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Message: 6016 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:58:16 1999 By: Beth
Subject: May Concerts

Bones, I won't be in Torrington on the 13th, but I will be in Madison, WI on the 23rd! Anyone else going to see America in May?

Message: 6015 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:53:02 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: remember your first 45 record?

"Love Me Do" by the Beatles or "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by the Status Quo (I don't remember which one I got first - probably the Beatles song).

Message: 6014 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:30:17 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Better Answer


Message: 6013 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:29:29 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Better Answer

Bones, as soon as I posted that, I realized the true answer: Women have been Picking Up men's stuff for years. When they're not around anymore to stop us, we simply Throw It Out that Last Time we Pick It Up!!

Message: 6012 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:29:09 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Bowie, MD

Guess it won't be hard for the boys to talk me into a Baysox game this day!!! Only 1 1/2 hours from home...I'm there!

Message: 6011 Posted: Wed Mar 31 22:28:06 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Stuff, Junk

Bones, I'm not quite sure, and I hope I don't offend anyone, but it seems to be somehow related to the ovaries....!!

Message: 6010 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:59:20 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Beth

sorry, was in Florida a couple of weeks ago. Question: why is it ok for a woman to throw out man's stuff (junk) but a woman will go nuts if a man wants to throw out their stuff?

Message: 6009 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:54:54 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: remember your first 45 record?

Elvis...Return To Sender...yup I'm old!!

Jim, Erie, PA.

Message: 6008 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:49:04 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: How To Listen To "Houses In White"

Since I don't have a Mac I can't tell you for sure how to listen to this fantastic song, but I've put three different file formats out there so you ought to be able to listen to one of them.

If the Real Audio doesn't work for you, try downloading the MP3 file. There are quite a few MP3 players available as sharewhare or freeware out on the Internet. Go to Yahoo or Alta Vista (or your favorite search engine) and search for MPEG3 Player. That should give you quite a few links to try out.

Finally, if the MP3 doesn't work for you, you should be able to download the WAVE file and play it on your computer. WAVE files have been around for ages so I have to believe that every computer (even a Mac) would have a way to play a WAVE file.

Good luck!

Message: 6007 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:42:41 1999 By: Beth
Subject: 45 records & Moms

Bones, my first 45 was, I think, Lady by Styx. We had this question a few weeks ago and my answer was different then...but it got my memory working for me. I'm pretty sure it was Styx.

Yes, that's a Mom-thing. Take you schtuff WITH YOU when you leave, guys, cuz we're chucking it out when you split and turning your bedroom into whatever else we want!! :->
Stay tuned-b

Message: 6006 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:24:42 1999 By: Bones
Subject: remember your first 45 record?

Does everyone out there remember the very first 45 record they bought?
Mine - sent in 2 box tops and 50 cents and had the postman deliver: Gary Lewis and the Playboys - This Diamond Ring (remember that song). Boy i thought they were cool!!!!! Thank God my taste in music has changed. Can't believe my mom threw out all my 45's years ago, not to mention my baseball collection. To all the females out there, is that a mom thing or what? Got my tickets today for May 14th. Anyone in CT. going to the show in Torrington?

Message: 6005 Posted: Wed Mar 31 21:09:05 1999 By: Janice
Subject: RE: Willie, the Birthday Boy!

Happpy Birthday Willie..Ryan hasn't used his drumsticks, but shows them to his friends..he's afraid to ruin them..! Nice story about Seals and Crofts, Robyn..and saw them in concert 4 years ago? What did they you remember? Anything new that they had recorded? My son set up the system in order for me to hear "Houses in White"..Steve are you out there? Robyn and JL need help! Gotta hear's great! I'd tape you a copy Robyn..but I don't know how!! :0

Message: 6004 Posted: Wed Mar 31 20:27:58 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Houses In White

I, too, haven't been able to get this song to play. I loaded the latest version of Real audio onto my Mac. It says something like Error 15 when I try to get the song to play. Any suggestions 'cause I am feeling really out of the loop with all of the discussions around this tune. Not to mention I am dying to hear the damn thing!!!!

Message: 6003 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:59:55 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Houses In White

My computer does not allow me to hear anything!!!!! Can anybody hepl me, by maybe taping a copy or something???? I feel like I am really missing something here!!!!!!!

Message: 6002 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:53:56 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Houses In White

Love it! Also, agree with Mark, synthesizers are distracting to me. But hey, I'm not quittin' my day job!

Happy Birthday Willie! It's my neice's b-day today, too. Now I'll always rememberYou!

While I can see the point in airplay for Ventura Highway in a Pontiac commercial, and more & more bands are lending their songs to such purposes, it catches a little bitter taste of "sell-out" to me. Only my opinion! My fear would be kids who would only think of VH as a commercial diddy. Like I was shocked to find out the "Anticipation" song wasn't just for Heinz Ketchup....

Stay tuned-b

Message: 6001 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:43:06 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Seals and Crofts, ALSO message to Johnny

They used to live in San Fernando, even played a benefit at my high school ( we were really poor, our band uniforms were black jeans and K-Mart windbreakers) The benfit enabled us to get REAL ones, so those guys hold a special place in my heart.


Message: 6000 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:32:51 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Seals and Crofts

Seals and Crofts. Whatever happened to them??

I saw them in concert (with LRB) about 4 years ago. Jim Seals was living in Belize I think. I believe they just had their day in the sun and kicked back. Also I believe they are active in Baha'i faith.



Message: 5999 Posted: Wed Mar 31 18:08:48 1999 By: Erin

Happy Birthday Willie!!
I hope you have a GREAT day!

Message: 5998 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:35:48 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn

Happy Birthday to the best, "substitute teacher look" guy there is, tee hee.

Message: 5997 Posted: Wed Mar 31 17:16:03 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Willie's Birthday?

Yes, happy birthday, Sir William!

Message: 5996 Posted: Wed Mar 31 16:36:59 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Willie's Birthday?

Here, here!! Yes indeed, Happy Birthday wishes to a super drummer!!

Message: 5995 Posted: Wed Mar 31 16:19:14 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Houses In White

Fantastic! I can't wait to hear the rest. This song is extremely haunting- good hook, strong lyric and the singer is pretty darn good too!!! Great collaboration- looking forward to hearing more of this creative stuff...UCONN HUSKIES ARE NUMBER ONE!!!

Message: 5994 Posted: Wed Mar 31 16:01:26 1999 By: TerryT

It's Wednesday evening and I'm wishing Willie the BEST and many more! Sorry I couldn't make it to the party this year. To an awesome drummer and great guy, a toast from Terry Trost.

Message: 5993 Posted: Wed Mar 31 15:49:21 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: #2...for NOW!

Hey everyone...America is now officialy in second place for the Best Band voting (600 votes behind Depeche Mode). Let's keep those votes coming! Remember, you can vote 5 times per hour.


Message: 5992 Posted: Wed Mar 31 13:40:16 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Houses in White

Sure am glad the little old lady trying to reach "Rose" is no longer so confused that she's not even sure if she has the right number!
I like the additional background music in the second verse, it adds a complexity to the song, makes it sound as if the song is growing.
The lyrics continue to be wonderful! I can so easily visualize this song (always in slow motion).
Is there a different voice in the final part of the second chorus?
It sure is exciting to be able to follow the birth of a new song!
(same Michelle, new ID...too bad we have to lock our doors in this neighborhood)

Message: 5991 Posted: Wed Mar 31 13:25:41 1999 By: Janice
Subject: to Joe B. re: Seals and Crofts

That was me..their Summer Breeze album (1972..yes Warner Bros) is one of my you not have it? Mine is not for sale, but will happy to tape it for you and send you a copy..not sure what the quality will be on my antiquated stereo system..yes, I'm technologically challenged..I even to hate to operate the is a great album..a must have! Whatever happened to them??

Message: 5990 Posted: Wed Mar 31 11:56:37 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: Mark's Re: More Houses In White.

"Houses In White" does start with an "H" so it qualifies as a possible title track to an America album. But I get the feeling this is a solo effort. Otherwise, where's Dewey in this process? (Besides, it looks like they already have the album cover designed.)

I'd love to hear Gerry perform songs from Van Go Gan at America concerts. It's a shame songs like Playing God, Emma and one of my all-time favorites Now Sue only live on CD. I agree with Mark. Some of Gerry's finest work.


Message: 5989 Posted: Wed Mar 31 10:22:34 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: More of Houses In White

Sounds good. Though just to provide some critical feedback (and I assume that is one of the reasons Gerry is letting us hear this work in progress), I prefer the simpler approach of the first verse. The synthesizer (?) in the background of verse 2 seemed like a bit of a distraction to me. But that's just my opinion, it still sounds great.

I don't know if this is being done in preparation for another America CD or a second Gerry Beckley CD. If it is the latter, Gerry will need to tour in support of it if it is to have any chance of getting airplay and being commercial success. That would mean either taking a hiatus from America or possibly touring as America featuring Gerry Beckley, and giving Gerry part of the show to perform his solo stuff and push the CD. BTW, why don't they perform anything from Van Go Gan in concert? Some of Gerry's best work is on that CD.

Message: 5988 Posted: Wed Mar 31 10:11:44 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: More of Houses In White

Hey You People,

Steve - thanks again for the wave file. The song sounds great - what a cool opportunity to hear something in progress. Also it shows a good understanding from the band about the devotion of the folks on this site. Nice job to let us 'inside' for a little while. I have 2 wishes for the next CD project; Mumy/Haimer collaborations and LIVE DRUMS! Looking forward to the next section of 'Houses'.

Joe B

P.S. Somebody mentioned Seals & Crofts in the duos discussion. Unfortunately they were on Warner Bros. & all you can get is a greatest hits CD and one other regular album. Their stuff isn't even available on import. Damn You Warner Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry about the language - but I'm very angry)

Message: 5987 Posted: Wed Mar 31 09:32:47 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Houses In White.

This song keeps getting better.


Message: 5986 Posted: Wed Mar 31 04:04:11 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Moon Song

<<"Zoyxx gtst zaetzz ootss rr nogg Stzeg tgtt mrsszro tlk rrsm">>

I think somebody's cat ran across the keyboard unnoticed as Moon Song lyrics were transcribed.


Message: 5985 Posted: Wed Mar 31 01:56:55 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: More of Houses In White

Absolutely beautiful....I love it!

Message: 5984 Posted: Tue Mar 30 22:20:19 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: "Ventura Highway"

Great work, Johnny. You must be independently wealthy to be able to spent the time you do (tv, great trivia questions, managing the promo for the band...) coming up with all the stuff you do. :-)

Message: 5983 Posted: Tue Mar 30 22:15:47 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Houses in white part 2

It just keeps getting better all the time!
Can't wait to hear more!

Message: 5982 Posted: Tue Mar 30 22:02:04 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Bowie, MD

I just read the following from Ginny on the AOL folder:

I got a scoop that America will be playing at Baysox Stadium in Bowie, MD on July 3rd. They will be with other bands. Tickets go on sale April 10th at 9AM at the stadium........or noon through Ticketmaster.

Also, the first 500 people to buy tickets to the show (bought at the stadium) will get a pair of tickets to an upcoming Baysox game.....Free!

Message: 5981 Posted: Tue Mar 30 21:24:13 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Moon Song

i think that's in code for: i buried paul(beatles)

Message: 5980 Posted: Tue Mar 30 21:15:58 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: More of Houses In White

... and yes, I have converted the MP3 file into Real Audio and Wave file formats for those of you who prefer those formats. They don't sound quite as good as the MP3, but they're much smaller and they get the job done.

Message: 5979 Posted: Tue Mar 30 21:14:03 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: More of Houses In White

If you've been waiting to hear even more of Houses In White, your wait is over. Gordon sent me the second MP3 file in a series of files which are yet to come that are tracking the progression of Gerry's work in progress. There is over a minute more of the song in this second set and it completes the first and second verses. I can hardly wait to hear the third installment. Thanks a million Gordon!

Message: 5978 Posted: Tue Mar 30 20:09:53 1999 By: BC
Subject: Moon Song

The lyrics on the "lyrics page" of my Homecoming songbook say the final lines of Moon Song are as follows:

"Zoyxx gtst zaetzz ootss rr nogg
Stzeg tgtt mrsszro tlk rrsm"

.......and, yes, I did have my fingers on the correct keys!

Message: 5977 Posted: Tue Mar 30 19:22:23 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Federal Reserve Bank Link

As requested, here's a link to the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. There are quite a few Federal Reserve Banks so I had to search until I found the one closest to Kevin. On the first page there is a search field. I tried typing in KevinS but it didn't let me access his account (darn!). If anyone else can figure out how to get at his account, let the rest of us know (LOL).

Message: 5976 Posted: Tue Mar 30 17:08:29 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Ventura Highway"

Hey All, I just spoke with Bobby with AMERICA's management company in Los Angeles and told him about the "Ventura Highway" and Pontiac idea. He was very receptive about the whole thing. I will be faxing my post from the chat folder to Bobby's boss, Ms. Che'vy Nash of the management company and will leave it in their hands to pursue if they are interested. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Message: 5975 Posted: Tue Mar 30 15:31:38 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Remaining Commercial Trivia Answers

The remaining trivia answers are:
Little Caesar's Pizza...."Boogie Fever"
Whirlpool................"The Way You Do The Things You Do"
Mobil...................."I Believe I Can Fly"

Yes, Tim, "Fly Like An Eagle" is by Steve Miller.

JL (John), you don't need to watch more tv. I watch enough for the both of us.

Message: 5974 Posted: Tue Mar 30 15:11:25 1999 By: Janice
Subject: I cast my vote (s)

Has anyone ever heard of the band that is in first place?? I haven't.
Under-rated (at least right now) Male-Dave Mason and Female-Carla Bonoff..(think she began as a back-up singer for Linda Ronstadt)..another male would be someone I have mentioned a few times..Terrance Boylan..just don't understand how he faded into the woodwork so soon..actually I had not even heard of him at the time, but a couple of friends had given me the album for helping them of the best gifts I have ever gotten..still listen to it. Well, I'm off for 11 days as of this moment! Yippee!!!

Message: 5973 Posted: Tue Mar 30 13:20:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Attn: AMERICA's Management!!!!!!

Remember a week ago when I mentioned that Pontiac and "Ventura Highway" would be a great match because Pontiac made a Ventura model in the late 60's and early 70's? I suggested that a Pontiac commercial could show their popular 60's Ventura and GTO and compare it with their even more powerful and re-styled 1999 Trans Am convertible as it's driving up a winding road with the top down and "Ventura Highway" playing. To my great surprise the other day, indeed Pontiac has a current tv ad showing a late 60's GTO Judge along with their new models. This is a golden opportunity for AMERICA's management to pursue Pontiac about using "Ventura Highway" in their commercial. Chevrolet is doing great with The Doobie Brothers' "Rockin' Down The Highway". Like "Ventura Highway", "Rockin' Down The Highway" is also a 1972 release. Who is the car market's greatest target of buyers? Baby Boomers, I would think. Who would recognize these seventies hits? Again, Baby Boomers. Who grew up in the late sixties and early seventies dreaming of owning a musclecar but can't afford one on a grocery sacker's wages? The answer again is Baby Boomers! Chevrolet and Pontiac are both divisions of the same corporation, General Motors. So we know GM is open to the idea of hit songs in their commercials. The answer to the "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" commercial is Dodge. "Break Out" is used in a Ford commercial. The answer to the "I'll Take You There" commercial is Chevrolet. Someone needs to inform AMERICA's management of this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!! Karen D, you said "Wheels Are Turning" last time I mentioned this but it was a bit vague. Is it regarding "From A Moving Train" and Amtrak or Pontiac and "Ventura Highway"? Liner notes from "Human Nature", shows Gallin Morey Associates to be AMERICA's management. Business Management is listed as Goldman, Lichtenberg, Wasseman & Grossman. What do you all think of this idea? I would hate to see AMERICA miss out on this WONDERFUL opportunity! We all need to push this idea. Imagine the exposure "Ventura Highway" would get. We just need AMERICA's management to go forward with this. Who should we contact to get this idea moving?

Message: 5972 Posted: Tue Mar 30 11:19:59 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Fly Like An Eagle

<"Fly Like An Eagle". Can you all believe that even the US Postal Service uses a rock/pop song in their commerical? Can someone name the performer? It should be an easy one>

Steve Miller.


Message: 5971 Posted: Tue Mar 30 11:03:09 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: I voted.

Hey, I wouldn't mind that direct link to Kevin's bank account either.

Message: 5970 Posted: Tue Mar 30 10:30:56 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: I voted.

Just placed my votes for Best Band Of All time. I voted for America. Who did you all vote for?

Thanks, Steve, for the direct link to the Best Bands Of All Time site. Once again, you've come through for us.

Now here's the next request. If you could do this for me, I'd really appreciate it. A direct link to the Federal Reserve Bank so I can make transactions to and from it into my bank account as needed.


Message: 5969 Posted: Tue Mar 30 10:06:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Tim: Re. Performers

Tim, Yes you are 100% correct on all of the performers!! Good going! I'm sorry for not mentioning that. I was too focused on the performer, song, AND corporation. Joanne, that's right about the US Postal Service and the song, "Fly Like An Eagle". Can you all believe that even the US Postal Service uses a rock/pop song in their commerical? Can someone name the performer? It should be an easy one. Also, I think "Sister Golden Hair" would be a good song for a hair coloring product.

Message: 5968 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:52:26 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Song & Commerical Trivia Answers

I gotta watch more tv. Sorry, Johnny, can't help with any of these.

Message: 5967 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:34:01 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Johnny "trivia"

Hi Johnny, "Fly like an eagle" Is the United states Post Office> My husband is a Mail carrier,Johnny love the way you keep everyone thinking.Take care Joanne

Message: 5966 Posted: Tue Mar 30 09:15:14 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Underrated Male & Female Performers

Agreed! Years ago Jeff told his college roommate that some day he would work with either The Beatles or The Beach Boys, and he of course brought that dream to fruition by touring with the BBs. His contributory work with other artists (such as on VGG and HN) and of course his solo career, have not gone unnoticed!


Message: 5965 Posted: Tue Mar 30 08:22:40 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Song & Commerical Trivia Answers

<"Break Out" isn't a Detroit Wheels commerical. Who or what is Detroit Wheels by the way? Nor is it a Clearasil commerical (ha, ha).>

Break Out was a Top 100 hit for Mitch Ryder & The Detriot Wheels in 1966.

So, how many of artists did we get right?


Message: 5964 Posted: Tue Mar 30 07:59:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Song & Commerical Trivia Answers

TZMAC, ToEaHisOwn (& to everyone else), very nice try on the commerical and song trivia.

Yes on "Happy Together" by The Turtles for Burger King.

"Break Out" isn't a Detroit Wheels commerical. Who or what is Detroit Wheels by the way? Nor is it a Clearasil commerical (ha, ha).

"Boogie Fever" isn't Burger King. Nor is it Nyquil (Another ha, ha).
Hint: A food establishment.

"The Way You Do The Things You Do" isn't Burger King. Hint: It's an appliance company.

"I'll Take You There" isn't Burger King. Sorry, but no hint.

"I Believe I Can Fly" isn't an airlines company nor Nikes. Hint: Oil company.

"You Didn't Have To Be So Nice", yes The Lovin' Spoonful. Hint: it's an auto company.

Here's another song/commerical to guess: "Fly Like An Eagle".

Message: 5963 Posted: Tue Mar 30 06:02:39 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: vote

Ok I put in my 5 votes!!! Lets go guys

Message: 5962 Posted: Tue Mar 30 05:55:09 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: AOL Best Band Vote...ACTUALLY

The voting restrictions are kinda weird. It let me vote 5 times earlier today. However, I just went back like an hour later and it let me vote 5 more times.

Up to #5 and 100 votes!


Message: 5961 Posted: Tue Mar 30 03:19:29 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: AOL Best Band Vote

Apparently we are limited to 5 votes.........PER DAY. I voted on Monday and just went back and added 5 more on Tuesday.


Message: 5960 Posted: Mon Mar 29 22:54:19 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Direct Link To Vote

Here's a direct link that will take you straight to the page where you can vote for America. See John, I can take a hint.

Message: 5959 Posted: Mon Mar 29 22:52:44 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Best Band of all time

Just checked. We've leapfrogged over Poco and Def Lepard. Next, Metalica.

Message: 5958 Posted: Mon Mar 29 22:28:56 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hanson's in the Dust!

Yea!!! We're now winning over Poco, too! Forgot that I had 5 votes to cast. I can sleep well tonite. Thanks all!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5957 Posted: Mon Mar 29 22:16:03 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: August 5 concert

I know this is still several months away and if any of you are like me you don't necessarily know what you are doing tomorrow, let alone in August. I am trying to organize a trip down to California to visit by brother and thought I'll to take in America's concert in Paso robles on August 5. Will take my 5 and 6 year old boys to their first concert ever. Figure it should be America and start out with the best of the best. then they can grow up to be contented, fulfilled individuals who will know the true meaning of life. (ok, maybe a little strong)

Anyone else planning on going?

Message: 5956 Posted: Mon Mar 29 22:09:52 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: AOL Best Band Vote

Just did my patriotic duty and voted for America (not bad for a Canadian, eh?). Seems America is still 2 shy of Poco. Maybe Steve can add a direct link for us to this site. Hint. hint.

Message: 5955 Posted: Mon Mar 29 21:51:42 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: VOTE!

threw in my 5 votes. we're gaining on poco. got my tickets today for may 14th, in torrington, ct. can't wait.

Message: 5954 Posted: Mon Mar 29 21:31:11 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Underrated Male & Female Performers

Another underated artist in my opinion would be Jeff Foskett. He has a great voice. He is currently playing with Brian Wilson on his solo tour. If you get a chance to see that show you better take it. A friend of mine who was lucky enough to go said it was magical.

Message: 5953 Posted: Mon Mar 29 21:23:26 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Underrated Male & Female Performers

My answer for underated male artist would be Mark Heard. He is so underated that I would be very surprised if anyone has ever heard of him. He started his career in the Christian music circle but was never fully accepted there. He refused to give in to the Christian music power brokers. (apparently not enough hallelujah's, amens and thank you Jesus's). He said that he was a songwriter who was a Christian not a Christian songwriter. After being shuned by the Christian music elite he continued to do really good independent projects. His style might be best compared with Bruce Cockburn who was a friend of his. He unfortunatly passed away 5 or 6 years ago. Great songwriter.

Message: 5952 Posted: Mon Mar 29 21:03:41 1999 By: Beth
Subject: VOTE!

Everybody GO VOTE NOW!!! America is only one vote ahead of Hanson in this silly election!!! (Before I voted, they were Tied! We Can't Have this!!) :->
Stay Tuned -b

Message: 5951 Posted: Mon Mar 29 20:15:59 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: AOL Best Band Vote

Actually the site appears to be on WWW not on AOL, as I first saw it described.

Message: 5950 Posted: Mon Mar 29 19:52:24 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: AOL Best Band Vote

AOL has some non-scientific vote going on for the Best Band of All Time. Those of you who have AOL access, please vote!

Here's the URL if you'd like to vote (vote 5 times.. it will let you!). America was added to the ballot by Tim.

Message: 5949 Posted: Mon Mar 29 18:54:02 1999 By: Beth
Subject: vice versa

Dewey sings Sargent Darkness
Gerry sings Hells' On Fire
Stay Tuned -b

Message: 5948 Posted: Mon Mar 29 18:51:35 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Commercialization

I don't watch too much TV, so I can't give too many answers on this subject - altho I think "I Believe I Can Fly" is a Nike commercial - Michael Jordan comes to mind....
Stay Tuned -b

Message: 5947 Posted: Mon Mar 29 18:30:47 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Trivia...

Here is what Tim (TZMAC) and I came up with (give Tim credit for all CORRECT answers, lol).

Happy Together = The Turtles = Burger King
Break Out = Mitch Ryder = Detroit Wheels
Boogie Fever = The Sylvers = Burger King?
The Way You Do The Things You Do = The Temptations = Burger King?
I'll Take You There = The Staple Singers = Burger King?
I Believe I Can Fly = R. Kelly = ??? some Airline...
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice = The Lovin' Spoonful = ???

Now if someone can fill in the blanks for the commercials...

Message: 5946 Posted: Mon Mar 29 17:59:06 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Moon Song

Thanks, Howard!!!

Message: 5945 Posted: Mon Mar 29 17:58:28 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Moon Song

Thanks, Howard!!!

Message: 5944 Posted: Mon Mar 29 16:45:41 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: This 'n that

Well, I FINALLY found the Swithchfoot cd. Wonderful stuff! I think it will improve with each listening. I found it at Tower in Glendale (along with A copy of "Your Move" and "Alibi") The Virgin Megastore in Burbank is a joke. They never have anything!!!!

Has anyone heard from Karen D? I have been out of my office, and haven't been able to keep up with stuff. What's going on there?

Johnny, my collegue is working on the translation for us. He has a list of titles to work from. Most of it is words that sound like the English ( i.e. "A new title from America Our grass") This was actually on there. We shall see what he comes up with.

As for v. versa-- I would like to hear Dewey's version of I need you. and Gerry's version of Green Monkey. Hmmmmmm

Message: 5943 Posted: Mon Mar 29 16:38:12 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Hit Songs And Commericals Trivia Q

I will give you the title of a song currently used in a TV commerical and you have to give the performer's name as well as the company/corporation in the commerical.

Happy Together; Break Out; Boogie Fever; The Way You Do The Things You Do; I'll Take You There; I Believe I Can Fly; You Didn't Have To Be So Nice

Good Luck!

Message: 5942 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:32:24 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: male singers


If you like Lobo you need to get the "best of" that Rhino put out a few years ago. More tunes, really thorough liner notes & discography, excellent sound. I like a bunch of his songs like "Sure Took A Long, Long Time", "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend" but in all honesty a lot of it is quite repetitive. Still a good CD, though.

Joe B

Message: 5941 Posted: Mon Mar 29 13:31:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Underrated Male & Female Performers

To answer Truthsaint's question about underrated male performers, I would have to go with Paul Davis, pop and country, singer/songwriter. He has written and performed such songs as '65 Love Affair, I Go Crazy, Do Right, Love Or Let Me Be Lonely, Cry Just A Little, Cool Night, Sweet Life, and I Won't Take Less Than Your Love performed with Tanya Tucker and Paul Overstreet.

While I'm at it, my choice for an underrated female performer is Brenda Russell. She is a very talented singer/songwriter. Perhaps her best performance is Piano In The Dark. Her songs have been performed by Luther Vandross; Earth, Wind, & Fire, Oleta Adams (Get Here), and Donna Summer (Dinner With Gershwin).

Message: 5940 Posted: Mon Mar 29 10:11:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Moon Song

Has anyone checked the Homecoming songbook?
When I get home, I want to see if it says anything.
From what I remember, I think it says something for the end
of the song. Hey anyone with the songbook, check it out.

Message: 5939 Posted: Mon Mar 29 09:55:17 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: "Moon Song"


I have posed this same question many times, also mentioning the "Beatleseque" backwards lyrics. Been trying to watch the video cd closely lately to see if it will shed some light. This is one of those fun little oddities...


Message: 5938 Posted: Sun Mar 28 20:46:40 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: BETA No More

The Beta version of the Chat Folder software has undergone an extensive test the past two weeks and all of the known bugs have been fixed. Therefore, I have switched the Chat Folder over to the new software permanently. That means that you'll need to register before you can post to the Chat Folder. Registration is fast and simple so do it right away so that you can continue to join in the fun.

Message: 5937 Posted: Sun Mar 28 20:03:49 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: V Versa

I wish the guys would sing lead TOGETHER!!!! The combination of their voices is much better than either one separatly. America is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a Carolina fan but since they were knocked out early I guess I have to pull for my home state DOOKIES and The ACC!!!!!!!!!!! Go Duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message: 5936 Posted: Sun Mar 28 19:17:19 1999 By: john briggs
Subject: fan in the beginning

In 1971 at the age of 16 I heard "Horse' for the first time. My life has forever been changed. I have been to countless America concerts, from Texas, Utah and Oklahoma. I have the Complete America catalog and their "Musik Louden" video tape. My wife, DeAnn, and I will be going to Roland, TX to yet another concert this summer. Can't wait!!! All five of our children have grown up on Americas' songs as well. All I can say is all you fans out there is to keep playing your CD's and keep calling your local radio stations. DONOT take them for granted, appreciate them and respect them. Dewey and Gerry are two of this countries greatest song writers. I can't wait for their next CD. I love you guys. Hello to Vivian and Kathy. Hope to here Michael in future works.

Message: 5935 Posted: Sun Mar 28 17:37:59 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: 1st America LP

After my post mentioning my collectors copy of the 1st LP, I went back to my collection and found my information to be incorrect. I have an Import edition of the 1st LP with nothing listed between "Children" and "Here". Only 5 songs are listed on the first side with the 2nd side being exactly the same. So "Everyone I Meet Is From California" was never on an LP until it was retitled "California Revisited" for the "Homecoming" LP. I just wanted to clear that up. It IS strange realizing that I have an authentic English First-pressing release of the 1st LP. Too bad it's not in very good condition. Yes Johnny, I found this at a Garage Sale. I was very psyched! Hope everyone had a great weekend! GO UCONN HUSKIES!!!

Message: 5934 Posted: Sun Mar 28 16:24:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Moon Song"

At the very end of "Moon Song", it's quite difficult to understand the words. Does anyone know what is being sung? Someone ("Riverside" is his/her nickname from last Thursday night's chat) asked if it's something sung backwards. I gave it a good listen but can't figure out exactly what's being sung. Any ideas from you all??

Thanks Janice for the thrift store lead. I look at all albums, cassettes, and CDs at garage sales for the fun of it and just in case there's something that I can't live without. I bought an album of one of my favorites at the Salvation Army last month for 50 cents, Crowded House. Two weekend's ago, I bought for 50 cents, "The Best of the Grass Roots". It's surprising what some people will let go. I have found several Beatles LPs, specifically "Something New", "Rubber Soul" and "Abbey Road" for a dollar each. I found the Beatles' first album but when I went to pay for it, the seller said she didn't know that her husband put it in the stack for sale. Rats!!

Message: 5933 Posted: Sun Mar 28 15:57:41 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: male singers

On this rather slow Sunday, I'd be interested in comments on who you think the most underrated male singer in pop music history is? There have been many great ones, but I'd chose Lobo. He put out some absolutely beautiful ballads back in the 70s and into the early 80s. If you want an excellent lp, "Lobo Greatest Hits" on Curb records. You can probably find it in the Wal Mart cheap rack, where I recently found America's "Ventura Highway And Other Favorites" for $3.99!

Message: 5932 Posted: Sun Mar 28 12:10:28 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: oops..forgot vice versa..

you are right janice, if it's not broke, leave it alone.

Message: 5931 Posted: Sun Mar 28 07:51:47 1999 By: janice
Subject: and more thing..

That E-Bay Aution Place that was mentioned..try it..I have not yet had time to check, but my son (Nirvana fan) :( found some great deals..signed CD, video..stuff like that..

Message: 5930 Posted: Sun Mar 28 07:46:41 1999 By: janice
Subject: oops..forgot vice versa..

I'd actually like to hear Gerry trying "Hot Town" kidding..actually no song comes to can't improve on perfection. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend..

Message: 5929 Posted: Sun Mar 28 06:44:18 1999 By: Beech
Subject: V Versa

Gerry Sings Molten Love
Dewey Sings She's A Liar

Message: 5928 Posted: Sun Mar 28 06:01:22 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:garage sale finds

Johnny..try antique stores..many carry old albums and "neat stuff"..even thrift stores..Goodwill, Salvation Army..and while you're there, make a donation..good for the soul. :)

Message: 5927 Posted: Sat Mar 27 23:36:33 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: V versa

Gerry: Garden of Peace
Dewey: Now Sue

Message: 5926 Posted: Sat Mar 27 16:44:25 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: V Versa

How about Gerry singing "Today's the Day"?

Jim Erie, PA

Message: 5925 Posted: Sat Mar 27 10:51:05 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Final Weekend To Test Beta Software

After this weekend the Beta version of the Chat Folder software will become the Real version and everyone will be required to use it. The biggest difference between the current version and the Beta version is that you must register before you can post anything on the Chat Folder. Once you have registered, your name (or alias) and e-mail address will automatically be associated with each post. All you'll have to do is enter a password before you post.

If you'd like to try the Beta software now so that you can get used to it and get pre-registered, simply follow this link:

Chat Folder Beta Software

I believe that all of the bugs are out of the Beta version but if you happen to run into something that you don't think is right, please let me know before we switch over Sunday evening. Thanks!

Message: 5924 Posted: Sat Mar 27 10:05:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Garage Sale Find & V. Versa

Just finished attending 15 garage sales this morning and once again, no AMERICA records, tapes, or CDs. Found a Beatles cassette of
"Sgt. Peppers" for 25 cents which is a rare find. My v. versa selection is Gerry singing "Horse" and Dewey, "Sister Golden Hair". Dewey singing "SGH" would be so strange yet so cool. Tom T's AMERICA album without "Horse", we all know is rare and a great collectible. Do any of you others also have this LP? One of mine has only "Horse With No Name" printed on it and the other has "Horse With No Name", "Riverside", "Sandman", and "I Need You" (not necessarily in that order, however).

Message: 5923 Posted: Sat Mar 27 09:06:39 1999 By: Beech
Subject: God and the tape player

Actually instead of tape I think God would go for a more elegant audio playback system......How about DVD? Maybe even just Telepathy or

Message: 5922 Posted: Sat Mar 27 09:04:52 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: end of the world

um, Bones? YOU TOOK MINE....... Now my afterlife is surely going to

Message: 5921 Posted: Sat Mar 27 06:41:36 1999 By: howard lieboff
Subject: Brad

Brad, email me please, i have a question for you about dan peek.
thanks howard lieboff

Message: 5920 Posted: Sat Mar 27 00:53:41 1999 By: Brad
Subject: Re: V. Versa

On Horse I like Dan singing. I have him singing on the old Ralph Emery show Nashville Now around 1987 on VHS. I would like to hear Gerry sing Three Roses and I would like to hear Dewey sing Someday Woman.

Message: 5919 Posted: Fri Mar 26 22:39:48 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Hourglass,Hideaway,V. Versa,.Duo's

Hello all,recent mention was made about Hourglass,when I first heard it I did'nt like it, but with constant listenings it has been a frequent visitor to the cd player.This album did not have much in the way of traditional acoustic guitar solos but much of the production reminded me of Gary Katz's work with Steely Dan in particular the album Gaucho.Now to the vice vesa question I would like to hear Dewey sing Sister Golden Hair,and Gerry sing Ventura Highway.Hideaway is also a bit of a favourite of mine,Amber Cascades how was that not a huge hit,the splendid Watership Down love the backing vocals on that one,and She's a Liar should have been a classic.Often mentioned is Who Loves You,Ca'nt You See has been an overlooked number for some reason,and the rest of the tunes on this album could hardly be described as fillers.Doe's anyone remember Gallgher and Lyle , what about 70's and early 80's Poco,Paul Cotton and Rusty Young.

Message: 5918 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:58:18 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: V. Versa

Johnny - you ask a very good question. have to sleep on that one. I'm trying to hear dewey sing van go gan. gerry singing any of dewey's songs, now that's tough. any one get tickets yet for the show in torrington,ct on may 14th yet?

Message: 5917 Posted: Fri Mar 26 21:05:26 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:anothe duo

Yes, I had selected Seals and Crofts as my favorite (former) duo.. :)

Message: 5916 Posted: Fri Mar 26 18:34:45 1999 By: Andrew
Subject: Another Duo

Has anyone mentioned Seals and Crofts as another once-prominent duo? Unlike America, though, they disappeared...

Message: 5915 Posted: Fri Mar 26 17:31:20 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: V. Versa

Hey Johnny- I think Dewey would do wonders with "Till The Sun Come Up Again". I love that song- the lyrics, the melody and the chord changes are great. Maybe Dewey could compose one more verse and stretch the song out because it IS awfully short. Oh Johnny, don't forget that Dan's original version of "Everyone I Meet..." was originally the B-side of "Horse..". In fact, when the first pressings of the First album were released, "Everyone I Meet..." was in place of "Horse". Believe it or not, I have a copy and it's wierd looking at the cover and the label and NOT seeing "Horse With No Name" anywhere! So "California Revisited" wasn't even the original version of itself. LOL! Should I just say, DUH Tom- No Kidding! Thank God It's Friday! Go UCONN Huskies!!!! See Ya...TeeTee

Message: 5914 Posted: Fri Mar 26 16:44:20 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Request From Barcelona

I received the following request from Juan so I'm passing it along to all of you. You can write to Juan at

My name is Juan Manuel Escrihuela from Barcelona (Spain) and I would like to contact with you for interchange material about América. I´m very interested to get singles in pic-sleeves, rare tapes, videos, cuttings from around the world, etc... Let me know your mail address if you have material for trade or sale.

Many Thanks.
Your Friend

Message: 5913 Posted: Fri Mar 26 16:36:37 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Nothing Scary

America fan, Shayne, found an interesting web site while surfing around this week and he forwarded the address to me. Check out and pay particular attention to who wrote several of these songs. If anyone happens to have access to these songs, I'm sure we'd all love to have you share them with us.

Message: 5912 Posted: Fri Mar 26 15:06:13 1999 By: ShariL In San Diego
Subject: Welcome, Jim

Hi, Jim. Glad you found us here.
Would like to know how you got here, if you didn't even know the guys are still recording.
Their newest release, "Human Nature" came out in September. GREAT cd. You should be able to get it at any 'record' store. Most places have at least one copy in stock.
America has been recording and touring continually over the years. Over the last 10 years, not so many recordings, but have toured that whole time.
Suggest you check this site often (daily or more!) if you're really a fan. This is a great bunch of people, and the site is a lot of fun.
Pick up Human Nature. You'll be glad you did!
Take care. ShariL <><

Message: 5911 Posted: Fri Mar 26 14:11:31 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Kevin's "End of Time" Comment

Although I like Hidden Talent a lot, I enjoyed reading KevinS' clever "endless loop" comment. So it's true: One man's trash is another man's treasure. One man's hell is another man's pleasure. I made up the last part. I know....don't quit my day job. (ha, ha)

Message: 5910 Posted: Fri Mar 26 11:39:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: V. Versa

As you all know, Dewey does a great job on singing lead vocal on "Everyone I Meet Is From California" from Hourglass. The song was originally sung by Dan on Homecoming as "California Revisited".

Discussion Topic: What one song that Gerry sings lead on that you'd like to hear Dewey sing and visa versa.

Message: 5909 Posted: Fri Mar 26 08:49:52 1999 By: leakycanoe
Subject: late as always....duos

my fav.....Crosby/Nash.......
I also like the duo of Thrasher/Shiver...pegged as country...they have more of a pop-Everly Brothers sound...they have some really great harmonies......not well known......they in my mind should be at the top of the charts...(like America)noted songs include "you and I belong"...."tragedy"...."the rails"..."be honest"...(on asylum the Eagles)

Message: 5908 Posted: Fri Mar 26 08:04:09 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Ike

Hi Ike!!
I just want to say I'm glad to see your webpage up & running again!!

Message: 5907 Posted: Fri Mar 26 07:12:51 1999 By: ?????/
Subject: for jim connnelly

Thats Jerry with a "G". Gerry - thank you

Message: 5906 Posted: Fri Mar 26 01:27:36 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Just a note

Hi again everyone. Just one more anyone here planning to attend the concert in Wichita, KS on May 26? Also, if Gerry and Dewey read this chat folder, I sure would like to say hi when you come to Wichita. Been a fan since I was 16 (1972) and never met them or obtained an autograph.

Re: End of the world.....I think I'd take my all time favorite, "I Need You"

I think it is remarkable that these guys have withstood the strains of time and are still together. It's great, and I for one enjoy the continuing saga....

Message: 5905 Posted: Fri Mar 26 00:33:13 1999 By: Jim Connelly
Subject: A little late

Hey America fans! I've been on line since jan. 97 I never considered there would be an America site.How can I hear a clip of their "new?" song or cd? I met Jerry Beckley one time backstage at Greek Theater in LA. I got back there while they were practicing a couple of hours b4 the show. Some guy asked me what I was doing here, I told him I was with the "sound crew".He bought it. A little later Jerry came back there I said Hi and Goodluck.This was '81.I had just came out to LA from the East. It was a Goal to somehow meet him. andlucky for me it happened soon.It was cool.I didn't even know these guys were still making cd's? Late/....

Message: 5904 Posted: Thu Mar 25 20:15:01 1999 By: janice
Subject: bones sure flies when you're having fun..actually it is 8 years, 4 months, 15 days, 17 hours..well, you get the picture. I'll have 25 years with my company, eligible for an early plan..still have lifetime flight benefits, and young enough to change gears and do something new and different! (Have a dusty guitar under my bed..never learned how to play..poems in my head that have never made their way to paper)..2 older boys will be through college by then, and ronnie..well..he'll love Wyoming!

Message: 5903 Posted: Thu Mar 25 18:48:08 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Message to Karen D

Oxygen Records. She hasn't been in evidence for a while, so I hope that means that good things are happening.

Message: 5902 Posted: Thu Mar 25 18:44:07 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Message to Karen D

who's Karen D?

Message: 5901 Posted: Thu Mar 25 18:42:43 1999 By: Bones
Subject: janice

ahhhh, this think called retirement. seems like only yesterday my friends and i were sitting at the local pub and sipping down mugs of brew and giving our philosophic views on life and waiting to get out of college. i'm looking at nine more years for me. where has the time gone? "as i lie in my bed at night, i see my lifeline erode". maybe i can get a job selling america t-shirts.

Message: 5900 Posted: Thu Mar 25 18:38:21 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Message to Karen D

Hey, Karen

I was wondering, did you ever get any feedback on the guys being on Live by Request? would you like us to do anything?

Thanks for all you do.

Message: 5899 Posted: Thu Mar 25 16:06:01 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:more thanks and end of the world

Beth: you're welcome..a cabin..lucky you..I'm planning an early retirement in 8 years..a cabin in the country is my dream home with unobstructed views of the beauty around me..ahhhh..see? life is good. and Kevin..very funny gave me my giggle for the day! :)

Message: 5898 Posted: Thu Mar 25 16:05:54 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Miscellaneous thoughts

I have been out moving boxes of Library books in the rain, so excuse me if I ramble.
RE-- fan meetings etc. sounds like a great idea. Although I am a Left Coaster, I will bring the fixin's for "my" house drink, a "dirty Mother" that's a shot of tequila, a shot of vodka and a shot of Kaluha ( I make my own) in a glass of milk. You can only have two.

Re favorite duos. Most of mine have been mentioned. I am also partial to a group called Pinkard and Barnes. They do, among other things, that tender country ballad " Ain't nothing funny 'bout a woman with a gun" The tale of a woman who finds her husband has been cheating on her and fires a warning shot thru his chest. A Parody on COunrty Music.

KevinS-Do you suppose God has "Harbor" on CD? (SIlly me, of course he does, He's God!) That would sure beat harp music!!!!

Message: 5897 Posted: Thu Mar 25 14:11:43 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Houses In White/New Album

Yes, Dave, you should go buy Human Nature. Give "Pages" a good listen.

Message: 5896 Posted: Thu Mar 25 14:10:10 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: end of the world

Hey Bones and You people,

When the world ends at 12 midnight 01/01/2000 (as we all know is gonna happen) I'd go with the entirely appropriate (and entirely underrated) "Goodbye" from 'Hat Trick'.

Joe B

P.S. Flashback to duos discussion - I was listening to Hall & Oates' most recent effort 'Marigold Sky' in the car today - there are about a half dozen outstanding tracks on the CD. However I saw them in concert last year and it was a humongous snore fest. Good playing, good singing, but no energy or emotion. It made me really appreciate the consistent energy/fun/effort that Gerry, Dewey & the rest of the guys continue to provide time after time.

Message: 5895 Posted: Thu Mar 25 13:36:10 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: end of the world.

I'd take Cornwall Blank with me.

But I get the feeling God would probably already be listening to Homecoming when I get there. Of course, if it's the other place I'm going, they probably have Hidden Talent on endless loop.


Message: 5894 Posted: Thu Mar 25 09:42:38 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: end of the world

Serves me right for thinking I could slip those past you. Will go with All My Life. (I think)

Message: 5893 Posted: Thu Mar 25 05:15:58 1999 By: DaveB
Subject: Houses In White/New Album

Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I was in here-just listened to "Houses in White" clip-sounds really good.What has been the response to it in here?-nice to hear things in developement like that. I have not heard anything from HUMAN NATURE yet-did it get any airplay in US? I am a US Citisen working in London-so tell me, Should I go pick up Human Nature? Anyone in England? Thanks-Dave

Message: 5892 Posted: Wed Mar 24 23:31:12 1999 By: Connie
Subject: Re: Better Days

Beth -
Hang in there. "Better Days" made me think of the song, "Watership Down" from the Hideaway album. That song has gotten me through some tough times . . .
Take care.

Message: 5891 Posted: Wed Mar 24 22:51:33 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: end of the world

not fair JL, you can only pick one.

Message: 5890 Posted: Wed Mar 24 22:20:18 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: end of the world

Another great question that is impossible to answer.

Have to go with "All my life" or maybe "One in a Million" or maybe " Ventura Highway" or...or...or...or...

Message: 5889 Posted: Wed Mar 24 22:11:37 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: town mtgs & fan parties

I have a big house here in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast in Beautiful British Columbia. Everyone is welcome. US dollor makes it really cheap for all of you. I don't mind hosting Gerry and Dewey and the rest of the Horse Heads. Hey, it's the least I can do. (we got great beer up here too) :-)

Message: 5888 Posted: Wed Mar 24 21:08:49 1999 By: Beth
Subject: town mtgs & fan parties

Bones, I like it! Also liked the idea someone ("hopeless dreamer") brought up last week about a Question of the Month...
TomT, Intrigued by your post about Fan Appreciation Parties...and thanks for the good thoughts.
Stay tuned - b

Message: 5887 Posted: Wed Mar 24 20:32:27 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hartford/Bones Idea/.Beth/JL

Hey Bones, I was at that show too! Great concert- and it was really fortunate that the roof stayed intact until a few weeks later when it collapsed. I remember the Palm trees and the huge Persian-type rug that covered the stage. Burton Cummings was really good too. I have seen some fantastic shows thanks to AMERICA. Your Town Meeting idea is a very good one. Awhile back someone suggested that Gerry & Dewey should pick a location so that this cool collection of people known as "The Friends Of AMERICA" could take part in a Fan Appreciation Party. Artists like REM, Taylor Dayne, Neil Sedaka- all different styles & Fans- perform at these intimate, by invitation only type of celebrations. So in other words, if not a Town Meeting of sorts, how about a Fan Get-Together? That way we could touch base with others in this Chat Folder, and we can show our gratitude to Gerry & Dewey for all their hard work and dedication. Hey Beth- I'm not a parent but I just wanted to say hang in there. Parents aren't perfect, Kids aren't perfect and- for the most part- Families aren't perfect. It's difficult to say it right for me, I've gone through some of that stuff too. I honestly can say, that if I got the chance to do it all over again, I would've stayed the goody-goody, straight "A" student and I would've allowed myself to Grow up before I got (shall I say) Experimental. Keep the faith. And to John (JL)- your e-mail never got through. So check your e-mail for my message-Thanx! TeeTee

Message: 5886 Posted: Wed Mar 24 19:07:23 1999 By: Bones
Subject: town meeting - America

here's another great idea i had today at school. i've been reading the chat folder for about two months and enjoy the comments from all you america fans. i can remember seeing them in the hartford civic center after the harbor album came out. they played with burton cummings formally of the guess who. i was probably the only nut out of 12,000 fans or so yelling, HEY GERRY- PLAY MONSTER, PLAY MONSTER, really love that song. anyways, here's my idea - every now and then there's someone who posts a question reguarding the band, like the H question and i enjoy reading the responses. remember when our president,(you know the guy who waved his fist and shook his finger and said,"i did not have sex with that women monica lewinsky",ya right slick) had town meetings. what ever happen to those anyways. So, this is what we fans do. after the tour is over, we pick a couple of sights across the united states and have an america meeting with the band. of course after touring this long they deserve a nice long vacation, but you know they won't rest. we get some beers, some food, take some pictures, and we ask them all the questions that we ever wanted to ask them. i guess you fans on the west coast could drink wine instead of beer (ha, ha, ho, ho, he, he). I'd drive across a few states to sit down with them and b.s. for awhile. i like it, what do you fans think and what does gerry and dewey think?

Message: 5885 Posted: Wed Mar 24 19:02:06 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: trying again

As far as I know there's going to be another single released. The official announcement will come from Oxygen Records.

"Houses In White" is a song that Gerry has been working on and a friend of his sent it to me. I don't know what it's eventual destination will be (group CD, etc.). Everything I know is posted with the links to the song (/america/housesin.htm).

Message: 5884 Posted: Wed Mar 24 18:51:43 1999 By: pat
Subject: trying again

one more try, is there going to be another single release? why so ong a wait? also is houses in white for a group cd or a slo. thanks

Message: 5883 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:57:22 1999 By: Beth
Subject: More Thanks

Janice & Patti
Whole lotta wisdome coming at me! Gotta love us single moms! Janice, thanks for your thoughts - especially about your folks. It's how I feel about mine, too. My dad was so supportive to me when I went thru the split. I moved into our family cabin, and my folks were still in Florida (they summer up here in WI) and when I called to let them know the phone was hooked up, my dad's first words to me were, "Are you okay? Do you want me to come up? I can be there in three days" WOW! That still blows me away. If you'd like to meet him, he has a web page! It's a family album and takes A LONG TIME to load: Enjoy if you choose!
stay tuned -b

Message: 5882 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:51:04 1999 By: Beth
Subject: End of the World

Bones, I'd take "Here" off the first album. Just because...
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5881 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:44:46 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:end of the world and kids

I am stepping up on my soapbox, so if you scroll past this message I won't be offended. would have to be Clarice with To Each His Own as a close contender.
Beth..I'm must be devastated. As a full time working mom of 3 boys, 15, 13, 5 my heart goes out to you. Although I grew up in a very strict family, and continuing the tradition (no drugs, alcohol, smoking or profanity in their home, or mine, however, I do like a glass of wine with dinner or beer when I am out with friends)I can however, certainly remember the peer pressure I was up against. My parents trusted me, and I trust my kids, as I trusted my parents. They have been married 50 years, and I count them as being my very best friens. I was gravely ill in Sept and they were here to take care of me and the kids in a fiash. I have enormous amount of love and respect for them for the way they raised us 3 kids in the 60's and 70's. No home is perfect, and ours isn't either..I have had terrible luck in the marriage department, having a gypsy spirit, and being fiercely independent, I turned all my energies toward my career and raising my kids. I keep things simple..I give them everything they need materially, and some of what they want. I find that by setting high expectations for them they meet and somewhat exceed, which is always good for their own self esteem. I hold them accountable for household responsibilities and homework..and we have lots of fun. We share a love of music, traveling and the outdoors. Why am I telling you all this? I don't know..maybe you can get some ideas..find ways to connect, to divert his attentions to something more positive. Keep those hugs coming and best of luck.

Message: 5880 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:41:45 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Better Days

Hi Beth - Being a single parent is really tough. My kids are 18 (son) and 13 (daughter). I've been divorced for about 10 years and most of the time the kids have been with me. All I can say is stay close to them and let them know you care about them more than anything else in the world. Divorce is hard on children, but they can learn a lot from our mistakes. We all manage to grow up - some take longer than others - but your son is at the age when he absolutely, positively has to test you. Be strong!

Message: 5879 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:34:43 1999 By: Beth
Subject: spell check!

Of course, I meant "think" -! -b

Message: 5878 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:27:12 1999 By: Beth
Subject: End of the World

What a question! I need to thik that one over.

Message: 5877 Posted: Wed Mar 24 17:26:17 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Better Days

My Friends, Thank you all for your kind words and feedback! I am still blinking back tears occassionally today, but much better than yesterday. My boys are with their dad now till next Monday, then they'll come back to me. We have been doing joint custody since divorce four years ago. However, my ex just took a new job and it looks like the boys will be more based at mom's house! Divine providence? I certainly have heard good input from a lot of folks, and it sure is good knowing I'm not alone! I have no trouble asking for help - it's Justin (my 14 yr old) who seems to have a block there. I just have to try to help him even tho he doesn't think he needs it!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5876 Posted: Wed Mar 24 16:56:59 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Silent Letter

Love the Title. "H" being the letter most left silent in English pronunciation ( Hey, I taught English Comp for a while, these things amuse me).

Favorite Song? All My Life

Message: 5875 Posted: Wed Mar 24 15:34:45 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: end of the world

Moment to Moment. The last bit has been inspiring to me lately. ( hey, I moved four libraries in four weeks, I need some inspiration!!!)

Message: 5874 Posted: Wed Mar 24 15:00:32 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: RE: End of the World

Bones, great question. For me, "HOPE"!

Message: 5873 Posted: Wed Mar 24 14:33:04 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: end of the world

It would be "Garden of Peace" for me.

Message: 5872 Posted: Wed Mar 24 14:29:45 1999 By: Bones
Subject: end of the world

today at school i'm thinking to myself, what if i knew the world was going to end on friday and i wanted to take one america song with me on tape in hopes that another civilization in another time and place would find the tape and listen to it. i'm taking "till the sun comes up again" off the homecoming album. I'm just going to walk on till the sun comes up again. what is everyone else taking? interested in your responses.

Message: 5871 Posted: Wed Mar 24 12:07:33 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Ian Thomas for Tom T

Ah, sent , send, no difference. Guess one should check messages a little more closely before posting.

Message: 5870 Posted: Wed Mar 24 11:29:58 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Ian Thomas for Tom T

Tom, I sent you an email. I have your cd. Let me know where to sent this.

thanks, John

Message: 5869 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:56:19 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Howard: Switchfoot

The Switchfoot CD title is "New Way to be Human".
Two hits at record stores in my immediate area did not net a copy, so I am also going to order via the internet. I still owe myself "Harbor" and "Hideaway" (the only two I'm lacking now in the quest to replace vinyl), so I'll be getting a lot of good music in a few days.
Beth, I'm reading a lot of good advice here. Everyone's situation is unique, so I'm sure you will find a solution that works for your family. My daughter and son are 20 and 17 and are SO different in personality and temperment that I've found that what worked for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. Now that she's in her third year of college, my daughter has actually thanked me for being somewhat strict with her in high school. Best of luck to you.

Message: 5868 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:35:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Howard: Switchfoot

Howard, what is the new Switchfoot CD called? I'm placing an order at the local music store and the title will help since they have another one out from a year or two before, I remember reading here.

Message: 5867 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:20:05 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: kids/Switchfoot

my kids are 7 and 4 (soon to be 5), and as a parent you try
your hardest to show what's right and what's wrong (amazing what they
pick up from kids in school at an early age), along with discipline
and especially values. Along this bumpy ride, I'm glad to see we all think alike as parents, and want the best for our kids.

Also, ordered the new Switchfoot cd from for 12.57
plus they sent me a $5.00 coupon...not bad. So Matt, it'll be at
least a few days until I get it to listen and evaluate it.
As far as Christian music is concerned, hey we listen to Dan Peek's
material right? I'm not one for this type of music, but if the song
has great rhythm, melodies and beat, why fight it?

Peace for now, hl

Message: 5866 Posted: Wed Mar 24 10:15:07 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Favorite Song From Silent Letter

Someone (Beth??) asked which song is each of our favorites from "Silent Letter". It's a really tough choice because there's so many great songs. If I have to pick only one, I would say it's "Foolin" because it's so upbeat. I really like the album cover, too. I have it placed on my top shelf in my bedroom. The huge, up-close photo of Gerry and Dewey makes it look like there in my room in person. The back cover is great also because The Guys look so confident.

Message: 5865 Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:19:47 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Silent Letter

In John Corbett's "Comprehensive Report" on AMERICA, he writes:
"Unlike the reviewer's prediction, America decided to break with tradition and give the new album a name which didn't start with the letter "H". The name it was given, Silent Letter, was a less-than-subtle attempt at poking fun at the whole tradition and at the same time showing their resolve to take a new direction."

Message: 5864 Posted: Wed Mar 24 08:15:36 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: hard days

Wow, I feel really bad for you. I'm sure you are probably getting plenty of advice, but each child is unique and may respond differently. We had something like that happen with my son last year, it didn't involve drugs but it did involve "contraband" that we don't permit in our house. He was 15 at the time and his mother found it in his room. He was duly punished but I had a talk with him that went something like, son I'm very disappointed, you betrayed the trust we had in you. I told him we did not allow that stuff in our house, as long as he lived here he had to live by the rules of the house, and I didn't want him having a bad influence on his younger brothers and sister. I told him that he had forfeited any rights to privacy and that from now on we had the right to search his room, and read his mail. We also put an early curfew on him. While there has been some grumbling, things have generally gone well and there hasn't been a reoccurrance.

Good luck.

Message: 5863 Posted: Wed Mar 24 03:16:42 1999 By: Guru de Health
Subject: hard days

the harder you push, the more they will push back. try to take a deep breath and look at it from another angle. don't become the bad guy. get what you want accomplished by being the good guy, it'll be easier. I don't know what that way is, but you'll figure it out. but if you just say "no, you're bad" then you're screwed. because he knows you did it too. and then you've weakend your foundation.

remember 2 things, and hopefully they'll help. 1) kids don't feel their worst when you've taken away the playstation, they feel bad when they really KNOW that you had a high level of confidence in them (something that you need to pre-establish) and then they KNOW they've let you down. that's what hurts. 2) a person we all know (that has blonde hair and glasses and sings about fictional women) had his senior quote in his highschool yearbook be "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do" (and his son reportedly echoed that on his senior page many years later) anyway...

luck to you. we all worked together to come to this conclusion

the gurus de health

Message: 5862 Posted: Wed Mar 24 00:42:50 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Silent Letter

Bones, my favorite off Silent Letter was always Only Game In Town - Love the guitars! But, after obtaining the cd after years without hearing the album - my new favorite has emerged as Tall Treasures. I did, however, pick up the Ventura Highway & Other Favorites cd a few years back JUST BECAUSE it had Only Game on it! Also love Cast The Spirit, off Your Move. That song takes me back to some different hard Days just into college. Folks had just moved from WI to FL. Abandonment!! Cast the Spirit really spoke to me. Lot of sad lonely nights that song kept my heart safe.
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5861 Posted: Wed Mar 24 00:38:35 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hard Day

JL-Yes! I agree, once these rough years are thru, he will rejoin the human race. I hope America can keep the tunes coming for the long haul!
Stay tuned-b

Message: 5860 Posted: Wed Mar 24 00:37:12 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hard Day

Michelle - Thanks for sharing your experience! I plan on allowing my son to breathe and to eat, and that's about it, until June. We've done this dance a few times already. It sure is hard to let go again and let some freedom in. We had made some progress, I thought, and now it's dashed again. Ah. Parenthood. Thank God for America. Surely do think I would've gone into deep depression without On Target making me lift my head up this evening! Music plays in the background, but when I sit up and look around for the cd cover to see which song it is, I'm hooked!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5859 Posted: Tue Mar 23 23:42:14 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: Houses in White

I listened to the MP3 file on Houses in White today many times. I love it so far. I always try to figure what going on in the story, I'm still working on this one. Only after reading some of the posts did I realize that the opening voice is saying Rose, Rose? Guess my hearing is going in my old age, ha...

One full circle, round, round, round. One more calendar coming down. Late editions, scandal, lies, every headline full of lies. Houses in white, oh how they take me back. There was a time that I lived inside
now I think twice, I walk quickly by houses in white.

Mark in KC...

Message: 5858 Posted: Tue Mar 23 23:07:49 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: Hard day

I have a 5 year old and a 6 year old. When I've had a hard day with the kids I keep telling myself just wait until the rebellious teens. This is nothin'.

Just remember that once they are through this time they will once again become human beings. They'll even think we are too.

Message: 5857 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:58:49 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Hard day

Hey Beth!
Had this same type of hard day about 2 months ago with my 15 yr old son. School called to verify a day that he missed two classes...skipping school. Went into the computer chat he uses to see who he'd talked to about skipping, found references to cigarettes and "weed". Dad and I confronted him with it, and of course he took the defensive..."What right did I have to go through his chat history?" Simply told him that the call from school broke my trust of him and took away his rights to privacy.
For six weeks he had no life - I drove him to and from school, allowed him no telephone, no computer, no going anywhere. I'm still leary of letting him have too much rope, and this probably isn't the last we'll see of this problem, but I know I've got to let up sooner or later. His dad's trust will be a lot harder to gain was a wild teen, and he hates watching our son do the same things that HE did. He knows first hand where it can lead.
Hang in there, and talk, talk, talk to him! My son apparently didn't know where I stood on this issue before, but he, AND his 13 yr old brother, sure do now!

Message: 5856 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:35:48 1999 By: Beth
Subject: oops

I meant album "title", not cover. (duh.) Must be late Up North, too!

Message: 5855 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:35:01 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hard Day

Bones, yes - get any & all feedback you can! I keep telling myself i'm not a bad mom - heck my folks weren't "bad" & I did all this schtuff growing up too. It's just, I was a bit more grown than 14 when I first dabbled into that realm...

Patti, thank you. It helps knowing the thoughts are out here for us!

My choice for next album cover "Hard Day" !! Just kidding....
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5854 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:26:02 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: silent "H"

I too felt that after Dan left that Gerry and Dewey changed the titles as either a tribute to Dan or perhaps it just didn't feel right to keep things the same. Maybe just a conscious effort to forge something new. Maybe it was Dan's idea to begin all albums with "H". Any inside info, Matt? I am pleased they have gone back to it. It's just a little quirk, but cool. Any ideas what the next album should be called?

Message: 5853 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:20:27 1999 By: Patti
Subject: re: Hard Day

Beth - Wow, that's a tough one. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I have a 13 year old. Good luck.

Message: 5852 Posted: Tue Mar 23 22:19:57 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Bones

Beth - favorite songs, only game in town (love the horns) and
no fortune. i saw america about 5 or 6 years ago when they played in norwalk, ct. i knew someone who knew someone who let me go meet gerry and dewey. i asked gerry that question because i wondered that myself. what happen to the H's? then comes silent letter. don't really remember what his responce was, guess i was just glad to meet both of them, but it had nothing to do with the departure of dan. actually i asked them alot of questions. can't wait to see them in may when they come to torrington, ct. hope i can get human nature signed. don't give up on your son. keep talking to him. it's late here on the east coast, got to hit the hay. have to face those little devils tomorrow. if you need and answers dealing with your son, i can ask people at school what they would do. (not saying your a bad mother) i hate to see this happen to young kids.

Message: 5851 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:55:15 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Bones

Thanks, Bones. I can't imagine being a H.S. teacher these days! We were hard enough when we were kids! So, what is your favorite tune off Silent Letter? Also, I have a theory about the album title. Up to that point, it was all "H" titles. Silent Letter was the first without Dan. To Honor Him, they left the H off. Anyone else have other theories?
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5850 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:52:44 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Janice

I won't get too graphic (no pun intented, for those who know) A bong is a type of pot-pipe. Eeeegads!

Message: 5849 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:44:09 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:Hard Day

not to sound naive..but what is a bong? maybe i don't want to know.

Message: 5848 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:36:28 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Hard day

know how you feel. i'm a high school teacher. not an easy way to earn a living. been doing it for 21 years. sung to myself a few america tunes today to get me through. ran right out at the end of the school day and cranked "silent letter" in the car. i guess their music can change your mood quickly. good luck with your son. i hate to see that happen to young kids.

Message: 5847 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:33:24 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Hard day

know how you feel. i'm a high school teacher. not an easy way to earn a living. been doing it for 21 years. sung to myself a few america tunes today to get me through. ran right out at the end of the school day and cranked "silent letter" in the car. i guess their music can change your mood quickly. good luck with your son. i hate to see that happen to young kids.

Message: 5846 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:16:28 1999 By: Joyce Hall
Subject: Re: More Duos

My choice for fave duos---The Carpenters, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Seals & Crofts, George Jones & Tammy Wynette!!-JOYCE

Message: 5845 Posted: Tue Mar 23 21:05:54 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Hard day

Hi All - I've had a rough day today. Found a bong in my kid's bedroom last night. Just turned 14 two weeks ago...Not Good... And once again, America's music has the strength to pull me out. Sitting here, I put Encore in the player. Hadn't listened to that album too straight thru too much - always skipped right to Hell's On Fire and turned it up Loud! Well, tonite I wasn't in a skipping mood...just let it play...and discovered a song I hadn't previously felt a bond to! Before I knew it, I was singing along to On Target. The re-winding chorus at the end really picked me UP! "Baby turn your heart around....da da da Who'm I gonna run to...di di di di di di..."
Well, my friends, I sure needed that. My son will be okay - eventually. I will be okay too. It's gonna be a real rough road, but I'll get thru, because I know all the little stuff to take care of me! America songs will always be there for me, even when things look the bleakest, Gerry, Dewey, and Dan can always be counted on for comfort.
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5844 Posted: Tue Mar 23 20:50:10 1999 By: Beth
Subject: re 45s for JoeB

Nice spelling of can't - also! It's okay, sometimes I pronounce it like that when I hab a bab code....
Stay tuned!

Message: 5843 Posted: Tue Mar 23 20:45:18 1999 By: Big G
Subject: America...For Michelle

Michelle,go to where you went at the start of the search and go scoll down to albums and cds and records. there you will find a bunchof cds that you can get hope I have been of some help. Big G

Message: 5842 Posted: Tue Mar 23 20:45:11 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: 45's

Hey Joe B,

Nice spelling of interested. Ever hear of spellcheck, dude?

Joe B

Message: 5841 Posted: Tue Mar 23 20:43:37 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: 45's

Hey You People,

If anyone is interetsed in adding some vinyl to their collection, has Horse/I Need You and Sister/Ventura
listed for 2.50 each. You cab't order directly over the internet, but catalogs and toll free numbers are posted on the site.

Helping You Spend Even More Of Your Hard-Earned Money,
Joe B

Message: 5840 Posted: Tue Mar 23 16:56:00 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: Re: Switchfoot

Hey Howard,its funny you mentioned the Smothers Bros. The first time I saw America on TV was on their TV show!!!!( During one of their infamous ironclad 13 week TV contracts) Joe

Message: 5839 Posted: Tue Mar 23 16:25:24 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Count Me In

I started to type my last message and stepped away for about thirty minutes and came back and finished it. Now I see all the posts regarding Switchfoot. Count me in. I called the local music store, Hastings. They don't have it on the shelf but I'm going to order it!

Message: 5838 Posted: Tue Mar 23 16:15:20 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Other Charts

Thanks to Karen we know that FAMT was #1 in Spain and that Wednesday Morning is moving up the charts there as well. Is there a place to get chart info for other countries? Are HN and any other singles hits in other countries? If so how would we find out?

Message: 5837 Posted: Tue Mar 23 16:13:33 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Local Radio Trivia Quiz

One of the local radio stations here plays a game each day called, "Pop Quiz". To the winner goes a free pizza. You guessed it; a few of the clues were: Sons of American servicemen; lived in London; 1972 Grammy winners. Unfortunately I wasn't the winner but I wanted so badly to get through so I could mention "Human Nature". I called
the DJ afterwards and asked if he'd mention that AMERICA has a new CD called, "HN". He asked if it's the original members and I said yes, it's a duo now and it's the original two. Unfortunately, he didn't mention it on the air like I requested but I sure tried.

Message: 5836 Posted: Tue Mar 23 16:02:12 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Switchfoot.

Thanks Matt,
I'm sold.

Message: 5835 Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:53:18 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Switchfoot.

let that be enough is such a beautiful song. actually written and recorded on his birthday.
i was worried the christian rock thing might turn people off, as it usually does me. but it's not bad and blatant, more like a bunch of christians in a pop band.

rock on. kevin you rip.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5834 Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:40:20 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Switchfoot.

Thanks for the review. Guess I'll stop at The Wherehouse on the way home.

Message: 5833 Posted: Tue Mar 23 15:30:27 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Switchfoot.

Just bought the new Switchfoot album. It's great. It rocks. The best way for me to describe it is Matthew Sweet meets Fastball, which, to me, is pretty darn high praise.

As far as Virginia reading that it's Christian rock, it wasn't until you wrote that that I went back and listened to it again. You wounldn't know it from this album. In fact, you wouldn't know it at all unless you actually read the lyrics.

The word "divinity" which shows up in the title track, but that doesn't mean it's the sermon on the mount. And on a pretty, acoustic song called "Let That Be Enough" the chorus goes "Let me know that You hear me, let me know Your touch." But if you didn't read the lyrics and see the uppercase Y, you'd just as easily think he's singing about a girl.

Hey, I'm not a Christian rocker either. Far from it. What this ablum is is a collection of positive, upbeat pop songs with a real youthful rock song. If that's Christian rock, than show me the door to the rectory, I'll sign up.


Message: 5832 Posted: Tue Mar 23 13:45:30 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Switchfoot

My curiosity was piqued by your enthusiasm for Switchfoot's new CD, so I checked CD Universe and it was listed along with a 1997 CD. This is a group I am not familiar with. The genre is listed as Christian Rock-which is a classification I don't care for (no offense to anyone, just my personal taste). So, before I would consider buying it, I would want a little more information about the group and its music. In other words, sell me.

Message: 5831 Posted: Tue Mar 23 13:34:34 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: America...for Michelle

I sure did! My error was that I was trying to go through all the Pop & Rock catagory items for auction...way too time consuming! I didn't know that you could type in a specific group's name and bring up just their items. Of course, "America" is part of other album titles, and they come up also, but the list is still short enough to manage.

Great fun, and a few interesting things, but I am looking for CD's to replace my vinyls, which they didn't have any of. I'll keep checking, but my bet would be that CD's, since they're not widely available, are being purchased by fans doing the same thing I'm doing, and they'd not part with them for anything! Guess I'll have to purchase them new. Everyone here should check out the e-bay site - but don't ya'll be bidding against me if any CD's come up!!!

I've just about worn out the three I have...History, Homecoming, & Human Nature (can you wear out CD's?!?!?!?). There are good points to that, 15 and 13 year old sons have been known to turn off the noise blasting out of their rooms to have a clearer listen to America...and can be caught humming along!


Message: 5830 Posted: Tue Mar 23 13:17:05 1999 By: Big G
Subject: America...for Michelle

Hi Michelle,I was wondering if you found the bands articles that are up for grabs on ebay?

Message: 5829 Posted: Tue Mar 23 13:06:51 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Ooops

Oooops! I forgot my name and subject. Johnny

Message: 5828 Posted: Tue Mar 23 13:05:27 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America

Michelle, sorry but I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't meaning to apply that it was specifically, with no doubt, a particular situation. I think "Houses In White" makes reference to scandals in general whether nationally or personally. By "sound familiar", I meant that particular scandal could be included as a type of one in Gerry's song. I think your thoughts are accurate ones too and I agree with you. The subject material reminds me a bit of Don Henley's "End Of The Innocence". I liked your "Leave It To Beaver" reference. Did anyone watch the Academy Awards and hear Whoopi's reference to "Leave It To Beaver"? After her reference, she jokingly said that she probably won't be asked to come back next year. It was quite racy.

Message: 5827 Posted: Tue Mar 23 12:50:11 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Switchfoot

At lunch time here in NYC, at HMV and Coconuts...can't find it.
I know it's available on
I'll look tomorrow in Sam Goody and Virgin Mega Store.

Message: 5826 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:41:45 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: switchfoot.

(should be) available everywhere. they played 3 of their songs in a row on the radio last night and I almost wrecked my car. and no i'm not on the album. but that doesn't make it any less fantastic. :)
going to the record release show tonight at the del mar fairgrounds, SD residents, tickets available through ticketmaster.
sticker offer still stands.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5825 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:37:54 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: switchfoot.

(should be) available everywhere. they played 3 of their songs in a row on the radio last night and I almost wrecked my car. and no i'm not on the album. but that doesn't make it any less fantastic. :)
going to the record release show tonight at the del mar fairgrounds, SD residents, tickets available through ticketmaster.
sticker offer still stands.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5824 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:34:04 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: " Rose, Rose"

I hate to think that Gerry would memorialize THAT with a wonderful song!

Message: 5823 Posted: Tue Mar 23 11:07:40 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: " Rose, Rose"

Or maybe a death due to one's own hand after the uncovering of a possible scandal? Sound familiar?

Message: 5822 Posted: Tue Mar 23 10:49:51 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: "Rose, Rose"

I feel worse for the little old lady who's trying to call Rose...she's got "some bad news" to tell Rose, and she's so confused about it all she's not even sure if she's got the right number. I hope we find out soon what the news is, and if she had the right number.
Sounds to me like there are memories of a bad marriage break-up associated with houses that, from the outside, look like your typical 'leave it to beaver' happy home.

Message: 5821 Posted: Tue Mar 23 08:47:01 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Rose, Rose"

I wonder if the "bad news" intro in "Houses In White" is fictitious or from an actual phone message. I hope it was the former. Either way, it makes me feel really bad for Rose.

Message: 5820 Posted: Tue Mar 23 07:51:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Yes, "Hourglass" is WONDERFUL and so are "HN" and "Homecoming". It's difficult to compare "HN" and "Homecoming" to one another. Both are great in their own way. "Homecoming" is a big-time classic!! I love everything about it....from the songs to the album cover. I'm amazed how polished looking the guys are on the "Homecoming" album cover compared to the first one just a year before. Matt has me very curious about Switchfoot, too. Another duo favorite of mine is an "unknown" mid-70's group, Fool's Gold. The duo is Denny Henson and Tom Kelly. Kelly has performed background vocals on "Alibi" and "View From The Ground". The Fool's Gold sound is a mixture of Dan Fogelberg, the Eagles, and Poco.

Message: 5819 Posted: Tue Mar 23 07:23:04 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Matt...Switchfoot..

Hi Matt,
Good luck with your hair cut. How did you do on your finals? Is the CD available in most store, say like Tower Records or Borders? Let me know, OK. You have a great day, too. Maureen.
PS - I spoke to the man with the 'cords' on Friday night!! I told him about your joke and he laughed!! See ya.

Message: 5818 Posted: Tue Mar 23 07:08:50 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Switchfoot

Matt, now you have me,us very curious about
this new Switchfoot CD. Now we'll definitely
have to check this out. We'll let you know.
I'm always up for good new music.

Some fav Duos: Loggins and Messina, Everly Brothers,
Aztec two step, Smother Brothers, and a small unknown group
called Williams Brothers (check out Harmony Hotel CD, Great!)
I'm still thinking. hl

Message: 5817 Posted: Tue Mar 23 05:17:35 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Homecoming vs Human Nature

how would all you america fans compare homecoming to human nature? both are excellent. could listen to both cd's for days and days and days and.....

Message: 5816 Posted: Tue Mar 23 05:00:29 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: More Duos

Everly Brothers and perhaps the most famous duo of all....Dolly Parton. LOL- just a joke (I couldn't resist). To Matt- as they say in Show-Biz, "Break A Leg!" Congrats on the new release, looking forward to hearing it. Gotta go..TeeTee

Message: 5815 Posted: Tue Mar 23 01:35:53 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: TUESDAY

ok. so it's tuesday. and I'm getting a hair cut. but more importantly, the Switchfoot CD is out. New Way to be Human. I got more stickers then I can handle from jon, so if you pick up the album lemme know and I'll try and send some to you. it really is very good. i hope you all enjoy it a tenth of how much i do.
and i think harbor sounds pretty good.

enjoy the rest of your day.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5814 Posted: Tue Mar 23 01:18:39 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: horseheads

I've been going through the archives again...whatever happened to "horseheads"...anyone do up a T-shirt?

Also found posts by another Michelle. Didn't know that ID had already been used. Guess I'll come up with another one.

Got my tax return in the mail today - YEAH!!! - time to place a CD order (before hubby spends it all on power tools)! All I have to do now is CHOOSE a couple!


Message: 5813 Posted: Tue Mar 23 00:02:45 1999 By: pat
Subject: single?

i guess theres going to be no more singles off of human nature? what a shame. what happened? what a waste of alot of work on a great cd. i emailed karen but got no reply about a week ago. also the new wav file,is this song for a solo cd or a group one? thanks

Message: 5812 Posted: Mon Mar 22 22:58:26 1999 By: brenda
Subject: meet da guys

my brother ronnie was in the navy in la. well he went to an america consert in a bar. they started playing tin man and my bro stared dancing and there like "uh we never ment this to be a dance song but this is the 90'S cool!" after the show my brother got them a drink and went backstage with them. and he asked them to autograph my mom's america shirt. (mine's black so that was kind-of sorry) they said sure thing. then the bouncer dude tried to pull him out but gerry said let him stay. so they autographed it for him. he stayed for awhile met kathy and stuff. afterwards he walk gerry to his porsh and shook his hand. gerry said nice meeting you got into his car and drove off. my bro was thrilled. my mom was also.

Message: 5811 Posted: Mon Mar 22 22:20:35 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: keep getting better

I think for me, the sign that America is in a league all of their own is that you can listen to their music a thousand times and enjoy it each and every time. I am right now listening to the Centenary Collection. Ventura Highway is presently on. I honestly do not know how many times I have listened to this tune. I have it on several different cds and cassettes. The opening bars still bring an instant smile to the face. The same is true for most songs by America. With many other artists, after a few times the songs tire, feel stale, there just isn't the substance either musically or lyrically. Not with Gerry, Dewey and Dan. Their music is truly timeless. I guess it's what keeps us all coming back after 30 years. Brilliance at work.

Message: 5810 Posted: Mon Mar 22 22:12:05 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Duos

Hey Ron B.- Thanks for mentioning Stealers Wheel! They were great! Also- Aztec Two-Step. They opened for America in New Haven in 1978. It was a great Show. It was a Benefit for the Shelly Frank Foundation. This was an organization which assisted Folks with Alcohol related problems. I remember America performing "Another Try" as a centerpiece to this special show. Dewey said, "Wasn't Aztec Two Step Fantastic? We Love Them!" Other Duos 10cc (Last three LP's), Batdorf and Rodney (Cool)...I'm still Thinking...See Ya..TeeTee

Message: 5809 Posted: Mon Mar 22 22:10:41 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: duos of the century - apart from America

Just wondering if people were awake out there.

Message: 5808 Posted: Mon Mar 22 22:08:35 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Brenda/America

I second that emotion and I'm saying it live!

Message: 5807 Posted: Mon Mar 22 21:43:00 1999 By: brenda
Subject: America

not really bout america but the awesome person who has this website
he put my favorite song off of "your move" and he's made my time on
this web an awesome time!keep it up!and america keep on jamin yall rule!

Message: 5806 Posted: Mon Mar 22 21:28:03 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: duos of the century - apart from America

John, did you really type that message or did you have someone type sink it for you?

Message: 5805 Posted: Mon Mar 22 21:13:12 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: duos of the century - apart from America

Milli Vanilli? Just kidding. :-)

Message: 5804 Posted: Mon Mar 22 20:21:15 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: ...could they sound BETTER?

certainly the recording equipment has improved but.... harbor did have some good tunes but you can't compare it to human nature. listen to the first album and homecoming, i think they sound just as good as hour glass and human nature. hearts and hideaway are two of my least favorite albums. a few good songs but to me it wasn't typical america. after dan left the group and silent letter came out i thought the music was very good. everything after silent letter seemed to get better and better. after listening to human nature about a zillion times i was glad to hear the acoustic guitar sound was back along with the great backround vocals. it just amazes me that after all these years, gerry and dewey can still put together quality music. i guess that's what makes us fans begging for more.

Message: 5803 Posted: Mon Mar 22 20:06:58 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Duos

I have to echo the sentiments about Air Supply. I saw them in concert back in their early 80's hey-day and I gotta admit it was a great show. Their ballads had so much more power live...and they knew how to rock too.

Jim Erie, PA

Message: 5802 Posted: Mon Mar 22 19:54:40 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Duos

Steelers Wheel(Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan) Joe Egan is as good as Gerry Rafferty. His solo stuff is rare but excellent.
Air Supply-I met them about a month ago and were very nice and very good in concert. It seems they are like America in that some people don't think they are a "cool" group to like.

Message: 5801 Posted: Mon Mar 22 19:46:28 1999 By: Indigoglo
Subject: Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for welcome "Terry" & "America SL". Sorry haven't been on the internet lately. I was very pleased to hear the info on "Vetrock 99" I will definitely be attending. It is only about 30 min from my home. Can't wait till May 15th Still looking for anyone with OLD America videos.


Message: 5800 Posted: Mon Mar 22 19:16:08 1999 By: BC
Subject: Re: Houses In White.

Houses in White was MARVELOUS! A minute and a half was not enough. I had to play it several times to get satisfaction. Can't wait for the new cd.

Message: 5799 Posted: Mon Mar 22 17:13:20 1999 By: Mitch
Subject: ...could they sound BETTER?

Well, after I saw America when they came through Nebraska last summer
I "rediscovered" their latest (Yes, Human Nature IS great)
and like so many here started buying their back catalog on C.D. I purchased "Harbor", because I remember in College I had it on vinyl
and wore it out. Several of those tunes...especially Sarah Please,
and Seargent Darkness are gorgeous (Beckley tunes) and really brought
back bittersweet memories. My point: In a comparison with the voice
quality of Dewey and Gerry then and now...not only does Human Nature
hold up, there are a few tracks on Harbor that, well the voices sound
a little weaker. Example: Listen to Don't Cry..a beautiful song, but
the voices sound a little tired and even a tad off key during the chorus harmonies. I know this was just before the Peek split...perhaps
tension...maybe still some partying?? I really don't mean to be negative...actually I am impressed how great the Duo sounds now...and
are even doing better work. Ofcourse the digital era and better production values may account for some of this. What are some of you
America experts thoughts on this? Mitch

Message: 5798 Posted: Mon Mar 22 17:05:16 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Carl Wilson tribute CD

Some added info for the recent post:
The tax deductable (less the CD value, please see your tax advisor) donation is $100, that includes shipping & handling. The American Cancer Society at
3255 Wilshire #701 LA CA 90010 is taking orders as of 3/26/98 & credit card orders at (213)386-6102. It's all for a good cause & in honor of Carl Wilson.

Message: 5797 Posted: Mon Mar 22 16:56:48 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Duos, Hourglass, Etc.

Favorite duos include: Fogelberg/Weisburg, Loggins/Messina, England Dan/Jon Ford Coley, Simon/Garfunkle - Had their hit "Mrs. Robinson" running thru my head ALL DAY a few weeks back when Joe DiMaggio passed away -

Hourglass is a special album to me in that I had not bought an America album in quite a few years when I picked that one up. Sure felt good to be buying my guys' music again! Really love Hope and Mirror to Mirror.

I create my own cassette tapes to play in my car, and just about every one is "a song" then "America", "a song" then "America"! I just got my copy of Silent Letter on CD before I took off last weekend, delayed my departure until I could tape it & take it with me. Had forgotten how much I loved Tall Treasures!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5796 Posted: Mon Mar 22 15:54:55 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re:Duos

Seals and Crofts..(Summer Breeze album..vintage 1972..great stuff.) :)

Message: 5795 Posted: Mon Mar 22 15:18:18 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Duos Only

ken andrews and greg edwards of failure. "Fantastic Planet" is one of my top 10 albums of all time. and speaking of good albums...
Switchfoot "New Way to be Human" out tommorrow. there will be a quiz. you guys owe it to yourselves.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5794 Posted: Mon Mar 22 15:00:40 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Duos Only

Loggins & Messina were a favorite of mine in the 70s.

Message: 5793 Posted: Mon Mar 22 14:13:23 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Duos Only

oh ya, forgot about the wilson sister's of Heart.

Message: 5792 Posted: Mon Mar 22 14:11:12 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Duos Only

can we consider alan parson and eric woolfson of alan parsons project a duo? great musical talent. tears for fears and wang chung also favorites. Let's not forget.... America was a trio before they were a duo.

Message: 5791 Posted: Mon Mar 22 12:49:17 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: recent ramblings

Haven't been able to post much lately (not that I ever do, but...)
Hourglass: still one of my favorites. Isn't a weak cut on the album
Hall of fame: America is a natural for this. Any lobbying this folder can do on their behalf?

Duos: the 3 listed (Hall and Oates, Steely Dan and England Dan and JFC) are way up there in my books. I'd add Juluka to the list. They are a group from South Africa, primarily made up of Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchundu(I don't think that is how one spells his last name). Johnny Clegg had a band that people may know better, Savuka (Scatterlings from Africa was in the movie Rainman and Dela was in the movie George of the Jungle). He and Sipho have recently reunited after Sipho left Juluka mid 80s to look after his family's farm. Great rhythms, melodies and intellectual lyrics.

Message: 5790 Posted: Mon Mar 22 11:41:28 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: hour glass

I agree w/you guys on HOURGLASS. It is a super effort w/tremendous songs throughout. I wish Oxygen would obtain the rights & re-release it or re-package/re-market it. It is a treasure trove of songs that deserve much more attention. YOUNG MOON, SLEEPER TRAIN, MIRROR TO MIRROR, CLOSE TO THE WIND, WHOLE WIDE WORLD etc. Tremendous !!!

Message: 5789 Posted: Mon Mar 22 11:27:04 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Jest?

Virginia, I went back and viewed the picture again. I was serious about not recognizing that person. From your message, I just now have realized that it's not a woman but it's DAN PEEK!! Am I the only goofy one? No wonder that person looked so familiar to me. I have to go feed my guide dog now.

Message: 5788 Posted: Mon Mar 22 10:35:07 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Various

Regarding the America/Hope/Wayne photo: Johnny, surely you jest!

Message: 5787 Posted: Mon Mar 22 08:40:36 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Various

To my "Duos" list of Steely Dan and Hall & Oates, I forgot to list England Dan & John Ford Coley. Who is the lady in the Bob Hope & John Wayne photo with Dewey? She looks familiar. An actress, maybe?
It sure would be cool to own one of those varsity jackets! Wouldn't it also be cool if Dewey and Gerry put up a personal item for a drawing among fans here. Perhaps the sweater that Gerry wore during the "Hideaway" photo shoot or Dewey's belt and buckle from the same.

Message: 5786 Posted: Mon Mar 22 08:18:30 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Duos Only

Yup, on the Hall & Oates. Abandoned Luncheonette is one of my FAVORITE albums of ALL time! Steely Dan is a big Yup too.....Honestly the other duos that come to mind (other than the Carpenters which I loved) are a big zero. Take, for instance, Captain and Toenail, Brewer and Shipley and Air Supply......Ah taste. To Each His Own, right Maggie? (C:

Message: 5785 Posted: Mon Mar 22 08:11:28 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: America Hall Of Fame

Embedded the "Hall's" web site is a folder-string you can post a message to. I guess the "Hall's" p.r. figured it would ease some of the "why isn't MY group here"'s that inevitably go around. There is an America String. The last time I looked (mid February) only 4 posts.....
I personally feel the "Hall's" politics are too restrictive. There are groups that deserve to be there who aren't and groups who really needed to do more that ARE in......So, maybe we'll see in the future. Heck they have to have people to elect In........I just hope it's fairly soon! (C:

Message: 5784 Posted: Mon Mar 22 06:04:42 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America

Michelle go to home page and you will see categories and you will see movies books and misic ,hit that and you will come to many areas that you can search.then ener the bands name on the right hand side and you could hit all descriptions and the band that you are looking for will come up with all of the item thatare for sale.or you could hit cd and albums and you will get the same result,you will get the hang of it when you get used to it.

Message: 5783 Posted: Mon Mar 22 05:17:04 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: hour glass

know how u feel jim. "greenhouse"- crank it up. another pick-me-up tune, "hang over", by dewey off the alibi album. need it on monday morning to get me going.

Message: 5782 Posted: Mon Mar 22 05:04:39 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: hour glass

SOmetimes when I leave work for the day, I have my "Hourglass triple play"..."Greenhouse" (my "get me the hell outta here thank God this day is over" rocker) "Ports of Call" (a soother after "Greenhouse") and "Everyone I Meet...". Very therapeutic!

Jim...Erie, Pa

Message: 5781 Posted: Mon Mar 22 04:34:36 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: hour glass

three very good picks Erin. i like hope and think that it's one of gerry's best songs that he has ever written. i guess your like me. America cd's in the car to work, listening to them at work, and listening to them at home. is this a sickness or what? forget about FM radio. it's America almost 24 hours a day. wonder if other fans out there do the same thing as me.

Message: 5780 Posted: Mon Mar 22 01:51:31 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: hour glass

I LOVE Hourglass...especially Garden Of Peace, Hope, Ports-Of-Call, and Whole Wide World. I listen to it almost every day.
Erin :o)

Message: 5779 Posted: Mon Mar 22 01:38:58 1999 By: Connie
Subject: Re: Horse Contest

A while back, Jim asked if anyone knew of any local radio stations that tried to give away a horse back when "Horse" was so popular. I recall a contest on a local radio station in Sacramento. The contest involved trying to guess the horse's name. If you could name it, then the horse was yours. The name of the horse turned out to be "Anonymous Equine" and a girl from my jr. high won it. Anyway, Jim's question brought that memory back from so many years ago.

I'm another one of those who enjoys reading all your posts, but seldom posts anything. Thanks to all of you for your insights, comments, reviews and memories. I never knew there were so many faithful fans out there until finding Rick's America Homepage and this one of Steve's. America will always be NUMBER ONE on my list. Blessings to you all.


Message: 5778 Posted: Sun Mar 21 22:41:38 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Message from Rick

Beth, thanks for posting that messge from Rick. I think it says a lot about the great person that he is and the support he continues to have for America.

Message: 5777 Posted: Sun Mar 21 22:10:55 1999 By: Bones
Subject: hour glass

doesn't any one still care about this cd? or did somehow it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Message: 5776 Posted: Sun Mar 21 21:31:25 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Message from Rick

Hello, All. Hope you had a great weekend! I arrived home at 9pm this evening and found 15 emails waiting for me! Among them, this:

Dear Beth (and our many online friends)

Thank you so much for your kind words about the America pages. They are truly appreciated and I've forwarded them on to Ike. (and I shared them with my wife, Mary)

Working on the America pages these past five years was exciting, thrilling, and rewarding, because there were so many positive accomplishments for America and their fans. We had a chance to make a difference, and are very grateful for this opportunity to say thanks to America for all they've done. was also a great source of many people who got to know us could see!

It was especially great to hear that America is now planning to create
their very own website to sell CDs, merchandise, and distribute news. In fact, when Ike and I first began our sites, Gallin Morey had planned to build an America we originally thought we would just be short timers at best, but at least get everything started. Although the Gallin Morey site didn't develop, an official website apparently is now in the works, and is a wonderful idea and will be very popular.....and will receive our full support.

The key thing is we were allowed to make a difference for America, and
Gerry and Dewey were always very appreciative and supportive. We were also pleased to see other pages go online, and tried our best to encourage them any way we could......all in what we considered the best interest of America. We wish them our very best.

The one thing we realized is that Gerry and Dewey had plenty of room in their hearts for more friends and fans, and respected and treasured them all. There was never any reason for anything less than a spirit of co-operation.....and we kept it that way.

I am dismayed to hear of some of the bickering online recently, because it just isn't necessary and is counterproductive. America is what matters, and everything else is secondary.

Mary and I (and Ike too of course) will always remain completely in support of America, even though the time for our home pages is over. We have become close friends with Gerry and Dewey....and all the guys in the process, and this will never change.

We are very pleased we were able to say "thanks" to America when they
needed our help.......and are looking forward to many more years of great music by America. They will always remain #1 in our hearts.

All the best,

Rick Wahlgren

PS: Beth, feel free to post this message. Hopefully it will help to clear up some of the recent issues.

So, there you have it, folks!
Stay Tuned -b

Message: 5775 Posted: Sun Mar 21 20:53:03 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Sharing

Hello all,a truly memorable moment in being an America fan was to share the release and all the information surrounding Human Nature with fans from around the globe.Especially with only three cd's of new material in nearly ten years,well it's wonderful to share the ongoing work of Houses in White,only a small snippet to start with but the tune starts out almost menacingly with an acoustic guitar tucked in the background and some great lyrics, just as the file ends you could imagine the song continuing with a catchy chorus.I look forward to hearing more of this tune,thankyou to all concerned for making this available to the fans.On an entirely different note how are sales in Europe in particular Spain,is all this airplay helping our chaps shift more units?

Message: 5774 Posted: Sun Mar 21 18:07:44 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: America

I've cruised through e-bay looking for America items, but have never found anything. What category do you find things under?

Message: 5773 Posted: Sun Mar 21 17:52:11 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Lowell Concert

The following message was on the AOL chat folder. I'm posting it here for all of you that aren't AOL subscribers.

Subject: Lowell Concert
Date: 3/21/1999 1:06 AM Mountain Standard Time

Haven't been here in a while so I didn't know America was coming to my area until I saw a article in last night in a Boston paper. The wife and kid were away, so I decided to go and I got a ticket in the forth row. Lowell Auditorium is a wonderful old-fashion, but updated. hall to hear music. Lowell is one of those liveable old New England mill towns that I'm glad America comes to instead of Boston.

Cristopher Cross opened and he was wonderful. I had only heard his singles and I was impressed with his song-writing, guitar-playing, the sweetest high voice I've heard since Carl Wilson, and two impressve choices in female bandmates. (See his website if you want the details.)

I first heard about America in 1974 or 75, my freshman or sophomore year in college. A floormate complained that he bought their first album, but it didn't contain the song he heard on the radio, "A Horse With No Name." I'm sure you fans know that it was added to later pressings of that first album and I'm sure that the albums without it are a collector's album, but I doubt this guy kept it (I bought an Rascals album with his name tag in the college store - he didn't have lasting taste.)

If you want the truth, I thought at the time that "A Horse with No Name " was a commercial attempt to imitate Neil Young. Why, I don't know. But I didn't pay much attention to them until around 1993 or so (I forget the exact year)when they opened for the Beach Boys at Great Woods. They were incredible! I've bought their two albums that came out since, and am starting to collect their back catalog. These guys are really under-appreciated.

Their Lowell performance was great. Three songs from Human Nature (Moving Train, Wheels Are Turning, Moment to Moment), their big hits, and a great rendition of California Dreaming. Two songs I didn't recognize, (one with a lot of upbeat Beatlish guiter- anyone know the song?)probably from their as yet unexplored-by-me middle period.

I even grabbed one of Gerry's picks when he flung it out to the audience!

These guys deserve more respect than as an oldies band! Their acoustic playing should get more respect on the folk circuit. Their arrangements should get more respect on the pop circuit!

I love these guys. I wish they had a stock because I'm willing to bet their stock will rise again!! ( Gerry announced that they had just learned that "Moving Train" was #1 in Spain. "We're back!" he joked.

Message: 5772 Posted: Sun Mar 21 17:15:34 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Duos Only

when hall and oates were hot they put out some really good music. i think their music got stale with their last few cd's. how about least favorite duo group: donnie and marie, captain and tony tennile. the carpenters may be included in this group.

Message: 5771 Posted: Sun Mar 21 17:05:07 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Duos Only

AMERICA is my favorite duo group, of course. Actually favorite group period. I was wondering what other duo groups you all enjoy. How about listing your favorites as one of the next topics? Two duos that come to mind quickly for me are Steely Dan (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) and Hall & Oates.

Message: 5770 Posted: Sun Mar 21 16:52:32 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: America

these guys should definitely be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. i still enjoy listening to their first album as much as i do listening to human nature. How many bands that you listened to in the 70's or 80's are still cranking out great songs? not many. The problem is that if your not a die hard America fan, you probably don't realize they are still together and these guy's are still making great music. let's hope they get their moment in the sun and get inducted soon.

Message: 5769 Posted: Sun Mar 21 15:41:57 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Interesting Pictures

Ron, that picture, among many others of a variety of musicians, is also on Henry Diltz's page:

Message: 5768 Posted: Sun Mar 21 15:23:29 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Interesting Pictures

In Msg# 5752, Ron B mentions an interesting picture of America (and I mean interesting!). After I visited Graham Nash's site, I surfed his links and found the Dewey manuscript of HORSE, part of a series of limited edition manuscripts re-handwritten and autographed by various musicians featuring a prominent song. I sent the link to Steve L so he could make it easier for all to see the manuscript quickly. What Steve posted in Msg# 5756 is actually the manuscript, not the picture Ron was talking about. I apologize for the misunderstanding and possibly confusing Steve (if that's possible).

Here's the link to what Ron was referring (THANKS RON!):

P.S. Waiting to hear from Brandon...You owe us a review...Don't be shy

Message: 5767 Posted: Sun Mar 21 13:28:46 1999 By: JoyceHall
Subject: Re: Houses In White Wave File

Thanks Steve, for the Wave file!--Gerry, VERY pretty song!!-JOYCE-:)

Message: 5766 Posted: Sun Mar 21 12:22:33 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Houses In White.

Steve, thanks for taking the time to convert this song to a WAV file so the rest of us could hear it. It's really a nice song, vintage Gerry Beckley. Looks like they already have the ablum cover done.

Also, thanks for the link to the Graham Nash picture. That is a really wonderful image.


Message: 5765 Posted: Sun Mar 21 09:30:26 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America

does anyone agree that these guys should be looked at as contenders for the rock & roll hall of fame? considering that they have been going strong for 30 years now.I say they should be what do you guys think?

Message: 5764 Posted: Sun Mar 21 09:26:11 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America

looking for some good America sheet music, albums,photos & other goodies of the worlds greatest band? then visit will find all sorts of things from the band.I have got a bunch of stuff at great prices from this auction site. Happy shopping

Message: 5763 Posted: Sun Mar 21 06:13:41 1999 By: Bones
Subject: how much longer?

You would think that at their age, Gerry and Dewey would be slowing down. How many bands would have a tour schedule like they have. America is like a fine wine, they just get better with age!!!!! or they are just like the energize bunny, they keep going and going and going and going. Still would like 2 c a live cd out after the tour is over, but i don't no if i can wait that long.

Message: 5762 Posted: Sun Mar 21 05:45:14 1999 By: janice
Subject: re:Houses in White

It wasn't long enough so I had to play it over and it!

Message: 5761 Posted: Sun Mar 21 00:44:44 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Reviews of Concerts

Sure hope we hear some reports re: the current leg of AMERICA's lifetime tour.
HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest release.

Message: 5760 Posted: Sat Mar 20 23:30:11 1999 By: brenda
Subject: America

america's da bomb!and will always be da bomb!

Message: 5759 Posted: Sat Mar 20 22:25:58 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Houses In White

I like it.


Message: 5758 Posted: Sat Mar 20 21:42:52 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Interesting pictures

I love it when you save us time Steve....again thanks !!

Message: 5757 Posted: Sat Mar 20 21:41:05 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Houses In White Wave File

Thanks for helping out with the Wave File Steve.....appriciated the opportunity to hear a sound bite of "Houses In White".

Message: 5756 Posted: Sat Mar 20 19:48:38 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Interesting pictures

Ron, thanks for sharing that interesting picture with us. I'll save the rest of you some searching by putting a link here directly to the picture. You really will find it interesting.

Message: 5755 Posted: Sat Mar 20 19:27:39 1999 By: Murph
Subject: House's

Incredible vocals again by Gerry. The steady rhythm,on acoustic, accompanied by Gerry's melodic voice is pure,clean and hypnotic. Takes me back to the days of "Clarice". Absolutely looking forward to hearing more of this work in progress. Thank you for sharing "House's in White" with us. The internet is a beautiful thing.

Message: 5754 Posted: Sat Mar 20 19:24:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Houses In White"

I really like "Houses In White"! I've always liked the conga/bongo sound and in "Houses", they're wonderful. I think if he wanted to, Gerry could sing about a garbage can and it would still come out sounding great. I'm so happy that Gerry has allowed us a glimpse into his songwriting process. Gerry, we want more, we want more, we want more! Can't wait for the second half of the song.

Message: 5753 Posted: Sat Mar 20 19:01:13 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: MP3 (Houses in White)/Mac Users

Thanks Jim,

I agree about MP3. It's smooth as silk audio. I have a shortcut to maybe the best if not only MP3 player for Mac. I also went to the page Jim mentions, and almost missed the tiny Mac Users link. It is a direct download from MacAMP, the maker of MP3 players for Mac, and they have a free Beta version. All the "kids" use MP3, judging from my kids. If you want to go directly to the MacAMP site:

After MacAMP is installed, save the song source file on your desktop first, then open the file using the player. Good Quality (and a good song).

Message: 5752 Posted: Sat Mar 20 18:45:30 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Interesting pictures

For a very interesting picture of America, check out Graham Nash's website and go to nashnet friends. I won't tell you all about it but it's really a neat picture. Check it out!

Message: 5751 Posted: Sat Mar 20 18:34:19 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: MP3 (Houses in White)

Here is the address if you wish to download an MP3 player. The player includes a conversion module for MP3 to WAV & vice versa. MP3 is becoming the compression method of choice for music over the internet. Those generation X'ers are very bright & they seem to be driving this technology. MP3 files are slim compared to WAV's.
HOUSES IN WHITE as performed by GERRY BECKLEY is magnificent. Great work GERRY & GORDON !

Message: 5750 Posted: Sat Mar 20 15:30:58 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Garage Sales and AMERICA's Music

Hey Johnny!
I find albums once in a while. Actually picked up Holiday at a library sale about a month ago - 25 cents - I already have it on vinyl, so I gave it to my 8 yr old boy for his "record collection". It may end up scratched, but he listens to it constantly. He's fascinated with Tin Man, and sings along with Baby It's Up to You.
I like to think the previous owner replaced it with a CD.

Message: 5749 Posted: Sat Mar 20 13:17:43 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Garage Sales and AMERICA's Music

Every Saturday morning, I go to what we call garage sales here. They may be called tag sales or yard sales where you live. For the past 3 years, I've gone to an average of 15-30 each Saturday. Never, never have I found an AMERICA album, cassette, or CD for sale. I like to think that the sellers choose not to part with their AMERICA music because they're too good to let go!

Message: 5748 Posted: Sat Mar 20 12:34:37 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Houses In White

Got my first listen (thank GOD for .wav files). I liked it. Although I LOVED VGG, this seems a little more "polished". Can't wait to hear the rest of the house..... £q@k

Message: 5747 Posted: Sat Mar 20 11:31:31 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Houses In White

To Gerry- We are Not worthy!!! How do you do it, You keep getting better and better! The song is haunting, the lyrics are profound and the melody is a classic. What I appreciate from the "Sound Byte" that you've shared with us is that the quality of your voice, even to fans like us, has developed into a tremendous instrument. All in all, the lyrics and the melody really suit your vocal perfectly. To Bobby Woods- I can't wait to hear more!!! Where did this song come from? To anyone here who hasn't taken the time to listen to it, do yourselves a favor- make time to listen! It's worth it!!! Thanks for letting us in on this remarkable creative process. Tom T.

Message: 5746 Posted: Sat Mar 20 07:37:54 1999 By: Eric Pinson
Subject: Houses In White

I like Houses in White A LOT!!!! very cool ...when can we buy it?

Message: 5745 Posted: Sat Mar 20 07:00:05 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: replacing vinyl

No doubt all the Warners material has not been released domestically, that is a shame. All the Warners material had been released in Japan & the disks were available as imports for a fairly steep price if your retailer could order imports. I am not sure if they are still available. Luckily the Capitol material was 1st available as a French import on CD & of course later domestically via One Way Records, also some of it via Australia. Some years ago I managed to replace every AMERICA LP w/CD's, at a hefty amount of money - but all worth it, for sure. HUMNAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest & greatest.

Message: 5744 Posted: Sat Mar 20 01:49:01 1999 By: BRNEYZBLU2

For those of you who have always enjoyed Carl's magnificent voice, here is your chance to own a rare, special promotional Carl Wilson CD.....Long Promised Road. The CD, which contains 19 songs, features cuts from Carl's solo albums as well as some of his work with the Beach Boys. 1500 copies of the CD will be available 3/29/99 thru the American Cancer Society. The CD is costly, but at the same time you'll be making a highly valuable contribution to the American Cancer Society. Visit the following website for more info:

Message: 5743 Posted: Sat Mar 20 01:42:54 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Beta Software

The Chat Folder will soon be switching to a new version of the software and you can start trying the Beta version right away. The new version has two major advantages: simplicity and security. It is simple to use because you won't need to type in your name and e-mail address every time you want to post something. Those of you who are using newer browsers (AOL 4, Netscape 4, or Internet Explorer 4) will only have to type in your user ID once and the browser will remember it the next time you want to post something. From then on, all you'll need to enter is your password (your user name and e-mail address will automatically be filled in). Those of you who prefer to keep your e-mail address private, can check a special box when you register to omit your address from your messages. By requiring a password, it also makes the chat folder more secure. Unfortunately, we have had people in the past use someone else's name and e-mail address when posting what I term "hostile messages". Since a password is required before posting a message, that should take care of this problem.

As intimated above, you'll need to register before you can post anything. Registration is simple (and it's FREE!!). Just go to the Registration Screen and enter your User ID, your name (or alias), your e-mail address, and whether or not you want your e-mail address included with your messages. That's all there is to it. A special password will be e-mailed to you and you'll be able to start creating messages. By the way, you can change your password or other user options at any time by going to a special Registration Update screen.

A handful of Beta testers have been using this software this past week and have uncovered a few bugs which I have fixed. I feel like it is now ready to roll out to anyone else who wants to try it. If you begin using it now, you'll be able to continue posting when the new software becomes mandatory without having to register again. Everyone else, will have to register at that time before they can post.

I've been using the software for a week now and I'm excited at the simplicity and security that it provides. I simply type in my password, the subject, and the message and my post is created. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Here's a link to the Beta version of the new software. Why not add it to your "bookmarks" or your "favorites" and then give it a spin?

Thanks for your help and support.

Message: 5742 Posted: Sat Mar 20 00:21:42 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: replacing vinyl

Thanks to the ten people who participated!
Hearts received the most thumbs-up...8
Holiday, America, & Hattrick...6
Silent Letter & Hideaway...3
Perspective, Human Nature, Encore, Hourglass, Alibi...1

(Johnny & Eddy thought they got to vote for SIX, so Alibi & View from the Ground lost counts there.)
A couple of people simply said "the first five" - a good choice any day!!!

Message: 5741 Posted: Sat Mar 20 00:09:42 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Houses In White Wave File

Great work Steve ! Thanks. I hope everyone can hear this work-in-progress by GERRY. Great file squeezing job & conversion to the .wav file. This is definitely a 1st for us all & really reminds us all how busy GERRY really is. His is always working at his craft. HUMAN NATURE is AMERICA's latest.

Message: 5740 Posted: Sat Mar 20 00:06:28 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Spain

Hello all,I just wanted to hark back to what I mentioned a few months ago,was that America with European touring have a chance to attain real success.After hearing some wonderful news from Karen concerning Spanish radio plays for our heroes,this could be a domino effect in reverse with many Europeans travelling to and fro,in the north France to the south Portugal.Even many people living in one country but working in another on a daily basis.What are the chances of America making the most of this opportunity.

Message: 5739 Posted: Fri Mar 19 22:50:27 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Houses In White Wave File

The Houses In White web page has been updated to include a link to a WAVE file of the song. Now all of you should be able to hear it. Although the WAVE file doesn't sound quite as good as the Real Audio or MP3 files, it still sounds pretty good. It should be good enough to allow all of you to listen to what this wonderful, new song sounds like. Be aware, however, that the WAVE file is almost 2 megabytes so it will take some time to download if you're connected via modem (5 minutes or more on a 33.6 modem). Enjoy!

Message: 5738 Posted: Fri Mar 19 22:27:28 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: HELLO to all you America Fans

Welcome IndigoGlo. What a great screen name! Howard's post (#5682) indicates that the tickets for Vet Rock 99 are $30. You can go to to read all about it.

Message: 5737 Posted: Fri Mar 19 20:30:25 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Indigoglo

Welcome, Indi!

Thanks for the clarification on the (cool) Email name. I was starting to wonder, if you know what I mean. Funny how a slight typo can make such a difference!

Can't help you on your inquiry but am sure someone will. Gotta get that video, too... soon!


Message: 5736 Posted: Fri Mar 19 19:17:06 1999 By: Indigoglo
Subject: My Correct e-mail address

I made a mistake on my previous message
My correct e-mail is

Message: 5735 Posted: Fri Mar 19 19:10:11 1999 By: Indigoglo1
Subject: HELLO to all you America Fans

I have been an America fan since 1976 and have followed them ever since. I have met Gerry and Dewey and the guys many times. They are so accomidating every time I meet them. They are the BEST.I live in New Jersey and I will go almost anywhere in my area to see them. I am interested if anyone has any info on the Vetrock 99 concert scheduled for May 15 in Willow Grove,PA. Let me know if anyone has any info. Also, I recently purchased the Musicladen video and it is just OUTSTANDING. I would be interested if anyone has some old videos of America. Well,everybody, keep up the good work on the internet. I enjoy reading about my favorite group


Message: 5734 Posted: Fri Mar 19 18:54:54 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Mr.Businessman

"Mr. Businessman" was a hit for Ray (Gitarzan/Everything Is Beautiful/The Streak...)Stevens. Thanx for your research Tx2! The other TeeTee Thanks You!

Message: 5733 Posted: Fri Mar 19 18:48:20 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: White Houses/Hourglass/Guru

Hey TerryT

You know what Twain said about golf, dontcha?

"Golf is a good walk...spoiled"

Message: 5732 Posted: Fri Mar 19 18:27:23 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: White Houses/Hourglass/Guru

Little darling...It's been a long cold lonely winter...

Patti, could Mrs. Rose have to do with that famous garden behind a famous white house?

Mr. T, I was thinking about "Brandy, you're a fine girl", too!. I just researched and yup, yer right. The Allmans first called themselves the House Rockers, then the Allman Joys. They cut their first single on the Dial label for Buddy Killen who told them that they were "never gonna make it", and "the worst I ever heard". They became Hourglass in the second part of the sixties and cut two albums on the Liberty label, but lacked control of the material and were dissatisfied with the outcome. Then enter Rick Hall of Fame Studios, who convinced Duane to visit Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where Duane got a lot of studio work with some known performers. Duane finally moved there, did more studio work, then formed his own group. He hitched with manager Phil Walden, and after getting a contract, the Capricorn label, distributed by legendary Atlantic Records, released The Allman Brothers Band album.

Guru, the lyrics remind me of that song from the sixties that goes, "Get back to business, Mr. Businessman, what's your plan?". As with Virginia, "They're everywhere, they're everywhere!". My favorite part: time goes by, my dreams have become
that which is atainable, NOT WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!!....
Well, gotta clean off my golf clubs for tomorrow. (soul in one) ;)

Here comes the sun, and I say, "It's all_right..."

Message: 5731 Posted: Fri Mar 19 17:06:47 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Houses In White

Houses in White is fantastic. GERRY'S soothing voice & smooth acoustic guitar all add up to a very nice song. The intro sounds are so creative, that's GERRY's innovative, but never overdone, use of new techologies to get just the sound & feeling communicated. Can't wait to hear the final on this one. This song is a definite winner.

Message: 5730 Posted: Fri Mar 19 16:26:47 1999 By: Cathy
Subject: Houses In White

Yet another soothing, flowing, can't-get-it-out-of-my-head, thoughtful
tune with chords that melt my heart. Thanks for letting us hear
the clip!

Message: 5729 Posted: Fri Mar 19 16:11:17 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: WAV File

Steve: I'd really appreciate it if you would translate "Houses In White" to a WAV file. Even if the sound isn't as good, it doesn't really matter because the speaker on my computer isn't all that wonderful. I know it's a time consuming process for you, so if you don't get to it right away, I understand. Thanks in advance.


Message: 5728 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:47:54 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Message From A Fairly New Fan

I received the following mail message today from a fairly new fan. I think it's worth sharing.

"Went to see Leon Russell at the Pensacola Spring Music Fest in 1997. When Leon was done,I started to leave. A friend begged me to stay and listen to America. I said I can't stand America. I stayed anyhow. They came on and blew me a way. Just one of the best shows I've ever seen. They were great. I've never been so wrong about a group before. They drew a huge crowd in Pensacola. I sure wish they would come back. Nice Taylor guitars they were playing. I'll never miss a show again. Please come back around the Gulf Coast!!"

Message: 5727 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:41:12 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Some Answers To "Houses In White" Questions

Thanks - I thought I had the latest version of Real Audio, but maybe not. I'll try again...

Message: 5726 Posted: Fri Mar 19 15:20:50 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Trivia Answer

I can't believe it!!! I stumped everybody! The Group Looking Glass (ie: Lookinglass) recorded "Brandy". The group that originally was called Hour Glass was none other than The Allman Brothers!!!! In fact,They re-released the Debut Hour Glass LP after the Allman Brothers got successful. I may be mistaken, but I think they actually had Two LP's out as Hour Glass prior to changing their band name to The Allman Brothers. Yippee! That's what I like on this Chat Folder- GOOD CLEAN FUN! Have a Nice Weekend! TeeTee

Message: 5725 Posted: Fri Mar 19 13:14:39 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: um.

I wish I wrote that song, but I definitely know what he's referring to. Everybody go at and get the switchfoot CD on Tuesday. it will make you happy. you can tell all your friends months from now you got it first. "NEW WAY TO BE HUMAN" it is called. it will make you popular. I'm being totally serious about this. I rarely gush about bands. these guys are great though. Official Record release show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Tuesday Night. I'll be there. The Gurus will too. Tickets through ticketmaster.

ALSO: BluLight Studio shirts are in the design phase right now.
There isn't an official OTHER show right now. but there has been talk.
maybe beginning of April. just clearing the fog.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5724 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:58:16 1999 By: JOYCE
Subject: Re: ...

"Hey I'm somthing, Now check me out!"The Guru--YES YOU ARE!!--Joyce-

Message: 5723 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:55:06 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

The Silver/America Tour was in 1976. Couldn't be.

Message: 5721 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:48:55 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Mystery Drummer

I thought the mystery drummer was identified a short while back. I thought someone said it was H. Stinson formerly of the group, Silver, who was a co-member with John Batdorf who wrote "You Could've Been The One". No???

Message: 5720 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:37:06 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: FIrst album cover, etc

So, that IS acoke bottle the Dewey has, THought so.

Re the mystery Drummer. Let me see what I can find on Dave Atwood, Howard mentioned him as a possible for the Mystery Drummer.

Message: 5719 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:29:47 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: "Houses in White"-makes you think?

I have listen to the song many times,Gerry your voice never sounded better.Houses in White I heard the words scandal,lies,it leads me to think of the president,did anyone else feel that way?I love the way song writers get you to think of different meanings.Looking forward to the finished song.Have a good weekend,Joanne

Message: 5718 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:28:59 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Some Answers To "Houses In White" Questions

Lyrics: I was thinking about putting the lyrics out on the web site but I really don't have the time right now. Anyone who can download the MP3 file has everything that I have so maybe they can figure out the lyrics and post them here.

Real Audio 23 Error: I believe this error means that you don't have the latest version of the Real Audio software. You have to have the most recent player which can be downloaded for free from the Real Audio web site. The reason I like Real Audio is because the files are much smaller so they download quicker and the quality is almost as good as the MP3 files. I'll try to put a WAV file out this weekend (time permitting) which will be huge and low quality, but it should allow everyone who can't get the Real Audio or MP3 files to work to at least listen to the song.

What is "Houses In White": All I know about the song is what I've written on the Houses In White web page. The sound clip was sent to me by Gordon who is the technical person behind the song's production. He didn't say anything about a new album. Perhaps he will answer your questions about it here on the chat folder.

There, I hope that answers most of the questions. Enjoy!

Message: 5717 Posted: Fri Mar 19 11:12:06 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Houses in White

Just went and listened to the clip of Houses in White. Pure Gerry. Anxious to hear more.
Steve, I'm still not clear. Is this a new solo album? I hope so!!!
Guru - clarify, please. A new song? Could we hear it and not just see it? Lots of people on this folder want to hear you. ( know that by the response I got when I said I had your cd!)
If you haven't listened to Houses in White yet, go do it now!
ShariL <><

Message: 5716 Posted: Fri Mar 19 10:46:34 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Forgot something


Gerry and Dewey are always very gracious about making a post-show appearance, meeting fans and signing autographs. Hopefully after 27 years you'll get the chance. Your entire family will have a splendid time!


Message: 5715 Posted: Fri Mar 19 10:00:35 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Houses in White

HELP! When I try to play the Real Audio file, I get an error message (error 23). I went to the Real Audio site and read the info on error 23, but can't figure out how to solve the problem. I'm using a Mac. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Message: 5714 Posted: Fri Mar 19 09:13:48 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Oops

Goofy me! I changed Gerry's song title. Sorry!

Message: 5713 Posted: Fri Mar 19 09:05:23 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv A By Howard

Howard, you're correct. I didn't know that Gerry had mentioned in their concerts about the two different CD's. That made my question too simple, didn't it?

As mentioned before, Gerry at times uses the words, "middle" and "game" in his songs. So in "White Houses" will there be the phrase, "in the middle of the street"?

Message: 5712 Posted: Fri Mar 19 08:40:49 1999 By: Howard l
Subject: Trivia Question

Answer is James Taylor...Even in a concert, Gerry mentioned to
the crowd that their CD Hourglass...not to be confused with JT's.hl

Message: 5711 Posted: Fri Mar 19 08:21:38 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another "Hourglass" Triv Q

I don't know the answer to Tom T's trivia question but the song, "Brandy" comes to mind for some unknown reason.

To add to Tom's question, what famous solo musician also has a CD called, "Hourglass"? AMERICA's "Hourglass" was released first, however.

Message: 5710 Posted: Fri Mar 19 08:08:46 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "First Album Photo" & The Pepper Eating Contest

TerryT's report of the pepper eating contest between Dan, Dewey, and Gerry is indeed accurate. The event actually happened right before the finger-piercing blood pact. Reportedly, the peppers were eaten for their anesthetic effect. Anyone who has eaten jalapeno peppers knows this to be true. If enough are eaten, the sense of touch can be lost; therefore, there is no pain. Thanks go to Terry for mentioning this event. It had totally slipped my mind.

Message: 5709 Posted: Fri Mar 19 07:02:04 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Forgot something

Oops...forgot something. I'm taking my wife, my 18 year old daughter, my 12 year old daugther and 10 year old son to the Wichita concert. They are all fans. What can I say? The music is timeless...

Message: 5708 Posted: Fri Mar 19 07:00:11 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Houses in White

Hey.....that's very cool stuff. I have one suggestion....add my voice as a background vocal, ha ha. Seriously, Gerry never ceases to amaze me with his talent. Thanks guys... Hey, I would love to meet Gerry and Dewey (and the other guys) when they come to Wichita. Like I said before, I've never had the pleasure and have been a fan for 27 years. Any suggestions??

Message: 5707 Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:40:53 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Houses in White

After my 17 year old computer expert (and resident redhead) tweeked something I could hear the clip. I'm looking forward to hearing the progress of this song-I REALLY liked what I heard. Any chance of posting the lyrics? I had trouble making out all the words. Thanks Gordon and Gerry for doing this for us fans.

Message: 5706 Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:30:16 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: ...

I see this guy every day on the freeway on my way to work. In fact, I see lots of these guys. Silicon Valley is crawling with them. Sad.

Message: 5705 Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:21:26 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Houses In White.

Kevin, I wish I could help you with the MP3 file but I don't have an MP3 player. The MP3 file that I put out there is the one that Gordon sent me. I believe it's a good file because I found an MP3 decoder which allowed me to make the Real Audio file from the MP3 file. The decoder also created a 15 megabyte WAV file but that's way too big to put out on the web site. Perhaps I could convert the WAV file from Stereo to Mono and decrease the sample rate to get it down to a megabyte or so. Then you could download the WAV file and listen to it (but it won't sound anywhere near as good as the MP3 or Real Audio files). Let me know if you want me to do that and I'll try to find some time this weekend to make the conversion.

Message: 5704 Posted: Fri Mar 19 01:17:49 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

I don't know who the mystery drummer is. That's why I asked the question. Some of you have come up with some good leads, but I'm hoping we'll find an authoritative response that will give a name to that poor soul.

In case some of you are wondering what we're talking about. George sent me some photos from a 1974 concert in New York. I don't think the drummer in these photos is Willie even though he joined the band in 1974 during the recording of Holiday. So I'm just wondering, who is this mystery drummer. Does anyone know for sure?

Message: 5703 Posted: Fri Mar 19 00:05:07 1999 By: The Guru
Subject: ...

"Hey Mike
was right
when he said I'd put up a fight
to be someone, a fight to be me
but see now
I'm down
under the pavement
of capital hills, and lowercase people
as time goes by, my dreams have become
that which is atainable, NOT WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!!

I've got the Company Car
I'm the one seinging two below par
and I've become one with the ones that I've never believed in
but I've got the company car...

hey! I'm the king
of things
I've always despised
I'm the gingerbread man who got eaten alive
I'm half baked
I'm fake
you see I got hotels on park place and boardwalk
and 200 buck
but that's gold
and OH! LIfes taking it's toll
have I won monopoly to forfiet my soul?! but SEE

I've got the Company Car
I'm the one seinging two below par
and I've become one with the ones that I've never believed in
but I've got the company car...

and all the kings horses at the foot of the wall
they're taking pictures of the man whose lost all
of his masks of pretensions
he's got two faces left
his is the one that he hides...
on the left,
behind that smile

idle tears
that burn like an engine
and drive him away from the ones that he loves
Mike Was RIGHT!
we're one and the same
we're the faceless combatants in the lonliest game
so I'll sit and wave
as I'm driving by
with that smirk in my eye

I've got the Company Car
I'm the one seinging two below par
and I've become one with the ones that I've never believed in
but I've got the company car...

tuesday. good for the soul

the Guru

Message: 5702 Posted: Fri Mar 19 00:01:17 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Houses In White.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't hear this song. The MP3 format comes up but without sound. Anyone else having this problem? And I've tried to load Real Player onto my system but I'm an idiot and can't figure out why it's not working. Maybe someday.

It looks to me like this song is far enough along to have designed a cover. Is that the cover of a new single release? Is it the cover of a new CD? Or was somebody just bored and desgined some sort of GERRY BECKLEY HOUSES IN WHITE artwork for the hell of it?


Message: 5701 Posted: Thu Mar 18 23:37:27 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Chat/Howard!

Howard, I'm sorry! I know what that's like, my son had a bad ear infection last week. Those are the worst! Hope your boy is okay. (Secretly, we all made a pact to hassle you about your abrupt departure!)
Stay Tuned

Message: 5700 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:54:42 1999 By: Cari
Subject: Johnny

Sorry I didn't get to participate in the "Best of Best" Had guests in town and had 4 days worth of catch up reading today.

Message: 5699 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:44:03 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Chat/Beth

Ummm...Beth...I didn't fall son got up crying!hl

Message: 5698 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:41:42 1999 By: Beth
Subject: overlooked Trivia question

Tom, I, for one, didn't overlook it! Just have no clue! Will take a guess - White Snake?!
Stay Tuned

Message: 5697 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:40:05 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Howard

Just came in from the Live Chat. I want you all to know, Howard actually fell asleep during this one! :-> I didn't think talking about my horse was that boring!?!
Stay tuned

Message: 5696 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:33:12 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Hey! My overlooked Trivia Question!

Hello! Either I stumped everyone, or nobody saw my last Triv Q.OK here it goes again....What band was called Hourglass before they changed their name only to go on to mega-touring and recording success? I thought it was a relevant question that followed Johnny's Holiday/ Bee Gees Triv Q....See Ya TeeTee

Message: 5695 Posted: Thu Mar 18 22:16:52 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Mystery Drummer

Come to think of it. At a concert in Toronto, they introduced
Dave Atwood as a drummer when they toured in 1973. Does that help?

Message: 5694 Posted: Thu Mar 18 21:45:48 1999 By: KevinS
Subject: Wednesday Morning.

So, Wednesday Morning was released by a different label in Spain and is moving up the charts there, while here in the U.S. America's record label stands pat. Good strategy.


Message: 5693 Posted: Thu Mar 18 19:51:36 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Roses/Brandon/Johnny

This is the evening Brandon Rose has been patiently but enthusiastically awaiting for what has seemed like forever. There should be no bad news for Mrs. Rose tonight, and definitely more than THREE ROSES at the Performing Arts Center in Fort Myers, FL! Ride Like The Wind, Brandon and family! Waiting to hear about it.

Was Dewey married at the time of the first album? Johnny, it's also interesting how on the backside photo of that first album, Dewey's and Gerry's mentioned fingers are almost touching on Dan's shoulder, while Dan folds his arms and has nothing to do with it. BUT...according to ancient legend, there was the pepper sacrament. It also cleansed the soul and created bonds, as with the sweat lodge. Get ready for the true story, as relayed to me by those oh-so-reliable anonymous sources:

The guys are having a jalapeno-eating contest and Dewey just popped the whole thing in his mouth and is holding only the stem. He is actually starting to chew it at the moment, still smiling because the burn hasn't hit yet. It was his turn because he's got the "emergency" soda bottle that they share.
Gerry (thinking): You're crazy, man...better spit it out the other way, if ya have to.
Dan (exclaiming): Oh my Goddddd! I've never seen anyone eat a whole one of those!

Gonna go listen to HOUSES IN WHITE now...

Message: 5692 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:47:30 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Mystery Drummer

I have been ( as noted) off line for a while. Did we ever get any sort of answer as to whom the mystery drummer is? ANyone know? My guess is someone with the Warner label who may have been a studio musician????

Message: 5691 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:27:25 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Family Pics

An open invitation to any who would like to gaze upon my family pictures...Brothers, Cabin, and all! My father (68 years old! First computer not a year ago!!) has put up a Web Page at WARNING! This page will take around 5 minutes to load!! Is full of family pics dating back to my great-grandfather at 13 years old. My dad was a pilot in the Coast Guard, my brothers had to move every 2 years, much like someone else we know!! There are also duck hunting pics - some not for the weak of heart -- Enjoy and
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5690 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:23:31 1999 By: Beth
Subject: FAMT Still Out There!

DaveS - I was shopping at JC Penney in the mall Tuesday night last, and they were playing FAMT over their store pa speakers!
Stay Tuned! -b

Message: 5689 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:16:09 1999 By: DaveS
Subject: FAMT Still Out There !

While I was on the phone with the bank yesterday, they put me on hold and what did I hear but FAMT ! It was one time I was glad to be on hold. This was the first time I have heard it outside of my own CD. It's nice to know it's still out there.

Message: 5688 Posted: Thu Mar 18 18:06:06 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Best of the Best" Results

Here are the voting results of "The Best of the Best". The song title is preceded by the number of votes received followed by the
fan(s) who voted for it.

(10) Don't Cross The River (Robyn, Janice, Ron B, Beech, Tom T, DiB, Erin, Beth, Maureen, TerryT)

(8) Lonely People (Patti, Laura, Howard, Joe K, Joe B, ToEaHisOwn, Gary H, KevinS)

(8) Today's The Day (Joanne, Mark, Monica, Gene, JL, Jim G, Michelle, Shayne)

(2) Woman Tonight (ShariL, Johnny)

(16) Ventura Highway (Joanne, Mark, Ron B, Gary H, Howard, KevinS, Joe K, Di B, JL, ShariL, Erin, ToEaHisOwn, Beth, Maureen,
Jim G, TerryT)

(6) Tin Man (Laura, Gene, Shayne, Tom T, Joe B, Johnny)

(5) Amber Cascades (Monica, Robyn, Beech, Michelle, Georgianna)

(2) A Horse With No Name (Patti, Janice)

(0) The Border

(12) Sister Golden Hair (Mark, Laura, Gene, Gary H, Ron B, Shayne, KevinS, Di B, Joe B, JL, Erin, Johnny)

(6) Daisy Jane (Jim G, Beth, ShariL, ToEaHisOwn, Tom T, Janice)

(3.5)Only In Your Heart (Joanne , Howard, Beech, Michelle)

(3) I Need You (Patti, Robyn, Maureen)

(1) You Can Do Magic (TerryT)

(.5) From A Moving Train (Joanne )

(0) Muskrat Love

Thank you so much for voting! I hope you enjoyed reading the results and seeing which fan likes which songs.

Message: 5687 Posted: Thu Mar 18 17:36:51 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Rose Trivia Question

Now I understand the answer to the Rose question - Just downloaded the MP3 Houses in White file! Only 35 seconds came through for me -
I want More! Sounds Great!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5686 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:56:28 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry


Agreed! Take the fork out, cuz he ain't done yet...


Message: 5685 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:40:33 1999 By: Mark in KC
Subject: Re: VH-1/Behind the Music

VH1 was at their best when they did the storytellers with Hansen, ha...

Mark (the other mark from KC)

Message: 5684 Posted: Thu Mar 18 16:40:01 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

Let's pray for a GERRY BECKLEY solo number I I !!!!
It would make a very nice 2000 year release. He has so much more to say ..

Message: 5683 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:43:06 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Willow Grove, PA Concert

Thanks, Howard, for digging up the information. It can be really hard to find at times.

Message: 5682 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:30:29 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Willow Grove, PA Concert

After days of trying to find out about Vet Rock 99 in Willow Grove,
PA concert, here's the scoop:
Tickets are $30.00 and it's an all day concert fest.
starts 10A and goes to 6P. All kind of bands from 60's & 70's
and it's a benefit concert.
For further info, go to www.vetrock.Com
What a day that'll be...GROOVY MAN!!!hl

Message: 5681 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:15:31 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

Sounds incredible!! Can't wait to hear the finished product!

Erin :o)

Message: 5680 Posted: Thu Mar 18 14:13:33 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

WOW! That sounds awesome!!
I love it!

Message: 5678 Posted: Thu Mar 18 13:36:58 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Laura / Johnny

Actually Johnny, it was Laura who started it with her comment. You just responded, which I was getting ready to do until I saw you had beat me to it.

Message: 5677 Posted: Thu Mar 18 13:13:25 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: "First Album Photo"

Where do you get this stuff??? Fascinating. I always thought it was a coke bottle.

Message: 5676 Posted: Thu Mar 18 13:01:00 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "First Album Photo"

How many times have each of us marveled at how Gerry and Dewey have stuck it out as AMERICA through thick and thin, good times and bad. The answer can actually be found in the first album photo.

You see, what is actually taking place is something very serious. It is known as a blood pact. Gerry just lanced the middle finger of his right hand with a straight pin. He's holding his finger until Dewey is ready. Gerry has also handed the bottle of rubbing alcohol to Dewey so Dewey can swab the pin and his index finger before lancing it. If you look closely, you can see the straight pin that Dewey is holding between the thumb and middle finger of his right hand. All of this was so they could sign in blood a pact to carry on as AMERICA no matter what, be it good times or bad. Unfortunately, Dan gets weak at the knees at the sight of blood and doesn't participate. If you look at their picture on the back of the album cover, Dan is still uncomfortable at the thought of it all. On the front photo, you can see his reaction, "Ugggh, gross man!"

The night that Dan decided to call it quits, Gerry said to Dewey, "Remember the blood pact that we signed way back in '71? Well, I meant it, did you?" Dewey said, "Damn straight, brother!" So there, my friends and fellow fans, it's just "History" and you have the rest of the story!!!

Message: 5675 Posted: Thu Mar 18 12:37:46 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: Answer to the trivia question "What is Rose about to hear?"

Michelle is correct. Rose is about to hear "some bad news."

Message: 5674 Posted: Thu Mar 18 12:10:11 1999 By: laura
Subject: to johnny

thanks, bud

Message: 5673 Posted: Thu Mar 18 11:54:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Laura

Sorry, Laura. As they say, don't discuss sex, politics, or religion. And look what I did.

Message: 5672 Posted: Thu Mar 18 11:53:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: yikes, Johnny!

To quote Dewey " Always be friendly, never be unfriendly"

Message: 5671 Posted: Thu Mar 18 11:49:03 1999 By: laura
Subject: yikes, Johnny!

God vs Satan? Johnny, Johnny - can we not even go there? As the product of 12 yrs of Catholic schooling, I'm just no longer up for philosohical discussions. You'll just have to trust that I'm one of the friendlies, not the unfriendlies. OK?

Message: 5670 Posted: Thu Mar 18 11:34:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Vanilla Ice

AN HOUR OF VANILLA ICE????? His career didn't last that long!!!!!!

Message: 5669 Posted: Thu Mar 18 11:18:53 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Twisted Sense of Humor"

Laura, it's Satan who has the sick, twisted sense of humor not God. God is for us; Satan is against us. As in DONKEY JAW, "Ah, get behind me Satan, quit ravishing the land."

Message: 5668 Posted: Thu Mar 18 10:55:52 1999 By: cameo
Subject: Re: Rockin' down the highway

Yeah, but Rhino is owned by WB. Oxygen benefits from any exposure wit the new stuff.

Message: 5667 Posted: Thu Mar 18 10:45:59 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: rephrasing the question

Bad News.

Message: 5666 Posted: Thu Mar 18 10:42:03 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

Sure do like what I've heard of "Houses in White". It's very thought-provoking, almost haunting.

Message: 5663 Posted: Thu Mar 18 10:18:03 1999 By: laura
Subject: Vanilla Ice HOUR on VH1

the whole concept of Vanilla Ice having an hour of precious air time given to him (& Leif Garrett & K.C. & the Sunshine Band, & Rick Springfield before him) - has at the very least solved a philosophical question that's been eating at me for years now .... yes, Laura, maybe there is a god after all - but he certainly has one sick, twisted sense of humour....

Message: 5662 Posted: Thu Mar 18 10:13:37 1999 By: laura
Subject: alternative lyrics of choice

"legend" has it that "Pigeon Song" was edited down from its original twice-as-long version to the masterpiece that we have all come to love (& a few of you, merely tolerate). A long-lost friend & I had several additional couplets of our own a quarter century or so ago. BUT memories being what sieves they are, I can't quite recall......
HOWEVER, maybe you can. TerryT, Johnny, and ALL you other superior wits out there --- what other lines have you heard??????
I dare, double, no - TRIPLE DOG DARE ya to extend the song's lyrics to an alternative glory..... any takers?

have fun

Message: 5661 Posted: Thu Mar 18 09:44:07 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Rockin' down the highway

Great idea. Ventura Highway has been included on several various artist compilations. But I doubt that Oxygen could get Rhino to include it since Ventura Highway was released by WB.

Message: 5660 Posted: Thu Mar 18 09:36:38 1999 By: cameo
Subject: Rockin' down the highway

Hey... I hear Rhino records is putting another CD this summer in its "hard rock cafe" records theme - this one will be "rockin' down the highway" - if they have not made out the track list maybe someone (oxygen) could suggest the classic "ventura highway". A great fit! And great exposure for the band. It may be one there already? It is due in mid-June.

Message: 5658 Posted: Thu Mar 18 09:32:53 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: "Houses In White"

Sounds great. Does this mean Gerry has another project in the works or is he just creating on his own?

Message: 5657 Posted: Thu Mar 18 09:30:43 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: VH-1/Behind the Music

And I thought they had reached rock bottem when they did Lief Garrett. I think this shows how desparate they are becoming for material. Maybe, just maybe they will get around to doing America.

Message: 5655 Posted: Thu Mar 18 09:04:26 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Houses in White


Message: 5654 Posted: Thu Mar 18 08:55:52 1999 By: Brandon Rose
Subject: Dewey, Gerry & Double C

Tonight... Fort Myers, Florida... Christopher Cross & AMERICA. They'll be playing at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Center a fabulous place for a concert. It doesn't get any better than that. Great music and great times.

Message: 5653 Posted: Thu Mar 18 08:11:35 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: "Houses In White"

"Houses In White" sounds WONDERFUL...sounds like another winner. Can't wait for the finished product!

TerryT: I've changed it to "Ventura Highway" as requested.

Message: 5652 Posted: Thu Mar 18 01:16:30 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

Great stuff! Everyone please give this a listen!!! What a great opportunity to hear this WIP...thanks!



Message: 5651 Posted: Thu Mar 18 00:18:20 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: "Houses In White" featuring Gerry

If you want to hear a fantastic new song featuring Gerry Beckley, go to the Houses In White web page and read all about it. Included are sound clips in MP3 and Real Audio formats. This is your chance to see behind the scenes of the production of a song and to voice your opinions and comments (right here on the chat folder) as the song progresses. Enjoy!

Message: 5650 Posted: Wed Mar 17 22:10:17 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Van Ice

Jim, I share your state of aghast! UN believeable!!
Stay Tuned!-b

Message: 5649 Posted: Wed Mar 17 21:53:26 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: VH-1/Behind the Music

Tonight during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction broadcast, VH1 ran a promo for an upcoming "Behind the Hits" special on VANILLA ICE!!!! COME ON...they can devote an hour to this pimple on the face of pop music...this pompadoured footnote to music...this all style and no substance hack but they can't (or won't) devote an hour to America???? I'm aghast!!!

Jim, Erie Pa

Message: 5648 Posted: Wed Mar 17 20:48:54 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For David..............

Hi David,
Time is growoing short, do you still want me tp pick you up a t-shirt? We am leaving Fri morning to attend the concert in RI on friday night. Please email me with your size and address. OK. Hope to hear from you soon. Maureen.

Message: 5646 Posted: Wed Mar 17 19:18:56 1999 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Rose

which rose?? there are 3 you know.

Message: 5644 Posted: Wed Mar 17 19:00:47 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: Baltimore/Washington concert

Tickets go on sale for the July 3rd show with Chuck Negron on April 10th. Call TicketMaster that day as tickets will fly. Two radio stations will be promoting the on-sale date pretty heavily. Email me for details.

Message: 5643 Posted: Wed Mar 17 19:00:21 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Wednesday Evening

Johnny, if it's not too late, I AM gonna renege. Change TIN MAN to VENTURA HIGHWAY. I didn't learn each guitar part, bass line, drum pattern, vocal lead, harmony backup and doo-doo/dit-dits on that song, and try to record it at home all by myself, when no other song could make me feel better at a time when I need to feel better, for NOTHING! Their genius (ALL of them) is only more appreciated, as songwriters and performers, when you try to do it yourself. Whoa.
What was I thinking?

D. Guru, you sound like the same Soul to me. Occasionally some more earthly aspects manifest in your recent posts, but though often imitated, you're never duplicated. Doubt may have arisen due to the change in address and title modification(s). Who the heck is Rose? I only know three of them.

Message: 5641 Posted: Wed Mar 17 17:05:46 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Triv Answer and New Trivia Q

Hey, I never seem to get a chance to answer the Trivia Q's before anyone else. Good question! Now I have one for you too................There was a band named HourGlass, What did they change their name to prior to becoming successful?

Message: 5640 Posted: Wed Mar 17 16:09:22 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: rephrasing the question

the trivia question should be, "What is Rose about to hear?"

Message: 5639 Posted: Wed Mar 17 13:58:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Answer

Right on, Virginia!!

Message: 5638 Posted: Wed Mar 17 13:53:16 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Distance to nearest concerts to Federico


In answering your question, from May 16 to June 30, America will largely be performing in the eastern and midwestern portion of the United States. The closest that America will be are:

1057 km (657 miles) away in Park City, Utah on June 9
1210 km (752 miles) away in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 8

Hope this helps!!


Message: 5637 Posted: Wed Mar 17 13:00:17 1999 By: Federico
Subject: Which city.....?

here I am again!!!!
I need an help: who might tell me which is the city closest to Portland among 16 of May and 30 of June in which America will have a live concert?


Message: 5636 Posted: Wed Mar 17 12:24:58 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: Trivia Q

Hi Johnny,
Is it The BeeGees-Holiday?

Message: 5635 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:52:50 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: Re:M.I.A."Best of Best"

Hi Johnny
Here are my choices:
Dan:Todays the day
Dewey:Ventura Highway
Gerry:"Its a tie"only in your heart/From a moving train,if the grammys can have a tie why can't "America" fans.
Take care Joanne

Message: 5634 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:46:53 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Q

There is a very famous musical trio who has a hit song from the past and that song has the same name as one of AMERICA's album titles. So, can you name this trio and their hit song?

Message: 5633 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:42:08 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Best of the Best

Dan - Lonely People
Dewey - Horse with no Name
Gerry - I Need You

Message: 5632 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:35:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Msg to: Monica and Georgianna

Georgianna and Monica, thanks for playing "Best of the Best". The song selections are only from the following AMERICA songs:

Dan...Don't Cross The River, Lonely People, Today's The Day, Lonely People

Dewey...A Horse With No Name, Ventura Highway, Tin Man, Amber Cascades, The Border

Gerry...I Need You, Only In Your Heart, Muskrat Love, Sister Golden Hair, Daisy Jane, You Can Do Magic, From A Moving Train

So please try again if you're still interested. We have nearly 20 fans who have responded. I'll be posting the results soon. Thanks

Message: 5631 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:15:09 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Best o ' the best


Hey...where do you hail from? I grew up in Mtn. View and hung out in Saratoga lots. Prior to mentions of Jeff Larson on this site, I believe I had also heard his work before. You are so right...he is a very gifted artist!


Message: 5629 Posted: Wed Mar 17 11:06:09 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Kyle Vincent's new CD

Hey You People,

FYI - Kyle Vincent's new CD is coming out (including Gerry on backing vocals) For info go to

I'd set up a link but don't know how. Help, anyone?

Joe B

P.S. 'Survival' hit #1 in Italy and was never even released here. I still think Capitol screwed up big time. On the other hand, international charts (because the countries are much smaller) can be very quirky at times. Good to hear about FAMT. Whatever Oxygen decides to go with as the next single - let's just support it as best we can.

P.P.S. When the %$#* is Warners going to release the rest of the America catalog domestically? They are the worst for reissues.

Message: 5627 Posted: Wed Mar 17 09:36:05 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Wednesday Morning Rules!

I'm telling you all, Wednesday Morning is America's best shot at getting back on the charts in the US! Release it to the AC stations, and watch it crossover to the Pop charts!

Message: 5625 Posted: Wed Mar 17 09:02:05 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: MIA's: Best of the Best

Ok since you asked for it, here's the definative BOB list:
Dewey: Ventura Highway (America's best ever)
Gerry: Sister Golden Hair
Dan: Today's The Day
Combination (written by two or more): Hat Trick
Third Party (written by somebody else): I Do Believe In You

Message: 5623 Posted: Wed Mar 17 08:58:11 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Spain Activity

Great news Karen! I didn't know FAMT was a hit in Spain and now Wednesday Morning is moving up the charts! WOW! Maybe it's time to release Wednesday Morning in the US!!!!!

Message: 5622 Posted: Wed Mar 17 07:27:03 1999 By: Georgianna
Subject: Re: Best of the best - I'll play...

Me, too!

Gerry-Submarine Ladies
Dewey-Amber Cascades
Dan-I Never Found the Time

they're not hits but they are my best of the best!

Message: 5621 Posted: Wed Mar 17 04:08:19 1999 By: D. Guru
Subject: Rose.

Rose McGowan? the future mrs. guru?
rumor has it there'll be another other show.
but I never can tell.
"rumor has it I'm not who I've been" -? (that's _my_ trivia question, I'll give everyone 10 days to figure out what that's from. first person to get it wins something. seriously. i'm not sure what yet, but I'll take care of you. something unique. something good for the soul. cheers

D. Guru

Message: 5620 Posted: Wed Mar 17 01:31:37 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Best Of The Best

OK, I've put this off too long.
Gerry: Sister Golden Hair
Dewey: Ventura Highway
Dan: Don't Cross the River

Message: 5619 Posted: Wed Mar 17 00:20:16 1999 By: Monica
Subject: Re: Best o ' the best

Hi all, I'm one of those people that "lurks" but never posts. It's hard to get time on the computer between kids and husband. My best of the best list would have to be.
Gerry- "Who Loves You" a most under rated song in my opinion.
Dewey- "Amber Cascade"
Dan- "Today's The Day"
I remember seeing a singer playing in Saratoga CA. about 5 years ago. I remember enjoying his voice then all of the sudden he started playing "Monster" and then he played "Old Virgina" (including the whistling) and followed that up with "Clarice". I was in shock. I was with my girlfriends and they thought I was nuts. I was too shy to talk to him so I had my freind request "Call Of The Wild". I didn't think he would know it but he sure did. It was a great evening. I'm not 100% sure but I think it was Jeff Larson. It dawned on me after I recieved his CD and heard his voice and saw his picture that it could have been him. Very talented guy with good taste.

Message: 5618 Posted: Wed Mar 17 00:07:13 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Gosh, I was just trying to help save you before Johnny caught it. Format is good for the soul.


Message: 5616 Posted: Tue Mar 16 23:52:49 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Gene...Pete, indeed! But knowing Pete, he thinks he has SOMETHING to do with it. ROFL...



Message: 5615 Posted: Tue Mar 16 23:48:27 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Spain Activity


Great news! Thanks for the update.


Message: 5614 Posted: Tue Mar 16 23:47:58 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Alternative Lyrics

ShariL, when I was real young and silly, I changed the words in I Need You from "left to me, you left to me..." to "right of me," I know, it's silly!! But sometimes, we have to be silly! I promise, if I remember any serious lyric changing, I will share those too. I really liked your Daisy Jane story. First loves are so fine!
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5613 Posted: Tue Mar 16 23:45:23 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: if we sit real prettylike, could you occasionally throw us a bone?

This is a good idea. At one point I believe that Ger and Dew entertained the idea of having an AOL hosted chat.

Message: 5610 Posted: Tue Mar 16 23:03:13 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Wednesday Morning

Let me be the first to say it's WEDNESDAY MORNING in Florida.

Message: 5609 Posted: Tue Mar 16 22:44:27 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: My trivia question

Okay, here goes.
Does anyone else have their own set of words to any America songs?
For me, as was hinted earlier, it's Daisy Jane.
Example: Flying me back to LaGrande, honey keep the Bronco warm.
Daisy Jane translates into David Duane.
Fit me personally at the time, a year after leaving the first love of my life. Still think of the words every time I hear the song, even live. That's also why I have such a soft spot for Daisy Jane. This guy was also the first one to every buy me an America album. We listened to Holiday all the time in his Bronco (on 8 track!!!). Another reason I love Old Man Took so much.
So, anybody else make up their own words to songs, or is it just me? Particularly America songs, but maybe anything, with some of the reasons behind it.
Is this too personal?
Take care, all. ShariL <><

Message: 5607 Posted: Tue Mar 16 22:10:32 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Rose

Gordan, I AM a true fan....but don't know who Rose is. Will take a guess that it's Dewey's mom.
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5606 Posted: Tue Mar 16 22:09:12 1999 By: Beth
Subject: 2nd Single

My vote for the second single goes to Pages!
Stay tuned

Message: 5605 Posted: Tue Mar 16 22:04:01 1999 By: Beth
Subject: hopeful dreamer

I like the idea of a possible Question of the Month for our guys. Seems hopeless dreamer has put some thought into the suggestion, covering "rules" and even instigating the "contest" idea. Haven't seen any other replies to this....Would it be a bad thing?
Stay tuned -b

Message: 5604 Posted: Tue Mar 16 21:12:26 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: The Train In Spain...

I guess The folks in Spain have some pretty good musical tastes! That's really cool! Just wanted to acknowledge a big THANK YOU To Rob G. I finally have a copy on tape of VGG and I must say, It's Incredible!!! I am truly in awe! If my own CD comes out even a quarter of the way as good I'd be amazed! Rob- lately I've been hearing a lot of cynical remarks about people who live in Connecticut being so snobby & stuck up! I've always lived by the old saying "You attract more Bees with honey, instead of vinegar.." So in other words, I may be a Nutmegger (Or just a plain nut-LOL), But I really appreciate any friendly gesture! And I DO realize that here in this Chat Folder There are plenty of respectful people! Thanks Again Rob- I'll give a critique later when I've heard the songs a few more times! Hey Maybe the Fans in Spain will make "Overwhelming World" tha biggest selling song of 1999!!! BuhBye-TeeTee

Message: 5603 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:25:02 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: Rose

Trivia Question for true America Fans: Who is Rose?

Message: 5602 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:17:32 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Misc.

Thanks Gene and Robyn for coloring within the lines. I know it's not as fun but I think the results will be interesting although probably not totally unpredictable. Oh Jim, come on, you can make an exception just this one time, can't you? Just think of the songs as step-CHILDREN for a brief moment.

Karen, thanks for the explanation about "WM" in Spain. Like Howard, I was very confused at the time. If "WM" is doing well in Spain, ya gotta think it would do equally well in the States. I know it's not any guarantee but musical tastes can't be that different between the two countries, would you think? However, I do remember "Survival" and Mexico. "Survival" should have been a hit here, I think. Must have been due to poor promotion. But hey, "WM" over "M2M" four to one in the song tourney has to tell us all something!! Regardless of the next release selection, we'll all support it, of course, but wouldn't you want to go with the fan's choice. I'm a bad boy...stirring the pot again. Okay, okay, I'll stop it. I've put the spoon down and now I'm going to wash the dishes (with "Wednesday Morning" on repeat play).

Message: 5601 Posted: Tue Mar 16 20:06:09 1999 By: Gary H
Subject: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Dewey - Ventura Highway

Dan - Lonely People

Gerry - Sister


Message: 5600 Posted: Tue Mar 16 18:59:28 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Twenty lashes

I am surfing thru here quickly and didn't see Johnny's original post, forgive my dust addled brain but when you move three libraries in three weeks, you get a bit bozo....

ok, per format

Dan-- DOn't cross the River

Dewey-- Amber Cascades

Gerry-- I need you.

There Ok Am I forgiven????????

Message: 5599 Posted: Tue Mar 16 18:53:07 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Best o ' the best



Dan-- Don't cross the River

Dewey-- THree Roses

Gerry-- Another Try

( I was also torn between Green Monkey and Pages by Dewey. )

Message: 5598 Posted: Tue Mar 16 17:57:38 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Wed Morning???


Human Nature is being distributed by different labels in different countries. They make their own choices about singles.


Karen D.

Message: 5597 Posted: Tue Mar 16 17:56:40 1999 By: laura
Subject: Best of the best - I'll play...

Dan - Lonely People
Dewey - Tin Man
Gerry - Sister Golden Hair

Message: 5596 Posted: Tue Mar 16 17:20:30 1999 By: Gene
Subject: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

What's Pete got to do with it?? PLEASE

Dan (under protest)- Today's the Day (Does All Things Are Plossible Count?)

Dewey - Tin Man

Gerry - Sister

there you go..I playedf by the rules


Message: 5595 Posted: Tue Mar 16 17:19:10 1999 By: janice
Subject: catching up..

All right Johnny..Best of the Best..since I'm all dressed up with no where to go..(thanks for the weather update, Shari..not coming to Calif. tomorrow, as Ronnie is sick again..That's it! "Kid for Sale or Rent"..come on Gene, since all you have is a CAT..just kidding..he's my life's breath..anyway..where was I?? Best of the Best..
Dan.."Don't Cross the River"..Dewey.."Horse With No Name"..(can I have 2?? love Border!!) and Gerry.."Daisy Jane"..So there. Hope all is well with everyone! :)

Message: 5594 Posted: Tue Mar 16 17:00:03 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: replacing vinyl totals

So far, Hearts is the most popular album to be replaced if fans were updating their America collection to CD's. Any other opinions before the final tally comes out Thursday AM?


Message: 5593 Posted: Tue Mar 16 16:38:32 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: MIA's: Best of the Best

But Johnny, Oh Johnny,
I just can't pick the "best,", they are all like children & it's tough to play favorites. So it's just that I have a hard time in that regard.
But hey my favorite moving picture for this decade, "Life is Beautiful."

Message: 5592 Posted: Tue Mar 16 15:19:17 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Best of the Best

Dan: Today's The Day
Dewey: Tinman
Gerry: Sister Golden Hair

Wednesday Morning is moving up the charts in Spain??? Does this mean it will be the next release here?


Message: 5591 Posted: Tue Mar 16 15:17:31 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Wed Morning???

Karen, how is that possible. Did Oxygen release Wed Morn
overseas, or are radio stations taking matters into their
own hands and playing whatever they want. Very confused, hl

Message: 5590 Posted: Tue Mar 16 15:15:44 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Best of the Best & Sick To My Stomach

Here's my best of the best:
Dan: Lonely People
Dewey: Ventura Highway
Gerry: Only In Your Heart

I haven't posted up until now because first of all I'm
absolutely sick to my stomach and steaming mad of people who post anonymously. If you got something to say..say it and let us know who you are!!! We won't think more or less of you. It's an opinion and everybody is entitled to one...especially on this board. If you got info you would like to share...share it.
Sorry all, hl

Message: 5589 Posted: Tue Mar 16 15:14:54 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Spain Activity

As you may or may not know, FAMT was a huge hit in Spain, hitting number one on their national radio charts at one point. Word comes today that Wednesday Morning is now charting there, as well.

Spain loves America.


Message: 5588 Posted: Tue Mar 16 14:20:13 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: MIA's: Best of the Best

There's been a good response on the "Best of the Best" but still haven't heard from fans such as Howard, Mark, Jimnak, Janice, Virgina, Penny, Joanne, Cari, MattB, Adrian, Carlos and others that I've probably overlooked....sorry. (Robyn's busy moving at work and Shayne's at his new job).

Message: 5587 Posted: Tue Mar 16 14:18:58 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Trivia

Ok just to throw this out there. I only have vague recollections of the details, but when HORSE WITH NO NAME skyrocketed to no.1 upon AMERICA's US debut, a number of radio stations had contests where I believe they attempted to give away a live HORSE ! Lots of problems were encountered for various reasons w/local authorities, etc., anyone out there have any info on this ? I would be curious to hear any details, on any of the HORSE promotions run bt local radio stations. ***** GO AMERICA 1999 !!! *****

Message: 5583 Posted: Tue Mar 16 12:48:23 1999 By: hopeless dreamer
Subject: if we sit real prettylike, could you occasionally throw us a bone?

don't have any answers to any grand mysteries, don't want to offend or overstep my bounds, really have no business talking at all....BUT just trying to have something positive to look forward to & mostly just dreaming out loud for a second here...

'tis would be nice if we, the faithful, could have perhaps a little interaction via this site w/ Dewey & Gerry & the other guys. I said LITTLE, don't want to impose too much, & know that fans can be a pretty bothersome, if not downright scary, lot. Just think though -- if we could offer a "Question of the Month" (as in ONE, remember, don't want to overdue it). This could be on a rotational basis : April - Gerry, May - Dewey, June - Willie, July - Gerry, Aug. - Dewey, Sept. -Woodz, Oct. - Gerry, Nov. - Dewey, Dec. - Brad, then start all over again....
The questions could be proposed here, endlessly debated upon, voted on, then at the start of each month, through whatever channel deemed appropriate, the big "Question of the Month" offered --- kind of like a long, drawn-out interview with already won-over journalists. Perhaps even a forum to say directly WHATEVER, a way to clear up some of the crap floating around out there (or here). I don't think it would be toooooo draining, as Dewey & Gerry would only have to each deal w/ answering once every 3 months, the other guys, once every 9 months, THEY could set up "rules" if they felt any were needed, plus they ALWAYS maintain veto power. and OUR part in it, would be eternal gratitude - something I think most of us could come up with quite easily....

Like I said, I'm just dreaming out loud, probably need to get back to the real world......

Message: 5580 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:58:04 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: 2nd Single.

I'm sure there will be a second single. What we're seeing is a clever marketing ploy by Oxygen. Wait six to 12 months between singles to ensure the success of the first single doesn't taint subsequent releases. Sort of a marketing sorbet, a cleansing of the radio palate if you will. It's all very complicated for non-marketing types to comprehend.


Message: 5579 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:16:55 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Replacing Albums

Better late than never?
Harbor, Hearts, Homecoming (my FIRST on CD, by the by--what a geeked up fest THAT America, Hattrick! There! (C:

Message: 5578 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:12:24 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

As for Johnny's post.....
Dan=Don't Cross The River
Dewey=Amber Cascades
Gerry=Only In Your Heart

Message: 5577 Posted: Tue Mar 16 09:10:31 1999 By: Beechlady
Subject: Re: Gene-Best of the Best/ five albums

Dan-Never Found The Time
Dewey-Molten Love
Gerry-Bell Tree

Message: 5576 Posted: Tue Mar 16 08:05:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To Mark: Next Release

Mark, there definitely will be a second release (so I'm told). Just a matter of time. I, too, am very eager!

Message: 5575 Posted: Tue Mar 16 07:59:28 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Everything

Ok, here goes: Name of Christmas CD: Holiday #2
Desert Island Album:Something by The Beatles, Abbey RD,Revolver,SGT.Pepper, White Album
Replacing Albums:America-Hearts, then View f/the ground
FAVE HITS: Dan-Lonely People, Dewey-Ventura Highway, Gerry- hard pick between Sister & Daisy, OK, Sister Golden Hair.
Did I get everything?

Message: 5574 Posted: Tue Mar 16 07:26:59 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Follow Up Single

I think it's pretty obvious now that there won't be a second single released. Too much time has passed. That's a shame too, because I thought FAMT had cracked the ice and paved the way for a second single. That's why I say we need to go ahead and call stations and ask them to play anything from Human Nature.

Message: 5573 Posted: Tue Mar 16 03:18:49 1999 By: Adrian
Subject: Follow Up Single

Hello everyone. I'm just wondering when the official announcement for the follow up to FAMT will be made, it appears MTM is favourite.With everyones choice for follow up it could have been one of several tunes,just an indicator to what a strong album HN is !!! As for all the commotion on the chat folder,we are all here for the same reason and perhaps have not met in the flesh,but are all AMERICA fans.United we stand ,lets hope this extraordinary group get the reccognition they so richly deserve.Im still of the school of thought that a spark of good fortune will ignite these guys into a raging inferno,perhaps just the start of America's real success story!

Message: 5572 Posted: Tue Mar 16 02:31:51 1999 By: TZ MAC
Subject: Re: Tour Schedule; Firefighters Benefits Lack of Publicity

For the Chattanooga concert (May 19) firefighters are calling to publicize and do ticket sales.


Message: 5570 Posted: Tue Mar 16 01:42:55 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Re: I NEED YOU - done soulfully or otherwise

I agree -- I NEED YOU could be remade into something remarkable, given the right approach. I disagree with you, however, in your comments regarding acoustic music, for I would hardly consider "Hooty" or "Crow" to be acoustic artists, at least not in any genuine sense. In order to find true acoustic craft, one needs to look outside of the limited sphere of pop...

Message: 5569 Posted: Mon Mar 15 21:56:34 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

The Best...Dan-"Don't Cross The River".....Dewey-"Tin Man"....Gerry-"Daisy Jane"

Message: 5568 Posted: Mon Mar 15 21:32:32 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Yeah, Gene-o...follow the FORMAT for Pete's sake, lol.

Luv ya!


Message: 5567 Posted: Mon Mar 15 20:59:12 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: I NEED YOU - done soulfully

Hey I just heard a terrific cover of the Bread hit, Make it With You. The DJ didn't say the name of the person but the song was a soulful, slower version of the orginal, done very well, by a female artist. I keep hoping that some modern day soul type singer will do I NEED YOU, it could be pretty amazing. I think Johnny Mathis recorded it some years ago. I still have hopes that one of the modern day acoustic artists (Hooty, Crow, etc.) will do a cover of one of AMERICA's songs, that would be great for AMERICA.

Message: 5566 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:55:46 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

I, too, love SGT. Darkness, but here's a copy of Sir Johnny's post:

Message: 5512 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:09:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Best of AMERICA's Best

How about this for the next fun thing to do? Tell us which one (one and only one) of Dan's, Dewey's,
and Gerry's greatest hits is your favorite. The hit list are those songs that charted no less than #75. I'll
comply the votes and will give the results in a couple of days. Those fans who don't normally post
their thoughts but only read, let's hear from you!! Whatta ya say??

Pick one of Dan's from: Don't Cross The River; Lonely People; Woman Tonight, Today's The Day

Now Dewey's from: A Horse With No Name; Ventura Highway; Tin Man; Amber Cascades, The Border

And last by certainly not least, Brother Golden Hair's: I Need You; Only In Your Heart; Muskrat Love;
Sister Golden Hair; Daisy Jane; You Can Do Magic; Right Before Your Eyes; From A Moving Train

Good luck on the upgrade!

Message: 5565 Posted: Mon Mar 15 19:42:29 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: Re: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Hi Guys!!! I had computer upgraded. I have a lot of catching up to do.
Dan... Lonely People
Gerry..Sgt Darkness
Dewey.. Ventura Hwy
5 Vinyl to replace..Holiday Hearts,Hideaway,Alibi and America Live. I have everything else on CD.
I also bought California Dreamin as a single America Rules... Joe K

Message: 5562 Posted: Mon Mar 15 18:44:14 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: Camp Johnny

Camp Johnway?

Message: 5561 Posted: Mon Mar 15 18:22:32 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Camp Johnny

Hey - it sure does look like Dewey's suitcase has a Camp Johnny sticker on it! Or is it Camp John Hay. Hmmmm

Stay Tuned

Message: 5560 Posted: Mon Mar 15 17:42:55 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Air Guitar

TerryT, I wondered if it would have to be a left-hand guitar. Didn't have the energy to think it through clearly. Privately, I do have a dyslexia problem telling my right from your left... :->

Cool about your dad being a DJ!

I listened to some WLS if you can believe it...Live about 600 miles away from Chicago, Still, it would come in clear sometimes late at night. Remember I heard an interview with America one night... Must've been late 70's - circa 77 or 78. Stands out in my mind because my brother Dave was in Alaska and it was a rare phone call we got from him, and I told him over the phone that I was listening to the interview...I have no end to good memories with my brothers and America!

Message: 5559 Posted: Mon Mar 15 17:14:54 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: 45s/Bands of Gold/First Album Pic/Jibberish

Beth, I thought about air guitar, too, but that would be left-handed guitar. The photo isn't flipped, because you can see how Dan's shirt buttons over. Lots of photos are mirrored as we know, and some aren't so obvious unless it's Cindy Crawford or Madonna. The vinyl cover of Introducing The Beatles is obviously flipped...note the buttons and wrist watches. This means it appears something is on Dewey's left ring finger even on the first album pic. Hourglass didn't need to show hands because unlike a clock, an hourglass is a time-measuring device without hands. If anyone is bothered about where we're going on this, see me privately in my office. ;)

Kevin Sutton, don't ever change! It seems your recent well-deserved pilgrimage has recharged you.

Sir Johnny, I could almost renege on TIN MAN and make it VENTURA HIGHWAY...but I won't. Yep, Dan definitely looks cheated there, but he's taking it well! Are you sure that the suitcase Dewey is carrying on the Encore cover doesn't say, "Camp Johnny"?

My first 45s were TELSTAR (sounds of static at beginning and end of an otherwise melody-only song supposedly bounced off a satellite), and RUNAWAY by Del Shannon. Then came the Beatles. Dating myself here. First albums were Chicago's first album, The Byrds' Greatest Hits, and Abby Road...I think. 45s were cool 'cause you could stack up a bunch of them on the player and set the tone for whatever was happening, or you wanted to happen...

My Dad owned a record shop in the Elvis days, then became a local AM radio announcer in the 60s, but it was adult contemporary for the adults of that time. I've seen a lot of vinyl and tape in my childhood, and hung around the station as a kid, looking at the walls of vinyl while he was on the air. I went to high school with Tommy James and was raised on radio...but mostly listening to WLS Chicago (AM). The Silver Dollar Survey was a list of the top 50 songs each week on a sheet that you could pick up at most music-oriented places. Wish I'd saved them! I remember the first FM stations that came out with good rock in our area and were in STEREO...they were called "underground stations" at the time because they played the likes of Led Zepplin, etc. Thanks for letting me ramble, if ya got this far.

Message: 5558 Posted: Mon Mar 15 15:56:51 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: First Album

Oh, I just remembered a few more songs on the K-tel album: Rainy Day Feeling (The Fortunes), Don't Pull Your Love (Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds), You Are The One (The Sugar Bears). Amazing what usless info you can remember from your youth when you let your mind wander. If I think of it long enough I might be able to remember all 22 songs.

Message: 5557 Posted: Mon Mar 15 15:51:46 1999 By: Mark
Subject: First Album

The very first album I bought was one of those K-tel albums, Music Explosion (or something like that was the name of it). It had 22 chopped-up singles on it, they used to edit the intros and fades in order to fit 22 songs on an album. I can still remember many of the songs on it: Candy Man (Sammy Davis Jr), Layla (Derek and The Dominos), Simple Man (Lobo), Small Beginings (Flash), You Could of Been a Lady (April Wine), Chick-a-boom (Daddy Dewdrops), Mamie Blue (the original version not the remake by Stories), Nice To Be With You (Gallery), The Wedding Song (not John Denver's version), If Not For You (Oliva Newton-John), Popcorn (Hot Butter), and that's about all I can remember now. Who else but K-tel would dare put Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr and Layla by Derek and the Dominoes (aka Eric Clapton and Duane Allman) on the same album?

Message: 5556 Posted: Mon Mar 15 15:24:20 1999 By: Beth
Subject: First 45

I've never bought an America single - First America album I bought was also the first album of any kind I ever bought: History. Now, don't get too upset, but by my time, 45's were starting to become obsolete....I know I had a few, but honestly can't remember which one would've been first. Possibly something off the Foreigner Four album.

Stay Tuned

Message: 5555 Posted: Mon Mar 15 14:52:32 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Winter's Solstice

Joe B, you mock me! I'm already clutching 9 albums by the greatest band, can't I carry along one that's at the far end of the musical spectrum? Variety is the spice of life, you know. Could've grabbed Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, or Cherry Poppin' Daddies, or Sade, or Randy Travis, or Woods Tea Company, or Savage Garden, or...

Message: 5554 Posted: Mon Mar 15 14:37:21 1999 By: Paul Crawford
Subject: Tour Schedule; Firefighters Benefits Lack of Publicity

Howard Liebhoff was nice enough to send me America's 1999 tour schedule. Why can't I get it on Rick Wahlgren's site anymore? Also, I see several 1999 shows are Firefighter benefits. The one April 12 in Des Moines, Iowa has received next to zero publicity. There was a small classified ad for "Oldies Concert" without naming America. The only article has been a damaging one, claiming the telemarketing group behind the benefits (Ghel ?) billed a dead man for ordering a ticket over the phone on a date after he died. Iowa Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division is investigating. Again, why no publicity? Paul

Message: 5553 Posted: Mon Mar 15 13:52:35 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: 45's

The only America 45 I ever bought was California Dreamin. I always bought their albums instead of their singles. I almost bought the California Dreamin soundtrack album, but then I saw that the title track was the only song America did on it, so I just bought the 45. The first America album I bought was America after it had been out for about a year. I bought it as one of those mail order record house deals, where you used to get 12 albums for $1.00 but you had to sign up to buy so many over the next few years. I didn't even realize that they had done I Need You at that time. When I listened to the album I was hooked and ran out and bought Homecoming at the store. From then on I bought every album they released the first time I found it in a store.

Now, my very first 45 goes way back. It was purchased by my Mom for me when I was very young. It was Love Me Do / PS I Love You by the Beatles. I remember when I got that I wore it out the first day on my little record player.

Message: 5552 Posted: Mon Mar 15 13:46:18 1999 By: DiB
Subject: B of the B

Dan: Don't Cross the River
Dewey: Ventura Highway (although now Pages is my fave, but alas, wasn't one of the choices!)
Gerry: Sister Golden Hair

Vinyl to replace( in no particular order) Holiday, Hat Trick, Hearts, Harbor, and Hideaway.

Message: 5551 Posted: Mon Mar 15 13:24:28 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: 45's

Joe, I never bought an AMERICA 45 but I wished I would have. They sound like great collector's items among us AMERICA fans. My first 45, I believe, was the Monkee's "Daydream Believer".

Message: 5550 Posted: Mon Mar 15 13:11:19 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Trivia Answer/ Hey Joe B.

Hey You People/Tom,

I've worked w/ Ronnie Rice and have seen him perform many times. The guy's an oldies jukebox and a blast to see. He can play anything/everything! He wasn't an original member of NC6 but was around for most of the big hits. NC6 usually play some summer concerts around here; occasionally Ronnie joins them and that's when they sound the best. Without him they're still OK, but his voice adds a lot. My best of America 'hits': Dan - "Lonely People", Dewey "Tin Man" (edging out 'Ventura"), Gerry - Sister".
Speaking of "Ventura Highway", that was the first 45 I ever bought (backed w/ Saturn Nights I believe). That was my first record, period. What was your first 45 and your first America 45?

Joe B

P.S. Don't you think 'Johnny Hates Jazz' is about due for a major comeback?

Message: 5549 Posted: Mon Mar 15 13:09:39 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: B of the B

Dan: today's the Day
Dewey: Ventura Highway
Gerry: Sister GH

5 Vinyl to replace

America, Holiday, Hat trick, Homecoming, Silent Letter

Message: 5548 Posted: Mon Mar 15 12:57:32 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: 10 + one

Hey Michelle,

Just curious. Would you rather have "Summer Solstice" on a desert island. Or would "winter solstice" keep you mentally cool in the heat?

Joe B

Message: 5547 Posted: Mon Mar 15 11:18:26 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Gene Regarding "B of B"

Gene, please pick one of Dan's from the following: Don't Cross The River, Lonely People, Woman Tonight, Today's The Day.

Message: 5546 Posted: Mon Mar 15 11:05:15 1999 By: Gene
Subject: Best of the Best/ five albums

the reason I listed the CDS I did is because they are generally hard to find. Of Course...get them all!!!

as far as best of the best goes....that's hard for me. Is it my personal faves or which songs I think are the best written.. Let's see...
Dan - It's Life, or Don't Cry Baby
Dewey - Tin Man, or Political Poachers, or Ventura, or 3 ROses
Gerry - Sister, or Call of the Wild or Inspector Mills

how's that?

Message: 5545 Posted: Mon Mar 15 10:57:52 1999 By: Gene
Subject: Re: Wedding Bans!

I got a cat, no kids, and a girlfriend who's pissed at e half the time.

Message: 5544 Posted: Mon Mar 15 10:42:01 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Top 3 from our top 3

My choices (as of this moment in time):
Dan: Woman Tonight
Dewey: Ventura Highway (I always smile when I hear the opening chords)
Gerry: Daisy Jane (personal reasons, which will sometime come out in a future trivia question from me)
Altho I must say From A Moving Train is quickly rising to the top of my Gerry list.

Janice - it's raining in San Diego today. Hope it will be nice for you by the time you get here on Wed.
Take care, all.
ShariL <><

Message: 5543 Posted: Mon Mar 15 09:06:26 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Replacing Albums

For me, the first 5 ("America" thru "Hearts")then #6 would be "Alibi".

Message: 5542 Posted: Mon Mar 15 07:31:54 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Another "First Album Photo" Possibility

Here's another "First Album Photo" possibility.

Dewey: "Okay guys, let's decide this way. On the count of three., two, three. Alright!! My pencil beats Gerry's paper so I get to have my five songs first then Gerry's two followed by your two, Dan, and then we'll select the remaining three songs in random order. Glad that's settled!"

Gerry: "Geez Dewey! That was a mighty fast one, two, three."

Dan: " I wasn't ready!"

Dewey: "Sorry guys, but around me, you've got to be quick if you wanna take the bait."

Message: 5541 Posted: Mon Mar 15 06:51:42 1999 By: Pete
Subject: For Maureen

Hi there, We are going to the Friar Tuck concert. We have the A plan deal which sounds great. So this place is real nice. Have you ever watch a concert there before. By any chance do you know if America has a warm up band.

Message: 5540 Posted: Mon Mar 15 01:49:20 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: The Best of AMERICA's Best

Dan: Don't Cross The River
Dewey: Ventura Highway
Gerry: Sister Golden Hair

Definitely three of the best ever written!!

Message: 5539 Posted: Sun Mar 14 22:27:28 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Wedding Bans!


Kevin, Thanks! Your wife is very lucky. So are your FIVE kids, dog, etc! Personally, I have an engagement ring on, a man I'll marry who I really love, two kids, two cats, etc. etc. etc...

Michelle, I agree. Dewey's wedding ring picture also strikes me as a very real sign of love for his wife. A good man!

Stay tuned

Message: 5538 Posted: Sun Mar 14 22:19:56 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Wedding Bands.

Oh, and speaking of wedding bands: A female Dire Straits fan, huh, Beth? If I didn't already have on a wedding band...


Oh, yeah, not to mention if I didn't already have five kids, a wife I really love, a dog, and a whole lot of other crap that I'm happy about too.

Message: 5537 Posted: Sun Mar 14 22:15:51 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Cari, Ignore My Earlier Message.

Sorry, Cari. I just realized you did send me your address. It was stuck at the very bottom of your e-mail to me. I didn't see it the first time. Ooops.

To everyone else, I'm sorry you had to read this. Truly, truly sorry. You don't know the remorse I feel. I know how sensitive many of you are, and I apologize for using a public forum like this for my private correspondence. I beg your forgiveness.


Message: 5536 Posted: Sun Mar 14 22:00:52 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Wedding Band

Besides, if it was purposefully done (as I always assumed it was), I thought it was a wonderful, loving gesture to his wife.

Good night all. Michelle

Message: 5535 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:53:12 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Wedding Band

Have ya'll done this before? I must not have read the archives very well. It was a very innocent inquiry - sorry :)

Message: 5534 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:47:14 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Replacing Albums

Homecoming, Silent Letter, Hearts, Hat Trick and Harbour

Message: 5533 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:44:50 1999 By: Sloopy
Subject: Re: Wedding Band

Please...let's not start all THIS over again...does it really matter? This is not The National Enquirer.

Message: 5532 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:39:59 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: The Best of AMERICA's Best


Dan: Lonely People
Dew: Ventura Highway
Ger: Daisy Jane


Message: 5531 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:27:15 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Dire Straits


Romeo & Juliet is my favorite Dire Straits tune, too! I also like "Where d'you Think You're Going" Good taste, my friend!

Message: 5530 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:20:07 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: To Cari:


Before I can send you your Van Go Gan tape, you have to do me one little favor: E-mail me your address.


Message: 5529 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:18:32 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: I'd Have To Pick Dire Straits.

If I had to pick one album, it would be the Dire Straits album with "Romeo & Juliet" on it. I believe it's "Making Movies." Every song on that album is a classic. While, America's always been my favorite band, Dire Straits is right behind them. If there were a time capsule and I had to put just one song in it, "Romeo & Juliet" might be it. If you've never heard that song, put on your clothes, get in your car and go buy it right now. I'll wait....

See? Wasn't I right? Wasn't that song fantastic? It might be the most perfect non-America song ever written.


Message: 5528 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:13:17 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Best Of The Best/ Replacing Vinyl x5

Sorry, Terry - no trick intended - vinyl or cassette.

Message: 5527 Posted: Sun Mar 14 21:06:17 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Good memories

Today I was looking through old picture albums, and came across several photos of my brothers and I on the old front porch of our family cabin. Brothers playing guitars, I in a chair off to the side, leaning forward...singing along...

I remember those times so well, but somehow looking at those pictures brought things back so clear. I know we were singing Tin Man and Lonely People and Don't Cross the River and Horse...Good times. Good tunes. God, how I love acoustic guitar!

Message: 5526 Posted: Sun Mar 14 20:58:38 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Wedding Band & First Album Cover

Michelle - I pulled out my(10 total) albums. Dewey's wedding band is clearly visable on almost half: Alibi, View from the Ground, Your Move, and the first Album.
What he's doing with his hands on that album cover, is, of course, playing air guitar! Don't you think?

Dewey's wedding band is not shown on covers of Silent Letter, Harbor, Hideaway, Hearts, History, Hatrick, or Homecoming.

Another interesting observation on this subject, Dewey's hand is in his pocket on covers of Hideaway, Hearts, Holiday, and Hatrick. The picture is shot as such that his hands are not even shown on Silent Letter, Harbor or Homecoming.

Probably more information than anyone needed to know, but it's Sunday evening....I'm bored!

Stay tuned - b

Message: 5525 Posted: Sun Mar 14 20:50:47 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Best of the Best

My picks for B of the B:
Dan: Don't Cross the River
Dewey: Ventura Highway
Gerry: Daisy Jane

Stay Tuned - b

Message: 5524 Posted: Sun Mar 14 20:20:13 1999 By: RndlP
Subject: Re: signed Van Go Gan

One of my friends got me a signed # 78 copy for Christmas one year, she actually has the signed #1 copy (and yes I've seen it).

Message: 5523 Posted: Sun Mar 14 19:49:20 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: my best........

Dan: Don't Cross the River

Dewey: Ventura Highway

Gerry: I Need You

Message: 5522 Posted: Sun Mar 14 19:15:52 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Best Of The Best/ Replacing Vinyl x5

Best of the best:
YOU CAN DO MAGIC (not written by Bro Gold, but performed with SOUL, especially the original version)
SISTER GOLDEN HAIR would rank first if the song had to be written by the American (love that Jackson Browne influence)

Replacing vinyl or tape:
(wait a sec...are we assuming vinyl or tape? Is this a trick question, Michelle? If cassettes are included, I continue):

I'm not gonna go away about that first album pic (see Msg# 5505). Either nobody knows, or they don't think I'm serious (The humorous answers are great!). As with Johnny, definitely no respect intended! If you knew me, you would know that. Somebody must know or have heard a story. This would fill the only gap I have left in my trivia(L) knowledge quest. Shucks, I'm gonna call Dewey right now...

Christopher Cross / America

Singing his hits Ride Like The Wind and the Oscar winning single Arthur's
Theme Christopher Cross shares the evening with one of the most influential
groups of the 1970's, AMERICA, made famous by hits such as Ventura
Highway and A Horse With No Name.

Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 8:00pm

Thank-You Very Much

Message: 5521 Posted: Sun Mar 14 17:41:31 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Best Of The Best/ Replacing Vinyl x5

The Best Of The Best....Gerry: "Overwhelming World" Dewey:"Rainbow Song" Dan:"Rainy Day" My Choices for Five CD's:
America(1st), Homecoming, Hearts, Perspective, and Human Nature (Yes I have "Perspective" on CD, Vinyl and Cassette.)Now that I look at my list I realize that I could spare some inconvenience by bringing along "History" and "Encore". Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night? I remember folks in this Chat Folder mentioning,as far a new talent goes, The Coors. They are fantastic! It's reassuring to see that kind of real talent performing on SNL. I'm sick of the alternative/ rap-crap/ hip-hop they force us Baby Boomers to watch nowadays. Wouldn't it be fabulous to see America on SNL? Did They ever perform on SNL, I don't think so. Anyway, The Coors are great! Yes I Know- AMERICA is Better!!! I just wanted to pass along a critique that was a positive one. Thanx-TeeTee

Message: 5520 Posted: Sun Mar 14 17:25:35 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: The Best of AMERICA's Best

Dan..."Today's the Day"

Dewey..."Ventura Highway"

Gerry..."Daisy Jane"

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 5519 Posted: Sun Mar 14 14:49:11 1999 By: Gene
Subject: Re: Replacing Albums

Live, Silent Letter, Holiday, Hearts, Harbour

Message: 5518 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:39:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: My Vote and First Album Photo

Once again, a very interesting and entertaining story that you've written, TerryT. My guess is that Dewey is saying, "See, I can drink a soda, look suave, smile, AND balance a piece of chewed gum on my index finger all at the same time." Gerry's probably thinking, "And all I want are some new shoe strings." And Dan, "Far out, Dude!" (Certainly no disrespect intended, just a little ribbing. As we all know, we love and admire the guys!)
Here's my vote for " The Best of the Best".
Gerry: SGH (definitely a favorite) Dewey: Tin Man Dan: Woman Tonight

Message: 5517 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:30:04 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Replacing Albums

OK, imagine you own all of America's album and have decided to replace them with CD's. Which five CD's would be included in your first order?

Message: 5516 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:28:20 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Wedding Band

A friend once pointed out to me that Dewey's wedding band is clearly shown on quite a few of the album cover photos. My albums are all packed away...can anyone confirm this, and tell me which albums they see this on?

Message: 5515 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:21:47 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: The Best of AMERICA's Best

Dan - Today's The Day

Dewey - Amber Cascades

Gerry - Only In Your Heart

Message: 5513 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:19:39 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: 10 + one

Windham Hill's "A Winter's Solstice", 1985

Message: 5512 Posted: Sun Mar 14 13:09:14 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: The Best of AMERICA's Best

How about this for the next fun thing to do? Tell us which one (one and only one) of Dan's, Dewey's, and Gerry's greatest hits is your favorite. The hit list are those songs that charted no less than #75. I'll comply the votes and will give the results in a couple of days. Those fans who don't normally post their thoughts but only read, let's hear from you!! Whatta ya say??

Pick one of Dan's from: Don't Cross The River; Lonely People; Woman Tonight, Today's The Day

Now Dewey's from: A Horse With No Name; Ventura Highway; Tin Man; Amber Cascades, The Border

And last by certainly not least, Brother Golden Hair's: I Need You; Only In Your Heart; Muskrat Love; Sister Golden Hair; Daisy Jane; You Can Do Magic; Right Before Your Eyes; From A Moving Train

Message: 5511 Posted: Sat Mar 13 22:26:47 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For David...........

Hi David,
I will be attending the RI show next friday night. Would you like me to get you a t-shirt? What size and where do you live? Let me know BEFORE friday AM. Maureen

Message: 5510 Posted: Sat Mar 13 22:25:07 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For TomT......

Hi Tom,
Regarding the RI show, the best thing to do is call the performing arts center. If you go to the America concert list and click on the link, their number will be shown. OK and good luck. Maureen

Message: 5509 Posted: Sat Mar 13 21:15:32 1999 By: See
Subject: Re: America on tour

I'm interested in any Baltimore dates.

Message: 5508 Posted: Sat Mar 13 21:03:39 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Thanks to Joe B

Joe - Thanks for the info on Boz Scaggs. I checked and found out he released a new album in 1997 (not the anthology) that was nominated for a 1998 Grammy award for best contemporary blues album. I never heard anything about it. You're right, there are several cds available.

Message: 5507 Posted: Sat Mar 13 20:25:45 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: First Album Photo

Now that's the deep insight we're looking for! Can anyone top that?

Message: 5506 Posted: Sat Mar 13 20:16:21 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: First Album Photo

Answer to Terry's question about the first album.

Dewey: "If you guys don't stop laughing about the way I wear my hair, I'm goin' to wipe this booger right on the middle of your forehead."

Message: 5505 Posted: Sat Mar 13 19:33:01 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: 10 Plus 1

If stranded on JL's perverted desert island, I would need to have at least one Beatles album. After that, it gets tough. I would probably need HELP.

Something has been bothering me lately. Years ago I had no doubt, because what I thought I was seeing seemed a natural thing of the times. But now I'm wondering again. Maybe I missed out on the info somewhere along the way and everyone knows but me. Maybe it was once posted on this folder. This question is directed to the Right Hand of America. To the King of the Forrrrest...not a prince, not a duke, not a.... Someone who walks in the room and even Daisy Jane has to courtsey. OK: On the cover of the America (first) album, what the heck is Dewey doing with his right fingers? Is he picking his nails, gesturing, or is he holding something? Every time he sees me he starts talking to other fans or signing things real quick, because he knows I'm gonna ask him. He'd probably say he was describing cloud formations, or that he was holding a piece of a blown out truck tire. Aw c'mon, Dewey! And what were you all laughing about? ;)

Message: 5504 Posted: Sat Mar 13 19:23:48 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Trivia Answer/ Hey Joe B.

Too Easy? Maybe for Stephen King Fans like you (And I) but in all the time I've been involved with this Chat Folder, I've noticed that no one mentioned it. Congrats for guessing that one correctly! "The Stand" is one of my personal favorite books too. For those of you that don't know exactly which part of the lyric is quoted- it's the Chorus.."..I understand you've been running from the man...." Hey Joe B.- Did you interview Ronnie Rice? I checked out his Website and I must say, he seems like quite a character. I honestly admire what he did with the NC6. Did you ever see them perform live? The Cryan Shames huh? I'll have to check them out-Thanks!

Message: 5503 Posted: Sat Mar 13 17:03:47 1999 By: Di B
Subject: Trivia Answer

The answer to the latest trivia question is Stephen King's "The Stand"!! My favorite book by one of my favorite authors! That was TOO easy!!


Message: 5502 Posted: Sat Mar 13 16:25:07 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: America on tour

9 plus..OK, I know this will sound weird, but Saturday Night Fever. If America is there to take away my cares with their harmonies, that one got me up and dancing.

Hey did anyone need/want more info on this Baltimore date on 7/3. I know it's still listed as a Missouri date, but watch carefully over the next few weeks.

Message: 5501 Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:53:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Message To TerryT and Robyn

Robyn, yes I received your e-mail. Thanks. I was interested in the Japanese translation of "Gerry Beckley Van Go Gan". On the CD case, it's on the right edge. It's opposite of "Gerry Beckley Van Go Gan" in English. I'll fax it to you and you can let us all know how the translation goes.

TerryT, yes Bob Segar's "Like A Rock" and Chevy's truck commercial. It's very effective. It really would be nice if Pontiac could be persuaded to use "Ventura Highway" in one of their commericals. I think it would be great if the Pontiac ad said, "We brought you the Ventura and the GTO convertible in the 60's and 70's and because you deserve it, we've built just for you the all new and powerful Firebird Trans Am convertible for 1999!" I know, don't quit my day job. I got the idea from AMERICA's "favorite fan", little ol' Daisy Jane from a few days ago when "she" mentioned that "she" owns a Chevy Ventura. Remember? She sure has a great writing style. Reminds me very much of yours....I wonder maybe just maybe....hummmmm????

Message: 5500 Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:21:45 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

JL (John), that's an excellent question and a tough one too. Let's see...probably one of the following:

Toto's "Past To Present 1977-1990"
Crowded House's self-titled LP
Johnny Hates Jazz's "Turn Back The Time" or
Daryl Hall's "Soul Alone"

On second thought, let's go with Journey. Yeah!
Journey's "Raised On Radio"

Message: 5499 Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:20:03 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

Hey You People,

Patti - Most of Boz Scaggs stuff is available on CD; there was even
an anthology released about 2 years ago that was pretty good
Tom T - WOW! Being a native Chicagoan, I've been a big fan of the New Colony 6 for a long time. I even was lucky enough to interview
the members a couple of years ago. There's some cool Chicago pop/rock from that era including the Buckinghams and Cryan' Shames. The Shames have a great anthology oyr with approx.
20 cuts called "Sugar & Spice". If you like 'Colonization' you
probably will dig the Cryan' Shames. They were huge in the
Midwest/Chicago, but didn't do much nationally. Great harmonies, songwriting, production, & an awewsome lead singer.
Howard- Poco is a fantastic band. Including some of their 80's stuff that just came out on CD rules! It was totally ignored at the time, which is a real shame (a cryan' shame to be exact).

Joe B

P.S. I agree you can't wrong with Pet Sounds, but today I'm thinking
about Steely Dan's "The Royal Scam" as album number 10.

Message: 5498 Posted: Sat Mar 13 15:06:37 1999 By: Gene
Subject: 10 minus 1

White Album

Message: 5497 Posted: Sat Mar 13 13:59:47 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: New Trivia Question

What Famous Best Selling Novel used the lyrics to "Sandman" as a little poetic introduction to one of it's chapters? Hint: It's classified as an EPIC novel. I don't want to give too many obvious hints because that might make it too easy!

Message: 5496 Posted: Sat Mar 13 08:43:44 1999 By: janice
Subject: Re: Babble

Welcome, Wayne! I am just a face in the crowd and have no real or imagined connection with them, other than a love for their music. I have had the good fortune to meet them and I have a signed cocktail napkin..(thanks, Gerry)..and a signed tee-shirt..(thanks, Pete)other than that I enjoy reading others' "great America adventures"..sounds like you are raising new clan of fans! Make sure you take them to the concert in son loves to go with me..he is only 5 but knows the words to many of their songs!

Message: 5495 Posted: Sat Mar 13 08:05:11 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Babble

Just babbling here. I feel so unworthy here, having never met the band or collected any autographs. Kudos to most of you on here who are true fans of the band. I have always liked America. My 18th birthday party I played the Hat Trick album again and again much to the dismay of some of the party goers...ha, too bad. Most of my "growing up" years America was my favorite music. Why do I never tire of listening to it? My 10 year old son is also a fan and loves the music and is learning the guitar so he can play it.
My sister painted the whole inside cover from Homecoming on a 12 foot bedroom wall after I bought the album. As far as I know the wall still has the picture on it.
I just discovered this site recently. Glad to see there is so much support for America here. Maybe someday, hopefully soon I'll be able to meet these guys that have been part of my life for so long and collect an autograph or something.
By the way, no one ever said whether they were attending the Wichita, KS concert on May 26....anyone coming?


Message: 5494 Posted: Sat Mar 13 06:20:07 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Top ten minus 1

Enya's Watermark

Message: 5493 Posted: Sat Mar 13 03:02:28 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

revolver (beatles)
or the Bends (Radiohead)
or New Way to Be Human (Switchfoot)
or Pet Sounds.

but probably Revolver

BluLight Studios

Message: 5492 Posted: Sat Mar 13 02:02:48 1999 By: Mags
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1


Message: 5491 Posted: Sat Mar 13 01:49:49 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Beatles and Beach it would be a tough choice between those two.

Message: 5490 Posted: Sat Mar 13 01:08:44 1999 By: david
Subject: america t-shirts

I was wondering if there would be anyone willing to buy the new America T-shirts for me at a concert, since I am not able to make it to a concert, and send it to me, and I would send you the money by money order. If so, please let me know. I really want the new shirts. Thanks.

Message: 5489 Posted: Sat Mar 13 00:44:38 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

Joe & Howard - Boz Scaggs and Poco are both great choices. Joe, do you know if Boz Scaggs can be found on cd. I used to have all the albums for both Boz and Poco. Have most of Poco on cd and have been listening to them a lot lately. Would love to have Boz.

Message: 5488 Posted: Sat Mar 13 00:02:18 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

This is a no brainer..."Abbey Road" question?


Message: 5487 Posted: Fri Mar 12 23:13:51 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

Yes! Pet Sounds...the catalyst for all that followed.


Message: 5486 Posted: Fri Mar 12 23:00:24 1999 By: Cari
Subject: Top 10 minus 1

ok. is this a test?

so stranded... 9 America---1.......GB VGG - I just have to get my hands on a copy before I can sail off to that desserted island. Kevin has so generously offered. Looking forward to checking the mail and getting something other than JUNK mail and BILLS for a change.

Message: 5485 Posted: Fri Mar 12 23:00:18 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Top 10 Minus 1

I would have to pick the "Pet Sounds" box set. Brian Wilson at his best. It doesn't get much better than that. What better music to have when deserted on a desret island.

Message: 5484 Posted: Fri Mar 12 22:09:47 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Feb-Web Chatty-Stats

COOL thing, Chatty...should do this every month! First impression is of all the silent lyric and chord seekers out there. The most chosen songs pretty much make up the History album. I'm not surprised. Howard's photos are popular, and I can see why. Bios and sound clips When I first read the post, I thought it was gonna show ALL OTHER sites we visit! (whew...relief) THANKS

Johnny, what about LIKE A ROCK by Bob Seger?

Message: 5483 Posted: Fri Mar 12 21:24:32 1999 By: Chatty
Subject: February Web Site Statistics

Did you ever wonder what pages are visited the most on the America Fans web site. The following link is a sorted list of the pages that were visited during February 1999 (only includes pages that were visited 20 times or more). You can click on the page name to visit each page.

Message: 5482 Posted: Fri Mar 12 20:43:50 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Answer for wjnr-denise

w-d, This is a post originally from AmericaSL (Steve Lowry) on Feb 27:
America's booking agent is Akiko Rogers at APA in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I don't have her number (you can get it from Karen DiGesu). If Akiko is difficult to reach you can call Morey Management in Los Angeles at 310-278-0808. Of course, you can always contact Karen ( at Oxygen Records. She speaks to both band and management frequently and would be glad to help anyone who wishes to book America. She can be reached at 212 758-4636, extension 239 and welcomes the request!

You go and get America back to Wisconsin for us!!

Message: 5481 Posted: Fri Mar 12 20:20:10 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Willow Grove, PA Concert

Can anyone tell me where the America concert is being held on May15?
It says Vet Rock 99, sounds like a festival of some sorts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As far as having that 10th cd on the island, I burned a CD with
all my favorite Poco songs by which are 98% sung by Timothy B. Schmidt.I don't have the list, but It took me a long time to do
this, but it's absolutely wonderful. hl

Message: 5480 Posted: Fri Mar 12 19:40:58 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Top 10 Minus 1

This is a truly great topic for discussion...It's very difficult to choose one because it depends on my mood. The mood I'm in lately is for the Oldies...I recently purchased New Colony Six's "Colonization". I absolutely love "I Will Always Think About You" and "Things I'd Like To Say". Two examples of schmaltzy-pop that I adore!!! But in terms of one LP I couldn't live without..."4 Out Of 5 Doctors".It an LP released in '80-81 when the pop/ New wave thing was in and I have to admit I've worn out 4 out of 5 copies!!!LOL- there's not a bad song on it! I wish it was on CD- but I'm afraid I'm the only one who feels this way!

Message: 5479 Posted: Fri Mar 12 19:30:37 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Re: Beatles Related Triv Q.

Hey Johnny- the answer is Phil Collins. It was great talking with you in the chat room last night. Sorry I missed you Howard. I didn't get in until 10:45 pm or so. See Ya TeeTee

Message: 5478 Posted: Fri Mar 12 18:54:15 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros./marijuana

Hey You People,

Congrats to Gene & Johnny on the correct trivia response. Great ? about what one non-America album you'd bring on the island. One of the common threads we share here is a love for music - many diverse ones. That makes it nearly impossible to pick just one - but I'll say if it was today (tomorrow may be different) I'd grab "Silk Degrees" by Boz Scaggs. One of those rare albums where every single cut is superb. The album cuts are actually better than the 'hits'. "What Can I Say" (the first song) is possibly the most perfect pop record produced. The combo of vocals, bass, percussion, guitar, strings, flutes, and an amazing sax solo blows me away every time. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. In terms of America's songs, there are so many well-produced tunes, but I've always felt "Tin Man' was a great example of quality, understated pop perfection. And on and on and on I go. I'll shut up now.

Joe B

Message: 5477 Posted: Fri Mar 12 18:38:57 1999 By: janice
Subject: stuff.

Phil Collins..that's who I was gonna say! ;) Shari..glad to hear the weather out there is 80! Hope it holds up..coming out there Wednesday for a few days..gotta get outta this cold stuff here! Let's see..desert island..9 America albums..hmmm...maybe something by the Chipmunks...or maybe my Terrance Boylan album..and Christmas album name.."Peace and Harmony"..oh and by the way..I continue to get e-mails about the misinformation I passed along about the New York concert..tells me we have some real die hard fans on the east coast! Anyway..sorry again folks..I screwed up the is the Baltimore/DC concert but it appears that many will still be going to that one..thanks for the invite to join you and Maureen, Penny..I will try! Nite all!

Message: 5476 Posted: Fri Mar 12 18:02:16 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Title for an America Christmas CD.

How about "Hanukka"?


Message: 5475 Posted: Fri Mar 12 17:34:37 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Stirrin Da Pot

Beth, thanks for YOUR insight. I will take it further with the "and then it came..." I think ( relating to my original premis--lol) that it refers to family stories, and how your parents are always telling you to behave, or they will hear about it. ANyway, I am probably way off the mark, but I think it is interesting how one song can be interepreted in many ways. ( There's my lit teacher training rearing it's ugly head again!)
Have a great weekend. I will be off line for a while- I am relocating one of the branches in our library system next week, so I won't be in at the computer.

Message: 5474 Posted: Fri Mar 12 17:24:37 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Top ten minus 1

As of this minute ( subject to change on a whim) Bonnie Raitt, THe Bonnie Rait collection, a dandy retrospective of this fine musician's work over the years, including a rare rendition of "woman Be wise" with the late great Sippie Wallace- outstanding stuff for a fan of the blues like me!
ALthough King Crimson's Discipline would run a close second.

Message: 5473 Posted: Fri Mar 12 17:18:08 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Stirrin Da Pot

Thanks for your insight! Your explainations made a lot of sense. I have always thought of the lyrics as from a broken relationship. "Make the best of what you've left to me" (after you left me, I always imagined) Two lovers broke up because of gossip and rumors, "Then it came / That I was put to blame / for all those stories told about me" So, that's my take on it!

Message: 5472 Posted: Fri Mar 12 17:04:48 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Top ten minus 1

Interesting question! Depends on the day for me, but right off I'd have to say Netherlands, Dan Fogelberg.
Stay Tuned -B

Message: 5471 Posted: Fri Mar 12 16:55:03 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Top ten minus 1

Scenario: Stranded on the perverbial desert island. Can take 10 cds with you. Assuming that 9 of them are by America, what would the last one be? Reason for asking is very selfish. I like to go out and experiment with artists / music I've never heard of. Since everyone on this list has the same great taste in music I'd be interest in expanding my collection. I've already heard people rave about Jeff Larson and Gene's stuff. (I'll be looking to lay my hands on those). What would that one other album, non-America, that you couldn't live without?

Mine, right now, would be a group from Toronto called Hemingway Corner - "Under the Big Sky". early America style with lots of great harmonies and acoustic guitar work, even the La,la,la's.

Message: 5467 Posted: Fri Mar 12 16:09:14 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Stirrin' da Pot

Ok, we haven't had a lively discussion for a while so here is what I have been thinking about.

I read here somewhere that Julian Lennon is doing a version of " I need You" I find this interesting because of my personal take on the song. TO me, it is not a claasic"love song" but it seems to be from a young person to an older one, like a parent or grandparent. Let me elaborate. The opening gives me a sense of a family scene ( bow our heads then wonder why" The line that really gets me thinking this way though is " make the best of what you left to me" I don't take it to mean a physical inheiritance, byt a spiritual one. Anyone have any comments, or has prolonged exposure to the Dewey Decimal system Warped my brain? ( Hey, Library Joke).

Johnny-- did you get my e-mail? I will be moving yet another branch next week, so it may take some time for me to follow thru. Let me know if you want me to persue the info.

Message: 5466 Posted: Fri Mar 12 15:51:53 1999 By: wjnr-denise
Subject: booking info

I am looking for booking information for a client, who would we contact for this in northeastern wisconsin?

Message: 5465 Posted: Fri Mar 12 15:50:02 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Beatles Triv A. Given

America Fan, right on!! I'm impressed with your quick answer. You desire to be unknown, we see. Humble and smart....two very excellent traits.

Message: 5464 Posted: Fri Mar 12 15:39:56 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Re: Beatles Related Triv Q.

Phil Collins

Message: 5463 Posted: Fri Mar 12 14:54:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Beatles Related Triv Q.

I thought of this trivia q. while listening to "Twist & Shout" from AMERICA's 'Heard' CD: In the Beatles movie, "A Hard Day's Night", the Beatles are performing on stage and the camera pans the audience. What British musical performer can be seen in the audience as a teenager? He became a popular performer as an adult and is very popular today.

Message: 5462 Posted: Fri Mar 12 13:26:59 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: a few questions


Welcome! Would love to hear your HN story...


Message: 5461 Posted: Fri Mar 12 13:08:18 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: something different to talk about

Kevin, If it's not chocolate, It ain't worth the calories!

Message: 5460 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:58:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Elmo's Pad: Re Karen and Wheels

Elmo, you're probably right. It makes more sense. Maybe Karen can elaborate???

Welcome back Robyn!

Message: 5459 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:57:40 1999 By: Beth
Subject: Last Nites Chat

Howard, I agree! Last night was enjoyable....Thanks for pointing out this Chat Folder to access, also.

I will plan to pay closer attention and join in the fun.

As you know, I was overwhelmed to learn Gerry's son Matt is a regular here. Matt, I think the highest compliment I could pay is that I can't remember a time when I didn't know who Gerry Beckley was! My best wishes to all members of your family.

Is there anyone here who plans to attend the show on May 23 in Madison, Wisconsin?? I am going to do all I can to make sure I am there, just wondering if anyone would like to meet downstage afterwards and mention this page...Make a new friend in person!

I'll look forward to staying tuned....-B

Message: 5458 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:48:26 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: UMMMMMM!!!!

Howard, I keep trying to read all the posts I have missed, being "out in the Field" for the last week ( I am moving a Library, talk about exhausting!) I haven't been able to read all the controversial snipes, but REALLY people!!! I come here to find out things about the band, when and where they are playing, when the new album is coming out, etc. We have had some wonderful discussions lately about the music, and of course Johnny's trivia questions keep me thinking! Can we please remember that the reason we are at this site is because of our mutual love for the band and the music? I am climbing off my soapbox now!

Message: 5457 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:27:08 1999 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Doobie Bros./marijuana

that would be"Fast Times At Ridgemont High", Mr Hand (Ray Walston) said it to his class, which included Spicolli (Sean Penn) and Stacy (Jennifer Jason Leigh). How's that?

Message: 5456 Posted: Fri Mar 12 12:05:00 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: a few questions

I'm still new here (when is a person considered old hat at this?), but I've been enjoying looking at everything available - truly an amazing amount of info!

I access this chat folder through, but I see it's also available from - anywhere else?

Just finished reading "Comprehensive History" by John Corbett. Is that available in print somewhere?

This Chat Folder is a lot of fun...'thou I mostly just "peep".

The fan's biographies section seems to grow regularly-they're fun to read!-guess I need to work something up to submit.

I have most of America's albums on vinyl, but have been saving my pennies to replace them with CD's (don't get many pennies-we're feeding two teenage boys-the food they go through!). I see lots of distributors-can anyone recommend one over the others? I did buy HN right after Christmas-there's a story that goes with that!

Hope to see America for the first time in 13 years in the Catskills.


Message: 5455 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:42:26 1999 By: Elmo's Pad
Subject: Re: Karen: Wheels

I think Karen was referring to idea of "wheels being in motion"

Message: 5454 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:41:18 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Naming of a Christmas cd

Hallelujah was suggested. I like it! It says just what I would feel.
Also, that way, GERRY would be using a song name his son MATT has already recorded. What do you think, Matt? Should he follow in your footsteps, for a change?
Hope everybody has a pleasant weekend. Supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow in San Diego - I'm not missing the snow the Midwest and East got this week!
Take care. ShariL <><

Message: 5453 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:39:51 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Karen D: Ventura Highway In A Commercial...Maybe?

There are SO many America songs that should have been used for MANY things over the years (and more so, for those that WERE actually used). Movie scores, commercials, television...

Message: 5452 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:18:05 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Patti, Howard, Joe, & Gordon

Yes, Patti and Howard, "Rockin' Down The Highway"!

Joe B: Was it "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" and Mr. Hand?

Gordon: That was a great question the other day about "Hello Gerry" and Di F.

Message: 5451 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:16:25 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Doobie Bros

Howard, thanks for the title.

Message: 5450 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:11:45 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: trivia

Only diehards will be able to answer this one:
What happened to Gerry's black Porsche which was featured in several photographs of the band?

Message: 5449 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:10:53 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: name of song

is it "Rockin' Down The Highway"!!!
For some reason, I thought I heard it from tv the other day.

Message: 5448 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:04:12 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Trivia Q

Yes, Johnny, it's the small Chevy truck and it was intentional (I don't know the exact title of the song).

Message: 5447 Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:00:21 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Doobie Bros./marijuana

Hey You People,

And all this time I thought that band was a shining example of correct, polite behavior as expressed in the do-bee/don't bee designations on Romper Room. What a shocking, heartbtreaking letdown to know that it's really about drugs.
"Hey, are you people on dope" name the character and the movie that was said in.

By the way, looking at the Japanese liner notes to "Hat Trick" - one on the many funny screw-ups in translation is the opening line of the title track - instead of 'can I make it known' the liner notes have 'can I make it moan' - sounds kinda dirty to me.

Joe B

P.S. For Daisy Jane & the other wannabe's an America karaoke disc is available for $10.95 at They also have the 7" vinyl single of 'You Can Do Magic'/'Right Before Your Eyes' for 4.95

Message: 5446 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:59:01 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Patti

An S-10, I'm not sure but it is Chevrolet. An S-10 is a truck, isn't it? I recall a red passenger car but you may be right. The name of the song is very, very close to the words in your question. Did you intend for it to be or was it a mere coincidence?

Message: 5445 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:58:38 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: UMMMMMM!!!!

Very odd everyone?
So far for today, Friday March 12, 1999 only 23 posts
and people have posted at least 2 or 3 times and this chat
board has 161 VISITORS!!!! 23/161 = 14%,,,76% are missing???
Just an observation.hl

Message: 5444 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:33:52 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Patti and Mark

Johnny-is it the Chevrolet S-10 that's ridin down the highway?

Message: 5443 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:22:30 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: We Have A Winner

Yes, Patti, you're right! I was typing the clue when you were giving your answer. Good going!! Can anyone else give the rest of the answer?

Message: 5442 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:17:16 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Triv Q: Hint To Band's Name

Here's a hint about the rock group's name. It's something a lot of people smoked during the 70's and some still do in the 90's. And I ain't talking about ham.

Message: 5441 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:14:46 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Patti and Mark

Is it...the Doobie Brothers?

Message: 5440 Posted: Fri Mar 12 10:04:19 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Karen: Wheels

Yes Karen, "Wheels" would be wonderful but we need the song recognition first, wouldn't we? Hey, I minored in marketing so I'm like the person who's taken Psychology 101 and thinks he/she is a psychologist (ha, ha).

Message: 5439 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:49:05 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Karen D: Ventura Highway In A Commercial...Maybe?

Wheels Are Turning, Johnny....Wheels are Turning


Message: 5438 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:36:18 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Patti and Mark

Patti, go ahead with what you know. Some is better than none.

Mark, thanks for the correction. Maybe someone else can take the idea from here. If Gerry or Dewey are on line, maybe they can give the idea to their management.

Message: 5437 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:32:33 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Re: Karen D: Ventura Highway In A Commercial...Maybe?

Johnny - I know who the group is, but I can't remember what auto company it's for. When I heard it, the music caught my attention and I thought exactly what you did about America music for the same type of commercial. Nice to hear some tunes from the past - lots of companies are using that tactic now. The only thing is, I only remember the music, but not the product! I won't tell who the group is since I don't have the complete answer.

Message: 5436 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:22:04 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Karen D: Ventura Highway In A Commercial...Maybe?


Keep in mind that Karen works for Oxygen Records not America. Since Ventura Highway was not released by Oxygen, I doubt that she would be able to work a deal for that song. However, I understand she has been working on Amtrak to try to get them to use From A Moving Train.

Message: 5435 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:15:12 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Another America

The DVD question reminded me of this. There is a Latino group out there going by the name America. They have a few CDs out. So fans of the real America beware.

Seems like Dewey and Gerry should be able to take some legal action.

Message: 5434 Posted: Fri Mar 12 09:03:44 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Karen D: Ventura Highway In A Commercial...Maybe?

Karen D, how about trying to get "Ventura Highway" in an auto commerical? I can see it now: A young attractive couple driving up a winding road in a convertible with the top down, the sun shining, and the "free wind blowing through their hair". Pontiac Motor Company would be ideal since they made a Ventura model car (like a GTO) back in the 70's.

Message: 5432 Posted: Fri Mar 12 08:51:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Trivia Q.

Here's a trivia question for ya: What 1970's rock group has a 70's song used in a new tv auto commerical. Also, name the song and the auto maker.

Message: 5426 Posted: Fri Mar 12 07:00:37 1999 By: Cari
Subject: Gene M. - Irvine Meadows

Welcome Gene! Sent you an email regarding the black porsche and Irvine Meadows. Yes, that was the show with Leo Kottke.

Message: 5425 Posted: Fri Mar 12 06:40:58 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Last Night's Chat

Last night's chat was great. To all that were there,
Jen, Beth, Aspen, Maureen, Karen, Cari (I was on 930-11:15P)
So if I miss anyone's name..I apologize.
Even Matt was there. On March 23rd, his friends band
Switchfoot is coming out with a new album.
This was the band that their music was featured in Dawson's Creek.
Please check it out. Even his dad likes it. So how bad can it be?
You bet Matt!!!HL

Message: 5421 Posted: Thu Mar 11 22:39:57 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Chit Chat

Just left the Chat Room! It was nice Catting with other Fans of America! Hey Maureen, is the Rhode Island Show Sold Out? I love Providence, maybe I can swing out there last minute to catch the show! M2M must sound great in person!!!! Just hearing anything new would make me really psyched!!! Take Care- I'll check in tomorrow. It's nice to be back....Bye..TeeTee

Message: 5420 Posted: Thu Mar 11 22:28:57 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Brian

Brian, that's a good one! You got me there.

Message: 5419 Posted: Thu Mar 11 21:47:32 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: new DVD out on 3/9?

wonerful, i myself saw this a few weeks ago and said alright. e-mailed thoughtscape and scott told me that it is a different band. some band that plays latin music.(nothing wrong with latin music) not gerry and dewey. sorry.

Message: 5418 Posted: Thu Mar 11 21:31:30 1999 By: wonerful
Subject: new DVD out on 3/9?

anyone know anything about this? saw on music blvd.

America by America DVD

Record Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 03/09/99
Catalog Number: 4726

Message: 5417 Posted: Thu Mar 11 21:26:08 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Brian: "Heaven's Gate"

Johnny, you are probably right but if they did name it Heavens Gate at least it would have a cult following.

Message: 5416 Posted: Thu Mar 11 20:58:10 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Penny.....

One more thing, thank god for Bob, America (him), and nice people like you and Howard (and others) to keep me sane with my 'class from hell'. I am taking Environmental Science. The piano class starts June 1st. That should be a fun course. See ya. Maureen

Message: 5414 Posted: Thu Mar 11 20:01:05 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Penny................

Hi Ms Penny,
I agree with your comments. I am sorry I have been away. I miss you, too. I have the "Professor from Hell" this semester. Please forgive me. Hay, are you going to Friar Tuck?? Say yes, Ok. We are going to Rhode Island next friday. I CAN'T WAIT !!! Talk to you soon pal. Maureen.

Message: 5413 Posted: Thu Mar 11 19:52:22 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: FYI: Gene Murrell

I agree w/you guys. Gene Oh Murrell is tops. He can play many AMERICA songs, lots of album material. He has played material from GERRY'S solo debut masterpiece, VAN GO GAN, such as GOODBYE HIGHWAY, even played SARAH. He does requests, hope you can catch him out in the Carolinas.

Message: 5412 Posted: Thu Mar 11 19:45:09 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: something different to talk about

Ben & Jerry's Phish Food - or Phish Stick - yummy.....

Message: 5411 Posted: Thu Mar 11 19:41:48 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: FYI: Gene Murrell

Leah...agreed! Gene's stuff is a must-have.


Message: 5410 Posted: Thu Mar 11 19:40:51 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Brian: "Heaven's Gate"

Brian, sorry but "Heaven's Gate" isn't a good name for a Christmas CD. "Heaven's Gate" is the same name as those cult members that did themselves in during the Hale-Bopp/UFO incident. Does it ring a bell?

Message: 5408 Posted: Thu Mar 11 18:06:01 1999 By: Brian
Subject: Re: Christmas album title

Christmas CD title how about Heaven's Gate.

Message: 5407 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:46:11 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: something different to talk about

Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream tops my list....

Message: 5406 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:31:26 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: something different to talk about

I like vanilla pudding. How about you?


Message: 5405 Posted: Thu Mar 11 17:24:53 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Re: Christmas album title


Message: 5403 Posted: Thu Mar 11 16:41:08 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: Baltimore/Washington concert


That's OK, I'll recover. Anyway, America with be with Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night fame on July 3rd. Email me for more info.


Message: 5402 Posted: Thu Mar 11 16:35:49 1999 By: janice
Subject: foot in my mouth.. .. again..

I'm sorry for the erroneous information I gave you New Yorkers about the was the Baltimore/DC concert posted here recently by Krasman123 I was referring to..boy..that's the last time he'll e-mail ME with a concert tip..let's far is Baltimore from New York? Anyway, I was wrong..friends who know me forgive this quirk about my personality..part of my's fun to say I'm wrong though..makes me feel human and better able to relate to other misinformed members of the race. Thanks for the Heard tape, Johnny! I said, I am mailing Eddy 3 personally taped concerts and he will be happy to run off copies for the interested parties..sorry for the delay..and please remember, these are for entertainment only, not for profit. (not that I would be able to profit from my amateur other words, no, the band was not singing up-side down..that was just me seeing if I could tape and stand on my head at the same time!) Hi Gene! Still firming up plans for Easter week! Hilton Head seems like it will be a zoo that week!
Take care everyone..

Message: 5401 Posted: Thu Mar 11 16:33:04 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Christmas album title

Holly Hickups? Herald? Hark? Hilarious Holiday Hues? Hiding from Herod?

Message: 5400 Posted: Thu Mar 11 16:14:57 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Asian Writing: VGG

I asked my dad to translate the Asian writing on VGG. Dad said, "Sorry, no can do. It's Japanese not Chinese."

I know the writing is different but I thought there were enough similarities. I tried.

Message: 5399 Posted: Thu Mar 11 16:13:59 1999 By: Penny
Subject: Christmas album title

Any ideas for the name of the Christmas CD we've all been begging America to? I think it has to start with an "H"...

Message: 5398 Posted: Thu Mar 11 15:53:03 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: FYI: Gene Murrell

OK, maybe you DIDN'T hear it here first, but it was worth repeating.

Message: 5397 Posted: Thu Mar 11 15:51:21 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: FYI: Gene Murrell

Good to see you over here, Gene!
Not only is Gene Murrell a nice person with impecable manners and a wicked sense of humor, he is a talented musician/singer-songwriter/performer, with quite a following of his own.
His CDs: Standing on the Edge and Do Me Live, are must-haves!

Remember: you heard it here first.


Message: 5396 Posted: Thu Mar 11 15:49:34 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Hi

Gene-o! Where are you playing lately on that other coast? Sloppy Joe's misses you, I bet!

Message: 5392 Posted: Thu Mar 11 15:24:37 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: America

Hi Gene!! My name is John, and I'm an Americaholic.

Message: 5390 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:53:07 1999 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: Hia Gene

Great Howard..thanks. Hope all is well in your corner.


Message: 5389 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:46:50 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Hia Gene

Welcome Gene, we spoke for a little.
How's everything doing? Fine I hope.
Take Care, Howard Lieboff

Message: 5387 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:36:51 1999 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Hi

Hi there
Never posted here before, I mainly post over on the AOL folder. BUt I wanted to say hello. Looking forward to meeting some new friends.

Message: 5386 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:35:21 1999 By: Gene Murrell
Subject: Re: The Porsche Joke - by KevinS

I'm hiking up this hill and I have to move over for this black Porsche with personalized California license plate. Any guesses who it was?
uhhh.....the beer guys

Irvine is a great place. But you're right about the hike. Is that the show that also had Leo Kottke and Jesse Collin Young on the bill??

Message: 5385 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:09:19 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Janice.....

Thanks for the information. I will email you when I get home. OK. Talk to you then. Maureen.

Message: 5384 Posted: Thu Mar 11 14:08:11 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Pete....

Thanks for the info. We have already made reservations for the America "A" package. I have been there for dinner before. The food is pretty good for Upstate NY. The gounds are quite beatiful, too. The Catskill Game Fame is near by as well as Howes Caverns. That a great place to visit during the month of July. Talk to you. Maureen

Message: 5382 Posted: Thu Mar 11 13:48:22 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Maureen

Maureen, did you get my e-mail on the America concert at the Friar Tuck Inn.

Message: 5381 Posted: Thu Mar 11 13:32:42 1999 By: Mike K.
Subject: America on tour

Hey America fans on the East Coast! Though contracts are not signed yet, we have official word that America will be performing in the Baltimore/Washington area on Saturday July 3rd.
Who wants details? Email me at
Mike K.

Message: 5365 Posted: Thu Mar 11 10:02:10 1999 By: Maloo
Subject: Re: The Porsche Joke - by KevinS

You can also see G&D's "dueling Porsches" on footage from the Live in Central Park laserdisc

Message: 5362 Posted: Thu Mar 11 09:18:10 1999 By: Scott Smith
Subject: Concert Schedule

Can anyone help me retrieve a schedule of concert appearances? I've tried to access this info' off this web listing, however it hasn't been available the last couple of days. I'm interested in any up and coming Florida tour. Thanks for your help.


Message: 5361 Posted: Thu Mar 11 09:16:55 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Maureen/Steve: Gerry's Autograph

When I met Gerry at Club Bene last year (7/25/98), he signed my
History cover the same way. ???

Message: 5360 Posted: Thu Mar 11 08:53:48 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: RE: funny story about VGG--Maureen

Hi Maureen,
My autographed copy of VGG sounds identical to yours! He has an arrow pointing back to himself with the word "me" on it. wonder how
many he signed like that???

Message: 5358 Posted: Thu Mar 11 08:17:38 1999 By: janice
Subject: concert in New York an interesting e-mail last night from a promoter in New York who is handing a concert in your area and has offered to pull tickets before they go on sale..e-mail me and I'll give you the and Penny..and it appears to be sometime around the beginning of July however, I don't see a lot gaps in their tour during that time. We'll see..take care, janice

Message: 5357 Posted: Thu Mar 11 08:08:03 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Kevin..

Hi Kevin,
Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great time !! I do really apreicate the ticket stub. You're great. Please email me at home with your address ok. I am at work now, so we will chat later. I can't wait to hear Moment to Moment, that is now my #2 favorite, right after 'All My Life'. Have a great day and speak to you later. Maureen.

Message: 5354 Posted: Thu Mar 11 07:30:32 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"-Leah

Where do I send your check??????? (C=

Message: 5352 Posted: Thu Mar 11 01:52:17 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: The Porsche Joke - by KevinS

Re: the joke Gerry made about the TShirt guy and the porsche -
Gerry was pulling your leg.

In 1982, while living in LA, I went to see America at a newest concert place in town - Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre. It seated about 8,000 and a few thousand more seats were GenAdm. It was a long hike from the parking lot up a driveway-like hill to the entrance gates.

I'm hiking up this hill and I have to move over for this black Porsche with personalized California license plate. Any guesses who it was?

Message: 5350 Posted: Thu Mar 11 00:25:35 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: better late than never

Re: off nite.
After literally thousands of performances that is what is so amazing, GERRY & DEWEY's consistency, at such a high quality, high energy level. That has & continues to amaze me, they are truly having so much fun but also display unbelievably well disciplined work ethics. AMERICA is on a lifetime tour !

Message: 5349 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:40:58 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: KevinSutton

Jeepers, Kevin, I was starting to worry! ...back to reading your review now...
Welcome Back!

Message: 5348 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:38:13 1999 By: JL (John)
Subject: Re: better late than never

Kevin, thanks for the review of the concert. I love reading about everyone's impressions. Has anyone ever seen Gerry and Dewey on an "off" night? Just wondering. I've only seen them 4 times (pales to your 30, Kevin) but each one was awesome.

Message: 5347 Posted: Wed Mar 10 22:23:56 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: better late than never

Well, I just got back home from nearly a week in New York. Took the train down to Philly and drove to Lancaster, where I met truthsaint and frosty paws. Two really nice people. The train from NY to Philadelphia is perhaps the most depressing scenery I've ever seen. Is everything in Trenton boarded up, burnt out and out of business? Anyway, truthsaint already gave you the scoop on the Lancaster show. It was truly amazing. As reported, Gerry mentioned the guys had played on the Texas/Mexico border the night before, then took a small single-engine plane to Houston, where, after just a couple hours of sleep, they caught a plane to Philadelphia and drove to Lancaster. All in all, they sounded wonderful. Highlights for me were Ventura Highway (it still has all the electricity it's ever had), hearing I Need You performed on acoustic guitar instead of piano, hearing Wheels Are Turning live, hearing Never Be Lonely, and meeting Dewey and Gerry afterwards, getting my picture taken with them, and getting an autograph. Maureen, I got Dewey and Gerry to autograph two tickets, one for me, one for you for your kind offer of the VH1 tape. I'll drop it in the mail if you want it. While I didn't ask Gerry about a new single, I've figured all along it would be Moment To Moment, even after that song got clobbered 85% to 15% by Wednesday Morning on the Fan Page song survey. I assumed then just as I do now that the song survey was a ruse and the record company had made up its mind already. I've got to say, though, that Moment To Moment sounds absolutely wonderful live. Much better live than on record. Much more life and energy. Two other notes from the Lancaster show. Gerry had the best line of the night when he said, "I just found out the T-shirt guy just bought a Porche. We've been doing this for nearly 30 years and the T=shirt guy has a Porche. What's wrong with this picture." He needled the T-shirt guy all night about that. Also, I've seen America nearly 30 times in concert and I have to say this is the mo st fun I've seen Dewey have in a long, long time. He was truly into it. You could tell he was having fun, very relaxed and animated.

Oh well, all in all it was well worth the long road trip to see them. I will see them again here in Dallas in June. Welcome to Dallas, Shayne. And I have autographed copy 76 of 500 of Van Go Gan.

Take care,


Message: 5346 Posted: Wed Mar 10 18:46:38 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: T-shirts and other memorabilia

AMERICA's Management attempts to sell at every show if possible. However, two big factors play a huge role:

1) Feasibility w/the venue, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

2) Availibility of their merchandise person.

Hope you run into the merch. at the Knoxville show.

Message: 5345 Posted: Wed Mar 10 17:07:44 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Warner Theatre?

On March 4th, Rob posted that the boys would be playing at the warner theatre in torrington, ct. Does anyone know where about the theatre is? driven through torrington on rt. 8. appreciate any help.

Message: 5344 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:54:36 1999 By: Jerey
Subject: T-shirts and other memorabilia

I would appreciate it if anyone out there in America land could answer the following question. Are t-shirts, hats and other memorabilia going to be available at the America concert in Knoxville. I went to the America concert in Cincinnati and they were not available. I have sworn off plastic money and would like to get some of the merchandise and I was hoping it would be available at the concerts. Please advise. Thanks

Message: 5343 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:27:30 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: SNOW!

Love that snow, ready to ski the weekend. Great spring skiing for the rest of March.

Message: 5342 Posted: Wed Mar 10 14:00:13 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: SNOW!

I hope everyone on the east coast is enjoying the snow - wish I was there! (no, I'm not being sarcastic!)

Message: 5341 Posted: Wed Mar 10 12:42:59 1999 By: Howard L
Subject: VH1..Where are they now!!!

Hey all, tonight at 8PM (eastern time), According to
Message #5006, Where are they now with America will
air again. So for all those who missed it or want to
record it, now's your chance.!!!!

Message: 5340 Posted: Wed Mar 10 12:03:55 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: YNG Moon

Hi there,
I was wondering how you know that Gerry is buying back some of his work. Do you know for sure that he will do it or did you hear it thru the grapevine ?,I hope that you are right this way we can all get a copy of VGG

Message: 5339 Posted: Wed Mar 10 09:57:44 1999 By: JL
Subject: concert bookings

Does anyone have an email address for America's booking agency / management? Thought it couldn't hurt to either enquire about dates in the pacific Northwest.

Message: 5338 Posted: Wed Mar 10 09:46:06 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Funny story about VGG

Great story, Maureen! Ger does seem to have a wicked sense of humor that way! Hey...send it back and ask him to alter his appearance for you (last year in Sparks, Ger thought it would be fun to alter his and Dew's pics in one of the local casino write-ups). Hey...whatever keeps those creative juices flowing...

Message: 5337 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:57:03 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"

Beech- I don't know why FIJI is on your copy - I want to know why it isn't on mine!! You must be special. But, we already knew that. (Very talented too.)
Sorry about the Coral Concert.

Message: 5336 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:12:27 1999 By: Beech-Sad Coral Springs Disappeared...
Subject: Re: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"

Sorry, #12 here....BUT does ANYONE have any idea why "FIJI" was signed underneath???? Did we finance a trip or something?

Message: 5335 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:06:50 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: OK, one more time

When you get to music from another Rm., click on "The latest single release, I Don't Wanna Know" ok, that's it!!!

Message: 5334 Posted: Wed Mar 10 08:00:18 1999 By: EDDY Again
Subject: same

When you get on his homepage click on "Music from another room"

Message: 5333 Posted: Wed Mar 10 07:55:59 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Julian Lennon

Hey America Buddies!
Seen Julian Lennon (John's son) on Leno last night, so I thought I would see if he had a homepage, well, he does!
Found out he's doing a cover version of AMERICA'S "I Need You"
Should be

Message: 5332 Posted: Wed Mar 10 07:35:59 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: Funny story about VGG

Just thought I'd share.....
When I got the call from a fellow America fan/friend to send a check and a little note Gallin-Morey regarding the purchase of VGG, I also asked Gallin-Morey and/or Gerry if they could include an authograhed picture, so when I recieved my CD, it was signed by Gerry, and numbered, too, and a BIG arrow pointing up to his face with the word "Me" on it. I guess that was my autogrpahed picture!! Its very cute.

Message: 5331 Posted: Wed Mar 10 07:32:33 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Kevin....

Hi Kevin,
Sorry we didn't get to meet when you where here in NYC. I did tape the vh-1 and have a copy for you. Do you want me to mail to you? Let me know. Take Care. Did you have fun in Lancaster? My husband Bob and I will be at the RI show next friday night. Can't wait to hear M2M live. See ya. Maureen.

Message: 5330 Posted: Wed Mar 10 05:20:57 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: looking for John Corbett

John, got your e-mail. the money is in the mail. looking forward to hearing the cd. can't seem to get enough of gerry and dewey. thanks again.

Message: 5329 Posted: Wed Mar 10 01:41:21 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Wednesda Morning among others

Welcome back, Shayne. Next HN single will most likely be one of other 3 HN songs currently playing on tour. My guess is MTM. Mag

Message: 5328 Posted: Wed Mar 10 01:38:05 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: A special day, for a special person

Matt...still giggling...hoping she and Ken spent the evening in the Dream House! Mag

Message: 5327 Posted: Tue Mar 09 23:07:01 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Welcome back shayne

Shayne, welcome back, we all missed you and your Dan Peek impersonations. What happened? Hope everything's okay, especially
with the little ones. As far as getting Hearts with Simple Life,
that's a Japanese import and they only might have the rights to do
that in Japan...Hey "All Things Are Possible",
Howard L

Message: 5326 Posted: Tue Mar 09 22:26:44 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Purchasing "America" CD's on-line

I hope then I'll finally be able to get the "Hearts" CD with "Simple Life" on it!!!

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 5325 Posted: Tue Mar 09 22:05:52 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: Wednesda Morning among others

Being "off-line" for so ong (and not wanting to scroll through a gazillion messages), what's the deal with a follow-up single? What else is news?

Shayne (still recovering from internet withdrawal)

Message: 5324 Posted: Tue Mar 09 22:03:24 1999 By: Shayne
Subject: I'm Ba-ack

Didja miss me?

Message: 5323 Posted: Tue Mar 09 21:52:32 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Purchasing "America" CD's on-line

think a live cd will ever come out of this current tour? i sure hope so.

Message: 5322 Posted: Tue Mar 09 21:49:57 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Purchasing "America" CD's on-line

"America" will be setting up a site that we can all go to and order any of they're CD's. One of them being VGG....can't tell you when this will happen, but you'll all be first in line to be informed !!

Message: 5321 Posted: Tue Mar 09 21:10:51 1999 By: Bones
Subject: VH-1 wild weekend

Flipping through the cable before and vh-1 had to start with there 48 hour marathon - behind the music weekend. just what i wanted to see. some dope smokin, booze drinkin rockers who made alot of money and spent it all on drugs and alcohol. Now their broke - to bad!!! Hey vh-1, do something nice and give us America fans an hour of behind the music and an hour of story tellers. Wouldn't that be great. I don't have a signed copy of van go gan but how do i know what number it is and still trying to find out how many copies were sold.

Message: 5320 Posted: Tue Mar 09 21:01:13 1999 By: Bones
Subject: looking for John Corbett

John, would like to order a copy of heard, if it's possible. need the info on what i have to do. thanks - Bones

Message: 5319 Posted: Tue Mar 09 18:57:17 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Lyrics To...

I always thought it was the scent of aligator lizards(Something I am familiar with, a type of lizard native to these parts) Silly me. Isn't that the beauty of good lit like Dewey's songs? It stimulates all types of discussion!

Message: 5318 Posted: Tue Mar 09 18:52:06 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"

Hey You people,

I'm the proud owner of copy 19/500 of Van Go Gan. I bought two others and gave them to family/friends but can't remember what numbers those had. So who out there has #1??

Joe B

P.S. On the America aol folder Kyle Vincent left a note regarding his new CD (no release date yet) that Gerry sings some backing vocals on. Sounds cool!! Kyle is a fine musician and a nice guy. Keep an eye out for more info on the CD.

Message: 5317 Posted: Tue Mar 09 18:46:05 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: ...


Message: 5316 Posted: Tue Mar 09 18:11:35 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: A special day, for a special person

i would like to take a little time out to wish a very special person a very special 40th birthday.

Barbie, happy birthday to you.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5315 Posted: Tue Mar 09 18:06:53 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: ...

no way! my dad used to play with those guys too!

BluLight Studios

Message: 5314 Posted: Tue Mar 09 17:47:23 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Paso Robles

John...have to laugh...had same sentiments and even remember said Sizzler!


Message: 5313 Posted: Tue Mar 09 17:36:57 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: VH-1

Robyn: Yes, we West Coasters have learned that the hard way, lol. But, having tuned in that first night at 7 PM got me an hour special on The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Heart. No bad, not bad!


Message: 5312 Posted: Tue Mar 09 17:34:38 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Possible VGG Source

Hey all...

Was at my favorite little record shop today (excellent source for old vinyl and all new stuff, too. Replaced all America vinyl through this place). Anyway, what did Tom tell me? He had ordered a copy of Van Go Gan sometime mid/late last year for someone, they never called about it, so he put it into inventory and someone else just bought it yesterday.

Anyway, Tom at Vinyl Solution will tell me in a few days whether he thinks he can still obtain VGG from his source, and if so, I will post info about it. I know VGG recently became unavailable from all other sources, so this may not pan out either, but worth a shot.

Another good story: Jeff Larson was just in the store the other day, so Tom and I had good discussion about Jeff and his beautiful work, as well. Tom is selling the Horse With No Name video cd for ONLY $19.98 (as compared to almost $27 via Thoughtscape). Jeff himself picked up a copy.

That's all the news from the front for now


Message: 5311 Posted: Tue Mar 09 16:42:11 1999 By: David M
Subject: Beach Boys Concert

As the "only" UK based America Fan, I read the chat pages and concert schedule with great interest - waiting for the UK/Europe dates (I can dream....).

However, I am on vacation with my family later this month, visiting Florida and NYC. We get to see the New York Yankees on March 27th and the Beach Boys in Concert (Clearwater FLA) on March 28th. All I need to make the trip complete would be AMERICA

Message: 5310 Posted: Tue Mar 09 16:14:57 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Re: Paso Robles

Paso Robles is in such a beautiful place. An hour from the ocean, nestled in some of the most beautiful rolling hills and lovely air on earth, it is the only place I can think of which has a five-story Sizzler. Just thought I'd share those thoughts.


Message: 5309 Posted: Tue Mar 09 15:35:27 1999 By: Carlos Cisneros
Subject: Van Go Gan

I have 100 bucks. I need a Van Go Gan.

Message: 5308 Posted: Tue Mar 09 15:01:26 1999 By: Michael Mashburn
Subject: my dad use to play with these guys in london


Message: 5307 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:36:36 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Jamboree in the Hills

Followed Howard's advice to - informative site. Looked for - found that also!

I attended Jamboree in the Hills in 1981 with my family and future husband. It was a bluegrass/country festival, which had me wondering if they had changed the theme, since America would be there this year. Sure enough, it is still mainly country music. According to their web-posted schedule, America will be the closing band on Sunday. I'd be interested to know what tunes they're planning on performing.

For anyone planning on going down for the weekend - be sure to take ANYTHING you think you might need while you're there. There will surely be thousands of people in attendance, and the stores get emptied quickly. The year we were there, it was blue-blazes hot, Dad and Wayne ran out of beer, walked 3 miles to the only store with beer, & paid over $10 for a six-pack of the "worst beer on this earth"(their words)!

We had a great week-end that year - if you go,have fun!

Message: 5306 Posted: Tue Mar 09 14:34:34 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: help

Thanks, Steve. I'll check it out.

Message: 5305 Posted: Tue Mar 09 13:47:17 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: No. on my VGG

Hi all,
I have number 60/500 on the VGG.

Message: 5304 Posted: Tue Mar 09 13:37:04 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: help

John, here is a link for the California Mid-State Fair. The web site will be updated early this spring with all of the information you should need. As for Paso Robles, it is near the coast of California about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can go to Microsoft's Expedia Maps and type in the address to see where it is on the map and it will even give you driving directions to get there from anywhere else. The address of the fair is 2198 Riverside Avenue, Paso Robles, CA 93446 (you'll need to type that in to find it on the map and to get driving directions). Good luck!

Message: 5303 Posted: Tue Mar 09 11:23:22 1999 By: JL
Subject: help

My American Geography is somewhat lacking. I haven't seen any Vancouver BC dates on the concert schedule, yet. Still hoping. But I am probably heading down to visit my brother outside of Los Angeles in early August and I see that America is scheduled to play August 5 at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. Where is this? Anybody know this event. Being a state fair I can assume that I could take my 5 and 6 year old to the show? thanks in advance for any help you can give this canuck.

Message: 5302 Posted: Tue Mar 09 11:04:28 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Friar Tuck Inn

Thanks a lot Howard.

Message: 5301 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:50:31 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: Re: I can't stand it!!

Thanks for the note Mags! Good to see you back in this folder.


Message: 5300 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:42:41 1999 By: Howard lieboff
Subject: Friar Tuck Inn

Pete, go to WWW.FRIARTUCK.COM, it'll give you directions and destination. I've been checking it out myself. Howard L

Message: 5299 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:33:00 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Maureen

Maureen, do you know where this friar tuck place is. I here its somewhere in the catskills. I believe its much closer for me than Tags, Big flats. Funny names would'nt you say.

Message: 5298 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:30:11 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: who is di farrelly?

The answer to this question is Di Farrelly, an aquaintance of Gerry's mother, is the woman who says "Hello, Gerry" on VGG.

Message: 5297 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:26:50 1999 By: ShariL in San Diego
Subject: Updated concert schedule

Thanks, Steve, for updating the concert schedule. I've been checking Humphrey's website every day, waiting for them to list their '99 schedule. It's still not up.
But I can't believe it. The date they're coming to Humphrey's in August, my husband and I are committed to a meeting up in the L.A. area! ARGHHHHHHH! They are playing in San Juan Capistrano the next night, two shows. To console myself, I just might have to go to both those shows! We'll be up in that area already, and our meeting should be done in plenty of time. Now to convince my husband....
ShariL <><

Message: 5296 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:18:35 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: VH-1

If Vh-1 lists a show for 10:00 it is 10:00 regardless of where you are in time zone land. so 10:00 eastern is NOT 7:00 pacific. Hope that makes sense to you all!!!!

Message: 5295 Posted: Tue Mar 09 10:17:23 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Central Park/Video

someone had gave me a copy of the America Central Park
Concert 1979 in NYC on video...Excellent concert, timeless classic to
own. You can watch this over and over and over...hl

Message: 5294 Posted: Tue Mar 09 09:58:38 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: I can't stand it!!

Nellie!!! Long time no talk to you. Yes...all this does sound possible! Enjoy that 4th of July show!

Message: 5293 Posted: Tue Mar 09 09:56:25 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: "Live in central park" CD,Laser disk,video


Thank goodness for technology. I too bought laserdisc last summer, not having a darn idea how I was gonna watch it shy of purchasing a unit. Lucky enough to have had it converted to VHS. It is a phenomonal performance and reminds that we NEED another live concert video. Those wishing to order, check Steve's links. Believe I got mine from cdnow or Thoughtscape.

Message: 5292 Posted: Tue Mar 09 09:52:26 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Updated Concert Schedule - Exciting News


Whooooppppeeeeee!!! Keeping fingers crossed for you...


Message: 5291 Posted: Tue Mar 09 08:57:23 1999 By: Steve Nelson
Subject: I can't stand it!!

What do they say about things hapenning in three's. First, my team (hockey) recieves a bid for the NCAA Div 111 hockey tourney. Second, I find out today that America is playing in Duluth MN two miles from my house on the fourth of July. I can only hope that the third thing is a win this weekend and a trip to the final four. Does all af this sound possible?

Message: 5290 Posted: Tue Mar 09 08:29:46 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: For Pete RE: Big Flats

Thanks for the information Maureen, I live about 40 miles west of Albany,a small town called Johnstown. I believe Friar tuck is closer than Elmira. What ever one is closer I would go.

Message: 5289 Posted: Tue Mar 09 08:26:52 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: "Live in central park" CD,Laser disk,video

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this laser disk show burned to
CD. Includes great Live performances of rarely performed tunes like
"Only game in town","Foolin'" and "all night"(All from the "Silent letter" CD) and also includes "Here" from the first LP. This show
is a rarity and I'm not sure if the video is still in print. It originally came out in 1979 and runs about an hour.

Message: 5288 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:50:19 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Pete RE: Big Flats

Hi Pete,
I just went onto Map Quest and typed in Big Flats. Big Flats is 12 north of Elmira, NY. Way up there. Are you near there? Are you going to Friar Tuck? Let me know. Maureen.

Message: 5287 Posted: Tue Mar 09 07:45:21 1999 By: UNHAPPY???


Message: 5286 Posted: Tue Mar 09 06:19:44 1999 By: Pete
Subject: America concert

I'm from upstate NY, I see there is a concert at Tags, Big flats NY. Does anyone know where this place is located.

Message: 5285 Posted: Tue Mar 09 05:20:20 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Van-Go-Gan

don't have a signed copy but was wondering how many copies of van go gan were sold. glad to see it's coming back in print.

Message: 5284 Posted: Tue Mar 09 00:22:48 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Updated Concert Schedule - Exciting News

I have spent much of the night going over the latest concert schedule so I could make the web site as current as possible. There have been quite a few additions so be sure to check it out to see if they're coming to a place near you. While you're at it, if you're aware of a web page for the venue or show where they're playing, please e-mail it to me so I can add the link to the concert list.

Now, for my exciting news. As I was going over the schedule I found that the guys are coming to Park City on June 9. Park City is only an hour drive for me and it's a beautiful place to be in June (of course, skiers like it better in January). I was elated to think that I WILL be able to see the guys after all this year. Then I went through the August concerts and when I flipped over to the September concerts I couldn't believe my eyes. They are scheduled to play at the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater on September 4 in Orem, Utah -- only a few blocks away from my house!! The Scera Shell is a very fun place to attend a concert and I'm really looking forward to it. The seating is first come first serve which means I'll have to get there early to get a good seat. But who knows, maybe the guys will stop by my house on the way there and pick me up (LOL!!!).

One word of caution. The schedule is always subject to change so don't get upset if the concert near you gets cancelled for some reason. Last year the guys were scheduled for the Scera Shell and then it was cancelled so I'm hoping that doesn't happen again this year.

Message: 5283 Posted: Mon Mar 08 23:09:22 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Van-Go-Gan

Can hardly wait...any idea when & where it will be available?

Message: 5282 Posted: Mon Mar 08 22:56:22 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: T-Shirts, etc.

Steve, any luck with getting the tour t-shirts etc. available to this group? Thanks

No luck yet. I'm waiting to hear back from the people who actually sell the merchandise. I simply offered to give them a page where they can sell the stuff. I don't want to get involved with taking orders, collecting money, delivery, etc. I'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I hear something.

Message: 5281 Posted: Mon Mar 08 22:53:23 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Van-Go-Gan

I have number 84.

Message: 5280 Posted: Mon Mar 08 22:50:34 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"

By the time I figured out what this "Net" thing was and then figured out how to send a damned message, Rick was all sold out of the signed copies. (you know, come to think of it I DO think it was the first e-mail I ever sent) Still got VGG before they went out of print, luckily. I think I'll just write 501 on mine. Hey, I can pretend. It's mine.
Steve, any luck with getting the tour t-shirts etc. available to this group? Thanks

Message: 5279 Posted: Mon Mar 08 22:49:44 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

I'm in the process of updating the schedule tonight. The Lincoln and Omaha concerts are benefit concerts to help the fire fighters in the area (the same goes for the Des Moines, St. Louis, Rockford, and Cedar Rapids concerts). I've received ticket information for a couple of those cities but not the rest. I would suggest that you check with the Firefighters Association in the area and see if they can help out. Good luck!

Message: 5278 Posted: Mon Mar 08 21:26:52 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Signed copies of "Van go Gan"

There were 500 original copies of "Van go Gan" signed by Gerry via
the internet web site--rick's old site. My copy is #45 of 500 and is
clearly noted in black Pen on the right side of the CD. Would be fun
to know who got #'s 1 and 500!

Message: 5277 Posted: Mon Mar 08 20:57:26 1999 By: Bones
Subject: lpsalyers

where is the number located on the disc? the only numbers i can read and that is in english is: 95.9.25 (95.9.1) or on the insert pscw-5317

Message: 5276 Posted: Mon Mar 08 19:58:15 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: Van-Go-Gan

Thats an excellent question! I was also curious about the 500 autographed and numbered copies - such as who has what number? Where is number 1? Where is number 500? Number 250?
I have number 17 - (I think)

Message: 5275 Posted: Mon Mar 08 19:51:42 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Van-Go-Gan

would you happen to know how many copies of Van-Go-Gan were sold?
Bought it as soon as i heard it was coming out. Didn't care what it cost. Favorite line on cd is in Van Go Gan: as i lie in my bed at night, i see my lifeline erode. classic gerry

Message: 5274 Posted: Mon Mar 08 19:47:31 1999 By: R Bolton
Subject: Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Could someone help me out on how to get tickets to these two shows? The ticket agencies seem to know nothing about them.

Message: 5273 Posted: Mon Mar 08 17:49:29 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Heard CDs

Hi John! Glad to hear you are back up and running! Know everyone will enjoy Heard as much as those of us who ordered pre-holiday snafu. Thank you, once again, for making it available.


Message: 5272 Posted: Mon Mar 08 17:47:18 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Heard CD

Mark...wouldn't that be great? Pull out all the stops and have a long, rare acoustic set. Someday, someday...


Message: 5271 Posted: Mon Mar 08 15:37:24 1999 By: John Corbett
Subject: Heard CDs

Regarding the Heard CDs, the snafu caused by the holiday mechanical meltdown is being ironed out. Everyone who has sent payment for the Heard CD will get their orders within the next week, some may have already received their CDs by now. To everyone, I apologize for the trouble, but when a machine goes down during Christmas season and needs to be sent out via mail, that can pose problems. Please email me for more info on the CD or any other questions you may have.


Message: 5270 Posted: Mon Mar 08 14:00:39 1999 By: Gordon
Subject: who is di farrelly?

This is a true America Trivia Question for the real hard-core fans.

Message: 5269 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:48:58 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Van-Go-Gan

Regarding Gerry's solo CD.....please be patient.....Gerry will be buying the rights back to "HIS" VGG very soon. Then you can all have the GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL, CONCRETE, not to mentioin "CREATIVE" material !!!

Message: 5268 Posted: Mon Mar 08 12:41:45 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: Wednesday morning


Message: 5267 Posted: Mon Mar 08 10:37:54 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Heard CD

>While I agree that Heard is a must have for America fans, how have others who own it found the quality? Mine is really "grainy" , "Fuzzy", etc. Everytime I listen to it I say to myself "If only..." <

Heard is a "bootleg" CD and most of the songs were made from a tape somebody in the audience made during their live shows. While the sound quality is lacking, if it weren't for Heard, most America fans never would have Heard those rare America songs. So I figure it is better to have Heard a fuzzy America song than to have never Heard it at all.

BTW, I wonder if the guys still know some of those old songs? Wouldn't it be great to hear them preform "Look Up, Look Down" and "Ain't It A Shame" in concert now?

Message: 5266 Posted: Mon Mar 08 09:50:38 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: Heard CD

While I agree that Heard is a must have for America fans, how have others who own it found the quality? Mine is really "grainy" , "Fuzzy", etc. Everytime I listen to it I say to myself "If only..."

Message: 5265 Posted: Mon Mar 08 07:44:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Heard CD

The Heard CD was a concert in Holland. And the Dan Peek 2 songs:
Twist and Shout is live, last song in the concert and American Dream
is a studio cut, so out of pure guessing, means that this song/demos is part of some LP or collection?????????????????????? Would love to find out and know???? And would love to ask Gerry/Dewey if those rare songs were written by them? Well we know Coming Into Los Angeles was written by Arlo Guthrie, so that's one down and how many to go? hl

Message: 5264 Posted: Mon Mar 08 06:00:05 1999 By: grant adams
Subject: concert,sat.march 6,1999

we were treated to a super show in lancaster , pa. the guys played a long show after playing in houston the nite before! gerry was as usual at the top of his game and added "moment to moment" ! dewey was really into the nite also with "three roses". it made for a perfect evening! also enjoyed the chat with ken landerman in the lobby! thanks

Message: 5263 Posted: Mon Mar 08 01:43:58 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Erin - three roses

Three Roses sounds awesome...the whole CD is really great, and will definitely be worth the wait!
Erin :o)

Message: 5262 Posted: Sun Mar 07 21:34:46 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Erin - three roses

how good does three roses sound? one of my favorites. still waiting to hear from john so i can order it.

Message: 5261 Posted: Sun Mar 07 21:11:15 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Heard ???????

Heard is great...especially "Look Up, Look Down".

Erin :o)

Message: 5260 Posted: Sun Mar 07 21:06:46 1999 By: Bones
Subject: start the e-mail charge

After watching where are they now on VH-1, i realized three things. 1) i waited all day with great anticipation to see the story on america. It was to short, wish it was atleast another 10 minutes longer. Who really cares where jethro tull is right now. 2) After seeing the early pictures of america, i realized how old i really must be getting and, 3) gerry and myself are losing hair in the same place. Already e-mailed vh-1 and will send one each day. hope to see behind the music special and then 1 hour of story tellers. I don't know about you america fans but i'm still hoping for a live cd from this current tour after it is over. Still waiting to hear from john corbett about the heard cd. if anyone knows john, i'm trying to find out how long a wait is there to get the cd. thanx

Message: 5259 Posted: Sun Mar 07 20:52:49 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: To: Latiff, Truthsaint, & Bones

Johnny: John Corbett had an article printed that outlined Heard (Steve...didn't I remember seeing this in your database album reviews?). Anyway, the majority of 1st ten tracks were taken from '72-'73. Some of non-album tracks most likely from a radio show in Europe, pre-first U.S. Tour. Look Up, Look Down, The Winter Of Our Love and Living Isn't Really Giving are fabulous as "early America" sound. Two tracks are from a '86 Dan Peek concert. One song is from an 80s Christmas compilation. Some songs, i.e. Arlo Guthrie's Coming Into Los Angeles apparently received fairly regular concert exposure before America developed it's own repertoire. Hope this helps, at all.


Message: 5258 Posted: Sun Mar 07 20:39:19 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Heard ???????

Bones...I second what Steve says...a must-have. Sound quality not the best, but thanks much to John Corbett for making available...some rare tracks, indeed!


Message: 5257 Posted: Sun Mar 07 20:37:52 1999 By: Bones
Subject: start the e-mail charge

After watching where are they now on VH-1, i realized three things. 1) i waited all day with great anticipation to see the story on america. It was to short, wish it was atleast another 10 minutes longer. Who really cares where jethro tull is right now. 2) After seeing the early pictures of america, i realized how old i really must be getting and, 3) gerry and myself are losing hair in the same place. Already e-mailed vh-1 and will send one each day. hope to see behind the music special and then 1 hour of story tellers. I don't know about you america fans but i'm still hoping for a live cd from this current tour after it is over. Still waiting to hear from john corbett about the heard cd. if anyone knows john, i'm trying to find out how long a wait is there to get the cd. thanx

Message: 5256 Posted: Sun Mar 07 19:44:10 1999 By: Lpsalyers
Subject: Re: HN in Australia

Great Link!
Thanks for sharing it.

Message: 5255 Posted: Sun Mar 07 19:32:07 1999 By: nada
Subject: HN in Australia

A link to the Australia coverage for human nature...

Message: 5254 Posted: Sun Mar 07 19:05:41 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Heard songs

Most of the Heard songs were recorded live in Holland around new years 1972. A few of the songs were recorded during a 1986 Dan Peek concert.

Message: 5253 Posted: Sun Mar 07 17:53:02 1999 By: Jen
Subject: VH1

I sent my thank you e-mail to VH1 this morning for having America on their show. Anyone else who enjoyed the show may want to send them a message as well. This may lead to more America on VH1 in the future. :)

Truthsaint: really enjoyed your post regarding the Lancaster show. Wish I were there.

Message: 5252 Posted: Sun Mar 07 17:06:33 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: next single

I appreciate everyone asking me what Gerry Beckley said would be the next single. I truly don't want to sound like a tease, but I don't want to burst the Oxygen bubble; the announcement should come from them. So Karen D, when you see this, please let me know if you'd like me to be more forthcoming. Still, if y'all E mail me, I'll let you know. I'll probably post a few more comments about the concert on Monday, after I've had more time to soak it all in.

Message: 5251 Posted: Sun Mar 07 16:43:23 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: VH-1 e-mail address

The e-mail address you're looking for is Be sure to put "Where Are They Now" in the subject area. If you'd like to see more of America on VH-1, the address is .

What did you think of the show? It'll be on again in 10 minutes! My husband has our three boys out on dirtbikes, so I have the house to myself - maybe I'll hear the entire thing this time!


Message: 5250 Posted: Sun Mar 07 16:08:31 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Latiff

Latiff, I was typing the answer as you were giving "She's Gone". Right, you are!

Message: 5249 Posted: Sun Mar 07 16:06:28 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Latiff, Truthsaint, & Bones

Latiff, "Sarah" is a great guess for the Hall & Oats and AMERICA song with the same title. H&O's song is actually "Sara Smile". The song that I was thinking of was "She's Gone" which is also known to AMERICA fans as that or "Now She's Gone". It depends on if you're reading the album label or album cover as you probably know.

Sorry Bones, I don't know the VH-1 site address. Someone posted it not too many posts back.

Truthsaint, thanks for the report. DO WE WANT TO KNOW THE NEXT SINGLE???? Do fish swim, do birds fly, are Gerry and Dewey and the band great? YES, PLEASE! Don't tease us like that. We may have to resort to violence. Since the song tourney was down to either "Moment To Moment" and "Wednesday Morning", it must be M2M, right?

"Heard" is very interesting to say the least. It's AMERICA unplugged....wonderful. "Three Roses" is fantastic as are many of the other songs. Does anyone know what time period these "Heard" song were recorded? Was it before their first album? I ordered my copy from John Corbett about two months ago and just received it several weeks back. So as Steve L. said, John's backlogged but he'll get to each person as soon as he can.

Message: 5248 Posted: Sun Mar 07 15:52:31 1999 By: latiff
Subject: America

oops... i meant is it "She's Gone"?

Message: 5247 Posted: Sun Mar 07 14:41:19 1999 By: Bones
Subject: VH-1 e-mail address

Help!!!! does anyone know the e-mail address of VH-1?

Message: 5246 Posted: Sun Mar 07 09:37:50 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: DVD/WVA

Joe -
Thank-you! I have forwarded your post to our Department of Tourism and your check is in the mail!
Best wishes,

Message: 5245 Posted: Sun Mar 07 08:08:20 1999 By: Wayne
Subject: Wichita, KS Concert

Anyone who is interested in attending the America engagement in Wichita, KS on May 26 can get tickets by contacting the Wichita Fraternal Order of Police at (316) 683-2800. Tickets are $15. Seats are first come first serve at the Century II center in Wichita.

Message: 5244 Posted: Sun Mar 07 06:17:21 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Re: Lancaster concert

sounds like they really rocked the house. what a set. would love to see a live cd come out of this tour. Riverside and 3 roses must of sounded great. Two of my favorites. Saw them around or five years ago when they played at the norwalk oster fest. Had a chance to meet them, signed a couple of cd's and took pictures. nice people.

Message: 5243 Posted: Sun Mar 07 05:09:05 1999 By: Latiff
Subject: Re: An Easy Trivia Q.

Is It "Sarah"?

Message: 5242 Posted: Sun Mar 07 02:44:20 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Lancaster concert

Thanks for the report, truthsaint.
That's our AMERICA !! On the go, but not b/4 putting out 110%.

Message: 5241 Posted: Sun Mar 07 00:43:07 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: Lancaster concert

My fellow friends, I write this with my heart still palpitating and my voice hoarse from attending a phenominal concert by America tonight in Lancaster, PA. I can only say we need new adjectives to describe how absolutley wonderful it was. First, the set was as follows:
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River
Daisy Jane
Mirror To Mirror
Another Try
Moment To Moment
3 Roses
I Need You
Wheels Are Turning
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People
From A Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair
and for the encore, Horse With No Name

They played at the two-year-old American Music Theater, which should hold 1600 people, but, sorry to inform you, was only half-full. The theater itself is very state of the art. The crowd, as you would expect, mainly 40-ish. It started fairly laid back, then the audience's intensity slowly grew throughout the 22 song set. I observed quite a few singing along with Gerry and Dewey. I was accompanied by my new friend 'Frosty Paws' (also of Hagerstown, who
kindly supplied some titles to a few songs I wasn't all that familiar with, and who I'll be eternally thankful to, for getting the tickets.) We were happy to meet Kevin from New York, who caught a train into the show.
Well, the songs were supberbly performed. We were surprised to hear Lonely People and Only In Your Heart. The boys did their best jamming on Sandman, really rocking the house. Dewey explained they only had a few hours sleep, flying in from a concert the night before in Texas, but you couldn't tell they were tired, for, true professionals they are, were really into it. After the show, Frosty and I waited at a
cold and windy side door location, for the possible 'meet and greet,'
and were eventually rewarded. Gerry and Dewey graciously signed Frosty's lps and cds, and my ticket stub, and posed patiently for pictures, although they were in a hurry. I must tell you, after seeing more than my share of concerts over the years, that America
is quite possibly the most underrated band in history. Complaints? The only merchandise for sale were t shorts and sweatshirts (hey, can we get them at discount thru this site?) No tapes were sold.
While talking with Gerry, I asked him about a new single, which he indeed named, and was one of the four played tonight from Human Nature. If you would like me to name it, later, let me know. Of course, I'll be glad to answer any questions via site, or e mail. For now, I can truly say that I can die happy! I haven't seen them in 20 years, and was in no way disappointed. Misters Bunnell & Beckly, and the rest of the band, thank you!

Message: 5240 Posted: Sat Mar 06 22:51:07 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: To AmericaSL

Bones, John Corbett is the one who created the Heard CD and he's the only one who has the master for it. Over the Christmas Holidays his CD burner went out and it took him quite a while to get it fixed. Now that he has it fixed he has a huge backlog of orders for the CD but he's doing his best to get caught up. I would encourage you to keep sending him mail messages and I'm sure he'll eventually respond. If you'd you'd prefer to have his snail-mail address so you can send him a letter, send me a mail message and I'll e-mail it to you (I don't want to post it here for obvious reasons).

Message: 5239 Posted: Sat Mar 06 22:35:28 1999 By: Brad
Subject: Re: "The Star" by Dan Peek

Thanks for the info on where I could get a copy of The Star. Peace and God Bless

Message: 5238 Posted: Sat Mar 06 21:25:09 1999 By: Bones
Subject: To AmericaSL

I've tried e-mailing John Corbett twice about this cd, have'nt heard anything back. Is this the only person who sells this cd. thanx,

Message: 5237 Posted: Sat Mar 06 21:13:43 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: "The Star" by Dan Peek

Go to /america/song/song804.htm for the lyrics and ordering information.

Message: 5236 Posted: Sat Mar 06 21:10:42 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Heard ???????

Bones, go to /america/album/album91.htm for information on the Heard CD (including how to get it). It is a must-have for all true America Fans.

Message: 5235 Posted: Sat Mar 06 21:00:51 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Heard ???????

Has anyone listened to this? is it a cd or what and where can i get it? Appreciate any info. on this

Message: 5234 Posted: Sat Mar 06 20:47:29 1999 By: Bones
Subject: To Johnny

Thanx for the information. Do appreciate it partner. Do u know the e-mail address of VH-1?

Message: 5233 Posted: Sat Mar 06 19:35:55 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: Are you looking for America Rarities? Stay tuned!

Just to remind fans....I'm working on a list of outside vocal projects that they guys have been involved with over the years. While some of the stuff can be viewed on,I want to post something on this site that'll give you fans easy access to finding out what exactly Gerry,Dewey & Dan have done outside of the group over the years. If you have anything you'd like to add,feel free to email me. when I'm done with my list I'll be sending it to Steve to post
on this site. What I'm working on will be great for "completists" looking to find those America rarities!

Message: 5232 Posted: Sat Mar 06 19:32:31 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: RE:Dan Peeks "the Star"

Peeks song "the Star" originally came off of the 1979 Christmas compilation LP called "On this Christmas night". It was his one lone contribution to the LP. If I'm not mistaken,I read that it was recently released on CD. Maybe some of the other fans on this site can tell you how to get it!

Message: 5231 Posted: Sat Mar 06 17:45:19 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Lyrics To...

Agree with Robyn's opinions, too. I think it is also in eye of beholoder, as Jim suggests. I've also heard Dew refer to "alligator lizards in the air" being about pieces of discarded truck tires being kicked up by other passing vehicles (tire tread very "alligator-texture-like" and pieces of said "alligators" about the size of a lizard).


Message: 5230 Posted: Sat Mar 06 17:41:50 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Best Of Bunnell.

Matt...was thinking of the review I posted over a year ago on AOL folder/newsletter regarding the first album, that of which Three Roses received accolade of "possibly, one of finest songs ever written." Still stand behind the image invoked! Smiles guaranteed!!!


Message: 5229 Posted: Sat Mar 06 17:36:18 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

Absolutely, Joe...anything Jimmy Webb.


Message: 5228 Posted: Sat Mar 06 17:31:21 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Lyrics too ....

Jim...hey dude! Countdown to Reno. How long we have all debated Dewewy's storytelling. Avoided some "alligator lizards just today (pieces of truck tires being kicked up by other cars on the freeway). Bunnell IS the consummate storyteller.


Message: 5227 Posted: Sat Mar 06 17:30:17 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: An Easy Trivia Q.

What AMERICA song has the same song title as a Hall & Oats smash hit?

Message: 5226 Posted: Sat Mar 06 16:21:11 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: To: Bones

Bones, check Karen D's post #5006, I think it is. All showtimes mentioned are at Eastern time.

Message: 5225 Posted: Sat Mar 06 15:34:05 1999 By: Bones
Subject: Wednesday morning

Wouldn't it be great if the last 15 seconds of wednesday morning was extended another 60 seconds or so. awesome sound of guitar at the end of the song.

Message: 5224 Posted: Sat Mar 06 13:48:04 1999 By: Bones
Subject: help with time on sunday

Missed america on saturday morning. Was told there were going to be on at 10:00am. say rock and roll jep. If they are going to be on sunday at 6:00pm, is that eastern time or what. Need VH-1 e-mail address. Thanks

Message: 5223 Posted: Sat Mar 06 10:37:54 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Re: Lyrics To...

Robyn, I believe you're right about "the yellow racing dreamboats on California air". I had always thought it meant gorgeous airplanes or Southwest Airlines with their yellow and orange planes but that didn't make sense. Your opinion does. I agree with the dragonflies. It never was an issue for me. Someone recently posted the answer to what "alligator lizards in the air meant". She reported that Dewey said it was referring to cloud formations.

Message: 5222 Posted: Sat Mar 06 08:47:48 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: Re: DVD

Leah I have onlydrivrn thur W Va. It is a beautiful state though!!! JK

Message: 5221 Posted: Sat Mar 06 04:54:12 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Best Of Bunnell.

oh. dewey. I see how it is...

"three roses were bought, with you in mind..."

that for me is probably one of the top 5 lines i have ever heard in a song.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5220 Posted: Sat Mar 06 03:33:54 1999 By: Brad
Subject: Dan Peek's song The Star

Could someone tell me on what CD or tape The Star was released on. I play that on the real audio every time I go to the sound archives.
Thanks Brad

Message: 5219 Posted: Sat Mar 06 01:41:16 1999 By: Patti
Subject: Van Go Gan

Kevin - thank you! You made my day, my week, my month, no - my year! It came in today's mail (3/5) and was a total surprise. I listened to it on my way out to dinner tonight. Great! I owe you one.

Message: 5218 Posted: Fri Mar 05 23:33:22 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: VH-1 help !!!

Of course it's worth staying up for! They're first on the show, stay up, watch them, THEN go to bed!

And the next day, e-mail VH-1 and let them know how much you enjoyed seeing America on their station!

Message: 5217 Posted: Fri Mar 05 21:52:06 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: Re: DVD

I've seen copies at "Best Buy" (In Duluth, MN.) I think if one "chain store" has them, the rest (hopefully) should.
Hope that helps anyone looking for a copy.

Message: 5216 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:59:19 1999 By: Bones
Subject: VH-1 help !!!

can someone tell me what i will be watching on vh-1. will america be playing song, or is it just an interview or what. Is it worth staying up for?

Message: 5215 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:50:36 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Re: DVD

"If they have it here ( Winston-Salem,NC ) they have it everywhere!!!"

Joe, you must be one of those people who have never been to West Virginia!!! (LOL) I've been looking for that DVD forever and have resigned myself to mail order!
Ahh, The things we do for love.....

Message: 5214 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:46:49 1999 By: Dave Hess
Subject: Gerry's solo cd

Help me find a copy to purchase

Message: 5213 Posted: Fri Mar 05 20:03:44 1999 By: Carlos Cisneros
Subject: anybody here?

hello...somebody out there

Message: 5212 Posted: Fri Mar 05 18:32:00 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: DVD

AS I mentioned in my previous post I bought the DVD America Live at Best Buy.If they have it here ( Winston-Salem,NC ) they have it everywhere!!! JK

Message: 5211 Posted: Fri Mar 05 18:29:35 1999 By: Joe K
Subject: DVD

I also got Harry Chapin Live on the Soundstage series that ran on PBS in the 70s. I saw this concert on TV on our local PBS station in the middle to late 70s, I cant wait to see it again.UI also cant wait to see My America DVD. Anyone know of a good deal?????? Joe K

Message: 5210 Posted: Fri Mar 05 18:25:53 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: DVD

Hey guys i just bought my copy of the DVD Musikladen America Live!!!
Now all I have to do is buy a DVD player...LOL....Joe K

Message: 5209 Posted: Fri Mar 05 18:18:17 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

Hey Robyn and You People,

Yes - that tour w/ Silver would have been in the summer/fall of 1976. The mystery continues!

Joe B

P.S. Though we all agree the Gerry and Dewey written stuff is the best of America, how about some picks of outside written songs you really like. Maybe a list of 3-5. I'll go with Jody, The Last Unicorn, You Could Have Been The One, and I Do Believe In You.

Message: 5208 Posted: Fri Mar 05 18:18:01 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Lyrics too ....

well there are these huge bugs called "dragon flies" (remember the bug at the beginnning of "men in Black"? Those.) they often buzz swimming pools around here to get a drink. That's a Dewy visual though. get to what we lit majors call the kernal, or nut of the idea..... Great stuff.

As to the boat, I see yellow speed boats, racing across the lake...

Message: 5207 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:54:07 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: VH1 random thoughts

On Tuesday, my initial impression was one of real maturity & depth: Geez, they're just so cute! Now, after watching a few more times, I'm thinking:
I know it should have been longer (like the WHOLE HOUR perhaps), but their piece came in at a tad over 4 minutes, & that's actually more than I had dared hope for.....Leadoff spot was pretty cool. Just think about all those insomniacs in the near future, caught up on some marathon "Where Are They Now?" weekend, watching hour after hour, thinking "just one more, if there's ANYONE good on this one, I'll just watch one more" -- VH1 will surely retain a few more viewers starting off w/ these fellas than if they had begun the show with, say, that Question Mark guy. Folks would be turning off in droves.....Army brats, huh? Army/Air Force, what's the diff?.....I very much appreciate Gerry promoting Dan's Grammy nomination of many years ago! Very class act! I have never seen or heard of either he or Dewey (nor Dan for that matter) having anything even slightly negative to say publicly about their ex-partner(s). VERY nice contrast to all those immature battlers out there who make a grand hobby out of sniping at each other, not even thinking how their fans become the losers. (I have even seen websites where the actual lawsuit transcripts are available to be clicked on, so you can get right down & dirty in the middle of bandmate vs. bandmate differences).....I, at least, think Dan's aged very well. Looks good to me (always was a sucker for a good beard).....relax Gerry, anyone who knows anything KNOWS that Theodore is the real talent behind the Chipmunks - & not that spotlight-hogging Alvin.....not many men can get away w/ Safari shorts & knee-highs, but somehow Dewey works it.....good to hear a little "Human Nature" musical backdrop, though you would have to already possess the music yourself to have recognized what little you did hear for what it is -- not like anyone out in TV land will be saying "Gosh those few notes of music you can ALMOST hear under him narrating sound REALLY GREAT. Let's head on out to the record store Honey & pick that up RIGHT NOW, 'coz I CANNOT get that song out of my head!".....that's why the shot of the hand going into the bin, pulling out the prized recording, sends such a good subliminal message. THIS COULD BE YOU! Too bad they edited out the shot of the music-lover grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of the many ways this one purchase will change his/her entire life - & ALL for the better!.....Gerry couldn't be more right when he says the "down" times have allowed both of them to have fuller lives, maintain the families they're devoted to, draw from other interests, whatehaveyou. And I, for one, also benefit from the "forced downsizing" as he put it. If they had continued on at breakneck speed, they would have most likely burnt out long ago, or just not be the same, happy, well-rounded, I sense fulfilled PEOPLE (not just musicians) that bring that silly smile to my face every time .....hearing Dewey speak of their "mediocrity" & lack of success being the secret to their success, just reminds me that, yes, this is coming from the same guy that told Tom Snyder years ago that they were just a couple of arrogant jerks, the same guy who would have you believe that his lyrics are just strings of words with no particular meaning, the same guy who says in magazine articles that anyone will tell you that he's just useless when it comes to playing with other musicians, the same guy who........which brings me back full circle to my original impression : Geez, they're just so cute!

I'm now ready for a VH1 HOUR with Dewey & Gerry now --- dreams sometimes die hard, so this'll will keep me going for a while....

Message: 5206 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:34:20 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: best of Bunnell

Again, in no particular order:
Garden Of Peace
Nothing's So Far Away As Yesterday
Old Man Took
Cornwall Blank
And Forever
Wheels Are Turning
Whole Wide World
Ventura Highway
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby
Green Monkey
Love On The Vine
The Border
Amber Cascades
People In The Valley
Political Poachers
Horse With No Name

Message: 5205 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:29:20 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: arrangements

My comment this evening is that, along with great vocals and lyrics, the arrangements are incredible, perhaps the most under-rated aspect of their music. But I do notice I'm more attracted
to the songs that use that wonderfully haunting (I believe) oboe,
especially in Old man Took. I hate to sound too naive, but who, generally,has played the oboe? Is it Gerry or Dewey, or another musician?

Message: 5204 Posted: Fri Mar 05 17:10:59 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Lyrics too ....

I haven't the faintest idea, that's what makes the visual fantasy that DEWEY has painted a lot of fun. It's up to the listener to interpret. Of course any single phrase in a DEWEY song is not to be taken so much in isolation., it's part of the entire musical collage, I think to create a certain feeling. In many of DEWEY's songs he always keep you wondering what's around the corner. Anyone else have any of their interpretations of a DEWEY song ?
"Alligator lizards in the air ........"
"Or the tropic of Sir Gallahad ......."
"Purple ghost of England in wintertime, who I used to know ...."
"Dragon flys dipped on the swimming pool ......"

Message: 5203 Posted: Fri Mar 05 16:39:22 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: Lyrics To....

I've often wondered what "Yellow racing dreamboats on California air" means. Any ideas?

Message: 5202 Posted: Fri Mar 05 16:34:32 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: best of Bunnell

CATCH THAT TRAIN from ALIBI at great song indeed. Acoustic rock.

"Yellow racing dreamboats on California air ..." Pure DEWEY !!!

Message: 5201 Posted: Fri Mar 05 16:27:52 1999 By: Carlos Cisneros
Subject: best of Bunnel

far too much. CATCH THAT TRAIN. Good musicians are involved in this one.

Message: 5200 Posted: Fri Mar 05 14:05:43 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Live by Request

Just posted another "your Thoughts" on Saw Johnny and Nikkis too. Hey Karen, have you heard anything about the possibility? Let us know!!!!

All of you going to the Lancaster show-- have fun! Just don't do what I did. I was singing and yelling and I totally lost my voice ( much to the delight of all who know me--they don't call me "Chatty Cathy" for nothing!!!!!)

Message: 5199 Posted: Fri Mar 05 13:34:27 1999 By: ToEaHiwOwn
Subject: Re: Tour and Lancaster concert

Jamie...check out reviews from Stockton and San Ramon shows on 2/27 & 2/28.


Message: 5198 Posted: Fri Mar 05 12:14:41 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Tour and Lancaster concert

You will have a great time w/their current set list, all the big hits & a few from HUMAN NATURE & HOURGLASS & VIEW FROM THE GROUND. Something for everyone. Insofar as requests go, that is very difficult on the band. I hope you understand. AMERICA has rehearsed & solidified the current set list & any request would be very difficult. AMERICA is very perfectionist when it comes to playing live & anything unrehearsed would not work well. However, I wouldn't rule out screaming, "PLAY ALL MY LIFE."

Message: 5197 Posted: Fri Mar 05 10:45:49 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: America's scheduleI

Access the concert list from Steve's Fan site (see bottom of this page.) Should be no problem getting in.


Message: 5196 Posted: Fri Mar 05 10:19:56 1999 By: Jamie
Subject: Tour and Lancaster concert

Does anyone know if the group's song set for their current tour has been the same. If so is there a list anywhere. I'll be at Lancaster Saturday and I'm wondering what the best way is to make a request. What would be the best way to get a message to them? Do they ever play requests. All my Life was our wedding song 10 years ago.

Message: 5195 Posted: Fri Mar 05 07:33:28 1999 By: jessica
Subject: lucky people

congratulations to those who are going to see America shows! Just don't forget to bring home(i.e. this folder) those great reviews for those of us who cant be there with you.

T-shirts: wish i could have one, too! got myself a baseball cap with America logo instead...

heard Horse in the program Millennium last night. it was eery bec. as Dewey sang, someone was being strangled in the scene. oh well...

Message: 5194 Posted: Fri Mar 05 01:53:57 1999 By: Ron Wilson
Subject: America Video

Help! I need broadcast quality (beta) or never-used vhs to create a TV spot for an upcoming America concert. Can Anyone help?

Message: 5193 Posted: Thu Mar 04 22:36:07 1999 By: Richard C.
Subject: America's scheduleI

Is anyone having luck when they try to access the America in Concert info.? I keep receiving a message that the file can't be found.

Message: 5192 Posted: Thu Mar 04 20:26:29 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer


Thanks! That's the useless kinda info we all enjoy!


Message: 5191 Posted: Thu Mar 04 20:15:00 1999 By: Joanne
Subject: KevinS "Best of Bunnell"

Kevin,My thoughts exactly!!!!!Church of Dewey,I'm making bids for the front pew. Enjoy the show Joanne

Message: 5190 Posted: Thu Mar 04 19:51:15 1999 By: Rob
Subject: Another Connecticut Appearance

It's official. America will be playing the historic Warner Theatre in Torrington Connecticut on Friday, May 14. Tickets are $19 - $37. Parking is easy near the venue. Three Dog Night recently played the Warner to outstanding reviews.

Message: 5189 Posted: Thu Mar 04 18:55:09 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

But the Silver/America Tour was later than 74 wasn't it ( I remember seeing them and I think it was 75 or 76, but I could be wrong)

Message: 5188 Posted: Thu Mar 04 18:43:50 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

Hey You People,

Harry Stinson was drummer for the mid 70's pop band 'Silver' who toured with the guys and had the one hit wonder "Wham Bam". The album was a decent country rock/pop effort. That group was led by John Batdorf of a cool duo Batdorf & Rodney, who put out a few fine albums
in the 70's. Batdorf also co-wrote "You Could Have Been the One" from 'Alibi'(big hit in Pittsburgh). That should be enough useless info for the moment.

Joe B

Message: 5187 Posted: Thu Mar 04 18:33:30 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Lancaster gig/KevinS

Kevin- got my copy too. BTW, you will need to take a MENONITE buggy. The Amish won't pick you up if you are wearing headphones( JUST KIDDING- I come from Menonites, the joke is that the Amish are no fun at all!)


Message: 5186 Posted: Thu Mar 04 18:12:54 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Re: lancaster gig

leakycanoe: In case you didn't read it earlier, I'll be at the Lancaster show. Row P, seat 207 or 208. Stop by if you want. Oh, and if you do stop by, don't call me KevinS. That's my secret internet code name. My real name is Kevin Sutton.


Message: 5185 Posted: Thu Mar 04 17:13:01 1999 By: janice
Subject: Best of Bunnell

Well put, Kevin. You can add your name to the line-up now too because I I just got the Van Go Gan tape you sent me, and I can't thank you enough! Just 2 more days to Lancaster! Hey, I hear you can make great train connections to an Amish buggy to transport you there!!

Message: 5184 Posted: Thu Mar 04 16:33:31 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: wimping out on Best of Bunnell ala KevinS

Yes I agree also, well said Kevin S. I hope you all get the 1975 German show that is available on VHS tape or DVD. It's live & in a studio like environment w/many fine DEWEY songs. As someone said b/4, this one is a definite must have, truly the best. Where else can you see AMERICA live playing TIN MAN (the jazzed up intro version), WIND WAVE, RAINBOW SONG & MOON SONG, among many others. OLOOLOLO to everyone !

Message: 5183 Posted: Thu Mar 04 14:52:05 1999 By: laura
Subject: wimping out on Best of Bunnell ala KevinS

very VERY well said, Mr. Kevin... couldn't agree w/ you more...

Message: 5182 Posted: Thu Mar 04 14:46:38 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: Re: Links To Rick's Web Sites

Glad to see back up. This was the first "America" site I found as an internet newbie in December of '98.

Have been glancing thru the Chat Folder Archives - glad to see so many people have been true to this site since it's early days. Hate looking at the old concert schedules and seeing how close they've been to my home, but I was not even aware they were touring! Now I'll know when they're close enough to go see (and hear!) Oh, the marvelous things the Internet can do! Michelle

Message: 5181 Posted: Thu Mar 04 13:33:20 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Sad News In America's History

Had the chance to meet Dusty in the mid 80's when I was still working with bands. She was a sweet gracious down-to-earth person. her passing is a terrble loss , but at least she is not suffering anymore.

Message: 5180 Posted: Thu Mar 04 13:23:36 1999 By: truthsaint
Subject: lancaster gig

Frosty Paws & myself (both of Hagerstown, MD) will be in Lancaster for the concert Saturday night. CAN'T WAIT!!!Anyone else going??

Message: 5179 Posted: Thu Mar 04 12:58:11 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Best Of Bunnell

Not to be a whimp about it, but it's impossible for me to narrow down Dewey's best songs to 20. By my count, Dewey has written or co-written 59 songs with America, and I can honestly say 57 of them are my all-time favorite tunes ever.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Dewey Bunnell.


Message: 5178 Posted: Thu Mar 04 12:33:33 1999 By: Mags
Subject: Re: Best of Bunnell

Omitted Catch That Train!!!

Message: 5177 Posted: Thu Mar 04 12:30:30 1999 By: Mags
Subject: Re: thinking of a live CD

Jim!!! I'll be there too!

Message: 5176 Posted: Thu Mar 04 12:28:07 1999 By: Mags
Subject: Re: Sad News In America's History

Thanks for the memory, Howard. Sad, indeed.

Message: 5175 Posted: Thu Mar 04 11:34:50 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: Best of Bunnell

I no particular order.....
Wind Wave, Sleeper Train, Molten Love, Seasons, Hell's On Fire, Lady With A Bluebird, One Morning, Politcal Poachers, Amber Cascades, Letter, Hollywood, Old Man Took, Cornwall Blank, Three Roses, Company, And Forever, Might Be Your Love, Green Monkey, Rainbow Song, World Alone!

Message: 5174 Posted: Thu Mar 04 10:30:17 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: thinking of a live CD

See you there ! Jim

Message: 5173 Posted: Thu Mar 04 10:23:02 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Strange Idea

After another beer run, or something that's equally true, I had a thought last night. Wouldn't it be cool if America released the very first album of 2000? That would generate some spin.


Message: 5172 Posted: Thu Mar 04 09:54:59 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Links To Rick's Web Sites

I don't know how long Rick's web sites will remain online (let's hope it's forever) but here are some links that will take you directly to them:
The America Home Page

Message: 5171 Posted: Thu Mar 04 09:52:57 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: concert Ts

I was wondering the same thing. Would there be a kind-hearted soul, eager to help their fellow, albeit less fortunate, America fans obtain the coveted concert 99/00 T or sweatshirt? My one and only t was from my first America concert in '85. Not much left of it. Anyone who could help, we would be forever indebted...well, maybe not forever, but at least for a while.

Message: 5170 Posted: Thu Mar 04 09:51:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: concert Ts

I'm seeing what I can do about getting a web page which allow the "poor little lost souls" of the world to order t-shirts and other America souveniers. I haven't had any luck yet but I believe (hope) you'll see something exciting in the future.

Message: 5169 Posted: Thu Mar 04 09:41:18 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: concert Ts

looking at the new Tshirt designs in the souvenir room of the "museum" - are these goodies available to poor little lost souls who were evidently very bad in a previous life & will therefore never get to see the guys live in their area?

Message: 5168 Posted: Thu Mar 04 09:37:06 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Sad News In America's History

Dusty Springfield who graciously accepted the GRAMMY AWARD
for America when they won "BEST NEW ARTIST in 1972...
passed away yesterday of breast cancer.
Thank you Dusty for that great moment in music history!!!
We'll miss you.

Message: 5167 Posted: Thu Mar 04 08:33:04 1999 By: Steve Orchard
Subject: RE: ricks website

Just to followup on what Howard mentioned earlier....Looks like ricks site is up and running via a link through henry's site. You do get alot of info through Rick's site,but its rarely updated. Still,if you need your
fix of America,its there

Message: 5166 Posted: Thu Mar 04 07:13:43 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Real Audio G2 Player, Hey Steve

I checked the Real Audio help area at it's web page and they said that you can only download .ra or .rm files. When you try to download a .ram file all you will be able to download is a text file that contains the address of the .ra or .rm file. Therefore, the only way to listen to a .ram file is to connect to the web page it is on.

Message: 5165 Posted: Thu Mar 04 06:41:32 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Rick's Site

Hey, all when you go to Henry Diltz's site, there's a link to
America site. Lo and behold it's Rick's. So great to see your sight
up and running. We missed you. HL

Message: 5164 Posted: Thu Mar 04 05:06:39 1999 By: Jim Griffey
Subject: Re: Mystery Drummer

A guy named Harry Stinson once filled in for Willie when he injured his hand just prior to the start of a tour. He played several gigs with the band with Willie seated just below the drum riser calling out cues. COuld this be the drummer in question?

Jim...Erie, PA

Message: 5163 Posted: Thu Mar 04 01:48:50 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Mystery Drummer

A couple of days ago George sent me a slide show which featured 34 slides from a 1974 concert. When I asked him if he had the JPG files for the slides he quickly sent those to me, too, and I have put them out on the web site as a 1974 Mystery Concert. I've asked George where the concert was and I presume that he'll respond tomorrow. In the meantime, I have a little trivia question for you. I'm fairly certain that the bass player with the guys is David Dickey but I'm not sure who the drummer is. Willie did start playing with the guys in 1974 and helped out with the Holiday album but the drummer doesn't look to me like it's Willie. Take a look at the photos and see if you can figure out who the drummer is.

Message: 5162 Posted: Thu Mar 04 00:59:31 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: thinking of a live CD

As usual, Jim, very well said. I'm planning on spending two weeks at the Nugget this summer...hope to see lots of you there!
Erin :o)

Message: 5161 Posted: Wed Mar 03 23:45:15 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: thinking of a live CD

AMERICA has embarked on a most ambitous tour schedule this year. It is more like a continuous tour, rather than the seasonal variety that many bands do. Hope you can all get out to a show or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9; this year coud be the busiest one yet, so take advantage of this years' schedule. As we have all seen on VH-1 & other shows, AMERICA has established itself as pure music makers. All they have ever wanted to do is to play their music. No noise, no commotion made to get attention, only good music. They only use their music to get your attention, that is a major point that differentiates them from all others. I rest my case, for now.

Message: 5160 Posted: Wed Mar 03 23:35:16 1999 By: Mags/ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Dew & Ger Tunes

I know...this is cheating...but wanted to see if I could actually list ALL favorite Ger/Dew tunes (ended up 40 each, 30 absolute favorites each, Hat Trick/Head and Heart on both):

Gerry: (30 most favorites)

1960 ***
All My Life ***
Another Try ***
Bell Tree ***
Children ***
Clarice ***
Daisy Jane ***
From A Moving Train
Goodbye Highway
Hat Trick ***
Head and Heart ***
Here ***
House Of Cards ***
I Need You ***
Inspector Mills ***
Kiss Of Life ***
Moment To Moment ***
Monster ***
Never Be Lonely
No Fortune
Now Sue
Only A Kid At Heart ***
Overwhelming World Suite ***
Playing God ***
Sarah ***
Sergeant Darkness ***
She's Gonna Let You Down ***
Sister Golden Hair
Sometimes Lovers ***
Submarine Ladies ***
Sunrise Sunset ***
Survival ***
The Farm ***
The Last Unicorn
Till The Sun Comes Up Again ***
To Each His Own *** (well, DUH!)
Van Go Gan
You Could've Been The One ***

Dewey: (30 most favorites)

A Horse With No Name
All Night ***
And Forever
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby
Company ***
Cornwall Blank ***
Even The Score
Everyone I Meet Is From California (HG remix) ***
Garden Of Peace ***
Green Monkey ***
Hat Trick ***
Head and Heart ***
Love On The Vine ***
Man's Road ***
Midnight ***
Might Be Your Love
Molten Love ***
Moon Song ***
Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)
Old Man Took ***
Pages ***
People In The Valley
Rainbow Song ***
Riverside ***
Sandman ***
Sleeper Train ***
Tall Treasures ***
Three Roses ***
Tin Man ***
Town and Country ***
Ventura Highway ***
Wheels Are Turning ***
Whole Wide World ***
Wind Wave ***
World Alone ***
You Girl ***
Young Moon ***

Message: 5159 Posted: Wed Mar 03 23:05:11 1999 By: R Bolton
Subject: Gerry's best

2nd 10: Now Sue, All My Life, Van Go Gan, Daisy Jane, Call of the Wild, Foolin', One in a Million, Barstow, Only In Your Heart,Hat Trick

Message: 5158 Posted: Wed Mar 03 21:00:51 1999 By: Bob
Subject: thinking of a live CD

After listening to human nature it seems about 10,000 times, wouldn't be nice to have a live cd come out from their latest tour. I can only hope. Can't get enough of their music.

Message: 5157 Posted: Wed Mar 03 20:24:48 1999 By: Frank
Subject: VH-1 Episode Schedule

The VH-1 episode with America will be repeated on:
Friday, March 5th at 1:00 p.m Eastern
Saturday, March 6th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern
Sunday March 7th at 6:00 p.m Eastern

Check out this website:

Message: 5156 Posted: Wed Mar 03 19:53:05 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Re: Gerry's 20 best

These are in no particular order:
All My Life
What Does It Matter
I Need You
Close To The Wind
Kiss Of Life
Sergeant Darkness
Goodbye Highway
Watership Down
Love's Worn Out Again
No Fortune
Sister Golden Hair
Overwhelming World Suite
Van Go Gan
Never Be Lonely

Message: 5155 Posted: Wed Mar 03 18:55:40 1999 By: Virginia
Subject: Re: VH1

To BC (and any others who might want to give it a go), you can email VH1 with your comments about last night's show at Be sure to put Where Are They Now? on the subject line. I also made a request for them to consider America for a Behind the Music episode. Can't hurt to try.

Message: 5154 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:53:06 1999 By: BC
Subject: Re: VH1

Great show! Great lead-off! Loved it! Seems like a lot of us wish it could have been longer. Would it be appropriate to contact VH1 by e-mail and thank them for their thoughtful and well-done segment on America.......and then state that we would like to see an extended segment on America..."Behind the Music".......?

Message: 5153 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:32:22 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Real Audio G2 Player, Hey Steve

Got it, but you have to have Real Player Plus to record a .ram file. It says I can download an audio file if you save it as a .ra file instead of a .ram file. Anyway, would it be possible for you to save it and relink it as a .ra file?

Mark, I'm using RealProducer (which is also free) to create the Real Audio files and as far as I can tell it only has one output type and that's a .RM file. I then create the .RAM file manually which is nothing more than a pointer to the .RM file. In the tests that I've run, whether you link to the .RAM or .RM file it still brings up the Real Audio player (but the .RAM file seems to be lots faster and that's why I use it).

Message: 5152 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:31:54 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Photo at Key Club

Jim, just curious, was that taken at sound check? I remember thinking that Gerry wasn't wearing his usual sneakers during the gig, and meant to say something about it. Am I right, or was I hallucinating?

Message: 5151 Posted: Wed Mar 03 17:17:17 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Best of Bunnell

As promised, in random order, here is my best of Dewey Bunnell:

Green Monkey
Wind wave
Tin Man
Old Man Took
Amber Cascades
Horse with no name
Three Roses
Ventura Highway
Moon Song
Cornwall Blank
Political Poachers
One Morning
Whole Wide World
Rainbow Song
Pages (I Still think that the Los Angeles Central Library would be a perfect location for the video for this song!)

That's it.

Message: 5150 Posted: Wed Mar 03 16:48:25 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Best of Dewey

Glad you guys came up with this.Dewey has always been my favorite.
This not in any particular order except for by album.
1. Horse With No Name
2. Sandman
3. Three Roses
4. Riverside
5. Ventura Hwy
6. Moonsong
7. Cornwall Blank
8. Windwave
9. Rainbow Song
10.Green Monkey
11.Tin Man
12.Old Man Took
14.People In The Valley
16.Amber Cascades
17 Politcal Poachers
18.Might Be Your Love
19.Catch That Train
21.Cast the spirit
22.The Border
23.My Dear
24.Cant Fall Asleep to a Lulaby
25.Young Moon
26.Garden Of Peace
27.Green House
28.Wheels Are Turning
30.California Dreamin
31.Mans Road
32.Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
Now this would be a damn fine CD to own!!!!! JK

Message: 5149 Posted: Wed Mar 03 15:46:45 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Robyn I agree..

I don't think the response you got was directed at you or America, but cynicism about VH1 and the producers of BTM. I, and I think almost all other America fans would LOVE to see America on BTM. But to be honest, I doubt that it will happen. I hope I'm wrong, but I've seen too many critics and media people revise history and dismiss America. This isn't America's fault, but those in the media who refuse to acknowledge America's true place in music history as one of the most successful and influential bands of the 70s. Perhaps the Where Are They Now piece is the first step on the road to their proper recognition.

BTW, I heard "Ventura Highway" on the radio today for the first time in a long time, and I didn't even call in and request it. I wonder if there is any connect with the VH1 show? I wonder how many people watched that show and said something like "yeah, I remember those guys. They were good!" I can always dream that this will be the pebble that starts the avalanche!

Message: 5148 Posted: Wed Mar 03 15:27:08 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Robyn I agree..

As I recall, I agreed with you then, too!!!!! It would be so cool to get an in-depth, behind the music ala the Wilson sisters!

Message: 5147 Posted: Wed Mar 03 15:22:07 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Robyn I agree..

Hey Robyn, remember about 6 weeks ago when there was an incredible amount of negative crap posted here in this chat folder? I brought up how great it would be to have a complete "Behind The Music" about AMERICA and people responded by saying things like..."America wouldn't make it onto Behind the Music because they don't have drug/ booze and even weight problems(ie: Ann Wilson)" and then a few people actually took my suggestion as something nasty. I really took some of those comments badly. My point is ...thanks to fans like you, now you understand what I meant by seeing this current VH-1 show. THAT WAS MY POINT! Ahhhhh...Seeing AMERICA on VH-1 is good for the soul!I DO believe that they have Quite a story (And quite a HISTORY) to tell! I'll check in later with my Best of Bunnell list! Buh Bye TeeTee

Message: 5146 Posted: Wed Mar 03 14:40:27 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: Link to FREE Real Audio G2 Player, Hey Steve

Got it, but you have to have Real Player Plus to record a .ram file. It says I can download an audio file if you save it as a .ra file instead of a .ram file. Anyway, would it be possible for you to save it and relink it as a .ra file?

Message: 5145 Posted: Wed Mar 03 14:17:47 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: VH1

Really liked the piece on the guys last night, should have been longer though! I was watching the piece on the Doors with my daughter. That took me way back too. VH-1 does some interesting wook, but how about an in depth look at America? who do we write to suggest it. ANyone know?

Message: 5144 Posted: Wed Mar 03 14:03:26 1999 By: janice
Subject: VH1

I just have to mention, that if anyone stayed tuned after the broadcast and watched the show on "1968 Behind the Music", I'm sure you will agree that it was quite gripping, as well as very informative. My older brother shipped over to Nam in 1968, Marines, and the show affected me in a very personal way. Very well presented, and quite a journey down Memory Lane..the correlations drawn between what was was really "behind the music" and the events taking place during those tumultuous times was incredible.

Message: 5143 Posted: Wed Mar 03 13:56:51 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Best of Bunnell

Well, we have put together our "best of" for Gerry, How about the same for Dewey? I will be back with my list later :0)

Message: 5142 Posted: Wed Mar 03 12:49:34 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Link to FREE Real Audio G2 Player

Here's a link to the web page that has the FREE Real Audio G2 Player. Just fill in the information and follow the instructions and you'll have it up and running in no time.

Message: 5141 Posted: Wed Mar 03 12:44:34 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: RP files (yes Real Audio G2 is FREE!)

I went to the Real Audio web site and Real Audio G2 isn't free. They are selling it for $29.99.

You were looking at the Real Audio G2 Plus which they put in bold letters at the top of the page. If you look around a little bit you'll find the regular Real Audio G2 which is free. Of course, they'd prefer that you don't use the free version so they kind of hide it on the page, but it's there if you look around.

Message: 5140 Posted: Wed Mar 03 12:40:26 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: Crying

I actually HAVE Watermark, 8 track though (LOL)

Message: 5139 Posted: Wed Mar 03 12:00:21 1999 By: Yng Moon
Subject: Re: About last night.

Very Cool !!!!

Message: 5138 Posted: Wed Mar 03 11:23:18 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: VH1

I agree, the show was excellent! The only thing I think could have improved it (other than making it longer and plugging HN/FAMT more) would have been to have a live interview of Dan, but I understand that he may be hard to catch-up with and they have a schedule.

This should provide some great advertising/exposure for the next year or two, because VH1 reruns those shows like crazy!

Message: 5137 Posted: Wed Mar 03 11:19:29 1999 By: Mark
Subject: Re: RP files

I went to the Real Audio web site and Real Audio G2 isn't free. They are selling it for $29.99.

Message: 5136 Posted: Wed Mar 03 09:07:31 1999 By: Joe KNight
Subject: VH1

Great show!!! It was an excellent birhtday present for me. I was 45 on mar 2.Thanks guys!!!!
PS On Dan you know what they say: Hair can turn any color it want as long as it doesn't turn loose. LOL

Message: 5135 Posted: Wed Mar 03 08:32:06 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Kevin....

Hi Kevin,
When are you getting into NY? Where are you coming from? Maybe we could hook up for lunch and I could hand delivery a copy of the VH-1 or something. Let me know??? Maureen...

Message: 5134 Posted: Wed Mar 03 08:30:26 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: For Joanne...

Hi Joanne,
Just booked America 'A' package at FTI. Maybe we can all get to the show early enought for the choice of 'Best Table'. See ya...Maureen.

Message: 5133 Posted: Wed Mar 03 08:17:19 1999 By: Beech
Subject: Re: About last night.

I'd LOVE to see a "Where Are They Now" on Celine Dion.....lololol
(The quicker the better...)

Message: 5132 Posted: Wed Mar 03 08:01:01 1999 By: Maureen
Subject: VH-1

I JUST LOVED IT !! Hats off to Karen and VH-1, only wish it was a few minutes longer, but it was still GREAT. Thanks to all who helped pull it together!!

Message: 5131 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:55:19 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: About last night.

Thanks, Howard, for the info on Dan Peek. Full head of gray hair and all, he'd still look wonderful up there on stage between Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley. Thanks Janice for the info on the show being rebroadcast. It looks like I'm going to have to set the VCR myself. Can't wait to see it.

Whether it's about America or some other band, VH1 usually does a very thoughtful and empathetic job with their Where Are They Now segments. It's always interesting to see what happens to those guys you grew up listening to.

And every time I see one of those specials I keep wondering who the future Where Are They Nows are right now. Will groups like Pearl Jam and the Wallflowers and the Goo Goo Dolls and teen idols like Brandi and Monica hold up as well as America has over time? Doubt it.


Message: 5130 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:40:18 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: VH-1

HEY! Anyone notice the still they showed of Gerry w/George Martin?
Nice photo!!!!

Message: 5129 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:25:06 1999 By: janice
Subject: VH1

one more thing..then I'll go away, I's EST.

Message: 5128 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:21:31 1999 By: janice
Subject: VH1

oops..forgot one..this Friday the 5th at 3pm!

Message: 5127 Posted: Wed Mar 03 07:18:07 1999 By: janice
Subject: VH1

Watched it twice..great job! Kevin, the re-broadcast that are coming up are Sat. 3/6 at 11am, Sun. 3/7 at 6pm and Wed. 3/10 at 8pm. The post is 5006. Have a great time in Lancaster!

Message: 5126 Posted: Wed Mar 03 06:45:17 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: KevinS/Dan Peek

Dan's supporting a full grey beard with grey hair.
As somebody said, Dan reminded that person of Kenny Rogers.
That's it. 3 Cheers to Karen/Oxygen & VH1...

Message: 5125 Posted: Wed Mar 03 06:28:04 1999 By: Craig S.
Subject: VH1

I was impressed that America had the leadoff segment on the show. The images of them signing autographs and performing for the Ventura event in Minnesota were especially nice. I was a bit disappointed that one did not get to hear a little more of a sampling of a song from Human Nature. We just heard a few bars of a song within some concert footage with narration over the top of it. It also would have been nice to mention that after all these years that a 1998 song release (FAMT) actually saw some chart action. Other wise a great segment.

Message: 5124 Posted: Wed Mar 03 01:07:34 1999 By: Patti
Subject: VH1

Wonderful! Wish it was longer though! More, please.

Message: 5123 Posted: Wed Mar 03 00:15:00 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: VH1

Saw it twice tonight. Excellent, but naturally I would have liked to see it last a lot longer. Karen, great job. You have to know we all appreciate you very, very much!

Message: 5122 Posted: Wed Mar 03 00:10:55 1999 By: Ron B
Subject: Gerry's 20 best

In no particular order:Goodbye Highway, 1960, Sister Golden Hair, Emma,I Need You, Foolin', Only a Kid At Heart, Playing God, Survival,Right Back to Me. (The other ten tomorrow-goodnight!)

Message: 5121 Posted: Tue Mar 02 23:59:18 1999 By: MacChiefs
Subject: Re: Henry's Page

The band/Hope/Wayne photo was taken during the taping of the Bob Hope TV special in 1975.

That was the infamous taping where the guys were doing live vocals over recorded music (due to the limits of the day's TV sound). During the initial take, a cord was kicked out, the music stopped, and the crowd started booing.

Message: 5120 Posted: Tue Mar 02 23:43:45 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Best of GERRY Beckley

At long last someone who has SARAH at the top of their list !!!!!!!
I do like your list of GERRY specials. Great !

Message: 5119 Posted: Tue Mar 02 23:40:35 1999 By: Michelle
Subject: VH-1

Really liked the piece on America. The guys looked great.

After watching the remainder of the show, it was apparent how special these guys really are. While the other groups were represented by separate members, Dewey and Gerry were seen together - I thought that said alot about them.

Thanks for many years of dedication - and here's to hopes for many more!


Message: 5118 Posted: Tue Mar 02 23:08:10 1999 By: EDDY
Subject: VH-1

Just seen the 2nd showing of "Where are they now?", GREAT JOB!!!
The guys looked FANTASTIC!!!!!
Plus, great promo for HUMAN NATURE!, Keep up the good work!!!!!


Message: 5117 Posted: Tue Mar 02 22:05:00 1999 By: JoanneM
Subject: V.H.1"HOW SWEET IT IS"

WONDERFUL!!!!Hats off to VH1 and Karen
To Dewey&Gerry, Great to see you guys.Hope to see July 17 at Frier tuck Inn.Take care JoanneM

Message: 5116 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:58:45 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: VH1

Unlike Steve Lowry, I'm not cable impared, just wife-who-can't-use-the-VCR impared. I would love for someone who taped this show to send me a copy. Of course, I'll send you a blank tape. Just e-mail me and we can make arrangements. I'm curious about Howard's comment about Dan Peek really aging. How do you mean, Howard? I figured there had to be some reason why Dan's picture on 1997's PEACE CD was 25 years old. Oh well, short of getting a tape of this, I guess I can wait for VH1 to rebroadcast it. I know Karen posted all the times it will be rebroadcast. Does anyone know what number that post was so I can go back and check it? Thanks. Four days to Lancaster.


Message: 5115 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:57:11 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: VH1


Hey, that wasn't me! I couldn't find any stills of Dan - they DID call me for help but they only wanted stills.

Wasn't the piece cool?!

Karen D.

Message: 5114 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:47:12 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: A nurse on the hunt

Here's a message that Ike received from a grateful fan in southern California. I thought the rest of you might enjoy reading it.

what a great web site!!!!! i just wanted to tell you how much i loved the concert at "pechanga" casino in temecula on friday feb. 26th. i am a traveling nurse currently working in san diego & heard about the concert via 103.7. since i haven't been here long & hardly know anyone, i decided i loved their music enough to go alone. i had a very vague idea of where temecula was from a map (about 70 miles for me) no idea what time the show started, how much tickets were or if the show was even sold out. but on a wing and a prayer i made the drive, found the place with 20 minutes to spare & got the third to the last ticket at the counter. it was absolutely worth every bit of energy & the best $17 i've spent since i've been in california. they really put on a great show , they just seem to radiate with energy & fun & left me feeling like a million bucks. of course, the best part was the last song when gerry & his son jammed horse with no name together. what an awesome thing to be able to do with your dad!!!! their voices sound just as good as they did 25 yrs ago!!!!! tell them they're STILL GREAT!!!!!!!!! and i'd go to a lot of trouble to see them again!! thanks!

Message: 5113 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:20:18 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: VH1

Congratulations, excellent excellent job. It was great.
WOW..did Dan Peek ever age. How in the world did you get that pic
Karen? You could've used the live footage of Dan Peek I lent you!!!
I guess under the time constraints, you just had so much time to work with and definitely looks like alot of planning went into this one. Hey, on those Africa trips, that's where Dewey's inspiration for Olooloo came from!!! We conquered the first step for 1999...
WHAT"S NEXT????? hl

Message: 5112 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:12:29 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Where Are They Now?...

Wow! They looked better than ever and VH-1 did a decent job but I'm sure I'm not alone in saying...I wish it was longer! Gerry & Dewey's dedication serves as a testament to their belief in AMERICA and to the loyalty towards Fans Like us. Long Live AMERICA!!! You're right Karen, it's great!!! Let's face it, it's NOT mediocrity that's sustained AMERICA (To quote Dewey's sense of humor), it's the sincerity in their music that has kept it alive for us! God Bless...

Message: 5111 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:12:12 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: RP files

Maggie, I just tried downloading "Crying..." and didn't have any problems. Make sure you have the latest version of the Real Audio player (called G2) installed on your computer. It's available for free from the Real Audio web site.

Message: 5110 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:08:41 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: VH-1

I'm sure the guys did a great job on VH-1 tonight. Now I don't want everyone to laugh, but I don't have cable (I don't really watch that much TV) so I didn't get to see it. However, the Bee Gees were on the local PBS station replaying a concert they did two years ago at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I'd have to admit that one of the next best things to America is The Bee Gees (in my opinion) so I really enjoyed it. I'd love to hear about the America performance from those of you who aren't cable-TV impaired (like me).

Message: 5109 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:05:17 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Tour

Todd, the concert schedule is on the America Fans web site at gigs99.htm. There have been a few changes to the concert list (which is always subject to change) but it is mostly correct. I'll post an updated version as soon as I can get it.

Message: 5108 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:03:35 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: RP files

Anyone else having problems downloading RealPlayer audio files? Usually, no prob, but keep getting RP error message when try to open up Crying. Mag

Message: 5107 Posted: Tue Mar 02 21:02:50 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: VH1

Great show.

Message: 5106 Posted: Tue Mar 02 20:57:05 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: VH-1

Absolute perfection!
Congratulations Guys!
Great job, Karen!

Message: 5105 Posted: Tue Mar 02 20:51:58 1999 By: lpsalyers
Subject: Henry's Page

if you haven't been to Henry's page - get going!

I love the shot with the guys with Bob Hope and John Wayne! (1975-UCLA)

All of the "classic icons" of my generation in one shot!
Anyone have the story behind that one?
Jimnak? Steve? Matt?


Message: 5104 Posted: Tue Mar 02 20:20:03 1999 By: Todd
Subject: Tour

I have seen America once before and I would love to see you again. Please advise tour schedule, specifically for the Portland, Oregon area or other cities on the west coast. I don't know where to get information on tours, dates, etc. Thanks for the help!

Message: 5103 Posted: Tue Mar 02 20:04:43 1999 By: mike
Subject: tonites the night

tonite is the night that america will be vh1. im sure you are all excieted. MIKE MEYERS

Message: 5102 Posted: Tue Mar 02 19:08:33 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Best of GERRY Beckley

lol @ Matt. I wondered the same thing ;)

Here is my list Random order

Another Try ( natch!)
All My life
Wednesday Morning
I need you
Miniature ( shows versatility!!!)
Monster ( agree w/ Matt Awesome song)
To Each his own
Inspector Mills
Till the sun comes up again
Sargent Darkness
Submarine Ladies
Daisy Jane
Lovely Night
Watership Down
One in a Million
Mirror to Mirror

THe song that isn't recorded anaywhere that I can find, the one for Norman Bel Geddes-- After hearing it, I read all Norman's books, Interesting man. ( What can I say, I work in the Library!!!)

Message: 5101 Posted: Tue Mar 02 19:01:47 1999 By: Robyn
Subject: Re: On A Moving Train to Lancaster.

Probably not any of the Amish, but we Menonites are a little looser, so you will find fans among MY relatives (lol)

Message: 5100 Posted: Tue Mar 02 18:30:26 1999 By: nancy
Subject: Re: Pechanga concert Friday night

after i typed in my last message i found shariL's message searching back in time. thanks so much shari for writing about our experience. the concert was fantastic and even though there were a few mistakes, like you mentioned, the band was excited and seemed to have a good time. i did ask Dewey to take a picture with my friends and i and he agreed so i have a picture of Gerry and Dewey and a bunch of my friends to share but i dont know who to send it to. please write back and let me know. I couldn't believe that Gerry saw me singing all the songs. You know us fans, we do know all the words and if given the chance, we would be on the stage singing right along with them. It is now the running joke at the school i teach at, that Gerry told me that he could see that i knew all the words. i had a blast. write back when you can....take care. thanks are right, america fans are great.

Message: 5099 Posted: Tue Mar 02 18:03:35 1999 By: nancy
Subject: concert at pechanga in temecula

i just got on the internet and finally am able to talk about our group and was wondering if anybody out there got to see the concert in temecula? i had a ball and about 15 of my friends came with me and they were completely amazed at how excellent the band sounds. they had not been to an america concert before. unlike all of us, who go every chance we get. would like to get to know other fans that can relate to loving this group. i think i have made 15 new fans just because of one concert. email back anytime....thanks nancy.

Message: 5098 Posted: Tue Mar 02 16:55:44 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: Re: On A Moving Train to Lancaster

Kevin, I just found out you can book the Concord for $350 and get there in one hour, seven minutes!
Were you ever a lone guitarist playing in a VERY small local bar a few years ago? Hmmm
Don't miss VH1 tonite. My Gerry Top 20 is gonna look a lot like yours, but it's coincidence.
Remember, the Amish are ALWAYS unplugged, so I'm sure they enjoy the acoustic numbers!

Message: 5097 Posted: Tue Mar 02 16:47:08 1999 By: Carlos Cisneros
Subject: videos and photos

Hello everyone...I some pictures to trade and videos from the concerts in ecuador.
1992 at the Quito plaza de Toros.
1994 at the Guayaquil Civic Center and 1998 the same place.
Let me know if you have something about america to trade or just write to be friends.

Carlos Cisneros
Creative Director

Message: 5096 Posted: Tue Mar 02 15:40:30 1999 By: JL
Subject: Re: On A Moving Train to Lancaster.

But that'll be 5 minutes you will never be able to have back. Didja think 'bout that, huh? Just think what you could do with those extra seconds. The mind boggles with the possibilities.

Enjoy the show.

Message: 5095 Posted: Tue Mar 02 15:33:16 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: On A Moving Train to Lancaster.

I'm going to this Saturday's show in Lancaster, PA. Thanks Marueen for the info on getting from NY to the Lancaster. I just called and got my tickets, 8th row center. I'm taking the train from NY to Philadelphia. Get this, it's a one-hour-and-seventeen-minute train ride on Amtrack for $40 one way. Or for $75 I could take the Express Train, which gets me there in the breakneck speed of one-hour-and-twelve-minutes, saving me A FULL FIVE MINUTES. That's nearly 300 seconds quicker than the regular train. One-twentieth-of an hour, for nearly twice the cost. Is that a bargain or what? Anyway, I'll submit a full report of the show when I get back home on Wednesday.


I know Lancaster is in the middle of Amish country, and I got to wondering how many Amish have listened to America's new CD.

Message: 5094 Posted: Tue Mar 02 15:03:52 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Tonight's the Night

Hi all. One last reminder that VH-1 premieres the classic rock episode of their show "Where are they Now?" tonight at 10pm EST.

Hope you like it!

Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 5093 Posted: Tue Mar 02 14:30:57 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Crying

However if you cannot find the MFQ w/GERRY, the song was originally done by one Art Garfunkel on the disc titled Watermark. Not a bad disk to have & you can hear Art's original interpretation of Jimmy Webb's Crying in My Sleep.
And then Erin, get back to your studying.

Message: 5092 Posted: Tue Mar 02 13:57:24 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Re: Videos

Thanks Steve, I would never of thought of photo stores.
Come to think of it, I should ask my video stores too.
I hate to see what they're going to charge too.
CD's, Cassettes they make universally equal. But Videos, just
another way to make money in this world.hl

Message: 5091 Posted: Tue Mar 02 12:48:55 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Videos

Howard, I had a similar situation last year and I was able to take it to a photo shop and they had the equipment set up to make an NTSC copy. This particular photo shop had equipment to make VHS tapes from slides, photos, and just about everything else so it was natural for them to have the ability to make an NTSC copy from a PAL copy. You might check the large photo stores in your area to see if they're set up to do the same.

Message: 5090 Posted: Tue Mar 02 12:39:58 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Videos

Somebody sent me a VHS video with America clips on it, one problem...
it's in PAL format. I need to get it converted to NTSC format.
Does anybody have this type of equipment or know where I can get this
done. Please email me. Thanks for your help. HL

Message: 5089 Posted: Tue Mar 02 12:20:28 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Crying

Anyone know where I can buy a copy of the CD that has Crying In My Sleep? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I really love the song. Thanks!

Erin, I'm afraid that MFQ's Highway 70 CD is in the same category as Gerry's Van Go Gan -- it was released in Japan and is now out of print (that's why I put the entire song on the web site). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Message: 5088 Posted: Tue Mar 02 12:04:22 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: America Video

AMERICA in Germany 1975 is the best. It is available via DVD or tape. Take a look at or DVD Express. AMERICA in Central Park thus far only available on Pioneer Laser Disk. These are keepers !!!

Message: 5087 Posted: Tue Mar 02 09:43:18 1999 By: America Fan
Subject: America Tunes

I was in a VERY small local bar a few years ago...there was a lone guitarist playing...I requested "anything by America"...he played "Horse with no Name"...then, every time we got up to leave, he would fly into another "America" tune...did a GREAT job with "Three Roses"...he ended up doing 5 tunes by "America" before my husband finally insisted we leave...really made my night...dropped a 20 in his bucket in thanks...hope he bought more "America" music books with it...

Message: 5086 Posted: Tue Mar 02 09:08:11 1999 By: L. Archibald
Subject: America Video

I am trying to find America on video. Does anyone know if there is one available and where I can get one. Thanks.

Message: 5085 Posted: Tue Mar 02 08:47:37 1999 By: Beech (in CORAL SPRINGS!!!!! (C= )
Subject: WOW. They're coming HERE

Think, I'm a little excited? I've only been to 4 of their concerts in my entire life (because of the dreaded "location, location, location") AND NOW THEY'RE COMING HERE!!!!!!!!! How happy can I get???????

Message: 5084 Posted: Tue Mar 02 08:45:23 1999 By: Beech (in CORAL SPRINGS!!!! (C= )
Subject: Re: Best of Beckley

In no particular order.....
Kiss of Life, Bell Tree, Monster, Close To The Wind, Call Of The Wild
Till The Sun Comes Up Again, Clarice, To Each His Own, I Don't Believe In Miracles, I Need You, Now Sue, Submarine Ladies, Van Go Gan, What Does It Matter?, Here, Only A Kid At Heart, Sunrise Sunset, Coastline,
Watership Down, Lovely Night.

Message: 5083 Posted: Tue Mar 02 08:26:05 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: Best of Beckley

1. Here
2. Til The Sun Comes Up Again
3. Submarine Ladies
4. Bell Tree
5. She's A Liar
6. God Of The Sun
7. Sarah
8. Seargent Darkness
9. Monster
10. All Around
11. Foolin
12. Survival
13. All My Life
14. Never Be Lonely
15. Inspector Mills
16. Hope
17. Call Of The Wild
18. Now Sue
19. Wednesday Morning
20. Whispering

Special CD Bonus Track:
21. Sister Golden Hair

Message: 5082 Posted: Tue Mar 02 07:34:37 1999 By: MAUREEN
Subject: For KevinS

Hi Kevin,
Maureen here. I live on Long Island and when we went to Hershey Park last summer, it look us 3 hours to get there and Lancaster is just near Hershey. So, if you are coming from Manhattan, it should not take you more than 2 1/2 hours to get to Lancaster. Amtrak from Penn Station, NY goes to Philadelphia, not sure how long it takes. If you like to drive, I'd that the drive. I would leave Manhattan Saturday morning at least before 12pm. Take Care and let me know. Thanks. Maureen.

Message: 5081 Posted: Tue Mar 02 06:49:46 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Modern Folk Quartet / Highway 70


I have looked for a year for this CD (which contains Crying In My Sleep) by Henry Diltz's band. It's a Japanese import CD, and people
in Japan have looked for me and no luck at all. Good Luck in finding it. Maybe someone can make a copy for you. The whole lp is excellent.
Howard L

Message: 5080 Posted: Tue Mar 02 06:16:20 1999 By: Tom T.
Subject: Gerry's Top 20/VH-1 2-NITE!

Due to the fact that I can't get a hold of VGG I cannot place any of those tunes on my list. So I guess you could call my list The Best Of Gerry's America Tunes....To Each His Own/Another Try/Till The Sun Comes Up Again/Clarice/Here/Seargent Darkness/Sarah/Monster/She's Gonna Let You Down/Overwhelming World Suite/Whispering/Inspector Mills/1960/All My Life/Baby It's Up To You/Daisy Jane/Bell Tree/Fifth Avenue/Who Loves You/Call Of The Wild...See Ya...Get ready friends- VH-1 tonight!!! My VCR is ready to Rock!!!! I can't wait- from the promo's it sounds like Gerry & Dewey are in great company (Kansas/Yes/Boston/Moody Blues........) It promises to be good!

Message: 5079 Posted: Tue Mar 02 05:18:07 1999 By: jessica
Subject: best-liked gerry tunes

all my life
daisy jane
inspector mills
sgt darkness
sister golden hair
she's gonna let you down
another try
one day's duning
wednesday morning
moment 2 moment
overwhelming suite
love's worn out again
submarine ladies
goodbye highway
toeach his own

all around and tall treasures (w/dewey)

and i don't believe in miracles (sung but not written)

Message: 5078 Posted: Tue Mar 02 02:04:46 1999 By: Erin
Subject: Crying

Anyone know where I can buy a copy of the CD that has Crying In My Sleep? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I really love the song. Thanks!
Erin :o)

Message: 5077 Posted: Tue Mar 02 00:05:46 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Re: Best of Beckley

Add Monster and Sergeant Darkness, off the top off my head

Message: 5076 Posted: Mon Mar 01 23:26:57 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: ....Erin is's movie time

had to comment after reading Erins post.....I think it would be great to hear some of the new America Tunes in a movie..I heard an interesting thing this weekend....prior to the movie cocktails...when the beach boys would play the song Kokomo in concert...they called it the beer song....this was because everyone would get up during the song and go and get a beer......of course after the movie the song became a number one song.....the point is...lets get some of the new America music showcased in a movie....these songs are better then most of the songs on the charts these days...we just need more exposure and a hit movie and video to get these tunes out seems a lot of people go to a concert to hear what is familiar to them.....just a late night thought I wanted to share.....

Message: 5075 Posted: Mon Mar 01 22:54:47 1999 By: Mag
Subject: Re: Maestro's - San Ramon, CA

Hey all...

Should have a few pics from last night's gig, too, although yours truly was feeling kinda poorly yesterday (these 2-day road trips, lol) so can't promise what focus quality will be, but will send what I have along with pics and show write-up from Stockton to Steve as soon as I can.

Last night's gig was held at a cozy little venue that features premiere talent (i.e. many opening-act comedians who have made appearances on Letterman, O'Brien and Leno). In fact, last night's opening act was a local guy from the "Mornings on 2" program. Ambrosia will be playing here next month for those interested as well (Dave Pack and company can still rock! Caught their act last March when they opened for America down in Cerritos).

Folks dined on Italian food and then moseyed into the showroom. The venue seats 300, but it was definitely S.R.O.

Treated to same "long set" playlist as in Stockton and the guys did not disappoint!

Great to meet longtime fans Cindy (MoltenLovr) and Alex, too!

Well, it's back on the bus for America, who at least have an entire week to get to next gig.

Safe journeys and blessings, guys. Will see you in Reno in July for your annual "two-week paid vacation" (lol)!


Message: 5074 Posted: Mon Mar 01 22:02:16 1999 By: Howard Lieboff
Subject: Best Of Gerry

My favorites are Crying In My Sleep and Sunrise, Sunset.
My daughter loves that VGG tune.

Message: 5073 Posted: Mon Mar 01 21:59:34 1999 By: Leakycanoe
Subject: re: Best of Beckly

Sorry mB just dads tunes....however I think if I had a chance to hear your tunes some of them would be on our list...when do we get to hear them?

As far as Gerry's of my favorites is "Kiss of Life" would have to be on the best of Beckly......

Message: 5072 Posted: Mon Mar 01 21:36:41 1999 By: jimnak
Subject: Re: Best of Beckley

Don't forget, SARAH, COASTLINE, SURVIVAL, RIGHT BACK TO ME, CLOSE TO THE WIND, NOW SUE, WHO LOVES YOU, PLAYING GOD, etc..................... ect......................................................................................

Message: 5071 Posted: Mon Mar 01 19:46:56 1999 By: mBluLight
Subject: Re: Best of Beckley

oh. gerry. i see how it is.

some scary ommissions: Crying in my Sleep, Monster. those are phenomenal.

BluLight Studios

Message: 5070 Posted: Mon Mar 01 19:21:53 1999 By: Bill Krohn
Subject: America albums for sale

Krohn's Boulevard Records has vinyl albums by America & others for sale, Used But Not Abused CDs & Singles, back issues of music magazines like Goldmine, Discoveries, Musician, Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, Hot Wacks, Spin, Creem, & others;

Message: 5069 Posted: Mon Mar 01 19:12:31 1999 By: TerryT
Subject: All The Signs...

...Are Tellin' You Where To Go
Enjoying the reviews of the lucky ones. Feeling involved with the ones in anticipation. Sharing hope for the ones still trying. Watching this year unfold through others' eyes tells me it's only the start of a real good one. One by one, moment to moment, the reports are coming in with a new momentum. Thanks to all for sharing, and may may the rest of you get the opportunity, one way or another. Just DO it. Fill that gas tank and GO!

Brandon, it seemed so long ago you've been waiting, and now you can say it's almost here.
KevinS, take that train, ride a horse, do whatever it takes...You're creating memories on this one.
Johnny, it's built, and they should come. That wasn't B.O.A. calling...Look to the cloud formations, they will lead you.

BE there, get the T shirt.

Message: 5068 Posted: Mon Mar 01 19:11:59 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: Best of Beckley

Hey You People,

Congratulations!! You've just been chosen to be A&R (artist and repertoire) person for a new CD "The Best of Beckley". Your job is to pick 20 representative tracks that best show the career and talents of one Mr. Gerald Beckley of America. Not a greatest hits - a "best of". AND ONLY 20!!! None of this "They're all good" or "I can't make up my mind" whining garbage. PICK 20 DEFINITIVE TRACKS. No more, no less!! Now get to work - you're on deadline!!! Here's my 20:

Here/To Each His Own/Goodbye/Another Try/Daisy Jane/Lovely Night/Take This Heart (w/ D. Cassidy)
God OfTheSun/1960/Survival/Coastline/Inspector Mills/Someday Woman/Stereo/On Target/Close To The Wind/Van Go Gan/Sunrise Sunset/Moment To Moment/Hidden Talent

Joe B

P.S. Karen, Forgive this intrusion into the record label's business
P.S.S. Jason - thanks for the tip on the St. Louis show

Message: 5066 Posted: Mon Mar 01 17:25:12 1999 By: Jason Hulbert
Subject: Re: St. Louis concert?

This show is to benefit the firefighters. Tickets are $15 for America w/ the Nelson Brothers. All seats are general admission Call one of these numbers to order: Metro East Firefighters: 618-344-7078 OR Missouri State Council of Firefighters: 314-918-1261

Message: 5065 Posted: Mon Mar 01 17:17:28 1999 By: Joe Knight
Subject: Re: Stockton show 2/27

I paid $17 ea for my 2 copies at peaches records. $ 20 at the concert is NOT unreasonable. Joe K

Message: 5064 Posted: Mon Mar 01 15:56:53 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: America Live in 1982

If you saw America play live in or around 1982 and you would like to comment on the experience for possible use in the liner notes of our redesigned live King Biscuit show release, please email me directly at



Karen D.
King Biscuit Flower Hour Records

Message: 5063 Posted: Mon Mar 01 15:20:35 1999 By: KevinS.
Subject: March 6th Show

I just found out I'm going to be stuck in New York this weekend, so I looked at the concert schedule and saw that on Saturday March 6th America will be in Lancaster, PA, which by my map looks to be about an hour from Philadelphia. Is anyone from the New York area out there who can tell me about how long it would take to drive from Manhattan to Lancaster, PA? Or to Philadelphia, at least? Or, is there a train from NY to Philadelphia (I could do that and rent a car to Lancaster)? If so, roughly how much does the train cost and do you know if it runs all night (so I could take the train back to NY after the show)? I'd really appreciate any info on helping me figure out if it's feasable to get to Lancaster this weekend. Haven't seen America in concert in over two years and I am having major withdrawal pains. It's been so long I wonder if they'll still remember me.

Thanks for your help,


Message: 5062 Posted: Mon Mar 01 11:25:38 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Maestro's - San Ramon, CA

Hey all...

Obviously when I referred to "last night" in the Stockton post, I meant "Saturday." I had posted this review on the America AOL folder yesterday and didn't have a chance to copy it here until today. Should have a few pics, too. Yours truly was feeling kinda poorly yesterday (these 2-day road trips, lol) so can't promise what focus quality will be, but will send what I have along with pics and show write-up from Stockton to Steve as soon as I can.

Last night's gig was held at a cozy little venue that features premiere talent (i.e. many opening-act comedians who have made appearances on Letterman, O'Brien and Leno). In fact, last night's opening act was a local guy from the "Mornings on 2" program. Ambrosia will be playing here next month for those interested as well (Dave Pack and company can still rock! Caught their act last March when they opened for America down in Cerritos).

Many folks dined on Italian food and then moseyed into the showroom. The venue seats 300, but it was definitely S.R.O.

Treated to same "long set" playlist as in Stockton and the guys did not disappoint!

Great to meet longtime fans Cindy and Alex, too!

Well, it's back on the bus for America, who at least have an entire week to get to next gig.

Safe journeys and blessings, guys. Will see you in Reno in July for your annual "two-week paid vacation" (lol)!


Message: 5061 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:59:37 1999 By: ToEaHisOwn
Subject: Fox Theater - Stockton, CA

Hey all...haven't posted here in quite some time...

Greetings from Northern California's beautiful and fertile Central Valley! least El Nino and La Nina weren't for naught...

Stockton may be thought of as only another "one-horse town," and a stopping place en route to someplace else, but last night people "stopped" for a very fine reason, and the only "horse" that mattered was the one being immortalized by America.

Last night's show was held in a gloriously grande dame 3000-seat theater, which proved to be both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing.

The two-tiered venue was packed and it was great to see so many dedicated America fans on hand. Yours truly seems to keep seeing folks I've met at shows over the past few years, so much so that I was beginning to wonder if I was at a Grateful Dead show (ok, ok...not QUITE the same, lol).

Great to hear people reminiscing about Dewey being the "consumate storyteller" and Gerry arousing feelings of rememberances, tinged with melancholy.

Our Kelly, who is filling in on merchandise sales (what a trooper!) was quite busy both before and after the show (Kel: hope you found all those $20 bills we were stuffing in your back pockets!). People were scooping up copies of Human Nature as well, which was further promoted by fans having been treated to 4 selections.

As usual, Dewey and Gerry graciously made a post-show appearance to sign autographs, much to the genuine surprise and delight of fans. Hey...some people brought vinyl to have signed!

Took a few pics of the venue and such, and will include these along with a nice write-up about the band in the show program. Look for them here on Steve's site shortly.

There was no opening act, so we were treated to the "long set," as well (whooopppeeeeeee!!!). Here's what rocked our socks:

Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic
Don't Cross The River (Ger on lead vocal)
Daisy Jane
Mirror To Mirror
Another Try
Moment To Moment
Three Roses
I Need You (Ger on guitar)
Wheels Are Turning (whooopppeeeeee ! ! !)
Tin Man
Woman Tonight
Only In Your Heart
California Dreamin'
Lonely People (Dew on lead vocal)
From A Moving Train
Never Be Lonely
Sister Golden Hair


Everyone I Meet Is From California

A great time was had by all!!!


Message: 5060 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:43:30 1999 By: Karen D.
Subject: Re: Where they are now

The classic rock episode of VH-1's Where Are They Now series premieres tomorrow - Tuesday, March 2nd at 10pm est.

If you check back on this folder, I have detailed the additional broadcast dates and times.


Karen D.
Oxygen Records

Message: 5059 Posted: Mon Mar 01 10:37:34 1999 By: AmericaSL
Subject: Re: Peace CD & Question For Steve Lowry

Steve...if Peace does release a new CD in the near future, do you have any contacts to let us know when or where it will be available??? Just a thought. Mainly, because Rick W. was our main contact. I sure hope we don't lose it. It's very valuable to us.

Howard, I do NOT have any contacts to know about a future Peace CD but I'd be happy to arrange for some if anyone can tell me who or how. Regarding Rick, I've sent him several messages since his web sites went offline but he hasn't replied to any of them so I don't know if he would still serve as a contact.

Message: 5058 Posted: Mon Mar 01 09:50:03 1999 By: JL
Subject: vicarious thanks

For those of us not on the latest tour route (yet?, he says hopefully) thanks to everyone for their accounts of recent concerts. "The next best thing to being there" as was once said. Great to see more of HN on the play list, as well. Have a great week everyone.


Message: 5057 Posted: Mon Mar 01 09:47:53 1999 By: Joe B
Subject: St. Louis concert?

Hey You People,

Does anybody have any info on the show scheduled for 4/13/99 at the Keil Center in St. Louis? I have family down there and am thinking about going, but they haven't been able to get any details on the show. A little help please. Thank you.

Joe B

P.S. What happened to that promising NU hoops team, Jimnak???

Message: 5056 Posted: Mon Mar 01 09:37:40 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Re: Where Are They Now

Thank-you Johnny.

Message: 5055 Posted: Mon Mar 01 09:05:22 1999 By: Johnny
Subject: Where Are They Now

Pete, see Karen's post #5006. Yes, the times are Eastern.

Message: 5054 Posted: Mon Mar 01 08:40:08 1999 By: Pete
Subject: Where they are now

Does anyone know what time (eastern standard time)is where they are now on with America. I hear March 2nd, at 10:00, VHF.

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