270 Posted: Fri Dec 04 22:06:51 1998 By: Ron B
Subject: America's Tunes

As much as I wouldn't like to here other people singing America songs(knowing it wouldn't be as good as the real thing),country singers have been successful in renewing the popularity of certain rock bands. In example, Common Threads-Songs of the Eagles and Lynnard Skynnard.

Message: 3269 Posted: Fri Dec 04 21:56:28 1998 By: Ron B
Subject: Town and Country

This song is pretty catchy. If not the next single perhaps a good jingle for a Chrysler minivan commercial?

Message: 3268 Posted: Fri Dec 04 21:25:17 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Singles

OPPS "Wheels" should BE next....... Joe

Message: 3267 Posted: Fri Dec 04 21:23:15 1998 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Next Single

Ok guys,Gerry had his shot, now it's Deweys turn!! " Wheels" should next! Joe

Message: 3266 Posted: Fri Dec 04 18:20:52 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: CONCERTS

GERRY any relation to GERRY BECKLEY ? ok, ok just kidding.
AMERICA ceased touring in the UK many moons ago. Unfortunately interest in the band was not strong enough to continue touring there. Trust me they would love to tour there, it's their home away from home. They have roots in there in so many ways. Dates in Europe, especially Germany may happen. Please watch the schedule on the Web page. AMERICA tours wherever their booking agent can organize shows. Currently they are in the far east & then onto Australia. Good luck.

Message: 3265 Posted: Fri Dec 04 17:26:46 1998 By: GERRY KEENAN

I recall now!-it was Karen who provided the information re the potential UK dates.
Look forward to hearing from you,Karen!

Message: 3264 Posted: Fri Dec 04 17:03:12 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Continuing The Trivia

"Purple Moutains will rise up from the floor"

Message: 3263 Posted: Fri Dec 04 16:15:15 1998 By: GERRY KEENAN

I posted a message,perhaps a month ago,requesting information concerning the likelihood of America touring in the UK( or,more in hope than expectation-Scotland!!)Someone very kindly advised of possible dates in Europe in the New Year.Is there any more concrete information on this point?Look forward to a response in due course.

Message: 3262 Posted: Fri Dec 04 14:54:06 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Continuing The Trivia

Everyone, how about this for trivia.
It'll test our knowledge of America songs:

Here are 1 or 2 sentences from a song, finish the next
This is sort of an easy one:0)

Albuquerque will be there in the mornin'
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ ____

Message: 3261 Posted: Fri Dec 04 14:48:40 1998 By: Maureen
Subject: coasters

Hi everyone,I was wondering if anyone new how i could get my hands on a set of the cup coasters that the guys had made to be sold to the fans?.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays
and a great new year, Maureen.

Message: 3260 Posted: Fri Dec 04 10:40:38 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on Videos & DVD

DVD EXPRESS via the Web @ $17.49 each.

Message: 3259 Posted: Fri Dec 04 00:36:41 1998 By: Ron B
Subject: America tour program

Rocktoys ( has a 1977 America tour program listed for sale if anyone is interested. I already own one and it's a neat piece to own for someone who collects America stuff.

Message: 3258 Posted: Fri Dec 04 00:06:47 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: "AKAMANJO"

Johnny sent me the View From The Ground postcard with "AKAMANJO" scribbled on the wall and I have scanned it in so everyone else can see it too (refer to message #3211). The front and back of the postcard now rests in the Souvenir Room of the America In Concert museum. Thanks to Johnny for sharing it with us.

Message: 3257 Posted: Thu Dec 03 23:21:41 1998 By: Emerlist Davjack
Subject: Re: From A Moving Train

Agreed, next single release must be "Wednesday Morning" it is superbly crafted and could do well on the C&W charts too. But it must be promoted properly.

Message: 3256 Posted: Thu Dec 03 20:13:26 1998 By: Rob
Subject: America Video Musik Laden

Call Music Video Distributors direct for this video of their '75 Musik Laden Performance. The cost is $16.95 and around $5 shipping and handling. The telephone number is 1-800-84MUSIC, I think. Ask for Chris. If this number is not correct, call 800 information. They do have an 800 number. The company mails out 2-3 Federal Express, so you'll have it quickly. Makes a great Christmas Gift for any of us big America fans.

Season Greetings Everyone!

Message: 3255 Posted: Thu Dec 03 14:17:13 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on Videos & DVD

DVD EXPRESS is on the Web. They say they have it in stock. Amazon said they have it back ordered.
http:\\ $17.49

Message: 3254 Posted: Thu Dec 03 13:59:28 1998 By: Mark
Subject: Re: America on Videos & DVD

Keep in mind that this is a repackaging of the 1995 Horse With No Name release. It's not a new release, just a different package/format. But for those of you who haven't gotten it or the Horse With No Name CD, it is THE BEST live America CD. Made when they were in their prime and shows why they wen't to the top of the music business. I highly recommend it!

Message: 3253 Posted: Thu Dec 03 13:58:15 1998 By: Joe Alcantara
Subject: America CDs

Does anyone know where I can purchase early America CDs (Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, Hideaway, and Harbor)? I have "America," "Homecoming," and "History," but I refuse to pay import prices for the rest. I have the LPs, and I think it's time to own the CDs. Please help. Thank you. (email -

Message: 3252 Posted: Thu Dec 03 12:52:44 1998 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: America on Videos & DVD

Jim and Steve, 1975 Musik Laden show:
Where did you order it from and how much did it cost?
Thanks, HL

Message: 3251 Posted: Thu Dec 03 12:19:08 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America on video & DVD

That is fantastic !!!!!!!!!

DVD NOW has 46 in stock, actually 44 now that I have ordered. This is wonderful. Thanks Steve.

Message: 3250 Posted: Thu Dec 03 11:55:38 1998 By: Pete
Subject: Next singles

I believe the next best singles will be Wednesday morning or Pages. Good luck America .

Message: 3249 Posted: Thu Dec 03 11:23:52 1998 By: Mark
Subject: From A Moving Train

Well From A Moving Train has dropped off the charts. But don't be discouraged, it made the top 10 on the Gavin AC chart and peaked at 25 on the Radio & Records AC chart, better than America has done since 1984. It seemed to do well in the secondary markets but couldn't crack the major markets. But it did get some attention and publicity, which may help pave the way for the second single, that is if the right song is picked for the second single. Wednesday Morning or Wheels Are Turning!

Message: 3248 Posted: Thu Dec 03 09:16:32 1998 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: America on video & DVD

Just to remind all America Fans that the 1975 "Musicladen" show is
now on video & DVD. I'm not sure how many of you own a DVD player,but this show is alot better on the DVD than the video! The show is basically the same as the import CD "Horse with no name" and obviously includes former member Dan Peek. If you're looking
to get Live versions of songs like "Lonely people","Don't cross the
river" and "Rainbow song" this is the video or DVD for you!

Message: 3247 Posted: Wed Dec 02 21:59:05 1998 By: Brett Lucas
Subject: Re: America on the Donnie & Marie show

I think that it would be great to get America on the Donnie & Marie show. It would also be good to get America on the Mark & Brian Radio Show, on KLOS in Los Angeles. It is a syndicated radio show. They had David Crosby on awhile back.

Message: 3246 Posted: Wed Dec 02 21:13:11 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: Triv answers...

Howdy! I've had a stressful day with some heavy duty emergencies- not to worry, things are under control! That's why I didn't post the rest of the Musical Instrument solutions. They Are: "Seasons"-...Wind Chimes Along.../ "Old Virginia"- "pears to me it's all a body can do to stay in tune, and you've been straining at those strings from mornin' til noon"(Guitar reference, obviously) "Whole Wide World"- Bells are ringing...You folks figured out the rest! Thanks....see ya...

Message: 3245 Posted: Wed Dec 02 20:42:37 1998 By: Helene
Subject: Long time fan

Am new to the chat folder. Have seen America nearly every year since 1974 when they played near Philly. Had to get a refund on the Ventura show, pretty bummed they'll be in China. America is the best. Ran in to Gerry at Universal Studios a few months ago. It made my day!!!!!!!!!!Helene

Message: 3244 Posted: Wed Dec 02 20:37:39 1998 By: leakycanoe
Subject: Jennifer Diamond Plug

"Jennifer Diamond" from America's Mr. Wood's Home Town, will be opening for Mike Loves Touring Beach Boy Show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas December 29 - 30.... thanks for the plug..... :-)

Message: 3243 Posted: Wed Dec 02 20:33:46 1998 By: leakycanoe
Subject: Jennifer Diamond Plug

"Jennifer Diamond" from America's Mr. Wood's Home Town, will be opening for Mike Loves Touring Beach Boy Show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas December 29 - 30.... thanks for the plug..... :-)

Message: 3242 Posted: Wed Dec 02 17:20:14 1998 By: truthsaint
Subject: To all fans...

I just purchased my first computer and one of the first sites I
looked up was for America. Pardon me while I gush, but I can't begin
to describe how their music got me thru college all those years ago.
Was it really that many? Favorite song is Daisy Jane, followed in no particular order, by Right before My Eyes, Story Of A Teenager, Amber Cascades, Sister Golden Hair, Old Man Took, Another Try, Jody, Tin Man, and the under-appreciated Lovely Night. I love the new album and am glad the "H" titles are back!I think most of the songs on Human Nature are reminiscent of early America. Like most of you, their music really takes me into another zone. I'll be checking in daily and would love to talk to you on any and all subjects (America or not)'sometimes late when people share the gift of gab.'

Message: 3241 Posted: Wed Dec 02 11:44:33 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: And Yet Another America Reference

In today's Chicago Tribune Sports Section, Steve Rosenbloom, in his Hit & Run column, discusses the departure of Robin Ventura with the headline "Ventura's Highway". Just thought I'd mention that yet again, it isn't an REM song that's remembered!


Message: 3240 Posted: Wed Dec 02 09:57:31 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Karen of Oxygen

Karen, Any news about AMERICA's chances of appearing on "Live By Request"? Also, Dewey and Gerry would receive good exposure on "The Donnie and Marie Show". I first thought their show would be hokey but after watching it, I was pleasantly surprised how good it is.
With Donnie and Marie being musical performers themselves, it would be a perfect fit. What do you think? They always have a musical artist on each show from what I've seen. I recall Barry Manilow being on during the holiday.

Message: 3239 Posted: Wed Dec 02 08:45:23 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: tin man


Message: 3238 Posted: Wed Dec 02 07:36:13 1998 By: Rob
Subject: Japan, China

To all our friends in Japan and China --
if you happened to catch "America" this week in concert, please give us a review. Season's Greetings to you, too!

Message: 3237 Posted: Wed Dec 02 07:34:14 1998 By: Mike F
Subject: tickets

when will go on sale for the America at the end of Jan 1999 and where?

Message: 3236 Posted: Wed Dec 02 04:18:46 1998 By: Kerry Ettinger
Subject: Come to Canada

When I saw you guys in Montreal around 1975 I was inspired enough to learn to play acoustic guitar,write songs and sing.Thanks! I've enjoyed your music since the beginning.Maybe you can squeeze in Halifax Nova Scotia on your tour.Never stop playing!!!!!!

Message: 3235 Posted: Tue Dec 01 22:15:25 1998 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: tin man

Jennifer I agree w/you on TIN MAN. When I think of AMERICA, the word peaceful always comes to my mind. Soothing also. I am sure others' would have similiar words to describe what AMERICA's music does to them on the inside. Doesn't VENTURA HIGHWAY also do the same ? Both written & sang by DEWEY BUNNELL in the lead. HOURGLASS (1800-446-6860) is just b/4 HUMAN NATURE which is AMERICA's best & their latest.

Message: 3234 Posted: Tue Dec 01 21:37:32 1998 By: Health Guru
Subject: Re: tin man

feeling at peace, like stretching and america, is good for the soul.

Message: 3233 Posted: Tue Dec 01 20:57:54 1998 By: Jennifer
Subject: tin man

I absolutely love America. My favorite song is 'Tin Man'. I searched for eight years for a cd with that song on it. I didn't find it because I thought it was named "OZ". Well, now, I have the Greatest hits CD and I love it. It makes me feel at peace.

Message: 3232 Posted: Tue Dec 01 20:50:19 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Another America Reference

On CBS Sportsline (, they talk about Robin Ventura's (3rd baseman of the Chicago White Sox) impending departure from Chicago with the headline, "Ventura taking to the highway". Just another example of the cultural impact of America's music.


Message: 3231 Posted: Tue Dec 01 18:11:55 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Musical Instruments

Here are my guesses to the musical instruments in AMERICA's songs:

'Cause you are running from the ring of the golden BELL
Like a bat out of hell

BELLS ring in my ear

Soft light BELLS and tea, draw the curtain
China cups, some shatter for certain

And BELLS were ringing downtown
Clouds were moving slow and lazy
While I was kicking around

Now the leaves are blowin'
Down the avenue
And the BELLS are ringing

My window looks down on the set
Each night the players strut and FRET
(Fret being a part of an instrument)

'Pears to me it's all a body can do to stay in tune
And you've been straining at those STRINGS
From morning till noon

The following are questionable:

And if she's coming she's showed no mark
She's heard no WHISTLE blowing from the dark

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
Singing and jinging the JANGO
(What the heck is a Jango? Just sounds like an instrument.)

And the only instrument most people can play:
We hear both sides
We sympathize
We live our lives in STEREO
(Ha, ha!)

Good trivia, Tom T!

Message: 3230 Posted: Tue Dec 01 18:08:30 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: Songs that mention instruments


A couple songs that mention instruments:

Hat Trick: You are running from the ring of the golden bell like a bat out of hell.

Tall Treasures: Soft light bells and tea draw the curtains

Message: 3229 Posted: Tue Dec 01 16:45:51 1998 By: Tom T.
Subject: TeeTeeTrivia...

Howdy!Kevin S.,Robyn and Shayne-You got the connection!!!"So Far Away" contains the line "One More Song About Movin' Along the Highway" And so does "Saturn Nights" composed by Dan Peek. Yes Kevin S. Carole King has had an amazing amount of LP's and songs released in her prolific career! In fact she is one of those composers that at least every five minutes around the globe one of her songs is said to be playing! "One Fine Day", "It's Too Late" (And all those Tapestry tunes) "You've Got A Friend", "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "The Locomotion" The List goes on and on!!! Shayne, good guess-"Don't Cry Baby" the violin reference is correct! There are FOUR more That I can count (you folks are so smart you might prove me wrong)! Keep On Trying- I'll let you know the solutions later! See Ya..

Message: 3228 Posted: Tue Dec 01 14:14:59 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Harbor Poster - Person #46

I received the following message from Walt Berchin: Photo #46 is Doug "Here" Kenny. I had the opportunity to meet him at my very first America concert at Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ, in March of 1978. I never did find out the significance of "Here". I'll make the update to the web site the next chance I get to insert Doug's name.

Message: 3227 Posted: Tue Dec 01 13:50:29 1998 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: What A Great Lunch!

OK everyone, please indulge me for a minute. I have been working on a computer problem at work for a day and a half now and as lunch time approached today, I FINALLY SOLVED IT! Seconds later my wife called me from her cell phone and said that she was in the area and could go out to lunch with me. I wanted a salad so we went to Sizzlers and we hadn't been there five minutes when the familiar strains of "From A Moving Train" came across the sound system. That's the first time I've heard that song played somewhere besides my office at work or my home (they don't play it on the radio stations here in Utah). Anyway, it was a great lunch! Go FAMT!

Message: 3226 Posted: Tue Dec 01 13:17:08 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: WAIT...I GOT ONE!!!

"Don't Cry Baby" has the line "...a man came in with a violin...

Message: 3225 Posted: Tue Dec 01 13:13:14 1998 By: Shayne
Subject: Trivia and Carole King

I would agree that the connection is "Saturn Nights" and "So Far Away". No, "Tapestry" was not her only album, only her most famous (and arguably her best).

As far as the trivia question goes...

Sorry guys...I'm stumped. I went through their whole catalogue and couldn't think of any others.


Message: 3224 Posted: Tue Dec 01 10:57:57 1998 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: carole king

The song is "So Far Away" which is the first line to the song ( my 40-year old brain had to think a bit as well)

Message: 3223 Posted: Tue Dec 01 10:09:11 1998 By: KevinS
Subject: carole king

The only guess I have about this Dan Peek/Carole King thing is this:

In Dan's song Saturn Nights, the first line goes: "One more song about moving along the highway." And Carole King has a song that has the exact same lyric. And if my nearly-40-year old brain can remember correctly, it too is the first line in her song, or at least that lyric is featured prominently in the song. The Carole King song is off her trillion-selling Tapestry album (was that her only album?) but the name of the song escapes me.

Oh, well, is this right, Tom? Or am I a total idiot?


Message: 3222 Posted: Tue Dec 01 09:07:52 1998 By: EDDY
Subject: Harbor poster

Photo # 16: The guy w/beard, maybe Geoff Emerick??, just a guess.

Message: 3221 Posted: Tue Dec 01 08:48:59 1998 By: Johnny
Subject: Tom's Trivia And The "Harbor" Poster

Tom T, great trivia questions. I'm stumped big time on the Carole King one. Does anyone else know? As for the instruments, I'll have to look into that one further. Regarding the "Harbor" photos, how about coming up with some funny captions for each one. I've got a list just about complete.

Message: 3220 Posted: Tue Dec 01 01:50:21 1998 By: Richard
Subject: Harbor poster

I just saw the message of the one lady[photo 13]being in the Hideaway sleeve photos.I might be wrong but,I think there are a couple of other people from the Hideaway group photo also showing up in the Harbor poster. There is a guy standing between David&Willie who looks like the guy in photo#39.There also happens to be a couple of guys with beards,if picture#16 was a little better I would say he's in the second row[second to the left,standing beside possibly Phil Hartman]. There's also a guy standing to the right of George Martin[in the third row] he might be the guy from photo#3.I'm also wondering if the guy wearing a cowboy hat standing to the left of George Martin is the guy in photo#6.Does anyone know who is the guy named Goodman is? He's listed with Phil Hartman under direction but, I've looked at the CD's I have and thats the only time you see his or her name listed.

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