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Message: 4357 Posted: Sun Jan 31 23:44:11 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Janet Jackson

She swiped the work from DAISY JANE. Did she or her handlers think AMERICA was not around anymore ?

Message: 4356 Posted: Sun Jan 31 23:13:34 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Concert CD Sales

From what I can figure & this is just speculation:
AMERICA would love to sell all of their CD's & videos, etc. The problem is the difficulty of obtaining the merchandise at reasonable wholesale prices to allow enough profit for everyone, including the merch. seller & the venue. Yes every venue takes a cut of the action & so the price of the merchandise ends up becoming too high for the average concert goer. It;s only when they can get it directly from the record company at wholesale that it has a chance of working.
Just a thought here. Anyone else know about stuff like this ?

Message: 4355 Posted: Sun Jan 31 23:00:01 1999 By: Rick Carter
Subject: Janet Jackson

hi, it's me again. Saw on another post the VH1 piece will happen in March. Next question. I saw a reference to a Janet Jackson lawsuit. What was that all about? What "intellectual property" did she "borrow?"

Message: 4354 Posted: Sun Jan 31 22:46:50 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Billboard Reviews

Those old Billboard Reviews are wonderful.

"A legitimate superstar act that needs no introduction," was how Billboard summed up America Live.

But one of the all-time gems of the George Martin days, "Harbor" got even more glowing reviews, summed up by: "An unusual amount of music on the album, and all in the most salable quality."

This from an album that spawned zero hits. Every song on that album was a hit single waiting to happen, and it didn't. I've always wondered what happened.

Reading those reviews makes you recall just how big America was, how well respected their music was, and why they are just as deserving of a shot on Behind The Music as anyone else.

America has nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm going to go now and listen to Harbor.


Message: 4353 Posted: Sun Jan 31 22:36:11 1999 By: Rick Carter
Subject: VH1

Does anyone know if the "Where are they now?" feature on VH1 is still scheduled for this Tuesday? That's the last I'd heard of it. I'll be tuned in. Hope it wasn't rescheduled at the Leif Garrett episode is re-run.

Message: 4352 Posted: Sun Jan 31 16:50:38 1999 By: brad
Subject: men at work

what happend to men at work

Message: 4351 Posted: Sun Jan 31 13:39:48 1999 By: mike & justin
Subject: Cincinati concert

Gerry & Dewey and the rest of the guys were super as always last night in Cincinnati Oh.It was a very enjoyable night for everyone at the sold out show.We wish America would have been the whole two hour show Blood tweat & tears was O.K but no where close to the greatness
of America. The Guys played only two songs form Human Nature (WHY?)
We love all there old songs there great! But forget B-S-T give us the two hours with America I would like all of the world to hear and enjoy all of Human Nature! Excellent CD.My son 10 year old son Justin
was going wild over watching Wood-ZZ playing. Wood-ZZ signed Justin's
America History music book last summer at the Ft. Lorimie Oh Concert and that has ment the world to this 10 year old. (thanks Wood-ZZ).Justin is waiting on a chance to have Gerry & Dewey sign his Baby Taytor.Also can anyone tell us if America is going to be back at Ft. Lorimie Oh. in 99. We were in the front center and the country fan crowd seemed to love them also (Naturally) We hope they are there in 99. Mike & Justin..

Message: 4350 Posted: Sun Jan 31 11:07:04 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: Concert CD Sales

....this past summer I went to a Michael Tomlinson show at the Coach House in San Juan Michael's T-shirt table he was also selling his CD's and Tapes....why can't America do the would be an easy way for all of us to pick up those hard to find releases.....

Message: 4349 Posted: Sun Jan 31 10:37:34 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: New stuff - Billboard

Great addition to the Web site, Steve. The LP stats & reviews are great to have . Thanks for all the work.

ps-I think the TIN MAN in the magzine is a repeat, sorry.

Message: 4348 Posted: Sat Jan 30 21:25:10 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: TIN MAN for Guitar

The current issue of Guitar World - Acoustic has an "e-z" guitar arrangement for TIN MAN. The mag cover features the goo goo dolls.

Message: 4347 Posted: Sat Jan 30 18:34:09 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Knoxville Concert

I am making plans to go to Knoxville Tenn. to see the guys.. Anyone know about ticket info and directions and or phone # for the civic center? I live in Winston-Salem NC. It is about 250 miles but seeing America is worth the drive... JK

Message: 4346 Posted: Sat Jan 30 10:04:34 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Sitar

Thanks go out to Jim G, Tom T, Joe B, and The Beech for the sitar info. I now see where I could have just read the liner notes on my Harbor sleeve about Larry Carlton. Sure sounds like another sitar in Letter, Joe...(bottleneck chorused banjo?). Love that song, it's definitely not "Dewey Lite"!

Message: 4345 Posted: Sat Jan 30 09:26:38 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: AMERICA Verses The Competition

Talking about AMERICA being treated like "a one hit wonder by the music ELITE pundits", can anyone tell us how AMERICA ranks in record sales compared to other bands such as the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, CSN&Y, Steely Dan, etc?

Message: 4344 Posted: Sat Jan 30 06:56:31 1999 By: The Beech
Subject: Re: Springfield...and a question for the guitarists

Hi Jim! That was TRUELY a sitar, no effects! You'd REALLY have to play around with an "effects box" (now a days) to get that sound--technology back in the late '70's wasn't quite up to today's standards.....
The Beech<-----self proclaimed midi "expert" (C=

Message: 4343 Posted: Sat Jan 30 02:13:23 1999 By: T-ROCK
Subject: LOVE


Message: 4342 Posted: Fri Jan 29 23:03:11 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: VH1 "Where Are They Now?"

America's piece on VH-1's Where Are They Now: Classic Rock Heroes airs on March 2nd at 10pmEST

Message: 4341 Posted: Fri Jan 29 21:02:24 1999 By: georgianna
Subject: VH1 "Where Are They Now?"

Can someone remind me of the expected date America is to appear on this show? I don't get VH1 here, so I hope to have it taped! Thanks!


Message: 4340 Posted: Fri Jan 29 18:35:07 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: "BTM"-Why Not?

Mark I agree 100 %. America is treated like a 1 hit wonder by ELITE music pundits. But the have sold millions of records and entertained millions of fans for some 30 years. Seems to me the musical elite have their heads stuck up their a***s. JK

Message: 4339 Posted: Fri Jan 29 18:12:27 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Another "Hideaway" question

I asked this question several months ago and didn't get an answer, but maybe now somebody might know. On "She's a Liar" and "Don't Let It Get You Down" there is a sax prominently featured. Is the first (uncredited) appearance of Jimmy Calire? Or was it an anonymous George Martin session guy?


Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 4338 Posted: Fri Jan 29 17:01:19 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Sitar update

Thanks Joe B. for the correction- I erroneously added the word "electric" when I stated that Larry Carlton played the solo on "Political Poachers". Isn't Larry Carlton playing with the Yellowjackets these days? I can't place which hit instrumental he played on. Anyway, gotta go...see ya..TeeTee

Message: 4337 Posted: Fri Jan 29 14:56:41 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "BTM"-Why Not?

I agree, I would love to see America on BTM and I think it would be an interesting story. But I think it would be an up-hill battle. Seems the "musical elite" have pretty much blown-off and forgotten about America. Many of these R&R "history" books write them off as a shallow pop band and give them mediocre reviews. In fact, I live between two major metro areas, and it seems that the classic rock and even the oldies stations have dropped America from their rotation. The major market stations ignored From A Moving Train, even though it did well in smaller markets that played it. I frequently ask myself why? What happened that caused a major 70s supergroup, that sold millions of records and had long string of hits to become a victim of revisionist history? They seem to be more respected as artists in Europe and Asia than in the US, which is truely ironic for a group named after America. Was it the fact that they were from patriotic military families and adopted their country's name? Did that alienate the hip, anti-establishment music culture? Was it their South African tour that caused the musical elite to blacklist them? Or was it something as simple as uninspired management? Afterall, how many other groups with America's musical credentials get booked in places like Hersey Park? Not knocking Hersey Park, I'm just saying America deserves to be on a "major" tour circuit. Was it over exsposure? Did their desire to perform and tour cause them to make themselves too available? I'm NOT making any accusations, just trying to figure out why America seems to have fallen from their supergroup status, when lessor groups have managed to maintain their "status."

Message: 4336 Posted: Fri Jan 29 14:03:52 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Answers

Hey You People,

In response to a couple of queries:

On "Letter: Via multi-tracking, Dewey plays a banjo and guitar in sync for the strange sitar-like effect

On "Harbor" virtuoso string musician Larry Carlton actually plays the sitar on "Politicial Poachers"

Joe B

Trivia P.S. Name Larry Carlton's only "hit" single (hint: It was a remake of an old instrumental hit)

Message: 4335 Posted: Fri Jan 29 13:50:31 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: "BTM"-Why Not?

Hello again, I DO feel that a "Behind The Music" would prove very interesting about AMERICA because they have had quite a story to tell. They had to overcome labels of being inept in the early part of their career, they were laughed at when they won the Best New Artist Grammy, Dan Peek's departure and religious awakening nearly tore apart the band, People after all these years still think Dan is a part of the band, Sir George Martin got snickers when he took the gig producing them-only to prove to the skeptics that they are fantastic songwriters, singers and songwriters. The record label screw-ups and lack of prpoer promotion. The personal difficulties Dewey and Gerry have had to go through.....etc...etc..etc..I didn't think all rock and roll celebrities had to have Drug Problems( The excesses that apparently got to Dan Peek before he found his spirituality), Death (Carl Wilson's passing has had tremendous impact on AMERICA-Especially Gerry), Weight problems-Ooops-that's MY problem LOL, The Legal Problems with the state of California Tax Crap, and Plagiurism (IE: Janet Jackson) I'm sorry Friends...I Think They DO have quite a story to tell for "Behind The Music"! I'm not going to split hairs, but I've been observing a lot of real picky-picky crap going on in this chat folder, and opinions are great but please remember the name of the person posting the messages before responding with the negative slant of what YOU perceive the posting to mean. If anything, appearing on VH-1's "Behind The Music" would show just how completely Sane and Together Dewey and Gerry are after all these years! It would serve as a testament to the triumph of all their dedication, hard work and respect for one another.And remember...I AM A VERY DEDICATED AMERICA FRIEND/FAN!!! See Ya...Tom T.

Message: 4334 Posted: Fri Jan 29 13:45:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "LBR"

On "Live By Request", Vince Gill is appearing tomorrow. February's guest should be announced sometime soon. Maybe, just know.

Message: 4333 Posted: Fri Jan 29 13:13:45 1999 By: janice
Subject: I'm learning....

As much as I think I know about about music and artists (of course, my kids would argue that point),there are so many intricacies involved with the marketing aspect....very interesting ..thanks for sharing.

Message: 4332 Posted: Fri Jan 29 12:11:02 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Gavin rating

Janice - to take those explanations a step further, AC stands for Adult Contemporary, which is a classification, like Country or Jazz.

Message: 4331 Posted: Fri Jan 29 10:46:52 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "H.N. is Great".. to Janice

Gavin is another music chart publication, like Billboard and Radio & Records. They aren't as big or as well known as BB or R&R. Gavin AC chart polls about 200 stations, whereas R&R AC polls over 2000 and BB a gazillion. Like I said the first single, From A Moving Train, went top 10 on Gavin AC and 25 on R&R AC. Unfortunately, it didn't make the Billboard charts, which of course is the biggest chart. One of the things that makes it difficult for an Oxygen single to make the Billboard chart is that, to my understanding, Billboard factors in retail single sales along with airplay. Gavin and R&R only use airplay for their charts. Oxygen didn't release a From A Moving Train single for retail sales.

Message: 4330 Posted: Fri Jan 29 10:37:52 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Proof that "H.N." is great..Re: to Mitch

Actually From A Moving Train peaked at #7, I believe, on the Gavin AC chart.

Message: 4329 Posted: Fri Jan 29 10:37:49 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Springfield and Behind The Music

I was never a fan of Rick Springfield. However, after watching the "BTM" special about him, I grew a definate respect for him as an artist.

In regard to AMERICA being featured on a "BTM": Unless one of the boys gets either 1) busted for drugs, 2)gains 200 pounds (no offence to Ann Wilson, I thinks she's terrific, 3) has a terrible illness or 4) meets his maker, they will not appear on the show. I would love to see them on an episode of "Legends", though.


Message: 4328 Posted: Fri Jan 29 08:30:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Sarcasm

Thanks Tom for the info on Rick Springfield; however, when I said I like him, I was being very, very sarcastic. KevinS was needling me about him because Springfield performed after AMERICA in Albuq. last October. I don't know if Springfield really knows how to play the guitar or not, but in his first song, he was absolutely faking it. The guitarist hehind him was actually doing all of the playing. I didn't stick around after the first song. I had enough of his pretending. For me, after AMERICA's performance, who else could compare?

Message: 4327 Posted: Fri Jan 29 07:32:50 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Sitars & VH-1

Hello Pals, Yes the stringed instrument you hear on those tunes is classified as an Electric Sitar. On "Harbor" the great Jazz Guitarist Larry Carlton is credited with playing the solo in "Political Poachers". Also- Johnny, The Latest Rick Springfield ie entitled "Karma". The VH-1 special about him was really great. I guess he really went through some heavy stuff. (Everybody Does, I know!) The latest "Behind The Music" Featuring Ann & Nancy Wilson- Heart- was outstanding! I hope we get a chance to see AMERICA "Behind The Music"! Hey Gang, Maybe we should overload the VH-1 Website with requests to see AMERICA featured on an entire episode of "Behind The Music". I know I'm looking forward to the "Where Are They Now" episode with the Classic Rockers coming up on March 2nd. Well, gotta go..see ya TeeTee

Message: 4326 Posted: Thu Jan 28 23:18:07 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Mitch

Absolutely right Mitch. America has " Been There Done That"... But as Dewey said on their last live album," This is what we do" They still make beautiful music, and there is still a place in the musical world for America. For my money there is no one better. Anyone who knows me knows that America is and has always been my favorite band. JK

Message: 4325 Posted: Thu Jan 28 20:52:42 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Drummer

Erie, PA...I knew that!

Message: 4324 Posted: Thu Jan 28 20:50:08 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Letter

I strongly believe it's an effects box...the sound can also be heard on "Political Poachers" (Harbour).
Sitars are cool, though, and I want to get one. Where you from? Drummers are cool, too!

Message: 4323 Posted: Thu Jan 28 20:49:21 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: KevinS: More Wonderful News

Kevin, good news for you. There's a new Lief Garrett release due out in March. You too must be living right! I'll buy it for you on your birthday, June 26, if you buy Springfield's for me on June 25. Then we can send both to TerryT as belated gifts for his birthday on the 24th. What a deal! Good night.

Message: 4322 Posted: Thu Jan 28 20:06:02 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: King Biscuit CD's very clear on the second verse of "Daisy Jane". I attribute it to some of the "ampitheatre ambience" of Blossom music center.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 4321 Posted: Thu Jan 28 20:01:02 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Springfield...and a question for the guitarists

VH-1 had an hour long profile on Rick Springfield and it mentioned a new album...but the name escapes me.

Now, this drummer has a question for the guitarists out there. On the song "Letter" what sort of stringed instrument is doing the middle solo? Is it some sort of electric sitar or a wierd effect on an electric guitar? Just wondering.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 4320 Posted: Thu Jan 28 19:55:47 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A New Springfield Release? Really?

Kevin, you better not be teasing me about a new Springfield release and it not be true. That would be too cruel because you know how much he means to me. To think, a new AMERICA release and a new Springfield release perhaps all in the same month. Can a body stand it? I must be living right.

Message: 4319 Posted: Thu Jan 28 17:07:48 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Message to Johnny

Don't get Johnny goin' like that, the name of the album "Naked Dancing"?
Looks like an auction soon.
Refer to Msg#2620, Oct. 26, 1998, in the Archives.

Message: 4318 Posted: Thu Jan 28 16:38:30 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: "H.N. is Great"..

Mitch..very interesting post..thanks for sharing your professional opinion. There is so much involved I guess..more than I realized..the right song, the right target audience..and as you say, timing is everything. Thanks for the "inside scoop"..let's hope for a new single, real soon and that it hits "20 Gavin AC" and you can get it on the air! (Mitch..what is 20 Gavin AC?..and don't tell my fellow fans I asked that!) :)

Message: 4317 Posted: Thu Jan 28 16:22:43 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Message to Johnny.


Good news, buddy. I read today in Billboard that Rick Springfield is releasing a new album in February. You can get it by going to

Thought that would make your day.


Message: 4316 Posted: Thu Jan 28 15:47:49 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Mitch: Your Opinion

Mitch, I recall that your choice for the next release is either "Moment To Moment" or "Wheels Are Turning", correct? From your
professional opinion, why not "Wednesday Morning" or are the other
two songs just your personal choices? I would think that "WM" would
appeal to a wide range of that I mean younger and older listeners.

Message: 4315 Posted: Thu Jan 28 14:51:39 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: Re: Proof that "H.N." is great..Re: to Mark

I wanted to follow up on some of my comments some days back under
"proof that H.N. is great". Despite my professional judgement as a
Top 40 radio programmer that a legitimate "Hit" for the guys was
problematic, I really think Oxygen needs to pursue Human Nature with
another single release. Frankly, I don't think "Moving.." is the
strongest track on the album (though still good..just some better
ones) This is actually good news. This means they didn't...excuse
the vernacular: "blow their wad" at once. And if Moving Train can
score 25 AC....I think the right follow-up can do better. As a programmer...and a huge fan, if the next America song released can
hit top 20 Gavin AC (This should be easier than R and R or BBoard)
I will add it to my playlist, even though we are Top 40. But now is
the time to release the next single. Combine that with the guys doing
it in concert, this will help momentum. To repeat: the days of America
top 40 hit machine are behind them. BUT THATS OK!!! They have already
accomplished that goal. In a way, this latest America resurgence..though more understated, is more..well, REAL. I guess it's
the difference between young romance and the deep, secure mature
unwavering love between a long time married couple. Oh wow, there I
go again waxing philisophical. Mitch

Message: 4314 Posted: Thu Jan 28 10:31:22 1999 By: laura
Subject: sanity has raised its lovely little head again

I've been gone for a couple days - left Tues. p.m. determined to never post again -- but I'm back, shyly bolstered by some kind words received. I was feeling a bit desperate Tues - thought I'd have to pull out something from the ol' bag of tricks to create a diversion from sniping -- & since the only thing I could come up w/ was teaching y'all my favourite parlor game of "dessert / disease", it's a better thing I went home. I could have REALLY alienated myself.

Anyway, glad you're back to being back to one of my better reasons for not doing the work I should currently be tackling.

Message: 4313 Posted: Thu Jan 28 10:26:49 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Beckley/Lamm/Wilson

Unfortunately, only one song was released from this lp.
Supposedly, Robert Lamm is trying to get this lp released.
That would be cool! :0)

Message: 4312 Posted: Thu Jan 28 09:59:03 1999 By: JL (another John)
Subject: Beckley, Lamm and Wilson

If anyone is interested. BMG Canada (you know, one of those mail CD clubs "1,000 cd for a penny as long as you agreed to give us your first born" has the album "For the Love of Harry - Everybody Sings Nilsson" on sale for $2.99 Canadian (that's about a dime U.S. I think). Cassette is $1.99 Canadian. This is the album that features Gerry, along with Robert Lamm from Chicago and Carl Wilson doing Without Her. Gerry does the lead vocal with great harmonies from the others. Great tune. I don't mind ordering some for people if they'd like. Maybe just send me an e-mail with your address, I'll put in the order, send you the cd and you can reimburse me. Probably about $5 - $8 including postage. I'll give people a couple of days to get back to me.

Message: 4311 Posted: Thu Jan 28 09:49:38 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: AKAMANJO

"Aw, come on Joe, you can always change your name" from Ventura Highway.

Message: 4310 Posted: Thu Jan 28 09:45:01 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: King Biscuit CD

Again, I must have been sleeping during the 300 times I listened to the CD, but this morning I noticed a distinct echo in a couple of GB's songs (Daisy Jane, Inspector Mills). Anybody else notice this?


Message: 4309 Posted: Thu Jan 28 09:41:01 1999 By: Shayne

I know this was discussed previously, but my mind is a blank. I know that it was written on a wall behind the boys, but I can't remember what it meant. What does it mean?


Message: 4308 Posted: Wed Jan 27 21:39:25 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: re: Temecula on Feb 26

hi ShariL in San Diego ! HOPE to meet you guys in Temecula on the 26th..we cant wait!.........(we havnt heard if anyone else is playing with the Band, but my feeling is it will just be America...which is fine with us)
Mr and Mrs Leakycanoe in Lake Elsinore

Message: 4307 Posted: Wed Jan 27 19:23:37 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Temecula on Feb. 26

Does anyone know if our guys are playing by themselves at this concert or is there a warm up band also?
ShariL <><

Message: 4306 Posted: Wed Jan 27 18:22:49 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Stuff

Arms full out...push that diaphragm up
Mark, I think your idea is already part of the evolutionary process.
Lawd Have Mercy! HN just keeps soundin' better all the time, each time I play it. The songs just HELP things along, like stretching. Truely timeless material.
Do I hear an echo regarding Wednesday Morning?
Darned if I can find a song by Dewey where he mentions a female name...akamanjo


Message: 4305 Posted: Wed Jan 27 18:02:21 1999 By: janice
Subject: Mark..

Count your blessings..we need a slow day on the board... :)

Message: 4304 Posted: Wed Jan 27 16:53:53 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Yes Mark

I agree with Mark. I also think "Wednesday Morning" will do well on the charts for the younger generation and us "older" folks. I feel confident it will be the break we're all hoping for. It has that early AMERICA sound that we all know and love.

Karen, any progress on LBR? I still feel good vibes about it, too.

Message: 4303 Posted: Wed Jan 27 16:40:16 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: South Florida

Here's the info I received regarding the Feb. 7 Gulfstream Park incarnation in Hallandale:

Gulfstream Park is a horse racetrack. The Fellows will perform a 75 minute set beginning at 2:00 PM.
The stage area is to the right of the grandstand as you pass through the main entrance gate.
Admission is $3 for adults, children free on Sunday, and this is on a Sunday.
This is the regular admission fee for the races, so it can be considered a "free" concert.
Gates open at 11:00 AM.
No seating is provided...bring lawn chairs or blankets, first-come, first-seated.
Post time for the first horse race is 1:00 PM, more races after the Fab Five PLAY Horse.
I know where we're betting.
It has no name.

Message: 4302 Posted: Wed Jan 27 15:33:39 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Another Reason For WM As The Next Single

I think Wednesday Morning would appeal more to the younger kids than Moment To Moment, and therefore stand a better chance of crossing over from the AC to Pop charts, and expanding America's demographic.

Boy it has been a slooow day on the board today. Where is everybody? Did I miss something?

Message: 4301 Posted: Wed Jan 27 14:35:56 1999 By: janice
Subject: just venting among friends..

couln't believe when I saw your post about the Calfornia Tax Board..had just finished typing up a two page letter to them about unjust treatment..AHHH..just found a tax lien from 1993 on my credit bureau Friday they placed there that I knew nothing about..6 years mind you!! Bought a new truck yesterday and my Credit Union happened to notice it on there..not my fault, not a lot of $, but been nothing long distance calls and letters ever since..anyway, I agree if there is money they THINK they may be entitled to..they can make one's life miserable..sorry to change the subject..just needed to vent...back to AMERICA...that is a very good idea Mark...maybe if Karen reads your post she can comment on that for you.

Message: 4300 Posted: Wed Jan 27 07:48:49 1999 By: Mark
Subject: An Idea

This might help introduce America to a younger demographic, and help HN sales and get them back on the charts. There are several younger acoustic based artists that are big now, kind of like 90s versions of America. Why not try to America on as an opening act for some of them? I'm not sure of all the politics involved, but it might be worth a shot and would be a good way to introduce America to a new generation of fans. Just an idea.

Message: 4299 Posted: Wed Jan 27 07:15:31 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Odd's N' Sods

That tax issue was resolved in the early 80's & did indeed pave the way for a cleaner slate w/other artists thereafter. The state of California attempted & did collect sales tax from AMERICA & Joni Mitchell for LP's they did for their respective studios. Certainly it is a bit more complicated than this, but this is the crux of it. Totally ridiculous, but very California (state board of equalization, a fancy name for the state tax collector).
Yup that Janet Jackson theft of intellectual property was taken care of by the attorneys & she paid up, big time. AMERICA forever !

Message: 4298 Posted: Wed Jan 27 02:24:56 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Odd's N' Sods

Hello everyone,seems the chat folder has been taking some strange twists and turns lately,well enough of that,upon visiting my local CD outlet thought I'd go for a look, and what a supprise a huge stack of View from the Ground CDs ready to go.Relating to a post some time ago someone mentioned how soon would we know when America get the nod for their next CD and also would it be possible for someone to keep us all posted as to sales.This brings me to an article some time ago in the Rolling Stone concerning America winning a large sum of money back from the taxman,seems America sold their tapes to Capitol as a form of personal service thus paving the way for artists such as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.What was the story with Janet Jackson and Gerrys tune Daisy Jane,also reported in the UK press as tune remarkably simular?

Message: 4297 Posted: Wed Jan 27 02:15:49 1999 By: HealthGuru
Subject: um. ok.

you leave for just one day...
I think I need to stretch. And if you're going to post anonymously, get yourself an untraceable hotmail email address like (and the Guru is taking calls.. line 2 you're on the air) so you can actually be of use to somebody, even if it's only to be a target of ridicule, or WOW! maybe have a meaningful exchange of mutually respected ideas with another human being (stretching tips anyone?)
I honestly don't know what's going n here. But I'll find out.
till then... exhale into the stretch.


PS: anybody going to be at the secret OTHER demo in oceanside next thursday? Ooops...

Message: 4296 Posted: Wed Jan 27 01:04:48 1999 By: Big Fan
Subject: Re: Melrose Place

One more thought - Whispering would fit in really well on the show! I can just see it now - people wondering what that song was and who performed it. It is catchy and, well, you never know...

Message: 4295 Posted: Wed Jan 27 01:01:24 1999 By: Big Fan
Subject: Re: Melrose Place

Actually, no, I'm not kidding. Even if they didn't appear in a cameo on the show, some of their songs would certainly lend themselves (not necessarily to the theme of the show) to the location where it takes place, i.e., Ventura Highway, etc. It's just more exposure - the show's viewing audience spans from pre-teen to 40+. It was just a thought.

Message: 4294 Posted: Wed Jan 27 00:53:21 1999 By: Anonymous
Subject: Re: What's going on here?

I totally 100% agree with you Kevin about the negativism. America has given us the beautiful gift of their music for many years, at times I'm sure, at the expense of their personal lives. They deserve much more than pessimistic speculation. Re your comments on Human Nature being the catalyst for the statement in question, I personally think there are many similarities between the new CD and their very early music, which makes it all the more endearing, to me at least. Like you, I would love whatever they played. It is all special to me.

PS: I prefer to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

Message: 4293 Posted: Tue Jan 26 23:42:46 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: What's going on here?

The problem with chat pages is they're the 90s version of radio sports talk shows. Only easier to access. Whereas sports talk radio at least has someone screening calls, a ten-second delay to cut off the most foolish of calls, and a finite number of lines to prevent everyone from getting through, chat pages don't, unfortunately, enjoy such luxuries. Anyone with a computer and internet access can get "on the air." And while my comments have run the gamut from totally stupid to just partially stupid, at least they were done out of my love for the band. (And at least I signed even the most stupid ones.) Negative anonymous posts remind me of Klansmen. Hey, if you're so proud of what you're doing, why are you hiding behind a mask? While I do think we should keep this chat page from getting personal (whether, for instance, JimNak is a friend of the guys or not, he's an America fan, and that's all I need to know about him), I would like to find the bastard who said Oxygen was dropping America from their roster and beat the holy crap of of him. If that's not too personal. The guys are out their working hard to make music and play it for whoever will appreciate it, and to have something like this come from out of the blue is unfair and really upsetting. So, to Oxygen, I'd just like to say thanks for giving a dork like me 12 more America songs to enjoy. Here's hoping there are many more in the future.


Why does it seem that this sort of thing always happens whenever there's mention of what songs America is playing from Human Nature? Why is that topic so inflammatory? Heck, if you told me they were playing Hidden Talent for an hour and a half, I'd still be first in line to see them (of course, I'd have to knock Johnny out of the way).

Message: 4292 Posted: Tue Jan 26 23:39:11 1999 By: BO
Subject: What?

What! No Johnny in the last 10 messages? Must have found a Franky.

You know "Franky and Johnny..." ah, anyway nice to know Oxygen is in their corner. They've done a great job and I hope more success comes of it.

Message: 4291 Posted: Tue Jan 26 23:32:01 1999 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Melrose Place


Message: 4290 Posted: Tue Jan 26 22:39:25 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Brian's Top Ten

Please forgive me I received an incomplete in teping.

Message: 4289 Posted: Tue Jan 26 22:33:02 1999 By: Anonymous
Subject: Brian's Top Ten

It's Beckley.

Message: 4288 Posted: Tue Jan 26 22:20:07 1999 By: Brian
Subject: oops

My list didn't turn out to well. Beckly songs on the left Bunnell on the right. Oh well.

Message: 4287 Posted: Tue Jan 26 22:17:19 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Top Ten

My personal top ten favorites as of 8:20 pm 1/26/99. Subject to change. Beckly Bunnell

Who Loves You Amber Cascades
Goodbye Highway Midnight
Till the Sun Comes Up Three Roses
One In a Million Tall Treasures
Monster One Morning
Clarice Hells On Fire
All My Life People In the Valley
From a Moving Train Seasons
Wednesday Morning Old Man Took
Only a Kid at Heart Rainbow Song
I would have put Wheels but I stayed away from the Co-written songs.

Message: 4286 Posted: Tue Jan 26 22:04:44 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Poor Laura!

Hey Laura, for the most part, we America fans are extremely friendly and supportive (except for that "Anonymous Guy" I think he's a trouble maker). Speak up, let your voice be heard. We're listening!! If you love America, you're welcome!

Message: 4285 Posted: Tue Jan 26 21:24:35 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Laughing

Karen..glad you jumped in always seem to be around when we need you! and Johnny..very nice thoughts about the lyrics Dewey are probably correct in your assessment. I know the same to be true about Gerry..he was real excited to talk about the plans he was trying to make for his 10-year wedding anniversary must be tough to be on the road and try to maintain a loving home-life as well...kudos to both of them!

Message: 4284 Posted: Tue Jan 26 21:18:11 1999 By: ShariL
Subject: RE: Honey, I'm home

Nothing constructive dear. How was your day?
ShariL <><

Message: 4283 Posted: Tue Jan 26 21:17:10 1999 By: Big Fan
Subject: Melrose Place

How about an appearance on "Melrose"? Wide span of age groups - current fans would be surprised and delighted. People who don't know them would wonder who they are. They feature different bands on the show.

Message: 4282 Posted: Tue Jan 26 21:15:20 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Hi honey, I'm home

Sorry I've been out all day. Did I miss anything?


Message: 4281 Posted: Tue Jan 26 19:45:48 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Laura's Observation

Laura, your observation about no women's names in Dewey's songs is an excellent one. I've never thought about it; you are absolutely right. Perhaps the only woman's name he will sing is that of his dear wife, Vivien's. It's just a possibility because we know how nice and caring Dewey is to us fans. So, for me it's not difficult to imagine his devotion to Vivien and perhaps this is his way of showing his love and honor to her. It's just a thought.

PS: I still hear "Joanie" midway through "Jody" but it's still one of my top ten songs sung by Gerry. Good night!

Message: 4280 Posted: Tue Jan 26 19:37:01 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: this is me laughing

Normally I wouldn't respond to ignorant commentary about the label but if it makes me laugh this hysterically it must be worth a reply.

Where these things come from, I have no idea. Oxygen Records is not dropping America. In fact, we happen to be kinda sorta in the middle of promoting the band's first album with the label. You may have heard of it - it's called Human Nature.

Karen D.
Oxygen yes-still-America's-label Records

Message: 4279 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:32:01 1999 By: laura
Subject: America

what I mean is - let's play nice, or take a time-out.

Message: 4278 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:29:26 1999 By: laura
Subject: Kumbaya

Is that a healing verse of kumbaya I hear being hummed in the background? Friends again?

Message: 4277 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:23:46 1999 By: anonymous
Subject: Read MSG#4263

Hello, passive agression is worse than cryptic messages. I was stating support for this chat folder and the band. I was only concerned that everyone seems so touchy. Now I see how you feel Johnny. Please accept my deepest apologies to all. Re-read my posting and re-read #4263. Hopefully you'll see that I was trying to rally around the band and their fans. I was as confused as you when I saw in # 4263 something about Oxygen dropping them- It Wasn't me who made it up. Please read the postings and maybe you'll get my point. I am remaining anonymous but I am only responsible for #4271-Th Th That's all Folks

Message: 4276 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:21:41 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Wow

Between budget meetings and deadlines, it looks like I missed a rather interesting day here on the board. It would be nice to have some concrete news from a reliable source regarding the next single, possible TV appearances, etc. Call me Pollyanna, but I prefer to think that no news is good news. Have a nice evening everyone.

Message: 4275 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:19:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Clarification

Any postings that are anonymous but are Positive and Constructive are excluded from my chirade. Thank-You "anonymous" #4271 and Mark for your refreshing input! These guys are gonna kick Butt in '99 and I believe more of it is because of "us" than we may know! Oxygen knows what it's doing, and so do the guys.

Message: 4274 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:18:17 1999 By: laura
Subject: ..."unless it's a name we all know well already"...

Again, Geez.... I should have gone home! Those not in the "inner circle" need not be taken seriously. Ouch. Junior-high hurts linger yet. I maybe should go back to eavesdropping & keep my comments to myself... sorry....

Message: 4273 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:05:52 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Get Real!

Why would Oxygen be dropping America after only one single? And that single is to my knowledge the only Oxygen single to make a major chart. The fact is that the guys are refocusing their tour to emphasize and push Human Nature. It would not make much sense from a marketing perspective to drop them now.

Message: 4272 Posted: Tue Jan 26 18:03:13 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Innocent Diversions

Gonna see the Lads on Feb. 7. Any messages for the Guys or things to look for, let me know. Meanwhile, take anonymous postings with a grain of salt, unless it's a name we all know well already. Lookin' like I'll miss the Orlando event on the 5th, but will give a full report including songlist for Hallandale. You Orlando-goers: Party on! Wish you were here, Johnny, and every other sincere, dedicated, super-fan (you know who you are)!

Message: 4271 Posted: Tue Jan 26 17:26:18 1999 By: anonymous
Subject: Oxygen Dropping AMERICA???

Wow, What the heck is going on here? First and foremost, we're all Fans Of AMERICA so if by some quirk someone has an inside scoop to a song they're preparing to perform, or which single they're going to release what's the big deal?! We SUPPORT them...Johnny, don't be so sensitive anyone who checks into this chat folder knows that you really admire this band- so chill out and don't obsess. For anyone else who cares, lighten up, pleeeeeeeeez! As far as that bomb about Oxygen getting ready to drop them from their roster that is utter balderdash! I think that Oxygen is pleased with the results thus far-in fact, I think America's latest has proven to be one of Oxygen's successes. So Take a chill pill, relax and enjoy the music that brings us here together...sign me, anonymous

Message: 4270 Posted: Tue Jan 26 17:22:13 1999 By: laura
Subject: I'm OK, you're ????

Geez....not a good day to go hunting for innocent diversions. If I wanted paranoia, negativity & idle gossip, I could have stuck with the outside world. Maybe it's time to go home after all.

Message: 4269 Posted: Tue Jan 26 17:01:57 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: Cool It!

I'm with you, Johnny..moving right how is everybody today??

Message: 4268 Posted: Tue Jan 26 16:39:39 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Msg# 4263

Click on the Msg# to get the message...for what it's worth...seems a whole page of anonymous postings has occurred. It wasn't me, I confess I only posed as HealthGuru once last year, and that was IT! eGdH, Steve L, where ARE you?! Helllp!

Message: 4267 Posted: Tue Jan 26 16:36:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: C o o l I t !!!

Since I was the one asking Jim, I'm satisfied with the answer so it's a good idea to drop the whole matter. Sorry to all for the confusion but especially to Jim. Please all...matter forgotten!! Thanks

Message: 4266 Posted: Tue Jan 26 16:28:55 1999 By: da Judge
Subject: Spelling

Or is that "burden"...

Message: 4265 Posted: Tue Jan 26 16:27:22 1999 By: Chief Justice Renquist
Subject: Burdon of Proof

Jimnak's absence from the foregoing proceedings will be taken into account, although I must agree with Johnny's well-deserved curiousity regarding the matter of Jimnak's brushing off of a sincere and heartfelt inquiry with merely a "Naw".

Message: 4264 Posted: Tue Jan 26 16:08:11 1999 By: Another Fan
Subject: Re:

NO, that's not what I said. No need to play devil's advocate.

Message: 4263 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:59:35 1999 By: America Fan

I think I understand, too. Oxygen is about to drop America off its roster and anything said about songs from Human Nature could make their decision easier.

Message: 4262 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:45:56 1999 By: Another Fan
Subject: Re: Gossip

Here is my take on it: Jimnak stated in #4241 that the band was rehearsing M2M & Wheels. You asked if he had inside info. He said no. Then YaKeTyYaK issued a "warning" which to me meant one of two things-either Jim DOES have information and spoke out of turn (loose lips sink ships [this expression is from World War I,folks])or he has a bit of an ego and wants us to THINK he has the inside track(gossip). My feeling is this: when the band is ready to let us know which songs they are reheasing, someone, Karen most likely, will tell us. SO< LET'S DROP IT!

Message: 4261 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:38:02 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: No More Questions Asked

I think I understand now. My lips are sealed!!

Message: 4260 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:33:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gossip

I posted my message before reading the last reply. I don't understand any of it. Maybe someone can explain it to all of us????

Message: 4259 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:28:56 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Gossip

Is all this about me?

Message: 4258 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:25:55 1999 By: Another Fan
Subject: Re: "Made Sense To Me"

Refer to postings 4241, 4248, 4252, and 4253 between Johnny and Jim.

Message: 4257 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:20:02 1999 By: A Huge America Fan
Subject: "Made Sense To Me"

Then explain it to us dummies.

Message: 4256 Posted: Tue Jan 26 15:11:21 1999 By: Another fan
Subject: Re: GoSsIp.GoSsIp

The message made perfect sense to me.

Message: 4255 Posted: Tue Jan 26 14:57:03 1999 By: A Huge America Fan
Subject: Re: GoSsIp.GoSsIp

Cryptic messages are a waste of time and energy. This is America so speak English, please!

Message: 4254 Posted: Tue Jan 26 14:19:22 1999 By: YaKeTyYaK
Subject: GoSsIp.GoSsIp

Somebody's getting in over their head with info!
Loose lips sink ships. That's a NO NO!
Watch it!

Message: 4253 Posted: Tue Jan 26 13:48:26 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Jimnak (Now Even More Curious)

Jim, I'm even more stumped. If merely a fan like the rest of us, how do you know the guys are working on "M2M" and "Wheels"?

Message: 4252 Posted: Tue Jan 26 13:23:40 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: To: Jimnak

Naw just a fan, nothing more.

Message: 4251 Posted: Tue Jan 26 13:22:59 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: women in song

Good point. I can't think of a song where DEWEY makes reference to a woman's name in any of his songs. He definitely is a visual song writer but it is his visual imagery woven around some haunting melodies that makes his songs unique. RAINBOW song quickly comes to mind. DEWEY has always been an explorer of this wonderful planet & all the things that envelope this earth. I think some of his past scuba diving may have had a hand in shaping some of his visual images, but his explorations of nature have certainly helped out also. Notice in love songs such as LOVE ON THE VINE, THREE ROSES, WORLD ALONE, WHOLE WIDE WORLD, the connnection to the good earth. I sometimes think that if he had not become a musician, he may have been a great painter or literary writer. Defintely the contrast in his approach to song writing alongside that of GERRY'S makes for a terrific blend of diverse songs. SILENT LETTER which has some great songs that are co-written by them, give the best of both worlds, similiar to HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 4250 Posted: Tue Jan 26 12:14:14 1999 By: laura
Subject: women in song

reading over the postings from the last couple days & seeing someone mention the lovely song "Jody" got me to thinking -- has Dewey ever referred to a woman BY NAME in any of his songwriting? I can't think of a single example........

Also, for that matter, is there anyone out there who better utilizes colours in their songwriting?

Message: 4249 Posted: Tue Jan 26 10:27:06 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Optimism

The thing that makes me optimistic about America's chances of getting back into the public eye are other songs I hear on the radio and how nicely a song like Wednesday Morning fits in with them. While it's true that most of the Top 40 is dominated by women and rap groups and record execs are quick to give "white guy guitar rock and roll" its last rites, don't forget a whole lot of songs and groups that are acoustic guitar based are charting and doing quite well. I get encouraged when I hear songs like the Goo Goo Doll's "Iris," Greenday's "Time Of Your Life," when I hear Fastball and Matchbox 20 and the Wildflowers on the radio, when I hear Sonic's "Closing Time" or John Mellencamp's "Just Another Day." These are all groups and songs that borrowed, whether intentially or not, from the America sound of the 70s. Acoustic rock is going strong. Acoustic rock is America's territory. It's time for them to reclaim it with Wednesday Morning.


Message: 4248 Posted: Tue Jan 26 10:02:33 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Jimnak

Jimnak, it seems to me that you have an inside track on the goings-on with AMERICA. Being fairly new to the board here, is your connection more than as a fan? I'm curious.

Message: 4247 Posted: Tue Jan 26 09:39:59 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Proof that "H.N." is great..

Some pretty sobering, yet realistic, thoughts from Mitch on how difficult it may be for America to get back in the public eye. Though I don't think it will be impossible for America to get back on the charts, especially with a real push for Human Nature in their concerts. It seems they will be adding more HN songs to their playlist, which is long overdue, but the biggest improvement will be selling HN at concerts. It is obvious that most of the folks who attended concerts haven't been rushing out to buy HN CDs. Part of that is due to the fact that the guys haven't been really pushing the CD in concerts (only playing 1 or 2 songs), but also because they haven't been selling it at concerts. Now, with a big HN backdrop, playing 5 or 6 HN songs in concert, and then having the CD available at the concert, I think you will see a BIG jump in HN sales! Hopefully Oxygen will remain committed to HN and will release a second single. Then the guys could give out target radio station phone numbers at every concert, then it would have a great shot at moving up the charts! From A Moving Train went to 25 on the Radio and Records AC chart without this much effort, a second single would bust through now that the guys are pulling out all stops! Remember, this is how MC Hammer made it to the big time. He sold nearly 200,000 copies of his first CD without a label, just by selling them at his concerts! America can do better!

Message: 4246 Posted: Tue Jan 26 02:00:44 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re:Willie

I have to agree with you guys there...Willie is an amazing musician, and a very funny guy!

Message: 4245 Posted: Mon Jan 25 20:45:40 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: ..another vote...... I was playing my copy of "from a moving train" 20 year old daughter who was just finishing up her lunch turned to me and said she really liked the song that was playing...the song was "wednesday morning". So I guess you could say her vote for the next single is Wednesday morning...........

Message: 4244 Posted: Mon Jan 25 20:35:41 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Willie

Sorry..I meant drumsticks..not drumticks..

Message: 4243 Posted: Mon Jan 25 20:16:47 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Willie are right..he's the best!! Have you ever seen him twirl his drumticks when he plays?? A very nice person and wonderful musician!

Message: 4242 Posted: Mon Jan 25 18:38:44 1999 By: COREY MCLAUGHLIN
Subject: Willie


Message: 4241 Posted: Mon Jan 25 18:34:38 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: re: New Concert Songs

MOMENT TO MOMENT & WHEELS are some of the songs being worked on but no decisions has been made yet. As you may know GERRY & DEWEY are perfectionists & they will play no songs until everyone is comfortable & everything is perfect. Their performance matters very much to them just as it has for the past 2 1/2 decades. Does it ever amaze you how they duplicate their studio sounds when they go live ? w/just 5 players. FROM A MOVING TRAIN, LAST UNICORN, DAISY JANE, MIRROR TO MIRROR, NEVER BE LONELY quickly come to mind.

Message: 4240 Posted: Mon Jan 25 18:33:03 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Cincinnati, OH Concert -Saturday

Anyone going to the concert on Saturday in Cincinnati? Are the guys opening for Blood, Sweat, and Tears or vice-versa??

Message: 4239 Posted: Mon Jan 25 17:24:33 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: PBS

Wonder if our boys could get one of those Public Broadcasting concert
deals, that are played everytime they do fundraising? The one with John Fogerty not long ago was outstanding, and so was one featuring the Moody Blues. That would be phenominal exposure.

Message: 4238 Posted: Mon Jan 25 17:02:22 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: W Vs. W Updated Count & The Song "Jody"

"Jody" is one my favs as well. I have the chords for it (somewhere). I'll pass them along to Steve to post on his page since I don't think he has them there yet.

Message: 4237 Posted: Mon Jan 25 16:36:37 1999 By: jimak
Subject: Re: W Vs. W Updated Count & The Song "Jody"

From GERRY'S portfolio of gold; aren't these also favorites ?:

How about COASTLINE ?

I could go on, they are all favorites depending on the particuliar Moment in time.

Message: 4236 Posted: Mon Jan 25 14:33:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: W Vs. W Updated Count & The Song "Jody"

With Joe Knight and Robyn's vote, the count is: Wheels 8 and WM 6

On another matter, one of my favorite songs sung by Gerry is "Jody". Is it my ears or does the name, Jody, become Joanie halfway through this beautiful song?

Message: 4235 Posted: Mon Jan 25 12:58:20 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: America pictures (Johnny)

Hi Johnny, I believe I received them from W.B records.When I was a teenager many years ago,I would write to anyone, who could tell me anything about our America.The pictures from Dan Peek, came from him,I kept in touch with him for many years but lost touch.Thanks for asking.Take care, Joanne

Message: 4234 Posted: Mon Jan 25 12:24:28 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: next single

Kevin! don't scare me!!! I am sure a new single will be forthcoming (they must be having as hard a time at choosing as we are!)

Johnny, you didn't get an answer from me, as i go off-line for weekends. my reluctant choice ( it's like choosing your favorite child) would be "wheels". At least for today. As for songs with "days" in them didn't Kris Kristofferson have a song called "Sunday Morning Coming Down"?

Message: 4233 Posted: Mon Jan 25 09:39:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Second Single

Kevin, I'm sure it's in the works as well as the possible appearance on LBR. It just seems like a long wait, I agree. No doubt, it's because we're both eager for it to be "Wednesday Morning".

Message: 4232 Posted: Mon Jan 25 09:15:15 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: second single

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the eerie feeling that there won't be a second single released from Human Nature? I figured it would have been released by now.


Message: 4231 Posted: Mon Jan 25 07:32:09 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Joanne: Your Autographed Photos

Joanne, where did you get the pictures that Dewey and Dan autographed? Except for the picture of Dan in a fencing outfit,
I have never seen them before. From your bio, neither had Dewey.
How very strange and interesting. Please tell.

Message: 4230 Posted: Mon Jan 25 01:12:42 1999 By: Pounder
Subject: Results/Jeopardy& Days

I don't think I saw Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac posted as a song of the days of the week. I know it's after the 48 hours and the song I was going to vote for won anyway [wheels] but, I had to put my two cents in as to why I like Wheels so much. I had posted about some of the lryics that I had really liked and the last couple of days I was thinking that there was a ton of America's hit songs that had the same ingredients as Wheels [great lyrics]. I'm just wondering if this is true and after seeing the post of America's songs on Jeopardy which had some of their monster hits as answers. What do you think? I will be working or doing something and I just can't get the lryics to Wheels out of my mind. I can also relate to these passeges: "Purple mountains.../After that you can just lift up the curtain/And the Whole World will be there at your door" and "Step outside and take a breath of the mornin'/And the wind will tell you which way to go". I can't explain it any better than listening to song, hearing great lryics and not being able to get the song out of your system.

Message: 4229 Posted: Sun Jan 24 21:11:32 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: VH1 rock&roll jeopardy"lyric's of America"

That figures...I was sitting at work watching that show (working at a TV station does have its advantages!) at 3:30 PT yesterday...watched almost the whole thing, and didn't see anything about America, although I was hoping to. That must have came on right when we changed the channel! Oh well.
Erin :o)

Message: 4228 Posted: Sun Jan 24 20:57:56 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: Catching up..

Don't know why I wrote my last name..thinking I'm at work, I's late..good nite.

Message: 4227 Posted: Sun Jan 24 20:55:38 1999 By: janice gabriel
Subject: catching up...

Wayne..thanks for the concert info...! Joanne..that is ONE Jeopardy game I coulda won.. :) And Johnny. Who better than the tons of female fans to sing back-up on Hot one could do it with more gusto than us..right ladies??) and of course, Karen!!

Message: 4226 Posted: Sun Jan 24 17:55:59 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Re: Orlando..

Hi. Concert is scheduled to start at 7 pm. If you've never been to Church Street for a concert. Get there early to stake out a good spot. Enjoy!

Message: 4225 Posted: Sun Jan 24 17:34:04 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: VH1 rock&roll jeopardy"lyric's of America"

Rock&Roll Jeopardy on 1-23-99 at 6:30 had a category about America lyrics here are the question.
1.There were plants and birds and rocks and things there were sand and hills and rings.
2.and cause never was the reason for the evening or the tropic of Sir Galahad.
3.cause the free wind is blowin through your hair and the day surround your daylight there.
4.nibbing on bacon chewin'on cheese.
5.Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup .
I hope everyone can catch the show again it was a repeat.

Message: 4224 Posted: Sun Jan 24 15:22:30 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: A Demanded Recount

THANKS!!!! I an glad my vote helped JK

Message: 4223 Posted: Sun Jan 24 15:19:56 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Proof that "H.N." is great..

Mitch , You are absolutely right in your accessment of America. They are a 70's Super Group. And they should be darn proud of all of their accomplishments. I know I am. JK

Message: 4222 Posted: Sun Jan 24 15:08:54 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Solution To Live Female Background Vocals

I have the solution to who can sing the female part on "Hot Town" if done in a live show. She's often there at many of the performances...Karen D. You go girl!

Message: 4221 Posted: Sun Jan 24 14:58:01 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Demanded Recount

A demanded recount: Joe Knight for "Wheels". How did I forget you, Joe? Joe has made his love for "Wheels" known to all here so very clearly and what did I do....forgot his vote. Joe, it's only appropriate that your vote tipped the scales in favor of Dewey's wonderful vocals on "Wheels". My apologies!

Message: 4220 Posted: Sun Jan 24 14:46:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Results: "Wednesday Morning" Vs. "Wheels Are Turning"

Well, it's been over 48 hours since I asked which is your favorite song, 'Wednesday Morning' or 'Wheels Are Turning'? There were only twelve responses including myself.

For me personally, it's a tough choice. I like both songs so very much. With the mention of Albuquerque, I'm a bit partial being from the same state. As someone mentioned before such great lyrics as "Black crow with an indigo glow", "Thunder in the canyon waking up the night", and "Down the road you see the heat waves a wavin'", they create such great images in the mind. For me, it's very similar to "Horse" in that regard.

Here's the results. You count 'em:
"Wednesday Morning" (Pete, Mark, Shayne, Virginia, TerryT, & Maureen)
"Wheels Are Turning" (JL, Cathy, Janice, Howard, ShariL, & Johnny)

Wouldn't you know it! Thanks so much for voting!!

Message: 4219 Posted: Sun Jan 24 14:10:50 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To Janice

Janice, it's totally a guess on my part regarding "Hot Town". We should be finding out soon I would think. I'm guessing "Hot Town" merely because I too think it would be a great concert song. However, there's the problem with the lady singers. Who would sing their part? Logic says probably not but hoping says yes!

Last week, I sure hoped we would've heard about an appearance on LBR.
I hope there's some good news this week! I have a positive feeling about it.

Message: 4218 Posted: Sun Jan 24 13:42:15 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: To jimnak

I will look for these albums, thanks for the tips Anything that
is reminiscent of Pet Sounds peeks (No Dan reference intended)my
interest. Mitch

Message: 4217 Posted: Sun Jan 24 13:19:53 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Proof that "H.N." is great..

Great insight Mitch. Helps put all in Perspective. HUMAN NATURE is superb.
OLOOLOLO is the sleeper.
Hope you have heard GERRY'S solo VAN GO GAN, reminds me of the Pet Sounds concept & also HOURGLASS, released b/4 HUMAN NATURE. To know all of AMERICA's material is a worldly experience.

Message: 4216 Posted: Sun Jan 24 13:11:58 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: Proof that "H.N." is great..

The previous week's posts on the "next single" and the differing
opinions speaks to the quantitity of quality tunes on this album. I
keep changing my personal "favorite tune" myself. At first "Moment"
stuck out 'cause, damn it's such a georgous tune...with a great hook
and (as in all the cuts) impeccable mixing of background harmonies.
As I type this, I am listening to Ooloolo (sp?)...and though perhaps
not "single" material is a very beautiful while exotic tune with some
very "juicy" 6th and Major 7th tunes..and it might be my favorite...
for now. I was wondering exactly what radio format context people are
talking about as 'singles'? As a top 40 radio programmer, I am now older
than the primary demo I program for, and as a practical matter I see
it as very problematic for an America record to be successful chart-
wise.Because they tend to get very little play now even on "Classic
Rock" stations ...their familiarity with the 18-24 cell is pretty
limited. I realize that a good number of Adult Contemporary stations
have and will play them (though not 'Hot' AC)...but unless a tune
can ultimately cross over to Top 40, a "Hit" is not likely.Also,
though it is not totally unheard of, because of the politics of it is very difficult for small labels to get what we call
"adds" on playlists when they have to compete with large labels and
their large promotional contributions to radio stations.The good news?
With the inter-net...great acts like "America" can continue to spread
the word, spur catalog sales...concert attendance and new record sales.So while we will never see the likes of America 70's supergroup,
filling mega-stadiums; Some very great creative genius in Gerry and
Dewey can continue to make a great living, while bringing fans like
us the great music we have grown to love so much. Mitch

Message: 4215 Posted: Sun Jan 24 12:28:10 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: To Brian from "oars in.."

Thanks, for the new music tip Brian, Ill check it out. By the way,
I'm on my third "Pet Sounds" CD...that gives you the indication of
how much I listen to it...this new America CD could suffer the same
fate, I really love it. Mitch

Message: 4214 Posted: Sun Jan 24 10:30:55 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: days

Some of you will remember a song by Peppermint Rainbow that went: "Will you be staying after Sunday, or come home on Monday?"-Alsothat song that went "Friday on My Mind?"

Message: 4213 Posted: Sat Jan 23 20:22:13 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: What's Your Guess u really think they are rehearsing Hot Town..or are you just humoring me? and Joe..what time does the Orlando concert start??

Message: 4212 Posted: Sat Jan 23 18:44:38 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Days of the Week Songs

Yes TerryT, Spanky & our Gang had TWO Sunday songs that made the charts. "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" was more popular. "Sunday Mornin' Sunday Mornin' Sunday Sunday I love Sunday Sunday Mornin'" Does that brilliant couplet ring a bell? LOL!!! Lest not forget "Id Like To Get To Know You ". They were pretty cool. See Ya..the otherTT

Message: 4211 Posted: Sat Jan 23 18:30:56 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Days of the Week Songs

Was that "Sunday Will Never Be The Same", by Spanky and Gang? I think I remember "Friday's Child" by Nancy Sinatra?, "Another Saturday Night" (and I ain't got nobody...) by Cat Stevens, "Ruby Tuesday" by the Stones, "Tuesday's Dead" by Cat Stevens? Other songs mention days in the lyrics, such as "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles, and "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" by CSN. Remember that album by Simon and Garfunkle entitled "Wednesday Morning 3AM"?

Message: 4210 Posted: Sat Jan 23 14:26:35 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: What's Your Guess???

My Guess..."Wed. Morning", "Wheels.." and "Moment To Moment"

Message: 4209 Posted: Sat Jan 23 14:24:35 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Days-Of-The-Week Songs

"Tuesday Afternoon"- Moody Blues/ "Friday On My Mind" The Easybeats/ "Sunday Morning"- Spanky & Our Gang/ "Saturday Morning Confusion"-Bobby Russell( He Wrote his ex-wife Vicki Lawrence's only hit "The Night The lights Went Down In Georgia") "Manic Monday"- The Bangles "Saturday Night"- Bay City Rollers "Goin' On Saturday"-Aztec Two Step (I saw them open for America in New Haven, Ct. Dewey spoke about how great it was to have them as the warm-up act and he said he really dug their music. They are well known here in Southern New England) "Blue Monday" Fats Domino "Saturday Nite"- Earth, Wind & Fire

Message: 4208 Posted: Sat Jan 23 14:09:46 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Tom: Waldman

Hi Johnny! Yes, Wendy's LP's havent been 100% great. But as a songwriter she's composed and/ or co-written some decent stuff. "Heartbeat" by Don Johnson (Yes, Nash Bridges/ Miami Vice...) and Vanessa William's "Saving The Best For Last" are a couple of examples of her Hit Songwriting craft. She did put one LP out around '78 that looked like a Newspaper- I don't remember the title but I do remember that it actually had some good tunes.

Message: 4207 Posted: Sat Jan 23 09:55:27 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: What's Your Guess???

Here is my prediction (merely a guess, of course) of the three new songs that the guys are practicing for this year's tour: "Wednesday Morning", "Wheels Are Turning", and "Hot Town". What's your guess?

Message: 4206 Posted: Sat Jan 23 09:48:09 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Days-Of-The-Week Songs

It's a close race between "Wednesday Morning" and "Wheels". Keep 'em comin'. Please post your favorite of the two if you haven't yet.
I like both songs a whole lot.

I think if "Wednesday Morning" is the next release, it will be a big hit for the guys. There's something about days-of-the-week songs that people can relate to. Here are a few songs for instance: The Mama's and The Papa's "Monday, Monday"; Carpenter's "Rainy Days And Monday's; The Soundtrack, "Thank God It's Friday"; Chicago's "Saturday In The Park", The Doobies "Another Park, Another Sunday"; Elton Johns's "Saturday". Plus there was a successful new wave 80's group called 'Til Tuesday. I know their name didn't make them a success but I thought it was worth mentioning. Plus, we all know how successful "Sister Golden Hair" is with the mention of Sunday and Monday. Can you think of some other successful songs with a day-of-the-week title?

Message: 4205 Posted: Sat Jan 23 09:22:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Tom: Waldman

Tom, I have a Wendy Waldman album. I bought it because of a Randy Meisner (former Eagles member) song written or co-written by her. Not to be critical, but the whole album wasn't what I was hoping for. Oh well, "to each his own". The Meisner song was great though.

Message: 4204 Posted: Sat Jan 23 07:38:41 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Orlando..

How could I have left out those 2 songs... Yes 3 roses and Sandman need to be included Joe

Message: 4203 Posted: Sat Jan 23 07:15:47 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Andrew Gold TRIV Answer

Yes leakycanoe, the answer is Linda Ronstadt. He was also involved with Maria Muldaur on her "Midnight At The Oasis" LP. His musical genius is present on songs by Art Garfunkel ("I Only Have Eyes.."), Eric Carmen ("She Did It") and of course the Super band featuring Wendy Waldman, Karla Bonoff, and Kenny Edwards (Who also sang and played Bass for Linda Ronstadt) known as Bryndle. Hope all are having a peaceful weekend. BYE...TeeTee

Message: 4202 Posted: Sat Jan 23 04:03:09 1999 By: healthguru
Subject: goodie goodie

i've got goodies, the least of which is a new email address. (

it's a place to ask all your important health questions, or whatever question whose answer will make your life better.
good for the soulness...


Message: 4201 Posted: Fri Jan 22 23:28:06 1999 By: janice
Subject: Orlando..

hmmm..orlando is very close to it at night or during the day? and Joe..What about Sandman...and Three Roses??

Message: 4200 Posted: Fri Jan 22 23:26:05 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Re: in Orlando

Yes, and it is being presented by WMMO radio and they still are not playing anything from HN, just old stuff. Send them an email requesting HN !

see you there Mark, only bad thing is it's a Friday night and all the "Ravers" will be downtown !

Message: 4199 Posted: Fri Jan 22 23:23:44 1999 By: Mark
Subject: in Orlando

Just found out America will be here on Feb.5. It's a FREE outdoor concert @ downtown Orlando.....Let ya know ......

Message: 4198 Posted: Fri Jan 22 20:16:42 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: ..........touched by a butterfly......

..."The sun was shining up in the country
the bells were ringing downtown
clouds were movin' slow and lazy
while I was kicki'n around" in Southern California was just one of those days...Dewey says it so well !!!
...."summer canoe paddles up to you 'cause its time for another beer run or something thats equally true".........................

Message: 4197 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:59:56 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: re: Andrew Gold was Andrew Golds Guitar on linda Rondstadt's "your no good"...that caught my ear back in the 70' fact linda's LP "heart like a wheel" high-lighted Andrew Golds talent....his solo albums never really took off...however his song "lonely boy" did get some air play...I was lucky enough to catch Andrew Gold at the Roxy in LA in the 70's....what a great show.....I am glad to see him workin with Gerry and Dewey....if you can find some of his solo LP's buy them...he's got some good stuff

Message: 4196 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:45:20 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Live

Ventura Hwy, I Need You, Dont Cross the river, Horse with No Name,Moon Song,Lonely People, Wind Wave, Rainbow Song, Tin Man,Muskrat Love, Old Man Took,Suvival,Right Before Your Eyes,Sgt Darkness, Amber Cascades,Daisey Jane, To each His Own, The Border,You can Do Magic, Cal. Revisited,Another Try.
anyone want to Add to this List?????

Thank goodness I finally got thru the list without screwing up!!!!!
Joe K

Message: 4195 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:35:25 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Live

This not funny anymore
AGain ( Type slower Joe )
1 Ventura Hwy
2 I Need You

Message: 4194 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:32:25 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: LIVE

Sorry guys I keep hitting the post button by mistake
1. Ventura Hwy
2.I Need You

Message: 4193 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:30:43 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Live Continued

1. Ventura Hwy
2. I Need You

Message: 4192 Posted: Fri Jan 22 19:28:50 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: " Live CD"

I was going thru my America Album and CD collection. .. I was thinking wouldn't it be great for OX REC. to produce a 2CD set of America " LIVE " ALL THEIR BEST. Now I know that I already have this music in various CD s and albums but I and I am sure all the other America fans would buy it. Here is the list I woyuld like to see
1.Ventura Hwy

Message: 4191 Posted: Fri Jan 22 18:53:31 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Andrew Gold Trivia Q.

Easy-"Golden Girls" is the show. It's from the overlooked masterpiece"All This And Heaven Too"! It's a shame that that LP didn't catch on but I must say it has some inspiring songs on it. "Thank You For Being A Friend" is also the title of Andrew Gold's greatest hits CD. It has seven out of the ten tunes from that great album. Also Johnny, you may be surprised to know that Andrew Gold has recorded with 10cc. AND he's part of the pop duo WAX UK with fellow 10cc member Graham Gouldman. Graham is known as the pop songmeister who composed "Groovy Kind Of Love" and "For Your Love". I'm pretty sure they just released a greatest hits anthology of WAX UK. If you like 10cc meets Andrew Gold meets 80's techno pop you should check them out. On the last 10cc release Andrew gold co-wrote and sings the lead vocal on a song that is just impossible to describe. The CD is called "Mirror, Mirror"( NOT the Diana Ross tune) The song is entitled "Time to go Back Home" -or something like that. It is sung from the standpoint of someone who is close to dying (Sounds like in the lyrics of the song that he has AIDS) and he has accepted his destination. It is hauntingly beautiful and it is deeply spiritual. You may recall that even in the complete version of "Thank You For Being A Friend" that Andrew sings,..."and when we die/ and float away/ into the stars/ the Milky Way. I hear you call/ as we ascend/ I tell you once/ and once again....Thank You For Being A....Friend" As I read the lyrics I just posted, I realize they're not exact...but I'm sure you get my drift. So Class, that's all for today's lesson on Andrew Gold. Here's a great Trivia Question for you...(Johnny & Friends) can you name which 70's female singer that Andrew Gold assisted in getting a Number One Hit and Album? Actually there are two- but the one I'm thinking of really owes alot to Mr. Gold for his contributions the some of her releases. Answers posted sometime tomorrow...See Ya...TeeTee

Message: 4190 Posted: Fri Jan 22 18:00:03 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: My vote

Hi Johnny,
My vote defintely goes to 'Wednesday Morning', but I do like Wheels, too. Thanks...Maureen

Message: 4189 Posted: Fri Jan 22 16:50:32 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Wed Morning vs. Wheels

I'd have to go with Wheels.

Message: 4188 Posted: Fri Jan 22 16:05:57 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: W vs. W

Johnny, are you asking how Wednesday "would do", or "which is my favorite"? If we're talkin' commercial, Wednesday is a no-brainer. Much as I LOVE Wheels, New Mexico, Dewey, and Johnny (Dewey & Johnny...hmmm), I'm not picturing hordes of teenagers singing along (and dancing) with Wheels as they would with Wednesday. That Tom Petty nasal sound is familiar to them. Maybe Tom always has a cold, but it was probably a matter of microphone choice and placement that created the effect in both cases. I agree with the (too) similar themes theory, Virginia...good point, and would also point out that FAMT and Wheels both have a couple of pauses where everything just "stops", then starts up again. This can seriously affect the dancing, although I realize that it is a trademark of some past popular songs and listeners actually waited for that pause because it was fun. As a personal favorite, Wheels is right up there, but I think it needs to fall in at the right time, after a one-two punch. Gerry sings lead on both FAMT and Wednesday, but variety is there (a compliment to Ger). Any questions?
Andrew Gold...Drew Carey? Cops?

Message: 4187 Posted: Fri Jan 22 15:33:27 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Andrew Gold Trivia Q.

Talking about Andrew Gold, I understand that Brad Palmer was previously in his band. Here's a simple one: What Andrew Gold song is the theme song for a television comedy show and what is the name of that show? Also, can you name the album that this song is from?

Message: 4186 Posted: Fri Jan 22 15:25:32 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Hi Cathy

Hey, Cathy. Good to hear from you. You should participate more often. I think about you when I hear "Wheels". It sure was a blast in our very own concert. Maybe "Wheels" next time, I hope.

Message: 4185 Posted: Fri Jan 22 14:24:20 1999 By: JOYCE HALL
Subject: Re:Fogerty on Leno

Hello, Just wanted to reply to this Forgerty issue.I saw him a Leno too, I thought he was great , But yes perfomers due tend not to sound as good on TV as they due in person. As for why he was on I guess he has been nominated for an award on the upcoming Grammy Awards. When I saw Fogerty live about 2 summers ago he had Kenny Aronoff from Mellencamps band & what can you say about Kenny?Fogerty rocked!!! I was fourtunate enough to attend backstage festivites & Found Fogerty & aronoff to be great guy's. Although he did not have very fond things to say about Mellencamp (Which I find, Not good! You don't burn bridges!) Also he had & still has ,as I noticed on Leno A great sessions Bass player by the name of Bob Glaub , never met him, But spoke with him on the phone at my home while connecting him up with a old friend each other had been looking for.Found him to be rather charming & he is still with Fogerty. Fogerty is Rockin these days,Very happy to have him somewhat over that whole Fantasy ordeal & back singing his hits. I know AMERICA has been on with Leno before , Maybe somtime around the early 90's.? I don't see why he does not have them on again.We should try to reach them & pursue this matter. It would be great ,I really want to see the guy's on on well viewed show doing FAMT or other , From the Human Nature CD.That would be cool. Oh well we'll see . 1 can HOPE.--PEACE & GOD BLESS--JOYCE--:)

Message: 4184 Posted: Fri Jan 22 14:17:03 1999 By: janice
Subject: Erin..

Thank you very much, Erin..I'll e-mail you with my "wish list"..! and vote is for Wheels....(sigh)

Message: 4183 Posted: Fri Jan 22 12:38:02 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Wheels or Wednesday

Wheels!!!... no big surprise.
It sounds to me like Gerry had a cold when he recorded Wednesday Morning.

Message: 4182 Posted: Fri Jan 22 11:55:00 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Johnny

my vote is for wheels.
and the other person is timothy B. schmit

Message: 4181 Posted: Fri Jan 22 11:45:16 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Howard, Wheels or WM?

Howard, Is it "Wheels" or "Wednesday Morning" for you?

Message: 4180 Posted: Fri Jan 22 11:44:29 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Wed. Morning vs Wheels

I love Wheels Are Turning and would really like to hear it performed live. However, I still vote for Wednesday Morning as a song to release. I've come to think of FAMT and Wheels as Gerry and Dewey's "life on the road" songs. They are two different approaches, each with its own feel, but the theme is basically the same (IMHO, of course). I wouldn't release two songs with similar themes.

Message: 4179 Posted: Fri Jan 22 11:36:39 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Partial Answer to Trivia Q.

Howard, from the movie, "Cry Baby"? The band consisted of Gerry, Andrew Gold, and ??????? "Cry Baby" starred Rikki Lake, right?

Message: 4178 Posted: Fri Jan 22 10:26:40 1999 By: JL
Subject: Wed.Morn vs Wheels

A really tough call. Both are great tunes. Have to go with Wheels though. I think, maybe, perhaps, sort of, uh, I guess.

Message: 4177 Posted: Fri Jan 22 10:18:46 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Trivia Question

Here is a trivia question for all Gerry Beckley fans.
Who or what is Baldwin & The Whiffles??? and where is it from???

Message: 4176 Posted: Fri Jan 22 10:17:30 1999 By: Howard L
Subject: oops is Wed morn/Wheels too Shayne. it's cathing. HL

Message: 4175 Posted: Fri Jan 22 10:07:42 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: M2M/Wheels

Okay, I read the question wrong. Between "Wednesday Morning" and "Wheels", "Wednesday Morning" gets my vote.


Message: 4174 Posted: Fri Jan 22 10:06:03 1999 By: SHayne
Subject: Re: M2M/Wheels

M2M gets my vote.

Message: 4173 Posted: Fri Jan 22 09:36:55 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Wednesday Morning" Vs. "Wheels"

Wednesday Morning by a nose.

Message: 4172 Posted: Fri Jan 22 09:19:19 1999 By: Howard L
Subject: M2M/Wheels

I vote for Wheels...

Message: 4171 Posted: Fri Jan 22 09:12:35 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning would be an excellent single. I think also Pages also would be a great single because it has some up beat music. I don't think you want to many slow songs even though they are great. Pages is something like tin man, horse with no name, up beat and eye catching. Just my opinion.

Message: 4170 Posted: Fri Jan 22 08:02:39 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Wednesday Morning" Vs. "Wheels" And A Message To Karen D.

When matched against "Moment To Moment", we know "Wednesday Morning" is the big winner. I wonder how "Wednesday Morning" would do if put head-to-head against "Wheels"? So how about voting which is you favorite? I'll keep a tally and give the results in a couple of days.

Joe Knight, I have you down for "Wheels".

Karen D, in our unofficial tourney to determine the third release from 'Human Nature', "Moment To Moment" finished sixth out of seven possible songs. Thought you might pass that along to the powers-that-be.

Message: 4169 Posted: Fri Jan 22 02:06:27 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: anyone remember?

We have a great store here in Reno called Recycled Records. It's got TONS of America vinyls...I got 9 or 10 there, plus a few with almost perfect condition Harbor and Hat Trick posters. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll go see what they've got. I could spend hours in that store.
Erin :o)

Message: 4168 Posted: Thu Jan 21 23:17:55 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Horse Guitar Tunning

The song that launched a generation, HORSE WITH NO NAME is played as
D E D G B D. This special tuning is used on only 1 guitar & 1 song. The guitar DEWEY uses is used for HORSE & that's it, incredible. In the original song you can feel that sort of haunting sound in the background that envelopes his somewhat abstract song that soared to No. 1 on AMERICA's debut LP in 1972.

Message: 4167 Posted: Thu Jan 21 19:41:41 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Wheels

I have made post after post mentioning "Wheels" as the next single
I still think this is the best song on the whole CD Joe

Message: 4166 Posted: Thu Jan 21 17:36:41 1999 By: Chris
Subject: Re: Third Release Results

Sounds like it's gonna a big seller either way with those names attached...

Message: 4165 Posted: Thu Jan 21 17:19:14 1999 By: janice
Subject: anyone remember?

Someone had posted they had some vinyls to sell..I collect them and meant to respond..The only place I can find them anymore (practically) is antique stores..(And yes..I still play them)..I am so far behind my first cordless phone last year..a major breakthrough at my house...My son's computer is faster than this one! Anyway, sorry my posts are so's like I'm in the living room chatting with you guys..I'll work on that..If anyone remembers the post, please let me know. (I'm done now).

Message: 4164 Posted: Thu Jan 21 16:35:50 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Left A Name Off

Leakycanoe voted for three songs so I forgot to post leaky's name after Tom T's for "Whispering". The count of 2.8 is correct, however.

Message: 4163 Posted: Thu Jan 21 16:26:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Third Release Results

I've tallied the votes for the third "Human Nature" release with the thought that "Wednesday Morning" will be the second release. Several folks such as myself are torn between two or three songs. For me, I selected "Wheels" and "Hidden Talent". Therefore, I gave a half point to each song. Below are the points followed by the song title
and the person(s) who voted for it:

6.3 Wheels Are Turning (Mark, Robyn, JL, Tom T, Mitch, Leakycanoe,
Pounder, Erin, Johnny)
2.8 Whispering (Shayne, KevinS, Tom T)
2.5 Pages (Pete, Virginia, Robyn)
1.0 Hot Town (Janice)
1.0 OW Suite (Maureen)
0.8 Moment To Moment (Mitch, Leakycanoe)
0.5 Hidden Talent (Johnny)

Thanks a lot to those who participated!

Message: 4162 Posted: Thu Jan 21 16:02:09 1999 By: David Bau
Subject: Horse Guitar Tunning

Does anyone know what guitar tuning Dewey uses on Horse With No Name? The guitar tech had told me at their Minneapolis concert, but I forgot. Is it something like DGDGAD ??

Message: 4161 Posted: Thu Jan 21 15:54:14 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Various & Sundry Points

Hey You People,

Now that I'm spending some time on the beach (that's the cool radio way of saying UNEMPLOYED! UNEMPLOYED! - the beach sounds a lot more fun than my living room - doesn't it?) I'd like to stick my two cents in on a few things.

Rick - thanks for all the great work - your site really got things rolling for us fans - it's where many of us got connected - as others have said, you're one of the best friends I never met
Steve - your tireless work is appreciated and valued
Barb - great job on the newsletter and thank you for all the work
Jimnak - sorry about Barnett & NU - is Kevin O'Neal next to abandon ship?
All the new folks who've jumped on lately - hello & welcome - I've enjoyed the trivia and fresh perspectives
Karen - Kudos! It's been a long time since the guys have had someone working so hard on their behalf (Folks - it's not easy doing that kind of promotion - every appearance is the result of a lot of hard work!)

Regarding the choice of single, I'd like to view this from the point of a radio programmer (as objective as I can be - which is tough when you LOVE all the music - but it's my profession)
Hot Town - fun, rocking stage tune - NO WAY as a single
Overwhelming World - ain't gonna happen my friends (though 'Barstow' rules!)
The legitimate candidates are Moment To Moment, Weds AM, Wheels, and Hidden Talent Any of these would be a worthy choice - I'm sure Oxygen is researching the cuts with different programmers to see what has the best chance - I know people aren't in love with "Hidden" but it has the strongest hook on the album. That being said, as I have mentioned in previous posts, there's just no guarantee that a "hit" will happen. All that can be done is to pick what they feel is best, play it live, try to get some TV exposure for the new CD (playing more HN cuts live is a great step) and have the Oxygen promo people and us fans work the phones.
I'd love to see it happen. By the way, one dark horse candidate for some more alternative-type airplay would be Olooloo. Just because it's so damn cool!
That's it for now. Peace.

Joe B
Joe Show R.I.P.

Message: 4160 Posted: Thu Jan 21 13:35:36 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Ike

Hi Ike,
I am at work, but my husband told me my email messages. I TRULY am sorry, I was just trying to help. Please forgive me and I'll email you later.....Thanks

Message: 4159 Posted: Thu Jan 21 13:32:49 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Fogerty on Leno

Ike..very interesting trivia..thanks! I mean, Fogerty rocked alright..although the song did not sound the same.(you guys are right..maybe due to TV),its just like when America does a classic it still sounds the same as did, which I love..Fogarty didn't appear to be promoting a new CD or anything..just kind of wondered how he made the Leno I said..always loved the sound of his voice and Credence..still listen to them..(along with Neil Young..Petty, Fogelberg..hope they keep making music forever..even saw Bread last year (all original members and sounding great!) just want the same opportunities for Gerry and Dewey to appear on these shows..

Message: 4158 Posted: Thu Jan 21 13:22:02 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Fogerty

I agree with you 100%, He sounded great.

Message: 4157 Posted: Thu Jan 21 13:07:06 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Fogerty

Saw Fogerty live at the Today Show Summer Concert series here
in New York City at Rockefeller Center. He can still rock
with the best of them live! :0)

Message: 4156 Posted: Thu Jan 21 12:50:14 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Foggerty

I saw John Foggerty at Saratoga last summer and he played all the lead. Sometimes watching it on TV is not as good as watching it in concert. I thought it was one of the best concerts I saw last year. Like America, its good to see these guys still making music.

Message: 4155 Posted: Thu Jan 21 12:41:50 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: My Problem With Hot Town

Enjoyed that Mark......what about targeting the Rock stations with Hot Town....what the heck Oxygen...go for the gusto

Message: 4154 Posted: Thu Jan 21 12:37:52 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Hot Town

and that you have a right too, but you obviouly arn't appreciating the diversity in Dewey's my opinion.

Message: 4153 Posted: Thu Jan 21 11:54:08 1999 By: Ike
Subject: Foggerty on Leno

I'd have to aggree with your assesment of Foggerty,,but just a little trivia on the matter. The guitar player to Foggerty's stage left (our right)(usually W\hat and sunglasses) is none other that Mike Canipe (Pipes). He is the vocalist for Michael Wood's band "The Flying Crowbars" (laguna B. Area) when he and "Pipes" are not out with their respective groups. Additionally,,their drummer, Phil Jones,,is Joe Walsh's drummer when Joe's not out with The Eagles. Small world.

When Foggerty was looking for a rythem guitar player about a year and half ago,,he came and tried to hire Wood-z. Wood-z didn't want to leave "America" so suggested "Pipes". Foggerty hired him and there it is.

Message: 4152 Posted: Thu Jan 21 08:35:36 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Lancaster, PA Concert/Info

America concert at Lancaster, PA on March 6, 1999 Sat/8P.
Tickets are $45.40 and $35.00. Seats about 1600 people.
Tickets are still available. Phone # is 717-397-7700.

Message: 4151 Posted: Thu Jan 21 08:05:24 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Rick/Barb

I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts. It is very sad to see you go. I hope you guys will still be checking in on all of here at this site from time to time. Take Care and THANKS AGAIN.....Maureen

Message: 4150 Posted: Thu Jan 21 08:03:06 1999 By: MAUREEN
Subject: FOR JOHN.....VGG


Message: 4149 Posted: Thu Jan 21 07:34:39 1999 By: janice
Subject: Fogerty on Leno

Did anyone happen to catch John Fogerty on Leno a couple of nights ago? Don't get me wrong..Credence was always been a favorite of mine also; however, he sang one song.."Bayou" original band members..and I personally was not a bit impressed..couldn't help but think..hmmmm...well you know..

Message: 4148 Posted: Thu Jan 21 06:19:32 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: For KD@OR

Will you be with America for their concert at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall here in Fort Myers, Florida March 18? My wife Anne and I will be there. I was thinking if you were, it would be great to meet you. If you get a chance, let me know.


Message: 4147 Posted: Thu Jan 21 05:57:29 1999 By: john
Subject: van go gan

I am after the cd van go gan. If anyone can help, please e-mail any information. This is my only avenue left, after eighteen months of looking. Thanks.

Message: 4146 Posted: Wed Jan 20 23:51:27 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Next single?

I agree...I think Wheels would be a fantastic single. I hear it once, and I'm singing it for two days. That's definitely a good thing!


Message: 4145 Posted: Wed Jan 20 22:47:17 1999 By: Pounder
Subject: Next single?

Every time I listen to Human Nature I think Wheels is a sure HIT. I love World Alone, Whispering & Oloololo but, I don't think these songs would be considered as hit material. Same thing with Town&Country, the hits that I see are Pages, Wed. Morn, M2M and of course Wheels. If there was a chance to release Overwhelming & Come Back and leave out Barstow that would be interesting. The reason Hidden Talent could be considered for a release is that Carl sings backup. As long as they play the songs in concerts that would have the greatest chances, I have to believe everything will be work out. Looking back to the King Biscuit Live cd there's four songs from View which was released in 7/82 [encore notes] and the live show was done in 9/82. Chances are if Human Nature would have been released a couple months earlier, we would not be second-guessing ourselves as much [myself included] as to this song or that song. Anyway thats some of my thoughts still I would like to see Wheels be giving a look. With lyrics like: "the heat waves a wavin'", "black crow with an indigo glow" & other passages this would make an excellent video.

Message: 4144 Posted: Wed Jan 20 20:58:45 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: ...a tough choice

...the choice for the next single is a tough top choices include wednesday morning, moment to moment, wheels and whispering. That covers 1/3 of the album...what do you guys think of World Alone as a single ? It has a top 40 oldies sound, if I was oxygen I just might give it a shot.

Message: 4143 Posted: Wed Jan 20 20:24:43 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: my oars in...

Mitch, I totally agree with you on "Moment to Moment", "Wheels" and the Beach Boys link. I'm listening to "God Only Knows" right now. Carl was great. Listen to the "Come Back" section of "Overwhelming World Suite" to here former Beach Boy Jeffery Foskett. Fine work. If you have'nt done so already you should check out Jeff Larson's CD "Watercolor Sky". It has a great Gerry Beckly tune on it and has a great America, Beach Boys feel. Surf's Up, even in Nebraska.

Message: 4142 Posted: Wed Jan 20 18:44:44 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Hot Town're not alone
I heartily concur.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 4141 Posted: Wed Jan 20 18:29:35 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Welcome To Dallas, Shayne

Dallas is guaranteed to make you miss Los Angeles, Shayne!!!!

Message: 4140 Posted: Wed Jan 20 18:28:10 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Welcome To Dallas, Shayne

Dallas is guaranteed to make you miss Los Angeles, Shayne!!!!

Message: 4139 Posted: Wed Jan 20 18:17:19 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Welcome To Dallas, Shayne

Welcome to Dallas, Shayne. Coming from Chicago, you'll love the winters. Today it was 75. I came from a small town right outside of Chicago called Indianapolis. I sure don't miss the snow and freezing rain and slush and sleet and having my boogers freeze when it's 35 below zero.

This summer, though, after 100 days in a row of 100 degree temperatures, you may be longing for that Chicago weather. But, don't fret. While, it may be 110 degrees, it's a wet heat.


Message: 4138 Posted: Wed Jan 20 17:13:16 1999 By: janice
Subject: Ok. Ok.

Thanks for the forum on Hot Town..It was interesting to hear people's opinions about it..Kevin, I am still smiling about your "Dewey Lite" it :) Anyway,there are many great songs on the CD, which makes it difficult to choose..If Moment to Moment or Pages made it I would be just as pleased. Shayne..get that promo started.."Listen to them again for the first time.."

Message: 4137 Posted: Wed Jan 20 16:58:35 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: my oars in...

Hope you also get HOURGLASS, American Gramaphone is still selling this last CD b/4 HUMAN NATURE. It is tremendous alongside HUMAN NATURE.

Message: 4136 Posted: Wed Jan 20 16:19:38 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: my oars in...

My wife and I "rediscovered" America when we attended a concert at
a county fair here in the middle of Nebraska. One of my favorite albums of all time is America's first and "View..." so I had to see
them live. I was aprehensive that they might "blow off" this small
rural venue with an obligatory quickie show but WOW..they not only
played the hits but the sweet album cuts I've come to love. Frankly
I wasnt sure how well they would draw but the 3,000 seat venue was
mostly filled and it was a wonderful evening of great music for my
wife and I. Since then I have purchased their latest, "Human Nature".
Again I was apprehensive about whether this would be just a formula
re-hash (which considering the America formula, aint too bad)I was
so pleasantly suprised!! With each listen it has gotten even better.
My favorite cuts would be tough to pick...maybe "moment to moment",
"Wheels". Since I am somewhat of a Beach Boy enthusiast I really
appreciated one of Carl Wilson's last studio contributions.Beyond
that I sense this album is almost a tribute to both him and the Boys,
a couple of the cuts sound like they would be right at home on "Sunflower". My honest opinion... "Hot Town" is the weakest cut.Sure,
it sounds good, and it rocks..but it sounds like an obligatory "you
know we really can rock" cut.It just doesnt connect with me emotionally like the other cuts.I'm so glad I have re-discovered
America...and Human Nature is a great album....creative, even
innovative (that last "african" feel cut is beautiful while exotic),
while still retaining that sweet America sound.Love this site and
would love fellow America fans comments direct to me at

Message: 4135 Posted: Wed Jan 20 15:52:31 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Hot Town

I loved Green Monkey. I loved Company. And Don't Let It Get You Down. And Are You There. And Hangover. And Valentine. And especially Even The Score and Greenhouse and Falling Off The World and Hell's On Fire. They were all great Dewey hard-edged smoking songs. But when it comes to Hot Town, I must be alone in my assessment (as I usually am, it seems). To me, it's Dewey Lite. Everything I've always wanted in a Dewey rock song, but less filling.

My opinion.


Message: 4134 Posted: Wed Jan 20 15:30:13 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: My Problem With Hot Town

I think comparing Hot Town to Woman Tonight, or Slow Down is unfair. Those were disco influenced pop songs. It also doesn't belong in the same category as Perspective's techno pop. Hot Town is more a straight rock song. No experimenting, just good old rock and roll. It is in a similar mold as other America rock songs like Valentine (which is my personal favorite America rocker), In The Country, or Now She's Gone. I like Hot Town, I think they should add it to their play list. I bet it would sound great live and really get the crowd rolling. But I'm not sure it would do well as a single, since America and Oxygen are targeting the AC stations to get back on the air. I don't think Hot Town would do well in the AC market. Best bet is Wednesday Morning, followed by Wheels Are Turning!

Message: 4133 Posted: Wed Jan 20 15:04:19 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Next Single...

The 3rd single is a difficult choice. My vote is for a Double "A" Sided single with "Whispering" and "Wheels Are Turning" together! I want to add an interesting comment. I have "Human Nature" playing in my car all the time; whenever there are passengers in my Malibu, the never fail to believe that "Overwhelming World" is AMERICA. In fact, they either want to hear it again or they go out and buy the CD and/or the cassette so they can have it in their car. The "Come Back" portion of the song really moves people. Even my Mom went out and purchased the tape for her car! Pretty cool. HUH? But I must mention that it was because of the shock that "Overwhelming World" is so impressive that it garners attention from the musically aware crowd! So my WISH (Like Maureen's) would be to see "Overwhelming World" get some attention! Hey, it happened to "American Pie"- it could happen to...well, you get my point! See Ya..TeeTee

Message: 4132 Posted: Wed Jan 20 15:03:16 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: My Problem With Hot Town

My problem with releasing Hot Town is this: Whenever the band "deviated from the norm", it was a disaster. Case in point would be "Woman Tonight", "Slow Down", "Cast The Spirit" and of course, the entire "Perspective" LP.

We musn't lose faith in what "the norm" is. Granted "FAMT" did not tear up the charts, but it was a start. To deviate now would only prove fatal to their future chart success.

My point further is this: We are not dealing with a group of early 20 singers and teen idols. America's chart success is going to greatly depend on the "nostalgia" principle. You remember the hits of the '70's, now listen to them again (I can see the promo..."America - listen to them for the first time all over again"). Therefore, straying from what has been tried and true would be a mistake. So, in is my humble opinion (and that's all it is) that Oxygen release "Wednesday Morning" followed by "Whispering" (if "WM" takes off) or "Pages" (if "WM" flops).


P.S. It's official. We are moving back to Dallas in March. Chicago is cool (well, cold actually), but it ain't Texas (right, KevinS?).

Message: 4131 Posted: Wed Jan 20 14:15:37 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Next Single

All the songs are great, I just think Pages sounds like some of the old America and the new.

Message: 4130 Posted: Wed Jan 20 13:37:48 1999 By: JL
Subject: 3rd single

Have to say the Wheels get my vote although I'd to see what Hot Town could do. Different, lively. Hmmmm.

Message: 4129 Posted: Wed Jan 20 13:28:27 1999 By: janice
Subject: next single...

I know I am alone with this..except for people that I have listened to the CD with..(which includes my two oldest teen-aged music playing, music listening, music BUYING sons..Hot Town is a break from the stands gets your attention..yes, it's different from the other songs..the other songs are great..Moving Train is great..but it not get the attention we all wanted it to get..try something different..Hot Town gets you moving..(or least in the mood to move)..There. I'm done. Thank you very much.

Message: 4128 Posted: Wed Jan 20 11:46:28 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: JL And Wife's 530 Mile Trip

JL, travelling 530 miles to see AMERICA in concert is incredible. It's truly evidence of your love for Dewey and Gerry's music. It makes my 310-320 mile trip a drive to the park in comparison. I don't think too many others can top that.

Message: 4127 Posted: Wed Jan 20 11:05:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Musings

Janice- yes I know Torrance, so I still think Sherrif John was a local act.
"Rainy Day House" was written for the late B. Mitchell Reed, not Jim Ladd who is still a driving force in Los Angeles radio.
The next single? Wheels are Turning or Pages. (Hey, when they do the video for Pages, I know the perfect place, "my" library has a room with Ivanhoe murals ( real cool, old style) Waddaya think?

Message: 4126 Posted: Wed Jan 20 10:45:08 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Name The Third Release

PAGES would be my choice for third single.

Message: 4125 Posted: Wed Jan 20 10:09:55 1999 By: JL
Subject: thanks

Thanks Ric for the great sites. I can probably speak for many us saying that your energies and dedication to the band brought many of us who thought we were the only true fans left out there together. I remember how excited I was when, about 4 years ago, on my first time on the internet doing a search for America just for fun. Had no idea I would anything. And there was your site. It will surely be missed.


Message: 4124 Posted: Wed Jan 20 10:07:51 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Third Single

Okay, Johnny, I'll play along with your game (and in anticipation of your next one):

3rd single: "Whispering"
4th single: "Oloololo"
5th single: "Wheels Are Turning"
6th single: "Barstow"
7th single: "Come Back"
8th single: "World Alone."
9th single: "Pages"
10th single: "Overwheming World"
11th single: "Moment to Moment"
12th single: Re-release the second single, "Wednesday Morning"
13th single: Re-release "From A Moving Train"
14th through 24th single: Live versions of 3rd through 13th singles
25th single: "Town & Country"
26th single: "Hidden Talent"

Well, that's my list. It may not happen exactly this way, though. I think I read somewhere that Oxygen records was not planning on releasing 26 singles from this album.


Message: 4123 Posted: Wed Jan 20 09:24:03 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Third Single

If "WM" does well then I'd like to see "Whispering" released. If it doesn't, I'd go with "Pages".

Message: 4122 Posted: Wed Jan 20 08:29:50 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Third Single

Assuming Wednesday Morning is the next release, the third release should be Wheels Are Turning.

Message: 4121 Posted: Wed Jan 20 08:17:11 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Thank You To...

Thanks to all for your hardwork, dedication and enthusiasm
with the website, newsletters, pictures, etc... We really appreciated
what you have done for us fans...Keep the spirit of America ALIVE!!! Rick, I know you keep in touch Dan every once in a while.
But thanks to you, available to us fans were the Peace CDs.
Please keep us updated if Dan releases anymore material.
Thanks again everyone for your tireless efforts. :0) hl

Message: 4120 Posted: Wed Jan 20 08:06:37 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Third Release

My Wish List:
Overwhelming World Suite, hay, its my list !!

Message: 4119 Posted: Wed Jan 20 07:31:13 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Name The Third Release


Message: 4118 Posted: Wed Jan 20 07:24:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Name The Third Release

Let's assume that "Wednesday Morning" is the next single to be released since the recent song tourney showed "WM" with 60 votes and "M2M" with 16 (hint, hint to Oxygen President Ship). Just for fun, what song would you like to have as the third release? I'll keep a tally and will give the results in a couple of days.

Message: 4117 Posted: Wed Jan 20 07:12:25 1999 By: janice
Subject: Adrian..

I remember the maniacal postings to which you refer..I could not believe the disparaging comments, and it was very disheartening. As long as I have been aware of these pages, Barb stands out as being a loyal and enthusiastic fan who is held in very high esteem by the band and by any fans who come to know her. She has worked tirelessly, along with Rick and I sincerely hope that she realizes how much her efforts are appreciated also.

Message: 4116 Posted: Wed Jan 20 07:09:24 1999 By: jessica
Subject: Happy B-day, Dewey!

I'm a little late but here goes anyway:

Happy Birthday, Dewey!

All things wonderful, fun and happy for you this year. Thanks for the beautiful music. God bless you and your family always.

greetings from Manila,

Message: 4115 Posted: Wed Jan 20 05:04:05 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: The End Of An Era

Just wanted to add my kudos to Rick for the incredible job on the site. There's no doubt that he made the America site one of the best and most thorough on the Internet. And I join everyone else in saying we'll miss his work.

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 4114 Posted: Wed Jan 20 03:12:30 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: A job well done

Hello everyone,Many happy returns to Dewey Bunnell the Salvador Dali of the music world. May I say how bitterly disapointed I am that Rick has decided to throw in the towel,I did note some rather odd postings also attacking Barb Bickmore,when I had'nt access to a computer a friend used to keep me up to date with the America Express which I would read and re-read many times over. Also what an amazing job Karen is doing,Human Nature is the album to do it for them,perhaps Wheels are Turning or Pages may get a look in after choice of second single.

Message: 4113 Posted: Tue Jan 19 23:26:59 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Job well done

Hey Rick, I just wanted to say what a wonderful website you had, & that it will be sorely missed, hell, it's like saying goodbye to an old friend, I wish nothing but the best for you! Take Care! Yours in Peace, EDDY

Message: 4112 Posted: Tue Jan 19 22:31:29 1999 By: A. Jacks
Subject: Re: Job well done

Well an obvious thought comes to mind... what happens when the human nature time has passed? This will come at some point - who will support the site? All these sites came to be at a time between recent periods of activity (hourglass - human nature)... we will most likely be there again. So it's a little disturbing. Like losing a root. Basically what would happen if american gramaphone held this site... think about it. Didn't Steve almost lose it once before being helped by Oxygen?

Message: 4111 Posted: Tue Jan 19 21:35:19 1999 By: janice
Subject: re: Hey Robyn..

San Fernando you know where Torrance is..that's where I grew up..West High grad..also lived in Hermosa, Manhattan Beach and most recently before I moved from Calif,Anaheim Hills. Mom, Dad and brother still out there so visit frequently!

Message: 4110 Posted: Tue Jan 19 21:35:05 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Re: more newspaper coverage

The LEAD OFF article in the Public Eye section (celeb gossip column) in the San Diego Union Tribune today says, "This shouldn't come as a surprise, but the band America played "Ventura Highway" at Jesse "The Govenor" Ventura's inagural bash Saturday night."
Did you see it, mB, or don't starving college musicians get the paper?
Health Guru, you're not on your way to revealing your identity, are you? ShariL <><

Message: 4109 Posted: Tue Jan 19 21:02:28 1999 By: georgieg19
Subject: From one 19 to another....

Dewey, all the very best to you. See you at Mohegan Sun!!!!

Message: 4108 Posted: Tue Jan 19 20:59:51 1999 By: HealthGuru
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour '99.


bend with like the bamboo, and use your enemies to your advantage.


Message: 4107 Posted: Tue Jan 19 20:45:30 1999 By: janice
Subject: end of an era..(sigh)....

Thank you so much Steve for sharing, both about Rick and the "enemy"

Rick..if you read this, let me tell you that for the short time that I have been a part of the "page", I have been very impressed..not only with the content and available links, but with the overall feeling that you truly care..about the band, as well as their fans. You have answered each question with insight and thoughtfulness, and you have been the friend that I have never met. Thank you for everything..because of you I feel a real connection with a band I grew up's one thing to hear about your favorite musicians but quite another to feel that they hear us..they know we're out here..written words without faces many times, but they know we care about their music and about them. Thank you for that..and to coin a phrase that many of us have seen "All the best".

Message: 4106 Posted: Tue Jan 19 20:30:06 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Job well done

I'll second that! Kudos to Rick. The America page was how I found out the band was still together and touring. And, of course, I found all of you great fans out there. Thanks so much, Rick!

Message: 4105 Posted: Tue Jan 19 20:14:02 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Job well done

Rick, thanks for all that you have done for the many America fans out there. I'm sure there were a lot of fans that thought they were the only ones. Your work has been greatly appreciated. Job well done.

Message: 4104 Posted: Tue Jan 19 19:23:36 1999 By: SteveL
Subject: The End Of An Era

Just got a couple of e-mails from fellow chatters about accessing Rick's site..what is this about an "enemy within"? Steve do you know?

Janice, I wanted to hold off making this post until I had some more details, but it looks like it may be a while before any of us know what's going on with Rick's web sites. According to YngMoon's earlier post, Rick is not going to maintain the Horsewithnoname and America web sites anymore. To say it's the end of an era is an understatement. Ike Gauley and Rick Wahlgren were instrumental in getting me involved with the electronic side of America (referring to the Internet, not their music) and I think that Rick has put more blood, sweat, and tears into his web sites than anyone will ever know. He deserves a lot of credit and I, for one, will be sorry to see the web sites go. Even though I've never met Rick personally, I've always considered him a friend and hope that our friendship will continue.

As for "the enemy within". Several times last year a somewhat anonymous poster on America's AOL chat folder made some very scathing remarks about the band and their talent. His AOL screen name was "EnemyWithin". Then he started attacking some of the other people who posted rebukes. In the end he said that he was just testing the America fans to see how they would respond but he really wasn't very welcome on the folder.

Message: 4103 Posted: Tue Jan 19 19:01:27 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: battle of the Jims - Robyn

Jim Ladd was sort of a legend in radio circles. As I recall, Joni Mitchell wrote "Rainy Night House" about him. I could be wrong. Can anyone clarify?

Message: 4102 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:56:12 1999 By: laura
Subject: battle of the Jims - Robyn

like I said, my tape wasn't all that clear at times & Jim was the guy involved that I was least interested in paying attention to -- but you're probably very right.

Message: 4101 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:51:03 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: remember this?

Could the interviewer have been the legendary Jim LADD? Jim Lange was the guy who hosted the Dating Game. Ladd was working for the late lamented KMET (memorialized in the cult classis FM) and I believe was doing a program called Innerview for sydication at that time. Where the interview tapes are now becomes a sad twisted tale of LA radio. They were bought by KLSX before they went to the all talk format. The stuff SHOULD be in the radio hall of fame (IMHO) I remember ( well, sort of remember- the 70's are a little hazy) listening to Ladd around that time.

Message: 4100 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:48:45 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: remember this?

I remember! Mainly because the radio we had didn't pick up the station without a lot of static. I ended up sitting in my car in the carport of my apartment building listening.

Message: 4099 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:46:46 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Hey Robyn..

I am from the beautiful San Fernando Valley ( Bill Murray calls it that in Ghostbusters 2, I just LOVE THAT!) So I could be right about Sherrif John, if you grew up here in L.A. LOVED Captain Kangaroo, the Grandfather Clock, Pink jeans and Blue jeans-- now MY age is showing!

Message: 4098 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:40:33 1999 By: janice
Subject: Hey Robyn..

"Hey"'s a southern thing..they say "hey" here instead of "hi"..(I actually think they are saying "HI"..but it comes out "Hieeeee"..sounding like "HI"..(enough Atlanta bashing)..actully Robyn, I'm from LA..transferred out here with my job..was heading towards Jackson Hole..and kinda detoured..gonna go back in 8 years (but who is counting??) Ready for my log cabin and open in these high heels for hiking boots..and no Johnny..I don't have a convertible..anyway..grew up with Sheriff John and Captain Kangaroo..Mr. Green Jeans..showing my age??? And You...where are u from?? and the rest of ya'll??? where are ya'll?? :)

Message: 4097 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:30:42 1999 By: laura
Subject: remember this?

Does anyone recall hearing a radio interview or "InnerView" as I think the series was called, approx. 60 min. long (with the ads & song clips) that was aired summer of '76, but actually recorded autumn 1975? I'm preoccupied w/ it today & in mourning --- I had taped it off the radio that many moons ago - really poor quality too & especially by today's standards. Anyways, I listened to it a couple times last night, for the first time in several years. Great fun!! Then I had the boneheaded idea I'd make a copy of it for a friend - should have stayed selfish - tape didn't take & now the original won't play either. ANYWAY, it was really a great listen - individual interviews with ea. of the 3, then a couple nearly unintelligigle but very lively sessions w/ all 3 talking at once. They were in very good spirits w/ probably Gerry taking it the most seriously, Dan & (in his words, not mine)incoherent, Dewey very playful. Now, in honour of Dew's birthday (hope he's enjoying it mightily), this is one of my favourite little bits:
Dewey's asked to describe his 2 partners & he speaks of Dan being very sensitive & then of Gerry being a meticulous Virgo & something about Gerry always after a good time. Then... "that animal. I'm married,"...(long pause)..."so I'm bitter." (HUGE explosion of background laughter)"No, I have a beautiful wife Vivien." Interviewer (Jim Lange I think was his name):"Sure do!"
Very, very cute -- the whole thing's great fun like I said.
Does anyone know of which I speak???

Message: 4096 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:11:13 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: clarification

Please let me add this--just because I'm a "former" dj doesn't mean my opinion is any better than anyone else's! I do want to get that across. 'Kay?

Message: 4095 Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:01:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Happy Birthday and other thoughts

Many Happy Returns of the day. Dewey! Thanks for years of great music that touches our hearts as well as our minds.

Hey Janice, where are you from? I always though Sherrif John was a local thing ( sort of like Engineer Bill, but then you would have to be as old as I am to get that reference!)

Message: 4094 Posted: Tue Jan 19 17:47:31 1999 By: janice
Subject: Thanks, Yng Moon!

That's 2 votes for Hot Town!..(but who's counting those either?) Just got a couple of e-mails from fellow chatters about accessing Rick's site..what is this about an "enemy within"? Steve do you know?

Message: 4093 Posted: Tue Jan 19 17:37:54 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Dewey

Tom T..nice song..! Anybody remember Sheriff John and his "Put another candle on your birthday cake"?..come on...raise your hands...higher.....:)Anyway, Dewey..slap another candle on there! (we won't count!)

Message: 4092 Posted: Tue Jan 19 17:23:11 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: single thoughts

Since we've been debating which cut should be the next single, let me throw in a few thoughts, as a former dj. Most singles need a catchy hook to be popular. The chorus in Wednesday Morning is perfect. But let's say Moment To Moment is chosen. Although a great song, not as catchy. But further, if Moment To Moment is chosen and it flops, many program directors won't take the time to listen to whatever is released as a third single, be it Wed Morn or , say Hidden Talent.
Therefore, it's crucial that the new single be the perfect set-up for the third single. And although I like Hidden Talent, to me, it's not
"traditional" America. (Apologies to those who like, say Ports of Call, or others of that type. And this not to say that America cannot put out contemporary uptempo, progressive tunes-they've proved it and their music certainly holds up and has held up).However,it's an old radio cliche-you're only as good as your last single. A major dilemna-after FOMT, let's say you release two more uptempo singles, then presumably no ballad would be released as a single, unless you went with four single releases.Do the fans want a ballad released, or would they be happy with 3 faster tunes? I'm sure the wonderful folks at Oxygen are planning ahead. Personally, I'd let Wed Morn set up Hidden Talent, because I feel Wed. Morn is a bonifide hit. Comments?

Message: 4091 Posted: Tue Jan 19 17:09:39 1999 By: TerryT

For all you DEW, this fan's for YOU!!!
What a party if we all got together...
Dewey, I'm wishing you many more years of unsurpassed writin' and rockin'.
Birthday Partying with my Daisy Jane any minute...Lots of good music, thanks to America.
Awesome song, Shayne...Thanks for the plug, Johnny...The Wheels are Turning, Karen.
Fingers are crossed.

Message: 4090 Posted: Tue Jan 19 16:46:19 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: Happy BD Dewey

Dewey, Happy Birthday. It was a pleasure getting to meet you 2 times this year. I hope to see you guys when you circle around KC in late May. God Bless, Mark...

Message: 4089 Posted: Tue Jan 19 14:43:28 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Dewey

Sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday"...of course......."Happy Birthday to Dew, Happy Birthday to Dew, We Love "Human Nature" and we all Love YOU!" ...I know it's corny, but I had to get it off my chest! Best wishes to you for a Happy, Healthy & Successful Year ahead! God Bless You & Thanks for the Toons! TeeTee

Message: 4088 Posted: Tue Jan 19 14:30:52 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: VH-1

Hey Everybody! On today's VH-1's "Music News" they did a quick report on Jesse Ventura's inauguration. They showed Governor Ventura looking, splendid in a feather boa and a funny hat singing with Warren Zevon. Uh, I guess you knew that..but the point I'm here to make is that they showed a glimpse of our Favorite Band ("Veteran Rockers"-VH-1's quote, not mine) AMERICA! It was truly great to see Dewey, Gerry & the Guys on VH-1! They looked really superb! I just wanted to pass that news on to all my Friends here! Hope all is well! See Ya....TeeTee

Message: 4087 Posted: Tue Jan 19 14:06:51 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To Jane (Girlfriend of TerryT's)

Jane, Happy Birthday! In a previous post to Shayne Z., I had you married to TerryT. I hope you're having a great day!

Message: 4086 Posted: Tue Jan 19 14:03:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another Candle On The Cake For Dewey

Dewey...Happy, happy birthday! We met in Albuquerque at the Garduno's Chile Fest in the tent behind the stage this past October. You so graciously signed my "Silent Letter" album cover after asking me my name. It was so very nice of you to even ask. You also said, "I hope we meet your expectations." Believe me, you all did, far beyond what I was hoping for. Best wishes always and many, many more happy ones to come!

Message: 4085 Posted: Tue Jan 19 13:17:56 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Hey Dewey... One More Time!

Hey Dewey,
Happy birthday. Another year for you to celebrate. Thanks for all of the terrific music you've provided for more than a quarter of a century. By the way... I will get to see you and Gerry here in Fort Myers, Florida this March. Keep knockin' 'em dead and stay well.

Message: 4084 Posted: Tue Jan 19 13:13:38 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: America

Message: 4083 Posted: Tue Jan 19 12:37:27 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: A Birthday Song

Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Dewey
Happy Birthday to you.

See - I really do sound like Dan! I even had the harmony down right.


Message: 4082 Posted: Tue Jan 19 12:34:26 1999 By: Rob
Subject: Happy B-Day!

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Dewey!

Enjoyed seeing you at Tower in NYC. And thanks again for the Human Nature interview last year by phone. I wish you much peace and happiness in 1999.


(see you in Providence or at Mohegan Sun)

Message: 4081 Posted: Tue Jan 19 12:15:38 1999 By: Joanne M
Subject: Happy Birthday and "three roses"to you

Happy,Healthy Birthday.Good luck with Human Nature and all tour dates.Best of everything from Long Island. God Bless. Joanne and Ken Meyers

Message: 4080 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:53:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: ' W ' And The Next Release

Whatever song is selected as the next release from "Human Nature", there is a 64 percent chance that it will have the letter 'W' in its title (for what it's worth...not much).

Message: 4079 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:38:20 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: More on Ventura's Highway

Just alittle tidbit from today's MESABA DAILY NEWS: '99 Legislature: VENTURA HIGHWAY IDEA SPEEDS UP, LAWMAKERS WANT ROAD NAMED FOR JESSE: I'll just get to the good part- "Ventura Highway" is the name of a 1972 hit by the group AMERICA, and it appears on at least one Reform Party Website. The band played the song at Ventura's inaugural bash Saturday night................Here in Minnesota, If you didn't know who "AMERICA" was before, well, you do now! Great exposure for the band! whoever thought of this, GREAT JOB!!!!!! Later...........

Message: 4078 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:27:56 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: inauguration/trivia question


Message: 4077 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:24:39 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: EnemyWithin

Kevin, you don't want to know!
It was someone who caused MAJOR trouble on
the AOL America chat folder. HL

Message: 4076 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:17:56 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: ?

Karen: What does "ememy within" mean?

Message: 4075 Posted: Tue Jan 19 11:01:32 1999 By: David M
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 - What, NO Europe????


Many thanks - one minor issue - hopefully it will not occur week commencing 23rd March thru 9th April - we are on vacation in Florida (Clearwater) and New York

Message: 4074 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:59:03 1999 By: Jennifer
Subject: Happy B-Day!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y D E W E Y !

I hope you're having a great day. I'm really looking forward to your shows in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin next month!

Message: 4073 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:58:31 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: End of an Era?

Why? What happened? I gotta start going to more meetings.


Message: 4072 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:56:55 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: next single ?

If there is a next single put my humble opinion, I suggest "HOT TOWN"'s a very catchy toon, and a real 90's song. I think it would get great air play !!

Message: 4071 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:51:29 1999 By: janice
Subject: Birthday Boy!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Message: 4070 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:48:04 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Whats up with Rick Wahlgrens site?

end of a precious era.....sorry to say

Message: 4069 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:19:09 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Jan. 19

Happy Birthday, Dewey.
God bless you. ShariL <><

Message: 4068 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:13:23 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: January 19th

"Happy Birthday" Dewey.......hope your special day is a good one !!

Message: 4067 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:10:42 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: Whats up with Rick Wahlgrens site?

Oops. What I meant was Horsewithnoname site did the same thing. Not Steve's page. Sorry Steve.

Message: 4066 Posted: Tue Jan 19 10:08:30 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: Whats up with Rick Wahlgrens site?

I'm got the same thing with Steve Lowry's America Fan Page. Thought it was just my techno-peasantness.

Message: 4065 Posted: Tue Jan 19 09:46:55 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 - What, NO Europe????

Actually, Europe is a possibility for March. You'll see it here first.


Message: 4064 Posted: Tue Jan 19 09:45:40 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour '99.

My guess is enemywithin had somerthing to do with it!


Message: 4063 Posted: Tue Jan 19 09:42:12 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: LBR

A Live By Request decision should be made this week.

Fingers crossed.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

And thanks to everyone who posted a request at the A&E site!

Message: 4062 Posted: Tue Jan 19 09:17:41 1999 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Dewey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEWEY!!! Thanks for continuing to tour and giving us all that great music!!!

Message: 4061 Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:57:46 1999 By: Rich
Subject: Re: Human Nature Tour '99.

Maybe it was those fans' way of having this happen... The other approach has gone on for years.

Message: 4060 Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:55:16 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Whats up with Rick Wahlgrens site?

Has anybody tried logging on to Ricks site? Seems like everything is
"indexed" and makes it pretty tough trying to find what you want. Anybody have any comments as to whats going on? Others have
mentioned this to me too!

Message: 4059 Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:33:55 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Dewey. I hope all your wishes for the coming year come true.

Message: 4058 Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:26:22 1999 By: loaf
Subject: birthday honours

happy day Dewey.....hope you & yours are enjoying!

Message: 4057 Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:21:11 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Good Luck Joe B!

Bummer about WGN. Good luck Joe B on finding a new gig.

Message: 4056 Posted: Tue Jan 19 07:21:34 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Happy Birthday Dewey,

To Dewey,
Just wanted to take the time to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Keep up great work. Maureen & Bob

Message: 4055 Posted: Tue Jan 19 06:43:41 1999 By: Howard Lieboff


Message: 4054 Posted: Tue Jan 19 05:23:18 1999 By: David M
Subject: Human Nature '99 - What, NO Europe????

Disappointed that there appears to be no Europe Tour for 1999. Over the past six months expectation has been raised, with talk of a Europe Tour in late '98 or early '99.

Only one thing for it - I will have to ensure that my next visit to the US ties in with an America concert - you guys in the US don't know how lucky you are!!!!!!

Message: 4053 Posted: Tue Jan 19 00:21:39 1999 By: Curious Fan
Subject: Human Nature Tour '99.

Curious.A few weeks back when a lot of the chat here was hot & heavy & ofttimes nasty back & forth about fans wanting America to play more songs from Human Nature in concert.....why did so many people who came to the band's defense say then that the guys weren't able for one reason or another to play more songs from the album, & yet now we read they are PLANNING ON FLOATING OUT THREE MORE OF THE GEMS IN CONCERTT!!!!!What changed?Are promoters having a change in heart?Are America headlining more shows this year & thus have more time on stage?Have the guys just now gotten comfortable with the new stuff to play it?Did the record company Oxygen demand it?Is the band's management responding to the outcry on this website from the fans?This is NOT a negative critism.No, siree.This is just a curious fan who is delighted to discover more Human Nature will be showcased in concert & when I see them in February I might just hear Overwhelming World Suite live & I then could say I've lived a full life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curious.

Message: 4052 Posted: Mon Jan 18 23:57:54 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: America

Karen: I know there's the possibility that Oxygen might release another single from Human Nature, and it's between Wednesday Morning (the best) or Moment To Moment. I know the decision on which song to release hasn't been made yet. But can you tell us when the decision will be made as to whether Oxygen will indeed release another single?



Message: 4051 Posted: Mon Jan 18 22:23:40 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: LBR

Hi Karen,
I just went in and counted 51 requests for an America appearance on the Live By Request website. As I recall, there were over 40 requests when we did this before. Surely the powers that be have gotten the message. What happens next? Do you have any idea when a decision will be made?

Message: 4050 Posted: Mon Jan 18 22:08:43 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 Tour

Actually, Janice, I don't know the answer. It is, of course, completely up to the band and they are working on it right now.

Clueless. Sorry.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 4049 Posted: Mon Jan 18 22:07:59 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: a strong release

I totally agree with you on "Watercolor Sky". I ordered mine because of Gerry's "Anabelle" which is a great Beckly tune. I like every selection on that CD. The song "Touch of June" sounds like it was influenced by Beckly. "King of Summer" (Brian Wilson) is another great one from that CD. Jeff Foskett, friend of America lends his excellent vocals and also is a co producer. "Watercolor Sky" also got an outstanding review from the Beach Boys Endless Summer newsletter. I think it's cool that someone that was influenced by America, which I read in the Jeff Larson bio, is making really good music. It's nice that he gives America credit for that. I drove down the coast of California with that in my player. Very cool.

Message: 4048 Posted: Mon Jan 18 22:05:58 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: re:I know the songs

Guru - nice to hear from you again after a bit of an absence.
SO are these songs being performed NOW? I'm specifically wondering if I will hear that many new ones when I am at the front of the concert in Temecula on Feb. 26. I am also hoping (along with Virginia) to get a chance to visit our guys, maybe even go somewher for a coke after the show. (Not into the casino - too smokey!!!)
Like I've said several times before, they can't do Hot Town unless they have us great chick fans come up on stage and sing back up with them. ;) Shari <><

Message: 4047 Posted: Mon Jan 18 21:08:58 1999 By: C. Clark
Subject: a strong release

Having purchased the release after hearing of it on an America board, it was great to see Jeff Larson's "watercolor sky" picked as one of the Top-10 CD's according to a critic with Amplifier magazine. I'm a pop-nut, and although it is not power pop, it is pop with an obvious influence of america and the beach boys - a strong release. Got mine from Thoughtscape Sounds.

"Beautiful songcraft and an incredible voice in the tradition of The Beach Boys and America" John Holcomb, Amplifier Magazine

Message: 4046 Posted: Mon Jan 18 20:33:18 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: HN Promo

Yes Joe, there are a lot of creative ways to promote..and I have an idea that may have already been mentioned Atlanta there are lots of dinner houses that play soft rock..I love to make requests..and generally it leads to an entire medley of America songs and a plug for Human never ceases to amaze me how many people don't realize that they have never "gone away"!

Message: 4045 Posted: Mon Jan 18 20:18:59 1999 By: janice
Subject: re: "I know the songs"..

Yep..and well my guess is..HOT TOWN!! (wishful thinking..)..and welllllll....maybeeeeee Wheels and Wednesday Morning..are we close Guru?? (Would you even tell us if we were Guru??)

Message: 4044 Posted: Mon Jan 18 19:51:22 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: HN Promo

Hey You People,

Howard's recent post about HN's mention on the Beach Boys board reminded me of something we've always done here: support other musical folks like Kyle Vincent, Jeff Foskett, etc. Let's apply that rule to America. If you happen to wander onto another board (music or otherwise) make sure to give the new album a plug. Doesn't really matter who the artist is, it can only help.

Joe B
Joe Show R.I.P. (WGN has dumped music and also me, so I'm looking for a new job in '99. Any specific help regarding medium
or large market openings you may hear of is appreciated.)

Message: 4043 Posted: Mon Jan 18 19:35:10 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: "I know the songs"

Yes Janice, it would appear that El Guru enjoys teasing (or TORTURING) us. So why don't we entertain him by speculating on three songs from HN which we GUESS (cause no one will TELL us!) might be on the 1999 playlist. My own guesses would be "Wednesday Morning", "Wheels are Turning", and "Moment to Moment". Anyone else?

Message: 4042 Posted: Mon Jan 18 19:00:10 1999 By: janice
Subject: "I know the songs"

Virginia..did you pick up on that "nanner nanner" his voice?? Come on Guru....It's not healthy to keep secrets..

Message: 4041 Posted: Mon Jan 18 18:22:16 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Next cd

I think a Christmas cd is a Great Idea!!!!!! How about a Multi CD set of live performances.., America's best Songs Live!!!! I mean all that they have ever performed "LIVE" just a thought.

Message: 4040 Posted: Mon Jan 18 18:19:56 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Silent Letter

You've got it all wrong! SHARING is good for the soul.

Message: 4039 Posted: Mon Jan 18 17:44:36 1999 By: HealthGuru
Subject: Silent Letter

i know the songs... I know the songs... i know the songs

suspense is good for the soul.


Message: 4038 Posted: Mon Jan 18 17:43:29 1999 By: JL
Subject: miles and miles

A couple of days ago someone (Johnny?) asked how many miles we'd traveled to see America. Well, my wife and I travelled 530 miles each way just to see the guys. Went from Fort St. James (where, you ask? - remember if it starts with Fort it is hell and gone from anywhere you'd know) to Vancouver to see them at the old Commodore Ballroom. Great venue that, alas, is no more. Must have been '93. Well worth it. Had front row seats.

Great to hear about the rehearsals of more HN songs for the tour. Don't see any Pacific North West dates, yet. Hopefully they can make it up this way.

Message: 4037 Posted: Mon Jan 18 17:14:07 1999 By: janice
Subject: Human Nature '99 Tour

Come on Karen...which songs?????? (not to be pushy or in your face, of course) :)

Message: 4036 Posted: Mon Jan 18 16:29:26 1999 By: Marshall Smith
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 tour

Good news from Karen that more Human Nature songs will be played this year. From your note, at least five (maybe more?) will be performed. Which ones?
Johnny, I'm not from Albuquerque. Would still like to hear of Wheels are Turning performed there (a great favorite local song), and everywhere else on their '99 tour!

Message: 4035 Posted: Mon Jan 18 15:38:14 1999 By: Jeff
Subject: Re: Silent Letters

HI, I have only posted once before, I am one of the biggest America fans on the planet! I know how to play all their songs on piano and guitar, and sing all the vocal harmony parts. Wish I could sit in at one of the shows. America's been the biggest single influence on my music career these past decades. My son Corey is a big fan and has posted once or twice. I need a copy of Van Go Gan, and Heard, Can anyone help a fellow America fan out! I got a bootleg copy of the Hershey Park concert that a friend of mine gave me, I could trade you! Also, if anyone knows or has any info on these upcoming shows, Lancaster, PA, Friar Tucks, Catskll, NY, and St.Clairsville OH, please post it!

Message: 4034 Posted: Mon Jan 18 14:52:55 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Carl Wilson/News CD's Dedication

Came across this on the Beach Boys Fan Club website:

America's new album Human Nature features a track called "Hidden
Talent" with Carl Wilson and Robert Lamm (of Chicago) on background
vocals. The album is also dedicated to Carl.

Message: 4033 Posted: Mon Jan 18 14:44:03 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Silent Letters

This is a request for all of those shy (and maybe sometimes wise) Chat Folder readers to make yourselves known without being subject to anything and without having to state any opinions. You know who you are...some of you have been reading these posts silently for years! No obligation...just post a message that says, "Hi". That would be cool.

Message: 4032 Posted: Mon Jan 18 14:27:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Who's Jane

Shayne, Jane is Terry's wife.

Message: 4031 Posted: Mon Jan 18 14:03:15 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Terry T.

Who's Jane? Or did I miss another meeting?


Message: 4030 Posted: Mon Jan 18 13:49:31 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Ventura Minnesota

Ohmygosh...CNN's Showbiz Today just opened with a video clip of "Ventura Highway" by the Lads...all in the same half hour as the Minnesota highway story...just before the top of the hour. Jane's gonna kill me.

Message: 4029 Posted: Mon Jan 18 13:44:29 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Audio of Entire Ventura Celebration

Steve: I am having a great amount of difficulty downloading that event. I am being told that I am having audio server difficulties.

Were you able to view this?

Karen D.

Message: 4028 Posted: Mon Jan 18 13:28:28 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Ventura Highway

The proposal to rename a highway in Minnesota was mentioned on CNN just now (the end of the half hour on "regular" CNN, not CNN Headline). He said the proposal would need approval by blah blah blah, then said it was a reference to the song, "Ventura Highway", and then something to the effect of, "...a song we all remember". America wasn't mentioned...a testimony to the fact that so many people remember the songs, but not who dun 'em! Thought I'd let ya know. Sorry, Jane, I just HAD to write this.

Message: 4027 Posted: Mon Jan 18 11:18:29 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Chicago Sun-Times Article


Here's the URL:

If you can't get it, let me know and I'll mail you a hard copy. Or better yet, here is the article in it's entirety:

Politics as usual in Minnesota

January 18, 1999


MINNEAPOLIS--Inaugural balls are usually staid black-tie affairs, but
Jesse Ventura is not your usual governor: He showed up for his sporting
earrings, a do-rag, a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and a fringe buckskin
motorcycle jacket.

The guests didn't seem to mind. Many wore T-shirts boasting ``Our
governor can beat up your governor.''

In Minnesota, politics has put on a new look since the election of
Ventura, a former professional wrestler. A capacity crowd of 17,000
showed up at this city's Target Center on Saturday night for the country's
first real rock 'n' roll inaugural.

True, Bill Clinton boogied to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Soul
Asylum at his inaugural soiree. But like his sorry saxophone playing, it
seemed like forced frivolity. In contrast, Ventura is the bold and
belligerent embodiment of the rock 'n' roll spirit.

``For one night, the Body is back,'' Ventura barked at the start of
festivities, invoking his former wrestling nickname. Basking in the
spotlight, he gave admirers the heavy-metal fist salute.

Telecast on local TV, the show was an impeccably choreographed
whiz-bang rock concert complete with fireworks, video montages and
tons of confetti.

Billed as ``the People's Celebration,'' everyone--political contributors and
press included--paid to gain admission. At a mere $20 a ticket, it was a
better bargain and a more entertaining evening (in a very surreal way)
than the Rolling Stones' Bridges to Babylon tour.

Minneapolis' vaunted gospel choir Sounds of Blackness kicked things off
with ``Living in America'' and ``Power to the People.'' Soul Asylum leader
Dave Pirner smashed his guitar after an acoustic rendition of ``Black
Gold.'' And aging California folk rockers America flew in to reprise their
old hits ``Ventura Highway'' (get it?) and ``A Horse With No Name.''

The latter is a favorite of first lady Terry Ventura, who raises horses and
was decked out in black leather for the occasion. While America
performed, the giant video screens flashed a picture of the rear end of
one of Mrs. Ventura's steeds. The first lady sat atop the animal showing
off her own hindquarters in skin-tight jeans.

Honestly, Illinois: Can we imagine Gov. Ryan enjoying this sort of
spectacle, much less hosting it?

Ventura was in his element.

The gov hopped onstage to join Warren Zevon for his signature tune,
``Werewolves of London.'' Zevon played to the crowd, changing the
words to ``Werewolves of Minneapolis,'' but Ventura played it straight,
delivering the famous asides of the original.

When it came to the line, `` ... . and his hair was perfect,'' Ventura pulled
off his do-rag and displayed his shaved scalp.

The night's other ubiquitous T-shirt: a photo of the back of Ventura's skull
with the slogan ``Head of state.''

Eschewing talk of politics or policy, Ventura zipped through a short
speech, eager to get to the closing set by young blues prodigy Jonny
Lang. Said the Body: ``If this is any indication of what the next four years
will be like, we're going to have a hell of a good time. Rock on!''

Message: 4026 Posted: Mon Jan 18 11:06:43 1999 By: Connie
Subject: FAMT

Finally!!!! I finally heard FAMT somewhere other than my CD player! Heard it while shopping in Mervyn's. Nice surprise! Maybe that great song will finally catch on in Sacramento . . . maybe just in time for the new release.

Message: 4025 Posted: Mon Jan 18 10:54:34 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Chicago Sun-Times Article

Shayne: Is there more to that article? I'd like to get my hands on a copy.


Message: 4024 Posted: Mon Jan 18 10:49:23 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Kevin: Rap Is Next NOT!

Yes, Kevin, rap is next. I just heard AMERICA liked the idea. The next single from "Human Nature" will be "Hot Town" without the "t". It's "Ho Town". NOT!

Message: 4023 Posted: Mon Jan 18 09:39:24 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Minnesota's Favorite Band

Check out the following site:

Seems a "Ventura Highway" is possible.


Message: 4022 Posted: Mon Jan 18 09:03:01 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Chicago Sun-Times Article

Okay, who was it who said, "any publicity is GOOD publicity"? Aging rockers? I need to write them a letter.

Minneapolis' vaunted gospel choir Sounds of Blackness kicked things off with ``Living in America'' and ``Power to the People.'' Soul Asylum leader Dave Pirner smashed his guitar after an acoustic rendition of ``Black Gold.'' And aging California folk rockers America flew in to reprise their old hits ``Ventura Highway'' (get it?) and ``A Horse With No Name.''

The latter is a favorite of first lady Terry Ventura, who raises horses and was decked out in black leather for the occasion. While America performed, the giant video screens flashed a picture of the rear end of one of Mrs. Ventura's steeds. The first lady sat atop the animal showing off her own hindquarters in skin-tight jeans.

Message: 4021 Posted: Mon Jan 18 09:02:46 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 tour

Way to go! Sounds like they are getting ready to really get behind Human Nature and push it like it needs to be pushed!!!

Message: 4020 Posted: Mon Jan 18 01:02:51 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: next cd release

No, I said I think an America Christmas album is a good idea.

Message: 4019 Posted: Mon Jan 18 01:01:27 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: next cd release

No, I said I think an America Christmas album is a good idea.

Message: 4018 Posted: Mon Jan 18 00:55:13 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Stuff

Penny: Leno was via satellite!

The best laid plans...


Message: 4017 Posted: Mon Jan 18 00:50:44 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 tour

At least three new songs from Human Nature are currently being rehearsed. These songs will be in addition to Pages and From a Moving Train, already in the band's set.

And check out the upcoming Human Nature backdrops and CD and cassette sales at every America show.

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 4016 Posted: Sun Jan 17 22:32:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Revisited Updated

Great stuff John Corbett ! Wonderful material & glad you have brought all the bits & pieces together. Very interesting & enlightening. Great job !

Message: 4015 Posted: Sun Jan 17 22:31:46 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hot Town

Picture this:
Under the HOT lights, you're playing HOT TOWN, with DISTORTION guitar
chords, playing HOT leads...You're right, it's a guy thing!

Message: 4014 Posted: Sun Jan 17 22:03:25 1999 By: SteveL
Subject: America Revisited Updated

John Corbett has updated Part 1 and Part 2 of his comprehensive history of America entitled "America Revisited". Near the end of last year John had a long interview with Ian Samwell who, it turns out, was the one that actually discovered the band. To read about the discovery and other heretofore unknown tidbits about the band's early beginnings, be sure to read the updated sections. Those of you who haven't read "America Revisited", will want to read all of it.

Thanks John for such a great job!

Message: 4013 Posted: Sun Jan 17 21:05:14 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: next cd release

What's this...another CD release? Well, why not? I mean if my memory of liner notes serves me well, "Holiday" was recorded in the spring of '74 and "Hearts" was recorded in January of '75. And I think we all agree that those are two of America's finest efforts. So is a new CD by the end of the year THAT unrealistic? Heck, go in with Brad, Willie and Woodz do it live in the studio...with a few overdubs for sweetening. I'd LOVE that!!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 4012 Posted: Sun Jan 17 20:17:46 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: next cd release

On the chat box the other night, Karen said she is hoping for a Christmas release. That doesn't mean they're doing it, it meant that's what she'd like.
Doesn't it take quite a while to put a whole album (sorry, cd) together, so it December realistic if they haven't started recording yet? Somebody in the biz could clue us in to this. Shari <><

Message: 4011 Posted: Sun Jan 17 19:39:41 1999 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Puzzled?

Don't get me wrong... I , of course, checked out America at the Jesse Ventura inauguration as well. Still my favorite band because of the songs and feelings they provoke. Even though I wish for more depth and less novelty these days. I'm sure some of it is expected in order to push the CD (noticed Dewey's plug), but hell (can I say that?) If stuff like this gets them another CD with Oxygen or a box set someday, great! It just seems at times people go for anything.

Question: At what point do we know that another record will be released on Oxygen?

Message: 4010 Posted: Sun Jan 17 19:19:39 1999 By: janice
Subject: Dear John..(PhD)

Ahem..the sweet, sassy "in your face" person is wanting to reply..wait..let me get that fly off the wall...Oops..sorry Johnny!!
Love music, love to dance..(and Todd..I am a moldy oldie first concert was 1973 in Honolulu, a fact that Scotty will dispute even tho I have the pics)..even Willie didn't remember playing there in '73!! So for all the reasons Dr. John mentioned..yes, I love Hot if you'll excuse convertible is warming up in the driveway! and Penny..get over it! :)

Message: 4009 Posted: Sun Jan 17 18:34:39 1999 By: Cindy Commons
Subject: Re: AMERICA "VENTURA " Ball

yeah, right... uh...

Message: 4008 Posted: Sun Jan 17 17:41:17 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Puzzled?

Todd, why does the Ventura event make you "cringe"? I'm delighted for the guys. It's great exposure. I don't understand.

Kevin, it's Dewey and Gerry who are AMERICA. They wanted to release "Hidden Talent". I don't remember getting a postcard in the mail asking for my vote. Did everyone else but me?

Message: 4007 Posted: Sun Jan 17 17:28:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "You Did" Not "He"

Should have been: That's a fantastic job YOU did. Sorry.

Message: 4006 Posted: Sun Jan 17 17:26:02 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Ventura Celebration

Steve, That's a fantastic job he did providing us with the celebration. I'll have to have the sound installed but the video looked great. A wonderful job that you've done for us again! Thanks!!

Message: 4005 Posted: Sun Jan 17 16:19:47 1999 By: SteveL
Subject: Re: Missed it !!

Maureen, me, and everyone else who missed the Jesse Ventura party can see a Real Audio archive of the entire celebration. The entire thing lasts 1 hour 34 minutes and 24 seconds. America performs 41 minutes and 30 seconds into the program and plays for 9 minutes. They did a great job, as always!

Message: 4004 Posted: Sun Jan 17 15:43:03 1999 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: things

Kevin, Thanks for the comments on "hidden talent" - I would have to agree... Same with "Hot Town". Maybe it depends if you were an America fan from the 70's through the 80's - if you came to their music from he 80's you may lean towards "hot town" and the other... someone said it was like "half a man"... unfortunately it is.

I have to say the Jesse Ventura things is a real dissapointment... makes me cringe... also makes me not want to go see them in concert in 1999. A little frustrating for the fans.

"Whispering" maybe not a hit, but a great track - love the solo! Wed-morning would have to be my pick as a "commercial" sounding track, but I love "wheels". I love the release in general.

Thanks for having an opinion.


Message: 4003 Posted: Sun Jan 17 15:34:47 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: AMERICA "VENTURA " Ball

Hey let's hope Mr. Ventura stays in office a long time, perhaps a Presidential bid ? All Things are Possible. Now we need the baseball player Robin VENTURA to hit a mere 71 home runs & AMERICA will have another big supporter. One of the espn broadcasters always calls him Robin VENTURA HIGHWAY.

Message: 4002 Posted: Sun Jan 17 13:38:41 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: America on CNN!

Wow...that is so neat. I wish I could've seen it!

Erin :o)

Message: 4001 Posted: Sun Jan 17 11:37:20 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: things

Terry T: That concert I was talking about in Hollywood, Florida, was in 1977. Dan's last year with the band. For a while. (Wishful thinking.)

Hidden Talent: I keep going back to Dewey's comments about the early days when George Martin wanted America to put a disco song out and he said they refused because that's not what America was about, and their fans wouldn't go for it. I agreed with Dewey then, I agree with Dewey now. That's not what America is about. What next, then? A rap song? Hey, rap's popular with the kids.

My other reason I hope that song isn't released (other than the fact I think it's lame) is what happened in 1983. After America finally had a comeback with Russ Ballard's You Can Do Magic, the next thing they did was turn the entire operation over to Russ Ballard. I worry if Hidden Talent became be a hit, their next album would be a Phil Gallstone dance-fest. Would never happen, right? Remember Your Move.

If you're going for the kid test, Wednesday Morning is one all my kids like. You want to release a song other than "Wednesday Morning" that broadens America's sound to kids, release "Whispering." Every time I carpool my 12-year-old daughter and her friends, they always ask me to play "Whispering."

Sweaty, but not all that sweet smelling.

Message: 4000 Posted: Sun Jan 17 09:38:05 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Missed it !!

Hi All,
Did any one happen to tape the Jesse Ventura thing on CNN ? I was sick all day yesterday, and still today, I wasn't up to checking the chat folder yesterday. Please help out a fellow America fan. I'll cover cost of tape & shipping? THANK YOU........Maureen

Message: 3999 Posted: Sun Jan 17 08:22:28 1999 By: Mark
Subject: America on CNN!

Got up this morning and turned on CNN Headline news, and lo and behold saw America performing Ventura Highway as part of CNN's Jesse Ventura coverage! A nice surprise!

Message: 3998 Posted: Sat Jan 16 23:12:01 1999 By: Penny
Subject: "sweaty and sweet"

Hey Bruce! I said the same thing a few months back, ie."it's a guy thing" and that's when I received a ton of mail! I believe it IS a guy thing...and that's ok with me! But those girls in the background singing it drives me nuts! I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm just trying to be honest. I really do think it would be a great concert song...even with the "sweaty and sweet" line...but, it kills me to hear my daughters singing it! Perhaps I need to go to a professional and discuss this! You know what it is...Dewey's words always create a vivid picture in my mind, he's truly an artist with his words and as I listen to them, a picture on canvas is created in my mind. Then I hear "sweaty and sweet" and because I HATE sweating I have trouble maintaining the picture Dew has created. Sorry. I will get help for this! Tomorrow...

Message: 3997 Posted: Sat Jan 16 22:39:35 1999 By: Bruce
Subject: Hot Town

Penny, re: "Sweaty & Sweet", maybe that line is a GUY THING!

Message: 3996 Posted: Sat Jan 16 22:29:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Joanne M.

Joanne M, I just finished reading your bio. It was very nice and the autographed photos are wonderful. I envy your collection. I've never seen those photos before except the one with Dan dressed in a fencing outfit. I remember it with Dewey and Gerry in a songwriter's magazine promoting "Hearts". Your photos are the first ones I seen with Dan's autograph. They're all so wonderful!

Message: 3995 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:37:12 1999 By: Johnny, PhD
Subject: "Sweaty And Sweet" Janice

Janice, you asked me so here it is. Dr. Johnny believes you like "Hot Town" so much because you're a sassy babe with an "in your face" attitude! You like a good time and you don't let anything get in the way of it. I'm guessing you're a bit partial to the Dewey-side of the duo because you love the raunchiness in that great sounding voice of Dewey's. Am I close? I hope "babe" isn't offensive to you. It's meant as a compliment. I would guess that "Ventura Highway" is a song that you really like. "The free wind blowing through your hair" and all. The first analysis is free. It's $30 hereafter. And no, you're not the contrary. Sounds like you're very straight and to-the-point to me. Hey, I like "Hot Town" too. Do you by chance, own a convertible?

Message: 3994 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:26:02 1999 By: Joanne M
Subject: AMERICA "VENTURA " Ball

I was able to catch the video feed from Thanks to all for information to get there. Can't wait to see them and here HUMAN NATURE live. See you all at the chat.

Message: 3993 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:24:17 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Hot Town

Hot Town IS a really fun song to listen to but that "sweaty and sweet"
line still gets to me. I know, I know...many tried to explain this verse to me when I made this comment the last time back in Oct. (?) but it still makes me cringe...especially when I hear my 9 and 5 year old daughters singing it! I guess I stink SO BAD when I sweat that I can't conceive of anyone being "sweaty and sweet". I'm sorry Dewey! :(

Message: 3992 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:18:01 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Great Job!

America just finished up Horse. They sounded great and they got in a plug for HUMAN NATURE! Hooray! They also thanked Northwest Airlines and mentioned that they would be at the "Fine Line" later. I don't know if that's a bar or club or what...but if I lived in the great state of Minn. I'd be headed in that direction! Go Eddy, Go!!! We expect a full report in the morning!

Message: 3991 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:15:00 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Ventura Minnesota

They just finshished playing Ventura Highway, then Horse. That's it...they're outa there, was veddy good!

Message: 3990 Posted: Sat Jan 16 21:11:02 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Answer/Hot Town/Inaugural

IF anyone cares...answer to Chipmunk question. Gerry played Theodore.

Hot Town is a great rocking single. Distortion guitars, background singers just like in Dan Peek's Half A Man...Excellent!!!

As far as the Inaugural being televised, nada back here in the east
coast!! HL

Message: 3989 Posted: Sat Jan 16 19:37:52 1999 By: janice
Subject: (Hot Town)

(no need to answer the 2nd part of that question..)thank you. :0
I can see it all now..playing that song at a summer concert..background singers.....what do ya say Matt?

Message: 3988 Posted: Sat Jan 16 19:23:55 1999 By: janice
Subject: Ok Johnny..explain this...

I love Hot's my favorite..haven't seen anyone else say this..loved it the first time I heard it..struck me the same as "Magic" did the first time I heard it..and...well..the rest is history..anyone else like Hot Town or am I warped?

Message: 3987 Posted: Sat Jan 16 18:32:59 1999 By: JOE KNIGHT
Subject: "WHEELS"

I still think that "Wheels is THE BEST song on the CD and should be the next or at least one of the next singles!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 3986 Posted: Sat Jan 16 17:20:29 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Penny: "Hidden Talent"

Penny, that's very interesting about the young folks and their liking "Hidden Talent". I can understand the appeal. It's very pop and upbeat. Yet, I can understand the dislike by others. It's not a song with a whole lot of substance, I guess you might say, as compared to many other songs on "HN". It must be the juvenile side of me that causes me to like it so much. I recall the word, "cheesy" being used to describe it. In that case, please pass me another slice!

Message: 3985 Posted: Sat Jan 16 15:48:44 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Stuff

Bits and pieces I keep forgetting to post:

1. Perhaps this comment is after the fact but according to the many young people I have to drive all over the state of NJ...their pick for next HN single is Hidden Talent. I was shocked! These are kids whose ages range from 5 to 15 and many have the money to buy a lot of CDs!!

2. I still don't understand why "Wheels" isn't mentioned more as a viable release. Even the kids like it though not as much as Hidden Talent.

3. Is it true that we are no longer trying to email talk shows requesting America's appearance?

4. Best of luck to the guys at the Inuagural Ball. What a terrific opportunity. Positive thoughts are being sent to Karen with the hopes of a "successful" discussion with Jay Leno!

Message: 3984 Posted: Sat Jan 16 15:40:42 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Ventura stuff...

I will be recording it, (at least, America) I only found a listing that starts at 8:00, I know it starts at 7:00, so I hope I don't miss anything(America) We were going to head down there to see them play at a club afterwards, but that idea kinda went down the toilet, I'm bummed, oh well.

Message: 3983 Posted: Sat Jan 16 14:58:27 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: M. Smith and "Wheels"

Marshall, when Dewey and Gerry were in Albuquerque this past October, "Wheels" wasn't played to my great disappointment. Since their October show wasn't officially listed on the touring schedule, I hope they can make another stop there and play, "Wheels".

My brothers, David and Howard, live there but aren't as fanatical about AMERICA as I am. Therefore, on the play list were songs they have never heard before. David's favorite song was "Pages". Howard loved "M2M"....that's "Mirror To Mirror". After the show, David asked that I return his "History" cassette the next time I visit Albuquerque. Thanks again to Albuquerque resident, Rod Farrar, for letting us know about the unofficial visit by "the guys" last October.

In their tent before the show, Gerry was doing his vocal exercises. It appeared that he was singing into a miniature tape recorder. Does anyone know if that's what it ws? I was a bit surprisec because I've never been back stage before. At the same show, Michael Woods graciously posed for a photo with me. He had a huge smile and had his arm around my shoulders like we were long time buds. What a great guy as they all are. Marshall, are you from Albuquerque? At that show, Gerry so very graciously autographed every single AMERICA lp for one fan. Gerry said, "I don't mind signing as many as I can as long as there's no one behind you. But, you'll have to remove the cellophane wrapping." Wow, was I shocked! Every album!! And I brought only two, "Homecoming" and "Silent Letter". But don't expect Gerry and Dewey to do that everytime in the future. It was a rare occurrence, every LP, no doubt. That's fan appreciation on Gerry's part!!

Message: 3982 Posted: Sat Jan 16 14:27:56 1999 By: John
Subject: Ventura stuff...

Hey, is anybody in Minnesota who's reading this? And if so, can someone record the inagural ball?


Message: 3981 Posted: Sat Jan 16 14:18:48 1999 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: Human Nature '99 tour

you lost me on Hot Town.


Message: 3980 Posted: Sat Jan 16 12:06:09 1999 By: Marshall Smith
Subject: Human Nature '99 tour

I would like to see the songs from HUMAN NATURE aggressively highlighting their concert tour this year. They should play FIVE-SIX of them.

From a Moving Train
Wednesday Morning
Moment to Moment
Wheels are Turning
Hot Town (this would be a great concert song for the summertime, with the female background singers)

I know the arguments that "fans of a 70's group only want to hear the greatest hits" and "there's only so much music to fit in 2 hours", etc.

BUT, if the concert is promoted as the HUMAN NATURE tour, concert-goers should expect to hear songs from the new album.
I hope the band is practicing up on concert versions of all the new songs!
Too bad AMERICA isn't going to Albequerque to play Wheels are Turning!

Message: 3979 Posted: Sat Jan 16 11:42:05 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Jesse Ventura-mania!

Since Warren Zevon will be playing at the inagural ball along with Warren Zevon, I have to divulge one of my secret fantasies: I'd love for Dewey and Gerry to join Warren in a round of "Lawyers, Guns, and Money"!!


Message: 3978 Posted: Sat Jan 16 10:24:41 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: More Misc.

That's wonderful news about "Our Guys" and the Jesse V. thing. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I watched Jesse when he was "The Body".

I think it's incredible about the four straight birthdays in June.
After reading that Robyn's birthday is the 23rd of June, I thought it would be too incredible for someone who's a regular on this board to be born on the 24th. Lo and behold, TerryT!! It's all too strange! Hi Robyn.

Kevin, regarding "three stinky guys", whatever it takes, right?

Message: 3977 Posted: Sat Jan 16 10:12:41 1999 By: Bruce
Subject: Jesse Ventura Bash

So is Minnesota on Central Time?

Message: 3976 Posted: Sat Jan 16 10:00:14 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Jesse Ventura

Hey Steve, WHAT TIME??????

Bruce, the celebration starts at 7 pm (Minnesota time) and the activities will go until who-knows-when? I wish I could tell you what time America will be playing, but I don't know. I guess you'll have to listen to all of it if you want to be sure and catch them.

Message: 3975 Posted: Sat Jan 16 09:32:57 1999 By: Bruce
Subject: Jesse Ventura

Hey Steve, WHAT TIME??????

Message: 3974 Posted: Sat Jan 16 09:00:20 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Guitar Tablatures

As many of you are aware, I have guitar chords on the America Fans web site but no tablatures. I have received several requests for tablatures but I don't have the time nor the expertise to create them for the web site. If you "expert" guitar players would like to send the tablatures to me (similar to the way the biographies are sent to me), I'll be happy to incorporate them into the web site. In the meantime, there are a few America tablatures on the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA) web site.

Message: 3973 Posted: Sat Jan 16 02:41:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Peace CD's Now Available

Steve Lowry what would we do w/out you ?
God only knows.

Message: 3972 Posted: Fri Jan 15 23:19:51 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Peace CD's Now Available

Scott Sosebee at Thoughtscape Sounds has informed me that he now has both of the Peace CD's in stock for $15.99 each plus shipping. Peace features Dan Peek along with Brian Gentry and Ken Marvin. For more information or to order the CD's you can visit the Thoughtscape Web Site or give Scott a call at 1-800-435-6185. Be sure to tell him you read about it on the America Fans chat folder.

Message: 3971 Posted: Fri Jan 15 22:40:15 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Surprise (NOT!)

Well everyone, here's the big surprise I promised you. However, it's not going to be as big a surprise as I thought it would be. Last Tuesday I found out that America would be playing at Jesse Ventura's inaugural celebration but I was sworn to secrecy until Saturday morning. Since it's almost midnight on the east coast, I think that's close enough to Saturday morning. Besides, everyone else has already heard about it, so it's not much of a surprise. Here are the details, though.

America will be singing Ventura('s) Highway and Horse With No Name Saturday night in Minneapolis at the Target Center for Jesse Ventura's inaugural party. Most portions of the event will be broadcast on TBS and several other networks. No one network has the exclusive to run the entire thing (except for the Minnesota networks - who have free reign) but all networks will have access to the satellite feed and can use whatever portions of it that they want. I truly hope that they all choose to air the America portion of the evening but with so many other great artists I guess we will have to wait and see and hope. Our one and only Karen DiGesu has been asked to be there to navigate the band through the press area and make sure they get into all the shots and in front of all the photographers that she needs them to. We are ALL lucky, too, in that Jay Leno is going to be the person who introduces America that night on stage and as you all know, Karen needs to have a word or two with him! We all wish Karen the best of luck!

Thanks to Shari, we've also found out that the party will be broadcast live on the Internet at So those of us (like me) who don't have cable TV or aren't lucky enough to live in Minnesota, can still catch the action.

There you have it! All of the detail on the BIG SURPRISE! GO AMERICA!

Message: 3970 Posted: Fri Jan 15 21:00:43 1999 By: howard lieboff
Subject: inauguration/trivia question

When is that inauguration that America will be playing at.
Which web site can this be seen from? Welcome Pounder and thanks
for the bio. Please help yourself and chat with us. good to have u

I was listening to a tape when America was promoting Hourglass,
and mentioned Gerry doing all these side projects. They mentioned
the Chipmunks project....which chipmunk did he play? ? ?

Message: 3969 Posted: Fri Jan 15 18:51:01 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: America for Ventura's inaguration?

Yes Shari.."America" is playing at the inaguration, and you will be able to view it on the internet.

Message: 3968 Posted: Fri Jan 15 18:19:56 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America goes country?

Do I sense a pattern here among America Fans? My bd is June 23, Terry June 24, Johnny June 25 and Kevin June 26.

I agree that America would fit in nicely in the "new" country format ( no more of those" My baby drank herself to death" songs.)

I am really looking forward to the dhow here in Los Angeles on 2/25. Like Stev, I am looking for a babysitter, however, as the show is for those eighteen and older. My dd was bummed, she has become quite an America Fan ( thanks to Human Nature, which we listen to in the morning, it gives the day a great start!)

Message: 3967 Posted: Fri Jan 15 18:04:34 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: America goes country?

Good point, Truthsaint...America makes it to the borders and crosses them. I agree.
Pounder, thanks for the bio.
KevinS, if that happens again, just hit RELOAD. What exact year was that Florida concert?
My birthday is June 24.

Message: 3966 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:50:00 1999 By: CHAT FOLDER MONITOR
Subject: Re: Correction

Watch that "BACK" button!

Message: 3965 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:48:46 1999 By: CHAT FOLDER MONITOR
Subject: Re: Correction

Watch that "BACK" button!

Message: 3964 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:42:29 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: America goes country?

I see America is playing the annual country music Jamboree In The Hills at St. Clairsville. When I was a dj, I was in country music for 10 years, and went to that show 3 times. (This is like 16 years ago).
It is truly a spectacular show, because all of the current big names show up. I don't know how many of you are country music fans, but the way the music has changed, it's almost like the pop music of the 70s.
Many of America's songs could easily be played on today's country stations (i.e., Sister Golden Hair ,Daisy Jane, and dare I say, FOMT?). I am not suggesting they be marketed to the country crowd, but I have no doubt they would easily be accepted.

On another note, y'ever notice that no matter where you are or what you're doing, if you happen to hear "I Need You," you automatically
stop EVERYTHING to listen. God, what a powerful song!

Message: 3963 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:30:23 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Correction

For the official log book and for your files, please disregard Message 3961 of the America Fans Chat Folder, dated Friday, January 15, 1999, entered at 17:13:50. It was a duplication of Message 3960 sent in error. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may now resume your regularly scheduled websurfing.


Message: 3962 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:26:00 1999 By: Pounder
Subject: chat-a little about me

Seeing as I was in the chat yesterday I thought I would let people know a little about me. I should have paid more attention instead of goffing-off in my typing class. I would be putting in my 2 cents worth in the chat and then look up to see the subject change a couple of times. How I ever passed that class I'll never know. Anyway Pounder is a nickname that I've had from people that I work with from two different jobs. My first name is Richard but, if you want to call me Rich or Pounder thats fine with me. I'm a little knew to your site, this will be my second posting here. I've been checking out the fans site since I've bought Human Nature [mid-October]. Theres web sites in the liner notes so I've been just about looked all through this site. I live in Fresno,Ca which is about half way from both Los Angeles and San Francisco. I've been a fan since about high school when my 3 older sisters& my older brother would listen to the History album. Then I got Hideaway for either chirstmas or birthday which [even though I wanted History] I played the heck out of. Plus no one else in my family had. I had bought the America live album for my older brother which I also enjoyed listening too. After that I don't remember why I never picked up any more, there were other bands that I followed [ Eagles,Doobie's, Fleetwood etc.] and there were some BIG albums that came out about this time. I remember America on Tom Snyder's show when they talked about an album called "Two Car Garage" however I can't recall what they played. After cds were introudced I picked up History but, could not find Hideaway,Live or any cd with Hollywood or Company on it until the Encore release. Bought Hourglass after listening to it at Tower and still I could not find what I wanted [Hideaway]. Which pretty much brings me up to when I went into Borders and bought Human Nature, I had bought Perspective cd at tower a couple of weeks before. Also I had checked out one of the malls here and found a cassette of Harbor which I bought [if anyone wants the casset te just email me]. As far as I knew the last record with Dan was Hideaway so it was a little surprising. After that I not only wanted Hideaway but,now I also wanted Harbor which I ordered though Borders. Before Thanksgiving I got Hideaway,Hearts&Harbor and on top of that the day these cds came I bought the first cd/recording. Then I picked up Homecoming and last week I got Hat Trick and Holiday from Thoghtscape with America Live that hopefully will be sent soon. I was cruising Tower when I picked up Alibi. So hopefully I will pick up Silent Letter,Your Move&View From The Ground. I also had bought Human Nature for one of my sisters and for me I bought the King Biscuit Live album. I have never gone to an America concert [I've only been to three concerts], but I plan on either going to Nevada or maybe one of the California concerts this year. Some of the things I do outside of my love for music: read books, rollerblade & go to hockey games. One other thing before I go, this last year I went on a week long hike up to Mt. Whitney. Total distance was about 66 miles however, with a wrong turn I did about 70. Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. One of these days I'll put this in the fans bio section.

Message: 3961 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:13:50 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: 1,186 miles by car, with three stinky guys.


In high school I travelled 1,186 miles to see America. But I didn't mean to. I went to Miami for spring break from Indianapolis and when I got there, I found out America was playing in a few days at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, Florida. Lucky me. Sadly, it was the beginning of the end of an era, their last tour with Dan. But it was a wonderful show. I got to hear them do a lot of stuff from Harbor, which is still one of my all-time favorites from anyone. And I got to hear them do Today's The Day for what might have been one of the last times ever. The opening act was Burton Cummings of The Guess Who fame, and the place was packed with nearly 17,000 people. America, of course, was the headliner. It was my first America concert out of what has turned out to be nearly 30. In fact, for a number of years afterward, it seemed like whenever I went out of town, America was playing (I think they were stalking me). It's been nearly three years since my last America show, though, which is the longest I've ever gone. I was in Denver this past July and missed them by two days. I tried everything to get my trip extended, but couldn't. Wives are funny that way.


Message: 3960 Posted: Fri Jan 15 17:13:47 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: 1,186 miles by car, with three stinky guys.


In high school I travelled 1,186 miles to see America. But I didn't mean to. I went to Miami for spring break from Indianapolis and when I got there, I found out America was playing in a few days at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, Florida. Lucky me. Sadly, it was the beginning of the end of an era, their last tour with Dan. But it was a wonderful show. I got to hear them do a lot of stuff from Harbor, which is still one of my all-time favorites from anyone. And I got to hear them do Today's The Day for what might have been one of the last times ever. The opening act was Burton Cummings of The Guess Who fame, and the place was packed with nearly 17,000 people. America, of course, was the headliner. It was my first America concert out of what has turned out to be nearly 30. In fact, for a number of years afterward, it seemed like whenever I went out of town, America was playing (I think they were stalking me). It's been nearly three years since my last America show, though, which is the longest I've ever gone. I was in Denver this past July and missed them by two days. I tried everything to get my trip extended, but couldn't. Wives are funny that way.


Message: 3959 Posted: Fri Jan 15 16:23:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Misc.

Johnny, I was wondering what happened to you :) Thanks for the fun HT M2M survey that a lot of people took extremly seriously ( Karen, you couldn't get better market reserch than here in the Fans chat folder!)

So you are a Moonchild too. I will be (argh) 41 on June 23! I should have guessed!

Message: 3958 Posted: Fri Jan 15 16:09:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

It's been several days since I asked the question about "M2M" vs. "HT". The results are: "Hidden Talent" 5 and "Moment To Moment" 1,002. Or so it seemed. Thanks for everyone's input.

Steve Lowry, a surprise for us tomorrow? Sounds wonderful. I'm eager to hear what it is. By the way, thanks millions for all you do!!!

KevinS, you're a crab. I mean a Cancer Crab being that you were born on June 26. I would've never guessed. I'll be 43 on June 25.

Can anyone top traveling 310 miles one way by auto to see AMERICA?
I've done it each of the three times I've seen them. I've often wondered which fan has logged the most listening hours. Literally, only God knows. I feel I would be in the top 10. Just a wild guess. Interesting thought though, don't you think?

Message: 3957 Posted: Fri Jan 15 10:19:24 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Reno..

Erin, I hope we can make it too. A lot of it depends on work schedules and being able to farm the kids out. I had a great time there last year and would love to do it again this year. The only bad thing about last year is that I left the day before they started playing FAMT and Pages. I still haven't heard those songs live and I'm looking forward to that.

Message: 3956 Posted: Fri Jan 15 09:29:51 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: America for Ventura's inaguration?

Don't know if that was all just talk, or if really happening. But if it does, here's a link that will cover the inaguration live on Saturday, Jan. 16 at 6:00 pm central time.
So if someone knows if America is really appearing or not, please post it! ShariL <><

Message: 3955 Posted: Fri Jan 15 06:46:10 1999 By: janice
Subject: Erin..

Gonna try Erin..sure your chair is still warm from last year and that you're still grinning from ear to ear!! A devoted fan you are!! :)

Message: 3954 Posted: Fri Jan 15 01:53:00 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Reno..

Steve and Janice...hope you both can make it to the Nugget again this year!

Erin :o)

Message: 3953 Posted: Thu Jan 14 23:38:08 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: May 23, Madison WI Concert Info

I received a mail message from Steve Clerkin with information about the Madison WI concert on May 23. Here's what he had to say:

"I work for a professional fund raiser that promotes benefit shows for the Fire Fighters, and well they don't advertise the show, because we
call people on the phone and sell them tickets (Tele-Marketing). Most of the people just throw the tickets away or send them back to us, in turn the shows have such poor attendance that most of them are lame. This time I want all true America fans to go to the show and make it a good night. So the process of getting the tickets is that I will have to basically take orders from people and pay for them with my own money and then send them to the people who wanted them. The show is at the Dane county Coliseum on Sunday May 23, there are 2 shows one at 3 pm and one at 7 pm. Oh yeah the opening act is the Nelson Brothers (the twins). So you can post any of this info you want on your site. They don't advertise the shows until the night of, so this is about all of the advance publicity that will be given.

Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Clerkin"

I hope that all of you America Fans in the Madison area will take advantage of this concert. Knowing you fans the way I do, I'm sure that Steve will even get paid for the tickets that he sends to you.

Message: 3952 Posted: Thu Jan 14 23:15:03 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: chat - not!

Sorry Jessica (and everyone else who tried unsuccesfully to get into the EarthWeb live chat box tonight). I guess the ParaChat live chat box is much better than the EarthWeb version. I was able to move a half dozen or so chatters over to the ParaChat version tonight around 10:30 but I guess I didn't catch everyone. During our chat session tonight we decided to hold weekly chat sessions rather than monthly. We also talked about having a "topic" each week so if you have a topic you'd like to discuss, let me know and I'll post it the day of the session.

I have fixed all the links so that they point back to the good ole ParaChat version so we should have better luck next Thursday. I'll still be working late (until February) so I may not make it but I hope lots of you can.

By the way, during tonight's chat session I hinted that I'll have a surprise announcement this Saturday. That's all I can say for now so don't bug me with queries (at least, not until Saturday morning).

Message: 3951 Posted: Thu Jan 14 22:22:56 1999 By: jessica
Subject: chat - not!

Found time off from work for a few minutes. Got connected from the usually too busy local server. Earthweb was loading, loading... 75%. 82%. (It looked like I was going to be in the chat room for a change..). Then - a message flashed.

"Server not responding. Try again later.".

Well, that's life. It's okay Steve, maybe next week we'll all be lucky. If not, we have this great folder.

Hey, got myself a copy of the Horse video CD just yesterday. Enjoyed it immensely! It was sent by a friend I met here on the folder. In return, I sent her a copy of VGG. America fans and friends are really the greatest!

In case she drops by here: A million thanks to you, Jen!

Message: 3950 Posted: Thu Jan 14 21:28:26 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: tonights chat

Michelle (and the rest of you who couldn't get in the chat room tonight) -- please accept my apologies. I had hoped that the EarthWeb chatroom would be better than the one we used last year. As it turns out, it looks like the one we used last year is still better. Those of you who want to go there now and still try chatting tonight can follow this link: /america/amchat.htm.

I'll schedule another chat next week so we don't have to wait until next month. Sorry I didn't catch it earlier but I've been working long hours (in fact, I'm still at work).

Message: 3949 Posted: Thu Jan 14 20:55:27 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: tonights chat

well for the second month in a row i couldnt get into chat room no matter how hard i tried, i purged the cache and also restarted my computer 3 times (sometimes that solves problem) but i kept getting some java error. ive tried for an hour---i give up !!!! hope everyone whos able to get in has a good time. ill try again next month.

Message: 3948 Posted: Thu Jan 14 18:59:08 1999 By: janice
Subject: Reno..

Steve..kindness begets kindness..glad to do it..(may get to go this year after all (even it is just for 1 night)..I'll be in Denver on the 22nd and may "bip over"..all the best to you and was great meeting you two!

Message: 3947 Posted: Thu Jan 14 18:01:11 1999 By: jessica
Subject: Nelson album

Howard, it's "Because They Can" back in 1995. Cover is that of two dogs with long blonde hair.

Message: 3946 Posted: Thu Jan 14 17:59:44 1999 By: Eric B.

Keep in mind discount tickets are going fast to the show Feb 25, 1999 at the KEY CLUB in Hollywood, Calif. America with special guest "Pacific Coast Highway".

Message: 3945 Posted: Thu Jan 14 17:49:58 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: They're Baaack

Steve L, when is the last time you hung out with the guys?

Terry, the last time I saw the guys in concert was at the Nugget in Reno/Sparks last year. Janice Gabriel was kind enough to give me a couple of free airline tickets so that my wife and I could fly there for a belated anniversary. We loved it there but we didn't get to spend enough time in that beautiful city. We're considering going again this year if things work out right. I didn't really hang out with the guys while I was there because they were with their families. I did get to shake hands with them backstage between their final number and their encore the night that I flew home.

The last time I really hung out with them was early last year when they came to Salt Lake City to play to 10,000 people at the Huntsman Center. I was fortunate enough to get backstage passes for my wife and I and the guys were extremely hospitable. I was especially impressed with the time and caring that they showed to some handicapped fans that were also backstage. They are truly a class act!

Message: 3944 Posted: Thu Jan 14 17:26:07 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Concerts

Not that it matters, but to set the record straight and to maybe help prevent someone from having difficulty getting tickets from out of town, the June 25th concert that's scheduled for Rowleft,TX is acually in Rowlett. It's a typo. Two "t"s. It's a town right outside of Dallas. I't about time they came back to Dallas after two years. I hope this show doesn't get cancelled because June 25th is the day before my 40th birthday and I can't think of a better last thing to do before I get old.


Message: 3943 Posted: Thu Jan 14 15:35:11 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: They're Baaack

I'm feelin' it. Gosh...According to the concert schedule (thanks to Steve, Rick?, Shayne), in the three day span between Feb. 4 -7, I will be stuck in the middle between two hours to the North and an hour and a half to the South. What to do, what to do. I guess I better have them over for a Fresca on their way down to Hallandale, FL, after they rock Orlando. Steve L, when is the last time you hung out with the guys? I think a "concerted" effort by us FANatics could get them to commit to a Utah date soon.

America is America is America. The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
So There.

Message: 3942 Posted: Thu Jan 14 13:52:46 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Concerts (Steve)

That concert list looks a lot better now.

Message: 3941 Posted: Thu Jan 14 13:07:31 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: concerts

Sorry about the "technical" problem with the concert list, which has now been fixed so that all of you can see all of the dates. Thanks to Shane for posting the list for those whose browsers couldn't get the entire list before (but now can).

Message: 3940 Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:41:14 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: concerts

Karen, I'm getting the entire list and here it is:

Jan 23, Bismarck, ND (Radisson Hotel)
Jan 30, Cincinatti, OH (Aronoff Center)
Feb 5, Orlando, FL (Church St Market)
Feb 7, Hallendale, FL (Gulfstream Park)
Feb 12-13, Lac du Fambeau, WI (Lake of Torches Casino)
Feb 14, Clinton Township, MI (w/Chris Cross)
Feb 25, Los Angeles (Key Club)
Feb 26, San Diego, CA (Temeculah)
Feb 27, Stockton, CA (Fox Theater)
Feb 28, San Ramon, CA (Maestro's)
Mar 6, Lancaster, PA (American Music Theater)
Mar 17, Coral Springs, FL (w/Chris Cross)
Mar 18, Fort Myers, FL (w/Chris Cross)
Mar 19, Providence, RI (w/Chris Cross)
Mar 20, Lowell, MA (w/Chris Cross)
Apr 10, Lincoln, NE (Pershing Auditorium)
Apr 11, Omaha, NE (Askarben)
Apr 12, Des Moines, IA (Veterans Memorial)
Apr 13, St. Louis, MO Keil Center
Apr 16, Grand Junction, CO (Avalon Theater)
Apr 17, Rockford, IL (Metrocentre)
Apr 18, Cedar Rapids, IA (Five Seasons)
Apr 24, Pompano Bch, FL (Pompano Bch Festival)
May 1, Treasure Island, FL (Pinellas Park)
May 19, Chatanooga, TN (Soldiers Mem Auditorium)
May 20, Knoxville, TN (Civic Auditorium)
May 21, Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)
May 22, Saginaw, MI (Civic Center)
May 23, Madison, WI (Dane Co Expo Center)
May 24, St. Joseph, MO (Civic Arena)
May 25, Topeka, KS (Kansas Expo Center)
May 26, Wichita, KS (Century 11)
Jun 6, Detroit, MI (Joe Louis Arena)
Jun 7, Milwaukee, WI (Bradley Center)
Jun 12, Old Lyme, CT (High Hopes Academy)
Jun 18, Altantic City, NJ (Trump Marina)
Jun 19, Atlantic City, NJ (Trump Marina)
Jun 25, Rowleft, TX (Pecan Grave Park)
Jun 26, Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun)
Jun 30, Springfield, OH (Arts Council)
Jul 10, Union, MO (Franklin County Youth Fair)
Jul 15, Cadott, WI (Rock Fest '99)
Jul 17, Catskill, NY (Friar Tuck Inn)
Jul 18, St. Clairsville, OH (Jamboree in the Hills Festival)
Jul 21-Aug 4, Sparks, NV (Nugget Casino)
Sept 3, Denver, CO (Colorado Civic Center)
Sept 8-9, Topsfield, MA (Topsfield Fair)
Sept 15-16, Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Casino)

Message: 3939 Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:28:00 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: This and That

"Gerry Beckley is so much more than a love song man".....yep, a truely brilliant and blessed man indeed !!!!

Message: 3938 Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:15:32 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: America and Jessie Ventura

That's Jessie "The MIND" Ventura now.....should be a fun time for "America" !!!

Message: 3937 Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:09:31 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Concerts (karen)

Karen, thats all I see is just six concerts. Something not right.

Message: 3936 Posted: Thu Jan 14 12:02:22 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: 99 concert dates

Karen - They're all there, for some reason you're just having trouble getting the whole page. I had already seen them before your post, and I went back in to make sure it was still ok. I did notice a hesitation in loading after the Feb. 14 date, but the rest loaded just fine for me. Some glitch for you - have to leave that to techie Steve to figure out.
Karen, Steve, whoever else might know - no listing yet for Humphreys in San Diego. I know it's happening, they confirmed it to me email last week, saying they were working on June or September. Will we know it before they announce their season in late March, or do they put a gag order until they announce? (I know they do that, because I work in a performing arts venue in San Diego county, and two years ago we booked an act they had, and we couldn't say who they were until after the Humphreys concert.)
I see September 3 is already booked, so no hope of spending my 40th birthday with MY GUYS! Rats.
Chat with you tonight. ShariL <><

Message: 3935 Posted: Thu Jan 14 11:32:56 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: concerts

How many are you seeing there, Pete? When I follow the link i see 6 dates. There are many more than that. I think something is just messed up with the link. Steve will fix it.


Message: 3934 Posted: Thu Jan 14 11:31:31 1999 By: Pete
Subject: concerts

There must be more concerts than what is listed

Message: 3933 Posted: Thu Jan 14 11:26:41 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Concerts, Jukeboxes, and Chats

Steve: The tour dates only go up to February 14th when I follow the liink...?

Is that happening to everyone?


Message: 3932 Posted: Thu Jan 14 11:05:46 1999 By: Howard Lieboff



Message: 3931 Posted: Thu Jan 14 10:37:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: America in Los Angeles

Great Eric. I already bought mine. see you there!

Message: 3930 Posted: Thu Jan 14 10:35:44 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Jessica/Nelson Bros.

Jessica, what is the name of that Nelson Bros. lp.
I think they have like only 2 or 3 lps out. thanks, hl

Message: 3929 Posted: Thu Jan 14 08:35:47 1999 By: jessica
Subject: Nelson Brothers

Read about a show of America with The Nelson Brothers a couple of dates back here in the folder. Does anyone know the connection (are they friends of something?) bec. I found an album of The Nelsons with Gerry Beckley as special guest in several cuts. "Only a Moment Away", "The Great Escape" and "All shook Up" are nice. Very good vocal harmonies done by Gerry and others on the background vocals of said songs.

Next single: WM, M2M, W, HT, whatever - I'm more concerned with its distribution and promotion.

Message: 3928 Posted: Thu Jan 14 08:20:03 1999 By: jessica
Subject: steve lowry: on crossing his fingers



Message: 3927 Posted: Thu Jan 14 06:23:00 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: This and That

Good evening darlings,I'm in quite mellow mode this evening I've been reading the latest posts with great intrest.As for measurement of success these guys have nothing to proove to anyone,after nigh on thirty years in the buisiness would proove that after so many others have fallen by the way side America contniue to find an audience and release new material. I mentioned recently why I liked Dewey Bunnell songs so much now it is time to redress the status quo.Gerry Beckley is so much more than a love song man,here is a multi instrumentalist,producer,songwriter,and all round decent chap,no doubt if he were to kick a tin can down the street it would be in tune. What about Survival,Till the Sun Comes Up Again,Call of the Wild,and so on,as for his ballads,She's Gonna Let You Down,and the unforgettable Who Loves You.As for the ongoing debate on MTM and HT the first tune stands out head and shoulders, would make great soundtrack to a film.
Now for something very different,how about the guys go to Europe and tour for about a year,Germany would be a good bet Western Europe's largest population,then France and Italy.I say Germany because of a band called Barclay James Harvest,they are form the UK had minor success there, but after repeated touring had hit album after hit album and had then created a domino effect in reverse,even charting in the UK.As for U.S. fans I'm not suggesting they pack up their bags and leave for good but thinking on a global scale.

Message: 3926 Posted: Thu Jan 14 05:35:31 1999 By: Phil from Oz
Subject: Wednesday Morning Video

America CDs are selling big time in my home town in Wollongong Australia(population 300,000). They did a great concert here on 19 December. All the record stores in town have Human Nature at the top of the A pile. Apparently History is also doing a good trade. America have always been very big down under - most Australians are or were America fanatics at one time or other including myself - I love Holiday and the song that goes "Hey Daddy Just Lost His Pay, What can a family say" I can remember that song from when I was a little kid in the 70s. An old flatmate in the early 90's had the Holiday record but I havent heard it since then - I'll have to order the CD now it is available as an import. Late last year Mark Seymour a well known and respected Australian artist was asked on a national TV interview what the first record he purchased was and you guessed it "America".

Have America done a video for Wednesay Morning yet? How do you folks picture the video? I dont have the full vision but I can picture some images - a beautiful 19 year old girl on the beach at Sunrise pondering the breakup and a young Gerry Beckley lookalike (like Harbour album cover) also pondering on his way to work at the garage. Slotted throughout the clip would be images of the boys and the band playing with all their guitars lined up behind. Perhaps then at the end of the clip you see the real Gerry Beckley with the same girl grown older(early thirties) still beautiful but older and kids playing in the garden. Hey Gerry still looks like hes in his early thirties.

Just some images I can picture. I think the young female market is important for this outstanding song. What do you folks picture?

Message: 3925 Posted: Thu Jan 14 03:01:59 1999 By: Steve
Subject: America in Madison, WI

America will be playing a show on Sunday May 23 in Madison, but if you want tix you will have to contact me cause it is for a benefit show that is not advertised publicly, I work for the fund raiser. Leave any requests on my e-mail and I will get you tickets

Message: 3924 Posted: Wed Jan 13 23:51:48 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Concerts, Jukeboxes, and Chats

The Human Nature Tour '99 concert schedule is out and you can see it by following this link: gigs99.htm. I hope that they'll be coming somewhere close to you. I don't see Utah on the list yet but there are still some empty dates so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Terry Trost sent me some photos of several Wurlitzer Americana jukebokes along with an old poster advertising the jukeboxes. The poster has a very prophetic slogan at the bottom considering that the guys named their band after it. The photos reside in the Miscellaneous Room of the America In Concert Museum

Finally, the monthly live chat session will take place Thursday night (January 14) starting at 9 pm Eastern. Because of my work schedule I doubt that I'll be able to make it unless it lasts a long time and I catch the very end. I still encourage the rest of you to join in and have fun getting to know each other and carrying on some interesting discussions. Here's a link to the chat box web page. I am using a different chat box than the one we used last year in the hopes that more of you will be able to join in. It's a little slower than the previous chat box, but seems to be a lot more reliable. Remember, you have to have a Java capable browser in order to join in.

Message: 3923 Posted: Wed Jan 13 22:24:38 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: America and Jessie Ventura

Living in Minnesota myself, I think that would be great "promo" for America, just as long as Jessie doesn't get a "wrestling flashback" and starts "piledriving" the band on stage! I know this is an AMERICA chat board, but HEY STEVE! HOW 'BOUT THEM VIKES! SUPERBOWL BOUND DON'T YA THINK!!?? See Ya!

Message: 3922 Posted: Wed Jan 13 21:25:36 1999 By: Jerey
Subject: The next song and other comments

I have been reading all the comments concerning the next song from HN. It appears to me a lot of the album has been more or less discarded. The thing that surprises me there is the fact "Wheels are Turning" has not been mentioned as a possibility. To me the song is uniquely America. I read that many radio personnel criticized FAMT as being to reminiscent of the past America releases and I suppose this tune would get the same type of response. To me that is what America is about. The guys do not need to pander to radio to be heard. The music is great. WAT is what America has always been about, fine acoustic work and great vocal harmonies. This is a grest tune. I also read the material concerning "Whispering" and I think that would be a great choice too. Just pick one. America fans will respond.

Message: 3921 Posted: Wed Jan 13 20:18:51 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Hey Todd

Todd, I enjoy your little quips. The "Caddy Shack" reference was very subtle.

Message: 3920 Posted: Wed Jan 13 20:15:47 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

Karen, let me take this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent job you have done. You and Oxyegen are appreciated by every America fan(including me) but all good things must eventually come to an end. Hopefully this won't come about for awhile. When it does maybe an independent project might be somthing they investigate.
David Crosby's new group CPR is attempting to do just that. They sell their product at shows and on the internet at their CPR store. I'm sure there are other examples as well. As far as vacation plans may I suggest Huntington Beach CA. It's "Surf City" ya know. Hopefully you'll have plenty of time to make arrangements.

Keep up the good work.

Message: 3919 Posted: Wed Jan 13 18:01:20 1999 By: Eric B.
Subject: America in Los Angeles

My name is Eric B. from the group Pacific Coast Highway. A Southern California based country/rock band. We will be sharing the stage with the legendary group AMERICA at the Key Club on Sunset Strip. February 25,1999. We have special priced advanced tickets at this great LA venue, so Email me for more info. Hope to see all you AMERICA fans!

Message: 3918 Posted: Wed Jan 13 17:44:57 1999 By: Steve
Subject: Re: America and Jessie Ventura

Living on the border of Minn and being from Mpls I have kept a close eye on this. Indeed, the reference of Ventura Highway has been done on a regular basis. In fact, there is a highway near the city that has a made up sign on it that reads "Ventura Highway". The state of Minn is big time America lovers! When they come back again they should get the Gov there to introduce the band. What does everyone think of that?


Message: 3917 Posted: Wed Jan 13 16:49:43 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: America and Jessie Ventura

I heard on a radio station in KC thismorning that America has been added to the bill for Jessie "The Body" Ventura's Inoguration as Minnesota, Governor. They said that "Ventura Highway" was requested to be played. I don't know if it's true, but if it is they should get some national attention from that. Hey, this was announced on a country station here in KC, if that can happen anything is possible, ha. Take Care, Mark...

Message: 3916 Posted: Wed Jan 13 11:56:56 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Success?

The recent posts regarding success and just what that is all about in relationship to AMERICA and our heroes Gerry & Dewey has been terrific. Hey, I'm one those AMERICAns who was there when they barged on the music scene with "A Horse With No Name" and all of the success that brought. When you look back on their lengthy career they've got a lot to be proud of. Sure they have had their share of success and their share of disappointment. But when you've been in the music business as long as they have who hasn't ridden that rollercoaster? I'm sure if you asked Gerry or Dewey if they'd still like the #1 hits, #1 albums and sales in the millions they'd say, "Hell yeah!" But, I sincerely feel they enjoy their art and the loyalty of their fans enough to keep working. The amount of touring they still do is testimony to that. Along with the Oxygen Records deal. They've really had a great run and it's still going! "HumanNature" is a new beginning. I sincerely believe that to be true as well. That musical compilation is a work of art. Let's all enjoy AMERICA into the next century. Afterall, their true success is still being alive and well and sharing their music with us. Long live AMERICA and long live their music!


Message: 3915 Posted: Wed Jan 13 10:27:40 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: 45's and B sides

As Mark correctly stated, I have a web page that has all of the single releases including their B-sides and how high they made it on the charts. Here's a link to that page so you can go directly there:


Message: 3914 Posted: Wed Jan 13 10:00:44 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Let's bombard the talk shows!

I recently found a website that has the email addresses of all the TV Talk Shows. In my humble opinion, I think we should let them ALL know how great Human Nature is and that we'd like to see America on the show. The website is:

Once you get there, simply scroll down until you see a search box for tv talk shows...type in anyone of them (I did The Roseanne Show) and begin the search. Before you know it, up pops a listing that says something like "tv talk shows - email adressess" click there and you've made it! I really think we shouldn't limit ourselves or America's exposure to just one or two shows. Let's email all of them!
(Well, except Jerry Springer! I don't think Gerry and Dewey would appreciate a visit to that zoo).

If for some reason you didn't get to this site let me know. I jotted down all the individual talk show email addresses just in case.

Start typing! Who knows what we can accomplish when we continue to work together for America!

Message: 3913 Posted: Wed Jan 13 09:50:29 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: mB's answers

Matt: Sorry, you get a little cryptic for me. Guess I'm not cerebral enough. First, I didn't get the MIRACLE reference. Second, why are you dreading the RIMAC gig? (Other than you can't join us at Pechanga that night for the concert.) Is that the group you're in that you felt wasn't that good? Tough venue, too, of course.
Are you planning to join us on the live chat Thursday night?
<>< ShariL

Message: 3912 Posted: Wed Jan 13 09:45:34 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Whispering

Tom T., take a look at my original review of "Human Nature" (from September). You'll see I wrote that "Whispering" would be a hit single if given the chance. It's catchy enough and just different enough to make it on today's radio. Of all the songs on "HN", the only song I would release instead of "Wednesday Morning" would be "Whispering". What have we got to lose?


Message: 3911 Posted: Wed Jan 13 09:28:02 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

As long as they have support from a lable like Oxygen that's great but if that were to someday evaporate, which it eventually will...

Hey, when would that be, exactly? Just wanna make vacation plans.


Karen D.
Oxygen (still whole) Records

Message: 3910 Posted: Wed Jan 13 08:36:18 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 45's and B sides

Most of the B sides are listed on Steve's America Fans web page. Look under songs, then go to charting singles. Some Singles had multiple releases with different B sides.

Message: 3909 Posted: Wed Jan 13 08:33:30 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: :...:....:



Message: 3908 Posted: Wed Jan 13 08:29:32 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

We can all be satisfied when America puts out a solid CD like Human Nature and Hourglass. But record companies measure success one way, SALES. The best way to be assured of future America CDs, is for the current CD to be successful in Oxygen's eyes. The first single broke the ice and made a national chart for the first time since 1984. It was just ignored by the major markets. I am hopeful that the next single will leap frog the first and put America back in the public eye where they deserve to be, and push sales of Human Nature, thus ensuring us of future new America material!

Message: 3907 Posted: Wed Jan 13 07:57:22 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Pages

I think Pages should be the next single after Wednesday morning.

Message: 3906 Posted: Wed Jan 13 04:47:48 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: 45's and B sides

I have a Billboard book that lists...among other things...B sides of all songs that made the Hot 100. I'm curious though, does anyone know the B sides of the songs that didn't make the Hot 100? ("Only Game In Town", "She's A Liar" etc.) hurry.

By the way, re:the single debate...whatever happened to "Wednesday Morning?"

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 3905 Posted: Wed Jan 13 01:34:47 1999 By: manuel989
Subject: :...:....:


UMMM: 1) a state of disbelief that there's an argument over which track is better M2M or HT. 2) a state of disbelief that NSync has appeared numerous times in this folder. Backstreet Boys were bad enough to begin with... and they were copies of New Kids on the Block. And Nsync... "well... you know what happens when you make a copy from a copy?" MKeaton, multiplicity (good film, good message)

OTHER news: about 25 songs (with a cover from The Beatles, Radiohead, Failure, The Toadies and / or the Lemonheads)are being considered for an actual album (?!) The EP was only seven... and it sucked (very rough). But there were a couple of copies printed up. Rumor has it they might be available at a secret San Diego get together at a secret MIRACLE meeting spot during a secret show.

BLULIGHT News: Dru Can Drive just put down a couple of songs at the studio, and Isaac Thickett looks to finally begin work on their EP as soon as this week. Went surfing with the singer today. I've heard OTHER has been recording nonstop there as well, and ALLIED SUN (makers of such hits as "Jose (won't you come on home)") but the singer (who happens to be my roomate, oh wait and YEAH! I play guitar!) has been lagging.

ALLIED SUN news: show at RIMAC arena late February (which I'm dreading) and the aforementioned plans to record an album discussed over eggs, sausage and oatmeal raisin crisp

other then that... working towards a degree in Political Science.
I hope everybody is well, and thanks for tollerating my post (clearing up some questions I've been getting)



Message: 3904 Posted: Tue Jan 12 22:31:18 1999 By: Todd Fare
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

well said, well spoken, how 'bout a fresca!

Message: 3903 Posted: Tue Jan 12 21:31:00 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

Thanks for your reply Terry. I hope you didn't read anything negative in my comments. I'm all for the promotion of the band. My point was just that I like the band and don't care what the Billboard numbers have to say about their success. The guys going independent is a intresting topic. As long as they have support from a lable like Oxygen that's great but if that were to someday evaporate, which it eventually will, going independent might be a viable option. With as much as they tour they could certainly sell quite a few CDs at their shows and by taking advantage of the internet could sell a lot more. I would ask are more music-industry / inter net savy friends to comment. It is quite possible that I have no idea what i'm talking about.

Message: 3902 Posted: Tue Jan 12 20:25:09 1999 By: Terryt
Subject: Re: Measurement of Success

And some of our personally favorite groups are non-groups. The balance between POPularity and quality has been discussed many times in this Folder. The fact that the Guys ever get a recorded product to the general retailers at all is a testimony to tons of hard work by them and a lot of people behind the scenes. Sure, they could go "independent" with their label, but they're touring constantly. That's more touring and associated travel/rehearsal time than a lot of "regular" people work in a given year. The fact that we are privy to a CD by them shows that they care for us home listeners as much as the concert-goers around the world. We are only trying to show our appreciation by helping however we can. I agree, Brian, that the question isn't how much they sell when judging their quality, we just Love them and have been affected the way you have, in a personal way, by their music. Your comments probably return the favor they have given all of us with their music in the same way that some of us wish to promote them more. We all have different ways of expressing Love, and Love for America is what we all have in common!

Message: 3901 Posted: Tue Jan 12 20:06:33 1999 By: loaf

if you are going to entertain yourselves w/ one song vs. another as potential next single possibilities ---- do they ALL have to be sung / written by Gerry??? Dewey is the one that brought me to America & as much as I love Gerry (& that I DO), Dewey is the one that keeps me there..... Just some somewhat sense of equality for my fellow Capricorn please.......

Message: 3900 Posted: Tue Jan 12 19:34:49 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Measurement of Success

There was a time when America's success was measured by record or album sales. I think the days of #1 songs and the top 20 are over. Not that I wouldn't love to see it. Charting like "FAMT" did on whatever chart it was, (I don't pay any attention to charts)was a great success. I pesonally heard it several times while shopping.
I'm sure Gerry, Dewey and Oxygen would love to see big hits and big numbers and maybe they will, but even if that doesn't happen I think "Human Nature" has been a great triumph. Such good work after this many years is a testimonial to their talent as song writers and performers. Their success by my measurement is in the love that people feel for their music and for them personally. Congratulations to them, hits or not. Personally my favorite America songs are usually the non hits.

Message: 3899 Posted: Tue Jan 12 19:11:57 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Off the Record

Yes, Tom, you got my vote on "Whispering". Surreal. It struck me again tonight when I was doing the Johnny test. I was away from the CD player long enough for it to reach the next-to-last cut. The song jumped out at me. Seems this song was once considered by the potential powers-that-be (us). Well, gonna have some cheese now.


Fellow tt

Message: 3898 Posted: Tue Jan 12 19:03:56 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

sorry Tom! Kevin Costner was filming in our downstairs garden today ( really, I am NOT making this up) so I must have Kevin on the brain. Can you accept my sincere apology????

Message: 3897 Posted: Tue Jan 12 18:57:54 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Overwhelmingly sweet

I think the vocal work on "Overwhelming World Suit" is great by all those who sang on it, especially the "Come Back" section. Nice vocal arrangements there. Kudos to Gerry, Dewey and Jef Foskett. By the way what happened to Todd Fare haven't seen him post for a while ?
He always seems to stir the pot up ( in a good way ) when things get slow.

Message: 3896 Posted: Tue Jan 12 18:43:47 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

M2M gets my vote! And by the way, it's not often that I get to "Toot My Own Horn" but I'm pretty sure it was me who mentioned the "Cheesy Keyboard Bridge" not Kevin. It's not a big deal Robyn, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Woo-I feel better :-)!!! Does anyone else feel that "Whispering" has HIT written all over it? That song is truly a masterpiece that fits in really well on "Human Nature". To me I feel it is one of Gerry's finest recorded Vocal Performances. See Ya....TeeTee

Message: 3895 Posted: Tue Jan 12 18:36:58 1999 By: Brian
Subject: RE: M2M vs. HT

"Hidden Talent" has Carl Wilson signing in the chorus. That's enough for me to like that song let alone skip over it. As far as comparisons to "Moment to Moment" I perfer "M to M".

Message: 3894 Posted: Tue Jan 12 17:29:41 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: RE: M2M vs. HT

I still skip over "Hidden Talent" when it pops up on the CD.

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 3893 Posted: Tue Jan 12 17:29:20 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: M2M or HT? Dewey is the Question

Stoppit Johnny! There ya go again, making us all have to THINK. You fire up this board like nobody else.'re asking which song is our preference, period, or which should be "submitted" as the next airplay single? In the context of the tourney, I'll assume it was for the next "track". The first few seconds of a song are said in certain business circles to be very important in establishing that "hook", which is usually repeated later in the song, to build up tension/anticipation/surprise in the listener. This is the age-old songwriting technique designed to kick the most butt in the shortest time possible, then leave the listener with a good feeling so as to play it more and buy the recording. If you have the stereo totally cranked, then start the song, whatever breaks that silence, and maybe makes some people jump from the 200 watt decibels, will set the mood for the rest of the song unless it has enough dynamics to take you on a journey making you forgive any lousy beginning it might have had. This is 1999! It's supposed to be a year-long New Year's Eve party, culminating in God-knows-what. The youth of America, largest consumer base of the recording industry, want to PARTY. They want to DANCE (this year, anyway). Go figure from that standpoint. After I kept playing the two songs over and over, sometimes it would start playing Track 6 on the HN CD before I could get back. Talk about a song kicking right in! Which brings us to Dewey...

Young the heavens...mother to the stars. How outdoors can you get? Dewey expresses a Love for nature more often than not, and when one of his Romantic Love songs come out, you're still taken outdoors from a palette of natural symbolism. The feelings or conflicts are deeply thought out and expressed in a way that creates visions in the listener. Of the twelve songs on their first album, the first five tracks in a row, and then the last track, were written by Dewey. The word "Love", referring to a lack of love for nature, is found in Horse, their first real hit. I agree that his Love songs "go beyond". Three Roses, probably my favorite, is a song about Thinking/Reflecting about Love. Surreal, cerebral, honest. Like the Moon, we go through phases and cycles. I'm waiting for another Full Dewey.

Message: 3892 Posted: Tue Jan 12 16:33:57 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: M2M or HT? That is the question

for what it's worth, my eleven year old daughter's favorite song on the disc is Hidden Talent, so If you are looking for the pre-teen market, by all means that is the one. However, if you are just asking which song we OTH's prefer...
hey Matt, can we get better than a hmmmm from you?

Message: 3891 Posted: Tue Jan 12 15:43:26 1999 By: Manuel989
Subject: Re: M2M or HT? That is the question



Message: 3890 Posted: Tue Jan 12 15:02:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: M2M or HT? That is the question

MMMMMMMMMMM.........very hard decision!
While radio today has some of the strangest songs out there
that are absolutely great and rising on the charts...
We have to look at previous obstacles that radio dj's gave us about FAMT. Oh, that sounds like the same stuff as it did 20 years years ago....etc (which we all know isn't true). Maybe release something different out there??? While Hidden Talent is very catchy, which
all record companies love ($$$), dream about ($$$), chart about($$$) Don't get me wrong..M2M is a great song, but..
My answer is .... Hidden Talent (I would take that chance)

Message: 3889 Posted: Tue Jan 12 13:27:19 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

While I DO like "Hidden Talent"(Good beat, easy to dance to. I'll give it an 85, Dick), I'd have to choose "Moment to Moment".

Message: 3888 Posted: Tue Jan 12 12:14:37 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Dewey

(Young Moon), is obviously one of my favorites too !!! I have been lucky enough, to be able here this one (written and sung by both Gerry and Dewey), played at a couple of their symphony's....really nice !!! I'd have to agree,
Dewey has written some of my favorite love songs, not to mention his other
brilliantly written songs.....

Message: 3887 Posted: Tue Jan 12 12:04:39 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: RE: M2M vs. HT

I recall someone here saying that M2M made them cringe... I'll put myself out there as well and say that I much prefer Hidden Talent -- I think it's got a great dancing beat to it!

Message: 3886 Posted: Tue Jan 12 11:49:28 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: M2M vs HT

Moment to Moment versus Hidden Talent? Johnny, how could you ask such a question? In keeping with the kinder gentler 1999, I will hesitate to make a sarcastic remark and only say that Moment to Moment wins in a landslide. Funny thing is, when I first heard the soundbites that Steve posted on this site before Human Nature came out, Hidden Talent and Wednesday Morning were my favorite songs. I kept walking around the house singing "Hidden Talent, yeah, Hidden Talen, yeah" until my kids locked me out. I couldn't wait to hear it. Then the album came out and I heard it. What a shame.


Message: 3885 Posted: Tue Jan 12 11:43:37 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Re: Cooperstown

Message: 3884 Posted: Tue Jan 12 11:07:25 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

Moment 2 moment

Message: 3883 Posted: Tue Jan 12 10:43:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

Although I am probably one of the few people who actually like Hidden Talent ( there, I've said it) Moment to Moment is a better song ( Hidden Talent would be better without, as KevinS pointed out, that treacly keyboard filler).

Message: 3882 Posted: Tue Jan 12 10:42:21 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

"Moment To Moment" - hands down!


Message: 3881 Posted: Tue Jan 12 08:23:14 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Cooperstown

Janice, did you get my message.

Message: 3880 Posted: Tue Jan 12 08:16:10 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: M2M or HT

Hi Johnny,
Good Idea. I would have to choose Moment to Moment on this one !! Maureen.

Message: 3879 Posted: Tue Jan 12 07:53:20 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "M2M" Vs. "HT"

As I'm sure you know, "Wednesday Morning" won big time over "Moment To Moment" in the song tourney. If it were "Moment To Moment" verses "Hidden Talent", which song is your preference. I'm just curious and thought it would be fun.

Message: 3878 Posted: Tue Jan 12 04:06:11 1999 By: Steve
Subject: America Tix

If any one would like to see America & The Nelson Brothers on Sunday May 23 in Madison Wisconsin leave an inquiry on my e-mail and leave any info I need.

Message: 3877 Posted: Mon Jan 11 23:27:03 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: Cooperstown

I remember my first America concert. My wife and I were on our honeymoon on the Oregon coast, 1985. Saw in a local paper that America would be playing the next day after a Portland Beavers baseball game (triple A team). Having been an admirer of the music for years and never having the opportunity to see them live, this was a dream come true. I remember it well. Sweltering heat, everyone around us passing a water spray bottle around to cool ourselves down. After the game (not sure who won) Gerry, Dewey and the guys took the stage over 2nd base and played a great set. Since then I have had the pleasure of seeing them 3 other times. each time seems to get better and better. Can't wait for the next time they surface in Vancouver BC.

Message: 3876 Posted: Mon Jan 11 17:18:58 1999 By: janice
Subject: Cooperstown

Thanks, Pete..have gotten quite a bit of feedback..feel free to e-mail me separately..thanks everybody! What a combo..America/Baseball fans!

Message: 3875 Posted: Mon Jan 11 11:56:44 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: fan club

To the America Fan that attended the Caruthersville, MO concert: There isn't an official America fan club with dues, newsletters, etc. However, the America home pages and this chat folder are great gathering places for America fans. An updated tour schedule is usually posted on the web pages, but we haven't received the schedule for 1999 yet. As soon as we do, it will be posted.

Message: 3874 Posted: Mon Jan 11 11:32:59 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Dewey

Oops! My mistake! "Young Moon" was co-written by both Dewey & Gerry. Still a great song and one of my favorites.

Message: 3873 Posted: Mon Jan 11 11:27:10 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Dewey

"Young Moon" is another great one.

Message: 3872 Posted: Mon Jan 11 10:45:31 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Live By Request

Sorry Virginia, I was "off-line " for a while. There are a lot more postings, but if you haven't registered your request, PLEASE DO SO NOW!!!!!

Message: 3871 Posted: Mon Jan 11 10:37:49 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Dewey

Isn't it funny how Dewey is always thought of as the "cerebral" one and Gerry as the "love songs" guy, when some of the best love songs America ever did were written by Dewey. In fact, on America's first album, the first love song is Dewey's "Three Roses." Is there a better love song every written? Maybe. But I haven't heard it. And I can tell you this, I've had five children to "Three Roses." (Dewey, if you can help out with the college fund, I'd appreciate it.) In fact, Dewey has a string of love songs that are phenomenal. "Molten Love" "Letter" "My Dear" "You Girl" "My Dear" "Whole Wide World" "World Alone." The remarkable thing about his love songs is that they aren't typical of the genre. They aren't easy mindless ballads. There's so much more style and substance and thought behind them. Dewey is the king.


I haven't done my Live By Request duty. Just read the cries for help. I'll get to it today.

Message: 3870 Posted: Mon Jan 11 09:35:41 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: TO: Mark


Many, many thanks for your diligence and speed. You have helped me more than you know.

And thanks to the rest of you, too, for all the Live By Request emails! Let's keep asking friends and family to email that site, too, and keep our fingers crossed!


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3869 Posted: Mon Jan 11 08:25:09 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Need More Requests!!

Karen D. is doing her part and we need to do ours. Keep the requests coming. The address is: WWW.LIVEBYREQUEST.COM/

You will see Tony Bennett at the top of the screen and Vince Gill at the bottom. Go to "Your Thoughts" on the left-hand side to post your request for AMERICA.

Message: 3868 Posted: Mon Jan 11 07:17:39 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: fan club

I saw America in Caruthersville, Mo this last weekend and it was the best ever to me. I am sorry the attendance was soooooo low because of the weather. What can I do to join their Fan club and get an updated tour schedule? Thanks from Mississippi.

Message: 3867 Posted: Mon Jan 11 06:27:31 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Janice (Baseball)

Janice got your message at work here today and both airports are almost the same distance to the hall of fame but I do believe that Albany would be a little closer. I will get back to you and let you know for sure.

Message: 3866 Posted: Sun Jan 10 23:25:56 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Mark's answers to Karen

Totally !!!! Great job Mark !

Now we would like a detailed GERRY BECKLEY resume. In other words a list of every project that GERRY has been involved in outside of AMERICA. This is a tough one & GERRY's active musical life makes this nearly impossible; I don't think he could even do it, too massive. It was a thought b/4 VAN GO GAN was released & his promotional trip to Japan.

Message: 3865 Posted: Sun Jan 10 23:08:24 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Mark's answers to Karen

WOW, Mark. You are AWESOME! ShariL

Message: 3864 Posted: Sun Jan 10 21:30:51 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Hey Karen, a summary of my answers!

Karen, here’s a summary of the info I gave you.

Billboard Pop Singles Chart:
Number 1 Singles – 2
Top 10 Singles – 7
Top 40 Singles – 11
Charted Singles – 18

Adult Singles Chart:
Number 1 Singles – 3
Top 10 Singles – 10
Top 40 Singles – 19 (including FAMT)
Charted Singles – 22 (including FAMT)

Composite of Adult and/or Pop Charts (numbers are more impressive)
Number 1 Singles – 5
Top 10 Singles – 10
Top 40 Singles – 19
Charted Singles – 23

Gold Singles – 2

Billboard Album Charts:
Number 1 Album – 1
Top 10 Albums – 5
Top 40 Albums – 8
Charted Albums – 14

Platinum Albums – 2
Gold Albums – 6

Grammy Awards – 1
Grammy Nominations – 2

Message: 3863 Posted: Sun Jan 10 20:37:15 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Hey Karen, some more answers!

Karen, here's a list of albums with peek Billboard chart positions and also some Grammy nominations:

2/72-AMERICA =1 (for 5 weeks)(went PLATINUM)
11/72-HOMECOMING = 9 (went GOLD)
(73-Won Grammy Best New Group of 72)(Grammy Nomination for best performance by group/duo)
10/73-HAT TRICK = 28
6/74-HOLIDAY = 3 (GOLD) First album produced by Sir George Martin
3/75-HEARTS = 4 (GOLD)
11/75-HISTORY = 3 (multi PLATINUM, with US sales in excess of 5 million)
4/76-HIDEAWAY = 11 (GOLD)
2/77-HARBOR = 21
12/77-LIVE = 127 (first album without Dan Peek)
6/79-SILENT LETTER = 110 Last album produced by Sir George Martin
8/80-ALIBI = 142
81-America's Gold
82-THE LAST UNICORN (Movie Soundtrack)
6/83-YOUR MOVE = 81
10/84-PERSPECTIVE = 185
(96- another group's performance of the song HOPE received a Grammy nomination)
95-HORSE WITH NO NAME (Germany - video disc)
96-YOU CAN DO MAGIC (Holland)
97-HEARD (bootleg)

Hope these help!

Message: 3862 Posted: Sun Jan 10 20:17:36 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Hey Karen, some answers!

Karen here's a list of America's singles and their peek positions on the Billboard Pop and Adult charts:
71- A Horse With No Name Pop- 1 (for 3 weeks) Adult- 3 (went GOLD)
5/72-I Need You Pop- 9 Adult - 7
10/72-Ventura Highway Pop-8 Adult- 3
1/73- Don’t Cross The River Pop-35 Adult-23
4/73-Only In Your Heart Pop-62
8/73-Muskrat Love Pop- 67 Adult- 11
Rainbow Song did not chart
Green Monkey did not chart
8/74- Tin Man Pop- 4 Adult- 1
12/74- Lonely People Pop- 5 Adult- 1
4/75- Sister Golden Hair Pop- 1 Adult- 5 (went GOLD)
7/75- Daisy Jane Pop- 20 Adult- 4 UK
11/75-Woman Tonight Pop- 44 Adult- 41
5/76- Today’s The Day Pop- 23 Adult- 1 (2 weeks)
8/76-Amber Cascades Pop-75 Adult- 17
She’s A Liar did not chart
77-God Of The Sun did not chart
77-Don’t You Cry did not chart
77-Slowdown did not chart
3/79-California Dreamin’ Pop- 56
8/79-Only Game In Town Pop- 107
11/79-All My Life Adult- 48
3/80-All Around Adult- 45
80-You Could’ve Been The One did not chart
80-One In A Million did not chart
80-Survival did not chart in US but was number 1 Italy
7/82- You Can Do Magic Pop- 8 Adult-5
11/82-Right Before Your Eyes Pop- 45 Adult- 16
83-Jody did not chart
6/83-The Border Pop-33 Adult- 4
83- Cast The Spirit did not chart
9/84-Special Girl Pop- 106 Adult- 15
12/84-I Can’t Fall Asleep To A Lullaby Adult- 26
90- Last Two To Dance Released in Italy
94-Young Moon did not chart
94-Hope did not chart
9/98-From a Moving Train Adult- 25 (Radio & Records)

I'll follow this up with another post for albums and awards.

Message: 3861 Posted: Sun Jan 10 19:27:03 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message To Jerey And A Few Thoughts

Jerey, I know you will have a blast at your first AMERICA concert! You've been deprived long enough.

Talking about Gerry's heartfelt songs and Dewey's feel for nature, Dewey has his emotional side as reflected in "World Alone". I can't think of a more touching breakup song that he has written. It and Gerry's "Sarah" are wonderful.

Please keep those requests coming on "Live By Request". It must be that a lot of you are away from your computer this weekend. First thing Monday, please contact "LBR".

Shayne, you and Karen D. should get the first two requests if this comes true. I'm getting excited at the thought of it!!

Message: 3860 Posted: Sun Jan 10 18:14:24 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Sometimes late...

Jerey, I think you sum up the three Guys so very well. Head, Heart, and Courage. Where have I heard that before? Musta been some old movie.

Message: 3859 Posted: Sun Jan 10 14:00:34 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message to Karen and Steve Nelson: Looking For John Corbett?


Is it John Corbett who you're looking for? He wrote a terrific history of AMERICA. His e-mail address is

Message: 3858 Posted: Sun Jan 10 12:58:30 1999 By: Jerey
Subject: America through the years

I enjoy reading the comments by other America fans. Many times the thoughts seem to be lifted from my mind. I was reading about Dewey and the fantastic songs he has written through the years. I must say I agree that Dewey has a way of catching that adventurous spirit in us all. I really enjoy his work. Gerry's music has a way of touching another vital part of who we are. He tends to be able to speak to the romantic part of us. The only thing that seems to be missing is Dan Peek's subtle tunes of hope. Call me sentimental but I do miss the three part vocal harmonies. I realize that might present a "been there, done that" situation for all involved but I would like to hear another Peek tune on an upcoming America album.

At the end of the month I get the opportunity to live a dream as I plan to be at the Cincinnati concert. It will be my very first America concert. I really love America music. Guys thanks for all the time we have spent together through the years. I have enjoyed every step along the way.

Message: 3857 Posted: Sun Jan 10 11:01:41 1999 By: janice
Subject: In-flight music

Carol..I am in Consumer Affairs for Delta..was pleased to see your comments and I am forwarding them to the appropriate department head..maybe we can get more America music on board!

Message: 3856 Posted: Sun Jan 10 10:23:22 1999 By: Carol Kesler
Subject: An America fan in Europe

Dear Oxygen Records:
I just flew on Delta Airlines from JFK to Prague last week (I'm American, but live in Prague). Imagine my surprise when I opened the Delta "Sky" magazine, and saw they were featuring the song, "Moving Train." What a great tune! I listened to it about 6 times (it's a long flight!) Is the new America album available in Europe? Do the guys have any plans to tour over here? Please keep me posted. Thanks, Carol

Message: 3855 Posted: Sun Jan 10 09:43:25 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: The guy who wrote the history of the band...

...Anyone remember who I'm talking about? I need to find this guy and get some facts from him for a proposal I have to submit TOMORROW - Monday. I'll list my questions here, too, in case someone cruising this site knows the answers...but if anyone knows which person I am referring to, please let me know, ok?

How many gold records?
Same with albums.
Awards received over career? International awards?
Chart positions of singles.

Anything else along those lines, too, would work. If any of you know the answers, please email me the information directly - as opposed to posting it here - and I will incorporate it into the proposal.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records.

Message: 3854 Posted: Sun Jan 10 09:27:13 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Gerry and Prada

Hi, Happy New Year !! I was wondering what ever happened to the idea of Gerry & Prada?? Hay, are yo still moving ? Keep in touch and thanks.....Maureen

Message: 3853 Posted: Sun Jan 10 08:04:12 1999 By: Marlene

I hope they bring you guyes back to Va. Beach soon. I enjoyed your shows and we missed you last year at the AMF (American Music Festival) held every Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, we will see you this year!

Message: 3852 Posted: Sun Jan 10 06:43:57 1999 By: Lynne
Subject: america

Just found this site-didn't even know Human Nature was out there.Glad to see my favorite guys from 30 years' ago still able to put out good music. Keep up the great work!

Message: 3851 Posted: Sun Jan 10 04:59:31 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Wish List

Hi all, once again America conclude a quite stunning year,when taking to the road last tour how many noticed that it started with large crowds and even mid year the story was the same,as were the dates at the end of the tour,and still fitted in a brand new album plus promotional work , and some quite marvellous efforts from the oxygen team.I must say how many times have we all heard that so many fans out there say" I thought I was the only one",not any more the hand of friendship is stretching all around the globe , and that is just us, how many fans do'nt have access to this wonderful medium? I very much look foward to this year watching the guys promote Human Nature!! I'm going to close with a wish list that perhaps may happen in their careers. 1. Guys record album with touring band and musicians of their choosing. 2.Record video of their conerts. 3.Be a trifle more accoustic. 4.Have top ten album. 5.Wake up the world to what they have been missing!

Message: 3850 Posted: Sat Jan 09 21:58:14 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: VH1

Boy, I'll say. Sounds like one for the archives!!

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 3849 Posted: Sat Jan 09 19:16:13 1999 By: janice
Subject: baseball fans!

Thanks to all of you who offered your valuable insights to my Hall of Fame plight..although I won't make Reno this year it appears that I will still be in some pretty good company..Now if we can just get America to come to Cooperstown that weekend! Just checked the Live by Request page and it is wonderful to see how many fans have written in!! Keep 'em comin'!

Message: 3848 Posted: Sat Jan 09 19:16:10 1999 By: Bruce
Subject: Radio City

Yes Tony you are right!!! I was at the Arts Center too!!

Message: 3847 Posted: Sat Jan 09 18:34:57 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Sorry for the delay

I just posted on "LBR". Sorry it took so long. I was offline this weekend.


Message: 3846 Posted: Sat Jan 09 17:50:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: LBR: The Time Is Now!!!

Get your family members to e-mail LBR. The time is now!!! Let's strike while it's hot! For those who have never posted their thoughts to LBR, look for "Your Thought" on their site. It's the left column on the screen.

Message: 3845 Posted: Sat Jan 09 17:26:57 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: VH1

Sounds like the Guys will be with some pretty darn good company on March 2!

Message: 3844 Posted: Sat Jan 09 17:18:42 1999 By: Karen D.

Hello Joanne.

America will appear in the "Classic Rock" episode of VH-1's Where Are They Now series on Tuesday, March 2nd at 10pmEST.

Other acts in that show are Boston, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Yes, etc..


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3843 Posted: Sat Jan 09 17:16:58 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Dewey Bunnell

Welcome back, Adrian. Your words eloquently describe what Dewey's songs do for me, too. Jimnak's reprise topped it off. Not that they operate in the same way that Lennon/McCartney did, but there is a similarity in the balance between cutting raw edge cerebral mystical stuff and beautiful flowing love-theme melodies/lyrics, although seldom are the two elements combined in a single song. I'm sure we can think of those songs that combine the two (or three, for the diehards). Like they say, Dewey is the "outdoor" writer, but it's "in" our mind when he takes us on that journey. Granted that Gerry is established as the workaholic song machine, I expect more to come from Dewey soon. He has the material, but just hasn't laid it down yet.

Message: 3842 Posted: Sat Jan 09 15:34:42 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: LBR

I just went in with no problem. Keep trying. Maybe the problem is with your server. As of 1:35pm PST, there were 27 requests for an appearance by America. Those of you who haven't written in, PLEASE do so. The address is

Message: 3841 Posted: Sat Jan 09 15:21:00 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: LBR

Help! I can't seem to get in touch with LBR. I've tried everything! The thing that's strange is that I have e-mailed them before and I don't understand why I can't get through. Any suggestions? TeeTee

Message: 3840 Posted: Sat Jan 09 13:18:36 1999 By: Tony O
Subject: reply re Radio City Concert 2/24/83

That was my first America Concert and the sound was incredible. I remember that the song " Here" went on forever. That night I went back to my room and dubbed a tape of all the songs in the order they played them. The Border wasn't played at the concert, since I was able to recreate the concert with the cassettes I already had. I'm listening to it now. The cover of my cassette has a newspaper ad for the concert. It's a View from the Ground photo of Dewey and Gerry leaning on a fence. A Great concert.

Later that same year they introduced the border at a concert I was at in Garden State Performing Art Center.

Message: 3839 Posted: Sat Jan 09 13:16:31 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc. Messages

That's fanastic news about LBR and a potential AMERICA appearance!!
Welcome Latiff and Joanne. Karen, I'm surprised that "M to M" is still being considered since "Wednesday Morning" kicked butt, big time. The fans on this site spoke loud and clear; I hope the execs
of the company will listen. Gerry's own flesh and blood, Matt (aka Mr. Blue) says "Wednesday Morning" is awesome!!

Message: 3838 Posted: Sat Jan 09 12:22:49 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: LBR

everyone, I left my message on LBR. HL

Message: 3837 Posted: Sat Jan 09 11:52:29 1999 By: Joanne Meyers

Hi my name is Joanne Meyers I'm new to the website but have been a AMERICA fan almost my whole life. To all please visit Vh1 web site and request to see AMERICA as there next story on, WHERE ARE THEY NOW? I also entered my request on livebyrequest. Can't wait for the chat 1-14-99 see you all then. Thanks for the "gift of gab" Joanne Meyers

Message: 3836 Posted: Sat Jan 09 11:13:04 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Dewey Bunnell

Heavenly agree w/your assessment on Mr. DEWEY BUNNELL. His songs are the vehicle by which the listener is taken on a travel thru time & space w/lots of stops along the way. I think if he wasn't a musician, he could have been a highly successful writer of literary intrigue. OLOOLOLO, PAGES, TOWN & COUNTRY being his most recent works w/the usual terrific support from GERRY BECKLEY, the master musician who ties it all together. What a team !

Message: 3835 Posted: Sat Jan 09 09:37:55 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: LBR

Hi Penny,
I just posted a message on the LBR board. Sorry I haven't been in touch with you or any one else on this site. I am taking ANOTHER class at my college. The class started on Dec 28 thru Jan 15. Every nite, 2 hours a night. I have been reading everyone comments daily at work. So, please forgive me. Hay, are you going to the Rhode Island show? We got our tickets last week. Hope to hear from you soon. How is that 'schunk'. Oh, by the way, she is not a schunk, she is a cat!! See ya........Maureen & Bob

Message: 3834 Posted: Sat Jan 09 08:44:14 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Dewey Bunnell

Hi all,just returned after a brief stay in South Australia with the weather an absurd 41c at 11am in the morning,most uncomfortable.Catching up on all these posts,I've noted someone else out there likes My Dear,is'nt Mr.Dewey Bunnell quite extraordinary ,a man with a gift through his songwriting to transport the listener to another dimension,be it taking a stroll through the desert ,or taking tea with old man took, and then adding an atmosphere so compelling that these songs can never be forgotten.

Message: 3833 Posted: Sat Jan 09 07:25:37 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Eddy in the Snow

I knew we could count on you Eddy...not even a blizzard would stop a devoted fan like you from contacting Live By Request. If Eddy could thaw out long enough to 'bout the rest of you? C'mon guys!

Message: 3832 Posted: Sat Jan 09 00:24:54 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: Live By Request

Hey Penny! Sorry it took me so long! You see, I was wrapped in a blanket, lyin' in the snow, then I had to go through some orange funnels and "got stuck" in snowy tunnels.......................... Oh well, I put my request in anyway.................................. CAR 54

Message: 3831 Posted: Fri Jan 08 23:51:58 1999 By: Abdul Latiff
Subject: only fan in Malaysia?

I've been reading this chat folder for the last 8 months or so and have now decided to join in. Before posting this I made a request for America at livebyrequest (my first ever). It's wonderful to know America has so many loyal fans out there. I must be the only fan in Malaysia though.

Message: 3830 Posted: Fri Jan 08 23:39:46 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Correction

The Last post was by Joe Knight. I typed that in accidently. I say that because there is a guy who uses that as his screen name Joe

Message: 3829 Posted: Fri Jan 08 23:38:47 1999 By: Connie
Subject: Nugget Shows

I missed the shows last year, but I hope I can go this year. I'll be in touch.
Everyone -
Sorry I don't write very often, but I get such a charge reading this folder. All of you are great!

Message: 3828 Posted: Fri Jan 08 23:36:26 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America

I have been to 4 America Concerts..1st at App.State Uni. in Boone NC in 1972 or 73. I saw them 2 different times in Charlotte NC in the 80's and the last time in Myrtle Beach SC in 1991. I got to meet them then!... Thanks to my wife. I was a little shy about approaching them but my wife wasn't. She just walked right up and said hello. It was a great experience. I am glad that I found this Websight. I thought I was the only America fan left. Nice talking to all of you Joe

Message: 3827 Posted: Fri Jan 08 23:27:58 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: TV

Ok guys I Emailed Leno and Live by request. What about Letterman?? I have heard them mention America before. In fact Paul and the band played part of a Horse with no name on his show one night. Also on my birth day several years ago America appeared on the tonight show when Jay was still filling in for Carson. Does anyone remember? It was on March 2. I have forgotten the year ..... Did anyone else see them? Joe

Message: 3826 Posted: Fri Jan 08 21:49:19 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Live By Request

Where is everybody? There are only nine requests right now. I just paged through old postings and came up with these "regulars":
Johnny, Maureen, ShariL, Tom T, Shayne, Robyn, Erin, Jim Griffey, John Nelson, Jim Nakao, Mark, Steve Orchard, Steve Lowry, Joe Knight, Brandon Rose, leakycanoe, and Todd Fare. I'm sure there are plenty of people who go in and just read the messages. Please, everyone write in this weekend. This would be such great exposure for America.
Once more, here is the address: Then click on 'Your Thoughts', and write your request.

Message: 3825 Posted: Fri Jan 08 19:16:46 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Tom T./Novi/Doobies

Thanks for the clarification, Tom. I wasn't reading the screen too well at that hour the other night.
Joanne Meyers, belated thanks for the pics...fantastic.
Ginny, if you're out there, any more word on the possible Hallandale, FL event?
Got the SOS, Karen...will send kudos :)

Message: 3824 Posted: Fri Jan 08 19:10:49 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Live By Request

Just came back from visiting the website and we have a few recent emails listed...BUT WE NEED LOTS MORE! C'mon you guys, especially the ones stuck in because of that show. Let's send a strong and positive message! Howarrrrrrd? Maureeeeeeeeen? Eddddddddy? Car 54 where are you?

Message: 3823 Posted: Fri Jan 08 18:27:47 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: SOS!

Okay everyone-it's Then click on'your thoughts' and write your request. There was a lot of response the last time. No reason why we can't do it again. As Karen said, don't mention that you know they are considering America for an appearance.

Message: 3822 Posted: Fri Jan 08 17:23:02 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Question for Karen D.

We still have not made a decision about releasing a second single from Human Nature. If we do, it will be either Moment to Moment or Wednesday Morning.

Write to A&E!


Message: 3821 Posted: Fri Jan 08 17:21:18 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: SOS!

I need help!

Looks like A&E is "heavily considering" booking America for a February date! We CANnot spare a second to start emailing them again and pushing them to do it. The original emails must have planted the seed but it would be great if you could start sending them a barrage of emails right now. Don't mention that you know they are weighing this decision. You just want to see America on their show.

I believe they are making decisions early next week, possibly Monday, so this has to start NOW.

Anyone still have that email link around?


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3820 Posted: Fri Jan 08 16:39:47 1999 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: Radio City

Shayne, you may be right (or I may be crazy!) re: Radio City 2/83- maybe it was "Eyes"- not "Border"!!! Well, what the heck, they're both great! "Eyes" is on my playlist of songs that I sing with my friends in Washington Square Park(in Greenwich Village for worldwide fans!) on warm Summer weekends! All the AMERICA songs are big crowd pleasers!

Message: 3819 Posted: Fri Jan 08 16:34:42 1999 By: janice
Subject: to pete in Albany

Saw your post requsting a show in Albany or're the perfect person to ask..I'm going to the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction (Cooperstown) in July..was real hard to find a place to stay as the Otesaga as well as all others either don't take reservations or are booked..found a place in Utica..a log house in the chuckles please..but was told to fly into Syracuse..I thought Albany was closer..any comments? you can e-mail me so we don't use up "America" space talking baseball..Saw Erin's post about the Reno shows..for all who can go, they are fun!! (Thanks for the info, Erin!) It's a toss pun intended..but....I'm sure they would like to see some new faces in Reno this year..!

Message: 3818 Posted: Fri Jan 08 16:07:58 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Lauren Wood, AMERICA, And Tom Petty Answers

The Lauren Wood song and the AMERICA "Holiday" song with the same title is indeed "Hollywood" as Robyn correctly answered. Since no one else knew the answer, it is fitting that Robyn gave it.

The answer to the Tom Petty question is the Beach Boys. Petty is a huge admirer of the group. The outtakes are from "Pet Sounds".

A note to Shayne:

If Inspector Mills
Can work in Beverly Hills
Inspector Shayne could
Live in Hollywood

Don't fear! I'm not quitting my day job.

Message: 3817 Posted: Fri Jan 08 15:11:19 1999 By: georgianna
Subject: Dewey solo

I wish more than anything Dewey would release a solo CD of his very own!! I love Gerry's CD. We now need to hear from Dewey!!

Remember - Poughkeepsie!!

Message: 3816 Posted: Fri Jan 08 14:36:22 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: NYC Concert

the concert you saw at Radio City..was it just America or
anybody else. Just curious.

Message: 3815 Posted: Fri Jan 08 14:34:15 1999 By: People From The Farm
Subject: America

We're ready for you Mr. Shayne.........
Just kidding.Couldn't resiste.hl

Message: 3814 Posted: Fri Jan 08 13:45:46 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Question for Karen D.


You've probably answered this before, but...
When is the label releasing the next single? For some reason, I had it in my brain that it was mid January. Is my brain right? Or do I need to visit those nice people on the farm again?


Message: 3813 Posted: Fri Jan 08 13:42:27 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Show

I'll be there.

Message: 3812 Posted: Fri Jan 08 12:51:43 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: NYC & LA Concerts

Robyn - I lived there in 1977 and 78. I moved up to San Jose for the next 3 years (all high school years). Between California and Chicago, I have lived in a number of places. Now, bear with me, it gets long...I've lived in Knoxville, TN, Dallas, North Hollywood, San Jose, New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn) Miami Beach, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Oak Park, Michigan and now Chicago. To top it off, it appears we may be moving back to Dallas in the very near future (I grew up there). My biggest mistake was not buying stock in Allied Van Lines!

Bruce - It must have been a different show. They announced that they were working on a new album (Your Move), but claimed that they hadn't learned the chords well enough to perform them. The show I went to was in February of '83. "Right Before Your Eyes" was still on the charts. What I remember most was that as much as I thought I knew the songs as they were beginning, someone always beat me to it. After the show, a bunch of people met outside and we just sat in the cold and sang songs that they didn't perform. It was the first time I realized that I wasn't the only fanatic. It was neat-o.

Time for my nap (don't tell my boss).


Message: 3811 Posted: Fri Jan 08 12:02:39 1999 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: NYC Concerts

Karen- Thanks so much for your reply!!! When I called the Bottom Line
last Fall and actually spoke to Alan Pepper, one of the owners, he was quite nice to me. He didn't rule anything out! I told him if he booked them, I would be bending everyone's ear I know to get their ass down there and fill the place! I mean, most of the acts booked there haven't had the hits that AMERICA has! It's the perfect venue! Not that Radio City Music Hall is bad either! LOL! And Howard & Shayne, I was there also I guess in early 1983 (it wasn't '82?) when MAGIC was a hit. Tenth row-WOW! What a show! The sound system there is so great! (Saw the B-52's there last Summer!) I remember that they played "The Border" -first time I was hearing it- and I loved it! Just like the first time I heard "Mirror" and "Young Moon"- loved what I heard the first time!
So call those venues folks! Don't assume you cant get through! Get someone on the phone who actually books acts- be persistent! I was and got through!
Thanks again to Karen for all her hard work! P.S. Did anyone ever reply to that question about the "Horse" tuning on Dewey's guitar?

Message: 3810 Posted: Fri Jan 08 11:58:42 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Show

really Shayne? I don't live too far from North Hollywood now, i lived there in the late 70's. What prompted the move to Chicago?

Message: 3809 Posted: Fri Jan 08 11:41:45 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Los Angeles Show

I'd like to go, but I live in Chicago. Oh, well. I used to live in North Hollywood, but that was quite some time ago. I'm not sure why anyone would care about this. We could turn it into a trivia question. Okay, Johnny, why would anyone care about this???

I need some rest.


Message: 3808 Posted: Fri Jan 08 11:28:36 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Los Angeles Show

Anyone else going???? or is it just going to be me???

Message: 3807 Posted: Fri Jan 08 11:17:43 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: NYC Concert

I saw them at Radio City in early '83. Best concert I ever went to (until "Hell Freezes Over" tour by the Eagles). We sat in the 6th row and got to meet the guys afterward (out on 54th street). I still have my signed ticket stub. Just thought I'd share.


Message: 3806 Posted: Fri Jan 08 11:12:04 1999 By: HLieboff
Subject: NYC Concert

FYI: In the begining to mid 1980's,
America played "Radio City Music Hall" quite often!!!! :0)

Message: 3805 Posted: Fri Jan 08 10:44:01 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Common Song Title??

Hollywood (aka the ABC theme song one year in the early eighties) I guess given my Lauren connection, it's unfair for me to play!

Message: 3804 Posted: Fri Jan 08 10:32:32 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Concerts (America)

Does anyone out there know when the whole America concert list for 1999 will be out. Hoping they will be coming to upstate New York such as Albany or Saratoga area.

Message: 3803 Posted: Fri Jan 08 09:57:37 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: NYC Concert

Hey Bruce.....If I told you I am SERIOUSLY working on it, would that be ok for now? And I DO mean seriously.


By the way, calling a venue in New York City and asking to speak to the manager and bugging him/her about having America play there is yet another powerful way to make a difference. VERY powerful and more effective than you can imagine.

Message: 3802 Posted: Fri Jan 08 04:29:37 1999 By: HealthGuru
Subject: Re: America in Reno!!!

Had one of those perfect days today where there was just a lot of goodforthesoulness to be had.
Johnny, there's another fantastic cover of SD's "Dirty Work" by a band called the Replicants. It's one of my favorites. On a side note, the Replicants are an offshoot of the now defunct Failure(very good for the soul), a fantastic LA band. I heard an accoustic cover of one of their songs "The Nurse Who Loved Me" being done by some kid in San Diego. Somehow it just all seemed to relate.

See y'all at the Key Club.

uruG htlaeH

"She's fallen hard for me, I can see it in her eyes
she acts just like a nurse, for all of the other guys"

Message: 3801 Posted: Fri Jan 08 02:01:26 1999 By: Erin
Subject: America in Reno!!!

Hi everyone! I just heard that America will be in Reno/Sparks (at the Nugget) from 7/22 through 8/4. I know it's kind of far in advance, but is anyone planning on going? The Nugget is a great place to see them!!
Erin :o)

Message: 3800 Posted: Thu Jan 07 21:54:11 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: Nicolette and America

Nicolette Larsen did share the bill with America during the Perspective tour at Kemper Arena in Kansas City. It was an election year and the show was the same night as a Presidential debate also held in K.C. Nicolette opened the show, it was basically a homecoming show for her since she grew up in KC. A politcal humorist who played piano (I think his name is Russell?) then took the stage and humoured us for way to long. Finally America took the stage and played their usual great set. I remember red, white and blue baloons falling from the ceiling during Magic and it being very crazy, we basically missed the song becouse everyone was bouncing balloons. I do have pictues of this show and if I ever find them I'll pass them to Steve so they can be posted. Take Care, Mark...

Message: 3799 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:36:24 1999 By: Tom Deleesi
Subject: Great America Fans

What with all the kudos you guys give each other - maybe you should get a room...

Message: 3798 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:36:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Common Song Title??

What Lauren Wood and what AMERICA song from "Holiday" have the same title? They're different songs, of course.

Message: 3797 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:28:36 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: My Collection

Wow...I certainly can't compete with THAT collection. But I DO have an autographed copy of "Hideaway" (Dewey and Willie gracious enough to do the honors)

And...speaking of Nicolette Larson, I had the chance to see her in a touring production of "Pump Boys and Dinettes" in 1983".

Jim...Erie, PA.

Message: 3796 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:13:38 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Nicolette/Lauren/Johnny/Etc.

Terry, check out Robyn's post-#3781-that will explain that Lauren Wood wasn't the one playing Fiddle for the Doobies; it was her Bandmate-Novi (*that's her name- Full Name...Novi Novog...Honest! The other interesting connection was the Michael Macdonald-Doobie Brothers-Nicolette Larson-Christopher Cross-Lauren Wood-Steely Dan link! I never would've thought of it if it wasn't for this great Chat Folder! Thanks Friends! TeeTee

Message: 3795 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:08:36 1999 By: Bruce David Martin
Subject: NYC Concert

I have been trying to get an answer to the following question: When will AMERICA play in New York City? Yeah, the Tower Records appearance was great, but I mean in a REAL venue! For a number of years, I've been driving to New Jersey to Club Bene, where AMERICA commonly appears in Summer. Now, I KNOW that New Jersey is part of the United States, but just try to get my friends there! (Unless they're in my car, of course!) I saw them in the 70's and 80's, but what gives? I've even called the owner of the Bottom Line (VERY famous club in Greenwich Village) , but nothing. Can ANYONE shed any light on why AMERICA does not play in the biggest city in the United States?

Message: 3794 Posted: Thu Jan 07 20:08:32 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: A Tom Petty Question

There is a famous musical group whose album outtakes are owed by Tom Petty. Who is this group and what are the outtakes of?

Message: 3793 Posted: Thu Jan 07 19:16:08 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Wednesday Morning/KevinS

I'll take it a step further...maybe Wednesday Morning should have been submitted FIRST, before FAMT. I'm playing it over and over...listening through the ears of three generations, and it KICKS. Sure, a lot of Tom Petty there, but look what HE's done. The drama in the lyrics can be related to from post-stone age until now, by both genders, and probably forever. Of all the songs on the CD, given what we and consumers can choose from, it is probably the most broad spectrum, generation-transcending cut there (in my humble opinion). I can see teenage girls singing along in their parents' car while out on a Friday night, older folks saying, "Yeh, that's the way it was", and others just enjoying the beat and dancing to it, before they ever experienced what the lyrics referred to.

Thank-you very much

Dick Clark

Message: 3792 Posted: Thu Jan 07 18:35:33 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Nicolette/Lauren/Johnny/Etc.

Radio Shack sells phono cartridges and stylii (plural of needle), after ya get that turntable at a garage sale.

"Singer Nicolette Larson died suddenly Tuesday (Dec. 16, 1997) at the UCLA
Medical Center in Los Angeles. She had been rushed to the center earlier this week with
liver failure, and died Tuesday from a condition known as cerebral edema, a build up of
toxic fluids in the brain."

The preceding was paraphrased from

I saw her in concert once in California (without Neil Young).

An America connection, as far as I know and although maybe indirect, would be that her circle of friends included Christopher Cross.

Johnny always deserves an answer to something HE doesn't know (a rare thing). WHAT a music collection, by the way!'re in the concert vision, too, only in a slightly different setting!

Tom Tee...Lauren played that fiddle on Black Water?! wow

Karen, stop being so humble.

Message: 3791 Posted: Thu Jan 07 17:10:09 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: turntables

Panasonic and Technics are still in production. look it up online at

Message: 3790 Posted: Thu Jan 07 16:58:01 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: turntables

Does anyone know of a current company producing steros with turntables? Count me among the Nicollete Larson fans. Back when I was a dj I played Lotta Love right into the ground.

Message: 3789 Posted: Thu Jan 07 16:39:18 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Nicolette and Lauren

A little more trivia about the Lauren Wood connection. NOVI, the talented string player (ie.violin/viola) is also someone with some interesting credentials. She is the famous fiddle player on the recording of The Doobie Brothers #1 hit "Black Water" and she is the string player you can hear in "Raspberry Beret" by The Artist.... She is extremely talented and I thought deserved to be mentioned. I finally heard "From A Moving Train" and it was at my local supermarket. Well it made my shopping a lot more enjoyable. I have been playing "Wed. Morning" for all my friends and the response is extremely favorable. I think that may be the hit that will click! See Ya...:-) TeeTee

Message: 3788 Posted: Thu Jan 07 14:36:40 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: I GOT MY TICKETS!!!

I got my tickets to the 2/25 show at the Key club in Hollywood. ANyone else going? I mistakenly thought the show was a Friday, and am now trying to decide what to do with my 11 year old. If all elese fails, I will bring her and leave my husband to his own devices! (vices?)

Message: 3787 Posted: Thu Jan 07 13:56:38 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Nicolette and Lauren

You might know that there was a Nicolette Larson tribute in Santa Monica last year at the Civic Centre. It featured such artists as Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffett, Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Steven Stills, Carole King etc. They did record it but haven't heard of anything coming out yet.

Message: 3786 Posted: Thu Jan 07 13:13:54 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Nicolette and Lauren

Lauren claimed that as a child she was "chunky" She never could prove it by me!

Message: 3785 Posted: Thu Jan 07 13:04:10 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Nicolette and Lauren

Thanks Steve Orchard for the info on Nicolette tragic. She was so talented.

Robyn, you have impressed me big time with your association with Lauren Wood aka "Chunky". I was able to retrieve my "Lauren Wood" and "Nicolette Larson" albums. The song I was thinking of is
"Save The Man". Lauren's hit from that album was, "Please Don't Leave". From Nicollete's 1978 album, Lauren wrote "Can't Get Away From You". On that same album are, "Lotta Love" by Neil Young and
"You Send Me" by Sam Cooke!

Robyn, why Lauren's nickname, "Chunky"? She's certainly not chunky but indeed slim and trim. I'd said she's a knockout. I know this isn't the "Larson and Wood" site but I'm curious.

Message: 3784 Posted: Thu Jan 07 12:56:50 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: Steve: "Heard"

Thanks Johnny! I will follow up. If all else fails I will e-mail you for his address. Thanks again!

Message: 3783 Posted: Thu Jan 07 12:52:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Steve: "Heard"

Steve, for the "Heard" CD, contact John Corbett who is a participant on this site. I don't know his e-mail address but maybe he will read this and will contact you. I can provide you his mailing address if all else fails.

Message: 3782 Posted: Thu Jan 07 11:58:25 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Heard CD

How do I get this CD?

Message: 3781 Posted: Thu Jan 07 11:17:25 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Robyn and Lauren Wood

Chunky, Novi and Ernie!!!! Lauren has a new cd out that is great ( check ut her web page at I worked for her in the late 70's early 80's, kind of as a result of hearing Nicollette do her stuf. I was a roadie for a number of people, my main job cosisted of getting them on stage in a reasonable shape to perform. For Lauren , that meant making sure she ate!!! She would forget to eat, and as there wasn't much of her to begin with, well....
I love her and her work, and she is just a nice person, good to work for --- can't say that about all the bands I worked for:(

Message: 3780 Posted: Thu Jan 07 11:07:26 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Robyn and Lauren Wood

Robyn, Lauren Wood is your friend? Cool!!!! I have one of her albums. I really like it. I'm not where I can retrieve it but I think the hit from it had a title something like, "Here's The Man"??
Her cousin was in her band and there's a guy, too. Someone is named, Novi, right? Lauren did a great job with Steely Dan's, "Dirty Work". Maybe the song was "WHERE'S The Man"?

Message: 3779 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:44:55 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: My Collection

Here's my AMERICA collection and quanity. What's yours?

AMERICA 2 albums
HOMECOMING 3 albums (one autographed by Gerry and Dewey), 8 track
HAT TRICK 2 albums, 8 track
HOLIDAY 2 albums, 2 8 tracks
HEARTS l album
HISTORY 2 albums, 8 track, cassette
HIDEAWAY 2 albums, 8 track
HARBOR l album
LIVE 1 album, 8 track
SILENT LETTER 1 album (autographed by Gerry, Dewey, Michael, Willie, Brad)
ALIBI 1 album, 8 track
YOUR MOVE 1 album
IN CONCERT 1 album
ENCORE 1 cassette
HOURGLASS 1 cassette, CD
HEARD 1 CD on order
HUMAN NATURE 1 cassette, 1 CD on order

Message: 3778 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:42:23 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Recognition Blunder

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Seriously, all the work you do, Karen, it's nice to see you have managed to maintain your sense of humor!!!

Message: 3777 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:37:08 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Great CD

Congratulations Brian! Much happiness to you and your wife!

Message: 3776 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:34:26 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: RE: Nicolette Larson/Johnny

Yes, Nicolette had a brain annurisim( I can't spell for beans this morning!) and died suddenly about one year ago. It was quite a shock. She left behind a young daughter. She was married to Russ Kunkel, I believe. She also had a hit with "Fallen" written by an old friend of mine, Lauren Wood.

Message: 3775 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:34:25 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Gerry website


I hope this isn't turning into a Gerry website. Dewey is a musical and songwriting genius who deserves equal recognition. But as far as the Dewey song vs. Gerry song thing, Karen is right. It's about America songs, no matter who they come from. (Besides, both guys wrote Wheels Are Turning, so it's really a Dewey AND Gerry song). I think every song Dewey ever wrote was phenominal. Sure, Wheels are Turning is a good song. Just as I thought his songs like Lady With A Bluebird or Green Monkey or My Dear were masterpieces. Even so, I never thought they would be hit singles because they were just too damn smart and too damn complex and too damn good for radio. I personally don't think Wheels Are Turning is a single. Or, if it is, it's not as strong of a next single as Wednesday Morning. It's funny how different America songs can affect loyal fans like us differently. I know your least favorite song on the album is Wednesday Morning. That's my favorite. I know you really like Hidden Talent. I can't stand the song. But, hey, differences of opinion are tolerated. Maybe that's another testament to how great these guys really are that their music effects so many people in diffent ways. One last thing about Gerry songs vs Dewey songs (or even Dan songs for that matter): after 17 or so albums, Human Nature is the first America album where my favorite song on the album wasn't written by Dewey. Even still, Dewey is a genius.


Message: 3774 Posted: Thu Jan 07 10:23:43 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Recognition Blunder

You silly thing...recognition isn't important to me. You guys come up with more brilliant marketing strategies for this band than I ever could. The only thing that matters is that we all have the same goal - total world domination for Karen D.....oh no, wait...for AMERICA!



Message: 3773 Posted: Thu Jan 07 08:52:26 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: RE: Nicolette Larson/Johnny

Nicolette larson passed away last year if I'm not mistaken. I think it
was something to do with a brain aneurism or something like that.
Think she was only in her middle 40's too. Larsons biggest hit single
was 1978's "Lotta love" which hit #8 on the billboard Hot 100. She
also charted a #35 hit with Michael Mcdonald in 1980 called "Let me
go love". She would later go on to chart Country hits too

Message: 3772 Posted: Thu Jan 07 08:24:55 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Recognition Blunder

Karen D., sorry for my recognition blunder on "Austin City Limits".
Too much eggnog, I guess.

Message: 3771 Posted: Thu Jan 07 08:18:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Late Nicolette Larson????

Brian said in his post, "the late Nicolette Larson". When did she pass away and what were the circumstances?

Tom T, thanks for the trivia question about me!!!

Message: 3770 Posted: Wed Jan 06 21:01:16 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: whoa Shayne,Tom,Terry....

guys I'm right up there with my GREAT SOUNDING Takamine 12 string
competing for the Dan Peek position. I play a mean 12 string..
so watch out guys. Is this live or memorex!!! hl

Message: 3769 Posted: Wed Jan 06 20:09:44 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Ahem...

Tom, I believe it was the famous Johnny who mentioned the roadrunner pin that Dan Peek was wearing because it is the state bird of Johnny's home state (New Mexico). If I'm not mistaken, it was around Thanksgiving when he mentioned it.

Message: 3768 Posted: Wed Jan 06 20:00:06 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Ahem...

Yes Karen, it wasn't me who suggested "Austin City..." I was the first to mention "The Rosie O'Donnell Show". With her going live again, it really helped to liven things up again. Keep up the good work Karen- We greatly appreciate it. Hey here's some Chat Folder Trivia for you...Which Die Hard AMERICA Fan mentioned the Road Runner Pin that Dan Peek is wearing on the "Hearts" Album cover AND which state has the road runner as their State Bird? How's That Terry T.? See Ya......TeeTee...

Message: 3767 Posted: Wed Jan 06 19:59:17 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: next single

Hi Joe.

To tell you the truth, the label DEFinitely doesn't pick the single choices apart that way. Dewey songs or Gerry songs.

All the songs on Human Nature are America songs, knowhatimsayin?


Message: 3766 Posted: Wed Jan 06 19:59:16 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: next single

Hi Joe.

To tell you the truth, the label DEFinitely doesn't pick the single choices apart that way. Dewey songs or Gerry songs.

All the songs on Human Nature are America songs, knowhatimsayin?


Message: 3765 Posted: Wed Jan 06 19:58:00 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Great CD

Being that we're all America fans I know we all have great musical taste, although there may be some differences. My wife and I are expecting our first child in May so my good friend recommened a CD by the late Nicolette Larson called "Sleep, Baby, Sleep." The CD has many great lullabies and songs related to being parents and the love of a mother. Two songs in particular that really got me was a song written by Neil Young called "Barefoot Floors" and one written by Graham Nash "The Moment I Saw You". If your expecting a child this sure is a great CD. I recommed it even if your not expecting. As far as the next single goes, I think it should be "Wenesday Morning". This is not to say that " Wheels are Turning" isn't worthy.

P.S. My wife and I are thinking of naming our baby Clarice despite the "Silence of the Lambs" reference.

Message: 3764 Posted: Wed Jan 06 19:55:45 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: If Not TerryT, Maybe.....

Actually, it probably wasn't even me...but I HAD to stop the guessing game.

: )


Message: 3763 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:39:28 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Tonight Show

I am not a particular fan of David Letterman or his show (or Conan O'Brien for that matter), but if some you out there are, by all means contacts the shows. It's easy enough to find the websites on Yahoo or whatever search engine you have. All the sites have places to click on to email the show. We might as well cover all the bases.

Message: 3762 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:23:10 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Joe K/Dewey

There are many Dewey fans here...give the Site (and Dewey) some'll see.

Message: 3761 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:12:56 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: single

In my opinion JK

Message: 3760 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:11:17 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: next single

I get the feeling that this is a Gerry Beckley Web sight. All things considered equal I think that Dewey should have the next single with Wheels. It is by far the best song on the whole CD Joe

Message: 3759 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:08:31 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Karen D.

I was waiting for that "ahem" heard 'round the world. Hence my alluding to trivia expansion as described in my last post. Thanks again, Karen, for all you do...that which we recognize, and the other stuff we never hear about.
"Wednesday won't go away ay ay ay"

Message: 3758 Posted: Wed Jan 06 18:08:25 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: Tonight Show

What about Letterman????? He has a great show too!!!!

Message: 3757 Posted: Wed Jan 06 12:13:40 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: If Not TerryT, Maybe.....

Okay everyone,
Three cheers (and the credit) for the illustrious Karen DiGesu!!!

Message: 3756 Posted: Wed Jan 06 11:53:30 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: If Not TerryT, Maybe.....


Message: 3755 Posted: Wed Jan 06 11:39:48 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Quote of the Day

Just ran across this quote and wanted to share:
"Music is the universal language of mankind"
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(womankind, too!)

Message: 3754 Posted: Wed Jan 06 11:25:30 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Steve Lowry

Steve, just like to say good job with this America Web sight. Everything you want to know about America plus songs, chords, lyrics and etc. are right here. I have also followed America all these years and play many of their songs out. I play accostic guitar and sing out on weekends and I got Wednesday morning, and Pages off this net. Played both songs out on New years eve and they went over great. People were surprise they were from America. Once again, good job, Hope America can come to upstate NY this year.

Message: 3753 Posted: Wed Jan 06 10:06:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: If Not TerryT, Maybe.....

Tom T., was it you who suggested an appearance on "Austin City Limits"? If not, then who???

Message: 3752 Posted: Wed Jan 06 07:04:22 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Steve Lowry... You are welcome

Steve... You're welcome for the concert date correction for Fort Myers, Florida.

Message: 3751 Posted: Wed Jan 06 02:10:17 1999 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: concert, Pechanga, Temecula, Feb. 26

my good friend the Health Guru reminded me today of his "Of Course Life Works That Way" theory.
This is relevant because if memory serves me correctly, I'm playing RIMAC Arena for some big music festival on the 26th.

Of course life works that way.

manuel B
"I feel like I've been reading in the dark... all this time"

Message: 3750 Posted: Tue Jan 05 22:57:28 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: concert, Pechanga, Temecula, Feb. 26

A little more info on the Pechanga venue. Had my friend, who is technical coordinator at the performing arts venue I work at, go check it out on Sunday.
It is a permanent tent structure, with cushioned moveable seats. It is actually their bingo hall. (Remember, this is a Indian reservation casino.) The lady who was there (after he asked every employee he saw for information, and none of them knew anything) at the bingo hall said seating would probably be a little different for a concert. It holds 1,200 for bingo. She had some tickets there, both VIP and regular (Virginia, maybe that's our discrepancy between your guess of 30 VIP seats and my belief there's 50) but she said she didn't have a concert seating chart, that he should call back later when the manager was there. It's not very far off the 15, apparently like a mile or less on Hwy 79, then a mile or so on Pala Road.
She did confirm that it would be all general seating, with the VIP section separate at the front.
When it gets closer, I'll try to find out what time they open.
Now, how do we get to see the guys personally? Can we get backstage passes? Can we arrange to meet them somewhere afterwards? Do they check this page?
So far its Virginia and hubby, her two friends, leakycanoe and wife, and me and my hubby. Any other takers? If so, be sure to ask for VIP seating (it's $22.00, as opposed to $17.00).
I also emailed Humphrey's, our fabulous venue on the bay in San Diego. They said America is definitely coming, possibly in September but now they're talking about June. They don't post their season till it's all booked, the end of March. Amazing what you can find out if you just ask.
Thanks, Virginia, for posting those addresses. I wouldn't have a clue where to get them, so it's very valuable for you to share them.
mB, this is the concert I was talking about.
Take care, all, and let's make 1999 the best year ever for AMERICA!
ShariL in San Diego

Message: 3749 Posted: Tue Jan 05 22:49:24 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Song Ballot Results

The balloting ended yesterday for the next single from Human Nature. Karen assured us that our opinion would be considered when deciding on the next single. Well, I believe the message has come across loud and clear that we want "Wednesday Morning" as the next single. It easily beat "Moment to Moment" with 79% of the votes. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Message: 3748 Posted: Tue Jan 05 18:34:17 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Credit to Others

I can't take credit for the Austin C.L. idea, Johnny, but I did write to them. Good to see almost everyone back! A "Peek" into the future: Shayne and Tom T. will be playing guest dual acoustic guitar leads onstage with the Guys for the song HERE, sometime this year. How about some trivia questions regarding Chat Folder participants? Things such as who likes what, who saw which concert, who works where, etc.. It would get us to dig back into the archives and bios, which are a wealth of America info, and could also be fun...just dreaming. Nice wife ya got, dejonv!
Anticipating a good New Year. Thanks to ALL.

Message: 3747 Posted: Tue Jan 05 18:16:15 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Concert Update

Brandon, thanks for the correction on the Fort Myers concert date. I'll update the America Fans page with the correct date tonight.

Message: 3746 Posted: Tue Jan 05 17:29:40 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Credit To Others

Hey Shayne! If your dreams come true in replacing Dan, I think it's only fair that they hold open auditions!You may be surprised at all the competition-Heck, I might actually be the first one in line! LOL!
Seriously, Belated Happy New Year to all you great Folks Here in the Chat Folder! :-)

Message: 3745 Posted: Tue Jan 05 15:32:24 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Concert Update

The concert schedule showing America's gig in Fort Myers, Florida being March 7 at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall is INCORRECT. Please take note that the CORRECT concert date for Fort Myers, Florida is March 18. Also, Christopher Cross will be opening for them. For the obvious reasons I am counting the days until March 18. Karen will you be with the group for the leg of their tour? It would be nice to meet you.

Happy New Year All... Brandon

Message: 3744 Posted: Tue Jan 05 14:17:40 1999 By: dejonv
Subject: America

Dewey and Gerry
Keep up the great work. my wife bought me the entire America cataloge this Christmas plus your song/guitar book. Outstanding!!!!!

Message: 3743 Posted: Tue Jan 05 14:05:36 1999 By: dejonv
Subject: America

Message: 3742 Posted: Tue Jan 05 13:25:50 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Credit To Others

Gift?......maybe it's your "Hidden Talent".

Message: 3741 Posted: Tue Jan 05 13:15:09 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: Credit To Others

I think that if they appear on LBR, I should get the first request. Of course, I still have dreams of replacing Dan! Really! I can sing...listen..."hold me close, you turn nighttime into to day..." Not bad, huh?


P.S. Sarcasm is a gift.

Message: 3740 Posted: Tue Jan 05 13:01:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Credit To Others

Thank you, Virginia for the kind words. Shayne suggested contacting "Live By Request". I'm not positive about "Austin City Limits" but I think it was Terry T. They deserve the credit. All any of us are doing is trying to get Dewey and Gerry the exposure they so rightfully deserve! Credit goes to each one of you who takes time to e-mail these shows!!

Rock on "Wednesday Morning"!!!

PS: That's "grief" not "grieve".

Message: 3739 Posted: Tue Jan 05 12:32:09 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Give credit where credit is due

Folks, if any of these mass emailings net an America appearance on TV, please give the credit to our trivia king, Johnny. It was originally his idea to write the variety shows. All I did was post the website addresses for a few of the shows.

Johnny, please check your email.


Message: 3738 Posted: Tue Jan 05 11:51:03 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: I Agree

I agree with Karen D. about Virginia's great post. Strange however, that when I suggested e-mailing "Donny and Marie", all I received was grieve from a number of folks. And when I asked about the status of an appearance on "LBR", I received no answer. I know, "Who says the world is fair?"

Message: 3737 Posted: Tue Jan 05 09:35:06 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Help

Michele, I've never seen (nor heard) a MIDI file for "Survival". All of the America MIDI files that I've run across can be found by going to /america/soundidx.htm and scrolling to the bottom of the page. If you do happen to find it, please let me know and I'll add it to my list. Thanks.

Message: 3736 Posted: Tue Jan 05 07:25:33 1999 By: Michele
Subject: Help

Could somebody send me a midi file of the wonderful America's song
"SURVIVAL" thanks a lot !

Message: 3735 Posted: Mon Jan 04 20:26:37 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: A few sites to start writing to

I second that emotion, Karen.
Much thanks to Virginia and Steve.

Message: 3734 Posted: Mon Jan 04 20:03:15 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: A few sites to start writing to

Virginia, What a great post!



Message: 3733 Posted: Mon Jan 04 19:59:04 1999 By: gary b.
Subject: still great!!!!

saw show last winter in prescott az. America is still great!

Message: 3732 Posted: Mon Jan 04 16:21:08 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Re: TV Stuff

No Joe. I had no trouble with any of the sites. The only things I'm having trouble with is getting back to work and shoveling snow (actually, Joe, don't you live in Chicago also)?


Message: 3731 Posted: Mon Jan 04 16:17:16 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: TV Stuff

Hey You People,

I just e-mailed Tonight Show and Rosie but couldn't get my e-mail to Donny & Marie to go through. Anybody else having a problem?

Joe B

P.S. Keep doing this - you never know when the right person/producer will see it and have the lightbulb go off.

Message: 3730 Posted: Mon Jan 04 15:32:56 1999 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: Van Go Gan / Records



Message: 3729 Posted: Mon Jan 04 13:34:08 1999 By: Alice G
Subject: Van Go Gan / Records


I think I may have found someone who is still able to get "Van Go Gan". It's He thinks he can order me one, and he may be able to get more. Also, I have quite a few America records that I'm replacing with CD's. If you're interested in them, if you'll just pay shipping, I'll send them to you. E-mail me for details.

Thanks! Alice

Message: 3728 Posted: Mon Jan 04 10:52:35 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: A few sites to start writing to

Virginia, here are the direct links that you requested:

Remember that for the Tonight Show, click on help, then FAQ, then email the show.

Message: 3727 Posted: Mon Jan 04 09:09:42 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: A few of questions : Hideaway & Harbor

Hideaway and Harbor are only available as imports. You should be able to get them at

Message: 3726 Posted: Mon Jan 04 05:01:10 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: CONCERT SCHEDULE'd be learning from one of the best!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 3725 Posted: Sun Jan 03 21:21:34 1999 By: COREY

Does anyone know if there are any concert dates yet for Western PA., NY., or eastern OH., in 1999. My name is Corey, I'm 11 years old , I play the Drums and me and my dad are big America fans. I met and talked with Dewey and Gerry at my first America concert AT Hershey park this year. That was a big thrill, I also got to meet Willie, boy can he play!I can't wait till I can see them again, maybe I can pick up some more drum tips from Willie. Bye for now!

Message: 3724 Posted: Sun Jan 03 21:11:26 1999 By: COREY

Does anyone know if there are any concert dates yet for Western PA., NY., or eastern OH., in 1999. My name is Corey, I'm 11 years old , I play the Drums and me and my dad are big America fans. I met and talked with Dewey and Gerry at my first America concert AT Hershey park this year. That was a big thrill, I also got to meet Willie, boy can he play!I can't wait till I can see them again, maybe I can pick up some more drum tips from Willie. Bye for now!

Message: 3723 Posted: Sun Jan 03 18:35:01 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: A few sites to start writing to

Here are a few TV show websites to start with so you can write requests for America appearances:

For the Tonight Show, click on help, then FAQ, then email the show.

Please everyone, write a short request. If anyone else has addresses to other shows, please post them for the rest of us. Steve L- if you are reading this, perhaps you could create direct links to these sites to make it easier for everyone to write.

Message: 3722 Posted: Sun Jan 03 17:48:07 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Questions for KarenD, etc.

Thanks Karen. I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions. I'm really looking forward to the King Biscuit radio show. For now, I'll start emailing the various variety shows and request America to appear. Hopefully, all of you fans out there reading this will do you same.

Message: 3721 Posted: Sun Jan 03 15:43:34 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: lyrics

The lyrics to all of America's songs can be found by going to /america/amsongs.htm on the America Fans web site. Click on the title of the song that you're interested in.

Message: 3720 Posted: Sun Jan 03 15:41:36 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: A few of questions

Karen mentioned that if a second single is released from Human Nature it will either be "Moment to Moment" or "Wednesday Morning". An official ballot has been set up so that all of the America Fans can vote for the song that they would like to see released. The balloting ends Monday, January 4th, at midnight so get your vote in soon if you haven't done so already. Here's a a link to the official ballot.

Message: 3719 Posted: Sun Jan 03 14:30:06 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Pechanga show

Virginia has tickets, and I have tickets (VIP section).
See our postings #3695 & #3696 for info we've found out about the venue. We're still trying to find out more, Tickemaster knows almost nothing about it. We both will post here as we find out more.
I'm going to have a friend actually go to the venue to check it out. (It's about 30 minutes from us, and he lives in Temecula.)
Did you already buy tickets, leakycanoe? If you can spring the extra $5 per, I'd suggest getting VIP. I was told it includes snacks and soft drinks, Virginia was told it's a separate seating area at the front, but still general admission for the 30(?) VIP seats.
Matt, are you going?

Message: 3718 Posted: Sun Jan 03 13:52:32 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: Pechanga Show

Anyone going to the Feb. 26th show in Temecula at the Pechanga Pavilion?

Message: 3717 Posted: Sun Jan 03 12:42:02 1999 By: Princess Runt
Subject: lyrics

I'm looking for the lyrics to the song horse with no name. I can't find them anywhere on the web!! I want to learn all the words to the song. If anyone can help, please do!!

thanx! :)

Message: 3716 Posted: Sun Jan 03 12:17:43 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: A few of questions

Hello Jerry.

The decision to release a second single from Human Nature hasn't been made yet, but if we do release one it will be either:




I know that Steve Lowry has added an official ballot form on this site that you can go to to register your opinion about which song is chosen. I haven't checked out the final tally in a while and I think I'll go do that now.

Thanks for asking.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3715 Posted: Sun Jan 03 12:13:00 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Questions for KarenD, etc.

Hi Virginia.

The 30-second commercial for Human Nature aired in many markets, usually during weekdays. We chose a television marketing firm to make the programming decisions for us. It was an interesting process and we found that the best reaction to the spot came when we aired it during Martha Stewart Living, of all things. I'm sorry that I was unable to let everyone know when it would be airing ahead of time but it was mostly showing in the fall when I was out of the office a lot with the band for their promotional shows and I did not have access to a computer. We expect to be using the spot again in February.

The King Biscuit Flower Hour will be airing the 2-part "America: Then and Now" radio special in February to coincide with Valentine's Day promotions for Human Nature. The special is incredible and includes the two hour interview I did with the band at the Mohegan casino in October (was it?). I think everyone will love the results. I'll let you all know exactly when the special is going to air and I'll list all of the King Biscuit radio affiliates so you'll know where to look for it.

As for all the many postings over the last few months about certain television shows and networks you'd like to see the band assured that every single show I saw mentioned on the board was approached in the beginning of the Human Nature campaign, and, in most cases, the producers of the shows were looking for two things before they would commit: the success of From a Moving Train and fan response to Human Nature. Many of these shows have been on hiatus for a while and will begin their '99 bookings next week. The best thing you can do is email the shows you would like to see America on and let them know your feelings. We will see what the results of that action were at Live By Request when they resume business next week...same for Austin City Limits. We will not stop pitching the band for every show we can think of, but many television producers need to be "educated" en masse.

Best regards,

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 3714 Posted: Sun Jan 03 09:55:28 1999 By: Jerry
Subject: A few of questions

I haven't been hearing FAMT on the radio lately and I was wondering which song is going to be released next. I want to start "hounding" my DJ. Does any one know where I can track down a copy of "Hideaway" and "Harbor?" I really enjoy those albums and they are missing from my collection. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I would like to say thanks to the greatest band around. I really enjoy the music guys. It has been a very important part of my life for years.

Message: 3713 Posted: Sun Jan 03 05:52:09 1999 By: Cladder
Subject: Last 2 to dance on single!!!

Dear people, I just wanted to thank the people who provided me same more information about the track 'Last two to dance' a few months ago.
Because of this info. a friend of mine (Mariska !)found this single in Italy!!! Sorry for you cause it was the last one!!! But if you're looking for one, here is some extra information:

recorded in Milano by Carosello records & tapes
Published in 1990
It was distributed by: Dischi Ricordi S.p.A.

Lato A (side A): Last two to dance
Lato B: an instrumental version

Greetings from Martijn from Holland!!!!!!!
I'm so proud...Thank you..

Message: 3712 Posted: Sun Jan 03 01:43:43 1999 By: Virginia

ONE IN A MILLION is just that-one in a million. It's one of my very favorite of Gerry's songs. I'm surprised people haven't written to say it was their wedding song. The lyrics are perfect. Unfortunately, I got married five years too soon! Pardon me while I go put it on right now...

Message: 3711 Posted: Sun Jan 03 01:04:31 1999 By: jimnak

Another obscure, acoustic piano based song that I call a definite masterpiece. Anyone out there just adore ONE IN A MILLION from the ALIBI LP ? A GERRY BECKLEY song for the ages.

Message: 3710 Posted: Sun Jan 03 01:01:56 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Unreleased or lost gems

It has been reported that the legendary GERRY BECKLEY has upwards of 200 songs in the vault, never released. GERRY is always writing & composing, this part of him has been a constant for most of his life. To know this is to know a great deal about GERRY & his life.

Message: 3709 Posted: Sat Jan 02 22:05:04 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Unreleased or lost gems

Thanks Steve, I think that was it. I'd like to here that one again. It would be nice to someday have an America box set that included some never before heard songs that have been tucked away for years. I'm sure Gerry must have quite a few. I understand that he is quite prolific in his song writing.

Message: 3708 Posted: Sat Jan 02 21:05:52 1999 By: AL
Subject: background tracks

does anybody know if America has background tracks available?

Message: 3707 Posted: Sat Jan 02 20:23:01 1999 By: Steve Lowry
Subject: Re: Unreleased or lost gems

Brian, I'm aware of at least one other "Gem" that has been performed in concert but never released. This may be the one that you're thinking of. The song is called NORMAN and it's a song that GERRY wrote about an industrial designer, stage decorator, and all around creative genius who influenced lots of todays designs, but is largely forgotten. Norman Bel Geddes was his name. The song has never been released, it's just another gem sitting in the GERRY BECKLEY portfolio
of never released songs.

Message: 3706 Posted: Sat Jan 02 20:00:17 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Unreleased or lost gems

"Annabelle" is such a great Beckly tune, done great justice by Jeff Larson. Is there any other unreleased gems out there that you all know of. I saw America at Stanford in 79 or 80 and Gerry played a song that was great. I kept waiting to here it again on upcoming projects or live but never did. I can't recall now how it went or what it was about. I wonder if anyone else can remeber that or has knowledge of that one.

Message: 3705 Posted: Sat Jan 02 18:27:33 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Welcome Joanne

Joanne, thank you for the pictures. They're excellent and timeless.
I'd like to welcome you to this board with welcome arms.

Message: 3704 Posted: Sat Jan 02 17:56:13 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: New Years

Don't do it, HealthGuru! The NAME must live on. You are like the the flowers. (Formerly) anonymous posters should feel no blame for other anonymous 'im'posters. Humbly and gratefully accepting your timely return. Suffice to say, "Glad to see you back!".
Time sure flies, and soon they'll be flying back, too. Seems like this whole year may be an extended New Year's Eve for the Big One, and the Guys have some more stuff in the making already...not that we've even scratched the surface of their latest releases. Witness over- decades-old recordings by them and others that are enjoyed at new levels constantly. Enjoying the music is Good For The Soul (royalty check is in the mail, El Guru de Health). Although I would do whatever I could if I thought it would help, I feel that marketing should be left for the marketeers, enjoying the music should be for the fans...and I'm enjoying it, positively.

Message: 3703 Posted: Sat Jan 02 15:08:04 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Questions for KarenD, etc.

Months and months ago (prior to the Human Nature release) Karen, you mentioned a 30 second commercial having been filmed and that the King Biscuit Radio Network was preparing a one hour special on the career of America. Whatever became of these? Just curious. Sure would like to see a VH-1 "Behind the Music" on America. I find myself watching this show even when I'm not interested in the particular artist. Historically speaking, the shows are always fascinating. Unfortunately, the majority of the artists featured are no longer living, heavy metal, someone who has overcome drug addiction and health problems, and/or is a rock and roll "bad boy". America (fortunately for us, I guess) doesn't fit this criteria. It sure would be nice to see an entire hour devoted to America and their wonderful music...heavy sigh....wishful thinking on my part.

A new catch-phrase for the HealthGuru...gotta think on that one.

Happy New Year everyone. It's back to reality (work) for me on Monday. I had a nice and well needed break.

Message: 3702 Posted: Sat Jan 02 14:05:59 1999 By: HealthGuru
Subject: New Years

Fresh starts in the new year, like stretching, are good for the soul.

El Guru de Health

ps: Needing a new catch phrase now that mine has been so thoroughly abused by anonymous posters.........

Message: 3701 Posted: Sat Jan 02 13:49:35 1999 By: Todd Fare

A great one! Very artsy and I think of the best from the George Martin era. I was reading a book recently called "precious and few: pop music in the early 70's" - for the most part America is treated well, but they said in the mid-70's they failed to provoke artistic jealously as they did with Ventura Highway... the author should have heard "people in the valley" or "seasons" or "bell tree" from that release. There was and is a whole lot there.

Message: 3700 Posted: Sat Jan 02 12:59:42 1999 By: jimnak

Any big admirers out there for this outstanding song written by DEWEY ?
I have always pictured this song done w/a full orchestra & choir in a Performing Arts setting. DEWEY singing the bridge solo, than the choir singing the chorus w/the full orchestra playing. Can you picture this. This song is one of an epic tale, a journey back in time, perhaps a classic for all times.

Message: 3699 Posted: Fri Jan 01 22:37:57 1999 By: jeff
Subject: Happy New Year

I would to wish you all a happy New Year, especially Gerry, Dewey, Willie, Brad and Woodzie. America Rules!

Message: 3698 Posted: Fri Jan 01 21:51:42 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Negative thoughts

I agree that a song can possibly be deminished by connection to questionable products or some cheesy rendition by some comercial makers. I think it's cool as long as it's America doing "Daisy Jane" and it's for a reputable airlines. As far as negative comments go, I find the complaints more negative than the original comments. Negativity is alright done in the proper decorum. Raising certain issues and disscussing them reasonably is a good thing.
Happy New Year.!!! America Faithful.

Message: 3697 Posted: Fri Jan 01 14:28:10 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Temecula on Feb. 26!

Ordered my tickets as well, but got almost no information regarding Pechanga Pavillion from Ticketmaster. The Pechanga website isn't any help either. If you find out any more, let me know and I'll do the same. When I called Ticketmaster several days ago, the person I talked to told me the VIP tickets were closest to the stage. I hope that's true cause that's what I bought!
Ticketmaster listed another concert at The Key Club on Sunset Blvd. February 25. Can't make that one, since we'll be coming quite a distance (Morgan Hill- near San Jose), but you might be able to catch that one as well. As the time gets closer, maybe we can figure out a way to meet. We'll be with another couple, but the more the merrier!

Message: 3696 Posted: Fri Jan 01 14:24:11 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Temecula on Feb. 26!

Ordered my tickets as well, but got almost no information regarding Pechanga Pavillion from Ticketmaster. The Pechanga website isn't any help either. If you find out any more, let me know and I'll do the same. When I called Ticketmaster several days ago, the person I talked to told me the VIP tickets were closest to the stage. I hope that's true cause that's what I bought!
Ticketmaster listed another concert at The Key Club on Sunset Blvd. February 25. Can't make that one, since we'll be coming quite a distance (Morgan Hill- near San Jose), but you might be able to catch that one as well. As the time gets closer, maybe we can figure out a way to meet. We'll be with another couple, but the more the merrier!

Message: 3695 Posted: Fri Jan 01 12:44:46 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Temecula on Feb. 26!

All right, you L.A. and San Diego fans.
Tickets went on sale online at Ticketmaster at 10:00 am for the Pechanga Entertainment Center.
Very little info on the web site, so I called ticket master. This is all I could find out. No known size of venue, seems to be indoors, but not positive. No smoking (YEAHHH!!) No drinking (fine by me, but surprising since this is a Indian reservation, including casino). Seems to be general admission, but not clear on that. It gave me section GA, row GAO, seats 3 & 4. I'm afraid GA means General Admission, and that there might not really be any reserved seating. If it's not clear after I get my tickets, I'll call Pechanga. The lady at ticketmaster could only find two pricings, $17.00 and $22.00. $22.00 were VIP seats, which she said seemed to include drinks and snacks. I took those, hoping it also meant reserved seats, or at least a different reserved section from general admission.
Virginia, thanks for mentioning this in your post the other day, since I hadn't checked the 99 schedule recently, and would have missed this!
Who's going to be there (besides Virginia?)
Let's join forces!
Happy New Year. I'm so excited that I'll get to see the guys in less than 2 months! (And my radio station was playing Lonely People while I was ordering!)

Message: 3694 Posted: Fri Jan 01 12:26:26 1999 By: Peter C. Ries
Subject: Message for Gerry, from his first drummer.

Hey! Bud, Whats happening? Thought I'd drop you a line to see how you're doing. I found your page and Info on your new album. Looks good. I'm currently preparing to re-enter the band market after all these years. Remember when you played the Cellar Door and Eddie and I visited? Man that was ages ago. I haven'theard from Ed in years, He's somewhere in D.C. I think. My phone # Is 540-786-9901 If you get a chance give me a buzz. Happy new year guy's...

Message: 3693 Posted: Fri Jan 01 09:27:34 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone... We are going to spend a nice New Years day here in KC staying warm by a fire and watching it snow. We're expecting 6+ inches today, so hopefully I'll be able to fire up the snow blower and work off some testosterone later, ha... Mark...

Message: 3692 Posted: Fri Jan 01 08:37:42 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Happy New Year!

My thoughts exactly. I could not have said them more eloquently. Here we go for a fantastic 1999 on planet earth !

Message: 3691 Posted: Fri Jan 01 08:33:45 1999 By: penny
Subject: Happy New Year!

It's 1999! Yipes! I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful, healthy and happy new year. Do you believe that a year ago at this time, I didn't even know Steve's site existed? I thought I was the only America fan left and I was very lonely. I AM SO GLAD to have found all of you.

Steve, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work you put into maintaining this for all of us. You truly made my 1998 a banner year!

To all the wonderful America fans: thank you for welcoming me with open arms into this little family. You fans are truly the very best.

Message: 3690 Posted: Fri Jan 01 02:25:12 1999 By: manuel989
Subject: Re: A great 1999!

nothing that would appear on the OTHER cd. A band I'm in is playing at the Casbah sometime at the end of January, but I'm not sure if you'd be into this band. Very noisy. But I'll let you know. Might testdrive some songs at Miracles in Encinitas... Or 25 East E., but haven't talked with them yet. Untill then

Be Well


Message: 3689 Posted: Fri Jan 01 00:22:53 1999 By: Paul Hellander
Subject: By hook or by crook ...

... I'll be first on this page in 1999! Hi, this is Paul H calling from Adelaide South Australia surfing on a Mac PowerBook with "Human Nature" keeping me company on the PB CD player on another hot (37 degrees) day in Downunder. I have played this album so many times - more than any other America album and I still love it - and I have *all* the albums! After "Moving Train" and "Wednesday Morning: I just love "Wheels Are Turning" its just the kind of desert song so aptly suited for South Australia. I saw Gerry and Dewey in concert here in Adelaide on December 12. I hope they don't leave it for another 14 years before they come back! (Please...) I'll be passing through Montreal and San Francisco in September. I might just get lucky and catch a North American concert. May 1999 and the new Millennium be a new and productive era for America!

Paul Hellander
Adelaide, South Australia

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